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the 1979 OLE MISS -YEARROOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Volume 85 T niversity of Mississippi 38677 Sarah Buckner Fortenberry Editor-in-Chief James Martin Tucker Business Manager Mr. Bobby A. Towery Financial A dvisor FRIENDS DEDICATION WHAT ' S HAPPENING? SPOTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT PERSONALITIES ATHLETICS LEADERSHIP ADMINISTRATION GREEKS ASSOCIATIONS HONORS EXAMPLES NONSENSE CLASSES ADS AND INDEX It is hard to tell the exact moment when we became friends. It may have been the time we labored all night over the homecoming project only to find the next day that the rain had ruined our work, or the time we kept our team spirits high despite losing the game. Funny how disappointments bring you closer together. i w. Friends 7 We eventually found in each other a sympathetic ear as we passed nights away in New Dorm while every boy on campus was at the Gin, or when mid-terms arrived and we spent more time complaining than we did actually studying. You surprised me on my birthday when everyone else forgot, and even pretended to like the painting I worked on all semester although I made an F on it. The days we spent together, whether cutting class to go to Abbeville or competing in Dixie Week games, are times I ' ll never forget. However, we did differ during the Spring election when you supported the other candidate and he won. Then there was the weekend when the guy I had a crush on asked you out and you went. Is 13 Thinking back, the exact moment when our friendship was formed is not important. It is when friend became a feeling instead of a word. Dedication Dr. James V. Jones, Jr Because as an administrator he has not lost the ability to be a friend and an individual to students, the 1 979 OLE MISS is dedicated to Dr. James Varner Jones, Jr. In his work as Director of Student Activities, " J. J. " , as he is affectionately called by friends and faculty alike, has shown genuine concern for student needs and problems. " feel like when I tell him something it will be held in strictest confidence. " " He can relate to both Greeks and independents alike. " " You can be sure when you ask his opinion he ' ll always be honest. I appreciate that. " " He doesn ' t brush you off when you go in his office. He cares and he listens. " Dedication 17 mRYBODY What ' s Happening Tommy Shepherd Editor (M, Suggestions pertaining to the reader ' s appreciation of the artistic creativity, the humorous wit, and the visual beauty prepared by our long-suffering and diligent staff and produced before you in the 1 979 Ole Miss Or How to enjoy the annual without being on the staff! Suggestions Look through the book page by page. Don ' t skip any sections especially classes. That may be the only place your picture will appear. If it doesn ' t even show up there, paste one of your old ones to the right. The copy in this book was written not to sarcastically criticize or insult any group but to insult all equally. Therefore, take all the material with the good humor intended. If you don ' t like the annual, please (don ' t complain to Buster Turner because he ' s all tied up. Suggestions 21 Qolonel ' s Campus Qode olonel ' sCode ALUMNI Upon graduation, Ole Miss students have set- tled all over the nation. Returning to campus periodically for sporting events and other activities, the alumni remain an integral part of the university. They also send us a lot of money and keep the Rebel souvenir manufacturers in business by buying flags, hats, buttons, and bumper stickers. ASB The Associated Student Body or ASB is the gov- ernment of the Ole Miss students. Every student is a member, but only politicos are said to be " in ASB. " And after you have been in ASB for a while, you are expected to know all facts concerning concerts, elections, and Dixie Week, even though you never worked on those committees. BAND Receiving little of the recognition they deserve, the Ole Miss Band continues to provide a rallying point for Rebel spirit. Whether it ' s at a sporting event or inter- collegiate competition, the Rebel band truly represents the University of Mississippi as the Pride of the South. BURGER Weekends were made for Mlchelob, but also for hamburgers. Danver ' s, Burger Chef, McDonald ' s, The Gin, Shoney ' s, and Mistilis ' all featured the burger as a main course. If you wanted to eat in Oxford on a week- end, you developed a great taste for hamburgers; or if not that, then pizza. Colonels Code 23 CONFEDERATE FLAG -- Dating back to the Civil War, the Confederate flag now serves as a symbol of Ole Miss and its heritage. The flag continues to remind us of the great Southerners who attended Ole Miss and pushes us to attain similar distinctive achievements. CALENDAR -- Each student planned his calendar around his own special interests. The sports fan kept games marked months in advance. The movie freak had the Film Series schedule posted on his wall. The politi- cian plotted fall and spring elections on his calendar. And the face man or woman marked dates for formals and parties. The well-rounded student who tried to participate in all activities and events was so involved in everything that he usually arrived late for the next occasion on his list. I Colonel ' s Code DATING Before the weekend, many students who aren ' t dropped or pinned resort to blind dates. Questions asked about the potential date are answered with " he ' s got a great personality " and " all the girls in the dorm just love her! " If they accept, both parties cross their fingers in hopes that their weekend will not be wasted with a total nerd. DEAD DAY During the week of exams, there are scheduled breaks days on which no tests are taken. These " dead days " are supposed to give the student a full day of studying with no interruptions. In reality, most students are too " dead " from the previous night of party- ing and end up just sleeping late. ELEVATORS In most of the newer dorms and build- ings on campus, the student found modern convenience known as the elevator. Upon entering the vertically mov- ing cubicle, the average person immediately looked up toward the lighted floor numbers for fear of having to talk to his fellow Ole Miss students or teachers. Even at Ole Miss, where " everybody speaks, " big city habits were creeping in. EXAMS Finals were the most dreaded time of the year. Students found that their last test in a course could count as much as fifty to one-hundred percent of their final grade. The purpose of the exam (supposedly) was to determine their understanding of the material. Unfortu- nately, most Ole Miss students discovered that they sim- ply did not understand it. Colonels Code 25 FOURCADE In 1978, an Ole Miss tradition returned to campus the great quarterback. Although only a fresh- man, John Fourcade inspired the crowds in attendance at Rebel games to heights of enthusiasm not seen since the days of Archie Manning. Alumni and students alike when referring to Fourcade were heard to use an old Mis- sissippi State line " just wait until next year! " FRESHMAN Ole Miss freshmen are easy to spot, hold- ing a campus map in one hand and registration instruc- tions in the other, as they make their way from their dorm across to the Lyceum or one of their classes. Rush pack- ets during the first week of school also distinguish the new arrivals. Female frosh, seeking a date to the first football game, speak to every guy they see. Male new- comers are the same way about girls. But, then again, this can be said of most upperclassmen, too! 26 Colonel ' s Code GRAFFITI The Ole Miss student found ways of expressing his thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, and prej- udices through graffiti. International and social problems, greek-independent affairs and fraternity rivalries were seen scrawled on desktops, bathroom walls, elevator panels, and bulletin boards rather than through open debate and letters-to-the-editor. Though crude and sometimes illegible, the graffiti brought life into perspec- tive and told how the student really felt. GROVE From early spring into the fall, the Grove was an integral part of Ole Miss life. Barbecues, Fall Festival. Dixie Week, the Welcome Back Rebels Party, outside studying, and some love affairs have all taken place in the Grove ' s cool shade. The trees there have watched Ole Miss students for 1 30 years and with luck will continue to do so. HOLIDAYS From the first day of classes in the fall, Ole Miss looked forward to the holidays. Even though there was Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, students felt that too much time was spent on classes and studying. So. students fabricated their own vacations by cutting classes, taking football trips, and going out of town to formals. HOURS While there are only twenty-four hours in a day, many at Ole Miss wish there were more. Between sleeping, eating, activities, and dating, there were very few hours left. The well-organized student even found time for classes and studying. Colonels Code 27 INFIRMARY College infirmaries care for ill students by combining expert medical knowledge with professional facilities. Unfortunately, Ole Miss ' infirmary is lacking in the latter, and many students use Oxford physicians or go without care. Renovation of the infirmary will hopefully improve university health care and students will be more willing to stay on campus when they are sick. ID - - Students were identified in many different ways, most notably by the use of a student identification card. The student could not register, vote in student elections, cash a check, buy a drink, or get in a football or basket- ball game without his ID. By the end of the semester, the ID was bent and mangled beyond recognition. In 1978, Ole Miss unveiled the new improved ID that was good for the student ' s 2 life. Instead of being punched for every occasion, the ID will now be " stickered " to death. 28 Colonel ' s Coda JOGGING Physical fitness became a sickness in itself as more people donned warmups, sweatshirts, and gym shorts to jog. Running the fitness trail or jogging around the block gave guys a chance to show off their physiques and girls the opportunity to reveal their legs, increasing Ole Miss dating. JEANS The return of Levi ' s to " in " campus fashions caused a shortage of blue jeans in Oxford and the sur- rounding area. Student tastes demanded the straight-leg jeans with slightly long legs so that the cuffs could be turned up. This look was stylish whether worn with sports shirts, or starched button downs. KEYS Arriving at Ole Miss with keys to the car and to the house back home, the college man or woman imme- diately received keys to his dorm or apartment, a post office box, and maybe to a fraternity or sorority house. If he became involved, he gained keys to the annual and ASB offices or the Daily Mississippian. After a while the accumulation on the key ring was so vital to his existence that, if he lost them, he became a non-verbal recluse. Colonels Code 29 LEGISLATIVE DAY On November 11 before the Tulane game the University hosted the annual Legislative Day. The Committee of 82 and administration members greeted state officials as they arrived on campus, bestowing gifts upon them as well as a free meal. The whole idea was to promote good relations with the legis- lative and others to acquire the necessary funds to run the state ' s universities. LIQUOR Booze, alcohol, or whatever you may want to call it is big at Ole Miss. Happy Hour, Ozone Hour, and half-price nights pulled students out in drovesJto local bars when they weren ' t drinking in their rooms. It is rumored that Ole Miss drinks more per capita than any other school in the southeast and maybe even in the country. 30 Colonels Code MONEY As parents find out quickly, it takes a lot of money to send their kids to school. Apartments, dorm rent, tuition, phone bills, books, laundry, food, dating, and gasoline are expenses that add up quickly. Money can ' t buy happiness but it is required for an education. MISSISSIPPIAN The " Mississippian, " the student-run newspaper, was the only daily college paper in the state The Daily Mississippian brought us local and national news while providing students with practical experience in journalism and newspaper management. Staying up all night and cutting classes the next day. the Daily Missis- sippian staff truly makes sacrifices to bring us the news. NUMBER 2 CARD With the dawn of computer registra- tion came the demise of another Ole Miss tradition the number 2 card. In the past students were told by adminis- trators that their class schedules written on the number 2 card would not work. Now, a computer printout tells you the same thing. NEW ORLEANS Whether it ' s for a football weekend, a formal, or just to party. New Orleans definitely was a must trip for Ole Miss students. It made no difference if you ate at McDonald ' s or Galatories. or stayed at the Marnot or the Holiday Inn, if you were from Ole Miss you still had fun and were hoarse from singing " Dixie " and yelling Hotty Toddy all night long in Pat O ' Brien ' s. : e OXFORD - - All University of Mississippi students become unofficial residents of Oxford. For four years they live, study, and play here, and some even work in the city. Students become attached to the town and its peo- ple so much that when it comes time to graduate, many will miss Oxford just as much as the University. OLD FASHIONED That ' s the way Ole Miss is. Tradition runs through everything at the University from clothes to sports to academics. Students become close friends and realize that their parents and perhaps even their grand- parents were friends in college, too. Older landmarks are becoming offices and computer centers and astroturf covers Hemingway ' s field. Ole Miss sees changes and different faces but it ' s still the same Ole Miss. PEP RALLY Even though the Rebels had a losing foot- ball season, the fans really never gave up. Every week, students religiously screamed and hollered at pep rallies, including the surprise rally held on a Monday, hoping to fire up the Rebels and inspire them to victory. Or was it that they just wanted to win the spirit award over the other groups at the rallies? PARKING Parking is a problem at Ole Miss, especially at night. Education parking lots, behind the Coliseum, and near Kincannon, are some of the favorite spots for moonlight necking. Parking with your date is embarrass- ing in itself, but it really is bad when you pull into your favorite hide-away only to find your roommate got there first. QUICK Quick stores are the late-night place to see and be seen. Any night from about 1 1 :00 until sometimes 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., you can meet all your friends there after dates (or breaking from studying) to enjoy a late snack of fried chicken, potato logs, and a soft drink or milk. The next day, for some reason, many folks seem to have attacks of acne. QUOTA In 1978, the engineering school planned a quota system to limit their enrollment of foreign students. Public opinion resulted in the repeal of the proposed quota soon after its announcement. In a perhaps related incident, Dean of Engineering Karl Brenkert resigned. IHANI e 33 ROOMMATE In college, there is a peculiar thing called a roommate. Besides being the person in the other bunk bed of the room, the roomie becomes a companion, a confidant, and a very close friend. Upon graduation, you will remember many fond things about Ole Miss and especially the person you lived, fought, and shared with your roommate. RUSH - - For a hectic week in the fall, Greeks shake hands with, talk to, and generally try to " snow " potential members. Rush, as it is affectionately called, is exactly that. Six days of " parties " finally culminate in bid day when the rushees choose the brothers and sisters they will have for the rest of their life. STARCH --At Ole Miss, virtually everything except underwear is starched. Button down shirts, painter ' s pants, and khaki trousers all receive the " cardboard treatment " once a week or more at the local cleaning establishment. The wonderful thing about starched clothes is that they stay pressed for at least fifteen min- utes after you put them on. SLOAN Expectations for the 1978 football season reached a fever pitch when the athletic department named Steve Sloan as the new head coach. Pulling ir such high school recruits as John Fourcade, Sloar immediately went to work re-building the team. Anc although Sloan ' s first year only showed a 5-6 record, Ole Miss can ' t wait for the fall of 1 979. 34 Colonel ' s Code TRAFFIC No matter where you lived, there were no places to park nearby. Inner campus was restricted to student cars until late in the afternoon. UPD lurked around every corner, moving in fast to write a ticket and zipping off again to harass more students. The traffic appeals board had dozens of customers to plead their cases each week. And more cars are expected on cam- pus next year. TENURE In 1978, tenure requirements for teachers became a heated issue. Student demonstrations and petitions attempted to call the administration ' s attention to the problem. But. at the end of the school year. Toby Wallace and Dr. Charles Wade, two rallying points of stu- dent interest, were still terminated. The student voice once again fell on deaf ears. Colonels Code 35 Forever protecting Ole Miss and its people, the University Police Department stands guard over campus twenty-four hours a day. From performing such vital ser- vices as writing parking tickets to directing traffic on foot- ball weekends, the UPD is ever ready to serve. So remember, next time you ' re in trouble on campus, call a cop. i 53,61 HI MISSISSIPPI M I 36 -Colonels Code VENDING MACHINES Vending machines were located all over campus in dorms, office buildings, and near classrooms. These contraptions sold sandwiches, snacks, and desserts, but mainly soft drinks After the student searched for the correct change, eventually found it, and punched it in the machine, he received his food and drink, but only after five kicks and one good shove on the machine. I i 121:1 II " i n- RIAL STADIUM WINNERS Ole Miss has always had a winning spirit. This year an Ole Miss alumnus, Thad Cochran, was elected to the U.S. Senate. An Ole Miss girl, Cheri Brown, won Miss Mississippi. But the sweetest victory of all for Ole Miss came on November 25, 1978, in Jackson, Mis- sissippi, when the Rebels beat the Rednecks. XEROX Whenever notes are lacking or there is only one copy of an old test, then poof! there is a magi- cal machine that creates two where there was one. This wonderful device, called the xerox, has saved many a student from total disaster near test time. It also provides great entertainment for those times when you are bored. For instance, it makes great black and white pictures of your profile or your hand. The most amazing thing is that entertainment and salvation come cheap at only five cents a page. YOUTH Break wild you ' re only young once! Memo- ries made now will be with you forever. Remember that the next time you have a choice between studying ahead or partying with friends. Who can be serious these days when you have so much youthful exuberance? Be young, be foolish, but be happy because today is the first day of the rest of your college life. 38 Colonel ' s Cede ZOO In precollege, there are trained observers who watch for wild freshmen males. Those " animals " are cat- alogued and filed away by a computer. When dorm assignments are made, this list of crazy people is proc- essed and rooms are passed out to them in one block. Believe it or not, this list of wild, idiotic freshmen becomes the bulk of the residents of Twin Towers Dormi- tory, more commonly known as " The Zoc Colonels Code 39 A Sharp Turn in Mississippi Politics To paraphrase Dr. David Sansing, professor of history at Ole Miss and a scholar on Mississippi ' s political history, it is very seldom that we get to see history changing around us and at the same time be aware of that change. History usually is seen changing in a slow curving man- ner sharp turns are rare. For Mississippians, one such sharp turn was the Civil War; another was the 1978 cam- paign for the U.S. Senate. The first Republican electedlo the Senate from Missis- sippi in 100 years is indicative of two things. First is the increasing acceptance of Republican candidates. Thad Cochran has proved definitely that a Republican can compete and win against a Democrat in Mississippi. The " Solid South " shows signs of breaking. Second, the November 7th results are indicative of the importance to Mississippians of " on-the-job experience " so to speak. Cochran ' s six years in the U.S. House of Representatives were an invaluable campaign asset. While Mississippians hate Congress, they tend to like their own Congressmen. Nineteen seventy-eight was also a year of historic change for blacks. Fayette Mayor Charles Evers, a former civil rights activist, garnered 23 percent of the vote on November 7; a showing that exceeded the wildest projec- tions of political analysts. Evers will go down in history, however, not as the black that came close, but as the first black candidate to have his candidacy accepted. There were no demonstrations or protests at Evers ' rallies, no Klan reprisals. He accom- plished something no other black candidate has in Mis- sissippi. He put together a credible and serious campaign against two other white candidates and minimized the race issue. Evers did this not just as a black, but as an independent. The most subtle historic change seen in 1978, however, is in the personalities of the candidates. Take away the party distinctions and incumbency factor and there is not that much difference in Thad Cochran and Maurice Dan- tin. This may be the biggest difference of all in 1978 and previous election years. The 1978 Senate elections, even discounting the Repub- lican victory and credible black candidacy may mark the end of an era. 40 Mississippi Politics ince the 1890 Constitution was drafted Mississippi has ot so much been a one-party state (Democrat) as a " no- arty " state that is, one based on powerful personali- es. Personalities fell into two classes the " Bourbon ristocracy " and the " Rednecks. " he Bourbons hailed mainly from the rich black soil ounties and the Delta, the Rednecks from the northern countries, the coast and the extreme southern coun- es. he aristocrats were truly what their name implies. They re internationalists, respected by their colleagues and epended upon by their chief executives; they were, in very sense of the word, " statesmen " . he rednecks were respected in a different way. They re colorful, out-spoken, sometimes ridiculed (a dan- erous thing to do), and they were respected not so iuch for their genteel statesmanship as for their ruth- issly wielded power. Dnly Mississippi could be capable of loving and admiring oth classes of personalities. These were the men who elded candidates for other offices they took the place f parties and made Mississippi unique.) had Cochran and Maurice Dantin can be classed nei- ler as members of the Bourbon aristocracy or as red- ecks. They are the new breed the good ole boys of country club set. They are the type of men who eceive the city ' s outstanding citizen of the year award. lenceforth the candidates elected in the role of the old tereotypes will be the exception rather than the rule. Jliff Finch may well have been a " last hurrah " . harles Evers figures into this formula, too. He came :loser in his campaign to a Bilbo-esque figure than any other candidate. He combined capitalist elitism with a populist flare in the same way Bilbo did. He captured Bil- bo ' s ability for speaking to the crowds. He, and others like him, cannot be discounted in the future; but they will tend to be what they are in other states the independ- ent candidates who have to depend on personality for lack of party affiliation. This may all be speaking too soon. The mood of the state as indicated in the 1978 elections seems to be toward party politics, even though Mississippians will still proudly proclaim that they consider the man and not the party. The Democratic Party can ' t afford to remain split into Bourbon and Redneck camps; they will begin to consoli- date. The Republicians on the other hand will not be able to continue to count on support from whichever disen- chanted group defeated in the Democrat ' s primary; they will have to woo members away from the Democrats and build up their own ranks. When this happens candidates will be offered by the party and not by the personal patronage of one powerful senator or the other. In 1978 the first Republican in 100 years was elected to the U.S. Senate; the first really serious threat ever was mounted by a black independent candidate; and a new era of party politics was entered into laying to rest per- haps a colorful and unique way of political life. Mike Austin Tom Wicker Mississippi PoilllCS 4 With Me Pit The i l 2 Oifco Dancing Going to places like the new Library Disco in Oxford or Flannigan ' s in Memphis, disco dancing filled stu- dents nights and weekends with fun and laughter. In addition to a new way of dancing, disco-mania cre- ated a world of lighted dance floors and sleek fash- ions. Movina in rhythm to the music, disco let dancers cre- ate their own movements to the beat of rock ' n roll. Some followed in John Travolta ' s footsteps and many took lessons from student Steve Valentine to keep up with the latest steps. Doco Dancng - Clothes Craze Women ' s fashions were sometimes mistaken for men ' s. Suits with pencil-legged pants and skinny ties topped with stylish hats were popu- lar with the coeds. Spike heels came back into popular fashion this year as a much needed accessory. Vests appeared over dresses, skirts, or pants. The newest craze tight-legged jeans with rolled up cuffs were worn by both guys and girls, but the old reliable khakis, button down- collared shirts, and Izods never left us. The disco scene brought in satin pants and silk shirts and skirts as a climax for the overall soft and silky look of 1978-79. Campus Politics Going door to door in the dorms, eating at a different fra- ternity or sorority house each meal, and holding rallies. What did all of these have in common? They were thing s you had to do if you were a candidate in a campus elec- tion and wanted to win. Printing up flyers to be put up on every bulletin board on campus and name tags to be worn by your supporters was usually the first step. i THE LABORS Of LOVE = A MUSICAL ME) DDRAMA . MtttH I] J UN id ROIL BOOM RUSTY TLflKER Hfcb BEEN WORKING 1 R YOU OF v . 46 Campus Politics L I .. .. ' . PAUL HOWELL EDITOR- DBILY MISSISSIPPI ON UTZEN RESIDENT Word of mouth was the best way to win votes, but you also held rallies, campaigned from room to room, and sometimes even had a singing group to perform your song at the houses or at rallies. But all of this was only preliminary. On election day, you had supporters to stand outside of each polling place holding signs for you. And, of course, after the votes were all in, you celebrated with those who backed you. After it was all over, you might have asked yourself if it was worth it; would you do it all over again? You ' d better believe it! Campus Politics 47 48 Parties : .- , Parties at Ole Miss ranged from Kappa Sigma ' s South Seas to KA ' s Old South. Newsweek rec- ognized Ole Miss for its toga parties, identifying us even more with the characters from the pop- ular movie " Animal House. " Halloween was a fitting time for costume par- ties, with " Star Wars " characters tricking and treating along with the traditional witches, ghosts, and goblins. SAE ' S Patty Murphy, ATO hat swaps, and Phi Tau ' s Wild West offered other opportunities to wear creative outfits. Twin Towers Casino Night and the Order of Omega Champagne Social gave s tudents a break from the routine as did pajama and " famous couple " swaps. At Ole Miss, any time is the right time for a party, but parties that were built on a theme were the best. ' - : ' m P! IK Parties 49 Lazy Days Although schoolwork and activities took up a lot of the student ' s time, he still managed to budget a little free time to relax and recreate. During the late spring and early fall, picnicked and sunbathed at Sardis, many stopping at the county line on the way for some cold refreshment. Others relaxed while watching intramural games or even participating in them. Dating a steady or partying with friends were also high on the list of favorite pastimes. 50 Free Time _ Perhaps the best form of relaxation was doing nothing. Hanging around the house, going for a ride with the T- tops off, checking the mail, goofing off, and taking a walk were popular things to do since they required little or no effort. Many more tinkered with their cars, listened to stereo, read a magazine, or watched TV. The worst thing about R and R (rest and relaxation) was that, sooner or later, it ended and we had to hit the books once more. i ,T U ' 3s- . ' J ! .+l Free Time 51 Study Guides 52 Studying As competition increases for higher GPA ' s, many stu- dents find themselves in deep trouble because they have never learned how to study. Here are a few well-tested methods that have worked for previous Ole Miss stu- dents. If your method has been unsuccessful, try one of the below: (1) The typical, old-fashioned method. You know, the one your parents always want you to use. You sit at a desk or table, usually with total silence in the room, and bury yourself in books. (2) Group-studying at the library. This is when you get together with friends in your classes and see if you can figure the course out by putting everyone ' s pieces of knowledge together. Of course, after a while, the two girls at the end of the table are gossiping about the great new guy in their English class and the guys at the other end are eyeing the " fox " that just walked in. Well, they ' re still studying; only the subject matter changed. (3) Cramming. This goes on in those 10 or 15 minutes between classes. You have usually had a rough night and this is your only chance to study. You spend every spare second trying to memorize your notes. Warning: This method is not for everyone. (4) Magical Transfer method. This is a complicated process. You begin by getting in a comfortable position usually lying down on your bed or in the grove on a pretty day. Then you place your book somewhere close to your head for example, covering your face and the knowledge is transferred magically into your brain. Of course, deep concentration is necessary. (5) Brown-nose method. This is not actually a study method but a method to avoid studying. There are many different ways to get on your teacher ' s good side. It always helps if your parents just bought their house from his brother. But, if nothing like this happens to fit your sit- uation, try volunteering for anything and everything, always knowing the right answer, offering to grade papers, etc. The list could go on and on. Be original! Most of these methods are highly successful. Just pick the one or ones that are most suitable to your needs. Improvements can be seen within days. Satisfaction guaranteed. Studying S3 Put on a happy face Happy Hour as one of the best aspects of college life Of course. e e r r - r " ' - owr Particular reason for participating Some ol the ratter ones ere Caj I just r, :0 r r o jg ' a major test a r r : ee ' " -. C6 ebratmg fb; I just bombed a major test and feel like drowning my sor- ro r, fc; I jusl checked my mail and my folks sent money 1 (r}j It s my birthday ' fej It ' s Be Kind to Animals Week: ff) I e got a date for this eekend Cgj I don ' t have a date for this weekend Chj It ' s cheaper now dj It ' s Friday 1 ( ) I ' ve had a hango er all day long Chj If your favorite reason hasn ' t been listed please write it in here: Happy Hour 55 ifJ t t ' ! ' k " H1 llW$y sj i i $ -.. . IK- ft L ' V. x 58 Spotlight ENTERTAINMENT PERSONALITIES ATHLETICS SPOTLIGHT Entertainment Buster Turner Editor Beth Ginn Assistant Editor DIXIE WEEK PAGEANTS SPEAKERS ARTIST SERIES UNION ACTIVITIES BLACK AFFAIRS CONCERTS THEATRE FALL FESTIVAL HOMECOMING " Dixie is alive and well at Ole Miss, " especially during Dixie Week. From start to finish of the week, Ole Miss students turned out en masse, " Staying Alive " and enjoying the varied activities ranging from bands and games in the grove, to barbeque dinners and ice cream, to shrimp and beer at Sardis. Without a doubt, Dixie Week proved to be a high point of the year, offering something for just about everybody. 1 ,1am Si -- Grove eli ht Grove Competition " Ohio Players ' 5DAY ' irove MONDAY (lames in the Grove Son fest Fulton Cha| el Movie Ni ht in Grove TUKSDAY Games in the (j FRIDAY Shrim|)and ow " inGrovi 64 Dixie Week [ xie Week 65 L lin L JZiLLU j Miss University Pam Hague First Alternate Cheri Brown Second Alternate Cheryl Stewart Third Alternate Diana Day Fourth Alternate Laura Koski ArTi W Kftlf 66 Pageants Most Beautiful Lisa Brown First Alternate Judy Bickerstaff Second Alternate Phoebe Kelly Third Alternate Susan Bailess Fourth Alternate Jamie Moor Dr. David Matthews .68 Speakers The Candidates Speak Speakers 69 . SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY Commencement exercises May 15, 1978 70 Speakers WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY ODK Mortar Board Speakers Forum November 30, 1978 Speakers 71 1 ARTIST SERIES February 3 Ensemble for Early Music March 2 Paul Schenly March 28 William Windom THURBER II April 15 Miller Williams 72 Artitt Srim October 3 Daniel Heifetz, violinist October 31 The World of Jelly Roll Morton November 20 James Dick, pianist December 5 Atlanta Ballet January 26 The Canadian Opera Co. Artist S ri 73 74 Union Activities UNION ACT IV IT The expression " catch you around the grill " took on an extremely new meaning to the new Ole Miss student as he experienced the variety of programs and activities offered by the Ole Miss Union. Through the efforts of the Union Program Council, students were provided with not only a place to casually meet with friends, but also the opportunity to enjoy fashion shows, art exhibitions, noted speakers, popular movies, and even such special events as Casino Night and the Dating Game. The Union was also the headquarters for community service projects, blood drives, and fund-raising activities. Variety was indeed the magic word. for within the Ole Miss Union occurred everything from the earth-shaking decisions of the ASB to the zany hysteria of the Gong Show. Variety, indeed the Ole Miss Union provided something for everybody. Union Activities 75 78 Black Student Union Harlem Globetrotters 79 80 Concerts 8 i j - OHIO PLAYERS 82 Concerts Snow Mac Mcanally Concerts 83 ' ! J johnMtaMon Of Mice and Men March 9, 1O 11 8 p.m. Fulton Chapl June 22, 23 24 Fulton Chapel 8 p.m 86 Theatre August C- Cnaael B c Aoaptefl t , Jonn Guare and Mel Shapiro Lyrics by John Guare Muse by Gall MacOetmot Based on the play by Wifcam Shakespeare July 13-14-15 Fulton Chapel 8 p.m 90 Fall Festival FALL F Fail Festival 9 1 ALMA MATER Way down South in Mississippi There ' s a spot that ever calls; Where among the hills enfolded Stand old Alma Mater ' s halls. Where the trees lift high their branches To the whispering Southern breeze; There Ole Miss is calling, calling To our hearts ' fond memories. k 92 Homecoming Homecoming 93 Personalities Lacey Ross Editor Martha Smithson Assistant Editor COLONEL REBEL AND MISS OLE MISS FAVORITES MISS MISSISSIPPI MISS UNIVERSITY MOST BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIES HOMECOMING QUEEN HOMECOMING COURT BEST DRESSED MAID OF COTTON COLONEL REBEL MISS OLE MISS SHEILA EVANS CHUCK WALKER The 1978 Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss elec- tion proved to be unique when the first write-in candidate and non-M Club member stole the highly coveted titles. After meeting Sheila Evans, one can easily see that her sincerity and optimistic outlook shine through eveything. A native of Vicksburg, her hope is to major in Secondary Education and someday teach chemistry and biology. Sheila ' s outgoing personality has involved her in various campus activities. She has served as the co- chairman of Chapel Fund building committf- ASB Executive Secretary, Ole Miss Ambassad and on the Committee of 100. Also an asset her sorority, Kappa Delta, Sheila was nam campus Model Pledge her freshman year a later served as Chaplain and as Assistant Pled Trainer. Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 1977-78 Campus Favorite, and Rho Lambda are among her many honors. Although spare time is scarce for Sheila, she enjoys spending it with people. Her favorite pastimes are talking with her three sisters wt- also attend Ole Miss and spending time wi friends on campus or older friends in Oxford. B most important to Sheila is her love for Christian books, inspirational music, and helping others. Chuck Walker broke a tradition here at Ole Mis when he received the title of Colonel Rebel this year. It was the first time since the 1950 ' s that a non-athlete has won this election. After meeting Chuck and seeing his various activities it is easy to see why he was able to achieve this gor ' Coming from Paducah, Kentucky, Chuck hi become involved on campus as the Director School Spirit, chairman of the Refrigerator Rer als Committee, and also with the board of dire tors of the Student Loan Service. Chuck ma ages his time well between his Accountant major and his duties as head cheerleader, member of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Chuck ' honors have gained him recognition in both OOI and the Order of Omega. His interests in ne developments in accounting and the economy have led him to be elected President of Beta Alpha Psi Accounting honorary. When Chuck finds spare time he enjoys dressing up. eating out, listening to his stereo, and most of all, going to bed early. 96 Cotoo R t and MM Oto MM ftVORITE iSflN ANDERSON- SMITH Majoring in Psychology which ties in perfectly with her outside interests, Susan, a senior from Vicksburg. enjoys working with the physically and mentally handicapped and talking to people in gen- eral. Susan has served the Ole Miss student body as an ASB Executive Secretary, Vice President of Lambda Sigma, and Union Program Council Chair- person. Her musical talents, which include singing, playing the guitar, the piano, the clarinet, and the saxophone, have enabled her to participate in the Ole Miss Marching and Symphonic Bands and the Ole Miss Jazz Band. In her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, she has held the offices of both Activities and Scholarship Chairman. In her free time Susan likes to cook and watch old classical movies Susan ' s varied interests and involvements characterize her as one of Ole Miss ' s campus favorites. quick friendly smile and dynamic personality char :terize favorite Kathryn Becker, a junior from Jack- in, Mississippi majoring in Fashion Merchandising ithryn is a member of the Committee of 82 and her jshman year was selected Model Pledge by her ii Omega sorority sisters. Meeting new people, gymnastics, and football are some of her favorite pastimes. She has a greater opportunity to enjoy these things because she has been a Varsity Cheer- leader for two years. Kathryn likes snow-skiing in ' ;pen, Breckinridge. and Vail, and when she has e chance, she likes to ride horses, preferably bareback. Confessing a weakness for midnight snacks, Kathryn has been known to haunt Shop- Rite at late hours. Talking to people is another favor- ite hobby, and she takes advantage of every oppor- tunity for Christian fellowship by attending College Life and Jimmy Turner Bible studies. These outside interests and qualities blend together perfectly mak- ing Kathryn the favorite that she is. KATHRVN BECKER FflVORITE HVORITE SUSAN DEMENT ASB Secretary Susan Dement, a Kappa Kappa Gamma from Sikeston, Missouri, is a camera bug and an antique jewelry collector. An Elementary Education major, she finds that her most enjoyable summers were those she spent as a camp counse- lor working with children. Campus activities com- peting for time in Susan ' s busy schedule include Ole Miss Ambassadors, Committee of 100, and Kappa Alpha Little Sisters. A member of Lambda Sigma, she also manages to serve her sorority sis- ters as their Public Relations officer. Susan loves the outdoors and her favorite sports are swimming, canoeing, snow skiing, and water skiing. From love of groumet foods and antique furniture to an active life in politics and student government, Kathy is involved with a kaleidoscope of people. ASB Vice President, Campus Senator, Ambassador, and Committee of 82 member, Kathy is a Political Science and English major. She has been recog- nized by Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Mor- tar Board, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, and the Hall of Fame. Cruising down frat row is a favorite pastime of this Delta Gamma from Columbus. While being an active participant in intramural sports. Kathy also enjoys partying with her friends. Cute, blonde, blue-eyed Kathy is indeed special to all who know her. KflTHV FERGUSON FAVORITE Mi wm M 1 HVDRIT DUE LIVINGSTON ross the Mississippi River from Lake Village. ansas comes another favorite. Julie Livingston, petite 5 ' 2 " blonde with flashing blue eyes. Julie is ascribed by her friends as energetic and outgoing, ilch is emphasized by her many activities on cam- js, such as secretary of Lambda Sigma. Rho imbda. and President of the SAE Little Sisters of a This busy little gal has found time to hold the office of Party Chairman and Rush-Chairman of her sosonty, Delta Delta Delta. Not to be neglected in the warm summer days is her favorite sport ater skiing. Julie ' s flair for working with underprivi- ged children will only increase her success with er major in Biology and Secondary Education. Knowing Julie, it ' s easy to see why she was chosen a campus favorite. Although it ' s been rumored that her first two words re " Hoddy Toddy. " the truth is that Patti Poole been a Rebel backer from birth. Oxford is proud to claim this twenty-one year old senior as their own. A sparkling smile and friendly " hello " for everyone, Patti is majoring in Urban Administration. This perky grey-eyed blonde has assisted her Chi Omega sisters as Activities Chairman. She has been on the Dixie Week committee and Rebel Recruiting team. Patti was also honored her junior year when she was selected as a 1977 Homecoming maid. Her favorite pastime is attending Ole Miss football games, and naturally her favorite season is fall. Patti likes to cook and experiment with food although she readily admits she doesn ' t always eat what she cooks. Her bubbling personality and happy nature work together making her a favorite of everyone. PATTI POOLE FAVORITE F vontos 99 LEISHfl PRflTHER Being with her Christian friends to study God ' s Word is what sophomore Leisha enjoys the most. She also loves children and in fact, centers her Communicative Disorders major around them. Lei- sha ' s other favorite pastimes include any kind of outdoor activities such as snow skiing, water skiing, and swimming. She is working at learning to play the guitar, but admits that when the weather gets better she would much rather be out in the grove meeting people A member of Kappa Delta Sorority, Leisha is presently serving as Chaplain. She was also elected to the Campus Senate her freshman year and is now a member of Lambda Sigma and the Committee of 100. Leisha spends a large amount of her time serv- ing as Varsity Cheerleader for the Ole Miss Rebels. She still manages to make time to be an active Sigma Chi Little Sister and is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta Between her various activities and bubbling personality, it is easy to see why Lei- sha is an Ole Miss favorite r Pi Beta Phi Sorority was proud to sponsor Melanie as a campus favorite Melanie, a junior from Jack- son, is majoring in Public Administration. Actively involved on campus, she has served as President of Lambda Sigma, Chairman of the Ticket Policy Com- mittee, and Elections Commissioner. Outstanding also in her sorority, she was selected Model Pledge her freshman year and chosen for Rho Lambda dur- ing her junior year. This vivacious gal who is never still a minute is the President-elect of Panhellenic In her free time, she loves to teach swimming lessons, jog, and scuba dive Problems to Melanie are a chal- lenge and she enjoys the sense of accomplishment gained when she works them out Melanie ' s outgo- ing and friendly nature are known by all. MELflNIE WALKER FAVORITE 1 k 100 Favorites I FflVORITE HMVWEBB 1977 Homecoming Queen, Amy. a native of Selmer, Tennessee, is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and a senior Elementary Education major A Rebe- lette for four years, she has also been ATO Sweet- heart and an Army ROTC Sponsor. Membership in Lambda Sigma, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, and Kappa Delta Pi Education honorary all reflect Amy ' s high scholastic achievements. Studying doesn ' t consume all of her time, however. This auburn-haired brown-eyed miss is an avid sports fan, devoted especially to football. She loves to relax in front of a large fire while it snows outside, and she ' d rather be with members of her family than anyone else. When it comes to trying out different foods, Amy is daring and brave. Her hobbies include dancing, needlepoint, exercising. and playing the piano and flute. Amy ' s many friends and acquaintances agree that she deserves the honor of being an Ole Miss campus favorite. Enterprising, efficient, industrious, and just plain fun to be around these are the distinguishing traits that make Kathy everyone ' s choice for favorite. Kathy is intrigued by rules and by-laws, an obvious fact when one looks at her involvement with the Senate and ASB. Also contending for her time are activities such as Committee of 82, AWS Treasurer, Fraternity Little Sister, and New Dorm Judicial Council. Receiving the Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Award was only the beginning of Kathy ' s scholastic achievements which were culminated by her mem- bership into ODK and Mortar Board. The President of Phi Mu Sorority enjoys playing Rook and back- gammon. Another favorite pastime is getting a group of friends together and driving until a new destination is reached. KflTW WILLIAMS FAVORITE MISS MISSISSIPPI CHEW BROWN Crowned Miss Oxford, Cheri Brown was bestowed the title of Miss Mississippi in July. However, honors did not stop here for the 1978 Ole Miss Most Beautiful. At t he Miss America Pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she walked away with the Pre- liminary Swimsuit Award. Always at ease on stage, Cheri ' s talents have been recognized in previous years. Mississippi ' s Junior Miss in 1975, she went on to become Miss Meridian and in the top ten in the state Miss Hospitality Pageant. On campus Cheri ' s activities include membership in DDK, Mortar Board, Sigma Alpha lota, and Lambda Sigma. A Music Education major and native of Meridian, she has been a soloist for The Group. U.M. Modeling Board, Chi Psi Little Sister and Sweetheart, and Pike Calendar Girl are also among Cheri ' s many acclaims. 102 Miss Mississippi Ole Miss was honored to have as Miss University, Pam Hague, who placed in the top ten at the state pageant in Vicksburg. A Voice Education major from Petal, Pam had been chosen Miss Hinds Jr. College in 1976. President of SAI, a music honorary, Pam has performed in the University ' s musical productions, " Don Corlos, " " H.M.S. Pinafore, " and " Guys and Dolls. " Other than music, this raven haired beauty enjoys running, tennis, and different types of sports. A Beta Little Sister, Pam ' s bright, cheer- ful personality assist her in meeting people easily. PflMHfleUE MISS UNIVERSITY Miss University 103 MOST BEAUTIFUL LISA BROWN The 1978 Parade of Beauties Pageant turned out to be a very exciting event for Delta Gamma freshman Lisa Brown. Coming from Tupelo, Mis- sissippi, Lisa is especially interested in all sorts of dancing. She studied toe and also tap dancing for eleven years before coming to Ole Miss. However, Lisa ' s real love lies in disco dancing. Her talents also extend into acting where she was chosen for Mississippi ' s Best Actress Award her senior year in high school. The honey-colored blonde enjoys spending her time buying clothes, playing the piano, and analyzing music. Lisa describes herself as being an all-time backgammon fanatic who loves being involved in sports such as volleyball, water skiing, and softball. After being at Ole Miss for only a year, Lisa has already been involved in several organizations. She was chosen to serve on the Mod- eling Board and also on the AWS Women ' s Week Committee. Lisa is an active Kappa Alpha Little Sister and songleader of her pledge class. 104 Most Beautiful Most Beautiful 1 0S BEAUT? JUDV BICKERSWF A real beauty from the Deep South, Judy Bickerstaff, a nineteen year old sophomore from Jackson, Mississippi, and a member of Chi Omega Sorority has decided to major in Elementary Education because she loves watching and listening to children. Judy ' s poise and smooth style have enabled her to serve the University Modeling Board for two years and have ranked her as a Top Ten Best Dressed. Judy is also a Pike Calendar Girl and is currently the 1978- 79 Miss Mississippi World. Although it may be hard to believe, one of Judy ' s favorite pastimes is eating her moth- er ' s famous peach cobbler. She enjoys going to College Life because of the fellowship it provides and the opportu- nity to talk to people. Judy also needlepoints very well, her favorite type being counted cross stitch. Sincerity and a genuine concern for others exemplify a beautiful nature as well as a beautiful face. 106 Beauties An eyecatcher since her freshman year, Phoebe ' s senior year was climaxed when she was selected an Ole Miss Beauty. Her striking red hair and sapphire blue eyes set her apart in a crowd. Phoebe, better known as " D. C. Kel- ley " to her close friends, was selected as National Pike Calendar Girl, and has been a Top Ten Beauty and Best Dressed coed in previous years. Phoebe has also served on the University of Mississippi Modeling Board. Her acting ability, demonstrated by her leading role in the University production of " Star Spangled Girl, " is why this Sweetheart of Sigma Chi is majoring in Theatre. Phoebe confesses to be a true junk food junkie, and admits macaroni and cheese, along with chocolate milk, to be two of her favorite treats. Phoebe loves Ole Miss, but her favorite place on campus is the Law School. Delta Delta Delta is proud to have sponsored Phoebe in the Parade of Beauties Pag- eant. PHOEBE KELLEV BEAUT? Beauties 107 BEAUTY JAMIE MOOR A future financial wiz and native of Greenwood, Jamie ' s petite 5 ' 2 " frame is no indication of the vivacious personal- ity within. She has shown outstanding leadership in many different facets of university life. Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Financier ' s Club, and sorority Treasurer are but a few of the things she is involved in. A devoted fra- ternity little sister and member of Angel Flight are also top priorities in this busy girl ' s life. Horseback riding, back- gammon, and playing the piano claim Jamie ' s free moments and Saturday afternoons. Delta Delta Delta is honored to present Jamie Moor as a beauty from the inside out. 1 08 Beauties Coming from a large family of Vicksburg beauties, brown- eyed Susan Bailess enjoys visiting with her many nephews and nieces. This played an important part in her decision to major in Elementary Education. Susan also takes great pleasure in sewing, needlepoint, and cooking, but her favorite hobby is watching Ole Miss baseball games. Occupied with campus activities such as Angel Flight, Treasurer of Student National Education Association, Committee of 82. Rebel Recruiter. SAE Little Sister and Chi Omega House President, Susan still finds time to give tender loving care to her plants. SUSAN BfllLESS BEAUT? Beauties 109 BLENDfl SPRINGFIELD " Looking in another direction, " the Ole Miss student body elected Glenda Springfield to represent them as Homecoming Queen for 1978. This brown-eyed bru- nette Physical Education major was well known, how- ever, before her previous political victory. The Lady Rebel, who has started every collegiate game, was selected as a member of the Kodak All-Region Team, and named Most Valuable Player in 1978. Glenda is a member of the FCA, M-Club, and 1 000 Point Club. Dur- ing the summer she likes to run cross country in Hamil- ton, her hometown. Playing tennis and water skiing are other activities Glenda enjoys. 110 HOMECOMING OUEE HOME- COMING COURT Freshman Maids Amy DeQuesnay and Jeni Stone; Sophomore Maids Pam Cain and Lau- rie Sheahan; Junior Maids Teresa Boutwell and Patti Nixon; Senior Maids Rinda Maples and Molly McLeod. Homecoming Court 111 LUCV RICE The Best Dressed Coed Pageant, sponsored by Women in Communications, came to its crowning point when Lucy Rice received the title. A senior Business major and native of Webb, Lucy manages to fill her time with more than just fash- ion. Mortar Board, SAE Little Sister, and Co-Captain of the University of Mississippi Modeling Board are just a few of the activities that keep this graceful, well-groomed miss on the run. A campus beauty last year, Lucy was also honored when she was selected as second alternate in the 1976 Miss Missis- sippi Pageant. Her dark brown eyes sparkle at the thought of a free moment, during which she enjoys catching up on the nation ' s best sellers. Chi Omega is proud to present Lucy Rice as Best Dressed Coed of 1978 i . MAID OF COTTON SUZANNE SNIPES The year 1979 holds exciting adventure for this brown-eyed beauty from Greenville as she travels over the United States and other parts of the wor representing the cotton industry. A member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Suzanne ' s warm personality will win her many new friends during h as the 1979 Maid of Cotton. UwdofCoOon 113 A . V (6 V ' f j, " . Athletics Matt Lusco Baseball Editor Rob Heard Assistant Editor Kay Wiles Football and Basketball Editor John Dowdle Assistant Editor FOOTBALL MEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS BASEBALL MEN ' S TENNIS WOMEN ' S TENNIS VOLLEYBALL GOLF SOCCER RUGBY SCORES MCLUB MEMPHIS STATE OLE MISS Steve Sloan and the Red arid Blue began their 1978 campaign by defeating Memphis State 14-7 in Mississippi Memorial Stadium in Jackson. The season opener was witnessed by 47, 535 fans. Bobby Garner quarterbacked the Rebs and completed all of his first eleven passes, tieing a 1947 record set by Charlie Conerly. Ole Miss preserved Sloan ' s record of never having lost an opening game. SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI OLE MISS The USM Golden Eagles were tarnished by Ole Miss in Mississippi Memorial Stadium 16-13, This hard fought victory boasted DM s record to 2-1 The game became heated when Southern ' s Mystery Player (reportedly an Eagle sophomore), came off the USM bench to prevent a Reb touchdown late in the fourth quarter USM was awarded a fifteen yard penalty for their effort, setting up a Hoppy Langley field goal. With less than two minutes left. Jon Fabris made a critical interception at the Ole Miss 22 to help the Rebs out, and four plays later, a Langley field goal of 29 yards clinched the O ' r Miss win with 14 second left OLE MISS SOUTH CAROLINA Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, S.C., provided the setting for a heart-breaking loss to the South Carolina Game- cocks, 18-17. With 30 seconds left, the Rebels had a win assured with a 1 7-1 lead. An 80 yard completed pass for a Gamecock touchdown closed the score to only a one point lead for the Rebels. South Caro- lina completed a two point con- version with nine seconds left to assure the Gamecocks of an unbelievable 18-17 victory over Ole Miss. 118 Football OLE MISS L.S.U. V t . OLE MISS MISSOURI The Ole Miss Rebels travelled to Fayrst Field in Columbia, Missouri, to face the Mizzou Tigers. With the score tied 14-14 at the half, this one-sided Missouri victory saw the Rebs come up on the short end 45-14. Bobby Garner scored both Reb touchdowns. In a regionally televised con- test from Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Ole Miss lost to bitter rival LSU, 30-8. The Rebel score was the first since 1 972 in Tiger Stadium. Ole Miss scored after John Johnson blocked an LSU field goal attempt in the fourth quarter. Roy Coleman passed to Willie Foster for a 45 yard touch- down run with 1:44 left in the game. Coleman found Leon Perry in the end zone for the two point conversion. Jim Miller had two kicks of 61 yards, but an average of 46.4 on a total of eight for the day. FoottMN 1H OLE MISS GEORGIA The Johnny Rebs travelled to Athens, Georgia, only to be humiliated by the Bulldogs, 42-3. This game saw the entrance of heralded freshman John Fourcade and ended the red shirt rumor. UM ' s only score was a Hoppy Langley field goal in the first quarter of play. OLE MISS KENTUCKY The biggest crowd ever to watch an Ole Miss game in Oxford; 38,209, witnessed a 24-27 Homecoming loss to the Wildcats of Kentucky. John Fourcade guided the Rebels to a 1 0-0 lead in the first quarter. The Rebels third quarter slump of only 4 yards in nine plays proved deadly. Ole Miss attempted a comeback late in the game. With 41 second left, a Coleman-to-Garner pass got Ole Miss to the Wildcat 25, but a fumbled pass at the Kentucky 14 ended hopes of a Homecoming victory. OLE MISS AT VANDY Playing Vanderbilt at Dudley Field, the Rebels ruined the Cor modores Homecoming with a 35-10 SEC win. This game prov to be one of Ole Miss ' best offensive displays with 463 yards, 398 on the ground. The game turned around in the second period fol- lowing a 9 play, 61 yard drive capped by a Fourcade touchdown from the one. The Rebels coasted from there and took complete control of the game. 122 Football At rl OLE MISS AT TENNESSEE t I, ' , - v v , ' - The Tennessee Volunteers disposed of Ole Miss 41-17 in Knoxville. The Rebels lost their 17-7 halftime lead, the first score on a 13 yard run by Freddie Williams. Hoppy Langley added a 17 yard field goal in the second quarter and John Fourcade made the third and last score for the day on an 1 1 yard run. The game was penalty ridden, and Ole Miss was penalized six times for 85 yards, compared to the Vols 11 for 137 yards. The Rebels drop- ped to 4-6 with the Tennessee loss. UNIVERSITY MISSISSIPPI OLE MISS VS TULANE The Rebels defeated the Green Wave of Tulane in Oxford 13-3. Ole Miss rolled up 401 yards in total offenses, but tallied only one touchdown. That score was a 16 yard pass from Fourcade to Cur- tis Weathers early in the first quarter. The other six points came from two field goals of 51 and 20 yards by Hoppy Langley. 124 Football . ns -. m bB OLE MISS VS. MISSISSIPPI STATE Ole Miss ended the season with its biggest win of the year over arch-rival Mississippi State, 27-7. Ole Miss jumped to a 1 7-0 halftime lead behind Fourcade ' s second toss of the year, a Langley field goal, and a five yard run by Leon Perry. The Rebs added another field goal and a final score with only minutes remaining to defeat the Bulldogs for the first time since 1975. John Fourcade ' s 67 yard touchdown pass to senior Les Kimbrough was the longest of the season. Ole Miss picked off three State passes, and Hoppy Langley tied Steve Lavinghouse ' s record for field goals in a season. The Golden Egg was returned for its rightful home, and the Bulldogs tractored back to Starkpatch in humiliation. l=2flfl fllMs ' l ? gr, I I i " . m _ -1 1 n I . = S 1 - ? co 2 E i 5 t 126 Football ' 978 OLE MISS COACHES Head Coach Steve Sloan. L to R: Leroy Mullms. George Maclntyre, " ommy Limbaugh, Paul Crane, Mike Pope, Romeo Crennel, John Cropp, Bill Canty, Tom Goode, iddie Crawford, David Lee, Tony Misita, and John Daggett. MANAGERS Back Row, L to R: Wayne Abies, Bob (Blair) Bane, Kip Brewer, Sheridan Maiden, Gary Brandon, Donnie Kisner. Front Row: Forest Phillips, Tank Conerly, John Daggett, Ronnie Brandon. TRAINERS Danny Smith, Don Walker, Scott Arata, Tim Huff, Lorn Carstons, Leroy Mullms Head Trainer, Sammy Duncan, Chuck Leggett, Robby Grider. Football 127 w Wen s Basketball BASKET REBEL BALL 1 32 _ Men s Basketball " Who in the Hell Are We? " A long asked question about the Ole Miss Rebel basketball team finally began to develop positive answers in the 1978-79 season. Although late in this season, the Ole Miss cagers were ranked low in the SEC slate, it was obvious to the fans, the opposition, and the press that the Mississippi Rebels had become alive. Credit for the new success was due to third-year Coach Bob Weltlich ' s rigorous program and the undying players ' teamwork. IS ' - nil r M A ' i A 9 A i 1978-1 979 Headliners " Injuries Plague Opening Season " Returning starter Henry Jackson was benched along with teammate Scott Field due to pre-season injuries. " Rebs Reach Tourney Finals " Ole Miss defeated Loyola, Chicago, 83-75 in the Illinois State Tournament and then fell to the host team 76-72 in the finals. " Rebels Minus Four " Early in the season, the Rebels lost four cagers Senior starter Kim Benson, Junior Bob Patterson, sophomore Norman Miller, and injured freshman Lane Shoup. " Baby Rebels Mature Quickly " Freshman Sean Tuohy, Tim Thomas, Richard Hamilton, and Stanley Malcolm began their Rebel roundball career serving as starters in at least one game. It was not uncommon for three freshmen to be on the court at one time. " Stroud Breaks Humphrey Coliseum (Miss. St.) Record " Top SEC scorer, Rebel John Stroud, gave the Mississippi State fans quite a show as he scored 42 dynamic points on the Bulldog court. " Warda Power, Warda Power " Substitute Tom Warda created commotion each time he appeared on the court. His defensive aggressiveness and his sometimes outstanding shots, brought the fans to their feet yelling " Warda Power, Warda Power . . . " " Danver Power, Danver Power " Rebel roundball fans thank the Ole Miss basketball team for holding the Florida Gators to 45 points. For this defensive effort, Denver ' s, a local restaurant, exchanged a free hamburger, french fries, and soft drink for the game ticket stub, as advertised each home game on the back of the program. " Ole Miss wins Two on the Road " Coach Bob Weltlich ' s 1978-79 Rebels broke a three year SEC on-the- road losing streak. Back to back, the Rebel cagers slipped by the Tennessee Vols 65-64 and shot past the Georgia Bulldogs 82-63. " Freshman Sean Tuohy leads SEC Assists " Dribbling the ball down the court, Tuohy seemed to find his man. The freshman standout ' s quick eyes and hands directed passes to favorite shooter s John Stroud, and Elston Turner. Tuohy racked up a record breaking 12 assists in one game. " John Stroud Sets SEC Scoring Pace " The remarkable forward John Stroud, a junior from West Union, Mississippi, spell-bounded SEC teams and fans with his near 25 point average per game. Defensively, Stroud managed to pull down an average of 1 rebounds per game. " Goodbye, Henry! " Crowd favorite, Senior Henry Jackson, leaves the Rebels holding the Ole Miss accumulated assist record. The 5 ' 1 1 " point guard never failed to bring the fans from their seats. Aggressive and quick Henry Jackson will be a great loss. Copy by Diane JuOson . I MISS Sealed. From Left: Student manager Donnie Fuller, Equipment Manager. John Daggett, Henry Walker. Scott Field. Chris Barrett. Elston Turner. James Ivy. Tom Warda. Stanley Malcolm. Sean Tuohy. Trainer, Leroy Mullins. and Assistant Trainer Tim Garl Back Row: Athletic Director Warner Alford. Head Coach Bob Weltlich. Assistant Coach Ronnie Robinson. Ncrman Miller, Tim Thomas. Kim Benson. Bob Patterson, Lana Shoup. John Stroud, Richard Hamilton. Assistant Coach Eddie Oran and Assistant Coach Mike Hanks. 134 Men s Basketball Men s Basketball 135 8 ,- fr Ws. " fc_ -4 Mi5 ' A + i i J V -. BASKE ptr mm_ t P BALL 138 Women ' s Basketball Ill OLE MISS LADY REBELS The Lady Rebel basketball squad continued its winning tradition and new coach Van Chancellor intro- duced the most competitive team yet to Ole Miss. Before the annual went to press, the Lady Rebs defeated Delta State for the third straight year making them the only team to ever accom- plish that. That victory put the Ole Miss record at 22-6, by far the best in the program ' s short history. Delta State has now lost four times to Mississippi schools and three of those losses were to Ole Miss. But that was not the only bright spot in the season. Ole Miss was invited to the prestigious Orange Bowl Classic in Miami with five other Top 20 teams and the Lady Rebels captured the title of the Bulldog Clas- sic over six other SEC teams for the second straight year. Some of the most satisfying victo- ries of the season in addition to Delta were beating Jackson State on their campus, giving Memphis State its worst loss in three years and defeat- ing Mississippi State for the 16th con- secutive time against no losses. Individual honors weren ' t rare for Lady Rebel ' s either. Senior Connie Winstead transferred for her senior year and made a permanent mark. She was awarded All-Tournament honors at the Tennessee Tech Tour- nament and Bulldog Clasic. Sophomore Carol Ross proved to be the gem she was thought to be and she sparkled enough in the Bull- dog Classic to earn All-Tournament and win a starting assignment. As usual Peggie Gillom proved to be unstoppable to most opponents. She was the Most Valuable Player in the Tennessee Tech Tournament and selected as one of three regional finalists for the Wade Trophy an award for basketball player of the year. But the Lady Rebels system is not built on a star system. Chancellor keeps his players happy and his opponents weary by constant substi- tution. Glenda Springfield, last year ' s MVP, moved to point guard and broke the school record for assists. Two tough freshmen, Kris Stratton and Risa Turton, played extensively in every game and ended up in the top five scorers. Along with Winstead and Spring- field, the Lady Rebels will be missing Terri Shores, a top point guard, and Jeanie Loyd, one of the team ' s best defensive players. But the personable Chancellor is sure to draw more top talent from the high school ranks and the Lady Rebs have shown they are a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Ole Miss enjoys a 12-game winning streak at home and Chancellor has promised to bring in the toughest opponents he can find for next year to provide the home crowd more excitement with the always competi- tive Ole Miss Lady Rebels. Copy by George Peareon Women s Basketball 139 140 Women s Basketball Wonwn s BcskattMM 142 Women ' s Basketball 1 978-79 BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right, Front Row: Terri Shores, Jeanie Loyd, Cathy Casteel, Carol Ross Glenda Springfield, Cheryl Miller, Wanda Austin, Renee Ratland. Middle Row: Jan Bar- nett Kris Stratton, Betsy O ' Connor, Lane Lockard, Peggie Gillom, Connie Winstead, Risa Turton. Back Row: Coach Rick Walker, Coach Van Chancellor, Trainer Gretchen Schlabach, SID George Pearson, Manager Rita Dailey. Assistant Trainer Becky Swords. I .-; ' Women s Basketball 143 Rebel Cheerleaders The Ole Miss Cheerleaders form quite a winning team. Not only do they inspire the Rebels of all sports to victory, but are consistent winners at cheerleader camp. This year they were awarded the District Award for Sideline Chants as well as the Spirit Stick. In an accomplishment that brings much honor to the entire University, they were among the International Cheerleading Foundation ' s Top Twenty cheerleading squads. Such a nomination qualified them for further competition that climaxed with them being in the top five cheerleading squads in the nation. These five squads appeared on national television this past spring. 144 Cheerleaders ABOVE: OLE MISS CHEERLEADERS Bottom Row: Mark Porter, John Frazier Head Cheer- leader, Renee Windsor, Eric Eilerstein, Sam Martin. Top Row: Angelyn Atkins, Katheryn Becker, Scott Elliott, Leisha Prather, Suzanne Chaney. TOP LEFT: Steve Page Colonel Rebel. Cheerleaders 145 What Happened To Two In A Row 1978 slumped into only a " fair " year for Ole Miss base- ball. The previous spring, the Rebels of the diamond had given the University its first taste of SEC gold in more years than anyone cares to remember. Coach Jake Gibbs had most of that same edition of " Big Sticks " returning and accordingly the fans packed Swayze Field in record numbers to see the Rebels do it again. The ensuing season was an enigma indeed. The team always seemed to be just a half step away from playing the magic they had in the previous year. The Rebels roared to an 11-2 start, justifying their role as preseason favorites in the conference. Included in this span was 3-0 series against L.S.U., complete with a 27-7 slapping dealt to the Bayou Boys at Swayze Field. However, the next fifteen games were not quite as kind to the team. Mistakes, maladies, and miscellaneous problems whittled the slate to 15-13 going into the sea- son ' s latter half. At this point, when it appeared that the Rebels were about to rally, inconsistency returned to color their play. Such performances as a 22-1 rout of Southern Missis- sippi and a 3-0 series against Mississippi State were overshadowed by a pair of dismal 1-2 series against L.S.U. and Delta State. Lingering hopes of nailing an SEC playoff berth were dashed when Auburn edged Ole Miss to ice their West- ern Division title and send the Rebs home for the dura- tion of spring ' 78. Baseball ' 47 The 78 Rebs took the field with umbrellas in hand, as spring monsoons brought the season opener dangerously close to being the conference opener. The floods did abate long enough, however, for the Rebels to sweep a pair from Livingston before venturing into conference warfare at Starkville. Ole Miss survived the " beer garden " abuse of the state col- lege crew, but could only sal- vage one victory from the series. Nonconference opponents Delta State and Arkansas at Lit- tle Rock folded, to yield the Rebels four more victories prior to the sweep of L.S.U. Ole Miss had fattened their margin to 13-4 going into the contest with the Crimson Tide. But, the aroused ' Bama Boys took two of the three decisions. 148 Baseball The Rebels, called to face two nationally-ranked Tiger teams, promptly choked in the clutch. Mem- phis State outslugged Ole Miss to seal two victories, while the Tigers of Ole Mizzou dumped the Rebs handily in a Memphis encounter. In need of conference victories, Ole Miss hosted all the fans ' favorite Dom Fucci and his Auburn War Eagles. The Rebel guns opened up to ice the opener, but Ole Miss errors and an Auburn explosion sealed the fate of the next two con- tests. Baseball 149 The Rebels coalesced and played their own brand of baseball when State came to town. The long line of tractors began winding their way home early as power hitting and excellent fielding dumped the dogs three straight times to knock them from their division lead. Inconsistency reared its head once more after that triumph. Play- ing like they belonged in the upper education field league, the Rebels dropped four contests to L.S.U. and Delta State. ' SO Baseball In a " must " series with Alabama, the Rebels fought back from a defeat in the opener to snatch the final two games. But it took SEC champion-to-be Auburn to sideline the scrappy Rebs and end an up and down 27-21 season. aseoa, RIGHT: CATCHERS Kneeling: Bart Boykin Standing: Gary Pickering. BELOW INFIELDERS Left to Right: Cliff Ford. Jackie Spencer, Mike Pomeranz. Mark Carmichael, Mike Summerlm. Marty McDermott. David Strang. RIGHT: PITCHERS Seated: Russ Davis. Toby Turner, Randy Coleman. Rory Ferrell. Standing: Johnny Adams. Mark Buys. Jeff Calhoun. Jay Purvis, Rick Zibilich. Coach Larry Wil- liams 1 : LEFT OUTFIELDERS Left to Right Mark Clark. Mike Templeton. Joe Rizzo. Ronnie Russell, Johnny Mims. Rusty Lamphere OLE MISS BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Donnie Kisner. Jackie Spencer. Marty McDermott. David Strang. Cliff Ford. Mike Summerlin. Mark Carmichael. Bart Boykin, Johnny Mims. Second Row: Don Walker. Mark Clark, Mike Templeton. Gary Pickering, Joe Rizzo. Rick Zibilich. Jeff Calhoun. Johnny Adams. Rusty Lamphere, Chip Robertson Third Row: Coach Jake Gibbs, Ronnie Russell, Russ Davis, Rory Ferrell. Mike Pomeranz. Randy Coleman. Jay Purvis, Toby Turner, Mark Buys. Coach Larry Williams. Baseball 153 MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM Left to Right, First Row: Skip Singleton, Eric Umsted, Bob Barnes, Joel Mulkins. Second Row: Madan Suri, Skip Golfard, Kirk Farquhar, David Shepard. Back Row: Head Coach, Russel Blair. Not Pictured: Bruce Bollman, Rich Pollara. During the spring of 1978, the Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis team participated in the S.E.C. Indoor, Big Gold, and S.E.C. tourna- ment. They were first in the Mississippi Inter Collegiate Tournament. The Rebels were tied for 7th place in the Southeastern Conference with Kentucky. Bruce Bollman won the 5 singles in the S.E.C., the first time Ole Miss has won a singles spot at the S.E.C. tournament. In the Fall of 1978, they won the Shorter Invitational Tournament in Rome, Georgia. The Red and Blue also had several other wins, including a 9-0 shut-out over Mill- saps, a victory over Memphis State, and a thrashing of Delta State in Duel matches. 1 54 Mens Tennis MensTennts i 156 Women sTennis Left to Right. First Row Ramona Kent. Catherine Yelverton. Renee Periera, T C Dean Second Row: Russell Blair: Head Coach, Susan McMurray, Kasey Hughes, Susan Roberts, and Cathi Cannuti. The Lady Rebels will have a hard time surpassing last spring ' s record. They won a record number of matches, their first tournament and first State Championship. Winning ten straight last Fall with a 23-6 record, Ole Miss won the Ten- nessee at Martin tourney over fifteen other teams, taking six doubles and singles titles. At Mississippi State, they added the State crown, winning individual titles and all but the =1 singles and doubles. Later in Oxford, at the Regionals, Ole Miss barely missed a bid to the Nationals, coming in fifth. ; Tenn s 157 1 978 OLE MISS VOLLEYBALL TEAM 1978 Ole Miss Volleyball Team L to R: Gretchen Schlabach Trainer Linda Walker Manager 15 Trisha Eastburn 23 Lisa Connor 12 KimMcFall 21 Frances Hicks 30 Mary Esslinger 11 Linda Connor 32 Nancy Esslinger 20 Estelle Hyde 14 KathyKephart 31 Cathy Casteel 24 Lori Woodward 25 Betsy O ' Connor Jeanne Taylor Volleyball Coach Gina Jacobellis The 1978 Ole Miss Volleyball Team had an outstanding season. The team won the State Volleyball Tournament and was runner up in the Regional Tournament. Also, the team competed in the National Volleyball Tournament for a 1-4 record at nationals. Their overall record for all games, including the nationals, was 39 wins to only 9 losses. Cathy Casteel and Trisha Eastburn were named to the All- Region Volleyball Team. 158 Volleyball MEN ' S GOLF root Row, Left to Right Max.e Cupit Assistant Coach John Lang, Chip Sammons, Bill Woodbury, Tom Loveless. Second Row, Lett to Right Coach ton Fruge, Steve Winkel , Kirtc Morgan, Rick Kies, David Bailey. Kenny Bell. Brent Albertson. Last Spring, under the direction of coach Don Fruge, the golf team participated in the Seminole classic, the Southern Collegiate, and S.E.C. tournaments. In the fall of 1978, the Rebels came in fifth in the Southern Mississippi Invitational, md second in the Mississippi Intercollegiate. Maxi Cupit led the team, placing second in the Southern Invitational and hird in the Intercollegiate Tournament. .. . , The Ole Miss Soccer team, coached by Mike Fenster, ended their 1 978 season with a 5-1 -2 record. They were ranked 3rd in the state out of ten teams in the Mississippi Soccer Associa- tions ratings. Ole Miss Soccer Team 1978 John Marks Paul Gilbert Matt Heider Kelly McGinnis Shazad Essapoor Craig Merkeson Al Aljallad Mike Fenster Head Coach Manuel Ledezma Bo Buehler Kammal Mortada Bill Beard Bob Borrownow Paul Albert MikeGNlis Mike Morrison Daddy Emereum Rhett Amick 160 Soccer Ole Miss Rugby Team Kneeling L to R: Standing L to R: Ted Rumky Tom Hendry Kevin Mask Dale Moore Bill Williams Doug Deweese Jeff Roberson Gene Rodgers Al Lance Henry Roop President Don Williams Ernie Moody Denise Reynolds Art Matson Mark Beech Aurelius Sofia John Roberts Richard Shilling John Nelson Mike Pruitt This year the Ole Miss Rugby Team won the Mississippi State Champion- ship. They finished their fall season with a 6-1 record then went on to com- pete in the Mardi Gras Tournament and the Space City Tournament. OLE MISS RUGBY TEAM 1978 RESULTS OM14, Mem. St. 7 Missouri 45, OM 14 OM 16, So. Miss. 13 Georgia 42, OM 3 Ky. 24, OM17 So. Car. 18, OM 17 OM35, VandylO LSU 30, OM 8 OM 13, Tulane 3 Tenn.41,OM17 OM 27, Miss. St. 7 ATTENDANCE 47,535 60,287 42,756 58,800 38,290 50,226 25,043 73,120 28,580 83,210 47,012 Football WOMEN ' S TENNIS Spring 1978 W SE Missouri 9-0 W M.U.W. 6-3 L LS.U 0-9 W Louisiana Tech 9-0 W Northwestern St. 9-0 W Purdue 8-1 W Austin Peay 9-0 W South Alabama 5-4 L South Florida 0-9 L Rollins 2-7 L Florida 1-8 L NE Louisiana 2-7 W Memphis State 9-0 W Mississippi St. 9-0 W Auburn 6-3 W Vanderbilt 8-1 W MTSU 9-0 W Alabama 5-4 W South Alabama 9-0 L Miami 0-9 Tournaments Tennessee at Martin Invitational First Place A.I.A.W. Tournament First Place Region Three Tournament Fifth Place Fall 1979 W Murray State 7-2 W Kentucky 5-4 W Austin Peay 9-0 W Memphis State 8-1 W South Alabama 6-3 W Southern Miss. 9-0 W Millsaps 9-0 W MU.W 9-0 W Mississippi State 8-1 L L.S.U. 0-9 L Florida State 3-6 MEN ' S TENNIS Spring 1 978 W Memphis State 1-8 W U A.L.R. 6-3 W Millsaps 9-0 L Vanderbilt 2-7 W S.E. Missouri 9-0 W Delta State 9-0 W U.S.M 9-0 W Arkansas State 9-0 W Austin Peay 8-1 W South Alabama 8-1 L Florida State 4-5 W Seminole College 5-4 L South Florida 1-8 L Florida Tech 2-7 L Florida 0-9 L Auburn 4-5 W U.A.L.R. 6-3 L Kentucky 2-7 W Eastern Kentucky 7-2 L Tennessee 1-8 W Mississippi State 6-3 L LS.U. 2-7 L Memphis State 3-6 W Belhaven 5-4 W Delta State 9-0 W Mississippi State 7-2 L Alabama 3-6 L Belhaven 4-5 W Millsaps 9-0 Tournaments SEC Indoor 9th Millsaps Indoor 3rd Big Gold Tourney 7th SEC Tourney Tied for 7th with Kentucky Mississippi Intercollegiate 1st Fall 1979 W Delia State 8-1 W Delta State 8-1 Winner Shorter College Fall Invitational Tourney W Memphis State 5-4 W Millsaps 7-2 BASEBALL Spring 1978 tLivingston tLivingston Mississippi State fMississippi State {Mississippi State -Delta State tDelta State tArk.-Little Rock tArk.-Little Rock tLSU tLSU LSU tMiddle Tennessee tMiddle Tennessee tMiddle Tennessee tMiddle Tennessee Indiana State tAlabama t Alabama Alabama tMemphis State tMemphis State Missouri tAuburn tAuburn Auburn (H) 4-3 (7) (H) 8-1 (7) e (A) 8-6 (9) e (A) 3-10 (7) e (A) 4-8 (7) (A) 4-1 (7) (A) 4-2 (7) (H) 7-5 (7) (H) 5-1 (7) (H) 3-2 (7) (H) 2-1 (7) (H) 27-7 (9) see (H) 11-5 (7) see (H) 4-6 (7) ;ee (H) 1-4 (7) ;ee (H) 12-11 (7) (H) 8-5 (9) (A) 2-3 (7) (A) 4-3 (9) (A) 2-5 (9) (H) 5-8 (7) (H) 5-9 (7) (H-Mem.) 2-7 (9) (H) 8-3 (7) (H) 5-6 (7) (H) 6-11 (9) tArkansas State (A) 1-6 (7) tArkansas State (A) 5-7 (7) Tulane (H-Jackson) 12-0 (9) Tulane (H-Jackson) 6-5 (9) tSouthern Miss. (H) 2-1 (7) tSouthern Miss. (H) 22-1 (7) Memphis State (A) 1-4 (9) tMiss. State (H) 12-2 (7) tMiss. State (H) 5-4 (7) Miss. State (H) 8-4 (9) tDelta State (H) 8-10 (7) tDelta State (H) 6-8 (7) tLSU (A) 2-3 (7) tLSU (A) 5-6 (11) LSU (A) 5-4 (9) tSouthern Miss. (A) 3-1 (7) tSouthern Miss. (A) 6-3 (7) tAlabama (H) 6-8 (7) tAlabama (H) 5-4 (7) Alabama (H) 11-6 (9) tAuburn (A) 1-3 (7) tAuburn (A) 0-1 (7) Tennis Baseball MEN NC-Charlotte 68, Ole Miss 57 Ole Miss 100, Bowling Green 78 Ole Miss 82. Ala-Birmingham 77 (OT) Ole Miss 70, Nebraska 67 Arkansas 67, Ole Miss 66 Ole Miss 83. Loyola, Chi. 75 Illinois St. 76. Ole Miss 72 Ole Miss 92. Memphis St 89 c- Tennessee 72. Ole Miss 67 c-Vanderbilt 92. Ole Miss 70 c-Kentucky 90. Ole Miss 64 c-Miss St. 1 01 . Ole Miss 92 (2OT) c-Ole Miss 77. Auburn 62 c-Ole Miss 58. Florida 45 C-LSU70, Ole Miss 69 (OT) c-Georgia 59, Ole Miss 53 c-Ole Miss 65. Tennessee 64 c-Ole Miss 82, Georgia 63 Vanderbilt66. Ole Miss 58 Kentucky 87, Ole Miss 82 Alabama 83. Ole Miss 73 Auburn 56. Ole Miss 54 (2 OT) Ole Miss 67, Florida 65 LSU 67, Ole Miss 62 Miss State 68, Ole Miss 64 Ole Miss 89, Alabama 80 Kentucky 82. Ole Miss 77 WOMEN OM VS W 102 Union University (H) W 87 Belhaven (H) W 94 Mississippi Valley (A) Tournament Tennessee Tech 78 Pittsburgh W s 84 South Carolina W 105 Blue Mountain (H) W(OT)97 Jackson State (A) L 92 Mercer (A) W 107 Auburn (A) S MUW Christmas Tournament W " 68 Middle Tennessee 66 Stephen F Austin W ; 87 Ohio State W 100 Tennessee Tech ' ' Orange Bowl Classic 79 Penn State L- 86 Delta State " Bulldog Classic 100 Alabama W 81 Mississippi State W 79 Mississippi State (A) L 66 Delta State (A) W 104 Memphis State (H) W 91 Mississippi Valley (H) W 80 Southern Mississippi (H) L 97 Memphis State (A) W 88 M.W.U.(H) W 56 Mississippi College (H) 1979 VOLLEYBALL Ole Miss Invitational OMdef Memphis State 15-10 15-5 OMdef. UT-Martin. 15-0 15-6 OMdef MUW 15-10 15-10 OM def Ark State 12-15.1 5-8. 1 5-5 Alabama def OM 15-13 9-15 15-10 OMdef MUW 15-2. 14-16. 15-9 OMdef Alabama 6-1 5 15-4. 16-1 4 (1st) MUW Invitational OMdef Auburn 15-11, 15-12 OMdef Berry 15-9. 15-3 OMdef Nicholls 16-14 Tulanedef OM 13-15, 15-10 15-1 OMdef Miss State 15-0 15-6 OM def Florida State 15-10,8-15.15-3 5-15. 15-11 OMdef Tulane5-15. 15-13 15-3 2-15 list) OM def Jackson State 15-1.15-3 UT-Martin Tournament OMdef Tenn Tech 15-2 15-7 OMdef Ark State 15-9. 15-10 OMdef S ' weste- OMdef UT-Martin 15-9, 15-13 OMdef Ark State 15-5 15- 10 fist) Florida State Invitational OMdef South Florida 16-18 15-7 15-6 Miami def. OM 6-1 5 15-10 15-4 N Carolina def OM 7-15. 15-10. 15-12 Memphis State Invitational OMdef SW Louisiana 15- ' OM def Tenn-Chattanooga OMdef Tuiane13-15. 15-7 OMdef Tenn Tech 15-3. 15-6 OMdef. Memphis State 15-13 12-1 OMdef LSU 15-13 12-15 ' OMdef MUW 10-15 6 15-2 Alabama Invitational OMdef Cincinnati 17-15. 15-7. 16-14 Florida State def OM5-15, 15-12 15-8 15-11 OMdef Alabama 16-14. 15-2 3-15 13- -5-13 MU.W. def OM 14-16. 15-7 OMdef MUW 15-0 15-2 15-11 Mississippi State Tournament OMdef Jackson State 15-1 2 15-9 OMdef MUW 10-15. 15-3 OMdef Miss State 15-9. 16-1 4 r AIAW Region III Tournament Florida def OM12-15, 13-15 OMdef Georgia 15 C OMdef Auburn 15-2. 15-12 OMdef Florida 15-8. 15-5 15-7 Florida State def OM (2nd) 12-15 15-10. 11-15.15-13,15-2 ' 1978- 79 GOLF Spmg 1978 ,:onal 20th Memphis State ' . ' ,. ssippi State-Delta State-U A L R Meet 2nd Junior-Senior Invitational ament Memphis State Match Southern Intercollegiate 23rd SEC 10th ' 978 USM Broadvvater Beach C ' . ' jjrnament Sth ' ' ercoilegiate ercoilegiate Golf Basketball Lady Rebel M-Club Mr 1978 LADY REBEL M-CLUB MEMBERS - Left to Right, Seated: Carol Ross, Cathy Casteel, Jan Barnett, Lori Wood- M VcT, 6 L Ck . ard ' eggy Gl " 01 " ' T ,; C Dean ' Nanc V Esslinger, Jeannie Lloyd. Standing: Terry Shores, Wanda Austin. x? n K ,? ' I 3 C nner ' Kathy Ke P hart ' Kim McFal1 - " - ' " da Conner, Frances Hicks, Linda Walker, Jeannie Taylor volleyball Coach. ' 64 Lady Rebel M-Club Swee tlfeart Becky Bowen 1978 M CLUB MEMBERS Left to Right, Seated: Theodis McNeal. James Jordan, Les Kimbrough,. Ronnie Russell President. Kneeling: Dan Cac- camo. Clay Erwin, Jon Fabris, George Cain, Don Walker, Hoppy Langley, Bart Boykin, Cliff Ford, Danny Fischer. Standing: Brian Moreland, Keith Kellum. Eddy Householder, Brian Neibuhr. Murray Whitaker, Tom Warda, Dennis Wat- kins, Mickey Thames Sergeantat-Arms. Jim Hawkins, Jim Lear, Bob Pat- terson, Bob Grefseng Vice President, John Peel, Don Kitchens, Mike Tem- pleton, Eric Smith, Toby Turner, Roger Gordon, Steve Jennings, Jeff Calhoun, Bill Denny, David Traxler Treasurer. Rebel M-Club CLUTTERED DESK THE WORK OF A GENIUS!! . . . : - . ADMINISTRATION GREEKS ASSOCIATIONS HONORS Leadership 16? Administration Lydia Prather Editor Cathy Wills Editor REBEL RACE GOVERNOR OF MISSISSIPPI BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHANCELLOR ADMINISTRATORS STUDENT PERSONNEL LIBERAL ARTS BUSINESS ENGINEERING EDUCATION MILITARY SCIENCE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCIENCE LAW PHARMACY MEDICINE DENTISTRY Late night snack ut vending ma-chine Break fist Lose4O t. Object of Game: To finish in 6 years or less, complete with sanity and the desire to move onward. Rated: HSG : " High School Graduates Onl Parking ticket. Go to box marked Box marked UPD (Lose, one turn.) Take date to EPL " to talk. " Lone, one turn. She reallv did! Are caught by UPD. Sadly pour out remains of cold beer. REBEL RACE major. Lose 100 hours. Go back Learned something. ' Go onto graduation. typical game played by typical Ole Miss people doing typical Ole Miss things. " Get " A Advance 3 spaces. Wait one tur (for no other reason than as tribute lo all abominable and irrationally worthless rul Must : Tom- To ' Compare contrast U ha hours in CLIFF FINCH GOVERNOR OF MISSISSIPPI 1 72 Governor ot Mississippi Dr. Verner S. Holmes, Presidehl Bobby L. Chain, Vice President Dr. E. E. Thrash, Secretary. Director Dr. Robert W. Harrison Charles C. Jacobs, Jr. John R. Lovelace Travis E. Parker Neal Denton Rogers, Jr. Betty Shemwell W. M. Shoemaker Boswell Stevens R.C. Cook Miriam Q. Simmons Betty A. Williams Board of Trustees 1 73 ancenor Fortune Interpreting the mission of the University to its internal and external publics is considered by Dr Porter L. For- tune, Jr. to be the most important responsibility of his role as Chancellor. Since assuming direction of the school in January of 1968. Dr. Fortune has seen Ole Miss undergo many changes. The unrest of the sixties gave way to a more positive approach to problems. This has led to fuller participation of all groups, especially students, in deci- sion-making. More specific changes include an end of Saturday classes and the adoption of the fast semester. Restric- tions placed on students seem to have relaxed. Chancel- lor Fortune recalls when students were required to live on campus, freshmen men were compelled to participate in ROTC, and rules governing life in the dormitories were more rigid. Fortune has also seen the rise of several new buildings on campus, but predicts that the future emphasis will be directed toward renovation of existing facilities. The Chancellor foresees more change in Ole Miss ' future. He feels that the enrollment will level off, more progress will be made toward eliminating discrimination against minorities and women, and academics will proba- bly be geared more toward basic and general education with a new emphasis on the health and environmental sciences. According to Fortune, service and research will play larger roles in the future. Though Fortune has seen many changes here and is confident that these will continue, some things never seem to change. Even the Chancellor had trouble with the registration process. Along with many Ole Miss stu- dents, Dr. Fortune recalls registration as one of the major problems encountered during college days. " The prob- lem still exists at the University of North Carolina, I ' m sure, and it still is a challenge at Ole Miss! " In his time Chancellor Fortune has seen, inspired, and instigated change; yet never has he allowed that tradition which is Ole Miss to be lost. Whether in a committee meeting attending the affairs of the University or at a pep rally urging the Rebs on, Fortune conveys the spirit of Ole Miss. This is the opportunity to work with people for the purposes of the University. 174 Chancellor - I " ,-, " I duties, including management of the office, composition and editing o " munications, consulting with Ch lor on issues and problems, plannin social events, handling the Chance lor ' s schedule, serving as liaison wit faculty, students, administrators, an alumni. " Ms. Leone King, Admi Assistant to the Chancellor. " I serve as executive assistant and advisor to the Chancellor by acting as liaison with faculty, staff, and students in matters requiring the attention of the Chancellor and assist in maintaining proper relationships with community, state, and national groups and organi- zations. " Mr. Robert S. Shaw, Execu- tive Assistant to the Chancellor. " The Vice Chancellor, as chief edu- cational officer, is responsible for directing the educational concerns of the University including the academic programs and all academic personnel. Under his jurisdiction are, in addition to all academic officers, the directors of ten special service units and the Preceptor of University Scholars. When so directed by the Chancellor, he will act as chief administrative offi- cer of the University. " Dr. Harvey S. " As at other universities, a 8,000,000 things are screwed up ii are a or another at Ole Miss. I 1 unscrew some of ' em. In my remaining time I direct the Summer Session, help as directed with the many duties of the Vice Chancellor, and serve as secretary to the demic Council. " Dr. Charles Ed Noyes, Associate Vice Chancello Assistant to the Vice Chancel advice on academic affairs matters relating to minority i represent the University at v egional and national confer- , and host black dignitaries who lur campus. As Director of " ing Development Center, I cc amate activities to help improve ba skills in English composition, matr i: 5, reading, and English as a sec- inguage. As Associate Professor ucation, I teach two graduate courses in educational admir _n. " Dr. Lucius Lee Willia istant to the Vice Chancello 1 76 Administrators rough its various departments, Division of Student Personnel is ponsible for all phases of student ife other than classroom work and inancial obligations to the University. The Dean of the Division of Student 1 onnel supervises the work of the i of Women, the Office of Admis- 5 and Records, the Registrar, and , Directors of Student Activities. Stu- nt Health Service, Counseling Cen- r, Residence Life, Placement, Police partment, Religious Life, Financial J, the Ole Miss Union, and the For- eign Student Advisor. " Dr. Franklin E. Moak, Dean of the Division of Student Personnel. The Associate Dean assists the Dean of the Division of Student Per- sonnel in the coordination and supervi- sion of the various departments within the Division . " Mr. Whitney D. Stuart, Associate Dean of Student Personnel. of Admissions Records: Provides information about the University ' s programs, admission standards, and enrollment standards to prospective and enrolled students; provides access and admission to those University programs which indi- viduals may be qualified to enter; pro- vides the best possible systems of col- lecting, maintaining, updating, secur- ing, and retrieving demographic and academic data on applicants and enrolled students. " Dr. Mamie B. Franks, Registrar. " The primary function of the Depart- ment of Dean of Women is to assist students especially women in making a wholesome adjustment to University Life, utilizing their abilities, and developing their potential. With women filling a wider variety of roles in society, opportunities for personal adjustment and leadership training are increasingly important. The Dean of Women counsels individuals and serves as advisor to several student organizations. " Dr. Joanna Hawks, Dean of Women. " The primary purpose of the Student Counseling Center is to provide vari- ous types of counseling service to stu- dents. Among the Counseling services available are personal, career, aca- demic, and study skills. The counse- lors are specially trained to help stu- dents with the normal problems col- lege students encounter during their formal education years. " Dr. Jamas L. " arson, Director ol the Student -- Canter. " The Office of Admission Records is the administrative un.. five distinct functions: Pre-admissions (admissions counseling and recruit- ing); Admissions (processing applica- tions for admission and material disse- mination); Registrar (registration and maintaining of student records); Pla ment (after graduation and summer j opportunities); and Financial Aid (pro- grams of assistance for college att - ance) " Dr. Kenneth Wooten, D " The primary responsibilities Office of the Bursar are billing an lection of accounts receivable and dent loans and disbursement of all checks written by the University, office also provides a check ca service for students, faculty, staff. " Mr. Robert W. Dowdy, Bum the responsibility of the Pur- _..g Department to conduct pur- asing functions in a manner which results in the greatest good for the uni- versity and which shall be accom- plished in accordance with ethical practices of the purchasing profes- sion. The Purchasing Department is organized to make purchase commit- ments in a business-like fashion and to foster public relations on the campus with suppliers and the general public. " Mr. Roger Lytes, Director of Purchas- ing. nternal Auditing is a managerial control, which functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of other control. The overall objectives of Internal Auditing is to assist all mem- bers of management in effective dis- charge of their responsibilities, by fur- nishing them with objective analysis, appraisal, recommendations, and tinent comments concerning the a ties reviewed. " Mr. Reed Davis, D tor of Auditing. " The Accou with the responsibility of maintain permanent record of all financial t actions of the University. This incl budgetary records for all acad and administrative department well as payroll records for faculty, and student employees. The o also processes the assessment o dent tuition and fees and assist Chancellor and the Comptroller i, preparation of the Annual budget. D. L. Russell, Director of Accou and Bu purpose of the Department of ial Aid is to provide the financial sources with which students may tend the University. This is accom- plished by awarding scholarships, grants, loans and jobs to students who make applications for financial aid and who demonstrate financial need. " Mr. dney Tate, Director of Financial Aid. " The Department of Placeme the University of Mississippi o assistance to graduating students alumni in finding suitable employ through companies and school terns. " Dr. Henry Frank Martin, tor of Placement. e primary functions of the tment of Religious Life are to encourage continued growth and development of character and high spiritual aspirations of students: To ful- fill these goals, the department pro- vides administrative and supportive services for the University ' s Religious Life Program which includes the Reli- gious Emphasis Speaker Series, the activities of denominational groups on campus, and the Committee of 100. " Dr. Polly Williams, Director of R " The responsibi lities charged to the Director of Student Activities include Advising and assisting student govern- ment in organization and implementa- tion of programs and projects; super- vising student organizations; adminis- tering the Student Activities Fund; directing the Student Orientation pro- gram; and maintaining the University calendar regarding public meetings, performances, and use of the auditori- ums and meeting places. " Dr. , " Jones, Jr., Director o Student " As Assistant Director of Student Activities, I have the responsibility of assisting Or Jones in the coordination of extra class activities that are so valu- able to the college student ' s total development. This can be a truly rewarding experience. " Mr. Thomas J. Reardon, Assistant Director of Student Activities. " The Office of Residence Life is sponsible for the well-being of stu- dents who reside in the residence halls, married student housing, and Westside Trailer Park. In addition, the advisor serves as Panhellenic advi- sor. " Dr. Judy Trott, Director of Res - danca Life. " The Associate Director of Resi- dence Life assists the Director in those matters pertaining to students housed on campus. The House Councils and Interdorm Council are parts of Resi- dent Life. " Mr. Charles Beene, Associ- of Residence Lite. The Personnel Office performs a staff function in personnel administra- tion for the University. Personnel poli- cies, procedures and services of this office affect every office and university employee on campus. Functions include processing appointments, employee relations, fringe benefits, and administration and maintenance of personnel records. " Dr. Bda Chain, Jr.. Director of Personnel. of the entire intercollegia letic program, both men ' s and en ' s. I work very closely with t! letic committee and report directly the Chancellor of the University. O goal is to continue a well-roi widely respected athletic pro " . Warner Alford, Director of versity Development is to acquire financial resources for all areas of the University of Mississippi. This office coordinates all fund-raising activities for the University and makes a con- certed effort to acquire funds through many varied programs. " Mr. Rufus Jones, Director of Development. through its alumni, especially through the Alumni Association. Organized to foster the bonds of affection and loy- alty between the University and its for- mer students, the Association serves to make the University sensitive to the needs of the state and to inform the state of the functions and services of the University. " Mr. William 8. Griffin, Director of Alumni Activities. Director is responsible for rail operation of the Union buildii e primary function of the Union is to design and conduct programs to meet the non-academic needs of small groups of Ole Miss students with simi- lar interests. " Mr. Bobby Towery, Director of the Oto Miss Union. " The Director of University Relations is charged with the duty of interpreting University policies and procedures in an effort to establish the best possible external and internal relations; keeping current information on State and Fed- eral legislation affecting higher educa- tion; representing the Chancellor on the Inter-Alumni Council; and adminis- tering certain specialized scholarship programs. " Dr. George Street, of University Relations. 180 Student Peraonnet " Basically, the Student Health Serv- ice substitutes for the family physician while the student is at school. The Stu- dent Health Service provides general medical outpatient and hospital care. The clinic is open from 9:00 am 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 9:00 am 12:00 noon on Saturday. Emergency care is available 24 hours per day. " A. Eugene Lee, M.D., Direc- tor of Student Health Services. " The Publications office is responsi- ble for overall publication of the four catalogs which comprise the Bulletin Series, admissions materials, tele- phone directory design, various Uni- versity posters, programs and bro- chures. Our purpose is to present the University ' s publications in an attrac- tive, accurate and unified manner reflecting the goals of the University. " Mr. Ed Moore, Director of University Publications. " The Plant Department is responsi- ble for all planning, construction, main- tenance, renovation and modifications of all University buildings. It operates utility systems, maintains grounds, streets, sidewalks, and parking facili- ties. It is also responsible for the oper- ation of the Airport, Golf Course. Fire Department. Civil Defense, special ser- vices for athletic events, concerts, all special functions, and special occa- sions. " Mr. John White, Director of the Physical Plant. " The Department of Food services is an auxiliary within the division of the Comptroller. Our primary responsibility is the preparation and dispensing of all food items sold on campus. The department presently consists of six major food service operations: Cafete- ria, Vending, Ole Miss Union Grill, Alumni House Snack Bar, Athletic Caf- eteria, and Concessions. " Mr. Ulmer Buttock, Jr., Director of Food Services. " The Director of Auxiliary Enter- prises is responsible for the coordina- tion of services offered by the Depart- ment of Food Services, Ole Miss Book- store. Purchasing, Printing Services. Telephone, Mail Service. Receiving, University Aircraft, and Property. The Director of Auxiliary Enterprises reports directly to the University Comp- troller. " Mr. Harold Haney, Director of Auxiliary Enterprise . Studtrt Pwsonn 1 81 College of Liberal Arts Established by four professors who composed the faculty of the University of Mississippi at its opening in 1 848, the Col- lege of Liberal Arts directed all under- graduate work for the first fifty-two years, making it the oldest, and currently the largest, division of the University. Liberal Arts continues to offer broad and com- prehensive courses of study in the humanities, the fine arts, and the biologi- cal, physical, and social sciences. More than thirty major fields of study can be taken under the direction of the school. Headed by Dean Gerald Walton, the Col- lege of Liberal Arts tries to establish foun- dations upon which students may later build careers. Specified courses are required for stu- dents in all majors, assuring the Liberal Arts graduate of exposure to varied disci- plines characteristic of an educated per- son. Dr. Gerald Walton Dean 182 Liberal Arts School of Business Administrative positions are the goals of those who undertake the curriculum of the School of Business Administration. Four departments direct programs which lead to the Bachelor of Business Adminis- tration degree. These programs provide the knowledge of basic skills necessary for encounters in today ' s business world. The faculty, under the direction of Dean Ben McNew, conducts classes in Conner Hall. This building contains numerous classrooms designed to facili- tate the discussion method of teaching. Field trips and visiting speakers supple- ment this instruction; while internships and case studies further enrich the cur- riculum. Dr. Ben McNew Dean Business 183 School of Engineering With the changing trends of technology, the School of Engineering focuses instruction on the concepts of the engineering sciences, rather than current development. Ole Miss prides itself in having the oldest engineering school in the state. A new degree offered this year is the four-year Bachelor of Engineer- ing. It is designed to give students who do not plan to practice engineer- ing professionally the chance to gain an understanding of the subject that will enhance their career objectives. Located in both Carrier Hall and Anderson Hall, the school is under the leadership of Dean Karl Brenkert, Jr. An Engineering experiment station is run by the department which serves to promote independent research and cooperate with industrial and engineering organizations in the inves- tigation and solution of technical problems. Dr. Karl Brenkert, Jr. Dean 184 Engineering Dr. Sylvester Moorhead Dean School of Education Although the preparation of quality school personnel is a key objective, it is 4ut one facet of the School of Education. Also offered are programs which prepare students for careers in interior design, clothing merchan- dising, and recreational leadership. Physical education and home eco- nomics are other departments within the school, along with the major programs of elementary and secondary education. Features which aid in learning development include an audio-visual library, conferences, and specialized research activities. An operational kindergarten, nursery school, and day care center provide future teachers with practical expe- rience. Led by Dean Sylvester Moorhead, the School of Education is continu- ally functioning to prepare school personnel and to promote the improve- ment of educational programs and facilities. - " V Education 185 ROTC The Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Mississippi encompass aerospace studies, military science, and naval science. Each department educates the student so that he may assume a position of leadership in his respective branch of the service. Admission into the programs is on a competitive basis. Through these programs students learn the fundamental concepts of the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps. The curriculum prepares stu- dents to serve as officers. Training also includes summer camp or, in the naval science program, a summer cruise. Completion of any of the four year programs can be used as a minor in the College of Liberal Arts. Upon the acquisition of a bachelor ' s degree, eligible candidates receive a commission from their branch of the service or its reserve component. Lt. Comm. David C. Ammons Army ROTC 186 ROTC . Capt. M. G. Smith Navy ROTC Col. Lloyd Woodman, Jr Force ROTC Graduate School Established in 1927, the Graduate School offers the opportunity for those already possessing a bachelor ' s degree to do more in-depth study into their cho- sen field. A faculty of approximately 370 qualified members direct graduate work. The school has programs leading to both master ' s and doctorate degrees in speci- fied fields. Organized research units, maintained by the University, provide resources for student investigation in addition to their thesis or dissertation research. The University designed the library with special attention to the requirements of graduate study. Ole Miss has conferred master ' s degrees upon some of its exceptional graduates since its opening in 1 848. 1 927 marks the grad- uate school ' s formal organization. Since then, the graduate programs have contin- ued to diversify and expand with the chal- lenges of the times. 1 88 Graduate School Dr. Ellis Tucker Director Graduate School of Library and Information Science Training graduate students to assume the position of professional librarians is the goal of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Library Science courses first appeared in the Ole Miss curricu- lum in 1929. The department then expanded to offer graduate work in 1954. Increased growth of the field prompted the establishment of a sep- arate graduate school in 1976. Prior to that year the School of Education conducted all library science studies. Students interested in the graduate program should pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree with a major in library science. School of Law Opening its doors for the first time this fall, the six million dollar University Law Center is functionally designed as a model law teaching facility. A special feature is the moot court area, containing components of a true court area. All moot trials are videotaped, and later viewed by the student participants and the instructor in a critique session. The Ole Miss School of Law offers three years of instruction in government and the legal process leading to the Juris Doctor degree. A diploma from the School of Law gives the holder the right to practice law in any court in the state without further examination. Dr. Parham Williams, Jr. Dean 190 Law School of Pharmacy Giving students the special education and training necessary for the practice of pharmacy, the Ole Miss School of Phar- macy is the only one in the state of Missis- sippi. The program offered by the school consists of two years of pre-pharmacy courses plus a three year professional course of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Doctor ' s and Mas- ter ' s of Science degrees are available in several specialized fields. Graduates from the school fill responsi- ble positions as community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, manufacturing pharmacists, analysts of pharmaceutical and food products, and professional service representatives for manufactur- ers of Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and medical products. The Bureau of Pharmaceutical Ser- vices at the School of Pharmacy serves the state by accumulating pharmaceuti- cal information and distributing it to phar- macists, pharmacies, wholesalers, health-related professional groups, and other persons associated with the drug industry. Dr. Wallace Guess Dean Pharmacy 191 Dr. Norman Nelson Dean Oldest of the four schools which com- prise the Jackson Medical Center, the University of Mississippi School of Medi- cine has conducted classes since 1903. The school itself pre-dates its Jackson location. 1955 marks the year which moved Ole Miss ' medical school from the Oxford campus to Jackson and into its newly completed complex. The University Hospital functions as an auxiliary of the school of Medicine with the hospital staff being appointed by the faculty of the school. Located throughout Mississippi are several affiliated hospitals. Admission to the school depends upon successful undergraduate study in a science-related field, one ' s performance on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and a personal interview. The school is accredited by both the American Medical Association and the Association of Medi- cal Colleges. School of Medicine 192 Medicine Enlarging the University of Mississippi Medical Center is a newly constructed ental education building. The School of Dentistry has admitted students since the ill of 1975, when its first class enrolled. One ' s college record, achievement on the ental Admissions Test, advisor recommendation, and a personal interview all play 3les in the competitive admission procedure. Although the school prefers its pro- ictive students to have a Bachelor ' s degree, a minimum of three years of college [reparation must be completed. The school confers the Doctor of Dental Medicine egree upon its first graduates in the Spring of 1979. It is accredited by the Council f Dental Education. Dr. Wallace V. Mann, Jr. Dean School of Dentistry Dentistry 193 Greeks r Mike Corso Editor Ann Fortenberry Editor PANHELLENIC 196 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 198 SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES 200 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Ole Miss Panhellenic strives to achieve a high plane of sorority life and intersorority relations as the governing body for the sororities on campus. This year ' s Council has done extremely well in working together and making decisions for the good of the whole Panhellenic. Along with conducting Formal Rush in the fall, Panhellenic established University of Mississippi Rho Lambda which recog- nizes outstanding sorority members. During the Spring, Panhel- lenic co-sponsors Greek Week with the Interfraternity Council. Panhellenic service projects included sponsoring the Dolphus Blackmon concert to donate money to the Chapel Fund, and also donating to the Oxford Head Start Christmas Program. The Panhellenic Council has contributed a great deal toward upholding the Ole Miss Greek System. Michelle McDonald 196 Panhellenic Council Alpha Omicron Pi Anne Dauennauer ranoa Cnamoenain Cndy Ferreii Ch " Onega Kaff f=- SHo : Jan jacks Panneikenic Roil President Susan Striding Vice President Molly Woodrutt Secretary Micneile McDonald Treasurer Becky Connor Delia Delia Delta Joanna Bass Kim Crawford Linda Biggers Delta Gamma Bern Denney Mar Lise Patterson Ann Parket Kappa Kappa Gamma Melane Tnpfen Susan Dement Hetmine McLarty Kappa Delta Mary Green MKjnon Clark Manna Srruthson P, Beta Pni Tina Kimtxougn Cirx Cnrestman Nancy Jones PmMu Enn SrwJeler Katny Williams Suzanne Uimer ZetaTau Alpha Diane Walker joanie Abernathy Susan GiUenwater Kappa Alpna Theta Karen Maiers Alpna Kappa Alpna Sherry Mannews Sharon Parks Delta Sigma Tneta Cassandra Neai Zeta Phi Beta Demetna Newsom Shannon Quinconi 14. Mary Green 23. Sharon Par Joanna Bass Becky Connor Kim Crawford Melanie Tnplett Hermme McLartz Tracy Eggar Joanie Abernathy Nancy Jones 1 5. Demetna Newsom 24 Jan Jacks 16 Michelle McDonald 1 7. Mary Lise Patterson 18. Ann Parker 19. P. K Russell 20. Be 25. Suzanne Ul 26 Susan Slnblii 27 Molly Woodr 28. Cmdi Chrest 29. Karen Maiers 30 -Kathy Williai Panhelienic Council 197 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The University of Mississippi Interfraternity Council is the central organization of the social fraternities on the Ole Miss Campus. Composed of two representatives from every fraternity, the IFC works toward bettering relations among Greeks. The purpose of the organization is to advance the better interests of the fraternities in connection with the general welfare of the student body as a whole. Another aspect of the IFC is its authority to exercise gov- ernmental control over fraternity action. The three major yearly projects of the IFC are the sponsoring of a Greek Week in the spring along with Panhellenic, publishing the IFC Rush Book, and conducting Formal Fraternity Rush Week in the fall. The IFC also works with the Order of Omega and Panhel- lenic in having social functions, and grants a scholarship to the IFC Campus Model Pledge which amounts to one-half of his in- state tuition for his Sophomore year. This year the IFC ruled that on home football game weekends that traffic be banned from Fraternity Row so that in the event of a fire, emergency vehicles could enter the area. AA James Giileylen John Jenkins ATO William Lovell Tommy Shepherd Bn Richard Jones Milch Forester XUJ Bob Anderson Bobby Sharman AU Clinton Graham Alan Moak AKE DanCattrey Charley Ward KA MikeLandess Beau Ham met President Ed Lawler Vice President Bob Anderson Rec Secretary Tommy Shepherd Corr Secretary Richard Jones Treasurer Jimmy Grisham KX Frank Baugh Bruce Romine Bryant Calmes BZ Barry Glover Calvin Collins AG Nick Merrill Johnny Wade KUi Danny Phillips Ricky Adair K0 OmarKosleiny Phillip O ' Brien flKA Tom Bat Dennis Baker IAE Jimmy Gnsham Tad Mays IX Ed Lawler David Jameson Jell Hamm IN Bobby Coltey Dave Rozier Zn Mark Byrne KT Randy New Shane Tucker ZBT Mark Barnabo Paul Rogalsk. Sponsor Or James V Jones | 1 . Paul Rogalski 11. Phillip O ' Brien 21. Danny Phillips 2. Ed Lawler 12. Mark Barnabo 22. William Lovell 3. Tommy Shepherd 1 4. Bob Anderson 24.ChartesWard ( 4. David Jameson 15. Alan Moak 25. Nick Merrill 5. Jimmy Grisham 1 6. Ricky Adair 26. Mike Landess 6. JeflHamm 17. Randy New 27. Johnny Wade 7. Bobby Coffey 18. Bryant Calmes 28. Frank Baugh 8. John Jenkins 19 Barry Glover 29 Tad Mays 9. Richard Jones 20 Bobby Sharman 30. Dennis Baker 10. Tom Bat _ IFC Council 199 200 J 202 ' 203 204 205 I 208 209 J 210 211 213 d fr i h nfc fc 4 ; ; W ! o M 1 C PC P- C P 1 - ' v. 215 216 219 I ' .t 1 I 1 1 8. 3 a a SOQ N 220 221 222 223 L ' v ; 3- TvVi a. S.8 c I 225 226 O) " 8 0, : 1 fe " 5 2 _ 5 .55 $ .0 flj O _c OC CO IT 1 ;- - i..v a Dji , ,l t w. " W 1K ga j -Si o ? 1 B -0) H CO CD H T3 H C i .-. 1 s aw - ' {0 - a) ,- .C CD " O CO ffl CD T3 C 3 CO c 1 CD g) 1 to H ' l 2 ' c D CD J= m CO r cn i ( ) p _ 0. Et-T3 D _ c " W " 03 - w-S-5 ;J cL j 5 03 CD r " 03 TJ .5 " CD . CD .9to 03 O Sr 03 O O .c " 5 0) C9 _ro was founded her Di on September 1 cn TO c 03 J CJ 03 rs " 5 jE 2? 03 Z 0) a i Q..Q 03-5 J c ) 03 2 " CD j= I 03 -C CL niversity in Green CO CD 03 ro CD n CL ' to CO CO 6 _o 1 " c m G. Q. CO z ' " ' I 03 IT G_ ' w CO 2 CD , 00 c CO i c 03 ) CO i CO " o -C Q. E 2 " 5 3 K - V -i - -- G- 227 iRafc m P WI d s 1(9 gl H 8 CT ' bit 4| ktk. k I j . C3I : Cjfc - C3 j ggj r g - 40 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 cc UJ ' ( o u_ 0_ 2 - ' Q- c_ l D 1 ' 0 . C o c ;;; ' oQ X! = _ m ? m c o ro " . 0 .5 a o 1 5 3 O CD i_ LLJ 2 c . .b O Q. EM - - k_ ti Q) - QJ _ TO QJ O 235 J 236 237 238 239 240 241 o 5 o e DC K r 2 O u z S a, S- _ 243 245 CL Q_ 247 2 249 fr 2SO 251 253 255 256 257 2S8 lilililililiiii ' i ' i ' i ililililjliljlil Illlll Illlll 259 Associations Kathy Williams Editor Doug Yarbrough Editor John Pearson Assistant Editor STUDENT GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS PROFESSIONALS SONG AND DANCE UNIFORMS COMMUNICATIONS President Rick Outzen Kathy Ferguson Vice-President 262 ASB Secretary Susan Dement Treasurer Jim Weir ASB 263 ADVISERS Bruce Grain Al Spencer Jason Slezak David Dauenhauer CABINET Gerald Hardin Housing Wanda Chamberlin Executive Liaison Hugh Tanner Student Services Patti Patterson Student Services John Delashmet University Relations Doug Gunn Academic Affairs James Guilley Campus Affairs Rick Case Attorney General not pictured: Dare Kelly Public Information Pat McCarthy Justice SUB-CABINET Eric Chamberlan Refrigerator Rentals Melanie Walker Ticket Policy Bobbey Coffey Elections Commission not pictured: Wilma Johnson Committee of 82 Chuck Walker Director of School Spirit Greg James Concerts Robbie Robertson Committee of 82 Mike Landess Film Series Nell King Film Series Hugh Stephens Ambassadors Sandy Carter Ambassadors EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES Cathy Collins, Donna Dame, Cindy Ferrell, Lisa Foote, Alice Michel, Sheldon Miles, Harriet Riley, Mary Scott Rosser, Sharon Stallworth, Stacy White. President Pro Tempore Johnny Reeves Legislative Monitor William Lovell Parliamentarian Tommy Williams r DISTRICT I Craig Collins Aubrey Lucas DISTRICT II Jason Slezak George Cain DISTRICT III Billie Sue Jacobs DISTRICT IV Lurlene Blakley Mitzi Williams DISTRICT V Steve Ray Eric Chamberlain Phillip Merideth DISTRICT VI Mike Sullivan Rex Rush Keith McNatt DISTRICT VII Johnny Reeves Barry Brooks Mike Mitchell DISTRICT VIII Mary Hentz Tory Robertson DISTRICT IX Amy Runyan Paula McConnell DISTRICT X Peggy Strock Lyn Heard DISTRICT XI Diane Hudgins Dawn Blackledge Robin Alsobrooks Paula Jones DISTRICT XII Bob Humphrey Joe Martin Clinton Graham DISTRICT XIII Evelyn Tatum Kathy Williams Wilma Johnson DISTRICT XIV Stan Smith Steve Albritton DISTRICT XV Wm. Dennis Ingram Steve Fishel A. M. Edwards Cecile Edwards Jon Futrell Pam Vanderburg Mark Henry Barry McCrory Dick Lawrence Tom Wicker Cynthia Hewes Steve Smith Rush O ' Keefe Frank Edmunson Debra Lee Harvey Hudspeth Jeff Chostner Bill Lewis Allen Ray Eddy Neblett Charles Patrott Sergeant at Arms Pamela Prather Jim Williams President Kathy Ferguson Clerk Susan Dement SEflHTE Senate 267 President Rose Jackson Vice-President Leanne Pearson Secretary Maray Kendricks Treasurer Kathy Williams Chairmen Lee Moss Elections Rosalie McCullough Executive Secretary Jessica Sibley Scholarship Liz Ederer UM Modeling Board Wilma Johnson Women ' s Emphasis Gwen Hicks Minority Women Suzanne Ulmer Women ' s Concern Laura Mann Publications Melanie Henick IAWS Joannie Abernathy Projects Leslie Joyner Programs Vice-Chairmen Laurie Kennedy Women ' s Emphasis Paula Jones Elections Missy Smith Scholarship Vicki Paris Publicity Laura Goodall Publicity Trissie Mohead Publicity Suzanne McKee Publications Kathie English Projects Pam Vanderburg Women ' s Concern Ginny Maddox Women ' s Concern Suemelia Tucker Minority Women Ann Fortenberry Programs AWS 269 JUDICIHL council Pat Caldwell Chairman Erin Shideler Sorority Row Calvin Buchanan Men ' s Dorms MikeEderer village Chuck Imbler Fraternity Row Mike Austin Off-Campus Lynn Crews women ' s Dorms De Anne Sharp Secretary LI X I 270 JUDICIAL UPC Susan Anderson-Smith Chairman Susan Gritting Publicity Julie Winters Social Anick Jackson Special Events John Pearson Fine Arts David Pryor Photographer Hugh Stephens Policies Keith Kennedy Travel not pictured: Brad Mallow Entertainment Bernard Lloyd Physical Arrangements UPC 271 Engineering Student Body Nadim Aziz President Bill Clemmons Vice President Cindy Bradley Treasurer The Engineering Student Body serves as the gov- erning body of the students in the School of Engi- neering. The Executive Council is composed of a President, Vice President, and a Secretary and Treasurer elected by students, in addition to OLE MISS ENGINEER editor, Engineering Day represent- ative, and a member of each of the departmental technical and honor societies. The objective of this society is to encourage the development of profes- sional attitudes and to provide a friendly association of students with the faculty and with the engineering profession. The ESB continues to work for the inter- est of all engineering students. 272 Engineering HGSB The objective of the AGSB is to encourage and facilitate graduate interdepartmental communica- tion, to serve as a liaison between the departments of graduate study and the University administration, and to encourage a sense of professional pride, prestige, and unity. Any person enrolled in the Grad- uate School of the University of Mississippi is auto- matically a member of the AGSB. Representatives from each department of graduate study attend executive council meetings every two weeks. Dur- ing these meetings, problems, solutions, and policy- making decisions affecting graduate students are aired. President Brad Barnes Vice President Amy Lynch Secretary Jo Ann Samartgedes Treasurer Joe Jackson Rep. to Graduate Council Ron Humsinger AGSB 273 Junior Panhellenic is an organization which consists ot two representatives trom each sorority pledge class. The main purposes of Jr. Panhellenic are to promote friendliness and inter-fraternity spirit among pledges and to provide preparatory training for work in College Panhellenic Associations and College Panhellenic Councils. Jr. Panhellenic improves the Greek system through promoting better relations between sorority pledge classes. The group sponsors service projects often in conjunction with both the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils. AAFI Melody George AAA Veazy Gully KKf Cindi Pittman XO Mary Tucker Moore Angela Drummond Edith Spivey Betsy Hood Helen Willitord Mary Abbott Nancy Tatum Quinn Cooper Ev McKay Cindy McConnell Ann Riley Christy Jordan FIB Melissa Walker AOn Sherry Swearenger KA0 TenaYeager ZTA Diana Thompson KathyPlunkett Sharon Stallworth Nancy Markwell Dianna Reed June Alexander Vickie Wills Penny Wallace Jamie Conway Mary Dallriva Al " Elizabeth Rhodes KA Cindy Dawson t M Lisa Terracina Advisors: Karen Bell Karen Hopson Debbie Bowers Michele McDonald Alida Moore Marta Martinez Mary Scott Rosser Suzanne Ulmer JURIDR PBDHELLEDIC 274 Organizations The Ambassadors are a team of selected students who aid in recruiting new stu- dents for the University. Members of the team are chosen according to their home- town residence, grade-point average, and involvement in campus activities. Co-Chairmen: Sandy Carter Hugh Stephens Donnell Alexander Keith Ashburn Jan Barnett Becky Benvenutti Pat Boren Andrew Lockett Tammy Cochran John Bunten Sandy Collie Ann Dauenhauer Judy DeShong Kathie English Meg Farris Cindy Ferrell Ike C. Griffith Laurie Hall Milleigh Hubbard Jan Jacks Allen G. Jones Maray Kendrick Merry Gail Kinds Sanford Levings Anick Jackson Michael Landess Ed Lawler Jay Cooke Craig Lovell Sam Martin Judy McHenry Don Mitchell Gray Mounger Henry H. Mounger Ann Myers John Newcombe Streater Odom Joe Martin Hugh Outzen John Pearson Mark M. Porter Pamela Prather Cindy Reeves Lacey Ross Sherry Rowan Mike Rylee Susan Simmons Jason Slezak Guice Smith Mike Sullivan Martin Chaney Terri Taylor Mike Tramel Sandra Suemelia Tucker Melanie Walker Carole Watkins Bert Welch Ellen Willey Thomas Woods Kerry Hamilton Jimmy Grisham Beth Hammond Jeri Sicora ! itions 2 : 5 The Committee of 100 is an interdenominational organization composed of students from all religious groups. Its purpose is to bring students in contact with the religious opportunities on campus by bring- ing religious emphasis speakers to the University and performing various services to the campus. The Committee of 100 also sponsors various parties, programs, and religious life retreats to give students a break from their studies and time to relax and meet other students. Co-Chairpersons: Secretary: Convocations: Projects and Programs: Sheila Evans Pam McKellar KrisSturgis Mary Martha Williams Lee Paris Jeff Kennedy Hugh Stephens Chapel Fund Hospitality: Publicity: Music: Chairperson: Sandy Collie Peppy Biddy Susan Anderson-Smith Alan Moak John Pearson Deborah Crawford Roy Harmon cnmmiTTEE OF 100 276 Organ.zdtrans President: ' Flash ' Greenlaw Vice President: Secretary: Richie Renfrew Rosemary Pennington The Ole Miss Aquatic Club (OMAC) was formed in February 1977 to promote the water sports at the University of Mississippi OMAC has assisted in the recruitment of swimmers and divers, lobbied for the realization of an indoor water sports complex, co-hosted with the Intramural Department the fall swim- ming and diving meet on campus, provided the students for the University ' s Extramural Swimming and Diving team, assisted Northwest Junior College in organizing their swimming program and taught swimming lessons to the kids at the North Mississippi Retardation Center In April 1 978, the five major universities of Mississippi competed in the first annual Mississippi State Collegiate Swimming and Diving Championships. The Ole Miss Aquatic Club members placed first in all divisions except male swim- ming which earned second in a highly competitive field. The Ole Miss team amassed twice as many points as its nearest competitor to win the overall team championship. HOURTIC CLUB Organizations 277 mODELIIIG BDRRD Lissa Frankenbach Ruth McLeod Sue Tucker Cheri Brown Mary Donnelly Ann Parker Anita Jo Wood Tracey Lowe Elizabeth Rhodes Judy DeShong Cheryl Stewart Liz Ederer Sheila Donnell Cindy Bazzel Lucy Rice Becky Bush Diana Barlow Jamie Becker Phoebe Kelly Becky Tilley Heidi Newman Amy Williams Lisa Hutt Lisa Brown Mona Britt Beth McCall Emily Lancaster Dede Best Cathy Wade Tara Wyatt Amy Dukuesnay Mary Louise Self Patsy Berryhill Janice Triplett Judy Bickerstaff Lisa Redditt Teri Bryant Anna Young Kate Hoffman 278 Organizations This year the DM Modeling Board held two self- sponsored style shows featuring the fashions of Oxford merchants. Out of town shows included one for the Mother ' s Club of New Albany and the Hancock Show in Tupelo featuring Vogue pat- terns. Also in the planning was a show for D. H. Holmes in Jackson. Officers Captain Mary Louise Self Co-Captain Lucy Rice Recording Secretary Sheila Donnell Corresponding Secretary Mary Donnelly Treasurer Cheri Brown Publicity Chairmen JudyDeShong Liz Ederer Organizations 279 women in CDimniinicRTions Officers President Mary Kay Culpepper Vice President Carmen Miller Secretary Vickie Paris Treasurer Wanda Cone Historian Connie White Officers President Carol Curley Vice President Susan Mohamed Secretary Donna Turner Treasurer Susan Bailess Publicity Chairman Donna Carter Social Chairman Maury McRoberts STUDEHT (IHTIOnHL EDUCHTIOn RSSDCIHTIOn 280 Organieations BHPTIST STUDERT UHIDH This year the Baptist Student Union celebrates its fiftieth year of service to the Ole Miss campus. BSD is a fellowship of college students seeking to find and implement God ' s purpose for them and their world. The program provides opportunity for an inward journey of spiritual growth and an outward journey of service to others. The BSU also has a singing, drama, share team called " The Gathering. " STUDENT CENTER President Spencer Mooney Vice President Mickey Bailey Secretary Debbie Harris Worship Leader Tim Sullivan Summer Missions Leader Ken Hall Sports Leader Thomas Vanderslice Social Leader Keith Hale Retreat Leader Tommy Ferguson Music Leader Tanya Waters Local Missions Leader Kathy Staggs International Leader Vickie Beardain Director Ron Boswell Organizations 281 President: Bob Nance Vice President: Alex Brinkley Secretary-Treasurer Susan Eads The Isshinryu Karate Club was begun on the Ole Miss Campus in September of 1 975. It is dedicated to the study of Isshinryu Karate as an extremely effective art of self- defense in order to further develop the mind and body. Membership is open to the students, faculty, and staff of the University. Front Row, From Left: Linda Hentz, Ruby Campbell, Carl Hurst, Ed Josephs, Terri Chow, Sid Haney, Alan Frashier, Mary Ervin, Rob Turner, Edmond Cheng, Nabil Hatoum, John Kapeghian. Back Row: Bob Nance. Ricky Zeigler, Alex Brinkley, James Cardin, Vernon Miles, Susan Eads, Michael Smith, Gustavo Fermin, Bela Geczy, Johnny McCormick, Jim Blackmon. Not Pictured: Pickens Brady, Kevin McMillon, Chuck Chow, Curtis Brooks. KHRRTE 282 Organizations Chairmen: Wilma Johnson Robby Robertson Secretary: Guice Smith Members: Doug Amacker Carol Watkins Linda Biggers Orrin Edwards Billy Gray Bobby Gray James Rossetti Lisa Oinley Jesse Yancey Virginia Shackleford Jessica Sibley Edward Lancaster Charles Brock Cindy Starnes Nina Naugle Billy Howell. Jr. Marshall Bouldin ChipGulledge Ike C. Griffith II Charlotte Morris Barbara Chambliss Steve Sinquefield Mike Graves Debbie Eubanks Archie England Mike Haas Nancy Stone Cliff Vick Clinton Graham Bilhe Sue Jacobs Melinda Robinson Mary Yerger Bobby Mounger Ann Finch John Reeves Suzanne Ulmer Burwell McClinson Brad Robinson Martin Biggs Elenor Winter David Johnson Gay Potts Leigh Potts Susan Mohamed Buster Turner Toni McElroy Deborah Darnell Michele Millette Pat Singley Anne N Brady Zane Coquat Lea Anne Hester Dawn Blackledge Debbie White Alida Moore Tommy Shepherd Mark Wall Cynthia Williams Paula Jones Mark McKenzie Gini Phillips Julie Phillips Lee Watt Anne Dauenhauer Calvin Cosnahan Rosalie McCullough Terri Taylor Martin Street Holly Hopkins Mary M.Williams Mark Porter Alison Jones George Ready Dean G. Ready William Stephens Steve Ray Tom Wicker William Lovell Marty Ramage Aubrey Lucas Kerry Hamilton James Gulley Jennifer Jones Frank Edmondson Pamela Prather John Dowdle Alan James Dell Simpson Bruce Craine Keith McNatt Scott Kent Guy Williams Becky Conway Carol Pilgrim Sam Martin J. B. Goodsell Mark Lewis Cynthia Floyd Dana Parsons Terrell Knight George Hart James McKie Tena Walters Sue Ellen Smith John Holliday Cathy Gho Jim Nelson Scott Waldrup Linda Monk Jim Gresham Jeff Lamb Gerald Hardin Evelyn Tatum Philip Meredith Charles Baker Jerry Caswell Suzanne McKee Mike Sullivan Julie Sneed Gwendolyn Brumfield Richard Tolbert Cathy Coffey Kathy Williams Jim Neeld Creed Coker Chris Henick commiTTEE Organizations 283 Officers President Bill Sewell Vice President E. W. Atkinson Secretary Sarah Buntin Treasurer Chris Nichols Advisor Dr. Don Moak The Financiers Club is an organization which seeks to acquaint inter- ested students with outstanding businessmen and bankers from Missis- sippi and surrounding states. Sponsored by the Chair of Banking, the Financiers provide business majors an opportunity to listen and speak to knowledgeable leaders in the business community. The Financiers Club strongly encourages those students with majors in Banking and Finance and Business Administration to participate in its activities but also invites students of all majors to attend meetings. By bringing well informed speakers to the University campus, the Fin- anciers Club hopes to present students with interesting and relevant issues concerning business and banking. FinflnciERS 284 Organisations Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity for students interested in business careers. The purpose of the organization is to give students opportunities to develop knowledge, understand- ing, and personal qualities which will enable them to be successful in business careers. The Gamma Tau Chapter has been recog- nized as the State Chapter for three consecutive years. The chap- ter is also honored to have the state president for 1978-79, Allen Richardson. Membership is open to any student enrolled in one or more business courses. Officers President Jill McAlpin Vice-President Doyal Siddell Vice-President Dean Benton Recording Secretary Susan Lyon Corresponding Secretary Merri Marriam Treasurer Cornelia Pitts Reporter Allen Mothershed Historian Joe Eckman PHI BETH LBH1BBH Professionals 285 5TUDEI1T SPEECH RHD HEHRIRC HSSDCIRTIDH III! Presidents Denette Yarber Terry Hall Vice President Angle Perry Sec.-Treas. Theresa Burcham Graduate Rep. Rickey Hodge to Faculty Rep. to Graduate Penny Schilling Associated Student Body President Gwen Brumfield Vice President Joan Curtis Secretary Susan Thaxton Treasurer Cathy Marler Historian Patra Gilmer Pledge Trainer Diane Shuler Chaplain Lawanda Brown ' ; 4 - . 1 ; u 286 Professionals Officers President Wayne Cole Sec.-Treas. Debra Johnson Social Chairman Jim Wingrove AIP Representative Ron Jones Graduate Council Chris Baxter, Tom Hamilton HSSOCIRTIOD OF URBRH pmnnERS The Association of Urban Planners was organized to further the knowledge and understanding of urban planning and to encourage professional experience and excellence among stu- dents. The Association also strives to expand interest in urban planning through social activities. The organization serves as a liaison between the University and local communities by aiding the communities through planning projects. First Row: Brenda Slayden, Wayne Cole, Tom Wagner, Larry Fraser, Melhem Jaujoura, Ivory Williams, Britt Stoddard, Jhy-Jiun Liou, Joel Taylor, Debra Johnson, Mahbob Salim. Second Row: Bryan Graham, David Roagh, Jim Vivian, Tom Hamilton, Jim Wingrove, Chris Baxter, Clyde Cook, Mike Bridge. Third Row: West Newman, Jim Gregory, Clark ' Berry, Robert Simmons, Scott Owen, Gary Anderson, Ron Jones. Not Pictured: Lena Jones, Hosey Hearn. Professional 287 KRPPR PSI J Officers Regent Alan Frashier Vice Regent Jim Still Secretary Chuck Inman Treasurer Jim Westmoreland Historian R. K. Leedham Chaplain Wade Andrews Grand Council Dewey D. Garner W. H. Andres R. H. Smith 1 UQI R. A. Ashley J. H. Still 1 W. H. Berry K. S. Vanexan I Bfaj H. E. Davis C. V. Watts 1 D. D. Dickson J. N. Westmoreland 1 ' ' " W. G. Evans C. F. Wurth 1 E. A. Frashier L. Boatwright I M. K. Golden Sweetheart J R. A. Grant H. W. Bagwell J. R. Hailey C. W. Ezell S. E. Haney T. D. Ford 1 M. F. Harrison T. H. Gore H. R. Herring G. C. Hurst R. W. Herrington D. M. Lee J. D. Holder T. L. Mix C. G. Inman W. L. Pace R. K. Leedham R. D. Parkin D. M. Manasco G. D. Roberts J.W. McClathchy C. Rymer D. R. McKay J. V. Schott R. M. Napier T. W. Stubble D. R. Parker B. G. Thames - R. E. Peeples M. Tucker " " : M.S.Phillips A. Williamson N. W. Samuelson 288 Professionals PHI DELTH CHI MEMBERS: Brad Barnes Mitchell Barrett Trent Bennett Randy Calvert John Davis David Fulper Lawrence Giles Jim Hanson Bryant Herring John Kapeghian Ken Murray Stanley Page Jim Pittman Larry Sanders Jim Smith Mike Worsham Tim Wright Donnie Christian Joe Dukes David Fulton Hamilton Genola Tim Johnson Kenneth Clark Jerry Smith Ken DeTurk Cal Gray Ric Folk Joe Spence Lael Palmertree Barry Jones Mike Moffett Robert Neely David Flanagan David K. Dykes David Curtis Tony Cook Rickey Chance Kim Kaufman John Johnson Allan Mestayer RobertGinn Little Sisters: Iris Heflin Mary Glynn Henderson Jo Ellen Crenshaw Jeannie Kelly PatraGilmer Cathy Wichert Jan Bolton Connie Dickerson Connie Ferguson Janie Bradley Martha Holliman OFFICERS: President Mike Worsham Vice President Randy Calvert Treasurer Larry Sanders Corr. Sec. David Curtis Rec. Sec. Ricky Chance Sgt.-at-Arms Barry Jones Dinner Guard Ken Deturb Chaplain Lael Palmertree Toastmaster Jim Smith Rush Chairmen Robert Neely Mike Moffet Tony Cook Professionals 289 OLE MISS REBEL BAND Dr. Luther M. Snavely, Jr. Director of Bands Dr. Dwayne Sagen Asst. Director of Bands FLUTES: Laurie Davis Joy Acred Ann Box Lynn Dicken Becky Weave Mike Barton Leighanne Holden Melanee Lane Debbie Osborne Marsha Brown Vickie Lehman Debbie Evans | Lisa Wicktor Renee Phillips Catherine Brown Kate Booth JA Lea Fisher f Grace Sarno Wendy Holdorf Lisa Jones Catherine Chatham Marilyn Alford Snauneille Jackson CLARINETS: Susan Anderson Smith Lisa Ashburn Bubba Brock Gayle Brownlee Kathy Dolan Scott Edgell Thomasine Hill Charles Jackson Ann Mikell Steve Treutel Donald Walsh Dianne Cole Brenda Davis Lisa Dolloff Corinne Fowler Deborah Henderson 1978 Marching Band Members % CLARINETS Trilby Short Peggy Pittman Darlene Williams Zanthia Calmes Michelle Daschka Bill Griffin Sylvia Hayes Connie Kennedy Karen McCoy Margaret Redmond Lucy Spain Oscar Douglas Virginia Ross Ian Shade AL TO SAX: Janet Arnold John Browning Cindy Davis Jay Johnso John Kennerly James Lamb Jerone Smith Bryant Calmes Tim Weeks Brad Mallow Garland Baker Willie Ray Brent Denise Duncan Vincent Higgins Marketta McAtee Nathaniel O ' Neal William Osborne Susan Shippy Chuck Woodall Kevin Marsh Karen Earnest TENOR SAX: Darryl Elledge Cecil Moore - PRIDE OF THE SOUTH Rich Torkington TRUMPETS: Bob Bruce David Chalk David Duck Andrew Fox Steve Gear Jay Harrison Cindy Maples John Mixon Debbie McCormick Julius Powell Don Prentice Nancy Quick ' Jeff Robertson Jimmy Rodgers Jeff Scott Bill Wann David Fletcher Cathy Ford John Jenkins Jeff Lane Bill Mendenhall Wayne McDonald Ramona Mordecai George Olszewski Robbie Robbins Joe Slater David Spear Janet Stanback Charlie Barnett William Beanland Eric Calmes Chip Hatcher Aundre Jeffries Lowell Ketchem TRUMPETS: Judy McHenry Mike Rylee Kirby Sellers Mark Stewart Marshall Bouldin Karla Cook Carlton Dixon Buddy Ford Deanne Garrett Doug McBride Jimmy Spencer Greg Stewart Mark Willcutt TROMBONES: Don Caviness David East Martin Hendersor Tim Holloman William McEwen Mike Pearson Thomas Peterson Ernie Reece Jeff Young Doug Carter Mark Garrett Anne Glover Tom Imre Ron Imre David Jones Pat Mann Tom Marchand Steve Sevier Anthony Dean Constance Germj Tim Brown Ricky Anderson Steve Barber Paul Beard Scott Brenkert Bobbie Clark TROMBONES: Karen Cook Candy Dobbs 290 Song and Dance Graduate Assistants John Bradley Rusty Logan Jerry Cogdell Chris Johnston Rosentreter mmons Jim Whitteen David Enzor son Gary Gold Mike r es Dan Owens Paul Ta " - " X ' .Vooc alsh upp Bryant He " Ai Miller Mark Roush Beth Smith Karen Anderson-Smith Kenneth Buck aa Roebuck Mike Jaudon Shawn Sr BARITONES Jim Armstrong Donna Barnes Steve Carter Bernard Gibson Jeff Lamb Vanessa Middleton Sherry McFernn Jeff Rish Steve Walters Suzi Rish TUBAS: Charles Brewer Craig Burnham e Dauro Mark Davis Carl Edwards Joe Herrmgton , i Lloyd Mike Scrwmer Berna ' ette Simpson ny Steele Benard PERCUSSION Steve Barnett C-iwignt Chestnut Brad Clasgens Scott Dessauer Larry Gooch Pam Holdorf Stan Hollenbeck Steve Hurst Bob Kula Wayne Parkham Eddie Perkins John Thomas Cathy Waddell Ezelle Wade Sandy Maher Craig Wei Larry Burrell Calmes Vickie Sr: Mike Biggs Marcus Taylor Phil Gowen Paul Finan Song and Dance 291 Drum Majors: Duane Walker Robbin Wofford Flag Corps Billie Sue Jacobs Beverly Shields Beverly Bolton Sheila Wilson Jayne Guyse Rebecca White Debbie Nader Donna O ' Neal Deborah Suggs Linda Chambers Susan Holmes Jerri Meeks Carol Peacock Martha Tidwell Melanie Pittman Ernestine Merryweather Kris Westmoreland Stacee Aurrell Linda White Karen Kuhnert Gale Walker Sandy Hodges Wendy Holdorf Candy Dobbs 292 Song and Dance Feature Twirlers Diana Day Teri Davis Julie Seckar Rebelettes Colonel: Anita Jo Wood Captains: Sheri Rankin, Laura Stacks Administrative Assistant: Ginger Stribling Cindy Owens Diane Young Mary Evelyn Steele Sharon Smith Tammy Williams Ginger Givens Kim Denton Amy Webb Melissa Gurner Karen Andrews Terri Caviness Diane Walker Patti Thomas LisaTrammell Malinda Hill Melanie Mathis Choreographer: Mrs. Li nda Bishop , Song and Dance 293 THE GROUP David Abraham Rick Coogler Stanley Mclntosh Doug Amacker Brian Fox Shavonne Rhodes Terri Andersen Alfreida Hicks Lori Tucker Cheri Brown Candace Jones Mona Vaughn Diane Bounds Ronnie Butler Richard Jones Kim Kennedy Not Pictured: Randy Butler The Group is a combination of musically talented men and women students of the University of Missis- sippi. At the beginning of each fall semester many stu- dents audition to become members of this popular organization. Assisting in the recruitment of new stu- dents is the primary function of " The Group " The organization ' s singing, dancing, and smiling faces add entertainment and fun to the " Ole Miss Nights. " Under the direction of Jon S. Johnson, " The Group " enter- tained for several on-campus functions such as Home- coming. Dixie Week, and the Parade of Beauties Pag- eant. Composed of about twenty members, these tal- ented students performed song and dance routines that have been popular through the years. Song anO Dance JRZZ BHHD " The Jazz Band " is a group of musically tal- ented students of the University of Mississippi. Under the direction of Dr. John McCauley, the Jazz Band has given performances at high schools, jazz and art festivals, and various campuses. The 1978-79 Ole Miss Jazz Band featured vocalists Cheri Brown and Mary Don- nelly. Song ana Dance 295 muv 296 Uniforms n H y 29? FORCE 298 Uniforms FORCE s 299 HBDOLD RIB SOCIETV The Arnold Air Society is a national professional honorary as well as a service organization com- posed of selected Air Force ROTC Cadets. Named in honor of the late General H. H. " Hap " Arnold, the society participated in service projects during 1978- 79 such as blood drives, hypertension testing, and sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop for mentally retarded boys. The AL Key Squadron of Arnold Air Society at Ole Miss is named in honor of Al Key who set the flight endurance record in 1935 in his plane, the " Ole Miss. " Members for this service oriented society are chosen on the basis of grade point average, extra- curricular activities, and leadership ability. 300 Uniforms HnCEL FLIGHT Associated with the Arnold Air Society is another national service organization Angel Flight. These girls are selected each spring by interviews. Objectives of the Flight are to promote and serve the United States Air Force, the Air Force ROTC program, the Arnold Air Soci- ety and the University of Mississippi and its surrounding community. This year ' s national projects are helping chil- dren and safety awareness. i Commander Jody Lee Sikora Executive Kathy Sulcer Ass ' t. Executive Susan Bailess Administrative Jamie Moor Comptroller Mary Beth McMillan Operations Mary Donnelly Informations Marsha Johnson Chaplain Lee Moss Uniforms 301 CJ LeD 302 Uniforms SFC Stephen F. Gauthier, CRT Brian J. Ohlinger, MAJ Rodric A. Storrs, LTC David C. Ammons, CRT Charles V. Anstrom, SGM Manuel Padilla-Santiago, SFC Charles M. LeDuff, MAJ Louis C. Green, Msg William T. Wst. RRH1V Program Director: Kevin Rushing Operations Manager: Phil Gowen Station Manager: Steve Roberts Business Manager: Walter Osborne First Row: Scott Dockery, Greg Gibson, Sharon Collins, Lue Harbin, Angela Evans. Second Row: Joey Kesler, Steve Knox, Kim Coleman, Phil Harris. 304 Communications First Row: James McNeal, Ross Alldread, Frank Rice, Clark Mason, Thomas Cleveland. Sec- ond Row: Charles Brock, Dot Rieser, Brad Clasglens, Dan Car- penter, Naomi Gunnartt. Third Row: Manny Murphy, Arthur Dew, Tim Weeks, Cliff Manning, Joey Bontemps. OFFICERS: Station Manager Steve Roberts Operations Manager Phil Gowin Program Director Kevin Rushing Business Manager Walter Osborne News Director Karen Crooker PSA Director Charles Brock Sports Director Joey Kesler Production Manager Bob Johnston Sports Business Manager Steve Knox Music Director and Librarian Sharon Collins Special Programs Director Cindi Kelly Publicity and Survey Director Tommy Womble Traffic and Continuity Lue Harbin STATION REPRESENTATIVES: Steve Roberts Station Manager P.O. Box 8096 University, MS Phone 232-5289 Walter Osborne Business Manager P.O. Box 309 University, MS 38677 Phone 232-6548 s 305 Dan Carpenter Match 1 2 Frank Edmunson . Match 1 2 PatQuinn Manager of Channel 1 2 Producer-Director Disco Show Producer Faculty Staff Show Julie Summerford Producer-Director Newsweek 12 Vicki Paris Producer and Interviewer Campus Comments Mike Dunn Producer of Campus Comments Barbara Bouton Producer Sound Affairs Director of Campus Comments Marie Murzyn Director of Sound Affairs George Plasketes Producer of Sports Scene Joey Kessler Co-Producer Sports Overall Jackie Fudge Producer Square Squatting CHHIHIEL IZ 306 Communications 1978 is the first year the Channel 12 has operated full time. Channel 12 does programming Monday through Thursday during regular school sessions. The programs are produced, directed, written, and crewed entirely by students. Most of the students are broad- casting majors but this is not a requirement. Any inter- ested student can work with Channel 12. The program- ming floormat is geared toward the student body. The secondary function is to inform the community of Oxford of the student ' s activities. Anyone on Oxford video cable receives Channel 12. Funded through the student activity fees, Channel 12 is a true opportunity for a career in broadcasting. The faculty advisor is Dr. Richard Haynes. Pat Quinn, a graduate student in Radio-Tv, is manager. The University of Mississippi is one of the few schools in the country that has a fully equipped operating studio. Communications 307 Editor: Paul Howell Mike Crowden Assistant Editor Steve Riley Assistant Sports Editor Kathy Dunagin Copy Editor Mary Kay Culpepper Entertainment Editor Mike Welford Sports Editor Wanda Cone Managing Editor Connie White News Editor Photographers: Connie White Mike Crowden Kathy Ferguson Karen Hinton DRILY miSSISSIPPIHR 308 Communications Business Staff: Jennifer Shedrick Jeff Lamb Mike Austin Diane Hollman Tom Ross Gail Morgan Tom Brown Wicker Business Editor Staff Writers: Mike Tapscott Jimmy Ward Randy Hammons Glen Allison Karla Cook Cullen Clark Mark Nave Karen Hinton Kathy Cluck Kathy Dunagin Page Editors: Beverly Cannerdy Babs Carpenter Del Stover THE DIE DUBS The 19790le Miss Editor-in-Chief: Sally Fortenberry Associate Editor: Tommy Shepherd Executive Secretary: Rosalie McCullough 310 Communtcattons Turner Business Staff Business Manager Marty Tucker Staff: Laurie Kennedy Joe Getz Mark Porter Guice Smith Hermine McLarty Allen Gillis (not pictured) Photographers Professional Work: Walt Mixon Photography Oxford, MS Contributing Photographers: Jim McNeil Kerry Hamilton Tommy Shepherd John Lucas Joe Savage Vicksburg, MS Steven ' s Studios American Composite Corp. Vantine Studios Steve Parham Photography Oxford, MS William C. Connell Oxford, MS Staff Photographers: Mark McWilliams, T. J. Woods Mary Elizabeth Partin, Barren Sinclair Keith Cantrell, Sybil Bledsoe Bob Lampton, Aubrey Lucas Pat Caldwell J12 Communications Editors: Art Linda Gustafson Administration Cathy Wills Lydia Prather Advertisements Jane Miller Classes Jan Holland Danny Story Copy Karen Roebuck Entertainment Buster Turner Features Lacey Ross Greeks Ann Fortenberry Mike Corso Honors Lee Watt Humor Kay Wiles Organizations Kathy Williams Doug Yarbrough Sports Matt Lusco, Baseball Kay Wiles, Football and Basketball Index Jessica Sibley (not pictured) The Staff of the 1 979 Ole Miss Assistants: Organizations John Pearson Sports John Dowdle Entertainment Beth Ginn Advertisements William Lovell Honors Clay Burkhart Features Martha Smithson Secretary Kate Hoffman Index Patti Patterson DDBm LIFE Heddleston Mayes Garland OFFICERS: President Jennifer Dunlap Vice President Elena Psikogios Secretary Judy King Treasurer Nancy Jackson FLOOR REPS.: Shelley Muir- head, Caroline Cromartie, Ellen Byrne, Terre Curry, Debbie Osborne, Billie Sue Jacobs, Sharon Collins, Nora Balthis, Beth Henderson. Dorm Councils New Dorm OFFICERS: President Helene Doxey Secretary Paula Hunter Treasurer Paula Jones FLOOR REPS.: Dari Corwin, Carol Box, Ginny Maddox, Karen Bell, Debbie Avery, Deborah Darnell, Mari Lynn Hays, Kim Thompson, Judy Boone, Stacy Ellis. 314 Dorm Life Donm LIFE Guess OFFICERS: President Thomasine Hill Vice President Sally Stone Secretary Susan Lyons Treasurer Sharon Fenster FLOOR REPS.: Tanya Rey- nolds, Pinkey Lewis, Mela- nie Rish, Terri Fortenberry, Lisa Johnson, Meda Boxx. Miller OFFICERS: President Debbie Owen Vice President Nancy Jane Crandall Secretary Mary Margaret Guth Treasurer Kathy Bellamy FLOOR REPS.: Virginia Ross, Cindy Donald, Glenda Springfield, Casey Hamilton, Brenda Goss, Liz Collier. Dorm Life 315 Deaton OFFICERS: President Laure Bryce Vice President Cayce McAllister Sec. Treas. Lee Wilson FLOOR REPS.: Bonnie Busby Cheryl Kies Tammie Prevost Teresa Ward Stewart OFFICERS: President Tena Pedigo Sec. Treas. Jean Scheidemental FLOOR REPS: Mary Ann Price Lynn Blackwell Jo Ellen Phillips Mary Brennan Melissa Walker Karen Mori Teresa Bonds Lucy Spain Cheri Burney Jamie Whitt Sherri Mathews Meredith Schnieg DORin LIFE 316 Dorm Life Hefley OFFICERS: President Vanessa Smith Vice President Amy Mclntosh Sec. Treas. Deloris Logan FLOOR REPS.: Robin Allen Shirley Jaudon Janet Rush Ruthie Ingram OFFICERS: President Pat Eisenbeis Vice President Jean Jackson Sec. Treas. Betsy Clements FLOOR REPS.: Nancy Carson, Margie McCauley, Grace Albers, Lisa Dobbins, Patti Harbin, Karen Hebler, Angela Witt, Julie Wetzel, Sharon Story. Brown DDRm LI FE DomlJfe 3 ' 7 Faulkner OFFICERS: President Carl Mullican Vice President Mike Rone Secretary Treasurer Carl Coffey FLOOR REPS.: Ernest Gross Phil Hendrix Tod Young Donald Walsh Kirby Sellers Mike Bell Powers OFFICERS: President Scott Rone Vice President Keith Ford Sec. Treas. Paul Robst FLOOR REPS.: Tim Patrick Alan Johnson Tim Weeks DOflin LIFE 318 Dorm Lite Twin Towers Dorm Council President Andy Forte Vice President Julian Carroll Sec. Treas. Mike McKay FLOOR REPS.: (West) Michael Butschek James Frees Steve Magee Edwin Dodd Lee Couch James Lamb William Brady Daniel Carpenter Terry Sizemore Dorm Council FLOOR REPS.: (East) Stan Bailey Scott Yoste Mike Sullivan Julian Carroll Mark Everingham Bob Hollocked Michael Hamerski Mike Achord Gerald Hardin Samir Hamra Dorm Ufa 319 DDRffl LIFE Left to Right: Gerald Hardin ASB RHA Liaison, Andy Forte Vice President, Pat Eisenbeis Nat ' l. Conference Coordinator, Cathie Crouch President, Mike McKay Regional Sec. Treas., Mike Riley Reg. Association Director, Steve Fletcher Secre- tary. Residence Hall Association The R.H.A. is the voice of the 4,000 students who live on the Ole Miss campus. Although only one year old the R.H.A. has taken great strides in improving the environment for students living in the 13 Residence Halls. The R.H.A. believes that life in the Residence Halls can greatly contrib- ute to the total college experience through increased com- munications and various social, educational, and develop- mental programs. The R.H.A. sponsors the Ole Miss chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary which recognize- outstanding contributions made by students in furthering the purpose of the R.H.A. on our campus. The newest branch of our organization is " The Resident " , a tri-weekly newspaper exclusively for n-campus students. The R.H.A. truly is the voice of students in residence halls! RHA REPRESENTATIVES: Charles Beene Terry Sizemore Eric Wheeler David Valentine Julian Carroll Andy Forte Mike McKay Gerald Hardin Steve Fletcher Mike Howell Mike Rylee JudyTrott Sally Stone Cathie Crouch Vanessa Smith Pat Eisenbeis Debra Darnell Linda Weisling Debbie Owens Sharon Lyons AnneGagne 320 Dorm Lite DDRffl LIFE President Stacy Daniel Vice President Linda Weisling Sec. Treas. Dot Swims FLOOR REPS.: Belinda Hertz, Pat Cross, Michelle McNally, Carnelia Pettis, Bonnie Tutor, Stephanie Brown, Corena Alexander, Sharon Parks, Deborah Lundy. Isom Barnard Somerville Front Row: David Collins, Michael Self, Guice Smith, Wayne Wooten, Duane Cook, V. Pres. Mike Howell. Back Row: Pres. Steve Fletcher, Eric Chamberlain, Wayne Dawson, Carl Handy, Sec. Treas. Joey Kesler, Andrew Lockett. c Kincannon Dorm Lite 321 Richard McLean Outzen, Jr. Mayne Rose Jackson Robert Bentley Anderson Sarah Buckner Fortenberry Katherine Searcy Ferguson 324 Hall of Fame HAUL or If A HIE I The Highest Honor The University of Mississippi Hall of Fame is the highest honor an Ole Miss student can achieve. Selection is made yearly by an Administrative Committee composed of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, the Presi- dent of Lambda Sigma, the President of Phi Eta Sigma, and the Editor of the OLE MISS, who serves as chair- man. There is a Preliminary Committee that is composed of the Presidents of the Schools of Commerce, Edu- cation, Engineering, Law, and Pharmacy. Other members are the Presidents of the Graduate School, the Col- lege of Liberal Arts, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, the Editors of the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN and the OLE MISS, the Director of Student Activities, and the Deans of Women and the Division of Student Personnel. Each member of the Preliminary Committee appoints two students that nominate eight seniors for Hall of Fame. A minimum of four persons are declared as members of the Hall of Fame. A maximum of eight persons may be declared members if the balloting justifies such action; the decision is made by the Administrative Committee. A major break in the number of votes will qualify the last person in the break to be included in the Hall of Fame. Some past members of the Ole Miss Hall of Fame that have been outstanding in their careers are Archie Man- ning, William Winter, Brad Dye, Parham Williams, Charlie Conerly, Trent Lott, and Jake Gibbs. ROBERT BENTLEY ANDERSON Achieving a 3.99 GPA, Bob Anderson is serving as Presi- dent of Omicro n Delta Kappa. Bob, a Pre-Med major from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has shown outstanding abilities since his freshman year when he was selected IFC Model Pledge (1976) and was awarded the Phi Kappa Phi Fresh- man Award. Bob has compiled a distinguished list of hon- ors and extracurricular activities that include Alpha Epsi- lon Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Chi Psi Fraternity President (2 years), Order of Omega President, Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges, and the Tay- lor Medal in Biology. Bob feels that involvement in campus affairs and close contact with students has been a valua- ble asset. Upon graduation, Bob plans to attend the Medi- cal College of Wisconsin. Hall of Fame 325 HAILIL CT The Highest Honor KATHERINE SEARCY FERGUSON Majoring in English and Public Administration, Kathy Fer- guson is serving as Vice-President of the Associated Stu- dent Body. Kathy, a native of Columbus, previously served as Campus Senator for three years, a member of Commit- tee of 82 and Ole Miss Ambassadors. A Delta Gamma Sorority officer, fraternity sweetheart and a Campus Favor- ite, Kathy is listed in the Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. With a 3.3 GPA, Kathy has membership in Mortar Board, Sigma Tau Delta, Lambda Sigma and Rho Lambda. Kathy would like to use a degree in law to pursue her goals in public service. With interest in government and people, Kathy hopes to have a flexible yet successful career. SARAH BUCKNER FORTENBERRY Editor-in-Chief of the 1979 OLE MISS yearbook is Sally Fortenberry of Columbia. The first woman at Ole Miss to be tapped for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Sally is also a member of Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi. Sally previously served as Editor for both the Classes and Enter- tainment sections. Listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Sally, an English major with a 3.83 GPA, holds membership in Alpha Kappa Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta and Lambda Sigma (secretary). The Jones Scholar plans to enter the management field after completing her education at Ole Miss, which she believes has been enriched with her cam- pus involvement. 326 Hall ot Fame MAYNE ROSE JACKSON President of the Association for Women Students, Rose Jackson, a Journalism and English major, holds member- ship in Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Delta Chi. Because she enjoys meeting and working with people. Rose feels that campus activities have been an important aspect of her college life. With a 3.72 GPA, this Clarksdale native is a Campus Favorite. Mortar Board Sophomore Honor Girl, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority member, and is listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges. With a special interest in fashion coordination and creative writing. Rose plans to work as a general assign- ment reporter after graduation. RICHARD MCLEAN OUTZEN , JR. Rick Outzen, President of the Associated Student Body, is an Honor Vice-President of Phi Kappa Phi. With a 3.89 GPA, Rick is the Taylor Medalist in Business Administra- tion, Vice-President of Beta Gamma Sigma, and a member of Beta Alpha Psi. From IFC Campus Model Pledge (1976) to ASB President, the senior from Greenville has achieved an impressive list of activities that include ASB Director of Student Services. Campus Senator, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Treasurer. Rick feels that campus activities have been a great addi- tion to his college life and encourages others to become involved. After graduation, Rick plans to work for a major public accounting firm. The Highest Honor | HALL ' Cf -ame 327 in American Universities and Colleges HALL BAILEY Senior Class President Phi Eta Sigma, President Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Chi Fraternity, President Order of Omega 328 Who s Who DEBORAH BELL Alpha Chi Law Journal, Editor Real Property Award American Jurisdiction Award i M tfj LOUISE BURNEY Mortar Board, Editor Beta Alpha Psi The Group Ote MissSection Editor Kappa Delta Sorority, Treasurer I PAT CALDWELL ASB Judicial Council Chairman Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi, Honor Vice-President Taylor Medal in Political Science Sigma Nu Fraternity, Treasurer Oder of Omega in American Universities and Colleges WIHC ' S Wno 329 REATHA CLARK President Mortar Board Taylor Medal in Business Administration Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Pi Beta Phi Sorority Officer in American Universities and Colleges CAROL CURLEY Student National Education Association President Chi Omega Sorority Officer Panhellenic Rush Counselor 330 Who ' s Who SHEILA EVANS Miss Ole Miss Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta. Historian Campus Favorite Kappa Delta Sorority Officer CHERYL DIANE FORTENBERRY i in American Universities and Colleges WIH ' C ' S SALLY FORTENBERRY Ole Miss Editor Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma, Secretary Jones Scholar DOUG GUNN Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma, President Phi Kappa Phi ASB Director of Academic Affairs Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Officer in American Universities and Colleges LINDA FORTNER Taylor Medal in Business Education Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Lambda Beta Gamma Sigma Id f B t HOLLY HOPKINS Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Lambda Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Pi Delta Phi II 332 Who ' s Who PAUL HOWELL Editor, Daily Mississippian Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-President Pi Sigma Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Officer Committee of 82 ROSE JACKSON Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Delta Chi Lambda Sigma Committees of 82 and 100 DARE KELLY o ASB Director of Public Information Women in Communication Sigma Delta Chi Daily Mississippian, Entertainment Editor Phi Mu Sorority Officer in American Universities and Colleges WHO ' S Who Who 333 In American Universities and Colleges n TIM McCRARY Carrier Scholar American Institute of Aeronautics Vice-President American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi 334 Who s Who FAYE CAROLE SIBLEY Mortar Board Beta Alpha Psi Sigma Tau Delta ASB Elections Commission Chairman Delta Gamma Sorority, Treasurer in American Universities and Colleges WHO ' S Who s Who 335 CHARLES SUPPLING Phi Delta Phi Law Journal, Editor Legislative Liaison Committee, Chairman Phi Eta Sigma DIANE WALKER Mortar Board Alpha Epsilon Delta Lambda Sigma, President Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, President in American Universities and Colleges JIM WEIR ASB Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa Society for Advancement of Management Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. President Order of Omega PAUL WHITE Phi Kappa Phi Phi Alpha Theta. Treasurer Delta Phi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma. Secretary Ole Miss Band WIRT YERGER Omicron Delta Kappa Gamma lota Sigma. President Committees of 82 and 100 Kappa Alpha Order. President Order of Omega TIM WRIGHT Rho Chi. President Phi Delta Chi. Vice- President Pharmacy School. President 1.- ' - - in American Universities and Colleges WHO ' S HIE ID AILS Robert B. Anderson James P. Caldwell Reatha H. Clark David N. DeLeeuw Sylvia J. Dye Cheryl D. Fortenberry Linda C. Fortner Sharon Leigh Fulwood Teresa L. Greer Bruce A. Lawrence Timothy E. McCrary Richard M. Outzen Jr. Patti A. Phillips Leslie C. Scott Jimmie R. Sledge Julie R. Smith William A. Walker Marie E. White Emily D. Wofford Charles F. Wurth Biology Political Science Business Administration Civil Engineering Psychology Classics Business Education English Elementary Education Liberal Arts Mechanical Engineering Business Administration Liberal Arts Modern Languages Accountancy Mathematics Electrical Engineering Music Education Pharmacy C I TAT I N Beatriz L. Alonso Helen H. Brock Adam Broome Laura A. Dunn Morris E. George Joseph D. Letteri Suzanne Myrick Carolyn E. Ray Rosemary J. Steinbeck Martha D. Stephens Business Administration Management and Marketing Liberal Arts Home Economics Music Pharmacy Journalism and Liberal Arts Accountancy Economics and Finance Business Administration 338 Taylor Medals Dr. Vaughn Grisham 1978 Teacher of the Year Teacher of the Year, Dr. Vaughn L. Grisham, is a native of West Point, Mississippi. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Mississippi State University, then taught at Ole Miss for four years before attending the Uni- versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for his doctorate. During the past year, Dr. Grisham, a sociology professor, taught workshops for the American Sociol- ogy Association in Memphis and at Ole Miss. The purpose of these workshops was to improve teach- ing. Dr. Grisham stated, " Most graduate students are trained in research and not in good teaching methods. " Presently, Dr. Grisham is working on two books. Last summer he visited New Orleans and San Fran- cisco to talk with publishers about writing a general introductory text. He is also writing a book on the historical, sociological and economical development of Tupelo from 1 860-1 980. Dr. Grisham is specifically interested in political and urban community sociology. He spends much time on his lectures and expects a lot out of his students. He is a pre-med advisor, which is time consuming, but Dr. Grisham said that he enjoys it because of the personal contact with the students. As an advisor, Dr. Grisham writes recommenda- tions for pre-med students, as well as advising them on classes and the MCAT. TEACHER Teachef o( the Year 339 IK A IP IP 1 Leadership Honorary OFFICERS President Bob Anderson Vice-President Tom Wicker Treasurer Pat Caldwell Recording Secretary Tommy Shepherd Faculty Secretary Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Voting Faculty Members Dr. Donald S. Vaughan, Dr. Franklin E. Moak, Mr. Harry Eugene Perry Henry Johnson Aiken Donald Harold Allen Robert Bentley Anderson Thomas Michael Austin Frank Hall Bailey Cheri Lynne Brown James Patrick Caldwell Robert Pepper Crutcher Anne Elizabeth Dauenhauer Paul Brooks Eason Sarah Buckner Fortenberry John Kenneth Frazier Albert Neal Graham Michael Duane Greer Douglas Jennings Gunn Roy Franklin Harmon David Cook Henderson George Mark Henry Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor soci- ety. It was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee Uni- versity on the fundamental principle that leadership of exceptional quality and versatility in college involvement should be not only recognized but also promoted. From its inception, ODK has maintained that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavor, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. Thus once each semes- ter successful candidates, who must be undergraduate junior or senior students, graduate or professional stu- dents, members of the faculty or administration, or alumni are selected for membership. Members are cho- sen not only on the leadership contributions to the cam- pus and the University community, but also for their scho- lastic achievement. Five areas of achievement offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members. These areas are scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications, and the arts. ODK membership constitutes an obligation and responsibility in citizenship as well as a mark of distinction of the highest order. Each month the circle holds dinner meetings with distin- guished guest speakers, and each semester ODK and Mortar Board co-sponsor a Forum Series to bring promi- nent speakers to the University. Holly Hopkins Harvey Gresham Hudspeth Mayne Rose Jackson Sonja Anne Jenkins Bobby Mack Johnson Edwin Jeff Gilmer Kennedy Richard Thurman Lawrence William Griffin Lewis Charles Matthew Lusco William Currie Martin Patrick Spenser McCarthy Revel Mansell McCord David Orris McCormick Harry Edward Neblett Richard McLean Outzen William Robert Sharman Thomas Banks Shepherd Stanley Quentin Smith Hugh Marion Stephens, Jr. Nora Frances Stone Gary Wood Stringer Hugh Earl Tanner James Martin Tucker Irby Turner William Scott Vaughan Charles Richard Walker Robert Lee Warner James Edward Weir John Paul White Thomas Allen Wicker Vernon Lee Witherspoon Kathy Johnson Williams Morris Christopher Williams Wirt Adams Yerger 340 OAK 1 Left to Right First Row: Bobby Johnson, Matt Lusco, Chuck Walker, Jim Weir, Sally Fortenberry, Wirt Yerger, Harvey Hudspeth. Sec- ond Row: Doug Gunn, Sonja Jenkins. Scott Vaughan, Pat McCarthy, Mansell McCord, Bobby Sharman. Third Row: Mike Greer, Bob Anderson, Tom Wicker, Chris Baxter, Neal Graham, Nora Stone, Stan Smith. Fourth Row: Dr. James Jones, Pat Caldwell, Tommy Shep- herd, Mike Austin, Mr. H. E. Perry, Hall Bailey, Buster Turner, David Henderson. Leadership Honorary CMICCCN A IP ID Senior Honorary OFFICERS Reatha Clark President Jody Sikora Vice-President Katheryn King Secretary Cathie Crouch Treasurer Catherine Burke Historian Louise Burney Editor Melanie Triplett Elections Chairman Diane Pearson Faculty Advisor Lolly McBride Faculty Advisor Dr. Carolyn Ellis Faculty Advisor Dr. Joanne Hawks Executive Liaison Established originally as a national senior women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both women and men. Tassels, the local chapter, has been an active part of the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board has a limit of thirty five members. Selections are based on lead- ership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 overall G.P.A. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the individual and the groups to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward a meaning- ful goal. The society continues to support the improve- ment of the status of men and women. Susan Anderson-Smith Joanna Woody Bass Cheri Lynne Brown Catherine Mary Burke Sara Louise Burney Virginia Ann Burt Reatha Ann Huey Clark Scottye Sharon Crawford Cathie Sue Crouch Anne Elizabeth Dauenhauer Sheila Evans Katherine Searcy Ferguson Cheryl Diane Fortenberry Sarah Buckner Fortenberry Teresa Lane Greer Holly Hopkins Debra Lynn Howard Melinda Ann Ivy Mayne Rose Jackson Mary Katheryn King Dawn Marie Ladner Laurie Manley Maddox Deborah Adelle O ' Connell Patti Allene Phillips Lucy Ann Rice Kathleen Moore Saffold Faye Carole Sibley Jody Lee Sikora Lelia Ann Simmons Melissa Marie Smith Melanie Triplett Nancy Diane Walker Amy Mae Webb Bonnie Lyn Young 342 Mortar Board III I II H Ill 111 ti - f -. ' . I i : 5 " n First Row Left to Right Chen Brown. Melanie Triplett. Reatha Clark, Holly Hopkins. Katheyrn King. Sally Forlenberry Second Row Amy Webb. Diane Fortenberry, Catherine Burke. Jody Sikora. Dawn Ladner, Bonnie Young. Anne Dauenhauer Third Row Rose Jack- son. Joanna Bass, Louise Burney. Ann Simmons, Scottye Crawford. Lucy Rice, Kathy Ferguson Fourth Row Cathie Crouch Diane Walker, Kathleen Saffold. Faye Carole Sibley, Laurie Maddox. Melmda Ivey Senior Honorary MC RTA 13 Mortaf Board 343 CM EGA Fraternity Honorary OFFICERS Bob Anderson President Jim Weir Vice-President Buster Turner Secretary Tommy Shepherd Treasurer John Frazier Social Chairman After having been founded at the University of Pitts- burgh in 1 964, the Order of Omega was established at the University of Mississippi in September, 1968, but was re- activated here in the spring of 1 976 under the direction of David Halle. A national leadership honor society for out- standing Greeks, the organization exists to recognize those fraternity men who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward excellence, and to inspire others to work for similar conspicuous attainment. Work- ing closely with the Interfraternity Council, the Order of Omega brings Greek faculty, alumni, and student mem- bers together on a basis of mutual interest, understand- ing, and helpfulness. During any one year, the Order of Omega is limited by its constitution to pledging no more than 3% of the total number of regularly enrolled fulltime undergraduate fra- ternity men on the main campus of the University. Order of Omega Rush is conducted during the fall and spring with each fraternity being allowed to nominate Rushees from its active membership. One of the most dominant aspects of the Order of Omega is its perpetuation of the social concepts of frater- nity life. This is accomplished in the spring and fall of each year when the organization hosts a champagne party to which members invite Omega Rushees and guests. Robert Bentley Anderson Chi Psi Elisha White Atkinson Kappa Alpha Order Prank Hall Bailey Sigma Chi Steven Roe Barnett Chi Psi James Patrick Caldwell Sigma Nu Andrew Street Covington Phi Delta Theta Robert Pepper Crutcher Sigma Alpha Epsilon Eric Lee Eilertsen Kappa Alpha Order John Kenneth Frazier Sigma Nu Harold Lynn Greer Phi Kappa Psi George Edward Guerieri Kappa Alpha Order Douglas Jennings Gunn Phi Delta Theta Alan Craig Haskins Phi Delta Theta Markland Roland Headley Alpha Tau Omega William Barker Howard Alpha Tau Omega Harvey Gresham Hudspeth Phi Kappa Psi Edward Earl Lawler Sigma Chi William Griffin Lewis Chi Psi Charles Matthew Lusco Sigma Chi William Currie Martin Phi Delta Theta Richard McLean Outzen Pi Kappa Alpha Leroy Henry Paris Kappa Alpha Order William Robert Sharman Chi Psi Thomas Banks Shepherd Alpha Tau Omega Irby Turner Kappa Alpha Order William Scott Vaughan Alpha Tau Omega Charles Richard Walker Alpha Tau Omega Thomas Kenneth Watts Kappa Alpha Order James Edward Weir Beta Theta Pi Wirt Adams Yerger Kappa Alpha Order 344 Order of Omega I Left to Right First Row: Bill Martin, Scott Vaughan. Mark Headley. Rick Bellinger. Lee Paris. Rusty Hensley. Tommy Shep- herd. Buster Turner. Lee Ragland Second Row Med Leake. Tad Wise. Eddie Black, Darden North, Cowboy Maloney. Bob Anderson. Alan Tucei. Bobby Sharman, Matt Lusco, Lynn Loden. Third Row: E W Atkinson. John Frazier. Andy Malmo, Jimmy Edwards. Wirt Yerqer. Doug Gunn. Hall Bailey, Eric Eilertson. Pat Caldwell. Steve Barnett. Craig Haskms, Harvey Hud- speth. Jimmy Jordan, Chuck Walker Fourth Row Hal Greer, Kenny Watts. Andrew Covington, Kenny Barraza. Tom Ross. John Phillips. Bill Lewis, Jim Weir. Ed Lawler. Bill Howard, Joey Hurston Fraternity Honorary f Oe ol Omega si en Freshman Honor Society OFFICERS Doug Gunn President Ron Hendrix Vice-President Bill Wells Secretary Britt Smith Treasurer Hugh Stephens Senior Advisor Dr. F. E. Laurenzo Faculty Advisor The first chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923, for the sole pur- pose of encouraging high scholastic achievement among freshman men in institutions of higher learning. The Uni- versity of Mississippi chapter was founded on January 4, 1 930 and it is the eleventh oldest of the 1 63 Phi Eta Sigma chapters currently in existence nationwide. Phi Eta Sigma operates under the assumption that attainment of good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incentive for a continued high level of academic performance in subsequent years and thus benefits the student as well as the university community. In seeking to encourage scholarship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities designed to be of benefit to the academic population on campus. These include widespread distribution of a study hints booklet, co-sponsorship of a tutoring service with the Learning Development Center, and the awarding of a plaque to the fraternity, sorority, and dorm division with the highest percentage of new initiates. In addition, the national office awards fourteen $500 scholarships annually to outstanding senior members and the Ole Miss chapter was proud to claim one of its members as a scholarship winner this past year. Since its inception fifty-six years ago, Phi Eta Sigma has undergone several changes including a provision allowing the admission of freshman women. Thus, all freshman who earn a 3.5 or better G.P.A. in their initial semester of academic work or attain an average of 3.5 or better over both semesters of their freshman enrollment are automatically eligible for membership and are encouraged to join. 346 HI Ambrose P. Abuto Henry J Aiken James R Alldridge Donald H. Allen Robert B Anderson Tundell C Anderson George M Ansel Barbara A Ard Wendy R Asbury Norman K Ashburn Frank H Bailey Joseph D. Bailey Garland B. Baker Joel B Ballard Maria A Ballard James B Barlow Vicke N Beardain Johnny M. Belenchia Henry M. Bellany, III William G. Biddy Linda A Biggers Mike L. Biggs Mark D. Boles James J. Boyd Jack W Brand Roberts. Brennon Gregory L Broadhead David F. Broome Charles V. Brown. Jr William A Brown Beverly G. Brownlee Calvin D Buchanon Joe H. Campbell. Jr Charles T. Cannada Mark P. Caraway John W Chambers, Jr Michael D. Chase David A. Childress Kenneth M Corfey James T.Coleman James J Cook William E. Cook Charles M. Corbetl Celia E Crenshaw Danny L. Crotwell Robert P Crutcher Charles W Cummings Charles L Daley William C. Daniel Jeffrey S Davin Brian L. Davis Kenneth A DeCoursey John I. DeLashmet David N DeLeeuw Kenneth W DeTurk John E Dilley John E. Dodd Claire B Duff Paul B Eason James D Edwards Kathie D English Marilyn A Ertle ElishaC Ezentia Dillard Featherston Thomas A Feduccia Steven R Felton Alison A Fessler William H Fisher, IV S teven M Fletcher Emily A Fortenberry Linda G Fortune Henry C. Fox RoyC Fox James R Frees William Fry, IV Donald K Gaddy Larry L Gooch Clinton A. Graham Paul R Grass Daniel T. Gray Katherine M Gorove Gregory L. Griffin Ike C. Griffith Chris Grillis, III Regina A. Guidi Douglas J Gunn James L Guyton Michael Haas, Jr. Harold W Hankins Edwin Y Hannon Roy F Harmon John C Harrison Nelle E Harrison Rex D Harvey Charles R Haywood James W. Hedges David C Henderson Ronald L Hendrix Richard L Heyer Eric Ho Charlie Holcomb, Jr. Gary D Holdiness Mark A. Howie William R. Humphrey, Jr. Richard S. Igwike William K. Ihrig James L. Inmon Charles E. Jackson, III Gina M. Jacobs Charles M Jenkins Wayne S. Joe Bobby M. Johnson Mary K. Johnson Wilma Johnson Clyde A. Johnston Leslie L. Jones Paula D. Jones MarkL Kelley Mark J Kellum Samuel B. Kendricks Edwin J. Kennedy Kimberly Kennedy James I. Killgore Nell M. King Ricky A. Knox John M. Kuykendall Dawn M. Ladner Robert D. Laird Kelli A. LeBlane Sanford H Levings Karla F. Lokey Randall G. Long Charles M. Lusco Laurie M. Maddox Clark W. Mason Clyde S. Maxey William T. Mays, Jr. Steven M. McAfee Kevin M. McCarty Burl McClendon. Ill Marilyn M. McClusky John S McDavid Eugene D. McNally Carol M. Megehee Philip D. Milan Linda R. Monk Joseph S Mooney Malcolm S. Moore Richard C Moore, Jr. Jerry A. Morgan Catherine Morris Allen Mothershed Walter Mullins Trudy S. Nash Mark L. Nave Johnny D. Neely Melany C. Neilson Robert N. Neyland Alphonsus I. Nwanonenyi Phillip J. O ' Brien Adegboyega Oke David A. Otto Richard M Outzen Mary L. Patterson Karen D Peterson Mark T.Phillips Michael S. Phillips Randall D. Ponder Pamela Prather Pete W. Price William Primos, Jr. Miles T. Ouattlebaum Thomas A. Ouigley Kevin R. Rardin Earl P. Reeves. Sr Gerald J Reihsen. Ill E. Ann Rhodes Ronald N Rich Louis E. Ridgway, III Juliam W. Rives Bruce C. Romine James T Rossetti Amy E. Rozzell William R. Rushing Judy A. Russell Lucius Sams, III Charlie J. Sang Sidney M. Scarborough Frank L. Schmidt Carl G. Schott James V. Schott David J. Schuessler Steven A. Scott Robert S. Shaw, Jr. Gene G. Sheffield Thomas B Shepherd Richard N Sherman Jessica L. Sibley Susan N. Simmons Thomas R. Sims Joseph L. Slater David B. Smith John B. Smith Stuwart H. Smith David G Spear Alfred J. Spencer Susan S. Spicer Hugh M Stephens Bernard D. Stokes Louis J Stokes Daniel B. Story David M. Sullivan Mary A. Summers Julian J. Swaim William A Sweetser Hugh E Tanner William S. Tenney Elizabeth C. Tolley David A. Treutel Edmund H. Y. Tsang Byron S. Tucker James M. Tucker Sandra S. Tucker Irby Turner, III Kenneth S. Vanexam Samuel H. Varner William S. Vaughan Walter C. Vick Mark J. Wakefield Mary A. Waldrop Barbara G. Walker AlbertM Ward Robert L. Warner William L. Watt Timothy G. Weeks James E Weir Bert A. Welch, III William P. Wells John P. White Wanda K. Wiles James T. Wilkins, Jr. Alan T. Williams Morris C. Williams Randall E. Williamson David C Wing James H. Wise Frank M.Wiygul Phillip J.Wong Roger K Woodall Jerry K. Young Kevin W. Young Freshman Honor Society IP HI HI 347 Freshman Honorary f Y Sfe The purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national H) 33t honor society are: to encourage superior scholastic tt 9@L achievement among first year students in colleges and n p i NTAW universities, to promote intelligent living and a contin- z r ued high standard of learning and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in future life. Membership at the Univer- sity of Mississippi is open to freshman who meet the minimum scholastic requirement. A student must OFFICERS maintain a 3.5 G.P.A. after his first semester or as a combined average of first and second semesters. Melinda Bunch President Margaret Stephenson Vice- President Hermine H. McLarty Secretary Currently, Alpha Lambda Delta is serving the Univer- sity by co-sponsoring a tutoring program with the Learning Development Center and by conducting a book drive for the library. Daniel B. Story, II Treasurer Ann Fortenberry Publicity Sid Moore Historian David T Abraham Lisa D. Denley Paula Hunter Leisha Prather Joy Acred Janet Dixon Sarah C. Hutchison Lydia Prather Lucy Alverson Kathy Dolan Paula D. Jones Pamela Prather Susan A. Archer Julie A. Drury Mark J. Kellum Todd Quattlebaum Barbara A Ard Kathie English Samuel B. Kendricks Gerald J. Reihsen, III Wendy Asbury Marilyn A. Ertle Laurie E. Kennedy TraceyC Renfro Lisa Bagley PiusChukwukelu Eze Nell M.King MaryS. Rosser Angela Beagle Dillard Featherston Susan L. Knister Judy Russell Kathy Bellamy Diane Ferguson John M. Kuykendall Deborah L. Ryan Rebecca L. Bellenger Cindy Ferrel Linda Langford Cindy Scarborough Gwendolyn Ben Alison Fessler Sandra H. Lawrence Angelyn M. Scardino Carolyn P. Berry Angela S. Floyd Sanford Levings Richard N. Sherman Mike Biggs Teresa L. Fong Elizabeth Lucas Jessica Sibley Anne N Brady William C. Ford, Jr. Lorraine McAllister Joseph L. Slater Melanie A Brandt William A Freeman Candice L. McCloskey Linda Smith Gayle Brownlee Cindy Germany Marilyn McCluskey Martha A. Smithson Clay Burkhart Scott R. Gordon Judy L. McHenry Jill Stephenson Rose L Burwell KatherineGorove DabneyMartz Allyson K. Stewart Nancy Chism Michael R. Hamerski Melanie Mathis Melinda Sumners Melanie L Clevenger John C Harrison Carol Megehee Yudith H. Takach Kathryn Coker Anne A Hart Melinda K Metts Pamela Gay Taylor Renita A Crawford Ann T Harwell Jennifer L. Moorhead David L. Thompson Carol J Crellin Kathy Hathcock Patricia R. Mortillaro Walter C Vick LisaCupit Carol A. Hemphill SaraMuirhead Albert M. Ward LisaR.Cutts Lisa Henick Michael A. Naaman Shelby L. Wilbourn Teresa F Cults Melanie CHemck Cathy A Patterson Jami Williams Katheryn G Dailey Alice D Hester Nanci Platt Randy Williamson Nancy Davis Susan Holmes Johnny W. Pope Richard Alger Bill Allen Ann Blackshare Sean Brennan Louise Burney Annette Busby Charles Cannada Tim Cantrell Karen Cartwright Max Clapp Reatha Clark MikeCockrell Patricia Curtis Anne Dauenhauer Arthur Martin Edward Steve Felten Tommy Ferguson Ira Kaye Frashier Keith Hale Mike Howard Tom Imre Kenneth Johnson Sara Keys Georgianna Kiffer Andrea Lambert Delorise Larsen Alan Lemly Matt Lusco Jan Melancon Howard Miles David Miller David Lee Miller Brenda Morrison Walter Mullins Wayne Myles Marie Newton Rick Outzen Susan Pierce Kathy Reid Jean Scheidemantel Tom Scibilia Faye Carole Sibley Jody Sikora Thomas Sims Jimmie Sledge Chuck Walker Jim Weir Woody Wilkerson Kit Williams BobWinkler Michelle Wirth James Weight Kevin Young The objective of Alpha Theta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give due recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accountancy at the University of Mississippi. To be elected to membership, a student must have a 3.0 overall G.P.A. and a 3.0 in accounting. Planned activities for service to the community cover a broad range. On Homecoming Beta Alpha Psi sponsors a reception for Ole Miss alumni and friends. A tax assistance program is provided in the spring for university students and employees. Accountancy Honorary OFFICERS Chuck Walker President Kit Williams Vice-President Mike Cockrell Treasurer Delorise Larsen Corresponding Secretary Andrea Lambert Recording Secretary s s EET t BAU 349 SIGMA Sophomore Honor Society OFFICERS Nell King President Scott Gordon Vice- President Joseph W. Martin Secretary Michael Landess Treasurer Kathie English Rituals Elizabeth Odom Publicity Lambda Sigma Society is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among university students, to promote leadership among freshman and to serve and promote the inter- ests of the University in every way possible. All fresh- men with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 may apply for membership in lota Chapter. Selection is made in the Spring by a committee composed of active Lambda Sigma Society members and other student leaders. The Society ' s contribution to the university community includes the awarding of a scholarship to an outstanding freshman, ushering at the Artist Series, and service to the University and Oxford community through various projects. Lucy A. Alverson Thomas E. Bat Karen L. Benton Mary R. Benvenutti Katheryn A. Chapman Nancy Jo Chism Kenneth M. Coffey Robert P. Derivaux Janet L. Dixon Mary J. Drewry Kathie D. English Dillard Featherston Cindy G. Ferrell Emily A. Fortenberry Scott R. Gordon Paul R. Grass James L. Guyton John C. Harrison Ann T. Harwell Lisa L. Henick Melanie C. Henick Kevin L. Hitt Mary L. Holleman Paula A. Hunter Charles E. Jackson, II Paula D. Jones Mark J. Kellum Nell M. King John M. Kuykendall, I Jeffrey F. Lamb Michael B. Landess Carol L. Lovett Elizabeth G. Lucas Joseph W. Martin, Jr. Judy L. McHenry Hermine H. McLarty Carol M. Megehee Tanya A. Miller Elizabeth S. Odom Cynthia B. Owens Leisha J. Prather William A. Primes Gerald J. Reihsen Tory L. Robertson Judy A Russell Jessica L. Sibley Jason N. Slezak David G. Spear Jill Stephenson Daniel B. Story, II Michael J. Sullivan William L. Watt Larry L. Webb Debra L. White 350 AZ MacyR Belk Elizabeth Ann Blackshare Robert Sean Brennan Charles R. Brock William Albert Brown Rebecca Beasley Burr Sara Louise Burney Annette Dolores Busby Timothy R Cantrell Reatha Clark Creed M. Coker Terrence Cochrane Connor Charles W. Cummings Patricia N. Curtis Anne Elizabeth Dauenhauer Teresa Clara Duvall Martha Jane Ellis Linda Carol Fortner Neal Graham Larry Keith Hale Nelle Harrison Pritchard Thomas M. Imre Pamela Ross Korndorffer Andrea L. Lambert William Alan Lemly C Matthew Lusco William R. McDowell James R. McNeill R. David Miller, Jr. Jamie Moor Walter Allen Mullins Richard McLean Outzen, Jr. Marsha Kathryn Reid Jimmy Ried Sledge. Jr. FayeCarrole Sibley Jody Lee Sikora Mark J. Wakefield E. Nolan Waller Morris C. Williams Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business and admin- istration. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business and management accredited by the American Assem- bly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The Uni- versity of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1 944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma member- ship, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those stu- dents receiving masters degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferred by a business school are also eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accom- plishment among students of Business Adminis- tration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. Business Honorary OFFICERS President Jimmie Ried Sledge, Jr. Vice President Richard M. Outzen, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer E. Nolan Waller IP HI Scholastic Honorary OFFICERS President Dr. Russell E. Aven President-elect Dr. M. Bruce Huneycutt Vice-President Dr. Jean K. Jones Secretary Dr. Roscoe A. Boyer Treasurer Dr. Christine B. Stokes HONOR VICE-PRESIDENTS James Patrick Caldwell Reatha Ann Huey Clark Cheryl Diane Fortenberry Richard McLean Outzen, Jr. Leslie Claire Scott Jimmie Ried Sledge, Jr. The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897. Originating with a group of students who felt the need of the recognition of scholarship in all disciplines, it was soon composed of the Presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Tennessee and Pennsylvania State College. The growth of the society has been gradual and at present there are 187 chapters in 49 states and one in the Philippines. The Univer- sity of Mississippi chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was chartered in May, 1959, and thereby became the 77th chapter of the national soci- ety. To be elected to membership, an undergrad- uate student must be a senior or a second semester junior exhibiting high standards of scholarship and character. Graduate students must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty and staff members and distinguished alumni are invited to membership if they have made a sig- nificant contribution in their discipline or pro- fession. ACTIVE MEMBERS Charle s C. Alexander Frank A. Anderson Russell E. Aven Mary Carolyn Baggett Charles M. Billingsley, Jr. Lee N. Bolen, Jr. Modine D. Bolen W. Alton Bryant Austin W. Bunch Chalmers M. Butler Carrie E. Byrd J. Allen Cabaniss Charles D. Cannon Mary Jane Causey William M. Causey BelaJ. Chain Noel A. Childress Adrienne R. Cole James R. Cook Mary Neill Duvall Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Betty M. Fulwood Dewey D. Garner W. Parks Grant Euphiazene Gray Jeanne L. Holley H. Ted Huddleston Maeburn B. Huneycutt Harriet J. Jackson Janet S.Jones Robert L. Jordan Richard E. Keye Arthur B. Lewis Dixie C. Manning Henry Franklin Martin Annie Elizabeth Mills H. R. Mitchell, Jr. Sylvester A. Moorhead Carl W. Nabors Harry Eugene Peery Kathryn P. Pinkston S. N. Prasad Thomas M. Pullen Maynard W. Quimby Richard Raspet Joseph Sam David G. Sansing James S. Sellers Thomas R. Sharpe Barbara G. Shaw Jean M. Shaw Roy D. Sheffield Alliston Slade Ronald B. Smith Susan Snell Christine B. Stokes Russell A. Stokes William E. Strickland Pamela A. Strum Judith D. Trott Ellis E. Tucker Krista H. Vernon Max L. Waldrop Juliet H. Walton Jerry Lee Westbrook John D. Williams Parham H. Williams Polly F. Williams Donald R. Wilton Te-Kao Wu Gerald W. Walton Charles E. Noyes UNDERGRADUATES Nabil Muhammed Abu-Jbara William T. Alley Robert Bentley Anderson N. Keith Ashburn Garland Blaine Baker Patricia Herring Birdsong William Albert Brown Theresa Lynn Burcham Mary Ann Byars James Patrick Caldwell Laurie Carleton Michael Dale Chase Reatha Huey Clark Scottye Sharon Crawford Franklin Porter Crownover R Pepper Crutcher KateCummings Robert Hugh Curry Patricia N.Curtis Charles L. Daley, Jr. Deanna Helen Davis David Newton Deleeuw Margaret Stacey DeMartini Paul Brooks Eason Steven Ray Felten Donna P. Fincher ZonaGail Finney Joyee Fits Jonsi Bea Flora Cheryl Diane Fortenberry Larry T. Fortenberry Sarah Buckner Fortenberry Linda Carol Fortner Mary Anne Frank Cynthia Elizabeth Gamble Lea Anderson Garrott Jeff Glover Robert Allen Goggins Gary Gold William Mims Graeber Albert Neal Graham Teresa Lane Greer James Geary Grimes Douglas Jennings Gunn Douglas Charles Guyton James A. Hester Peggy Jean Hester Jack Rush Hicks. Jr. Phillip R. Hill Catherine Pearl Hirsch Charlie Mcllwain Holcomb, Jr. Jeffrey S. Holladay Holly Hopkins Albert Victor Horn Thomas Needham Horton Rachael Howell Mayne Rose Jackson Steven Daniel Johnson Suellen Johnson Leslie Lamar Jones Jo Ann Kemp Katheryn King Pamela Ross Korndorffer Stephen Paul Kruger MelaneeR. Lane Bruce Allan Lawrence A. Keith Lay, Jr. Goodman Griffin Ledyard William Alan Lemly Mary Jo Lyne James In in Maness William Currie Martin Timothy E. McCray Sandra Chretien McCrory William R. McDowell Larry Joe Nabors Bess Hawken Neal Helen Gary Norquist R ichard McLean Outzen. Jr. Hugh Thomas Overstreet Howard Dale Owens Billy Ray Pannell Marquetta Parks George T. Pearson Eugene R. Phifer Patti Allene Phillips Allie Lee Prater Anita Ruth Ridgway John Paul Robinson Betsy McDonnell Rucker Charlie J Sang, Jr Thelma Stegall Saxon Leslie Claire Scott Joseph Sentef, Jr. Jill Ann Sikora Lelia Ann Simmons Jimmy Ried Sledge. Jr Pamela D. South Sara Ellen Steingraber A. Mecklin Stevens William Murray Edouard Strickland Wilmer Albert Sweetser, Jr. Prentiss Taylor Barbara Annette Toney Mark J. Wakefield William Allen Walker John Paul White Marie Elane White William Colee Widman Charles Mark Wilson Emily Dianne Wofford Janice A. Woodard Denette Yarber GRADUATE SCHOOL Theresa L. Anstrom Thomas Webb Avent, Jr. Frances Blissard Boeckman Paul Bucceri, Jr. Leslie Andrea Carle Jean Wampler Cash Alexander Lee Chew Neola Lee Cleveland Beverly Irby Davis Alan J. Fridlund Ellen Brewer Gillespie S. Govind Denis Stilwell Hallman Barbara Enis Holley Jack Kitaeff Carolyn Buchanan Martin Johnny L. Mattox Shirley Gotbold McCauley Maxine Rita Mooers Leslie Anne Devaney Perry Thomas Stephen Prewitt Frederick T. Searcy, Jr. Bobbye Kay Shields Mary Burnett Sims Carole Stewart Linda Seigler Troxler Joan Sauer Walker Linda Gail Yarbrough Wart Paula Sue Williams LAW SCHOOL S. Allan Alexander Mary Elizabeth Barrett William Fredric Blair Ronald L Roberts Joseph Kennedy Turner, ill Scholastic Honorary K 353 OFFICERS President ArvVilutis Vice President Richard S. Glaze Secretary Timothy Perry Advisor Dr. Kenneth W. Hollman Economics Honorary Omicron Delta Epsilon is an International Eco- nomics Honorary Society dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in economics. The objectives of ODE are recognition of scholastic attainment and outstanding achievement in eco- nomics; establishment of closer ties between stu- dents and faculty in economics within and between colleges and universities; and publica- tion of the official journal. The American Econo- mist. Membership is not restricted to Economics majors, but is open to students who have an inter- est in the field and who have completed a mini- mum number of Economic courses with high aca- demic standing. Gamma Chapter at Ole Miss also extends mem- bership invitations to all faculty members in the School of Business Administration and to others who have made outstanding contributions in the field. Richard Kelly Alger Beatriz L. Alonso Debra Kay Ashmore Thomas Webb Avent. Jr. Ann West Bailey Joel Marie Bertucci Beverly G. Botton Robert Sean Brennan Carey Lee Brklgers William Albert Brown Winfred Earl Brown Rebecca Beasley Burr Creed Montgomery Coker Stewart Darrel Copeiand Stephen M. Corban William Webb Cox. Jr. Debra Carr Cunningham Craig W.Famsworth Jacky E. Fortenberry David Wesley Givens Frank Michael Gunn Mary Jane Hammond Sidney Ross Hanklns Steven J. Hays Lynne Rebecca Hester Karen Ann Holt Steven Bryan Isbell Sara Fowler Keys Richard Louis Korpal Mark Alan Larson Amy Lynch William C. Mathews David O. McCormick Carol Jane McMillen Cindy Kay Merchant David Lee Miller Brenda Morrison Gregory H. Muse Michael Lynn Nesbit Marie H. Newton Benny Jack Parker, Jr. Quang Quoc Phan Cathy Quartos Marsha Kathryn Reid Faye Carole Sibtoy Suzanne McWhorter Smith Maisy Lucille Stone Dana Swan Mary Grayson Whrtworth Woody Gann Wilkerson Elizabeth Barnes KathyBoyd Sarah Buntin Annette Busby Dbra Cunningham Amy Davis Pat Eisenbeis Mary Jane Hammond LynneHood Sara Keys Pam Korndorffer Andrea Lambert Susan Kyon ThciaMetvin Margaret McCuHan Marianne MM Martha Lynn Murphy Marie Newton LydiaOry Susan Pierce MeianieSonf DyanShelton Faye Carole Sibtey JodySikora Laura Staub BethWaW BWteWarfieW Phi Gamma Nu is a national professional sorority for students in business. The organization was founded to increase interest in the study of business in col- leges and universities. Phi Gamma Nu ' s aims include the upholding of the Alma Mater through the encouragement of high standards of scholarship, participa- tion of school activities, and the organiza- tion and association of students for their mutual advancement. To be eligible for membership, a student must have a 2.5 GPA overall and a 3.0 GPA in business courses. OFFICERS President Susan Pierce Vice President Annette Busby Secretary Andrea Lambert Treasurer Amy Davis Editor Sarah Buntin Editor Tricia Melvin Pledge Trainer Melanie Senf Business Sorority " 5yJ TN 3S5 OFFICERS President Jeff Kennedy Vice-President Charles Benneyworth Secretary Norman Ashburn Treasurer Kenneth DeCoursey Program Chairman Charles Daley Historian Charles Sang Pre-Med Honorary Since AED ' s formation in 1926, it has become the world ' s largest body devoted to premedical education. At its 50th Anniversary celebration, membership exceeded 50,000 in 112 chapters, of which about 5,000 were in active chapters and about 5000 in professional school. The object of the society is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical schol- arship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine; to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and premedical stu- dents and educators in developing an ade- quate program of premedical education; to bind together similarly interested students, and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health, organization, charities and the community. Membership in AED requires at least three semesters work in a premedical or predental curriculum with a G.P.A. of 3.2 overall and 3.2 in the sciences. Marshall Cole Adams Henry J.Aiken Michael H. Albert Norman Keith Ashburn Robert Anderson James Buren Barlow Diane Kaye Beebe Henry M. Bellamy Charles Benneyworth John Thomas Black, Jr. James J.Boyd JackW. Brand, Jr. Janet Renae Braswell Joe Hand Campbell, Jr. David Alan Chal James T. Coleman James Joseph Cook Charles M. Corbett Scottye Sharon Crawford Phyllis A. Dale Charles Daley Jeffrey Davin Kenneth DeCoursey John Edwin Dodd Thomas Feduccia Diane Ferguson Steven Marion Fletcher Michael C. Harrison Elizabeth Susan Henderson Jeffrey Thomas Henneberger Richard L. Heyer, Jr. Gary Donald Holdiness Joseph Eugene Holley, Jr. Mark Liang Sing Huang William Robert Humphrey, Jr. Kurt Darwin Johnson Allen Gafford Jones Leslie Lamar Jones Edwin Jeff Kennedy David A. Magusiak Roy Martin Main Billy Allen May Carl McAllister Barry William McCraw Eugene D. McNally Andrea K. Miksa Stephen Mims Stephen Quay Montgomery Joseph Spencer Mooney Karen Elizabeth Moore Jennifer Lynn Moorhead Robert W. Naef, III Patti Jeanette Patterson Mark Theodore Phillips Matthew Ray Phillips Joseph R. Pickett Thomas ' Albert Quigley Harry Lee Richardson Louis Ernest Ridgway David Lee Rushing Anthony C. Sang Charles Sang Christopher Shumake Jessica Leigh Sibley William D. Stephens Bernard Douglas Stokes David Mark Sullivan Byron Shane Tucker James Martin Tucker David Bruce Tutor Nancy Diane Walker Jeffrey Walters Robert L. Warner Donald Ray Watson Bert A. Welch Timothy Alan Wilson Melanie Elaine Wright Nahil M Abu-Jbara Keith Ashburn Nadim M Aziz Mindy S Brown Mark Bruchman Carol L. Buckles Robert A Butler. Ill Harry D. Carroll Andy C. Coleman James M Dilley Valerie J. Drouin Daniel M Fischer Jonsi B Flora Roy L. Fulton Roberts Hall Wayne S. Joe Leslie L Jones Pamela R. Korndorffer Bruce A. Lawrence Timothy E McCrary Larry J Nabors Phillip J. O ' Brien Robert H Phelps, Jr Eugene R Phifer Jill Ann Sikora William P. Taylor Elizabeth S. Virden William A Walker Karen West Charlotte A. Windham David C. Wing Phillip J. Wong Founded at Syracuse Un iversity in 1914, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematical and schol- arly development of its members. To qualify for election to membership, an undergradu- ate must have a 3.0 average in two years of calculus and be in the top third of his class; or have as a sophomore a 4.0 average in three semesters of calculus and be in the top quarter of his class. OFFICERS President Keith Ashburn Vice-President Pamela Korndorffer Secretary Karen West Advisor Dr. Charles Alexander Mathematics Honorary HME 357 OFFICERS President Chris Wing Vice President William Walker Recording Secretary Prentiss Taylor Corresponding Secretary David Deleeuw Treasurer Harry Carroll Cataloguer Nadim Aziz NadlmAziz Mark Bruchman Rob Butler Harry Carroll Pat Curry David Deleeuw EdeEnobakhare Danny Fischer Robert Floyd Wayne Joe TimMcCrary Dallas McFadden ZuheirMesrie Eugene Phifer King Poon Thomas Sims Prentiss Taylor Scott Vaughan William Walker Chris Wing Phillip Wong Marvin Woody Engineering Honorary Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to recognize stu- dents of superior scholarship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh University in 1885. Tau Beta Pi has grown to 176 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta chapter located here at the University of Mississippi was founded on March 15, 1969, and is one of only two chapters located in the state of Missis- sippi. Membership is by invitation to the engineer- ing student provided he has met the two basic requirements of Tau Beta Pi. First, he must be a senior in the top fifth of the engineering class or a junior in the top eighth of the class. Sec- ond, he must show exemplary character, per- sonal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability, and unselfish activity. Tau Beta Alpha strives to promote profes- sionalism and to encourage scholarship among all engineering students. The Missis- sippi Beta chapter tries to meet these goals by helping with many other, student organizations such as the publication, Ole Miss Engineer. Charles Brock Dan Carpenter Greg Gibson Pt M Gowtn Sharon Kothe Frank Rice DotRieaer Steve Roberts An Honorary Membership is open to anyone at the University who is interested and meets the following qualifications: first, be in good standing with the Univer- sity in " all " aspects; second, have an overall grade point average of 2.5; third, have a 3.0 grade point average in radio- television with at least twelve hours com- pleted. OFFICERS President Steve Roberts Vice-President Dan Carpenter Secretary, Treasurer, Historian Phil Gowen Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard Haynes Faculty Advisor Dr. Roger Wimmer Radio, TV Honorary OTA BZ-3SS Phil OFFICERS President Cathy Jo Hendry Vice-President Tracy Egger Secretary Marty White Treasurer Mary Cummings Pledge Trainer Beth Denney Reporter Rosalie McCullough FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Palsy Alexander Dr. LouiM Burnett Miss Jane Collins Mrs. Mary Fettleton Mrs. Betty Fulwood Mrs. Laveme Heliums Dr. Glen Jennings Dr. Jeannette Phillips Dr. Willie Price Home Economics Honorary The purpose of Kappa Omicron Phi is to further the best interest of Home Economics by recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among staff and students of the profession. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, potential and personality. A 3.0 overall G.P.A. Home Economics courses determines membership. Kappa Omicron Phi is a full member of the associa- tion of College Honor Societies. Mt M O t Wo Beverly Bennett Ruth Carroll Karen Cook Mary Cummings Beth Denney Tracy Egger Cindy Hannon Cathy Jo Hendry Lacie Miller RosaNe McCullough Porter Price VteklVamer Unda White Marty White M. S. Abdulrahman SaadehAbu-Jurjl Mstttn w Arnold NediumAziz Deva Borah Gary Browning Mark Bruchman Samakur Chandrahasan Peter Chlu Jackie Cruse David Deleeuw SamDelleeuw Roy Divincentl AntolneFaddoul Joy Ferguson SamGordji Phil Jimmy Howoll Ahmad Khattab AH Khraibl Steven Lau Tracy Lusk Zuheir Mesrie Steve Parrish JeffRish Kama! Sadder Gary Sharp John Smith Alexis Varas Scott Vaughan MohsenVeiseh John White Loren Young OFFICERS President Jackie Cruse Vice-President Mark Bruchman Treasurer Scott Vaughan Secretary David Deleeuw Editor John Smith Marshall Nadim Aziz Advisor Samuel Deleeuw Chi Epsilon is the national honor society for Civil Engineers, which was founded at the University of Illinois in 1922. The organization recognizes those students who excel in the fundamental qualities of the successful civil engineer and is dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of the civil engineer as an ideal profession. Member- ship is based on scholarship, character, practicality and sociability and is restricted to students who are ranked in the upper third of the class and who have completed half of the work required for their bache- lor ' s degree. Engineering Honorary EaPSIUCN 380 KO.n cue Sorority Honorary Rho Lambda, the National Panhellenic Recogni- tion Society, was founded at the University of Miami as a local group in 1962. The purpose of this organi- zation is to honor those women within Panhellenic who have been outstanding in the display of demon- strated leadership, ability and loyalty to Panhellenic and to their sorority. Only active members in their junior or senior years are eligible. An overall aver- age of 2.3 is required for membership. A maximum number of members to be elected in any year is 1 0% of the total Panhellenic membership. Susan Andron-S(nith Joanna Bass Cissy Brandon SaraBuntin LouieeBumey Virginia Burt Wanda ChambarKn Becky Connor PhylisDala Ann Dauanhauar Susan Dement BethDenney JudyOeShong Tncey Egger Shelia Evans MaryGraar Kathy Ferguson Pag Hughston Wilma Johnson DaraKally Tina Kimbrough Julia Livingston OFFICERS President Susan Stribling Vice President Molly Woodruff Secretary Michelle McDonald Treasurer Becky Connor Laurie Maddox Michelle McDonald Tern Miller Jennifer Moorhead Dana Palmiari Kathleen Safford Renee Saucier Erin SchtdeJer Julia Sector Ginger Stribling Susan Stribling Evelyn Tatum Meiame Tnpiett Diane Walker Meiame Walker Summer Wall Patrice Watson Kathy Williams Julie Winters Molly Woodruff Doug Yarbrough The National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wisconsin during the school year of 1904-5 by five senior officers in the cadet corps Leo M. Cook. Alvert W. Foster. Victor R. Griggs, Charles A. Taylor and Harold K. Weld. The primary purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military education in American colleges and universities; to unite in closer relation- ship their military departments; to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; and to promote friendship and good fellow- ship among the cadet officers. In general they acquaint the people with our national defense needs. Military Honorary Randolph E. Causey Robert L. Harter Kurt M. Heine Donald G. Kemp Paul J. Martineau Robert B. McFarland Beverly Ouartes John 8. Roberts. II Alexis Sherwood Walter F. Smith Linda C. Wright Timothy A. Wilson OFFICERS Captain Robert L. Harter First Lt. Randolph E. Causey Second Lt. Walter F. Smith First Sgt. Alexis Sherwood SCAEB4CLD PA. Sc c ra md Btod - NONSENSE CLASSES ADS AND INDEX Nonsense Kay Wiles Editor Most of us are born with five senses, and some people profess to have a sixth sense. However, we believe in the " seventh sense. " This " seventh sense " is Nonsense. We should always strive to develop Nonsense fully. In possessing Nonsense we are able to laugh at ourselves, but more importantly we are able to laugh at others. I IIKII O -a " - r, ifi n : Her eyes are all knowing and all encompassing. She is every- where, like the air around us. Destiny and fate are her passwords. Her eyes see everything, know everything. HIDDEN PICTURES Can you find? 1 The irate brother. 2 The poor squirrel. 3 The empty case of Old Charter 4 The MFA shield of confidence. 5 The green parking ticket. 6 Driver ' s ed drop slip. 7 Guy in hammock. 8 Student buying power card. OVE: Playboy Rick Outzen thes on for a change. nterfol N .LOW: Ole Miss coaches work on keeping offensive " Ends " in tip-top Ole Miss was honored to have the nat president of Delta Psi fraternity s| 1 ' ore a fu ll capacity crowd in Fi A MB ABOVE: " about diarrhea? ' ' if I say a few words Me?? Date Tommy Shepherd?!?! i am Activities, on the ball as usual, takes time out of her hectic schedi 1 ' tn quickly flatten a cine ball by the fo gravity alone. . - I " r. , .:-; . ,...,: . -. ' - f - ? i:. Shy? Have trouble talking to prospecti dates? Keep a dictionary close at hand 1 all those hard to come by words and catc phrases. j KA not featured last year ' s annual, is shown above. We wanted to make sure that he received equal recognition. 1 J it by many co-eds at Ole Miss. =LOW: The average atten ,iss student is 3.7 s 374 Nonsense M L Guess who cai . s- Seven Warning Signals of Death olonged absence of physical activity iss of appetite iss of sight and hearing .sumption of a relaxed attitude toward personal giene creased stiffness in joints ability to recognize previous five signals lexplained presence of coins on eyelids igma umicron Deia, any in the Union. He can always found telling people what to do. : Tired of panty lines? Rid yours nwanted bumps and bulges by wearing Und OW: " Knit one, purl two. Rebels, w Classes Jan Holland Editor Danny Story Editor FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES JUNIORS SENIORS GRADUATES PHARMACY Abdo, Maeen; Kuwait, Civil Engineering Adams, Ellen; Fayetteville. AR; Journalism; ZTA Ahlvin, Alder; Vicksburg, MS; Business Amsworth, Dana; Clinton. MS; Civil Engineering Alexander, Sherrie; Pontotoc, MS; Social Work Alfakhoun, Mohd; Kuwait-Hawally, Civil Engineering Al-Jallad. Mouawia; Kuwait; Civil Engineering Allen, Gary; Franklin, KY; Undecided Alsobrooks, Robin; Jackson. MS; Pre-Medical Aldridge, Gary; Jackson. MS; Business; IN Altenbem, Douglas; Brentwood. TN; Pre-Medical; KA Anderson, Mark; Okolona, MS; Pre-Medical; 0KT Anderson-Smith, Karen; Vicksburg, MS; Political Science; ADD Anekwe, James; Washington. D.C.; Business Anthony, Jay; Ocean Springs, MS; Business; Aif Armstrong, James; Tupelo. MS; Music Arnold, Janet; Yazoo City, MS; Music Arnold, Richard; Halls. TN; Pharmacy Ashley, Sherry; Parma, MO; Business Atkinson, P. Cheyenne; Canton. MS: Pharmacy Aust, Alan; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Chemical Engineering; ATQ Austin, William; Belden, MS: Pre-Medical Aven, Anson; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Avery, Margaret; Cleveland, MS; Business: AAfl Babin, Robert; New Orleans. LA; Pre-Medical;IX Bader, Beverly; Clarksdale, MS; Nursing Bailey, Elizabeth; New Orleans, LA; Computer Science; KKf Baine, Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; Liberal Art Baker, Kathryn; Long Beach, MS; Liberal Art; KA Baker, Phillip; Jackson, MS: Business; KI 380 FRESHMEN Baker. Terri; Grenada MS: Business. AOfl Baldwin. Sheila; end an. MS. Education: fl Ball. Catherine: Charleston. WV. Undecided ZTA Balthis. Lenora: Columbus MS. Pre-Medical Banes. Kevin; Vicksburg MS: Computer Science Banks. Jennifer; Columbia. MO: Business: ZTA Banks. Lisa: Giendora. MS. Education Bannon. Christy; Grenada MS: Accounting Barkley. Jay; Jackson MS: Chemical Engineering Barlow. Julie: Jackson MS: Sociology. I M Barnes, Barry: Port Gibson MS Pre-Medical Barnett. Charles; Quantico VA: Business Barnetl. J. Barry; Memphis TN: Business: BOD Barnett. Michael: Humboldt TN: Civil Engineering ATQ Barrett. John; Greenville, MS: Accounting Bateman, Blane: Oxford MS Pre-Medical Beadles, Kimberly; Bnnkley AR Business. ZTA Belenchia, Marcia; Shelby. MS: Business Bell. Tanya; Holly Springs MS, Journalism Berry. Pammy; Water Valley. MS Physical Therapy Bertolet. Barry; Vidalia LA Pre-Medical: ATQ Bessehevre. Scott; Cleveland. MS. Computer Science: flKA Biedenharn. Francis; Vicksburg. MS Computer Science EAB Billmgsley. Rodney; Clarksdale. MS Communications Blakely. Lisa: Grenada. MS: Education AOR Blanton. Tim; Memphis. TN: Mechanical Engineering Boatwright. Emily: Millington TN Pharmacy Ar Bock. Caroline: Tupelo, MS. Double Major Non Science. ZTA Bond. Tony; Sarepta MS: Accounting Booth. Anne: Eupora MS: Accounting 4 M Booth. Catherine; Pine Bluff. AR Music Borne, Oebra: Oxford MS. Political Science Boschert, Curtis; Duncan. MS: History Bouldm. Marshall; Clarksdale. MS Pre-Medical ATQ Bounds. Margaret; Nashville TN Business KAO Bower. Marcia: Boynton Beach FL Pharmacy Boyd. Paul; Southaven, MS. Physical Education Brabec. Kathryn; Virginia Beach VA Education DB D Bradley. Judith; Hattiesburg MS Pre-Medical: Af Brame. William; Jackson MS: Political Science Bramlitt. Frances; New Albany. MS. Nursing. Af Bray. Melanie; Tupelo. MS: Mechanical Engineering Brent. Willie; Columbia. MS Bio-Chemistry Bridgeforth. Venita: Nesbitt. MS: Computer Science Bridges. Tricia: Jackson MS. Business Bridwell. Ann: Carthage. TN Business Briscoe. Paul; Tupelo. MS. Business KA Brooks. Barry; Memphis. TN. Business. 4 KO Brown. Lisa: Tupelo. MS. Music. AP Brown. Allison: Pascagoula. MS. Art: Al Brown, Patrick: Winona, MS. Pre-Medical Brown. Sherri; Oxford. MS. Liberal Art; KAO Browning. John; Memphis. TN. Undecided Bryant. Brenda; New Orleans. LA English FRESHMEN 381 Brzezinski, Melody; Franklin, TN; Theatre Arts Buchanan, Marion; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical; AAA Buck, Kenneth; Columbus, MS; Undecided Bulsterbaum, Allison; Pascagoula, MS; Double Major Non-Science Burch, Gayle; New Orleans, LA; Biology Burleson, Cynthia; Tupelo, MS; Business Burns, Doris; Pascagoula, MS; Business Burns, Roy; Richland, GA; Pre-Medical 1 Busby, Bonnie; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Art; AAn Byars, Rosemary; Marks, MS; Business Byrne, Ellen; Springfield, MA; Business .ampbell, Mitchell; Lyon, MS; Medical Technology Campbell, Riley; Oxford, MS; Communications Canuti, Catherine; Purrysville, PA; Physical Education Carlisle, Kim; Memphis, TN; Accounting; Af Carr, Phillip; Water Valley, MS; Pre-Professional Carrel, Jack; Bogalusa, LA; Chemical Engineering Carroll, Richard; Stone Mountain, GA; Accounting Carruthers, Carol; Memphis, TN; Physical Therapy; Aon Cascio, Jacqueline; Greenville, MS; Physical Therapy Catchot, Anthony; Ocean Springs, MS; Pre-Medical Chamberlian, Kirk; Tupelo, MS; Business; B0n Chambers, Elizabeth; Alexandria, VA; History Chatham, Catherine; Senatobia, MS; Art; AOfl Cheatham, Adrienne; Germantown, TN; Liberal Arts Cheek, H. Rogers; Jackson, MS; Business; IX Chester, Lindsey; Avon, CT; Art Chow, Lisa; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts ICianciola, Joseph; Memphis, TN; Electrical Engineering; ATO Clark, Angela; Maben, MS; Liberal Arts Clark, Barbara; Spartanburg, SC; Political Science Clark, Bobbie; Houston, MS; Physics Clark, Curtis; Helena, AR; Zoology Clark, Jacquelyn; Jackson, MS; Psychology Clarke, Catherine; Memphis, TN, Undecided Clay, Robbie; Highland, NC; Political Science; ZTA Homecoming maids Laurie Shehan and Pam Cain are recognized at halftime. " Are you serious? You mean you ' ll really go out with me? " " KA0 Cochran, Tammy; Senatobia, MS; Pre-Medical Cofield, Jay; Clinton, MS; Accounting Coghlan, Janet; Benoit, MS; Medical Technology Cole, Cynthia; Birmingham, AL; Education Cole, Kelly; Ft. Worth, TX; Communications Coleman, Robert; Pearl, MS; Liberal Arts Collins, Suzan; Greenwood, MS; Education; KA Collum, Billye; Fulton, MS; Pre-Medical; KA Collums, Rhonda; Calhoun City, MS; Physical Education Conner, Donna; Greenville, MS; English Conway, Jamie; Ft Lauderdale, FL; Political Science; ZTA Coogler, Richard; Stamford, CT; Physical Therapy Cooke, Jack; Jackson, MS: Biology; t AG Cooper, William; Jackson, MS; Business Corban, Eleanor; Biloxi, MS; Liberal Arts; AC Corwin, Dari; Franklin, TN; Accounting Cotter, Judith; Counce, TN; Business Couch, Melissa; Houston. MS; Accounting Coughlin, Thomas; Brandon, MS; History Cox, John; Jackson, MS; Undecided; PA0 Grain, William; Columbia, MS; Liberal Arts; IX Crawford, Renita; Houlka, MS; Accounting Crenshaw, Kimberly; Humboldt, TN; Liberal Arts; Al Cresswell, Wallace; Grenada, MS; Pre-Medical Criss, Roberta; Coffeeville, MS; Liberal Arts Cromartie, Caroline; Rome, GA; Chemical Engineering; AOFI Crosland, Emmet; Jackson, MS; Dentistry; B0n Crutcher, Sally; Cleveland, MS; Undecided; XQ Cuevas, Pamela; Moss Pt., MS; Accounting Cullum, Chris; Macon, MS; Chemical Engineering Curry, Nancy; Waterford, MS; Double Major Non- Science Curry, Rochelle; Chicago, IL; Pre-Medical Oacus, Paul; Canton, MS; Undecided Dallosta, Dana; Millington, TN; Accounting Dame, Donna; Columbia. TN; Undecided; XQ FRESHMEN 383 Danks, Lori; Jackson. MS; Pre-Medical; M Dauenhauer, David; Poplarville, MS; Computer Science Davenport, David; Biloxi, MS; Pharmacy Davenport, Margaret; Vicksburg, MS; Pre-Medical Davidson, Friley; Cleveland. MS; Liberal Arts; KA Davis, Brenda; Purvis, MS; English Davis, Marjone; Birmingham, AL; Education Davis, Mark; Bruce, MS; Music Davison, Mitchell; Wilson, AR; Double Major Non- Science Dawkins. Mary; Olive Branch, MS; Business; OM Dean, Robert; Sledge, MS; Civil Engineering Delozier, Kirby; Marianna, FL; Pre-Medical Denley, Kimberly; Grenada. MS; Business Denley, Lisa; Bruce, MS; Journalism DeVeer, Donald; Jackson, MS; Chemicaf Engineering Dewey, Jane; Memphis, TN; Chemistry Diamond, Steven; Brownsville, TN; Chemistry Di Benedetto, Lisa; Bay St. Louis, MS; Undecided Dockery, J. Scott; Ocean Springs, MS; Accounting; JHi Dolloft, Mildred; Jackson, MS; Medic al Technology Donosky, Steve; Dallas, TX; Business; KA Dougherty, William; Mentor, OH; Psychology; Xif Douglas, Oscar; Holly Springs, MS; Journalism Dowden, Donita; Okolona, MS; Business Downs, Kenneth; Carrollton, MS; Liberal Arts Duck, David; Greenwood, MS; Business Duftey, Charles; Nashville, TN; Business Duke, Sharon; Jackson, MS; Psychology; AAD Dunbar, David; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical; t A0 Duncan, Valarie; Philadelphia, MS; Business The Old The Lyceum has the distinction of being the oldest building on campus, with the cornerstone being laid on July 14, 1846. Now used for administrative purposes, the Lyceum has been used as a library and classrooms, while also serving as a hospital during the Civil War. The Lyceum was built at a total cost of $220,798. Dunn. Brien: Memphis. TN: Civil Engineering. Dupuy. Jamie: Vicksburg. MS: Business: Af Durant. William: Russellville. AL. Medical Technology DKA Duvic. Lynn: Jackson MS. Accounting. AAD Eastburn. Patricia: Mobile. AL. Microbiology Ebochue. Edward: Owerri Nigeria Business Edwards. Debra: Hickory Flat. MS: Computer Science Edwards. J. Frank: Jackson MS Pre-Medical Edwards. Marcy: Covington. LA Theatre Arts. KA Edwards. Orrin: Kosciusko MS: Accounting. IX Eichelberger. Shirley: West Point MS. Accounting EI-Behadli. Mohammed: Kerbala. Iraq Engineering Elmers. Bess: Indianola. MS Pharmacy Ervm. Willie: Hazlehurst MS Pre-Medical Erwm. Kate: L ttle Rock. AR Physical Therapy. HBO) Evans. Deborah; Mananna AR Business Ewert. Sharon: Olive Branch. MS Nursing Ewing. Karen: Brooksville MS. Pharmacy Fakmlede. Sehmde: S L Lagos Business Fanning. William: Jackson MS Business. BOD Fargason. Clelia: Gulfport MS: Communications Farnsworth. Stephen: Memphis TN Accounting Farris. Samuel: Clarksdale. MS. Electrical Engineering ATQ Faulks. James: Natchez MS: Engineering Ferguson. Katherme: Clarksdale MS Nursing FerreM. Janet: Jackson MS Nursing. XQ Ferrill. Jan: Jackson MS Education. AAA Finnegan. Kathleen: Dallas. TX. Communications. AAll Fisher. Lea: Memphis TN Business Fitts. James: " peio. MS Undec ded Flood. Melissa: Meridian MS Education AAA Floyd. Cynthia: Magee MS Journalisrr Foote. Elizabeth: Hattiesburg MS Liberal Arts. XQ Forsythe. Kimberley: Vicksburg. MS Nursing Foshee. Gary: Meridian. MS Cheerleading IN Foshee. Sheri: Batesville MS. Education Fowler. Sally: Hattiesburg. MS. Business. AAA Franklin. Bridget: Batesville MS. Computer Science Franzen. Michael: Hattiesburg. MS Undecided Fredericks. Tami: Germantown TN Undecided Frednckson. Elizabeth: Sardis MS Nursing Freeman. Anne: St Louis. MO. Home Economics: KKP Fridnch. Lisa: Nashville TN Liberal Arts: AAA Furrh. Roy: Jackson. MS: Accounting OA0 Gaddy. Dennis: Lyon MS. Accounting t KiP George. Melody: Natchez MS Liberal Arts AAD Germany. K. Lynne; Houston TX. Medical Technology. AAA Gho. William: Tunica MS Business. IN Gosheh. Baher: Jerusalem Jordan Civil Engineering Gibert. Paul: Covington LA, Undecided. IX Gibson. R. Jeneen; Vicksburg. MS: Mechanical Engineering Gilbert. Dennis: Pine Bluff AR: Biology Gilbrech. Karen; Holly Grove. AR Pre-Medical HBO Gill. Eleanor; Greenwood MS: Liberal Arts FRESHMEN 385 Three Tri- Delt pledges look resplendent in their Easter finery. ..; Frenchman ' s Bayou, AR; Business Ginn, Ralph; Clinton, MS; Journalism Givens, Ginger; McKensize, TN; Business; AAD Glasgow, Fran; Memphis, TN; Home Economics Glass, Leslie; Houston, TX; Education Goforth, Hugh; Oxford, MS; Business Goforth, Suzanne; Batesville, MS; Physical Therapy; ZTA Goolsby, Patricia; Abbeville, MS; Home Economics Grace, Anthony; Louisville, MS; Computer Science Graham, Anne; Crystal Springs, MS; Education; XO James Graves; Brandon, MS; Dentistry Graves, Joy; Jackson, MS; English Graves, Mike; Meadville, MS; Business; XU Gray, Ronnie; Natchez, MS; Business Green, Connie; Lexington, MS; Journalism Griffin, Connie; Matthews, MO; Business Griffin, James; Ocean Springs, MS; Chemical Engineering Griffin, M. Renee; Louisville, MS; Liberal Arts; AAA Griffin, William; Spring, TX; Political Science Gulledge, Jerry; Crystal Springs, MS; Pre-Medical; Gullis, Alan; McComb, MS; English; IN Hagen, Chip; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Business Hagler, Margaret; S. Dennis, MA; Liberal Arts Haguewood, W. Scott; Tupelo, MS; Business; KA Halford, Michael; Greenville, MS; Biology Hall, Yolando; Water Valley, MS; Accounting Hamel, Sandra; Greenville, MS; English Hammond, Elizabeth; Moss Point, MS; Liberal Arts; XQ Hanson, Hugh; Bruce, MS; Business Harbin, Patti; Grenada, MS; Education; Af Hardy, Lori; Water Valley, MS; Pre-Medical Harlin, MaryJo; Mandeville, LA; Education Harper, Kelly; New Orleans, LA; Liberal Arts Harris, Marilynne; Okolona, MS; Pharmacy; DB t Harrison, Kim; Ripley, MS; Social Work; AAH Harrison, Robert; Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Pre- Medical; K 386 FRESHMEN Massed, Robyn; Paris, TN; Physical Education Haworth, Martha; Vicksburg, MS; Business Hayes, Laura; Plane, TX; Biology; AAD Hays, Mari; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy; Al Head, Janet; Moss Point, MS; Accounting; Af Hendrix, Phillip; Helena, AR; Business Herbert, Rene; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Herrin, Jane; Hattiesburg, MS; Communications; AAA Herring, Paula; Sardis, MS; Business; AOD Hertz, Belinda; Long Beach, MS; Communications Hickman, Jameye; Picayune, MS; Physical Therapy Science Hindieh, Samir; Kuwait; Civil Engineering Hines, Kenneth; Greenville, MS; Undecided Holitik, Cynthia; Little Rock, AR; Biology Hollabaugh, Vriginia; Franklin, TN; History; AOn Holliday, John; Ripley, MS; Chemical Engineering; IN Hood, Betsy; Calhoun City, MS; Liberal Arts Colonel Reb Colonel Reb, the student mascot of the Ole Miss Rebels, has long been present at Rebel sporting events, keeping that Rebel spirit and enthusiasm high. Traditionally a member of Kappa Sigma, this year ' s Colonel Reb is Steve Page. FRESHMEN 387 Hopkins, Maryem; Gulfport, MS; Business; AAA Home, Stephen; Lucedale, MS; Pre-Medical House, Rebecca; Hazen. AR; Journalism; Add Howell, Bobby; Pascagoula. MS; Business Howell, Sarah; Hermitage, TN; Accounting Howington, Mark; Greenville, MS; Business Hubbard, Milleigh; Cordova, TN; Business: AOI1 Hudson, Donna; Oxford. MS; Education Hudson, Lindee; Gulf Breeze, FL: Liberal Arts Huggins, Stephanie; Southaven, MS: Education Hughes, Michael; Bogalusa. LA: Electrical Engineering Hundley, Peggy; Columbia, TN: Undecided Hutchins, Randolph; Clinton. MS; Engineering Hyde, Estelle; Mobile, AL; Undecided Ikerd, Lisa; Friars Pt . MS; Education; AOn Imre, Ronald; Milan. TN: Engineering Ingram, Marian; Pine Bluff. AR: Pre-Medical; A Isom, Michael; Memphis. TN; Accounting; ATQ Ivy, Susan; Oxford, MS: Business Jacobson, Jeffrey; Lorton, VA: Pre-Medical James, Pamela; Oxford. MS. Business Jankowski. Tom; Tokyo. Japan. Liberal Arts; ZH Jeanson, Frank; Brookhaven. MS: Chemical Engineering Jenkins, Gregory; Bruce. MS. Pre-Medical Jenkins, Keitha; Sumner. MS. Nursing Jennings, Jerry; Clarksdale. MS. Liberal Arts Johnson, Charles; Attica. NY: Engineering; B0n Johnson, Elizabeth: New Orleans. LA; Business Johnson, Gregory; Fairfax. VA; Business Johnson, Michael; Helena, AR; Civil Engineering; KI Johnson, Patricia; Tupelo. MS: Accounting Johnson, Vera; Greenville. MS: Pre-Medical Joiner, Carolyn; Batesville. MS; Business Jones, Alison; Meridian. MS; Political Science Jones, Marian; Columbus. MS. Business; AT Jones, Melissa; Amory. MS: Music; ZTA Jones. Robert; Oxford. MS: Business Jones, Traci; Tupelo. MS: Business; t M Jordan, Crystal; England. AR; Accounting Jordan, Kimberly; Lewiston. ME, Education: ZTA Ju, Hiron; Greenwood, MS: Pharmacy Justice, Gordon; Long Beach. MS; Pre-Medical Kahler, Karen; Lmdenhurst, NY; Journalism Kamper, Natalie; Biloxi. MS; Physical Therapy Kapeghian, Jamie; Philadelphia. PA; History Keebler, Daniel; Biloxi, MS, Biology Kelley, Cynthia; Booneville, MS; Communications Kennedy, William; England, AR: Business; KI Kenney, Melissa; Pontotoc. MS: Psychology. AAd Kerce, Howard; Jackson. MS; Dentistry Kern, Steve; Clinton, MS. Business; B0n Ketchner, Sandra; Picayune. MS: Liberal Arts Ketchum, Roy; Hernando. MS: Business Khalil, Fayez; Palestine: Mechanical Engineering 388 FRESHMEN JA Kiltegrew, Angela; Long oeauh, MS; Psychology Kimberlin, Sharon; Memphis, TN; Home Economics; Kimbrough, Pitt; Cofteeville, MS; Business; IAE Kinney, Grover, Oxford, MS; Business Kittrell, Martin; Grenada, MS; Journalism Knight, Mary; Water Valley, MS; Liberal Arts Knight, Victor Stoughton, Wl; Journalism, A4 Kreager, William; Memphis, TN; Business; HKA Krynicki, Holly; Glen Ellyn, IL; Engineering; AAfl Kyle, Robert; Memphis, TN; Business; XI Lamb, Samuel; Tupelo, MS; Business; KA Landry, Larry; Arabi, LA; Accounting Lannom, Cynthia; Lebanon, TN; Art; AAH Laster, Audrey; Pontotoc, MS; Computer Science Laugenour, Carolyn; Sacramento, CA; Foreign Language; AOn Lavender, Mary; Marks, MS; Journalism; X! Leatherman, Robertson; Columbia, MS; English; OA0 Ledyard, Melanie; Selma, AL; Liberal Arts Lee, Darrell; Clinton, MS; Pre-Medical; IX Lee, Larry; Picayune, MS; Liberal Arts Leech, Bill; Memphis, TN; Electrical Engineering; ATQ Leggett, Helen; Greenwood, MS; Pharmacy; AOf Lehman, Vickie; Naples, FL; Undecided Liberto, Teresa; Grenada, MS; Business Lim, Tom; Kowloon, Hong Kong; Business Locke, Jane; Mt. Pleasant, TN; Education Lockwood, Mark; Roswell, NM; Business Loftin, Helen; Houston, TX; Foreign Language; KA0 Loftin, Pamela; Aberdeen. MS; Psychology Logan, Julia; Stuttgart, AR; Chemistry Long, Agrippa; Jackson, MS; Accounting; ATQ Lovell, Craig; Tupelo. MS; Business; ATQ Loyacono, Gay; Pensacola, FL; Liberal Arts; KA0 Lucas, Aubrey; Greenwood, MS; Pre-Medical; 4 A0 Luckey, Alwyn; Ocean Springs, MS; Dentistry; KA FRESHMEN 389 Lusby, Joe; Tupelo, MS, Religion Lyle, David; Jackson, MS; Business Lyons, Pamela; Grenada, MS; Education; KA Madiebo, Emma; Enugu, Nigeria; Business Maher, Sandra; Clinton, MS; Liberal Arts Maiorisi, Anthony; Old Bridge, NJ; Business Malavasi, Dianne; Lambert, MS; Education Marion, Cheryl; Waterford, MS; Nursing Marks, Mary; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts; KKf Marks, Sara; Jackson, MS; Nursing; ne t Marsh, Barbara; Cleveland, MS; Medical Technology Marsh, Richard; Greenville, MS; Computer Science Martin, Charlotte; Columbia, MS; Education Martin, Elizabeth; Natchez, MS; History Martin, Leslie; Clarksdale, MS; Computer Science Martinez, Maria; Arecibo, P.R.; Liberal Arts; KA Martz, Connie; Memphis, TN; Business; KA Mason, Robin; Columbus, MS; Liberal Arts Massey, William; Purvis, MS; Business Mathis, Barbie; Oxford, MS; Journalism Mathis, Karen; Meridian, MS; Liberal Arts; AAA Maulden, Roslyn; New Orleans, LA; Economics; AOH Maxey, Sally; New Albany, MS; Political Science; AOn McAfee, Marketta; Senath, MO; Pharmacy; AAd McCluskey, Heather; Amory, MS; Pharmacy; Af McCool, Timothy; Dillsboro, IN; Business McCord, Mary; Memphis, TN; Communications; XQ McCrary, Conrad; Germantown, TN; Business McDaniel, Douglas; Jackson, MS; Business; IX McDanie), LeAnn; Memphis, TN; Political Science; (DM Mclllwain, Kelli; Memphis, TN; Education; KA Mclntosh, Barbara; Holly Springs, MS; Engineering McKay, Evana; Jackson, MS; Business; XQ McKee, Mary; Jackson, MS; Nursing; AAD McKinney, Kenneth; Okolona, MS; Accounting McLain, Paul; Monticello, MS; Business Pride of the South The Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band, deservingly called the " Pride of the South, " has contributed much to halftime festivities. Starting with only a few members in 1925, the Pride is now 280 strong. - Mft-f. W ; t . terf. ' iiA ' fl y McLemore, Mary; Fayetteville, AR; Physical Therapy; Kr McLeod, Cynthia; Birmingham. AL; Art McNaron, Mark; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical McNeal, Larry; Water Valley. MS; Communications McNeer, George; Greenwood. MS; Electrical Engineering McNew, Bonnie; Oxford. MS; Business; P McWhirter, Nancy; Olive Branch, MS; Undecided Medlord, Mark; Brownsville, TN; Chemistry Medlin, Luke; Savannah, TN; Pre-Medical Meeks, Jerri; Yazoo City. MS; Social Work; KKI Meeks, Sherri; Yazoo City, MS; Social Work Merideth, Philip; Greenville. MS; Pre-Medical; 4 A0 Messer, Pamela; Oxford, MS; Business Messer, Patricia; Oxford, MS; Computer Science Meyers, H. Jay; Natchez, MS; Journalism; KUJ Michel, Martin; Poplar Bluff. MO; Pharmacy Middleton, Handle; Yazoo City. MS; Pre-Medical; Mikell, Cheryl; Statesboro, GA; Undecided; ZTA Milby, David; Louisville. KY; Pharmacy Millard, Carolyn; Tullahoma, TN; Pharmacy Miller, Anna; Alexandria. VA; Business Miller, Cheryl; Natchez. MS; Computer Science; AAH Miller, John; Clinton, MS; Pharmacy; E Miller, Todd; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Mitchell, JoBeth; Meridian. MS; Psychology; KA Mitchell, Minnie; Senatobia. MS; Journalism Mitchell, Wynne; Nashville, TN; Physical Education Moflatt, Melissa; Winchester, TN; Business; AOD Montgomery, Alvin; Weir. MS; Undecided Monts, Michelle; Olive Branch, MS; Sociology Moody, Ernest; Walls, MS; Pre-Medical Moore, Ed; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Medical; KA Moore, Marcus; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Medical; KA Moore, Mary; Columbus. MS; Accounting; Al Moore, Mary; Clarksdale, MS; Undecided; XQ Moore, Matthew; Clinton. MS; Mathematics I ' FRESHMEN 391 -My wife I think I ' ll keep her! " Moore, Tamara; Meridian, MS; Psychology; XO Moor head, Pamela; Oxford, MS; Social Work Morgan, Dennis; Grenada, MS; Pre-Medical Morgan, Paula; Grenada, MS; Social Work Morris, Anthony; Batesville, MS; Liberal Arts Morrison, Sara; Mary Esther, FL; Chemical Engineering; AAfl Moss, Jennifer; Independence, VA; Accounting; OB Moss, Kimmier; Baton Rouge, LA; Political Science Moynihan, John; Bay Springs, MS; Biology; IN Mulkin, Joel; Bessemere, AL; Accounting; IX Munson, Linda; Columbus, MS; Chemical Engineering Murchison, Melanie; Hattiesburg, MS; Social Work Murphree, Thomas; New Orleans, LA; Electrical Engineering Murray, Craig; Germantown, TN; Business; B0D Nabors, Michael; Memphis, TN; Pre-Medical; ATQ Nordan, John; Hattiesburg, MS; Business; 4 A6 Norman, Thomas; W. Helena, AR; Civil Engineering Nutt Toby; Louisville, KY; Business; OKA 392 FRESHMEN O ' Banton, Emwre; Laurel, MS; Liberal Arts O ' Connor, Betsy; S. Orange; NJ; Physical Education Okeke. Cyril; Abakaliki. Anambra, Nigeria; Political Science ONphant Hope; Oxford. MS; Business O ' Reilly, Erin; Jackson, MS; Political Science Osbome, William; Medina, TN; Liberal Arts; XUy Osley, Susan; Biloxi, MS; Physical Therapy Ott Katharine; McCornb, MS; Pharmacy Owens, Charts ; Warren, AR; Accounting Palmertree, Kerry; Batesville, MS; Education Parker, Lisa; Coahoma, MS; Liberal Arts Parks, Rhonda; Byhalia, MS; Accounting Partridge, Amy; Natchez. MS; Undecided; AAD Patton, Mary; Clarksdale, MS; Education Peel, Tern; Jackson, MS; Business; M Pegues, Abbie; Tupelo, MS; Home Economics Pennington, Nancy; Fayetteville. AR; History Penny, Jamie; Tupelo, MS; Anthropology Perkins, MsisdHh; Pine Bluff, AR; Double Major Non-Science; AOH Perry, Vsrda; Como, MS; Communicative Disorders Peterson, Deborah; Clinton, MS; Business; KKI Phan, Quang; Tupelo, MS; Liberal Arts Philippart, Catherine; Oxford. MS; Computer Science Phillips, Darby; Rockledge, FL; Communications; KA Phillips, Emily; Jackson, MS; Medical Technology; XQ Phillips, Gina; Batesville, MS; Communications Phillips, Jeanne; Camden, AR; Pharmacy; AC Phillips, JoEllen; Hattiesburg, MS; Educ ation; AH Phillips, Renee; McClure. IL; Pre-Medical Pierce, Christy; Columbia, MS; Undecided Pierce, James; University, MS; Business Pigg, Patt; Pulaski. TN; Elementary Ed; ZTA Pittman, Donna; Greenville, MS; Education; Al Prttman, Jack; Hattiesburg, MS; Accounting; ZN Pocklington, Brian; Tupelo, MS; Civil Engineering Polk, Judith; England, AR; Business Polk, Valerie; Sarah, MS; Psychology Ponder, Paula; Senath, MO; Pharmacy Pops, Alissa; Jackson, MS; Medical Technology Popemik, Michael; Oxford, MS; Business Popemik, Stephen; Oxford, MS; Business Porter, Betty; Myrtle, MS; Accounting Porter, Carolyns; Camden, TN; Pre-Medical; ZTA Porter, Mark; Myrtle, MS; Business Potts, Leigh; Durant. MS; Undecided; 4 M Pounders, Jackie; Batesville, MS; Business Presley, Lisa; W. Point, MS; Business; ZTA Presson, Bruce; Vicksburg, MS; Journalism Price, Lauri; Brookhaven, MS; Liberal Arts Primm, Keven; Clinton, MS; Physical Therapy Proctor, Margaret; Birmingham, AL; Physical Education; M Pruett, Michael; Memphis, TN; Pre-Medical; A6 Purvit, Peggy; Pearl, MS; Nursing Purvis, Tony; C rystal Springs, MS; Business; ATO FRESHMEN 393 Qubbaj. Hilmj; Kuwait. Kuwait; Civil Engineering Quick, Nancy; Statesboro. GA; Business; ZTA Ouinn. Pamela; Greenwood. MS; Business RabJto, Felicia; New Orleans. LA. Undecided; FIB Rajabi, Jeries; Jerusalem; Engineering Ramsay. Melissa; Mt. Olive. MS; Liberal Arts Rawson, Richard; Greenville, MS. Pharmacy Ray, James: Tupelo. MS; Pre-Medical; IX Ray, Joseph; Oxford. MS; Physical Education Ray, Martha; Hot Springs. AR; Business Reaves. Charles; Greenwood. MS. Journalism Reed, Diana; Racine. Wl; Business; ZTA Reed. Patrick; Brownsville. TN; Business Reese. Lisa; Meridian. MS. Education; XQ Reeves, Cynthia; Memphis. TN; Pre-Medical Reina, Jerry; Toms River. NJ: Electrical Engineering Reisser, Linda: Memphis. TN. Education Ricks. Evelyn; Drew. MS. Pre-Medical Riley, Ann; Meridian. MS; Fraternity Life. AAA Rish. Melanie; Pontotoc. MS; Chemical Roberts, Leigh; Memphis. TN; Home Economics; KA Roberts, Scarlett; Silver City. MS. Business Robertson, Alvin; Hernando. MS; Dentistry Robertson, Terry: Germantown. TN. Accounting: KA Robichaux, Milton; Vicksburg. MS. Business Roddy. Marshall; Jackson. MS. Business Rodgers, James; Mt Pleasant. IA; Business Rohan, Leslie; Cincinnati, OH, Political Science; HBO Rosentreter, Max; Oxford. MS. Journalism Rosser. Mary: Vicksburg. MS: Accounting: t M Roush, Mark; Waterloo. IL. Microbiology Rowan, Elizabeth; Jackson MS: Psychology Rudman, Jerry; Brookhaven. MS; Accounting Runyan, Amy; Memphis. TN; Undecided. KA Rutland, William: Jackson. MS: Business Ryland. Julie; Pensacola. FL: Business Sailer. Kay; Jackson. MS: Biology Sanford. Lisa: Clinton. MS; Business Saul. Sonya; Oxford. MS. Liberal Arts Saunders, Jon; Natchez. MS. Communications Scardino, Oebra; Pass Christian. MS, Medical Technology Schmid, Susan; Jackson MS; Pre-Medical Schmieg. Meredith; Natchez, MS. Pre-Medical. KA Schmitz, Heidi; Folsom. LA. Education: HBO Schneller. William; Senatobia MS Business. J KiP Schott. Eric; Waveland. MS. Computer Science Schram, Andrew; Reston. VA; Business Seto, Cindy; Jackson, MS. Nursing Shacklett. Susan; Owensboro. KY Business Shaw, David; Oxford MS, Accounting Shelton. Lurlean; Holly Springs. MS: Sociology Sherman, Lisa; Clarksdale. MS: Education Shipman, Ellen; Tallahassee, FL; Education. KA Short. Trilby; Biloxi. MS. Business 394 FRESHMEN Concert mania strikes again at Ole Miss. Shown, ft Shumake, Wendy; Memphis, TN; Education; AF Shumway, Michael; Vidalia, LA; Business Sills, Jeff; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical Simmons, Brian; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Simmons, Harold; Cannon AFB, NM; Pre-Medical Simpson, Andrea; Germantown, TN; Home Economics; ZTA Simpson, Bemadette; New Orleans, LA; Foreign Language Simpson, Debra; Pine Bluff, AR; Business; XQ Singleton, (Catherine; Trenton, TN; Business; ZTA Singley, Patrick; Pascagoula, MS; Liberal Arts; PA0 Sinopoli, Jon; Biloxi, MS; Liberal Arts; XI Smith, Charles; Hernando, MS; Pre-Medical Smith, Elizabeth; Calhoun City, MS; Theatre Arts Smith, Gregory; W. Point, MS; Pharmacy Smith, Leszlie; Piano, TX; Business Smith, Lynn; Oxford, MS; Accounting Smith, Michael; Box 1394, APO, NY; Computer Science Smith, Monica; Memphis, TN; Nursing Smith, Sandra; Pope, MS; Liberal Arts Smith, Sharon; Baton Rouge, LA; Nursing; KA Smith, Stuart; Clarksdale, MS; Computer Science Smith, Timothy; Vicksburg, MS; Pharmacy Smithnart, T. McCultough; Jackson, MS; Chemical Engineering Soldevila, Dale; Clarksdale, MS; Pharmacy Spann, Darren; Nashville, TN; Communications; ATQ Sparks, Teresa; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Speece, Deboriah; luka, MS; Business Spires, J. Steven; Slidell, LA; Communications Stacks, Laura; Mobile, AL; Business FRESHMEN 395 Steams, Michael; Charlton City, MA; Liberal Arts Steele, Anthony; Water Valley, MS; Music Steen, Jay; Jackson, MS; Political Science; HKA Steinriede, Nancy; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting Stepbenson, Richard; Grenada. MS; Biology Stevenson, Nancy; Grenada, MS; Education Stewart, Elizabeth; Oxford, MS; Education; KA Stewart, John; Memphis, TN; Forestry; KA Stewart, Mark; Germantown, TN; Civil Engineering Stewart, Sarah; McComb, MS; Art; ZTA Stewart, Suzanne; Natchez, MS; Business; KKF Stokes, Andrew; Durant, MS; Political Science Stokes, Connie; Greenville, MS; Education Stone, Glen; Batesville, MS; Liberal Arts; ATO Story, Sharon; Ocean Springs, MS; Liberal Arts; Al " Stovall, Skipper; Yazoo City, MS; Liberal Arts Stratton, Kristin; Indianola, MS; Veterinary Medicine; XQ Sutton, Ann; Memphis, TN; Computer Science Swann, Sungja; Tupelo, MS; Education Sykes, Harriet; Senatobia, MS; Nursing Szeluga, Mary; Titusville, NJ; Business Tang, Andy; Hong Kong; Business Tale, Robert; Coila, MS; Business Tatum, Nancy; Greenville, MS; Accounting; AAA Taylor, Irma; Holly Springs, MS; Business Taylor, Michael; Grenada, MS; Pre-Medical Terreson, David; Moss Pt., MS; Business; ATO Testa, Mary; Grenada, MS; Computer Science Thomas, Gwyn; Nashville, TN; Home Economics; yvw Thompson, Dianna; Biloxi, MS; Education; ZTA Thompson, Gail; Meridian, MS; Political Science Thompson, Jamie; Lincolnshire, IL; Business; KKf Tinman, Kathryn; Gulfport, MS; Communications ; AGO Torbert, Nan; Nashville, TN; Business Totten, Grace; Coldwater, MS; Civil Engineering Tramel, Judy; Batesville, MS; Communications Chi Psi ' s gather at the Order of Omega Champagne Party. t!l 396 FRESHMEN Trammel), Lisa; Tupelo, MS; Education Travis, Doris; Canton, MS; Computer Science Travis, William; Picayune, MS; Liberal Arts; AO Treutel, Paul; Bay St. Louis, MS; Art Trwitai, Stephen; Bay Si Louis, MS; Journalism Tuckar, Lisa; Miami, FL; Nursing; ZTA Turbavilla, David; Jackson, MS; Computer Science Turner, Robert; Grenada, MS; Business Tumley, Melissa; Grenada, MS; Liberal Arts; AAH Turton, Risa; Cordele. GA; Business; Al Valentine, Meianie; Ahmadi. Kuwait, Nursing; AAA Van Acker, Detores; Biloxi, MS; History , Michael; Cleveland, MS; Pre-Medical; KI Vaughan, Pamela; Oxford, MS; Business; Af Vaughan, Sylvia; Columbus. MS; Liberal Arts Vaught, Lee Ann; River Ridge, LA; Journalism Vauae, Patti; Shaw, MS; Business; Af Vert, Jody, Wilmette. IL; Education; AAA Ventura, Teresa; Greenville, MS; Business Wade, Cathy; Memphis, TN; Nursing; KA Wala, Zaki; Safat. Kuwait; Civil Engineering WaMrop, Randy; Thaxton. MS; Computer Science Walker, Jennifer; Saucier, MS; Computer Science Walker, Lorin; Jackson, MS; Music; AAA Waller, Elizabeth; Oxford, MS; Accounting Walls, Randall; Okolona. MS; Pre-Medical WaNon, Nancy; Jackson, MS: Liberal Arts; AC Wardlow, Kirk; Tupelo, MS; Accounting Wattrins, Ten; Madison, MS; Pre-Medical Welkins, Valerie; Jackson, MS; Home Economics; AOH Wetter , William; Jackson, MS; Communications Wax, Bradley; New Orleans, LA; Political Science Webb, Donna; Courtland. MS; Liberal Arts Wetland, Kenny; Clarksdale, MS; Engineering; XO WeMy, Mary; Hattiesburg, MS; Business; AAA Wells, Darbi; Birmingham, AL; Business; DB Westmoreland, Kriatan; Martin, TN; Computer Science Wheattey, Paula; New Albany, MS; Business; f M Wheeler, Yvonne; Clarksdale, MS; Liberal Arts Whrtaker, Catherine; Eupora, MS; Nursing White, Carolyn; Bruce, MS; Accounting White, Stacy; Manchester, MO; Education Whrtt, Virginia; Owensboro, KY; Business Whrtten, Desiree; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Wicktor, Lisa; Cape Coral, FL; Home Economics; KKf Wilbanks, Lydia; New Albany, MS; Education; Al WHboum, Shelby; Barksdale, AFB, LA; Pre-Medical Wiley, Ronnie; Oxford. MS; Liberal Arts WMkinaon, Sandra; Oxford. MS; Social Work Wilks, Truitt; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Williams. James; N. Carroltton, MS; Accounting Williams, Kathy; Canton. MS; Pre-Medical Williams, Lori; Dunwoody, GA; Political Science Williams, Robert; Greenville, MS; Political Science; OKT FRESHMEN 397 Williamson, Russell; Greenwood, MS; Accounting; A0 Wills, Vickie; Memphis, TN; Pre-Medical Wilson, Carey; Memphis, TN; Undecided Wilson, Cynthia; Natchez, MS, Political Science Wilson, Nancy; Grenada, MS; Pre-Medical Wilson, Rory; Louisville, KY; Biology; ATQ Wmstead. Hugh; Jackson, MS; Computer Science Winstead, June; Philadelphia, MS; Computer Science Wise, Donna; Pontotoc, MS; Physical Education Wise, John; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts Wise, Kendra; Naples, FL; Liberal Arts; AAA Wolfe, Beverly; Hernado, MS; Accounting Womack, Lori; Magee, MS; Liberal Arts; AOH Wood, Dana; Jackson, MS; Business; AOH Wood, Kathy; McKenzie, TN; Pre-Medical Woodyard, Steven; Helena, AR; Pharmacy Worthy, Wanda; Greenville, MS; Political Science Wren, Angela; Clarksdale, MS; Political Science Wright, Debra; Water Valley, MS; Education Yamell, Renon; Adamsville, TN; Accounting; AOn Yearwood, Lisa; Nashville, TN; Education Yockey, Shelley; Pass Christian, MS; Business York, Frank; Jackson, MS; Accounting; IX Young, Anna; New Orleans, LA; Education Young, William; Franklin, TN; Pre-Medical; KZ Zachry, Betty; Brandon, MS; Physical Therapy " Well, Coach, Mickey ' s big hand is on the 12 and his little hand is on the 3, so that means. . " 398 FRESHMEN Abernathy. Joanie: Pulaski. TN Interior Design Abohijlih. Mahmoud: Kuwait: Computer Science Abraham. David: Vicksburg MS: English. ATQ Abueid. Musa: University MS: Me chanical Engineering Abu-Hejleh. Mohammad: Abu-Dhabi U A E Electrical Engineering Abuhijleh. Kama): Dairestya. West Bank. Israel Electrical Engineering Abu-Hujleh. Tayhe: Nablus-Jordan. Civil Engineering Abuto. Ambrose: Koru. Kenya: Business Acred. Joy: Memphis. TN. Chemical Engineering: AOR Adair. Mary: Dumas. MS: Arl Adam. Stephen: Saltillo. MS. Pre-Medical Adcock. Michael: Pearl MS. Political Science Akers. Elaine: Brandon MS: Nursing. AAPI AI-Azzawi. Abdulrahman: Baghdad Iraq Business Albers. Grace: Poplar Bluff. MO. Social Work: KA AI-Bundak. Omar; Beirut Lebanon: Electrical Engineering Alexander. Richard: Flowood MS Computer Science Alldndge. James; Grenada MS Electrical Engineering Allen. Larry; Jackson. MS: Accounting AI-Moghrabi. Mustapha: Sidon-Lebanon Undecided AI-Turk. Emad; Hawalli. Kuwait: Civil Engineering Alverson. Lucy: Paris KY: Accounting; KA Andersen. Tern; Jackson MS Education: KA Asbury. Wendy: Yazoo City MS. Business: KKT Askew. Frances; Greenwood MS Business AAA Atkins. Joel; Camden. TN. Music Atwell. Kirsty: Waveland MS. Accounting Austin. Wanda: Randolph MS: Physica l Education Bailey. Joseph: Memphis. TN: Accounting: OKA Bailey. Sybil; Southaven. MS. Physical Therapy SOPHOMOflES 399 The agony of defeat! Baker, Anthony; Jackson, MS, Accounting, KI Batch, Victor; Pass Christian, MS; Accounting Ball, Vickie; Meridian, MS; Accounting Ballard, Joel; Picayune, MS; Political Science Barbour, Gregory; Jacksonville, FL; Business Barbour, Janice; Cleveland, MS; Nursing; AAfl Barker, Teri; Jackson, MS; Science Bamabo, Mark; Sardis, MS; Mathematics Bamett, Janet; Ocean Springs, MS; Business; Af Bat, Thomas; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical Bateman, Janice; Amory, MS; Psychology Becker, Jamie; Gautier, MS; Liberal Arts; KA0 Becker, William; San Marino, CA; Business; KI Beech, Regirva; Birmingham, AL; Psychology; AOfl Belenchia, Johnny; Shelby, MS; Business Bell, Betty; Memphis, TN; Business; t M Bellamy, Mary; Cool Ridge, WV; Undecided Bellenger, Lynn; Jackson, MS; Home Economics Benson, Lillie; Lixington, MS; Political Science Benvenutti, Mary; Bay St. Louis, MS; Biology Berryhill, Brenda; Batesville, MS; Education Biggs, Mike; Jackson, MS; English; KA Blacktedge, Krista; Laurel, MS; Pre-Medical Blackledge, William; Laurel, MS; Business; IN Blackman, Rosella; luka, MS; Education Blakley, Lurlene; Jefferson City, MO; Business Blissard, Ricky; Okolona, MS; Accounting Block, Lori; Biloxi, MS; Art Boggan, John; Tupelo, MS; Political Science Bonds, Tracy; Gloster, MS; Liberal Arts Bowen, Penelope; Pontotoc, MS; Computer Science Bowers, Patricia; Jackson, TN; Business; t M Box, Nancy; Tupelo, MS; Social Work Brady, Anne; Lorman, MS; Art; t M Brandt, Melanie; Louisville, MS; Journalism; KA Brashier, Barbara; Indianola, MS; Home Economics SOPHOMORES Brashier. Deborah; Ocean Springs. MS Education Bray. Richard: University MS Accounting Breland. Loren; Brandon. MS. Business Brenkert. Scott: Oxford. MS Psychology Brennan, Mary: Germantown. TN: Liberal Arts. AOD Brennan. Michael: Vicksburg. MS Physics: IX Brennan, Paul; Vicksburg. MS. Electrical Engineering Brent. William; Raymond. MS: Pharmacy KE Brewer. Derek: Oak Park IL. Liberal Arts Brewer. Kay: Pulaski. TN. Journalism ZTA Briscoe. R. Kyle: Lucedale MS Pharmacy Brooks. Curtis; Ripley. MS: Accounting Brophy. Erin; Tupelo. MS Business: AAA Brown, Charles: Jackson MS: Political Science Brown. Marsha: Walls. MS Education Brown. Mary: Beien. MS Political Science Brown. Sherry: Oxford. MS: Communicative Disorders Brown, Stephanie: Jackson. MS: Home Economics Brown. William: Brandon. MS Pre-Medical OKO Brownlee. Beverly: Pelham. AL: Music. ZTA Bryant. Audn: Blue Springs MS. Foreign Language Bryant, Michael: Ft Lauderdale. FL History Bryant, Michelle; Jackson MS Business Bryee. Laure; Groton. MS. Home Economics Buckhalter. Alice: Big Bee Valley MS Political Science Buford. Karen: Oxford. MS: Education Buford. Laura: Jackson. MS: Journalism: AP Burgess. Guy: Houston. TX. Business Burgess. Linda: Water Valley. MS: Business Burkhart. Donna: Lexington. KY: Pre-Medical: ZTA Burrows. Mangrace; Southaven MS Undecided Butler. William; Oxford. MS Civil Engineering: J KT Byas. Vivian: Indianola. MS: Pre-Medical Byrnes. Suzanne; Corinth. MS: Education Campbell. Frederick; Jackson MS Pre-Medical Campbell. William: Natchez MS: Business Carbonar. Karen; Bala-Cynwyd PA. English Carson. Nancy: Signal Mountain TN Liberal Arts. 0 M Carter. Deborah: Drew. MS. Accounting Carter. Debra: Hamilton. AL. Medical Technology Carter. Sandra: West Helena. AR. Pre-Medical Cartwright. David; Metropolis IL: Accounting Carver. Karen: Belzoni. MS: Education Gates. Patti: Atlanta. GA. Social Work Cavmess. Tern: Caihoun City. MS. English Chadwick. David; Memphis. TN: Political Science Chatfm. Julie: Caruthersville. MO: Liberal Arts AAR Chambers. Linda; Pearl MS. Computer Science Chaney. Suzanne: Louisville. MS. Business. AAA Cheatham. Norman: Philadelphia. MS. Business Chisholm. Lena: Carrabelle. FL: Psychology Clarke. Mary: Riverside. IL Business Clarke. Stuart: Jackson. MS Accounting. IX Clement. Samuel: Crystal Springs. MS. Physical Education SOPHOMORES 40 ' " Try and look good. It may end up in the annual. " Clements, Betsy; Amory, MS; Physical Therapy; Af Clements, Edward; Metaine, LA; Business; ATO Cleveland, Thomas; Hernando, MS; Theatre Arts Clevenger, Melanie; Hayti, MO; Business Coffey, Kenneth; Louisville, MS; Education Coker, Kathryn; Yazoo City, MS; Business; XQ Coleman, Jill; McLain, MS; Education ollins, Craig; Gulfport, MS; Double Major Non- Science Collins, Karen; Gulfport, MS; Education; AAA Collins, Margaret; Bruce, MS; Business Collins, Pam; Yazoo City, MS; Social Work; 4 M Colson, Angela; Tallulah, LA; Liberal Arts Coltharp, Julie; Oxford, MS; Business Conner, Linda; Florence, AL; Business Conner, Lisa; Florence, AL; Education Corey, Janet; Meridian, MS; Business; t M Corso, Michael; Clarksdale, MS; Business; tA6 Cox, Marilyn; Ocean Springs, MS; Double Major Non-Science 44 Ofe QYU (Umterettj of Ole Miss The first annual was pub- lished in 1897. The name " OLE MISS " came about when Miss Elma Meek Coleman of Oxford, then a student at the Univer- sity, won the contest to choose a suitable name for its publication. Gradu- ally, the yearbook title became a nickname for the University itself. Cox, Pamela; Greenville, ADD Craig, Rose; Natchez, MS; Education Crandall, Nancy; Picayune, MS; Physical Therapy Crasto, David; Brookhaven. MS; Pre-Professional; IX Crawley, Beverly; Etta, MS; Business Crawson, Donna; Pontotoc, MS; Accounting Crews, Mary; Oxford, MS, Nursing; KA Crim, William; Jackson, MS; Accounting, IX Crisler, Betsy; Clinton, MS; Accounting Crislip, Kathleen; N Canton, OH; Physical Therapy Criss, Candace; Ecru, MS; Pre-Medical Crosby, Mickey; Mendenhall, MS; Pre-Medical; KA Cruse, Edie; Baldwyn. MS; Pharmacy Cummings, Sheila; Victoria, MS; Political Science Cupit, Lisa; Oxford, MS; Communications Cutts, Lisa; Cleveland, MS; Anthropology Cutts, Teresa; Cleveland, MS; Physiology; AAD Dagger!. William; Pascagoula, MS; Pre-Medical Dailey, Kathy; New Albany. MS; Home Economics Daniels, Marty, Oxford, MS; Business Darby, Ronnie; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Darnell, Deborah; Glen Allan. MS; Social Work Daschka, Michelle; Chester, IL; Education Daugherty, David; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Medical Davenport, Harold; Cedar Bluff, MS; Computer Science Davis, Cynthia; Bruce, MS; Music Davis, Eloise; Crenshaw, MS, Journalism Davis, James N.; Abbeville. MS; Mathematics Davis, James R.; Oxford. MS; Business Davis, Leslie C.; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts; KK Davis, Leslie J.; Como, MS; Accounting Davis, Lisa; Jackson, MS; Business Davis, Nancy; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy; XD Davis, Susan; Corinth, MS; Art; OB Davis, William; Itta Bena. MS; Pharmacy Day, Helen; Columbia. TN; Liberal Art SOPHOMORES 403 Deal, Roy; Oxford. MS. Chemistry Deel, Judy: Lena. MS. Biology Dessauer, Scott; New Orleans. LA. Liberal Arts DeVore. Jeanice; Collierville, TN. Physical Therapy Dickerson. Davis; Park Ridge, IL. Electrical Engineering Diggs, Charles; Shannon, MS. Mechanical Engineering Dillard, Patricia; Meadville. MS: Pharmacy Dobbins, Lashurn; Nesbitt. MS Education Dolan, Kathy; Pine Bluff. AR: Pre-Professional Dowdle, John; Canton, MS. Business; KA Dowd ' e. Nan; Meridian MS. Education Drakos, Richard; New Providence. NJ. Physical Education Drewry, Jan; Lakeland. FL. Education Dunavant, Amy; Pulaski. TN; Undecided: ZTA Edmgton. Hal; Clarksdale, MS. Accounting Edwards, David: McCall Creek. MS. Physical Education Eilertsen, Karen; Oxford, MS. Music: KA0 El-Assad, Ah; Sidon-Lebanon: Business EI-Assaad, Hassan: Sidon-Lebanon. Business El-Choufam, Adib; Beirut. Lebanon; Civil Engineering EI-Ghadban, Mohammad; Lebanon Civil Engineering Elliott, Kevin; Amanllo. TX. Business: KUJ Elliott, Roswietha; Holly Springs. MS. Pharmacy Ellis, Mitzi; Okdona. MS Undecided EI-Sar|i, Ahmad; Sidon-Lebanon. Mechanical Engineering El-Sarji. Mahmoud; Sidon-Lebanon. Pre- Professional Emeruem, Daddy; Layos Nigeria, Political Science Emfinger, Rona; Natchez MS; Accounting. AAH English, Kathie: Ocean Springs, MS, Business; AT Ertle, Marilyn; Bentonia, MS: Pharmacy Erves, James: Vicksburg, MS. Physical Education Erwin, Clay; Birmingham. AL. Business Esslmger, Mary; Florence AL: Business Ethndge, Stephen; Vicksburg, MS. Political Science Eubanks, Debra; Lucedale. MS: Business, KA Evans, Catherine; Vicksburg. MS. Journalism: KA Evans, Steven; Corinth. MS: Pre-Medical Everett, Lisa; Decatur MS Pre-Professional: PM Everett, Maynard; Victoria, MS. Computer Science Ezenta, Elisha; PH. Nigeria. Business Ezzeddine. Mohammad: Saida-Lebanon: Civil Engineering Fancher, Mary; Canton. MS: Pharmacy: XQ Featherson. C. Dillard; Macon. MS: Chemical Engineering. ATQ Fedell, Sharon; Vicksburg. MS. Education: KKT Felks, Barbara; Belden MS. Accounting Ferguson, Kathleen; Grenada. MS: Journalism Ferrell, Cindy; Magee. MS: Accounting; AOfl Fessler. Alison; Hattiesburg. MS; Pharmacy: AAA Field, Thorn; Baton Rouge. LA: Business Fisk. Mary: Oxford. MS. Business: KA0 Floyd, Angela; Washington, MS: Accounting Fogarty, Bill; Northbndge. MA. Business IX Follin, Erin; Canton MS: Business. AT Fong, Teresa; Hughes. AR: Pre-Professional 404 SOPHOMORES Ford, Betty; Natchez, MS; Accounting Ford, John; Lookout Mountain, TN, English Ford, William; Memphis, TN; Mathematics Fortenbcrry, Ann; Columbia, MS, Business; XO Fortune, Linda; Olive Branch, MS; Banking Finance Foster, Dexter; Shannon, MS; Pre-Medical Franks, Andy; Mantachie, MS; Business Franz, Candy; Miami, FL. Double Major Non- Science Freeman, Nina; Nashville, TN; Business; M Freightman, Phil; Gulfport, MS; Undecided Fuller, Ede; Gautier. MS; Pharmacy Gaines, Yolaine; New Albany. MS; Accounting Gardner, Diwayne; Philadelphia, MS; Computer Science Gamer, Paul; Batesville, MS; Computer Science Garner, Vickey; Pascagoula, MS; Speech; KA Gerrard, Tracie; Hattiesburg, MS: Business; AAA Gibson, Aurelius; New Albany, MS; Business Gin, Brenda; Tutwiler, MS; Business Goetz, Mary; Jackson, MS; Art; ZTA Goff, Sytvia; Stonewall, MS; Pre-Medical Goodnite, Christy; Batesville, MS; Education Gordon, James; Brandon, MS; Undecided; OK Gordon, Scott; Van Wert. OH; Business; B0n Gore, Lisa; Vicksburg, MS. Medical Technology; KK Gorove, Katherine; Oxford, MS; Political Science Graff, Diane; Park Ridge. IL; Business Graham, David; Long Beach, MS, Medical Technology Grass, Paul; Clarksdale, MS; Business; ATQ Gray, Daniel; Gulfport, MS; Chemistry Greenlee, Edye; Batesville. MS; Education; Af Gressett, Donna; Ft. Bragg. NC; Double Major Non- Science Griff is, Clair, Meridian, MS. Dorm Life; AAA Gulley, James; Brookhaven. MS; Business; IX Girth, Mary; Memphis, TN; Theatre Arts Guyton, James; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical; IX Hadtey, Susan; Clarksville. TN; Business; DBO _ " Hey Mom! Look what I found. " SOPHOMORES 405 Halawani, Jamal; Jerusalem- Jordan; Civil Engineering Mailman, Phyllis; Huntsville, AL; Music Hamilton, Marian; Brandon, MS; Physical Education; $M Hamilton, Todd; Memphis, TN; Business Hampton, Cheri; St. Louis, MO; Home Economics; AGO Harbison, Mark; Pensacola, FL; Political Science; ZAE Hardin, Seraphine; Holly Springs, MS; Undecided Harrell, Teresa; Charleston, SC; Sociology Harrelson, Nora; Guntown, MS; Home Economics Harris, Donna; Mem phis, TN; Sociology; AOH Harris, Melinda; Columbia, TN; Business; XQ Harris, Zacharich; Greenwood, MS; Engineering Harrison, Brian; Brandon, MS; Business; B0n Harrison, Emily; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy; Al Harrison, John; New Albany, MS; Pre-Medical Harrison, Patricia; Dallas, TX; Physical Education Hart, Anne; Inverness, MS; Liberal Arts; XO Hathcock, Cathy; Corinth, MS; Undecided; KA Hawkins, Ricardo; Indianola, MS; Dentistry; A A Hayden, L. Katherine; Memphis, TN; Chemistry; Hayes, Sylvia; Indianola, MS; Music Hays, Lisa; Memphis, TN; Undecided; ZTA Hemphill, Carol; West Pt., MS; Music Henderson, Derek; Louisville, MS; Accounting; KA Hendrix, Ronald; Helena, AR; Business; IX Henick, Lisa; Yazoo City, MS; Undecided; riB4 Henick, Melanie; Yazoo City, MS; Liberal Arts; XQ Henry, Brenda; Oxford, MS; Social Work Hewitt, William; McComb, MS; Business; ZAE Hicks, Frances; Florence, AL; Home Economics; KA " Here ' s your new parking sticker and a citation for not having registered your car within thirty minutes of arriving on campus. See you next Thursday at Traffic Appeals! " 406 SOPHOMORES Hicks, Communications Higgs, Emily; Bolivar, TN; Education High Donna; Columbus, MS; Home Economics; Ai Hightower, Dianne; Memphis, TN: Education; AOD Hines, Janice; Corinth. MS; Psychology Hinton, Deborah; Southaven, MS; Communicative Disorder Hodges, Margaret; Jackson, MS. Liberal Arts t M HoMen, Letghanne; Memphis, TN; English, AAR Hotdort, Pamela; Waukegan. IL; Home Economics Holland, Jan; Meridian. MS; Psychotic; J M Holland, Neety; Jackson, MS; Aerospace Engineering; flB Holleman, Mary; Jackson, MS; Business; 4 M Holtey, Joseph; Tupelo, MS; Biology Holloman, Toni; Bay Springs. MS; Pharmacy Hotloway. Helen; Louise, MS; Accounting; AOH Holmes, Susan; Wiggins. MS; Liberal Arts Hood, Elizabeth; Houston, MS, Art Hook Debbie; Osceola, AR; Physical Therapy; HBO Home, Claudia; Smithville, MS. Pharmacy Home, Olive; Jackson, MS; Business; AAA Horton, Carolyn; Goodman, MS; Communications Hough ' Tracy; Atlanta, GA; Journalism Houser, John; Marietta. GA; Political Science; XU Howard, Mary; Memphis, TN; Home Economics Howard, William; Memphis, TN: Library Science; AA Howze, Betty; Sledge, MS; Undecided Hubbert, Michael; Shubuta, MS: Pre-Medical Hull, Grace; Jackson. MS; Education, nBJ Hunter, Donine; Pensacola. FL; Business; M Hunter, Paula; Aberdeen. MS; Business; AC Hurst, Joseph; McComb. MS; Pre-Medical Hyde, Darrell; Gulfport, MS; Pharmacy Inman, Charles; Calhoun City. MS; Business lupe, Sam; Jackson. MS; Business Ivy, Elizabeth; Water Valley, MS; Pre-Medical Ivy, Vicki; Etta. MS; Education Jackson, Barbara; Houlka, MS; Liberal Arts Jackson, Jean; Jackson. MS. Biology Jackson, Serena Beth; Marks. MS, Liberal Arts: TM Jackson, Shauneille; Holly Springs. MS: Business Jackson, Vanessa; Oxford. MS; Undecided Jadali, Nitoufar; Tehran, Iran; Civil Engineering Jaeger, Keith; Lawrenceville. NJ; Business James, Cheryl; Batesville. MS: Business Jarjoura, Boutros; Sidon-Lebanon; Computer Science Jeanson, Hans; Brookhaven. MS; Electrical Engineering Jemison, Laurie; Kingwood, TX; Liberal Arts Jenkins, Charles; West Pt .. MS; Engineering Jenkins, Tanya; McComb, MS; Education Jester, Judy; Memphis. TN; Medical Technology Johnson, David; Durant, MS; Pre-Professional; KA Johnson, Jacqueline; Cincinnati, OH; Liberal Arts Johnson, Jay; Oxford, MS; Chemistry Johnson, Larry; Laurel, MS; History SOPHOMORES 407 Chi Omegas try for a last-minute formal date. Johnson, Lisa; Florence, MS; Political Science Johnson, Steve; Oxford, MS; Political Science Jones, John; Vardaman, MS; Education Jones, Paula; Macon, MS; Business Jones, Renea; Memphis, TN; Business Jones, Virginia; Water Valley, MS; Education Kahlstore, Karen; Maitland, FL; Education Kamhieh, Omar; Sidon, Lebanon, Civil Engineering Kelley, Alton; Brentwood, TN; Business; IX Kellum, David; Water Valley, MS; Business Kelly, Wanda; Greenwood, MS; Medical Technology Kendricks, Samuel; Clarksdale, MS; Business Kennedy, C. Lee; Magee, MS; Business Kennedy, Laurie; Canton, MS; Business; XQ Kent, Ramona; Osyka, MS; Business; AAA Kenty, Michael; Greenville, MS; Pre-Medical; HKA Kern, Ben; Clinton, MS; Business; B6 Kesler, Julie; Abbeville, MS; Business f i ipi Sigma Nu ' s exhibit 3Old Miss dress styles: the layered look, the casual look, and the naked look. Khodkar, Farrah; Tabriz, Iran; Computer Science Kimbrough, David; Jackson, MS; Accounting; XH King, Kendall; Laurel, MS; Business; AAA King, Kristie; Nashville, TN; Accounting; AOn King, Linda; luka, MS; Accounting; AOn King, Nell; Briston, TN; Pre-Medical Knitter, Susan; Roswell, GA; English Knox, RicKy; Houston, MS; Accounting Knox, Tracy; Memphis, TN; Physical Therapy Koestler, Laurie; Greenville, MS; Business; AAA Koski, Peggy; Germantown, TN; Education; ZTA Kruger, Melissa; Olive Branch, MS; Education Kula, Robert; New York Mills, NY; Business Kuykendall, John; Jackson, MS; Accounting, ZX LaBarre, William; Vicksburg, MS; Liberal Art Laffin, Linda; Indianapolis, IN; Liberal Arts Lake, Robert; Jackson, MS; Biology; KA Lambert, Mary; Jackson, MS; Political Science; AAA Land, John; Columbus, MS; Liberal Arts Landon, Vicki; Dumas, AR; Undecided Landrum, Melanie; Oxford. MS; Pre-Medical Langford, Linda; Tupelo, MS; Music Langston, Amy; University, MS; Political Science Lantz, Gerald; Long Beach. MS; Electrical Engineering Lawson, Mary; Ocean Springs, MS; Education Laymon, Quentin; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Lee, MiHyang; Natchez, MS; Liberal Arts Leonard, Susan; Mt. Olive, MS; Business LeSure, Kennan; Coldwater. MS; Pharmacy Leung, Pius; Hong Kong; Accounting Lewis, Lisa; Columbus, MS; Science General Lewis, Pinkey, Biloxi, MS, Business Little, MeKrin; Senatobia, MS; Business Logan, Robert; Bruce, MS; Pharmacy Long, Steven; Pascagoula, MS; Accounting Lovett, C. Leigh; Memphis, TN; Medical Technology; KKf SOPHOMORES 409 Low, Tineke; Laurel, MS; Nursing; AAA Lucas, Elizabeth; Greenwood, MS; Nursing; XQ Luk, Benjamin; Hong Kong; Pharmacy Lum, Adrienne; Cleveland, MS; Pre-Professional Lundy, Debbie; Wlnthrop Harbor, IL; Business; KA Lunsford, Jackie; Des Peres, MO; Social Work Mackercher, Rob; Fairfax, VA; Business: BOH Magee, Charles; Redinglon Shores. FL; Business Maiden, Sheridan; Clarksdale, MS: Political Science Mallow, Brad; St. Louis. MO; Business; J KOJ Malone, Johnnie; Abbeville, MS; Business Marchbanks, Charles; Greenville, MS; Accounting Markow, Catherine; Jackson, MS: Business Marks, Melody; Meridian, MS; Business; ' KA0 Marrar. Muteib; Amman-Jordan; Electrical Engineering Marsh, Kevin; N. Little Rock, AR; Computer Science Martin, Cathy; Holly Grove, AR; Business Martin, J. Williams; Hickory Valley, TN; Business; IN Martin, Richard; Pascagoula. MS; Pre-Medical Martz, Dabney; Memphis, TN. Business; KA Maslanka, Joan; Laurel. MS; Education Massengale, Marc; Pascagoula. MS; Business; KE Massey, Cynthia; Water Valley, MS; Social Work Mathis, Melanie; Houston, MS; Communications Matson, Arthur; Coral Gables, FL; Business Matthews, Altreda; Indianola. MS; Journalism; AKA Matthews, Denise; Indianola, MS; Pre-Medical Mazzanti, Karen; Lake Village, AR; Education: AOPI McAfee, Steven; Jackson. MS; Accounting McCain, Laurie; Bolton, MS; Business; OM McCarver, Neta; Pine Bluff, AR; Education McCleland, Kenneth; Palahatchie. MS; Business McCloskey, Candice; Grenada, MS; Foreign Language, KKT McClure, Susan; Sardis, MS; Accounting; KKT McCluskey, Marilyn; Amory, MS; Pharmacy: Af McCullough, John; W Memphis. AR; Mechanical Engineering McElroy, Michael; Houston, TX: Business McElroy, Toni; Fulton, MS; English: Al McFall, Kimberly; Florence. AL; Civil Service McGee, Calvin; Greenville, MS; Pre-Medical McGee, Joy; Cleveland. MS: Liberal Arts McGraw, Mary; Louisville. MS; Accounting McHenry, Judy; Wiggins. MS; Biology McKay, Mary; Ft Wayne, IN; Business McKinnie, Virginia; Greenville, MS; Nursing McLarty, Hermine; Oxford, MS; English; KKI McManus, Sidney; Oxford, MS; Education; AKE McMurchy, Martha; Raymond, MS: Accounting; Af Mendenhall, William; Mmden. LA: Business Menhal, George; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy: B0n Metts, Kenneth; Myrtle. MS; Computer Science Mikell, Betty; Kosciusko. MS; Business Miles, Wilson; Dyersburg, TN; Pre-Medical Miley, Lisa; Metairie, LA; Accounting; AAd 410 SOPHOMORES Miller, Alyon; Metairie. LA; Zoology Miller, Debra; Grenada. MS; Chemical Engineering Miller, Phillip; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Miller, Susie; Hernando. MS; Business; DB t Miller, Tanya; Aberdeen, MS; Accounting, Af Milner, Jan; Jackson, MS; Double Major Non- Science; AOH Minter, Debra; Columbus. MS; Journalism Mize, Ricky; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Mize. Sandra; Oxford, MS; Political Science MohMni, Afsaneh; Tehran, Iran; Computer Science Mollere, Olio; Gulfport, MS; Pre-Professional Monaghan, Ellen; Tupelo, MS; Art Moore, Malcolm; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Medical; KA Moore, Richard; Spring, TX; Mechanical Engineering Moore, Teresa; Starkville. MS; Business Moore, Walter, Memphis. TN; Business Morgan, Jerry; Utica, MS; Pre-Medical Morris, Charles; Columbia, MS; Business; A0 Morris, Herbert; Poplarville, MS; Accounting Moulds, Melinda; Little Rock, AR; Accounting Mullins, Angelia; Clarksdale, MS: Journalism Murphy, Michael; Biloxi, MS: Chemistry Murphy, Rhonda; Oxford, MS; Art: KA0 Murphy, Sandra; Brandon, MS; Political Science Myers, Anne; Hattiesburg, MS; Foreign Language; AAA Najjar, Muffid; University. MS; Chemical Engineering Nash, Sally; Jackson, TN; Business; KA Neumann, Heidi: Vicksburg, MS; Communications Newman, James; Jackson. MS; Accounting; IAE Newman, Karol; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical; AAA Coed Until 1 882, Ole Miss was not coed. In that year, the first women enrolled, 11 out of a total enrollment of 259. The first graduating class with women included was in 1 885 when 4 women graduated. Now, with a total enrollment of 9,655, males outnumber females 5,370 to 4,285. SOPHOMORES 411 Nickey, Nancy; Memphis, TN; Education; AOfl Ng, Vincent; Greenville, MS; Chemical Engineering Nganga, John; Nairobi, Kenya; Business Nguyen, Thanh; Jackson, MS; Computer Science Norsworthy, Derward; Magee, MS; Double Major Science Norwood, Eloise; Gloster, MS; Education Norwood, Mark; Biloxi, MS; Business; in Nosser, Peter; Canton, MS; Business Odom, Connie; Nashville, TN; Medical Technology Ohazurike, Benny; Amike Orlu Nigeria; Business Okereke, Eddie; Collierville, TN; Pre-Medical Olson, Ramona; Nashville, TN; Business O ' Neal, Laurie; Houma, LA; Double Major Non- Science O ' Quin, Bobby; Mobile, AL; Business Osborne, Walter; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting Otto, David; Gulfport, MS; Chemical Engineering Pace, William; Biloxi, MS; Pharmacy Palmer, Brian; Baton Rouge, LA; Phsyical Education; ID From the State Lafayette County students make up 1 ,075 of the total number of students on the Oxford campus. Hinds County ranks second with 874, Lee County ranks third with 320, Harrison ranks fourth with 245, and Panola ranks fifth with 211. 412 SOPHOMORES Pang, Randy; Greenville, MS; Electrical Engineering Paris, Irma; Indianola, MS; Education; XQ Parke, Mary; Picayune, MS; Double Major Non- Science Parker, Janice; Memphis, TN; Music; PM Parkinson, Catherine; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts Parks, Carla; New Albany. MS; Home Economics; Af Parks, Linda; Oxford, MS, Business Parsons, Dana; Wiggins, MS; Business; KI Partin, Mark; Grenada, MS; Accounting, AKE Pasley, Wendy; Durant, MS; Education; flB Patrick, Frances; Horn Lake, MS; Pharmacy Patterson, Catherine; Atlanta, GA; Pharmacy; AOn Patlon, Matthew; Vicksburg, MS; Business Patton, Word; Clarksdale, MS; Business; 4 A0 Pealer, Carta; University, MS; Business Pearson, John; Cleveland, MS; Liberal Arts; KA Pee, Pamela; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Peeler, Warren; Ashland, MS; Business Peets, Randolph; Jackson, MS; Business; IX Pennington, Debbie; Memphis, TN; Education Penton, Lisa; Picayune, MS; Accounting Penton, Roy; Picayune, MS; Business Peterson, Tim; Gulfport, MS; Political Science Pettis, Barbara; Oxford, MS; Education Phillips, Forrest; Hattiesburg. MS; Business Pickle, Allan; Philadelphia. MS; Business; I IKA Pitchford, Rosie; Lexington, MS; Liberal Arts Pittman, Melanie; Brandon, MS; Double Major Non- ScisncG Pittman, Peggy; Clarksdale, MS; Medical Technology Pope, Johnny; Lena, MS; Political Science Porter, Mark; Meridian, MS; Business; 4 A0 Posey, Kenneth; Tupelo, MS; Pre-Medical Poythress, David; Jackson, MS; Accounting Prather, Lydia; Natchez, MS; Pharmacy Prather, Pamela; Columbus, MS; Business; Af Prather, Roy; Ripley, MS; Accounting r " Who, me? Are you kidding? " SOPHOMORES 41 3 WShTV ' tf v_V Sally, I ' m working on your pictures right now. Prentice, Don; Jackson, MS; Music Price, Candace; Jackson, MS; Business Price, Cathy; Vicksburg, MS; Theatre Arts; KA0 Price, Mary; Jackson, MS; Political Science Primes, William; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical; KA Psanos, Kimberly; Jackson, MS; Business Guillen, Jesse; Bruce, MS; Business Rainey, Charles; Jackson, MS; Accounting; DKA Rand, Fred; Yazoo City, MS; Chemical Engineering; t KT Ray, Dalisa; Nettleton, MS; Liberal Arts Read, Benjamin; Dallas, TX; Business; B6PI Reardon, Rory; Clarksdale, MS; Theatre Arts; 0A0 Redditt, Lisa; Greenwood, MS; Arts; Al Renaudin, Elise; New Orleans, LA; Education Rentro, Tracey; Crowder, MS; Accounting; AOD Renfrew, Richie; Leland, MS; Chemical Engineering Reynolds, Danny; Jackson, MS; Communication Disorders Reynolds, Michael; Amarillo, TX; Double Major Non- Science Reynolds, Tanya; Indianola. MS; Accounting Rhyne, Julie; LaFayette, GA; Home Economics Rice, Mary; Bentonia, MS; Business; OBO Rich, Ronald; W. Helena, AR; Electrical Engineering Richmond, Brendley; Holly Springs, MS; Political Science Richter, Sandy; Brookfield, Wl; Education; ZTA Ridgway, Douglas; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Rieser, Dorothy; Poplarville, MS; Communications Riggins, Pamela; Rayetteville, TN; Accounting; ZTA Riley, Harriet; Meridian, MS; Journalism; XQ Robbins, Karen; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Bobbins, Robin; Oxford, MS; Social Work 414 SOPHOMORES Roberson. William: Baldwyn. MS: Journalism Roberts. Angela; Hattiesburg. MS. Home Economics. AAA Roberts. Susan; El Paso TX. Business Robertson. Dicky: Jackson MS. Undecided: HKA Robinson. Fielding; Jackson. MS. Pre-Medical Robinson. Vira: Batesville. MS. Business Roche. Missie: Atlanta. GA. Education. ZTA Roebuck. Karen; Aberdeen. MS: Accounting. ZTA Roebuck. Linda: Newton MS: Geology Roosa. Christopher: Austin. TX. Business Roper. Jay: Jackson MS. Accounting. ATQ Rose. Jennifer: Dallas. TX. Communications AAA Roseberry. Marcia: Hattiesburg MS Journalism: 4 M Ross. Chino: Hernando. MS. Double Major Non- Science Ross. Julia: Oakland MS. Business Ross. Melmda: Richmond. VA. Sociology: flB P Ross. Nita: Roxie. MS. Physical Therapy Ross. Virginia: Jackson. MS. Business Rowland. Virginia: Charleston. MS. Political Science Rudolph. Tamara: Paducah KY. Liberal Arts Rush. Linda: BHoxi MS. Communications Rushton. Frances: Jackson MS Business Russell. Judy: Jackson MS Business 1 M Samuels. Donald: Brandon. MS. Accounting Sanders. Robert: Oxford. MS: Accounting. XOJ Santma. Ahmad: Saida. Lebanon. Electrical Engineering Scarborough. Cynthia: Clarksdale MS: Education Scarborough. Sidney: Biioxi. MS Pre-Medical Scardmo. Angelyn: Pass Christian MS Business Schmidt. Jeanne: Pass Christian. MS Home Economics. AAF1 Schmidt. Karen; Fulton. MS: Business Schott. Carl: Waveland. MS Engineering Sears. Angelea: W Point. MS. Accounting XQ Seawnght. Norman: Moss Point. MS. Geology A PA Sedano. Antonio; Sanger CA Business Seeger. Kevin: Bay St Louis. MS. Chemical Engineering Shackelford. Allan; Clarksdale MS Journalism IX Shanklm. Mary: Corinth. MS. Journalism Shanks. Jenny: Clarksdale MS Business Shannon. Billy: Macon MS. Physical Education A Shannon. Jill: New Albany MS: Social Work HBO Sharp. Sally: N Middletown. KY Home Economics Sharpe. Debra; Columbus. MS Journalism Sheahan. Laurie: Hutchinson. MS. Theatre Arts KKf Shelton. Jesse: Clarksdale PR. Pharmacy Shelton. Sharon; Gulfport. MS: Liberal Arts Shepard. David: Jackson. MS. Business: Xii Sherman. James: Clarksdale. MS Political Science Shook. Deweie; Biioxi. MS Electrical Engineering Sibley. Jessica; Okolona MS Pre-Medical. Ar Signa. Pearl: Greenville. MS. Nursing Sikora. Jen: Mernllville. IN: Home Economics ZTA Simmons. Susan: Belzoni MS Veterinary Medicine L " Sims, David: Meridian. MS Business: ZN SOPHOMORES 415 Singleton, Skip; Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Liberal Arts; KA Sinquefield, Robert; Southaven. MS; Political Science Sirera, Oavid; Mandeville, LA; Business Skinner, Howard; Archer, FL; Engineering Skinner, Jim; Sunrise, FL; Biomathematics Skinner, Mary; Natchez, MS; Pharmacy Slater, Joseph; Memphis, TN; Computer Science Slezak, Jason; Arlington Hts., IL; Business Smart, Pamela; Ridgeland, MS; Radiology; AAD Smith, Brian; Oxford, MS; Computer Science Smith, David; APO NY; Computer Science Smith, James; Jackson, MS; Business; PIKA Smith, Lesa; Clarksdale, MS; Education Smith, Linda; Yazoo City, MS; Accounting; KKI " Smith, Robin; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Smith, Vivian; Oxford, MS; Business Smithson, Martha; Dewey, OK; Biology; KA Sneed, Rhonda; Marks, MS; Physical Therapy Southerland, Denise; Batesville, MS; Business Education; AOn Spain, Lula; Memphis, TN; Business Spear, David; Memphis, TN; Business; XMJ Spigolon, Thomas; Germantown, TN; Journalism Stamps, Bonnie; Batesville, MS; Liberal Arts Stanford, Freda; Marks, MS; Undecided; AI0 (Stanford, Patricia; Marks, MS; Business Stauffer, Arthur; University, MS; Business Stephenson, Shirley; Meridian, MS; Mathematics, AAA Stepp, Andrew; Sardis, MS; Pharmacy Stewart, Allyson; Dallas, TX; Business Stone, Sally; Slidell, LA; Psychology; t M Story, Daniel; Ocean Springs, MS; Disco; KA Stovatl, John; Humboldt, TN; Pre-Medical Strachn, Linda; Clinton, MS; Accounting Strobl, Cynthia; Tupelo, MS; Nursing Stroud, Mary; Lambert, MS; Liberal Arts Stuart, John; Dallas, TX; Business Smile Catherine, act like nothing is wrong or we ' ll pull the trigger! t Stubblefield, Terry; University. Mb. Knarmacy Stumpff, Randal; Jackson, MS; Business; HKA Sturgeon, Joey; Como, MS; Pharmacy Sullivan, Michael; Waynesboro. MS; Accounting; Sumner, Nannette; New Albany. MS; Home Economics; M Sumners, Melinda; New Albany, MS; Biology Swain, Julian; Memphis, TN; Pre-Medical; IN Swan, Glen; Thaxton, MS. Computer Science Swaney, Melody; Vicksburg. MS; Liberal Art; XQ Taylor, Donny; Columbus, MS; Accounting: B0R Taylor, Remona; Jackson, MS; Business Terry, Ronald; Sledge. MS; Education Testa, Clara; Grenada. MS; Pharmacy Tew, Ronald; Natchez. MS; Accounting Thear, Chrysa; Gaithersburg, MS; Business; ZTA Thomas, Cynthia; Nashville, TN; Home Economics; XQ Thomas, James; Crystal Springs, MS; Business; Thomas, Randal; Noxapater. MS, Accounting Thompson, Robert; Tchula, MS; Accounting Thompson, Timothy; Greenwood. MS; Accounting Threadgill, James; Natchez, MS; Pre-Medical; 0 KUJ Tilley, Becky; Gulfport, MS; Business, KA Tillman, Suzanne; Gulfport. MS; Liberal Art Tims, Karen; Bruce, MS; Liberal Art Tisdale, Deborah; Petal, MS, Communication Disorders Toler, Kenneth; Jackson, MS; Business; IX Torkmgton, Richard; Richmond, VA; Engineering; XU Travis. Patricia; Madison, MS; Nursing; 4 M Tubertini, Minnie; Greenville, MS; Education Tullos, Debbie; Clinton, MS; Pre-Medical, XQ The ASB The Associated Student Body is the governing stu- dent association on cam- pus. Always busy search- ing for answers to stu- dents ' problems, the ASB officials devote a lot of their free time to their duties. Of all the ASB presidents, only one has been a female, Marilyn Howellin1944. Turner, Ardene; Natchez, MS; Nursing Turner, Cathy; Bruce, MS; Education Tutor, Donna; New Albany, MS; Business; AOD Tynes, William; Chickasaw, AL; Business Umsted, Eric; Hinsdale, IL; Business Vance, Jerre; Calhoun City, MS; Accounting Vanderburg, Jeffrey; Olive Branch, MS; Accounting Vamer, Bonnie; Oxford, MS; Mathematics Vick, Walter; Gulfport, MS; Business Waldrup, Royanne; Drew, MS; Medical Technology Walker, Harry; Jackson, MS; Accounting Walker, Meredith; Hernando, MS; Pre-Medical; X0 Walker, Pamela; Biloxi, MS; Education Walker, Panesha; Columbus, MS; Physical Therapy; AKA Walker, Sharon; Dallas, TX; Education Wallace, James; Webb, MS; Mechanical Engineering Walley, Scott; Michigan City, MS; Business Walsh, J. Dan; Oxford, MS; Physical Education Walters, Nelson; Somerville, TN; Physical Education Walters, Tena; Clinton, MS; Accounting Wansley, Jill; Byhalia, MS; Accounting Ward, Albert; Pensacola, FL; Physical Education Watkins, Michael; Moss, MS; Business Watson, Edward; Oxford, MS; Business Watt, William; Batesville, MS; Accounting; ATQ Weeks, Timothy, Florence, AL; Double Major Science and Non-Science Weill, Eric; Tylertown, MS; Psychology Welch, Steve; Jackson, MS; Undecided Wetzel, Juliet; Westerville, OH; Business White, Betty; Pelahatchie, MS; Art White, David; Meridian, MS; Business; t A0 White, Debra; DeKalb, MS; Nursing; KA White, Linda; Memphis, TN; Business; ZTA White, Mary; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy White, Stacy; Indianola, MS; Social Work Williams, Alan; Greenwood, MS; Chemical Engineering It ' s surprising to see who all has to take Remedial Sex Education (for extremely sad cases only). Zettergren, Janelle; Senatobia, MS; Education Williams, James; Olive Branch, MS; Computer Science Williams, James; Drew, MS; Physical Education Williams, Margie; Bruce, MS; Psychology Williams, Stephanie; Jackson, MS. Home Economics; KKf Williams, Tammy; Huntingdon, TN; Education; AAI 1 Williams, William; Memphis, TN; Physical Education Wilson, Anthony; Clarksdale, MS, Engineering Winstead, Anita; Philadelphia, MS; Medical Tech nology Winstead, E. Cartton; Pearl, MS; Computer Science Winterholler, Ellen; Wilton Manors. FL; History Wise, James; Maben, MS; Pharmacy Witt, Angela; New Albany. MS; Education; AC Woflord, William; Darling, MS; Civil Engineering Wong, Judith; Moorhead. MS; Pharmacy Woodall, Charles; Memphis, TN; Pre-Medical; KT Woodall. Roger; Gulfport, MS; Law Word, Larry; Okolona, MS; Pre-Medical Wright, Martha; Nashville, TN; Pharmacy; AOn Yarbrough, William; Tupelo, MS; Business, B0H Yeldell, Iris; Greenville. MS; Nursing Yerger, Mary; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; XO Yuen, Kelady; Jackson, MS; Nursing Young, Kathryn; Greenville. MS; Accounting Young, Rhonda; Oxford, MS; Business From the Nation Forty-two states are represented at Ole Miss, with 2,239 coming from states other than Mississippi. Tennessee ranks first in the number of out-of-state students with 737. Arkansas is second with 182, Louisiana is third with 155, Florida is fourth with 1 52, Alabama is fifth with 145, and Texas is sixth with 107. SOPHOMORES 419 Abide. Karen; Greenwood. MS. Education; AT Abraham, Lillian; Vicksburg. MS; Business Education Adams, Kathy; Biloxi, MS; Chemistry Aguh, Solomon; Jos, Nigeria: Business Agulanna, Godwin; Nigeria; Business Akers, Sharon; Brandon, MS: Home Economics AI-Basha. Alt; Saida. Lebanon, Civil Engineering Albert, Paul; Pascagoula. MS; Business; B0H Alexander, Corena; Senatobia. MS; Mathematics Alexander, Donnell; Blue Mountain. MS: Social Science Alford, Jolynn; Greenwood, MS, Nursing, Af AI-Hajj, Ahmad; Saida, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Alixadeh, Asghar; Iran-Tehran; Civil Engineering Allen, Donald; Jackson. MS; Liberal Arts; IN Allen, Major; University, MS; Chemical Engineering Allison, Patricia; Memphis, TN; Home Economics AI-Moghrabi, Ahmad; Sidon-Lebanon; Accounting Altimier, Mark; Cincinnati. OH; Journalism; IXU Anderson, Karen; Corinth, MS; Home Economics Anderson, Ricky; Newbern, TN; Accounting Andrews, Karen; Blue Mountain, MS; Theatre Arts Anglin, Janet; Bruce, MS: Education Arabi, Najib; Saida-Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Arkadan, Abdul-Rahman; Sidon-Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Arnold, Harold; University, MS; Religion Arnold, Rickey; Hernando, MS; Communications Askew, Thomas; Greenwood. MS; Business; t A0 Atme, Edgar; Lebanon; Civil Engineering Aultman, Carol; Charleston, MS; Education Autry, Alisa; Millington, TN; Education 420 JUNIORS Awada. Mahmoud: Tyre. Lebanon Civil Engineering Awosika. Olakunle: University. MS Engineering Aycock. Eunice: Prairie. MS. Pharmacy Baglioni. Vickie: Moss Point. MS Social Work Bailess. Susan: Vicksburg. MS: Education. XO Bam. Stephen: Glen. MS. Chemical Engineering Baker. James: Grenada. MS. Pre-Medical Banks. Joseph: Starkville. MS. Business Barber. David: Oxford MS: Computer Science Bargeron. Marjone: Birmingham. AL Liberal Arts: KA0 Barksdale. Gloria: Holly Springs MS: Physical Therapy Barnes. Florine: Clarksdale MS Political Science Barnes. Harley: Sikeston MO Business Barnett. Clifford: Memphis TN: Business B0PI Barnett. Janice; Grenada MS, Physical Education Bartholomew. Judy: Bruce MS Education Barton. Michael; Pineville. LA: Business Basm a, Mohamed: Tyre Lebanon Civil Engineering Bassett. Robert: St Petersburg FL Biology Bateman. Wanda; Etta MS. Home Economics Batey. Harry: Biloxi. MS: History. KI Beard. Paul: luka MS Music Becker. Jasper: Brookhaven MS Business ZX Beebe. Diane; Brandon. MS; Pre-Medical Bell. Jennifer: Coldwater. MS; Education Bell. Sandra: Germantown TN: Education. AOfl Bellan. William; Natchez MS: Business Benard. Walter: Lambert. MS Accounting Bennett. Gene; Joiner AR: Business Bennett. Lee; Jackson. MS. Psychology Bennett. Sally: Joiner. AR English Benton. Marvin: Jackson. MS Business Berry. Paige; Franklin. TN; Art Bethune. Mamie: Hernando MS Communications Beverin. Michael; Biloxi. MS: Chemistry Beyer. Bryan; Memphis. TN: Chemical Engineering 0K Biddy. William; Columbus. MS: Speech. AO Bishop. Ruby; Water Valley MS. Business Black. John: Senatobia. MS: Business IX Blackman, Lisa; East Prairie. MO: Business Blair. Susan; Pascagoula. MS. Business Blake. James: Clarksdale MS. Pre-Medical. A Blakeney. Charlton: Gulfport. MS. Pharmacy Blalack. Jane; Orange. TX: Communicative Disorders. AOF1 Blalack. John; Pearl. MS. Accounting Blissard. Malcolm: Saltillo. MS: Chemical Engineering Boggan. Kathryn; Tupelo. MS: Education Bonds. Harold: Roxie. MS: Medical Technology. ZBT Bontemps. Joseph; Bay St Louis. MS. Chemical Engineering Boutwell. Teresa; Clinton. MS; Psychology. KKI " Boxx. Meda; Baldwyn. MS. Political Science. ZTA Boyd. James: Tupelo. MS. Pre-Medical; IX Boykm. Michael: Hollandale. MS: Liberal Arts t KT Brabec, William; Virginia Beach. VA: History JUNIORS Z1 think this is Pepsi, do you? " ' Bradley, Jane; Lucedale, MS; Pharmacy Brady, Thomas; Brookhaven, MS; English; IAE Brady, William; Miami, PL; Business Bramiett, Jerry; Tupelo, MS: Business Branch, Ruth; Clarksdale, MS; Business Education Brantley, Paula; Harperville, MS; Nursing Branton, Rebecca; Vicksburg, MS; Pharmacy Braswell, Janet; Grenada, MS; Pre-Medical Bray, Patricia; Tupelo, MS; Business Brewer, Charles; Columbus, MS; Double Major Non Science Brewer, Ricky; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Bridges, Gary; Belzoni, MS; Pharmacy Brister, Michael; Pearl, MS; Physical Education Brittenum, Mollie; Holly Springs, MS; Computer Science Brock, Patty; Batesville, MS; Library Science Brocket!, Linda; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy Brooks, Patsy; Cleveland, MS; Business; KA Brooks, Sharon; Carthage, MS; Communications Browley, Myrtle; Charleston, MS; Accounting Brown, Edsel; Meridian, MS; Communications Brown, Glenn; Meridian, MS; Accounting; X i Brown, Matthew; Raymond, MS; Electrical Engineering Brown, Ray; Amory, MS; Accounting Brown, Susan; Miami, FL; Physical Therapy Brunson, John; Jackson, MS; Business; t KUJ Bryant, Charles; Laurel, MS; Accounting Byers, Brenda; Holly Springs, MS; Accounting Byrne, Mark; Springfield, VA; Education Buchanan, Calvin; Okolona, MS; Liberal Arts Buchanan, Edgar; Indianola, MS; Business; KA Bullard, Andrew; Kennett, MO; Business Bullard, Judy; Pascagoula, MS; Business; Af Bunten, John; Dallas, TX; Accounting; A0 Bunting, James; Belzoni, MS; Accounting Burcham, Janet; Baldwyn, MS; Social Work Burchfield, Daniel; Eupora, MS; Education 422 JUNIORS Burke, Louise; Jackson, MS; Busir Burnette, Robert; Jackson. MS; Journalism Burrell. Larry; Greenwood, MS; Music Busching. Curt; Ridgeland. MS; Business; XO Busching, Deborah; Memphis, TN; Education; HBO Butler, James; Oxford, MS; Business Butler, T. Randle; Gulf Breeze, FL; Business Caldwell, James; Crystal Springs, MS, Liberal Arts Caldwell, Mary; Jackson. MS; Education Caldwell, Ruby; Batesville, MS; Nursing Calhoun, Jeffery; McComb, MS; Business Callahan, Cindy; Walnut Ridge. AR; Education; AAn Callicutt, Shirley; New Albany, MS; Education Calloway, Claudia; Louisville, MS, Pharmacy Calmes, Bryant; Columbus, MS; Business; O P Campbell, Joe; Clinton, MS; Pre-Medical; IX Cannada, Charles; Edwards, MS; Accounting; IX Cannon, Angela; Germantown. TN; Physical Education Cannon, Anita; Belden. MS; Education Capdepon, Paula; Pascagoula. MS; Home Economics Cardone. Michael; Memphis, TN: Double Major Non Science Carmichael, Charles; Jackson, MS; Political Science Carpenter, Barbara; Forest, MS; Journalis... Carty, Joe; Wesson, MS; Business Case, Richard; Jackson, MS; Undecided, XU Casteel, Cathy; Springfield, TN; Undecided Cauthen. Charles; Ridgeland, MS; Accounting Cayson, Michael; Fulton, MS; Business Chalk, David; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical Chambers, Johnny; Red House. VA; Double-Major Non-Science Chamseddin, Hussein; Beirut, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Chancellor, William; Collins, MS; Computer Science Chandler, Gina; Calhoun City, MS; Education Chase, Alvin; Hazlehurst, MS; Accounting Chestnut, Dwight; Greenwood, MS: Electrical Engineering Cheung, Shu; Hong Kong; Economics Childers, Travis; Booneville, MS; Accounting Childers, Wanda; Tupelo, MS; Electrical Engineering Chism, Nancy; Tupelo, MS; Music; AAA Chow, Terri; Clarksdale, MS; Liberal Arts Chowhan, Masoom; Oxford, MS; Accounting Clark, Donna; Pearl, MS; Education Clark, Melissa; Greenwood, MS; Home Economics; KA Clasgens, Bradley; Germantown. TN; Journalism Clay, Marvin; Greenville, MS; Accounting; Q 1 0 Cluck, Cathy; Gideon, MO; Journalism Coffey, Robert; Jackson, MS; Business; IN Cole, Ashley; Jackson, MS; Education; KA Coleman, James; Oxford, MS; History Coleman, James T.; Oxford, MS; Dentistry; KA Coleman, Rhonda; Olive Branch, MS; Education Coleman, Steve; Thaxton, MS; Civil Engineering Coleman, Vernies; Columbus, MS; Foreign Language Collier, Elizabeth; Tupelo, MS; Business; ZTA " Chancellor, I see you buy from the Johnny Reeves Collection, too! " Coltharp. Edith: New Albany MS Education Commander. Kerry: Lyon. MS. Physics Conaway. Linda: Ecru. MS: Accounting Conerly. Tank: Jackson MS. Education Cook. Anthony: Ocean Springs MS Pharmacy Cook. James: New Orleans. LA Business. ATO Cook. Karen: Ripley MS Home Economics Cooper. Madistean: Batesville. MS Education Copeland. Stewart: Batesville. MS Business Coquat. Zane: Prentiss. MS. Education Costner. Shawn; Etta. MS: Engineering Couch. Candace: Moss Point. MS Business AAP1 Cousar. Billy: Blue Mountain MS Accounting Coy. Tony; Charleston MS: Business Crabb. Cynthia: Booneville. MS Social Work Crawford. Gail: Carthage MS: Pharmacy Crawford. Paula: Holly Springs. MS Education Crotwell. Danny: Jackson MS. Computer Science Crouch. Barbara: Southaven. MS. Communicative Disorders Cruse. Neil: Pontotoc. MS Political Science Cuellar. Imelda: Petal MS Pharmacy Culver. Sandra: New Albany. MS Business Cumberland. Bobby: Florence MS Undecided Cummmgs. Don: Yazoo City. MS Pharmacy Dailey. Betty: Oxford MS Business Dailey. Michael: University. MS Business Dallas. Kathy: Shannon. MS. Journalism Dandndge. Clifton: Coldwater. MS Political Science Dandndge. Yzonna: Sardis MS Social Work Daniels. Michael: Greenville MS Mechanical Engineering Daugherty. Benjamin: Sikeston. MO Business Administration Davidson. Joanne: Tchula MS; Pharmacy Davidson. Marilyn: Oxford. MS: Social Work Davis. Amy: Braggadocia MO Business ZTA Davis. David: Louisville MS: Pharmacy Davis. Deanna: Bruce. MS. Liberal Arts nB t Davis. Lou Ellen: Meridian MS. Education: Al Davis. Terry: Water Valley. MS: Education Dean. Thomas; Millington. TN: History Deas. Cheryl: Gulfport. MS. Education Deas. Michael: Gulfport. MS: Electrical Engineering Deaton. Bill: Booneville. MS. Zoology DeBardeleben. Suzanne; Holly Springs. MS. Social Work. AC DeCota. William: Keyport NJ: Business DeCoursey. Kenneth; Oxford. MS. Engineering Dedeaux. Waldon; Pass Christian MS. Political Science Dekayie. Emmanuel: Accra. Ghana. Accounting Derrick. Randy: Pulaski. MS: Accounting Dixon. Carlton: Sardis MS Accounting Dobbs. Robert: Vardamon. MS: Accounting Dodd. John; Jackson. MS. Pre-Medical Donahoe. Eric; Crystal Springs. MS: Bio-Physics t KO Donald Cyndee; Tupelo. MS: Business AAR Donald. Noel; Greenville. MS: Accounting Donnell, Shelia; Mendenhall, MS; Business; KA Doty, Patricia; Memphis, TN; Music Douglas, John; Magee, MS; Business Douglass, William; Oxford, MS; Accounting Duddleston, Leland; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical; IX Duncan, Samuel; Pickens, MS; Physical Education uncan, Sharlet; Memphis, TN; Computer Science Dunn, Melissa; Philadelphia, MS; Physical Therapy Dunn, Patrick; Lexington, MS; Business; KA Dunn, Susan; Amory, MS; Education Duvall, Sharon; Baldwyn, MS; Political Science Earhart, Lynne; Tucker, AR; Education; XO Earnest, Beverly; Southaven, MS; Education; XO Earwood, David; Tupelo, MS; Accounting; KA Eason, M. Ellen; Braxton, MS; Business Easterling, Harvey; Ellisville, MS; Business Edisen, Glenn; New Orleans, LA; Biology Edwards, Karl; Crawford, MS; Physical Therapy Edwards, Shannon; Batesville, MS; Double Major Non-Science Edwards, Tricia; Jackson, MS; Home Economics; KA0 Edwards, William; Pickens, MS; Political Science Egembah, Chime; London, England; Civil Engineering Ehemann, Lorna; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Eisenbeis, Patricia; Nesbit, MS; Business El-Hariri, Mohamad; Sidon-Lebanon; Mechanical Engineering Elion, Virginia; Coldwater, MS; Business Elkawam, Khaled; Sidon-Lebanon; Civil Engineering El-Sarji, Hassan; Lebanon; Chemical Engineering Eltayech, Oussama; Saida, Lebanon; Civil Engineering England, Archie; Grenada, MS; Accounting Evans, Angelia; Clarksdale, MS; Communications Evans, Elise; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Evans, Ellen; Vicksburg, MS; Business; KA Ezell, Jackie; Durant, MS; Pharmacy Fabris, Jon; Athens, GA; Education Faddoul, Wasef; Beirut-Lebanon; Civil Engineering 426 JUNIORS Faison, Richard; Mobile, AL; Music Farage, Donald; Gulf Breeze, FL; Civil Engineering Farr, Valerie; Myrtle, MS; Home Economics Ferguson, Connie; Taylor, MS; Pharmacy Ferguson, Tommy; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting Fiveash, Melvin; Lucedale, MS; Pharmacy Flaherty, Michael; Pontotoc, MS; Physical Education Fletcher, David; Natchez, MS; Chemical Engineering Ford, Terry; Laurel, MS; Pharmacy Forester, Marcy; Jackson, MS: Forestry Forsythe, Parti; Vicksburg, MS; Business Fowinkle, Rocky; Collierville, TN; Accounting Fowler, Janice; Greenwood, MS; Communications Fox, Brian; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Frees, Mark; Biloxi, MS; Business Fry, William; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Fuller, James; Laurel, MS; Accounting Furby, Ricky; Moss Point, MS; Business Furr, Richard; Wesson, MS; Business Gallarno, Robert; Bartlett, TN; Social Work Garner, Rickey; Nettleton, MS; Communications Gates, Debbie; Oxford, MS; English Gentry, Cheryl; Yazoo City, MS; Psychology German, Constance; Friars, Point, MS; Mathematics Gholston, Rene; Louisville, MS; Accounting Gibens, David; Ripley, MS; Business Gibson, David; Indianola, MS; Business Gibson, Robert; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts: J KU ' Giddy, James; Flora, MS; Political Science: OKI Gill, Thomas; Raymond, MS; Chemistry Due to Redneck obstinance and ignorance, a picture of the Golden Egg is unavaible at this time. Mississippi State has not seen fit to return the trophy to its rightful owner. The Egg Bowl Since 1901, the intense rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi State has annually culminated on the gridiron in the Egg Bowl, as the Ole Miss and State football teams battle for the Golden Egg trophy. The Rebels have captured the Golden Egg forty-two times as compared to the Bulldogs ' mere twenty- seven, with six contests ending in a tie. Giltoy, Clayton; Booneville, MS; Political Science Gilleyten, Jame ; Amory, MS; Double Major Non- Science Gilloffl, Peggie; Abbeville, MS; Social Work Girm, Robert; Tylertown, MS; Pharmacy; ATQ QliMon, Rebecca; Corinth, MS; Business Gooch, Charie ; Corinth, MS; Business Goodall, Laura; Galliatin, TN; Liberal Arts; KA GoodMll, Jee; Florence, MS; Liberal Arts Goodwin, Thomas; Dallas, TX; Accounting COM, Brenda; Olive Branch, MS; Political Science GoucMock, lla; Oxford, MS; Communicative Disorders Graham, Steven; Los Angeles, CA; Business Grant, Donald; Nashville, TN; Political Science Gray, Susan; Birmingham, AL; Business; ZTA Green, Ricky; Winona, MS; Business Greenlee, Sheila; Memphis. TN; Art; Kr Greer, Curtis; Holly Springs, MS; Business Gresham, Gregory; Holly Springs, MS; Business; 0KT Gresaatt, Caroline; Ft. Bragg, NC; Business Griffin, Lee; Ocean Springs, MS; Pharmacy Griffith, Ike; Brookhaven, MS; Communications Grist, Nelson; Bruce, MS; Business Gryder, Robert; Biloxi, MS; Business Guliedge, Leigh; Crystal Springs, MS; Business; AH GuNett, Karren; Hot Springs. AR; Pre-Medical Gunartt, Naomi; Clarksdale, MS; Liberal Arts Gunn, Paul; Jackson, MS; Accounting Gustafson, Linda; Waynesboro, MS; Hair Care; M Haick, Kimberty; Jackson, MS; Business; M Hakawati, Ahmad; Sidon-Lebanon; Mechanical Engineering Hale, Paula; Tupelo, MS; Education Hall, Kenneth; Pine Bluff, AR; Education Hall, Ricky; Jackson, MS; Education Hall, Robert; Grenada, MS; Mathematics Haltom, Marijean; Pascagoula, MS; Education Hamie, Mahmoud; Kafarhatta-Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Ole Miss has raised its entrance requirements by requiring that students know how to write their names before they are accepted. Hamieh. Ghassan: Sidon-Lebanon Electrical Engineering Hamilton. Debra: Memphis TN: Social Work. ZTA Hamilton. Janet: Bay Si Louis. MS. Business; Al Hammond. Alice: Moss Point MS Foreign Language Hammond. LaJuan; Yazoo City MS Communicative Disorders Hammond. Martha; Corinth MS Business. AAA Hankins. Harold: Grenada MS: Mechanical Engineering Hanna. Saadeh: Dbayeh-Lebanon Civil Engineering Hannaford. Mark: Derma MS Business X i Hannan, Cindy: Grenada MS Education Hannan. Edwin: Grenada. MS Political Science Hardin. Sandra: Houlka. MS: Business Harding. William: Fairfieid Bay. AR. Computer Science Hardy. Robert: Vicksburg. MS: Business Hariri. Omar: Sidon-Lebanon. Electrical Engineering Harkms. R. Michael; Jackson. MS. Liberal Arts Harlow. Clifford: N Biloxi. MS: Electrical Engineering Harper. H. Cliff; Tupelo. MS Business Harrison. James: Jackson MS Music Harrison. Phillip: Forest MS Communications Harvey. Michael: Canton. MS: Communications Harwell. Susan: Corinth. MS Education Hathaway. Susan: Memphis TN Accounting Havens. Oenise: Oxford MS Political Science Havens. Joey: Batesville. MS Accounting Hayes. Lee: Wynne AR. Education RBO Hays. Steve; Tupelo. MS Business Hays. Virginia: Greenwood MS Pharmacy Heine. Kurt: Oxford. MS. Geology Henderson. Sherry; Clarksdale. MS Nursing Henry. Dolly: Oxford. MS Education. KA Hester. Ann: Jackson. MS. Nursing t M Hicks. Herman; Greenville. MS Political Science. Higdon. Sondra: Jackson. MS Home Economics Hijazi. Fadi; University. MS: Civil Engineering Hijazi. Toufic: Sidon-Lebanon: Electrical Engineering Hill. Ellen: Natchitoches LA. Business: J M Hill. Malmda: Water Valley. MS: Physical Education Hill. Michael; Baldwyn MS Business Hill. Thomasine: New Albany. MS Music AI0 Hillhouse. Betty: Oxford MS Social Work Hillhouse. Celia: Bruce. MS. Home Economics Hilhard. Alonzo: Hernando. MS Political Science Himber. John: Southaven. MS: Mechanical Engineering Hite. Jack; Vicksburg. MS: Political Science: S KUJ Hitt. Kevin: Jackson MS. Political Science Hocutt. Carol: Lexington. MS: Psychology ZTA Hocutt. Kimberly: Memphis TN: Education Hodges. Sandra; Nettleton. MS: Education Hoffman. Katherine: New Orleans LA Accounting: XQ Holder. Marsha; Booneville. MS: Engineering Holliday. Homer; Memphis TN; History Hollister. Ralph: Pascagoula. MS Business. KZ Hollocher. Robert; St Louis MO Business JUNIORS 429 Hollowell. William; Holly Springs. MS: Political Science Holman, Mary; Nashville. TN: Education: ZTA Holt, Jill; Corinth. MS: Education Home, Clara; Jackson. MS: Communications Hough. Janet; Sikeston. MS: Education House, Sandra; Hendersonville. IN: Accounting Houston, Renita; Booneville. MS; Business Howard, Carl; Beaumont. MS; Business Howard, Shelia; Oxford. MS; Business Howell. Leigh; Nashville. TN; Business; PM Howell. Stephen; Detroit. Ml; Psychology Howell, Vaughn; Hatley MS: Accounting Hu, Cheng; Taiwan. R.O C.: Biology Huang, Mark: Delaware City, DE; Pre-Medical Hubbard. Jeffrey; Jackson, MS; Business: KI Huch, Kim; Long Beach. MS: Zoology. ZTA Hudson, John; Sardis. MS; Business Hughes, Katherme; Newport News. VA. Education Hughston. Margaret; Mandeville. LA. Education: riB$ Humphrey, William; University. MS. Pre-Medical. B0n Humphries, James; Louisville. MS. Political Science Hundley, Patti; Columbia. TN. Business: FIB Hurst. Charles; Marion. AR. Business; IN Hurst, George; West Point. MS: Pharmacy Igwike, Richard; University, MS; Business Irby, Suzan; Senatobia. MS: Art Irvm, Oebra; Yazoo City. MS: Social Work Ismail, Haider; Saidon-Lebanon: Business Jackson, Anick; Gultport. MS; Pr e-Medical Jackson. Mary; Coffeeville. MS: Education James. Alan; Jackson. MS. Biology; OKUJ Jameson, David; Eupora. MS; Business Jarman. Rickey; Walnut. MS. Liberal Arts Jaudon, Mike; Batesville. MS: Accounting Jeffcoat, David; Lena MS. Pharmacy Jeffords. Jeffrey: Marion. AR. Electrical Engineering Jenkins. Fannie; Oakland. MS. Education Jenkins, John; Clarksdale. MS: Political Science Joe, Raymond; Marks. MS. Computer Science Johnson, Alan; Booneville. MS: Zoology Johnson, Kurt; Clinton. MS. Zoology Johnson, Marsha; Forrest City AR: Home Economics Johnson. Molly; Jacksonville. FL: Eduation Johnson. Michael; Memphis. TN; Physical Education Johnson, S. Albert; Goodman. MS. Pre-Medical XO Johnston, Gregory; Pascagoula MS; Business: IAE Johnston, Karen; Bay Springs. MS; Pharmacy Johnston, Mamie: Coldwater. MS. Political Science Johnston, Margaret; Jackson. MS. English; ( " IB Johnston, Robert: Jackson. MS: Communications: KA Jones. Allen; New Albany, MS. Pre-Medical Jones, David; Greenwood MS. Music Jones. Jennifer; Brookhaven MS: Biology Jones, Jennifer; Hopkmsville. KY. Pharmacy 430 JUNIORS Jones. Nancy; St. Louis. MO; Business Jones, Otis; Belen, MS Jones, Robert; Columbia. MS: Political Science Jones, Virginia; Jackson, MS; Nursing Jordan, David; Ashland, MS; Business Joslin, Richard; Oxford. MS: Business Joyner, Leslie; Jackson. MS. Political Science; AAA Karroum. Khoder: Saidon-Lebanon; Civil Engineering Kawash, Ahmad; Saidon-Lebanon; Civil Engineering Keeton, Paula; Jackson. MS; Accounting Keith, Raymond; Purvis, MS; Pharmacy Kemmerer, Christy; West Point. MS; Psychology Kendnck, Maray; Florence. AL; Home Economics: KA Kennedy, Connie; Pontotoc, MS. Political Science Kennedy, Donald; Jackson. MS: Business Kennedy, Scotty; Red Bay. AL; Art Kennell, Harold; Greenwood, MS; Electrical Engineering. OOU Khalifeh, Mahmoud; Stdon-Lebanon; Computer Science Hold back, Susie! He ' s not that cute! Students from 41 different countries attend Ole Miss. Of the 402 foreign students, 1 23 are from Lebanon, 54 from Iran, and 33 from Nigeria. Khattab, Mahmoud; Sidon-Lebanon; Civil Engineering Kidd, Deborah; Southaven. MS; Pharmacy Kinds, Merry; Etta, MS; Social Work King, David; Ackerman. MS; Business King, John; Lexington, MS; Accounting Kinney, Jack; Memphis, IN; Political Science Kirksey, Robyn; Tupelo, MS; Business; ZTA Kisner, Donald; West Point, MS; Accounting; KA Kittrell, Hatdon; Grenada, MS; Business Klimetz, Paul; Meridian, MS; Engineering inight, Andrew; Jacksonville, FL; Accounting; t Kip Knight, Mansel; Clarksdale, MS; Journalism Knight, Sylvia; Mendenhall, MS; Business; J M Kuehn, Mary; Como, MS; Social Work Kuntz, Tommy; Carthage, MS; Political Science Lamb, Cynthia; Memphis, TN; Home Economics; t M Lamb, James; Southaven, MS; Medical Technology Lammons, Jerry; Yazoo City, MS; Biology; 0KUJ Lancaster, Linda; Van Vleet, MS; Business Latch, Kathy; Corinth, MS; Foreign Language Lawrence, John; Ocean Springs, MS; Chemical Engineering Lawton, Rita; Lake City, FL; Education Lear, James; Indianola, MS; Accounting; IAE LeBlanc, Kelli; Pass Christian, MS; Pre-Medical Ledbetter, Lecia; Batesville, MS; Accounting Ledbetter, Thomas; Corinth, MS; Business Lee, Julia; Pearl, MS; Education Lee, Steven; Jackson, MS; Business; OKOJ Lee, Thomas; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Leggett, Charles; Blythesville, AR; Education Leonard, Cathy; Mt. Olive, MS; Communications Lerner, Aaron; Ocean Springs, MS; Pre-Medical LeSueur, Carol; Holly Springs, MS; Medical Technology Lewis, Beverly; Fairborn, OH; Zoology; ZTA Lewis, W. Mark; Morton, MS; Business Lin, Romany; Taiwan, R.O.C.; Computer Science Lisk. Gary: Senatobia. MS. Chemistry Little. Sherri; Star. MS: Pre-Medical Lloyd. Bernard: Nettleton. MS. Chemical Engineering Lloyd. Daryl; Nettleton. MS. Pre-Medical Lloyd. James: St Louis. MO. Business Lockard. K. Lane; Orange Park. FL English Loden. Kathy; Pontotoc. MS. Education Loe. Traci: Vicksburg. MS Home Economics. XO Lokey. Karla: Oxford MS: Undecided Long, Judith: Booneville. MS. Education Lovelace. Lisa: Greenville M S. Home Economics Luckett. Brenda: Clarksdale MS Communicative Disorders Lyon. Susan: Warren AR. Accounting Madam. Mohamad: Sidon-Lebanon New Abra Electrical Engineering Maddox. Dan: Starkville. MS Theatre Arts Maddox. Ginny: Jackson TN Social Work Mann. Donna: Belmont. MS Education Manning. Clifford; Westwood NJ Communications Mansour. Mohamed: Sidon-Lebanon Civil Engineering Marion. Barry; Houlka MS Business Markwell. Nancy; Memphis. TN Business KAO Martin. David: Hernando MS Business Martin. John: Tupelo MS Political Science Mask. John: Franklin TN. Business Mathews. Sherri: Greenville. MS. Accounting AKA Maxcy. C. Stanton: Tupelo. MS Pharmacy. IN McClam. H. Lee; Oxford MS Political Science McClmton. Brenda; Clarksdale. MS Accounting McCluskey. Pat: Corinth MS English McCullough. Rosalie: Pontotoc, MS. Home Economics 4 M McDamel. James: Jonesboro AR Chemical Engineering McElroy. Cheryl; Hernando. MS. Pharmacy KKI McElroy. Robert: Panama City. FL Business B0n McEwen. Debra: Oxford MS Psychology McFerrm. Sherry; Mantachie MS Music McGinms. Kelly: Jackson. MS Oceanography BOD McGuire. Cheryl: Memphis. TN; Business: AOH Mclntosh. Stanley: Houston MS Political Science McKee. Susan: Bogue Chitto MS Pharmacy McMikle. Christy: Sikeston. MO. Education. J M McMillan. Ronald; Greenville MS Civil Engineering McMillm. Mary; Ripley. MS Education. 4 M McMurray. Mike; Belmont MS: Political Science McNatt. Jimmie: Holl Springs. MS Political Science McNeely. Dennis; Oxford. MS: Accounting McNulty. Samuel; Holly Springs. MS Pharmacy. J KT McPhilhps. F. Maury: Mobile. AL. Accounting McRae. Carole: Grenada. MS. Double Major Non- Science McRae. Martin: Jackson. MS. Business McRoberts. Maury; Jackson. MS Education. XQ Melton, David: Brookhaven MS. Undecided Meredith. Grace; Si Louis MO: Communicative Disorders Michael. Ronald; Booneville MS. Accounting: BOFI Miles. Vernon; Batesville. MS: Political Science ZO JUNIORS 433 Miller, Albert; Greenwood. MS; Accounting Miller, Lacie; Natchez, MS; Home Economics; AAfl Miller, Nandalyn; New Albany. MS; Home Economics Miller, Terri; Natchez, MS; Liberal Arts Miller, Tim; Batesville, MS, Business Mills, Britt; Olive Branch. MS; Education Mills, David; Pontotoc. MS, Business Mills, Jean; Philadelphia, MS; Pharmacy Mills, Rhonda; Waynesboro, MS: Pharmacy Millwood, Deborah; Nettleton. MS. Pharmacy Miron, Philip; Pensacola. Ft; Business; A 4 Mitchell, Michael; Tupelo, MS: Education Mitchell, Nancy; Louisville. MS. Business; KA Mixon, John; Greenwood. MS: Music Mize, Barbara; Oxford. MS; Business Moffett, Michael; Meridian, MS; Pharmacy Mohammad, Ali; Lebanon; Civil Engineering Moncrief, John; Tupelo, MS: Chemical Engineering. B0n Montgomery. Stephen; Pontotoc. MS: Pre-Medical Mooney, Joseph; Clarksdale, MS; Chemistry Moore, Connie; Oxford. MS. Music Moore, Evelena; Moscow. TN. Communications Moore, Jayme; Clarksdale. MS: Education Moore, Karen; Jackson, MS; Undecided Moran, Ethel; Ocean Springs, MS: Home Economics. KKT Morgan, Diana; Charleston, MS: Political Science Morgan, Gary; Booneville. MS, Zoology Morgan, Janell; New Orleans. LA; Education Morgan, Randy; Tupelo, MS, Accounting Mori, Karen; Jackson, MS. Accounting Morris, Cathy; Oxford. MS, Music Morrison, Jane; New Orleans, LA; Education; AAfl Morson, Joanna; Leland, MS: Business; FIBO Morton, Jeffery; Franklin, NC. Journalism Moss, Harvey; Canton, MS; Liberal Arts Moss, Lee; Rockville, MD: English; ZTA Muirhead. Shelley: Jackson. MS. Art Mulhns, Judy; Nettleton. MS: Political Science Murphree, Bobbie; Houlka, MS; Home Economics Murphree, Ramona; Myrtle. MS; Education Murry, Marsha; New Albany. MS; Liberal Arts Myers, David; Jackson, MS; Accounting: KA Myers, Gregory; Philadelphia. MS; Medical Technology Nave, Mark; Sandersville. MS; Journalism Nelson, Bettye; Goodman, MS; Political Science Newlett, Ronald; Drew, MS: English Newman, Cynthia; Tupelo, MS: Liberal Arts Newman, Kimberly; Jackson, TN; Pharmacy; ZTA Nicholas, John; Macon, MS; Business Nicholson, Aubrey; Union, MS; Medical Technology Nicholson, Debra; Union, MS: Education Nielsen, Rachael; Vicksburg, MS; Pharmacy Nixon, Patti; Memphis. TN; Communicative Disorders; KKf Norman, Emily; Houston, MS; Business 434 JUNIORS Norton, Dewey: Jackson. MS. Political Science Nwanonenyi, Alphonsus; Imo Stale. Nigeria. Electrical Engineering Ogle, Robert; Saltillo. MS; Accounting KA O ' Hara. William; Greenville. MS. Biology Oliver, Joseph; Jackson. MS; Accounting Orange. Patsy; Oxford, MS Business Paden. Melmda: Shannon MS; Business Palmertree, Kevin; Batesville. MS Pharmacy Pannell. Joyce; Pontotoc. MS. Liberal Arts Panned. Judy; New Albany, MS. Social Work Parish. George: Oxford MS; Business Parker, Ann; Columbus. MS: Home Economics. AF Patrick, Mary; Walls. MS. Political Science AOn Patterson. Mary; Pontotoc. MS: Nursing Af Patterson. Patti; Hollandale. MS Pre-Medical, t M Payne. Btllie; Mendenhall. MS: Mathematics; GO " J Peacock. Carol: Memphis. TN: Home Economics Pearson, Jacklyn; Oxford, MS, Music Pearson, Mark; Cleveland. MS: Business. KA Peay, Michael; Clarksdale. MS: Business. t A0 Pettis, Everlean; Oxford. MS. Business Phillips. Julie: Batesville MS: Biology Pmson. James: Oxford. MS. Business Pirtle. Jeanann; Tyler. TX, Art Pittman, Cynthia; Water Valley. MS: English KKf Polk. Mark; Florence MS Accounting Ponder. Randall; Mendenhall. MS Business: AU Porras. J. Nilo: Pensacola, FL. Pre-Medical Porter, Lee Ann; Springfield. TN Business. ZTA Portrey. Michael; Wesson. MS Political Science Poss, Randle; Maben. MS. English Potts. Ronnie; Myrtle, MS. Physical Education. Zl Potts, Virginia; Durant. MS. Home Economics 3 M Powell, Sandra: Memphis TN: Nursing Prather, William; Saltillo, MS. Biology Pray, David; Summitt. MS, Accounting Pruitt, Vfernon; Millmgton. TN; Political Science Pryor, David; Holly Springs. MS: Journalism Quattlebaum, Miles; Helena, AR; Business; IX " Ramage. Martis; Merona. MS: Business Ramos, Emilio; Pt. Ordaz. Venezuela. Physics Rardin, Kevin; Aberdeen. MS: English Rather. Hugh; Holly Springs. MS: Zoology Ratlifl. Robbie; Grenada. MS: Business Rawls, Clifford; Gulfport. MS; Accounting XUJ Ray, Van; Pontotoc, MS; Business Ray, Wanda; Jackson. MS; Accounting; AAP Raya, Fatin; Beirut-Lebanon; Civil Engineering Reed. Rachael; Meridian, MS; Physical Therapy Reeves, Cintealia; Bessemer, AL; Education Reno, Jerry; Ripley. MS; Business Respess, Francis; Horn Lake, MS, Liberal Arts Reynolds, Ann; Natchez. MS; Journalism Reynolds, Paul; Pontotoc. MS; Business JUNIORS 435 Rhodes, Elizabeth; Natchez, MS; Speech; Af Rice, Annie; Courtland, MS; Education Richardson, Rickey; Myrtle, MS; Education Ricks, Steven; Winona, MS; Pharmacy Riley, Felecia; Etta, MS; Accounting Riley, Margaret; Brandon, MS; Music Riley, Paula; Louisville, KY; Biology Riley, Stephen; Nettleton. MS; Journalism; IX Rish, Mark; Pontotoc, MS; Accounting Roberson, Robert; New Albany, MS; Accounting Roberts, John; Biloxi, MS; Civil Engineering Roberts, Richard; Biloxi, MS; Communications; Robertson, Robby; Sallis, MS; Accounting Robinson, George; Pontotoc, MS; Sociology Robinson, William; Memphis, IN; Business Roden, Monica; Tupelo, MS; Music Rogers, Mary; Amory, MS; Business; Af Rogers, William; Tupelo. MS; Physical Education Rose, Eldridge; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Rosetti, James; Shaw, MS; Accounting; OK4 Rowan, Lynne; Memphis, TN; Education; KA Rubio, Monica; Nettleton, MS; Art Runnels, Rhona; University, MS; Business Rushing, David; Amory, MS; Pre-Medical Russell, Henry; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting Russell, Nathan; Oxford, MS; Accounting Russell, Pearl; Tupelo, MS; Medical Technology Russell, Stephen; Cleveland, MS; Classics Russnogle, James; Clarksdale, MS; Communications Rutland, Susan; Gulfport, MS; Physical Education Rylee, John; Lafayette, LA; Business; t KOi Saba-Aayon, Walid; Sidon-Lebanon; Accounting Salvant, Bill; Clinton, MS; Business Sandefer, Janet; Tupelo, MS; Business Sanders, Steven; Batesville, MS; Electrical Engineering Sandlin, Amy; Huntsville, AL; Pharmacy; AAA BillQuinn enjoys the company of a few Delta Gamma ' s. 436 JUNIORS Sandlin. William: Pocahontas. AR. Business Sanford. Judy: Saltillo. MS: Education Sang. Anthony: Rosedale MS: Biology Sansmg. Debbie: Macon MS Business. ZP Sansing. John: Oxford, MS. History: IAE Saul. Phyllis; Oxford MS Business Schaffenburg. Paul: St Davids PA Education A0 Schmid. Tania: Jackson MS. Pre-Medical. AAfl Scobey. David: Coffeeville. MS. Physical Education Seat, Candace: Pontotoc. MS: Political Science. AOn Seaton. Caroline: Jonesboro AR Nursing Sellers. Bobby: Quitman. MS: Accounting Senjer. Maan: Lebanon Business Sexton. Michael: Nesbit. MS. Psychology Shaar. Jamal: Sidon-Lebanon: Mechanical Engineering Shackelford. Lee Ann; Shannon MS Accounting Shakir. Subhi; Iraq. Engineering Shanaa. Osama: Saida. Lebanon Civil Engineering Sharman. William; Jackson. MS. Business XU Sharp. Gary: Pearl MS Civil Engineering Sharp. Michael: Vicksburg. MS Dentistry Shaw. Charles; Como MS. Accounting Shaw. Jeanne: Water Valley MS Pharmacy Shaw. S. Robin: Waterford MS. Education Shaw. Steven: Eupora MS Business Shaw. William: Clarksdale MS: Communications Shepherd. Thomas: Aberdeen MS Accounting. ATQ Shmall. Terry: Ripley. MS: Physical Education Short, M. Lucinda; Como. MS: Library Science: AOI " Shute. James: Jackson. MS Business: B0PI Sifawi. Nabil: Sidon-Lebanon: Mechanical Engineering Simpson, Lidell: Wmona. MS. Accounting Smgletary. Albert; Crystal Springs. MS. Pre- Professional Sirera. Julie; Mandeville. LA: Business: DB P Sisco. Sharon; Bohar TN Pharmacy Skinner. Michael; Pt Orchard WA Political Science Slack. Kathy; Fulton MS: Education Slim. Hussein: Haret-Saida. Lebanon Electrical Engineering Smith. Catherine: University MS Double Major Non-Science Smith. Darnella: Lorman. MS. English Smith .Edwin: Holly Springs MS Journalism Smith, Emily: New Albany. MS. Liberal Arts Smith. Lisa: Ripley. MS: Education. AOn Smith. Richard; Picayune. MS: Chemical Engineering Smith. Sue: Ripley. MS: Accounting Smith. Susan: Brookhaven MS Education Smith. Vanessa; Memphis. MS. Liberal Arts Smith. Victoria: Nettleton. MS. Education Smith. Winston: Brookhaven. MS Electrical Engineering Sneed. Billy: Fulton. MS: Electrical Engineering Snow. Sidney; University. MS: Pharmacy Snyder. Anne; Jackson. MS Business. PM Sojourner. Susan; Jackson. MS Journalism Spain. Melmda: Bloomfield. MO: Social Work JUNIORS 437 The Song Lyrics to the University of Mississippi Alma Mater were written in 1925 by Mrs. A.W. Kahle. Music was written by her son, W. F. Kahle. The basis of the music is the church tune, " Autumn, " written by Louis Bourgeos in 1551 for a Calvinist psalm-book of Geneva. ALMA MATER ' Way down south in Mississippi, there ' s a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Mater ' s halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the whispering Southern breeze. There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts fond memories. Sparks, John; Tupelo, MS; Anthropology Spence, William; Walnut Grove, MS; Pharmacy Spencer, James; Oxford, MS; Engineering Stamps, Nancy; Batesville, MS; Education Stephens, Debora; Indianola, MS; Accounting Stephens, Hugh; New Albany, MS; Accounting; IX Stephens, Williams; Monticello, MS; Pre-Medical; XUJ Stevens, Raymond; Jackson, MS; Political Science Stevens, Richard; Drew, MS; Nursing Stewart, Betina; Natchez, MS; Accounting Stewart, Gregory; Pine Bluff, MS; Accounting Stokes, Amba; Philadelphia, MS; Pharmacy Stover, Delmar; University, MS; Journalism Stribling, Ginger; Rogers, AK; Education; AAH Stribling, James Carthage, MS; Zoology Stringer, William; Poplarville, MS; Pre-Medical Stubblefield, Yolanda; University, MS; Education Suchy, Dale; Heidelberg, MS; Education Sullivan, David; Meredian, MS; Biology; B0C1 Sullivan, Tim; Jackson, MS; Social Work Sumrall, William; Gulfport, MS; Chemical Engineering; Sutherland, Susan; Canton, MS; Pharmacy; XD Swartzendruber, John; La Mirada, CA; Education Swearengen Sherry; Water Valley, MS; Social Work; AOn Tabor, Mary; Louisville, MS; Pharmacy Tanner, Brenda; Escatawpa, MS; Accounting; AAO Tanner, Hugh; Moss Point, MS; Accounting; ATQ Tale, Sarah; Collierville, TN; Nursing Tatum, Evelyn; Greenville, MS; Undecided; AAA Taylor, Corinne; Como, MS; Psychology; 4 M 438 JUNIORS Taylor. Joann: Como. Mb: rnysicai i nerapy Z PB Taylor, Joseph: Mooreville. MS. Accounting Taylor. Pamper; Yazoo City. MS Nursing Taylor. Robert; Caruthersville. MO Accounting. KA Taylor. Willyn; Charleston. MS: Pre-Medical Teer, Sherry; Meridian. MS: Physical Therapy: KKr Terney. William; Jackson. MS: Double Major Non- Science Tew. James; Jackson MS Liberal Arts Thomas. Martha; Tupelo MS. Education Thomas. Tharnell; Beulah MS. Political Science. OBI Thomas, Vickie: Louisville MS Business Thompson. Cynthia; Horn Lake. MS Business Thompson. Frederick; Oxford. MS: Electrical Engineering Thompson, Helen: Tchula MS: Education Thornhill, Frederick; Lafayette LA Pre-Medical. KUJ Tolbert. Margaret; Oakland MS Business Tolley. Elizabeth; Jackson MS. Accounting: KA Townsend. Jerry; Oxford. MS smess Townsend. Norma; Oxford. MS Business Treutel. David: Bay St Louis MS Accounting Triplet!. Laramie: Brooksville, MS Pre-Medical Tsang. Ho: Hong Kong: Pharmacy Tucker, James; Aberdeen MS Pre-Medical. IN Tucker, Sandra; Plantersville. MS: Liberal Arts Tullos, Cindy; Hattiesburg MS Business: AAA Turner. Garry: Columbus MS Undecided Turner. Irby; Belzoni. MS Accounting. KA Umfress. Vivian; Senatobia MS Accounting Vanderslice. Thomas: Bay Springs. MS. Political Science Van Oekel. Hans; Pascagoula MS Business Varner. David: Oxford. MS Accounting Veasey. Charles; Grenada MS Business Vo. Ngau: Corinth MS Electrical Engineering Vsanga. Okon; Nigeria Undecided Wadded. Lamar: Indianola MS. Business Wadded. Wanda: Durant MS Education Waldrom. Leslie; Jackson. MS. Accounting Walker. Barbara: West Point. MS Pharmacy Walker. John: Dallas TX. Business Walker, Maia; Vicksburg MS Education. KA Wall, Cindy; University. MS: Chemical Engineering Wall. David: Raymond MS. Business Wall. Mark; Decatur. MS: History. HKA Wallace. Rickey; Hernando. MS Education Wallenbrock. Chen; Ft Myers. FL Journalism Waller. Terry; Oxford MS Engineering Walsh. David: Oxford MS. Social Work Wammack, Tommy: Ripley MS. Accounting IN Ward, Deborah; Yazoo City. MS Business Ward, Jimmy; Nettleton. MS. Journalism Washington, Keith; Natchez. MS. Journalism Washington. Victoria; Drew. MS: Social Work Watkms. Lisa; Monroe LA: Pharmacy nBJ Watson, Patrice; Jackson. MS; Art KKf JUNIORS 439 Webb, Arthur; Crenshaw. MS; History Webb, Dorthea; Inverness. MS; Pre-Medical Webb, Freeman; Coldwater, MS; Political Science Weir, Kenneth; Tillatoba, MS; Business Weisling, Linda; Evansvill, IN; Liberal Arts Wells, Cynthia; Philadelphia, MS; Physical Therapy West, Karen; Jackson. MS; Mathematics West, Lewis; Charlotte, NC; Sociology Whigham, M. Russell; Gulfport, MS; Liberal Arts Whitaker, Bobby; University, MS; Civil Engineering White, Brenda; Water Valley, MS; Education White, Martha; Oxford. MS; Home Economics Wilbanks, Shanda; Pontotoc. MS; Theatre Arts Wilhite, Ronnie; Corinth, MS; Political Science Wilkms. James; Newton, MS; Business, J KU Williams, Beth; Fairhope. AL; Education; ZTA Williams, Cynthia; Philadelphia, MS; Home Economics Williams, Darlene; Oxford, MS; English Williams, Gail; Grenada, MS; Business Williams, G. Howell; Jackson, MS; Business Williams, James; Tupelo, MS, Business, IN Williams, Kathy; Water Valley, MS: Liberal Arts; OM Williams, Mary; Oxford, MS; History; XQ Williams, Mary P.; Nashville. TN; History; ZTA Williamson, Loretta; New Albany, MS, Business Willmgham, Barbara; Taylor. MS; Business Wills, Cathy; Memphis, TN; Mathematics; AOH Wilson, Charles; Jackson, MS; Business Wilson, Janet; Meridian, MS; Education; J M Wilson, Sherrie; Collierville. TN; Medical Technology Wimberley, Lex; Laurel. MS; Business Winters, Julie; Houston. TX; English; AOn Witcher, Ricky; Oxford, MS; Political Science Witt, Kimberly; Belmont, MS; Journalism Wolverton, Judy; Philadelphia, MS: Pharmacy; ZTA Wood, Anita; Grenada, MS; Business; M Wood, Dorothy; Dallas, TX; Communications Woodrick, Herbert; New Albany, MS; Journalism; sen Woods, Brenda; Tupelo, MS; Social Work Woodward, Lori; Clarksville, TN; Business Wortham, Ella; Oxford, MS; Business iarbrough, Mae; Cleveland. MS; Physical Therapy Yeager, Tena; Hattiesburg, MS; Liberal Arts Young, Randall; Raymond, MS; Accounting Young, Randy; Pontotoc, MS; Accounting Young, Robin; West Point, MS; Accounting; KA0 Abies, Winfred; Memphis. TN: Communications Abraham, Mary; Greenwood. MS Pre-Medical Achord, James; Jackson MS; Chemistry Agbonlahor. Patrick; Benin City. Nigeria Business Akel. Ahmad; Sidon. Lebanon; Chemical Engineering Albntton. Stephen: Foxworth. MS; Pharmacy Alewine. Virginia: Mooreville. MS; Business ZTA AI-Hreish, Hisham; Sidon Lebanon. Civil Engineering Alldread. Roger; Mathiston. MS: Communications Allen. Lisa; Clarksdale. MS; Sociology Alsup, Daniel: Ripley. MS: Business Anaya, Ernesto; Ponce. Puerto Rico Chemistry Anderson, Joni; Saltillo. MS. Home Economics Anderson, Julie; Ottumwa. IA: Physical Education. HBO) Anderson, Robert; Wauwatosa. Wl. Pre-Medical. XO Anderson, Susan; Nashville. TN Liberal Arts Anderson-Smith. Susan: Vicksburg. MS Psychology Arnold. Matthew; Charleston. MS. Engineering Arnngton. Stan; Senatobia. MS Business Ashmore, Oebra; Booneville. MS: Business Atwell, Scott; Waveland. MS: Accounting Aurell, Stacee: Ackerman. MS: Business Avakaa, Terwase; Nigeria. Communications Aziz. Nadim; Dubai. U.A.E . Civil Engineering Bailey. Ann; Florence. MS: Accounting Bailey, F. Hall: Grenada. MS English. IX Bailey, Michael; Senatobia. MS. Business Bailey, Sheila; New Albany. MS. Accounting Bailey, Stanley: Jackson. MS: Business Baker, Christy; Amory. MS. Pharmacy SENIORS - 441 Baker, Garland; Grenada, MS, Political Science Baker, Kenneth; Tupelo, MS;-Chemistry Baker, Mickey; Pontotoc, MS; Business Baker, Sherry; Corinth, MS; Education Baker, Susan; Penshurst, Australia; History; AAfl Ball, Linda; New Albany, MS: Social Work Bane, Robert; Jackson, MS; Business KA Banks, John; Eutaw. AL: Art Barber, Benny; Tupelo. MS: Business Barger, Collins; MS Business Barlok, Joseph; Iselin, NJ; Mechanical Engineering Barmer, James; Senatobia, MS; Business Barnett, Teresa; Jackson, TN; Home Economics Barone, Michael; Oxford. MS Political Science Barrecchia, Maria; Hmsdale. NY. Music Barry, Warren; Memphis. TN: Business Bartkiewicz, Luke; University. MS. Mechanical Engineering Basakar, Abdulkadir; Turkey. Meteorology Basma, Adnan; Tyre. Lebanon; Civil Engineering Bass, Joanna: Jackson. MS. Business; AAA Batchelor, Mary; Vicksburg MS: Biology Baucum, Amy; Newton. MS. Home Economics Bazaz, Javad; University, MS: Civil Engineering Bearden, Russell; Hattiesburg, MS; Civil Engineering Beckham, Judy; Gulfport. MS; Pharmacy Beckman, Marilyn; Oshkosh. Wl; Journalism Beeson, Michael; Biloxi, MS: Psychology Belk. Mary; Batesville. MS; Business Belk, Suzann; Batesville. MS; Business Bell, Kenneth; Coldwater. MS; Education Bell, Linda: Verona, MS; Business Bennett, Beverly; New Albany, MS; Home Economics Bennett, Trent; Fulton. MS; Pharmacy Benneyworth. Charles; Nashville. TN; Chemistry; IN Benvenutti, Susan; Bay St. Louis, MS; Art: KKf Berry, David: Houston, TX: Electrical Engineering Berryman, Anita; Atlanta, GA; Education Bethany, Shade; Lexington, MS; Business Bet-Sayad, Victor; University, MS; Mechanical Engineering Bet-Sayad. William; University, MS; Electrical Engineering Bevill, Carl; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical Bibbs, Ina; Oxford. MS; Business Bills, Betsy; Merrillville, IN; Economics; KKf Blackshare, Elizabeth; Piggott, AR; Business Blount, Tamsy; Batesville. MS; Journalism Boatwright, Laura; Millington, TN; Pharmacy; Af Boh, Charlie; California, MD; Engineering Bolton, Beverly; Southaven, MS; Business Bolton, Jan; Millington, TN; Pharmacy; AOH Bonds, Stanley; Memphis, TN; Education Boren, Helen; Memphis, TN; Communications: AAA Boschert, William; Duncan, MS; Political Science Bounds, Alma; Ruleville, MS; Political Science; AKA Bowie, Lois; Water Valley, MS; Education 442 SENIORS George Hart and Kerry Hamilton take time out to discuss Phi Delt rush. Bowlin, Carolyn; Marks, MS; Psychology Box, Paulette; Bruce. MS; Education Boyd, Jeffrey; Ripley, MS. Accounting Bradford, Barb; Lima, OH. Sociology Bradley, Alice; Moss Pt , MS; Pharmacy; AI0 Bradley, Kathy; Myrtle. MS; Zoology Brasher, Bethany; Pascagoula, MS; Business; Af Brasher, Janet; Bruce. MS; Biology Brock, Bubba; Jackson. MS; Music Brock, Charles; Stewart. MS; Business Brock, Janet; Kosciusko, MS; Pharmacy Brown, Carolyn; Huntsville. AL; Home Economics Brown, Cheri; Meridian. MS; Music; 4 M Brown, John; Oxford, MS; Political Science Brown, Michael; Pontotoc, MS; Computer Science Brown, Mmdy; Forest. MS; Mathematics Brown, Paula; Germantown, TN; Business; HBO Brown, Susan; Pensacola. FL; Communicative Disorders Brown, Timothy; Jonestown. MS; Business; AOA Brown, William; Stewart. MS; Zoology Brumfield, Gwendolyn; Tylertown. MS; Pharmacy Brummett, Harold; Oxford, MS; Political Science Bryant, Julian; Pascagoula. MS; Journalism Bryant, Ten; Brooksville, FL; Business; Al Bryson, Kathy; Clinton, MS; Business; DM Buford, Karan; Oxford, MS; Education Bunns, Gwendolyn; Clarksdale, MS; Computer Science Buntin, Sarah; Ft. Worth, TX; Business; AAH Burch, Mark; Mize, MS; Political Science Burcham, Theresa; Baldwyn. MS; Communicative Disorders Burford, Joseph; Hernando, MS; Political Science; KA Burgess, Sharon; Holly Springs, MS; Social Work; ZOB Burke, Catherine; Jackson, MS; Art; KK Burke, Thomas; Jackson, MS; Business Burney, Sara; Ackerman. MS; Accounting Burnham, Craig; Jackson, MS; Music SENIORS 443 Burr, Rebecca; Memphis, TN; Business Burt, Virginia; Senatobia, MS; Political Science; ZTA Busby, Annette; Oxford, MS; Business Butler, Robert; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Butler, Ronald; Gulf Breeze, FL; Business Byrd, Larry; Ocean Springs, MS; Physics Byrne, Karen; Natchez, MS; Business; KA Cain, George; Jackson, MS; Business Calhoun, Mark; Jackson, MS; Political Science Callicoat, Elizabeth; Oxford, MS; Physical Education Camp, William; Mantachie, MS; Business Campbell, Anne; Centreville, MS; Art Campbell, Eddie; Lyons, MS; Accounting Canerdy, Beverly; Tupelo, MS; Journalism Garden, James; Amory, MS; Political Science Carpenter, Daniel; Booneville, MO; Communication Carpenter, Elizabeth; Meridian, MS; Pre-Medical Carrozza, Elisa; Tupelo, MS; Double Major Non- Science Carter, Becky; Sardis, MS; Library Science; ZTA Carter, Benny; Ripley, MS; Accounting Carter, Cathy; Booneville, MS; Social Work Carter, Steve; Van Vleet, MS; Liberal Arts Carter, William; Noxapater, MS; Education Castle, Valerie; Louisville, MS; Physical Education ausey, Randy; Clinton, MS; Electrical Engineering Chambliss, Barbara; Southaven, MS; Double Major Non-Science; M Champion, Rhonda; Rienzi, MS; Education Chaney, Martin; Vicksburg, MS; Chemistry Chase, Michael; Booneville, MS; Political Science Chesnut, Frances; Savannah, GA; Home Economics; t M Christensen, Robert; Saltillo, MS; Business Clark, Juanita; Hernando, MS; Nursing Clark, Lisa; Magee, MS; Business Clark, Reatha; Louisville, MS; Accounting; RB t Clause), Marie; Corinth, MS; Accounting Cloud, Paul; University, MS; Chemical Engineering; 0K0 Always busy, the Ole Miss Bookstore caters to the needs of the students. Cochran, Ronald; Biloxi. MS; Political Science Cody, John; New Hebron, MS; Undecided Coffey, Carl; Winona. MS; Business Cole, Annie; Batesville, MS; Social Science Cole, Dianne; Corinth, MS; Music Coleman, Andy; McLain, MS; Computer Science Collins, Calvin; Benton, MS; Zoology; OBI Collins, Sharon; Tunica, MS; Communications Cone, Wanda; New Hebron. MS; Journalism Conn, Lisa; Harrisville, MS; English Conned, Llewellyn; Sherard, MS; Business Conoway, Marilyn; Grenada, MS; Business Conrad, Brenda; Tupelo, MS; Physical Education Conway, Rebecca; Hattiesburg. MS; Education Cook, Dorothy; Taylor, MS; Business Cooley, Cathy; Corinth, MS; Music Cooper, Regina; Etta, MS; Business Copeland, Ricky; Senatobia. MS; Physical Education Corbett, Charles; Olive Branch, MS; Pre-Medical Counce, Nenna; Ripley, MS; Music Cox, Carol; New Orleans, LA; Psychology Cox, Lynda; Ashland, MS; Education Crawford, Deborah; Lafayette, LA; Communicative Disorders Crawford, Scotty; Oxford, MS; Zoology Criswell, Phyllis; Ripley, MS; Education Cross, Patricia; Greenwood, MS; Social Work; Z t Crouch, Cathie; Southaven, MS; Economics Crump, Murray; Tupelo, MS; Music Cruse, Jackie; Pontotoc, MS; Civil Engineering Culberson, Debbie; Jackson, MS; Music Cummings, Mary; Greenville. MS; Home Economics; t M Cunningham, Debra; Okolona, MS; Accounting; AKA Cupp, Mary; Long Beach, MS; Business Curley, Carol; Memphis, TN; Education; XO Curry, Paul; Oxford, MS; Undecided Curtis, David; Brandon, MS; Pharmacy ! " I I r Students meet for song and fellowship at the Jimmy Turner Bible Study held at the Y Building. SENIORS 445 Czarnecki, Susan; Corinth. MS. Pre-Medical Dameworth, Dana; Memphis. TN, Political Science Dauenhauer, Anne; Poplarville, MS; Business, AOH Oauro, Vincent; Huntsville. AL; Political Science Davant, Mary; Jackson, MS, Education Davidson, Peggy; Tupelo. MS, Education Davin, Jeffrey; Elen Ellyn. IL, Pre-Medical; t KT Davis, Elizabeth; Batesvllle, MS: Pharmacy Davis, John; Boone ' ville, MS; Pharmacy Davis, Kevin; Jackson, MS: Communications Davis, Laurie; Senatobia, MS; Liberal Art Davis, Teri; Niceville, FL; Business; AT Day, Diana; Jackson, MS: Liberal Arts; AAA DeLeeuw, David; University, MS; Civil Engineering Denton, Jack; Tupelo, MS; Business; t A0 Denton, Jim; Tupelo. MS: Business; PA0 Dickard, Roslyn; Tchula, MS; Education Dickerson, Melinda; Park Ridge, IL; Political Science ch, Ross; Clemson, SC; Double Major Non- Science Dillard, David; Memphis. TN; Economics Divincenti, Roy; New Orleans, LA; Civil Engineering Dixon, Alnita; Clarksdale, MS; Business Dixon, George; New Albany, MS; Business Dobbins, Mary; Mooreville, MS; Medical Technology Dogan, Ann; Memphis, TN: Communicative Disorders Doom, Janet; New Albany, MS: Physical Education Drake, Linda; Batesville, MS; Business Drewry, George; Houston, TX; Pre-Medical Dryden, Timothy; Moss Point, MS: Liberal Arts Dulin, Lynn; Memphis, TN; Art; ZTA Dunagm, Hollis; Gulfport, MS: Business: KI Duncan, Laurie; Lovington. NM; Education Dunmngan, Samuel; Sardis. MS: Communications Duvall, Teresa; Oxford. MS: Business: AAA Dye, Randy; Coldwater. MS; Physical Education Dye, Sylvia; Pontotoc. MS; Double Major Non- Science Earnest, Karen; Southaven, MS; Undecided East, David; Houston, MS; Music Eaton, Andrew; Pearl MS; Business Eaton, Barbara; Booneville, MS; Education Edmondson, Frank; University. MS: Theatre Arts Edwards, Carl; Clarksdale, MS; Biology Edwards, James; Jackson, MS: Business gger, Frances; Jackson, MS Home Economics; AAP El-Assad, Mohamad; Lebanon; Chemical Engineering EI-Khoun. Imad; Wafra. Kuwait: Civil Engineering Elliott, Mary; Oxford. MS; English; XQ Elliott, Michael; Ripley. MS. Business; OBI Ellis, JoAnn; Port Gibson. MS; Liberal Arts Ellmer, Robert; Pensacola, FL: Business El-Sarji, AM; Sidon-Lebanon: Chemical Engineering Epperson, Chester; Yazoo City, MS; Psychology Esslmger, Nancy; Florence, AL: Physical Education Evans, Lori; Gulfport. MS; Home Economics 446 SENIORS Evans, Sheila; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Fabian, Leonard; St. Louis, MO; Pre-Medical Faddoul, Atef; Beirut, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Fair, Larry, Myrtle, MS; Accounting Fair, Randolph; West Point, MS; Political Science Fannon, Janet; Columbus, MS; Education Farrar, Robert; Baldwyn, MS; English Faust, Jill; Helena, AR; Liberal Arts Fedell, Melba; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KKF Fedric, Robert; Greenwood, MS; Business; AKE Fenton, Roosevelt; Columbus. MS; Political Science Ferguson, Diane; Vicksburg. MS: Biology Ferguson, Leah; Germantown, TN; Chemical Engineering; AAH Ferguson, Peggy; Grenada. MS: Civil Engineering Filer, Janet; Greenville, MS; Home Economics Fincher, Donna; Emmet, AR; Music Fmtey, Chester, Long Beach, MS; Zoology Fischel. Laura; Oxford, MS; Double Major Non- Science SENIORS 447 Founding Honored A marker commemorating the founding of Delta Gamma Fraternity was erected on University Avenue by the Mississippi Historical Society at Lewis School for Girls in Oxford in December, 1 873. Eva Webb, Mary Comfort, and Anna Boyd named their fraternity Delta Gamma, and it has continued to grow with chapters now nationwide. The Delta Gamma Memorial House built in honor of the founders serves as a home and meeting place for the Alpha Psi Chapter at Ole Miss. DELTA GAMMA FRATERNITY i Delta Gamma, a national collegiate women ' s fraternity, was organized during the 1873 Christmas season at the Lewis School located at this site. Its. founders were three students, Eva Webb,Mary Comfort, and Anna Boyd, who were unable to go home to Kosciusko, Miss., for the holidays because of bad weather and impassable roads. Fiser, John; Clarksdale, MS; Business Fills, Joyce; Tupelo, MS; Music Fitzpatrick, Catherine; Natchez, MS; Business Flagg, Willie; Rochester, NY; Undecided Flanagan, Jan; Jackson, MS; Education; AOfl Fleming, Robert; Normal, IL; Sociology; ZAE Fletcher, Steven; Clinton, MS; Pre-Medical Flora, Jonsi; Clinton, MS; Education; DB t Floyd, Susan; Baldwyn, MS; Social Work Fly, William; Senatobia, MS; Physical Education Ford, Earline; Sardis, MS; Education Ford, Kenneth; Gloster, MS; Political Science Ford, Robert; Pickens, MS; Political Science Fortenberry, Cheryl; Jackson, MS; Classics Fortner, Linda; Eupora, MS; Business Foster, Robert; Batesville, MS; Psychology; A t A Fowlkes, Bea; Birmingham, AL; Education; AAA Franklin, Bobby; Pontotoc, MS; Education ranklin, Marc; University, MS; Pre-Professional Frashier, Ira; Centralia, IL; Accounting Freeland, John; Oxford, MS; History Frees, David; Biloxi, MS; Computer Science Frees, James; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Fremd, Karl; Virginia Beach, VA; Engineering Fulton, Roy; Greenville, MS; Mathematics Gaddy, Gerald; Gulfport, MS; Busi ness; DKA Gafford, Barbara; Oxford, MS; Business Gandy, Tianny; Seminary, MS; Pharmacy Garber, Oal; Jackson, MS; Accounting; XI Garcia, Heather; Corpus Christi, TX; Communicative Disorders Garraway, Stephen; Prentiss, MS; Business Gillenwater, Susan; Memphis, TN; Business Gillis, Cheryl; Gulfport, MS; Accounting; AAH Gilmer, Patra; Greenwood, MS; Pharmacy Giorgini, Joseph; Oxford, MS; Undecided Gipson, William; Hattiesburg, MS; Undecided 448 SENIORS At the Game Faithful Ole Miss alums, of whom there are many, crowd the Grove with campers, mobile homes, and lots of food on the Saturday afternoon football games in Oxford. Goddard, Jerome; Boonevme, Goddard. Sandra; Grand Junction. TN; Education Godwin, Butch; Tupelo, MS; Business Godwin, Mary; Jackson, MS; Education; HBfli Gold, Gary; Victeburg, MS; Music Golden, Mitchell; Coldwater, MS; Pharmacy Golding, Mitchell; Jackson, MS; Business Goliday, Bobby; Oxford, MS; Education Gooch, Rhonda; Thaxton, MS; Education Goon, Deborah; Clarksdale, MS; Business Gordon, Michael; Senatobia. MS: Computer Science Gorney, Mark; Senatobia, MS; Business Graham, Laura; Crystal Springs, MS; Business; XQ Gray, Joseph; Walnut, MS; Pre-Medical Gray, Margie; Greenwood. MS: Psychology; KA Green, Edwina; Atlanta. GA; Home Economics Green, Mary; Memphis, TN; Business Green, Westrich; Atlanta, GA; Business Greer, Willie; Como, MS: Business Grefseng, Leonard; Birmingham, AL; Political Science Griffin, Gregory; University, MS; Business Griffing, Susan; Jackson, MS; Journalism Grim, Lori; Hampton, VA; Journalism Groger, Anthony; Ripley, MS; Liberal Arts Gross, Earnest; Charleston, MS; Business Guckert, Karen; Grenada, MS; Social Work Guess, Gerrysu; Oxford, MS; Art Gullick, Ruth; Oxford. MS; Music Gunn, Douglas; Meridan, MS; Political Science Gurner, Melissa; Water Valley, MS; Education; PM Hale, Larry; Pontotoc, MS; Accounting Hall, Laura; Meridian. MS; Education; PM Hall, Patsy; Burnsville. MS; English Hall, Terry; Mantachie. MS; Education Halsell, Fred; Senatobia, MS; Journalism SENIORS 449 Hamilton, Kerry; Schlater, MS; Journalism; 0 A0 Hammett, Ramona; Corinth, MS; Double Major Non- Science Mammons, Randall; McComb, MS; Journalism Hampton, Ethridge; Louisville, MS; Business Hancock, Columbus; Tupelo, MS; Business Handy, Carl; Sledge, MS; Business Hansbrough, Gisele; Mendenhall, MS; Music Hanson, James; Fulton, MS; Pharmacy Harbin, Lue; Holcomb, MS; Communications; AKA Hardin, Gerald; Greenville, MS; Undecided Hardy, John; Bruce, MS; Business Harrington, Henry; Jackson, MS; Business; B0n Harris, Gary; Corinth, MS; Communications Harris, Michael; Batesville, MS; Sociology Hart, Cindy; Holly Springs, MS: Education Harter, Robert; Long Beach, MS; Journalism Harty, Brenda; Oxford, MS; Social Work Hathorn, Gail; Oakville, MS: Pharmacy Haycraft, James; Jackson. MS; Political Science Hays, Janie; Columbus, MS; Education; KA Heady, Kathryn; Manteca, CA; Liberal Arts Heard, John; Memphis, TN; English Hedrick, Steven; E. Alton, IL: Engineering Heermg, Thomas; University, MS; Chemistry Helvig, Donna; Ocean Springs, MS; Business Henderson, David; Carthage, MS; Dentistry; IN Henderson, Martin; Madison, MS; Music Henderson, Sheila; Greenville, MS; Medical Technology Hendry, Cathy; Gulfport, MS; Home Economics Henneberger, Jetf; Pascagoula, MS; Pre-Medical Hester, Lynne; Corning, AR; Accounting Hester, Peggy; Raleigh, MS; Pharmacy Hewitt, Benton; Summit, MS; Double Major Science Hicks, Vicki; Columbus, MS; Education; XQ Higgenbottom, Kenneth; Senatobia, MS; Business Hill, Betty; Belen, MS; Communicative Disorders Hill, Cynthia; Falkner, MS; Accounting Hillis, Cynthia; Byrtle, MS: Business Hitt, William; Aberdeen, MS; Business Ho, Eric; University, MS; Pharmacy Hodges, Sandra; Oxford, MS; Music Holder, Joseph; Bay Springs, MS; Pharmacy Holdiness, Gary; Louisville, MS; Pre-Medical Holliday, Dana; Aberdeen, MS; Education; AT Holwadel, Becky; St. Louis, MO; Education; XQ Honea, Jacqueline; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Hopkins, Holly; Oxford, MS; Undecided; XO Hopper, Ronnie; Memphis, TN; Accounting Horlock, Steve; Biloxi, MS; Business; OKOJ House, Bryant; Holly Springs, MS: Civil Engineering Houston, Barbara; University, MS; Liberal Arts Howard, Robert; Cape Girardeau, MO; Accounting; IX Howell, Ensley; Pontotoc, MS; Home Economics Howell, Paul; Water Valley, MS; Lib. Arts; ATO 450 SENIORS The New The newest and most expensive building on campus is Coulter Hall, which houses the Department of Chemistry. The building, complete with all laboratory equipment, cost approximately $6.5 million. Hubbard, Montana; Mendenhall. MS: Social Work; Huber, Murray; New Orleans, LA: Business; XH Hudgms, Helen; Jackson, MS; Business Hudson, Thelma; Yazoo City, MS; Social Work; ZB Hugg, David; Natchez, MS; Biology Muggins, Clyde; Oxford, MS; Computer Science; Hulitt, Glenn; Clinton. MS; Business Imre, Thomas; Milan, TN; Accounting Irtoy, William; University, MS; Electrical Engineering Ivy, Clarice; University, MS; Education Ivy, Melinda; Shannon, MS; Political Science Jackson, Ava; Preston, MS; Political Science; Z t B Jackson, Cindy; Poplarville, MS; Pharmacy Jackson, Danny; Booneville. MS; Civil Engineering Jackson, Gary; Gulfport, MS; Pharmacy Jackson, Jocetyn; Como, MS; Library Science Jackson, Mayne; Clarksdale, MS; Double Major Non-Science Jackson, Ray; Memphis, TN; Psychology Jackson, Shirley; Dundee, MS; Biology Jamison, William; Tiptonville, TN; Accounting; KA Jelks, James; Centreville, MS; Pharmacy; t KT Jennings, Karen; Chapel Hill; Communications Joe, Katie; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy Joe, Stephen; Marks, MS; Dentistry Joe, Wayne; Cleveland, MS; Chemical Engineering Johns, VK I; Crystal Springs, MS; Pharmacy Johnson, Blair; New Iberia, LA; Physical Education Johnson, Bobbie; Columbus. MS; Pharmacy Johnson, David; Flat Rock, IL; Accounting Johnson, Fred; Oxford, MS; Physical Education; BZ SENIORS 451 Two Weatherly ' s are twice as fun. sr o Wjttf - 10 J_ Johnson, Joel; Gulfport, MS; Business Johnson, Kenneth; New Albany, MS; Accounting Johnson, Wilborn; Banner, MS; Undecided; AAA Johnston, Lynn; Tupelo, MS Johnston, Rhonda; Jackson, MS; Business Jolly, Angela; Shannon, MS; Home Economics Jones, Cynthia; Tchula, MS; Education Jones, Judi; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Jones, Leslie; Oxford, MS; Mathematics Jones, Virginia; Waynesboro, MS; Home Economics Jones, Wanda; Jackson, MS; Business Jones, William; New Albany, MS; Secondary Education Jordan, Allan; Laurel, MS; Art Education Jordan, Robert; Macon, MS; Political Science Jordan, Virginia; Oxford, MS; Home Economics; AOn Kaston, Souheil; Beirut-Lebanon; Business Kawash, Hosamedine; Sidon-Lebanon; Civil Engineering Kelley, Jeannie; Derma, MS; Pharmacy Kelley, Lady; Germantown, TN; Communications Kelly, Dare; Jackson, MS; Journalism; t M Kemp, Donald; Toccopola, MS; Business Kendrick, Wiley; Pascagoula, MS; Accounting Keyes, Charles; Crystal Springs, MS; Business Keyes, Richard; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Khattab, Ahmad; Sidon-Lebanon; Civil Engineering Khazem, Nabil; Sidon-Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Khraibi, Ali; Lebanon; Civil Engineering Kilgore, Susan; Jackson, MS; Business Kimbrough, James; Jackson, MS; Business Kimbrough, Tina; Osceola, AR; Communications; nB t Kindred, Samuel; Columbus, MS; Political Science; in King, M. Katheryn; Greenwood, MS; Home Economics; XQ King, Ronnie; Coldwater, MS; Political Science; 0BI King, Virgil; Lexington, MS; Pre-Medical Kinsman, David; Silver Creek, MS; Psychology Knight, Scott; Oxford, MS; Zoology M 452 SENIORS Kuhnert, Karen; Hendersonville. TN; Physical Education Ladner. Suzanne; Biloxi, MS; Business Lambert, Andrea; Vicksburg. MS; Accounting Lancaster, Lucy; Lebanon, TN; Psychology Lane, Jeffrey; Morrow, GA; Political Science Lane, Melanee; Clinton, MS. Sociology Lang, Gail; Canton, MS, Zoology Larsen, Delorise; Oxford. MS; Accounting Larsen, Joseph; Pascagoula, MS. Business Larson, Mark; Water Valley, MS; Business Lary.ail; Tuscaloosa, AL; Double Major Non- Science Lavender, Kay; Marks, MS; Education; XO Lawrence, Kevin; Nashville, TN; Business; B0n Lee, Jimmy; Biloxi, MS; Business; IX LeGrand, Teresa; University, MS; Accounting Lemly, William; Jackson, MS; Accounting Leon, Angelina; University. MS; Biology Lester, Arlene; Batesville. MS; Education Lingle, Mark; Crystal Springs, MS: Business Little, Thomas; Star, MS; Chemical Engineering Locke, Malinda; Oxford, MS; Zoology Lofton, Robert; Birmington, AL; Business; KZ Logan, Deloris; Abbeville, MS: Business Logue, David; Vicksburg, MS; Liberal Arts Lollar, Greta; Water Valley, MS; Medical Technology Longstaff , John; Evansville. IN; Pre-Medical Lu, Shu-Wen; Tsoying, Taiwan, ROC.; Accounting Luke, Margaret; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Maddox, Laurie; Greenville, MS; Double Major Non- Science Malone, Miller, Eunice, NM; Sociology Mann, Mary; New Albany, MS; Home Economics Mann, Rachel; Osceola, AR; Music Manner, Marta; McKenzie, TN; Education; XO Manning, Leonard; Oxford, MS. Double Major Non- Science Maples, Mark; Lucedale, MS; Political Science Marchand, Thomas; Stuttgart, AR; Education Marler, Cathy; Oxford. MS; Pharmacy Martin, Larry; Fulton. MS; Business Martin, William; Memphis, TN; Political Science Martineau, Paul; Springfield, VA; Business Maslanka, Michael; Laurel. MS; Business: in PMauney, Pamela; Ripley. MS; Business McAlpin, Jill; Booneville, MS; Business McAslan, Keith; Tupelo, MS: Business McBride, Douglas; Laurel, MS; Double Major Non- Science McCas, Melanie; Jackson, MS, Political Science McCall, Mary; Gulfport, MS: Mechanical Engineering McCarver, Virgil; Ecru, MS; Physical Education McClanahan, Michael; Bald Knob. AR; Electrical Engineering McCool, Marcus; Louisville. MS; Education McCool, Michael; Louisville. MS; Business McCrary, Timothy; Corinth. MS; Mechanical Engineering McDowell, William; Oxford. MS; Business McEuen, Susan; Jackson, MS; Double Major Non- Science McEwen. William; Oxford, MS, Music McFarland, George; Jackson. MS; Business McFarland, Robert; Jackson. MS: Business McGonagill, Jennifer; Oxford, MS; Art McKay, Donald; Preston MS: Pharmacy McKee, Suzanne; Waynesboro, MS; Education McKenzie, Johnny; Gretna, LA; Chemical Engineering McLendon. Nancy; Crystal Springs, MS; Medical Technology McLeod, Alan; Pascagoula, MS; Business; ATD McLeod, Molly; Jackson, MS; Business McMellon, Steve; Escatawpa. MS: Pharmacy McMullin, Marilyn; Memphis. TN; Education; ZTA McNally, Vivian; Dade City; Education McWilliams, Mark; Oxford, MS: Business: KA Meek, Edna; Grenada. MS: Business Melvin, Leslie; Laurel. MS; Business Merritt, Stanley; Natchez. MS. Political Science Messer, Raymond; Greenville, MS; Business Middleton, Charles; Yazoo City, MS. Psychology; KI Miller, Cindy; Moss Point. MS; Political Science Miller, David; Kossuth. MS; Accounting Miller, Jane; Aberdeen. MS; Journalism; ZTA Miller, Michael; Pensacola. FL; Medical Technology Miller, Robert; Aberdeen, MS: Accounting; KA Millette, Michele; Pascagoula, MS; Education; Af Mills, Margaret; Waynesboro. MS; Pharmacy Miskel, Kathy; Pascagoula. MS; Pre-Professional Mitchell, Donald; Gulf Breeze. FL: Business Mitchell, Pamela; Holly Springs, MS Mitchell, Rickey; Vicksburg, MS: Liberal Arts Mitchell, Vickie; Corinth. MS; Education Montgomery, Douglas; Clarksdale, MS: Business; Montgomery, Lee; Pontotoc. MS; Biology Montgomery, Murry; Thaxton. MS, Chemical k Engineering Moore, Cecil; Oxford. MS; Music 454 SENIORS Moore, Stephen; Hickory, NC; Biology Mooring, Donald; Oxford, MS: Art Mooring, John; Oxford, MS; Art Morel, Paul; Magnolia, MS; Dentistry Morgan, Bobby; Oxford, MS, Accounting Moseley, Christy, Oxford, MS; Business Moynihan, David; New Orleans. LA; Social Work Mullins, Walter; Brookhaven, MS; Accounting Murray, Kenneth; Bude, MS; Pharmacy Muse, Gregory, Tupelo. MS; Business Myles, Wayne; Friars Point, MS; Accounting Myrick, Marsha; Poplarville, MS; Pharmacy Myrick, Wayne; Laurel, MS; Accounting Napier, Ramon; Petal. MS; Pharmacy Ndelo, Louis; Otolo. Nigeria; Civil Engineering Neal, Bradley; Waco. TX; Business; KA Neal, Cassandra; Itta Bena. MS; Business; AI0 Neal, Marta; Florence, AL; Art Nettleton, Margaret; Memphis, TN; Political Science Newsom, Demetria; Holly Springs, MS; Business, ZB Nguyen, Tarn; Jackson, MS; Mathematics Nichols, Christopher; Madisonville, KY, Business; KA Nichols, Frederick; Byhalia. MS; Pre-Medical Nichols, Karta; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Norquist. Helen; Yazoo City, MS; Botany Norton, Stephanie; Clinton, MS: Education O ' Barr, Morris; Biloxi, MS; Political Science O ' Brien, Phillip; Jackson. MS; Mathematics Okeke, Felix; Nnewi, Nigeria; Chemical Engineering Okereke, Chukwunwike; Yaba-Lagos. Nigeria; Engineering O ' Neal, Donna; Southaven, MS; English Owens, Agnes; Greenville, MS; Education Owens, Lina Ann; University. MS; Undecided Pang, Lily; Greenwood, MS; Library Science Pannell, William; Blue Springs. MS; Education Paris, Lee; Indianola, MS; Liberal Arts; KA Cheerleaders This year marked the first time in four years that Ole Miss has had freshman cheerleaders. Their duties as freshman cheerleaders included cheering at all Lady Rebel basketball games. SENIORS 455 Parish, Sarah; Greenville, MS; Art Parker, Benny; Jackson, MS; Economics Parks, Sharon; Southaven, MS; Home Economics Parsons, William; Magnolia, MS; Engineering Partin, Mary; Memphis, TN; Business Patton, Richard; Oxford, MS; Undecided Payne, Mary; Memphis, TN; Pharmacy; AGO Pedigo, Tena; Indianapolis, IN; Business Pennington, Gerard; Enid, OK; Liberal Arts Perkins, Eddie; Clarksdale, MS; Biology Petersen, Barbara; Houston, TX; Engineering Pettis, Camelia; Oxford, MS; Business; ZOB Pettis, James; Tupelo, MS; Biology; IX Pettis, Mattie; Oxford, MS; Business Phan, Luong; Dallas, TX; Accounting Phifer, Eugene; Vicksburg, MS; Computer Science Phillips, Billy; Greenville, MS; Accounting Phillips, Michael; Bay St. Louis, MS; Pharmacy SAE ' s exhibit outpouring of " spirits " at the LSU-Ole Miss football game. Piela. Donald; Fall River. MA: Electrical Engineering Pierce, Harriett: Newton. MS. Accounting Pilgrim. Carol; Brandon. MS. Education Pinson, Paul: Jackson. MS: Accounting Pitner, Mark; Myrtle. MS: Political Science Pittman. James; Jackson. MS. Pharmacy Pitts, Kevin: Ecru. MS. Education; AP Ploski. Edward: Ft Lauderdale. FL: Political Science Pollard, William; Oxford MS: Business Poole, Patti; Oxford. MS: Political Science: XO Poon, King; Hong Kong. Electrical Engineering Powell. Julius: Grand Bay. AL Music Powell. Tern; Jackson. MS; Accounting Prestage. John; Fulton MS Business. KA Preston. Robert; McComb. MS: Pharmacy Price. Helen; Little Rock AR; Home Economics Pritscher. Ruth: Alexandria. VA Business Quarles. Beverly; Randolph. MS Business Quarles. Cathy: Randolph MS. Business Qumley. Charlotte: Covmgton. TN Education Qumn. Keiren: Hoffman Estates IL Business Ouinn. Vickie; luka, MS Education Radigan. Kenneth: Greenville MS Biology Ragland. Judy; Caruthersville. MS. Education. ZTA Ramey. Patrick; Memphis. TN. Business OKT Rakestraw. Larry; Blue Springs MS Accounting Ramsay. Gary: Southaven MS Business Ramsdell. Brandi; Brandon MS. Education Ramsey. Larry; Tupelo MS: Business Ramsey. Michael; Amoty MS Accounting OOJ Ratliff. Dorothy: Vicksburg, MS. Political Science AKA Ray. Carmon; University. MS. Chemistry Redmond. Margaret: Oxford MS. Home Economics. ZOB Reed. Judy; Southaven. MS Medical Technology Reeder. Marsha: Pontotoc. MS Education Reeves. Johnny; Jackson MS, Political Science Reid. Marsha: Nacogdoches TX: Accounting AOH Renfrew. Theta: Leland MS; Education Richardson. Anthony; Grenada. MS Accounting Richardson. Leta: Bowling Green KY: Education nBo Rick, Claibourne; Christian MS Business Rick, Rhonda: Fulton. MS: Business Rincon. Max; Valencia. Venezuela. Business Roberson. Jeffrey: Ripley TN. Business Roberts. Edward; Latta. SC: English Roberts. Ronnie: Silver City, MS Business Robertson. Kathy; McComb. MS: Business: Af Robertson. Wanda: luka. MS. Business Robinson. David C.; Oxford. MS. Business Robinson, David L.; Greenville MS Double Major Non-Science: XO Rogers. Rickey; Ripley MS, Political Science Roop, William; Hernando. MS: Physical Education Roseborough. Melvin: Brooklyn NY Liberal Arts SENIORS 457 Ross. Sonny; Pontotoc, MS, Business Roth, Michael; Matawan, NJ, Accounting Rowe, John; Indianola, MS; Communications Powell. Thomas; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Rush, Janet; Biloxi, MS; Pharmacy Rushing. Audie; Verona, MS; Biology Rushing, Kevin; Meridian, MS; Business Russell, Deborah; Booneville, MS; Physiology; HBO Rutledge, Terry; Amory, MS: Computer Science Sagan, Paul; Fairhope, AL; English ' Sanders, Carole; Jackson, MS. Social Work Sanders, Kristy; Gulfport. MS; Political Science Sanders, Sara; Oxford, MS. Education Sanders, Steven; Jackson. MS; Business; XO Sanders, Vickie; French Camp, MS, Pharmacy Sang, Charlie; Rosedale, MS; Undecided Sansom, Steven; Coldwater. MS; Political Science Scales, Philip; Jackson, MS; Political Science Scarborough, Norman; Biloxi. MS; Zoology. AU Schott, James; Waveland. MS. Pharmacy Scibilia, William; Fairfax. VA; Accounting; KI Searcy, Debra; Okalona. MS; Political Science Seckar, Julie; Omro. Wl; Communicative Disorders; ZTA Seto, Linda; Foiling Fork. MS; Business lackelford, John; Columbus. MS, Business. BOfl Shaghaghi, Arsalan; University. MS. Civil Engineering Shamalnasab. Hamid; University. MS; Civil Engineering Sheffield, Joyce; Tupelo. MS; Education Shields, Douglas; University, MS; Mechanical Engineering Shores, Terri; Jackson, MS, Physical Education Short, Evelyn; Vicksburg, MS; Psychology Shuck, Victoria; University. MS; Education Shuler, Edna; Greenwood. MS; Pharmacy Sibley, Faye; Okolona, MS; Accounting Siddell, Doyal; New Albany. MS: Business Sigmon, Valerie; Sherard, MS; Art Sikora, Jody; Merrillville. IN; Accounting; ZTA Simmons, Dianah; Water Valley. MS; Physical Education Simmons, Joseph; Moss Pt.. MS; Pharmacy Simmons, Leila; Belzoni, MS; Pharmacy; Al Sims, Thomas; Oxford, MS; Accounting Sinclair, David; Columbia. MS; Journalism Sizemore, Terry; Ocean Springs. MS; Chemistry Smith, Cathy; University. MS; Biology Smith, Gregory; Pascagoula. MS; Business Smith, James; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Smith, James P.; McComb, MS; Pharmacy Smith, Jerone; Okolona, MS; Music; QUJ P Smith, Mary; Batesvilie. MS; Education Smith, Sally; Clarksdale, MS; Physical Education Smith, Stanley; Southaven, MS; Law; XO Smith, Vickie; Coldwater, MS; Education Sneed, Julie; Eupora, MS; Journalism Sodipe, Morakinyo; llaro, Nigeria; Liberal Arts 458 SENIORS outh, Angela; luka. Mb: Education Southward, Hal; Tishomingo, MS; Liberal Arts Spears. Marilyn; Senatobia. MS. Education Speece. Robert; luke. MS. Chemical Engineering Spencer, Sandra; Tupelo. MS; Political Science Spencer, Stephen; Jackson, MS Psychology, DKA Spillman, Ricky; Spillman LA. History Springfield. Glenda; Caledonia. MS. Physical Education Stacy, Paul; Booneville. MS, Electrical Engineering Staggs. Kathy; Eupora. MS; Music Stamps, Charles; Silver Creek. MS Pharmacy Stanford, Carolyn; Oxford MS; Education Steinwmder. Wanda; Hattiesburg MS Social Work Stengel. George; Oxford. MS, Mechanical Engineering Stennett, Thomas; Booneville. MS. Civil Engineering Stephney, Esther; Clarksdale, MS Medical Technology Stone, Maisy; Fulton. MS: Accounting; AKA Strange. Ruth; Greenville. MS. Marketing Straughn, John; Winter Haven. FL; Education Strtbling, Susan; Rogers AR, Business. AAfl Stuart. LaRose; Philadelphia. MS. Education Stubblefield, Betty: Ecru MS: Biology Sulcer, Kathryn: Gilmore AR, Communicative Disorders Suri, Madan; Bangagore. India, Business Sutton, Pamela; Lambert MS, Education Swords. Becky; Pontotoc. MS: Physical Education Takkouche, Salim; Beirut-Lebanon Civil Engineering Tan. Anthony; Quezon City, Philippines: Business Tavares. Brenda; Durant, MS; Pharmacy Taylor, Howard: Oxford. MS Sociology Terracina, Tina; Greenville. MS. Business Thaxton, Susan; Crystal Springs. MS: Pharmacy Therrell, Rebecca; Ellisville, MS; Education Thomas, Lisa; Shuqualak, MS: Business, J M Thomas, Patricia; Hopkinsville. KY, Business Thomason, John; New Albany, MS. Physics Thompson, Jeffrey; Tupelo, MS: Education Thompson. Lewis; New Albany. MS: Double Major Non-Science Thompson, Shalayne; Smithville, MS. Education Tisdale, David; Meridian, MS, Business Tran, Trung; South Vietnam, Business Trim, Martha; Port Gibson, MS; Education Triplett, Janis; Booneville. MS; English; AKA Triplett, Melanie; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Tucker, Michael; Vicksburg. MS; Pharmacy Turner, Melissa; Memphis, TN; Business: AAFl Tutor, Bonnie; Pontotoc. MS; Business Valentine, David; Newton. MS; English Vanderburg, David; Olive Branch. MS; Business Vanderburg, Pamela; West Memphis. AR; Undecided; KA Van Norman, Lisa; Liberty, MS: Business Varner, Catherine; Jackson, MS; Education, XQ Vassar, Matthew; Booneville, MS: Education Vaughan, Gloria; Pass Christian. MS; Education SENIORS 459 Vaughan, William; Madisonville, KY; Civil Engineering; ATQ Vega-Prado, Salvador; El Salvador; Business Vick, Donna; Walnut, MS; Music Viner, Stanley; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Wade, Floyd; Greenwood, MS; Music Wagner, Anna; Como, MS; Art; Al Waldrop, Jane; Hernando, MS; Business Walker, C. Ouane; Ft. Smith, AR; Music Walker, Jana; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Walker, Linda; Hernando, MS; Physical Education Walker, Nancy; Memphis, TN; Zoology Walker, William; Saucier, MS; Electrical Engineering Wall, Summer; Jackson, MS; Business; KKf Wall, Wesley; Jackson, MS; Biology Wallace, Brenda; Dumas, MS; Education Wallace, Henry; Pearl, MS; Business Wallace, Russell; Pearl, MS; Business Walls, Michael; Pontotoc, MS; History Walters, Steven; Huntsvtlle, AL; Business Waring, Elizabeth; Vicksburg, MS; English; KA Warner, Robert; Waveland, MS; Chemistry; AOJ Warren, William; Atlanta, GA; Business Waters, Tanya; Pontotoc, MS; Music Watkins, Mickey; Meridian, MS; Business; KA Watkins, Reuben; Jackson, MS; Chemistry Watts, Donald; Morton, MS; Chemical Engineering Watts, Thomas; Meridian, MS; Political Science; KA Webb, Amy; Selmer, TN; Education; XTA Webb, Belinda; Coldwater MS; Business Webb, Wanda; Coldwater, MS; Education Computer registration the answer to all of our prayers? What about those Rebelettes? Weir, Tern; New Braunfels, TX; Communicative Disorders Welborn, A. Ray; Heidelberg. MS; Business; XU West, Pam; Coldwater, MS; Education White, Claudia; Jackson. MS; English; XTA White, Joyce; Tutwiler, MS; Education White, Marie; Maben, MS; Music White, Melody; Grenada, MS; Music White, Susie; Tupelo, MS; Physical Education; 0 M Whitehead, Deborah; Shannon. MS; Art Wichert, Catherine; Cape Girardeau. MO; Pharmacy; AAA Wicker, Richard; Virginia Beach, VA; Physics; HKA Wilbanks, Hannah; New Albany. MS; Home Economics; AP Wilbanks, Jeff; New Albany, MS; Physical Education Wilbanks, Robert; Senatobia, MS; Double Major Science Wilbourn, James; Jackson, MS; Political Science Wilburn, Tina; Marietta; MS; Science Gereral Wilkinson, Richard; Amory, MS; History Willcutt, Mark; Fulton, MS; Communications Willia ms, Howard; Grenada. MS: Business Williams, Jim; Moss Point, MS; Business Williams, Kristi; Gulfport, MS; Education; KKf Williams, Phyllis; Fulton, MS; Education Williamson, Kimberley; Madison, MS; Education Williamson, Wayne; Memphis. TN; Business Willis, Jan; Tupelo. MS; History Wills, Michael; Corinth, MS; Computer Science Wilson, Billy; New Albany, MS; Civil Engineering Wilson, K. Lee; Indianapolis, IN; Sociology Wilson, Melmda; Jackson, MS; Business SENIORS 61 Wilson, Robert; Jackson, MS; Business Wilson, Sheila; Grenada, MS; Political Science Wilson, Timothy; Jackson, MS; Pre-Medical Wiltshire, Sylvia; Belmont, MS; Business Windham, Charlotte; Batesville, MS; Mathematics Winnard, Milan; Bay St. Louis, MS; Economics Winstead, Constance; Pass Christian, MS; Business Wiygul, Frank; Jackson, MS; Chemistry Womble, Rachel; Clearwater, FL; Pharmacy; KA Woo, Quay; Isola, MS; Pharmacy Woods, Carolyn; Oxford, MS; Business Woods, Ronald; Olive Branch, MS; Physical Education Woody, Marvin; Lavinia, TN; Engineering Worsham, Gene; luka, MS; Pharmacy Worsham, Pamella; Cascilla, MS; Business Wright, James; Tupelo, MS; Accounting Wright, Melanie; Oxford, MS; Zoology Yarbrough, Sarah; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts Yassine, Ghassan; University, MS; Business Yates, David; Jackson, MS; Political Science Yerger, Wirt; Jackson, MS; Double Major Non- Science Young, Kevin; Opdyke, IL; Accounting; XiP Zaperach, Deborah; Eupora, MS; Biology Zaperach, Ronald; Monaca, PA; Mechanical Engineering Zeringer, Eric; Metairie, LA; Civil Engineering Zuccaro, Charles; Natchez, MS; Business You ' d never guess he has three tests tomorrow. Abtdi, Syed; Karachi, Pakistan; Pharmacy Adger, Diii; Shreveport. LA; Special Education Ahmad, Falih; Baghdad. Iraq; Electrical Engineering Akeel, Satoh; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Mechanical Engineering AMridge, Johnny; Belmont, MS; Education AMred. Dani; Natchez. MS; Sociology Anderson, Gary; Byhalia. MS; Liberal Arts Avant, Sandra; Senatobia, MS; Communications Aven, Dabra; Oxford. MS; Undecided BaUard, Sandra; Newport News, VA; Psychology Bandla, Sudarsanam; Uteoor, Bangalore. India; Electrical Engineering Barbar, Slaphan; E. Point, GA; Political Science Barry, Homall; Columbus. MS; Education Baxter, Christopher; University. MS; Unknown Baachum, Linda; University, MS; Special Education Backar, Alan; Oxford, MS; Communicative Disorders Backar, Danatki; Oxford. MS; Speech Bet-Sayad, Valica; University. MS; Mechanical Engineering Bokka, Srinivaa; Sec Bad. India; Electrical Engineering Brady, Beth; Memphis. TN; Education Brady, Yolanda; Greenwood, MS; Microbiology Brannaman, EHan; Spartanburg, SC; English Brou, Calaato; Jackson, MS; Foreign Language Brown, Jamas; Forest. MS; Law Buchanan, Carol; Blytneville, AR; Psychology Cairns, Albert; Senatobia. MS; History CampoeN, Lynda; Sardis. MS; Liberal Arts Carroll, David; Newton. MS; Business Carstans, Neil; University, MS; Pre-Medical Chan, Yea-Ming; University. MS; Pharmacy GRADUATES 463 Chapman, James; Perry, GA; Business Chapman, Martha; New Albany. MS. Undecided Charles, Marie; Jackson, MS, Education Chen, Chih-Chung; Taipei, Taiwan: Mechanical Engineering Chittor, Sarala; Guntur-522004, India; Home Economics Chow, Virginia; Greenville, MS, Speech Therapy Chung, Linda; Hong Kong, English Clifton, E. Ross; Kosciusko, MS; Undecided Cox, William; Madisonville, KY, Business Davis, Hugh; Jackson. MS; Business Dawkins, Lynette; Sardis. MS, Sociology Dean, Anthony; Oxford, MS: Political Science Dew, H. Arthur; Natchitoches, LA, Communications Dixit, Ajit; Succasunna. NJ. Chemistry Eckman, Joe; University, MS, Business Edmiston, Billy; Greenville, MS; Biology Ericson, Alfred; Pratville, AL; Theatre Arts Evans, Donald; Gulfport, MS. Law Faddoul, Antoine; Beirut-Lebanon, Civil Engineering Fair, Frank; Louisville, KY. Business Farris, Charles; New Orleans. LA; Business Faust, Cynthia; Oxford, MS; Education Frazier, Charles; Memphis, TN; Political Science George, Leanne; Myrtle. MS: Education Gilliland, Holice; Halls, TN; History Gray, Karen; Ashland, MS, Physical Education Guess, Gmny; Oxford, MS; Foreign Language Hansbrough, John; Magee, MS: Chemistry Martin, John; University, MS; Library Science Henderson, Robert; University. MS; Business Hester, Lea; Laurel, MS; Journalism Higdon, Judy; Jackson, MS; Accounting Hodges, Timothy; Lucedale, MS; Chemistry Hojjatie, Massoud; University. MS: Chemistry Hong, Kyungja; Kwangju, Korea; Education Hong, Yaw; Taiwan, R.O.C .; Chemistry Houlihan, Patrick; Oxford, MS; Music Hsu, Hui-Chi; University, MS; Foreign Language Hsu, Ling-Kai; University. MS; Chemical Engineering Hudgins, James; Jackson, MS; Mathematics Hudspeth, Harvey; Oxford, MS; Law Jarjoura, Melhem; Sidon-Lebanon; Liberal Arts Jennings, Van; Morrow, GA; Business Jinn, Dehrong; Kaohsiung, 825, Taiwan; Law Josephs, Edward; Oxford, MS; Pre-Medical Joslm, David; Oxford, MS; Physical Education Kee, David; Taylors, SC; English Keshavamurthy, Talya; Bangalore, India; Electrical Engineering Korndorffer, Pamela; Gulf Breeze, FL; Mathematics Lai, Yuche; Shihlin Taipei, Taiwan; Law Lamb, Dean; Brooksville, MS; English Larkins, Thomas; Memphis, TN; Criminal Justice Lass, Florentine; Austria; Education Lau, Steven; University, MS; Civil Engineering 464 GRADUATES Lee. Cynthia; Potomas. MD. Psychology Lee. Samuel: Jackson MS: Undecided Lee. Yi: Ping Tung. ROC. Chemical Engineering Lin. Steven; University, MS Electrical Engineering Livingston, Cecil; University. MS Political Science Maner. William: Biloxi. MS Economics Mathews, Skip; Jackson. MS: Business McDaniel, Phillip: Oxford MS: Unknown McMillan. Mildred: Holly Springs MS English Merryweather. Ernestine: Batesville MS Speech Minton. Patsy; Oxford. MS Education Morgan. Chester: Sardis. MS: Education Nance. Robert: Greenville MS, Unknown Newcomb. Paul; Laurel. MS Chemistry Newton. Mane: Gulfport. MS: Accounting O Briant. Angela; Senatobia. MS Psychology Oguntimem. Babajide; Ibadan. Nigeria. Pharmacy Oke. Adegboyega: University MS. Chemical Engineering Orange. Dianne; Oxford. MS: Education OH, Richard: Osyka. MS: Law Parker. Ivory; Greenville. MS. Political Science Partlow. Laura; Blytheville. AR: Theatre Arts Pearson. George; Oxford. MS: Communications Perkins, Frances; Senatobia, MS. Foreign Language Perry. Leslie; University, MS: Education Perry. Timothy: University. MS; Economics Pharr. Renelda; Belmont. MS: English Picket! Joseph; Pope. MS Microbiology Plasketes. George; N Riverside IL Communications Pradhan. Ravmdra; Sion Bombay India Mechanical Engineering Qumtana, Benjie: Oxford MS: Pharmacy Queyja. Mary; University. MS: Education Ratliff, Autry; Corinth. MS: Theatre Arts Rish. Jeff: Pontotoc. MS: Meteorology Sabbani. Anjan; India, Mechanical Engineering r44950,1Sabbam, Rohini; India. Library Science Sadder. Kama); Beirut. Lebanon: Civil Engineering Sadek, Sayed; Lebanon. Mechanical Engineering Said. Salar; Sulaimanyah. Kurdustan: Civil Engineering Samakur. Chandrahasan: Guntur. India. Civil Engineering Sanders, Jackie; Memphis. TN; Home Economics Sharp. Covmgton: Oxford. MS: Business Sharp, Pat; LaFollett. TN Business Shawais. Rast; Kurdstan Civil Engineering Singh, Surendra; Jaipur. India: Electrical Engineering Slade, Cynthia: Oxford. MS. Education Slocum, Doris; Oxford. MS. Communicative Disorders Smith, James; University. MS Botany Stapleton, Curtis; Jackson. MS. Business Stewart, Earl; University. MS: Education Stewart. Carole; Columbus. MS. Physical Education Stewart. Ralph; Columbus. MS Education Stewart. Thomas; Blue Mountain. MS: English Stork, Harley: Pascagoula. MS Business GRADUATES 465 Strain, David; Jackson, MS; Law Strickland, Susan; Brandon, MS; Education Sundararajan, Suresh; Coonoor, India; Electrical Engineering Sunderraj, Ashok; Madras, India; Civil Engineering Swain, Patricia; Batesville, MS; English Taylor, William; Clinton, SC; Education Thames, William; Laurel, MS; Law Thompson, John; Nashville, TN; Communications Torres, William; Quezon City, Philippines; Pharmacy Trevathan, Jennifer; Sharon, TN; Sociology Tucker, Bessie; Jackson, MS; Mathematics Tung, Kee; New York, NY; Electrical Engineering Turner, Pamela; Belzoni, MS; Education Twtek, Ashty; Sulaimaniah-Kurdustan; Civil Engineering Vidula, Balasesha; AP, India; Electrical Engineering Wakefield, Mark; Oxford, MS; Business Wallace, Thomas; Hernando, MS; Education Watkins, Charley; Crystal Springs, MS; Art Watt, Julia; Batesville, MS; Education Williams, Paula; University, MS; Education Wofford, Emily; Darling, MS; Education Yarber, Wanda; luka, MS; Communicative Disorders Yeh, Tsuei-Chi; Taiwan 241 ; Chemical Engineering Yen, Chih; Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.; Business Yiang, Ting-Yi; Taipei, Taiwan; Economics Zuhdi, Bakhtiar; University, MS; Civil Engineering Enrollment With 3,084 students out of a total enrollment of 9, 655, the College of Liberal Arts is the largest on campus. The College of Business Administration ranks second with 2,593 students. t ' l H % Stephen Cote Anderson; Car roll ton, MS Wada Hampton Andrew ; Starkville, MS Robert Alan Ashley; Hattiesburg, MS Sheila Ann Bator; Laurel, MS Jotone Rae Barry; Picayune. MS Stephen Alton Brmlrtt; New Albany, MS Kathy Brewer; Summit, MS Harris Branson, Jr.; Bynalia, MS Branda I. Carraway; Meadville, MS Jama Dona W Chritian, Jr.; Tupelo, MS Pppy Brown Hudapath; Renay. MS; AM Herbert Don Courtney; Bassfield, MS Joellyn Cranahaw; Newton, MS Robert Hugh Curry; Eupora, MS Howell Eugene Davis; Okolona, MS David Durham Dickaon; Jackson. MS William Lampion Dillon; Tylertown, MS Howard Keith Dowdy; Louisville, MS Wayne Joseph Dwchkar; Waveland, MS Joe Alan Dukes; Jackson. MS Kerry Dean Durn Brookhaven, MS Christina Leigh Earnest Fulton, MS Zona Gail Finney; University, MS William Webb Forbes; Columbia. MS Shelley Clara Ford; McComb, MS Larry Thomas Fortenberry; University. MS John David Fulton; Grenada. MS Chartes H. Ganola; Grenada, MS Laurence Lamar Giles; Tylertown, MS George David Gilmore; Oxford, MS PHARMACY 47 Joette Denise Gonsoulin; University. MS John Melvin Goolsby; Oxford, MS Robert Anthony Grant; Vicksburg. MS Jean L. Gray; Humboldt. TN Ufa Paulette Grubbs; Tylertown, MS James Russell Hailey; Jackson. MS Murke Franklin Harrison; Holly Springs. MS Wanda Cook Hartley; Independence. MS Helen F. Haynes; Columbus, MS William Moore Haywood; Oxford, MS Iris Anne Heflm; Silver City. MS Mary Glynn Henderson; Carthage. MS oye Raymond Herring, Jr.; Jackson. MS James Bryant Herring; Memphis. TN Ronald Wilson Herrington; Magee. MS Vera Virginia Hill; Corinth. MS Shirley M. Hogan; Oxford. MS Oebra Lynn Howard; McCarley. MS Charles Gordon Inman; Oxford, MS Virgil Ociel Ishee. Jr.; Richton. MS Elton Bert Johnsey: Rienzi. MS Jo A. Johnson; Batesville MS John Timothy Johnson; Walnut. MS Jean Marie King: Yazoo City. MS Robert K. Leedham; University MS Joe Kelly Lomax: Waynesboro. MS Earsel Roy Long, Jr.; Oxford. MS Renee C. Lutts; Carthage, MS Oaird Michael Manasco: University MS Barrett Karl Manning; Eupora. MS Ellen Virginia Matthews; Brookhaven MS John W. McClatchy; Red Banks. MS Malinda Minear; Palm City, FL Charlotte Anne Morris: Collins. MS John David Nobile: Moorhead. MS Sara Linda Noble: Canton MS Jayne Odum; Jackson. MS everly Amanda Pace; Forest. MS Stanley Willis Page; Tishommgo. MS Deborah L. Parker; Starkville. MS Rita F aye Pouncey; Laurel. MS ierbert Lumas Redd, Jr.; Greenville, MS Teresa Louise Roemer; Long Beach. MS Albert Andrew Sanderson; Laurel. MS Alirn Craig Sartin; Jayess. MS Donnie Joe Scrivner; Carthage, MS Ronald Earl Skelton; University. MS Roger Harold Smith; Tupelo. MS Lula Margaret Stevens; Amory, MS Gladys M. Stewart: Natchez. MS Danny Ladford Stone; Philadelphia. MS Allen E. Stuart; Jackson, MS Phillip J. Taylor; University. MS usan Melinda Thornton: Morton. MS 468 PHARMACY Charles Victor Watts; Wiggins. MS Johnene Marie West; Wiggins. MS Patricia Clark Westberry; Morton. MS James Neal Westmoreland; Mendenhall, MS Marty Lane Winter; Pontotoc. MS Wanda Witt; Corinth, MS Quay Fong Woo; Isola. MS Timothy Terrell Wright; Booneville. MS Charles Frederick Wurth: Paducah, KY M Kathy Ferguson receives box of candy from Homecoming date. 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Advertisements 473 Cash and Carry Builders Mart Highway 6 West Oxford 234-7267 " New As Tomorrow " Shelving " Concrete Blocks Plants Waste Baskets ' Bulletin Boards Paint " " Curtain Rods Everythingforthe Apartment dress shop Casual Wear A Specialty West Side of Square P. O. Box 24 Oxford, Mississippi Phone 234-1701 1006 Jackson Ave. Discount Music r Concerned about your tomorrow-TODAY tandard life INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office P.O. Box 1729 Jackson, Mississippi 39205 474 Advertisements Oxford Bank Trust Company . WHERE PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE OXFORD RANK TRLST COMJKNY W74 MISSISSIPPI ' S MOST COMPLETE VOLUME CHEVROLET DEALER HERRIN-GEAR 1-55 AT HIGH STREET JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 392O5 . PHONE 354-3882 e e k s Inc. WESTERN AUTO associate store W. A. HOPKINS 306 SO. LAMAR AVE. OXFORD, MS 38655 Advertisements 475 Growing With Ole Miss New Law Center _ _ .North East KA j Mississippi lviy Electric Power Association 476 Advertisements Oxford, Mississippi ' OLD BANK NEW IDEAS ' ANKOF OXFORD " Our Service That ' s tne one word that best describes Ross Yerger. We ' ve been sewing Mississippi with personal and business insurance for well over a century. to sewice. . . it ' s our serve. The House of Insurance since 7860 " ROSS YERGER Jackson, Mississippi Sanitary Landfill Company Vancleave Road North of 1-10 Exit P.O. Box2115 Pascagoula SONIC 1 207 E. University Ave. Oxford 234-9341 Advertisements 477 Dino ' s Pizza Steaks On the Square 234-6777 Harris Fluff Dry 604 S. 16th Street . 234-0664 Come to us for all your laundry needs. Monroe Banking Trust Co. Aberdeen Hamilton Prairie Mississippi A Full Service Bank I O E OF P 1SC 1COI L4 ' S FI VEST LOCATED NEAR AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK LUXURY ROOMS - COLOR TV LOUNGE SWIMMING POOL (POOL SIDE SERVICE) EXCELLENT RESTAURANT - BANQUET ROOMS MEETING ROOMS DEEP SEA FISHING CHARTER GOLFING HWY 90 E. PASCAGOULA 769-7830 OWNER: WENDELL LEE BUS. COOR.: DEBRA EASTER 478 Advertisements University Sporting Goods 1116 Jackson Ave. Congratulations Rebels! Hegwood ' s Flowers Pascagoula, MS SERVING LAFAYETTE COUNTY, OXFORD, AND THE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1923. ]s- Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year " GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY ON THE SQUARE FREE DELI VERY J.B.Gathright Aston Holley Advertisements 479 THE CLEANERS WITH THE PERSONAL TOUCH 1605 Polk Avenue Pascagoula, MS 762-5581 Johnson ' s Discount Furniture 311 South Lamar 234-771 1 Highway 6 West Oxford 234-4204 Shipley ' s Donuts 1711 E. University Ave. 234-7200 Also Serving Breakfast and Lunch Medical Center PHARMACY 2209 S. Lamar 234-7666 CROCKER -JONES, i. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE CANTON. MISS. 39O46 480 Advertisements First National Bank University Branch CONTINUOUSL Y MAKING THINGS HAPPEN SINCE 1910 MAIN OFFICE 234-2821 1203 JACKSON AV. MEDICAL CENTER BRANCH 214SS.LAMAR 234-0941 234-7362 UNIVERSITY BRANCH HWY 6 W. NORTH LAM AR BRANCH 21 N. LAMAR AV. 234-0671 Advertisements Citizens National Bank Pascagoula, Miss. Serving As Fabric Consultants For The Rebelettes. Oxford Fabric Center On the Square Lynch Oil Company Oxford Water Valley Batesville PAUL ' S SHOE Oxford Tire Auto Center, Inc 1 703 University Ave. Full-Service Center, New-Used Tires 482 Advertisements ly The Prep Company 1 24 N. Liberty Canton, MS City Hall 1 07 South Lamar 236-1310 Prudential Life Insurance Joe Ezell Agency P.O. Box 1 91 Pascagoula, MS 769-7676 Advertisements 463 DISCOVER Hwy. 6 West 234-7655 BLACKWELL CHEVROLET CO. 5395 HIGHWAY 5f NORTH p Q BOX H,8 if. JACKSON MISS 392OC Gifts Bridal Registry Repairs 1 202 Van Buren On the Square 234-421 1 Morgan Jewelry Bill and Mary Ann King Pascagoula Moss Point Kappa Delta Alumnae Association Go Rebels! Blaylock Drug Store If you don ' t know your drugs know your druggist Complete tine of cosmetics Consultant on duty daily Free Prescription Delivery 234-4401 Downtown Second and Court 525-8155 East 6327 Poplar 767-6054 Quality Clothing Memphis I 484 Advertisements Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation Hamilton, Mississippi I Supporting Higher Education at Ole Miss One of The South ' s Finest Learning Institutions Advertisements 485 College Clothes Located in Johnson Commons Ole Miss Campus 234-1513 Foster Beverage Co. Oxford, Ms. 234-4915 Caver ' s Walgreen Drug Store 2943 Market St. Pascagoula 486 Advertisements Open Mon.-Sat. 234-0933 LOCATED DOWNSTAIRS IN COUNTRY VILLAGE Petite, Junior, and Misses Sizes 121 4 Van Buren on the square 234-0520 We do it all for you McDonalds 1 900 University Ave. Oxford Good Luck Rebels Oak Hall Men ' s Clothes Memphis, Tenn. JOHN HARVEY JACKSON 61301-55 North Advertisements 487 World Famous Original Charcoal Ribs Ham Cheese World Famous RENDEZVOUS Downtown Alley Between Monroe and Union Second and Third In Downtown Memphis University Launderette 1 31 E. University Ave. Open 24 Hours 7 Days Self-Service ON THE SQUARE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 38655 Delta Gamma Alumnae A Touch of Vegas 4972 Park Avenue Memphis 901-767-4760 488 Advertisements " Oxford ' s Inn Place " Best (Oestern The Oxford Inn Oxford Inn Entrance Is the Most Unique, Unusual Place in Town Cleanest Rooms Color TV Direct Dial Phone Swimming Pool Greenhouse Restaurant Locker Room Library Disco Lounge Special Backgammon and Pinball Tournaments So for exciting fun, great food, and good relaxation, come to the Oxford Inn Hwy 6 Bypass and South Lamar Library Disco In the Rebel Lobby Greenhouse Restaurant Advertisements 489 3BOQEZBCEB82KX 120 S. 11th St. Oxford Jim ' s Jewelry Gift Shop Oakwood Mall Oxford Chanfey ' s Eastgate Pharmacy D Slit MSB j.::; ;.: - Elliott Lumber Company 490 Advertisements SKI ll-KKHU UWGXU UERSW WT luaiau tUHOLI UWGil IMKl I ma so, " a :,; s . AARON WALTER EDGAR 232 ABBOTT MARY COYLE 274 ABDO MAEEN BURHAN 380 ABERNATHY JOANIE LUCY 197 268 399 ABIDE ALBERT GEORGE l 210 ABIDE KAREN PATRICK 218. 420 ABIDI SYED E H 463 ABLES WINFRED WAYNE 127. 441 ABOHULIH MAHUOUD MOHO 399 ABRAHAM DAVID THOMAS 208 294 348 399 ABRAHAM LILLIAN ELAINE 230 420 ABRAHAM MARY MAGDALENE 441 ABRAMS CATHY J 420 ABU-EID UUSA HASSAU 399 ABU-HIJLEH. KAMAL 399 ABU-HULEH MOHAMMED AMMAR 399 ABU-JURQI SAADEH FARAH 360 ABUTO AMBROSE PAUL 347 399 ACHORD JAMES MICHAEL 441. 319. 320 ACRED JOY ANNETTE 348 291 399 AD AIR MARY JO 399 AOAIR RICKY TYLER 199 239 ADAM STEPHEN ANDREW399 ADAMS ELLEN KAY 380 ADAMS MARSHALL COLE 356 ADCOCK MICHAEL EUGENE 399 ADGER DESSIEMAE463 AGBONLAHOR PATRICK N O 441 AGUH SOLOMON 420 AGULANNA GODWIN O 420 AHLVIN ALDER FRANK 380 AHMAD FALIHH 463 AIKEN HENRY JOHNSON 237 356 347 AINSWORTH DANA LYNN 380 AKEEL SALEM ALOWI 463 AKEL AHMAD MAHMOUD 441 AKERS ELAINE 399 AKERS SHARON 420 AL-AZZAWI ABDULRAHMAN 399 AL-BASHA ALI MOSA 420 AL-BUNDAK OMAR MOHAMAD 399 AL-FAKHOURI MOHAMED380 AL-HAJJ AHMED JAM AL 420 AL-HREiSM HISHAM ABED441 AL-JALLAD MOUAW1A SALAH 380 AL-UOGHRABI AHMED FOUAD 420 AL-MOGHRAB! UUSTAPHA M 399 AL-TURK EMAD ALDIN AKRAM 399 ALBERS GRACE CHRISTIAN 228 317 399 ALBERT MICHAEL HOLGER 356 ALBERT PAUL HOWARD 160 210. 420 ALBERTSON BRENT DANIEL 159 ALBRITTON EDWARD ALLEN 222 ALBRITTON STEPHEN CARROLL 441 ALDERSON LESA DIANE 214 ALDRIDGE. GARY KENDALL 254 380 ALDRtDGE JOHNNY MARK 463 ALDRIDGE MARY HELEN 230 ALEWINE VIRGINIA SUE 441 ALEXANDER CORENA 321. 420 ALEXANDER JANE CUMMINS 246 274 ALEXANDER LEWIS EDWARD JR 232 ALEXANDER OLIVER DONNELL 206. 275 420 ALEXANDER RICHARD DEWAYNE 399 ALEXANDER SHERRIE RENAY 380 ALEXANDER WILLIAM H JR 248 ALFORD DAVID NEYLAND 232 ALFORD JO LYNN 218 420 ALFORD MARILYN CAROL 291 ALGER RICHARD KELLY 349 354 ALIZADEH ASGHARG 420 ALLDREAO ROGER ROSS 305 441 ALLDRIDGE JAMES ROBERT 347 399 ALLEN DONALD HAROLD 254 347. 377 420 ALLEN GARY LEE 380 ALLEN JUDITH PITTS 214 ALLEN KENT MAJOR 420 ALLEN LARRY EUGENE 399 ALLEN LISA VOYCE 441 ALLEN ROBIN 31 7 ALLEN WILLIAM BAILEY 248 ALLEN WILLIAM FHANKLIN212 349 ALLISON GLEN CHARLES 309 ALLISON PATRICIA GAIL 420 ALLRED DANI CHERYL 463 ALONSO BEATRIZ LUISA338 3S4 ALSOBROOKS ROBIN KIMBERLY 216. 380 ALSUP DANIEL FRANKLIN 441 ALTENBERN DOUGLAS C JR 224 380 ALTIMIER. JEFFREY ALAN 212 ALTIMIER MARK ANDREW 21 2. 420 ALVERSON. LUCY ALLEN 348 350 228. 399 AMACKER. DOUGLAS DRISKELL 282 294 AMICK WILLIAM RHETT 160 ANAYA. ERNESTO JUAN 441 ANDERSEN TERRI LEE 228 294 399 ANDERSON . ANDREW COY 21 2 ANDERSON CAROL MARIE 228 ANDERSON GARY LEE 287. 463 ANDERSON GEORGIA LYNNE 228 ANDERSON. JONI W 441 ANDERSON. JULC TAYLOR 441 ANDERSON KAREN WILSON 420 ANDERSON MARK DAVID 380 ANDERSON MICHAEL MAXWELL 224 ANDERSON RICKY DALE 240 290 420 ANDERSON ROBERT BENTLEY 212. 198 199 213 328 340 341. 338 344. 345. 353 356. 347 ANDERSON. SHAWN CONNELLY 212 ANDERSON STEPHEN COLE 467 ANDERSON SUSAN KAY 441 ANDERSON TUNSTALL COB8S 254 ANDERSON-SMITH KAREN 290 380 ANDERSON-SMITH. SUSAN 97. 271 276. 328 342.291.361.441 ANDREWS KAREN LEIGH 230. 293. 420 ANDREWS WADE HAMPTON 467 ANDREWS WILLIAM HINTON JR 254 288 ANEKWE JAMES SUNDAY 380 ANEPOHL GAYC 230 ANGERO MARTHA JANET 216 ANGLIN JANET GAIL 420 ANSEL GEORGE MCCOLLOUGH 347 ANSTROM THERESA L 353 ANTHONY JAY ALAN 222 380 ANTHONY MICHAEL LEA 208 ARABI JAJIB MOHAMMED 420 ARATA WILLIAM SCOTT 127 ARCHER SUSAN ANNETTE 348 ARD BARBARA ANN 348. 347 ARKADAN ABDULRAHMAN AHMAD 420 ARMSTRONG JAMES HARRY 290 380 ARNOLD HAROLD EDWARD 420 ARNOLD JANET GRACEN 291 . 380 ARNOLD LEX ANNE 21 8 ARNOLD MATTHEW SCOTT 360. 441 ARNOLD RICHARD MAX 252 380. 420 ARRINGTON STAN DtCKERSON 491 ASBURY DYANE RAE 2 30 ASBUHY WENDY RAE 230 348. 347. 399 ASHBURN. LISA RENAY 291 ASHBURN NORMAN KEITH 222. 275. 347. 353 356 357 ASHLEY ROBERT ALAN 288. 467 ASHLEY SHERYLE DELARIE 380 ASHMORE DEBRA KAY 354 441 ASKEW FRANCES ALLINE 216 399 ASKEW THOMAS LUSTER 420 236 ATKINS ANGELYN AGNES 145.216 ATKINS JOEL EUGENE 399 ATKINS ROBERT HUDSON 250 ATKINSON ELISHA WHITE 224. 284 344 345 ATKINSON PAMELA CHEYENNE 214. 380 ATMI.EDGARELIAS420 ATWELL. KIRSTY MEL 399 ATWELL. SCOTT HOUSTON 441 ATWOOD JOSEPH ALEXANDER 222 AULTMAN CAROL DENISE 420 AURELL STACEE KAY 292. 441 AUST. ALAN BRIAN 208. 321 . 380 AUSTIN LYNDA CAROLINE 228 AUSTIN MARY KATHERINE 228 AUSTIN THOMAS MICHAEL 41 270 309.341 AUSTIN WANDA JEAN 143. 164 399 AUSTIN WILLIAM HOWARD 380 AUTRY ALISA FRAN 420 AVAKAA TERWASE 441 AV ANT SANDRA 463 AVEN ANSON ABBE 380 AVEN DEBRA GAY 463 AVENT THOMAS WEBB JR 353 354 AVERY JIMMY L 224 A VERY MARGARET SUZANNE 380 AVEY DEBORAH CAROL 314 AWADA. MAHMOUD HASSAN 421 AWOSIKA OLAKUNLE ABIOOUN 421 AYCOCK EUNICE NAUGLE 421 AZAR JOSEPHS JR 210 AZIZ NADIM M 272 328 357 358 360 441 BABIN ROBERT JUDE 252. 380 BADER BEVERLY KAY 380 BAGLEY LISA ANN 246. 348 BAGLIONI. VICTORIA C 421 BAGWELL. HALE WAYNE 288 BAILESS SUSAN 109 280. 214. 301. 67. 421 BAILEY ANN LYNETTE WEST 354 441 BAILEY ELIZABETH SHELBY 230 380 BAILEY. FRANK HALL 252. 253. 328. 341 344.345.347.441 BAILEY JAMES NEAL 212 BAILEY JOSEPH DAVID 159. 347. 399 BAILEY. MICHAEL L 281.441 BAILEY SHEILA ANN 441 BAILEY STANLEY WILLIAM 441 . 319. 320 BAIN STEPHEN DALE 421 BAINE ELIZABETH LEA 380 BAIRD. TERRY LEE 208 BAKER. ANTHONY AMES 232 400 BAKER. CHARLES M 250. 282 BAKER CHRISTY LEIGH 441 BAKER. DENNIS MURPHREE I1 199. 248 BAKER. EDWIN B 224 BAKER GARLAND BLAME 291 . 347. 353.442 BAKER JAMES ESCOJR 421 BAKER KATHRYN SUZANNE 228 380 BAKER. KENNETH EUGENE 240 BAKER KENNETH N JR 442 BAKER MASON M 240 BAKER. MICKY FRANK 442 BAKER. PHILLIP MARTIN 232. 380 BAKER SHEILA ANN 328. 467 BAKER SHERRY LYNN 442 BAKER STEVEN LEE 208 BAKER SUSAN RUTH 442 BAKER. TERRI LYNN 381 BALCH VICTOR DENTON 222 400 BALDWIN. SHIELA SUE 246. 381 BALL. CATHERINE LYNN 246. 381 BALL LINDA RUTH 442 BALL. VICKIE DUNNE 400 BAL LARD. DONNA MOGRAW 214 BALLARD. JOEL BOWIE 212. 347 400 BAL LARD SANDRA L 463 BALTHIS. LENORA GAILE 314. 381 BANDLA. SUOARSANAM 463 BANE ROBERT MICHAEL 224. 1 27. 442 BANES. KEVIN MITCHELL 381 BANKS ALISA ANN 381 BANKS JENNIFER ROSE 381 BANKS. JOHN SESSIONS 442 BANKS. JOSEPH YEATES421 BANNON. CHRISTINA JANE 381 BARBER BENNY CARL 442 BARBER DAVID GEORGE 421 BARBER STEPHEN MERRELL 212. 290. 463 BARBOUR. GREGORY JORDAN 224. 400 BARBOUR. JANICE LANE 400 BARGEH. COLLINS 442 BARGERON MARJORIE TYLER 226. 421 BARKER TERI ANN 400 BARKLEY JAY HARRY 381 BARKSDALE GLORIA JEAN 421 BARKSOALE JAYNE SAUNDERS 244 BARLOK JOSEPH CHARLES 442 BARLOW. DIANA CLAIRE 278 BARLOW JAMES BUREN 252. 347. 356 BARLOW. JULIE TOWNES 244. 381 BARMER, JAMES LYNN 442 BARNABO MARK JOSEPH 199. 400 BARNARD JAMES JENNINGS 232 BARNEH KENTL24 BARNES BARRY SPENCER 381 BARNES CHRIST A KAY 218 BARNES DONNA MARGUERITE 290 BARNES. ELIZABETH DRENNAN 218 355 BARNES FLORINE 421 BARNES HARLEY E 421 BARNES ROBERT DAVID 154 BARNES THOMAS BRADFORD 273 289 BARNETT. CHARLES ELLIS JR 291 381 BARNETT. CLIFFORD BRUCE 210. 421 BARNETT. JANET LERHEA 218 275. 400 BARNETT. JANICE LYNN 143. 164 230 421 BARNETT. JOHN BARRY 381 BARNETT MICHAEL LEE 208. 381 BARNETT STEVEN ROE 344 345 290 BARNETT. TERESA ANN 442 BARONE MICHAEL WILLIAM 442 BARRECCHIA. MARIA LICIA442 BARRETT. CHARLES MITCHELL 289 BARRETT CHRISTOPHER M 143 BARRETT. JOHN LINDSEY JR 252 BARRETT JOHN MACBRYDE 381 BARRON BARRY WAYNE 208 BARRY ROMELL WAYNE 234 463 BARRY WARREN HOOD 250 442 BAHTKIEWICZ LUKE JOSEPH 442 BARTON MICHAEL LOYD 291 . 421 BARTON STEPHEN CURRY 236 BASAKAR A8DULKADIR MEHMET 442 BASMA ADNAN ADIB 442 BASMA MOHAMAD HUSSEIN 421 BASS ADRENNE ALEXANDRA 216 BASS BRENDAN MABREY 248 BASS JOANNA WOODY 197 21 7 329. 342 343 361 442 216 BAT. THOMAS EDWARD 1 99 350 248 400 BATCHELOR. MARY JANE 442 BATEMAN. BLANE EDWARD 381 BATEMAN. JANICE LYNN 400 BATEMAN. WANDA JANE 421 BATEY HARRY JOSSEPH 421 BAUCUM AMY LOU 442 BAUGH FRANK FESSEY 199 220 BAXTER CHRISTOPHER EMMET 287. 341.463 BA2AZ JAVAD442 BAZZELL CYNTHIA JOAN 278 BEACHUM. LINDA F 463 BEADLES KIMBERLY ANNE 381 BEAGLE ANGELA SUE 348 BEAL. WESLEY MARTIN 208 BEANLAND WILLIAM SPENCER 222. 291 BEARD. JOHN STEPHENSON 250 BEARD PAUL OTTO JR 290 421 BEAROAIN VICKI NELL 281 BEARDEN. RUSSELL NEAL 442 BEASLEY VICKI LYNN 347 BEAUMONT LORI ANN 230 BECKER. ALAN MARK 463 BECKER. EMXY DANETTE 463 BECKER GEOFFREY MARK 208 BECKER. JAMIE ELIZABETH 278 226 400 BECKER JASPER BENOIT 252. 421 BECKER KATHRYN ELIZABETH 97. 145 214 BECKER NANCY ELLEN 230 BECKER WILLIAM DOUGHERTY 232. 400 BECKHAM. JUDY ANN 442 BECKMAN MARILYN JOAN 442 BEEBE DIANE KAYE 356. 421 BEECH. REGINA KATHERINE 400 BEESON. MICHAEL ELLIOTT 442 BELENCHIA. JOHNNY MARSHALL 347. 400 BELENCHIA MARCIA ANN 381 BELK MARY MACY RANDOLPH 351. 442 BELK. SUZANN MARY SHAHEEN 442 BELL BETTY ANN 244. 400 BELL DEBORAH HODGES 329 BELL. JENMFER F 421 BELL. KAREN RICK MAN 218 274. 314 BELL KENNETH BERNARD 159 442 BELL LWOA CAROL 442 BELL. MICHAEL WILEY 318 BELL SANDRA KATHRYN 421 BELL. TANYA CHARISSE 381 BELLAMY. HENRY MAYNARD 347. 356 BELLAMY. MARY K 31 5. 349. 400 BELLAN. WILLIAM JUNKIN JR 421 BELLENGER REBECCA LYNN 348. 216. 400 BEN. GWENDOLYN 348 BENARO WALTER 290. 421 BENNETT. BEVERLY PORTER 218. 360 442 BENNETT GENE WELLINGTON 421 BENNETT. LEE ANDREW 421 BENNETT. MARY ALEXANDRA 226 BENNETT. SALLY EUDY 421 BENNETT TRENT A 289. 442 BENNEYWORTH CHARLES E 254 356 442 BENSON KM JOSEPH 134 BENSON LILLIE MAE 400 BENTON KARAN LORRAINE 350 BENTON MARVIN DEAN II 285. 421 BENVENUTTI. MARY REBECCA 230 275 350 400 BENVENUTTI SUSAN ALICE 230. 442 BERRY CLARK FREDERICK 287 BERRY DAVID JAMES 442 BERRY JOLENE 467 BERRY PAIGE HAYNES 226. 421 BERRY PAMELA JANE 381 BERRY SIDNEY RAYMOND JR 252 BERRY. WILLIAM HUBERT 288 BERRYHILL BRENDA SUE 400 BERRYMAN. ANITA LAYNE 244 442 BERTOLET BARRY DEAN 208 381 BERTRAM HAROLD KENNETH 250 BERTUCCI JOEL MARIE 354 BESSELIEVRE SCOTT SYLVAN 248 381 BEST. DELINA DOTY 216 278 BET-SAY AD VELICE 463 BET-SAY AD. VICTOR 442 BET-SAY AD. WILLIAM 442 BETHANY SHADE ALBERT III 442 BETHEA JAMES C 210 BETHUNE MAMIE ELLEN 421 BEVERIN. MICHAEL ANTHONY 421 BEVH.L CARL THOMAS III 442 BEYER BRYAN RANDOLPH 421 BIBBS INA LOUISE 442 B1CKERSTAFF. JUDY LYNN 106 278 67 214 BIDDY. WILLIAM GLYNN 222 275 276 347.421 BIEDENHARN FRANCIS MARION 250 311 BIGGERS LINDA ANN 197 347 216 282 BIGGS. MIKE CONNER 224 348 290 347.282 400 BUJNGSLEY RODNEY EUGENE 381 BILLS BETSY MAUREEN 230 442 BINGHAM STEPHEN EDWARD 224 BIROWELL ANN WALTON 214 BISHOP RONNIE DALE 208 BISHOP RUBY GAYE 421 BLACK. JOHN THOMAS JR 252 356 421 BLACK. MARY ELIZABETH 228 BLACKLEDGE KRISTA DAWN 216 282 400 BLACKLEDGE WILLIAM DAVID 254 400 BLACKMAN. LISA ANN 230 421 BLACKMAN ROSELLA MAY 400 BLACKMON DOLPHUS HUGH 196 232 BLACKMON. JAMES EDWIN 282 BLACKSHARE ELIZABETH ANN 349 351.442 BLACxwELL DOROTHY LYNN 316 BLAIR MICHAEL WARREN 252 BLAIR. SUSAN ALCOTT 421 BLAKE JAMES STEVE 206 207 421 BLAKE SUSAN BETH 244 BLAKELY LISA DAWN 381 BLAKENEY. CHARLTON BRYAN 421 BLAKLEY LURLENE 400 BLALACK JANE ELIZABETH 421 BLALACK JOHN WALLACE 421 BLAND CATHERINE ELIZABETH 214 BLANTON. TIMOTHY EDWARD 381 BLEDSOE JULIA KATHARINE 21 4 BLEDSOE SYBIL ANDERSEN 214. 312 BLISSARD MALCOLM DEAN 421 BLISSARD RICKY LANE 400 BLOCK LORI JEAN 400 BLOUNT TAMSY FAIRY 442 BOATWRIGHT EMILY ANN 21 8 38 BOATWHtGHT LAURA REGINA 21 442 BOCK. CAHOLA 381 BOGGAN JOHN COMAN JR 400 BOGOAN KATHRYN FILGO 421 BOH. CHARLES MITCHELL 442 BOKKA SRINIVAS 463 BOLIN PRENTISS WAYNE 254 BOLLMAN BRUCE LEMO1N 154 BOLTON BEVERLY G 292 354 BOLTON JAN LYNETTE 289 442 BOND. TONY KEITH 381 BONDS HAROLD DEAN 421 BONDS STANLEY WARREN 252 442 BONDS TERESA ANN 218 316 BONDS TRACY DELOIS 400 BONTEMPS JOSEPH VICTOR 305 421 BOONE JANET E 228 BOONE JUDY ANN 218 314 BOONE WARREN WATSON 254 BOOTH ANNE REED 381 BOOTH. BEVERLY CLAIRE 216 BOOTH CATHERINE ANN 244 291 381 BOOTH DAVID CONDON 220 BOOTH. JAMES STUART 220 BORAH. DEVA KANTA 360 BOREN HELEN PATRICIA 216 275 442 BORNE DEBRA ANN 381 BORONOW ROBERT CARLTON 160 252 BOSCHERT CURTIS DICKINS 3(1 BOSCHERT WILLIAM HANSELL 442 BOTELER MARY ELIZABETH 244 BOULDIN MARSHALL JONES IV 208 290 282 381 BOUNDS ALMA LEE 202 442 BOUNDS ELEANOR DIANE 294 fcxJex 491 BOUNDS. MARGARET JEAN 226. 227. 381 BOUTON. BARBARA MCREE 306 BOUTWELL. TERESA DARLENE 111. 230.421 BOUTWELL. WILLIAM MILLER 232 BOWEN. JOSEPH THOMAS 220 BOWEN. PENELOPE ANNE 400 BOWEN. REBECCA COLE 165, 214 BOWER. MARCIA LEE 381 BOWERS. DEBORAH ANNE 244. 274 BOWERS, PATRICIA LYNNE 244. 400 BOWIE, LOIS FAYE 442 BOWLIN, CAROLYN HALL 443 BOWLING, GARY PRITCHARD 210 BOWMAN. LYNNE MARIE 244 BOWMAN, STEPHANIE L 216.241.240 BOX, ELIZABETH ANN 291 BOX NANCY CAROLYN 216. 314. 400 BOX.PAULETTE443 BOX ROBERT EDWARD JR 240 BOXX. MEDA LYNNE 315. 421 BOY ANTON JAMES STEVEN 210 BOYCE. LILLATOWNSEND214 BOYD, BETTY KATHERINE 355 BOYD, JAMES JEFFERY 347. 356. 252. 421 BOYD. JEFFREY DEES 443 BOYD, JENIFER LEIGH 21 4 BOYD, PAUL MARCUS 381 BOYKIN, FELON BARTLEY 152, 153. 165 BOYKIN. MICHAEL WAYNE 240. 421 BOYLES WELDON RANDAL 210 BRABEC, KATHRYN ANN 246. 381 BRABEC, WILLIAM CHARLES 212. 421 BRADFORD, BARBARA ANN 246. 443 BRADLEY. ALICE ANN 443 BRADLEY, JANE ELLEN 289. 422 BRADLEY, JOHN RAY 291 BRADLEY, JUDITH LYNN 218. 381 BRADLEY. JUDY CINDY C 272 BRADLEY KATHY LYNN 443 BRADY ANNE NEVEILLE 244, 348. 282, 400 BRADY JANE ELIZABETH 228. 463 BRADY. JOHN TIREY 232 BRADY THOMAS PICKENS III 250. 282. 422 BRADY. WILLIAM MICHAEL 319. 320. 422 BRAME. WILLIAM HOOVER 381 BRAMLETT. JERRY THOMAS JR, 422 BRAMLETT, LUCIENNE OLIVIER 230 BRAMLITT, FRANCES ELLEN 218. 381 BRAMLITT. STEPHEN ALLEN 467 BRANCH. RUTH MARIE 422 BRAND, JACK WILLIAMS JH 347. 356 BRANDON. CALLIE S 214.215.361 BRANDON. GARY LYNN 1 27 BRANDON. KATE CRAIG 214 BRANDON, RONALD GLEN 127 BRANDT. MELANIE ANN 348. 228. 400 8RANN. NANCY ELANE 244 BRANTLEY. PAULA FRANCES 422 8RANTON. REBECCA RAE 422 BRASFIELD. CYNTHIA LYNN 230 BRASHER, BETHANY LYNN 443 BRASHER, JANET RUTH 443 BRASHIER. BARBARA ALLEN 214. 400 BRASHIER. DEBORAH ANITA 246. 401 BRASWELL. JANET RENAE 356. 422 BRAY. MELANIE ANN 381 BRAY. PATRICIA JO 422 BRAY. RICHARD EDWARD 401 BRAZELTON. KERRI LYNN 228 BREAZEALE JULIE 246 BREELANO. JERI KATHRYN 246 BRELAND. ALLEN MCINNIS 254 BRELANO. LOREN DEWEY III 401 BRENKERT. SCOTT JEFFREY 290. 401 BRENNAN. ELIZABETH ANN 246 BRENNAN. MARY MARGARET 316. 400 BRENNAN. MICHAEL FRANCIS 252. 400 BHENNAN. ROBERT SEAN 349. 351 . 354, 347.252 BRENNEMAN. ELLEN 463 BRENT. WILLIAM EDWARD JR 232.401 BRENT, WILLIE R 291.381 BREWER. CHARLES ANTHONY 234, 290, 422 BREWER. DEREK OKELLY 401 BREWER. FREDERICK JR 210, 422 BREWER. KATHY 467 BREWER. LEATHA KAYE 401 BREWER. PRENTICE KIPLIN 127 BRIDCEFORTH. VENITA 381 BRIOGERS. CAREY LEE 252. 354 BRIDGERS. PATRICIA LYNN 228 BRIDGES. ANNE LEE 230 BRIDGES. GARY ALLEN 422 BRIDGES, MARLON KEITH 212 BRIDGES. PATRICIA 381 BRIGANTI. DAVID LEE 208 BRIGHT. THOMAS BENJAMIN JR 250 BRINKLEY, HAYNES ALEXANDER 282 BRISCO, MARSHAL ADAMS 208 BRISCOE. PAUL STACY 224. 381 BRISCOE. ROBERT KYLE 401 BRISTER, MICHAEL RAY 422 BRITT. JANE STANLEE 230 BRITT. RAMONA ANN 216. 278 BRITTENUM. MOLLIE G 422 BROCK, A C 291.443 BROCK. CHARLES RANDALL 282. 305. 351.359.443 BROCK. JANET GAIL 443 BROCK. PATTY SUE 422 BROCKELL. LINDA JOANN 422 BRONSON. HARRIS JR 467 BROOKS. BARRY LEE 381 BROOKS. CURTIS C.JR 401 BROOKS. PATRICIA LEE 228. 422 BROOKS. SHARON ELIZABETH 422 BROOME. DAVID FRANKLIN 347 BROPHY. ERIN C 216. 401 BROU CELESTE RENEE 463 BROWLEY. MYRTLE LOUISE 422 BROWN. CAROLYN DIANNE 443 BROWN. CHARLES TIMOTHY 401 BROWN, CHARLES VICTOR JR, 347 BROWN. CHERI LYNNE 37. 66. 102. 278. 279. 294. 329. 342. 343. 443 BROWN, EDSEL JACKSON 212. 422 BROWN. GLENN DAVID JR 212. 422 BROWN. GREGORY CHARLES 212 BROWN. JAMES NORMAN 463 BROWN, JOHN LOUIS 443 BROWN. LAWANDA LYNN 286 BROWN, LISA LOUISE 67, 278, 104. 105. 381 BROWN. LYNNE ALLISON 218. 381 BROWN. MARSHA LYNN 291 . 401 BROWN. MARY ANN 401 BROWN. MATTHEW LAMAR 422 BROWN. MICHAEL FORREST 443 BROWN. M INDY SUE 357. 443 BROWN. PATRICK SCOTT 381 BROWN. PAULA VAIL 443 BROWN. RAY H. 422 BROWN. SHERRI LYNN 381 BROWN. SHERRY ANN 401 BROWN. STEPHANIE SEVIER 321 . 401 BROWN. SUSAN LAMB 443 BROWN. SUSAN MARIE 422 BROWN. TIMOTHY LEE 290. 443 BROWN. TRICIA LEE 244. 245. 251 BROWN. VIRGINIA GLENN 244 BROWN. WILLIAM ALBERT 347. 351 . 353. 354 BROWN. WILLIAM ALLYN 224 BROWN. WILLIAM SCOTT 401 BROWN. WILLIAM TERRY II 44) BROWN. WINFRED EARL 354 BROWNING. GARY STUART 360 BROWNING. JOHN GEORGE III 291 . 381 BROWNLEE, BEVERLY GAYLE 348. 291 . 347.401 BRUCE. PATTI ANNECE 216 BRUCE. ROBERT ALAN 291 BRUCHMAN. MARK 357. 358. 360 BRUMFIELD. GWENDOLYN ANN 286. 443. 282 BRUMMETT. HAROLD M. 443 BRUNSON, JOHN MAC JR 422 BRYANT. AUDRI DENISE 401 BRYANT. BRENDA LEE 381 BRYANT. CHARLES ADAM 422 BRYANT, JAMES TIMOTHY 212 BRYANT, JULIA ANN 21 4 BRYANT. JULIAN MARK 443 BRYANT. LARRY PATRICK 252 BRYANT, MICHAEL FRANCIS 401 BRYANT. MICHELLE MARIE 228. 401 BRYANT. TERESA MARNE 218. 278. 443 BRYCE. LAURE S 316. 401 BRYSON. KATHY LYNN 244. 443 BRZEZINSKI, MELODY ANN 382 BUCHANAN, CALVIN DOUGLAS 234, 270.347.422 BUCHANAN. CAROL ANN 463 BUCHANAN. EDGAR MARION 224. 382. 422 BUCHANAN. MARION KAY 216 BUCK. KENNETH CHARLES 290. 382 BUCKHALTER. ALICE ELOIS 401 BUEHL. DEENA LOUISE 230 BUEHLER, ALBERT WILLIAM 160. 224 BUFFINGTON. CHARLES PHIL 224 BUFORD. CATHERINE REGEL 218 BUFORD. KARAN 443 BUFORD, KAREN 401 BUFORD. LAURA ANNE 218. 401 BULLARD. ANDREW CLAYTON 422 BULLARD. JUDITH ANNE 218. 422 BULLOCK. ROLAND LEWIS 232 BULSTERBAUM. ALLISON A 382 BUNCH. MELINOA FAYE 348 BUNNS. GWENDOLYN 443 BUNTEN. JOHN RICHARD JR 275.422 BUNTIN. SARAH LOUISE 201 . 284. 355. 361.443 BUNTING. JAMES ROBERTUS JR 422 BURCH. GAYLE ANNE 382 BURCH. MARK DELMAS443 BURCHAM, JANET RENAE 422 BURCHAM. THERESA LYNN 286. 353. 443 BURCHFIELD. DANIEL LOIS 422 BURFORD. JOSEPH CARL 224. 443 BURGESS. GUY BENTLEY 248. 401 BURGESS. LINDA C 401 BURGESS. SHAR ON DENISE 443 BURKE. CATHERINE MARY 230. 231 , 342.343.443 BURKE. GERALD HART 254 BURKE. LOUISE ALLEN 230. 231 . 423 BURKE. THOMAS WILSON 443 BURKE, WILLIAM DENNIS 250 BUHKHART. DONNA CLAY 313, 323. 348. 401 BURLESON, CYNTHIA ANN 382 BURNETT, ROBERT HUNTER 254. 423 BURNEY. CHERYL L 316 BURNEY SARA LOUISE 228. 229. 329. 342.343.351.349.361.443 BURNHAM. CRAIG EVERETT 290. 443 BURNS. DORIS ANN 382 BURNS. NATALIE SUSAN 246 BURNS. ROY III 382 BURNS, TIMOTHY VERRET 210 BURNS. WALLACE ALVIN JR 210.211 BURNUM. DAVID L 240 BURR. REBECCA BEASLEY 228. 351 . 354. 444 BURRELL. LARRY MCGEE 290. 423 BURROW. KATHRYN 216 BURROW. SHIRLEY CLARK 230 BURROWS. MARIGRACE 401 BURT. VIRGINIA ANN 342. 361 . 444 BUSBY. ANNETTE DOLORES 349. 351 . 355. 444 BUSBY. BONNIE FRANES316. 382 BUSCHING. CURT CHARLES 212. 423 BUSCHING. DEBORAH KAY 423 BUSH. REBECAHGAIL 214, 278 BUTLER. JAMES WILLIAM 250. 423 BUTLER. JOHN CLINTON 250 BUTLER. MARTHA LINDA 214 BUTLER, ROBERT ABERNATHY 357. 358.444 BUTLER. RONALD WAYNE 294. 444 BUTLER. THOMAS HANDLE 294. 423 BUTLER. WILLIAM WYLIE 240. 401 BUTSCHEK. MICHAEL 319. 320 BUYS, MARK TALBOT 152. 153 BYARS. ROSEMARY 382 BYAS. VIVIAN MICHELLE 401 BYERS, BRENDA JEAN 202. 422 BYHD. JOE HENRY JH 232, 233 BYRD. LARRY EUGENE 444 BYRNE. BRENDA JEAN 228 BYRNE. ELLEN LYNN 314. 382 BYRNE. KAREN ANN 228, 444 BYRNE. MARK EDWARD 199. 422 BYRNES. SUZANNE 401 CACCAMO. DANIEL JOSEPH 165 CADE. SHERRI ROSE 218 CAFFREY. DANIEL CHARLES 199. 220 CAGLE. CARMEN VIRGINIA 214 CAIN. GEORGE LEONARD 165. 444 CAIN, PAMELA KAY 111.216 CAIRNS. ALBERT EUGENE 463 CALDWELL. COURTNEY ANNE 228 CALDWELL. JAMES L JR 423 CALDWELL. JAMES PATRICK 254, 255. 270. 312. 329. 340. 341. 338. 344. 345. 352, 353 CALDWELL. JANET PEARCE 218 CALDWELL. JOHN O JR 240 CALDWELL. MARY CLAIRE 423 CALDWELL. RUBY LEE 423 CALHOUN. JEFFREY WILTON 152. 153. 165.423 CALHOUN. MARK JEFFERSON 444 CALLAHAN, CYNTHIA LOREEN 423 CALLICOAT. ELIZABETH ANN 444 CALLICUTT. SHIRLEY ANN 423 CALMES. ALVIN S 290 CALMES. BRYANT WAYNE 234. 199. 291.423 CALMES. ERIC ALLAN 291 CALMES. ZANTHIA ELAINE 291 CALVERT, BILLY RANDALL 289 CAMFERDAM. MARTHA ANN 214 CAMP. ROBERT WILSON 210 CAMP, WILLIAM HERMAN JR 444 CAMPBELL. ANNE MARIE 444 CAMPBELL. EDDIE PETER 444 CAMPBELL. FREDERICK BRUCE 401 CAMPBELL. JOE HAND JR 252,347. 356. 423 CAMPBELL. JULIE ELIZABETH 216 CAMPBELL. LYNDA RUTH 463 CAMPBELL. MICHAEL BERNARD 210 CAMPBELL. MITCHELL 382 CAMPBELL. PAUL SAMUEL 248 CAMPBELL. RILEY LEE 382 CAMPBELL. RUBY JEAN 282 CAMPBELL. STEVEN FULTON 212 CAMPBELL. WILLIAM LEE JR 401 CAMPOCHIARO. DAVID A 210 CANERDY. BEVERLY JEAN 309, 444 CANNADA. CHARLES THOMAS 347, 349. 252, 423 CANNON, ANGELA RENEE 423 CANNON. ANITA JANE 423 CANNON. LESLIE ANN 228 CANTRELL. LESLIE HOWARD 250 CANTRELL. TIMOTHY RALPH 349. 351 CANUTI. CATHERINE LISA 157. 382 CAPDEPON, PAULA JEAN 423 CAPWELL. MARY ELIZABETH 230 CARAWAY. MARK PRIESTLY 347. 236 CARBONAR. KAREN JEAN 401 GARDEN. JAMES MATTHEW 282. 44 CARDONE. MICHAEL PAUL 423 CAHLETON. ANNA LAURIE 353 CARLETON. BETTY CLAIRE 218 CARLISLE. DONALD WILLIAM 252 CARLISLE. JANE FRANKLIN 228 CARLISLE. KIMBERLY KAY 218. 382 CARMICHAEL, CHARLES E JR 423 CARMICHAEL, MARK WINSTON 152. 153 CARPENTER. BARBARA L 309.423 CARPENTER. DANIEL KEITH 305. 306. 359.444.319.320 CARPENTER. ELIZABETH L 444 CARPENTER, JO ANN 244 CARR. JAMES OUENTIN II 208 CARR, PHILLIP ALAN 382 CARRAWAY, BRENDA I 467 CARREL, JACK JAMES JR 382 CARRERA, FRANCISCO JAVIER 282 CARROLL. DAVID MARTIN 463 CARROLL. FRANCIS JULIAN IV 222. 31 9. 320 CARROLL. HARRY DONALD 357. 358 CARROLL. JEANNE J 244 CARROLL. KEVIN JOHN 240 CARROLL. RICHARD OUANE 382 CARROLL, RUTH EVANS 360 CARROZZA, ELISA444 CARRUTHEHS, CAROL ROBBINS 382 CARRUTHERS, TRACY 214 CARSON, NANCY SUE 31 7. 401 CARSTENS. NEIL THOMAS 463 CARTER. BENNY JOE 444 CARTER. CATHY LYNN 444 CARTER. DAVID MARSHALL 210 CARTER. DEBORAH RENEE 401 CARTER, DEBRA FAITH 401 CARTER, DONNA KAY 218, 280 CARTER. DOUGLAS PAUL 290 CARTER. REBECCA ELOISE 259. 444 CARTER. SANDRA LYNN 401 CARTER. STEVEN ERNEST 290, 444 CARTER, WILLIAM CHARLES 444 CARTER, WILLIAM SANDERS 265. 275 CARTWRIGHT. DAVID GLEN 240. 401 CARTWRIGHT, KAREN JEAN 349 CARVER. JOSEPH STAFFLER423 CARVER. CLIFFORD BENTON 210 CARVER. KAREN ANNE 401 CASCIO. JACQUELINE ANN 382 CASE. MARK ALLEN 208 CASE. RICHARD LEE 212. 264. 423 CASTEEL. CATHY LEA 1 43. 1 58. 1 64. 423 CASTLE. VALERIE JEAN 444 CASWELL. JERRY LEE 282 CATCHOT, ANTHONY GORDON 382 GATES, PATRICIA WYNELLE 401 CAUSEY. JANE PENDLETON 214 CAUSEY. RANDOLPH ERNEST 361 , 444 CAUTHEN. CHARLES EDWARD JR 423 CAUTHEN. EARL RODRICK 252 CAVES. TERRY LEONARD 254 CAVINESS. JAMES DONALD 290 CAVINESS. TERRI LYNNE 293. 401 .CAYSON. MICHAEL EDWARD 423 CECERRE. TERESA LYNN 230 CHADWICK. DAVID JOEL 401 CHAFFIN. JULIE EILEEN 401 CHAIN. BARBARA LYNN 218 CHAIN, ROBIN ANN 218 CHALK, DAVID ALAN 423, 291, 356 CHAMBERLAIN, ERIC EUGENE 210, 265 CHAMBERLAIN, KIRK TAYLOR 210 382 CHAMBERLIN WANDA JEAN 197. 264. 361 CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH FAIR 21 6, 382 CHAMBERS. JOHN WILLIAM JR 347, 423. 236 CHAMBERS. LINDA NELL 292, 401 CHAMBERS. WHITNEY JOE JR 250 CHAMBLISS. BARBARA ANN 282 444 CHAMPION, RHONDA GAIL 444 CHAMSEDDINE, HUSSEIN ALI 423 CHAN. YEE-MING 463 CHANCE. RICKEY LYNN 289 CHANCELLOR. WILLIAM DANNY 423 CHANDLER. JEANNE V FORD 423 CHANDRAHASAN. SAMAKUR P 360 CHANEY. MARTIN VESTA 275. 444 CHANEY. SUZANNE 1 45. 21 6. 401 CHAPMAN, DAVID HUGH 208 CHAPMAN, JAMES PICKARD 464 CHAPMAN. KATHHYN ADKINS246, 350 CHAPMAN, MARTHA JOYCE 464 CHAPMAN, RALPH 208 CHARLES MARIE ROBERTA 464 CHASE, ALVIN 234, 423 CHASE, MICHAEL DALE 347, 353, 444 CHATHAM, CATHERINE ANN 291 , 382 CHEATHAM, ADRIENNE LEIGH 382 CHEEK, HOWARD ROGERS 252, 382 CHEN. CHIH-CHUNG 464 CHERRY, CAMIELLA ANNE 228 CHESNUT FRANCES GRIER 444 CHESTER, LINDSEY SUSAN 382 CHESTNUT. DWIGHT BERNARD 290. 423 CHEUNG. SHU KAN MATTHEW 423 CHILDEHS. TRAVIS WAYNE 424 CHILDERS, WANDA FAYE 424 CHILDRESS DAVID ARTHUR 208, 347 CHISHOLM CHARLES ANDREW 248 CHISHOLM, LENA MAGDALENE 401 CHISM, NANCY JO 216. 348. 350. 424 CHITTOOR. RAMADAS S 464 CHOW. CHARLES CHUCK 282 CHOW. LISA RENEE 382 CHOW, TERHI 424 CHOW. VIRGINIA JOY 464 CHOWHAN MASOOM AHMAD 424 CHRESTMAN. CYNTHIA HOPE 197, 2. CHRISTENSEN. ROBERT LEE 444 CHRISTIAN. JAMES DONALD JR 289 467 CHUNG. LINDA MO-KWAN 464 CHURCH ROBERT DOUGHTON 208 CIANCIOLA. JOSEPH C 208,382 CIRLOT, ANITA JEANNIE 244 CLARK ANGELA GAIL 382 CLARK. BARBARA FOSTER 382 CLARK. BOBBIE JOE 290. 382 CLARK. BOBBY HARRIEL 208 CLARK. CULLEN 309 CLARK. CURTIS CLIFTON 382 CLARK DONNA LOUISE 424 CLARK, HARPER RITTS 208 CLARK, JACOUELYN LETITIA 230. 382 CLARK. JUANITA 444 CLARK, KENNETH RAY 289 CLARK LISA JEAN 444 CLARK. MARCUS RAND 1 53 CLARK, MELISSA MIGNON 197, 228. CLARK. REATHA HUEY 330. 338. 342 343.351.352,349.353.444 CLARK. WAYNE TEMPLETON 208 CLARK. WILLIAM HENRY IV 224 CLARKE, CATHERINE JANE 382 CLARKE, FRANK JAMISON 25 0 CLARKE MARY ROBERTSON 401 CLARKE, STUART HOLDEN 252, 401 CLASGENS, BRADLEY JOSEPH 290. 305. 210. 424 CLAUSEL. MARIE ANETTE 444 CLAY. MARVIN EARL 234. 424 CLAY. ROBBIE CAREN 382 CLEMENT, SAMUEL STEPHEN 401 CLEMENTS ANN BARKSDALE 216 CLEMENTS, BETSY ANN 218, 31 7, 402 CLEMENTS. EDWARD LEWIS JR 208. 402 CLEMMONS, WILLIAM BAYLUS 232, 2 CLEVELAND. KIMBERLY ANN 244 CLEVELAND. NEOLA LEE 353 CLEVELAND. THOMAS KYLE 305. 402 CLEVENGER MELANIE LEA 348, 402 CLICK, RICKY DOLAN 208 CLIFTON, E ROSS 464 CLINE. DANIEL JONATHAN 210 CLOUD PAUL RALPH 444 492 Index CLUCK CATHY ELAINE 309 424 COATS ELIZABETH LEIGH 226 383 COB6 TV CHARLES 240 COCHRAN RONALD STEVEN 445 COCHRAN TAMMY RENEE 275 3 3 COCKRELL DAVD MIKE 224 225 349 CODY JOHN DALE 445 COFFEY CARL HANDLE 318 445 COfFEY CATHERINE L 282 246 COFFEY KENNETH MITCHELL 347 350. 402 COFFEY ROBERT R 199 254 265 424 COFFMAN IUMBERLY LYNN 246 COFCLD JERRY LLOYD 383 COFCLD JOHN B 240 COGOELL JERRY WAYNE 291 COGHLAN JANET LYNN 383 COKER CREED MONTGOMERY 214 215 282 351 354 COKER KATHRYN STEELE 214 348 402 COLE ANME JEAN 445 COLE ASHLEY 226 424 COLE CYNTHIA ANN 383 COLE DUNNE DEARWG 291 445 COLE KELLY ELISSA 383 COLE RODERICK WAYNE 287 COLEMAN ANDY CLARK 357 445 COLEMAN JAMES MICHAEL 424 COLEMAN JAMES T 224 347 356 424 COLEMAN JENNIFER 218 COLEMAN JILL KAY 402 COLEMAN RHONDA KM 304 424 COLEMAN ROBERT LAWTON 383 COLEMAN ROY LEE 119 121 COLEMAN STEVE HUNTER 424 COLEMAN THOMAS RANDY 152 153 COLEMAN THOMAS STEWART 220 COLEMAN VERMES MAFNETTIA 424 COLLIE SANDRA LOREE 275 276 COLLIER ELIZABETH GAIL 3 ' 5 424 COLLINS CALVIN EUGENE ' 99 445 282 COLLINS CATHRYN VIRGMIA 265 COLLINS CRAIG STEVEN 402 COLLINS KAREN ANN 216 COLLINS KENNETH P 252 COLLINS LINDA SUSAN 216 COLLINS MARGARET SUZETTE 402 COLLINS PAMELA FAYE 244 402 COLLINS PHYLLIS ELAINE 230 COLLINS RAY GRAHAM 208 COLLINS SHARON RENEE 314. 304 305 445 COLLINS SUSAN MARIE 244 COLLINS SUZANN CLAIR 228 383 COLLUM BILL YE JEAN 228 383 COLLUMS RHONDA FAYE 383 COLWER MARY RUTH 228 COLSON ANGELA RENEE 402 COLTHARP EDITH CHARLENE 425 COLTHARP JULIE DRAKE 402 COMMANDER KERRY W 425 CONAWAY LINDA CAROL 425 CONE WANDA FAYE 280 308 330 445 CONERLY CECL LLOYD 127 425 CONN LISA GAIL 445 CONNELL LLEWELLYN WHITE 214 445 CONNER DONNA FAYE 383 CONNER LMOA MARIE 158 164402 CONNER LISA SHEREE 156 164 CONNOR REBECCA ANN 197 361 216 CONNOR TERRENCE COCHRANE ?oe 351 CONOWAY MARILYN THERESA 445 CONRAD BRENDA GAL 445 CONWAY JAM ANN 274 383 CONWAY REBECCA JEAN 282 445 CONWAY WILLIAM CANTY 208 COOGLER RICHARD BRIAN 294 383 COOK ANTHONY BRIAN 425 COOK DOROTHY ANN 445 COOK DUANE JAMES 321 COOK GMGER 244 COOK JAMES JOSEPH 232 347 356 425 COOK JAMES SKILLERN 208 COOK JOHN WAGAR 252 COOK KAREN MARLINE 290 360 425 COOK KARLA ELAINE 309 290 COO K WLLARO EARL 347 COOK WILLIAM CLAYTON 289 467 COOKE JACK WHEET JR 275 383 COOLEY CATHY C ENGLAND 445 COOPER DANNY HAY 224 COOPER MADISTEAN425 COOPER MARTHA OUMN 230 274 COOPER MICHAEL EARL 248 COOPER REGMA CAROL 445 COOPER WILLIAM CAMPBELL 383 COPELAND RICKY WILSON 445 COPELAND STEWART DARREL 354 425 COOUAT ZANEDEE282 321 425 COR8AN ELEANOR LEE 218 383 COBBAN STEPHEN MONROE 354 CORBETT CHARLES MELVM 347 356 445 COREY. JANET LYNNE 244 402 CORK. STEVEN EUGENE 224 CORSO MKXAEL CRUSE 195 236 .311. 313.402 CORWM. DARI SUSANNE 244 314 383 COSNAHAN BRISTER CALVH 282 COSNAHAN HENDERSON WATT 250 COSTNER SHAWN GORDON 425 COTTER JUDITH LYNN 383 COUCH. CANOACE MARIE 425 COUCH. DARRELL LEE 319. 320 COUCH MELISSA CAROL 383 COUGHLM. THOMAS JOSEPH 383 COUNCE NENNA DONNE TTE 445 COURTNEY. HERBERT DON 467 COUSAR BLLY JAMES 425 COVMGTON EDWARD G IH2S2 COVMGTON. JOHN N W 250 COVMGTON MARK ANTONY 248 COX. CAROL ANNETTE 445 COX. JAMES OLIVER rv 248 COX. JOHN LOWREY 383 COX. LYNDA CAROL 445 COX. MARILYN GAY 246. 402 COX. PAMELA KAYE 403 COX WILLIAM WEBB JR 354.464 COY TONY EUGENE 425 CRAB8. CYNTMA POUNDS 425 CRAIG ALLISON N 228 CRAIG. ROSE MARC BENSON 403 CRAM. WILLIAM BRUCE 252 264. 282 383 CRANOALL NANCY JANE 315. 403 CRASTO DAVID WALTON 252. 403 CRAWFORD DAWN KWBEHLY 197 216 CRAWFORD DEBORAH MARTW 218 276 445 CRAWFORD GAL 425 CRAFWORO PAULA S 425 CRAWFORD RENTTA ANN 348 383 CRAWFORD SCOTTYE SHARON 210. 342 343 353 356 445 CRAWLEY BEVERLY JO 403 CRECHALE ROBERT JOHN 240 CRELUN CAROL JUNE 348 CRENSHAW JAMES BRYAN 250 CRENSHAW JOELLYN 289 467 CRENSHAW KMBERLY218 383 CRENSHAW. WALTER RAY 250 CRESSWELL WALLACE EDGAR 383 CREWS. JOHN STEPHEN 240 CREWS. MARY LYNN 228. 270 CRIM. WILLIAM JR 252 403 CHISLER BETSY JEANETTE 218 403 CR1SUP. KATHLEEN JOY 403 CHISS CANOACE CARRIE 403 CRISS ROBERTA WESTMORELAN 383 CHISWELL PHYLLIS 445 CRTTCHLOW JUUE GUNN 214 CRITES KENNETH KEENAN 210 CROMARTIE CAROLINE DREW 314. 383 CRONE. ROBERT ANDREW 254 CROCKER KAREN MARK 305 CROSBY. MICKEY EUGENE 224. 403 CROSLANO EMMET CRAIG 210 383 CROSS PATRICIA ANN 445 321 CROTWELL DANNY L 347 425 CROUCH. CATHC SUE 425 330 342 343.445 CROW. CYNTMA BELLE 216 CROWDEN GEORGE MICHAEL 308 CRUMP LAURC MELISSA 228 CHUMP. MURRAY LAMBERT 445 CRUMPTON OAMELF M23C CRUSE. EDITH .CAN 403 CRUSE JACKIE LADEAN 360. 445 CRUSE WILLIAM NEL 425 CHUTCHER ROBERT PEPPER 250 251 347.353 CHUTCHER SALLY ELAND 21 4 383 CUELLAR. IMELDA CONCEPCKW 425 CUEVAS. PAMELA DEMSE 383 CULBERSON DEBRAG 445 CULLUM. CHRIS 212 383 CULLUM DEL BRAXTON 212 CLLPEPPER. MARY KAY 280. 308 CULVER. OAVO MARK 250 CULVER SANDRA JEAN 425 CULWELL KAREN ANNE 21 4 CUMBERLAND. BOBBY G 425 CUMMMGS. CHARLES WYATT 347 351 248 CUMMMGS DAVO MERRL 254 CUMMMGS DON HARVEY 425 CUMMMGS FRANK EDWARD 210 CUMMMGS. MARY KAREN 244 245 360 445 CUMMMGS. SHE LA LADONNA 403 OUNMNGHAM.OEBRACARR202 354 355.445 CUNNINGHAM HOWARD PUTNAM 252 CUNNMGHAM. MARY JOAN 230 CUNNMGHAM. SCOTT LEWIS 232 CUPIT ADOLPHMAXCHMS9 CUPIT USA KATHLEEN 348 403 CUPP MARY LUANN 290. 445 CURLEE. JAMES FRAMKLM 254 CURLEY. CAROL ANN 214. 280. 330. 445 CURRY. MEHL PAUL 445 CURRY. NANCY JEAN 383 CURRY ROBERT HUGH 353 467 CURRY. ROCHELLE TERESITA 314 383 353.467 CURTIS. ANTHONY RAY 232 CURTIS. CAROL LOUISE 21 8 CURTIS DAVD KENNON 289. 445 CURTIS. JOAN LYNN 286 CURTIS LAUNDA LEIGH 230 CURTIS. PATRICIA NELL 349. 351 353 CURTIS REX EVERETT 210 CUTTS LISA RENEE 348. 403 CUTTS TERESA FAY 348 403 CZARNECKI. SUSAN DEMISE 446 DACUS PAULA 383 DAGGETT WILLIAMS A HI 403 DALEY. BETTY JANE BETTS 425 DALEY. KATHRYN GLENDA 348. 403 DALEY. MKXAEL ALLEN 425 DALEY. RITA SKES 143 DALE. JAN ELLEN 216 DALE JOHN EDWARD 220 DALE. PHYLLIS ALBERTHA 21 6 356. 361 DALEY CHARLES LAMAR 347. 356 DALLAS KATHY ELAME 425 DALLOSTA DANA ANN 383 DALLRtVA MARY FRANCES 246 274 DALRYMPLE. KATHY LYNNE 244 DAL TON SARA JOHN MARY 21 4 DAME DONNA GRACE 21 4 265.383 DAMEWORTH. DANA LAURA 446 DANDRDGE.CUFTON BERNARD 425 DANDRDGE YZONNA425 DANIEL MARY LESLC 244 DANCL STACY MGRD 321 DAHCL WLUAM CHARLES 347 DANIELS BENME BRANHAU 252 DANIELS MARTY ALAN 403 DAMELS. MICHAEL ANDREW 425 DANKS LORI ANN 244. 384 DARBY. RONALD EDWARD 403 DARNELL. DEBORAH KAY 31 4 282 403 DASCHKA MICHELLE MARIE 291 226 403 DAUENHAUER. ANNE ELIZABETH 197. 205 282 275. 330 342 343 349 351 353.361.446 DAUENHAUER DAVID ELLIOTT 264 394 DAUGHERTY BENJAMMG in 425 DAURO VMCENT ANTHONY JH 290 446 OAVANT. MARY MARSHALL 246 446 DAVENPORT. DAVD PAUL 384 DAVENPORT. HAROLD 403 DAVENPORT MARGARET K 230 384 DAVDSON FRLEY SPRULL 224 384 DA VDSON. JOANNE 425 DAVDSON. JOHN STACY 224 DAVDSON, MARL YN UWSE 425 DAVDSON PEGGY MLLS 466 DAWN JEFFREY SCOTT 240. 241 347. 356.446 DAVIS AMY JLL 425. 355 DAVIS BRENDA DALE 291 384 DAVIS. CHARLES ANDREW 250 DAVIS. CYNTHIA JAN 291 . 403 DAVIS. DAVD BOWMAN 425 DAVIS DEANNA HELEN 246 353 425 DAVIS. ELIZABETH OtANNE 446 DAVIS ELLEN MARIE 246 DAVIS ELOSE 403 DAVIS. HOWELL EUGENE 288. 467 DAVIS HUGH LONG M 464 DAVIS. JAMES NEL 403 DAVIS JAMES RANDALL 403 DAVIS. JOHN CLEVELAND 289 446 DAVIS. JOHN FRANK 210 DAVIS KEITH DERWOOOJR 240 DAVIS KEVM DALE 446 DAVIS KM8ERLY DIANE 228 DAVIS. LAURIE DIANE 291 . 446 DAVIS. LESLIE CHANDLER 403 DAVIS LESLIE JO 403 DAVIS. USA ANN 230 403 DAVIS LOU ELLEN 218 425 DAVIS MARJORIE RENEE 384 DAVIS MARK STEPHEN 290 384 DAVIS NANCY MAE 214. 348 403 DAVIS. RUSSELL LEE 152 153 DAVIS SUSAN COLBERT 403 DAVIS TERRY JEAN 425 DAVIS TERRY LYNN 218 293. 446 DAVIS. TOMME JEAN 425 DAVIS WLUAM MEEK JR 224.403 DAVIS. WLUAM RAMEY 254 DAVtSON MITCHELL ALVW 384 DAWKMS LYNETTE J 464 DAWKMS MARY CONELIA 244 DAWSON CYNTMA ANN 228 274 DAY DAVD ROBERT 220 DAY DIANA L 66 293.446 216 DAY HELEN ALLISON 403 DAY JOHN LOVEWELL 248 DAY. TMOTHY PARKER 252 DEAL ROY WHIT 404 DEAN ANTHONY 290. 464 DEAN. KERI LYNN 216 DEAN MARY TOMMKXE 157. 164 218 DEAN ROBERT WESSON JR 384 DEARMAN MLDRED ELLEN 216 DEAS. CHERYL LYNN MCCANN 425 DEAS. MKXAEL WAYNE 425 . DEATON. CHARLES WLUAM JR 425 DEATON. WARD PPKM JR 252 DEBARDELEBEN SUZANNE 218 425 DEBORO GK3I RENEE 226 DECOTA WILLIAM ROYAL 425 DECOURSEY. KENNETH ALLEN 347. 356 425 DEDEAUX. WALDON ALEXANDER 425 DEELJUUY MARC 404 DEKAYC EMMANUEL E K 425 DELASHMET JOHN MGRAM JR 252. 264 347 282 DELEEUW DAVD NEWTON 338. 347. 353.358.360.446 DELOZCR KKBYB 384 DEMENT SUSAN LYNN 98. 1 97 230 262 267 361 DENLEY KIMBERLY ANN 384 DENLEY USA DIANNE 282 348 384 OENNEY ANN HLLSMAN 218 DENNEY CAROL ELIZABETH 218 197 219 360 361 DENNY. WLUAM CLANCY 165 DENTON. FELICIA KM 293 DENTON. JACK ALEXANDER 446 DENTON JW GARRETT 446 DERIVAUX ROBERT PRESTON 252 350 DERRICK RANDY LLOYD 425 DESHONG JUDITH LYNN 244 275 278 279.361 DESPORTE. RICHARD JOSEPH 248 DESSAUER SCOTT READ 290. 404 DETURK KENNETH WAYNE 221 347. 289 DEVEER. DONALD HOPKINS 384 DEVORE. JEAMCE TERRi 4O4 DEW. HOMER ARTHUR 305 464 DEWEESE CARL DOUGLAS 161 DEWEY JANE LOUISE 384 DI-BENEOETTO LISA MARIA 384 DIAMOND STEVEN CHARLES 384 DCKARD ROSLYN SUE 446 DCKEN. LYNN ALLISON 291 DCXERSON. CONME RENEE 289 246 DICKERSON. DAVIS LLOYD 404 DCKERSON MELMDA SUE 446 DCXMSON. WLUAM BARTON 210 DICK SON ANGELA DEMSE 246 DCKSON DAVD DURHAM 288. 467 DCTRCM. ROSS CARTER 446 CXGGS CHARLES MITCHELL 404 DLLARD DAVID W 446 DLLARD PATRICIA LENE 404 DLLEY. JOHN EDWARD 347 DLLON WLUAM LAMPTON 467 OMNCENTl. ROY ANTHONY 360 446 DDOT. AJIT SURESH 464 DIXON ALMTA LYNN 446 DIXON BARRY DARR 208 DIXON CARLTON RUFFM 290 425 DIXON GEORGE EDWARD JR 446 DIXON. JANET LYNN 348 350 DOBBINS MARY LISA 3! 7 446 DOB8S CANDtCE MARIA 292 290 DOB8S ROBERT KERRY 425 OOCKERY JOHN SCOTT 304 384 DODO. JOHN EDWIN 319 320 347 356 425 DODOS JAMES LOCKH ART 254 DOGAN ANN 446 DOLAN. KATHY LYN 291 348 404 DOLLOFF. MLDREO LISA 291 384 DONAHOE ERIC HARDY 425 DONAHOE JEFFEHY STEPHEN 232 DONALD CYNTMA PAULINE 315 425 DONALD. NOEL HENRY 425 DONLEY BEATRICE DEVEAUX 214 DONNELL SHEILA ANN 228 278 279 426 DONNELLY MARY LAWRENCE 214 278 279 301 OONOSKY DAVD STEPHEN 224 384 DOOM. JANET BERTELLE 446 DORGAN TRICIA ANN 216 DORHOH SHARLA JEAN 246 DOSSETT ROGER ALAN 232 DOTY. CHARLES RAY 250 DOTY. PATRICIA ANNE 290 426 DOTY. SHARON LYNN 218 237 331 DOUGHERTY WLUAM A 212 384 DOUGLAS JOHN HAROLD 426 DOUGLAS OSCAR ANTHONY 291 384 DOUGLASS WLUAM M 426 DOWDEN DONTTA DALE 384 DOWDLE JOHN OLIVER 224 31 3 372. 282 404 DOWOLE NAN LOUISE 404 DOWDY HOWARD KEITH 467 DOWDY JOE DEAN 232 DOWNS KENNETH EARL 384 DOXEY HELENE ELIZABETH 218 314 DOYLE MARCLLA HAOSTON 218 DRAKE LMDA BURKS 446 DRAKOS RICHARD LAWRENCE 404 DRANE CYNTHIA KAY 246 DREWRY GEORGE WLUAM JR 446 DREWRY MARY JANET 246 247 350 404 DRUMMOMO ANGELA LORRAME 274 DRURY JULIE ANN 348 DRURY SCOTT EDWARD 248 DRYDEN TMOTHY ALAN 446 DUCHKAR WAYNE JOSEPH 467 DUCK. DAVD LYNN 291 384 OUOOLESTON LELANDS 252 426 DUFF CLAIRE BESS 218 347 OUFFEY CHARLES PETER 384 DUFFY BLA1SE KING 210 DUKE. CHARLES HOWARD 248 DUKE. SHARON LEA 384 DUKES JOE ALAN 289 467 DULM. LYNN MACHEN 446 DUNAGM HOLLIS WALTER 232 233 446 DUNAGM KATHLEEN 246 308 309 DUNAVANT AMY JO 404 DUNBAH DAVD CAL VERT 384 DUNBAR THAODEUS P 210 DUNBAR TIMOTHY ALEXANDER 210 DUNCAN LAURC JEANETTE 446 DUNCAN MARK SHELDON 240 DUNCAN SAMUEL JAMES 127 426 DUNCAN SHARLET DEMISE 291 426 DUNCAN VALARC DALPHME 230 384 DUNLAP JENNIFER LYNN 314 DUNN BRCN LOUS 254 385 DUNN. MELISSA DENMSE 426 DUNN. MICHAEL WAYNE 306 DUNN. PATRICK A VENT 224 426 DUNN. SUSAN REGMA 426 OUNMGAN SAMUEL 446 DUPUY JAMC COOPER 218 385 DUOUESNAY AMY HEBERT 111 278 216 DURANT. MARY JACQUELINE 244 DURANT WLLIAM CRANDALL 248 385 DURFEY WLUAM RUSSEL 224 DURfl. KERRY DEAN 467 DUVALL SHARON DtANNE 426 DUVALL TERESA CLARA 216 351 446 DUVC LYNN MARC 385 DYE. RANDY 446 DYE SYLVIA JUNE 338 446 DYKES DAVD H 289 EADS SUSYN KAY 282 EARHART LYNNE ANNE 214 426 EARNEST BEVERLY GAYLE 226 426 EARNEST CHRISTINA LEIGH 467 EARNEST KAREN LYNN 291 446 EARP POLLY ANN 216 EARWOOD DAVD CLARK 224 426 EASON BROOKS PAUL 347 353 EASON MLDRED ELLEN 21 3 426 Index 493 EAST. DAVID HUBERT 290. 446 EASTBURN. PATRICIA MERREN 385 EASTERLING. HARVEY JAY 426 EATON. ANDREW J 446 EATON. BARBARA JEAN 446 EBOCHUE. EDWARD ONYEMAECHI 385 ECKMAN. JOE EDWARD 285. 464 EDERER. ELIZABETH ANN 228. 268. 278. 279.373 EDERER. MICHAEL PETER 270 EDGELL, SCOTT JEFFERY 291 EDINGTON. HAL STEVEN 404 EDISEN, GLENN KNUTE 222. 426 EDMISTON. BILLY JACK JR 464 EDMONDSON. FRANK HENRY 282. 306, 446 EDMONSON, SUSAN NEWTON 214 EDRINGTON, DAVID CLAY 252 EDWARDS. ARTHUR MARTIN III 349 EDWARDS. CARL R 290. 446. 426 EDWARDS. DAVID RUSSELL 404 EDWARDS. DEBRA LEE 385 EDWARDS. JAMES DAVID III 248. 347. 446 EDWARDS. JERRY FRANK JR 250. 385 EDWARDS. JOHN CHARLES T 252 EDWARDS. MARCY LYNETTE 228. 385 EDWARDS. ORRIN WENDELL 252. 282. 385 EDWARDS, PATRICIA ANN 426 EDWARDS. WILLIAM JR 426 EGBERT. SANDRA DAVIS 426 EGEMBAH. CHIME 426 EGGER. FRANCES TRACEY 197. 201 . 360.361.446 EHEMANN. LORNA MARY 426 EICHELBERGER. SHIRLEY D 385 EILERTSEN. ERIC LEE 145, 344. 345 EILERTSEN. KAREN LOUISE 226. 404 EISENBEIS. PATRICIA LYNN 355. 317. 426 EL-ASSAAD. MOHAMAD MAHMOUD 446 EL-ASSAD. ALI AHMAD 404 EL-ASSAD. HASSAN NAHMOUD 404 EL-BEHADLI. MOHAMMED H 385 EL-CHOUFANI. ADIB LAHIB 404 EL-GADBAN. MOHAMMAD AWAD 404 EL-HARIRI, MOHAMED SAADL 426 EL-KAWAM. KHALED IBRAHIM 426 EL-KHOURI. IMAD BISHARA446 EL-SARIGI, ALI ABBAS 446 EL-SARJI. AHMAD ABBAS 404 EL-SARJI. MAHMOUD ABBAS 404, 426 EL-TAYECH, OUSSAMA MAHMOUD 426 ELAM, JONATHAN ERIC 208 ELDER. EMILY INGRAM 216 ELION. VIRGINIA ANN 426 ELLEDGE. DARRYL LEE 291 ELLIOTT. DAVIDAUGUSTUS IV 210 ELLIOTT. KEVIN SCOTT 404. 145 ELLIOTT, MARY VIRGINIA 214. 446 ELLIOTT. MICHAEL TERENCE 446 ELLIOTT. HOSWIETHA 404 ELLIS. JO ANN 446 ELLIS. KENNETH RAY 252 ELLIS. MARTHA JANE 351 ELLIS. MITZI CAROLE 404 ELLIS. R.STACY 218. 314 ELLMER. ROBERT MARK 446 ELLZEY. RANDAL EDMOND 224 ELMERS. BESS L 385 EMERUEM. DADDY ARCHIBALD 160. 404 EMFINGER, RONA DIANE 404 EMMONS. ROME AUGUSTUS III 254 ENGLAND. ARCHIE W 282. 426 ENGLISH, KATHIE DARLENE 218. 269. 275.348,350.347.404 ENOBAKHARE.OSAMUEDE PETER 358 ENZOR, DAVID MICHAEL 290 EPPERSON. CHESTER NEAL 446 ERICSON. ALFRED EUGENE JR 464 ERTLE. MARILYN ALICIA 347, 348, 404 ERVES. JAMES CALVIN 404 ERVIN. WILLIE LEE 385 ERWIN, CLAY EDWARD 165. 404 ERWIN, KATEE 246.385 ESSLINGER. MARY VIRGINIA 158. 164. 404 ESSLINGER. NANCY RUTH 158, 164. 446 ESTEP, MICHAEL WILFORD 210 ETHRIDGE. STEPHEN ARTHUR 404 EUBANKS, DEBRA LYNN 228. 282. 404 EVANS. ANGELIA GAIL 304. 426 EVANS. CATHERINE ELIZABETH 228, 404 EVANS, DEBORAH GAY 291 . 385 EVANS. DONALD WAYNE 464 EVANS ELISE ANN 228. 426 EVANS, ELLEN MARY 228, 426 EVANS. GLEN PICKERING 232 EVANS. JANE MARIE 214 EVANS, LORI KAY SNOWDEN 446 EVANS. POLLY NANCY 216 EVANS. SHEILA 96. 276, 331 , 342. 361 . 447. 228 EVANS. WILLIAM GREGORY 288 EVERETT. LISA MARY 244. 404 EVERETT. MAYNARO KENNETH 404 EWERT. SHARON KAY 385 EWING. KAREN BLANCHE 385 EWING. SALLIE CUMMINGHAM 244 EZE. PIUS CHUKWUKELU 348 EZELL. CRAIG WINTON 288 EZELL. JACKIE MARIE 426 EZENTA, ELISHA CHIMA 347. 404 EZZEDDINE. MOHAMED ALI 404 FABIAN. LEONARD WILLIAM JR 447 FABRIS, JON MICHAEL 1 1 7. 165. 426 FADDOUL, ANTOINE SAMI 360. 464 FADDOUL, ATEF SAMI 447 FADDOUL. WASEF RADA 426 FAGAN, JOY ELISE 244. 245 FAIR. FRANK LOVE III 464 FAIR. LARRY DWAYNE 447 FAIR. RANDOLPH 447 FAISON. RICHARD DURELL 290. 427 FAKINLEDE, SEHINDE ISAAC 385 FANCHER, MARY JOE 214. 404 FANNING. WILLIAM H 111210.385 FANNON. JANET MARIE 447 FARAGE. DONALD LEE JR. 427 FARGASON. CLELIA CARLETON 230. 385 FARNSWORTH, CRAIG WILLIAM 210. 354 FARNSWORTH, STEPHEN H 208. 385 FAROUHAR. WINSTON KIRKLAND 154 FARR, BRIAN RANDOLPH 222 FARR. VALERIE ELLEN 427 FARHAR. ADELAIDE WHARTON 216 FARRAR. ROBERT STEVE 447 FARRIS. BRADLEY MALONEY 210 FARRIS. CHARLES III 210. 464 FARRIS. MARGARET VICTORIA 246, 275 FARRIS. SAMUEL HARDY Ml 208. 385 FAULKS. JAMES LEE 385 FAUST. CYNTTIA MARIE 464 FAUST. JILL ANN 447 FAWCETT, MICHAEL REID 250 FEATHERSTON, CHESTERFIELD 347. 348.350.208.404 FEDELL. MELBA JEAN 230. 447 FEDELL. SHARON MICHELE 230. 404 FEORIC. ROBERT MAYESJR 447.220 FEDUCCIA. THOMAS ANGELO 347. 356 FELKS. BARBARA GALE 404 FELTEN. STEVEN RAY 347. 349. 353 FELTUS. CHARLOTTE CELICE 228 FENSTER, SHARON JO 31 5 FENTON. ROOSEVELT 447 FERGUSON. CONNIE MREY 289. 230, 427 FERGUSON. DIANE 348. 356, 447 FERGUSON, HOWARD TAFT III 240 FERGUSON, KATHERINE JANE 385 FERGUSON, KATHERINE SEARCY 218. 98. 262. 267. 331. 342. 343. 361 FERGUSON. KATHLEEN 404. 308 FERGUSON. LEAH RAVONNE 447 FERGUSON, PEGGY JOY 360, 447 FERGUSON, TOMMY ROGERS 281 , 349. 427 FERMIN, ANGEL GUSTAUO 282 FERRELL. CAROL LYNN 214 FERRELL. CINDY 197, 265. 275, 350. 404 FERRELL. JAN MEREDITH 216, 385 FERRELL, JANET ELIZABETH 214. 385 FESSLER, ALISON ANN 347. 348. 216. 404 FIELD. THOM SCOTT 134 404 FILER, JANET LYNN 447 FINAN, PAUL WILLIAM 220, 290 FINCH, VIRGINIA ANNE 282 FINCHER. DONNA PHAYE 353. 447 FINLEY, CHESTER LAWRENCE 447 FINNEGAN, KATHLEEN ANN 385 FINNELL, RHONDA LYNN 218 FINNEY. ZONA GAIL 353, 467 FISCHEL. LAURA LEA 447 FISCHER, DANIEL MICHAEL 165. 357. 358 FISER. JOHN YOUNG 208. 448 FISHEL. STEPHEN TIMOTHY 240 FISHER, DONALD GARTH 254 FISHER, LARRY WILLIAM 254 FISHER, LEA MURRAY 230. 291 . 385 FISK. MARY MARGARET 226, 404 FITTS. JAMES NATHAN 385 FITTS. JOYEE RUTH 448 FITZPATRICK, CATHERINE S 448 FIVEASH. MELVIN LUTHER 427 FLAGG. WILLIE C 234. 448 FLAHERTY. MICHAEL CLIFTON 427 FLANAGAN. DAVID M 269 FLANAGAN, JANE ELLEN 448 FLEMING. ROBERT T JH 250.448 FLESHER. TONYA KAY 331 FLETCHER. DAVID EUGENE 291 . 427 FLETCHER. LEAH GIBSON 246 FLETCHER, STEVEN MARION 321. 347. 356, 448 FLOOD, MELISSA LOUISE 216, 385 FLORA, ERNEST GRAY 252 FLORA, JONSI BEA 353, 357, 448 FLOYD, ANGELA SUZETTE 348, 404 FLOYD. CYNTHIA LEEANN 230. 282. 385 FLOYD. ROBERT EDWIN 358 FLOYD. SUSAN DIANE 448 FLY. WILLIAM SCOTT 448 FOGARTY, WILLIAM MARSHALL 252. 404 FOGLE. BRIAN GREGORY 240 FOLK. BRIAN MCGEE 224 FOLK. ERIC A 289 FOLLIN. ANNE ERIN 218. 404 FONG. TERESA LOUISE 348. 404 FONS, STEPHEN R 210 FOOTE. ELIZABETH JANE 265. 214. 385 FORBES. WILLIAM WEBB 467 FORD, BETTY ANN 405 FORD. CATHY RENEE 291 FORD. EARLINE 448 FORD. HARRISON SOLOMON JR 290 FORD. JOHN CASSIAN 405 FORD. KENNETH LANE 448 FORD. ROBERT KEITH 318. 448 FORD. SHELLEY CLARE 467 FORD, TERRY DOUGLAS 288. 427 FORD, WALTER CLIFF 152. 153, 165, 252 FORD. WILLIAM CLIFFORD JR 348, 405 FORDICE. DANIEL KIRKWOOD 252 FORESTER, MARCIAL DAVIDSON 210, 427 FORESTER, MITCHELL ANDREW 199, 210 FORSYTHE, KIMBERLEY385 FORSYTHE, PATRICIA LOIS 427 FORTE, ANTHONY SAMUEL 319, 320 FORTENBERRY, CHERYL DIANE 331, 338, 342, 343. 352. 353. 448 FORTENBERRY. EMILY A. 214, 269, 31 1 , 313,346,350.347,405 FORTENBERRY. JACKY E 354 FORTENBERRY. LARRY THOMAS 353. 467 FORTENBERRY. SARAH BUCKNER 3. 214.310.332.341.342.343.353 FORTENBERRY, THERESA ANN 195. 316,246 FORTNER, LINDA CAROL 332, 338, 351 353,448 FORTUNE, LINDA GAY 347. 405 FOSHEE. SHERI ANNE 385 FOSTER. DEXTER L 405 FOSTER. MARJORIE LISA 244 FOSTER. ROBERT LEE 206, 448 FOSTER. SHERRELL ANTHONY 252 FOSTER, WILLIE SCOTT 119 FOURCADE, JOHN CHARLES JR 26, 120,121,122, 123.124,125 FOWINKLE. ROCKY D 427 FOWLER. JANICE CORINNE 291 . 427 FOWLER. SALLY ROSS 216. 385 FOWLKES. BEA HAYNES 21 6. 448 FOX. ANDREW CRIDDLE 291 FOX, BRIAN BEVILL 294. 427 FOX, HENRY CREED 347 FOX, ROY CECIL 347 FRAISER. JOHN JAMES III 145 FRANCIS, PETER KEVIN 222 FRANKENBACH, LISSA ANN 210. 278 FRANKENBERG. BLAIR ROBERT 232 FRANKLIN. BOBBY GLEN 448 FRANKLIN. BRIDGET RENEE 385 FRANKLIN, MARCUS DEWAYNE 448 FRANKS. ANDY DEAN 405 FRANZ, CANDY GRAHAM 405 FRANZEN MICHAEL ANTHONY 254, 385 FRASER, LARRY ALTON 287 FRASHIER, EDWARD ALAN 288 FRASHIER, IRA KAYE 349. 448 FRAZIER. CHARLES RAY 464 FRAZIER. JOHN KENNETH 254, 344. 345 FREAR. MARLA LYNNE 228 FREDERICKS PAUL DOUGLAS 221 FREDERICKS. TAMMIE SUSAN 385 FREDRICKSON. ELIZABETH M 385 FREELAND. JOHN HALE 239. 448 FREEMAN. ANNE ELIZABETH 230. 385 FREEMAN, NINA CLORA 244. 405 FREEMAN. WILLIAM ANDREW 212, 348 FREEMYER, PATTI NEAL 230 FREES, DAVID LLOYD 448 FREES, JAMES RICHARD 319, 320, 347, 448 FREES, MARK ALLEN 427 FREIGHTMAN. JOHN PHILLIP 405 FREMD. KARL GREGORY 448 FRIDRICH, LISA ELOISE 216, 385 FRY, WILLIAM NALL 347, 427 FULLER. DONALD HALL 1 34 FULLER. EDE MARIE 405 FULLER. JAMES MORRISON JR. 427 FULPER. LESTER DAVID 289 FULTON, JOHN DAVID 289, 467 FULTON, ROY LOUIS 357, 448 FULWOOD, SHARON LEIGH 338 FUHBY. RICKY JOE 427 FURR, ALLYSON RACHELLE 216 FURR, RICHARD KENNEDY 427 FURRH, ROY HENDEE 385 FYFE, THOMAS WILSFORD JR 208 GABRIELLESCHI, VIRGIL J JR 254 GADD, RONALD ONEIL 250 GADDY, DENNIS MICHAEL 385 GADDY, DONALD KEITH 232, 347 GADDY, GERALD CURTIS 248. 448 GAFFORD, BARBARA JAMES 448 GAINES, YOLAINE LOUISE 405 GALLAGHER. EMMETT EDWARD 248 GALLARNO. ROBERT MICHAEL 427 GALLOWAY. PHYLLIS VIRGINIA 214 GANDY. TIANNY JUANICE 448 GARBER. DAL ELSON 232, 448 GARCIA, HEATHER LEE T 448 GARDNER, DIWAYNE IRVIN 405 GARDNER. STEPHEN ELLIS 240 GARL, TIM C 134 GARLAND, HOWARD SCOTT 248 GARMON, JEFFREY LYLE 248, 249 GARNER, JENNIE LUCK 216 GARNER PAUL MARTIN 405 GARNER, RICHARD DANIEL 427 GARNER, ROBERT LUTHER 1 16. 1 19. 121 GARNER, VICKEY SUE 228. 405 GARRARD, LADY ANNE 244 GARRAWAY BETHANY KAY 246 GARRAWAY. FREDERICK WEST 248 GARRAWAY. STEPHEN DUKE 448. 252 GARRETT.DEMPSEY CURTIS 210 GARRETT, MARK LOGAN 290 GARRETT, RENETTA DEANNE 290 GARRETT, STEVEN BOYCE 208 GARRETT. WILLIAM HENRY 236 GARRISON. STEPHENS SUE 214 GARY. MARY MELINDA 230 GATES, DEBORAH PICKENS 427 GAULDIN, ANN KATHLYNE 214 GEAR, STEVEN KENNETH 291 GEARY. WILLIAM ARNOT 236 GECZY, BELAJR 282 GENO. JOEL OWEN 222 GENOLA. CHARLES H 289. 467 GENTRY. CHERYL ANNE 427 GEORGE. DEBRA LEANNE 464 GEORGE. MELODY LORRAINE 274. 385 GEORGE, MORRIS EDWIN 338 GEORGE SONYA DAWN 246 GERMAN, CONSTANCE M 427,290 GERMANY, CYNTHIA CLAIRE 228, 348 GERMANY, KRISTINA LYNNE 216, 385 GERRARD. TRACIE GUION 216, 405 GETZ, JOSEPH THADDEUS 224, 312 GHETTI. WILLIAM MARCUS 248 GHO. MARY CATHERINE 218, 282 GHO. WILLIAM CURTIS 254, 385 GHOLSON, ROBERT DONALD 240 GHOLSTON, RENE A 427 GHOSHEH, BAHER ATA 385 GIBBONS, GARRETT ROBERT 250 GIBBS, DAN GAGE 248, 249 GIBENS, DAVID WESLEY 427 GIBERT, GERALD R 232 GIBERT.PAULLEBL ANCJR 252.385 GIBSON. AURELIUSB JR 290.405 GIBSON. DAVID WAYNE 427 GIBSON, ROBERT GREGORY JR 304. 359. 427 GIBSON. RUBY JENEEN 385 GIDDY. JAMES FRANK 240. 427 GIFFIN. MARILYN RENEE 216 GILBERT, DENNIS GREGORY 385 GILBRECH. KAREN YVONNE 246, 385 GILDER, ROGER DEAN 220 GILES, LAWRENCE LAMAR 289, 467 GILL. ELEANOR ALLEN 385 GILL. JULIETTE ANNE 218 GILL. SARAH NELL 386 GILL. THOMAS JOSEPH 427 GILLENTINE, ANGELA DALE 228 GILLENWATER, SUSAN E 197,448 GILLEY CLAYTON EUGENE 428 GILLEYLEN. JAMES EDWARD 199, 207 206, 264. 428 GILLILAND.HOLICEODELL JR 464 GILLIS, ALAN ANTHONY 254. 31 2 GILLIS. CHERYL LYNN 448 GILLIS. MICHAEL BRYAN 160.210 GILLOM. PEGGIE JEAN 143, 164. 428 GILMER. PATRA LYNN 286, 448, 289 GILMORE. GEORGE DAVID 467 GILMOHE. LESLIE ANN 21 4 GILVARY. ELIZABETH LOUISE 226 GIN, BRENDAKAY405 GINN, FRANCES BETH 61 21 6, 233, 313 GINN, RALPH 386 GINN, ROBERT EARL 203. 289. 428 GIORGINI. JOSEPH 448 GIPSON, WILLIAM PATRICK 448 GIVENS. GINGER LEA 293, 386 GLASGOW, MARY F RANCES 386 GLASS, ELIZABETH ANN 216 GLASS, LESLIE ALEXANDRA 228, 386 GLAZE, RICHARD STRATTON 332 354 GLISSON, REBECCA ANN 428 GLOVER, ANNE ELIZABETH 290 GLOVER, BARRY VINSON 199 449 GODDARD, JEROME 449 GODDARD SANDRA MARIE 449 GODMAN. CECIL ADAIR III 254 GODWIN. ANN KATHY 244 GODWIN, MARY LAWRENCE 246 449 GODWIN. WILLIAM H JR 449 GOETZ. MARY LOUISE 405 GOFF, SYLVIA ANN 405 GOFORTH HUGH MAXELJR 386 GOFORTH SUZANNE MICHELLE 386 GOLD, GARY 290. 353. 449 GOLDBERG GREGORY LEE 252 GOLDEN, MITCHELL KEITH 288, 449 GOLDEN NANCY ELLEN 214 GOLDFARB. SAMUEL MARK 154 GOLDING MITCHELL STEVEN 449 GOLIDAY, BOBBY KAY 449 GONSOULIN JOETTE DENISE 468 GOOCH, CHARLES WILLIAM 428 GOOCH, LARRY LYNN 290. 347 GOOCH RHONDA BETH 449 GOODALL, LAURA YANCEY 228. 269, 428 GOODMAN, GREGG STEPHEN 224 GOODNITE. CHRISTY LEE 405 GOODSELL. JESSE SURGE 282. 428 GOODWIN. RICKY LAMAR 208 GOODWIN. THOMAS ALVA IV 428 GOOLSBY JOHN MELVIN 468 GOOLSBY, PATRICIA ANN 386 GOON DEBORAH 449 GORDON JAMES MICHEAL 405, 449 GORDON, ROGER THEO 165 GORDON, SCOTT RODERICK 210, 348, 350 GORDON, WILLIAM MONTY 248 GORDY. ROBERT KEITH 248 GORE, LISA BOGAN 230 405 GORE. TOXIE HAROLD 288 GORNEY, MARK CHARLES 449 GOROVE, KATHERINE MARIE 347 348, 405 GOSS BRENDA RUTH 315. 428 GOUDELOCK, ILA NELL 428 GOUGH, GAYLA ANN 216 GOULD. DAVID MOORE 232 GOVIND. SHOBAB 353 GOWAN JOHN RICHARD 210 GOWAN. MARGARET GRACE 214 GOWAN, MEREDITH ANNE 226 GOWDY, JOHN MONROE III 224 GOWEN, JERRY HEWLETT 208 GOWEN. PHILIP B 290, 304, 305 359 GRACE ANTHONY 386 GRADOLF, DAVID BRIAN 208 GRAEBER MICHAEL COLEMAN 210, 356 GRAFF, DIANE ELIZABETH 405 GRAHAM ALBERT NEAL 254, 341 , 351 GRAHAM ANNE COURTNEY 214, 386 494 index GRAHAM. CHARLES BRYAN 217 GRAHAM CLINTON AHNOTT 199. 347 222.282 GRAHAM. DAVID WAYNE 405 GRAHAM JAMES MICHAEL 224 GRAHAM LAURA ELIZABETH 214 449 GRAHAM MARGARET JEAN 221 GRAHAM PATRICIA COLLINS 214 GRAHAM STEVEN WILSON 208 428 GRANT DONALD POWELL 428 GRANT ROBERT ANTHONY 288 468 GRANTHAM. GAYE LYNN 228 GRANTHAM SARAH KATHRYN 214 GHANTHAM STEVE WILEY 248 GRASS PAUL RIVERS 208 347 350. 405 GRAVES JAMES GREGORY 386 GRAVES JANET THOMSON 244 GRAVES JOY BESS 386 GRAVES MICHAEL KEVIN 212 282 386 GRAY BILLY RAY 282 GRAY BOBBY LEE 282 GRAY DANIEL THOMAS 347 405 GRAY JEAN LUCKEY 468 GRAY JOSEPH FRANKLIN 449 GRAY KAREN LORETTA 464 GRAY MARGIE ANN 228 449 GRAY PAMELA ANN 230 GRAY RONNIE EDMONO 386 GRAY SUSAN CATHRINE 246 428 GRAY WARREN CALMES JR 289 GRAYSON JOHN HALL Jfl 250 GREEN ADELEJEANNINE218 GREEN CONNIE FRANCIS 386 GREEN EDWMABR1TTON449 GREEN MARY CATHERINE 197 228 229 361 449 GREEN RICKY KEITH 428 GREEN WESTHICH STONE 449 GREENLAW HARRISON S 240. 277 GREENLEE EDYE JEAN 218 405 428 GREENLEE SHEILA GAIL 230 231 GREER CURTIS MATHER 428 GREEK DANNY LEWIS 210 GREER EDDIE HAY 210 GREER HAROLD LYNN JH 344 345 GREER MICHAEL DUANE 341 GREER TERESA LANE 338 342 353 GREER WILLIE MAE 449 GREFSENG LEONARD ROBERT 165. 449 GREGG CINDY ANN 230 GREGORY JAMES PETTEY 287 GREGORY STEVEN HUGH 208 GRESHAM GREGORY BOOTHE 240 428 GRESHAM JOHN KENNETH JR 250 251 GRESHAM STEVEN MCGILL 240 GRESSETT CAROLINE SUE 428 GRESSETT DONNA LEA 406 GRIFFIN CONSTANCE JEAN 386 GRIFFIN GREGORY L 222 347 449 428 GRIFFIN JAMES DOUGLAS 386 GRIFFIN JOHN SHULER 208 GRIFFIN ROBBIE DEN ISE 21 8 GRIFFIN WILLIAM ARLIS 291 386 GHIFFING SUSAN ELIZABETH 271 . 449 GRIFF1S MARGARET CLAIR 216 405 GRIFFITH IKEC 282 234 275 347 428 GRIM LORI MAY 449 GRIMES JAMES GEARY 353 GRISHAM THOMAS JAMES 198 199 250 251 275 282 GRIST NELSON LOUIS 428 GHOGER ANTHONY LEE 449 GROSS EARNEST 318 449 GHUBBS UTA PAULETTE 468 GRYDER JACK ERWIN 250 GRYDER ROBERT LEWIS JR 428 GRYDEH SUSAN ELIZABETH 246 247 GUCKERT KAREN MARIE 449 GUERIERI GEORGE EDWARD JR 344 GUERIERI RONALD JAMES 224 GUESS GEHRYSU 449 GUESS GMNYLU464 GUESSFORO DAWN ALLISON 246 GUESSFORD WAYNE KAYE JR 210 GUIDER GWYN BANNEY 214 GUHLOT LOUIS CREATH 252 GULLEDGE JERRY BABBJR 282 386 GULLEDGE LEIGH ANN 218 428 GULLETT KARREN ANN 428 GULLEY JAMES R 252 282 405 GULUCK RUTH GAY 449 GULLY ELLA VEAZEY 216 274 GULLY GEORGE WOOOSON 250 GUNARTT NAOMI 428 305 GUNN DOUGLAS JENNINGS 264 332 344 345 346 353 347 449 GUNN FRANK MICHAEL 354 GUNN PAUL LEE 428 GUHSER MARGARET MELISSA 244. 293 449 GUNNER. MARVIN DOUGLAS 341 GUST AFSON LINDA JEANNE 311.313. 428 GUTH MARY MARGARET 315. 405 GUTHRC SHANNON DEE 218 GUYTON JAMES LAWRENCE 347. 350. 252. 4O5 GWM. JOHN EDGAR JR 250 HAAS. LETIT1A JANE 214 HAAS. MICHAEL DURRETT JR 282. 347 HADLEY SUSAN DABNEY 246. 405 HAGAN. RICHARD HAUHY 210. 386 HAGE SHEHYL MARIE 244 HAGLER MARGARET HOOD 386 HAGUE. PAMELA LOUSE 66. 1 03 HAGUEWOOO WILLIAM SCOTT 224 386 HAICK KMBERLY BETH 244. 245. 428 HAILEY JAMES RUSSELL 288. 468 HAKAWATI. AHMAD BADAOU 428 HALAWAM JAMAL ABDUL 406 HALE LARRY KEITH 281 . 349. 351 . 449 HALE. PAULA RENE 428 HALE. TIMOTHY JAMES 220. 221 HALFORD MICHAEL JEROME 386 HALL. KENNETH LARRY 281. 428 HALL. LAURA ELIZABETH 275 449 HALL. PATSY ANN 449 HALL. RICHARD FERRALL 428 HALL. ROBERT STANLEY 428. 357 HALL. TERRY A 286 449 HALL YOLANDA 386 HALLMAN PHYLUS SUZETTE 290 406 HALSELL FREDERIC PRESTON 449 HAL TOM MARY JEAN 428 HAMEL SANDRA KAYE 386 HAMERSKI MICHAEL ROBERT 31 9. 320. 348 HAMIE MAHAMOUO MUST APHA 428 HAMCH GHASSAN ABBAS 429 HAMILTON. DEBRA A 429 HAMILTON JANET LEE 218 429 HAMILTON KERRY WOOD 282 275 312 450 236 HAMILTON. MARIAN MARC ASA 244 315 406 HAMILTON MOLUE 230 HAMLTON REGINA ANN 228 HAMB.TON RICHARD KEITH 134 HAMILTON TODD BRYSON 406 HAMILTON WILLIAM THOMAS 287 HAMM WILLIAM JEFF JR 199.252 HAMMET LAWRENCE BUFORD II 199. 224 HAMMETT RAMON GAYE 450 HAMMOND ALICE LAIRD 429 HAMMOND ELIZABETH 21 4 275 386 HAMMOND JOHN HERBERT 210 HAMMOND. LAJUAN MARC 429 HAMMOND LEE BMJNGSLEY 224 HAMMOND MARTHA COURTNEY 21 6 429 HAMMOND MARY JANE 354 355 HAMMONS RANDALL EVAN 309. 450 HAMPTON CHER! 406 HAMPTON ETHRIDGE BILBO JR 450 HANCOCK COLUMBUS E JR 450 HANDY CARL 450 HANEY. ANNA MARE 21 8 HANEY JAMES DUKE 248 HANEY SIDNEY ERROLJR 288 HANKINS HAROLD WAYNE 240. 347. 429 HANKINS. SIDNEY ROSS 354 HANKS. HELEN TRACEY 216 HANNA CHARLES HAROLD 252 HANNA SAADEH EUAS 429 HANNAFORD JOHN WAYNE 250 HANNAFORO. MARK MABRY 212 429 HANNAH CINDY LEIGH B 429 360 HANNAN EDWIN YORK 429 347 HANSBROUGH GBELE PONDER 450 HANS8ROUGH JOHN ROBERT 464 HANSON HUGH KIRKWOOO 386 HANSON JAMES WALTER JR 289 450 HARBIN LEON CALDWELL HI 208 HARBIN. LUE METRE 202 304 305 450 HAR8M. PATRICIA ELISE 218 31 7. 386 HARBISON. MARK BOSTCK 250 406 HARD RUFIE WATSON 230 HARDW GERALD CHARLES 282 264 405 319 320 HARDW PATSY BELL 21 8 HARD . SANDRA TURNER 429 HAROM. SERAPHME 406 HARDING WILLIAM WALDORF 429 HARDY. JOHN CAZORT 250 HARDY. JOHN DAVID 450 HARDY. LORI JO 386 HARDY. ROBERT FREDRICK 429 HARIRI. OMAR MOHAMMED 429 HARKMS. ROBERT MICHAEL 429 HARLAN DIANE ELAINE 228 HARLAN WILLIAM EDWARD 232 HARUN. MARY JO 386 HARLOW CLIFFORD JOHN 429 HARMON. EMILY HALL 214 HARMON ROY FRANKLIN HI 252. 276. 347 HARPER HENRY CLIFFORD 429 HARPER. JACK WALTER 208 HARPER. KELLY MARIE 246 386 HARPER. MARILYN AMELIA 228 HARRELL. TERESA LYNN 406 HARRELSON. NORA JANE 406 HARRINGTON HENRY C m 21 0.450 HARRIS ANNE GREENE 216 HARRIS DEBORAH ANNE 281 HARRIS. DONNA GAIL 406 HARRIS. GARY E 450 HARMS. LUCY ROBINSON 21 6 HARRIS. MAHK.YNNE 246 386 HARRIS. MARY ELIZABETH 244 HARRIS. MEUNOA JOYCE 214. 406 HARRIS. MICHAEL EUGENE 450 HARRIS. TAMMY LEE 228 HARRIS. ZACHARICH 406 HARRISON. BRIAN KPLJNG 210. 406 HARRISON. EMILY JANE 21 8. 406 HARRISON JAMES GRADY 429 HARRISON JAMES MICHAEL 290 HARRISON JOHN CALDWELL 290 348 350. 3S6 347 406 HARRISON. KM LEIGH 386 HARRISON. MURKE FRANKLIN 288 468 HARRISON. PATRICIA LYNN 406 HARRISON. PHILLIP ALTON 429 HARRISON ROBERT LEE JR 224 386 HART ANNE ALLEN 274 348 HART. CYNTHIA ANN 406 450 HART GEORGE ERNEST 282 HARTER ROBERT LEWIS 361 450 HARTM. JOHN S JR 464 HARTLEY. ROSALYN EILEEN 246 HARTLEY. WANDA COOK 468 HARTY BRENDA KAY 450 HARVEY KENNETH EDWARD 254 HARVEY. MICHAEL HOWARD 429 HARVEY. REX DLLON 224. 347 HARWELL. ANN TAYLOR 244 348 350 HARWELL SUSAN BETH 429 HARWELL SUSAN ELIZABETH 214 HARWOOO KATHARINE BUTLER 214 HASKMS. A CRAIG 344. 345 HASSELL. ROBYN JANE 387 HASTINGS. RICHARD CLYDE 240 HATCHER ROBERT A JR 291 HATHAWAY SUSAN OLIVIA 429 HATHCOCK. CATHY LYNN 228 348 406 HATHORN PATRICIA GAIL 450 HAVENS. DENISE KAY 429 HAVENS. JOEY DUNN 429 HAWKINS GARY LEE 224 HAWKINS. JAMES HALYARD 165 HAWKINS. RICARDO L 406 HA WORTH, MARTHA ELIZABETH 387 HAYCRAFT JAMES RAY 450 HAYDEN. JOSEPH ANSELM 252 KAYDEN LAURA KATHERINE 246 406 HAYES. LAURA LYNNE 387 HAYES SHERRY LEE 429 HAYES SYLVIA ANN 291 406 HAYNES HELEN F 468 HAYS LISA DIANE 406 HAYS. MARI LYNN 218 314. 387 HAYS. MARTHA JANE 450 228 HAYS. NORMA REBECCA 228 HAYS STEVEN J 354 429 HAYS VIRGINIA ANNETTE 201 429 HAYWOOO CHARLES RANSOME 347 HAYWOOD WILLIAM MOORE 468 HEAD. JANET MCLAURm 218. 3(7 HEAD. KATHERINE NELSON 218 HEADLEY MARKLAND ROLAND 344 345 HEADY. KATHRYN ELAINE 450 HEARD. CAROLYN COOPER 21 6 HARD JOHN MCDOWELL 250. 450 HEARD. ROBERT GOODWYN 115 HEARN LAMDRY HARRIS 287 HEATH DAVID GERALD 222 HEATON TIMOTHY HARRISON 248 HEBLER KARENRENEE228.317 HEDGES JAMES WILSON 347. 208 HEDRICK STEVEN DALE 450 HEE RING. THOMAS EDWARD 450 HEFUN. MS ANNE 289. 468 HEGWOOD KATHERME EUGENIA 218 HEGWOOD. PHUJJP GLEN 360 HEME. KURT MATTHEW 361 . 429 HEITER MATTHEW STEPHEN 1(0 HELMS. JAMES SAMUEL JR 210 HELVK3. DONNA ARLENE 450 HEMPWU.. CAROL ANN 348 406 HENDERSON. DAVID COOK 254. 255. 341.347.450 HENDERSON. DEBORAH JOYCE 291 HENDERSON. DENNIS HAYES 220 HENDERSON. DEREK ANDREW 224 406 HENDERSON. ELIZABETH SUSAN 31 4. 3S6 HENDERSON. MARTIN LEWIS 290 450 HENDERSON. MARY GLYNN 289 468 HENDERSON. ROBERT LEE 464 HENDERSON. SHEILA JO 450 HENDERSON. SHERRY DENISE 429 HENDRIX. ANTHONY ALAN 210 HENDRIX. PHILLIP BOOTHE 252. 387 HENDRIX. RONALD LEE 252. 346. 347. 406 HENDRY. CATHY JO 360. 450 HENDHY. THOMAS SWOPE 1 61 . 254 HEWCX. HENRY CHRISTOPHER 282 HEMCK. LISA LYNN 246. 348 350 406 HEWCX MALE ME CARRIE 214 268 348 350.406 HENLEY. CHARLES PATTON 222 HENLEY. JOHN HARTFIELD 222 HENNEBERGER. JEFFREY T 356. 450 HENRY. BRENDA GAIL 406 HENRY. DOLLY DEAN 228 429 HENSLEY MARY BRIGHT 214 HERBERT. RENE MICHELE 387 HERRM. JANE ELIZABETH 216. 387 HERRM. TAD EDWARD 208 HERRING HOYE RAYMOND JR 288 468 i. JAMES BRYANT JR 289 290 I MORRIS LYNN 254 i PAULA ELIZABETH 387 HERRINGTON JOSEPH LESTER 290 HERRINGTON RONALD WILSON 288. 468 HERTZ BELINDA JANE 321 . 387 HESTER. ALICE DENISE 348 HESTER ANN FLOY 244 429 HESTER LEA ANNE 282 464 HESTER LYNNE REBECCA 354 450 HESTER. MICHAEL RAY 252 HESTER. PEGGY JEAN 353. 450 HEWITT BENT ON EARL JR 450 HEWITT. WLUAM LLOYD 250. 406 HEYEH RICHARD LEROY JR 347 356 252 HEYEH. ROBERT TAYS 252 HCKMAN. JAMEYE LYNN 387 HICKMAN. LAURA JANE 216 HCKMAN. USA COB8 21 6. 21 7 HICKS ALFREIOA 294 HICKS FRANCES RUTH 158 164 228 406 HICKS. GWENDOLYN ANN 268 407 HICKS HERMAN 234 429 MCKS JACK RUSH JR 353 HCKS JOHN SPAULDING 232 HICKS VICTORIA NATALIE 214. 450 HK500N. JUDY ANN 464 HIGDON SONDRA GAYLE 429 HKSGENBOTTOM KENNETH D 450 MGGMS VMCENT BYRON 291 . 387 MGGS EMtY CHERYL 407 HIGH DAVID EWIN 248 MGH. DONNA MARC 218. 407 HOGHTOWER. ALICIA DIANNE 407 HUAZI TOUFC MUST APHA 429 WLL. BETTY ANN 450 HILL. CYNTMA CAROL 450 HILL ELLEN ELIZABETH 429 MLL. MALMDA LOUISE 293 429 MLL MICHAEL DEAN 429 MLL. PHUJJP RICHARD 353 MLL THOMASME 291 315.429 MLL VERA WRG ' NIA 468 MU-HOUSE. BETTY KAREN 429 MLLHOUSE. CELIA DENLEY 429 MLLIARO. ALONZO 429 WU.IS CYNTHIA RACHELLE 450 MLLYER. BRUCE LEWIS 224 MMBER JOHN MICHAEL 429 HHOCH. SAMIR SALEH 387 HMES JANICE MARC 407 HMES. KENNETH ALLAN 387 MMES.TODDR 248 MNKEL, PETER LEE 208 HMMAN KENNETH FULGHUM 250 .HMRtCHS. FRED TURNER 232 MNTON DEBORAH SUE 407 HMTON JAMES HOMER 254 MNTON. JUDY KAREN 308 309 MTE. JACK LIPP Jfl 429 MTE MARK RICHARDS 210 HTTT. KEVIN LEWIS 350. 429 MTT. WILLIAM HENRY JH 450 MX CAROL JEAN 21 8 HO SWMAN 347 450 HOCKER. VALERIA JANE 246 HOCOTT KMBERLY ANN 205. 429 HOCUTT. CAROL LANE 429 HODGE. RICKEY FRANK 286 HODGES. BARNEY LEE 208 HODGES. MARGARET FRANCES 244. 407 HODGES. SANDRA LEE 292 429 HODGES. SANDRA LYNN FOUST 450 HODGES. TIMOTHY EDWARD 464 HOFFMAN. KATHERINE ANN 214. 278. 313.429 HOGAN CONNIE CYRENA 218 HOGA N JEAN ALICE 228 HOGAN. SHIRLEY MARTIN 468 HOJJATC MASSOU0464 HOLDEN LEK3HANNE GRACE 291 407 HOLDER. JOSEPH DONALD 288 450 HOLDER. MARSHA DALE 429 HOLDMESS. GARY DONALD 347 356. 450 HOLDORF. PAMELA MEB 290 407 HOLDORF WENDY LYNN 291. 292 HOLTHK CYNTHIA KAY 218 387 HOLLABAUGH VIRGINIAN 387 HOLLAND. CORNELIA 246. 407 HOLLAND. JAN CAROL 244. 31 1 . 313, 379. 407. 471 HOLLAND. SARA ELIZABETH 228 HOLLEMAN LESLIE DEAN 232 HOLLEMAN. MARTHA J 289 HOLLEMAN. MARY LAURA 244 350. 407 HOLLENBECK STANLEY WADE 290 HOLLEY. JOSEPH EUGENE JR 356 407 HOLLEY. NANCY TAYLOR 244 HOLUOAY DANA LEE 218 219. 450 HOUJOAY HOMER STEPHEN 429 HOUJDAY. JOHN MARK 254 282 387 HOLUNGSWORTH.HEZL 248 HOLLIS LAURA LYNN 244 HOLUSTER CLAUDIA E 228 HOLUSTER LILLIAN MARIE 228 HOLUSTER. RALPH HUSTON 429 232 HOLLOCHER. ROBERT WILLIAM 319 320.429 HOLLOMAN TIMOTHY LEWIS 290 HOLLOMAN TOW LEIGH 407 HOLLOWAY. HELEN LETTTIA 407 HOLLOWELL. WILLIAM M 430 HOLMAN MARY JEAN 430 HOLMES. SUSAN LAURIE 292 348 407 HOLMES THOMAS ALLEN 252 HOLSTROM. BRYAN DONALD 240 HOLT. CAROL ANN 246 HOLT JILL ANDRA 430 HOLT. KAREN ANN 354 HOLT. MARY KATE 228 HOLWADEL. REBECCA DALE 214 450 HOLWADEL. RUSSELL DOUGLAS 236 HONEA JACQUELINE DENISE 450 HONG KYUNG-JA 464 HONG. YAW-SHUN 464 HOOD. BETSY DIANNE 230 274. 387 HOOD. ELIZABETH JANELLE 407 HOOD IRIS RE NEE 230 HOOD. SPENCER THOMAS 224 HOOK. DEBORAH ANN 246 407 HOOPER WILLIAM 208 HOOVER. MARK DABNEY 212 HOPKINS HOLLY 214 332 342 343. 353 450 282 HOPKINS MARYEM FOWLKES 216 388 HOPPER RONALD DEAN 450 HOPSON KAREN RENEE 228 274 HORD ALICE MITCHELL 228 HORLOCK. STEVE JOHN 450 HORNE CLARA ANN 430 HORNE CLAUDIA ANN 407 HORNE OLIVE COKER 216 407 HORNE. PATRICIA BURN 244 HORNE STEPHEN GARY 388 HORTON CAROLYN ANN 407 HORSE LYNN LOUISE 244 HOUGH JANET ANN 430 HOUGH. TRACY LAFAYE 407 HOULIHAN. PATRICK GEORGE 464 HOUSE. BECKY ANN 388 HOUSE. BRYANT BERNARD 450 HOUSE. SANDRA CORNELIA 430 HOUSEHILDER WILLIAM EDWIN 165 HOUSER JOHN RALPH 212 407 HOUSTON. BARBARA ELLEN 450 HOUSTON RENITA GAY 430 HOWARD CARL EDWARD 1430 HOWARD. DAVID HECTOR 224 Index 495 HOWARD, DEBRA LYNN 333. 342. 468 HOWARD. ROBERT MICHAEL 252. 450 HOWARD. SHELIA KAY 430 HOWARD. WILLIAM BARKER 208. 344. 345 HOWARD. WILLIAM T JR. 224 HOWELL. BOBBY ANTHONY 388 HOWELL. ENSLEY IRENE 450 HOWELL, LEIGH ANN 244. 430 HOWELL. MICHAEL GRADY 252. 321 HOWELL. PAUL BYRON 208. 308. 333. 450 HOWELL. REX DEAN 208 HOWELL. SARAH ANN 388 HOWELL. STEPHEN DERRELL 430 HOWELL. VAUGHN DALE 430 HOWELL. WILLIAM P JR 282 HOWINGTON. MARK DONALD 388 HOWZE, BETTY LYNN 216 HSU, HUI-CHI FABIENNE HU 464 HSU, LING-KAI PAUL 464 HU, CHENG PING 430 HUANG, DUR 430 HUANG. LIANG SING 356 HUBAISHI. MUNIER MOHAMED 234 HUBBARD. JEFFREY PAUL 430 HUBBARD. MILLEIGH HANDLE 275, 388 HUBBARD. MONTORIA 451 HUBER. MURRAY WELLS 212. 451 HUCH. KIM MARIE 430 HUDGINS. HELEN CAROL 451 HUDGINS JAMES RAY 464 HUDGINS, MARY DIANE 216 HUDSON, BELINDA DEE 226. 388 HUDSON. DONNA G 388 HUDSON, JOHN CLARK III 430 HUDSON, THELMA LINETT 451 HUOSPETH. BRENT SHELTON 232 HUDSPETH, HARVEY GRESHAM 341 . 344.345,464 HUFF. THOMAS FRANK 248 HUFF. WALTER WILLIAM 224 HUGG, DAVID OWEN 451 HUGGINS. CLYDE GRAY III 240. 451 MUGGINS, STEPHANIE S 388 HUGGINS, WILLIAM BARRETT 232 HUGHES, JEFFERSON LEE 248 HUGHES. KATHERINE MARIE 430. 157 HUGHES, MARY BURR 218 HUGHES. MICHAEL WARREN 388 HUGHSTON, MARGARET LANE 246. 361 . 430 HULITT. GLENN ALVIN 451 HULL. CLARENCE GALLOWAY IV 256 HULL. GRACE GIVENS 246 HUMPHREY, WILLIAM ROBERT 210. 347, 356. 430 HUMPHREYS, MARGARET E 216 HUMPHRIES, JAMES DAVID 430 HUNDLEY, PATRICIA ANNETTE 246. 430 HUNDLEY. PEGGY DIANE 246, 388 HUNSINGER, RONALD N 272 HUNT. MARY PELHAM 214 HUNTER. DONNIE 244 HUNTER. PAULA ADELE 218. 314. 348. 350 HUNTER. ROBERT JACKSON JR. 224 HURDLE. FRANK MOORE 240 HURST. CHARLES ALFRED 254. 430 HURST. GEORGE CHRISTOPHER 288. 430 HURST. JOSEPH STEVE 290 HURT. SUSAN AMANDA 214 HUTCHINS. RANDOLPH LEWIS 388 HUTCHISON, SARAH CLINGMAN 348 HUTT. LISA L. 214.278 HUTTON. MARGARET TURNER 214 HYDE, DAVID LAKE 208 HYDE. ESTELLE MARIE 1 58. 388 HYDE. ROBERTO JR 254 IGWIKE. RICHARD SUNDAY 347. 430 IHRIG. WILLIAM KENT 347 IKERD. HELANNE ELISE 388 IMBLER. CHARLES VIRGIL JR 252. 270 IMRE. RONALD LEO 290. 388 IMRE. THOMAS MICHAEL 290. 351 . 349. 451 INGRAM. GENEVIEVE VICTORIA 216 INGRAM. JAMES FLOYD 252. 253 INGRAM. KEITH MCKINNON 232 INGRAM. MARIAN RUTH 31 7. 388 INGRAM. WILLIAM DENNIS 240 INMAN, CATHY DIANE 218 INMAN, CHARLES GORDON 288. 468 IRBY. SUZAN ANN KATHLEEN 430 IRBY, WILLIAM ARMSTRONG 451 IRISH. HAZEL M 220 IRVIN DEBRA DENISE 430 ISBELL. STEVEN BRYAN 354 ISHEE. VIRGIL OCIEL JR. 468 ISMAIL. HAIDAR 430 ISOM, MICHAEL CLAYTON 208. 388 IVES. LAUREN LILLIAN 246 IVY. CLARICE THOMPSON 451 IVY. JAMES L 134 IVY. MELINDA ANN 342. 343. 451 IVY. SUSAN RUTH 388 JACKS. CAROLYN JAN 197.214. 237,275 JACKSON. ANICK SYLVIANE 430. 271 . 275 JACKSON. AVA NICOLA 451 JACKSON, CHARLES E III 222. 347. 350. 291 JACKSON. CHRISTINE BRANDON 230 JACKSON, CYNTHIA BLAKENEY 451 JACKSON, DANNY SAMUEL 451 JACKSON, GARY DEAN 451 JACKSON, JEAN HIGH 317 JACKSON, JOCELYN RENEE 451 JACKSON. JOSEPH DENNIS 272 JACKSON. MARY JANE MCCARLE 430 JACKSON. MAYNE ROSE 202. 77. 207. 268.333.342.343.353.451 JACKSON. NANCY EILAND 314 JACKSON. RAY HAROLD 451 JACKSON, SERENA ELIZABETH 216 JACKSON, SHAUNEILLE C 291 JACKSON, SHIRLEY JEAN 451 JACOBELLIS.GINAANN 158 JACOBS. BILLIE SUE 77. 292. 314. 282 JACOBS. GINA MARIE 347 JACOBSON. JEFFREY GLENN 388 JAMES, ALAN WAYNE 282. 430 JAMES. HAROLD GREGORY 265 JAMES. PAMELA JEAN 388 JAMESON. DAVID LEONARD 199, 252, 430 JAMISON. WILLIAM TERRY III 224. 451 JANKOWSKI. THOMAS MARK 388 JARJOURA. MELHEM TANIOS 287. 464 JARMAN. RICKEY LEE 430 JAUDON. MICHAEL A 430. 290 JAUDON. SHIRLEY DIANNE 31 7 JEANSON, FRANK GERARD 388 JEFFCOAT. DAVID ALAN 430. 321 JEFFORDS. JEFFREY NORMAN 430 JEFFRIES. AUNDRE MARICE 291 JELKS. JAMES LEON JR 240.451 JENKINS, CHARLES MICHAEL 347 JENKINS. FANNIE LEE 430 JENKINS, GREGORY KEITH 388 JENKINS, JOHN OSMUND 199. 207, 291 . 206. 430 JENKINS. JUDITH ANNE 244 JENKINS. KEITHA JANE 388 JENKINS. MARY BENTLEY 216 JENKINS. SONJA ANNE 341 JENKINS. TANYA L 246 JENNINGS. ELIOT ALLEN 210 JENNINGS. JACK STEWART 248. 249 JENNINGS. JERRY WAYNE 388 JENNINGS. KAREN LEIGH 451 JENNINGS. VAN STEVEN 165. 464 JERNIGAN. ROBERT BOYD 224 JINN. DEHRONG 464 JOE. KATIE 451 JOE. RAYMOND HING 430 JOE. STEPHEN W. 451 JOE. WAYNE SAI 347. 357, 358. 451 JOHNS. VICKI BERCH 451 JOHNSEY. ELTON BERT 468 JOHNSON. ALAN WAYNE 318. 430 JOHNSON. ANNA HELM 228 JOHNSON. BLAIR COURTLAND 212. 451 JOHNSON. BOBBIE JEAN 451 JOHNSON. BOBBY MACK JR 341 . 347 JOHNSON. CHARLES FRANK JR 388 JOHNSON. DAVID H 224 JOHNSON, DAVID LEE 451 JOHNSON. DEBRA LOU 287 JOHNSON. ELIZABETH ANN 388 JOHNSON. FRED ARTHUR 451 JOHNSON. GREGORY ALLEN 388 JOHNSON. JACK LANCASTER 250 JOHNSON. JAY MICHAEL 291 JOHNSON. JO ANDREWNETTE 468 JOHNSON. JOEL STOKES 452 JOHNSON. JOHN J 119 JOHNSON, JOHN MOOPE 289 JOHNSON, JOHN TIMOTHY 289. 468 JOHNSON. KENNETH LEE 349, 452 JOHNSON, KURT DARWIN 430. 356 JOHNSON. LAWRENCE BENNETT 333 JOHNSON. LESLYE ANN 214 JOHNSON. LISA JUAN 315. 408 JOHNSON. MARSHA SUSAN 430. 301 JOHNSON. MARTHA ANNE 430 JOHNSON. MARY KATHERINE 347 JOHNSON. MICHAEL LANE 232. 388, 430 JOHNSON, PATRICIA GALE 388 JOHNSON. SIDNEY ALBERT 212, 430 JOHNSON, STEVEN JOEL 408 JOHNSON. SUELLEN 353 JOHNSON. VERA ANN 388 JOHNSON. WILBORN DELANE JR 452 JOHNSON. WILLIAM BLAIR 248 JOHNSON. WILMA AYLEEN 218. 265. 268. 361 . 347. 282 JOHNSTON. BILLY JOE JR 240 JOHNSTON, CHRISTIAN HARVEY 290 JOHNSTON, CLYDE A 240, 241 . 347 JOHNSTON. GREGORY CHARLES 252 JOHNSTON. GREGORY LEE 240. 430 JOHNSTON. KAREN MICHELLE 430 JOHNSTON. LYNN FRANCES 216, 452 JOHNSTON. MAMIE JANE 430 JOHNSTON, MARGARET ANNE 430, 246 JOHNSTON. REBECCA HENDRICK 214 JOHNSTON. RHONDA RENEE 452 JOHNSTON, ROBERT WAYNE 224. 305, 430 JOINER. CAROLYN BONITA 388 JOLLY. ANGELA DRUE 452 JONES. ALISON DIANE 228, 282. 388 JONES. ALLEN GAFFORD 430. 275. 356 JONES. BILLY CONNELL JR 208 JONES. CANDACE CECELIA 216, 294. 230 JONES. CYNTHIA ANN JONES 214. 452 JONES, DAVID JR, 430 JONES. DAVID RIALES 290 JONES. JAMES KIZER 252 JONES. JENNIFER ALICE 216, 282, 430 JONES. JENNIFER GAIL 430 JONES. JOHN ESTER JR 408 JONES. JUDITH J, 452 JONES. LENA M 287 JONES. LESLIE LAMAR 222, 353, 356. 357.347,452 JONRS. MARION FRANCES 21 8. 388 JONES. MELISSA IRENE 388 JONES. NANCY MARIE 197. 246. 431 JONES. OTIS LEE 431 JONES, PAUL HENDRICKSJR 208 JONES. PAULA DENT 269. 348. 350, 347. 314.282,408 JONES. RENEA MYCHELLE 230. 408 JONES. ROBERT LYNNVILLE JR 388. 431 JONES. RONALD REX 287 JONES. RUBEN BARRY 289 JONES. TRACI VIRGINIA 244. 388 JONES. VIRGINIA ANN 230 JONES. VIRGINIA ELISE 291 . 431 JONES. VIRGINIA LYNN 452 JONES. WANDA R ' JTH 452 JONES. WILLIAM RICHARD 1 98. 1 99. 210.211,294 JONES. WILLIAM THOMAS 452 JORDAN. ALLAN R 452 JORDAN. CRYSTAL LYNNE 230. 274. 388 JORDAN. DAVID ALAN 431 JORDAN. JAMES ALLEN 165 JORDAN. KIMBERLY ANNE 388 JORDAN. VIRGINIA BROOKS 452 JORDON, ROBERT ARNOLD 220. 452 JOSEPHS. EDWARD BENSON 464 JOSLIN. DAVID BRUCE 464 JOSLIN. RICHARD MARK 431 JOYNER, LESLIE EASON 431 . 216. 268 JU.HIRON MARK 388 JUDSON, NANCY DIANE 218 JUSTICE. GORDON VANCE JR 388 KAHLER, KAREN ANNE 388 KAHLSTORF. KAREN ELIZABETH 230, 408 KAMHIEH. OMAR ABDULAZZIZ408 KAMPER, NATALIE MARIE 388 KAPEGHIAN, JAMIE RENEE 388 KAPEGHIAN, JOHN CURTIS 289 KARROUM. KHODER MOHAMAD 431 KASTON, SOUHAIL 452 KATOOL, JOSEPH ALLEN 210 KAUFMAN, KIM ALAN 240, 289 KAWASH, AHMED MOHAMMED 431 KAWASH, HOSAM-EDINE ALI 452 KEE, DAVID STARNES 464 KEEBLER. DANIEL BURT JR 388 KEENE. ROBERT BAILEY 232 KEETON. PAULA KAYE 431 KEITH, RAYMOND LESLIE 431 KELLEY. ALTON WADE 252. 408 KELLEY. CYNTHIA WAYNE 305, 388 KELLEY. GLORIA JEAN 289. 452 KELLEY. LADY KEM 230. 452 KELLEY. MARK LENNOX 347 KELLEY. PHOEBE WADE 67. 107. 253. 278.216.252 KELLUM. DAVID LESTER 408 KELLUM. MARK JACKSON 347. 348. 350, 254 KELLUM, WILLIAM KEITH 165 KELLY. ALICE HART 216 KELLY, DONNA KAROL 230 KELLY. DORIS DARE 21 0. 245. 264, 333, 361.452 KELLY. WANDA KAREN 408 KEMMERER. CHRISTY LYNN 230, 431 KEMP. DONALD GLYN 361 . 452 KEMP. JO ANN 353 KENDRICK. MARAY TREG 228. 268. 269. 275.431 KENDRICK. WILEY DAHRON 452 KENDRICKS SAMUEL BARR 347. 348. 408 KENNEDY. C LEE 224. 408 KENNEDY. CONNIE RENAE 291 KENNEDY, EDWIN JEFF 276. 356. 347 254.431 KENNEDY. DONALD KEITH 431. 271 KENNEDY, KIMBERLY ANN 216. 294, 347 KENNEDY. LAURIE ELIZABETH 214. 312. 348.408 KENNEDY MARK JAMES 240 KENNEDY. SCOTTY DWIGHT 431 KENNEDY, WILLIAM SELBY JR 232.388 KENNELL. HAROLD 234, 431 KENNERLY, JOHN RUSSELL 291 KENNEY, MELISSA ANNE 388 KENT, GREGORY SCOTT 252. 282 KENT. RAMONA 157. 216. 408 KENTY. MICHAEL MONTGOMERY 248, 408 KEPHART, KATMRYN ANNE 158, 164 KERCE, HOWARD MICHAEL 388 KERN. BENJAMIN JOSEPH JR 408 KERN. STEVEN LAWRENCE 210. 388 KESHAVAMURTHY.TALYAL 464 KESLER, JOSEPH B 304, 305. 306 KESLER. JULIE LYNN 408 KETCHNER. SANDRA VIVIAN 388 KETCHUM. ROY CHARLES 388 KETCHUM. THOMAS LOWELL 291 KEYES. CHARLES NEWTON 452 KEYES. RICHARD EARL 452 KEYS. SARA FOWLER 349. 354, 355 KHALEEL. FAYEZ SALEEM 388 KHALIFEH. MAHMOUD MOHAMMED 431 KHATTAB. AHMAD SALEH 360. 452 KHATTAB. MAHMOUD SALEH 432 KHAZEM. NABILALI452 KHODKAR. FARAH 409 KHRAIBI. ALI AMIN 360. 452 KIDD. DEBORAH CHERYL 432 KIES. CHERYL MARIE 316. 389 KIES. RICHARD WILLIAM JR 159 KIFFER. GEORGIANNA 349 KIGHT. M KATHLEEN 244 KILGORE. SUSAN DIANNE 228. 452 KILLEGREW. ANGELA MARIE 389 KILLELEA. DONNA ANN 228 KILLELEA, MARGEE 228 KIMBALL. DAVID BURNS 212 KIMBERLIN. SHARON KAY 214. 389 KIMBROUGH, DAVID SCOTT 212. 213. 409 KIMBROUGH, JAMES RICHARD 452 KIMBROUGH, LESLIE KENT 165. 125 KIMBROUGH, PITT STONE 250. 389 KIMBROUGH SHANNON P 246 KIMBROUGH, TINA HELENE 197, 297, 361 452 KINDRED, SAMUEL JAMES 452 KINDS, MERRY GAIL 432. 275 KING, DAVID ALAN 432 KING. JEAN MARIE 468 KING. JOHN MARK 432 KING. JUDITH 314 KING. KENDALL LEA 409 KING. MARY KATHERYN 214. 342, 343, 452 KING, NELL MOSELEY 228, 265. 348. 350. 347. 409 KING. RONNIE CARL 452 KING. VIRGIL ABNER III 452 KINNEY.GROVEHC III 389 KINNEY. JACK THOMAS JR 248,432 KINSMAN DAVID WAYNE 452 KIRCHGESSNER, MARK D 240.232 KIRKLAND JAMES SCOTT 208 KIRKLAND, JOHNS 240 KIRKSEY. ROBYN SYDNEY 432 KISNER. DONALD WAYDE 432. 127 KITCHENS. DONALD SCOTT 165 KITCHINGS, HANNAH LYNN 218 KITCHINGS, MARIAN ELIZABETH 218 KITTRELL, HALDON JAMES 432 KITTRELL, MARTIN CARTER 389 KLIMETZ, PAUL DANIEL 432 KLINGEN, JOSEPH LOENARD 236 KNIGHT ANDREW JACKSON II 432 KNIGHT, HANSEL WILLIAM JR 432 KNIGHT, MARY ELIZABETH 389 KNIGHT, PAUL FORD 222 KNIGHT, ROBERT TERRELL JR 252.282 KNIGHT. SCOTT STEPHEN 452 KNIGHT. SYLVIA RENE 244. 432 KNIGHT. VICTOR EUGENE 222, 389 KNIGHT, WILLIAM VAN JR 208 KNISTER, SUSAN LYNN 348, 409 KNOWLTON, PAULCLAPPJR 250 KNOX, RICKY ALLEN 347. 409 KNOX, STEPHEN LEE 212. 304, 305 KNOX. TRACY LEIGH 409 KOESTLER. LAURIE KAY 21 6, 409 KORNDORFFER, PAMELA ROSS 351 353 355 357, 464 KORPAL. RICHARD LOUIS 354 KOSKI. PEGGY SUZANNA 409 KOSMAN, JOHN RICHARD 250 KOSTELNY, OMAR BENEDICT 199 KOTHE SHARON ANN 359. 453 KREAGER. WILLIAM FISCHER 248. 389 KRUG WAYNE WILLIAM II 282 KRUGER, CHARLES BAXTER 252 KRUGER MELISSA ANN 409 KRUGER, STEPHEN PAUL 353 KRYNICKI, HOLLY ELIZABETH 389 KUEHN KATHERINE CHESLEY 230 KUEHN MARY EVELYN 432 KUHNERT KAREN LOUISE 292. 453 KULA ROBERTS 212.290.409 KULBETH MARY JAYNE 244 KUNTZ, THOMAS WAYNE 432 KUYKENDALL, JOHN M III 347, 348. 350. 252. 409 KYLE, ROBERT TALLEY III 212, 389 LABARRE WILLIAM ROOF 409 LADNER, DAWN MARIE 334, 342, 343. 347 LADNER, SUZANNE LYNETTE 453 LAFFIN, LINDA JO 409 LAI, YUCHE EUSTACE 464 LAIRD, ERNEST EDWARD III 248 LAIRD, ROBERTO 347 LAIRD. STEVEN WILLIAMS 248 LAKE. ROBERT HAMILTON 224 LAKE ROBERT HART 409 LAKEY. ROBERT MILAM 248 LAMB, ANGELA LYNNE 244 LAMB, CYNTHIA SUZANNE 244. 432 LAMB. DEAN C 464 LAMB. JAMES LEON 291 . 319, 320, 432 LAMB, JEFFREY FALLOT 290. 309. 350, 254. 282 LAMB. SAMUEL MICHAEL 389 496 Index LAMBERT ALEX SCOTT 252 LAMBERT ANDREA LOUISE 349 351 355 453 LAMBERT CHRISTOPHER JOHN 250 LAMBERT MARY CLAY 216 409 LAMBETH CHARLES ANDERSON 237 LAMMONS JERRY EUGENE 432 LAMPTON ROBERT BENJAMIN 312 LANCASTER EDWARD DUDLEY 282 LANCASTER EMILY LOVE 214. 278 LANCASTER LINDA GALE 432 LANCASTER LUCY JEAN 214 453 LAND JOHN OLIVER 409 LANDESS MICHAEL BARRY 199 224. 265 275 350 LANDON VICKI CAROL 409 LANDRUM MELANIE FRANCES 409 LANDRY LARRY JOSEPH JR 389 LANE JEFFREY DAVID 21 2 213 291 453 LANE MELANEE 291 353.453 LANG LORA GAIL 453 LANGENFELDER HERBERT JR 254 LANGFORD. LINDA 348. 409 LANGLEY CARL EDWARD 117.120. 165 124 125 LANGLOW JOHN ROBMS III 240 LANGSTON AMY 409 LANNOU CYNTHIA DAKE 389 LANTZ GERALD BRIAN 409 LARKIN THOMAS JEFFREY 464 LARSEN DELORISE ARNOLD 349 453 LARSEN JOSEPH RICCI 4K LARSON ANN FISHER 216 LARSON MARX ALAN 208 209 354 453 LARY CATHERINE GAIL 453 LASS FLORENTINE F 464 .ASTER AUDREY VERA 389 LATCH KATHY ANNETTE 432 LATTURE CINDY KAY 246 LAU STEVEN KWOK-KEUNG 360 464 LAUOERDALE DONNA LEA 246 LAUERMAN DANIEL PATRICK 321 LAUGENOUR CAROL YNE 389 LAVENDER KAY ALINE 453 LAVENDER MARY MELISSA 389 LAWLER EDWARD EARL 198 199. 252 275 344 345 LAWLEH RAYMOND KYLE 252 LAWRENCE BRUCE ALAN 338 353 357 LAWRENCE JOHN WA YNE JB 432 LAWRENCE KEVW ANDERSON 210 453 LAWRENCE SANDRA HARPER 348 LAWSON MARY JULIET 409 L AWTON RITA KA YE 432 LAYMON OUENTIN ROBERT 409 LEAKE JAMES THOMAS 236 LEAR JAMES HAMILTON 165 432 LEATHERMAN ROBERTSON M 389 236 LEATHERS CRAIG KENDALL210 LE BLANC DEWEY MARK 208 LEBLANC KELLI ANNE 347 432 LECLAIR RENEE SUE 230 LEDBETTER LECIA RENEE 432 LEDBETTER THOMAS FRANK 432 LEDEZUA MANUELE 160 LEDLOW DAVID GEORGE 208 LEDYARD MELANIE 389 LEE CYNTHIA ANN 465 LEE DARRELL WAYNE 252 389 LEE DAVID MYRON 288 LEE JIMMY G JR 252 453 LEE JULIA PATRICIA 432 LEE LARRY WAYNE 222 389 LEE MARK ALLEN 250 LEE MIHYANG409 LEE SAMUEL MICHAEL 465 LEE STEVEN RALPH 432 LEE THOMAS HUGH 432 210 LEE Yl CHUNG 465 LEECH MARSHA LYNNE 228 LEECH WILLIAM DAVID 208 389 LEEDHAM ROBERT KENMNGTON 288 468 LEGGETT CHARLES PARKS JR 127 432 LEGGETT HELEN RENEE 389 LEGHANO TERESA L MAPLES453 LEHMAN VICKI ANN 291 389 LEMLY WILLIAM ALAN 349 351 353 453 LEMMONS BILLY CHARLES 224 LENOIR DENNIS ANTHONY 224 LEON ANGELINA CECILIA 453 LEONARD CATHY ANN 432 LEONARD NANCY LEIGH 230 LEONARD SUSAN ANNETTE 409 LERNER AARON CECIL 432 LESTER ARLENE453 LESUEUR CAROL LOUISE 202 203 432 LESURE KENNAN BERNARD 409 LEUNG PIUS KIN KONG 409 LEVMGS. SANFORD HOPKINS 252. 275. 348 347 LEWIS BEVERLY LEA 432 259 LEWIS. CHARLES KELLEY 250 LEWIS. LISA RUTH 409 LEWIS PMKEY MARIE 31 5 409 LEWIS W.UAM MARK 248. 282 432 LEWIS . WJJAMS GOfftH 344 345 LBERTO LEE ANN 216 LBERTO TERESA VEROMCA 3 9 UOOELL. JOSEPH JOHN 252 UOOLE. THOMAS EDWARD " 240 LM.TOMWANFAI389 LIN PING JEI 432 LIN. STEVEN SHfl-TSUEN 465 LINDSEY OSCAR KERN 248 LINGLE MARK GRANTHAM 453 LINN. ANTOMETTE HENLEY 218 LKXI.JYNJUN287 L SEY. EDWARD SPIVEYJR 252 LISK GARY LYNN 433 LITTLE. MELVM09 LITTLE. SHERRI LYNN 433 LITTLE. THOMAS LOYE JR 453 LITTLEFORO. ROSEMARY MOSS 228 LIVINGSTON CECIL DONALD 465 LIVINGSTON. JUUELOREN 99 216 361 LLOYD. BERNARD JEROME 206. 271 . 433 LLOYD. DARYL RUSSELL 433 290 LLOYD DONALD JAMES 433 LLOYD. ROBERT LESLIE 248 LOCKARO JAMES CLINTON 252 LOCKARD KATHERINE LANE 143 164 433 LOCKARD LOUS LANARK 232 LOCKE JANE MARC 226 389 LOCKE. MALINDA LEE 453 LOCKETT. ANDREW KMG 275. 321 LOCKWOOD. MARK ROBERT 389 LODEN. KATHRYN ANN 433 LOE TRACIANN214.433 LOFTM. HELEN LOUISE 226. 389 LOfTIN. JUUA 244 LOFTM. PAMELA FA YE 389 LOFTON. ROBERT MURRAY 232 453 LOGAN. DELORIS 31 7. 453 LOGAN JULIA KM 389 LOGAN ROBERT LEE JR 409 LOGAN RUSSELL MAHLON 291 LOGUE. OAVC OTTO 453 LOKEY. KARLA FAYE 347 433 LOLLAR GRETA JEANETTE 453 LOMAX. JOE KELLY 468 LONG AGRIPPA KELLUM 208 389 LONG EARSEL ROY JR 468 LONG. JUDITH GAIL 433 LONG RANDALL GRIFFIN 252 347 LONG ROBERT STEVEN 409 LONGSTAFF JOHNC 240.453 LORD SHERYL LYNNE 228 LOTT. CEOL LEON JR 222 LOUIS PAMELA I 228 LOWS. THOMAS MICHAEL 250 LOVE . ELIZABETH COULTER 21 4 LOVE. ROBERT YANCY 252 LOVELACE JOHN RUPERT JR 250 LOVELACE. USA KAREN 230. 433 LOVELL. CRAIG ALAN 208. 275 389 LOVELL.WMJJAMT 199 208 266 313 282 471 LOVETT CAROL LEIGH 230 350 409 LOW TINEKE ELIZABETH 216. 278. 410 LOWE JAMES BILES JR 224 LOYACONO GAY MARCEL 226 389 LOYD CAROL JEAN 143 164 228 LU. SHU-WEN 453 LUCAS. AUBREY BELL 282 31 2 LUCAS. ELIZABETH GEF 214. 348 350. 410 LUCAS EVIE CATHERINe 216 LUCKETT. BRENDA RENEE 433 LUCKETT JOSEPH HUGH HI 254 LUCKETT LARK ELAYNE 214 LUCKEY ALWYN HALL 224. 389 LUK. BENJAMIN KIN HOO 410 LUKE MARGARET VIRGMA 453 LUM. AORCNNE ANN410 LUNDY DEBORAH SUE 226 321.410 LUNSFORD JACOUELYNG 410 LUS8Y. JOE TURNER 390 LUSCO. CHARLES MATTHEW 115. 252. 253 311 334 341 344 345 349 351 347 LUSCO. MARY ELIZABETH 218 LUTER. KENT ALLEN 232 LUTTS RENEE C 468 LYLE. DAVID LESLIE 390 LYNCH. AMY 272. 354 LYON JENNIFER ANN 226 LYON SUSAN K 433 285 315 LYONS PAMELA DIXE 390 MACK. AVERMJ. CLIFTON 228 MACKERCHER ROB ROY 21 MACKMTOSH MAUREEN E 230 MADANY MOHAMMED T H 433 MADOOX. LALME MANLEY 218. 342 343.361.347.453 MADOOX. TRAVIS DANIEL 433 MADOOX VIRGMUk KATHRYN 269 314 433 MADEBO EMMANUEL OKELUE 390 MAGEE. CHARLES WINTER 240 410 MAGEE. STEVE E JH 319 320 MAGUSIAK DAVID ANTHONY 356 MAKER. SANDRA DAVIS 290 390 MAIDEN SHEROAN WENDELL 127 410 MAIERS. KAREN MARC 197 226 MAM.ROYMARTM-356 MAINOUS MOLLY A 230 MAIORISI. ANTHONY PETER JR 390 MALAUASI DIANE 390 MALAVASI VINCENT JOSEPH 21 2 MALCOM. STANLEY GILBERT 1 34 MALLOW. BRADLEY JOHN 271. 291 410 MALMO MURREY KIRKPATRCK 214 MALONE. JOHNME LEE 410 MALONE MILLER 453 MANASCO DAVO MICHAEL 288 468 MAKER WUJAM PATTON JR 465 MANN DONNA KAY 433 MANN. LAURA ELLEN 205 268 MANN. MARY KATHRYN 453 MANN. RACHEL ANN 246. 453 MANN ROBERT PATRICK 290 MANN. WILLIAM DOUGLAS JR 224 MANNER. MARTA MCDADE 453 MANMMG BARRETT KARL 468 MANNING CLIFFORD JOHN 305 433 MANNMG. LEONARD ROSS 453 MANSOUR. MOHAMMED H 433 MAPLES CINDY S 291 MAPLES. MARK ANTHONY 453 MAPLES RMDA LOU 111 MAPP.DEBRASUE21B MAPP. LOWS EDGAR JR 232 MARCHAND. THOMAS WINTER 290 454 410 MARION. BARRY STEPHEN 433 MARION CHERYL CONSUELLA 390 MARKOW. CATHERINE MARIE 410 MARKS. JOHN CHAMBLISS 160. 210 MARKS. MARY ANN 230. 390 MARKS. MELODY KATHRYN 226 410 MARKS SARA MARIE 246 390 MARKWELL NANCY LOWSE 226 227 274.433 MARLER.CATHYA MYERS 286 454 MARRAR. MUTELB AHMAD 410 MARS. DAMEL FENTON 248 MARS. JAMES MONTGOMERY 248 MARSH. BARBARA ELAME 390 MARSH. KEVIN ROBERT 291 410 MARSH. RICHARD PATRICK 390 MARTIN. CATHY NANNETTE 410 MARTIN. CHARLOTTE JANE 390 MART DAVO STILES 433 MARTIN ELIZABETH BURLEY 390 MARTM. JOHN TRENTON 21 2 433 MARTIN. JOSEPH WILLIAMS JR 254 275.350.410 MARTIN. LARRY A 454 MARTIN LESLIE JEAN 390 MARTIN RICHARD CAREY 4 10 MARTIN. ROBERT AUSTIN 145 275 282 MARTM. WILLIAM CHESTER 454 MARTM. WILLIAM CURRIE 344 345. 353 MARTIN WILLIAM MARK 210 MARTMEAU . PAUL JENNMGS 361 . 454 MARTINEZ MARTA REBECA 228. 274 190 MARTZ. CONNIE GAYE 228. 390 MARTZ DABNEY JO 228 348 410 MASK. JOHN KEVIN 433. 161 MASLANKA. JOAN LYNN 410 MASLANKA MCHAEL JOHN 454 MASON. CLARK WHARTON 347 208 MASON. R08M LYNN 390 MASSENGALE MARC BRIAN 410 MASSEY. CYNTHIA JEANME 410 MASSEY. ELIZABETH LYNN 21 6 MASSEY. WILLIAM DAVID 390 MATHEWS CYNTHIA LYNN 244 MATHEWS. SHERRI DARLENE 197 203 202 316 433 MATHEWS. WILLIAM COLF AX 354 465 MATHIS. BARBIE JEAN 390 MATHIS. KAREN 216 390 MATHIS. MELANE CAROL 293 348 410 MATHIS TERRY GENE 254 MATSON. ARTHUR FRANCIS 161 410 MATTHEWS. ALFREOA 202. 410 MATTHEWS. DEMISE DAVETTA410 MATTHEWS. ELLEN VMGMU 468 MATTHEWS NANCY KATE 228 MATTMGLY. OLIVIA LYNN 244 MATTOX. JOHNNY LYNN 353 MAULDEN. ROSLYN GAIL 390 MAUNEY PAMELA SUSAN 454 MAUTHE. CHRISTOPHER JAMES 240 MAXCY. CLYDE ST ANTON 254 347. 433 MAXEY SARAH MARGARET 390 MAY. BJ_Y ALLEN 356 MAYS.WUJAMTERRENCEJR 199 347.250 MAZZANTI GARY BERNARD 250 MAZZANTI. KAREN ANN 410 MCAFEE STEVEN MARCUS 347. 410 MCALEXAHDER BRENNA ANN 244 MCAUSTER CAYCE LEN 316 MCAUSTER. JOHN HILL JR 250 MCAUSTER. SIDNEY S JR 232 MCALLISTER. CARL FEEMSTER 356 MCALLISTER LORRAME ANNE 348 MCALPM.JJ_LEJUNE2S5 454 MCAHTHUR, SANDRA DEE 244 MCASLAN. KEITH THOMAS 454 MCATEE. MARKETTA JO 291 390 MC8ROE. DOUGLASS 290 454 MCBROE JAMES EDMUND JR 254 MCBRYDE. JOHN MCHAEL 222 MCCAA MELAME CONNIE 230 454 MCCABE. TIMOTHY FRANCIS 224 MCCAM LAURE HOPE 244 410 MCCALL ELIZABETH ANN 228 278 MCCALL. MARY ELIZABETH 454 MCCARTHY. MAUREEN 246 MCCARTHY. PATRICK SPENCER 264 341 MCCARTHY TIMOTHY DILLON 232 MCCARTY. TYRUS ALPHONSE 334 MCCARVER. META BETH 410 MCCARVER. VIBGIL MCHAEL 454 MCCAULEY TAMMY KAYE 230 MCCAULLEY. MARY MARGARET M 228 317 MCCLAM. HARVEY LEE 433 MCCLANAHAN MCHAEL KEITH 454 MCCLATCHY. JOHN WALTER 288 468 MCCLELANO. KENNETH RUSSELL 41 MCCLENOON.BURWELLB 252. 347. 282 MCCLESKEY. MITCHELL KAZAR 236 MCCLMTON. BRENDA JOYCE 433 MCCLOSKEY CANDCE LYNN 230 348 410 MCCLURE ANGELE ANNE 230 MCCLURE. SUSAN JUSTM 230. 410 MCCLUSKEY. HEATHER 218. 390 MCCLUSKEY. MARILYN MEADE 347 348.218 410 MCCLUSKEY. PATRICIA ANN 433 MCCOLLUM. JAMES DUNCAN 212 MCCOMAS CYNTHIA GRETCHEN 226 MCCONNELL CMDYJ 274 MCCOOL. MARCUS DEE 454 MCCOOL. MCHAEL LEE 454 MCCOOL. rtMOTHY MARK 390 MCCORD. MARY CLAUDETTE 214 390 MCCORD. NANCY LEE 216 MCCORD. REUEL MANSELL 341 MCCORMCK. DAVOO 354 MCCORMCK. DEBORAH JANE 291 MCCORMCK JOHN EDMONOJR 282 MCCORMCK MARK LOVITT 232 MCCOWN.JAJMES ROBERT JR 254 MCCOY. KAREN VANESSA 291 MCCRARY CONRAD ELMO JR 390 MCCRAHY. TIMOTHY EARL 334. 338. 357. 358. 454 MCCHAW. BARRY WILIAM 356 MCCULLEN. MARGARET PAGE 218. 355 MCCULLOUCH JOHN MURRY 410 MCCULLOUGH. ROSALC 244 268 282 310 360.433 MCDANEL DOUGLAS MAX 252 390 MCOAMEL. JAMES EDWARD 433 MCOAMEL. LEANN 244. 390 MCDAMEL. PHtLJP ANTHONY 465 MCOAVC. STEPHEN LAND 252 MCDERMOTT. MARTM THOMAS 1 52. 153 MCDONALD. CHARLES WAYNE 291 MCDONALD. JON STACY 208 MCDONALD MCHELE JO 230. 274. 361 MCDOWELL WILLIAM ROY 35 1 353. 454 MCELREATH BON MARK 250 MCELROY CHERYL R 230 433 MCELROY MCHAEL CHARLES 222 410 MCELROY. ROBERT FARLEY 210 433 MCELROY TOW DANISE 218 282 410 MCEUEN SUSAN ELIZABETH 21 4 454 MCEWEN. DEBRA DENCE 433 MCEWEN WILLIAM IRA 290 454 MCFADDEN CLYDE PATTERSON 250 MCFADDEN JOHN DALLAS 358 MCFALL. KIMBERLY ANNE 158 164 410 MCFARLAND. GEORGE CAMERON 454 MCFAHLANO ROBERT BRUCE 361 454 MCFERRIN SHERRY SUZETTE 290 433 MCGEE CALVM JEFFERY 41 MCGEE. ROY DOUGLAS 206 207 410 MOSMMS JOHN KELLY 160 210 433 MCGONAGU. JENNIFER HUNT 454 MO3OWAN. JOHN DAVID 232 MCGRAW MARY GEORGINA 410 MCGWRE. CHERYL KATE 433 MCHENRY JUDY LYNN 275 348 350 290.410 MCLHENNY. JULIE LYNN 214 MOLLWAIN KELLI ANN 390 MCMTOSH.AMY317 MCMTOSH BARBARA ANNETTE 390 MCMTOSH STANLEY ALLEN 294 433 MCKAY. DONALD R 288 454 MCKAY EVANA SHELBY 214 274 390 MCKAY MARY 218 410 MCKAY MCHAEL S 319 320 MCKEE MARY BETH 228 390 MCKEE SUSAN REBECCA 433 MCKEE SUZANNE 228 269 454 282 MCKELLAH PAMELA ANITA 230 276 UCKENZE JOHNNY LEE 454 MCKBBEN DOUGLASS DALE 224 MCKE JAMES MCHAEL 232 282 MCKMLEY KATHLEEN MARIE 228 MCKMHEY. KENNETH MCHAEL 390 MCKMNIE. VIRGINIA 410 MCKNIGHT BENTON G 250 MCLAM CHARL STOTT 230 MCLAM. PAUL KMG 390 MCLARTY HERMMEHERRMG197.312. 348.350 230.410 MCLARTY. MARY FRANCES 21 4 MCLAURM. ANSELM JOSEPH 254 MCLAURIN ROBERT SYLVESTER 212 MCLEAN. JOY BARBOUR 2 1 8 MCLEMORE MARY ELLEN 230 391 MCLENDON. NANCY DARLENE 454 MCLEOD. ALAN LAFAYETTE 208 209 454 MCLEOD CYNTHIA ANN 391 MCLEOO JONNE RUTH 214, 278 MCLEOD. MARY CLYDE 1 1 1 249 454 MCMAHAN. MERLYNN LEIGH 218 MCMANUS SONEY HUGH 410 MCMELLON STEVE ANTHONY 459 MCMKLE CHRISTY LEE 244 433 MCMLLAN.MLDREDG 465 MCMLLEN. CAROL JANE 354 MCMLLM. MARY ELIZABETH 244 301 433 MCMLLON. RONALD KEVIN 282 433 MCMULLIN. MARILYN 454 MCMURCHY. MARTHA SUSAN 218 410 MCMURRAY. MICHAEL GORDON 433 MCMURRAY. SUSAN KARON 157 216 MCMURTHAY. PATRICK DEAN 222 MCNALLY. EUGENE D 232 347 356 MOMALLY VIVIAN MCHELE 321 454 MCNAMAHA DAVID F JR 250 MCNARON . MARK A LAN 391 MCNATT. JIMMC KEITH 282 433 MCWEAL. LARRY DWAYNE 391 MCNEAL THEOOIS165 MCNEELY. DENMS LEE 433 NCNEER. GEORGE RANDALL 391 MCNEIL JAMES RAGSDALE 305. 312. 351 MCNEW BONNIE BANKS 246. 391 MCNULTY. SAMUEL TUHMAN 240. 433 MCPHLLIPS. FRANK MAURY 433 MCRAE CAROLE ELAINE 433 MCRAE MARTM HAYNES 433 MCROBERTS. MAURY E 214 280.433 MCWHRTER. NANCY GAIL 391 MCWLUAMS. MARX HARRISON 312. 454 MEANS. PAMELA ANN 246 MEDFORD. MARK ANTHONY 391 MEDUN. LUTHER CAMPBELL 391 MEEK. EDNA BOUSHE 454 MEEKS JERRI LEW 230 292. 391 MEEKS SHERRI LEE 230. 391 MEGEHEE CAROL MURPHEY 347. 348. 350.228 MELANCON. VEDA JANCE 349 497 MELTON. DAVID WAYNE 433 MELVIN, LESLIE MEREDITH 454 MELVIN PATRICIA FRANCINE 355 MENDENHALL. WILLIAM S 291,410 MENHAL GEORGE ANTHONY JR 210. 321.410 MERCHANT. CINDY KAY 354 MEREDITH. GRACE 433 MERIDETH PHILIP TAYLOR 282. 391 MERKERSON. CRAIG EUGENE 160 MERRILL, PATRICIA ANN B 160 MERRITT. HUGH NICHOLAS 199 MERRITT, STANLEY NATHANIEL 454 MERRYWEATHER. ERNESTINE 292. 465 MESRIE ZUHEIR AHMAD 358. 360 MESSER. PAMELA ANNETTE 391 MESSER. PATRICIA ANN 391 MESSER. RAYMOND GREYSON JR 454 MESTAYER. JAMES ALLEN 289 METTS, KENNETH LEE 410 METTS. MELINDA KAY 348 MEYER FRANK DANIEL 236 MEYERS. HAL JAY 391 MICHAEL. RONALD DALE 210. 433 MICHEL. FRANCES ALICE 230. 265 MICHEL. MARTIN HOBART 391 MIDDLEBROOK. CATHY FAYE 246 MIDDLETON CHARLES E III 232. 454 MIDDLETON. HANDLE THOMAS 232. 391 MIDDLETON. VANESSA LAINE 290 MIERS. WALTON LEE III 236 MIKELL, BETTY LYNN 410 MIKELL. CHERYL ANN 291 . 391 MIKSA. ANDREA KAY 356 MILAM. PHILIP EUGENE 252. 347 MILBY. DAVID DELAND 208. 391 MILES HOWARD MOSS 224 349 MILES. MARION SHELDON 265. 244 MILES, VERNON BENET 234, 282. 433 MILES. WILSON COLEMANJR 410 MILEY. LISA JEAN 410 WILEY THURMAN MORRIS 248 MILLARO. CAROLYN DORIS 391 MILLER ALBERT H 290.434 MILLER. ALYSON LOUISE 41 1 MILLER. ANNA LISA 391 MILLER CARMEN MARIA 280 MILLER. CHERYL LEIGH 1 43. 391 MILLER. CINDY LORRAINE 454 MILLER. DANA STEWART 210 MILLER. DANIEL WHITTEN 240 MILLER. DAVID LEE 349. 354. 454 MILLER. DEBRA RUTH 41 1 MILLER DONNIER 252 MILLER. JAMES GORDON 119 MILLER. JANE MADALINE 313. 454 MILLER JOHN STEVENS 391 MILLER. LACIE ELIZABETH 201 . 360. 434 MILLER. LINDA SUZANNE 246. 410 MILLER MARK ROBERT 252 253 MILLER. MARY ELIZABETH 230 MILLER. MAURICE W 250 MILLER. MICHAEL THOMAS 454 MILLER. NADALYN RUTH 434 MILLER. NORMAN EUGENE 1 34 MILLER. PHILIP KEITH 222. 411 MILLER. ROBERT DAVID JR 351 454 MILLER. SARAH LYNNE 216 MILLER STEPHEN ROBERT 224 MILLER. TANYA ANNE 21 8. 350. 410 MILLER. TERRI LYNN 201 361 . 434 MILLER. TIMOTHY FRANKLIN 434 MILLER. TODD DARIN 224. 391 MILLETTE. MICHELE THERESE 218. 454 282 MILLIGAN SAMUEL JAY III 232 MILLS. BRITT CAROLYN 434 MILLS DAVID CARLOS 434 MILLS. JEAN 434 MILLS. LISA LYNN 218 MILLS. MARGARET ANN 454 MILLS RHONDA SUE 434 MILLWOOD DEBORAH KAYE 434 MILNER JAN ELIZABETH 411 MIMS. JOHN HOWARD VAUGHT 152. 153 MIMS. MELISS A MEDLEY 214 MIMS. STEPHEN H 356 MIMS TROYE LLOYD 254 MINEAR. MALINDA 468 MINER. MERILEIGH FAIRBANK 246 MINNEAH ROBERT EASLEY 220. 221 MINOR LEIGH ANNE 214 M INTER DEBRA KAY 411 MINTON VICKEY LYNN 465 MIRON PHILIP J 434 MISKEL KATHY454 MITCHELL CHRISTOPHER O 248 MITCHELL DONALD K JR 275.454 MITCHELL. JAN 216 MITCHELL JO BETH 228 391 MITCHELL MICHAEL HOY 248 MITCHELL MICHAEL JOEL 434 MITCHELL. MINNIE MARIE 391 MITCHELL. NANCY FORRESTER 228. 434 MITCHELL. PAMELA ANNE 454 MITCHELL. VICKIE RUTH 454 MITCHELL. WYNNE 226. 391 MIX. TERRY LYNN 298 MIXON. JOHN BARRY 291 . 434 MIZE. BARBARA LEIGH 434 MIZE. RICKY DANE411 MIZE. SANDRA GAIL 411 MOAK, AMANDA WINN 214 MOAK. ROBERT WARREN 240 MOAK. ROGER ALAN 199. 222. 276 MOBLEY. JOHN CHARLES JR 224 MOFFATT. MELISSA 391 MOFFETT. MICHAEL EUGENE 289. 434 MOHAMED. SUSAN CAROL 218. 280. 282 MOHAMMAD. ALIT 434 MOHEAD. PATRICIA DILLMAN 269 MOHSENI.AFSANEH411 MOLLERE. OLLO JOSEPH 222. 41 1 MONAGHAN. ELLEN D 411 MONCRIEF. JOHN RUSSELL 210. 434 MONK, LINDA RENEE 282. 347 MONTAVLO, JULIAN DEAN 210 MONTGOMERY, ALVIN DELAY JR 391 MONTGOMERY. ANDREW T III 252 MONTGOMERY. DOUGLAS CARL 234. 454 MONTGOMERY, LEE HOWELL 454 MONTGOMERY. MURRY NEIL 454 MONTGOMERY, STEPHEN QUAY 356. 434 MONTS. HELLON DENISE 210 MONTS, MICHELLE DAWN 391 MOODY. ERNEST MICHAEL 161.391 MOONEY. JOSEPH SPENCER 281 . 356. 347 434 MOOR. JANICE MARION 108.217.301. 351.67 MOORE. ALIDA MARIE 218. 274. 282 MOORE. CECIL SHERRON 291 . 454 MOORE. CHARLES ED JR 224.391 MOORE. CHARLES HARMON 210 MOORE. CONWAY CORRIE 434 MOORE. DALE WILLIAM 161 MOORE. EARL ALEXANDER 250 MOORE. EVE LENA 434 MOORE. JAYME PHILLIPS 216. 228. 434 MOORE. KAREN ELIZABETH 356. 434 MOORE. KEVIN PHELPS 208 MOORE. LYLAR 244 MOORE MALCOLM SIDNEY JR 347. 348 224. 411 MOORE. MARCUS CLAUDE 224 MOORE. MARY MELISSA 218. 391 MOORE. MARY TUCKER 214. 274. J91 MOORE, MATTHEW MCDAVID 240. 391 MOORE. RICHARD CONE. JR 347.411 MOORE. STEPHEN LEE 455 MOORE. TAMA RA 214. 392 MOORE. TERESA ANN 41 1 MOORE. WALTER TRINNER 208. 411 MOORHEAD. JENNIFER LYNN 214. 21 5. 348. 356 361 MOORHEAD, PAMELA ANN 392 MOORING. DONALD ELLIS 455 MOORING. JOHN EDWARD 455 MORAN. ETHEL RUSSELL 230. 434 MORDECAI. RAMONA SUE 291 MOREL PAUL DOUGLAS 455 MORELAND. BRIAN CLARK 165 MORGAN. BOBBY GLENN 455 MORGAN. CAROLYN GAIL 309 MORGAN. CHESTER EARL 465 MORGAN. DENNIS PAUL 392 MORGAN. DIANA GAY 434 MORGAN. EDWARD ATKINSON JR 250 MORGAN. GARY HERSCHEL 434 MORGAN. JANELL ELIZABETH 434 MORGAN. JERRY ANN 347. 41 1 MORGAN. JOHN CHARLES 222 MORGAN. PAULA LEIGH 392 MORGAN. PAULA MARIE 244 MORGAN. RANDY GENE 434 MORGAN. SAMUEL KIRKPATHICK 159 MORI. KAREN ANN 434. 316 MORRIS. ANTHONY LEE 392 MORRIS. BRUCE 222 MORRIS. CATHY ANN 434. 347 MORRIS. CHARLES LAVERN 41 1 MORRIS. CHARLOTTE ANN 282. 468 MORRIS. HERBERT ALLEN JR 232.411 MORRISON BRENDA JO 349 354 MORRISON JANE BLAND 434 MORRISON. MICHAEL LAVON 1 60 MORRISON SARA LANE 392 MORSE EUGENE RICHARD 232 MORSE MILDRED WILHELMINA 230 MORSON JOANNA R 246 434 MORTAOA. KAMAL AHMAD 160 MORTON. JEFFERY CLELL 434 MOSELEY. CHRISTY LYNN 455 MOSELEY. KIMBERLY ANN 228 MOSELEY. NANETTE RENEE 214 MOSES. JOSEPH LEE 21 2 MOSS. HARVEY DWIGHT 434 MOSS. JENNIFER LINN 246. 392 MOSS. KIMMIER LEE 392 MOSS LEE JOY 434. 268. 301 MOTHERSHED. MILTON ALLEN 252. 285 347 MOULDS. MELINDA ANN 41 1 MOUNGER. DESMOND GRAHAM 275 MOUNGER. HENRY H JR 275 MOUNGER. ROBERT GORE 282 MOYES MICHAEL STEVEN 224 MOYNIHAN. DAVID PATRICK 455 MOYNIHAN. JOHN CHRISTOPHER 392 MUELLER. JOSEPH PAUL JR 236 MUIRHEAD. SARA 348, 216 MUIRHEAD, SHELLEY E 314 434 MULKIN, JOEL WHITE 1 54, 252. 392 MULLIGAN. CARL DENVER 318 MULLINS. ANGELIA GAY 41 1 MULLINS JUDY CAROL 434 MULLINS. WALTER ALLEN 347. 349. 351 . 455 MUNSON. LINDA CAROL 392 MURCHISON. MELANIE ANN 392 MURPHREE. BOBBIE GAIL 434 MURPHREE. RAMONA LYNN 434 MURPHREE. SHARON ELIZABETH 244 MURPHREE. THOMAS ALLEN 392 MURPHY. MANNEY 305 MURPHY. MARTHA LYNN 355 MURPHY. MICHAEL JOHN 411 MURPHY. RHONDA JO 226. 41 1 MURPHY. SANDRA KAY 41 1 MURRAY CRAIG HAMILTON 210. 392 MURRAY. KENNETH GORDON 289. 455 MURRY, MARSHA LYNNE 434 MURZYN. MARIA THERESA 306 MUSE. GREGORY HANLEY 354, 455 MYERS. ANNE POLK 216. 275. 41 1 MYERS. CYNTHIA CAMPBELL 226 MYERS, DAVID FANT 434. 224 MYERS GREGORY A 434 MYERS GREGORY BOWMAN 208 MYERS, JANE ALISON 214 MYLES. WAYNE EVERETT 290. 349. 455 MYRICK. MAflSHA GAYLE 455 MYRICK WAYNE TASWELL 455 NAAMAN. MICHAEL ANTHONY 254. 348 NABORS. MICHAEL DEAN 208. 392 NADER. DEBORAH LYNN 292 NAEF. ROBERT WILLIAM III 356 NAJJAR MUFFID411 NALTY. RAYMOND JOSEPH III 224 NANCE ROBERT STEPHEN 282 465 NAPIER, RAMON MONROE 288. 455 NASH. SALLY ANN 411 NAUGLE. NINA ELIZABETH 218. 282 NAVE. MARK LEE 309. 347. 434 NDEFO. LOUIS ATUANYA 455 NEAL.8ESSH HAWKEN353 NEAL. BRADLEY WARREN 224 455 NEAL, CASSANDRA RENEE 197, 455 NEAL, MARTA DEE 455 NECAISE. ANN ESTELLE 244 NEELD. JAMES HARVEY IV 250. 282 NEELY. JOHNNY DEE 224. 347 NEELY. ROBERT JERRY 289. 224 NEILSON MELANY CHERYL 347 NELSON BETTYE JEANETTE 434 NELSON. CYNTHIA ANN 228 NELSON. JOHN WILLIAM 161 NETTLETON. MARGARET SUE 455 NEUMAN HEIDI KAROL 228. 278, 41 1 NEW. WILLIAM RANDLE 199. 240 NEWCOMB JOHN NOLAN 252. 275 NEWCOMB. PAUL HENRY 465 NEWMAN CYNTHIA LYNN 434 NEWMAN JAMES WALTER IV 250. 41 1 NEWMAN. KAROL ANN216. 411 NEWMAN KIMBERLY ANN 434 NEWMAN ROBERT WEST 287 NEWSOM DEMETRIAAHLENE 197 455 NEWTON ISAAC ALTON 250 NEWTON MARIE HENDERSON 349 354 355 465 NEWTON. NANCY LEE HANSON 216 NEYLAND. ROBERT NASH 254. 347 NG. VINCENT W 412 NGANGA. JOHN PATRICK 4 1 2 NGUYEN. TAM THl MINH 455 NGUYEN. THANH KIM 412 NICHOLAS. JOHN ADAMS II 434 NICHOLAS. RICHARD MARK 248 NICHOLS. CARL GRADY III 250 NICHOLS. CHRISTOPHER R 224.284. 455 NICHOLS. FREDRICK 455 NICHOLS KARLA DENISE 455 NICHOLSON. AUBREY GLENN 434 NICHOLSON. CHARLES W JR 208 NICHOLSON. DEBRA JEAN 434 NICKEY NANCY MANIER 412 NIEBUHR. ROBERT BRYAN 155 NIELSEN. RACHAEL ELIZABETH 434 NIX. ELIZABETH DENISE 230 NIX. SUSAN PAULETTE 216 NIXON. PATTI ANN 111. 230. 434 NIXON. TERI JEAN 230 NOBILE JOHN DAVID 468 NOBLE. SARA LINDA 468 NOLEN. JOHN EVERETT 252 NORDAN. JOHNS 11392 NORMAN, EMILY JUNE 434 NORMAN THOMAS W 392 NOROUIST, HELEN CARY 214. 353. 455 NORRIS JANE HAYES 244 NORSWOHTHY. DERWARD T JR 412 NORTON. DEWEY ARNOLD JR 435 NORWOOD. ELOISE 412 NORWOOD, MARK MELTON 412 NOSSER. KENNETH JOHN 240 NOSSER. PETER JOHN JR 412 NUTT, PERRY LEWIS 248 NUTT TOBY KYLE 248 392 NWANONENYI, ALPHONSUS I 347.435 OUTZEN RICHARD MCLEAN JR 262. J 335. 338, 344, 349, 351 . 352. 353 347. ( 370 OVERSTREET. RICHARD ALLEN 254 OWEN DEBRA LYNN 31 5 OWEN SCOTT GREGORY 287 OWENS AGNES STACIE 455 OWENS. CHARLES DANIEL 290 246 393 OWENS. CYNTHIA BLAIR 293. 350 OWENS LINA ANN 455 OBANION. ELMORE ENGLISH JR 393 OBARR. MORRIS CLAYTON 455 OBRIEN. PHILLIP JOHN 1 99. 347. 357. 455 OBRYANT, SHERRY LYNN 465 OCONNELL KATHRYN DIANNE 216 OCONNOR. ELIZABETH SETON 143 158.393 ODOM. CONNIE MARIE 230. 412 ODOM. ELIZABETH STHEATER 197. 214, 275 350 DOOM RANDALL YOUNG 334 ODONNELL, DON IRVING 240 ODUM JAYNE ELIZABETH 468 OGLE. ROBERT WAYNE 224. 240. 435 OGUNTIMEIN BABAJIDE O 465 OHARA. WILLIAM EARL 435 OHAZURIKE BENNY NWABU412 OKE. ADEGBOYEGA OLATUNDE 347 465 OKEKE. CYRIL CHUKWUEMEKA 393 OKEKE. FELIX CHUKWUMA 455 OKEREKE CHUKWUNWIKI M 455 OKEREKE CHUKWUONMAEDOZIE412 OLA MARY HELEN 228 229 OLIPHANT HOPE ANNETTE 393 OLIVER. ANITA DIANE 228 OLIVER. JOSEPH DELBERT III 435 OLSON. RAMONA YVONNE 412 OLSZEWSKI GEORGE KILIAN 291 ONEAL DONNA LEE 292. 455 ONEAL LAURIE LYNN 412 ONEAL NATHANIEL M JR 291 OOUIN BOBBY RANDALL 412 ORANGE OIANNE 465 ORANGE PATSY ANN 435 OREILLY ERIN JAYE 393 ORY. LYDIAKAY 355 OSBORNE DEBORAH ELLEN 291. 314 OSBORNE WALTER WILLIAM JR 304 305 412 OSBORNE WILLIAM ARTHUR 212. 291 . 393 OSLEY SUSAN J 393 OSTEEN RICHARD HAROLD 224 OTT KATHEHINE ELIZABETH 393 OTT RICHARD WILTZ 465 OTTO. DAVID ANTHONY 240. 347. 412 OUTZEN HURON VIRDEN 248. 275 - ' PACE, BEVERLY AMANDA P 468 PACE, WILLIAM LEWIS JR 288.412 PADEN. MELINDA DAWN 435 PAGE. STANLEY WILLIS 289, 468 PAGE, STEVE ODELL 145. 232 PALMER. BRIAN MARC 412 PALMER. CAROL CLARE 214 PALMER, JOHN NORRIS 232 PALMER, PENNY SUE 216 PALMERTREE, KERRY FLYNN 289. 393 PALMERTREE. KEVIN LAELJR 435 PALMIER) DANA ANN 228 229. 361 PANAGON, THOMAS BASIL 240 PANG, LILY ESTER 455 PANG. RANDY ALAN 413 PANNELL. JOYCE ANN 435 PANNELL JUDY KAY 435 PANNELL WILLIAM TRUETT 455 PARHAM ORLANDO WAYNE 290 PARIS IRMA LEONARD 214. 413 PARIS LEE HENRY 229. 276. 344. 345. 455 PARIS. SALLY SUSAN 216 PARIS. VICTORIA ANNE 216. 21 7. 269. 280. 306 PARISH. GEORGE KEITH 435 PARKE. MARY SUSAN 413 PARKER. ANN DUBOSE 197. 278. 218. 435 PARKER, BENNY JACK JR 210 354. 468. 456 PARKER DONALD RICKY 288 PARKER IVORY 465 PARKER. JANICE ANN 244. 413 PARKER. LISA GAY 393 PARKER. MARGARET RACHEL 230 PARKIN. ROBERT DOUGLAS 288 PARKINSON CATHERINE ADAMS 413 PARKS. CARLA PATRICE 21 8. 41 3 PARKS. LINDA GALE 413 PARKS. R MAROUETTA353 PARKS. RHONDA JO 393 PARKS. SHARON MARIE 197. 456 202 321 PARRISH. STEPHEN ERIC 360 PARSONS. DANA RAY 232 282. 413 PARSONS. MARY ELIZABETH 230 PARSONS. RONALD E 254 PARSONS. WILLIAM WENDELL 456 PARTIN MARK OUENTIN 220 221 . 413 PARTIN MARY ELIZABETH 312. 456 PARTLOW ELIZABETH ANN 246 PARTLOW LAURA ELLEN 465 PARTRIDGE AMY ORUHAN 393 PASCHAL CHARLES WALTER 220 PASLAY. WENDY WALL 246 413 PATRICK CHARLES TIMOTHY 318 PATRICK FRANCES ILENE 413 PATRICK. MARY EDITH 435 PATTERSON CATHERINE ANNE 348 413 PATTERSON GARY WAYNE 252 PATTERSON JOEY HOWARD 21 PATTERSON JOHN LEON 240 PATTERSON MARY LISE 197. 347. 218. 435 PATTERSON PATTI ANNE 218 PATTERSON PATTI JEANETTE 244. 264.356 372,435 PATTERSON ROBERT LYNN 134 165 PATTON.MARYJ 246.393 PATTON MATTHEW THOMAS 41 3 PATTON. RICHARD ALLEN 456 PATTON. TERESA CHERYL 244 PATTON. WORD BAKER JR 413 PATTRIDGE MARY NELL 230 PAXTON. ROBERT GALLA 250 PAYNE BILLIE CHARLES 234 435 PAYNE MARY KAREN 456 PEABODY RUTHIE KEELEY 228 PEACOCK. CAROL A 292 435 PEAL LINDA RAE 228 ;.;: KU =- -.. 52 210211 I 498 Index PEALER CARLA JEANNE 413 PEARSON GEORGE TREADWAY 143. 353 465 PEARSON JACK BANE JR 224 PEARSON JACKLYN LOUISE 290 435 PEARSON JOHN FRANKLIN 224 261 271 275 276 313 413 PEARSON JOHN MICHAEL 290 PEARSON LEANNE 268 269 PE ARSON MARK HILLS 224. 435 PEASTER THOMAS BENJAMIN 210 PEAY MICHAEL EDWARD 435 PEDIGO TENA SUE 316 456 PEDRON JEFFREY LEWIS250 PEORON MARK RICHARD 250 PEE PAMELA GAIL COCHRAN 413 PEEL JOHN KELLY 165 PEEL TERRI SUSAN 244 393 PEELER WARREN CHRISTOPHER 41 3 PEEBLES BRADLEY STUART 250 PEEPLES RONALD EDWARD 288 PEETS RANDOLPH DILLON JR 252 413 PEGUES AB8IE DELISIAL 393 PEELE VIRGINIA LEIGH 244 PENDLETON EDMUND ALAN 212 PENNINGTON DEBORAH ANN 413 PENNINGTON GERARD MICHAEL 456 PENNINGTON NANCY MARGARET 393 PENNINGTON ROSEMARY 228 277 PENNY JAMIE CAROLYN 393 PENTON LISALOUISELEE413 PENTON ROY ALAN 413 PEREIRA RENEE MARIE 154 PERKINS EDDIE 290 456 PERKINS FRANCES CROUCH 465 PERKINS MEREDITH DENISE 393 PERRY LEONJR 119 125 PERRY LESLIE DEVANEY353 465 PERRY ROBBIE ANGELINE 286 PERRY TIMOTHY TURNER 354 465 PERRY VERDAMAE393 PERSON TANA JEAN 214 PETERSEN BARBARA JEAN 456 PETERSON DEBORAH JEAN 230 393 PETERSON THOMAS ALLEN 290 PETERSON TIMOTHY R 413 PETKOVSEK JEANENE MARIE 244 PETTIS BARBARA A 413 PETTIS CARNELIA321 456 PETTIS EVERLEAN435 PETTIS JAMES LEIGHTON III 252 456 PETTIS MATTIE B 456 PHAN LUONGOUOC456 PHAN OUANG OUOC 354 393 PHARR RENELDA LYNN 465 PHELPS ROBERT HOUSLEY JR 222 357 PHELPS ROY LYNN 206 PHIfER EUGENE HILEY 353 357 358 456 PHILLIPART CATHERINE M 393 PHILLIPS BILLY BLANN 456 PHILLIPS DANIEL MORRIS 199 PHILLIPS DARBY DEE 228 393 PHILLIPS DAVID TIMOTHY 224 PHILLIPS DEBRA SUSAN 246 PHILLIPS EMILY BRYANT 214 393 PHILLIPS FORREST C JR 127.413 PHILLIPS GINA SPEARS 282 393 PHILLIPS JEANNE BELLE 216 393 PHILLIPS JOELLEN21B 316 393 PHILLIPS JULIE GRAY 282 435 PHILLIPS MARK THEODORE 250 356 347 PHILLIPS MATTHEW RAY 356 PHILLIPS MICHAEL STEPHEN 288 347 456 PHILLIPS MITYLENE BOWRON 214 PHILLIPS MYRA JAYNETTE 457 PHILLIPS RENEE JEANETTE 291 393 PHILLIPS WILLIAMS S 252 PHILPOT CLIFF H: 208 PICKERING JAMESGARY1S2 153 224 PICKETT JOSEPH RODNEY 356 468 PICKLE ALLAN THOMAS 248 413 PICKLE MARGARET JEAN 218 PIELA DONALD JOSEPH 457 PIERCE CHRISTY LYNN 244 393 PIERCE HARRIETT SUSAN 349 355 457 PIERCE JAMES ALBERT JH 393 PKJG LISA LOUISE 244 PIGG PATTI393 PILGRIM CAROL ANN 216 457 282 PINSON JAMES ANDREW 435 PINSON PAUL ANTHONY 457 PIRTLE JEANANN216 435 PITCHFORD ROSIE BELL 413 PITNER MARK STEVEN 457 PITTMAN CYNTHIA JO AMN 230 274 435 PITTMAN DONNA KATHERINE 218 393 PITTMAN JACK HOMER JR 393 PITTMAN JAMES ARCHIE JR 289 457 PITTMAN JAMES CALHOUN III 232 PITTMAN. MELANIE 292. 41 3 PITTMAN PEGGY DIANE 291 . 413 PITTMAN. STEVE J 252 PITTS KEVIN ANN 218457 PLANTS ROBERT THOMAS 224 PLASKETES GEORGE MARK 306 465 PLATT NANCI CLAIRE 348 PLOSKI EDWARD PATRICK 457 PLUNKETT MARILYN KATHLEEN 246. 274 POAG. JOSEPH WALTER 250 POAG VIRIGINIA HYDE 216 POCKLINGTON BRIAN TERENCE 393 POLK. HARVEY HARK 435 POLK. JUDITH ANN 230. 393 POLK. VALERIE DENISE 393 POLLARA RICHARD JOSEPH 154 POLLARD MARY CLAIRE 228 POLLARD WILLIAM EVERETT 457 POMERANZ MICHAEL BUCKEYE 152 153 PONDER PAULA LUNELL 393 PONDER RANDALL DEAN 222 347.435 POOLE PATTI ANN 99 457. 214 POON KING LEUNG 358 457 POPE ALISSA KATHLEEN 393 POPLE JOHNNY WAYNE 348 413 POPE RN IK MICHAEL LEE 393 POPERNIK STEPHEN ANDREW 393 PORRAS JOHNNY NILO 435 PORTER BETTY LOU 393 PORTER CAROL YNE TAIT 393 PORTER LEE ANN 435 PORTER MARK MAURICE 145 275. 312. 413 PORTER MARK NATHANIEL 282 393 PORTER RACHAEL ANN 218 PORTREY MICHAEL JOE 435 POSEY KENNETH EDWIN 41 3 POSS HANDLE OTIS 435 POTTS. JENNIE DELEIGH 210. 244. 282 393 POTTS RONNIE LYNN 435 POTTS VIRGINIA GAYLE 244 282 435 POUNCE Y RITA FAYE 468 POUNDERS JACKIE JEAN 393 POWELL JULIUS ERNEST 291 457 POWELL SANDRA LEE 43S POWELL TERRI ANN 457 POWERS MARGARET L 218 POYTHRESS DAVID F JR 413 PRADHAN RAVINDRA M 465 PRATHER LEISHA JANE 100 145 349 350 228 PRATHER LYDIA SUE 169 311.313 348.413 PRATHER PAMELA 218 267 275.348 347 282 413 PRATHER ROY JR 413 PRATHER WILLIAM DAVID 435 PRAY DAVID JOE 435 PRENTICE DON STEWART 282 291.414 PRESLEY LISA BRITTON 393 PRESSON BRUCE ALAN 393 PRESTAGE JOHN ARTHUR 457 PRESTON ROBERT CLYDE 457 PREVOST TAMMIEDIANNE316 PREWITT T HOMAS STEPHEN 3S3 PRICE BETTIE CATHERINE 226 414 PRICE CANDACE LECH 21 1 414 PRICE HELEN PORTER 360 457 PRICE LAURI ERLETTE 393 PRICE. MARY ANN 316. 414 PRICE PETE WENDELL 232 233. 347 PRIMM KEVEN ALANE 393 PRIMOS MARY ALICE 214 PRIMOS MARY JANE 214 PRIMOS WILLIAM ANGELO 347. 350 224 414 PRITCHARD NELLE HARRISON 351 PRITSCHER RUTH CAROLYN 457 PROCTOR MARGARET JENNY 244 393 PROVENZA MARGARET ROSE 244 PRUIETT MICHAEL RIDOELL 393 PRUETTE JANET KMBERLY 214 PRUITT VERNON MCKAY 435 PRYOR DAVID WAYNE 435. 271 PSANOS KIMBERLYANN414 PSIKOGIOS ELENA KAY 314 PUNSHON JANICE ANN 246. 247 PURSER LISA GAYLE 218 PURVIS ALTON E 393 PURVIS JACK NELSON JR 152 153 232 PURVIS PEGGY DENSE 393 OUARLES. BEVERLY 361 457 OUARLES. CATHY 354. 457 OUATTLEBAUM MILES TODD 347 348 252. 435 OUBBAJ HILMI FAREED 394 QUEYJA MARY DA 465 QUICK. NANCY DEAN 281 . 394 OUIGLEY. THOMAS ALBERT 347 356. 232 OUILLEN JESSE WAYNE 414 QUMLEY. CHARLOTTE LYNN 457 OUNN. KEIREN LOUISE 457 OUINN. PAMELA HARRISON 394 OUWN PATRICIA DAVIS 306. 307 OUINN RAYMOND FRANK JR 254 OUINN VICKt JEAN 457 OUINN WILLIAM MARTIN 236 OUINTANA. BANJAMIN A JR 465 QUMCONI. SHANNON KAY 226. 227 RABITO FELICIA ANN 246 394 RADIGAN. KENNETH JOSEPH JR 457 RAGLANO. JUDY LEE 457 RAINES DEBORAH KAYE 244 RAINEY. CHARLES EDWARD 248 414 RAINEY LISA SUZANNE 218 RAINEY PATRICK TRACY 457 RAINWATER JANICE ANITA 244 RAJABI JERCS394 RAKESTRAW. LARRY WAYNE 457 RAMAGE MARTIS DONALD JR 282 435 RAMOS EMILIO 435 RAMSAY. GARY LESLIE 457 RAMSAY. GHANVK.LE PARKER 252 RAMSAY MELISSA ANNE 246. 394 RAMSDELL BRANDI MARIE 457 RAMSEY. MICHAEL EUGENE 234 457 RAMSEY WILLIS LAWRENCE 457 RAND FRED TURNER IV 240. 414 RANOLE LAURA ELISE 210. 245 RANDOLPH. MfTZI CAROL 244 RANDOLPH STEVEN CALVIN 248 RANKIN SHERIL 214 293 RARDIN KEVIN RUSSELL 347 435 RATCLIFF JAMES C 254 RATHER HUGH HENRY III 435 RATLIFF AUTRY DAVIS 465 RATLIFF. DOROTHY FAYE 202 457 HATUFF. ROBBIE M 435 RATLIFF. RODGER DRANE 252 RAWLS CLIFFORD ANDREW 435 RAWLS ROBERT LEO 212 RAWSON RICHARD DANIEL 394 RAY. CARMON TIMOTHY 457 RAY DAL ISA GENE 414 RAY JAMES STEVENSON 252 282 394 RAY. JOSEPH EUGENE 394 RAY. MARTHA SUSAN 246 394 RAY MECHELLE 244 RAY VAN KYLE 435 RAY WANOAGENC 197.435 RAYA. FATM ELIAS 435 READ. BENJAMIN HOWARD 210. 414 READY DEAN GUESS 282 READY GEORGE BANKS 282 REARDON RORY CAMPBELL 414 REASONS OEBHA LYNN 218 REAVES CHARLES EDWARD 394 REDO HERBERT LUMASJR 468 REDDITT LISA PATRICIA 21 8 278 414 REDMOND MARGARET ANN 291 . 457 REECE EARNEST RAY JR 290 REED DIANA 274 394 REED JUDY BETH 457 REED PATRICK DANIEL 394 REED RACHAEL ANEVA 435 REED WILLIAM ROBERT JR 224 REEDER MARSHA STEWARD 457 REESE LISA LYNNE 214 394 REEVES CINTEALIA PAIGE 435 REEVES CYNTHIA LYNETTE 259 275 394 REEVES DAVID PRESTON 224 REEVES EARL PRESTON 347 REEVES JOHNNY RAYMOND 282 266 457 REEVES PHILIP M 248 REEVES TIMOTHY FRANK 210 REEVES WILLIAM GARDNER 232 REID MARSHA KATHRYN 205 349. 351. 354 457 RELLY. HELEN ROBINSON 214 REMA. JERRY J 394 REISSER. LINDA JEAN 394 REJE8IAN MICHAEL VAHRAM 224 RENAUOIN ELISE B 414 RENFRO TRACE Y CAROL 348. 414 RENFROW RHETA FAY 457 RENFROW RICHIE HARDIN 240. 277. 414 RENO JERRY DEAN 435 RE SPESS. FRANCIS KARL 435 REYNOLDS ANN ELIZABETH 435 REYNOLDS DANNY EUGENE 208. 414 REYNOLDS. MICHAEL 414 REYNOLDS PAUL DENNIS 435 161 REYNOLDS ROBIN TERESA 230 231 REYNOLDS. TANYA FAYE 315. 414 RHINE LYMDA GAYLE 218 RHODES ELIZABETH ANNE 218 274. 278 347.436 RHODES SHAVONNE LISA 294 RHYNE JULIE ANN 230 414 RICE ANNIE LEE 202 436 RICE FRANK OLIVER 305 359 RICE LUCY ANN 214 112 278 279 342 343 RICE MARY LYNN 246. 414 RICE ROBERT KIRK 250 RICH RONALD NEAL 347 414 RICHARDSON ANTHONY ALLEN 457 RICHARDSON HARRY LEE 356 RICHARDSON LETA ELLIS 457 RICHARDSON RICKEY HAROLD 436 RICHARDSON ROBERT PERCY 232 RICHMOND BRENDLE Y KAY 414 FOOTER SANDRA ANN 414 HICK CUUBOURNE E JR 457 RICK RHONDA ANN LESLIE 457 RICKS EVELYN LUVIER 394 RICKS. STEVEN LEE 436 ROOLE ERIC JOHN 240 ROER JAMES NEIL 210 RIOGWAY CAROLYN BENTLEY 230 H1DGWAY DOUGLAS WALLACE 224. 414 RIOGWAY LOUS ERNEST 210 356.347 RIESER DOROTHY P 305 359.414 RIGGINS PAMELA SUE 414 RUY. ANN BONNEY 216 274 394 RILE Y BRADFORD B 252 RILE Y FELECIA LYNNE 436 RILEY HARRIET FRANCES 265 214 414 RILEY. MARGARET DENISE 436 RILEY PAULA MARIE 436 RILEY STEPHEN MAYFIELD 252 308 436 RMCON. MAX GUILLERMO 457 RICH. JEFF WINOHAM III 290 360 465 RISH MARK HENRY 436 HISH MELANIE SUZETTE 290 315 394 RIVER KEITH ALAN 208 RIVES JULIAN WRAY 347 RIZZO ANTHONY JOSEPH 153 ROACH DAVID GLENN 287 KAREN MARIE 414 i. ROBIN MICHELLE 291 414 ROBERSON JEFFREY MERRITT 161 . 457 ROBERSON ROBERT LYNN 436 ROBERSON WILLIAM JEFFREY 291 415 ROBERTS ANGELA CAROLYN 216 415 ROBERTS EDWARD BURKE 457 ROBERTS JOHN BURNS II 361 436 ROBERTS JOHN CURTIS 161 ROBERTS JOSEPH EDWARD 224 ROBERTS LEIGH ANNE 228 394 ROBERTS RICHARD ANGUS JR 436 ROBERTS RONNIE ALLEN 457 ROBERTS SCARLETT ELAINE 394 ROBERTS SCOTT MADISON 252 ROBERTS. STEPHEN COOK 236 ROBERTS STEVEN GLEN 304 305 359 ROBERTS SUSAN DIANE 157 415 ROBERTS WILLIAM EWELL 224 ROBERTSON ALVIN 394 ROBERTSON CALVIN EDWARD 265 M ROBERTSON KATHERINE RUTH 218 457 ROBERTSON KENNETH RAY JR 252 ROBERTSON. RICHARD VOVEY 248 415 ROBERTSON TERRY ALLEN 224 394 ROBERTSON TORY LYNNE 350 ROBERTSON WANDA KATHRYN 457 RO8ICHAUX MILTON JOSEPH 394 I DAVID CALVIN 457 I DAVID LEE 212 457 ROBINSON FIELDING B JR 222 282 415 ROBINSON. GEORGE IVAN 436 ROBINSON LISA CATHERINE 246 ROBMSON. MEUNDA KATHRYN 218 N. MITCHELL HUNTLEY 254 ROBMSON VIRA JEAN 41 5 ROBINSON WILLIAM C JR 436 ROBISON CAROLYN LEIGH 216 ROBST PAUL KENNETH JR 212.318 ROCHE MARY HELEN 415 ROCKETT REBECCA ANN 246 ROCKETT ROBERT STEPHEN 250 RODDY MARSHALL DAVID 394 RODEN MONICA ROSE 436 ROOGERS JAMES GRIFFIS 291 RODGERS VALLERY FORBES 246 ROEBUCK KAREN DIANE 311 313 415 ROEBUCK LINDA DIANE 290 415 ROEMER TERESA LOUISE 468 ROGERS JOHN MILBENJR 248 ROGERS MARY KIRKPATHICK 21 8 436 ROGERS RICHARD JACKSON 248 ROGERS RICKEY GUS457 ROGERS SONYA DENISE 218 ROGERS TERRI ELIZABETH 246 ROGERS WILLIAM EUGENE 436 ROHAN LESLIE ALICE 246 394 ROLWMG PATRICIA JOAN 230 ROMINE BRUCE CLAUDE 199 347 232 RONE. WILLIAM SCOTT 318 ROOP. WILLIAM HENRY JR 161 457 ROOSA CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 41 5 ROPER JAY MICHAEL 208 415 ROSE ELDRIDGE DUNN 436 ROSE JENNIFER KAY 415 ROSE SIDNEY MARK 208 ROSEBERRY MARCIAMELINDA244 415 ROSEBOROUGH. MELVm 457 ROSENTRETER MAX ALAN 290 394 ROSS CHINODALEE415 ROSS JULIA CAROL 143 164 415 ROSS. LACEY HUNT 95 216 275 310 313 ROSS. LAUREN ROBERT 216 ROSS. ME LINDA ANN 246 415 ROSS NITA LOUISE 41 5 ROSS SONNY CHRIS 458 ROSS. THOMAS TROTTER 309 ROSS VIRGINIA LYNN 291 315 415 ROSSER MARY SCOTT 265 274 348 244.394 ROSSETTI JAMES THOMAS 282 347 436 ROTH MICHAEL 458 ROUSH MARK ALLEN 290 394 ROWAN ELIZABETH LYNN 216 394 ROWAN LYNNE 436 228 255 254 ROWAN SHERRY MILLS 275 ROWAN STEVEN ANDREW 254 ROWE JOHN TATE 458 ROWELL THOMAS CARTER 458 ROWLAND VIRGINIA MORGAN 415 ROWLEY FRANCES KIM 228 ROZCR DAVCEARLJR 199 254 ROZZELL AMY ELIZABETH 218 347 ROBK) MONICA ELIZABETH 436 RUBLE CHARLES JAMES JR 246 RUDMAN JERRY EDWARD 394 RUDOLPH TAMARA ELIZABETH 228 415 RUESELER ROBERT POWELL 240 241 ROFF MARGARET ANN 21 6 RUFF. MYRA EASON 216 RUNNELS RHONDA ALTER 436 RUNYAN AMY CLAIRE 214 394 RUSH. JANET SUE 31 7 458 RUSH. UNDA ROSE 415 RUSHMG AUOIE LEN 458 RUSHING DAVID LEE 252 356 436 RUSHING KERMIT LEE III 252 RUSHMG KEVIN BRIAN 309 30 5 458 RUSHMG WILLIAM RICHARD 254 347 RUSHTON FRANCES LANELLE 415 RUSSELL DEBORAH JEAN 246 458 RUSSELL FRANCINE ANN 230 RUSSELL HENRY ELLIS 436 RUSSELL JUDY ANN 244 347 348 350 415 RUSSELL NATHAN SANS 436 RUSSELL PEARL KATHREYN 197 436 RUSSELL RONALD WAYNE 153 165 RUSSELL STEPHEN BLAME 436 RUSSNOGLE JAMES ARTHUR 436 RUTH. MILLER ARANT 248 RUTLAND SUSAN RENEE 436 RUTLAND WILLIAM JEFFREY 210 394 RUTLEDGE TERRY L 252 458 Index 99 RYAN DEBORAH LYNN 246. 348 RYAN. REX WILLIAM 254 RYDER. STEPHEN KENNETH 240 RYLAND. JULIE 394 RYLEE. JOHN MICHAEL 436. 275, 290 SABA-AAYON, WALID M. 436 SABBANI, ANJANEYULU465 SABBANI. ROHINI DEVI 465 SADDER. KAMAL 360, 465 SADEK. SAYED FARES 465 SAFFOLD, KATHLEEN MOORE 214. 197, 215,342,343,361 SAGAN, PAUL STANLEY 458 SAID, SALAR GHAFUR 465 SALEMI. PHILIP MARK 232 SALIM. MAHBOB BIN 287 SALTER. KATHERINE KAIGLER 230. 394 SALVANT, WILLIAM CLAYTON 248, 436 SAMARTGEDES, JO ANN 272 SAMMONS. HARRY JR 159. 224 SAMMONS. STEVEN SCOTT 252 SAMS, LUCIUS F. Ill 347 SAMUELS, DONALD GENE 415 SAMUELSON. NORMAN W III 288 SANDEFER. JANET LEE 436 SANDERS. CAROLE RUTH 218. 458 SANDERS. CHILTON 250 SANDERS. JACK LARRY 289 SANDERS. JACKIE ROSE 465 SANDERS. KRISTY ANN 458 SANDERS. ROBERT HAL 212. 415 SANDERS. SRAA MYRTICE 458 SANDERS. STEVEN CORLEY 212. 458. 436 SANDERS. VICKIE LAUERNE 458 SANDERSON. ALBERT ANDREW 468 SANDLIN. AMY JANE 216, 436 SANDLIN. WILLIAM ANDREW II 437 SANDO. BARRY M. 250 SANFORD. JUDY LYNN 437 SANFORD. LISA KAREN 394 SANG, ANTHONY C 356, 437 SANG, CHARLIE J JR 347. 353. 356. 458 SANSING. DAVID GAFFNEY JR 208 SANSING, DEBHA ANNE 218. 219. 437 SANSING, JOHN PERRY 250. 437 SANSING, REBECCA FAYE 218 SANSOM. STEVEN DALE 458 SANTINA. AHMAD 415 SARNO. GRACE FLORENCE 291 SAHTIN. ALVIN CRAIG 468 SARULLO, PETE 210 SAUCIER. RENEE 216, 361 SAUL. ERIC MATTHEW 208 SAUL. PHYLLIS RAE 437 SAUL, SONYA GAIL 394 SAUNDERS. JON CLAIR 394 SAVERY, ROBERT WARREN 252 SAWYER. ANDREW BENNETT 208 SCALES. PHILIP LEE 458 SCARBOROUGH. CYNTHIA 348. 415 SCARBOROUGH, NORMAN A, 222, 458 SCARBOROUGH, SIDNEY MILTON 347, 415 SCARDINO. ANGELYN MARIE 348. 415 SCARDINO. DEBRA FRANCIS 394 SCHAFF. JEANNE MARIE 230. 231 SCHAFFENBURG, PAUL CARLOS 222, 437 SCHEIDEMANTEL. SUSAN JEAN 316, 349 SCHEIDER. GARY ROY 248 SCHILLING, BRENDA ELLEN 214 SCHILLING. PENNY MARIE 286 SCHILLING. RICHARD JOHN 161 SCHIRMER. MICHAEL SCOTT 290 SCHMIO. SUSAN KEEMA 394 SCHMID. TANIA LISETTE 437 SCHMIDT. JEANNE ANNE 415 SCHMIDT. KAREN FAYE C. 415 SCHMIEG. MEREDITH LYNN 228. 316. 394 SCHMITZ. HEIDI ANNE 394 SCHNELLER. WILLIAM F JR 394 SCHOENBERGER. KURT EDWARD 254 SCHOTT. CARL GERARD 347, 415 SCHOTT. ERIC ROBERT 394 SCHOTT, JAMES VINCENT 288. 347. 458 SCHOVE. MARGARET SUSAN 216 SCHRAM. ANDREW CAMPBELL 394 SCHUESSLER, DAVID JOHN 347 SCHULZE. WILLIAM CHARLES 210 SCIBILIA. WILLIAM THOMAS 349, 458 SCOBEY. DAVID KELLY 437 SCOTT. JEFFERY MARION 291 SCOTT. LESLIE CLAIRE 338. 352. 353 SCOTT, ROY BRYANT 252 SCOTT, TAMARA LYNN 228 SCOTT, THOMAS HERBERT JR 232 SCRIBNER. RAYMOND PEGRAM 208 SCRIVNER, DONNIE JOE 254. 468 SEARCY. DEBRA SUE 458 SEARS, ANGELEA 214. 415 SEASE. ELTON COUNTS III 248 SEAT, CANDACE JEAN 437 SEATON. CAROLINE MINTON 437 SEAWRIGHT, NORMAN HOUSTON 415 SECKAR, JULIE ANN 259. 293. 361 . 458 SECKMAN, JOHN PRESCOTT 212 SEDANO, ANTONIO EUSTACIO 41 5 SEEGER, KEVIN DAVID 41 5 SELF. GEORGE MICHAEL 321 SELF. MARY LOUISE 214. 278. 279 SELLERS, BOBBY NEWTON JR. 212, 213.437 SELLERS. KIRBY WAYNE 290. 318 SELLERS. PATRICK L. 254 SENF. MELANIE LEE 355 SENJER, MOHAMAD-KHALID S 437 SENTER, JOHN THOMAS 208 SEOT, LINDA SUSAN 458 SETZLER. WILLIAM ROSS III 236 SEVIER, WILLIAM STEVEN 290 SEWELL, SCOTT DOYLE 224 SEWELL. WILLIAM HASLETT 237. 284 SEXTON. MICHAEL WAYNE 437 SEYMOUR. JULIE LYNN 230 SHAAR. JAMAL ABDUL RAHMAN 437 SHACKELFORD, ALLAN DOUGLAS 252. 415 SHACKELFORD. JOHN MICHAEL 210. 458 SHACKELFORD, LEE ANN 437 SHACKELFORD. VIRGINIA 214. 282 SHACKELFORD, WILLIAM M, 220 SHACKLETT. SUSAN HOLLY 246. 394 SHADE. IAN ERIC 291 SHAGHAGHI, ARSALAN MOEEN 458 SHAKIR. SUBHI SAED 437 SHAMALNASAB. HAMID458 SHANAA. OSAMA 437 SHANKLIN, MARY CAROL 415 SHANKS. JENNIFER ANN 415 SHANKS. STANLEY HOWARD 236 SHANNON. DANNY ARTHUR 248 SHANNON. JILL ANNE 246. 415 SHANNON. WILLIAM W. 222. 415 SHARMAN, WILLIAM ROBERT 212, 199. 341.344.345.437 SHARP, COVINGTON MAGRUDER 465 SHARP. DEANNE RUTH 270 SHARP. GARY WADE 360. 437 SHARP. MICHAEL KEITH 437 SHARP. PAT KEITH 465 SHARP. SALLY OWEN 244, 415 SHARPE. DEBRA LYNN 415 SHAW. CHARLES CALVIN 437 SHAW. DAVID CHARLES 394 SHAW, JEANNE LEA 437 SHAW. ROBERT SYDNEY JR. 347 SHAW. SHEILA ROBIN 437 SHAW. STEVEN EARL 437 SHAW, WILLIAM FREDERICK 437 SHAWAIS. RAST NOORI 465 SHEAHAN. LAURIE SUSAN 1 1 1 . 230, 41 5 SHEDRICK. JENNIFER ANN 309 SHEFFIELD. GENE GUILD 222 SHEFFIELD. JOYCE LYNN 458 SHEFFIELD. TRACEY LEIGH 244 SHELTON. DYAN355 SHELTON. JESSE LYTLE 415 SHELTON, LURLEAN 394 SHELTON. SHARON LYNN 415 SHEPARD, DAVID MOORE 415. 154. 212 SHEPHERD. THOMAS BANKS 19, 198. 199, 208. 310. 312. 340, 341, 344. 345. 371.347,282,437 SHERMAN. JAMES JR 415 SHERMAN. LISA MARGARET 246. 394 SHERMAN. RICHARD NEWMAN 347, 348 SHERWOOD, ALEXIS 361 SHIDELER, ERIN EILEEN 197. 210, 245. 270. 361 SHIELDS. BEVERLY CAROL 292 SHIELDS. DOUGLAS M. 458 SHILAN. SUSAN PATRICIA 218, 437 SHINAULT, WALTER EUGENE 240 SHIPMAN, ELLEN VAUGHN 228. 394 SHIPPY, SUSAN DAWN 291 SHIRLEY. MARGARET LEE 246 SHIVERS. LUANNE 230 SHOOK. OEWEIE SHAWN 290. 415 SHORES. TERRI LYNN 143. 164. 458 SHORT. EVELYN DENISE 458 SHORT. MARY LUCINDA 437 SHORT. TRILBY JOY 291 , 394 SHOUP. LANED 134 SHOWN. MARY LOIS 395 SHOWS. JACK DOUGLAS 232 SHUCK. VICTORIA LYNN 458 SHULER. EDNA DIANE 286. 458 SHUMAKE, CHRISTOPHER S. 356 SHUMAKE, LESLIE BOWLIN 208 SHUMAKE, WENDY 218, 395 SHUMWAY. MICHAEL MURRAY 395 SHUTE, JAMES COLEMAN 210. 437 SIBLEY, FAYE CAROLE 218. 219. 335. 342. 343, 349. 351 , 354, 355, 458 SIBLEY, JESSICA LEIGH 218, 268. 313. 348.350.356,347,282.415 SIDDELL. OOYAL HAYES 285. 458 SIFAWI, NABIL SULYIMAN 437 SIGMON, VALERIE RUSSELL 458 SIGNA. PEARL MARIE 415 SIKORA. JERI LYNN 275. 415 SIKOHA. JODY LEE 301 , 335, 342. 343. 349, 351 . 355. 458 SILLS. JEFFREY JAY 395 SIMMONS. ALLAN KYLE 222 SIMMONS. BRIAN AINSWOHTH 395 SIMMONS, CRAIG MITCHELL 208 SIMMONS. DIANAH LYNN 458 SIMMONS, HAROLD DAVID 395 SIMMONS. JOSEPH ROY 290, 458 SIMMONS. JULIUS TAYLOEJR 248 SIMMONS. LELIA ANN 218. 342. 353. 458 SIMMONS, ROBERT EARL 287 SIMMONS. SUSAN NELL 218. 275. 347. 415 SIMPSON. ANDREA JEAN 395 SIMPSON, 8ERNADETTE 290, 395 SIMPSON. BETSY ANN 216 SIMPSON, DEBRA LYNNE 214. 395 SIMPSON. LIDELL MANN 282. 437 SIMPSON. STANLEY FRANK 240 SIMS. ALBERT DAVID 41 5 SIMS. DAVID STACY 254 SIMS. THOMAS HARMON 353. 358. 458 SIMS. THOMAS RANDALL 344 SINCLAIR, DAVID BARRON 222. 312, 458 SINGH. SURENDRA 465 SINGLETARY. ALBERT JESSE 437 SINGLETON, KATHERINE 395 SINGLETON. PAUL LESTER JR 1 54. 224.416 SINGLEY, PATRICK SHANNON 282, 395 SINOPOLI, JON THOMAS 232. 395 SINOUEFIELD. ROBERT STEVEN 282. 415 SIRERA. DAVID PAUL 250. 426 SIRERA, JULIE LYNN 246. 247. 437 SISCO, SHARON DENISE 437 SIZE MORE. MITZI ANN 218 SIZEMORE, TERRY ALLEN 319. 320. 458 SKELTON. RONALD EARL 468 SKINNER, HOWARD WALTER 416 SKINNER, JAMES C. 416 SKINNER. MARY KATHERINE 416 SKINNER. MIKE TIMOTHY 437 SLACK, KATHY DEAN 244.437 SLATER, JOSEPH LEONARD 291 . 348. 347.416 SLAYDEN. BRENDA RUSSELL 287 SLEDGE. JIMMIE REED JR 335. 338. 349,351,352,353 SLEZAK. JASON NICHOLAS 264, 275. 350.416 SLIM. HUSSEIN ABDALLAH 437 SLINKARO. JERRY MARK 210 SLOCUM, DORIS MCNARY 465 SMART. PAMELA GAY 416 SMITH, BRETT DWAIN 346 SMITH, BRIAN HAMILTON 416 SMITH. CATHERINE DAVIS 437 SMITH. CATHY DIONNE WEST 458 SMITH. CHARLES MYRON 395 SMITH. DANNY LYNN 1 27 SMITH, DARNELLA YVONNE 437 SMITH, DAVID BRIAN 347. 416 SMITH. EDWIN BERNARD 437 SMITH. ELIZABETH LOUISE 290. 345 SMITH. EMILY GAY 437 SMITH. ERIC LOWELL 165 SMITH. GREGORY LANE 395 SMITH. GREGORY LOUIS 458 SMITH. INGE PAULETTE 244 SMITH. JAMES BUCHANAN JR 465 SMITH. JAMES DARREL 248 SMITH. JAMES MICHAEL 458 SMITH. JAMES PATRICK 289. 458 SMITH. JAMES WILBURN JR. 248. 416 SMITH. JANASTACIE214 SMITH. JERONE WAYNE 234. 291 . 458 SMITH. JERRY MICHAEL 289 SMITH. JOHN BHITT 254. 347 SMITH, JOHN BURTON 360 SMITH, KNENETH BRYANT 240 SMITH, LESZLIE ANNELLE 228. 395 SMITH. LINDA LEE 230. 348. 41 6 SMITH. LISA ANNE 416. 437 SMITH. LYNN ALAN 395 SMITH. MELISSA MARIE 269. 342. 343 SMITH. MICHAEL CONNOR 395 SMITH. MICHAEL LEE 282 SMITH. MONICA MARIE 395 SMITH. RALPH ALLON JR 250 SMITH. RICHARD ADRAIN 437 SMITH. ROBERT HOWELL JR 288 SMITH, ROBIN LEIGH 416 SMITH, ROBIN MICHELLE 244 SMITH, ROGER HAROLD 468 SMITH. SALLY GRAHAM 228, 458 SMITH. SANDRA KAYE 395 SMITH, SHARON LOUISE 228, 293.395 SMITH. STANLEY JOSEPH JR 208 SMITH. STANLEY QUINTEN 212. 458 SMITH. STUART MURRAY 395 SMITH. SUE ELLEN 244. 282. 437 SMITH. SUSAN ELIZABETH 437 SMITH. SUZANNE MCWHORTER 354 SMITH. TIMOTHY JAY 395 SMITH, VANESSA 202. 31 7. 437 SMITH. VICKIE LYNN 458 SMITH, VICTORIA ELAINE 290. 437 SMITH, VIVIAN ANN 416 SMITH, WALTER FRANKLIN 361 SMITH, WILLIAM CLIFTON III 248 SMITH, WILLIE GUICE III 282, 275, 312 SMITH, WINSTON 206. 437 SMITHHART, TIMOTHY M 395 SMITHSON, MARTHA ANN 95. 197. 228, 313.348.416 SNEED. AMY ELIZABETH 218 SNEED. BILLY RAY 437 SNEED. JOSEPH NORMAN 250 SNEED. JULIE LYNN 218. 458, 282 SNEED. RHONDA KAYE 416 SNIPES, GERALD PATRICK JR 250 SNIPES. SUZANNE BRANDON 1 13. 216 SNOW. JOHN POTTER 222 SNOW, SIDNEY LEE 437 SNYDER, ANNE ELIZABETH 244, 437 SODIPE, MORAKINYO 458 SOFIA, M AURELIUS 161 SOJOURNER. SUSAN P 437 SOLDEVILA, DALE FRANCIS 395 SOUTH. ANGELA PAULETTE 459 SOUTHERLAND. DENISE 416 SOUTHWARD, HAL BINFORDJR 459 SPACHT, STEPHEN DANIEL 208 SPAIN. F THOMAS 252 SPAIN. LULA FRANCES 291 . 316. 416 SPAIN, MELINDA ANNE 437 SPANN. DARREN JAMES 208, 395 SPARKS, JOHN THOMAS 438 SPARKS, TERESA ANN 395 SPEAR, DAVID GLENN 212, 291. 350, 347,416 SPEARS, MARILYN RED 459 SPEECE, DEBORAH GAYE 395 SPEECE, ROBERT FRANKLIN 459 SPENCE, JOSEPH HARRY 289 SPENCE. WILLIAM C III 438 SPENCER, ALFRED JENKINS 248, 264, 347 SPENCER, JACK DALE JR. 1 52. 1 53. 252 SPENCER. JAMES ROSS 290. 438 SPENCER, RICHARD DENNIS 212 SPENCER, ROBERT WADE 254 SPENCER, SANDRA ROCHELLE 459 SPENCER. STEPHEN CHANDLER 248. 459 SPICER, SUSAN STEWART 216, 347 SPIGOLON. THOMAS EUGENE 416 SPILLMAN. RICKY CLAYTON 459 SPIRES. JOSEPH STEVEN 395 SPIVEY. EDITH EVELYN 216. 274 SPRAGINS. HAL SCOT 250. 251 SPRECHER. LYNN FREDERICK 252 SPRINGFIELD, GLENDA LYNN 143. 110. 459,315 SPURGEON. KELLY LEA 246 STACKS, LAURA ELIZABETH 293. 395 STACY. PAUL ELLIS 459 STAGGS, KATHY DARLEEN 281, 459 STALLWORTH, SHARON E 265. 274 STAMPS, BONNIE FAYE 77. 416 STAMPS. CHARLES TIMOTHY 459 STAMPS. KENNETH GARRY 335 STAMPS. NANCY JO 438 STANBACK. JANET MARIE 291 STANFORD, CAROLYN 459 STANFORD, FREDA JOYCE 416 STANFORD, PATRICIA ANN 416 STAPLETON, CURTIS BRUCE 465 STARNES. CYNTHIA 244. 282 STATHAM, TODD BARTLEY 230 STAUB. LAURA ANNETTE 218. 355 STAUFFER. ARTHUR REED 416 STEARNS. MICHAEL PATRICK 396 STEELE. ANTHONY 290. 396 STEEN, JEROME BRIDGES JR 396 STEINRIEDE, NANCY REBECCA 396 STEINWINDER, WANDA LEIGH 459 STENGEL, GEORGE WEBSTER 459 STENNETT, THOMAS RICKY 459 STEPHENS DEBORA SUE 438 STEPHENS, HUGH MARION JR 252, 265 271,275.276.346,347,438 STEPHENS, WILLIAM DANIEL 212. 356, 282. 438 STEPHENSON. RICHARD LARRY 396 STEPHENSON, SHIRLEY M 216,416 STEPHNEY, ESTHER MARIAN 459 STEPP, ANDREW EARL 416 STEVENS, CLAYTON ANTHONY 248 STEVENS, LULA MARGARET 468 STEVENS, MICHAEL K 222 STEVENS, RAYMOND REVIS 438 STEVENS, RICHARD BYRON 438 STEVENSON. NANCY LEE 396 STEWART. ALLYSON KAY 348, 416 STEWART. B SUZANNE 230. 394 STEWART. BETINA 438 STEWART CAROLE ANN 353. 465 STEWART, CHERYL 66, 278. 244 STEWART. ELIZABETH ANNE 228. 396 STEWART, GLADYS M 468 STEWART, GREGORY MACK 290. 438 STEWART. JOHN DILLARD 224. 396 STEWART. MARK PHILLIPS 290. 396 STEWART. RALPH CLEO JR 465 STEWART. SARAH ELIZABETH 396 STEWART. THOMAS HUNTER 465 STILL. JIM HOWARD 288 STODDARD. BRITT LEONARD 287 STOKES. AMBA LOUISE 438 STOKES. ANDREW D JR 396 STOKES. BERNARD DOUGLAS 347, 356 STOKES. CONSTANCE ADALIA 216. 396 STOKES. LOUIS JEROME 347 STOKES. WALT ELISHA IV 250 STONE. DANNY LADFORD 468 STONE. GLEN HENRY 208. 396 STONE. JENI LEE 111.218 STONE. JOSEPH CARSON 208. 209 STONE. MAISY LUCILLE 202. 354, 459 STONE. NANCY JANE 214, 282 STONE. NORA FRANCES 341 STONE. REUBEN HARPER 252 STONE. RICHARD MORGAN JR 240 STONE. SALLY ANN 244. 31 5, 416 STOREY, MICHAEL ALBERT 240 STORK. HARLEY EDWARD JR 465 STORY. DANIEL BOBBY II 224. 31 1 , 313. 350.379.347.416 STORY, SHARON VIRGINIA 218, 31 7, 396 STOUT. SARAH CATHERINE 226 STOVALL. EARL HILTON JR 396 STOVALL. JOHN EDWARD III 416 STOVER, DELMAR DEAN JR 309. 438 STRACHN. LINDA FRANCES 416 STRAIN. DAVID BASS 466 STRANG. DAVID ERIC 1 52. 153 STRANGE, RUTH PHOEBE 459 STRATTON, KRISTIN WESLEY 143. 214. 396 STRAUGHN. JOHN ELLIS JR 459 STREET, GEORGE MARTIN JR 282 STREET. MARY LYNN 246 STREETS. BONNIE BETH 244 STRIBLING. JAMES BENTLEY 438 STRIBLING. SUSAN LEE 197. 361 . 459 STRIBLING, VIRGINIA ANN 293. 361 , 438 STRICKLAND, SUSAN KAY 466 STRICKLAND, WILLIAM EARL 232 STRINGER, JOSEPH DANIEL 252 STRINGER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN 438 STROBL, CYNTHIA ROSE 230. 416 STROCK, MARGARET HAYES 21 4 STROUD. JOHNBUSBY134 STROUD. MARY CATHRYN 416 STUART. ALLAN ESCHOL 468 STUART. JOHN GRAHAM 416 STUART. LAROSE LORENE 459 STUART. WILLIAM FLETCHER 240 STUBBLEFIELD. BETTY JEAN 459 STUBBLEFIELD. TERRY WADE 288, 417 STUBBLEFIELD. YOLANDA LYNN 438 STUMPFF. CHRIS GENE 248 STUMPFF. RANDALL WAYNE 248. 417 STURGEON. JOSEPH CLINTON 417 STUHGIS. KRISTENCOLSON218.276 j SUCHY. DALE EDWARD 438 SUFFLING. CHARLES EDWARD 336 SUGGS, DEBORAH JO 292 SULCER. KATHRYN IRENE 246 247. 301 459 SULLIVAN, DAVID MARK 347 356. 210 SULLIVAN, DAVID WAYNE 210. 438 SULLIVAN. DEBRA ELIZABETH 228 500 Index SULLIVAN MICHAEL JOSEPH 282 275 350 319 320 417 SULLIVAN THOMAS ALIVIE 224 SULLIVAN TIMOTHY DEAN 281 43 SUMMERFORD JULIE LEA 306 SUMMERLIN. MICHAEL DARREN 152. 153 SUMMERS MARY ANN 246 347 SUMNER NANNETTE MARIE 244. 417 SUMNERS MELINDA WATSON 228 348 417 SUMRALL WILLIAM JOSEPH 246 438 SUNDARARAJAN SURESH466 SUNOERRAJ ASHOK SAMUEL 466 SURI MADAN154 459 SUTHERLAND SUSAN NANATTE 214. 438 SUTTON ANN CAROL 230 396 SUTTON PAMELA JOY 459 SWAIN JULIAN JACKSON JR 347. 254. 417 SWAIN PATRICIA ANGELIA 466 SWAN GLEN HOWARD 41 7 SWANEY MELODY ANNE 214 417 SWANEY RANDALL PHELPS 254 SWANN SUNGJAY 396 SWARTZENORUBER JOHN MARK 438 SWARTZFAGER MARTHA E 216 SWEARENGEN SHERRY LYNN 274 438 SWEETSER WILMER ALBERT 333 347 SWIMS DOROTHY LYNETTE 321 SWOBOS BECKY LEIGH 143 459 SYKES HARRIET 230 396 SZELUGA MARY THERESE 396 TABOR MARY MARTHA 438 TAKACH YUOITH HILDA 348 TAKKOUCHE M SALIM 459 TAN. ANTHONY ANGSANTO 459 TANG YUK CHOI ANDY 396 TANNER BRENOA KAY 438 TANNER HUGH EARL 208 264 347 438 TANNER JANET MARLENE 244 TAPSCOTT MICHAEL DAVID 309 TATE PAUL RICHARDSON 290 TATE ROBERT NORMAN 396 TATE. SARAH MAE 438 TATUM EVELYN SUZANNE 216. 361. 282 438 TATUM MARY SANDRA 216 TATUM NANCY EDLIN 216 274 396 TAVARES BRENDA LYNN 459 TAYLOR ARTHUR OLIVER 224 TAYLOR COH1NE WRIGHT 244 438 TAYLOR DONNYHAY210.417 TAYLOR ELIZABETH RUTH 214 TAYLOR HOWARD GORDON 459 TAYLOR IRMA PATRICE 396 TAYLOR JOANN 439 TAYLOR JOEL A 287 TAYLOR JOHN CLARK 2SO TAYLOR JOSEPH HANDY 439 TAYLOR MARCUS ALPHUS 290 TAYLOR MICHAEL JOHN 396 TAYLOR PAMELA GAY 216 .348 TAYLOR PAMPER JEAN 1 58 39 TAYLOR PHILLIP J 468 TAYLOR REMONA LYNN 41 7 TAYLOR ROBERT P JR 439 TAYLOR ROBERT WAYNE 224 TAYLOR STANLEY MONTGOMERY 252 TAYLOR TERHI LYNN 275 282 TAYLOR TOMMY FARRELL 254 TAYLOR TRUDY BLANCHE 21 4 TAYLOR WILLIAM PRENTISS 357 358 TAYLOR WILLYN439 TEER SHERRY LYNN 230 439 TEMPLE HUBERT DEWANE Jfl 248 TEMPLETON MICHAEL ALAN 153 165 TERNEY WILLIAM STEPHEN JH 210. 347 439 TERPSTRA SCOTT MATTHEW 236 TERRACINA LISA ANN 240 274 TERRACINA TINA MARIE 459 TERRESON DAVID WHITTEN 206 396 TERRY RONALD GENE 417 TERRY STEVEN ANDREW 210 TESTA CLARA ROSE417 TESTA MARY ELIZABETH 396 TEW JAMES RANDAL 439 TEW RONALD WAYNE JR 417 THAMES BILLY GLENN 288 THAMES MICKEY WAYNE 165 THAMES RODNEY KIRK 254 THAMES. WILLIAM LEWIS 466 THARP JONI LYNN 230 THAXTON SUSAN LYNN 286 459 THEAH CHRYSA MARIE 417 THERRELL. REBECCA DORIS 214 459 THK3PEN ANN LORENA 230 THOMAS CHARLES HENRY III 224 THOMAS. CYNTHIA LYNN 214. 41 7 THOMAS GWYN ELIZABETH 214 396 THOMAS JAMES CLIFTON III 41 7 THOMAS JOHN BILLY JR 290 THOMAS LISA CAROL 244 225. 459 THOMAS MARTHA ANN 439 THOMAS PATRICIA LOUISE 293 459 THOMAS. RANDAL DEVON 41 7 THOMAS. THARNELL MYRON 439 THOMAS TIMOTHY ASTOR 134 THOMAS VICKIE LYNN 439 THOMASON JOHN ERSCHEL III 459 THOMPSON CYNTHIA CLARICE 439 THOMPSON DAVID LEE 348 THOMPSON DIANNA LEE 274 396 THOMPSON FREDRICK ROSCO 439 THOMPSON GAIL PATRICE 396 THOMPSON. HELEN HAND 439 THOMPSON. JAMIE SUE 230 396 THOMPSON JEFFREY LEE 459 THOMPSON JOHN PHILIP 466 THOMPSON KATHY NAN 218 THOMPSON KENNETH EUGENE 254 THOMPSON KIMBERLY LANE 218. 314 THOMPSON LEWIS MARSHALL 459 THOMPSON. ROBERT C III 41 7 THOMPSON SHALAYNE 459 THOMPSON. TIMOTHY CARROLL 417 THOHNHILL FREDRICK LEON 439 THORNTON SUSAN MELINDA 468 THRASH LUCY MANSFIELD 230 THREADGILL JAMES TIMOTHY 41 7 TIOWELL MARTHA LEE 292 TILLEY. BECKY GRACE 278 41 7 TILLMAN ERIC ALEXANDER 222 TILLMAN KATHRYN BARRY 396 TILLMAN SUZANNE MARIAN 228 417 TIMS, KAREN JO 41 7 TINDALL WYN WILLIAMS 21 6 TISDALE DAVID TIMOTHY 459 TISDALE DEBORAH DENISE 41 7 TOOO. WILLIAM SCOTT 21 TOLBERT MARGARET 439 TOLBERT RICHARD THOMAS 254. 282 TOLER KENNETH PACK JR 252.417 TOLER. NOEL KENNEDY III 252 TOLLEY. ELIZABETH C 228 347 439 TONEY BARBARA ANNETTE 353 TONNEY VIRGINIA LEA 216. 21 7 TORBERT NAN LEIGH 396 TOHKINGTON RICHARD SCOTT 212. 291.417 TORRES WILLIAM DELOSO 466 TOTTEN GRACIE MAE 396 TOWERY BOBBY AHTEN 224 TOWNES ROBERT BURWEU. 22 TOWNSEND JERRY BERNARD 439 TOWNSEND NOHMA LORAINE 439 TRAMEL JUDY LYNNE 396 TRAMEL MICHAEL TERRANCE 254 275 TRAMMELL. LISA GAY 293 397 THAN TRUNG OUOC 459 TRAVIS CADE GREGORY 222 TRAVIS DORIS JEAN 397 TRAVIS PATRICIA RENE 244 417 TRAVIS WILLIAM JEFFREY 222 397 THAXLER.DAVIOLEEJR 165 TREAS FRANCES FOX 205 TRELEAVEN LUNOY STONE 230 TREUTEL DAVID ALLEN JR 347 439 TREUTEL. PAUL JOSEPH 397 TREUTEL STEPHEN BRIAN 291 397 TREVATHAN JENNIFER JOY 466 TRIGGS MARY KAY 244 TRIM. MARTHA 459 TRIPLETT. JANIS LUZENE 202 203. 278. 459 TRIPLETT LARAME CURTIS 439 TRIPLETT MELANIE197 230 231 342 343 361 459 THIPLETT REBECCA ANN 230 TROTT CARENAOAIR218 TROUTT LUCYGIVENS216 TSANG EDMONO HO YUEN 347 439 TUBS MARJORIE AARON 244 TUBERTM. I4JMMC ANNETTE 41 7 TUCKER BESSIE LOUISE 466 TUCKER BYRON SHANE 199 356 347 240 TUCKER JAMES MARTIN 3 254 255 312 356 347 TUCKER JAMES RUSSELL 240 439 TUCKER LISA JANE 397 TUCKER LOfll MICHELLE 214 294 TUCKER MICHAEL ROBERT 288 459 TUCKER ROBERT BARRON 220 TUCKER SANDRA SUEMELIA 202 269 275.278.347.439 TUCKER TIMOTHY SCOTT 240 TULL. SAM F 232 TULLOS. CYNTHIA DAWN 216. 439 TULLOS DEBORAH LYNN 214 TULLOS. DEBORAH LYNN 244. 41 7 TUNG. KEEL 466 TUOHY. SEAN ALBRO 134 TURBEVILLE. DAVID MILTON 397 TURBEVILLE HOMER BENJAMIN 248 TURMAN DANNY EARL 254 TURNER. ARDENE PATRICIA 41 8 TURNER. CATHY TERESA 418 TURNER DONNA JEAN 280 TURNER ELSTON HOWARD 134 TURNER GARRY ALLEN 439 TURNER IRBY III 61 . 224 225. 31 1 313 341 344 347. 282 439 TURNER MELISSA RHEA 459 TURNER PAMELA ANN 466 TURNER ROBERT HALLOCK 397 TURNER. TOBY WARREN 152 153 165 TURNLEY MELISSA ANN 397 TURTON RISA COOK 218. 143. 397 TUTOR. BONNIE LEA 321 . 459 TUTOR. DAVID BRUCE 356 TUTOR DONNA KAY 418 TWFEK ASHTY NAMIK 466 TYNES WILLIAM EDWARD 4 1 8 VIDULA BALASESHA SARMA 466 VK.UTIS. ARV 354 VINCENT ROBERT HUDSON 236 VINER STANLEY JOHN 224 460 VINES SHELLYE MURRY246 V1HDEN JOHN ADAM 248 VIHOEN JOHN ALBERT 248 VIHDEN THOMAS SANDERS 248 VIVIAN JAMES GILREATH 287 VO NGAU VAN 439 ULMER SUZANNE 197 268 274 244.282 UMFRESS. VIVIAN JANE 439 UMSTED. ERIC LOUIS 154 232 418 VALENTINE. DAVID LEE 459 VALENTINE. JOHN P 252 VALENTINE MELANIE CELESTE 216. 397 VALENTINE NORMAN STEPHEN 140 241 VAN CLEVE WILLIAM EARLY 248 VAN OEKEL HANS J 439 VANACKER DELORES ROSE 397 VANCE JERRE LYNN 41 8 VANOERBURG. DAVID CLAY 212 459 VANOERBURG JEFFREY SCOTT 21 2 418 VANDERBURG PAMELA JANE 228 269 459 VANOERSLCE THOMAS WESLEY 281 439 VANEXAN KENNETH STEWART 288 347 VARAS ALEXIS WILSON 360 VARNER BONNIE LEE 418 VARNER. CATHERINE NAN214 459 VARNER. DAVID ARTHUR 439 VARNER MICHAEL HUNTER 232 397 VARNEH SAMUEL HOUSE 347 VARNER WCXI LYNN 360 VASSAR. MATTHEW WILLIAM 459 VAUGHAN GLORIA DAWN 228 459 VAUGHAN GREGORY ALLEN 250 VAUGHAN PAMELA SUZANNE 218 397 VAUGHAN. SYLVIA LOUISE 21 8 397 VAUGHAN. WILLIAM SCOTT 208 209 336 341 344 345 358 360 347 460 VAUGHN. MONA RUTH 214 294 VAUGHN SUZANNE DEAN 21 4 V AUGHT LEE ANN VOORHIES 397 VAUSE PATTI JO 218. 397 VEASEY CHARLES LARRY 439 VEAZEY VIRGINIA WILSON 214 VEGA.pflADO SALVADOR 460 VEISEH MOHSEN 360 VEIT JOOYLEE216 397 VENTURA TERESA ANN 397 VICK. DONNA ANN 460 V1CK WALTER CLIFTON JH 347 348 282.418 WADOELL CATHERINE DENISE 290 WADOELL LAMAH PRESTON JR 439 WADOELL WANDA LYNN 439 WADE CATHERINE ANN 228 278 397 WADE FLOYD EZELLE 290 460 WADE JAMA RUTH 230 WADE JOHN ERNEST JR 199.237 WADE JONATHAN ROBIN 208 WADE VIVIAN MARIE 214 WAFA ZAKI H M 397 WAGNER ANNA ELIZABETH 218 460 WAGNER CELIA MARIE 218 219 WAGNER THOMAS FRANK 287 WAITKUS SUSAN MARITA 226 WAKEFIELD MARK JACKSON 347 351 353 466 WALO ELIZABETH JEAN 230. 355 WALD MARGARET ELLEN 230 WALDROM LESLIE C 439 WALDROP JANE SHANNON 244 460 WALDROP MARY A 347 WALDROP RANDY JOE 397 WALDROP SCOTT BRIAN 254 282 WALDRUP ROYANNE 418 WALKER BARBARA GAYLE 347 439 WALKER CECIL DUANE 292 460 WALKER CHARLES DONALD 127 165. 134 WALKER CHARLES RICHARD 96 265 336 341 344 345 349 208 WALKER HARRY GREY JR 418 WALKER JANA JOYCE 228 460 WALKER JEFF BRENT 254 WALKER JENNIFER CATHERINE 397 WALKER JOHN NEWTON 439 WALKER KIRBY PIPKIN 224 WALKER LINDA CAROL 158 164 460 WALKER LORIN ELIZABETH 216 397 WALKER MAIA MARIE 228 439 WALKER MELANIE ANN 100 247 265. 275 361 246 WALKER MELISSA KAY 246 274 316 WALKER MEREDITH MOORE JR 212 WALKER NANCY DIANE 197 259 293 336 342 343 356 361 460 418 WALKER. PAMELA GAIL 418 WALKER PANESHAGALE 202 203 292 418 WALKER SHARON LYNNE 228. 418 WALKER TERESITA LYNN 228 WALKER WILLIAM ALLEN 338 353 357 358 460 WALL CYNTHIA ANNETTE 439 WALL DAVID BEEMAN 439 WALL MARK DAVIS 248 282 439 WALL STACEY LOUIS 210 WALL SUMMER KATHLEEN 230. 361 460 WALL SUSAN GARRETT 230 WALL WESLEY MICHAEL 460 WALLACE BARTON B III 210 WALLACE BRENOA R 460 WALLACE HENRY TOLBERT 460 WALLACE JAMES ERVIS JR 418 WALLACE MARY KATHERINE 230 WALLACE PENELOPE CECILIA 226 274 WALLACE. PRESLY THORNTON 254 WALLACE RICKEY L 439 WALLACE ROBERT REGINALD 208 WALLACE RUSSELL CLEVELAND 460 WALLACE THOMAS 466 WALLEN8ROCK CHERI LEE 439 WALLER ELIZABETH ANNE 397 WALLER TERRY NOLAN 351 439 WALLEY SCOTT LINOSEY 418 WALLAS MICHAEL DAVID 460 WALLS RANDAL KEITH 397 WALMSLEY CAROLINE FARRAR 230 WALSH DAVID ERICK 439 WALSH DONALD BRADLEY 290 291 318 WALSH JOHN DANIEL 418 WALTERS JEFFREY WILSON 356 WALTERS NELSON BHENT4I8 WALTERS. STEVEN LAWSON 290 460 WALTERS TENA LEE 282 418 WALTON JOE DOUGLAS 290 460 WALTERS TENA LEE 282 418 WALTON JOE DOUGLAS 254 WALTON MARY KATHERINE 246 WALTON NANCY BARLOW 218 397 WAMMACK. TOMMY TILDEN 254 439 WANN. WILLIAM GRANT 291 WANSLEY JH.LANN418 WARD ALBERT MANNING 347 348 4 1 8 WARD CHARLES RAYMOND 199 220 221 WARD DEBORAH MURRAY 230 WARD DEBORAH SUE 439 WARD. GREOGHY WEATHERFORO 254 WARD HARRY BEYER 220 WARD JIMMY DALE 309 439 WARD JOHN MICHAEL 210 WARD PAUL MICHAEL 232 WARD TERESA DARLENE 316 WARD WENDY K 218 WAHOA THOMAS S 134 165 WAROLOW KIRK MICHAEL 397 WARING ELIZABETH ANN 228 460 WARNER ROBERTS LEE JR 222 356 347.460 WARNER TARA LAYNE 216 WARREN WILLIAM ROGER 210 460 WASHBURN JESSE HEYWOOO 254 WASHINGTON KEITH 439 WASHINGTON VICTORIA JEAN 439 WATERS TANYA ANN 281 460 WATKMS CAROL JEAN 228 275 282 WATKMS CHARLEY COOK JH 466 WATKMS DENNIS RAY 165 WATKMS LISA LYNNE 246 439 WATKMS MICHAEL DUNN 418 WATKMS. MICKEY WAYNE 224 460 WATKMS REUBEN BRETT 460 WATKMS TEHIANN397 WATKMS VALERIE ANNE 397 WATSON DONALD RAY 356 WATSON EDWARD LEE 418 WATSON PATRICE ELIZABETH 230 361.439 WATT JULIA DUNCAN 466 WATT. WILLIAM LEE 208 31 1 31 3 323 350. 347 282.418 WATTERS WILLIAM CONNELL 397 WATTS. CHARLES VICTOR 288 469 WATTS DONALD AMMON 460 WATTS DWAYNE TRUHETT 224 WATTS THOMAS KENNETH 224 225 344.345 460 WAX. BRADLEY MARK 397 WEATHERLY SCOTT WATSON 254 WEATHERS CURTIS LENARD 124 WEAVER REBECCA SUE 291 WEBB AMY MAE 101 209 293 336 342 343. 460 208 WEBB ARTHUR IRV1N 440 WEBB BELINDA 460 WEBB DAVID PEEBLES 248 WEBB DONNA GALE 397 WEBB DOROTHEA DIAN 440 WEBB EUGENE FRANCIS Jfl 254 WEBB FRANK WILSON 250 WEBB FREEMAN DEVALE 440 WEBB LARRY L 236 350 WEBB ROBIN ELIZABETH 216 WEBB SALLY PROCTOR 216 WEBB WANDA J 460 WEBER DARLENE ANN 460 WEEKS CRAIG FRANKLIN 290 WEEKS ELIZABETH MONEY 216 WEEKS. TIMOTHY GALEN 212 291 305 347 318 418 WEILANO KENNETH LEE 212 397 WES.L ERIC NOEL 418 WEIR JAMES EDWARD 210 21 1 262 337 341 344 345 349 375 347 WEIR KENNETH FRANK 440 WEIR TERRI ARLENE 460 WEISBECKER LESLIE LYNN216 WEISLMG LINDA JOY 321 440 WELBORN A RAY 212 460 WELCH BERT A III 252 275 356 347 WELCH STEVEN WILSON 418 WELOY MARY BETH 216 397 WELLONS EVELYN CHILDRESS 244 WELLS. CYNTHIA LYNN 440 WELLS OARBI SUE 246 397 WELLS JEFF PAUL 254 WELLS WILLIAM PAUL 222 346 347 WENCZL ESTHER ELIZABETH 246 WEST. JOHNENE MARIE 469 WEST. KAREN F 357 440 WEST LEWIS ALBERT III 440 WEST PAM LYNN 460 lnde 501 WEST VICKIVEAZEY 216 WEST WILLIAM ERIC 210 WESTBERRY. PATRICIA CLARK 469 WESTMORELAND CHARLES L 210 WESTMORELAND. JAMES NEAL 288. 469 WESTMORELAND. KRISTEN ANN 292. 397 WESTOVER. BROCK BUCHANAN 252 WETZEL. JULIET LEIGH 317. 41 8 WHEATLEY, PAULA LORAINE 244. 397 WHEELER. JULIE ANN 218 WHEELER, YVONNE DENISE 397 WHIGHAM.MABREYR III 222, 440 WHISNANT. JOHN MULLINS 250 WHITAKER. BOBBY VARNELL 212. 440 WHITAKER. CATHERINE ANN 397 WHITAKER. MURRAY PINKSTON 165 WHITE, BETTY ANN TRAXLER 418 WHITE. BRENDA FAYE 440 WHITE. CAROLYN SUE 397 WHITE. CHARLES ROYAL JR 236 WHITE. CLAUDIA ANNE 460 WHITE. CLINTON BROWNLEE 252 WHITE. CONNIE LYNN 280. 308 WHITE, DAVID EUGENE 418 WHITE, DEBORAH ELIZABETH 228 WHITE, DEBORAH LYNN 418 WHITE, DEBRA LYNN 228, 350, 282 WHITE. JEANNINE R 214 WHITE. JOHN H III 232 WHITE. JOHN PAUL 222. 337. 353. 360. 347 WHITE, JOHN WARNER JR 232 WHITE. JOYCE ANN 460 WHITE, LINDA ANN 292. 418 WHITE. LINDA CAROL 260 WHITE. MARIE ELANE 338. 353. 460 WHITE. MARTHA MARIE 260. 440 WHITE. MARY LOU 418 WHITE. MELODY J 214 WHITE. MELDOY MCLEMORE 460 WHITE. REBECCA BETH 230. 292 WHITE. SHIRLEY LESLIE 216 WHITE. STACY ANN 397. 418 WHITE. STACY JONETTE 265. 4 1 8 WHITE. SUSAN FAYE 244. 460 WHITE. SUSAN GAYLE 228 WHITE. THOMAS GARY 248 WHITEHEAD. DEBORAH RUTH 460 WHITT. VIRGINIA REED 246. 397 WHITTEN. DESIREE DIANNE 397 WHITTEN. JAMES GORDON JR 290 WHITWORTH. MARY GRAYSON 354 WICHERT. CATHERINE ANN 289. 460 WICHOWSKY. LISA ANN 230 WICKER, RICHARD FENTON III 248. 460 WICKER. THOMAS ALLEN 41 . 309. 340. 341.282 WICKTOR. GREGG CHARLES 240 WICKTOR, LISA C 230. 291 . 397 WIGAL. VIRGINIA LEIGH 246 WIGHT. ELIZABETH V 244 WILBANKS. HANNAH LEE 218. 460 WILBANKS. JEFFERY WADE 460 WILBANKS. LYDIA 218. 397 WILBANKS. ROBERT PAUL 460 WILBANKS. SHANDA LEIGH 440 WILBOURN. JAMES HOWARD 460 WILBOURN. SHELBY LYNN 348. 397 W1LBURN TINA HUTCHERSON 460 WILES. PATRICIA LYNNE 230 WILES. WANDA KAY 1 15. 311. 313. 347 WILEY. JANE CATLIN 216 WILEY. RONNIE 397 WILHITE. RONNIE JOE 440 WILKERSON, WOODY GANN 349, 354 WILKINS. JAMES TED JR 347.440 WILKINSON. RICHARD BURTON 460 WILKINSON. ROBERT WAYNE 232 WILKINSON SANDRA CAROL 397 WILKS. TRUITT PALMER JR 254.397 WILLCUTT. MARK ALAN 290, 460 WILLEY. MARY ELLEN 275 WILLIAMS, ALAN THORNE 236. 347. 418 WILLIAMS. AMY LOU 278 WILLIAMS, ANGELA CAROLE 214 WILLIAMS, CAROL ANN 246 WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA 282. 440 WILLIAMS. DARLENE MARIA 291 . 440 WILLIAMS. DAVID THOMAS 210 WILLIAMS. DONALD WAYNE 161 WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH CARR 440 WILLIAMS. FREDDIE L 123 WILLIAMS. GAIL 440 WILLIAMS, GRANVILLE HOWELL440 WILLIAMS, GREGORY GERALD 254, 282 WILLIAMS. HARRIS BELL 250 WILLIAMS. HOWARD HOLDER JR 460 WILLIAMS, IVROY LEE 287 WILLIAMS, JAMES BARNEY III 397 WILLIAMS. JAMES DANIEL 418 WILLIAMS JAMES HAROLD 440 WILLIAMS, JAMES ROBERT JR 252 WILLIAMS, JAMES THAO 418 WILLIAMS. JAMI BEAN 218. 348 WILLIAMS. JAN ELIZABETH 214 WILLIAMS. JIM EDWIN 267. 460 WILLIAMS. JULIE GRACE 228 WILLIAMS. KATHY ANN 397 WILLIAMS. KATHY JOHNSON 100. 197. 244. 245. 261 . 268, 269. 31 1 . 313. 361 . 282. 440 WILLIAMS. KRISTI LYNN 230. 460 WILLIAMS. LAURIE CAROL 214 WILLIAMS. LORI ANN 397 WILLIAMS. LYNDA DIANE 216 WILLIAMS. MARGIE MORGAN 418 WILLIAMS. MARY MARTHA 214. 276. 282. 440 WILLIAMS. MARY PATRICIA 440 WILLIAMS. MITZI MERLE 218 WILLIAMS. MORRIS CHRIS 232. 233. 337,349.351.347 WILLIAMS, PAMELA LANETTE 216 WILLIAMS, PARHAM HENRY III 250 WILLIAMS. PAULA SUE 353. 466 WILLIAMS. PHYLLIS JOANN 460 WILLIAMS. ROBERT CLARK 240. 39f WILLIAMS. SHERRILL DIANE 218 WILLIAMS. STEPHANIE ANNE 230. 418 WILLIAMS. TAMRA LYNNE 418. 293 WILLIAMS. THOMAS EDWIN 266 WILLIAMS. WILLIAM HUNTER 232 WILLIAMSON. AUBREY DUANE 288 WILLIAMSON BRICKELL ANN 244 WILLIAMSON KIMBERLEY ANNE 221 460 WILLIAMSON. LORETTA440 WILLIAMSON. MARK GREGORY 210 WILLIAMSON RANDALL EARL 347 348 WILLIAMSON RUSSELL HAIRE 398 WILLIAMSON WAYNE WESLEY 248 461 WILLIFORD. HELEN AMANDA214. 274 WILLINGHAM. BARBARA ANN 440 WILLIS. JAN L 461 WILLS. CATHY ANN 165 311 313 440 WILLS. MICHAEL GLEN 461 WILLS. VICKIE LILLIAN 274 398 WILSON, ANTHONY BLAKE 418 WILSON BILLY REX JR 461 WILSON, CAREY LYNN 398 WILSON. CHARLES DOUGLAS 248 WILSON, CHARLES LLOYD 440 WILSON, CYNTHIA ANN 398 WILSON JANET CLAIR 440 WILSON. KAREN LEE 316. 461 WILSON. MELINDA 461 WILSON, NANCY LEE 398 WILSON ROBERT WILLIAM 461 WILSON RORY WADE 398 208 WILSON, SHEILA MAE 292. 461 WILSON, SHERRIE MARIE 440 WILSON, TIMOTHY ALAN 356. 361 . 461 WILTSHIRE. SYLVIA ANN 461 WIMBERLEY. LEX ALLEN 440 WINDHAM. CHARLOTTE ANNICE 357. 461 WINDHAM. HENRY DAVID 222 WINDSOR. RENEE ANN 145 WING. DAVID CHRISTOPHER 357. 358. 347 WINGROVE JAMES A 287 WINKEL. STEPHEN JOHN 1 59. 210 WINKLER. ELIZABETH JANE 228 WINKLER. ROBERT EDWARD JR 349 WINNARD, MILAN COLE 461 WINSTEAD, ANITA CAROL 418 WINSTEAD. CONSTANCE LEE 143. 461 WINSTEAD. EDWARD CARLTON418 WINSTEAD. HUGH DOUGLAS JR 398 WINSTEAD, JUNE MARiE 398 WINTER, ELEANOR ELLIOTT 216, 282 WINTER, MARTY LANE 469 WINTERHOLLER. ELLEN ANNE 418 WINTERS. JULIE LYNN 271 . 361 , 440 WIRTH. MICHELLE MONROE 349 WISE. DONNA HUTTO 398 WISE. JAMES HUNTER 248. 249. 347. 418 WISE. JOHN ERIC 398 WISE, KENDRA LYNN 216, 398 WISEMAN. CLAYTON LEE 232 WITCHER RICKY WILSON 440 WITT. ANGELA JANE 218. 31 7 41 8 WITT. KIMBERLY RENEE 440 WITT. WANDA WILES 469 WITTJEN. THERESA BRADFORD 230 WIYGUL. FRANK MITCHELL III 347. 461 WOFFORD. EMILY DIANNE 338. 353. 466 WOFFORD WILLIAM EARL 418 WOFFORO, WILLIAM ROBIN II 292 WOLFE BEVERLY ANN 398 WOLVERTON JUDY LYNN 440 WOMACK. HENRY MARLINJR 212 WOMACK. LORI ANN 398 WOMBLE, RACHEL JANE 228. 461 WOMBLE THOMAS ALAN 305 WONG JUDITH LYNN 41 8 WONG. PHILLIP JACK 357 358 347 WOO QUAY FONG 469 461 WOOD. ANITA JO 244 278 293. 440 WOOD, DANA LYNN 398 WOOD. DOROTHY LEE 216. 440 WOOD. KATHY FAYE 398 WOODALL. CHARLES JACKSON 240. 291 418 WOODALL ROGER WAYNE 232. 347 418 WOODBRIDGE LAURIE BRADLEY 246 WOODBURY WILLIAM PUTNAM 159 WOODCOCK. WILLIAM EDMOND 222 WOODRICK, HERBERT L JR 210.440 WOODRUFF. MARY REID 197. 246, 361 WOODS. BRENDA BARNARD 440 WOODS. CAROLYN L ADAMS 4$1 WOODS. RONALD KEITH 461 WOODS. THOMAS J 275.312 WOODSON, STEVEN WAYNE 252 WOODWARD LORI DIANE 158 164 440 WOODWARD WENDY CAROL 226 WOODY. MARVIN DAVID 290. 358. 461 WOODYARD STEVEN ALAN 252, 398 WORD, LARRY DARNELL418 WORSHAM. GENE MICHAEL 289. 461 WORSHAM PAMELLA EVELYN 461 WORTHAM ELLA DENISE 440 WORTHY WANDA JEAN 398 WREN. ANGELA KAYE 398 WRIGHT DEBRA KAY 398 WRIGHT JAMES EDWARD 461 WRIGHT JEFFERY ALAN 210 WRIGHT JOHN H 210 WRIGHT. LINDA CHERYL 361 WRIGHT. MARTHA LAINE 418 WRIGHT. MELANIE ELAINE 356. 461 WRIGHT PAUL JEFFREY 210 WRIGHT, TIMOTHY TERRELL 289. 337 469 WURTH. CHARLES FREDERICK 288. 338. 469 WYATT. TARA JANICE 214. 215, 278 WYSOR JOSEPH ROBERT 239 YASSINE GHASSAN HASSAN 461 YATES DAVID GLENN 461 YATES MARY ELIZABETH 214 YEAGER TENA LOUISE 226 274 440 YEARWOOD LISA LYNN 226 398 YEH. TSUEI-CHI466 YELDELL IRIS LOUISE 418 YELVERTON CATHERINE ANN 157 YEN CHIH466 YERGER MARY MONTAGUE 214 282. 418 YERGER. WIRT ADAMS III 224 225 337. 341 344 345 461 YIANG TING-YI466 YOCKEY SHELLEY ELIZABETH 398 YORK FRANK SNYDER III 252 398 YOSTE EDWARD SCOTT 248 319 3:0 YOUNG ANNA MARIA 278 398 YOUNG. BONNIE LYN 342 343 YOUNG DIANNE 293 YOUNG. JEFFERY THOMAS 290 YOUNG JERRY K 347 YOUNG KATHLEEN MARIE 244 YOUNG KATHRYN RUCKS418 YOUNG. KEVIN WAYNE 212 347 349 461 YOUNG NATHAN TOD 318 YOUNG RANDALL EARL 440 YOUNG RANDY ALLEN 440 YOUNG RHONDA ANN 41 8 YOUNG ROBIN LANE 226 227 440 YOUNG WILLIAM DAVID 252 YOUNG WILLIAM DONNELL III 398 YUEN KELADY YIN LING 418 YUILL VIRGINIA MCLAURIN 244 ZACHARY PATRICK H 232 ZACHRY BETTY J 214 398 ZAPERACH DEBORAH CASTLE 461 ZAPERACH RONALD WAYNE 461 ZEIGLER. RICKY LEE 282 ZELENKA GEORGE RANDALL 232 ZERINGER ERIC PAUL 240 461 ZETTERGREN JANELLE 418 ZIBILICH RICHARD TERRY 152 153 ZOUBOUKOS NICHOLAS D 208 ZOUBOUKOS PANAYIOTISD 208 ZUCCARO CHARLES KAISER 461 ZUHDI BAKHTIAR 466 YANCY JESSE LEE 282 YARBER. WANDA DENETTE 286 466 YARBOUGH SARAH SUSAN 461 YARBROUGH. MAE DOUGLASS 214 261.311.313. 361 440 YAHBROUGH WILLIAM ANDREW 210 418 502 Index r Specifications I Created by the University of Mississippi Yearbook Staff, the 1979 OLE MISS was printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, Nicky Drake, George Copeland, and Jim Alexander, rep- resentatives. Color reproductive-grade prints were processed by Meisel Pho- tochrome Corporation of Atlanta, Georgia and Walt Mixon of Oxford. Pictures of the Miss America Pageant on page 102 were supplied by Joe Savage of Vicksburg. Class portraits were taken by Stevens Studios of Bangor, Maine. Composite prints of Greek Organizations were produced by the following: Vantine Studios of Hamilton, New York all fraternities; American Composite Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri all sororities except Kappa Alpha Theta; William C. Connell Photography of Oxford Kappa Alpha Theta. The paper stock is 80 pound Taylor glossy enamel. The cover is printed by a four-color process on a paper base. All body copy is set in 10 point Helvetica Standard. Headings are printed in several styles: Division pages Baskerville Italic; Friends Helvetica Standard; What ' s Happening Helvetica Standard; Entertainment Kabel Shaded; Personalities Roberta; Athletics Helvetica Standard; Administration Hel- vetica Standard; Greeks Bodoni Bold; Associations Hess Neobold; Honors Broadway Engraved; Classes Neil Bold, Ads Helvetica Standard; Index Hess Neobold. Press run for the 1979 OLE MISS was 6,800 copies, and esti- mated total cost was $72,900. Through activity fees each student pays $7.00 for the OLE MISS. Specifications 503 Editor ' s Closing With the final deadline just a day away I find myself once again in the yearbook office late at night. My fin- gers are stained with ink from a leaky BIG ballpoint and my neck is beginning to ache from checking and redrawing quad paks. While thinking back over the year, I cannot help remembering the many times people have asked me " How ' s the annual coming? " or " Where have you been hiding? " Undeniably, the responsibility of being Editor-in-Chief of the OLE MISS includes spending every after- noon and night in my home away from home the yearbook office. However, the good times that I have had on the staff of the OLE MISS are ones that will never fade in my memories. I know that years from now my closest friends will still be those who worked with me in pro- ducing representations of our years at the University. Perhaps it is Rosa- lie McCullough, my secretary, whom I should thank the most. She has unfailingly been beside me through those pre-deadline all night stands and even laughed at my fee- ble attempts at humor at 4:00 A.M. My mother is constantly pulling out her copy of the OLE MISS to say " this is so-and-so ' s father " or " her mother was a beauty then. " It gives me a sense of pride and accom- plishment to know that this work will take its place as a permanent record of 1979, and that in years to come, we will turn to our yearbooks to remember friendships of our col- lege years. Tuesday after depositing this last shipment, I look forward to studying for my big test on Wednesday. Seri- ously, though, I will appreciate the lightening of my duties so that I can study and finally sit back and enjoy the events that will be covered in Buster ' s yearbook. Sally Fortenberry 504 Editor ' s Closing

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