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ole miss 7ODDV E - ole miss 1981 Yearbook of the UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Volume87 hotty toddy Michael Cruse Corso Editor-in-Chief Laurie Elizabeth Kennedy Business Manager Bobby A. Towery Financial Advisor 2 Conlrnu contents ' Ole Miss Is Us ' Hotty Toddy Are You Ready? Administration Honors Organizations Who In The Hell Are We? Sports Entertainment Features Ole Miss By Damn! Greeks Classes Advertisements Index Editor ' s Closing Content. 3 From across the state and from beyond her borders, we came to the Uni- versity of Mississippi. From vastly different environments, influences, and temperaments, we came together into a common experience - - Ole Miss. Our university, indeed, is our work, our studies, and our diploma. Ole Miss is more . ---. -::..:- ' " ' ; ' I 6 " Ole Mi Is Us That smile of recognition, an excited embrace, a warm handshake these are the indications that abiding love and enduring friendships begin at Ole Miss. These identify our friendships not only here, but in every town from Greenwood to Gulfport and from Memphis to Meridian. Though we some times feel lost in an ocean of faces, we often sense the warmth of a special individual and find a matchless joy in a simple " Olr Mi- I- IV 7 " Ole Miss is an ocean of waving crimson flag, crossed corner to corner with white stars on blue bars - the deep throb of music that beats a battle song the lithe measure, the marching cadence heralding that the Rebs are moving in. " The Glorious Cause was gallantly surrendered in 1865, but true Southern spirits rise today on a new battlefield. Rebel warriors again battle to overcome the enemy amid an excitement and pageantry that is uniquely Southern. Their struggle is our struggle; together we strive for glory under the same banner. Win or lose, we have taken our stand in Dixie! Within this world, rich in the legends of Yoknopatawpha and antebellum romance, we accept the challenges to expand our aware- ness, to learn from ourselves and to share with others, to find value in all endeavor, to create great dreams and make them reality: i r jr J ' To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. l2 " OlrMiIU. Whenever we see " lacy moon shadows on white col- umns, " when we hear a die-hard Rebel still chanting a rousing " Hotty-Toddy, " whenever we enjoy barbe- cued chicken in a tranquil grove, when we first detect the scent of autumn ' s soothing approach, when we feel joy in greeting a familiar face, our thoughts will be brightened with images of Ole Miss. " Ok Mi. kU " IS Ole Miss has given us countless memories, visions of what is past. But more impor- tantly, she has afforded each one of us a vision of a bright future. l 4 Tho ' much is taken much abides " ; in return for the time and endeavor we have left with Ole Miss we have gained direction for the rest of our lives. " Ole Miss Is Us " was written by Paul Rivers Grass with Quotations from " Ole Miss What It Means " by Frank Everett, Jr. and " Ulysses " by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Ole Miss is our lifelong friends, our unyielding spirit, our unique challenges, our fondest memories, our promising future. " OLE MISS IS US " " Olr Mi I IV 1 7 low do you identify an Ole Miss student? It ' s really quite simple. Although the Rebel spirit makes its home in Oxford, Ole Miss people can be easily spotted far beyond the University ' s boundaries. Whether he be a Rhodes Scholar walking through the corridors of Oxford University in England, a popular fashion designer at lunch in downtown New York City, a familiar star rehearsing an episode of a highrating television series, a determined statesman debating in the United States Senate, an exceptional athlete warming up in front of thousands of loyal fans, or a small- town author accepting the Nobel Prize, the Ole Miss person is easily identified. Yet none are so quickly recognized as the students themselves. - fe - I " Happened We left our senior parties, turned in our pom-poms and chicken-and-dumpling football cheers, put on our penny loafers, and packed the car. Page 20 Top: Getting back into the grind at Towers. Bottom Left: Ann Riley piles ' em up after packin ' it in. Bottom Right: Sidney Mashburn does his best to Tire up the Rebels for a brand-new season. Page 21 Top: The first week of claw draws the annual chaos at the Bookstore. Middle: Susan Harper and Hardy Farris renew their friendship for the new school year. Bottom: A young Rebel is recruited early by Scooter Yates. THE OLE MISS STUDENT Whether 1980 was the beginning or the end of our col- lege days, we knew that we had acquired a label when we left the home fort for Ole Miss fantasy- land. We had become " an Ole Miss student. " i Page 22 Top Right: Gaily Paxton " crams " in (hat last bit of knowledge. Mid- dle Right: John Brown forgot his No-Doz. Left: Two Ole Mis politicos place beta on the outcome of the spring election . Above: " You ' re dating who? " Page 23 " Three, Two, One Let ' s head out to the line for a cool one! " e STOP CAN YOU NAME THESE ADMIXISTATORS AIM) INSTRUCTORS? sii 8-12 - - Great, How many times have you changed your major? How long do you plan on hanging around here? No wonder the enrollment has not dropped yet! 4-8 - Be real, you can either read the answers upside down or your nose is as brown as your eyes. 1-4 -- What a loser. Do you even know your own name? - - I ' ll wager that you never miss a Happy Hour. Are you a specialist in Attitude Adjustment? e were destined to wear the label wherever we were at home for the holidays, shopping in downtown Oxford, sunning on a Florida beach, or travelling to out-of-town football games. We were easily " spotted. " Page 26 Donna Ballard and Julia Bryant take advantage of a summer afternoon. Page 27 Top Left: " Blowing it out " at half time. Top Right: Donna O ' Connell and Bruce Grain sport " the Ole Miss label " on Legislative Day. Bottom: A Village Tailor shopper seeking to compliment her " preppie " look. Are You A Preppette? Shell Earrings (Pierced Ears) White Turtle Neck Sweater (Hickey Hider) Gold Bead Necklaee Top Necklace: " Score Chart " Bottom Necklace: One Bead Per 100 Acres of Delta Land Essential Inter- changeable Cover Bermuda Bag Contents: Extra-Strength Dexatrim, Cruising Map of Frat Row, Daddy ' s Gold American Express Card, $300 of Parking Tickets Accessories: Delta Drawl; Fair Isle Sweaters; Plaid Kilt or Umbrella Skirt; Color Coordinated Underwear; Mon- ogrammed Sweatsuit; Knee Socks; Penny Loafers; Aig- ner Purse; Physical Flabbiness; all of " Buck " Montgom- ery Hamilton ' s wardrobe. Green Hoop Head Band (Pimple Prevention) Healthy Complexion (Krno Laszlo) Seductive Smirk Mandatory Gold Initial Pen (Establishes Identity) Visible Bra Lines (Neiman Marcus Brassiere) Basic Navy Cardigan . Striped Grosgrain Watchband, Timex Watch ( No One is Supposed to Know) Great Grandmummy ' s Initial Ring Nail Polish Optional Wild Lime Green A-line i Skirt (Color Not Found in Nature) 6 " of Bare Leg (Maximum) ' Battered Blue Espadrilles Constance Brooke Fairchild 28 " The Ix ok " Are You a Preppie? Horn-Rim Glasses (Catering Damage) Smirk Optional Upturned Izod Collar (Fluff and Dry Faded) Button Down (Heavy Starch) Na y Blah Blazer (One of Five) Concealed School Spirit Gold Signet Ring " Needlepoint Belt Baggy Plaid Boxer Shorts (Ideal for dropping " Trou " ) Baggy Duckhead Khaki Pant " No Socks Noah ' s Ark Deck Shoes Cuff or " Rain Gutter " (Ideal for hiding cheat sheets) Receding Hairline No Pimples olo Aftershave Mandatory- Accessories: Corduroy plaid lime, yellow or pink trousers (batteries not included); Tretorn Sneakers; Bucks; Cashmere Socks; Tweed, Cor- duroy, poplin or seersucker jacket: Vior; L. L. Bean pullover; Goose- down vest; Ray-Ban glasses; Mono- grammed buttons; Lilly or madras swim trunks. Forbidden: " Grippers " Rolex Watch It might have been the clothes that so many claimed as an Ole Miss trade- mark. It could have been our Ole Miss alliance - a combination of parties, politics, primping . . . Sloan, Sardis and swaps. Some of us had some things in com- mon but all Ole Miss students did not share styles or dialect. In fact, each per- son ' s appearance and speech changed hourly. Buckner Montgomery Hamilton III Thr Look " 29 popto Bismol blues 30 " A. d SuMdi Tun " Oxford ' s food venders might be the creators of our most vivid memories of Ole Miss. You could always spot an Ole Miss student at a table somewhere between Tonic V and Ruth and Jimmy ' s. Each meal or snack surrounded itself with a special atmosphere each delicious recollection had produced an occasion. A hot plate lunch at the counter of Ruth and Jimmy ' s in Abbe- ville reminded us of a rush week lunch break or a Sunday noon meal. The candlelight and delicious entrees at The Warehouse signi- fied a special event a planned date, or a family get-together, or entertainment for a visiting lecturer. A chocolate chip milkshake or a bargain night sundae at Kreme Cup were always welcome temptations and an excuse for a study break. The waitresses at the Holiday Inn restaurant could spot hun- gry Ole Miss students and, knowing why they were there would ask: " How many hot fudge pies? " Four or five students clustered around a table, clutching cloth napkins as the generous warm slices were placed under their noses, the ice cream melting and dripping onto the saucer. The Sunshine Kid at Mistilis provided boogie entertainment as he grilled delicious hamburger steaks, topping them with cheese and onions. After the meal and the singing you could spot an Ole Miss student with his hand in the candy jar grabbing a piece of soft peppermint. Reb el Deli, a recent addition to the conglomeration of Oxford eating spots, lined up customers for a hoagie or a reuben from Pauline and the other sandwich builders. Whether it was the atmosphere or friendly service, Ole Miss students always enjoyed a stromboli or muffeletta from Pizza Bob at Pizza Den definitely a requirement for entrance into Ole Miss society. Among the favorites were roast beef sandwiches from Dan- ver ' s, Wendy burgers, frogurt from Sparkey ' s, steaks from the Sizzler and Baskin Robbins ice cream cones. It wasn ' t hard to spot an Ole Miss student at his favorite eating place. But then again . . . it wasn ' t hard for a hungry OleMiss student Sonic Burgers - ftJFUMM MBTUt H nO. 2 ciLLinnietTHun u . 1 VtOti SMU IMCL BO. J LfmcttMH MM 1 jt BO. 4 oNrtaiMM. . . . CHEESEBURGER . ERIBK., SUPER SONIC WITH TRA-LONG " CONEY 1 15 EX. LONG CHEESE CONEY 1.30 REGULAR CONEY .75 REG. CHEESE CONEY 85 ICED TEA MOT M | PINK UMONAOE JIHCY MU SlUSN -i. _ , ._ " .. ) MUM .Si . order here BIG MAC . QUARTER POUNDER, QUARTER POUNDER w McCHCKEN SANDWICH Doubte CHEESEBURGER HLET-0-HSH, V HAPPY MEAL - HMMJMM HAPPY MEAL 1 .1 COCA-COLA. ROOTBEER 1 2 5 ORANGE [fi 1 .1 DM PEPPER 1 .1 5 SHAKES chocotato .5 .60 JB 5 1 .6 5 32 " Pi lt Oul " v " . - ' . to spot something to eat. SANDWICHES PLATTERS 5URGER 1.36 HAMBURGER SEBURGER 1.51 CHEESEBURGER IT BEEF 1.59 ROAST BEEF HAM W CHEESE 1.45 1.60 HOT HAM , W CHEESE .E HAMBUGER 79 SOUP ONLY SIDE ORDERS DRINKS CH FRIES 62 COKE 52 Md.62Lg. E TURNOVERS 69 Dr. PEPPER 52 62 BERRY TURNOVERS 69 TAB 52 62 JES 44 SPRITE 52 62 CHILI 1 10 n (Ik- Colonel SHAh UK U.WIK.I Ip complex H meal! HF COLONEL ' S BREAKFAST SIDE ITEMS 45 55 iS 30 45 DESSERTS 69 65 39 FAMILY MEALSTI OUCOULUCIK ExnuauBT - DIVIDUAL] BCLUSES COLISLAW. 3 POTATO BS fr GRAVY " Pig GUI " 33 o O Page 34 Above: " And what do you want Santa to bring you? " Above Rigbt: The Christmas spirit is displayed on a lonely weekend. Right: Las Vegas comes to Oxford. Page 35 Local merchants dress their window with holiday gift ideas. Christmas at olc miss xs o o o o o {; " c o 00 The housemother hangs wreaths of holly and red ribbon while the stereo sings out Christmas carols by Doris Day and Bing Crosby. Office workers begin planning parties to celebrate the yuletide season, w hile small Christmas trees blink through apartment windows; students too, are busy stringing popcorn and decorating trees. The Oxford merchants display their Christmas best and the stores are packed with students buying Christmas trinkets, happies and presents. The cash registers ring as the Christmas carols accompany the busy shoppers. Flashbulbs blink at smiling faces dressed in red taffeta or black tuxedoes. Poinsettas perch on top of stereos in dorm rooms where girls are adding their last minute stitches to Christmas needlework. The Christmas celebration begins at Ole Miss after the Thanksgiving break, with students arriving back at school with tons of packages and great expectations of memorable parties and merry spirits. After sorority parties, fraternity parties, dorm parties, floor parties, and holiday dances, there is little time to finish last minute term papers or study for comprehensive exams. But somehow we work the studies in between Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch That Stole Christmas and the carolers on the lawn. We write checks, we bake cookies, we wrap packages and we mail Christmas cards. When Christmas at Ole Miss is finally over and the last exam is taken, we pack our bags and head for home to celebrate Christmas all over again. J. .i Party Weekends Extended for Days, . . . and the bars were packed for any occasion. If you were looking for an Ole Miss student, you were likely to spot him gt local drinking establishments. Ole Miss students could spend an extra hour in the evening at the Gin, the Warehouse, the , Gumbo Co. or the Abbey since drinking hours were extended from midnight to 1:00 a.m. j - excuse for a toddy, and there were pre-weekend parties, post-weekend par- ties, weekend parties, happy hours, victory cel- ebrations and just plain old drinking times. When the bare were closed, there was cold beer at Ben ' s, if you were willing to make the drive which was half the reason for going anyway. 36 " Attitude Adjustment " Page 36 Left: A bartender gives himself a break during a rare lull at the Gin. Top: The Gin always attracts a healthy afternoon crowd. Page 37 Top: Getting away from it all at the Warehouse. Bottom: Liz Galtney and Thad Mueller create their own party at the Ware- house. Look for a table, a mug, a pitcher, a wine glass, gig- gling coeds and outspoken young men. You ' re sure to spot an Ole Miss student, f " " Attitude Adjustment " 37 It might have been some sort of Ole Miss attitude that enabled us to be " spotted, " even our attitudes changed daily. One day we hated the football team; the next we stuffed homecoming floats, made signs, and yelled hotty toddy ' s. One day we wore blue jeans an J sweatshirts and sleepy faces; the next we were suited up for job interviews or organized get- togethers. Page 38 Top: Students eagerly answer the rail of a package notice slip in their boxes. Bottom: Two of many students who make a weekly appearance at Fluff- Page ,?9 Top: Ready for a break, Sigma Nu ' s congregate to begin a relaxing weekend. Center Left: An unwelcomed greeting for any student coming out of the Lyceum or the Union. Left Bottom: Paying for the unwelcomed greeting at the Bursar ' s office. Center Right: Nancy Leake and Leisa Tiller) " cruise the row " in search of fresh game. Right Bottom: Friday afternoon before Homecom- ing begins a frantic all-nighter for many fraternities and sororities. . . ; I At Any We Were All Doing SBS! iMM Pa c JO Top: A lazy afternoon at Howry Dorm. Above Right: Two IMC CN An unmade (.)! Miss Coed and hvr unmade room. Right: A little nap is often required after Happy Hour. Above: " Just a little pinch between the cheek and gum. " Page tl Top: A fraternity pledge fulfills his duty. Right: Coach Sloan enjoys a Rebel pep rally from a fan ' s perspective. Bottom: A grimace look on a grimace day. 40 One Time Different Things I es. at any one time we were all doing different things. Take a weekday evening, for instance. A freshman sits pen in hand, in a messy room at New Dorm writing " I love youV " to Mom and Dad. Several joggers gather at the Grove, padding along in their dirty Nikes or Adidas. The pledge swaps are beginning and Sorority Row is noisy with whoops and hollers from the SAE ' s or Chi Psi ' s. A graduate student holds onto a leash, pulled along by a huge Irish setter. Off cam pu - apartment dwel- lers sit on their steps and sip wine from Rebel glasses. A pre-med student sits disciplined, looking up occasionally from his chemistry book to catch an instant replay on television. A. _i e are all different. We don ' t like the same things. We don ' t go to bed at the same time. We don ' t feel together and we don ' t always stand together. Left: Bo Chatham proves I sometimes bring out the worst in people. Top Righl: Water polo proved to be a favorite intramural sport. Bottom Righl: Some girls will stoop to any length to win Derby Day. jL -1 iir - Ji Top Left: Jerry Spore shows more. Bottom Left: Annoying cam- paigners draw a silent response from Phi Psis on election day. Top Right: Loyal fans brave any weather to get behind their rebels. Middle Right: Ping-pong fanatics push toward a new world record. Bottom Right: IFC attempts to pick an early winner. Competition 43 But, we all have one thing in common. At one time or another we made out our first check to The University of Mississippi. We moved into Ole Miss fantasyland and we received our label. We might as well get used to being grouped together, stereotyped and " spotted. " After all, it takes a lot of Ole Miss students doing the same thing at the same time to make one big HOTTY TODDY, i 44 I HoMy TUy I LE MISS offers challenges to students and administrators alike. She prompts the teacher and the administrator to provide an educational environment of an exceptional quality and to assist her in motivating the student to take full advantage of the opportunities she offers. Students who are realizing and employing their full potential become both goal and reward for the faculty member who accepts his challenge. In meeting the personal challenge that Ole Miss presents to him, the student may find himself pointed toward excellence in the classroom, leadership in professional organizations, or recognition by a distinguished honor society. The well-earned " A " , the respected gavel, and the honorary certificate are all emblematic of student and talents well-used in accepting the Ole Miss challenge, f si I dministration 48 Administration CLAY BURKHART, editor William York, assistant Board of Trustees Governor Chancellor Vice Chancellor Academic Deans Administrators 50 51 52 53 54 58 Administration 49 C 3 W H 8 Q pa 50 Adminislr.lion PRESIDENT Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons VICE PRESIDENT Travis E. Parker EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Dr. E. E. Thrash Seated left to right: Denton Rogers, Jr., Pontotoc; Dr. John R. Lovelace, Batesville; Bobby L. Chain, Hattiesburg; Travis E. Par- ker, Drew; Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons, Columbia; Mrs. Betty A. Williams, Colum- bus; Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Yazoo City; Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Cleveland; Wil- liam M. Jones, Jackson. Standing left to right: Dr. E. E. Thrash, Raymond; Bryce Griffis, Starkville, George T. Watson, Pass Christian; James E. Woods, Olive Branch; Thomas D. Bourdeaux, Meridian. c ass w PO 2 O William F. Winter William ft ir- . i i :he I ni ' .er-it) of Mississippi in the fall of 1940. a coun- try bo uith limited association entering vhat he later termed " a brand new world Ne ork and Paris, and everything else rolled The eiperience and friends he sained t Ole Mis proved a great advantage For S inter, w he s de tiiwd - me s -tudent leader and successful politician. At Ole Mi . U inter served as managing editor of The Mtssissippttin and was elected editor in 1943- He also filled the position of Phi Eu Sigma president. Inter- national Relation, Club president and Hermean Literar Societ) pre-ident. Winter represented his fraternity. Phi Delta Tbeta. on IFC. woried a manager of the track team and leader of the student sr propaganda drive and gained membervhip in Omi- cron Deiu Kappa and Vho " Who. Captain William inter served in the infintr in the Philippic 46 and returned to Ole Mis to enter Law School. He joined ten other CMe MM student in 194? in the Mississippi Legidsture. In addition lo his political - rved a editor of the Mississippi Leu Journal and w honored as thf ty u out- standing ia graduate of 1949. Thirt) ear later in the fall of 1979, Oie Mi -tudeni leader William Winter reached the peak of his career a , i state leader, being elected Governor of the Slate of Mississippi. JL 52 Administration Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Jr., the Univer- sity ' s twelfth Chancellor and fourteenth administrative head, came to Ole Miss from a distinguished career in both the academic and business fields. Born in Old Fort, N.C., Dr. Fortune received his B.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his M.A. from Emory Univer- sity. His teaching career has included assignments at Emory University, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Southern Mississippi, where he rose to become Dean of the University, a post he held until he became Executive Secretary of the National Exchange Club in 1961. Dr. Fortune served in this position until Jan- uary of 1968, when he was named Chan- cellor of the University of Mississippi. Chancellor Fortune ' s priority goals for 1981-82 emphasize improved efforts to attract and retain superior students and faculty members alike, to enlarge the library holdings to meet higher stand- ards, to minimize University energy demands, and assist public agencies and private individuals in societal, and envi- ronmental problems. With further plans aimed at student service, research, academic development, improved facilities, and public service, the chancellor is striving to achieve his ever-broadening vision of a better Uni- versity. W % Dr. Harvey S. Lewis Vice Chancellor Dr. Charles E. Noyes Associate Vice Chancellor Leone D. King Assistant to the Chancellor Vice Chancellor and Executive Assistants Robert S. Shaw Executive Assistant to the Chancellor Dr. Lucius L. Williams. Jr. Assistant to the I ice-Chancellor dmimv;r!j(..n = ' S3 ACADEMIC DEANS f ' . " ' ' ' ' ' " B ACADEMIC , r - 7T - Dean Ge LIBERAL ARTS MB LIBRARY SCIENCE allace Guess PHARMACY v V ffl. DEANS v .__, man, Jr. Col. Frederick J. Burbach ROTC ;an W 1 . DENTISTRY Dean Norman Nelson MEDICINE Adminiontian 57 Dr. Mamie B. Franks Registrar u ; -% k " The Registrar ' s staff and fa ties are utilized in all persons who plan to attend, do attend, or have I attended the University ' s Oxford campus or its branch campuses and centers. Emphasis is always placed on personal attention to each task, each office visitor, each written or telephone communique. " Dr. Kenneth L. Woolen Director of Admissions and Records 1 " Our goal is to attract an increas- ing number of outstanding students to the University and provide those services and records which contrib- ute to and validate it meaningful col- lege experience. " Doyle L. Russell Director of Accounting and Budgeting ' -. " Ours is a mission of service to 1 students, faculty and staff. I should hope that the students would view their contacts with the various busi- ness offices as a learning experience that relates the academic programs and helps to prepare the total person for a full and active role in society. " J Robert W. Dowdy Bursar Dr. James L. Henderson Director of Student Counseling " The Bursar ' s office serves stu- dent , former students, faculti. and staff. The office is responsible for (1) the posting, billing, and collec- tion of all charges posted through accounts receivable: (2) the obtain- ing and safekeeping of promissory notes, disbursing loan checks, and for billing and collection of student loans i . ' i I the receipt and control of all Iniversit) funds; and t-t) the signing and mailing of all University checks. ' The student Counseling Center ' s al is to continue expanding and improving our services to students, e welcome suggestions for this. " Dr. Bela J. Chain, Jr. Director of Personnel Dr. Henry Franklin Martin Director of Placement among the areas recruitments, mainter sonnel records. wage administration, benefits -adn lion, student employment, lab ations. employee training, person policy development, and affirmative action in employment. In addition, the Director of Personnel is the Equal Opportunity Officer and in that capacity is responsible for the University ' s effort to comply Kith all federal regulations relating to both students and employees. " Distance la ar i ; ' :,.ling students and iimni in finding suitable employ - enl through companies and tt ' His. Dr. Sidney S. Tate Director of Financial Aid Dr. Joanne Hawks Dean of Women " The department of Financ has as its objective to provide the financial resources with which stu- dents may attend Ole Miss. Ou staff is committed to serving the students in every wav possible with all the resources at our disposal. Through scholarships, grants, loans, and jobs, we try to meet the defined financial needs of each student who applies. We further believe that no student needs to use lack of financial resources as a reason to leave Ole Mi It is our purpose to serve .ui- dents and to help them realize their goals at she I ' niversity . " Dr. Franklin E. Moak Dean of Student Personnel Whitney D. Stuart Associate Dean of Student Personnel L Ole Miss is noted for its alumni who ha e consistently demonstrated leadership in civic, community, cor- porate, and public life. My primary roal this ear is to promote a greater sensitivity to and recognition of stu- dent leadership ami the campus, thus enhancing the continuity of one of the great traditions of our alma mater. " " The Associate Oean of the Divi- sion of Student Personnel assists the Dean in supervision, coordination and budgetary control of the eleven major departments within the divi- sion. " Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Director of Student Activities Mayne Rose Jackson Assistant Director of Student Activities " il i important that students par- ticipate in activities and programs which provide meaningful experi- ences to augment their classroom instruction. Assisting students in having positive experiences in organ- izations and programs is important in our efforts to attract and retain stu- dent leaders. Active participation in student government, leadership organizations. special interest groups, and social cluhs affords stu- dents a forum for personal interac- tion with faculty, staff, and their peers. " -Ofl, ' job responsibilities include iden- tifying needs of minority students and communicating those needs to University departmental units, estab- lishing and implementing intereul- tural awareness programs, and coun- seling individual students and stu- dent organizations. " Dr. Judith D. Trott Assistant Dean of Student Personnel Thomas J. " Sparky " Reardon Assistant Director of Student Activities would like !o see more students lake advantage of the fine programs and activities we have campus wide. There are so many areas for enrich ' ment and MI man) opportunities for leadership, but many students just won ' t get involved. " " The total student is one who has opportunities to grow socially, cul- turally, academically, physically, and spiritually. Hopefully, in my position as Assistant Director of Stu- dent Activities I can work to provide an abundance of opportunities in these growth areas, and encourage the students whom 1 encounter to pursue these availabilities. " John Warner Alford, Jr. Director of Athletics Dr. Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Relations tor of Athletics at Ole Miss i the overall direction of the entire inter- collegiate athletic pnrgram, both men ' - and women ' -. I work very closely with the athletic committee and report dire. -t!y to the Chancellor of the University . My aim at the Ole Mi thletic Department i- to con- tinue a well-rounded athletic pro- pram. One of our basic goals during the decade of the 80 ' i to attempt to win at least one conference cham- pion-hip in each i-port in which we participate. " " There are many universities, bul only on- ' Me M; . I hope the spirit that is Ole Miss is never lost among it students, faculty and alumni. " James IN. Butler Director of Alumni Activities Edward P. Moore, Jr. Director of University Publications ' A- Director nf the department of Alumni Activities. 1 report directly to the Chancellor of the Iniversily, In thi- capacity. 1 am responsible for the programs involving alumni and for operation of the Alumni House Motel on campus. s chief adminis- trative officer of the General Alumni Association, which is a sepa- rate corporation. 1 report to the offi- cer- and Board of Director of the liion. My dual capacity is appropriate -ince my responsibility is to coordinate activities of alumni towards the grow th and prosperity of the University of Mississippi. " ' University Publications super- vise- production of the four catalogs in the Bulletin Series, handles design and layout of admissions materials for high school and junior college students, and is in charge of design and layout of the Alumni Reiietc. Staff personnel also prepare the cover of the Campus Directory and dr-ign posters, programs, booklets and brochures in cooperation with various academic departments. Harold E. Haney Director of Auxiliary Enterprises Dr. George M. Street Director of University Relations " My rf-pun.-ibihii ' - M I), Auxiliary Enterprises are Depart- ment of Food Service-. Ole Mis Bookstore, Purcha-ini;. and dminis- trativ S-rv of University Rela- tions as-i-t- -tudents. members of the faculty, and staff members to under- stand official policies and procedures in order to establish harmoniou r !- ation- among these group . Univer- sity Relations also keeps current information on Stale and Federal :ion that affect- the I nher-ity and represents the University A. Eugene Lee, M.D. Director of Student Health Services Bobby A. Towery Director of the Ole Miss Union pro- " Till ' Student Health Servi ides general medical care lo eligible students. Tin- Student Health Scrv- icc has a triple responsibility; to pro- tect tin- health interest of the indi- vidual student; to protect the collec- tive health of the student body; to protect the general interest of tl I niversitv of Mississippi. rogram is dynamic o meet tin 1 non-aca- neeils of students. Vt V invite y suggestions which will help us to pro ide more and better services. Our philosophy at the Olc Miss l.niim is " We work for you. the Ole Miss student ' . " Ulmer T. Bullock, Jr. Director of Food Services Max L. Waldrop Director of Ole Miss Bookstore ces has the responsibility of the upenision for the preparation ami Celling of all food items on campus. The department stmes to maintain the highest qualiU food and servic for the I niversitv commuiHlJ " The Olc Mis Bookstore is an integral part of the I Diversity and its goal is to provide efficient and quality service lo each segment of the University community. This includes the issuance of textbooks and related -chool supplies in order to facilitate the academic process ' Charles W. Beene Director of Residence Life Dr. Polly F. Williams Director of Religious Life goal of Student Mousing is nn, id ' dear., comfortable md well maintained it v ing conditions and to meet the social, educational, and emotional needs of residents at the lowest possible cost. Research indicates that students h lixe on campus make higher grades, are more like!) to gel a Hac- to graduate vehool. and are hetter adjusted -ociaii than students uhn ijuate and desiralde on-campus hous- ing can ha f a er p txiti e infill- In- Department of coordinates religious organiza- tions, programs an l personnel from fh i campus religions organizations and the ronummit) churt h to en oura{St inlerfaith growth and fel- low --hip among students. The staff makes every effort to provide a vari- ety of opportunities for participation in some form of religious life lor stu- dents. The office of ihe Direetor of Reli- gious Life serves as ii renter where information ma he sefUttHi con- cerning the ixtt-en religitnis rgani- zations on campus. Liaison is pro- ided 1)4- 1 veen the University and their religious groups, their chap- hiins, iirectors, arxl a l isors. Rufus T. Jones Director of Development Roger K. Lyles Director of Purchasing opim-ni, rnv responsibilities are to direri pn ram of prhate fund raU- in$r fur the benefit of the I nt TMt of MtttMHsippi - academic program . The Development Office i organized to raiM- funilf through nntial Gi - ing add -pt-cia! projects, deferred gift - and ludent scholarship pro- pram .. Our nal i- to encouragf al! OU- Mi s friends and aJumni lo con- to the I niv.T-it on a regu- lar. uMaining ba i-. UWERSITYl iVERSI chasing Department to conduct pur- chasing function in a manner which re-uh- in the greate-l benefit to the l ' nivrr-it and which ? hall be accomplished in accordance with ethical practice nf the purcha-in;; -ion. The Purchasing Depart- ment is organized lo make purchaM- commitment- in a business. like fash- ion and to further public relation on the campus with supplier and the eral public. " John W. White Director of the Physical Plant John M. Tidwell Chief of University Police " The iibjectMe of the Ph)-ical Plant Department continues to be lo maintain and imprn e tip- t-ondition and ap|H-arance of building- and around- -o a to prut ide an efficienl, attractive and comfortable atmos- phere fur the I imer-iu communit a- el| a- our i-itor-. " " The 1 ' rmen.ity Police Depart- ment ' s basic function is to serve and protect life, limb, and proper!) L PU als has the responsibility of enforc- ing all state laws. I niversiu regula- tions and registering all motor vehi- cles brought onto the campus. In times of need call UPD 232-7234. " Dr. William R. Ferris Director of the Study of Southern Culture Dr. Nolan E. Shepard Foreign Student Advisor " 1 think thai the : " lialof - to ir -!ttp from tin- heart of the Dci-p South a program of national and international - opt- that pniU together the full ran e of human experience it) the reaioii. " " The Office of the Foreign Stu- d nt dvisor is responsible for the ailnii ion of foreign -tudent-. a i-t- im; I ,S. -Indents and facult) tu -tud and travel abroad, and the development of exchange program-. The objective of this offic emphasize the international dimen- sion of the educational experience of all student- of the t ni er ttv of Mi-- M[)i. " ciniiiit-lrali i h t onors 64 Ho TISH HOLLOWAY, editor John Hall, assistant Ann Houston, assistant Hall of Fame Who ' s Who Taylor Medals Teacher of the Year Honoraries 66 70 80 81 82 65 Michael Cruse Corso Pamela Prather Joseph Williams Martin Nell Mosely King Emily Anderson Fortenberry 66 H.llofF. HALL OF FAME the highest honor The University of Mississippi Hall of Fame is the highest honor an Ole Miss stu- dent can achieve. Selection is made yearly by an Administrative Committee com- posed of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, the President of Lambda Sigma, the President of Phi Eta Sigma, and the Editor of the Ole Miss, who serves as chair- man. There is a preliminary Committee that is composed of the Presidents of the Schools of Commerce, Education, Engineering, Law and Pharmacy. Other members are the Presidents of the Graduate School, the College of Liberal Arts, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, the Editors of the Daily Mississipian and the Ole Miss, the Director of Student Activities, and the Deans of women and the Division of Student Personnel. Each member of the Preliminary Committee appoints two stu- dents that nominate eight seniors for Hall of Fame. A minimum of four persons are declared as members of the Hall of Fame. A maximum of eight persons may be declared members if the balloting justifies such action; the decision is made by the Administrative Committee, A major break in the number of votes will qualify the last person in the break to be included in Hall of Fame. Some past members of the Ole Miss Hall of Fame that have been outstanding in their careers are Michael Cruse Corso . m , Editor-in-Chief of the 7987 OLE MISS yearbook, Mike Corso, holds membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Delta Sigma Pi. and Pi Sigma Epsilon. Mike has served as the Associated Student Body Elections Supervisor, editor of the 7979 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL RUSH BOOK, and the Union Program Council Publicity Chairman. A member of the Order of Omega, he has held several offices in Phi Delta Theta fraternity, including treasurer, and was the recipient of the Phi Delta Theta National Education Scholarship. Mike, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Corso, has served on the Board of Directors-Student Alumni Council, the Chancellor ' s Committee on University Publications, the ASB Chapel Fund, Committee of 100, and the Committee of 82. Mike is a marketing major from Clarksdale. IUIofFnK 67 Ann Fortenberry, a native of Columbia, is serving as President of the Association for Women Students. Having served A WS as secretary and projects director, Ann was the 1979-80 delegate to the Intercollegiate AWS Convention. A recipient of the Delta Delta Delta Scholarship, she holds membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Rho Lambda, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, and Lambda Sigma . Ann has several offices in Chi Omega sorority, including vice-president, rush chairman, and scholarship chairman. A Campus Favorite, Ann has participated in Panhellenic, Committee of 82, the Traffic Appeals Board, the Chancellor ' s Special Recruiting Committee, and the OLE MISS yearbook staff. Ann has worked closely with the Parade of Beauties and was the 1979 assistant director of this event. A marketing major, Ann is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Fortenberry. Nell Mosely King Nell King, Treasurer of Omicron Delta Kappa, is an Honor Vice-President of Phi Kappa Phi. A Campus Favorite, Nell has a long list of honors including, Associated Student Body Secretary. Beta Gamma Sigma President, and Lambda Sigma President. Nell, a Taylor Medalist in Accountancy, received the Association for Women Students ' Outstanding Junior Woman Award and the Arthur H. Carter Accounting Scholarship. She holds membership in Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Phi Eta Sigma. Having served Kappa Delta Sorority as president and secretary, Nell was selected for membership in Rho Lambda. Among her other activities are the Library Council, Compass Club, and various intramural sports. Nell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William E. King of Bristol, Tennessee. . Joseph Williams Martin, Jr. President of the Associated Student Body, Joe Martin is Eumember of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, and Beta Gamma Sigma. As a campus senator, Joe served as chairman of the Senate University Development Committee and vice-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He has served as co-chairman of the 1978 Dixie Week, ASB Director of Student Activities, Lambda Sigma Secretary, and has held numerous offices in Sigma Nu fraternity. Joe ' s other activities include Ole Miss Ambassadors, School Spirit Committee, ASB Homecoming Committee, Committee of 100, and College Republicans. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin, Sr. of Hickory Valley, Tennessee, Joe has served as student representative on the University of Mississippi Athletic Committee and the Outstanding Teacher Selection Committee. A public administration major, Joe established an ASB Select Committee on Black Student Concerns and assisted in the establishment of the Ole Miss Chapter of the Student Alumni Council. Pamela Prather Majoring in accountancy, Pamela Prather of Columbus, is Treasurer of the Associated Student Body. Pamela has served as Elections Commission Chairman, Association for Women Students ' Liaison to ASB, and Senate Sergeant at Arms. Having held many offices in Delta Gamma sorority, including treasurer, she was chosen for membership in Rho Lambda and s erved as a Summer Panhellenic Delegate. Among Pamela ' s other achievements are Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Selected Campus Favorite, she has participated in the Committee of 82, Ole Miss Ambassadors, Pre-Law Society, the OLE MISS yearbook staff. Student Alumni Council, and various ASB Committees. The recipient of the Delta Gamma Senior Service Scholarship. Pamela is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Prather Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities GAYLE BROWNLEE Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Vice-President Taylor Citation in Music Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma LUCY ALVERSON Kappa Delta Sorority President Mortar Board Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi Committee of 100 Omicron Delta Epsilon Rho Lambda JAN BARNETT Fellowship of Christian Athletes Committ ee of 100 Ole Miss Ambassador ASB Senator M-Club Chaplain Alpha Lambda Delta TIM CARPENTER Ole Miss Ambassador, Secretary ASB Attorney General American Society of Public Administrators, Vice-President Committee of 82 Phi Theta Kappa College Republicans LISA BINDER Moot Court Board Chairman Honor Council Phi Delta Phi National Appellate Advocacy Team Justicia DEBORAH DARNELL Mortar Board Committee of 82 Social Work Association President Alpha Delta Mu, President Rapline Board of Directors Statewide Social Work Conference Chairperson OLE MISS Editor Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa Committee of 82 Sigma Tau Delta Order of Omega JANET DIXON Mortar Board Pre-Law Society, Secretary Carrier Scholar Ole Miss Debate Team ASB Senator Alpha Lambda Delta JOHN DOWDLE Union Program Council Chairman Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Corresponding Secretary Order of Omega Committee of 82 Omicron Delta Kappa Committee of 100 DILLARD FEATHERSTON AICHE Student Chapter. Vice-President Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Tau Beta Pi Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ANN FORTENBERRY AWS President Chi Omega Sorority Vice-President Mortar Board Campus Favorite Omicron Delta Kappa Lambda Sigma Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities PAUL GRASS Omicron Kelta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Kappa Delta Pi Committee of 82 OLE MISS Copy Editor SALLY GUIDER Mississippi Law Journal Editor Phi Delta Phi Author of Recent Decision American Jurisprudence Award JIMMY GUYTON Senior Class President Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Order of Ome ga Taylor Medal in Liberal Arts ALLEN HART Sigma Alpha Iota, President Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Committee of 100 Music Educators National Conference Mississippi Music Teachers Association 7I WWt W ANN HARWELL Rho Lambda. President Phi Mu Sorority. Recording Secretary Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa LISA HENICK Mortar Board Committee of 100 Phi Kappa Phi Ta lor Medal in Education Student Alumni Council Phi Kappa Phi Achievement Award Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities MELANIE HENICK Mortar Board. Vice-President Chi Omega Sorority, Corresponding Secretary AWS Executive Board Committee of 82 Student Alumni Council Alpha Lambda Delta PAULA HUNTER Mortar Board, Secretary Committee of 82 Phi Kappa Phi Delta Sigma Pi, ice-President La mbda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta President AWS Executive Council Women in Communications Mortar Board Rho Lambda lota Beta Sigma Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities MIKE LANDESS Interfraternity Council President Committee of 100 Ole Miss Ambassadors Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Alpha Epsilon Delta JOE JENKINS Phi Beta Sigma. President AFROTC Group Commander Order of Omega Committee of 82 Black Student Union Executive Assistant Air Force Hall of Fame NELL KING Kappa Delta Sorority, President Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Honor Vice-President Beta Gamma Sigma. President Taylor Medal in Accounting Campus Favorite LEIGH LOVETT Miss Ole Miss Panhellenic President Mortar Board Rebel Recruiters, Secretary Rho Lambda Lambda Sigma LAURIE KENNEDY Chi Omega. President OLE MISS Business Manager AWS Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma Campus Favorite 74 WW.Wk. TAD MAYS Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Treasurer Interfraternily Council Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Order of Omega HERMINE McLARTY Kappa Kappa Gamma Sororily. President Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Sophomore Honor Girl Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delia, Secretary JOE MARTIN Associated Student Body President Ole Miss Ambassador Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Lambda Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma CAROL MEGEHEE Kappa Delta Sorority, Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Modeling Board. Treasurer Beta Gamma Sigma Committee of 82 Phi Eta Sigma Who ' s Who in ALAN MOAK Committee of 1 00, Co-Chairman IFC Recording Secretary Chapel Fund Committee Greek Games Co-Chairman Student Services Committee Rush Counselor American Colleges and Universities .lit JANICE PARK Beta Sigma Phi, Treasurer Kappa Omicron Phi Horticulture Club, President Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities LEISHA PRATHER Varsity Cheerleader Committee of 100 Campus Favorite Omicrdn Delta Kappa ASB Senator Alpha Lambda Delta PAMELA PRATHER ASB Treasurer Delta Gamma Sorority, Treasurer Ole Miss Ambassador Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Campus Favorite HARRIET RILEY ASB Press Secretary Women in Communications Student Alumni Council Public Relations Society of America Daily Missisippian, Reporter Ole Miss Public Relations Internship KAREN ROEBUCK Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi German Club, Vice-President Beta Gamma Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon Phi Gamma Mu 74 TW.Wk. Who ' s Who in RICHARD RUSHING Alpha Epsilon Delta. President Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Nu Fraternity, Recording Secretary Order of Omega Committee of 82 Phi Eta Sigma ANGELYN SCARDINO RHA, President Delta Sigma Pi Mortar Board Beta Gamma Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta rican Colleges and Universities ROBERT SHAW Phi Kappa Psi President Phi Eta Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon Committee of 100 Student Orientation Committee NORMAN SEA WRIGHT Black Student Union, President Varsity Football Player Society for Black Engineers M-Club JESSICA SIBLEY Sigma Tau Delta, Treasurer Committee of 82 Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma WW.VW 77 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities MARTHA SMITHSON Kappa Delta Sorority, Vice-President Mortar Board, President OLE MISS Section Editor Alpha Epsilon Delta Omicron Delta Kappa Rho Lambda KEN TOLER M-Club, Treasurer Varsity Football Fellowship of Christian Athlet Phi Eta Sigma All SEC Academic Football Team Army ROTC Brigade Commander Order of Omega, Secretary Committee of 1 00 Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta ASB Vice-President Committee of 82 Ole Miss Ambassador Lambda Sigma Committee of 100 Gamma Iota Sigma SUZANNE ULMER AWS Treasurer Rho Lambda Committee of 82 Spirit Committee Committee of 100 College Republicans 71 VWiTW MARY JANE WALKER Associated Graduated Student Body Representative Campus Crusade for Christ Assistant Director Women ' s Conference Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board LEE WATT Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omeg a, President Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma Committee of 82 College Republicans Kappa Psi. President Order of Omega Phi Eta Sigma Rho Chi ALAN WILLIAMS Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President American Institute of Chemical Engineers Committee of 100 Taylor Medal in Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi Pi Mu Epsilon JOSH WIENER National Moot Court Tom National Appellate Advocacy Team Captain Phi Delta Phi Mississippi Law Journal Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities VW.WW 7 taylor medals A highlight of Honor ' s Day each year is the presentation of the University ' s highest aca- demic awards, Taylor Medals and Taylor Citations, to under- graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional schol- arship in one field of study com- bined with superior academic work in all subjects. In June, 1904, Dr. William T. Taylor of Booneville, Missis- sippi, founded the Marcus Elvis Taylor Memorial, " out of affec- tion and regard for the memory of his son, the late Dr. Marcus Elvis Taylor, and out of benevo- lent regard and good will for the youth of the state and the inter- est and work of the University of Mississippi, and for the encour- agement of meritorious scholar- ship and deportment. " A faculty committee selects those students most deserving of the medal for " meritorious scholarship and deportment " from those nominated by the participating divisions of the University. Thelda A. Adams Eunice N. Aycock William H. Benson James J. Cook Robin S. Dodson Jean E. Ezell James L. Guyton Roy F. Harmon John C. Harrison Lisa L. Henick Charles M. Jenkins Nell M. King Lee Joy Moss Judy C. Mullins Dana A. Palmieri Jack B. Pearson Sue Ellen Smith Karen West Alan T. Williams Merril B. Williams Curriculum and Instruction Pharmacy School of Business Administration Biology School of Education Physics College of Liberal Arts English Chemistry School of Education Geology School of Accountancy French Political Science School of Business Administration Economics and Finance School of Accountancy Mathematics Chemical Engineering School of Business Administration citations Judy Bartholomew Theresa Belenchia William H. Berry Beverly Brownlee Judy K. Hinton Allen G. Jones Linda R. Monk Cathy A. Morris Lee Ann Porter Gary W. Sharp Irby Turner III Martha M. White Mary M. Williams Curriculum and Instruction Communicative Disorders Pharmacy College of Liberal Arts Journalism Chemistry English and Political Science Music Economics and Finance Civil Engineering School of Business Administration School of Accountancy Home Economics History 80 Tlylor M...I.I Dr. John U inkle, assistant professor of political sci- ence, ie the 1980 recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the ear Award at The University of Mississippi. Dr. Uinkle received the award and a $1.000 check from Ole Miss Chancellor Porter L. Fortune Jr. during Honors Da ceremonies Thursday. April 10. Dr. Win- kle ' s name will be engraved on a plaque which is dis- played in the Chancellor ' s office and list previous recipients of the award. The Outstanding Teacher Award was established 15 jears ago to recognize faculty members for achieve- ments in teaching. " The paramount consideration for this award is teaching a professor ' s ability to motivate students and to stimulate their ideas. " Chancellor Fortune said. " While the University ' s faculty as a whole is highh regarded for its teaching. Dr. Winkle and the other recipients of this award display exceptional talents in this area. " Nominations for Outstanding Teacher are made by alumni, current students and faculty, with final selec- tion by a committee of former recipients. The 1979 award went to Dr. James G. Mengert, assistant profes- sor of English. The 32-year old Dr. Winkle came to Ole Miss in 1974. He holds a bachelor ' s degree in history from Mercer University, and a master ' s degree and doctorate in political science from Duke University. He specializes in constitutional law. civil rights and liberties. American government and politics, and judi- cial administration, teaching courses on both the grad- uate and undergraduate le el. Also, he has taught a number of tutorials for advanced individual study through the University Scholars Program. Dr. Winkle has received three Faculty Research Grants, awarded by the Committee on Faculty Research at Ole Miss, and has published numerous arti- cle in professional journals. He is a member of the Southern Political Science Association and the Mi iv ippi Political Science Association. At Duke University, he was president of Pi Sigma Alpha political science honorary and president of the Association of Graduate Students in Political Science. He held a research assistantship. won a special research award, and was a finalist for the prestigious Judicial and Congressional Fellowships. Dr. Winkle was born in Rome. Ga. He and his wife, the former Linda Wyrich of Rome. Ga.. have two chil- dren. John Wilson. 5. and Jason Wyrick. 3. mi if President Thomas Banks Shepherd Vice President John Mark Holliday Treasurer Nell Mosely King Secretary David Glenn Spear Voting Faculty Members - Harry Eugene Peery James V. Jones Donald L. Moak Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which maintains that representa- tives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty and administra- tors should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their leadership contributions and scho- lastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members. These are: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publica- tions and the arts. A David Thomas Abraham Douglas Carlton Altenbern Gary Kendall Aldridge James Arden Barnett, Jr. William Glynn Biddy Marshall Jones Bouldin Judith Lynne Bradley David Franklin Broome Michael Cruse Corso James B. Cox Robert Andrew Crone John Oliver Dowdle Chesterfield Dillard Featherstone Emily Anderson Fortenberry William Nail Fry Roy Hendee Furrh Scott Roderick Gordon Paul Rivers Grass Connie Frances Green James Lawrence Guyton John Caldwell Harrison Ann Taylor Harwell Lisa Lynn Henick John Mark Holliday William Edgar Holcomb Jeffrey Paul Hubbard Charles E. Jackson III Wilma Ayleen Johnson Allen Gafford Jones Mark Jackson Kellum Laurie Elizabeth Kennedy Nell Mosely King Pamela Lynn Kirk Jeffrey Fallot Lamb Michael Barry Landess Joseph Williams Martin Clark Wharton Mason Herrnine Herring McLarty Evana Shelby McKay William Shannon Mendenhall Malcolm Sidney Moore Paul Melvin Newton, Jr. Daniel Morris Phillips Leisha Jane Prather Pamela Prather William Angelo Primos Michael Riddell Pruett William Richard Rushing Jessica Leigh Sibley Fred Slabach John Britt Smith Martha Ann Smithson David Glenn Spear Daniel Bobby Story II Julian Jackson Swain, Jr. Donny Ray Taylor Michael Terrance Tramel James Russell Tucker John Earnest Wade, Jr. William Lee Watt Timothy Galen Weeks William Paul Wells Cathy Ann Wills Vicki Lillian Wills 82 Honors [pmicron delta kappa) Honon 83 Martha Smithson President Melanie Henick Vice-President Paula Hunter Secretary Lucy Alverson Treasurer Brad Mallow Editor Emily Harrison Historian Lisa Henick Calendar Chairman Janet Dixon Elections Chairman Mortar Board Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest sen- ior honor groups for both women and men. Tassels, the local chapter, has been an active part of the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board has a limit of thirty five members. Selections are based on leadership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 overall G.P.A. Mortar board is a society that challenges the indi- vidual and the groups to provide thoughtful leader- ship to the campus and community, to create an envi- ronment of effective communication and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women, David Thomas Abraham Lucy Allen Alverson Beverly Gayle Brownlee Deborah Kay Darnell Janet Lynn Dixon Mary Janet Drewry Angela Suzette Floyd Teresa Louise Fong Emily Anderson Fortenberry Connie Francis Green Emily Jane Harrison Ann Taylor Harwell Lisa Lynn Henick Melanie Carrie Henick Alicia Dianne Hightower Paula Adele Hunter Maria Ivy Serena Elizabeth Jackson Laurie Elizabeth Kennedy Nell Moseley King Carol Leigh Lovett Bradley John Mallow Karen Ann Mazzanti Marilyn Meade McCluskey Judy Lynn McHenry Hermine Herring McLarty Pamela Prather Danny Eugene Reynolds Marcia Melinda Roseberry Angelyn Marie Scardino Jessica Leigh Sibley Martha Ann Smithson Shirley Margaret Stephenson Sally Ann Stone mortar board Honor 85 c Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor which a student ma receive at the University of Mississippi. The primary objective of the honor society is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic discipline . To be elected to membership, an undergraduate student must be a senior or second semester junior exhibiting high standards of scholarship and charac- ter. Graduate students must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Election of faculty denotes a significant contrib- ution to their field. - Sale I). Handle President Christine B. Stokes President-Elect Julie Eileen Chaffin Honor V ice President Charles .Michael Jenkins Honor V ice President Nell Mosele y King Honor Vice President Evana Shelby McKay Honor Vice President Otis R. Tims Vice President Roscoe A. Boyer Secretary Ellis E. Tucker Treasurer L ndergraduate James R. Alldridge Mitzie G. Allison Jamie Elizabeth Ambrose James H. Armstrong Joseph David Bailey III Li a Dianne Bailey Kathryn Suzanne Baker Johnny Marshall Belenchia Henry Maynard Bellamy III Marshall Jones Bouldin IV Judith Bradley Rebecca F. Bradley Julie Eileen Chaffin William Anderson Charlton Renita Ann Crawford Li a Renee Cutts Teresa Fay Cutts Charles William Deaton, Jr. Angela I)eni-e Dickson Kathie Darlene English Alison Ann Fessler A. Suzette Floyd Linda Gay Fortune Anthony D. Gipson Clinton Arnott Graham Paul River Gra Dondra Juanell Green James Lawrence Guyton Ann Taylor Harwell Scott Charles Haugh Lisa Lynn Henick Mark Henry Hennington Beverly Lindsey Hill John Mark Hofliday Ray Glynn Holt Paula Adele Hunter Charles Michael Jenkins Mark Jackson Kellum Nell Moseley King Ricky Allen Knox Christopher Lee Lockard Tom Bruce Longest, Jr. Beth Lucas Deborah S. Lundy Elizabeth Burley Martin William Terrence Mays, Jr. Marilyn Meade McCluskey Patricia Ann McGarrity Evana Shelby McKay- Carol Murphey Megehee William Shannon Mendenhall Malcolm Sidney Moore, Jr. Carol J. Morris Vicki Carol Morris Jack Pearson Kenny Wayne Peavey Jamie Carolyn Penny- Pamela Prather Sheri Lin Rankin Wanda Gene Ray Gerald John Reihsen III Louis Ernest Ridgway III Michael Lawford Roane Chino DaLee Rc Francine Ann Russell Jocelyn Lorinda Russell Deborah Denise Sharp Richard New man Sherman Michael Timothy Skinner Louis Jerome Stokes Sonora Grace Tedford David Lee Thompson Phyllis Anita Bryan Thompson Sue Threadgill Deborah Lynn Tullos Shelby L. Wilbourn Alan T. Williams M. Binford W illiams, Jr. Harmon Eugene Worrell Barbara Yvonne Youngblood Graduate School Dani Cheryl Allred Terri Louise Austin Ruth Stewart Bettandorff Faira Lee Bishop Celeste Renee Brou Julie eeks Carr Chadw ick Chen Yu Chiang Mar Wendy Crater B. Joan Davis Betty Gale Mullen Davis Bettv Jane Gary Janet Hummer Graham Shannon Grisham Hind Tillawi Hatoum K illiam S. Hay Charlotte Ruth Howard Evelyn C. Kiker Anne S. Knight Laura Elizabeth McCarthy Susan Cumbest McCormick George M. Plasketes Patricia Smith Sagen Penny Ray Sisson H. Monroe Snider Dana Harber Stovall Kathleen M. Sullivan Susan Cherie Suit Dw ight Lee Tays Mary Jane fc alker Faculty Ly man A. Magee lambda sigma J Paul Edwards President Julianne Battaile Vice-President Teri Oakes Secretary Richard Allen Johnson Treasurer Frances Crenshaw Publicity Selby Allen Ireland Ritual Lambda Sigma is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship and the spirit of service among University students, to promote lead- ership among freshmen and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every way possible. All freshmen with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 may apply for member- ship in Iota Chapter. Selection is made in the spring by a com- mittee composed of active Lambda Sigma Society members and other student leaders. W Ann Elizabeth Adey I Louise Ise Amos 1 Leslie Annette Andrews j Allison Judith Balducci Emily Belle Barnes Julianne Battaile Jeffrey Brent Bond Angela Clark Allison Elaine Cole Aline Elizabeth Collum Francis Gates Crenshaw Gus Lee Crittle, Jr. William Campbell Cromwell Elizabeth Ager Cutler Robert Rothe Davis Paul Frederick Edwards Carol Sue Elliott Gregory Westcott Elision Nancy Jane Finerty Glynnis Rae Fisher Mary Melanie Fisher Elizabeth Camille File John Robert Fugate Cheri Denise Green Mark Neil Gunn Susan Rebecca Hall Alda Camille Henick Stephanie Jean Hickman Selby Allen Ireland Louis Alexander Jackson, Jr. Richard Allen Johnson Patricia Ellen Larkin LaNelle Leggett Michael Hunter McGee Vera Susan Merrill Jason Michael Milligan Teri S. Oakes Alan Wayner Partin Lisa Victoria Pierce Cynthia Jean Purser Delphime Rice Daniel Edward Smith, Jr. Stephen Todd Threadgill Tracy David Waller. IV Sarah Elizabeth Watson Thomas Lowell West III Janette Leslie Wetzel Uilvelyn Weatherford Young eff Richard Zahn 88 Ho Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelli- gent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recog- nizing and developing meaning- ful goals for their roles in Soci- ety. Membership at the Univer- sity of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the mini- mum scholastic requirement. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or as a combined average of first and second semester. J. .1 Ipha lambda delta Katie Wood President Beth Watson Vice-President Susan Wilson Secretary Philip Azordegan Treasurer John Hall Historian Paul Crutcher Editor Robert Jame Arnold Man Melame Fisher Pamela Ann Mage Daniel Edward Smith Philippe Albert Azordegan Mom Rosalind Floyd Charlotte Jane Martin Michelle Louise South Virginia Baker Sberi Anne Foahee K nt McConnell Robert Warren Smylie Emtlv Belle Barnes Amee Fouche Melanie Susanne McCoy Lynn Marie Spot u- Brenda Bartle Jenny Ellen Fyke Alicia Dawn Mitchell Aubrey TrrveUn Sprabery Lisa Susan Bate Mtrgaret uay Bickemaff Kendall Greaves Caraway Andrew Samuel Garrett Terexa Ann Moore Sherry Lorraine Mos Christopher Michael Springer Ellen Kay Sumner Dcbra Lvnn Birmingham BaherAtaGhoftbeh Harriet T. Nailor Ralph W. Taylor Elisabeth GayLe Blackman Sbeny Ly nne Gibson Bonnie Elizabeth Nevinc Susan Renee Taylor Nancy Llewellyn Bledsoe Audrey Lynn Graham Teri S. Oakes Lisa Ann Terracina Bobby Dmrrrll Brown Cheri Denise Green Alan Wayne Partin David Whitten Terreson kimberl) Ann Brown Deborah Bemice Green Susan Elaine Partridge Stephen Threadgill Doris Ann Burns Thoma . Scott Guy ton Jane Given Patterson James Robert Truax Gregor Burkes John Laurence Hall Jack Bane Pearson Jame Michael Tulloa Charles ' Loyd Carroll Terri Lea Chapman Susan R. Hall Joiner Mack Ha.tom III Pamela Gay Peden Phillip Kerry Perkins Phyllis Lyn Tumage Terry Plaaetle Valentine Gary Anthony Cirilli Michael Wealey Harlan Dinah Weatberford Pelree Elisabeth Louise Viner Angela Clark Wend Lvnn Harvey Lisa Victoria Pierce Beverly Joyce Walker Aline El iubcth Collusn Peter Michael Haupt David Timothy Phillip. Pamela Louise Walker Lisa Coi Alda Camillc Henick Laura Elisabeth Pritchartt Lucy Claire Wall Paul Williams Crutcher Alma Jo Henry Cynthia Jean Purser Patricia Lynn Wall Elizabeth Ager Culler John Leonard H croon Randy Lyn Ratcliff Teresa Jo Watkins Ginger Danet Daniel Douglas Lamar Hill Terry Allen Robertson Sarah Elisabeth Watson Melon Joy Da via Jennifer Lee Holland Rov Gregg Rogers Janrlte Leslie Wetael Catherine Sbelton Day Melinda Lynn Jennings Anna Bun tin Ross Laurie Nell White Paula Lea Dennard Rebecca Hcndrick Johnson Jocely n Lorinda Ruaaell Robert Bailey Whitten Brenda Lou Diffec Fltubrlh Corona Juhan Charles Dat id Sandcn Susan Leslie Wilson Peggy Lea Diffee Laura Carroll Karlak Margaret Susan Scbove Dale Leslie Wing Deanne Dixon Patricia Ellen Larkin John Mar.. Schwab Katie Winston Wood Michael Xavier Dugan Lanelle Leggelt Peggy Lynn Seid Sarah Catherine Yelverton Rat mood Randall Dyeaa Paul Frederick Edwards Tina Sbelaine Evans Bobby Frank Fbher, Jr. James Austin Lcwmann. Jr. Sherry Anne Lucas Amy Joan Lumsden Weaiey Morgan Madden Mary Anna Sellers Ronnie Carson Sit Johna Susan Skelton Audry Denell Smith Deniae Ann Young Evelyn Weatherford Young Judy Loraine Thompson phi eta sigma j Phi Eta Sigma was founded for the sole purpose of encouraging high scholastic achievement among freshman students in institutions of higher learning. The organiza- tion operates under the assumption that attainment of good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incen- tive for a continued high level of academic performance in subsequent years and thus benefits the student as well as the University community. In seeking to encourage schol- arship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities designed to benefit the academic popula- tion on campus. Bobby Leatherman President Philip Azordegan Vice-President Tommy West Secretary Katie Wood Treasurer John Holliday Senior Advisor _ r MEMBERS r INITIATES I Tumul! Anderson Andrew K. Lockett Steven Neal Ambon Joaeph Leonard Klingen Ambrose P. Abulo Joe K. Lockwood Robert James Arnold Patricia Ellen Lark in JamctR. Aldridge Craig A. Loir II Philip Albert Aaordegan Pamela Ann Magee Robin Akobrook Aubrey B. Lucas Virginia Ann Baker Michael Leo Martin Doucja Altenbem. Jr. Clark W. Mason Emil Belle Barnes Melanie Suzanne McCoy Mark D. Anderson Clyde S. MIL BrendaBartle Douglas M. McDaniel Joseph D.Bailev III William T.Maya. Jr. Margaret Q. Birkerotaff Michael Hunter McGee Sbetia Baldwin Gary B. Mana ' nli Elisabeth Gavle Blackman Philip Taylor Merideth Julie T Barlow Steven M. McAffee Nancy Llewellyn Bledaoe Tereaa Ann Moore Johnm M. Belenchia Heather McCluskv J. Brent Bond Melanie I. Morgan Barry D. Bertolel Paul L. McLam k.imberl Ann Brown Harriet T. Nailor Mike Connor Brig David B McLaunn Gregory Lamar Burkea Bonnie Elizabeth Nevina Marshall J . Bouldin IV Patrick W. Me.Nulty Charles Loyd Carroll TeriSueOakea Judith B. Bradlev Carol M.Megehee Terri Lea Chapman Sally Lea Pabrt Wmian R.Bradley, Jr. Malcolm Sidney Moore Angela Cla rk Alan Wayne Partin Anne Neville Brad Richard C. Moore Joseph Allen Clement Pamela Gay Peden l. nnr AllUon Brown Tamara Moore Gus Lee Cnttle Phillip Kerry Perkina BeverU C. Brownlee Jerrv A. Morgan Paul William Cnilcber Lisa Victoria Pierce Jeff Lee BurtvhaJter Joel ' White Mulkin Robert Rode Currie James Stevan Pilgrim Dora Ann Bum Michael A. Naaman Elizabeth Ager Cutler Bean Bryan Pittman MarkP.Carrawa; Ginger Dane! Daniel Cynthia Jean Puner Jack J ante Carrel Johnny D. Nee] y Robert Tothe Davi Rodney Charles Richardson Ralph k . Chapman Toby Kyle Null Paula Lea Dennard Dorothy Claire Robert David Childrea David A. Otto illiam Da id Denney John Carl ton Robertson Charles A. ChUholm Rosalyn Clark Jamie Carolyn Penny Jeanne E. Phillips Michael Dugan Paul Frederick Edward Roy Gregg Roger Anna Buntin Roaa Stuart (Mark Johnny W . Pope Anthony Luther Fareae Jocelvn Lorinda Ruaaell Frank Willie Cox Pamela Prather Nancy Jane Finerty Charles David Sander John Lowerv Cox William A. Primos Bobby F. Fttber, Jr. M. Susan Scbove Caroline Drew r Cromartie Michael R.Pruel GUnrm R. Ftaber Hugh B. Scott Robert A. Crone Milea T. OuattJebaum Mar Melanie Fiaher Peggy Lynn Seid Danny L- Crotwell Shannon Quirieoni Mona R. Floyd Greg Shamoun David Merrill dimming Felicia A. Rabilo John Robert Fug ate Johna Suaan Skelton Brian Lee Dana Kevin Russell Rardin Jenny Ellen Fyke Audry DeneU Smith John I. Detashment Gerald J. Reihaon III Sherry Lynne Gibaon Charle Eaward Smith Lisa D. Denley Tracv C. Renfroe Cheri Deniae Green Robert Warren Smylie Angela D. Dickeraon Ronald Neal Rich Thomas Kenneth Griffi , Jr. Lynn Marie Spotu David 1. Doorenbos Ann B Riley Thomas Scott Guy ton Travelin Aubrey Sprmbery Julie A. Drury James G. Rodger John Laurence Hall Chrtstopber Michael Spriner 1 David Lynn Duck Bruce C. Romine Joiner Mack Hal torn Stephen Todd Threadgill 1 Charles Dunagin. Jr. Miry Scott Roaser Michael W.Harlan Kermie F. Tolliaon 1 Jamie E. Dupuy Amy ' Eliiabeth Roiell Peter Michael Haupt Ja M Robert Truax 1 Orrin W.Edwards Margaret A. Ruff Alda Camilte Henick James Michael Tulloe 1 Kathie English W illiam R. Rushing Alma Jo Henry Pamela Louise Walker 1 Manly n A. Ertle JudvA.Ruaaell John Leonard Henaon Tracy David Waller 1 Elisha C. Eaenta Lucius F. Sana III Caroline J. Hill Timothy Louie Walsh 1 C. Dillard Fealherstone Eric Matthew Saul Doug las Laroar Hill Thomas Lowell West, III 1 Daine Ferguson 1 Alison A. Fessier Sidney Milton Scarborough Carl Gerard Scholl Jennifer Lee Holland John Wascom Houston Janette Leslie Wetael Robert Bailey Whitten Teresa L. Fong Robert S.Shaw. Jr. Melinda Lynn Jenning Suaan Lealie Wiason 1 Emily Fortenberry 1 Linda Fortune Gene G Sheffield Richard Newman Sherman Rochester M. Johnson Rebecca Hendrick Johmton Dale Leatie Wing Katie Winston Wood 1 Henry C. Foi Jeasica Leigh Sibley Elizabeth Corona Juhan Sarah Catherine YeJvenon 1 William A. Freeman Joseph Leonard Slater Laura Carroll Karlak EveJyn Young 1 Roy H. Furrh John Brill Smith AlanA.Gillis Cynthia J. Smith 1 Katberine Gorove David Glenn Spear 1 Clinton A. Graham Alfred J . Spencer I PaulR.Gras Louis J. Stokes 1 James Gregory Graves Daniel B. Story 1 Daniel T. Gray Mary Ann Stunners 1 John Hall Grayaon Julian Jackson Swain 1 James L. Guvton W illiam B. Taylor Michael Haas. Jr. W illiam S- Terney 1 John C. Harrison David Wbitten Terreson 1 Rei Dillion Harvey Kenneth P. Tolar 1 Carolyn C. Heard Ho Yuen Edmond Tung 1 Ronald L. Hendru Sandra S. Tucker William Holcomb III Danny E. Tunnan 1 John Mark Holliday Lee Ann Vaught Michael W.Hubben W alter C. Vick. Jr. 1 RichardS Ig. ike Barbara G. Walker 1 Charles Jackson HI Tummy Tilden W ammack 1 Charles Milcbel Jenkins Albert Manning Ward William B. Johnson William Lee W att Thomas L. Jovner 111 David Peebles W ebb 1 Mark L. KelK Timothy G. Weeks Mark Jaekaon Kellum William P. Wells 1 Samuel Bam Kendricka Charles R. White I Laurie E. Kenned Stacy Ann W hite 1 Nell Mosley King Shelby L. Wilborne I Paul Ford Knight Alan Thome Williams I Ricky Allen Knoi Lori Ann W illiams 1 JohnM Kuikendall Merril B Williams Steven William Laird Randall E. Williamson I Robertson Leatherman James Hunter Wise MeUnieLed ard Frank Snyder Y ork 1 Sanford Hopkins Lev ings Jerry Keith Young 1 Christopher Lockard ( J V J c rho lambda Ann Harwell President Melinda Sumners Vice-President Melody Marks Secretary Tish Holloway Treasurer Rho Lambda, The National Panhellenic Rec- ognition Society, honors those women within Pan - hellenic who have been outstanding in the display of demonstrated leader- ship ability and loyalty to Panhellenic and to their sorority. Only active members in their Junior or senior years are eligi- ble. An overall average of 2.3 is required for mem- bership. A maximum num- ber of members to be elected in any year is 10% of the total P?- 1- lenic membership. A. A Lucy Alverson Regina Beech Betty Bell Lynn Bellenger Karen Benton Gayle Brownlee Clay Burkhart Pam Cain Wanda Chamberlain Kalhryn Chapman Cindy Dawson Janet Dixon Helene Doxey Jan Drewry Kim Eble Dianne Emfinger Ann Fortenberry Lindy Gary Dawn George Dee Graff Clair Griffis Melinda Harris Emily Harrison Ann Harwell Lisa Henick Melanie Henick Margaret Hodges Jan Holland Tish Holloway Beth Jackson Ginger Jones Carolyn Kassel Laurie Kennedy Kristi Kin); Nell King Tracy Knox Leigh Lovett Susan McClure Hermine McLarty Melody Marks Carol Megehee Tanya Miller Mary Lee Minor Anne Myers Debbie Nader Teri Nixon Cathy Patterson Pamela Prather Cathy Price Missie Roche Sonya Rogers Melinda Roseberry Linda Smith Martha Smithson Margaret Stephenson Nannette Sumner Melinda Sumners Suzanne Ulmer Hilda Welsch Tammy Williams Kathy Young Lee Watt President Mickey Naaman Vice-President Danny Story Secretary Bobby Leatherman Treasurer John Seckman Social Chairman Doug Altenbern David Bailey Phillip Baker Tom Bat Barry Bertolet Gerald Burke Ricky Click Mike Corso BillCrim.Jr. Friley Davidson John Dowdle Mitch Forester Roy Furrh Joe Getz Scott Gordon Paul Grass Jimmy Guyton Ron Hendrix Bill Holcomb John Mark Holliday Steven Laird Jeff Lamb Mike Landess Bobby Leatherman Charles Marchbanks Joe Martin Clark Mason Tad Mays Garv Mazzanti Doug McDaniel Mickey Naaman Johnny Neely Walter Newman Jay Pearson John Pearson Allan Pickle Bill Primes Mike Pruett Fred Rand Phillip Reeves Terry Robertson Richard Rushing John Sickman Robert Shaw Britt Smith David Spear Danny Story Martin Street David Sullivan Jack Swain, Jr. Donny Ray Taylor David Terreson Mike Tramel Greg Ward Lee Watt Tim Weeks Bill Wells J Order of Omega, national hon- orary for outstanding Creeks, was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1957. The Univer- sity of Mississippi ' s Omega Theta chapter of Order of Omega was founded in 1968 but was reacti- vated in the spring of 1976 under the direction of David Haile. The organization exists to recognize those fraternity men who have attained a high stand- ard of leadership in interfrater- nity activities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward excellence, and to inspire others to work for similar con- spicuous attainment. Working closely with the Infratemity Council, the Order of Omega brings Greek Faculty, alumni, and student members together on a basis of mutual interest, under- standing, and helpfulness. During any one year, the Order of Omega is limited by its constitution to pledging no more than 3 ' of the total number of regularly enrolled fulltime undergraduate fraternity men. Order of Omega rush is con- ducted during the fall and spring with each fraternity being allowed to nominate rushees from its active membership. A .A order of omega ) alpha epsilon delta) Richard Rushing President David Daugherty Vice President Michael Hubbert Secretary Quang Phan Scapel, Reporter and Historian Jay Harrison Treasurer Debbie Tullos Activities Chairman Dr. High E. Rateman Faculty Advisor Since AEA ' s formation in 1926, it has become the world ' s largest body devoted to premedical education. The object of the society is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical education in the study of medi- cine; to promote cooperation and contacts between medi- cal and premedical students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education; and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health, organization, charities and the community. - AED MEMBERS 1980-81 Stephen Andrew Adam Douglas C. Altenbern, Jr. Mark D. Anderson Lisa R. Ashburn John M. Belenchia Marshall J. Bouldin IV Judith Lynn Bradley Charles V. Brown Richard A. Caron William Lee Carlyle Neil Thomas Carstens William A. Charlton Rosalyn Clark David W. Crasto Robert A. Crone Emmet C. Crosland William A. Daggett ' David Lee Daugherty Roy Whit Deal Angela Denise Dickson Teresa Louise Fong Henry Creed Fox Timothy H. Geno James Lawrence Guyton John C. Harrison Mark H. Hennington William E. Holcomb III Joseph Eugene Holley Michael Wayne Hubbert James Joseph Hurst Gregory Keith Jenkins Mark J. Kellum Michael Landess Melanie F. Landrum John R. Langlow III John A. Liberto Tom Bruce Longest, Jr. Gary B. Mazzanti Marilyn McCluskey Judy L. McHenry Stephen Mims Malcolm Sidney Moore Marcus C. Moore Gary Herschel Morgan James Scott Morrow Johnny D. Neely Kenny W. Peavey Debbie L. Peyregne Quang Q. Phan William A. Primes Michael R. Pruett Michael L. Psikogios Hugh Henry Rather III William Richard Rushing Donald B. Russell Anthony C. Sang Sidney M. Scarborough Gene Guild Sheffield Richard N. Sherman Linda E. Sherrill Martha A. Smithson Gene David Spencer, Jr. Steven Warren Stogner Melinda W. Sumners Timothy F. Thompson Deborah Lynn Tullos Shelby L. Wilbourn Alan Thome Williams Joseph Kenneth Wong Jerry Keith Young 94 Ho c scabbard and blade Mike Howell Mike Pigott Glen Strobl Rick Delaquis John Daskalds Doug Mann Mike Coggins Steve Ethridge Charlie BOM man Jeff Travis Scott Kirkland Andy Donelson David White Mark illiams Danny Story- Mike Johnson Grover Hardin Stephen Walker Chris Gilbert Ron Corkran Hardy Farris Randy Middleton Mike Smith The primary purpose of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military education in Ameri- can colleges and universities: to unite in closer relationship their military departments; to encour- age and foster the essential qual- ities of good and efficient offi- cers; and to promote friendship among the cadet officers. In gen- eral, they acquaint the people with our national defense needs. David White President Rick Delaquis Vice President John Daskalds Secretary Danny Story Treasurer Captain Raymond Johnson Sponsor sigma alpha iota Allen Hart President Gayle Brownlee Vice President Kate Booth Secretary Linda Langford Treasurer Melissa Jones Chaplain Sarah Gill Sergeant-at-Arms Karen Kornegay Editor Kim Bell Program Chairman Sigma Alpha Iota is an interna- tional Music society founded in 1903. Composed of women majoring or minoring in music and to promote social contact among persons sharing an inter- est in music. Membership is open to women with a 3.0 average in music courses and a 2.0 average in their academic courses. . Sherry McFerrin Deanna Davis Mary Donnelly Lisa Clark Valerie Gore Melanie Pittman Kathy Dailey Nancy Breuning Isabel Bartles Teresa Shumpert Patti Phillips Allen Hart Gayle Brownlee Kate Booth Linda Langford Melissa Jones Sarah Gill Karen Kornegay Kim Bell The objective of Alpha Theta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and due recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accoun- tancy at the University of Missis- sippi. To be elected to member- ship, a student must have a 3.0 overall G.P.A. and a 3.0 in accounting. Lucy Alverson David Bailey Bill Blackwell Chris Cheatham Melanie Clevenger Renita Ann Crawford Merill Cummings Doug Deweese Brian Folk Yolaine Gaines Gemiel Griswold Ginger Jones Sara Keyes Brad Mallow Steve McAbee Susan McClure Ev McKay Dennis McNeely Michael Morgan Allen Morris Bob Ogle Mark Partin Steve Partridge M. K. Pitman Jan Rainwater Karen Roebuck David Spear Mary Ann Summers Thorn Thies Robert Thompson Leslie Waldrom beta alpha psi Jeff Walker President Donny Taylor Vice President David Childress Treasurer Margaret McCullen Corresponding Secretary Suzette Floyd Recording Secretary 96 Honor, I beta gamma sigma J Lucy Allen Alverson Joseph David Bailey III Charles R. Brock William Albert Brown Terry Leonard Caves Renita Ann Crawford Martha Jane Ellis Chima E. Ezenta Emily Anderson Fortenberry Bonnie G. Garner Ralph Thomas Hand III Ann Taylor Harwell Melanie Carrie Henick Paula Adele Hunter Gina Marie Jacobs Mike Jaudon Samuel Barr Kendricks Nell Moseley King Ricky A. Knox Charles Raymond Marchbanks, Jr. Joseph Williams Martin, Jr. William Terrence Mays, Jr. Steven M. McAfee Margaret Page McCullen Evana S. McKay Dennis L. McNeely William Shannon Mendenhall Sally Ann Nash Mark Q. Partin Steven Wayne Partridge Catherine Anne Patterson Pamela Prather Janice Anita Rainwater Tracy Carol Renfro J. Wray Rives Karen Diane Roebuck Rhona Sheryl Alter Runnels Angelyn Marie Scardino Thomas Banks Shepard III Susan P. Shilan Jessica Leigh Sibley John Britt Smith Kathy Crumpton Snyder David Glenn Spear Mary Ann Summers Sonora Grace Tedford Ronald W. Tew, Jr. David Arthur Varner Leslie Carol Waldron William Paul Wells Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business administration. Beta Gamma Sigma chap- ters may be chartered only at those schools of business and management accredited by the American Assembly of Collegi- ate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Camma Sigma was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferred b a business school are also eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of Business Administration, to promote the advancement of edu- cation in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. V? Nell M. King President Evana S. McKay Vice-President E. Nolan Waller Faculty Advisor and Secretarv -Treasurer Ipmicron delta epsilonj Sara Fowler Keys President Gerald E. Calvasina Vice-President Rhonda Alter Runnels Secretary Omicron Delta Epsilon is an International Honorary Society dedicated to the encourage- ment of excellence in Economics. Recognition is extended to students who have superior aca- demic records in Economics and to others who have made outstanding contributions in the field. ODE also promotes a closer tie between students and faculty in Economics within and between universities. Membership is not restricted to Economics majors, but is open to those students who have an interest in Economics and who have com- pleted a minimum number of Economics courses with high academic standing. A A.Paul Abuto Mary Bright Adams Lucy Allen Alverson Charles V. Anstrom Thomas Laban Arnold Joseph David Bailey Khojeh A. Bashghareh William Kenneth Beil Brenda Sue Berryhill William David Blackledge William Ross Bradley, Jr. Melanie Ann Brandt Robert A. Bruce Dana Callender Gerald Calvasina Jack J. Carrel, Jr. Patricia K. Coker Mark Sheldon Duncan James Lee Faulks Sarah Nell Cill Karlen Lorene Goldman Diane Elizabeth Graff Domini Juanell Green Ralph Thomas Hand III Melinda Joyce Harris Melanie Carrie Henick Michael A. Jaudon Thomas Elwyn Jolly, Jr. Ramona Kent Sara Fowler Keys Georgianna Kiffer Kendall Lea King John McClain Kuykendall III James E. Lamb Timothy Wayne Lindsay Phillip Micheal Little Joe Kent Lockwood Charlie D. Manson Dabney J. Martz Steven Marcus McAfee Calvin Jeffery McGee Melinda K. Metis Lisa Jean Miley Charles Lavern Morris Herbert Allen Morris, Jr. Jack Bane Pearson, Jr. Mary Jacqueline Posey Tammie Dianne Prevost Janet Lynn Purvis Janice Anita Rainwater Tracey Carol Renfro Michael Lawford Roane Bruce Romine Vickie Whitehead Rowland Rhona Alter Runnels Angelyn Marie Scardino Anthony Wayne Scott Robert Sydney Shaw, Jr. Jason Nicholas Slezak Linda Lee Smith Sandra Cecilia Smith Sonora Grace Tedford Michelle Marianne Topper William E. Tynes Terryl M. Viner William Paul Wells Eric Franklin Wheeler Debra J.Wilson Milan Cole Winnard Dolores Karen Young 98 Ho kappa kappa psi President Bill Griffin Vice President Jeff Roberson Treasurer Michael Cravens Recording Secretary Mark Davis Parliamentarians Lee Harris Cowan Hunter Corresponding Secretary Tony Steele Kappa Kappa Psi is a national band service hon- orary fraternity. The Ole Miss chapter. Beta Beta. was rechartered in 1972 and has since served the " Pride of the South " with field preparations, homecoming displays, various money raising pro- jects and other activities. A Charles Brewer Brad Clasgens Robin Crawford Pat Dougherty Nolan Jones Kevin Marsh Steve Moser Keith Sanders Bill Sartor Joe Savage Jerome Trahan Mack Huey Joey Shorter Ron Cox Jim Finklea John McMorrough Danny Brown Hal Fulton Pat Sloan Scott Wittchen Eddie Gray Mide Franklin Dan Yancey David Walker Bryant Calmes Jerone Smith Jim Rish Tony Edwards Bob Westmoreland Dean Flessas Bill Haskell Marilyn Alford Donna Barnes Marsha Brown Susan Byrum Kate Booth Becky Roberts Lucy Spain Pam Brockway Renee Phillips Phyllis Mailman Leighanne Holden Cindv Davis Sandra Maher Esther Echols Carla Neal Candice Hall Vicki Middleton Suzi Rish Jennifer Holmes Lisa Heaberg Cheryl McCann Phyllis Hairston Nina Marshall Deanne Toler President Donna Barnes Vice President Lucy Spain Secretary Kate Booth Treasurer Pam Brockway Tau Beta Sigma is a national band sorority which was formed in 1947 to parallel Kappa Kappa Psi. The Ole Miss chapter, Beta Tau, was rechartered in 1978 and has been a tremendous asset to the band program since. - tau beta sigma Honon 99 Mary Harrington President 1 1 ilini F. Qubbaj Vice-President Eugene E. Connick, Jr. Secretary Carol L. Eaton Treasurer pi mu epsilon Founded at Syracuse University in 1914, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s purpose is the promotion of schol- arly activity in mathematical and scholarly devel- opment of its members. To qualify for election to membership, an undergraduate must have a 3.0 average in two years of calculus and be in the top third of his class; or have as a sophomore a 4.0 average in three semesters of calculus and be in the top quarter of his class. - :4 l Nadim M. Aziz Mark J. Barnabo Adnam A. Basma Marshall J.Bouldin, IV James R. Bowers Mindy Sue Brown Eugene E. Connick, Jr. Donald R. Cole James Neil Davis Gregory S. Eaton Jean E. Ezell Wasef R. Faddoul Daniel M. Fischer David E. Fletcher Roy L. Fulton James L. Guyton Mary M. Harrington Charles M. Jenkins Amy L. P. Lauderdale Ray A. McClanahan Stephen H. Mims Robert H. Phelps Hilmi F. Qubbaj William Robert Reed, Jr. Kevin D. Seeger Richard D. Smith Ronald B. Smith Shirley M. Stephenson William J. Sumrall Suresh Sundara rajan Richard S. Torkington Bessie L. Tucker Bonnie L. Varner William A. Walker Alan T. Williams Cathy Ann Wills Carol L. Eaton I IX) Honors tau beta pi J President Charles Jenkins Vice President Alan Williams Recording Secretary Richard Moore Corresponding Secretary David Fletcher Treasurer Neal Rich Cataloger Dillard Featherston Tau Beta Pi. a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to recognize students of superior scholarship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh University in 1885. Tau Beta Pi has grown to 1 76 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta chapter, founded on March 15. 1969. is one of two chapters located in the state of Mississippi. Membership is by invitation. A senior must be in the top fifth of his engineering class or a junior in the top eighth of his class. A candidate must show exemplar) character, personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineer- ing, adaptability, and unselfish activity. JL _1 Saifaldin Abelkarim OmarM. Al-Bundak James R. Allridge Joseph . Bontemps Matthew L. Brown Barry J. Bruchman Eugene E. Connick. Jr. George Cotanidis Frank W. Cox Michelle M.Crull John Daskalos Hani Deeb Davis L. Dickerson Dimitri _ . Ciliani Abid L. El-Choufani Dillard Featherston David Fletcher Kevin M. Fox John Mark Holiday Frank G. Jeanson Charles M. Jenkins Richard C. Moore William Reed R. .Neal Rich David S. Roudebush Carl G. Schott Kevin D. Seeger D. Shawn Shook Joseph L. Slater Richard D. Smith Mohamad A Tean Richard Torkington Timothy G. Weeks Alan T. Williams Robert V. Wroblewski Terri Caviness President Sharon Kimberlain Vice-President Alice Michel Secretary Angela Britt Treasurer Lynn Bellenger Pledge Trainer Angela Jolly Guard Jackie Jenkins Publicity Lynn Bellenger Angela Britt Terri Caviness Kathy Daily Susan W. Go wen Jackie Jenkins Angela Jolly Sharon Kimberlain Alice Michel Jan Park Julie Rhyne Anne Schmidt C kappa omicron The purpose of this honor society is to further the best interests of home economics by recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence, developing leader- ship abilities, fostering professional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among faculty and students of the profession. Membership is based on scholarships, leadership, potential, and personality. A 3.0 overall G.P.A. in Home Economics courses determines membership. Kappa Omicron Phi is a full member of the associa- tion of college Honor Societies. -X Eunice Aycock Harlow Charles V. Brown, Jr. Anthony B. Cook David K. Curtis Toni L. Holloman James L. Jelks, Jr. Ruben B. Jones Kathryn A. Loden Ora L. Matthews Cheryl R. McElroy Rhonda S. Mills Sonia Robbins Young Mason Chowlan Shellie M. Schroeder Terry W. Stubblefield Barbara G.W.Hitt Lisa L. Watkins Ronald Hunsinger Joseph Jackson Arthur H. Kibbe Tom Riley Frank Gilmore Robert W. Cleary Paul Skierkowski Alan B. Jones Peggy Hester Babajide Oguntimein Nancy Lablanezki Kerby Ladner Joe McCaskill Mickey Smith Ron Borne Marvin Wilson Charles Hufford Coy Waller Tom Sharp Burnis Breland Walt Chambliss Mahmoud Elsohly William Berry David K. Curtis President Shellie M. Schroeder Vice President Robert W. Cleary Secretary and T- n " Joseph Jackson Historian Alan B. Jones Faculty Advisor rho chi The Rho Chi Society is the national Phar- maceutical honor society founded in 1917. The fundamental objective of Rho Chi is to promote the advancement of the pharma- ceutical sciences through the encourage- ment and recognition of sound scholastic achievements. - 102 Honor. Phi Gamma Nu is a national professional sorority for students in business. The organization was founded to increase interest in the study of business in colleges and universities. Phi Gamma Nu aims to encourage high standards of scholarship, participa- tion in school activities, and the organization of stu- dents for their mutual commencement. J- -4 C phi gamma nu j Joyce Woodall President Kim Eble Vice-President Brenda Berryhill Secretary Janet Purvis Treasurer Susan McClure Pledge Educator Pam Cain Reporter Lillian Abraham Suzanne A very Anne Booth TOM nsend Boyce Kathryn Coker Karen Brewery Shirley Eichelburger Terri Ford Christy Goodnite Candace Hall Kim Hearon Melanie Henick Virginia Hollabaugh Elizabeth Johnson Susan King Amy Lumsdon Deborah Peterson Martha Ray Marianne Robertson Karen Roebuck Cindy Stone Saifaldin Abedalkarin AH Al-Basha Mouawia Al-Jullad Nadim Aziz Steve Bingham Barry Bruchman Bill Butler Chen Chiang Michelle Crull Hani Deeb Randy Eckert Mohammed El-Behadli Abid El-Choufani Bo Elliot Sam Gordji Kim McFall Seyed Nemati Hilmi Qubbaj Bob Reed Jeff Rish Mohamad Taan Terry Waller Fadi YaaCoub Chi Epsilon, the national honor society of civil engineers, is an organization which rec- ognizes those students who excel in the fun- damental qualities of the successful engi- neer. Membership is based on scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability and is restricted to students who are ranked in the upper third of their class. - Bob Reed President Steve Bingham Vice-President Barry Bruchman Secretary Bill Butler Treasurer Nadim Aziz Editor Sam Gordji Marshal chi epsilon rganizations 1 04 Organ iutiom PATTI PATTERSON, editor Pam Peden, assistant Newell Turner, assistant Student Government 106 Organizations 118 Professionals 131 Communications 141 Uniforms 148 Song and Dance 159 Residence Halls 162 Organisations 105 President Joe Martin Vice-President Mike Sullivan 106 Student Cotrrnmrnt Secretary Vickie Wills Treasurer Pamela Prather Student Go rrnmrnt 1 07 108 Student Government Each year the Associated Student Body Cabinet provides the vital function of linking the student government with the students. Cabinet officials coordinate such broad areas of campus life as school spirit, academic affairs, and university relations, and take responsibility for specific programs like Dixie Week, Legislative Day, Refrigerator Rentals, Traffic Appeals, and Film Series. Each ASB Cabinet offi- cer, with the assistance of subcabinet committee chairmen, organizes and operates an important govern- ment department with the overall goal of achieving an effective service relationship with the student body. Their success in reaching this objective each year is dependent upon student interest, input, and par- ticipation, each of which aids the Cabinet ' s efforts to make the Ole Miss student ' s relationship to his student government a positive one. ASB CABINET Executive Assistant - - Phillip Baker Presidential Assistant - - Felicia Rabito Administrative Assistant - - Ruth Martin Attorney General - Tim Carpenter University Relations -- Steve Ray Campus Affairs Andrew Stokes Student Activities - Martin Street Academic Affairs John Holiday- Student Services Jack Harper Legal Services Evelyn Tatum Press Secretary - - Harriet Riley Public Information - Scott Kent Executive-Legislative Liaison -- Mary Scott Rosser Student Housing Carl Mullican Traffic Appeals Jay Cooke -- Chairman Beth Dalton Glynnis Fisher Paul Edwards Tim Matthews David Daugherty Executive Secretaries ASB SUB-CABINET Elections Commission Chairman Lynn Chain: Refrigerator Rentals Mike Grave-., Obv Rogers: Concert Chairman Brenl Carter; Concert Vice-Chairman - Terry Montesi; Director of School Spirit Joe Walton; Committee of 82 Chairman Robin Alsobrooks; Student Advisory Chairman Bruce Grain; Book Eichange Chairman Mark Gunn; Book Exchange Vice-Chairman Kel Long; Ambassador Co-Chairmen Milleigh Hubbard. Allison Brown; Price Compari- son Chairman Al Williams; Student Loan Service Lee Joyner: Student Health Advisory Todd Threadgill; Rapline Director Alyson Miller: Film Series David Daugherty. Bobby Driver: Welcoming Committee Chairman Walter Michel; Elections Supervisory Ginny Moss. i It 110 Student Government The Campus Senate which is the legislative branch of the ASB is elected in a general election every fall. Each senator is elected to a post within a district representing the students in his district. The Senate, like that of state and federal governments, reflects the concern and opinion of its constituents in its legislation. Campus improvements, elections regulations, and student activities are areas frequently dealt with in Senate legislation. In addition to its legislative powers the Senate controls the purse strings of the ASB and budgets each semester for every program and service the ASB provides. The power to approve or disapprove nominations for the ASB Cabinet is also vested in the Senate, UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CAMPUS SENATE 1980-81 Senate President - Mike Sullivan Senate Clerk Vickie Wills President Pro Tempore - Judith Bradley Legislation Monitor Jeff Travis Parliamentarian - Walter Osborne Sergeants-at-Arm. - Susan Shepherd Meg Gaddis DISTRICT I Art Davis Julianne Battaile Roy Smith Randall K. Walls Jimmy Flanagin Frances Crensha Rusty Tucker Bill Stark Mandy Britt Ron Jacobs DISTRICT IT I Bill Arnold DISTRICT II Jason Slezak DISTRICT XII Steve Hamilton Alan Partin Mike Sandier Philip Merideth Ed Lawler Van East Scott Gordon Kim Kaufman DISTRICT III Sai Ireland Rick Fountain Abby Dickerson DISTRICT HI! Jeff Hubbard Linda Coleman Angela Clark DISTRICT XIII Lanier Hurdle Audrey Graham Milleigh Hubbard Richard Schwartz DISTRICT 1 1 Janet Dixon Jeff Lamb Suzanne Ferrell DISTRICT IX Judit h Bradley Jess Dickerson Kris Stratton Regina McCollum Mike Cockrell Kelli Williamson DISTRICT XIV Joe Robert DISTRICTS Tommy Scott David Slaughter Russ Pruitt DISTRICT X Thad S illiams James Holland Jamie Bouldin Suzanne W ood Jeff Stewart Leslie Howard DISTRICT XI Johnny Ret DISTRICT VI DISTRICT XI Laurie Alexander Dexter Footer Rosie Adams Amv eager Student Government 111 1 1 2 Student Government President Ann Fortenberry Vice -President Judith Bradley Elections - - Beth Jackson; Professional Women - - Cheri Sorrels; Projects - - Joanie Abernathy; Scholarship - - Lisa Pierce; IAWS Contact - - Randy Ratcliff; Contact to Daily Mississippian - Karen Kahler; Executive Secretaries - - Robin Rader, Debra Simpson, Mary Anna Sellers; Liaison Committee Director -- PatDupuy. Secretary Allison Brown Treasurer Suzanne Ulmer The Association for Women Students provides a variety of services and programs oriented for the women of Ole Miss. While membership in AWS includes every female student at the University of Mississippi, male participation is also encouraged. By providing a varied selection of programs and speakers, the women of AWS carry on a proud tradition of leadership in campus affairs, t Publications - - Lisa Stewart, Cindy Purser; Elections - - Ellen Sumner; Professional Women - - Eleanor Gill; Project- - Jane Megehee. Debbie Cobb: Women ' s Concerns - Melanie Henick: Publicity Angela Clark. Nanette Sumner; Scholarship - Teri Oakes; Women ' s Emphasis - - Glynnis Fisher, Gwyn Thomas; Minority omen -- Cynthia Reeves. Arneta Anderson. 1 113 J The ASB Judicial Council is composed of a chairman, who is elected by the student body, and associate members, who are appointed by the Associated Student Body President with the approval of the Campus Senate. The Council hears disciplinary cases and makes recommendations to the University administration concerning appropriate action. The Council ' s recommendations are usually followed. Other duties of the Council include reviewing Campus Senate legislation and hearing appeals from the branch councils which are the Women ' s Judicial Council and the Men ' s Judicial Council, f - 1 1 4 Student Government Beth Watson Andy Forte Beth Jackson Kathy Ferguson, Chairman Bobby Leatherman The objective of the AGSB is to encourage and facilitate graduate interdepartmental communication, to serve as a liaison between the departments of graduate study and the University administration, and to encourage a sense of professional pride, prestige and unity. Any person enrolled in the Graduate School of the University of Mississippi is automatically a member of the AGSB. Representatives from each department of graduate study attend executive council meetings every two weeks. During these meetings, problems, solutions, and policy-making decisions affecting graduate students are discussed. " David Joslin. Pn-s. Su an Grafton. -Pre . Mike Achord.Treas. Margaret Fountain. Studrnt Government 1 15 1 16 Student Government The Union Program Council is an active organization that caters to a cross section of the entire University. Sponsoring everything from pumpkin carving contests to short courses in yoga, the UPC serves every type of student at Ole Miss. The Union is definitely the place " where everyone meets. " % UPC Chairman John Dowdle Brad Mallow - - Entertainment Steve Earnest - - Entertainment Jack Carrell - - Publicity Mary Moore - - Lecturn Bill Holcomb - - Fine Arts Eleanor Gill - - Secretary Anne Myers Special Events Jay Cooke -- Social Sub -Chairmen Brad Robinson - Travel Carolyn Joiner Minority Activities Lee Jovner Films Blair Frankenberg - Recreation UPC Committee Members 1980-81 ENTERTAINMENT Blair Gordon SPECIAL EVENTS Sidney Scarborough Mark Gunn Suzanne Raines Kim Epting Dabney Stack Leah Lindsey William Douglas Lisa Pierce LECTER. Jan Barnett SI B-COMMITTEES Bubba Morgan Jamie Conway Leslie Andn Mike McGee Cindy Purser Louise Vaughan TR.4VEL Mike Pruett Beth Dalton Lurlene Blakeley Bill Moore Frances Crenshaw Doug Altenbern Melanie Henick Wendy Asbury Benjy Bailey Paul Turner Chris Scott Doug Hill Lisa Murphree Gw yn Thomas Johnn Hall Mark Moore Robin Cochran Camille Henick Jane Herrin Melanie Brandt Carrie Elliot Kathryn Chapman Craig Gilehrist FI. EARTS Jim Bond Tim Enochs PUBLICITY in Evans Su an Shepherd Terry Robertson Norma Flora MINORITY ACTIVITIES Debra Simspon Melinda Harris SOCIAL Janet Brown L nn Fitch Sherry Lucas Paula Hunter Roy McGee Allison Brown Friley Davidson Bill Stark Joyce Moody Robert Phillip- illiam York Tommy est Ron Henry Mark Mead Melanie Fields Scott Lamb Gary Jefferson Derek Brewer Rand) Adiar Holly Holman Sylvia Watson Melanie Morgan Peggy Michel Randy Bovles Pam Lawrence Diane Hayes Tommy McMillin FILMS Donna O ' Connell Eleanor Winter Barry McClendon Randy Jackson SECRETARIES Rosie Adams Bill Garner Tim Fryery Sally Cruteher Mike Grave:- Jeff Johnson Laura Pindell Sharon Story Elizabeth Cooke Jay Anthony ayne Clark Susan McClure Judy Dukes John Ragland 1 117 CO cc LU The Rebel Recruiters is composed of selected Ole Miss coeds who aid in the recruiting of Ole Miss Rebel football players. During Oxford football games, they entertain the guests and act as hostesses during receptions, banquets and tours of the University campus. Co- chairmen, Anne Myers and Melinda Bunch work closely with the coaching staff to see that a hospitable atmosphere is provided for visiting recruits and their families. Mv rs, Bunch Rebel Recruiters Joanie Abernathv Melinda Harris Anne M ers Sendy Shumakt- Jean Bell LHK Howell Heidi Nfui an Leszli(; Smith Melinda Bunch Billve Jean Colkun Milieigh Hubbard Linnette Lourido l)r-irrr I ' d tjean l.i a Pit-r.-r Lisa TYrrt ' rina Stary Whitr Sharla Dorroh Lind Gary Gay Loyaeono Miranda Mcllwain Cynthia H " - Susan Srhc c Jan ' Vr ilr tJt-anor V inter Eleanor GUI Chris Mezner Lurlean Sh Iton Cindv Vales Connie Green 1 1 Orpaniz Under the direction of Allison Brown and Milleigh Hubbard, the Ole Miss Ambassadors program engages roughly two percent of the Ole Miss undergraduate student body in active recruitment. The program includes 49 ambassadors and 111 regional representatives representing 2 3 in-state regions and eight out of state regions. This group is vital to the University because the number of potential college students is dropping and th e competition among colleges is increasing. - Organization 1 1 9 o oc 5 QQ 1 20 Oijiniulioru Old Members 1980-81 UM Modeling Board Old Members Amee Foiu ' he Kay Carnathan Becky Tilley Ken Fowler Delphime Rice Shelly Stefoniak Mary Susan Callien Allison Balducci Jamie Becker Mike Howell Allison Brown Stephanie Smiley- Monteyne King Judy Bickerstaff Lisa Brown Rueben Martin Ann Roy Kathy Wade Sidne Mash burn Becky Bush Heidi Newman Daphne Park Ruth McLeod Sherr) Shumbert Tracey Hoover A ' ett ' Members: Lynne Simmons Caroline Hill Sherron Smith Carol Megehfc Susan Barksdale OimiilU " Thomas Mary Yerger Cindy Beatty Susan Watkins Emily Lancaster Monet Bourgeois Mitch Wegoman Captain Co-Captain Treasurer Tracey Hoover Judy Bickerstaff - Carol Megehee Secretary -- Shelly Stefoniak Publicity -- Allison Brown Director - - Marion McEwen The UM Modeling Board was established in 1977bytheAWS.The Board is composed of Ole Miss students representing a variety of majors. Its purpose is to promote better understanding and awareness of the University and its students and to bring about an awareness of the total aspect of fashion. Members are selected each fall by a panel of judges. Selection is based on poise, attractiveness, personality, modeling potential and scholastic ability. Orp an lu lions 121 The Committee of 82, composed of students representing the 82 counties of Mississippi, works with state legislators for the interests of the University of Mississippi. The Committee, under the leadership of Robin Alsobrooks, helped sponsor Legislative Day at the Ole Miss-Tulane football game when members had the opportunity to meet and talk with various legislators. The major objective of the committee was to keep the legislators from their voting districts informed of the needs of the University and its students through letters and personal contact. - 122 Organizati The Committee of 100 guides the Religious Emphasis Program at Ole Miss. It is composed of student representatives from the sixteen different religious organizations on the campus, as well as students from all other areas of campus life. The Committee sponsors speakers, dramas, musicals, study groups, volunteer projects and retreats for the purpose of stimulating the religious development of students. It also strives to meet the goal of the Department of Religious Life by providing students with a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth and awareness, i - Co-Chairp Ton John Pearson. Ginger eazy Secretarie:- Eleanor S inter. Rodney Richardson Committee Chairperson? Convocation Lydia Wilbank . Gary Alderidge Publicity John Mark Holliday. Marta Martinez Hospitality John Hickey. Gw yn Thoma ' Project? and Programs Su an Burke. John Dovdle Mu ic Bill Griffin. Lisa Henick Reporter to the Mississippian Ellen Sumner Having served the University of Mississippi for over fifty years, the Baptist Student Union continues to make available outstanding programs of spiritual and religious emphasis. BSU is a fellowship of college students seeking to find and implement God ' s purpose for them and their world. BSU raises money each year through their " Exam Survival Kit " program which enables parents to send packages to their children during exam week. Through BSU, students find an opportunity for an inward journey of spiritual growth and an outward journey of service to others. - , CO OQ 124 Organizilio President - - Janet Brown Vice-President - - Emily Gilleylen Secretary - - Cheryl Kimmons Treasurer Gemiel Griswold Gemiel Griswold Gloria Jean IMJHI Alvin Robertson Tony Grace ihanie Hirkman Marie Lee Eddie Johnson Genela Curry Tan v a C. Bell Earne--tine Orange Tyrone Bate Berta Mayes Palta lor Carolyn Joiner Reuben Martin Harriet Heam Lurlean Shelton Shirle Eichelberger Ed Herd W illie Shelton Cvnthia Reeves ira Robinson Gerald Falkner Gracie Flow v till) Unwell Charlene Jefferson Mavis. V ickie Jo Roberls Myra Ros Clara Bibb- Colette Cole Bridget Perkin Bartina Kilgore Shauneille Jarkxin Nellie Pettis Betty Balfour Virginia Etion vuiine Oummines Janet Brown Katherine Jackson LaShum Dobbins Delphime Rice Deborah Powers Brenda McGlowan Jennifer Bell Tina Thomas LaVonzell Penamon Katherine Jackson Montyne King Connie Green Johnnie Malone Greta Miller 125 1 26 Orginiialioiu The Isshinryu Karate Club began on the Ole Miss campus in September of 1975. The club promotes the in-depth study of Isshinryu Karate as an art and as an extremely effective form of self-defense in order to further develop the mind and the body. Membership is open to the students, faculty and staff of the University. $ President - - Susan Eads Vice -President - - Gustavo Fermin Secretary -Treasurer - Kevin McMillon Joy Acred Gracie Flowers Richard Martin Janet Arnold Bonnie Garner Kevin McMillon Mel Bailey Jerry Gentry Larry McNeal Charles Barbour Kenneth Gleaton Hal Neilson Jacqueline Blake Thomas Gill Tye Neilson Clay Blount Tricia Goolsby Russell Rivers Lisa Bovie Matthew Green Jim Shoemaker Curtis Brooks Scott Haugh Chuck Smith Wesley Compton John Hawkins Larry Stephenson Dana Dallosta Victor Hervey Gail Thompson Kenneth Downs Bobby Holley Ronnie Wiley Susan Eads Glenn Honeycutt Debra Wheeler Gustavo Fermin Gwen Lanasa Becky Wright The University of Mississippi American- Chinese Association was founded in the fall of 1979 by Raymond Hing Joe and Hiron Mark Ju. Realizing that many other racial minority groups were being established on campus, they felt that an organization for Chinese-American students was in order. The purpose of the group is to establish ties of friendship among Chinese-American students within the University as well as in the surrounding Mid-South area. However, not being just limited to Chinese-American students. UMACA was established in the hopes of unifying all the Chinese students on campus including members of the Chinese Student Association and the Hong Kong Student Union. It is in this way that UMACA states in its constitution for its members to aim their goals toward encouraging the cultural, academic and other relative aspects that promote the general well-being of the President - Hiron M. Ju Vice -President J. Patrick Wong Recording Secretary - Mona Chin Corresponding Secretary Peggy L. Seid Treasurer - Dale L. Wing Undergraduate Advisor - Raymond H. Joe Orpiniution 12? Tin- Alumni Association was organized to foster the honds of affeetion and loyalty hetwcen the L University and its former students. The Association serves to make the I Diversity sensitive to the needs of the state and to inform the state of the functions and services ol the I Diversity. Graduates of the University, former students with two full semesters of attendance, students who have completed a minimum of ' ' semester hours of credit work at any off-campus location of the University, and laculu and stall memhers who have served five or more years are eligihle for membership in the Association. " A LI MM IIOLSL I In- limmi III. n t- Im.iiii ! |, roiili iliiiliini- nl .lillllllll ol I III- I III I-|-|| III Ml--l-M| | { .Mill .1 ll-M ' IIUI- In. n, I ISMH-, i .1- | ii-M-nlr l In lln- I niM-i-il on Orlo i-i ' ' ii 1951 . With the adjoining Yrrb) Crntri lor ( onliiitiiri;: I ' ion. lh.- Miiinni HOUM- i- p.irl o! ,in .K-IIM- .iiluh education |nom.nn. hminjj, tin- looi- I I.I 1 1 - -,l-oll till- Mil inn I I foil -r I- .1 ri-nlrr of ;irll It .1 i i-iin n to tlu-ii Mm. i M.ii.-i m OI Dl KK( KHx ' S [am h , ; : l Iroorc l.i. k !,,!,,, II .,,-. I . k.n I ,1 II.IM-, Nobh I: licksoi,,-s l,-x , nil,- Wtiodvi . R . U.,n,, I mm.m. I. lUll sti,-,nMii I Mulli- Ii (i(llf|Mil i li.n M s,, .,,, I ' ., .nun,- Df,tn ( I lift- i : I I .ll,l.-|l. S,.,,.lt. ll.l.l s I). I .illniv. Jr , J.i. k-,.ii K,.| ,-,i I ll .(l. Ki|il.- ilh.nn 1 I iili.uik. Ii . J.i, k,,.n Hi. li.m! (.i,-,-ni, ' ,-. J.ii k-.iri I ,, 1 M.I -i-llMI.-. Jl DI S. K.llfsMlll- Mi-, l.un,-. I ll.uv J.ii k ,. n II Hull, Hi .l.i. k,. ' M l!,-,l II llu,K,.n l.,-i-tl.-.-n J.i-.-|)li I .| i..ii, M |l Mourn (Hun M,-v,-n M KiMi-lil. l .n inth I rand M.ili i M.H.II- rllo .him . I M.K.M.-i. I|.IIII,-.|H.IL; Dun ( % l Mil, 1)1 11 Mil. .1.1, -k-.,.n I ildi M.I. k MI.I:-.,M h Slunr illr UI.-M N- i ' r)tl S| K I ,!i,.,,,i I ' I ' , .1,,., k III I !.i:v,.,i.r- J.iini-- I ' Quin i I li,,,n.i- Ii Sin-.:i.- . M H . I ' lsiM-mil.. i||i im Ki . Smith N . h ,::: im I fli ; n l in. -- !) ! | :... IIU - " .I.- Marion Smith James F. Ingram L. Stacy Davidaon Charles D. Caley James Mrf.lurc. Jr. JamcK N. Butler C. William Price Hi-rlx-rt E. I)eween Marion Smith. Vitrh - .Iain ' - 1 . Id ' r ;mi. I ii|n-]n I, M.I).. J;iitn - Mc( .lint-. .1 Jjuric- N. Until r . Oxford ' ,. illiam f; m IIT!I f i r.. ii 01 I K I.KS I ' )-?{ I llli F DIHIJ ' K OITir-io Vlcjnl) ' n i LU Q Founded at the University of Mississippi (the Sorbonne of the South) in September of 1980, Brookmeade is an epicurean society composed of eligible young gentlemen whose common bond is charm, nonchalance, alcoholic tolerance, and attire made of only natural fibers. Ever striving to promote chivalry and inebriation, this elite group of bachelors is the epitome of culture and selective breeding. The men of Brookmeade know no boundaries in their quest for excellence. Whether it is a debutante cotillion or cocktails at the yacht club, no social gathering is complete without a Brookmeade member present, f - Scotysammon rold R. Bi ton rr-j 1 30 Organiutions Front (I-r): Kelly, Gunn, Headley, Ambort, Derivaux, Sammons. Back (1-r): Petersen, Threadgill, High, Robichaux, Popper, Jackson. Riley, Knight, Binkley, Williams. Not pictured: Winston, Dale, Smith FOUNDING FATHERS OF BROOKMEADE SOCIAL CLUB Randy Jackson Rush Chairman, Treasurer " Deerfield " Gunn Keeper of the Mystic Worm " Willingsworlh " Kelly Commodore of Regatta " Worthington " High, III Chancellor of Co-Ed Affairs, Secretary Harold R. Binkley Executive Vice President Brad Riley Director of Pledge Hazing Milton " G.Q. " Robichaux Director of Social Functions and Fashion consultant Steven Ambort Director of Dating Etiquette Preston Derivaux Risk Chairman Davis " Trip " Petersen, HI Administrator of Stimulation, Tennis Instructor Rick Popper Director of Beachside Activities Todd Threadgill Advisor to Chapter on Deviant Behavior Ashley T. Knight Convenor of Virgins Mark " Kink " Williams Atheltic Director and Scholarship Chairman Mark Headley Illegal Advisor S. Scott Sammons Founder, President, and ' yo Daddy " of Brookmeade B. " Chapstick " Winston Snov Ski Instructor Tommy Dale Director of Starch Brian Smith Advisor on Stocks and Commodities President James Jelks Vice-President Rickey Chance Treasurer Tony Cook Corr. Sec. Mickey King Rec. Sec. Gary Griffin Sgt-at-arms Mike Moffett Inner Guard Andy Stepp Toastmaster Bill Stringer Chaplain Lael Palmertree Rush Chairmen Jerry Smith David Curtis Pledge Trainers Brian Smith Tommv Bullock Phi Delta Chi is a professional fraternity for men who are outstanding students in the school of Pharmacy. Founded in 1883, Phi Delta Chi ' s purpose is to promote the science of Pharmacy. Through its various health and science-related projects, Phi Delta Chi seeks to enhance the professionalism of its members who are to become practitioners of Pharmac. - Profra.ionak 131 cc The University of Mississippi Shorthand Reporters Association (UMSRA) was established in 1977 to give students the opportunity to learn more about court reporting and to promote professionalism in the court reporting field. By bringing successful court reporters, as well as judges and court officials, to campus as speakers, UMSRA seeks to provide students with relevant information concerning the court reporting profession. The purpose of the organization is to help students develop the understanding and personal qualities required for a rewarding court reporting 132 Organizations Officers ; President Lynn Bellenger. Fir?! Vice-President - Angela Brill. Second Vice-President Jerri Ray, Secretary Palti Harbin. Trea- surer Beth Luca . Publicity - Cindy Dawson, District Delegate nne Schmidt, Sponsor Miss Jane Collins. Organization 133 134 Professional,. Phi Theta Kappa was founded in 1918 as a national junior college honorary. In 1976, PTK introduced a new program giving alumni the opportunity to become members of a Phi Theta Kappa Alumni chapter on the senior college campus. In 1978 a local Alumni chapter, Gamma of Mississippi, was founded on the Ole Miss campus. The purposes of PTK are the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among students in colleges and colleges and universities in the United States. Membership provides various means by which to continue affiliation with the purpose, people and programs of the fraternity, f Advisers Harrison " ' Flash " Greenla v Dr. Ken Woolen Dr. Gerald Walton Officers President Tom Kelly Vice President Lynn Holland Sec. Treasurer Linda Sherrill Reporter Tammie Mann President Jeff Rhemann Treasurer Bonnie Busbv Vice-President - - Max Goforth Secretaries - - Margaret Hodges Shellve Muirhead President Johnnie Kemp Secretary - Annette Archer Historian - - Ilene Dillard ice-President - - Donna Denson Treasurer Alison Fessler Pledge Trainer - - Emily Harrison Profownab 13S The Ole Miss Aquatic Club (OMAC) was formed in February 1977 to promote the water sports at the University of Mississippi. OMAC has assisted in the recruitment of swimmers and divers, lobbied for the realization of an indoor water sports complex, co-hosted with the Intramural Department the fall swimming and diving meet on campus, provided the students for the University ' s Swimming and Diving team, assisted Northwest Junior College in organizing their program and competed in the annual Mississippi Collegiate Swimming and Diving Championships. 1 1 36 Organizalioru President - Preston Derivaux ice-President - - Gabe Gabrielleschi Treasurer - - Donine Hunter Secretary - Melody Marks Public Relations - - Cage Caruthers Public Relations - - Schuler Griffin Advisor - Dr. Joe Murrey Gamma Iota Sigma is the only national collegiate insurance fraternity in the United States. The purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma is to promote and sustain student interest in insurance as a profession, to encourage the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members, and to cooperate with educational institutions and professional men and women of insurance through fostering research activities and scholarship. This year, Mu chapter at Ole Miss proudly hosted the Gamma Iota Sigma National Management Conference - an honor that reflects highly on the chapter as well as the University. Tim Esles Lisa Basle) Janet Corry David Henton Todd Miller Alan Moak Tommy Taylor Carl Adams Gabe Gabrielleschi Preston Deri au Stan Evans Donine Hunter Mike Jaudon Peter Keyes David Ward Dollar B. Bradlev Stephen Davis Boyette Denton Charles Chisholm Michael Dorr Kathryn Coker Emily Nroman Mercer Berry Lee Miers. Ill James Garden Regina McCollum Rusty Covinglon Mark Shims Cage Carulhers Terry Jami on David Wells Dick Robertson Susan Rouse Greg John tone Stephen Brown Lee Myers Diane Derivaux Richie Renfrew Schuler Griffin I.vnne German) Starwyn Strickland Ronald Parsons Monroe Pointer Bill Bushing Lee Joyner David Myers Ton) Sedano Harper Clark Ruth McLeod Richard Case Ken Gresham Howard Garland Kirby Walker Virginia Anne Finch Steve Grantham Melody Marks Gene Yates Susan Hadley Scott Wealherly Phi! Buffington Mark Wall Joe O ' Connor Rob Jacobson Pro(rion.U 137 Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in colleges and universities, has grown to national prominence since its founding at New York University in 1907. Alpha Phi Chapter, which was begun at Ole Miss in 1927, has been dedicated to the fraternity ' s goals of professionalism and service. Its membership, made up of students of business, takes pride in the assistance it gives to the University and the community through various service projects. Educational experiences are enriched by an annual series of speakers from the business world which aids in the members ' professional development, jf President - - Paul McLain Senior Vice-President -- David Thompson Vice-President, Pledge Education Janet Purvis Vice-President, Professional Activities - - Paula Hunter Secretary - - Virginia Hollabaugh Treasurer Cathy Patterson Chapter Efficiency Index Chairman - - Mike Howell Chancellor -- Lamar Jackson Historian -- Susan McMurchy 138 Profwionali Mary Abbott Wendy Asbury Elizabeth Bailey Jan Barnett Bill Crim Dana Oallosta Kim Eble Sharon Fenster Dondra Green Susan Hall Kristie King Donna Manuel Charles Morris Debbie Peterson Frances Rushton Angclyn Scardino Guice Smith Jerre Vance Renon V arnell Kathy Young Phillip Hendrix Jane Umprexs Tammie Prevost Terri Murrell Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity for students interested in business careers. The purpose of the organization is to give students opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and personal qualities which will enable them to be successful in business careers. PEL seeks to develop competent, aggressive business leadership; to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations; to participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of business and the community and to develop character, to train for useful citizenship, and to foster patriotism. " HH Sa UJ Pre-idtnt alter Osborne. Jr. -P Member-hip I.arry Landr . Jr. V.PPr.jgrai: - Carr Rer. !verrtar) - . ichriburger Secretary Denist- Southpriand Prof ion.l 139 1 40 rn.Fr Founded in 1879, Kappa Psi is the nation ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. The Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926 and is the state ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. Kappa Psi offers to all members the pleasure of good fellowship, the prestige of professional recognition, and the inner pride of acceptance on the basis of personal qualifications. Membership is open to students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy who have maintained a 2.00 grade point average. - . 1 Kappa Psi Officers of 1980-81 Regent: Martin Michel Vice-Regent: Kevin Lassen Secretary: Kenneth Gooch Treasure: David Bullock Chaplin: Jerry Megason Sgt. at Arms: Danny Gibson Historian: Keith Guritharp mmrn i Station Manager Frank Rice Program Director - Melanie Mathis Operations Manager - - Jamie Mercer Business Manager - Walter Osborne Sales Director Gracie Scott Shannon Aker Sharon Allen Reggie Barnes Cindy Beatty Joseph Beckner Rodney Billingsiev Chris Bishop Kristie Blaes Kent Blake Monet Bourgeois John Bunten Eric Calmes Cindy Claytor Toni Crews Karen Evers Scott Farkas Phillip Gardner Leigh Glaser Ken Goodwin Eddie Gray Gabrielle Gunter Margee Guth Harold Henderson Robert Herd Peggy Hodges Wes Holland JeffHollenhead Holly Holman Edward Holmes Gary Jefferson Gwendolyn LaNasa Chuck Marsh Melanie Mathis Jamie Mercer Greg Miller Jason Milligan Martha Morgan Charlotte Mullinnix Walter Osborne Cindy Owens Jim Phillips Mark Randle Sallie Read Cyndi Regan Frank Rice Andrew Schram Gracie Scott Don Sides Gerritt Smith Lisa Spruill Bill Stark Brien Straw Alex Taylor Jerome Trahan Phillip Tubb Karen Welch Jennifer Wigal Mark Williams Lisa Williamson James Wood Mark " Fred " Wood Jacqueline Wright Gregory Young 1 " . to . 142 Communic tioru Editor-in-Chief: Mike Corso Assistant Editor: Jan Holland Secretary: Mary Holleman Business Manager: Laurie Kennedy Honor- Ti ? h Hollowa). editor Ann Houston, assistant John Hall, assistant Administration Cla Burkbart. editor William York, assistant Feature . Kim Pruetle. editor Lisa Cutler, assistant Melamr f nt Organization Patti Patterson, editor - !! Turner, assistant Pam Peden. a--i tant Greeks Martha Smithson Eleanor Gill, as - Julianne Battiale. ai-i jut Sport . Bubba Morgan, editor Entertainnu ditor France Crenshaw. co-editor CUsee Friley Davidson, editor Melinda Ray, assistant Cindy Purser. asMstant Advertisement-. Greg Elision, co-editor Debbie Cobb, co-edjtor Index Liesa Greer Paul Turner ArtisL- Li-a Foote Lisa Stewart Beth Taylor Copy Editors Melinda Ho- berry Mark Caraway Paul ' Businest Staff Caroline Cook Sally Foxier Roy Furrh Bill Moore Mike Pruett Terry Robertson Ashley Miller Photographers Mike Stevens kin Towler Lennie Fabian John Henderson Sybil Bleo Brian Williams Hardy Farris Mark Kellum Beth Tavlor - Parham o m Kim Jurgens Pat Maner Mary Elizabeth Parlin atton Rory Reardon wall mixon 143 Tish Holloway Julianne Battaile Roy Furrh Mark Caraway 1 44 Communications Cacklin ' Clav (Jottonball Crenshaw Lisa Cutler Bill Moore ' Pearls and Pumps " k j Frilly Davidson Melanie Fields Index Turner Goldilocks Greg Elision Newell Turner Caroline Cook Terry Robertson Martha Smithson Debbie Cobb Pam Peden Sally Fowler Tweetybird Big Bubba Sea Monkey Hall Eleanor Gill Melinda Ray Lisa Stewart -.-r ' CJtjC O- Union. ' - LHxuP - 11 - nt - o 1 5 ' Get ya some " The Sink The Mums The Wall . US Kathy Ferguson Managing Editor Glover 1 46 Communications Calendar Editor - - Connie Green Business Manager - Mark Mead Sports Writer -- Bill Mr- Sports Editor -- Chuck Magee Li Political Columnist - Patrick Dean N ews Editor -- Ruth Ingram Resident Nut and Columnist - Paul Crutcher Photographer - Rory Reardon Chief Photographer - John Mitcht Editorial Cartoonist Pat Mitchell Cartoonist Steve Couper Wire Editor Suzanne Raines Copy Desk Editor Lvnn Marklev lion. 147 oc Front (l-r): R. Swan, J. Gowdy, J. Acred, T. Sykes, R. Moor,-, T. Bates. Back (l-r): M. K.ell -y. C. Nash. S. Shook, C. Nash, R. MrGce. J. W illiams. I IH l ,(,, Front (l-r): R. Seale, B. Reynolds, J. Sloan, M. Woo, E. Moody. Middle (l-r): J. Browning. B. Buchanan, S. Kwert. W . Beard. D. Harris. Back (l-r): A. Williams, C. Bowman, R. Vaughan, M. C. Smith. T. Bates. Front i-r S. hi:- . E. ( ar-i.-n. N :-n eI. L. nderson. M. White, D. Griffen. P. NV. Gale, Set and l-f li. PreasJer, R. Calvert. P. Torres, R. Zapsta. . Jackson. R Burden. Third 1 r;: G. Schmidt. R. Taylor. S . Spurlock. A. Hilliard. B. Apne . A. Graham. U . Me -er. Fourth (] Jefferson. V. Able . In.torm. 149 The Arnold Air Society is a national professional honorary as well as a service organization composed of selected Air Force ROTC Cadets. Named in honor of the late General H. H. " Hap " Arnold, the society participated in service projects during 1980-81 to aid the campus and community. The Al Key Squadron of Arnold Air Society at Ole Miss is named in honor of Al Key, who set the flight endurance record in 1935 in his plane, the " Ole Miss. " Members of this service-oriented society are chosen on the basis of grade-point average. - 150 Unifori Angel Flight is a national service organization open to women at the University of Mississippi. These girls are selected each spring by interviews. Objectives of the Flight are to promote and serve the United States Air Force, the Air Force ROTC program, the Arnold Air Society, and the University of Mississippi and its surrounding community, f Fii I Row: Kathryn Chapman Second Row: Meg Graham. Jennv Mo. Adrienne Bas . Either VI eczl. Joanie Abernathy. Jan Drewry, Melissa Ualker. Vickie WilU. Sheldon Mile . Ann Rile Third Row: K.ath Galvin. Ann Harwell. Irma Paris. Lind) Gary. Cindy Dawson. Susan McClure. Eleanor Gill. Tounia Swords. Bonnie Nexinr.. Terri Fortenberry. Fourth Row: Deen Denny, Patricia Belenrhia, Daphne Park, Jennifer McCauli. Sherry Gib on. Ruth Martin. Angela Clark. Dawn George. Tori Robertson Fifth Row: Beck Hou e. Laura Ander on. Pam New. Pat Goeti. Tracy Carrutherv. I nifora 1 5 1 Navy Sweetheart 1980-81 Pam James 152 Uniforl - - rm Shannon B Jennifer Few Trifia Freeman Sarah L. Gurley Karen Hamilton Lisa Hirk Pam James Melanie Led ard a Mathi- Carla Imeltia QueHar iiamburger Front (1-r): Skinner, Miller, Dennell, Leiden. Delaquis; Back (1-r): Daskalos, Ton. Joslin, Goodwin. Leist, McGehee, Ethridge, Van Wert. Arnold; Not pictured: Gibson, Koch, Wilson. 154 Uniform Juniors Front (1-r): Wax, Elliot, Maher, Rowe, Gilbert, Hull, Cobb, Rice: Bark (1-r): Hughes, Or Veer. Walker, Reina; Not pictured: Karris. Tup to bottom i|-ri: Croce. Null. Lip ki. Taylor. Peltry. Cayano, Williams. Scott. Wheeler. Lindley. W atm. Arbter. Rivers. Hanson. Looney. Breeding. Liepelt, lement. Speights. Miner. Martin. McDaniels: .Not pictured: Grahan. Gwin. Hammon. Impellizeri. Martin. lo back d-ri: Pouer . Thompson. Jone . Malune. D e. Manuel. Durham. Avor) . Ruv -ll. I)crb.- . Thdrp. ' . Moffet. Steven . Hoiayda. Senf. Koai-k. Blackmon. Grce r . Goodwill, Shirley. Parrish. Pavoiko. Boehm . Cummin . Love. % ilktn- tn. f " - . Mf(,l -[ ' dun. bbey, bin_ Miller Not pictured: Gilchrist. Fe well. cc MS IV ' s Front; (i-r): Gary I . Green, Bruce Morris, James R. Davis Middle (1-r): Glen J. Strobl. William S. Phillips. Michael E. PigoH. Michael HowelK David L. Harrington Back (1-r): Michael E. McCraw, Michael L. Johnson. Alfred H. Williams, John R. Greene, John G. Sheppard Not pictured: Louis D. Adams, Elizabeth G. Collier, Carlton F. McCullough, Quentin McDonald, Diaries C. Munn. 156 Lniforim MS IV ' s Front (1-r): Parham H. Williams. Jr.. Harris B. Williams. Jam.-s S. Kirklaml. D ;l ni ' l li. Storv. II Middlt- il-r): R -gg Horton. Jam.t- E. B.-rker. David S. White. Carl G. Nichols Bark (1-r): Sidnej H. MrMamis. Mark J. Kraill - . Thomas R. Middl.-ton, J.-rry L. Smith. Bryan 1). Harold I.. Hrinkl.ry.Jr. MS Ill ' s . -rmit L. Rushin. Ralph vjrman Weaihersby. Ill, Edward C. Walter, Hugh M. Riley. Middle ,1-n: Daniel K. Fordice. Mark D. S all. Michael Coggins, Su an D. Filer. Gregory L. Burkes Back (1-rl: Jeptha F. Barbour. IV. W illiam H. Tate. Jimmie E. Gipson. Hunter L. Fordice. Ronald f kran. Jr. Not pictured: Dennie J. Colton, John El E. Dale MS Ill ' s ti Ir Front (l-ri: William D. Mann. Jr.. Andrew J. Donel on. Jr.. Grover C. Hardin. Christopher S. Sandefer. Harold Henderson. Lawrence C. Logue. III. James P. McCormirk Middle (l-r:: Louis- W. Woolen. Gato B. Jackson. Alvin V. Brown, David R. Quinn. William J . Tra i . Mark R. Pedron. Joseph E. Neilson H rl: Jonothan M. Williams. Timothy L. Hollomon. John J. Collinf. Rob- - . Mark W. Tru . John B. Browi - Bl KEF .- f.. BRADLK . Mark j. BRIMvl.E . H COLLI1 : l,Hi KN. Carj D. i.HH - ' IURKI O, ' ARMY ROTC CONGRATULATES THESE LIEUTENANTS COMMISSIONED i HIM I.i i. MIDDI ETON. H MORRJ Ml ,hnB..ll SHEPPAKO,JohnG. -M1TH. Jerry L. .Thoma-R. -liih " . Danie! B. UI.1 TlR. Inifurm- 157 oc O CO Associated with the Army ROTC here at the University of Mississippi is another outstanding service organization -- the Army ROTC sponsors. These girls are chosen for their ability and desire to promote the objectives of the United States Army and the Army ROTC here at Ole Miss. Each year the sponsors participate in service projects to aid the University and its surrounding community. Commander Karen Mazzanti Adjutant Rezonda Harris 158 Uniform Lndrews Helen Baker Lisa Blakely Caroline Beck Betty Bonds Cynthia Cole Jamie Conway D ' Anne Duclos Melanie Fields Rezonda Harris nox Helen Leggett Lisa Lewis Karen Mazzanti Debbie Nader Debbie Sharpe Andrea Simpson Pam Walker Suzanne Welch Co-Captains Jaida Blanchard Susan Bvrum REBELETTES 198 rson Jaifia Blanrhard . ' , ' ; B rum E izn " Kav Carnathan .nean I all Sheila Li E ht- ? MrLemore Mitchell Oelphime Riff Ann Runyon Mirhellf Stromper L nn 1 Jan Wrtzel Tamm S illiam Son and Danrr 159 0. The Group is combined of musically talented men and women students who aid the University in entertaining as well as recruiting. At the beginning of each fall semester many students audition to become members of the organization. The primary function of The Group is to aid in recruitment. They also perform at campus events such as the Parade of Beauties and the Miss University Pageant. Under the direction of Jimmy Cox, the members perform song and dance routines that have become favorites among all age groups. I Ml Smif and I Ian,. From 1897 to the present, jazz continues to be an integral part of the music activities at the University of Mississippi. The " Mississippians " is a most active jazz ensemble, which is in constant demand, performing concerts throughout the South. More recently, this organization has performed at several jazz festivals. They were chosen as the " most outstanding jazz band, " at both the 1979 Memphis State Jazz Festival and the 1980 Sam Houston State University Jazz Festival. The " Mississippians " continue to play an active role in recruiting and representing the University of Mississippi with successful results. Mississippians Director Saxophone Dr, John McCaulev Scott Ed; el. Rich Torkington. John KennerU. Gai! Browniee, Sue Reiner Trombones Thomas Peterson. Jeff uung. Rick Fai-on. Peter Burkley, Mike Vi oniack I Bass Trombone. Tuba I Trumpets Mark L Irich. Kirk Lee. Keith Sanders. Nolan Jones. Al Harris Piano David Abraham Guitar David Turner Ba-- Patrick Sloan Drums Eddie Reiser Aux. Perc. Mike Pierre COLLEGIANS Director Saxophone;- Trombones Trumpets Piano Bass Drums Dr. John McCaulev Darryl Elledge. David Donosky. Dan (Gilbert. Bill Sartor. Jerone Smith Randy Tutor. Patrick. Mark Garrett. Mark Davis ! Ba s Trombone. Tuba ) Ron Cox. Garvin Keen. Nancy Quick, Cindy Maple?. Steve Clark. Bobby Bruce Melanie Pittman. Daren Cowart Jim Armstrong Mike Biggs Son l Dam 161 162 RHA The Residence Hall Association is the student government for more than 4,000 on -cam pus residents. Founded in 1975, the RHA is responsible for a variety of programming, administrative and judicial tasks. This year the association sponsored a wide variety of social activities designed to promote a closer relationship between the different residence halls. To facilitate this the RHA has a representative in each hall council whose duty is to provide the services of the association, f " President - Angelyn Scardino Representatives Eric Carter Robbie Clay Genela Curry Camille File Anthony Grace Gayle Guyse Robert Hopson Mike Jones Raymond Keith David Kelluni Jackie Libbett Alyson Miller Jerry Morgan Melody Morris Pam Peden Johnny Pope Laurie Senf Monica Smith Eddy Walker Vice-President Erin O ' Reilly Secretary Judy Cotter Treasurer Karen Brewery Executive Officers Brian Williams Cheri Green Greg Elision Mark Medford Linda La f fin Mike Vance Dave Simmons Judicial Council Mark Medford Mary Hentz Patrick Reed Connie Reynolds David Simmons Bill Stark Liz Whitlev uu it; President -- Demetria Jarrett Vice-President Sonya Scott Secretary -Treasurer -- Phyllis Turnage President Judy Cotter Vice-President Sharon Ewert Secretary-Treasurer -- Linda Laffin 1M UU Garland - Hedlestoh - Mayes President - - Rochelle Curry Secretary - - Rita Belcher Vice-President - - Angela Wren Treasurer - - Julia Cookson President - - Erin O ' Reilly Secretary - - Lanelle Leggett Vice-President - - Kate Bethany Treasurer Cindv Ross HA US President Chaeri Green Vice-President Susan Glyse Secretary-Treasurer - - Martha Shelton President - - Mary Hentz Secretary - - Glynnis Fisher Vice-President Treasurer - - Debbie Scardino Cindy Wilson 166 RHA Barnard - Isom- Somerville President - Donna Conner Vice-President Renita Crawford Secretary - Barbara Burro Treasurer - Cheryl Higgs President - - Ilene Dillard Secretary - - Gina Cooper Vice-President RitaDailey Treasurer - - Teresa Fong RHA 167 President Jacqueline Taylor Vice-President - - Tina Ross Secretary-Treasurer - - Teresa Turner Floor Reps: Colette Oldmixon Tina Guillebeau Beverly Shelton George Simmerman George Cotandis Hanna Khalil 168 RHA President -- Randy Hicks V ice-President John Powell Secretary-Treasurer -- Bruce McCall l President -- Guice Smith iee-President -- David Gregory Secretary-Treasurer Mike Dawkins RHA 169 President Dave Kellum Head Resident Jimmy C. Allgood Asst. Head Resident W. Craig Milburn 1st Floor Rep. Richard Eagen 2nd Floor Rep. Don Underwood 3rd Floor Rep. Kevin Skelton President David Whiteson Vice-President - Richard Eager Secretary David Cullison 170 RHA President -- Richard Martin ice-President -- Joe Kelley Sec. -Treasurer Frank Minor tiwhelle Cur liran. Lu - Spain. Mark Mfdfcinl. J j ii K.-ii. f, Km, i ' ' K.-ii:-. rt-r: Jean J -dino. Chario Bonman. Jrrri Mur;., RHA 1 7 1 a participant in a wide spectrum of colorful and energetic activities that liven the campus throughout the year. Concerts, sports, musicals, elections, speakers, and pageants are all part of the complex mixture that gives Ole Miss its distinctly pleasing flavor Performing, competing, and cheering create that special sensation that will be savored for years. Activities are a major ingredient in making the Ole Miss. JL _ Features - ports 174 Sporu BUBBA MORGAN, editor Mark Caraway, copy editor Coaches Football Men ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball Baseball Tennis Cheerleaders Volleyball Golf Track M-Clubs 176 178 190 198 206 212 216 218 220 221 222 Sporu 175 THE OLE MISS " I think that we ' ve played probably three different seasons. We started out well; we went through an extended road trip where we didn ' t play well, and we ' ve now turned the corner and are playing very well . . . We are a well disciplined, good role playing basketball team . . . We are a very close team and that has helped us ... Ole Miss is approaching national status in basketball ... I think that people now realize that we are competitive, and that we can play effectively and successfully against teams with strong national reputations in basketball ... " a Bob Weltlich 2 6 81 " Our season has been one continuous injury after another. Our line-up has changed constantly; we ' ve not played with any continuity . . . I ' m very pleased with the effort our girls have given, but I ' m disappointed with our record . . . We ' ve been an erratic, inconsistent basketball team . . . ' Van Chancellor 2 2 81 A HISTORY 1 76 Ok M ' ,m (Whn COACH . . . sii i 21 i III II j Hi M I All TUl " Our record fell short of having a far in post season play as we have before. Overall. because of the experience we gained, we w ill have the nucleus for a fine volleyball team in the future . . . Ole Miss will always be a strong team w ithin this region. We have to strive to begin to be more competitive with national competition. " T Jeanne Taylor 2 2 81 " We really had a good, young team but we lost all of our close games . . . We gave a good effort and hopefully playing so many close games will help us in the future . . . We led the league in offense, but we had too many turnovers. Defensively, we did a good job against the pass and didn ' t do very well against the run . . . We have a lot of good players at Ole Miss . . . If some good things happen to us. we could be a nationally ranked team ... ' T Steve Sloan 2 9 81 OF WINNING " Our eaon was rewarding because Me finished second in our division and were able to participate in the SEC playoffs . . . Our ball club did not produce many runs . . . The team Has one of the highest in batting averages that I have ever had in nine years of coaching but we had a hard time scoring the runner from second base . . . Our pitching and defense were good ... a lack of timely hitting was our weakness . . . We feel that our baseball program will compare with any other NCAA program . . . r Jake Gibbs 2 6 81 -1 + $ m, + r 178 - Footb.ll HOTTY TODDY 1980 The 1980 edition of the Ole Mi-. Rebels entered the new decade with enthusiasm and confidence. Many of them had benefited from a strenuous a -ht program under the direction of new assistant coach Johnny Parker. Although th ome veteran , the Rebels still figured to be a young team. Both the Athletic Department and the entire school greatly saddened to hear of the death of t jr-old Richard Vacca. Richard would have started as a defensive end had he not been tragically killed in ident. Hs- was greatly felt both as a player and a person. Mo-t pre t-a on speculations centered around the effr It had been our Achilles heel in 1979, and improvement was definitely needed for 1980 to b ful campaign. Head Coach Steve Sloan was depending on the defense to mature qu under the leadership of senior;- like Joel Stewart. Quentin McDonald, and Phil Freightman. iffered a blow when Freightman injured a knee at the end of spring tra and McDonald got knocked out for the season in the initial quarter of the first game. More optimism prevailed when the offense xa- d Junior quarterback John four- cade returned after leading the SEC in total offence in 1979. and wa picked ; valuable player in the Birmingham Letts ' preseason poll. Quality depth was foremen in the running backs, where such players as Kinn Hooper. Buford M ' Ge. . Andre Thomas, and Malvin Gipson, would perform. Hooper was coming off a brilliant freshman season, while everyone was hoping McGee would recover from a shoulder injury to regain those unbeliev- able moves he had disp layed in his collegiate debut against Memphis State. To counter the defensive line ' s youth were offensive lineman like tackles Pat Phenix and Mark M guards Chuck Commiskey and Chris Cottam. center Coot Russell, and tight end Bill) These men were expected to protect Fourcade better than Fort Knox could, might have been the strongest line on the team. Ken Toler, Michael Harmon. Gino Ei and Miss. State transfer Breck Tyler would provide many eye-opening catches durin upcoming year. By mid-August the Rebel fans were like impatient horses pawing at the ground. They couldivt wait for what was expected to be an exciting year. Footbi FOOTBALL P:DD.T|E|X| |g| |A|c|M " We have a good quarterback in John Fourcade but he ' s the most undisciplined player I ' ve ever seen. He would absolutely drive me crazy . . . " Johnny Vaught " Leave Steve alone. He ' ll get there. " Paul " Bear " Bryant " Our offen se can go against anybody. " John Fourcade 180 Footb.ll IE MttSS jQEflffl I H IsHOT WLLCN QTC The Rebels " season opener against Texas A M was billed as a duel of quarterbacks between John Fourcade. the SEC total offense leader in 1979, and lightning-fast Mark Mosley. Most of the game consisted of a valiant effort by Ole Miss to catch up after A M jumped off to a quick 14-0 lead. Fourcade threw two TD ' s to Ken Toler and sprinted for another, but it was not enough to overcome the Aggies " early surge. Ole Miss lost 23-20. On a blistering hot day, the Rebs returned to the friendly confines of Hemingway Stadium to play to Mem- phis State. Looking for their first win, the Rebels trounced the Tigers 61-7. The tone of the game was set on the Rebs ' first possession when Kinny Hooper took a fake punt and rambled 36 yards. The issue was never in doubt as the Rebels scored their most points since 1969. Star tailback Buford McGee led all rushers with 113 yards. By the game ' s end, cries of " We want Bama! " were heard in the stands. " The game didn ' t go quite like I expected, " said Paul " Bear " Bryant, coach of No. 1 rated Alabama after witnessing a wild 59-35 victory for his team. Ole Miss gave the Crimson Tide defense all it could handle while rolling up 500 yards in total offense. It wasn ' t enough, however, to offset the relentless Alabama rushing attack. The Rebels once again came out on the short end of the Scoreboard. 4 A REBS DROP TWO AT HOME CD OUTS LOTQ 3 TOGO OLE MISS vs. TULANE in Oxford OLE MISS v TTULANE in Oxford " . . . we ' ve lost three close games. It ' s important for the team to stick together. One and four is not a very auspicious start . . . and I ' m aware of that. " Steve Sloan " We ain ' t gonna quit. " Coot Russell OLE MISS vs. TULANE in Aford 182 F.mtball OLE MISS vs. SOI THERIN MISS, in Jackson l1ll5|5l_DM ISIOimTlHElRjM " We just lost another close game . . . it ' s getting to be a bad habit. " Steve Sloan " Maybe we just don ' t know how to win. " Ken Toler " I ' m sure everybody will say we ' re washed up, but if I didn ' t think we could win the rest of our games I wouldn ' t play. " Kinny Hooper The Ole Miss Rebels next took on the Tulane Green Wave on a rainy day in Oxford and were defeated 26-24. The Rebels were clearly the better team, outgaining Tulane 523 yards to 274, but losing a record 8 fumbles proved to be their downfall. It appeared the Rebels would win after Breck Tyler ' s magnificent catch of a 40-yard pass set up a touchdown run. The Rebs went ahead 24-23 with 1:19 left on the clock. The Green Wave roared back with a 40-yard pass that set up a Vince Manalla field goal. The final gun sounded just as the ball passed through the uprights. Against the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss, in Jackson on October 4, the Rebels reeled off two initial scores on runs by Buford McGee and John Fourcade and then were abruptly halted to lose 28-22. Southern rebounded to knot the score at 14-all by half-time and went ahead for good after taking their first possession of the second half 80 yards for a score. Ole Miss had its biggest chance to win when linebacker Dale Erves forced a fumble on the Eagle 12, but the Rebels gave up the ball on downs on their 48 after Reb quarterback John Fourcade was sacked twice while attempting to pass. - Foolb.ll 183 REBS ROLL OVER VANDY " ' " " ' J t NL m " Georgia is $6 in the country and lost by seven points . . . that ' s not all that bad . . . we ' re not going to get our heads down. " Ken Toler " It ' s frustrating, the coaches are working as hard as they can . . . the players are playing hard. I just don ' t know what else to do. " Steve Sloan CD RKT DOWWCD |a(fl|l|D|A JL OLE MISS vs. GEORGIA in Athens 1 OLE MISS vs. FLORIDA in Oxford The Rebels traveled to Athens, to challenge ihe sixth-ranked Georgia Bulldogs. Although Georgia won 28-21, the defence ga e a good accounting of itcelf. Turnover- again hurt the Rebs: all but ten f Georgia " points eame a- a direei re-uit of a Rebel funi: [M - interception. Defensive end J - ' it a spark in the Reb- els after intercepting a Buck Bel; -printing for a touch- down with onh y second.- left- Ole Mi pulled within 3 points hut Georgia scored 1 1 straight points to put the game out of reach. Homecoming . . . alumni, beautiful pirU showing off beautiful smile and little children clutching Rebel flag ' -. Ul sigmfv the past, present and future of Ole Mi . The only thing mi mg wa- a vic- tory, as the Rebels bowed to the Florida Gators 1 5-3, In a lacklus- ter performance, the sputtering offense could unit move the ball sporadical!) ; the defense allowed the Gator- to rm e the hall enough for Brian Clark 10 boot five field nai- ( ' rippled by injuries, th- N tin Vanderbilt in an effort to -nap a five-game loing -trcak. In doing so they ruined the Comnnci , 2 - 1 4 margin. The hero of the day wa.- tailback Malvin Gipson. who proved an elusive target as he motored for 193 yards, the most bv an Ole Mi- runner in 13 ears. He included a 35-yard touchdown run in hi- repertoire. The Rebels went ahead to slay in the second quarter on a hort scoring tos-s from Fourcade to Ken Toler. j J REBELS Fall Prey in Tiger Stadium, Keep Bragging Rights in Tennessee, Lose to the Bulldogs in the Egg Bowl. TOILIEI CDFIWTMWWCD rTjTI g| BUlWgD QT 0 " I vas expecting the name calling. But who cares? The fans don ' t run, tackle or score. The best way to shut them up is to win the game. The mental mistakes and the turnovers cost us the game. " John Fourcade " It just feels good to win a game. " Ken Toler ibiiiEii sislTrggLl TiEiNiNi 1 1 186 Footb.11 IQtfclHUJSI r-t rrs ID QTRg %l IT II II The matchup against traditional archrival LSU in Baton Rouge coincided with another tradition: Ole Miss football on TV. The Rebs definitely had the upper hand for most of the first half while John Fourcade completed all but one of his first fourteen passes. Red and Blue turnovers made a mediocre LSU team look a lot better than it actually was, and the result was a 38-16 deficit. After watching his team sink to a 2-7 record, Steve Sloan summed up the game when he said, " Obviously, the reason we lost was turnovers. Those four fumbles in the first half really killed us. " On a cold, blustery day in Memphis, Ole Miss got back into the win column by whipping Tennessee 20-9. Led by freshman linebacker Lee Cole and sophomore Keith Fourcade, the defense turned in its best performance of the year while allowing the Vols a stingy 187 total yards on offense. Ken Toler boosted his number of touchdown catches by two, and Todd Gatlin kicked two field goals to make up the Ole Miss points. The first game to be played in the completely expanded version of Mississippi Memorial Stadium pitted Ole Miss against Miss. State. The Rebels gave a courageous per- formance but still ended up losing 19-14. They roared back from an early 10-0 deficit and held a one- point lead in the fourth quarter. It was not to last, however, and the Bulldogs drove 64 yards on their next possession for the winning touchdown. The Rebels plagued by four interceptions, were left facing a sad 3-8 season and a long winter. - " I thought before the start of the season we would play in alot of close games. Unfortunately, we didn ' t come out ahead in those close games. " Steve Sloan 188 Football FOOTBALL oiball T Appi- m 1 ) John Fourea. Rushing. 3 V e l ) Johnny Armstrong. 161 Kelly Powell. (Ti Skip L Roger ( jnk A very, i 1 i Buford McGee. 1 1 1 I .George Papoutsidi . .dre Thoraa-. !13| Darryl Grahj .my Harper. (15.) Billy ' ionrad McCrary. (20l Dwa ne MesJjil. Second !,Corklr. Tim G. ! in Brown. (22 i David McMillin. i 23 i Danny Jensen. (24) Mirhael Harmon. (25) Jame Harbour. inny Burr. rank LaRussa, i28i Mike Smith. .29i Malvin Gipon. (30i ken Toltr. i.32i Joe: 3) Louis Jackson, (34] Phil Freightman, Tommy Limbaugh. Third Row: John Cropp. Mike Pope. Tom Goode. Da id Le-. 35 Bobo Thomas. (36) Dwight Bingliam. (37) Thomas Hufabard. ' 38i Kinn Hoop.- -rick Brev, ..e Fountain, tl ' 11 K Nakita U ' illiam-. 44i Dale Er e . t.45l Clay Wil- jy Gillian-.- Bently Silliai ;9i Max Da i . Paul Crane. Fourth Row: ' larc Mas-emiale. (53 1 Mark oot K Chuck Commiskey. (56) Hoppy Cole. Fourcade. (59i Phillip Wjll SearfiMs, (62i Quentin McDonald, (63) Ru r Mitchell, Leroy Mdridge. Johnnj Parker. Darvin Vt allace. Chuck M Bjil Hi; Brian Kennedy, rdrichsen. (69 1 Da id McMillin. d Grigg. i 73 i Daid Will Tony Dalt. mmy Palmer. T 7 i Chri- Cottam. lohn Allen iownsend. -ck Tyler. (881 Bob Blak. Todd Gatlin. r91 Mark h Kenr. }- ; Joe Campano in Hafnir i mi Men] Left: Th- Kvl from the offensive huddle. 1980-81 REBEL BASKETBALL 190 Men ' i BukrlUII 1. Sean Tuohy shoots for the Rebels. 2. Norman Miller controls the lap. 3. Sean Tuohy on defense. 4. Rob Drum goes after a rebound against Auburn. 5. " t " guards an Auburn player closely. 6. Roger Steig tries for an offensive rebound. The Ole Miss Rebels ' 1980-81 basketball team had quite an act to follow. The previous year had been the greatest in Rebel roundball annals All-America hon- ors for John Stroud, winning the prestigious Sugar Bowl tournament, SEC Coach-of-the-Year accolades for Bob Weltlich, and of course a berth in the National Invita- tional Tournament, the first post-season appearance ever for a Rebel basketball squad. But the Rebels had no intentions of letting up for the upcoming season. All the starters except Stroud returned for what they hoped would be an even more successful encore. Guard Carlos Clark and center Roger Steig figured to improve after winning starting roles as freshmen the previous year. Point guard Sean Tuohy owned the SEC record for assists (260) which he had set as a sophomore. However, the team ' s mainstay was definitely going to be 6-5 senior Elston Turner, affectionately known as " E. T. " to Rebel fans. He had been the team ' s second leading scorer in 1979-80 and recognized by Sports Illustrated as one of the best defensive players in the country. But a solid fifth starter had not yet exerted himself by the season ' s beginning, and this was to prove a thorn in the Rebel ' s side until the starting lineup stabilized. 192 MeiT.B etUll 1. Rob Drum denies a Memphis State player the ball. 2. Elston scores over every- body. 3. Chris Barrett in action against Auburn. 4. Cecil Dowell ties up the ball with an Alabama player. 5. Sophomore Carlos Clark on defense against Alabama. 6. Point guard Sean Tuohy plays defense too! Men ' . B-krtb.ll 193 ' Hi Mrn ' Bask.-lbi.ll REBELS WIN SEC TOURNEY . . . ADVANCE TO NCAA Ole Miss started off the season with a bang by winning the first four games. The first victim, Central Arkansas proved to be a pushover, 82-54. After a victory over Term. Tech on the road, the Rebs next beat a tough Alabama at Birmingham club by the score of 83-72. Carlos Clark turned in a brilliant performance, hitting 10 of 11 shots from the field. The next game featured a 26 point explosion by Elston Turner as Ole Miss woat Mercer. The Rebels then went into a tailspin and lost eight of the next ten games. A last-second loss to Bowling Green provided the first blemish on the record. The SEC schedule opened in Athens, Georgia on December 2 3 against a very talented Georgia squad led by Dominique Wilkins. After enjoying an early lead, the Rebs ended up losing by eight. The next game was a very disappointing loss to Memphis State in which atrocious shooting from the foul line spelled Ole Miss ' s doom. The Rebels rebounded against Auburn, but surprisingly lost to Tennessee in Knoxville in a televised game. The Rebels returned home to be humiliated by the Alabama Crimson Tide. A trip to Kentucky ' s famed Rupp Arena left E.T. with an injured hip and only 14 minutes of playing time. The Rebs gallantly fought back against a huge team and pulled within three points before going down by a score of 64-55. The next game was played at Florida, and Ole Miss had to compete without the services of Turner, Clark, and Norman Miller. The result was another hard- fought loss in which Chris Barrett and Cecil Dowell led the team with 24 and 20 points respectively. Ole Miss played the Vanderbilt Commodores next on January 21. The Rebeldome witnessed a highly contested game which included a freeze on the ball the first eight minutes of the second half by Ole Miss. Norman Miller ' s slam dunk at the end was the game ' s climax and keyed a 46-44 win for the Rebels, who next whipped Mississippi State in a televised game at Starkville. A near-flawless first half saw Ole Miss enjoy a lead by as many as 1 3 points, and then allow the Bulldogs to tie the score up at the reg- ulation ' s end. Sean Tuohy ' s clutch free throws (six for six) in overtime iced the game and the Red and Blue record evened at 8- 8. Elston Turner and Carlos Clark were also big factors in the 59- 52 win. " E " scored 19 points and grabbed 7 rebounds, while Carlos made 8 of 9 shots for 1 6 points in what must be described as a very pleasing victory. Seeded 6 in the SEC tourney, the Rebels traveled to Birming- ham to take on nationally ranked Tennessee. The Rebs surprised the Bowls and won the contest 81-71. Next up were the Commo- dores from Vanderbilt who had upset Kentucky earlier. The Reb- els trounced Vandy and eased to a 71-51 win. The bracket pitted Ole Miss against Georgia for the title. Fighting back from an 8 point half-time deficit the Rebs took top honors with a 66-62 vic- tory and became the first team in Ole Miss history to advance to the NCAA playoffs. Turner and Tuohy were both named to the all-tournament team. The Rebs traveled to Wichita, Kansas to play the home-state University of Kansas. The Rebs hung tough but couldn ' t overcome an early 10 pt. Kansas advantage. The season was over, but the Rebels made everyone proud because WE ARE OLE MISS! 1. Tim Thomas for two against Alabama. 2. Sophomore Roger Steig shoots over an Auburn defender. 3. Bob Weltlich watches his team on defense. 4. Elston Turner puts a rebound back in. 5. Lane Shoup taps the ball in. Men ' s BukeltaU 195 1 1 . Freshman Rob Drum grabs an offensive rebound against Auburn. 2. James Green fires f or the Rebels. 3. Sharp-shooter Carlos Clark makes two! 196 Hrn Ba k -lball BASKETBALL Rebel Basketball Team: First Row: Mickey Thames, Tim Garl, Lee Bethea, Cecil Dowell, Brad Pierce, Chris Barrett, James Green. Ken Coghlan, Carlos Clark, Sean Tuohy. Jim Sledge, Carroll Kirkpatrick, Blake Barnes; Second Row: Warner Alford Athletic Director. Mike Hanks. John Prince, Steve Allen. Curtis McAlister, Rob Drum, Tim Thomas, Head Coach Bob Weltlich. Lane Shoup. Roger Stieg, Norman Miller. Elston Turner, Eddie Oran. Ron Reed. Left: All-SEC forward Elston Turner around a Mississippi State zone. passes Men ' iBakK-tlKll 197 1980-81 LADY REBEL BASKETBALL 1 98 Women ' 1. Freshman stand-out Sandra Helms guards a Wisconsin player. 2. Justina Smith positions for the ball. 3. Coach Van Chancellor and Mary Davis intensely watch the Lady Rebs. 4. ALL-SEC guard Carol Ross plays defense in the Dial Classic. 5. Sarah Sally controls the lip. 6. Kris Stratum drives for two! . B.-inbxIl 19 1980-81 Lady Rebel basketball squad under coach Van Chancellor knew at the beginning of the season that it would be a young team which would have to depend on tough defensive pressure in order to be successful. The loss of All-Arnerican Peggie Gillom, the all-time leading scorer and rebounder in Ole Miss history, left a big void to be filled. Much of the slack was expected to be taken up by 6-2 center Justina Smith, who had been a sensation as a freshman the pre- vious year, 6-1 forward Kris Stratton, and ALL-SEC guard Carol Ross, a senior from Oakland. The Lady Rebels ' upcoming schedule appeared to be extremely hard, including such powerhouses as Missouri, Stephen F. Austin and defending national champion Old Dominion. 200 Women ' s Bi.Uth.ll 1. Senior guard Wanda Austin guards a University of Alabama at Birmingham player. 2. Junior center Pam Vaughn denies the ball from an Old Dominion player. 3. Sarah Sally plays a 2-3 zone for the Lady Rebels. 4. Justina Smith for two! 5. San- dra Helms against a Wisconsin zone. 6. Carol Ross shows her defensive ability. ISS REB I Vomen ' iBMkctUll 201 202 Women ' .BMketb.ll The season began at home on November 18 against Union. The result was a victory for Ole Miss, 83-69. The Lady Rebels next played the LSL Lady Tigers at Baton Rouge and won again, 87- 8 1 . A loss to State was followed by three consecutive wins over Southeastern Louisiana, South Alabama, and Alcorn State. Losses to Jackson State and Miss. College were sandwiched around a 74- 58 pounding of Valdosta State to put the Lady Rebels ' mark at 6- 3 going into their upcoming match with Delta State in Cleveland. Playing in front of a friendly home crowd, the high-flying Lady Statesmen figured to win the contest with Ole Miss. They were in for a surprise however, as the Lady Rebels solidly defeated them 85-75. With the return of Risa Turton from Mer- cer Ole Miss then started out the New Year on a good note with back-to-back victories over Wisconsin and Missouri which put them in great shape for the Lady Rebel Dial Classic they would host. The guest teams included North Carolina, Alabama at Bir- mingham, and Vanderbilt. Coach Chancellor ' s squad came in sec- ond place, defeating Vanderbilt 81-65 before a 77-66 loss to UAB in the finals. Sandra Helms, a freshman, from Enterprise won all tournament honors and AH-SEC performer Carol Ross was selected as the tournament ' s MVP. Ole Miss left the friendly confines of Oxford for Lexington, Kentucky, to participate in the Lady Kat Invitational, and dropped the first round game to Indi- ana State. The consolation game was a turnabout, though, and the Lady Rebs beat James Madison 82-75. At this point in the season the Lady Rebels ' record was a ver satisfying 11-5. Sandra Helms led the team in scoring as Pam Vaughn, a 6-3 transfer from Southern Miss, was leading the squad in rebounds with a 7.2 a game. Carol Ross led the Lady Rebels in steals with 48 and Dana Fortenberry had tallied the most assists. Seeded fourth in the SEC tournament held in Baton Rouge. The Lady Rebs drew fifth seeded Georgia in their first contest. The hot-hand of Junior Kris Stratton kept the game close, but it wasn ' t enough for the Lady Rebels to win. The SEC tournament also proved another loss, Sandra Helmt was out for two weeks with a broken foot, and it left the team hoping she would be ready for the upcoming state tournament. 1. Pam Vaughn puts a rebound back in against Wisconsin. 2. Carol Ross els the offense up. 3. Dana Fortenberry and Kris Stratton on defense against Old Dominion. 4. Justina Smith scores over 6-8 Anne Donavan of Old Dominion. 1. Kris Stratlon shoots over a Vandy defender. 2. Freshman guard Sherry King shoots while Michelle Carrington rebounds. 3. Pam Vaughn drives for a Lay-up. ADY REBEL BASKETBALL y Rebel Basketball Team: First Row: Caro McKay, Sherry King, Wanda Austin, Suzanne Ferrell, Dana Fortenberry. Michelle Carrington; Second Row: Sandra Helms, Sherry Winterstein, Justina Smith, Pam Vaughn, Melissa Day, Kris Stratton, Sarah Sally, Liz Marable, Carol Ross; Third Row. Paula Morgan, Denise Helms, Jan Barnett, Head Coach Van Chancellor, Man avi.-. Gretchen Schlabach, Rita Dailey. t: Dana Fortenberry drives past a defender. BASEBALL 1. 3. 206 B 2. 1 . David Clements waits on a throw from the catcher. 2. Mike Summerlin slides into third. 3. A Rebel baserunner tries to get back to first before the throw. 4. Tobby Turner delivers a pitch. SW irZE FIELD 8 ALL 1 J ilNJ vG Our e OLE MISS VISITC ' ? 5 3 1980 Season Results HOME VISITOR OLE MISS 6 LIVINGSTON 5 OLE MISS 8 LIVINGSTON 1 OLE MISS 4 TULANE 7 OLE MISS 1 1 NEW ORLEANS 13 OLE MISS 3 LSU 1 OLE MISS 5 LSU 1 OLE MISS 2 LSU 8 OLE MISS 8 MOREHEAD ST. 2 OLE MISS 3 MOREHEAD ST. 4 OLE MISS 1 NEW ORLEANS 6 OLE MISS 2 LA. TECH 1 OLE MISS 4 AUBURN 1 OLE MISS 7 AUBURN 3 OLE MISS 3 AUBURN 4 OLE MISS 8 ARK. LR 7 OLE MISS 4 WESLEY AN OLE MISS MISS. ST. 1 OLE MISS 6 MISS. ST. 4 OLE MISS MISS. ST. 5 OLE MISS 2 DELTA ST. 3 OLE MISS 2 DELTA ST. 4 OLE MISS 2 LA. TECH 3 OLE MISS 6 LA. TECH. 1 OLE MISS 5 ALABAMA 4 OLE MISS 6 ALABAMA 8 OLE MISS 5 ALABAMA 3 OLE MISS 5 MEMPHIS ST. 4 OLE MISS 7 DELTA ST. 5 OLE MISS 3 ARK. ST. 1 OLE MISS 5 ARK. ST. 4 OLE MISS 1 MEMPHIS ST. 5 OLE MISS 1 DELTA ST. 2 OLE MISS MEMPHIS ST. 1 OLE MISS 3 MEMPHIS ST. 2 OLE MISS 4 SO. MISS. OLE MISS 8 SO. MISS. OLE MISS 2 MISS. ST. 9 OLE MISS 4 AUBURN 5 OLE MISS AUBURN 4 OLE MISS 5 AUBURN 4 OLE MISS 1 MISS. ST. 3 OLE MISS 8 MISS. STATE 4 OLE MISS 1 MISS. STATE 3 OLE MISS 3 FLORIDA 2 OLE MISS 4 AUBURN 7 OLE MISS VANDY 21 208 Bi-b.ll 1. Jake Gibbs looks on with approval. 2. Pat Pomeranz at bat for the Rebs. 3. Jeff Calhoun shows his pitching form. 4. David Strang holds the runner close to first base. 5. Bart Boykin attempts a bunt. 6. Johnny Mim- at first base. The Rebels were young and expected 1980 to be a rebuilding year. Instead they clawed their way into the SEC playoffs. The pitching staff was paced by senior left-hander Jeff Calhoun of McComb. who led the SEC with a sparkling 2.19 ERA. Shortstop Larry Simcox provided offensive mus- cle with his .336 batting average; his keystone mate, Mike Summerlin, led the team with 1 1 stolen bases, 2 3 RBI ' s and 6 game-winning hits. After making it to the playoffs, the Rebels faced heavily favored Florida at Gainsville in the first round. Calhoun performed magnificently in a dra- matic 3-2 victory. The Rebels were eliminated later by eventual Champion Vanderbilt, but were pleased with their 24-22 record and had high hopes for the future. 6. 1. David Strang gets the runner out at first base. 2. Coach Gibbs talks to Russ Davis and other members of the squad. 3. Gary Pickering holds the runner at sec- ond base. V ' . BASEBA1 eball Team: First Row: Forrest Phillips, David ' lements, Gary Pickering, Guy Summerlin, Don Killian. Bart Boykin, David Strang. Mike Sum- merlin, Greg Goodman, Danny SmiTh; Second low: Toby Turner, Johnny Adams, Randy Cole- Pat Pomeranz. Chester Masterson. Jim Col- mer. Russ Davis. Mark Buys. Jeff Calhoun: Third Row: Johnny Flynt. Kirk Hanson. Johnny Mims; Larry Simcox, Head Coach Jake Gibbs. Andy -nderwood. Mike Brasher, Albert Ward. Jay rv Williams. t: Mike Summerlin bats for the Rebels ag Delta State. REBEL TENNIS 1. Simon Bartram hits from the baseline. 2. Freshman Wayne Hearn in action for the Rebels! 3. Kirk Farquar hits a backhand. 212 MeiTtTennU ENNIS 1 Tennis Team: First Row: Doug Maynard. Joel Mulkin. Skip Singleton, Geoff kokiko, Coach Earl Hassler. Second Row: Head Coach Russell Blair, Simon Bartram, Wayne Hearn. Kirk Farquar. Lance Hickman. Left : Joel Mulkin returns service for the Rebels. LADY REBEL TENNIS 1 . Ramona Kent hits from the baseline. 2. Kathleen Murray volleys for the Lady Rebs. 3. Denise Barbiero returns service. 2 1 4 Women ' s Tennis LADY REBEL TENNIS Lady Rebel Tennis Team: First Row: K;; Hughes, Denise Barbiero, Susan McMurray. Renee Periera Noblin; Second Row: Lelia Wai- lendar, Kathleen Murray. Ramona Kent, Cath ine Yelverton. Head Coach Billy Chadwick. Left: Senior Catherine Yelverton volleys for Ladv Rebels. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Above: Jeff Hubbard a true Rebel, auditions for the Fruit of the Loom Guys. Left: Sharla Dorroh shows concern for an injured Rebel. 1980-81 Varsity Cheerleaders: Leslie Andrews, Leisha Prather, Amy Finch, Sharla Dorroh, Leigh Anne Roberts; Frank Parker, Gary Aldridge, Ty Cobb, Jeff Hubbard, Mike Tra- mel, Scooter Yates. Left: Leslie Andrews and Mike Tramel cheer before the home crowd. Below: Colonel Rebel John White at a Rebel basketball game. 1980-81 Freshman Cheerleaders: Front: Laura Smith; First Row: Greg Thompson, Tom Fanning, Stewart Robinson, John May. Second Row: Lindy Walters, Jody Bruscato, Ginny Walker. Third Row: Perry Eaton, Leah Sigler; Top: Margie Morse; Back: David Rodgers. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS VOLLEYBALL 1. Mary Esslinger and Trisha Eastburn block. 2. Martha Maroney hits for the Lady Rebels. 3. Betsy O ' Conner and K ranees Hick in action against Memphis State. 218 Vollrvball VOLLEYBALL Lady Rebel Volleyball Team: First ROM: Tr Eastburn. Jenny Rhoads, Frances Hicks, Kim McDougal, Estelle Hyde, Kelley Viner, Martha Maroney, Kim McFall: Second Row: Jan Griffey, Oretchen Schlabach, Mary Esslinger, Sue Sharpe, Betsy O ' Connor, Leslie Schutz. Coach Jeanne Taylor. Vivian Langley, Stevens. Left: Kim McFall serves to an opponent during Lady Rebel home match. 1980-81 Rebel Golf Team Kneeling: Head Coach Ernest Ross, Stan Hall, Ken McDonald, Randy Warkins, Gregg Richey. Standing: Gary Martin, Bill Woodbury, Chris Polk, Coleman Connell, Gerritt Smith, Jeff Dandurand, Rick Kies, Mike Riley, John Langhorne, Greg Wil- liams. Right: Rick Kies putts for the Rebels. 220 Golf CROSS- COUN r RY ebel Track Team: First Row: M. D. Cameron, Head Coach Joe Walker, Mark Dove, William Smith, Nate Elzie, Ronnie Pearson, Mike Turner, Dave Magraw; Second Row: Mark Williams, K. C. Keeney-Nielsen, Cornelius Tate, Bob Roberts, Randy Dyess, Craig Gordon. Left: Freshman Stand-out K. C. Keeney-Nielsen runs with winning form. ft LADY REBEL M-CLUB Members: VX anda Ail-tin. Denise Barbiero. Retina Beech. Michelle Carrington, Rita Daily, Melissa Day. Trisha Eastburri. Mary Fsslinper. Suzanne Ferrell. Dana Fortenberry, Jan Griffey. Dcnisc Helms. Sandra Helms. He crly llerrin, Frances Hicks. Kstcllc Hyde. Ramona Kent, Sherry Kin;;. Vieki Lehman, Rehekah I.ittlc, Li Marable. Martha Maroney. Kim McDongal. Kim McFall. Carolyn McKay. Susan McMurray, Paula Morgan. Kathleen Murrav. Susan Northcutt, Betsy () " Conner. Jana Phillips, Li Moore Poloski, Jenny Hhoads. Su an Roberts, Julia Carol Ross. Sara Sally cslie Schut ,, Sue Sharpe. Kerry Slay. Justina Smith. Kris Stratum, Donna Stc cns, Kalby Tadloek. Kar -n Thomt " , Pam Vaughn. Kelly Vincr. Lelia allendar. Vickie Wills. Sherry V iriterstein, Catherine Velvcrton. OFFICERS: First Row. Fstelle Hyde Sarp-ant at Arms. Mary Esslinger Secretary . Second row. Fran- cs Hicks Chaplain. Denise Harbicro Historian. aula Morgan Vice-President Third Row, Ramona Kent Treasurer. Betsy O ' Conner Historian, Carol Ross President. 222 Udy-RebelM-Club -CLUB CLl B MEMBERS: Johnny Adams. Scott Arata. illiar ell. Ronnie Brandon. Melvin Brown, Johnny Burrow andy Coleman. Chuck Commiskey. Chris Cottam. Ton alton. Dale Erves. Clay Erwin. Kirk Farquar. Mike Four in. Keith Fourcade. John Fourcade. Phil Freightman oody Grigg. Kirk Hanson, Steve Herring. Kinny Hoopei Tim Huff. Scott Kendricks. Richard Kiles. Donn Ki ner Wally Knox. Don Lloyd. Mark Massengale. Norman Miller Johnny Mims. Mark Moore. Joel Mulkim. Conra McCrary. Quentin McDonald. Tim Ott. Forrest Phillip- Gary Pickering. Danny Robertson. Coot Russell. 5 ss. Norman Seawright, Andy Shaw. Larry Simco ' kip Singleton. Graham Stuart. Mike Summerlin. Tin homas. Ken Toler, Sean Tuohy. Elston Turner, Bra hite. Billy ' i . Bill V, oodbury. Phillip Wyllie. Gre illiams. Nakita illiams. ?ft OFFICERS: first Row: Coot Russell Sargeant a Urn:-. Gary Pickering Secretary. Norman Miller Treasurer. Billy Sargeant at Arms. Second Row an Lloyd President. Chris Cottam Vice-President. ntertainment 224 Entertainment ' ' ' Jll! ... . STEVE CORSO, co-editor FRANCES CRENSHAW, co-editor Homecoming Lnion Activities Dorm Life Dixie Week Pageants Artists Series Speakers Plays Concerts 226 230 234 236 238 242 244 246 250 Enwrtainnvnt 225 1 The week of October 12 began perfectly. Homecoming displays were planned and last minute wrinkles in the weekend ' s festivities smoothed away. By mid week, the rumors began and by Friday the worst was true; Ole Miss was at last facing an enemy stronger than the mighty rebs. It RAINED, starting off as a light mist but pouring down full strength Friday night, sending pools of color from the soaked home- coming displays on which so many hours had been spent. October 18, Homecoming day, skies were a lighter gray, but the rain had enough force left to send Rebel followers scurrying for umbrellas. By 1 p.m., the rain ' s ally appeared in the form of the Florida Gators and thun- dered down the field leaving the Rebs behind with a 15-3 score. A dis- appointed and dampened crowd left the stadium, but slowly Ole Miss came alive. " v Hey. see ya tonight at the house . . . Wasn ' t the band great last night? . . . We ' ll win a game yet . . . " ' And we did. Nothing can stop a Rebel forever. A % ISO I moo 231 From hot-air ballooning to pumpkin cake decorating, from fashion shows t there was always something going on at on campus, students came here to chec: ings, to buy books, or to relax with frier The Union Program Council, under sible for many of the events in the Unic with UPC ' s " Rebel Week. " A recepti players and " The Seventh of May " fo the year, the hard-working council kep dinner was as successful as were the m trivia bowls gave hidden talents a chan quently, giving many people an excuse short courses in everything from cloggi photography, and CPR. The Union rea one had a reason to " drop by the Unior rving, from Christmas tree lighting to tpinball and backgammon tournaments, te Union. Serving as the hub of activity lailboxes, to give blood, to attend meet- over a lemonade in the Grill. : direction of John Dowdle, was respon- Homecoming 1980 was made more fun was given to honor the senior football iojwed Thursday ' s pep rally. Throughout things rolling. The first annual Madrigal M ;rous coffeehouses. Poetry contests and to be discovered. Films were shown fre- ;et out of the dorm. UPC also sponsored , smocking, and basket-weaving to yoga, had something for everyone, and every- Inion 233 . Our Home Away From Home ... K er me ter -tudt-iit- arri e on rampu in car loaded ith lift- ' - lleri- itie that will be u ed to tran form empt dorm room into tudt-nt ' honu--. Koom fill with the thud of hca uitraM- hitting the floor, door- hanging and friend hollerinj: srreetn M ht- hriim -tud iiiL r . homework, floor meeting . di i-u --ion- of intramural teams, parties, and attempt to ignore noi neigh- bor . In a dorm, a friend to talk to i- only a door away and a li t of dorm-sponsored activiti- clo f .1- tin- neare t bulletin board. - L Dixie Week. Ole Miss " official sign of Spring. Games in the Grove . . . Jazz featuring Mose Allison, Cybil Shepherd and Fred Ford . . . Hugo the Dixie Week Chicken . . . Ice Cream in front of the Union . . . Rocky Horror Picture Show and rain. Rain threatened the chicken barbecue and shrimp and beer at Sardis, but no threat or amount of rain could quench our Ole Miss Spirit . . . A .- - . I 1 2 ' ' Diur Wttk I 231 Wendy Shumake, a public relations major from Memphis, electrified the audience at Fulton Chapel by singing a medley of songs from the Broadway hit " Ain ' t Misbehavin, " and captured the title of Miss University 1 980. A Miss University Wendy Shumake First Runner-up Ann Phillips Second Runner-up Laura Koski Third Runner-up Shavonne Rhodes Fourth Runner-up Debbie Tullos Miss Ebon y Emily Gilleylen. a radio and TV major from Amory. MS. ua -elected Mi - Ebony for 1980 before a capacity crowd on October 30. Serving: emcee thi. year as Claire Ford, a former Mi " Black America. Fir t runner-up wa Lill Ho ell and Second runner-up a- Delphime Rice, f - Debbie Tullos, a 21 year old senior from Jackson majoring in Chemistry and pre- medicine maintaining a GPA of 4.0, now holds the title of Most Beautiful in addition to reigning as the current Miss Jackson, MS. Other top beauties selected in the an- nual Parade of Beauties Pageant were Sarah Mullins First Runner-up; Sherron Smith Second Runner-up; Jeanene Petkovsek - Third Runner-up; and Camille Thomas - Fourth Runner-up. 241 Eugene Fodor September 30 " Peking Opera " November 10 The Jackson Ballet December 2 The National Shakespeare Company January 2 2, 2 3 Madame Butterfly February 1 9 Janacek Chamber Orchestra . March 18 Anuu 243 Speaker. 245 146 CABARET! CAST Emcee Peppy Biddy Ernst Martin Sokolik Cliff DonO ' Donnell Customs Officer Chris Flynn Fraulein Schneider Rita Stockwell Fraulein Kost Robin Oxman Sailor Steve Terry Herr Schultz Mike Flowers Telephone Girl Shirley Warren Sally Bowles Millie Fisher Max Chris Flynn Sailor Jason Milligan Kit Kat Girls Leah Rutledge, Jan Milner Misty Murray, Marian McEwen Beverly Peeler, Sandra Williams Ensemble . . . Tom Cook, Randy Hartzog, Scott Taylor, Julie Stewart, Sheridan Hope, Melanie Jellife, Jill Lummus THE CAST Claudine Hampton Lu Ann Hampton Billy Bob Wortman Skip Hampton . . Dale Laverty Holly Brock Jan Miller Tim Gilster Felipe Maria N . David Mott Rufe Phelps Michael Flowers Olin Potts Jason Millican Red Grover L. W. Thomas Corky Oberlander Wil Collins Milo Crawford Steven Terry Charmaine Mary (Catherine Welton Ui jflwi J THGflte TH UMNK1TY Of- FlltfltflPPI SHENANDOAH ACBETH For a few short hours, Ole Miss had a part of Texas. Against the backdrop of the huge Texas Lone Star Flag, Willie Nelson performed for a footstomping crowd of 5,386. Thirty-two songs, including " Whiskey River, " " Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer, " and " Geor- gia on My Mind " brought the crowd to its feet. The audience joined Nelson, clad in John Stroud ' s basketball jersey, sweat pants, and a light blue cowboy hat, in singing classics " Momma Don ' t Let Your Babes Grow Up to Be Cowboys " and " My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys. " Nelson ended his six-song encore with his beginning number, " Whiskey River " as an American flag slid over the Lone Star Flag. A. A change was in the air. Tweeds and corduroys were packed away. It a Spring, and the Four Tops Concert on April 14 meant one thing . . Dixie Week was here at last! The Tops came on stage at 10:00 p.m. ringing the crowd to its feet with " Baby I Need Your Lovin. " " Ain ' t .o Woman Like the One I Got " and ' ' Can ' t Help Myself, " keeping the udience moving through the encore. Seats were forgotten as the rowd danced in the aisles and crowded around the stage. The Ole Miss pirit came through again at the end of the concert, chasing away the vening ' s threat of rain. 4 A Concern 251 252 October 10, 1980, marked the first concert of the year at Ole Miss. At 9:30, following a one hour performance by Kleerer, the Spinners made their appearance on stage before an ecstatic crowd in Tad Smith Coliseum. They sang many of their solid gold hits including " The Rubberband Man, " " Could It Be I ' m Falling In Love " and " Then Came You. " They rounded out the evening with one of their latest songs " Cupid. " Thi- group made it fir l performance earl in 1 7(I at a fraterniu beer bu t at the Tu kogee In titute. Since then, the Commodore-. ha e teadil ri en in popularity uith uch hit- a- " Brickhouw, " Sail On. and " Three Time A Lad . " The e and other tune- were heard on Fri- da . November . when the Commodore.- hit the Ule Mi campu . Stu- dent- packed into the Coliseum lor two hour- of jiood mu-ic and a sood eatures 254 Feature KIM PRUETTE, editor Lisa Cutler, assistant Melanie Fields, assistant Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss Favorites Best Dressed Most Beautiful Beauties Miss University Homecoming Court 256 258 263 264 266 270 271 Future. 255 2S6 Colonel Rebel Mi Ok Mi- COLONEL REBEL MISS OLE MISS Leigh Lovett Jeff Hubbard Ole Miss is fortunate to have a Miss Ole Miss and Colonel Rebel like Leigh Lovett and Jeff Hubbard. Leigh, a senior accounting major from Mem- phis, TN, stays busy serving as Panhellenic President, a member of Rho Lambda, a Rebel Recruiter, and a Kappa Alpha Rose. This Kappa Kappa Gamma looks forward to earning her master ' s degree and owning her own business some day. Jeff, a first year law student from Jackson. MS. is our own Johnny Reb and made everyone proud of him by being named Best Mascot in the S.E.C. A member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Jeff has been named a James O. Eastland Law Scholar, a Swayze Scholar, a Century Scholar, and is a member of the Order of Omega. He looks forward to a law- career in Jackson, y T Colonel RcWI Mi. Ok Mi. 2S7 FAVORITES Joanie Abernathy Favorite Joanie Abernathy, an interior design major, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Abernathy of Pulaski, TN. During her four years at Ole Miss Joanie has been an outstanding member of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, served as treasurer of the Rebel Recrui- ters, secretary of Angel Flight, and as AWS chairman of projects and elections. Joanie has received an hon- orable mention for Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and Universities and has achieved Dean ' s List and Chancellor ' s Honor Roll status. In her free time Joanie enjoys drawing, cooking, playing tennis, and spending time with her family. Joanie is excited and hopeful about being accepted into Ole Miss Law School next fall. -, Meg Bickerstaff Even though favorite Meg Bickerstaff is only a sopho- more at Ole Miss, she has already been very active on campus. Meg, a recreation major from Jackson, MS, is social chairman of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and is a Beta little sister. She is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma Honoraries. Meg loves all sports and is especially devoted to Rebel foot- ball, basketball, and baseball, as well as being an avid gymnastics fan. As for future plans, Meg is just look- ing forward to finishing school. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Bickerstaff. - FAVORITES 258 FivoriM FAVORITES Allison Brown Being from the coast, some of Allison ' s favorite activ- ities are sailing, fishing and taking trips to Horn Island. Although the Culf is over 350 miles away, she still finds plenty of activities to do here at Ole Miss. Allison enjoys recruiting for Ole Miss as an Ambassador, and has served as publicity chairman and secretary of AWS and on various committees of the organization. She is the president of her sorority. Delta Gamma, and the past vice-president. Allison is a junior majoring in journalism and public relations, and she believes that her extracurricular activities have added to her education. Allison, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brown of Pascagoula. was recently elected President of the Intercollegiate Asso- ciation for Women Students and was named Most Outstanding Woman of the Junior class here at Ole Miss. 4 Ann Fortenberry Ann, a senior majoring in marketing, is a native of Columbia, Miss. One look at her beautiful smile and her list of accomplishments makes it easy to see why she is an Ole Miss Favorite. Ann is the past secretary and current president of AWS, served as Assistant Director of the Parade of Beauties and was a section editor of the yearbook for two years. She is very involved in her sorority Chi Omega, serving as Rush Chairman and Vice-president. Ann was recently- named to the Ole Miss Hall of Fame, the university ' s highest honor, and as a member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. She is a member of ODK, Mortar Board, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta and Lambda Sigma honoraries. In her spare time Ann enjoys teaching swimming les- sons, cooking and reading. Ann plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin next fall to begin work on her M.B.A. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Fortenberry. - FAVORITES F.xmlr. 259 FAVORITES Paige Jones Paige, a senior from Water Valley, Miss., is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Jones. This elemen- tary education major is active in AWS, the Commit- tee of 100, the College Republicans, and is an officer of her sorority Alpha Delta Pi. Paige was named a Top Five Beauty in 1979, Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen 1980, and a Pike Calendar Girl in 1981. She was also chosen as the School of Education Honor Intern for 1980 and was Water Valley ' s Miss Hospi- tality. In her free time Paige enjoys target shooting, backgammon, swimming and watching old movies. Paige is also an avid football fan and especially enjoys cheering on the Ole Miss Rebels. - Laurie Kennedy Bright and cheery Laurie is a senior General Business major from Canton, Miss. Chi Omega is proud to claim her as a campus favorite for she is their past president. Laurie is also a member of ODK, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Rho Lambda Honoraries. Her list of activities include being treasurer of AWS, a Panhellenic representa- tive, a member of the Committee of 100, a Kappa Alpha Little Sister and a member of the Financier ' s Club. Laurie was most recently honored by being named to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. In her spare time Laurie enjoys eating good food, doing needlework, playing tennis, and being with her family. After graduation, Laurie plans an August wedding after which she will live in Oxford while her future husband finishes Law School. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moody Kennedy, Jr. $ . FAVORITES 260 Fivoritn FAVORITES Marta Martinez Anyone who knows Marta understands why she is the ideal Ole Miss Favorite. This friendly co-ed is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Martinez of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. At Ole Miss Marta is involved in Reformed University Fellowship, is co-chairman of the publicity committee for the Committee of 100, and is co-chairman of the projects committee for Pan- hellenic. Marta ' s major is communicative disorders, and after graduation she hopes to get her master ' s degree in either speech pathology or deaf education. Since Marta loves both Mississippi and her own coun- try, she will be happy working in either place. Mar- ta ' s warm and giving personality has touched the hearts of many students at Ole Miss. 4 " Anne Myers Anne, a senior from Hattiesburg, MS, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers, Jr. During her four years at Ole Miss, Anne has been involved in almost every aspect of campus life. While serving as activi- ties chairman of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, she has been the driving force behind many successful election victories. She has also served as chairman of the Rebel Recruiters and the Union Program Coun- cil ' s Special Events Committee. Anne is also a mem- ber of Rho Lambda. Christian fellowship, Ole Miss football, tennis and waterskiing are some of Anne ' s favorite pastimes. Anne especially enjoys working with people and looks forward to devoting her future to a career in public relations. Ann ' s vivacious spirit and glowing personality make it clear to us all why she is truly one of Ole Miss ' favorites, f - FAVORITES Foontn 261 FAVORITES Pamela Prather Pamela is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Prather of Columbus, Mississippi, and when one reviews her list of accomplishments, it is easy to see why she is a campus favorite. During her four years at Ole Miss, Pamela has been involved in every aspect of campus life. She has served as Treasurer of the ASB and her sorority, Delta Gamma. Pamela is a member of ODK and Pi Kappa Phi Honoraries, and was recently elected to the Ole Miss Hall of Fame. She is also a member of Rho Lambda and Mortar Board honorar- ies. During her spare time Pamela enjoys needlework and being an avid Ole Miss football and basketball fan. After graduation, Pamela is looking forward to pursuing a Law degree here at the Ole Miss School of Law. Vickie Wills Vicki, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordan Wills, is a junior from Memphis, Tenn. At Ole Miss Vickie ' s activities include being in the Lady Rebel " M " Club, serving as ASB secretary and as vice-commander of Angel Flight, and being tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa. She is also a Phi Kappa Psi little sister and serves her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, as their Pan- hellenic delegate. One reason Vicki loves to play soft- ball and scuba dive hinges on the fact that she is a physical education major. After graduation, Vicki hopes to receive a master ' s degree in physical educa- tion in preparation for certification as a professional athletic trainer. -, FAVORITES 262 Favorite FAVORITES Catherine Yelverton Catherine, a real tennis buff from Jackson, Missis- sippi, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Yel- verton, Jr. This senior favorite is active in the Finan- cier ' s Club and in the Lady Rebel " M " Club. Sigma Chi fraternity is proud to claim her as one of their lit- tle sisters. As captain of the Ole Miss Tennis Team, she has played both number one singles and doubles. Catherine has been named to the AIAW All Region Team and as the Most Valuable Player. Not only is Catherine devoted to tennis, but she is also very interested in photography. Upon graduation Cather- ine plans to pursue her master ' s degree in Finance. BEST DRESSED Kathy Manning Fivorilo Brst Drratrd 263 264 W.,.1 Bnuliful MOST BEAUTIFUL Debbie Tulbs Our beautiful Debbie Tullos is a senior from Clin- ton, Mississippi. Winning this year ' s beauty pag- eant was not Debbie ' s first experience with pag- eant life. A member of Chi Omega sorority, Deb- bie is the reigning Miss Jackson, was Clinton ' s Miss Hospitality 1979, Miss Clinton 1978 and the fourth alternate to Miss University 1980. This blonde haired beauty is known not only for her good looks, but for her brains as well. A 4.0 pre- med major. Debbie has been accepted to the Uni- versity of Mississippi Medical School for next fall and will specialize in pediatrics. She is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the American Chemical Society and is secretary of Sigma Tau Delta. In her spare time Debbie plays the piano, sings, and does needlework. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Tullos. - MOM Bcniliful 265 BEAUTY Sherron Smith Sherron, a pre-law major from Corinth, Miss., is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. She enjoys tennis, singing, ballet and playing the piano. Besides being an Ole Miss beauty, Sherron was Miss Corinth 1980, a top ten finalist in Miss Mississippi 1980, Miss National Teenager 1980 and 1981 USO Tour Entertainer. On campus Sherron participates in Junior Panhellenic, the Com- mittee of 100 and the Modeling Board. Sherron plans to attend law school and is the daughter of Judge and Mrs. Neal Biggers, Jr. 266 Dram BEAUTY Sarah Mullins Sarah, a senior from Mendenhall, Miss., likes to spend her time singing, dancing, drawing and meeting new and interesting peo- ple. This beautiful Kappa Delta is a journalism radio and televi- son major and plans to either pursue a career in television broad- casting or work on her graduate degree. Sarah is a Kappa Alpha little sister and the hostess for the " Women Aware ' ' program on university television. She was also Mendenhall ' s Miss Hospitality 1979, Miss College and the first alternate to Miss Mississippi Farm Bureau. Sarah was also an Ole Miss Homecoming Maid. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Mullins. - r.uty 267 BEAUTY Jeanene Petkovsek Lovely Jeanene Petkovsek is a senior education major from Natchez, MS. She is presently practic- ing teaching in Tale County. When Jeanene is not busy with her students, she enjoys guiding tour groups through the Natchez Pilgrimage, cooking, doing needlework, and scouting the various anti- que shops and craft fairs in the area. A member of Phi Mu Sorority, Jeanene ' ' s favorite pastime is meeting people, which makes it clear why she is currently Natchez ' s Miss Hospitality and was the first alternate in the state pageant. She was also named to the Top Ten Best Dressed list this year. Jeanene is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Petkovsek. - 268 Briuty BEAUTY Cam i lie Thomas Beautiful Camille. a freshman from Jackson. Miss., is a fashion merchandising major who plans to pursue a career in modeling. A member of Phi Mu Sorority, Camille was chosen Pike little sister, Pike Calendar Girl and Cover Girl and has appeared on the cover of Jackson Magazine. Camille enjoys being a member of the Ole Miss Modeling Board, playing tennis, waterskiing, and racquetball. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Thomas, f - Brnm 269 A native of Memphis, Term., Wendy rep- resents Ole Miss well with her warm and out- going personality. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Shumake. Wendy is majoring in journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. She is also minoring in music which makes it easy to see why Wendy was chosen not only the talent winner of the Miss University Pageant, but also Miss Uni- versity of 1980. This Delta Gamma is also active in many organizations on campus such as Pike little sisters, Rebel Recruiters, and the Daily Mississippian staff. After graduation, Wendy hopes to find work in a Public Relations position. -4 MISS UNIVERSITY Wendy Shumake 270 M,, HOMECOMING X.TMH 3W LISA ALEXANDER CLARA BIBBS BECKY BUSH BRENDA BYERS DEE DEMON KAREN HEELER HEIDI NEUMAN SUSAN MISITA Queen Suzanne Chaney Suzanne, an administrative services major from Louisville, Miss., served as an Ole Miss Cheerleader for two years and was a member of the Ole Miss Ambassadors. She also participates in the Committee of 100, the Student Alumni Council, Kappa Alpha Little Sister, son- gleader for her sorority. Delta, Delta, Delta, and was honored last year as a Campus Favorite. All of these qualifications coupled with her win- ning smile make her a very deserving Homecoming Queen. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaney. - ELO1SE NORWOOD TRICIA TOLER tudentsare the only people who can breathe life into a college campus, and students are responsible for giving Ole Miss her personality, her spirit, her charm, and her way of thinking. Her past, present, and future are determined by the students, and thanks to them, Ole Miss lives in a style unmatched by any other school. Each new year brings a changing of the guard, but each year witnesses the traditional products - success, achievement, victory, pride. Students owe their memories to Ole Miss, but Ole Miss owes her greatness and her fame to her students, the people who make her live. A _i . J. Advertisements reeks F SHST CKS AGAIN ? 274 Crk MARTHA SMITHSON, editor Julianne Batille, assistant Eleanor Gill, assistant Panhellenic Black Panhellenic Interfraternitv Council Fraternity Sweethearts Sororities and Fraternities 276 278 280 282 286 PANHELLENIC The Panhellenic Council strives for the advancement and unification of all Greek sororities. On cam- pus, the Ole Miss Panhellenic is the body which governs over all sorority members. Panhellenic, together with the Interfraternity Council, sponsors Greek Week each year to promote good relations within the Greek system. This year, Panhellenic held a Street Party to add to our Homecoming festivi- ties. Panhellenic also oversees Formal Rush in the fall and has just established a fourth rush party which will be in effect next year. Panhellenic serves the public as well as the students. This year Panhellenic adopted the Baddeur Cen- ter in Senatobia as its permanent philanthropy. The Baddeur Center is also a Mississippi Philanthropy and is the home for the mildly retarded adults. - 276 l.KimEble 2. Hertnine McLarty 3. Margaret Hodges 4. Dr. Trott advisor 5. Nell King 6. Cathy Patterson 7. Tracie Gerrard 8. Judy Bickerstaff 9. Maria Martinez 10. Lydia Wilbanks 1 1. Beth Jackson 12. Eleanor Winter 13. Jan Drewry 14. Leigh Lovett 15. Melissa Walker 16. Debbie Bowers 17. Lisa Terracina 18. Laurie Kennedy 19. Jane Evans 20. Mary Yerger 21. Emily Harrison 22. Karan Benton 23. Vickie Wills 24. Kristie King 25. Joni Jane Diaz 26. Missie Roche 27. Becky Davant 28. Dee Graff 29. Kim Eble PANHELLEMC PRESIDENT Leigh Lovett KKF AAII Mary Abbott Kim Eble Dee Graff Milleigh Hubbard Kristie King Vickie Wills Judy Bickerstaff Jane Evans Laurie Kennedy XQ VICE PRESIDENT Eleanor Winter AAA AAA Karan Benton Tracie Cerrard Beth Jackson AF Patrice Parks Sonya Rogers Lydia Wilbanks KA6 Melody Marks Desiree Petitjean Cathy Price SECRETARY Mary Yerger XQ KA Nell King Marta Martinez Cathy Patterson KKF Tuddy Abel Quinn Cooper Hermine McLarty Jan Drewry Felicia Robito Melissa Walker TREASURER Debbie Bowers $M Margaret Hodges Debbie Sharp Lisa Terracina ZTA Becky Davant Joni Jane Diaz Missie Roche Leigh Lovett Eleanor Winter Mary Yerger Debbie Bowers 277 BLACK PANHELLENIC The UM-NPHC is composed of five of the historically Black Greek organizations at the University of Mississippi: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. The purpose of the organizations is to create and promote cooperation and unity among Greek organizations, to promote higher stand- ards of scholarship, a greater degree of culture, closer social fellowship and a stronger college spirit among affiliate members. UM-NPHC works to coordinate projects and programs thereby promoting a greater unity in inter-fraternal relationships. This year the organization sponsored a clothes drive for needy families in the community and held a dance to collect canned goods for needy families. Jt A President Nellie Pettis Vice-President Alvin Robertson Secretary-Treasurer Robbie Morganfield Calendar Keeper Jerone Smith Parliamentarian Alfreda Matthews AKA BLACK PANHELLENIC ROLL Gloria Martin Alfreda Matthews Dexter Foster Robbie Morganfield Jerone Smith Alvin Robertson Ollie Brunt Carolyn Evans Nellie Pettis 1 . Alvin Robertson 2. Dexter Foster 3. Carolyn Evans 4. Robbie Morganfield 5. Jerone Smith 6. Alfreda Matthews 7. Ollie Brunt 8. Nellie Pettis 9. Gloria Martin 278 179 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The University of Mississippi Interfraternity Council is the central organization of the social fraternities on the Ole Miss campus. Composed of two representatives from every fraternity, the IFC works toward better- ing relations among Greeks. The purpose of the organization is to advance the better interests of the fraternities in connection with the general wel- fare of the student body as a whole. Another aspect of the IFC is its authority to exercise governmental control over fraternity actions. The three major yearly projects of the IFC are sponsoring Greek Week in the spring with Panhellenic, conducting Formal Fraternity Rush Week in the fall, and publishing the IFC Rush Book. The IFC also works with the Order of Omega and Panhellenic in having social functions and grants a scholarship to the IFC Campus Model Pledge amounting to one-half of his sophomore year in-state tuition, jf - Recording Secretary Bill Holcomb President Mike Landess Corresponding Secretary Phillip Baker 280 initrfr.umiiy Council Vice President Prinlz Bolin Treasurer Alan Moak IFC ROLL PRESIDENT Mike Landess VICE PRESIDENT Printz Hnlin SECRETARIES Bill Holcomb, Phillip Baker TREASURER Alan Moak ATQ Chuck Barry Craig Lovell KA Steve Earnest Doug M t i-ii ht-ni $KT Roy Young Charlie Duffy ZAE Gary Cirilli Jim Neeld een Randy Boyles Jeff Young K2 Steve Pilgrim Steve Hall $K0 Randy Pang Richard Lutz 2X Sidney Mashburn Doug McDaniel X David Spear Lauren Wiseman $A0 Bill Holcomb Roy Furrh IIKA Hez Hollingsworth Tom Bat 2N Printz Bolin Robert Phillips A Phillip Azordegan Sai Ireland K Rush Mosby Martin Dunagin ILK Harold Brinkly Paul Worthy ZBT Paul Johnston Robert Carney 1. Hez Hollingsworth 2. Rush Mosby 3. Robert Phillips 4. Doug McDaniels 5. Doug Altenbern 6. Steve Earnest 7. Steve Hall 8. Tom Bat 9. Sai Ireland 10. Alan Moak 1 1 . Robert Carney 12. Phillip Azordegan 13. Martin Dunagin 14. Sidney Mashburn 15. Jeff Young 16. Randy Boyles 17. Scott Phillips 18. Steve Pilgrim 19. Printz Bolin 20. Roy Furrh 21. Mike Landess 281 Jlpka ff ettu rJLnnn towze 9 9 ' E.ela Beta Wail, er ra ter nit u mt u fjickeritaff mr Bela Bush J- rat emit ?- w jiama flu Ljinger l eazeu t heart $ na .1 au Jmeqa UcLi 283 J aa 6t pp J appa Ot ma f- aula f- owelt J aa .I pp aw tor X V 281 Ve,ell fjeta l Aanet Juixon (Lmily Ljilleylen ma Cni oLambert 285 ALPHA DELTA PI lions . . . Diamond Ball . . . " ADPi Men and Bob too " . . . azure blue and white . . . Pledge Formal . . . Ronald McDonald Houses . . . Wonder Active . . . " we live for each other " . . . " That ' s nice! " President Dee Graff Vice President Hilda Welsch Secretary Gayle Burch Treasurer Suzanne Avery 1. Suzanne Avery 2. Desha Bennett 3. Kristi Rankin 4. Anna Norwood 5. Lynn Clark 6. Stephanie Proffer 7. Jennifer Fewell 8. Kim Eble 9. Leslie Ragland 10. Susan Field ll.Kathy Wicker 12. Lisa Ferguson 13. Joanne McHugh 14. Kim Psanos 15. Kathy Potts 16. Susan Brown 17. Lisa Posey 18. Michelle Stark 19. Melissa Turnley 20. Marketta McAtee 2 1 . Bonnie Putman 22. Becky Steinrede 23. Teresa Turner 24. Sandra Bell 25. Ginger White 26. Carolyn Kassell 27. Beth Candler 28. Julie Chaff in 29. Candy Reed 30. Sherry Moss 3 1 . Lee Ann Murray 32. Christy Bannon 33. Marianne Robertson 34. Diane Crowell 35. Cindy Grey 36. Robin Watson 37. Allison Goss 38. Kate Asbury 39. Tania Schmid 40. Jenny McNeilly 41. Frances Rushton 42. Rita Gollihue 43. Jeannie Julich 44. Lorie Hudson 45. Paige Kosack 46. Angela Drummond 47. Candace Couch 48. Tania Greenwood 49. Lara Odum 50. Sheri Mclntyre 51. Beth Bennett 52. Kathy Langford 53. Cynthia Grant 54. Debbie Fowler 55. Beth Johnson 56. Barbara Mundin 57. Monique McCool 58. Laurie Heavey 59. Beverly Hardin 60. Hilda Welch 61. Ginger Mathis 62. Jane Tyler 63. Vickie Anderson 64. Stacy Fulton 65. Kim McDougal 66. Cindy Alvis 67. Maria Andy 68. Margaret Thurber 69. Jonelle Anthony 70. Charlotte Lowery 7 1 . Susan Fox 72. Susan Vanderburg 73. Andrea Malinowski 74. Lynn Markley 75. Diane Emfinger 76. Suzanne Welch 77. Dee Graff 78. Lisa Carver 79. Melissa Kinney 80. Brenda Hayes 81. Ann Schmidt 82. Carol McKee 83. Lynn Tally 84. Jill Arrington 85. Mary Billings 86. Holly Holland 87. Terri Watkins 88. Kathy Adams 89. Mary Abbott 90. Laura Bucy 91. Melanie Landrum 92. Melanie Pitman 93. Karen Welch 94. Alisa Pope 95. Sonya Shepard 96. Cheryl Miller 97. Ronda Jackson 98. Gloria Graham 99. Claire Hathcock 100. Tracy Holiday 101. LisaMiley 102. Laura Hayes 103. Sherry Chaffin 104. Lisa Judd 105. Fran Glasgow 106. Susan Crass ALPHA OMICRON PI red rose . . . Mama Scale . . . pancake breakfast . . . Rose Ball . . . National Arthritis Association rose buddies . . . houseboy picnic at Sardis . . . red and white . . . Alpha Week President Kristie King Vice President Karen Mazzanti Recording Secretary Virginia Hollabough Corresponding Secretary Denise Southerland Treasurer Kathy Young 1. Kate Bethany 2. Susan Weber 3. Janet Arnold 4. Donna Eidt 5. Sue Krister 6. Karen Rueggar 7. Audrey Graham 8. Rita Johnson 9. Lu Ann Jordan 10. Connie McCarley 1 1 . Allison Balducci 12. Brenda Wilson 13. Mitzie Pullen 14. Mary Jo Harlin 15. Wanda Chamberlin 16. Donna Harris 17. Becky House 18. Paula Risher 19. Sandra Myers 20. Ruth Ingram 21. Judy Thompson 22. Helen Leggett 23. Vickie Wells 24. Jana Phillips 25. Virginia Hollabough 26. Gina Morrisey 27. Lourie Stokes 28. Dianna Massie 29. Connie Massie 30. Cindy Ferrell 3 1 . Donna Howell 32. Cheri Hampton 33. Joy Alkred 34. Suzette Floyd 35. Lynn Alverado 36. Ellen Sumner 37. Diane Amos 38. Kathryn Shoaf 39. Cary Randolph 40. Kathy Galvin 41. Suzanne Ferrell 42. Lisa Blakely 43. Kathy Young 44. Paula Jones 45. Renon Varnell 46. Cathy Patterson 47. Jody Zahn 48. Lelia Graf 49. Vickie Hammack 50. Pam McCluskey 5 1 . Laurie Golden 52. Tory Robertson 53. Regina Beech 54. Vickie Harley 55. Carol Stewart 56. Wynn Wobrecht 57. Drenda Smeltzer 58. Kathy Klees 59. Tish Holloway 60. Deborah Darnell 61. Carol Smith 62. Kathryn Holden 63. Melanie Stewart 64. Libba Reid 65. Angela Tobertson 66. Elizabeth Martin 67. Laura Hogan 68. Deena Deenie 69. Laura Smith 70. Nancy Nickly 71. Kristie King 72. Phyllis Turnage 73. Dana Dallosta 74. Karen Mazzanti 75. Cynthia Cole 76. Rosalyn Maulden 77. Karen Ellzey 78. Debra Porter 79. Tanya McCain 80. Hunter Stewart 81. Jamie Penny 82. INancy Finerty 83. Cindy Ross 84. LaNelle Leggett 85. Donna Smith 86. Ann Shofner 87. Lisa Ikerd 88. Debbie Cranfield 89. Leslie Pender 90. Cindy Bowells 91. Kendall Overton 92. Pam Lyons 93. Milleigh Hubbard 94. Laurie Williams 95. Denise Southerland 96. Laura Lea Yearout 97. Cindy Allen 98. Margaret Johnson 99. Jamie Crain 100. Mary Hentz 101. Catherine Martin 102. Kris McConnell 103. Carrie Sanders 104. Debbie Duncan 105. Susan Partridge 106. Debbie Nader 107-113. Houseboys AOTT ALPHA PHI ALPHA black and gold . Cornell University 1906 . . . University of Mississippi - 7978 . . . " We are first of all, sen-ants of all, and we shall transcend all . . . State Chapter of the Year 1980 President Roy McCee Vice President Timothy Matthews Secretary Ronald Henry Treasurer Hylon Oliver 1. Jimmy Williams 2. Dexter Foster 3. Ricardo Hawkins 4. Jerry DeLoach 5. Robbie Morganfield 6. Ronnie Wiley 7. Jerry Gentry 8. Norman Seawright 9. Tyrone Bates 10. Craig Weeks 1 1 . Eddie Johnson 12. Cus Crittle 13. Sebastian Murray 14. Anthony Grace 15. Willie Spurlock 16. Bernard Lloyd 17. Levi Hi H i in- 18. Ronald Henry 19. Roy McGee 20. Timothy Matthews 21. Hylon Oliver " ALPHA TAU OMEGA New Orleans Super Formal . . . Otis . . . old house ghost . . . croquet . . . " Shorty, Mary, and Liz ' Mole Valley . . . the seven . . . " Let ' s Roll " . . . hat parties . . . 9 11 65 President William Lovell Vice President Ricky Click Secretary Barry Dixon Treasurer David Terreson N 1 . Chris Henderson 2. Ronnie Bishop 3. Tim Carter 4. Homer Carvan 5. Lee Watt 6. David Terreson 7. Ricky Click 8. Glen Stone 9. Chris Cianciola 10. William Hooper 1 1 . Demon Berry 12. Andy Sawyer IS.WHFyfe 1 4. Chuck Barry 15. KelLong 16. Jay Roper 17-JeffYates 18. Ray Scribner 19. Steve Gregory 20. Wes Dean 2 I.John Ellis 22. Craig Cagle 23. Fletcher Law 24. Jamie Hpwell 25. Dale Logan 26. Craig Lovell 27. Rex Howell 28. Paul Grass 29. Ralph Chapman 30. Lee Drake 31. James Hoffman 32. Rick Hemenway 33. Jay Chain 34. Steve Farnsworth 35. Tal Bridges 36. Kelly McGuire 37. Rich Sturgill 38. Darryl Roberts 39. Rex Brown 40. John Warner 41. Richard Fyfe 42. David Roberts 43. Jim Cook 44. Kirk Kimes 45. Scott Oliver 46. Patrick Booth 47. Mark Garrison 48. Matt Parham 49. Craig Simmons 50. Jeff Warden 51. Jeff Lacey 52. William Lovell 53. Bo Chatham 54. Malcum Uffelman 55. Louie Riddick 56. Sid Seal 57. Mark Van Doren 58. Sid Lambert 59. Charlie Munn 60. Andy Jones 61. Donnie Presley 62. Shuler Griffin 63. Danny Reynolds 64. Chuck Nickolson 65. David Abraham 66. Mike Nabors 67. George McCaughan 68. Vaughn Crawford 69. Steve Lewis 70. Mark Mooneyhan 7 I.Mike Hall 72. Allan Treadway 73. Kavin Finley 74. Barry Bertolet 75. Joe Bogdaan 76. Jack Harper 77. Keith Bradford 78. Dillard Featherston 79. David Woolf r " - 292 ALPHA TAU OMEGA . ' - r 293 BETA THETA PI dragon . . . Vision Track 4 ... Mighty Majors . . . the Low Riders . . . " You Big Dog " . . . turf room . " Fourth and long punt date " . . . big moon . . . Uncle Earl . . . skyhook . . . Big " C " President Charles Marchbanks Vice President Bart Wallace Corresponding Secretary Steve Terry Recording Secretary Chuck Moore Treasurer Mitch Forrester 1 . Jimmy Sherman 2. Mike Campanova 3. Joe Azar 4. Mike Dugan 5. Marlon Duff 6. Donny Taylor 7. Tommy Lee 8. John Fewell 9. John Percy 10. Craig Leathers 1 1 . Gary Doster 12. MacFennell 13. Ted Wetherford 14. Mike Pohle 15. Steve Boyanton 16. Scott Kendricks 17. Bruce Taylor 18. Mitch Forestor 19. Bob Kirksey 20. Stacy Wall 2 1 . Bob Bichardson 22. Scott Cordon 23. David Quinn 24. Jeff Butland 25. Larry Bussell 26. Jeff Stewart 27. John Graham 28. Mark Christenson 29. Phil Jones 30. Ken Wright 31. Danny Smith 32. Chassie Harbour 33. George Menhel 34. Jimmy Rea 35. William Durant 36. Jeff Young 37. Steve Shanner 38. Charles Marchbanks 39. Steve Quirconi 40. Emett Crossland 41. Mark Slinkard 42. Tony Christopher 43. Warren Backer 44. Brad Clasgens 45. David Carter 46. Eric Chamberlain 47. Joel Cunningham 48. Sammy Kendricks 49. Todd Ferguson 50. Bob Bennett 51. David Henry 52. David Eidt 53. Kelly Clark 54. Art Shirley 55. Kenny Hanks 56. Charlie Westmoreland 57. Sammy Shute 58. Ricky Burson 59. David Burns 60. Mike House 61. Woody Farriss 62. Greg Ross 63. Greg Bates 64. Brad Miller 65. Steve Castleman 66. Larry Voss 67. Andy Yarbrough 68. Walter Swanner 69. Kirk Chamberlain 70. Bart Dickinson 7 I.David Smith 72. Jim Shute 73. Jim Champion 74. John Henson 75. Stark Harbour 76. John Glenn 77. Jimmy Bethea 78. Chuck Moore 79. Twine Burns 80. J. Montavaln HI. Joe; Katool 82. Randy Boyles 83. String Burns 84. Chet Eselin 85. Mike Wamble 86. Bart Wallace 87. Bill Kirksey 88. Tim McCreary 89. Mike Burnett 295 CHI OMEGA owl pals . . . cardinal and straw . . . Wee Wise Owls . . . M M ' s . . . carol-a-thon run-a-thon . . . owls . . . Chinese yo-yo . . . Heart Fund . . . " Backstroke " . . . " FLUSH! " . . . President Laurie Kennedy Vice-President Ann Fortenberry Secretary Donna Ballard Treasurer I Melinda Harris Treasurer II Ev McKay 1 . Mary Latta Fowlkes 2. Norma Flora 3. Townsend Boyce 4. Donna Ballard 5. Dara Deaton 6. Susan Bee 7. Julie Critchlow 8. Ellen Davis 9. Dee Sippel 10. Alison Graham 1 1 . Cissy Primos 12. Kim King 13. Sally Crutcher 14. Gwyn Thomas 15. Barbie Lawnin 16. Nina Quinn 17. Debra Simpson 18. Emily Harmon 19. Allison Hopton 20. Lauren Luckett 2 I.Becky Bush 22. Logan Peterson 23. Karen Stevenson 24. Annabelle Brady 25. Lou Howell 26. Andrea Cabell 27. Holly II. .man 28. Camille Henick 29. Jennifer Schafer 30. Katherine Madden 3 I.Laura Ball 32. Cindy Thomas 33. Leslie Lanier 34. Barbara Brashier 35. Deveaux Donnely 36. Jane Evans 37. Melody White 38. Lisa Foote 39. Mary Samuelson 40. Kristi Coffman 41. Laura Berlin 42. Laurie Farrington 43. Lucy Lord 44. Lark Luckett 45. Melanie Henick 46. Monet Bourgeois 47. Melissa Lavender 48. Judy Bickerstaff 49. Stacie Smith 50. Julia Bryant 51. JoBelle Smith 52. Victoria Blackburn 53. Sarah Wellons 54. Midge Cagle 55. Susan Harwell 56. Amee Fouche 57. Wesla Sullivan 58. Patricia Thomas 59. Lynn Simmons 60. Lynn Collins 61. Becky Smitheal 62. Beth Lucas 63. Evie Moore 64. Lynn Hardage 65. Margo Doss 66. Jamie Shackelford 67. Susan Thompson 68. Ev McKay 69. Bonnie Vaughn 70. Gail Crosthwait 7 1 . Mary Tucker Moore 72. Katrina Elly 73. Melanie Owens 74. Laurie Wooley 75. Missy Mims 76. May May Primos 77. Barrett Carroll 78. Ann Birdwell 79. Angie Sears 80. Heidi Hopkins 81. Holly Huggins 82. Wynn McNamee 83. Kelly Guider 84. Kay Lawrence 85. Mildred Harris 86. Laura Stewart 87. Elizabeth Howard 88. Margaret Ray 89. Susan Roach 90. Dawn Noblin 9 I.Tracy McCollum 92. Katie Wood 93. Sally Grantham 94. Kim Pruett 95. INancy Mae Davis 96. Martha Myers 97. Ginger Veazey 98. Emily Phillips 99. Allison Sperry 100. Perry Eaton 101. Sara Kendall 102. Celia Speed 103. Frances Crenshaw 104. Darlene Soldevila 105. Jeanne Phillips 106. Diane Hayes 107. Cindy Galloway 108. Elizabeth Taylor 109. Laurie Kennedy 110. Ashley Creekmore 111. Ann Fortenberry 112. Liz Bowman 1 13. Melissa Baxter 114. Melinda Harris j r. r 3 ! CHI PSI LODGE CHI PSI purple and gold . . . " It ' s a lodge, not a house " . . . formal in Florida . . . Happy Hour at the Gin punting class . . .first frat house in USA . . . sixth oldest national fraternity President John Seckman Vice President Meredith Walker Secretary Gerald Reihsen Treasurer David Spear 1 . Henry Higgs 2. Todd Morris 3. David Shepard 4. Scott Vanderburg 5. Edgar Hoover 6. Charlie Manson T.CliffRawls 8. Lauren Wiseman 9.RichChenette 1 . Mike Gunner 11. Wade Vaughn 12. Ted Schmidt 13. John Smith 14. Craig Gilchrest 15. Mark Mead 16. David Watson 1 7 . Andy Anderson 18. Jimmy Lamb 1 9 . Dan Turner 20. Tim Weeks 21.RudyKoski 22.ChrisCullem 2 3 . Richard Caron 24. Who Knows? 25. Keith Wiseman 26. Jeff Altimier 2 7 . David Spear 2 8. Mike Graves 2 9. David Mead 3 O.Guy Campbell 3 1 . Craig Johnson 3 2. Ash Call 3 3 . Jimmy Peacock 34. Bill Holy field 35. Mark Hoover 36. Mike Coggins 37. Robert Hopson 38. Mark Miksa 3 9. Buck Cox 40. Tom Growney 4 1 . David Young 42. Robe rt Kyle 43.Jeff Zahn 44. Jerry Reihsen 45. John Seckman 46. Robert Tettleton 47. Joe Ray 48. Gene Hoover 49.MikePigott 50. Pat McNulty DELTA DELTA DELTA Secret Delta Pal . . . Spaghetti Supper . . . " Delta Love " . . . probation party . . . Triple D Ranch . silver, gold, and blue . . . Western Party ... St. Jude . . . pansy, pearl, pine . . . President Beth Jackson Vice President Lynn Bellenger Secretary Olive Home Treasurer Pam Cain 1. Lucy Harris 2. Kate Aaron 3. Susan McMullen 4. Beth Barnes 5. Donna O ' Connell 6. Jody Veil 7. Donna Lillard 8. Shelly Stefonic 9. Lisa Williams 10. Elaine Schmeisser 1 1 . Kathleen Murray 12. Tara Odom 13. Vicki Throgmorton 14. Mitzi Warren 15. Leigh Phelps 16. Olive Home 1 7. Belle Crowe 18. Fran Askew 19. Lynn Belinger 20. Sally McClawn 2 I.Kendall Smith 22. Sherry Rowan 23. Sarah Miller 24. Melanie Fields 25. Laura Lee 26. Tricia Allen 27. Edna Connell 28. De De Hector 29. Julie Forshee 30. Dabney Stack 3 I.Beth Barrett 32. Melanie Hixon 33. Lisa Ball 34. Story Stamm 35. Norma Maynard 36. Lisa Lauderdale 37. Lindy Walters 38. Angela Corr 39. Stephanie Quirconi 40. Kendall King 41. Midge Jester 42. Fair Chambers 43. Margaret Deavours 44. Lee Ann Patterson 45. Leigh Deen 46. Liz Rowan 47. Lisa Garner 48. Ann Mahoney 49. Cynthia Box 50. Adrienne Bass 5 1 . Tineke Low 52. Pam Cain 53. Eleanor Winter 54. Tracy Gerrard 55. Beth Weldy 56. Mary Roberts 57. Debbie Cobb 58. Susan Yandell 59. Lauren Ross 60. Mindy Boothe 61. Mary Martha Meena 62. Rosie Adams 63. Tracy Hanks 64. Sally Fowler 65. Lisa Alexander 66. Caroline Pringle 67. Kendra Wise 68. Margaret Anne Ruff 69. Maury McCurdy 70. Robin Cochran 7 I.Cathy White 72. Maggie Tatum 73. Nancy Tatum 74. Daphney Parker 75. Leslie Andrews 76. Tina Stuart 77. Leslie Deddens 78. Amy Collins 79. Carole Taylor 80. Penny Parker 8 I.Emily Elder 82. Lisa Fredrick 83. Leisa Tiller y 84. Nancy Leake 85. Veazy Gully 86. Pattie Hart 87. Kilby Moore 88. Mimi Hopkins 89. Angela Roberts 90. Nancy McCord 91.BethNordan 92. Allyson Furr 93. Louann Lowery 94. Ann Riley 95. Mitzi Butler 96. Jane Herrin 97. Caroline Cook 98. Marcia Forrester 99. Tricia Toler 100. Laurie Douglas 101. Kathleen Hixon 102. Annette Rand 103. Kelly Shook 104. Leslie Weatherly 105. Pam Williams 106. Karen Collins 107. Beth Jackson 108 . Susan Travis 109. Karen Mathis 110. Meg Elliot 11 I.Christy Taylor 112. Tracy Horin 113. Dianne Hudgins 1 14. Lyn Heard 115. Trish Townsend 116. Marion Buchanan 117. Lisa Pierce 118. Frances Powell 1 19. Allison Todd 120. Clair Griff is 121. Betty Lynn Howze .; 302 DELTA GAMMA anchor . . . " the Suprimes " . . . Pandora ' s biscuits . . . househoy entertainment . . . Scholarship Ban- quet . . . Raggedy Ann . . . Hawaiian Party . . . hot fudge pie . . . Junior-Senior Banquet . . . Mary, Eva, Anna . . . President Sonya Rogers Vice President Allison Brown Recording Secretary Jeanne Phillips Corresponding Secretary Emily Harrison Treasurer Pamela Prather 1 . Lucy Schneller 2. Cai Reed 3. Ann Linn 4. Lynn Williams 5. Jeanne Phillips 6. Diane Rodgers 7. Lisa Black 8. Lorri Williams 9. Lee Corban 10. SueShilan 1 1 . Edye Creenlee 12. Lou Ellen Davis 13. Ashley Miller 14. Mandy Castle 15. Lee Ann Burkitt 16. Lynn Kierspe 1 7. Whitney Waltman 18. Rathy Thompson 19. Cindy Vales 20. Melinda Waterloo 21. Ellen Bramlitt 22. Susan Wilson 23. Emily Boatwright 24. Lydia Wilbanks 25. Christy Colbert 26. Beth Powell 27. Mary Susan Callien 28. Emily Harrison 29. Toni McElroy 30. Connie Cox 31.MelanieJeliffe 32. Roy Anne Reed 33. Stephanie Feigler 34. Allison Brown 35. Teresa Bonds 36. DeEtte Murray 37. Donna Jennings 38. Alida Moore 39. Valeria Gore 40. Nancy McBride 41. Janice McCauley 42. Andee McGuffee 43. Janet Head 44. Anna Haney 45. Anne Marie Roy 46. Julie Wheeler 47. Lynn Fitch 48. Kimberly Macione 49. Kendall Dunn 50. Patricia Humphreys 51. Mari Lynn Hayes 52. Marilyn McCluskey 53. Jo Anne Sasser 54. Helen Hall 55. Julie Marchbanks 56. Alaine Anderson 57. Mary Morris 58. Beth Parkin 59. Lisa Mills 60. Sherron Smith 6 1 . Ellen Freeman 62. Kim Crenshaw 63. Judith Bradley 64. Lisa C. Brown 65. Tarn Taylor 66. Heather McCluskey 67. Dee Coker 68. Mindy Avers 69. Jamie Dupui 70. Sharon Story 71. Evelyn Young 72. Teri bakes 73. Louise Vaughan 74. Sharon Stevens 75. Karen Stevens 76. Kim Epting 77. Tammy Bolin 78. Karen Bell 79. Melody Crunk 80. Candy Main 81. Joni Stone 82. Hope Haynes 83. Cindy Purser 84. Pam Vaughan 85. Sue Ellen Carleton 86. Frances Jones 87. Claire Carleton 88. Jane Megehee 89. Betty Bat 90. Perrin Shumake 91. Diana Caldwell 92. Terri Downing 93. Suzanne Womble 94. Bobbin Robertson 95. Laura Guthrie 96. Laura Stovall 97. Elizabeth Barnes 98. Tricia Freeman 99. Cindy Kelly 100. Melanie Pierron 101. Angela Witt 102. Pamela Prather 103. Ann Parker 104. Lisa Marshall 105. Lynette Scarborough 106. Patrice Parks 107. Rebecca Sansing 107 A. Susan McMurchy 108. Lynn Spotts 109. Erin Follin 110. Mary Moore 111. Paula Hunter 1 12. Lynn Chain 1 13. Donna Pittman 1 14. Ann Denney 115. Jan Barnett 116. Sharon Dorgan 117. Tanya Miller 118. Ann Robinson 119. Mary McKay 120. Pam Powell 121. Sonya Rogers 122. Aven Pruelt 123-131.Houseboys DELTA PSI St. Anthony ' s Hall . . . Saints ' and Angels ' Ball . . . azure blue and gold . . . Delta Spies . . . 125th anni- versary . . . Spring Picnic . . . muscular distrophy . . . secretive President ? Vice President ? Secretary ? Treasurer ? I.Billy Rhodes 2. Tim Dater 3. Frank Hall 4. Robert Davis 5. Bob Smith 6. Pat Henley 7. David Tannehill 8. Gene Sheffield 9. Mrs. Hughes 10. Charles Coney 1 I. II ill lal,- 12. Brad Robinson 13. Jay Keller 14. Charles Morris 15. Charles Slavens 16. Phillippe Azordegan 17. Joey Gino 18. Craig Jackson 19. David Crane 20. Brig Sampson 2 I.Billy Shannon 22. Greg Kennedy 23. Jeff Travis 24. Vic Balch 25. Anthony Luthern Farese 26. Robbie Parish 27. Michael Wilkins 28. Randy Trevillion 29. Roger A. Moak 30. Kenton Johnson 31. Blake Donaldson 32. Vic Knight 33. Miller Brock 34. Bo Ray 35. Tony Snyder 36. Bobby Fischer 37. Larry White 38. David Daugherty 39. Pat McMurtray 40. Peter Francis 41. Dickie Williams 42. Richard Daniels 43. Andy Colbert 44. Eric Tillman 45. Ross Henley 46. Mark Roby 47. Steve Treutel 48. Randy Bishop 49. Jay Anthony 50. David Heath 5 I.Bill Wells 52. Buddy Taylor 53. Blane Bateman 54. Billy Rogers 55. Tim Carpenter 56. Sai Ireland 57. Rodney Richardson 58. Perry Path 59. Kemper Ehrhardt 60. Doug Hill ,tl kl 305 KAPPA ALPHA Rose Ball . . . Old South . . . Dixie . . . Cassino Night . . . Southern Belles . . . Boxers and Shades crimson and gold . . . magnolia . . . chivalry . . . Bahama Party President Phil Buffington Vice President Robert Neely Secretary Doug Altenbern Treasurer John Pearson Treasurer Derek Henderson 1 . Rob Lake 36. Bill Garner 7 I.Sid Moore 2. Crawford Dean 37. Donald Bernard 72. Ralph Sullivan 3. John Pearson 38. Brad Secrest 73. William Douglas 4. Newell Turner 39. Doug Ridgeway 74. Lant Cotten 5. John Dowdle 40. Drew Hillary 75. Ed Moore 6. Brad Rejabian 41. John Robertson 76. James Bond 7. Jimmy Colmer 42. Randy Adair 77. Glenn Cofield 8. Kyle Harris 43. Mark Higdon 78. Steve W hite 9. Jim Clark 44. Bubba Adcox 79. Scott Haguewood 10. Jimmy Kennedy 45. Jon Aills 80. Peter West 11. Shawn Sullivan 46. Benjy Bailey 81. Phillip Earwood 12. Barry Herron 47. Doug Goodwin 82. Tim Phillips 13. Dewayne Watts 48. Julian Erwin 83. Steve Bowles 14. Rick Kent 49. Bruce Plunkett 84. Michael Rajabian 15. John Champion 50. Pete Hayes 85. Jay Pearson 16. Mike Moves 51. John Driftmeyer 86. Bob Reed 1 7. Wavne Clark 52. Andrew Moak 87. John Munn 18. Phil Buffington 53. Fritz Anderson 88. Chip Sammons 19. Friley Davidson 54. Tommy W hite 89. Todd Miller 20. Darrel Hyde 55. Jerome Stuart 90. Robert Neely 21. Danny Humphreys 56. Paul Briscoe 91. Steve Bingham 22. Carl Walts 57. Johnny Neely 92. Bill Moore 23. Jack Aills 58. Bo Buehler 93. Mickey Crosby 24. Stu Wortham 59. Jim Angle 94. Lee Harrison 25. Joel Jolly 6O. Edgar Buchanan 95. Bobby Towery 26. Greg Barbour 61.AILuckey 96. Miller Crowe 27. Mike Kerce 62. Chuck Secrest 97. Mike McGee 28. Danny Story 63. Gil Davis 98. Steve Donosky 29. Hal Butler 64. Drew Arthur 99. Joey Buchanan 30. Rex Harvey 65. Nelson Pope 1OO. Doug Altenbern 3 1 . Paul Turner 66. Bruce Hillyer 101. Mike Riley 32. Blair Gordon 67. Ray Nalty 102. Mark Moore 33. Bill Primos 68. Ken McCarley 103. Jason Miller 34. Gary Pickering 69. Ricky Hentz 104. Brooks McKree 35. Eddie Baker 70. Charles Thomas KAPPA ALPHA THETA black and gold . . . pans . . . 1978-Ole Miss Kile Flight . . . pie throw . . . Mickey Mouse , , . Senior Roundup . . . The Gin Goodwill Party . . . pansy pal . . . Institute of Log ape dies . . . President Cathy Price Vice President Efficiency Margaret Bounds Recording Secretary Debbie Lundy Corresponding Secretary Helen Loftin Treasurer Martha File 1 . Kathy Saver 2. Anne Ward 3. Julie Wilson 4. Carolyn McDonald 5. Leigh Bumgardner 6. Sheryl Mi-Dill 7. Patti Kennedy 8. Tena Yeager 9. Elizabeth Cooke 10. Trudy True 1 1 . Laurie Mertz 12. Elizabeth Merrell 13. Sandy Shan nan 14. Cindy Myers 15. Corinne Peek 16. Fran McRee 17. Kay Brumfield 18. Tamiii) Brands 19. Laurie Weller 20. Laura Anderson 2 I.Helen Loftin 22. Melanie Fisher 23. Starwyn Strickland 24. Jessie Kelley 25. Leslyn Duckworth 26. Mary McNamare 27. Cathy Price 28. Annie Kingsland 29. Gay Loyacano 30. Jenny Kingsland 31. Desiree Petitjean 32. Lisa Con will 33. Cigi DeBord 34. Michelle Daschka 35. Carolyn Hancock 36. Lisa Williams 36a. Elaine Oastler 37. Doris Burns 38. King Harrison 39. Jane Locke 40. Melody Marks 4 1 . Margaret Bounds 42. Kathryn Wegener 43. Wendy Woodward 44. Lynn Petrie 45. Peggy Chapman 46. Suzanne Yeager 47. Leigh Harvey 48. Tomi Grain 49. Suzanne Woods 50. Janet Goforth 51. Kathryn Marrs 52. Carol Pleasant 53. Ann Everett 54. Janet Jones 55. Valerie Thompson 56. Jill Eskridge 57. Lelia Wallender 58. Sarah Sharp 59. Pam Manning 60. Cindy McComas 61. Ann True 62. Jera Lohrman i I . " - _- ' . .. mmm KAPPA DELTA Beach Party . . . " We Are Family " . . . turtles . . . Crush Party . . . Crippled Children ' Hospital nat ' l. officer risits . . . Hauniin Formal . . . magazine sales . . . 18 7 Farmrille. I ' A President Nell King Vice-President Martha Smithson Secretary Lucy Alverson Treasurer Carol Megehee Assistant Treasurer Leszlie Smith l.Cinny Walker 49. Sandy Bryant 96 . Cammie Cherry 2. Lilly Wexler 50. Karen Hopson 97 . Joan Galbraith 3. Meredith Schmieg 5 1 . Carrie Sue Rooks 98 . Teresa Watkins 4. Nancy Matthews 52. l -slie Glass 99. Ann Phillips 5. Kitty Pinkston 53. Jenny L instead 100 . Patti Hyde 6. Suzanne Corrv 54. Claire Roberts 101 . Tammy Harris 7. Debbie Warren 55. Beth Watson 102 . Leisha Prather 8. Stephanie Smiley 56. Randi Rat liff 103 . Leslie Cannon 9. Temple Boltin 57. Tamm Scott 104 . Sheryl Lord 10. Leslie Sumners 58. Nell King 105 . Cindy Dawson 1 1 . Mimi Topper 59. Elizabeth Rader 106 . Kim Davis 12. Lisa Parker 60. Lisa Frve 107 . Libba W inkier 1 3 . Kris Anderson 61. Bo Pollard 108 . Missv Treutel 14. Emily Payne 62. Jenny Wells 109 . Sally Mullins 15. Frances Hicks 63. Elise Barnes 110 . Chetlie l ancaster 16. Linda Williams 64. Debbie Sullivan 111 . Anne O ' Neil 17. Lauren Millette 65. Luct Alverson 112 . Anita Oliver 1 8. Lvnn Crews 66. Billye Jean Collum 113 . Leesa Ragland 19. Ruth Hughes 67. Kathy Edwards 114 . Cindy Witte 20. Melanie McMillan 68. Kay Stanley 115 . Carey Elliott 2 1 . Karen Majors 69. Marjoric Shaddock 116 . Brenda Davis 22. Cynthia Collum 70. Millie Nowell 117 . Dabney Martz 2 3. Charlotte Gastrell 7 1 . Diane Owens 118 . Vickie Fischer 24. Paula McConnell 72. Kristy Henry 119 . Ellen Steele 25. Warrine Trawick 73. Heard Butler 120 . Beth McClellan 26. Beth Dalton 74. Lisa Moody 121 . Jeannie Hogan 27. Amy Runtan 75. Melinda Sum ners 122 . Catherine Featherstone 28. Lisa Schoentag 76. Susan Evans 123 . Lynn Zubatuk 29. JanePinson 77. Susan Rhea 124 . Marsha Leech 30. Maidee Littleford 78. Julie Knudsen 125 . Suzanne Colingo 3 1 . Gregrie Holler 79. Donna Killilea 126 . Catherine Evans 32. Anna Halev 80. Angie Gillentine 127 . Jo Beth Mitchell 33. Elizabeth Bryant 81. KayCarnathan 128 . Cathy Patterson 34. Geirgianna Russell 82. Elinor Corley 129 . Lucy Wall 35. Donna Hall 83. Susan Byrum 130 . Mtirilia Smith-mi 36. Suzie Baker 84. Katherine Higgins 131 . Amy Finch 3 7 . Son ja Sessums 85.ShellieDav 132 . Diane Harlan 38. Rebecca Kremer 86. Pam Peden 133 . Cathy Wade 39. Terry Meneley 87. Phyllis Hendrix 134 . Bonnie Nevins 40. Jana Lord 88. Meg Graham 135 . Maria Martinez 4 I.Kim Allen 89. Melanie Brandt 136 . Julianne Batlaile 42. Carol Megehee 90. Shellv Stewart 137 . Cindy Germany 43. Sherry Gate 91. Lee Ann McKell 138 . Leigh Anne Roberts 44. Heidi Neuman 92. Becky Tillev 139 . Teresita V alker 45. Freda Robinson 93. Jennifer Clarke 140 . Margaret Burklr 46. Julie Belk 94. Kay Cook 141 . Allison Jones 47. Sherri Coolige 95. Joanna Corley 142 . Beth Stevens 48. Karen Hall KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA owls, keys, fleur-de-lis . . . light blue and dark blue . . . The Key . . . sapphire . . . Minerva . . . Give A Hand Award . . . Que Pasa? . . . Dance Marathon . . . Singing Valentines . . . Monmouth Duo . . . Muscular Dystrophy President Hermine McLarty First Vice President Teri Nixon Second Vice President Linda Smith Secretary Daffy Duncan Treasurer Elizabeth Bailey 1 . Shanon Crystal 2. Leslie Fuhrman 3. Margaret Parker 4. Beth Freeman 5. Vicki Hudson 6. Laurie Bishop 7. Leslie Davis 8. Ann Sutton 9. Melanie Scott 10. Jennifer Hiatt 1 1 . Jama Wade 12. Beth Wilder 13. Susan Thomason 14. Francine Russell 15. David Cantrell 16. Teri Nixon 17. Linda Smith 18. Vicki Benson 19. Debbie Peterson 20. Damaris Wilson 21.KathyKeuhn 22. Wendy Crawford 23. Angela Cure! 24. Jerri Ray 25. Scootie Jordan 26. Sharon Fedell 27. Julie Rhyne 28. Elizabeth Bailey 29. Robin Rader 30. Julie Butler 31. Cheryl Piercy 32. Teresa Moore 33. Cabrielle Cunter 34. Joe White 35. Cynthia Floyd 36. Kathy Polk 37. Allison Gregory 38. Hunter Spurrier 39. Joe Wiser 40. Priscilla Pruitt 41. Deborah Davis 42. May Robinson 43. Andrea A I corn 44. Yoby Vance 45. Janet Resta 46. Meg Gilmore 47. Sherri Meeks 48. Jerri Meeks 49. Leigh Lovett 50. Jamie Thompson 5 1 . Dodie Hamilton 52. Mary Helen Aldridge 53. Linda Ferguson 54. Karin Farquhar 55. Kathy Freeman 56. Wendy Asbury 57. Leslie Peters 58. Kay Sailer 59. Mollie Hamilton 60. Lisa Wictor 61. Maribeth Parsons 62. Amanda Berry 63. Deanne Dixon 64. Allison Cole 65. Susan Burke 66. Pat Goetz 67. Suzanne Stewart 68. Laura Caruthers 69. Nan Bernet 70. Kathy Hyde 7 1 . Laurie Shivelbine 72. Lea Fisher 73. Laura Tetley 74. Dinah Petree 75. Susan Hall 76. Joni Tharp 77. 1 esh Walls 78. Becca fiasco 79. Renee Hansborough 80. Hermine McLarty Sl.BethRandle 82. Tina Hatcher 83. Lindy Gary 84. Lori Mainous 85. Lucinda Spence 86. Becky Scarborough 87. Mama " C " 88. Jenni Brewer 89. Tuddy Abel 90. Billie Black 9 I.Jan Allen 92. Lisa Clark 93. Laurie Sheahan 94. Cecilia Clift 95. Ginger Jones 96. Jane Jeffcoat 97. Becky Benvenutti 98. Pam Gray 99. Eileen McGinley 100. Renee Hood lOl.CharlMcLain 102. Anne Atkins 103. Karen Kahler 104. Kelli Williams 105. Betsy Hood 106. Nancy Bledsoe 107. Sallie Read 108. Leslie Dennard 109. Ann Noel 110. Quinn Cooper 111. Carol Knox 112. Diane Peale 1 13. Edie Morgan 114. Joi Stepp 1 15. Peggy Wald 116. Teresa Turnage 117. Daffy Duncan 1 18. Rhonda Oliphant 1 19. Ginnie Piper 120. Lisa Crotchet 121. Julie Stewart 122. Cindy Grisham 123. Cindy Williams 124. Stephanie Williams 125. Lesley Pryor 126. Deena Buehl 127. Patty Rowling 128. Kim Gray 129. Ginger Tomlinson J KAPPA SIGMA South Sea Island . . . Col. Reb . . . Johnn Reb . . . Slardusters . . . 12. ' S Oxford Square Guys " . . . running for the line . . . Derilick Action . . . Faribelle . . . red, green, u-hite . " The Big President Tommy Scott Vice President Jack Shows Secretary Brent Hitdspeth Treasurer Allen Morris 1. Holland Henton 2. Terry Robinson 3. . ordy Redhead 4. Brett Thompson 5. Tim Vandell 6. Bill Baumhauer 7. Chuck Brown 8. David Jones 9. Blair Frankenburg 10. Tray Bradley ll.FredTull 12. Bruce Romine 13. Steve Favi 14. Joey Wheat 15. Randy 1iddleton 16. David Alford 17. John Henton 18. Kirk Farquhar 19. Neil White 20. Cordon Baker 2 1 . Colnel Gray 22. John Alexander 23. Donnie Young 21. Mark Johnson 25. Harry Park 26. Johnny Stevens 27. Jack Munition! 28. Jake Kyzar 29. Steve Hall 30. Chuck Marsh 31. Kent Luter 32. Jay Milligan 33. Stan Webster 34. David Peeples 35. Greg Burkes 36. Jon Sinopoli 37. Bill Ellison 38. John Spratley 39. Sessions Roland 40. Jeff Hubbard 41. JoeByrd 42. Lanark Lockard 43. Mike Johnson 44. David Galtney 45. Hugh Scott 46. Regan Mason 47. J. B. Holstein 48. Bill Harlan 49. Glen Evans 50. Armstrong Walters 51. Jake Searci 52. Clayton Wiseman 53. Dean Holleman 54. Eric Lmsted 55. Gordon Mountford 56. Jason Eklund 57. John While 58. Mike McClusky 59. Larry Ramsey 60. Al Williams 61. Mark Wiseman 62. Bill Brain 63. Frank Parker 64. John McManus 65. Robert Wilkinson 66. Mike Harlan 67. Johnny Nance 68. Van East 69. Mack Magee 70. Brent Hudspeth 71. Sel Kennedy 72. Tommy Scott 73. Jack Shows 74. Allen Morris 75. Scott Cunningham 76. Rickey Franklin 77. Trent Harvell 78. Steve Thimmes 79. Rick West 80. Jamie Unchurch 81. Steve Pilgrim 82. Dave May 83. Bill Taras 84. Hundley Elliotte 85. Mark McCormick 86. Philip Salemi 87. Ed Parker 88. Mike Varner 89. Sidney Mcalister 90. Phillip Baker 9 I.David Gould 92. Graham Kimbrough 93. Bart Redditt 94. John Bland 95. Phil Little 96. John Elliotte 97. Rusty Riley 98. Shad Bridge OMEGA PSI PHI " Friendship is essential li I hi- soul " . purple and gold . . . Si. J tide ' s Children ' s Hospital . . . John (Gilbert ( ' .ampbell Scholarship . I nited . V ro College Fund . . . First black fral In he formed on campus . . . onl black Jrat to ii ' in Greek Week President Bryant Calmes Vice President Eric Calmes Secretary John Freightman Treasurer Derrick Neal 1. Calvin Buchanan 2. Rovelle Thomas 3. Cecil Dowell 4. Phil Freighlman 5. Louis Jackson 6. Klston Turner 7. Amos Chase 8. Bryant Calmes 9. Jerone Smith 10. Eric Calmes 1 1 . Derrick INeal 12. Charles Brewer 13. Alvin Chase 14. Roosevelt Fenton 15. Freeman Webb ' T - PHI BETA SIGMA " Culture for service and service for humanity " . . . true blue and pure white ...Eta Beta Chapter 1980-81 . . 2 26 75 . " Our cause speeds on its way " . . . first black fraternity to have a house . . . Howard University President Curtis Brooks Vice President Donald Davenport Secretary Alvin Robertson Treasurer Albert Milliard 1. Dwight Harris 2. Tharnell Thomas 3. Curtis Brooks 4. Stan Mclntosh 5. Gary Anderson 6. Larry McN ' eal 7. Albert Milliard 8. Alvin Robertson PHI DELTA THETA Ivy League . . . Mardi Gras . . . blue and white . . . " Hey daddy That ' s cool! " M-4F Christmas Party . . . " Grand Ole Fr a- fraternity " . , . khaki-polo . . . Rose and Charles . . . no hot water President Mark Porter Vice President Bobby Leatherman Secretary Bo Elliott Treasurer Roy Furrh 1. Frank Meyer 2. Tucker Olander 3. Robert Lampion 4. Sam Corley 5. Troy Carnes 6. Jimmy Moss 7. Dale Soldevila 8. Charles White 9. Jimmy Nix 10. Rob Rlackmon 1 1. Mark Vaughn 12. Dicky Meena 13. Chris Scott 14. Curt Collins 15. Mike Corso 16. Doug Varney 17. Todd Harrison 18. George Hart 19. Bo Elliott 20. Tracy Waller 21. Kenny Criffis 22. Wilie McCaughan 23. Oby Rogers 24. Marcus Loflin 25. Joe Maxwell 26. Kip Carroll 27. Bobby Mounger 28. Mark Porter 29. Roy Furrh 30. Rich Ellison 31.MikePruitt 32. Baker Patton 33. Richard Benz 34. Donald Malatesta 35. Fleet Abston 36. Michael Cwin 37. Bill Holcomb 38. Bob Fugate 39. Creed Fox 40. Bobby Leatherman 41. Doug Fontaine 42. John Nordan 43. Dave Barnes 44. Mark Caraway 45. Abbott 46. Costello 47. Nick Merritt 48. Mark Crumpton 49. Gene Crick 50. Woody Sawyer 51. Cal Christian 52. Brad Huff 53. Mark Bradley 54. Jim Ridgeway 55. Bo Bourne 56. Dan Roach 57. Gray Mounger 58. Jay Cooke 59. Tommy Butler 60. John Cox 61. Larry Webb 62. William York 63. Jay Longmire 64. Joe Blackston 65. Chris Schmeisser 66. Patrick Singley ' 67. Dan Crumpton 68. Ricky Coppenex 69. Jeff Johnson 70. Charles Bowman 71. Steve Corso 72. Joe Klingen 73. Chris Portera 74. Robert Farris 75. William Weatherly 76. Sandy Sharp 77. Henry Flautt 78. Wallace Weatherly 79. Kevin Blonkvist 80. Richard Johnson 8 I.Bill Geary 82. Russell Williamson 83. Joe O ' Connor 84. Paul Mueller 85. Billy Taylor 86. Chess Johnson 87. Frank Leflore 88. Quinton Perry 89. David Hector 90. Rob Vincent 91. Scott Schneider 92. Dan Pruitt 93. Buddy Beach 94. Michael Stuart 95. Lee Joyner 96. John Cowart 97. Curt Grantham 98. Tale Watson 99. Aubrey Lucas 100. John Hickey 10 l.Russ Pruitt .- PHI KAPPA PSI Mai Tai Party . . . green and red . . . Mark Spitz . . . 1852-Jefferson College . . . Woodrow Wilson . Jacqueminot Rose Ball . . . the hog . . . Shrimp and COOT ' S . . . New Year ' s Eve Swap . . . Snow Party . up high . . .power President Robert Shaw Vice President Rush Mosby Corresponding Secretary Walter Ketchings Recording Secretary Nick Bragorgas Treasurer Martin Dunagin 1 . Bill Simmons 2. Jim Rodgers 3. Doug Amacker 4. Bill Ward 5. Rick Coogler 6. John Tolar 7. Gene Connick 8. Scott Born n 9. Scott Willhite 10. Scott Dockery 1 1 . Brent Southern 12. Cliff Thomas 13. Jody Brusca to 14. Lance Line 15. Darin Suddath 16. Brad Mallow 17. Bill Menden hall 18. Curt Underwood 19. Rush Mosby 20. Mark Simmons 2 I.Bill Schneller 22. Mike lupe 23. Rob Malone 24. Nick Nicola 25. Ben Williams 26. Barry West 27. Clay Dockery 28. Andrew Ketchings 29. Robert Shaw 30. Tommy McMillin 31. Kelly Aune 32. Lee White 33. Mark Carroll 34. Bill Austin 35. Danny Phillips 36. Jack Hill 37. Wayne Alexander 38. Martin Dunagin 39. Cliff Smith 40. Bob Kucker 41. Mickey Mennen 42. Steve Austin 43. John Dodd 44. John Branson 45. Steve Turnipseed 46. Mike Self 47. Mike Smith 48. Larry Allen 49. Darryl Oliver 50. Al Newton 31. Carl Slot land 52. Mitchell Mattingly 53. Jeff Skinner 54. Jody Hatcher 55. 56. Tim Walsh 57. Mrs. Maddoux 58. Mike Parr 59. Chandler Jordan 60. Greg Ellston 61. Scott Stevens 62. Mike Renfro 63. Jimmy Blackwood 64. Richard Wadsworth 65. Dennis Caddy 66. Ronnie Henderson 67. Nicholas Bragorgos 68. Lantz Foster 69. Alan Greer 70. Jay Meyers 7 I.Mike Sullivan 72. Barry Williams 73. Barry Pope 74. John Wells 75. Joe White 76. John Branson 323 PHI KAPPA TAU Wild West Weekend . . . Red Carnation Ball . . . harvard red and gold . . Little Sisters of Laurel President Fred Rand Vice Pres? J nt Ty Cobb Recording Secretary Bob Williams Corresponding Secretary Chuck Woodall Treasurer Matthew Moore 1. Roy Young 2. Paul Thomas 3. Steve Korte 4. Steve Hoague 5. Bob Bean 6. Rodney Robinson 7. Van Vanzant 8. Ted Kramar 9. Greg Shamoun 10. Fred Rand 11. Jeff Hare 12. Mark Cranford 13. Tod Rains 14. Joe Pardin 15. Andy Shram 16. RickVolland 17. Jim Can- lS. Michael Boy kin 19. Kent Smith 20. John Price 2 1 . Bryan Holstrum 22. Brad Calhoun 23. Tom Lindley 24. Billy Joe Johnston 25. Bob Smylie 26. Bill Messer 27. Terry Jones 28. Doug Robinson 29. Mark Estabrooke 30. Mark Kennedy 31. John May 32. Scott Trask 33. Mike Carlisle 34. Freddy Mannley 35. Mark Falkner 36. Marlin Womack 37. Ty Cobb 38. Ted Allen 39. Chuck Magee 40. Greg Wicktor 41. Louise Huddleston 42. Andy Johnson 43. Bob Williams 44. Chuck Woodall 45. Chris Halliwell 46. Robert Naylor 47. Charlie Duffey 48. John Dullaney 49. Mickey Meyers 50. David Cartwright 5 1 . Charles Lewis 52. Tim Tucker 53. Mike Meyers 54. Orlando Andy -t J PHI KAPPA THETA Spring Crazy Parly . . . red rose . . . cardinal purple, fold, and white . . . nightly arrival of TG ic io risifs our pledges . . . Bob Hope . . . Tony Tuna . . . Gumbo Co. -- " our second home " . ring icorm . . Red Rose Ball President Randy Pang Vice President Charlie Barnett Recording Secretary Mike Haley Corresponding Secretary Dabney Fontaine Treasurer Martin Valyo 1 . Gary Devane 2. Jimmy M. Reese 3. John H. Slockdale 4. Jeff Pounds 5. James P. Boyle 6. Patrick Flynn 7. Joe A. Savage 8. Greg Koenig 9. Randy Alan Pang 10. Michael S. Haley H.ToddDavies 12. Tony Maris 13. Martin Valyo 14. Robert Sweeney 15. Frank Mosley 16. Charles Barnett 17. Paul E. Hunt 18. Dabney Fontaine 19. Bill Jackson 20. Richard Lutz 21. Doug McGinley 22. Zeta PHIMU ladybugs . . . " You da one " ...the western Sizzlin ' Bull . . . rose and white . . . 1852 -Wesley an College . . . rose carnation ...Tab Attack . . . suggestion box... " Preppie like Amy Carter " . . . Georgia . . . Mama Deane President Margaret Hodges Vice President Nannette Stunner Recording Secretary Ann Harwell Corresponding Secretary Debbie Bowers Treasurer Jan Rainwater . Beth Humphries 2. Karen Tarbutton 3. Marianna Sellers 4. Kathy Parks 5. Vicki Doyle 6. Trisha Patterson 7. Sherry Hales 8. Ruth Martin 9. Ann Waters 10. Alisa Bowen 1 1 . Barbie Edwards 12. Lindy Root 13. Casey Hamilton 14. Judy Russell 1 5. Laurin Yuill 16. Leigh Pelle 17. Kathy Young 18. Julia Loftin 19. Jo Ann Carpenter 20. Rhodonna Goldman 2 1 . Marianne May 22. Beth Underwood 23. Kathy Dalrymple 24. Lib Wight 25. Leigh Potts 26. Carol Pannell 27. Lissa Andrews 28. Olive Ti rey 29. Deborah Green 30. Pam Lawrence 31. Amy Miller 32. Jan Stringer 33. Melissa Jones 34. Denise Lauderdale 35. Lisa Terracina 36. Gay Potts 37. Christy Jones 38. Ginny Brown 39. Jan Holland 40. Janet Graves 41. Lynn Stewart 42. Melinda Neely 43. Susie Doty 44. Lisa Wilkerson 45. Gaye Gould 46. Amy Lumpkin 47. Susan Barksdale 48. Kim Ward 49. Ann Roy 50. Gayle Tankersley 5 1 . Camille Thomas 52. Terry Clayton 53. Robin Duncan 54. Lisa Sullivan 55. Elizabeth Meadors 56. Pat Home 57. Sallie Ewing 58. Laura Hollis 59. Mary Dawkins 60. Mary Scott Rosser 61. Angela Lamb 62. Libby Duke 63. Caroline Hill 64. Gail Gilbert 65. Beth Blake 66. Susan Harper 67. Jacqueline Durant 68. Kim Hearon 69. Cathy Rowan 70. Jeanne Cirlot 7 I.Eleanor Gill 72. Donna Ray 73. Leslie Hodges 74. Leah Lindsey 75. Meredith Myers 76. Dana Malone 77. Jill Lummus 78. Betty Bell 79. Nannette Sumner 80. Kathy Capps 81. Mama Deanne 82. Anne Booth 83. Margaret Hodges 84. Kathy Godwin 85. Suzanne Ulmer 86. Lisa Stinson 87. Cindy Nix 88. Ann Harwell 89. Kathy Wilson 90. Jan Rainwater 91. Stephanie Hester 92. Dawn Welch 93. Jeanene Petkovsek 94. Toni Bertolet 95. Lisa Homan 96. Terri Haguewood 97. Tammy Tolbert 98. Tounia Swords 99. Paige Ames 100. Lisa Stewart 101. Lisa Foster 102. Cathy Vinzant 103. Tammy McRight 104. Robin Smith 105. Kelli Williamson 106. Cindy Banks 107. Sally Anderson 108. Livvy Mattingly 109. Tish Jetton 1 10. Julie Knuckles 111. Christy Storey 112. Patty Backman 113. Bethany Doyle 114. Sandee Smithee 115. Martha Kelsey 116. Cheri Sorrels HI SSRBBIIPI mmmm m imm min m mm Ml MI MI MM pi| gm 328 329 J - V Jr. . PI BETA PHI Monmouth Duo . . . angel . . . arrou- . . . trine and silrer blue . . . Arrotcmont . . . Chinese Buddha Men . . . 1961-OleMiss . . . redcarnalion . . .Annie . . . " jamm ' in " . . . Baskin Robbins . . . " u-e bad ' . . . President Jan Drewry Vice President Maureen McCarthy Vice President Cindy Drane Vice President Dawn George Secretary Susan Hadley Treasurer Kathleen McCarthy 1 . Paige Boyd 2. Lisa Henick 3. Jenny Moss 4. kathy Brabec 5. Terri Fortenberry 6. Stephanie Slaughter 7. kale Erin 8. Faith George 9. Leslie Robbert 10. Shellye Vines 1 1. Vicki Lehman 12. Lynne Batson 13. kathleen McCarty 14. Bonnie McNew 15. Debbie Haworth 16. Melissa Walker 1 7. Jennifer Wigal 18. Sheri Raney 19. kathy Terney 20. Dawn Clark 2 1 . Joyce Delery 22. Dawn George 23. Patti McDaniel 24. Carol Holt 25. Libby Smith 26. Abby Dickerson 27. Laura Pindell 28. Lisa Sherman 29. Gretchen Gdell 30. Laurie Legendre 3 1 . Jane Alexander 32. Penny Drane 33. Marilyn Gail Selman 34. Suey McGoff 35. Sonya Lewis 36. Jessie Skypeck 37. June kinney 38. kav Garrawav 39. karen Gore 40. Mary Ann Summers 41. Yvonne Gilbreech 42. Anna Muffi 43. Danelle Lago 44. Melinda Ross 45. Deanna Dear 46. Leslie Allen 47. Carla Barnes 48. Shannon kimbrough 49. Tanya Jenkins 50. Lucy Jenkins 51. Jennie Whitt 52. Christy Moore 53. Cynthia Sullivan 54. Cathy Patton 55. Laura Hall 56. Cindy Martin 57. Leah Fletcher 58. Colleen Coffield 59. Lee Ann Mayo 60. Revonda Harris 61. Mittie Miles 62. Julie Burns 63. Lynee Lewis 64. kathryn Hadley 65. Marilynne Harris 66. Lee Ann Horner 67. Cindy Morrissey 68. Renee Dodd 69. Sheila Baldwin 70. Carol Marks 71. kim Newberry 72. Lisa Bates 73. Sheila Phillips 74. 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Pike ' s John Henry " 3 times better " . . . garnet and gold . . . pilgrimage clean-up President Steve Laird Vice President Marc Baker Secretary Chuck Rainey Treasurer David Webb 1. David Bailey 2. John Crisebaum 3. Pemble Delashment 4. Logan Russell 5. John Floyd 6. Kirt Hines 7. Rob Bolan 8. William Candy 9. Richard Desporte 10. Randy Stumpff M.Tim 1 1 -a ton 12. Peyton I ' ill man 13. ClayCavett 14. John Day 15. Kevin Kantor 16. George Telfer 17. David Denis 18. Jim Cox 19. Cary Cibbons 20. Brent Mims 2 1 . Mike Schnieder 22. Mark Furr 23. Andy Lawrence 24. John McAdams 25. Phil Reeves 26. John Webb 27. Jim Wise 28. Tom Bat 29. Francis Morrison 30. Dennis Goldman 31.ToddHines 32. George Ritter 33. Pat Mitchell 34. Doug Benge 35. Ben Turbeville 36. Tommy Pruitt 37. Joseph Graham 38. Randy Shell 39. Steve Peay 40. Ed Dyer 41. Neil Lodan 42. Mark Wall 43. Scott Gallagher 44. Brice Caldwell 45. David Morgan 46. Neal Clement 47. Owen Mayfield 48. Chuck Reese 49. Mike Nolan 50. 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" Hare a rock- tail " . . . gatoring . . . William Faulkner . . . 1865 . . . Wednesday night drinking club . . . " this one ' s for you, For all you do " . . . President Walter .Newman Vice President Barry Sando Secretary Bobby Marshall Treasurer Chip Grayson 1 . Phil Williams 34. David Locke 67. Clint Bane 2. Hayes Dent 35. Tye Neilson 68. Barney Falkner 3. Walker Jones 36. Hal Neilson 69. Robert Boyce 4. Bond Omen 37. BobCurrie 70. Barry Sando 5. Chuck Doty 38. Walter Newman 71. Kerry Ricks 6. Ed Crenshaw 39. Johnny Hannaford 72. Brian Smith 7. Ed Morgan 40. Ike Newton 73. Todd Threadgill 8. John kimbrough 41. Harris Williams 74. Dick Perry 9. Meade Myres 42. Jep Barbour 75. Dan Taylor 10. Walt Poag 43. Mark Lev an 76. Morgan Dedmon 1 1 . Cage Carruthers 44. Ched Cooke 77. Carl Nichols 12. Edward Hale 45. Terry Threadgill 78. Chip Grayson 13. JimNeeld 46. Frank Webb 79. John Eskridge 14. Charles Barbour 47. Easy Biedenharn 80. Steve Taggart 15. Barry Cox 48. John Hardy 81. 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N.C. " Juicy " Brewer Dedication . . . blue and gold . . . Kidney Founda- tion . . . Pledge Tarte . . . Groundhog Ball . . . Basement Crew . . . gatoring . . . B-52 ' s President John Newcomb Vice President Ron Hendrix Secretary Putt Cunningham Treasurer Bill Crim 1 . Frank Parker 2. John Newcomb 3. Danny Fordice 4. Jimmy Guyton S.Andy Pittman 6. Alton Kelly 7. Beau Pittman 8. John Houston 9. Curry Italian! 10. Lee Pritchard 1 1. Mike Hester 12. Steve Moore 13. Jim Pettis 14. Noel Reed 15. Hunter Hynes 16. Chris Polk 17. Tal Hicks 18. Donny Miller 19. Stuart Clarke 20. John McDavid 21. Monroe Pointer 22. Julia Bryant 23. Lee Sams 24. Frank York 25. Ken Crites 26. Orrin Edwards 27. Trey Haden 28. Nina Hester 29. Billy Young 30. Alan Futvoye 31. Rusty Covington 32. Blake Tartt 33. Hal Binkley 34. Noel Stewart 35. Steve McDavid 36. Scott Sammons 37. Milton Robichaux 38. Terrell Knight 39. Lee Rushing 40. Jay Harrington 41. David Castro 42. Stewart Gamill 43. Stuart Robinson 44. 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Jimmy Lamb 25. Lawrence Logue -.-- ' . ' ,- : ' i ZETA TAU ALPHA butterfly . . . turquoise and gray . . . Zeta Man Calendar . . . while t-iolet . . . . ational Association of Retarded Citizens . . . Pledge Ice Cream Social . . . " Zeta Lore. Zeta Pride " President Missie Roche Vice President Tracy Knox Secretary Melissa Jones Treasurer Karen Roeb ' ick 1. Kerri McDaniel 2. Mary Szeluga 3. Tonya Johnstone 4. Amy Kyle 5. Donna Parker 6. Lydia Mitchell 7. Sarah Kendall 8. Cathy Philippart 9. Katy Smithers 10. Christy Parry 1 1 . Betsy Johnson 12. Stacey Alexander 13. Jenny Bright 14. Suzanne Carr 15. Leslie Bingham 16. Melody McKnight 17. Joy Smith 18. Sarah Ryan 19. Suzanne Robinson 20. Cynthia Walthers 21. Jamie Conway 22. Allison Spratlin 23. Kyle Thrasher 24. Melissa Jones 25. Leigh Cardosi 26. Ann Shull 27. Lisa Harris 28. Donna Heern 29. Kimberly Beadles 30. Robyn Hassell 3 1 . Regina Stone 32. Chris Meznar 33. Jinx Sikora 34. Brenda Suarez 35. Laura Alvey 36. Lynne Sorrels 37. Patti Pigg 38. Suzanne Coffey 39. Cindy Till 40. Cinny Hatcher 41. Andrea Simpson 42. Lanell Brewerton 43. Sherry Ashley 44. Karen Hart 45. Alicia Mitchell 46. Amy Lumsden 47. Joni Diaz 48. Kolleen Weber 49. Clay Burkhart 50. Melissa Metke 5 1 . Ramona Olson 52. Joanie Abernathy 53. Julie Drury 54. Amy Dunavant 55. Leatha Brewer 56. Missie Roche 57. Lisa Lewis 58. Patti Cates 59. Pam Riggins 60. Karen Roebuck 61. Myra Walker 62. Cayle Brownlee 63. Tracy Knox lasses 344 Clii FRILEY DAVIDSON, editor Cindy Purser, assistant Melinda Ray, assistant Freshmen 348 Sophomores 362 Juniors 374 Seniors 390 Pharmacy 410 Graduates 412 CU-T. 345 346 1.800-227-8944 1-800-227-8944 In the spring of 1980, the OLE MISS contracted with Image Works of Redwood City, California, to photo- graph students for the 1981 yearbook. In a contractual agreement between the OLE MISS nad Image Works, the studio offered the following pro- posals: to photograph all students, photograph each senior at no charge offering color proofs to each, to deliver these proofs to the seniors within 15 working days of their sitting dates, and to deliver finished portrait pack- ages within 6 to 8 weeks after orders were received by the studio. The staff of the OLE MISS was to receive 2 pictures of each student photographed on or before the various deadlines stated by the OLE MISS. Because of problems encountered in the past involving class pictures, Image Works promised efficient service and that no such problems would occur. Image Works arrived on campus and began photography sessions on Monday, September 8, 1980. They returned in October to re-photograph approximately 400 students because of defective film. Phone calls began pouring in to the OLE MISS office because of undelivered photographs students had ordered that were prom- before Christmas. The pictures that were to be delivered to the annual office were also delinquent and arrived unidentified, which cost the yearbook time and money. Approximately one-fourth arrived before :hristmas, and one-fourth were received in mid-January. The OLE MISS was informed at this point that these be the last pictures to be received. The editor of the yearbook received his proofs and chose a picture to be included in the classes section. His picture was not included in those that were shipped to the staff. The 981 OLE MISS apologizes to the students at Ole Miss for the manner in which this company handled your yearbook portraits. Just remember, you can always call them toll-free at 1-800-227-8944. 1-8110-227 HVll 341 FRESHMEN ADAMS, DEBORAH I.I.; Germantown, TN; Lib. Aru; AT ADAMS, KATHY A.; V.lp.r.i , FL; Ct. Rp.; AMI AIM : N .K, CLAY D.I Holly Bluff, MS; Ace. AILLS, JACKSON L.| DJ1, TX; Bu .; KA AKIN, TOMMY D., JR.; Libum, CA; Ace. ALEXANDER, STACY 1..; DoTer, DE; Art; ZTA ALLEN, DEBORA I .-; BiMrille, MS; Bu. Adm. ALLEN, JAN K.; Jaekion, MS; Ace.; KKT ALLEN, LESLIE 1..; Natcbei, MS; Pub. Del.; CTB ALLEN, SHARON B.; Indiuiola. MS; Rd. A TV ALVARADO, FRANCES I.. ; Elrmdorf AFB, AR; Ace.; Aon AMOS, DUNNE L.; Bcrmerlon, W A; Ace .; AOII ANDERSON, KAREN A.; Potu Camp, MS; Anthro. ANDERSON, MARY A. s Okolona. MS; Bk. A Fin.; AT ANDERSON, SALLY W.; Okolona, MS; Int. De..; M ANDERSON, SCOTT V.; Lake Foreat, IL; Cir. Eng. ANDERSON, VICKIE M.; Amor;, MS; Rad. A TV; AMI ANDREWS, PATRICIA L. t Montieello, MS; Med. Tech. ANTHONY, JONELLE C.i Ocean Spring MS; Comp. Sci.;AAD ANDY, ORLANDO J.; M lin. MS; Pre-Med.; KT ARNOLD, JOYCE A.; Pearl. MS; Pre.-Mcd. ARRECHEA, SARAH E.; Oiford, MS; Gen. Bu.. ARRINCTON, JILL A.; CoffeeTille, MS; Bern. Ed.; AA1I ATKINS, A. B.; RiMon, LA; Ace.; SX BABIN, THOMAS M.; New Orient , LA; Lib. Aru; ZX BADDELEY, WILLIAM F.| Bromvillr, NY; Eng. BAILEY, BENJAMIN T.; Oiford, MS; Ace.; KA BAILEY, DEATRICE D.; OurleMon, MS; En, - BAILEY, W. LAWRENCE; Granuidi, MS; Comp. Sci. BAKER, CHARLOTTE R.; Oiford, MS; Pre-Med. BALL, EI.ISS A I..; VickJnirj, MS; Lib. Aru; AAA BALL, TARA T.; CUrbdale, MS; Comp. Sci. BARBIERO, DENISE C; Toronto, CANADA; Soc. Wk. B A RBOl -R, CHARLES A . ; Yuoo City , MS; Bu.. Ada. BAREFIELD, TOY F.; Bilnville, MS; IIB BARNES, CARALA A.; Piriukle, AR; Comp. Sci.; BARNES, DAVID I..; Dmrbom, Ml; Lib. Aru BARNETT, JEFFREY A.; Jiduon, MS; Pre-Med. BARNETT, THOMAS B.; Ch.rloitc, NC; P.y . BARRACK, WILLIAM B.; Ynoo City, MS; Eng . BARRANCO, MICHAEL A.; Grentda, MS; Ace. BARRON, JOHN D.; Birmingham AL; Ace.; 2N BATSON, LYNNE A.; Cl.rk.yi]lc, TN; Adv.; II B BELL, KARON I..; Cunden, AL; Nuning BELL, TIMOTHY C; Wiler V lley. MS; R l. TV BENNETT, ALLISON C.; Weil Monroe, LA; Pub. Rel. BENHETT, BOBBY C., JR.; Tupelo, MS; Pre.-Med. BERRY, DOUG J.; Jaekion, MS; Ace.; IX BERTOLET, TONI J.; Vidali., LA; Pre.-Med.; M BINGH AM, LESLIE C.; Cernunlown, TN; Sp. Ed.; ZTA BLACK, ANNA M.; Surkvillc. MS; Comp. Sei. BLACKBURN, VICTORIA A.; D.1I-, TX; Lib. Aru; Xll BLACK WELL, JAMES A., JR.; MempbU, TN; Mktg. BLACKWOOD, JAMES M.; J.cUm, MS; Bu.. BLAYLOCK, JOHN I).; Gnxnrille. MS; Pre-Med. BOEHMS, SAMUEL H. ; Tupelo, MS; B. Eng. 348 Freihmen FRESHMEN BONDS, MARY L.; Abbeville. MS; Lik. Am BOOTH. PATRICK K.; HoUy Spring MS; El. Eng.; ATQ BOST. MITZI C.; Verona. MS; Com. Di.. BOSWELL. JOHN R.: Jack n, MS; Chem. Enf. BOUJMN. JAMES L. S.; Clirludilf. MS; Pre-Med.; ATQ BO IE. JACQUELINE J.; Ackerman. MS; Com. D. BOWMAN, ELIZABETH A.; Greenwood, MS; Efcm. Ed.; BOYD, R. PAKE; Holly Blufl. MS; Ace.; nB BR DLEY. ANTHONY G.; Oti Branch, MS; Comp. Sci. BRADSHAW, SUSAN L.; Charleston, MS; Ace. BRASHEAR. RONNIE D., Ill: J.ctn. MS; Pre-Dent.; iUfl BRAS WELL. BETHANYE R,; Hrrnindo. MS; Ace. BREEZE, HARRY M.; Stonewall, MS; Pre-Med. BRIDGES. CHARLES D.; Paaeagouia. MS; Pre-Med. Bio. BRIDGES, DAVID M.; Beboni, MS; Joum. BRIDGES. LINDA D.j SilTerereek. MS; Pre-Med. BRITE, JENNY ' L.; Mcmphk, TN; Bu..; ZTA BROOCKS, PATRIOA S.; Columbus MS; Ci. Eoj.; ZTA BROOKS. BARBARA A.; Ripky. MS; Comp. Sci. BROOKS. JEFFREY J.; M ee. MS; Prt-Denl.; X BROOKS, KATHY A.; Kenneth, MO; Phw. BROWN, DANIEL M.; Biloii. MS; Rl. 4 TV ; KK BROWN, KIRK A.; Biloii. MS; Bu..; K BROWN. MICHELLE M.; Oxford. MS; Mktg. BRl MF 1KLD. LINDA K.; McComh, MS; Pr-Me l.; KA9 BRYANT, BARRY; Hunurille, AK; Phr. BRYANT, ELIZABETH J.; Jx on. MS; P1r.; KA BUCKLEY. BETHANY A-i Newun, MS; Lik. ArtK SO Bl HS. PAMELA S.; Alton, IL: Phar. Bt ' LLOCK, JLTJE L.; MOM Point, MS; Phy. Ther.; IIB BLTKPAS. WALLY W.; Brmndon. MS; En. BLRROl GHS, LISA L.; VicUi(. MS; Sp. E 1. BLUTON, TAMARA L.; St. Prtenbun, FL; P - Bl ' SBY, RALPH A.; Oifonl, MS; Lih. Art. BITLER. JVT4E C; Homton. TX; M. BUTLER, MITZI M.; OifonL MS; Bo.. Ed.; AAA CAHOON. StSAN D.; J tckon. MS; Ace. CALDWELL, J. BRICE; Jck on, MS; Lib. Art I1KA CAMP, MARVIN E.; Olire Brmneh, MS; Mech . Eng . CAKNATHAN. ALICE K.; Hoiuton. MS; Phr. CARR. SUZANNE M.; Ne Alhmny, MS; Int. De..; ZTA CARRAWAY, SUSAN D.; Golfport. MS; Phw. CARRLNCTON. MICHELLE; Memphk, TN; Bu.. CARROLL. KIMBEHLY A.; Duck Hill. MS; Pol. Sri. CARROLL. MARIAN B.; J.cim. MS; Elem. Ed.; XO CARROLL. MARK C; Jek on. MS; Pre-bw; K CATE. SHERRY V; J.ckon. MS; Drafn. KA CATES, BUTTONS D. L.; Jicbon, MS; Voice Pert.; AT CHAFFIN, SHERRY U; Cinithtnmue. MO; Pfl ' AAH CHAIN. BELA J-, III; Oriori MS; Pre-Denm ATQ CHA.NCEY . JACCH.XLYN S.; Tupelo, MS; BJ .A. CHAPMAN, LALTU K.; Hounon, TX; LU . Art CHRESTM.AN. RICHARD E.; a.rludlf . MS; Pre-Phr. CLARK. CHARLES D.; Memphis TN; G. Eng. CLARK. HOLLY ' E H.; Invemem, MS; LU). Art. CLARK, RANDY E.; Memphis TN; Pre-lw L FRESHMEN CLARK, STEVE K. ; McComb, MS; Bin. Adm. CLARK, WAYNE; PMCi(ouU, MS; Bin.; K A CLARKE, JENNIFER G.; Jickion, MS; Com. IK..; KA CLIBURN. JERRY S.; Purl, MS; Lib. Ara CLIFTON, THOMAS R., JR.; MrraphU, TN; Bu. Adm. COFFEY, SUZANNE R.; Oiford. MS; Ace.; XT A COCHLAN, JULIA L.; Benoit, MS; 1m. COLBERT, DAN M.j MS; Bk. Fin.; 1IK A CONDRA, JAMES J . ; Surinjfirld, II.; Hut. CONEY, CHARLES V.; Ruleville, MS; Comp. Sci.; A COONEY, JEANETTE M.; Sh.ron, MS; Mkt,. COOPER, LORI M ; Florence. MS; Bk. A Fin. COOPWOOD, JOHN S.; Shelby, MS; Pre-Dent. COUCH, JERRY K., JR.; Hrm.ndo. MS; Ace. COW ART, JOHN W.; Mrridi.n, MS; Ace.; AH COX, DAVID T.; Bolivir. TN; Ph.r COX, TRAYCE M.; M.rk.. MS; Ph.r . COX, BRIAN M.; MrmphU, TN; Ace. COX, CONSTANCE L.; Columbw, MS; Pub. Adm.; AT CRAFT, CATHERINE K.; We Point; Med. Tech. CHAIN, TOMI ;.; llouiton, TX; Ed.; K AH CRASS, SUSAN K.; Murray, KY; Ace.; A All CRAWFORD. DAVID I).. Ill; Dtneyville, TN; Comp. Sci.; ATO CRIDER, DAVID S.; Corinth, MS; Ace. CROSBY, CYNTHIA D.; Koiciuiko, MS; Jour,,. CHOI I , JOSEPH M.; Jickion, MS; El. En,. CROWE, MILLER M. ; Puei(ouU, MS; Jn. A Adv ., KA CRUNK, MELODY L.; Brentwood, TN; R.d. 4 TV; Al ' CRUTCH ER, FRANKLYN E.; Memphii,TN; Bui. CUMMINS, RHONDA D.; Kucimko, MS CUMMINS, TONEY K.; Vickibur,, MS; Civ. En,. CUNNINGHAM, JON E.; CirutbenviUe, MO; Lib. ArU; ZX CURL, JULIE L.; Cunden, Al DANIEL, JOHN E.; Columbia, MS; Ace. DANIEL, JOHN R.; New AlUny, MS; Ace.; A DANNER, KAREN A.; Clennont, FL; Den. Hy,. DARSEY, ALISON A.; M.tchem, MS; Pol. Sci. DAVENPORT, LYNN G.; ( .olumbu., MS; Bui. Adm. DAVIS, BRIAN L.; SouUuven, MS; Pub. Adm. DAVIS, MICHAEL L.; Oiford, MS; Gen. Bui. DEAR, DEANNA S.; MempbU, TN; Voc. Mu..; MB DEATON, DARA I..; Greenwood, MS; Comp. Sci; Xi! DEDDENS, LESLIE E.; Jickion, MS; Fur, . Mer.; AAA DEVEER, BEVERLY J.; Jickion. MS; Nunir DI BENEDETTO, ANNA M.; Biy St. Louu, MS; Comp. Sei.;KA8 DICKINSON, RHUEL P., JR.; Olive Branch, MS; Bin. Adm. DOTY, SUSAN C; Memphu, TN; Sp. Ed.; 4 M DONAHOO, RONALD E.; Winoiu, MS; Soc. St. Ed. DONZANTI, CHERYL A.; Medford, NJ; Com. DOSS, MARCO W.; Littleton, CO; Lib. Art XI! DOUGLAS, LAURIE S.; Jickion, MS; Lib. ArU; AAA DRAKE, ALICIA L.; Gemuntown. TN; Ace. DUDDLESTON, GREY M.; Jickion, MS; Pre-Med.; X DUFF, MARLIN R.; Ponloloc, MS; Pre-Denl.; 1WI I DUFFY, CATHERINE J.; B.rrinjlon. IL; Int. De . DUFFY, PAULA A.; Oiiord. MS; Lib. ArU 3SO FRESHME N DtMAS. KITTY; Eupor.. MS; Joura DUNCAN, ROBIN l_; New AlWny, MS; Lik. Am; M DUNN. SARAH K.; WctumpU, AL; Lik. Art AT Dl NN. M. SELENE; IndunoU. MS; Pol. Sei. Dl RANT. LAWRENCE H.; Ruel]rille. AL; Bu. Mft- DtVALL, RITH E. ; Oiford, MS; Lik. Am; AAA DYE, MICHAEL L; PfciLJi.lii.. MS; B.OJ. EAST, VAN P.; Amory. MS; Pre-Med.; KZ EDWARDS. BARBARA P.; Rukrilk, MS; Den. tt n .; EDVARDS, JIM P.; SUdL LA; Prt-Dml EICHELBERCER. RECINA F.; We Point. MS; See. E=f EDISON, StSA-N L.; B ; lulU. MS; Phy.. Ther EKE . PATRICIA S.; lUoiriUe, TN; Phv. ELLIOTT, CAREY L.; Oxford, MS; Lik. AUK KA ELUS, CHUCK C.;CWu.k M, MS; Cea.Bm.;KA ELLIS, JOHN M.; Jh, AJWny. MS; Pre-Med. EL-SARIL, MAHMOUD A.; SMoo. I rtinini, Plur. I E.NCLA.ND. A. SARELL; KoKukko. MS; Int. Do. E OiS, PAMELA R.; COIDO. MS; Gal. BVM EVERETT. AE B.; Memphk. TN; a. Rrf . KA8 EVERS, KAREN A.; Jwijoo, MS; Jo. A .. EVfXSOH, DAPHNE M.; CohimlxM. MS; Aee. F A.NMNC, THOMAS H.; JM MO, MS; Pah. Ate.; KT FARMER, JAY; J kxxi, MS; Met Tech. F ARRI GTOY WILLIAM C; Jacboa. MS; Cea. Bu. ; ZZ F ARRI.NCTOY MARY L; JK OO, MS; BUM XQ FEATRERSTONE. CATHERINE; Oxford, MS; ;.; KA FERRELL. SCSA.N R.; feterrille, MS; Joura. FINCH, DAMEL W.; Mi(ee. MS; Com . Sei; X FISCHER. VICKI L.; PUno. FL; P KA FLOWERS, CRAOE S. D.; Ltoo. MS; Com.. Sei. FORESTER. MAROE D.; J ln. MS; Lik. AUK AAA FOSTER. BEVERLY J.; E :ni, MS; Med Rec FOWLER, DEBORAH A.; Viebbuif. MS; Ace. i AAn FOWLER, EAL I.; Jcka. MS; Bu.. FRANKLIN. SHERRY D.; B.lerrille, MS; Med. Ree. FREEMAN, ELLEN A.; Union. MS; Aec7Pn-L ; AT FREY. MONIOCE L; CnenrUle. MS; Lik. Ai FR IEDRICHS. CATHERINE S.; Co.mjlon. LA; Pra- DtM nse FROST. MELANIE I.; BoliVyn. MS; do. Mer. FRYHOLM. MKHELE L.; CeimnUwn. TN; F n. Mer.; AGO FULTON, STACY A.; Mum;. KY; Mktj : AAD Frahmen 351 FRESHMEN CADDIS, MARGARET K.; Uurel, MS; Lib. Aru CALLIEN, MARY SUSANi S.vinn.h, TN; Acc. Pre-Uw; AT GALLOWAY, GIBSON L.; Slkl.ll, LA; Eat- CALTNEY, DAVID K.; New Orleam, LA; Ace. CANT, ANDREA 1 .. ; Water Valley, MS; Mm. Theory. Comp GARNER, WILLIAM K.; Mobile, AL; Mklg .; KA CATEWOOD, LORETTA; Byhali., MS; Bu. CAUSE, AOUANATIA D.s Grenada; Pay. GENTRY, JERRY, II; Tunica, MS; Pre-Med.; A A CILCHRIST, (.ROVER ' ..; Adamanlle, TN; Ci. Eng. CILLESPIE, ROBERT C., HI; J.ckn, MS; Comp. CILMORE, MARY E.; Selma, TN; B w KKT COLLIHUE, RITA S.; Genuantown, TN; Lib. Aru; A A] I CORE, KAREN E.; Houiton, MS; Ace; II B COSS, ALICEN C.| Cordon, TN; Bin. Adm.; AAI1 COWER, BILL M. ; Largo, FL; Lib. Am CRAHAM, BEN IN.; New, LA; Lib. Art. GRAHAM, GLORIA R.; Pur ouU, MS; Ace.; AMI CRAHAM, NOLAN V. ; Paaeagoula, MS; Cen. Bu.. CRAHAM, SCOTT R.; Walk, MS; Comp. Sei. CRANTHAM, WALTER L., JR.; Shalimar, FL; Pol. Sci. CRAY, LEO D.) Prentioh MS; Pre-Mcd. CREEN, ROBERT E.; Sluitj.n, AH; Bu.. Mgt. GREENE, ROBERT L; Marked Tree, AH; Eng . CREEN, THOMAS K.; Atlanta, CA; Lib. Aru GREGORY, CLENDA C; Pa. ChrUlUn, MS; Comp. Sci. GRIFFEY, JANICE E.; N.tches, MS; Pre-Med. GRIFFIN, DELISA D.; Pontotoc, MS; Lib. Art. GRIFFIN, MARSHALL C; Eupora, MS; Had. TV CUENTHER, LAURA E.; Gulfport. MS; Prc-Phar. CULLICK, NANCY I,.; Holly Sprinp, MS; Sec. ti. GUNNER, JOHN M.; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Med.; X HACUEWOOD, TERRIL.; Tupelo, MS; Ace.; M HAINES, JAMES R.; luka, MS; Pre-Dent. HALES, SHERRY L.; Brandon, MS; Phy.. Ther.; M HALL, DONNA J .; Laurel, MS; Bui.; KA HALL, HELEN; Grenada, MS; Bk. A Tin.; AT HALL, LAURA I..; Memphu, TN; So. Ed.; OB HALLBERC, PERI A.; Memphia, TN; Lib. Aru HAMNER, JOHN C.; Columbut, MS; Mm.; KK HAMPTON, DIANE M.; PonUHoe, MS; Soe. Wk. HANCOCK, CAROLYN; Montgomery, AL; Pre-Med.; KA9 HANCOCK, JOHN C; Crrenville, MS; Pre-Med. HANCOCK, JOHN K.; Houaton, MS; Bk. A Fin. HANKS, KENNEY M.; Tupelo, MS; Bui.; B6II HANSBROUGH, SUSAN R.; Memphia, TN; Med. Rec.; KKT HARBOUR, CLAYTON C; Montevallo, AL; Comp. Sei.; sen HARRISON, KENNETH W.; Ft. Walton Beach, FI,; Pre- Med.; KA HARRISON, PRISCILlJk K.; Batemlie, MS; Bui. HARRISON, W. W. RODES; Memphia, TN; Bu. Adm.; ZX HARVEY, LANTZ E.; Colliru, MS; Eng . Bui. HARVEY, LEIGH A.; HouKon, TX; Lib. Ana; K AH HATHCOCK, CLARDZ E.; Jackaon, MS; Aec.; A All HAWKINS, JOHN II.; Water Valley, MS; Bk. A Fin. HAYES, FRANCES D.; Canton, MS; Pbar.; XI! HAYES, JOSEPHY R.; Carthage, MS; Eng. j 352 Freahmen FRESHMEN HAYES. SHARON L.; Pen-col., FL; Journ. HEABERC, LISA L.; J.ckxm, TN; Lib. Aru H KATOV LYNNE A.; Southxen. MS; Pub. Rel. HECWOOD, BETH; J.ckion. MS; Dirtctic. HENDERSON. JOHN C; Ne Albany, Ms - Pre-Med.; ATQ HENRY, KRISTY K.; Oiford. MS; Ed.; KA HENSLEY. SUSAN BLAIR; K.j.lein. Manhall UUrxk; Com.DW. HERDON, RICKEY D.i Bruce, MS; Zool. Bio. HERVEY, VICTOR K.; W.ler Valley. MS; Ace. HESTER. MARTHA E.; Shelby, MS; Lik. Art. HESTER. STEPHANIE S.; Tupelo, MS; Speech Ther.; H EVER. NANCY C.; Corinth, MS; Phr KIBBLER. VALERIE F.; Sledgt. MS; Gen. Bu. HICKS, DEWITT T., HI; Columhu.. MS; Ace.; IX HICCiNBOTHAM. DEREK A.; Clarkadale. MS; Chen. En,. HILL, HOLLY R.; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Aru; M HODGES. PECCY JOY; Baterrille, MS; Journ. HOFFMAN. ELIZABETH C; Louirrille. KY; But.; KB HOFFMAN, JAMES T.; BrookvUle. MS; Pbar ; ATQ HOLLAND, THOMAS W.; Penaacola, FL; Chem. titf.; HOLLER, ANN C.; MeBphk, TN; Bio.; KA HOLLEY. JOY BETH; Pontotoc, MS; Cornp. Sci. HOLLOW AY, BARRY E.; Sardk, MS; Camp. Sci. HOLMES, JENNIFER K.; Hendenonrille. TN; Mm. Ed. HOI. FIELD. WILLIAM G.; J.cU nvillf . FL. Bu. HOOVER. GENE O. ; Oli f Branch. MS; Prr Phir . ; X HOPSON, ROBERT J.; J.cluon. MS; Bu..; X HORN, J. TRACY; Creennlk, MS; Bu.. Sch.; AAA HOUGH, DAVID W.; Gr -n.di. MS; El. inf. HOUSE, F. NICHOL; HouMon. MS; Pre-Med.; Befi HOUSE, ROBERT B.; HolK Spring MS; Ace. HO ELL. CHAREE M.; CUrbble. MS; Lib. Aru; XQ HOWELL. JEFFREY W.; Puc oul.. MS; Cbcm. Enj. HOWELL, LOU M.; CUrUUe. MS; Pub. Rel.; Xfi HOWELL, SAM L.; Pontotoc. MS; Forenie Sci. ROWLAND, DEBBIE D.; PenMcoU. FL.; Sp. Ed. HREBENAR. LAURA J.; Ft. Uudenble. FL; Bio. H I BBARD. MON A L.; S.rdu. MS; Ace. HUCKABY, ANN; P.ri.. MS; Bu.. HI DSPETH. GERRI L.; Slr.yhom. MS; Hut HUFF. PAIGE F.; Eliubeth. LA; Ph.r. HUMPHREYS, PATRICIA; ColumW MS; Lib. Aru; AT HUNGER, ALLEDA L.; Winou. MS; Sp. Ed. HUNSUCKER, LISA A.; Holly Springs MS; Ace. HYDE, PATn L. ; J.cluon. MS; Ace.; KA IRBY, VIRGINIA F.; CoMw.ler, MS; Ply. JACKSON, QNDY L.; Como, MS; Ace. JACKSON, KATHERINE D.; Greenville. MS; Nuninj JACKSON, RHONDA M.; J kMn, MS; Ct. Rep.; AAH JACKSON, WARD N., JR.; Greenwood. MS; Meeh. Eng. J.AMES, TRACY M.; Soutluven, MS; GT. Enj. JAMIESON, DOU : CLAS C; Brentwood. TN; Comp. Sei. J ARRETT, DEMETR1CIA; Potu Camp, MS; Lib. Art. JENNINGS, DONNA E.; Tippo. MS; Ace.; AT JOE, WALLY C; CleveUnd. MS; Pre-bw JOHNSON, CLHTTON; Tunica. MS; Ace. Freemen 353 ' FRESHME N JOHNSON, JOHN A.; Culfport, MS; Mecb. En,. JOHNSON, JUDY D.; Sardia, MS; But. JOHNSON, KENTON M.g Lafayette, LA; Pre-Med.; A JOHNSON, MARGARET L.; New Albany. MS; Pre-Med.; Aon JOHNSON, MARK D.; Jackaon, MS JOHNSON, SYLVIA J.j Eupora, MS; Joum. JONES, ALLISON A.; J.rkwn, MS; Numi ; KA JONES, ANDREW M.; New Orleana, LA; Bin.; ATQ JONES, BONNIE J.; Holly Spring, MS; Adm. Serr. JONES, DAVID BAXTER) Water V.llry, MS; Bin.; KZ JONES, JANET D.; Meridian, MS; Int. IV..; K AH JONES, LORETH A; MS; Pay. JONES, LURETHA; Holly Spring., MS; Comp. Sri. JONES, MICHAEL T.; Pearl, MS; ZBT JORDAN, Lu ANN; Belk, TN; Bua. Mgt.; AOII JORDAN, MARK B.; Koaciueko, MS; Bk. A Fin. JU, HERBERT M.| Greenwood, MS; Deal. KAMI, REUBEN r .; Brookbaren, MS; Cbem. Enj. KANGETHE, FRANCIS T.) Nairobi, Kenya; Cbem. KARUP, JEFF A.; Tampa, FI.; ttktf. KEENEY, K. C; P.rk Fore.1, It.; Lib. Am KELLEY, JESSIE P.i Branlwood, TN; French.; K AH KENDALL, CENEVIA C. j Caacilla, MS; Pre-Med. KENNEDY, CHRIS T.; NetUeton, MS; Comp. Sci. KENNINCTON, J ACQIIELYN L.; Grenada, MS; For. LBH. KING, JERI L., llnivemly, MS; Lib. Am KING, MONTYNE C.; Hattifaburg, MS; Pre-Med. KING, PHILLIP B.; Oiford, MS; Law Enforcemenl KINNEY, P. JUNE) ForreM Cily . AR; Bua.; II B KIRK, PATTY D.; Duck Hill, MS; Ace. KIRKSEY, WILLIAM M.; Manlacbie. MS; Pre-Med. KISER, CATHERINE A.; Montioello, MS; Cbem. Enj KISNER, PAMAI.A A.; Weal Point, MS; Lib. Art. KITTELL, SALLY A.; darkadale, MS; Lib. Art Xli KLEES, KATHERINE M.; LafayeUe, LA; Ub. Art AOII KNIGHT, CYNTHIA K.; Belle Fontaine, MS; Ace. KNUDSON, JULIE A.; Mempbia, TN; Lib. Ana; KA KtrSACK, DOROTHY P.; Florence, AL; Ace.; AAII KOSKI, ARNALL R.; Gennantown, TN; Bua.; X+ KRAFT, MARY E.; Canton, MS; Pre-Dent . LAIRD, JANET R.; Peari, MS; Nuraina; ZTA LAMB, CHRISTINE R.; Creenrille, MS; Bu..; M 354 Frahmen .-. .------------------- ----.-------------- ------------------ " " FRESHMEN UN ASA, GWENDOLYN M.; New, LA; Pre-Law Rad.-TV LAND, JULIA C; Tupelo. MS; Comp. Sci. LANE, CASSANDRA C; Sagin., MI; Pre-Dent. LANCAN, MARY E.; Medford, NJ; Pre-Med. LANCFORD, CATHEY A.; Vickaburg, MS; Pre-Numng; AMI LANCSTON, MONICA L.; Jackaon. MS; Jn . Ad v . LAMER, LESLIE B.; Meuirie, LA; Art; Xfl LANTHIP, ANNE E.; Oc.n Spring . LA; Ace. LAUDERDALE. KATHRYN D.; Unton, MS; Sp. Ed.; +M LAWRENCE, KAY P.; Greenwood, MS; Mktg.; XQ LAY, ALISON S.; Bay Spring., MS; Nurung LESLEY, WILLIAM T.; Holly Spring!. MS; Comp Sci. LIDDV. TIMOTHY L.; Holly Spring., MS; Ph.r LINDSEY, MADALYN V.; Netlleton, MS; Com. Div UPSCOMB, LINDA L.; Co.ington, LA; Elem. Ed. LIVINGSTON, DANNY M.; Aberdeen, MS; Pol. Sci. LONDON, LORI L.; Tupelo, MS; Bu . LONG, DAPHNE L.; Hemando, MS; Lib. Am LONG, JULIE L.; Oxford. MS; Mklg. LOVE, DANNY R. ; Coldwaler, MS; But. Adm. LOVE, ELIZABETH S.; J.ckon, MS; M.lh. LOVE, MARY E.; Water V .lit y, MS; Adm. Sen. LOWERY, LooANN; Haltieaburg, MS; Pub. Rel.; AAA LOWREY, M. CHARLOTTE; New LA; Lib. Aru LI M . SHARON K ; Clei eland. MS; Comp. Sci. LUMMUS, JILL E.; Tupelo. MS; Pi; . 4 Theat.; M LYNE, EUGENE D.; Memphk, TN; Eng. MAGANDY, KATHLEEN M.; Long MS; Joum. MACNINI, DIANA L.; Memphia. TN; TV A Rd ; KA8 MALONE, W. ALAN; Holly GroTe, AH; El. Eng. MANN, LAWRENCE A.; Viebburg, MS; Pre-Med. MARONE, STEPHEN J.; Newton, NJ; Eng. MARTHALER. FREDERICK T., JR.; Muel Sho.U. AL; Pre-Med. MARTIN, CATHERINE H.; N.tchem, MS; Lib. Aru; AOD MARTIN, CYNTHIA A.; Oxford, MS; Pre-Nuraing; IIB MARTIN, LEIGH; Jorboro. AR; BIM. MARTIN, LESLIE H.; Beboni, MS; Bui. MASSEY, DAVID M.; Pom Cmmp. MS; Comp. Sci. MATHIS, GINGER C; Memphi., TN; Pre-Med.; AAII MALLDER, MARILYN D.; New Orleuu, LA; Elem. Ed.; AOH MAVAR, GEOFFREY P.; Biloii. MS; In..; HK A MAY, DAVID C; Columbu.. MS; Bk A Fin.; KZ MCCAFFREY, DEBORAH A.; vicWxirg, MS ; Sp. Ed. MeCAIN, TANYA M.; Sikeuon, MO; Ed.; AOH MeCANN, CHERYL R.; PinerUle, LA; Mktg .; TBI MeCLELLAN, BETH A.; Jackjon. MS; Ace.; KA MeCULLAR, SHANE S.; Southxen, MS; Pol. Sci.; [I K A MeCURDY, WENDLA J.; BateniUe, MS; Lib. Aru MCDONALD, AMANDA; jicUmriiie. FL; Soc. wk. MCDONALD. DARRELL W.; Blue Spring., MS; Comp. Sci. MeCEE, BRENDA J.; Weir. MS; Pbyiic. MeCUIRE, MICHAEL K.; MtrnphU. TN; Lib. Art. McGEE. CHARLES H.. JR.; Memphu, TN; Ace.; SAE McHlIGH, JOANNE; New Orlr.n.. LA; Lib. Am: AAH MeKAY. CAROLYN; Grenada, MS; M.lh ; AT MrKELL. LEE ANN; Jacknn, MS; Lib. Ana; KA Frr.hmen 355 FRESHMEN MeLEMORE, PAMELA M. ; Ko.oiu.lo, MS; Lib. Aru MeLEMORE, WILLIAM T.; S.rdU, MS; Comp. Sci. MeMILLEN, M. JANINE; Hrrmndo, MS; Lib. Art. MeMILLIN, DAVID I..; W.lnul, MS; Ub. Am MeMULLEN, SUSAN S.; MeridUn, MS; Bui; AAA MeREE, BROOKS W.; Crenidi, MS; Pre-Med.; K A MeRICHT, TAMARA I..; GreenTille, MS; Ed.; M MEEKS, RENEE H. ; Jickion, MS; Enjluh MELEAR, FRANK A.) Gulfport, MS; Con. D MELTON, CHUCK P.; Grenidi, MS; Mkt|. MELTON, JOSEPH C.; Viiden. MS; Ace. MERCHANT, ANNE M. ; Jaebon. MS; Mktj MERTZ, LAURIE J.; Columbw, MS; Phir.; KA6 METTS, AMY C; (Word, MS; Aw. MEYERS, KELLEY A.; Nitebe , MS; Tbeitre; KK 1 MILLER, CAIL I ; ( jlhoun C.ily, MS; El. Ed. MILLER, GEORGE S.; IndUnipolk. IN; Bui. MILLER, GREGORY I..; Mirirtu, GA; R d. A TV MILLER, TONY 1..; Puc oul., MS; Bui. Adm. MILLETTE, LAUREN A.; PurigouU, MS; Pre-Drnt.; KA M1 .K, VICKI C; Oiford, MS; Ed. MISTILIS, JOSEPH A.; Oiford, MS; Lib. Art. MIZE, LAURA A.; Oiford, MS; Ace. MOFFETT, JOHNNY W.; Aberdeen, MS; El. Enj. MONFRIEF, CHARLES M.; Anchoret, Ak; Pre-Med. MOON, RHONDA M.i Amor;, MS; Pre-Med. MOONEYHAN, MARK Ci ClirkvUle, MS; Bui.; ATA MOORE, DENNIS D. ; Kappenun, WV; P.y . MOORE, EVIE ( ).; ClirUUIe, MS; Bui.; XU MOORE, MARTHA C.; Seiutobu, MS; Pre-Dent . MOORE, MARTHA I.. ; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Art. MORGAN, WILLIAM T.; Oarendon, AR; Lib. Art. MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER T.; Mempbk, TN; BIM. M|t.; X MORRIS, FLORA J.; Terry, MS; Pre-Med. MORRIS, GWENDOLYN I..; Bnerrille, MS; Comp. Sci. MOSER, SANDY J. t PopUr Bluff, MO; Lib. Am MOSS, DONNA K.; Koieiuiko, MS; Int. DM. Ml HPHY, GLEN A.; Wen Berlin, NJ; Rid. A TV MURPHY, J AMES C; Oiford, MS; Bu . NEAL, CHEVELLA R.I CourtUnd, MS; Pre-Med. NEELY, MELINDA M.; Florence, MS; Lib. Aru; +M NEILL, JOHN A.; Liurel, MS; Bui. NEITZ, RITA B.; Monroe, LA; Chem. Enf. NELSON, RICKY D.; Memphis, TN; El. Enj NEWMAN, BONNIE G.; Witer ViUe;, MS; Med. Rec. Adm. NEWTON, GEORGE A.; Brandon, MS; Ace.; K NEWTON, TAMI R.; Enid, MS; Pre-Nuninj NICHOLS, M. KEITH; Olive Branch, MS; Pol. Sri.; ATO NICK, SHELLY K.; Greenrille, MS; Bui. Adm. NIX, CYNTHIA A.; Greenwood, MS; Dietetic M NOBLIN, T. DAWN; Jicbon, MS; Pub. Rel.; XQ NOLEN, JULIE R.; Mintee, MS; Pre-Med. NORDAN, BETH;, MS; Lib. Aru; AAA NORMAN, LAUREN B.; Houiton, MS; But. NORWOOD, ANNA M.; Tupelo, MS; Mkt(.; A All NULL, ALAN R.;, TN; Bui. Mjt 3S6 FRESHMEN OLANDER. JOSEPH; Mtndi.n. MS; Bu . O ' LEARY, DEBORAH D.; Pootoloc, MS; Piy. OLI ER. RISSELL F.; Grenada. MS; Lib. Art. OVENS. DIANE C; Danrillc, K Y; Lib. Ana; KA PACE, ANDREW C.; Mcmphk, TN; Bu. ; IN PALMER. WILLIAM M.; T.lnul, MS; Prt-Mei. PALI SO. TERESA E. ; MemphM. TN; Int. Dea. PARISH. REBECCA S.: RichUnd. CA; Pre-Med. PARKIN. ELIZABETH A.; Jaekaon. MS; Ph.r ; AT PARRISH. ROBERT H.; RuneUnlk. KV. Marine Bio . A PARRY. CHRISTY M.; St. Louia. MO-. Bu..; ZTA PATTERSON. ALICE A.; Bruce, MS; Lik. Art. PATTERSON. PATRICIA E.; Noreroav GA; Piy-; M PATTERSON. RICKIE A.; Corinth. MS; Bk 4 Fin. PAYNE. VINCENT E.; CoUnUr. MS; Pre-Deot. PEACOCK. JAMES C; Memphk, TN; Geol. Enf .; X + PEAL. LORI D.; Oifoni. MS; Bk. 4 Fm : KKT PE.ARSON. S AMVEL C.; We Point, MS; Inf. PENAMON, UVONZELL D.; OlIonL MS; fmk. Mer. PERKINS. BRIDGET D.; Amorr. MS; Bu. Ate. PERKINS, JAY T.; Mfjfhi., TN; Gen. Bu..; X PER1IYMA.N. DEAN A.; Hcrmil t. TN; Com. PETERSON. St S A L.; VicUwn{. MS; Bum.; XQ PHELPS. KEVIN A.; Columbus MS; Ml. Th . PHILLIPS. MELISA R.; KouA , MS; Mkt, PHILLIPS, VHJJAM H.; Htrn.ndo. MS; Pre-Ml. PHILLIPS, ILL I AM J ; Clinton. MS; Bo. Ad . P1CKENS. MARY K.; Creenrilk. MS; M.tb. PIERCY, CHERYL 1_; Ten Helou. AR; V BJ KKT PIPER. CINNIE; St. Louk, MO; Int. Dn ; KKT PTTTMAN. ED IN L.; Branooo. MS; Lib. An. PITTMAN. WILLIAM T.; OifonL MS; Comp Sci .; OKA PLEASANT. B CAROL; Brunlon, MS; Ph.r.. KAB POLK, DONNA J.; Gulfpon. MS. Sp Ed POOLE, BRYA.NT L; McKonK. TN; Lik. An POPE. BARRY D.; Jek. MS; LU . ArW +K POPE. GEORGE N.; Jduon. MS; Ph. i Tbf r .: KA PORTER. DEVRA K.; Suiirilk. MS; Prc-Med.; AOH POSEY, GLORIA L . Florm. MS; BUK AAH POTTS. GIL E-; MS; Prr-Mrd . KA POTTS. KATHRYN L.; W.ter iikj. MS; Camp. Sci; AAD POWELL, WILLIAM M.; Jirw Alkui,. MS: Bu..; ZN PRATT. LARRY J.. JR.; BllariUe, MS; Ace. PRICE. ALICE M.; OifonL MS; Soc. Wk. PRICE. JOHN T.; PenucoU. Fix Bu. ; OKI PRICE. KEN C; Key Buc.i nc. FL. Bu . PRO TNZA, KAREN M.; CreenriUe. MS; Pb.r. PHI ETT. AVEM P.; Mrmphu. TN; Bu..; AT PSENICKA. ALLISON A.; Ml on. MS; Ace. PVLASKI. MICHAEL B.;, TX; Bu. N, JOHN T., IV.; Memphis TN; Pre-Med. PULLEN. MITZIE D.: KUmicbM-l. MS; Pre-Numng; AOH HANDLE. MARK B.; Winon . MS; Joum. R d. A TV RANKIN. KRISTY D.; Tuptlo. MS; Acer; AAII RASCO. BECCA J.; DeWitt. AR; Numng; KKT RATHER. J. EDWARD. JR.; Holl. Spring MS; Prr Mi FrrJimcn 357 FRESHMEN RAY, DONNA L.; New Albany. MS; Ace.; 4 M REDHEAD, JOSEPH IN., JR., N.n-hn. MS; Chcm.; KZ REED, ROY ANNE; Silver City, MS; Fash. Mer.; AT REEVES. BENJAMIN T.; South Biy, FL; El. En . REID, LEROY, JR.; Lambert, MS; Ace. REJEBIAN. M. BRADFORD; Dallas. TX; Mech. Kn .; KA RHEA, KENNETH W.; Mynlc. MS; Lib. Aru RHOADS. JENNY; Hunuville, AL; Ace. RICHARDS, V JERRE; Brentwood, TN; Ace.; 2X RICHARDSON, GINGER S.; Dunwoody, GA; Mus. Ed.; Aon RICHMOND, LORNADEAN; Byhalia, MS; Pre-Nuning RIEHL, SHARRON A.; MeComb, MS; Pre-Med.; II II RILEY. TRINA II ; Water Valley .MS; Ace.; A All RISH, JULIE A.; Pontotoc, MS; Phy . Ther. R1ZZA. DIANE J .; Pack Ridge. IL; Bui. ROBERTS, MARY E.; Jackson, MS: Lib. Aru ROBERTS, MAVIS, V. J.; Winona. MS; Bui. ROBERTS. MELISSA K.; Memphis, TN; Mklg. ROBERTS. SHERRY I..; Jm-km. MS; Hi... ROBERTSON. BRENDA K.; Baleaville, MS; Journ. ROBERTSON, PATRICIA A.; Batesville. MS; Journ. ROBERTSON. RICKY; Hemando. MS; Comp. Sci. ROBINSON. RODNEY D.; Gulfport, MS; Gen. Bui.; KT ROSE. MARGARET E.; Tupelo. MS; Faih. Mer. ROWAN. CATHRYN K.; Brentwood, TN; Lib. ArU; ' I ' M ROWSEY, ANGELIA L.; Courtland, MS; Phar. RUSSELL. JENNIFER E.; Sardii. MS; Phar. RUSSELL, LISA M.; Yaioo City, MS; Ct. Rep. RUSSELL. SHEILA G.; Thaiton. MS; Graphic De . RYAN, SARAH E.; Miami Beach. FL; Bui.; ZTA SANDLIN, STEPHEN; Pocahontas. AR; Bk. Fin.; 2N SASSER, JO ANNE; Carthage, MS; Art Adv.; AT SAUNDERS, KATHRYN D.; Newport News, VA; Elem. Ed. SAUSSY, SUZANNE; Pan Christian, MS; Comp. Sci. SAVAGE. MARSHALL K.; Grenada, MS; Pre-Med. SCHNEIDER. MIKE A.; Tupelo. MS; Pre-Med.; I IK .V SCHNELLER. LUCY D.; Senatonia. MS; Phar.; AT SCHUTZ, LESLIE K.; Germanlown, TN; Med. Tech. SCOBEY, JEFFREY M.; Coffeeville, MS; Art SEALE, ROBERT A., IV; Holly Springs, MS; Lib. Aru SEAY, ELIZABETH; Holly Spring.. MS; Med. Ree. Adm. SENF. LAURIE E.; Tallahaiaee, FL; English SHACKELFORD, WANDA J.; Memphis. TN; Pre-Med. SHADDOCK. MARJORIE K.; Tupelo. MS; Mktg.; KA SHADKO. GREGORY A.; Memphis, TN; Law Enforcement SHAMOLN. LISA A.; Greenville. MS; Pre-law; llli SHARP. SARA J.; Grenada. MS; Bk. Fin.; K AH SHARPE, N. KEITH; Memphis, TN; Ace. SH ARPE. SUE E.; Germantown. TN; Bui. Mgt. SHAW , GARY; Waterford. MS; Lib. ArU SHEPPARD. SONJA P.; Tchula. MS; Clinical Phar.; AAH SHERMAN. FRANCES M.; Greenville. MS; Lib. Aru SHIELDS. TIMOTHY M.; Wauchula, FL; Bk. Fin. SHIRLEY. JAMES A.. JR.; West Point, MS; English; ItHI I SHOFNER, ANN; Shelby ville. TN; Lib. Aru; AOH SHUMPERT. SHERRY L.; Netlleton, MS; Ace. 358 Fr FRESHMEN SIBLEY . UKRIE R.: Ponlotoc. MS; LA SIGLER. LEAH C; Hunuville. TX; LA; KKF SIMMONS. DOROTHY 1 . Charletlon. MS; Prr-meo SIMMONS. LORI E.; Farmer Branch. TX Phyt. Ther.; AAH SIMMONS. LYE; I nion City. TN; E..; XQ MMS. WILLIAM S.: Brandon. MS; Pre-med : X SIMS. -1 V M.; Hub. MS; Prr-Nursir, SINGLETARY . JEAN E.; CbomatnUe. GA; But.; M SIPPEL. D ' ANNE; Memphis. TN; But. Mp.; XQ SISK. GERCORY A.; Mr MS; Cn . Enf ; IN SKIERkOV SKI. PAIL; Oiford. MS; LA SLEDGE. J ACX 1..; Pickrn . MS: Cm. But. SM ALLm OOD. ILLIAM C III; Vr. Albm?. MS; LA; IX SMEI.TZER. DRENDA A.; Cmuaunm. TN; Pn-Me4.; AOH SMILEY. JOHN A. IIKCovingua. LA; Ch.. En..; IX SMITH. ALFREDA; Cryrtal Spring MS; Prc-Mrd. SMITH. GARY D.; Sirdi . MS; Phr SMITH. HARRY II : T rr . MS; Biolo.. SMITH. JoBELLE A.; Columbm. MS; The lrr; XI! SMITH. JOHN m .; Soulluvcn. MS; But.; X SMITH. JOY A.; Hot Spring. AR; Elrm U ZTA SMITH. KAREN J.; Batnrillr. MS; Arc. SMITH. KENDALL A.; HouMon. TX; Pol. Sri. H. AAi SMITH. KEVIN J.; NthviUr. TN: Acc4 K SMITH. LAI RA K.; Yawo City. MS: But. Mgt.; AI HI SMITHEAL. REBECCA L.; Dyrrebuif. TN; But.; XQ SMITHERS. K ATY : Holly Sprinp. MS: Chrm. Enf SNY HER. JEAN L.; Bruce. MS; Ace. SPANN. JERRY I..; Hiturtburg. MS; But. Mp. SPARKS. LARRY D.;Otfonl. MS; Gv.Eng. SPEED. MARGARET; Mcridun. MS; Ed ; XQ SPENCXR. CAROL A.: Yunu. AZ: But. Aifan.; 1 1 B PI EY . DANIEL S.: Canton. MS; KA SPRATLIN. MONA L.: Grriud . MS; Ace. STAGEY . ROBERT D.: Mcmphit. TN : But. STAEHLE. LESLIE A.: Bay Si. Lotut. MS: Pol. Sci. STALEY . LISA A.: Jaemaon. MS: Ace. STANLEY. KATHERINE I..: JacUxi.OH: Pub. Rel.; KA ST :ELE. ELLEN L. ; u ui iiie. KY ; Pby.. Ther. ; iCi STEPHENSON. MARK R.; Caruthertnlle. MO: Pub. Aam. STEVENS. KAREN A.; Menpbit. TN; AP STE ART. JEFFREY .: Ne Albany. MS: Gen. But.; sen FRESHMEN STEWART, JULIE C.; Oiford, MS; KKT STEWART, LYNN A.; Brentwood, TN; Ace; M ST. MARY, KEVIN B.; VicUburj, MS; Pre-Med. STOKES, MARSHALL E.; Phil.dclphi., MS; Lib. Aru STONE, REGINA; Memphia, TN; Comp. Sci.; ZTA STOTLAND, CARL A.; Hattieabunj. MS; Pre-Med.; K+ STRADER, MARK B.; Jackun, MS; Ace. STRAW, BRIEN A.; Arlington Hu., IL; R.d. A TV STRUWE, SARA A.; Charleaton, MO; Pol. Sci. STUART, TAMI M.; Moo Point, MS; Int. Dea. SUAREZ, BRENDA M.; Germantown. TN; Bu.; ZTA SULLIVAN, CYNTHIA M.; Froatproof, FL; Bua.; I1B SULLIVAN, KEVIN M.; Jacbon, MS; Mech. Enj. SULLIVAN, WESIA A.; Mrndenhall, MS; Pol. Sci.; XI) SW AFFORD, UK IRA M.; Greenville, MS; Sec. Ed. SWORDS, SUZANNE L.; New Albany, MS; Pre.-Med. TARAS, WILLIAM M.; Memphu. TN; Phyi. Ed.; KZ TARBUTTON. KAREN F.; Jackaon . MS; Bu.. Ed.; M TATE, CORNELIUS F.; Weal Memphia, AR; Mech. Enj. TATE. WILLIAM M., JR.; Memphia, TN; Bin.; ZN TAYLOR, GAIL M.; Com,,, MS; Sp. Ed. TAYLOR, LISA M.; Humboldt. TN; Lib. Aru TAYLOR, LYNN; Jicknn, MS; Bin.; M TAYLOR, RON; Oiford. MS; Ace.; IX TEDFORD, G. PAUL; CUrUUIe, MS; Bk. Fin. TENNANT, JUANITA D.; Ackennan, MS; Lib. Aru THORPE, GREGORY M.; Shcrid.ii, AR; Bu. Mktg. THOMAS, PATRICIA A.; NaJivilk, TN; Gen. Ed.; XI) THOMPSON, GILBERT II ; Philadelphii, MS; Pub. Adm. THOMPSON, GREGORY A.; Oiford, MS; Theater Aru THOMPSON, JOHN H.;Tchula. MS; El. Enj. THOMPSON, MICHAEL R.; Ccrnuntown, f N; Law THOMPSON, SUSAN M.; Tupelo, MS; Ace; XII THORNBURC, LISA A.; Atlanta, GA; Mklg. THORNE, KAREN E.; Oiford, MS; Ace. THORNTON, JAMES D.; Fulton, MS; Pre-Med. THORNTON, WILLIAM R.; Canton, MS; Bk. A Fin. THRASHER, AUDREY K.; Monroe. LA; Bu. Adm.; ZTA TOLBERT, TAMMY K.; Philadelphia, MS; Mku;.; M TOLER, LAURIE D.; Clinton, MS; Ace.; TBZ TOWNSEND, TRICIA ANN; Maduon, TN; Ed.; AAA TOWNSEND, RENELDA J.; Oiford, MS; Journ. TRAVIS, SUSAN T.; Jarkwn. MS; Lib. Aria; AAA TR1MULL, UPEA J.; Columbia, MS; Ace. TRIPLETT. DOROTHY L.; Baker LA; Lib. Aru TROYKA, LUCINDA A.; Sturgu, MO; Lib. Aru TURNAGE, PHYLLIS D.; Waterford, MS; Ace. TURNER, BEVERLY A.; Memphu, TN; Com. Di. TUTOR, DEBRA E.; Baleaville. MS; Enjliah Ed. UMSTEAD, JENNIFER; Himdale, IL; Bu..; KA VANDERBLRC. SUSAN K.; Olive Branch, MS; Pre-Med. AAT1 VanDOREN, MARK W.; Fulton, KY; Ace.; ATI) VEAZEY, RONALD D.; Jackwn. MS; Bu..; IN VEAZEY, ROBERT M.; Oiford, MS; Lib. Aru VENTRESS, ALEX J.; Woodville, MS; Lib. Aru WADLEY, VAN M.; Bolivar, TN; Mua. Ed. 3 0 r ' rnhnwn FRESHMEN WALKER. CLT F., JR.; Oarkadale, MS; Act WALL, DEBORAH J ; Oiford. MS: Mu. WALL, PAMELA F ; Sard-, MS; Ph.r WALLENDER, LELIA L. : Trier. T . Lit, Am KA6 WALLER. CHARLES R.; Oxford, MS; An WALTERS. LI NDY G.; Connii. MS; But-; AAA WARD, ANNE C; Dallaa. TX; Lib. Art KA6 WARD, L Y N AN N i Oxford. MS; Ed. WATERS, AIKN .. Mrmphu, TN; Ed.; +M WATERS. BEVERLY A.; Oiford, MS; Phar. WATSON, DAVID L. ; Monroe, LA; Arc . X WATSON. DONNA F.i Etta. MS; Act. WATSON, JAMES P.; Pituburk. PA; Bo. A dm WATSON, RICHARD C.; Bhie Sprinjt. MS; Sec. E4. WEBB, JAMES W.; MontjoBery. AU Eof . WEBSTER, LINDA F.; Cold-aler. MS; But. WEEKS. PAVLA J.; Walla, MS; Ed. WEIR, JOYCE L.; Tillatoba, MS; Joum. WELLER, ANN L; Meuhk. TN; Ace.; KA8 WELLS, ALLISON L.; Oitori MS; Med. Teek. WEST, PETER LiTuptfe, MS; Enc KA WEST, WILLIAM Q.; Strim, MS: Ui An. WHEATLEY, JERRY N.; N Albany, MS; Bu. WHEELER, DEBRA J . : Webb. MS; Ph. . TVr. WHITE, GINGER J.; Water Valley. MS: Bu. WHITE. POLLY A.; McComk. MS; Puk. Ado. Uw; HB WHITLEY, ELIZABETH B.; CoTinftan. TN; Pkar. WHrrMIRE, TARA L; Jackaoo. MS: L. Art. WHITTINCTON. DANNY Ci Oon Sprir . MS; Cbem. Eog. WOKERSON. USA J .; Jacixn, MS; Ace .; M I LLIAMS. DANA J.; SoutkaTo, MS; Den. Hyg. WILLIAMS. DAVID J.; Hatt eabur|. MS; Bk 4 Tin.; IX WILLIAMS, KELLY R.; HumkoMt. TN; Coop. Sci ,. KKT WHJJAMS, MICHAEL R.; Ocean Spring US: Ml WILSON, BRENDA J.; Batnrille. MS; Lib Ana; ADD WISEMAN. KEITH G.; OifonL MS; Lib. Ana; X WITTCHEN. SCOTT L; Siaaabun. CT; ETMJ.; KK+ WOMBLE. SfZANNE C; Baterrille. MS; Pbar.; AT WONG, DAISY K.; Boyle, MS; Chen. Ei . WONG. ELISA K.; CUriudale. MS; Pre-Med. WONG, JOYCE L; Moorbeai MS; Pre-Med. WONG. RICHARD C; CUrkadale. MS; Pre-Opuaaetry WONG. RONALD G.; Creenrille, MS; Coaap. Sci. WOODS. DONALD R.; Olire Branch. MS; Cornp. Sri. WOODS. SL ' SANNE C; Meridian. MS; Faak. Met.; KA6 WOOLEY, LAI RIE L; Jackaon. MS; Lib. Ana; XQ WORD. SISAN E.; Cermanlown. TN; Bk. 4 Fin. WRIGHT. DERALD B.; Clariadale. MS; Joum. V ABBOROl C H. KEITH A.; Trumann. AR; Act. YAHBROIGH. RODNEY G.; New Albany. MS: Ace. YEAGER. SUZANNE; Mempkk. TN; Bu.. YOUNG, MARYBETH; Oiiord, MS; Bua. ZAHN. JODY R.; Sturgeon Bay. WI; Ph ... Ed.; AOH ZEHENDER. ANN M.; Manderille. LA; Lib. Ana Freakmen 361 SOPHOMORES ADCOX, JOHN E., JR.; Louirrille, MS; Bui.; KA ALDERMAN, NANCY C.; J.cUon, MS; Bk. A Fin. ALEXANDER, JAMES R.| Pearl, MS; Chem. En,.; +KT ALLEN, DONALD T.i Oiford, MS; But. ALVIS, CYNTHIA I). ; Jackion, MS; Early Childhood Ed.; AAD ANDERSON, ATLEAN; Holly Sprinp, MS; Ace. ANKLAM, NANCY E.; AU-,.ndri., VA; Numn, ARMSTRONG, LISA I..; Boonerille, MS; Rad. A TV ARNOLD, CARL W., JR.; Ti.lor.rtll., MS; Comp. Sd. ASSEH, RICHARD; Nigeria. WAJUU; Act. ATKINS, LEE B.; Memphu. TN; Phar. AURELL, DRENETT C.; Ackerman, MS; Nunii ; A AI 1 AURELL, MIKE R.; Aekerman, MS; Phyi. Ed. AUSTIN, RICKY I).; Bract, MS; El. En,. A VERY, CLAUDE H.| Tocowa, MS; Bio. AVERS, GEORGE P.; (Hford. MS; Plur. AZORDECAN, PHILIP A.; Jaekion, MS; Chf m . (Pro- Mod); A BACKER, WARREN H. A., JR.; New Orleam, LA; Gen. BW.; Ben BAGCETT, THOMAS A., JR.; POPLAR BLUFF, MO; Ace. BAULKY, BETH, Tunica, MS; 11B BAILEY, ROBERT E., JR.; OifonL MS; Sp. Ed BAKER, REX W.; Belden. MS; Journ. BAKER. VIRGINIA A.; H.ltiburg, MS; Ace.; X!) BALLARD, F. CURRY, JR.; Anniattn. AI,; P ty .; ZX BARLOW, DEBBIE R.; Rick, MS; Civ. En,. BARNES. EMILY B.; Summit, MS; Mku.; AT BARNETT, JUDY C; Vtrd.m.n, MS; Ph.r . BARTON, MARK A.; Pontotoe, MS; Gen. Bw. BAT, BETTY I..; J.rkn, MS; Mkuj.; AT BATES, LISA S.i Liurel, MS; Bio.; I IB BATTAILE, JULIANNE; Tupelo, MS; KA BAUER, ROY T.; F1-; Mui. (Voe.) BAXTER, MELISSA A.; Henundo, MS; Ed.; Xii BEACH, GLEN T.; F.IU Church, VA; Liw Enforeemenl BEAN, ROBERT T.; P.rk Rid,., IL; Bin.; KT BECLEY, TINA E.; Columbu, MS; Off. Adm. BELCHER, RITA A.; CuHport, MS; Zoolojy; Z8B BELK, JULIE A.; KoKiuiko, MS; MkK.; KA BERRY, MERCER; (htord. MS; Int. De..; KA6 BETHANY, KATE I..; Jirkn, MS; Ace.; AGO BICKERSTAFF, MEG; Jckn, MS; Rec. Le Klenhip ; AAH BIDDLE, JOHN M.; WeM Helena, A R; Bu . Mt. BILLINGS, MARY I..; Ne AlUn,, MS; Pol. Sd. AMI BISHOP, CHRISTOPHER B.; Fulton, MS; Journ.; ZN BLACK, BILLIE F.; Jaekion, MS; Den. Hjg.; KKT BLAES, KRISTIE M.; Little Rock, AR; Journ. BLAND, JOHN; Memphu, TN; Ub. Artt BI.ATT, RITA S.; Fl. UudenUe, FL; Com. Di.. BOAL, VIRGINIA I..; Atlanta, GA BONDS, ROBERT A., Ill; N.tckev MS; Ace.; IIKA BOWEN, ALISA V.; Greenwood, MS; Ace.; M BOWLES, STEVEN L.; Shannon. MS; Gen. Bui.; KA BRADLEY, STANTON C.; Brentwood. TN; On. Bui.; X BRADLEY, STEVEN H.; Natchitoehei, LA; Pre-Med. (Bio.) BRADY. ANNABELLE S.; Brookhaven MS; El. Ed.; Xll BRAY. JAMES S.; South. vrn. MS; Bk. A Tin. SOPHOMORES ftilitt BREEDING. J ANET K . . Honolulu. HI; O. Eng BREELAND. LEE A.; JcUon. MS: Bu. BREWER. JENNIFER O.; TulUhom., TN; Milk.; KKT BRIDGES. REBECCA J.; rUhw.y. NJ; Pol. Sei. BRINKLEY . ROBERT S.. JR.; Jx on. MS; Bu.. BR1SCO. PATRICIA M.; Tupelo. MS; Numng; AT BROCK, MARK W.; Pontotoc. MS; Ci. Eng. BROCK WAY. PAMELA S.; Hunu.Uk. AL; Com. Di. BROIGHTON, C R.; Wilmington. DE BROWN. BOBBY D.; Form. MS; Coup. Sei. BROWN. KIMBERLY A.; Vickriur,. MS; Bu..; AAD BROWN. PAMELA A.; Brandon. MS; Ct. Reg. BROWN. REX S.; on. MS; Cbtm. En, . ATO BRY ANT. SANDRA L.; Mempki. TN; Numnj; KA BtHDEN, RICKY D.; Ko riu o. MS: Act. URKES, GREGORY L.: RidjeUnd, MS; Gn. Bu..: KI BIRKE. HOLLY S.; BUoii. MS; Ph.r. BLRKE. SI SAN E.; J n. MS; Ed.; KKT BlUNETT. MICHAEL W .; Bnnoon. MS; In..; Bn BURNS, DAVID M.; No O rient LA; Mgl ; B6I1 BISBY. CHARLES A.; Gulfpon. MS; Journ. BISBY. ELIZABETH S.;Th.iton. MS; Mlh. BITLER. THOMAS N., JR.; Noctk Little Rock. AR; Bu..; M CABALLERO. BRLNO L.; Southron, MS; Meeh. En, . CABELL. ANDREA E.; Jaeknn. MS: HiM. n CAGLE, DEBORAH T.; Ackenun, MS; Hi-.; AAD CALL, ASHETON B.; Knoivillc. TN; Rn X CALVERT. ROBERT A.; HouHon. MS; Cop. Sei.; +BI CANFIELD. KEITH M.; Memphk. TN; Gn Bu. CAPLES, B. SCOTT; Tupelo. MS; Pre-Med. CAPPS. KATHY J .; Brantwood. TN; Bu..; M CARDOSI. LEIGH M.; Mempbk. TN; Ace. Pre-Uw; ZTA CARROLL. CHARLES L.; Greenrille. MS; Bio. CARS-TEN. ELIZABETH T.; Tupelo. MS; Co-p Enj CARVER. USA A . ; SouuWen, MS; Aee.; AAB CAUSEY, WENDY E. ; Paieif ouli. MS; M CEFALL. CHANA; Lelind. MS; Pre-Med. CHAMP. ROGER D.; Holcomb. MS; Plur. CHA DLER. MARY T.-, Calhoun Cm . MS; Bk. ft Fin. CHANEY, CARL J.; Viekibuii. MS; B . A Fin.; ZAE CHE.NETTE, STEDMAN R.; RoebcMer. NY; Pfcy.. Ed.; CHRISTOPHER, CAYLE K.; Peru, IN; Marine Bio. CLARK, ANGELA; jaebon. MS; Journ.; AT CLARK, P. DAWN; Mephk. TN; Mkt, ; 1186 CLEMENT. PAIXA L.; Leiinjion. TN CLJFFT. CEOUA S.; Boli ' ir. TN; Elem Ed.; KKT COAKLEY, CONSTANCE S.; PMC OU!.. MS; Ct. Rep.; KM COFTEY, ROBYN ANNE; St. Lou. MO COCCLNS, MICHAEL T.; Tupelo. MS: G.. En, ; X COKER. TAMMY L.; Me-phk, TN; Bu. M,t COLE, JEANNE M.; VicUurf. MS; O e. Enj. Gemum COLEMAN. LINDA F.: Mound B..OU. MS; Pol. Sei. A E " COLEMAN. TONY J.; MeUin. MS; Bk. COLLINS. ARLISSA N.; Mobile. AL: Soc Wk . AAA COMPTON. JOHN W. Ill; Biloii, MS; Pre-Denl. COOK. JAYNE K.; Spnnf Hf Id. TN: Art; KA SOPHOMORES COOPER, TREVES B.; Anguilla, MS; Mgt. CORRY, SUZANNE P.; Glen Ellyn, IL; Pre-H ed; KA CORWIN, CABR1ELLE D., Franklin, TN; Bui.; M COTTEN, LANT W.; H.lti burg, MS; Comp. Sci.; KA COW ART, SHEILA B.; Summit, MS; Fun. Her.; K AH COX, WILLIAM I-., JR.; Jackion, MS; Ace.; X CHAIN, JAMIE Y.; New Albany, MS; Aec.; AOH CRAUSBY, LINDA J.; Pontotoc, MS; Ace. CRAVENS, MICHAEL J.; Louiiville, MS; Pol. Sci. CRAWFORD, BEVERLY J.; McComb, MS; Ed. CREEKMORE, ANN A.; Jackion, MS; Int. Dei.; Xil CKK1.I ., CHIP J.; PeekikiU, NY; Rid. TV CREWS, TONI I..; Tremont, MS; Broadcast Joum. CR1TTLE, CDS L.; HoUy Spring i, MS; Comp. Sci.; A A CROMWELL, WILLIAM C; Lafayette, LA; Med. CROWDER, COREY E.; Oiford, MS; Pol. Sci. CHOWDER, LAUREE D.; Houiton, TX; Phyi. Tber. CROWELL, EDITH I).; Brandon, MS; Mf I.; A All CROWL, JOHN R.; Norridge, IL; Mktg. CRULL, FRANK M.; Houiton, TX; Pol. Sci. CUEVAS, CLAIRE E.; Long Beach, MS; Bu.. Ed. CULLISON, DAVID C.; Guilford, CT; Econ.; ZBT CUMMINGS, BELINDA D.; Victoria, MS, Com. CUMMINCS, YVONNE; Tupelo, MS; AKA DALTON, BETHANY S.; Oiford, MS; Ace.; KA DANIEL, CLARENCE E.; Alexander City, AL; Phyi. Ed DA V ANT, REBECCA A.; Jaekaon, MS; Phar.; ZTA DAVIS, ARTHUR C., JR.; SouthaTen, MS; Ace. DAVIS, BRENDA L.; Ocean Spring., MS; Quantitative Man.;KA DAVIS, JAMES S.; Louianlle, MS; Pre-Med. DAVIS, JOSEPH P.; Mantee, MS; Pre-Med. DAY, KATHERINE S.; Jaekaon, MS; Ace.; KA DELERY, JOYCE M.; New Orlean, LA; Elem. Ed.; IIBO DELOACH, JERRY L.; Columbu., MS; Pol. Sci.; A A DENNIE, DEENA S.; Memphia, TN; Bu.. Mjt.; AOII DERIVAUX, DIANE; Vickibunj, MS; Bk. A Fin.; XO DEW AN, RAMAN N.; Warner Robina, GA; Comp. Sci.; A DIAZ, JONI J.; Biloii, MS; Bui. Econ.; ZTA DIEBOLD, SANDRA J.; SouthaTen, MS; Pre-Med. DIRMEYER, ANDREW C; Memphia, TN; Pre-Med.; X DOVE, MARK L.; Vickaburg, MS; Ace. DOWEI.L, CECIL W. J.; Arlington, TN; Bin. Mgt. DOWNS, JAMES W.; Oxford, MS; Ace. DOYLE, VICKI L.; Hadehunt, MS; Numng; M DRAKE, ANGELA; Maduon, MS; Joum.; AT DUNCAN, DEBORAH J. DUNCAN, LISA D.; Tupelo, MS; Nuning; A AI I DUNSON, DAVID H.; Shelhy, MS; Phar. DYESS, RAYMOND R.; Pearl, MS; Pre-Med. KHRII AHDT, KEMPER B.; Viclubunj, MS; Bui. Adm.; A ELLIOT, CAROL S.; Pinerille, LA; Ace. ENOCHS, TIMOTHY B.; Dyenbuni, TN; Comp. Sci. EPTINC, KIM A.: Paicagoula, MS; Pub. Rel.; AT ERICKSON, ALLEN C.; Ocean Spring., MS; Eng. EVANS, SUSAN M.; Vickiburg, MS; Den. Hyg.; KA EVANS, TINA S.; Corinth, MS; Adm. Sen. SOPHOMORES FAILING. MARY STEELE; IndUnol.. MS; An FARESE, ANTHONY L.; AaUand, MS-. Pol. Sri.; A FARMER, GLY R.; Calhoun City, MS; Pra-Med. F ARRAR. MARGARET L.; Nub villt, TN; Com. Di..; AAA FARRIS. TIMOTHY MALL; Tupelo, MS; El. En|. FERGl SON, SANDRA D.; Brace, MS; Elem Ed FERRELL, SLZANNE: D.1W, TX; Pre-Med.; ADD FINCH. AMY J .; Brandon. MS; KU FISHER. STAN F.; Dclh.n. AL; Ph)r. Ther. FTTCH, LYNN; Holly Spring., MS; Mktg.; AT F1TE, ELIZABETH C; Memphk, TN; Bu.. Mft.; AOH FLANACIN, JIMMY; Atlanta, CA; Put- A dm. FLETCHER. ROBERT L.. JR.; Sardk. MS; Civ. Ena; FLORA, NORMA C; MKOO. MS; Sec. H M FLOYD, NONA R.; Monptm. TN; Comp. Sci. FLYNN, CHRISTOPHER J.; Gulfpon, MS; . FORD. TERRI L.; MirU MS; Bu. FORTE.NBERRY, DANA S.; Mj nolu, MS; Phy.. Ed. FORTUNE, JOAN Y.; Tremonl. MS; Elem. Ed. FCHCHE. AIMEE J.; CreenTille, MS; Bu..; XQ FOX, MARJORIE R.; Oxford, MS; BFA FRANKS, MIKE; Muiuehie, MS FREEMAN, ARLEEN; Oxford, MS; U Enforcement FREEMAN. PATRICIA E ; Jmcktan, MS; Pn-Numn(; AT FULLER, JEA.NETTE; Henundo. MS; Bk. A Fin. FTJLTON. HAL F,; Lou, MS; Physc. FUNKHEISER. JENNIFER L.; Collimvill.. IL; Soc. Tl . CADDY. CAROLYN J.; CryMl Spring MS; Journ. GALBRAITH. JOAN; Midland, FL; Ceo. Bu..; KA G ARNFJt. TERESA; Nhrille, TN; Rec. Lewienoip; ZTA CARRAWAY. BELYNDA J.; Lumberun, MS; Cbem. G ARRETT. ANDREW S.; Alaaodria. VA. Bu. Adm. CIVHAN, JOVERNH A Creenrille, MS; Pol. Sci. GILL, MICHAEL W.; Houwon, MS; Cbem. Eng . GONG. BRIAN; MerigoU. MS; Eng GOODIN. PATRIQA L.; Ourleuon. SC; French GOODM-AN . STE -EN D.; m. MS; Ace. GOODWIN, BEVERLY R.; LoukmUe, MS; PrMiuning GOODWIN, KEN A.; Jck n. MS; Gen. Bu.. GORE, VALERIE J.; WoodUnd, MS; Elem. Ed.; AT CRAY. CINDY; Brandon, MS; Gen. Bu..: AAJJ GREEN, CHERI D.; Greenrille. MS; Pub. Adm. GREEN. DEBORAH B.; Nitehe . MS; Hone EC.; M GREENE. ELOISE; Pope, MS; Comp. Sei. GREGORY. DAVID F.; NmhTille, TN; Phar. GRIFFIN, DARLEAN; Biteoille. MS; P.y. CRIFFIN, JVDI L.; Belden, MS; Ace. CRISHAM. O NTHIA L.; Olford, MS; Qoth. Mer.; KKT CHOWNEY . THOMAS D.; Albuiruenrue. NM; Mgt X CRYDER, TOMMY ' E. : Biloii. MS GL NN. MARK N .; EUkrille. MS; Mgt.; 2X GfNTEH, GABRIELLE C.; Tupelo. MS; Joum. SpMUh; KKT GLKLEY, SARAH F.; Hemando. MS; Englkti CUYSE, GAY LE; Morion. MS; Pby.. Ther. GYLFE. SI 5 AN C; Memphk. TN H ADEN. CHERYL J.; BooncT iUe, MS; Voc. Home EC. Ed. SOPHOMORES H AFFNKR, JOHN W.; Glen Ellyn, IL; Gen. Bu.. HAIRSTON, DEBRA C.; Oiford, MS; Bk. 4 Fin. HALTOM, JOINER M., IHi Paicagoula, MS; Pre-Med.; ZN HARMON, JOHN M.; Vardaman, MS; Ace. HARPER, SUSAN E.; Memphia, TN; Bm.; M HARRIS, KYLE I ..; Fl.ira, MS; Mktg.; K A HARRISON, FREDERICK D.; Brookaville, FL; Bua. HART, JULIE L.; Jackaon, MS; Elf m. Ed. HART, MARY k ; Sikeaton, MO; Elem. Ed.; ZTA HARVEY, WENDY L.; Canton, MS; Pre-Med. HATCHER, JODY k.; J.cknon. MS; Bio.; K H AUPT, PETER M.; Gulf port, MS; Pre-Med. HAWES, TERESA C; Sikeaton, MO; Elem. Ed.; KKT HEARON, KIM D.; Mrmphia, TN; Ace.; M HEERN, DONNA; Joneaboro, AH; Bu.. HENDRIX, PHYLLIS E.; Fruiklin, TN; Elem. Ed.; K A HENICK, CAMILLE; Yiioo City. MS; Engluh; XO HENRY, ALMA J.; Tupelo, MS; Ct. Rep. HERBAN, DAVID A.; Columbui, MS; P.y . HERBERT, MEGAN J.; Nxhville, TN; Elem. Ed.; Xfl HERRON, BARRY J.; Batavia, OH; Ace; K A HIATT, JENNIFER A.; Apple Vlley, CA; Mklg.; KKT HICKEY, JOHN C.; J.cluwn, MS; Gen. Bu..; A6 HICKMAN, STEPHANIE J.; Sh.nnon, MS; Pub. Adm.; AKA HILL, DOUGLAS L.; Columbia, MS; Pre-Med.; A HILLIARD, ALBERT; Hrrnindu. MS; Comp. Sci.; BJ HODCES, ROBERT F., Ill; Trenton, TN; Gen. Bun. HOLLAND, JENNIFER 1,.; Memphu, TN; Aec. HOLLAND, HOLLY S.; Jacbon, MS; Eirly Childhood; AMI HOPE, SHERIDAN; Senitobia, M,; Theatre HOPSON, RALPH S.: Memplua, TN; Gen. Bu..;ZBT HORNER, JULIE J.; Wet Point. MS; Phar. HORNER, LEE ANN; Pine Bluff, AH; Mktg.; HB HOUSE, MARY E.; Gen Arm, MD; P.y.; AOH HOUSER, KENNETH W.; Greenville, KY; Ace. HOUSER, MARY E.; Marietta, GA; Numng; ZTA HOUSTON, VANESSA L.; Canton, MS; Art III. JOANNA K. , Hattinburg. MS; P.y Bio. HUDSON, KATHY L.; Oxford, MS; Bui. Ill (.(.INS. HOLLY L.; Southaven, MS; Ace.; XQ HUGHES, BETHANY A.; Cryttal Springa, MS; Phar.; KA HUMPHREY, EV1ANMWONYI; Benin City, Nigeria; Meeh. Tech. HUNT, STEVEN H.i Greenwood, MS; Phar. HUNTER, RAYMOND C.; Tupelo, MS; Hiat. ILES, MICHAEL C ( Natchei, MS; Bu.. Mgt.; K JEFFERSON, GARY L.; Water Valley, MS; Rad. TV; MI JEFFERSON, LINDA K.; Ft. Smith, AH; Pay. JENNINGS, MELINDA L.; Louiaville, MS; Phar. JINNETTE, STEVEN W.; Naahville, TN; A6 JOE, ILENE L.; Greenwood, MS; Voc. Home EC. JOHNSON, ROCHESTER M.; Clarludale, MS; Bk. Fin.; MB JOHNSON, KENDALL M.; ClanWale, MS; Theory Comp.; A2A JOHNSON, RITA A.; Helena, AR; Lib. Art.; AOH JOLLY, JOCELYN H.; St. Peteraburg, FL; Phya. Ther. JONES, BELINDA J.; Nenbitt. MS; Joum. JONES, ELIZABETH H.; Southaven, MS; Engliah 366 Sophomore SOPHOMORES JONES, MELISSA D.; Uurcl. MS; Coo. Di... M JONES, NOLAN R.; Peart. MS; Mu. L; KK JOURDAN, RAYMOND E . luka. MS; But. Mf t.. IN KARLAK. LAURA C; J ek.on, MS; For. Sri. KASTENBAUM, SUZY; Ft. South. AH. Comp Sei. KEEN, WILLIAM C.; South... MS; Mu. KENDALL, SARA K.; Bolton, MS; Gen. Bu..; Xfi KENDRICKS. SCOTT H .; CUrluJe, MS; Enf lh; BSD KENNEDY, CAREN E.; Jaebon, MS; Pre-numni KENNEDY. PATTI M.; Birminfluaa, AL; Mklf .; KA KENT. RICHARD A., Ill; O ia. MS; Mkuj. lip.; KA KMBLE, MARY U; CokootaM, MS; Aec. KIMBKOLCH. GRAHAM B.; OoU, AR; Mkt(.; KZ KIMMONS, CHERYL W. ; New AlWn,. MS; Bt. Ao . KING, KDtKKLEY A.; Jaefaon, MS; I KING, MICHAEL D.; Bruce, MS KI GSBERHV.TERRIS;N.tebe,MS;Bu.. KITCHENS, PAN S.; Odor., MS; Ace. KftOX. CAROL; St. PeterAur,, FL; Numnj; KKT KUETER,KURTU;Sar fcMS KYLE, VICKIE E.; Corinth, MS; Bu.. AaW. KYZAK, JAKE E.; EUkrille. MS; Ei K2 LAMB. SCOTT C M.OIO.J.. TN; . LANTZ. MABCAKET V.; Mnoujhii, TN; S . St. LAWKENCE. PAMELA A.; Bnoraood, TN; Ace.; +M LEE, YVONNE M.; Pontotoe, MS; Journ. LECCETT, UNELLEi Creenwooi MS; Nuninf; ADD LESEMANN, JAMES A.; G ktin, TN; Ace.: H2 AAA LEXA, LAUREN E.; Oriord. MS; Joum. UEPELT, ROBERT R.: Biloii. MS: Zool. LJCHTSEY, SHEILA A.i Natehcx. MS; Nunini; KA8 UP5KI. MICHAEL C; Lot BMCB, MS; Enj UTTLE, USA A.; Tupelo. MS: Nung LITTLE, SUSAN A.; Sontoarai. MS; Gen. But LOCKE, WALTER K-s Soutkareo. MS; U. Eaforeil LODEV NEIL R.; H tinmlle, KY; Bk. ft rm HKA LOGWOOD. TRACY ' M.; BMeniJle, MS; PIT. LOONEY , ROBERT B-; lUnplxwt, TN; Bu.. A.W X LORD. JAN A K . : D 11. TX: Fb. Mem KA LOURIDO. UNNETTE P.; Areeipo. PR; Bu.. Mjt. LOVE. JEFFREY U; MhoTille, KY; For. Sri. LOVE, USA M.; Fulton. MS; Be. U. LUKAS. CLARISSA A.; GuKpon, MS; Sp. Ed. LYONS, GLORIA A.; Como. MS; Dietetic. MaeLEOD, LOLLY; OuriotteniUe. V A; Art; HB6 MADDEN. WESLEY ' M.; Foren. MS: Numng MAHAKBEY. MARK S.; South.v,n. MS; Enjluh M ALA TEST A. DONALD L-; Ouferille. MS; Bu. A9 MALONE. CHERYL D.; Tupelo. MS; MANNING. PAMELYN M.; Hittieohiri. MS; Ptir.. Ther.: KM MANNING. TINA R.; Ingoour. MS; Ace. MAR ABLE. ELIZ.ABETH A.; Memphis TN; Bu.. Mjt MARKS. CAROL P.: J.ckxm. MS; Nuninf : HB4 MARTIN. GLORIA L.; Columbus MS; MeJ. Tech.; AKA MASON. MICHAEL K.; Oifori, MS; Bk. A Fin. 136- SOPHOMORES MASSON, DAVID J.; Put Chrutian, MS; Chem. Eng . MATHIS, MONICA A.; FL; Md. Rec. MA 111 IS. VALERIE M.; Oxford, MS; Elem. Ed. MATTHEWS, SHEILA J.; Plantenville, MS; Pediatric Nurung MAXWELL, KAREN E.; Houaton. MS; Com. Du. MAY, MARIANNE M.; Vickabunj, MS; Ace.; M MAYES, RERTA M.; Abbeville, MS; Ace. MAYO, LeeANN; Uuiaville, MS; Cn. Bu .; FIB Mr M IS IKK, LARRY W.; Blue Mountain, MS; For. Sci. MrBRIDE, NA.NCY K ; Olive Br.nch, MS; G -n. Bin.; AT MeCALL, ANTHONY II.; N.tchn, MS; Comp. Sei. MeCARLEY, CONNIE; Magee, MS; A01 1 MeCAUGHAN, GEORGE F.; Clarkadale, MS; Ace; ATO MeCLENDON, BARRY M.; Jaekaon, MS; El. Eng.; ZX MeCLUSKEY, PAMELA S.; Ljvermore, CA; Sei. Sec. Ed.; AOH MeCOLLUM, REGINA M.; Shuqualak, MS; Bin.; K AH MeCONNELL, KRIS; Natchei, MS; Sci.; AOH McCOOL, EDWARD D.; Grenada, MS; Biu. MeCRAW, MICHAEL E.; Tupelo, MS; Bin. Adm. MeDANIEL, KERRI S.; Oiford, MS; Voc. Home Econ.; CTA MeDANIELS, JAMES R.; Camden, TN; Accounting McFADIN, KARON I ..; Oiford.MS; Dm., Off. Adm. MeGEE, MICHAEL II.; D.llu. TX; Ace.; K A MeGLOWAN, BRENDA K ; Mklg. MeCOWAN, JANET A.; Boaton, MA; Pre-nuninf MeCUFFEE, ANDEE I .. ; Canton, MS; Pre-law MeCUIRE, HUGH B.; Bruce, MS; Hut. MeKINNEY, JOHN A.; Meridian, MS; Phar. McKINNEY, LOUISE; Black Hawk, MS; Pre-Med. MeMILLIN, THOMAS V; Ripley, MS; Pol. Sci.; K MEAD, DAVID R.; Paai Chriatian, MS; Bk ft Fin.; X MEADORS, ELIZABETH R.; Greenwood, MS; Pre-med Bio.; M MEADOWS, PEYTON I ' .; Oiford, MS; Bui. Mgt. MERRILL, VERA S.; Kalamaioo, MI; Ed.; +M MESSER, PAMELA A.; Oiford, MS; Gen. But. MESSER, WILBERT C.; Niceville, FL; Comp. Sci. Philot.; KT MEZNAR, CHRISTINE A.; Atlanta, CA; Mkta;.; ZTA MICHEL, JOSEPH W., HI; Jackaon, MS; Buf.; ZAE MILLENDER, CHARLES D.; Amory, MS; Hut. MILLER, BRAD;CoHeeville, MS; Bua. MILLER, CONNIE I .. ; Tupelo, MS; Home Ec Int. Dec. MILLER, TERESA M.; Millington, TN; Theatre MILLETTE, MARK S.; PatcaiouU, MS; Gen. Bua.; K A MILLS, JEFFREY ().; Clairville, TN; Mki, . A Mil MINER, FRANK H. Ill; North Olmiled, OH; Ace. MITCHELL, PATRICK C.; Dallaa. TX; Graphic Do.; HKA MOORE, ANITA (..; Houaton, MS; Ct. Rep. MOORE, CHRISTY LEIGH; Memphia, TN; Elem. Ed.; DM MOORE, MICHAEL I..; Koaciuako, MS; Bua. Adm. MOORE, SHARON G.; Brookiville. MS; Phar. MOORE. TERESA A.; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Med.; KK I MOORE, TERRY W.; Caighage, MS; Criminal Juatice Ml H IRK. WILLIAM M.; Paacagoula, MS; Lib. Art. MORGAN, MELANIE I.; I ' tica, MS; Aec. MORRIS, AMY S.; Oiford, MS; Pre-Med. Morris. Melody B.; Lafayette, LA; Pre-Med. 36B Sophomore MORRIS. TINA J.; Mo. Point. MS; Bk. A Fin. MORRISSEY, GINA M.; Naahviile, TN; Nuning; AOH MOSENTHIN, REBECCA J.; Broken Arrow, OK; Law Enforcement MOSER, STEVEN R.; Jaaper. AL; Mm. Ed.; KK MUCHOW, DON F.; Greenwood, MS; Meeh. En. MULLINS, SALLY Y , Natehea. MS; Voe. Home Eeon.; KA MU1W, JON A.; Mendenball, MS; Bui. Adm.; KA MURRAY, LeeA Y E: Jackon, MS; Engliah; AMI MURRY, SEBASTIAN; Hoi); Sprinp, MS; CSCI; A A N A I LOR. HARRIETT.; Greenville, MS; Pre-Med (Chem.) NASH, MARTHA A.; Hopkinarille, KY; Ace. NAYLOR, ROBERT M.; WeM Memphk, AR: Ace.; +KT EAL. CAHLA A. : Ruterille, MS; Phyi. Ed.; AAH NEILSON, EDWIN T. : Islington, MS; Lib. Art.; ZAE NEVINS, BONNIE E.; Florence, AL; Mktj; KA NEW, PAMELA L. ; Oiford, MS; Mktg .; ILB+ NICHOLS, BRAD C.; Naahrille. TN; Bin. NOEL SANDRA M.; Ourletton, MS; Lib. Ara NORMAN, STEVEN M.; Cdhoun Gty. MS; Ace. O ' BRI A.VT. ATHENA D.s Sentob . MS; Correction! O ' CO.NNELL, DONNA E. ; Prenti, MS; Mkt, .; AAA ODtM, LARA D.; FiiriieU, IL; Journ.; AAII OGLE, LINDA K.; S.ltillo. MS; Nurunj OLIVER, HYLON; Henundo, MS; Bui. Adm.; A+A OLIVIER, JON M.; Slidell, LA; Geol. OVERTON, KENDALL E.; Memphk, TN; Bu. ; AOH OWENS, LALLIE L.; Woodrilk, MS; Nuninj PANNELL, ATOKA D.; Meaplm. TN; Phy.. Ed.; AAII PARH.AM, JENNIFER; Oxford, MS; Art PARK, DAPHNE C.; Brmndon, MS; Ct. Rep.; AAA PARKER, FRANK D.; Columbus MS; Bu. M(t. ; iX PARKER, JOHNNY C; Jck on, MS; Pol. Sei. PARKER, RAYMOND E., II; Houtton, MS; Ace. P ARTIN, ALAN W.; Grenada, MS; Nunin ,A A A H2 P ARTR IDGE. SUSAN E.; Oiford. MS; Bu..; AOD PATRICK, JAMES K.; Nnhrille. TN; Non Bu.. Mrkt. PATTERSON, CATHY L.; J.c kn, MS; Bu. . ; KA PATTERSON, JANE C.; Brookhiven. MS; Bio. Piy.; AT PATTERSON, Lee ANNE: Nadiville. TN; Elem. Ed.; AAA PATTERSON, PAULA J.; Oiford, MS; Elem. Ed. PEARSON, ROBERT R.; Memphk, TN; Bui. Mgrt.; B8H PEDEN, PAMELA; J ek on, MS; Enj.; KA PETERS, LESLIE C; Jekon, MS; Voe. Home Econ.; KKT PHI LL1PS. J AN A S. ; Jick n. MS; Ph .. Ed.; AOD PHILLIPS, JEAN C; Hittiedxirg, MS; Bu. XQ PHILLIPS, STEPHANIE D.; Dde Gty, FL; Rjd. ft TV; nor PINION, ANGELA B.; Lambert, MS; Ed.; OB PINSON, JANE; J.ckn. MS; Voe. Home Ed.; KA PIRR IE. MARY K.; Naih, TN; Spec. Ed. PITTMAN, BEAL B.; Memphk, TN; Pre-Med. PITTMAN, LARRY J.; Ch.rle.ton. MS; But. A Law POTTS, SHIRLEY J.; New Albany, MS; Elem. Ed. POWELL, JOHN F.: Florence, MS; Ace. POWELL, MARTHA S.; Houlka, MS; P.. POWELL, PAMELA A.; New Albany, MS; Faah. De.; AT POWERS. ANNETTE; Heraando, MS; Law Enforcement ' SOPHOMORES PRESSLER, DAVID C.; McComb, MS; Zool. PHITCHARTT, LAURA E.; Natchea, MS; Gn. Bu.. PROFFER, STEPHANIE A.; Little Rock, AH; Prr-Med.; AAH PRUITT, PR1SCILLA J. ; Amorr, MS; Pi;.; KKT H I .ASK 1, ROB V.; HOUMOO, MS; Pre-Med. PURSER, CIlVDYi Vickaburf , MS; Lib. Art AT QUINN, CHRISTINE D.; Memphia, TN; French QUINN, DAVID R.; Clinton, IL; Bk. A Fin.; BSD RAF1ZADEH, ABBAS; Meeh. Enj. RACLAND, WILLIAM J.; Caruthenrille, MO; Mktf .; K A RAINES, G. SUSANNE; Columbus MS; Joum. Ad. RAINS, TOD F.i Paacaf oula, MS; Phir .; KT K ASM II I I, JAVAD H.; Tehran, Iran; Chem. Enj. RATCLIFF, RANDY I,.; Jackaon, MS; Mktf . Pub. Rel.; KA RAY, BO E.; J.rk,n, MS; Art; A+ RAY, MARGARET E.; Tupelo, MS RAY, WILLIAM F.| J.ckjon, MS; Zool.; BI I REAVES, WANDA K.; Etta, MS; Ace. REDDITT, BARDIN; Greenwood, MS; Bu..; K2 REED, CANDY; Memphia, TN; Chem. Enf .; A AI I REED, FAITH R.; Louiarille, MS; Phar. REED, GAIL.; Silver City, MS; Gen. Bu..; AT REED. LORRIE (..; Columbia, MS; Bu.. M|t. REED, WALTER B.; Wankeeha, VI; Ph.r. REID, LEE E.; ClirkxUe, MS; Aee. REID, MARTHA E.; N.cogdorh, TX; Ace.; A ill REYNOLDS, CONSTANCE M.I Horence, AI.; Ph.r. RICE, DELPHINE; Columbui, MS; Mm. Ed. RICHARDSON, ROBERT C; J.rk n, MS; Pre-Dent.; sen RICKETTS, LESLIE A.; Birminjh.m, AL; Gen. Bu. RISK, JAMES A.; Ponlotoe, MS; Chem.; KK ROBERTSON, I.KTITIA A.; B.uville, MS; Aee. ROBINSON, ANN H.; (Union, MS; Nurrinf; AT ROBINSON, EVERETT E.; Uurel, MS; Prelaw ROBINSON, FREDA M.; CUrUUe, MS; Com. Di..; KA ROBINSON, SUZANNE C.; Mi.mi, FL; Elf m. Ed.; ZTA RODCERS, KIM E. ; M.rb, MS; Engluh; ITB ROMAN, WALESKA: Arecibo, PR; P.y. ROOKS, CARRIE S.; Browntnlle, TN; Den. Hn.; KA ROSS, TINA M.; Hemando, MS; Home Eeon. RUSSELL, GEORCIANA S.; Oarkidale, MS; Aee.; KA SANDERS, CARRIE A.; Soulbaren, MS; Engliah; AOH SANDERS, CHARLES D.; Natchei, MS; Camp. Sci. SANDERS, JAMES R.; Memphi , TN; El. Enf. SAVAGE, JOSEPH A.; Rirf, TN; Bio.; KH SAWYER, CHRIS B.; Olive Branch, MS; Mkt. SCHMIDT, CHARLES T.; Pu. Chrutian, MS; Ph.r.; X SCHAFER, JENNIFER A.; Indianapolu, IN; Mkt,.; XIJ SCHWAB, JOHN M.; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Bio. Pre-Med. SCOTT, BEVERLY W.; Tupelo, MS; Ace. SCOTT, JIM; Oiford, MS; Mktg. SCOTT, TOMMY T.; Tupelo, MS; Comp. Sci . SEACO, ANDREA de S.; McComb, MS; Soc. Wk. SECREST, BRADLEY N.; HouMon. MS; Bio. Pre.Med.; KA SEID, PEGGY I..; Vickaburg, MS; Ph.r. SELLERS, MARY A.; HalliedHUf, MS; Chem. Enf.; M S70 Sophomon SOPHOMORES SEMMES. MARY B.; Gren U. MS: Elem Ed.; AT SHACK LEfORD. JAMIE: Y Ciirollton. MS; Bu. ; XU SH AMOl ' N. CHARLES C.; Creennlk, MS; Bl A Fin.; KT SHAPPLEY, ROBERT W.i Tupelo. MS; Pre-Med. SHAW. NORMAN L.; Corinth. MS; Act. SHELTON, MARTHA J ; O rkUle, MS; Cl. Rep. SHIBLET. JOSEPH P.; (Word. MS; Ace. SHIPPY. ROBIN D.; Ithte . NY; Bui. SHOAF. KATHRYN L.; J.cU n. MS; PW. Pfy.; AOH SHOEMAKER, C YLE; Canton. MS; Sununj SHORTER. LYONELL J.: Oiford. MS; Bu.. SHVMAKE. PERRIN; Menphk. TN; Pub Ate.: AT SIC ALAS. SHARON W.; Pc.goui . MS; Mil SIGN A. PAl LI E.; Creenrilk. MS; Act. SIKORA. JINX J.; MerrillTille. IN; Phy. Ed.; ZTA SIMMONS. BRIAN; on. MS SIMMONS, NANCY J.; ShnTnon. LA; Bu. SISSON, LESLYE A.; Liurel, MS; Mktj ; AAA SIT. RONNIE C; VicUKiif, MS; Phr SKATES, ANDREA L.; Aon, MS; Soc. Wk. SKINNER, HIGH A. ; Meaphk. TN; Ace. SKINNER, JEFFREY E.; Mmpkk. TN; Ace.; +K+ SLALCHTER. STEPHANIE M.; Pc-oul.. MS; HB SLOAN, TIMOTHY P.; O i-.. TX; Mu..; KK SMITH, ALV A M.; Bdtnoce, MD; Bu.. Ate. SMITH. DANIEL E . JR.; Ro Hill. MS; Pr.Ml SMITH. DAVID F.; VicUiunj. MS MITH. DONNA L.; Gcnwwwn. TN: U. Enforcement: AOn SMITH, JAMES E. HI; Clinton. MS; Bin. Ate. SMITH. JOHN M.; HouHon. MS; In..; KA SMITH, LES W.; Mendenlull. MS: Mu. TVor. . HOT SMITH. MICHAEL A.; Px ouU. MS; Eo(.; KH MITHEE, SANDRA A.; PencoU. FL; Home Econ., M SMYLIE. ROBERT V.; Mrni.n. MS: Bu. Mf t.; KT SNOW, SEUNA F.; J k n. MS: Pre-Dcnt. SORRELS. CHERI; BrentwooJ. TN: Bk. A Fin.; M SORKELS. LYNNE; Brandon. MS; Mkt(.; ZTA SPEIGHTS. JEFFREY S.; Yumi. AZ. Bu. M. SPELU JA.NE E. Erenjreen. CO; XQ SPENCE, LIONDA B.; Dyenbunj. TN: Mktf.. KKT SPENCER. TERESA C.; Greenville. MS: Nuimnc SPI VEY. LLOYD C.; Onion. MS; Gen. Bu. ; KA SPRABERY. Al BRE T.; Tupelo. MS; Pre-Med SPRAGIN. LVDIA E.: CUrkjoale. MS; Pre-Med Bio SPRATUN. ALLISON A.; Bruce, MS; Soc. Wk.; ZTA SPRINGER. CHRISTOPHER M.; Butler. NJ: Ace. SPIULOCK, WILLIE C; Indi.nol.. MS; Pre-MeaVZool. STANFORD, VICKIE L ; Fulton, MS; Bui. ; B A STARK, WILLIAM C.; Greenville. MS; rbvd. ft TV; AS STARKS. CRECIO L.; GreruKl . MS; Speech P.lholo, v STATHAM. JAMES M.; Pearl. MS; El. Enj " . STENNETT, CHRISTY A.; Ripley. MS; Bui. Adm.: AAH STEPP. JOI L.: Florence. FL; Pol. Set.; KRT STEVENS. JILLENE A.; Sui Diego. C A; Pol . Sci . STEVENSON. KAREN L.; AiUnu. C A; Ed ; XQ STEWART, MARK P.; Gemantovm. TN; FJ. En, SOPHOMORES STIEC, ROGER L.i NuhvilU. TO; Bk. Fin. STRICKLAND, STEPHANIE J.; Brandon, MS; Sp. Ed. STRINGER, MICHELE G.; Waynoboro, MS; Pre-Med.; M STROUSE, JEFFREY B.; Ml. Vemon; Ace.; X STURGEON, STEPHEN M.; Como, MS; Pre-Vet. SULLIVAN, LISA J.i LouuvilU, MS; Bin. Ed.; M SULLIVAN, SHAWN N.; MendeiUM " , MS; Pol. Sci.; KA SUMNER, ELLEN K.; Prague Village, US; Enjliah Theatre; AOII SUMNERS, LESLIE E. s New Albany, MS; Undecided; KA SUNN, DUDLEY S.; Aekennui, MS; Pre-Dent. S WANNER, WALTER C.i Jackaon, MS; Gen. But.; B6II SWEDENBURC, DENISE; Columbua, MS; Met. SWORDS, KENNETH L.; New Albany, MS; H. En, . SZELUGA, MARGARET; Tilumlle, NJ; Pub. Hel.; ZTA TANNEHILL, DAVID H.; Tupelo, MS; Gen. Bui.; A TATE, DEBORAH G.; SardU, MS; Biol. TAYLOR, CAROLE; Corinth, MS; Ace.; AAA TAYLOR, JUNIUS L.-, Olive Branch, MS; Phjra. Ed. TAYLOR, RALPH W.; Waterloo, II,; Eng. TAYLOR, ROURCER L.; Ch.rlf.lon, MS; Phy . Ther. TERNEY, M. KATHRYNE; Jackaon, MS; Ed.; FIB TERRY, JEFFREY V.; Canton, MS; KA TETTLETON, ROBERT P.; Oiford. MS; Marine Biol.; X THOMAS, DOUGLAS F,.; Noiapawr, MS; Law Enforcement THOMAS, LORI I,.; Bement, IL; Enar.; AMI THOMAS, PAUL A.; MeComb, MS; Gen. Bua.; KT THOMPSON, CONNIE F.; Oiford, MS; Comp. Sci. THOMPSON, THOMAS W.; Memphia, TO; Bk. A Fin. THREADCILL, STEPHEN T.; Oiford, MS; Pre-Med.; ZAE THROCMORTON, VICKI J.; Sikenon, MO; Ct. Rep.; AAA THWEATT, DEBRA L.; Southavtn, MS; Ace. TILL, CINDY A.; Jaekrai, MS; ZTA TILLMAN, K. BARRY; Gulfport, MS; Mklf . TIMMONS, E. ELLEN; Corinth, MS; Chem. Eng . TOMLINSON, MARTHA V.; Marietta, GA; Bua. Mgt.; KKT TORRES, ALBA P.; Wigjini, MS; Chera. Eng. TRAHAN, JEROME D. t Biloii, MS; Rao. A TV; KK TR ASK, SHAWN D. ; Jackaon, MS; French TREADWAY, WILLIAM A., JR.; Naahrille, TO; Bk. ft Fin.;ATO TRUE, ANN E.; Naahvilk, TN; Phya. Ther.; KA9 TUBB, PHILLIP G.; Fulton, MS; Theatre; 8611 TULLOS, DAVID N.; Bauaville, MS; Pre-Med.; ATQ TULLOS, JAMES M.; Taylornille, MS; Aect. Pre-Law TULLOS, SUSAN A.; Hattieaburg, MS; Int. DeaVArt; AAA TURNER, PAUL B-; Beboni, MS; Gen. Bua. TURNER, TERESA I..; Tupelo, MS; Mklg.; AATI TURNER, THOMAS N.; BVlaoni, MS; Joum.; KA UNDERWOOD, CURTIS G.; Greenwood, MS; Bk. A Fin.; K V ANCIL, LEE ANN; Holcomb, MO; Bua. VANDERBURC, ROBERT E.; Olivr Branch, MS; Phyi. Ed. VAUGH AN, BONNIE E.; Union GIT, TO; Ct. Rep.; XO VEREI.L, JAMIE J.; Houaum, MS; Pre-Med.; IIB VOSS, JANET; Camden, AH; Bua. WAGGONER, N. E. GABRIF.LLE-, Auatin, TX; Bua. French; IIB WAIT, ROBERT T.; Cedar Rapida, IA; Undecided WALKER, BEVERLY J.; Yaaoo City. MS; Phyi. Ther. OPHOMORES WALKER. GALE L.; Memphis TV Mktj WALKER. JAY D.; Albuiy. GA; But WALKER. YVETTE A.; Corinth. MS; Audiolojy WALL, LUCY C; Brookhiten. MS; Mktg.; KA WALL. PATRICIA L.; Oiford, MS; Comp. Sci.; ZTA WALLER. CYNTHIA A.; Oifonl. MS; Com. D. WALLER. EDWARD C; J tcluon. MS; Enfbh; BSD WALLER. JUDY L.; Oifonl. MS; Ace. W ATKINS, TERESA J.; Memphu, TN; Elem. Ed.; KA WATSON, M. ROBIN; VicUbiui. MS; Elem. Ed.; AAI1 WATSON, SARAH E.; GA; GT. Eng.; KA WATTS, SCOTT H-; Hollywood, FL; Bu.. WELCH. CYNTHIA L.; n. MS; Nuning WELCH. KAREN L.; Pontoioc. MS; Rd. TV; AAH WELLONS, SARAH K.; Columbi.. MS; Lib. Aru; XQ WEST, BARRY A.; Memphu. TN; El. Eng.; K WEST. RAYMOND T., Ill; Fullon. MS; Ace. WESTHEIMER, IRVIN R.; W Jlh.ll. MS; Comp. Sci. Pre-Med. WETZEL, JANETTE L.; WeMerrilfe, OH WHITE, CATHY L.; L.urel, MS; Pre-Md; AA WHITE. MARGARET J.; W .IU, MS; Phy.. Ed. WHITE, PAMELA R.; Southi vcn. MS; Gen. Bu. WHITE. SHEL1A L.; W.ltr V Jlty. MS; Soc. Wi. WHITEHEAD. REGINALD K.; Greepill. MS; Pol. Sci. WHITT. PATRICIA A.; ArcoU. MS; Joum. WHITWORTH. CARRALYN J.; Brandon. MS; Mcd. IlluMration WICKS, SHARON C.; Columbia, MS; Gen. Bin. WILDER. ELIZABETH R.; Jacbon. MS; Joum.; KKT WILKERSON. JEFFREY O-; Perl, MS; Geolof ic.l Eng.; WILLIAMS. ALFRED H.; NaJiville. TN; Meeh. Eng. WILLIAMS. DAVID B.; Lurel, MS; Pre-Acc.; 2N WILLIAMS. JIMMY L.; CourtUnd. MS; Bu.. Mgl.; BA WILLIAMSON, KELLI R.; M.duon. MS; Ed.; M WILLIAMSON. BEGIN A; MendcnhJI. MS; Pol. Sci. WING. DALE L.; Sleie. MS; Pit-Med. WINTERSTEIN, CHERYL F.; Biloii. MS; Phy.. Ed. WITHERS. RICHARD A.; Gulfport. MS; Pre-U. WITTE. CY ' NTHIA; Memphu. TN; Bu.. WOLBRECHT. WYNN W.; Memphu. TN; Off. Adm.; Aon WONG. JOHN P.; Moorhod. MS; Ph.r. WOOD. KATIE W.; Nuehei. MS; Ace.; Xfl WOOD, MARK E.; Gulf Shore AL; R d. TV WOOD. WENDY L.; Jacluon. MS; Ed.; XQ WOODS. LIBBY ANN; Netbit. MS; Enf lUh WOOTEN. WILLIAM J., Ill; n. MS; P.y. YELVERTON. BYRON E.; Tiylonville, MS; Chem. Eng. YORK. TARA L.; J.ctaon. MS; Audiologv YORK, WILLIAM E.. JR.; Holly Spring MS; Pre-Med.; 4 Ao YOUNG, CHARLIE R.; Southtven. MS; Comp. Sci. YOUNG, DAVID E.; Memphis TN; Bu..; X YOUNG, EVELYN W.; Wynne. AR; Pre-Med.; AT YOUNG. GREGORY; Prenti, MS: Rd. TV YOUNG. JAMES H.; Oiford. MS; L Enforcemenl ZAHN. JEFF R.; Slurjeon B.y. WI; Art; X+ ZAPATA. RALF P.; Sherti. TX; Pre-Dent. Sophomom JUNIOR ABBOTT, MARY C.; Ml. Brook, AL; Pub. Rel.; AMI ADAIR, RANDOLPH II ; Union, MS; Bio.; KA ADAMS, ROBERT E.; B.ldwyn, MS; Phy.. Ed. AHLVIIN, ALDER f.; Vickaburg, MS; Mil. Allll AM. BASSAM A.; Jeruaalem, ISRAEL; Mech. Eng. AILLS, JONATHAN S.; Dalian, TX; Dallaa Hut.; AA AKERS, ELAINE; Brandon, MS; (H-II . Bun. AKINS, DONNA M.; McComb, MS; Comp. Sri. ALBERT, PAUL II.; Paacagoula, MS; Fin.; B6H ALEXANDER, DAVID C.; Houton, MS: Mkt. ALLEN, GARY I..; Franklyn, KY; Geol. ALLEN, MAJOR K.; Univ MS; Chem. ALLEN, WILLIAM B.; Meridian, MS; Fin. ALSOBROOKS, ROBIN K.; Florence, MS; Chero.; AAA ALSWORTH, GREGORY K.; Keyaville, VA; Urban Adm. ALTENBERN, DOUG; Naahville, TN; Pre-Med.; AA ANDERSON, MARK I).; Okclena, MS; Pre-Med. (Cbem.) ANTHONY, JAY A.; Ocean Spring,. MS; Mil.; A ARMSTRONG, JAMES; Tupelo, MS; Mu . Ed. ARNOLD, MICHAEL D.; Booneville, MS; Civ. En.. ARNOLD, ROY I..; Tayloraville, MS; Mktg. ASBURY, KATE C; Opelika. AL; Joum.; AAH ASHBURN, LISA K.; Clinton, MS; Cbem. ASHLEY, SHERRY D.; Parma, MO; Mku. AUSTIN, SHARON M.; Pontotoc, MS; Ace. AVERY, SUZANNE M.; Cleveland, MS; Bui. Ed.; AAII BAILEY, CONNIE A.; Senatcbia, MS; Elem. Ed. BAILEY, ELIZABETH S.; Ne. Orleana, LA; Mjt.; KKT BAILEY, MELBY H., JR.; Jackaon, MS; Ace. BAINE, ELIZABETH; Jackaon, MS; Bua. BAKER, LEON; Bateaville, MS; Soc. Wk. BAKER, PHILLIP M.; Jackaon, MS; Fin.; K v BALLARD, DONNA M.; Natche., MS: _ . Econ.; XD BANNON, CHRISTY J.; Grenada, MS; Ace.; AMI BARKLEY, WILLIAM D., JR.; Jackaon, MS; Fin.; IIKA BARNES, DONNA M.; Natchei, MS; Claaaici Engliah; TBZ BARNETT, CHARLES E., JR.; Harvey, LA; Mgt.; K6 BAHNETT, KENNETH J.; Hollyaprinza, MS; Mgl. BARROIN, DEBRA J.; New Site, MS; Elem. Ed. BASS, MARY E.; Cryatalapringa, MS; Pol. Sci. BATEMAN, BLANE E.; Oxford, MS; Pre-Med.; A BEADLES, KIMBERLY A.; Brinkley, AR; Ed; ZTA BELENCHIA, MARCIA A.; Sbelby, MS; Mktg. BELL, KAREN R.; Springfield, TN; Faun. Her.; AT BELL, LAURA I .; Baton, LA; French BERRY, REBECCA K.; Jackion, MS; Gen. Bua. BERTOLET, BARRY D.; Vidalia, LA; Prr.Mrd.; ATB BEST, ANN; Ml. Brook, AL; Int. Dea. BEST, DEDE; Jackaon, MS; Her.; AAA BILLINCSLEY, RODNEY E.; Carthage, MS; Rad 4 TV BIRDWELL, ANN W.; Carthage, TN; Bk. Fin.; X!) BISHOP, GEORGE D.; Newhebron, MS; Pol. Sci. BLACK, LISA B.; Brookhaven, MS; Elem. Ed.; AT BLACK, ROBERT W.; Shannon, MS; Mktg. BLANKS, MAURI L.; Meridian, MS; Pol. Sci. BLAYLOCK, TAMMY S.; Mantachie, MS; Pay. m V i u BLEDSOE. SYBIL A.; Greenwood, MS; Soc. Wk. BLLT- SALLY A.; Hunurille, AL; Ed.; AAA BOND, TONY K.; SuepU. MS; Ace. BONDS. TERESA A.; Hounon. MS; Tmb. Mer.; AT BOOKER. ROSILAND T.; (Mori, MS; Correction BOOTH, ANNE R.; Eupo, MS; Ace.; M BOOTH, CATHERINE A.; Pin. MuH, AR; Mm. Ed. BORNE. DEBRA A.; (Word. MS; Pol. Sri. BOUUHN, MARSHALL J Hi OwfaitJe, MS; Pre - M j BOUNDS, MARGARET J.; Nhvillc. TN; Journ.; KA9 BORERS. JOHN M.; Dyenburg. TN; Phr. BOYD, JIMMY. II; Vickibunj. MS; Ace. BOYD, PALX M.; SouthiTen. MS; Pfcy.. Ed. BRABEC KATHRYN A.; EUnbethunrn, KY; Lik. Ar BRADLEY, aiDITH L-; Hatoakinj, MS; Pre-Mcd; AT BRAME, ILLI AM H.; Jckn. MS; I.: K2 BRAVTLE , SHELBY K.; MUm, MS; Pre-Mcd. BRANDON, KATE C; Hekn, AR; Numnj; XQ BRENT, WILLIAM E.; Riy-ooi M c - Pkw. BROWN, LYNNE A.; P-of ouk, MS, oum . BROWN, JANET B.; Oiie o, IU Sec. Ed. BROWN, USA L.; Tuyelo, MS: Hi AT BROWN, PATRICX; Wineno, MS; Zool. Phjf-: BROWN, PECCY C; W.ler V JJcy, MS; Efc. Ed. BROWN. TAMMY S.; McCool. MS; Ele-. Ed. BROWN, THOMAS K.j Tupelo. MS; RW TV BROWNING. JOHN C.; MdDfhk, TN; Mgt. BROWNLEE. PAMELA V.; Hcrirundo. MS; Ad. Sent. BRUCE. JOHN E.; Blue Sorinp. MS: RW. TV BRUZ. ROBERT A.; M Bt AR; Bk. 4 Fm BRLXT, OLLIE M.; SeMtooU. MS; Bu..; XQ BRYANT, JITJA A.; U ProTidence, LA; Elen. Ed. BUCK, CHARLES K.; Columbus MS; Pol. Sci. BUCKLEW, REBECCA J.; CoOm, MS; Ptar. BITH LER, ALBERT W.i DurfM-, NC; Gen. BUM KA BULSTERBAUM, ALLISON A.; Pc oul. MS; Rcding BIHGETT, CREC; Tupelo. MS; Joum. BtRLESON. CYXTHIA; Tupelo. MS; Mgt. BLUNETT. CASA.NDRA; Oilord, MS; Com. Dit. BlUNETT. ROBERT H.; Union City, TN; Mkt|. BURNS, DORIS A.; PMCI(OUU. MS; Muipower, KA9 BLRRAGE. JIMMY B-i Noup.ter, MS; Bm. JUNIORS BUSBY, BONNIE F.; Fl., Fl.; Art; A All BUSCHINC, WILLIAM W.; Ridjrl.nd, MS; Gen. Bin. HI 11 KH. JOHN C.; Uurel, MS; Ace. BUTLER, ROBBIE D.; Minuchie. MS; Bk. A Fin. BUTLER, TWILA J .; Ponlotoc, MS; Biu. Ed. BUTLER, WILLIAM W.; Oiford, MS; Enf liih CABANERO, FERNANDO N.I Vi.-k.buri, MS; Pre-Med. CALDWELL, MARTHA C.; Oiford, MS; Bui. Ed. CAMP, KAREN 1 .. ; Olive Br.nch, MS; Ph.r CAMPBELL, FREDERICK B. ; J.ckn, MS; Bio. CAPWELL, MARY E.; Sebner, TO; Fh. Mer. CARLYLE, WILLIAM L.; Culfport, MS; Pre-Med. CAROU, RICHARD A.; Mrridi.n. MS; Zool. CARR, PHILLIP A.; Wtr. V.lley. MS; Zool. CARREL, JACK; B .luu. LA; Pub. Rel. CARROLL, JOHN H.; Tupelo, MS; Bin. CARTER, DEBORAH R.; Drew, MS; Ace. CARTER, ERIC W.; Biloii, MS; Fin. CAYCLE, CRAIG; Tupelo, MS; Bui. Adm. CEFALU, CORESE; Lelmd, MS; Sp. Ed. CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH; Aleundrii. VA; Pol. Sei. CHANDLER, JULI A.; Oiford, MS; Bu.. CHISHOLM, LENA M.; Morton, MS; Ply. CHISM, LISA R.s New Albany, MS; Gen. But. CHRISTIAN, MARTY K.; Fulton, MS; Phyi. Ed. CHUN, MATTHEW M.; Hong Konj; Chem. Enj. CLARK, ANGELA C.; Maben, MS; Bern. Ed. CLAY, ROBBIE; Highl.nd, NC; Joum. CLAYTOR, CYNTHIA K.; Biloii, MS; Pub. M. CLEMENT, JOSEPH A., JR.) Titton, CA; Pol. Sci. CLEVELAND, CRAIG W.; BooneTille. MS; Bio. CLINTON, JEAN M.; Charleston, MS; Aee. CIANCIOLA, CHRIS J.; Me mphu, TIN; Civ. Enf.; ATS) COBB, TY C.; Br.ndon. MS; Mkn.; KT COFIELD, JERRY L., JR.; Clinton, MS; Aee. COCCINS, MICHAEL; Pontotoc, MS; Pol. Sei. COCGINS, TERRY; Wheeler. MS; Elem. Ed. COLE, CHARLES S.; BooneviUe, MS; Phyt. Ed. COLE, CYNTHIA A.; Birmin|hun, Al; Reereition COLEMAN, ROBERT L.; Pearl. MS; Bu.. Adm. CONWAY, JAMIE A.; Ft. Uuderdile, FL; Pol. Sei.; ZTA CON AWAY, KIMBERLY M.; Aberdeen, MS; Mgt. 37A Junio CONNER, DONNA F. ; Greenville. MS; Correction COOCLER. RICHARD B.; Sumford. CT; Zool.; K+ COOK. CAROLINE P.; Hutiobuni. MS; Mktj . AAA COOK, CHARLES E.; Columbo. MS; Chen. Eng. COOKE. JACK W., JR.; Jaekion. MS; Mku; .. +A8 COOKSON, JULIANA; Pone. Gtr, OK; Ace. COBBAN, ELEANOR L.; Bilou, MS; Puk. Rrl ; AT CORKRAN, RON E., JR.; Heleiu, AR; cn Bu. COSNAHAN. HENDERSON W.; Summit. MS; Mech. Eng. COTANIDIS. GEORGE; Theloniki, Greece; Cktm Eng. COTHREN, DAVID L.; N.tehex. MS; Bk 4 Fin. COTTER. JUDY L; 5.- .nn. h. TN; Mgt.; AQH COL NT1SS. DAMEL D.; Bruce. MS; Bu. COW ART. CAREN E.; Atlanu. GA; Mklg COX. Dl DLE V C. ; Hickory FUt. MS; Sludie. COX, JOHN L: Jlefeon. MS; Piy. Englah COX, STEVE L.; Amory, MS; Bk. A Fin. CRAFT, LARRY D.; Purl. MS; Bu. CRAIN. WILLIAM B.; Columkut MS; L rUn Adm.; JX CRAWFORD. ROBIN A.; Pe.rU MS; Mu.. U. CRENSHAW. KIMBERLY; HumboWt. TN; But.; AT CROSBY. HARRY F.; Semiiur;. MS; Ph r. CROSLAND. F.MMET; J.ckK)n. MS; Pre-Denl. CROW. CYNTHIA B.; Hunlnille. AL; An; AA CRLTCHER. SHEILA; Beboni. MS; Elem Ed. CRITCHER. TODD J ; Beboni. MS; Mech. Eng. CUMMINS. KELLY R.; Vickdiunj. MS; Ph.r Cl NNINGH.AM. SCOTT L. ; ShreTepon. LA; Soc ; KZ CURRY. NANCY J-; Vtrford, MS; Joum. CURRY, RACHELLE T.; Chic o. IL; Nurung ClimS, GUT S.; Gulfpon. MS; Pliy.. Ed. DAILEY. RITA S.; Ch.rie.len. MS; Rec. DALTON. LISA L.; Olford. MS; Tin. DAVENPORT. DAVID P.; Biloii. MS; Correction. DAVENPORT. DONALD R.; Cedir Bluff. MS; Civ Eng.; MX DAVIDSON. FRILEY S.; OeTeUnd, MS; Bu. ; KA DAME. JOSEPH T. ; AU Gen. Bu. DAVIS. ANNA M-; B.ld.yn. MS; Sp. Ed. DAVIS. BRENDA D.; H.ttiedxir|. MS; Cl. Rep. DAVIS. J A.NNAFER R.; SeiutobU. MK Fh. Mer. DAVIS, MARJORIE R.; Birminghun. AL; Speech Ther. DAVIS, MARK H.; Oceu Springs MS; Voc. Home Econ. DAVIS. MARK S.; Bruce. MS; Mm. DAVIS. STEPHEN J.; BrooUuren. MS; In. GB DAVIS. TAMARA L.; J knn. MS; I UNK ! DAWKINS. MARK F.; Collier ille. TN; U Enforcement DAWKINS. MARY C; Olne Branch. MS; Bk. A Fin.; M DEAL. DEBRA L.. ForreH Cn . AR; Mktg. DEBORD, CIGI R.; Olford, MS; Soc. Soe. Wk.; K A6 DELOZIER. KIRBY B.; Boufon. TX; (UNK) DENTON. LYNDA D ; N.lcbev MS; Joum.; AAO DEVEER. DONALD H.; J K kwn. MS; Ace. DICKINSON. BART; D.llu. TX; Bk. A Fin.; BOO DOCKERY. J. S.; Oceui Springs MS. R.d 4 TV; t K + DODSON. JANET L.; Corinth. MS; An DOLLOFF. MILDRED L.;Cuilon. MS; Fuh. De.. JUNIORS DONALD, HEIN1TA; Fulton, MS; Piy. DOINLEY, DEVEAUX; Jackton, MS; Ace.; X!) DO1NOSKY, STEVE D.; Dallat, TX; Mklg.; KA DORR, MICHAEL I.; Sardu, MS; But. DOUGLAS, SHARON P.; Brandon, MS; Med. DOWNS, KENNETH E.; Crrolllon, MS; Urban Adm. DRIVER, BOBBY ..; Olive Branch, MS; Hut. DUFFY, BLAISE K.; Yonkert, NY; Mklg. DUFFEY, CHARLES P.; Nathville, TN; Ace.; KT DUKES, JUDY A.; Jackton, MS; Ace. DUNCAN, JOHN D.; Ripley, MS; Phr. DUPUY, YVONNE P.; Natchitochet, LA; Int. DM. DURANT, WILLIAM C; Rutaellville, Al; Mktg.; B8H DURHAM, WILLIAM H.; Tylertown, MS; Med.; SEX DZUBEY, KENNETH C.; Accra, Ghana; Pre-Med. EARNEST, DAVID K.; Peacacola, FL; Geol. ECHOLS, ESTH W M.; Coldwtr, MS; Sp. Ed. EDMISTON, BILLY J., JR.; Greenville, MS; Phar. EDWARDS, CATHY L.; Richton, MS; Phar. EDWARDS, DEBRA; Hickory Flat, MS; Law Enforcement EDWARDS, ORRIN W.; Koaciuake, MS; Ace.; ZX ELH ARIRI, MOH AMED A.; Univ MS; Chem. Eng. ELLIS, DAVID B., JR.; New Albany, MS; Phar. ELLISON, WILLIAM C.i Baton Rouge, MS; Lib. Artai KZ ELSAYED, SAMIH S.; Beirut, Lebanon; Civ. Eng. EMEKWUE, VICTOR; Nigeria; Bk. A Fin. ERNST, MARIANNE G.; Biloii, MS; Mktg. ERWIN, KATE; Little Rock, AR; Com. Dit.; IIB ESMAEILI, ALI; Tehran, Iran; Chem. Eng. ESTES, JOEL A.; Long Beach, MS; Ace. ESTES, REBECCA L.; Oiford, MS; Gen. But.; ZTA EVANS, DEBORAH G.; Marianna, AR; Law Enforcement EVANS, JANE; Dyertburg, TN; Ace.; Xfl EVERETT, LISA M.; Decatur, MS; Phar. EWING, SALLIE C.; Robinaonville, MS; Sp. Ed.; M PARISH, GERALD W.; Hiloii, MS; Fin. FAHNSWORTH, STEPHEN; Memphit, TN; Ace.; ATfl FARRIS, HARDY S.; Clarktdale, MS; Eng.; ATI) FAULKS, JAMES L.; Natchei, MS; Gen. Bu.. FEHRACCI, KATHLEEN M.; Shaw, MS; Phar. I; KE FINNEGAN, KATHLEEN A.; Dallat, TX; Rad. 4 TV; AMI FISHER, LEA M.; MemphU, TN; Mkgt. FITTS, NATHAN J.; Tupelo, MS; Rec. FLE1SHHACKER, BARBARA D.; Tupelo, MS; Englith FLOYD, CYNTHIA L.; Magee, MS; Mkt.; KKT FOOTE, ELIZABETH J.; Hattiediurg, MS; English; XB FORD, DWIGHT J.; Ripley, MS; Law Enforcement FORSYTHE, KIMBEHLEY L.; Vickaburg, MS; Mktg. FOWLER, SALLY H.; Hattietburg, MS; Bk.AFin.; AAA FOWLER, THOMAS H.; Bateaville, MS; Phar. FOX, PATRICIA C.; Vaiden, MS; Med. Term. FOX, ROBERT M.; Vaiden, MS; Ace. FOX, SUSAN L.; Raleigh, NC; Ct. Rep. FRANKLIN, BRIDGET R.; Batetville, MS; Comp. Sci. FRANKLIN, CLINTON L.; Columbut, MS; Pol. Sci. German FRANKLIN, C1NA; Brandon, MS; Phar. 378 Juniors JUNIORS m. .t - Ul n ! FREEMAN. BETH; St. Loim, MO; Clothing Her.; KKT FRIORICH. USA E.; Nadiville. TV Sot. Wa- nt VERY. TIMOTHY; Meridian, MS; LU . Am; +KT CADDY. DENMS; L.on. MS; Mku; ; K GARNER. MTA J.; Mendenhall. MS; Ph.r GARRETT. MARK L.; Jaekaon. MS; Gen. Bui. CARRITY. DEBRA L.; Neabit, MS; German CENO. TIM H.; Riemi. MS; Cbem. GERMANY. K. LYNNE; Houtton. TX; In. GIBSON. DANNY P.; Maiden. MO: Ph.r GIBSON. Rl BY J.; VickJxjrj. MS; Meeh. Enj GIDDY. CANDY D.; Flora, MS; Fee GILBERT. CHRISTOPHER G.; Ocean Spring., MS; Mji GILL, ELEANOR A.; Greenwood. MS; Pre-Dent.; M GILL, SARAH N.; Frenchman. Bayou, AR; Gen. Bu. CILLEYLEN. EMILY D.; Amor . MS; Had. A TV GILLIS. ALAN A.; Mic-omb. MS; Ace. CINN, RALPH; Clmlon. MS; Had. A TV GODFREY, DON L.; Clinton. MS; Bu.. GODWIN, KATHY A.; Tupelo. MS; Ed.; M GODWIN, SHARON A.; Viekabufg, MS; Ace. GOODWIN. DORA E.; BooneviJle. MS; PUD. Adn. GOFORTH, HIGH M., JR.; Oiford, MS; De.. AdT.; KE GOOLSBY. TRICIA A.; Ahhevilla. MS; Gen. Sci. GORDON. CRAIG; Union. MS; Pre-Med. CORE, BRL CE; Hourton, MS; Bu.. GRACE, ANTHONY; LouiariUe. MS; Comp. Set. GRAHAM. ANNE Ci Cryal Spring, MS; Ed.; XQ GRANT. DONALD; Naahville. T.N; Lib Art. GRAVES, JAMES G.; Brandon. MS; Pre-Dent.; H I GRAVES. Jl LIE A.; Helena. AF; Speech SS CRAY. RONNIE E.; Nalchei. MS; Ace. CRAYSON. JOHN H., JR.; Memphia, TV Bk 4 Fin. GREEN. ROY L.; Oiford. MS; Mech. Ei. GREENE. KERRY L.; Holl; Sprinp. MS; Bio. GRIFFIN. ANNA L.; Glower. MS; Bu.. GRIFFIN. DONNA L.; TeatPoinl. MS; Correction. GRIFFIN. WILLIAM A.; Houuon. TX; Ace.; X GRLBBS. LARRY N.; Holandale. MS; Bu.. Mft. Gl-NN, MICHIEL L.; Corinth. MS; Phar. GUNN, PAtLA A.; Corinth. MS; Aec. GLTHRIE. SHANNON D.; Memphis TN; Clothing Mer. HADEN. MARL F.; BoooeTille, MS; P., H AIRSTON. PHYLLIS V.; Oiford. MS; Bu.. Ed.; TBI HALL, SL ' SAN R ; Yano C,i . MS; Mxtg.; KKT HALL, YOLANDA; WaterValle;, MS; Ace. HAMMACK. VICKI; Laurel. MS; P.y.; Af.TI HAMPTON, LISA R.; Altia, OK; Bui. Mil. HANSON, HUGH K. ; V. port. AR ; Bk, A Tin. H ARDIN. CAROLE C.; Senatohia. MS; Sp. Ed. HARPER. JACK W.; Jackaon, MS; Ace. HARPER. KELLY M.; Ne Oriean, LA; Art. Ada. HARRIS. DWIGHT L.; Corinth. MS; Pi HARRISON. BRENDA C; Derma. MS; Com. Dia. HARRISON. EMILY J.; Tupelo. MS; Phar.; AT HARRISON. JOHN B.: ForeM. MS; Chem. IORS HA WORTH, MARTHA E.; Vi.-k.burg, MS; Bua. Adm.; ZTA HAYES, LAURA I..;, TX; Enjluh HAYS, MARI L.i Tupelo, MS; Nuraing; AT HEAD, JANET M.; M.poim, MS; Bu .; AT HEARD, CAROL C.; Baton Rougr. LA; Gen. Bu.. HENDR1X, PHILLIP B. ; Helena, AH; M,t.; IX HENDRIX, TERRICA I).; New Albany, MS; Comp. Sci. HERD, ROBERT S.; M.brn, MS; Rd. A TV. HERRIN, JANE E.; Hatlieaburi, MS; Engliah; AAA HERRIN, TAD F. ; M.yr,. illr. G A; Bk . 4 Fin. HICKS, CAMILLE K.; if,,rd. MS; Ct. Rep. HICKS, RANDALL E.; Natchea, MS; Pub. Adm. HILL, CHARLES I . ; Ripley, MS; Theatre HINMAN, KENNETH F.; Penaacola, FL; Bk. A Fin.; SAE HINRICHS, CLARK B.; New LA; (INK) HOLCOMB, WILLIAM E.; Alexander City, AL; Erajliah; MM HOLDORF, PAMELA M.; Jackaon, MS; Int. Da. HOLDORF, WENDY I .. ; Jaekaon, MS; Piy HOLLAND, JOHN; New Albany, MS; Aee. HOLLAND, LYNN M.; Hickory Flat, MS; Ace. HOLLAND, ROBERT; Fayettenlle, TN; M,t. HOLLEINHEAD, JEFFERY A.; Mathiaon, MS; Had. A TV HOLLEY, ROBERT D.; Pontotoc, MS; (UNK) HOLLOWELL, JOSEPH C. s Holly Spring., MS; Bu.. Mgt. HOLLY, DAVID E.; Corinth. MS; Mktg. HOLMES, EDWARD W.; Bay St. Louia, MS; Civ. Enj. HOOD, BARRY C.; MooreriUe, MS; Bu. Adm. HOOD, BETSY I).; Calhoun Gly, MS; Bu..; KK I HOOD, CARL J .; Olive Branch, MS; Philoaophy HOOVER. MARK D.; Dallas TX; Cen. Bu.. HOPKINS. MARYEN F.; Gulfpon, MS; Bk. A Fin.; AAA HOWARD. M. LESLIE; Memphia, TN; Elem. Ed. HOWELL, SHIRLEY J.; New Albany, MS; Ace.; B HUDSON. LESLIE M.; Clinton, MS; Chem. HUDSON, WAYNE; Clinton, MS; Bu.. HUEY, JOHN M.; Pontotoc, MS; Bu. M|t. HUFF, WALTER W.; Monroe. LA; Cen. Bu..; K A HUFF, BRADLEY R.; Meridian, MS; Ace.; A9 HUGHES, MARTHA; Sardi., MS; Bua. Ed. HUMPHREYS, DANNY J.; Gale City, VA; Bua. Ed.; KA HURLEY, VICKI J.; Memphia, TN; Mktt: . : A( )I I HUTCHESON, JUDITH J.; Baldwyn, MS; Pol. Sci. HYDE. DARRELL $.; Gautier, MS; Ph.r . K A IMRE. RONALD L,. Milin. TV. Enj. INGRAM. MARIAN R . Pint Bluff. R; Joum JACOBSON. JEFFREY C.; Lorton. VA; Pre-Med. JACKSON. JANICE E.; Se rutobu. MS; Bu. Mgt. JACKSON, POLLY A.; MeComh. MS; Phar. JACKSON. SHAl NEILLE C; Hotly Sprinp. MS; Elm, M. JAEGER. KEITH H.; La pence ille. NJ; Bu. JAMES. PAMELA J . Oiford. MS; dm S c J AMIESON. GLORIA A.; Ripky. MS; Bu. Ed JEANSON. FRANK G.; Breakharen. MS; Chan. Lnf JEFFCOAT. JANE; Morton. MS; Ed.; KKT JENKINS. GREGORY: Bruce. MS; Bio. Ckin. JENKINS. KEITHA J.; Surer. MS; Ed. JENKINS. ROBBIE; Yi x Gty. MS; Ptut JOHNSON. CLINTON A.. JR.; Summit. MS; Ecotl. JOHNSON. CRAIG E.: InduncU. MS; Phu JOHNSON. ELIZABETH A.; Nn Oriram. LA; Gen. Bu. JOHNSON. MICHAEL L . BIIM ,1 . MS; Mk ' j JOHNSON, VERA A.; GrNnrUle. MS; Nuninf JOHNSTON. PAL L B.; Short Hilk. NJ; Mech. En(. JONES. BRENDA F.; B uilk. MS; Pij. JONES. DOROTHY J.; VnUmu . MS; Ed JONES. HOVTLL R.; VkUiuif. MS; In..; AE JOY-NER. THOMAS L.. HI: SmAmi. MS; Im. En(.; A8 Jl . HIRON M. ; Grwn.ood. MS: Ptur. JLDSON. JOHNNY L ; Wtr Vill, . MS; Prc-Mnl. Jl-RCENS. PAMELA J.; Jcka. MS; Nuninf KAHLE . KAREN A.; Lindeohunt. NY; Joum.; KKT KAVEPARSIT. MCHl ' DA; SaulobU. MS; Ph.r KEITH. RAYHOND L. . Purrk. MS; Ptur. KELLEY . CY NTHIA V.; Boor , ilk. MS: Rd t TV. M KELLEY . JOSEPH W.; Nmhrille. TN; Mklg. KENNEY . MELISSA A.; Ponioioc. MS: Ph . Ed . . AAH KERN. STEVE L; Oiford. MS; Gtn. Bu..: BSD KETCHNER, SANDRA V.; Ojford. MS; Numnf KEYS. TERESA L.; Panuuoc. MS; Mm. Ed. KILLEGREV. ANGELA M.; Long Bach. MS; Soc. Wk. KILPATRICK. WILUS H.. JR.; PhiUdelphi MS: Ph.r KIMBERL1N. SHARON K.; Mcmphk. TN; Voc.; KQ KING, DONNA M.; Corinth. MS: An . KINNEY. GROVER; Oiford. MS; Bu.. KIRK LAND. JOHN B ; Atluiu, GA; Ace. KISER. THERESA G.; MonliccUo. MS. Ch -m KISTLER. JOHN L ; Crt in.. LA: L.. Enforcnacat KITTRELL, MARTIN C: Grenada. MS; Joum. KNIGHT. VICTOR E.; Stoughtoo. VI; Joum.; A KORTE, STEPHEN W.; Mctropol. IL; Mgt.. KT Kl EHN. KATHERINE C; Dtlu. TX. Mktg.: KKT KYLE. ROBERT T.. Ill; Mcmphi,. TN: Mku; . X LaBARRE. VILUAM R.; VicUmn. MS; Gen. Bui. LAMB. SAMUEL M.: Tupelo. MS; Ace.; KA LANDRY. LARRY J.. JR.; Anhi. LA; Ace. LANCLOW. JOHN R.; N.tchex. MS: Pre-Med. iChem I LANNAM. QNDY D.; Ub.non. TN; C.D.; AAH LASSEN. KEMN D.; Greenville. MS; Ph.r LAUCHLIN, JIMMY D.; B.tville. MS; Ph.r LAWRENCE, JOHN W.; Oiford, MS; Ph.r. 1.EDYARD, MELANIE; Selm., AL; Com. Di.. LEE, JAMIE R.; Tupelo, MS; Ace. LEE, KIRK E.; J,:k ,n. MS; Chem. Era. LEE, MARK K.; New Hebron, MS; Pre-Med. Bio.; LA K LEE, WA YNE M.; Bonier City. LA; Eng. LECCETT, HELEN; Greenwood, MS; Pb.r. LEHMAN, VICKI A.; N.plei, FL; Bui. Mil LENCE, KENNETH W.; Ripley, MS; Ph.r.; 4 AX LESLEY, MELANIE H.; Holly Spring., MS; Nuraini LINDER. DAVID H.; Biteiville, MS; Ace. LITTLEJOHN, SHANNON L.; Oiford. MS; Nuning LOCKARD, CHRISTOPHER L.; Orange Pirk, FL; Pol. Sci.;ATO LOCKE, JANE M.; Ml, TN; Elem. Ed.; KA9 LOCKETT, ANDREW K.; Gulfport, MS; Joum. LOCKWOOD, JOE K.; Corning, AH; Ace. LOCUE, LAWRENCE C.; Pope, MS; Comp. Sci.; ZBT I ( II I Ml. SANDY L.; M.nUcbie, MS; Bk. Fin. LOOMIS, ALLEN R.; Ft Dodge, IA; Mku. LOVE, WALTER A.; J ( ekon, MS; Gen. But. LOYACONO, GAY M.; PenucoU, FL; Cl. Rep.; K AH LUMPKIN, AMY L.; Vemon, AL; Art Hut.; M LUSBY, JOE T.; Tupelo, MS; Piy. LUTHER, GARLAND; Holly Spring!, MS; Sp. Ed. LYLE, DAVID L.; J.ckion. MS; Aec. LYONS, PAM D.i Grenidi, MS; Elem. Ed. MADER, KATHLEEN J .; J.ckion, MS; Lib. ArU MADIEBO, EMMANUEL; AndUa, AS; Mku. MACEE, CHARLES W., JR.; M.der., FL; Joum.; KT MAGEE, TIMOTHY A.; New, LA; Aec. MAHER, SANDRA I).; Clinton, MS; Ed. MAIDEN, DORIS J.; Canton. MS; Comp Sci. MANN, TAMMIE L.; Ink., MS; Pre-Med. MANNING, NITA K.; Myrtle, MS; Voc. Home Eeon. MARKLEY, ANN L.; , GA; Jmirn.; A All MARKS, SARA M.; Jicluon, MS; Nuninc MARSHALL, CATHY; Minuchie, MS; Journ. MARSHALL, LYDIA P.; Louiiville. KY; Home Econ MARSHALL, VERNEICE I).; MinUchie, MS; Mui MARTIN, BILLY (,.; Booneville, MS; Bui. Adm MARTIN, LESLIE J.; Peul, MS; Com. DU. MARTIN, SHEILA RUTH; Hr.ndon, MS; Bui. Ed.; +M MARTINEZ, MARTA R.; Arecibo, PR; Com. DU.; KA MATHIS, TERRY C.; Sen.iobi., MS; Fin. MATTHEWS, TIMOTHY A.; Holly Spring., MS; Bui.; A A MAL ' LDEN, ROSLYN C.; New Orleuu, LA; Bk. Fin MAXWELL, GLORIA M.; Henundo, MS; Soc. Wk. MAY, STEVEN D.; Clinton, MS; Bui. MeATEE, MARKETTA J.;, MO; Ph.r.; AAH MeCAA, MARTHA A.; Lucedile, MS; Bio. McCALMON, THOMAS L.; Bildwyn, MS; Environment.! McCLUSKEY, HEATHER; Amory, MS; AT MeCLUSKY, PAMELA J.; Tupelo, MS; Sp. Ed. McCOMBS, STEVE H. ; Booneville. MS; Ace. MeCONNELL, PAULA K.; Mempbi., TN; Pub Rel JUNIORS MeDADE. BRIDGETT B.; Meridian, MS; Pol. Sci.; K MeDANIEL. DOICLAS M.; J.okson. MS; ACT.; SX McllANIEL. TRl BERT H.; Tupelo. MS-,,- IV. M. IX IV M I). WILLIAM I.; Tyleno.n. MS Adm ' McEACHIN. JOHN D.; Meridian. MS; Bu. ATQ MeGEHEE. SCOTT L.; Jaekaon, MS; Bu.. Met McCILL. DEBORAH; Tupelo. MS; Ph.r J-A. EILEEN M.; Germamown, TN; Ace.; KKT MeGRAW . MARY C.; Louinille. MS; Ace. McKEE. MARY C; Jaekaon. MS; Gen. Bu.. MrKINI.EY. KATHLEEN M.; Jaekaon. MS; Theatre Aru MeLAIN. PALL K.; Monticello. MS: Mgt. MrMANOS. SIDNEY H.. Ill; thfon). MS; Uw Enforrement M. M 1 1 I . kAREN A.; W.ler .llr . MS; Teefa. Do. MCMILLAN. RONALD K.; Gn-enviiie. MS ; d.. En . MrNEAU LARR D.; WuV.llry. MS; Rd. TV MeNEER. GEORGE K ; Greenwood. MS; El. Enj McNKW. BONNIE B.; Murfnnboro, TN; Elem. Ed.; HB MEEkS. JERRI L.; Yooo Ciiy. MS; Soc. Wk.; KKI MEEKS. SHERRI L.; Ynoo Qly. MS; Soc. Wk.; KKP MEG ASON. GERALD E.: Gulfport. MS; Ph.r M I I I i IN. V AY NE; B.l.ille. MS: L. Enforcement MENEES. REC.INA k.:Ripley. MS; Elem. Ed. MKRIDKTH. PHILIPT.: Greenville. MS; Enf A MESSER. PATRICIA A.; Shrboyp.n. WI; Comp. Sci. METTS. KENNETH L.; Myrtle. MS; Comp. Sci. Mil ERS. H. J : N.lrhn. MS: Joum.: K K MICHEL. MARTIN H.; Popl.r. MO; Ph.r. MIDIll K 1 1 IN. HANDLE T.; Yoooaiy. MS; Bio.; Ki MIKKLI_ CHERYL A.; SuirJ oro, GA; M.lh.; ZTA MILES. PATTIEG.: Fulton. MS; Elem. Ed. MII.I.ARD. CAROLYN D.; TulUhom., TN; Phr.; KE MILLER. I II KKI I L.: N.irhri, MS; C Sci. MILLER. DEBRA R.: Grenada. MS; Comp. Sci. MILLER. [M IK. H.; Tupelo. MS; Phy . rxl. MILLER. GRETA D.: Nettleton. MS: Pol. Sci. MILLER. JOHN S.: Clinlon. MS; Gen. Bu . MILLER. VIVIAN C.: Hemando. MS; Soc. MISTER. BERTA M.: Gore Spring. . MS: Adm. MITCHELL. BRENDA F.: Indianola. MS; Correction. MITCHELL. MICHAEL II.: FL; Bk 4 Tin MITCHELL. BOBBY C.; Jaekaon. MS; Bu.. Mi 111 MH). ABDl L M.; Nairobi. Kenya; Fin. WONTS. MICHELLE; ie Branch. MS; Mktg. M( K RE. BRt CE A.; Laurel. MS; Ace. MOORE. Ed: Tupelo. MS; Pre-Med. MOORE. KE IN P.; Grenada. MS; Mgl. MIMIRE. MARCISC.; Tupelo. MS; Pre-Med.; KA Ml M IRK. MARY I..: Clarkadale. MS; Ct. Rep. M(MIRE.MAR M.iColumbu.. MS; rr.;AI Mi H Hi H I M I. PAMEI. A.; Oiford. MS: Soc. Wk. MORGAN. Bl BBA: Grenada. MS: Zool. MORGAN. PAl LA I..: Grenada, MS; Soc. Wk. Mt IRGAN. SI SAN A.; Maiee. MS; Phar. Junior. 383 MORRIS, ANTHONY L.; Bateaville, MS; Phar. MORRIS, CYNTHIA K. ; Oiford, MS; Int. Dea. MORROW, JAMES S.; Columbu., MS: Chem. MOSLEY, FRANK K.; EllUvillc, MS; Lib. Art. MOSS, SHERRY L.; Jackion, MS; Comp. Sci.; AAA MOUNCER, DESMOND ..; Delta Houae; Bua.; A6 MOVES, MICHAEL S.; McmphU, TO; Bua. Mf I.; KA MUELLER, JOSEPH P.; Corpua Chriati, TX; Gen. HIM.; MA MULHOLLAND, DANNY J.; J.ckn, MS; En lUh MULLINNUX, CHARLOTTE R.; Tupelo, MS; Speech MURRAY, CRAIG H.; Dunwoody , CA; Mkt . MURRAY, MISTY C. ; Houaton, TX; Theatre MURTAGH, CHERI F.; Tr-hula, MS; Ph.r. MYERS, SANDRA M.; Jarkaon, MS; Gen. Bu. NATIONS, JAMES K.; J.ckwn, MS; Mktf . NORDAN, JOHN S., II; Hattieaburg, MS; Bk ft Fin.; M NORRIS, DWIGHT M.; Ch.rlc.ion, MS; Bui. NORTH, ANDREA I,. ; Orlando, FL; Ct. Rep. NORWOOD, OLLIE B.; Bateaville, MS; Med. Ree. NSOEDO, EMMANUEL; Ace. OKEREKE, LBOZIE C.; Nigeria; Pre-Med. O ' NEAL, DEBBIE A.) Soulharen, MS; Fuh. Her.; ZTA OSWALT, DAVID R.; Paacagoula, MS; Pre-Dent. OTIS, WILLIAM C.; Tupelo, MS; Ace. OWENS, DAN; Warren, AR; Joum.; ZN PACE, SUSAN A.; Tuhonunjo, MS; Elf m. Ed. PALMER, BRIAN M.i Baton Route, LA; Ree. PALMERTREE, KERRY F.; Bateavffle, MS; Pay. PARDON, JOE L.; Greenwood, MS; Bua. Mku. PARKER, ED T.; Cka(rin F.Ik OH; Mku.; A6 PARSHALL, IONE L; Alamo|ordo, NM; Gen. Bu.. PATE, MICHAEL H.; Fulton, MS; Bk. A Fin. PENNINCTON, NANCY M.; FayetUTille, AR; Ed. PERRY, VERDA M.I Como. MS; Com. Dia. PETERSON, DEBORAH J.; Clinton, MS; Adm.; KKT PETTIS, NELLIE K.; Oiford, MS; Correction. PH AN, QUANC Q.; Dallaa, TX; Chem. PHILIPPART, CATHERINE M.| Oiford, MS; Comp. Sci. PHILLIPS, DEBRA S.; Winnetka, IL; Bern. Ed.; IIB PHILLIPS, EMILY B.; Jackaon, MS; Ct. Rep.; X!) PHILLIPS, FORREST C., JR.; Haltieaburg, MS; Bua. PHILLIPS, PATRICK J.; Dover, FL; Comp. Sci. PHILLIPS, PATTI A.; Uiington, MS; Mua. Ed. PHILLIPS, RENEE J.; McClure, II.; Phy.. Ed. PHILLIPS, ROBERT R.; Pearl, MS; Hiat.; IN PICC, PATTI; Buluki, TN; Elcm. Ed. PITCOCK, RAE M.t Greruda, MS; Bk. A Fin. PITTMAN, THOMAS A.; Memphia, TN; Math; ZX POCKLINGTON, BRIAN T.; Tupelo, MS; Ace. PONDER, PAULA L.; Senatk, MO; Ace. POOLE, FRANKLIN P.; Mckeroie, TN; Comp. Sci. POPE, ALISSA K.; Jacluon, MS; Art POWELL, DONNA L.; Natchei, MS; Theatre POWELL, EDDIE EDWARD; Houilon, MS; Zool. POWERS, JEFFEY C.; Carthage, MS; Mkt|. PRICE, RICKY L.; Ella, MS; Phy.. Ed. PRISOCK, KERRY L.; jKfeon. MS; Pol. Sci.; KT PROVENCE, BRADLEY K.; New Albuiy, MS; Chem. Eng.;ZN PRUETT, MICHAEL R.; Mtmphu. TN; Chem.; A8 PRUETT, KIM; Gernunlown. TN; Act.; XQ PRUVIS, TONY E.; Cryiul Sprinf.., MS; Ace. QUARLES, DEBRA; R.ndolph. MS; Mjl QIIICK, NANCY D.; Sutokoro. CA; Mktj RABIDEAl ' , MARK S.; Oiford. MS; Pby.. Ed. RAKESTRAW, BARBARA A.; Blue Spring., MS; Ace. RAMSEY, LARRY U; Poololoc, MS; Phr. RAWLS. MAIRICE L.; Wuhington D.C.; Econ. RAY, DALISA C.; Nettlcton, MS; Hui Ed. RAY, JAMES S.; Tupelo, MS; Pre-MeJ.; JX REESE, JIMMY M., JR.; OifonL MS; Lj. Enfo REEVES, CYNTHIA L-; Mtmphu, TN; Bro.dcot.n REIHSEN. GERALD J.; MioJnn, WI; EngliA; X REILLY. ROBIN R.. Jtckjon. MS; Numnj REINA. JERRY J.;TomRi rer. NJ; En(. RICHARDSON, PHYLLIS S.; Seniiobn. MS; Ace. RICKLES, JAMES F.; Ripley, MS; Enluh RICCINS, PAMELA S.; F.Teuerille, TN; Mkl(.; ZTA RISK, MELANIE S.; Pontotoc, MS; Chem. Enjh RISHER, PAULA D.; Morton. MS; Ace. ROBERTSON, ALVIN; Hemuldo. MS; Pre-Me l. ROBERTSON. DARMAINE D.; Durtnt. MS; Phyt. En. ROBINSON. MITCHELL H.; Jckon. MS; Bu..; IN ROGERS, CA YTHER D.; Wu-V Jley, MS; Adm. Serr. RONALDI. THOMAS C; Mirlboro. MS: B. Enf. ROSEBOROUCH. ELEANOR; Como. MS; On Bu. ROl ' SH, MARK A.; Wtlerioo, IL; Pty. ROWAN, LIZ L.; J.ciuon. MS; Sp. Ed. RIDMAN, JERRY E.; Brookhoen. MS; Ace. BUFF, MARGARET A.; Tupelo. MS; Phy.. Ed. RUTHERFORD. DEMCE; Filkner. MS; Ed. RUTLAND, WILLIAM J.; Jaebon. MS; Mjl. RYLAND, JULIE; Gulf port. MS; Com. Du. SABATELLO. HICK A.; Arlinglon Hu.. IL; El. Enj. SALTER. KATHERINE K. ;,n, MS; Gen. Bu..; KKjT SAMMONS, SCOTT S.; Memphu. TN; Mkl(.; ZX SANDERS. MARTHA J.; Oiford, MS; Pre-Nurung SANDERSON. JAY W.; H.tley, MS; Bu.. SANFORD. KAREN LISA;Oinlon. MS; Mktg. Junior. 385 JUNIOR SARTOR, WILLIAM S., JR.i Oiford, MS; El. Enf..; KK+ SAXON, MYRNA r, . Brookbaven, MS; Hop. Thrr. SCHNELLER, BILL F.; Senalobia, MS; In. SCOTT, TAMMY L.; Mempbia, TN; Pbar. SEALE, DOROTHY O.; Holly Springa, MS; Ph.p. SECHEST, CHUCK L.; Houalon, MS; Pre-Med.; KA SELF, LISA R.;Elem. Ed. SENJER, MAAN S.; Sidon, Lebanon; Mjl. SETO, CINDY C.i Jackaon, MS; Ace. SEVIER, STEVE W.; Grind Bay, AL; Mku. SH AMOUN, JOHN M.; Paducab, MS; Pre-Med. SHAW, DAVID C; Oiford, MS; Ace. SHEPARD, DAVID M.; Jackson, MS; M,i SHORT, TRILBY J.; Biloii, MS; Bk. Fin. SHOUP, LANE; Montpcher. OH; Bua. Ed. SHUMAKE, WENDY; Memphis TN; Joum.; AT SHUMPERT, TERESA R.; Fulton, MS; Mu . Ed. SIMMONS, HAROLD D.; Mempbia, TN; Pre-Med. SIMPSON, DEBRA L.; Pine Bluff, AL; Bua. SLEDGE. JAMES W.; Hatueabura;, MS; Kr SLOAN, JOHN H.; Coving ton, LA; Comp. Sri. SMITH. BARBARA J.; Amor) , MS; Mua. Ed. SMITH, CHARLES; Hrrnando. MS; Pre-Med. SMITH, GREGORY L.; Weal Point. MS; Joum. SMITH, KIMBERLY; Bumaville, MS; Chem. SMITH, LYNN A.; Oiford, MS; Mku. SMITH, STUART M.; Clarkadale, MS; Ace. SMITH, TERRY W.; Grenada,. MS; Bk. A Fin. SMITH, TIM J.; V1CKSBURG. MS; Fin. SMITHSON, PATRICIA S.; Goodman, MS; Phya. Ed. SOUTHERN, BRENT; Monroe, LA; Ed.; K SPARKS, TERESA A.; Oiford, MS; Phar.; AAII SPEIR, ANN K. : Grenada, MS; Elem. Ed. SPENCER, DAVID; Walnut, MS; Pre-Med. SPIRES, JOSEPH S.; Slidell. LA; Journ. SPRATLIN, RICKY F.; Vardaman, MS; Law Enforcement STANLEY, DEBORAH A.; Clarkadale, MS; Adm. Ser . STANLEY, ROBERT; Biloii, MS; Marine Bio. STEINRIEDE, NANCY R.; Vickaburj, MS; Bua. STEPHENSON, RICHARD L.; Grenada, MS; Bio. STEWART, KEVIN; Starkville, MS; Pol. Sci. STEWART, SARAH E.; McComb, MS; ZTA STEWART, SUZANNE; NatcheE, MS; Mktg STOGNER, STEVEN W.; Tylertown, MS; Pre-Med. STOKES, LEE H.; Paacagoula, MS; Mki, STONE, GLEN H.; Bateaville, MS; Lib. Ana; ATI) STONE, SHEILA A.; Gulfport. MS; Pol. Sci. STORY, SHARON V.; Ocean Springa, MS; Gen. Bua. AT STRANGE, ROBERT D.; luka, MS; Law Enforcement STEWART, BUDDY ALVIA E., JR.; Koaciuako. MS; El. ! STEVENS, TERRY L.; Atiglilla. MS; Bk. Fin. STROUPE, LISA C.; Senatobia, MS; Ace. STOVAL, EARL H., JR.; Yaaoo City, MS; Law Enforcement SULLIVAN, RANDY; Mooreville. MS; Art SWAN, GLEN H.; Miaaiaaippi; Comp. Sei. SZELUCA, MARY T.; Tituaville. NJ; M,t.; ZTA TATtM, NANCY; Greenville, MS; Med. Tech. TO LOR. AVA D.; Brtndon, MS; Mktf TAYLOR, FRANK D.; Culfport. MS; Piy. TAYLOR, PAMELA J.; Coldwiter. MS; Bu . Ed. TAYLOR, WILLIAM S., JR.; Memphk, TV Gen. Bua. TEDFORD. SONORA G.; Tupelo. MS; Ct. Rep. TENNET. JOE T. j Yooo City. MS; An TERRELL. MICHAEL R.; Memphk, TN; Aw. THOMAS, CWYN E. ; Naahrille, TN; Graphic Do.: XQ THOMAS, JAMES C, HI; Cryilal Spring., MS: Bk . 4 Fin . THOMAS. JAMES L. : Meridi.n. MS; Mktj . THOMAS, RANDAL D.; .Noiipiter. MS; Bk. A Fin. THOMAS, SUSAN E. ; Tuka, MS; Soc. Wk. THOMAS, TIMOTHY A.; Trinity, AL: lift. THOMASON, SUSAN; Metqnile. TX; Earn. THOMPSON, KEITH G.; Boonerrille. MS; Civ. Enf. THOMPSON, MARIANNE; Grenada, MS; Ace . TH R EADGI LL. TER R V C.; Oiford. MS; Ph y i. Ther. TINDALL. W. W.;CoU.tKT. MS; Bk. A Fin. T1SDALE. ELIZABETH A.; Elliiville. MS; Ph.r TOUJSON. KERMIE F.; Oiford. MS; Bui. Ed. TONG. TERESA K WOKICHl : Pearl, MS; Phar. TORBERT. NAN L.; Naabville, TN; Adm. Serv. TOWERY. BOBBY A.; Oiford, MS; Real Ettate; K A TRAMMELL. USA C.; Mim-ippi: Elem. Ed. TRA.N. THINH; Pre-Med. TRELTEL. STEPHEN; Bay St. Louu. MS; Bk. A Fin. TRl BE I LLE. DAVID M.; Jaekaon, MS; Comp. Sci. IMMERSTALL, Jl LI A; Cape Ciradeau. MO. Elan. Ed. VALVO, MARTIN P.; Farmington. CT; Bu.. Adm.; K VAR.NER, MICHAEL H.; Cleveumd. MS; Bk. A Fin.; KZ VAUCHAN, LOUSE S.; Columbu.. MS: Lit. De .; AT VAUCHAN, PAMELA S.; Oiford, MS; Mktg. VENTURA, TERESA A.; Greenville. MS; Phyt. Ed. VERNOM, SUZANNE M.; Deeaturrille, TN; Phar. VINES, SHELL YE M.; Oiford, MS; Com. Di..; OB WADE, CATHY A.; Memphu. TN; Nuninj; KA WAFA, ZAKI H.; Amman. Jordan; Civ . Enj . WAGGE.NER. MARY B.; Jackno, MS; Mktg . WALKER, DAVID W.; Carthage. MS; Mm. Ed.; KK WALKER. WILLIAM T.; Jackion. MS; Phar. WALLACE. ROBERT R.; Dallas TX: Gen. Bui. WALLS, ARNIE J.; Moorhetd, MS; Bio. WALLS, RANDALL K.; Okolon., MS; Pre-Uw WARD, HARRY II.; New l,A; Eng. WARD, MICAHEL R.; Colombo., MS; Econ. WARDLOW, KIRK M.; Tupelo, MS; Ace. WATSON, EDWARD L.; Chford, MS; Phy.. Ed. WATTS, DWAYNE T.; MrricUn, MS; Mkl. Mi WEATHERLY, WALLACE W.| Eiw.; AW WEBB. ROBIN; Albeit . TN; Fh Mer.; AAA WEEKS, CRAIG F.; Mirki, MS; Comp. Sci. WEILAND, KENNETH L.; Clirkidile, MS; Civ . Eng . WENCZL, ESTHER K.; Nuhville, TN; Mer. WEST, VICK1 V., Sudii, MS; Gen. Bin. WESTMORELAND, KRISTEN; M.riin, TN; M.lh WETZEL, JULIET I..; WewerrUle, OH; Mjl. WHITE, CAROLYN S. j Bruce, MS; Aee. WHITE, DAVID S. iry.ul Spring MS; Uw Enforcement WHITE, JAMES A.; Tupelo, MS; Gen. Bui. WHITE, JOHN W.; Niirille, TN; Gen. Bui.; KZ WHITE, MARY J.; Memphis, TN; Sp. Ed. WHITE, ROBIN; Btld.yn, MS; Aee. WHITE, LESLIE; Gulfport, MS; Mkt .; AAA WHITTEN, DESIREE D.; Oiford, MS; Ph.r . WRITTEN, SUSAN MARTHA; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Sei. WICK TOR, LISA :.; Clpe Corml, Fl.; Ed.; KKT WIGCERS, JOHN C; Fulton, MS; Bio. WIGHT, LIB E.| Curo, CA; Ady .; M WILBAMKS, LYDIA C; MUvippi; Elem. Ed.; AT WILBOURN, SHELBY L.; LA; Cbem. WILEY, CHRISTOPHER D.; Johnion City, TN; Mku. WILEY, RONNIE; Oiford, MS; Correction; A A WILKS, PALMER, JR.; J.cU n, MS; Chem. WILLIAMS, HAROLD J.; Pueblo, CO; Ph.r. WILLIAMS, JONATHAN M.; Trrr,. MS; Broadrut Joum. WILLIAMS, MARTIN L.; Como. MS; Uw Enforcement J88 Junior. JUNIORS WILLIAMS, MARGIE M.; Bruce, MS; P.y. WILLIAMS. MERRIL B.; W.ler Ville,. MS; Bk. 4 Tin WILLIAMS. ROBERT C; Greenrille, MS; Pol. Sci. WILLIAMSON. RLSSELL H ; Green, ood. MS; Bk. 4 Fin. WILLINGHAM, DEBRA D . Rulerule. MS; In. WILLIS. CRECC A.; Tupelo, MS; Bio. WILLIS, STEPHEN T.; Eery. MS; Ed. WILLS, VICKIE L.; Memptm. TV Ph. . Ed.. AOD WILSON, ANTHONY; Oiford. MS; Mccb. En. WILSON, CYNTHIA A.; N.tcbex. MS; Lil . Sci.; K WILSON. JACKIE C.; Canhjge. MS; Pn-Me l. WILSON, NANCY; Gren d . MS; Pre-Mnl. WCySTEAD, JUNE M.; PhiUielphi.. MS; Conp Sci. WINTER. ELEANOR E. ; J.ckjon. MS; EogUi; AAA WISEMAN. PAUL: Oiford. MS; Ace. WOLFE. BEVERLY; Hrminoo. MS; Ace. WOIHC, JOSEPH K.; Moorixwl. MS; Pre-Mol. WOO, MARY B.; InTcriHM, MS; Phir WOOD, JOEL RAY; Hujnboldi. TN; Lib An WOOD, SHEILA C.; Fullon. MS; EUm. Ed. WOOD. STEVE A.; Fulton. MS; OOTE V LOCIE W. ; Tupelo. MS; M(i. YARBRO. YORK; B; MS; CSCI YOCNC, BARBARA J.; Horn Uke. MS; Elem. Ed YOfNC, DOLORES K,; Wir. VJley, MS; Mktg Jl ' MORS 389 SENIORS ABERNATHY, JOANNIE; Pulaski, TN; Ed.; ZTA ABRAHAM, DAVID T.; Vicksburg, MS; English ABOU-GERGI, s. : Beirut, Lebanon; Civ. Eng. ABU-EID, MUSA; University, MS; C. E. Eng. ABU-HEJLEH, MOHAMMAD A.; Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.; Mgl. ABUTO. AMBROSE P.; Koru, Kenya; Fin. Bk. ACRED, JOY; Memphis, TN; General En,.; AOII ADAMS, KATHY DARLENE; Biloxi. MS; Chemistry ADAMS, TIMOTHY R.; Amory. MS; Med. Tech. ADCOCK, MICHAEL E.; Purl, MS; Pol. Sci. ADDY, KATHY DIANE; Oiford. MS; Sec. Ed., Soc. Si. ACULANNA, GODWIN O.; ABA lino Sute, Nigeria; M,i . AL-BUNDAK, OMAR M.; Beirut, Lebanon; El. En,. ALEXANDER, BARBARA; Ponloloc, MS; Mktg ALEXANDER, RICHARD; Flowood, MS; En,. AL-FARHOUN, MUEEN; Lebanon; En,. AL-JALLAD, MOUAWIA S.; Kuwait, Kuwait; Civ. En,. ALLEN. BRENDA NELL; Water Valley, MS; Science, Soc. St. ALLEN, DEBORAH ANN; Form, MS; Bui. ALLEN, KATHY LEE; Indianola MS; Arl ALLEN, LARRY E.; Jackson, MS; Accy.; K ALLEN, LORI LYNN; Augusta, CA; Math ALLEN, THOMAS D.; Greenville, MS; ALLISON, MITZIE GAIL; Ripley, MS; Speech Pathology AL-MOGHRABI, MUSTAPHA M.; Sidon, Lebanon; Mech. En,. ANDERSON, ANDREW COY; Anguilla, MS; Fin.; X ANDERSON, ARNETA; Leiington, MS; Bun. ANDERSON, KAREN W.; Corinth, MS; Clothing Mer. ANDERSON, MARY JENNIFER; Elli.ville, MS; Phar. ANCLE, JAMES P.; Columbia, MS; Ace.; K A ARCHER, SUSAN ANNETTE; Kenneth, MD; Phar. ARMISTEAD, J. PAUL; Butler. Al .; Gen. Eng. ARMISTEAD, SHERRY; Oiford, MS; Ed. ARNOLD, JAMIE; Baldwin, MS; Ed. ARNOLD, M1TZI; Booneville, MS; Ed. ASAI, OLGA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Lib. Art. ASBURY, WENDY; Yaioo City, MS; Bui. ASHFORD, JOHN CLAY; Water Valley, MS; Zoology ASKEW, FRANCES A.; Greenwood, MS; Cl. Rep. AUSTIN, WANDA JEAN; Pontoloc. MS; Phys. Ed. AWADA, MAHMAUD II .. Tyre, Lebanon; Civ. Eng. BOCKHUSS, TIMOTHY R.; Council Bluffs, IA; Anthropology BAILEY, DAVID RALPH; Columbia, MS; Ace. BAILEY, LISA Dl ANNE; Derma, MS; Lib. Art.. Journ. BAKER, SHERRY LYNN; Corinth. MS; Early Child. Ed. BALCH, VICTOR D.; Pass Chriilian. MS; Fin.; A BANKS, JOSEPH V; Bloomingdale, IL; Pub. A.lm. BANYONC, NAWAPARN II.; Bangkok, Thailand; English BARBOUR, GREGORY; Jackionville, FL; Bua.; KA BARNABO, MARK JOSEPH; Balenville, MS; Math BARNETT, CLIFFORD II ; Memphii, TN; BUB. BARNETT, DONALD K.; Cleveland, TN; BUB. BARNETT, JANET L.; Ocean Spring., MS; Gen. Bu. BARINETT, JAN; Grenada. MS; Phy.. Ed.; KK1 BARRON, NANCY; Booneville, MS; Hu. BARTON, MICHAEL L.; Pineville. LA; Urban A rim. ?P _ 390 Senion SENIORS BASS, TAMMY LYNN; Walnut, MS; Bu.. ] BAT, THOMAS; Jaekaon, MS; PH Mai.; I BATES. TYRONE; Memphia. TV Joum.l BATTLE, JAMES ARTHUR; Bate. illr. MS; Bu. Mgi BEARD, PAUL; luk.. MS; Muiic Ed. BEASLEY, JUDY; BooneviUe, MS; LA I BECKETT, JOYCE; Piiuboro. MS; Soc. Wk. BEECH, RECINA K.; Birminjh.m. AI., P.. .; Al III BELL, JEA.N; Sard in. MS; Soc. Wk. BELL, WILLIAM K.; Pearl, MS; Ace. BELLE.NGER. REBECCA LYNN; Jackaon, MS; Dietetic BELLIPAINNI, MITCHELL; McComb, MS; Ace. BENSON, Lll.l.l M.; Lciinjlon. MS; Law Enforcemenl BERNS, BARBARA ANN; Waveland, MS; Journ . BERRY. JAMES CHRISTOPHER; Clinton, MS; Journ. BERRYHILL, BRENDA; Bateaville, MS; Bu. BEUERIN. MICHAEL ANTHONY; Biloli, MS; Cheniatry BICKERSTAFF, JUDY LYNN; Jackaon. MS; Ed.; XQ BIGGS, MARTIN S.; Jackaon. MS; L.A.; KA BINCHAM, STEVE; Cleveland. MS; inf.. KA BISHOP, RUBY; Water Valley, MS; Bu. BLACK, MARGARET; Calhoun City, MS; Accy. BLACK, TAMMY JEAN; Koaeiuako, MS; Enjliah BLACKLEDCE, WILLIAM DAVID; Laurel. MS; Bk. A Fin.; IN BLAIR, JOHN DAVID; Clinton. MS; Pol. Sci.; ZN BLAKELY, KATH Y ANN; Senatobia, MS; Engluh BLAKELY, LLRLENE: FayetteTilk, NO Bu..; AKA BLALACK, JOHN; Pearl. MS; Accy. BLONKUIST. KEVIN; Midland. TX; Mku.; 4 A6 BODAMER. RON; Long Beach. MS; Bua. BOBO, MICHAEL R.; Natcbei. MS; Ace. BOCK. CAROLINE; Tupelo. MS; German; ZTA BONE, LISA; Memphia, TN; Enf BONTEMPS, JOE; Bay St. Louu. LA; Eng. BOSTICK, BENNIE; Philadelphia. Pa; Ph.r BOSWELL. REBECCA E.; New York, NY; Muaic Ed. BOTTS, MARTHA; Booneville. MS; L.A. BOURKE, GREGG B.; Paicagoula. MS; Gen. Bua. BOUKKE. MELINDA M. BOWEN, TOMMY; Randolph, MS; Biology BOW LES, CHARLOTTE A.; Shannon, MS; Elem. Ed. Senior. 391 SENIORS BOWLING. GARY; Memphia, TV Mklg.; KHI I BOWMAN, CHARLES T.; IV.rl. MS; Bin. BOX, CAROL; Belden. MS BOYANTON. STEVE; J.cluon. MS; Bk. Fin.; BSR BOYKIN. MICHAEL; Hollandale. MS; Pol. Sci.; 4 KT BRADLEY. MARK J.; Myrtle, MS; LA BRAMMER. NANCY E.; Oiford. MS: Speech Pathology. BRANCH. MALCOLM LEE; Gulfpon, MS; Gen. Hi,.. BRASH1ER. BARBARA; Indi.noli. MS; HEC-Int. Dr..; xn BRASHIER, MARK THOMAS; Lucedile, MS; Ace. BRENKERT, SCOTT; University, MS; L.A. BREWER. LEATHA; Puliski. TN; Journ.; ZTA BREWER. RICKY; Oiford. MS; El. Enj.; Ben BRINKLEY. HAROLD; Booneville, MD; Sac. St.; ZX BRITTENUM, MOLLY; Holly Spring., MS; Eng. Hid IT. ANGELA; Weiion, MS; Ed. BROOKS. CURTIS C.; Ripley, MS; Bu .; BZ BROOKS. DENNIS WAYNE; Belden, MS; I ' h.r . K BROWN, MARSHA I..: tt all. MS BROWN, TERRY; Stewart, MS; L.A. BROWNLEE. GAYLE; Pelhim, AL; Mu.i, ; ZTA BRUNSON, JOHN M.i Jackaon, MS; In..; K BRYANT, CHARLES; Laurel, MS; Bin. BRYANT, MICHAEL; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Anthropology Hiat. HI HUM. RAF AT K.; Amman, Jordan; El. Eng. BULLOCK, DANNY; Tayloraville, MS; Mgt. BULLOCK, PHILLIP; But. BUNCH, MELINDA: Columbu, TN; Ph.r.; AOII BURGESS, BENTLEY; HouMon, TX; Rad. T.V.; UK A BURGESS, RICKY E.; Corinth. MS; Mgt. Acc.; iX BURNS, BARBARA J.; Corinth, MS; Elem. Ed. BURNS, STRING; New, LA; Phy.. Ed.; BHII BUSH, REBECCA; Tupelo. MS; Mktg.; XQ BUSICK, MARY LIZ; Brandon, MS; L.A. BY AS, VIVIAN M.; Indianola, MS; P.y. Pre.Nuning. BYRNE, MARK EDWARD; Springfield, VA; Art; ill CAIN, PAM; Jackaon, MS; Bk. Fin.; AAA CALLENDER, DANA; Jackaon, MS; Mktg. CALMES, BRYANT W.; Columbu., MS; Bui. Mgt.; !! CALV AS1N A, GERALD; Wilmington, DE; Bui. Adm. CAMERON, M. II.: McComh, MS; Soc. St. CAMPONOV A, MIKE; Clarkadale, MS; P.E.; B6H CANNON. LESLIE; Memphia, TN; Hi.!.; K A GARDEN, JAMES MATTHEW; Amory, MS; Pol. Sci. CARDONE. MICHAEL; Memphia. TN; LA CARLISLE, MICHAEL W.; Boqur Chitto. MS; Gen. Bua.; KT CARMICHAEL, CHARLES; Jackaon, MS; L.A. CARPENTER, CHERI I..; Univenily, MS; Bu..; XB CARPENTER, TIM; Long Beach, MS; L.A. CARSON. LILLIAN; Marka, MS; Gen. Bui. CARSON, NANCY; Signal Mm., TN CARTWRIGHT, DAVID; Metropolia, IL; Ace.; KT CARVER. KAY; Belaoni, MS; Ed. GATES, PATTI; Atlanta, GA; Soc. Wk.; ZTA CHAFFIN, JULIE; Caruthenville, MS; Pol. Sci.; AAH CHAIN, BARBARA LYNN; Oitord, MS; Engliah. AT 392 Seniora SENIORS IP V CHANEY. SUZANNE; Louiwille. MS; Bu..; AAA CHARLTON. WILLIAM; Oiford. MS; Chrrmlr . EnglUh CHEATHAM. CHRIS; Phil.6flphn.Mf. Accy. CHESNUTT. JOANIE; Golden. MS; Phar. CHILERS. WANDA EA1 E. Hamilton. AL; El. Eng. CHILDRESS. DAV ID; Oiford. MS; Aec.; ATQ CHIN. NONA; rbb. MS; But. Urn. CHOU . CHUCK: CI.rW.lf. MS; Bk. Tin. CIRUOT. JEANME; MOM Point; L.A. CLARK. DONNA L.; Pearl. MS; Sec. U CLARK. JUANITA; D.IU . TX: Bui. CLARK. WILLIAM H.; D,lla. TX; BUB.; KA CLARKE. MART R.; Rixrwof. IL: Mkli CLARKE. STUART H.: Jackaon. MS; Bk. A Fin : IX CLASCENS. BRADLEY; Germantovn. TN; Bui.; B6H l i iBB. BRIAN KEITH; Ne. Albany. MS; Geological Eng.;X+ COCCINS. JOE; Wbcdcr. MS; L.A. COKER. KATHRYN; Yaaoo City. MS; Bu..; XQ COKER. PATRICK; Fulton. MS; Bu.. COLEMAN. ELIZABETH; To. .nd. PA; Mktg. COLEMAN. JILL; McLain. MS: Ed. COLLIER. ELIZABETH C.; M.nuchif. MS: But Ed. COLLINS. CRAIG S.; Gulfport. MS; Erl h. Pol. Sci. COLLINS. PETER B.. Mealor. OH; Mil . AKE CONERLY. DEBORAH P.; Mcmphu. TN; Elf m Ed. CONMCK. El GENE; Irvinfton. NY; Eng. COOK. JOHN; Jacbon. MS; L.A .; X COOLEY. JAMES K.; Buekaniyna. MS: Phar. COOPER. LEON S.; Aunore. AL, Art COOPER. REGINA CAROL; No Albany. MS: Bin. COUCH. CANDACE M ; Moai Point. MS; Ct. Rq .; A All COX. MARILYN G.; Ocr.n Spring. MS; Biolof : 1164 CRAFT. VICKIE S.; Pearl. MS; Phar. CRAIG: ALLISON N. ; jaekaon. MS ; Pol. Sci. OUWFORD. GAIL; Carthage. MS: Phar. CRAWFORD. RENITA A.; Houlka. MS: Ace. CHECH ALE. KENNETH J-; Jaekaon. MS CREWS. MARY LYNN; Oiford. MS; Engliah: KA CRIM JR. WILLIAM L Jackaon. MS; Aec X CROSBY. MICKEY ; Mendenhall. MS; L.A.; KA CROW DEN. GEORGE M.; Oiford. MS: Joum.-Eng. CRISE. EDIE; B.W. yn. MS: Secondary Science CRUSE. W 1 LI 1AM N. ; Pontoioc. MS; Soc St. l I MBE-T. M1MI. Panagoula. MS: L.A. l I MBE-T. SANDRA J.; Paaratoula. MS: Joum. CIMMINGS. SHEILA C.; Victoria. MS i I PIT. MICHAEL B.: Bogue Quito. MS: La CIRLEE. FRANK; Aberdeen. MS; Pub. Adm.; IN Cl RTIS. REX; Cincinnati. OH; Bus CtTTS. LISA R.; Cleveland. MS: Anthropology CUTTS. TERESA; Cle rland. MS; L.A. IH II n . KATHY G.; Ne Albany. MS; Hone Economic. DALLAS. SANDY: Ponloloc, MS; Bus. DANDRIDGE. CLIFTON; Coldwater. MS: Mgt. DANIEL. DAVID; Seminary. MS: Ed. DANDRIDGE. BELMALINE; Coldw.ler. MS; Ed. SENIORS DARBY. RONALD E.; Marks, MS: Pub. Adm. DARNELL, DEBORAH: Glen Allen. MS; L.A.: AOH DASCHKA, MICHELLE; Chester, IL; L.A. DASKALOS, JOHN B.; Houston. TX; El. Enj. DAUCHTREY, KENNETH; Seminary, MS; Chem Zoolofv DAVIDSON. JOANNE; Tehula, MS; Ph.r. DAVIS. CYNTHIA JAN; Brace, MS; Lib. Aru DAVIS. DANNY C.; Lucedale, MS; Fin. DAVIS. DEANNA; Bruce, MS; Lib. ArU DAVIS. JAMES NEIL; Abbeville. MS; Mh DAVIS, JAMES R.; Oxford. MS; Mklg. DAVIS. KEVIN DALE; Jackion, MS; Comp. Sci. DAVIS. LOU ELLEN; Meridian. MS; Ed.; AP DAVIS, MARY: Memphis, TN; Accy. DAVIS, NANCY MAE; Tupelo. MS; Phar. DA WKINS, MICHAEL T.; Meridian, MS; Ace. DAWSON, CINDY; Memphis. TN; Ed.; KA DAWSON, WAYNE; Hatliesburs;. MS DEAL. ROY; Picayune, MS; L.A. DELAQUIS, RICHARD S.; Palenon. NJ; Comp. Sei DENSON, DONNA; Booneville. MS; Phar. DERIVAUX. R. PRESTON Vickburg. MS; Ins.; 2X DESPORTE JR., RICHARD J.; Biloii. MS; Bus.: I IK DEWEESE. CARL DOUGLAS; Meridian. MS; Accy. DIGGS. CHARLES MITCHELL; Shannon. MS; Accy. DILLARD. ILENE; Meadville. MS; Phar. DIXON. BARRY I .: Water Valley, MS; Pol. Sci.; ATil DIXON. JANET. Greenville. MS; Pub. Adm.; AAP DOLAN. KATHY; Pine Bluff, AR; L.A. DONOHO. ARTHUR W.; Ml. Vernon, IL; Bk. Fin. DORRAH. SHARLA; MemphU. TN; Ed.; MB DOUGHERTY. PATRICK L.; Ponloloc, MS DOWDLE. JOHN O.; Canton. MS; Dance Voice; KA DREWERY. KAREN L.; Jackson, TN; Mktg. DREWRY, MARY J.; Lakeland, FL; Elem. Ed.; IIB DUNAVAINT, AMY J.; Pulaiki, TN; Home Economic.; ZTA DUNAWAY, MARK: Gulfport. MS; Eng. DUNCAN, DINAH; Estill Springs, TN; Bk. Fin. DUNCAN, MARK; Philadelphia, MS; Bk. Fin.; KT DUNCAN, SAMUEL J.; Canton. MS; Bus. DUNN. DAVID; Amory, MS; Hist. DUNN, SUSAN R.; Amory, MS; Elem Ed. - B|HHf Bl 1 f--f " Kr 394 Seniors SENIORS IK AIL. SHARON I).: B.ld. .n. MS; Soc. Wk. Correction DuPERIER. DIANNE; Jttfeon. MS; Gr.piuc Doign EADS. SLSAN; CHford. MS; Ed EATON, CAROL L.; Oiford. MS; Math . EATON. CREC .; Berwyn. PA; Ph.uo. M.lh EBLE. KIMBERLEE A.; PMcagoula. MS; Mktg ; AAU EDWARDS. COLLEEN; Hickory MS; L-A. EDWARDS. JOH M . Pon GiUon, MS. Art Pay ED ARDS. OU NTON T . Gnntdt. MS: L.A. EL AM. CA DY D ; Corinth. MS; Ed.; AT EL-ASSAD. HASSAN; S.don. Ubinon. Bk 4 Fin. EL-ASSAD. MOHAMAD; Sidon. Ubuion; Chen. Enf . EL-CHOI F AM. AOIB; Brirut. Ub.non. Ci . Enf ELKAW AM. KHALED IL; Sidon. Lcbnon; Ci . Eng. ELkHATIB. RASHID-. Ubanon: Eng. EL-SARJI. AHMAD; Sidon. Lcbuion; M.E. ELLIOTT 111. BAXTER ORR; Oiford. MS; Eng. ELLIS. DEBBIE; VicUxinj. MS; Eng. ERSK I E. O NTH I A L ; Ft. UudenUle. FL. Ace. ERVES. JAMES C; VicUiunj. MS; Ph.. Ed. ETHRIDCE. STEPHEN A.; VicUxirg. MS; Pub. Ado.; K+ EVA.NS. CATHERINE; VicW urg. MS; L.A.; KA E ANS. STAN; Monphk. TN; But.; iAE EVANS. STEVES L.iConnlh. MS; Microbiolagy Chnn. EZE.NTA. CHIMA E-; Ohuiku-Ndoki. Nrria; Fin. FALKNER. GERALD L.; HoUy Springv MS; Bu . FALK.NER. JOHN; Oiford. MS; Mgl.; AE FARACE JR.. DONALD L.; Gull Bret . FL. Chem. Eog. FARRIS. MARGARET V.; S . Oflnm. LA; Joum. Rid.. TV ; nB FERJMIN. Cl STAVO; Oiford. MS; Eng. FERRELL. CINDY C.; Mag . MS. Ct. Rep.; AOD FESSLER. ALISON A.; Corput Chruu. TX. Ph.r FLETCHER. DAV ID E.; Nilcbn. MS: Cbcto Eng.; ZBT FLOYD. SLZETTE; Wufciaglin, MS; Accy.; AOFI FOG ARTY . ILLI AM M.; Th.tin,ilfe. MA; Bu.. FOLLETT. JEFFREY C; Meridun. MS; El. Eng. FOLLIN. ERIN; Canton. MS; But.: AT FORD. BETTY A.; Nuchn. MS: Bk. A Fin. FORD. TERRY D.; Uurd. MS; Ph.r . FORESTER. MITCH; J.ckn. MS; Ace;.; B6H FORTENBERRY. ANN; Colombu. MS; Bu..; XQ M RTT NE. LINDA CAY; Oh.r Br.nch. MS; Anthropology FOSTER. DEXTER L.; Shumon. MS: Prr-Mrd.; A A FOSTER. S. ANTHONY ; Columbut MS; Engluh; SX FOX. BRIAN; Oiford. MS; El. Eng. FRASIER. SCOTTIE O.; M.rk. MS; Elan. Ed. FRANCES. PETER; Mtmphk. T ; But.; A FRAZIER. JOYCE; Balonlle. MS; Ed. FREEMAN. BILL; Uncu. KS; Bk. Fin.; X FLLTON. MELISSA; V AlUny. MS; Ace. GAINES. YOLAINE; Ntw AlUnyi MS; Accy. GARDNER. STEPHEN E.; Br.ndon. MS! Bk. A Fin.; KT GARNER. PAL L M.; B.irvillc. MS: Comp Sci. GARY . MARY MELINDA; Oxford. MS; Bu..; KICT G ASTRELL. CHARLOTTE f.. Vickiburg. MS; Ekm. Ed.. KA GATES. GRACE G.; Oiford. MS; Engirt Senior. 395 SENIORS GRAFF, DUNNE; Pirk Ridge, IL; Bui.; AOII GRAHAM, MARGARET J .; Jackion, MS; Economic, GRAHAM, ROBERT; Ji.-k.on. MS; Economic! CRANTH AM, SARAH KATHRYN; Ji.-kiii, MS; Ed.; XI) CRASS, PAUL; ( . MS; Ed.; ATS) CRAY, JOSEPH F.; Walnut, MS; Chemiitry GREENLEE, EDYE J.; Bateaville, MS; Phir ; AT GREGORY, SCOTT; Fulton, MS; Bui. CRESSETT, DONNA I..; CoUimville, MS; Phy.. Ed. GRISWOLD, GEMIEL; Philadelphia, PA; Bui. GRIFFIN, GARY M .; Slunrii, MS; Ph.r . GRIFFIS, CLAIR; Meridian, MS; Com. Dia.; AAA GROSSENBACHER, CINDY; Myrtle, MS; Gen. Bui. GRYCH, SANDRA J.; Kr.kowk, WI; Journ. CRYDER JR., ROBERT L.; Hiloii, MS; Mkuj. GUCERT. MICHAEL P.; Vickaburj, MS; Soc. Si. Cl I.I.EM, JIM; Brookhaven, MS; L.A.; 2X GULLICK, DAVID A.; Myrtle, MS; Ace. (.[111. MARY M.; Memphu, TN; Theatre CUYTON, JAMES L.; Jackion, MS; Pre-Med.; SX HALAWANI, JAMAL A.; Kuwait, Kuwait; Civ. Eng. HALEY, MICHAEL; Coma, MS; Bui. HALFAKER, LORI M.; St. Louu, MO; Joum. HALL, CANDACE L.; Jacluon. MS; Fin. Bk ; M GEORGE, DAWN; Paica(oula, MS; Mktg.; 1 1 B GERHARD, TRACIE; Hattieaburg, MS; Ed.; AAA CILBREATH, JERRY C.; Bomai, MS; Proclolojy; ATI) GILL, THOMAS J.; Jackaon, MS; GILLENT1NE, ANG1E D.; Tupelo. MS; Joum.-Pub. Rel.; KA GIN, BRENDA K.; Tutviler, MS; Accy . CLENN, JOHN; Jackaon, MS; Bui.; B8I1 GOETZ, MARY LOUISE; Jackion, MS; Graphic Deaign GOFF, SYLVIA A.; Stonewall, MS; Ace. GOFORTH, JANET; Philadelphia, MS; Bui. GOODE, CHARLOTTE; Pontotoc, MS; Home Econ. GOODNITE, CHRISTY; Bateiyille. MS; But. COODSELL, JESSE B.; Florence, MS; Accy. GOODWIN, THOMAS; Dallai, TX; Acct. CORE, TOXIE II.. BaHfleld, MS; Phar. COWAN, JOHN; Dallai. TX; L.A. COWAN, MARGARET; Dalian, TX; Ed. GRAEBER, HELEN; Como, MS; Bui. 396 Senion 1 SENIORS HALLMAN, PHYLLIS; Hunuville, AL; Muaie Ed. HAMERSM, MICHAEL R.; SYRACUSE, NY; Zooloj. HAMIEH, CHASSAN; Houuon. TX; El Eli. HAMILTON. MARIAY Jackaon. MS; Ed ; M HAMPTON. CHER1; Si. Uuia. MO; Modem Lit.; AOI1 HANCOCK, ROBERT S.; Indianola. MS; Bu. HAISDLEY, JOHN D.; Pic.yu-, MS; Ph.r HANEY, KYMBERLY; Columbia, MS; P.mlinj HANNINEN, PAAVO; Perry, OH; Pol. Sci. English HARBISON, MARK B.; Penaaeola. FL; Urban Ada.; ZAE HARDIN. BEVERLY; Corinth, MS; Ed.; AAII HARDY, COLETTE; Till.tob.. MS; Elem. Ed. HARDY, JOHN DAVID; Water Valley. MS; Phy.. Ed HARLAN. WILLIAM E.; Oiford, MS; Accy. HARPER, MARILYN A.; J.ckaon, MS H ARRELL. TERESA LYNN; Ch.rle.ton, SC; Soc. Wk. HARRIS, MELINDA; Columbia, TN; Bk 4 Fin.; XQ HARRIS, TAMMY ; Hemando. MS; Ph yi. Ed.; KA HARRISON, JOHN C; New Albany, MS; HARRISON, KIP; Jduoa. MS; Mil.; B6H HARRISON, TRICIA; Dillu, TX; Phy. Ed. HART, ANNE ALLEN; Iveme , MS; MIMIC Ed.; XO HARTLEY, WILLIAM THOMAS; Lueedale, MS; Forenie Science HARVEY. MELISSA ANNE; J.cUoo. MS; Zoology HARWELL, ANN; Mempkk, TN; Bu..; M HATHCOCK. CATHY; Corinth, MS; Ph.r . HAUCH, BETTY ANN; PeUhitchie. MS; Int. Denfn HALCH. SCOTT C; Berkley, MS; Pol. Sei. En(uih HAWKINS, R1CARDO; IndunoU, MS; Pre-Dent.; A A HAWKS. BARBARA E.; Oiford, MS; Sp. Ed. HAYDEN. LAURA K.; Memphk. TN; Biology HAYNES. DON; Umhert, MS; Ph.r HAYNES. HOPE; n. MS; Ed.; AT HEATHCOCK. BRENDA: W.ynoboro. MS; L.A. HENDERSON, JO ; Booaenlle. MS; Ace. HENDERSON, TANYA; Clinton, MS; Bu. Mji . HENDRIX. RON; Heleu. AR; Bu.. HENICK. MELANIE C t YuooCity, MS; Mjt XQ HENNINCTON. MARK; Wcwm. MS; L.A. HENRY, HARRIET: New Alhtny . MS; L.A. HENRY. RON; So. MS; L.A. HEMIINC, PAULA; Sudk. MS; Bu. HERTZ. BELINDA; Long Beach, MS; L.A. HICKMAN. LANCE; El Paw. TX: Phy.. Ed. HICKS, GWENDOLYN ANN; Oxrludale. MS; Rad. T. V. HILLARD, ALONZO; Hemando. MS; Criminal Correction HII.LYER. BRUCE 1..; Mempoia, TN; Pol. Sci.; KA HITMAN, RICO A.; Chicago. IL. Lib. Ana; A TO HITT. KEVIN L. Jackaon. MS; Gen. Bu. HODGES, MARGARET F.; Jackaon. MS; Int. Di(;n ; M HOKEY. EVELYN M.; Blue Mountain. MS; Voc Home HOLDEN LEIGH ANNE; Memphia, TN; Elem. Ed. HOLLAND, CHARLES M.; Jackaon. MS; Pre-Med.- Zoology HOLLAND, JAN CAROL; Meridian. MS; P.y. A Pol. Sci.; M HI )LLEM A N. MARY L. ; Jackaon. MS; Joum.; +M HOLLENBECK. STAN; Steele, MO; Joum. Senior. 397 SENIORS III II .1 I V JOE; Tupelo. MS; Bio. Chem. HOLMES, SUSAN; Wiggini, MS; Com. Dii. HOLSTROM, BRYAN; Kin in. IL; Bk. Fin.; KT HORNE, OLIVE; Jackion. MS; Adm. Science; AAA MORTON, CAROLYN ANN; Goodnun, MS; Rad. TV HORTON. REGGIE; Fulton, MS; L.A. HOUSER, JOHN; Mirieiu, GA; L.A. HOWARTH, KENT S.; St. John. IN; Civ. Eng. HOWELL, BARRY; Duranl, MS; Bu . HOWZE, BETTY LYNN; Sledge, MS; English Ed.; AAA III IIIIKR I . MICHAEL W.; Shubuta, MS: HUDGINS,DIANNE;Jackon, MS; Rad. TV; AAA HUDSON, CLARK; Sardii, MS; Mk, HUDSON. LEAH; Marki. MS; Bui. HL ' GHES, ANITA KAY; Bruce, MS; Elem. Ed. HULL, GRACE; Jackaon, MS; Ed. ICO, MYRA K.; Wiruw, IN; Mktg. IGNIKE, RICHARD S.; Enugu-Amambra, Nigeria; Mgl. IRBY, BETTlE;Coldwater, MS; Ph.r. IVY, ELIZABETH A.; Bruce, MS; Biological Sci. IVY, MARIA; Shannon, MS; Engliih. Phyi. Ed. IVY, VICKI; Oiford, MS; Sp. Ed. JACKSON, JEAN HIGH; Jackaon, MS; Library Science JACKSON SR., LAMAR; Booneville, MS; Bui. Mgt. JACKSON, SERENA E.; Mark , MS; L.A. JAMES, HERBERT; Oiford, MS; Engliih JAUDON, KATHY; Batnville, MS; Elem. Ed. JAUDON, MIKE; Bateiville, MS; Bk. Fin. JEFFORDS, JEFF; Marion. AR; Gen. Eng. JENKINS, CHARLES M.; Plantenville, MS; Geological Eng. JENKINS, JACKIE; Univenity. MS; Ed. JENKINS, TANYA; McComb, MS; Elem. Ed.; IIH JOE, JANET; Greenwood. MS; Elem. Ed. JOE, RAYMOND II. Marki, MS; Comp. Sci. JOHNSON, EDDIE I ..-. Philadelphia, MS; Mgl.; A4 A JOHNSON, KAREN LYNN; Indianola, MS; Ed. JOHNSON, MARY LOU; Oiford, MS; Ed. JOHNSTON, GREG C.; Tupelo. MS; Bk. Fin.: 2X JOLLY, ANGELA D.; Shannon, MS; Child Dev. Food A Nutri. JONES, OTIS L.; Belen, MS; CSCI JONES, PAIGE; Water Valley, MS; Elem. Ed.; A Al I JONES, PAULA D.; Macon, MS; Mgt.; AOH JOSLIN, BETH; Hickory Flat, MS; Phyi. Ther. KAMHIEH, OMAR; Lebanon; Civ. Eng. K ASSEL, CAROLYN; Jackion, MS; Com. Du.; A AI I KELLEY, M ARK L.; Steele, MO; Rad. TV KEMP, JOHNNIE; Greenville, MS; Phar. KENDRICKS, SAMUEL B.; Clarkadale, MS; Bk.; Ben KENNAMER, KEN; Mt. Brook, AL; Pub. Adm.; KT KENNEDY, LAURIE; Canton, MS; Gen. Bui.; XR KENNELL. HAROLD; Greenwood, MS; El. Eng.; !! KENNERLY, JOHN R.; Alice, TX; Muiic Ed. KENT, RAMONA; Oiyka, MS; Mktg.; AAA KERN, BEN; Clinton. MS; Mklg.; BHII KESLER. JULIE L.; Abbeville. MS; Com. I),. KING, JUDITH; Ocean Spring!, MS; Joum. I l 398 Sniiara SENIORS KING, KENDALL L.; Uurrl. MS; Gen. Bu..; AAA KING, KRISTIE; .NuhvUlc. TN; Acc .; AOFI KISNER, DONALD W.; We Point. MS; Bk. A Tin. KNIGHT, MARY BETH; Wiler VUey. MS; Ed. KNIGHT, SYLVIA; Mendenrull, MS; Bu.. KNISTER, SUE; Ro.well. GA; Eng luh; AOH KNOX, TRACY L.; Memphk, TN; Phyi Ed.; ZTA KROP. WALTER J.; Flomoor. IL; Bk. Fin. X II. A. ROBERT; Nev York Mill.. NY; Bui.; 2 KUYKENDALL, JOHN M.1II; J.cluon, MS; On. Bu. LAFFIN. LINDA; Indnnipoli., IN; HOOK Econ. LAKE, ROBERT H.; J.ckxm, MS; Pre Med Biology LAMB, JAMES E.; Florence, AL; Bk. A Tin. LAMB, JEFFREY F.; Mobile, AL; Mktg.; N LAMBERT, CLAY;,n. MS; Soe. Wk.; AAA LANDESS. MICHAEL B.; Memphk, TN; Cheinktry; KA LAN DRUM, THOMAS; Oiford. MS; Bu . LANCFORD, LINDA; Tupelo, MS; Muac Ed. I.ANN. JEFFREY LEE; Tremonl, MS; Aee. LAWRENCE, ANGELA; Hickory Flu . MS; Ed. LAWRENCE, JOHN R.; Ocean Sprinp, MS; Ed. LAWSON, M.ARY JULIET; Oceui Spring., MS; Ed. LAYMON, OUENTIN; Memphk, TN; Pol. Sci. LEDBETTER, BRENDA; luka, MS; L A LEECH, MARSHA L.; Amory, MS; IUd. TV LEGCETT, CHUCK; Blytheville, AR; P.E. LELAND, CYNTHIA D.; BiMvillc. MS; Ply. LeSURE, K EN N AN B.; Coldw.trr. MS; Phi r . LEUNG, PINS K.; North Point, Hong Kong; Ace, . LEWIS, LISA R.; Columbu.. MS; Forenic Sci. L.. Enforc.; 2TTA LEWIS JR., RONALD M.; El Dorado, AR; Piy. Engluh I.IM. TOM; Grwrnboro. NC; Bk. A Fin. LINDSAY, TIM; Clinton, MS; Fin. UNDSEY, CINDY; New Albuiy, MS; Elem. Ed. LITTLE, MELVIN; ScrulobU, MS; Mgt. LLOYD, DON; St. Loui., MO; Bk. Fin. LO, HON WAI; Memphu, TN; Eng. LOFTIN, PAMELA; Aberdeen, MA; Uw Enforc . P.y LOGAN, SUZETTE C; Bruce. MS; Bui. Ed. LOKEY, KARLA F.; Oiford. MS; P.y. LOKEY, LLOYD D.; Oiford, MS; Gen. But. LONGEST, BRUCE; Florence, MS; Biology-Pre-Med. Senior. 399 SENIORS I.OPER,JOHN;Biloii, MS; Mklg. LOVE, JOHN; Fulton, MS; Ed. LOVELL, CRAIG A.; Tupelo. MS; Bk. Fin.; .VII! LOVELL, WILLIAM T.; Tupelo, MS; Pol. Sci.; AT!) LOVETT. LEIGH; Memphia, TN; Accy.; KKP LOW, TINEKE; Laurel, MS; L.A.; AAA II- SHL ' -WEN; Taoying, Taiwan; Accy. MM. ADRIENNE; Cleveland, MS; L.A. LUCAS, BETH; Greenwood, MS; Home Econ; XI! 111-. GREGORIO; Caracaa, Venemeli; Chemiatry LI K, BENJAMIN; Hong Kong; Phir. LINDY, DEBBIE; Winlhrop Harbor, IL; Mklg. LUNSFORD. JACKI; Dea Perea. MO; Soc. Wk. LUTHER, DON; Pontotoc, MS; Bua. MACKERCHER, ROB; Fairfai, VA; Bua. M MUM, MOHAMMED; Lebanon; Eng. MAIDEN, SHERIDAN; Clarkadale, MS; Lao Enforcement MALLOW, BRAD; St. Louu, MO; Accy.; K MANGLM. RENAE; Jackaon. MS; Bua. Ed. MANNING. CLIFFORD; Wealwood, NJ; L.A. MANNING. RHETA; New Albany. MS; Bua. Ed. MANSON, CHARLIE; Wincheater. TN; Bk. Fin.; X+ MANSOl R, MOHAMED II ; Civ. Eng. MANIEL. DONNA; Brookhaven, MS; Bui. MARROW, CATHERINE; Jackaon. MS; Cl. Rep. MARKS. MELODY K.; Meridian, MS; Journ.; K AH MARRAR. Ml TEIB; Amman, Jordan; Elec. Eng. MARRIAM. MERI JO; Abbeville, MS; Gen. Bua. MARSH, KEVIN R.; N. Little Rock, AR; Mktg.; ZBT MARSHALL, LISA C.; Maaon. TN; Accty.; AF MARTIN. BRUCE; Hernando, MS; L.A. MARTIN. CATHY; Holly Grove. AR; Mktg. MARTIN. JR., JOE; Hickory Valley. TN; Pub. Adm.; 2N MARTIN. KF.N; Yaioo City. MS; Phar. MARTIN. RICHARD; Paacagoula. MS; Chemialry MARTZ, DABNEY; Memphia. TN; Mgl.; KA MASSENCAI.E. MARC; Paacagoula. MS; Mklg.; KS MASSIE, CONNIE; Lincolruhirr. IL; Ed. Lib. Sludiea; AOH MATTHEWS. ALFREDA; Indianola, MS; Bua. MATTINGLY. OLIVIA LYNN; Marion, AR; Ed.; 4 M MAYES, BILLY; Fore.1, MS; Law Enforcement McAFEE. STEVE; Jackaon. MS; Accy. MCALLISTER. LORRAINE; Laurel, MS; Com. DU.; AAII MrBRIDE, JO KATHLEEN; Laurel, MS; Gen. Bua. MeCLINTON, KELTON;Carriere, MS; L.A. MeCLl RE. SLSAN; Sardia, MS; Ace.; K K 1 McCLl SKY. MARILYN; Amory. MS; L.A.; Al MrCORD. NANCY LEE; Humboldt. TN; Elem. Ed. McDAVID, JOHN S.; Jarkaon. MS; Mgl.; X McKI.ROY. ROBERT; Panama City, FL; Mklg. MrF.LROY. TONI; Fullon, MS; L.A.; AF MrFERRIN. SHERRY; Mantachie. MS; Miuic Ed. MeGEE. JEFF; Greenville. MS; Bua. MrGEE. ROY II ; Cleveland. MS; Chem. Pre-Med.; A4 A McGEIIEE. DAVID C.; Liberty. MS; El. Eng. MclNTOSH, DORIS F.;Oiford. MS; Mgt. l CA 400 Seniora SENIORS MeKAY, MARY; Fort W.yne, IN; Elem. Ed.; AT MeKEE. SU SAN; Bogue Chitlo, MS; Phir. McKIERNAN, SUSAN; Meridiui, MS; Fin. MeKINLEY, DEBBIE; Clinton, MS; Ph.r MeLARTY. HERMINE; Oifonl, MS; Eng. Journ.; KKT MeLEOD, RLTH; Jichon, MS; Mktg.; XQ MeLENDON, NANCY; Cryiul Spring.. MS; L.A. MtMASTER, LEWIS C; Terry, MS; Biology McMILLIN, LARRY; Clulybeale, MS; But. MeMURCH Y, MARTHA SUSAN; Raymond MS; Bu .; AT McMURRA Y, SUSAN; Hunurille, AL; BIM.; AAA MeMURTRAY, PATRICK; Clinton. MS; Lib Am; A MeNAIR, FRANCES; Rienii. MS; Ace. McNAIR. MIKE; Jtckion, MS; Mgt MeNAMARA, MICHAEL; Virkjourg. MS; them. Enj. MeNULTY. SAMMY; Holly Spring,. MS; Pkir.; KT MeNLTT, MELANIE; Crecnvood, MS; Joum. rUd.-TV MKMIR H Al.l . WILLIAM S.; Shreveport, LA; On Bu.: K+ MERCER, JAMIE; Htrn.ndo. MS; LA MESSER, RALPH; Oiford, MS; Bu. MICHEL, MARGUERITE R.; J.ckwn, MS; Ed. MIERES. EVELYN A.; IxxTcqun. Vrnriurli; Eng MILLER. TANYA; Aberdeen. MD; Aeey.; AT MIKELL. BETTY; KoxioAi, MS: Int. Da. MILES. WILSON C; Dyenburi. TV Zoology Pre-Med. MILEY. LISA; Meuirie. LA; Bk. Fin.: AAII MILLER. ALYSON: MeUrie. U; Zoology Piy. Soe. MILLER. KEVIN P.; Fiirfn, VA; Mgt. MILLER, SUSIE; Henundo, MS; Ed.; IIB MILLWOOD, TIM; Beboni. MS; Bu.. MIMS, MELISSA M.; Jarkson. MS; Elem. Ed.; XQ MINER. MERILEIGH; Ocun Spring.. MS; Ed.; HB4 MITTYANC, LEE MIZE, SANDRA; Oiford, MS; Pub. Adm. MOAK. AI.AVJ.rk.on, MS; Gen. Bin.; A MOBLEY, JAMES; Holly Spring.. MS; Phir ; I1KA MOBLEY. LIB; Holly Spring.. MS; Ph.r MOELLER. JILL A.; Quiney. IL; Mgt. MOHAMMAD, ALI; 1-eb.non; Ci. . Eng. MONCRIEF. JOHN R.; Tupelo. MS; Chem. Eng., BHII MORGAN. JERRY A.; L tic., MS; Chcm. Zoology MORGANFIELD. ROBBIE R.; Rolling Fork, MS; Rmd.l TV;A+A Senior. 401 SENIORS MOORE, CHARLES H.; IWag.nila, MS; P.y.; B8H MOORE, MARILYN R.; Tupelo, MS; Soc. Wk. MOORE, MATTHEW; Clinton. MS; L.A.; KT MOORE, RICHARD; Spring, TX; Mech. Eng.; K MOORE, SID; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Med. Zoology; K A MOORE, TRINNER; Me mphin, TN; Mktg.; ATO MORRIS, ALLEN; Poplarville, MS; Accy.; K MORRIS, CAROL; Collins, MS; Bun. MORRIS, CHARLES I .; A MORRIS, VICKIE C.; Douglu. WY; Art. Engliih MORRISON, JANIE; New Orle.n , LA; Ed. MOTE, MARY EDNA; Sen.tobit, MS; Elem. Ed. Ml I K II HAD, SHELLEY E.; J.cluon, MS; Art MULLINS, ANCELIA;Clarkidale, MS; Joum. Mil I INS, SARAH B ; Mendenhall, MS; Had. TV; KA MURDAUCH, JOHN A.; Indianola, MS; Elem Ed. MURPHREE, EDDIE R.; Bruce. MS; Phyi. Ed. MURPHY, MICHAEL; Biloii, MS; Chemistry MYERS, ANN; Haltieiburg, MS; L.A.; AAA MYERS, GREG; Leiinglon, KY; Cen. Bu .; ATO MYRICK, CLAY; Uurel, MS; L.A. NADER, DEBBIE; Jackwn, Mi; Bu .; AO1I NASH, SALLY; Humbolt, TN; Bui. NEELY, JR., VERNON DELL; RiehUnd, MS; Comp. Sci. NELSON, MARY; Olford. MS; Elem. Ed. NELSON, ROBERT; luk., MS; Bui. NEMATI, AHMAD; Iran; Eng. NEUMAN, HEIDI; Vickiburg, MS; L.A.; KA NEWBAKER, DAVID; Natchei, MS; Phar. NEWBAKER, MARY ANN; Uuiiville, MS; Youth Correction! NEWMAN, WALTER; J.ckson, MS; Bui.; SAE NEWTON, MIKE; ENID, MS; Eng. NEWTON, ROBERT; Charleston, MS; L.A. NGANGA, JOHN P.; Nairobi, Kenya; Hk. Fin. NICHOLSON, GLENN; Philadelphia, MS; Zoology Ply. NOLEN, JOHN E.; Louiiville, MS; Joum. Adv.; ZX NORMAN, JOHN; New Albany, MS- Bui NORSWORTHY, WOODY; Mendenhall, MS; Zoolo,y Piy ODOM, CONNIE; Na.hville, TN; L A OKEKE, FELIX CHI M A; Nnewi, Nigeria; Chem En OLSON, RAMONA; Nanhville, TN; Cen. Bui ; ZTA O ' NEAL, LAURIE; Houma, LA; Lib. Am 402 Srnion SENIORS OSBEY. WILLIE I..; Hollandale, MS; Ace. OSBORNE, WALTER, JR.; Vicluburg. MS; Accy. OTT, TIM; Pct.l. MS; Gen. Bin. OTTO, DAVID; Gulfport. MS; Enj . OWENS, CINDY; Warren, AR; Journ.. Rid. -TV; FIB PANACON, THOMAS; Eau Claire, VI; Bu..; K + PANG, RANDY; Greenville, MS; ( .,!. ; K6 PANNELL, MIKE; New Albany, MS; Phyic PARIS. IRMA; Indianola, MS; Elem. Ed.; XB PARIS, LISA; Greenwood, MS; Art; AT PARKE, MARY SUSAN; Picayune, MS; L.A. PARKER, ANN; Columbu.. MS; Ed.; AT PARKER. PAM; Charleston, MS; Bu . PARKER, LINDA; Water Valley, MS; Bu.. Ed. PARKS, PATRICE; New Albany, MS; Ed. PARTI !N, MARK Q.; Grenada, MS; Accy. PASLEY, WENDY; Durant. MS; L.A. PATTERSON, CATHY A.; Atlanta, GA; Accy. PEALER, CARLA J.; Mt. Veman, OH; M.t. PEARSON, JOHN; Cleveland, MS; Bui. KA PEAVEY, KENNY; Jayeat, MS; L.A. PEE, PAM; Koaciuako. MS; Pbar. PEETS, RANDY; Jackaon, MS; Bu..; ZX PENDLETON, MARGARET; Waahington, DC; Rad. TV PERKINS, CINDY; Naahville, TN; Ed.; ZTA PERRIER, CLAUDIA A.; Vickaburg, MS; Pbar.; K2 PERRIGO, JUNIOR; Booneville, MS; Phar. PHILLIPS, DANNY M.; OXford, MS; Mgt.; K PHILLIPS, CINA; Bateaville, MS; Lib. Art. PHILPOT HI, CLIFTON H.; Laurenceburj, MS; Bum. PITCHFOHD, ROSIE B.; Leiinflon, MS; Ply. PITTMAN, MELA IF.; Jaclunn, MS; Piano; A All PLATT, NANCI C. ; Columbua, MS; Biological Sci . POLK, MARK; Florence, MS; Bk. Fin. POPE, JOHNNY; Carthage, MS; L.A PORRAS, J. NILO; Penaacola, FL; Microbiology Immunology PORTER. MARK; Meridian. MS; Bu..; 4 A6 PORTREY, MICHAEL; Weaion. MS; L.A. POSEY, JACKIE; Tupelo. MS; Chem. Zoology POSEY, KENNETH;Tupelo. MS; Lib. Art. POTTS, CAY; Durant. MS; Bu..; M POWELL. PAULA A.; Poplaryille. MS; Ed. POWERS. DEBORAH KAY; Hernando, MS; Sec. Ed. PRATHER, LEISHA; Memphii. TN; Com. Di..; KA PRATHEH. LYDIA; Natchei, MS; Phar. PRATHER, PAMELA; Columbua, MS; Ace.; AT PREVOST, TAMMIE; Moat Point. MS; Bu,. PRICE, CATHY; Vick urg, MS; Rad. TV; KAO PRIMOS, BILL; Jackaon. MS; Zoology; KA PRITCH ARD, RICE; Ch.rlr.ton. MS; L.A. PRYOR. DAVID; Holly Springs MS; Journ. PULLIAM, MARILYN; Myrtle, MS; Py. PURVIS, JANET; Toonuuba. MS; Bk. Fin. QLBBAJ, HILMI F.; Kuwait. Kuwait; Civ. Eng. RAKESTRAW. EDITH; Blue Springs MS; Ed. RA.MAGE. MARTY; Verona. MS; Bk. Fin. Seniora 403 SENIORS RAND IV, FRED I . ; Yuoo Cily, MS, Chem. Eng.; KT REA, JAMES I). . Saltillo, MS; Bin. REARDON, RORY C.; Clarkidale, MS; Journ.; AH REAVES JR., HENRY E.; A.hl.nd. MS; Camp. Sci. REDDEN, MALINDA; Brandon. MS; Ct. Rep. REECE, RICKY; Ch.rle.lon, MS; El. Eng. REEVES, MARY LOll; Tupelo, MS; Phar. RENAUD1N, ELISE; New Orlrim, LA; Ed. RENFROW, RICHIE; LeUnd, MS; Bu .; KT RENO, JERRY; Ripley, MS; Bui. REVES, DENNIS R.; Jackion, MS; 1 ' h.r REYNOLDS, DANNY E.; Palm Springs, CA; Speech Pathology; A TO REYNOLDS, TANYA; Indiinola. MS; Accty. RHYNE, JULIE A.; Lafayette, GA; Clothing MdW.; KKT RICH, R. MEAL; Greenville, MS; Eng. RICHARDSON, MICKEY I..; Grenada, MS; Gen. Eng. RICHARDSON, ROBERT; Eld., TN; Pol. Sci. RICKARD, KAREN I..; Gulfport, MS; Voc. Home EC.; ZTA RIDGWAY, DOUG; Jackjon, MS; Mklg.; KA RIESER, DOT; Popltrville, MS; Broadcaiting RILEY, HARRIET; Meridian, MS; Engluh Joum.; XI! RISK. MARK; Pontoloc, MS; Aec. ROANE, JERI B.; Brookhaven, MS; Phyi. Ed. Soc. Si. ROBERSON, WILLIAM J.; Baldwyn, MS; Joum. ROBERTS, ANGELA; Haltieiburg, MS; Int. Dei.; AAA ROBERTS, DAVID; Flora, MS; Biology ROBERTS, GRAHAM LEE; Elliiville, MS; Bk A Fin. ROBERTS, JOHN B.; Biloii, MS; Engliih ROBERTSON, DONNA; New Albany, MS; Accy. ROBERTSON, MARIANNE; Jackaon, MS; Ed.; A Al I ROBINSON, BRAD; Jarkxm, MS; Lib. Aria; A+ ROBINSON, GEORGE; Ponloloc, MS; Lib. Aria ROBST, SR., PAUL K.; Ouitman, MS; Geology; X ROCHE, MISSIE; Atlanta, GA; Com. Dia.; ZTA ROEBUCK, KAREN; Aberdeen, MS; Aery.; ZTA ROGERS, JANET W.; Oiford, MS; Elem. Ed. ROPER, JAY M.; Jackaon, MS; Mgt.; ATI! ROSE, TERRI; Greenwood, MS; Phar. ROSE, TOM; Elliaville, MS; Pre-Dent. ROSS, CAROL; Oakland, MS; Ed. Hiat. ROSS, LAUREN; Indianola, MS; Bk.; AAA ROSS, MELINDA; Meridian. MS; Bu. ; AOII 404 s ,,,..,, SENIORS ROSS, NIT A L.i Roiie, MS; Zoology ROSS, VIRGINIA) Jicbon, MS; Gen. Bui. ROUDEBUSH, DAVID; Springfield, OH; El. Eng. ROWLAND, GINNY; Chirlrsion. MS; Joum. ROWLAND. VICKIE G.; New Alb.ny, MS; Bk. Fin. Rt ' FFIN, V1CKI; Richton. MS; Bu.. RUNNELS, JR., J. A.; Gulfporl, MS; U RUSH, LINDA R.; Biloxi, MS; Bro.dci.linj HUSHTON, FRANCES L.; J.ckson. MS; Bin. Mil.; AMI RUSSELL, JOCELYN; J.cluon, MS; Lib. ArU RUSSELL, RON; ForeM. MS ; ChemUtry SALTERS, MELVIN; Belden, MS; Accy. SAMMONS, SCOTT; Memphii, TN: Mklg.; ZX SAMUELS, DONALD G.i Brindon, MS; Mklg. Bk. A Fin. SANDEFOR, JOHN; Greenville. MS; Accy. SANDERS, CATHY J.; Enid, MS; Com. Du. SANDERS, T. L.I Blue Mounuin. MS; Lib. ArU SANDRIDGE. JAMES; Memphi , TN; Eng. SANG, ANTHONY; RoMdile, MS; Lib. Aru SANSINC, BETH; Oiford, MS; Lib. Art. SANSING, REBECCA; Micon, MS; Adm. Serv.; AT SAVERY, WARREN; Tupelo, MS; Bk. Fin.;IX SAXON, JANE; Pontotoc, MS; Lib. Aru SCARBOROUGH, LYNETTE; Pe.rl, MS; Ed.; AF SCARBOROUGH. SIDNEY M.; Bioloii, MS; Chemulry Zoology SCARDINO, ANGELYN; Ptm Chrulun. MS; Ace. SCHAFFENBURG, PAUL C.; St. D.vie PA; Phyi. Ed.; SCHMID, TANI A; J.cluon. MS; Lib. ArU; AAII SCHMIDT, JEANNE ANNE; Put ChrUtun, MS; Int. Mgt.;AAIl SCOTT, ANTHONY W.; J.ckn, MS; Econ. SCOTT, SONY A; Corinth, MS; Bk. Fin. SEARS, ANGELA; Weil Point. MS; Bui.; X!) SEARS, RICKY; Penucoli, FL; Accy. SEAWRIGHT JR., NORMAN H.; Mo- Point, MS; Environmental Geology; A4A SECKMAN, JOHN; Nhville, TN; Bin.; X SHANKLIN, MARY; Corinth, MS; Journ. Adv. SHANNON. BILLY; Micon, MS; Hist. SH ARAR1, MOHAMMAD; Lebanon; Civ. Eng. SHARP. MICHAEL; Vicluburg, MS; Biology SHARP. RUSTY; Corinth. MS; Bk. SHARPE. DEBRA; Columbus. MS; Journ. SHAW. ROBERT; Oiford, MS; Ace.; +K SHEFFIELD, GENE C.; Gulfport, MS; Chem. Biology; SHERMAN JR., JIMMY; CI.Hud.le, MS; Uw Enforcement; BBI I SHERRILL, LINDA E.; Olive Branch, MS; Pre-Med. SHIELDS, TOMMY; Cirtluge, MS; Ph.r. SHILAN, SUE; Gemuntown, TN; Mktg.; AT SHOHADAEE, AHMAN ALI; B.bol. Irn; Mech. Eng. SHOOK, SHAWN; Wichiu F.IU, TX; Eng. SHOWS JR., MARSHALL T.; Jickion. MS; In. SIKORA, JERI L.; Merrillvillc, IN; Clothe. Mer.; ZTA SIMCOX, LARRY; TN; Mktg. SIMMONS, ALLAN K.; Jickwn. MS; R.d. TV; A SIMPSON. LIDELL; Winon., MS; Zoology SINQUEFIELD, STEVE; South.ven, MS; Lib. Aru SIERRA. DAVID P.; M.ndeville, LA; Bu.. Senior. 405 SENIORS SKIMMER, KATHY; Natchet, MS; Ph r. SLATER, JOSEPH L.; Memphii, TV Compl. Sci. SI.EZAK, JASON; Arlington Heighu, II .; Bk. Fir SMITH. BRIAN H.;Oiford, MS; Ace. SMITH, BRIAN k : Cherokee Village, AR; Phar. SMITH, BRITT; Ripley, MS; Accy.; SN SMITH, CAROL; Fulton, MS; Ed.; A( II I SMITH. GAY; New Albany. MS; Piy. SMITH JR., JAMES E.; Brandon. MS; Mklg.; UK A SMITH. JERONE; Okolona. MS; M.i.i,- Ed. SMITH. LINDA; Yaioo City, MS; Bui.; K K 1 SMITH, RICHARD D.; Picayune, MS; Chem. Hug. SMITH, WILLIE (..; Patcagoula, MS; Accy. SMITH SON. MARTHA; Dewey. OK; Biology Phyi.; KA SNYDER, KATHY C.; Clarkidale, MS; Accy. SPAIN, I I I A; Memphii, TN; Bui. SPARKS, JEAN M.; Potu Camp., MS; Adm. Serv. SPEAR. DAVID G.; Memphu, TN; Accy. SPEARS, JOHNNY; Witer Valley, MS; Biology SPENCER, JAMES II.; Ollord, MS; Environmental Geology SPRECHER, LYNM F.; Macon, MS; Mklg.; ZX STAMM, STORY; Vicksburg, MS; Ace.; AAA STAMPS. BONNIE; Bateiville, MS; Com. Dii. STAMFORD. FREDA J .; Marki, MS; Bk. Fin. STANFORD. PATRICIA A.; Mark.. MS; Mgt. STEFOMIAK, SHELLY; Dallai, TX; Fish. Mer.; AAA STEIMKE, PAUL; Booncvillc, MS; Bui. Mgt. STENNETT, THOMAS R.; Booneville, MS; Civ. Eng. STEPHENSON, MARGARET; Meridian. MS; Math. AAA STEWART, GREG; Pine Bluff, AR; Bk. Fin. STOKES. JERRY; Louiiville. MS; Comp. Sci. STONE, GLEN II. Baleiville, MS; Lib. Ana STONE, REUBEN H.; Laurel, MS; M.S.; 2X STONE, SALLY; Lima. OH; Lib. Art. STONE. WILLIAM; Laurel. MS; Lib. Arta STOREY. MICHAEL; Jackaon, MS; Bui. STORY, DANNY; Ocean Springs, MS; Zoology; K A STOVALL III, JOHN EDWARDS; Humboldt, TN; Chemistry Zoology STROBL, GLEN; Tupelo. MS; Law Enforcement STUART. J. MICHAEL; Dallas. TX; Bui. STUART, JOHN C.; Dallai, TX; Rad.-TV; HKA STUART, WALT; Harley, MS; Bk. Fin. STURGEON. CHARLES M.; Cincinnati. OH; Mgt. SULLIVAN, DEBRA; Jacbon, MS; Lib. Art. SULLIVAN, MICHAEL J.; Wayneiboro, MS; Bu i.; K + SUMMERS. MARY ANN; Olive Branch, MS; Ace.; 1 1 11+ SUMNERS, MELINDA; New Albany, MS; Zoology; KA SUTHERLAND, VICKIE; Bruce. MS; Bug. SWAIN JR.. JULIAN J.; Memphii. TN; Pre-Dent. SWOFFORD, CINDY; New Albany. MS; Gen. Bui. SYKES. TERREMCE C.; Oxford, MS; Intro. Science TAAN, MOHAMMAD; llnivenily, MS; Eng. TALLIE, SELENA; Oxford, MS; Ace. TATE, MURRAY; Myrtle, MS; Bui. Mgt. TAYLOR, BOB; Carulhenville, MO; Accy.; KA TAYLOR, BRIDGET; Univenity. MS; Lib. Am v.-. ' .- l rtfWfP i 406 Senior. SENIORS TAYLOR, DORIA; Ocein Spring.. MS; Art TAYLOR, MATTIE M.; Olive Branch, MS; Soc. Wk. TAYLOR, MONTY M.; Hernindo. MS; Bk. 4 Fin. Mktg. TAYLOR, REMONA; Jickion, MS; Mktg. Mgt. TESTA, CLARA; Grenidi. MS; Phir. THOMAS. SANDY; M.con. MS; Ed. THOMAS, CINDY; Nnhville, TN; Ed.; XS1 THOMAS, JOHN RICHARD; Vickihurg, MS; Phir. THOMAS, THARNELL M.; Beulih, MS; Pub. Ada..; B2 THOMPSON. BATHSHEBA L.; Detroit. MI; Chem. Eng. THOMPSON, DAVID LEE JR.; Uwrenceburg, TN; Bk. 4 Fin. THOMPSON, PHYLLIS R.; Oiford, MS; But. Adm. THOMPSON, SANDRA; BiMville. MS; Ed THOMPSON, TIMOTHY F.; Hickory FUl. MS; Pre-Med Chemistry THREADCILU SUE; N.tchd, MS; Phir. THREADCILL. JAMES T.; N.lchci, MS; Phir. TILLMAN, ERIC; Gulfport, MS; Journ.; A TINDALU BETSY; Tupcl- MS; Ph.r.; HB TOLER III, NOEL K.; Jicluan. MS; EnjIUh; -X TROL ' TT, JR., NAT; Seiutobu, MS; Mkl . TSANC, EDMOND; Hon, Kong, HK; Ph.r. TUCKER, LORI M.; DJ1, TX; Art; XQ TLLLAR. DAVID L.; Brindun. MS; Phir. 1 1 I lc iv DEBBIE; Migcc. MS; But. Mgi. TURNER, MICHAEL; ForcM, MS; Biology TURNIPSEED, STEVE; Ellinillc. MS; Chem. Eng.; +K + TWENHAFEL, LORI J .; Cirlylc. IL; Bk. Fin. ULMER. SUZANNE; Jickton, MS; Elem. Ed.; M VANCE, JERRE; Clhoun Cily, MS; Bk. 4 Fin. VANCE, MIKE; Long Beach, MS; Chem. Eng. VAN WERT, DAVID M.; Biy City, MI; Mrine Biology V ARNER. BONNIE; Oiford. MS; Muh. VAXTER. CLARISSA; Oiford. MS; Bui. 1 1 RICH. MARK; Monroe. LA; But. UMSTED. ERIC; Hirodale. IL; Mgt.: K VEAZEY. DEBRA E.; Coldter. MS; Phir. VEAZEY, GINGER; Jickion. MS; Ed.; XI) VERNON, CINDY J.; Greenwood. MS; Accy. VICK. CLIFF; Gulfport. MS; Bin. WADE. VIVIAN; Jickion. MS; Ed.; XO WAGNER. MICHELE; Brindon. MS; Lih. Art. WALDROM. LESLIE; RidgeUnd, MS; Ace. Senion 407 SENIORS WALDRL ' P, ROYANNE; Drew, MS; Science WALKER, MYRA D.; Ypnilinli, MI; P.y.; ZTA WALKER, PAM; Biloii. MS WALLACE, JR JAMES E.; Webb, MS; Mech. Eng. W ALLEY, SCOTT L.; Michigan City, MS; Mktg. WALSH, DAVID E.; Chford, MS; Lib. Aru WALTERS. BRENT; Somerville, TN; Phyi. Ed. WALTERS, TENA; Clinton, MS; Bun. WANSLEY. JILL ANN; Byhalia, MS; Bu. WARD, DAVID II.; V.r Jiman. MS; Im. WARD, MARK A.; Biloii, MS; Pily. Sci. W ATKINS, TERI A.; Jacbon, MS; Lib. Aru; AAH WATSON, SYLVIA II ; llaiiioburg. MS; Phar. WATT. LEE; Balesville. MS; ATS! Ifporl, MS; Bk. Kin.; AAA WEBB. DOROTHEA; Indianola, MS; Pre-Med. Chem.; AKA WEBB, LARRY L.; Drew, MS; Zoology-Pre Dent.; I AB WEBB, MARY K.; Oiford. MS; Lib. Aru WEDDINCTON, CAROL D.; Clarkidale. MS; P.y. Pre Med. W ELCH, BRUCE W.; Tupelo, MS; Mil. WELLS. WILLIAM PALL; Jackson, MS; BUD. WESTMORELAND, PEARLIE; Calhoun City, MS; Cl. Rep. WHITE. BRENDA; Water Valley, MS; Bu . Ed. WHITE, CHRISTINA; Fulton, MS; Bk. Fin. WHITE, JANET; Grenada. MS; Bun. WHITE, LINDA; Pituboro, MS; Voc. Home EC. WHITE, STACEY J.; Indianola, MS; Sociolojy Soc. Wk. W H1TESIDE, JANE II.: Elta, MS; Elem Ed. WHITTEN JR.. JAMES I... Bateaville, MS; Mkl(. WICKTOR. GREGG I :.; Cape Coral, FL; Phy . Ed.; KT WICCERS, LEGRANDE; Fulton, MS; Elem. Ed. WILDY, DON; Oiceola, AR; Hu. WILLIAMS, GAIL; Olive Branch, MS; Eniluh WILLIAMS. HARRIS B.; Jackion, MS; Lib. Aru WILLIAMS. JAMES D.; Grenada. MS; Hu,.; i)AK WILL IAMS, LORI; Dun woody. GA; Pol. Sci.; Anil 408 Senior. SENIORS WILLIAMS, STEPHANIE; Jackaon, MS; Fa.h. Her.; KKI WILLIAMS, TAMARA LYNN; Hunlinfdon. TO; Ed ; AAH WILLIAMS, Til AD; Weal Memphia, AR; Phy. Ed. WILLIAMSON, JULIE; Clarkadale, MS; Ct. Rep. WILLIAMSON, l.l IRK I ' M; V. Albany. MS; Adm. Service WILLIAMSON, RANDY; Drew, MS; Joum. Adv. WILSON, DAMARIS L.; Anurillo. TX; Midi.; KKI WILTSHIRE, DIXIE; Belmonl, MS; Home Economic. WIMBERLY, LEX; Laurel, MS; Mgl. A Mklg. WINKLER. ELIZABETH J.; Tupelo, MS; Ed. WINSTEAD. ANITA; Philadelphia. MS; Ace. WINSTEAD, EDWARD C; Bofilia., LA; Mfl. WISE, GREGORY; Univenil; , MS; Lib Aru WISE. JAMES H .: Maben, MS; Phir .; UK A WITT, ANGELA; New Albni, . MS; Ed.; AT WITT, MARY J.; Blue Sprinj.. MS; Ace. WOFFARD. JR., W. E.; B.rlin,. MS; Eng. WONG, JUDY; Moot-head. MS; Phar. WOODALL. CHARLES J.; Memphi.. TN; Zoology; KT WOODBRIDCE, ANN ROBIN; Jackion. MS; Liberal Aru WOODS, SI SAN ; Ml. Olive. MS; Zoology WOODWARD. WADE; Loui ville. MS; Law WORTHY. PAIL; Jackaon. MS; Mgt. WRIGHT. JEFF; Booneville. MS; Phy.. Ed.; B6H WRIGHT, VICKIE C; Jackaon, MS; Ace. YAACOVB. FADI; Beirut, Lebanon; C E YA.NCY, THOMAS W.; Bruce. MS; Pol. Sei. YARBROUGH, BEBE S. ; Tupelo. MS; Civ . Enj . YARBROl ' GH, WILLIAM ANDREW ; Ripley. MS; Lib. Art B8I1 YELVEKTON, JOEY; TaylonrUle. MS; Pub. Rel. YERGER. MARY; Jackaon. MS; Lib. Aria; XQ YOUNG. JEFFREY T . : Hunlaville, A L: Muair Ed. YOUNG, JERRY K.; Pontotoc, MS; Chemiatry Zoology YOUNG, RHONDA; Oiford. MS; Bin. YOUNIS, NAHID K.; Saidon. Lebanon; Ci v . Enr. YOW. JOHN; Jackaon, MS Senian 409 I PHARMACY ADCOCK, SANDY WHITE; Miae, MS ANDERSON, ANTOINETTE; Biloii, MS ARNOLD. AMY; Balenville, MS BASS. REBECCA BRANTON; Vickaburg. MS BRABEC. StSIE; Canton. MS BRADLEY. ALICE; Mom Point. MS BROWN. JR., CHARLES; Ripley, MS BLTSCHEK, CINNY; Greenwood. MS CHANCE. RICKEY; Newton, MS (111. GRACE; Helen . AR COLMER, JONATHAN; J.ckion, MS COOK. TONY; Ocean Spring!. MS CUELLAR. IMELDA; Peul. MS CUEVAS, TIM; Pic.yune, MS CURTIS, DAVID; Brandon. MS DAVIDSON, C. L.; Tupelo, MS DYKES, DAVID; Richton, MS EZELL, CRAIG; Wayneiboro. MS EZELL, JACKIE; Durant. MS FERGUSON, CONNIE; Taylor, MS FOLK. ERIC; Oiford, MS GEE, JANIE; Lucedale, MS GEE. II, WILLIAM; Sirdii, MS GINN, ROBERT; Tylerton. MS GORE. HAROLD; Baarield, MS GRIFFIN. VANCE; Biloii. MS GRISSOM. LYNDON; Tupelo, MS HARLOW, EUNICE; Amory, MS II I IT. CA YLE; Aberdeen. MS HOLLEMAN, MARTHA; Brandon, MS HOLLOMAN, TONI; Bay Springs, MS HORNE, CLAUDIA; Smithville, MS HUNT, RICKY; Philadelphia, MS HURST, CHRIS; Wet Point, MS JELKS, JR., JAMES; Cenlreville, MS JOE, KATIE; Greenville. MS JOHNS. VICKI; Cryttal Springi, MS JOHNSON. BOBBIE JEAN; Columbu., MS JOHNSON. KEITH; Indianola, MS JOHNSON, WILMA; Leland, MS JOHNSTON, KAREN; Bay Springs, MS JONES, CONNIE; Laurel, MS JONES, JENNIFER; Hopkiniville. MS JONES, BARRY; Oiford, MS KELLY, III, CLIFF; Mount Olive, MS LEE, DAVID; New Hebron, MS LODEN. KATHY; Pontotoc. MS MATTHEWS. ORA; Indianola. MS MAXCY, STAN; Tupelo, MS MeDANIEL, DEBBIE; Columbia. MS MCELROY. CHERYL; Hemando. MS MILLS. JEAN; Philadelphia. MS MILLS. RHONDA; Wayneaboro, MS MOFFETT. MIKE; Meridian. MS NEELY. ROBERT; Braiton. MS NEWMAN. KIM; Jackaon. TN 410 Pharmacy PHARMACY PACE. BILL; Biloii. MS PALMERTREE, LAEL; B Mvillr. MS PARKIN. COLE; Jackaon. MS PARKIN. DOIG; Jackaon. MS PEPPER. SAM; I ,-.. MS PERRIER. ANN; Vickiburf . MS PERRY. KATHY; New Albany, MS PEYRECNE. DEBBIE; Ocean Spring.. MS PtTMAN. JOHN; Grenada. MS l.ll ( IN . HELEN; Leiinglon, MS RICKS. STEVE; S mom. MS ROBERTS. DANNY; Winchester, TN RUSH. JANET; Bilo ii, MS RYMER. CHARLES; Sumrmll. MS SANDLIN. AMY; HunuviUe, AL SCHOTT, JIM; Waveland, MS SHAW. JEANNE; Water Valley. MS SIMMONS. JOEY; Mo Paint. MS SISCO. DEMSE; Bolivir. T N SMITH. JERRY; I nion. MS SMITH. RICKY; OeyeUnd. MS SNOW. SIDNEY; Mirk.. MS SPEIGHTS. HARRY; Columbia, MS SPENCE, JOE; Elliiville. MS STEPP, ANDY; Sardu, MS STOKES. AMBA; Philadelphia, MS STl BBLEFIELD. TERRY; Ingomar. MS SULLIVAN. JENNIFER; Columbia. MS TABOR. MARY; Louuville. MS TARBtTTON. NANCY; Wynne, AR THAMES. BILLY; Seminary. MS WAKHAM. DEAN; Drew. MS WATKINS. LISA; Monroe. LA WILLIAMS. ANDY; Cedar Bluff. MS WOLVERTON, JUDY; Philadelphia. MS YOING. SON1A ROBBINS; Senaiobia. MS GRADUATE ACBOM.AILOR, PATRICK N. O.: Benin City, Nigeria; M f i. Bus. AL-BASHA. ALI MASA; AI-Kiyam. Lebanon; Civ. Eng. AZIM. ASHRAF II; Disl. Kushtia. Bangladesh; Urban Reg. Planning BAKKR. CYNTHIA KAY; Lexington, TV Eng. BAKKR. I . Mi I 1 1 BLAINE; Damascus, VA; Bui. BAKER. KE! ; Tupelo. MS II k s 1 1 1 . KAREN ANN; R elnd. LA; Biology BARDEN. MARK LAWRENCE; Charlotte, NC; R.d.-TV BASMA. ADNA.N A.; University, MS BATAKJI, AHMAD B.;Sidon, Lebanon; Mech. En, BEASLEY. MARTIN WADE; Hunuville, AL; Pharmaceutics BLOLNT, BARBARA; Raleigh, NC BOKKA. SKI MY AS: Secunderabad. India- El Eni BOND, JR., M. CLION; Carthage, MS; Fin. BOSTICK, RUBY NAN; Brookhaven. MS; Elem. Ed. BRYANT, SUSAN BETH; Bruce, MS; Elem. Ed. CALHOUN. MARK J.; Jackion, MS; Soc. St. CAULFIELD II, WILLIAM H.;Centerville, MS; Mktg. CENTANM. KENNETH P.; New Orlearu. LA; Pharmacognosy CH ARUCHINDA, SARAWUT; Bangkok, Thailand; Mgl. CHEN, JIAN-DONG; Canada CHEN, PEI ( ; Hong Kong; Chem. Eng. CHEUNG, SHU-KAN M.; Hong Kong: Economics CHINC, BETTY; Hong Kong; Economics CLAUSEL, MARIE ANNETTE; Corinth, MS; Ace. COLLINS, STEPHEN K.; Fulton, MO; Mktg. COOK. HORIS R.: Albertville. AL; Law DAS, S. R.; India DENTON, JIM CARRETT; Tupelo, MS; Mgt.; A6 DIXIT, AJIT S.; Naperville, (UGhem. DOUGLAS, THOMAS H.; Lexington, TN; Art EL-BOBBO. WALID M.; Saidon, Lebanon; Civ. En. ELLIOTT, JAMES F.; Mayfield, KY; Bus. Adm.; 2X EVANS, ANGELA FLANAGAN, ELISA ANNE; Madison, MS; Bk., Fin. FREES, JAMES RICHARD; Bioloxi, MS; Law FULTON, ROY LOUIS; Greenville, MS; Bus Adm GENTRY, CHERYL; Yaioo City, MS; Psy. GILLILAND, JR., HOLICE; Halls. TN; Ed. Adm. CUNARTT, NAOMI; Clarksdale. MS; Communications HILL, DANA K.; Ripley, MS; Child Dev. HILL, MICHAEL II ; Baldwin. MS; Law MOW II I . LEIGH; Nashville, TN JINN, ERIC D.; Kashsiung, Republic of China; International Relations JOHNSON, MARY; Batesville, MS LoCOCO, JOSEPH; New Orleans, LA; Chemistry McCLLLEN, MARGARET: Panama City, FL; Accy. MEHRHOFF. KAREN T.; New Orleans, LA; Mgt. MILLER. TERRI LYNN; Natchez, MS; Speech Pathology; AAn MITCHELL. MICHAEL J.; Mooreville, MS; Sec. Ed. Ml Id! H I . TERRI D.; Laurel, MS; Mgt. NEILSON. MELANY C.; Oxford, MS NDEFO. LOUIS I.; Nnewi. Anambra: Civ. Eng. OGLE. BOB; Tupelo. MS OCUNTIMEIN, BABAJIDE O.; Ibadan, Nigeria; Phar. OSANAIYE, GABRIEL J.; Akron, OH; Chem. Eng. PATRIDCE, STEVEN WAYNE; Oxford, MS; Ace. I GRADUATES PAIL. SABl; Indii PHIPPS. RITA; Ocean Spring!. MS QUEYJA, MARY IDA; . MS; Ed. HI I ST A V A. BENJIE; Meridian, MS; Phir RASSOILI. ALI;lrmn RILFV . HIGH MICHAEL; Water Valley, MS; Ace. RIVES. J. W.; Oiford, MS BOBBINS. KAREN; Oiford. MS ROGERS. MICHAEL; Memphk, TN ROW ELL. DEBORAH J.; Clarkadalr. MS: Crim, Juat. RL ' NNELS, RHONA; DockrUlt. MD; Fin. SAREEWIWATTHANA, PAIBOON; Thailand; Bu.. Adm. SAREEWIWATTHANA; SALYA;; Bu. SCOTT, JEFFREY M.; N w Port. AR; MJI SELIM. EBTSAM; Egypt; Chem SELIM. MLSTAFA; Lnnrr,u . MS SHAAR. JAMAL A.;Sidoo. Ubuion; Civ. Eng. SHARP. PAT KEITH; UFoUtttt. TN; I1KA SHEPHERD. TOMMY; Aberdeen. MS SHOWERS. THOMAS; Drew. MS; B.S. Ph.r. SI GH, R1TV ; J.ipur, Indu; EnglUh SINGH. SI RENDRA; Jaipur. Indii; El. Enj SLEDGE, LYNN; Seniiobi. . MS SMITH. DEBRA C; T Irrto.n. MS STOCK WELL. RITA RLTH; Loui. iUe. KY; The.lre Art. STIRDIVANT, SHARON J.; Vorphlet. AR. Stu. Pen. TAYS. DWICHT: Oiford. MS THOMPSON. FLORA . Mo. Point. MS; L TOWLER. KEN; Lynchbunj. VA TICKER. BESSIE [..: J K U n. MS: Milk. IMPRESS. JAME; Sen.tobn. MS; Aec. VANDERBl ' RG. DAVID C; Oli. e Branch. MS; X+ V ARNER. DAVID A.; Oiford. MS; Ace. V ICKREY . JOH W ' .; Burlinj ton. NC; Englub WALLER. TERRY; Oiford. MS WARD. WILLIAM D.; PenMcoU. FL; Coun. P.. . WARD. PAMELA: Oiford. MS: Lib. A Info. Sc ' i. WATSON. MARGARET; Holcomb. MO; Math. WEED. JIMMY DL ANE; V inoru. MS WHITE. BILLY CE E; Fulton. MS; Fin. WILLIAMS. CATHY A.; W. Memphi.. AF. Ed. WILLIAMS. DAN G.: Jickun. MS WILSON. TELA L. ; Winoru. MS; Ed.; AKA l ARD. MILAN; B. St. Louu. MS: Econ WISE. JAMES .. Ill; Mirvell. AR; Fin. YOKOYAMA. YASLAKI: Jipan; Ed. YOLNC. RANDY A.: Poniotoc. MS; Ace. . Gndu.lo 413 I dvertisements 414 Advertise menu DEBBIE COBB, co-editor GREGG ELLSTON, co-editor INDEX LIESA GREEK, co-editor PAUL TURNER, co-editor Elliott Lumber 1 Company Tfat fflueRihbon JttGW iff THE QUALITY ALWAYS COMES THROUGH. IF YOU ' VE GOT THE TIME; WE ' VE GOT THE BEERI lite EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED IN A BEER AND LESS. FROM THE COUNTRY OF 1 100 SPRINGS TONIGHT, LET IT BE LOWENBRXU. BETTER BRANDS DISTRIBUTING CO. Old Station House Rd. Bob Wilson, Manager " Serving Oxford with the best brands " 416 Advrrtiftemnu SERVING LAFAYETTE COUNTY, OXFORD. AND THE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1923. " Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year " GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY ON THE SQUARE FREE DELI VERY J.B.Gathright Aston Holley STATE BANK TRUST COMPANY COLLINS, MISSISSIPPI COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE - DEDICATED TO SERVICE . Johnson ' s Discount Furniture Sales, Rentals, Leasing 311 S. Lamar 234-7711 OXFORD FLORAL COMPANY 11 03 Jefferson phone: 234-2515 Gifts, Flowers, and Guardian Angels University Launderette 1310 E. University Ave. Open 24 Hours 7 Days Self Service KIAMIE ' S Restaurant and Bowling Lanes Highway 6 West Inn AI Highway 90 East Pascagoula, Miss. Serving as Fabric Consultants for the Rebelettes OXFORD FABRIC CENTER . Helping you get mere out of life. b tandardlife Insurance Company Jackson, Mississippi 39205 ' UK Advrrtiwmrnti. The Oxford Inn Is the Most Unique, Unusual Place in Town Greenhouse Restaurant Locker Room Library Lounge Best Western Oxford Inn 1101 Frontage Rd. Oxford, MS 38655 (601)234-9500 Lodging at its Best ' Jk OXFORD, MISS Petite, Junior, Misses Sizes 1214 Van Buren On the Square 234-0520 Cheney ' s Eastgate Pharmacy Mr. Brent Smith Univ. Ave. E. 232-7221 KR W , INCORPORATED BROKERS AND ADVISORS TOR INVESTORS POST OFFICE BOX 22564 First National Bank Building Jackson, Mississippi 39705 948-8841 INCORPORATED P.O. Drawer 1391 Hattiesburg, MS Phone 601 264-1800 c AdvrrtuenM-nU 419 1839- 1840- 1841 - 1842- 1843- 1844- 1845- 1846- 1847- 1848- 1849- 1850- 1851 - 1852 1853- 1854- 1855- 1856- 1857- 1858- 1859- 1860- 1861 - 1862- 1863- 1864- 1865- 1866 1867- 1868- 1869- 1870- 1871 - 1872- 1873- 1874- 1875- 1876- 1877- 1878- 1879- 1880 1881 - 1882- 1883- 1884- 1885- 1886- 1887- 1888- 1889- 1890- 1891 - 1892- 1893- 1894 1895- 1896- 1897- 1898- 1899- 1900- 1901- 1902- 1903- 1904- 1905- 1906- 1907- 1908 1909- 1910- 1911- 1912- 1913- 1914- 1915- 1916- 1917- 1918- 1919- 1920- 1921 - 1922 1923- 1924- 1925- 1926- 1927- 1928- 1929- 1930- 1931 - 1932- 1933- 1934- 1935- 1936 1937- 1938- 1939- 1940- 1941 - 1942- 1943- 1944- 1945- 1946- 1947- 1948- 1949- 1950 1951- 1952- 1953- 1954- 1955- 1956- 1957- 1958- 1959- 1960- 1961- 1962- 1963- 1964 1965- 1966- 1967- 1968- 1969- 1970- 1971- 1972- 1973- 1974- 1975- 1976- 1977- 1978 1979- 1980 . , and more to come. NEILSONS ON THE OXFORD SQUARE SINCE 1839 City Hall 1 07 South Lamar 236-1 31 PflUL ' S ALL AMERICAN INC. Quality Athletic Recreational Supplies 3230 SUMMER AVENUE ALL MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE 38112 420 AdvertumenU OXFORDBANK ASSOCIATION AdvrrtirmrnU 421 ABBEY ' S IRISH ROSE Oxford, Mississippi " A Gathering Place For Ole Miss Students " Completely Automated For Quality Control CONCRETE PRODUCTS and Supply Company, Inc. P. O. BOX 490, PASCAGOULA, MISS. 39567 LESLIE DRUGS n n n n n is jrannnni J. O. LESLIE, OWNER 1121 Jackson Avenue Oxford, Mississippi Continental Hair Styles Eastgate Shopping Center Qualified Cosmetologist Owners Mary Vanhorn Wilma Turner 234-8282 ,1, g) COTTON BOLL Button down Oxford Cloth Shirt " All Cotton is the Best " Specially long wearing 100% cotton shirts. Handcut and customized with unbreakable pearl blended buttons and all single needle construction. Shirts with a time honored tradition. White, blue, pink, yellow, tan $24.50 Sizes 14V4-18 Sleeves 32-36 Sizes 17% and larger and 36 " sleeves $3.00 extra Mail Orders filled promptly Applique by Request P Bo 171171 Memphis, TN _ 38117 6327 POPLAR 901-767-6054 2)COTTON BOLL - Registered Trdemrk. Alfred ' s Inc. I " Our Service 55 That ' s the one word that best describes Ross Yerger. We ' ve been serving Mississippi with personal and business insurance for well over a century. When it comes to service . . . it ' s our serve. ' The House of Insurance since 1860 " ROSS YERGER Jackson, Mississippi METTS Hardware South Side of the Square Oxford, MS 38677 ie iJLileA tcaaemu of J tair 1298 North Lamar Oxford, Miss. Phone 234-5503 Next to Beacon Compliments of: Sigma Chi MURPHY ' S 1989 Madison Memphis, TN 725-4946 Greasy Burgers, Greasy Joint, Greasy Sounds, Still with the best Durn Juke Box in town! RECORD TAPE CENTER 1006 Jackson Ave. 234-8228 Shipley ' s Donuts 1711 E. University Ave. 234-7200 Also Serving Breakfast and Lunch COLLEGE RINGS OF FINE QUALITY 1 ELLIOTT JEWELERS on the square Smitty ' s Restaurant 208 South Lamar Breakfast 6 AM-9 PM Lunches and A La Carte Orders Homemade biscuits and cornbread .Meridian, MS Miller Oil Company Distributor of Gulf Oil Products York Ala. Quitman MS . 1 I A Coca-Cola Bottling Company P.O. Box 518 Holly S Phone: Sn Vj 2 YOUR independent Insurance] AC THE GALEY AGENCY, INC. West Pine at Fifth Ave. Hattiesburg, MS Cbmplj CENT BLACKWELL CHEVROLET CO. 5395 Interstate 55 N. Jackson, MS 39206 982-2222 J Ma tine PascagoulaGautier Moss Point Escatawpa THUf WAREHOUSE J WEST SIDE OF SQUARE BEST WISHES to Ole Miss. Medical and Dental Students Learning Aids for K-8 Now Available at THE NEST " The Learning Aids Store " 9-5 Mon-Sat . Hwy 6W 234-8733 V OXFORD ' S QUALITY BICYCLE DEALER Offers: Motobecane Nishiki Raleigh We have all speeds 1 speeds range from $155to$1250 THE BICYCLE COMPANY 1718 University Ave. Jonathon Tale 234-8555 Manager Go Rebels! QUITMAN BANKING SYSTEM Bank of Quitman Bank of Meridian Bank of Pachuta Bank of Enterprise JAMES T. STEED CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Rebel Press Office Supply Co., Inc. 1005 Van Buren Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF: HE BEACON Highway 7 North Oxford, MS 234-5041 MARX BENSDORF Over 112 Years Serving Ole Miss Alumni in the Greater Memphis Area Real Estate Land Development Insurance llsllcll The Office Supply Company 809 23rd Ave. Box 5557 Meridian, MS 39301 Compliments of: University of Mississippi Alumni Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha BARBARA B. MILLS f jblic Relations HYATT REGENCY MEMPHIS 939 Ridge Lake Boulevard Memphis, TN 38138 (901)761-1234 The Leader of Greek Photography J.W. FORRESTER ' S 1402 Jackson Ave. Oxford, MS 38655 BONANZA I Jewelry, Compliments of: KING BROTHERS LTD. AND MORGAN JEWELERS Ben Franklin 709 N. Lamar Oxford, MS 234-3343 Compliments of: THE 1 98 1 ANNUAL STAFF Growing With Ole Miss New Law Center .North East MJfeWP Electric Power Association Aaron aa a Aaron, Belly Kate Won, Jami-s Victor Aaronson, Virginia Ann Abbey, Herman Patel, Jr. Abbott, Mary Coyle Abdo, Maeen Burhan Abedalkarim.SaifaldinM. 103 Abel, Tuddy Marimae Abele, Paul Woodson Abelin, Suzanne Clark Abernathy, Joanie Lucy 112, 118,258 Abinglon, William Kennedy, HI Able , Betty Elaine Abies, William Ear!, Jr. Abougergi, Saadallah Abraham, Charles H. Abraham, David Thomas 84 Abraham, Lillian Elaine 102 A bet on, Frank Norf1eel Abu-Eid, Muna Hassan Abu-Hijleh, Kama) Abu-Hijleh, Mohammed Ammar Abu-Shaker, Majed M. Abuhijleh, Abdullatif Abuto, Ambrose Paul Achord, James Michael Achord, Leslie Jo Davis Acred, Joy Annette 1 26 Adair, H. Randolph HI Adala, Cleophas, Alloys Adam, Stephen Andrew Adamec, Stephen Anthony, Jr. Adamovich, Daniel Adam Adams, Beth Robuck Adams, Carl Eugene Adams, Charles Albert, Jr. Adanu, Deborah Lee Adams, Dejuan Patrice Adams, Elisabeth Joan Adams, Horace Mark Adams, James Darren Adams, Janice Munsel Adams, John IVan 2 1 1 Adanu, Julie Ann Adams, Kathy Ann Adams, Kathy Darlene Adams, Louis Danie l Adams, Marcia Lisa Adams, Mary Bright Hensley Adanu, Peggy Keylon Adams, Rebecca Murray Cater Adams, Robert Earl Adams, Robert Owen, Jr. Adams, Rosemary Adams, RuthieM. Adams, Timothy Rubel Adcock, Clay Douglas Adcock, Ken Ramon Adcock, Michael Eugene Adcock, Sandra Kaye White Adcox, John Edward Addison, Miriam Lanita Parrish Addison, Stephen R. Addy, Kathy Diane Adkins, Gail Parks Adkins, Samuel Louis Adkins, Susan Elizabeth AcUit, John Robert Agbasi, Frederick Akunnia Agbonlahor, Patrick N.O. Agnew, Bennie Hue Agnew, Ronnie Aguh, Solomon In yam Agulanna, Godwin O. Ahlvin, Alder Frank Ahram, Baasam A. A ills. Jackson Lamberth A ilk Jonahan Sewell Ailsworth, Gregory Keith Ainsworth, Timothy Allen Akeel, Saleh Alowi Akel, Ahmad Mahmoud Akenhead, John David Aker, Shannon Edward Akers, Elaine Akers, Gregory Hulsey Akers, Timothy Woodrow Akin, Karen Angeleque Akin, Thomas Dwayne, Jr. Akina, Donna Marie AI-Azzawi, Abdulrahman AI-Basha, Ali Mosa 103 Al-Bundak, Omar Mohamad Al Fakhouri, Mohamed Al-Jallad, Mouawia Salah 103 Al-Kaswani, Majid AI-Khaleib, Raed Omar Al-Moghrabi, Muslapha M. Albert, Paul Howard Alcorn, Andrea Lisa Aldashi,AlaolahA. Alderman, John Everett Alderman, Nancy Carol Aldrich, Suzanne Mosa Aldridge, Dorothy Lou Aldridge, Gary Kendall 2 16 Aldridge, Mary Helen Andrews, Glen Rosa Andrews, Joseph Scott Andrews, Karen Leigh Andrews, Leslie Annette 88, 216,217 Andrews, Marietta Kay Andrewa, Mary Elizabeth Andrews, Patricia Lynn Andy, Maria L. Andy, Orlando Joseph Angell, David Michael Angero, James Daniel Angle, Jamci Padberg Anklam, Nancy Elizabeth Anooshah, Hamidreza Anthony, Jay Alan Anthony, Jonelle Gay Anthony, Randy Foreat Antonow, Janice Ann Antwine, Louann Applegate, Lloyd Wallis Applewhite, Wesley James Arafat, Elaayed Abdel Arata, William Scott Arbter, John Scott Archer, Susan Annette Archie, Allison Lee Archie, Willie Frank Ardalan, Manouchehr Armiatead, James Paul Armistead, Sherry Lyn Armatrong, James Harry Armstrong, James Vernon Armstrong, Johnny Armstrong, Kenneth Wayne Armstrong, Melissa Lynn Arnold, Amy Dettor Arnold, Annie Jean Arnold, Carl William, Jr. Arnold, Darrel M. Arnold, Gerald Phillip Arnold, Jamie Rebecca Arnold, Janet Gracen Arnold, Joyce Ann Arnold, Katherine Elizabeth Ott Arnold, Michael Dale Arnold, Mitzi Gail Arnold, Robert James Arnold, Roy L. Arnold, Thomas Laban Arnold, Tracie Elizabeth Arrechea, Sarah Elizabeth A r ring ton, Jill Ann Arringlon, Linda Tierce Arthur, Andrew Wilson, Jr. Asa), Olga Dianne Asbury, Kate C. Asbury, Wendy Rae Ashburn, Lisa Renay Ashford, John Clay Ashley. Sheryle Delarie Askew, Frances Alline Askew, Thomas Luster Asseh, Richard Atchison, Jerre Dale Atkins, Anne Brigham Atkins, Aylmer Buford Atkins, Burgess Lee Atkins, Joel Eugene Atkinson, Pamela Cheyenne Atkinson, Sally Ann Atwood, Stan Elliott Aune, Kelly Thornton Aurell, Drenett Gay Aurell, Harold Pierce Aurell, Mike R. Aust, Alan Brian Austin, Mary Katherine Austin, Ricky Dale Austin, Sharon Marie Auatin, Steven Turner Austin, Suzanne Lynn Austin, Terri Louise Austin, Thomas Michael Auatin, Wanda Jean Austin, William Howard Austin, William Walter Aulry, Andrean Monet Justine Aven, Anson Abbe Avera, Kellie Lynn Kearns Avera, Ralph Phillip Avers, Melinda Ann Avery, Claude Hubert, Jr. A very. Jimmy Ray Avery, Jimmy Ray, Jr. Avery, John Allen Avery, Margaret Suzanne 102,286 Awada, Mahmoud Hassan Awada, Mohammed Hassan Aycock, Kathryn Alice Ayers, David Lawrence Ayers, George Phillip Aylea, Benjamin McNeal Azar, Joaeph S., Jr. Azim, Ashraf Ul Aziz, NadimM. 100,103 Aziz, Susan Teresa Taylor Azlin, Brenda Kay Willard Azordegan, Philippe Albert 90 Aldy, Steven Mark Alexander, Andrew Nourse Alexander, Barbara S. Alexander, Clyde Wayne, III Alexander, David Glynne Alexander, James Russell Alexander, Jane Cummins Alexander, John M. Alexander, Jon Phillip Alexander, Joeph Morris Alexander, Lisa Lanair 27 1 Alexander, Oliver Donnell Alexander, Richard Dewayne Alexander, Robert Heard, Jr. Alexander, Ronald Joe Alexander, Ruby Dorth Alexander, Stacy Lynn Alexander, Thomas Bruce Alexander, Virginia Laurie Alexander, William H., Jr. Alford, Brad Alan Alford, David Neyland Alford, Marilyn Carol Alford, Mark O ' Neil Alford, Paul B., HI Alford, Tom Swayze Alican, Necip Fikri Allan, Patricia Ann Alldridge, James Robert Allen, Brenda Nell Allen, Cynthia Frances Allen, Deborah Ann Holland Allen, Debra Lynn Allen, Donald Terence Allen, Dusty Rhodes Allen, Edward Smith Allen, Gary Lee Allen, Jan Elizabeth Allen, Jo-Ann Marshall Allen, John Franklin Allen, Kathryn Lee Allen, Kelly Ray Allen, Kent Major Allen, Larry Eugene Allen, Larry Ray Allen, Leslie Lynn Allen, Leslye Wade Allen, Lori Lynn Allen, Patricia Lynne Martin Allen, Roger Lewis Allen, Ruth Kinbrough Allen, Sharon Blanche Allen, Steven Dean Allen, Thomas Dale Allen, Vicky Lynn Allen, William Bailey Allen, William Joseph Allgood, Jimmy Clifton 170 Alii. i, John Maury, Jr. Allin, Mary Elizabeth Biggs Allison, Alissa Jean Allison, Milzie Gail Allred, James Marly n Allred, Randy Alan Alonso, Beatriz Luisa Aloway, Betsy Poole Aloway, Joy Lynn Aired, Jesse James Alsobrooks, Robin Kimberly 122 Alston, Angela Alston, Carla Ann Alstrum, Elizabeth Altenbern, Douglas C., Jr. 307 Alton, Bobby Dale Alvarado, Frances Lynn Alverson, Lucy Allen 70, 84, 96,311 Alvey, Laura Raye Alvis, Cynthia Dianne Amacker, Douglas Driskell Amacker, William Robert Ambort, Steven Neal Ambrose, Charles Edward, Jr. Ambrose, Emily Paulette Ambrose, Jamie Elizabeth Ames, Kathryn Paige Amick, William Rhett Ammons, Dan Lee Amos, Dianne Louise Anderson, Andrew Coy Anderson, Antoinette Anderson, Arneta Ann Anderson, Atlean Anderson, Clara Adele Anderson, Debra Joan Anderson, Fritz William, II Anderson, Gary Lee Anderson, Ida Alexis Anderson, John Denley Anderson, Karen Arlene Anderson, Karen Wilson Anderson, Kim Diane Pfleger Anderson, Kristine Jane Anderson, Laura Louise Anderson, Lisa Renee Anderson, Lorra Rand Anderson, Mark David Anderson, Mary Alaine Anderson, Mary Jennifer Anderson, Rebecca Ann Anderson, Robert William Anderson, Roy, III Anderson, Sally Webb Anderson, Scott Vallaly Anderson, Shawn Connelly Anderson, Thomas Lawrence Anderson, Thomas Lee Anderson, Vickie Marie bbb Babb. Anthony E. Babin, Thomas Michael Backer, Warren Howard, Jr. Backhuus, Timothy Robert Hark man. Pattie Susan Baddeley, William Franklin Badri, Mahmoud Baggett, George Thronon Baggelt, Linda Dianne Baggelt, Peggy Lee Baggeti, Thomas Arthur, Jr. Baghdadchi, Jamil Bagley, Elizabeth Dabney Bagley, Lisa Ann Bagwell, Deborah Putman Bagwell, Hale Wayne Bahhulh, Albert Malta Bahm, Harry Dewitt Bahr, Howard Leslie Bailey, Ann Lynette West Bailey, Benjamin Thomas Bailey, Connie Ann Bailey, David Ralph, Jr. Bailey, Beatrice Demetrius Bailey, Elizabeth Shelby 3 1 2 Bailey, Esther Joy Bailey, Frank Hall Bailey, Gladdean Marie Bailey, Harold Melby, Jr. Bailey, James Henry, Jr. Bailey, Jay Alan Bailey, John Grover, III Bailey, Joseph David 96 Bailey, Lisa Dianne Denley Bailey, Margaret Louise Bailey, Nancy Ann Bailey, Robert Edward, Jr. Bailey, William Lawrence Bailey, William Nobles Baine, Elizabeth Lea Baizaee, Rozita Baker, Bertha Rea Baker, Billie Ruth Baker, Brandt Larue, Jr. Baker, Charlotte Rene Baker, Cynthia Kay Baker, Dennis Murphree, II Baker, Edwin B. Baker, Frances Charlene Baker, Garland Blaine Baker, Gordon Patrick Baker, James Esco, Jr. Baker, Jane Land Baker, Jennifer Marie Baker, Kathryn Suzanne Baker, Kenneth N., Jr. Baker, Leon Baker, Marc Reed 332 Baker, Margaret Helen Baker, Michael Jarrell Baker, Michael Leo Baker, Pamela Cook Baker, Phillip Martin 280 Baker, Rex William Baker, Robert Vaughn Baker, Sheila Ann Baker, Sherry Lynn Baker, Steven Lee Baker, Terri Lynn Baker, Tracy Brian Baker, Virginia Ann Batch, Victor Demon Baldi, Daniel L. Balducci, Allison Judith Baldwin, Kimberly Eaaterling Baldwin, Sheila Sue Balfour, Betty L. Ball, Anna Rebecca Ball, Catherine Lynn Ball, Elissa Louise Ball, Laura Lovelace Ball, Ruth Adams Ball, Tara Lafaye Mallard, Donna McGraw 26, 296 Ballard, Fred Curry Ballard, India Mann Ballard, Richard Preston Balthis, LenoraGaile Bambach, William Lewis Banahan, Deborah Chamberlin Banahan, John Anderson Bane, Clint Eugene, III Banks, Cynthia Ann Banks, Ferruccio Aundra Banks, Joseph Yeales Banks, Kathy Lynn Banks, Rebecca Joan Banks, Velvet Denise Bankston, Karen Ann Bannon, Christina Jane Baraboo, Jerry Stanley Gerald Baran, John Martin Baran, Kathleen Paula Callahan Barbee, Laurie Allen Barber, David George Barber, Frank D., Ill Barber, Gary Wayne Barber, Randall Quay Barber, Robert Lynn Barbiero, Denise Celeste 2 1 5 Barbour, Charles Allen Barbour, Gregory Jordan Barbour, Jeplhs Fowlkes, IV Barbre, Ann Marie Barcomb, John Randall Bard, Linda Jane Bardcn, Mark Lawrence Barefield, Toy Fountain Barfield, David Alan Barfield, Emily Ann Shows Barge, Rebecca Anne Bargeron, Dorothy Louise Bargeron, Marjorie Tyler Barker, Teri Ann Hartley, Jay Harry Barkley, Ricky D. Barkley, William Donald, Jr. Barksdale, Gloria Jean Barksdale, Susan Cannon Barlow, Debbie Ray Barlow, Hubert Lee, Jr. Barlow, Jo Ann Barlow, Julie Townes Barlow, Theresa Ann Barnabo, Mark Joseph 100 Barnard, Donald Edgar Barner, Roosevelt Northern Barnes, Carla Ann Barnes, David Lee Barnes, David Lynn Barnes, Donna Marguerite Barnes, Elizabeth Drennan Barnes, Emily Belle 88 Barnes, Franklin Allen Barnes, Margaret Elise Barnes, Queenie Smith Barnes, Reginald Vance Barnes, Susan Elizabeth Barnes, Thomas Bradford Barnes, Wanda Penny Barnes, Winfred David Harm-it, Olia Ann Barnett, Charles Ellis, Jr. 327 Barnetl, Clifford Bruce Barnelt, Donald K. Barnett, Janet Lerhea Barnetl, Janice Lynn 70 Barnett, Jeffrey Alan Barnelt, John Barry Barnett, Judy Carol Barnetl, Kneneth Joe Barnetl, Michael Lee Barnelt, Thomaa Billings Barnelt, Thomas Edward, Jr. Barrack, William Benjamin Barranco, Marjorie Barranco, Michael Anthony Barrentine, Blake Sheldon Barrett, Christopher M. 193 Barrett, Elizabeth Elaine Barrett, John MacBryde Barrier, Hilary Taylor Barringer, Virginia Ford Barron, Debra J. Barron, John David Barron, Nancy Lee Barry, Charles Stewart, IV Barry, Robert Louis Bart iV, Brenda Bartlea, Isabel 96 Bartletl, Brett Ronald Barton, Mark Anthony Barton, Michael Loyd Barton, Nikki Joy Duncan Bart ram, Simon Christopher 213 Bashghareh, Khojeh Ahmad Baskin, William Austin Basma, Adnan Adib 100 Bass, Adrienne Alexandra Bass, Belinda Sue Bass, Dennia Ray Basa, Jack Edward Bass, Mary Elizabeth Baas, Nancy Manier Bass, Robert Holcomb Bass, Tammy Lynn Bass, Wayne Edward Bal, Betty Lynn Bat, Thomas Edward Batakji, Bassam Ahmad Bateman, Blane Edward Bates, Gregory Evans Bales, Lisa Susan Bates, Rickey Le Bates, Thomas Allen Bates, Tyrone C. Balye, Harry Josseph Balson, Lynne Ann Battaile,Julianne88, 144 Battle, James Arthur Batton, Jackie Lee Bauch, William H. Bauer, Raymond Mark Bauer, Roy Thomas Baumgartner, Timothy Kevin Baumhauer, William C. Bawab, Abduikadder Baxter, A. Melissa Beach, Elizabeth Anne Beach, Glen Thomas Beach, Ralph Gleason, Jr. Beadles, Kimberly Anne Braird, Lora Lee Beal, Wesley Martin Bean,ChristeenH. Bean, Debra Ann Bean, Joseph Scott Bean, Robert Dennis Bean, Robert Tendall Hranlami, William Spencer Beard, Gregory Eugene Beard, Paul Otto, Jr. Beard, William Carroll Beaaley, Judy Ann Beasley, Martin Wade Beaaley, Vicki Lynn Beatty, Cindy Margaret Beatty, Gloria Dianne McDowell Beaver, Melinda Jeanne Becker, Diane Catherine Becker, Geoffrey Mark Becker, Jamie Elizabeth Becker, Kathryn Elizabeth Beckett, Charles Jim Beckett, Clara Joyce Beckett, Patricia Daniel Beckett, Sherry Ann Beckham, Donald Edward Beckham, Glenn Field Beckner, Joseph Edward Bee, Susan Seavey Beech, Regina Katherine Beecroft, Betty Lane Beevers, Samuel Terry Begley, Steven Harold Begley, Tina E. Belcher, Rita Annette Be lenchia, Johnny Marshall Belenchia, Marcia Ann Belenchia, Patricia Laura Belenchia, Theresa Amelia Belflower, George Kenneth Belflower, Laura Barber Belk, Julie Ann Belk, Richard Langston Bell, Betty Ann Bell, Jean 118 Bell, Jeffrey D. Bell, Jennifer F. Bell, John Stephen Bell, Karen Rickman Bell, Karon Louise Bell, Kimberly Ann 96 Bell, Laura Laine Bell, Mary Lisa Bell, Samuel Byron Bell, Sandra Kathryn Bell.SperryA. Bell, Susan Virginia Bell, Tanya Charisse Bell, Timothy Craig Bell, William Bart Bell, William Kenneth Bellamy, Mary Kathryn Bellan, William Junkin, Jr. Belle, Isle Martha Patrice Huling Bellenger, Rebecca Lynn 102,300, 133 Bellipaanni, Mitchell Jacobs Bender, Neal R. Benford, Milton R. Benge, Doug Edgar Benigni, Daniel Arthur Bennett, Allison Brice Bennett, Allison Carol Bennett, Bobby Gene Bennett, Desha Lee Bennett, Douglas Daniel Bennett, Elizabeth Arlendia Bush Bennett, Elizabeth Kyle Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Joseph Thomas Bennett, Robert Grisham Bennett, Roy Michael Benson, Ann Stone Benson, Connie Rulh Benson, Janyth Gail Benson, Lillie Mae Benson, Ned, Jr. Benson, Vicki Ann Benton, Karan Lorraine Benvenutli, Mary Rebecca Benz, Carl Richard, Jr. Berlin, Laura Ellen Bernet, Nan Wright Bernreuter, Lynanne Gilmer Berns, Barbara Ann Berry, Amanda McNairy Berry, Cindy Marie Berry, James Christopher Berry, James Douglas Berry, Joan Mercer Berry, Priscilla Berry, Rebecca Karen Berry, Robert Vernon Berry, Ronald Lewis Berry, Sidney Raymond, Jr. Berry, William Hubert 80, 102 Berryhill, Brenda Sue Bertolet, Barry Dean Bertolet, Toni Jill Besselievre, Scott Sylvan Best. Delina Doty Best, Eliza Ann Bethany, Kate Lawrence Bethay, Kenneth Lee Bethea, F. Lance Belhea, James C. Bettandorff, Ruth Elaine Hrv.-rin. Michael Anthony Brxley, William Earl Bhandhubanyong, Nawaparn Bhoocha-Oom, Areepong Bibbs, Clara Lynette 271 Bickerstaff,JackM. Bickerstaff, Judy Lynn 282 Bickerstaff, Margaret Quay 258 Biddle, John Michael Biddy, William Glynn Biedenharn, Francis Marion Biggs, Martin Sennett Bigham, Ann H. Bigham, William Ernest Billings, Mary Lynne Billingsley, Carolyn France Billingsley, Rodney Eugene Billingsley, Walter R., Jr. Billingsley, William Christopher Binder, Lisa Paige 70 Bingham, Dwighl Norris Bingham, Jo Anne Tidwell Bingham, Leslie Gayle Bingham, Stephen Edward 103 Bininger, Belinda Binkley, Hal Ray Birdwell, Ann Walton Birk, Thomas John Bise, Carter Oferrall Bishop, Christopher Brian Bishop, David Alan Bishop, Faira Lee Bishop, George Doyle Bishop, Lori Taylor Bishop, Marc Randall Bishop, Marion Franklin, Jr. Biahop, Ronnie Dale Bishop, Ruby Gaye Black, Andrew Black, Anna Marie Black, Billie F. Black, Karen Jeanne Black, Lisa Bea Black, Margaret Ethel Howard Black, Robert Wood Black, Tammy Jean Black, Valerie Ellen Blackburn, Doris McCulley Blackburn, Victoria Ann Blackledge, Krisla Dawn Blackledge, William David Blackmon, Brian Lee Blackmon, James Edwin Blackmon, Robert Alvin, HI Blackslon, Joseph Walker Blackwelder, Margaret Pearl Black well, George Basil, Jr. Blackwell, James Allen, Jr. Blackwell, William Joseph 96 Blackwood, James Martin Blaes, KriatieM. Blair, John David Blair, Johnny Rowe Blair, William Dwight Blake, Jacqueline Blake, Kent Alan Blake, Susan Beth Blake, William Anthony Blakely, Kathy Ann Blakely, Lisa Dawn Blakely, Terry Joe Blakemore, Robert Edward Blakley, Lurlene Blalack, John Wallace Blalock, Jeffrey Wilborn Blanchard, Jaida Elizabeth Bland, John Dietrich, Jr. Blankenship, Julie Annette Blanks, Mauri Lavin Blanton, Carol L. Blatl, Rita Sue Blaylock.JohnDouglaa Blaylock, Marvin Lamar Blaylock, Tammy Sue Bledsoe, Julia Katharine Bledsoe, Nancy Llewellyn Bledsoe, Sybil Andersen Blonkvisl, Kevin Micheal Blount, Barbara Anne Blount, Clay Bryan Blue, Jerry Dee Blue, Sally Ann Boa). Virginia List Boatwright, Dorothy Anne Boatwright, Emily Ann Bobb, Mary Louise Bobo, Michael Ray Bock, Caroline Bodamer, Ronald Wayne Boden, Keith Alan Boehms, Samuel Henry Bogdahn, Joseph Richard Bokka, Srinivas Boland, Robert James Bolin, Premise Wayne 280 Bolin, Tammy Ranae Bollin, Temple Anne Bollon, Joe E. Bond, Debra Dee Bond, Edith Annette Bond, Jamea Edward Bond, Jeffrey Brent 88 Bond,M.Guion,Jr. Bond, Tony Keith Bonde, Bettie Ailene Bonds, Mary Lou Bonds, Robert Alexander III Bonds, Sheila Faye Bonds, Teresa Ann Bonds, Tracy Delois Bone, Lisa Annette Bonlemps, Joseph Victor Book, Laura Lee Booker, Rowland Theair Boolos, Timothy Lee Boone, Judy Ann Boone, Levi Boone, Warren Watson Booth, Anne Reed 102 Booth, Catherine Ann 96, 99 Booth, David Condon Booth, David Glenn Booth, Patrick Kenneth Booth?, Melinda Kay Bordeianu, Joyce Elizabeth Bordeianu, Sever Mihai Boren, Randy Lewis Borhani, Mohsen Borne, Debra Ann Borne, Kathleen Taylor Borne, Michael J. Bos, Elizabeth Duenel Boschert, Betsy Maureen Bills 436 Index Collins Boachert, Curtis Dickim Branum, John Barnetl Bro Boscherl, Neville Henry Bra, fit-Id. Craig Burrow Li Ho-!. Aileen A. Johnson Brasfield. Cynthia Lynn Bro% Boat, Mitzi Gail Brashear, Ronnie Deen Broi tin-Hit. Bennie Keith Brasher. Michael R. 211 Brot Ruby Nan Roach Brashier. Barbara Allen Brov Boston. Rebecca Lynn Brashier. Deborah AniU Brot Boiwell. Elizabeth I...HI- Brashier, Mark Thomas Bro Boswell. John Robert Braslow. Celia Ruth Brov Boswell. Rebecca E. Braswell, Bethanye Renee Brov Boteler. Mary Eliiabrlh Bray, James Sidney Brov Bolls. Martha Jean Bray. William Robert Brov Bouchard, Merle Robinson Brazil. NadaJ. Brov Bouldin. James Lloyd Breazeale, Barbara D. Brov Slribling Breeding. Janet Kay Brov Bouldin. Marshall J, ...,-. IV Breeland. Durwood Jewell Bro 100 Breeland. Lee Ale . Ill Brov Bounds. Albert Kenneth Breeze, Harry Michael Brov Bounds. Clifton Currie Breland. Allen Mclnnis Hrnv Bounds. Cynthia Fay Brenkart, Scott Jeffrey Brov Bounds. Jeffery Ross Brennan, Anna Anlhis Brov Bounds. Kimberly Dawn Bass Brennan, Eileen Marie Brov Bounds. Margaret Jean 308 Brennan. Elizabeth Ann Brov Bourgeois, Monet Trace Brennan, John William, Jr. Brov Bourke, Gregg Benlly Brent. William Edward. Jr. Brov Bourke. Melinda Ann Moulds Brewer. Derek O ' Kelly Brov Bourne. Sam Lloyd, Jr. Brewer. Frederick D., Jr. 8( Boulwell, Jerry Dean. J r Brewer, Jennifer Olivia Brov Boulwell, Raymond Osborn, Brewer, John Marcus Brut Jr. Brewer. Leatha Kaye Bruc Boutwell. Sheila Ann Brewer. Michael Dean Dm, Boulwell. Teresa Darlene Brewerton, Lanell Lee Bruc Bovie, Liu C. Brick, Francis Bruc Bowden. Mark Andrew Bridge. Shad ric Michael Bruc Bowen, Alisa Victoria Bridgers. Mary Dawn Bruc Bowen, Cynthia Anne Bridge. Reginald O ' Brien. Brut Bowen, Elizabeth Jr. Urn.- Bowen, Joseph ThomaH Bridges. Charles Denman Brill Bowen, Minerva Troy Brown Bridges. David Michael Brur Bowen, Penelope Anne Bowen, Roy Glenn Bridges. Donna Sue Bridges, Gary Allen Brur Brur Bowers, Charles Jefferson Bridges. Linda DAle Brur Bowers, Deborah Anne 328 Bridges. Marlon Keith Brur Bowers, James Robert 100 Bridges. Rebecca Jane Brus Bowers, John Mark Bridges, Talmadge L.. Jr. Brya Bowers, Patricia Lynne Bridgforlh. Allen C. Brya Bowers, Thomas Michael BriggN. Jean Barlow Brya Bowie. Jacqueline Jeanice Bowles. Charlotte Ann Brighl. Kennelh Moore Bright, Loretta Brya Brya Bowles, Steven Lynn Bright, Ora Lee Brya Bowlin. Carolyn Hall Bright, Samuel Halhorn Brya Bowling. Cary Prilchard Bright, Walca Joan Brya Bowman. Churl,-, Meyer. Ill Brinkley, Harold L.. Jr. Brya Bowman. Charles Thomas Brinkley, Robert Spencer, Jr. Brya Bowman, Elizabelh Anne Brisco. Marshal Adams Brya Bowman, Wesley Roland Brisco. Patricia May Bry. Box, Cynthia Lea Briscoe. Paul Stacy Brys Boi. Nancy Carolyn Brisler. Michael Ray Bucc Bon. Ronald Ray Brile, Jenny Lynne Bucl Boyanlon, James Steven Brile, Mary Odessa Bucl Boyce, Glenn Franklin. Jr. Britl. Amanda Joyce Bucl Boyce. Lilla Townsend 102 Brill. Angela Bernice 102. Bucl Boyce, Robert Asa, Jr. 133 III Boyd, James Marion Britt. Jane Stanlee Bucl Boyd. Patrick Aubrey Britlenum, MollieG. Bucl Boyd, Paul Marcus Broadway. Norma Dell Bucl Boyd. Russellan Paige Brock. Charles Randall Bucl Boyet. Kathryn Elaine Brock. Holly Ninnetle Bucl Boykin, James Stephen Boykin, Michael Wayne Brock. Mark Wayne Brock. Miller Let Bucl Bucl Boyle. Elizabeth Margaret Brock, Steven Craig Bucl Boyle. James Patrick Brockell. Linda Joann Bucl Boyles, Weldon Randal Boyle. Sandra Kay Bromw ell, Madeline Louise Bucl Bucl Bozeman, Steven Ray Bronaugh. Ann Williams Buc; Bozorgi, Nahideh Broocks, Patricia Shannon B.i.-i Brabec, Kalhryn Ann 153 Buel Brabec, Susan Nanette Brooks, Barbara Ann Buff Sutherland Brooks. Barry Iff Buff Brabec, William Charles Brooks. Curtis C.. Jr. 319 Jr Brackeen. Morgan Denver Brooks. Dennis Wayne Buff Brackin. Mitchell W. Brooks, Jeffrey Harold Buff Bradford, Billy Keith Brooks. Kathy Adele Bradford, Chryslal Lee Brooks, Pamela Jean Bufk Bradley, Alice Ann Brooks. Rebecca P. Bufo Bradley, Amy Beth Broome, David Franklin Bufo Bradley, Anlhony Glenn Brosey, Donica Baylus Buhi Bradley, Bedford Carllon Bradley. Edward Monroe Brosey. James Eugene Broughton. Christopher R. Buhl Bulli Bradley. Gary Michael Brown, Alvin Van Bull. Bradley. Gary Morrison Brown. Audria Lynn Baggetl Bulli Bradley. Judith Lynn 111. Brown. Auriel Roulie Bull, 112 Manire Bulli Bradley. Mark Cohn Brown, Barry Allen Bulli Bradley. Mark Joseph Brown. Bobby Darrell Bulli Bradlei.Ruby Brown, Candace Lynn Bull, Bradlev. Slanlon Craig Bradley. Sleien llowell Brown. Charles Kendall Brown. Charles Timothy Bull, Bull, Bradlev, Walter A.. Ill Brown, Charles Victor, Jr. Bull Bradli-?, Willism Ross. Jr. 102 Bum Bradlyn, Andrew Slephen Brown, Cynthia Gail Bum Bradshaw. Pamela Jana Brown. Daniel Mark Bun, Bradshaw, Susan Lynn Brown, Dina B. Bun Brady. Annabelle Smith Brown. Edward B. Bun Bradv. Th.mia- Pickens. Ill Brown. James Nicholas Bun Brady. Todd Mitchell Bragorgos. Nicholas Elias Brown. James Norman Brown, James Slephen Burl Burl 323 Brown. Janet Benita 125 Bun Brame, William Hoover Brown, Jeffrey Lynn Bun Bramlill. Frances Ellen Brown. John Benjamine Hun Brammer. Nanc Ellen Brown. Julius Winston Bun Branch. Malcolm Lee. Jr. Brown. Kimberly Ann Burl Brandon. Gary Lvnn Brown. Kirk Anthony Bur) Brandon. Kate Craig Brown. Linda Gay Bur) Brandon. Ronald Glrn Brown, Lisa Gay Bun Brandon, William Douglas, Brown. Lisa Louise Buq Sr. Brown. Lvnne Allison 113. Buq Brands. Tarmm Lynn 120.21,303.259 Burl Brandt. Melanie Ann Brown. Marsha Lynn Burl Brannan. Brenda Carol Brown. Matthew Lamar Burl Phillips Brown. Melvin Anthony Burl Brannon. John W illiam Brown. Michelle Marie Burl Branson. John Richard Brown. Pamela Anne Bur Brantley. Shelby Karl. Jr. Brown, Patrick Scott Burl Branton. Rebecca Rae Brown, Peggy C. 1 Brown, Rebecca Annette Liltlefield n, Rebecca Celete Brown, Rex Stanley Brown, Ricky Clyde Brown, Ronald Casey Brown. Sherry Ann n. Shirley Jean Brown, Stephanie Sevier Brown, Susan Leigh Brown, Tammy Susan Brown, Teresa Ann Brown, Thomas Carson Brown, Thomas Kevin Brown, Thomas Roy Brown, Tony Michael Brown , Virginia Gtenn Brown, William Albert Brown, William Bailey, HI Brown, William David Brown, William Scott Brown, William Terry, II Jesse Robert, Jr. Browning, John George. HI ning. Jon Lacy Brownlee, Beverly Gayle 70, 80, 84, 96 Brownlee. Pamela V. Bruce, Barbara McKinney Bruce, Beth A. Bruce. John Elbert Bruce, Patti Annece Bruce. Robert Alan Bruchman. Barry John Bruchman. Neale William Brueck, Kimberly Norene Bruening, Nancy Edwards Bruister, Mar) Louise Brumfield, Barbara Lynn Brumfield, Linda Kathryn Brunson, John Mac, Jr. Brunson, Murl L Brunt, Ollie Mae 278, 279 Bruscato. Paul Joseph 2 1 7 Bryant, Barry Bryant, Charles Mitchell Bryant, Elizabeth Herron Bryant, Julia Ann 26 Bryant, Larry Patrick Bryant, Leslie Ray Bryant. Martha Emmons Bryant, Michael Francis Bryant, Sandra Lynn Bryant, Susan Beth Bryant, Willie Ann Bryson, Edward Donald Bryson, Stella Bucci, David Alan Buchanan. Calvin Douglas Buchanan, Charles Whitman Buchanan, Edgar Marion Buchanan, John Mangum, III Buchanan, Joseph Michael Buchanan, King Landiss Buchanan, Marion Kay Buchannon, Denny Nichols Buck, Kelvin O ' Neal Buck, Kenneth Charles Buckhalter, Alice Elois Bucklew. Rebecca Jo Buckley, Alan Wayne Buckley, Bethany Anderson Buckley, Laura Ann Bucy, Laura Nell Buehl, Deena Louise Buehler, Albert William Buffalo, Matthew Burton Buffinglon, Charles Phillip. Jr. 307 Buffinglon. Stephanie Paige Buffington, Terry J. Williams Bufkin, John Nelson Buford, Catherine Regel Buford, Karen BuhaUi, Rafal Khalil Buhs, Pamela Sue Bullard. Andrew Clayton Bullard, John Williams Bullock, Daniel Henry Bullock, Deborah Jan Bullock, John David Bullock, Julie Lynn Bullock, Paul William Bullock. Phillip Clark Bullock, Shirley Ann Bullock, Thomas Ketton, Jr. Bulslerbaum, Allison A. Bumgardner, Leigh Charise Bumpas, William Wallace Bunch. Melinda Faye Bunns, Gwendolyn Bunten. John Richard, Jr. Buntin, Ann Lee Burbach. Jeffrey Brian Burch. Gayle Anne 286 Burch. Richard Burden, Ricky Dale Burdock, George Allen Burduck, Michael Lawrence Burford, Robert Lr.m, HI Burge, Cherie Jane Burgess, Emily Anne Burgess, Guy Bentley Burgess, Ricky Edward Burgelt, William Gregory Burke. Gerald Hart Burke, Holly Sue Burke, Susan Eileen Burke. William Dennis Burkes. Gregory Burkhaller, Jeff Lee Burkhart, Donna Clay 49, 145 Burkill. Lee Anne Burklf . Margaret Ann Burkley, Peter Burrous Burleson, Brian Jay Burleson, Cynthia Ann Burnam, John Anderson Burnelt, Cassandra Burnelt. Michael Wayne Burnelt, Robert Hunter Burn - . Cheryl L. Burney, Lisa Ellen Burn ham. James Donald Burnham, Kathy Lynn Burnham, Mary Louiae Cook Burns, Barbara Jean Burns, Beverly Jean Burns, David Lamar Burns, David Micheel Burns, Doris Ann Burns, Julianne Reynolds Burns, Roland Otto, Jr. Burns. Roy. HI Burns, Timothy Verret Burrage, Jimmy Boyd, Jr. Burrell, Warren Daniel Hum-. Lewis r MI... J r Burroughs, Lisa Lynne Burrow, John Daniel Burson. Richard Otis Burl, Rhonda Marie Burton, Robert Eugene, Jr. Burton, Tamara Lynne Burton, Verdell Burwell, Joel Berman Busby, Bonnie Frane Busby, Charles Alan Busby, Elizabeth Sue Busby, Ralph Arthur BuM-hing. William Wright Bush. Houston T., Jr. Bush, Rebecah Gail 283. 271 Butler, Hal Bradley Butler, Heard Butler, James Lance Butler, John Clinton Butler, John Crady Butler, Julie Claire Butler, Lucretia McWhorter Butler, Mary Edith Butler, Miizi Morrow Butler. Robbie Dale Butler, Thomas Norman. Jr. Butler. Twila John Butler. William Wylie Buuchek, Michael Butechek, Virginia Annette Hays Butters. Mary Claire Buttross, Jayne Louise Byant, Raleigh Hill Byars, Rosemary Byas. Theresa Mable Byas. Vivian Michelle Byers, Brenda Jean 271 Byrd, Joe Henry, Jr. Byrne, Ellen Lynn Byrne. Mark Edward Byrnes, Suzanne B rum. Susan ccc Caballero, Bruno Louis Cabanero. Fernando Niceno Cabell. Andrea Elaine Cady, James Donald, Jr. Caffey, Carol Anderson Caffey. Kim Love Cagle, Carmen Virginia Cagle, Deborah Teresa Cahoon. Susan D. Cain, George Leonard Cain. Jimmie Earl, Jr. Cain. Mary Elizabeth Cain. Pamela Kay 300 Caldwell, David Mark Caldwell, Diana Leigh Caldwell, Elizabeth Irene Caldwell, Frances Suzanne Caldwell, J.Brice, Jr. Caldwell, James Patrick Caldwell, Kathy Diane Caldwell, Martha Gail Hudson Calhoun, Bradley Malone Calhoun, Mark Jefferson 209,211 Call, Ashelon Bayard Callaway, James Clayton Callender, Dana Jean Calmes, Alvin S. Calmes, Bryant Wayne 3 1 6 Calmes, Eric Allan 316 Calmes. Zanthia Elaine Calvasina, Gerald Edward 98 Calvert. Robert Armstrong Cameron, M. D. 221 Camferdam. Martha Ann Camp, A. J. Camp. Barbara Lynne Camp, Karen Landreth Camp. Marvin Edward Camp, Robert Wilson Campbell, Anita Coe Campbell, Cassandra Campbell, Frederick Bruce Campbell. Jerold Dennon Campbell, Leslie Jean Campbell. Linda Kalhryn Campbell, Paul Samuel Campbell, William Lee, Jr. Campochiaro, David A. Camponova, Joseph Fred Camponova, Michael Joseph Canale, Stuart Jay Candler, Agnes Elizabeth (Wield. Keith Michael Cannon. Carole Jean Cannon, Leslie Ann Cannon, Patricia Dianne Canter, James Brent Cantrell, David Wayne Canly, Ann L. Caples. Billy Scotl Capps. Kathy Jean Capwell, Mary Elizabeth Caraway, David Alman Caraway. Mark Prieatly 1 44 Card, Marcal Douglas Garden, James Matthew Cardone, Michael Paul Cardosi, Morie Leigh Cardwell, Ricky L. Carleton, Betty Claire Carleton, Sue Ellen Carlisle, Donald William Carlisle, Kimberly Kay Carlisle, Mary Louise Carlisle, Michael Wallace Carlyle, William Lee Carmichael, Charles E., Jr. Carnathan, Alice Kay (lames, Troy Matthew Carney, Robert Eugene Carnrick,PaulK. Caron, Richard Amedee Ca rot hers, Fonda Lee Carothera, Laura Dyer Carothers, Sean Brown Carpenter. Chen Louise Carpenter, Elizabeth L. Carpenter, Floyd Winston Carpenter, James Gerald Carpenter, Jo Ann Carpenter, Kathy Celeste Carpenter, Roy Edward, Jr. Carpenter, Timothy Linn 70 Carr. James Gregory Carr, James Quentin, II Carr, Mary Lynn Smith Carr, Norma Kathleen Carr, Phillip Alan Carr, Robert F Carr, Suzanne M . Carraway, Susan Denise Carrel, Jack James, Jr. Can-era, Silva Francisco Javier Carrington, Michelle Carroll, Cecilia May Carroll, Charles Loyd Carroll, Clifton Livingston Carroll. Henry Cole Carroll. James Raymond 116 Carroll. John Hardin Carroll, Kimberly Ann Carroll, Marian Barrett Carroll, Mart Claibrone Carroll, Patricia Anne Carruthers, Cage Brewer Carruthers, Carol Bobbins Carruthers, Mary Catharine Carrulhers. Tracy Carson, Lillian Graham Carson, Nancy Sue Carstarphen, William Myrick Carsten, Elizabeth Thomas Carsleru, Neil Thomas Carter, Carl Bernard Carter, Cynthia Corrine Carter. Danny Eugene Carter, David Marshall Carter, Deborah Renee Carter, Douglas Paul Carter, Earl LindWy Carter. Eric Warren 162 Carter, Geardie Mae Carter, Jan Elizabeth Williams Carter, Jeanne Elaine Carter, Julie Annette Carter, Nedra Carol Carter, Nora Joanne Carter. Timothy James Carter, William Bennett Cartwright. David Glen Cartwright, Timothy Brent Carvan, Homer A., Jr. Carver, Karen Anne Carver, Lisa Anne Cary, Mark F. Casasa, Barbara Ann Cascio. Jacqueline Ann Case. Mark Allen Casey. Carole Prather Casey, Margaret McCullough Cassidy, John Tompkins Castle. Maranda Suzanne Caslleman, Stephen Paul Cate, Dana Crawford Cate, Sherry Ann Cates, Dorothy Louise Buttons Cates, Patricia W nelle Caulfield, William Horace, II Causey, Wyndel Elizabeth Cauthen, Earl Rodrick Cavano, Michael James Caveness, Laura Ann Caves, Terry Leonard Cavelt, John Clayton Cavineas. James Donald Caviness, Michael Erwin Cavineas, Terri Lynne 102 Caygle, Samuel Craig Cefalu, Chana Cefalu, Curese Centanni, Kenneth Peter Chadick. Ira Alvin, III Chadwick, Clara Gene Chadwick. David Joel Chadwick. Julie Weeks Carr Chadwick. Kimberley Alison Chadwick. William Lyon Chaffin. Julie Eileen 86 Chaffin. Sherry Louise Chain, Barbara Lynn Chain, BelaJ.. Ill Chamberlain, Eric Eugene Chamberlain, Kirk Taylor Chamberlin, Wanda Jean Chambers, Elizabeth Fair Chambers, John William, Jr. Chambers, Linda Nell Chambliss. Walter G., Jr. 102 Champ, Roger Dean Champion, Jimmy Kemp Champion, John William Champion, Thomas Wayne Chan. Yee-Ming Chance, Rickey Lynn Chancey, Jacquelyn Sue Chancey, Rochelle Lynn Chandler, Cole Aron Chandler, Elizabeth Wood Chandler. Juli Anne Chandler, Mary Theresa Chandler, Michael Lawrence Chaney, Carl Jee Chaney, Suzanne 271 Channel!. Charles E. Chao. Fu-Shuen Chapin. Ellen Marie Chapman. Charles Tyler Chapman, Kathrjn Adkins Chapman, Laura Klingman Chapman, Margaret Annette Chapman, Ralph Charlton, Christopher P. Charlton, William Anderson Charuchinda. Sarawut Chase, Alvin Chase, Amos Chase, James Murray Chastain, Cynthia H. Chastain, David Lawernre Chatham, Robert Wiley, Jr. 42 Cheatham, Bradley Alan Cheatham, Norman C. 96 Cheatham, Steve Fredrick Chen. Jiann-Dong Chen. Pei Ching Chenelte. Sledman Richard Cheney, Bennett Wilkins Cherry. Camiella Anne Chestnut, Dwighl Bernard Chestnutl. Joanie Sue Cheung, Shu Kan Matthew Chiang, Chen Yu 103 Childers, Charles David Childers. Gary Steve Childers, Ricky Garner Childers. Wanda Faye Children. David Arthur 96 Chin, Mona Ching. Betty Siu-Kuen Oil-holm. Charles Andrew Chisholm. Lena Magdalnee I In -tn. Lisa Rose Chiltom. Joyce Ann Panned Chou, Wen-Ping Chow. Charles Chuck Chowhan, Masood Ahmad Chrestman. Richard Earl Christian, Anthony Dow Christian, John Calvin Christian. Kevin Adris Christian, Mark Kendall Christian, Marty Kirk Christian. Patricia Pynes Christian, Terrance Walker Christopher. Gayle Kathleen Christopher, Tony Douglas Chu, Grace Chukwunenye. Dennis Iwe Chun, Matthew Chung, Linda Mo-Kwan Chung, Tung-Chen Chunn. Gwin Ferrell Churchill. Tammy Lynn Cian ciola, Joseph C. Cirilli, Gary Anthony Cirlot. Anita Jeannie Clanton. Thomas Michael Clark, Angela 88 Clark, Angela Gail Clark, Bobby Faye Watson Clark, Bobby Harriet. Jr. Clark, Carlos Dewayne 191, 193 Clark. Charles Dorwin Clark, Charles Luper Clark, David Richard Clark, Donna Louise Clark. Harper Ritts Clark, HollyeHendricks Clark. James Littlefield Clark. James Thomas. HI Clark. Juanita Clark, Katherine Ray Clark. Kathryn Randall Clark. Kelly Paul Clark, Leesa Carol Clark, Lisa Gail 96 Clark. Mark Wayne Clark, Priscilla Dawn Clark. Randall Edwin Clark, Robert Benjamin Clark. Roger Lamar Clark, Ronald Scott Clark. Rosalyn Clark. Steve Kelly Clark, WayneTempleton Clark, William Henry, IV Clark. William Wayne Clark. Willie Roland Clarke. Frank Jamison Clarke, James Felton Clarkr, Jennifer Grace Clarke. Mary Robertson Clarke, Shellie Flowers Clarke, Stuart Holden Claagens. Bradley Joseph Claunel. Marie Annette Clay. Henry Carroll, III Clay. Robbie Caren 162 Clay. William Mark Clayton, Marsha Lynn Clayton, Terry Lynne Claylor, Cynthia Kay Cleary, Joan Dorothy Clement, Joseph Allen, Jr. Clement, Kelly Catherine Clement, Nancy Irene Clement. Neal John Clement, Paula Lynn Clements, David Jonathan 207.211 Cleveland, Craig Webster Cleveland. David Arnold Cleveland, Kimberly Ann Cleveland. Peter Watkins Clevenger, Melanie Lea 96 Cliburn. Jerry Scotl Click, Ricky Dolan 292 Clifft. Cecilia Shawn Clifton. Thomas Richard, Jr. Clinton, Ann Avery Clinton, Jean Conger May Clinton. Robert Thomas Clinton, Walter Philip Coakley. Constance Suzanne Coats. Doyle Lee Cobb. Brian Keith Cobb, Deborah Carol 113, 145 Cobb. Michael Derrell Cobb, Robert Michael Cobb, Sandra Gail Cobb, Travis Lee Cobb. Ty Charles 2 1 6, 324 Cochran. Robin Crane Cochran, Ronald Steven Cocke. Margaret Elizabeth Cockrell, David Mike Cody, John Dale Coffey. Catherine L. Coffey, Kenard Wayne Coffey. Robyn Anne Coffey, Suzanne Renee Coffey. Zita Raymond Coffield. Patricia Colleen Coffman, Kimberly Lynn Coffman. Kristin Elizabeth Cofield. Adrienne Anne Cofield. Glenn Walton Cofield, Jerry Lloyd Coggins, Gary Wesley Cogging, Joe M iller Coggins, Michael Randolph Coggins, Michael Tutor Coggins, Terry Lynn Coghlan, Julia Leigh Coghlan, Kenneth Harold Coke, Karl Clyde. Jr. Coker, Delia Meade Coker, Kalhryn Steele 102 Coker, Patricia Kay Coker. Richard C. Coker, Tammy Lynn Coker. Thomas Dale Colbert, Anthony Neal Colbert, Christy Lane Colbert. Dana Michael Colbert. Kitzi Da lane Colbert, Lisa Carol Cole, Alfred Lee Cole. Allison Elaine 88 Cole, Brendolyn Joyce Cole, Charles Scott Cole, Cynthia Ann Cole, David Coleman Cole, Debra Kay Cole, Donald Ray 100 Cole, James Albert Cole, Jeanne Marie 122 Cole, Martha Lucinda Cole, Milton Ray, Jr. Cole, Patrice Colette Coleman, Elizabeth Coleman, Jill Kay Coleman. Kent Walker Coleman, Linda Faye Coleman, Philip Duane Coleman, Robert Law ton Coleman. Stephen Ralph Coleman. Thamas Randy 2 1 1 Coleman, Thomas Stewart Coleman, Tony Jack Coley, Kendall C. Colingo, Johnelle Suzanne Collier. Elizabeth Gail Collier. Willard E. Collins, Artiwa Nash Collins. Augustus Leon Collins. Craig Steven Collins, Curtis Lynn Collins, John Jerome Collins, Karen Ann Index 137 Collins Collins, Kenneth P. Collins, Laura Lynne Collins, Lillye Jane Collins, Linda Susan Collins, Lourie Folsom Collins, Mary Angela Collins, Peter Hogan Barton Collins, Ray Graham Collins, Sharon Renee Collins, Sophronia Katherine Collins, Stephen Kenneth Collins, Thomas Nicholas Collins, Wilfred Joseph Collins, William Scott Collum, Billye Jean Collum, Charlotte Ann Collum, Cyntbia Lynn Colmer, James Henry, Jr. 211 Colmer, Jonathan Ashley Colmer, Mary Ruth Colson, Angela Renee Comans, Reathia Sue Commiskey, Charles Edward Compton, John Gibson Compton, John Wesley, III Conaway, Kimberly Marie Condra, James Jeffrey Coney, Charles Van Connell, Coleman B. 220 Connell, Edna Sykes Conner, Donna Faye Conner, Mary Lou Connick, Eugene Edward, Jr. 100 Conrad, Carol Donahue Conway, Jamie Ann Conwill, Daniel Oxa, Jr. Conwill, Lisa A. Conyers, Carol Joan Coogler, Richard Brian Cook, Anthony Brian 102 Cook, Caroline Pace 1 45 Cook, Charles Earl Cook, Freidrich Cornelius Cook, Ginger Cook, Horis Ray Cook, James Skillern Cook, Jayne Kay Cook, John Wagar Cook, Karen Marline Cook, Linda Ann Cook, Robert Calvin Cook, Roy Meeks, III Cook, Thomas Draton, Jr. Cook, William Michael Cooke, Charles Edward Cooke, Elizabeth Louise Cooke, Jack Wheel, Jr. 116 Cookson, Julianna Lea Cooley, James Keith Cooley, Paula Renett Cooley, Ruasell Andrew Coolidge, Sherri L. Cooney, Jeanette Marie Cooper, Daniel H. Cooper, Harry Woodrow Cooper, Kenny Troy Cooper, Leon Steven 147 Cooper, Lori Matthews Cooper, Madiatean Cooper, Martha Quinn Cooper, Regina Carol Cooper, Treves H. Coopwood, John Scott Copple, William Wes Copponex, Richard Joseph Corban, Eleanor Lee Corban, Stephen Monroe Cordua, Beverly Hairston Cordua, Glenn David Corey, Janet Lynne Cork, Steven Eugene Corkern, Robert S. Corkran, Ronald Edward, Jr. Corley, Elinor Leigh Corley, Joanna Corley, Samuel Aubrey, HI Corn, William L. Corr, Angela Corry, Suzanne Patricia Corso, Michael Cnue 67, 7 1, 93, 144,464 Corso, Thomas Steven 1 44 Corwin, Gabrielle Denise Cmnahan, Brister Calvin Cosnahan, Henderson Watt Cossar, George Payne, III Coasey, Nancy Carol Cotanidis, George Cote, Andrew Fuente 340 Cothren, David Lee Cottam, Christopher Creath Cottam, Glenda Lucille Gotten, Joel Hughlon, Jr. Cotten, Lent Weeks Cotter, Judith Lynn Cottingham, Carl Young Cotton, Dennis James Couch, Candace Marie Couch, Jerry Keff Counce,MlchaelNolen Countias, Daniel Dee Courtney, Regina Lynn Covinglon, Edward G., Ill Coving ton, Jeffrey Gibson Covington, John N., HI Cowart, Caren Elizabeth Cowart, John Wallace Cowart, Sheila Beth Cox, Brian Matthew Cox, Candace Ann Cox, Carol Annette Cox, Christopher Paul Cox, Constance Louise Cox, David Todd Cox, Dudley Clovis Cox, Frank Willis Cox, Gary Wayne Cox, George B., Jr. Cox, James B. Cox, James Oliver, IV Cox, Jeff ry Mitchell Cox, John Lowrey Cox, Marilyn Gay Cox, Richard Barry Cox, Ronald Le ter Cox, Sharron Jenkins Cox, Steven Lawrence Cox, Theresa Ruth Chiochios Cox, Trayce Michale Cox, Walter Stephens Cox, William Lloyd, Jr. Cox, Tony Eugene Craft, Catherine Elizabeth Craft, Larry Durwood Craft, Vickie Sue Linton Craft, Wylie Graham Craig, Allison N. Craig, David Howard Craig, Kenneth Wayne Craig, Patricia Susan Craig, Robert S. Craig, Rose Marie Benson Crain, Barry Lyn Crain, Jamie Yvonne Crain, Tomi Gray Crain, William Bruce 27 Crane, David Walton Cranfield, Deborah Marie Cranford, Mark Givens Crass, Susan Kay Crasto, David Walton Crater, Harold L. Crater, Mary Wendy Crausby, Linda Joy Craven, Billy Joe Cravens, Michael John 99 Crawford, Beverly Jo Crawford, Bruce Kendall Crawford, David Craig Crawford, David Shepherd Crawford, Dawn Kimberly Crawford, Edward Kipley Crawford, Gail Crawford, Paula S. Crawford, Renae Gandy Crawford, Renita Ann 96 Crawford, Robert Michael Crawford, Robin Anthony Crawford, Timothy Walker Crawford, Vaughn Kurt Crawford, Wendy Lynne Crawley, Suzanne Elaine Crechale, Kenneth John Creekmore, Ann Ashley Creekmore, John Marion Creel, Donald J., Jr. Crellin, Carol June Crerwhaw, Edwin Pratt Crenahaw, Frances Gates 88, 145 Crenshaw, Howard Thomas Crenshaw, James Bryan Crneshaw, Kimberly Creruhaw, Walter Ray, III Crews, John Stephen Crews, Mary Lynn Crews, Toni Lou Crick, Gene Ellis Crider, David Stephen Crigler, Albert Sidney, III Crigler, Ann Smith-Vaniz Crim, William, Jr. 336 Crisler, Robert Blanton, III Crim, Erik Leonard Criaa, Roberta Westmorelan Critchlow, Amy Carol Critchlow, Julie Gunn Crites, Kenneth Keenan Crittle, Gus Lee Croce, Christopher Carlo Crocker, Ottis Brazel Crockett, Shirley Elizabeth Croissant, Abbey Jane Croissant, Adrian E., Ill Croissant, Susan Lynn Bauers Cromwell, William Campbell 88 Crone, Robert Andrew Crosby, Billy Scott Crosby, Cynthia Diane Crosby, Harry Floyd, Jr. Crosby, Jeffrey Thomas Croaby, Levernis Faye Crosby, Mickey Eugene Croeland, Emmet Craig Crocs, Carol Ann Crow, Randy Keith Croat h wail, Allen Edward Crosthwait, Elisabeth Gail Crotchett, Liu Beth Crotwell, Danny L. Crouch, Kaye Hollins Grout, Joseph Matthew Crow, Cynthia Belle Crowden, George Michael Crowder, Corey Evan Crowder, Lauree Diane Crowder, Lawrence Rowe Crowe, Miller Marlin Crowell, Edith Diane Crowell, Larry G. Crowl, John Robert Crull, Frank Marshall Crull, Michelle Marie 103 Crumbley, J. Gregory Crumbley, Joe Cook, Jr. Crumby, Zoe Lynne Crump, Robert Shields Crumpton, Daniel F., HI Crumpton, Mark Boiling Crunk, Ewen Webb, III Crunk, Melody Luanne Crusco, April Harkins Cruae, Edith Jean Cruse, William Neil Crutcher, Donald Scott Crutcher, Franklyn Edward Crulcher, James Todd Crutcher, Paul Williams 147 Crutcher, Sally Eiland Crutcher, Sheila Diane Edwards Crystal, Paula Kay Crystal, Shannon Cuellar, Imelda Concepcion Cuevas. Claire Estelle Cuevas, Paul Ray Cuevas, Timothy James Cullison, David Clay 170 Cullum, Cbris Cullum, Del Braxton Culpepper, Kay Nell Culver, David Mark Culver, Sandra Jean Cumberland, Donald W. Cumbest, Charles Eley Cumbest, Muni Carol Cumbest, Sandra Jean Cummings, Belinda Deneise Cummings, David Merril 96, 339 Cummings, Sheila Ladonna Cummings, Yvonne Cummins, James Byron, Jr. Cummins, Kelly Reid Cummins, Rhonda Dean Cummins, Toney Kimbrough Cunavelis, Michael Peter Cunningham, Howard Putnam 336 Cunningham, Joel B. Cunningham, Jon Ellis Cunningham, Scott Lewis Cunningham, Wilson Keene Cupit, Lisa Kathleen Cupit, Michael Barnett Curct, Angela Marisa Curl, Julie Lee Curlee, James Franklin Currie, Catherine Crenshaw Currie, Robert Rodes Currie, Virginia D. Currin, Ellen Carole Curry, Genela Allric 162 Curry, Nancy Jean Curry, Rochelle Teresila Curry, Susan Gail Curry, Thelma Lee Curtis, David Kennon 102 Curtis, Guy Steven Curtis, Rex Everett Curtis, Tammy Eula Cutler, Elizabeth Ager 88, 145 Cutrer, George Truette Culls, Liu Renee Cults, Teresa Fay Czerwinski, Richard Stanley ddd Dabbs, Rebecca Courtney Dabbs, Tracey Valynn Dacus, Charles Benjamin Daggett, William A., Ill Dahl.JonalynL. Dailey, Kathryn Glenda 96, 102 Dailey, Rita Sikes Dailey, Robertson Dale, Craig Taylor Dale, John Edward Dale, Joseph Thomas Dallas, Sandy Boyd Dallosta, Dana Ann Dallriva, Mary Frances Dalrymple, James Douglas Dalrymple, Kathy Lynne Dallon, Anthony Douglas Dahon, Bethany Sue 109 Dalton, Lynn Elise Dambrino, Robert Jathorne, III Damper, Cindy Ladonna Danaher, Christopher William Dance, George Frederick Dandridge, Clifton Bernard Dandridge, De lmaline Dandurand, Jeff James 220 Daniel, Clarence Earl Daniel, David Randall Daniel, John Elmer Daniel, John Richard Daniels, Bennie Branham Daniels, David Lee Daniels, Delcenia Daniels, Dianne Grimes Daniels, Donna Lequay Daniels, Marty Alan Daniels, Myra Roberta Danks, Lori Ann Danner, Karen Ann Dantin, Juliet Wilkin Darby, Ronald Edward Delanho, Jame William, Jr. Darnell, Deborah Kay 7 1,84 Delasho, Thomas James Douglas, Sharon Patricia Darsey, Alison Ann Delery, Joyce Mary Douglas, Thomas Howard Das, Sidhartha Ranjan De loach. Jerry Lynn Douglas, William Chandler Daschka, Michelle Marie Delozier, Kirby B. Douglass, Lynn Holleman Daskalos, John Blair 95 I if ML. IT h. Gary Lee Douglass, Roger Clinton Dater, Timothy Ferguson Demboski, Thomas Jerome Douglass, Sidney Alan Daugherly, David Lee 94, Dement, Susan Lynn Dove, Mark Lafayette 221 109 Demetz, Renee Yvonne Dowdetl, Peggy Ann Daughlrey, Kenneth R. Dempsey, Thomas Alfred Dowden, Donita Dale Davant, Rebecca Allison Dempsey, Timothy Michael Dowdle, John Oliver 71, Davenport, David Paul Denis, David Michael 116, 123 Davenport, Donald Ray 319 Dennard, Lesley Christine Dowdy, James L. Davenport, Florence Dennard, Paula Lea Dowell, Cecil Walter, Jr. 193 Elizabeth Denney, Ann HilUman Dowman, Walter Jeffery Davenport, Lynn Gail Denney, Carol Elizabeth Downing, Terri Renee Davenport, Margaret K. Denney, William David Downs, James Walker Davenport, Marian Elizabeth Dennie, Deena Sue Downs, Kenneth Earl Davidson, Carole Dennis, Denise Lavone Doxey, Helene Elizabeth Davidson, Christopher Long Dennis, Joe Rex Doyle, Bethany Ann Davidson, Deborah Dennison, Jeffrey Mark Doyle, Vicki Lynn Davidson, Friley Spruill 1 45 Denny, Sally Johnsey Drake, Alicia Lowe Davidson, Jeffrey Hugh Densing, Lance E. Drake, Angela Davidson, Joanne Denson, Donna Drake, Janice Louise Herber Davidson, John Stacy Dent, John Hayes Drake, Lee Burgess Davidson, Timothy Scott Denton, Bennie Phifer Drake. Mark Woodward Davie, Joseph Todd Denton, Cindy Ree Drane, Cynthia Kay 331 Davis, Anna Marie Denton, Genevieve Turner Drane, Penny Lizette Davis, Arthur Gerald, Jr. Denton, Jim Garretl Draper, Beverly Louise Davis, BerneceB. Denton, Lynda Danne 27 1 Drewery, Karen Lynn 1 02 Davis, Betty Gale Denton, William Boyelte Drewrey, Gary Lee Davis, Beverly Joan Derbes, Henry Daniel, II Drewry, Mary Janet 84, 331 Davis, Billy Carson Derivaux, Diane Dreyer, Sharon I. Davis, Brenda Dale Derivaux, Robert Preston Driftmier, John Frederick Davis, Brenda Lynne Deshong, Judith Lynn Driver, Robert Gilbert Davis, Brian L. Desporte, Richard Joseph Droke, John William Davis, Brian Lee Dettor, Julia Ann Drum, Robert Hawthorne Davis, Cheryl Suzanne Deturk, Kenneth Wayne 191, 193 Davis, Cynthia Jan Davis, Cynthia Lee Davis, Danny Claude Davis, David Bowman Davis, Deanna Helen 96 Davis, Deborah Jean Davis, Dreda Berylyn Davis, Ellen Susie Davis, James Neil 100 Devane, John Gary Deveer, Beverly Jane Deveer, Donald Hopkins Devoe, John Garner Devoe, Richard Lee Devoe, Toni Lynn Dewan, Raman Nath Deweese, Carl Douglas 96 Deweese, Carmin E. W. Drummond, Angela Lorraine Drummond, Lawrence Clark Drury, Julie Ann Dubbs, Timothy J. Dubois, Thomas M. Dubose, Jack Edward Ducksworlh, Adolph Duckworth, Leslyn Dee Duckworth Linda M Davis, James Randall Davis, James Stephen Dewey, Margaret Louise Di Benedetto, Anna Maria Duclos, D ' Anne Marie Davis, James Steven Di Benedetto, Lisa Maria Ducote, Martin Paul Davis, James Theron DiSanti, Mary Anne Duddleaton, Grey Marshall Davis, Jannafer Rose Diamond, Frederick Walley Duff, Marlin Franklin Davis, Joseph Preston Diaz, Joni Jane Duffey, Charles Peter Davis, Kendall Eugene Davis, Kevin Dale Dickerson, Abby Marie Dickerson, Connie Renee Duffy, Blaise King Duffy, Catherine Jean Davis, Kimberly Diane Dickerson, Davis Lloyd Duffy, Paula Adriene Davis, Leslie Chandler Davis, Linda Alice Dickerson, Jimmy Phillip Dickerson, Kathleen Duffy, Paula Theresa Dugan, Michael Xavier Davis, Linda Sue Dickerson, Lana Sharon Duhon, Winnie Ann Davis, Lisa Ann Dickinson, Ann Bowden Duke, Betty Swinney Davis, Lou Ellen Davis, Maritha Martin Davis, Marjorie Renee Dickinson, Jess Hays Dickinson, Rhuel Peyton, Jr. Dickinson, William Barton Duke, John Jacob, III Duke, Marion Elizabeth Duke, Sharon Lea Davis, Mark Howard Davis, Mark Stephen Davis, Mark Warden 99 Dickson, Angela Denise Didlake, Janet Rose Diebold, Sandra Jean Dukes, Judy Ann Dulaney, John D. Dulaney, Marian Fields Davis, Mary Wells 199 Davis, Melissa Anne Davis, Melissa Joy Diggs, Charles Mitchell Diggs, Stephen Talley Dumas, Roy Alexander Dunagin, Charles Martin, Jr. 323 Diliani, Dimitri Nicolas Davis, Michael Lee Dillard, Patricia Ilene Davis, Nancy Mae Dimassi, Fadel Mahmoud Dunagin, Kathleen Davis, Perry Max Dirmeyer, Andrew Carter Dunavant, Amy Jo Davis. Polly Knowlton Dismuke, Frederick W., Ill Dunaway, Mark Edward Davis, Handle Stuart Ditsworth, Dale Michael Dunbar.ThaddeusP. Davis, Richard Charles Divine, Jacqueline Marie Duncan, Bobby Joe Davis, Robbie Lynn Dixit, Ajit Suresh Duncan, Deborah Kaye Davis, Robert A I vis Dixon, Barry Darr 292 Duncan, Dinah Lynne Davis, Robert Earl Dixon, Deanne Duncan, Edna Faye Davis, Robert Rothe Dixon, Emma Dean Duncan, John David Davis, Sharon Ferree Davis, Susan Colbert Dixon, Janet Lynn 71,84, 285 Duncan, Lisa Danette Duncan, Mark Sheldon Davis, Susan Lee Dixon, Murray Lee Duncan, Mary Suzanne Davis, Suzanne Dobbins, Lashurn Renee Duncan. Michael Dwane Davis, Tamara Lynn Dobbs, Nathan Baird Duncan, Robin Lemma Davis, William Eugene, Jr. Davis. William Gil Dobbs, Steven Dudley Dockery, Clay Patrick Duncan, Samuel James Duncan, Valarie Dalphine 4 | A Davis. William Rainey Dickery, John Scott A 1 Davison, Mitchell Alvin Dodd. Deborah Renee Dunlap, John Keith Dawkins, Mark Franklin Dodd, Janet Marie Dunn, David Alan Dawkins, Mary Conelia Dodd, JOhn Palmer Dunn, David Ward Dawkins. Michael Thomas Dodd, Marilyn LaShell Dunn, Julie Claire Dawson, Cynthia Ann Dodson, Janet Lynn Dunn, Mark Glenn Dawson, Wayne Alexander, Dodson, Jefferson Falkner Dunn, Mary Selene Jr. Dodson, Lisa Gail Dunn, Sarah Kendall Day, Diana L. Doerge, Jeffrey Roper Dunn, Susan Regina Day, John Lovewell Day, Katherine Shelton Doggett, Frances Major Dolan, Kathy Lyn Dunson, David H. Duperier, Alfred Worlham, Day, Melissa Lee Dolin, Eliza Anne III Day, Timothy Parker Dollar, Sandra Lynn Watson Duperier, Jean Dianne Day, William Robert Dolloff, Mildred Lisa Dupper, Michael A. De Mendoza, Ana Rosa Donahoo, Ronald Edward Dupuy, Jamie Cooper Deal. Debra Lynn Donald, Joe Franklin Dupuy, Yuonne Patrice 1 1 2 Deal, Roy W. Donald, Renita E. Durant, Lawrence Herbert Dean, Charles Crawford Donaldson, Blake Henry Durant, Mary Jacqueline Dean, Jeffrey Miller Donelson, Andrew J.. Jr. 95 Durant, William Crandall Dean, Patrick Lane 147 Donley, Beatrice Deveaux Durbin, Matthew Joseph Dean, Robert Wesson, Jr. Donnelly, David Lee Durden, Kay Akin Dear, Deanna Susan Donnelly, Mary Lawrence Durham, James Kinman Dearie, Steven Patrick Donoho, Arthur William Durham, William Harvey Deaton, Dara Lane Donosky, David Stephen Durkin. Richard Martin, Jr. Deaton. William Gregory Donzanti, Cheryl Anne Durrell, Gwen Deaver, McKinley Wilson Doom, Marcie Lynn Durst, David Edward Deavours, Margaret Neal Dorbad, Leo James Dutemple, Richard Congdon Debord, Gigi Renee Dorfmueller, Rebecca Lane Duvall, Ruth Ellen Decook, Donald Albert Dorgan, Sharon Marie Dm all. Sharon Dianne Deddens. Leslie E. Dorr, Michael Irving, Sr. Dye, Carole Anne Shields Dedman. William Baine M. Dorr, Ouida Dianne Dye, Michael Lynn Deeb, Hani Mohammad 103 Dorroh.SharlaJean216 Dye, Randy Deen, Merry Leigh Deere, William Joseph Dees. Don Alfred DOSK, Margaret Weslbrook Doster, Gary Lee Dotson, George Kenneth Dye, Robert G. Dyer, Amelia Leigh Dyer, John Edmond Dees, Rosamond Anne Dees, Sandra Doty, Charles Ray Doty, Patricia Anne Dyess, Linda Joy Dyess, Raymond Randall Degrummond, Ernest A. Doty, Susan Claire Dykes, David H. Delaqui . Richard Serge 95 Delashmet, Wilbur Pemble Dougherty, Patrick Loyd Douglas, Laurie Sayles Dykes, Isaac J. Dzubey, Cudjoe Kenneth eee Eads, SusynKay 126 Eagan, Richard Carl 170 Eagleson,DavidA.,Jr. Earnest, Beverly Gayle Earnest, David Koesy Earnest, Stephen Lee 1 16 Earnheart, Kathy Holman Earwood, Linda Diane Lowry Earwood, Philip Edward Easley, Cathy Ann Easley, Keilly Carver East, Van Philip Eastburn, Patricia Merren 218, 219 Easterling, Lynwood R., Jr. Eaton, Carol Leigh Buckles 100 Eaton, Gregory Scott 1 00 Eaton, Helen Grey Eaton. Jett Perry Eaton, Joseph Bennie Eaton, Timothy Gerald Eaves, Linda Marie Eble, Kimberlee Ann Ebochue. Edward Onyemaechi Echols, Esthw Marie Echols, Heidi Leigh Echols, Kenneth Edward Eckerl, Randall Wayne 103 Eckhoff, Rhonda Laurene Edell, Gretchen Perrin Edell, Michael Edward Edgell, Scott Jeffery Edlin, Calvin Dwain, Jr. Edmiston, Billy Jack, Jr. Edmonds, Michael Leon Edmondson, Henry Lee Edmondson, Paul Norman Edmondson, Steven Lawrence Edmondson, Terry Albert Edrington, David Clay Edwards, Alma Colleen Edwards, Antonio Edwards, Barbara Preble Edwards, Carl R. Edwards, Cathy Lynne Edwards, David Lyndell Edwards, Deanne Ruth Sharp Edwards, Debbie Denise Edwards, Debra Lee Edwards, Dennis Earl Edwards, George Walter Edwards, Herman Edwards, Ishmell Hendrex Edwards, James David, HI Edwards, James Prinless, Jr. Edwards, Jessie Junior Edwards, John Max, Jr. Edwards, John Miles Edwards, Kathryn Love Edwards. Orrin Wendell Edward , Patricia Ann Edwards, Paul Frederick 88, 109 Edwards, Quinton Thomas Edwards, Talitha Carolyn Edwards, Valera Hope Carr Egembah, Chime Ehrhardt, Kemper Bruns Eichelberger, Regina Fay Eichelberger, Shirley D. 103 Eid, Saadlallah Eidson, Susan Leigh Eidt, David Lawrence, Jr. Eidt, Donna Elizabeth Eilers, Joyce Winona Eisenbeis, Patricia Lynn Eken, Patricia Susan Eklund, Darryl Jason El-Assaad. Mohamad Mahmoud El-Assad, Hawaii Mahmoud El-Behadli, Mohammed H. 103 EI-Bobbo. Walid Mohamad El-Choufani, Adib Labib 103 El-Dimas, Akache Mahmoud El-Hariri, Mohamed Ahmed EI-Kawam, Khaled Ibrahim EI-Khalil, Abdallah A. EI-Khalil, Mohammed Ali EI-Khatib, Rashid El-Mayah, Ebtsam Awad El-Sarji, Mahmoud Abbas El-Sayed,SamirSafi Elam, Candy Darlene Elam, Sandy David Elder, Emily Ingram Elder, William Lee Eldridge, Elizabeth S uzanne Elenburg, Alice Marie Elenburg, Barbara Gayle Eley.Kalrena Elion, VernesterE. Elion, Virginia Ann Elkins, Lisa Michelle Elkins, Robert Henry Elledge, Darryl Lee Ellenburg, Gregory Lee Elletl, Doyle Wayne Elliott, Alisa Reed Elliott, Baxter Orr, III 320 438 Index Grisham Elliott. Carey Lynn Elliott, Carol Sue 88 Elliott, David Augustus Elliott. James Ferrell Elliott, James Wendell Elliott, Margaret Maley Elliott, Martha Frances Elliott, Michael Terence Elliott, Pamela Carlene Elliott, Roswielha Elliott, Stanley Craig Ellioll, William Lawrence Elliott -, Hundley Morgan Elliolle, John Wesley Ellis, Charles Garnet! Ellis, David Bradley, Jr. Ellis, David K. Ellis, Debra Ellen Bolle Ellis, John McKinslry Ellis, Juliette Ellis, Kendall Marcus Ellis. Kenneth Ray Ellis, Marshall Stone, Jr. Ellis, Martha Jane Ellis, Mary Eliae Ellis, Mitzi Carole Klh.. Robert Gabriel Ellis, Thomas O. Ellison, Lee Collina Ellison, Richard Beirne Ellison, William Charles Elision. Gregory Westcott 88, 145 Ellzey, Karen Geneva Ellzey. Randal Edmond Elmers, Bess L. Elmore, Kathy Diane Elmore. Patsy Alexander Elmore, Robert Clinton Elrod, Harold Elzie, John N. 221 Emanuel, Harriett Camilla Embry, Gwendolyn P. Emekwue, Victor Emfinger, Rona Diane EmmanuelH, Hilda England, Ann Sarell England, James Everette England, John F. English. Gino Dunah Enochs, Timothy Barry Epling, Kimberely Ann Erickson, Allen Glenn Erickson, Gregory James Ertbacher. Dawn Elizabeth Ernet.1, Marianne Gay e Erskine, Cynthia Lee Ertle, Marilyn Alicia Erves, Dale Vernon Erves, James Calvin Ervin. Mary D. Erwin, Clay kdward Erwin, Jesse Matthew, Jr. Erwin, Julian Thorna . Jr. Erwin, Kate E. Eselin, Chester L. Esk ridge, Lori Jill Eskrigge, John Vallianl Esmaeili-Bidhendi. Ali Asghar Esslinger. Mary Virginia 216.217 Estabrooke. Mark William Estes, Daniel Lee Estes. Eliubeth Allison Estes, Jacqueline Shirl Cooper Estee, Joel Anthony Estes. Kalhy Dawn Estes, Rebecca Lynn Estes, Timothy Michael Ethridge. Stephen Arthur Eloch, Adele Patricia Evans, Angelia Gail Evans, Aurinthia Ann McAllister E vans, Carolyn Geniece 278, 279 Evans, Catherine Eliubeth Evans, Charles Whitney Evans, Deborah Gay Evans, Gary E. Evans, Gary Stuart Evans, Glen Pickering Evans, Gregory Wayne Evans. Jane Marie Evans, John Stanley Evans, Jon Scott Evans, Mary S. Evans, Michael Glenn Evan . Pamela Rae Evans, Patrick Newman Evans. Phillip Anthony Evans, Steven Lee Evans, Tina Shelaine Everett, Anne Bray Everett, Lisa Mary Everingham. Neil Mark Even, Karen Alicia Evereon, Daphne Michele Evianmwonyi, Humphrey Evinger, Wendy Gail Evins, John Lewi. Ewerl. Sharon Kay Ewing. Karen Blanche Ewing, Rose Virginia Ewing, Sallie Cumminpham Ezell, Craig Winton Ezell, Jackie Marie Ezell. Jean Elizabeth 80, 1 00 Ezenta, Elisha Chima fff Fagan, Joy Elise Fageins, Jewel B. Fahey, Susan Delaine Fahnestock, Robert Thomas Fail, Shay Cooper Failing, Mary Steele Fairly, Daniel Hendrick Faison, Richard Durell Falkner, Charles Ramey Falkner, Eliubeth Ann Falkner, Gerald L. Falkner, John Barkley Fancher, Mary Joe Fancher, William Philip Fanning, Thomas Holder 217 Fanning, William H., Ill Farage, Donald Lee, Jr. Farese. Anthony Luther Parish, Gerald W. Farkas, Scoll Rand Farmer, Guy Robert Farmer. Lowell Judson, III Farmer. Martha Ann Nash Farmer, Theodore Roland Farnsworth, Mark William Farnsworth, Stephen H. Farquhar, Karin Reed Farquhar, Winston Kirkland 213 Farrar, Margaret Lynne r ' arrar. Mark Farrell, Rick John Farrell, RoyJ. Farrington, Mary Lawrence Farrington, William Crabill Farris, Bradley Maloney Farris, Larry Eugene Farris, Margaret Victoria Farris, Robert Barrow Farris, Samuel Hardy, III Farris, Timothy Hall Farris, Woods Fernand Farrow. Melvin Wayne Fa sih, Massoud Farshi Fath. Perry Mark Faulkner, Mark Wayne Faulkner. Thomas W. Eaulks, James Lee Faulks, Robert Howard Faust, Jill Ann Faustman, William Otto Favi, Steve Randall Favre. Janet Louise Fawcett, David Gavin Featherston, Chesterfield 71, 101 Featherstone, Cathy Lynn Fedell, Sharon Michele Feder, Ronald Martin Fedric, Robert May-. Jr. Feifarek, Myron James, Jr. Feigler. Stephanie McKay Feinstein, Jonathan E. Felker, Linda Carter Felker, Stephen Alan Felks. Barbara Gale Fellows, Richard Edwin Fell, Katherine Fenger, Sharon Conlee Fennell, McCoy Thomas Fensler, Michael Scott Fenster. Sharon Jo Ferguson, Anthony Todd Ferguson, Byron Todd Ferguson, Connie Mrey Ferguson, Deanna D. Ferguson, Debra Ann Ferguson, Kalherine Searcy Ferguson, Kathleen 146 Ferguson, Linda Lynne Ferguson, Lisa Gary Ferguson, Patricia Ann Ferguson, Paula Beth Ferguson, Sandra Deeann Fermin, Angel Gustauo 1 26 Fernandez, Carlos Luis Ferracci, Kathleen Marie Ferrell. Cindy Ferrell, Susan R. Ferrell, Suzanne Fesmire. Walker Eugene Eessenden, Ann Tula Fessler, Alison Ann Fetzik. Stephen Patrick Fewell, Jennifer McLane 153 Fewell. John Harold Fiala, Jirina Fichter, Heather Adelle Field, Nancy Louise Field, Susan Blake Fields. Juanita Eileen Haley Fields, Melanie Frances 145 Fields. Robert Gribble Fields. Terry Joe Fifer, Eapero Kim Filer. Susan Dean Finan, Paul William Finch, Amy Jo 2 1 6 Finch, Daniel Wayne Fine, Clark Dale Finerty . Nancy Jane 88 Finklea. James Barry, Jr. Finley.JonKavin Einnegan, Kathleen Ann Fiorilto, Mark Richard Fische l, Laura Lea Fischer, Daniel Michael 100 Fischer, Vicki Lynn Fisher, Anthony Daryl Fisher, Bobby Frank, Jr. Fisher, Glynnis Rae 88, 1 09 Fisher, Jon Thomas Fisher, Lea Murray Fisher. Mary Melanie 88 Fisher. Mildred Edmonde Fisher, Stan Franklin Filch, Wanda Lynn File, Eliubeth Camille 88, 162 Fitts, James Nathan Flanagan, Elisa Anne Flanagan, James Bennett Flanagin, James Byron Flautt, David E. Flautt. Frank Henry Fleishhacker, Barbara Diane Fleming, Michael John Fleming. Nancy Jane Fleming, Robert James Fleming, Samuel Ernest Flessas, James Dean Fletcher, David Eugene 100, 101 Fletcher, Leah Gibson Fletcher. Robert Leglantier Fletcher, Tyler Herrick Flint, Edwin Armstead,Jr. Flint, Terri Flippir.. Leslie Lewis Flood. Melissa Louise Flora, Ernest Gray Flora, Norma Caldwell Flowers. Eliubeth Rhyne Flowers, Gracie Sharron Flowers, Mary Graydon Flowers, Michael Ray Floyd, Angela Suzelte 84, 96 Floyd, Cynthia Leeann Floyd, Forrest Tupper Floyd, John Peter Floyd, Mona Rosalind Floyd, Rebecca M. Fly, Mary Camille Fly, Sarah Frances Ricks Flynn, Christopher James Flynn, David Michael Flynn, Patrick M. Flynn, Pally S. Flynn, Paula Louise Ingold Flynn, Shannon C. Fogarty, William Marshall Foley, Judith Bennett Folk, Bri?n McGee 96 Folk, Erie A. Folletl, George Leonard Follett, Jeffrey C. Follin, Erin Anne Folse, Earl Jacob, II Fong, Teresa Louise 84 Fontaine, Dabney F. 327 Fontaine. Douglass Latimer, III Foote, Eliubeth Jane 1 45 Foote, Laura Ann Ford, Betty Ann Ford, Cathy Renee Ford, Dwight Jay Ford, Joyce W. Ford, Michelle Karen Ruth Ford, Terri Lynne Ford. Terry Douglas 103 Fordice, Daniel Kirkwood Fordice, Hunter Lloyd Foregger, Eliubeth Jan Foregger, Herbert Von Forester, John William, Jr. Forester, Marcia Diane Forester. Marcia Davidson Forester, Mitchell Andrew 295 Forshee. Julie Ann Forst, Richard Lee Forsylhe, Kimberley Forte, Anthony Samuel 114 Fortenberry, Alta Susan Fortenberry, Dana Sue Fortenberry. Dewitt L., Jr. Fortenberry, Emily A. 68, 72,84, 112,296,259 Fortenberry, Howard, Jr. Fortenberry , John Wesley Fortenberry. Jon Anthony Forlenberry. Ranee Morgan Forlenberry. Theresa Ann Fortner, Thomas Fortune, Carey Ross Fortune. Joan Yvetle Fortune. Linda Gay Fortune, Melissa Dawn Foshee, Lu Ann H. Foshee, Sheri Anne Foster, Beverly Jane Foster, Dexter L. 278, 279 Foster, Dox ye M. Foster, Lanlz Powell Foster, Lou Salvo Foser, Marjorie Lisa Foster. Sherrell Anthony Foster, Steve J. Foster, William Michael Foster. Wilma Faye Fouche. Amee Jo Fountain, Margaret Ruth Fountain, Michael Antoine Fountain, Richard Maurice Fountain. Slanton Joseph, Jr. Fourrade, Eileen Jacqueline Fourcade, John Charles, Jr. 183. 186 Fourcade. Keith Joseph Gafford. Ray Alan Gillentine. Severely Kay Grafton. Susan France Fournie, John William Gaines, Bradley Stephen Gillentine, Ricky Wayne Graham, Anne Courtney Fowler, Deborah Ann Gaines, Yolaine Louise 96 Gillespie. Guy Tillman Graham. Audrey Lynn Fowler, Donnie Bruce Galbrailh, Geneva Jane Gillespie, Mollie Anne Graham, Benlly Norn- Fowler, Janice Corinne Galbraith, Joan Gillespie, Robert Gill, HI Graham. Darryl Eugene Fowler, Kenneth Blake Gallagher. Paul Scott Gilley, Clayton Eugene Graham. David Wayne Fowler, Lisa Gail Gallant, Cina Quintina Greer Gilleylen, Emily Delores Graham, Dudley Collier, Jr. Fowler, Neal Irving Gallien, Mary Susan 125.239,285 Graham, Gina Nordgren Fowler, Sally Ross 145 Fowler, Steven Alexis Galloway, Cynthia Lucille Galloway, Gibson Lee, Jr. Gilleylen, James Edward Gillich, Tina Rose Graham, Gloria Renee Graham, Janet Hummer Fowler, Thomas Howard Galtney, David Kinsman Gilliland. Holice Odell, Jr. Graham. Jesse Loren Fowler, William Edmond Galtney, Eliubeth Ford Gilliland, Mary John Graham. John Keith Fowlkes, Mary Latla Fox, Brian Bevilt Galvin, Kathleen Marie Gamble, William J., HI :ll: -:., Bruce Hastings Gillis, Alan Anthony Graham, Joseph Thomas Graham, Margaret Jean Fox, Henry Creed Gammil, Stewart Gillis, Eliubeth Bray Graham, Mary Alison Foi. Kevin M. . ami-mil. Frank Kneeland Gillis, Heather Joanne Graham, Melissa Ann Fox, Marjorie Ruth Gammon, Thomas Von Gilmer, Michael Eugene Blarkard Fox, Patricia Gail Candy. Nancy Ref ina Gilmore, Emily Jean Graham, Nolan Van, HI Fox, Robert M. Jamieson Gilmore, Leslie Ann Graham. Randall Hansel Fox, Susan Lea Candy, William Wiley Gilmore. Mary Elizabeth Graham, Robert Huck Fox, Susan Linnea Cant, Andrea Leigh Gilster, Timothy J. Graham. Robert Samuel Fox, William Martin Gardner. Anita Louise Gin, Brenda Kay Graham. Scott Riley Fraiser, Mary Scott Gardner, Cassie Casandra Ginn, Ralph Graham, Steven W ilson France, Mark Stephen Gardner, Diwayne Irvin Ginn, Robert Earl Gramling, Sandra Elaine Francis, Byron Lee Gardner, Donald Maynard Giorgini, Luke Cranberry, Henr) D.. HI Francis, Peter Kevin Gardner, Phillip Scott Gipson, Jimmie Earl Grant. Cynthia Marguerite Franetovich, John Edward Gardner, Stephen Ellis Gipson, Malvin Grant. Donald Powell Frankenberg. Blair Robert Cariboldi, Rita Therese Givan, Gary Steven Grant, Gracie Mae 117 Carl, Tim C. Givhan, Jovernia Algernon Grantham, Curtis Carter Franklin, Bridget Renee Garland, Howard Scott Glaaer, Leigh Ann Grantham, Marion Este . Jr. Franklin, Clinton Lafayette Carmon, Jeffrey Lyle Glasgow, Mary France Granlham. Sarah Kathryn Franklin, Jan Marie Garner, Bonnie Gay Glass, FJiubeth Ann Granlham, Steve Wiley Franklin. Michael Lucas Garner, Charles Andrew Glass, Leslie Alexandra Grantham. Walter Leon Franklin, Regina A. Garner, Jerry Edward Glass, William Love Grass, Paul Riven 72. 145 Franklin, Richard Howard Garner, Juanita Joy Gleaton, Kenneth Graves, Billy Ellington Franklin, Sherry Denise Garner, Lisa Carol Glenn, John William Graves, Connie Nickle Franklin, lite M. Garner, Paul Martin Glisson, Donald Walker Graves, James Gregory Franks, Andy Dean Garner, Teresa Ann Gliason, Sarah Eliubeth Graves, Janet Thomson Franks, James Michael Garner, William Edmond Bradley Graves, Julie Ann Franks, Rosemary Garner, William L., Jr. Glover, Anne Eliubelh 1 46 Graves, Mary Ellen Franks, Scarlett Anne Garraway, Belynda J. Goddard, Jerome Graves, Michael Kevin Franks, William Mark Garraway, Bethany Kay Goddard, Rosella May Gray, Carla Irene Franzen, Charles Rice Garraway, Frederick West Blackman McCammon Frate, Juliet BUIawski Garraway, Kendall Greaves Godfrey, Donald Larry Gray. Cynthia Ann Fratesi, Leslie Dee Garrett, Andrew Samuel Godfrey, Samuel Bisland Gray, David Leon Fratesi, Regina Fay Garrelt, Mark Franklin Godwin, Kathy Ann Gray, Jerry Ronnie Frazier, Joyce Ann Garrett. Mark Logan Godwin, Sharon Ann Gray, Jojn Richard, Jr. Frear, Maria Lynne Garrett, Renetta Deanne Goetz, Mary Louise Gray, Joseph Franklin Frear, Mary Leanne Garretl, Richard Byron Goeii. Patricia Ann Gray. Kimberly Yvonne Frederick, Steve Vaughn Carrett, Sue Carol Goff, Susan Beam Gray, Leo Daniel Frederking, Patricia Ann Carrey. Carole Lynn Goff, Sylvia Ann Gray. Mary Esther Freeland, John Chester Garrison, Kerry Mark Goforth, Hugh Maxel, Jr. Gray. Pamela Ann Frer land. Thomas Henry Garrity, Debra Lynn Goforth, Janet Lynn Gray. Ronnie Edmond Freeman, Anne Elizabeth Carvin, Richard Shelby Goforth, Ronald McKay Gray. Warren Calmes, Jr. Freeman, Arleen Gary. Mary Melinda Golden, Laurie Gay Gray, William Edward Freeman, Beryl Denis - Gastrell, Charlotte Elaine Golden, Nancy Ellen Gray, William Freeman Freeman, Britton Lavon Gates, Grace Graham Go Id ing. James Randall Gray eon, Donald Allen, Jr. Freeman, Ellen Ann Gaiewood, Loretta Goldman, Clyde Dennis, Jr. Grayson. John Hall. Jr. 335 Freeman, Kathleen Miller Galhrighl, Eugene L., II Goldman, Karlen Lorene Grecco. Donna Jo Freeman, Mary Paquita Catlin, Todd Evans Goldman, Rhodonna Ann Green, Cheri Denise 88 Freeman, Patricia Ellen 153 Cause, Aqanatia D. Goldner, Beth Dyse Green. Connie Francis 84, Freeman, Tina Elaine Gear, Steven Kenneth Goldner, Edward Alan 146 Freeman, William Andrew Geary, William Arnot Goliday, Jean Ann Green, Darriel Frees, James Richard Geczy,Bela,Jr. Gollihue, Rita Sue Green, Deborah Bernice Freightman, John Phillip Gee, Jane Ellen Bradley Gong, Jody Chuck Green, Dondra Juanell 316 Gee, William Finch, 11 Gong, Keith Brian Green, Gary D. French, Norman Miller Ceiger, Travis Anthony Gooch, Kenneth Lyle Green, Gloria Jean Frey, Lisa Renee (.filer. Lynne Meyer Goode, Charlotte Ann Green, James Edward Frey, Monique Louise Geno, Eleshia Lambert Goodin, David H. Green, Marty CarlU Flicker. Sara Myrtice Geno, Joel Owen Goodin, Patricia Lynn Green, Matthew Luke Sanders Geno, Marlon Wayne Goodman, Gregg Stephen Green, Robert Edward Fridrich, Lisa Eloise Geno, Timothy Harry 340 211 Green, Roy L. Friedman, Gary Erwin Friedman, Ruth Ellen Friedrichs, Catherine Gentry, Ang elia Paulete Gentry, Cheryl Anne Gentry, Jerry, II Goodman, Max Ray Goodman, Steven David Goodnite, Christy Lee 103 Green, Thomas Kenan Greene, Eloise Greene. John Randal Slattery Friedrichsen, Mark Wayne George, Faith Renee George, Sara Renu Goodsell, Jesse Burge Goodsell, Joseph A. Greene, Kerry Lawrence Greene. Robert Irving Friereon, Almelia Frierson, Benjamin Luckie F-, FliK. " th R George, Sony a Dawn 331 German. Constance M. Goodson, Beverly Anne Goodwin, Beverly Ruth Greene. William Marion Greenlee, Edye Jean riiz, EJizaDein n. Frost, Mary Karen Germany, Cynthia Claire Germany. Kristina Lynne Goodwin, Dora Eliubeth Goodwin, Doug Howell Greenlee, Jim Ming Greenwood. Tanya Charlcne Fryery, Timothy Mark Fry kholm. Michele Leigh Fudge, Jeffrey Dennis Germany, Robert Goeffrey Gerrard, Louie H. Gerrard, Tracie Guion Gervais, Tess Carleen Goodwin, Ga ry S. Goodwin, John B., Jr. Goodwin, Kenneth Allen Goodwin, Thomas Alva, IV Greer, Anthony Alan Greer, Liesa Dawn 415 Grefseng, Leonard Robert Gregory, David Ferrell Fugale. John Robert Getz, Joseph Thaddeus Goog e, James Harold, Jr. Gregory. Dorothy Allison Fulcher, William H., Jr. Ghahramani, Mahindokht Goolsby, Patricia Ann Gregory, Glenda Carol Fuller, Ede Marie Ghaleh-Gol, Mostafa Goolsby, Paul Dwain Gregory, Kendall Ghaltas, Adib Fares Goolsby, Pleas Victor Gregory, Scott Allen Fuller, Russell Curtis Fulton Hal Edwin Gho, Charles Alan Gho, William Curtis Gordji, Sohrab Gordon, David Blair Gregory, Steven Hugh Gresham. Gregory Boothe Fulton, Lyman Avard, III Gholson, Robert Donald Gibbs, Julia Lockett Gordon, Donna Faye Truasell Gordon, Lauren Marie Gresham, Laurie Ann Gresham. Steven McGill Fulton, Roy Louis 100 Fulton, Stacy Ann Fultz, David James Funk. Michael James Gibbs, Michael Thomas Gibens, David Wesley Gibson, Aurelia Gayle Gibson, Aurelius B., Jr. Gordon, Marcus Craig 221 Gordon, Minnie Louise Hill Gordon, Scott Roderick Gordon, Sharon Kay Gressett, Donna Lea Greubel, Stephen James Griffey, Janice Ellen 219 Griffin, Anna Louise Funkhouser. Jennifer Lynn Furman Leslie Hooe Gibson, Charles Sidney Gibson, Danny Paul Gordy, Robert Keith Gore, Bruce Gordon Griffin, Calvin Griffin. Carolyn Denise Furr, Allyson Rachelle Furr David Mark Gibson, Jody Allan Gibson, R. Gary Gore, Karen Elizabeth Gore, Toxie Harold Griffin. Charles Christopher Griffin, Darlean Furr Ray Albert Gibson, Ruby Jeneen Gore, Valerie Jane 96 Griffin, Delisa Durelle Furrh,RoyHendee320, 144 Gibson, Sherry Lynne Giddy, Candacc Denise Gorman, Philip Powell Gorum, Wendell J. Griffin, DemelruB Griffin, Donald Glenn Giddy, James Frank Gosa, Robert Kirk Griffin. Donna Lee Fulrell John Maurice Gtebenhain, Jean Elizabeth GOSH, Alicen Genean Griffin, Floyd William, Jr. Gieae, Kenneth John Goas, Pamela Gayle Griffin. Gar Miller Fvfe Charles Richard Gifford, Suzanne Goes, Terry Van Griffin, John Michael Fyfc. Thomas Wilsford. Jr. Gilbert, Chirstopher G. Gilbert. Glen David Gossett, Barry Glyn Gould. David Moon- Griffin. John Shuler Griffin, Judi Laverne Gilbert, Mary Jane Gould, Gaye Gwyn Griffin, Lee Vance - Gilbert, Patricia Gail Gowan, John Richard Griffin. Marshall Courtney W T ' v Gilbert, Richard Winston Gowan, Margaret Grace Griffin, William Arlis Gilbrech. Karen Yvonne Gowdy, John Monroe. Ill Griffin. William Curtis Gilchrist. Dwighl Henry Gowen, Susan Emily Wilson Griffin, Willie Gilchrist, Grover Craig 102 Griffis, Margaret Clair QQQ Gill. Brenda Johnson Gowen, Terri S. Wren Griffin, Thomas Kenneth, Jr. oo o Gill, Eleanor Allen 113, Gower, William Mark Grigg. Jack Norwood 116, 145 Grace, Anthony 162 Grimes, James Geary Gabbert. Elmo Pierce Gill, Jane Grace, James Wilson Grimes, Marilyn Dale Gabrielleschi, Virgil J., Jr. Gill, Juliette Anne Gradolf. David Brian Grisebaum. John David Gaddis, Margaret Ellen 1 1 1 Gill, Michael William Gradolf,MarkJ. Grisham. Cynthia Lynn Gaddy, Carolyn Joyce Gill, Sarah Nell 96 Graeber, Helen Bradford Grisham, Eddie Jackson Gaddy, Dennis Michael Gill, Thomas Joseph Graf, Lelia Anne Griaham, John R., Jr. Gaddy, Gayla Denise Gillentine. Angela Dale Graff, Diane Eliubelh 286 Grisham, Maryl Norwood lnde 439 Grisham Grisham, Ronnie Joffre Hall, Yolanda Harris, Anne Greene Haynes, James Robert, III Herring, Stephen Craig i -i I--HIH. Thomas Lyndon Hallberg, Charles John, HI Harris, Carlyle Smith Haynes, John Edwin Herrington, Daniel Lavon, Grist. Nelson Louis Hallberg, Peri Anne Harris, David Lee, Jr. Hayncti, Sandra Ann Jr. (iriswold, Gemiel Yvonne Hallida), James B. Harris, David Neil Haynes, Timothy Ronald Herringlon, Jackson Allen. 96. 125 Halliwell, Christopher Todd Harris, Deborah Anne Hays, Brenda Joyce Jr. Gross, John B. Hallman, Phyllis Suzelte Harris, Donna Gail Hays, Jeanne Tarullo Herringlon, Jeffery P. .T..-I-II|I.I, Im . Cynlhia Hahom, III, Joiner Mack Harris, DwighlL. Hays, Lisa Diane Herringlon, Jimmir Ried mill- Hamblin, Billy Wicks. Jr. Harris, Eugene Hays. Mari Lynn Herringlon, Joseph Lester Grove, Leatrice Ann Hamblin, James Anthony Harris, James Edward Herringlon, Timothy Peter Growney, Thomas David Hamerski, Michael Robert Harris, Kyle Lance Hays. William Scott Herron. Barry Joseph Grubbs, Larry Neil Hamie. Mahamoud Musiapha Harris, Lisa Dawn Hayward, Kenneth Mickle Hertz, Belinda Jane Grubbs, Michael Ray Mamieh, Chassan Abbas Harris, Lisa Elaine Hazard, John Wyatl Hervey. Victor Kermil Grych, Sandra Jean Hamilton, Dorothy Anita Harris, Lucy Robinson Hazelwood, 1 Bennett Herzog, James David Gryder, Robert Lewis, Jr. Hamilton, George Stephen Harris, Marilynne Heaberg, Lisa Ix uise Hester, Deborah Kay Gryder, Thomas Edward Hamilton, John Nance Harris, Mary Elizabeth Head, Gregory Brett Hester, Kathryn Healy Guenihner, Laura Elizabeth Hamilton, Karen Ann 153 Harris, Melinda Joyce 296 Head, Janet McLaurin Hester, Martha Ellis Guerdan, Patrick Martin Hamilton, Marian Marcasa Harris, Michael Eugene Headley, Jamie Anne Hester, Michael Ray Guerieri, Ronald James Hamilton, Mollie Harris, Michael Ted Headley, Markland Roland Hester, Nancy Catherine Guessford, Dawn Alison Hamilton, Regina Ann Harris, Mildred Mulvoy Heafner, Joan Robinson Hester, Nena Lexene Guffin, George E., HI Hamilton, Todd Bryson Heston Healy, Floyd Alford Hester, Peggy Jean 102 Gugert, Michael Paul Hamilton, William Jeffrey Harris, Revonda Denise Heard, Carolyn Cooper Hester, Stephanie Suzanne Guider, Eloiae Kelly Hamm, Anne Eugenia Harris, Tammy Lee Hearn, Hariri Dolores Hewitt, Lowe Arthur Gutder, Gwyn Banney Hammack, Belinda Victoria Harris, Tarasia Faye Hearn, Martin Lawrence Hewitt, William Lloyd Guider, Sally Randolph 72 Guidroz, Walter Scott Hammack, Curry Blair Hammet, Lawrence Buford, Harris, Thomas Kimbrell Harris, Thomas Robert Hearn, Wayne Anthony 213 Hearon, Kim Denise 103 Hewlett, Ronald Ray Heyer, Nancy Carol Guillebeau, Tina Marie II Harris, Wendy Dianne Heath, David Gerald Hiatt, Jennifer Ann Guillot, David Allan Hammock, Elizabeth Anne Harris, William Allen, III Heath, Larry John Kibbler, Valerie Fay Guiierix, Armand Paul Hammock, Patricia Kay Harris, William Noel Heathcock, Brenda Annette Hibbs, Letitia Marlene Gulley, James R. Hammond, Alice Laird Harrison, Ann Standwood Heaton, Lynne Ann Hickerson, Robert Gene Gullick, David Arnold Gullick, Nancy Lee Hammond, Alice Lynn Hammond, Burnett Douglas, Harrison, Brenda Claire Harrison, Brian Kipling Heaton, Timothy Harrison Heaton, William Cliff Hickey,JohnC. 123 Hickman, Lance Allen 213 Gullick, Ruth Gay Jr. Harrison, Cecil Alvin Heavey, Laurie Ann Hickman, Stephanie Jean 88 Gully, Ella Veazey Hammond, Frank While Harrison, Charles Lynn Hebler, Karen Renee 271 Hicks, Alfreida Gunarlt, Naomi Hammond, Mary Jane Harrison, Emily Jane 84, Hector, David Holcomb Hicks, Camille Elaine Gunn, Douglas Jennings Gunn, Mark Neil 88 Mammons. Albert Sidney Hammons, Laura Denise 303 Harrison, Frederick Donald Hector, Dorothy Dean Hicks. Dewitl Talmadge, III Hicks, Frances Ruth 2 1 8, Gunn, Michiel Lee Hammer, Dabney Jerome Harrison, James Michael Hegwood, Emily Elizabeth 219 Gunn, Paul Lee Gunn, Paula Ann Gunn, William Joseph Gunn, William Ross Gunner, John Michael Gunter, Deborah King Hamner, John Goldman Hampton, Cheri Hampton, Diane Marie Hampton, Lisa Rose Hancock, Carolyn Mary Hancock, John Christopher Harrison, John Barnes Harrison, John Caldwell 80 Harrison, Kenneth Wayne Harrison, Kim Leigh Harrison, Mark David Harrison, Patricia Lynn Hegwood, RusHell Kerry Heidel, Cindy Jo Heimann, Wayne Kenneth Hein, Ann Louise Heiter, Matthew Stephen Helbeck, Vickir Lynn Hicks, Gwendolyn Ann Hicks, Lisa Gayle 153 Hicks, Randall Eugene Higdon, Mark Byron, Mr. Higdon, Sammy Eldwin Higginbotham, Brenda Ann Gunter, Gabrielle Garmon Gunter, Jon Marcus Gunter, Marilyn Anne Gunlharp, Thomas Keith Hancock, John Kevin Hancock, Micki Marie Hancock, Robert S. Hand, Ralph Thomas, III Harrison, Priscilla Kay Harrison, Robert Lee, Jr. Harrison, Sarah-Frances King Helms, James Samuel, Jr. Helms, Sandra Lea 199 Helms, Sharon Denise Hemba, Ricky Jay Higginbotham, Derek Allen Higgins, Kalherine Brigid Higgs, Cyrus Henry HiggK, Emily Cheryl Gupton, Herbert Miskle Gurley, Sarah Frances 153 Gurner, Betty Evans Gurner, Hugh Evans Handley, John Davis Haney, Anna Marie Haney, Kymberly Reed Hankins, Betty J. Hankins, Bonnie Frances Harrison, Shirley Anthony Harrison, William Steven Harrison, William Weston Rodes Hart, Anne Allen 72, 96 Hembree, George Dewey, III Hemenway, Richard Alan Hemphill, JanaLanelle Hemphill, Timothy Robert Hemphill, Tina Michelle Higgs, Lee Ann High, David Ewin Ilightower, Alicia Dianne 84 Hijazi, Fadi Mustapha Hill, Beverly Lindsey Gusto, Larry John Guth, Mary Margaret Hankins, Jimmy Steven Hankins, Marjorie Aaron Tubb Hart, Cynthia Ann Hart, Julie Lynn Hart, Mary Karen Henderson, Carrie Byrd Henderson, Derek Andrew 307 Hill, Caroline Joselte Miss Hill, Charles Lannie Hill, Costa Holly Rene Guthrie, Shannon Dee Hanks, Helen Tracey Hart, Patricia Ann Mias Henderson, Harold Hill, Dana Kim Gutliph, Jeffrey Earl Hanks, Kenney Mack Martin, John S., Jr. Henderson, Jo Elaine Hill, Dorothy Mae Guyse, Gayle 162 Guyton, James Lawrence 72, Hanna, Saadeh Elias Hannaford, John Wayne Hartley, Richard A. Hartley, William Thomas Henderson, John Christopher Henderson, John James Hill, Douglas Lamar Hill, Edker Mae 80, 100 Hannaford, Kim Evan Hartzog, Randall Alan Henderson, Patricia Hill, Jack Dugan Guyton, Janice Rowe Hannan, Cindy Leigh Harvey, Lantz Emmetl Henderson, Robert Lee Hill, Janice Scalzo Guylon, Thomas Scott Hannan, Edwin York Harvey, Leigh Ann Henderson, Ronnie Wayne Hill, Jerry Alton Gwin, Lucien Clouston, HI Hanninen, Paavo Vilho Harvey, Lynda Catherine Henderson, Rosalynd Paige Hill, John Parker Gwin, Mary Elizabeth Hannon, Mitchell Drew Harvey, Melissa Ann Henderson, Tanya Elizabeth Hill, Mary Catherine Conway Hannon, Susan Grace Harvey, Rex Dillon Hendrix, Phillip Boolhe Hill, Maryann Trevillion Gwin, Melissa C. Hansbrough, Susan Renee Harvey, Wendy Lynn Hendrix, Phyllis Eileen Hill, Michael Dean Gwin, Michael Omara Hansen, David James Harviel, Trent Harvey Hendrix, Ronald Lee 336 Hill, Michael J. Gwyer, Myra Lynn Hansen, Gary Michael Harwell, Ann Taylor 73, 84, Hendrix. Steven Michael Hill, Richard Carroll Gylfe, Susan Christine Hanskiewicz, Yvette Marie 328 Hendrix, Terrica Diane Hill, Shannon Lynn Hanson, Hugh Kirkwood Harwell, Susan Elizabeth Hendry, Cathy Jo Hill, Ted Ray Hanson, James Calvin Harwood, Katharine Butler Henick. Alda Camille 88 Hillery. Andrew Earl Harbin, Patricia Elise Hashem, Ahmed Mohamed Henick, Lisa Lynn 73, 80, Hiltiard, Albert L. fl " V V Harbison, Mark Boalick Haskell, William Kirkpatrick 84 Hilliard, Alonzo 319 Harbour, Clayton Chastain Haskins, Christopher Kirk Henick, Melanie Carrie 73, Hillyer, Bruce Lewis Harbour, James Edward Haskins, Susan Garrison 84, 103. 113 Hines,DwightKirkland hhh .Harbour, Kathleen Pigford Harbour, Stark David Hassell, Robyn Jane Hassler, Earl Glenn Henke, Paula Fratesi Henke, William Kurt HInes, Janice Marie Hines,ToddR. Hardage, Regina Lynn Hastings, Richard Clyde Henley, Charles Patlon Hinkel, Peter Lee Hardiman, Emma Robinson Hatch, Steven Boyd Henley, John Hartfield Hinkle, Leslie Haas, Letitia Jane Hardin, Beverly Jean Hatcher, Jody Keith Henley, Ross Eames Ilinman, Kenneth Fulghum Haas, Michael Durretl, Jr. Hardin, Carole Claudette Hatcher, Nancy Carolyn Henley, Tracy Branson Hinrichs, Clark Benjamin Hadadi, Mohammad Essapoor Hardin, Cynthia Marie Hatcher, Robert A., Jr. Henneberger, John Charts Hinrichs, Fred Turner Haddad, Christopher Charles Hardin, David Lee Hatcher, Steve Michael Hennen, Earl Michael, Jr. Hinson, Lisa Elaina Haden, Cheryl Jo Hardin, Grover Charles Hatcher, Tina Renee Henning, Stephen Luther Hinson, Waymon Ray Haden, Maria Frances Hardin, Kalhy L. Hatcher, Virginia Almond Hennington, Mark Henry Hinton, David Hugh Hadley, Catherine McClure Hardman, Elizabeth Long Hatfield, Janet Marie Henrichs, William Ralph Hinton, Deborah Ann Hadley, Susan Dabney 331 Hardy, Colette Hatfield, Mark Henry, Alma Jo Minion. Jacqueline E. Haffner, John William Hardy, John Cazort Hathcock, Cathy Lynn Henry, Brenda Gail Herringlon Hagaman, Karen Ann Hardy, John David Hathcock, Clarie Elizabeth Henry, David Charles Hite, Mark Richards Hagaman, Wayne Charles Hare, Jeff Varner Hatley, Dorothy Elaine Henry, Harriet Sue Hiten, Ina Wynelle Haguewood, Terri Lyn Harlan, Diane Elaine Hatoum, Hind Tillawi Henry, Jennifer Grace Hitt, Barbara Gayle Walker Haguewood, William Scott Harlan, Michael Wesley Haugh, Betty Ann White Henry, John Bailey. Ill Hitl, Kevin Lewis Haigh, Theodore Alan Harlan, William Edward Haugh, Scott Charles Henry, Krisly Kay Hixon, Leila Kathleen Haines, James Robert Harlin, Mary Jo Haupt, Peter Michael Henry, Matttiew Wayne Hixon, Mary Melanir Haire, Joel Mark Harlow, Eugene Marchant Hauser, Deborah T. Henry, Patricia N. Hoag, Scott Douglas Hairston, Debra Gayle Harlow, Eunice Naugle Hauser, Gary Eugene Henry, Rebecca S. Hoar. Jere Richmond Hairston, Phyllis Vernetious Halawani, Jamal Abdul Aycoek 102 Harlow, Jan Baird Havens, Anita W. Havens, Charles Lynn Henry, Ronald Anthony 291 Henry, Terry L. Hoar. Thomas Jonathon Hoback, Jack Freeman Nasser Harmon, Alonzo George Havens, William Daniel Hensley, Susan Blair Hobbs. Ruby Lee Halawani, WalidAbdalla Harmon, Emily Hall Hawes, Teresa Carol Henson, John Leonard Hobby, Connie Dianne Hale, Edward Byron Harmon, James Knox Hawkins, James Halyard Henson, Rebecca Lynn Hodges, Barney Lee Hale, EmmetleF. , HI Harmon, John Michael Hawkins, Jerry W. Henlon, Holland Jay Hodges, Gena Annette Hale, Patricia Smith Harmon, Michael Hawkins, John Henry, III Henton, Holly Fay Hodges, Kempe Terry Hales, Sherry Lynn Harper, Anthony Keith Hawkins, Kimberly Lee Henton, John Mitchell Hodges, Leslie Anne Haley! Michael Scott Harper, Gerald Glenn Harper, Gregory Livingston Hawkins! Ricardo L. Henlz, Emma Kay Hentz, Jerry 328 Haley, Michael Wood Harper, Izotar Juanita Hawks, Barbara Elizabeth Hentz, John Richard Hodges, Peggy Joy Haley, William Cortez, Sr. Harper, Jack Evans, HI Hawks, Melissa Ann Hentz, Mary Lillian Hodges. Robert Franklin, HI Halfaker, Lori Marie Harper, Jack Walter Hawley, Michael Troy Herban, David Andre Hofer, Eric G. Hall, Candace Lynnetle Harper, Kelly Marie Haworth, Debra Ann Herbert, Megan Jea Hoff, Frederick T., Jr. Hall, Danny Porter Harper, Kenneth Scott Haworth, Martha Elizabeth Herd, Edward Samuel, Jr. Hoffman, Elizabeth Carol Hall, Donna Joyce Harper, Marilyn Amelia Haws, Penny Kay Swanson Herd, Robert James Hoffman, George Wilden, Jr. Hall, James Edward Harper, Sandra Lee Hayden, Forrest Lee, Jr. Herndon, Rickey Dean Hoffman, James Tate Hall, James Franklin Harper, Susan Elizabeth Hayden, John Manuel Herndon, William Scott Hoffman, John Winn Hall. Jeffery John Harrell, Charles Kelly Hayden, Joseph Anselm Herod, James E. Hoffman, Marilyn Bowers Hall, John Laurence 145 Harrell, Emma Louise Hayden, Laura Kalherine 1 In olil. Janet Lee Hogan, Jean Alice Hall, Karen Suzanne Kinabrew Hayden, Lee Ann Herrin, Amanda Leigh Hogan, Laura Dane! Hall, Laura Leigh Harrell, Teresa Lynn Hayes, Frances Dianne Herrin, Beverly Ann Hojjatie, Massoud Hall, Mary Charlene Harrelson, Kathleen Ann Hayes. Joseph Ray Herrin, Jane Elizabeth Hokey, Evelyn Morris Hall, Mary Helena Harrington, Danna Mary Hayes, Laura Lynne Herrin, Tad Edward Hokey, Sherri Nicole Hall, Michael Stephen Harrington, David Lamar Hayes, Marcus Roderic Herring, Benjamin Lee Holaday, Eric Lee Hall, Richard Steven Harrington, Douglas Hayes, Peter Whelan Herring, Charles Edward Holcomb, Jean McCleskey Hall, Ronnie Dean Fletcher, Jr. Hayes, Sharon Lynn Herring, George William, Jr. Holcomb, Tammy Nadine Hall, Stanton Allen 220 Harrington, Mark Randal Haynes, Donald Hubert Herring, Morris Lynn Holcomb, William Edgar, III Hall, Susan Rebecca 88 Harrington, Mary E. M. 100 Haynes, Hope Avery Herring, Paula Elizabeth 116,280 Holden, Kathryn Holden. Leighanne Grace Holder, Bennie Don Holdorf. Pamela W.-l, Holdorf. Wendy Lynn Holiday, Tracy Diane Hollabaugh, Virginia N. I in. 288 Holland. Charles Mitchell Holland, Cornelia Holland, Holly Shaw Holland, James David Holland, Jan Carol 144 Holland, Jennifer Lee Holland, John Edward Holland, Lynn Morris Holland, Robert Morris Holland. Thomas Weiley Holland, Vilincia Gail Holland, Yvonne B. Holleder, Susan Jane Holleman, Leslie Dean Holleman. Martha J. Holleman, Mary Laura 144 Hollem.n, Michael Boyce Holleman, Timothy Charles Hollenbeck. Stanley Wade Hollenhead, Jeffrey Allen Hollensed, Herman Monroe Holler, Ann Gregrie Holley. Barbara Faye Holley, Barbara Lee Holley. Clifford Paul Holley, James Christopher Holley, Janice Ellen Holley, Joseph Eugene, Jr. Holley, Joy Beth Holley, Mary Ann Lindsey Holley, Robert Dean Holliday, Homer Stephen Holliday. John Mark 82, 90. 123.339 Holliman. James Franklin Hollingsworth. Hex L. Hollingsworth, Kevin Daniel Hollingsworth. Pamela Lea Hollis, Allan Ray, Jr. HolHs. Freddy Charles Hollis, Jerry Edward Hollis. Laura Lynn Hollisler, Daniel Wayne Holloman, Martha Ann Holloman, Timothy Lewis Holloman, Toni Leigh 102 Holloway, Barry Edward Holloway, Ernestine Holloway, Helen Letilia 65, 144 Hollowell, Joaeph Clarence Hollowell. Wayne Douglas. Jr. Holly, David Eugene Holman, Holly Faye Holmes. Edward William Holmes, Elizabeth Mary Holmes, Jennifer Kay Holmes, Martha Ruth Holmes, Susan Laurie Holmes. Verner Smith, Jr. Holstein, John Beard Holstrom, Bryan Donald Holt, Carol Ann Holt. Demmy Russell Holt. Douglas Gordon Holt. Kenny Ray Holt. Mary Kate Holt. Ray Glenn Holt. Rebecca Jean Henderson Holt, Trent Franklin Holwadel, Russell Douglas llolyfield. William Gilbert. Ill Homan, Lisa Ann Honea, Gary Lynn Honeycutt, Eddy Glenn Hong, John Joe Hong, Kyung-Ja Hood, Barry Craig Hood, Betsy Dianne Hood, Carl Jude Hood. David Russell Hood, Iris Renee Hood, James Mathew, III Hood, Perry Vandorn Hooker, Cynlhia Lynn Hooker, Karen Beth Hooper, Gregory Alan Hooper, William Hooper, William Kins, Jr. Hoover, Christopher Norris Hoover, Eugene O ' Neal Hoover, Mark Dabney Hoover, Tracey Jane Hope, Sheridan Hopkins, Carla Medley Hopkins, Heidi Hopkins, Maryem Fowlkes Hopkins, Ronald Kenneth Hopson, Karen Renee Hopson, Margaret Jean Hopson, Ralph Stuart Hopson, Robert Joseph 162 Hopton, Alison Carolyn Horan, Ben Brcnnan I loi mi. David Clay Horan, John Michael Horan, Mark Kevin Horn, Jean Tracy Home, Claudia Ann Home, Elizabeth James Home, Olive Coker 300 Home, Patricia Burns Home, Stephen Gary Horneker, George Grank Homer, Julie Jene Horner, Leeann Horsburgh, Steven Dewilt Horsham, Gail Patricia Hortman, Norman Gene H " r ton. Carolyn Ann Horlon, Joseph S. Horton, Reggie Hoaoki, Takao Howe, Lynn Louise Hough, David Willard Hough, Janet Ann Hough, Tracy Lafaye House, Becky Ann House, Frank Michael House, Mary Elizabeth House, Nancy Carol House, Robert Brown Houser, Edward Leon Houser, John Ralph Houser, Kenneth Wayne Hoiuer, Mary Elizabeth Houston, Ann Montgomery 65 Houston, John Wascom Houston, Lemuel McWane Houston, Vanessa Leigh Houston, Victor Allen Howard, Charlotte Ruth Howard, Charlotte Yvetle Howard, Janet Denise Howard, M.Elizabeth Howard, Mary Leslie Howarth, Kent Stephen Howell, Barbara Jo Howell, Barry Labon Howell, ChareeMelia Howell, Donna Louise Howell, James Mark Howell, Jeffrey Wayne Howell, Leigh Ann Howell, Lilly Pearl Howell, Martha Louise Howell, Michael Grady 95 Howell, Paul Byron Howell, Rachael Jane Howell, Rex Dean Howell, Sam Leo Howell, Shirley Jean HOwell, Stephen Derrell Howell, Trudy Howell, William P., Jr. Howland, Debbie Dee Howorth, Lisa Neumann Howze, Alice Adair Howze, Betty Lynn 282 Hrebenar, Laura Jean Hu, Joanna Kwok-Yu Huang, Chung Tze Huang, Dur Huang, Jung-Chuan Hubbard, Jeffrey Paul 2 16, 256,257 Hubbard, Milleigh Handle Hubbard, Mona Lisa Hubbard, Stephen Wayne Hubbard, Thomas Leon Hubbert, Michael Wayne 94 Huch, Mary Halley Huckaby, Glidvel Ann Hudgens, Virginia Ruth Pearce Hudgins, Mary Diane Hudson, John Clark, III Hudson, Kathy Lynn Hudson, Leah H. Hudson, Leslie Michelle Hudson, Victoria Lou Hudson, Wayne Frank Hudspeth, Brenl Shellon 315 Hudspeth, Gerri Lynn Hudspeth, Harvey Gresham Huey, John McLemore Huey, Patrick Dale Huff. Bradley Ray Huff, F. Paige Huff, Timothy Keith Huff, Waller William Huffstaller, Rosemary Gatlin Huggins, Holly Lynn Huggins, Patricia Ann Muggins, Stephanie S. Hughes, Andy Karl Hughes, Anita Kay Hughes, Ardenia M. Hughes, Bethany Annette Hughes, Donna Jean Hughes, Katherine Marie Hughes, Martha Mae Hughes, Michael Warren Hughes, Muriel Stimpson Hughes, Ruth Wright Hughes, Steve Hughes, William Manly Hughston, Margaret Lane Hull, Charles David Hull, Clarence Galloway, IV Hull, Grace Givens Hull, Jane Archer Hull, Richard Frazier Hulshof, Kenny Charles Humphreys, Danny Joe Humphreys, Patricia Humphries, Elizabeth Ann Humphries, John Stuart, Jr. Humphries, Myra Joan Hung, Kei-Ying Hunger, Alleda Louise Hunger, Shed Hill, III Hunsinger, Ronald N. Hunsucker, Lisa Ann Hunt, Clara Smith Hunt, Gayle Hunt, Herbert McDade 440 Index Liberto Hunt, John Richard Jacobs, Gina Marie Johnson, Richard Allen 88 Hunt, Nancy Elaine Jacobs, Mildred Louise Johnson, Rita Ann Hunt, Patricia Louise Jacobs, Ronald B. Johnson, Robert Malcolm. Hunt, Paul Edward Jacobson. Jeffrey Glenn Jr. Hunt, Steven Howard Jacobson, Robert Julius Johnson, Robert Wayne Hunter, Doninc Jaeger, Keith Harry Johnson, Rochester Melville Hunter, Mary Lucille Jafari-Fard, Mohammad V. Johnson, Russell Thomas Hunter. Paula Adele 73, 84 James, Cheryl Lynn Johnson, Sherry Jo Hunter, Raymond Cowan 99 James, Daniel Robert Johnson, Sue Beth Hurdle, Frank Moore James, Herbert Larry Johnson, Sylvia Joteese Hurdle, James Michael James, Janis Camille Johnson, Vera Ann Hurdle, Sidney Lanier, Jr. James, Pamela Jean 1 53, Johnson. William Blair Hurley, Vicki Joyce 152 Johnson, Wilma Ayleen Hurst, George Christopher James, Tracy Martin Johnston, Billy Joe Hunt, James Joseph Jameson, Stuart Curtis Johnston, Gregory Charles Hunt, Joseph Steve Jamieson, Douglas Carl Johnston, Karen Michelle Hunton, Joaeph Wesley Jamieson, Gloria Ann Johnston, Paul Brady Hurt, Andrew Wellborn Jamil.A.K.M. Johnston, Rebecca Hendrick Hurt.DarrytAlden.Jr. Jankowski, Thomas Mark Johnstone, Tonya Lynn Hurt, Suaan Amanda Jansen, Daniel Joseph Joiner, Carolyn Bonita 117 Huaaey, Vivian S. Jaremko, Matt E. Jolley, Doris Ann Hutcheson, Judith Jerlyn Hutchins, Ann Louise Hutchison, Johnny Lane Hutchison, Kalhy Oventreel Jarjoura, Jean T. Jarjoura, Toufic Tanios Jarman, Maureen Leigh Casey Jolly, Angela Drue 102 Jolly, Jocelyn Holland Jolly, Joel Eugene Jolly, Peggy Ruth Hutchison, Kimberly Jane Hutson, Lori Ann Jarrell, Paul Gregory Jarrett, Demetricia Jolly, Thomas Elwyn, Jr. Hyde. Darrell Stephen Jaudon, Kathy Jo Jones, Alison Diane Hyde, David Lake Jaudon. Michael A. Hyde,EstellcMaric219 Jeanson, Frank Gerard 1 A A M ' III Hyde, Kalhryn Louise Jeanson, Michael Andrew Jones, Barbara A. Hyde. Palti Louise Jefcoat, Harvon Gregory Jones, Belinda Janet Hyde, RoberlO., Jr. Jeffcoat, Jane Ellen Jones. Bonnie Jean Hyde, William Thomas, Jr. Jefferson, Charlene Rosalind Jones, Brenda Faye Hynes. Samuel Hunter Jefferson, Fannie Lea Jones, Candace Cecelia Hynum, Gerald Wayne Jefferson, Gary Lynn Jones, Carlisle Gaston Jefferson, Linda Kathleen Jones, Charles Thomas at .A Jeffords, Jeffrey Norman Jones, Christy Ann O f. fl " " Jeffreys, Steven Kent Jones, Constance Ann Jeffries, Carolyn Marie Jones, David Baxter Jelen, Diana Alison Jones, David, Jr. Jelka, James Leon, Jr. 102 Jones, David Michael 111 Jelliffe, Melanie Hudson Jones, Deborah Gale Jenkins, Charlea Michael 80, Jones, Deborah Lynne Genin 86, 100, 101 Jones, Doris Lynn Igo. Myra Kay Igwike, Richard Sundav Ikerd, Helanne Elise Jenkins, Fannie Lee Jenkins, Gary Lee Jenkins, Glenda Michelle Jones, Dorothy Jean Jones, Edgar Reeves Jones, Elizabeth Renee lies. Mark Gregory lies, Michael Geoffrey Illich, Donald Elwood Jenkins, Gregory Keith Jenkins, Jacqueline Kay McTaggart 102 Jones, Harvey Lane Jones, Howell Robinson Jones, Ingrid Elizabeth Jenkins, Joedale Lavet 74 Jones, Jack Andrew R Ml Jenkins, John Osmund Jones, James Kizer Ingalls, Lyle Albert Ingemanson, Sandra Lee Ingenoll, Cheryl A. Ingram, Genevieve Victoria Ingram, Marian Ruth 147 Jenkins, Keitha Jane Jenkins, Lucy Renita Jenkins, Marks W., Jr. Jenkins, Mary Bentley Jenkins, Richard Allen Jenkins, Robbie Faye Jones. Janet D. Jones, Jennifer Gail Jones. Joel Russell Jones, John Ester, Jr. Jones, Leland Howard, III Jones. Lena M. Inman, Randy Jenkins, Sonja Anne Jones, Loretha Inmon, Sherri Jeyne Jones Jenkins, Susan Jeannine Jenkins, Tammy Sue Jones, Luretha Jones, Lurline Irby, Virginia Fay Ireland, Selby Allen 88 Irish, Jean Darlene In in. Herbert J. Irving. Pamela Payne Jenkins, Tanya L. Jenkins, Wiley Kevin Jennings, Donna Elizabeth Jennings, Melinda Lynn Jernigan, Bryan Keith Jones, Malcolm Florian Jones, Marion Frances Jones. Melissa Diane Jones, Melissa Irene 343 Jones, Michael Troy Isaacs, John Duane, Jr. Isbell, Kathryn Haney Isbell, Steven Bryan Jernigan, Kelly Lee Jester, Marion Elizabeth Jetton, Letitia Leigh Jones, Mike 162 Jones, Montgomery Newton Jones, Need ham Robert, Jr. Ishee, Roger Ernest Iskandar, Dadang Iskandarani, Imad Ahmad Jew, Bobby Jinn, Deh Rong Jinnette, Steven Ward Jones, Nolan Ray Jones, Otis Lee Jones, Paula Dent Iskandarany, Nabil Ahmad Isom. Gloria Jean lupe, Michael Joseph Ivy, Elizabeth Ann Joe, Ilene Lynn Joe, Janet Ann Joe, Katie Joe, Raymond King Joe, Wally Chi Jones, Phillip Dale Jones, Phillip Edward Jones. Robert Lynnville, Jr. Jones, Robert Terrell Ivy, James L. Ivv Maria 84 Johns, Vicki Jan Berch Jones, Rodney Derrell Johnson, Anne G. Jones. Ruben Barry 102 K Susan Ruth Johnson, Bobbie Jean Jones, Sophia Lavern Ivy, Vickie Renee Johnson, Bobby Mack, Jr. Johnson, Bonnie Holloway Jones. Steven W. Jones. Terry Anglo Johnson, Charles Willie Jones. Thadius Milford _A Johnson, Clifton Jones, Tony Ernest 9 T i -A Johnson. Clinton Andrew Jones, Virginia Ann 5 Johnson, Craig Elliot Jones, Virginia Paige 260 Johnson. David H. Jones, Walker Livingston ill Johnson. David Michael Jones, William Bruce j j j Johnson, Eddie Lewis Jones, William Kirby Johnson, Elizabeth Ann Jopling. John Carl Johnson, Elizabeth Marie Jordan. Anne Fletcher Jaber. Joseph Daniel Jackson, Antionne Jackson, Ava Nicola Jackaon, Charles E., Ill Jackson, Craig Campbell Jackson, Cynthia Lynn Jackson, Dewell Lamar, Jr. Jackson, Francine Michelle Jackson, Gato Buzott 103 Johnson. Ethel Cornell Johnson, Eural Levorn, Jr. Johnson, Fred Arthur Johnson. Gregory Allen Johnson. Jack Lancaster Johnson, Jay Alan Johnson, Jeffery Magee Johnson, Jeffrey Roy Jordan, Bernard Chandler Jordan. Burnice Elliott Jordan, Catherine Anne Jordan, James Leslie Jordan. Janet Elizabeth Jordan. Julie Camille Jordan, Kent Alan Jordan, Lu Ann Jackson, James Dougherty Jackson, Janice Elizabeth Johnson, Joe Wesson Johnson, John Alan Jordan, Mark Brown Jordan, Mary Louise Jackson, Jean High Johnson. John Moore Jordan, Monica Louise Jackson, Joseph Dennis 102 Johnson, Judy D. Joslin, David Bruce Jackson, Katherine Denise Johnson, Karen K. Joslin, Richard Mark Jackson, Kathy Susan Jackson, Lillian Annette Johnson, Karen Lynn Johnson, Keith Alan Joslin, Sarah Beth Jourdan, Raymond Eugene, Jackson, Louis Alexander 88 Johnson, Kendall Moseley Jr. Jackson, Mayne Rose Johnson, Kenton Mark Joyner, Thomas Lee, III 1 1 7 Jackson, Pauline Marie Johnson, Leah Monique Ju. Herbert Mark Montgomery Johnson, f ,.--K - Ann Ju, Hiron Mark Jackson, Polly Ann Johnson, Marcus Holland Jucheim. Edgar Karl Jackson, Randy Lewis Johnson, Margaret Lynn Judd. Margaret Susan Jackson, Rhonda Merle Johnson. Marianne Patton Judd, Mary Lisa Jackaon, Robert Baxter Johnson, Marilyn Jean Judson, Johnny Lee Jackson, Serena Elizabeth Johnson, Mark Dwayne Juergens, John Philip 73,84, 112,114,300 Johnson, Mark Wayne Juhan, Elizabeth Corona Jackson, Shauneille C. Johnson, Martha Lynn Julich, Jeanniene Marie Jackson, Vernon Johnson, Mary Hellen Smith Jumper, Jimmy Reid Jackson, W ard Nelson. Jr. Johnson. Mary Lou Jumper, Martha Melinda Jackson, Wesley Carter, Jr. Johnson. Michael Lane Jung. William H., Ill Jackson, William Franklin Johnson, Michael Lynn Jurgens, Pamela Jean Flint Jackson, William Robert Jacobs, Catherine Helen Johnson. Ralph Blake Johnson, Rebecca Steele Justice, Gordon Vance, Jr. Justice, Shirley Kalherine kkk Kabir, Zoghlul Kadlec, Matthew Caaey Kahl. Reuben Francis Kahler, Karen Anne 112 Kajfez, Zora Kim, Pooi Cheong Kamhieh, Omar Abdulazziz Kan ' Gethe, Francis Thoo Kaniku, Anne Nealibo Kantor, Kevin Pace Kapeghian, Jamie Renec Kapeghian, John Curtis Karlak, Laura Carroll Karlstrom, Lara Olaf Karaten, Ellen Lyn Karalen, Julie Ann Karup, Jeffrey Allen Kaaael, Carolyn Jean Kaslenbaum, Suzanne Katool, Joseph Allen Kaufman, Kim Alan Kaveparsit, Vicbuda Kavyaa, Aphrodite Trudy knur. David Byron Kearney, Karon Elizabeth Keel, Elizabeth Junell Keen, William Garvin Keene, John L. Keener, Paula Keeney, Kenneth Charles 221 Kecter, Paige Elizabeth Keith, Donna Lee Keith, James Allen Keith, Jettie Elizabeth Keith, Kenneth Allen Keith, Raymond Leslie 1 62 Keith, Shirley Ann Keller. Charles Raymond Keller, Jay Shannon Keller, Ronald Herman Kelley, Alton Wade Kelley, Cynthia Wayne Kelley, James Marion Kelley, Jeatie Palmer Kelley, John Wynne Kelley, Joaeph William Kelley, Mark Lennox Kellogg, Richard C. Kellum, David Lester 1 70 Kellum, David W. 162 Kellum, Mark Jackaon Kellum, Mary Evelyn Kuehn Kelly, Cynthia Dawn Kelly, Dana Earl Kelly, George Morris Kelly. James Clifton, III Kelly, Jane Harolyn Kelly, Steven Dale Kelly, Tar a Marie Kelly, Thomas David Kelsey, Martha Courtney Kelso, Sara Jane S. Kemp, Johnnie Faye Kemp, Kenneth Louis Kemp, Kevin Lee Kemp, Timothy Vann Kendall, Genevia Carol Kendall, Sara Katherine Kendall, Sarah Dinamore Kendricks, Samuel Barr Kendricka, Scott Hathom Kennamer, Jacob Sidney, Jr. Kennedy, Bryan Glenn Kennedy, Caren Elaine Kennedy, Chria Terrell Kennedy. Gregory Layne Kennedy, Jimmy Derrick Kennedy, John Larry, Jr. Kennedy, Laurie Elizabeth 74,84,296,260, 144 Kennedy. Mark James Kennedy, Martha Claire Kennedy, Patrice Marlene Kennedy, William Selby, Jr. Kennell, Harold Kennerly, John Russell Kenney, Melissa Anne Kennington, Jacquelyn Le%h Kennon, Curtia Steven Kent, Gregory Scott Kent, Lisa Marie Kent, Ramona 2 1 4, 2 1 5 Kent, Richard Atherton, III Keough, Sandra Donavan Kerce, Howard Michael Kern, Benjamin Joaeph, III Kern, Nancy Kaye Kern, Rodney Scott Kern, Steven Lawrence Kerr, James Edward Kerr, Judith Ann Kesler. Julie Lynn Ketchings, Andrew Mansker Ketchner, Sandra Vivian Keyes, Peter Franklin Keyes, ReitaJ. Keyes, Ruth Katherine Keyes, Samuel Wayne, Jr. Keys, Johnny Mitchell Keys, Sara Fowler 96, 98 Keys, Teresa Lynn Keyser, James Edward, Jr. Khalil, Hanna Tannous Khalil. Ismail Abdul-Rahman Kidd, Barry Leon Kidwell, Kathryn Anne Kidwell. Rodney Eugene Kierspe, Lynn Elizabeth Kiea, Richard William, Jr. 220 Kilgore, Bartina Latreae Kilgore, Marvia Jo Ealey Killegrew, Angela Marie Killelea, Donna Ann Killelea, Margee Killen, Barry Thomas Killian. Don Randall, Jr. 2 1 1 Kilpatrick, Laura Louiae Kilpatrick, Willis Howard Kim, Chang Sik Kimball, Nancy Ann Kimberlin, Sharon Kay 102 Kimble, Mary Lillian Kimbrough, Graham Butler Kimbrough, John Cooper, Jr. Kimbrough, Laurie Kim Kimbrough, Shannon P. Kimea, Kirk David Kimmel, William Loyd Kimroona, Cheryl Wyvetle . 125 Kimroona, Kirk Kendall Kimura, Yukiko Kincaid, Joanne Daviea Kineses, Suaana Katherine Kinder, Gary William King, David Alan King, David Alan King, Donna Marie King, Gina Rene King, Jeri Lynn King, John Morgan King, Judith King, Kendall Lea King, Kerry Gordon King, Kimberly Anne King, Kriatie 288 King, Linda Suaan 103 King, Marilyn Jean Dreher King, Michael Don King, Montyne Cleariaaia King, Nell Moaeley 68, 74, 80,82,84,86,311 King, Phillip Branot King, Robert Michael King, Sandra Lou King, Sherry Louiae King, Sue Tucker King, V ' erni la F. Kingaberry, Term Kingstand, Annie Elaine Kingaland. Jenny Marie Kinnett, Karen Sue Kinney, Grover C., Ill Kinney, Patsy June Kireker, Sarah Dure Kirk, Jaroea Mitchell Kirk, Kenneth Henry Kirk, Monica Ann Kirk, Pamela Lynne Kirk, Patty Dianne Kirk, Warfield Dixon Kirkland, James Scott 95 Kirkland, John B. Kirkpatrick. Carrol) Saxon Kirkaey, Robert Canon Kirkaey, Robyn Sydney Kirkaey, William Mark Kirachten, Sam Gwin Kiaer, Catherine Anne Kiaer, Theresa Gail Kiamer, Donald Wayde Kianer, Pamala Ann Kinder, John Cornelius, Jr. Kitchens, John Terry Kitchens, Pamela Sue Kitchens, Roosevelt Kitchings, Jerry L. Kit tell. Sally Ann Kittrell, Martin Carter Klees, Katherine Mary Klein, James Arthur, Jr. Klepzig, Terry Glen Kline, Natalie Creely Klingen, Joaeph Leonard Knauas, Charles Ivan, Jr. Knauss, Elaine Falvey Knight, Charles Luther Knight. Cynthia Kay Knight, Freda Smith Knight, Manael William, Jr. Knight, Mary Elizabeth Knight, Phyllis Lynn Knight, Robert Terrell, Jr. Knight, Susan Annette Knight, Sylvia Rene Knight, Timothy Gordon Knight, Victor Eugene Kntght, Virginia Lucile Knight, William T., Jr. Knight, William Van, Jr. Knipp, Fred Charles Kniater, Patricia Marie Townsend Knister, Susan Lynn Knister, Terrence Kent Knox, Bobby Ray Knox, Carolyn Joan Knox, Ricky Allen Knox, Tracy Leigh 343 Knox, William Wallace, III Knudson, Julie Ann Koch, Kevin John Koenig, David William Koenig, Gregory Mark Koenig, Tracey Norine Armstrong Kontar, Ghaasan B. Kornegay, Karen Marie 96 Korte, Stephen W. Koaack, Dorothy Paige Koaki, Amall Rudolph Kota, Sridhar Koutny, Blair James Koulny, Janice Runnfeldt Kraft, Mary Elizabeth Kramer, Theodore Michael, Jr. Kraus, Georgina Ray Krausnick, Edward Carl, Jr. Kreager, William Fiacber Kremer, M. Rebecca Krop, Walter J. Kruger, Stephen Paul Kucker, Robert George, Jr. Kuehn, Katherine Chesley Kuehnle, Bruce McPheraon, Jr. Kueter, Kurt Lawrence Kul.. Robert E. Kunaniuom, Anuaorn K ii... Kupperman, Keith I..HJI- Kuykendall, John M., Ill, Robert William, Jr. Kyle. Amy Rachel Kyle. Robert Talley, III Kyle. Vickie Edwin. Kyiar, Jake Edward 111 Labarre. William Roof Lacey . Jeffrey Bishop Lacey, Thomas Cof fey Lacy, Jack Brooks Ucy, Joe Frank, III Ladner. Cynthia Michelle Ladner. Ernest Robert, Jr. Laffin, Linda Jo Lago. Danelle Marie Laher, Timothy Michael Lai, Joaeph Laird, Ernest Edward, III Laird, Janet Ruth Laird, Julie Griffin Laird, Randy Phillip Laird, Steven William 332 Lake, Robert Hamilton Lamar, Ann H. Lamb, Angela Suaan Lamb, Chriatine Renee Lamb, James Eric Lamb, James Leon Lamb, Jeffrey Fallot Lamb, Samuel Michael Lamb, Scott Grayaon Lambdin. Clark Henderson Lambert, Amy V. Lambert, Christopher John Lambert, Mary Clay 285 Lambert, Nadara Lee Lambert, Sidney Justin Lammey, James Morton, Jr. Lammons, Jerry Eugene Lammons, Thomas Liddell Lampley, Fannie Lampley, Paul Lampion, Robert Howard Lanaaa, Gwendolyn Marie Lancaster, Daryl Wayne Lancaster, Edward Dudley Lancaster, Emily Love Lancaster, Margaret Michelle Purvis Lancaster, Meliaaa Kay Lancaster, Michael Gregory Lancaster, William Robert Land, Julia Claire Landess, Michael Barry 74, 280 Landrum, Carol Ann Land rum. Melanie Frances Landrum, Thomas McKec Landry, Larry Joseph, Jr. 340 Lane, Allen Elliott Lane, Cassandra Cheryl Lane, Michele T. Lane, Paul J. Lane, Raymond Darryl Lane, Sandra Faye Caruthers Laney, William Crafton Langan. Mary Elizabeth Langdon, Susan Kathryn Langenfelder, Henry Stephen Langenfelder, Herbert, Jr. Langford, Benny Royce Lang ford. Cathey Ann Langford, Linda 96 Langford, Walterine Langhorne, John Miller 220 Langlow. Faye Marie Langlow, John Robins, III Langston, Joaeph Cashe Langaton, Monica Lynn Lanier, Leslie Blair Lann, Jeffery Lee Lanneau. Bazile Renee, Jr. Lannom. Cynthia Dake Lantrip. Anne Elizabeth I.aniz. Gerald Brian Lantz, Margaret Virginia Lampwing, Amy Mary Larkin, Patricia Ellen 88 Larkins, Janetta Dawn Larussa, Frank Paul Laaaen, Kevin Derrick Laaler, Audrey Vera Latch, Gregory Keith Latimer, Alton Poio, Jr. Latimer, Eleanor Alice Lauderdale, Amy Lee Pharr 100 Lauderdale, Donna Lea Lauderdale, Kathryn Denise Lauderdale, Lisa Ann Laughlin, Jimmy Dean Laughlin, Marcus Sheley Launius, Stephen Edward Lavender, Marilyn Kaye Lavender, Mary Melissa Lavinghouse, Robin Carroll Law, James Fletcher Lawea, Rochie Whiltington Lawhorn, William, Jr. Lawler, Edward Earl Lawler, Raymond Kyle Lawnin, Barbara Elizabeth Lawrence, Andrew Jackaon, IV Lawrence. Angela Rudell Lawrence, John Roland Lawrence, John Wayne, Jr. Lawrence, Kay Parker Lawrence, Pamela Ann Lawrence, Pamela Kay Lawrence, William Keith Lawaon, James Smallwood Lawaon, Mary Juliet Lay, Aliaon Suzanne Lay, Lydia Dianne Lay, Sharon Elaine Laymon, Quentin Robert Lea, Barbara Jean Lea, James Alvin Lea, Laura Elizabeth Lea, Pamela Diane Lea, Reginald Lea. Velma Leach, Sara Frances Leakr. Nancy Ann 39 Lear, James Hamilton Leather-man, Robertson M. 90,114,320 Leathers, Craig Kendall Leblanc, Charles Benjamin Lebo, Jonathan Parks Led better. Brenda Lee Ledlow, David George Ledyard, Melanie 153 Lee, Annette Lee. Benjaymin Youngblood Lee, Cynthia Ann Lee, Darrell Wayne Lee, David Byron Lee, David Lamar Lee, David Myron Lee. Elaine Harding McKinney Lee, Janie Ruth Lee, Julia Patricia Lee, Kathleen - Jones Lee, Kirk Edwin Lee, Laura Louiae Lee, Mark Allen Lee, Mark Keith Lee, Mihyang, Lee Lee, Roy Noble, Jr. Lee, Thomas Hugh Lee, Tommy Ray Lee, Tsean-Shu Patricia Lee, Wayne Montgomery Lee, William Thomas, Jr. Lee, Yvonne Marie Leech, Marsha Lynne Leeton, Barbara Bruce Leflore, Frank Stanford Legendre, Laurie Marie Leggett, Carl Lee Leggett, Charles Parka, Jr. Leggett, Helen Renee Leggelt, Karen Kay Leggett, Lanelle 88 Lehman, Vicki Ann Lehr, France . Elizabeth Leiden, Matthew Alan Leiat, James Michael Leland. Cynthia Denise Lemay, Marvin Andrew, Jr. Lemmons, Billy Charles Lence, Kenneth Wayne Lesemann, James Austin,- Jr. Lesley, Carol Denise Lesley, Melanie Home Lesley, William Turner Leslie, Lucy Katherine Lealie, Willie Joanna Pegg Leater, Michael Dale Leaure, Kennan Bernard Leung, Pius Kin Kong Levan, Mark Steven Lewis, Aruel Otto, III Lewis, Carl Lewis, Charles Edward Lewis, Darwin Howard Lewis, Janet Lynne Lew i. Jeffrey Neal Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Judith Ann Lewis, Lisa Ruth Lewis, Lynda Lynee Lewis. Mary Beth Lewis, Mary Margaret Lewis, Ronald Moore Lewis, Sony a Yvette Lewis, Stephen Wayne Lexa, Gerald George Lexa, Lauren Elizabeth Libbett, Jacqueline Marie 162 Liberlo, Christopher Jerome Index 441 Liberto Liberto, John Anthony Love, John W. Liddy, Timothy Logan Love, Mary Ellen I.iepelt, Robert Rueben Love, Teresa Kay Liulii-i . Sheila Ann Love, Walter Andrew Ligon, Kim Yolanda Lovelace, Anthony Wayne I.illard, Donna Kaye Lovelace, James Russell Lim, Tom Wan Fai Lovelace, John Rupert, Jr, Pingjei Lovelace, Sara Underwood I.inder, David Hugh Lovelady, Frank D.R., Jr. I.indley, Thomas Turner Lovelady, Matthew Lindsay, Tim Wayne Lovelady, Robert Lawrence Lindsay, Todd Bertlan Lovell, Craig Alan Lindsey, Cynthia Jo Lovell, Dana Karen Lindsey, I.--ali Brown Lovell, William T. 292 Lindsey, Madalyn Victoria Lovett,CarolLeigh74, 84, Lindsey, Oscar Keirn 256,257 Line, Lawrence Leroy, Jr. Lovetle, LillieF. Litigle, Richard Manning Low, Tineke Elizabeth Linn, Antoinette Henley Lowe, Billy Earl, Jr. Liong, Angela Lowe, David Jones Lipscomb, Linda Lee Lowe, James Alcus Lipscy, Harry Allen Lipski, Michael Christopher Lowe, Joseph Davenport, Jr. Lowe, Sherrill Diane Little, Betty Jo Williams Little, Clifton William Lowery, Louann Little, Geannie Karen Lowery, William Scott Little, Joel Campbell Little, Linda Carol Little, Lisa Ann Lowrance, Charles Joseph Lowrey, Gregory Taft Lowrey, Maria Charlotte Little, Melvin Little, Philip Jerome Loyacono, Gay Marcel 1 18 In. Shu-Wen Little, Phillip Micheal Little, Rebekah Jean Little, Susan Ann Luby, Debra Ann Lucas Aubrey Bell Lucas, Elizabeth Gee Little, Thomas Loye, Jr. Littleford, Rosemary Moss Litllejohn, Margaret Melinda Liltlejohn, Shannon Lynne Liltlejohn, Victor Kent Livingston, Danny Mitchell Livingston, James Dennis Livingston, Laura Ann Lloyd, Bernard Jerome Lloyd, Donald James Lloyd, Peggy White Lucas, Sherry Anne Lucas, Stacy Claire Lucius, Anna Lisa Lucius, Dorothy Mae Luckelt, Joseph Hugh, 111 Lucketl, Lark Elayne Lucketl, Lauren I -igh Lucketl, Shirley Anne Luckey.Alwynllall Luetlen, Janet Sharron I NI-. Gregorio Lockard, Christopher Lee Luk, Benjamin Kin Hoo Lockard, Kalherine Lane Lukas, Clarissa Ann Lockard, Louis Lanark Lum, Adrienne Ann Locke, David Ramsey Locke. Jane Marie luin. Sharon Kay Lumb, David Andrew Edward Locke, John Ellis Lummus, Jill Elisabeth Locke. Walter Kane Lumpkin, Amy Louise Lockett, Andrew King Lumsden, Amy Joan 103 Lockhart, Susan Annette Lunceford, Winton Donald Lockridge, Anna Maria Lundy, Deborah Sue 30B Lockwood, Joe Kent Lundy, Mitchell McKree, Jr. Lococo, Joseph Anthony Lunsford, Jacquelyn G. Lococo. Karen Jayne Hyver Lurate, Leigh Yerger Loden. Kathryn Ann Lusby, Joe Turner Loden, Neil Ray Lusco, Mary Elizabeth Loehr, Douglas Todd Luter, Kent Allen Loewen, Judith Rae Nicholas Luther, Donald L. l.i.ftin. Helen Louise 308 Luther, Garland Lee Loftin, Julia Lutken, Wesley Curry Lutz, Richard Warren Logan. Carolyn Annetle Luxon, Elizabeth Curtis Logan, Carolyn Elizabeth Ly, Hu Logan, Dale Alan Lyle, David Leslie Logan. Julia Kim Lyles, Dana Kaye Logan. Lavenia Carolhers Lynch, Alice Louise Logan, Margaret Suzette Lynch, William Frederick Collins Lynchard, Percy Lee, Jr. Logan. Russell Mahlon Lyne, Eugene Daniel, Jr. Logue, Lawrence Cox, III Lyons, Gloria Ann Logue. Thomas O., Jr. Lyons, Pamela Dixie Log imik, Paulette Alexandra . 1.4-gwood, Tracy Marie jf- -A f Lohrmann, Jera Leanne j T Lokey, K. ii l,i Faye Lokev, Loyd Cooper Lollar, Sandy Lynn mmm Lomangino. Heidi Rotraud Lomax, Debra Denise Ma. Tien. Han London, Lori Lee Mac ' Kie. John Greene. Ill Long. Agrippa Kellum Mac ' Kie. Pamela Diane Long. Daphne Lynn Macias. Felipe Esteban Long. Jackie Burton Maclnnis. Kalhryn Ann Long, John Albert Maclnnis, Michael Stephen Long, Joseph Kenneth Macione, Kimberly Karol Long, Judith Gail Mack. Harold Donnell Long, Julie Linn Mack. James Edward Long, Laurence Childress Mack. Robert Alan Long, Marianne MacKenzie, Sonia Kay Long, Miriam Mars MacKercher. Rob Roy Long, Penny Sue Palmer Mackey, Jerry Long. Randall Griffin Macl,eod. Barbara Lynn Long, William Paul Mil. in. Myra Faye Longest, Tom Bruce, Jr. Longley, Peler Kenneth Madden. Kalherine Longmire. Joseph Yadon, Jr. Loomis, Allen Robert, Jr. Madden. Wesley Morgan Maddux. Travis Daniel Looney, Clarence Evans, Jr. Mader. Kathleen Jill Looney, Martha Calhoun Madiebo. Emmnauel Okelue Looney. Robert Bruce Madlinger. Barbara Anne Madsen. Christine Alana l,o per, Jerry Loper. John Anthony Magandy. Kathleen Marie Loper. Johnny Morgan Magee. Charles Winter 1 47 Magee, Lynn Nobles Lord, Lucy [.eigh Lord, Sheryl Lynne Lorendo. l..-,ili C. Lorenz, Jill Tracie Magee, Pamela Ann Magee, Rhonda Lynn Magee. Steven Jay Magee. Timothy Ananias Magnini. Diana Lynn i MM David Allen Magraw. David Briwn 221 Lolt. Robert Bruce Maharry. Mark Shawn Lotl. William C. Maher. Sandra Davis Louis, Pamela). Mahiquez. Jose Alberto Louis, Thomas Michael Mahoney, Ann Kalhryn Lourido, Linnette Pilar Maiden. Doris Jean Travis Love, Danny Ray Maiers. Karen Marie Love, Elizabeth Sidney Mainous. Lori Anne Love. Frank Anderson, III Mainou. Molly A. Love, Jeffrey |,ee M.ijkn . Branislav Major, James Robert, Jr. Majors, Karen Elizabeth Makdah, DarwichM. Malatcsta, Donald Louis Malinowski, Andrea Lee Mallette, James Jeffrey Mallelte, James Thomas Mallory, Lee Hale Mallow. Bradley John 84, 96, 116 Malone, Cheryl Dana Malone, Johnnie Lee Malone, Melanie Beth Malone, Robert Crowe Malnne, William Randy Malone, Winfred Alan Malta, Frank Gregory Mal vezzi, Perian Maner, William Palton, Jr. Mangialardi, John Andrew Mangum, Susan Renae Maniece, Robert L. Manley, Frederick Harrison Mann, Catherine M. Cribbs Mann, Hope Hester Mann, Lawrence Allen Mann, Mark Dwayne Mann, Michael O. Mann, Tammie Lynn Mann, William Albert Mann, William Douglas, Jr. Manning, Clifford John Manning, Edward Lawrence Manning, George Dale Manning, Johnnie Sue Tatum Manning, Katharine Clare 263 Manning, Nila Karen Manning, Pamelyn Mane Manning, Rhela Sharon Manning, Teresa Lane Greer Manning, Tina Renee Mansfield, Kenna Lamar Manson, Charles Delaine Manson, John Roger Mansour, Mohammed H. Mansour, Philip, Jr. Manuel, Bennie Neal Manuel, Donna Leigh Manuel, James, Jr. Maples, Cindy S. Mapp. Bailey Howell Marable, Elizabeth Ann Marascalco, Billy C. Marcella, Kalherine Bray Marchbanks, Charles R., Jr. 295 Marchbanks, Julia Lea Marcus, Steven Herman Marek, Dawn Lee Marion, James P. Maris, Anthony Peter, Jr. Markley, Ann Lynn 147 Markow. Catherine Marie Marks, Carol Page Marks, Melody Kathryn Marks, Sara Marie 153 Marlar. Cheryl Kaye Marnhoul.Jack W. Marone, Stephen Joseph Marquis, Lisa Ann Marrar, Mutelb Ahmad Marriam, Meri Jo Whitehead Marrs, Helen Kathryn Mars, Cheryl Lea Newell Mars, Daniel Fenton Mars, James Montgomery Mars, Virginia Nell Griffin Marsh, Charles Wayne Marsh, Kevin Robert Marshall, Cathy Renee Marshall, Cecilia Miller Marshall, Jeffrey Todd Marshall, Joseph James Marshall, Linda G. Marshall, Lisa Claire Marshall, Lydia Pierce Marshall, Robert Chesley 335 Marshall, Verneice Oclavie Marshall, Vicki Lynetle Marlhaler, Frederick Terral, Jr. Martin, Alexander Caston Martin, Amy Elizabeth Martin, Anthony Quinn Martin, Audrey Mae Martin, Barbara Anita Martin, Billy George Martin, Bruce Edward Martin, Catherine Harlow Martin, Cathy Nannelte Martin, Cynthia Ann Martin, Donna Lynn Fralesi Martin, Elizabeth Burley Martin, GaryJ. 220 Martin, Gloria Lavonne 278, 279 Martin, Joseph Williams, Jr. 69.75, 106 Martin, Joyce Ann Martin, Kenneth A. Martin. Uigh Martin, l -slie Homer, III Martin. Usliejean Martin. Macel Ann Martin. Michael Alton Martin. Michael Leo Martin. Molly Dearman Martin. Natalia Dawn Martin, Reuben Darius Martin. Richard Carey Martin. Sandra K. Martin. Schenille Martin. Sheila Ruth Martin, Tammy I eigh Bates Martin, Teresa Lynn Martin, Thomas Joseph Martin, Wiley Ray Martin, William Currie Martin, William Wendell Martindale, Sharon Tubb Martinez, Maria Rebeca 123, 261 Martino, Clavdia Martz, Dabney Jo Mashburn, Carlton Neely 20 Mash burn, Sidney Coleman Mason, Charles Lafayette Mason, Clark Wharton Mason, Dana Denise Mason, Kathy Lynn Mason, Margaret Ruth Mason. Michael Kelley Mason, Regan Adonis Mason, Robin Lynn Mason, Ronald Kent Massengale, Marc Brian Maasey, David Martin Massey, William David Massie, Christy Elaine Massie, Cornelia Hart Masaie, Diana Ruth Masson, David John Maateraon, Chester W., Jr. 211 Malhews, Barry Samson Mathewtt, Cynthia Lynn Mathews, Mary Florence R. Mathis, Ginger Carol Mathis, Harvey Jean Mathis, Karen Mathis, Melanie Carol Mathis, Monica Ann 1 53 Mathis, Terry Gene Malhio, Valerie Michele Matthews, Alfreda 278, 279 Matthews, N ancy Kate Matthews, Ora Lee 102 Matthews, Sheila Jean Matthews, Timothy Allen 109,291 Matthews, William Darryl Mattingly, Olivia Lynn Mattingly, Thomas Mitchell Matzinger, Barbara Ann Maulden. Marilyn Dale Maulden, Roslyn Gail Mauldin, Deborah Spivey Mauldin. Scott Carl Mauney, Danny Ray Mauthe, Christopher James Mavar, Geoffrey Paul Maxcy, Clyde Slanton Maxcy, Gregory Stewart Maxey, David Robbins Maxwell, Gloria Marie Maxwell. Joseph Lamar, HI Maxwell, Karen Elaine May, Anna Laura Jackson May, David Clifton May, Dianne Judith May, John Alvin, Jr. 217 May, Jonathan May. Judy Ann Russell May, Marianne McGraw May, Meredith Sweat May, Rachel Leigh May, Steven Dale May, William Tucker Mayer, Fred R. Mayes, Berla Mae Mayes, Billy Glenn Mayfield, Eloise Davis Mayfield, Mark Stevens Mayfield, Noel Henning Mayfield, Patricia Smith Mayfield, William Owen, 111 Mayhew, Bryan Wayne Maynard, Douglas Gene 2 1 3 Maynard, Norma Whittington Mayo, Lee Ann Mays, Pattie Vernail Mays, William Terrence, Jr. 75 Mazboudi, Basim Wajih Mazzanti. Daryl Vincent Mazzanti, Gary Bernard Mazzanti, Karen Ann 81, 288 Mrah, Jacob Asi McAdory, George David McAfee. Steven Marcus McAlexander. Farrah Swaney McAlexander, I.ejsa Clare Ash McAlister, John Curtis McAlister, Larry Wayne McAlister, Sidney S-, Jr. McAllister, Carl Feemster McAllister, Lorraine Anne McAllister, Patrick F. McAnally. Donald Raj McAtee, MarkeltaJo McAvoy, Rodne Aiiam McBeath, Mike MrBrine, James Edmund, Jr. M. Bride, Jo Kathleen McBride, Nancy Rebecca McBride. Robert Russell McBride, William Allen McCaa, Martha Ann McCaa. Melanie Connie McCabe, MarkConnell McCafferty. Eddie Joel McCaffrey, Alton Lee, Jr. McCaffrey, Deborah Ann McCain, Janet Carol McCain, Tanya Marcelle McCall, Anthony Bruce McCalmon, Thomas Lee, HI McCann, Arthur James McCann, Cheryl Renee McCarley, Connie McCarley, James K., Jr. McCarthy, Erin Marie McCarthy. Kathleen 331 McCarthy, Maureen 331 McCarty, Charlene Christine McCarty, Robert James McCarty, Tyrus Alphonse McCarver, Russell Todd MeCary, Timothy Gower McCaughan, George Ford McCaughan, William Willie McCaul, Scott W. McCauley. Janice Lucelle McCaull, Jennifer Anne McCaulley, Mary Margaret M. McClain. Ronald Lee McClanahan, Ray Ardell 100 McQellan. Beth Ann McClendon. Barry Meek McClinton, Kehon Wayne McClure, Angele Anne McClure. Randolph C. McClure. Su-nii Justin 96 McClurkin. lola Frances McCluskey, Heather McCluskey, Marilyn Meade 84 McCluskey. Pamela Darlene McCluskey, Pamela Jean McCluskey, Pamela Sue McClusky, Michael Gene McCollum, Rcgina Marie McCollum, Tracy Ann McComai, Cynthia Grelchen McCombs, Steven H. McConnaughey, Sally Perritt McConnell. K, i. McConnell. Paula Kay McCook. Pamela Jo McCool. Edward Deloach McCool, Jeannie Monique McCool, Timothy Mark McCool. Wanda Sue McCord, Mary Claudelle McCord, Nancy Ue McCormack, James Patrick McCormick. Cary Thomas McCormick. Kelli Lynn McCormick, Lesa Ann McCormick. Mark Lovitt McCown. William Russell McCoy. Sheila McCoy, Steven Wilson McCraine, Margaret Renee McCrs- ' -, Conrad Elmo. Jr. McCrary, Laura Marie McCrary.TcrriArlcncWeir McCrew. Michael Earl M.-Crory. Deirdre McCrory. Melinda Tillcy McCullar. Shane Scott McCullcn. Margaret Page 96 McCullough.CarllonF. McCullough, EarlK.. Jr. McCullough. John David Mc-Oullough, JohnR. Mc-Cully. Mari Helen McCurdy. Maury Pringle McCurdy.WendlaJo McDade. Bridgctl Brentta McDaniel. Drhorah Marie Carroll McDaniel. Douglas Max McDaniel. Keith Wade McDaniel. Kcrri Shannon McDaniel. Patricia Ann McDaniel. Trubcrl Holland. Jr. Mi-Daniels. James Robert MrDavid. JohnSanford Mi-David. Slephan Land McDill. Sheryl Corinne McDonald, manda McDonald. Carolyn L. McDonald. D.incil Wayne McDonald. Deborah Ann McDonald. John Kenneth 220 McDonald. Jon Stacy McDonald, gurntin McDonald. William Irvin. Jr. McDougal. Mary Kim, 219 McDowell. Peter Thomas M. E.ichm. John Dubard McElrcalh. Bon Mark McElreath. Lillian Leigh McElroy. Cheryl R. 102 McElroy, Howard Bruce McElroy. Robert Farley McElroy. Thomas Edward McElroy. ToniDmoiw McF.lwa ' in. Karen Lynn McKlwain. Mary Hardy Bays McEucn. Susan Elizabeth McKwen. Barbara l.ue McEwcn. Bonnie Kay M.Ewcn. Marion Lynn McEwcn, Steven Ray MrFaddcn. Clyde Patterson McKadin. Aleta Arlene McFadin. Karon Lanetle McFall. Kimbrrlj Anne 10.1. 219 McFarland. Kcda(;ail McFcrri n. Sherry Suzelle 96 M.Gahcy. Jack Oliver Mc(;ce. Brcnda Jo McGee. Buford Lamar McGee, Calvin Jcffery McGee. Charles Hamilton McGee. Gerald Dwayne McGee, Lyle Vinson McGee, Marsha Gwynne McGee, Michael Hunter 88 McGee, Mollie Dennis McGee. Ricki Vaughn McGee, Roy Do ugla. 291 McGehee. David Clinton McGchce, Dennis B. McGehee, Leo Scott M, (,,11. Deborah Ruth McGinley, Douglas Michael McGinley, Eileen Mary McGlaun. Sally Cochran McGlowan, Brenda Kaye McGoff, Susan Elizabeth McGoodwin, Faye W. McGowan, Janet Anne McGowan. John David Mi-Grain, Melanie Leigh McGraw, Mary Georgina McGregor, Ginger Kay McGuffee, Andrea Lynn McGuire. Hugh Bill McGuire, Michael Kelly Mcllenry.Judy Lynn 8 I Mctlugh, Joanne Mcllwain. Miranda Jane Mclnnes, Anne Maureen Mclnni., Richard Kevin Mclntire, Sheri Anne Mclntosh, Barbara Annette Mclntosh. Doris Fay Mclnlosh. Kevin David Mclntosh. Mark Franklin Mclntosh. Stanley Allen McKay. Al Joseph, Jr. McKay. Alan Bert McKay. Carolyn Jean McKay. Elizabeth Laurie McKay, Evana Shelby 86, 96.296 McKay. Mary McKay. Michael S. McKay. Paul G. McKcaver, Slcven Devon McKcc. Mary Carol McKee. Susan Rebecca McKcll, Lee Ann McKcnzie. David Anthony McKenzie. John Mark McKiernan. Susan Henry McKinlcy. Deborah Salvant McKinley. Kathleen Mare McKinlcy, Robert Wade McKinley. William Bruce McKinney, David Wendell McKinney. John Alvin McKinney. Kenneth Michael McKinney. Langdon, J.. Jr. McKinney, Louise Ise Amos McKinnie. Virginia M. k inn... Cindy Kay McKinnon, Anthony Coryl McKnight, Melody McLain, Charl Slolt Mil. mi. Paul King McLarty, Hermine Herring 75,84,312 McLaughlin, Maura Delaney McLaughlin, Randolph Earl McLaurin, Anselm Joseph McLaurin. David Brian McLaurin, Johnny H. McLemore, Danny Ray McLemore, Mary Ellen Mcl-emore, Pamela Marie McLemore, Steven Scott Mcl-emore. Vicki Cheri McLemore, William Todd Mcl-endon, Jimmy Dale McLendon, Nancy Darlene Mcl,eiidon. William Edward McLeod, Jonnie Ruth McLeod, Robert Langley McManus, James Scott McManus. John Michael McManus. Marsha Marie McManus, Nelson John McManus.Sidneyllugh.Ill McMasler, Uwis Charles McMillan, Daniel Aaron McMillan. Karin Ann McMillan. Melanie Lyn McMillen, Maryjanine McMillin. David Lee McMillin. Larry Joe McMillin. Margaret Jamieson McMillin, Thomas Neal McMillon. Ronald Kevin 126 Me Minn. C.y nlhia Gayle McMorrough. Johnny Jcrimiah Mi-Mullen. Charles William, Jr. Mi-Mullen, Susan Shields Mi Mullin. Leonard Harpole McMurchy. Martha Susan Mi- Murray, Susan Karon 215 Mi-Murlray. Kelly Ann Mi-Murtray, Patrick Ilcan Mi-Nail, Ronnie W. Mi-Nair, Frances Elizabeth Mi-Nair, Michael Knox McNamara. Mary Ellen McNamara, Michael Edward McNamara. Patrick J.. Jr. McNamee. Marion Wynn McNamee, William Scott. Jr. Mi Nan. Jimmie Keith McNeal. Judy Carol McNeal. Larry Dwayne McNtce, Wendell Ue McNeece.JeffC. McNeely, Dennis Lee 96 McNeer. George Randall McNeese. Juslina Carroll McLellan McNeil. Vicki I .-,- McNeilly. Jean Woods McNew, Bonnie Banks McNuhy, Patrick W. McNully, Samuel Turman McNult, Cynthia Level McNutl, Melanie Dawn McPhail, Ix-anne McPhail, MikeGwin McPherson, Hal Patrick McQueen, Barbara Lynn McQuiddy, Leslie Ann McRee, Brooks Wesley McRee, Frances Ann McRight. ' 1 .11.1,11 ;i Lynn McRoberts, Sara Martin McSwain, Robert Joseph McWhirter, John Gordon McWhorter. John Terry, Jr. McWilliams, Marilynn Joyce McWilliams. Sally 1 ..;, Mead, David Richard Mead. Mark W. 146 Meaders. Victoria Alexis Meadors. Elizabeth Rose Meadows. Joseph Robert. Jr. Meadows. Peyton Todd Means. Richard Branham Medford. Mark Anthony Medley, Donald Wayne Meeks, Catherine Ruth Meeks, Eldon Ray Meeks, Jerri Lew Meeks. Renee Hylda Meeks, Sherri Lee Meena. Mary Martha Meena, Richard Thomas Megason, Gerald Eugene Megehee, Carol Murphey 75, 311 Megehee. Jane Adele Mehrhoff, Karen Theresa Melear. Frank Alan Mcllot. Michael Jack Melton. Annie Estelle Mellon, Chuck Pierce Melton, Henry Wayne Melton. Joseph Collins Melvin. Frank Michael Melvin, Martha Gaye Melvin. Patricia Francine Mendenhall, William S. Mendoza, Victor Julio Menees. Regina Kay Meneley. Terry Jean Menhal, George Anthony, Jr. Mercer, James Eugene Merchant, Anne Marie Mercier, Gayle Carroll Meredith, Grace Merideth. Philip Taylor MerkerHon, Craig Eugene Merkle. Kalhryn G. Merrell. Elizabeth Anne Merrill. Robert K. Merrill, Vera Susan 88 Merrill. James Edwin. Jr. Merrill. Stanley Nathaniel Merritt. Suzanne Schworter Smith Merl ' ., Jennifer Ann Me. tz. Laurie Jan Mesa, Oscar Jose Messer, Patricia Ann Messer, Phillip Steven Messer, Ralph Alexander Messer. Wilbert Clawson 147 Melcalf. James Henry Melcalf. Sharron Kaye Meteer. Barbara Gayle Metke. Melissa Ann Men,. Amy Cook Metis, Kenneth Lee Metis, Lloyd Andrew Metis. Melinda Kay Metis. Nina Elizabeth Gooch Meyer. Frank Daniel Meyer. Robert William Meyers. Hal Jay Meyers. Kelly Ann Meznar. Christine Michael. Ronald Dale Michel. Frances Alice 102 Michel. Joseph Waller, HI Michel, Marguerite Robards Michel, Martin Mohan Middlebrook, Walter Keith Middleton. Handle Thomas Middleton. Vanessa Laine Middlelon. Vicki I . Mieres. Evelyn A. Miers.WallonLee.MI Mikell. Belly Lynn Mikell. Cheryl Ann Miksa. Mark Steven Milby.KatherineAldridge Ditto Miles. Howard Moss Miles, Marion Sheldon Miles. Millie Woods Miles, Pattie Gay Miles, Wilson Coleman, Jr. Miley. John Gregory Miley. Lisa Jean Millard. Car olvn Doris 142 Index Peteet Millen.Jane Millrnder, Charles David Miller, Alyson Louise Miller, Amy Katherine Miller, Anna Lisa Miller, Barbara Jean Miller. Billy Wayne Miller, Bradford Todd Miller, Bradley Ecford Miller, Carold Jasen Miller, Cheryl Leigh Miller, Connie Lane Miller, Danny Lester Miller. Debra Elaine Miller, Debra Ruth Miller, Diane Scottie Miller. Donald Floyd Miller, Donnie R. Miller, Douglas Henry Miller, Gail Leann Miller, George Seller, II Miller, Gregory Lynn Miller. Greta D. Miller, Harold Dewey, III Miller, James Thomas, Jr. Miller, JaneStroble Miller, Jo Ann Miller, John Stevens Miller, Joseph Anthony Millrr, Kenneth Allen Millrr. Kevin Paul Miller, Kitty Sue Hubbsrd Millrr. Lea Ashley Miller. l.eo Anthony Miller. Lester Ray Millrr. Linda Suzanne Miller. Mark Henry Milter. Maurice W. Miller. Norman Eugene 191 Miller. Richard Thomas Miller. Robert Arringlon Miller, Rubye Milliard Smoole Miller. Sarah Lynne Millrr. Sheila Ann Miller, Tanya Anne Millrr. Teresa Marie Millrr. Tcrri Lynn Miller. Thrlma Frances Millrr. Todd Darin Miller, Tony Lane Miller, Vivian Carol Millctlr, Lauren Ann Millette, Mark Stephen Millican, Conni Frances Milligan. Jason Michael Milligan.Samu.-IJa . Ill Millh. Catherine Lollerhos Milk David Carlos Mills, Gregory Lee Milk Jacob Christophrr Mills, Jean Mills. Jrffrry Owen Mills. Johnny Harrington Mills, Lisa Lynn Mills, Rhonda Sue 102 MilU. Robert Cage Millwood. Timothy Btane Milnr. Elizabrth Adele Milnrr. David Wayne Milnrr, Jin Elizabeth Milnrr. Paul Bennett Minn.. John Howard Vaught 209,211 Mini-, Lmal Brent Vim-. Mrliasa Medley Miner, Frank Hrnry, III Minrr, Mrrilirgh. Fsirbank Ming. Edward D. Mink. Phillip I) Minnrar. Robert Eaalrv MinshrM. Billy Grnr Mintrr. Debra Kay Minton, Patsy Owrna MirHairdi. Howwin Misita, John Michael Misita, Suan Marie 271 Miskrlly. Lou Ann Mistrr, Berts Mae Mi-nli-. Jowph Angelo Mitrhrll, Alicia Dawn Mitchell. Bobb) Charles Mitt -hell. Brenda Fayr Mitchell. Charles Riven Mitchell. Christopher O. Mitchell. ConnirDran Mitchell. Howrll Grrgg, III Mitrhrll. Jo Beth Mitrhrll. John Alan Mitrhrll. John Cole Mitrhrll. John Robert Mitchrll, Martha Nrll Mitrhrll. Marvin Patrick Milt -hell. Michael Hoy Mitchell. Michael Joel Mitchrll. Patrick Collins 1 47 Mitchrll. Hit hard Dale Mitrhrll. RuMtf-ll Bryan Mitrhrll. Sandra L)nn Mitrhrll. Sur Elaine Mitchrll, V anda Brth Milchrnrr. Timoth) llrn MilroH. Jrannr Von Mizr. Amy Carol Mizr. Earnest Gaylr Mil . Garry Lamar Mizr. I diir.i Ann Mizr. Martha Alice Mizr. hVk Dane Mizr. Sandra Gail Mizr, Stanlrv Hurt Mizr. VirkiC. Mosk. Andrr David Mosk. Roger Alan 75. 280 Mobley. Elizabeth Mobley, James Milton Mock, Melinda Lee Moeller, Jill Ann Moffett, James Thomas Moffrtt. Johnny Wayne Moffett, Michael Eugene Mohamed, Abdul Mehdi Mohammad, AliT. Mohaeni, Afsaneh Molpua, Barry Burnetle Molpua, Mary Margaret Monaghan, Ellen D. Moncrief, Charles Michael Moncrrif, John Russell Monday. Lee M. Monroe, Marilyn Majors Monson, Bradley Wayne Montague, Claudia Williams Montalvo, Julian Dean Monteith, Kathryn Lynette Monteith, Lofton Sturgis Montesi, Terry Raymond Montgomery, Alvin Delay, Jr. Montgomery, Barbara Jo Montgomery. Erby Harold. Jr. Montgomery, Perry Louis Montgomery, William Devere Monts, Michelle Dawn Moody, Ernest Michael Moody. Gerald Wayne Moody, Joyce Rena Moody. Lisa Louise Moody, Shea Fields Mooers, Cynthia Lynn Rousseau Moon, Rhonda Marie Mooneyhan, Mark Clayton Moore, Alida Marie Moore, Anita G. Moore, Arnold Bruce, Jr. Moore, Caroline Roosevelt Moore. Charles Ed., Jr. Moore, Charles Harmon 295 Moore, Charles Melvin F. Moon-. Chrititi) Leigh Moorr, Dalr William Moorr, I Inn]]- Dale Moorr, Donna Carol Moorr, Earl Alrxandrr Moorr, Edward Lowry, Jr. Moore, Evelyn Olivia Moore, James Robert Moorr, Joe A. Moorr. Julia K.lby Moorr. Karrn LeeShawver Moorr. Krvin Phelps Moorr. Laura Clark Moorr, [..-rmrj L. Moorr, Malcolm Sidney. Jr. Moorr. Mjn-u. Claude Moore, Marilyn Jranrtlr Moorr, Marilyn Rose Brandon Moorr, Mark Slrphrn Moorr, Mark Wayne Moorr. Martha Chatham Moorr. Martha Lynn Moorr. Mary Lou Moorr. Mar) Louise Moorr. Mary Mr!. 116 Moorr. Mar Tucker Moorr. Matthrw McDavid 324 Moorr. Michael Lane Moorr, Norman Everett, Jr. Moorr. R andall Lamar Moorr. Rebecca Lea Moorr, Richard Cone, Jr. 101 Moorr. Sharon Gaylr Moorr, Sherry Dalton Moore, Stan Iry Layman Moorr, Slrvrn Uanirl Moorr. Steven Mirkal Moorr, Tamara Moorr, Trrr a Ann Moorr, Terry Wayne Moorr, Walter Trinnrr Moorr. William Daynr Moorr, William Mauldin 145 Moorhrad. Mildrrd POIk Moorhrad. Pamrla Ann Moran. Alfred Riwrll. Jr. Moran. Elhrl Hu -ll Mordrrai, Ramona Sur Morrr. Darlrnr Morrhou r, Kalhrrinr Morgan. Bel) Jane Morgan. Cynthia Ann Morgan. David Yonley Morgan, Davis Krvin Morgan. Drnnit. Paul 1 45 Morgan, Dorothy Louise Morgan. Edith Atkinson Morgan. Frrd Krith Morgan. Gary Hrrschel Morgan. Jamr . Morgan. Jrrry Ann 162 Morgan. John ' lurl- - Morgan. John Franklin Morgan. l on Morgan. Martha Grace Morgan. Mrlan.r Inrz Morgan. M .char I Morrill Morgan. Mirharl Pitiman 96 Morgan. Mikr Wallace Morgan. Paula [.righ Morgan. Robrrt Irvin Morgan. Samurl Kirkpalrirk Morgan. SuHan Gail Alt-- Morgan. Thoma Mrnry. Jr. Morgan. William Todd Morgan. Winfred Hall Morganfield, Robbie Rone 278,279 Mori, Mark Albert Moroney, Martha Ellen Morphew. Glen Russell Morris, Amy Susan Morris, Anthony Lee Morris, Bruce Morris, Carol Jean Morris, Charles Lavern Morris, Christopher Todd Morris, Cynthia Kay Morris, Flora Jean Morris, Gwendolyn Lynett Morris, Herbert Allen. Jr. 315 Morris, James Bryon Morris, James Kelly Morris, Lisa Kaye Morris, Lonnie James Morris, Mary Elizabeth Morris, Melody Butler 162 Morris, Terry Baird Morris, Tina Joy Morris. Vicki Carol Morrison, Francis Secresl Morrison, Janr Bland Morrissey, Cynthia Webb Morrissey, Eilrrn Morrissey, Gina Marir Morrissey, Robert Dennis Morrow, James Scott Morrow. Rhonda Lee Merer, Joseph Reilly Morse, Margaret Leigh 217 Morse, Mildred Wilhrtmina Morse, Nancy Neville Mortada, Kamal Ahmad Morton, JefferyClell Moaby. Bill Rush. Ill 32 i Moseley, Frances Louise Moseley, Kimberty Ann Mosrnthin. Rebecca Moser, Sandra Jill Mosrr, Steven Roger Mosley , Cynthia Arlene Mosley, Frank E. Moss. Donna Kay Mow. Edward Ashley Mom, James Ethridge, Jr. Moss, Jrnnifrr Linn Moss. John Butler Moss, Lee Joy 80 Moss. Sherry Lorraine Mole, Mary Edna Mott, David Marlon Moungrr, Desmond Graham Mounger, Henry H., Jr. Moungrr, Robert Gore Mounlford, Gordon John Moviti, Edward Michael Moyes, Michael Steven Moynihan, John Christopher Muchow. Don Foster Murllrr. Joseph Paul. Jr. Murllrr, Phillip Allan Muffi, Anna Dorothy Muirhrad, Shelley E. Mulholland, Daniel Joseph Mulkin,JoelWhite213 Mullan. Allen Martin Mullican. Carl Denver 1 7 1 Mullinnii, Charlotte Ray Mullin . Angelia Gay Mullin . Judy Carol 80 Mullins. Robert Louis Mulling, Sally Yvonne Multins,SarahBush267 Mullins, Wayne Bryon Mundinr, Barbara Anne Munn, Charlie Clark Munn, Jon Alan Munn. Melissa Karen Munoz. Thomas, Jr. Murrhison. Margaret Lynne Murdaugh, John Arthur Murkrrson, Jerry Wayne Murphry, Louise Adele Murphree, Edward Ray Murphrrr, Lisa Ann Murphy. Angela Hope Murphy, Daniel Quinn Murphy. Glrn Andrrw Murphy. Gregory Alan Murphy. Jackie David, I! Murphy. James Clyde. Jr. Murphy. Jennifer Ann Murphy. Lisa Dawn Murphy. Michael John Murray. Cecilia Sue Murray . Christopher Murray. Craig Hamilton Murray , Deette Wilcox Murray. Lee Anne Murray. Mary Kathleen 2 14. 215 Murray, Misty Carol Murrrll. Trrri Darlrnr Murry. Sebastian Murtagh. Cheryl Faye Muruako. David L ' zoma Muftgrove, David Ronnie MuM lino. Matthew, HI Mai.JoelMwaniki Myrr . Anne Polk 116, 261 Myrrs. Chris Ann My en., Curtis Joe Myri-M, Cynthia Campbell Myrnt, Gregory Bowman Myrm. Judith Harrelson Myrrx. Mart ha Elizabeth Myrr . Mirharl Andrrw Mien.. Michael Franklin Myrn.. Mickey W. Myers. Palriria Mrrrdilh Myers, Sandra Marie Myers, Tereaa Ann Myles, Raymond Alvin Myres, Harper Rivers My res, Meade S. Myrick, Clay Anthony My n.-k. Michael Joe nnn Naaman. Michael Anthony 339 Nabavi-Noori. Mohammad Nabors, Michael Dean Nabors, Penny A. Nader. Allan Paul, Jr. Nader. Deborah Lynn Maghaiihpour, Mojdeh Nahar. Sunita Nail. Gregory Lampion Nail. Michael A. Nailor, Harriet T. Nair, Sukumar Kuttappan Nalty. Raymond Joseph. Ill Nance, John Reynolds. Jr. Naser, Hussain Mohammad Nash. Clifton Ellu Nash, Randy Ray Nash, Sally Ann Nathan, Raghu Nations. James Kerry. Jr. Naylor, Robert Manning Ndefo. Louis Atuanya Neal. Bess H. Hawken Neal, Blake Davoren Neal, Carla Ann 153 Neal, Chevella Renita Neal. Derrick D ' Wayne 3 1 6 Neal. Frank W. Neal. George. Jr. Neal. Robert Christopher Nease. Kelly Jean Neeld. Edward Seward Netly, Johnny Dee Neely. Melinda Mae Neely. Robert Jerry 307 Neely. Vernon Dell. Jr. Neill, John Alexander Neill. Robert W., Jr. Neilson, Edwin Tye Neilson, Joseph Edwin Neilson. Melany Cheryl Neilson. Philip Halbert Neitz, Rita Barbara Nelson. Cynthia Ann Nelson, Jeffrey Lynn Nelson, Mark Albin Nelson. Mary Michelle Nelson. Nicky Dennis Nelson. Robert Lee Nelson, Srikala Nemati. Seyed Ahmad 103 Nemes, Earle Joseph Nesmith, Malcolm Dwayne Nellies. Dexter Conley, Jr. Nettles. Lisa Miller Nettles, Tammy Lesia Neuhaus, Scott Vaughn iNeumaier, Andrea Neumaier, Evanmarie Elsa Neuman. Heidi Karol 271 Neville. William Deberniere. Jr. Nevins, Bonnie Elizabeth New. Pamela Lee New. William Handle Newbaker. David Allen Newbaker. Mary Ann Price Newberry, Kimberly Ann Newcomb, John Nolan 336 Newcomer. Robert Irving. Ill Newell. Janet Ruth Newell. Vicki Rae Newman. Barbara Jean Newman, Bonnie Gail Newman. Dominic Bruce Newman. James Walter. IV 335 Newman, Karol Ann Newman, Kimberly Ann Newman. Miriam Moorhead Newton. George Alexander Newton. Isaac Alton Newton. Michael Edward Newton. Nancy Lee Ranson Newton. Paul Melvin. Jr. Newton, Robert Lee Newton. Tann Renee Neyland. Robert Nash Nganga, John Patrick Nguyen. Thanh Kim Nicholai. Michael Nicholls. Julia Helgason Nichols, Alan Wayne Nichols. Brad Crockett Nichols. Carl Grady. HI Nichols. Deborah Ann Shelby Nichols. James L., Ill Nichols. Jean Simmons Nichols. Larry Edward Nichols. Lurinds Walker Nichols. Mark Andrew Nichols. Milton Keilh Nichols. Ronald Msrk Nichols, Suzanne Marie Herring Nichols, Teddy O. Nicholson, Aubrey Glenn Oltremari, Lisa Dawn Par Nicholson, Charles W., Jr. Oman, Bond Emerson Par Nicholson, Gary Wayne O ' Neal, Amy Ruth Arrington Par Nick, Shelly Kay O ' Neal, James Parker Par Nickey, Nancy Manier O ' Neal, Laurie Lynn Par Nicola, Lawrence Eric O ' Quin, Jo Ann Par Nicovich, Darnell Lynne Orange, Ernrstine Par Nielsen, Rachael Elizabeth Orange, Patsy Ann Par Nikmard, Jahangir O ' Reilly, Erin Jaye Par Nikmard, Jamil Orr, Deborah Taylor Par Nimanandh, Sukanya Orr, Jo Kathleen Par Nil, Cynthia Ann Osaneiye, Gabriel J. Par Nix, James Elmer Oabey, Willie Larry Par Nil, Susan Paulette Osborn, Laura Irene Par Nixon, Teri Jean 31 2 Osborn, Stephen Burns Par N joku, Josephine Ibari Osborne, Walter William, Jr. Pasl Njoku, Patricia Chibuzo Ill Pat Noble, John Charles Osuji, Anthony U. Pat. Nobles, Eric Ross Osuji, Reginald Eze Pat Noblin, James David Oswalt, David Ransom Pat Noblin, Renee Marie Pereira Oswalt, Ronald Lee Pat 215 Otis, Jamea C. Pat Noblin, Tamara Dawn Otis. William Cavett Pat Noe, Donna Man- Ott, David M. Pat Noel, Ann Nancy Ott. Timothy Allen Pat Noel, Sondra Marie Otto, David Anthony Par Nolan, Jennifer Kay Ouille, Carolyn Grace Pal Nolan, Mary Susan Overatreet, Jamea Anthony Pat Noland, Michael Allen Overatreet, Richard Allen Pat Nolen, John Everett Overton, Kendall Elizabeth Pat Nolen, Julia Renee Owen, David Collins Pal Nolen, Leslie Anne Owen, Garry Carter Pal Nolen, Rebecca Dawn Owen, Nolan Eugene Pal Norcross, Patty Elaine Owens, Charles Daniel 1 Nordan.JohnS.. 11 Owens, Cynthia Blair Pal Nordan. Judy Elizabeth Owens, Diane Combs Pal Norman, Emily June Owens, Lallie Lawson Pat Norman, John Pattenon Owens, Nancy Melanie I Norman, Lauren Beth Owens, Ronnie M. Pal Norman, Steven Myers Owens, Ruby r S. Pat Norris, Dwight Miller Oiman, Robin Sue Pal Nonworthy, Derward T., Jr. Ozborn, James Kenneth, H Pal North, Andrea Lynn Pal Northcutt, Suaan Kaye A. _ . . .A Pal Northern, William Claude, fl " V fl T P.t Jr. Pan Northrup, Douglas H. Pan Norton, Bennette Edward Pav Norwood, Anna Marie Norwood, David Leonard PPP Pav Paz Norwood, Eloise 271 Ps, Norwood, Ollie Beth Pa; Note lone. Linda Lemley Pace, Judith Lavann P Novotni, Micheie Cecile Pace, Michael R. Pay Novotni, Robert Harold Pace, William Lewi.. Jr. Pa Nowell, Mildred Elizabeth Page. Andrew Goodrich Pa; Nsoedo, Emmanuel Page, Anne J. Pea Chuckwudi Page, Buford Jeakins Pea Nuckolls, Julie Kristin Page. Robin T. Nelson Pea Null, Alan Reed Page, Susan Annette Pea Null. Toby Kyle Pak. Sun-Hui Pea Nuzzo, Alfonso Palmer, Brian Marc p . Palmer, James Brown rea Palmer, Todd Starr Pea " 4 T Palmer, William Mark Pea 9 v n v Palmertree. Donna Demon Pea Palmertree, Kerry Flynn Pea Palmertree. Kevin Lael. Jr. 3 000 Paluao, Teresa Elaine Panagon, Thomas Basil Pea Pea Pang. Randy Alan 327 Pea Pankey, Laura Ann Pea O ' Donnell, Catherine Irene Pannell, Atoka Dawn Pea O ' Donnell, Mary P. Pannell, Carol Jane Pec O ' Hara, Jane Erin Pannell, Jerrell Michael Peil O ' Leary, Deborah Diane Pannell, Mark Tale I O ' Leary, Paul Douglas Papachristou, Patrica Towne Ped O ' Neal, Deborah Ann Papoutsidis. George Pee O ' Neal, Larry Dean Parcher, Carol Sue Pee O ' Neill, Anne Stewart Pardon, Joseph Lee Pee Oakes, Teri S. 88, 113 Parham. Constance E. Pee Oakley, Mark Edward Parham. Jennifer Pee Oastler, Elaine Bryan Parham, Joanne E. Salamida Pee O ' Brianl, Angela Lois Parham. Robert M. Pee O ' Briant. Athena Dawnn Parham, Stephen Jay Pee Obrosky. Keith Wayne Parham, Virginia Pee O ' Connell, Donna Elizabeth Paris, Irma Leonard Pee 27 Paris, Leroy Henry, II Pee O ' Connor. Elizabeth Seton Paria, Lisa Patricia Reddilt Pee O ' Connor. Joseph Patrick Parish, Rebecca Scott Pee Oden. Gary Lynn Park. Daphne Gay ff Odle. Kathy Yvonne Park, Harry Blanlon Pf Odogwu, Stella Park. Janice Marie 76. 102 Pell Odom. Connie Marie Park. John Oglesby Pen Odom. Frank King Park, Mary Henrietta Pen Odom, Tara Leigh Parke, Mary Susan Pen O ' Donnell, Don Irving Parker, Ann Dubose C Odum, Lara Dawn Parker, Deborah Ann Pen Ogiefo, Yusuf Parker, Dona Lynn Pen Ogle. Linda Kay Parker. Edd Tale, Jr. Pen Ogle. Robert Wayne 96 Parker. Edwin Lewis Oguntimein. Babajide O. Parker. Frank Brumfield Pen O ' Hazurike, Benny N ' wabu Parker. Frank Dupree 216 Pep Ohtand, Angelika Parker. Gary Wayne Per Okeke, Cyril Chukwuemeka Parker. Johnny Clyde Per Okeke. Felix Chukwuma Parker, Judy Clarie Per Okereke, Chukwuonna Parker, Kenneth Lee Per Edozie Parker, Laurel Marie Per Olander, Joseph Tucker Parker, Linda C. Burgess Per Oldmixon, Colette Ann Parker, Lisa Pauline Per Oleis. John Yatea Parker, Margaret Rachel Per Oliphant. Hope Anntlte Parker. Michelle Renee Per Oliphant, Linda Diane Parker. Pamela Jean Per Oliphant, Rhonda Carol Parker, Penny Gail C Oliphant, Susan Salisbury Parker. Raymond Edwin Per Scott Parker. Ronald Keilh Per Oliphant, William Rayburn Parker. Scott Per Oliver, Anita Diane Parker. Elizabeth Ann Per Oliver, Darrel Wayne Parkin. Robert Douglas Per Oliver, Emily Anne Parkin, Samuel C. Per Oliver. Hyloii 2 M Parks. Carla Patrice Per Oliver, Michael Tennis Parks, Eleanor Joan Per Oliver, Russell Frederick Parks, Irving Deforest Pen Oliver, Scott Roberts Parks. Kathleen Meagher Pen Olivier, Jon Moxie Parks, Linda Gale Pen Olson, Ramona Yvonne Parks. Rhonda Jo Prti Parr, Gary M. Parr, Zachwrie Scot Parrett, Samuel Wayne Parrish, Robert Holland Parry, Chri ty Mitchell Parahall. lone Irene Parsons, Edward Ronald Parsons, Larry Keilh Parsons, Mary Elizabeth Partin, Alan Wayne 88 Partin, Mark Ouentin 96 Partridge, Margaret Ann Partridge, Steven Wayne 96 Partridge, Susan Elaine Parvin, Mary Suaan Paslay. Wendy Wall Patasnik, Nancy Joi Pate, Michael Homer Patrick, laadore Walter Patrick, James Kevin Patrick, John Walter Patterson, Alice Ann Patterson, Catherine Anne Patterson, Cathy Leigh Patteraon, Donald Allen Patterson, Guy Harpole Patterson, Jana Nelson Patterson, Jane Givens Patterson, Joey Howard Patterson, Judy Rene Patterson, Lee Anne Patterson, Patricia Ellen Patterson, Palti Anne 105, 145 Patterson, Paula Jean Patterson, Rickie Alphonso Patterson, Robert Hobson. Ill Patton, Alvin Eugene Patton, Brenda Willingham Patton, Catherine Lucile Patton, Kevin Rush Patton, Mary J. Puton, Word Baker, Jr. Paul, David Dick Paul, Sabu Paul, Tammi Elisa Pavlou, Eleftherious Spiros Pavolko, Michael Thomas Paiton, John Oliver Pax ton, Robert Gal la 2 2 Payne, Emily Ruth Payne, Margaret Coleman Payne, Patricia Ann Payne, Vincent Edward Payton, Roste Lean Jones Peacock, Jamea Clayton Peacock, Sue Ann Peal, Linda Rae Peal, Lori Diane Peal, William Duncan Pealer, Carla Jeanne Pearson, Barbara Dianna Pearson, Beverly Taylor Pearson, Jack Bane, Jr. 80 Pearson, John Franklin 123, 307 Pearson, Robert Ronald 221 Pearson, Samuel Clay Peavey, Kenny Wayne Peay, James Gray Peay, Steve Gray Peck, Wanda Gail Peden, Pamela Gay 105, 145,162 Pedron, Mark Richard Pee, Pamela Gail Cochran Peek, Corinne Elisabeth Peel, John Kelly Peele, Jeptha Franklin Peeler, Beverley Cheater Peeler, Ruby Slene Peeler, Warren Christopher Peeler, William Ray Peeples, Bradley Stuart Peeples, David Winston Peeples, Tamala Kaye Peer . Adair Ann Peels, Randolph Dillon, III Pegue , Debra Ann Pegues, Robert Gregory Pelle, Virginia Leigh Penamon, Lavonzell Darcel Pender, Leslie Lynne Pendleton, Margaret Georgine Pennington, Deborah Ann Pennington, Nancy Margaret Pennington, Sharron L. McGonagill Penny, Jamie Carolyn Pepper, Samuel Elam Percy, John Gregory Peresich. Stephen Giles Perkins, Bridget Demetrius Perkins, Cindy Lee Dockery Perkins, Clarice Kay Perkins, Jay Thomas Perkins, Phillip Kerry Perkins, Russell Nelson ins, Vera M. Perrier, Claudia Ann Calloway Perrigo, Alfred Ray, Jr. Perry, Dickson Dansby Perry, Kathryn May Perry, Lee Nace Perry, Martha Jean Perry, Quinton Boudreaux Perry. Verda Mae Perryman, Dean Allen Person, Greer Pittman. Jr. Person, Tana Jean Persons, Linda Diane Peleet, Dewilt Clinton, III Index 443 Peters Peters, Janet Mary Peter , Leslie Carole Petera, Michael Ray Peters, Scotty Larue Petersen, Davis Peterson, Deborah Jean 103 Peterson, James Peterson, Robert Scott Peterson, Susan Logan Peterson, Thomas Allen Petitjean, Desiree S. 1 18 Petkovsek, Jeanene Marie 268 Petrea, James B., Ill Petree, Dinah Wealherford Petrie, Susan Lynn Petrof, Michael Stephen Pettey, William Hall Pettigrew, Albert Harold, Jr. Pettis, Barbara A. Pettis, James Leighlon, III Penis, Nellie K. 2 7 8. 2 79 Pettit, Sarah Teresa Camp Peltry, David Emory, Jr. Petty, Spurgeon William Pevey, Norman Gerald, Jr. Peyregne, Debbie Lynn Pfleeger, William Thomas Phan, QuangQuoc94 Phares, Thomas Edwin, Jr. Phelps, Bobby Franklin Phelps, Kevin Alan Phelps, Leigh Ellen Phelps. Robert Housley, Jr. 100 Phenix, Patrick Joseph Philippart, Catherine M. Philips, Robert Oliver Phillips, Angelina Denise Phillips, Beverly R. Phillips, Daniel Morris Phillips, David Timothy Phillips, Deb Susan Phillips, Donna Annalise Phillips, Emily Bryant 282 Phillips, Forrest C., JR. 211 Phillips, Gina Spears Phillip , Homer Horace, Jr. Phillips, Jack Franklin Phillips, James Michael, II Phillips, Jana Scott Phillip . Jean Carol Phillip . Jeanne Belle 303 Phillips, Jerry Lyn Phillips, Jodie Ann Phillips, Juli Ann Phillips, Melisa Rene Phillips, Patricia Ann 96 Phillip , Patrick Joseph Phillips, Paul Scott Phillips, Rae Ann Phi-lips, Renee Jeanette Phillips, Robert Russell Phillip . Rubel Lex, qr. Phillips, Sheila Denise Phillips, Stephanie Dawn Phillips, William Henry Phillips, William Jeffrey Phillips, William Scotl Philpot, Cliff H. Phipp , Rita Lorraine Phyfer, Mary Raines Pibulniyom, Supachke Pickens, James Michael Pickens, Kelly Ann Pickens, Mary Kay Pickering. James Gary 211 Pickering, Mary Suzanne Lamar Pickle, Allan Thomas Pickle. Margaret Jean Pierce, Bradley Keith Pierce, Julian Harvard, Jr. Pierce, Lisa Victoria 88, 112, 118 Pierce, Michael Edward Piercy, Cheryl Lynn Pierron, Laure S. Bryce Pierron, Melanie Marie Pierron, Walter Joseph. Ill Pigg, Pain Pigott, Michael Eugene 95 Pilgrim, James Stevan Pindell, Laura Jane Pinion, Angela Bliss Pinkston, Catherine Claire Pinson, James Andrew CiM-oii . Jane Piper, Virginia Bemis Pirrie. Mary Kate Pitchford, Rosie Bell Pitcock, Rae Marie Pitman, Kathryn Mary Wallace Pitman, Marshall K. 96 Pitman. Norman DupleMis Pitner, Erin Clayton Pitlman, Beau Bryan Pittman, Bobby Wayne, Jr. Pitlman, David Lonnir Pittman, Delisa Paulelte Wallace Pillman, Donna Katherine Pittman. Edwin Lloyd Piltman, Jack Homer. Jr. Piltman, l-arry. Junior Piltman, Marcus Phoeonix, Jr. Piltman. Melanie 96 Piltman, Peggy Diane Piltman. Peyton Henry Pitlman, Raiford Lee Pitlman, Renea Hillred Pitlman. Ronald . Jr. Pitlman. Sherry Trullender Pittman, Thomas Andrew Prince, Randall Alan Handle, Frances Elizabeth Reynolds, Constance Marie Roberts, Mary Ruth Pitlman, William Trullender Prince, Willie Gene Handle, Mark Bailey Reynolds, Danny Eugene 84 Roberts. Mavis Vickie Jo I ' m-. Gay Brandon Pringle, Caroline Slayden Handle, Mary Lillian F. Reynolds, Miriam Janel Roberts, Melissa Kay Pitts, William Mitchell Prisock, Kerry Lee Randolph, Cary Frances Reynold , Susan Marie Roberts, Mimi Vivian Plants. Robert Thomas Pritchard, Brenda Kay Raney, Jan Elisabeth Reynold . Tanya Faye Roberts, Misty Mignone Plait, Nanci Claire Pritchard, David E., Jr. Raney, Sheri Lyn Reynolds, Wendy Lee Roberts, Rebecca Fran Pleasant, Brenda Carol Prilchard, Rice Cornick Raney, Sheri Lynne Reynolds, William Francis Roberts, Richard Angus, Jr. Ploski, Edward Patrick Prilchard. Roger Lee Rankin, Krisly Delaine Rhea, Kenneth Wayne Roberts, Robert Burns 221 Ploski, Elizabeth Lee Moore Prilcharit, Laura Elizabeth Rankin, Randall Parker Rhea, Susan Blanche Roberts, Sherry Lyn Plunkel, Jane Marie Prilchett, Harold Heinle Rappaport, Harvey M. Rhee, Chang Hwan Roberts. Stephen Cook Plunkelt, David Bruce Probst, Michele Lyn Rasco, Becca Jane Rhemann. Jeffrey Ward Roberts, Steven Glen Plunkett. Robert Henry Proctor, Margaret Jennings Rassouli, Ali Haji Rhey. William Lloyd Roberts, Susan Diane Poag, Joseph Walter Proctor, William Henry, Jr. Rassouli, Javad Haji Rhine, Lynda Gayle Roberts, William Ewell Pobsl. Sally Lea Proffer, Stephanie Anne Ratcliff, Rsndi Lyn 1 1 2 Rhoads, Marcia Jenelle 219 Roberts, William Hughes Pocklington, Brian Terence Proffer, Susan Allison Ratcliff, Robert Allen Rhodes, Carolyn Ann Robertson, Alvin 278, 279, Podlin, Michael Frank Provence, Bradley Keith Ratcliff, Steve Smiley, III Rhodes, Shavonne Lisa 238 319 Podrebarac, James Theodore Provenza, Karen Marie Rather, Hugh Henry, III Rhodes, William Robert Robertson, Angela Pogue, Lynn Hayes Provenza, Margaret Rose Rather, John Edward Rhyne, Julie Ann 102 Robertson, Brenda Kay Pohle. Michael Stuarl Provin. William Hollands Ratkovic, Zoran Rice, Delphine88, 285 Robertson, Daniel Durward Pointer, Monroe, Jr. Pruett, Aven Patricia Ratliff, Michael Vincent Rice, Frank Oliver Robertson, Daniel Gray Poling, Charles Joseph Pruett, Michael Riddell 145 Ratliff, Robbie Malissa Rice, Mary Lynn Robertson, Donna Sue Polk, Catherine Lockwood Pruette, Janet Kimberly 145 Ratliff, Rodger Drane Hire, Robert Kirk Robertson, Fred Dixon Polk, Christopher David 220 Pruitt, Daniel Slalon Ratdaff, John Alan Rich, Ronald Neal 101 Robertson, Jere Calvin Polk, Donna Joy Pruitt, Priscilla Jane Rautine, Philip Don Richard. Keilh Edward Robertson, John Carlton Polk, Dora Elizabeth Pruitl. Russell Tanner Rawls, Clifford Andrew Richards, John Grayson Robertson, John Risher Polk, Harvey Mark Prust. Robert McDonald Rawls, Maurice Levell Richards, Norman Jerre, Jr. Robertson, Kenneth Ray, Jr. Polk, James Michael Pryor, David Wayne Rawson, Richard Daniel Richards, Romaine I evean Robertson, Letitia Annette Polk, Pamela Lynne Mottley Pyror, Le ley Jan Ray, Barbara Canlrell Richardson, Charlyn Wynne Robertson, Marianne Desaix Polk, Robert William Psanos, Kimberly Ann Ray, Bo James E. Richardson, Connie Lafaye Robertson. Patricia Ann Pollard, Mary Claire Psenicka, Allison Ann Ray, Dalisa Gene Richardson. David MCKinley Robertson. Richard Covey Pomeranz, Patrick B. 209, Psikogios, Elena Kay Ray, Donald Craig Richardson, Ginger Sue Robertson, Ricky 211 Psikogios, Michael L. Ray, Donna Lorene Richardson, Jeffrey Brian Robertson, Robbin Carol Ponder, Paula Lunell Puckett, Jennifer Camille Ray, James Stevenson Richardson, Johnnie Morris Robertson, Sharon Lynn Poole, Bryant Lewis Pulaski, Michael Brett Ray, Jerri Lynn Richardson, Joseph William Rouse Poole, Franklin P., Jr. Pulaski, Robert Vernon Ray, Joseph Eugene Richardson, Kenneth Charles Robertson, Terry Allen 145 Poole, Glenda Ellen Pullen, John Thomas, IV Ray, Lila Jeannine Richardson, Mickey Lee Robertson, Tory Lynne Pope, Alissa Kathleen Pullen, Mark Alan Ray, Margaret Elizabeth Richardson, Phyllis Stein Robichaux. Milton Joseph Pope, Barry Douglas Pullen, Mitzie Dell Ray, Mark Andrew RichArdson, Rober t Coffman Robinson, Ann Home Pope, George Nelson Pulliam, Marilyn Patricia Ray, Martha Susan 103 Richardson, Robert Keith Robinson, Carolyn E. Pope, Johnny Wayne 162 Pumphrey, Charles M . RAy, Mary Jo Richardson. Rodney Charles Robinson, David Glen Popernik, Michael Lee Purnell, Albert Vernon Ray, Mary Melinda 145 123 Robinson, David Lee Popper, Richard Charles Purser, Cynthia Jean 88, Ray, Mitchell Terry Richardson, Teresa Ruth Robinson, David Michael Porras, Johnny Nilo 113, 145 Ray, Tommy Joe Richey, Gregg L. 220 Robinson, Don Hugh Porter, Betly Lou Purvis. Alton E. Ray, William Frederick Richmond, Annie E. Robinson, Douglas Ray Porter, Devra Kay Purvis, James Baxter Raybon, Simms O ' Neal Richmond, Brendley Kay Robinson, Eunice Porter, Glenn Hughes Purvis, Janet Lynn Rayburn, Pamela Renae Richmond, Lornadean Robinson. Everetl Edwin, IV Porter, Mark Maurice 320 Purvis, Mary Etta Rayford, James Thomas Rickard. Karen Lynne Robinson, Fielding B., Jr. Porter, Mark Nathaniel Pulman, Bonnie Gail Rea, James Derril, Jr. Ricketts, Leslie Arden Robinson. Freda Margaret Porter, Mary Candace Pulman, John Lee Resd, Benjamin Howard Rickles. James Franklin Robinson, George Edward Porter, William Marvin, Jr. Portera, Joseph Chris Pyle, Deborah Elaine Pyron, Lisa Renee Read, Sarah Correll Reardon, Rory Campbell 1 47 Ricks, Kerry Neal Ricks, Steven Lee Robinson, George Ivan Robinson, John Stuart 2 1 7 Portrey, Michael Joe 340 Reasons, Sandra Gayle Riddell, John Frazier Robinson, Karen Michelle Posey, Gloria Leisa .A Reaves, Henry E., Jr. Riddell. Lee Harrington Hipp Posey, Janice Lynn - fl " Reaves, Wanda Kay Crawley Riddick. Louis Simpson Robinson. Larry Marvin Posey, Kenneth Edwin fl V Redden, Malinda Carol Rider, James Neil Robinson. Levie Tycho Posey, Mary Jacqueline Redden, Walter Stewart. Ill Ridgeway. William B., Jr. Robinson. Martha May Poston, Margaret Danz Potocki, Douglas Edward qqq Redditl, Ralph Bardin Redhead, Joseph norwood. Ridgway . Douglas Wallace Ridgway. James Lewi Robinson. Melida Kathryn Robinson. Mitchell Hunttey Polts, Edwin Gilmer, Jr. Jr. Riehl, Sharron Ann Robinson. Rodney Douglas Potts, Harold Hill Redmond, Linda Joyce Avant Rieser. Dorothy P. Robinson, Suzanne Carroll Pott , Jennie Deleigh Potts, Kathryn Lynn Quarle , Debra Quattlebaum, Judith Ann Reeb, Rene Marie Reece. Charles Haider, Jr. Rifai.Saadallah. Abdulaziz Riggins, Matthew Paul Robinson, Terry Glen Robinson, Timothy Markham PotU, Shirley Jean Quatllebaum, Michael Earl Reece, Ricky Lloyd Riggins, Pamela Sue Robinson. Vera Jean Potts, Virginia Gayle Pounders, Jackie Jean Qubbaj. Hilmi Fareed 100, 103 Reed, B. Joan Lewis Reed, Candace Elizabeth Riggs. Jessica Blanche Rigney, Gregory Mark Robinson, Vira Jean Robison. Alison Joy Pounds, Jeffrey Peyton Powell, Barbara Carol Queyja, Mary Ida Quick, Nancy Dean Reed, Faith Rochelle Reed, Gai Louise Rikard, Wendall Wayne Riley, Ann Bonney 20 Robison. David Wayne Robst, Paul Kenneth. Jr. Powell, Cynthia Lynn Quillen, Jesse Wayne Reed, Kenneth Noel Riley. Bradford B. Roby. Mark Sleven Powell, Donna Lynne Quin. Molly Metind Reed, Lome Gay Riley, Darrell Scolt Rocconi, Sally Adele Powell, Edward O. Quinby, Mary Julia Reed, Patrick Daniel Riley, Harriet Frances 76 Roche, Mary Helen 343 Powell, Frances Elizabeth Quinn, Christine Diane Reed, Rachael Aneva Riley, Hugh Michael Rocketl. MaltieRene Powell, John Franklin Quinn, David Russell Reed, Robin Craig 103 Riley. James David Roddy, Marshall David Powell, Kelly Newton Quinn, NinaGaynel Reed, Roy Anne Riley, Michael David 220 Rocien, Monica Rose Powell, Martha Samuelson Quinn, Perry Kenneth Reed, Shelby Leland, III Riley, Neil Frank Rodger . Diane Elizabeth Powell, Pamela Ann Quinn, William Charnell Reed, Walter Bryant Riley, Ralph P., Jr. Rodger . James Griffis Powell, Patricia Lynn Quintans, Benjamin A., Jr. Reed, William Ray Riley. Thomas Nolan. Jr. Rodger . Joyce C. Powell, Paula Annette 284 Quiriconi, Stephan Frank Reed. William Robert, Jr. Riley, Trina Hart Rodgers. Kim Elise Powell, S.Beth Quiriconi, Stephanie Ann 100 Rish, James Alfred Rodger . Rhonda Powell, William M., Jr. Quon, Helen Fung Reeder, John Robert Rish. Jeff Windham, HI 103 Rodger , Vsllery Forbes Powers, Alice Reese. Barbara Elizabeth Rish, Julie Anne Rodriguez. Mayra Gisselle Powers, Annette Reese, Danny Mel Rish, Mark Henry Roebuck, Karen Diane 76. Power . Dale Carlton Jt- - f Reese, Jimmy Malcolm, Jr. Rish, Melanie Suzette 96, 103, 343 Powers, David Downs O Y Reese, Joe Robert Risher. Hal D.. Jr. Roebuck, Michael Keyes Power . Deborah Kay Reese, Martha Ann Glenn Risher. Lr-ier Lamar Roell. Janet Karen Powers, Jeffery Carl Reese, Michael R. Risher. Paula Dale Rogers. Alice Faye Powers, Joel Russell rrr Reeves, Benjamin Theodore Risher, Sleven Daniel Rogers, Charles Richard, Jr. PoythreM, David F., Jr. iii Reeves, Carolyn T. Rilchey. Brenda Nell Rogers. David Mark PraserUri, Rangson Reeves, Cynthia Lynelte 1 1 8 Kitier. George Howard Rogers, Gayther Dale Prater, Gilbert Neil, Jr. Reeves, Johnny Raymond River, Keilh Alan Rogers. Hampton Walker Prater, Maude June Rabideau. Mark Steven Reeves, Kendall Wayne Rivers. KfUanl Kay Rogers. Janet Woodward Pralher, Leisha Jane 76, 216 Rabito, Felicia Ann Reeves. Mary Lou White Rivers. Russell Michael Rogers. John Milben.Jr. Prather, Lydia Sue Rader, Robin Rose Reeves. Philip M. Rives, Julian Wray Rogers. Mary Kirkpatrick Prather, Pamela 69, 76, 84, Rader, Sarah Elizabeth Reeves, Sims H., Jr. Rizza, Diane Jean Rogers, Michael 107,303.262 Rafferty, Donald John Reeves. Timothy Frank Roach, John Daniel Rogers. Oby Thomas Pratt, Joseph Leonard Rafizadeh, Abbas Regan, Cynthia Ann Roach, Susan Lorraine Rogers. Richard Jackson Pratt, Larry Joe, Jr. Ragland, Joe M. Regan, Melanie Marie Roach, Terry D. Rogers. Roy Gregg Prediger, Laurie Elise Ragland, Leesa Ann Rego, James Wyman Roane, Jeri Kathryn Roger . Sony a Denise 303 Prescoll, Timothy Ragland, Leslie Louise Reichel, Charles Edwards Breeland Roger . Thomas Christopher Presley, Curtis Edward, III Ragtand, William John Reid, Jame Timothy Roane, Michael Lawford Rog ers. Tommy Wayne Presley, Donald Ansel Ragon, Donna Kay Reid, Lee Edward Robberl. Leslie Adan Rogers. William Bryan Pre ley, Nancy Dianne Ragsdale. Michael David Reid.Leroy.Jr. Robbins, Debra Dawn Rogers. William Eugene Pressler. David Grant Raines, Georgia Susanne 1 47 Reid, Martha Elizabeth Robbins. Judy Floyd Rogers. William George Presson, Bruce Alan Raines, Michael Carl Reid. Marvin Wilmer Robbins. Karen Marie Rohan. Leslie Alice Preslage, John Arthur Rainey, Anthony Dale Reifers, Johnnie Kaye Robbins, Nancy Gail Roland. James Sessions Prestage, Stephen Lane Rainey, Charles Edward 332 Reinsert, Gerald John 299 Robbins. Robin Michelle Rolandi. Walter G. Prevost, Tammie Dianne Rainey, Kim Carpenter Reilty, Cora Miner Robbins. Sonia (rale Kolwing. Patricia Joan Prewilt. Thomas Wendall Rains, Francis Tod Reilly, Helen Robinson Roberson, Keilh Kimhroufth Roman. Waleska Price, Adelbert, William, Jr. Rainwater, Janice Anita 96. Reilly, l enda Gay Robe rsn, Robert Linn Romano. Joseph James Price, Alice Minerva 328 Reina. Jerry J. Roberson, William Jeffrey " M Komeo. Richard Scolt Price. Betlie Catherine 308 Rakestraw, Barbara Ann Reilz. Chris Warrington Roberts, Angela ( " arolyn Romero, Jesus P. Price. John Todd Rakestraw, Edith Charlene Rejebian, Michael Vahram Roberts, Harry 1 John Romine. Bruce Claude Price, Johnnie Mae Collharp Rejebian, Myron Bradford Roberts, David Ambrose Komine, Marria Lynne Price, Kenneth Craig Ramage, Linda Jane Renaudin. Elise B. Roberts. David Franklin Romine. Mary Lisa Price, Lalta Lee Ramage, Marti Donald, Jr. Ren fro, Tracey Carol Roberts. Dennis Christopher Ronaldi. Thomas Carl Price, I aura Gail Ramirez. Marisa Renfroe. Cohen Williams, Jr. Roberts. Dorothy Claire Rone. Alan Douglas Price, Lauri Erlette Ramos, KIMI 1 m Renfrow. Michael David Roberts. Forre-1 Da id Rone. Jo Ann Prophet Price, Myrt Buford Ramphrey, George Wade Renfrow. Richie Hardin Roberts. Geraldine D. Rone. Memory Lee Price, Ricky Lynn Ramsay, Granville Parker Reno. Jerry Dean Roberts. Glenn Daniel R(M)k. Kleanor Jefcoat Price. Vernetia Caryl Jones Ramsey, Arthur R. Replogle. Walliam Harry Roberts. Graham I Kooker. Jimmie Lee Price, William Newman. Jr. Ramsey. Larry Lavon Rrspess, Francis Karl Roberts, John Burns. 11 Rooks. Carrie Sue Pridgen. Robert Arlis Ramsey, Laurence Perry Resla. Janel H. Roberts. John Curtis Rooi, Lindv Lafaye Pridgen, Susan Yawn Ramzy, Theron Geuard, Jr. Hester. Robert Raymond. Jr. Roberts. Joseph Edward. Jr. Roprr. Jay Michael Primos, Katherine Gwynn Ranager, James Clifton Reuter. Sue Ann Roberts. Uigh Anne 216 Kii-ail ' i. Samuel Ramirez Primos, Mary Alice Rand, Fred Turner, IV 324 Reves, Dennis Ray Roberts. l. ndun Cav le Rosatti. William Charles Primes, William Angelo Rand, May Annette Reynolds, Beverly Ann Roberts. M ' arv Elizabeth Rose. Margaret Elise Rose. Sidney Mark Rose, Teresa Lyn Rose, Thomas David Roseberry, Marcia Melinda 84 Roseborough, Eleanor Rosentreter, Eric D. ROSA, Anna Buntin Ross, Ernest Donald Ross, Frederick A., Ill Ross, Herman Henry Ross, Julia Carol 199 ROMS, Julianna Muse Ross, Lauren Robert Ross, Louie Gregory Ross, Melinda Ann Ross, Myra Denise Ross, Myrtle Lucinda Ross, Nita Louise Ross, Thomas Trotter Ros , Tina Michelle ROM, Virginia Lynn Ross, William Jeffrey Rosser, Mary Scott Rosskamp, Hazel Anita Roth, Sherry Lee Rouchon, Claudia Marie Roudebush. David Steven Rouse, Deborah Ann Roush, Donald Howell Roush. Kathleen F. Wheeler Roush, Mark Allen Rowan, Cathryn Kingsley Rowan. Elizabeth Lynn Rowan, Sherry Mills Rowan, Steven Andrew Rowe, Donald Edgar, Jr. Rowell. Barbara K. Rowell, Cory Ken Rowell, IV borahj. Rowell, I Brown. Jr. Rowland, Margaret Victoria Rowland. Vickie Gail Whitehead Rowland, Virginia Morgan Rowley, Stephanie Cullinan Rowsey. Angelia Lucile Rowsey, Dan Todd Roy, Ann Caroline Roy. Anne Marie Roy. Deborah G. Roy, Rickey Dean Royes, Richard Andrew Rucker, Gwendolyn Faye Rucker, Lorrella Faye Rudd. Mary Etta Rudman, Jerry Edward Ruegger, Karen I,ea Ruehl, Marc Allen Ruemke. Alfred Herbert Ruff, Guy Philip, Jr. Ruff, Margaret Ann Ruff, Myra Eason Ruffin, Vicki Lynn Runnels, Gathel Oliver, Jr. Runnels, Joseph Arnold, Jr. Runnels. Rhona Sheryil Alter 98 Runyan, Amy Claire Runyon, Alex Ann Rush. Janet Sue Rush, Linda Rose Rushing, Audie Len Rushing, Eric I at,.- Rushing. Jerry L. Rushing. Kermit !, Ill Rushing. Sam Kittrell Rushing. Scolt Wayne Rushing. Sidney Lamer Rushing. William Richard 77,94 Rushlon, Frances l anclle Russell, Deborah Jean Russell. Donald Bradford Russell, Francine Ann Russell, Georgiania Susan Russell, Glover Alcorn, Jr. Russell. Jennifer Elizabeth Russell, Jocelyn Lorinda Russell, Joe Mack Russell, Judy Ann RuHsell, Lawrence Alton. Jr. Russell. Lisa Marie Russell. Margaret Hayward Russell. Marion Dean Russell. Merilyn Montie Russell. Michael Wade Russell. RonCochran RuHsell. Ruth Ann Russell. Srotly Lee Russell, Sheila Gail Russell, Stephen Minnie Russell, Thomas Logan, Jr. RusHon. Manuel G. Rulh. Miller Arant Rutherford, Denice Wynn CroM Ruthford, l.awranre Denson Rutland, William Jeffrey Rutledge. Cynlhia Clyde Rutledge, Terry L. Ryan. Deborah Lynn Ryan, Rei William Ryan, Sarah Ellen Ryan, Sue H. Rybak. John William Ryder, Stephen Kenneth Rye, Mary Kalhryn Ryland. Julie Rymer. liar I. - Gerald Rymer, Rosa Ana Aria 444 Index Stubblefield sss Saadeh. Fuad S. Sabate.lo. Rirk Anthony Sabbam. Rohmi Devi Sadaka. Tarek Shehadeh Sedredim. Abb.. Sadredini, Ho-sein Safaoui, Nabil Sulviman Sa(;p. Sagen, Patricia Floy Sahu. Knuhan Chandra ahu. PrabhatiS St... Eliiabe t h Salavcrria. Jo e Joaqum Siltur, Debra Anne Salem.. Philip Mirk Sallack. .Ih.m Alden Sallinger, Barr Joseph Sally. Sara Lee ' l 99, 201 Salmon. Robert Wesley Sailer. Kalhenne Kaigler Sailers, Melvin Sattano. Mirhacl Charles Samakur. Saralakumari Ramad Chillor Sammons, Harry. Jr. Simmon . Steven Srolt Sampson. Ctnthia Louiae Sampson. Nathan MrMullen Sampson. William Edward Sams. Lucius F. HI Sam et. Richard Scott Samfron. Brightm Gilbert SamueU. Donald Gene SamueUon, Mar]. Clifford Samui akom. Varaporn Sandefer. Chntttophcr Scott Sandefer, Ro Jrffrrv Sandefur. John Carroll Sander . Btrr Clay Sanden. Carol Marie Beater Sander . Carrie Ann Sander . Carrie Brandon Sander . Cathy June Sanden. Charles Da id Sander . Gay Ir ' . Sander . James Roy Sander . John Richard Sander . Martha Joyce Sander , Pamela Kay Sander . Robert Hal Sander . Ronald Keith Sander . Samuel Allen Sander . Steven Howard Sander . Timothy Lee Sander-eon. Jay William Sandhu. DayaS Sandier, Michael Jerome Sandlin, Amy Jane Sandlin. Stephen Michael Sando. Barn M. 335 Sand ndge. Jame Boyd Sand ridge, Janet Denice Sanford. Charle Ru ell Sanford. Li a Karen Sang, Anthony C. Sansing. Da id Gaffney. Jr. Sansing, Debra Anne Sansing. Elizabeth G. Sanaing. Eliubeth Grace Sansing. John Prrry Sansing, Rebecca Fate Sanlm er. Jam Mane Sarangan. Ambuja Sareewitihana. Raiboon Sareewiwatlhana, Salya Sarji. Ahmad Abba Sartain. Diann Butter Sarthou. Cynthia Marie Sartor. V illiam Smith. Jr. Saaser. Jo Anne Saucier. Cindy Ann Sauer. Kathenne Ann Saul. Eric Matthew Saul. Mary Beth StuU. Da id John Saunder . Kathryn Deaton Saussy. Suzanne Savage. Jo eph Aaron Savage. Marshall Kent Savage. Maunn Dean Saell. Harold Edward Saell. ayne Stoke Savery. Robert Warren Savery. Trarey Elitabeth Savoie. Lewis Pierre Saw rr. Andrew Bennett Sawyer, Chrifttpher Brian Sawyer. John Robert Saion. Myrna Kaye Saion. Teresa Jane Scale . Philip Lee Scallorn. Roy l.ynn Scarborough. Bruce Malcolm Scarborough. Mark Alan Scarborough. Rebecca Lee Scarborough. Ruth I.ynctlc Scarborough. Sidney Milton Scarbrough. Richard Arlan Scardino. AngeKn Marie 77. 84 Scardmo. Debra Francis Schafer. Jennifer Ann Schaffenburg. Paul Carloa Schamber. Albert E. Schaub, Susan K Schechter. Ira Michael Schemer. Patricia Anne Schemer. Towner Bennett Soh.ebe. Jean Jenette Schiebe, Kathryn M. Schirmer, Michael Scott Schleicherl, Sooja Schmetsaer, Elaine Fall SchmeiaB-r. Harry C.. Ill Schmid. Tania Li et te Schmidt. Alan David Schmidt. Charles Theodore Schmidt. Gil C Schmidt. Jeanne Anne 102 Schmieg, Meredith l.ynn Srhmieg. Robert E . jr. Schneider. Michael Anthony Schneider. Scott Allmond Schneiter. Ronald C Schneller, Lucy ebb Schneller. William F., Jr. Schoenly, Victoria Arnold Schoenoff. Kurt Schocntag, Liu Ann Schott. Carl Gerard Scholt. Eric Robert So holt. Jame Vincent Schove. Janet Ann Schove, Margaret Suaan 1 I 8, 284 Srhrtm. Andrew Campbell Schramm. Jan A. Schreiber. Noma Deniae Foster Schreiber. Sharon Lee Lucaw Schroeder. Rirhelle Marian Schuh. Maury Louit Schulu, Fredrick Edward Schulte. William Cha He. Schuster. Howard L. Ill Schutx, Leslie Karen 2 19 Schwab. Jame A. Schwab. John Mark Schwartz, Jonathan David Schwartz. Michael Aaron Schwartz, Richard B. Scobey. Jeffrey Mark Scott, Anihony Wayne Scott. Beverly Demealris Wright Scott. Carol Grace Scott. Charle Christopher Scott. Hugh Barrett Scott. Jame Tate. Ill Scott. Jamie Leigh Scott, Jeffery Marion Scott. Jonathan Dorlch Scott. Joseph R Scott. MelanieS. Scoll. Paul Randolph Scott. Rhonda M. Scott. Sonya Belinda Scott. Stephen Manna Scott. Suelte Claire Scoll. Tamara Lynn Scott. Thomas Herbert. Jr. 315 Scott. Tommy Scribner. Raymond Pegram Seabrook. Jame Hunter. HI Seago. Andrea DcSaekely Seago. Debra l.ynne Seal. Dougla Elliot Seal. Frederick Raymond. Jr. Seal, Sidney Wayne Seale. Dorothy Olivia Seale. Jeffrey Keefe Seale. Richard L. Seale. Robert Andermn Seale. William Boll on Seal. Carroll Ann Searcy. J.C.HI Sea rf os. Stephen A. Sean, Angelea Sear . Richard Hay wood Sea right. Norman Houston Seay. Eliza belh Serkman. John Pre cotl 299 Secrest. Bradley Neal Secresl. Charle I lnd Seeger. Kem David 100 Seid. Peggy Lynn Seidel. Roger ay ne Selby. Sara Ellen ' Self. ' George Michael Self. Lwa Renee Sel.m. Mu.itfa Ibrahim Seller . Bobby Newton. Jr. Seller . Mary Anna 1 12 Selley, Phyllis Ann Selman. Marilyn Gail Semme , Marv Bryant Senf. Lauren Elizabeth 162 Senjer. Maan Salah Senjer. Mohamad-Khalid S. Senter. John Thoma Sentina. Ahmad Sepantaie. Amir Mohammad Sergi. Brian Phillip Serralo. Virginia Aline Sequin . Sonja Deniae Seto. BikChun Sevier. W illiam Steven Seiion. Margaret Evelyn Shaalan, Jennifer Dobb Shtar. Jamal Abdul Rahman Shackelford. Allan Dougla Sharkelford. Jamie Sha ckelford, Wanda Jane Shaddock. Marjone Kale Shadko. Gregory Andrew Shaheen, Catherine t Shakir.SubhiSaed Shamburger. l.ia Anne I 53 Shamoun. ( " harle Gregorv Shamoun.J..hnM,]am Shamoun. Liaa Ann Shaner. Steven Mark Shanklin, Mary Carol Shank . Stanley Howard Shannon. Charle Robert Shannon, Danny Arthur Shannon, Jill Anne Shannon, William W. Shape ro. Suaan Shapiro. David Samuel Shappley, Robert Wade. Jr. Sharari. Mohammad Said Sharman, Sandra Jeanne Sharp. Benny Wayne Sharp. Covinglon Magruder Sharp. Deborah Deniae Sharp, Garvin Saunder Sharp, LoyM.. Jr. Sharp. Michael Keith Sharp. Pal Keith Sharp. Sarah Joan Sharpe. Arthur Cleveland. Jr. Sharpe, Debra Lynn Sharpe, Edward Ree e Sharpe. Noble Keith Sharpe, Rebecca D. Sharpe. Susa n El iu bet h 2 1 9 Shaw. David ChaHe Shaw. Debra Page Shaw, Frank Ham-. Jr. Shaw, Gary Boyd Shaw, Guy Andrew Shaw, Jame Earl SKaw. Jeanne Lea Shaw, Norman L. Shaw. Robert Sydney. Jr. 77. 323 Snaw.SaraSullitani Shaw. Steven Earl Shaw. Sue Mary Shaw, William Frederick Sheahan. Laurie Susan Sheffield. Gene Guild Sheffield. Kim Fumiko Sheffield. Lealic Claire Scott Sheffield. Patricia Ann Shell. Jame Randal Shellon. Beverl Carol Shellon. Lurlean 118 Shellon. Martha Jean Shelton. Susan Lee Shellon. Wille Ann Shemwell. Robert L., Ill Shepard. David Moore Shepherd. Beth Bonnie Shepherd. Jame. Alfred Shepherd. Swan Grace 1 1 1 Shepherd, Thoma Bank 82 Sheppard. John Gret Sheppard. Sonja Pearl Sherman. Elisabeth Marie Sherman. France Marie Sherman. Jame John. Ill Sherman. Jame , Jr. Sherman. Li a Margaret Sherman. Richard Newman Sherritl. Linda Elaine Shibley. Joseph Paul Shidler. Richard Gene Shield.. Bobbye Kay Shield . Lincoln. }T. Shield.. Timothy Michael Shield., Tommy ' Ray Shiflelt. Sandra Kendall Shilan. Susan Patricia Shinall. Terri Lee Shinauh. Walter Eugene Shipley. Samuel M. Shipp, Joe Ann Shipp. Lucinda Lea Shippv. Robin Dee Shippv . Susan Dawn Shirev. W illiam Gordon Shirtc ' y . J. C. Shirley, Jame Arthur. Jr. Shirley. Vicki Lynn Srmelbine. Laurie Belh Shiver . Elizabeth Jay Clark Shiver . Jerrald I .amar Shoaf. Kathrjn Ledie Shoemaker. Charlotte Gayle Shoemaker. Jame Horace. Ill Shofner. Ruth A. Shohadaee. Ahmad Alt Shook. Mime Keto Shook. Deweie Shawn Short. Tnlbv Jov Shorter. Lyonell Joe Shoup.LaneD. 195 Shorn Plt Hi " 4 r- Sho.rrv Thoma. Ht-nrv. Jr Sho. Jirk [feuf l. 3 1 5 -ho .. MinOull Trunt. Jr. Shrr% . Rind Robrrt Shull. Chirln illi.m Shull. K.lhr.n nn Shunukr. Jim Divid Shumakr. Kaurina Sillon Shumakr. Lnlir Roohn Shumakr. Prrnn Shunokr. md I I H. 2.18. 270 humalr. illiam l)a id Shumprrl. Shrr l. nn Shumprrl. Trrr-xj Rulh 96 ShurUk . Kilhrrmi- Shulr. 1 1. i.1 Robiniion Shulr. Jamr Cnbfnan Shulr. Sammi (irf or Siblr . Inira I .-nh 77. 84 SiMr . Valrrir Rrnola l-. l nnald Prlc-r aron Ltnnr Sutherland S;lrr. I -rah Carol 2 1 7 Signa. Pauli Elinbrlh Stkm. Donna Lynn Sikora. Jen Lynn Sikora. Jim Jarqu lmr Siler. V ilium ThonuM. Jr. S.|M. BoladalrOUr difaju Simco.. Larry Douf la. 2 1 I Simmrrman. Crorgr Milrhrll. Jr Simmon.. Allan Kylr Simmon.. Brian Aimatorth Simmon.. Craif; Mil. hrll Simmon.. Dana Dram Simmon.. Dorothy Jrn Simm..n.. HaroU David Simtnorw. Hrbrr Shrrwood, III Simmon . Joseph Rov Simmon . Julius Tayloe. Jr. Simmons, Kenny Joe Simmons, Loretla Elisabeth Simmon . Lynne Simmon . Marcus Gill Simmon . Mitchell B niton Simmon . Nancy Jean William Dillon . AIRoson n. Andrea Jean Simpson. Debra Lynne 112 Simpson, l.idell Mann Simpwn, Pamela Joyce Sim , Albert David Sim . Annie Pave Sim . Candace Melii a Sim , David Stacy 38 Sim . Gary Dean Sim , Jo eph Walker Sims, Suzan Marie Sim . W illiam Scott Singarayar, Santiago Singh. Ritu Singh. Surendra Singiclary. Jean Elizabeth Singleton, Paul Lester Jr. 213 Singley. Patrick Shannon Sinopoli. Jon Thoma Sinqurfield. Robert Steven Sippel. D ' Anne Sirera. David Paul SIM n. Billy I nn Si- ... Sharon Denioe Sik. Gregory Alan St4er. Pamela W illiam Sii4er. Peter Howard StNKon. l---Jve Anne Sit. Ronnie Canson Siw ula. Jeannie Ida Siaemore. Mitzi Ann Skate . Andrea l egard Skelton. Gayle Ann Skelion. Henry Fut. Ill Skcllon. John. Susan Skelion. Kevin Barry I 70 Skierkowtiki. Paul 102 Skinner. Hugh Adam Skinner, James C. Skinner. Jame Ronald Skinner. Jeffrey Eugene Skinner. Mary Kalherine Sky perk. Carol Jessie Slabach, Frederick Gilbert Slade. Linda Carol Slate. Kalh Jean Slater. Joeph Ixonard Slaufhlrr. Da idjor Slaufhlrr. Slrphuiir Maria Slt rn.. Charlrs Frrdrrn k. Jr. Slat . Janm Jr. Sla . Krrry Earl Sla . Jtt rdm Mfr. JarkLinn SlnV-r. Jamr. illiam Slrdgr. Rrbn-ra Ltnn SU-iak. J-on Ni, hola. Slim. Hu_r,n Xbdillih Slinkard. Jrrr Mark Sloan. John llardi Sloan. Timotht Palrirk Slorum, Sandra Ijr-t Smallood. V illiam ( artrr. Ill Smalhrr.. Robin Fot Smrltz T. Drrnda nnr Smilry.John lr anorr Smik . Slrphanir Patricia Smith. Alfrrda Smith. Alia Marir Smith. nthon% IKa nr Smith. tiidr IViirll Smith. Barbara Jarw Smith. B.IK Mafll Smith. Brian lUmihon Smith. Brian Krith Smith. Brurr A. Smith. Burk II. Smith. mml Gum Smith. ( arrohon 1 arfirld. Jr. Smith. ( alhrrmr l) t. Smith. Charln. Uoard. Jr. Smith. I harlr. M ron Smith. Dani Chrryl Allrrd Smith. Daniel Bumham Smilh. Danirl Ed ard 88 Smith. Danirl GU-nn Smith. Da id Frank Smith. Da id Franklin Smith. Drborah Sucannr Smith. Drbra C thrrirM- Smith. Donna l. nn Smilh. Khtabrth Smilh. Emily Ca Smilh. Gary Dean Smilh. Gary Lamar Smilh. Grorgia Ann Smilh. OrrittR 220 Smith. Gregory Lane Smith. Harry Humphry Smith. James Earl Smith. Jime. Emanurl. Ill Smith. Jamea Crtien. Jr. Smith. James Sherwood. Jr. Smith, James Wilbum. Jr. Smith, Jana Slaor Smith. Janel Adele Smith. Jerone Wayne 27S. 279 Smith. Jerry Layne Smith. Jerry Michael Smith. Jeaaie Smith. JobclHmarv Smith. John Brill Smith. John Carrolton Smilh. John Michael Smith. John Warren Smith. Joy Ann Smilh. Juslina Marie 199 Smilh. Karen June Smilh. Kalhryn Leah Smilh. Keith Lamar Smilh. Kendall Ann Smilh. Kenneth Bryant Smilh. Ke. in Joseph Smith. Kimberly Annette Smith. Laura Kay 217 Smith. Leland Somers. Ill Smilh. Lenora Smith. Leslie Carroll Smith. Leslie illiam Smith. Lesdie Annelle I 18. Ill Smilh. Linda Lee 31 2 Smith. Lorelta Smith. Lynn Alan Smith. Mark Teuon Smith. Michael Andreo Smith. Michael Arthur Smith. Michael Connor Smith. Michael Kent SMilh. Michael Kevin Smith. Michelle Louse Smith. Monica Marie 162 Smith. Pefgy Ann Smith. Phillip Arlen Smith. Ralph Allon. Jr. Smith. Richard Adrian Smith. Richard Dale 100 Smilh. Richard McCallisler Smilh. Rirkt B Smilh. Robert Len Smilh. Robert Vandrrhoof Smith. Robin Michelle Smilh. Roland Clifford Smith. Ronald A.. Jr. 100 Smilh. Ro Allen Smilh. Sandra Cecilia Smilh. Sandra Kay Smilh. Sandra Kaye Smilh. Sandra MrGuire Smilh. Scoll Charles Smith. Sherron Lynn 266 Smilh. Stanley Joseph. Jr. Smilh. Stephen Hurley Smith. Stephen Lee Smith. Stuart Murray Smith. Terri Camille ' Smith. Terry Wayne Smith. Timothy D. Smith. Timothy Jay Smilh. Timolh} Robert Smith. Timothy W. Smilh. Vivian C nthia Smilh. William Brian Smilh. illiam Clifton. Ill Smilh. William Mark Smilh. William Warren 22 I Smith. Willie Cuice. Ill Smitheal. Rebecca Lee Smithee. Sandra Alan Smithers. Kalhcryn Marie SmilhMMi. Martha Ann 78. 84. US. 311 Smithfcon. Patricia Jeanne Sim lie. Robert Warren Sneed. Am Elitabeth Sneed. Gar) Neil Sneed, John Price Sneed. Sarah Dillon Snell. Mary Jeanelte Snider. Herbert Monroe Snipe.. Gerald Patrick. Jr. Snip -.. Mary Shannon Snipe . Penne Suzanne Snipe . Sarah Jeannelle Snipes. Suzanne Brandon Snov . Selina Faye Snow. Sidney Lee Smdrr. Jean I jrur Smder. Jew Herman Sntder. Kathy Crumplon Snyder. Tony Randall Sobrino. Marta Teresa Sojoumer. Susan P. Sokolik. Martin Eari S,.lde.ila. Dale Fran. I. Solde.ila. Melanie Darlene Sones. Kathy Denise Soper. Timothy l ee SorooJi. J.I.I Sorrels. Cher. I Anne 112 Sorrels. J. L.nne Soukup. l e Thomas Southerland. Denise 288 Southern. Brent E. Spain. I ula Frances 99 Spann. Jerry Lee Spann. Pamlell Lafaye Spann. Richard Henry Sparks. Jean Marie Sparks. John Thoma. Sparks. Larry Dwighl Sparks. Teresa Ann Speaks. Michael Angdo Spear. David Glenn 82. 96. 299 Spears. Johnny Lynn Speed. Cells Speed. Margaret Speight. Kennelh Hosa Speights. Harry Lewis. Jr. Speights. Jeffrey Shayne Speir. Ann Elizabeth Spell. Jane FJizabclh Spence. Joseph Harry Spence. Kris William Spence. Linda Lou Spence. Lucinda Buck Spencer. Carol Ann Spencer, Danny Earl Spencer. Gene Da. id. Jr. Spencer. James Ross Spencer. Robert WasV Spencer, Teresa Gay Spencer. Terry Dale Sperry. Allison Louise Spink.. Michael Ray Spinner. B rends Joyce Spires. Joseph Ste.en Spi.ey. Daniel Starr Spivey. Edith E.el.n Spivey. Lloyd C.lmer. Ill Spoil . Lynn Marie Sprabery. Aubrey Trevelin Spragin. Ltdia E.el.n Spralley. John Timolh. Sprallin. Allison Ann Sprallin. Mona Lisa Sprallin. Ricky Fred Sprecher. Lynn Frederick Springer. Christopher Michael Spruill. Liaa Ann Spurlock. Willie Clarence Sprurrier. Elizabeth Hunter St. Mary. Kevin Blaine Stacey. Robert Darrell Starhura. Laurie Ann Suck. Dabney Parker Slacks. Janire E. Slaehle. Leslie Ann Slaley. Liaa Ann Stall, orth. Sharon E. Sismm. Mary Stor. Stamps. Anita Dizabeth Malbews Stamps. Bonnie Faye Stamps. Nancy Jo Stanford. Cynthia Ann Stanford. Donald Fred Stanford. Freda Joyce Stanford. John David Stanford. Patricia Ann Stanford. Susan Lee Stanford. Vickie L.nn Stanford. William Todd Stanley. Deborah Ann Stanley. Herman Paul. Jr. Stanley. Kalherine Lynn Stanley. Robert C.. Jr. Sisnlon. Diane Surk. Kimberly Dawn Start. Michelle France. Surk. William Granville Stark . Creria L Slarnes. Mary Jane Starnes. Robert Caldwdl Sts-isk. Raymond Richard Staasi. Marcia Ann Suien. Robert Jeffer. Slalham. James Mark Stauddy. James Robert Stauffer. Arthur Reed Stead. Christopher Coulter Steams. Michael Patrick Steel. Sharon Sleele. Anlhony 99 Sleele. Ellen L. neltc Siren. Jerome Bridges. Jr. 211 Slefonias.. Michelle Ann Slehr. Richard W illiam Steinbom. Karl Anthony Sleinke. Paul Edward Steinman. Brian James Steinriede. Nancy Rebecca Steles Nickola. Jame. Slenftenagel. Edward J.. II Stengel. Nancy Lou Slennell. Christy Anne Slennell. Thoma. Ricky Stephen . Elizabeth Ix-if h Stephens. John Richard Stephen . Paul Jeffer. Slephenson. Mark Robert Stephen on. Paul Thomas Stephen on. Richard l.arr. Strphen on. Shirle. M. 81. 100 Slepp. Andrew Earl Stepp. Garr. Lee Slepp. Joi Ix-igh Sterling. Mar. in Shipp Sle.ens. Darry I Scott Sic. ens. Dilie Eugene Sle.ens. Donna I jsa 2 1 9 Stevens. Jame Henrt Sle.ens. Jillene Anne Stevens. John A hle..Jr. Sle.ens. Karen Ann Sle. ens, K . le Jame Stevens. Sharon Lynn Stevens. Terry Lee Stevenson. Karen Leigh Stevenson, Nancy Lee Steward. William Noel Slcwan. Alvi.Earl.Jr Slewan. B. Suzanne Stewart. Betina Slewan. Billy Hugh Stewart. Carol J . Sic. art, Cheryl Slewan. Elizabeth Anne Slewan. r In. Kale Slewan. Gregory Mack Strwan. Harry Paul Strwan. Hilda Hunter Mew.rt.Jame.larl Stewart. Jefferson Birge Stewart, Jeffrey Weston Slewan. Joel Stewart, Joyce Lynn Stewart. Julie Celeste Slewan. Kevin Slewan. Laura Ann Stewart. Leah Stephanie Slewan. Lisa Pamela 1 43 Slewan. Lucius Jackson Slewan. Lynn Alice Slewan. Mark Phillips Slewan. Melanie Howard Slewan. Myra S. Slewan. Palricia Diane Stewart. Ranald Slewan. Sarah Elizabeth Slewan. Shelly V. Slewan. Thomas Hunter Slieg. Roger Lee Slinson. Lisa Dianne Slockdale. John Hinkle Slockwell. Rita Ruth Slogner. Steven Warren Sloke . Ambs Ixwise Stoke . Andrew D.. Jr. Stokes. Constance Adalia Slokes. Dana Lynn Stokes. Howell Lee Stokes. Jeffery Neal Stokes. John Clay Ion Stokes. Joseph Michael Stokes. Karah l .ane Stokes, l aurin Lee Stokes. I -oui . Jerome Stokeik. Marshall En in Stokes. M.rtm M. Stokes. Vail Di-ha. IV Stone. Brett Stewart Stone. Cynthia Knight Stone. Glen Henry- Stone, Joni Ja Stone. MeUiue Stone. Reg ma L. Stone. Reuben Harper Stone. Rhonda Lea Stone. Richard Morgan. Jr. Stone. Sally Ann 84 Stone. Shrlia Ann Stone. Sunnetl % angie Stone. 1 illiam Perkins Storey. Michael Alber t Story. Andrea Renee Story. Carolyn Johnson Story. Daniel Bobby. II 78. 95 Story. Janel hriM Story. Sharon Virginia Siotland. Carl Anthony Stollar. V illiam Barton Stout. Da id Collins Slout. Sarah Catherine Stoall. Earl Hilton. Jr. Slo%all. John Edward. Ill Stotall. l ura l eigh Mrader. Mark Bemon Strange. Elizabeth Ann Strange. Joseph Albert Strange. Robert David 209. 211 Slratlon, Krilin Veoiey 199. 203. 204. 20S ' Strait on. Tem.a Jovce Straw. Hnen Andrew Street. George Martin. Jr. Street. Mary I. inn Streele. Bonnie Beth Slreil. Karen C. Jame Mi chael Stribling. Slephf-n l.oulr.-llr Strickland. Irvnr V il- n Strickland. Phillip Kay Strickland. Starwvn Strlcne Strickland. Stephanie Jean Strickland. V illiam Murrat Slringrr. Anlhonv Darwin Stringer. Jan Sefing Slringer. Joseph l aniel Stringer. Mirhele G. Stringer. Tracy IVan Stringer. V ill. am Franklin Strobl. Glen J eph V5 Strock. Margarrl Havr Strode. Robert Garrard. Jr. Strong. Mark Arthur Stroupe. Art in Joe Stroupe. l.i--a larol Slroux. Jeffrrt Byron Slruwe. Sara Ann Stuart. John Graham Stuart. John Michael Stuart. Spencer Jerome Stuart. Tarn, Rene Mill Stuart. Tina Elizabeth Smart. altrr Hoti-ton. Ill StubbMield. Beverly A. SubWrf,rW.T--rr 1 0, Indei t5 Stump 102 Stump, Melinda Lee Tate, William Murray, Jr. Tatum, Evelyn Suxonne Thompson, Arda Joy Thompson, Batheheba Townsend, Tricia Ann Townsend, Willie Umsted, Eric Louis Umsted, Jennifer Wadsworlh. Richard Carson Wafa, Zaki H. M. Stumpff, Randall Wayne Sturdivant, Sharon Jane Sturgeon, Charles Mathew Sturgeon, Joseph Clinton Sturgeon, Stephen McKinley Sturgill, Richard Alan C Til Tatum, Lisa Lloyd Tatum, Mariwood Crady Tatum, Nancy Edlin Tatum, Rose Mary Taylor, Anthony Thomas Taylor, Arthur Oliver Lynese Thompson, Brett William Thompson, Connie Francis Thompson, David Lee Thompson, Dianna Lee Thompson, Edgar Earl Trahan, Jerome Dennis Tramel, Michael Terrance 2 1 6, 2 1 7 Trammel., Hal C., Jr. Trammel), Lisa Gay ' 1 ran. Tan Ngoe Underwood, Andrew Pair ik Underwood, Curtis Gene Underwood, Dean Robert, Jr. Underwood, Mary Beth Underwood, Robert Donovan 170 Waggener. Lavonne Karen Waggener, Mary Elizabeth Waggener. Richard Mills Waggoner. Ne Gabrielle Wagner, Tara Michele Wait, Robert Thomas s i i . 1 1 Huan Su, Tsu-Yi Suarez, Brenda Marina Taylor, Ava D enise Taylor, Bridget Ann Taylor, Bruce Thompson, Eulastine Martin Thompson, Flora Louise Thompson, Fredrick Rosco Tran, Thanh-Minh Thi Trask, Herbert Arthur, IV Trask, Shawn Daniel Unneratall, Julia Lynn Upchurch, James Edward, Jr. Upchurch, James Ray Waitayangkoon, Chalermpol Waitkus, Susan Marita Waits, Barry Lewis Suber, Linda Allen Suddarth, William Darin Taylor, Carole Taylor, Charles Michael Thompson, Gail Patrice Thopson, Gilbert Hark Travis, Cade Gregory Travis, Susan Toler Urbanowicx, John M. Usher, John Nelson Waits, Cynthia Ellen Wakefield, Victor Reed, Jr. Sudduth, Billy Lynn Taylor, Christina Lane Thompson, Gregory Allen Travis, William Jeffrey 95, Uasery, Paula Ann Wakham, Marlon Dean S II ' F ' l Taylor, Clifton Donnel 217 111 Wald. Margarel Ellen van, Ann | ' e f n Taylor, Clyde Edwin, Jr. Thompson, Jamie Sue Trawick, Lisa Warnne Waldrom, Leslie C. 96 Sullivan, David Wayne Sullivan Debra Elizabeth Taylor, Daniel Mabrey Taylor, Darby O ' Neil Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, John Hunter Trawick, Timothy Hall Traylor, James Robert t % t Waldrop, Randy Joe Waldrop. Russell Mark Taylor, Donny Ray 96 Thompson, Judy Loraine Treadway, William Alan, Jr. Waldrup, Ryanne S 11 " J " f K Taylor, Doria Louise Thompson, Kathleen Marie Treadwell, Walter Keith Walker, Anne Louise Sullivan, Kevin Maurice Taylor, Earnest ine Taylor, Elizabeth Ruth Thompson, Keith Garrett Thompson, Kimberly Lane Treas, Charles Edgar Treas, Susan Bell vvv Reynolds Walker, Beverly Joyce Sullivan, Michael Brent Taylor, Eugene Rea Thompson, Marianne Tremmel, Jacob Gerard Walker, Cassandra Sullivan, Michael Joseph 78, 106, 111 Taylor, Frank David Taylor, Gail Marie Thompson, Melanie Evette Thompson, Melody Baker Trest, William Carroll, Jr. Treutel, Melissa Anne Vaiden, Philip, Jr. Walker. Clinton William. Ill Walker, Cynthia Hawkins Sullivan, Ralph Clyde Sullivan, Randetl Glenn, Jr. Sullivan, Randy Kenyon Sullivan, Ronnie Dwight Sullivan, Shawn Neill Sullivan, Valerie Faye Sullivan, Wesla Ann Suit, Susan Cherie Taylor, George Harry, Jr Taylor, Gwendolyn Lynette Taylor, Harold Alexander Taylor, Irma Patrice Taylor, Jacquleline Lee Taylor, James Winfield, III Taylor, John Clark Taylor, Joyce Thompson, Michael Raye Thompson, Patrick Francis Thompson, Patty Ann King Thompson, Phillip Franklin Thompson, Phyllis Anita Thompson, Phyllis Renee Thompson, Robert C., Ill Thompson, Robert Pet Treutel, Stephen Brian Trevillion, Sidney Randall Tribble, Brenda Joy Trim, Kelly Bryant Trimuel, Upea Jean Triplet!, Dorothy Lynn Triplet!, Rodney Faser, Jr. Troutl, Nathaniel Greene Valentine, David Lee Valentine, Louvenia Sims Valentine, Melanie Oleste Valentine, Terry Plazette Valyo, Martin Paul 327 Valyo, Thomas Van Doren, Mark Warren Van Every David Shelby Walker, David Wayne Wal ker, Gale Lee Walker, Guy F., Jr. Walker, Harry Grey, Jr. Walker, Janice Jean Walker. Jay D. Walker. Jeff Brent 96 Walker, Jennifer Catherine Summerlin, Guy Shannon 211 Taylor, Junius Lee Taylor, Kim Thompson, Sandra June Thompson, Susan Memory Troyka, Lucinda Ann Truax, James Robert Vance, Frances Flournoy Vance, Jerre Lynn Walker, Mary Jane 79 Walker. Melissa Kay Summerlin, Michael Darren 211 Taylor, Lisa Lynn Taylor, Lisa Marie Thompson, Thomas Wayne Thompson, Timothy F. Truax, Nancy Camp True, Ann Elizabeth Vance, Mary Edmonds Vance, Michael Christopher V C_||-, I Walker, Meredith Moore, Jr. 299 Summers, Mary Ann 96 Taylor, Margaret Aineta Thompson, Valerie Elaine True, Trudy L. ance, sally L . Walker, Myra Denise Sumner, Ellen Kay 113, 123 Sumner, Nannette Marie 328 Sumners, Leslie Elizabeth Taulor, Margaret Elizabeth Taylor, Martha Jane R. Taylor, Mattie Mae Thornburg, Lisa Ann Thome, Karen Elizabeth Thornhill, Fredrick Leon Truslow, Mark Wayne Tsang, Edmond Ho Yuen Tseng, Ching-Liang Vance, Yoby Jo Vancil, Lee Ann Vandelune, Shelia Diane Acton Walker, Pamela Gail Walker, Pamela Louise Walker. Robin S. Sumners, Melinda Watson Sumrall, William Joseph 100 Sundararajan, Suresh 100 Sunn, Dudley Shane Suszek, Thomas John Sutherland, Vickie Lynn Sutton, Ann Carol Taylor, Nancy Beasley Taylor, Pamela Jo Taylor, Ralph Winstead Taylor, Remona Lynn Taylor, Robert Wayne Taylor, Ronald Garretl Taylor, Ronnie Lewis Thornton, Chester Cornelius Thornton, James Dixon Thornton, William Ray Thrasher, Audrey Kyle Threadgill, Burney Farrell Threadgill, Jaime Sue Soper Threadgill, James Timothy Tsimortos, Susan Ruth Tubb, Charles W., Jr. Tubb, Phillip Grayden Tubbs, Karen Regena King Tubertini, Minnie Annette Tucker, Bessie Louise 100 Tucker, Celestine Jones Vanderburg, David Clay Vanderburg, Jeffrey Scott Vanderburg, Robert Eason Vanderburg, Susan Kathleen Vanderlip, Michael Gregory Vanderalice, Thomas Wesley Walker. Stephen Barrow Walker, Teresita Lynn Walker, Virginia Lee 2 17, 282 Walker, William Allen 100 Walker. William Thomas Walker, Yvette Antoinette Sutton, Marcus Steven Swafford, Detra Nann Taylor, Rourger Lynn Taylor, Stanley Montgomery Threadgill, Peggy Jean Threadgill, Stephen 88 Tucker, James Michael Tucker, James Russell Vanhecke, Marie Elise Vanlandingham, Jack Roger Wall, David Beeman Wall, Deborah Jane Swain, Joseph Patton Swain, Julian Jackson, Jr. 339 Taylor, Susan Renee Taylor, Teri Ann Taylor, Terri Lynn Threadgill, Terry Gene Threat!, Virginia Marie Throgmorton, Vicki Jane Tucker, Lisa Jane Tucker, Lori Michelle Tucker, Sandra Suemelia Vanwerl, David Michael Vanzant, George Huddleston Varnell, Johnny Renon Will, Lucy Claire Wall, Mark Davis Wall, Michael Rosser Swan, Dana J. Taylor, Timothy Sydney Thurber, Margaret Tucker, Timothy Scott Varner, Bonnie Lee 100 Wall, Pamela Francine Swan, Edward James, Jr. Taylor, Tommy Farrell Thurlow, Patsy Gail lull, Fred Lee VuntiT Iiual Paul Wall, Patricia Lynn Taylor, Walter Travis, Jr. Anders on Tullar, David Lewis arner, Joel ram Wall, Robert Edward Sawn ' Neva Edwards Taylor, William Douglas Thweatt, Carol Frances Tullos, David Nathaniel Varner, Karen Ratcliff Wall, Stacey Louis Swan, Richard Keen Taylor, William McLarty Thweatt, Curtis Mark Tullos, Deborah Lynn 238, Varner, Michael Hunter Wallace, Barton B., Ill 295 Swaney, Randall Phelps Swann, Jimmy Swanner, Walter Garland Swansburg, Russell Chester Sweat, Richard Riley Sweat, William Commodore, HI Swedenburg, Denise Sweeney, Robert Murol, II Swentkowski, Stanley Mark Swindoll, William Arliss Swing, Larry Thomas Swim, Patti Anne Swofford, Cynthia Ann Swords, Kenneth Lee Jarratt Taylor, William Scott Taylor, William Steele, Jr. Tays, Dwight Lee Tedford, Gerald Paul Tedford, Helen B. Tedford, Sonora Grace Teel, Tom Wright Tehranchi, Mehdi Telfer, George Curtiss Temple, Hubert Dewane, Jr. Temple, Merle Woodard, Jr. Templeton, Tamie Lynn Tenhet, Joe Terrell, Jr. Tennant, Juanita Dawn Thweatt, Debra Lynn Tidwell, Carol L. Johnson Tidwell, Deborah Ann Tidwell, Katherine McCain Tidwell, Teddy Delane Till, Cynthia Ann Tillery,LeisaJo39 Tilley, Becky Grace Tilley, Gary Paul Tillman, Eric Alexander Tillman, Kathryn Barry Tillman, Sanjosa Timmons, Danny Carlton Timmons, Elizabeth Ellen Tims, Karen Jo 240,264,265 Tullos, Deborah Lynn Tullos, James Michael Tullos, Jon Terrell Tullos, Kimberly Rebecca Tullos, Susan Alison Tumey, Samuel Murry Tuohy, Sean Albro 191,193 Turbeville, David Milton Turbeville, Homer Benjamin Turman, Danny Earl Turnage, Ellis Turnage, Phyllis Dorrine Turnage, Phyllis Lyn Turnage, Teresa Ina Vaughan, Bonnie Elizabeth Vaughan, David Lewis Vaughan, Jeffrey Todd Vaughan, Linda Sue Vaughan, Pamela Suzanne Vaughan, Sylvia Louise Vaughn, Alice Sue Shankle Vaughn, David Wade, Jr. Vaughn, John Mark Vaughn, Pamela 201, 205 Vaughn, Suzanne Dean Vaughn, Verna Vaught, Lee Ann Voorhies Vaxter, Clarissa Jane! Wallace, Brenda R. Wallace, Dana Lorane Wallace, James Ervis, Jr. Wallace, James Randal Wallace. Margaret Ann Wallace, Mary Kalherine Wallace, Patricia Ann Wallace, Rickey L. Wallace. Robert Reginald Wallace. Terry Wallace, Thomas D. Wallender, Lelia Lynn 2 1 5 Waller, Charles Richard Waller, Cynthia Ann Waller, Donna Ruth Swords, Suzanne Lynn Swords, Tounia Dawn Sy, Martin Leigh Terney, Mary Kathryne Terracina, Lisa Ann 118 Terrell, Michael Roye Tindal, Elizabeth Ann Tindall, Angela Nannette Tindall, Leslie Lelitia Turner, Alex Montague Turner, Beverly Ann Turner, Dan McMillan Veazey, Debra Elizabeth Veazey, Robert Marion Veazey, Ronald Day, Jr. Waller. Edward Charles W aller, Gary Eugene Waller, Judy Louise Sykes, Edra Ann Terreson, David Whitten 292 Tindall, Melvin James, Jr. Turner, David Joe Veazey, Virginia Wilson 123, Waller, Rodney Gayle Sykes, Harriet Terry, Jacqueline Annette Tindall, Wyn Williams Turner, David Wayne 283 Waller, Sandra Leigh Sykes, Terrence Cameron Terry, Jeffrey Van Tingle, Charles Kirby Turner, Elston Howard 195 Veit, Jody Lee W ' aller, Terry Nolan Szeluga, Margaret Szeluga, Mary Therese Terry, Steven Andrew 295 Terry, William H. Testa, Clara Rose Tirey, Virginia Olive Tisdale, Elizabeth Ann Todd, Allison Darby Turner, Ethel L. Turner, H. Larry Turner, James Allen Venable, James Edward, III Ventress, James Alexander, IV Waller, Tracy David 88 Walley, Scott Lindsey Wallis, Victoria Rose Tetley, Laura Kay Todd, Jerry M. Turner, Jamie Decherd Ventura, Teresa Ann Walts, Armie Jean ii A Tettleton, Robert Pylant Todd, Marcus Fisher Henderson Verell, Jamie Jean 284 Walls, 1 .i-h Kyle " T W Tew, James Randal Tohill, Lola Irene Turner, Lloyd A. Vernon, Cynthia Jude Walls, Randal Keith Tew, Ronald Wayne, Jr. 1 Ohill. Virginia Ann Turner, Margaret Deneise Vernon, Suzanne Marie Walsh, David Eric Thagard, Terre Lane Tolar, John Edwin Turner, Michael Gerald 221 Vick, Walter Clifton, Jr. Walsh, Nancy Jane Thames, Billy Glenn Tolar, Randy Mark Turner, Paul Bruce 145, Vickrey, " ohn Wayde Walsh, Timothy Louis Thames, Hampton Deloach Tolbert, Patricia Morris 306,307,415 Vincent, Robert Hudson Walters, Cynthia Jane Thames, John Mack, Jr. Dooley Turner, Robert Earl Viner, Elizabeth Louise Walters, Frank Paul Taan, Mohamad Ali H. 103 Thames, Sandra Dee McArlhur Tolbert, Philip Mabry Tolbert, Roger Charles, Jr. Turner, Stephen Beck Turner, Teresa Lee Viner, Terryl Lee McClaflin Viner, Walter Thomas, Jr. Waller , James Armstrong Walters, Lynn Garner 217 Tabor, Mary Martha Tharp, Joni Lynn Tolbert, Tammy Kay Turner, Thomas Newell, III Vines, Shellye Murray Walters, Nelson Brenl Tackett, Joyce Lynn Tharpe, Gregory Myers Toler, Kenneth Pack, Jr. 78 105, 145 Vinson, Claude Lee Walters, Sharon Sue Tadlock, Kathy Yvonne Theobald, Carol Denise Toler, Laurie Deanne Turnipseed, Stephen Phillip Vinzant, Catherine Anne Walters, Tena Lee Taggart, William Stevenson, Thiel, Theodore Bret Toler, Noel Kennedy, III Turnley, Melissa Ann Virden, Thomas Sanders Waltman, Whitney Lucille III Thies, Thomas R. 96 Toler, Patricia Lynn 27 1 Tuthill. Allen Badger, Jr. Vire, Golda Myers Walton, Joe Douglas Taliancich, Joy Marie Thimmes, Stephen Scott Toler, Ward Brown Tutor, Barbara Ann Miller Vire, Kara Jean Walton, Mary Katherine Talley, Cheryl Lynn Thomas, Andre Tolleson, Pamela Dianne Tutor, Bonnie Lea Vivian, James Gilreath Waltz, Richard Donovan Talley, Sonja Lynn Thomas, Carolee Tollison, Barbara Jean Tutor, Debra Elaine Vogel, Barbara Helen Wamble, Michael Anthony Tallie, Selena Tally, Jeffrey Lee Tan, Boon Ping Thomas, Charles Henry, HI Thomas, Cynthia Lynn Thomas, Douglas Eugene Donald Tollison, Kermie Faust Tomlinson, Martha Virginia Tutor, Nathan E. Tutor, Randy Lane Tuttle, Jerry Frank Vogel, Victoria Louise Volland, Richard Edward, III Voss, Janet Elizabeth Wang, Chung-Chih Wansley, Jill Ann Ward, Anne Catherine Tan, Kok Thye Thomas, Eva Camille 269 Ton, Gary Michael Twenhafel, Lori Jane Voss, Lawrence Joseph Ward, Charles Raymond, Jr. Tankersley, Gail Ann Thomas, Gwyn Elizabeth Tong, Kwok-Chu Teresa Tyler, Breck While Vowels, Lucinda Kay Ward, David Harold Tannehill, David Henderson 113, 123 Tonney, Melissa Ann Tyler, Ina Jane Ward, Edwin Couller Tannehjll, Diane E. Thomas, James Clifton, III Toole, Robert Lee, Jr. Tyler, Mickey Wayne . Ward, George Martin Taras, William Michael Thomas, James Lewis, Jr. Topper, Michelle Marianne Tyler, W. Faye w W t Ward, Gregory Weatherford Tarbutton, Karen France Thomas, John Richard Torbert, Nan Leigh Tynes, William Edward TV v Ward, Harry Beyer Tarbutton, Nancy Jean Thomas, Katherine Jane Torjuaen, Randal Leigh Tyson, Margarel Ann Ward, Kimberly Ann Taronji, Cruz Gisela Thomas, Kenny Roy Torkington, Richard Scott Ward, Leslie Janice Tarn, Blake, III Thomas, Lori Lee 100 WU U7 Ward. Lynann Tarver, Carlotta Thomas, Lorraine Torrance, Walter Glenn L A vv W W Ward, MadolynChildei Tate, Albert Watson, Jr. Thomas, Patricia Ann Torres, Alba Patricia W W Ward, Mark Austin Tate, Cornelius Fitzgerald Thomas, Paul Andrew Tortorelli, Louis Joseph Wackerfuss, Barbara Gail Ward, Michael Lynn 221 Thomas, Paul Aubrey Totten, Gracie Mae Waddell, Donald Gene Ward, Michael Robert Tate, Crystal Yvonna Tate, Deborah Grace Thomas, Randal Devon Thomas, Roville, Jr. Totty, Michael Wayne Toups, Karen Joan Lovelady uuu Waddell, Handle Gary Waddell, Sarah B. 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Zubatuk, Theresa Lynn Zysk, Jeffrey Thomas While, Stacy Jonette 118 Williams, Dana Jeannelte Willis, Merrill Moore Witt, Angela Jane Woolen, Laurie Jane Yelverton, Catherine Ann While, Steven Lee Williams, Darlene Maria Willis, Robert D. Witt, Curtis Wiles Woolen, Louie Wayne 215,263 Indci 447 1 PRESIDENT r giv V colleg, 1 for. One c y 1 gifts it has gi " A good _ education; opportunities to get involved in a variety of activities; leader- ship training; and many happy memories to look back on; Ole Miss has given me four of the best college years one could hope for. One of the most lasting gifts it has given me is the many close friends I have from all over Mississippi and even the whole country. There is a uniqueness about Ole Miss in that you never seem to lose touch with your college friends. Whether it ' s on the street in Jackson; Gulfport; or Houston, Texas; at Homecoming or through Christmas cards; or maybe even twenty years from now when our children are possibly at Ole Miss, we ' ll . _ always run into friends from our years at Ole Miss. " 449 Hermine McLarty, senior journalism major O " Ole Miss is an inheritance of a rich tra- dition that each carries on in his own way. It is memories of a quiet walk in the grove, a mass of flags in Hemingway, meetings, talking on the way to class, one election after another. One becomes a part of its heritage, and feels secure in the knowledge that long after graduation experiences here will influence his future. There will always be a closeness, a bond, between myself and the people I knew while here that can ' t be expl ained. " 3 ii John Dowdle, senior banking finance major 451 u - ' 1. -: Wi I . J 19 M " Ole Miss is a spirit of tradition and excellence. Ole Miss is Colonel Rebel, Rebel flags, and the Lyceum. Ole Miss is alumni and tail- gate picnics in the Grove. Oie Miss is H.E. Peery, " What ' s true is . . . " , and Conner Hall. Ole Miss is cinnamon coffee at the Hoka and hamburger steaks at Mistilis. Ole Miss is Bermuda shorts and winter wool at the first home football game. Ole Miss is becoming a part of it all. " - Pamela Prather, senior accountancy major 453 IS SB " Tome, Ole Miss has been a minute to minute education. From the inept naivete of a fresh- man to the seasoned self-confidence of a senior, I ' ve found myself meshed in the structured fiber of a very traditional Southern University. There have been moments of loneliness and frustration. These were the moments of individual growth. There have also been the cherished times with people, when I have grown outwardly, as a part of society. I relish my college memories individually and as a whole 4 Ole Miss " conception. I am very grateful. " 455 Jimmy Guyton, senior chemistry major - M A A . fc ft I J p " Vstltneyou Dfcen + I iped ou " Ole Miss is having that self- confidence that goes hand in hand with the traditional saying " Pride of the South. " Ole Miss is making a social event out of driving down Interstate 55. Ole Miss is 300 girls shivering on the top of New Dorm as soon as the temperature hits 60. Ole Miss is seeing someone jogging around the Grove any hour of the day and night. Ole Miss is 6000 people singing Happy Birthday to Walt Shinault and yelling " E " when Elston goes in for the SLAM. Ole Miss. in all it ' s uniqueness, has given me countless memories. Although I am apprehensive about leaving, the Ole Miss Spirit will always remain with me. " 4. _ Sharla Dorroh, Senior education major " Ole Miss is a way of life the people, the classes, the Parties, and the athletic events. The friendships made will last for a lifetime. And when you see those friends after a long period lf time, you feel a strong bond that is really special Hopefully we have bettered ourselves during our time here. aaemically, spiritually orjust by growing up. Maybe we have even bettered the University. O ,e Miss jsaplacewhereyoufeeltherefsapan you -even when you leave " A 4S9 1 i " . . . OleMiss is much more than that. . . " Harriet Riley, senior english journalism major 461 yearbook specifications The 1981 OLE MISS was produced by the University of- Mississippi Yearbook Staff and printed offset on Meads 80-pound high-gloss double-coated enamel paper by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, in cooperation with Taylor representatives Nicky Drake, George Copeland, and Flo Walton. Press run was 6,600 copies. Cover: The cover was designed by Mike Corso and Jan Holland in association with Jim Alexander of Taylor Publishing Company. The cover material is Lexotone, turned over 1 50-point binder ' s board, with designs embossed on Taylor ' s blue 431p material, grained in Shrunken Leather with a heavy black overtone. The applied color is gold. Trim size is 9x1 2. Endsheet: The endsheet is in Howard 65-pound Western Coffee Vellum coverweight stock, with designs printed in PMS Ink 294. Type: All text copy is set in Bodoni, exhibiting various point sizes. Headlines are printed in several styles as listed here: Opening Bodoni Book; Hotty Toddy Embrionic, Modern Gothic Outline Shadow, Avant Garde Gothic Bold, Marbleheart; Administration Clearface Heavy; Honors Bodoni Book; Organizations Helvetica Medium; Sports Bodoni Book; Entertainment Fanfare, Neil Bold, Souvenir Light, Peignot Medium; Features Helvetica Medium; Greeks Bodoni Book; Classes Korinna Extra Bold; Division Pages Franklin Gothic Extra Conditioned; Index - Souvenir Light. Original artwork on all division pages and in the Sports section by Beth Taylor; in the Entertainment section by Lisa Foote; and in the Hotty Toddy section by Lisa Stewart. Photography:A 150-line screen was used for 4-color photography with color separations done by laser. A 133-line screen was used for black and white photography. The color pictures in the Features section were taken as follows: Beauties, Colonel Rebel Miss Ole Miss, Best Dressed, Miss University - Michael Stevens of Oxford, MS; Favorites, Homecoming Walt Mixon of Oxford, MS; all were taken in the Oxford and University area with the exception of the Favorites which were taken in Overton Square in Memphis, TN. Classes portraits were done by Image Works of Redwood City, CA, (their toll free number is 1-800-227-8944 if you haven ' t received your pictures). Acknowledgements: Special thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis of Oxford, MS, for the use of their home, Shadowlawn, for photographing members of the Hall of Fame and Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss. Also, I thank John Dowdle for his assistance with various aspects of copy editing and layout design. , 462 Yearbook Specifications I editor closing . . . It ' s hard to believe just how many activities take place in the course of one year here at the University of Mississippi. As Editor-in-Chief of the 1981 OLE MISS, I feel like I have participated in everything from quarterbacking the football team and walking down the runway in the parade of beauties to barbecuing chickens in the Grove and doing janitorial work in Conner Hall. As you can see, a multitude of activi- ties is to be had by the Editor of the OLE MISS. While the majority of you saw the 1980-81 year here at Ole Miss from first-hand experience, I saw it in the form of black and white and color prints at my desk in Odom A, usually 48 hours later at a time somewhere between 1 and 2 a.m. I thank each of you for attending and partcipating in all these activities as they are the pieces that come together to form a giant puzzle known to all of you as the OLE MISS. With few exceptions, the 1981 edition has tried to capture all the important events that are so special to each of us. I thank all my section editors and their assistants for doing this task with the greatest of creativity and professionalism. They have been my salvation and my joy; without them the book would not exist. As most of you are aware, it ' s hard to outdo perfection and believe me, following the yearbooks edited by Darden, Sally, and Buster has been no easy task. However, the challenge has been great, and I feel that the staff of the 1981 OLE MISS has offered you a sampling of conservatism and traditionalism with a new flair. Many thanks are due many people, some of which I will mention here. Mrs. Frances Smith, who managed the administrative portion of the yearbook under Mr. Towery and Business Manager Laurie Kennedy have truly been a delight to work with, and I gratefully acknowl- edge their time and dedication. Mary Holleman, my executive secretary, has provided me with an efficient and orderly office and has been my " right hand man. " Her ability to organize staff meetings and to tie up loose ends will always be remembered. Working together on the OLE MISS for four years has given Jan Holland and me the opportunity to become close confidants and the greatest of friends. As my Assistant Editor she has been the bright spot of my year, and I will never forget her unending humor and her unfailing support. A special note of appreciation goes to my parents for all their guidance and encouragement throughout the year. I also thank Darden, Sally, Buster, Kay, Rosalie and Lisa all of whom contributed so greatly to four of the happiest years of my life. Last but not least, I would like to thank Ann for her patience, understanding and most of all her support. Looking back over my four years at Ole Miss, I grow melancholy at the thought of Graduation and the eventual departure from my beloved alma mater. The members of the graduating class of 1981 have all become the closest of friends and it is to them that I dedicate this book. And now without further adieu, I leave my office in Odom A with great anticipation of a long-awaited vacation and a deep appreciation to Ole Miss and all that she has meant to me. 464 Editor ' s Online

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