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v% x 72 ' i s : I jfi At rf. fjl i ; p k. j. Vw V , " V , IH J r A ' : ' : ' - " T " u ' r " , - % - s -S S f -V ja T X- , ,| n rifif - .feii v H - T - ciV ktA-S - F 1 ft2S? iJ!5frS3l f !? " %J Yearbook of THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Volume 86 Created in University, Mississippi 38677 2 Contents Irby " Buster " Turner III Editor-in-Chief James Martin Tucker Business Manager Bobby A. Towery Financial Advisor Ole Miss Experience Alma Mater Doing It Activities Culture Sports Those Who Do It Best Honors Administration Features Those We Do It With Organizations Greeks Classes Ads Index Editor ' s Closing 4 18 38 40 54 70 116 118 158 174 192 194 256 324 398 420 440 That Rebel spirit. We sing it, shout it, wave it, wear it; Hotty Toddy; lunch in the Grove; the band belts out " Dixie " while the crowd roars; waving those indestructible) Confederate flags ' til arms ache, ' cause real Rebels never die. ' ? ,. ; " A. Jto J m i I ' S _ 41 " iBSai - t ? a A 1 3 - f r; t: : =r 4 . ' , -J 4 Ole Miss Experience 1. Freshmen Steve Earnest and Janna Lord join the fun of the student section. 2. A home game isn ' t complete without a picnic in the Grove. 3. Loyal fans dress out for every game. 4. Sally Crutcher cheers the Rebels to victory. 5. Ole Miss drummers keep the beat alive. 6. Coed of the future. Ole Miss Experience 5 The epitome of The South. Frustratingly conservative, but definitely charming; famous for good-looking women pursuing the M.R.S. degree. ERA gains ground, but at Ole Miss, for better or for worse, the Southern belle reigns supreme. ule Miss hxpcriont; : - 1. DeDe at her Best. 2. Southern wiles and feminity are epitom- ized in Becky Bush. 3. A true lady. Sonja Jenkins handles cup. plate and conversation with a smile. 4. The beauty of an Ole Miss dogwood speaks for itself. 5. Members of The Group snap and sway during their year-end concert. 6. Miss Ebony, Shaun- eille Jackson. 7. Angelyn Atkins cheers. 8. The silent sentinel stands watch over a peaceful campus. L .jjp B W The party school: Thursday-Monday weekends; road trips to Jackson and Memphis; abandoned afternoon classes. The academic university: regular class attendance; efficient study habits; conscientious effort. The goal: Running with the best of both worlds. 8 Ole Miss Experience Ole Miss Experience 9 These proud old traditions give Ole Miss its name and reputation, and bind each generation tightly to the next. Traditions brand our hearts and souls with pride, making Ole Miss not simply a great school, but a way of life. 10 eMiss but a 1. Faithful alumni fortify themselves for the big game. 2. Rebel fever strikes at an early age. 3. Colonel Rebel Eugene McNally poses with his newest ally, Johnny Reb. 4. Ole Miss ' s latest addition to the Guin- ness Book of World Records. 5. Trumpeters step lively to the Rebel March. Ole Miss Experience 1 1 A former symbol of segregation becoming a melting pot; battling the snob stigma with Southern hospitality; after all, at Ole Miss, " everybody speaks. " WELCOME TO OLE MISS J 12 Olc Miss Experience I A political jungle where ultra- politicos spar during campus elections and gubernatorial candidates flock for support. Ole Miss Experience 1 3 Grilling it; Hoka midnight movies; winter jogging in the coliseum; dorm parties; Sardis and skiing; dances in the Union; $240 in parking tickets; the Grove, the Lyceum, the Square. Ok Miss Exper ieace 15 ' 16 Ole Miss Experience lifeS " S t r( i K -_ C These are the expe- riences which mold this university into our Ole Miss. By blending spirit and tradition into here and now, they make us dis- tinctly unique. Institutions like Colonel Reb and Dixie Week make us a microcosm, a closed society, Ole Miss, by damn! Ole Miss Exporientr The flurry of people, places and events which is college life screeches to an abrupt halt when a student graduates or leaves school. All that remains is an array of mem- ories, fond or otherwise, of days that once seemed endless. Through this transition from reality to reflection, Ole Miss becomes no longer our school, but our Alma Mater. As each student ' s college experiences are unique, so are the recollections which establish the basis for their personal Alma Mater. Some recall the Alma Mater itself the song whose words attempt to express the sources of pride and joy stirred by these memories. Remembrances of the unique physical aspects of the campus stand foremost in some minds. Images of stately columns and vivid colors of changing seasons remain intact though the campus undergoes many alterations through the years. Though students often live as if no life exists other than Ole Miss, notable interna- tional and national events later serve as a frame of reference for events closer to home. For many, perhaps the most deep-rooted memories lie in the intangible aspects of their Ole Miss days. The unique closeness of those with whom we share four years of col- lege experiences is the basis of the concept of our Alma Mater. The following section tries to capture all of these aspects. Through examples of daily routine, night life and language and dress customs, these pages portray the foundation of the heart of Ole Miss our Alma Mater. 1 Wan down s uth in yv{is, s. a s,kiot tnat s,vs,r calls,, among ths. hilln ,njolasA stands, old rfima v(ats.r s, nails, ths. trs,s,s. Lift hiqh tns.ii branches, to ths, rinq outn- i (J I tJ brs-s-zs,, 3ns.i. (D dv[is.s. is, callinq , callinq to our nzarts, fond j j i With unitzd, hearts, txrs. hrais,. ths-s,. all our Louattu is, I U V thins, c rna urs, hail tns.s.. crrlma dv(ats.r mau thu Liqht fors.(js.r U J tJ I s,hins.; zJ !{au it briqhts.r qrow and briqnts.i, ana with ds.s,b. anzction t t t - ' (Dur thouqht s,hall clus.ts.r ' round ths,s. dzar old zf zd and LS zJ l au tnu rams, throuqhout ths, nation throuqh thu ions, and k U tJ I J tJ tJ dauqhts-rs. qrow. l au tnu nams. forzuzr waks,n in our hearts, a u d j u ts.nds.r glow, 3 au tnu couns.z.1 and thu s.h.irit s, js.r hs.s.h. us, ons, in tnLs. Jnat our own s.haLL us. thins, honor now ana s.(js.r cuiai AUAA 9f 9 -jt Pushed from the warm nest of close high school companions, we came to col- lege to Ole Miss. Severed from both friends and families, no longer were we focal points of limited worlds. At Ole Miss, life did not revolve around us as individuals. Thrust into an environment of capable students and leaders, we once more were forced to prove ourselves. We failed many of us for the first time and learned that failure is not an end, only another beginning. . AUAA ) MATER Recognizing human frailty and limitations added to our percep- tions and insight. Exposed to a wider range of experience and knowledge, we searched within ourselves for more understand- ing and pushed ourselves to pre- viously unimagined lengths. We suffered and rejoiced, sometimes with our friends, but more often, alone. Landmarks of our beautiful campus have become fused with our spirits. Few among us feel that we do not own a part of this school. The feeling of possession wasn ' t instantaneous, but took years of association, growth and understanding to secure its roots. At our Alma Mater Ole Miss, The University of Missis- sippi we have gained experi- ence, not as an end, but as a beginning. ALAAA MATER " I am a part of all that I have met, yet all experience is an arch where through gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades forever and ever when I move. " Tennyson ALMA MATER ALMA 24-3 MATER ALMA MATER- The most tangible symbol of our Alma Mater, those traditional white pillars of the Lyceum, remain today in all their original splen- dor. The cornerstone of the Lyceum was laid on July 14, 1846. The University Chapel, now known as the " Y " Building, was added to the University campus in 1853. Intended to be a dormitory, the Chapel ' s function was changed by the trustees to an assembly hall for the entire student body. The Old Geology building, home of our beautiful stained glass window formerly served as the campus library. This year, our current library was designated as the John Davis Williams Library in honor of Chancellor Emeritus John Davis Wil- liams. MATER " The University of Mississippi will resume its classes of instruction on September 14. Augus- tus B. Longstreet, professor of mental and moral science, theology, logic, political econ- omy and evidences of Christianity, is dean of the faculty. Tuition and college fees for the 10- month session is $42 due in advance along with a deposit of S3 to cover damage to college buildings. Board is S10 a month, and firewood will be furnished without additional fee. " The Commercial Appeal August 22. 1854 Immersed in daily pursuits of friends, knowledge and fun, Ole Miss students often get so involved in the closely-knit campus lifestyles that they become una- ware of events taking place outside their immediate range of activities. As the secluded world that is Ole Miss rotates on its narrow axis, the big world continues to revolve about international, national and state affairs. The past year brimmed with important events which, directly or indirectly, had some impact on the lives of many at Ole Miss. Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty ending years of fighting; gasoline prices reached a dollar a gallon, Margaret Thatcher became England ' s first woman prime minister and Skylab finally fell harmlessly back to Earth. ,,, WUIR A DC-10 crash caused a record number of deaths ever for an airplane disaster; Pope John Paul II made a landmark visit to the United States; anti-nuclear demon- strations became frequent and the deaths of John Wayne and Arthur Fiedler sad- dened the entertainment world. The Iranians ' seizure of 50 American hostages and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan sparked talk of another world war, reinstating the draft and boy- cotting the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Closer to home. Miss Mississippi Che- ryl Prewitt was crowned Miss America: the Ku Klux Klan Briefly terrorized northeast Mississippi and the Interna- tional Ballet Company appeared in Jack- son, just months after the capital city was immobilized by floods. Though these events and others like them actively involved some Ole Miss students and touched the lives of many others, the aura of campus life prevailed and continued to provide a refuge from the real world. DAILY ROUTINE Classes, meetings and meals are a never- ending ritual for some Ole Miss students. Arranging food, appointments and in some cases, soap operas around an eighteen-hour class schedule with labs is no easy task. How- ever, many manage to slip past the omniscient computer and end up with classes beginning at 11:00 a.m. Many Ole Miss students find themselves with plenty of leisure hours to spend sunning at Sardis, watching television in the Union, or just riding around campus. Typically, the active student finds himself with too much to do in too little time. When failure is imminent, an adept classroom deceiver can maintain an attentive facade while cramming for a test in his next class. The daily routine of classwork and meetings demands ample time for gossip over coffee in the Union or a Baskin Robbin ' s study break. Often students find time to walk to the Grove to study and fl ing an occasional frisbee. While rushing around crossing items off an ever-growing, never-ending list of " Things To Do Today " it is inevitable that they are eager to sample the delights of an Ole Miss night. AUAA MATER Sj ' , V. 1] k. AUAA MATER ' i 31 32 i MATER AFTER FIVE Sunset and the settling of dusk catch most Ole Miss students returning from the evening meal. Some scurry back from the cafeteria or pizza par- lor to ready themselves for a night on the town. The partyers have their choice of backgammon and popcorn at The Gumbo, The Platform at The Warehouse, live entertainment at The Gin or step- ping out at The Library or Car Wash Disco. Another faction hangs around the sorority or fraternity house stalling, not particularly eager to delve into a night with the books. Those who do buckle down to study may be found cramming for a test in the traditional library or classroom set- ting, running a program in the computer center, typing a paper or chipping away at a long-term project. Still others speed away from the drive-thru win- dow at a burger joint wolfing down a sandwich as they head to the first of several meetings listed in their red Assignments and Dates to Remember books. Those in the " involved " set are occupied with everything from churches to campaigns, often until the wee hours. Those fortunate enough to find themselves free of obligations have several options. They may indulge in the luxury of visiting in the dorms, call- ing home, reading a Harlequin romance or Sports Illustrated or catching a favorite TV show. Any of these students may be found at Mr. Quik or Kroger around midnight, grabbing a snack before bed and the return of the daily routine. ALM ALMA MATER - WHS At Ole Miss, everybody speaks. In body language, our dialect is unmistakable. The clothes, the shoes, the jewelry all say " Ole Miss. " . From overcoats to under- wear, it ' s Ole Miss through and through. MATER Winter wools, tweed blazers and mono- grammed shirts and sweaters swept the fall fashion scene. As cool weather set in, cam- pus men sported cords, cables and goose- down jackets and vests, in addition to the ever-popular khakis. Females began to reveal a little more thigh to the eye with straight slit skirts, while hats and padded shoulders ranked high in accessories. From the traditional Oxford cloth shirt and rolled- up jeans to the latest in boxers, 100% cotton with starch was the fabric in vogue. Oxford gained new territory in fashion as the name spread from shirts to shoes. Sad- dle oxfords, weejuns and Candies vied for top honors in campus footwear. Women rose to new heights on the spiked heels of fashion as the dainty ankle straps of the for- ties returned in full force. Add a pearl, add a bead, add anything you want to a gold serpentine chain and the look is " in. " Monogrammed earrings, lapel feathers and bar pins set the pace for coeds, while trendy fellows donned grosgrain watchbands and initial rings. MATHR On the fashion scene as a whole, this was the year of the designer. Name droppers had heyday as everything from tie tacks to tennis shoes bore the coveted insignias. Men in vogue showed off with Ralph Lauren, Pierre Cardin and Gucci, while women scrambled for any- thing that resembled Hal- ston, Aigner or Givenchy. From purses to earrings, from cologne to eyewear, designers were in great demand. , -, V MATER 36 - S. I TREND QUIZ 1. Whilr jogging do you a. Run alimr? h. Run with others? c. Run past fraternity sorority row? 2. Do you a. Throw your jogging clothes in the washer? b. Send them to the cleaners? i:. Have them starched? 3. Do you wear a. Candies? b. Simulated Candies? c. Candies with designer hose? 4. Do you own a. A pink button down? b. A yellow button down? c. A blue button down? d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 5. Do you wear your sweaters a. Over your shirts? b. Under a blazer? c. Tied around your neck? fi. Do you have a. A monogtammed shirt? b. A monogrammed sweater? c. Monogrammed underwear? 7. Do you have a a. Add a pearl necklace? b. Add a bead necklace? c Both? How trendy are you? Give yourself 1 point for each a. 2 points Tor each b. and 3 points for each e.. On number 4. d is worth 5 points and e is worth -5 points. Total your score. A score of seven or less means you are virtually unaffected by current trends in fashion. A score between seven and fourteen reveals that you choose your trendy possessions with care. However, you do keep up with the latest in fashion. A score of fifteen or more means that you buy everything that comes out on the market, a vir- tual slave to fashion. m f t Jogging stayed in the foreground as the popular exercise on campus this fall. Run- ners could be seen anytime, anyplace, wearing almost anything. Undaunted by weather, the diehards simply headed for the coliseum during rainy and cold sea- sons. While many took to the streets for exercise, others took to the rink. Students joined the roller-skating craze, finding it an enjoyable group sport and a fun way to get badly-needed exercise. The world of fads has spread from clothes to exercise and even into our lan- guage habits. For those of us at Ole Miss, many words have taken on meaning in addition to their standard ones. There was once a time when space was air between the stars, not between the ears. A gator was once an animal rather than a status symbol or a dance. While gross was a unit measure rather than an adjective, pits were parts of peaches and prunes, not states of being. Before college, flags were more often found on poles than exams. A fox was once a mere animal instead of an alluring woman and pigging out was an activity limited to farm critters. The things that Ole Miss students do and attend in addition to academic obligations are what make this University different from a high school, junior college or any other university. The activities and events in this section provide the hub and hubbub of Ole Miss life. They present students and faculty with places to go, things to do and opportunities to identify with themselves and each other. From Fall Festival to Dixie Week, opportunities are endless for simply having a good time. Culturally speaking, the noted Ole Miss beauties promenade in pageants, while the Artist Series and University Theatre add enlightening entertainment. Famous for its spirit, Ole Miss offers several channels through which it may be vented. Mighty or not, the Johnny Rebs continue to draw crowds, and the women ' s athletic program gains national status. Again, blending institutions with innovations turns out a set of products uniquely Ole Miss. Doing II 39 .-. 40 Activities ACTIVITIES DANNY STORY, editor Ann Fortenberry, assistant Dixie Week Homecoming Fall Festival Union Activities Special Events 42 46 48 50 52 Activities 41 Dixie Week ' 79 Dixie Week may well have been the institution that gave Ole Miss its reputation of having " something for everyone. " With a schedule including concerts, movies, competi- tions and lots of parties, Dixie Week ' 79 was certain to quench every passion from ice cream to skateboarding. Ole Miss weather cooperated beautifully, and the campus was in full bloom as the six-day reverie began. Students shoved classes and studies into the back- ground and went all out for one last blast before facing the final exam stint. Dixie Week took on new dimensions in ' 79 with " Jan- ice " highlighting the concert bill and the debut of the backgammon tournament, while the traditional Ice Cream Social in the Grove and Shrimp and Beer at Sar- dis branded it an exclusively Ole Miss good time. 1. The Tri-Deltas walking tall in Dixie Games. 2. Andrae Crouch performs in Fulton Chapel. 3. Bobby Sharman and Mary Beth McMillan enjoy the Ice Cream Social. 4. The tug of war is always fun. 5. The Sigma Nu ' s in three- legged race. 6. Juggernaut Jug Band in Fulton Chapel. 7. The long lines at Sar- dis for Shrimp and Beer. Dixie Week 43 I SUNDAY Andrae Crouch Fulton Chapel MONDAY Dixie Week Games " Eli " in the Grove Movies in the Grove TUESDAY Dixie Week Games Dixie Week Barbeque " Earl Scruggs Revue " WEDNESDAY First Annual Backgammon Tournament Dixie Run Ice Cream Social " Gone With the Wind " Grove THURSDAY Skateboard Competition " Juggernaut Jug Band " Fulton Chapel Follies " Janice " - Fulton Chapel FRIDAY Dixie Week Shrimp and Beer 44 Dixie Week 1. Schedule of Events. 2. Bobby Coffey helps Harriet Riley with her ice cream. 3. Jeannie Cirlot in the Skateboard Competition. 4. Dixie Week Barbeque in the Grove. 5. Rosa- lie McCullough and John Dowdle serve ice cream. 6. The Phi Mu ' s in the three-legged race. 7. " Eli " performs in the Grove. 8. The tug of war winners. Dixie Week 45 Homecoming 1980 brought the usual flurry of activities to campus. An intense homecoming queen cam- paign set the pace for the week, and students filled in routine schedules with parties and working on dis- plays. The theme " We ' ve Got the Spirit " was appropriate for 1980, as even the prospect of meeting Van- derbilt after five straight losses didn ' t daunt the holiday atmosphere on campus. The University Players kicked off planned activities Thurs- day with their performance of " Any- thing Goes. " Homecoming Day brought multitudes of high school students and alums, and the Grove rocked with the music of The Group. The Rebels ' 63-28 thrashing of the Commodores was what everybody had been waiting for, and fraternity and private parties went full tilt in celebration until the wee hours. 46 Homecoming 1. Freshman maid Cresia Starks escorted by Norman Miller. 2. Pre-game festivities in the Grove. 3. The Delta Psi secret formula for success produces another first place display. 4. Senior maids Debbie Sansmg and Sara Dalton. 5. Homecoming theme banner. 6. From left to right. ASB President John Delashmet, Homecoming Queen Angelyn Atkins, former Rebel coach John Vaught, Charles Bidgood. Alumni Association President. 7. Junior maid Angela Roberts escorted by Gary Pickering. 8. Ole Miss Rebel football seniors. Homecoming 47 Fall Festival, occurring immedi- ately after mid-terms, gave students the opportunity to shove their books aside for a week and participate in the various activities. Centered around Halloween, the events were a definite success, proven by the large crowds. Concerts by John Prine and Tavares were two high points of the festival. Both performances were thoroughly enjoyed as students heard their popular favorites. The usual barbeque packed the grove with masses of hungry students. Hundreds of pieces of chicken were devoured in a matter of minutes. A Halloween showing of " Young Frankenstein " was the most popular event of the week. Because of the great number of people demanding to see the film, it was shown until 3:00 a.m. A pep rally on Thursday night before the LSU game climaxed the week ' s activities. A parade which ended behind the coliseum marched all over campus picking up enthusi- astic Rebel fans. A huge bonfire warmed the students as they cheered the burning of an LSU tiger, bringing Fall Festival to a close. 48 Fall Festival FALL FESTIVAL 1. Students enjoy the barbeque in the Grove. 2. Standing in line for the barbeque. 3. Cheerleaders performing at the Pep Rally. 4. Fall Festival display in the Union. 5. John Prine in concert. 6. Tavares in concert. 4 A wide array of events and happenings made the Ole Miss Union " the " place to be in 1979-80, with activities ranging from the outrageous display of talent in the Gong Show to the serene atmosphere of the quilting short course. Under the direction of David Broome and the Union Program Council, the Union provided students with a focal point for happenings on campus speakers, arts and crafts displays, meetings and various other entertainment. The short courses offered this year included Tai Chi Chuan a self-defense course, clogging, bridge and cake decorating. Always the best place to meet new people and see old friends, the Union also served as the headquarters for blood drives, community projects, fund-raising activities and social gatherings. A cake-cut celebrating first semester mid-term was a first for the campus. This was, as UPC Fine Arts Chairman John Dowdle put it, " a great year for the Union. " 50 Union Activities 1. Tai Chi Chuan, self-defense short course. 2. Abounding talent in the Cong Show. 3. Cake decorating. 4. Midterm Cake Cut. 5. Blood Drive. 6. Clogging. 7. Midterm Cake Cut. 8. Vaudeville Show in front of th e Union. 9. Bridge. Union Activities 51 The calendar year at Ole Miss included many special events in which students could participate just for fun. During summer months, the ASB sponsored watermelon cuts in the Grove, providing all summer school and pre- college students a refreshing treat as well as an opportunity to meet each other. Rebel spirit ran high during the open football weekend of fall semester, as students were delighted to have the rock band JANICE performing in the old gym Saturday night. Black students planned and participated in several special events on campus. The ASB Black Affairs Committee sponsored the annual Black Awareness Week February 4-10. The theme was " Black History: Torch for the Future " , and events included a jazz concert and an Afro-American Greek Show. The ASB Committee on Black Affairs sponsored a speech by civil rights activist James Meredith, and Shauneille Jackson topped a field of nine contestants to win the crown of Miss Ebony. These event s and others like them helped promote student involvement in many facets of campus life. 52 Special Events 1. " JANICE " performs in the Old Gym. 2. James Meredith speaks in Fulton Chapel. 3. Summer watermelon cut in the grove. 4. and 5. Shauneille Jackson is crowned Miss Ebony. 6. Afro-Ameri- can Greek Show. 7. Student musicians present a jazz concert in the University Cafeteria. Special Events S3 54 Culture CULTURE LISA REDDITT, editor John Pearson, assistant Pageants Speakers Artist Series Theatre Concerts Theatre 56 58 60 62 64 66 Culture SS Miss University Kheryl Stewart, Miss 56 Pageants Parade of Beauties PAGEANTS Pageants 57 58 Speakers MARY LYNN KOTZ SPEAKERS DR. CHESTER SWOR Speakers 59 The internationally famous Budapest Symphony Orchestra per- formed at the University of Mississippi as well as in New York ' s Car- negie Hall and in the thirty-four other cities during a Jan. -Feb. tour of the United States. Appearing at Ole Miss on February 6, the orches- tra, directed by Gyorgy Lehel, featured 27 year-old violinist solo Mik- los Syenthelyi playing selections from Wagner, Bartok and Beetho- ven ' s Third Symphony. William Harness, one of America ' s leading opera singers, appeared at the University on March 8 as a part of the spring Artist Series. His voice has a big, beautiful tone that fills the range of style sought for in a tenor. Combined with his presence, it makes him one of the few romantic opera stars who can look, as well as sing, the part. The New Christy Minstrels, internationally known folk group with a modern flavor, performed at Ole Miss on March 27. Modeled after the original group founded in 1842 that became the most popular minstrel variety show in existence, the New Christy Minstrels was formed in 1961 when the folk musical revival had taken America by storm. The internationally acclaimed pianist Leonard Pennario opened the Uni- versity of Mississippi ' s 1979 fall Artist Series on September 13. Pennario, who made his profes- sional concert debut in 1936 at age twelve with the Dallas Symphony, has performed with every major American orchestra and has appeared exten- sively in Europe with the continent ' s leading orchestras. New Cfirisfy Minstrels 60 Arlisl Series CONCERTS Steve Forbert Concerts i A Doctor in Spite of Himself M I 62 Theatre ' in iof ielf THEATRE I page designed by L Redditl A Man Who Married A Dumb Wife Theatre 63 64 Concerts CONCERTS Concerts 6 . Colt Porter ' s V ! 66 Theatre THEATRE A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE Theatre 67 ofme 68 Theatre THEATRE Godspell Th.-dtre 69 I 70 Sports 1 LEE WATT, editor Bubba Morgan, assistant Portfolio Football Men ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball Cheerleaders Volleyball Tennis Golf. Track M-Clubs Baseball 72 74 84 92 100 102 104 106 108 110 Sports ?1 OLE MI98 8PORT8 . . A TRADITION ' " ' 4 ' . B. 1 I " . . . if our programs are based on coaching staffs and the number of quality athletes we have in each of our programs, the future is bright for us ... we (women ' s sports) have moved ahead to a point where we will always be a challenger . . . " Warner Alford. Athletic Director 12 1 79 REBEL FOOTBALL A balmy September night provided the setting as Ole Miss b what was to be a thrilling yet rather disappointing football sea The year was interesting as Rebel fans saw Ole Miss trounci three Tennessee teams, Jim Miller punts for an average of yards, John Fourcade proves that he is the quarterback everyb thought he was, and the ability of Sloan ' s heralded freshmen. However, with every season there are problems and this one no exception. Freshman running back Buford Magee was inji after a superb start; Ole Miss was stunned twice on regional and the Johnny Rebs ended with another losing season (4-7). year also was laced with controversies. Rumors of poor discip spread throughout the state, along with rejuvenated 1960 ' s ( against the alleged racism of Dixie, Colonel Reb and Confede flags. However, the proud alumni, students, and faculty anc exuberant School Spirit Committee kept fans ' morale high. Rebs finished a frustrating season with wins over archrivals ' . nessee and Mississippi State. 1. Nose guard James Jordan attempts lo stop MSI) running back. 2. Rebel f bie 3. Fourcade takes snap. 4. Mi: running back stopped for a losi Fourcade pitches to Buford Mage Magee halted by Southern Miss. 1 $ rm at joker can run. I don ' t believe he knows r fast he is! " Those were the comments of Miss punter Jim Miller about teammate ord Magee following the Rebel 38-34 vic- , over Memphis State. Magee, one of the t highly sought after backs in the nation, ned his collegiate career with a 52-yard run on the Rebs first play from scrim- ie. The Durant native finished the game h 160 yards on 11 carries which included econd TD run of 74 yards. Freshman ny Hooper also scored on his first play ti a 9-yard TD reception from QB Four- e. Miller began his last season on a win- g note, punting 6 times, for a 51.7 average, the game, OM compiled 406 total yards. mnared to Memphis State ' s 379. ord crowd of 53.166 at Lib- Bowl Memorial Stadium led as the Rebs put away the igers in the final seconds with a m Miller punt to the 5-yard line. .g the next two matches, the were able to produce only 15 ts compared to their oppo- ' s 71. OM opened strong ist Mizzou as Michael Har- returned a punt for a 54-yard nth 4:37 remaining in the first ter. But the second half nged to the Tigers, as they ; TD ' s on runs from 10. 14. ) yards out. A 40-yard FG and TD pass of 69 yards sealed the - u - fate with a 7-33 loss. irning to Jackson the next c. the Rebels found little sym- y from the USM War Eagles. Johnny Rebs. who had lost two previous games to South- fell victim to Southern ' s run- attack which accumulated y ' ards and 4 TD ' s. Ole Miss ' s TD came in the last quarter i a Fourcade-to-Seawright of 62 yards. Earlier in the A. there had been talk of drop- ing Southern from the Rebel .chedule in order to upgrade it. me overzealous USM fans to hoist a nner which read " Upgrade USM schedule; Drop McGee!?! He can fly. Every time I : oked up he was running! " M9U Head Coach Richard Williamson 9 15 79 After two devastating losses. the Rebels returned to campus to face winless Georgia. Anxious for a victory, the Bulldogs handed Ole Miss its third consecutive loss (21-24). This marked the first victory for Georgia in Hemingway Stadium. Ole Miss began the scoring with two TD ' s which included a two-yard run by fullback Leon Perry and a five-yard run by John Fourcade. Nevertheless, under the direction of Head Coach Vince Dooley. the Bulldogs fought back in the second half to overcome the Rebel lead. Heading into the final minutes, the Rebs attempted a fake punt to Perry. However. Georgia ' s defense smothered both Perry and the Red and Blue ' s chance of a Legislative Day victory. H , $j il ii C.iniinnKiorr 4. Ken Folrr Lit Mr ' (i Krltrls sack V,md I Ole Miss is a tradition, and part of that tradition is winning. Homecoming 1979 clearly exemplified that, as the Johnny Rebs demolished the Vander- bilt Commodores (63-28). thus ending a five-game losing streak. The Rebel offense amassed 543 total yards against a porous Vandy defense. The Rebs ' 63 points were the most points scored by Ole Miss since the Southern Mississippi game in 1969 (69-7). Also, the crowd of 35,667 at Hemingway stadium was the largest since the 1969 State game. For the day, quarterback John Fourcade completed 4 of 5 passes for 100 yards and ran 15 times for 169 yards. Fullback Leon Perry was second in rushing with 96 yards on 20 carries. Ripley native Jim Miller also had a fine day, punting three times for a 50 yard average. Fool ball 77 " This is the third game in a n where we played well enough win, but didn ' t win. It ' s very hard on the players and the coaches. " t; . . John Peel pursues Tulane running bac ctinn. 4. Perr - scores on goalline slan FfHircade sacked. 6. Perry blocks for Melvin Brown. ving barely enough time to recuperate from the pre- us week ' s loss to Georgia, the Rebels hit the road for ir first away game. The Rebels were haunted all ht long as they tried to tame the Kentucky Wildcats, o Kentucky fumbles inside the Red and Blue 25-yard 5 produced only one Rebel field goal. Also, a 27-yard chdown sprint by John Fourcade was called back on tolding penalty. The Rebs also gave up 355 yards ore the game ended 14-3. ' le preparing for the South Carolina e, many on the Ole Miss squad e remembering last year ' s spoiler inst the Gamecocks. That was a le in which Ole Miss led until a 90- 1 touchdown run and a two-point version miraculously occurred in last nine seconds to give South Car- la a 18-17 win. This year ' s contest s comparable, as the Rebs had the iskin four times inside the 15-yard e and failed to score each time, iithough they led the game in total offense (422-304), Sloan ' s crew was pped short, 21-14. uisiana Superdome was the sight for regional TV game this year for Ole Miss. Like the first one, the Rebels were lected this time by Tulane, 47-15. though Ole Miss rushed 34 times for only 55 yards, quarterback John Four- de passed 23 times for 240 yards and o touchdowns. His 40 attempts were the most by a Rebel quarterback since chie Manning in 1970. With quarter- ck Roch Hontas under the helm, the een Wave accumulated 186 yards ssing and 291 rushing to put the Reb- 2-7 for the season. Football 79 Prior to the LSU game. Oh: Miss had led the nation in punt cover- age. This was erased when LSU split-end Tracey Porter returned a Jim Miller punt for 52 yards late in the final quarter. This and a had case of the second-half blues plagued Ole Miss as LSU over- came a 0-17 halftime deficit to down the Johnny Rebs 28-24. Retir- ing LSU Head Coach Charlie McClendon put it best: " This game was like all the rest in Ole Miss-LSU series. You can expect any- thing to happen at anytime. " Fresh after a 40-18 victory over Notre Dame, Tennessee rode into Jackson confidently seeking a bowl bid. However, the Red and Blue machine squeezed the Big Orange dry to the tune of 44-20. With the outstanding defensive play of freshman defen- sive end James Otis (13 unassisted tackles) and Leon Perry ' s 126 yards on 22 carries. Ole Miss thwarted Tennessee, thus becom- ing undefeated against all three Tennessee teams. Football at Ole Miss is divided into two seasons: 1) The first 10 games and, 2) the Mississippi State game. Down 0-9 at the half and 7-9 with only 7:37 left in the game, Ole Miss came back with a 29-yard touchdown pass from John Fourcade to split end Ken Toler. The rest is history. The Golden Egg is once again back in the proper place. 1ISSISSIPPI MEMORIAL STADIUN H iflllll Receiving top honors for the season was punter Jim Miller, who was selected All-SEC and Ail-American by UPI and Football Writer ' s Association. Also ace quarterback John Fourcade was chosen All-SEC by Birmingham ' s Sports Page and to the second team All-SEC by AP. For his outstanding defensive abili- ties, defensive end James Otis was named to the Freshman Ail-American team by Blue Chip maga- zine. Senior guard Terrence Walker will play in the annual Blue and Grey game and kicking specialist Hoppy Langley will participate in the East-West Shrine game. Football 81 J S ' CO s 82 -Fool ball 1979 COACHING STAFF: Head Coach Steve Sloan, Tony Misita, Tom Goode, Tommy Limbaugh, Borneo Crennel, John Cropp, Leroy Mullins, Paul Crane, Mike Pope, Eddie Crawford, Bill Canty, David Lee, Clyde Christensen. TRAINING STAFF: First Row: Brian Burns, Mitch Smart, Jeff Bell, Lee Bethay, Scott Arata; Second Row: Danny Smith, Chuck Leggett, Assistant Trainer Tim Garl, Head Trainer Leroy Mullins, Tim Huff, Sam Duncan. EQUIPMENT STAFF, First Row: Lee Taylor, Will Mounger, Tank Conerly; Second Row: Monty Mont- gomery, Forrest Phillips, Equipment Manager Blake Barnes, Donnie Kisner, Ron- nie Brandon; Third Row: Gary Brandon, Jim Sledge, Lyman Fulton, Jay Leasman, Wayne Abies. Fomball-n OLE MISS BASKETBALL 84 Men ' s Basketball 1. Forward Elston Turner battles Kentucky ' s freshman standout Sam Bowie. 2. The Big ' ' guards Kyle Mac Head Coach Bob Weltlich gives instructions. 4. Stroud tips in two. 5. Carlos Clark awaits jump ball. 6. Tim Thomas for two. 7. Turner attempts to block a shot. Men ' s Basketball 85 JOHN STROUD SEC Leading Scorer 2 Years Second All-Time SEC Leading Scorer Most Free Throws Made Most Field Goals Made All-SEC 2 Years Third Team All-American 86 lohnStroud Men s Basket ball 87 88 Men ' s Basketball 1. Sean Tuohy tries to maintain his better than ninety percent free throw aver- age. 2. Guard Chris Barrett passes over Mercer ' s zone defense. 3. Rebel mentor Bob Weltlich. 4. Kentucky defense tries to stop John Stroud. 5. Freshman Roger Stieg scores over Mississippi State ' s Ricky Brown. . . . this a vastly improved team . . . the Sugar Bowl tournament was a tremen- dous win for us ... we ' ve become com- petitive in the league . . . and expect more from the future . . . Bob Weltlich 2 1 80 Last fall the Ole Miss basketball team was considered by many a fair team at best and probably eighth or ninth in the SEC. Another ho-hum season was expected. Someone evidently forgot to tell the Rebels about these dismal pre- dictions, as the season was everything but ho-hum. The Johnny Rebs posted 17 wins, the most in 42 years, while gaining a berth in the National Invitational Tournament. This was the first post-season tourney ever for Ole Miss. The Rebs started NIT play at Oxford by beating Grambling, then succumbed to a power- ful Minnesota by a narrow margin of 58-56. But the season had not always been good. After trouncing Virginia Tech to win the coveted Sugar Bowl Tournament, Ole Miss started slowly in SEC play and soon faced an 0-5 slate in conference action. Then it happened. The Rebels came alive with nine wins in their last 13 SEC games. Sellout crowds in C.M. " Tad " Smith Coliseum became a weekly event. SEC scoring champ John Stroud combined with junior Elston Turner and sophomore Sean Touhy to place Ole Miss as a leading SEC contender. These three also were selected for the All-SEC team. After whipping Tennessee, the Rebels were set back by second-ranked Kentucky in the semi-finals of the SEC tournament. The Johnny Rebs broke several records during the year. Stroud ended his lint four-year career with the second highest point total in SEC history (2.328). Other school records by Stroud included most field goals (844) and most free throws (540). The New Albany native commanded the third highest rebound total and became only the second SEC player to have consecutive scoring titles. Defensive ace Elston Turner ended the season with his career scoring total at 1,207 points. Sean Tuohy handed out 260 assists an Ole Miss and SEC record. This brought his career total to 428. Also providing valuable assistance during the year were Carlos Clark, Roger Steig, Chris Barrett, Cecil Dowell. Tim Thomas, Anthony Eubanks. James Ivy, James Green. Richard Hamilton, Nor- man Miller and Lane Shoup. One of the brightest spots in the season came when Coach Bob Weltlich announced that he would not accept job offers elsewhere and would remain at Ole Miss. The beginning of the 80 ' s saw a sound winning season something new to Ole Miss. Basketball enthusiasts see this as the trend of the new decade. Yes. it ' s true We ' ve Got the Spirit! Men s Basketball 89 r Kfift] i(Tf w , I ' M9N iUMI . 44 A HISI 1979-80 BASKETBALL TEAM: Left to Right, First Row: Donnie Fuller Manager, Cecil Dowell, James Green, Chris Barrett, James Ivy, Carlos Clark, Richard Hamilton, Sean Tuohy, Blake Barnes; Second Row: Mike Hanks, Ricky Johnson, Warner Alford Athletic Director, Norman Miller, John Stroud, Tim Thomas, Head Coach Bob Weltich, Lane Shoupe, Roger Stieg, Anthony Eubanks, Elston Turner, Eddie Oran, Ron Reed, Henry Jackson. Mm s Basket ball 91 LADY REBEL BASKETBALL 92 Women ' s Baskelball 1. Liz Marable on defense. 2. Dana Fortenberry in action against MLJVV. 3. (an Barnett shoots from the foul line. 4. Co-Captain Renee Rutland drives for a lay-up. 5, Freshman Justina Smith shoots over a defender. 6. Carol Ross shoots for two. 7. Senior Lane Lockard goes up for a jump ball. Women ' s Basketball 93 PEGGIE GILLOM All Time Leading Scorer All Time Leading Rebounder Holds 18 Individual Lady Rebel Records Finalist for Margaret Wade Trophy 2 Years Honorable Mention Ail-American 2 Years 94 Peggie OiHom Women ' j Baskrtbai) 9S 9(i Women ' s Baskdball 1. Kris Stratton and Justina Smith block out. 2. Lane Lockard puts a rebound back in. 3. Coach Van Chancellor. 4. Center Justina Smith shoots at the buz- zer. 5. Jan Barnett and Renee Rutland against a zone defense. . . .Our season has had many ups and downs . . . defeating nationally ranked teams such as Stephen . Austin and Mercer but then losing the MUW tour- nament . . . we had the opportunity of thrills as well as lows. . . Van Chancellor 2 1 80 Though the Lady Rebel basketball squad failed to defend its state title, the team did provide several highlights for Ole Miss followers. After a 3-0 start, the Lady Rebs dropped their first game of the sea- son at the home of defending national champion Old Dominion. That was followed by consecutive losses to North Carolina and North Car- olina State, both road games. Back home, an upset by Vanderbilt ended a 19-game home-court winning streak. South Carolina added another loss at home, but after Christmas break Ole Miss remained undefeated at Tad Smith Coli- seum. The biggest victory for the Rebs came at the end of January with a 79-68 upset of second-ranked Stephen F. Austin. Freshman center Justina Smith gave her most impressive performance of the year, hit- ting 12 of 15 second-half shots to end the game with 28 points. In most games, senior Peggie Gillom was the spark plug for the Lady Rebs. For the second year she was selected as a finalist for the Margaret Wade trophy which goes to the country ' s best female bas- ketball player. The Southeastern region ' s coaches also picked her as co-MVP with Susan Taylor of Valdosta State. Gillom set Ole Miss records of 2486 points and 1271 rebounds, new marks for any Ole 3 athlete male or female. Four Lady Rebels graduate, including Gillom. Jan Barnett, Renee Rutland and Lane Lockard. Three starters will be back and will be expected to provide the nucleus for the squad: Kris Stratton, a 6-1 junior: Justina Smith, a 6-2 sophomore, and Carol Ross, a 5-9 senior. At least four freshmen will join " Wanda Austin. Dana Fortenberry. Liz Marable and the returning starters as the Lady Rebels try to advance in national competition. The most attractive home schedule in the team ' s history will include home contests with Old Dominion, North Carolina, North Carolina State, LSU and Valdosta. With only two seniors and one junior, the 1980-81 squad will be young but enthusiastic and eager to make Ole Miss once again the top name for Mississippi college basketball. jr e Pearson 98 Women ' s Basketball 1979-1980 BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right, First Row: Wanda Austin, Dana Fortenberry, Carol Ross, Jan Barnett, Justina Smith, Sherry Winterstein, Liz Marable, Risa Turton, Angle Cra- pis, Renee Rutland; Second Row: Coach Terri Shores, Trainer Gretchen Schlabach, Coach Con- nie Winstead, Peggy Gillom. Lane Lockard, Head Coach Van Chancellor, Betsy O ' Connor, Kris Stratton. Coach Mary Davis, Manager Rita Dailey, Assistant Trainer Paula Morgan. -; Women ' s Basketball 99 CHEERLEADERS VARSITY Left to Right: Suzanne Chaney, Ty Cobb, Leisha Prather, Gary Aldridge, Kathryn Becker, Sam Martin, Ange- lyn Atkins, Mike Tramel, Leigh Ann Roberts, Walt Shinalt. 1. Johnny Reb in part of his pre-game exhibition. 2. Rebel Cheerleaders form a pyramid. 100 Cheerleaders 1. Rebel Cheerleaders, one of top f nation last year. 2. Freshman Cheerleaders: Top: Leslie Andrews; Middle: Daphine Parks. Camille File. Julie Phillips Bickerstaff; Bottom: Scooter Yates. Laurie White alternate, David Locke, Andrew Mangialardi alternate. Frank Parker. Bryette Denton; not pictured: Davic ser. 3. Ty Cobb and Suzanne Chaney. FRESHMAN Cheerleaders 101 OLE MI98 VOLLEYBALL 1. Lori Woodward watches after a hit. 2. Cathy Casteel and Kim McFall block for the Lady Rebels. First Row, left to right: Lisa Connor, Mary Esslinger, Lori Woodward, Betsy O ' Connor, Cathy Casteel, Estelle Hyde, Kelley Viner, Second Row, left to right: Head Coach Jeanne Taylor, Vivian Langley, Gretchen Schlabach. Kim McFall, Martha Maroney, Frances Hicks, Trisha Eastbura, Becky Swords, Donna Stevens, Sandra Pope. 12 Viillryhal! . . . our program is definitely the finest caliber in the region and competitive on a national basis . . . Jeanne Taylor OfeV ,nal 10 24- 79 OM i; OM ;. OMdef MiisSi ' . Dm def. Ark. S i ...-. OMdef Tulane.11-: OM - OMi_ MUW : Mem; St li M 15-11 OMdf ' Alabama def OM 15-13 ' , OM def V-w Orleans 15-10, 15-10 Memphis Stale Invitational OMdef. Luu ' i5-9 OMdef. Miss S:f- OMc ' ! OMdc v M 13 16-14 OM def. LT-Martin 15-8 15 i OMdef Arkansas Statt :5- ' ... Princeton International OM def George Washington 15- . OMdi: enslS-a 15-9 Delawarcd. : .. 15- OMc- Rulgt-rs ' -6.15-2 OMdef. Memphis Stair ; OMde: - OMdel Ml. ' WlS-l OMdl-f : OMdf M Stal I .. ' . Memphis. State de ' ; OM def New Orleans 15-6 S V LouiS n,, dff. OM 15-5. 10-15 OMdef SE Louisiana 15-6 ' Tulant .;- .4 15-9 Jackson St. def OM 15-3 SECTournarr OMdf M - - 1-1 S-7. - . . " - 1 .. OMdef. Auburn 15-10. 15-8 OMdef Georgia 15 i Alabama def OM 15-8 ' . ' OMu _ 15-4 LSL ' dd OMi6-:4 Alabama def OM 12-15. 15-5 15-12 M Mdd ' ' OM M ;. I - OM def. Jackson St. 15-10. 13-15. 15-6 Ml V, d ' : 15 16-14 1. Trisha Eastburn sets for Betsy O ' Conner. 2. Cathy Casieel hits as ' . KimMcFaii ioo ' r. The 1979 Ole Miss Volleyball team com- piled a 23-6 record. At home Coach Jeanne Taylor has led her team to a 29-2 record for the past three years. Against other teams in the state the Lady Rebs were just as successful, winning 11 consecutive matches. Senior Cathy Casteel was selected the year ' s most valuable player. Casteel h as gained all-tournament recognition in every tourney she has played in. Sopho- more setter Trisha Eastburn was recog- nized for her outstanding play in the Ole Miss Invitational and the Memphis State Classic. After advancing through state and regional competition, the Lady Rebels fin- ished Seventeenth. Voiieybati 103 MEN ' S TENNIS The Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis Team posted a 15-12 tally this year. The Rebs finished ninth in SEC tourna- ment. Although the team will be relatively young in 1980, Eric Umstead, Joel Mulkin and Kirk Farquhar will return and provide valuable experience. 1. Joel Mulkin hits from , baseline. 2. Lance Hick- man returns serve. Left to Right: Earl Hassler Ass ' t. Coach. Joel Mul- kin. David Templeton. Joe ' Wys, Kirk Farquhar, Rich- ard Pollara. Lance Hick- man, Russell Blair Head Coach. i 104 Men ' s Tennis Consistency is the word used to describe the Lady Rebels Ten- nis Team. Paced by 2 singles Catherine Yelverton and 5 sin- gles Ramona Kent, the Lady Rebs last spring won 14 consecutive state matches, 4 quadrangulars, and the state tourney for the 2nd year in a row. Yelverton has bro- ken all but one of the women ' s tennis records while compiling a 26-6 slate. Kent ' s record of 23-7 includes 31 set wins and only 7 losses. Last season, these Lady Rebs won more matches than in any previous year. Kneeling, Left to Right: Ramona Kent, Catherine Yelverton, Renee Periera Noblin, Susan Roberts; Stand- ing: Nanette Thomas. Kathleen Jordan. Coach Billy Chadwick. Susan McMurray. WOMEN ' S TENNIS 1. Kasey Hughes hits a backhand. 2. Catherine Yelverton hits from the baseline. Women ' s Tennis 105 1. Gregg Richey tees off. 2. Greg Williams shows putting form. OLE MI99 GOLF First Row, Left to Right: Greg Williams. Terry Christian, Scott Kenworthy, Steve Curtis, Steve Winkel, Greg Koenig, Chip Sammons, Randy Watkins; Second Row, Left to Right: Coach John Lang, Stan Hall, Kenny Bell, Mike Riley, Gregg Richey, Chris Mills, Bill Woodbury, Rich Kies, Scott Brown, Head Coach Ernest Ross. -v. ; 106 Golf CROS9-COUNTRY 1. Scott Kendricks in action. 2. Tab Bates shows winning form. First Row. Left to Right: Chris West, Tony Green. Nate Elzir. Mark Farrar: Second Row: Mark Dove. Tab Bates. Ronnie Pearson. Mike Homan, Scott Kendricks: Third Row: Coach Joe Walker. Coach Dave Magraw. Bobby Goliday. John McDavid. Randy Dyess. Coach M. D. Cameron. Cross Country 107 LADY REBEL M-CLUB Top LADY REBEL M-CLUB OFFICERS. Left to Right. Sitting: Paula Morgan Secretary. Lori Woodward President. Lane Lockard Vice President; Standing: Kasey Hughes Treasurer. Cathy Casteel Ser- geant-at-Arms, Jan Barnett Chaplain. Estelle Hyde Historian, Wanda Austin Historian. Bottom LADY REBEL M-CLUB, Left to Right, First Row: Susan Rob- erts, Paula Morgan. Wanda Austin. Rita Dailey, Renee Rutland. Trisha Eastburn, Donna Stevens. Martha Maroney. Kasey Hughes, Estelle Hyde; Second Row: Ramona Kent, Kim McFall, Susan McMurray. Frances Hicks. Denise Barbieo. Carol Ross, Dana Fortenberry. Mary Esslinger, Catherine Yelverton. Kelli Viner, Lori Woodward, Jeanne Taylor Sponsor; Third Row: Cathy Casteel, Jan Barnett, Lane Lockard, Peggy Gillom, Betsy O ' Connor, Kris Stratton, Justina Smith, Liz Marable, Sherry Winterstein. 10B Lady Rebel M-Club REBEL M-CLUB M ohnnvAoan Bo Ba Anns. |erry Spore. David Stra Wise. Phil Wyllie. Officers 1979-80: Left to Right Toler. Lear. Hawkins. Trader. Seawrighl . Pickering. Smith. M-dub 109 1. OUTFIELD: Left to Right, First Row: Mike Templeton, Marty McDermott, Johnny Minis. Lane Ball; Second Row: Joe Rizzo, Rusty Lan- phere, Greg Ott, Ronnie Rus- sell. 2. CATCHERS: Left to Right: Gary Pickering, Bart Boykin. 3. INFIELD: Left to Right, First Row: Cliff Ford, Mike Summerlin, David Strang; Second Row: Mark Carmichael, Mike Pomeranz, David Clements. OLE MIS9 BA8EBALL 110 Baseball PITCHERS: Left to Right, First Row: Johnny Adams, Darryl Graham, Randy Coleman, Albert Ward. Sec- ond Row: Tobby Turner, Jim Ed Slay. Mark Buys, Jeff Calhoun, Russ Davis. Left to Right, First Row: Forrest Phillips. Mike Summerlin, Marty McDermott, Darryl Graham. David Strang. Bart Boykin. Gary Pickering, Lane Ball, Albert Ward, Cliff Ford. Danny Smith. Second Row: Rick Zibilich, Johnny Adams. Johnny Mims. Mark Carmichael, Jim Ed Slay, Joe Rizzo. David Cle- | ments, Mike Templeton. Rusty Lanphere. Greg Ott. Yogi Brown. Third Row: Head Coach Jake Gibbs, Tobby Turner, Mark Buys, Mike Pomeranz, Russ Davis. Randy Coleman. Jeff Calhoun, Ronnie Russell. Larry Williams. Baseball 111 BA9EBALL 79 112 Baseball 1. Russ Davis delivers a pitch. 2. Catcher Gary Pickering tries to pre- vent a stolen base. 3. First baseman Cliff Ford catches a runner off base. 4. Greg Ott awaits Bart Boykin at home plate. Baseball 113 With 16 lettermen returning from last year ' s 27-21 squad, experience was a key factor for the 1979 Ole Miss baseball team. Although the pitching staff was young, it posted a team ERA of 3.52 compared to the opponents ' 4.23. The Rebels opened the season under Head Coach Jake Gibbs by posting wins over Livingston and Delta State. After a couple of losses to LSU the Johnny Rebs won twelve of their next fourteen games. During 1. Home run ace Ronnie Russell at bat. 2. Greg Ott rounds third base. 3. Head Coach Jake Gibbs. 4. Ole Miss dugout. 5. Johnny Adams follows through on a pitch. 114 Baseball :-:: this stretch, Ole Miss swept series from Memphis State, Alabama, Moorehead State and Illinois Wes- leyan. A split bill with Indiana State and Tennessee were the only two losses. The Rebels then took another series from last year ' s SEC champion Auburn, but only after losing three from arch-rival Mississippi State. Next. Delta State and LSU handed Ole Miss three crucial losses which knocked the Rebs out of the race for the SEC pennant. Then, under the direction of eight-year veteran Coach Gibbs, the Rebs trounced non-conference foes Memphis State and Southern Mississippi. In the Southern Mississippi match Jeff Cal- houn fanned 14 batters, which is the third most strike-outs for a Rebel pitcher. The season ended with two more losses to Mississippi State and a third place finish in the Western Division. For the year the Rebels were 24-13 and 9-10 in SEC play. Five of the SEC losses went to champion Mississippi State and four went to the second place LSU Bengals. Co-Captain Ron- nie Russell of Memphis overcame an early batting slump to finish with a 3.11 average and lead the team in hits (37). doubles (9), triples (2), and RBI ' s (24) and won Western Division hon- ors. Outfielder Marty McDermott led the team in runs (28) while Mike Pomeranz managed 29 hits and 8 doubles. . . . Having sixteen games rained out really hurt us. We weren ' t able to get valuable experience from playing these games . . . We used nine pitchers and had an overall combined ERA of 3.52 . . . Two of our freshmen really helped us ... Overall the year was a good one Jake Gibbs 10 23 79 Baseball 115 ' The nature of human society dictates that a community will consist of those who lead and those who follow. Both groups are vital to the well-being of the community, and maintaining communication and cooperation between them is essential for success. The Ole Miss community fits this mold. Whether elected or appointed, the leaders at the University possess common characteristics that set them apart and render them fit to set the campus paces and lifestyles. The following pages feature the leaders at Ole Miss. Those in administrative positions make policy decisions and guide students. Those distinguished by judges or elections have excelled with God-given looks and or personalities. Those who have achieved certain standards of academics, leadership and character are recognized by citation and membership in honor societies. Each leader makes unique contributions to the University while serving to preserve the Ole Miss tradition of excellence. Administration 158 174 I 118 Honors HONORS LYDIA PRATHER, co-editor CATHY WILLS, co-editor Hall of Fame Who ' s Who Taylor Medals Teacher of the Year Honoraries 120 124 134 135 136 Honors 119 HALL OF FAME the highest honor JOHN INGRAM DELASHMET, JR. President of the Associated Student Body, John Delashmet is a Harry S. Truman Scholar with a 3.54 GPA. He is a mem- ber of Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma and Sigma Chi frater- nity. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ingram Delashmet of Clin- ton, John has served as ASB Director of University Rela- tions, campus senator, Co-chairman of the Committee of 82 and Ole Miss Ambassador. Listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. John has enjoyed working for higher education in the state. He feels that Ole Miss is unique in that it is an institution where any- one can achieve what he wants, both in and out of the class- room. He enjoys studying the culture of the South, water skiing, racquetball and painting. John hopes to pursue even-, tually a law career. fl DOUGLAS JENNINGS GUNN Doug Gunn, a first-year law student, is President of Omi- cron Delta Kappa. He has served as President of Phi Eta Sigma and as ASB Director of Academic Affairs. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Theta fraternity, and is listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges. Reading and photography occupy his leisure time and interests, along with all aspects of sports. Doug feels that extracurricular activities enhance the col- lege experience by exposing one to different people and views. The son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gunn of Merid- ian, Doug plans to finish law school and open a practice in Mississippi. 1 WILMA AYLEEN JOHNSON A Carrier Scholar from Leland. Wilma Johnson has served Ole Miss as President of the Association for Woman Stu- dents and was a national Vice President of the organization. Wilma has maintained a 3.5 GPA in four years of pharmacy school, and was selected for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa. Mortar Board. Lambda Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta and Rho Lambda. Ole Miss has provided Wilma with ample outlets for her endless energy, which she feels is her best attribute. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Johnson, Jr., she was a campus senator for three years and served as Chairman of the Committee of 82. She has been Vice-Presi- dent of Delta Gamma sorority and was selected Campus Model Pledge and Campus Favorite. Wilma loves clothes and enjoys playing basketball, tennis and backgammon. After finishing pharmacy school, she hopes to attend medi- cal school and face the challenge of a profession in medi- cine. JOHN BUSBY STROUD John Stroud. son of Mrs. Frances Stroud Hill and the late Johnny Stroud of New Albany, is the leading career scorer in Ole Miss basketball history. He was elected to represent the University as Colonel Rebel, and has been named Ole Miss Athlete of the Year. All-SEC, All-American Honorable Mention and SEC Leading Scorer. John is co-captain of the basketball team, a member of the M-Club. Committee of 100 and Sigma Nu Fraternity. He is a physical education major, campus senator and President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Recognized by Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges. John likes the outdoors and enjoys hunting, fishing, golf and all other team sports. He feels that Ole Miss ' s small and friendly campus is typical of true Southern hospitality. After gradu- ation. John would like to pursue a professional basketball career and later coach at either the high school or college level. HALL OF FAME the highest honor Fame 121 HUGH EARL TANNER Associated Student Body Treasurer Hugh Tanner is a mem- ber of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Beta Gamma Sigma, Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma and Committee of 82. An accountancy major from Moss Point, Hugh has main- tained a 3.58 GPA while serving as president of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Director of Student Services and campus senator. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Wade Tanner, Hugh was recognized by Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. He worked on the 1978 OLE MISS and enjoys racquetball as a favorite pastime. Hugh feels that academics and activities go hand in hand in campus life, and w orking with and for people is his under- lying motivation. He is contemplating either a law profes- sion or a career in public accounting with a major firm. IRBY TURNER III Known to all as Buster, the Editor-in-Chief of the 1980 OLE MISS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Irby Turner, Jr. of Belzoni. An Accountancy major, Buster has served as President of Kappa Alpha Order and the Order of Omega, and was the 1979 recipient of the Taylor Medal in Accountancy. Ole Miss has afforded Buster the opportunity for involvement in such honoraries as Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma and Lambda Sigma. These organizations, along with a 3.95 GPA and participation in the Committees of 82 and 100, Ole Miss Ambassadors and the Dixie Week committee contributed to Buster ' s having been named 1979-80 ODK Leader of the Year. Buster enjoys music and amateur photography, and feels that Ole Miss provides the perfect environment for one to attain a healthy mix of academic excellence and extracurricular involve- ment. He believes that experience gained at the University will prove invaluable in his career in public accounting. HALL OF FAME the highest honor 122 Hall of Fame HALL OF FAME the highest honor MELANIE ANN WALKER Majoring in public administration. Melanie Walker of lack- son serves as Chairman of the Student Football Ticket Pol- icy Committee. Melanie likes to stay active, as evidenced by her involvements at Ole Miss. A Campus Favorite, she is President of Panhellenic and is a member of Mortar Board, Rho Lambda. Phi Beta Lambda and Ole Miss Ambassadors. A Pi Beta Phi sorority officer, she has served as President of Lambda Sigma and on various ASB and AWS committees while maintaining a 3.16 GPA. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges has recognized her achievements. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie E. Walker of Jackson and her interests include current events, camping, scuba diving and traveling. Working with small children is one of Melanie ' s favorite pastimes. After graduation, she plans to pursue a job in public relations or sales. KATHY JOHNSON WILLIAMS The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grey Williams of Water Valley. Kathy has served as Vice President of the Associated Student Body. Government fascinates Kathy as demonstrated by her involvement in the ASB, Campus Sen- ate and Committee of 82. She has received the Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Award, was chosen Mortar Board Sopho- more Honor Girl and is listed in Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges. A Campus Favorite, Kathy ' s honors include Omicron Delta Kappa. Mortar Board, Rho Lambda. Lambda Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta. Kathy has served as AWS Treasurer, section editor of the OLE MISS and President of Phi Mu Sorority. She enjoys traveling, golf and water skiing, and feels that people a re the major asset of Ole Miss. After graduating with a degree in Urban Administration. Kathy would like to embark on a career in which she can work closely with peo- ple. Hall of Fame 123 WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges SUSAN BAILESS Kappa Delta Pi Rebel Recruiter Freshman Homecoming Maid Top Five Beauty, 1978 SNEA, President 1979 Sorority Officer ALLAN BENNETT Phi Delta Phi Law Wives Scholarship Mississippi Law Journal, Editor-in-Chief JOHN DELASHMET ASB President Harry S. Truman Scholar Committee of 82, Co-chairman Ambassador Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma SUSAN DEMENT ASB Secretary Campus Favorite Rho Lambda, President Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Sorority Officer ERIC DONAHOE Lambda Sigma Campus Senator Ole Miss Ambassador Committees of 82 and 100 Fraternity President Order of Omega MARY DONNELLY Miss Mississippi 1977 Miss University 1977 Mortar Board Angel Flight Commander The Group Modeling Board KATHY DUNAGIN DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN, Editor Sigma Delta Chi, President Women in Communications Alpha Lambda Delta Public Relation Society of America KATHIE ENGLISH Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Campus Senator Rho Lambda Committee of 100 Sorority Officer CLAIRE DUFF Mortar Board. Historian Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Kappa Pi Art Director of Miss University Pageant Top Ten Best Dressed ANNA FURR Phi Delta Phi Women in Law, Officer Mississippi Law Journal. Member Phi Delta Phi Scholarship KATHERINE GOROVE Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Tau Delta Phi Delta Phi Ole Miss Debate Team Pre-Law Society, President JIMMY GRISHAM Business School President Beta Alpha Psi Order of Omega IFC, Treasurer Fraternity President Committees of 82 and 100 2-36 COURTNEY HAMMOND Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Committee of 100 Fraternity Sweetheart Sorority Officer ROY HARMON Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Sigma Tau Delta Committee of 100 Fraternity Officer JAY HARRISON Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Ole Miss Band American Chemical Society, President KATE HOFFMAN Mortar Board, Vice-President Lambda Sigma Rho Lambda Panhellenic, Treasurer Modeling Board Beta Alpha Psi Phi Alpha Delta Moot Court Board. Chairman National Moot Court Team Law School Speakers Bureau WILMA JOHNSON AWS President Carrier Scholar Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Campus Senator Campus Favorite JOHN JENKINS ASB Cabinet Sigma Tau Delta Kappa Kappa Psi Order of Omega Fraternity President IFC Judicial Council BOB HUMPHREY Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Campus Senator WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges ALAN LEMLY Phi Kappa Phi Taylor Medal in Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma ROSALIE McCULLOUGH Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Sorority Officer Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice- President OLE MISS, Secretary Committees of 82 and 100 WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges MARY BETH McMILLIN Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Angel Flight, Officer ASB Executive Secretary Committees of 82 and 100 SNEA Treasurer LINDA MONK Phi Kappa Phi Taylor Medal in Philosophy Carrier Scholar Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer 128 Who ' s Who DANA PALMIERI Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice- President Sorority President Rho Lambda JOHN PARK PATTI PATTERSON Campus Senator Committees of 100 and 82 Phi Sigma Tau Eta Sigma Phi Phi Beta Lambda Delta Sigma Pi ASB Cabinet Mortar Board Ole Miss Ambassador Lambda Sigma. Vice-President Alpha Lambda Delta Sorority Officer LISA PURSER RON PEEPLES JAMES PETERSON Student Body of Pharmacy School. President Rho Chi Kappa Psi SAPHA MSPHA Phi Delta Kappa Kappa Delta Pi SACUS Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board, Editor National Journalism Internship Campus Favorite DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Staff Sorority Officer JOANN ROBERTS American Institute of Chemical Engineers, President Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer Engineering Student Body Executive Council Pi Mu Epsilon ANN SIMMONS Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta RhoChi Kappa Epsilon, Officer BOBBY SHARMAN Omicron Delta Kappa ASB Cabinet Lambda Sigma Committee of 100 IFC Treasurer Fraternity Officer SUE ELLEN SMITH Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President Committees of 82 and 100 Beta Alpha Psi Sorority Officer TOMMY SHEPHERD Beta Alpha Psi, President Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice- President IFC Vice President 1979 OLE MISS Assistant Editor Order of Omega, Treasurer Lambda Sigma HUGH STEPHENS Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Senior Class Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi, Vice- President Ambassadors, Co-Chairman Fraternity President 130 Who ' s Who JOHN STROUD Colonel Rebel FCA. President All-SEC Led SEC in Scoring All American. Honorable Mention Campus Senate All SEC Academic Team M-Club. Officer Fellowship of Christian Athletes Financiers Club WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges HUGH TANNER Omicron Delta Kappa ASB Treasurer Lambda Sigma, Treasurer Campus Senator Order of Omega Fraternity President SUE TUCKER Mortar Board Modeling Board AWS Executive Council Ole Miss Ambassador Phi Eta Sigma WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges BUSTER TURNER OLE MISS, Editor Taylor Medal in Accountancy Fraternity President Order of Omega, President ODK Leader of the Year Phi Kappa Phi MELANIE WALKER Mortar Board Lambda Sigma, President Campus Favorite Panhellenic, President Student Ticket Committee, Chairman Ole Miss Ambassador TERRENCE WALKER M-Club Campus Crusade for Christ AKA Outstanding Athlete Pre-season SEC Teams WILLIAM WALKER Taylor Medal in Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi Carrier Scholar Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President Pi Mu Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu 132 Who ' s Who KATHY WILLIAMS ASB Vicc-Prcsident Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Campus Favorite Campus Senator Sorority President DOUG YARBROUGH Mortar Board Rho Lambda OLE MISS Section Editor Campus Favorite Ole Miss Ambassador Sorority Officer KAY WILES Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board. President OLE MISS Assistant Editor New Dorm President Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Tau Delta MARY MARTHA WILLIAMS Phi Kappa Phi Taylor Medal in History Alpha Lambda Delta, President Mortar Board Committees of 82 and 100 Sorority Officer Phi Kappa Phi Jones Scholar Beta Alpha Psi. Treasurer Beta Gamma Sigma Sorority Officer GARY SHARP Phi Kappa Phi Carrier Scholar Chi Epsilon. President Taylor Medal American Society of Civil Engineers. Vice-President ' TAYLOR MEDALS I Laurie E. White Judy Bartholomew Theresa Belench William P. Berry Jack W. Brand, Jr. Beverly Brownlee Michael D. Chase Robert S. Hall Judy K. Hinton Holly Hopkins Allen G. Jones William A. Lemly Linda R. Monk Cathy A. Morris Lee Ann Porter Gary Wade Sharp William P. Taylor Irby Turner III Martha Marie Whit Mary M. Williams Robert B. Anderson Reatha Huey Clark David N. DeLeeuw Cheryl D. Fortenberry Linda Carol Fortner Teresa Lane Greer Timothy E. McCrary Richard M. Outzen Leslie Claire Scott Jimmie R. Sledge William A. Walker Mary Elane White Charles F. Wurth Education Education ommunicative Disorders Pharmacy Pre-Med Area Music Liberal Arts Mathematics Journalism French Chemistry Accountancy Philosophy Liberal Arts Finance Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Accountancy Home Economics History C! PA 134 Taylor Chemistry Business Administration Civil Engineering Classics Business Administration Curriculum and Instruction Mechanical Engineering Business Administration Liberal Arts Accountancy Electrical Engineering Liberal Arts Pharmacy 1979 TEACHER OF THE YEAR Dr. James Mengert Tenure Denial Mars Award Unusual circumstances surrounded the announce- ment of the 1979 Teacher of the Year. Dr. James Men- gert, recipient of the award, did not receive tenure and consequently chose to leave Ole Miss. The denial of Dr. Mengert ' s tenure sparked contro- versy. Students charged that the administration was systematically getting rid of good teachers. " Dr. Mengert ' s case is a classic example of what the tenure process is doing. There is no question about whether he deserved the award or whether he deserved tenure. 1 can ' t support a university which obviously doesn ' t have the same standards that I have. The administration sets standards, but they don ' t go by the spirit of the standards. " Linda Monk, sen- ior " Dr. Mengert ' s extraordinary knowledge of his subject matter gave him an ability to convey a certain logic in the writing of literature. He applied the history of the times to various char- acters and gave an insight into why they acted the way they did. His denial of tenure by the university exemplifies the concern for appearance and the political trifles which abound on this campus and keep it from becoming an outstanding institution. " Bobby Leatherman, sophomore The Outstanding Teacher Award recognizes fac- ulty members whose teaching ability has gained exceptional respect from students. Alumni, faculty, and students themselves nominate candidates. Teaching ability, service to the university and excel- lence in research are criteria for granting tenure. Decisions lie with the tenured faculty and the admin- istration. Dr. Mengert was an assistant professor of English. He came to Ole Miss in 1972 and served as Director of Graduate Studies in English from 1975 until 1978. He had nothing to say regarding the tenure situation. " All of that is behind me, but I ' m still glad that I got the award. " Teacher of Ihe Year 135 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Doug Gunn Tommy Shepherd Neal Graham Dr. James Jones, Jr. Dr. Franklin E. Moak Mr. Harry Eugene Peery Dr. Donald S. Vaughan President Vice-President Treasurer Faculty Secretary Voting Faculty Member Voting Faculty Member Voting Faculty Member Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which maintains that representatives in all phases of college life should co-oper- ate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their leadership contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members. These are: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activi- ties, publications and the arts. Donald Harold Allen Thomas Michael Austin Frank Hall Bailey James Arden Barnett, Jr. Christopher Baxter William Glynn Biddy David Franklin Broome Cheri Lynne Brown James Patrick Caldwell Michael Cruse Corso David Wayne Dogan William Nail Fry IV Alvert Neal Graham Clinton Arnott Graham Paul Rivers Grass Michael Duane Greer Douglas Jennings Gunn James Lawrence Guyton Roy Franklin Harmon John Caldwell Harrison John Mark Holliday Harvey Gresham Hudspeth William Robert Humphrey Mayne Rose Jackson Sonja Anne Jenkins Wilma Ayleen Johnson Allen Gafford Jones Gary Kenton Jones Mark Jackson Kellum Edwin Jeff Kennedy Nell Moseley King Michael Barry Landess Joseph Williams Martin, Jr. William Currie Martin Clark Wharton Mason Burwell Beeman McClendon 111 Revel Mansell McCord David Orris McCormick D ana Ann Palmieri Patti Jeanette Patterson Daniel Morris Phillips William Angelo Primos Lisa Gayle Purser William Richard Rushing William Robert Sharman Thomas Banks Shepherd John Britt Smith Stanley Quentin Smith David Glenn Spear Hugh Marion Stephens, Jr. Nora Frances Stone Gary Wood Stringer Hugh Earl Tanner James Martin Tucker James Russell Tucker Irby Turner III John Ernest Wade, Jr. William Lee Watt Amy Mae Webb Timothy Galen Weeks Thomas Allen Wicker Wanda Kay Wiles Kathy Johnson Williams Leadership Honorary fe to OMICRON DELTA KAPPA (UK 137 MORTAR BOARD Wanda Kay Wiles Katherine Ann Hoffman Robin Lyn True Joseph D. Oliver III Claire Bess Duff Lisa Gayle Purser President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Editor istab lisneu originally as a national senior women s honor society, Mor- tar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been an active part of the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board limits its membership to thirty five. Selections are based on leadership, scholarship, and service. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the individual and the group to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward a meaning- ful goal. Diane Kaye Beebe Louise Allen Burke Brenda Jean Byers PhillisAlberthaDale Susan Lynn Dement Mary Lawrence Donnelly Claire Bess Duff Elizabeth Ann Ederer Kathie Darlene English Katherine Marie Gorove Martha Courtney Hammond Katherine Ann Hoffman Cynthia Lynn Hooker Margaret Lane Hughston Wilma Ayleen Johnson Rosalie McCullough Michael S. McKay Mary Elizabeth McMillin Jennifer Lynn Moorhead Lee Joy Moss Joseph D. Oliver III Dana Ann Palmieri Mary Lise Patterson Patti Jeanette Patterson Lee Ann Porter Lisa Gayle Purser Evelyn Suzanne Tatum Robin Lyn True Sandra Suemelia Tucker Melanie Ann Walker Wanda Kay Wiles Kathy Johnson Williams Mary Martha Williams Cathy Ann Wills Mae Douglas Yarbrough l. ' lti Morlur Board Senior Honorary MORTAR BOARD Mortar Beard 1 ACTIVE MEMBERS Charles C. Alexander Frank A. Anderson Russell E. Aven Mary Carolyn Baggett Charles M. Billingsley, Jr. Lee N. Bolen W. Alton Bryant Austin W. Bunch Chalmers M. Butler Carrie E. Byrd J. Allen Cabaniss Charles D. Cannon Mary Jane Causey William M. Causey Bela J. Chain Noel A. Childress Adrienne R. Cole James R. Cook Mary Neill Duvall Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Betty M. Fulwood Dewey D. Garner W. Parks Grant Euphiazene Gray Jeanne L. Holley H. Ted Huddleston Maeburn B. Huneycutt Harriet J. Jackson Janet S. Jones Robert L. Jordan Richard E. Keye Arthur B. Lewis Dixie C. Manning Henry Franklin Martin Annie Elizabeth Mills H.R.Mitchell, Jr. Sylvester A. Moorhead Carl W. Nabors Charles E. Noyes Harry Eugene Peery Kathryn P. Pinkston S. N. Prasad Thomas M. Pullen Maynard W. Quimby Richard Raspet Joseph Sam David G. Sansing James S. Sellers Thomas R. Sharpe Barbara G. Sjaw Jean M. Shaw Roy D. Sheffield Alliston Slade Ronald B. Smith Susan Snell Christine B. Stokes Russel A. Stokes William E. Strickland Pamela A. Strum Judith D. Trott Ellis E. Ticker Krista H. Vernon Max L. Waldrop Juliet H. Walton Jerry Lee Westbrook John D. Williams Parham H. Williams Polly F. Williams Donald R. Wilton Te-Kao Wu Gerald W. Walton UNDERGRADUATES Jo-Ann Marshall Allen Abdulrahman Ahmad Arkadan Eunice Naugle Aycock Theresa Amelia Belenchia William Hubert Berry Eleanor Diane Bounds Charles Bictor Brown, Jr. Beverly Gayle Brownlee James Robertus Bunting. Jr. Joe Hand Campbell, Jr. Mark Priestly Caraway Nancy Jo Chism Kerry W. Commander James Joseph Cook Deborah Martin Crawford Carol June Crellin Nancy Mae Davis John Edwin Dodd [ami Madderra Duff Sylvia June Dye Chesterfield Featherston Donald Garth Fisher William Nail Fry Eugene L. Gathright, II David Wayne Gibson Lisa Ann Wright Goldner Roy Franklin Harmon, III Mary E. M. Harrington John Caldwell Harrison Anne Allen Hart Elizabeth Susan Henderson Ronald Lee Hendrix Toufic Mustapha Hijazi William Robert Humphrey Gina Marie Jacabs Allen Gafford Jones Nancy Marie Jones Zora Kaifez Edwin Gilmer Kennedy Karla Faye Lokey David Anthony Magusiak Burwell B. McClendon, III Margaret Page McCullen Sherry Suzette McFerrin Betty Williams Mclntosh Hermine Herring McLarty Mary Elizabeth McMillin Linda Renee Monk Stephen Quay Montgomery- Gary Herschel Morgan Cathy Ann Morris Lee Joy Moss Judy Carol Mullins Ramon Monroe Napier Dana Ann Pa lmieri Mary Susan Parke Lee Ann Porter William Angelo Primos Thomas Albert Quigley Tracey Carol Renfro Ronald Neal Rich Rhona Alter Runnels Gary Wade Sharp Elizabeth Clark Shivers Jessica Leigh Sibley Sue Ellen Smith Hugh Marion Stephen, Jr. John Mark Swart .endruber Richard Riley Sweat Gail Kay Trapp Bryon Shane Tucker James Martin Tucker Sandra Suemelia Tucker Irby Turner, III David Arthur Earner Cynthia Annette Wall Terry Nolan Waller Linda Sue Welch Karen F. West Linda Carol White Martha Marie White Mary Martha Williams Cathy Ann Wills Charles Lloyd Wilson Robin Lane Young GRADUATE SCHOOL Cynthia Lynn Bagwell Pamela Faye Caffey Dennis Cash Diane McCullough Clarke Ann Crigler Michael James Funk James Craig Gibson Carolyn Ann Harman William Andrew Ivy Cecil Donald Livingston Margaret Ann Partridge Charlene Anne Reese Robert John Tomaszewski Charles Floyd Willetts tor lit 140 1 K 1 PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor which a student may receive at the University of Mississippi. The primary objective of the honor society is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. To be elected to membership, an undergraduate student must be a senior or second semester junior exhibiting high standards of scholarship and character. Graduate students must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Election of faculty denotes a significant contribution to their field. Dr. M. B. Honeycutt Dr. Sale Randle Robert Stanley Hall Linda R. Monk Karen F. West Dr. Jean Jones Dr. Roscoe Boyer Dr. Christine B. Stokes President President-elect Honor Vice President Honor Vice President Honor Vice President Vice President Secretary Treasurer K t ni Gary Kendell Aldridge Robin Kimberly Alsobrooks Laura Raye Alvey James Harry Armstrong Douglas C. Altenbern, Jr. Elizabeth Shelby Bailey Barry Dean Bertlet Marshall Jones Bouldin IV Judith Lynn Bradley Lynne Allison Brown Allison Bulsterbaum Cynthia Ann Cole Charles Martin Dunagin, Jr. Orrin Wendell Edwards, Jr. Eleanor Allen Gill Michael Kevin Graves Carolyn Cooper Heard William Edgar Holcomb III John Mark Holliday Betsy Diane Hood Marian Frances Jones Steven Williams Laird Andrew King Lockett Craig Alan Lovell Heather McCluskey Evana Shelby McKay Marion Sheldon Miles Cheryl Ann Myers Charles Daniel Owens Michael Riddell Pruett Janet Kimberly Pruette Shannon Kay Quiriconi Felicia Ann Rabito James Stevenson Ray Mary Scott Rosser Margaret Ann Ruff William Jeffrey Rutland Meredith Lynn Schmieg Sharon Louise Smith George Martin Street, Jr. Robert Hallock Turner Melissa Walker Lee Ann Voorhies Vaught Jane Catlin Wiley Helen Amanda Williford Tena Louise Yeager Lambda Sigma is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship and the spirit of service among university students, to promote leadership among freshmen and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every way possible. All freshmen with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 may apply for membership in Iota Chapter. Selection is made in the spring by a commit- tee composed of active Lambda Sigma Society members and other student leaders. Michael Riddell Pruett Orrin Wendell Edwards, Jr. Andrew King Lockett Steven Williams Laird Evana Shelby McKay Allison Bulsterbaum President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rituals Publicity LAMBDA SIGMA Robin K. Alsobrooks Douglas C. Altenbern, Jr. Jamie Elizabeth Ambrose Mark David Anderson Mary Katherine Austin Kathryn Suzanne Baker Shelia Sue Baldwin Donna McGraw Ballard Marcia Ann Belencia Barry Dean Bertolet Tony Keith Bond Marshall Jones Bouldin IV Kathryn Ann Brabec Judith Lynn Bradley Lynne Allison Brown Allison A. Bulsterbaum Emily Anne Burgess Doris Ann Burns Jack James Carrel, Jr. Linds ey Susan Chester Rosalyn Clark Robert S. Corkern Carolyn Drew Cromartie David Elliot Dauenhauer Angela Denise Dickson David Isamu Doorenbos Jamie Cooper Dupuy Mable Scott Eason Lee Collins Ellison Jan Meredith Ferrill Lea Murray Fisher Elizabeth Jane Foote Sheri Foshee Patti Neal Freemyer Ronatta Deanne Garrett Baher A. Ghosheh Sharon Ann Goodwin John Hall Grayson, Jr. Connie Frances Green Dondra fuanell Green Carolyn Cooper Heard Matthew Stephen Heiter Wendy Lynn Holdorf Betsy Dianne Hood Becky Ann House Rebecca H. Johnston Melissa Irene Jones Karen Anne Kahler Ainslie Sadihu Kemokai Angela Marie Killegrew Steven Williams Laird Carolyn E. Laugenour Melanie Ledyard Charlotte Martin Elizabeth B. Martin Gary Bernard Massanti Marketta Jo McAfee Heather McCluskey Evana Shelby McKay Paul K. McLain III Carolyn Doris Millard Melissa Moffatt Pamela Ann Moorhead Paula Lee Morgan Sherry Lorraine Moss Jennifer Linn Moss Joel White Mulkin James Harvey Neeld IV Toby Kyle Nutt Jack Bane Pearson Jamie Carolyn Penny Quang Quoc Phan Emily Brant Phillips Tim Phillips Betty Lou Porter Martha Susan Ray Terry A. Robertson Max Alan Rosentretes Margaret Ann Ruff Meredith Lynn Schmeig Susan Schove Inge Paulette Smith Sharon Louise Smith Nancy Edlin Tatum Lisa Terracina David Terreson Virginia AnnTohill Danny Earl Turman Robert Hallock Turner James R. Truax Lee Ann Voorhies Vaught David Peebles Webb Charles Royal White, Jr. Stacy Ann White Jane Catlin Wiley Lori Ann Williams Mei Wong Jean Elizabeth Ezell The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society are: to encourage superior scholastic achievement among first year students in colleges and universities, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in future life. Membership at the University of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the mini- mum scholastic requirement. A student must maintain a 3.5 G.P.A. after his first semester or as a combined average of first and second semesters. Robin Kimberly Alsobrooks Becky Ann House Inge Paulette Smith Barry Dean Bertolet Dondra Juanell Green Paul King McLain III President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Historian ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Bill Wells Bobby Leatherman Paul Knight John Holliday Ron Hendrix Dr. Frederick Laurenzo President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Advisor Faculty Advisor Phi Eta Sigma was founded for the sole purpose of encouraging high scholas- tic achievement among freshman students in institutions of higher learning. The organization operates under the assumption that attainment of good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incentive for a continued high level of academic performance in subsequent years and thus benefits the stu- dent as well as the university community. In seeking to encourage scholarship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities designed to benefit the academic population on campus. PHI ETA SIGMA 144 Hi: Ambrose P. Abuto James R. Aldridge Danold H. Allen Robin Alsobrooks Douglas Altenbern, Jr. Mark D. Anderson Tunstall C. Anderson Wendy Rae Ashbury Joseph D. Bailey III Shelia Baldwin James B. Barlow Julie T. Barlow Vickie N. Beardain Johnny M. Belenchia Henry M. Bellamy III Barry D. Bertolet William G. Biddy Mike Connor Biggs Marshall J. Bouldin IV James Jeffery Boyd Judith L. Bradley William R. Bradley, Jr. Anne Neville Brady David F. Broome Charles V. Brown, Jr. Lynne Allison Brown Beverly G. Brownlee Calvin D. Buchanan Jeff Lee Burkhalter Doris Ann Burns Joe H. Campbell, Jr. Charles T.Cannada Mark P. Carraway Jack James Carrel John W. Chambers. Jr. Ralph K. Chapman David Arthur Childress Charles A. Chisholm Rosalyn Clark Stuart H. Clark James Thomas Coleman James Joseph Cook Frank Willie Cox John Lowery Cox Caroline Drew Cromartie Robert A. Crone Danny L.Crotwell David Merril Cummings William C. Daniel Brain Lee Davis Kenneth A. DeCoursey John I. DeLashmet Lisa D. Denley Kenneth W. DeTurk Angela D. Dickson John E. Dilley John Edwin Dodd David I. Doorenbos Julie A. Drury David Lynn Duck Claire B. Duff Charles Dunagin, Jr. Jamie C. Dupuy Orrin W. Edwards Kathie English Marilyn A. Ertle Elisha C. Ezenta C. Dillard Featherstone Daine Ferguson Alison A. Fessler William Fisher IV Teresa L. Fong Emily Fortenberry Linda Fortune Henry C. Fox Roy Cecil Fox William A. Freeman James R. Frees Roy H. Furrh William Nail Fry, IV Alan A. Gillis Larry L. Gooch Katherine Gorove Clinton A. Graham Paul R. Grass James Gregory Graves Daniel T. Gray John Hall Grayson Ike C. Griffith " Dour ' .as Jennings Gunn James L. Guyton Michael Haas, Jr. Harold H. Hankings Edwin York Hannon Roy F. Harmon John C. Harrison Rex Dillion Harvey Carolyn C. Heard Ronald L. Hendrix William Holcomb. Ill John Mark Holliday Michael W. Hubbert William Robert Humrey Richard S. Igwike Charles Jackson III Gina Marie Jacobs Charles Michael Jenkins William B. Johnson Wilma Ayleen Johnson Allen G. Jones Thomas L. Joyner III Mark L. Kelly Mark Jackson Kellum Samuel Barn Kendricks Edwin Jeff Kennedy Kimberly A. Kennedy Laurue E. Kennedy Nell Mosley King Paul Ford Knight Ricky Allen Knox John M. Kuykendall Steven William Laird Robertson Leatherman Kelli Anne LeBlanc Melanie Ledyard Sanford Hopkins Levings Christopher Lockard Andrew K. Lockett Joe K. Lockwood Randall G. Long Craig A. Lovell Aubrey B. Lucas Clark W. Mason Clyde S. Maxcy William T. Mays, Jr. Gery B. Mazzanti Steven M. McAffee Burwell McClendon III Heather McClusky Marilyn M. McClusky John S. McDavid Paul L. McLain David B. McLaurin Eugene D. McNally Patrick W. McNulty Carol M. Mcgehee Linda Renee Monk Malcolm Sidney Moore Richard C. Moore Tamara Moore Jerry A. Morgan Allen M. Mothershed Joel White Mulkin Michael A. Naaman Mark Lee Nave James H. Noeld, IV Johnny D. Neely Melany Cheryl Neilson Toby Kyle Nutt Alphonsus I. Nwanonyi Adegboyega Oke David A. Otto Jamie Carolyn Penny Jeanne E. Phillips Randall Ponder Johnny W. Pope Pamela Prather William A. Primos Michael R. Pruet Miles T. Quattlebaum Thoams A. Quigley Shannon Quiriconi Felicia A. Rabito Kevin Russell Rardin Gerald J. Reihson III Tracy C. Renfroe Ronald Neal Rich Louis E. Ridgway III Ann B. Riley Julian W. Rives James G. Rodgers Bruce C. Romine Mary Scott Rosser James T. Rossitti Amy Elizabeth Rozell Margaret A. Ruff William R. Rushing Judy A. Russell Lucius F. Sama III Eric Matthew Saul Sidney Milton Scarborough Carl Gerard Schott Eric Robert Schott Robert S. Shaw, Jr. Gene G. Sheffield Thommy B. Shepherd Richard Newman Sherman Jessica Leigh Sibley Joseph Leonard Slater John Britt Smith Cynthia J. Smith David Glenn Spear Alfred J. Spencer Susan S. Spicer Hugh M. Stephens Bernard S. Stokes Louis J. Stokes Daniel B. Story David Mark Sullivan Mary Ann Summers Julian Jackson Swain Hugh Earl Tanner William B. Taylor William S. Terney David Whitten Terreson Kenneth P. Toler Elizabeth C. Tolley David A. Treutel, Jr. Ho Yuen Edmond Tsang Byron S. Tucker James M. Tucker Sandra S. Tucker Danny E. Turman Irby Turner III Samuel H. Varner Lee Ann Vaught Walter C. Vick, Jr. Barbara G. Walker Tommy Tilden Wammack Albert Manning Ward William Lee Watt David Peebles Webb Timothy G. Weeks Bert A. Welch III William P. Wells Charles R. White Stacy Ann White Shelby L. Wilborne Wanda Kay Wiles James Ted Wilkins. Jr. Alan Thorne Williams Lori Ann Williams Merril B. Williams Randall E. Williamson James Hunter Wise Frank Snyder York Jerry Keith Young Lexanne Arnold Lynn Bellenger Cissye Brandon Patsy Brooks Louise Burk Phyllis Dale Susan Dement Kim Denton Judy DeShong Jan Duruy Kathy English Dee Graff Ann Harwell Kate Hoffman Cindy Hooker Peg Hughston Wilma Johnson Nell King Julie Livingston Leigh Lovett Melanie Marks Rosalie McCullough Michelle McDonald Hermine McLarty Jennifer Moorhead Dana Palmiere Patti Patterson Janice Punshon Lisa Purser Cindy Reeves Julie Siera Margaret Stephenson Ginger Stribling Melinda Summers Suzanne Ulmer Melanie Walker Patrice Watson Hilda Welsch Kathy Williams Mary Martha Williams Cathy Wills Julie Winters Molly Woodruff Doug Yarbrough Kathy Young Robin Young Rho Lambda, The National Panhellenic Recognition Society, honors those women within Panhellenic who have been outstanding in the display of demon- strated leadership ability and loyalty to Panhellenic and to their sorority. Only active members in their junior or senior years are eligible. An overall average of 2.3 is required for membership. A maximum number of members to be elected in any year is 10% of the total Panhellenic membership. Susan Dement Phyllis Dale Ginger Stribling Julie Livingston President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer RHO LAMBDA 146 PA Don Allen Mark A. Altimer Charles E. Black Joel Bobo Jeffery Boyd David Broome Walace A. Burnes Joe Henry Byrd. Jr. James Pat Caldwell William S. Carter. Jr. Richard L. Case Mike Corso John DeLashmet Eric Hardy Donahue John Dowdle Frederick West Garrawaj Steven B. Garrett Robert G. Germany Joe Getz Albert N. Graham Clinton A. Graham Paul Grass Ike Griffith Thomas Grisham Douglas J. Gunn James L. Guyton Kerry W. Hamilton Roy F. Harmon Markland R. Headley Leslie D. Holleman Paul Bryan Howell JeffHubbard William R. Humphrey Joe Jenkins Jeff Gi lmer Kennedy Charles B. Kruger Edward Laird III Mike Landess Edward Earl Lawler. Jr. Joe Martin Robert (Sam) Martin Clark Mason Tad Mays Burwell McLendon Anse McLaurin Eugene D. McNally Hugh Nick Merritt Sid Moore Henry Mounger Michael A. Naaman Robert J. Neeley LeRoy H. Paris II John Pearson Daniel M. Phillips Mark Phillips Bill Primos Thomas T. Ross, Jr. James Rossitti William Sharman Thomas B. Sheperd David Spear Alfred J. Spencer Hugh M. Stephens Danny Story David Sullivan Hugh Earl Tanner Daoeny R. Taylor Mike Tramel James (Marty) Tucker Irby (Buster) Turner Sam Varner John E. Wade Tommy Wammack William Lee Watt T. Kenneth Watts James Ted Wilkins. Jr. James Hunter Wise FACULTY MEMBERS: Mr. Bobby Towery Dr. George M. Street Dr. James Jones. Jr. Dr. James Davis Mr. Harry E. Peery Mr. Thomas Reardon national leadership honor society for outstanding Greeks, the Order of Omega exists to recognize those fraternity men who have attained a high stand- ard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward excellence, and to inspire others to work for similar conspicuous attainment. Order of Omega rush is conducted during the fall and spring with each fraternity being allowed to nominate rushees from its active membership. Each year, membership is limited by pledging no more than 3% of the total num- ber of enrolled fulltime fraternity men. Buster Turner Johnny Wade Jeff Kennedy Lee Watt Bob Humphrey President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman ORDER OF OMEGA Order of 147 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Jeff Kennedy Joe Campbell Anthony Sang Jay Harrison James Cook Gene Sheffield Richard Rushing President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Activities Chairman Program Chairman Bn Since AEA ' s formation in 1926, it has become the world ' s largest body devoted to premedical education. The object of the society is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine; to promote co-operation and contacts between medical and premedical students and edu- cators in developing an adequate program of premedical education; and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health, organization, charities and the commu- nity. I 1 Stephen Adam Michael Albert James Barlow John Beddingfield Diane Beebe Henry M. Bellamy John T. Black, Jr. James J. Boyd Janet Braswell Charles Brown Joe H. Campbell Neil T. Carstens David A. Chalk William Charlton James Joseph Cook William Daggett Phyllis Dale David Daugherty Roy Whitt Deal Charles Deaton Kenneth Decoursey John E. Dodd Thomas Feduccia Diane Ferguson Donald Fisher Teresa Fong Henry C. Fox Michael Graeber James L. Guyton John Harrison Elizabeth Henderson Joseph E. Holley Liang Sing Huang Michael Wayne Hubbert William Humphrey, Jr. Kurt D. Johnson Allen C. Jones Mark J. Kellum Edwin J. Kennedy Michael Landess Aaron C. Lerner Steve E. Magee David Magusiak Marilyn McCluskey Carl McAllister Judy McHenry Eugene McNally Andrea Miksa Stephen Mims Stephen Montgomery Karen E. Moore Malcolm S. Moore Jennifer Moorhead Gary Herschel Morgan Robert Naef 111 Johnny Neely Patti J. Patterson Debbie Peyregne Mark T. Phillips Matthew R. Phillips William Primes Louis E. Ridgway Thomas A. Quigley David Lee Rushing Anthony Sang Sidney Scarborough Randall Schmidt Gene G. Sheffield Richard Sherman Jessica L. Sibley Martha A. Smithson Richard Rushing William Stephens Bernard Stokes David M. Sullivan Willyn Taylor Laramie C. Triplet! Byron Tucker Marty Tucker David B. Tutor Nancy D. Walker Bert A. Welch Jerry Keith Young =::.: : ' to! 3;; 148 A EA SCABBARD AND BLADE Matt Brown Randall Ponder Eric Wheeler Gary Barber Company Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant Gary Barber Rob Bassett William Brady Harold Brinkley Matt Brown Calvin Buchanan David Butts Cathy Coffey Liz Collier John Daskalos Thomas Dear Waldon DeDeaux Richard Delaquis The primary purpose of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military education in American colleges and universities; to unite in closer relationship their military departments; to encourage and fos- ter the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; and to promote friend- ship among the cadet officers. In general, they acquaint the people with our national defense needs. Pat Doughtry Steve Etheridge James Frees William Fry Steven Gosnell Bill Harding Bryan Holstrom Renee Hood Michael Howell David Malone Michael Pigott Randall Ponder Basil Read Michael Raone Mike Skinner Ray Stevans Danny Story Glen Strobl Wilmer Sweester Dorothy Swimms Captain Thomas Watts Eric Wheeler David White Steven Williams Scabbard and Bladr 14 ' i Charles E. Black, Jr. Anna Laurie Carleton Shu Kan Sheung Noel Henry Conald Jonathan Eric Elam Tommy Rogers Ferguson Susan Olivia Hathaway Gina Marie Jacobs Mike Jaudon Clyde A. Johnson Nancy Marie Jones Susan K. Lyon Burwell B. McClendon III Margaret Page McCullen Dennis L. McNeely Dana Ann Palmieri Lee Ann Porter Cynthia Lynn Pounds Diane Irene Ramey Sheri Lin Rankin Wanda Gene Ray J. Wray Rives James Thomas Rossetti Melanie L. Senf Thomas Banks Sheperd III Jimmy Ried Sledge, Jr. Sue Ellen Smith Hugh M. Stephens, Jr. Brenda Kay Tanner Hugh Earl Tanner David Allen Treutel, Jr. Irby " Buster " Turner David Arthur Varner James Ted Wilkins, Jr. Lori Diane Woodward Robin Young Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of busi- ness administration. To be eligible for membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholar- ship and accomplishment among students of Business Administration, to pro- mote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. Lee Ann Porter Sue Ellen Smith E. Nolan Waller President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer and Faculty Advisor BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beatriz L. Alonso Ann West Bailey Khojah Ahmad Bashghareh Rebecca Jane Batton Charles R. Brock William Albert Brown Mark T. Buys Brenda J. Byers Gerald E. Calvasina David Martin Carroll Shu Kan Cheung Stewart Darrel Copeland Steve Corban Richard Dennedy Furr David Wayne Gibson R. Gary Gibson David Wesley Gibens Rebecca Ann Glisson Clinton Arnott Graham Mary Jane Hammond Sharon A. Haulk Steven J. Hays Michael Dean Hill Katherine Ann Hoffman Vaughn Dale Howell Jeffrey Paul Hubbard Steven Bryan Isbell Gina Marie Jacabs Sara Fowler Keys Sam Gwin Kirschten Amy Lynch David O. McCormick Anselm Joseph McLaurin Dennis Lee McNeely David Lee Miller David Uzoma Muruako Gegory H. Muse Kathryn Diamme O ' Connor Mary Helen Ola Dana Ann Palmieri George Keith Parish Benny Jack Parker, Jr. Stephen E. Parrish Patricia Ann Patrick Omicron Delta Epsilon is an International Economics Honorary Society dedi- cated to the encouragement of excellence in Economics. Recognition is extended to students who have superior academic records in Economics and to others who have made outstanding contributions in the field. ODE also pro- motes a closer tie between students and faculty in Economics within and between universities. Membership is not restricted to Economics majors, but is open to those stu- dents who have an interest in Economics and who have completed a minimum number of Economics courses with high academic standing. HONOR SOOTY A E ECONOMICS T Timothy T. Perry luong Quoc Phan Lee Ann Porter Ruth Carolyn Pritscher Raymond Frank Auinn, Jr. Diamme Irene Ramey Gary L. Ramsay Wanda G. Ray Julian Wray Rives Rhona Alter Runnels Manuel G. Russon Jimmy Ried Sledge, Jr. Robert G. Sloan Sandra Cecilia Smith Kathy Crumpton Snyder James Lonnie Steward Maisy Lucille Stone Dana J. Swan David Lee Traxler, Jr. John Ernest Wade, Jr. Woody Gann Wilkerson Robert E. Winkler, Jr. Sara Fowler Keys Gerald E. Calvasina Rhona Alter Runnels President Vice-President Secretary OMICRON DELTA EPSILON PI MU EPSILON Mary Ellen Kirby Robert S. Hall Emad Al-Turk Mary E. M. Harrington Richard B. Tucker President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Founded at Syracuse University in 1914, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s purpose is the pro- motion of scholarly activity in mathematical and scholarly development of its members. To qualify for election to membership, an undergraduate must have a 3.0 average in two years of calculus and be in the top third of his class; or have as a sophomore a 4.0 average in three semesters of calculus and be in the top quarter of his class. Ali Mosa Al-Basha Emad Aldin Akram Al-Turk Abdulrahman Ahmad Arkadan Nadim M. Aziz Adnan Adib Basma James Robert Bowers Mindy Sue Brown Virginia Matthew Buchanan Robert Abernathy Butler, 111 David Martin Carroll Harry Donald Carroll Donald Ray Cole Kerry W. Commander Wasef Rada Faddoul Daniel Michael Fischer David Eugene Fletcher Roy Louis Fulton Robert Stanley Hall Mary E. M. Harrington Toufic Mustapha Hijazi Mary Ellen Kirby Bruce Alan Lawrence Ray Ardell McClanahan Georgia Miller Stephen H. Mims Robert Housley Phelps, Jr. Joann Marie Roberts Ronald Bassel Smith Bessie Louise Tucker Daniel Floyd Waggoner William Allen Walker Karen F. West Cathy Ann Wills TAU BETA PI Rob Butler Michael Deas Najib Arabi Cindy Wall Joann Roberts Gary Sharp President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Cataloguer Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to rec- ognize students of superior scholarship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh University in 1885. Tau Beta Pi has grown to 176 chapters located throughout the country. The Missis- sippi Beta chapter, founded on March 15. 1969. is one of two chapters located in the state of Mississippi. Membership is by invitation. A senior must be in the top fifth of his engineer- ing class or a junior in the top eighth of his class. A candidate must show exem- plary character, personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability, and unselfish activity. Bassam Abdulrazzak Jim Alldridge Najib Arabi Abdulrahman Arkadan Keith Aubert Adnam Basma Robert Brooks Barry Bruchman Rob Butler Harry Carroll Chajda Catas Shawn Coster John Daskales Michael Deas Ken DeCoursey John Dilley Wasef Faddoul Chesterfield Featherston David Feurst Danny Fischer William Harding Ahmed Hashem Toufic Mustapha Hijazi Charles Jenkins Anthony Martin Bob Reed Neal Rich Joann Roberts Carl Schott Kevin Seeger Gary Sharp Richard Smith Paul Stady Richard Torkington Cindy Wall Terry Waller Alan Williams TBll- Brad Clasgens Robin Wofford Mark Davis Jimmy Lamb Bill Griffin Steve Walton President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi is a band service honorary fraternity. Ole Miss chapter, Beta Beta, was rechartered in 1972 and has been serving the band by making pre-season band field prepa- rations, planning the homecoming display, sponsoring various money raising projects, and other activities. Willie Brent Charles Brewer Jeff Bridges Buddy Browning Larry Burrell David Chalk Mike Cravens Robin Crawford Pat Dougherty Marilyn Alford Connie Bailey Kendra Belcher Catherine Booth Pam Brockway Karen Cook Michelle Daschka Carl Edwards Lee Harris Jack Hill Cowan Hunter Nolan Jones Daryl Lloyd Kevin Marsh Steve Moses Bill Osborne Eddie Perkins Scott Reeves Jeff Robertson Keith Sanders Joe Savage William Souten, Jr. Eddy Smith Tony Steele Jerome Trahan Brenda Davis Cindy Davis Debbie Evans Corrinne Fowler Tere French Phyllis Mailman Leigh Ann Holder Sandra Maher Renee Phillips Sue Shippy Bernadatte Simpson Jenny Walker Lucy Spain Marsha Brosn Donna Barnes President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Tau Beta Sigma is the sister organization of Kappa Kappa Psi. It was adopted in 1947 and rechartered at Ole Miss in 1978. They conduct many projects of their own throughout the year as well as working with their brother fraternity. TAU BETA SIGMA SI 154 KKt KAPPA OMICRON PHI Marty White Rosalie McCullough Valerie Farr Barbara Alhen Anne Schmidt The purpose of Kappa Omicron Phi is to further the besl interests of Home Economics by recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among staff and students of the profession. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Babara Allen Karen Cook Valerie Farr Beth Ginn Linda Hampton Angela Jolly Rosalie McCullough Lacie Miller Anne Schmidt Sally Sharp Cathy Smith Frances Treas Linda White Marty White Faculty Members: Dr. Patsy Alexander Dr. Louise Burnette Miss Jane Collins Mrs. Mary Tettleton Mrs. Betty Fulwood Mrs. Laverne Heliums Mrs. Jean Huddleston Mrs. Charlotte Oakley Dr. Willie Price Mrs. Mary Smith Diane Bounds Gayle Brownlee Nancy Briening Nancy Chism Debbie Cochrane Debbie Culberson Deanna Davis Mary Donnelly- Allen Hart Melissa Jones Linda Langford Cynthia Linton, Advisor Susan McCormick, Advisor Sherry Mcferrin Cathy Morris Linda Weisling Kathy Dailey Sara Gill Isabel Bartles Allison Hulick Kate Booth Kathy Maclnnis Marilyn Alford Becky Roberts Nancy Chism Melissa Jones Linda Langford Cathy Morris DeAnna Davis President Vice-President Corresponding Sec. Recording Sec. Treasurer SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota is an international Musi ' c society founded in 1903. Composed of women majoring or minoring in music, purposes of the organization are to foster interest in music and to promote social contact among persons sharing an interest in music. Membership is open to women with a 3.0 average in music courses and a 2.0 average in their academic courses. KO+ ZAI U6 Ann Simmons Beth Norfleet Robert Cleary Joe Jackson Alan Jones President Vice-President Secretary Historian Advisor J KHO CHI Syed Abadi Christy Baker John A. Baker John K. Baker Sallye Ball Benjamin Banahan John Bedford William Berry Ron Brone Tom Brown George Burdock Robert Cleary Kiffin Craven Herbert Courtney Elizabeth Davis Marvin Davis Farouk Elferaly Mahmoud Elschly Dewey Garner Frank Gilmore Wallace Guess Peggy Hester John Hickenbottom Eric Ho Shirley Hogan Charles Hufford Ronald Hunsinger Cynthia Jackson Joe Jackson Alan Jones John Kapeghian Arthur Kibbe Kirby Ladner Nancy Lublaneski Larry Masten Donald Miller Jane Miller Michael Morgan Joe McCaskill Robert Nance Ramon Napier Beth Norfleet Judy Nuckolls Keith Obrowsky Henry Pace Ronald Peeples Michael Phillips Tom Riley Vickie Sanders Tom Sharpe The Rho Chi Society is the national pharmaceutical honor society founded in 1917. The fundamental objective of Rho Chi is to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of sound scholastic achievements. Ann Simmons Paul Skierkowski James Smith Mickey Smith Charles Stamps William Torres Jue Ann Wah Marjorie Walz Wade Walters Marvin Wilson Phillip Wirth Ali Al-Basha Emad Al-Turk Nadim Aziz Steve Bingham Deva Borah Barry Bruchman William Butler Mike Caulfield Shawn Castner Anni Deeb Adib El-Choufani Ali El-Haj Monammad Ezzeddine WasefFaddoul Sam Gordji Dan Harrison Ahmad Khattab Ali Khraibi Zuheir Mesrie Steve Pattish Bob Reed Jeff Rish Gary Sharp John Smith Cindy Wall Terry Waller Faculty Members: Dr. M. S. Abdulrahman Dr. Peter Chiu Dr. Samuel Deleeuw Gary Sharp Nadim Aziz Shawn Costner Cynthia Wall Dr. Samuel Deleeuw President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Advisor Chi Epsilon, the national hunor society of civil engineers, is an organization which recognizes those students who excel in the fundamental qualities of the successful engineer. Member- ship is based on scholarship, character, practicality, and socia- bility and is restricted to students who are ranked in the upper third of their class. CHI EPSILON 15C, P.VXE BETA ALPHA PSI Tommy Shepherd Hugh Stephens Wanda Raj- Laura Mann Robin Young President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer The objective of Alpha Theta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give due recognition to scholastic and profes- sional excellence in the field of accountancy at the University of Mississippi. To be elected to membership, a student must have a 3.0 overall G.P.A. and a 3.0 in accounting. John Blalack Jimmy Grisham Margaret McCullen Britt Smith Bob Bunting Jo Henderson Betty Jo Mclntosh Sue Ellen Smith Charles Cannada Kate Hoffman Dennis McNeely Brenda Tanner Charles Cauthren Greg Jarrell Joey Oliver David Treutel Patricia Curtis Georgianna Kiffer Steve Partridge Buster Turner David Earwood Sara Keyes Rob Patterson David Varner Randy Ellzey Eddie Laird Cindy Pounds Tommy Wammack George Furr Lecia Ledbetter Terri Powell Woody Wilkerson Walker Fesmire Allen Lemly YYray Rives Harold Williams Jane Floyd Sanford Levings James Rossetti Bob Winkler Ina Kaye Frasheirn Tad Mays Melanie Senf Randy Young Gerard Gilbert Burl McClendon Jimmy Sledge JDT Lillian Abraham Janet Angero Pam Cain Patricia Curtis Amy Davis Ten Davis Kim Eble Pat Eisenbeis Alhen Evans Gina Jacobs Sara Kevs Melanie Senf Joyce Woodall Susan King Susan Lyon Pam Cain Susan King Georgianna Kiffer Linda Lancaster Susan Lyon Laura Mann Cindy McConnell Dianne O ' Connell Tera Pedigo Janice Punshon Janet Purvis Martha Ray President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer PHI GAMMA NU Karen Roebu Melanie Senf Julie Siera Denise Southerland Johnnie Speakman Branda Tanner Chrysa Thear Cindy Tullos Tena " Walters Joyce Wkkdall Debbie Woodrick Phi Gamma Nu is a national professional sorority for stu- dents in business. The organization was founded to increase interest in the study of business in colleges and universities. Phi Gamma Nu aims to encourage high standards of scholarship, participation in school activities, and the organization of stu- dents for their mutual commencement. BA+ ' IN-157 158 Administration ADMINISTRATION HERMINE McLARTY, co-editor PATTI PATTERSON, co-editor Governor Board of Directors Chancellor Administrators Buildings Academic Deans 160 160 161 162 168 170 Administration 159 Governor of Mississippi Charles Clifton Finch BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF STATE INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING Seated, 1 to r: Dr. John R. Lovelace, Travis E. Parker, Dr. Verner S. Holmes, W. M. Shoemaker, Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons Vice President, Bobby L. Chain - President, Mrs. Betty B. Shemwell, Boswell Stevens, Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Charles C. Jacobs, Jr.. Mrs. Betty A. Williams, Denton Rogers, Jr., Tomm Munro, Dr. E. E. Thrash Executive Secretary and Director. 160 Administration The Chancellor Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Administration 161 strative Assistan obert S. ExechfiVFAssistant to fhei illiams, |r hancellor S. Lewis Vice Chancellor .vWhitney D. Si sociate DeanoT Student award Noyes hancellor Administrators I " 162 Administration Administrators Dr. Manue tvSranks Registr; Sidney Tale Director of Financial Aid Dr. Joamre-flawk Dean of Wonn Dr. Kenneth Wooten Director of Admissi Qr. James L. Henderson or of the Student Cou in t. Moak tudent Personnel Administration 163 , Eugene Lee, M.D. r of Student Health Services r. James J Director of StiMeri illiams igious Life 1 Warner Alf o 3irector of Athletic Administrators 184 Administration Administrators Dr. Nolan E. Reea Da Dirqj pr of A ' f. Judith D. Trott istant Dean afcfitudents Administration 165 Administrators 4 Directoi f Purchasing Dr. Ed Meek Director of Public Relations HONK! IF ram ( University Police Department 166 Administration E Meore Director of University Publications Ulm -Direct! jk, Jr. Services Bobby Towery Director of the Ole Miss Union ; George Street ectfb of University Relati Administrators Administration 167 168 Administration 1 - HI 1. Bishop Hall School of Liberal Arts. 2. John Davis Williams Library Graduate School of Library and Information Science. 3. Guyton Hall Air Force and Army ROTC. 4. Faser Hall School of Pharmacy. 5. Carrier Hall School of Engineering. 6. McCain Hall Navy ROTC. 7. Lamar Hall School of Law. 8. Conner Hall Schools of Accountancy and Business Administration. 9. School of Education. Administration 16S Academic Deans Accountancy Business Dr. Edward Milam Approved by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning in June 1978, the School of Accoun- tancy became one of the first separate schools of accountancy in the United States. The program commenced in the 1979 fall semester with 320 students studying for careers in the areas of public, industrial, and governmental accounting. The curriculum of study is designed to provide students with both a broad background of general educa- tion and an in-depth understanding of the multiple facets of professional accounting. The school, located in Con- nor Hall and under the direction of Dr. Edward Milam, offers a five year pro- gram which leads to a Master ' s of Accountancy. Dean Carl Nabors As the problems of business have grown increasingly complex and increasingly related to social and eco- nomic movements, the need for per- sons especially educated to understand and to cope with these problems has grown. Since its establishment in 1917, the School of Business Administration has devised its courses and its curric- ula to be of use to the graduate who plans to find his place in a position of responsibility at the administrative level in private business, or at a similar level in government. With an enrollment of 2507 students, the School of Business Administration under Acting Dean Carl Nabors teaches students the basic knowledge they will need for an administrative career in business or government and promotes the development of proficiency in prac- tical application. Education Dean Sylvester Moorhead Professional education courses have been offered by the University since 1882. The School of Education, created in 1903, has a continuing dedication to the preparation of teachers and other education per- sonnel and to the improvement of educational programs and facilities. The department of physical educa- tion and home economics are also a part of the School of Education offering degrees for careers in recre- ational leadership, clothing mer- chandising, interior design, dietetics, and general home economics. Led by Dean Sylvester Moorhead, the School of Education helps its over 1100 students to prepare for careers that will help shape the lives of future generations. 170 Administration Engineering Graduate Dr. Allie M. Smith wah The School of Engineering, founded , in 1900, is the third oldest engineering niin if school in the state. Instruction in engi- tinpcr neering dates from 1854 when a depart- not i ment of engineering was established by fadfe the Board of Trustees to complement a al on- strong program in the natural sciences. nab! Today under the leadership of newly jicjtM appointed Dean Allie M. Smith, the tin School of Engineering offers its 657 stu- jjigK- dents the concepts of the engineering , jehfo sciences in the fields of chemical, civil, o.ykf electrical, geological, and mechanical KJJ, tk engineering along with the growing sfcue area of computer sciences. With class- vattt rooms and laboratories located in Car- [ fins if " er Hall and Anderson Hall, the School of Engineering prepares students to play an important role in the ever- growing world of modem technology. Dr. Joseph Sam Prior to 1870 the University of Mis- sissippi conferred the honorary degree of Master ' s of Arts upon certain under- graduates who had obtained intellec- tual distinction. Courses at the gradu- ate level were first offered in 1870. The Graduate School was formally organ- ized in 1927 to coordinate and adminis- ter graduate studies at the University. Today the Graduate School, adminis- tered by Dean Joseph Sam, advises over 1100 students as they participate in the various programs offered by the University to obtain master ' s and doc- torate degrees in their specific fields of study. Organized research units, main- tained by the University, provide resources for student investigation in addition to their thesis or dissertation research. Dr. Parham Williams, Jr. The Mississippi Legislature first established a Department of Law at the University in 1854. The School of Law is the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the United States. Under the direction of Dean Parham Williams, the Law School begins its second year in the University of Mississippi Law Cen- ter. La mar Hall, with 562 students pre- paring for future careers in the legal profession. The three year program of instruction in government and the legal process leads to the Juris Doctor degree. The graduate legal education level offers master ' s and doctorate pro- grams for further study. Administration 171 Liberal Arts Library Science Pharmacy Dean Gerald Walton The oldest and largest division of the University, the College of Liberal Arts has provided a wide-range of areas of study since its establishment in 1848. Headed by Dean Gerald Walton, the College offers the almost 3000 Liberal Arts students a multitude of interests in which they can develop into future careers. While working toward a major in one of 60 areas of study, the Liberal Arts student receives a broad educa- tion with studies in the humanities, the fine arts, and the biological, physical, and social sciences. Pre-professional programs also form the base for many students who later enter law, theology, medicine, dentistry, or the health rela- ted sciences. Dr. Ellis Tucker The University first offered under- graduate courses in the area of library science in 1929. A year later a 16- semester hour curriculum was set up and in 1945 the Department of Library Science was set up in the School of Education. The first graduate level work was begun in 1954, and the rapid growth of the program led to the estab- lishment of a separate Graduate School of Library and Informational Science in 1976. The School, under the direction of Dr. Ellis Tucker, will soon move into the renovated old law school building recently renamed Farley Hall. Dean Wallace Guess The School of Pharmacy was created by the Board of Trustees on July 1,1 1908, and is still the only school of its kind in the state of Mississippi. Under the leadership of Dean Wallace Guess; the program includes a two-year pre- pharmacy curriculum before the stu- dent applies for acceptance into the three-year professional program. Admittance into the professional pro- gram is limited to a certain number oil vacancies, making admission competi- tive. Completion of the total five-yean program leads to a Bachelor ' s of Sci- ence degree in Pharmacy and the eligi- bility for licensing in any state, the I )is trict of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Also located in the School of Phar-i macy are the Research Institute ol Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bureau ol Pharmaceutical Services and a Poison Control Center. Each serves the state ol Mississippi in conducting research and accumulating pharmaceutical informa tion for use by pharmacists, health-rel " ated professional groups, and other? associated with the drug industry. 172 Administration Dentistry Medicine Col. Lloyd Woodman, Jr. Capl. I. K. Heyward The Reserve Officers Training Corps .it the University of Mississippi encom- passes aerospace studies, military sci- ence, and naval science. Each depart- ment educates the student so that he may assume a position of leadership in this respective branch of the service. Admission into the program is on a competitive basis. Through these programs students learn the fundamental concepts of the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps. The curriculum prepares stu- dents to serve as officers. Training also includes summer camp or, in the naval science program, a summer cruise. Completion of any of the four year pro- : grams can he used as a minor in the College of Liberal Arts. Upon the acquisition of a bachelor ' s degree, eligi- ble candi dates receive a commission from their branch of the service or its reserve component. Not pictured is Col. Frederick |. Bur- bach. Dean Wallace V. Mann, )r. Enlarging the University of Missis- sippi Medical Center is a newly (in- structed dental education building. The School of Dentistry has admitted stu- dents since the fall of 1975, when its first class enrolled. One ' s college record, achievement on the Dental Admissions Test, advisor recommen- dation, and a personal interview all play roles in the competitive admission procedure. Although the school prefers its prospective students to have a Bachelor ' s degree, a minimum of three years of college preparation must be completed. The school conferred the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree upon its first graduates in the spring of 1979. It is accredited by the Council of Den- tal Education. Dean Norman Nelson Oldest of the four schools which comprise the |ackson Medical Center. the University of Mississippi School of Medicine has conducted classes since 1903. The school itself pre-dates its Jackson location. 1955 marks the year which moved Ole Miss ' medical school from the Oxford campus to Jackson and into its newly completed complex. The University Hospital functions as an auxiliary of the School of Medicine with the hospital staff being appointed by the faculty of the school. Located throughout Mississippi are several affiliated hospitals. Admission to the school depends upon successful under- graduate study in a science-related field, one ' s performance on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and a personal interview. The school is accredited by both the American Medi- cal Association and the Association of Medical Colleges. I 174 Features FEATURES MARTHA SMITHSON, co-editor DOUG YARBROUGH, co-editor Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss Favorites Homecoming Court Most Beautiful Beauties Miss University Best Dressed 176 178 183 184 186 190 191 Features 175 17H Col. Rebel and Miss Ole Mi Needlework, snow skiing and collecting antiques are some of Miss Ole Miss Kathryn Becker ' s favorite pastimes. Kathryn loves athletics and has shown her spirit by serving as an Ole Miss cheerleader for the past three years. She has also been a member of the Committee of 82 and is a Sigma Chi little sister. Kathryn ' s vivacious personality got her quickly involved at Ole Miss. Her sorority, Chi Omega, chose Kathryn as Model Pledge, and she also received the Pledge Spirit Award. Kathryn is a senior majoring in fashion merchandising. After graduation, she plans to live in her hometown, Jackson, Miss. This five-foot- two Rebel fan has captured the hearts of many at Ole Miss. Her winning smile and easy-going personality made Kathryn that " someone special " for Miss Ole Miss. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Becker. Since arriving at Ole Miss, Colonel Rebel John Stroud has received almost every possible basketball award. He has been named Ole Miss Athlete of the Year, All SEC for three years. All American Honorable Mention and is the leading scorer in the SEC. A member of Sigma Nu fraternity and the " M " Club, John has also been basketball co-captain for three years and has received the C. M. Tad Smith Award and the MVP Award. Majoring in Physical Education, John hopes to play professional basketball and later coach a college basketball team. John ' s other activities include FCA President, ASB Senator, Committee of 100, Who ' s Who and Hall of Fame. With all his accomplishments, it is easy to see that John is truly the " image of Ole Miss " . The six-foot-seven New Albany native is the son of Mrs. Frances Stroud Hill and the late Johnny Stroud. Col. Rebel and Miss Ole Miss 177 The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Johnson, Jr., of Leland, Miss., Wilma, is a pharmacy school student here at the University. Among her many honors, Wilma is a member of the Hall of Fame, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who and ODK. She has served as president of AWS and vice president of her sorority, Delta Gamma. Despite these time-consuming interests, Wilma still finds time to enjoy a good game of tennis, backgammon, basketball and spades. She cites the Gumbo Company as her favorite entertainment spot in Oxford, chili cheeseburgers as her favorite food and claims that she is an expert when it comes to fine wines. A great personality and campus involvement made Wilma a sure choice for Ole Miss Favorite. Doug, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rad E. Yarbrough, enjoys spending her time playing the piano, horseback riding, skiing and listening to good music. A native of Cleveland, Miss., this blue-eyed senior is majoring in secondary science education. After graduation, she would like to go to physical therapy school and perhaps open a clinic someday. Doug is very active in her sorority, having served Chi Omega as treasurer and vice president. Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Rho Lambda, Mortar Board and Who ' s Who are several of the honoraries with which Doug is involved. Besides being a Rebel Recruiter and Ambassador, she has also been an annual staff section editor for three years. Doug ' s cheerful smile and good humor make it easy to understand why she is an Ole Miss Favorite. 178 Favoriles Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority was proud to sponsor Patti as Campus Favorite. Patti, a sen- ior from Memphis, Tenn., is majoring in com- municative disorders. She is active as a Rebel Recruiter, Ole Miss Ambassador and as a fra- ternity little sister. Patti is a member of the Committee of 100 and was chosen as a home- coming maid her junior year. Anyone who knows Patti ' s soft-spoken and easy-going ways can easily see why she deserves the honor of being an Ole Miss Favorite. Cute, vivacious Leigh Anne likes to spend her time playing backgammon, watching football games, attending Jimmy Turner Bible Study and talking with her Christian friends. When she gets the chance, she also enjoys tennis, snow skiing and swimming. A native of Ger- mantown, Tenn., Leigh Anne is majoring in interior design and hopes to become an archi- tectural designer after graduation. This Ole Miss junior ' s activities include cheerleading, having served as freshman and varsity cheer- leader, AWS and Committee of 100. Leigh Anne is a member of Kappa Delta sorority and is a Kappa Alpha little sister. Favorites 179 ODK, Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma and Kho Lambda are just a few of the honoraries in which senior Lisa Purser is involved. Majoring in journalism and English, Lisa is also a mem- ber of Women in Communications, Sigma Delta Chi and Sigma Tau Delta. When Lisa finds spare time, she enjoys movies, basketball, ten- nis, and good music. Her favorite pastime, how- ever, is reading. Lisa has worked on both AWS and ASB committees, was on the staff of the Daily Mississippian for three years and has done an internship with the Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, North Carolina. After graduation, Lisa would like to begin a newspa- per career and someday hold an administrative position on a metropolitan newspaper. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. S. Dewey Purser of Vicksburg, Miss., and is an officer of Delta Gamma sorority. From Bristol, Tenn., Nell is a junior account- ing major. She is active in various campus clubs and honoraries such as Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Lambda and ODK. As a freshman, Nell was awarded the Estella G. Hef- ley Outstanding Freshman Woman Award and was later elected President of Lambda Sigma sophomore honorary. In her sorority, Kappa Delta, Nell has served as secretary and is cur- rently the chapter president. Much of Nell ' s time has been spent in the ASB office. She has been Film Series assistant chairman and is now the Associated Student Body Secretary. When Nell has free time, she can be found playing tennis, bicycling or playing her guitar. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William King. 180 Favorites = t= @ni writes A native of Louisville, Miss., Suzanne repre- sents an Ole Miss Favorite well with her bright smile and cheery outlook. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Chaney. Suzanne has been a cheerleader for two years and was a freshman homecoming maid. She is a member of the Committee of 100, Delta Delta Delta sorority and is a Kappa Alpha little sister. Majoring in business education, Suzanne ' s many interests include playing tennis, reading and bike riding, but she claims as her favorite pastime eating ice cream from Baskin Robbins. After graduation, Suzanne plans to pursue a career in teaching. Sharla, a junior majoring in education, claims Memphis, Tenn., as her home. Among her cam- pus activities are Rebel Recruiter, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister, Elections Commission and the Spirit Committee. This past year Sharla enjoyed getting to cheer for the Rebels as an alternate cheerleader. She likes the outdoors and says tennis and water skiing are her favor- ite sports. Sharla is an accomplished gymnast and an avid pizza-lover. After graduating, she would like to go into teaching, preferably third grade. Sharla is a member of Pi Beta Phi soror- ity and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Dorroh. Favorites 181 Betsy, the daughter of Mr. Robert C. Love, is from Memphis, Term., and is a member of Chi Omega sorority. At Ole Miss, Betsy is involved in AWS, the UM Spirit Committee, and serves her sorority as social chairman. She is also a lit- tle sister of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Betsy lists water skiing, horseback riding, tennis, basket- ball and softball as her favorite activities. She is majoring in radio and TV and hopes to make a career of this after graduation. Always ready with a warm smile and friendly words, it is easy to see why Betsy is an Ole Miss Favorite. Leslie, a native of Jackson, Miss., is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee Joyner, Jr. After transferring from Brenau in Georgia, Leslie quickly got involved with Angel Flight, Committee of 100 and Ambassadors. She has served as pledge trainer of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and as sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Leslie enjoys jogging and going to Bible study in her spare time. She claims a special weakness for cocker spaniels and Ole Miss Delivery Coca-Colas. A senior majoring in political science, Leslie plans on attending para-legal school in Atlanta after graduation. 182 Favorites 1 J COURT Senior Maids: Sara Dalton Debbie Sansing Junior Maids: Angela Roberts Sonya Rogers Sophomore Maids Sally Denny Allyson Furr Freshman Maids: Beth Powell Crecia Starks Homecoming l Beautiful Becky Bush is a junior Marketing major from Tupelo, Miss. A real Southern beauty, Becky has won various titles besides the honor of Most Beautiful. She was chosen as Miss Tupelo and Tupelo ' s Miss Hospital- ity, and later went on to place in the Top Ten in the Miss Mississippi pageant. A Member of Chi Omega sorority, Becky has been selected as Pike Playmate, Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart and has recently won the title of Miss Mississippi Photogenic. She will be traveling to Las Vegas in March to compete in the national finals of Miss Photogenic. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty likes to spend her time watching Rebel football, singing, ice skating and traveling. Besides various campus activities, Becky serves as a sorority officer. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Bush. Most Beautiful 185 Amy, a sophomore from Columbus, Miss., is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She enjoys playing racquetball and traveling, but lists running as her favorite pastime. Amy, who is a Pi Kappa Alpha little sister, was chosen as a Pike Calendar Girl her fresh- man year and was featured on the cover her sophomore year. Amy is a member of the Ole Miss Modeling Board, and is presently plan- ning on going to New York in the spring to follow a car eer in modeling. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noel Duquesnay. l 186 Beauty A fan of old movies. Paige Jones, a junior majoring in elementary education, loves going to the Hoka. She also enjoys singing, eating at Abbeville and watching Rebel foot- ball. This fun-loving, cheerful beauty loves to participate in outdoor sports such as water skiing, swimming and her favorite pastime target shooting. Paige is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, where she has been an offi- cer for two years. She also is involved in AWS and the Committee of 100. After gradu- ation, Paige hopes to be teaching children of first-grade age. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Jones of Water Valley. Sheri Rankin is a native Texan, but now claims St. Louis, Mo,, as home. Besi des being chosen a beauty, Sheri has represented her sorority, Chi Omega, as a Pike Calendar Girl, Derby Day Queen and homecoming maid. She has been a Rebelette for two years, serving as Colonel, and is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi and Alpha Lambda Delta honoraries. An avid tennis player, Sheri also enjoys water skiing, swimming and playing the piano. In the spring and summer, most of her time is spent in the sun. Sheri has served as her sorority ' s rush book editor and as treasurer. She has a 3.75 GPA in marketing and plans a career in that area. The UM senior is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rankin. 188 Beauly Before coming to Ole Miss, Jamie attended Mississippi University for Women where she was a member of Mamselle Social Club, the MUW Modeling Board and was third alter- nate to Miss " W. " She also served her home town, Moss Point, Miss., as Junior Miss. On the Ole Miss campus, Jamie is an education major and is involved in the Student National Education Association and the Kappa Delta Pi education honorary. Jamie ' s main outside interest is ballet, which she has studied for sixteen years. She also likes to needlepoint, ski, and ride horses, and con- fesses that much free time is spent at the Hoka and Baskin Robbins. The brown- haired beauty plans to continue her studies in special education. Beauty 189 This year ' s Miss University is from Jackson, Miss. Cheryl is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Stewart. In the Miss Mississippi pageant, Cheryl placed in the Top Ten. Cheryl also has served as Jackson ' s Miss Hospi- tality and was in the Top Ten in the UM Best Dressed Pageant. On cam- pus, Cheryl is a member of Phi Mu sorority and the UM Modeling Board. She enjoys playing the harp, and doing needlework. il est Dressed coed is Anita Jo d, a Si narketing major from Gre- -1 Band has played an ' scoll eer. She nd 3 R?DG )ther a include Modeling Board and Com- T of Kappa as also their sweet- .3 Ten in the Miss s Grenada ' s Miss of Phi Mu soror- ad Mrs. Sykes 192 Those We Do II With The heart and soul of the Ole Miss society lies not within its buildings, trees or even its traditions, but within its people. As day to day melts into year after year, the direction Ole Miss takes depends upon people what they do, say, think, feel, and most importantly, how they interact. At Ole Miss, people are joined by classes, jobs, clubs, Greek organizations, teams and many incidental interactions. Groups are important because they give students chances to share with small, potentially personal segments of their peers. Group members share a common bond a basis for identification which gives them a reason for being. The following section depicts the major groupings at Ole Miss. The clubs represent those joined by mutual interests or goals; the Greeks are those seeking the benefits of group living, and the classes represent those who have completed the same percentage of requirements for degrees. In the course of group functions, all participate in the give-and-take process which is the core of the " Ole Miss experience. " Tbnsr We D 194 Organizations SS UNION OtE MISS V ORGANIZATIONS MIKE CORSO, editor Laura Alvey, assistant Kim Pruette, assistant Student Government 196 Organizations 208 Professionals 219 Communications 224 Uniforms 234 Song and Dance 242 Dormitories 248 Organizations 195 196 Student Government associated student body President John Delashmet Treasurer Hugh Tanner Vice-President Kathy Williams Secretary Nell King Student leaders combine ideas for successful year The Associated Student Body of Ole Miss is a crew of publicly elected officers working together for the interests of all students. One of the main purposes of the ASB is serving as a liaison for the administration and the student body. A few of the many student activities provided by the ASB are Dixie Week, Fall Festival, plays, campus pageants, bar- becues, bands in the Grove and school spirit activities. The student government makes money through the ASB refrigerator rentals. The ASB also has helped limit monetary difficulties for Ole Miss students by offering a cafeteria meal plan and an interest-free student loan service. Other services offered by ASB are the weekly film series, a nine- hour Rap line service and an orientation session for new students. KING Student Government 197 1979-1980 ASB Cabinet Presidential Assistant Terri Taylor Executive Assistant James McKie Administrative Assistant William Lovell Attorney General Steve Ethridge University Relations Guice Smith Academic Affairs Jimmy Guyton Campus Affairs John Jenkins Student Activities Joe Martin Public Information Scott Kent Director of Justice Allen Ray Student Services Eric Chamberlain Student Housing Mark McCormick Press Secretary Melinda Roseberry School Spirit Director Bobby Sharman 19H Si iidrnt Gox-rrnmrnl Elections Commission Chairman Pamela Prather Executive Liaison Officer Mike Sullivan 1979-1980 ASB Sub-Cabinet Refrigerator Rentals Tony Baker Refrigerator Rentals Mary Scott Rosser Ambassadors Anne Myers Ambassadors Henry Mounger Committee of 82 Phillip Merideth Student Housing Pat Eisenbeiss Special Assistant Robby Robertson Film Series Allison Brown Film Series Mike Pruett School Spirit Danny Reynolds School Spirit Mary Hentz Fall Festival Martin Street AWS Wilma Johnson Student Activities Darlene Williams associated student body Cabinet proves vital to campus operations The Cabinet of the ASB is one of the vital links between the students and the ASB administration. The Cabinet includes everything from Refrigerator Rentals and School Spirit to the ASB film series, all of which affect students directly. Each member of the Cabinet works with his sub- cabinet to insure a smooth operation of each department, thereby creating an efficient student government. TTi B ASB SECRETARIES Student Government 199 campus senate Senate debates the issues provides solutions President Kathy Williams Clerk Nell King The Campus Senate, our student leg- islative body, meets every other week to plan, discuss and vote on various bills that affect each student on campus. Elected by a general election, each senator represents his post and district and is the student voice in campus politics. 1979-80 CAMPUS SENATE DISTRICT I Phillip Hendrix DISTRICT II John Stroud DISTRICT III Angela Wren DISTRICT IV Jan Barnett Cyndee Donald DISTRICT V Steve Ray Mike Carmichael Phillip Merideth DISTRICT VI Dexter Foster Art Davis Dan Owens DISTRICT VII Jason Slezak Michael Sandier Phillip Baker DISTRICT VIII Angela Clark Lisa Terracina DISTRICT IX Caroline Cromartie Kelli Williamson DISTRICT X Mary Scott Rosser Melody Marks DISTRICT XI Judith Bradley Robin Alsobrooks Veazey Gully Frances Crenshaw DISTRICT XII Martin Street Clinton Graham DISTRICT XIII Joanie Abernathy Susan Dement DISTRICT XIV Alexis Anderson David Tutor DISTRICT XV Lanier Hurdle Tim Fishel Tommy Williams Rusty Tucker Byron Morris Johnny Reeves Sharon Loveless Max Warren Phil Buffington Tom Wicker Rick Fountain Edwin Flint Tim Holleman Ron Jacobs Kathy Ferguson Barry McCrory Nash Neyland Evelyn Tatum Laurie Alexander Bill Cromwell Amy Yeager 2(K) Slutlenl Government President Pro Tempore Clinton Graham Sergeants at Anns Jane Pinson Kim Ward Legislative Monitor Tim Carpenter Parliamentarian Tara Odom Student Government 201 association for women students Women leaders provide equal representation in all campus affairs A thriving organization with all types of opportunities open to women students, the Association for Women Stu- dents provides a variety of services and programs oriented for the women of Ole Miss. While membership in AWS includes every female student at the University of Mississippi, male participation is also encouraged. By providing a varied selection of programs and speakers, the women of AWS carry on a proud tradi- tion of leadership in campus affairs. I President Wilma Johnson Vice-President Maray Kendrick Secretary Ann Fortenberry Treasurer Laurie Kennedy 202 Student Government Student Government 203 judicial council Student problems are handled by judicial council The ASB Judicial Council is composed of a chair- man, who is elected by the student body, and six associate members, who are appointed by the Asso- ciated Student Body President with the approval of the Campus Senate. The Council hears disciplinary cases and makes recommendations to the University administration concerning appropriate action. The Council ' s recommendations are usually followed. Other duties of the Council include reviewing Cam- pus Senate legislation and hearing appeals from the branch councils (which are the Women ' s Judicial Council and the Men ' s Judicial Council). rews, Hicks, Austin, Patte 204 Sludenl Government Bunion program council The UPC is an active organization that caters to a cross section of the entire University. Sponsoring everything from pumpkin carving contests to short courses in cake decorating, the UPC se rves every type of student at Ole Miss. The Union is definitely the place " where evervone meets. " AVID BROOME UPC CHAIRMAN MIKE CORSO PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN JOHN DOWDLE FINE ARTS CHAIRN JAY COOKE SOCIAL CHAIRK: JOE GETZ SPECIAL EVENTS CHAIRMAN JACK CARRELL TRAVEL CHAIRMAN SALLY ATKINSON HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT BRAD MALLOW ENTERTAINMF CHAIRM. DAVID WHITE PHYSICAL ARRANGEMENTS BILL HOLCOMB SPECIAL ADVISOR I Studenl Governmenl 2(15 pre-law society Pre-Law Society acquaints undergrads with profession The Pre-Law Society ' s primary function is to acquaint interested undergraduates with the various aspects of the legal profession. The monthly meetings are highlighted by highly informative speakers. Since there is no special pre-law curriculum, this organization is quite beneficial to those students interested in the legal field. OFFICERS President Joe Azar, Jr. Vice-President Jimmy Sherman Secretary John Howell Treasurer Betty Nelson Committee Chairman Ronald Michael I 206 Studen! Government OFFICERS President JoAnn Smartgedes Vice-President Chris Baxter Secretary Janice Guyton Treasurer Ellen Kirby Graduate Council Representative Dave Joslin associated graduate student body The objective of the AGSB is to encourage a facilitate graduate interdepartmental commu- nication, to serve as a liaison between the departments of graduate study and the Uni- versity administration, and to encourage a sense of professional pride, prestige and unity. Any person enrolled in the Graduate School of the University of Mississippi is automati- cally a member of the AGSB. Representatives from each department of graduate study attend executive council meetings every two weeks. During these meetings, problems, solu- tions, and policy-making decisions affecting graduate students are discussed. G 1979-80 MODELING BOARD Beth McCall Judy DeShong Lisa Redditt Cheryl Stewart Tara Wyatt Kate Hoffman Jamie Becker Cindy Bizzell Judy Bickerstaff Becky Bush Traci Loe Ann Parker Amy Williams Anita Jo Wood Emily Lancaster Dede Best Liz Ederer Sheila Donnell Amy DeQuesnay Heidi Newman Ann Roy Carol Megehee Mary Yerger Shelly Stefoniak Warrine Trawick Allison Brown Darby Phillips Stefanie Smilie Caroline Hill Jane Barksdale Leta Wood Allison Balducci Tracy Hoover Cathy Wade 208 Organizations um modeling board Captain Sheila Donnell Co-Captain Judy DeShong Treasurer Ann Parker Rec. Secretary ' Heidi Newman Corr. Secretary Traci Loe Historian Lisa Redditt Publicity Judy Bickerstaff Beth McCall Director Marion McEwen Financial Advisor Dr. Judy Trott Recruitment gives added dimension to Modeling Board The Modeling Board, established by the Association for Women Students, performs an entertaining and useful function for the University. Modeling members are chosen by impartial judges. Under the direction of sponsor Mrs. Marion McEvven. Captain Sheila Donnell and Co-Captain Judy DeShong, the board models in alumni shows, recruiting shows and special AWS programs. Organizations 209 ambassadors The Ambassadors is a very active group here at Ole Miss. As the official representatives of the University, they travel across the South recruiting future Ole Miss stu- dents. By entertaining and talking with high school stu- dents and their parents, under the direction of co-chair- man Henry Mounger and Anne Myers, the Ambassadors spread the spirit and tradition that is Ole Miss. 1979-80 AMBASSADORS Nancy Ann Kimball Sally Fowler Carolyn McDonald Brent Bond Bill Bexley Patricia A ' nn Goetz Angela Lamb Holly Holman Gray Mounger Craig Lovell Francis Blendenharn William Weatherly Felicia Rabito Mary Austin Ann Runyon Norma Maynard Allison Brown Milleigh Hubbard Gina Morrissey Ransom McElroy Thomas Woods Tim Carpenter Tim Thompson Lydia Prather Jimmy Ward Paul McLain Carolyn Joiner Mimi Meeks Michael Vance Andrew Lockett Tina Thomas {Catherine Hugh Allen Jones Danny Phillips Marty Ramage Kathy Latch Donnell Alexandf James McKie Kendall Caraway Oby Rogers Mark Gunn Lorraine McAllister Clay Burkhart Cindy Dawson Mary Benvenutti Jan Holland Mike Landess Randy Peets John Neweomb Amy Rozzell Leslie Joyner Maray Kendrick Patti Nixon James Blake Co-Chairman Henry Mounger Anne Myers I 210 Organizations 1979-80 OFFICERS President Charles Hurst Vice President Mark Lewis Secretary Terry Caves Treasurer LeAnn Porter Adviser Dr. Don Moak financiers Business students experience career opportunities The Financiers Club is an organization which seeks to acquaint interested students with outstanding business- men and bankers from Mississippi and surrounding states. Sponsored by the Chair of Banking, the Financiers pro- vide bus iness majors an opportunity to listen and speak to knowledgeable leaders in the business community. The Financiers Club strongly encourages those students with majors in Banking and Finance and Business Admin- istration to participate in its activities, but also invites stu- dents of all majors to attend meetings. By bringing well informed speakers to the University cam- pus, the Financiers Club hopes to present students with interesting and relevant issues concerning business and banking. , ' . Organizations 21 1 committee of 82 The Committee of 82, composed of students repre- senting the 82 counties of Mississippi, works with state legislators for the interests of the University of Mississippi. The Committee helped sponsor Legislative Day at the Ole Miss-Georgia football game when members of the Committee had the opportunity to meet and to talk with various legislators. The major objective of the committee was to have it s members write the leg- islators from their voting districts concerning the needs of the University and the problems of its stu- dents. Donna Ballard Doug Barfield Mike Counce Orrin Edwards Kempe Hodges James Rossetti Tara McGuire John Boggan Louise Amos Mark Anderson Charles Brock Michael Hubbert Nina Naugle Johnny Barrett Henderson Cosnahan Sally Stewart William Travis Rosalie McCullough James Cox Gina Phillips Lee Watt Melissa Lavender Mike Burnett Robin Alsobrooks Richard Rushing Melanie Fields Mike Corso Paul Grass Billy Howell Oby Rogers Steve Sinquefield Ricky Bates Melinda Roseberry Michael Graves Al Williams Hal Kittrell Michael Haas Tim Carpenter John Collins Cynthia Floyd Tracey Dabbs Ed Parker George Cossar James McKie Catherine Chatham Karen Andrews Walt Shinault Mary Ray Mary Mounger Stave Ethridge Carole Watkins Francis Crenshaw Andrew Stokes Jata Munro Eleanor Winter Candace Hall Eddy Waller Steve Wilkinson Frank Barber Debbie Nader Bob Richardson Brad Jeffreys Susan Mohamed Newell Turner Paul Turner Deborah Dornell Toni McElroy Kim Epting Carol Megehee Thurman Miley Zane Coquat Mike Gunn John McEachin Kenny Griffin Paul McLain Martin Street Mark Ray Brent Bond Craig Lovell Marty Namage Marice Ivy Pamela Prather Bobby Moak Aubrey Lucas Eleanor Gill Gregory Burkes Lloyd Spivey Bruce Grain Frank Hurdle Scott Kent Tuddy Abel Dan Turner Kent Ozborn 212 Organizations gamma iota sigma OFFICERS President Mark Pearson Vice-Presidenl Jimmy Hinlon Secretary Bobby Coffey Treasurer Rob Jacobson Advisor Dr. Joe Murrey MEMBERS Gene Yates Gabe Gabrielleschi Susan Hadley Melody Marks Stan Evans Scott Weatherly Phil Buffington Preston Deriveux Shuler Griffin Robert Box Mark Wall David Ward Joe O ' Connor Mark Bishop Terry Jamison Brad Baker Dicky Robertson Mark Pearson Bobby Coffey Rob Jacobson Jimmy Hinton Curtis Greer Mil Phillips David Wells Donnie Hunter Cage Caruthers Susan Rouse Society provides new insight into insurance profession Gamma Iota Sigma is a National Insurance Society chartered at Ole Miss in 1977, and is one of the strongest chapters in the South. One of Gamma Iota Sigma ' s main goals is to educate college students about the insurance industry. Gamma Iota Sigma holds meetings every other week and hears speakers from the insurance industry. Organizations 213 aquatic club OMAC focuses on lobbying, service The Ole Miss Aquatic Club (OMAC) was formed in February 1977 to promote the water sports at the University of Mississippi. OMAC has assisted in the recruitment of swimmers and divers, lobbied for the realization of an indoor water sports complex, co- hosted with the Intramural Department the fall swimming and diving meet on campus, provided the students for the University ' s Swimming and Diving team, assisted Northwest Junior College in organiz- ing their program and competed in the annual Mis- sissippi Collegiate Swimming and Diving Champion- ships. In addition, OMAC sponsored a Red Cross " Swim-A-Cross " on October 2. The money earned was used to help the victims of Hurricane Frederick. OFFICERS President Sara Marks Vice-President Matthew Moore Secretary Meridith Schmeig Sponsor " Flash " Greenlaw 214 Organizations OFFICERS Chairmen Alan Moak Sandy Collie Hospitality Friley Davidson Ginger Veazy Publicity Mary M. Williams Johnny Martin Music Ken Fowler Jim Gulley Secretary Molly Woodruff John Pearson Convocations Libba Miller Mike Tramel Programs Kris Sturgis John Holliday Reporter to MS Edwin Smith MEMBERS B. Adcox K. Capps J. Kennedy J. Adcox L. Cardosi L. Kennedy L. Alderson M. Carmichael R. Kent L. Alexander P. Carpenter C. Knox C. Alford P. Carson P. Knight K. Allen T. Caves S. Lamb K. Alhen K. Chapman P. Lawrence M. Allison A. Clark S. Lewis C. Alston D.Cobb A. Mahoney C. Alvis K. Coffman J. Martin G. Anderson D. Coker J. McCaull M. Anderson K. Coker S. McClure L. Andrews A. Cole T. McCollum L. Andrews E. Connell M. McMillin M.Andy J. Cooke W. McNamee G. Apostle M. Corso S. McRoberts L Ashburn S. Corso M. Meeks C. Atkinson A. Collins J. Megehee M. Austin B. Collum B. Messer M. Avers C. Cook S. Miller A. Azim L. Corban M. Miner C. Baccus J. Corey B. Morgan B. Bagley A. Creekmore J. Morgan H. Baker F. Crenshaw C. Morris E. Bailey L. Crews J. Morson S. Baker B. Dalton D. Myers V. Baker P. Davis P. Nixon |. Barbour C. Dawson J. Nordan [. Barlow P. Dennards J. Oakes [. Barlow S. Donnell M.Ola M. Bass J. Dowdle I. Paris N. Bass L. Duncan P. Parker L. Bates K. Eley J. Patterson J. Battaile K. English P. Patterson I.Belk E. Evans R. Patterson B. Bell S. Evans P. Peden V. Benson M. Fancher L. Peters B. Berryhill M. Fields D. Phillips K. Bethany N. Flora L. Pierce R. Bey J. Forshee A. Pinion VI. Bickerstaff S. Fowler D. Petitjean VI. Biggs R. Fratese B. Powell A. Birdwell B. Fugate C. Primes D. Blackledge A. Garrard K. Pruette L. Blakely T. Gerrard C. Purser E. Blackmon A. Gillis L. Purser SI. Bledsoe C. Graham N. Quinn E. Boatwright P. Graham S. Quiriconi I. Bobo P. Grass R. Rader I. Boggan D. Green R. Ratcliff B. Bond B. Griffin M.Ray VI. Booth C. Griffis G. Reed . Borne M. Gunn S.Ray .Bos K. Hall W.Ray .Box S. Harper C. Ridgway .Box R. Harmon H. Riley .Boyd M. Harris B. Robinson VI. Boyd J. Harrison F. Robinson ?. Boyd A. Hart S. Robinson VI. Bracey C. Henick O. Rogers A. Brady D. Hightower R. Romeo -. Bramlitt M. Holleman C. Rooks vl. Brock T. Holloway A. Ross . Brown L. Horner C. Ross . Brown A. Houston A. Rozzell 5. Brown M. Hubbert R. Rushing D . Buffington J. Hughes G. Russell i. Burgess S. Ireland M. Rylee S. Burke M. Ivy K. Salter L. Bucy F. Jenkins C. Sanders C. Caldwell P. Jones A. Schmidt committee o! 1QQ Variety of programs stimulates religious life The Religious Emphasis Program at Ole Miss is guided by the Com- mittee of 100 which is composed of student representatives from the 14 different religious organizations on the campus, as well as stu- dents from all other areas of campus life. The Committee sponsors speakers, dramas, musicals, study groups, and volunteer projects for the purpose of stimulating the religious development of students. S. Schore T. Scott S. Seaton P. Seid M. Selman M. Semmnes B. Shannon B. Shannon M. Shelton L. Sherman W. Shinault L. Shirley P. Shumake D. Simpson B. Sinclair L. Sisson K. Slom B. Smith L. Smith S. Smith S. Snow C. Sorrels S. Spencer A. Speery E. Spivey M. Stephenson L. Stesert D. Story S. Story M. Strom J. Stroud E. Sumner L. Sumners N. Tatum C. Taylor K. Terney J. Terry C. Thomas G.Thomas L. Thomas K. Thompson L. Tillery G. Tilley B. Tindall O. Tirey M. Tramel J. Truax A. True C. Tullos S. Tullos P. Turnage N. Turner P. Turner D. Tutor S. Ulmer G. Veazy J. Verell V. Wade M. Waggener M. Walker L. Wall D. Wallace P. Wallace G. Ward K. Ward M. Warren T. Watkins R. Watson K. Webb B. Weldy B. Wells K. Wheeler P. Wheeler D. White J. White L. White S. White K. Wiles L. Wilbanks T. Wilks B. Williams C. Williams L. Williams P. Williams S. Williams C. Willis G. Williams V. Wills A. Wilson C. Wilson E. Winter A. Witt C. Witte D. Wood W. Wood C. Woodall J. Wysor S. Yelverton M. Yerger T. York W. York Organizations 215 Karate club Self-control teaches self-defense In September of 1975, the Isshinryu Karate Club was begun on the Ole Miss Campus. Its principles are dedicated to the study of Isshinryu Karate as an extremely effective art of self-defense in order to further develop the mind and body. The members of the Club not only profit from the art itself, but also from their fellow clubmates. Membership into the Isshinryu Karate Club is open to the students, faculty, and staff of the University. OFFICERS President Alex Brinkley Vice-President Vernon Miles Secretary-Treasurer Susan Eads MEMBERS Tommy Gryder Robby Gryder Tim McMinn John Bullard Mark Dawkins Gustavo Fermin Kenneth Gleaton Larry Stevenson Kenneth Downs Scott Haugh Bobby Holley Pickens Brady Tucker Goodwin Tim McMinn Keith Searcy Audra Castles 216 Organisations baptist student union Having served the University of Mississippi for over fifty years, the Baptist Student Union contin- ues to make available outstanding programs of spiritual and religious emphasis. BSU is a fellow- ship of college students seeking to find and imple- ment God ' s purpose for them and their world. The program provides opportunity for an inward journey of spiritual growth and an outward jour- ney of service to others. THE BSU COUNCIL President Tim Sullivan Vice-President Mark Roush Secretary Pamela Moorhead Social Leader Angelia Mullins Sports Leader John Hardy Worship Leader Ken Hall Special Ministries Greg Stewart Retreat Leader Cindy Wall Summer Missions Lorie Carpenter Local Missions Phillip Carr International Leader Paul McLain BSU Director Ron Boswell Organizations 217 student national I educational assni OFFICERS President Susan Bailess Vice-President Judy Bickerstaff Treasurer Mary Beth McMillin Secretary Christy McMikle Social Chairman Ginger Veazy women in communications OFFICERS President Karen Hinton Vice-President Kathy Ferguson Secretary Melanie Brandt Treasurer Kathy Cluck 218 Professionals H: men ' s intramural council OFFICERS President Hu Meena Vice-President Don Allen Secretary Treasurer Randy Peets Scorekeeper Lee Moses Director of Intramurals Mr. William Kingery i r kappa epsilon OFFICERS President Eunice Aycock Vice-President Gayle Walker Secretary Rhonda Mills Treasurer Ann Galloway Historian Amba Stokes Chaplain Kathy Loden Pledge Trainer Mary Tabor Professionals 219 phi beta lambda Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity for students inter- ested in business careers. The purpose of the organization is to give students opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding, and personal qualities which will enable them to be successful in busi- ness careers. PEL seeks to develop competent, aggressive business leadership; to create more interest and understanding in the intelli- gent choice of business occupations; to participate in worthy under- taking for the improvement of business and the community and to develop character, to train for useful citizenship, and to foster patri- otism. We are honored to have as a member of our chapter the 1979- 80 Mississippi PBL President, Tim Miller. Membership is open to any student enrolled in one or more business courses. OFFICERS President Dean Benton, Vice-Presi- dents Walter Osborne, Marlin Wom- ack, Jr., Treasurer Susan Lyon, Sec- retary Shirley Eichelberger Adviser Charles Walker MEMBERS Suzanne Avery Joe Azar Julie Beard Dean Benton Guy Bond Gayle Burch Joe Carty Travis Childrs David Childress Bill Cousar Steve Conosky Shirley Eichelberger Kim Elbe Suzette Floyd Rosemary Franks Cynthia Gibbone Brenda Gin Becky Glisson Ricky Green Cemiel Griswold David Gullick Candace Hall Cheri Hampton Lee Harbin Phillop Hendrix Mike Hill Tish Holloway Bryan Holstrom Cheryl Hopkins Chuck Inman Charlene Jefferson Christy Jones Melissa Kinney Theresa Kent Mark Kirchgessner Hal Kittrell Larry Landry Jeff Lann Susan Lyon Tim McCabe Susan McKiernan Beverly McNeill Lisa Marshall Cindy Mathews Philip Miller Tim Miller Monty Montgomery Allen Mothershed Susan Nixon Dianne O ' Connell Walter Osborne Everlean Pettis David Pray Kim Psanos Carl Ray Tanya Reynolds Tripp Richardson Felecia Riley Lynn Roberson Andrew Schram David Shepard Jessica Sibley Story Stamm Brad Taylor Donna Tutor Jane Umfress Eric Umsted Leslie Waldrom Dwayne Watts Dan Williams Marlin Womack, Jr. Randy Young 220 Professionals shorthand reporters OFFICERS President Meri Jo Marriam Vice-President Debbie Lundy Treasurer Mary Rogers Corresponding Secretary Mona Chin Recording Secretary Fran Askew Reporter Bonnie Garner " v Historian Sandy Tedford X Court reporters stress professionalism The University of Mississippi Shorthand Reporters Association (UMSRA) was established in 1977 to give students the opportunity to learn more about court reporting and to promote professionalism in the court reporting field. By bringing successful court reporters, as well as judges and court officials, to campus as speakers, UMSRA seeks to provide students with relevant information concerning the court reporting profession. The purpose of the organization is to help students develop the understanding and personal qualities required for a rewarding court reporting career. Professionals 221 Kappa psi Pride and prestige offered by fraternity Founded in 1879, Kappa Psi is the nation ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. The Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926 and is the state ' s oldest and largest profes- sional pharmacy fraternity. Kappa Psi offers to all members the pleasure of good fellowship, the prestige of professional recognition, and the inner pride of accept- ance on the basis of personal qualifica- tions. Membership is open to students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy who have maintained a 2.00 grade point aver- age. OFFICERS Regent Terry Stubblefield Vice-Regent David Lee Secretary Wesley Samuelson Treasurer Billy Thames Chaplain Bob Wilbanks Sergeant at arms Cliff Kelly Historian Greg Evans . . 1 : P I nil tin 222 Professionals phi delta chi OFFICERS President James Jelks Vice-President Rickey Chance Treasurer Tony Cook Corr. Secy. Mickey King Rec. Secy. Gary Griffin Sgt- at-Arms Mike Moffett Inner Guard Andy Stepp Toastmaster Bill Stringer Chaplain Lael Palmertree Rush Chairmen Jerry Smith David Curtis Pledge Trainers Brian Smith Tommy Bullock Faculty Advisor Dr. John Hickenbottom . . The Pharmacy Fraternity " Promotes Professionalism Phi Delta Chi is a professional fraternity for men who are outstanding students in the school of Pharmacy. Founded in 1883, Phi Delta Chi ' s purpose is to promote the sci- ence of Pharmacy. Through its various health and science-related projects, Phi Delta Chi seeks to enhance the professional- ism of its members who are to become hon- ored practitioners of Pharmacy. pl $fc ' rad Barne Mitchell Geoff Becker Trent Bennett Butch Benson lack Bowles Tommy Bullock Randy Calvert Rickey Chance Kenny Clark Tony Cook Keith Cooley Greg Crumbly David Curtis John Davis Ken DeTurk Boilon e Bradley I me! i WfA PHI DELTA Ch ,- id Dikes sf Biison James jplks John Jo h Aon [John Kapeghi ! Kim KaufmaJ Kky King Mis KilpaJ Ken Lence Russell Lovt :T:.E BISTERS Connie F- Patra Gil- Kim Ha ' IBERS Martin Mestayer e Moffett I Murray Neely ! Palmertre . Mields i Smith J rry Smith - Jim Smith e Spence dy Stepp i Stringer e Worsham JeannieKelley Johnnie Kemp Cathy Wichert Debr, ; Phi Delia Chi 223 Editor-in-Chief: Buster Turner Assistant Editor: Kay Wiles Secretary: Rosalie McCullough 224 Communications the ole miss " The value of the yearbook is not what it does when it comes out, but what it does 20 and 25 years later. " This quote from a Texas administrator expresses the concept on which the editor and staff of the 1980 OLE MISS built the yearbook. With the realization that the yearbook is the only permanent pictorial record of a " college year " and that college yearbooks are being used more and more as a source of campus research, this 33-member team worked diligently to pro- vide an accurate account of what ' being at Ole Miss in 1979-80 ' was like. This volume is slightly streamlined from its immediate predecessor, with more emphasis placed on relevant events which relate mainly to this particular year. In keeping with the UM tradition of being a university of the first-class, the 1978 OLE MISS was awarded this fall with the Printing Indus- tries of America Graphic Arts Award for excel- lence in design and composition. And the desire for this same type of excellence characterized the ' 80 OLE MISS staff, an outstanding group of professionals who worked together to provide a detailed account of the Ole Miss experience the 1980 OLE MISS. Communications 225 EDITORS: Activities Danny Story Administration Hermine McLarty Patti Anne Patterson Advertisements Karen Roebuck Art Linda Gustafson Sam Varner Classes Clay Burkhart Copy Lisa Purser Culture Lisa Redditt Features Martha Smithson Doug Yarbrough Greeks Jan Holland Tish Holloway Honors Cathy Wills Lydia Prather Index John Dowdle Organizations Mike Corso Sports Lee Watt 226 Communications ml 3 . Stephenson % Business Staff: Business Manager Marty Tucker Asst. Business Manager Joe Getz Advertising Manager Laurie Kennedy Staff JamiConway Melinda Harris Phillip Meredith Tammy Moore Peggy Strock William Weatherly Mary Yerger ASSISTANTS TO THE EDITORS: Activities Ann Fortenberry Art Friley Davidson Classes Eleanor Gill Culture John Pearson Organizations Laura Alvey, Kim Pruette Index Mary Joe Fancher, Wendy Asbury Sports Phil Miron, Bubba Morgan Odds and Ends Frances Crenshaw, Dee Parks Staff Photographers: Mary Elizabeth Partin, Head Candy Reed Paul Knight Doll Netterville Barry McClendon Steve Parham Scott Gabbert Communications 227 daily mississippian EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Kathy Dunagin PHOTOGRAPHERS: Chuck Poling, Woody Woodrick, John Hayden, Kathy Ferguson CIRCULATION MANAGER: Jay Johnson NEWS EDITOR: Jimmy Ward ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: Babs Carpenter SPORTS EDITOR: Steve Riley MANAGING EDITOR: Cathy Cluck ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR: Woody Woodrick 228 Communications STAFF WRITERS: Julie Sneed Karen Kahler Andrew Lockett Ruth Ingram Jeff Roberson WIRE EDITOR: Ann Glover PAGE EDITOR: Jocelyn Russell COPY EDITOR: Chuck Poling NEWS EDITOR: Gary Parker BUSINESS STAFF Kat hy Ferguson Gail Morgan Lucy Flowers Mary Shanklin Debbie Smith Bill Provin Marty Kitrell Paul Crutcher Midge Jester Julie Sneed Ellen Eason Communications 229 SPONSORS ( L-R Back) Kathy Ott, Julie Rhyne, Debbie Owens, Donna Gressett, Kathy Bellamy, Imelda Cuellar; (Front) Connie Odom, Kim Carlisle, Sara Marks, Brenda Goss; (not pictured) Jennifer Fewell, Melanie Ledyard SENIORS (L-R top to bottom) Reed, Joslin, Goodwin, Kelchner, Smith, Butt, Klimtez, Fry Dean, Eberlin, Harding, Bassett, Brady, Dedeaux, Barber, Skinner; (not pictured) Jacobs. Juniors (L-R back) Wilson, Arnold. Ethridge. Leist, Van Wert. Leider; (L-R front) Miller, Gibson, Delaquis; (not pictured) Skinner, Chadwick Sophomores (L-R top to bottom) Lockwood, Gutlipth, De Veer, Farris. Thurlow, Hull, Loyd. McNeer, Smith, Rowe, McClain, Reina, Elliot, Wax, Walker, Jacobs, Maher. Woolen. Weigandt. Kligen. Gilbert. Hughes. Keebler; (not pictured) Rice F reshmen (L-R top to bottom) Williams. Blary. Gwin. R. King. Speights. Bell, Doty. Williamson, Lee. Miner, Hummond, Cavano, McDaniels, Atchi- son. Schellberg. Wheeler. Tullos. Beard. Scott. Croce. Gemborys. Elston. Lindley. Rivers. Hanson. Siemer, Cotton. Pottry. Martin. Breeding. Impelliz- zer. Lipski. Watson. Clements. Graham, Arbter. Null Pressler. (n.p.) Calderwood. Douglas. Tiking. Ross air force i 232 Uniforms Uniforms 233 army 234 Uniforms Uniforms 235 angel flight Angel Flight is a national service organization open to women at the University of Mississippi. These girls are selected each spring by interviews. Objectives of the Flight are to promote and serve the United States Air Force, the Air Force ROTC program, the Arnold Air Society and the University of Mississippi and its sur- rounding community. This year Angel Flight sponsored many projects to help the needy and underprivileged. OFFICERS Commander Mary Donnelly Executor Mary Beth McMillian Operations Vicki Wills Comptroller Tory Robertson Administration Dawn George Information Jan Drewry Arnold Air Liaison Kathryn Chapman Chaplain Lee Moss MEMBERS Mary Beth McMillin Jan Drewry Dawn George Joanie Abernathy Missie Roche Tracy Carruthers Alice Michel Ingeline Smith Cindy Dawson Ann Harwell Lee Moss Lorraine McAllister Melinda Bunch Vicki Wills Meg Graham Cindy Callahan Ester Wencel Penny Wallace Irma Paris Ann Riley Becky House Sheldon Miles Kathryn Chapman Tory Roberson Mary Donnelly Jenny Moss II I II 236 Uniforms arnold air society Arnold Air Society Emphasizes Service The Arnold Air Society is a national professional honorary as well as a service organization composed of selected Air Force ROTC Cadets. Named in honor of the late General H. H. " Hap " Arnold, the society participated in service projects during 1979-80 such as blood drives, hypertension testing and sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop for mentally retarded children. The AL Key Squadron of Arnold Air Society at Ole Miss is named in honor of Al Key. who set the flight endurance record in 1935 in his plane, the " Ole Miss. " Members for this service-oriented society are chosen on the basis of grade point average, Uniforms 237 ' the pride of the south 99 Band continues to boost UM spirit This year once again, the Ole Miss Marching Band, " The Pride of the South, " provided exciting halftime performances and entertainment. Under the direction of Dr. Luther Snavely, Jr., the band continued to excel in Music appreciation and performance. The Ole Miss Marching Band is, and always will be a major recruiting asset of the Univer- sity. BAND STAFF: Dr. Luther Snavely, Jr. Director Dr. Dwayne P. Sagen Ass ' t Director John R. Bradley Graduate Assistant Rusty Logan Graduate Assistant Jerry Cogdell Graduate Assistant Linda Bishop Choreographer FEATURE TWIRLERS: Stephanie Phillips Jeff Zahn DRUM MAJORS: Trish Doty Robin Wofford REBELLETTES: Anita Jo Wood, Colonel Shed Rankin, Cokine! Jaida Blanchard Susan Byrum Angela Clark Lauree Crowder Jacquie Gordon Melissa Gurner Lyn Heard Malinda Hill Sheila Lightsey Mary Evelyn Meeks Susie Merrill Jill Moeller Mary Ellen McLemore Carla Neal Heidi Neumann Cindy Owens Ann Runyon Ginger Stribling Lynn Taylor Lisa Trammell Jan Wetzel Tammy Williams Leta Wood FLUTES: Marilyn AJford Mike Barton Kate Booth Marsha Brown Colleen Cof field Debbie Evans Lea Fisher Tere French Leighanne Hole Vicki Lehman Renee Phillips Julie Ryland LisaWicktor Shauneille Jacksohl CLARINETS: Lisa Ashburn Kendra Belcher Kathy Dolan Scott EdgelU Chafes Jackfcni Laura Karfek I lefcy Efogan Ann Mikell Brenda Davis Lisa Doloff Corinne Fowler. TeresaCarnferfc ,A -li 1_ Jf t VliV l I Jennifer Walker ttilrnea Daschli Siltlf Lucy Spain Joe Savage BASS CLARINETS ' - Camille Hicks Peggy Pittm an ISn Shade ' SAX: Brownir idy Davis ' incent Higgins Jay Johnson I Li ii 11 K ennei iy Jimmy Lamb lMteketfaTw{Mel ' Jerflfee Smith .Ginrand Baker Wood. v It |afni I ie Runcan [evin Marsh Matthew O ' Neal Bill Osborne Rick Romeo Mark Romini J SueShippyJ Barry West I i Churk Woodall 238 Song and Dance -mith Arnold Jeff Rish Suzi Rish John David Carli Donna R Charles Brewer Asheton Call John Car: Mark Da Carl Edwards un Hun: mer .ette Sin: nt !. E Sp lar; . rj , ' .-.. I ' M Mike Biggs Larry Gooch Dwight Chestnut rad Classens a taR Hol Steve Hurst Wayne Parkam David Lynda Mike Harrison Mark Garrett Jack Hill Anne Glover ,JMP TS: inn (JrajYf David Fletch Cathy Ford Wayne Geno 2n Johnson 1 Garvin " f iMafHRfcush ' fekflH H i Z_ i " - her JnTncnai Paul Beard Song and Ddm.i- ZKI Jazz band Sounds of New Orleans are here at Ole Miss Ole Miss is the home of the first university jazz band, dating to 1897, and the home of the 1979-80 edition of the University ' s number one jazz band, the " Mississippians. " There are two additional jazz bands which are vital to our jazz program; they are the " Collegians " and " Rebe- laires. " In addition to the annual " Jazz Reunion " concerts held in April of each year, the " Mississippians " present concerts and pageants on campus and in recent years have been actively involved in recruiting by presenting concerts while on tour in Mississippi and the Mid-South. Mike Schirmer David Turner William McEwen Mike Womack Jeff Young Thomas Peterson Ricky Faison Mary Donnelly Jay Johnson Wayne Parham Larry Burrell Larry Gooch Gary Gooch Joe Scholl David Chalk Mark Ulrich Stephen Gear Kirk Lee Ron Grost Clif Jones John Kennerly Darrell Elledge Dr. John McCauley 240 Song and Dance the group Group Combines Talents for Entertainment and Recruitment The Group is combined of musically talented men and women students who aid the University in enter- taining as well as recruiting. At the beginning of each fall semester many students audition to become members of this popular organization. The primary function of The Group is to aid in recruitment. Com- posed of about fifteen members, these students perform song and dance routines that have become favor- ites among all age groups. M 1979-80 MEMBERS David Abraham Randy Butler Kim Kennedy Lori Tucker Diane Bounds Lisa Pierce Beth McKee Mike Varner Jackie C. Pearson Rick Cooglar Mike Mitchell Robbie Robinson Candace Jones Song and Dance 241 army rote sponsors Army Sponsors Work Hard; Achieve Goals Associated with the Army ROTC here at the University of Mississippi is another outstanding service organization the Army ROTC sponsors. These girls are chosen for their ability and desire to promote the objectives of the United States Army and the Army ROTC here at Ole Miss. Each year the sponsors participate in service projects to aid the University and its surrounding community. 1979-80 MEMBERS Liz Collier Commander Shannon Kimbrough Caroline Boch Lisa Lewis Bettie Bonds A my Jo Dunavant Cathy Martin Mary Kate Pirrie Robin Shippey Andrea Simpson Pam Walker Patti Pigg Karen Welch Nancy Pennington Johnny Faye Speakman Karen Mazzanti Joyce Woodall Revonda Harris Leslie Andrews Hilda Welsh 242 Uniforms rebel recruiters 1979-80 MEMBERS Co-chairmen Melinda Bunch Anne Mvers Lacie Miller Heidi Newman Patti Nixon Darby Phillips Cynthia Reeves Susan Schove Wendy Shumake Ginger Stribling Lisa Terracina Stacy White Jane Wiley Doug Yarbrough Tena Yeager Leigh Lovett Joanie Abernathy Susan Bailess Claire Carleton Karen Collins Sharla Dorrah Eleanor Gill Laura Goodall Connie Green Freida Hicks Karen Hopson Milleigh Hubbard Gay Loyacono Cheryl McGuire Uniforms 243 residence hall association President Mike McKay Vice-President Sally Stone Secretary Pat Eisenbeis Treasurer Joyce Woodall RHA Encourages Participation, Fun The Residence Hall Association is the student government for more than 4,000 on-campus residents. Founded in 1975, the RHA is responsible for a variety of programming, administra- tive and judicial tasks. This year the association sponsored a wide variety of social activities designed to promote a closer relationship between the different residence halls. To facili- tate this the RHA has a representative in each hall council whose duty is to provide the services of the association. McKAY ce Sandier live Assistant linistrative Assistant o _. j Comptroller . Carl Mullican Publicity Chairman Jean Jackso Mike Vance Mark Medfor Linda Laffin - Jenna Jacobs 244 Residence Halls JIS ; V RHA REPRESENTATIVES Betty B Anthony Grace Cheri Green Casey Hamilton Jan King Spin O ' Reilly Debbie Peyregne Steve Quiriconi Dave Simmons Susan Skelton Lynn Sogtts Dot Swims Mary Szeluga William York Phillip Ufion Greg Ellston Tony Maris Nicky Steles Lex Wimberly Residence Halls 245 residence halls Miller OFFICERS President Patti Forsythe Vice-President Jerry Morgan Secretary Tracey Renfro Treasurer Teresa Fong FLOOR REPS. Gina Cooper Betsy O ' Connor Judy Wong Casey Hamilton Estelle Hyde Sandra Maher OFFICERS President Belinda Hertz Vice-President Dorothy Swims Secretary Nellie Pettis Treasurer Donna Conner FLOOR REPS. Vickie Linton Zanthia Calms Ella Wortham Cynthia Reeves Ellen Waits Everdean Pettis Candace Criss Tanya Bell Evelyn Hokey Vera Johnson Isom-Barnard-Somerville 246 Dorm Life residence halls Brown OFFICERS President Pat Eisenbeis Vice-President Patti Harbin Secretary Treasurer Judy Cotter FLOOR REPS. Sharon Story Sarah King Harrison Debbie Lundy Sharon Ewert Janice Bateman Julie Wetzel Carolyn Millard Joni Tharp JUDICIAL Diane Beebe Ashley Cole Pearl Signa Paula Kocton Janet Lewis Janie Dupuy Heddleston-Mayes-Garland OFFICERS President Beth Henderson Vice-President Mary Brooks Secretary Bettye Nelson Treasurer Sara McGuire FLOOR REPS. Ashley Miller Laurie Rash Summer Whitford Kendra Belcher Cheryl James Kaye Wren Cheryl Kimmons Nora Balthis Bridget Franklin Dorm Life 247 residence halls Stewart OFFICERS President Angelyn Scardino Vice-President Mary Hentz Secretary-Treasurer Alicia Ertle Hefley OFFICERS President Janet Rush Vice-President Stacy White Secretary Treasurer Lee Vaught RHA Rep. Karen Drewery FLOOR REPS. Robin Allen Cathy Sanders Shirley Eichelberger Dani Allred 248 Dorm Life residence halls New OFFICERS President Alida Moore Vice-President Melissa Moffatt Secretary-Treasurer Joyce Woodall Judicial Chairman Heather McCluskey FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Ann Adey Ann Best Carol Box Cynthia Box Kathy Godwin Kimberly Macione Liz Meadors Anita Oliver Tracy Sheffield Suzanne Stewart Guess OFFICERS President Sally Stone Vice-President Suzie Rish Secretary Kathy Daley Treasurer Barbara Felks FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Sandy Diebold Sarah Gill Sheri Pastewka Cathy Polk Yvonne Wheeler Kathy Wicker Residence Halls 249 residence halls Deaton OFFICERS President Melanie Senf Vice-President Lisa Dolloff Secretary-Treasurer Janet Purvis Judicial Chairman Cathy Markow FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Kim Harrison Jocelyn Jolly Pat Larkin Durenda Prevost Faulkner Howry OFFICERS President Carl Mullican Vice-President Mike Roane FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Alder Ahlvin Phil Hendrix Bob Liepelt Kevin Wilkinson 250 Residence Halls residence halls Powers OFFICERS President Billy Howell Vice-President Carl Chaney Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Sanders Judicial Chairman Craig Collins FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES John Powell Billy Joe Quimby Tommy Stribling Kincannon OFFICERS President David Sirera Vice-President Orrin Edwards Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Lockett Judicial Chairman Andy Hughes FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Mike Carmichael Wayne Dawson Keith Morgan William Smith John Sparks Tom Ware Wayne Wooten Residence Ha 11s 251 residence halls K Twin Towers EXECUTIVE OFFICERS President Andy Forte Vice-President Julian Carroll Secretary-Treasurer Hal Kittrell FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Samir Abu-Hamra Steve Bingham Robert Camp Julian Carroll Shawn Costner Terry Ford Michael Hamerski Robert Hollocher Joe Kelley Jimmy Lamb Steve Magee Dave McCullough Johnny McKenzie Randy Middleton Ricky Sears Jim Skinner Jason Slezak Richard Swan Eric Wheeler Scott Yoste Twin Towers Judicial Council JUDICIAL COUNCIL Chairman Michael Butschek Head Floor Rep, West Steve Magee Head Floor Rep, East Dick Swan Andrew Stokes Joe Beaty Phillip Baker Tony Stringer 252 Residence Halls residence halls Leavell OFFICERS President Chuck Poling FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES Jimmie Allgood Richard Delaquis Terry Henry Howard McElroy George Neal National Residence Hall Honorary NATIONAL RESIDENCE HALL HONORARY The purpose of the National Resi- dence Hall Honorary is to provide recognition for those individuals who have contributed outstanding service and leadership in the advancement of the residence hall system at the University of Missis- sippi, and to provide a means by which they can continue to use these qualities in developing other leaders. Residence Ha Us 253 residence hall life 254 Residence Halls Residence Halls 255 256 Greeks JAN HOLLAND, editor TISH HOLLOWAY, co-editor Panhellenic Interfraternity Council Sororities and Fraternities 258 260 262 Greeks 257 Alpha Kappa Alpha: Lerlean Blakely Alpha Delta Pi: Teri Miller Kim Eble Melanie Pittman Alpha Omicron Pi: Julie Winters Cindy Ferrell Vicki Wills Chi Omega: Jennifer Moorhead Ann Fortenberry Irma Paris Delta Delta Delta: Phyllis Dale Beth Jackson Beth Ginn Delta Gamma: Lexanne Arnold Ann Parker Sonya Rogers Delta Sigma Theta: Demetria Newsome Kappa Delta: Dana Palmieri Marta Martinez Mignon Clark Kappa Alpha Theta: Shannon Quiriconi Susan Waitkers Melody Marks Kappa Kappa Gamma: Patrice Watson Julie Rhyne Quinn Cooper Pi Beta Phi: Peg Hughston Marylee Minor Gay Cox Phi Mu: Kathy Williams Ann Harwell Kathy Godwin Zeta Tau Alpha: Cindy Reeves Dianna Reed Susan Gillenwater 258 Greeks! PANHELLENIC President Melanie Walker Vice President Leigh Lovett Secretary Fran Askew Treasurer Kate Hoffman The governing body for the sororities on campus, the Ole Miss Panhellenic Council works toward the advancement and unification of all member sororities. One of the major functions of Panhellenic is that of conducting and overseeing Formal Rush in the fall. The Council representatives must make sure that all sorority members abide by the Rush rules. Panhellenic teams up with the Interfraternity Council each year to sponsor Greek Week, a week of fun and activities designed to promote good relations between fraternities and sororities. Not only does Panhellenic work with sororities and fraternities, it provides services for the community as well. With such projects as giving money and food to the elderly and sponsoring parties for the Ole Miss kindergarten children, the Panhellenic Council adds strength and vitality to the Ole Miss Greek system. I Creeks 259 J INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL President Richard Jones Vice President Tommy Shepherd Recording Secretary Allan Moak Corresponding Secretary Mike Landess Treasurer Bobby Sharman The University of Mississippi Interfraternity Council is the central organization of the social fraternities on the Ole Miss campus. Composed of two representatives from every fraternity, the IFC works toward bettering relations among Greeks. The purpose of the organization is to advance the better interests of the fraternities in connection with the general welfare of the student body as a whole. Another aspect of the IFC is its authority to exercise governmental control over fraternity actions. The three major yearly projects of the IFC are sponsoring Greek Week in the spring with Panhellenic, con- ducting Formal Fraternity Rush Week in the fall, and publishing the IFC Rush Book. The IFC also works with the Order of Omega and Panhellenic in having social functions and grants a scholarship to the IFC Campus Model Pledge amounting to one-half of his sophomore year in-state tuition. Alpha Phi Alpha: James Gilleylen John Jenkins Alpha Tau Omega: Tommy Shepherd Craig Lovell Beta Theta Pi: Richard Jones Randy Boyles Mitch Forester Chi Psi: Bobby Sharman David Spear Delta Psi: Clinton Graham Allan Moak Kappa Alpha: Mike Landess Doug Altenbern Kappa Alpha Psi: Virtis Lanier Kappa Sigma: Jim Cook Phillip Baker Omega Psi Phi: Harold Kennell Vernon Miles Phi Beta Sigma: Calvin Collins Phi Delta Theta: Rob Heard Bill Holcomb Phi Kappa Psi: Rush Mosley Martin Dunagin Phi Kappa Tau: Fred Rand Mark Kirschgessner Phi Kappa Theta: Omar Kostelny Randy Pang Pi Kappa Alpha: Tom Bat Steve Laird Pi Kappa Phi: Carl Mullican Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Tad Mays Jim Neeld Sigma Chi: Doug McDaniel Ron Hendrix Sigma Nu: Stacey Sims Prince Bolin Zeta Beta Tau: Richard Fun- Kevin March Gn-i-ks 261 Sorority Rush Goes Up In Lights Amidst smiles, giggled greetings of " pleezedtameechas " and songs of sisterhood during Fall Rush 1979, a small film crew from sunny California quietly captured part of sorority life at Ole Miss. The 15-member crew shot thousands of feet of film, the result of which will be an hour-long documentary for the Public Broadcasting Service. It will depict the progression of sorority rush week from the opening workshops through the formal parties and bid night, when sororit y memberships are extended. They arrived on campus in mid-August, and began setting up equipment and arranging interviews at the individual sorority houses. " As a sorority member who became a filmmaker, I feel my perspective is unique, " said director Trish Brock. " The film is, after all, about my life. " Miss Brock said she hoped that the film made at Ole Miss would portray a side of Greek life different from that depicted in such movies as " Animal House. " " I want to show what makes sororities work, and the reasons some sororities are 100 years old are best exhibited during this one week of rush, " she said. " It is easy for sororities and fraternities to bear the brunt of criticism in the media, but I want to show the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm that goes into pulling off something like rush week. " Miss Brock said she selected the Greek system at the University of Mississippi because it had been recommended to her as a thriving, sturdy network. " I asked for a school with a strong system, " Miss Brock said. " Ole Miss sororities pledge about 85 percent of the girls who go through rush. There really is a place for just about everybody. There is not an emphasis on the negative, but rather an extremely positive, strong system at work here. That ' s what I hoped to capture, " she said. Miss Brock said she wanted to portray " how it all comes together in the end. " No emphasis will be placed on any one sorority in the film, she said, rather there will be a meshing of the entire Panhellenic process. " It is the system I am interested in, not the individual characteristics of one group over another, " she explained. " That would defeat the purpose of the film. " After completing the film, Miss Brock said she was pleased with the spectrum of personalities she encountered on campus. " Much to my delight and relief, sorority life was as I remembered it to be, " she said. " In our society, change is the norm, and a premium is placed on the new rather than the old. This country has so few traditions, and I felt proud to discover that this was still a part of one. " STORY BY LEA ANNE HESTER PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE CLARION-LEADER Ill i !! ' in " IT ' . . lAJMH l TMr 262 Greeks 02 .C c -o 02 2 to c CO CO CO CO 02 " U CO o ;_ 02 1 . B -Z s. - _z D. z CO L_ B _Z E :, E CO .= O X i E o U 02 -a c CO CO T3 JD s CO O _c Qi _ c E a CO CO 02 5: 5 1 - 02 02 U C. E CO U " 02 -z CO 3 O .C E ' E; ' co C t- U CO ' o . 1 S a e C - CO Z JE : CO i- 02 O 0) CO u CO c fl 5 to CO c c i: " E 02 T Cf " c D Z CO 02 O 02 _Z CO E; z d CO o DO " co i t CO C3 02 o 02 _c - 02 z CO E z CO B " H; B S-i CO " C o 2 O iT. = OJ _co : C i _ -= i; cd oc E CO -r 13 02 CO _02 c z v; B en _CO 5 u 02 CO IE ' E , :r " 2 02 J J= _ CO 2 Q ;: ; n i - X C - h 02 CO jn __ CO O I 02 = -C C. -C B E .2F s. f-t 02 Z -E E ;p 02 CO Z CO = 02 12 -a a CO ' - t- Ei _r E 02 1 O2 CO co G2 a t-i CO B CO J -z S 02 2 s. CO - re z j- " " 02 Q CO _D. sorority colo: z t4 - ' E " rr Ui Q CO -a _c E JS mittees of 82 a. q 02 " E X Z re B - _z cd Q 03 266 .83 " re ' DC _83 " 5 o CO CO o O! -J-. Z. re r ro 83 C " 5 C D 3 C . o re CO CJ _J c V p _- = E 2 S " S U " Q Qi O cc s. - o CO 05 gls| = " 5 1 .3 p - o fe M re CD CO - o CO E- e o 0) ' S u 83 83 C 2 5 43 DC Q. co 03 .C 83 83 CO " K S E 11 ' CO co T3 O fc- 83 ;i 83 3 Jl a re P -c ' x M 5 S o 33$ p, co O CO DC " re - C 03 03 83 a 2 g re a U CO CO asp " u 83 83 o I 13 C o r; 83 CO P c 2 s-llll 83 C O ' J2 O " -! " O 5 re . J o Mi b 2 C _, ' C co Q. -COT3 " O JH 83 c g i2 _o s s 1 1 -i c re " c cu stSU S W3 = " m t-, Q : ? 1 ll I e 1 i. 5 5 . - 83 CO CO 83 o 3 j S o E 5 O CO re C O 83 E u " | _g " re s| MH " ? 2 D w S OH C O pH B O cd a TT ; " 1 ' 03 .22 I .g _ 0) o .Q e .t; a; 2 S -a 03 00 o ca O2 QJ C .5 05 2 a = 6 3 8 S J-c W O o x ad i: to CO C8 " " S - s J3 O CU u O) J3 CO 03 - J= 5 T3 O. 03 ' S5 a cd PH cd 270 S P. 5 T3 J1J 2 to jadershi; 1 5 a c CO vj a. cu u Commil easurabl C CO . cu E CO re o _QJ oc cu c a 6 5 IS Ic CU o o , c o 03 b c CO cc X c .Q 0 r- C re " cu CO O CO IS u CO V 3 " S ' en S a. CU S CO romise c - 03 CM re " cu r i a co cu X o, =3 a o U a, co cu KT H - n f 3 o | ll r " y -O CU CO CO v - 2 o CO a] CO S S st o i, O cu C eu J = lg 15 . cu a c S i CP i 2 C cu " w QJ J- Su CO - DO CO U CO C ' CO CO 3s 0) o 00 CX Ic co cu r 2 " EL . C co CO co 2?:3 111 c J 5 s 355 3 cu S .45 J= CO 3 e " Q, li! CO 3 00 CO (D S 3=3 H U tT fr 4- IS 2 CX W3 co pQ cu CX i _c a o s2 Ut o ill ex CQ 6 " S " .2P( u w U u CO U. T3 CO a ce a c CO o a CO ca 5 CO O CU .0 S ' S cu $2 II CO c " 3 o 2 43 S 2 a fc- CO " " S S 6 QJ CO cd a g o. w CO CO tx .2 5 co J3 C Q ' -2 O % " cu - Q e c c cu O cu N oo - s! c 8 re u ?g| co f D cd D CD S o 3 cd H cd m e$ $j CF c I 272 i I I I i ! S S 3 co c - s -s -i s " " DcS 03 t 09 J2 a g | = ffl . 9 09 U O J C O-OO.C 3 co ._- -g " CO 3 .2 " 09 " CO =00 -S pS 03 3 _: 09 O CO - .S 09 09 C 13 o a t- c 09 rf CO CO O5 S c t-i O 09 -J2 " e to i ,r " 5 1 o c 09 3 09 CO a % 03 " w - 1 1 g a 09 i; co c a, CO O 09 Si O " S co t. r2 09 -a 09 CO ' S a PQ D c o : a 03 ' " a, t- W " 09 25 5 a = - 1 -S 1 3 1 1 a " 5 .- O . C 03 O. T3 3 g V g- 53 2 a S S u E- o . s CO 09 Q CO 09 -g CO CO M: c . a O tn c CO f-i 2 E -a | 00 CO O a co 00 .2 - . " S l-g 09 J= r - CO .1 a 09 09 i 5 09 O. 09 CO Q9 -5 03 pQ (-J - 09 . 2 - 09 1 -a O | S 3 .p g J g - " E 09 - 09 X! ISSSlJ oo _ o S - c r5 C . 09 _-c oo i fi - 2 2 .= o7 = T3 a8 1 p 5 js o c a. O -K 3 09 - CJ O CO CJ C " u. JO j2 0 - ' C O co s L t- - " o ft . QJ CO -D X Q C c; O cd -4 CD O 09 CO S5i 2 C E T3 S E 09 C I ?5 c O S D. 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Baker, Jennifer Marie Baker, Virginia Ann Balducci, Allison Judith Banks, Kathy Lynn Banks, Rebecca Joan Barnes, Emily Belle Barton, Mark Anthony Bass, Kimberly Dawn Bass, Margaret Ellen Bass, Mary Elizabeth Bass, Nancy Manier Bat, Betty Lynn Bates, Rickey Lee Battaile, Julianne Baughn, Robert Baxter, Karl Edward Beard, George Matthew Beaver, Melinda Jeanne Belcher, Kendra Cherie Belcher, Rita Annette Belenchia, Patricia Laura Belk, Julie Ann Benson, Vicki Ann Bethany, Kate Lawrence Bethea, James C. Bickerstaff , Margaret Quay Biddle, John Michael Billings, Mary Lynne Birmingham, Debra Lynn Sizzle, Laurie Ann Black, Andrew Blaes, Kristie M. 326 Freshmen Blair. Margaret Lowe Blalock, Jeffrey Wilborn Blanchard. Jaida Elizabeth Bland, John Dietrich Jr. Blary, Steven Bledsoe. Nancy Llewellyn Bolin. Tammy Ranae Bond, Edith Annette Bonds, Robert Alexander III Book, Laura Lee Bos, Elizabeth Duenel Bourne, Mark William Bowen. Alisa Victoria Bowles, Steven Lynn Box, Cynthia Lea Boyles, Linda Deon Bracey . Martha Lou Bradford, Chrystal Lee Bradsha w. Sally Sue Bradv. Annabelle Smith Breefand, Lee Alex III Brewer, Jennifer Olivia Brewerton. Lanell Lee Britt. Amanda Joyce Brock, Miller Lee Brown, Bobby Darrell Brown, Kimberly Ann Brown, Lisa Gay Brown, Marilyn Veronica Brown, Patricia Dianne Brown, Rex Stanley Bryan, Cathy Virginia Bryant, Sandra Lynn Burbach, Jeffrey Brian Burke, Susan Eileen Freshmen 327 Burkes, Gregory Burns, Brian Benton Busby, Elizabeth Sue Butler, Lucretia McWhorter Byrum, Susan Caballero, Bruno Louis Cain, Emory Lance Call, Asheton Bayard Calmes, Alvin S. Calvert, Robert Armstrong Campbell, Charles Kevin Campbell, John Spencer Campbell, Louann Campbell, Mitchell Capps, Kathy Jean Cardosi, Morie Leigh Carney, Robert Eugene Carpenter, Pamela Gay Carpenter, Penny Renee Carr, Don Foster Carroll, Charles Loyd Carroll, John Edward Carsten, Elizabeth Thomas Gate, Dana Crawford Causey, Wyndel Elizabeth Cavano, Michael Cefalu, Ghana Champ, Roger Dean Champion, Jimmy Kemp Champion, Thomas Wayne Chandler, Elizabeth Woods Chaney, Carl Jesse Chapman, Margaret Annette Christopher, Gayle Kathleen Christopher, Tony Douglas Clark, Angela Clark, Kelly Paul Clark, Lisa Gail Clark, Priscilla Dawn Clatworthy, Michael Glenn Clement, Paula Lynn Coakley, Constance Suzzanne Coffey, Robyn Anne Coffield, Patricia Colleen Coggins, Michael Tutor Coker, Delia Meade Coker, Dorothy Kimbell Coker, Tammy Lynn Cole, Allison Elaine Collins, Mary Angela Colmer, James Henry Jr. Compton, John Wesley III Conerly, Albert Wallace Jr. Coney, Amy Dee Cook, Susan Annette Cooper, Carrie Stephens Corlew, Donald Joseph Corley, Elinor Leigh Cornish, Pennie Lea Corry, Suzanne Patricia Corwin, Gabrielle Denise Cosby, John Robert Gotten, Lant Weeks I- X) ' u v . J 328 Frnshmen Tfi ' - KB Cox, Lisa Ann Cox, William Lloyd Jr. Grain. Jamie Yvonne Cravens, Michael John Crawford, Robert Michael Crawley , Sarah Elizabeth Crawley. Wanda Kay Creekmore, Ann Ashley Creekmore, Edward Crisler. Robert Blanton III Critchlow, Amy Carol Crittle, Gus Lee Croissant, Abbey Jane Crowder, Lauree Diane Crowell, Edith Diane Crull, Frank Marshall Cuellar, Norma Graciela Cumbest . Charles Eley Cummings, Belinda Deneis Cummings, Yvonne Cunningham. David L. Currie , Andrew Carey Curry, Vanessa Auretha Cutler, Elizabeth Ager Dabbs, Tracey Valynn Dacus, Charles Benjamin Dalton, Bethany Sue Dandurand. Jeff James Da vant, Rebecca Allison Davenport, Danny Wayne Davis, Arthur Gerald Jr. Davis, Brenda Lynne Davis, Joseph Preston Davis, Melissa Anne Davis, Melissa Joy Davis, Patricia Dianne Davis, Robbie Lynn Day, (Catherine Shelton Day, Wayne G. Deen, Merry Leigh Delery . Joyce Mary Deloach, Jerry Lynn Freshmen 329 PCESHMEN Delugach, Sharon Lynne Denney, William David Dennie, Deena Sue Dew, Kenneth Ray Diaz, Juni ]ane Diebold, Sandra jean Diffee, Brenda Lou Diffee, Peggy Lea Dirmeyer, Andrew Carter Dockery, Clay Patrick Dodd, John Palmer Doster, Gary Lee Dove, Mark Lafayette Dowell, Cecil Walter Jr. Doyle, Vicki Lynn Drake, Mark Woodward Driftmier, John Frederick Duke, Lori Ann Duke, Marion Elizabeth Dunaway, Harold Lendon Jr. Duncan, Deborah Kaye Duncan, Lisa Danette Dunmore, Curtis Jr. Duperier, Alfred Wortham III Dzubey, Cudjoe Kenneth Eaton, Helen Grey Edwards, Jerry Dale Edwards, Paul Frederick Edwards, Robert Wallace Eidt, David Lawrence Jr. Eisenbeis, Sharon Kaye Elbaccush, Abdulaziz T. Eley, Katrena Elliott, Carol Sue Elliott, Pamela Carlene Ellison, William Charles Ellston, Gregory Westcott Ellzey, Kenneth David Elzie, John N. Emekwue, Victor Erwin, Jesse Matthew Jr. Estabrooke, Mark William Evans, Carolyn Geniece Evans, Tina Shelaine Fahey, Susan Delaine Fant, Tara Elizabeth Farese, Anthony Luther Farese, Tammy Marjean Farris, Timothy Hall Ferguson, Anthony Todd Ferguson, Debra Ann Fernandez, Wenceslao J. Jr. Finerty, Nancy Jane Fisher, Bobby Frank Jr. Fisher, Glynnis Rae Fisher, Mary Melanie Fitch, Wanda Lynn File, Elizabeth Camille Fleming, Michael John Fletcher, Robert Leglantier Flora, Norma Caldwell Floyd, Mona Rosalind Fontaine, Douglass Latimer HI ) Freshmen Fordice, Hunter LJoyd Forshee, Julie Ann Fortenberry, Dana Sue Fowler, Kenneth Hutchins Fowler, Lisa Gail Franks, James Michael Freeman, Anne Elizabeth Freeman, Arleen Freeman, Patricia Ellen French, Robin Ann Fugate, John Robert Funkhouser, Jennifer Lynn Fyke, Jenny Ellen Caddy, Carolyn Joyce Galtney, Elizabeth Ford Candy, John V. Gardner, Cassie Casandra Garner, Teresa Ann Garraway, Kendall Greaves Garrett. Andrew Samuel Gasper, Andrew William Gautier, Mary Katherine George, Sara Renu Gibson, Sherry Lynne Gifford, Suzanne Gilbert, Patricia Gail Gill, Michael William Gilliland, Mary John Givhan, Jpvernia Algernon Gone, Keith Brian Goodman, Steven David Goodwin, Beverly Ruth Gordon, Jacqueline Gowdy, Leslie Lee Graham, Audrey Lynn Graham, Mary Alison Graham, Randall Hansel Grantham, Leanne Gray, Cynthia Ann Green, Chen Denise Green, Deborah Bernice Greene, Eloise Greene, Mary Lucille Greer. Anthony Alan Gregory, Dorothy Allison Gresham, Laurie Ann Griffin, Darlean Griffis, Thomas Kenneth Jr. Griffith, Janet Sheryl Grisebaum, John David Growney, Thomas David Gryder. Sandra Leigh Gunn, Mark Neil Gunter, Gabrielle Garmon Gurley . Sarah Frances Gylfe, Susan Christine Hairston, Debra Gayle Halawani, Walid Abdalla Hall, Jeffery John Hall, Stephanie Annette Hall, Susan Rebecca Haltom, Joiner Mack III Haque, Ruma Frvshnirn :i.ll f CIESIH HIEN Harbour, Stark David Harper, Susan Elizabeth Harris, Kyle Lance Harris, Revonda Denise Harrison, Sarah-Frances King Hart, Julie Lynn Hart, Mary Karen Haskins, Christopher Kirk Hatcher, Jody Keith Haupt, Peter Michael Hawes, Teresa Carol Hayden, Lee Ann Hearon, Kim Denise Hendrix, Phyllis Eileen Henick, Alda Camille Henry, Alma )o Henson, John Leonard Herbert, Magan lean Herrington, Jackson Allen )r. Herron, Barry Joseph Hick, Kevin Thomas Hickey, John C. Hickman, Stephanie Jean Hicks, Donald Edward Higdon, Mark Byron Hill, Caroline Josette Hill, Jack Dugan Hillery, Andrew Earl Milliard, Albert L. Hines, Marjorie Robinson Holland, Holly Shaw Holley, Barbara Lee Hollo way, Glenn Wiggins Jr. Hollowell, Wayne Douglas Jr. Holman, Holly Faye Holmes, Elizabeth Mary Homan, Lisa Ann Hooper, William Kins Jr. Homer, Julie Jene Homer, Leeann House, Mary Elizabeth Houser, Mary Elizabeth Houston, Brockman Mason Howell, Donna Louise Unwell, lames L. Howell, Lilly Pearl Hu, Joanna Kwok-Yu Hudson, Kathy Lynn Hunger, Alleda Louise Hunt, Jeffrey Craig Hunter, Raymond Cowan Hurt, Andrew Wellborn Hutchins, Ann Louise Hyatt, Kelly Elaine Hyde, Kathryn Louise lies, Michael Geoffrey Jamieson, Douglas Carl Jasuja, Romila Jefferson, Gary Lynn Jefferson, James Randall Jelliffe, Melanie Hudson Jenkins, Glenda Michelle Jetton, Letitia Leigh n p A 332 Freshmen oe, Ilene Lynn ohnson. Jerri Ann ohnson. Leah Monique ohnson, Rita Ann oily, f ocely n Holland ones, Elizabeth Renee uhan. Elizabeth Corona Kadlec, Matthew Casey Keebler. Daniel Burt Jr. Kendall, Sara Katherine Kendricks, Scott Hathorn Kennedy, Patrice Marlene Kent, Richard Atherton III Keys, Barbara Ann Kimball. Nancy Ann Kimble. Mary Lillian Kimmons. Cheryl Wyvette King, Cecila Loretta King, Michael Don Kirksey . Robert Carson Kistler, John Cornelius Jr. Knight, William T. Jr. Knox, Carolyn Joan Kyzar, Jake Edward Lamb, Angela Susan Lamb, Scott Gray son Lampton, Robert Howard Lancaster, Duke Dewan Landolt, Lore Broach Lantz, Margaret Virginia Larkin. Patricia Ellen Lawnin, Barbara Elizabeth Lawrence, Pamela Ann Lawrence, Pamela Kay Leavey, Brett D. Freshmen 333 Lee, Kirk Edwin Lee, Yvonne Marie Legend re, Laurie Marie Leggett, Lanelle Lesemann, James Austin Jr. Lewis, Stephen Wayne Lexa, Lauren Elizabeth Liepelt, Robert Rueben Lightsey, Sheila Ann Lindley, Thomas Turner l.ipski, Michael Christopher Little, John William Little, Lisa Ann Little, Susan Ann Little, Susan Kathleen Livingston, James Dennis Locke, Walter Kane Logwood, Tracy Marie Looney, Robert Bruce Love, Jeffrey Lee Loyd, Roger Glenn Lucas, Sherry Anne Lucas, Stacy Claire Lukas, Clarissa Ann Lumsden, Amy Joan Lynch, Kay Alyce Macione, Kimberly Karol Macleod, Barbara Lynn Madden, Wesley Morgan Magee, Johnna Ann Magee, Steven Jay Maharry, Mark Shawn Majure. Lisa Anne Makdah, Harwich M. Malatesta, Donald Louis Malinowski, Andrea Lee Mallette, Michael James Malone, George Allen Jr. Malone, Melanie Beth Mangialardi, John Andrew Mann, William Albert Manning, Pamelyn Marie Marable, Elizabeth Ann Marks, Carol Page Marshall, Jeffrey Toad Martin, Gloria Lavonne Martin, Molly Dearman Mascagni, Celia Ann Mashburn, Sidney Coleman Mason, Michael Kelley Massie, Diana Ruth Masson, David John Mathis, Monica Ann May, Marianne McGraw Mayes, Berta Mae Mayo, Lee Ann McAlister, Larry Wayne McCall, Anthony Bruce McCarley, Connie McCartney, William Marshall III Mccaughan, George Ford McCleflan, Russell Lloyd McCIendon, James Clayton PCESHMCN McCluskey, Pamela Darlene McConnell, Kris McCool, Edward Deloach McCoy, Melanie Suzanne McCraw, Michael Earl McCully . Mari Helen McDaniel. Kerri Shannon McDaniels, James Robert McElroy, Ransom Mercer McGee, Michael Hunter McGlowan. Brenda Kaye McGregor, Ginger Kay McGuffee, Andrea Lynn Mcllwain, Miranda lane Me Intire, Sheri Anne Mclntyre, Daniel Roy McKinney, John Alvm McKinney, Lula Mae McMikle, Lewis McMillin. Thomas Neal McMullen, Albert Murphree McNeilly, Jean Woods McPherson. James Austin McPherson, Victoria Kingston McQuiddy, Leslie Ann McRae. Lisa Ann McRoberts, Sara Martin Mead, David Richard Mead, Mark W. Meadors, Elizabeth Rose Meadows, Peyton Todd Megehee, Jane Adele Merrill, Vera Susan Mertz, Jennifer Ann Messer, Wilbert Clawson Meznar, Christine Michel, Joseph Walter III Miksa, Mark Steven Miles, Virginia Ann Miley, Cindy Joann Millender, Charles David Miller, Amy (Catherine Miller, Bradford Todd Miller, Connie Lane Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Mary Virginia Mills, Gregory Lee Mills, Rhee Tranette Milne, Elizabeth Adele Miner, Frank Henry III Mitchell, Alicia Dawn Mitchell, John Alan Mitchell, Minnie Marie Mize, Garry Lamar Mohamed, Abdul Mehdi Moody, Joyce Rena Moore, Anita G. Moore, Charles Melvin F. Moore, Christy Leigh Moore, Teresa Ann Moore, Terry Moore, William Mauldin Moran, Alfred Russell Jr. Morgan, David Yonley Morgan, John Franklin Morgan, Thomas Henry Jr. Morris, Lonnie fames Morris, Tina Joy Morrow, Sandra Ann Moulds, Patricia Louise Mounger, Mary Rita Mountford, Gordon John Munn, Jon Alan Murray, Lee Anne Murry, Sebastian Myers, Martha Elizabeth Nailor, Harriet T. Nance, John Reynolds Jr. Naylor, Robert Manning Neal, Blake Davoren Neal, Carla Ann Neuhaus, Scott Vaughn Nevins, Bonnie Elizabeth New, Pamela Lee Newberry, Kimberly Ann Nichols, Brad Crockett Noel, Sondra Marie Nokes, Sylvia Renee Nolen, Rebecca Dawn Nsoedo, Emmanuel Chuckwudi Oakes, Ten S. Odom, Tara Leigh Ogle, Linda Kay Oliver, Hylon Osborn, Stephen Burns Osborne, Kathy Sue Osborne, William Arthur Overstreet, James Anthony v 336 Freshmen Overton, Kendall Elizabeth Pace, Lanny Ray Pannell, Atoka Dawn Parham. Jennifer Park, Daphne Gay Parker, Johnny Clyde Parker, Penny Gail Parkes, Cynthia Renee Parks, Kathleen Meagher Part in, Alan Wayne Partridge, Susan Elaine Patterson, Cathy Leigh Patterson, lane Givens Patterson, Judy Rene Patterson, Lee Anne Pearson, Robert Ronald Peden, Pamela Gay Peebles, Helen Marie Peltier, David Charles Petree, Dinah Weatherf ord Phillips, Angelina Denise Phillips, I ana Scott Phillips, Jean Carol Phillips, Paul Scott Phillips, Stephanie Dawn Phillips, William Scott Pierce, Lisa Victoria Pierce, Michael Edward Pinson, Jane Pittman, Beau Bryan Pittman, Larry Junior Plunkett, Warlece Moncel Pogue, Pamela Elizabeth Powell, John Franklin Powell, Pamela Ann Freshmen 337 Powell, Beth Presley, Donald Ansel Prewitt, Thomas Wendall Primes, Katherine Gwynn Pritchartt, Laura Elizabeth Pryor, Lesley Jan Purifoy, Wendy Lynne Purser, Cynthia Jean Putman, Bonnie Gail Quaye, Nicholas Akushey Quimby, Billy Joe Quinn, Christine Diane Quiriconi, Stephen Frank Rader, Robin Rose Ramsey, Arthur R. Rash, Elizabeth Lawrie Rassouli, Javad Haji Ratcliff, Randi Lyn Ray, Joseph Eugene Ray, Mark Andrew Ray, William Frederick Read, Allen Martin Reed, Candace Elizabeth Reed, Gai Louise Reed, Walter Bryant Reed, William Ray Reese, Jimmy Reeves, James Scott Reid, Martha Elizabeth Resta, Janet H. Reynolds, Beverly Ann Reynolds, Constance Marie Reynolds, Dawn Ashley Rice, Delphime Richardson, Robert Coffman Richardson, Rodney Charles Richardson, William Scott Richie, Keith Duane Riley, Michael David Kish, James Alfred Rivers, Russell Michael Robbert, Leslie Adan Robinson, Douglas Ray Robinson, Everett Edwin IV Robinson, Freda Margaret Robinson, Martha May Robinson, Suzanne Carroll Robinson, Valerie Rodgers, Diane Elizabeth Rogers, James Thomas Rogers, Oby Thomas Romeo, Richard Scott Romine, Mark Anthony Ronaldi, Thomas Carl Rooks, Carrie Sue Ross, Louie Gregory Ross, Myra Denise Ross, Myrtle Lucinda Rouse, Susan Wauneithe Rowell, Barbara K. Roy, Ann Caroline Ruegger, Karen Lea Russell, Georgiania Susan m I I ' . i :UH Kirshm Sanders, Charles David Sanders, Ronald Keith Sartor, William Smith Jr. Savage, Maurin Dean Schafer, Jennifer Ann Schaub, Susan K. Schneider, Scott Allmond Schoentag, Lisa Scott, Hugh Barrett Seal, Sidney Wayne Seaton, Susan Secrest, Bradley Neal Seid, Peggy Lynn Sellers, Mary Anna Selley, Phyllis Ann Semmes, Mary Bryant Seski, Mark Joseph Shackelford. Jamie Shaffer, Shannon Eileen Shamburger. Lisa Anne Sharp, Terry Kay Shelton, Martha Jean Shippy, Robin Dee Shoaf, Kathryn Leslie Shull, Kathryn Ann Siena, Paul! Elizabeth Sikora, Jinx Jacqueline Simmons, Nancy Jean Sisson, Leslye Anne Sit, Ronnie Carson Skelton, Johna Susan Skinner, Hugh Adams Skypeck, Carol Jessie Slavens, C harles Frederick Jr. Smiley, Stephanie Patricia Freshmen 33S fCIESH HICN Smith, Audry Denell Smith, David Frank Smith, Donna Lynn Smith, James Emanuel III Smith, lames Madison Smith, John Michael Smith, Lydia Conine Smith, Michael Arthur Smith, Michelle Louise Smith, Robert Lawrence Smithee, Sandra Alan Smylie, Robert Warren Snow, Selina Faye Snyder, Tony Randall Sorrels, Cheryl Anne Speed, Celia Speights, Jeffrey Shayne Spencer, Jane C. Spencer, Teresa Gay Spivey, Lloyd Gilmer III Sprabery, Aubrey Trevelin Spragin, Lydia Evelyn Spratlin, Allison Ann Springer, Christopher Michael Stark, William Granyille Starks, Crecia L. Starnes, Patricia Stengel, Nancy Lou Sterling, Marvin Shipp Stevens, Darryl Scott Stewart, Hilda Hunter Stewart, Lisa Pamela Stewart, Myra S. Stewart, Thomas Morrison Jr. Stinson, Lisa Dianne Stone, Kirk Harrison Street, Shelia Williams Strickland, Phillip Kay Strickland, Starwyn Stelene Strickland, Stephanie Jean Stringer, Michele G. Strouse, Jeffrey Byron Sturgeon, Stephen McKinley Sullivan, Lisa Jean Sumner, Ellen Kay Sumners, Leslie Elizabeth Sunderland, Airlee Chelle Sunn, Dudley Shane Swedenburg, Denise Swords, Tounia Dawn Symonds, Susan Lynn Szeluga, Margaret Taggart, William Stevenson III Talbot, Mary Elizabeth Talley, Sonja Lynn Tankersley, Gail Ann Tannehill, David Henderson Tanner, Gregg Alan Tate, Deborah Grace Taylor, Carole Taylor, Jacquleline Lee Taylor, Jerry Benjamin Taylor, Margaret Aineta 340 Freshmen Taylor, Ralph instead Taylor, Rourger Lynn Taylor, Susan Renee Taylor, Susan Teresa Telf er. George Curtiss Temey, Mary Kathryne Terry, Jeffrey Van Tetley, Laura Kay Tettleton, Robert Pylant Thomas, jack Clinton Jr. Thomas, Lori Lee Thomas, Paul Aubrey Thomason. Susan Thompson, Judy Loraine Threadgill. Stephen Throemorton. Vicki Jane Thurber, Margaret Thweatt. Debra Lynn Till, Cynthia Ann Tilley, Gary Paul Timmons, Elizabeth Ellen Tirey, Virginia Olive Tor j ' usen. David Lamar Torrance. Walter Glenn Torres, Alba Patricia Trahan, Jerome Dennis Trask. Shawn Daniel Treadway, William Alan Jr Fredunen 341 r Treutel, Melissa Anne True, Ann Elizabeth Tubb, Charles W. Jr. Tubb, Phillip Grayden Tucker, Lisa Jane Tull, Fred Lee Tullos, )ames Michael Tullos, Susan Alison Turnage, Phyllis Lyn Turner, Dan McMillan Turner, Julie Lorayne Turner, Paul Bruce Turner, Teresa Lee Turner, Thomas Newell III Tyler, Ina Jane Upchurcn, lames Ray Vanderslice, Barbara Anne Vaughan, Bonnie Elizabeth Verell, Jamie Jean Viner, Elizabeth Louise Voss, Janet Elizabeth Vowels, Lucinda Kay Waggoner, Ne Gabrielle Wait, Robert Thomas Walker, Beverly Joyce Walker, Gale Lee Walker, Pamela Louise Walker, Yvette Antoinette Wall, Patricia Lynn Waller, Elizabeth Anne Waller, Judy Louise Wamble, Michael Anthony Warner, Jennifer Cecil Warner, William Austin Watkins, Teresa Jo Watson, David Leake Watson, Margie Robin Watson, Sarah Elizabeth Wedgeworth, William Sidney Wegener, Nancy Kathryn Weill, Terry Paul Welch, Ceres Dawn Welch, Karen Leigh Welch, Mary Suzanne Welker, Brook Suzanne Wesson, Karen Elizabeth West, Barry Allen West, Raymond Tucker West, Thomas Lowell III Wetzel.Janette Leslie Wheat, William Joseph Wheeler, Earl Ernest Wheeler, Kelly Lynne Wheeler, Paul Walker White, Laurie Nell White, Pamela Renee White, Steven Lee Whitt, Patricia Ann Whitten, Robert Bailey II Wicker, Kathryn Ann Wilder, Elizabeth Rae Wilkerson, Jeffrey Otis Wilkins, Rosalind Elaine 342 Freshmen ! - v . Williams, Barry Patrick Williams, Derrick Gentry Williams, James Alison Williams, Jimmy Lee Williams, Lorri Lee Williams, Sheryl Williamson, Charles Michael Wilson, Amy Lyles Wilson, Kathry n Denise Wilson, Mike Kenneth Wilson, Steven Ray Wilson, Susan Leslie Wing, Dale Leslie Winograd, Jan Frances Winter, Karen Alice Wise, Pattie Jean Withers, Richard Alan Wofford, Robert Arnold Wolbrecht, Wynn Wallin Wong, John Patrick Wood, Leta Laneli Woodson, Georgia Jean Woolf , Reginald David Wright, Beverly Demeatris Wright, Sherri Lynn Wynne, Benjamin Ray Yarbro, Alfred Henry Yarbrough, Rodney G. Yates, Belt lean n York, Tara Leigh York, William Elisha Young, Barbara Ann Young, Charlie Ray Young, David Eugene Young, Denise Ann Young, Evelyn Weatherford Young, Jeffrey Lynn Young, Marilyn Clarice Younis, Naheed Khalid Freshmen 343 SCPHC UCCES Abdo, Maeen Burhan Abedalkarim, Saifaldin M. Achord, Ann Elizabeth Adams, Ellen Kay Ahlvin, Alder Frank Ahmad, Masoom Aills, Jonahan Sewell Al-Azzawi, Abdulrahman Al-|allad, Mouawia Salah Al-Kaswani, Majid Al-Moghrabi, Mustapha M. Alexander, Jane Cummins Alexander, Sherrie Renay Alford, Marilyn Carol Alsobrooks, Robin Kimberly Alston, Carla Ann Alvey, Laura Raye Ambrose, Jamie Elizabeth Anderson, Mark David Anderson-Smith, Karen Anooshah, Hamidreza Anthony, Jay Alan Armstrong, lames Harry Ashburn, Lisa Renay Ashley, Sheryle Delarie Atkins, Joel Eugene Atkinson, Pamela Cheyenne Austin, Mary Katnerine Austin, William Howard A ven, Anson Abbe Avery, Jamie Lou A very, Margaret Suzanne Babin, Robert Jude Bailey, Connie Ann Bailey, Elizabeth Shelby Baine, Elizabeth Lea Baker, Edwin B. Baker, Phillip Martin Ballard, Donna McGraw Balthis, Lenora Gaile Banks.jennifer Rose Bannon, Christina Jane Barkley, lay Harry Berkley, William Donald Jr. Barnes, Donna Marguerite Barnes, Margaret Elise Bass, Jack Edward Bates, Tyrone C. Beadles, Kimberly Anne Beaumont, Lori Ann Belcher, Homer Ted Belenchia, Marcia Ann Bell, Karen Rickman Bell, Tanya Charisse Benson, Teresa Ann Bertolet, Barry Dean Bethay, Kenneth Lee Billingsley, Rodney Eugene Binkley, Hal Kay Bishop, Ronnie Dale Black, Lisa Bea Blackmon, Robert Alvin III Blakely, Lisa Dawn 344 Sophomores SCPHO HCCES Bledsoe, Sybil Andersen Bluitt, Betty Joyce Boatwright, Emily Ann Bock, Carols Bond, Tony Keith Booker, Ro ' siland Theair Boolos, Timothy Lee Boone, Levi Booth, Catherine Ann Borne, Debra Ann Bounds, Margaret Jean Boyd, Paul Marcus Boyles, Weldon Randal Brabec, Kathry n Ann Bradley, Judith Lynn Bray, Meianie Ann Brewer, Leatha Kaye Briscoe. Paul Stacy Brock, Mary Lynn Broughton, Christopher R. Brown, Charles Timothy Brown, Gregory Charles Brown, Janet Benita Brown, Lisa Louise Brown, Lynne Allison Brown, Patrick Scott Brown, Sherri Lynn Browning, John George III Bryan t, Julia Ann Buck, Bonnie Anne Buck, Kenneth Charles Bucy, Laura Nell Buehl, Oeena Louise Bulstorbaum. Allison Burgess, Emily Anne Sophomores 345 SCPHCMCCES Burgess, Guy Bentley Burleson, Cynthia Ann Burns, Doris Ann Burns, Timothy Verret Butler, John Clinton Butler, John Grady Byars, Rosemary Byrne, Mary Page Cagle, Carmen Virginia Calmes, Eric Allan Calmes, Zanthia Elaine Canter, James Brent Capwell, Mary Elizabeth Carlisle, Kimberly Kay Caron, Richard Amedee Carr, Phillip Alan Carrel, Jack James Jr. Carson, Sammy Phillip Cascio, Jacqueline Ann Cates, Patricia Wynelle Cefalu, Corese Chatham, Catherine Ann Chatham, Robert Wiley Jr. Cheek, Howard Rogers Chow, Lisa Renee Clark, Angela Gail Clark, Curtis Clifton Clarke, Catherine Jane Clarke, Mary Robertson Cdbb, Hugh Martin II Cpbb, Ty Charles Cofield, Jerry Lloyd Colbert, Anthony Neal Cole, Cynthia Ann Collums, Rhonda Faye Conner, Donna Faye Conway, Jamie Ann Coogler, Richard Brian Cook, Caroline Pace Cook, Charles Earl Cooke, Jack Wheel Jr. Cookson, Julianna Lea Cooper, Kenny Troy Corr, Angela Corwin, Dari Susanne Cotter, Judith Lynn Counts, Waidene Cox, Frank Willis Cox, John Lowrey Crain, William Bruce Cranford, Mark Givens Crell, Donald J. Jr. Crenshaw, Kimberly Criss, Candace Carrie Criss, Roberta Westmorelan Cromartie, Caroline Drew Crosland, Emmet Craig Crow, Cynthia Belle Crutcher, Julie Ellen Crutcher, Sally Eiland Cummings, Frank Edward Cummings, Sheila Ladonna Cummins, Kelly Reid i i " - 346 Sophomores SCIPHC H ' DCCS Curry, Nancy Jean Curry, Rochelle Teresita Curtis, Guy Steven Dabbas, Ibrahim Dailey. Rita Sikes Dame, Donna Grace Davenport, Donald Ray Davidson, Friley Spruill Davie. Joseph Todd Davis, Anna Marie Davis, Brenda Dale Davis, Lisa Ann Davis, Marjorie Renee Davison. Mitchell Alvin Dean, Robert Wesson Jr. Debord. Gigi Renee Delozier, Kirby B. Denley, Kimberly Ann Dennis, Denise Lavone Deveer, Donald Hopkins Dodd. Marilyn La Shell Dollof f . Mildred Lisa Doorenbos, David Isamu Drane. Cynthia Kay Driver, Robert Gilbert Drummond. Angela Lorraine Dunaway, Masel Cherise Dunbar, Thaddeus P. Dupuy . Jamie Cooper Dupuy. Yuonne Patrice Durant. Mary Jacqueline Du vie, Lynn Marie Eagleson. David A. Jr. Earnest. Stephen Lee Ebochue. Edward Onyemaechi i nm iiiu R " " " " Sophomores 347 SCDHC HCCCS Edlin, Calvin Dwain ]t. Edwards, Alma Colleen Edwards, Debra Lee Eichelberger, Shirley D. El-Behadli, Mohammed H. El-Kawam, Khaled Ibrahim El-Khalil, Mohammed All El-Khatib, Rashid El-Sarji, Mahmoud Elledge, Darryl Lee Elliott, James Wendell Ellis, R. Stacy Ellison, Lee Collins Elmers, Bess L. Estes, Rebecca Lynn Evans, Jane Marie Ewert, Sharon Kay Ewing, Sallie Cummingham Karris, Robert Barrow Farris, Samuel Hardy III Faulks, James Lee Ferguson, Katherine Jane Fetzik, Stephen Patrick Finnegan, Kathleen Ann Fisher, Anthony Daryl Fisher, Lea Murray Fitts, James Nathan Floyd, Cynthia Leeann Foote, Elizabeth Jane Ford, Cathy Renee Fordice, Daniel Kirk wood Forsythe, Kimberley Fosnee, Sheri Anne Fowler, Sally Ross Fowler, Thomas Fox, Kevin M. Fox, Susan Linnea Franklin, Bridget Renee Franzen, Michael Anthony Fredrickson, Elizabeth M. Fridrich, Lisa Eloise Fyfe, Thomas Wilsford Jr. Caddy, Dennis Michael Galbraith, Genera Jane Galvin, Kathleen Marie Garrett, Mark Logan Garrity, Debra Lynn Gear, Steven Kenneth Geno, Timothy Harry Ghosheh, Baher Ata Gibson, Danny Paul Gibson, Ruby Jeneen Giffin, Marilyn Renee Gilbert, Christopher G. Gill, Eleanor Allen Gill, Sarah Nell Gilleylen, Emily Delorse Gillis, Alan Anthony (linn, Ralph Glasgow, Mary Frances Glass, Leslie Alexandra Godwin, Sharon Ann Goforth, Hugh Maxel Jr. 348 Sophomores SOPHOMORES Grace, Anthony Graham, Anne Courtney Graves, lames Gregory Graves, Julie Ann Gray, Pamela Ann Gray, Ronnie Edmond Green, Dondra } uanel 1 Green, Roy L. Griffin, Donna Lee Griffin, William Arlis Guthrie, Shannon Dee Hage. Sheryl Marie Hagler. Margaret Hood Hall. Richard Steven Hall, Yolanda Hamieh, Ghassan Abbas Hamilton, Regina Ann Hanson, Hugh Kirk wood Harbin. Patricia Elise Harlin, Mary Jo Harper, lack Walter Harris, Lisa Elaine Harris, Marilynne Harrison, Kim Leigh Harrison, Robert Lee Jr. Hassell, Robyn Jane Haworth, Martha Elizabeth Hayes, Laura Lynne Sophomores 349 SOPHOMORES Hayes, Peter Whelan Hays, Brenda Joyce Hays, Man Lynn Head, Janet McLaurin Heard, Carolyn Cooper Heiter, Matthew Stephen Hendrix, Phillip Boothe Herrin, Tad Edward Herring, Paula Elizabeth Hertz, Belinda )ane Hickman, Jameye Lynn Higgs, Cyrus Henry Hindieh, Sami Mohammad Hinrichs, Clark Holcomb, William Edgar III Holdorf, Pamela Meb Holdorf, Wendy Lynn Holiday, Tracy Diane Holliday, John Mark Holloman, Timothy Lewis Hood, Betsy Dianne Hood, Carl )ude Hopkins, Maryem Fowlkes Houston, Ann Montgomery Howell, William P. Jr. Hubbard, Milleigh Handle Huff, Bradley Ray Huff, Walter William Hurley, Vicki Joyce Ikerd, Helanne Elise Imre, Ronald Leo Ingram, Marian Ruth Ives, Lauren Lillian Jackson, Robert Curtis II Jacobs, Robert Alan Jacobson, Jeffrey Glenn Jaeger, Keith Harry James, Cheryl Lynn James, Pamela Jean Jankowski, Thomas Mark Jarrett, Rhonda Jan Jeanson, Frank Gerard Jenkins, Keitha Jane Jennings, Eliot Allen ohnson, Craig Elliot Johnson, Elizabeth Ann Johnson, Sammy Louis Johnston, Paul Brady Joiner, Carolyn Bonita Jones, Brenda Faye Jones, Carlisle Gaston Jones, Doris Lynn Jones, Melissa Irene Jones, Traci Virginia Joyner, Thomas Lee III Ju, Hiron Mark Justice, Gordon Vance Jr. Kahler, Karen Anne Keith, Raymond Leslie Kelley, Cynthia Wayne Kelley, Joseph William Kennedy, Jimmy Derrick Ketchner, Sandra Vivian 350 Sophomores SCPtf CHORES Kilpatrick, Katherine Lynn King, Richard Allen Kinney. Grover C. Ill Kirchgessner, Mark D. Riser. Teresa Gail Kittrell. Martin Carter Knight, Robert Terrell )r. Knight, Victor Eugene Kontar. Ghassan B. Kreager, William Fischer Kyle, Robert Talley III Lachin, Victor Guide Laird, Steven Williams Landry, Larry Joseph Jr. Langlow, John Robins III Lannom. Cynthia Dake Lea, James Alvin Ledyard, Melanie Leggett, Helen Renee Lehman. Vicki Ann Lesley, Melanie Home Lingle, Richard Manning LittTejohn, Shannon Lynne Lockett, Andrew King Lockwood. Joe Kent Lockwood, Mark Robert Loftin, Helen Louise Loftin, Pamela Faye Logan, Julia Kim Logue, Lawrence Cox III Loomis. Allen Robert Jr. Lord, Sheryl Lynne Loyacono, Gay Marcel Lucas, Evie Catherine Lusby. Joe Turner Sophomnrrs 351 SCPHCMCCCS Lyle, David Leslie Macinnis, Michael Stephen Madiebo, Emmanuel Okelue Maher, Sandra Davis Manson, Charles Delaine Markley, Ann Lynn Marks, Sara Marie Marshall, Lydia Pierce Martin, Amy Elizabeth Martin, Audrey Mae Martin, Charlotte Jane Martin, Elizabeth Burley Martin, Sandra K. Martin, Sheila Ruth Martinez, Marta Rebeca Maslanka, Joan Lynn Mathis, Terry Gene Maulden, Roslyn Gail Maxwell, Charles Daniel Mazboudi, Rasim Wajih McAlexander, Farrah McAtee, Marketta Jo McCarthy, Kathleen McClure, Randolph C. McCluskey, Heather McCluskey, Pamela Jean McConnell, Cindy J. McConnell, Paula Kay McDonald, Carolyn L. McEachin, John Duoard McElroy, Michael Charles McGehee, Leo Scott McGlothin, Elaine McGregory, Sheila Diann Mclllwain, Kelli Ann McKay, Kathy Lynn McKee, Mary Carol McKie, James Michael McKinley, George Burney McKinley, Kathleen Marie McKinney, Kenneth Michael McKinnie, Virginia McKinnis, Cindy Kay McLain, Paul King McLemore, Mary Ellen McNeal, Larry Dwayne McNeece, Jeff C. McNeer, George Randall McNew, Bonnie Banks McNulty, Patrick W. Meeks, Jerri Lew Meeks, Snerri Lee Meng, Carolyn Tracy Merideth, Philip Taylor Meriwether, Nancy Sue Masser, Shirley Meyers, Hal Jay Michel, Frances Alice Michel, Martin Hobart Middleton, Randle Thomas Mikell, Cheryl Ann Miller, Cheryl Leigh Miller, Todd Darin .- ' 352 Sophomores SCPtfCMCCCS Mills, Lisa Lynn Mitchell, Brenda Faye Mitchell, Jo Beth Mitchell, Michael Hoy Moffatt, Melissa Montalvo, Julian Dean Montgomery, Alvin Delay Jr. Monts, Michelle Dawn Moody, Ernest Michael Moore, Charles Ed Jr. Moore, Marcus Claude Moore, Mary Melissa Moorhead, Pamela Ann Morgan, Dennis Paul Morgan, Paula Leigh Morris, Anthony Lee Morrison, Sara Lane Morrissey, Eileen Moseley, Kimberly Ann Moss, Sherry Lorraine Mote, Mary Edna Mounger, Desmond Graham Movitz, Edward Michael Moyes, Michael Steven Mueller, Joseph Paul Jr. Mulholland. Daniel Joseph Mullins, Angelia Gay Murchison, Melanie Ann Murray, Andrew James Myers, Cheryl Ann Nabors, Michael Dean Nail, Michael A. Naser, Hussain Mohammad Nelson, Cynthia Ann Newman, Miriam Moorhead Sophomores 3M SCDUCMCCES Nguyen, Thu Anh Nioku, Anne C. Nordan, John S. II Norris, Dwight Miller North, Andrea Norwood, David Leonard O ' Neal, Deborah Ann O ' Connor, Elizabeth Seton Okeke, Cyril Chukwuemeka O ' Reilly, Erin Jaye Ott, Katherine Elizabeth Owens, Charles Daniel Palmer, Todd Starr Palmertree, Kerry Fly nn Parker, Pamela Jean Parks, Rhonda ]o Parks, Susan Diane Part low, Elizabeth Ann Patterson, Patti Anne Patton, Teresa Cheryl Peaster, Laura Faye Pennington, Nancy Margaret Perkins, Meredith Denise Perry, Verda Mae Peterson, Deborah Peterson, Timothy R. Pettis, Nellie K. Phan, Quang Quoc Phelps, Roy Lynn Philippart, Catherine M. Phillips, Darby Dee Phillips, Debra Susan Phillips, Emily Bryant Phillips, Gina Spears Phillips, Renee Jeanette Phillips, Robert Russell Pigg, Patti Pittman, Donna Katherine Plaxico, Chester Michael Pocklington, Brian Terence Pojjui!, Lynn Polk, Valerie Denise Ponder, Paula Lunell Pope, Alissa Kathleen Pounders, Jackie Jean Pounds, Timothy Wayne Powell, Sandra Lee Prather, Leisha Jane Price, Charles William Jr. Pridgen, Susan Yawn Pruett, Michael Riddell Pruette, Janet Kimberly Prust, Robert McDonald Pryce, Richard Psikogios, Michael L Purvis, Janet Lynn Purvis, Peggy Denise Quick, Nancy Dean Rabideau, Mark Steven Raiabi, Jeries Ramsay, Melissa Anne Rawson, Richard Daniel Ray, Dalisa Gene 354 Sophomores Ray, James Stevenson Ray, Jerri Lynn Ray, Martha Susan Reeves, Cynthia Lynette Reihsen, Gerald John Renfrew. Richie Hardin Reynolds, Susan McNamara Reynolds, Wendy Lee Rifey , Ann Bonney Rish. Melanie Suzette Roberts, Billy Gene Robertson, Alvin Robertson, Terry Allen Robinson, Don Hugh Robinson, Vira Jean Rodgers, James Griff is Rogers, Gayther Dale Roush, Mark Allen Runyan. Amy Claire Russell, Fraricine Ann Russell, Jocelyn Lorinda Ryland, Julie Saadeh. Fuad S. SaJiba, Imad John Sailer, Katherine Kaigler Sammons. Steven Scott Sandefer, Roy Jeffrey Sanders, Gem Lynne Ryan I Sophomores 355 $ C) IP H CMC IRES Sanders, Martha Joyce Sandier, Michael Jerome Sanford, Lisa Karen Saxton, Cecil Warren Jr. Scardino, Debra Francis Scheider, Gary Roy Schmieg, Meredith Lynn Schott, Eric Robert Scott, Tamara Lynn Seale, Dorothy Olivia Secrest, Charles Lloyd Sedano, Antonio Eustacio Self, George Michael Seto, Bik Chun Shanks, Stanley Howard Shaw, David Charles Sheahan, Laurie Susan Shearrill, Fredrick Junior Shelton, Lurlean Sherman, Lisa Margaret Shippy, Susan Dawn Short, Trilby Joy Shoup, Lane D. Shumake, Wendy Simmons, Brian Ainsworth Simmons, Harold David Simpson, Andrea lean Simpson, Bernadette Simpson, Debra Lynne Slinkaro, Jerry Mark Sloan, John Hardy Smith, David Franklin Smith, Elizabeth Louise Smith, Gregory Lane Smith, Inge Paulette Smith, Leszlie Annelle Smith, Lynn Alan Smith, Michael Connor Smith, Monica Marie Smith, Sandra Kaye Smith, Timothy Jay Sneed, Rhonda Kaye Soldevila, Dale Francis Southern, Brent E. Sparks, Teresa Ann Speir, Ann Elizabeth Spires, Joseph Steven Spivey, Edith Evelyn Stamper, Anthony Erby Stapp, Jody A. Stauffer, Arthur Reed Steele, Anthony Steen, Jerome Bridges Jr. Steinriede, Nancy Rebecca Stephenson, Richard Larry Stevens, Terry Lee Stevenson, Nancy Lee Stewart, B. Suzanne Stewart, Elizabeth Anne Stewart, Sarah Elizabeth Stokes, Andrew D. Jr. Stone, Cynthia Knight Story, Sharon Virginia 356 Sophomores Stovail. Earl Hilton )r. Stribling. Stephen Loutrelle Stribling, Thomas W. Jr. Stribling, William Clyve Stuart, John Michael Stuart, Walter Houston III Stuart, William Fletcher Stucky, Annie Mae Sutton. Ann Carol Swofford, Cynthia Ann Sykes, Harriet Szeluga, Mary Therese Taylor, Arthur Oliver Taylor, Ava Denise Taylor, Eugene Rea Taylor, William Bradford Testa, Mary Elizabeth Thomas, Gwyn Elizabeth Thomas, Juauna Thomas, Melissa Lee Thomas, Randal Devon Thomas, Timothy Astor Thompson, Dianna Lee Thompson, Kathleen Marie Thrasher, Tina Ann Tindall, Wyn Williams Tohill. Virginia Ann Tolbert, Roger Charles Jr. Sophomores 357 SCDHCMCCES Torbert, Nan Leigh Towery, Bobby Arlen Jr. Trammel!, Lisa Gay Travis, William Jeffrey Treutel, Stephen Brian Truax, James Robert Tucker, James Michael Tullos, Deborah Lynn Turbeville, David Milton Valentine, Melanie Celeste Vanacker, Delores Rose Varnell, Johnny Renon Vaughan, Pamela Suzanne Vaughan, Sylvia Louise Ventura, Teresa Ann Vines, Shellye Murry Vinson, Robert M. Virden, Amy Wade, Catherine Ann Wafa, Zaki H. M. Waggener, Mary Elizabeth Waldrop, Randy Joe Walker, Jennifer Catherine Walker, Myra Denise Walker, Stephen Barrow Walls, Armie Jean Walton, Mary Katherine Wardlow, Kirk Michael Washington, Veola Suzette VVatkins, Teri Ann Watkins, Valerie Anne Watson, Edward Lee Watts, Cynthia Elaine Wax, Bradley Mark Webb, John Harrison Weeks, Craig Franklin Weiland, Kenneth Lee Weldy, Mary Beth Westmoreland, Kristen Ann Wheatley, Paula Loraine Wheeler, Yvonne Denise Whitaker, William Wesley White, Carolyn Sue White, David Scott White, Deborah Elizabeth White, Larry Keith White, Melody J. White, Shirley Leslie White, Stacy Ann Whitford, Summer Lee Whitt, Tracy Hugh Whitten, Desiree Dianne Wilbanks, Lydia Wiley, Ronnie Wilkinson, Stephen Henry Wilks, Truitt Palmer Jr. Williams, Barton Miller Williams, Carolyn Cuilen Williams, Gregory Gerald Williams, James Thad Williams, Merril Binford Williams, Robert Clark Williams, William Albert - 358 Sophomores PIES Williamson, Lisa Ann Willingham, Debra Dawn Wills, Vickie Lillian Wilson, Anthony Blake Wilson, Carey Lynn Wilson, Rory Wade Winstead, June Marie Wise, John Eric Wiseman, Paul Laurens Wogoman, Mitchell J. Wolfe, Beverly Ann Womble, Thomas Alan Wong, Joseph Kenneth Wood, Dana Lynn Wood, Joel Ray Wood, Kathy Faye Woods, Thomas J. Wright, Debra Kay Wright, Eugenia Yeldell. Iris Louise Yel verton. James B. Yoste, Edward Scott Zy sk. Jeffrey Thomas Sophomores 3 Abernathy, Joanie Lucy Abraham, David Thomas Abu, Hijleh Tayhe Omar Abu-Kid, Musa Hassau Abuto, Ambrose Paul Acred, Joy Annette Adair, Mary ]o Adams, John Dean Adams, Kathy Darlene Adcock, Michael Eugene Ainsworth, Ronald Seab Al-Basha, Ali Mosa Al-Bundak, Omar Mohamad AI-Turk, Emad Aldin Akram Alexander, David Glynne Alexander, Richard Dewayne Alldridge, James Robert Allen, Donald Harold Allen, Lori Lynn Allison, Mitzie Gail Amacker, Douglas Driskell Anderson, Arneta Ann Antar, Walid Sakir Arnold, Michael Dale Arnold, Rickey Asal, Olga Dianne Asbury, Wendy Rae Atkins, Carl Thomas A very, Jimmy L. Awosika, Olakunle Abiodun Azar, Joseph S. Jr. Bailey, David Ralph Jr. Bailey, Joseph David Bailey, Sybil Joy Baker, Mason M. Baker, Steven Lee Barfield, Douglas Eugene Barnabo, Mark Joseph Barnard, James Jennings Barnes, Elizabeth Drennan Barnett, Janet Lerhea Barnett, Janice Lynn Barron, Nancy Lee Basma, Adrian Adib Basma, Mohamad Hussein Batakji, Bassam Ahmad Bateman, Janice Lynn Beasley, Judy Ann Beckett, Charles Jim Beech, Regina Katherine Beene, Vanessa Ray Belenchia, Johnny Marshall Bell, Betty Ann Bell, Elmer Jean Bell, William Kenneth Bellamy, Mary Kathryn Bellan, William Junkin Jr. Bellenger, Rebecca Lynn Bennett, Lee Andrew Benson, Lillie Mae Benvenutti, Mary Rebecca Berry, James Christopher Berry, William Bradley O Jimiurs JUNIORS Bern hill. Brenda Sue Bethune, Mamie Ellen Beverin, Michael Anthony Bishop, Marc Randall Blacktedge, Krista Dawn Blaclunan, Lisa Ann Blakley . Lurlene Bledsoe, Julia Katharine Bo bo. Rhonda Rebecca Boggan, )ohn Coman }r. Bonds, Tracy Delois Bone, Lisa Annette Bolts. Martha Jean Bowles, Charlotte Ann Box, Michael Grey Box, Robert Edward Jr. Bradley, Walter A. Ill Branch, Malcolm Lee Jr. Brandon, Callie S. Brashier, Deborah Anita Brashier, Mark Thomas Bray, Richard Edward Breeland. ]eri Kathryn Breland, Allen Mclnnis Brenkert, Scott Jeffrey Brewer, Charles Anthony Brewer, Derek Okelly Bridges, Marlon Keith Bridges, Talmadge L. Jr. Britt. Angela Bernice Brittenum. Mollie G. Brooks, Curtis C. Jr. Brown, Glenn David Jr. Brown, Marsha Lynn Brown, Mary Ann Juniors 3K1 JLNICCS Brown, Michael Lee Brown, William Scott Brownlee, Beverly Gayle Bruce, John Elbert Brunson, John Mac Jr. Bryant, Michael Francis Bryant, Susan Beth Buckhalter, Alice Elois Bullard, Andrew Clayton Bullock, Daniel Henry Bunten, John Richard Jr. Burgess, Linda C. Burkhalter, |i:f f Lee Burkhart, Clay Burns, Barbara )ean Butler, Gregory Butler, William Wylie Byrne, Mark Edward Cain, Pamela Kay Caldwell, Martha Gail Hudson Callender, Dana )ean Calmes, Bryant Wayne Campbell, Gil Campbell, William Lee ]r. Camponova, Michael Joseph Capdepon, Paula Jean Carmichael, Charles E. ]r. Carpenter, Timothy Linn Carter, David Marshall Cartwright, David Glen Carwile, George Frank III Caviness, Terri Lynne Cecerre, Teresa Lynn Cefalu, Casneu Chamseddine, Hussein Ali Chancellor, William Danny Chase, Amos Cheatham, Norman C. Childress, David Arthur Chism, Nancy Jo Cirlot, Anita Jeannie Cissom, Lawanna June Harlow Clark, Donna Louise Clark, Melissa Mignon Clarke, Stuart Holden Clevenger, Melanie Lea Cobb, Brian Keith Coker, Patricia Kay Coleman, James Michael Coleman, Jill Kay Coleman, Steve Hunter Collins, Augustus Leon Collins, David Gwyn Colson, Angela Renee Colson, Jeffrey Cooper, Regina Carol Corey, Janet Lynne Corso, Michael Cruse Cote, Andrew Fuente Counce, Michael Nolen Cousar, Billy James Covington, George Rimmer Cox, Marilyn Gay 2 [tininrs JUNICPS -Ax Crabb, Cynthia Pounds Crawford, Paula S. Crawford, Renita Ann Crews, Mary Lynn Crim, William Jr. Crislip. Kathleen Joy Crumpton. Daniel F. Ill Cullum, Del Braxton Culp, Bruce Warren Jr. Culpepper, Kay Nell Cumberland, Bobby G. Curtis, Carol Louise Cults, Teresa Fay Dailey, Kathryn Glenda Dalton, Sara )ohn Mary Dandridge, Johnny Daniels, Marty Alan Darnell, Deborah Kay Daschka, Michelle Marie Daugherty, David Lee Daughtery, Kenneth R. Davis, Cynthia Ian Davis, Danny Claude Davis, James Randall Davis, Nancy Lorene Dawkins, Michael Thomas Dawson, Cynthia Ann Dawson, Wayne Alexander Jr. Deal, Roy Whit Deeb, Hani Mohammad Deere, Steven Bradley Deming. Jamie Denley, Lisa Dianne Dent, Melanie Jane Denton, Felicia Kim lumors . JLNICCS Deweese, Carmin E. W. Diggs, Charles Mitchell Dixon, Barry Darr Dixon, Benny Ray Dobbs, Robert Kerry Dolan, Kathy Lyn Dorroh, Sharla Jean Dowdle, John Oliver Drewery, Karen Lynn Dunavant, Amy )o Dunbar, Timothy Alexander Duncan, Dinah Lynne Easom, Elisa Kay Eaton, Paul Wesley Eble, Kimberlee Ann Ehemann, Lorna Mary Eid, Saadallah Eisenbeis, Patricia Lynn El- Assad, Hassan Nahmoud El-Chouli, Nazih Omar El-Sarji, Ahmad Abbas El-Tayech, Oussama Mahmoud Flam, Candy Darlene Emfinger, Rona Diane Ethridge, Stephen Arthur Evans, Catherine Elizabeth Ezzeddine, Mohammad Ali Faddoul, Wasef Rada Farage, Donald Lee |r. Farrar, Mark Farris, Margaret Victoria Featherston, Chesterfield Felks, Barbara Gale Fewell, Jennifer McLane Finnell, Rhonda Lynn Fite, Martha Elizabeth Floyd, Angela Sizette Fogarty, William Marshall Follin, Erin Anne Fong, Teresa Louise Ford, Betty Ann Ford, Joy W. Forester, Mitchell Andrew Fortenberry, Emily A. Fortune, Linda Gay Foster, Dexter L. Francis, Peter Kevin Fraser, Sherri Elizabeth Frazier, Joyce Ann Frees, Mark Allen Fulton, Lyman Avard III Fung, Yin Chun Furby, Ricky Joe Furrh, James Brooke Gaines, Yolaine Louise Gardner, Diwayne Irvin Gardner, Stephen Ellis Garner, Richard Daniel Gerrard, Tracie Guion Giddy, Candace Denise Gill, Thomas Joseph Gillentine, Angela Dale Gillom, Peggie Jean , . 364 Juniors JUNICCS Gin, Brenda Kay Gipson, William Patrick Glenn, John William Goetz, Mary Louise Goff, Sylvia Ann Goldman, Karlen Lorene Goliday, jean Ann Goodnite, Christy Lee Goodsell, Carol Jo Gordon, fames Michael Gosa. Robert Kirk Goss, Brenda Ruth Gowan, John Richard Go wan. Margaret Grace Gowdy, John Monroe III Graham, David Wayne Graham, Gwendolyn Tabb Graham, Margaret Jean Graham, Robert Samuel Graham, Steven Wilson Grant, Donald Powell Grantham, Gaye Lynn Grantham. Sarah Kathryn Grass, Paul Rivers Green, Connie Green, Ricky Keith Greenlee, Alice Jean Greenlee, Edye )ean Gregory, Scott Allen Gressett. Donna Lea Griffin, James I. Griffin, John Shuler Gugert, Michael Paul Gullick. David Arnold Gunartt. Naomi juniors 365 JUNICCS Guyse, Carolyn Jayne Halawani, Jamal Abdul Half aker, Lori Marie Hamilton, Janet Lee Hamilton, Jean Carole Hammock, Elizabeth Anne Hannaford, Mark Mahry Hanson, Jennifer Wilson Harbison, Mark Bostick Hardin, Beverly Jean Harlow, Clifford John Harris, Dianne Harris, Dwight I,. Harris, Melinda Joyce Harrison, James Michael Harrison, John Caldwell Harwell, Ann Taylor Hawkins, Ricardo I.. Haynes, Donald Hemenway, Richard Alan Henick, Lisa Lynn Henick, Melanie Carrie Henry, Brenda Gail Herrin, Beverly Ann Hicks, Alfreida Hicks, Frances Ruth Hicks, Gwendolyn Ann Higdon, Sondra Gayle Hightower, Alicia Dianne Milliard, Alonzo Hitt, Kevin Lewis Hodges, Margaret Frances Holland, Charles Mitchell Holland, Cornelia Holland, Jan Carol Holley, Joseph Eugene Jr. Holley, Robert Dean Holliday, Homer Stephen Holliday, Johnny Daniel Hollingsworth, Pamela Lea Hollocher, Robert William Holloway, Helen Letitia Holmstrom, Bryan Donald Hood, Elizabeth Janelle Home, Olive Coker Horton, Carolyn Ann Hough, Tracy Laf aye Howard, Tanya Renee Howze, Betty Lynn Hubbert, Michael Wayne Huddleston, Jeffrey Vance Hudgins, Mary Diane Hurst, Charles Alfred Hurst, James Joseph Hurt, Susan Amanda Hyde, Darrell Stephen Hyde, David Lake Iskandarani, Omar Taj Ismail, Haidar Ivy, Connie Diann Ivy, Elizabeth Ann Ivy, Maria Jackson, Jean High 366 Juniors JUNICCS ackson, Nancy Eiland ackson, Shauneille C. acobs, William Howard arjoura, Semaan Tanios arjoura, Toufic Tanios audon, Kathy Jo enkins, Charles Michael oe, |anet Ann ohns, Randall Glen ohnson, Cynthia oily, Thomas Elwyn Jr. ones, Christy Ann ones, Otis Lee ones, Robert Terrell (oslin, Richard Mark Kellum, David W. Kelly, Thomas David Kelly, Wanda Karen Kendricks, Samuel Barr Kennedy, Donald Keith Kennedy, Laurie Elizabeth Kinds, Merry Gail King, Jimmy Dale King, Kristie King, Nell Moseley King, Sandra Lou Kisner, Donald Wayde Knister, Susan Lynn Kn ox, Ricky Allen Kruger, Melissa Ann Lamb, James Eric Lancaster, Emily Love Lann, Jeffery Lee Latch, Kathy Annette Lawrence, James Keith Juniors 367 JUNIORS 1 A Lawrence, John Roland Laymon, Quentin Robert LeBlanc, Kelli Anne Lee, Cynthia Lee, Mihyang Lee Lee, Thomas Hugh Leech, Marsha Lynne Lemmons, Billy Charles Leonard, Susan Annette Lewis, Jeffrey Neal Lindsay, Tim Wayne Lloyd, Donald James Logan, Russell Jeffrey Longmire, Joseph Yadon Jr. Lott, Cecil Leon Jr. Love, John W. I .urn, Adrienne Ann Lundy, Deborah Sue Lunsford, Jacquelyn G. Luther, Donald L. Madani, Mohammed T.H. Mahaffey, Shari Cathryn Maiden, Sheridan Wendell Malone, Johnnie Lee Manning, Clifford John Manuel, Donna Leigh Marks, Melody Kathryn Marriam, Meri Jo Whitehead Marsh, Kevin Robert Marshall, Lisa Claire Martin, Cathy Nannette Martin, Cynthia Ann Martin, John Trenton Martin, Joseph Williams Jr. Martin, Richard Carey Marl , Dabney Jo Mason, Randall Kenton Massey, Cynthia Jeanine Mcithis, Melanie Carol Mayes, Billy Glenn Mazzanti, Karen Ann McAfee, Steven Marcus McAllister, Lorraine Anne McBride, Jo Kathleen McCarley, Pamela Anne McCloskey, Candice Lynn McClure, Susan Justin McCluskey, Marilyn Meade McCord, Nancy Lee McCulIoch, Ronnie Paul McCullough, John David McElroy, Robert Farley McElroy, Toni Danise McGee, Calvin Jeffery McGee, Roy Douglas McGinnis, James E. McGraw, Mary Georgina McHenry, Judy Lynn Mclntosh, Stanley Allen McMahan, Merlynn Leigh McMurchy, Martha Susan McNeill, Beverly Lynn McNutt, Melanie Dawn McTaggart, Jacqueline Kay -_J :iM juniors JLNICPS Meeks, Mary Evelyn Megehee, Carol Murphey MeFvin. Frank Michael Mercer, fames Eugene Messer, Patricia Messer, Ralph Alexander Metts, Kenneth Lee Michael, Ronald Dale Michel, Marguerite Robards Michinaux. Antonio M. Mikell, Betty Lynn Miles, Wilson Coleman Jr. Miller, AN son Louise Miller, Danny Lester Miller, Debra Ruth Miller, Norman Eugene Miller, Tanya Anne Millwood, Timothy Blane Moak, Roger Alan Mohammad, Ali T. Montanez, Lourdes Montgomery, Stephen Quay Moore, Elizabeth Lee Moore, Malcolm Sidney Jr. Moore, Richard Cone Jr. Morgan, Janell Morgan, Jerry Ann Morgan, Randy Gene (union : JLNICES Morris, Charles Lavern Morris, Herbert Allen Jr. Morris, Vicki Carol Mounger, Henry H. Jr. Mullins, Sarah Bush Murdaugh, }ohn Arthur Murphy, Angela Hope Murphy, Gregory Alan Murphy, Michael John Myers, Anne Polk Myers, Gregory A. Nader, Deborah Lynn ;i j jar, Muffid Nestor, Marsha Ayten Newbaker, Mary Ann Price Nganga, John Patrick Nicholson, Aubrey Glenn Nolden, Anna W. Nolen, John Everett Norsworthy, Derward T. Jr. Northern, William Claude Jr. Norwood, Eloise Odom, Connie Marie O ' Hara, William Earl Olson, Ramona Yvonne O ' Neal, James Parker O ' Neal, Laurie Lynn Orr, Scott David Osborne, Walter William Jr. Ousley, Robert L Owen, Debra Lynn Owens, Cynthia Blair Palmer, Brian Marc Pang, Randy Alan Pardon, Joseph Lee Patterson, P; Pears. Peets, Ra Part -r Ann Dubose Pas) AtendyWall -; Dora Ann .t Raymond Kevin Rush hn Franklin ph Dillon III Pegues, Debora Ann Pennington, Deborah Ann Pennington, Rosemary Person, Tana Jean Petkovsek, Jeanene Marie Philpot, Cliff H. Pigott, Michael Eugene Pinion, Betty Karen Hillhouse Pitchford, Rosie Bell Pitcock, Rae Marie Pittman, Melanie Pittman, Peggy Diane Platt, Nanci Claire Polk, Dora Elizabeth Pope, Johnny Wayne Portrey, Michael Joe Posey, Mary Jacqueline Powell, Paula Annette Powers, Deborah Kay Prather, Pamela Price, Bettie Catherine JLNICPS Pritchard. Rice Cornick Provenza, Margaret Rose Pryor, David Wayne Quillen. Jesse Wayne Rase h. Richard Charles Reese, Barbara Elizabeth Renfro, Tracey Carol Reno, Jerry Dean Reynolds, Dannv Eugene Reynolds, Paul Dennis Reynolds, Tanya Faye Rice, Frank Oliver Rich, Ronald Seal Richard, Wallace Joseph Jr. Rickles, James Franklin Ridgway. Douglas Wallace Rieser, Dorothy P. Riley, Harriet Frances Roane, Michael Lawford Robbins. Karen Marie Robbins, Robin Michelle Roberts, Graham Lee Robertson, Tory Lynne Robinson, Fielding B. Jr. Rodgers, Vallery Forbes Roebuck, Karen Diane Rogers, Sonya Denise Roseberry, Marcia Melinda JUNICCS ; j v 1 4 : Ross, Melinda Ann Ross, Nita Louise Rowland, Virginia Morgan Rubio, Monica Elizabeth Rush, Linda Rose Rushing, David Lee Ryder, Stephen Kenneth Samuels, Donald Gene Sanford, Charles Russell Sensing, David Gafoney ]r. Sensing, Rebecca Faye Savery, Robert Warren Saxon, Teresa Jane Scarborough, Ruth Lynette Scarborough, Sidney Milton Scardino, Angelyn Marie Schmidt, Jeanne Anne Scott, Anthony Wayne Seale, Robert Louis Sears, Angelea Sears, Richard Hay wood Seawright, Norman Houston Seckman, John Prescott Seeger, Kevin David Sellers, Bobby Newton Jr. Senjer, Maan Salah Senjer, Mohamad-Khalid S. Shaar, Jamal Abdul Rahman Shackelford, Allan Douglas Shakir, Subhi Saed Shamma ' a, Nassif Elie Shanklin, Mary Carol Shannon, William W. Sharp, Deanne Ruth Sharp, Gary Wade Sharpe, Debra Lynn Shaw, Robert Sydney Jr. Shaw, Steven Earl Shaw, William Frederick Sheffield, Gene Guild Shelton, Sharon Lynn Shepard, David Moore Sherman, James John III Sherrill, Linda Elaine Shields, Beverlv Carol Shilan, Susan Patricia Shirley, Margaret Lee Sifawi, Nabil Suly iman Signa, Pearl Marie Sikes, Donna Lynn Sikora, Jen Lynn Simmons, Dianah Lynn Simpson, Al Roson Simpson, Lidell Mann Sims, David Stacy Sinquefield, Robert Steven Slezak, Jason Nicholas Smith, Brian Hamilton Smith, Carol Gwen Smith, Charles Myron Smith, Emily Gay Smith, Jerry Layne Smith, Linda Lee 372 Juniors JUNIICIRS to Smith, Michael Lee Smith, Susan Elizabeth Smithson, Martha Ann Sojourner, Susan P. Southerland, Denise Spain, Lula Frances Sparks, lean Marie Spear, David Glenn Sprecher, Lynn Frederick Stacy, Suzanne Stanford, Freda Joyce Stanford, Patricia Ann Steinke, Paul Edward Stevens, Donna Lisa Stewart, Gregory Mack Stone, Sally Ann Storey, Michael Albert Story, Daniel Bobby II Strachn, Linda Frances Strickland, William Earl Strobl, Glen Joseph Sturdivant, Esther Mae Sturgis. Kristen Colson Sullivan, Judy Ethel Sullivan, Michael Joseph Sumners, Melinda Watson Swan, Glen Howard Taan, Mohamad Ali H. (union 373 JUNICCS T?te, Albert Watson Jr. Tate, Edwin Murray Taylor, Donny Ray Taylor, Mattie Mae Taylor, Pamper Jean Taylor, Robert Wayne Thear, Chrysa Marie Thomas, fames Clifton III Thomas, Tharnell Myron Thompson, David Lee Thompson, Phyllis Renee Thompson, Sandra June Thompson, Stephen Brittain Timmons, Danny Carlton Tims, Karen Jo Todd, Jerry M. Torkington, Richard Scott Tortorelli, Louis Joseph True, Robin Lyn Turner, David Wayne Turner, Lloyd A. Turnipseed, Stephen Phillip Tutor, Donna Kay Twenhafel, Lori Jane Twiss, Jon Douglas Ulmer, Suzanne Vance, Michael Christopher Varner, Bonnie Lee Varner, Samuel House Veasey, Charles Larry Wagner, Lanice Mary Logue Waldrup, Royanne Walker, Meredith Moore Jr. Walker, Pamela Gail Walker, Panesha Gale Wallace, James Ervis Jr. Wallace, Rickey L. Walley, Scott Lindsey Ward, Albert Manning Ward, David Harold Ward, Gregory Weatherford Ward, Mark Austin Washington, Keith Watts, Dwayne Truhett Weatherford, Christina Webb, Freeman Devale Webb, Mary Katherine Weeks, Timothy Galen Weir, Kenneth Frank Welch, Bruce William Wells, Terrell Eileen Wells, William Paul Welsch, Hilda Elizabeth White, David Eugene White, Linda Ann White, Stacy Jonette Whitsitt, Robert Edward Whitten, James Gordon Jr. Wiggers, John Charles Wilbanks, Shanda Leigh Williams, Amy Lou Williams, Gail Williams, Gwendolyn Ann :174 luniurs JUNIORS Williams, James Daniel Williams, jami Bean Williams, Mary Patricia Williams, Pamela Lanette Williams, Tamra Lynne Williamson, Loretta Williamson, Mary Elizabeth Williamson, Randall Earl Wilson, Charles Lloyd Wilson, Damaris Lynn Wiltshire, Dixie Lee Winkler, Elizabeth Jane Winstead, Anita Carol Winstead, Edward Carlton Winters, Julie Lynn Witcher, Ricky Wilson Witt, Angela Jane Witt, Kimberfv Renee Witt, Mary John Wof ford, William Earl Womack, Marcia Louise Woodall, Charles Jackson Worthy, Paul Anthony Wysor, Joseph Robert Yarbrough, William Andrew Yelverton, Joseph Ernest Yerger, Mary Montague Young, Jerry K. Young, Kathryn Rucks Young, Lisa Gavin Youngblood, Barbary Yvonne Yow, John Wesley Yueh, Liang-Fu funiors 375 SENICCS Abraham, Lillian Elaine Akers, Sharon Al-Hajj, Ahmed Jama) Al-Moghrabi, Ahmed Fouad Alexander, Corena Alexander, Oliver Donnell Alizadeh, Asghar G. Allen, Kathryn Lee Altimier, Mark Andrew Anaya, Ernesto Juan Anderson, Ricky Dale Anderson, Shawn Connelly Arabi, Najib Mohamad Arkadan, Abdulrahman Ahmad Arnold, Harold Edward Atkinson, Sally Ann Austin, Lynda Caroline Bain, Stephen Dale Baker, James Esco Jr. Baker, Kenneth Eugene Baker, Micky Frank Baldwin, Regina Moore Barber, Gary Wayne Barlok, Joseph Charles Barnes, Stephen Dudley Bartholomew, Judy Larraine Collins Bartkiewicz, Luke Joseph Barton, Michael Loyd Batey, Harry Josseph Beebe, Diane Kaye Bell, Jennifer F. Benard, Walter Bennett, Gene Wellington Bennett, James Evans Bennett, Sally Eudy Berry, Cindy Marie Berry, John Chrestman Berry, Paige Haynes Bingham, Stephen Edward Bishop, Ruby Gaye Blackwell, Linda A. Blake, James Steve Blalack, John Wallace Bounds, Eleanor Diane Boxx, Meda Lynne Boyd, James Jeffery Boyd, Jenifer Leigh Boykin, Michael Wayne Brabec, William Charles Bramlett, Lucienne Olivier Brewer, Frederick D. Jr. Bridges, Anne Lee Bridges, Gary Allen Browley, Myrtle Louise Brown, Chen Lynne Brown, Edsel Jackson Brown, Matthew Lamar Brown, Susan Lamb Brummett, Harold M. Buchanan, Calvin Douglas Bullard, Judith Anne Bunns, Gwendolyn Bunting, James Robertus Jr. 376 Seniors SENIORS Burcham, Janet Renae Burgess, Ricky Edward Burke, Louise Allen Butler, Robert Abernathy Butler, Thomas Randle BUYS, Mark Talbot Cald well, fames L. Jr Cald well, Mary Claire Calhoun, Jeffrey Wilton Campbell, Joe Hand Jr. Campbell, Michael Bernard Cannon, Angela Renee Garden, James Matthew Carpenter, Elizabeth L. Carty . Joseph Staffler Cayson, Michael Edward Chaffin, Julie Eileen Chalk, David Alan Chambers, John William Jr. Chase, Alvin Chen, Pei Ching Chestnut, Dwight Bernard Chow, Terri Church, Robert Doughlon Cissom, Rickey Clark, Juanita Clasgens, Bradley Joseph Clay, Marvin Earl Seniors 377 SENIORS Cluck, Cathy Elaine Cochran, Debora Elizabeth Cochrane, Deborah Lynn Coffey, Robert R. Coleman, Vernies Maenettia Collier, Elizabeth Gail Collins, Calvin Eugene Conaway, Linda Carol Conoway, Marilyn Theresa Cook, )ames Joseph Cook, Karen Marline Cook, Warren G. Coquat, Zane Dee Costner, Shawn Gordon Crockett, Evelyn Gale Crumby, Zoe Lynne Cruse, Edith Jean Cruse, William Neil Culberson, Debra G. Dailey, Betty jane Belts Daifey, Michael Allen Dandridge, Yzonna Daniel, Mary Leslie Darby, Ronald Edward Daskalos, John Blair Daughterly, Benjamin G. HI Davis, Amy Jill Davis, Fay Denese Davis, John Frank Dean, Thomas Murray Deas, Michael Wayne Debardeleben, Suzanne Decota, William Royal Decoursey, Kenneth Allen Dedeaux, Waldon Alexander :I7II Seniors SENIORS Dekayie, Emmanuel E. K. Delashmet, John Ingram Jr. Dement, Susan Lynn Derrick, Randy Lloyd Dickard, Roslyn Sue Dixon. Carlton Ruffin Dixon. George Edward )r. Dobbs, Candice Maria Dodd, )ohn Edwin Donahoe, Eric Hardy Donald, Cynthia Pauline Donnell, Sheila Ann Doty, Patricia Anne Duncan, Samuel James Durfey, William Russel Du vail. Sharon Dianne Dye, Sylvia June Easterling, Harvey ]ay Ederer, Elizabeth Ann Edisen, Glenn Knute Edwards, William Jr. El-Assaad. Mohamad Mahmoud El-Bobbo. Walid Mohamad El-Hariri, Mohamed Saadl Elder, Wanda Jane Bateman Elion, Virginia Ann Ellis, David K Emrick, Lauren Kay English, Kathie Darlene Evans, Angelia Gail Evans, Elise Ann Evans, Ellen Mary Evans, Steven Lee Ezenta, Elisha Chima Fabris, Ion Michael Seniors 37M SENIORS Fair, Valerie Ellen Ferguson, Diane Ferguson, Tommy Rogers Finan, Paul William Fischel, Laura Lea Fletcher, David Eugene Ford, Robert Keith Ford, Sherry Lynn Richard Forsythe, Patricia Lois Fowler, Janice Corinne Franks, Rosemary Freeman, William Rodney Fry, William Nail Fuller, Donald Hall Furr, Richard Kennedy Garner, Rickey Dwayne Garner, William L. Jr. Gentry, Cheryl Anne German, Constance M. Ghattas, Adib Fares Gho, Mary Catherine Gholston, Rene A. Gibson, Monica Leah Bell Gibson, Robert Gregory Jr. Glisson, Rebecca Ann Gonzalez, Hector Enrique Goodall, Laura Yancey Gordon, Michael Goudelock, Ila Nell Goudelock, Wendell Wayne Graham, Patricia Collins Gressett, Caroline Sue Griffin, Robbie Denise Griffith, Ike C. Grisham, Thomas fames Gulledge, Leigh Ann Gustafson, Linda Jeanne Guyton, James Lawrence Haberman, Michael Bennett Haick, Kimberly Beth Hakawati, Ahmad Badaoui Hale, Paula Rene Hall, Candace Lynnette Hall, Kenneth Larry Hamie, Mahamoud Mustapha Hammond, Alice Laird Hammond, Lajuan Marie Hammond, Martha Courtney Hampton, Linda A. Hanna, Hassan Jawdat Harbin, Leon Caldwell III Hardin, Kathy L. Harding, William Waldorf Hariri, Omar Mohammed Harkins, Robert Michael Harmon, Roy Franklin III Harrington, Mary E. M. Harris, Joyce Anne Harrison, Phillip Alton Harwell, Susan Beth Hashem, Ahmed Mohamed Hathaway, Susan Olivia Haulk, Sharon Ardith :tHO Seniors SENIORS Havens, Denise Kay Havens, Joey Dunn Haycraft, lames Ray Heard, Robert Goodwyn Henagan, Inga ]. Hicks, Herman Hightshoe. Karla Kay Hijazi, Toufic Mustapha Hill, Michael Dean Hill, Michael Harold Hillhouse. Celia Denley Hix. Carol Jean Hocott. Kimberly Ann Hoffman, Katherine Ann Hogan. Connie C yrena Horn, Jonathan Burton Hollenbeck, Stanley Wade Holliday . Robert Mitchell Hood, Iris Renee Hough, Janet Ann House, Sandra Cornelia Houston, Renita Gay Howard, Carl Edward II Ho well. Leigh Ann Howell, Vaughn Dale Huch, Kim Marie Humphries, lames David Hunter, Paula Adele mt SENICCS Hurley, Linda Joyce Ihle, Brenda Kay Irby, William Armstrong Irvin, Debra Denise Jackson, James Dougherty Jackson, Marilynn Jackson, Mary Jane McCarle Jackson, Shirley Jean Jarrell, Paul Gregory Jaudon, Michael A. Jenkins, Fannie Lee Jenkins, Joedae Lavet Jenkins, John Osmund Joe, Raymond Hing Johnson, Benton Cooper Johnson, John demon Johnson, Kathy Jan Johnson, Kenneth Ray Johnson, Michael Lynn Johnson, Molly Elizabeth Johnson, Sidney Albert Johnston, Margaret Anne Jolly, Angela Drue Jones, Allen Gafford Jones, Jennifer Alice Jones, Nancy Marie Jones, William Richard Jordan, David Alan Karroum, Khoder Mohamad Kaston, Klin Kay, Carol Ann Miller Keeton, Paula Kaye Kendrick, Maray Treg Kennedy, Connie Renae Kennedy, Scotty Dwight 4 .182 Seniors SLNH I S s Kennell, Harold Kennerly, John Russell Kent, Theresa Lynn Khalil, Hanna Tannous Khattab, Mahmoud Saleh Khazem, Nabil Ali King, John Mark King, Robert David Kittrell, Haldon James Klimetz, Paul Daniel Knight, Elizabeth Carr Williams Knight, Sylvia Rene Knight, William Van Jr. Knowlton, Paul Clapp |r. Koski, Laura Leigh Kostelny, Omar Benedict Kruger, Charles Baxter Kuenn, Mary Evelyn Kuntz, Thomas Wayne Lamb, Cynthia Suzanne Lamb, James Leon Lammons, Jerry Eugene Lancaster, Linda Gale Land, Martha Louise Lantz, Allen Dean Jr. Lawrence, Martha Denise Lawton, Rita Kaye Lear, James Hamilton Ledbetter, Lecia Renee Ledbetter, Thomas Frank Lee, Julia Patricia Lee, Steven Ralph Leguin, Jack M. Jr. Leon, Angelina Cecilia Lesueur, Carol Louise Srninrs : SENIORS Lewis, Beverly Lea Lewis, William Mark Little, Melvin Little, Sherri Lynn Little, Thomas Micheal Lo Hon, Wai Lococo, Joseph Anthony Long, Judith Gail Lovelace, Lisa Karen Luckett, Brenda Renee Malone, David Jackson Marchand, Thomas Winter Martin, David Stiles Martin, Michael Alton Martin, Steven James Mathews, Sherri Darlene McBride, Douglas S. McClain, Harvey Lee McClendon, Burwell B. Ill McCullen, Margaret Page McCullougn, Rosalie Mi Daniel, James Edward McFerrin, Sherry Suzette McGuire, Cheryl Kate McGuire, Sara Marie McKellar, Pamela Anita McKenzie, Johnny Lee McLarty, Hermme Herring McLeod, Mary Clyde McMillin, Mary Elizabeth McMurray, Michael Brent McRoberts, Maury E. Meek, Paula Denise Mercier, Douglas Gerald Meredith, Grace Merritt, Hugh Nicholas Messer, John O ' Neil Messer, Phillip Steven Miles, Vernon Benet Miller, Albert H. Miller, Daniel Whitten Miller, Ellen Marie Davis Miller, Lacie Elizabeth Miller, Philip Keith Miller, Terri Lynn Mitchell, Jan Mitchell, Matthew Buckner Mitchell, Michael Joel Mitchell, Nancy Forrester Mixon, John Barry Mize, Barbara Leigh Conlee Mohamed, Susan Carol Monk, Linda Renee Moore, Jayme Phillips Moorhead, Jennifer Lynn Moran, Ethel Russell Morgan, Diana Gay Morris, Cathy Ann Morrison, Michael Lavon Morson, Joanna R. Moss, Harvey Dwight Moss, Lee Joy Mullins, Judy Carol ;1H4 Seniors SENIORS it ] Murphree. Bobbie Gail Murphy, Manney Myers, David Fant Myers, Thomas William Myles, Wayne Everett Nash, Catherine Denise Waddel Nave, Mark Lee Ndefo, Louis Atuanya Neal, Marta Dee Nguyen, Mai Thi Nicholas, John Adams II Nichols, joe David Nichols, Vincent Bernard Nicholson, Debra jean Norman, Emily June Nwanonenyi, Alphonsus I. O ' Neal, Nathaniel M. Jr. Ozborn, James Kenneth II Palmer, Carol Clare Palmieri, Dana Ann Partridge, Steven Wayne Patterson, Patti Jeanette Patton, Richard Allen Payne, Billie Charles Peacock, Carol A. Pearson, Mark Mills Pendleton, Edmund Alan Pettis, Everlean Seniors 385 SENICRS Phillips, Julie Gray Phillips, Mark Theodore Pierce, Michael George Pirtle, leanann Ploski, Edward Patrick Pomeranz, Michael Buckeye Ponder, Randall Dean Porter, Lee Ann Potts, Virginia Gayle Pounds, Cynthia Lynn Powell, Julius Ernest Prather, William David Prevost, Durenda Lee Pulliam, Marilyn Patricia Punshon, (anice Ann Purser, Lisa Gayle Quin, Molly Melinda Raines, Deborah Kaye Ramage, Mart is Donald Jr. Ramsey, Michael Christopher Ray, Van Kyle Ray, Wanda Gene Reeves, Cintealia Paige Rice, Annie Lee Ridj way , Louis Ernest Riley, Felecia Lynne Rives, Julian Wray Roberson, Robert Lynn Roberts, Joann Marie Roberts, John Burns II Roberts, Richard Steve Robertson, Calvin Edward Robinson, Alicia Robinson, George Ivan Rogers, Mary Kirkpatrick ,, ' ' ' :.. ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ,. v- Si ' iiiurs SLNM I S Rogers, William Eugene Roop, William Henry Jr. Rossetti.James Thomas Rucker, Gwendolyn Faye Runnels, Rhona Sheryif Alte Russell, Henry Ellis Russell, Nathan Sans Russell, Pearl Kathrey n Russell, Ronald Wayne Russell, Stephen Blaine Rylee, John Michael Saffieddine. Imad Sandefer, Janet Lee Sanders, Gail Charles Saul, Phyllis Rae Scarbrough, U ' illiam David Schaff, Jeanne Marie Schaf fenburg, Paul Carlos Scott, Jeffery Marion Seat, Candace Jean Senf, Melanie Lee Sexton, Michael Wayne Shackelf ord. Lee Ann Sharman, William Robert Sharp, Benny Wayne Shaw, Barbara Jeanne Crouch Shaw, Charles Calvin Shedrick, Jennifer Ann Short, Mary Lucinda Simmons, Debbie Ruth Sirera, Julie Lynn Skinner, Michael Timothy Slim, Hussein Abdallah Sloan, Robert Gray Smith, Edwin Bernard Seniors :w7 Smith, Lisa Anne Smith, Luster Smith, Robert Powell Smith, Sue Ellen Smith, Vanessa Smith, Victoria Elaine Smith, William Leslie Smith, Winston Speakman, Johnnie Faye Spicer, Susan Stewart Stacy, Paul Ellis Stamps, Nancy )o Stauddy, James Robert Stennett, Thomas Ricky Stephens, Debora Sue Stephens, William Daniel Stewart, Betina Stone, Maisy Lucille Stone, Reuben Harper Stover, Delmar Dean Jr. Stroud, |ohn Busby Stubblefield, Yolanda Lynn Suggs, Deborah Jo Sullivan, David Wayne Sullivan, Timothy Dean Swaim, Kenneth Collins Swims, Dorothy Lynette Syvertsen, Diana Lynn Takkouche, M. Salim Tal, Hassan Chafic Tanner, Brenda Kay Tanner, Hugh Earl Taylor, Joann Taylor, Willyn Terney, William Stephen Jr. Thompson, Cynthia Clarice Thompson, William Carl Tindal, Elizabeth Ann Tolar, John Edwin Tolley, Elizabeth C. Treutel, David Allen Jr. Tucker, James Martin Tullos, Cynthia Dawn Turner, Richard Gale Umfress, Vivian Jane Varner, David Arthur Vassar, Matthew William Wade, John Ernest Jr. Waggoner, Daniel Floyd Wagner, Celia Marie Walker, Maia Marie Wall, Cynthia Annette Walsh, David Erick Walters, Steven Lawson Ward, William Tharpe Weaver, Rebecca Sue Webb, Arthur Irvin Webb, Wanda J. Weisling, Linda Joy Welti, Conrad Jeffrey West, Karen F. West, Lewis Albert III White, Clinton Brownlee 3ffi Snnlnn SENIORS White, Johnnie Mae White, Linda Carol White, Martha Marie White, Rebecca Beth Whitehead, )immy Lane Wiles, Reatha E. Si. Wilkinson, Melanie Grey Williams, Dan Glenn Williams, Darlene Maria Williams, Gran ville Ho well Williams. Harold James Williams, Kathy Johnson Williams, Man Martha Willingham, Barbara Ann Wills, Cathy Ann Wilson, Billy Rex Jr. Windham, Rickey Leland Wood, Anita Jo Wood, Dorothy Lee Woodruff, Mary Reid Woods, Brenda Barnard Woods, Ronald Keith Woodward, Lori Diane Wortham, Ella Denise Wright, Patricia Jo Varbrough. Bebe Sha wn Young, Randall Earl Young, Robin Lane Zeringer. Eric Paul Seniors 389 PHARMACY Akers, Greg Albritton, Steve Archer, Susan Austin, Yvette Baker, Christy Barrett, Charles Beckharn, Judy Bennett, Trent Berry, William Blakeney, Charlton Boatwright, Laura Bolton, Jan Bowles.Jack Bradley, Jane Ellen Bradshaw, Pamela Branton, Rebecca Bridges, Eileen Brock, Janet Brown, Charles Brown, Lawanda Brown, Martha Bruister, Carroll Brumf ield, Gwen Bryant, Charles Bullock, Tommy Calvert, Randy Carroll, Deborah Carter, David Chance, Rickey Chu, Grace Clark, Kenneth Cook, Anthony Cooley, James Craven, Rocky Crawford, Gail Crumbley, Joseph Cuellar, Imelda Cummings, Don Curtis, Joan Davidson, Joanne Diane, Davis Davis, Irma Self Davis, John Dawson, Gary Dillard, Ilene Dossett, Keith Dykes, David Edwards, Cathy Elliott, Roswietha Ertle, Marilyn Evans, Greg Everett, Lisa Ezell.Jackie Fancher, Mary Jo Ferguson, Connie Fiveash, Melvin Frashier, Alan Fuller, Ede Fulper, David Gandy, Juania Gee, William, II Gilmer, Patra Ginn, Bobert I 390 Pharmacy Hanson, Jim Harrison, Emily Hathorn. Gail Hays, Virginia Hester, Peggy Ho, Eric Holder, Joseph Holleman, Martha Honea, Denise Hunt, John Irby.l Jackson, Cynthia Jackson, Gary J elks, James Pharmacy 391 PHARMACY Johns, Vicki Johnson, Wilma Jones, Jennifer G. Kaufman, Kim Kemp, Johnnie Kidd, Deborah Kilpatrick, Willis Lee, Dee Kelly Lence, Ken Linton, Vickie Loden, Kathy Luk, Benjamin Luke, Virginia Marler, Cathy Martin, Kenneth Maxcy, Clyde McCaskill, Barry McKay, Donald McKee, Susan McMellon, Steve Mills, Jean Mills, Margaret Mills, Rhonda Mitchell, Connie Mix, Terry Moffett, Michael Murray, Kenny Myrick, Marsha Napier, Ramon Newbaker, David Nichols, Karla Norfleet, Beth Parker, Ricky Parker, Tamara Payne, Karen Pee, Pamela Peebles, Ron Phillips, Michael Pitt man, James Poole, Glenda Prather, Lvdia Preston, Robert Pridgen, Robert Quon, Helen Reves, Dennie Roberts, Glenn Rush, Janet Samuelson, Wesley Sanders, Larry Sanders, Vickie Schroeder, Shellie Seto, Kin Shields, Tommy Shuler, Diane Simmons, Ann Skinner, Mary Smithjim Stamps, Tim Stokes, Amba Stubblef ield, Terry Sturgeon, Joseph Sullivan, Valerie Sutherland, Susan 2 Pharmacy PHARMACY Tavares, Brenda Testa, Clara Threadgill, James Tucker, Mike Vanexan, Ken Wah, )ue Ann Wakham, Gary Weber, Darlene Wilson, Betty Wise, (arnes Wichert, Cathy Williams, Andy Wolverton, Judy Womble, Rachel Wong, Judith Worsnam, Gene Wyatt, Lon Wyatt, Susan Thaxton Pharmacy 393 P AD LATE Chung, Linda Cody, John, Jr. Cole, Patricia Cook, Horis ( limit, Michael Davis, Betty Deas, Cheryl Adams, Gail Agnew, Walker Akeel, Saleh Akel, Ahmad Allen, Barbara Allred, Dani Avakaa, Terwase Avant, Sandra Azim, Ashraf Baker, Garland Baker, Kenneth, Jr. Ball, Sallye Barber, Collins Bass, Margaret Baxter, Christopher Bhandhubanyo, Nawaparn Blount, Barbara Bokka, Srinivas Boschert, Betsy Brock, Charles Brou, Celeste Burcham, Theresa Carstens, Neil Chadwick, Cindy Chan, Yee-Mins Cheng, H. Edmond Ching, Betty Chittoor, Sarala 394 Graduates GRADUATE Denton. Jack Denton, Jim Dixit, Aiit Dooley, Patrick Drummond, Larry Eckman, Joe El-Sarji, AJi Elliott, Michael Enobakhare, Osamuede Frees, James Fulton, Roy Gardner, Dave Gass. Albert George, Morris Gray, Albert, II Hall, Terry Hatoum, Hind Henderson, Adrienne Henderson, Robert Hill, John Holliman. Edward Jarjoura, Melhem Johnson. Fred Kee, David Keshavamurth, Talya Khat tab. Ahmed Kirby.Mary Kola ' po, Lasisi Itm Graduates 395 CCA III ATE Lemly, William A. Lu, Shu-Wen McKiernan, Susan Miller, David Morrow, Kimberly Moss, lack Muse, Gregory Nair, Ram Chandran Nair, Rashmi Neal, George Needham, Robert Newcomb, Paul Nicholas, Michael Nimanandh, Sukanya Nucaro, Frank Ogiefo, Yusuf Osanaiye, Gabriel Osta, Abed Owen, Billy Owens, Agnes Paris, Leroy II Partin, Mary Elizabeth Pharr, Renelda Procter, William, Jr. Queyja, Mary Ramsay, Gary Raines, Deborah. Rider, Wanda 1)96 Gradual Rocconi. Sally Rogers, Michael Rose, Eldridge Russell, Deborah Salim. Mahbob Samutsakorn. Yaraporn Scheider. George Singh, Surendra Smith, Anna Smith, Brian Smith, Cathy Smith, Stanley Strain, David Sundar-Rajan. S. Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Tern Trevathan. Jennifer Tribble, Brenda Tucker, Bessie Tung, Kee-Leung Vianey, Charles Wagner, Thomas Webb, Amy White, Billy Williams, Cathy Winnard, Milan Wright, James Yancy. Deborah Yale, Prentiss Zbontar, Tomislav Graiiudlrs 3M7 398 Ads i V ADVERTISEMENTS KAREN ROEBUCK, editor Margaret Stephenson, assistant INDEX JOHN DOWDLE, editor Wendy Asbury, assistant Mary Joe Fancher, assistant Ads 399 CARL GOERS The Clothing Store for Students Located in Johnson Commons Ole Miss Campus 234-1513 Open Mon. Sat. 234-0933 LOCATED DOWNSTAIRS IN COUNTRY VILLAGE WESTERN AUTO associate store W. A. HOPKINS 306 So. Lamar Ave. Oxford, MS 38655 Gifts ' Bridal Registry Repairs 1202 Van Buren On the Square 234-4211 Morgan Jewelry Bill and Mary Ann King 400 Advertisements We ' ve learned a lot about life in the past 5O years. A tandard life Insurance Company Jackson, Mississippi 39205 Hale Jones, Inc. 5 Jackson Locations Where the Rebels Buy Supplies Baseball Basketball Football Golf Tennis Petite, Junior, Misses Sizes 1214 Van Buren On the Square 234-0520 Advertisements 401 208 S. Lamar Breakfast 6 AM-9 AM ufiches and Ala Carte Qkders COLLEGE RINGS OF HNE QUALITY ELLIOTT JEWELERS on the square Serving as Fabric Consultants for the Rebelettes Oxford Fabric Center On the Square Johnson ' s Discount Furniture Sales, Rentals, Leasing 311 S. Lamar 234-7711 Blaylock Drug Store If you don ' t know your drugs know your druggist Complete line of cosmetics Consultant on duty daily Free Prescription Delivery 234-4401 University Launderette 1310 E. University Ave. Open 24 Hours 7 Days Self Service 402 Advertisements Oxford Bank Trust Company . . . Where People Make the Difference osco the Office Supply Company SOB 23RD AVE. P. O. BOX 5557 MERIDIAN. MISSISSIPPI 393O1 University Sporting Goods On the Square Advertisements 403 Leslie Drugs 1121 Jackson Ave. 234-1551 dress shop Casual Wear A Specialty West Side of Square Post Office Box 49 Oxford, Mississippi 38655 Phone 234-1701 307 So. Lamar Oxford, MS 38655 KING BROTHERS, LTD. Greeks Gifts Jewelry Engraving One Block South of Courthouse 234-9208 BROWW GEAKT INCORPORATED BROKERS AND ADVISORS FOR INVESTORS First National Bank Building Jackson, Mississippi 39705 948-8841 Dino ' s Pizza Steaks On the Square 234-6777 404 Advertisements 1839- 1849- 1859- 1869- 1879- 1889- 1899- 1909- 1919- 1929- 1939- 1949- 1959- 1969- 1979- 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960- 1970- 1980 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921 1931 1941 1951 1961 1971 1842 1852 1862 1872 1882 1892 1902 1912 1922 1932 1942 1952 1962 1972 1843 1853 1863 1873 1883 1893 1903 1913 1923 1933 1943 1953 1963 1973 1844 1854 1864 1874 1884 1894 1904 1914 1924 1934 1944 1954 1964 1974 1845 1855 1865 1875 1885 1895 1905 1915 1925 1935 1945 1955 1965 1975 1846 1856 1866 1876 1886 1896 1906 1916 1926 1936 1946 1956 1966 1976 1847 1857 1867 1877 1887 1897 1907 1917 1927 1937 1947 1957 1967 1977 1848 1858 1868 1878 1888 1898 1908 1918 1928 1938 1948 1958 1968 1978 . and more to come, NEILSONS ON THE OXFORD SQUARE SINCE RECORD TAPE CENTER 1006 Jackson Ave. 234-8228 GO REBELS! Pi Kappa Alpha House Corporation Jim Speed, President Joe Meadows, 1st Vice President Chuck Berry, 2nd Vice President Max Waldrop, Treasurer Dennis Baker, Secretary Advertisements 405 " OurSeruice That ' s tne one word that best describes Ross Yerger. We ' ve been serving Mississippi icim personal and business insurance for well over a century to service. . . it ' s our serve. " The House of Insurance since 7860 " ROSS YERGER Jackson, Mississippi NODDY TODDY East Mississippi Chapter Ole Miss Alumnae Association Lauderdale Co. Clarke Co. Jasper Co. Newton Co. Neshoba Co. Kemper Co. Elliott Lumber Company 406 Allvnrtbementl nCo. a Co. irCo. Ififeknow what you want Member FDIC AilviTlisrmi ' nts 4117 , ' ,Ali- .1FFICE United Southern Bank Clarksdale, Oxford, Batesville, Drew, Lambert, Tutwiler, Sledge, Pope, Friars Point, Jonestown, and Lula Member FDIC West Side Motor Branch FLOWERS TRANSPORTATION, INC. POST OFFICE BOX 1588 GREENVILLE. MISSISSIPPI SERVING LAFAYETTE COUNTY. OXFORD, AND THE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1923. " Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year " GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY ON THE SQUARE FREE DELI VERY J.B.Gathright Aston Holley 4()H Ailvrrlisrmrnls Chaney ' s Eastgate Pharmacy Mr. Brent Smith Univ. Ave. E. 232-7221 Rebel Press Office Supply Co., Inc, 1005 Van Buren Ave. 234-2811 Jim ' s Jewelry Gift Shop Oakwood Mall Oxford Uelson mm hall CHEVROLET South Frontage Road Meridian, Mississippi 693-4411 Advertisements 409 City Hall 1 07 South Lamar 236-1310 1313V 25th Avenue Ovwtoeklng H. o. Spu.r. STEWART SNEED HEWES, INC. INSURANCE AND BONDS SINCE 1905 GULFPORT. MISSISSIPPI 39501 TELEPHONE (601) 863-5362 (Won J ' 6 " ! ON THE SQUARE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 38655 BONANZA Hwy. 6 West 234-7655 41(1 Achntisc ' mnil.s , I 14 Great Places To Save NORTH Savings Loan Association Oxford Hernando Horn Lake Senatobia Tunica Clarksdale Cleveland Grenada Starkville Houston Pontotoc New Albany Booneville Ripley Good Luck Ole Miss You ' re The Reason We Do It ... Nobody can do it like McDonalds can McDonald ' s I 1900 University Avenue Oxford, Mississippi Go Rebels! QUITMAN BANKING SYSTEM Bank of Quitman Bank of Meridian Bank of Pachuta Bank of Enterprise JAMES T. SPEED CHAIRMAN Of THE OAKO Shipley ' s Donuts 1711 E. University Ave. 234-7200 Also Serving Breakfast and Lunch OXFORD ffledical Center PHARMACY 2209 S. Lamar 234-7666 Advertisements 411 " Oxford ' s Inn Place " Best Western Best Western The Oxford Inn Oxford Inn Entrance Is the Most Unique, Unusual Place in Town Cl(!iincst Rooms Color TV Dinu;t Dial Phone Swimmin| Pool Banquot Facilities Greenhouse Restaurant Locker Room Library Disco Lounge Spocial Backgammon and Pinball Tournaments For exciting fun, great food, and good relaxation, come to the Oxford Inn Hvvy. 6 Bypass and South Lamar Swimming Pool Library Disco 4 2 AilviTlinrmrnls OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI 38655 TELEPHONE 234-0024 West Department Store 705 N. Lamar Blvd. 234-1 254 fbrmu Mrnula .. -gcyctetire s TIRES OXFORD TIRE AUTO CENTER, INC. 1703 EAST UNIVERSITY AVE. OXFORD. MS 38655 234-4042 Full Service Center ' New-Used Tires MSCOOT usi am aunt PHONE 234-3331 308 JACKSON AVE. STAR LAUNDRY CLEANERS WHO warrt fH b st Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation Hamilton, Mississippi Continuously Supporting Higher Education at Ole Miss One of the South ' s Finest Learning Institutions 414 Advertisements Growing With Ole Miss New Chemistry Building Coulter Hall _ _ .North East M I Mississippi ITiy Electric Power Association Advertisements 415 WALT MDON PHOTOGRAPHY OXFORD-MS 60-234-5570 Award-winning portraits, fraternity, sorority and party photography in the Mid-South area. 416 Advertisements Now Offering Ladies ' Jeans and Tops Highway 6 West Oxford 234-4204 its, irty the ea, Our Exclusive Q) COTTON BOLL Button down Oxford Cloth Shirt " All Cotton is the Best " Specially long wearing 100% cotton shirts. Handcut and customized with unbreakable pearl blended buttons and all single needle construction. Shirts with a time honored tradition. White, blue, pink, yellow, tan S24.50 Sizes 14 -18 Sleeves 32-36 Sizes 17Vi and larger and 36 " sleeves S3.00 extra Mail Orders filled promptly Applique by Request Mail to: P.O. Box 3404 Memphis, TN 38103 Call Ms. Palla 901 525-8155 SECOND AT COURT 6327 POPLAR , 2 COTTON BOLL - Reystcrtd Trdmrk. Alf red ' s Inc. I Hughes Fluff Dry 604 S. 1 6th Street 234-0664 Serving all your laundry needs DANVER ' S Try Our 4-Inch Biscuits For Breakfast Highway 6 West 234-2886 Advertisements 417 Aaron A AARON, JAMES VICTOR. Memphis, TN, Freshman. Marking., 308, 309 ABBOTT. MARY COYLE, Birmingham, AL, Sophomore. Jour. 262,263 ABEL. TUDDY MARIMAE, Duck Hill, MS, Freshman, Gen. Eng. 212,290.291,326 ABERNATHY, JOANIE LUCY, Pulaski, TN, Junior, H.E.-lntr., 200, 203, 236, 243, 322, 323. 360 ABLES, WINFRED WAYNE. Memphis. TN. Senior, Radio and TV. 83 ABRAHAM, DAVID THOMAS, Vicksburg, MS, Junior, English, 270, 271 , 360 ABRAHAM, LILLIAN ELAINE, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Bus. Ed.. 157,290,291 ABU-HAMRA, SAMIR. Junior. CM. Eng.. 252 ABUTO. AMBROSE PAUL. Junior, Bank and Fin , 145. 360 ACRED, JOY ANNETTE. Junior, Gen. Eng., 266. 267. 360 ADAM, STEPHEN ANDREW. Shannon. MS. Junior. Blol. Sci . 248 ADAMS, JOHN DEAN. Mobile. AL. Junior. H . P.E. and Rec . 1 04, 360 ADAMS, MARCIA LISA, Vicksburg, MS, Freshman, Law Enfo 290, 291 , 326 ADAMS, MARY BRIGHT HENSLEY, Oxford, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin. ,274, 275 ADAMS, ROSEMARY, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Jour., 278, 27 ADCOCK, MICHAEL EUGENE, Pearl, MS. Junior, Law Enfo . 310, 311.360 ADCOX, JOHN EDWARD. Louisville, MS, Freshman. Dntstry , 215,284,326 ADEY. ANN ELIZABETH, Sheffield, AL. Freshman, Biol. Sci.. 280, 28. 249, 326 ADKINS, SUSAN ELIZABETH. Columbia, TN, Freshman, Medicine, 322. 323. 326 AHLVIN. ALDER FRANK, Vicksburg, MS, Sophomore, Mangmnt. , 250, 344 AILLS, JONAHAN SEWELL, Dallas, TX, Sophomore. Gen Bus., 284, 285, 344 AILSWORTH, GREGORY KEITH. Keysville, VA. Junior, Urban Ad.. 272. 273 AKER, SHANNON EDWARD. Memphis, TN. Sophomore, Jour 262, 26, 308, 309 AKERS, GREGORY HULSEY. Taylorsville, MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy. 223, 390 AL-BASHA, ALI MOSA, South Lebanon, Junior, Civl. Eng., 152, 156,360 AL-TURK, EMAD ALDIN AKRAM Hawalli. Senior, Civl. Eng., 152. 156,360 ALBERT, PAUL HOWARD, Pascagoula, MS. Junior, Bank and Fin., 272, 273 ALBRITTON, EDWARD ALLEN, Gulfport, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus.. 282. 283 ALDERSON. LESA DIANE, Williamsport, TN. Senior. Spch Tpy.,215, 274, 275 ALDRIDGE, GARY KENDALL, Jackson. MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 100,142, 316,317 ALDRIDGE. MARY HELEN Hollandale. MS. Junior. Elem. Ed.. 290, 291 , 360 ALEXANDER. JANE CUMMINS. Nashville. TN. Sophomore, Jour, 306.344 ALEXANDER, LEWIS EDWARD JR.. Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 21 5 ALEXANDER. LISA LAN AIR. Long Beach, MS, Freshman. Elem. Ed., 274, 275 ALEXANDER, OLIVER DONNELL, Blue Mountain. MS. Unclass., Educ., 21 0,268, 221 ALEXANDER, VIRGINIA LAURIE, Greenville. MS. Law I. Law, 200 ALFORD. CORA JEAN, West Point, MS. Freshman. Pol. Sci., 215.290.291 ALFORD, MARILYN CAROL, Columbus. MS. Junior, Med. Tech., 154, 155, 23, 344 ALLDRIDGE, JAMES ROBERT. Grenada, MS. Junior, Elec. Eng., 153.360 ALLEN. BARBARA ANN, Bruce, MS, Grad. I, Home. EC.. 155. 394 ALLEN, DONALD HAROLD, Jackson, TN, Senior, Urban Ad., 136,145,219,316,31,360 ALLEN, DONALD TERENCE, Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 147 ALLEN. JO-ANN MARSHALL. Senior, S.Ed. Art, 140 ALLEN, KATHRYN LEE, Oxford, MS, Senior, Art, 21 5 ALLEN, LARRY EUGENE, Jackson. MS. Junior. Accy . 298. 299 ALLEN. RUTH KINBROUGH. Vicksburg, M Ed., 288, 289 Vicksburg, MS. Freshman, Elem. I, 28 ALLGOOD, JIMMY CLIFTON, Duck Hill. MS. Freshman. Comp. Sci.. 253 ALLISON. MITZIE GAIL, Ripley, MS. Junior. Comm Dis . 215. 360 ALLRED. DANI CHERYL. Natchez, MS, Grad. I, Socio , 248, 394 ALLRED, JAMES LAWRENCE, Jackson, MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus., 314. 31 ALONSO, BEATRIZ LUISA, Grad. I, Bus. Adm., 151 ALSOBROOKS, ROBIN KIMBERLY. Florence, MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 141, 1, 145, 212.278,279,344 ALSTON. CARLA ANN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, 21 5, 344 ALTENBERN. DOUGLAS C. JR., Brentwood. TN, Sophomore, Medicine, 1 42, 1 4. 1 45, 261 . 284. 285 ALTIMIER, MARK ANDREW, Cincinnati, OH. Senior, Jour., 147. 276. 221 ALVERSON. LUCY ALLEN, Paris, KY, Junior, Pre-Accy 288, 289 ALVEY, LAURA RAYE. Franklin, KY, Sophomore, Radio and TV, ALVIS. CYNTHIA Dl ANNE, Jackson, MS. Freshman, Elem. Ed.. 21 5, 326 AMACKER, DOUGLAS DRISKELL. Natchez. MS. Senior, Gen. Bus., 298. 299, 360 AMBORT, STEVEN NEAL, North Little Rock. AR, Freshman, Bank and Fin. ,314, 315 AMOS, LOUISE ISE, Winona, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 212, 326 ANDERSON, ANDREW COY, Anguilla, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 276, 27, 360 ANDERSON, GARY LEE. Byhalia. MS, Grad. I, Urban PI.. 215 ANDERSON. IDA ALEXIS, Byhalia. MS. Freshman. 200. 326 ANDERSON, KAREN WILSON. Senior, Clth. Mer.. 215, 266, 267, 360 ANDERSON, LAURA LOUISE, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Elec. Eng.. 286. 287. 326 ANDERSON. MARK DAVID. Okolona. MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 143, 74, 212. 300, 344 ANDERSON-SMITH, KAREN, Vicksburg, MS, Sophomore. Corrctns . 238. 344 ANDREWS, KAREN LEIGH. Blue Mountain, MS. Senior. Psyc., 212, 290.291 ANDREWS, LESLIE ANNETTE. Greenville, MS, Freshman. 278, 27, 101,215.242 ANDREWS. MARY ELIZABETH, Magnolia, MS, Freshman, Medicine. 304. 305, 326 ANDREWS, WILLIAM HINTON JR.. Magnolia, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin.. 31 6. 31 ANDY, MARIA L Madison. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 215. 326 ANGERO, MARTHA JANET. Meridian. MS. Senior. Accy.. 157. 278. 279 ANTHONY. JAY ALAN. Ocean Springs. MS, Sophomore. Mangmnt.. 282, 283. 344 APOSTLE, GEORGIA PAULINE, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Marking.. 215,278,279,326 ARATA, WILLIAM SCOTT, Memphis. TN, Junior, Marking 83 ARBABI, ABOLGHASSEM. Sari, Senior, Comp. Sci. .153 ARKADAN. ABDULRAHMAN AHMAD. Sidon. Senior, Elec. Eng., 140.152,153 ARMSTRONG. JAMES HARRY. Tupelo, MS, Junior, Mus. Educ., 142,238.344 ARMSTRONG. MELISSA LYNN. Boonville. MS. Freshman. 290. 291 ARNOLD, JANET GRACEN. Yazoo City, MS, Junior, History, 266, 267 ARTHUR. ANDREW WILSON JR., Sophomore, Accy.. 284, 285 ASBURY, WENDY RAE. Yazoo City, MS. Junior. Marking . 145. 227,290.291,399,360 ASHBURN, LISA RENAY, Clinton. MS, Junior, Zoology, 215, 238 ASHLEY. SHERYLE DELARIE, Parma, MO, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 322, 323, 344 ASKEW, FRANCES ALLINE, Greenwood, MS, Junior, Crt. Rptg.. 221. 278. 279. 259 ATKINS. ANGEL YN AGNES. Ruston. LA, Senior. H.E.-lntr., 278, 279, 100 ATKINSON, PAMELA CHEYENNE, Canton, MS, Junior, Pharmacy, 205,274,275,215,344 AUBERT, KEITH JOSEPH, Waveland. MS. Senior, Chem. Eng., 153 AUNE, KELLY THORNTON. Water Valley, MS, Freshman, Elec. Eng., 298, 299, 326 AUSTIN, LYNDA CAROLINE, Southaven, MS, Senior, Marking., 288, 289 AUSTIN, MARY KATHERINE, Southaven, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 143. 210. 215. 288. 289. 344 AUSTIN, THOMAS MICHAEL, McComb. MS. Law II, Law, 1 36 AUSTIN, WANDA JEAN. Randolph, MS, Junior, H., P.E. and Rec., 99, 108.360 AVERS. MELINDA ANN. Germantown, TN, Sophomore. Nursing, 21 5. 280. 281 . 326 AVERY. JIMMY L., Cleveland. MS, Senior, Biol. Sci.. 284. 285. 360 AVERY, MARGARET SUZANNE. Cleveland, MS, Sophomore, Bus. Ed., 220, 262. 263, 344 AYCOCK. EUNICE NAUGLE, Prairie, MS, Phrm. II, Pharmacy, 140,219 AZAR. JOSEPH S. JR., Greenville, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus., 206. 220, 272, 2, 360 AZIM, ASHRAF UL, Unclass., Urban PI. .215, 394 AZIZ, NADIM M . Oxford. MS. Unclass.. Engr. Sci.. 152, 156 AZORDEGAN. PHILIPPE ALBERT, Oxford, MS. Freshman, Medicine. 276, 277 B BACCUS. CHARLANE, Austin. TX, Freshman. Mar. Biol., 215. 326 BACKER, WARREN HOWARD JR.. New Orleans, LA. Freshman, Gen. Bus., 272, 273, 326 BAILESS. SUSAN. University. MS. Senior. Elem. Ed.. 124, 218, 274, 275, 243 BAILEY. CONNIE ANN. Senatobia. MS, Junior. Elem. Ed.. 1 54, 238. 344 BAILEY, ELIZABETH SHELBY. New Orleans, LA, Sophomore, Pre-Accy., 142. 290, 291, 344 BAILEY. FRANK HALL. Oxford, MS, Law I. Law. 1 36, 31 4. 31 5 BAILEY. JOHN MARSHALL JR., Germantown, TN. Freshman, 274, 27, 326 BAILEY, JOSEPH DAVID, Memphis, TN, Junior, Accy.. 145, 308,360 BAKER. ANTHONY AMES, Jackson, MS. Junior, Marking.. 199, 292. 293 BAKER, BRADLEY TODD, Batesville. MS, Senior, Insur, 213 BAKER, CHRISTY LEIGH, Amory. MS, Phrm. -Ill, Pharmacy, 156, 390 BAKER, DENNIS MURPHREE II, Batesville. MS, Unclass.. 308, 309 BAKER. EDWIN B., Tupelo. MS, Sophomore, Rec. Ldrs , 284, 285, 344 BAKER, GARLAND BLAINE, Unclass., Gen. Bus., 238, 394 BAKER. KATHRYN SUZANNE, Long Beach, MS. Junior, 143. 288, 289 BAKER. MARGARET HELEN, Oxford, MS. Freshman. Marking.. 278. 27 BAKER, PHILLIP MARTIN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 200, 252, 261 , 292. 293. 344 BAKER, STEVEN LEE. Tupelo, MS, Junior, Mech. Eng., 270. 2. 360 BAKER. TERRI LYNN, Grenada, MS. Sophomore. Marking., 266, 26 BAKER, VIRGINIA ANN, Hattiesburg, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy.. 215, 274. 275. 326 BALCH, VICTOR DENTON. Pass Christian, MS, Bank Fin , Junior, 282, 283 BALDUCCI, ALLISON JUDITH, Shelby, MS. Pharmacy. Sophomore, 208, 326 BALDWIN. REGINA MOORE, Houlka. MS. S.Ed. L.S.. Senior BALDWIN. SHEILA SUE, Sophomore, 143, 145, 306 BALL, JOHNNY LANE, Magnolia. MS, Gen. Bus., Junior, 109, 110. 111 BALL, SHARON ANN MCCREE, Oxford. MS, Unclass., 155 BALLARD, DONNA MCGRAW, Natchez, MS, Sophomore, English, 143, 212. 274, 275. 344 BALTHIS, LENORA GAILE. Columbus. MS. Sophomore, Phys Tpy.. 247, 344 BANAHAN, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Oxford, MS, Grad. III. Phrm. Sci.. 155 BANE, CLINT EUGENE III, University, MS, Junior, Pharmacy, 312,313 BANKS, CYNTHIA ANN, Brandon, MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 304. 305 BANKS. JENNIFER ROSE. Columbia. MO, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 222. 223, 344 BARBER, FRANK D. Ill, Jackson. MS. Law II, Law. 212 BARBER, GARY WAYNE. Oxford, MS. Senior. Gen Bus.. 149 BARBIERO. DENISE CELESTE, Scarborough. Freshman, Soc. S. Wk. 108 BARBOUR, JEPTHA FOWLKES IV. Yazoo City. MS, Freshman. Bank and Fin. .21 5, 326 BARGERON, MARJORIE TYLER, Senior. Home EC . 286, 287 BARKLEY. WILLIAM DONALD JR.. Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Gen Bus.. 308. 309, 344 BARKSDALE. JAYNE SAUNDERS. Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Socio.. 208.318.319 BARLOW. JAMES BUREN, Jackson. MS. Senior, Chem., 1 45. 148.314.315 BARLOW, JULIE TOWNES Jackson. MS. Sophomore, English. 145. 215,318. 319 BARNABO. MARK JOSEPH. Sardis. MS, Junior. Math. 318. 319 360 BARNARD. JAMES JENNINGS. Clarksdale MS. Junior. Bank and Fin.. 292. 29. 360 BARNES. DONNA MARGUERITE. Natchez. MS, Sophomore Clas Civ.. 154, 344 BARNES, ELIZABETH DRENNAN Summit. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus. 280.281,360 BARNES, EMILY BELLE. Summit, MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus 280 281 . 326 BARNES, MARGARET ELISE, Memphis, TN, Sophomore, Clth Mer, 288, 289. 344 BARNES, THOMAS BRADFORD Media, PA, Grad III, Phrm. Sci.. 223 BARNETT, JAMES ARDEN JR., Clinton, MS. Law I, Law, 136 BARNETT, JANET LERHEA. Ocean Springs. MS, Junior. Gen Bus., 28$ 281, 360 BARNETT, JANICE LYNN, Grenada, MS, Senior, H., P E and Rec., 93, 96. 108. 200, 290. 291 BARNETT. JOHN BARRY, Memphis, TN. Sophomore, Gen Bus., 272, 273 BARNETT. MICHAEL LEE. Humboldt. TN. Sophomore, Civl Eng., 270. 2 BARNHILL, LISA LOUISE. Charleston. MS, Junior, Elem. Ed 278. 279 BARRETT. CHARLES MITCHELL. Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy. 223. 390 BARRETT. CHRISTOPHER M., Memphis. TN, Junior, H., P E. and Rec., 85, 91 BARRETT, JOHN LINDSEY JR Macon. MS, Senior, Bank and Fin 212,314 BARRY, CHARLES STEWART IV. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus., 270 BARTHOLOMEW, JUDY LARRAINE COLLINS, Bruce MS Senior, Elem. Ed. ,134 BARTLES. ISABEL, Stuttgart, Junior, Music, 155 BARTON. MICHAEL LOYD. Pineville. LA. Senior. Urban Ad.. 238 BARTON. STEPHEN CURRY, Memphis, TN, Senior, English, 296,297 BASHGHAREH, KHOJEH AHMAD. Tehran, Grad. Ill, Econ 151 BASMA, ADNAN ADIB. University. MS, Senior, Civl. Eng.. 152. 153. 360 BASS, ADRIENNE ALEXANDRA. Jackson, MS, Sophomore, 278, 27 BASS, KIMBERLY DAWN, Tupelo, MS, Freshman, Crt. Rptg., 215. 326 BASS. NANCY MANIER. Nashville TN, Freshman, 215. 288, 289. 326 BASSETT, ROBERT MARTIN. Redlngton Shore. FL. Senior. 149 BAT, BETTY LYNN, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Marking.. 280 28 245 326 BAT. THOMAS EDWARD. Jackson, MS, Junior. Biol Sci 308. 309. 261 BATEMAN, BLANE EDWARD. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 276, 27 BATEMAN. JANICE LYNN. Amory, MS, Junior, Psyc.. 247, 360 BATES, LISA SUSAN, Laurel, MS. Freshman. Medicine, 215 BATES, RICKEY LEE, Southaven. MS. Sophomore. 212. 326 BATES. THOMAS ALLEN, Jacksonville, MS, Junior, Rec. Ldrs., 107 BATES. TYRONE C., Nesbitt, MS, Junior, Jour.. 270. 271 . 344 8ATTAILE. JULIANNE, Belden. MS. Freshman, 215, 288. 289. 326 ; 41H Imlcx Bridges BATTON, REBECCA JANE, Jackson. MS. Unclass . Bus. Mm., 151 BAXTER. A. MELISSA. Hemando MS. Freshman. Elem Ed . 274. 275 BAXTER. CHRISTOPHER EMMET Oxford, MS. Grad I. Urban PI., 136.207.394 BA22ELL, CYNTHIA JOAN Kennett MO. Senkx. Gen Bus . 288.289 BEADLES. KIMBERLY ANNE Brmkley, AR. Sophomore. H.E - Intr.. 322. 323.344 BEAL. WESLEY MARTIN. Medford Mew, NJ, Sophomore. Chem Eng., 270. 271 BEAN, ROBERT TENDALL Parkhdge. IL. Freshman. Gen Bus.. 300. 30 BEARD, PAUL OTTO JR , luka, MS. Junior. Music. 238 BEARDAIN. VICKI NELL. Oxford. MS. Law I. Law. 145 BEAUMONT. LORI ANN, Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Adm. Serv., 290, 291,344 BECKER. GEOFFREY MARK. Brandon. MS, Phmr-l. Pharmacy 223 BECKER, JAMIE ELIZABETH. GautJer. MS. Junior. Nursing, 208. 286.287 BECKER. JASPER BENCMT, Brookhaven. MS. Senior. Martrtng., 314. 315 BECKER, KATHRYN ELIZABETH. Jackson, MS. Senior, Crtti Mer BECKHAM. DONALD EDWARD. Sophomore Bank and Fin., 312. 31 BEDOINGFIELD, JOHN J. III. Meridian. MS. Senior. Biol Sc 148.310.31 BEE. SUSAN SEAVEY. New Orleans. LA. Junior. Radio and TV 274. 275 BEEBE. DIANE KAYE. Brandon. MS, Senior. Zoology 138. 121. 148 BEECH. REGINA KATHERINE. Birmingham. AL. Junior. Psyc., 266. 267. 360 BEENE. CHARLES WILLIAM. Oxford. MS. Grad III. Educ .. 253 BELENCHIA JOHNNY MARSHALL. Shelby. MS. JunkSr. Dntstry. 145.30. 360 BELENCHIA. MARCIA ANN, Shelby, MS. Sophomore. Marking., 143.344 BELENCHIA. PATRICIA LAURA, Shelby. MS, Freshman, Comm. Dis 266 21 326 BELENCHIA. THERESA AMELIA, Shelby. MS. Grad I. Spch Pm.. 134.140 BELK. JULIE ANN. Kosciusko. MS. Sophomore. Pre-Accy.. 215. 288. 289, 326 BELL. BETTY ANN. Memphis. TN. Junior. Crt. Rplg.. 215. 304, 3, 360 BELL. KAREN RICKMAN Springfield. TN. Sophomore. Clth Mer , 280. 28, 344 BELL, SAMUEL BYRON. Germantown, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus . 316, 3 BELL. SANDRA KATHRYN. Germantown. TN. Senior. S Ed L S. 262, 263 BELL. TANYA CHARISSE, Holly Springs. MS. Sophomore. Radio and TV, 246. 344 BELL. WILLIAM KENNETH Pearl MS. Junior, Accy .106 360 BELLAMY, HENRY MAYNARD Coolridge. WV. Senior. Chem.. 145.148.318.319 BELLENGER. REBECCA LYNN. Jackson, MS, Junior, Inst Mgt 146. 278. 279. 360 BENGE. DOUG EDGAR. Madison. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 308. 309 BENNETT. ALLAN PASCAL, Oxford. MS. Law III. Law. 124 BENNETT. JOSEPH THOMAS. Sophomore. Gen Bus . 284. 28 BENNETT. MARY ALEXANDRA. Lexington. KY. Sophomore, Radio and TV. 286. 28 BENNETT. TRENT A.. Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy. 223. 390 BENSON, NED JR . Tupelo. MS. Phrrn.-l. Pharmacy. 223 BENSON. VICKI ANN. Fulton, MS. Freshman, Urban Ad.. 215. 290. 291.326 BENTON. KARAN LORRAINE. Baton Rouge. LA. Junior. S. Ed S. S. 202. 278. 279 BENTON. MARVIN DEAN II. Jackson, MS. Senior Bank and fin.. 220. 298. 2 BENVENUTTI. MARY REBECCA, Bay St Louis. MS. Junior. Jour.. BENVENUTTI. SUSAN ALICE. Bay St Louis. MS. Unclass .. Design. 290.291 BERRY. JOAN MERCER. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Art. 286. 287 BERRY. PAIGE HAYNES. Franklin. TN. Senior. ArMntr.. 286. 287 BERRY. REBECCA KAREN. Jackson. MS. Junior, Gen Bus., 322 323 BERRY, SIDNEY RAYMOND JR.. Sophomore. Accy . 314. 315 BERRY. WILLIAM BRADLEY. Clarksdale. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus.. 155.143.270 BERRY. WILLIAM HUBERT. Prentiss, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 140.390 BERRYHILL. BRENDA SUE. Batesvilte, MS. Junior. Marking 215.361 BERTOLET. BARRY DEAN, Vidaiia. LA, Junior. Medicine. 145. 142.143,270.27 BESSELIEVRE. SCOTT SYLVAN. Cleveland. MS. Sophomore. Comp Sci . 308, 309 BEST. DELINA DOTY, Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Crth Mer.. 208. 278. 279 BEST. ELIZA ANN. Mountain Brook. AL. Sophomore. H E -trrtr . 249 BETHANY, KATE LAWRENCE. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Comp. Sci. 215. 266, 267. 326 BEXLEY. WILLIAM EARL, Vicksburg. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 210. 312. 313 BEY. DELYNN RUTH, Long Beach, MS. Freshman. Jour.. 215 BEYER. BRYAN RANDOLPH, Memphis TN. Senior. Chem Eng 298,299 BICKERSTAFF, JUDY LYNN, Jackson. MS. Junior. Elem. Ed.. 208.274,275.218 BICKERSTAFF. MARGARET QUAY. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Pol Sci.. 101.215. 326 BIDDLE, JOHN MICHAEL. West Hekena. AR. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 238.326 BIDDY. WILLIAM GLYNN. Columbus. MS. Senior. Theatre BIEDENHARN. FRANCIS MARION Vicksburg, MS, Junior. Accy . 312. BIGGS. MIKE CONNER. Jackson MS Senior, English. 215. 238. 284 285 BILLINGSLEY. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER. Senatobia. MS. Freshman, Gen Bus . 312. 313 BINGHAM, STEPHEN EDWARD. Cleveland. MS. Senior. Civl Eng , BINKLE Y. HAL RAY. Springfield TN. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 314. 315.344 BIRDWELL. ANN WALTON. Carthage. TN. Sophomore. Bank and Fin, 215. 274. 275 BISHOP. MARC RANDALL. Moss Point. MS. Senior, Gen Bus . 213. 282. 283. 361 BISHOP. RONNIE DALE. Waynesboro. MS. Sophomore. Marking 270 271 344 BLACK. CHARLES EDWARD JR . Memphis. TN. Grad. I. Bus. Adm., 147.150 BLACK, JOHN THOMAS JR . Senatobia. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin .148. 314.315 BLACKLEDGE. KRISTA DAWN. Laurel. MS. Junior. Geology . 215. 278. 279. 361 BLACKLEDGE. WILLIAM DAVID. Laurel. MS, Junior. Bank and Fin 316.317 BLACKMAN. ELIZABETH GAYLE Indianapolis. IN. Freshman. 286, 287 BLACKMAN, LISA ANN. East Prairie. MO. Senior. Marking.. 290. 291 . 361 , 344 BLACK MON, JAMES EDWIN. Greenville, MS. Senior. History. 215 BLACKSTON. JOSEPH WALKER. Oxford. MS. Junior. Medicine. 296. 297 BLAIR. JOHN DAVID. Clinton. MS. Junior. Pol. Sci.. 318.31 BLAIR. MARGARET LOWE. Jackson. MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 280. 281. 326 BLAIR. MICHAEL WARREN. Louisville. KY. Senior. Marking.. 314.315 BLAIR. SUSAN ALCOTT, Pascagoula. MS. Senior. Marking.. 322.323 BLAKE. JAMES STEVE. Clarksdale. MS. Senior. Biol. Sci.. 240. 268. 26 BLAKE. SUSAN BETH. Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Adm. Serv.. 304. BLAKELY. USA DAWN. Grenada. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 215. 26. 267, 344 BLALACK, JOHN WALLACE. Pearl. MS. Senior. Pre-Accy.. 157 BLALOCK, JEFFREY WILBORN. Freshman. 314, 315. 327 BLANCHARD. JAIDA ELIZABETH. Monroe. LA, Freshman. 238. 327 BLEDSOE. NANCY LLEWELLYN. Greenville, MS, Freshman. Pre- Accy . 215. 290. 291 . 326 BLEDSOE. SYBIL ANDERSEN. Greenville. MS. Junior. Soc Work. 274. 275. 345 BLONKVIST. KEVIN MICHEAL Midland, TX. Junior. Marking.. 296.297 BLOUNT. CLAY BRYAN. Jackson. MS. Freshman, Chem Eng . 270. 271 BOATWRIGHT, EMILY ANN. Millington, TN, Junior, Pharmacy BOATWRIGHT. LAURA REGINA, Millington. TN, Phrm -III, Pharmacy. 280. 28. 390 BOBO. JOEL KIRKPATRICK. Clarksdale. MS. Senior. Accy . 147.296.29 BOBO. RHONDA REBECCA. Senatobia. MS. Junior, Psyc.. 215. 361 BOCK, CAROLA. Tupelo, MS. Junior. German. 322. 323. 345 BOGGAN. JOHN COMAN JR., Tupelo, MS, Junior, Pol Sci.. 212. 215.310.311.361 BOLIN. TAMMY RANAE Brooksville, MS, Freshman. V. Hm. EC. 280.281. 327 BOLTIN. TEMPLE ANNE. Windermere. FL, Freshman. 288. 289 BOLTON. JAN LYNETTE, Phrm.- lll. Pharmacy. 223. 266. 267. 390 BOND. JEFFREY BRENT. Carthage. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 21 0. 21 2. 21 S. 31 6. 31 7 BOND, M GUtON JR . Carthage. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin.. 220 BOND, TONY KEITH. Sarepta. MS, Sophomore, Pre-Accy.. 143 BONDS. BETTIE AILENE. Hughes. AR. Freshman, Elem. Ed.. 242. 266.267 BONDS. HAROLD DEAN. Roxie. MS. Senior, Med Tech . 318. 319. 361 BONDS. ROBERT ALEXANDER III. Natchez. MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 238. 308. 309. 327 BONDS, TERESA ANN. Houston. MS. Sophomore. Clth Mer . 280. 28 BOONE. JUDY ANN, Tupelo. MS, Sophomore. Spcl Ed 280. 28 BOONE, WARREN WATSON. Houston. TX. Junior. Gen. Bus.. 316.317 BOOTH. ANNE REED. Eupora. MS, Junior. Pre-Accy.. 304. 305 BOOTH. BEVERLY CLAIRE, Clarksdale. MS. Senior, Soc S WlL. 215, 278, 279 BOOTH. CATHERINE ANN. Pine Bluff. AR. Sophomore. Mus Educ.. 154.155.238 BOOTHE. MELINDA KAY. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 278. 27 BORAH. ANU PROVA. University. MS. Senkx. CM. Eng.. 156 BORNE. DEBRA ANN. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Pol Sci.. 21 5, 345 BOS. ELIZABETH DUENEL. Summit, MS. Freshman. Clth. Mer.. BOSCHERT. BETSY MAUREEN BILLS. Oxford. MS, Grad I. Bus. Adm.. 290.291.394 BOTELER. MARY ELIZABETH. Laurel. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 304. 30 BOULDIN MARSHALL JONES IV, Clarksdale. MS. Junior. Medicine. BOUNDS. ELEANOR DIANE. Ackerman, MS. Senior. Music. 140.155 BOUNDS. JEFFERY ROSS. Newton. MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 31 6. 31 BOUNDS. MARGARET JEAN. Nashville. TN. Sophomore. Jour.. 286. 287, 345 BOURNE, SAM LLOYD JR.. Jackson. MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 296. 297 BOUTWELL, TERESA D ARLENE, Clinton. MS. Senior. Corrctns , 290.291 BOWEN, AUSA VICTORIA. Greenwood. MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 304. 305. 327 BOWERS. DEBORAH ANNE. Jackson, TN, Sophomore. CHtv Mer 304. 30 BOWERS. JAMES ROBERT. Florence AL. Grad III. Math, 152 BOWERS. PATRICIA LYNNE. Junior. Jour., 304, 30 BOWLES, JACK LOWHY, Greenwood, MS. Phrm.-lll. Pharmacy. 223. 390 BOWMAN. CHARLES MEYER III. Greenwood. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin.. 296, 297 BOX. CYNTHIA LEA. Tupelo. MS, Freshman. Elem. Ed., 215. 278. 279. 249. 3 27 BOX. NANCY CAROLYN. Tupelo. MS. Junior. Soc S Wk . 215. 249. 278. 279 BOX. ROBERT EDWARD JR . Flora. MS. Senior. Gen Bus.. 213. 300. 30. 361 BOXX. MEDA LYNNE. BakJwyn. MS. Senior. Law Ento . 322. 323 BOYANTON. JAMES STEVEN. Jackson. MS. Junior, Accy . 272. 273 BOYCE, LILLATOWNSEND, Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus. 274,275 BOYD. JAMES JEFFERY. Tupelo. MS. Senior. Bid Sci.. 145. 187, 148.215.314.3.21 BOYD, JENIFER LEIGH. San Antonio. TX. Senior. English. 215, 274. 275 BOYD. NANCY JO CHISM. Tupelo. MS Senior. Mus Educ , 155. 278, 279 BOYD. PATRICK AUBREY. San Antonio. TX. Freshman. 215 BOYKIN. MICHAEL WAYNE. Hollandale. MS. Senior. Pol. Sci.. 109.300,30 BOYLES. WELtHJN HANDAL Jackson, f Bus ,261. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Gen. 51 . 272. 273. 345 BRABEC, KATHRYN ANN. Elizabethtown. KY, Sophomore. Comm. Dis., 143. 306. 3. 345 BRABEC, WILLIAM CHARLES Ettzabethtown, KY, Senior History. 276. 277 BRACEY, MARTHA LOU. Atlanta. GA. Freshman. Gen. Bus., 215. 327 BRADFORD. CHRYSTAL LEE. Pine Bluff. AR, Freshman. Insur 290. 291 . 327 BRADLEY. JANE ELLEN. Lucedate. MS. Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy 223. 322. 32. 390 BRADLEY, JOHN RAY. Florence. AL. Grad. III. Educ., 238 BRADLEY. JUDITH LYNN, Hattiesburg. MS. Sophomore Medicine. 145. 142. 14 200 202 280. 281 . 345 BRADLEY. MARK COHN. Oxford. MS, Freshman. 296. 29 BRADLEY. STANTON CRAIG. Brentwood. TN, Freshman. Gen Bus., 292, 293 BRADLEY, WILLIAM ROSS JR.. Clarksdale. MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 145.314,315 BRADSHAW, PAMELA JANA. Bentonia. MS, Phrrn.-l, Pharmacy. 290.291.390 BRADY. ANNABELLE SMITH. Brookhaven. MS. Freshman, Elem. Ed., 215. 274, 275. 327 BRADY, THOMAS PICKENS III Brookhaven. MS. Senior. English, 216,312.313 BRADY. WILLIAM MICHAEL Miami. FL. Senior. Marking.. 149 BRAGORGOS. NICHOLAS ELLAS Eads, TN, Sophomore. Biol. Sci., 298.299 BRAME. WILLIAM HOOVER. Jackson. MS, Sophomore. Insur.. 292.293 BRAMLETT. LUCIENNE OLMER Oxford. MS. Senior. Adm. Serv 290.291 BRAMUTT, FRANCES ELLEN, New Albany. MS. Sophomore. Nursing. 21 5, 280. 281 BRANDON. CALLIE S.. Helena, AR, Senior, Spanish, 274. 275. 361 BRANDON. KATE CRAIG, Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 274, 27 BRANDT. MELANIE ANN. Louisville. MS. Junior. Jour, and Adv.. 21 8. 288. 289 BRANN. NANCY ELANE. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Jour.. 304. 30 BRANSON. JOHN RICHARD. Jackson. MS. Junior. Marking.. 298.299 BRASF1ELD. CYNTHIA LYNN. Greenville. MS, Junior, Soc. S. Wk.. 290. 291 BRASHIER. BARBARA ALLEN Indianola. MS. Junior, HE -Intr 274. 275 BRASHIER. DEBORAH ANITA. Ocean Springs. MS. Junior. S. Ed S.S..30i 307 361 BREELAND. JERI KATHRYN. Brookhaven. MS. Junior. H.. P.E and Rec. 306. 307. 361 BRELAND. ALLEN MCINNIS Hattiesburg. MS. Senior. Pol. Sci.. 316.3.361 BREWER, CHARLES ANTHONY, Junior. Pol. Sci.. 154. 238. 284. 285.361 BREWER. DEREK OKELLY, Oak Park, IL. Junior, Urban Ad.. 314, 315,361 BREWER. FREDERICK D. JR.. Oxford. MS. Senior. Elec Eng.. 272,273 BREWER. JENNIFER OLIVIA. Tullahoma. TN. Freshman, Math. 290, 29. 327 BREWER. LEATHA KAYE Pulaski TN. Junior. Jour.. 306. 307. 345 BRIDGE. SHADRIC MICHAEL. Oxford. MS. Freshman. 292. 29 BRIDGERS. REGINALD OBRIEN JR . Belzoni. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus., 31 2. 31 Index 419 Bridgets BRIDGES, ANNE LEE. Pascagoula, MS, Senior, Chem , 290,291 BRIDGES, JEFFERY RANDALL, Freshman, Medicine, 158 BRIDGES, MARLON KEITH, Prerttiss, MS, Junior, Accy., 276, 277, 361 BRINKLEY, HAROLD L. JR., Booneville. MS, Junior, S. Ed. S. S., 149 BRINKLEY, HAYNES ALEXANDER, Jackson, MS, Senior, Pol. Sci.. 21 6 BRISCO, PATRICIA MAY, Tupelo, MS, Freshman. Inst. Mgl.. 280, 28 BRISCOE. PAUL STACY, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, Mangmnt., 284, 285, 345 BRITT, AMANDA JOYCE, Jackson, MS, Freshman, 278, 279. 327 BRITTON, PAUL SCOT, Mobile, AL Freshman, Geol Eng . 300, 301 BROCK, CHARLES RANDALL. Stewart, MS. Law I, Law. 151. 212, 394 BROCK. MARK WAYNE, Pontotoc, MS, Freshman, Civl Eng., 215 BROCK, MILLER LEE, Jackson. MS, Freshman, Pre-Accy., 276, 277, 327 BROCKWAY, PAMELA SUE, Huntsville, AL, Freshman, Mus. Educ.,154,238 BROOKS, BARRY LEE, Memphis, TN, Sophomore, Marking., 298, 299 BROOKS, CURTIS C. JR., Ripley, MS, Junior, Marking., 294, 295. 361 BROOKS, PATRICIA LEE. Cleveland, MS, Senior, Clth. Mer, 146,288,289 BROOKS, ROBERT ELWYN. Tonawanda, NY, Senior, Chem. Eng., 153 BROOME, DAVID FRANKLIN, Clarksdale, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 136,145.147,205,296,297 BROWN, CHARLES VICTOR JR., Ripley, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 145,140,148,390 BROWN, GLENN DAVID JR., Meridian, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus 276. 27, 361 BROWN, JAMES STEPHEN, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Insur., 316,31 BROWN. KEVIN CARTER, Vidalia, LA, Freshman, Art, 276, 27 BROWN, KIMBERLY ANN, Vicksburg, MS, Freshman, 215, 266, 267, 327 BROWN, LISA GAY, Freshman Nursing, 280, 281 BROWN, LISA LOUISE, Tupelo, MS, Junior, 280, 281 , 327, 345 BROWN, LYNNE ALLISON, Pascagoula, MS, Sophomore, Clth. Mer., 142, 14, 145. 198, 20 208,21,280,281,345 BROWN, MARSHA LYNN, Walls, MS, Junior, El em. Ed., 154, 238, BROWN, MATTHEW LAMAR, Pearl, MS, Senior, Elec. Eng., 149 BROWN, MELVIN ANTHONY. Sophomore, Law Enfo., 78 BROWN, MINDY SUE, Forest, MS. Unclass.,Gen Bus.,152 BROWN, PATRICK SCOTT, Winona, MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 314, 3, 106, 345 BROWN, RAY H., Amory, MS, Junior, Accy., 215 BROWN, REX STANLEY, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Chem. Eng., 270, 271,327 BROWN, SHERRI LYNN, Petal, MS, Sophomore, Nursing, 215, 345 BROWN, THOMAS CARSON, Jackson, MS, Junior, Pre-Accy., 156 BROWN, TRICIA LEE, Oxford, MS, Senior, S. Ed. S. S., 304, 3 BROWN, VIRGINIA GLENN, Oxford, MS, Junior, Rec. Ldrs., 304, 305 BROWN, WILLIAM ALBERT, Horn Lake, MS. Law I. Law, 151 BROWN, WILLIAM ALLYN, Jackson, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin. ,284. 285 BROWN, WILLIAM SCOTT, Brandon, MS, Junior, Medicine, 298, 299, 362 BROWNING, JOHN GEORGE Ml, Memphis, TN, Junior, Mangmnt., 154,345 BROWNLEE, BEVERLY GAYLE. Pelham, AL, Senior, Music, 145, 134,140,155,322,323,362 BRUCE, PATTI ANNECE, Louisville, MS, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 278, 279 BRU CE, ROBERT ALAN, Magnolia, AR, Junior, Bank and Fin., 310, 311 BRUCHMAN, BARRY JOHN, Bartlett, TN, Junior, Civl. Eng., 153,156 8RUENING, NANCY EDWARDS. Oxford. MS, Sophomore, Thry.- Com., 155 BRUNNER, JOSEPH ALAN, Natchez, MS, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 298, 299 BRUNSON, JOHN MAC JR., Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 298. 299, 362 BRYANT, JULIA ANN, Lake Providence, LA, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 274, 275, 345 BRYANT, LARRY PATRICK, Helena, AR, Junior, Medicine, 314, 315 BRYANT. SANDRA LYNN. Memphis. TN, Freshman, Dent. Hyg., 288, 289, 327 BUCHANAN, CALVIN DOUGLAS, Okolona, MS, Senior, Pol. Sci., 145, 149 BUCHANAN, EDGAR MARION, Indianola, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin.. 284, 285 BUCHANAN, MARION KAY, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Nursing, 278, 279 BUCK, KENNETH CHARLES, Columbus, MS, Sophomore, Pol. Sci., 238, 345 BUCY, LAURA NELL, Satillo, MS, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 215, 345 BUEHL, DEENA LOUISE, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 290, 291 , 345 BUEHLER, ALBERT WILLIAM, Durham, NC, Sophomore, Mangmnt, 284, 2 BUFFINGTON, CHARLES PHIL, Canton, MS, Senior, Insur., 200 BUFORD, CATHERINE REGEL, Jackson, MS, Junior. Clth. Mer., 280, 281 BULLARD, JOHN WILLIAMS, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Urban Ad., 216 BULLARD, JUDITH ANNE, Pascagoula, MS, Senior, Marktng., 280, 281 BULLOCK, THOMAS KELTON JR., Seminary, MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 223,390 BULSTERBAUM, ALLISON A., Sophomore, S. Ed. Egl., 142, 14, 236, 266, 26, 243 BUNTEN, JOHN RICHARD JR Dallas, TX. Senior, Gen. Bus., 296, 297, 362 BUNTING, JAMES ROBERTUS JR., Belzoni, MS, Senior, Pre- Accy., 140, 157 BURCH, GAYLE ANNE, New Orleans, LA, Sophomore, Jour, and Adv.. 220, 262, 263 BURDOCK, GEORGE ALLEN, Grad. III. Phrm. Sci., 156 BURGESS, EMILY ANNE, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Biol Sci., 143, 215 BURGESS, GUY BENTLEY, Houston, TX. Junior, Radio and TV, 308, 309, 346 BURGESS, RICKY EDWARD Corinth, MS, Senior, Mangmnt. 215,377 BURKE, GERALD HART, Memphis. TN, Junior, Marking., 316,317 BURKE, LOUISE ALLEN, Jackson. MS, Senior, Marking., 136, 146, 290, 291 , 377 BURKE, SUSAN EILEEN, Jackson. MS. Freshman. 215. 290, 291 BURKES, GREGORY, Ridgeland, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus , 212, 327 BURKHALTER, JEFF LEE. Newton. MS, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 145.298.299,362 BURKHART, DONNA CLAY, Lexington, KY. Junior, Zoology, 210,22,323,322,325,362 BURKLEY, PETER BURROUS, Grenda, MS, Freshman, Mus. Educ.. 238 BURNETT, MICHAEL WAYNE, Brandon, MS, Freshman, Insur., 212 BURNEY, CHERYL L.. Columbus, MS, Senior, H., P.E. and Rec., 244 BURNS, DAVID MICHEEL. New Orleans, LA, Freshman, Medicine, 272, 273 BURNS, DORIS ANN. Pascagoula, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 145, 143.286,287,346 BURNS, TIMOTHY VERRET, New Orleans, LA, Junior, H., P.E. and Rec., 272, 273, 346 BURRELL. LARRY MCGEE, Greenwood, MS, Senior, Mus. Educ.,154,238 BUSBY, BONNIE FRANES, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Sophomore, Painting, 263, 26 BUSCHING, WILLIAM WRIGHT, Ridgeland, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 314, 31 BUSH, REBECAH GAIL. Tupelo, MS, Junior, Jour, and Adv., 184, 208, 274, 275 BUTLER, HAL BRADLEY, Sikeston, MO, Junior, Mangmnt., 284, 285 BUTLER. JAMES LANCE, Oxford, MS, Law I, Law, 296, 297 BUTLER, LUCRETIA MCWHORTER, Oxford, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 304, 305, 328 BUTLER, ROBERT ABERNATHY, Oxford, MS, Senior, Elec. Eng., 152,153,377 BUTLER, THOMAS NORMAN JR.. N. Little Rock, AR, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 296, 297 BUTLER, WILLIAM WYLIE, Oxford, MS, Junior, Civl. Eng., 1 56. 362 BUTSCHEK. MICHAEL, Law I, Law, 252 BUTT, DAVID WARREN, McLean, VA, Senior, Gen. Eng., 149 BUYS, MARK TALBOT, Vicksburg. MS, Senior, Bank and Fin , 151, 377 BYERS BRENDA JEAN, Holly Springs, MS, Senior, Accy., 138, 151 BYRD, JOE HENRY JR., Port Gibson, MS, Law I, Law, 147, 292, 29 BYRUM, SUSAN. While House, TN. Freshman, 238, 328 C CADY, JAMES DONALD JR.. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 314, 315 CAGLE, CARMEN VIRGINIA, Maben, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 274, 275, 346 CAIN, EMORY LANCE. Tallahassee, FL, Freshman, Mangmnt., 276, 27, 328 CAIN, PAMELA KAY, Jackson, M S, Junior, Bank and Fin., 157, 278, 279, 362 CALDWELL, DAVID MARK, Freshman, Marktng., 316, 317 CALDWELL. JAMES PATRICK, Tupelo, MS, Law II, Law, 136, 147, 316,317 CALDWELL, JANET PEARCE, Jackson. MS, Senior, Elem. Ed., 280, 281 CALDWELL, MARY CLAIRE, Jackson, MS, Senior, S Ed S S 215,262,263,377 CALL, ASHETON BAYARD, Bethlehem, PA. Freshman, Radio and TV, 238, 276, 2, 328 CALLAHAN. CYNTHIA LOREEN. Walnut Ridge, AR, Senior, Elem Ed., 236, 262. 263 GALLOWAY, CLAUDIA ANN Louisville, MS. Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 219 CALMES, ALVIN S., Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, History, 238, 328 CALMES, BRYANT WAYNE, Crawford, MS, Senior, Mangmnt., 238, 362 CALMES, ZANTHIA ELAINE, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, S. Ed. S. S., 238, 2. 346 CALVASINA, GERALD EDWARD, University, MS, Grad. Ill Bus Adm., 151 CALVERT, BILLY RANDALL, Meridian, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 223, 390 CAMFERDAM, MARTHA ANN, Little Rock, AR, Senior, Elem. Ed 274, 275 CAMP. ROBERT WILSON, Annandale, VA. Senior, Psyc 252 272, 27 CAMPBELL, JOE HAND JR.. Clinton, MS, Senior, Chem., 140, 148.145,31.315,377 CAMPBELL. MICHAEL BERNARD, Greenville. MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 272, 27, 377 CAMPBELL, PAUL SAMUEL, Sophomore, Bank and Fin. 308 309 CAMPBELL, WILLIAM LEE JR., Natchez, MS, Junior, Radio and TV, 31 0,31 1,362 CAMPOCHIARO, DAVID A., Memphis, TN, Junior, Radio and TV, 272, 273 CANNADA, CHARLES THOMAS, Edwards, MS, Senior. Accy. , 1 45, 157,314,315 CANNON, ANGELA RENEE, Germantown, TN, Senior, H., P.E. and Rec., 322, 323, 377 CANNON, JUDSON WILLIAMS, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 316. 3 CANNON. LESLIE ANN, Junior, S. Ed S. S , 288. 289 CANTRELL, LESLIE HOWARD, Covington, LA, Senior, Radio and TV, 312, 313 CAPPS, KATHY JEAN, Brentwood, TN, Freshman, Home EC., 215. 304. 305, 328 CAPWELL, MARY ELIZABETH, Selmer, TN, Sophomore, Clth Mer., 290. 291, 346 CARAWAY, MARK PRIESTLY, Jackson, MS, Junior, History, 140. 296,297 CARD, MARCAL DOUGLAS, Indianola, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 CARDOSI, MORIE LEIGH, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 215. 328 CARLETON, BETTY CLAIRE, Union, MS, Junior, Rec. Ldrs., 280, 281 CARLISLE, DONALD WILLIAM, Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 314,315 CARLISLE, KIMBERLY KAY, Germantown, TN, Junior Marking., 230, 280, 281 . 346 CARLISLE, MICHAEL WALLACE, Bogue Chitto, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus., 300, 301 CARMICHAEL, CHARLES E. JR., Jackson, MS, Junior, Pol Sci , 200,251,109.215,362 CARNES, TROY MATTHEW, Brandon, MS. Sophomore, Accy., 296,297 CARON. RICHARD AMEDEE, Meridian, MS, Junior, Biol. Sci., 272, 273, 346 CARPENTER, ELIZABETH L., Meridian, MS, Senior. Elem. Ed., 21 7, 377 CARPENTER, JO ANN, Greenwood, MS, Junior, Marktng 304, 305 CARPENTER, PAMELA GAY, Dunwoody, GA. Freshman, Adm Serv.,266. 267, 328 CARPENTER, PENNY RENEE, Dunwoody. GA, Freshman, Gen Bus ., 290, 291 , 328 CARPENTER, TIMOTHY LINN, Long Beach, MS, Junior, Urban Ad. ,207. 210, 212, 2. 362 CARR, JAMES QUENTIN II. Clarksdale. MS, Sophomore Pre- Accy.. 300, 301 CARR, PHILLIP ALAN, Water Valley, MS. Sophomore. Biol. Sci 217.346 CARREL. JACK JAMES JR.. Bogalusa. LA, Sophomore, Theatre. 145, 143. 205. 346 CARROLL, JEANNE J., Jackson, MS, Senior, Gen Bus., 304, 305 CARROLL, JOHN EDWARD Columbia, MS, Freshman, Pharmacy, 238. 328 CARRUTHERS, CAGE BREWER Memphis. TN, Senior. Gen. Bus 213 CARRUTHERS, CAROL ROBBINS, Memphis. TN, Sophomore Phys Tpy., 266, 267 CARRUTHERS, TRACY, Memphis. TN, Sophomore. Lib Arts, 236 274, 275 CARSON, SAMMY PHILLIP. Aberdeen, MS, Sophomore Pharmacy, 284, 285, 346 CARSTENS, NEIL THOMAS. Cincinnati, OH, Unclass Medicine, 148, 394 CARTER, DAVID MARSHALL, Jackson, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 272, 273. 362 CARTER, JEANNE ELAINE, Biloxi, MS, Freshman, Spch. Tpy., 266, 267 CARTER, WILLIAM SANDERS Marion, AR, Senior, Bank and Fin 147,296.2 CARTWRIGHT, DAVID GLEN, Metropolis. IL, Junior, Pre-Accy , 300, 301 , 362 CARTY, JOSEPH STAFFLER. Wesson, MS, Senior, Publ. Adm , 220,138,377 CASCIO, JACQUELINE ANN, Greenville. MS, Sophomore, Phys. Tpy., 266. 267, 346 CASE, RICHARD LEE, Jackson. MS, Senior. Marktng . 147, 276. 2 CASTEEL, CATHY LEA. University, MS, Senior, H P E and Rec., 108, 102, 103.278,27 GATES, GLENDA F., West Memphis, AR. Senior, Chem. Eng . GATES, PATRICIA WYNELLE Atlanta, GA. Junior, Soc S. Wk 322, 323, 346 CAULFIELD, MICHAEL DAMON, Greenville, MS, Senior, Civl Eno. 156 CAUSEY, WYNDEL ELIZABETH Pascagoula, MS, Freshman, S. Ed S. S., 304, 30, 328 CAUTHEN, CHARLES EDWARD JR., Ridgeland. MS, Senior, Accy.. CAUTHEN, EARL RODRICK, Lyon. MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 314, 315 CAVES, TERRY LEONARD, Laurel, MS. Senior, Bank and Fin , 210,316,31 CECERRE, TERESA LYNN, Junior. Psyc , 290, 291 . 362 CHAFFIN, JULIE EILEEN. Caruthersville, MO, Junior, Pol. Sci., 262, 263, 377 CHAIN. BARBARA LYNN, Oxford. MS, Junior, 280, 281 CHALK, DAVID ALAN, Brandon MS, Senior. Biol. Sci., 148, 154 238, 2. 377 CHAMBERLAIN, ERIC EUGENE Tupelo, MS, Junior, Accy , 198. 272, 273 CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH FAIR, Glenview, IL, Sophomore, Gen Bus. 278, 279 420 Index Crotwell CHAMBERS, JOHN WILLIAM JR . University. MS, Senior, H.. P E and Rec . 145. 296, 297. 377 CHAMBERS. LINDA NELL. Pearl. MS, Junior. S Ed Mat . 238 CHAMPION. JIMMY KEMP, Mark. MS. Freshman. Dntstry , 272. 2, 328 CHAMPION. JOHN WILLIAM. Oxford. MS. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 284, 285 CHANCE. RICKEY LYNN. Newton MS, Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy. 223, 390 CHANEY. CARL JESSE, Vickstaurg. MS. Freshman, Bank and Fin, 25 1,328 CHANEY. SUZANNE. Louisville. MS, Junior. Bus Ed , 100, 101. 18. 278. 279 CHAPMAN. KATHRYN ADKINS, Memphis. TN. Junior. Urban Ad., 236. 306. 307 CHAPMAN. MARGARET ANNETTE. Metairie, LA, Freshman. Gen Bus . 286. 28, 328 CHAPMAN, RALPH, Pinckneyville, IL, Sophomore. Gen Eng . 270. 2 CHAPMAN. TERRI LEA. Hopkinsville. KY. Freshman, Pre- Accy . 145. 266. 267 CHARLTON. WILLIAM ANDERSON. Pompano Beach. FL, Junior. Medicine. 148 CHATHAM. CATHERINE ANN, Senatobia, MS. Sophomore, Journ. 212, 266. 267.346 CHEEK. HOWARD ROGERS, Jackson. MS. Junior, Accy.. 314. 315.346 CHERRY. CAMIELLA ANNE, Franklin, TN, Sophomore Spanish. 288. 289 CHESTNUT, DWIGHT BERNARD. Greenwood. MS. Senior. Elec Eng, 238. 377 CHEUNG. SHU KAN MATTHEW. Senior, Econ , 150. 151 CHILDERS. TRAVIS WAYNE, Booneville. MS. Junior Marking 220 CHILDRESS. DAVID ARTHUR. Oxford. MS, Junior, Pre-Accy., 220,270,145.362 CHIN. MONA. Webb. MS. Senior, Crt Rptg .221 CHISHOLM, CHARLES ANDREW, Jackson. MS. Junior. Gen Bus , 308.309.145 CHRESTMAN. CYNTHIA HOPE. Clarksdale. MS. Senior, Bank and Fin. 306, 307 CHRISTIAN. TERRY WAYNE. Dexter, MO. Freshman. 106 CHRISTOPHER. TONY DOUGLAS, Columbus. MS. Freshman, 272. 273. 328 CIANCIOLA, JOSEPH C., Memphis. TN, Sophomore, Civl. Eng. 270. 27 CIRILLI. GARY ANTHONY. Freshman, Medicine, 312, 313 CIRLOT, ANITA JEANNIE. Moss Point, MS, Junior, Radio and TV, 45. 304. 3. 362 CLARK. ANGELA. Jackson. MS, Freshman. Jour , 280. 281 CLARK. ANGELA GAIL. Maben. MS. Sophomore. Elem Ed.. 200, 238. 346. 328 CLARK. CARLOS DEWAYNE, Somerville. TN. Freshman, 85. 91 CLARK, CURTIS CLIFTON. Helena. AR, Sophomore, Gen Bus . 298, 299. 346 CLARK. KELLY PAUL. Columbus. MS. Freshman, Jour and Adv . 270, 27, 328 CLARK, KENNETH RAY, Pascagoula MS. Phrm. -III. Pharmacy. 223, 390 CLARK, LISA GAIL, Louisville, MS. Freshman, Music, 290. 291 . 328 CLARK. MELISSA MIGNON. Greenwood. MS. Senior, Clth Mer. 288. 289, 258, 362 CLARK. ROSALYN. Senatobia MS. Junior. Medicine. 143. 262. 2 CLARK. WAYNE TEMPLETON. University. MS. Junior, Mangmnt . 270.271 CLARKE, FRANK JAMISON. Riverside. IL. Junior. Gen Bus . 312.313 CLARKE, STUART HOLDEN. Jackson. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin.. 145. 314. 315, 362 CLASGENS. BRADLEY JOSEPH. Germantown, TN, Senior Jour and Adv ., 238. 27. 27. 377 CLATWORTHY, MICHAEL GLENN. Marvell. AR. Sophomore. Pre-Accy , 272. 273. 328 CLEMENT. JOSEPH ALLEN JR.. Tifton. GA, Sophomore. Pol. Sci., 316.317 CLEMENTS, ANN BARKSDALE, Greenwood. MS. Senior, English 278. 279 CLEMENTS. DAVID JONATHAN, Riverview. FL, Sophomore. Gen Bus. 109 CLEMENTS. EDWARD LEWIS JR, Lumberton. MS, Junior, Mangmnt , 270, 271 CLEVELAND. KIMBERLY ANN Junior. Math. 304. 305 CLEVENGER, MELANIE LEA. Kennett MO. Senior. Pre-Accy 238.362 CLICK, RICKY DOLAN, Winchester, TN. Junior. Bank and Fin. 270. 271 CLIFFT. CECILIA SHAWN. Bolivar TN, Freshman. Elem Ed.. 290. 291.328 CLINTON. ROBERT THOMAS. Lexington, KY. Grad III. Phrm. Sci 302.30 CLUCK. CATHY ELAINE. Gideon MO, Senior. Jour . 218. 220, 378 COAKLEY. CONSTANCE SUZZANNE, Pascagoula. MS. Freshman, Crt Rptg.. 286, 287. 328 COBB, DEBORAH CAROL. Lambert, MS. Sophomore. 278. 279 COBB. MICHAEL DERRELL. Booneville. MS, Sophomore. 215 COBB. TY CHARLES. Brandon, MS. Sophomore, Mangmnt.. 100, 300.30.101.346 COCHRANE, DEBORAH LYNN, Jackson, MS, Senior. Mus. Educ., 155.378 COFFEY, CATHERINE L.. Louisville, MS, Senior. Bank and Fin., 149, 306. 30 COFFEY. ROBERT R . Jackson. MS. Senior. Insur . 45. 213, 316. 317.378 COFFIELD. PATRICIA COLLEEN Ft. Walton Beach. FL. Freshman. Pol Sci, 238 COFFMAN, KIMBERLY LYNN Junior, Elem Ed , 215. 306. 3 COFIELD. GLENN WALTON. Oxford. MS. Freshman, Pre-Accy 284.28 COFIELD, JOHN B . Oxford, MS. Junior, Urban Ad.. 300, 301 COGDELL. JERRY WAYNE Horn Lake. MS. Grad III. Music. 238 COGGINS. MICHAEL TUTOR, Tupelo. MS. Freshman. Civl. Eng.. 276, 2. 328 COKER. DELIA MEADE, Yazoo City. MS. Freshman. Pre-Accy., 280.281.328 COKER, KATHRYN STEELE. Yazoo City, MS, Junior. Bank and Fin, 215, 274. 275 COKER, TAMMY LYNN. Memphis. TN, Freshman. Gen Bus., 215,328 COLBERT, ANTHONY NEAL, Houston, MS. Junior. Gen Bus 282. 283. 346 COLE. ALLISON ELAINE, Dallas, TX, Freshman. Comm Dis 215 290,291,328 COLE. ASHLEY. Jackson. MS. Senior, Elem Ed . 247. 286, 287 COLE, CYNTHIA ANN, Birmingham, AL. Sophomore Rec Ldrs, 142, 266.267,346 COLE, DONALD RAY. Grad. III. Math. 152 COLE. JAMES ALBERT. Waynesboro. MS. Freshman Pre- Accy.. 316. 3 COLE. MARTHA LUCINDA. Fresh man. 278. 279 COLEMAN. JENNIFER. Greenwood, MS, Junior. Gen Bus. 280. 281 COLEMAN. PETER SCOTT. Greenwood. MS. Freshman Gen Bus.. 316. 317 COLEMAN. STEPHEN RALPH. Oxford, MS, Freshman. Elec Eng 300.30 COLEMAN. STEVE HUNTER, Thaxlon. MS, Senior. Civl. Eng 300.301.362 COLLIE, SANDRA LOREE. Memphis. TN. Senior. Socio . 215 COLLIER. ELIZABETH GAIL. Senior, S Ed B E . 149, 322 242 323. 378 COLLINS. ARLISSA NASH. Mobile, AL. Sophomore. Soc. Work, 278. 27 COLLINS, CALVIN EUGENE. Yazoo City, MS. Senior. Biol Sci. 294. 295. 261 . 378 COLLINS. CRAIG STEVEN, Gulfport. MS. Junior. English, 251 COLLINS, JOHN JEROME. Biloxi. MS. Sophomore. Dntstry.. 212 COLLINS, KAREN ANN. Gulfport. MS, Junior. Elem. Ed., 243. 278. 279 COLLINS. KENNETH P.. Greenwood. MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy. 314. 315 COLLINS. LINDA SUSAN. Gulfport. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 21 5. 278,279 COLLINS. MARY ANGELA, Laurel, MS, Freshman, An. 278. 279. 328 COLLINS. PAMELA FAYE. Yazoo City. MS, Senior. Soc S Wk.,304. COLLINS, RAY GRAHAM. New Albany. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin 270. 271 COLLUM. ALINE ELIZABETH. Jackson. MS, Freshman. 278. 279 COLLUM. BILL YE JEAN, Sophomore, Pre-Accy ., 288. 289 COLLUM, CHARLOTTE ANN. Fulton, MS, Freshman. Pre-Accy 288. 289. 328 COLLUMS. RHONDA FAYE Calhoun City. MS. Sophomore, H.. PE and Rec.. 215. 346 COLMER, MARY RUTH. Pascagoula, MS. Senior. Soc. Anth.l88.289. 328 COMMANDER, KERRY W. Lyon. MS, Senior. Physics. 140, 152 CONERLY, ALBERT WALLACE JR Jackson. MS. Freshman. Dntstry , 300, 301 . 328 CONERLY, CECIL LLOYD. Jackson, MS, Senior, Rec Ldrs., 83 CONNELL, EDNA SYKES. Clarksdale, MS. Freshman, E ' em Ed.. 215. 278. 279 CONNER. DONNA FAYE, Greenville, MS. Sophomore Corrctns , 246. 346 CONNICK. EUGENE EDWARD JR . Venice. FL. Junior. Chem Eng , 298.299 CONWAY. JAMIE ANN, Ft. Lauderdale. FL, Junior, Pol. Sci.. 227. 322. 323 COOGLER, RICHAR D BRIAN. Stanford, CT. Sophomore, Phys Toy . 298. 299, 346 COOK. ANTHONY BRIAN. Ocean Springs. MS. Phrm -II. Pharmacy. 223, 390 COOK. CAROLINE PACE, Sophomore. Gen Bus , 215, 346 COOK, FREIDRICH CORNELIUS Sophomore. 302. 303 COOK. GINGER. Greenwood. MS. Sophomore, Nursing. 304, 305 COOK, JAMES JOSEPH, Oxford MS. Senior. Biol Sci., 140, 145, 148,293.292,378 COOK. JAMES SKILLERN. New Orleans, LA. Senior, Pre-Accy.. 261.270.27 COOK. JOHN WAGAR. Jackson MS. Junior. English, 314. 315 COOK, SUSAN ANNETTE. Hattiesburg, MS, Freshman. Elem Ed , 290. 29. 328 COOKE. JACK WHEET JR.. Jackson, MS. Sophomore. Marking . 205. 29. 215. 297 COOLEY. JAMES KEITH. Oxford. MS. Phrm -I. Pharmacy. 223. 390 COOLIDGE. SHERRI L , Walls. MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed 288. 289 COOPER. DANNY RAY. Indianola, MS. Senior. Pol. Sci.. 284, 285 COOPER. MARTHA OUINN, Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Socio 290.291 COOPER. MICHAEL EARL. Canton. MS. Senior. Urban Ad.. 308.309 COPELAND, STEWART DARREL Batesville. MS. Senior. Marking.. 151 COOUAT. ZANE DEE. Prentiss. MS, Senior. S Ed. S. S.. 21 2. 378 CORBAN. ELEANOR LEE. Biloxi. MS. Sophomore. 215. 280. 281 CORBAN. STEPHEN MONROE. Oxford. MS. Law II. Law. 151 COREY. JANET LYNNE. Meridian. MS. Junior, Bank and Fin . 21 5 362 CORK. STEVEN EUGENE. Aberdeen. MS. Law I. Law, 284, 285 CORKERN, ROBERT S.. Hernando. MS. Sophomore. Medicine, 143 CORLEW. DONALD JOSEPH. Natchez. MS. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 298. 29. 328 CORLEY. ELINOR LEIGH. Moss Point. MS. Freshman, Jour, and Adv , 288. 289. 328 CORR ANGELA. Sardis. MS. Junior. Pharmacy. 278. 279. 346 CORSO, MICHAEL CRUSE. Clarksdale. MS, Junior, Marking , 136. 147. 296. 195, 20. 212. 215. 2. 362 CORSO. THOMAS STEVEN. Clarksdale. MS, Freshman, Elec Eng. 21 5, 296 CORWIN. DARI SUSANNE, Franklin. TN. Sophomore. Pre- Accy.. 202.346 CORWIN. GABRIELLE DENISE. Franklin, TN. Freshman. Gen. Bus . 304, 305. 328 COSBY. JOHN ROBERT. Severna Park, MD. Freshman, Gen. Eng , 276. 2, 328 COSNAHAN. HENDERSON WATT. Summit. MS, Sophomore. Mech Eng. 212.312.313 COSSAR. GEORGE PAYNE III. Charleston. MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus. 212,316.31 COSTNER, SHAWN GORDON. Etta, MS. Senior. Civl. Eng.. 153. 156.252.378 COTE. ANDREW FUENTE, Jackson. MS. Senior. Biol. Sci., 318,319.362 GOTTEN, LANT WEEKS. Hattiesburg. MS. Sophomore. Gen. Eng.. 284, 285. 328 COTTER, JUDITH LYNN. Savannah, TN. Junior. Mangmnt . 247. 26. 2. 346 COUCH, CANDACE MARIE. Senior. Crt Rptg.. 262. 26 COUNCE MICHAEL MOLES Corinth, MS, Junior. Pre-Accy., 212.316.3.362 COUSAR BILLY JAMES, Blue Mountain. MS. Senior, Accy., 220, 362 COVINGTON EDWARD G. Ill, Summit. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus . 314.315.362 COVINGTON. JOHN N. III. Coffeeville, MS, Junior. Gen. Bus . 312.313 COWART, SHEILA BETH, Summit. MS. Freshman, Clth. Mer.. 286. 28 COX, FRANK WILLIS, Wiggins. MS. Sophomore. Chem Eng., 145, 346 COX, GARY WAYNE. Memphis. TN, Freshman, 316, 317 COX, JAMES OLIVER IV. Jackson, MS. Junior, Gen Bus.. 212. 306. 30 COX, JOHN LOWREY. Jackson. MS, Sophomore. Psyc.. 145. 296. COX. MARILYN GAY. Ocean Springs. MS. Junior. Biol. Sci.. 306. 258. 307. 362 COX. RICHARD BARRY. Hazard KY. Freshman. Gen Bus . 312. 313 COX. WILLIAM LLOYD JR., Jackson. MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 276. 27. 329 CRAIG. ALLISON N.. Jackson. MS. Junior. English. 288. 289 GRAIN. JAMIE YVONNE. Myrtle. MS. Freshman. Accy.. 266. 267. 329 CRAIN. WILLIAM BRUCE, Columbia, MS. Sophomore. Urban Ad.. 212. 346 CRASTO. DAVID WALTON, Brookhaven. MS. Junior. Medicine. 31 4. 31 5 CRAVEN. KIFF1N ROCKWELL JR.. Grenada, MS, Phmv-lll. Pharmacy. 155,390 CRAVENS. MICHAEL JOHN. Louisville. MS. Freshman Comp Sci. 154.329 CRAWFORD. BRUCE KENDALL Freshman. Comp. Sci.. 316. 31 7 CRAWFORD, DAWN KIMBERLY. Oxford, MS. Senior. Bank and Fin . 278. 279 CRAWFORD. DEBORAH MARTIN, Lafayette. LA. Grad. I. Audiolgy . 140.280.281 CRAWFORD. ROBIN ANTHONY. Pearl. MS. Freshman, Mus. Educ 154.238 CRAWFORD. VAUGHN KURT, Batesville. MS. Freshman, Medicine. 270. 271 CRAWFORD. WENDY LYNNE, Lexington, KY, Freshman, 290 291 CRAWLEY SARAH ELIZABETH Freshman. Urban Ad.. 266, 267, 329 CREEKMORE. ANN ASHLEY, Jackson. MS. Freshman, H.E -Intr CRELLIN. CAROL JUNE, Jackson. MS. Senior, German, 140 CRENSHAW, FRANCES GATES, Michigan City. MS. Freshman, French. 200. 212. 274. 215. 227, 275 CRENSHAW. JAMES BRYAN. Crenshaw, MS. Junior. Marking.. 312.313 CRENSHAW. KIMBERLY. HumbokJt, TN, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 21 5. 280.281 CRENSHAW. WALTER RAY III. Michigan City. MS, Junior. Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 CREWS. MARY LYNN, Oxford. MS. Junior. Pol. Sci.. 21 5. 288. 289.363 CRIM. WILLIAM JR.. Jackson, MS. Junior. Pre-Accy.. 314, 315. 363 CRISLER. ROBERT BLANTON III. Flora, MS, Freshman. Gen Bus., 308.30.329 CRISS. ERIK LEONARD. Englewood. CO. Freshman. 312, 313 CRITCHLOW. AMY CAROL, Freshman. 274. 279. 329 CRITCHLOW, JULIE GUNN, Union City. TN. Junior. Accy.. 274. 275 CRITES. KENNETH KEENAN. Clinton, MS. Sophomore. Mangmnt.. 314. 315 CROMARTIE, CAROLINE DREW, Rome. GA. Sophomore, Chem. Eng.. 143. 145. 20, 266. 267, 346 CROMWELL, WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Lafayette, LA, Freshman, Medicine. 200. 300. 301 CRONE. ROBERT ANDREW. Memphis, TN. Junior. Medicine, 145.316.317 CROSBY. MICKEY EUGENE, Mendenhall. MS. Senior. Bid. Sci., 284,285 CROSLAND. EMMET CRAIG. Jackson, MS. Junior. Dntstry . 272. 273.346 CROTWELL, DANNY L . Jackson, MS. Senior. Comp Sci.. 145 Index 421 Crow CROW, CYNTHIA BELLE, Huntsville, AL, Sophomore, Art, 278, 279. 346 CROWDER, LAUREE DIANE, Freshman, Phys. Tpy.. 238, 329 CRUMBLEY, J. GREGORY. Enterprise, MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 223. 390 CRUMPTON.DANIELF.III, Clarksdale, MS. Junior, Marking . 296, 297, 363 CRUMPTON. MARK BOLLING. Clarksdale, MS. Sophomore, Gen Bus.. 296. 297 CRUTCHER, PAUL WILLIAMS, Holly Springs, MS, Freshman. Bank and Fin , 229, 312. 313 CRUTCHER, SALLY EILAND, Cleveland, MS, Sophomore, 5, 274, 275, 346 CRYSTAL, PAULA KAY, Ridgeland, MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 290. 291 CUELLAR, IMELDA CONCEPCION. Petal, MS. Phrm - II. Pharmacy, 223. 230. 390 CULBERSON, DEBRAG . Senior. Music, 155,378 CULLUM, CHRIS, Macon. MS. Junior, Pharmacy. 276, 277 CUMMINGS, DAVID MERRIL. Yazoo City, MS, Sophomore, Accy., 145, 316, 31 CUMMINGS, FRANK EDWARD, Sophomore, Art. 272. 27, 346 CUNNINGHAM, DAVID L Memphis, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 284. 28, 329 CUNNINGHAM, HOWARD PUTNAM, Caruthersville, MO. Junior. Geology, 314, 315 CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT LEWIS, Shreveport, LA, Sophomore, 292, CUNNINGHAM, WILSON KEENE, Oxford, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus.. 312,313 CURCI, ANGELA MARISA. Lexington, KY, Freshman, Gen Bus., 290, 291 CURLEE, JAMES FRANKLIN, Aberdeen. MS. Senior, Urban Ad.. 316,317 CURRIE, CATHERINE CRENSHAW, Freshman, 290. 291 CURRIE, ROBERT RODES, Atlanta, GA, Freshman, 312. 313 CURTIS, DAVID KENNON, Brandon, MS. Phrm. -II, Pharmacy. 223 CURTIS, GUY STEVEN, GuHport. MS, Sophomore. Phys Ed , 106, 347 CURTIS, PATRICIA NELL. Olive Branch, MS, Unclass . Accy.-Pro.. 157 CURTIS, REX EVERETT, Cincinnati. OH. Junior. Marking., 272, 273 CUTLER, ELIZABETH AGER, Grenada. MS. Freshman, S. Ed Egl., 280. 281.329 CUTTS, TERESA FAY, Cleveland. MS, Junior. Psyc., 262. 263, 363 D DABBS, TRACEY VALYNN, Indianola, MS, Freshman, 212. 266, 26. 238. 329 DAGGETT, WILLIAM A. Ill, Pascagoula. MS, Junior, Chem , 148 " DAILEY, KATHRYN GLENDA, New Albany, MS, Senior, V. Hm EC., 155.363 DAILEY, RITA SIKES, Charleston. MS, Junior. Rec. Ldrs 99. 108. 347 DALE, PHYLLIS ALBERTHA, Prentiss. MS. Senior. Zoology. 138,146.148,258.278.279 DALEY. KAYHRYN GRACE. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Comp. Sci . 249 DALLOST A. DANA ANN. Millington, TN, Sophomore, Pre- Accy, 266. 267 DALLRIVA. MARY FRANCES. Greenville, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 306, 307 DALRYMPLE, KATHY LYNNE, Batesville, MS. Junior, Elem. Ed.. 304.305 DALTON, BETHANY SUE, Oxford, MS, Freshman. Pre-Accy., 215. 288. 289. 329 DALTON. SARA JOHN MARY, Elmhurst, IL, Senior, Gen Bus., 47. 183,274.275,363 DAME, DONNA GRACE. Columbia, TN, Sophomore, 274, 275. 347 DANDURAND. JEFF JAMES, Merrillville. IN. Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 298, 299, 329 DANIEL, MARY LESLIE, Memphis, TN. Senior. Rec. Ldrs.. 304, 305. 378 DANIEL, WILLIAM CHARLES, Brandon, MS, Senior, English, 145 DANKS. LORI ANN. Jackson, MS. Sophomore, 304, 305 DARNELL, DEBORAH KAY, Glen Allan. MS, Junior. Soc. S. Wk., 266. 267. 363 DASCHKA. MICHELLE MARIE. Chester, IL, Senior, Comm. Dis , 154.286.287,363 DASKALOS, JOHN BLAIR. Senior. Elec. Eng.. 149. 153. 282, 283, 378 DAUGHERTY, BENJAMIN G. Ill, Sikeston. MO, Senior, Bank and Fin., 298, 299,378 DAUGHERTY, DAVID LEE, Tupelo, MS, Junior, Biol. Sci., 148. 262. 283, 363 DAVENPORT. DONALD RAY, Cedar Bluff. MS, Sophomore, Civl Eng.. 294. 295. 347 DAVENPORT, MARGARET K., Vicksburg, MS. Sophomore, Medicine. 290. 291 DAVIDSON, FRILEY SPRUILL, Cleveland, MS. Sophomore, Gen Bus., 215, 227. 284. 285. 399. 347 DAVIDSON. JOHN STACY. Cleveland. MS. Junior, Gen. Bus , 284,285 DAVIS, AMY JILL, Braggadocio, MO. Senior, Bus. Ed., 157, 322, 323, 378 DAVIS, ARTHUR GERALD JR., Southaven. MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 200, 329 DAVIS, BRENDA DALE, Hattiesburg, MS, Sophomore. Crt. Rptg.. 154. 329,347 DAVIS, BRENDA LYNNE, Ocean Springs, MS, Freshman, Comp. Sci., 238, 288, 289 DAVIS. BRIAN LEE, Oxford. MS. Junior. History, 145 DAVIS. CYNTHIA JAN. Bruce. MS. Senior, Mus. Educ., 154, 238. 363 DAVIS. DEANNA HELEN. Bruce, MS, Senior. Music, 155. 306. 3 DAVIS. ELIZABETH DIANNE, Batesville, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 1 56 DAVIS. JOHN CLEVELAND, Booneville, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 223. 390 DAVIS, JOHN FRANK, Jackson. MS. Senior, Law Enfo., 272 DAVIS. KIMBERLY DIANE, Nashville. TN, Junior, Jour., 288, 289 DAVIS, LESLIE CHANDLER, Memphis, TN, Junior, Elem. Ed., 290. 291 DAVIS. LOU ELLEN, Meridian, MS. Senior, S. Ed. Art, 280. 281 DAVIS, MARK STEPHEN, Bruce. MS. Junior, Music, 238 DAVIS, NANCY MAE. Tupelo MS Phrm.-l. Pharmacy. 140. 274. 275 DAVIS, PATRICIA DIANNE, Pollard, AR. Freshman, Gen. Bus., 215,329 DAVIS, POLLY KNOWLTON, Jackson, MS, Freshman. Medicine. 274. 275 DAVIS, ROBERT ROTHE, Clinton, MS, Freshman, Chem. Enq 282 283 DAVIS. RUSSELL LEE. Meridian, MS, Junior, Gen Bus., 1 1 3 DAVIS, SUSAN COLBERT. Corinth. MS. Junior, Art, 306. 307 DAVIS, WILLIAM GIL. Louisville. MS. Freshman, Medicine, 284, 285 DAVIS. WILLIAM RAINEY. Freshman, Radio and TV, 316, 31 DAWKINS. MARK FRANKLIN, Collierville, TN, Sophomore, Law Enfo., 216 DAWKINS, MARY CONELIA, Olive Branch. MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin.. 304, 305 DAWSON, CYNTHIA ANN. Memphis, TN, Junior, H.E.-lntr.. 210,215,236.288,289.363 DAWSON. WAYNE ALEXANDER JR., Junior. Gen. Bus., 251 . 363 DAY. DIANA L., Jackson, MS, Senior. Radio and TV. 278, 279 DAY, JOHN LOVEWELL. Jackson, MS, Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 308. 309 DAY. KATHERINE SHELTON. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 288. 289, 329 DAY. STEVEN HENRY. Freshman. Pharmacy, 312, 31 DEAL, ROY WHIT, Picayune. MS. Junior, Medicine. 148, 363 DEAN, ROBERT WESSON JR., Sledge. MS, Sophomore, Civl. Eng., 270. 271.347 DEAN, THOMAS MURRAY. Millington. TN, Senior, History. 149,378 DEAS, MICHAEL WAYNE, Gulfport, MS, Senior, Elec Eng.. 153.378 DEATON. CHARLES WILLIAM JR., Booneville. MS, Senior. Biol. Sci.. 148 DEAVOURS, MARGARET NEAL. Laurel, MS, Freshman, Spcl. Ed., 278, 27 DEBARDELEBEN. SUZANNE. Holly Springs. MS. Senior. Soc. S. Wk., 280. 281 . 378 DEBORD, GIGI RENEE, Oxford, MS, Sophomore, Soc. S. Wk., 286, 28,347 DECOTA. WILLIAM ROYAL, Keyport, NJ, Senior. Bank and Fin., 310, 311.378 DECOURSEY, KENNETH ALLEN, Oxford, MS, Senior. Mech. Eng., 145,148,153,378 DEDEAUX, WALDON ALEXANDER. Pass Christian. MS, Senior, Law Enfo.. 149. 378 DEDMAN, WILLIAM BAINE M . Nashville, TN, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 DEEB. HANI MOHAMMAD. Junior. Civl. Eng.. 156, 363 DEEN. MERRY LEIGH, Meridian, MS. Freshman. Comm. Dii.. 278, 279. 329 DELAQUIS. RICHARD SERGE, Paterson, NJ, Senior, Comp. Sci.. 149.253 OELASHMET. JOHN INGRAM JR.. Clinton, MS, Senior, Urban Ad.. 120, 124, 145. 147, 196, 314,315, 379 DEMENT, SUSAN LYNN, Sikeston. MO. Senior, Elem. Ed., 124, 138, 146.200,290,291,378 DENLEY, LISA DIANNE. Bruce, MS, Junior. Jour.. 145, 363 DENNARD, PAULA LEA, Nashville. TN, Freshman, Publ. Adm., 215, 290.291 DENNEY, WILLIAM DAVID, Milan, TN, Freshman, Biol. Sci., 284, 285 OENNIE, DEENASUE. Memphis, TN, Freshman. Gen Bus.. 266. 267 DENNY. SALLY JOHNSEY. Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Elem. Ed.. 183 DENTON, FELICIA KIM, Natchez, MS, Junior. Marking 146, 262, 263,363 DENTON, JACK ALEXANDER. Tupelo. MS. Grad. I. Bus. Adm., 296. 297. 395 DENTON, JIM GARRETT, Oxford. MS, Grad. I. Bus. Adm., 296, 297, 395 DENTON, LYNDA DANNE. Natchez. MS. Sophomore Design 262. 263 DENTON. WILLIAM BOYETTE. Bolivar, TN, Sophomore, Gen. Bus. 316. 3 DERIVAUX, ROBERT PRESTON. Vicksburg, MS, Junior. Insur., 213. 314,315 DESHONG, JUDITH LYNN, Tupelo, MS, Senior, Rec: Ldrs., 146.208.304.3 DESPORTE. RICHARD JOSEPH, Biloxi, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 308.309 DETURK. KENNETH WAYNE, Winona Lake, IN, Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy. 195. 223. 282, 2 DEVOE. RICHARD LEE. Oxford. MS, Freshman, Pre-Accy., 312, 313 DI-BENEDETTO, LISA MARIA, Bay St Louis, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin.. 322. 323 DICKERSON, CONNIE RENEE, Greenville, MS, Senior. S. Ed. Sci.. 306,307 DICKSON, ANGELA DENISE, Memphis, TN, Junior, Medicine, 143,145,306,307 DIEBOLD. SANDRA JEAN. Southaven. MS, Freshman. Medicine. 249 DIFFEE. BRENDA LOU. Memphis. TN, Freshman. Pre-Accy., 304, 305 DILLEY, JOHN EDWARD, Oxford. MS, Senior, Elec. Eng , 145. 153 DIRMEYER. ANDREW CARTER. Memphis, TN, Freshman, Medicine. 238. 276, 2 DITSWORTH, DALE MICHAEL. Pascagoula. MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 270, 271 DIVINE, JACQUELINE MARIE, Cardova. TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 274, 275 DIXON. BARRY DARR. Water Valley, MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 270. 271,363 DIXON. DEANNE, Brownsville. TN. Freshman, Pharmacy, 290, 291 DIXON. JANET LYNN. Greenville, MS, Junior, Urban Ad.. 262, 2 DOCKERY, CLAY PATRICK, Ocean Springs, MS, Freshman, Mangmnt.. 298. 299 DOCKERY. JOHN SCOTT. Ocean Springs. MS, Sophomore, Radio and TV. 298. 299 DODD. JOHN EDWIN, Jackson. MS, Senior. Chem. ,140, 145, 148 379 DODD, JOHN PALMER, Atlanta, GA, Freshman, Ba. Econ . 298, 29 DOGGETT. FRANCES MAJOR. Lookout Mountain, TN, Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 304. 305 DOLAN. KATHY LYN, Pine Bluff, AR. Junior, Frsc. Sci.. 238. 363 DOLLOFF, MILDRED LISA, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Clth. Mer., 250. 238. 347 DONAHOE, ERIC HARDY. Crystal Springs. MS. Senior, Bank and Fin.. 125, 147, 298. 299. 379 DONALD, CYNTHIA PAULINE. Tupelo, MS, Senior. Gen. Bus.. 200. 262, 263, 379 DONALD, NOEL HENRY, Greenville. MS, Senior, Accy.. 150 DONNELL, SHEILA ANN, Mendenhall, MS, Senior, Marking., 208,215,288,289,379 DONNELLY, MARY LAWRENCE. Beaumont, TX, Senior, Mus. Educ.. 125, 138, 155. 236, 274, 275 DONOHO, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Mt. Vernon, IL, Junior, Bank and Fin., 302, 303 DONOSKY, DAVID STEPHEN. Dallas, TX. Sophomore. Marktng . 284. 285 DOORENBOS. DAVID ISAMU, Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Medicine. 143. 148. 347 DORGAN, SHARON MARIE. Freshman. Inst. Mgt . 280. 281 DORGAN, TRICI A ANN. Montrose, AL, Senior, Marking.. 280. 281 DORROH, SHARLA JEAN. Memphis, TN. Junior, Elem Ed., 181,306.307.243.363 DOSTER. GARY LEE. Sikeston, MO. Freshman, Pre-Accy , 272, 27 DOTY. CHARLES RAY. Senatobia. MS. Sophomore, Gen Bus. .31 2. - 313 DOTY. PATRICIA ANNE. Memphis. TN. Senior, Mus Educ , 238. 379 DOUGHERTY, PATRICK LOYD. Pontotoc, MS, Junior. Law Enfo., 149.154.363 DOUGLAS, OSCAR ANTHONY. Holly Springs, MS, Sophomore, City Mgt , 268. 269 DOUGLAS. WILLIAM CHANDLER, Germantown, TN. Freshman. Bank and Fin.. 284 DOWDLE. JOHN OLIVER. Canton. MS, Junior, Bank and Fin , 45. 50 147, 205, 215, 225, 399, 284, 285. 363 DOWELL, CECIL WALTER JR.. Arlington. TN. Freshman, 91 DOWNS, KENNETH EARL, Carrollton, MS, Sophomore. Urban Ad. ,216 DOXEY, HELENE ELIZABETH, Holly Springs, MS, Junior, Elem Ed., 280. 281 DOYLE. VICKI LYNN. Hazlehurst. MS. Freshman. Nursing, 304. 305 DRAKE. LEE BURGESS. Batesville. MS, Freshman, Medicine, 270, 2 DRAKE, MARK WOODWARD. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus, 308,30 DRANE, CYNTHIA KAY. Jackson. MS, Junior. Marking., 306. 307. 347 DREWERY, KAREN LYNN. Ashland. MS, Junior, Marking . 245. 248. 363 DREWRY. MARY JANET, Lakeland, FL, Senior. Elem. Ed.. 236. 306. 307 DRIFTMIER. JOHN FREDERICK, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 284, 285 DRIVER, ROBERT GILBERT. Olive Branch, MS. Sophomore, History, 310.311,347 DRUMMOND. ANGELA LORRAINE. Tupelo. MS. Sophomore. Law Enfo . 262, 263, 347 DRURY, JULIE ANN. Memphis, TN, Junior. History. 145. 322. 323 DUCK, DAVID LYNN. Greenwood. MS, Sophomore, Elec. Eng., 145. 23 DUCLOS. D ANNE MARIE. Vicksburg, MS, Freshman. Mrktng.. 304. 30 DUCOTE, MARTIN PAUL. Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen Bus , 270. 271 DUFF, CLAIRE BESS. Pontotoc. MS. Senior, Design, 125. 13. 139. 145,280,281 DUFFEY, CHARLES PETER, Nashville, TN. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 300, 301 DUGAN. MICHAEL XAVIER, Baltimore, MD. Freshman, Marking.. 272. 273 DUKE. MARION E LIZABETH, Isola. MS, Freshman. HE.-lntr . 304,305 DUNAGIN. CHARLES MARTIN JR.. McComb. MS. Sophomore, Pre-Accy., 142. 145. 261, 298. 299 DUNAGIN, KATHLEEN, McComb, MS, Senior. Jour., 125, 229, 306. 307 DUNAVANT. AMY JO, Pulaski, TN. Junior, Clth. Mer.. 242. 322. 323. 363 OUNBAR. THADDEUS P.. Alexandria, VA, Sophomore. Chem . 272, 27, 347 DUNCAN, DEBORAH KAYE, Southaven, MS, Freshman. Bank and Fin.. 266, 267 DUNCAN. MARK SHELDON, Philadelphia. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin , 300. 301 DUNCAN, PAULA LYNNE, Freshman, Medicine, 215 DUNCAN, SAMUEL JAMES. Pickens, MS, Senior, H P E and Rec.. 83. 379 DUNCAN, VALARIE DALPHINE. Philadelphia, MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus , 290. 29 422 Index Freeman DUPUY JAMIE COOPER. Vicksburg. MS. Sophomore. H E - Intr . 143. 145. 247. 280. 281 . 347 DURANT. MARY JACQUELINE. Russelrville. AL. Sophomore. Ctth Mer. 304. 305. 347 DURANT. WILLIAM CRANDALL. = -sseiiville. AL. Sophomore. Gen Bus . 272. 273 DUVALL. MARCIA SUE. Silver Springs. MO. Senior. Marking . 322. 323 DYE. SYLVIA JUNE. Pontotoe. MS. Senior. English. 140. 379 DYESS. RAYMOND RANDALL. Pearl. MS. Freshman Medicine. 107 DYKES. DAVID H . Richton. MS. Phrm -II. Pharmacy. 223 E EADS. SUSYN KAY. Kosctusfco MS. Junior. Inst Mgt . 216 EARHART. LYNNE ANNE Tucker. AH. Senior. Home EC . 274. 275 EARNEST. BEVERLY GAYLE. Soutnaven. MS. Junior. Elem Ed 286 287. 363 EARNEST. STEPHEN LEE Sophomore. Pre-Accy . 5. 284. 285.347 EARP. POLLY ANN. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Dent. Hyg . 278. 27 EARWOOO. DAVID CLARK Tupelo. MS. Senior. Accy 1 57 EARWOOD. LINDA DIANE LOWRY. Oxford. MS. Junior. Elem Ed. 304. 305 EARWOOO. PHILIP EDWARD. Tupelo. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus 284 2 EASTBURN. PATRICIA MERREN, Mobile. AL. Sophomore. Med Tech . 108. 102. 103 EATMAN. MARK TAYLOR. Meridian. MS. Senior Law Enfo 298 299 EATON. HELEN GREY. Jackson. MS. Freshman. 274. 27 EBLE. KIMBERLEE ANN. Pascagoula. MS. Junior. Marking . ECHOLS. KENNETH EDWARD. Memphis. TN Freshman, Econ , 316.5 EDERER. ELIZABETH ANN. Ocean Springs. MS. Senior. Urban Ad 138. 208. 288. 289. 379 EDGELL. SCOTT JEFFERY Senatotxa. MS. Junior, Mus Educ.238 EDLIN. CALVIN DWAIN JR Clarksdale MS. Sophomore. 308. 309,348 EDMONDS. MELINDA JAN. Holyoke. MA. Senior, Marking 266. 267. 379 EDRINGTON. DAVID CLAY. Osceola. AR. Sophomore. Medicine. 314.315 EDWARDS. CARL R . Clarksdale. MS. Senior, Bid Sci . 154. 238 EDWARDS. JAMES DAVID III Jackson. MS, Law I. Law. 306. 309 EDWARDS. JERRY FRANK JR . Jackson, MS Sophomore Bank and Fin. 31 2. 313 EDWARDS, ORRIN WENDELL. Kosciusko. MS. Junior. Pre-Accy 142 EDWARDS. PATRICIA ANN. Jackson MS. Senior. Elem Ed 286. 287 EDWARDS. PAUL FREDERICK. Memphis. TN. Freshman, History 314 EDWARDS. ROBERT WALLACE. Tunica, MS. Freshman Med Tech . 300. 3 EDWARDS. SHANNON TERRY. Batesville MS. Senior Theatre 302.303 EICHELBERGEH. SHIRLEY D West Point, MS. Junior. Pre-Accy.. 220 24.348 EIOT. DAVID LAWRENCE JR.. Natchez. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 272, 273 EIDT. DONNA ELIZABETH, Natchez. MS. Junior. Spch Tpy , 266.267 EISENBEIS. PATRICIA LYNN. Nesbrt. MS. Senior. Marking.. 157. EKLUNO. DARRYL JASON. Pearl. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 292. 293 EL-CHOUFANI. ADIB LABIB, University MS. Junior. Crvl Eng . 156.363 EL-HAJJ. AU AHMED. University. MS. Senior. Civl Eng . 156 ELAM CANDY DARLENE. Corinth. MS. Junior, S Ed Egl.. 280.281.363 ELDER. EMILY INGRAM. Brentwood. TN. Junior. Elem Ed . 278. 279 ELEY. KATRENA. Cleveland. MS. Freshman. Inst. Mgt. 215. 274. 275 ELLEDGE. DARRYL LEE. Sophomore. Gen Bus . 238. 2. 348 ELLIOTT. BAXTER ORR III. Oxford. MS. Junior, Civl. Eng . 296. 297 ELLIOTT. MICHAEL TERENCE. Ripley. MS. Grad I. Bus Adm . 294 295 395 ELLIOTT. PAMELA CARLENE. Freshman. Elem Ed . 280. 281 ELLIS. KENNETH RAY. Winona. MS. Junior. Marking.. 314. 315 ELLIS. THOMAS O . Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 316 ELLISON, WILLIAM CHARLES. Sunshine. LA. Sophomore. Marking . 292. 293 ELLSTON. GREGORY WESTCOTT. St Louis. MO. Freshman Bank and Fin 298 299.345 ELLZEY. KENNETH DAVID. Yazoo City. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 291293 ELLZEY. RANDAL EDMONO. Houston. MS. Senior. Accy . 157. 284.285 EMFINGER. RONA DIANE. Natchez. MS. Junior. S. Ed Mat. 262.263.363 EMLING. MARY JANE. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Radio and TV. 290. 291 EMRICK. LAUREN KAY. Oxford. MS. Senior Radio and TV. 322. 323.379 ENGLAND. JAMES EUERETTE. Sophomore. Urban Ad.. 312, 313 ENGLISH. KATHIE DARLENE. Ocean Springs. MS. Senior. Gen Bus . 125. 138. 145. 146. 215. 280. 281.379 EPTING. KIMBERELY ANN. Pascagoula. MS. Freshman, Jour 212.280.281 ERB. DAVID BRIAN. Oxford. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin.. 312. 313 ERTLE. MARILYN ALICIA. Bentonia. MS. Senior. Psyc.. 145 390 ERWIN. JESSE MATTHEW JR.. Pascagoula. MS, Freshman. Civl. Eng. 284. 28 ERWIN. KATE E . Sophomore, Comm Dis . 306. 307 ESELIN. CHESTER U. Pascagoula. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus 272 273 ESSLINGER. MARY VIRGINIA. Florence. AL. Junior. Elem Ed 108 ESTABROOKE. MARK WILLIAM. Atlanta. GA. Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 300.30 ETHRIDGE. STEPHEN ARTHUR. Vicksburg. MS. Junior. Urban Ad EVANS. CATHERINE ELIZABETH. Vicksburg. MS. Junior, Jour . 288. 289.363 EVANS. DEBORAH GAY. Sophomore. Law Enfo . 154. 23 EVANS. ELISE ANN. Vicksburg MS. Senior. Elem Ed , 288. 289. 215.379 EVANS. ELLEN MARY. Vicksburg. MS. Senior. Marking . 157. 215. 288. 289. 379 EVANS. JANE MARIE, Dyersburg. TN. Sophomore. Pre-Accy . 274. 275.348 EVANS. JOHN STANLEY. Memphis. TN. Junior. Insur . 213 EVANS. MARY S . Freshman. Dent. Hyg.. 288. 28 EVANS. WILLIAM GREGORY. Jackson, MS, Phrm -III. Pharmacy, 222 EVERETT, LISA MARY. Decatur. MS. Phrm ,-1, Pharmacy. 304. 305, 393 EWERT. SHARON KAY, Olive Branch. MS. Junior. Nursing. 297. 348 EWtNG. SALLIE CUMMINGHAM, Robmsonville. MS. Sophomore. Sod Ed . 304, 305. 348 EZENTA ELISHA C HIMA. Aba. Senior. Insur.. 145, 379 EZZEDDINE. MOHAMMAD AU. Saida. Junior. Crvl. Eng.. 1 56. 363 F FADOOUL. WASEF RADA. Senior. Civl Eng.. 152. 153. 155. 363 FAGAN. JOY EUSE. Laurel. MS. Senior. Spch. Toy.. 304. 305 FAISON. RICHARD DURELL. Mobile. AL. Senior. Mus Educ . 238.240 FANCHER, MARY JOE. Canton. MS. Phrm -I. Pharmacy. 215. 227. 274.275,106.399.390 FARNSWORTH. STEPHEN H.. Memphis. TN, Sophomore. Pre- Accy.. 270. 271 FAROUHAR. WINSTON KIRKLANO, Midland, TX. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 104 FARR. GEORGE KAVANAUGH. Jackson. MS, Senior, Accy . 157 FARR. VALERIE ELLEN. Myrtle. MS. Senior. Ctth Mer.. 1 55. 380 FARRAR. ADELAIDE WHARTON. Nashville. TN. Senior. Elem. Ed.. 278. 279 FARRAR. MARGARET LYNNE. Nashville. TN. Freshman. Comm. Dis . 278, 27 F ARRIS. MARGARET VICTORIA New Orleans. LA. Senior, Jour.. 306. 307. 363 FARRIS. ROBERT BARROW. Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore. Lib Arts. 296. 297. 348 FARRIS. SAMUEL HARDY HI. Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 270. 2. 348 FARRIS. WOODS FERNANO. New Orleans, LA. Freshman. Medicine. 272. 273 FA VI. STEVE RANDALL. Freshman. Gen Bus . 292. 293 FAWCETT. MICHAEL REID. Oxford. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin . 312.313 FEATHERSTON. CHESTERFIELD. Macon. MS, Junior. Cham Eng . 140.145.153,270.271.363 FEDELL. SHARON MICHELE. Vicksburg. MS. Junior, S Ed. B E.. 290.291 FELKS. BARBARA GALE. BeWen. MS. Junior. Pre-Accy . 249. 363 FENNELL. MCCOY THOMAS. Tupelo. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bu . 272. 273 FERGUSON, ANTHONY TOOD. Columbus. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 272. 273 FERGUSON. CONNIE MREY Taylor. MS, Phrm -II Pharmacy 223.290,291,390 FERGUSON, DEBRA ANN. Meridian MS. Freshman. Urban Ad . 278. 27 FERGUSON. DIANE. Senior. Bid Sci. 145. 148.380 FERGUSON. K ATHERINE JANE Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore. Nursing. 21 8. 229 FERGUSON. (CATHERINE SEARCY. Columbus. MS. Law I. Law. 200. 280. 281.348 FERMIN. ANGEL GUSTAUO. Catxmas, Senior. Elec Eng.. 216 FERRELL. CINDY. Magee MS. Junior. Crt Rptg . 266. 267. 258 FERRELL. JANET ELIZABETH. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Elem Ed. 274. 27 FESMIRE WALKER EUGENE. MarqueOe. Ml. Grad III. Bus Adm.. 157 FESSLER ALISON ANN. Hattiesburg. MS. Phrm -I. Pharmacy, 145, 278. 279 FEURST. DAVID BAYLOR. Vicksburg. MS. Sth-Ugrd . Comp. Sci.. 153 FEWELL. JENNIFER MCLANE. Jacksonville, FL. Junior. Design. 230. 2, 263, 363 FIELDS. MELANIE FRANCES. Rolling Fork. MS. Freshman. Marking. 21 2. 21. 278. 279 FIELDS. ROBERT GRIB8LE, Nashville. TN. Freshman. Gen Bus.. 276. 277 FINCH. AMY JO. Brandon, MS. Freshman. Bid Sci.. 288. 28 FINERTY. NANCY JANE. Bay St Louis. MS. Freshman. Jour . 266. 267 FINLEY. JON KAVIN. Memphis, TN, Freahman. Elec. Eng . 268. 2 F1NNEGAN, KATHLEEN ANN. Dates. TX. Sophomore. Radio and TV. 262. 263 FISCHER. DANIEL MICHAEL. Chanestown. IN. Unclass . 109. 152.153 FISHEU STEPHEN TIMOTHY. Law III. Law. 200. 2 FISHER. DONALD GARTH. Laurel. MS, Senior, Bid Sci . 140. 148. 316,317 FISHER. LEA MURRAY. Memphis. TN, Sophomore. Marking . 143. 238. 290. 291 . 348 FISHER. MARY MELANIE, Memphis. TN. Freshman. 286. 287 FITCH. WANDA LYNN, Holly ' a. MS, Freshman. Marking . 280.281 n FTTE. ELIZABETH CAMLLE. Freshman. Mangmnt. 101. 266. 267 FTTE. MARTHA ELIZABETH. Muskogee. OK. Junior. Bank and Fin., 286. 287. 363 FLETCHER. DAVID EUGENE. Senior. Cham. Eng.. 152. 239. 321 FLETCHER LEAH GIBSON. Germantown. TN. Junior. Elem. Ed.. 306. 307 FLINT. EDWIN ARMSTEAD JR.. Batesville. MS. Law II. Law. 200 FLOOD. MELISSA LOUISE. Meridian. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed., 278. 279 FLORA. NORMA CALDWELL. Sophomore. 274. 275 FLOWERS. MARY GRAYDON, Dublin, MS. Sophomore. Spcl Ed., 278, 27 FLOYD. ANGELA SUZETTE. Washington. MS. Junior. Pre- Accy . 220. 266. 267. 363 FLOYD. CYNTHIA LEEANN, Magee. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fm.. 21 2. 290. 291. 348 FLOYD. GLENOA JANE. New Atoeny. MS. Senior. Accy.. 157 FOLK. BRIAN MCGEE. Junior. Pre-Accy.. 284. 285 FOLK. ERIC A . Oxford. MS. Phrm.-4l. Pharmacy. 223. 284. 285 FOLLIN, ERIN ANNE. Junior. Bank and Fin.. 280. 281. 363 FONG. TERESA LOUISE. Hughes. AR. Junior. Zoology. 145. 148. 246.363 FONTAINE. DOUGLASS LATIMER III. Pascagoula. MS. Freshman. Mangmnt. 296. 297 FOOTE. ELIZABETH JANE. HartiesDurg MS SoD " on-0 ' e ' 43 274. 275, 348 FORD. CATHY RENEE. Sophomore. Comm Dis . 239. 348 FORD. TERRY DOUGLAS. Laurel. MS. Phrm -I, Pharmacy. 252 FORDICE. DANIEL KIRKWOOO. Vicksburg. MS. Sophomore. CM. Eng. 31 4. 31 5. 348 FORESTER. MARCIAL DAVIDSON. Jackson. MS. Senior. History. 272. 273 FORESTER. MITCHELL ANDREW. Jackson, MS. Junior, Pre-Accy.. FORSHEE. JULIE ANN, Clear Water. FL. Freshman, Ctth. Mer.. 215,2,279 FORSYTHE. PATRICIA LOIS. Vicksburg. MS. Senior. Gen. Bus.. 246 FORTE. ANTHONY SAMUEL. Greenville. MS. Unclass . Biology. 252.2 FORTENBERRY. DANA SUE. Magnolia. MS. Freshman. H.. p.E and Rec. 93. 99. 108 FORTENBERRY. DEVvTTT L. JR.. Mendennall. MS. Junior. Mech Eng . 298. 299 FORTENBERRY. EMM.Y A.. Columbia, MS. Junior. Marking . 41 . 145. 20. 203. 22. 258. 274. 275. 363 FORTENBERRY, THERESA ANN. Sophomore. English, 306. 307 FORTUNE. LINDA GAY. Olive Branch. MS. Junior. Anthro . 145. 363 FOSHEE. SHERI ANNE. DaHariM. MS. Sophomore. Comm Dis.. 143. 348 FOSTER. DEXTER L . Shannon. MS. Junior. Medicine. 200. 268. 2. 363 FOSTER. LANTZ POWELL. Natchez. MS. Sophomore. Phys. Tpy . 296. 299 FOSTER. MARJORIE USA. Memphis. TN. Junior. Comm. Dis . 304.305 FOUCHE. AMEE JO, Helena. AR. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 274. 275 FOUNTAIN. MICHAEL ANTCHNE. Perkinston. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin.. 109 FOUNTAIN, RICHARD MAURICE. Law II. Law. 200 FOURCADE. JOHN CHARLES JR., Gretna, LA, Sophomore. Radio and TV. 75. 78. 109 FOWLER. JANICE CORINNE. Greenwood. MS. Senior. Elem. Ed.. 154. 238 FOWLER. KENNETH BLAKE. Jackson. MS. Junior. Pre-Accy.. 284.285 FOWLER. SALLY ROSS. Hattiesburg. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 210. 215. 278. 279. 348 FOX, HENRY CREED. Junior, BkX Sci.. 145. 148. 296. 297 FOX. ROY CECIL, Lyon, MS. Senior. Bid. Sci.. 145 FOX. SUSAN LINNEA. Marietta. GA. Sophomore. Crt Rptg.. 262, 26.348 FRANCIS. PETER KEVIN. Memphis. TN. Junior. Mangmnt.. 282.283.363 FRANETOVICH, JOHN EDWARD. Bel Air. MD. Senior. Pol Sci . 298. 299 FRANKENBERG. BLAIR ROBERT. Barrington. IL. Sophomore. Marking . 292. 293 FRANKLIN. BRIDGET RENEE. Batesville MS. Sophomore. Comp Sci. .247. 348 FRANKS. ROSEMARY. Tupelo. MS. Senior. Pre-Accy . 220. 266. 267 FRANZEN. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Hattiesburg, MS. Sophomore. Pharmacy. 31 6. 31 7. 348 FRASHIER. IRA KAYE Oxford MS. Unclass , Bus. Adm.. 157 FRATESI. REGINA FAY. Leland. MS. Sophomore. Comm. Dis . 215 FREAR. MARY LEANNE. Dover. DE. Sophomore. Sock) . 288. 289 FREEMAN. ANNE ELIZABETH, St Louis. MO. Sophomore. Clth Mer . 290.291 Index -423 Freeman FREEMAN, PATRICIA ELLEN, Jackson, MS. Freshman, Phys. Tpy., 280, 281 FREEMAN, WILLIAM ANDREW. Lenexa, KS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 145,276,277 FREEMAN, WILLIAM RODNEY, Laurel, MS, Senior. Mangmnt., 308.309 FREES, JAMES RICHARD. Biloxi. MS, Law I, Law, 145, 148, 395 FREIGHTMAN, JOHN PHILLIP. Gulfport, MS, Junior. Gen. Bus., 109 FRENCH, NORMAN MILLER. New Albany, MS, Junior. Gen. Bus., 314,315 FRENCH, ROBIN ANN, Gulfport, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 290, 291 FRENCH, TERESA MAXENE. Jackson, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 154,266,267 FRIDRICH.LISAELOISE, Nashville. TN. Sophomore, Socio . 278, 279, 348 FRY, WILLIAM NALL, Senior, Urban Ad., 136, 140, 145, 148, 298. 299 FUGATE, JOHN ROBERT, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus., 21 5, 296, 297,331 FULLER, DONALD HALL, Vicksburg, MS. Senior, H., P.E. andRec.,91,109 FULPER, LESTER DAVID, Booneville. MS, Phrm.-lll. Pharmacy, 223, 390 FULTON, HAL EDWIN, Lena, MS, Freshman, Physics, 239 FULTON, LYMAN AVARD III, Mountain Home, TN, Junior. Insur. 83, 363 FULTON. RO Y LOUIS, University. MS, Grad. I, Bus. Adm., 152, 395 FURR, ALLYSON RACHELLE, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, Marking., 183,278,279 FURR, RICHARD KENNEDY, Wesson, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 151,320, 321,26 FURRH, JAMES BROOKE, Senior, Urban Ad., 308, 309, 363 FURRH, ROY HENDEE, Jackson, MS, Junior. Pre-Accy.. 145. 296, 297 FYFE, THOMAS WILSFORD JR., Lula, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 270, 271 . 348 FYKE, JENNY ELLEN. Jackson, MS, Freshman, 278, 279. 331 G GABBERT, ELMO PIERCE, Freshman, Psyc., 276. 277 GABRIELLESCHI VIRGIL J. JR Memphis. TN, Junior, Insur., 21 3 316,317 GADDY, CAROLYN JOYCE. Crystal Springs, MS, Freshman. Medicine. 266, 267, 331 GADDY, DENNIS MICHAEL. Lyon, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus. 298 299,348 GAINES, YOLAINE LOUISE, Junior, Pre-Accy., 266. 267. 363 GALBRAITH, JOAN. Maitland. FL, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 288, 28 GALLOWAY, PHYLLIS VIRGINIA Memphis, TN, Senior, Accy., 274 275 GALTNEY, ELIZABETH FORD, New Orleans. LA. Freshman, Medicine, 306, 307. 331 GANDY, JOHN V , Florence. MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus., 272. 273, 331 GARDNER. DONALD MAYNARD. Senatobia, MS. Freshman. Gen Bus., 312, 313 GARDNER, STEPHEN ELLIS, Brandon, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin. ,300. 301. 363 GARLAND, HOWARD SCOTT, Senior, Insur , 308. 309 GARMON. JEFFREY LYLE. Greenville. MS. Junior, Chem Eng., 308, 309 GARNER. BONNIE GAY. Junior, Crt. Rptg., 221 GARNER, JENNIE LUCK, Jackson, MS, Senior, Marking., 278, 279 GARNER. LISA CAROL. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus., 278, 279 GARNER, TERESA ANN, Nashville, TN, Freshman, Rec Ldrs.. 238. 331 GARRARD. LADY ANNE. Isola. MS. Junior. Med. Rec.. 215. 304, 305 GARRAWAY, FREDERICK WEST. Jackson, MS, Senior, Urban Ad., 147,308,309 GARRAWAY, KENDALL GREAVES. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 210, 308, 309, 331 GARRETT, MARK LOGAN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 239, 348 GARRETT, RENETTA DEANNE, Oxford. MS, Sophomore, Pharmacy, 143 GARRETT, STEVEN BOYCE, Clarksdale, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 147, 270. 271 GARRETT. TERI LYNN, Jackson, MS, Freshman, H.E.-lntr , 306, 307 GARREY, CAROLE LYNN, Junior. H.E.-lntr.. 288. 289 GARRISON, STEPHENE SUE, West Memphis. AR, Senior, Law Enfo.. 274, 275 GARY. MARY MELINDA, Oxford, MS. Junior, Pre-Accy., 290, 291 GATHRIGHT. EUGENE L. II, Oxford, MS. Junior, Law Enfo., 140 GAULDIN, ANN KATHLYNE, Dyersburg, TN. Senior, Elem. Ed.. 274.275 GAUTIER, MARY KATHERINE. Freshman. Mus. Educ. , 280. 281 . 331 GEAR, STEVEN KENNETH, Millstadt, IL, Sophomore. History. 239, 290, 276, 277. 348 GEARY. WILLIAM ARNOT, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 296, 297 GEE, WILLIAM FINCH II, Senatobia, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 223 GENIN. DEBORAH LYNNE, Oxford, MS, Junior. Accy.. 322. 323 GENO. MARLON WAYNE, Tupelo, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 239 GENO. TIMOTHY HARRY, Rienzi, MS, Junior. Biol.Sci., 320, 321. 348 GEORGE, MELODY LORRAINE. Natchez, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 262. 263 GEORGE. SONYA DAWN, Pascagoula, MS, Junior, Marking., 236. 306. 307 GERMAN, CONSTANCE M . Friars Point, MS, Senior, Math, 239 GERMANY. CYNTHIA CLAIRE, Jackson, MS. Junior, Pre-Accy., 288, 289 GERMANY, KRISHNA LYNNE, Houston, TX, Sophomore, Insur., 278, 27 GERMANY, ROBERT GEOFFREY, Jackson. MS. Law I, Law, 147. 298, 299 GERRARD, TRACIE GUION, Hattiesburg, MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., 278, 279, 363 GETZ, JOSEPH THADDEUS, Memphis, TN, Junior, Gen. Bus., 147, 199, 205, 226. 227, 284, 285 GHO, MARY CATHERINE, Tunica, MS. Senior, H.E.-lntr.. 280. 281 GHO, WILLIAM CURTIS. Tunica, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 316 317 GHOSHEH. BAHER ATA, Old Jerusalem, Sophomore, Comp. Sci.. 143,348 GIBBONS. CYNTHIA ANN. Oxford MS, Senior, Gen. Bus., 220 GIBERT, GERARD R . Jackson, MS. Senior. Pre-Accy . 157 GIBSON. DAVID WAYNE. Indianola. MS, Senior, Marking.. 140.151 GIBSON. R. GARY, Oxford, MS, Grad. Ill, Bus. Adm.. 151 GIBSON, ROBERT GREGORY JR.. Jackson. MS, Senior. Radio and TV. 298. 299 GIBSON, SHERRY LYNNE, Water Valley. MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 266, 267, 331 GIDDY, JAMES FRANK, Flora, MS, Senior, Law Enfo., 300, 301 GIFFIN, MARILYN RENEE. Louisv ille, MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., 278, 279, 348 GIFFORD, SUZANNE. Eupora, MS. Freshman, 280, 28, 331 GILBERT, JEFFREY KLINE, Jackson, MS, Senior, Radio and TV, 298, 299 GILBERT, PATRICIA GAIL, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 304. 305. 331 GILBRECH, KAREN YVONNE. Holly Grove, AR, Sophomore, Phys. Tpy., 306, 30 GILL. ELEANOR ALLEN, Greenwood, MS, Junior, Dntstry., 142. 225, 227, 305, 323, 348 GILL, JULIETTE ANNE, Biloxi, MS, Senior, Marking., 280, 281 GILL, SARAH NELL. Frenchmans Bayou. AR, Junior, Mus. Educ., 155,249,348 GILLENTINE, ANGELA DALE, Tupelo, MS, Junior, Jour., 288, 289.363 GILLESPIE, MOLLIE ANNE. Sardis. MS. Senior, S. Ed. L. S., 322, 323 GILLEYLEN. JAMES EDWARD, Amory, MS. Senior, Pol. Sci., 261 . .268, 269 GILLIL AND, MARY JOHN. Coldwater. MS. Sophomore. Adm. Serv , 278. 279. 331 GILLIS, ALAN ANTHONY, McComb, MS, Sophomore, English, 145, 215. 316, 317. 348 GILLIS. HEATHER JOANNE. Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Soc. S. Wk.. 262. 263 GILLOM, PEGGIE JEAN, Abbeville, MS, Senior, Soc. S. Wk., 94, 99. 108,363 GILMER. PATRA LYNN, Greenwood, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 223, 390 GILSTER, TIMOTHY J.. Cincinnati. OH, Junior, Theatre, 270, 271 GILVARY, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Pensacola, FL, Sophomore, Gen. Bus . 286, 287 GIN, BRENDA KAY, Tutwiler. MS. Junior. Accy., 220, 365 GINN, FRANCES BETH. Columbia, MS. Senior, Clth. Mer 154. 278. 258, 279 GINN, ROBERT EARL, Tylertown, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 223, 270, 271,390 GLASER, LEIGH ANN. Freshman, 278, 279 GLASGOW, MARY FRANCES, Memphis, TN, Sophomore. Clth. Mer., 262. 263, 348 GLASS. ELIZABETH ANN, Charleston, MO, Junior, Soc. Work, 278. 279 GLEATON, KENNETH, Enid, MS, Freshman, Art. 216 GLENN, JOHN WILLIAM. Jackson. MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 272, 273, 365 GLISSON, REBECCA ANN. Corinth, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 151,220 GLOVER. ANNE ELIZABETH, Columbus, MS, Sophomore, Jour.. 229. 239 GODWIN, ANN KATHY, Tupelo, MS. Sophomore. Home EC.. 249, 258, 304, 305 GOETZ, MARY LOUISE. Jackson, M S, Junior. Art. 322, 323, 365 GOETZ. PATRICIA ANN. Jackson. MS, Freshman, Jour, and Adv.. 210,290,291 GOFORTH, JANET LYNN, Philadelphia, MS. Junior, Clth. Mer . 286, 287. 365 GOLDEN. NANCY ELLEN. Memphis, TN, Senior, Spch. Tpy., 274, 275 GOLDMAN. CLYDE DENNIS JR., Meridian, MS, Gen Bus . Junior, 308.309 GOLDMAN. KARLEN LORENE, Meridian. MS. Junior. Accy.. 304, 305,365 GOLDNER, BETH ELYSE, Meridian, MS, Sophomore, Spcl Ed.. 278, 279 GOLDNER. LISA ANN WRIGHT, University, MS, Senior, Psyc., 140 GOOCH, GARY GLENN. Oxford. MS. Senior, Mus. Educ.. 240 GOOCH, LARRY LYNN. Oxford. MS. Senior, Mus Educ.. 145. 239. 240 GOODALL, LAURA YANCEY. Gallatin. TN, Senior, H.E.-lntr., 243, 288. 289 GOODMAN. GREGG STEPHEN, Alamo, CA. Junior, Medicine, 284. 285 GOODWIN. THOMAS ALVA IV, Dallas, TX, Senior. Accy.. 216, 318, 319 GORDJI, SOHRAB. Grad. III. Engr. Sci.. 156 GORDON, JACQUELINE. Brandon, MS, Freshman, Nursing, 238, 286. 287, 331 GORDON, MICHAEL, Senatobia. MS. Senior. Comp. Sci.. 298. 299 GORDON. RANDALL SCOTT. Clarksdale. MS. Freshman, Insur., 300.301 GORDON. ROGER THEO, Duck Hill. MS. Junior, H., P.E. and Rec.. 109 GORDY, ROBERT KEITH, Senior, Gen. Bus.. 308, 309. 365 GORE, VALERIE JANE, Woodland. MS. Freshman. 280. 281 GOROVE. KATHERINE MARIE. Oxford, MS, Senior, Pol. Sci., 126. 138, 145 GOSNELL, STEVEN KELLY, Arkadelphia, AR, Unclass , Phrm. Sci.. 149 GOSS. BRENDA RUTH. Olive Branch, MS, Senior, Pol. Sci.. 230. 365 GOSS, TERRY VAN. Freshman, Gen. Bus., 314, 315 GOULD, DAVID MOORE, Memphis. TN. Junior, Gen. Bus.. 292,293 GOWAN, MARGARET GRACE, Dallas, TX, Junior, Elem. Ed., 274, 275, 365 GOWDY, JOHN MONROE III, Memphis. TN, Junior, Gen. Eng., 284, 285. 365 GRACE, ANTHONY, Louisville, MS, Sophomore, Comp Sci.. 245, 349 GRAEBER. MICHAEL COLEMAN, Picayune, MS, Senior, Chem.. 272, 273 GRAFF. DIANE ELIZABETH, Park Ridge, IL, Junior, Bank and Fin., 146.262,263 GRAHAM. ALBERT NEAL. Pontotoc, MS, Law III, Law, 136, 147,316,317 GRAHAM. ANNE COURTNEY, Crystal Springs, MS. Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 274. 275, 349 GRAHAM, AUDREY LYNN, Orange Park. FL, Freshman, Chem., 266. 267, 331 GRAHAM, CLINTON ARNOTT, Gulfport, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin. ,136, 145,147, 151, 201, 21, 282. 283. 261 GRAHAM, DARRYL EUGENE. Folsom. LA, Sophomore, H. ,P.E. and Rec.. 111 GRAHAM. JAMES MICHAEL. Tupelo, MS. Junior, Urban Ad., 284, 285 GRAHAM, JESSE LOREN, Freshman. Gen Bus . 308. 309 GRAHAM. JOHN KEITH. Orange Park, FL, Freshman, Chem. Eng.. 272. 273 GRAHAM. MARGARET JEAN, Jackson. MS. Junior. English. 236. 288. 289. 365 GRAHAM, MARY ALISON, Crystal Springs, MS, Sophomore, Soc. Work. 274. 275, 331 GRAHAM, PATRICIA COLLINS. Memphis, TN, Senior, Marking , 215,274.275 GRANT, WILLIAM THOMAS. Hixson, TN, Junior, Bank and Fin . 298.299 GRANTHAM, GAYE LYNN. Senior, Bank and Fin., 288. 289. 365 GRANTHAM, LEANNE. Crystal Springs, MS, Freshman, Med Tech . 280. 281 . 331 GRANTHAM. SARAH KATHRYN, Jackson, MS. Junior. Elem. Ed.. 274. 275, 365 GRANTHAM, STEVE WILEY. Jackson. MS, Sophomore, Insur., 308,309 GRASS, PAUL RIVERS. Clarksdale. MS, Junior. S. Ed. S S., 136, 145, 147, 212, 215, 270, 271,365 ' GRAVES, JAMES GREGORY. Brandon, MS, Sophomore. Dntstry . 145, 349 GRAVES, JANET THOMSON, Winona, MS, Junior, H.E.-lntr., 304.305 GRAVES. MICHAEL KEVIN. Meadville. MS, Sophomore, Pol. Sci., 143,276, 277 GRAY, CYNTHIA ANN, Brandon. MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 262, 263.331 GRAY. DANIEL THOMAS. Gulfport. MS. Junior. Chem.. 145 GRAY, KIMBERLY YVONNE, Franklin, TN, Freshman, Gen Bus. 290, 291 GRAY, PAMELA ANN, Franklin, TN. Junior, Marking . 290. 291. 349 GRAY, ROBERT BOURDEAUX, Hattiesburg, MS, Senior, Philo . 296,297 GRAY, RONNIE EDMOND. Nitchez. MS. Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 300, 301 , 349 GRAYSON, JOHN HALL JR., Sophomore, Bank and Fin.. 143. 145,313 GREEN, CHERI DENISE, APO, NY, Freshman, Publ Adm., 245, 331 GREEN, CONNIE FRANCIS. Lexington. MS, Junior, Jour , 143. 243. 365 GREEN, DEBORAH BERNICE. Natchez, MS, Freshman, Home EC.. 21 5, 304. 305, 331 GREEN, DONDRA JUANELL. Southaven, MS, Junior, Jour and Adv.. 143. 349 GREEN, JAMES RICHARD. Water Valley. MS. Special. Elec Eng .91 GREEN. MARTY CARLIS, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Elec. Eng., 31 6. 31 7 GREEN. RICKY KEITH. Winona. MS, Senior, Bank and Fin , 220, 365 GREENE, MARY LUCILLE. Sophomore, 262, 263, 331 GREENLEE. EDYE JEAN, Batesville, MS. Junior, Pharmacy. 280,281.365 GREER. ANTHONY ALAN, Oxford, MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus . 296. 297,331 GREER, DANNY LEWIS, Memphis. TN, Senior, Marking., 272. 273 GREER. JEFF L., Tutwiler. MS. Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 292, 293 GREER, MICHAEL DUANE, Hickory Flat, MS. Law III, Law, 136 GREGORY, DOROTHY ALLISON. Jackson, MS. Freshman. H.E.-lntr., 290,291,331 GRESHAM, JOHN KENNETH JR . Greenville. MS. Senior. Gen Bus. 312,313 GRESHAM, LAURIE ANN. Greenville. MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed.. 278. 279, 331 GRESHAM. STEVEN MCGILL, Holly Springs, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 300, 301 424 Index Herrin GRESSETT DONNA LEA. Junior. H, P.E. and Rec . 230, 365 GRIFFIN, ANNA LOUISE. Gloster. MS. Sophomore, Elem. Ed . 306. 307 GRIFFIN. FLOYD WILLIAM JR . Yazoo City. MS. Junior, Gen Bus , 312,313 GRIFFIN, GARY MILLER. Sturgis. MS, Phrm.-l. Pharmacy. 223 GRIFFIN. JOHN SHULER. Greenville, MS. Junior. Insur., 213. 270.271.365 GRIFFIN, ROBBIE DENISE. BakJwyn, MS, Senior. V. Mm. EC.. 280. 281 GRIFFIN. WILLIAM ARLIS. Spring. TX, Sophomore, Pre-Accy , 154, 23, 276. 278. 344 GRIFFIS. MARGARET CLAIR, Meridian, MS. Junior. Comm Dis , 215.278,279 GRIFFIS. THOMAS KENNETH JR. MR . Meridian, MS, Sophomore. Gen Bus , 296, 297, 331 GRIFFITH. IKE C Brookhaven. MS, Senior. Radio and TV. 1 45, 147 GRISEBAUM, JOHN DAVID. Houston, TX. Sophomore. Bank and Fin . 308. 309, 331 GRISHAM, CYNTHIA LYNN. Oxford, MS, Freshman, Clth. Mer., 290,291 GRISHAM, THOMAS JAMES. Lubbock. TX, Senior. Accy , 126. 147.157.312.313 GRISWOLD, GEMIEL YVONNE. Philadelphia. PA, Junior. Accy., 220.365 GROWNEY, THOMAS DAVID. Albuquerque. NM. Freshman. Mangmnt.,276,277. 331 GRYDER, JACK ERWIN. Jackson. MS, Sophomore, Gen Bus , 312. 313 GRYDER, ROBERT LEWIS JR., Biloxi, MS. Junior, Marking . 216 GRYDER. SANDRA LEIGH. Freshman. Soc Work. 306, 307. 331 GRYDER, THOMAS EDWARD, Biloxi. MS. Freshman, Marking. 216 GUESSFOFtD, DAWN ALISON. Brentwood. TN. Sophomore, Clth Mer. 306. 307 GUESSFORD, WAYNE KAYE JR., Brentwood. TN, Grad I, Bus. Adm . 272, 273 GUIDER. GWYN BANNEY. Vicksburg, MS. Junior. Radio and TV. 274. 275 GUILLOT. LOUIS CREATH. Jackson. MS. Senior. English. 314, 315 GULLICK, DAVID ARNOLD, Myrtle. MS, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 220. 365 GULLY, ELLA VEAZEY. Memphis. TN. Sophomore, Psyc . 200, 278, 279 GUNN. DOUGLAS JENNINGS, Meridian. MS. Law I. Law. 120. 136.145.147 GUNN, MARK NEIL. Ellisville. MS. Freshman. Mangmnt., 210 314 315,331 GUNTER. GABRIELLE GARMON. Freshman. 290.291,331 GURNER. MARGARET MELISSA. Water Valley. MS. Senior, Elem. Ed., 238. 304. 305 GUSTAFSON. LINDA JEANNE. Waynesboro. MS. Senior. Art, 225. 304.305 GUTHRIE. SHANNON DEE. Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Clth Mer . 280. 281 , 349 GUYSE. CAROLYN JAYNE. Brandon. MS. Senior. Math. 239 GUYSE, GAYLE, Sophomore. Phys Tpy., 239, 366 GUYTON, JAMES LAWRENCE, Jackson. MS. Senior. Chem., 136. 145,147,148.314.315 GUYTON, JANICE ROWE. Grad I, Jour., 207 GUYTON. THOMAS SCOTT. Jackson. MS. Freshman, Medicine. 314.315 GWIN. MICHAEL OMARA. Oxford. MS, Freshman. English. 296. 297 H HAAS. LETITIA JANE, Bay St Louis. MS. Senior. Radio and TV, 274, 275 HAAS. MICHAEL DURRETT JR.. Bay St Louis. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin . 145, 212 HADLEY. CATHERINE MCCLURE. Clarksville, TN. Freshman, Crt Rptg.306. 30 HADLEY. SUSAN DABNEY, Clarksville, TN, Junior, Insur.. 213, 306.307 HAFFNER. JOHN WILLIAM. Glen Ellyn. IL. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 300.301 HAGAN. RICHARD HAURY, Nashville. TN. Senior. Marking.. 272. 273 HAGE, SHERYL MARIE. Gulfport. MS, Sophomore. Dent Hyg., 304. 305.349 HAIRSTON, PHYLLIS VERNELIOUS. Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Bus Ed.. 239 HALL, CANDACE LYNNETTE, Senior, Bank and Fin . 220 HALL, DANNY PORTER. Oxford. MS. Freshman. Pre-Accy . 276. 277 HALL, JOHN LAURENCE, Meridian, MS, Freshman, Jour, and Adv. 314.315 HALL. KAREN SUZANNE. Southaven, MS. Freshman. Elem. Ed. ,21 5. 331 HALL. KENNETH LARRY, Pine Bluff, AR, Senior. Rec Ldrs.. 217 HALL, MICHAEL STEPHEN, Memphis. TN, Sophomore, Elem. Ed, 270, 271 HALL, RICHARD STEVEN, Laurel. MS, Junior, Gen Bus , 292. 293. 349 HALL. ROBERT STANLEY. Grenada, MS, Unclass ., Math, 134. 152 HALL. ST ANTON ALLEN. Hattiesburg, MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus. 106, 316, 317 HALL. SUSAN REBECCA. Yazoo City. MS. Sophomore. Marking . 290,291.331 HALLBERG. CHARLES JOHN III. Memphis, TN, Junior, Pre-Accy., 320, 321 HALLIDAY, EDWIN WILKINSON JR., Columbia, TN, Freshman Gen Bus.. 312. 313 HALLMAN. PHYLLIS SUZETTE. Huntsville. AL. Senior. Mus. Educ 154.239.366 HALTOM. JOINER MACK III. Pascagoula, MS. Freshman. Medicine, 316.317.331 HAMERSKI, MICHAEL ROBERT. East Syracuse. NY. Junior. Biol Sci.. 252 HAMILTON. JANET LEE. Bay St. Louis. MS. Ser 280.281.366 Louis. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin.. .BayJ andFi HAMILTON. MARIAN MARCASA. Brandon. MS, Junior, H., P.E. and Rec . 304, 305. 366 HAMILTON, MOLLIE, Sophomore, Socio , 290. 291 HAMILTON, REGINA ANN. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus . 288. 289. 349 HAMILTON, RICHARD KEITH, St Louis. MO. Sophomore, H . P.E. and Rec , 91 HAMILTON, TODD BRYSON. Memphis. TN, Junior, Gen. Bus., 227 HAMMET. LAWRENCE BUFORD II, Paducah, KY, Senior, Gen Bus . 284.285 HAMMOND. ALICE LAIRD, Moss Point. MS. Grad I. Mod. Lang 262.263 HAMMOND. BARNETT DOUGLAS JR., Corinth, MS. Freshman, 314, 315 HAMMOND. FRANK WHITE. Memphis. TN. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 292. 293 HAMMOND. MARTHA COURTNEY. Corinth. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin., 126. 138. 278, 279 HAMPTON. CHERI. St. Louis. MO. Junior. French. 220. 266. 267. 366 HAMPTON. LINDA A . University MS. Senior. V Hm. EC.. 155 HANCOCK. DOUGLAS VANCE, Oxford. MS. Senior. Radio and TV. 308.309 HAND, RALPH THOMAS III. Glendora, MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 296,297 HANEY. ANNA MARIE, Pontotoc MS. Junior. 280. 281 HANKINS. HAROLD WAYNE. Grenada. MS, Senior. Mech. Eng 300.301 HANKS, HELEN TRACEY, Junior, Spanish, 278, 279 HANNAFORD, MARK MABRY, Derma. MS, Senior. Bank and Fin., 276. 277. 366 HANNAN, EDWIN YORK. Grenada. MS, Law I, Law, 145 HANSON, JAMES WALTER JR.. Fulton. MS. Phrm. -III. Pharmacy. 223. 391 HARBIN. PATRICIA ELISE Grenada. MS. Sophomore, V. Hm. EC . 220. 247, 280. 349 HARBISON. MARK BOSTICK. Junior. Urban Ad., 31 2. 31 3. 366 HARBOUR. STARK DAVID, Montevatlo, AL, Freshman, Go. Bus.. 239, 272. 273. 332 HARD. RUFIE WATSON, Birmingham, AL, Sophomore. 290. 291 HARDIN. BEVERLY JEAN. Oxford. MS, Junior, H.E.-lntr, 262. 263. 366 HARDING. WILLIAM WALDORF. Fairfieid Bay. AR, Senior, Comp. Sci.. 149. 153 HARDY. JOHN CAZORT, Columbus, MS. Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 31 2, 313 HARDY. JOHN DAVID, Bruce. MS, Senior, H., P.E and Rec., 217 HARLAN. DIANE ELAINE. Oxford. MS. Junior. Elem Ed.. 288. 289 HARLAN. MICHAEL WESLEY, Freshman. Pre-Accy., 292. 293 HARLAN. WILLIAM EDWARD, Oxford, MS, Senior, Pre-Accy.. 292,293 HARLIN, MARY JO. Mandeville. LA. Sophomore, Comm Dis . 266. 267, 349 HARMON, EMILY HALL, Columbia, TN. Sophomore, Elem. Ed.. 274. 275 HARMON. MICHAEL. Kosciusko. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 74. 75 HARMON. ROY FRANKLIN III. Columbia. TN, Senior, English. HARPER. JACK WALTER. Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Accy., 270.271,349 HARPER, KELLY MARIE. New Orleans. LA. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 306, 307 HARPER. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Memphis. TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus. 21 5, 304. 305.331 HARRINGTON, MARY E. M . Senior. Math, 140, 152 HARRIS. ANNE GREENE. Clarksdale. MS. Junior, Elem. Ed.. 278, 279 HARRIS, CAROLYN LOUISE. Tupelo, MS, Freshman, Pre-Accy.. 288.289 HARRIS, DAVID LEE JR.. Victoria, TX, Freshman. Elec Eng . 239 HARRIS. DONNA GAIL. Memphis, TN, Junior, Soc. Work. 266. 267 HARRIS. DWIGHT L . Corinth, MS. Junior. Psyc .154. 366 HARRIS. KYLE LANCE, Flora, MS. Freshman. Marking.. 284. 285, 331 HARRIS, LUCY ROBINSON, Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore, Elem Ed, 278.279 HARRIS. MARILYNNE, Okolona, MS. Sophomore. Nursing, 306. 307.349 HARRIS. MARY ELIZABETH. Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Radio and TV, 304. 305 HARRIS, MELINDA JOYCE. Columbia. TN. Junior, Bank and Fin.. 201 . 215. 227. 274, 275, 366 HARRIS, PHILIP EUGENE, Marietta. GA. Sophomore, Marking.. 310. 311 HARRIS. REVONDA DENISE, Coldwater. MS. Freshman. Comp. Sci.. 242. 306, 307. 331 HARRIS. TAMMY LEE. Hemando. MS. Junior. H.. P.E. and Rec.. 288. 289 HARRISON. BRIAN KIPLING. Brandon, MS Junior. Mangmnt.. 272, 273, 366 HARRISON, DAN MAURICE. Forest. MS. Senior. Gen. Bus . 156 HARRISON. EMILY JANE. Tupelo. MS. Phrm.-l, Pharmacy. 280. 281 . 391 HARRISON. JAMES MICHAEL. Junior. Mus. Educ.. 215, 239, 366 HARRISON. JOHN C ALDWELL, New Albany, MS. Senior. Cham.. HARRISON, KIM LEIGH. Ripley. MS. Sophomore. Soc. Work, 250. 262. 263, 349 HARRISON. ROBERT LEE JR.. Ft. Walton Beach. FL. Sophomore, 284, 285. 349 HARRISON, SARAH-FRANCES KING. Ashland, VA, Freshman. Bank and Fin., 247, 286. 287, 332 HART. ANNE ALLEN, Inverness. MS, Senior. Music. 1 40, 1 55. 274. 275 HART. JULIE LYNN, Jackson. MS, Freshman. Elem Ed., 239. 332 HARVEY. REX DIU-ON. McComb, MS. Junior. Pre-Accy., 145, 284. 285 HARWELL. ANN TAYLOR. Memphis, TN. Junior, Crt. Rptg.. 146.236,258.304.305.366 HARWELL. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Columbia, TN. Sophomore. 274. 275 HARWOOD. KATHARINE BUTLER, Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Marking.. 274. 275 HASHEM. AHMED MOHAMED. Senior, Cham Eng., 153 HASKINS. CHRISTOPHER KIRK. McComb, MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 284. 285. 332 HASSELL. ROBYN JANE, Paris. TN, Sophomore, H.. P.E. and Rec . 322, 323. 349 HATCHER. JOOY KEITH. Jackson. MS. Freshman. 298, 299. 332 HATHAWAY. SUSAN OLIVIA. Memphis, TN, Senior. Accy., 1 50 HATHCOCK, CATHY LYNN, Junior, Pharmacy, 288. 289 HAUGH, SCOTT CHARLES. Berkeley. IL. Junior, Pol. Sci.. 216 HAWES, TERESA CAROL. Sikeston. MO, Freshman. S. Ed. Art. 290. 291. 332 HAWKINS, JAMES HALYARD. Memphis. TN. Senior. Gen Bus.. 109.308,309 HAWKINS. KIMBERLY LEE. Phrm.-l. Pharmacy, 223 HAWKINS, RICARDO L. Indianola. MS. Junior. 268, 269. 366 HAYDEN, JOSEPH ANSELM, Caruthersville. MO. Junior, CM. Eng. ,314, 315 HAYDEN, LAURA KATHERINE. Memphis. TN, Junior. Nursing. 306.307 HAYES, LAURA LYNNE. Piano. TX, Sophomore, Mar. Biol , 262. 263.349 HAYNES, DONALD HUBERT, Lambert, MS, Phrm.-l. Pharmacy, 223,270.271.366 HAYNES, HOPE AVERY, Jackson. MS. Junior. Elem. Ed . 280, 281. 366 HAYNES. SANDRA ANN. Lambert. MS. Freshman. Spcl Ed.. 306, 307 HAYS. BRENDA JOYCE. Greenwood, MS, Sophomore, Elem. Ed.. 262. 263. 350 HAYS. MAR) LYNN, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore. Nursing, 280, 281 . HAYS, VIRGINIA ANNETTE. Greenwood. MS, Phrm. -II, Pharmacy. 262. 263. 391 HAYS, WILLIAM LOUIS JR.. Charleston. MS. Freshman, Pre- Accy.. 31 6. 31 7 HEAD. JANET MCLAURIN. Moss Point. MS. Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 280. 28. 350 HEAD. KATHERINE NELSON, Moss Point. MS. Senior, Bank and Fin 280 281 HEAOLEY. MARKLAND ROLAND, Law II. Law. 147 HEARD, CAROLYN COOPER, Baton Rouge. LA. Sophomore, Insur.. 143. 145. 238. 278. 279. 350 HEARD, ROBERT GOOOWYN, Memphis, TN, Senior. Gen. Bus., HEATH. DAVID GERALD. Biloxi. MS. Junior. Dntstry.. 282. 283 HEBLER, KAREN RENEE. Vicksburg, MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed. 288. 289 HECTOR. DAVID HOLCOMB. Gulfport, MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus., 296, 297 HEGWOOO, RUSSELL KERRY. Fair Oaks, CA. Freshman. Pre- Accy. 298. 299 HEITER. MATTHEW STEPHEN, Sophomore, Pol. Sci.. 143. 350 HELMS. JAMES SAMUEL JR.. Sophomore. Gen. Bus., 272. 273 HEMENWAY. RICHARD ALAN. Frostproof, FL, Senior, Bank and Fin.. 270. 271. 366 HEMPHILL. JAMA LANELLE. Louisville. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 239 HEMPHILL, TINA MICHELLE. Louisville, MS. Freshman. Comp. Sci., 238 HENDERSON. DEREK ANDREW, Louisville. MS. Junior. Accy.. 284. 285 HENDERSON, ELIZABETH SUSAN. Jackson. MS. Senior. Psyc.. 140. 148. 247 HENDERSON. RONNIE WAYNE. Tupelo, MS, Sophomore. Urban Ad., 272. 273 HENDRIX, PHILLIP BOOTHE. Helena. AR. Junior, Gen. Bus., 200.22.314,315.350 HENDRIX, PHYLLIS EILEEN. McEwen, TN, Freshman. Elem. Ed.. 288. 289. 332 HENDRIX. RONALD LEE. Helena. AR. Senior, Mangmnt. 140. 145. 261,314,315 HENICK, ALDA CAMILLE . Yazoo City. MS, Freshman, English. 274. 275,332 HENICK. LISA LYNN, Yazoo City, MS, Junior. Elem. Ed.. 306. 307. HENICK. MELANIE CARRIE. Yazoo City, MS, Junior. Gen. Bus.. 203. 215. 274, 275. 366 HENLEY. CHARLES PATTON. Hazlehurst. MS. Junior, Accy.. 282.283 HENLEY, KAYO HILDEBRANDT MISS. Jackson. MS. Freshman. 290.291 HENNEN, EARL MICHAEL JR., Jackson, MS. Junior. Pol. Sci.. 298.299 HENRY, TERRY L. Tutwiler. MS, Junior, Gen. Bus.. 253 HENSON, JOHN LEONARD, Jackson. MS, Freshman, Dntstry . 272. 273. 332 HENTZ. MARY LILLIAN, Cleveland, TN, Junior. Elem. Ed., HERBERT. MAGAN JEAN. Nashville. TN, Freshman, Elem. Ed , 274. 275. 332 HERRIN. JANE ELIZABETH. Hattiesburg. MS. Sophomore, English. 278. 279 Index 425 Herring HERRING. MORRIS LYNN. Tupelo. MS, Senior, Gen. Bus., 316,317 HERRING, PAULA ELIZABETH. Sophomore. City Mgt . 266. 267. 350 HERRINGTON, JACKSON ALLEN JR., New Albany, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus, 314,315.332 HERRINGTON, JOSEPH LESTER, Oxford, MS, Unclass., Pol. Sci., 239 HERTZ, BELINDA JANE, Long Beach, MS, Junior, Radio and TV. 246, 350 HESTER, MICHAEL RAY, Tupelo. MS, Junior, Marking., 314, 31 5 HESTER, NENA LEXENE. Tupelo, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 274, 275 HESTER, PEGGY JEAN. Raleigh. MS, Phrm.-lll. Pharmacy. 1 56, 391 HEWITT, WILLIAM LLOYD, McComb, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 312, 313 HIATT. JENNIFER ANN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 290, 291 MICKEY. JOHN C., Jackson, MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 296, 297. 332 HICKMAN, JAMEYE LYNN. Picayune, MS. Sophomore, Nursing, 322, 323, 350 HICKMAN, LANCE ALLEN. El Paso, TX, Junior, H., P.E. and Rec.. 104 HICKS, CAMILLE ELAINE, Douglassville, PA, Junior, Crt. Rptg 238 HICKS, FRANCES RUTH, Florence, AL, Junior, H.E.-lntr, 108,288,289,366 HICKS, JOHN SPAULDING, Jackson. TN, Senior, Urban Ad., 292, 293 HIGDON, MARK BYRON MR., Belzoni, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 284, 285. 332 HIGDON, SONDRA GAYLE. Jackson, MS, Senior. Clth. Met . 322, 323, 366 HIGGS, CYRUS HENRY, Bolivar, TN, Junior, Accy., 276, 277, 350 HIGH, DAVID EWIN, Sophomore, Urban Ad.. 308, 309 HIGHTOWER, ALICIA DIANNE, Memphis. TN, Junior, Elem. Ed., 202,215,266,267,366 HIJAZI, TOUFIC MUSTAPHA, University, MS, Senior, Elec. Eng., 140,153.384 HILL, CAROLINE JOSETTE MISS, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Dent. Hyg., 208, 304, 305, 332 HILL. DOUGLAS LAMAR, Columbus. MS, Freshman, Medicine, 282, 283 HILL, JACK DUGAN, Natchez. MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 154, 239, 332 HILL. MALINDA LOUISE. Water Valley, MS, Senior, H., P.E. and Rec.. 238 HILL, MICHAEL DEAN, Baldwyn, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 151 , 220, 381 MILLER Y, ANDREW EARL, New Orleans, LA, Freshman, Medicine. 284, 285, 332 HILLYER, BRUCE LEWIS, Memphis, TN, Junior, Pol. Sci., 284,285 MINES, TODD R , Jackson, MS. Junior, Pre-Accy., 308, 309 HINKEL, PETER LEE. Whitinsville. MA, Junior, Biol. Sci., 270, 271 HINMAN, KENNETH FULGHUM, Pensacola. FL, Sophomore, Bank and Fin. .312, 313 HINRICHS, FRED TURNER, Columbia, MS, Unclass., Bus. Adm . 292, 293 HINTON, DAVID HUGH, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 316, 317 HINTON, JAMES HOMER, Jackson. MS, Senior, Insur.. 213. 316,317 HINTON, JUDY KAREN, Laurel, MS, Senior, Jour., 134,215 HITE, JACK LIPP JR., Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Law Enfo . 298, 299 HITE, MARK RICHARDS. Sophomore, Gen. Bus , 272, 273 HIX, CAROL JEAN, Clarendon, AR. Senior, H.E.-lntr., 280, 281, 381 HIXON. LEILA KATHLEEN. Freshman. 278, 279 HO, SIUMAN, Tai Hang, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 156 HOBBS, LYLE SANFORD, Brookhaven, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 HOCOTT, KIMBERLY ANN, Germantown, TN, Senior, Clth. Mer , 266. 267. 381 HOCUTT, CAROL LANE, Lexington. MS. Senior, Psyc., 322, 323 HODGES, BARNEY LEE, New Albany, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus.. 270, 271 HODGES, KEMPE TERRY, West, MS, Freshman, H., P.E. and Rec.. 212,300,301 HODGES, MARGARET FRANCES. Jackson, MS, Junior, Art-lntr., 304, 305, 366 HODGES, ROBERT FRANKLIN III, Trenton, TN, Freshman, Pharmacy, 300, 301 HOFFMAN, GEORGE WILDEN JR.. Sophomore, 31 4, 31 5 HOFFMAN, KATHERINE ANN, New Orleans. LA, Senior. Accy., 1 26, 1 38, 1 46, 1 51 , 1 57, 259, 275. 381 HOFFMAN, WILLIAM DEAN, Oxford, MS. Grad. I, Socio., 208 HOGAN, CONNIE CYRENA, McComb, MS, Senior, Comm. Dis., 280,281,381 HOGAN, JEAN ALICE, Clarksdale, MS, Sophomore, 288, 289 HOGAN. SHIRLEY MARTIN. Oxford, MS, Grad. I, Phrm. Sci., 156 HOKEY, EVELYN MORRIS, Blue Mountain, MS, Junior. V. Hm. EC., 246 HOLCOMB. WILLIAM EDGAR III. Columbus, MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 143, 145, 203, 261 . 296, 297, 350 HOLDEN, LEIGHANNE GRACE, Senior, El. Ed. K8, 154, 238, 366 HOLDORF, PAMELA MEB. Jackson, MS, Junior, H.E.-lntr., 239. 350 HOLDORF, WENDY LYNN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Psyc., 143,239,350 HOLIDAY, TRACY DIANE, Clinton, MS, Sophomore. Math, 262, 263, 350 HOLLABAUGH, VIRGINIA N. , Franklin, TN, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 266, 267 HOLLAND, CORNELIA, Jackson. MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., 306, 307, 366 HOLLAND, HOLLY SHAW, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed.. 262, 263. 332 HOLLAND, JAN CAROL, Junior, Psyc., 210. 225, 257, 304, 305, 366 HOLLEMAN, MARTHA J., Clarksdale, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 215.223.391 HOLLEMAN, MARY LAURA, Jackson, MS, Junior, Radio and TV, 304, 305 HOLLEMAN, TIMOTHY CHARLES. Gulfport, MS, Law II, Law, 201 . 350 HOLLENBECK, STANLEY WADE. Steele, MO, Senior, Jour., 239. 381 HOLLEY, BARBARA LEE, Freshman, Art-lntr., 286, 287, 332 HOLLEY, JOSEPH EUGENE JR., Tupelo, MS. Junior, Biol. Sci., 148, 366 HOLLEY. ROBERT DEAN, Pontotoc, MS, Junior, Med. Tech., 216,366 HOLLIDAY, JOHN MARK, Ripley, MS. Junior, Chem. Eng., 136, 143, 145,316,317,350 HOLLIDAY, JOHNNY DANIEL, Aberdeen, MS, Senior, Accy., 284, 285.366 Wiggins. MS, Senior, Comm. Dis., 239. 366 HOLLINGSWORTH, HEZ L., Morion. MS. Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 308, 309 HOLLISTER, RALPH HUSTON, Pascagoula, MS, Senior, Gen Bus., 292. 293 HOLLOCHER, ROBERT WILLIAM, Florissant, MO, Senior, Marking., 252, 366 HOLLOMAN, TIMOTHY LEWIS, Bay Springs, MS, Sophomore, Radio and TV. 239 HOLLOWAY, HELEN LETITIA, Louise, MS, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 21 5, 220, 225, 266, 267, 257, 366 HOLMAN, HOLLY FAYE, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Comm. Dis., 210, 274, 275. 332 HOLMES, ELIZABETH MARY, Bay St. Louis. MS, Freshman, Psyc.. 239, 332 HOLMES, SUSAN LAURIE S HOLSTROM, BRYAN DONALD, Elgin, IL, Junior, Bank and Fin., 149,220.300,301,366 HOLT, CAROL ANN, Salisbury, MD. Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 306, 307 HOLT. DOUGLAS GORDON, Little Rock, AR, Grad. Pen., Educ., 109 HOLWADEL, RUSSELL DOUGLAS, St. Louis. MO. Junior. Marking., 296, 297 HOMAN, LISA ANN, Shannon, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 304, 305. 332 HOMAN. MICHAEL HENRY, Akron, PA, Freshman, Civl. Eng.. 107 HOOD, BETSY DIANNE, Calhoun City, MS, Sophomore, Urban Ad., 143,142,290,291,350 HOOD, IRIS RENEE, Benton, MS. Senior. Pre-Accy., 1 49, 299, 291 , 381 HOOKER, CYNTHIA LYNN, Clinton, MS. Grad. 1, 138, 146, 266 267 HOOPER. PEYTON SPOTTSWOOD. Oxford, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 270, 271 HOOPER, WILLIAM KINS JR., Freshman, Gen. Bus., 74, 80, 270, 271,332 HOOVER, MARK DABNEY, Dallas, TX, Junior, Gen. Bus.. 276, 277 HOOVER, TRACEY JANE, Winona. MS, Sophomore, H.E.- lntr., 208, 306, 307 HOPKINS, CHERYL LEIGH, Oxford, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus., 220 HOPKINS, HEIDI, Sophomore, 274. 275 HOPKINS, HOLLY, Oxford, MS, Unclass.. 134 HOPKINS, MARYEM FOWLKES, Gulfport, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 278, 279, 350 HOPSON, KAREN RENEE. Vicksburg, MS, Junior, Comm. Dis.. 243, 288, 289 HOPSON, RALPH STUART, Tupelo, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 320, 321 HORD, ALICE MITCHELL, Memphis, TN, Sophomore, Med. Tech.. 288, 289 HORNE, OLIVE COKER, Jackson, MS, Junior, Marking., 278, 279, 366 HORNE, PATRICIA BURNS, Brandon, MS, Sophomore, Marking., 304. 305 HORNER, LEEANN, Pine Bluff, AR, Freshman, Mangmnt., 215. 306, 307,332 HOSSE, LYNN LOUISE. Brentwood, TN, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 304, 305 HOUSE, BECKY ANN, Hazen, AR, Sophomore. Jour, and Adv., 143, 236, 266, 267 HOUSE, MARY ELIZABETH, Glen Arm, MD, Freshman, Psyc.. 266, 267, 332 HOUSEHOLDER, WILLIAM EDWIN. University, MS, Senior, H.. P.E. and Rec., 109 HOUSTON, ANN MONTGOMERY, Sophomore, Jour., 215, 266, 267. 350 HOUSTON, JOHN WASCOM, Memphis, TN, Freshman. English. 314,315 HOWARD, DAVID HECTOR, Memphis, TN, Sophomore, Psyc., 284, 285 HOWARD, M. ELIZABETH, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 274, 275 HOWARD, TANYA RENEE, Junior. Mangmnt., 262, 263, 366 HOWARD. WILLIAM T. JR.. Memphis, TN, Junior, Bank and Fin.. 284, 285 HOWELL, DONNA LOUISE, Freshman. 306. 307, 332 HOWELL, JAMES MARK, Water Valley, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 270. 271 HOWELL, JOHN CLIFTON, Clinton, MS, Senior, English, 206, 272, 273 HOWELL. LEIGH ANN. Nashville, TN, Senior. S. Ed. Mat., 304, 305. 381 HOWELL, MICHAEL GRADY, Junior, Pre-Accy., 149,314, 315 HOWELL. PAUL BYRON, Water Valley. MS. Law I, Law, 147. 270, 271 HOWELL, VAUGHN DALE, Hatley, MS. Senior, Bank and Fin., 151 . 381 HOWELL, WILLIAM P. JR., Clarksdale, MS, Sophomore, Marking.. 212, 251 , 314, 31 5. 350 HOWZE, BETTY LYNN, Sledge, MS. Junior, Elem. Ed., 278, 279, 366 HUBBARD, JEFFREY PAUL, Jackson, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 147, 151,292.293 HUBBARD, MILLEIGH RANDLE, Cordova, TN, Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 243. 266, 267, 350 HUBBERT, MICHAEL WAYNE, Shubuta, MS, Junior, Dntstry , 145, 148.212,215,366 HUCH, KIM MARIE, Long Beach. MS, Senior, Biol. Sci., 322, 323, 381 HUDGINS. MARY DIANE, Jackson. MS, Junior, Radio and TV, 278, 279,366 HUDSPETH, BRENT SHELTON. Oxford, MS, Senior. Marking.. 292. 293 HUDSPETH, HARVEY GRESHAM, Oxford, MS, Law II, Law, 136 HUFF. BRADLEY RAY, Meridian, MS, Sophomore, Pre-Accy., 296. 297,350 HUFF, TIMOTHY KIETH, Natchez. MS. Junior, H., P.E. and Rec., 83. 109 HUFF. WALTER WILLIAM, Monroe, LA, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 284. 285, 350 HUGGINS, HOLLY LYNN, Southaven, MS, Sophomore. Pre- Accy., 274, 275 HUGHES, ANDY KARL. Magee, MS, Law II, Law, 251 HUGHES, BETHANY ANNETTE, Freshman, Pharmacy. 288, 289 HUGHES, JEFFERSON LEE. Lexington, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 21 5, 308, 309 HUGHES, KATHERINE MARIE, Senior, Rec. Ldrs., 1 08, 21 HUGHSTON, MARGARET LANE, Mandeville, LA, Senior, Elem. Ed.. 138,146,306,307 HULICK, ALLISON LYNN, Junior, Mus. Educ.. 155 HULL, CLARENCE GALLOWAY IV, Greenwood, MS, Sophomore, Mangmnt., 312. 313 HULL, GRACE GIVENS. Jackson. MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., 306. 307 HUMPHREY. WILLIAM ROBERT, University, MS, Senior, English, 127, 136, 140, 147, 148, 272, 273 HUNSINGER, RONALD N., Oxford, MS, Grad. Ill, Phrm. Sci., 156 HUNT, JEFFREY CRAIG, Senatobia, MS, Freshman, Mus. Educ.. 239, 332 HUNT. MARY PELHAM, Memphis TN. Senior, H.E.-lntr., 274, 275 HUNTER, DONINE, Pensacola. FL Junior, Insur , 213, 304, 305 HUNTER, PAULA ADELE. Aberdeen, MS, Junior, Marking., 280. 281 . 381 HURDLE, FRANK MOORE. Sophomore, Gen Bus.. 300, 301 HURDLE, SIDNEY LANIER JR.. Holly Springs, MS, Law II, Law, 200 HURLEY, VICKI JOYCE, Memphis. TN, Sophomore, Radio and TV, 266, 267, 350 HURST, CHARLES ALFRED, Marion. AR, Senior, Bank and Fin , 211,316,317,366 HURST, JOSEPH STEVE, Senior, Chem., 239 HURT, ANDREW WELLBORN, Freshman, Chem. Eng., 239. 332 HURT. SUSAN AMANDA. Indianola, MS, Senior, Comm. Dis., 274. 275. 366 HUTT, LISA L., Pine Bluff, AR. Sophomore, Rec. Ldrs., 274, 275 HUTTON, MARGARET TURNER, Nashville, TN, Senior, Art Hist.. 274, 275 HYATT, KELLY ELAINE, Germantown, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 262, 263,332 HYDE, ESTELLE MARIE, Mobile, AL, Sophomore, 102, 103, 108. 246 HYDE, KATHRYN LOUISE. Freshman, 290, 291,332 HYDE, ROBERT O JR , Memphis. TN. Junior, Marking., 31 6, 31 7 I IGWIKE, RICHARD SUNDAY, Emugu Anambra, Unclass, Intr. Rel.. 145 IKERD. HELANNE ELISE, Friers Point, MS, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 266, 267, 350 ILES, MARK GREGORY, Natchez. MS, Sophomore, English, 298. 299 IMRE, RONALD LEO. Sophomore. Mech. Eng . 239, 350 INGRAM, MARIAN RUTH, Pine Bluff, AR, Sophomore, Jour , 229. 266, 267. 350 INMAN. CHARLES EUGENE. Calhoun City, MS, Junior, Mangmnt.. 220, 320, 321 IRELAND. SELBY ALLEN, Clinton. MS, Freshman. Pre-Accy., 215, 282, 285 ISBELL, STEVEN BRYAN, Corinth, MS, Grad. I, Econ., 151 IUPE, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Bank and Fin.. 298. 299 IVES, DAVID JOHN, Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 292. 293 IVES. LAUREN LILLIAN. Franklin, TN, Sophomore, Pre-Accy., 306, 307,350 IVY, JAMES L., Oxford, MS, Senior. H. P.E. and Rec., 91 IVY, MARIA, Shannon, MS, Junior, H. P.E and Rec , 212, 215, 262, 263. 366 J JACKS. CAROLYN JAN, Jackson, MS, Senior, S. Ed. S. S., 274, 275 JACKSON, CHARLES E. Ill, McComb. MS, Senior, Comp. Sci.. 145, 238, 282. 283 JACKSON, CYNTHIA DIANNE BLAKENEY. Poplarville. MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 156, 391 JACKSON, JEAN HIGH. Jackson, MS, Junior, S. Ed. L. S., 244, 253, 366 JACKSON, JOSEPH DENNIS, Oxford, MS. Grad. Ill, Phrm. Sci., 156 426 Index Kulbeth JACKSON. WAYNE ROSE, Clarksdale. MS, Unclass Publ Adm.,136 JACKSON, RANDY LEWIS. Freshman, Jour and Adv., 314. 315 JACKSON. ROBERT CURTIS II, Long Beach. MS. Sophomore. 310.311.350 JACKSON. SERENA ELIZABETH. Marks, MS, Junior, Radio and TV. 202, 278, 279 JACOBS. GINA MARIE. Meridian. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin.. 140, 145,150.151 JACOBS. JENNY MCCLOY. University. MS, Senior. Econ . 244 JACOBS, RONALD B , Atlanta. GA. Law I. Law, 280 JACOBSON. ROBERT JULIUS. Pascagoula. MS, Junior. Insur , 213.350 JAMES, CHERYL LYNN, Batesville. MS. Junior. Home EC., 247.350 JAMESON. DAVID LEONARD. Eupora. MS, Senior. Bank and Fin .314. 315 JAMESON. STUART CURTIS, Freshman, Bank and Fin.. 314. 315 JANKOWSKI. THOMAS MARK, Tokyo. Sophomore. 318, 319. 350 JANSEN, DANIEL JOSEPH. Memphis, TN, Sophomore. Gen Bus. 316. 317 JARRELL, PAUL GREGORY, Sikeston, MO, Senior, Pre-Accy . 157.382 JAUDON, MICHAEL A , Batesville, MS, Senior. Bank and Fin., 150, 239.382 JEFCOAT, HARVON GREGORY, Soso, MS, Senior. H , P.E. and Rec, 109 JEFFERSON, CHARLENE ROSALIND, Vicksburg. MS. Freshman. Pre-Accy 220 JEFFREYS. JON BRADLEY, Jackson, MS. Freshman. Gen Bus, 21 2, 31 6. 31 7 JELKS. JAMES LEON JR. Centreville, MS. Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy, 223. 300. 301 , 391 JELLIFFE. MELANIE HUDSON. Freshman. Theatre, 280. 281 . 332 JENKINS. CHARLES MICHAEL. Plantersville. MS. Junior. Geol Eng, 145. 153. 367 JENKINS. FANNIE LEE. Oakland, MS. Senior. Elem Ed, 215, 382 JENKINS, JOEDAE LA VET. Clarksdale. MS. Senior, English, 147,382 JENKINS. JOHN OSMUND, Clarksdale. MS, Senior. Pol Sci., 127.198,261,268,269.382 JENKINS, MARY BENTLEY, Birmingham. AL. Sophomore. Theatre. 278. 279 JENKINS. TANYA L . McComb. MS. Junior. Elem Ed . 306. 307 JENNINGS. JACK STEWART, Jackson, MS, Senior. Marking 308.309 JESTER. MARION ELIZABETH. Freshman. Jour and Adv., 229. 278. 279 JETTON. LETITIA LEIGH. Freshman. ArMntr . 304. 305. 332 JINNETTE, STEVEN WARD. Nashville, TN. Sophomore, 296. 297 JOE. RAYMOND HING. Marks. MS. Senior, Comp Sci . 320. 321 . 382 JOHNSON. CRAIG ELLIOT, Indianola. MS. Sophomore, Pharmacy. 276. 277. 350 JOHNSON, DAVID H , Durant, MS, Junior. Dntstry , 284, 285 JOHNSON, ELIZABETH ANN, New Orleans, LA, Sophomore, Gen Bus., 262. 263. 350 JOHNSON. JAY ALAN, Oxford, MS. Senior. Chem , 228, 238 JOHNSON, JAY MICHAEL, McComb. MS. Senior. Mus Educ . 240. 298. 299 JOHNSON. JOHN J , Athens, AL, Junior. H . P E and Rec . 109. 253, 382 JOHNSON. KENDALL MOSELEY, Freshman. Mus Educ.. 239 JOHNSON. KURT DARWIN, Clinton. MS. Senior. Biol Sci.. 140 JOHNSON, LESLYE ANN. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Art, 274. 275 JOHNSON. MICHAEL LANE. Helena. AR, Sophomore, Law Enfo. 292.293 JOHNSON, MOLLY ELIZABETH, Jacksonville, FL. Senior, Elem Ed , 322. 323. 382 JOHNSON, RICHARD ALLEN. Dyersburg. TN. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 296. 297 JOHNSON. RICKEY. Senior. H.. P.E. and Rec.. 91 JOHNSON, RITA ANN. Freshman. Jour . 266. 267. 333 JOHNSON. ROCHESTER MELVILLE, Freshman. Gen Bus . 2%. 297 JOHNSON. SIDNEY ALBERT. Goodman. MS. Senior, Ast and Phys . 276, 277, 381 JOHNSON. VERA ANN. Greenville. MS. Sophomore. Nursing. 246 JOHNSON, WILLIAM BLAIR. Jackson. MS. Junior. Pre-Accy., 145.308.309 JOHNSON. WILMA AYLEEN, Leland, MS, Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy, 121. 136, 127. 138. 178. 145, 146, 199.201,280.281.392 JOHNSTON. BILLY JOE JR.. McCool. MS. Sophomore. Mech Eng. 300. 301 JOHNSTON, CLYDE A ., McCool. MS. Senior, Accy. 150 JOHNSTON, GREGORY CHARLES, Tupelo, MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 314. 315 JOHNSTON. MARGARET ANNE. Jackson, MS. Senior. English. 306. 307.382 JOHNSTON. PAUL BRADY. Short Hills. NJ. Sophomore. Mech Eng., 320.321.350 JOHNSTON. REBECCA HENDRICK. Jackson. MS, Sophomore, S Ed Mat.. 143. 274. 275 JOINER. CAROLYN BONITA Batesville. MS. Sophomore. Mangmnt, 210. 350 JOLLY. ANGELA DRUE. Shannon, MS, Unclass . Home EC . 155, 382 JOLLY. JOCELYN HOLLAND, Freshman. Phys. Tpy , 250. 333 JOLLY. THOMAS ELWYN JR.. Junior. Accy , 276, 277, 367 JONES. ALLEN GAFFORD. New Albany, MS. Senior, Chem.. 134. 136, JONES. CANDACE CECELIA, Inverness. MS. Junior. H.E -Intr.. 290.291 JONES. CARLISLE GASTON, Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore. Elem Ed.. 278. 279. 350 JONES. CHRISTY ANN, Caruthersville. MO. Junior. Marking 220. 304. 305. 367 JONES. CLIFTON RULE, Pine Bluff. AR. Grad III. Music. 240 JONES, CONSTANCE ANN. Laurel. MS. Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy, 223 JONES. DAVID JR. Oxford. MS. Grad I. Educ.. 239 JONES. HOWELL ROBINSON. Freshman. Insur . 312, 313 JONES, JENNIFER ALICE, Brookhaven, MS. Senior. Chem . 278. 279. 382, 392 JONES. MARION FRANCES, Columbus. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus. 142.280. 281 JONES. MELISSA IRENE. Amory. MS. Sophomore. Mus Educ.. 143. 155.322.323.350 JONES. MONTGOMERY NEWTON, Freshman Gen Bus 312.313 JONES, NANCY MARIE, St Louis, MO. Senior. Marking 140.150 306. 307. 382 JONES. NOLAN RAY. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Mus Educ.. 154. 239 JONES. PHILIP ROWE. Freshman, 215 JONES. TRACI VIRGINIA. Tupelo, MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus., 304, 305.350 JONES. VIRGINIA ANN. Memphis. TN. Junior, Pre-Accy.. 262. 263, 290,291 JONES. WILLIAM RICHARD. Memphis, TN. Senior. Marking., 260.272.273,382 JORDAN. JAMES LESLIE. Kosciusko. MS. Unclass.. 109 JORDAN. KATHLEEN. Birmingham. AL, Freshman, Crt Rptg, 105,306.307 JOSLIN. DAVID BRUCE. Oxford. MS. Grad. III. Educ.. 207 JOYNER. LESLIE EASON. Jackson, MS, Senior. Pol. Sci., 182,210.278.279 JOYNER. THOMAS LEE III. Jackson, MS. Sophomore. Insur.. 145,296.297.350 JUDO. MARGARET SUSAN, Metaine, LA. Sophomore, Jour., 262.263 JUDD. MARY LISA, Metairie. LA. Sophomore. Pol. Sci.. 262. 263 K KAHLER, KAREN ANNE, Lindenhurst. NY. Sophomore. Jour., 143. 229. 290. 291 . 350 KAJFEZ. ZORA, Senior. English. 140 KAPEGHI AN. JOHN CURTIS, Grad III. Phrm. Sci.. 156,223 KASSEL, CAROLYN JEAN, Jackson. MS. Junior. Comm. Dis.. 262.263 KATOOL JOSEPH ALLEN. Jackson, MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy., 272, 273 KEEN, WILLIAM GARVIN, Southaven. MS. Freshman, Mus. Educ. 238 KEETON. PAULA KAYE, Jackson. MS. Senior, Bank and Fin.. 247. 382 KELLEY. MARK LENNOX, Steele. MO. Junior, Radio and TV, 145 KELLUM, MARK JACKSON, Tupelo. MS. Junior. Medicine. 136. 145.148.316.317 KELLY. JAMES CLIFTON III. Mount Olive. MS. Phrm.-4l. Pharmacy. 222 KELLY. STEVEN DALE. Tupelo. MS. Sophomore. Thry.-Oom.. 239 KENDALL. SARA KATHERINE, Bolton. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 274, 275. 333 KENDRICK. MARAY TREG. Senior, H.E.-lntr,, 201 , 202, 210. 288. 289. 382 KENDRICK. SH ANNA KALE. Florence. AL. Freshman. Soc Work. 288. 289 KENDRICKS. SAMUEL BARR. Clarksdale. MS. Junior. Bank and Fm., 145. 272, 273. 367 KENDRICKS. SCOTT HATHORN, Clarksdale, MS. Freshman, Jour., 107.333 KENNEDY, EDWIN JEFF GILMER. Gulfport. MS. Senior. Chem.. 136, 140,145,147,148,316.317 KENNEDY. JIMMY DERRICK. Shannon. MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus. 284.285 KENNEDY. JOHN LARRY JR.. Clinton. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 314.315.333 KENNEDY. KIMBERLY ANN, Meridian. MS, Senior. Mus Educ . 145.278,279 KENNEDY, LAURIE ELIZABETH, Canton, MS, Junior. Bank and Fin.. 1 45. 201 , 202, 21 5. 227, 274, 275. 367 KENNEDY, PATRICE MARLENE. Houston. TX, Freshman. Gen. Bus , 286. 287. 333 KENNEDY. WILLIAM SELBY JR., England, AR, Sophomore, Bank and Fin . 292. 293 KENNELL. HAROLD, Greenwood. MS. Senior. Elec Eng.. 261 . 383 KENNERLY. JOHN RUSSELL. Alice, TX. Senior. Mus Educ.. 238. 240.383 KENNEY. MELISSA ANNE. Pontotoc. MS. Sophomore. H., PE. and Rec , 262. 263 KENT. GREGORY SCOTT, Amory. MS. Senior. Jour, and Adv.. 212. 314.315 KENT, RAMONA. Osyka. MS. Junior, Marking , 105, 108, 215, 278.279.367 KENT, RICHARD ATHERTON III. Osyka. MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 284. 285. 333 KENWORTHY. SCOTT FOSTER. Ocean Springs, MS. Freshman. Quan.Mgt.106 KENWRIGHT LEIGH ANN. Greenwood, MS. Freshman. Pharmacy. 288, 289 KERN. BENJAMIN JOSEPH JR.. Clinton. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin., 272.273 KERN, STEVEN LAWRENCE. Clinton. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 272. 273 KETCHINGS WALTER HOGUE. Natchez, MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy.. 298. 299 KE YES. PETER FRANKLIN. Oxford, MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 314.315 KEYS. BARBARA ANN. Alice. TX, Freshman. Gen Bus.. 239. 333 KEYS, SARA FOWLER. Sandston. VA, Unclass.. Bus. Adm., 151 , 157 KHATTAB. MAHMOUD SALEH. University. MS. Senior, Civt. Eng.. 156.383.395 KHRAIBI. ALI AMIN. Saida, Grad. I. Engr. Sci.. 156 KIES. RICHARD WILLIAM JR.. Lodi. OH. Sophomore. Mangmnt.. 106 KIFFER. GEORGIANNA. Oxford. MS. Grad. I. Bus. Adm.. 157 KILLEGREW. ANGELA MARIE. Long Beach, MS. Sophomore. Soc. Work, 143 KILLELEA, DONNA ANN, Natchez. MS. Sophomore, Comm. Dis.. 288. 289 KILLELEA. MARGEE. Natchez. MS. Junior. Clth. Mer. , 288. 289 KILPATRICK. WILLIS HOWARD. Philadelphia, MS. Phrm -I. Pharmacy. 223. 392 KIMBALL. GEORGE WINSTON. Senior, Marking., 302. 303 KIMBALL. NANCY ANN. Germantown. TN. Freshman. Pre- Accy. . 21 0. 286. 287. 333 KIMBERUN. SHARON KAY. Sophomore, Inst Mgt 274. 275 KIMBROUGH. DAVID SCOTT. Jackson. MS. Junior. Accy., 276, 277 KIMBROUGH. GRAHAM BUTLER. Osceola, AR, Freshman. Marking.. 292.293 KIMBROUGH. PfTT STONE. Coffeeville. MS. Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 KIMBROUGH, SHANNON P.. Jackson, MS. Sophomore. H.E.- lntr.. 242. 306. 307 KIMMONS. CHERYL WYVETTE. New Albany. MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus., 247, 333 KING. DAVID ALAN. Senior. Mangmnt, 245 KING. JOHN MORGAN, Oxford. MS. Sophomore, Gen Bus., 308, 309 KING, KIMBERLY ANNE, Jackson, MS, Freshman. Elem. Ed.. 274, 275 KING, KRISTIE, Nashville. TN, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 266, 267 KING. MICHAEL DON. Houlka, MS. Freshman. 223. 333 KING. NELL MOSELEY. Bristol. TN, Junior, Pre-Accy., 136, 197. 145, 1 46. 180. 288. 289. 367 KINNETT. KAREN SUE. Oxford. MS. Junior. Crt Rptg., 220 KINNEY, JACK THOMAS JR., Memphis, TN. Senior. Urban Ad . 308.309 KIRCHGESSNER. MARK D . Monroe, LA, Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 261. 351 KIRK, KENNETH HENRY, Clarksdale. MS. Junior. Marktng 292.293 KIRKLAND, JAMES SCOTT, New Albany, MS. Junior, Law Enfo., 270. 271 KIRKLAND. JOHN B., Atlanta. GA. Sophomore. Accy.. 300. 301 KIRKSEY, ROBERT CARSON, Mantachie. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 272. 273, 333 KIRKSEY. ROBYN SYDNEY. Tupelo, MS. Senior, Adm. Serv , 322.323 KIRSCHTEN. SAM GWIN. Grad. III. Bus Adm.. 151 KISNER. DONALD WAYDE. Westpoint, MS. Junior. Bank and Fin ,83, 109. 367 KITCHINGS. MARIAN ELIZABE. Jackson, MS. Junior, Clth. Mer.. 280.281 K ITT R ELL , HALDON JAMES. Senior. Mangmnt .. 212. 252. 383 KITTRELL. MARTIN CARTER. Grenada, MS, Junior. Jour, and Adv.. 229. 351 KUNGEN. JOSEPH LEONARD. Oxford. MS. Junior, Accy . 296. 297 KNIGHT, ANDREW JACKSON II. Jacksonville. FL. Senior, Accy., 298,299.383 KNIGHT, ELIZABETH CARR WILLIAMS, Oxford, MS. Senior. Clth Mer.. 322. 323, 383 KNIGHT, PAUL FORD. Jackson, MS. Junior. Chem.. 1 45. 227. 282. 283 KNIGHT. ROBERT TERRELL JR.. Junior. Gen. Bus.. 314. 315. 351 KNIGHT. SYLVIA RENE. Mendenhall, MS. Senior, Gen. Bus.. 304. 305. 383 KNIGHT, VICTOR EUGENE. Stoughton. Wl, Sophomore. Jour., 282.283.351 KNIGHT, VIRGINIA LUCRE. Taytorsvilte. MS, Freshman. Art. 274.275 KNISTER. SUSAN LYNN, Roswell, GA, Junior. English. 266. 267. 367 KNOX. CAROLYN JOAN. St Petersburg, FL, Freshman, Nursing, 215, 290, 291 , 333 KNOX, GREGORY CAMERON. Memphis. TN. Freshman. Marktng., 298. 299 KNOX. RICKY ALLEN. Houston. MS. Junior, Pre-Accy., 145. 367 KNOX. TRACY LEIGH. Memphis. TN. Junior. H.. P.E. and Rec . 322. 323.367 KOENIG. GREGORY MARK. Belleville, IL, Freshman. Gen. Bus., 106 KOESTLER. LAURIE KAY, Greenville. MS, Junior, Marking., 278,279 KORTE. STEPHEN W.. Lowell, IN. Sophomore. Mangmnt.. 300. 301 KOSTELNY. OMAR BENEDICT, Lockport, IL. Senior. Marktng.. 261 , 302, 303. 383 KRAUSNICK . EDWARD CARL JR. . Memphis. TN. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 KRUGER. CHARLES BAXTER, Prentiss. MS. Senior. Pol. Sci.. 147.314,315,383 KRYNICKI, HOLLY ELIZABETH, Glen Ellyn. IL. Sophomore. Comp. Sci.. 262, 263 KUCKER, ROBERT GEORGE JR. Trumbull. CT, Junior, Marking.. 298.299 KUEHN, KATHERINE CHESLEY. Richardson, TX, Sophomore, Marking., 290. 291 KULA, ROBERT E . New York Mills. NY, Junior. Bank and Fm.. 276,277 KULBETH. MARY JAYNE. Leland. MS. Senior. S. Ed. Egl 304. 305 Index 427 Kuykendall KUYKENDALL, JOHN M. III. Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 145.314,315 KYLE, ROBERT TALLEY III, Memphis, TN, Sophomore, Marking., 276, 277, 292, 293, 351 L LAFFIN, LINDA JO, Indianapolis. IN, Junior, V. Hm. EC.. 244 LAIRO. ERNEST EDWARD III, Jackson, MS. Senior, Pre-Accy.. 147,157.308,309 LAIRD. STEVEN WILLIAMS, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 142, 143, 145, 261 , 308, 309, 351 LAKE, ROBERT HAMILTON, Jackson, MS, Junior, Biol. Sci . 284,285 LAMB, ANGELA SUSAN. Greenville, MS, Freshman, Marking., 210,304,325,333 LAMB, CYNTHIA SUZANNE, Memphis, TN, Senior, H.E.-lntr, 304, 305, 383 LAMB, JAMES ERIC, Florence, AL, Junior, Bank and Fin., 154, 276, 277, 367 LAMB, JAMES LEON, Southaven, MS, Senior, Biol. Sci., 238, 252, 320,321,383 LAMB, SAMUEL MICHAEL, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 215, 284, 285 LAMB, SCOTT GRAYSON, Memphis, TN. Freshman, Psyc.. 316,317,333 LAMBERT, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, Germantown. TN. Junior, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 LAMBERT, MARY CLAY. Jackson, MS, Junior. Soc. S. Wk., 278, 279. 367 LAMMONS, JERRY EUGENE, Yazoo City, MS, Senior, Biol. Sci., 298, 299, 383 LAMPTON, ROBERT HOWARD, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 296, 297, 333 LANCASTER, EMILY LOVE, Columbia. TN, Junior, Soc. S. Wk., 208, 274, 275, 367 LANDESS, MICHAEL BARRY. Memphis, TN, Junior. Chem., 136. 147,148,210,260,284.285 LANDOLT. LORE BROACH, Murray, KY, Freshman, Adm. Serv., 290, 291,333 LANDRUM, MELANIE FRANCES, Oxford, MS, Junior, Medicine, 262, 263 LANDRY, LARRY JOSEPH JR., Arabi, LA, Junior, Pre-Accy., 320, 321,351 LANGENFELDER, HENRY STEPHEN, Batavia, IL, Freshman. Pre-Accy., 316, 317 LANGENFELDER, HERBERT JR., Batavia, IL, Junior. Marking., 316. 317 LANGFORD, LINDA, Tupelo, MS, Senior. Mus. Educ., 155 LANGLEY, CARL EDWARD III, New Ellenton. SC, Senior, Gen. Bus.. 81, 109 LANGLEY. VIVIAN ANN, Fort Deposit. AL, Unclass., Educ., 102 LANGLOW, JOHN ROBINS III, Natchez. MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 300, 301,351 LANNOM, CYNTHIA DAKE, Lebanon, TN, Sophomore, Comm. Dis , 262, 263, 351 LANTZ, ALLEN DEAN JR., Long Beach, MS. Senior. CM. Eng., 318, 319,383 LARKIN, PATRICIA ELLEN, Marlton, NJ, Freshman, Pol. Sci., 250, 333 LATCH, KATHY ANNETTE, Corinth, MS, Senior, German, 210, 367 LATTURE, CINDY KAY, Hot Springs, AR, Unclass., Educ.. 306. LAUDERDALE. DONNA LEA, Marks, MS, Sophomore, Med. Tech., 306. 307 LAVENDER, MARY MELISSA. Sophomore, Jour, and Adv., 212 LAW, JAMES FLETCHER. Oxford, MS, Sophomore, H , P.E. and Rec., 270,271 LAWLER, EDWARD EARL, Vicksburg, MS. Law I, Law, 147, 314.315 LAWLER, RAYMOND KYLE, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Marking., 314,315 LAWNIN, BARBARA ELIZABETH, Ballwin. MO, Freshman, Elem. Ed.. 274, 275, 333 LAWRENCE, BRUCE ALAN, Sikeston, MO, Law II, Law, 152 LAWRENCE, PAMELA KAY, Kosciusko, MS, Sophomore, Marking., 21 5, 304, 305, 333 LAYER, DANNY GERRY, Anaheim, CA, Freshman, 270, 271 LAYMON, OUENTIN ROBERT. Memphis, TN, Junior, Pol. Sci., 310,311,368 LEAKE, JAMES THOMAS. Tupelo, MS. Senior, Marking., 296. 297 LEAKE, NANCY ANN, Oklahoma City, OK, Freshman. Clth. Mer., 278, 279 LEAR, JAMES HAMILTON, Indianola, MS, Senior, Accy., 109, 383 LEATHERMAN, ROBERTSON M., Columbia, MS, Sophomore, English, 145,296.297 LEATHERS, CRAIG KENDALL, Van Wert, OH, Special. Jour., 272. 273 LEBLANC, DEWEY MARK. Greenville. MS, Senior. Civl. Eng., 270.271 LEBLANC, KELLI ANNE, Pass Christian, MS, Senior, Biol. Sci., 145.368 LECLAIR. RENEE SUE, Grenada, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 290, 291 LEDBETTER, LECIA RENEE. Batesville, MS, Senior, Pre-Accy., 157,383 LEDLOW, DAVID GEORGE, Jackson, MS, Junior, Mangmnt., 270, 271 LEDYARD, MELANIE, Selma, AL, Sophomore, Comm. Dis., 143, 145, 230. 351 LEE, DARRELL WAYNE. Clinton. MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 314, 315 LEE, DAVID MYRON, New Hebron, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 222 LEE, KIRK EDWIN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Chem. Eng., 240, 334 LEE, MARK ALLEN, Summit. MS, Junior, Marking., 31 2, 31 3, 368 LEE, STEVEN RALPH, Jackson. MS, Senior, Marking., 298, 299, 383 LEECH, MARSHA LYNNE, Amory, MS, Junior, Radio and TV, 288, 289, 368 LEGENDRE, LAURIE MARIE, Covington, LA. Freshman, Pol. Sci., 306, 307, 334 LEGGETT, CHARLES PARKS JR., Blytheville, AR. Senior, H., P.E. and Rec., 83, 109 LEGGETT, HELEN RENEE, Greenwood, MS, Junior, Pharmacy, 266, 267. 351 LEGGETT, LANELLE, Greenwood, MS, Freshman, Nursing, 266, 267, 334 LEHMAN, V ' CKI ANN, Naples, FL, Sophomore, Mangmnt., 238, 306. 307. 351 LEMMONS. BILLY CHARLES, Oxford, MS, Senior, Mangmnt, 284. 285. 368 LENCE, KENNETH WAYNE, Ripley, MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 223 LEONARD, NANCY LEIGH, Sophomore, H.E.-lntr., 290, 291 LEVAN, MARK STEVEN. Nashville, TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 LEVINGS. SANFORD HOPKINS, Jackson, MS, Senior, Accy., 145, 157,314,315 LEWIS, BEVERLY LEA. Fairborn, OH, Senior, Biol Sci., 322, 323. 384 LEWIS, JANET LYNNE, Junior. Corrctns., 247, 368 LEWIS, JEFFREY NEAL, Oxford. MS. Junior, Marking.. 316. 317, 368 LEWIS, LISA RUTH, Columbus, MS, Junior, Frsc. Sci.. 242, 322, 323, 368 LEWIS, SONYA YVETTE, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 215. 306,307 LEWIS, STEPHEN WAYNE, Freshman. Medicine, 270, 271 , 334 LEWIS. WILLIAM MARK, Oxford, MS. Senior. Bank and Fin.. 21 1 , 308, 309, 384 LIDDELL, JOSEPH JOHN, Learned, MS. Senior, Marking , 314,315 LIEPELT, ROBERT RUEBEN. Biloxi, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 250,334 LIGHTSEY, SHEILA ANN, Natchez, MS. Freshman, Nursing, 238, 286, 287. 334 LINDSEY, LEAH BROWN, Fulton. MS. Freshman. 304, 305 LINN, ANTOINETTE HENLEY, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Clth. Mer.. 280, 281 LIPSEY, EDWARD SPIVEY JR., Henderson, KY, Junior, Mech. Eng., 314, 315 LITTLE, SUSAN ANN, Southaven, MS, Freshman, Jour, and Adv.. 238, 334 LITTLEFORD, ROSEMARY MOSS, Johnson City, TN, Sophomore, H., P.E. and Rec.. 288, 289 LIVINGSTON, JULIE LOREN. Lake Village, AR, Senior, Elem. Ed.. 146, 278. 279 LIVINGSTON, LAURA ANN, Lake Village, AR, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 278, 279 LLOYD, DARYL RUSSELL, Junior. Medicine, 154,239 LLOYD, DONALD JAMES, Overland, MO, Senior, Bank and Fin., 109 LLOYD, ROBERT LESLIE, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Marking., 308. 309 LOCKARD, CHRISTOPHER LEE, Orange Park. FL. Junior, Pol. Sci., 145,270.271 LOCKARD. KATHERINE LANE. Junior, English, 93, 96, 99, 108, 262. 263 LOCKARD, LOUIS LANARK, Pascagoula, MS, Junior, Mangmnt.. 292. 293 LOCKE, DAVID RAMSEY, Columbia, TN, Freshman, Gen Bus., 101.312, 313 LOCKE, JANE MARIE, Mt. Pleasant, TN, Junior, Elem. Ed.. 286, 287 LOCKETT, ANDREW KING. Gulfport, MS, Sophomore, Pol. Sci., 142, 145. 21 0.228. 251. 351 LOCKWOOD, JOE KENT, Corning, AR, Junior, Accy., 145. 351 LODEN, KATHRYN ANN, Pontotoc, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 219,392 LOE, TRACI ANN, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Art-lntr, 208, 274, 275 LOFTIN, HELEN LOUISE, Houston, TX, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 286, 287,351 LOFTIN, JULIA, Red Banks, MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., 304, 305 LOGAN. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Randolph, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 238 LOGAN, JULIA KIM, Stuttgart, AR, Sophomore. Clth. Mer., 266, 267, 351 LOGUE. LAWRENCE COX III, Pope, MS, Sophomore, Elec. Eng., 320, 321 , 351 LOKEY, KARLA FAYE, Oxford. MS, Senior, Psyc., 140 LONG, AGRIPPA KELLUM, Jackson, MS, Sophomore. Accy , 270, 271 LONGMIRE, JOSEPH YADON JR., Hendersonville, TN, Junior, Gen. Bus . 296, 297, 368 LOONEY, ROBERT BRUCE, Kingsport, TN, Freshman, Mangmnt., 276, 277, 334 LORD, JANA KAYE, Dallas. TX. Freshman. Clth Mer., 5, 288, 289 LORD. SHERYL LYNNE, Dallas. TX, Sophomore, Gen Bus., 288, 289. 351 LORENZ. JILL TRACIE, Selma. CA, Freshman, 306, 307 LOTT, CECIL LEON JR., Long Beach, MS, Senior, Mangmnt., 282, 283, 368 LOUIS, PAMELA I.. Jackson, MS. Senior, Comm Dis.. 288, 289 LOUIS. THOMAS MICHAEL, Jackson, MS, Sophomore. 312, 313 LOVE, ELIZABETH COULTER, Memphis, TN, Senior, Radio and TV. 182,274, 275 LOVE, JEFFREY LEE. Madisonville, KY, Freshman, Mangmnt., Sci., 223, 239, 334 LOVE, ROBERT YANCY. Jackson, MS, Junior. Gen. Bus., 314, 315 LOVELACE, JOHN RUPERT JR., Batesville. MS, Junior. Gen. Bus.. 312,313 LOVELACE, LISA KAREN, Greenville, MS, Senior, Clth. Mer.. 290,291,384 LOVELESS, SHARON DIANNE, Oxford. MS. Law III. Law. 200 LOVELL, CRAIG ALAN, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 142. 145, 210, 260, 212, 270. 271 LOVELL. WILLIAM T . Tupelo, MS. Sophomore, Pol. Sci., 270, 271 LOVETT, CAROL LEIGH. Memphis, TN, Junior, Marking., 259,146,290.291,243 LOW, TINEKE ELIZABETH, Laurel, MS, Junior. Soc. Work. 278. 279 LUCAS, AUBREY BELL, Greenwood, MS, Junior, Medicine, 145,212,296,297 LUCAS, ELIZABETH GEE, Greenwood, MS, Junior, Home EC., 274, 275, 368 LUCAS, SHERRY ANNE, Yazoo City, MS, Freshman, Jour.. 266. 267, 334 LUCAS, STACY CLAIRE, Clarksdale, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 278, 279, 334 LUCKETT, JOSEPH HUGH III. Tupelo, MS. Junior, History, 316, 317 LUCKETT, LARK ELAYNE, Meridian, MS, Sophomore, 274, 275 LUCKEY, ALWYN HALL, Ocean Springs, MS, Sophomore, Dntstry., 284, 285 LUNDY, DEBORAH SUE. Winthrop Harbor, IL, Junior, Crt. Rptg.. 220. 247, 368 LUSCO. MARY ELIZABETH, Vicksburg, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 280. 281 LUTER, KENT ALLEN, Tylertown, MS, Junior, Marking.. 292, 293 LUTZ, RICHARD WARREN, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 302, 303 LYNCH, KAY ALYCE, Oxford, MS, Freshman, 262. 263. 334 LYNCH, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus.. 316,317 LYON. JENNIFER ANN. Laurel. MS, Insur.. Senior. 286. 287 LYON, SUSAN K , Warren, AR. Pre-Accy, Senior. 150, 220, 384 LYONS, PAMELA DIXIE, Grenada, MS, Elem Ed., Sophomore, 288. 289 M MACINNIS, KATHRYN ANN, Gautier, MS, Mus. Educ , Senior, 155,262,263 MACINNIS. MICHAEL STEPHEN, Pascagoula, MS. Bank Fin., Sophomore, 298. 299, 352 MACIONE. KIMBERLY KAROL, New 749, Medicine, Sophomore. 249,280.281.334 MACKERCHER, ROB ROY. Fairfax, VA, Mangmnt., Junior, 272, 273 MACLEOD, BARBARA LYNN, Free Union, VA, Freshman, 306, 307, 334 MAGEE, CHARLES WINTER, Medeira Beach, FL, Junior. Jour , 300, 301 MAGEE, STEVE E JR., Pearl. MS. Senior, Psyc.. 148,252 MAGEE, STEVEN JAY, Shelby, MS, Freshman. Medicine. 298, 299,334 MAGRAW DAVID BRIAN, SI Louis, MO, Unclass , Educ.. 107 MAGUSIAK. DAVID ANTHONY, Clinton. MS. Senior, Chem., 140 148 MAHER, SANDRA DAVIS, Clinton, MS, Sophomore, H , P E. and Rec , 154,246.352 MAHONEY, ANN KATHRYN, Huntsville, AL, Sophomore, Pre- Accy.,215 MAINOUS, MOLLY A., Jackson. MS, Junior. Art, 290, 291 MAJURE, LISA ANNE, Bartlett, TN. Freshman, Corrctns ., 306, 307, 334 MALATESTA, DONALD LOUIS, Clarksdale, MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 296, 297, 334 MALINOWSKI. ANDREA LEE, Dallas, TX, Freshman, Clth. Mer . 262, 263, 334 MALLETTE, MICHAEL JAMES, Woodbridge, VA, Freshman. Mech. Eng., 276. 277. 334 MALLOW. BRADLEY JOHN, St. Louis, MO, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 205, 298, 299 MALONE, CHERYL DANA, Saltillo, MS. Freshman, 304, 305, 334 MALONE, DAVID JACKSON. Memphis. TN. Senior, English, 149,384 MALONE. MELANIE BETH, Sikeston, MO, Freshman, Civl. Eng., 304, 305, 334 MANGI ALARDI. JOHN ANDREW, Shelby, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 101,298.299,334 MANN, LAURA ELLEN, Killen, AL, Senior, Accy., 157, 202, 266, 267 MANN, WILLIAM ALBERT, Skene, MS, Freshman, Pre-Accy., 298, 299.334 MANN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS JR., Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 284. 285 MANNING. PAMELYN MARIE, Hattiesburg MS. Freshman. Medicine, 286. 287. 334 MANSON. CHARLES DELAINE, Winchester, TN, Junior, Bank and Fin., 276, 277, 352 MAPP. BAILEY HOWELL, Pontotoc, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 270, 271 MAPP, DEBRA SUE, Bogue Chilto, MS, Junior, Marking., 280. 281 MARABLE, ELIZABETH ANN. Memphis, TN, Sophomore, H., P.E. and Rec.. 93. 108,334 MARCHBANKS. CHARLES R JR , Greenville, MS, Junior, Pre-Accy., 272, 273 MARCHBANKS, JULIA LEA, Greenville, MS, Freshman. H., P.E and Rec.. 280, 281 MARCUS, STEVEN HERMAN, Vicksburg, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin. ,308, 309 MARIS, ANTHONY PETER JR., Lincrost, NJ, Sophomore, Gen Bus., 245 428 Index Meena MARKLEY. ANN LYNN. Atlanta. GA. Sophomore. Jour.. 262. 263. 352 MARKS. CAROL PAGE, Jackson. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 306. 307.334 MARKS. JOHN CHAMBLISS. Jackson. MS. Senior. Gen Bus 272. 273 MARKS. MELODY KATHRYN, Meridian. MS. Junior. Insur . 146. 200. 213 258. 286. 287. 368 MARKS. SARA MARIE. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Nursing. 215. 230. 306. 307. 352 MARKWELL. NANCY LOUISE. Memphis. TN. Senior. Bank and F,n 286.287.368 MARRIAM. MERI JO WHITEHEAD. Abbeville. MS. Junior. Crt Rptg . 221 368 MARSH. KEVIN ROBERT. N Little Rock. AR. Junior. Marking . 154, 238. 320. 321 368 MARSHALL. LISA CLAIRE, Mason. TN. Sophomore. Pre- Accy 280. 281.368 MARSHALL, ROBERT CHESLEY. Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Marking. 312. 313 MARTIN. AMY ELIZABETH. Ocean Springs, MS. Sophomore. Radio and TV. 306. 307 352 MARTIN. ANTHONY QUINN, Greenville. MS. Senior, Elec. Eng . 153 MARTIN. CATHY NANNETTE. Holly Grove. AR. Junior. Marking 242 368 MARTIN CHARLOTTE JANE, Columbia. MS. Junior. Marking . 143.352 MARTIN. ELIZABETH BURLEY, Natchez. MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy . 143.266, 267. 352 MARTIN. JOHN TRENTON. Tupelo MS. Senior. Pol Sci . 276. 277 368 MARTIN. JOSEPH WILLIAMS JR.. Hickory Valley, TN, Junior. Publ Adm . 136, 147. 198. 215. 316.317. 368 MARTIN. KENNETH A . Yazoo City. MS. Ptirm -I. Pharmacy. 223. MARTIN. MOLLY DEARMAN. Hatliesburg. MS, Freshman. 304. 305.334 MARTIN. RICHARD CAREY. Pascagoula. MS, Junior. Physics, 320. 321 , 368 MARTIN. ROBERT AUSTIN. Florence. MS. Senior. Law Ento . 147.298.299 MARTIN, SAM Brandon MS Senior, 298. 299 MARTIN. WILLIAM CURRIE. Vicksburg. MS. Law II, Law. 136 MARTINEZ. MART A REBECA Arecibo. PR. Junior. Comm Dis . 258. 288. 289. 358 MARTZ. DABNEY JO. Memphis. TN. Junior. Mangmnt , 288. 289. 368 MARX. CAROLINE ROSE Freshman, Theatre. 286. 287 MASHBURN, SIDNEY COLEMAN. Brandon, MS, Freshman. Gen Bus, 314.315. 334 MASON CLARK WHARTON. El Dorado. AR, Junior, Radio and TV. 136,145.147,270,271 MASSENGALE. MARC BRIAN. Pascagoula. MS. Junior, Marktng . 109 292, 293 MASSE, CORNELIA HART. Lincolnshire. IL. Junior. S Ed L S . 266. 267 MASSIE. DIANA RUTH. Lincolnshire. IL, Freshman. Art. 266. 267. 334 MATHIS. KAREN. Sophomore. Jour and Adv. 278. 279 MATTHEWS. NANCY KATE. Jackson. MS. Sophomore Corrctns . 288, 289 MATTINGLY, OLIVIA LYNN. Marion. AR. Junior. Elem Ed.. 304. 305 MATTINGLY. THOMAS MITCHELL. Marion. AR. Sophomore. Gen Bus , 298, 299 MAULDEN. ROSLYN GAIL. New Orleans. LA Sophomore. Bank and Fin , 266 267 352 MAUTHE. CHRISTOPHER JAMES. Columbus. IN. Sophomore. Biol So .300.301 MAVAR. CLAIRE GAYLE. Sophomore. Pre-Accy , 280. 281 MAXCY, CLYDE ST ANTON. Tupeto MS. Phrm .-II. Pharmacy. 145.316.317 MAXCY. GREGORY STEWART. Tupelo. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 316.317 MAY. MARIANNE MCGRAW. Vicksburg. MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 304. 305. 334 MAYER. FRED R . St Louis. MO. Freshman. Marking.. 276. 277 MAYNARD. NORMA WHITTINGTON. Clarksdale. MS. Junior. English. 210. 278. 279 MAYO. LEE ANN, Louisville. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus , 306. 307, 334 MAYS. WILLIAM TERRENCE JR.. Columbia. TN. Junior. Accy . 261 . 157.312.313 MAZZANTI. GARY BERNARD. Lake Village. AR. Sophomore. Medicine. 145.312.313 MAZZANTI. KAREN ANN. Lake Village. AR. Junior. Elem Ed . 242. MCAFEE. STEVEN MARCUS. Jackson. MS. Junior. Pre-Accy . 145.368 MCALISTER, JOHN HILL JR . Nashville. TN. Junior. Mangmnt.. 312.313 MCALISTER. SIDNEY S. JR . Brentwood. TN. Sophomore. Gen Bus 292. 293 MCALLISTER, LORRAINE ANNE. Laurel. MS. Junior. Comm Dis , MCATEE. MARKETTA JO. Senath. MO. Junior. Pharmacy. 143. 238. 262. 263, 352 MCBRIDE. JAMES EDMUND JR. Cordova. TN. Sophomore. Bank and Fin. 31 6. 317 MCBRIDE. NANCY REBECCA. Olive Branch. MS. Freshman. Etem Ed 280. 281 MCCAA. MELANIE CONNIE. Jackson. MS. Law I. Law. 290. 291 MCCABE. TIMOTHY FRANCIS. Dallas. TX. Sophomore. Gen Bus 284.285 MCCAIN. LAURIE HOPE. Bolton MS. Junior. Bern Ed . 304. 305 MCCALL. ELIZABETH ANN. Senior. Etem Ed . 208. 288. 289 agee i.267. 334 Freshman Marktng 266. MCCARLEY. JAMES K JR . Magee. MS. Junior. Gen Bus . 284.285 MCCARTHY. KATHLEEN. New Orleans LA, Sophomore. Marktng . 306. 307. 352 MCCARTHY. MARUEEN. New Orleans. LA. Junior. Spch Tpy . 306,307 MCCARTNEY. WILLIAM MARSHALL III. Marks. MS. Freshman. Psyc . 272. 273. 334 MCCAUGHAN. GEORGE FORD, Clarksdale. MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 270. 271 , 334 MCCAUGHAN. WILLIAM WILLIE. Clarksdale MS. Junior. Marktng . 296.297 MCCAULEY. JANICE LUCELLE. Philadelphia. MS Freshman. Psyc . 280, 281 MCCAULEY. TAMMY KAYE. Isola. MS Senior. H E -Intr . 290. 291 MCCAULL. JENNIFER ANNE. Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Ctth Mer. 215. 274.275 MCCLANAHAN. RAY ARDELL. Columbus. MS. Grad III. Math. 152 MCCLENDON. BARRY MEEK. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Elec Eng.. 314. 315 MCCLENDON. BURWELL B. III. Jackson. MS. Senior, Accy 136. 140. 145. 150, 157, 314. 315. 384 MCCLESKEY. MITCHELL KAZAR. Meridian. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin. 296. 297 MCCUNTON. KELTON WAYNE. Carriere. MS. Junior. Biol Sci . 227 MCCLOSKEY. CANDICE LYNN. Grenada. MS. Junior. German. 290.291.368 MCCLURE. ANGELE ANNE. Sardis. MS. Senior. Art. 290. 291 MCCLURE. SUSAN JUSTIN. Sardis. MS. Junior. Pre-Accy.. 215. 290. 291 . 368 MCCLUSKEY. HEATHER. Amory. MS. Sophomore. Pharmacy. 142. MCCLUSKEY. MARILYN MEADE. Amory. MS. Junior. Medicine. 145. MCCOLLUM. REGINA MARIE. Meridian. MS. Freshman. Law Enfo . 286. 287 MCCOLLUM. TRACY ANN. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 215. 274. 275 MCCOMAS. CYNTHIA GRETCHEN, Clinton. MS. Sophomore. Ins t Mgt . 286. 287 MCDONNELL, CINDY J.. Btrmmghant, AL, Junior. Mangmnt. 1 57. 262. 263. 352 MCCONNELL, KRIS. Natchez. MS. Freshman. S Ed Sci 266. 267. 335 MCCOOL. JEANNIE MONKXJE. Junior. Mangmnt.. 262. 263 MCCORD, MARY CLAUDETTE. Memphis. TN, Sophomore. Radio and TV. 274. 275 MCCORD. NANCY LEE. HumboJdt. TN. Junior. Etem. Ed.. 278. 279. 368 MCCORD. REUEL MANSELL. Pontotoc. MS. Law III. Law. 1 36 MCCORMICK. DAVID O . Oxford. MS. Law III. Law, 136, 151 MCCORMICK. MARK LOVITT, Meridian. MS. Sophomore. Mech Eng.. 198. 292. 293 MCCRORY. CHARLES BARRY. Hattiesburg. MS. Law III. Law. 208 MCCULLEN. MARGARET PAGE. Panama City. FL. Senior. Pre- Accy.. 140. 150. 157. 280. 281. 384 MCCULLOUGH. JOHN DAVID. West Memphis. AR, Junior. Pre- Accy.. 252. 368 MCCULLOUGH. ROSALIE. Pontotoc. MS. Senior. V. Hm. EC.. 45. 128. 138. 146. 154. 212. 224. 304.305.384 MCCULLY, MARI HELEN. Tallahassee. FL. Freshman. Gen. Eng , 266. 267. 335 MCDANIEL, DOUGLAS MAX, Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus. 261.314, 315 MCDANIEL. JAMES EDWARD. Jonesboro. AR, Senior. Bank and Fm . 298. 299. 384 MCDAvTD, JOHN SANFORD. Jackson. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus . 107.145 MCDAVID. STEPHAN LAND. Sophomore. Medicine. 314. 315 MCDILL. SHERYL CORINNE. Brandon. MS. Freshman. Biol Sci . 286. 287 MCDONALD. CAROLYN L . Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 210. 286. 287. 352 MCDONALD. JON STACY, Austin. TX, Sophomore. Marktng . 270. MCDONALD. OUENTIN. Junior. Bank and Rn . 109 MCEACHIN. JOHN DUBARD. Mendian. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin . 212. 239. 270. 271 . 352 MCELREATH, BON MARK. Oxford. MS, Junior. Gen Bus.. 312.313 MCELROY. CHERYL R.. Hernando. MS. Phrm -II Pharmacy, 290. 291 MCELROY. HOWARD BRUCE. Vicksburg. MS. Junior. 253 MCELROY. RANSOM MERCER. Meridian. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus. 21 0.308. 309.335 MCELROY. TONI DANISE. Fulton. MS. Junior. English. 212. 280. 281 . 368 MCEWEN. WILLIAM IRA. Oxford. MS. Grad I, Mus. Educ . 240 MCFADOEN. CLYDE PATTERSON. Nashville. TN, Junior. Bank and Rn.. 31 2. 31 3 MCFALL. KIM8ERLY ANNE. Florence, AL. Junior. Crvl Eng . 102.103,108 MCFERRIN, SHERRY SUZETTE. Mantachte. MS. Senior. Mus. Educ.. 140. 155.384 MCGEE. BUFORD LAMAR. Durant. MS. Freshman. 74. 75 MCGEE. MICHAEL HUNTER. Dallas. TX Freshman. Bank and Rn.. 284. 285. 335 MCGEE. ROY DOUGLAS. Cleveland MS Jv-n or Che " 268. 269. 368 MCGINLEY. EILEEN MARY. Sophomore, Chem Eng.. 290. 291 MCGINNIS. JAMES E . Meridian. MS. Senior, English. 296. 297. 368 MCGINNIS, JOHN KELLY. Jackson. MS. Junior. Radio and TV. 272. 273 MCGOFF. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Cincinnati. OH. Freshman. 306. 307 MCGOWAN. JOHN DAVID. Jackson. MS. Sophomore, Geology. 292. 293 MCGUFFEE. ANDREA LYNN. Canton, MS. Freshman. 280. 281. 335 MCGUIRE. CHERYL KATE. Memphis. TN. Senior. Gen Bus.. 243. 266. 267. 384 MCGUIRE. SARA MARIE. Water Valtey. MS. Senior. Marking.. 212. 247.384 MCHENRY, JUDY LYNN. Wiggins. MS, Junior. Chem . 148. 239. 368 MCILHENNY. JULIE LYNN. Dallas. TX. Junior. H.E.-tntr.. 274. 275 MCINNES. ANNE MAUREEN. Jackson, MS. Freshman. Spcl Ed . 304.305 MCINTIRE. SHERI ANNE. Senatobia, MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 262. 263. 335 MCINTOSH. BETTY WILLIAMS. Junior, Accy.. 140 MCKAY. ELIZABETH LAURIE. Jackson. MS, Freshman. Clth Mer. 274, 275 MCKAY, EVANA SHELBY. Jackson, MS. Junior. Pre-Accy . MCKAY. MARY. Fort Wayne. IN. Jureor, Etem Ed , 280, 281 MCKAY. MICHAEL S , Brandon. MS, Senior. Soc S Wk.. 138. 244. 253 MCKEE, MARY BETH. Jackson. MS, Sophomore. 288. 289 MCKEE. MARY CAROL, Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus , 262. 263.352 MCKELLAR, PAMELA ANITA Memphis. TN. Senior. Elem. Ed.. 290.291,384 MCKENZIE. JOHN MARK. StarkviNe, MS. Law II. Law. 252 MCKINNEY. KENNETH MICHAEL. Okotona. MS, Sophomore. Pre- Accy , 276. 277. 352 MCKNIGHT. BENTON G . Colombia. TN, Senior. Urban Ad.. 312.313 MCLAIN, CHARL STOTT, Jackson. MS. Sophomore. S. Ed Eg) . 290. 291 MCLAIN, PAUL KING, MonbceHo. MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 143. 145. 210,217,352 MCLARTY HERMINE HERRING. Oxford. MS. Senior. English. 140. MCLAURIN. ANSELM JOSEPH. Brandon, MS, Senior Bank Fin. 147.151.316.317 MCLAURIN. DAVID BRIAN. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 145,298. 299 MCLEMORE MARY ELLEN. Sophomore. Comm Dis . 238 290. 291.352 MCLEOO, JONME RUTH. Jackson. MS, Junior. Marktng.. 274. 275 MCLEOO. ROBERT LANGLEY. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 308.309 MCMAHAN, MERLYNN LEIGH. Senior. S Ed S S . 280. 281. 368 MCMIKLE. CHRISTY LEE. Sikeston. MO. Senior. Etem. Ed.. 218.304.305 MCMILLIN. MARY ELIZABETH. Riptey. MS. Senior. Etem Ed . 43. 305.384 MCMILLIN, THOMAS NEAL. Riptey, MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 298.299 MCMMN. PATH LOU. Water VaMey. MS. Special. Gen Bus . 216 MCMURCHY, MARTHA SUSAN. Raymond. MS. Junior. Publ. Adm.. 280.281.368 MCMURRAY. SUSAN KARON. Huntsvilte. AL. Junior. Crt Rptg . MCMURTRAY. PATRICK DEAN. Clinton, MS. Sophomore. Jour.. 282.283 MCNALLY. EUGENE D . Gulfport MS. Senior, Biol. Sci.. 1 1 . 145. 147. 148.292,293 MCNAMARA. DAVID F. JR.. Jackson. MS. Senior, Marktng . 312.313 MCNAMARA. MARY ELLEN. Jackson. MS. Freshman. 286. 287 MCNAMEE. MARION WYNN Clarksdale, MS. Sophomore. English. 21 5. 274. 275 MCNEELY. DENNIS LEE. Oxford. MS. Senior. Accy.. 1 50. 1 51 . 1 57 MCNEILLY, JEAN WOODS. Nashville. TN. Freshman. 262. 263. 335 MCNEW. BONNIE BANKS. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Rn.. 306.307,352 MCNULTY. PATRICK W . Homewood. AL. Sophomore. Accy., MCNULTY, SAMUEL TURMAN. HoHy Springs. MS. Phrm -4. Pharmacy. 300. 301 MCREE. FRANCES ANN. Grenada. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 286. 287 MCROBERTS. MAURY E . Jackson. MS. Senior. Etem Ed.. 274. 275. 384 MCROBERTS, SARA MARTIN. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Med. Tech., 21 5. 274. 275. 335 MCWHORTER. JOHN TERRY JR., Hattiesburg. MS. Sophomore. Accy.. 31 6. 31 7 MEAD. DAVID RICHARD. Pass Christian. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 276. 277. 335 MEAD. MARK W.. Pass Christian. MS. Freshman. Jour, and Adv.. 276. 277, 335 MEADORS. ELIZABETH ROSE. Greenwood, MS. Freshman. Medicine, 249. 304. 305. 335 MEADOWS. JOSEPH ROBERT JR.. Gulfport MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 308. 309 MEANS. PAMELA ANN. Jackson. MS. Senior. Soc. Work. 306. 307 MEDFORD. MARK ANTHONY. Brownsville. TN, Sophomore. Dntstry.,244 MEEKS, BRIAN KENT, Germantown. TN, Freshman. 284. 285 MEEKS. JERRI LEW, Yazoo City, MS, Sophomore. Soc S Wk.. 290. 291.352 MEEKS. MARY EVELYN. Delhi. LA. Senior, Adm Sen . 238. 369 MEEKS. MIMI. Florence. AL, Freshman. Gen Bus . 210. 215. 336 MEEKS. SHERRI LEE. Yazoo City. MS. Sophomore. Soc S Wk. 290, 291.352 MEENA. RICHARD THOMAS. Clarksdale. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 296. 297 Index 429 Meena MEENA, VICTOR HUGO JR.. Clarksdale, MS. Senior, H . P.E. and Rec., 219,296,297 MEGEHEE, CAROL MURPHEY, Pascagoula, MS, Junior. Pre- Accy , 288, 289, 369 MEGEHEE, JANE ADELE. Pascagoula, MS, Freshman. Elem Ed., 215. 280. 281. 335 MELVIN. FRANK MICHAEL. Laurel. MS, Junior, Medicine. 276. 277, 369 MELVIN, MARTHA GAVE, Laurel, MS, Sophomore, Crt Rptg.. 262, 263 MELVIN, PATRICIA FRANCINE, Laurel. MS, Law I, Law, 262. 263 MENDENHALL. WILLIAM S . Minden, LA, Senior, Gen. Bus., 298, 299 MENELEY, TERRY JEAN, Madison, MS, Junior, Biol. Sci., 288, 289 MENHAL, GEORGE ANTHONY JR.. Greenville. MS, Junior. Gen. Bus., 272, 273 MERCIER, DOUGLAS GERALD, Jackson, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 298, 299, 384 MERIDETH, PHILIP TAYLOR, Greenville, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 1 99, 200, 227, 296, 297, 352 MERRILL, VERA SUSAN, Kalamazoo, Ml, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 238, 304, 305, 335 MESRIE. ZUHEIR AHMAD, Saida, Grad. I.Engr.Sci., 156 MESSER, SHIRLEY ANN. Oxford, MS, Special. Gen. Bus.. 21 5 MESSER, WILBERT CLAWSON, Niceville, FL. Freshman, Comp Sci., 101, 300, 301, 335 MESTAYER, JAMES ALLEN, Waveland, MS, Phrm -III. Pharmacy, 223 METKE, MELISSA ANN. Nashville, TN, Junior, Clth Mer., 322. 323 MEYER. FRANK DANIEL, Brandon, MS, Sophomore, Psyc , 296. 297 MEYERS, HAL JAY. Natchez. MS. Sophomore, Jour, and Adv., 298. 299, 352 MICHAEL, RONALD DALE, Booneville, MS, Senior, Accy , 206, 272, 273. 369 MICHEL. FRANCES ALICE, Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Clth. Mer., 236, 290. 290, 352 MICHEL, JOSEPH WALTER III, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 31 2, 313 MIDDLEBROOK, WALTER KEITH, Oxford, MS, Sophomore, Mangmnt.,308,309 MIDDLETON, CHARLES E. Ill, Yazoo City. MS, Senior, Psyc , 292, 293 MIDDLETON, HANDLE THOMAS, Yazoo City, MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 252, 292. 293, 352 MIERS, WALTON LEE III, Greenville, MS, Sophomore, Insur., 296, 297 MIKELL, CHERYL ANN, Statesboro, GA. Junior. Math. 238. 322. 323, 352 MIKSA, ANDREA KAY, Jackson. MS. Grad. I, Biol. Sci., 148 MIKSA, MARK STEVEN. Jackson, MS, Freshman. Gen Bus., 276 277. 336 MILES. MARION SHELDON, Tupelo, MS, Sopho more, Pre- Accy.. 142, 236, 304, 305 MILES, VERNON BENET, Senior, Pol. Sci. ,216, 261, 384 MILEY. LISA JEAN. Metairie. LA, Junior, Quan. Mgt . 262. 263 MILEY. THURMAN MORRIS. Bay Springs. MS, Senior, Urban Ad.. 212,308,309 MILLARD, CAROLYN DORIS, Tullahoma, TN. Junior, Pharmacy. 143,247 MILLEN. JANE, Huntsville. AL. Grad. Ill, Phrm. Sci., 156 MILLER, AMY KATHERINE. Sophomore. Clth. Mer , 304, 305, 336 MILLER. CHERYL LEIGH, Natchez. MS, Sophomore. Comp Sci., 262. 263, 352 MILLER, DANIEL WHITTEN, Jackson, MS, Senior, Civl. Eng., 300, 301 , 384 MILLER. DANNY LESTER, Brandon. MS, Junior. Accy., 298, 299, 369 MILLER, DONALD FLOYD. Grad. Ml, Phrm. Sci.. 156 MILLER. DONNIE R , Junior, Accy.. 314, 315 MILLER, ELLEN MARIE DAVIS, Tupelo, MS, Senior. Marking., 306. 307, 384 MILLER. HAROLD DEWEY III, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 MILLER. JAMES GORDON. Ripley. MS. Junior, Law Enfo., 74, 75, 80. 81,109 MILLER, JOHN STEVENS, Clinton, MS. Sophomore. Marking., 272, 273 MILLER. LACIE ELIZABETH, Natchez, MS. Senior. Clth. Mer.. 154,262.263,243.384 MILLER. LEA ASHLEY, Quitman, MS, Freshman, Pharmacy, 247, 280. 281 MILLER. LINDA SUZANNE, Hernando, MS, Junior, Elem. Ed.. 306, 307 MILLER, MARY ELIZABETH. Jackson, TN, Senior, Math. 290. 291 MILLER. MARY VIRGINIA. Sophomore. Marking., 288. 289, 336 MILLER, MAURICE W.. Winchester. KY, Junior, Gen. Bus., 312,313 MILLER, NORMAN EUGENE, Louisville, KY, Junior, Law Enfo., 47,109.369 MILLER, PHILIP KEITH, Picayune. MS, Senior, Accy , 282. 283. 384 MILLER. SARAH LYNNE, Corinth. MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 215, 278, 279 MILLER, TANYA ANNE. Aberdeen. MS. Senior, Pre-Accy , 280, 281 . 369 MILLER, TERRI LYNN. Natchez. MS, Senior, Comm. Dis . 258. 262, 263.384 MILLER, TOOD DARIN. Jackson. MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 284. 285, 352 MILLIGAN, SAMUEL JAY III. Clarksdale, MS, Sophomore, Publ Adm.,292,293 MILLS, DAVID CARLOS, Wabash. AR, Junior, Comp. Sci., 310, 31 1 MILLS, JACOB CHRISTOPHER, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore. Marking.. 106 MILLS, LISA LYNN, Jackson. MS. Sophomore, Geol. Eng., 280, 281, MILLS, RHONDA SUE. Waynesboro, MS, Phrm. -II. Pharmacy. 219, 392 MILNE, ELIZABETH ADELE. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Publ. Adm., 290, 291,336 MILNER, JAN ELIZABETH, Jackson, MS, Junior, English, 266, 267 MIMS. JOHN HOWARD VAUGHT, Vicksburg, MS. Junior, Gen. Bus., 110 MIMS. MELISSA MEDLEY. Jackson. MS. Junior. Elem. Ed.. 274, 275 MIMS. STEPHEN H , University. MS, Unclass . Chem. Eng., 148 MIMS, TROYE LLOYD. Grenada. MS. Senior, Gen. Bus.. 316. 317 MINER, MERILEIGH FAIRBANK. Ocean Springs. MS, Junior, Elem. Ed.. 21 5. 306,307 MIRON, PHILIP J., Pensacola, FL. Senior, Mangmnt., 71, 227, 282, 283.384 MITCHELL. JO BETH. Meridian. MS, Sophomore. Marking.. 288, 289, 353 MITCHELL, MICHAEL HOY, Tallahassee, FL, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 308, 309, 353 MITCHELL, NANCY FORRESTER, Louisville. MS, Senior. Marking.. 288. 289. 384 MOAK. ROBERT WARREN. Bogue Chitto, MS. Senior, Urban Ad., 212. 300.301 MOAK, ROGER ALAN, Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus.. 260, 282. 283.369 MOBLEY. JOHN CHARLES JR., Saltillo, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus.. 284. 285 MOELLER. JILL ANN, Quincy, IL. Junior, Econ , 238 MOFFATT. MELISSA, Winchester, TN. Junior, Bank and Fin., 143, 266. 249. 267, 353 MOFFETT. MICHAEL EUGENE. Meridian, MS, Phrm. -II, Pharmacy. 223, 392 MOHAMED, SUSAN CAROL. Belzoni, MS, Senior, Elem. Ed., 212,280,281.384 MONCRIEF, JOHN RUSSELL, Tupelo, MS, Senior, Chem. Eng.. 2?r273 MONK, LINDA RENEE, Vicksburg, MS. Senior. English. 128, 134. 140. 145,384 MONTAGUE, CLAUDIA WILLIAMS, Hattiesburg. MS. Freshman. 274, 275 MONTALVO, JULIAN DEAN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 272, 273, 353 MONTESI, TERRY RAYMOND, Oxford, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 312,313 MONTGOMERY, ALVIN DELAY JR., Weir, MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus., 320, 321, 353 MONTGOMERY, MURRY NEIL, Thaxton, MS, Senior, S. Ed. Sci., 83 MONTGOMERY, STEPHEN QUAY, Pontotoc, MS, Senior, Chem., 140, 148.369 MOODY, SHEA FIELDS. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 284, 285 MOORE. ALIDA MARIE, Amory, MS, Junior, 249, 280, 281 MOORE, ARNOLD BRUCE JR., Laurel, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy., 314, 315 MOORE. CHARLES ED JR.. Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, Medicine, 284, 285, 353 MOORE, CHARLES HARMON, Pascagoula, MS, Junior, Psyc., 272, 273 MOORE, CHRISTY LEIGH, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Marking . 306, 307, 336 MOORE, JAYME PHILLIPS, Clarksdale, MS. Senior, S. Ed. S. S., 288. 289, 384 MOORE, LAURA CLARK, Morgan City, MS, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 274, 275 MOORE, MALCOLM SIDNEY JR., Tupelo, MS. Junior, Biol. Sci., 145, 147,148,284.285,369 MOORE. MARCUS CLAUDE, Tupelo, MS, Sophomore, Medicine. 284. 285. 353 MOORE. MARY MELISSA. Columbus, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy.. 280, 281 , 353 MOORE, MARY TUCKER, Clarksdale, MS. Sophomore, 274, 275 MOORE, MATTHEW MCDAVID, Clinton, MS, Junior, Pol. Sci., 214, 300.301 MOORE. RICHARD CONE JR., Spring, TX, Junior, Mech. Eng.. 145.298,299,369 MOORE, TAMARA, Meridian, MS. Sophomore. Psyc., 145. 227 MOORE. TERESA ANN. Tupelo. MS, Freshman. Medicine, 290, 291,336 MOORE. WALTER TRINNER. Memphis. TN, Junior, Marking.. 270, 271 MOORE. WILLIAM MAULDIN. Pascagoula, MS, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 284, 285, 336 MOOREHEAD. JENNIFER LYNN. Carmel, IN. Senior, Biol Sci . 138, 146,148,274.275.258,384 MOORHEAD, PAMELA ANN, Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Soc Work. 143, 216. 353 MORAN, ALFRED RUSSELL JR.. Ocean Springs, MS. Freshman. Insur., 270, 271,336 MORAN, ETHEL RUSSELL, Ocean Springs. MS. Senior. Clth. Mer., 290,291,384 MOREHOUSE, KATHERINE. Nashville. TN. Sophomore, Elem. Ed. .274. 275 MORELAND, BRIAN CLARK. Talladega AL, Senior, H., P.E. and Rec.. 109 MORGAN. BETSY JANE, Grad. Ill, Psyc., 215 MORGAN, CAROLYN GAIL, Oxford, MS. Junior. Comp. Sci.. 229 MORGAN, DAVID YONLEY, Grenada, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin . 308. 309. 336 MORGAN, DAVIS KEVIN. Hattiesburg, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 314, 315 MORGAN, DENNIS PAUL, Grenada, MS, Sophomore, Medicine. 71. 227, 353 MORGAN. EDWARD ATKINSON JR., Sophomore, Marking., 312, 313 MORGAN, FRED KEITH, Hattiesburg, MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus., 251. 31 4, 31 5 MORGAN. GARY HERSCHEL, Booneville, MS, Senior, Biol Sci., 140, 148 MORGAN, JERRY ANN, Utica. MS. Junior, Biol. Sci.. 145, 246, 369 MORGAN, JOHN CHARLES, Long Beach, MS, Senior. 282, 283 MORGAN, JOHN FRANKLIN. Oxford, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 312,313,336 MORGAN. JOHN MICHAEL, Oxford, MS, Grad. Ill, Phrm. Sci.. 156,215 MORGAN, MICHAEL PITTMAN, Hattiesburg. MS, Junior, Pre- Accy., 314, 315 MORGAN. PAULA LEIGH, Grenada, MS, Sophomore, Soc. S. Wk., 99, 108, 143, 353 MORGAN, SAMUEL KIRKPATRICK, Ml Pleasant, SC, Senior, Pol. Sci. ,109 MORGAN. THOMAS HENRY JR.. Calhoun City, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 276, 277. 336 MORGANFIELD. ROBBIE RONE, Rolling Fork, MS. Junior. Radio and TV, 268, 269 MORONEY, MARTHA ELLEN, Phoenix. AZ, Freshman, Comp. Sci., 306, 307 MORRIS. BRUCE, Gallman. MS, Junior, H.. P.E. and Rec . 282, 283 MORRIS, CATHY ANN. Oxford, MS, Senior, Appl. Mus., 134. 140. 215,384 MORRIS. CHARLES LAVERN, Columbia, MS. Junior. Econ . 282, 283. 370 MORRIS, HERBERT ALLEN JR.. Poplarville. MS, Senior, Pre-Accy., 292. 293. 370 MORRIS, JAMES BRYON. Columbia, MS. Law II, Law. 200 MORRIS, TINA JOY. Escatawpa, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 306, 307,336 MORRISON. SARA LANE, Mary Esther. FL, Sophomore, Chem. Eng., 262. 263. 353 MORRISSEY. GINA MARIE. Franklin, TN. Freshman, S. Ed. H. E.,210, 266. 267 MORROW. SANDRA ANN. Millington, TN, Sophomore, Appl Mus.. 286. 287. 336 MORSE, EUGENE RICHARD, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 292. 293 MORSON, JOANNA R.. Leland. MS. Senior. Marking., 215. 306. 307,384 MOSBY. BILL RUSH III. Natchez. MS. Sophomore, Pre-Accy . 298. 299 MOSER. STEVEN ROGER, Calhoun City, MS, Freshman, Music. 154 MOSES. JOSEPH LEE, Kenner, LA, Senior. Mangmnt , 219, 276. 277 MOSHIER. BILLIE KAY. Memphis. TN, Freshman, Art-lntr , 304. 305 MOSLEY. CYNTHIA ARLENE, Leland, MS, Sophomore, H E.- Intr , 304, 305 MOSS, JENNIFER LINN, Sophomore, Pre-Accy.. 143, 236, 306,307 MOSS. LEE JOY. Rockville. MD. Senior, English, 138. 140, 236. 322, 323, 384 MOSS, SHERRY LORRAINE, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Comp Sci., 143, 262, 263, 353 MOTHERSHED. MILTON ALLEN, Batesville MS, Senior. Bank and Fin., 145, 314, 315 MOULDS. MELINDA ANN, Little Rock, AR. Junior, Accy , 322. 323 MOULDS, PATRICIA LOUISE, Sophomore, Mangmnt , 286. 287, 336 MOUNGER. DESMOND GRAHAM. Jackson, MS, Sophomore. Gen Bus., 210. 296,297.353 MOUNGER. HENRY H JR., Jackson, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 147. 296, 297. 210, 370 MOUNGER, MARY RITA, Tylertown, MS. Freshman, Philo., 212.262,263,336 MOUNGER, ROBERT GORE, Jackson, MS, Sophomore. Bank and Fin . 296. 297 MOUNTFORD, GORDON JOHN, Madison, MS, Freshman, Medicine. 292, 293. 336 MOYES. MICHAEL STEVEN. Memphis. TN. Junior. Mangmnt . 284. 285. 353 MOYNIHAN, DAVID PATRICK, Bay Springs, MS, Senior. Soc S Wk., 298,299 MUELLER, JOSEPH PAUL JR., Corpus Christi, TX, Sophomore, Gen. Bus , 296, 297. 353 MUIRHEAD. SARA, Memphis, TN, Junior, Med. Rec., 278, 279 MULKIN. JOEL WHITE, Bessemer AL. Sophomore, Bank and Fin.. 104,143,145,314,315 MULLIGAN, CARL DENVER, New Orleans, LA, Junior, Jour, and Adv., 244,250. 261.310,311 MULLINS. ANGELIA GAY, Clarksdale, MS, Junior, Jour.. 216, 353 MULLINS, JUDY CAROL. Nettleton. MS. Senior, Law Enfo.. 140,384 MULLINS, SALLY YVONNE. Natchez. MS, Freshman. V. Hm. EC., 288. 289 MULLINS, SARAH BUSH, Mendenhall, MS, Junior. Radio and TV, 288, 289, 370 MUNN, JON ALAN, Mendenhall. MS, Freshman. Gen Bus.. 284. 285. 336 MUNRO. JATA FALLS, Biloxi, MS. Freshman, Psyc , 212, 280, 281 MURPHREE, SHARON ELIZABETH, Shelby, MS, Senior. Elem. Ed , 304, 305 MURPHY, RHONDA JO, Oxford, MS, Junior. Nursing, 286, 287 MURRAY, CHRISTOPHER, Springfield. IL, Freshman, Gen Bus., 31 6, 317 MURRAY. KENNETH GORDON. Bude. MS, Phrm.-lll. Pharmacy. 223. 392 MURRAY. LEE ANNE. Jackson, MS, Freshman, English, 262, 263, 336 MURUAKO. DAVID UZOMA, Grut III, Econ.. 151 MUSE, GREGORY HANLEY, Tupelo, MS, Grad I, Bus. Adm., 151,396 430 Index Philips MYERS, ANNE POLK. Hattiesburg MS. Junior. History. 199. 278. 279. 243. 370 MYERS. CHERYL ANN. Jackson. MS. Junior, Home EC . 142. 274. 275.353 MYERS. CYNTHIA CAMPBELL. Jacksonville. FL. Sophomore. 286. 287 MYERS. GREGORY BOWMAN. Lexington, KY. Junior. Gen Bus.. 270, 271 MYERS. MARTHA ELIZABETH. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus. 274, 275. 336 MYERS, PATRICIA MEREDITH. Lexington. KY. Freshman, 304. 305 MYLES. WAYNE EVERETT. Friars Point, MS. Unclass . Accy -Pro . 239.385 MYRES. HARPER RIVERS. Greenville, MS, Freshman. 312. 313 N NAAMAN, MICHAEL ANTHONY. Greenwood. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin .145. 147.215 NADER. DEBORAH LYNN. Jackson. MS. Gen Bus . 266. 267. 370 NALTY. RAYMOND JOSEPH III. Jackson, MS, Junior. Bank and Fin. 284, 285 NANCE, JOHN REYNOLDS JR .. Nashville. TN. Freshman, 292. 293. 336 NAPIER, RAMON MONROE. Petal. MS. Phrm -III. Pharmacy. 156. 392 NASH. MARTHA ANN. Hopkinsville. KY. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 266. 267 NAUGLE. NINA ELIZABETH, West Point, MS, Senior. Marking . 212, 280. 281 NAVE. MARK LEE. Sandersville. MS. Senior. Jour. 145.385 NAYLOR, ROBERT MANNING, West Memphis. AR. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 300. 301 . 336 NEAL, CARLA ANN. Ruleville. MS. Freshman. H ., P E and Rec-. 238. 262. 263. 336 NEAL. GEORGE JR., Ruleville. MS. Grad I. Crim Jst , 252, 396 NEELD. JAMES HARVEY IV, Yazoo City. MS. Sophomore. Accy . 143. 145. 312. 313. 261 NEELY, JOHNNY DEE. Braxton. MS. Junior. Biol Sci . 145. 148. 284.285 NEELY. ROBERT JERRY. Braxton. MS. Phrm -II. Pharmacy. 147, 223. 284.285 NEILSON, MELANY CHERYL. Lexington. MS. Law I. Law. 145 NELSON. BETTYE JEANETTE. Goodman, MS. Senior, Pol Sci.. 206.247 NELSON. CYNTHIA ANN. Clarksdale, MS. Sophomore. Elem Ed . 288. 289. 353 NEUHAUS. SCOTT VAUGHN. Tupelo, MS. Freshman. Marking . 314.315,336 NEUMAN. HEIDI KAROL. Vicksburg. MS. Junior Radio and TV. 238. 288. 289 NEVINS. BONNIE ELIZABETH. Florence. AL. Freshman. Radio and TV, 288. 289. 336 NEW. PAMELA LEE. Oxford. MS. Freshman. 306. 307, 336 NEWBERRY. KIMBERLY ANN. Little Rock. AR, Freshman. Pharmacy. 306, 307. 336 NEWCOMB, JOHN NOLAN. Osceola AR, Junior, Bank and Fin .210,314,315 NEWMAN. KAROL ANN. Jackson. MS. Junior. Soc Work. 278. 279 NEWTON. ISAAC ALTON. Greenville. MS, Sophomore. Medicine. 312.313 NEWTON. NANCY LEE RANSON Greenville. MS. Junior. Chem . 278. 279 NEYLAND. ROBERT NASH. Jackson MS. Law I. Law. 200. 31 6. 317 NICHOLAS. RICHARD MARK. Junior. Gen Bus . 308. 309 NICHOLS. CARL GRADY III. Leland. MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 312.313 NICHOLS. VINCENT BERNARD. Byhalia. MS. Senior. Soc S Wk 294.295.385 NICHOLSON. CHARLES W. JR.. Columbia. MS. Junior. Gen Bus 270. 271 NICKEY. NANCY MANIER. Memphis. TN, Junior. Gen Bus . 266.267 NIX. JAMES ELMER. Jackson, MS. Freshman. Medicine. 296. 297 NIX SUSAN PAULETTE. Jackson, MS. Junior. Nursing. 278. 279 NIXON. PATTI ANN. Memphis. TN. Senior. Elem Ed . 179. 215. 290. 291.243 NIXON. TERI JEAN. Memphis. TN. Junior. Spch Toy . 290. 291 NOBLIN. RENEE MARIE PEREIRA. Oxford. MS. Junior. Spcl Ed . 105 NOEL, ANN NANCY, Sophomore. Ctth Mer . 290. 291 NOLAND. MICHAEL ALLEN, Grenada. MS. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 270. 271 NOLEN. JOHN EVERETT. University. MS. Junior. Marking , 314,315.370 NORDAN. JOHN S II. Hattiesburg. MS Sophomore. Gen. Bus. 215. 296.297.354 NORFLEET. LADY ELIZABETH. Pascagoula. MS. Phrm.-ill. Pharmacy. 156, 392 NORLING. ROBERT K . Nashville. TN. Sophomore, Pre-Accy , 296. 297 NORTON, DEWEY ARNOLD JR . Jackson. MS. Senior. Pol Sci.. 298.299 NUCKOLLS. JULIE KRISTIN. Meridian. MS. Freshman. 304. 305 NUTT. TOBY KYLE, Louisville. KY. Sophomore, Gen Bus , 143. 145. 308.309 NWANOENYI. ALPHONSUS I, Senior. Elec Eng , 145. 385 o NEAL. DEBORAH ANN. Southaven. MS. Sophomore. Clth Mer. 239.354 OAKES. TERI S . Ocean Springs. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 215. 280. 281 . 336 OAKLEY. MELISSA LYNN. Nashville. TN, Freshman. Gen. Bus. 262. 263 OBROSKY. KEITH WAYNE. Grad III, Phrm Sci . 156 O CONNELL, KATHRYN DIANNE. Prentiss. MS, Senior. Bank and Fin, 151.157. 278. 279 O CONNOR. ELIZABETH SETON, South Orange, NJ. Sophomore. H . PE and Rec. 102. 103.354 O ' CONNOR. JOSEPH PATRICK. Dallas, TX. Junior. Insur . 296. 297 DOOM CONNIE MARIE. Nashville. TN. Junior. Med Tech . 230. 290, 291.370 DOOM. ELIZABETH STREATER. Greenwood. MS. Senior, Marking . 274. 275 ODOM, TARA LEIGH. Freshman. 201 . 278. 279 336 ODUM. LARA DAWN. Fairfield. IL. Freshman. Radio and TV, 262. 263 OGLE. ROBERT WAYNE. Sattillo. MS. Senior. Accy . 284. 285 OKEKE, CYRIL CHUKWUEMEKA. Anambra State. Sophomore. Pol Sci.. 294. 295. 354 OLA. MARY HELEN. Greenwood. MS. Senior, Marking .. 151. 215. 288.289 OLIVER. ANITA DIANE. Memphis, TN. Junior. Comm Dis . 288. 289 249 OLIVER. JOSEPH DELBERT III. Jackson. MS. Senior. Pre-Accy., 138.139.157 OLSON. RAMONA YVONNE Nashville. TN. Junior. Accy . 322, 323. 370 OMAN. BOND EMERSON. Nashville. TN. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 312. 313 OSBORNE. WALTER WILLIAM JR . Vicksburg. MS, Junior, Pre- Accy.. 154, 220. 370 OSBORNE. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Medina. TN. Sophomore. Law Ento.. 238, 272. 273, 336 OTIS. JAMES C. Bitoxi, MS. Freshman. Gen Bus.. 81 OTT. (CATHERINE ELIZABETH. McComb. MS, Junior. Mangmnt., 230.354 OTT. TIMOTHY ALLEN. Petal. MS. Junior. Gen Bus.. 109 OTTO. DAVID ANTHONY. Gulfport. MS. Junior, Chem. Eng.. 145.300.301 OVERTON. KENDALL ELIZABETH, Freshman. Gen Bus. 266. 267 OWENS, CHARLES DANIEL. Sophomore. Accy., 142. 200, 239. 354 OWENS, CYNTHIA BLAIR. Junior. Jour 238, 306. 307. 370 OZBORN, JAMES KENNETH II. Decatur. MS, Senior. Biol Sci . 212.385 P PALMER. BRIAN MARC. Baton Rouge. LA, Junior, H. P.E and Rec. 318. 319.370 PALMER. CAROL CLARE. Forest. MS, Senior. Rec. Ldrs , 274. 275. 385 PALMER. JAMES BROWN. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Law Enfo..296. 297 PALMER. JOHN MORRIS. Jackson. MS. Senior. Marking , 292.293 PALMER. PENNY SUE. Corinth. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed , 278. 279 PALMIERI. DANA. 288. 289. 258. 385 PALMERTREE. KEVIN LAEL JR.. Batesville MS. Phrm -II. Pharmacy. 223 PANAGON. THOMAS BASIL. Eau Claire. Wl. Junior. Marktng , 300. 301 PANG. RANDY ALAN. Greenville. MS. Junior. Geology. 302. 303. 261.370 PANNELL. ATOKA DAWN. Memphis. TN. Freshman, Gen. Bus . 262. 263, 377 PARIS. IRMA LEONARD. Indianola. MS, Junior. Elem Ed.. PARIS. LEROY HENRY II. Indianola. MS. Law I. Law. 147. 284. 285. 396 PARIS, SALLY SUSAN. Jacksonville, FL, Senior. Spch. Tpy.. 278. 279 PARK. DAPHNE GAY. Brandon. MS. Freshman. Crt Rptg 278. 279.377 PARKE. MARY SUSAN. Picayune. MS. Senior. Art 140 PARKER. ANN DUBOSE. Columbus. MS. Junior, V Hm. EC.. 280. 281 , 258. 370 PARKER. EDO TATE JR . Chagrin Falls. OH. Sophomore. Marking . 212.296.297 PARKER, EDWIN LEWIS. Inverness, MS. Freshman. Math. 292.293 PARKER. FRANK DUPREE. Columbus. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus. 101.314.315 PARKER. GARY WAYNE. Winona. MS. Sophomore. Jour and Adv . 272. 273 PARKER. MARGARET RACHEL. Tupelo. MS. Junior. Rec Ldrs . 290.291 PARKER. PAMELA JEAN. Charleston. MS. Junior, Bank and Rn., 215. 354 PARKER, PENNY GAIL. Meridian. MS. Freshman. Med Tech . 278. 279,377 PARKER. TAMARA ANN. Oxford. MS, Phrm -I. Pharmacy. 262. 263. 392 PARKER. WILLIAM THURMAN JR.. Hernando. MS. Sophomore. Comp Sci.. 310. 311 PARKS. CARLA PATRICE. New Albany. MS. Junior. V. Hm. EC.. 280. 281 PARKS. IRVING DEFOREST, Sophomore. Radio and TV. 227. 298.299 PARKS. KATHLEEN MEAGHER. Southaven. MS. Freshman. Elem Ed. 304. 305. 377 PARR. GARY M , Kennett. MO, Freshman. Pre-Accy.. 298. 299 PARSONS. MARY ELIZABETH. Jackson. MS. Junior. Bus. Ed.. 290.291 PARSONS. RONALD E.. Sophomore. Marking.. 316. 317 PARTIN. MARY ELIZABETH. Unclass . Jour . 227, 396 PARTLOW. ELIZABETH ANN. Blytheville, AR. Sophomore. Dent Hyg . 306 307 354 PARTRIDGE. STEVEN WAYNE. Oxford. MS. Senior. Pre-Accy.. 157.385 PASLAY, WENDY WALL. Junior. Soc. Work. 306. 307. 370 PASTEWKA. SHERI ANN. Freshman. Psyc . 249 PATTERSON. CATHERINE ANNE. Atlanta. GA. Junior. Pre-Accy.. 266.267 PATTERSON. CATHY LEIGH. Jackson. MS. Freshman. 288. 289. 377 PATTERSON. DONALD ALLEN. Mangold. MS. Freshman, Mus Educ. 239 PATTERSON. JANE GlVENS Brookhaven. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 280. 281. 377 PATTERSON. JUDY RENE. Mendenhall. MS. Freshman. Elem. Ed, 21 5. 306, 307, 377 PATTERSON, LEE ANNE. Freshman, Elem Ed . 278. 279. 377 PATTERSON. PATTI ANNE, Pontotoc. MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus.. 159.280.281 PATTERSON. PATTI JEANETTE. Hoilandale. MS. Senior. Medicine. 129, 136. 146. 138. 148. 215. 225. 304. 305. 399. 385. 354 PATTERSON. ROBERT RAYMOND. Jackson. MS. Senior. Accy.. 157, 21 5. 370 PATTON. MARY J.. C larksdale, MS. Sophomore. Clth Mer.. 306. 307 PATTON. WORD BAKER JR., Clarksdale. MS. Junior. Rec Ldrs.. 296.297 PAXTON. ROBERT GAUA. Oxford. MS. Junior. Gen Bus 312.313 PAYNE. MARY KAREN. Phrm -III Pharmacy. 266. 267. 392 PEACOCK. CAROL A., Memphis. TN. Senior. Clth. Mer.. 239. 385 PEAL. LINDA RAE. Oxford, MS. Junior. Pol. Sci.. 288. 289 PEARSON. JACK BANE JR., Louisville. MS. Junior, Bank and Rn.. 143. 284. 285 PEARSON. JOHN FRANKLIN. Cleveland. MS. Senior. Gen Bus.. 55, 147. 215. 227. 284. 285. 370 PEARSON. MARK MILLS, Cleveland. MS. Senior. Insur.. 213. 284. 285. 385 PEARSON. ROBERT RONALD. Memphis TN, Freshman, Mangmnt., 107, 272, 273. 377 PEASTER, LAURA FAYE. Yazoo City. MS, Sophomore. V. Hm. EC.. 274, 275. 354 PEDEN. PAMELA GAY, Jackson, MS, Freshman. Pol. Sci.. 215, 288. 289.377 PEDRON. JEFFREY LEWIS. Vicksburg. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus. 312. 313 PEEL. JOHN KELLY. Memphis. TN. Senior. Mangmnt . 109 PEENSTRA. TODD EGAN. Gulfport. MS. Freshman. 292. 293 PEEPLES, BRADLEY STUART. Cotfeeville. MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 PEEPLES. RONALD EDWARD. Blue Springs. MS. Phrm. -III. Pharmacy. 129, 156, 392 PEERY. ADAIR ANN. Oxford. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 280. 281 PEETS, RANDOLPH DILLON III. Jackson. MS. Junior. Marking.. 219.314.315.370 PELLE. VIRGINIA LEIGH. Junior. History. 304. 305 PENDER. LESLIE LYNNE, Memphis. TN. Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 266. 267 PENDLETON. EDMUND ALAN. Littleton. CO. Senior. Geology. 272. 273, 385 PENNINGTON. NANCY MARGARET. Fayetteville. AR. Sophomore. S Ed S S . 242. 354 PENNINGTON. ROSEMARY. Laredo. TX. Senior. Soc. S. Wk.. 288. 289, 370 PENNY. JAMIE CAROLYN. Tupelo, MS. Sophomore. Anthro . 143,145.266.267 PERKINS. EDDIE. Clarksdale. MS. Senior. Biol. Sci.. 154. 239. 268. 269 PERKINS. MEREDITH DENISE. Pine Bluff. AR, Sophomore, Mangmnt.. 266. 267. 354 PERKINS. PHILLIP KERRY, Brandon. MS. Freshman, Medicine. 31 2, 31 3 PERKINS, STANLEY LAWRENCE. Water Valley. MS. Senior. Insur.. 298.299 PERRY. LEON JR.. Gloster. MS. Junior. Law Enfo . 76. 78. 81 . 109 PERRY. QUINTON BOUOREAUX. Greenwood. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 296. 297 PERRY. TIMOTHY TURNER. University. MS. Grad. Ill, Econ . 151 PERSON. TANA JEAN, Greenwood, MS, Senior, Elem Ed . 274. 275. 370 PETERS. LESLIE CAROLE. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Comm Dis 215,290,291 PETERSEN. DAVIS. Anniston, AL. Sophomore, Bank and Fin.. 314. 315 PETERSON. DEBORAH JEAN, Clinton, MS, Junior. Adm Serv . 290.291.354 PETERSON. JAMES. Grad. III. Educ. 129 PETERSON. THOMAS ALLEN, Senatobia. MS. Sophomore. Mus Educ . 239. 240 PETIT JEAN. DESIREE S.. Rayne, LA. Sophomore. Gen. Bus., 215. 286. 287 PETKOVSEK. JEANENE MARIE. Natchez. MS. Junior. Elem. Ed., 304.305.370 PETREE. DINAH WEATHERFORD. Florence. AL. Freshman. Econ.. 290.291.377 PETT1S. NELUE K . Sophomore. Corrctns.. 246. 354 PETTRY. DAVID EMORY JR.. Starkville, MS. Freshman. Mangmnt . 320. 321 PEYREGNE. DEBBIE LYNN. Ocean Springs. MS. Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy. 148.244 PHAN. QUANG OUOC. Jackson. MS. Sophomore, Medicine. 143. 151.354 PHELPS. ROBERT HOUSLEY JR.. Columbus. MS, Unclass . Bus Adm. 152. 282.283. 354 PHILIPS. ROBERT OLIVER. Memphis. TN. Freshman. Medicine. 31 6. 31 7 Index 431 Phillips PHILLIPS, ANGELINA DEMISE, Pascagoula, MS, Freshman, Art, 288, 289, 377 PHILLIPS, DANIEL MORRIS, Oxford, MS, Senior, Jour, and Adv., 136, 147, 210, 298. 299 PHILLIPS, DARBY DEE, Junior, Radio and TV, 208, 215. 288, 289, 354 PHILLIPS, DAVID TIMOTHY, Oxford, MS, Sophomore, Jour, and Adv., 284. 285 PHILLIPS, DEBRA SUSAN, Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 306, 307, 354 PHILLIPS, EMILY BRYANT, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Crt Rptg., 143, 274. 275, 354 PHILLIPS, FORREST C. JR., Hattiesburg. MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 83, 111 PHILLIPS, GINA SPEARS, Batesville. MS, Junior, Pol. Sci.. 212,354 PHILLIPS, JEAN CAROL. Hattiesburg, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 274, 275, 377 PHILLIPS, JEANNE BELLE, Camden, AR, Sophomore, Pharmacy, 145,280,281 PHILLIPS, JULI ANN, Germantown, TN, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 101,274, 275 PHILLIPS, MARK THEODORE, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Biol. Sci., 147.148,312,313,386 PHILLIPS, MATTHEW RAY, Indianapolis, IN, Senior, Biol. Sci., 148 PHILLIPS, MICHAEL STEPHEN, Bay St. Louis, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 156.392 PHILLIPS, MITYLENE BOWRON, Fort Smith, AR, Senior, Gen. Bus., 213,274,275 PHILLIPS, PAUL SCOTT, Freshman. Gen. Bus., 312, 313. 377 PHILLIPS, RENEE JEANETTE, McClure, IL, Sophomore, H., P.E. andRec., 154, 238, 354 PHILLIPS, ROBERT RUSSELL, Pearl, MS, Sophomore, S. Ed. S. S., 310, 311, 354 PHILLIPS, STEPHANIE DAWN, Hawthorne, FL, Freshman, Radio and TV, 238, 288, 289. 377 PHILPOT, CLIFF H., Lawrenceburg. TN, Junior, Bank and Fin., 270, 271, 370 PICKENS, KELLY ANN, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 304, 305 PICKERING, JAMES GARY, Hattiesburg, MS, Junior, Mangmnt.,47, 109, 110, 113, 284, 285 PICKLE, ALLAN THOMAS, Oxford, MS, Junior, Marking., 308, 309 PICKLE. MARGARET JEAN, Kosciusko, MS, Senior, S. Ed. Sci., 280, 281 PIERCE, CHRISTY LYNN, Columbia, MS, Sophomore, 304 305 PIERCE, LI SA VICTORIA, Long Beach, MS, Freshman, Radio and TV, 215.278.279,337 PIERCE, MICHAEL EDWADRD, Alice. TX, Freshman, Mus Educ 239, 337 PIGG, PATTI, Pulaski, TN, Sophomore, Elem. Ed , 322, 323, 242, 354 PIGOTT, MICHAEL EUGENE. Jackson, MS, Junior, Mangmnt 149,272,273,370 PILGRIM, JAMES STEVAN, Brandon, MS, Freshman Pre- Accy.,292,293 PINDELL, LAURA JANE. Indianapolis. IN. Freshman, Jour 306, 307 PINION, ANGELA BLISS. Lambert. MS, Freshman, 215 PINKSTON. CATHERINE CLAIRE. Vicksburg, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus., 288. 289 PINSON, JANE, Jackson, MS, Freshman, V. Hm. EC., 288 289 201 PIRRIE, MARY KATE, Nashville. TN, Freshman, Corrctns., 266, 267. 242 PIRTLE, JEANANN, Tyler, TX, Senior, Art-lntr., 278. 279, 386 PITTMAN, BEAU BRYAN, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Medicine, 314, 315, 337 PITTMAN, DONNA KATHERINE, Greenville. MS, Junior. Elem. Ed., 280. 281 , 354 PITTMAN, JACK HOMER JR., Hattiesburg, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy.,316,317 PITTMAN, JAMES ARCHIE JR., Jackson, MS, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy, 223. 298, 299, 392 PITTMAN, JAMES CALHOUN III, Hattiesburg, MS. Junior, Gen. Bus., 292. 293 PITTMAN, MELANIE. Brandon, MS, Senior, Appl. Mus., 262. 263. 258. 370 PLANTS. ROBERT THOMAS, Oxford, MS, Senior, S. Ed. S. S., 284,285 PLAXICO, CHESTER MICHAEL. Waterford. MS. Junior, Law Enfo . 294, 295, 354 POBST, SALLY LEA, Sikeston, MO, Freshman, English. 290, 291 POINTER, MONROE JR., Como, MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus., 314, 315,337 POLING, CHARLES JOSEPH, San Francisco, CA, Junior, Jour., 228, 252 POLLARA, RICHARD JOSEPH. Potomac, MD, Senior, English, 104 POLLARD, MARY CLAIRE. Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 288, 289 POMERANZ, MICHAEL BUCKEYE, Nashotah. Wl, Senior, S. Ed. B. E., 110, 111.386 PONDER, RANDALL DEAN, Mendenhall, MS, Senior, Mangmnt., 149. 282, 283, 386 POPE, ALISSA KATHLEEN. Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Med Tech., 262, 263, 354 POPE, JOHNNY WAYNE, Carthage, MS, Junior. Pol. Sci., 145,370 PORTER, BETTY LOU, Myrtle, MS, Sophomore, Pre-Accy.. 143 PORTER, LEE ANN, Springfield, TN. Senior. Bank and Fin.. 134. 138,190,150,151,211.322,323, 386 PORTER, MARK MAURICE, Meridian, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus . 296,297 PORTREY. MICHAEL JOE, Wesson, MS, Senior, Law Enfo., 320,321,370 POTTS, JENNIE DELEIGH, Sophomore, Spcl. Ed., 304, 305 POTTS, RONNIE LYNN, Myrtle, MS, Senior, H., P.E. and Rec., 318. 319 POTTS, VIRGINIA GAYLE, Durant, MS, Senior, Clth. Mer.. 304, 305, 386 POUNDS, CYNTHIA LYNN, Madison. MS, Senior, Accy., 150, 157,386 POUNDS. TIMOTHY WAYNE, Madison, MS, Sophomore, Chem. Eng., 298. 299. 354 POWELL, BARBARA CAROL, Houlka, MS, Grad. I, Educ., 215 POWELL. JOHN FRANKLIN, Florence, MS, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 251, 337 POWELL, PAMELA ANN, New Albany, MS, Freshman, Clth. Mer., 280, 281 . 337 POWELL, S. BETH, Freshman, Comm. Dis., 1 83, 280, 281 , 338 POWELL. TERRI ANN, Jackson, MS, Grad. I, Accy .-Pro., 157 PRATHER. LEISHA JANE, Junior Comm. Dis., 100, 288. 289. 354 PRATHER, LYDIA SUE, Natchez, MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 119 225 392 PRATHER, PAMELA. Columbus, MS, Junior, Pre-Accy., 145, 198 202.212,280,281,370 PRESLEY, CURTIS EDWARD III, Clarksdale, MS. Junior. English, 296, 297 PRESLEY. DONALD ANSEL. Louisville, MS, Freshman, Dntstry , 270,271.338 PREVOST, DURENDA LEE. Moss Point, MS, Senior, Gen. Bus , 250, 386 PREWITT, THOMAS WENDALL, Freshman, Radio and TV, 308, 309,338 PRICE, BETTIE CATHERINE, Vicksburg, MS, Junior, Radio and TV, 286, 287, 370 PRIMOS, KATHERINE GWYNN, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed. ,21 5, 274, 275, 338 PRIMOS, MARY ALICE, Junior. Elem. Ed.. 274, 275 PRIMOS, WILLIAM ANGELO, Jackson, MS, Senior, Medicine, 136, 140, 147, 145, 148, 284, 285 PRINGLE. CAROLINE SLAYDEN. Biloxi, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 278, 279 PRITSCHER, RUTH CAROLYN, Alexandria, VA. Grad. I, Bus. Adm 151 PROCTOR, MARGARET JENNY, Birmingham, AL, Sophomore, Rec. Ldrs.. 304, 305 PROVENCE. BRADLEY KEITH, New Albany. MS, Sophomore, Chem. Eng. ,316, 317 PROVENZA, MARGARET ROSE, Greenville, MS, Junior, Rec. Ldrs., 304, 305. 371 PROVIN, WILLIAM HOLLANDS. Tonawanda, NY, Unclass., Gen. Bus., 229 PRUETT, MICHAEL RIDDELL, Memphis, TN, Sophomore, Medicine, 142, 145 . 199. 296, 297, 354 PRUETTE, JANET KIMBERLY, Germantown, TN, Sophomore, Pre-Accy., 142, 195, 203, 215, 227, 274. 275, 354 PRYOR, LESLEY JAN, Jonesboro, AR, Freshman, 290. 291 . 338 PSANOS, KIMBERLY ANN, Jackson, MS, Sophomore. Jour, and Adv., 262. 263. 354 PUCKETT, JENNIFER CAMILLE, Gulfport, MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 274. 275 PUNSHON, JANICE ANN, Tallahassee, FL, Senior, Gen Bus., 146, 157, 306. 307. 386 PURSER, CYNTHIA JEAN, Vicksburg, MS. Freshman. 280. 281.338 PURSER, LISA GAYLE, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Jour., 129, 136, 138, 1 46, 1 80, 21 5, 224, 227, 280, 281 , 386 PURVIS. JANET LYNN, Toomsuba, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 157. 250. 354 PUTMAN, BONNIE GAIL. Brandon. MS, Freshman, Spcl. Ed . 262, 263, 338 R Q QUATTLEBAUM, MILES TODD, Helena, AR, Senior, Bank and Fin., 145,314,315 QUICK, NANCY DEAN, Statesboro, GA. Sophomore. Marking , 239, 322, 323, 354 QUIGLEY, THOMAS ALBERT. Gulfport. MS, Senior, Chem., 41, 78,140,145,148,292,293 QUIN, MOLLY MELINDA. Jackson, MS. Senior, Comm. Dis., 262, 263, 386 QUINN, NINA GAYNEL, Jackson, TN, Freshman. Phys. Tpy., 215, 274, 275 QUIRICONI, SHANNON KAY, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Nursing, 142, 145, 286, 287, 258 QUIRICONI, STEPHAN FRANK, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus., 244, 272. 273.338 QUIRICONI, STEPHANIE ANN, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 215, 278,279 RABITO, FELICIA ANN. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 142, 145, 208,306,307,215 RAINES, DEBORAH KAYE, Brandon, MS, Senior, Soc S Wk., 304, 305. 386 RAINEY, LISA SUZANNE. Senior. Soc. S. Wk.,280. 281 RAINS. FRANCIS TOD, Pascagoula, MS, Freshman, Dntstry., 300. 301 RAINWATER, JANICE ANITA, Memphis, TN, Junior, Accy , 304, 305 RAM AGE, MARTIS DONALD JR.. Verona, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 210, 386 RAMSAY, GARY LESLIE, Southaven, MS. Grad. I, Bus. Adm., 151, 396 RAMSAY, GRANVILLE PARKER, Vicksburg, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin. .31 4. 315 RAMSEY. LAURENCE PERRY. Nashville, TN, Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 292, 293 RAND, FRED TURNER IV, Yazoo City, MS, Junior, Chem. Eng., 300, 301,261 RANDOLPH, MITZI CAROL, New Albany. MS, Senior. H.E.-lntr., 304, 305 RANKIN, SHERI L, St. Louis, MO, Senior, Marking., 150, 188, 238, 274, 275 RARDIN, KEVIN RUSSELL, Aberdeen, MS. Senior, English, 145 RASH, ELIZABETH LAWRIE, Memphis, TN, Freshman, H.E.- lntr., 247, 338 RATCLIFF, JAMES C., Brooksville, MS. Senior, Biol Sci., 316, 317 RATCLIFF, RANDI LYN. Madison, MS. Freshman. Marking., 215. 288. 289. 338 RATCLIFF. ROBERT ALLEN, Brooksville, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 316, 31 7 RATLIFF, RODGER DRANE, Crystal Springs, MS, Senior, Bank and Fin. ,31 4, 315 RAWLS, CLIFFORD ANDREW, Gulfport. MS. Junior, Accy., 272, 273 RAY, ALLEN DALE JR.. Hot Springs, AR. Law III. Law. 198 RAY. BO JAMES E., Jackson, MS, Freshman, Dntstry., 282, 283 RAY. JAMES STEVENSON, Tupelo, MS. Junior, Medicine. 142, 200.314,315,355 RAY, JERRI LYNN, Madison, MS. Sophomore. Clth Mer., 290, 291 , 355 RAY, JOSEPH EUGENE, Oxford. MS, Sophomore, H., P.E. and Rec., 272, 273. 338 RAY, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Tupelo, MS, Freshman, 274, 275 RAY, MARK ANDREW, Oxford, MS. Freshman. Accy., 212, 312. 313,338 RAY, MARTHA SUSAN, Hot Springs. AR, Junior, Pre-Accy., 143,157,215,306,307,355 RAY. MARY MELINDA. New Albany, MS, Sophomore, Rec. Ldrs., 21 2, 304, 305 RAY, WANDA GENE. Jackson, MS, Senior, Accy . 150. 262, 263, 386 RAY. WILLIAM FREDERICK. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Biol. Sci., 272. 273, 338 REA. JAMES DERRIL JR., Saltillo, MS. Junior. Marking.. 272, 273 READ, BENJAMIN HOWARD, Dallas, TX, Junior, Gen Bus . 272, 273 READ, JOHN BASIL III. Oxford, MS, Senior, History, 149 REARDON. RORY CAMPBELL, Clarksdale, MS. Junior, Radio and TV, 296, 297 REASONS, DEBRA LYNN, Humboldt, TN, Senior. Art-lntr , 280, 281 REDDITT, LISA PATRICIA. Greenwood, MS, Junior, Home EC., 55, 202, 225, 280. 281 REDDITT, RALPH BARDIN, Greenwood, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus, 292, 293 REED, CANDACE ELIZABETH. Memphis, TN, Freshman, Chem Eng., 227, 262, 263, 338 REED, GAI LOUISE, Silver City, MS, Freshman, Crt Rptg.. 215. 280. 281 . 338 REED. WALTER BRYANT, Waukesha. Wl, Freshman. Pharmacy, 239. 338 REED, WILLIAM RAY, Tupelo. MS. Freshman, Medicine, 314, 315, 338 REED, WILLIAM ROBERT JR., Cleveland, MS, Junior. CM. Eng . REEVES. CYNTHIA LYNETTE, Memphis. TN, Sophomore, Radio and TV, 1 46, 242, 258, 355 REEVES, JAMES SCOTT, Victoria, TX. Freshman. Mus. Educ., 154, 239, 338 REEVES, JOHNNY RAYMOND. Jackson. MS. Law I, Law, 200 REEVES, PHILIP M . Jackson, MS, Junior. Psyc . 308, 309 REEVES, TIMOTHY FRANK, Corinth, MS, Junior. Bank and Fin., 272, 273 REID, MARTHA ELIZABETH. Nacogdoches. TX, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 266, 267, 338 REIHSEN, GERALD JOHN, Madison, Wl, Junior, Biol. Sci., 145,272,273,355 REILLY, HELEN ROBINSON, Jackson, MS, Sophomore, Dent Hyg,274,275 REJEBIAN, MICHAEL VAHRAM, Dallas, TX, Junior, Radio and TV, 284, 285 RENFRO. TRACEY CAROL. Batesville. MS, Senior. ACcy . 140, 145,246.371 RENFROW, RICHIE HARDIN, Leland. MS, Junior, Insur , 300, 301 . 355 RESTA, JANET H., Vicksburg, MS, Freshman, Elem Ed., 290, 291 . 338 REYNOLDS. DANNY EUGENE. Dewey, OK, Senior, Comm Dis , 199,270,271.371 RHINE, LYNDA GAYLE, Franklin. TN, Junior, Marking., 280, 281 RHODES, SHAVONNE LISA. Oxford, MS, Senior, Theatre, 262. 263 RHYNE, JULIE ANN. Lafayette, GA, Junior, Clth. Mer., 230 RICE, MARY LYNN. Bentonia. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin . 306. 307 RICE, ROBERT KIRK, Webb, MS. Sophomore, H , P.E. and Rec., 312,313 RICH, RONALD NEAL, Greenville. MS, Senior, Elec Eng.. 140. 145. 153.371 RICHARDSON. KENNETH CHARLES, Olive Branch, MS, Freshman, 239 RICHARDSON, ROBERT COFFMAN, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Dntstry.. 212. 272, 273, 338 RICHARDSON, ROBERT PERCY, Birmingham, AL, Senior, Mangmnt., 292, 293 RICHARDSON, RODNEY CHARLES, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Medicine. 282, 283, 338 RICHEY. GREGG L , Pascagoula. MS, Junior, Dntstry , 1 06 RIDDELL, JOHN FRAZIER, Canton, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus., 292, 293 RIDER. JAMES NEIL, Jackson, MS, Senior, Chem Eng., 272, 273 RIDGWAY, CAROLYN BENTLEY. Jackson, MS, Junior, Soc Work. 21 5, 290. 291 RIDGWAY, JAMES LEWIS. Jackson, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 296, 297 432 Index Selley RIDGWAY. LOUIS ERNEST. Jackson MS. Senior. Chem.. 145. 148. 272. 273. 386 RILEY. ANN BONNEY Meridian, MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus . 145, 236. 278. 279. 355 RILEY, BRADFORD B , Tupelo. MS. Junior. Marking.. 314. 315 RILEY. JAMES DAVID. Oxford. MS. Junior. Gen Bus , 316. 317 RILEY, MICHAEL DAVID. Montgomery. AL. Freshman. Comp Sci . 106. 284. 285. 338 RILEY. STEPHEN MAYFIELD. Nettleton. MS. Senior. Jour and Adv. 215.228.314.315 RISH. JAMES ALFRED. Pontotoc. MS. Freshman. Dntstry . 239. 338 RISH. JEFF WINDHAM III. Pontotoc, MS. Grad I. Engr. Sci. 156 RISH. MELANIE SUZETTE. Pontotoc. MS, Sophomore, Chem Eng, 239. 355 RITTER. GEORGE HOWARD. Oxford. MS, Junior. Bank and Fin . 308.309 RIVER, KEITH ALAN. Junkx, Bank and Fin . 270. 271 RIVES. JULIAN WRAY. Corinth. MS Senior. Accy . 145. 150. 157. 386 ROANE. MICHAEL LAWFORD. Clarksdale. MS. Senior. Ba Econ 250. 371 ROBERSON. WILLIAM JEFFREY. Baldwyn. MS. Junior. Jour, 229. 239 ROBERTS, ANGELA CAROLYN Hattiesburg, MS. Junior. H.E.-lntr . ROBERTS, FORREST DAVID, Hattiesburg, MS. Freshman, Gen. Bus, 316. 317 ROBERTS. JOANN MARIE. Olivette. MO. Senior. Chem Eng . 130.152,386 ROBERTS. JOHN CURTIS. Brandon, MS. Senior. Biol Sci.. 314.315 ROBERTS, JOSEPH EDWARD JR.. Jackson, MS, Law I. Law. 284. 285 ROBERTS. LEIGH ANNE. Germantown, TN. Sophomore H.E.-lntr.. 100, 179, 288. 289 ROBERTS. STEPHEN COOK. Nashville. TN. Sophomore Bank and Fin . 296. 297 ROBERTS. SUSAN DIANE. El Paso. TX. Junior. Crt Rptg . 105, 108 ROBERTSON. CALVIN EDWARD. Sail is. MS Senior. Gen Bus . 199 386 ROBERTSON. JOHN RISHER. Clinton, MS. Sophomore. 314. 315 ROBERTSON, KENNETH RAY JR , Clinton, MS. Junior. Biol Sci . 31 4. 315 ROBERTSON. MARIANNE DESAIX Jackson. MS. Junior, Clth Mer , 262. 263 ROBERTSON. RICHAFtD COVEY, Jackson. MS, Junior. Insur . 213. 308.309 ROBERTSON. TERRY ALLEN. Germantown, TN, Sophomore Pre-Accy . 143. 284, 285. 355 ROBERTSON, TORY LYNNE. Sikeston. MO, Junior. Jour and Adv. 236. 266. 267. 371 ROBICHAUX, MILTON JOSEPH. Vicksburg, MS Sophomore, Gen Bus., 314. 315 ROBINSON. ANN HORNE. Freshman. S Ed S S . 280. 281 ROBINSON, DAVID MICHAEL. Madison. MS. Law II, Law. 276. 277 ROBINSON. DON HUGH, Marshalltown, IA, Junior, Accy . 272, 273. 355 ROBINSON. FIELDING B JR . Jackson. MS. Junior, Urban Ad.. 215,282,283.371 ROBINSON. FREDA MARGARET Clarksdale. MS. Freshman. Inst Mgt 288. 289. 338 ROBINSON. JAQUELINE. Memphis. TN. Senior. Jour and Adv. 322. 323 ROBINSON MARTHA MAY. Como. MS. Freshman. 290. 291. 338 ROBINSON. SUZANNE CARROLL, Miami. FL. Freshman. Adm Serv 215,338 ROSY. MARK STEVEN. Yazoo City. MS. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 282, 283 ROCHE, MARY HELEN. Atlanta. GA, Junior, Spch Toy 236.322. 323 RODGERS. DIANE ELIZABETH. West Memphis. AR. Freshman. 280. 281 . 338 RODGERS. JAMES GRIFF1S. Ml Pleasant IA, Sophomore, Marking . 145. 239. 298. 299. 355 RODGERS. VALLERY FORBES. Clarksdale. MS Senior. Spch Toy.. 306. 307. 371 ROEBUCK. KAREN DIANE. Aberdeen, MS, Senior. Pre-Accy.. 157.225.322.323.399.371 ROGERS, HAMPTON WALKER. Tupelo MS. Freshman. Jour., 314. 315 ROGERS. JOHN MILBEN JR., Morton, MS, Senior. Marking , 308. 309 ROGERS. MARY KIRKPATRCK. Amory. MS, Senior. Crt Rptg . 221 280, 281 . 386 ROGERS. OBY THOMAS. Collins MS. Sophomore. Econ.. 210. 212. ROGERS. ROY GREGG, Louisville. MS. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 300. 301 ROGERS. SONYA DENISE. Clinton. MS. Junior. Bus Ed . 183. 258,280.281.371 ROGERS, WILLIAM BRYAN, Perkinston. MS. Junior. Medicine 282.283 ROHAN, LESLIE ALICE. Cincinnati. OH. Sophomore. Law Enfo.306.307 ROLW1NG. PATRICIA JOAN Junior, H.E -tntr , 290, 291 ROMEO. RICHARD SCOTT. Memphis. TN. Freshman Gen Bus. 215. 238. 338 ROMINE. BRUCE CLAUDE. Millis. MA. Junior. Gen Bus . 145. 292. 293 ROMINE. MARK ANTHONY. Pine Bluff. AR. Freshman. Gen. Bus 238.320.321.338 ROOKS. CARRIE SUE. Brownsville. TN. Freshman. Dent Hyg.215. 288. 289.338 ROPER. JAY MICHAEL. Jackson. MS. Junior. Mangmnt . 270. 271 ROSATTI. WILLIAM CHARLES. Clarksdale. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 312.313 ROSE. ELDRIDGE DUNN. Grad I. Pol Sci , 294. 295. 397 ROSE. REBECCA SUE. Freshman. Psyc. 266. 267 ROSE, SIDNEY MARK. Hazlehurst MS. Junior. Elec Eng . 270, 271 ROSEBERRY, MARCIA MELINDA. Hattiesburg. MS. Junior. Jour.. 198,212.304.305.371 ROSENTRETER. MAX ALAN, Oxford. MS. Junior, Psyc.. 143. ROSS. ANNA BUNTIN. Indianola MS. Freshman. Phys Tpy., 215, 278. 279 ROSS. CHINO DALEE. Hemando. MS. Junior. S Ed S S . 21 5 ROSS, JULIA CAROL. Oakland, MS. Junior. Bus. Ed.. 93 ROSS. LAUREN ROBERT. Indianola, MS. Junior. Bank and Fin . 278. 279 ROSS LOUIE GREGORY. Clarksdale. MS, Freshman. Pre- Accy . 272. 273, 338 ROSS, MELINDA ANN. Meridian MS. Junior. Sock) . 306. 307 ROSS. MYRTLE LUCINDA. Clinton. MS. Freshman. Gen Eng . 266 267.338 ROSS. THOMAS TROTTER. Clarksdale. MS. Law II. Law. 147 ROSSER. MARY SCOTT. Vicksburg. MS. Junkx. Accy.. 142. ROSSETTI. JAMES THOMAS. Shaw. MS. Senior. Accy.. 145. 147. ROUSE. SUSAN WAUNEITHE. Sophomore. Accy.. 213. 274. 275. 338 ROUSH. MARK ALLEN. Waterloo. IL. Sophomore. M Bio. and Imm . 217,239.355 ROWAN. LYNNE. Germantown, TN. Senior. Elem Ed 288. 289 ROWAN. STEVEN ANDREW. Germantown, TN. Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 31 6. 31 7 ROWLAND, MARGARET VICTORIA, Memphis, TN, Freshman. Clth Mer . 266. 267 ROWLEY. STEPHANIE CULLINAN. Columbus. OH. Freshman. El. Ed K8. 288. 289 ROY. ANN CAROLINE. Sophomore. Pre-Accy , 304. 305. ROZZELL. AMY ELIZABETH. HumbokJt. TN, Senior. Phys. Tpy., RUEGGER. KAREN LEA. Hollandale. MS, Freshman, Biol Sci . 266. 267. 338 RUFF. MARGARET ANN. Tupelo. MS. Sophomore. H . P E. and Rec , 142.143.145,278,279 RUFF. MYRA EASON. Tupelo. MS. Grad I. Educ., 278. 279 RUNNELS, RHONA SHERYIL ALTER, Senior, Econ.. 140. 151. 387 RUNYAN. AMY CLAIRE. Memphis. TN. Sophomore, Radio and TV. 288.289.355 RUNYON, ALEX ANN, Sophomore. 238. 274. 275 RUSH. JANET SUE. Biloxi. MS. Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy, 248. 392 RUSHING. DAVID LEE. Amory. MS, Senior. Chem . 145. 148, 314. 315 RUSHING. KERMIT LEE HI. Amory, MS. Sophomore. CM Eng.. 314. 315 RUSHING. WILLIAM RICHARD. Forest. MS. Junior. Chem.. 136 148.212,215.316.317 RUSHTON. FRANCES LANELLE. Jackson. MS. Junior. Mangmnt 262.263 RUSSELL. DEBORAH JEAN. Oxford. MS. Law I. Law. 306. 307. 397 RUSSELL, FRANCINE ANN, Baton Rouge. LA. Junior. Theatre. 290. 291.355 RUSSELL, GEORGIANIA SUSAN. Clarksdale. MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 215. 288, 289. 338 RUSSELL. JOCELYN LORINDA. Jackson, MS. Freshman, Radio and TV. 229, 355 RUSSELL, JUDY ANN. Newton. MS. Senior. S. Ed. B. E . 288. 289. 304.305 RUSSELL, MICHAEL WADE. Memphis, TN, Junior. Marking . 109 RUSSELL, PEARL KATHREYN Tupelo, MS, Senior. Biol Sci . 262, 263.387 RUSSELL, SCOTTY LEE. Jackson. MS. Freshman, 31 4. 31 5 RUSSELL. THOMAS LOGAN JR . Jackson. MS. Freshman Econ 308.309 RUSSON. MANUEL G . Grad. III. Econ .151 RUTLAND. SUSAN RENEE Senior. H . P E and Rec . 93. 99, 96.108 RUTLAND. WILLIAM JEFFREY. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Mangmnt, 142. 272. 273 RUTLEDGE. TERRY L., Amory. MS. Senior. Gen Eng., 314. 315 RYAN. DEBORAH LYNN. Dallas TX. Junior. Radio and TV, 306. 307 RYDER. STEPHEN KENNETH Baldwyn. MS. Junior. Math. 300. RYLAND. JULIE. Palatka. FL. Sophomore, Comm Dis.. 238. 355 RYLEE. JOHN MICHAEL. Lafayette. LA, Senior. Marking , 215. 239. 298, 299. 387 S SALTER. KATHERINE KAK5LEH, Jackson. MS, Sophomore. Gen. Bur. SAMMONS. HARRY JR.. Memphis, TN, Sophomore. Accy., 284, 285. 106 SAMMONS. STEVEN SCOTT. Memphis, TN Sophomore. Marking.. 314. 315. 355 SAMS. LUCIUS F III. Tupelo. MS. Junior. Biol. Sci.. 145. 314. 315 SAMUELSON. MARY STAFFORD Freshman. Psyc.. 274. 275 SAMUELSON. NORMAN W. III. Meridian. MS. Phrm.-tll, Pharmacy. 222.392 SANDERS. CARRIE ANN, Southaven. MS, Freshman. English. 215. 266,267 SANDERS. CATHY JUNE. Enid. MS. Junior. Comm. Dis.. 248 SANDERS. CHILTON. Oxford. MS. Senior. Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 SANDERS. GERRI LYNNE RYAN. Sophomore. Gen. Eng.. 251. 355 SANDERS. JACK LARRY, Laurel. MS. Phrm.-lll. Pharmacy. 223. 392 SANDERS. ROBERT HAL. Oxford. MS. Junkx. Pre-Accy.. 276. 277 SANDERS. RONALD KEITH. Carthage. MS. Freshman, Mus Educ, 239, 339 SANDERS. VICKIE LAUERNE. French Camp. MS, Phrm.-lll. Pharmacy. 156.392 SANDLER. MICHAEL JEROME. N. Palm Beach. FL. Sophomore. Psyc.. 200. 244. 356 SANDLIN. AMY JANE, Huntsville, AL, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 278. 279 SANDO. BARRY M., Belzoni. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 SANG. ANTHONY C , Rosedale. MS. Senior. Biol. Sci., 148 SANSING. DEBRA ANNE. Macon. MS, Senior. Crt Rptg.. 47. 109. 183.280.281 SANSING. JOHN PERRY. Oxford. MS. Senior. History. 312. 313 SANSING. REBECCA FA YE. Macon, MS. Junior. Adm Serv., 280.281 SARTOR. WILLIAM SMITH JR.. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Elec. Eng.. 239. 339 SAUER. KATHERINE ANN. St Louis. MO. Freshman, Jour, and Adv.. 286. 287 SAUL. ERIC MATTHEW, New Albany, MS. Sophomore, Pre- Accy.. 145. 272, 273 SAULS. DAVID JOHN, Clinton, MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus., 314, 315 SAVAGE. JOSEPH AARON. Troy TN. Freshman, Mus. Educ.. 154. 238. 302. 303 SAVERY. ROBERT WARREN. Tupelo. MS Junior. Bank and Fin . 314.315 SAVERY, TRACEY ELIZABETH, Tupelo. MS. Freshman, Art. 278. 279 SAWYER. ANDREW BENNETT. Greencastle. IN. Sophomore, Gen Bus.. 270. 271 SCARBOROUGH. RUTH LYNETTE. Pearl. MS. Junior. Elem Ed.. 280. 281 SCARBOROUGH. SIDNEY MILTON. Biloxi, MS. Junkx Chem.. 145. 148 SCARDINO. ANGEL YN MARIE. Pass Christian. MS. Junior, Pre- Accy . 248, 244, 356 SCHAFER. JENNIFER ANN. Indianapolis. IN, Freshman Marking., 274. 275. 339 SCHAFF, JEANNE MARIE, Metairie. LA. Senior, Comm. Dis.. 290, 291 , 387 SCHAUB. SUSAN K.. Yazoo City. MS. Freshman. Spcl Ed . 288 289 339 SCHIRMER. MICHAEL SCOTT. West BkxxnfteM. Ml. Junior. Music. 239 SCHMEISSER. HARRY C. III. Sophomore. Pre-Accy.. 296. 297 SCHMID. TANIA LISETTE. Jackson, MS. Senior. Medicine. 262,263 SCHMIDT. ALAN DAVID. Southaven, MS. Freshman. Pre- Accy., 215, 270. 271 SCHMIDT. RANDALL HOWARD, Oxfors. MS. Senior, Biol. Sci.. 148 SCHMIEG. MEREDITH LYNN. Natchez, MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 142. 143. 214. 288. 289. 356 SCHNEIDER, SCOTT ALLMOND. Orlando, FL. Freshman, Gen Bus , 296. 297. 339 SCHNELLER. WILLIAM F. JR., Senatobia. MS. Sophomore. Insur , 298, 299 SCHOLL . JOSEPH ANDREW, Alice. TX, Sophomore. Mus Educ.. 239. 240. 339 SCHOTT. CARL GERARD. Waveland. MS, Senior. Mech. Eng. 145. 152 SCHOTT. ERIC ROBERT, Waveland. MS. Sophomore. Comp. Sci.. 145. 356 SCHOVE. MARGARET SUSAN. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 143. 243. 278, 279 SCHRAM. ANDREW CAMPBELL. Reston. VA. Sophomore, Gen Bus. 300. 301 SCHULZE, WILLIAM CHARLES. Barringlon, IL. Sophomore. Gen. Bus. 272. 273 SCOTT, CAROL GRACE, Milton. FL. Sophomore. Radio and TV. 290.291 SCOTT. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 296. 297 SCOTT, HUGH BARRETT. Memphis. TN. Freshman. 292. 293 339 SCOTT, JAMIE LEIGH. Moss Point MS. Junkx. Elem Ed.. 189 SCOTT. JEFFERY MARION. Bradford. AR. Senior. Gen Bus., 239.387 SCOTT. TAMARA LYNN. Montpnis, TN, Sophofnoro, Pharmacy. 215. 288. 289. 356 SCOTT. THOMAS HERBERT JR., Memphis, TN. Junior. Marking , 292.293 SEABROOK. JAMES HUNTER III, Memphis. TN. Freshman. Gen. Bus, 316, 317 SEARS. ANGELEA. West Point. MS. Junior. Accy.. 274. 275 SEARS, RICHARD HAYWOOD. Pensacola. FL, Junkx. Pre-Accy., 252 SEASE, ELTON COUNTS III. Gree ' -v ie MS Se- o- Urban Ad 308.309 SEA WRIGHT, NORMAN HOUSTON. Moss Point, MS. Junior. Env. Gaol.. 109. 268. 269 SECKMAN. JOHN PRESCOTT, Nashville. TN. Junior. Bank and fin.. 276, 277 SECREST, BRADLEY NEAL. Houston. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 239. 339 SEEGER. KEVIN DAVID. Bay St. Louis. MS, Junior, Chem Eng., 153,310.311 SEID. PEGGY LYNN. Vicksburg MS. Freshman. Pharmacy. 215. 339 SELF. GEORGE MICHAEL, Jackson. MS. Junior. Gen Bus . 298.299.356 SELLERS, BOBBY NEWTON JR.. Ouitman. MS. Senior, Accy., 272. 273 SELLERS. MARY ANNA. Hattiesourg. MS. Freshman. Chem. Eng.. 304. 305. 339 SELLEY. PHYLLIS ANN. Nashville TN. Freshman. Jour , 239. 339 Index 433 Selman SELMAN. MARILYN GAIL. Austin. TX. Freshman. English. 215 SEMMES. MARY BRYANT, Freshman. Elem. Ed 215. 280. 281 , 339 SENF. MELANIE LEE. Jacksonville, FL, Senior, Accy , 150,157,250,387 SESKI. MARK JOSEPH. Woods. Ml. Sophomore. Gen. Bus., 314, 315,339 SEVIER, WILLIAM STEVEN. Grand Bay. AL. Sophomore. Marking.. 23d SHACKELFORD, ALLAN DOUGLAS, Junior, Gen. Bus , 314, 315 SHACKELFORD, JAMIE, Carrollton, MS. Freshman, 274, 275. 339 SHANER. STEVEN MARK. Sikeston, MO, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 272, 273, 339 SHANKS, STANLEY HOWARD. Clarksdale, MS, Junior, Mangmnt., 296, 297, 356 SHANNON, JILL ANNE. New Albany, MS, Junior. Soc. S. Wk., 306, 307 SHANNON, WILLIAM W.,Macon, MS, Junior, S. Ed. Sci . 282. 283 SHARMAN, WILLIAM ROBERT. Jackson. MS. Senior, Gen Bus., 43, 130, 136, 147, 215, 260, 261 , 272, 273, 387 SHARP. DEBORAH DENISE, Columbus, MS. Junior, Pol. Sci., 304.305 SHARP. GARY WADE. Pearl, MS, Senior, Civl. Eng., 133, 134, 140. 153.156 SHARP. SALLY OWEN, N. Middletown. KY. Senior, Clth. Mer, 155,304,305 SHAW, ROBERT SIDNEY JR., University. MS, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 145,298,299 SHEAHAN, LAURIE SUSAN. Hutchinson. KS, Junior, Jour., 290 291.356 SHEFFIELD, GENE GUILD, Gulfport, MS, Junior, Medicine 145,148.282,283,372 SHEFFIELD, TRACEY LEIGH, Tupelo. MS. Sophomore. Marking.. 304, 305, 249. 356 SHELTON, MARTHA JEAN, Clarksdale, MS, Freshman. Crt. Rptg. 215.339 SHELTON, SUSAN LEE, Orlando. FL, Freshman, Jour, and Adv 280 281 SHEPHERD, THOMAS BANKS, Aberdeen, MS, Senior, Accy., 130 1 36, 1 47, 1 50, 270, 271 . 260, 261 SHERMAN, ELIZABETH MARIE. Clarksdale, MS, Freshman. Medicine, 304. 305 SHERMAN, JAMES JOHN III, Clarksdale, MS. Junior. Marking.. 296, 297, 372 SHERMAN. JAMES JR.. Clarksdale, MS, Junior. Law Enfo 206, 272, 273 SHERMAN. LISA MARGARET, Clarksdale, MS. Sophomore, Elem. Ed., 21 5. 306, 307, 356 SHERMAN, RICHARD NEWMAN. Clarksdale, MS, Junior. Medicine. 145,148 SHIELDS. BEVERLY CAROL. Memphis, TN, Senior, S. Ed. B E 239, 372 SHIELDS. TOMMY RAY, Carthage MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 223. 392 SHILAN, SUSAN PATRICIA. Germantown, TN, Junior Marking. ,280. 281,372 SHINALL, TERRI LEE, Ripley, MS, Senior. H.. P.E. and Rec.. 215 SHINAULT, WALTER EUGENE. Tunica, MS, Sophomore, Pre- Accy.. 212, 300, 301 SHIPLEY. SAMUEL M., Greenwood, MS, Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 316, 317 SHIPPY, ROBIN DEE, Ithaca, NY, Freshman. 242. 339 SHIPPY , SUSAN DAWN. Ithaca, NY, Sophomore, Jour, and Adv.. 154.356 SHIREY, WILLIAM GORDON. Helena, AR, Junior, Rec. Ldrs . 296,297 SHIVERS. ELIZABETH JAY CLARK. Oxford, MS, Unclass ., English. 140 SHOOK, DEWEIE SHAWN, Biloxi. MS, Junior, Gen. Eng.. 239 SHORT. TRILBY JOY. Biloxi. MS, Sophomore. Bank and Fin.. 238. 322, 323. 356 SHORTER. LYONELL JOE. Oxford, MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 239 SHOUP. LANE D Montpelier. OH, Sophomore, Bus. Ed . 91 . 356 SHUMAKE, JIM DAVID, Olive Branch. MS, Law II, Law, 215 SHUMAKE, PERRIN, Memphis, TN. Freshman. 280. 281 SHUMAKE. WENDY. Memphis. TN, Sophomore. 280, 281 , 243. 356 SHUTE, JAMES COLEMAN, Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 272, 273 SIBLEY, JESSICA LEIGH. Okolona, MS, Senior, Accy.. 140. 145,148.280.281 SIEMER. HAL GARLAND, Corpus Christi, TX, Sophomore, History. 298.299 SIGNA, PEARL MARIE, Greenville, MS, Junior. Nursing, 247, 372, 339 SIKORA, JERI LYNN, Mernllville. IN, Junior, Clth. Mer., 322, 323. 372. 399 SIMMONS, JULIUS TAYLOE JR , Jackson, MS, Junior, Marking., 308.309 SIMMONS, LELIA ANN, Belzoni, MS. Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy. 130, 156, 280,281,392 SIMMONS. WILLIAM DILLON, Memphis, TN, Junior, Gen. Bus., 298,299 SIMPSON. ANDREA JEAN, Germantown. TN. Sophomore, Home EC., 322, 323, 242, 356 SIMPSON, DEBRA LYNNE. Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 215. 274, 275, 356 SIMPSON, MARGARET LEE, Germantown, TN, Senior, Art-lntr., 322. 323 SIMS. DAVID STACY. Junior. Publ Adm., 316. 317.261, 372 SINCLAIR, LESLIE, Dallas, TX, Junior, Jour., 278. 279 SINGLEY, PATRICK SHANNON, Pascagoula. MS, Sophomore. Radio and TV, 296, 297 SINQUEFIELD, ROBERT STEVEN, Southaven, MS, Junior, Pol. Sci. 212,372 SIRERA, DAVID PAUL, Mandeville, LA, Junior, Gen. Bus., 251, 312, 313,251 SIRERA, JULIE LYNN. Mandeville. LA, Senior. Marking., 306, 307, 387 SISSON, LESLYE ANNE. Laurel, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus., 215, 278. 279. 339 SKELTON. JOHNA SUSAN, Houston, MS. Freshman, H.E.-lntr., 244.280,281.339 SKINNER, JAMES C , Junior, Gen. Bus., 252 SKINNER. JEFFREY EUGENE. Memphis, TN, Freshman, Pre- Accy., 298. 299 SKINNER, MARY KATHERINE, Natchez, MS, Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 322, 323, 392 SKINNER, MICHAEL TIMOTHY Port Orchard, WA, Senior, Law Enfo., 149, 387 SLACK. KATHY DEAN, Fulton, MS, Senior. Elem. Ed., 304, 305 SLATER. JOSEPH LEONARD, Memphis, TN, Senior, Comp. Sci., 145.372 SLAY, JAMES EDWIN JR., Oxford, MS. Junior. Gen. Bus., 1 1 1 SLEDGE. JAMES WILLIAM, Hattiesburg, MS. Sophomore. Rec. Ldrs., 83 SLEZAK, JASON NICHOLAS, Arlington Heights, IL, Junior. Bank and Fin., 200. 252. 372 SLINKARO. JERRY MARK, Jackson, MS, Junior. Radio and TV, 272, 273, 356 SLOAN, JOHN HARDY. Covington. LA, Sophomore. Civl. Eng. ,21 5. 356 SMARTT, DONALD MITCHELL, Vicksburg. MS, Freshman, Psyc 83 SMILEY, STEPHANIE PATRICIA, Covington, LA, Freshman, Art, 208. 339 SMITH. BRIAN KEITH. Corinth, MS, Phrm.-l. Pharmacy, 215, 223, 397 SMITH, BRUCE A., Eupora, MS, Junior. Gen. Bus.. 312, 313 SMITH. CAROL GWEN, Fulton, MS, Junior. Elem. Ed.. 266. 267, 372 SMITH. CATHY GENE. Unclass., 155.397 SMITH, DANNY LYNN. Booneville MS, Senior. H., P.E. and Rec.. 83. 111 SMITH, DAVID FRANKLIN, Jackson, MS. Junior. Urban Ad., 272. 273, 356. 340 SMITH, DEBRA CATHERINE. Tylertown, MS. Grad. I. Jour., 229 SMITH. DONNA LYNN. Memphis, TN, Freshman, Law Enfo.. 266. 267, 340 . SMITH. EDDIE L. Holly Springs. MS, Vi siting, 154,23,5 SMITH, EDWIN BERNARD, Holly Springs. MS, Senior, Jour., 215, SMITH, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Calhoun City. MS. Junior, V. Hm. EC., 239. 356 SMITH, ERIC LOWELL, Reform, AL, Senior, Gen Bus., 109 SMITH, INGE PAULETTE, Franklin. TN, Junior, Marking., 143.236.304.305,356 SMITH, JAMES DARREL. Meridian. MS. Junior. Medicine, 308,309 SMITH, JAMES MICHAEL, Coldwater, MS, Grad. I. Educ., 239 SMITH. JAMES PATRICK, Phrm.- lll. Pharmacy, 156. 392 SMITH. JAMES WILBURN JR., Brandon, MS, Junior, Marking., 308.309 SMITH. JANA STACIE. Greenwood, MS, Junior, Pharmacy. 274, 275 SMITH, JERRY LAYNE Indianola, MS, Junior. Pre-Accy., 312, 313, 372 SMITH, JERRY MICHAEL, Union, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 223 SMITH, JOHN BRITT, Ripley. MS. Junior, Pre-Accy.. 136, 145, 157, 316,317 SMITH. JUSTIN A MARIE, Cairo. IL. Freshman. Home EC . 93, 99, 96. 108 SMITH, KENNETH BRYANT, Houston, MS. Sophomore, Mangmnt., 300, 301 SMITH. LESLIE WILLIAM, Mendenhall, MS, Sophomore, Music, 239 SMITH, LESZLIE ANNELLE, Elkhart, IN, Junior. Marking.. 288. 289. 356 SMITH, LINDA LEE, Yazoo City, MS, Junior, Pre-Accy.. 215. 290. 291 SMITH. LISA ANNE, Ripley. MS. Senior. Elem. Ed., 266. 267. 388 SMITH. MARK WESTON, Beckley. WV, Sophomore. Insur, 300, 301 SMITH, MICHAEL ARTHUR, Pascagoula, MS, Freshman, Civl. Eng.. 298. 299. 340 SMITH. MICHAEL KEVIN. Junior. Mus. Educ., 239 SMITH, MICHAEL LEE, Hazlehurst, MS. Senior, Ba. Econ . 320. 321 , 373 SMITH, MICHELLE LOUISE, Elkhart, IN. Freshman. 288. 289. 340 SMITH, RATMOND BATES, Brownsville, TN, Freshman, H., P.E. and Rec., 316, 317 SMITH, RICHARD DALE Senior Chem. Eng., 153 SMITH. RICHARD MCCALLISTER. Nashville. TN, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 312. 313 SMITH, RICKY B.. Oxford. MS. Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy. 223 SMITH. ROBIN MICHELLE, Jackson. MS. Sophomore, Nursing. 304. 305 SMITH. ROLAND CLIFFORD. Shreveport, LA, Freshman. Quan Mgt.,298,299 SMITH. SANDRA CECILIA, Izabal. Unclass., Econ., 151 SMITH, STANLEY JOSEPH JR.. Memphis, TN, Junior, Gen Bus , 270,271,397 SMITH. SUE ELLEN. Ripley, MS, Senior, Accy., 130, 140. 150, 157, 215,304,305,388 SMITH, VICTORIA ELAINE. Nettleton, MS. Senior. Elem. Ed.. 239.388 SMITH, VIVIAN CYNTHIA, Ouitman, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 280, 281 SMITH. WILLIAM CLIFTON III. Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen Bus , 308,309 SMITH, WILLIAM LESLIE. Leakesville. MS, Senior, Elec Eng.. 251. 388 SMITH, WILLIE GUICE III, Pascagoula, MS, Junior, Pre- Accy., 198 SMITH, WINSTON, McComb, MS Senior, Gen. Eng . 268, 269, 388 SMITHEE, SANDRA ALAN, Freshman. V. Hm. EC.. 304. 305 340 SMITHSON. MARTHA ANN, Dewey, OK, Junior, Medicine. 148. 175,225.288,289.373 SMYLJE, ROBERT WARREN. Meridian. MS, Freshman. Gen. Bus., 300. 301. 340 SNEED. AMY ELIZABETH, Eupora, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin.. 280, 281 SNIPES. GERALD PATRICK JR., Memphis, TN. Sophomore. Bank and Fin. ,31 2, 313 SNIPES, MARY SHANNON, Greenville, MS, Sophomore, Clth. Mer., 278. 279 SNIPES. SUZANNE BRANDON. Greenville, MS. Freshman. Spch. Tpy., 278. 279 SNOW, SELINA FA YE, Jackson, MS, Freshman. Dntstry., 215, 340 SNYDER, ANNE ELIZABETH, Jackson, MS. Senior, Marking., 304,305 SNYDER, KATHY CRUMPTON, Oxford, MS, Junior. Accy., 151 SNYDER, TONY RANDALL. Crowder, MS, Freshman, Comp. Sci., 282, 283, 340 SOLDEVILA, DALE FRANCIS. Clarksdale, MS, Sophomore. Pharmacy, 296. 297, 356 SORRELS, CHERYL ANNE. Brentwood. TN, Freshman, Bank and Fin.. 21 5. 304, 305. 340 SOUTHERLAND. DENISE, Batesville. MS. Senior, Bus Ed., 157,266.267,373 SOUTHERN, BRENT E.. Monroe. LA. Sophomore. H., P.E. and Rec., 298, 299. 356 SPAIN, F. THOMAS. Skillman, NJ. Senior. Clas. Civ., 31 4, 315 SPAIN, LULA FRANCES, Memphis, TN, Junior, Marking., 154,373 SPAIN, MELINDA ANNE. Bloomfield, MO, Senior, Soc. S. Wk., 322. 323 SPARKS, TERESA ANN, Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Pharmacy. 262, 263, 356 SPEAKMAN. JOHNNIE FA YE. Bowling Green. KY, Senior, Marking., 157, 242. 262. 263. 388 SPEAR. DAVID GLENN. Memphis, TN, Junior, Pre-Accy . 136, 147. 239. 251 . 276, 277. 373 SPEED, CELIA. Meridian. MS. Freshman, Medicine. 274. 275, 340 SPELL, JANE ELIZABETH, Metairie. LA. Freshman, French, 274, 275 SPENCE. JOSEPH HARRY Ellisville. MS. Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy 223 SPENCE, LUCINDA BUCK, Freshman. Marking.. 290. 291 SPENCER, DAVID ELMO, New Albany, MS. Senior. Gen. Bus., 316.317 SPENCER, JAMES ROSS. Oxford MS, Junior. Env. Geol , 239 SPENCER, ROBERT WADE. New Albany. MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus. 316. 317 SPENCER. SUSAN ALEXA, Jackson, MS, Freshman. Med Tech. ,21 5, 278. 279 SPERRY. ALLISON LOUISE. Memphis, TN, Freshman. Art-lntr. 215,274,275 SPIVEY, EDITH EVELYN, Lyon. MS, Sophomore, Art Hist.. 215 278. 279, 356 SPIVEY, LLOYD GILMER III. Canton, MS, Freshman, Gen. But. 212,284.285,340 SPORE, JERRY PAUL. Memphis. TN, Senior, S.Ed. S. S.. 109 SPOTTS, LYNN MARIE, Jackson. MS, Freshman, Jour.. 280, 281 . 284, 285 SPRECHER, LYNN FREDERICK, Macon. MS, Junior. Marking., 314. 315,373 SPURRIER, ELIZABETH HUNTER. Lexington. KY. Freshman 290 291 STALLWORTH. SHARON E., Pascagoula. MS, Sophomore. Jour, and Adv.. 266. 267 STAMM. MARY STORY, Vicksbur, MS, Junior. Accy., 278, 279 STAMPS, CHARLES TIMOTHY Monticello MS, Phrm -III, Pharmacy, 156,392 STARK, WILLIAM GRANVILLE, Greenville, MS. Freshman. Jour., 296. 297. 340 STARKS. CRECIA L., Grenada. MS. Freshman. Comm. Dis 47 183,340 STAUB. LAURA ANNETTE, Fulton. MS, Senior, Bank and Fin., 280, 281 STEEL. SHARON, Junior. Mangmnt.. 304, 305 STEELE, ANTHONY, Water Valley. MS, Junior. Music. 154. 239. 356 STEEN, JEROME BRIDGES JR Sophomore, Pol. Sci., 308, 309, 356 STEFONIAK, MICHELLE ANN. Dallas, TX, Junior, Clth. Mer.. 208. 278, 279 STELES, NICHOLAS JAMES, Baton Rouge, LA, Senior. S. Ed S. S., 245 STEPHENS. HUGH MARION JR.. New Albany. MS, Senior, Accy , 130,136,140.150,314,315 STEPHENS, WILLIAM DANIEL. Monticello, MS. Senior. Biol Sci . 148,272,273,388 STEPHENSON, SHIRLEY M.. Meridian, MS. Junior, Math. 146. 215,278,279 STEPP, ANDREW EARL. Sardis. MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 223. 225 STEVENS, DARRYL SCOTT, Mendenhall. MS, Sophomore. Bank and Fin.. 298. 299. 340 STEVENS, DONNA LISA, Nettleton, MS, Junior. Jour. 102. 108,373 STEVENS, RAYMOND REVIS, Jackson, MS, Senior, Law Enfo . 149,300.301 STEWART, B. SUZANNE, Natchez, MS. Sophomore. Marking., 290. 291 . 249, 356. 388 STEWART. CHERYL. Jackson. MS. Junior. Bank and Fin.. 304, 305,190 STEWART. ELIZABETH ANNE. Oxford. MS, Sophomore, Elem Ed , 288, 289, 356 STEWART, GREGORY MACK, Pine Bluff, AR. Senior. Bank and Fin. .21 7. 239. 373 STEWART. HILDA HUNTER, Natchez, MS. Freshman. 266. 267. 340 434 Index Tucker STEWART. JOEL. Birmingham. AL. Junior. H . P E and Rec 80 STEWART. USA PAMELA. Jackson, MS. Sophonxxe. Art. 304.305.340 STEWART. SARAH ELIZABETH McComb. MS. Sophomore. Jour . 212. 322. 323. 356 STIEG. ROGER LEE. Nashville. IL. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 88. 91 STINSON. LISA DIANNE Jackson MS Freshman. Medicine 304 305.340 STOKES. AMBA LOUISE Philadelphia, MS. Phrm -II. Pharmacy. 219. 392 STOKES. ANDREW D JR . Junior. Urban Ad .212. 252. 356 STOKES. BERNARD DOUGLAS. Louisville. MS. Senior. Medkine. 148 STOKES. CONSTANCE ADALIA Greenville, MS Sop " omo ' e E ' erf Ed . 278. 279 STOKES. WALT ELISHA IV. Greenville. MS Sophomore. Gen Bus.. 312. 313 STONE. NORA FRANCES. Columbus, MS. Law III. Law. 136 STONE REUBEN HARPER. Laurel, MS. Senior. Medicine. 314. 315.388 STONE. SALLY ANN. Lima. OH, Junior. Psyc . 304. 305. 244. 249, 253. 373 STONE. WILLIAM PERKINS Laurel, MS. Junior, Medicine. 314. 315 STONG. KIRK HARRISON. Jackson MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 272. 273. 340 STOREY. MICHAEL ALBERT. Jackson. MS. Junior. Gen Bus , 300,301 373 STORY, CAROLYN JOHNSON. Oxford. MS. Unclass . Socto . 247 STORY. DANIEL BOBBY II. Ocean Springs. MS. Senior. Bio! Sci . 41 . 136. 147. 149. 215. 224. 284. 285. 373 STORY, SHARON VIRGINIA. Ocean Springs. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus . 21 5. 280. 281 . 356 STOUT. SARAH CATHERINE. Memphis. TN. Junior. Marking 286.287 STRANG. DAVID ERIC. Urbana, IL. Senior. Accy. 109. 110 STRATTON KRISTIN WESLEY. Indianola. MS. Sophomore. Bid So 96, 106 STREET. GEORGE MARTIN JR.. University. MS. Sophomore. Pol Sci . 142. 199. 200. 212. 270. 271 STREET. MARY LYNN. Memphis. TN. Junior. Bank and Fin 306. 307 STREETE. BONNIE BETH. Caruthersville, MO. Sophomore. Elem Ed .304.305 STRIBLING. VIRGINIA ANN. Rogers. AR. Senior. Elem Ed . STRICKLAND. PHILLIP KAY. ttta Bena. MS. Fresnman. Gen. Bus.. 316.317.340 STRICKLAND. STARWYN STELENE. Tutwiler. MS. Freshman. Jour . 286. 287. 340 STRIDER. MELISSA JOYCE. Phihpp. MS. Junior. Elem Ed. 278. 279 STRINGER. ANTHONY DARWIN. Connth. MS. Junior. Mangmnt 252 STRINGER. GARY WOOD. Pontotoc. MS. Law III. Law. 136 STRINGER. JOSEPH DANIEL. Junior. Dntstry . 314. 315 STRINGER. MICHELE G . Waynesboro. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 304. 305. 340 STRINGER. WILLIAM FRANKLIN. Popiarville. MS. Phrm -I Pharmacy. 223 STROBL. CYNTHIA ROSE. Tupelo. MS. Junior. Nursing. 290. 291 STROBL. GLEN JOSEPH Tupelo MS. Junior. LawEnlo . 149. 373 STROCK. MARGARET HAYES. Mecnphiii. TN. Sophomore. Elem Ed . 227. 274. 275 STROUD. JOHN BUSBY. New Albany. MS. Senior. H.. P.E. and Rec .86.91.109. 121.131.176. 200.215.316.317.388 STROUSE. JEFFREY BYRON. Ml Vemon. OH. Freshman. Pre-Accy . 239. 272. 273. 340 STUART. JOHN GRAHAM. Dallas TX. Junior. Radio and TV. 308. 309 STUART. JOHN MICHAEL. Dallas TX. Junior. Bank and Fin . 296. 297.357 STUART. SPENCER JEROME. Jackson, MS. Junior Radio and TV. 284. 285 STUART. WILLIAM FLETCHER. Greencastte IN. Sophomore. Urban Ad. 300. 301 357 STUBBLEF1ELD. TERRY WADE. University. MS. Phrm -II. Pharmacy. 222. 392 STUMPFF. CHRIS GENE. Jackson, MS. Senior. Marking . 308. 309 STURDIVANT, CLARK COLLIER. Jackson. MS. Senior. Mangmnt 298.299 STURGIS. KRISTEN COLSON. Memphis. TN. Senior. Home EC . 215 280. 281.373 SULLIVAN. DAVID MARK. Jackson MS. Senior. Chem , 147. 148.272 273 SULLIVAN. DAVID WAYNE. Meridian. MS. Senior. Zoology 272 273. 388 SULLIVAN. LISA JEAN. Louisville. MS. Freshman. H.. P E and Rec . 304.305.340 SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH. Waynesboro, MS. Junior. Marking . 296. 299. 373 SULLIVAN. RANOELL GLENN JR . BatesvMe. MS. Sophomore. 270. 271 SULLIVAN. TIMOTHY DEAN Jackson. MS. Senior. Soc S. Wk . 217.388 SUMMERLIN, MICHAEL DARREN Pascagoula. MS. Junior. H . P.E and Rec . 109. 110 SUMMERS. MARY ANN. Olive Branch, MS, Junior. Pre-Accy . 306.307 SUMMER, ELLEN KAY. Freshman. English. 215. 266. 267. 340 SUMMER. NANNETTE MARIE. New Albany. MS. Junior. Clth Mer. 304. 305 SUMNERS, LESLIE ELIZABETH. New Albany. MS. Freshman. 215. 288. 289. 340 SUMNERS. MELINDA WATSON. New Albany. MS. Junior. Bid Sci . SUTHERLAND. SUSAN NANATTE. Canton. MS. Phrm -II, Pharmacy, 274. 275. 392 STUTTON. ANN CAROL. Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Bank and Fin , 290. 291 . 357 SWAIN. JULIAN JACKSON JR.. Memphis. TN. Junior. Medicine. 316.317 SWAN. DANA J. Thaxton MS Law I. Law. 151 SWAN. RICHARD KEEN. Marvem PA. Junior. Comp Sci . 252 SWARTZFAGER. MARTHA E.. Laurel. MS. Sophomore. English 278. 279 SWEAT. RICHARD RILE Y Connth. MS. Senior. English. 140. 296.297 SWEETSER. WILMER ALBERT Bartlett, TN. Senior. Pol Sci . 149 SWIMS. DOROTHY LYNETTE. Greenwood MS Senior. Bank and Fin . 149. 246. 284. 285. 388 SW1NT, PATTI ANNE, Junior. Nursing, 280. 281 SWORDS. BECKY LEIGH. Pontotoc. MS. Senior. H . P.E. and Rec. 102 SWORDS. TOUNIA DAWN. New Albany. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 304.305.340 SZELUGA. MARY THERESE Titusve. NJ. Sophomore, t. 245. 357 T TABOR. MARY MARTHA. Lomsvitte. MS. Phrm-ll. Pharmacy. 219 TAGGART, WILLIAM STEVENSON IH. Greenville. MS. Freshman. Marking. 31 2. 313,340 T ALLEY, SONJ A LYNN. Tupelo. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 262. 263.340 TANKERSLEY. GAIL ANN. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Marking . 304.305.340 T ANNEHILL DAVID HENDERSON. Tupeto. MS. Freshman. 282. 283. 340 TANNER. HUGH EARL Moss Point MS. Senior. Accy . 122. 131 . 136. 147. 150. 196. 270. 271, 388 TATE. PAUL RICHARDSON. New Albany. MS. Junior. Thry -Com . TATUM. EVELYN SUZONNE. Greenviee. MS. Law I. Law. 1 38. 200. 278. 279 TATUM. MARIWOOD CRADY. G ' een ' !ie MS F ' esi-ma- Barn and Fin., 278. 279 TATUM, NANCY EDUN, Greenville. MS. Sophomore. Med Tech.. 143. 215.278. 279 TAYLOR. ARTHUR OLIVER. Car u thersv::e MO Sopho-o-e 284. 285. 357 TAYLOR. CAROLE. Corinth. MS. Freshman. Pre-Accy.. 215. 278. 279.340 TAYLOR. CORMNE WRIGHT. Como. MS. Senior. Psyc , 304. 305 TAYLOR. DONNY RAY. Columbus. MS. Junior. Pr e-Accy.. 147,272.273.374 TAYLOR. ELIZABETH RUTH. Jackson, MS. Sophomore. 274. 275 TAYLOR. EUGENE REA. McComb MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin . 308. 309. 357 TAYLOR. IRMA PATRICE. Holly Springs. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Hn. 262. 263 TAYLOR. USA LYNN. Dunwoody. GA. Sophomore. Marking . 238, 304.305 TAYLOR. OSCAR LEE. Brooklyn. MS. Sophomore. Law Enfo . 83 TAYLOR. ROBERT WAYNE. CaruthersvWe, MO. Senior. Accy . 284.285.374 TAYLOR. STANLEY MONTGOMERY. Memphis. TN. Senior. Bank and Fin . 314. 315 TAYLOR. TERRI LYNN. Preston MS. Unclass.. Jour.. 198. 397 TAYLOR. TOMMY FARRELL. Madroon. MS. Sophomore. Insur . 316.317 TAYLOR, WILLIAM STEELE JR.. Memphis. TN. Sophomore. Gen. Bus . 296. 297 TAYLOR. WILLYN, Charleston. MS. Senior. Zoology. 148. 388 TEDFORD. SONORA GRACE. Tupelo. MS. Junior. Crt Rptg , 221 TELFER. GEORGE CURTISS. IMshniu. IL, Freshman, Bank and Fin . 306. 309. 341 TEMPLETON. DAVID BRADFORD. Nashville, TN. Freshman. Gen Bus.. 31 2, 31 3 TERNEY. MARY KATHRYNE. Jackson. MS. Freshman. 215. 341 TERRACINA, LISA ANN. Greenville, MS, Sophomore. Gen. Bus . 143. 200. 304. 305. 243 TERRESON, DAVID WHITTEN. Moss Point, MS, Sophomore. Medicine, 143.270.271 TERRY. JACOUEUNE ANNETTE. Columbus. MS. Freshman. t.. 215 TETTLETON ROBERT PYLANT. Oxford MS. Freshman. Mar. Bid . 272.273.341 THAMES. BILLY GLENN. Seminary. MS. Phrm-ll, Pharmacy. 222 THAMES. JOHN MACK JR Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 31 2. 313 THAMES. MICKEY WAYNE. Crystal Springs. MS. Senior. M PE and Rec.. 109 THAMES. RODNEY KIRK, Senior. Gen Bus.. 31 6. 31 7 THARP. JONI LYNN. St Louis. MO, Sophomore, Mangmnt. 247. 290.291 THEAR. CHRYSA MARIE. Garthersburg. MD. Junior. Putt Adm. 157.322.323.374 THOMAS. CHARLES HENRY M. Shuqualak. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus . 284.285 THOMAS. CYNTHIA LYNN. Nashv e. TN. Junior. H.E-lntr.. 215.274.275 THOMAS. GWYN ELIZABETH, TERRY. STEVEN ANDREW. Junior. Theatre. 272. 273 TETLEY, LAURA KAY. Sikeston. MO. Freshman. Bank and Fi 290 291,341 . , Design. 21 5. 274. 275. 357 THOMAS. JAMES CLIFTON M. Crystal Springs. MS. Junior. Gen. Bus.. 298. 299 374 THOMAS. LORI LEE. Bement. IL. Freshman. English. 215, 262. 263. 341 THOMAS. PAUL ANDREW. Rocky Mount NC. Freshman. 300. 301 THOMAS. PAUL AUBREY. McComb. MS. Freshman. Gen. Bus. 300. 301. 341 THOMAS. THARNELL MYRON. Beulah. MS. Junior. Urban Ad.. 294. 295. 374 THOMAS. TIMOTHY ASTOR. Trinity. AL. Sophomore, Gen Bus.. 91.85.357 THOMASON. SUSAN. Sophomore. Gen Bus. 290. 291. 341 THOMPSON. JAMIE SUE. Lincolnshire. IL. Sophomore, Bank and Fin . 290. 291 THOMPSON. JUDY LORAINE. Greenwood. MS. Sophomore, Medicine. 266. 267. 341 THOMPSON, KATHLEEN MARIE. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 280. 281. 357 THOMPSON. KENNETH EUGENE Parkin. AR. Junior. Comp. Sci.. 316.317 THOMPSON. KIMBERLY LANE, Jackson. MS. Sophomore. 215. 280.281 THOMPSON. STEPHEN BRITTAM. Memphis. TN. Senior. Bank and Fin., 298, 299. 374 THOMPSON. THOMAS WAYNE. Memphis. TN. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 316.317 THOMPSON. TIMOTHY F.. Hickory Flat MS. Junior. Math. 21 THORNHILL. FREDRICK LEON. Lafayette, LA. Senior. Medicine. 298.299 THRASH. LUCY MANSFIELD. Senior. Marking.. 290, 291 THREADGILL. STEPHEN. Oxford. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 312. 313.341 THROGMORTON. VICKI JANE. areston. MO. Freshman. Marking.. 278. 279. 341 THURBER. MARGARET. Canton. MS. Sophomore. Medicine. 262. 263.341 TXLERY. LEISA JO. Jackson. MS. Freshman. ArWntr., 215. 278. 279 TILLE Y. BECKY GRACE, Junior, Marking 288. 289 TILLEY. GARY PAUL, Gulfport. MS. Freshman. OH. Eng . 316, 317.341 TMDALL. LESLIE LETTTIA. Tupelo. MS. Phrm -I. Pharmacy. 215.306.307 TIREY. VIRGINIA OLIVE. Isola. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 215. 304.305.341 TOOD. ALLISON DARBY. New Orleans. LA. Freshman. S. Ed S. S. 278. 279 TOHILL, VIRGINIA ANN. New Atoeny. MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy . 143. 357 TOLAR. JOHN EDWIN. Memphis TN. Senior. History. 298, 299. 388 TOLER. KENNETH PACK JR.. Jackson. MS. Junior. Dntstry . 76. 81.109.314.315 TOLER. NOEL KENNEDY III. Jackson. MS. Junior, Art. 314, 315 TOLLEY. ELIZABETH C.Jackson. MS. Senior. Accy.. 288. 289. 388 TOMUNSON. MARTHA VIRGINIA. Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 290. 291 TONNEY. MEUSSA ANN. Atlanta. GA. Junior. Pre-Accy . 278. 279 TORKINGTON. RICHARD SCOTT, Richmond. VA, Junior. Mech. Eng. 153. 239. 374 _ TORRES. WILLIAM DELOSO. Grad HI. Phrm. Sci . 156 TOWERY. BOBBY ARLEN JR.. Oxford. MS, SopnonvofG, Marking.. 284. 285. 358 TOWNSENO. DAVID JASPER. Pontotoc. MS. Senior. Radio and TV. 239. 31 0.311 TOWNSEND. PATRICIA MARC. Roswel. GA, Senior. Mangmnt, 266.267 TRAHAN. JEROME DENNIS. Bitoxi. MS. Freshman. Radio and TV. 154. 239. 341 TRAMEL, MICHAEL TERRANCE . Memphis. TN. Junior. Dntstry.. TRAMMELL. USA GAY. SattMo. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 238. 358 TRAVIS. CADE GREGORY. Picayune. MS. Senior, Urban Ad.. 282.283 TRAVIS. PATRICIA RENE. Junior. Nursing. 304. 305. 374 TRAVIS. WILLIAM JEFFREY. PtCeMrW, MS, Sopnofnorv, UrtMn Ad. 21 2. 282. 283. 358 TRAWKX. USA WARNNE, Freshman. Clth Mer.. 208. 288. 288 TREADWAY. WILLIAM ALAN JR.. Nashville. TN. Freshman. Bank and Fin. 270. 271. 341 TREAS. FRANCES FOX, Senior, HE-lntr . 155 THEUTEL DAVID ALLEN JR., Bay St Louis. MS. Senior. Accy.. 150. 157.388 TREUTEL. MELISSA ANNE. Bay St. Louis. MS. Freshman. Psyc.. 288. 289. 342 TREUTEL. STEPHEN BRIAN. Bey St Louis. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin. 282, 283. 358 MAGGY ANN. Work. 266. 267 TRtPLETT. LARAMIE CURTIS. Brooksviee. MS. Senior. Zoology 148 TROUTT. NATHANIEL GREENE. Senatobta. MS. Junior. Mangmnt. 278.279 TRUAX. JAMES ROBERT. Oxford. MS. Sophomore. Pd. Sci.. 143. 215.358 TRUE. ANN EUZABETH, Nashviee. TN. Freshman. Phys Tpy.. 21 5.286, 287. 342 TRUE. ROBIN LYN. Nashviee. TN. Senior. Soc S Wk.. 139. 374 TRUTTT. HAL GfLUAM. Columbus. MS. Freshman. Gen Bus . 238 TUBS. CHARLES W JR.. Amory. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 314. 315.342 TUBS. PHILLIP GRAYDEN. Futon. MS, Freshman. Theatre, 272. 273. 342 TUCKER. BESSIE LOUISE. Jackson. MS. Grad III. Math. 152. 397 TUCKER. BYRON SHANE. Tunica. MS. Senior. Zoology. 140. 148 TUCKER. JAMES MARTIN. Aberdeen. MS. Senior. Bid. Sci..,316. 317.388 TUCKER. JAMES RUSSELL Tunica. MS. Law I. Law. 136. 200. 300.301 TUCKER. LORI MICHELLE. Deltas. TX. Junior. Art. 274. 275 Index 435 Tucker TUCKER, SANDRA SUEMELIA, Plantersville. MS, Senior. Comm Dis.. 131,138. 140. 202 TUCKER, TIMOTHY SCOTT. Tunica. MS. Junior. Gen Bus , 300. 301 TULLOS, CYNTHIA DAWN. Hattiesburg, MS. Senior. Marking , 157.278,215.279,388 TULLOS, DEBORAH LYNN, Magee. MS. Junior, Mangmnt.. 274, 275. 358 TULLOS, SUSAN ALISON. Hattiesburg, MS. Freshman. H.E.- lntr.,215, 278. 279. 342 TUOHY. SEAN ALBRO. New Orleans, LA. Sophomore. Marking., 88, 91.296, 297 TURBEVILLE, HOMER BENJAMIN, Jackson, MS. Sophomore, Gen. Bus., 308, 309 TURMAN. DANNY EARL. Charleston. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin., 143,316,317 TURNAGE, CYNTHIA ALICE, Newton, MS, Senior, Gen Bus , 288.289 TURNAGE, PHYLLIS LYN. Vicksburg, MS, Freshman, Pharmacy, 215. 266, 267. 342 TURNER, DAN MCMILLAN. Philadelphia, MS. Freshman, Gen Bus., 212, 272, 273. 342 TURNER, DAVID WAYNE. Oxford, MS, Senior, H., P E. and Rec.. 240. 374 TURNER, ELSTON HOWARD. Knoxville, TN, Junior. Radio and TV,91,109,85 TURNER, IRBY III. Belzoni. MS. Senior, Accy.. 3, 122, 132, 134, 136, 140, 147, 150, 157, 224, 284, 285 TURNER, JAMES ALLEN, Tupelo. MS, Freshman, H., P.E. and Rec.. 239 TURNER, PAUL BRUCE, Belzoni, MS, Sophomore, Bank and Fin., 212,215,342 TURNER, STEPHEN BECK, lynesboro, MS, S i Rec., 316,317 Waynesboro, MS, Senior. H.. P.E. andR TURNER, TERESA LEE, Belden, MS, Freshman, Marking., 262, 263. 342 TURNER, THOMAS NEWELL HI, Belzoni, MS, Freshman, Jour and Adv., 21 2, 215, 342 TURNER, TOBBY WARREN, Aberdeen, MS, Senior. H.. P.E. and Rec., 109, 111 TURNIPSEED, STEPHEN PHILLIP. Ellisville, MS, Senior, Chem. Eng , 298, 299, 374 TURNLEY, MELISSA ANN, Grenada, MS, Junior, Comm. Dis.. 262, 263 TUTOR, DAVID BRUCE. Unclass., Chem., 148, 200, 215 TUTOR, DONNA KAY, New Albany, MS, Senior. Mangmnt., 266, 267, 374 TUTOR, RANDY LANE, Calhoun City. MS. Freshman, Mus. Educ 239 TYLER, BRECK WHITE, Oxford, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 312, 313 u UFFELMAN, MALCOLM RUCJ JR . Vienna, VA, Sophomore, Gen Bus., 270. 271 ULMER. RANCE NOBLE. Bay Springs, MS, Senior, Pol. Sci., 244 ULMER, SUZANNE, Jackson. MS. Junior, Elem. Ed., 146, 203, 215, 304, 305. 374 ULRICH, MARK BURGHARDT, Monroe, LA, Junior, Mangmnt.. 240 UNDERWOOD, CURTIS GENE, Greenwood, MS, Freshman, Bank and Fin., 298, 299 UPTON. PHILLIP STEPHEN, Clinton, MS, Freshman, Pre-Accy., 245 V VALENTINE, MELANIE CELESTE, Brookhaven, MS, Sophomore, Nursing, 278. 279, 358 VANCE, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER. Long Beach, MS, Junior, Chem Eng.. 210, 244, 374 VANDERBURG, DAVID CLAY, Olive Branch, MS. Law I, Law. 276, 277 VANDERBURG, JEFFREY SCOTT, Olive Branch, MS, Senior, Marking . 276, 277 VANDERSLICE. BARBARA ANNE. Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Freshman. 304. 305, 342 VARNELL, JOHNNY RENON, Adamsville, TN, Sophomore, Mangmnt.. 266, 267, 358 VARNER, DAVID ARTHUR, Oxford. MS, Senior, Pre-Accy., 140.157,150,388 VARNER, SAMUEL HOUSE. Memphis, TN, Senior, Marking . 147,225,374 VAUGHAN, BONNIE ELIZABETH, Union City, TN, Sophomore, Crt. Rptg., 239, 274, 275. 342 VAUGHAN, PAMELA SUZANNE, Oxford, MS, Sophomore, Marking., 280, 281,358 VAUGHAN, SYLVIA LOUISE. Columbus, MS, Sophomore, H E - Intr ,202.280, 281.358 VAUGHN, MONA RUTH, Tiptonville, TN. Senior, Clth. Mer . 274, 275 VAUGHN, SUZANNE DEAN, Concord, TN, Sophomore, Soc. S. Wk.. 274, 275 VAUGHT, LEE ANN VOORHIES, River Ridge, LA, Sophomore. Jour., 143. 248 VEAZEY, DEBRA ELIZABETH. Coldwater, MS. Phrm.-l, Pharmacy, 223 VEAZEY, VIRGINIA WILSON, Jackson, MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., VEIT, JODY LEE, Wilmette, IL, Sophomore. Elem. Ed., 278, 279 VERELL. JAMIE JEAN. Houston, MS, Freshman, Medicine, 215, 342 VINCENT, ROBERT HUDSON, Clarksdale, MS, Junior. Urban Ad 296,297 VINES, SHELL YE MURRY, Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Comm. Dis., 306, 307,358 VIRDEN, THOMAS SANDERS. Leland, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin 308,309 VOWELS. LUCINDA KAY, Sikeston, MO, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 266. 267. 342 w WADE. CATHERINE ANN, Memphis, TN. Sophomore, Nursing, 208, 288. 289. 358 WADE, JAMA RUTH, Bay St. Louis. MS, Junior, Rec. Ldrs., 290, 291 WADE, JOHN ERNEST JR., Jackson, MS, Senior, Accy., 36, 147,151,298.297,388 WADE, VIVIAN MARIE, Jackson, MS, Junior, Elem. Ed., 215, 274, 275 WADSWORTH, RICHARD CARSON. Natchez. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin., 298, 299 WAGGENER, MARY ELIZABETH, Canton, MS, Sophomore, Accy.. 215,288,289,358 WAGGONER. DANIEL FLOYD, Jackson. MS, Senior, Math, 152 388 WAGNER. CELIA MARIE. Summit. MS. Senior, Rec Ldrs., 280. 281 , 388 WAH, JUE ANN, Phrm.-lll, Pharmacy. 156. 393 WALD, MARGARET ELLEN. Jackson, MS, Junior, Gen. Bus., 290,291 WALKER, BARBARA GAYLE. West Point, MS, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy , 219 WALKER, BEVERLY JOYCE, Yazoo City, MS, Freshman, Phys Tpy., 239, 342 WALKER, GALE LEE, Memphis, TN. Freshman, Marking.. 239, 342 WALKER, HARRY GREY JR., Jackson, MS, Junior, History, 302, 303 WALKER, JEFF BRENT. Paducah. KY. Junior, Pre-Accy.. 316, 317 WALKER, JENNIFER CATHERINE. Saucier, MS, Sophomore, Accy . 154,238.358 WALKER, MAIA MARIE, Vicksburg, MS, Senior, Elem. Ed., 288, 289, 388 WALKER. MELANIE ANN. Jackson. MS, Senior, Publ. Adm , 123, 132, 138. 146, 215, 306. 307, 259 WALKER. MELISSA KAY. Jackson. MS. Sophomore, Mangmnt., 142, 306, 307 WALKER, MEREDITH MOORE JR., Hernando, MS, Junior, Medicine, 276, 277, 374 WALKER, PAMELA GAIL, Junior, S. Ed. S. E..242.374 WALKER. STEPHEN BARROW, Smyrna, GA, Sophomore. Gen. Eng., 272. 273, 358 WALKER, TERRANCE. Mendenhall. MS. Senior, S. Ed. S S., 81, 109, 132 WALKER, WILLIAM ALLEN, Saucier. MS. Grad. I, Elec. Eng., 132, 152 WALL, CYNTHIA ANNETTE, Oxford, MS, Senior, Civl. Eng , 140,153,156,217,388 WALL, LUCY CLAIRE, Brookhaven, MS, Freshman, 215 288. 289 WALL, ROBERT EDWARD, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus., 316, 317 WALL, STAGEY LOUIS. Junior, Gen Bus., 272, 273 WALLACE, BARTON B. Ill, Dallas TX, Junior, Marking.. 272, 273 WALLACE. DANA LORANE, Clarksville, TN, Freshman, English, 21 5 WALLACE, PENELOPE CECILIA Junior. Clth. Mer.. 215, 236, 286. 287 WALLACE, ROBERT REGINALD, Dallas, TX, Sophomore, Mangmnt., 270. 271 WALLER. EDWARD CHARLES, Jackson, MS, Freshman, English, 212,272,273 WALLER, TERRY NOLAN. Oxford. MS, Senior. Civl. Eng., 140, 153 WALLER, TRACY DAVID, Little Rock, AR, Freshman, Mech. Eng 296,297 WALMSLEY. CAROLINE FARRAR, Baytown. TX, Junior, Comm. Dis., 290,291 WALSH. DAVID ERIC, Oxford, MS, Senior, Soc. S. Wk., 239, 388 WALSH. TIMOTHY LOUIS, Memphis, TN, Freshman, Pol. Sci., 298.299 WALTERS, TENA LEE, Clinton. MS, Junior. Bank and Fin.. 1 57, 262, 263 WALTON, JOE DOUGLAS, Hattiesburg, MS, Sophomore, Marking.. 31 6, 31 7 WAMMACK. TOMMY TILDEN, Ripley, MS, Senior, Pre-Accy., 147.157,316,317 WARD, ALBERT MANNING, Junior, H., P.E. and Rec.. 41 , 374 WARD, DAVID HAROLD, Vardaman, MS, Junior, lnsur.,213, 374 WARD. GREGORY WEATHERFORD. Oxford MS Junior, Marking.. 215. 316, 317, WARD, JIMMY DALE, Senior, Jour.. 218, 228 WARD. KIMBERLY ANN. Meridian, MS, Freshman, Pre-Accy , 202, 215,304,305 WARD, WILLIAM THOMAS III, Sophomore, Pre-Accy , 298. 299 WARE, THOMAS E JR.. Senior, Gen Bus., 251 WARNER, TARA LAYNE, Vicksburg, MS, Junior, Elem Ed., 278. 279 WARNER. WILLIAM AUSTIN. Nashville. TN, Sophomore. 272, 273. 342 WARREN. GIRD NORMAN III, Brandon. MS, Junior. H.. P.E. and Rec. 298. 299 WARREN. MAX ELBERT. Law III, Law. 200 WARREN. MITZI ANN, Jackson, MS, Freshman, Gen. Bus , 215. 278, 279 WARRINGTON, MARY ANNE, Shelby. MS, Freshman, Clth Mer.. 304. 305 WASHBURNE, RAY WILLETS, Dallas, TX, Freshman. Gen. Bus.. 314,315 WATERLOO. MELINDA KOREN. Jackson, MS. Freshman, Gen Bus. 280. 281 WATKINS, CAROL JEAN. Natchez. MS, Senior. Ba Econ., 212.288,289 WATKINS. LISA LYNNE, Monroe, LA, Phrm.-ll, Pharmacy, 306. 307 WATKINS. TERESA JO. Memphis. TN, Freshman. Elem. Ed . 288, 289, 342 WATKINS. TERI ANN, Madison. MS. Sophomore, Comm. Dis., 215. 262, 263, 358 WATSON, DAVID LEAKE. Monroe, LA, Freshman, Gen. Bus.. 272, 273, 342 WATSON, JOSEPH TATE, Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Marking , 296. 297 WATSON, MARGIE ROBIN, Vicksburg, MS. Freshman. 262. 263, 342 WATSON, PATRICE ELIZABETH, Senior. Design, 146, 290. 291 WATSON. RICHARD VAN. Lyon, MS, Freshman, Gen Bus.. 215, 296.297 WATSON. SARAH ELIZABETH, Birmingham, AL, Freshman, Civl. Eng., 288, 289. 342 WATT, WILLIAM LEE. Junior, Pre- Accy., 71, 136, 147, 212, 224, 270, 271 WATTS, DWAYNE TRUHETT. Meridian, MS, Junior, Bank and Fin., 284, 285, 374 WATTS, THOMAS KENNETH, Meridian. MS. Law I. Law. 147. 284. 285 WEATHERFORD, CHRISTINA, Fulton, MS. Junior, Bank and Fin , 266, 267, 374 WEATHERLY, LESLIE ANN, Junior, Bank and Fin., 278. 279 WEATHERLY, SCOTT WATSON, Gulfport, MS, Senior, History. 213, 316,317 WEATHERLY, WALLACE WATSON, Gulfport, MS. Sophomore, Chem . 296. 297 WEATHERLY, WILLIAM BARROW, Sophomore, Medicine, 210,227,296,297 WEBB, AMY MAE. Selmer. TN, Grad I, Educ., 136, 322. 323, 397 WEBB. DAVID PEEBLES, Philadelphia, MS, Sophomore, Pre-Accy . 143, 308, 309 WEBB. FRANK WILSON. Sophomore. Pharmacy. 312. 313 WEBB. JOHN HARRISON, Gulfport, MS, Sophomore. Civl. Eng., 316, 317, 358 WEBB, LARRY L., Drew, MS, Junior, Dntstry , 296. 297 WEBB, MARY KATHERINE. Junior, English. 215. 374 WEBB. ROBIN ELIZABETH. Athens, TN, Sophomore, Clth Mer., 278, 279 WEDGEWORTH. WILLIAM SIDNEY, Long Beach, MS, Freshman, Mangmnt , 320, 321 . 342 WEEKS, CRAIG FRANKLIN. Marks, MS, Sophomore, Comp. Sci., 239, 358 WEEKS. LILLIAN FRAZIER. Freshman, Gen Bus.. 278. 279 WEEKS. TIMOTHY GALEN, Florence, AL, Junior. Gen Eng WEGENER. NANCY KATHRYN Clarksdale, MS. Freshman. Ratio and TV. 286, 287. 342 WEILAND, KENNETH LEE. Sophomore. Civl Eng . 276. 277 358 WEILL. TERRY PAUL. Tylertown MS. Freshman. Dntstry.. 312. 313. WEISLING. LINDA JOY, Evansville, IN, Senior. Mus Educ 155.253.388 WELCH, CERES DAWN, Pontotoc MS, Freshman, Elem. Ed., 304 305,342 WELCH. KAREN LEIGH. Pontotoc MS, Freshman, Jour , 262. 242 263. 342 WELCH. LAWRENCE ERNEST Senior. Biol Sci . 148 WELCH. MARY SUZANNE. Clarksville. TN, Freshman. Pre- Accy , 262, 263, 342 WELCH, PATRICK FLOYD. Alta Loma, CA. Sophomore. Pre-Accy , 316.317 WELDY. MARY BETH, Hattiesburg, MS, Sophomore Gen Bus.. 215. 278, 279. 358 WELLS. DAVID KENT, Oxford, MS Unclass, Educ. 21 3 WELLS. JEFF PAUL, Memphis, TN, Junior, Civl Eng., 316, 317 WELLS. JENNIFER MARY, Memphis, TN, Sophomore Gen Bus. 288. 289 WELLS. WILLIAM PAUL. Junior, Gen. Bus , 215, 282, 283, 374 WELSCH, HILDA ELIZABETH, Jackson. MS. Junior, Comm. Dis. 146, 262, 263, 374 WENCZL, ESTHER ELIZABETH, Sophomore, Clth. Mer . 236. 306. 307 WESSON. KAREN ELIZABETH. Freshman. Pharmacy, 274. 275. 342 WEST. BARRY ALLEN. Memphis. TN, Freshman, Elec. Eng . 298. 299,342 WEST. CHRISTOPHER ANDREW, Richmond, KY, Sophomore. Gen Bus., 107 WEST. KAREN F.. Jackson. MS. Senior. Math, 140. 152.388 WEST. THOMAS LOWELL III, Jackson, MS, Freshman French, 314,315.342 WEST, VICKI VEAZEY. Sardis. MS, Junior, Gen Bus . 278, 279 WESTMORELAND, KRISTEN ANN, Martin. TN Sophomore Comp Sci . 239, 322. 323.358 WETZEL. JANETTE LESLIE. Westerville, OH, Freshman, Pol. Sci., 238, 342 WETZEL, JULIET LEIGH, Westerville, OH. Junior, Bank and Fin.. 247 WEXLER. LILLIAN PATTON. Johnson City, TN. Freshman. 288. 289 WHEAT. WILLIAM JOSEPH. Gulfport. MS, Freshman, Medicine. 292. 293. 342 WHEATLEY. PAULA LORAINE. New Albany. MS. Sophomore. Elem. Ed.. 202, 304, 305. 358 WHEELER. ERIC FRANKLIN, Olive Branch. MS. Senior. Accy.. 149. 252 WHEELER. JULIE ANN, Sophomore, Rec Ldrs., 280. 281 WHEELER, KELLY LYNNE, Freshman, Nursing. 215. 342 WHEELER, PAUL WALKER. Natchez. MS. Freshman. Jour.. 215.342 WHEELER. YVONNE DENISE, Clarksdale. MS, Sophomore, Nursing, 249, 358 WHITAKER, WILLIAM WESLEY, Oxford, MS, Sophomore. Gen. Bus., 270, 271. 358 438 Index Zubatuk WHITE SEVERELY JANE. Oxford. MS. Unclass . 239 WHITE. BRADFORD CARLISLE. Booneville MS. Sophomore. Music. 109 WHITE. CHARLES ROYAL JR.. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin. 143. 296. 297 WHITE. CLINTON BROWNLEE. Jackson MS Senior. Elec Eng . 314.315.388 WHITE. DAVID EUGENE, Meridian. MS. Junior. Marking . 205 215. 296, 297.374 WHITE. DAVID SCOTT. Crystal Springs. MS. Junior. Law Enfo . 149.358 WHITE DEBORAH ELIZABETH. Gatveston. TX. Junior, Nursing. 288. 289. 358 WHITE. JEANNINE R . Senior. H E -Intr . 274. 275 WHITE, JOHN LATHAM JR . Raymond. MS. Sophomore. Gen Eng. 21 5 WHITE, JOSEPH HENDERSON. Junior. Bank and Fin . 298. 299 WHITE. LARRY KEITH. Sophomore. Comm Dis , 282, 283. 358 WHITE. LAURIE NELL, Ocean Springs. MS. Freshman, Marking . 215. 288 289.342 WHITE. LINDA ANN. Schutenburg. TX. Junior. Mangmnl . 155. 239. 322 323. 374 WHITE. MARTHA MARIE. Oxford. MS. Senior. Home EC.. 134. 140. 155 389 WHITE. MELODY J . Ridgety. TN. Sophomore. Gen Bus 274. 275. 358 WHITE. NEIL WARE III. Gulfport. MS Freshman. Pol Sci.. 292. 293 WHITE. REBECCA BETH. Germantown. TN. Senior. Marking . 290. 291 . 389 WHITE. SHIRLEY LESLIE. Gulfport. MS. Sophomore. Marking . 278. 279. 358 WHITE. STACY ANN, Manchester MO. Junior. Elem Ed.. 143, 215. 248. 243. 358 WHITE. THOMAS GARY. Jackson. MS. Junior. Psyc . 308. 309 WHITFORD. SUMMER LEE Dade City. FL. Sophomore. Theatre 247.358 WICHERT CATHERINE ANN. Cape Girardeau. MO. Phrm -III. Pharmacy. 223. 392 WICKER. KATHRYN ANN. Tupelo. MS. Freshman. Marking . 249. 262 263.342 WICKTOR. GREGG CHARLES. Cape Coral. FL. Junior. H , P.E. and Rec . 300. 301 WICKTOR. LISA C . Sophomore. Clth Mer . 238. 290. 291 WIGAL. VIRGINIA LEIGH. Junior. Design. 306. 307 WIGHT. ELIZABETH V.. Sophomore. Jour . 304. 305 WILBANKS. LYDIA. New Albany. MS Sophomore. Elem Ed 280. 281.358 WILBANKS. ROBERT PAUL. Senatobia. MS. Phrm.-ll. Pharmacy. 222 WILBANKS. SHANDA LEIGH. Connth, MS. Senior. Theatre. 215. 374 WILDER, ELIZABETH RAE. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Theatre. 290.291.342 WILES. WANDA KAY. Jackson. TN Senior. Biol Sci.. 19. 133. 136. 138. 139. 203. 215. 224. 238. 389 WILEY. JANE CATLIN. Sophomore. S. Ed. L S , 142. 143. 278. 279. 243 WILKERSON. WOODY GANN. Jackson. MS Grad. I. Accy -Pro.. 151.157 WILKINS. JAMES TED JR . Newton. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin. 147. 150.298.299 WILKINSON. ROBERT WAYNE. Pascagoula. MS. Senior. Gen Bus . 292. 293 WILKINSON. STEPHEN HENRY. Jackson. MS, Sophomore. Pol Sci. 212. 314. 315. 358 WILKS. TFtUnT PALMER JR.. Jackson. MS. Junior. Medicine. 215.316.317.358 WILLIAMS. ALAN THORNE. Greenwood. MS. Junior. Chem Eng. 153. 212.296.297 WILLIAMS. BARRY PATRICK. Jackson. MS Freshman. Gen Bus. 215.298.299. 343 WILLIAMS. CAROL ANN. Memphis. TN. Senior. Design. 306 307 WILLIAMS. CAROLE LYNN. Nashville. TN. Freshman. Spcl Ed. 215 WILLIAMS. DARLENE MARIA. Oxford. MS. Senior. English. 199. 389 WILLIAMS. DAVID BRIAN. Laurel. MS, Freshman. Pre-Accy , 316. 317 WILLIAMS, GAIL. Grenada. MS. Junior. Urban Ad . 203. 215. 374 WILLIAMS. GRANVILLE HOWELL. Jackson. MS. Senior. Bank and Fin . 296. 297 389 WILLIAMS. GREGORY GERALD. Booneville. MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy. 106.358 WILLIAMS. HARRIS BELL. Jackson. MS. Junior. Gen Bus 312.313 WILLIAMS. JAMES ALISON. Grenada MS. Freshman. Pol. Sci.. 292. 293. 343 WILLIAMS. JAMES DANIEL. Olive Branch. MS. Junior. Comp Sci 310.311.375 WILLIAMS. JAMES ROBERT JR Tupelo. MS. Senior. Gen. Bus 314.315 WILLIAMS. JAN ELIZABETH. Tupelo. MS. Junior. Gen Bus . 274. 275 WILLIAMS. JULIE GRACE Brandon. MS. Senior. Art. 288. 289 WILLIAMS. KAREN PATRICK ABIDE. Greenwood. MS, Senior Elem Ed . 280. 281 WILLIAMS. KATHY JOHNSON. Water Valley MS Senior Urban Ad . 123. 133. 136. 138. 196. 304. 305.258.389 WILLIAMS. LAURIE CAROL. Memphis. TN. Senior. Art. 274. 275 WILLIAMS. LORI ANN. Atlanta. GA. Junior. Pol Sci., 143 WILLIAMS. LORRI LEE, Orlando. FL. Freshman. 215. 280, 281 . 343 WILLIAMS. LYNDA DIANE. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Gen Bus 278, 279 WILLIAMS, MARY MARTHA. Senior. History. 133. 134. 138. 140. 146.215.274,275.389 WILLIAMS. MARY PATRICIA. Nashville. TN. Senior. Art. 322. 323, 375 WILLIAMS. MERRIL BINFORD. Water Valley. MS, Junior. Insur . 298. 299, 358 WILLIAMS. MITZI MERLE. Ashdown, AR, Senior, English. 203. 280. 281 WILLIAMS. PAMELA LANETTE. Junior, Soc Work. 278. 279. 375 WILLIAMS. PARHAM HENRY III. Junior. Urban Ad . 312. 313 WILLIAMS. PAUL DAVID. Nesbrt. MS. Freshman. Chem Eng.. 21 5 WILLIAMS. ROBERT CLARK. Greenville MS Sophomore. Pol Sci . 300. 301 . 358 WILLIAMS. SHERRILL DIANE. Oxford MS. Senior. Bank and Fin.. 280.281 WILLIAMS. STEPHANIE ANNE. Jackson. MS. Junior. Sock) ,215. 290.291 WILLIAMS. STEVEN ROBERT. Junior. Law Enfo.. 1 49 WILLIAMS, TAMRA LYNNE, Huntingdon. TN, Senior. Elem Ed . 238. 262. 263. 375 WILLIAMS. THOMAS EDWIN, Caledonia, MS. Law III. Law. 200 WILLIAMS. WARRELD. Memphis. TN. Junior. Gen Bus . 314. 315 WILLIAMS. WILLIAM ALBERT. Springfield. VA. Sophomore. Gen Bus , 272, 273. 358 WILLIAMSON. ANN BRICKELL Meridian. MS. Law I. Law. 304. 305 WILLIAMSON. CHARLES MICHAEL. Freshman. Gen Bus , 308.309.343 WILLIAMSON. KELLI RENE. Madison MS. Freshman. Biol Sci . 304.305.200.343 WILLIAMSON. RUSSELL HAIRE. Greenwood. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin . 296. 297 WILLIFORD. HELEN AMANDA. Sophomore. 142. 274, 275 WILLINGHAM. DEBRA DAWN. Ruleville. MS. Sophomore. Insur 266. 267. 359 WILLS. CATHY ANN. Memphis TN. Senior. Math. 119. 138. 140. 146. 152. 215. 224. 266. 267. 389 WILLS. VICKIE LILLIAN. Memphis TN. Junior, H.. P.E. and Rec. . 21 5. 236. 266. 267. 258. 359 WILSON, AMY LYLES. Freshman Pre-Accy.. 21 5. 343 WILSON. CHARLES DOUGLAS. Jackson. MS, Sophomore. Gen. Bus. 308. 309 WILSON. CHARLES LLOYD. Jackson. MS. Senior. Marking . 140.375 WILSON. CLARA GWEN. Jackson MS. Freshman. Elem Ed 215. 274, 275 WILSON. DAMARIS LYNN. Amarilto. TX. Junior. Math. 290. 291.375 WILSON. JANET CLAIR. Meridian. MS. Senior. S. Ed S E 304. 305 WILSON. KATHRYN DEMISE Oxford, MS. Freshman. Clth Mer.. 304.305.343 WILSON, RORY WADE. Louisville. KY. Sophomore. Phys. Tpy.. 270. WILSON. SUSAN LESLIE. Millmgton. TN. Freshman. Chem. Eng. 280. 281. 343 WIMBERLEY. LEX ALLEN. Laurel MS. Senior. Marking.. 245 WINDHAM. HENRY DAVID Gulfport. MS. Grad I. Jour.. 282. 283 WINKEL. STEPHEN JOHN. Algona. IA. Senior. Gen Bus . 1 06. 272.273 WINKLER. ELIZABETH JANE Tupelo. MS. Junior. S. Ed. An. 288. 289.375 WINKLER, ROBERT EDWARD JR. Grad. I. Accy.-Pro , 1 51 . 1 57 WINOGRAD. JAN FRANCES. Milwaukee. Wl. Freshman. Theatre, 280. 281. 343 WINOGRAD. JOHN ALLEN. Milwaukee. Wl. Senior. Insur . 298. 299 WINSTEAD. EDWARD CARLTON Pearl. MS. Junior. Mangmnt , 310. 311.375 WINSTON. TIMOTHY BRYAN. Osceola. AR, Freshman. Gen Bus.. 314. 315 WINTER. ELEANOR ELLIOTT. Jackson. MS Sophomore. Erralish. 203. 21 2. 215. 278. 279. WINTERS. JULIE LYNN. Senior. Jour.. 146. 258. 266. 267. 375 WINTERSTEIN, CHERYL FAYE. Bitoxi. MS, Freshman. H.. P.E. and Rec. 99. 108 WISE. JAMES HUNTER. I __ MS, Phrm -I. Pharmacy. 147 306 309.393 WISE. KENDRA LYNN. Naples. FL. Sophomore, Art-lntr . 278. 279 WISE. WILLIAM HOWARD. Johnson City, TN, Senior. Insur.. 109 WYSOR. JOSEPH ROBERT. Arlington, VA. Senior. Gen Bus . 104,215.298.299,375 WISEMAN, CLAYTON LEE. Dallas. TX. Junior. Marking.. 292. 293 WISEMAN. PAUL LAURENS. Oxford, MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy.. 272. 273. 359 WITHERS. RICHARD ALAN. Gulfport. MS. Freshman. Law Enfo . 239. 343 WITT. ANGELA JANE. New Albany. MS. Junior. Elem Ed.. WITTE, CYNTHIA GRACE. Memphis TN. Freshman. Gen Bus. 21 5. 288. 289 WOFFORD. WILLIAM ROBIN II. New Albany. MS. Senior. Mus. Educ .154.238 WOLBRECHT, WYNN WALLJN Freshman. Adm Serv . 266. 267. 343 WOLFE. RAYMOND LEON. Nesbit MS. Junior. Pre-Accy . 310. 311 WOMACK, HENRY MAR LIN JR . Sophomore. Pre-Accy . 220. 300. 301 WOMACK. THOMAS MICHAEL Oxford. MS. Junior. Mus Educ . 239.240 WOMBLE. RACHEL JANE. Phrm - III. Pharmacy, 288. 289. 393 WONG. JUDITH LYNN. Moorhead. MS. Phrm. -I. Pharmacy. 246. 393 WOOD. CHARLA FRANCES. Sophomore. Psyc . 262. 263 WOOD. DOROTHY LEE. Data . TX Senior. Radio and TV. 21 5. 278. 279. 389 WOOD. KATIE WINSTON. Natchez, MS, Freshman. Pre- Accy.. 274. 275 WOOD. LET A LANELL. Grenada. MS. Freshman. Clth. Mer 208. 238. 304. 305. 343 WOOD. WENDY LYNN. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Elem Ed . 215 WOODALL. CHARLES JACKSON. Memphit. TN. Junior. Biol Sci . 215.238.300.301.375 WOODALL. JOYCE LYNN. University. MS. Junior. Accy . 157. 203. 244. 242 WOOD8URY. WILLIAM PUTNAM. Senior. Gen Bus.. 106 WOOORICK. DEBORAH MARIE New Albany. MS. Grad. I. Bus Adm., 157 WOODRCK, HERBERT L JR.. New Albany, MS. Senior. Jour.. 228. 272. 273 WOODRUFF. KATHRYN KENT. Montgomery. AC Sophomore. Elem Ed . 288. 289 WOODRUFF. MARY REID. Jackson. TN. Senior. Marking , 146.306.307.389 WOODWARD. LORI DIANE. C-a ' T N Senior Barn ana Fin.. 102. 103. 150, 108. 389 WOODWARD. WENDY CAROL. London, Sophomore. Nursing. 286.287 WOODY ARD. STEVEN ALLEN, Helena. AR. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 314. 315 WOOTEN. LOUIE WAYNE. Meridian. MS. Sophomore. Mangmnt. 251 WORTHY. PAUL ANTHONY. Jackson. MS. Senior. Mangmnt.. 310.311.375 WREN. ANGELA KAYE. Clarksdale MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin.. 200. 247 WRIGHT. JEFFERY GODWIN. Booneville. MS. Senior. H.. P.E. and Rec.. 272. 273 WRIGHT, JOHN GREGORY. Pearl. MS. Freshman. Bank and Fin . 308. 309 WRIGHT. KENNETH MICHAEL. Memphis TN. Fresn an Ger Bus.. 272. 273 WRIGHT , PAUL JEFFREY. Memphis. TN. Senior. Marking . 272. 273 WYATT. TARA JANICE. Cleveland, MS. Senior. S Ed. L S.. 208. 274. 275 WYLLIE. PHILLIP BETHEA. Fairhope. AL. Sophomore. Gen Bus. 109 YARBROUGH. MAE DOUGLASS. Cleveland. MS. Senior. S. Ed Sci . 133. 138, 178. 146. 175. 225, 243 YATES. CYNTHIA ANN. San Antonio. TX. Freshman. Art. 280. 281 YATES, HORACE LAVELL JR.. Ocean Springs, MS, Freshman. Bank and Fin.. 316. 317 YEAGER, AMELIA MEADOWS. Corinth. MS. Law I. Law. 200 YEAGER. TENA LOUISE. Sophomore. Clth Mer . 142. 286. 287. 243 YELNKX. JOHN DEAN. Lagrange. IL. Sophomore. 292. 293 YELVERTON. CATHERINE ANN. Junior. Bank and Fin . 105. 108 YELVERTON. RICHARD LEF1OY JR.. Jackson. MS. Junior. Math. 284.285 YELVERTON. SARAH CATHERINE. Jackson. MS. Freshman, Pre-Accy . 215. 274. 275 YERGER. MARY MONTAGUE. Jackson. MS, Junior. Lib Arts. 206. 215. 227, 274, 275. 375 YORK. FRANK SNYDER III. Jackson. MS. Sophomore. Pre- Accy.. 31 4. 31 5 YORK. TARA LEIGH. Jackson. MS. Freshman. Soc Work. 215. 343 YORK. WILLIAM ELISHA. Holly Springs. MS. Freshman. Medicine. 215,245.343 YOSTE. EDWARD SCOTT. Cordova. TN. Sophomore. Gen. Bus.. 308. 309. 252. 359 YOUNG, BARBARA ANN. Nashville. TN. Freshman. Radio and TV. 262. 263. 343 YOUNG. DEMISE ANN. F airfield. IL. Freshman. Elem Ed . 266. 267. 343 YOUNG, DOLLY DEAN HENRY. Oxford. MS. Senior. Clth. Mer . 288.289 YOUNG. EVELYN WEATHERFORD. Wynne. AR. Freshman. Medicine. 280. 281 . 343 YOUNG. JEFFERY THOMAS. Huntsville. AL. Senior. Mus Educ . 239.240 YOUNG. JEFFREY LYNN. Sikeston, MO. Freshman. Pre- Accy . 272. 273. 343 YOUNG. JERRY K . Junior. Medicine. 148. 310. 31 1. 375 YOUNG. KATHLEEN MARIE. Junior. Elem Ed . 304. 305 YOUNG. KATHRYN RUCKS. Greenville, MS. Junior, Pre-Accy . YOUNG. USA GAYLE. Oxford. MS. Junior, Bus. Ed.. 262. 263. 375 YOUNG. RANDY ALLEN. Senior. Pre-Accy.. 157 YOUNG. ROBIN LANE. Senior. Pre-Accy.. 133. 140. 146. 150. 286. 287.389 YOUNG, ROY ELVIN JR . Ackerman, MS. Sophomore. 300. 301 YOUNG. WILLIAM DAVID. Sophomore. Bank and Fin.. 314. 315 YOUNG. WILLIAM DONNELL III. Franklin, TN. Sophomore. Civl. Eng.. 292. 293 YUILL VIRGINIA MCLAURIN. Junior. Marking . 304. 305 z Y ZACHRY. BETTY J.. Brandon. MS. Sophomore. Bank and Fin . 274. 275 ZAHN. JEFF RICHARD. Sturgeon Bay, Wl. Freshman. Art. 238 272 273.343 ZERINGER. ERIC PAUL. Metaine. LA. Senior. Civl Eng.. 300. 301 . 389 ZUBATUK. THERESA LYNN. Jackson MS. Freshman Medicine 288. 289 Index 437 Photography Credits MARY ELIZABETH PARTIN: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46-49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 59, 61, 66, 70, 71-81, 83-101, 102-109, 112-115, 120-123, 116-119, 135, 139- 140, 158, 159, 161, 174, 176, 192-199, 202, 203, 204, 205, 208-210, 214, 220- 229, 234-235, 238, 246-248, 250, 252, 256-259, odd pages 327-353, 359, 361, 365, odd pages 369-385, 386, odd pages 387-391, 393-397, 400-403, 438, 440; SCOTT GABBERT: 2, 7, 16; CANDY REED: 9, 16, 32, 48, 49, 50, 51, 124-133, 174, 404-413, others in org. section; PAUL KNIGHT: 161-173, (Administra- tion section); WALT MIXON: 6, 9, 12, 13, 38, 42, 43, 64-70, 110-111, 176, 177, 183-189, 256, 261, odd pages 263-326, 398; STEVE PARHAM: 134, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 190, 191, others in org. sec- tion 250-255; DOLL NETTERVILLE: 48, 49, 50, 51, 404-417, others in org. section; KAY WILES: 35, 36, 37, 174, 440; KERRY HAMILTON: 200, 201; JOHN HAYDEN: 13; editor: 5, 7, 9, 16, 18, 31, 34, 35, 70, 116, 118, 260, 398, 439; 1. Dr. Jerry Westbrook holds a captive audi- ence at pre-college. 2. The Lyceum by night. 3. Left to Right: 1980, 1979, 1978. 4. Our friend Charlotte remembers Dallas with a smile. 5. Sid Moore swears off pre-med by turning his back on the books. 438 Specifications Yearbook Specifications The 1980 OLE MISS was produced by the University of Mississippi Yearbook Staff and printed offset on Meads 80-pound high-gloss dou- ble-coated enamel paper by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, in cooperation with Taylor representatives Nicky Drake, George Copeland, and Jerry Steely. Press run was 6,700 copies. Coven The cover design was inspired by the cover of the 1937 Ole Miss in association with Jim Alexander of Taylor Publishing Com- pany. The cover material is Lexotone, turned over 150-point binder ' s board, with designs both blind-embossed and debossed on Taylor ' s gray 950 material, grained in Rhino with a heavy blue overtone. The applied color is maroon. Trim size is 9 x 12. Endsheet: The endsheet is in 65-pound coverweight stock, printed both sides in PMS Ink 462. Type: All text copy is set in Melior, exhibiting various point sizes. Headlines are printed in several styles as listed here: Division pages Bolt Bold; Alma Mater Vivaldi (page 34); Activities Georgio and Palatino Bold; Culture Playbill, Vivaldi, Champion, original art- work by Lisa Redditt; Sports Impact; Honors Bodini Bold; Administration Melior; Features Hand Lettering; Organizations Arnold Bocklin; Greeks Melior; Classes Broadway Engraved; Advertisements Futura Book; Index Windsor. Original artwork on all division pages, in the Activities section, and on page 34 created by Sam Varner, folio tabs in the Alma Mater section by Friley David- son, and miniatures in the Greeks section by Linda Gustafson. Photography: A 150-line screen was used for photography with color separations done by laser. The color pictures in the Features section were taken as follows: Favorites, Best Dressed, Miss University Steve Parham of Oxford, MS; Beauties and Colonel Rebel Miss Ole Miss Walt Mixon of Oxford, MS; all were taken in the Oxford and University area. Classes portraits were done by Senior Portraits, Inc. of Quincy, MA, in cooperation with Stephanie Kuhlman and Ken Mur- phy. Composite prints of Greek organizations were supplied by the following: American Composite Corporation of Kansas City, MO all sororities; Walt Mixon Photography of Oxford, MS Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu and Zeta Beta Tau; Randy Pang Photography Phi Kappa Theta; Fraternal Composite Company of Utica, NY Sigma Chi; Edward Vantine Studios of Hamilton, NY all other fraternities; Spe- cial thanks go to Wide World Photos, Inc. of New York, NY and Ferd Messina of the Vicksburg Evening Post Vicksburg, MS for the world events photos on pages 28-29, and to the Mississippi A I Board for the candid photos of Governor Cliff Finch. Color photos on pages 14 and 15 were contributed by Randy Hartzog and the University Publica- tions Department. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks go to Hermine McLarty, Melissa Metke and Jeri Sikora for assistance with the Classes section. Also to Lea Anne Hester and the Clar- ion-Ledger for the story and photos on pages 262 and 263. This is the annual staff ... " ... ants everywhere . . . never-idle coffee pot ... Moonlight Madness Sale . . . Kissy . . . the Nurd . . . phone calls . . . spiced tea ... Tab run . . . Liquid Paper by the case . . . countdown ' til deadline ... the Rapline Wars . . . rusty water . . . roller skating . . . Christmas decorations . . . Meisel . . . goodbye to Stevens ... " 1 haven ' t gotten my proofs " . . . Federal Express . . . midnight trips to Memphis . . . co-ed restroom . . . closed week- ends . . . Dracula wants your layouts . . . peppermint ... the chartreuse office . . . Tau Beta for Col. Reb . . . all-night stands ... T and ami ... Dallas . . . Mrs. Smith . . . TPC . . . 06705 Specifications 439 I Editing a full-color publication of 440 pages with a budget of more than $75,000 was alternately taxing and exhilarating. The 1980 OLE MISS took her toll on my time and temper, but she also yielded pages and pages of satisfaction. I give honest thanks to the OLE MISS section editors and assistants. Through their cooperation and sacrifice, they provided the backbone of the OLE MISS. Special recognition must go to those without whom the OLE MISS would not have progressed past page one: Mrs. Frances Smith, who kept me out of hot water in the Accounting and Purchasing departments, and managed administrative aspects of the yearbook under Mr. Towery, and Business Manager Marty Tucker, who handled the business portion of the yearbook with a mastery hailed by the University auditors as " outstanding. " To Marty and Mrs. Smith both my sincere gratitude. One need only look at the photography credits on page 438 to see the remarkable contribution by Mary Elizabeth Partin. She was dependable and always willing to work, and I thank her. Copy editor Lisa Purser played an instrumental part in the production of the OLE MISS, doing everything from transforming the editor ' s vague ideas into polished copy for the opening and division pages to checking Quad-Paks and brownlines. Another without whom I couldn ' t have made it is my secretary Rosalie McCullough. A tireless helper and a friend to all, Rose was always in the office to lend that essential helping hand. Perhaps the one to whom I owe the most gratitude is my assistant editor Kay Wiles. From staff selection and the Dallas trip through all deadlines, Kay was by my side, giving support, encouragement and occasionally a little trouble to keep me going and on my toes. These and many others have sacrificed a great deal to produce the 1980 OLE MISS. I dedicate this book to them. After four years of association with the OLE MISS, I take with me a great love for the University of Mississippi. And I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have documented that love in the 1980 OLE MISS. 440 1980 Ole Miss Hfch Enq -- A Hi S S l Stifa " ' ' - ' ' % ?% - %3 r : ' 2 ' i ' :(- ' ,t. H ' ; m

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