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I jf? L . uit IBS! For 130 years the Lyceum has watched genera- tions of students mature educationally and socially. Each of us, similar to the approxi- ately 1 17,000 Ole Miss stu- dents before us, will leave a part of the essence of our generation in the mortar which composes the col- umns of the Lyceum. These seemingly ageless columns contain a part of our lives, providing the foundation for one of our S nation ' s classic landmarks a landmark which r is not only a building but is also a monument to the aspirations and happenings of the people exem- plified in the 1 978 OLE MISS. OLE M SS YearbooJ( ftIie c Uriivefsit f Mississippi - Qfeated iii c Utiivetsit , c Mississippi 38677 ' : I sNI :ot 4 Everything Ole Miss has always offered its students the opportunity to build a solid foundation for themselves by exposing them to the many aspects of a competitive, extraordinary world. In four years a student has a chance to fulfill campus ambitions comparable to those in an advancing world civilization. He has the advantage of being introduced to culture, love, leadership, excitement, and disappointment. During the year 1977-78 the University of Mississippi was in essence a little comic-strip community composed of students each with dreams of learning and experiencing everything that life had to offer. EVERYTHING " EVERYTHING " DEDICATION 77-78 - - A CLASSIC SPOTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT FACES AND PERSONALITIES ATHLETICS LEADERSHIP ADMINISTRATION GREEKS ASSOCIATIONS HONORS EXAMPLES ANYTHING CLASSES ADS AND INDEX SNOWFALL ' 78 SPECIFICATIONS EDITOR ' S CLOSING 362 364 378 470 500 502 504 Everything 5 ' Everything " from the motion picture A STAR IS BORN sung by Ole Miss sophomore and 1977 Miss Mississippi Mary Donnelly at the 1 977 Miss University of Mississippi pageant. 1976 FIRST ARTISTS MUSIC COMPANY, EMANUEL MUSIC CORPORATION AND 20th CENTURY MUSIC CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS ADMINISTERED BY WB MUSIC CORPORATION All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission 6 " Everything " 9 MILLER " Everything " " Everything " 11 tr " - jjj JJ K MUI dji . TRIPLE JK II Dedication Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr. As the University of Mississippi concludes its one-hundred fortieth year of distinction, we dedicate with quiet pride the 1978 OLE MISS to Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Throughout his tenure as Chancellor, he has unfailingly aspired to and achieved excellence as an educator and as an admin- istrator. Even more importantly, he has by the life he lives inspired thousands of University students with his strength of character and depth of understanding. His patience, dignity, and efficiency will continue to permeate the University of Mississippi long, long after his tenure is completed. Dedication 17 for A S B TRF ' Ml ' (K!TSTANDINO Tl A ' MIMMK ' MIMBIKIX ' (K)K Ml ' AntNDS AIJ Darden North Editor Leigh Fulwood Managing Editor Lee Paris Associate Editor " Ole Miss is different from any other school. Where else do you have to dress up to go to class? " - Liz Bland, junior psychology major " I expected college to be a lot less hectic with more free time; however, I stay a lot busier than I thought I would. My outlook on life is much different from this time last year when I was a senior in high school. " Mike Landess, freshman pre dental major " This year ' s increased enrollment brought a lot of duds to campus. Duds bore me; they usually make good grades. " - Lynn Arnold, senior psychology and zoology major DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate SOUTHERN HERITAGE PARENTS TRADITIONAL SPIRIT CAMPUS POLITICS PARTIES GREEK EXPERIENCES CLOTHING TRENDS DAILY ROUTINE CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT TIME OFF ROOMMATES MONEY SURPRISES AND CHANGES INNOVATIONS OXFORD NEWS EVENTS EXPRESSIONS AND IMPRESSIONS LEARNING FROM COMPETITION FOUNDATION OF PRIDE Even in the late 1970 ' s, a solid foundation of Southern ideas still exists . . r of Ole Miss has long been a symbol Southern heritage. Since its ante-bellum ' founding, the University has seen war and racial turmoil. But in reality, Ole Miss has stuck to the ideals of the Southern mind. The nickname Ole Miss was derived from the name of the yearbook of the University of Mississippi, first published in 1897. Elma Meek, for whom Meek Hall is named, suggested that the yearbook be called the OLE MISS. Regardless of its derivation, the nickname represents not only the affection held for the University by its students, alumni, and faculty, but also carries the essence of Southern history. The Corinthian columns on the Lyceum, the Confederate soldier and the oaks that shade the Grove are all tangible contributions left to us by our Southern forefathers. 20 Southern Heritage a solid The " new " student union, the foreign students, and the astroturf on the football field are examples of the expansion of the heritage of Ole Miss. Although Ole Miss has taken new forms since 1848, the world still thinks of Ole Miss as the Southern school, the center of Southern learning, and the home of Southern Belles. In these traditions we continue our true Southern heritage. Southern Heritage 21 . . . and is inherited from generation to generation. Our parents, possibly more than any other factor in our lives, continue to influence us. Although their financial contributions to us are vital (and students could always use more), the unending love and understanding of our parents afford us necessary stability and fulfillment. Mississippi is characteristic of the deep South in that everyone seems to know everyone else! The parents of our classmates, we learn frequently, were college friends of our parents. In fact, " Oh, I know his parents, " is spoken quite often by par- ents of Ole Miss students. In preparing for the future, students from Ole Miss families may sometimes attend classes in buildings in which their parents also studied, sit in offices which might have served as their fathers ' dormitory room, eat in the same Grove where their parents picnicked, or walk on the same sidewalks that wore the soles of their parents ' penny loafers, spike heels, wing tops, and saddle oxfords. Top The Parham Williams family in front of the new Law Center; Bottom, Left Tara Wyatt with her parents; Bottom, Right Governor Finch with his daughters Janet and Ane. 22 Parents I Top, Left Lee Pans follows in his father ' s footsteps; Top, Center Maury McRoberts reads a letter from home; Bottom, Left Ole Miss parents John Pearson and Hartley Sanford converse in the Grove before a football game; Below Doug Stone, Ole Miss alumnus and former ASB President, points to Mrs Jimmy Pearson as her son, Denton looks on. As we complete our education, we develop a deep respect for those who have attended the University before us. We can identify with the experiences recounted to us by Ole Miss alumni - - experiences such as meeting a future wife or husband in the Old Bookstore, in the library stacks, or on the steps of the Old Grill; tales of the unorthodox behavior of the resi- dents in " Bloody Labauve " ; antics like lowering cadav- ers out the windows of the old medical school in Guy- ton Hall; traditions such as shaving freshmen ' s heads and having pep rallies in the Peabody Hotel in Mem- phis; events like electing a May Queen or Rebelee Queen; and spending time in going to class on Satur- day, shooting craps in the dorm, eating on campus at Greeks, and partying at the Peabody Skyway. It is indeed easy for those students who are Ole Miss legacies to fill that true sense of belonging to the changing permanancy of the University of Mississippi. Parents 23 Football, more than anything else, has made the words Ole Miss famous throughout the world. It is a tradition that links us to our heritage and glorious past. The excitement of the Red and Blue running onto the field, with Dixie in the air, and Rebel flags in the sky, has been send- ing chill bumps down the spines of Mississippians for almost a century. The big games with Maryland, LSD, and Tennessee are heritage. The 1977 Rebels added another page with a vic- tory over Notre Dame. Our Rebels may not be National Champions, but the excitement of Ole Miss football never fades away. 24 Traditional Spirit Loyalty for the Rebels is maintained at Ole Miss . . . Page 24, Top Enthusi- astic Ole Miss fans at the Notre Dame football game which marked the only defeat for the Number One Irish; Page 24, Left Jokes concerning and rivalry with Mississippi State College will never cease; Bottom Middle The Rebels burst onto the field of Hemingway Sta- dium prior to their Home- coming defeat of Vander- bilt; Page 25, Top Reb- els in a defensive huddle; Page 25, Bottom Right Cheerleader Renee Wind- sor on the sidelines. Traditional Spirit 25 Voting and or campaigning is an integral part of the Uni- versity of Mississippi campus a campus renowned as a political training ground where future senators, representa- tives, and governors sit next to each other in class. According to an Ole Miss alumnus, Mississippi politics orig- inated and is perpetuated at the University. In that state- ment he means that the student leaders who surface during their undergraduate and graduate years at Ole Miss will likely be running the state government in their next twenty- five years. The campus comes alive when the Associated Student Body Code calls for an election. Campaign literature in the form of 3 x 5 cards appear pinned on clothes as posters are tacked to bulletin boards. n " ,. V r? , Mw ' t : , - K % r 5 3fMi -f ' 4l i,L -ir i -jslfek? 1 S, . . . in a setting not unlike the outside world. However, the 1977 spring ASB elections were relatively quiet, proba- bly because of the lack of interest in the president ' s race. Before Christmas, the bout over that top position indicated excitement. Sub- sequently, however, one candidate decided to switch from the presi- dent ' s race to that of editor of the OLE MISS, relieving the pressure theretofore evident in the presidential contest. Later, another candi- date, who was not taken seriously, surfaced to make the president ' s race opposed. The selection of ASB vice-president was the most intriguing in that for the first time in two years the race for that office was opposed. In fact, three students (one male and two female) sought the position. In the contest, the apparent frontrunner lost in a run-off. The secre- tary ' s race, which many predicted to be close, was indeed that. Again, the favored candidate lost this time by 1 00 votes. The elections for ASB treasurer, editor of the DAILY MISSISSIPPI AN, and editor of the OLE MISS were unopposed either because the can- didates were too well qualified to attract competition or because no one else was interested in seeking those positions. Actually, the race for ASB treasurer was contested in that, on the day of the election, a group of not-too-serious students sponsored a well-known account- ing professor in a write-in campaign. A new dimension was added to the ASB elections of 1977 when a politically-timed vacancy occurred in the ASB Judicial Council Chair- man ' s office. Here was the third instance of the loss of a predicted winner. The fall brought Campus Senate elections with the ever-present law school slate. Unlike the year before, no fraternity undergraduate slate was presented, and the election of fifty-one senators was com- paratively quiet. 26 Campus Politics Soon after the fall senate elections, rumors concerning the Homecoming Queen election began. A darkhorse candi- date, associated with Army ROTC as well as her sorority, was crowned Homecoming Queen. She defeated another junior who had previously been a Campus Favorite and was serving her second year as a varsity cheerleader. But the winner was forced into a run-off with a senior who had been Greek Goddess and had served on the 1976 Homecoming Court. In November there was another opportunity for sorority block-voting and " joke " write-ins as the election for Miss Ole Miss took place. Before the race began, there was uncertainty as to who would actually oppose the cheerleader candidate who eventually won the honor. Again, the Army ROTC decided to play politics but in this instance sup- ported an unsuccessful candidate. In the Colonel Rebel contest, held simultaneously with that of Miss Ole Miss, tradition was back as two football players vied for the semi-equivalent of Mr. Ole Miss. The campus overwhelmingly voted for a defensive-end sponsored by the M Club instead of a quarterback sponsored by Vaught Hall. Of course, ten Campus Favorites were cho- sen along with Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss. As is customary, rumors and innuendos concern- ing the upcoming 1978 ASB spring elections were circulated as early as October of 1977. Actually, the rumors never cease because politics is in the heart of Ole Miss and in the blood of its students. Page 26, Top Dennis Miller was a candidate for ASB Vice President; Page 27, Top Left Students vote for New Dorm senators in the fall cam- pus senate elections; Page 27, Top Right Supporters of Becky Jones sing her praises during the Miss Ole Miss election; Bottom, Center May May Primos, Gayle Newman, and Susan Noble cut-up after the Colonel Rebel campaign rally held in the Union for George Plasketes. Campus Politics 27 By continuing Ole Miss traditions . . . Ole Miss is nationally known as a university which stresses academics, athletics, and par- ties. The results of academic and athletic ven- tures many times produce the need for a party (that is, to celebrate a good grade or a victory - - or to relieve misery produced by missed questions or missed touchdowns). Therefore, regardless of the progress made in the academic or athletic areas, the partying tradition of the Ole Miss campus will never die. From the Welcome Back Rebels parties to those of the Fall Festival, Dixie Week, and Red and Blue, there is always a party somewhere. Usually, the image of Ole Miss as a party school is firmly implanted in the mind of a high school student when he or she first attends a fraternity Rush or football-weekend party. Then, if that student does indeed enroll at the University, he sees that most fraterni- ties have yearly parties that have become as traditional as Homecoming - - ATO Super Formal or Hat Party, Deke World War III Party, Kappa Alpha Old South, Kappa Sig South Seas, Phi Delta Ivy League, Phi Tau Wild West, Pike Shrimp and Beer, SAE Patty Murphy, Sigma Chi Derby Day, and Sigma Nu Roaring 20 ' s. The town of Oxford boasts many business establishments which offer the opportunity for merriment. The Gin, the Deli, Oliver ' s, and the Warehouse are usually packed on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Nearby Sardis Reservoir is a popular spot for an afternoon beer bust or a quiet liquid picnic. Of course, it is only 80 miles to Memphis and Overton Square, while students will even drive to Cleveland, Mississippi, to go to Sharpe Street Station. " Off-campus " activities also include parties sponsored by the Cavaliers and the Yuletide Revelers as well as by various debutante societies (includ- ing those based in Greenwood, Jackson, Greenville, and Memphis.) Many think that an increased emphasis on academics in recent years would drive students away from parties and into the library; how- ever, there are always those who prefer a " major in Memphis " and a " minor in Sardis " to the drudgery of books. Regardless, at the " Party School of the South " or the " Country Club of Mississippi, " a person can always find a social function somewhere at any time. Page 28, Top Kathryn Becker and Donnie Kisner demonstrate that most Ole Miss par ties lead to dancing (including the Pretzel, the Chi Shuffle, the Slide, the Roller Coaster, the Hustle, the Bulldog, and the Alligator); Page 28, Bottom Left Linda Monk charms admirers at the Order of Omega Fall Champaign Social; Page 28, Bottom Right Silky ' s is a popular spot to congregate at Memphis ' s Overton Square; Page 29, Top Left ATO Hat Party; Page 29, Bottom Left KA Old South; Page 29, Bottom Right Halloween is celebrated even by university students as demonstrated by Dave Kelly and Buster Turner. students perpetuate their Bbeli When contemplating our first year at the Univer- sity, we imagined what would occur and how we would be affected. For many incoming freshmen and transfer students, Sorority or Fraternity Rush is one of the events which can definitely produce anxiety. In fact, except for pre-college, Rush is the first official activity for some new Ole Miss stu- dents. More women went out for Formal 1977 Fall Soror- ity Rush than ever causing the pledge class quota to be 58, while 593 men participated in Formal Fall Fraternity Rush the largest number since 1966. Although slightly less than 50 per cent of the stu- dent body is a member of a sorority or fraternity, Greek life permeates every aspect of the Univer- sity. Greeks consistently compose the majority of leadership on campus. Through being a Greek, a student has the duty of perpetuating his organization ' s beliefs and objec- tives by putting Greek letters on his jacket or car, by being active in Rush, and by teaching pledges what he has learned about life. Only a Greek knows what it means to have a little brother or sis- ter who is not blood-wise related to him. (It is pos- sible to have both a Greek little brother and a little sister if your fraternity has a little sister program or if you are a member of both a sorority organiza- tion and a fraternity little sister program.) Having a little brother or sister is especially meaningful to you if you are an only child or if your parents have progeny of only one sex. Togetherness and loyalty are important aspects of Greek life. A fraternity sitting together at a football game, brothers and sisters unitedly working for one of their own kind in an election, a group talk- ing and dressing alike, and pledges studying together in study hall are all examples of brotherly and sisterly elements. To see a brother or sister do well in an election, pageant, or other contest; to watch your pledge class beat another in a football game; to compete for your organization in Greek Week or Dixie Week; to become close to your housemother, or to do well in Rush are fulfilling experiences. Like- wise, when your group faces disappointment it is helpful to have others with whom to share the tragedy. 30 Greek Experiences Top Missy Ruff and Bea Fowlkes pose beside the Tri-Delt Sorority Union Halloween Carnival display; Center Champion of the Greek system David Halle gives his farewell speech at the IFC-Order of Omega banquet in the spring of 1977; Bottom E. W. Atkin- son, Kenny Barraza, Mark Pearson, and Ric Folk welcome a Rushee during Formal Frater- nity Rush. beliefs and objectives . H , ! ' Top Greek God Les Kerr, a member of Phi Psi Fraternity, serenades fellow Greeks at the 1 977 Greek and Goddess Pageant; Bottom Phi Mu Sorority welcomes its 1 977 Fall Pledge Class. Whenever a group of people is together con- stantly, it is only natural for expressions and fads to make a sweep through the House: " What ya know good ' sides me? " " You big mule, you! " " Good luck! " " You animal! " are some of the little sayings started by a few that can quickly catch on in a large group. Also, clothing trends easily spread through particular organizations. Naturally, being a Greek brings with it certain antics, such as pledges kidnapping actives and actives kidnapping pledges, having unusual par- ties, stealing picture composites belonging to other organizations, and dragging a newly " pin- ned " brother semi-clad into his pinnee ' s sorority house. The opportunities for inter-Greek activities are tre- mendous at Ole Miss. Through the Interfraternity Council (formed by twenty fraternities) and Pan- hellenic Council (composed of thirteen member sororities), fraternities and sororities work together on projects and mutual problems. Under the direction of the Intramural Council, Greeks can compete with each other for athletic trophies. An addition made to the Greek system in the spring of 1976 was the revival of the Order of Omega (a nationally-based interfraternity honor- ary which had been established on the campus in September of 1968 but had since folded). Since its resurrection, the Order of Omega (more affec- tionately known as " Tri-0 " ) has increased its activity and brought about interest at Ole Miss in establishing an equivalent organization for soror- ity women. Inter-Greek activities also include swaps (parties in which two entire Greek organizations get together for a combined social function to which only members of those organizations may come). Even though the word swap might imply an exchange of cost for the party, fraternities having swaps with sororities usually get stuck with the entire bill. The leaders of Ole Miss have traditionally been Greeks, and they have worked to improve Ole Miss while promoting their own organizations. Some people say that fraternity and sorority competition brings out the worst in an individual; however, competition is a way of life. Nevertheless, the brotherly and sisterly ties of Greek life have con- tinually vitalized the University since the founding of the first fraternity on campus in 1 850. Greek Experiences 31 . in a pace-setting style. i I A visitor from Mississippi State once remarked that Ole Miss is the only school she had seen where the girls deck out to go to classes, then go grubby to fraternity parties. It ' s true. During an average class day there is a noticeable difference between the way Ole Miss students dress and the way students at other schools dress. Moreover, most believe that Ole Miss sets the fashion trends for the state (while causing a national laundry starch shortage). Each year merchants in neighboring towns ask what Uni- versity students are wearing. In 1977-78 the traditional classic look prevailed with khakis, wallabees, topsiders, Izod sweaters, blue blaz- ers, club ties, 100% cotton shirts, and button-down collars . Though traditional Levis with slightly turned-up cuffs made a come-back this year, denim in general was fading. 32 Clothing Trends e li Girls began to look like girls again. Skirts, longer hair, and ruffles were big this year, as were high heels, stick pins, and soft challis. And for guys hair was shorter, clothes were less casual, and the beer belly was definitely out. Rugby shirts, sweaters wrapped around the waist or shoulders, white socks, and penny loafers were as much a part of the unisex trend as turned-up sleeves and painters pants. Of course, there were still those girls who wore army fatigues and boys who wore pink shirts. The formation of a student modeling squad at the beginning of the fall elicited tremendous response from coeds while " Palestine Lives " tee-shirts also made their appearance on campus. Of course, Thursdays continued to boast ROTC uniforms. The student interest in clothes was demonstrated by the fact that " Vogue " sold out in the Bookstore faster than " Sports Illustrated " and that the busiest days in Oxford ' s clothing stores were the Fridays before home football games. In general, Ole Miss students of 1977-78 cared about what they wore. Page 32, Left Pam Bradford with a stickpin in her collar and some chicken in her hand; Page 32, Top Right Leslie Joiner shows how to stylishly wear a sweater; Page 32, Bottom Right The ever-popular topsiders with white socks and army fatigues; Page 33, Top Mark Headly models his polo shirt while snuggling with Kathy Burrows; Page 33, Bottom Left Howard " Howie " Miles shows how cute short hair is; Page 33, Bottom Right Two Fashion queens. Clothing Trandt 33 The semester does not have to be many days in progress before life settles into a pattern. Actions become routine and predictable, if not automatic. The same teachers. The same food. (Wherever you usu- ally eat, it all begins to taste alike.) A person can even tell if he is running on schedule by the faces he is accustomed to passing at the same point each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday and Thurs- day. One activity or another gets assigned to each day. Thursday is laundry day. Wednesday is chapter meeting night. Friday is date night. Sunday and Monday are for recuper- ation and study. University life sometimes seems programmed . . . - - Daily Mississippian 34 Daily Routine V---v ,,. ? i ,.- - . VV-. l - -- ---.. . - oft Jf ' -.7 v ' - = Ti -- " .. - ' f - Change comes slowly; subtlely. Students adapt. The walk to the Union is longer, and although a few faithful still " hang out " on the steps, it isn ' t possible to " catch someone around the grill " any- more he must be paged. The MISSISSIPPIAN grew in page size this year, making it harder to read in class with- out getting caught by the teacher; and older students are just now getting used to having to use a key to unlock their mailboxes. A change in the daily routine for the car- owner student has been the fact that the finer campus (the Grove and Loop areas) is closed to student traffic between 7:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. But, with whatever the Lyceum decides to implement or inno- vate, a person can always adapt his daily routine (although sometimes quite stub- bornly). Daily Routine 35 . . . but, nevertheless, includes many opportunities . . . Page 36, Top The University Band Drum Section performs at halftime; Page 36, Bot- tom Left A scene of the Ole Miss production of " Carnival " ; Bottom Center Campus Senator Mike Gunn listens attentively to a fellow debater; Page 37, Top ASB Elections Commission Chairman Faye Carol Sibley and Attorney General Marq Kaufman tabulate the results of the Miss Ole Miss-Colonel Rebel-Campus Favorites election while interested students look on; Page 37, Bottom Left Cheerleader Johnny Caldwell cheers the Reb- els; Page 37, Bottom Right Corner Army ROTC Cadets perform in front of the Union at High School Day. 36 Campus Involvement When an Ole Miss freshman says that he wants to get involved, he does not mean that he wants to start dating but is implying that he is anx- ious to start the hike through end- less campus committees toward the Hall of Fame. Ambitious freshmen through the years have found that upperclass- men have looked upon them as " stars on the horizon, " who eventu- ally could be trained to assume posi- tions of authority in campus organi- zations. A clear majority of those ambitious freshmen came to Ole Miss, knowing that the University offers an excellent opportunity for involvement in various activities. Helping a younger student to become active in student leadership gives an upperclassman great satis- faction because he can achieve vicariously through the achieve- ments of the underclassman. By the time an upperclassman has completed his university career, he feels that he has acquired strategic concepts, such as informally cam- paigning in the library months before the election; being on the right committees; supporting the proper candidates; being nice to the right people; taking super-stress vitamins; and budgeting the sec- onds between meetings to have enough time to check his mailbox, read that letter from home, and study enough to keep the high GPA associated with a leader. Being involved in student activities isn ' t limited to student government. Through athletics, the theater, cheerleading, religion, the Greek system, ROTC, the band and dorm functions, it is readily possible at Ole Miss to exercise the quali- ties of a leader. Games in the Grove seem to be a con- tinual form of recreation. Of course, dating is a common relaxation while poolside girl-watching during the summer is an interesting pastime. 38 _ Time Off . . . and recreational outlets. Eating and drinking is a natural Ole Miss activity, and roller skating is a method of working off the calories absorbed from that consump- tion. Roller skating has made a comeback from the 50 ' s and early 60 ' s as a way to kill time. However, week- end trips to out-of-town football games have never lost their popularity. Timt O 39 Living with someone, whether in an apartment or a small dorm room, provides a unique opportunity to get to know another person, for friendships to grow, and for learning about tolerance and patience. It is your roommate who observes you throughout the semester the all night study stands; the making, breaking, and general juggling of dates; and the condition of your face without make-up. Roommates share things the food in the refrigerator, the phone bill, the clothes in their closets, and maybe even a cold or two over the course of the semester. A roommate often serves as a comforter and conversationalist. Sometimes he or she doubles as an answering service and a valet. It is difficult to define the word roommate. A roommate is someone to gripe to, to gripe with, and occa- sionally to gripe about. A roommate is someone to run to in times of need and to run home to get away from. Unfortunately, a roommate is sometimes the person who was your best friend at the beginning of the semester. But one thing is certain. After living with someone, you may not have found him a life long friend; but at least you have found a life long memory. 40 Roommates Page 40, Left Mike Cockrell and Jon Turner; Page 40, Top Right Unidentified roomies; Page 40, Bottom Right JJ McCullough ' s Christmas tree; Page 41, Top Dare Kelly and Melinda Gunn are surprisingly caught not using the phone; Page 41, Bottom There ' s nothing like a loyal roommate. Learning to cooperate brings maturity . . Roommates 41 . . . as do the realities of financial responsibility. Education costs. Tuition, books, entertainment, transportation, room and board, and clothes are often more expensive than parents think. But it doesn ' t take long for a student to realize what a large chunk the " necessities " take out of a budget. Per- haps learning how to manage money is the biggest lesson to comprehend in college, and this lesson seems harder to learn during time of inflation. During 1977-78, the biggest single increase in the cost of an education at Ole Miss was dormitory rent. A $20 hike in the cost of a dorm room greeted on- campus students when they registered for the fall semester. Although in-state tuition did not increase again (it went up $50 at the beginning of .the fall of 1976) out-of-state students paid an additional $25 and will continue to do so until 1981 when out-of-state tuition reaches $850. Even with the increase, out-of-state tui- tion will still be considerably lower than the amount charged by neighboring states for a college education. For exam- ple, one of the reasons so many students from Memphis attend Ole Miss is that it is cheaper to go to school in Mississippi than in Tennessee. .: .. 42 Money Books are another big expense. The $50 allotted in the undergraduate catalogue for books and supplies is a net amount, being realistic only if a student is willing to buy used books and then re-sell them all at the end of a semes- ter. Fifty dollars is, indeed, an extremely conservative esti- mate. Most undergraduate students spend one and a half to two times that, and graduate and law students spend even more. Buying clothes (especially if a person wants to be a " dresser " ) can also put a strain on daddy ' s credit cards. Sleeping, buying books, and wearing clothes are basic needs of a university student - - so is eating. Restaurant eating is expensive, and eating out of an ASB refrigerator gets depressing. The Ole Miss Meal Plan (an offer you can ' t refuse) is good for students who have to get a lot of mileage out of a little money. The best buy is the fifteen-meal-a week option, which costs $305 a semester, or about $1 .35 a meal. But even to the most impervious taste buds, the repetitious menu gets old. Most fraternities serve fourteen meals a week for an average of $85 a month or about $1 .80 a meal. Sororities are slightly more expensive. And even Greek students on these plans have to resort to eating in town or out of a refrigerator on the week-ends. Also stu- dents who live in apartments do not take advantage of their cooking facilities in that they usually eat their meals else- where. Speaking of week-ends, entertainment and dating are big items in a student ' s budget. The expense of movies and pizzas has effected a change in the social life of most of the student body. You can ' t even go for a Coke at Shop- Rite for less than 300. Transportation, whether it involves keeping a car at school or just sharing rides home for the week-end, takes another chunk out of a student ' s budget. Clearly, college life can help students learn the responsibilities of managing personal finances. They know as well as anyone else what the end-of-the-month crunch is like for many it is TV dates and subsisting for six days on peanut butter and jelly. Page 42, Top Left Students go through the scholarship line in the financial aid office; Page 42, Top Right Oxford has numerous banks; Page 42, Bottom Buying books is a painful ritual at the beginning of each semester; Page 43, Top The Soul Shack offers economical, home-cooked food; Page 43, Bottom The Hoka The- ater in Oxford offers a place for students to go for an inexpensive, relatively recent movie. Counterclockwise, From Top Love at first sight; Dr. JJ Jones said good- bye to Charlotte and hello to Sharon; Diane Deaton ' s first OLE MISS annual candid shot; Pleasant greetings are traditional at Ole Miss; This is not what you think; Brewed from the choicest wheat, barley, and alfalfa; Miss Missis- sippi Mary Donnelly congratulates Most Beautiful Cheri Brown. Completing an Ole Miss education . . . 44 Surprises and Changes Clockwise From Top Valerie Sigmon can ' t roller skate or fix hair; Steve Sloan, at his press conference, estimates on his fingers how many years he will be at Ole Miss; Kendall Gregory receives a painted surprise; (Editor ' s Note: Due to a lack of creativity on the part of the annual staff, nothing cre- ative or factual could be written about this picture); Joe Getz asks to be directed to the powder room; Starting at the top and working your way down; Annual staff member. Sally Fortenberry watches ants mate on the Editor ' s desk. . . . includes many surprises, changes, and unusual events. Surprises and Changes 45 Innovations affect not only the campus . . . . , RESTRICTED AREA VISITORS FACULTY- STAFF VEHICLES ONLY 730A.II.-130P.M v. These days, it takes much to shake up an Ole Miss student. The pow ers that be - - from academic deans to the Oxford board of aldermen to the state board of trustees - - can adjust, improve, or otherwise alter the status quo; but they soon find that students flow with what- ever comes along. For example, the school that fifteen years ago was nationally known for racial discrimination continues to welcome black fraternities and sororities to its campus. Although the idea of banning cars from the central campus during weekdays was shocking last spring, it effected little change in life- style when it was actually implemented during the first 1977 sum- mer school term. Students with cars quickly learned to walk to class or to masterfully dodge UPD. Experimentation with the class registration process began a couple of years ago with the installation of pre-registration. However, that method of choosing courses early was discontinued when the Uni- vers ' W planned to change to a totally computerized system. Except from seniors, little outcry was heard from students concerning this proposed alteration. But any anxiety about fall registration was relieved when the computer system and its components were not ready. Even altering the things central to their everyday existence has caused no major upheavals in students ' lives. They adjusted quickly to a longer walk to the grill, to longer lines that came with increased enrollment, to having a post office box key, to living three to a dorm room in some places, to reading a larger Mississippian, to losing to Southern (for the second time in history) and to State (again), to the closure of the cafeteria on weekends, and to increased emphasis of women ' s sports. What next? Improvements are now being realized which threaten to change the established patterns. The progress toward the completion of the 4 laning of highway 6 to Batesville, the opening of the new McDonald ' s in Oxford, the increased emphasis on academics, the controversy over inclusion of women m Omicron Delta Kappa, and the construe tion of the Law Center and Coulter Hall are just a few of the innovations which will benefit the University. However, there ' s a custom at Ole Miss that whatever happens, nothing, but nothing, will upset tradition. Surely stu dents will continue to unaffectedly embrace the slow, steady transformation of their university lifestyles. Page 46, Top Left Rain a! football games was an mnov i tion but after four weekend downpours, it became a tradition, Page 46, Center Left A traffic sign change surprisingly occurred at the beginning of the summer. Page 46, Bottom Left New students (shown at summer pre college) defi nitely affect the campus; Page 46, Right George Meal of newly affiliated Alpha Phi Alpha Social Fraternity. Page 47, Top Students wait in long lines to rent a post office box during fall registration; Page 47, Bottom The new chemis try building. Coulter Hall Innovations 47 Oxford was incorporated May 11, 1837, but the settlement existed even before that as a trading post in the Chickasaw Country. It is a small town, rich in the tra- ditions of the old South. With its antebel- lum homes, shady streets, and court- house square, it is a quiet setting for Ole Miss. Oxford has almost a kind of magic air about it. In fact, a member of Player (the band which performed at Ole Miss with Boz Scaggs) said at the concert that downtown Oxford looked like Disneyland. The people of Oxford are friendly. Their churches, parks, and public programs welcome students as well as residents. Merchants carry the kinds of goods stu- dents want and need. The opening of new restaurants and bars in the last few years has made Oxford a good place for students to spend the weekend. It ' s a nice town. . . . but also the town of Oxford. J ' 4 .- , . i ' Above Square Squatters; Right The Oxford Courthouse clock. 48 Oxford Top Left Oxonian Ed Morgan waits on cus- tomers in a downtown clothing store; Bottom Left William Faulkner ' s home. Rowan Oak, is an Oxford landmark; Below Happy Hour at the Gin. Oxford is a typical university town. Its economic dependence upon students has mixed with something in the town ' s atmosphere perhaps the old but dying total separation between " University " people and " town " people to produce an environment not wholly advantageous to the student. Apartments are scarce and quite expensive. Cold beer is eleven miles away. Hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza are readily available until midnight. The cost of necessary items utilities, food, clothing is high in relation to that of neighboring towns. There are few student discounts, and check writing is often difficult. Yes, it ' s a typical university town. Oxford 49 State and national events as well as local news continue to leave a permanent imprint on Ole Miss. As a student attends Ole Miss he sometimes becomes so engrossed in his university activities that he is not as aware of state and national events as he should be. Nevertheless, the news events of spring, 1977, through winter, 1978, had a pro- found effect on each student ' s life. Scientist Wernher von Braun died of cancer . . . entertainers Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby each died of heart conditions (although there seemed to be some question about the nature of Presley ' s death) . . . Orchestra leader Guy Lombardo and silent screen star Charlie Chaplin also died . . . the Alaska pipeline was officially opened, offering encouragement for United States independence of foreign oil ... former Miss University Nancy White was pictured in TIME MAGAZINE . . .Presi- dent Jimmy Carter held one of his town meetings in Yazoo City, Mississippi, while his brother manu- factured Billy Beer back home in Plains, Georgia . . . hope for peace in the Mideast was fostered when Egyptian President Sadat visited Israel and the Holy Land. . : After a University of Mississippi student gradu- ates, he soon realizes that he must know what is happening in the outside world in order to be suc- cessful in his vocation. As he observes and is affected by the actions of world leaders, he will find his place in society. Pages 50 and 51. Background Pic ture Melody Swaney. Pictures Page 51, Top Left US Presi dent Jimmy Carter at Yazoo City town meeting. Top Right Arab students conduct peaceful dem onstration prior to OOK Mortar Board Speakers Forum featuring Abba Eban. Lower Left Johnny Vaught and Governor Finch at Notre Dame football game in Jackson. Lower Right Elvis Presley ' s funeral procession in Memphis. m these pages portrayed in 1977-78 is 52 Expressions and Impressions as a year of classic expressions an( j impressions Expressions and Impressions 53 A person doesn ' t need a reason for everything he does. Looking for a reason for every action is the kind of logic that keeps an individual from participating in the new and exciting experiences that competition brings. Naturally, education presents the opportunity for such competition. Just as an animal fights for survival, a student faces a challenge in every- thing he pursues. Competition exists everywhere on campus as it does in every instance of life beyond the uni- versity tenure. Earning points - whether it ' s on a test, on a date, in an athletic contest, or in the form of votes is a gratifying experience. P ge 54, Above Homecoming Queen Amy Webb hugs a supporter at her campaign victory party; Page 54, Right The alertness of the football team assured a losing season; Page 55, Top Left The tug- of-war during Dixie Week allows students to compete for an organization; Page 55, Top Right Students hold signs for candidates in the Miss Ole Miss-Colonel Rebel elections; Page 55, Bottom Left Mike Moyes puts his brainpower on the line; Page 55, Bottom Right The varsity baseball team members competed well in earning the Southeastern Conference champion- ship. 54 Learning From Competition . and also as a year competing and learning experiences . tti - . - AV Of course, seeking a victory can some- times result in defeat. No one can disa- gree that losing hurts, nor that misfor- tune usually builds character. However, the true test of a person is the method in which he absorbs a victory. A true com- petitor is indeed one who can win grace- fully because success should be an inner feeling of accomplishment. A true com- petitor learns from his mistakes and the mistakes of others. By being observant and persistent, a person can win on his own merit. What freedom it is to know that you don ' t have to justify anything to anyone and that you don ' t owe anyone anything. - g From Competition 55 urther strengthen the Top Left Wilma Johnson proudly displays the student body; Top Center Kay Wiles, representing New Dorm, is shown in her first-place winning co$tume at the Union Halloween Carnival; Top Right A future Ole Miss stu- dent intently watches the Rebels; Bottom Left Eric Eil- ertsen and Carol Box flirt; Bottom Right The Grove offers a serene spot for Ken Perry to study. (Yes, Ken, you made the annual.) BV Jib ' ' ' ffi - ! i W 1 S6 FdlndMtaiofPrMi N t [{ i f i a i an : i - The University continually puts individuals in the spotlight literally and figuratively. By inviting various guest speakers, concert artists, and travelling minstrels to the cam- pus, different organizations emphasize what many consider culture. But for others a pretty girl is all the culture needed. In addition, Ole Miss culture includes sports and idolizing star athletes although not to as great an extent as in previous years. Actually it is human nature to admire a tal- ented and or beautiful person whether that talent or beauty is on the stage, in pictures, or on the field. 58 Spotlight q- ENTERTAINMENT FACES AND PERSONALITIES ATHLETICS if 1 Sally Fortenberry Editor Bill Grant Assistant Editor " Ole Miss offers a lot culturally and activity-wise but students don ' t always take advantage of what ' s offered to them. For example, attendance at the Artist Series is not as good as it should be. " - Sonja Jenkins, senior English and history major " At times Ole Miss offers too many activities for students. It ' s hard to plan entertainment for students because there is always so much going on. In the fall, students go to games on weekends and have to study during the week to catch up. " Rusty Tucker, junior political science major DOONESBURY by Garry Trurinau Copyright, 1977. G B Trurlo.iu Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate. MISS UNIVERSITY PARADE OF BEAUTIES DIXIE WEEK UNION ACTIVITIES GREEK WEEK FALL FESTIVAL GUEST SPEAKERS ARTIST SERIES HOMECOMING THEATER CONCERTS Miss University Pageant p al ; y 28 to March 1 with Merideth McRae serving as emcee. This year ' s pag- The 1977 Miss University Pageant was held February 28 to March 1 with Merideth McRae serving as emcee. This year ' s pag- eant theme was " We ' ve got magic to do. " Selected as preliminary winners were Mary Donnelly in talent competition and Mona Vaughn in bathing suit competition. The top ten included Cheri Brown, Teri Bryant, Donna Duewall, Mary Donnelly, Liz Ederer, Beverly Goodson, Laura Koski, Lee Shirley, Cheryl Stewart, and Mona Vaughn. Presented with the Miss Congeniality Award was Beverly Goodson and chosen for the non-finalist talent award was Kem Kelley. Nancy White, 1976 Miss Universitv. crowned the winner. The Pageant was under the direction of Sam Haskell and Susan ( fl M iiiernaie Mona Vaughn 2nd Alternate Cheri Brown 3rd Alternate Laura Koski 4th Alternate Beverly Goodson rade of Beauties The 1977 annual Parade of Beauties Pageant was held on November 17, in Fulton Chapel. Mary Donnelly, Miss Mississippi, served as mistress of ceremonies while " The Group " and the Ole Miss Jazz Band provided special entertainment. Contestants placing in the top ten were Cheri Brown, Lissa Frankenbach, June Honea, Phoebe Kelley, Lucy Rice, Suzanne Snipes, Laurie Stephenson, Mona Vaughn, Diane Walker, and Tara Wyatt. The pageant was directed by Sally Fortenberry. Most Beautiful 1 st Alternate . 2nd Alternate 3rd Alternate . 4th Alternate . Cheri Brown .... Mona Vaughn Lucy Rice Lissa Frankenbach . . .Suzanne Snipes Dixie Week March 27- April 1 " Good times then are not forgotten " was the theme of Dixie Week 1977. Whether it was a messy plate of bar- becue chicken in the Grove, shrimp and beer at Sardis, or the afternoon ice cream delight, memories of Dixie Week will linger with each student. After a shivering, sloshy winter, everyone was ready to stop and enjoy the week of festivities that welcomed spring to the campus. The week hosted six concerts, numerous games, races and exhibitions, three movies, a barbe- cue, a TV star, and free ice cream. Dixie Week " Games in the Grove " took a great deal more than just determi- nation, even in the tug of war. Winners of the two-day games were Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Gamma. On Tuesday during the barbecue in the Grove, Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids performed bringing back a time gone by one of sock hops in the gym, beer drinking in the parking lot, and pony tails. This concert was followed by Choice, a top 40 ' s rock and roll band, and the movie TAXI DRIVER. r 64 Dixie Wek The Ole Miss Delight was a success with everyone getting all the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ripple ice cream they could eat. Wednesday ' s activities also included free concerts by Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Dennison and by Starbuck. A free, two- hour clinic for frisbee throwers was held in the Grove on Thurs- day. The professional demonstration consisted of throwing, catching, and free-style techniques. That night Gabriel Kaplan, the comedian from " Welcome Back Kotter, " was featured in Ful- ton Chapel. Dixie Week 65 Dixie Week ended a day earlier this year because the traditional final event, Red-Blue game, was surprisingly moved to April 30. The week was concluded Friday after the Shrimp Boil at Sardis. For most, it was a week that will never be forgot- ten. 66 Dixie Week Union Activities Students found the New Union to be a place with something for all. The Dating Game was a great success with everyone enjoying the questions and answers of the contest- ants. Acting as host, David Brevard thrilled the audience with his ready wit. " Gosh! It was a hard decision to pick the winning date, " remarked contestant Pat Boren. On an evening in March, the Union Ballroom was transformed into a casino. Bingo, craps, blackjack, and poker were just a few games with which people tried their luck during the night. Onion Activities 67 Last spring, student leaders forming the Alpha Sigma Sigma Fraternity stole the Union-spon- sored Gong Show with their song and dance to " She ' s a Rich Girl. " Kenn Beeman and Darden North were lead vocalists for the group. This fall the Ole Miss Union also organized a Hallow- een Carnival where spooks, ghosts, and goblins invaded the entire campus after throwing water balloons and bobbing for apples. 68 Union Activities The Union also provided daily entertainment with a variety of artist, films, hairdressers, displays, and magicians. In its first full year of operation, the Union has proven that Ole Miss truly has something for everyone. Union Activitet 69 Greek Week March 6-10 For an entire week, our rather passive campus turned into a quasi-Acropolis, complete with chariots, goddesses, and contests of strength. Greek Week was enjoyed by all as a time of fun and much-welcomed relief from the normal daily routine. " Operation Greek, " a leadership workshop, started off the week where members received advice on rush, pledge education, and officer training. Other events high- lighting the week ' s festivities included a bartending class, a style show, and a dessert swap. The " Battle of the Greeks " proved to be a struggle to the finish with each organization using their skill and agility in hopes of winning a trophy. After a pageant of unusual talents, Les Kerr representing Phi Kappa Psi and Carol Turner representing Tri Delt were chosen as Greek God and Goddess. Kappa Alpha pledge Lane Carrick was announced as IFC Model Pledge and Delta Gamma pledge Wilma Johnson was selected as Panhellenic Model Pledge. One of the most popular events was the Disco Nite at Mr. Olivers where Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha were presented first place trophies for the week. 4 b. 70 Greek Week Greek Week 71 Fall Festival September 13-15 For the first time, the Welcome Back Rebels and Fall Festival parties were combined in order to create a bigger and better type of fall activity. The three-day extravaganza provided much variety and excitement for all Ole Miss students. Activities began with games at the University pool where students tested their skills in jousting matches, innertube relays, and three-legged races. More than the traditional barbecue and great dinner, everyone enjoyed this opportunity to visit and welcome friends back to the campus. Music during the week was provided by Eli, Con Funk Shun, and a concert featuring Travares. The week was brought to a close with the performance of Jack Nelson, recreating the character of Mark Twain. 72 Fall Festival ' Fall Fxtival 73 Speakers The University offered students a diversified group of speakers during the 1977-78 school year. At the October ODK-Mortar Board Forum, former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban urged the United States to side with Israel in its role as mediator of the Arab-Israeli Middle East conflict. The controversial topic was protested by the Organization of Arab Students as they dem- onstrated outside of Fulton Chapel. Approximately fifty Arabs lined the sidewalks wearing dark blue shirts with white lettering reading " Palestine Forever, " " Palestine Lives, " and " Free Palestine. " Several girls handed out pamphlets which outlined the Palestinian position. Despite the fact that the demonstration was well-disciplined and organized, University police security was heavy around Fulton Chapel. For instance, two members of UPD observed the area around Fulton with field glasses while they were perched on the roofs of the Ole Miss Union and Peabody Hall. Campus Crusade for Christ sponsored the Christian speaker Josh McDowell to lecture September 12-13. He spoke on the sub- jects " The Great Resurrection Hoax " and " Maximum Sex. " Various religious speakers presented by the Committee of 100 during the year included the following: (November 15) Dr. Margaret Walker Alexander, author of JUBILEE and Jackson State University Director of the Institute for the Study of History, Life, and Culture of Black People; (January 1 7) The Very Reverend Sidney Sanders, priest of St. Andrew ' s Episcopal Cathedral located in Jackson; (February 1 1) David Elkin, a former moonie. The Very Reverend Sidney Sanders January 17 Josh McDowell September 12-13 74 Speakers AbbaEban OAK-Mortar Board Speakers Forum October 10 Speakers 75 Artist Series 1977-78 Roger Wagner Chorale March 6 ; iNlir s r mr 76 Culture ' PALL ELLIOTT fc nrrvnr 1 TONY TANNER Sherlock Holmes March 8 Culi 77 Book of Job September 12 m Daniel Heifetz October 3 78 Culture Mignon Dunn November 15 Lucnica October 23 1 V Cultixe 79 Homecoming is October 22 Homecoming began with campaigns. Amy Webb, represent- ing Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, was selected Homecoming Queen for the festivities. After the elections, students began other homecoming traditions such as decorating their fra- ternity or sorority houses and dorms with beautiful displays, created by poking tissue paper into chicken wire. In this way, alumni were pleased with an enthusiastic showing of Ole Miss ' s school spirit. " Rising with the future " was the theme of the week. With images of Star Trek and Star Wars in mind, students carried out this theme with rocket ships and robots. The Rebels rose to the occasion by winning a hard fought game over Vanderbilt. The week full of activity ended on Saturday night with the traditional round of frater- nity parties. vt 80 Homecoming SSL Homecoming 81 IL! 2 Homecoming University Theatre Presents YOU ' RE A GOOD MAN v CHARLIE BROWN , Charlie Brown Lucy Linus Schroeder Patty Snoopy Bruce Morgan Angela Jackson . John Thompson . . . . Sam Haskell . . . Julie Towery . . . Fandy Jacobs ' { I I 9 V x rown,- " the smash Broadway musical comedy based on the larles Schultz comic strip, closed the spring theatrical season. Many classic moments of the Peanuts gang were included in the stage production: Charlie Brown had problems with his baseball team; Snoopy, World War I flying ace, dogged the Red Baron with his Sopwith Camel; and Lucy conducted a crabbiness survey. Thwler 83 Jl f vhccra it Iniversity ' s first In February 1977, the Union and the tl campus dinner theater. Donald McBrydt moving musical based on a traditional lovfTcomeay. me PIOT OT tne musical comedy revolved around two earnest young men struggling to publish a protest magazine and an all-American girl who manages to send both men into a romantic tailspin. Mark Leonard Phoebe Kelly Steve Kelly Andy Sophie Norman 84 Theater I nusica! was sfaged in in March 29 and 30 ned serious drama famous sor Mr Peach um Mrs. Peachum Jenny Diner Street Singer Lucy Laura Koski Mike McMurray Susie Noble Sonja Jenkins Autry Laura was pre ' Cole direcr I the ' based on the niixote de la 23-25 i which ventures of he pursued his Barber Housekce AntOTIui Murry Johnson n Wentland Cot. Prentiss Hooper Damoe; Pittman John Thompson Kevin Soss Cynthia Limon Deanna Davis THEATER The Member d of the Wedding Running from October 12-14, Carson McCuller ' s play, " The Member of the Wedding, " was the first production of the Univer- sity Theater fall season. Directed by Helen Kellum, the play dealt with the adolescence experienced by a motherless teenage girl growing up during the 40 ' s in the South. The Black Student Union and the University Theater dedicated the opening night performance of the play to the memory of Ethel Waters, who played Bernice Sadie Brown in the original Broadway production. f f, Bernice Sadie Brown Frankie Addams John Henry West Jarvis Janice Mr. Addams Mrs. West Helen Fletcher Doris . Sis Laura T. T. Williams Honey Camden Brown Barney Mac Kean Mary Givhan Beth Black Doug McClurkm . . Murray Chase Rhonda Smith Kerry Hamilton . . Leah Rutledge Connie Simmons Amelia Eden Elsie Sandige Wilhe Perkins Herman Hicks Donald Walsh 86 Theater Neil Simon ' s " The Ginc read Lady " was the secc play presented in the 197 ' Summer Sh ase. the play dealt fthe life of an aging ayj rolic singer- actress. Djdffed by Dr. Don McBryde Jflie play starred stage ' aJlPss Jan Sterling. DonaldW CAST nmy Perry Leland Fox flanuel Wallace Hamilton toby Landau Evy Meara ... lUnderstudytoMs. : H.M.9. PINAFORE social class satirized thrST in the iss mu resentati. ore. " 7The Ilivl _ th lowl capt " Carnival, " a Broadway musical, closed the Ole Miss summer season August 4-6. Written by Michael Stewart with music and lyrics by Bob Merrill, the play centered around a rundown, third-rate carnival and Lily, an orphan girl who joins the travel- ing show. The plot thickened when Lily -Became part of a predictable love triangle with Marcos the Magician and Paul the Puppeteer. Helen Kellum directed the pro- duction. Lili Paul . . . Marco . Rosalie Jacquot Schlegel Dr. Glass Grobert . Olga Greta . . . Puppets . . . lola McClurkin Brian Fox . . David A. Wright Ruth Liebau . . . .Bill Eamheart Steve Kelly . . . . L. W. Thomas .... Earnest Mize Laura Kosci Julie Towery . Brian Fox and Bill Eamheart hk V W J Jhsfr g ' , PC ' - .- - - The Ponder Heart Adapted f the no d bi Eadoa Wdn b, Jomc Chodoiw nd.( eph F k . sity ofHMi$ er Department d j us production of ' The Ponder Heart " .o Eudora Welty, the lady responsible for Sy ' s delightful characters. Miss Jane , r , one of the founders and leading ,esses of New Stage Theater in Jackson, ' created her winning portrayal of Edna irle Ponder for the play. The adaptation of the Wetty novel was performed m Fulton Symposium held November 10 12. Jane Petty L W Thomas Steve Kelly Laura Partlow Julie Towery Ernestine Menwether Bruce Morgan Uncle Dame Grandpa Teacake Magee Bonnie Dee Pea Narc DeYa ' t . f it ' A 90 Dan Fogelberg Dan Fogelberg November 9 Dan Fogelberg . ' Boz Scaggs Louise Burney Editor Hugh Tanner Assistant Editor " Blonde hair is an Ole Miss classic. " - Bill Roberts, freshman psychology major " I think boys should be able to run for Favorite. That would keep the elections from being strictly a beauty contest and a battle between sororities. " - Lea Anne Hester, senior journalism major " Ole Miss has a lot of pretty girls more than I ' ve seen on any other campus. " - Mrs. Betty Fulwood, faculty member DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate MISS OLE MISS COLONEL REBEL FAVORITES MISS MISSISSIPPI MOST BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIES HOMECOMING QUEEN HOMECOMING COURT MISS MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSE BEST DRESSED COLOflCL IOa MISS OL MISS pihSKcres oeDDie BUSH The athletic department of the University of Mississippi scored another victory as football player George Plasketes and cheerleader Debbie Bush were voted Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss. George, who is from Riverside, Illinois, possesses invaluable leadership abilities. Demonstrative of this trait are his being named as President of the M-Club, as permanent football team co-captain in 1976 and 1977, and as recipient of the Jeff K. Hamm leadership award. Being a religious person, George is active as President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and as a member of the Committee of 100. George ' s excellence was once again recognized as he was given the Rebel Club " Super Rebel " award in 1976 and also in 1977. Among his other honors are being selected to the all-SEC academic team and to the AII-SEC first teams of United Press International and of Associated Press. In addition, he was given All-American Honorable Mention by the AP in 1977. However, as George jokingly admits, his favorite activity at Ole Miss has been the Girls ' Glee Club with which he has performed for four years. With all of these credits to his name, it is easy to see why George Plasketes was chosen as a member of the 1 977- 1 978 Hall of Fame. Debbie Bush, a senior from Tupelo, was elected by the student body as this year ' s Miss Ole Miss. Successful in other elections, Debbie has been chosen cheer- leader for four years and was selected a Campus Favorite. A member of Delta Gamma Social Sorority, she has served as that body ' s assistant treasurer. Deb- bie holds membership in Mortar Board, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary, and Phi Gamma Nu Business Honorary. An Ole Miss Recruitment Committee member and Ole Miss Ambassador, she also participates in Concert Singers, Lambda Sigma, and the Committee of 100. With so many varied activities, Deb- bie was named this year to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Miss Ole Miss lists her favorite hobbies as sewing, needlecraft, and singi ng, as well as playing the piano and guitar. 96 Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss Enrolled in communicative disorders, polite and charming Diane Deaton has been involved at Ole Miss through several leadership capacities besides being Mortar Board President. The sen- ior served as Vice-President and Activities Chairman of Chi Omega Sorority, as Chairman of the Committee of 82, and as Chairman of the 1977 Dixie Week Ticket Sales and Tee-Shirts committees. Diane, who came to Ole Miss from Greenwood, interned last summer in a con- gressman ' s national office. While vividly remembering that she literally ran into Zsa Zsa Gabor at a Washington party, Diane says that she was definitely able to meet many intriguing celebrities and national leaders during her stay in the nation ' s capital. Last summer was extremely busy for the Mississippi State Repre- sentative ' s daughter in that the warm weather included opportunities for white-water rafting and for camping trips. Definitely an individual, Diane points out that she has never been a member of AWS committees, nor does she watch TV. She does do some needlepoint and enjoys playing intellectually-stimulating back- gammon. Diane hopes to enter the field of com- municative disorders following graduation. Coming to Ole Miss from a family of five girls and one boy. Sheila, a native of Vicksburg, is known by many as a genuinely nice person. A member of Kappa Delta Sorority, she has served as Chaplain and Scholarship Chairman. As a freshman she began to bring honor to her sorority when she was chosen Panhellenic Cam- pus Model Pledge. Later, Sheila received the National Kappa Delta Scholarship Award. Admitted into Alpha Lambda Delta Scholarship Honorary during her first year at the University, she served as Historian for that organization. Sheila has been active as an Associated Student Body Executive Secretary, as an Ole Miss Ambassador, and as a member of Lambda Sigma, while also being a part of the Committee of 100. A devout Christian, Sheila is inspired by participating in Bible Studies and hearing Chris- tian speakers. Even though she is busy with her extracurricular activities and her studies, the junior secondary education major seems to con- sistently show concern for the problems of oth- ers. She enjoys talking to people whenever time permits, as demonstrated by her continual visits with her three sisters Ellen, Elise, and Cath- erine who are also Kappa Deltas at Ole Miss. ewns Favorites 97 (VNORIT6S flf CKTHY HIRSCH As ASB Vice-President, Cathy Hirsch has spent this year quieting the Campus Senate by pound- ing her Senate President ' s gavel. Named to the University ' s Hall of Fame and to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Cathy was a two-year Campus Sena- tor, Vice-Chairman of the Senate Finance Com- mittee and Chairman of the University Develop- ment Sub-Committee. The senior pre-med major from Greenville has been Scholarship Chairman of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, Chair- man of 1977 AWS Women ' s Week, Vice-Presi- dent of Beta Beta Beta Biology Honoroary, as well as being a member of Mortar Board. Known as the " Hirschey Bar Twins, " Cathy and her twin sister Terry (also an Ole Miss senior) were at age sixteen pictured hunting on the front of an issue of MISSISSIPPI GAME AND FISH COM MISSION MAGAZINE. Since Cathy and her sis- ter plan to become physicians like their father and grandfather, both of them work as nurses during the summers for their father in Green- ville. A person with a witty personality, Cathy has shown during the past four years that she can be both a serious leader and a fun-loving friend. Rose Jackson, a junior from Clarksdale, has a genuine interest in all people. Through her vari- ous extracurricular activities, she has devel- oped sincere friendships with many people on campus. Her leadership positions include being Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Honorary National Board Representative, Association for Women Students Treasurer, Associated Student Body Press Secretary, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- ity Social Chairman. This Alpha Kappa Alpha Lady (who usually wears a rose in her hair) is a Navy Sponsor, a University Scholar, a member of the Committee of 82, an Ole Miss Ambassa- dor, and a member of the Committee of 100. In addition. Rose was pictured in the 1977 OLE MISS as a Sophomore Homecoming Maid and also was chosen as Mortar Board Sophomore Honor Girl that year. The English and journal- ism major is known to the University as the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN reporter who covers sorority and fraternity events as well as a wide range of other campus news. Rose, one of the most refreshing students at Ole Miss, likes to write and dance in her spare time; however, when she does have a few extra moments (and for Rose they certainly are few), she just relaxes and enjoys life. ROS J CKSOM 98 Favorites (VNORITCS MUU J911MGS Paula ' s service to the student body has been distinctive in that she was Secretary of the Asso- ciated Student Body during her junior year. Paula Jennings (or " PJ " as she is more affec- tionately known) is presently Secretary of the 1978 University of Mississippi Senior Class. Paula, who claims Kosciusko as her hometown, is a member of Delta Gamma Sorority in which she has been Rush Chairman. Listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, she is also a Pike Little Sister and a member of the Committee of 82. Paula finds swimming and tennis enjoyable, while reading occupies some of her time. One of the friendli- est people on campus, Paula plans to teach for a career. If the English major has as good a rap- port with her future students as she has had with the student body, then she will indeed have a successful life. A twenty-year old junior from Jackson, Dare is the oldest of three children. Majoring in journal- ism and advertising with a minor in business, she has balanced her studies with a wide range of extracurricular activities. Her duties as Secre- tary of the 1978 OLE MISS, Phi Mu Sorority Panhellenic Representative and Rush Chair- man, KA Southern Belle (Little Sister) President, Campus Senate Legislation Monitor and Ser- geant-at-Arms, AWS Executive Secretary, Junior Panhellenic Advisor, Ole Miss Ambassador, and Committee of 100 member have kept her busy. Dare ' s " little girl " smile and charm, as well as her lack of interest in needlepoint, make her dis- tinctive. Dare says that her one interest is peo- ple, and she does indeed spend a lot of time on the phone in trying to solve the problems of oth- ers. She likes crowds and parties; but when talk- ing to people she prefers one-to-one conversa- tion. Romantic at heart, Dare loves to see old movies, especially Sunday afternoon matinees. The outdoors has a place in Dare ' s life in that water skiing and sailing fascinate her, as does snow skiing. In fact, her favorite place to visit is Colorado. Dare enjoys staying up late and wak- ing up early. And, indeed, she certainly needs as many possible hours out of the day to get out of life all that she demands. HOLY Favorites 99 FVNORITCS PGGY Having been sponsored in the Favorites election by Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Associated Student Body Secretary Peggy Reisser is a Sen- ior from a large Memphis family. A journalism major, Peggy is a reporter for the DAILY MIS- SISSIPPIAN, covering the University Academic Council and the Associated Graduate Student Body as well as other activity-oriented organiza- tions. She has also served as a Page Editor for the Mississippian since January, 1 978. Listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges, Peggy has also been Kappa ' s Panhellenic Council Representative; an Ole Miss Ambassador; and Publicity Chairman for the Association of Women Students, for Dixie Week, and for Homecoming. Prior to serv- ing as Associated Student Body Secretary, Peggy was Legislation Monitor for the Campus Senate. She feels that through these two posi- tions she has especially learned how to work with people particularly the University administration. Though reading and playing tennis are her hobbies, Peggy likes to stroll around campus and visit friends. A neat and precise person, Peggy hopes to have a career as a reporter for a large newspaper. Lisa Roberts, a native of Meridian, was spon- sored by Kappa Delta Sorority in this year ' s Parade of Favorites. As well as being one of her sorority ' s favorites, she is also one of its most active members. Serving as this year ' s Panhel- lenic President, Lisa has come into contact with many new faces. With her bubbly, outgoing per- sonality, she was a natural choice for Pre-Col- lege Counseling and for the University Welcom- ing Committee. Lisa also exercised her charm by being a Legislative Day Hostess and by serv- ing as Rush Chairman for Kappa Delta. The English and history major was selected Top Ten Best Dressed in 1976 and was chosen a Pike Calendar Girl. Lisa says that her favorite pas- time is watching old movies while drinking strawberry milkshakes. After graduation in May, Lisa plans to attend Paralegal School in Atlanta. LISfcROKRTS 100 Favorites MVIORITCS CNO. TURN A native of Tyler, Texas, Carol Turner decided to come to Ole Miss because her older brother attended the University. Carol, a senior art major, is partial to painting floral landscapes and outdoor scenes. Actually, she has been painting since she was thirteen years old and finds that art is a marvelous way to express her- self. A self-professed health nut, Carol plays tennis and jogs to stay in shape. She is also inclined to snow or water ski whenever possible. Carol adores snow (and definitely had enough to adore on campus during the winter of 1 978). Having appeared in the 1977 OLE MISS as a Junior Maid of the 1976 Homecoming Court, Carol was selected 1977 Greek Goddess and a Pike Calendar Girl National Finalist. Carol, SAE Little Sister of Minerva, is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority in which she has served as Publicity Chairman and Historian. While having been a member of the ASB Elections Commit- tee, she is also a member of Kappa Pi Art Hon- orary. Considering all of Carol ' s honors and extracurricular activities, it is easy to see why Carol Turner is really something special. Varsity Cheerleader Renee Windsor is a junior from Jackson, Mississippi, majoring in market- ing. Besides serving as a Varsity Cheerleader this year, Renee was one of the last Ole Miss Freshman Cheerleaders. She was also a Varsity Cheerleader during the second semester of her sophomore year after having served as an Alter- nate Varsity Cheerleader during the first semes- ter. Normally a shy person, Renee becomes quite energetic while cheering on the football field and basketball court. Renee feels that being a Cheerleader is one of the constructive ways to become involved on campus, although she is also a Navy Sponsor. Affiliated with two Greek organizations, Renee is a member of Phi Mu Sorority and is a KA Southern Belle (Little Sister). Definitely a girl who enjoys reading and needlepoint, Renee likes to swim, play tennis, participate in gymnastics, and bicycle for recre- ation. Although she likes to consume four candy bars in one sitting, Renee continually manages to keep her cute little cheerleader figure. WINDSOR Favorites 101 MISS MISSISSIPPI Mazy Domaiv Crowned Miss University in February of 1977, Mary Donnelly claimed the title of Miss Mississippi in July. The first Miss University to attain such an honor since 1961, Mary grandly represented the state of Mississippi at the Miss America Pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She was cheered on by her family and a group of Ole Miss students who proudly waved Rebel flags and sang " Dixie. " Upon her return, Mary was honored by the University when October 1 5 was proclaimed " Mary Donnelly Day. " A whirlwind of activities on campus, including University Modeling Board, Chi Omega Sorority, Angel Flight, and Sigma Chi Little Sister, keep this Miss Mississippi con- stantly on the go. Brains are also combined with Mary ' s beauty for she claims mem- bership in Alpha Lambda Delta and Lambda Sigma scholarship honoraries as well as Sigma Alpha lota Music Honorary. A native of Beaumont, Texas, the music education major has also been selected as a Pike Calendar Girl. During her active reign as Miss Mississippi, Mary has entertained throughout the state at banquets, conventions, and beauty pageants. She fills what little spare time she has with needlepoint and singing. Also during her free moments Mary likes to use the talent that comes most easily to her that of just talking to people and being friendly. KT RIGHT- MdRYDONNaLY CROWNS MONfc WUGHN dS MISS UNIKRSITY FOLLOWING MdRY ' S WINNING THetllSS MISSISSIPPI " TITL 102 Mi Miuittippi The University tie October 15, 1978. as Mary Donnelly Day and her ' e ceremonies of the South Caro lina Fo me. Shown below are University of Mississippi Vice-Chancel- lor Harvey Lewis, Associated Student Body President Billy Crews, and Mary. Miss Mississippi 103 104 Most Beautiful MOST B UTIRJL CHI BROWN The Parade of Beauties Pageant was climaxed when the judges selected Cheri Brown, a five-foot six brunette from Meridian, as Most Beautiful. The junior music education major gets a big thrill from seeing the golden arches of MacDonald ' s and from licking postage stamps. Having the unusual hobby of egg collecting, blue-eyed Cheri likes houseplants, macrame, and needlepoint. Prior to participating in the Parade of Beau- ties Pageant, Cheri had had much stage experience. She was Mississippi ' s Junior Miss while a senior in high school, in addition to later being Miss Meridian in 1976 and placing in the top ten in the 1976 Miss Mississippi Pagoant. Last summer Cheri was Meridian ' s Miss Hospitality and ranked in the Top Ten in the state contest. " The Group, " Angel Flight, and the UM Modeling Board claim Cheri as a member while she is also active in Sigma Alpha lota Music Honorary and in Lambda Sigma. A Pike Calen- dar Girl, Cheri is also Chi Psi Fraternity Sweetheart and a Chi Psi Little Sister. Cheri seemed to enjoy the Beauties Pageant, and she was definitely succes - MoMBMoOM MB DCNJTY MO WUGHN Tiptonville, Tennessee ' s Ole Miss Beauty, Mona Vaughn, is a five-foot five junior majoring in fashion merchandising. Beginning her pageant career while a junior in high school as Miss Tiptonville Strawberry Festival Queen, blonde blue-eyed Mona was selected Miss Union (the equivalent of Miss Univer- sity) when she was a freshman at Union University in Jack- son, Tennessee. She then earned first runner-up in the 1976 Miss Tennessee Pageant. Transferring to Ole Miss as a soph- omore, Mona participated in the 1977 Miss University Pag- eant and was ranked as first runner-up; she was later crowned Miss University for 1977. A member of Chi Omega Sorority, Mona dances and sings in " The Group " and is a Pike Calendar Girl. In addition to enjoying water skiing, swimming, backgammon, bowling, and eating barbecue, Mona has an affinity for cracking her knuckles and spending her daddy ' s money. She looks forward to her career in fashion merchan- dising because she feels that dealing with people brings great personal satisfaction. 106 Beauties II r Chi Omega Sorority Pledge Class President, brunette Lucy Rice is a junior from Webb, majoring in general business. Having transferred to Ole Miss this fall from Mississippi Uni- versity for Women, Lucy is a member of the University of Mis- sissippi Modeling Board, a member of Junior Panhellenic, and President of the SAE Little Sisters. During the 1977 Best Dressed Contest, she ranked in the Top Ten. While attending MUW and a member of Silhouette Social Club, Lucy was cho- sen Most Beautiful, Most Charming, and Miss " W " (the equiv- alent of Miss University). She was also named second alter- nate in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. When indoors, Lucy likes to read and create her own needlepoint designs; but swimming, horseback riding, and lion taming are her outdoor activities. Always poised and dignified, five-foot eleven, brown-eyed Lucy is certainly a Delta Beauty. LUCV RIC BGNJTY Beauties 107 DNJTY Featured in the 1977 OLE MISS as Best Dressed, blue-eyed blonde Lissa Frankenbach represented Phi Mu Sorority in the Parade of Beauties Pageant. Lissa likes clothes as evidenced by her participation in the University of Mississippi Modeling Board and her working in a downtown Oxford clothing store. For a career, she plans to use her marketing major along with her abil- ity to easily meet people in some form of retailing. By assisting her employer in the buying of clothes for his business, she has gained practical experience in marketing. Chairman of Publicity and Publications for the Modeling Board, Phi Mu Public Relations and Special Projects Chairman, a member of the AWS Recruit- ment and ASB Spirit Committees, and a Pike Calendar Girl, Lissa is a junior from Nashville. She has also been Secretary of the Stu- dent Traffic Appeals Board and AWS Art Director. Lissa says that she likes to eat; however, it is evident that the calories do not seem to affect her five-foot five frame. r 19 P i r i 1 08 Beauties A five-foot eight, brown-eyed blonde from Greenville, Suzanne Snipes is a Delta Delta Delta majoring in communicative disor- ders. Suzanne ' s friendly personality quickly reveals that she has made a valuable contribution to the ASB Spirit Committee. Com- plaining that her phone does not ring enough, Suzanne says that she stays busy not doing anything. She does, however, enjoy rid- ing horses, snow skiing, water skiing, life-guarding, and football (having been for the Dallas Cowboys in the Superbowl). Suzanne also confesses that she is a wonderful sorority big sister and that she hates to feed large-beaked birds by hand. A member of the Delta Debutante Club for the 1977 season, Suzanne enjoyed her participation in the Parade of Beauties Pageant because the event gave her an opportunity to meet many people. Even though she finds beauty pageants exciting, Suzanne feels that if a per- son is kind and nice, then he or she is indeed beautiful. suz ime snipes DGNJTY Beauties 109 queen Homecoming Queen Amy Webb was sponsored in a victorious campaign for the title by her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. The auburn-haired brown-eyed jun- ior has been a Rebelette for three years and was named to the Top Ten in the 1976 Miss University Pageant. While being on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and in Lambda Sigma, Amy lists Concert Band and Army ROTC Spon- sorship as her most time-consuming activities. A member of Kappa Delta Pi honorary, she has also been involved as an Ole Miss Ambassador, as an Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, and as a delegate to Junior Panhellenic. An elementary education major from Selmer, Tennessee, Amy enjoys teaching swimming lessons, playing the piano, and dancing. 110 Homecoming Queen HOM- COMIMG COURT Suzanne Chaney, Freshman Maid; Ruth McLeod, Freshman Maid; Laura Goodall. Sopho- more Maid; Sheri Rankin, Sophomore Maid; Patti Poole, Junior Maid; Evelyn Short, Junior Maid; Donna Gresham, Senior Maid; Laurie Ste- phenson. Senior Maid. Homecoming Court 111 MISS MISSISSIPPI LCIGH TN lY Miss Mississippi Universe Leigh Tapley, a junior from Jackson, has experi- enced several humorous moments while fulfilling her title. While at the Miss USA Pageant held in Charleston, South Carolina, she received a nightgown by mail from a man whom she did not know. Leigh says that during her reign she has received so much mail from children all over the state that the Jackson Post Office keeps a special box for her which she cleans out weekly. Leigh, a speech and theater major, uses her interest in the stage to keep busy by performing in both " The Group " and the UM Modeling Board. Recognized as a Top Five Beauty in last year ' s Parade of Beauties Pageant and featured in the 1977 OLE MISS, Leigh was also selected a Pike Calen- dar Girl. Leigh confesses that she does not have the patience to do needle- point, but that she does enjoy swimming, tennis, and lifeguarding. 112 Miss Mississippi Universe BGST DRSSD BRITT : en Best Dressed sored by Womer e Maid of Cotton Cor Mona was named Mosi s 1975 OLE MISS) and Pike Drea Mona = ' e as a Delta Delta [ member of the U ' -g Board, and as a P -.- - :-::kson and the C Mona GONE WITH THE WIND as modi Best Dressed 113 Mary Elizabeth Partin Editor Jimmy Edwards and Lee Watt Assistant Editors " Ole Miss can ' t win anything but a party. " - Pat, a senior at Watford College, S.C. " The future of athletics as a whole at Ole Miss looks more promising now than ever before. " - Lee Ragland, senior journalism major " During the past four years while I have been at Ole Miss, we have had a few good moments athletically; but the number of bowl games has definitely not lived up to Ole Miss ' s past record. " - John Phillips, senior pre-med major DOONESBURY by Garry TrurJeau Copyright. 1977. G B Trude.iu Di BASEBALL FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS MCLUB VOLLEYBALL GOLF WOMEN ' S TENNIS MEN ' S TENNIS MEN ' S BASKETBALL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL RUGBY SOCCER VQP0 j f J The Rebels performed the way fans and coaches would expect a great team to play. By the end of the season, they had won the first SEC championship the University had seen in five years. When a sacrifice fly was needed to advance a runner, it was realized. With a man on third late in the game, a batter hit that fly needed to bring the runner home. Many times in the final stages of theTgame a relief pitcher pro- vided the necessary ingredient for the win. Baseball ' 77 brought a sense of pride and enjoyment back to the school thanks to the players hustling together as a team and the coaches working hard. Baseball 117 SEC Champions Above Left to Right, First Row: Jim Diamond, David Strange, Larry Brown, Jackie Spencer, Bart Boykin, Cliff Ford, Mark Barnhouse. Second Row: Donnie Kis- ner, Jeff Calhoun, Tim Maxwell, William Griffin, Pat Ball, Woody Brooks, Mike Templeton, Rick Zibilich, Chip Robertson. Third Row: Coach Gibbs, Mark Clark, Bubba Hubbard, Jay Purvis, Sid Williams, Mike Pomer- anz, Toby Turner, Rory Ferrell, Pete Ladd. Below Catchers, Left to Right: Larry Brown, Mike Templeton, Bert Boykin. 118 Baseball ions ' f Top Pitchers, Left to Right, First Row: Jeff Calhoun, Rick Zibilich, Pete Ladd. Second Row: William Griffin, Jay Purvis, Sid Williams, Rory Ferrell, Toby Turner. Middle Outfielders, Left to Right: Tim Maxwell, Pat Ball, Mark Clark, Woody Brooks. Bottom Infielders, Left to Right: Bubba Hubbard, Mike Pomeranz, Jim Diamond, David Strong, Jackie Spencer, Mark Barnthouse, Cliff Ford. Baseball 119 The Rebels started the 1977 season with memo- ries of an 18-18 record from the year before. Determined to improve, they won their first ten of eleven games. The Rebels ' powerful sticks could not be denied in their first major SEC encounter as they whipped LSU in Baton Rouge two of three games. Ole Miss then went on to beat ' Bama twice. After losing twice to Auburn, the Rebs came back full speed with powerful hitting, " the mule " pitching, and won the next six of nine SEC games. I 120 Bauball The season came down to the wire as the powerful Auburn War Eagles rolled into Ole Miss with some of the finest SEC pitching seen in years. But the Rebels used awesome power-hitting and fine late-inning pitching to turn back the War Eagles two of three times to claim the SEC Western Divi- sion Title. This was the first since Paul Husband, Steve Dillard, Dennis Starr, and Company won in 1 972. This year the winner of the western division title served as host for the SEC playoffs bringing to the University campus Eastern Division first and second place winners (Florida and Vanderbilt) and the Western Division second place winner (Mississippi State). The Rebels pulled off a late-innings vic- tory over Vanderbilt to open the playoffs. After falling to Flo- rida, the Rebels promptly disposed of the Bulldogs by giving them their second loss. The SEC championship came down to the wire as Ole Miss was forced to beat Florida two games in a row. Behind the big sticks of Templeton, Pameranz, and Barnthouse, the Rebels ripped the Gators to take the SEC Title. Winning the SEC Title sent Ole Miss on to the NCAA South Region playoffs. The Rebels were beaten by Clemson on a ninth-inning home run, but came back to defeat Morehead State before being eliminated by Miami. 122 Baseball The SEC Title in baseball was the first one the Uni- versity had seen in any sport in five years. It brought to the baseball team the attention greatly deserved. Many Rebels received the credit due them for their hard work and achievement. Pat Ball, Mark Barnt- house, Bubba Hubbard, Mike Pomeranz, and Rick Zibilich were named to the All-Western Division team. Barnthouse was also named to the AII-SEC and All-Regional teams. Following the winning of the Title, there was talk of appropriating funds needed to make the improvements necessary to bring Swayze Field up to the standards due a champion- ship team. Baseball 123 V ?. -V V t K ' Vt 124 Football While perfecting the fine art of inconsistency, tne Rebels produced a 1977 season slate that was a masterpiece of mediocrity. Whether it was riding out stadiums in a beam of sunshine or waiting until after dark to sneak out of service entrances, the Red and Blue was marveled at and made fun of in the same fashion that it had been for the last four years. Grumbling alumni became convinced that the only thing they were doing with their Saturday afternoons was con- tributing to the development of excuse-making as an exact science. Talk of seeking a second mortgage on the Lyceum to finance a new direction for the football program began as early as the fourth game of the season. Crucial victories, close margins of defeat, and extra doses of bourbon in red plastic cups quieted the unrest of Rebel fans until season ' s en d. The turn of events during the weeks after the Golden Egg debacle contest ranks among such miracles as the parting of the Red Sea and the Ole Miss defeat of Notre Dame. In a whirlwind of activity. Cooper soon resigned in a questionable and cryptic flurry. Hope was then returned to the Rebel faithful as Steve Sloan and his whole entourage of assistant coaches was signed on to replace the Cooper team. Hoddy Toddy! MISSISSIPP MEMORIAL STADIUM Managers, Left to Right, First Row: Donnie Kisner, William Buford, John Daggett, Chip Robertson. Second Row: Blake Barnes. Bob Bane, Chip Conerly, Gary Brandon, and Forrest Phillips Left to Right, First Row: Robert Fabris (1), William Day (2). Jon Fabris (3), Hoppy Langly (4), Ray Hamel (6), Joel Stewart (6), Gary Jones (7), Don Rollins (8), Willie Foster (9), Bobby Garner (10), Jim Lear (11), Roy Coleman (12), Willie Burns (13), George Plasketes (14), Dan Caccamo (15), Billy Wise (16), Robin Lavinghouse (17), Tim Ellis (18), George Cain (19), Loen Perry (20). Second Row: James Story (21 ), Reg Woullard (22), Roger Gordon (23), Jerry Spore (24), Randle Sneed (24), Danny Fischer (25), Jerrell Price, Sammy Butera (28), David Broome, Ken Toler (30), Don Lloyd, Randy Rucker, L. A. Smith (32), Tyrone Richards (33), Mike Miller (34), Robert Haydel (35), Freddie Williams (36), David Sellers (37), Darrell Clark (37), Bryan Amis (38), Dave Erves (38). Third Row: Jim Miller (39), Al Dotson (40), Larry Dantzler (41), Bobby Moore (42), Plil Freightman (42), Mike Fountain (42), Kern Coleman (43), Johnny Hatch (44), Mike Russel (45), Conrad Kilpatrick (46), Eddy Householder (47), Matt Phil lips (48), David Traxler (50), Bob Lewis (51 ), Murray Whitaker (52), Don Kitchens (53), Dave Dickerson 126 Football Football Team (54), Jason Slazak (54), Chuck Commiskey (55), Wade Dowell (56). Fourth Row: Brian Moreland (57), Jimmy Hawkins (58), Bubba Olander (59), Mickey Thames (60), Ricky Weiss (61), Quintan McDonald (62), Allen White (62), Randy White (63), Terrence Walker (64), Bob Grefseng (65). Bubba Mim (66), Jerry Pennington (67), Jay Bailey (68), John Johnson (69), Bob McGraw (69), Fernando Harvey (70), Paul Sagan (71), Chris Streetman (72), Robin Reed (72). Fifth Row, Dan Deer (73), Tony Debartilo (74), Mark Meisgeir (74), Antoinne Jackson (75), Bentley Burgess (76) Chris Cottam (77), Skip Rhoten 77), Danny Curtis (78), Keith Kellum (79), Mike Smith (80), Enc Smith (81), Theodis McNeal (82). Norman Seawright (83), David Noblin (83), Eddie Cole (84), Curtis Weathers (85). Clay Erwin (86), Skippy Daniels (87), Billy Denny (88), John Peel (89). Sixth Row: Clark Hudson (91), Barry Kanuch (92), Jay Easterling (93), Bryan Niebuhr (94), Charlie Cage (95), Ken Mask (97), Mark Massingale (98), Lawrence Johnson (99). Not Pictured: David Coates, Graham Stuart. Trainers, Left to Right, First Row: Scott Arata, Robby Grayder, Leroy Mullms. Tim Huff, Bill Williams. Sec- ond Row: Chuck Leggett, Sam Dun can, Jesse Meeks, Tom Carstens, Dan Walker Football 127 Rebels Joyously Win Two of First Three More than 45,500 eager fans saw Ole Miss snap Memphis State ' s three year winning streak in a hard-fought 7-3 contest in Jackson ' s Mississippi Memorial Stadium. Employing their new veer-offense, quarterback Bobby Garner directed the Rebels as they gained 262 total yards to the Tigers ' 171. Although Memphis State ' s haphazard offense supplied the Rebels with numerous scoring opportunities, the Red and Blue Machine could muster only one TD with Fullback James Storey ' s 19- yard scamper in the first period. Storey led all rushers with 100 yards in 18 attempts. Tire e The next week, the Rebels were rejected in Birmingham by nationally ranked Alabama. The Tide started its season by rolling over Ole Miss 34-14. For the Rebs, this marked the fourth loss in the last five meetings with Bear Bryant ' s crew. Bruised and battered, the Johnny Rebs left Legion Field but only after Bama got revenge from last year ' s 10- 7 decision. On September 17, Ole Miss humiliated one of the biggest gridiron powers of all-time and left an embarrassing scar on Notre Dame ' s Irish pride by causing the only reg- ular season loss for the Fighting Irish. From the beginning, Ole Miss dominated the action as quarterbacks Bobby Garner and Tim Ellis combined for an impressive 194 yards passing. Garner ' s longest pass was a 50-yard completion to Roy Coleman in the second quarter. A few plays later, a 1 0-yard TD pass to James Storey enabled the Rebs to enjoy a 10-7 halftime lead. The enjoy- ment wasn ' t lasting though as the fourth ranked Fighting Irish emerged from the lockers anxiously seeking victory. However, the Rebs denied them again with a 48-yard pass play from Ellis to L. Q. Smith which was the key to the fourth quarter game-winning TD drive. The Ole Miss offensive unit registered 351 total yards in the scorch- ing heat and controlled defensive All-Americans Fry and Browner. Defensively, George Plasketes led the campaign with fifteen tackles. The week after the massacre of the South Bend Boys was just as glo- rious. Four players and Head Coach Ken Cooper received national honors. For his 12 solo tackles and his 6 assists, defensive tackle Charlie Cage was selected as the DPI Southeast Defensive Player of the Week. Reserve linebacker Brian Moreland, replacing the injured Eddie Cole, gathered 9 solos and 5 assists in being named the " Sports Illustrated " national collegiate Lineman of the Week. For their aerial attack and superb ground control, Ellis and Garner shared the AP backfield award, while Cooper captured the DPI Coach of the Week award. Football 129 Rebels Lose Three in the Rain Downstate rival USM, with an upset victory over Auburn tucked under its belt, blasted its way into ram-soaked Hemingway Stadium and left victoriously 27-19. The first campus game for the ' 77 season, it marked only the second loss for Ole Miss in the series against South- With a comfortable half time lead of 197, the Rebels entered the sec- ond half -- mustering only forty additional yards rushing. However, Southern gathered 252 yards rushing for the afternoon. Mississippi in Oxford The Rebs also gave up four fumbles. Punter Jim Miller provided the only bright spot for the day by averag- ing 49.6 yards on his 5 punts. wan 130 Football Ole Miss Head CBSch Ken Cooper Jordan-Hare Stadium was the site for the Johnny Rebs second SEC contest. With ABC providing regional televi sion coverage, the Rebs succumbed in a heart-breaking 21 15 loss to Auburn. Five minutes remained in the first half when backup quarterback Tim Ellis came into the game, replacing the injured Bobby Garner. Ellis ' s strong surge late in the game gave hope to the Oxford crew, but a stubborn Auburn defense stalled the Rebs ' attack. Defensive end George Plasketes led the defense with 6 solo tackles, 4 assists, and 4 fumble recoveries three of which led to scores. For his efforts, Plasketes earned the UPI National Southeast Defensive Player of the Week. Athens, Georgia, and its hedges saw Ole Miss suffer its third straight loss, but only after the Rebs waged one of their strongest comebacks ever. Down 14 zip in the 4th quarter, Tim Ellis entered in his usual heroic role. After a couple of quick plays, Ellis found Storey open across the middle for a 44-yard TD pass. After a couple of punts and interceptions, the Rebs found the end zone again. This time it was Ellis connecting with tight end Curtis Weath- ers from the eight yard line. Unable to convert on a 2 point attempt, Ole Miss watched the clock tick away - Georgia 14, Ole Miss 13. Football 131 Under fire from various alumni groups, Cooper entered into what crit- ics billed as the " most important " game in his career. But Hemingway and sun-scorched fans saw Cooper ' s Troopers pluck the Gamecocks of South Carolina 17-10 and quiet much of the criticism. Again Rebel fans watched as 14 Plasketes led the defense with 15 tackles and quarter- backs Ellis and Garner directed the backfield to the tune of 288 yards rushing. Backs Freddie Williams and James Storey produced a touchdown apiece while kicking specialist Hoppy Langley split the uprights with less than a minute in the game. The win broke a 3-year losing streak with the Carolina bunch and a 3-game losing streak for the 1 977 Ole Miss season. Vanderbilt in Oxford 132 Football South Carolina in Oxfou, LSU Prevents Three in a Row After three misguided quarters, Ole Miss came back to beat Vandy 26-14 before a Homecoming crowd of 32,500. An impressive Tim Ellis led the attack by accounting for 239 total yards. Kicker Hoppy Langeley placed the Rebs on the Scoreboard with his first quarter 46-yard field goal. Then on the kickoff, Vandy ' s Preston Brown raced 100 yards for an easy six points. Vandy scored again on a 74-yard touchdown pass play but Ole Miss responded with an Ellis-to-Weathers 63-yard scoring strike and another Langeley field goal moments later. With both teams stymied in the third quarter, the Johnny Rebs produced two more touchdowns in the final quarter to once again put the fourth quarter jinx on the Seamen. FootWI 133 Fresh from an open weekend, the Rebels cruised into Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. They left almost as easily but not until the Big Orange from Tennessee had been crushed for 43 points. In what Vol Head Coach Johnny Majors described as an " old-fashioned Tailkick- ing, " Ole Miss capitalized on six turnovers, making four touchdowns and one field goal. Compiling a total of 459 yards, Ole Miss gathered more points than had ever been scored under Cooper. Defensive end Plasketes racked up ten tackles, two fumble recover- ies, and three sacks. Running back James Storey led the ground attack with three touchdowns and 88 yards rushing. Rebels Devour Tennessee and Tragically Lose to State . n _. J Coach Johnny Majors at Tennessee Game if LI HM_ aBBi Tennessee in Memphis BH By outlasting a first quarter rainstorm an d two Rebel touchdowns, arch-rival Mississippi State fought back to beat Ole Miss 1814. This victory marked the first back-to-back State conquests against Ole Miss since the 1941 42 campaign. After rolling up 150 yards rushing and a pair of touchdowns in the first quarter of action, the Rebs came to a screeching halt. They gained only 42 more yards in the last forty five minutes of play. The Bulldogs added their points to the Scoreboard little by little with two field goals and two touchdowns. State and its outlawed cowbells finished the game with 387 total yards and the coveted Golden Egg. The loss left Ole Miss with a 56 season and several disappointed seniors. Although football season was finished, the first few weeks after the 1977 campaign saw the ath letic department humming with activity. Post sea son athletic honors went to several Ole Miss play ers with defensive end George Plasketes heading the list of those chosen. Plasketes was selected AP All American honorable mention, AP All SEC, and UPI All SEC. In addition to Plasketes, seniors Robert Fabris and Gary Jones were selected for Academic All SEC. Jim Miller was selected by UPI as All SEC. Fabris and Plasketes were also selected as Academic All American. All Star bowl invitations went to Kem Coleman, Tim Ellis, and George Plasketes. Coleman was invited to play in the East-West Shrine game in San Francisco and in the Senior Bowl. Plasketes was invited to three bowl games: the Blue Grey in Birmingham, the Hula Bowl in Honolulu, and the Japan Bowl in Tokyo. Ellis joined Plasketes in the Japan Bowl. Just ten days after receiving a full vote of confidence from the Ole Miss Athletic Committee, Head Football Coach Ken Cooper submitted his resignation to Chancellor Porter Fortune saying that it was in " the best interest of the University and its football program. " Chancellor Fortune in return cited Cooper as one " who displayed dignity and character in triumph and adversity. " A few days later Texas Tech Head Coach Steve Sloan accepted the Ole Miss vacancy and promptly began choosing his staff. On December 2, 1977, retiring Athletic Director John Vaught (along with the Chancellor, other Ole Miss officials, and approximately 1500 exuberant fans) welcomed Sloan to the University with a pep rally and press conference. Football 1 35 Cheerleaders Above Left to Right, Standing: Renee Windsor, Becky Bowen, Katheryn Becker, Angelyn Atkins, Debbie Bush. Kneeling: John Frazier, Eric Eilertsen, Sam Martin, Johnny Caldwell, Chuck Walker. Below Chuck Walker Head Cheerleader. Right Above Keith Ingram Colonel Reb. 1 36 Cheerleaders Cheerleaders 137 138 M Club MClub Above Left to Right: Sponsor Coach Thomas Coleman. Officers: George Plasketes President, Robert Fabris Vice-President, Larry Dantzler Secretary-Treasurer, Randy White Sergeant-at-Arms, Bryan Niebuhr Sergeant-at-Arms. Lower Left Vicki Ellis Sweetheart. 1. Drew Shillmglaw 2. Bob Lewis 3. Johnny Hatch 4. Hoppy Langley 5. George Plasketes 6. Kem Coleman 7. Al Dotson 8. Bob Barnes 9. L. Q. Smith 10. Robert Fabris 1 1 . Larry Dantzler 12. Terrence Walker 13. Ray Poole 14. Tim Ellis 1 5. Mike Templeton 16. Gary Jones 17. Bryan Niebuhr 18. Theodis McNeal 19. Don Kitchens 20. Lawrence Johnson 21. Randy White 22. Mike Pomeranz 23. Bob Grefseng 24. Michael Sweet 25. Bobby Garner 26. Jon Fabris 27. Ronnie Russell 28. Randy Rucker 29. William Day 30. Jim Miller 31. Chip Robertson 32. James Storey 33. Tad Wise 34. Danny Fischer 35. MaxieCupit MClu b 139 Volleyball Left to Right, First Row: Kim McFall, Gloria Hunter, Nancy Eslinger, Linda Conner, Frances Hicks, Sandra Wells. Second Row: Gretchen Schlabach Trainer, Lin Dunn Assistant Coach, Mary Eslinger, Cathy Casteel, Lori Woodward, Trice Flair, Kathy Kephart, Lisa Conner, Cheryl Holt Head Coach. Although the Ole Miss Lady Rebels Volleyball Team is the newest addition to the University ' s athletic department, they have quickly proven their capabilities and are eagerly anticipating a promising future. With first-year head coach Cheryl Holt at the helm, the Lady Rebels performed remarkably well last season. They demolished five other teams to win the Ole Miss Invitational Tourna- ment in October. In the last week of October, the 12-woman squad competed in the SEC Tournament and finished a strong third behind LSD and Tennessee. Then in November, the Lady Rebels seized the state championship ending MUW ' s seven-year string of state titles. Because of their fine per- forma nces, Linda Conner, Frances Hicks, and Cathy Castel were named to the All-State team. After capturing second place in the regional volleyball tournament, the Lady Rebels trav- eled to Provo, Utah, for the nationals. Although the Lady Rebs exhibited fine talent, they were crippled by their lack of height. After being quickly knocked out of competition, their season ended with a 33-1 5 record. 140 Volleyball 1 Golf Left to Right, First Row: Wray Williams, Bill Woodbury, Maxie Cupit, Anthony Wilds, Tom Geelan. Second Row: Jim Reed, Johnny Lang, Steve Winkle, Kirk Morgan, Ken Tarbutton, Kenny Bell, Tom Wiedman, Coach Don Fruge. Last spring, the Ole Miss Golf team, led by coach Ray Poole, competed with honors in several hard-fought matches. On March 6, the golfers returned to campus from the Florida State Invitational Tournament where they placed seventh from a field of 23. Later that month, the team encountered stiff opposition in the Junior-Senior Invitational, the Holiday Inn-Dixie Tournament, and the SEC Tourna- ment. After returning in the fall of ' 77 under the new direction of coach Don Fruge, the golf crew fin- ished with an impressive second place in the Mississippi Inter-Collegiate Tournament. Women ' s Tennis Left to Right, First Row: Susan Roberts, Susan McMurray, Catherine Yelverton, Katherine Gorve, Elizabeth Foote. Second Row: Russel Blair, Romona Kent, Renee Pereira, Mary Breman, Heidi Neuman, TC Dean. Not Pictured: Johanna Bennerr, Missy Ruff, and Kelly Spurgeon. 1 42 Women ' s Tennis V- After a thrilling 7-1 start, the Ole Miss Lady Rebs Tennis Team came back in the opening of ' 77 to win ten straight events, including victories over arch-rivals Mississippi State, Memphis State, and Tulane. Two of the tourna- ments, William Carey and Memphis State, were shut-outs. For the first time in Lady Reb history, the women ' s team beat ' Bama and MUW. T.C. Dean had no losses for the season in doubles or singles play. Renee Pereira and Catherine Yelverton each were top-ranked for half of the year at Ole Miss. Pereira was ranked 3 in the Southwest and in the 45-52 national bracket; Yelverton, second in the State, was ranked in the top ten in the South and 80- 85 in national competition. I Women ' s Tennis 143 Men ' s Tennis Right to Left, Front Row: Eric Umsted; Drew Shillinglaw, Captain; Tad Wise, Captain; Lance Hickman. Back Row: Randy Hoover, Assistant Coach; Skip Single ton; Bob Barnes; Madan Suri; Russell Blair, Head Coach. Not Pictured: Bruce Bolman. 144 Men ' s Tennis The Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis Team began the 1977 spring season with a disappointing loss to Memphis State. But the team later sprang back winning a remarkable eleven out of twelve tournaments, including an upset victory over Tennessee. The 5-4 Tennessee decision marked the first time in history that the men ' s squad had beaten the Vols. The remainder of the season proved less outstand- ing as the men netters won six and lost seven. However, the men ' s tennis team placed 7th in SEC action after hav- ing finished tenth for the past three years. The season ended on a favorable note when Bob Barnes reached SEC finals and Tad Wise finished first among fourth-seeded players. Men ' s Tennis 145 v.%- Men ' s Basketball 1977-78 can be best remembered as the basketball season which was mirrored in each of its individual games. Pre-season excitement, early leads, and anxious anticipation melted in a conglomeration of air balls, turnpvers, and embarrassing losses. Several impressive and set the early tone of the season. (owever, at the opening of SEC play when 6 ' 10 " lows fell across the floor of the Rebel- dome, the tailspin began. Ik From Weltlich ' s efforts to ignite the squad with yellow journalism to the team ' s almost acci- dental on-the-road win over Georgia, the disillusionment of the Rebel fans deepened. The only overall seasonal excitement for Rebel basketball fans was their hoping that the Rebs ' losing score would beat the Danver ' s point spread and entitle them (the fans) to a free only overall seasonal excitement for Rebel basketball fans was their hoping that the Rebs ' losing score would beat the Danver ' s point spread and entitle them (the fans) to a free burger or Coke. However, wl lp coming extremely close in many of its losses, the young squad did show much class ana determination in the face of vastly improved SEC opposition. The Rebels did pull through in one close game when standing, screaming fans watched Elston. Turner ' s clutch free-throw surprise the high-nosed heifers from Starkville with a 61 -60 defeat. This happy finale and the optimistic reports from the recruiting realm left loyal Rebel follow- ers with dreams that the roundball program would eventually gain the long-due basketball prominence deserved at Ole Miss. v nnnnr Left to Right, First Row: Student trainer Tim Huff, Assistant Coach Pete Jackson, Chris Barrett, Kurt Bauer, Larry Baldwin, Tom Warda, Henry Jackson, Scott Field, Joe Kyles, Andy McAlexander, Assistant Coach Mike Hanks, and Student Manager Donnie Fuller. Back Row: Athletic Director John Vaught, Head Coach Bob Weltlich, Ray Poole, Elston Turner, John Stroud, Bob Patterson, Kim Benson, Norman Miller, Barry Moore, Assistant Coach John Ritter, Assistant Coach Eddie Oran, and Assistant Athletic Director Warner Alford. 148 Basketball Plagued with injuries and poor consistency, the Ole Miss basketball team saw its season close with a thrill- ing upset over Mississippi State. The cross-state rival was not easily downed as the Rebs fought back from a two-point halftime deficit and contained the Bulldog ' s big men under the goal. Winning 61-60, the Johnny Rebs were able to compensate for the five games lost by three or less points. The victory came after a three-month campaign led by 6 ' 2 " senior guard Joe Kyles (13.9) and 67 " sopho- more forward John Stroud (18.1). The two combined their efforts to lead individual scoring in 23 out of 27 games. Struggling past a fierce SEC campaign that left a 10-17 mark, the Rebs won only two of their last eleven games. Throughout the season, however, Ole Miss showed great team effort and cooperation under head coach Bob Wetlich. Wetlich ' s often colorful gestures and remarks were a close second to our Rebelette ' s halftime routine. The second-year coach alternated centers using 6 ' 9 " junior Kim Benson and 6 ' 8 " frosh Norman Miller. Other starters included forwards Stroud and 6 ' 5 " frosh Elston Turner (10.0) with the backcourt controlled by guards Kyles and 5 ' 11 " junior Henry Jackson (3.5). The other Rebs who saw action were 6 ' 5 " frosh for- ward Chris Barrett (6.6), sophomore guard Tom Warda (5.5), and 6 ' 0 " Scott Field (2.3). Kyle, who was the only four-year man, finished his career with 165 assists. This was the fourth highest assist record in Rebel history. Sophomore John Stroud finished eighth in SEC scoring (18.1) and tenth in SEC rebounding (8. 5). With a good summer of recruiting awaiting them, Bob Wetlich and the Rebs are anticipating a better season than ever. Men ' s Basketball 149 ISO Men ' s Basketball Men ' s Basketball 151 152 Men ' s Basketball MIS? |D Men ' s Basketball 153 tr t I ft tt ss ' -k 154 Women s Basketball Women ' s Basketball Although the Lady Rebels Basketball Team was ranked sixth among Southern teams when AIAW coaches were polled, events did not at first proceed as the University had hoped. At the beginning of the season the effectiveness of the Lady Rebels seemed doubtful because no player had been found to fully replace Sheila Sullivan and the team ' s shooting was extremely inconsistent. After Christmas, however, the athletic picture looked brighter for the Lady Rebels: Cathy Custed was moved to the position of point guard; Glenda Springfield suddenly blossomed into a fine all-around player; Peggy Gillom -began to earn her top-ten. Southern-player rank. The most important tangible improvement was in the. fact that the Lady Rebels began to win. But the e citeTnerft resViltiftg fiT m fliese vicTorie soofT turned ft disappointment hen afte? five traigftt wiffs, tHte telfm bfegait to Have fliffic Jlty. Because 6T injury and Nines ' ?, th? Lad$ ftebSnarrotHy iSSt hfne femes tofhetfcp three teems m the natftm. tcfirYiarrfent. i r State Champions Left to Right, Front Row: Cathy Casteel, Glenda Springfield, Jeannie Castle, Wanda Austin, Sandra Wells, Carol Ross, Jeanie Loyd. Back Row: Coach Sheila Sullivan, Trainer Gretchen Schlabach, Wlima Duke, Lori Woodward, Peggie Gillom, Lane Lockard, Mimi Williams, Priscilla Buford, Jan Barntee, Coach Lin Dunn, Coach Cheryl Holt. 1 56 Women ' s Basketball Ladys Take No. 2 in Region Unheralded for most of the 1977-78 season, the Kady Reb- els basketball team gathered new strength and enthusiasm to become the best Ole Miss women ' s basketball crew ever. The record-breaking year started slowly because of the team ' s poor shooting. In addition, first-year head coach Kinn Dunn lacked a replacement for scoring since former basket- ball star, Sheila Sullivan, had then become her assistant. However, at the beginning of the second semester, 5 ' 8 " sophomore Cathy Casteel filled the position, bringing much improvement for the whole group. Casteel, 5 ' 7 " Glenda Springfield, 6 ' 0 " Peggie Gillom, 5 ' 6 " Jeanie Koyd, and 5 ' 4 " Sandra Wells made up the starting five. Backed by a strong bench consisting of 6 ' 3 " center Mimi Williams, 5 ' 10 " forward Jan Barnett, and 5 ' 7 " guard Carol Ross, the Red and Blue machine was spurred to a 25- 1 5 season. After a five-game winning streak and marginal losses to the nation ' s top three teams Tennessee, LSD, Delta State the Lady Rebs won 5 of 8 games to reach the state tourney. Employing its 1 -2-2 offense, Ole Miss got to the finals of the tournament held in Cleveland. There they met Delta State who had held the state title for the past four years. With most of the game seesawing by more than five points, Ole Miss clinched the state championship with a last second jump shot performed by Casteel. As the tady Statesmen suf- fered their first home court loss in fifty-seven games, the 73- 72 Ole Miss victory marked the first state title for the Lady Rebels. The next week saw the y Rebels grab first place in the Mississippi State Bulldog Classic. Competing with five other SEC teams, Ole Miss defeated arch-rival Mississippi State in the finals with a score of 87-69. This marked the thirteenth consecutive win over State. Coach Dunn ' s squad then earned the runner-up spot in the regional tournament and advanced to the national satellite tournament. Tough competition forced the Lady Rebs to take third place, but they finished among the top twelve teams in the nation. For their efforts throughout the season, the Lady Rebs set forty-nine school records and were given numerous honors. Junior guard Glenda Springfield and Sophomore forward Peggy Gillom were named to the All-Region and All-State teams. Also, Gillom, who led in both team scoring (1 7.8) and rebounding (8.0), was named to the Bulldog Classic All- Tournament team while Springfield was tapped Most Valua- ble Player. Gillom set records for the most points game (45) and season (686); most field goals game (21-39) and season (299-550); most rebounds game (23), season (311), and career (550). Springfield set a new record for the most assists season (1 55) and career (244) while senior guard Sandra Wells set a new record for the most assists in a single game (1 3). With only two seniors leaving and a good year of recruiting ahead, Coach Dunn expects her second year as head coach to be just as exciting. Women ' s Basketball 157 OLE M I I 1 58 Women ' s Basketball I ... -. - mm Womn s BaskrttMll Rugby ,. t QLEIJSF % AJ 3- LA fci ii -- v- Left to Right, First Row: Frank Melvin, Larry Cupac, Dale Moore, Jerry Lantz, John Hildreth, Jesse Quillen, Robert Logan. Second Row: Art Matson, Tucker Goodwin, Al Lantz, Richard Royce Vice President, Don Jennings, Jackson Balch Match Secretary, Bill Beard Treasurer. Third Row: Bill Northern, John Nelson, Henry Roop, Richard Schilling, Tim Joffrion President, Jim Skinner, Mark Miller, Mike Little, Aurelius Sofia. Not Pictured: Ray McGuinn, Rick German, Frank Nacuro, Steve Winkel, Ron Peebles, Steve Meyer, Steve Cook. Beginning its fourth year at Ole Miss, the Rugby Football Club is in the process of rebuilding after having lost nine of last year ' s fifteen starters. Though only a club sport, Rugby offers the members an opportunity to compete with other university and city clubs in the area. However, the club plays teams from this area because limited funds prevent the team ' s traveling great dis- tances. Anticipating a strong team in the spring, the club plans to participate in the Mardi Gras Tournament in Hammond, La. and the SEC Tournament in Athens, Ga. 160 Rugby occer J Left to a ghl first Row: Karl Man- David Cartel J . Marks, M e Feuster, A; E; Sar , rorn Long notl Second Row: Ste.e P cnz, Kan b z Sch ' ac.a , - : ' . ' - BobBc A JhnLockard Jim Summers Third Row: p au i re . A:- A-aj-. Shazad Essapoor Mike Morrison. Pierre Chocror i llkfiumfii: Mohammad El-Sarji, Ghassan Yassine, Manuel Ledezma, Louis Noefo, Hans VanOekel. Not Pictured: Abdullah Osseiran, Bill Beard. The Ole Miss Soccer Club coming off a poor 2-5-2 1 976 season had an abrupt turnaround in the 1 977 season. They were 5-1 after six games and were ranked fourth in the Mississippi Soccer ratings. Part of its success came with a coaching change. This year, Mike Feuster coached the team with the experience he gained while playing on the University of Kansas team. Big 8 ;on f erence runner-up in 1975. Football Ole Miss 7 13 20 19 15 13 17 26 21 43 14 Opponent Memphis State 3 Alabama 34 Notre Dame 1 3 Southern Miss. 27 Auburn 21 Georgia 14 South Carolina 10 Vanderbilt 14 LSU 28 Tennessee 14 Mississippi State 18 Men ' s Match Score Opponent L W 2-7 5-4 Spring 1977 Memphis State Miss. State W 6-3 Middle Tennessee W 9-0 Mobile College W 8-1 SE Missouri L 4-5 Missouri W 8-1 Tennessee Tech W 5-4 Oral Roberts W 5-4 Tennessee W 8-1 Arkansas State W 9-0 Millsaps W 5-4 Belhaven W 7-2 Jefferson State L 3-6 Vanderbilt W 9-0 Wisconsin L 3-6 Alabama L 1-8 LSU L 4-5 SW Louisiana W 9-0 Millsaps W 63 Samford W 8-1 So. Mississippi L 2-7 Memphis Stale L 1-8 Florida I 1-8 Fall 1977 Memphis State W 5-4 Tulane W 5-4 Millsaps W W W W W W W W Women ' s Spring 1977 8-4 Miss. State 9-0 Mobile College 8-1 SE Missouri 10-2 UT-Martin 10-2 UT-Martin 6-3 Southwestern 4-6 Memphis State 7-2 Southwestern Fall 1977 8-1 Miss. State 8-1 Miss. State 9-0 William Carey 6-3 Alabama 8-1 Middle Tennessee 6-3 MUW 9-0 Memphis State 8-2 Tulane Ole Miss Opponent 1 2 Delta State 6 4 Delta State 2 Livingston 2 15 Livingston 1 5 Delta State 4 3 Delta State 2 4 Indiana State 3 5 Miss. State 3 3 Miss. State 10 5 Miss. State 4 9 Louisiana Tech 3 3 So. Mississippi 4 2 So. Mississippi 5 11 William Carey 9 5 LSU 7 4 LSU 2 4 LSU 1 10 Iowa 11 4 Ohio State 6 6 Ohio State 5 Ohio State 7 1 1 Alabama 4 Alabama 3 6 Alabama 5 1 Auburn 3 4 Auburn 9 14 Auburn 7 12 Arkansas State 1 3 Arkansas State 4 Memphis State 3 4 Memphis State 8 2 Illinois State 1 9 Illinois State 4 Memphis State 3 3 Memphis State 2 5 Miss. State 3 1 Miss. State 3 9 Miss. State 14 5 So. Mississippi 9 5 So. Mississippi 2 6 LSU 1 5 LSU 4 10 LSU 4 12 Troy State 3 6 Alabama 3 8 Alabama 4 6 Alabama 16 6 Auburn 4 1 Auburn 5 Auburn 4 SEC Conference Playoffs 9 Vanderbilt 7 4 Florida 5 1 1 Miss. State 3 Florida 6 Florida 4 South Regional Playoffs Clemson 8 5 Moorhead State 2 2 Miami 5 Basketball Ole Miss Women ' s 86 Miss. Valley 74 Jackson State 82 Blue Mountain 100 Montevallo 87 Alabama 59 Southern Miss. 68 Jackson Stale 52 Central Missouri 62 Kansas State 62 Valdosta 69 N. Texas State 58 Memphis State 61 Tennessee 65 Delta State 74 Southern Miss. 71 MUW 88 Mercer 68 Miss. College 74 Miss. State 77 LSU 64 Delta State 78 Tennessee 85 Vanderbilt 69 Memphis State 76 Miss. Valley 71 Miss. State 53 Alabama 70 MUW 58 Miss. College Men ' s 62 Notre Dame 81 N. Carolina-Char. 79 Tulane 81 Samtord 90 Jacksonville 53 Middle Tenn. 70 Nebraska 67 Memphis State 64 So. Mississippi 62 Alabama 48 Miss. State 73 Tennessee 75 Georgia 63 Vanderbilt 56 Kentucky 84 Auburn 56 Florida 61 LSU 67 Tennessee 56 Georgia 61 Vanderbilt 52 Kentucky 67 Auburn 63 Florida 75 LSU 63 Alabama 61 Miss. State Opponent 67 95 58 50 70 60 57 61 57 68 62 71 65 77 66 60 58 53 63 84 65 87 64 72 79 64 46 56 73 111 64 77 68 73 61 80 70 60 65 73 68 63 66 76 75 61 74 85 57 57 64 94 80 94 66 60 Opponent Results Alabama Tournament So. Alabama W 2-0 Tenn. -Martin W 2-0 N Alabama W 20 Tenn. Martin W 2-0 Florida Tech L 0-3 MUW Alabama Triangular MUW L 12 Alabama W 1-1 MUW Tournament Columbus College W 20 Florida State L 12 Nicholls State W 2-0 Alabama L 02 Ole Miss Invitational Jackson State W 2-0 Miss. State W 2-0 Montevallo W 20 Ark. State W 2-0 Ark. State W 3-0 Memphis State W 32 Mem. State Invitational Tenn. Tech W 2-0 Ark.- Little Rock W 20 NE Louisiana W 20 LSU L 0-2 Tulane L 0-2 MUW W 3-0 MUW " B " Team W 20 SEC Tournament Auburn W 20 Florida W 2-1 LSU L 1-2 Auburn W 20 Kentucky W 20 UT-Knoxville L 02 Memphis State W 20 UT Martin W 2-0 Miss. State Tournament Miss. State W 2-0 MUW W 20 MUW W 2-1 Memphis State W 3-1 Regional Tournament Georgia State W 2-0 So. Florida W 20 Auburn W 2-0 MUW L 1-2 Florida W 3-0 MUW W 20 Alabama L 0-3 National Tournament Houston L 0-2 Illinois State L 1-2 So. California L 02 Kansas State L 0-2 Arizona L 0-2 Tournament Florida State Inv. LSU-JimCorbett Memphis State Junior-Senior vs. Delta State Holiday Inn-Dixie SEC Place 7 4 7 Won 4 9 164 Pictorial Athletic Wrap-Up Pictorial Athletic Wrap Up 165 A , Part of the educational process involves the development of leadership qualities in an individual. The University administration displays leaders for students to emulate, as well as criticize, while the student body itself boasts leaders who constantly bring recognition to the University. By attending committee meetings or by developing a bad case of bloodshot eyes in the library, a student has the chance to become a leader in the area or areas deemed most impor- tant by him. Whether a leader spends most of his time in the Lyceum, a fraternity or sorority house, the ASB office, or in the stacks, he has the opportunity to learn to master the art of making decisions. 166 Leadership LEADERSHIP ADMINISTRATION GREEKS ASSOCIATIONS HONORS Cissye Brandon Editor Matt Lusco Assistant Editor " Oh, heavens! I know nothing about the Administration. " - Joanna Bass, junior transfer marketing major e " The Administration is listening to us more and more, but there is still some reluctance on their part to be totally candid with students. They (the Administration) are not a brick wall by any means. " - RickOutzen, junior accounting major " A member of the University staff should never give a student the run-around. A student is a person not a dollar mark. " - Mrs. Frances Smith, Secretary to the Director of the Union PR.W I! ; MR. HOWBKEAJ 1 HAWS? TOHEAR. FROM WU, i T - SKI MR. HAWS, HEY, POC, I I ' DLIKBTD KNOUllVEBEEN TALKTO YOU MISSING YOUR. ABOUT ALL W LECTURES. AND CLASSES, YOU ' VB I ' M JUST SICX BEEN.. ' ABOUT IT. ' BUT YOU WtfT KNOW WHAT IT ' S LIKE OUT HERE, DOC! THE SNOW IS UNRELENTING! NO ONE CAN 6ET IN OK OUT! THERE ' S NO HEffT! NO OECmOTY FROZEN PIPES! POC, W ' RE FI6HTIN6 OH, DOC, DOC, I YOL HAVCWIVEA SEE. HOUI600PITISTD - HEAR YOUR. VOICE.. DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate RED TAPE GOVERNOR OF MISSISSIPPI BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHANCELLOR VICE-CHANCELLOR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR AND ASSISTANT ASSISTANTS AND ASSOCIATES STUDENT PERSONNEL LIBERAL ARTS BUSINESS ENGINEERING PHARMACY LAW MEDICINE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCIENCE EDUCATION MILITARY SCIENCE A Registration One afternoon in the spring of 1977, you walk into the Registrar ' s Office in the Lyceum, con- fused about the rumors you have heard concern- ing a change in the Ole Miss registration process. " Excuse me please. Is it correct that there ' ll be a new registration system this fall? " you query meekly. " Why, of course. The day of computerized regis- tration is coming, bringing the end to the multi- sited enrollment extravaganza at Ole Miss. Soon with a few swift button pushes, a schedule can be projected, altered, and otherwise contrived in an itemized systemized, and sanitized form on a sin- gle concise print-out, Packets will become obso- lete. All of this electronic magic will be perpe- trated in air-conditioned comfort from a single location in a complex room which is being con- structed in the Lyceum basement. " " Yeah, l-uh-see, " you mumble in reply to the Lyceum salesperson rather spokesperson - who fields your question from behind the Regist- rar ' s desk. " What in the name of Mamie Franks will they think of next! " You walk out with your eyes rolling and your mind ablaze with the wonders of automated adminis- tration, the theory of relativity, and the other details purported by the gentleman. But at least it serves to keep your knees from knocking when you realize that there ' ll be no pre-registration whatsoever. August, 1977, arrives and with it comes registra- tion, temperatures hot enough to melt your new Class Catalog, and news that the computers are not ready. " Good-ole " packets were definitely back for that registration. The panorama is familiar on registration morning as you arrive at the scene the sun rising over the Coliseum, poster paper placards directing you to tables and stations that are nowhere to be found in Lafayette County, and a line that encir- cles the Coliseum parking lot eight concentric rings. Wiping your brow and rolling up your sleeves, you assume your station at the end of the line. Later, much later, upon entering the Coliseum concourse, you find yourself gazing at a sign inviting you to " pick up your packets here. " You approach the sweet young thing manning the table flanked by towering filing cabinet draw- ers of attractive battleship gray and swelling with packets. " Name please. . . " she asks. " Uh, Alphonse, " you reply. " No, last name, " she persists. " That is my last name. " " Oh, I see, " she says as she begins leafing through the drawers. " Hmm, are you a transfer student, Mr. Alphonse? " she queries. " No. " " A drop-out returning to school? " " No. " " Perhaps, a law student, senior, or special regis- trant? " You reply in three respective no ' s and add, " I ' m just a regular guy. I ' ve got my Izod and my khakis you know. So can I please register now? " " Your packet has obviously been lost, " she rep- lies in a tone so routine that it makes your knees buckle. 1 70 Red Tape Feature ' Uh, well, what does that mean for me? " you groan weakly from your new position on the floor. ' Well, it means you ' ll have to go to the Lyceum and have another processed. " Undaunted, you set out. Two hours, four secre- taries, and an academic dean later, you ' re back n the Coliseum and picking up momentum. You quickly are processed through three clearing :ables. Gaining confidence, you capably handle he potential disasters of a spindled number hree card, and a skipped digit on your number our; but you come to a trembling halt when directed towards your next encounter: the dreaded bout for class cards. You pause first and take a deep breath, trying to brce that first step through the designated portal eading to the Coliseum arena. With your hands shaking enough to re-shuffle all the cards in your packet, you proceed. You grimace as " section closed " signs blacken the walls. Then suddenly you emerge through the portal and all of Ole Miss is assembled en masse below you in a scene Cecil B. DeMille would have been proud of. You grit your teeth and plow into the cast of thousands. Two hours and fifty-five minutes later, it ' s over. You emerge haggard, yet finished; your pictur- esque schedule, once resplendent with nine, ten, and eleven o ' clock classes, now reduced to straight eight o ' clocks and five o ' clocks on Mon- day, Wednesday, and Friday. As you trudge away under the night sky from the :oliseum, the dull throbbing pain in your check- xx)k is a grim reminder of the registration finale. However, your newly acquired tranquility is bro- en as you sigh, " Oh, no, only five more months till second semester registration! " Sir, I believe you?) packet has been lost. 7 Red Tap Future 171 Running as " the working man ' s candidate, " Cliff Finch was elected in the fall of 1975 as Mississippi ' s fifty-seventh governor. His election was the first time since 1890 that the Mississippi working blapk population and the rural whites joined forces in a campaign for the same cause. This combination of effort was fur- thered by the fact that he ran for governor on the theme that he would help both the black and white populations. Since his inau- guration, Governor Finch has also worked for unification on other lines by uniting the Loyalists and Regulars into one Democratic Party for the state of Mississippi. A graduate of the University of Mississippi undergraduate and law schools, Finch has four children two of whom (Ann and Janet) are students at the University. His home is Batesville, Mississippi, located in Panola County where he was a successful damage-suit lawyer at the time of his election as governor. Governor Finch ' s political career began while he was a student at Ole Miss when he ran unsuccessfully for Associated Student Body President. It seems, however, that the unsuccessful Ole Miss ASB candidates traditionally become leaders in state politics. Finch was a representative from Panola County in the Mississippi Legis- lature from 1 960 to 1 964 and was also District Attorney for North- west Mississippi from 1964 to 1972. In 1972 he ran unsuccess- fully for lieutenant governor. Showing a concern for the youth of the state. Governor Finch appointed a 28 year-old to the Board of Trustees, marking the first time that a person under the age of thirty had been appointed to that position. For years, student body presidents have pushed for such an appointment. He has also begun a program of visiting college campuses on a regular basis to remain close to the needs and opinions of students. (The Governor spoke on the University campus during October upon the invitation of the Committee of 82.) A plus for Finch ' s administration has been the fact that since he has been Governor, Mississippi has moved from 50th to 3rd place in the nation as far as percentage of growth within states is concerned. According to Steve Guyton, a Finch campaign worker and a repre- sentative for the Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Board, " Governor Finch has the ability to bring people of different back- grounds and philosophies together for the common goal - - to provide better paying jobs for Mississippians. " Guyton added that while helping oppressed minorities, Finch has not forgotten the majority white blue-collar workers nor the student. Governor of Mississippi Cliff Finch 1 72 Governor of Mtesiuippi Ole Miss s Fortune Conducting shuttle diplomacy with the legislature, placating divi- sion heads and alumni, and attending copious committee meet- ings are a few of the activities faced by the Chancellor. The man. Porter L. Fortune, Jr., adds that though these duties are exacting and demanding, he still tries to salvage a little time for maintain- ing his garden at the Chancellor ' s residence. " It ' s an interest that ' s well-suited to my schedule, " says Fortune. " I can work on it in the small bit of free time I have and especially when I ' m here at the University during the summer. I used to try to keep up a respectable golf game, but only my gardening and outside reading and writing remain. " Dr. Fortune underwent major heart surgery in May, 1977; how- ever, his workload is once again full. " Though I was away for about two months as a result of complications encountered, I ' m in fine health now, and have resumed all my duties, though the doc- tors still limit my traveling. " As for the health of the University, the Chancellor believes that Ole Miss has had a great year. " The legislature has been most generous to us this year, especially in the area of pay increases for our faculty. Our new Law and Chemistry buildings will be opening up this year and a modern Physics building and Gymna- sium Physical Education building have been approved and await funding, " Fortune commented. The year was productive in yet another way as Dr. Fortune brought honor to himself and further honor to Ole Miss upon his being presented the John R. Evans National Award for Free Stu- dent Press. Taking office as the University ' s twenty-first chief executive in January, 1968, Chancellor Fortune completes his first decade of service. ' The years of good fortune ' are seen as growth, progress, and enrichment in all aspects of the University. With that warm smile, hearty handshake, and great concern for all, Chancellor Fortune is and always will be a special part of Ole Miss. 174 Chancellor (Above Left) Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Jr. (Above Right) Chancellor, Mrs. Fortune, and Mackie. Chancellor 175 The New No. II On July 1, 1977, the School of Business surrendered to the Lyceum its most recent recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award Lyceum, as Dr. Harvey Lewis assumed the position of Vice Chancellor. As Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lewis has supervision over the aca- demic division of the University, including all of the schools and their respective bureaus and departments. Along with this continuing organizational responsibility, Lewis will be beset with such specifics as faculty salary details, funds allo- cations, and spiralling University utility costs as well as many other circumstances. In considering his new role, Lewis is acutely aware of the need for planning in all phases of University operation, espe- cially in the financial sphere. Lewis ' s background as an instructor of Money and Banking should help him meet this demand. " I ' ve been quite happy teaching, " Lewis said, " but there ' s always something challenging in administrative work. " This blend of administrative and academic insight is one of the most unique assets that Dr. Harvey Lewis can contribute to his new post. 176 Vk Ch nc ltor Changing of the Guard JanuarySl, 1978, saw the end of an era that began in January of 1947. It was in 1947 that John Howard Vaught began a service career to Ole Miss that has transversed thirty years and encompassed a stellar head coaching career and a vigorous athletic directorship. Vaught and his football teams, being energetic and innovative, pio- neered in imaginative grid-iron warfare en route to a national champion- ship, six Southeastern Conference titles, eighteen bowl games, and an incredible 190-61 12 ledger. As Athletic Director, Johnny Vaught used innovation and energy in insuring Rebel solidarity in all sports. Faithful Rebels can certainly discern vast strides that Ole Miss has made in achieving a complete sports program. Notably important has been the Rebels ' rise to respectability in basketball, the garnering of the South- eastern Conference gold en route to a baseball championship, and the rapid and diverse expansion of women ' s athletics. Coach Vaught brought further honor to the University and himself when he was hon- ored by the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame. A landmark of the Vaught era was the continued involvement of his Rebel Athletes in his program after their graduation. Thus, it is only fit- ting that one of Johnny Vaught ' s most celebrated Rebels is assuming his chair. Warner Alford captained Vaught ' s 1960 National Championship team and returned to serve the Rebel sports program as assistant athletic director. His seventeen-year involvement in inter-collegiate athletics, coupled with the part he has played in creating and participating in Rebel tradition, puts him in excellent stead to direct Rebel athletics. Athtetk Director and Assistant 1 77 Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor Executive Assistant to the Chancellor Assistant Dean ot tne Division of Student Personnel Mr. Bobby Towery Director of the Ole Miss Union Director of University Publications Founded in 1848, the College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest division of the Univer- sity. Headed by Dean Gerald Walton, it offers a broad and comprehensive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities, the fine arts, and the biological, physical, and social sciences. Students seek- ing a general education may acquire intellec- tual and civic competence; lay the broad foun- dation needed for specialized training in law, medicine, theology, and other professional fields; and prepare themselves for advanced study, research, and teaching in the humani- ties, fine arts, and sciences. The College offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in any of approximately thirty fields. Dr. Gerald Walton Dean College of Liberal Arts 1 84 College of Liberal Arts Dr. Ben McNew Dean Since its inception in 1917 when it was located in the Lyceum and known as the School of Commerce, the School of Business Adminis- tration has provided the courses and curricu- lum necessary for students to cope with busi- ness in the light of today ' s social and eco- nomic upheavals. Since 1 967, Dean Ben B. McNew has provided academic and administrative coordination so that enrollment in the School of Business ranks among the highest of academic schools on campus. The School of Business has recently begun participating in the Coopera- tive Education Program administered by the University. Expansion into the Co-op Program is simply one of the innovative programs the School of Business has implemented. School of Business Administration StKool of Business Administrator 185 School of Engineering Founded in 1900, the School of Engineering is the third oldest school of the University and the oldest engineering school in the state. The pro- grams offered stress the engineering sciences and are based on concepts rather than on current technology. These programs serve the state and the nation in five basic engineering fields: chemi- cal, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical as well as in the field of computer science. Headed by Dean Karl Benkert, Jr., the School of Engineering continues to enhance greater learn- ing at Ole Miss. 1 86 School of Engineering -Ms, flRBF I B Dr. Karl Brenkert, Jr Dean Dr. Wallace Guess Dean School of Pharmacy Dr. Wallace Guess chairs the School of Pharmacy which was cre- ated by the Board of Trustees on July 1 , 1 908. The purpose of the School is to provide thorough instruction for students who desire to acquire the special education and training necessary for the successful practice of pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy is headquartered in Faser Hall. Its class- rooms, laboratories, and facilities form only one unit of the Sci- ence Center. School of Pharmacy 187 School of Law The 1977-78 year brought change for the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the nation. The tradition and heritage that is the hallmark of the Ole Miss Law School will be practiced in a new locale as the Law School moves into the spacious Lamar Law Center. An innovative and comprehensive program is the end product of Dean Parham Williams and his associated professors. So effective is the law curriculum that the state of Mississippi still recognizes an Ole Miss degree-holder as so proficient that he may practice in the state without further examination. In a year that has seen expansive enrollment, especially in the number of women and minor- ity students, the University of Mississippi Law School resolutely strives toward its goal of ins- tilling in students the method and motivation for the responsible practice of law. Dr. Parham Williams, Jr. Dean The newly constructed Law Center 188 School of Law Dr. Norman Nelson Dean Ole Miss science students prepare for a medical career. Created in June 1 903, the School of Medicine was located at Oxford until 1955 when the University Medical Center at Jackson was completed. The School of Medicine offers the Doctor of Medicine degree and a combined M.D.-Ph.D. degree. The four year course leading to the Doctor of Medi- cine degree is approved by the American Medical Associa- tion and the Association of American Medical Colleges. School of Medicine School of Medicine 1 89 Courses at the graduate level were first offered in 1870, and in that year a comprehensive examin- nation as a requirement for the master ' s degree was also established. The Graduate School was formally organized in 1927 to coordinate and administer graduate study. The Graduate School holds membership in the Council of Graduate Schools of the United States. Graduate School Dr. Joseph Sam Dean 1 90 Graduate School Graduate School of Library and Information Science Established in 1976, th e Graduate School of Library and Information Science is the newest division of the University. The Master of Library Science degree program provides the basic knowledge, philosophy, and skills necessary for professional careers in academic, school, public, and special librarianship. Dr. Ellis Tucker Director Graduatt School of Library and Information Scfenc 191 The School of Education, established in 1903, performs the functions of preparing public school personnel and promoting the improve- ment of educational programs and facilities. Professional courses offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study provide opportunity for pre-service and in- service teacher education. Innovative standards have been a consistent part of the program administered by Dean Syl- vester Moorhead. Under his continuing leader- ship the School of Education has diversified to meet the many and varied needs of contempo- rary education, embodying its goal of rearing quality educators and service personnel through continuous development, evaluation, and implementation. School of Education Dr. Sylvester Moorhead Dean 192 School of Education The Department of Military Sci- ence is a General Military Sci- ence Unit of the Senior Division Reserve Officers Training Corps. Training is conducted under the direction of the Professor of Mili- tary Science and his staff of offi- cers and non-commissioned offi- cers in accordance with the pro- grams and directives estab- lished by the Department of the Army. The mission of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps is to pre- pare college students for posi- tions of leadership in the Army and to commission as junior offi- cers those students who display the qualities and attributes essential to their progressive and continued development as officers in a component of the United States Army. Lieutenant Commander David C. Ammons Army ROTC Military Science Colonel Lloyd Woodman, Jr. Air Force ROTC Military Science 193 Buster Turner Editor Anna McCullough Assistant Editor " The competition among sororities is getting too nasty especially during elections. Grudges between groups really show up during elections. The competition among black sororities is just as bad. " - Rose Jackson, junior journalism major ' When I was an undergraduate at Millsaps, we thought that the fraternity system would go out with the hula-hoop. " - Dr. Gary Brooks, Ph.D., political science professor " I think Greek life is great except I have no liver anymore. " - Bruce Hillyer, freshman business administration major DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate PANHELLENIC 196 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 198 SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES 200 GROUP PICTURE IDENTIFICATIONS 258 panhe enic council]! The governing body for the sororities on campus, the Ole Miss Panhellenic Council works toward the advancement and unification of all member sororities. " While striving for our common and individual goals, we try to promote better relations among sororities, " explained President Lisa Roberts. One of the major functions of Panhellenic is that of con- ducting and overseeing Formal Rush in the fall. The Council representatives must make sure that all sorority members abide by the Rush rules. " -The sororities really do not present any problems. There were no rush viola- tions (this fall) which were prosecuted, " Roberts said. Along this same line of fair play and cooperation among sororities, Panhellenic teams up with the Interfraternity Council each year to sponsor Greek Week, a week of fun and activities designed to promote good relations between fraternities and sororities. Not only does Panhellenic work with sororities and frater- nities, they provide services for the community as well. With such projects as giving money and food to the eld- erly and sponsoring parties for the Ole Miss kindergarten children, the Panhellenic Council adds strength and vital- ity to the Ole Miss Greek System. 196 Panhellenic Officers: Lisa Roberts President Susan Stribling Vice President Molly Woodruff Secretary Virginia Crenshaw Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi: Jean Gray Pam Brady Lynne Hudspeth Alpha Omicron Pi: Teresa Greer Ann Dauenhauer Wanda Chamberlain Alpha Kappa Alpha: Berneice Powell Shirley Thomas Agnes Smith Chi Omega: Tell Lucas Laurie Williams Susan Noble Delta Delta Delta: Valerie Sigmon Becky Connor Bea Fowlkes Delta Gamma: Laura Sims Betty Gail Williams Wilma Johnson Kappa Delta: Sandy Nichols Ginger Moore Mignon Clark Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pam Porter Susan Dement Rachael Howell Pi Beta Phi: Beth Simmons Tina Kimbrough Barb Bradford PhiMu: Becky Jones Dare Kelly Judy DeShong Zeta Tau Alpha: Jackie Self JodySikora Lee Moss Delta Sigma Theta: Cheryl Weekly Lucretia Jones Cassandra Neal Zeta Phi Beta: Demetria Newsome Valerie Willingham Cornelia Pettis 1 . Dauenhauer 2. Dement 1 1 . Tell Lucas 12. Williams 21. Hudspeth 22. Porter 3. Kimbrough 4. Pettis 13. Williams 14. Conner 23. Nichols 24. Woodruff 5. Sims 15. Moss 25. Crenshaw 6. Johnson 16. Self 26. Clark 7. Powell 8. Kelly 9. Roberts 1 7. DeShong 18. Stribling 19. Sikora 27. Chamberlain 28. Moore 29. Newsom 10. Noble 20. Gray Paohellwiic 197 I 1. Joe 1 1. Malmo 21. Hicks 2. Hammet 3. Merritt 4. Johnson 5. Giddy 6. North 12. Headley 13. Bellinger 14. Kostelny 15. Cain 16. Harkins 22. Rogalski 23. Gresham 24. Tucei 25. Rafferty 26. Jones 7. Lawler 17. Hubbard 27. Anderson 8. Biddy 9. Watts 18. Hudspeth 1 9. Porter 28. Shaver 29. Baker 10. Wade 20. Glover President Darden North Vice President Alan Tucei Secretary Andy Malmo Treasurer Harvey Hudspeth Alpha Tau Omega: Mark Headley Rick Bellinger Beta Theta Pi: Richard Jones Jay Hammond Chi Psi: Robert Sharmin Bob Anderson Delta Kappa Epsilon: Charles Ward Rory Rafferty Delta Psi: Peppy Biddy Bart Delashment Kappa Alpha Order: Kenny Watts Beau Hammet Kappa Sigma: Frank Baugh Steve Rowel I Omega Psi Phi: Herman Hicks Montoria Hubbard Phi Beta Sigma: Barry Glover James Shaver Phi Kappa Tau: Rusty Tucker Jim Giddy Phi Kappa Theta: Omar Kostelny Steve Hawkins Phi Delta Theta: Nick Merritt Johnny Wade Phi Kappa Psi: Harvey G. Hudspeth Ricky Adair Pi Kappa Alpha: Dennis Baker Alan Tucei Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phil Porter Jimmy Gresham Sigma Chi: Ray Cain Ed Lawler Sigma Nu: Andy Malmo Scott Wegmann Sigma Pi: Mike Johnson Bill Miller Zeta Beta Tau: Raymond Joe Paul Rogalski 198 Interfraternity Council The University of Mississippi Interfraternity Council is the central organization of the social fraternities on the Ole Miss campus. Composed of two representatives from every fraternity, the IFC works toward bettering relations among Greeks. The purpose of the organization is to advance the better interests of the fraternities in connection with the general welfare of the student body as a whole. Another aspect of the IFC is its authority to exercise governmental control over fraternity actions. The three major yearly projects of the IFC are sponsoring Greek Week in the spring with Panhellenic, conducting Formal Fraternity Rush Week in the fall, and publishing the IFC RUSH BOOK. The IFC also works with the Order of Omega and Panhellenic in having social functions, and grants a scholarship to the IFC Campus Model Pledge amounting to one-half of his sophomore year in-state tuition. During the fall of 1977, the IFC approved the affiliation of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at CHe Miss. Steps were also taken to clarify for the campus the definition of opened and closed fraternity parties. Because of the increased enrollment at Ole Miss, most fraternities have found it virtually impossible to have parties opened to the entire cam- pus. Realizing the need for constitutional changes, the IFC made revisions in its laws. (Constitutional amendments had not been made since 1970.) One such change was necessary to relieve problems with fraternity party dis- cipline. This revision included a provision for the levying of an auto- ro tic $500 fine for fraternity infraction of University party-curfew laws. This year the IFC increased the publicity of its projects and activities. According to IFC President Darden North, " The Interfraternity Council has steadily built in strength over the years. In comparison with other IFC ' s in the southeast, we have few problems partly because the Ole Miss Greek System is so outstanding. " Interfratemrty Council 199 200 AAfl -o D _ . 5 =5 c " S :; s 1 1 -C QJ " - _0) 0 " O j= O ? ro TO . TO 0) ? 2= T -i i. 00 O) TO CO 0 T TO D TO -C O Q j - 1 .b O m ' C j CD vi p; TO ' o TO . t- _ O- - J 5 . 5 C .$ " 5) j w 2|o| eM o - - ' o 0) Ulili 1 1 1 1 i I - U O - i o; Q. -Q O - t -2 E - " T3 TO W) - TO O _ r - n CT t a) - O ' E O) s C Ji GO T; c o c TO Q. ( ) TO 2 o c s $ 0) II (U O C C ii CO " D I! C Q. Q c c TO f i- 5?2 c .= o | - to Q- -Q O 4 D . o; w u h P DL AAH 201 ipllllll _ro oo o PlPttffl TO 3, . : .Q ;p 1 v w -o ' E - " o oj Pi j c: c i " gc|-6c s 2. 1 rf . J a g N N Q. II o J a: o AKA 203 204 AOH ir 1 it yK I ' ' Jj- " c E o " o 2. b 2 r o ' ( ) in o c .-- C " ,_ O Q- " - to O " X QJ .C O) _Q. cO . " 0| CO " Q CO QJ TO O _QJ -E C -9 O C -C X ro QJ O) S- OJ QJ 13 E C -Q O S12 8gS QJ ?= C T3 _ QJ 35 -o o c 2 w to c III 00 " C -C O TO J5 - a TO QJ - o i M 1 | 42 QJ c 21 i . O QJ to QJ ; DC QJ 2 Q, Z a CO _ o 2 c (0 -n s- Q- 3 ( ) Q- TO . P - CB m f C ' F DO M) B s s D O 5: o g QJ -C o i o " " = QJ O lo 5 8 T3 QJ 00 K TO TO 5 |0 ? QJ to - CM i.. " D Q QO O QJ v ' X ro u - co " D QJ QJ QJ C T3 OQ to QJ - S h 6.l- r a s o CD. X o CU f . 001 CO 1 2 E E o QJ - i| O w- .E TO E - QJ QJ to ! Q C O QJ rtz QJ - - o = QJ 00 1 T3 ro . " jj lo QJ ' : c c J5 3 ' Z) co TO . 5 ' 55 5 _Q n Q.-C p " C QJ to - O QJ co C 10 to Sa:| " or: C 3 (O TO V c f ? TO TO to O QJ O s 5Js: !|! E _C TO o c Q. O C 5 ll Q Ql 9 2 E .9 5 c e 2 | E 5T S -p C fo Ills J 1 AOn 2O5 206 ATO I I 1 I tx co ) ATO 207 sen SB J s s I I I i 1 i B0n 209 fef 210 II ._- O 22 CO CO - r 0- O g O -c " 5 2 u CJ CO OJ co p .t: ra o CD 5, o _o co I fc -co ,- co O NJ ,- N CO 5 c Q. (D to to " . o I 8. 0) O) CO C r -? .b " CD a z 1 o - n O-u a) TO i- C O QJ I ) O CD 2 C . CD 00 O) C 1 0) i ) 5| ? 00 O O - E oo a; o ;:. oo o c j CO fl C 00 l- 0) r o 0) o o -55 _ Q. O CD CJ 01 O u o o v r- O - c C . o - T3 CO X to oo a. i- oo 0) oo ! Q- co ; co 00 IS) CL Q_ w C 5 CO E E i| C CO CD .C oo (j 2 CJ CO SS -n TO W TO i_ O) " S = _ 3 O Q 5 . O T3 CD D g: +- CD TO CD f CO " ZS u oo -D : Q- CD _. p . CD O p c S t; .. c 3 CM O croo {3 S " i ' E CO CO O .E T3 5 oo o " oo v Q. CO JU - T3 O CJ g X Tl to Q. U j as m I o x 211 Cr o U C3I r 43} ' ' 0 ri- . w w - 01 oa 5 ts hi Js en S7) 3 s E T: fl , - t p r f 212 XQ I 9 9 t s 8 8 i 2o g I$J I5 ? g tf- 1 Sj ?. i I Si ioj 1 2 S 8 SO to .. " ? ;l i ? " . E " P C o c t; 2|S| o SO t CO " S I in 6 crt tf) 3 0 3S2-E5 Q. a 5 i- T3 O s|W SJI-. " 5-5 IS!! E ' l2s| D ? ) a 4) 9 ? o nj " Jl t fill ! J 6 - cJ 00 T3 C (O 8 0) 1 I 0) .c 73 C o O) w (0 Is 3 I ? Q. -C s IS 51 fl II ?? O 3 ii si 1! in ' 0 in S- ' ? 11 = fe| i! i I-: 4) o g in V 1 H ro T3 $L _ra a S ID o ' o i a D Q. (O g$ 1 ooo g in.S -D .a M is E.!2 $ s w $! s- o i . t u.i 1 f 2 |.s I li I XO 213 214 I AM 215 L. 4t w " TB1 CA L 216 Af Q. QC O I- QC CL AT 217 I 218 AKE I I t i! - I L E ; o Se g ro-C O 3 c co " oi 5 " r= Q.J) PI! k 5 c O S- 1 " 9-0 CO s -g o c (0 O DT3 JC U V- C Q 0.2 - " 0) ro WT3 " C .E i I L I. C ifl1l|3 C-Q_ J-D 1 O t! - T3JI O O O , 2 C . JI g-f !T3 l slja a liiis-8 TO v vy 0 3 11 % Q.T3 1 SO. t3 co QI - ro E.2 S C Q. CO h- AK 219 I 220 |S !!s " S!!i iiiiii|Sj M - ro j-Q-ajTj-s " f , iii ll 5 ! o ilii5ii5i|i sl-Sjf :! C t i5ififi k 0 5 " 5 E |Qjj5 EggS S fl fi v ' c-=)n.c2 $ 1) EE - 6 c5 | " ro Q.-p a;ro V y= c 5 J c $ =2 OJ ai -Ri- O lii|ssisn iH i shlar ritiifiij ( o QJ - f- y Q- ' , D x 0) - t. j- i- LL. -D Q -C S 5 Jf C fi _ " . = roT3 Q-CL ro. QJ g, W rZ. - - - tf ., U C- Q- i? M a) -j_ Sc- h ro c ro - - -J . isiigl sg v S ||ll|s|li- lisiilf ilii - p-T3 ' ,- O)J3 T5 ' Q -i:n3aj ' 3c._3 -x - cr o ' - t -a) ' - J{? R = c Ji ' w -c " 5 .52 ._Lj.4 -o= E JI ES j . cw - ro OJ 7S ' S - U CL M- Q) O w 0) O ro O s||l!|l|!i|i? illifiiifgli CCT + o Ocf . w - . " TCU ' Q flj li 5E 0 2.i?g 2-c -OCUHJO P -C r r .E ? 1 8| ii?l?-ilb 5? - -i-i- i fe i lli 5lti f |S 1.1 = 5 11 II . -( )- J(njCa )c 5 ' g 5 5 - 2 uwS)0 c i:-DinD 2 c ra ro O -FO-.-.S- O o) 1 " - ! .E 8; 42. .E c .E . 5S S 221 Ou C2- in .oj ft .A I Kv Ci. a % 00 vv 222 KA . 2c Q - rto;a,l ' 5 E ! v oo v c C s . o 5 . ' I 1 " 1 i f I gn.e stcs ora 5J $ -5 fJ3 2 _ " ra ' Ilillflllil S . 2 I ' 5 a , -. (0 5 O Q-r - fl c 2 s. E ! Q. ! - ' ' i. I . ( ( ) O O Sfi 2 So fi _ - " S " " ill E i g lllll .efc ' l| 2 E p c 9 -s 4 f ratra 3,f2o cj:y D to O O Q.Q- CD O a D Q_ Q. D KA 223 224 " o g. ' . O. ' i= C (rt C ro o o 5; 2T ' 5. S .J! n3 rtD -n : " - -a J2 -s 1 $ 2 0. ' TO wrauS o -o J fe = O- . c d) -; ?; C TO U. Ql (O ' = ' 3E Q o w - E ' J r . m d) (0 Q) v ' (y LLJ v w - C Q. C ) ' - O " W - . Jr o) -5 z ?i j e = 00- . " - O s!2ll!1 Tl D 4 W I C C 18 0- C ) I 225 226 KKf KKT 227 3 c S i 1 j fl fc c 3 228 KI 3 1 1 I D 00 o 3 C CO ' E o O o _ m CO 3) O ities. Elections Committee. while others have belonged 1 Judicial Council, Scabbard 1 xcelled in intramurals, win- 1 T3 CO ' 52 J c 3 " o CO " o. 1 C E i i .a CTi CT 2 10 O o k_ E 0) o Q o CO oo " CJ O mbers servii ' Student Ac O 4 c - co c3 Q. 0) Festival and d a 5 _c c 0) extra-curric " l C ' c CT E 0) E CO CJ CO S. " D Q ? v CO . C CO c- 0) c C f " CO c i i ( O O : f " o ' 55 0 5 (O E O y CU -0 5 CO CO C O) O E C t 3 O) c o o L x r fO CO n c O 0) (O c - i. ' E 3 - sstablished of campus Committe 0) Q. ' o k_ !U 6 CO a QL CO Q. 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' ' c -t ' , 5 = R $a J i i2C J CM CM CM CM CM CM N 00 e N L 111 i Si g 0) o till I iHSIPlllliPllPl liflf iifflii Is fllllilllllljiiiillllllillilliliillll E s Ec orc t. no o CMf ) iniOf s -oo O ' -cMrn j ' if) ' ijr i vooCTtO ' -CMrn -inior ij " 2 2 o 2; 5 01-- ' ?? 5 - D itCTCT-r- -..- 1 - -- -=; 3- c s - - TJ XH -S IflllillllllllliliiJllllllllIllllll CMf Y l invDP l ' 0 267 I " I ' ' - Diane Judson Editor Cindy Wall and Kay Wiles Assistant Editors " Student government has improved a lot since my freshman year. The group that works in it is more diversified now than before and encourages different kinds of people to become involved. " - Tricia Melvin, junior general business major " The officers of most of the organizations do everything. " - Joe Roberts, junior general business major " One of the finest forms of immortality is watching your child accomplish. Experiencing accomplishments vicariously is infinitely more rewarding than one ' s own accomplishments. " - parent of an Ole Miss student DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1976, G B Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate STUDENT GOVERNMENT PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS ORGANIZATIONS PUBLICATIONS MILITARY MUSIC MAKERS Associated Student Body The Associated Student Body of Ole Miss is an active organization designed to work for the interests of all students. The officers who are elected by the students each spring try to deal effectively with student affairs. Working with the adminis- tration and promoting understanding between the faculty and the students top the priority list for the ASB. Student activi- ties provided by the ASB include the very special Dixie Week and Fall Festival, campus pageants, plays, barbecues and parties in the grove, and school spirit promoting activities. Students are serviced by the ASB through refrigerator rentals which in turn make money for the student government. A cafeteria meal-plan and an interest-free student loan service help to reduce monetary problems for the Ole Miss student. Attended by crowds weekly, the ASB film series provides outstanding films. Rap Line is open nine hours a day enabling a student to discuss personal problems or to just find out general information over the phone. The ASB is also involved with the recruitment of new students and then with provid- ing orientation sessions for these new students. Located in the Union the ASB executive office is easily accessible during the hours from ten to five. Understandably, students show great concern for their representation, for the ASB regulates the welfare of the student body. 270 Student Government During the 1977-1978 school year, the major goal achieved by ASB President Billy Crews and his administration was increased involvement of students in the decision-making processes of the University. Through the newly coordinated ASB Speakers Forum, students were given the chance to meet with different state and national political leaders and to become familiar with their political affairs. The Ole Miss student government, along with student leaders from other major universities across the state, has combined its efforts to lobby for the legalization of alcohol on university cam- puses. Another top priority was the request for voting precincts on campus to replace the present methods of voting the absentee ballot and a long drive home. This year, because of active student involvement led by the ASB, the Univer- sity allocated $1 20,000 for the much needed repair of the student infirmary. A Director of Housing was added to the ASB presidential cabinet to give students a voice in the regulation and development of student housing. Soon, the Ole Miss campus will have a chapel because of the increased student interest created by the ASB during the 1977-1978 year. Always keeping the student interests first, the ASB worked to solve traffic problems, to add 200 available refrigerators, to the refrigerator rentals program, and to survey student ideas. Student Government 271 Advisors Presidential Sonya Jenkins Administrative Landy Norris Executive Russell Hill Press Secretary Rose Jackson Attorney General Marq Kaufman Housing Cathie Crouch Student Activities Rusty Tucker University Relations Pepper Crutcher Student Services Rick Outzen Campus Affairs Clarence Moore Academic Affairs Adam Broome Judicial Chairman Bobby DeLaughter Executive-Legislative Liaison Bill Moncrief Concerts Bob Johnston Public Information Lisa Bartlett Cabinet Directors Sub-i So, 272 Student Government Executive Cabinet and Appointees work With ASB Officers for a prosperous year Administrative Assistants Bob Warner Alan Breeland Executive Secretaries Nancy Jackson Susan Dement Tricia Melvin Mary Beth McMillan Molly Woodruff Sheila Evans Sub-Cabinet Directors School Spirit Mike Ward Elections Commission Faye Carole SiWey Black Affairs Lynda Campbell School Spirit Bonnie Lyn Young Fall Festival Doug Gunn School Spirit Mike Greer Committee of 82 Mike Mills Refrigerator Rentals Hugh Tanner Union Representative Jim Weir Film Series Lane Carrick (Not Pic.) StudwitSo Bt 173 Senators LEAVELL, FAULKNER, HOWERY Gary Anderson VAUGHT HALL Jason Slezak POWERS, GARLAND, MAYES Maaaie Dolan Mary Jane Kuibeth MILLER, GUESS Lii Beanland Cindy Ferrell KINCANNONHALL Baxter Kruger Eric Chamberlain Brad Mallow EAST TOWERS Mike Sullivan Rex Rush WEST TOWERS John Reeves Jeff Mallette Joe Martin STEWART DORM Jamie Williams Tory Robertson BROWN, HEFLEY Jocelyn Jones Elizabeth Daniel NEW DORM Kathy Williams Leisha Prather Wilma Johnson Kathie English FRATERNITY ROW Dolphus Blackman Huqh Tanner Eric Donahoe SORORITY ROW Kathy Ferguson Wanda Chamberlain VILLAGE Roger Druhet Dixie DeLaughter OFF-CAMPUS Jack Coleman Andy Geoghegan David Allen Mark Henry Ashley Hines Pat McCarthy Billy Mitts James McKie William Strickland C. Barry McCrory Peter Cleveland Clinton Graham Ron Guerier i Frank Edmondson MikeGunn Alon Bee Randy Nash John Newcombe James Guyton Jeff Chestner The Campus Senate of the University of Mississippi is the law-making body of the] ASB. Comprised of fifty-one senators elected from fifteen districts based on residen- tial ureas, the Senate: ' ::, methods of election and its rules are relatively the same the legislative body of the state of Mississippi. The purpose of the Senate is to adc and revise laws to the ASB code and constitution. Appropriation, financing, and! review of all ASB moneys is the main concern of the senate. The Ole Miss Senate is! respected throughout the state for its active involvement with the issues. 274 Student Comment Campus Senate involved with the issues F-.HJ : : p : Senate Pre.- denl protempore Kathy Ferguson. Above Right Senate Clerk Peggy Reisser Judicial Council The ASB Judicial Council is comprised of a chairman, who is elected by the student body, and six associate members, who are appointed by the Associ- ated Student Body President with the approval of the Campus Senate. The Council hears disciplinary cases and makes recommendations to the Univer- sity administration concerning appropriate action. The Council ' s recommen- dations are usually followed. Other duties of the Council include reviewing Campus Senate legislation and hearing appeals from the branch councils (which are the Men ' s Judicial Council and the Women ' s Judicial Council). Jerry DeLaughter, Chairman; Erin Shideler, Sorority Row Representative; Jimmy Edwards, Fraternity Row Representative; Cathy Varner, Women ' s Dorm Representative; Calvin Buchanan, Men ' s Dorm Representative; Randy Noel, Village Representative; Link Hodges, Off-Campus Representative. 276 Student Government UPC adds variety to student life The Union Program Council serves as the governing body for the Ole Miss Union. Its functions include the formation of policies for the Union as well as the sponsorship of various activities and programs designed to enhance the educational process of Ole Miss. The Union Program Council operates on the philosophy that there is a need to make the spirit of Ole Miss an experience for every seg- ment of the campus community. UPC mem- bers are chosen by the Council Chairman who was nominated by the ASB President and appointed by Mr. Bobby Towery, Union Direc- tor. - Committee Chairmen Entertainment Jim Weir Social Susan Anderson-Smith Special Events Susan Barnett Publicity Becky Jones Fine Arts Daryl Lloyd Policies Rosalie McCullough Travel Dave Duddleston Secretary Ella Wortham Director of Physical Arrangements Willie Perkins Studnil Government 277 Association for Women Students ary Bryan president Diane Walker vice-president Faye Carole Sibley secretary Rose Jackson Ex. Secretary Dare Kelly Ex. Secretary Rosalie McCullough Elections Kathy Williams IAWS Contacts Kathleen Saffold Minority Women Linda Campbell Projects Ann Dauenhauer Pubiications Bonnie Young Publicity Lisa Purser Programs Jody Sikora Recruitment Debbie Howard Scholarship Wilma Johnson Women ' s Week Lisa Bartlett Photographer Edwina Hobson 278 Student Government fc ' alker Through services and programs oriented toward women and by providing opportunities for involvement, the Asso- ciation for Women Students deals effectively with matters concerning women students. Membership in AWS is composed of every female student at the University of Mississippi. Membership is also open to male students interested in the purpose of AWS. One of the major projects of AWS this year was establish- ing the DM Modeling Board. Other projects included sending birthday cakes to Freshman women, sponsoring a Women ' s Awareness Week, and sponsoring several speakers during the year. . Vice-Chairmen (above): Elections Lee Moss Minority Women Vinnie Curry Minority Women Cassandra Neal Projects Kate Hoffman Publications Cissye Brandon Publicity LuAnn Pearson Programs Virgie Burt Recruitment Anna Katherine Clark Scholarship Julie Smith Women ' s Week Linda Monk Student Gowiwiwflt 279 Engineering Student Body The Engineering Student Body serves as the governing body of all students enrolled in the School of Engineering. The executive board is composed of a presi- dent, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, OLE MISS ENGINEER editor, Engineer- ing Day representative, and a member of each of the departmental technical socie- ties. Objectives of the board are to encourage the development of professional atti- tudes in students and to provide a friendly association of students with the faculty and with the engineering profession. Social activities are offered through the ESB including parties at Sardis Dam and working on homecoming displays. The stu- dent government also is involved in creating educational programs such as guest speakers, special films, and field trips. The ESB continuously works for the inter- ests of all engineering students. This year the executive council reviewed the honor code, the increase in enroll- ment in the school, and similar interests that involved the student personally. jVice-P Secreta iOLEM it-Day I ! 280 Studmt Govvmmcn t technical crease in en ESB Executive Board President Don Smith Vice-President Betsy McCall Secretary-Treasurer Charles F. Adam, CPT. Clifton Hudson OLE MISS ENGINEER Editor Diane Judson E-Day Representative Joseph McKlemurry Roxanne Jump AICE Chemical President Roxanne Jump Vice-President David Borzik Treasurer Carl Snipes Secretary Guy Dicks Ass ' t Sec.-Treas. JoAnn Roberts Engr. Day Rep. Johnny McKenzie ASCE Civil President Clay Etheridge Vice-President Wade Stinson Treasurer Michael Hinton Secretary Bebe Yarbrough Membership Ch. Billy Ray Parnett Program Ch. Jeff Rish IEEE Electrical President Charles Adam Russell Hendrick Vice-President Russell Hendrick Clifton Hudson Secretary Sharon Metcalfe UMGS Geology President Charlie Boh Vice-President Steve Phillips Secretary Louise Murphey Treasurer Barbara Petersen ESB Rep. Marvin Woody Social Ch. Whitney Autin Fund Raising Ch. Bruce Hoffman Field Trip Ch. Conrad Gazzier ASME Mechanical President Joseph McKlemurry Vice-President Jeff Rish Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Rish Treasurer Clifton Hudson AIAA Aeronautics President Joseph McKlemurry Student Government - Dorm Councils seek to promote activity The 1977-1978 dorm councils of the individual dormitories played a much more important role than previously in the residence life of University of Mississippi stu- dents. Each hall council was set up to best fit the needs of its residents. By provid- ing more social and educational activities, dormitory officers seeked to serv e their residents better. Many dorms participated in the annual homecoming display con- test and sponsored throughout the year such popular movies as BRIAN ' S SONG. Other social functions included hot-dog cookouts and seasonal parties. Residents received special care during finals as many of the dorms provided free morning doughnuts. Political forums were held in the lobbies of residence halls during elec- tion times. Most people saw the major function of the councils to be the resolution of prob- lems which occurred within each dorm. Most councils had a judicial board or some other means to handle disciplinary cases. Members of the dorm councils were expected to help keep noise level low and to plan effective fire-drill procedures. All councils unitedly supported increased security procedures. Women ' s dormitories heard Police Chief John Tidwell speak on the subject of rape. HEFLEY HALL President Karen Crossns Vice-President Anna Maker 38 Secretary Sharon Parks 55 Treasurer Leilah Lewis 57 Judicial: Evelyn Frogge Anna Maker Stacy White 87 Susan Eads Debbie Nader Grace Albers Floor Representatives: Becky White Shirley Jaudon Leigh Mutchler Terry Meneley DEATON HALL President Martha Simmons 63 Vice-President Gail Williams 47 Secretary-Treasurer Valerie Drouir 46 Floor Representatives: Donna Pucketl 64 KathyCupac 29 Laure Bryce Debbie Suggs GARLAND HEDDLESTON MAYES President Jennifer Dunlap 21 Vice-President Elena Psikogious 20 Secretary-Treasurer Terri Taylor 36 Floor Representatives: Stephanie Brown 17 Cathy Cluck 18 Elnora Mitchell 19 Janet Browning 34 Carol Gonseth 35 Nancy Jackson 54 Mary Gail Kinds 56 Tracy Renfro 22 Maria Ballard 23 Holly Martin 24 Martha Wright 25 NEW HALL President Terry Hirsch 43 Vice-President Julie Winters 62 Secretary Kay Wiles 71 Treasurer Cindy McManus 41 Floor Representatives: Paula Hunter 61 Breeze Pierce Beth McCall Jane Blaylock Donna High Tanya Miller Debbie Avey Edye Greenlee Helene Doxey Danaleah Kelly STEWART HALL President Sherrye Polk 41 Vice-President Cathy Jo Henchley 28 Secretary-Treasurer Mary Kay Holmes Judicial: Margaret Nettleton Ava Jackson Kathy Bryson Floor Representatives: Susan Pierce 40 Jean Scheidemantel Andrea Miska Gail Holland Ann Gagna BROWN HALL President Charlotte Quinley 14 Vice-President Toni Callender Secretary- Treasurer Dorthy Hays 31 Floor Representatives: Pam Mitchell Margaret Ann Johnson Janet Brock Mindy Brown Ann Dogan Betsy Crisler Donna Carter Trish Dory KINCANNON HALL President Robin Bledsoe 83 Vice President Steve Fletcher 79 Secretary- Treasurer David Southerland 82 Floor Representatives: Phil Norsworth 81 Phil Miller 80 James Rossetti 84 Tom Joiner Preston Derivaux Robert Neely Steve Fletcher TWIN TOWERS President John A. Burnam Vice-President Andy Forte 7 Secretary Treasurer Bob Bardin 1 1 Judicial Chairman David Valentine Floor Representatives: Dave Clark 1 Dixie Stevens 2 Jim Frees 3 Clarence Moore 4 Julian Carroll 5 Jim Ward 6 Andy Forte 7 William Brady 8 Gerald Hardin 9 John Douglass 10 Tony Coy 1 2 MaxClapp 13 POWERS President Bob Hovious 73 Vice President Randall Ponder 77 Secretary-Treasurer Scott Rone 76 Floor Representative: John Henley u 282 Student Government Student Government 283 Associate Graduate Student Body - . sin Y " . " : i ' president TV Vilutis vice-presid Ginny Gue secretary Robert Fleming treasurer John Kapeghu council representativ Kapeghian McD. Guess J t A The objective of the AGSB is to encourage and facilitate graduate interdepartmental communication, to serve as a liaison between the departments of graduate study and the University administra- tion, and to encourage a sense of professional pride, prestige, and unity. Any person enrolled in the Graduate School of the Uni- versity of Mississippi is automatically a member of the AGSB. Representatives from each department of graduate study attend executive council meetings every two weeks. During these meet- ings, problems, solutions, and policy-making decisions affecting graduate students are aired. 284 Student Government Society for Advancement of Management The Society for Advancement of Management seeks to enrich the knowledge and personal con- tacts of students in business management. This objective is achieved through participation in chapter programs and activities designed to give members an increased understanding of the bus- iness world, particularly the field of manage- ment. OFFICERS President Craig Haskins Vice- President Marsha Commer Secretary Stephanie Bowman Treasurer Bob Hughes Professional Associations 285 Financiers experience business world OFFICERS President Lewis Williamson Vice-President- - Rosemary Steinbeck Secretary -- Mark Grain Treasurer Brent McLarty The Financiers Club is an organization which seeks to acquaint interested students with out- standing businessmen and bankers from Missis- sippi and surrounding states. Sponsored by the Chair of Banking, the Financiers provide busi- ness majors an opportunity to listen and speak to knowledgeable leaders in the business commu- nity. The Financiers Club strongly encourages those students with majors in Banking and Finance and Business Administration to participate in its activities but also invites students of all majors to attend meetings. By bringing well informed speakers to the Univer- sity campus, the Financiers Club hopes to pres- ent students with interesting and relevant issues concerning business and banking. 286 Professional Associations world ij Phi Beta Lambda plans business careers Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity for students interested in business careers. The purpose of the organization is to give students opportunities to develop knowledge, understand- ing, and personal qualities which will enable them to be successful in business careers. Pres- ent emphasis is on learning more about the free enterprise system and sharing this knowledge with members, other students, and the University community. Membership is openjo any student enrolled in one or more business courses. OFFICERS President Vice- President . . . Vice-President Recording Sec. . . . Corresponding Sec. Treasurer Historian Reporter Adviser . Sue Posey Tracy Masters Cindy Hill Amy Davis Donna Ulmer Kathryn Koury SueAlewine . . . . Michael Donnell Dr. Jeanne L. Holley Professional Associations 287 Kappa Psi offers pharmaceutical fellowship jniti OFFICERS Regent - - Ernest Cameron Vice-Regent Rusty Hailey Secretary - - Robert Bowles Treasurer - - Tommy Hughes Historian -- R. K. Leedham Chaplain Danny Lewis Faculty Adviser - - Dr. Dewey Garner Kappa Psi was founded in 1879 and is the nation ' s oldest and largest professional phar- macy fraternity. The Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926 and is the state ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. Kappa Psi offers to all members the pleasure of good fellowship, the prestige of pro- fessional recognition, and the inner pride of acceptance on the basis of personal qualifica- tions. Membership is open to students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy who have maintained a 2.00 GPA. 288 Professional Associations Phi Delta Chi initiates outstanding students Phi Delta Chi was organized as a social society for male pharmacy students and opened its membership to any male student in the School of Pharmacy. Through parties and service activi- ties, the club seeks to acquaint interested stu- dents. Promotion of good fellowship and profes- sionalism among students is the main objective of the organization. During 1977 Phi Delta Chi provided services to the Oxford community and the Ole Miss campus in its baskets-for-the-needy and hypertension- tests projects. OFFICERS President Steven Smith Vice-President - - Tim Wright Recording Sec. - - Brian Askew Corresponding Sec. Stanley Pace Treasurer Tim Johnson Toastmaster David East Sergeant-at-Arms Johnny Davis Professional Associations 289 Beta Lambda Epsilon researches police work Stud OFFICERS President Johnny Brown Vice-President Kim Jurgens Secretary -- Karen Lipe Treasurer David Shaw Advisor Columbus Hopper Beta Lambda Epsilon associates persons who are actively engaged in collegiate preparation and or professional police service. The organization ' s objectives are to keep abreast of the advances in scientific police research, to evaluate the ethical standards of police service, and to establish, in the public ' s mind, the benefit and necessity of professional police training. Anyone majoring or minoring in law enforcement who has a 2.00 GPA is eligible for membership. First Row: David Shaw, Kim Jurgens, Ike, Karen Lipe. Second Row: Jackie Clayton, Lawerence Knighton, Ronnie Hudson, Cookie Pinion, John Dawson, Charles McMillan, Jimmy Sherman. 290 Professional Associations Student Speech and Hearing gives tests The Student Speech and Hearing Association is an organization designed to promote profession- alism among students who study speech and hearing disorders. Any student in this field of study is eligible for membership. SSHA serves people of all ages and from several localities. An Easter Egg Hunt is sponsored annually for chil- dren clients while a Christmas party is held for all clients. Free speech and hearing services are offered to Ole Miss students throughout the year, and communities in North Mississippi are serv- iced for a minimal fee. President Harriet Turner Vice-President Elaine Lowery Secretary-Treasurer Joyce Everett Publicity Chairman Penny Schilling Graduate Representative Peggy Hodges Urban Planners The Association of Urban Planners was organized to further the knowledge and understanding of urban planning and to encourage professional experience and excellence among students. The Association also strives to expand interest in urban planning through social activities. The organization serves as a liaison between the University and local communities by aid- ing the communities through planning projects. .J ' . ' 292 Projional Associations Ml Club OFFICERS President Bob Nance Vice- President Bill Byrne Secretary Emily Hewitt First Row: Shawn Costner, Curtis Brooks, Kenneth Gleaton, Alex Briskey, Ricky Furby, Taylor Meals, Talat Tehranchi, Stanley Mclntosh. Second Row: Kevin McMillan, Calvin Collins, Donnell Alexander, Francisco Carrera, Sandra Warren, Vicki Smith, Susan Eads. Third Row: Bob Nance, Vernon Miles, David Dawson, Bill Byrne, Emily Hewitt, Mike Solano, William King, Imad EI-Khouri, Roosevelt Fenton, Mike Daniels, David Van Hoosen. ffl Kappa Epsilon " 99 Chartered in 1960 on the Ole Miss campus. Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa Epsilon serves as a profes- sional fraternity for women students in pharmacy. The purpose of the association is to unite women pharmacy students, to cooperate with the faculty of the Univer- sity, to stimulate desire for high scholarship, and to promote professional consciousness. All women stu- dents who are candidates for baccalaureate or advanced degrees of pharmacy are eligible for mem- bership. Organizations 293 Committee of 82 lobbies for the University Com The Committee of 82, composed of students rep- resenting the 82 counties of Mississippi, works with state legislators for the interests of the Uni- versity of Mississippi. The Committee helped sponsor Legislative Day at the Ole Miss-Southern football game when mem- bers of the Committee had the opportunity to meet and to talk with various legislators. The committee also sponsored the visits to the Ole Miss campus by Governor Cliff Finch and High- way Commissioner Bobby Richardson. The major objective of the committee was to have its members write the legislators from their vot- ing districts concerning the needs of the Univer- sity and the problems of its students. They lob- bied this year for increased funds for state insti- tutions of higher learning, for voting districts on college campuses, and for a new course-with- drawal system. Coordinators: Pepper Crutcher Mike Mills 294 Organizations Hjj Committee of 100 works for a new chapel The Committee of 100 is an interdenominational organization composed of students from all reli- gious groups. Its purpose is to bring students in contact with the religious opportunities on cam- pus by bringing religious emphasis speakers to the University and performing various services to the campus. One of the projects of the committee has been to campaign with students and with alumni for a chapel to be constructed on campus. The Com- ImlTTee of 1 00 also sponsors various parties, pro- grams, and religious life retreats to give students a break fcom their studies and time to relax and meet erth ' er students. OFFICERS Co-Chairman Sonny Widman Co-Chairman Martha Stephens Vice-Chairman Craig Cole Secretary Kim Sturgis Director of Religious Life Polly Williams Executive Board First Row: Polly Williams, Sonny Widman, Martha Stephens, Craig Cole, Cathy Ward, Jimmy Edwards. Second Row: Lee Paris, Susan Anderson-Smith, Carolyn Ray, Hugh Stephens, Jr., Sheila Evans, PatCaldwell. Organuitions 295 Ambassadors recruit more and more students dents who aid in recruiting new students for the University. Although the program is only three years old, this active group has helped increase enrollment on the Ole Miss campus from 6,500 students in 1975 to 9,500 students in 1977. Members of the team are chosen according to their hometown residence, grade-point average, and involvement in campus activities. During the year. Ambassadors wrote letters to prospective students, gave tours of the Ole Miss campus on a one-to-one basis, greeted students on " High- School Day, " and participated in the effective " Ole Miss Nights. " Coordinators: George Pearson Dianne Walker Sherry Alcorn, Jan Barnett, John Bunten, Sandy Carter, Craig Cole, Karen Craig, Vinnie Curry, Anne Dauenhauer, Elizabeth Daniel, Susan Dement, Eric Donahoe, Jimmy Edwards, Sheila Evans, Trentice Gooch, Jke Griffith, Jimmy Gris- ham, Melinda Gunn, Kerry Hamilton, Lee Hayes, Mack Holcomb, Robert Hunter, Melinda Ivy, Car- lin Jackson, Katheryn King, Laura Koski, Sanford Levings, Lee Lott, Anna McCullough, Nick Mer- ritt, Michelle Millette, Donald Mitchell, Henry Mounger, Cathy Myers, George Neal, Lee Paris, Patti Patterson, Cindy Puls, Lisa Rainey, Wanda Ray, Jody Sikora, Ann Simmons, Hugh Stephens, Kim Sturgis, Sherry Teer, Marty Tucker, Buster Turner, Melanie Walker, Bob Warner, Kenny Watts, Amy Webb, Bert Welch, Sonny Widman. 296 Organization dents j UM Modeling Board new at Ole Miss The University of Mississippi Modeling Board was established this fall by the Association of Women Students. The board is composed of selected Ole Miss coeds representing a variety of majors. Bringing about an awareness of the total aspect of fashion is the main objective of the board. However, other purposes of the organiza- tion are to promote a better understanding and awareness of the University and its students, to contribute to the recruiting efforts of the institu- tion, and to promote goodwill. OFFICERS Captain Debbie Howard Co-Captain Anna Katherine Clark Recording Secretary Liz Ederer Corresponding Secretary Mary Louise Self Treasurer Cheri Brown Publicity Chairmen Pam Bradford Lissa Frakenbach Organizations 297 Compass Club finds new direction J r - OFFICERS President Cathy Ward 1 st Vice President Lisa Kilpatrik 2nd Vice President Laura Shaw Secretary Sherry McManus Treasurer Mary Nell Pattridge Directors Mary Martha Williams Anita Berryman Joan Katzenmeyer Through friendship and projects, the Compass Club works as a service organization to aid the University of Mississippi and Oxford communi- ties. The club is a continuation of the high school Anchor Club. Like the Anchor Club, it is also sponsored by the National Pilot Club and the local chapter in Oxford. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship, activities, and service involvement. Compass Club meetings support the formality of parliamentary procedure. Projects for the 1977-1978 school year included Meals on Wheels, Chapel Fund Drive, Regional Blood Drive, and retirement home activities. 298 Organizations ction 1 Jr. Panhellenic governs Greek female pledges Junior Panhellenic improves the Greek system through promoting better relations between sorority pledge classes. Modeled after the Pan- hellenic Council, each sorority has two represent- atives on the Council. The group sponsors serv- ice projects often in conjunction with both the Panhellenic and the Interfraternity Councils. The main purpose of Junior Panhellenic is to educate new members of sororities about the campus and national levels of the Panhellenic program. Carol Megehee KA, Kim Denton Win, Neely Holland PB P, Peggy Wall KKI , Gracie Albers KA, Catherine Evans KA, Libba Winkler KA, Susie Nix AAA, Jill Stephenson AAA, Dianne Hudgins AAA, Marilyn McClusky AC, Kathie English Al , Cathy Buford Al , Judy Cox AOI1, Lauren Enochs AOI I, Tory Robertson - AOn, Ginny Brown ! M, Clokie Freeman OM, Jan Drewry FIBO, Julie English DBfl, Cindy Thomas XQ, Ruth McLeod XQ, Lucy Rice XQ, Becky Benvenutti KKI , Lee Lovitt - KKF, Kay Brauer KKI , Joanie Abernathy ZTA, Cindy Spain ZTA, Susanna Cosky ZTA, Jeannie Ford AAF1. OFFICERS President Carol Megehee Vice President Kim Denton Secretary Neely Holland Treasurer Peggy Wall Organizations 299 Campus news becomes big news .? . Mike Austin Editor Above Left Suzanne Myrick news editor; Charles Urban staff writer; Dawn Ladner managing editor. Above Right Jane Williams page editor; Kathy Dunagin entertainment editor; Ray Roebuck page editor. Lower Right Cindy Bates staff writer; Lucy Hovius staff writer; Aubrey Coleman photographer; Rose Jackson staff writer. 300 Publkatioiw } I Daily Mississippian Left Lee Ragland sports editor; Mike Welford assistant sports editor; Bill Spencer sports writer; Jim Schute sports writer; Bill Miller sports writer. Jiff i Tom icker Business Manager ange in paper in the fall of 1977. For a more p. and contemporary style, the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN page size was increased. The only daily college newspaper in Mississippi informed the students and faculty of Ole Miss about campus news and announcements as well as state and national head- line stories. During 1977 the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN received first place honors in a regional contest that included four states: Mississippi, Alabama, Arkan- sas, and Louisiana. Upper Right Rick Johnson ad sales- man; Charles Urban ad salesman; Kathy Dunagin ad composition; Keith May ad composition; Ki Jones ad salesman; Tom Wicker ad manager. Not pictured Lea Anne Hester ad composition; Tom Ross salesman; Willie Schoenberger salesman. Publications 301 Yearbook increases coverage of campus events Assuming a new outlook in the role of a university yearbook, the 1978 OLE MISS annual staff increased the detail of coverage of campus events. By increasing the volume of yearbook copy without sacrificing the number of pictures, the annual staff aimed for a publication befitting a major university. Also special effects and artwork were used to add interest to the book. The 1 978 OLE MISS editorial board was composed of the Editor-in- Chief, Managing Editor, Associate Editor, and Copy Editor. In addition, the Administrative Assistant and Yearbook Secretary aided in running the annual office. TO 1 Fulwooi Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief Darden North Managing Editor Leigh Fulwood Associate Editor Lee Paris Executive Secretary Dare Kelly Administrative Assistant Lynn Arnold Copy Editor Frances Moseley r North Paris ..KeH 302 Publications Section Editi V f orten berry " ' Du1 %t Shepherd Yarbrough jams Boy kin Watts Brandon Entertainment Sally Fortenberry Art Claire Duff Associations Diane Judson Faces and Personalities Louise Burney Anything tommy Shepherd Greeks Buster Turner Classes Doug Yarbrough Classes Kathy Williams Ads Mike Boykin Honors Marty Tucker Administration Cissye Brandon Athletics Mary Elizabeth Partin Index Kenny Watts Larger staff improves quality of yearbook General Staff L to R., Front: Barbara Brashier, Cindy Gregg. L. to R., Middle: Stepha- nie Brown, Leslie Joyner, Ann Forten- berry, Pamela Prather, Jessica Sibley. L. to R., Back: Mike Landess, Tom Brown. Not Pictured: John Pearson, Lacy Ross, Don Williams, Karen Roe- buck, Danny Cooper, Christy Moseley, Mike Corso, Bill Primes, Laurie Ken- nedy, Danny Story, and Bill Roberts. Greeks Anna McCullough Organizations Cindy Wall Features Hugh Tanner Sports Jimmy Edwards , Edwards To produce a quality yearbook, a large annual staff is needed. Therefore, assistant section editors were used effectively to ease the strain on the section editors and the editorial board. General staff members were added to help with different sections as needed. In organizing the annual staff, it was realized that in order to perpetuate good yearbook journalism, many students should be trained to eventually take on more responsibility. Of course, the business staff, composed of the Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, and Contracts Manager, worked with the financial part of the production of the 1 978 OLE MISS. 304 Publications Assistant Section Editors Grant Business Staff (below) Business Manager Bob " Mr. Personality " Nance Assistant Business Manager Bill Quinn Contracts Manager Sandy Carter Quinn Carter Entertainment Bill Grant Administration Matt Lusco Associations Kay Wiles Anything Martha Rhodes Sports --Lee Watt Honors Rosalie McCullough Publications 305 Yearbook photographers capture campus on film Broadhead ran %-rv. Christensen Staff Photographers: Contributing Photographers: Keith Cantrell (Head) Greg Broadhead Scott Gabbert Tim Day Mary Elizabeth Partin Bob Christensen Darden North P Prof essional Work Walt Mixon Photography Oxford, Mississippi 306 Publications Jack Colef ield Jim McNeil Jerry Kellum Jamie Stark Mark McWilliams Tom Coleman David Ziegenhorn Randolph Wood Rex Rush Joe Savage (Vicksburg, Mississippi) Buddy Stewart (Amory, Mississippi) Joseph Millard (Miami, Florida) Aubrey Coleman (DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN) Robert Gardner (COMMERCIAL APPEAL) Stevens Studios American Composite Corporation Vantine Studios Cameo Composite Company Steve Parham Photography of Oxford, Mississippi Hess Photography of Atlantic City, New Jersey IMAGES publishes student talents M j Produced twice a year, IMAGES helps to stimu- late literary activity at Ole Miss through publish- ing the works of professional and non-profes- sional authors and artists. While becoming a bet- ter quality publication this year, IMAGES was compiled by a larger staff including co-editors who directed its production. By being a more pro- fessional literary magazine, IMAGES was suc- cessful in 1977-78 in giving students experience in the editing process and in business manage- Editors: Gayle Goodin Goodman Ledyard Seated: James Kinney, Goodman Ledyard. Standing: Melody Swa- ney, Linda Slade, Kevin Rardin, Steven Sanders, Howard Bahr, Carmen Miller, Lisa Helgesen, Denise Hester, Steve Fletcher, Katie Thomas, Jane Anderson. Not pictured: Gayle Goodin, Leslie Campbell, Shelley Dickson, Kay Koesler, Jennifer Jones, Karla Hightshoe, Nancy Platt, Jessica Sibley, Lisa Lusco, Sabrina McGuire, Beth Jackson, Jamie Wil- liams, Laura Buford, Amy Sneed, Adele Green, Mary McKay, Patrice Parks, Margaret McCullen, Beth Duke, Diane Fortenberry, Jan Barnett. Publications 307 308 Military Navy ROTC Military 309 Army ROTC SFC Stephen F.Gauthier, MAJ James A. McCarty, CRT Brian J. Ohlinger, MAJ Rodric A. Storrs, LTC David C. Ammons, CRT Charles V. Anstrom, SGM Manuel Padilla-Santiago, SFC Charles M. LeDuff, MAJ Louis C. Green, MSG William T. Wst. 310 Military __ Air Fore ROT 312 Military FT 1 Arnold Air Society The Arnold Air Society is a national professional honorary as well as a service organization composed of selected Air Force ROTC cadets. Named in honor of the late General H. H. " Hap " Arnold, the society participated in service projects during 1977-1978 such as blood drives, hypertension testing, and sponsoring a Boy Scout Troop for mentally retarded boys. The AL Key Squadron of Arnold Air Society at Ole Miss is named m honor of AL Key who set the flight endurance record in 1935 in his plane, the " Ole Miss. " Members for this service-oriented soci ety are chosen on the basis of grade point average, extra-curncu lar activities, and leadership ability. Seated, L. to R.: Montoria Hubbard, Alexis Sher- wood, John Thomason, Greg Griffen, David Frees. Standing, L. to R.: Joe Pickett, Linda Wright, Ken Baker, Dwight Chestnut, Greg Mur- phy, Bill Amos, Teddy Rogers, George Bremer, Joe Brown. Not Pictured: Johnny Ledbetter. Angel Flight Associated with the Arnold Air Society is another national service organization -- Angel Flight. These girls are selected each spring by interviews. Objectives of the Flight are to promote and serve the United States Air Force, the Air Force ROTC program, the Arnold Air Soci- ety, and the University of Mississippi and its surrounding community. This year Angel Flight sponsored the Missis- sippi R egional Blood Center ' s blood drives. Other projects included collecting and distributing canned goods to needy families at Thanksgiving and selling mums and mistletoe to earn money for those families. Back Row, L. to R.: Patsy Hardin, Nancy Harwell, Kathy Sulcer, Debra Hogan, Jan Robison, Cindy Spear. Mid- dle Row, L. to R.: Ellen Leasure, Teresa Greer, Lisa Nix, Lucy Williamson, Cheri Brown, Anita Jo Wood, Mary Ann Wood, Jodi Sikora. Front Row, L. to R.: Phyllis Dale, Lee Hayes, Mary Beth McMillan, Kim Kennedy, Bev- erly Smith, Dawn Traxler, Bonnie Jo Walker. Not Pictured: Debbie Creedon, Mary Donnelly, Susan Bailess, Kay Varnell, Jamie Moore, Riki Richardson. Military 315 " The Pride of the South ' The Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band, " The Pride of the South, " provided exciting halftime pageantry and entertainment at the Rebel football games this fall. The Band was led by Drum Majors Duane Walker and James McDaniel. Besides the 262 strong " Pride of the South, " the other university bands included the Symphonic Band, two Concert Bands, three Pep Rally Bands, and three Basketball Bands. The members of the bands were selected upon audition, representing every school within the University. Dr. Luther M. Snavely, Jr., is Director of Bands at Ole Miss and Dwayne Sagen is Assistant Director. Leig Qpb Dsa ' . M Mary Cupp Deanna Davis Trish Doty Bryant Herring Connie Humphreys Albert Miller tf Jacfee PearsirT LyndVftoebuck Sharon Rouse David Walsh Cincjy Davi eDvn|an aaarnesT Jay Johnson John Kennerly James Lamb Brad Mallow James Jerone Smith Henry Suba Larry War CLARINETS: Tim Weeks se! Susan Ander Bubba Crai Bev Diane Dr. Luther Snavely, Jr. Director Dwayne Sagen Assistant Director Michelle Dascl " Kathy Dolan Scott Edgell Corinne Fowler Deter Henderson Charts J.ack oi T. D. Adams Ricky Anderson Steve Barber Paul Beard Scott Brenkert Don Caviness Paul Dae us f De tft Steve Walters Lernon White Cindy Maples George Marlar Steve Prisock John Thomas Cathy Waddell Ezelle Wade Eddie Perkins rum majors James McDaniel Duane Walker Talent adds to half time entertainment The " Pride of the South " added much to the 1977 Rebel football games through their spectacular halftime shows with intriguing con- figurations, colorful flags, twirling batons, and beautiful Rebelettes. Music, such as the themes of the movies, " Rocky " and " Star Wars, " gave the band a contemporary sound. However, tradition prevailed as the band aroused Rebel spirit with their rendition of " Dixie. " I Rebelettes 318 Music Makws Karen Andrews Karen Bolger Teresa Boutwell Terri Caviness Donna Duewall Carl in Jackson Joy King Carrie Leigh Kelly Kathy Atwood Stacee Aurell Beverly Bolton Iris Crawford Linda Chambers Janet Fannon Donna Fincher Jayne Gayse Susan Holmes Billie Sue Jacobs Karen Kuhnert Karen Lipe Rebelettes Melanie Mathis Mary Evelyn Meeks Cindy Owens Riki Richardson Patti Thomas Diane Walker Amy Webb Anita Jo Wood Flag Corps Ernestine Merryweather Debbie Nader Donna O ' Neal Debbie Parker Carol Peacock Melanie Pittman Deena Poole Rhonda Rhodes Jaquie Robinson Carol Seaton Beverly Shields Martha Tidwell Gale Walker Linda White Rebecca White Beth Williams Sheila Wilson Diane Young Phyllis Mailman Feature Twirlers Teri Davis Julie Seckar Musk Makers 319 Jazz Band makes the beat go on Ole Miss, home of the first college or university sponsored jazz band, is where the beat goes on. Although jazz music is experiencing a national revival, Ole Miss musicians have never lost their touch. Spring 1977 saw the first Ole Miss " Big Band Reunion " organized by Dr. John McCauley. The reunion was a resounding success bringing home many alumni musicians. The immense success of this reunion has manifested itself in the establishment of a yearly reunion along with mounting interest in the founding of a " Big Band Alumni Association. " Ole Miss Jazz Bands are among the more lively musical organizations in Missis- sippi. Performances are given at jazz and art festivals, high school tours, and cam- pus concerts. The 1977-1978 Jazz Band Edition featured vocalists Mary Donnelly and Cheri Brown along with the Ole Miss Jazz Quintet. tieUnivera Under thed campus to 1 Co L 1 ixophones: Sue Reuter, Tony Taylor, Susan Anderson-Smit Jerone Smith, Cindy Davis, rombones: Craig Burnham, George Pearson, Mike Harrison Martin Henderson, Mike Pearson, hythm Section: Joshua Wiener, Mike Schirmer, John Thomas, Rush Hicks, rumpets: Cindy Maples, Vincent Wong, John Mixon, John Thomason, Joe Slater, Connie Moore, Robbie Rpbbins, Guy Rogers (not pictured). Lloyd Turner, Director (not pictured). " Mississippians " : xophones: Jay Johnson, Rich Torkington, Joel Wood, Johi Kennerly, Cecil Moore. rombones: Gary Gold, David East, Don Caviness, Rick Faiso 1 John Brooks, uba: Craig Burnham. Ihythm Section: Gary Gooch, Mike Schirmer, Ralph Semmes Ezell Wade, Larry Gooch, Ken Shaw (not pictured). ets: Andrew Fox, Mark Perry, David Chalk, Lloyd Tr nie Russell (not pictured), Dr. John McCauley, Direct IP . 320 Music Makers The Group ' entertains prospective students " The Group " is a combination of musically talented men and women students of the University of Mississippi. At the beginning of each fall semester many students audition to become members of this popular organization. Assisting in the recruit- ment of new students is the primary function of " The Group. " The organization ' s singing, dancing, and smiling faces add entertainment and fun to the " Ole Miss Nights. " Under the direction of Jon S. Johnson, " The Group " entertained for several on- campus functions such as Homecoming, Dixie Week, and the Parade of Beauties Pageant. Composed of about twenty members, these talented students performed song and dance routines that have been popular through the years. to L V ' i. A.I Row, L. to R.: Gary Gooch, Kim Red, Cheri Brown, Candace Jones, Connie Simmons, Shii nders, Kim Kennedy, Norval Sykes. Back Row, L. to R.: Leigh Tapley, Randy Butler, Jz on, Doug Amaker, Brad Mallow, Mona Vaughn, Brian Fox, Mike Anderson. Director Musk Makers 321 Marty Tucker Edito r Rosalie McCullough Assistant Editor " People who get 4.0 GPA ' s do play games by taking the right courses and teachers to get all A ' s. They take enough courses so that they can drop something they don ' t have an A in. " - Adam Broome, senior math major " The opportunity to be intellectually challenged is present at Ole Miss but is not always taken advantage of. Learning about people and life is what I ' ve gotten out of college because Ole Miss is an outstanding place to learn about people. " Julie Smith, senior math major HEfSA PARN RIGHT, IT ' S TYPICAL TRUE., ROLAND! STUD fT? ERICH HERE IS IS THAT ABOUT AS TYPICAL TRUE, AS THEY COMB I SON? N - , OKAY, NOW LET I SMOKE A ME QETDoaw unit, I ' M SOME NOTES! DO MIDDLE OF-THE YOU SMOKE, SON? ROAP, 1 6BT MAT ARE YOUR. STRAIGHT Cs! POLITICS? GRAPES? . PERFECT! UM..ST LL BUT THAT ' S miU ABOUT MOSTLY NORMAL FOR. YOUR sex. HYPO- ASOPHO- LIFE? THETICAL. MORE! DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate HALL OF FAME WHO ' S WHO TAYLOR MEDALS TEACHER OF THE YEAR HONORARIES HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor CATHERINE PEARL HIRSCH Having a 3.61 GPA and hailing from Greenville, Associated Student Body Vice-President Cathy Hirsch served as a Cam- pus Senator for two years, is a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and was elected a Campus Favorite. A member of Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Sigma Tau Delta, Cathy is majoring in Zoology and plans to enter medical school in the future. Cathy, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Hirsch, is a member of Mortar Board and has served as Chairman of AWS Women ' s Week as well as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Being active in Alpha Omicron Pi Soror- ity, where she served as Scholarship Chairman, she is also a fraternity little sister. Because she saw the need to solve stu dent problems, Cathy became involved in campus activities. Learning how to accept the ideas of others and developing the ability to have patience, Cathy Hirsch has enjoyed working with different people during her career at Ole Miss. Ill i i " ( If .,. ' , " " I , .i ' ' ll WILLIAM LOWREY CREWS The son of Dr. and Mrs. John D. Crews of Oxford, Associated Student Body President Billy Crews is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and Pi Sigma Alpha. Actively involved in stu dent government. Crews has served as a Campus Senator, and as ASB Director of Student Activities and Student Ser- vices. As a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, he was chosen " Leader of the Year " for Alpha Phi Circle. A Political Science major with a 3.75 GPA, Crews believes that students make a university by promoting their interests through active involve ment. Hoping to pursue a career in public service, he feels that extracurricular activities broaden one ' s education. . , ' ( ' iViViViYYiV ' 4 ' .Y4 ' . ' ' ' . . ' . ' . ' . ' ' " ' H M ' ' M 1 1 u mam iViY i ' i ' ! isfiP V I V,V4 " ffA ' A W WViv.;.; 324 Hall of Fame HSv U 1 1 M I M . V M f ' YiJJi4iki H M M. M M I M I M Y ,YtY . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' A ' . jUIMfci3AVAVAvVV.v V lt MMM4VM4V.1 " " " iV ' . " I 4 V M 1 1 i VA4 VA DARDEN HAYS NORTH Darden North, son of Mr. and Mrs Linton Darden North of Cleveland, was elected ASB Vice President his sophomore year and Editor of the 1978 OLE MISS his |unior year. A pre med major. North has achieved an impressive list of honors and extracurricular activities, including Interfraternity Coun cil President. Order of Omega President, Cavaliers Social Club President. Kappa Alpha Order Historian. Campus Sena tor of the year (1975 76). and a 3.78 GPA. A recipient of the Robert E. Lee KA Scholarship, he also holds membership in Omicron Delta Kappa. Mortar Board. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Gaming insight by working with people, Darden feels that campus involvement is an extremely important aspect of University life. Having gained an understanding of the capabilities and feelings of others. North feels that this knowledge will be an asset in his future medical career. MARY CHRISTINE BRYAN Achieving a 3.4 GPA, Mary Bryan is serving as Vice President of the International Association for Women Students. She also has put much time and effort into Ole Miss ' s AWS, serving as Treasurer and President. The native of Jackson is the daugh ter of Mr. G. Bryan and Mrs. Christine Bryan, was a Campus Senator for three years, and was Chairman of the Senate Stu dent Activities Committee. A member of Lambda Sigma and Mortar Board, she was Vice President of Phi Mu Sorority. Mary became involved in campus activities through the help of people in classes ahead of her. Because there are more opportunities to become involved than in years past, Mary feels that it is now easy for students to show their potential. She plans to further her education by working toward a Mas ter ' s Degree or a Law Degree. HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor Hall of Fame 325 DAVID EMERY BREVARD Serving as President of Omicron Delta Kappa after ha- 1 1 President and Secretary of Phi Eta Sigma as well as tor of Student Activities, David Brevard holds meml in Phi Kappa Phi, Order of Omega, Sigma Tau Alpha, gma Alpha. Brevard, a Carrier Scholar from Tupelo, r i actively invoked in Phi Delta Theta fraternity where Model Pledge, Historian, and Pledge Trainer. Along v membership in Who ' s Who Among Students in American I versifies and Colleges, David was on the Committee of 82, L. Chairman of Dixie Week, and Co-Chairman of the ODK-Mortar Board Speakers Forum. A Political Science major having a 3.97 GPA, Brevard has found campus activities interesting and vital in meeting members of the student body and the administration. While gaining experience in dealing with peo- ple, Brevard feels that his campus involvement has helped him to grow as an individual. P GEORGE MARK PLASKETES Lettering three years in varsity football, George Plasketes, a journalism major from North Riverside, Illinois, was named this year as honorable mention All American. Twice selected as DPI Lineman of the Week, Plasketes played in three post- season classics: the Blue Grey game, the Hula Bowl, and the Japan Bowl. While serving as permanent football team cap- tain in 1976 and 1977, he was named academic AII-SEC as well as AII-SEC by United Press International and Associated Press. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plasketes, George has achieved a 3.53 GPA, as well as being a member of Naviga- tors, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Committee of 100. Plasketes hopes for a career in professional football. I ' .Vf fffff v .v, ik ' . ' . ' V MMMH ! V VVVm A A A A J " J I Sir F t i 1 1 u t ; r i tf i MM. XXAVVJ HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor :. ' " ' . " i-trf i ' fj 3K Hall of Fauw HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor REBECCA LEIGH JONES The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jones of Fulton, Becky Jones is President of Phi Mu Sorority and Vice-President of Mortar Board. Listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges, Becky has been President of Lambda Sigma, ASB Director of Public Information, an Ole Miss Ambassador, a fraternity little sister, a University Dancer, and a member of the Committee of 82. Having been named Colonel ' s Lady of the Army ROTC, the communica- tions major with a 3.5 GPA was also a Campus Favorite last year. While making many good friends and staying in contact with a variety of people, Becky has enjoyed staying busy dur- ing her college career. Upon graduation, Becky hopes to pur- sue a career in public relations. wffffflfift n 1 Kiivi Sit THOMAS MICHAEL AUSTIN Majoring in journalism, Mike Austin is serving as Editor of the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN. Austin, with his 3.47 GPA, is a mem ber of Omicron Delta Kappa and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Mike, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Austin of McComb, has also served on the Committees of 82 and 1 00, as an officer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and as a member of the Society of Profes- sional Journalists. Mike became involved in campus activi- ties because he wanted to do more than go to school five days a week. Meeting a variety of people, possessing a wide range of interests, and having an inside track on campus activities has caused Austin to list Editor of the MISSISSIP- PIAN as his highest honor, besides Hall of Fame. In the future, Mike plans to go to Law School and later embark on a career combining journalism and law. Hall of Fame 327 WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges 328 Who ' s Who WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges Whe ' Who 329 WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges 330 _ Who ' s Who WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges R H M SHAULA HAILEY Rho Chi, President Kappa Epsilon, President Student American Pharmaceutical Asso. School of Pharmacy Executive Council OLE MISS PHARMACIST Staff Who ' s Wt 331 WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges 332 Who ' s Who WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges Who ' iWho 333 TONY McDANIEL RhoChi merican Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Student Infirmary Council, Chairman AGSB Executive Council Academic Grade Appeal Comm. WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges 334 Who ' s Who ,TON PEARSON a Alpha Order, President and Recording Sec. ASB Treasurer Campus Senator Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer Ole Miss Ambassadors, Co Chairman WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges Who i Who 335 WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges ROSEMARY STEINB ECK Taylor Medal in Business Administration Phi Kappa Phi, Honor VP Beta Gamma Sigma, VP Financier ' s Club, President Committee of 100 Alpha Lambda Delta 336 Who ' s Who LARRY WARE Student Director of the Ole Miss Union Committees of 82 and 1 00 ASB Executive Secretary ASB Black Affairs Committee. Chairman Ole Miss Marching and Concert Bands DAVID WILLIAMS Carner Scholar American Institute of Chemical Engineers, VP Phi Kappa Phi Committee of 100 Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi WHO ' S WHO in American Universities and Colleges Who ' . Who - 337 TAYLOR MEDALS Robert Huck Graham James Omer Nelson III Paul Galey Phelps Thomas Edwin Williams Adam Houston Broome Rosemary Johanna Steinbeck Thomas Nichols Skelton Laura Ayers Dunn Helen Theresa Haffey Carolyn Elizabeth Ray Morris Edwin George Paula Ann Ussery Bess Hawken Neal Craig Addison Cole Bess Ann Utley Hester Joseph Daniel Letter! Martha Davis Stephens Sethelle Biles Lucas Beatriz Luisa Alonso Jennie McDonnell Worthen Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Chemistry Political Science Mathematics Business Administration Physics Home Economics Management and Marketing Business Administration Music History Elementary Education Engineering Sociology and Anthropology Pharmacy Accountancy Biology Economics and Finance Secondary Education CITATIONS Stephen Kenn Beeman Steven Dudley Dobbs John F. Lucas Lucille H. McHenry Suzanne Myrick Melissa Perry Linda L. Pigott Lori Jean Purcell Emily Slappey Bridget Catherine Schmitz Chemistry Psychology Liberal Arts Computer Science Journalism Elementary Education Music Accountancy Secondary Education Management and Marketing 338 Taylor Medals Dr. Harvey Lewis 1977 Teacher of the Year Teacher of the Year 339 ft Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honorary Row 1 : Patricia Ammons, Mike Greer, Bill Lewis, Stan Smith, Darden North, John Phillips, Rowland Geddie, Bobby Johnson, Lee Ragland. Row 2: Russell Hill, David Brevard, Tom Wicker, Jim Nelson, David Dogan, Dr. Donald Vaughn, Bill Martin, Cowboy Maloney. Row 3: Bob Anderson, Eddie Neblett, Vernon Lee Witherspoon, Tommy Williams, Clint Guenther, Gary Stringer, Adam Broome. Row 4: George Pearson, Sam Haskell, Dr. Jimmy Jones, Pat Calwell, David Wil- liams. 340 Omicron Detta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society. It was founded in 1914 at Wash- ington and Lee University on the fundamental principle that leadership of exceptional quality and versatility in college involvement should be not only recognized but also promoted. From its inception, ODK has maintained that representa- tives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavor, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understand- ing, and helpfulness. Thus once each semester successful candidates, who must be undergradu- ate junior or senior students, graduate or profes- sional students, members of the faculty or administration, or alumni are selected for mem- bership. Members are chosen not only on the basis of scholastic achievement, but also for their leadership contributions to the campus and the University community. Five areas of achievement offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members. These areas are scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications, and the arts. ODK membership constitutes an obligation and responsibility in citizenship as well as a mark of distinction of the highest order. Each month the circle holds dinner meetings with distinguished guest speakers, and each semester ODK and Mortar Board co-sponsor a Forum Series to bring prominent speakers to the Univer- sity. OFFICERS President David Brevard Vice-President Vernon Witherspoon Treasurer Eddie Neblett Faculty Secretary Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Voting Faculty Members Dr. Franklin E. Monk, Mr. Harry Eugene Perry, Dr. Donald S. Vaughan Robert Bentley Anderson Clifford Barnes Ammons Patricia Anne Goodman Ammons Thomas Webb Avent, Jr. Thomas Michael Austin Frank Hall Bailey Alon Wilton Bee David Emery Brevard Adam Houston Broome Louis Ray Cain James Patrick Caldwell Russell Barry Cannada Craig Addison Cole William Jackson Coleman Richard Glenn Cowart Thomas David Cowart William Lowery Crews Robert Pepper Crutcher Robert Arthur Cunningham Frank John Dantone Stephen Dudley Dobbs David Wade Dogan James Thornton Edwards Lea Anderson Garrott nowland Hill Geckiie Michael Duane Greer Clinton McKeeGuenther Frank Michael Gunn Charles Clark Harrell Samuel Bond Haskell Mark Douglas Herbert James Russell Hill Charlie Mcllwain Holcomb Harvey Gresham Hedspeth Bobby Mack Johnson Robert David Kaufman Stephen Paul Kruger Goodman Griffin Ledyard Williams Griffin Lewis John Andrew Maloney William Currie Martin Davdd Orris McCormick Mary Elizabeth Megehee John Edward Milner Richard Wilson Montioy Robert Blackwell Nance Harry Edward Neblett James Omer Nelson, III Randall Deane Noel Darden Hays North Powell G. Ogletree, Jr. Richard McLean Outzen George Treadway Pearson James Denton Pearson, Jr. John Storey Phillips Nat Wesley Prestage Richard Taylor Pruet Gary Lee Ragland Stanley Quenton Smith William Leslie Smith Nora Frances Stone GaryWodd Stringer Charles David Swenson Jon Crosby Turner William Scott Vaughan Thomas Allen Wicker David Owsley Williams Thomas Edwin Williams Vernon Lee Witherspoon May Lipe Zehnder Omkron Delta Kappa 341 Diane Deaton, President Becky Jones, Vice- President Julie Smith, Secretary Terry Hirsch, Treasurer Leigh Fuiwood, Elections Beth Wall, Historian Lisa Bartlett, Editor Established originally as a national senior wom- en ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both women and men. Tassels, the local chapter, has been an active part of Ole Miss since its founding in 1 939. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the indi- vidual and the group to provide thoughtful lead- ership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication, and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. Amy Oldham Alexander Lisa Karen Bartlett Mary Christine Bryan Deborah Bush Karen Sue Crenshaw Beverly Diane Deaton Martha Jane Ellis Sharon Leigh Fuiwood Trentice Gale Gooch Donna Corrine Gresham Shannon Leigh Hammond Ruth Carol Hardin Catherine Elizabeth Harwell Mary Glynn Henderson Lea Anne Hester James Russell Hill Catherine Pearl Hirsch Marie Theresa Hirsch Sonja Anne Jenkins Jocelyn Alexis Jones Rebecca Leigh Jones Marguerite Kaufman Laurie Frances Kimbrough Sethelle Biles Lucas Elizabeth Ann Ola Debra Lynn Rabideau Carolyn Elizabeth Ray Margaret Lynn Reisser Julie Rae Smith Sara Ellen Steingraber Martha Davis Stephens Mary Kimberly Stringer Mary Jane Walker Elizabeth Clair Wall Virginia Kaye Young Senioi r oBRo, . 342 Mortar Board Mortar Board Senior Honorary Bottom Row, Left to Right: Beth Wall, Lisa Bartlett, Trentice Gooch, Martha Jane Ellis, Julie Smith, Marq Kaufman, Cathy Hirsch. Second Row: Ten Hirsch, Russell Hill, Debbie Rabideau, Leigh Fulwood, Donna Gresham, Diane Deaton, Tell Lucas, Sarah Stemgraber, Ruth Hardin. Top Row: Kim Sturgis, Martha Stephens, Sonja Jenkins, Lea Anne Hester, Karen Crenshaw, Carolyn Ray, Amy Alexander, Shannon Hammond. Mortar Board 343 Order of Omega Fraternity Honorary Bottom Row, Left to Right: Darden North, Bill Martin, Scott Vaughn, John Phillips, Dent on Pearson, Jimmy Edwards. Second Row: Lee Ragland, Mark Head- ley, Rick Bellinger, Jim Weir, Ricky Berry, George Guerieri, Calvin Cosnahan, Jon Turner, Harvey Hudspeth. Third Row: Cowboy Maloney, Rusty Hensley, Bob Anderson, Tom Peaster, Bob Cunningham, David Brevard, Andy Garrott, Dave Duddleston, Alan Tucei, Kenny Watts, Lynn Loden. Fourth Row: Pepper Crutcher, Bill Lewis, Joey Hurston, Steve Kruger, Kenny Barraza. 344 Order of Omega Robert Bentley Anderson Chi Psi Kenneth Rudolph Barraza Kappa Alpha Order Richard Franklin Berry Alpha Tau Omega John J. Bethea, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert Pepper Crutcher Sigma Alpha Epsilon Richard Klein Bellinger Alpha Tau Omega David Emery Brevard Phi Delta Theta Louis Ray Cain Sigma Chi James Patrick Caldwell Sigma Nu Charles Lee Chalfant Alpha Tau Omega Brister Calvin Cosnahan Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert Pepper Crutcher Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert Arthur Cunningham Sigma Nu David Newell Duddleston Delta Psi James Thorton Edwards Kappa Alpha Order Lea Anderson Garrott Phi Delta Theta George Edward Guerieri Kappa Alpha Order Markland Roland Headley Alpha Tau Omega Russell Johnston Hensiey Beta Theta Pi Harvey Gresham Hudspeth Phi Kappa Psi Joseph W. Hurston Phi Delta Theta Stephen Paul Kruger Sigma Chi Medford Memory Leake Phi Delta Theta William Lynn Loden Phi Kappa Psi John Andrew " Cowboy " Maloney Sigma Nu William Currie Martin Phi Delta Theta Darden Hays North Kappa Alpha Order Richard M. Outzen, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha James Denton Pearson Kappa Alpha Order Thomas B. Peaster, Jr. Beta Theta Pi John Storey Phillips Sigma Nu Gary Lee Ragland Alpha Tau Omega Alan Louis Tucei Pi Kappa Alpha Jon Crosby Turner Kappa Alpha Order William Scott Vaughan Alpha Tau Omega Thomas Kenneth Watts Kappa Alpha Order James Edward Weir Beta Theta Pi Kendall Lee Wise Phi Delta Theta Mr. Bobby A. Towery Faculty Member Dr. George M. Street Faculty Member Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Faculty Member Dr. James W. Davis Faculty Member Mr. Bobo Champion Faculty Member OFFICERS Darden North, Presi dent Cowboy Maloney, Vice-President Bob Anderson, Secretary Alan Tucei, Treasurer After having been founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1964, the Order of Omega was established at the University of Mississippi in September, 1968, but was re-activated here in the spring of 1976 under the direction of David Halle. A national leadership honor society for out- standing Greeks, the organization exists to recog- nize those fraternity men who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward excellence, and to inspire others to work for similar conspicuous attainment. Working closely with the Interfraternity Council, the Order of Omega brings Greek faculty, alumni, and stu- dent members together on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. During any one year, the Order of Omega is lim- ited by its constitution to pledging no more than 3% of the total number of regularly enrolled full- time undergraduate fraternity men on the main campus of the University. Order of Omega Rush is conducted during the fall and spring with each fraternity being allowed to nominate Rushees from its active membership. One of the most dominant aspects of the Order of Omega is its perpetuation of the social concepts of fraternity life. This is accomplished in the spring and fall of each year when the organiza- tion hosts a champagne party to which members invite Omega Rushees and guests. Oder of Omega 345 OFFICERS Hall Bailey, President Doug Gunn, Vice-President Hugh Stephens, Secretary Pat Caldwell, Treasurer Paul White, Senior Advisor Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society The first chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923, for the sole purpose of encouraging high scholastic attainment among freshman men in institutions of higher learning. In seeking to fulfill this pur- pose to the highest degree. Phi Eta Sigma chap- ters sponsor a variety of activities which are designed to be of benefit to the academic popula- tion on their campuses. All freshmen who earn a 3.5 or better G.P.A. in their initial semester of academic work or attain an average of 3.5 or bet- ter during both semesters of their freshman enrollment are automatically eligible for member- ship. 346 Phi Eta Sigma Hall Bailey Doug Gunn Hugh Stephens PatCaldwell Paul White Henry J. Aiken Donald Allen Robert B. Anderson Norman Ashburn Garland B. Baker Maria A. Ballard James B. Barlow Kenneth Barraza Vicki N. Beardain Henry M. Bellamy William G. Biddy Linda Biggers Becky Bishop Robert Bledsoe Mark Boles Jeffrey Boyd Jack Brand Sean Brennan David Brevard A!an Bridgewater Greg Broadhead Adam Broome David Broome Charles Brown William A. Brown Calvin Buchanan Ray Cain Joe Campbell Charles Cannada Ben Castle John Chambers Michael Chase Max Clapp Wayne Cockrell Craig Cole James Coleman Terrence Connor James Cook William Cook Steven Corban Stephen Corbett Billy Crews Pepper Crutcher Charles Cummings Charles Daley William Daniel Jeffrey Davin Phillip Dean Kenneth DeCoursey David DeLeeuw Kenneth DeTurk Sam Denny James Dilley John Dilley John Dodd Claire Duff Brooks Eason James Edwards Thomas Feduccia Steven Felten William Fisher Roy Fox James Frees William Fry Donald Gaddy LeaGarrott Morris. George LarryGooch William Graeber Gregory Griffin Ike Griffin Chris Grillis Thomas Gross Regina Ann Guidi Harold Hankins TinkHannon Roy Harmon Nelte Harrison Daniel Headerson William Heaton James Hedges David Henderson John Henley Richard Heyes Jack Hicks James R. Hill Eric Ho Charlie Holcomb Gary Holdiness Randall Hoover Victor Horn Mark Howie Harvey Hudspeth William Humphrey William Hux James Inmon Gina Jacobs Wayne Joe Bobby Johnson Leonard Johnson Mary Katherine Johnson Wil ma Johnson Clyde Johnston Allen Jones Leslie Jones Edwin Kenndy Kimberly Ann Kennedy Frances Klass Dawn Ladrter Robert Laird Adron Lay Kelli Ann LeBlanc Ronald LeBlanc William Lewis Steven Lingle Karla Lokey Randy Long Matt Lusco Laurie Maddox Marc Majure William Martin Bhawnesh Mathur Donald McCarver Burl McClendon John McDavid Thomas McDaniel Phillip McDonald Kevin Mclnnts Joseph McKlemurry Eugene McNally Phillip Milam Linda Monk Joseph Mooney Catherine Morris Allen Mothershed Walter Mullens Elizabeth Munroe Jan Mutchler Jeffrey Myers Trudy Nash Mark Nave Melany Neilson Nash Neyland Karla Nichols Darden North Alphonsus I. Nwanoeyi Phillip O ' Brien Adegboyega Oke Rick Outzen Scott Palmer Mary Lise Patterson Denton Pearson Benjamin Pereira Kenneth Perry Karen Peterson John Phillips Mark Phillips Michael Phillips Joseph Pickett Ross Polk Randall Ponder Allie Prater Pete Price Rick Pruet Thomas Putman Thomas Quigley Lee Ragland Robert Rawls George Ready Earl P. Reeves Ann Rhodes Louis E. Ridgeway Julian Rives James Rossetti Charlie Sang James Schott Frank Schmidt Bob Schnitzins David Schnessler Thomas Shepherd Thomas Sims Michael Smith Stuart Smith David Southerland Susan Spicer Mike Stanley Wade Stinson Bernard Stokes William Strickland David Sullivan Wilmer Sweetser Hugh Tanner Stephens Taylor Elizabeth Tolley David Tpeutel Robert Tramel Shane Tucker Marty Tucker Buster Turner Jon Turner William Turner Kenneth Vanexan Sam Varner William Vaughan Mark Wakef ield Mary Waldrop Robert Ward Robert Warner Jim Weir Bert Welch Frankie Whittington William Widman Phillip Wiggins Kay Wiles James Wilkins David Williams Morris Williams Steve Willis Chris Wing Kendall Wise Frank Wiygul Phillip Wong Roger Woodall Kevin Young Phi Eu S rrn 347 OFFICERS Mary Martha Williams, President Dana Palmieri, Vice- President Kathy Wills, Secretary Linda Monk, Treasurer Lisa Purser, Publicity Linda Biggers, Historian The purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society are: to encourage superior scholas- tic achievement among first year students in col- leges and universities, to promote intelligent liv- ing and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in future life. Membership at the University of Mis- sissippi is open to freshmen who meet the mini- mum scholastic requirement. A student must maintain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or as a combined average of first and second semesters. Currently, Alpha Lambda Delta is serving the Uni- versity by co-sponsoring a tutoring program with the Learning Development Center and by con- ducting a book drive for the Library. Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honorary Sandra Joann Allen Sally Ann Atkinson Susan Ruth Baker Janice Lynn Barnett Vicki Nell Beardain Diane Kaye Beebe Linda Ann Biggers Eleanor Diane Bounds Ann Lorayne Bourne Callie Swango Brandon Louise Allen Burke Terri Chow Grace Chu Cathy Elaine Cluck Cindy Nova Crawford PhyllisAlberthaDale Deanna Helen Davis John Edwin Dodd Mary Lawrence Donnelly Clair Bess Duff Kathleen Dunagin Marianne Gazzola Regina Ann Guidi Martha Courtney Hammond Karen Hanley Kim Marie Huch Reatha Ann Huey Gina Marie Jacobs Wilma Ayleen Johnson Nancy Marie Jones Christy Lynn Kemmerer Kimberly Ann Kennedy Kathy Laraine Knox Jan Carol Langford Kelli Anne LeBlanc Susan K. Lyon r Catherine Denise Malone Rosalie McCullough Cheryl Ruth McElroy Mary Elizabeth McMillin Mary Elizabeth Miller Linda Renee Monk Karen Ann Mori Cathy Ann Morris Lee Joy Moss Angela Therse Nelson Dana Ann Palmieri Mary Lise Patterson Patti Jeanette Patterson Lee Ann Porter Lisa Gayle Purser Sheri Lin Rankin Debra Lynn Reasons Judy Beth Reed Anne Maguerite Roberts Patricia Anne Roebuck Julie Lynn Sirera Sue Elln Smith Susan Stewart Spicer Mae Valliant Taylor Mary Evelyne Taylor Willyn Taylor Elizabeth Tolley Bonnie Jo Walker Janice Ealine Wells Karen Frances West Deborah Lynn White Linda Carol White Wanda Kay Wiles Kathy Johnson Williams Mary Martha Williams Cathy Ann Wills Mae Doulass Yarbrough v. 348 Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Alpha Psi Accountancy Honorary Eddie Aune Dean Causey Richard Dale JimDilly Ray Gafford Neal Graham Russ Hill Joey Hirvs Lanie Langden Lynn Loden Charles McDonald Tim Menius Dan Meyer Mike Nesbit Landy Norris Denton Pearson Larry Porter Carolyn Ray Sara Sleingraber Martha Stephens Alan Tucei Jon Turner Mark Wakefield Sonny Widman Roger Lott Debbie Bush Gary McCormick Tom Morton Chip Cox Kate Cummings Patricia Curtis Nannette Farris Anne Hoagland Heidi Houser Willie Hux Thomas Jagedinski John Lauderdale Debbie Letteri Jerry Levens Bob Nance Gerald Marion Nane Newton Cindy Puls Bill Ray Steve Rowel I Dennis Smith Tom Thies Beth Wall Beta Alpha Psi, an organization for outstanding students in accountancy, provides service to both the campus and the community. Through plan- ned professional programs, this honorary endeavors to broaden the views of future profes- sional accountants. Members are chosen accord- ing to a 3.0 G.P.A. in accounting and a 3.0 over- all. Special conditions apply to graduate stu- dents. Planned activities for service to the community cover a broad range. On Homecoming, Beta Alpha Psi sponsors a reception for Ole Miss alumni and friends. Once a week during the aca- demic year, the organization provides tutoring services for students needing assistance in accounting. A tax assistance program is provided in the spring for university students and employ- ees. The varied activities of Beta Alpha Psi bring favorable publicity to the University on the n ational level. The Ole Miss chapter has received recognition on numerous occasions. OFFICERS Neal Graham President Sonny Widman Vice-President Carolyn Ray Corresponding Secretary Martha Stephens Recording Secretary Lynn Loden Treasurer Beta Alpha Ps 349 Beta Beta Beta Biology Honorary OFFICERS Yolanda Brady, President David Henderson, Vice- President Cathy Hirsch, Secretary Terry Hirsch, Treasurer Andy Miksa, Historian Mary Abraham Michael Balthazar Henry M.Bellamy III Kathy Bradley Marshall Briscoe Grace Chu Glenn Edison Susan Edmundson Janet Filer Lea Garrott Cathy Hendry Richard Heyer Cathy Hirsch Sara Hurdle Frncis Jackson Kurt Johnson Lyn Johnson Jeff Kennedy Scott Knight Nancy Kunz Jane Mendel Steve Moore Helen Gary Norquist Debbie O ' Connell Weatherby Partridge Kathryn Phyfer Helen Quon JimRalcliff Leo Richard Larry Robinson Don Roush Leigh St. John Betty Stubblef ield Deborah Suggs James M. Tucker Michael Vance Jue Ann Wah Darryail Whittington David Wilson Melanie Wright Faculty Members: Ned Barden Maeburn Huneycutt William Keith Luther Knight William Longest Lyman Magee William Martin William Norman Thomas Pullen Donald Russell Georgia St. Amand Wilbrod St. Amand Beta Beta Beta Biological Society desires to culti- vate intellectual interest in the natural sciences and to promote a better appreciation of the value of biological studies. It emphasizes stimulation of scholarship, scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. r v. 350 Beta Beta Beta Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honorary OFFICERS Martha Davis Stephens, President Rosemary J. Steinbeck, Vice- President F. Nolan Waller, Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Webb Avent, Jr. Stephen Monroe Corban Sara Katherine Cummings James Martin Dilley Cynthia Elizabeth Gamble William Mims Graeber Mary Jane Hammond Shannon Leigh Hammond Catherine Harwell William Cliff Heaton James Russell Hilt Anne Louise Hoagland Thomas Needham Horton William A. Hux James T. Knight John William Lang Timothy H. Menius George T. Pearson James Denton Pearson, Jr. Raymond John Ponnath James Larry Porter Carolyn Elizabeth Ray Robert L. Rawls Donna Arnold Sanders Deborah Kay Smith Rosemary Johanna Steinbeck Sara Ellen Steingraber Martha Davis Stephens Robert E. Ward, Jr. William Colee Widman Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor soci- ety in the field of business and administration. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business and management accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1 944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving mas- ter ' s degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferree by a business school are also eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of Business Administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of busi- ness operations. Beta Gamma Sign 351 r OFFICERS Melanie Walker, President Patti Patterson, Vice- President Julie Livingston, Secretary Hugh Tanner, Treasurer Cissye Brandon, Rituals Roy Harmon, Selection Grace Chu, Publicity Sally Ann Atkinson Diane Kaye Beebe William Glynn Biddy Linda Ann Biggers Callie Swango Brandon Louise Allen Burke Benjamin Lane Carrick Grace Chu Cindy Nova Crawford Vinnie Ruth Curry Phyllis Albertha Dale John Ingram Delashmet, Jr. Susan Lynn Dement Eric Hardy Donahoe Mary Lawrence Donnelly Elise Ann Evans Ellen Mary Evans Margaret Victoria Farris James Richard Frees Douglas Jennings Gunn Martha Courtney Hammond Roy Franklin Harmon, III Lee Hayes Katherine Ann Hoffman Kim Marie Huch Anick Sylviane Jackson Wilma Ayleen Johnson Christy Lynn Kemmerer Kimberly Ann Kennedy Julie Loren Livingston Sherri Darlene Mathews Rosalie McCullough Pamela Anita McKellar Mary Elizabeth Miller Linda Renee Monk Lee Joy Moss Dana Ann Palmieri Mary Lise Patterson Patti Jeanette Patterson Lisa Gayle Purser Wanda Gene Ray Debra Lynn Reasons William Robert Sharman Thomas Banks Shepherd Hugh Marion Stephens Hugh Earl Tanner James Martin Tucker Irby Turner, III Bonnie Jo Walker Melanie Ann Walker Kathy Johnson Williams Mary Martha Williams Cathy Ann Wills Mary Hackney Witherington Mae Douglas Yarbrough Lambda Sigma Sophomore Honor Society Lambda Sigma Society is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leader- ship, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among University students, to promote leadership among freshmen, and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every possible way. All Freshmen with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 may apply for mem- bership in lota Chapter. Selection is made in the Spring by a committee composed of active Lambda Sigma Society members and other stu- dent leaders. The Society ' s contribution to the University community includes the awarding of a scholarship to an outstanding freshman, usher- ing at the Artist Series, and service to the Univer- sity and Oxford community through various pro- jects. L 352 Lambda Sigma Thomas Webb Avent, Jr. Rose Marie Brown David 0. McCormick Dan Wesley Meyer David Uzoma Muruako Ethan M. Pope Beatriz L. Alonso Rose Marie Meeks Ronnie L. Bethay Suzanne H. Rea Clifford K. Bailey, III Rick Korpal Dana J. Swan James 0. Smith Betsy Jane Clary Janet Marcelene Smith John Randle Pass James Richard Glover Nannette Farris Michael Lynn Nesbit William Cox Mary Jane Hammond Charles Purdy Brenda Morrison Cheryl Theresa Love William Albert Brown Cynthia Elizabeth Gamble Medford Memory Leake, Jr. Raymond John Ponnath Thomas N. Morton William Mims Graeber Denise DeSaussure Omicron Delta Epsilon is an International Eco- nomics Honorary Society dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in Economics. Rec- ognition is extended to students who have supe- rior academic records in Economics and to others who have made outstanding contributions in the field. ODE also promotes a closer tie between stu- dents and faculty in Economics within and between universities. Membership is not restricted to Economics majors, but is open to those students who have an interest in Economics and who have com- pleted a minimum number of Economics courses with high academic standing. OFFICERS James 0. Smith, President Dana Swan, V. President Susan Rea, Secretary Dr. Kenneth Hollman, Advisor Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor Society Omicron Delta Epsilon 353 Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Honorary The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897. Originating with a group of students who felt the need of recognizing scholarship in all disciplines, it was soon transformed into a national society by a committee of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Ten- nessee, and Pennsylvania College. The Univer- sity of Mississippi chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was chartered in May, 1959. To be elected to mem- bership, an undergraduate student must be a senior or a second semester junior having an overall average of not less than 3.7 for juniors and 3.5 for seniors. Graduate students and stu- dents in professional schools must have distin- guished records placing them among the top few in their class. Faculty and staff members invited to membership must have made a significant contribution to their discipline. Carol A. Alderman Terrell A. Allen Teresa P. Barber Winfred D. Barnes Susan A. Belanger Robert E. Bledsoe, Jr. Phyllis S. Bowling David E. Brevard Jody M. Brzezinski Judy M. Brzezinski Carolyn J. Burnett Carrie E. Byrd Louis R. Cam Charles J. Caskey Ben E. Castle Charles S. Cloud Wayne P. Cockrell Craig A. Cole Stephen M. Corban Charles M. Corbett Wlham L. Crews James M. Dilley David W. Dogan Patricia L. Dudley Laura A. Dunn Martha J. Ellis Jennifer R. Everett Barbara V, Fiser Beatrice A. Flair Leslie C. Fowler Sharon L. Fulwood Morris E. George, Jr. Robert H. Graham Clinton M. Guenther Michael A. Gunter Helen T. Haffey Mary J. Hammond Shannon L. Hammond Cynthia J. Harkness Catherine E. Harwell Ouida L. Harwell James H. Henderson, Jr. Lea A. Hester James R. Hill Rhonda S. Hillman Anne L. Hoagland Harvey G. Hudspeth William A. Hux Thomas A. Ireland Jeff S. Johnson Mitzi C. Johnson Janice A. Keith Frances N. Klaas Gladys G. Lester Joseph D. Letteri Sethelle B. Lucas Joseph M. Majure Susan 0. Mak Hugo E. Martinez Phillip K. McDonald Jane E. Mendel Sharon L. Metcalfe Suzanne Myrick, Linda K. Norman Darden H. North Susan T. Patterson James D. Pearson, Jr. Joseph R. Pickett Raymond J. Ponnath James L. Porter Sarah C. Price Thomas J. Putnam Carolyn E. Ray Donald S. Raymond Chris M. Reitz Judy B. Roach Donna A. Sanders Cynthia A. Sears Stephen K. Senter KathyJ. Sewell Lyda B. Simmons Van R. Simmons Linda C. Slade Deborah K. Smith Gregory A. Smith Janet M. Smith Julie R. Smith Kim L. Smith Patricia L. Smith David G. Southerland Nancy H. Staub Rosemary J. Steinbeck Martha D. Stephens Anthony W. Stinson Susan K. Strickland John W. Sweat Eric A. Tallent Julia H. Thompson Robert L. Tramel Steven H. Turner William F. Turner LtsaJ.Wakefield Edith W. Weathers James R.Webb Nancy C. White Donald S. Whitten Frankie K. Whittington WilliamS. Willis Kendall L. Wise Paul E. Young Ernestine B. Youngblood Avonna C. Zimmerman L 354 Phi Kappa Phi OFFICERS Nancy Jane Hammond, President Pam Korndorffer, Vice-President Sherry Williams, Secretary Kate Gumming, Treasurer Lynne Hood, Editor Jody Sikora, Editor Annette Busby, Historian Cindy Gamble, Pledge Trainer Phi Gamma Nu Business Sorority Kathy Boyd Sarah Buntin Annette Busby Debbie Bush Marsha Commer Kate Cummings Debra Cunningham Amy Davis Becky Elkin Vaughn Featherstone Cindy Gamble Mary Jane Hammond Shannon Hammond Martha Frances Hardison Lynne Hood Heidi Houser Pam Korndorffer Ellen Leasure Patricia Melvin Wynn Morson Martha Lynn Murphy Marie Newton Karen Peterson Susan Pierce Cathy Ramsey Faye Carol Sibley Jody Sikora Martha Stephens Beth Wald Sherry Williams Debbie Woodrick Phi Gamma Nu is a national professional sorority for students in business. The organization was founded to increase interest in the study of busi- ness in colleges and universities. Phi Gamma Nu ' s aims include the upholding of the Alma Mater through the encouragement of high stand- ards of scholarship, participation in school activi- ties, and the organization and association of stu- dents for their mutual advancement. To be eligi- ble for membership, a student must have a 2.5 GPA overall and a 3.0 GPA in business courses. Phi Gamma f i 355 Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary Founded at Syracuse University in 1914, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics by engaging in activities designed to promote the mathematical and schol- arly development of its members. To qualify for election to membership, an undergraduate must have a 3.0 average in two years of calculus and be in the top quarter of his class. OFFICERS Robert A. Goggins, President Julie Smith, Vice-President Sharon Metcalfe, Secretary Dr. Charles C. Alexander, Advisor Nahii M. Abu-Jhara Gwen Aldridge Keith Ashburn David Aune Vito John Bagnato Susan A. Belanger Dwight Bowling Adam H. Broome Virginia M. Buchanan Bentley B. Crawford David N. DeLeeuw Mitchell W. Entrican Peggy Emmons Geddie Rowland H. Geddie, III Robert A. Goggins J James R. Hudgins Eugene C. Hudson Leslie L. Jones Timothy McCrary Lucille McHenry Sharon Metcalfe Scott C. Palmer Joe D. Pegram Jill Ann Sikora Julie Rae Smith Susan Snell David Sutherland Ellyn M. Weaver Frank Westmoreland r 356 Pi Mu Epsilon The Rho Chi Society is the national pharmaceutical honor society founded in 1917. The Chi Chapter at the University of Mississippi was chartered in 1 937. The fundamental objective of Rho Chi is to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of sound scholastic achievements. Rho Chi also provides for a scholarly fellowship in pharmacy by bringing undergraduate and graduate students and pharmacy faculty members together in a fraternal association. By such means, Rho Chi seeks to increase the awareness of the responsibilities of pharmacy and enhance high ideals in the pro- fession. Undergraduate students qualify for membership after completion of their seventh semester of the pharmacy curriculum provided they are in the top twenty percent of their class and have main- tained at least a 3.00 GPA. Eligible students not only must main- tain high scholastic averages but also must demonstrate capacity for leadership and possess high professional standards. Graduate students are eligible for membership after they have completed one full academic year of graduate work provided they meet the qualifications for membership. Sayed Abidi Carolyn Austin Jerry Bagley Dr. John A. Baker James Bryant Paul Bucceri George A. Burdock G. Bykadi Ernest Cameron John Catravas Yee-Ming Chan M. A. Chowhan Alice Clark Gail Finney Mike Foreman Dale Gibson Thomas Grapes Robert Hackett Shaula Moore Hailey Hind Hatoum Nabil Hatoum Tom Hayden K. L. Hemnani Zachary Hutchens George Kanaly John Kapeghian K. Rahim Khan Lambert Lane Mitchell Langston Joe Letteri L. Ray Miller Tony McDaniel Sharon McDaniel Alan McKay Susan Mak Randy Moore J. Mike Morgan Keith Obrosky B. 0. Oguntimein S. 0. Opayemi Bobby Rea Joe P. Serio Alpana S. Sharma Dale Sharp William Torres S. Murry Tuney Jackey Dale Turner Margorie Walz Helen Weatherbee Jennye Lou Wilson Man-Kui Yuen Rashmi Bhushan Nair OFFICERS Shaula Moore Hailey, President Bobby Rea, Vice-President Jennye Lou Wilson, Historian Dr. Lawrence W. Masten, Secretary Dr. Thomas N. Riley, Advisor Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society Rho Ol 357 OFFICERS President Sharon Metcalfe Vice-President Glen MacDonald Recording Secretary Beth Wall Corresponding Secretary Jill Sikora Treasurer Wade Stinson Cataloguer Dennis Foster The Beta Pi is the national engineering honorary founded in 1885, to recognize the outstanding leaders and scholars among students in all fields of engineering. There are 1 76 chapters of this honorary located in engineering schools in this hemisphere. A chapter is awarded to a school after the entire school, including the curriculum and faculty, are given a very vigorous inspection by neighboring chapters and national headquarters. The Mississippi Beta Chapter at the University of Mississippi is one of the only two chapters in the state of Mississippi. About half of the fac- ulty members in the Ole Miss School of Engineering are alumni mem- bers of Tau Beta Pi. They earned their membership as students in chapters from various schools in the United States. The Beta Chapter strives to promote professionalism and to encourage scholarship among engineering students. Its members initiate projects toward this end and support such work in other student organizations. Most of the members of Tau Beta Pi are officers in other professional organizations. Membership is by invitation and is restricted to juniors and seniors who are near the top of their class scholastically and have shown exemplary character. Charles Adam Nadin Aziz David Carroll Michael Cavin Craig Cole Pat Curry Mark Dale David DeLeeuw Bill Dickens Ede Enobakhare Danny Fischer Robert Floyd Dennis Foster Cliff Hudson Wayne Joe Glenn MacDonald Timothy McCrary Cathy McDonald Dallas McFadden Joe McKlemurry Sharon Metcalfe Billy Ray Panned Benjamin Pereira Eugene Phifer Jill Sikora Thomas Sims Carl Snipes Wade Stinson William Taylor Scott Vaughn William Walker Beth Wall David Williams Christopher Wing Phillip Wong Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary 358 Tau Beta Pi Robert Anderson Henry Aiken Sherry Alcorn Kenneth Barraza Charles Bennyworth Robin Bledsoe Jack Brand Lloyd Bridgers Ray Cain Hugh Caldwell Robin Campassi Jimmy Chism Wayne Cockrell Craig Cole Charles Corbett Scottye Crawford Charles Daley Jeffrey Davin Phillip Dean Kenneth DeCoursey Dave Duddleston Patricia Dudley Thomas Feduccia Andy Garrott David Henderson Rich Heyer Cathy Hirsch Charlie Holcomb Victor Home Robert Janes Alice Laird Chester Lake Joseph Letteri Tell Lucas Carl McAllister Larry McCullough Kim McDonald Andy Miksa Stephen Mims Darden North Debbie O ' Connell Hugh Overstreet Joseph Pickett John Phillips Al Prater Arthur Rogers Charlie Sang Chris Shoemake Mike Smith William Sorey William Stephens William Strickland Susan Stringer Nancy Thornton Mike Torjuson Diane Walker Meianie Walker Jeffrey Walters Robert Warner Kim Whittington Steve Willis Tad Wise Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honorary Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary for out- standing pre-medical and pre-dental stu- dents. It promotes contact among students, faculty, and admissions officials. Member- ship in A.E.D. requires three semesters work in a pre-med or pre-dental curriculum with a G.P.A. of 3.2 overall and 3.2 in the sciences. Officers for 1977 are: Dave Duddleston, President; Kim Whittington, Vice President; Bob Warnes, Treasurer; Nancy Thornton, Secretary; Patricia Dudley, Historian; Andy Garrett, Program Chairman; Dr. Hugh Bate- man, Advisor. Steve Parrish Billy Ray Pannell Wade Stinson Mike Hint on Kamal Sadder Mohsen Veiseh Jefi Rish Alexis Varas David DeLeeuw Jackie Cruse Deva Borah Fazlur Rahman Gary Browning Steven Lau Sam Gordji Peter Chiu Al Crowley Samuel DeLeeuw M. S. Abdulrahman John White Jimmy Howell Tracy Lusk Loren Young Chi Epsilon is the national honor society for Civil Engineers which was founded at the University of Illinois in 1922. The organization recognizes those students who excel in the fun- damental qualities of the successful civil engineer and is dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of the civil engineer as an ideal profession. Member- ship is based on scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability and is restricted to students who are ranked in the upper third of the class and who have completed half of the work required for their bachelor ' s degree. Officers for 1977: Steve Parrish, President; Billy Ray Pan- nell, Vice-President; Wade Stinson, Secretary; Mike Hinton, Editor; Kamal Sadder, Marshal; and Samuel Deleeuw, Advi- sor. Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honorary Alpha Epwlon Delia I Chi Eptikw 39 Kappa Kappa Psi Band Honorary Founded in 1919, Kappa Kappa Psi is the honorary fraternity for college bands- men. The fraternity was founded to foster the ideal of service as a worthy activ- ity and to recognize outstanding student leaders. This service is to be concen- trated in providing assistance, support, and leadership in helping to build and maintain the finest band program possible. The fraternity is open to all male members of the band who have served a mini- mum of one semester in the university and who are academically qualified. If members are approved by the active membership and pass a set of specifically outlined standards, they are pledged. Officers for 1977: David Chalk, President; Daryl Lloyd, Vice-President; Thomas Thies, Treasurer; Vince Dauro, Recording Secretary; and Steve Walters, Corre- sponding Secretary. David Chalk Brad Clasgens Vince Dauro John Jenkins Kim Jurgens Jimmy Lamb Daryl Lloyd Johnny Miller JeffRish Robbie Robbins Jeff Roberson Thomas Thies Steve Walters JimWhitten Robin Wollford Dr. Luther Snavely Mr. Duane Sagen I The purpose of Kappa Omicron Phi is to further the best interest of Home Eco- nomics by recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence, developing lead- ership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among staff and students of the profession. Members are chosen on a basis of scholarship, leadership, potential, and per- sonality. A G.P.A. of 3.0 overall and a 3.0 grade point in all Home Economics courses determines membership. Kappa Omicron Phi is a full member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Officers for 1977: Vicki Varner, President; Patti Greenleaf, Vice-President; Bev- erly Bennett, Secretary; Trentice Gooch, Treasurer; and Mitzi Barren, Reporter. Dr. Patsy Alexander is the faculty advisor. Kappa Omicron Phi Home Economics Honorary Vicki Varner Patti Greenleaf Beverly Bennett Trentice Gooch Mitzi Barron Dixie DeLaughter Donna Franco Debbie Jernigan Cathy Smith Susan Wright Avonna Zimmerman Barbara Allen Laura Dunn Carol Latture Judy Roach Dr. Patsy Alexander Dr. Louise Burnette Miss Jane Collins Mrs. Laverne Heliums Dr. Glen Jennings Dr. Jeannette Phillips Dr. Willie Price Mrs. Mary Tettleton Mrs. Betty Fulwood r 360 Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Omicron Phi Randolph Causey Ron Coleman LonnieGehring Jacob Godwin Kurt Heine Robert Harter Herbert Hill Don Kemp Steve Launius Paul Martineau Bruce McFarland Joe Pickett Beverly Quarles Michael Roebuck Alexis Sherwood Walter Smith David Southerland Ricky Spillman Tim Wilson Linda Wright Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society Scabbard and Blade is a national honor society the function of which is to raise the standard of military education in American universities; to encourage and foster the essential qualities of officers; and to represent the armed forces within the academic community. Scabbard and Blade serves primarily on the Ole Miss campus as a forum in which its members discuss topics relevant to their military communities. To be eligible for membership one must be a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps on a college or university campus and have no less than a 2.75 G.P.A. and a 3.0 G.P.A. in the military sciences at the beginning of his junior year while displaying exemplary leadership qualities. Officers for the 1977- ' 78 year are: Benjamin F. Admas, III, Captain; James W. Humphreys, 1st Lieutenant; Thomas N. Morton, 2nd Lieutenant; John D. Hen- ley, 1st Sergeant. Jane Anderson Joy Austin Hall Bailey Garland Baker Dr. Jack Barbera Tricia Birdsong Carter Bise Tina Blackshare Dr. John Boswell David Brevard Dr. Thomas H. Brown Carla Clouse Ronald Cochran Scottye Crawford Jackie Lou Darr David Dogan Dr. Louis Dollarhide Beth Duke W. Ralph Eubanks, Jr. Steve Fletcher Sally Fortenberry Hale Freeland Craig Gibson Gayle Goodin Dr. Evans Harrington Mrs. Evans Harrington Harvey Hudspeth Sally Hughes Jackie Ivy Carey Johnston Lisa Kilpatrick Dawn Ladner Laurie Maddox Linda Monk Barbara Murff Jim Nelson Marian Nelson Darden North Kenneth Perry Dr. Douglas Peterson Nick Phillips Dr. John Pilkington Leslie Scott Joseph Sentef, Jr. Faye Carol Sibley Laura Sims William E. Strickland Billy Stephens Mecklin Stevens Kate Stewart Tom Stewart Susan Stringer Katie J. Thomas Mark Taylor David Valentine Win Ward Shirley Wimbish Lisa Worksman Steve Yarbrough The purpose of Sigma Tau Delta is to stimulate the advancement and study of the English language and literature. Students eligible for membership in Sigma Tau Delta must be in the upper 35% of their class and must maintain at least a 3.00 GPA in English with at least 1 2 hours completed in English. Officers for 1977: Ralph Eubanks, President; Katie Thomas, Vice- President; Carla Clouse, Treasurer; Jane Anderson, Secretary; and Car- ter Bise, Historian. Sigma Tau Delta English Honorary Scabbard and Blade Sigma Tau Delta 361 - m - i The life of the average person includes con- stant humorous experiences and some- what sarcastic events which many times bring relief from the pressure of classes and studying. Conversations with peers or trips downtown to patronize local busi- nesses are examples of diversions from routine endeavors. One can soon realize that we are all examples of the " typical " Ole Miss student in that each of us displays at least one characteristic of the collegiate ideal. ir 362 Examples EXAMPLES r_ ANYTHING CLASSES ADS AND INDEX Examples 363 Tommy Shepherd Editor Martha Rhodes Assistant Editor " Ole Miss has a unique humor all its own. Many of the common expressions used at Ole Miss are humorous only to Ole Miss students. " - Eric Eilertsen, junior cheerleading major " Ole Miss is just Ole Miss! " - Mary Frances McLarty, junior social work major " The fact that we have our own lingo and customs makes Ole Miss an environment which is easy to enjoy, to become involved in, and to love. " Matt Lusco, junior accounting major 7S rmL, MARK.I MK.HALW AY! WANT TO , HOW ' S IT 60- ASKYOUA IN6TONI6HT, QUESTION.. 5 R? t, ..AND IN ANSWERING ME, I j PONT WANT YOU TO PULL ANY PUNCHES, OKAY? I MEAN, WR GENERATION 15 KNOWN FOR 75 CANDOR, AMIRI6HT? QUESTION: IN TODAY ' S 6WRLP, 15 THE LAMP SHAPE 6A AS6OOPA LAUGH- _ y SSj ASTHEDRI88UN6 6LASS! NOW, AS WHAT, C ' MON, WE ' VE SIR? USOJSSEVTHIS DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate AMBITION CONSUMPTION SOCIALIZATION ADMIRATION COMPETITION GENERALIZATION " - - I promise . Campus politics turns out some interesting candidates. If a " dark horse " enters the race, it takes several days for the campus to get over the shock. These coeds show that the biggest shock came to Ole Miss when Dare Kelly announced her candidacy for ASB President. Hail to the chief As ASB President Billy Crews pauses with his Bible after his inauguration, he flashes a " toothy " grin to reporters. It is amazing how much our president and U.S. President Jimmy Carter have in common. Besides resembling each other, they are both from small southern towns and have " folksy " surnames. Although Crews, unlike Carter, lacks a " beer-drinking " brother and a " Playboy " interview, it is rumored that he did try to get his grandmother to join the Peace Corps. When asked if he was converting to the Baptist religion, Crews had no comment. KT bombarded pdy Sen; attacked by I tors known Per slier hum while I Wed the ba I made Pder table eatlifesav I bars only ? ptiyand Pg around 366 Ambition Ambition I just want more Garden North, IFC President, Order of Omega President, former ASB Vice- President, Editor of the OLE MISS, Campus Senator of the Year (1975- 76), and the first Ole Miss member of both ODK and Mortar Board dreams of the day when he will return to Ole Miss to serve as Chancellor. From there who knows? Governor, Surgeon Gen- eral, President of the United States, Secretary General of the United Nations, and someday maybe even Pope Darden I. All wet ASB Vice-President Cathy Hirsch is bombarded with water balloons after a rowdy Senate meeting. Hirsch was attacked by a group of dubious sena- tors known as the " Law School Slate " after she made them quit chewing gum while in session. Hirsch insti- tuted the ban after several complaints were made about gum being stuck under tables and chairs and about bubble-popping during the meetings. A compromise allowed the senators to eat Lifesavers, M M ' s, and candy bars only if they promised to chew quietly and not leave the wrappers lying around. 7 451 If you ' ve got it, flaunt it You ' ve heard about it; you ' ve seen him wear it; and now you can own it. The all-new Johnny Reeves Collection for spring has just arrived. Never before has a collection of men ' s clothes caught the spirit of the man it is named for. The sport coat comes with matching plaid or solid pants. For the distinctively different look the Johnny Reeves Collection now available at better department stores in orange, green, purple, and yellow. Ambition 367 Pass He,, Mean phis lias IK Miss to its ermelon Gf consisted o melon toss, choosing a ermelon pi Chancellor sored a ' their home, rjentialcust the spring. cessfyl tha ay for 2 : 368 Consumption You ve said it all Early in the school year, the entire campus was shocked by a soft-drink scandal. Certain cola manufacturers were caught placing " out-of-order " signs on rival drink machines to induce the purchase of their own soft drinks. The situation became so bad that machines were damaged or destroyed by competing bottlers. Stu- dents reacted by drinking other can- ned drinks that were not so soft. Consumption Pass the salt New Orleans has its Mardi Gras, Mem- phis has its Cotton Carnival, and Ole Miss has its Watermelon Festival. The fun-filled frolic sponsored by the Wat- j ermelon Growers of Lafayette County consisted of vodka-melon parties, the melon toss and seed-spitting contests, choosing a Melon Queen, and the wat- ermelon pig-out in the Grove. The Chancellor and Mrs. Fortune spon- i|| sored a watermelon-roll for underpri- vileged children on the east lawn of their home, following the U.S. Presi- dential custom of an Easter egg roll in the spring. The week proved so suc- cessful that negotiations are under way for a Rutabaga week some time next fall. -,..;;.. m . . ' . I , Bottoms up A popular misconception is making the rounds these days. Many people believe that Ole Miss students drink to excess. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ole Miss students have not drunk in years at least not since the invention of the funnel. Wise owl weight watchers Physical fitness is an important part of any sorority pledge program and the Chi Omegas ' program is no exception. Here we see their pledge class during an exercise session of deep knee bends and side-straddle hops designed to work off those delicious calorie-filled breads and desserts. If that doesn ' t work, more drastic meas- ures will be taken: a $25 fine for every late-night snack ordered from Ben- zo ' s, daily weigh-ins before pledge study hall, the establishment of a sep- arate Weight Watcher ' s chapter at the Chi-O house, and the requirement of Body Contouring 129. Consumption 369 Socialization Excuse me, my mistake Last year ' s Rush was a big event at the Delta Gamma house. Everyone worked hard all week for the good of the sorority until bid day finally arrived. The DG ' s congregated out- side and awaited their pledge class ' s arrival. They hugged and kissed the former Rushees, but soon realized that they were standing next door greeting the new Phi Mu pledges. . Jaws Campus leadership honoraries have badges or insignia which distinguish their members from others. ODK has its Greek letter lapel pin, Mortar Board has its graduation cap pin, and Phi Eta Sigma has its watch fob. However, the most unusual ornament is the Order of Omega ' s alligator pin. The Order ' s pledges must wear the ' gator on any- thing from a sweater or shirt to pants, belts, and even socks. After initiation into the Order, the pledge pin is traded in for a badge depicting a polo player. 370 Socialization The best of the best The Ole Miss male has always wanted the best possible date for a football weekend, and he knows Sorority Row is the place to find that date. What greater feeling could there be than to walk in Hemingway Stadium and have all your friends exclaim, " You have the mule date! " So, when you need a mule (pronounced meahl, mieux or mewl) date, you know who they are. On the left is the mule, and, of course, on the right is the light mule. A . ' ' ; Lucy in the sky with diamonds Fraternities and sororities are always vying for newspaper and television publicity. Social service projects are always a good stunt to get your organ- ization ' s name in the news. One frater- nity recently held a special day on lower education field for schizos, drug freaks, and other weirdos, either living in or just passing through the Oxford area. Over 300 misfits and unwanteds attended the event which included a cake walk, an egg toss, and a hundred yard dash. Most of the contestants had left by mid afternoon when they discovered that none of the prizes were drug-related. Socialization 371 Admiration Let ' s make a deal It happens every time two men of fame and power get together: Cliff Finch and John Vaught smile broadly, shake hands before the cameras, and, in hushed tones, ask if the other can " fix " a traffic ticket. Then talk turns to more serious matters. " There ' s no sweat, John, in getting Hemingway Stadium renamed for you, but can you get me named Governor-emeritus? " Two is company After almost five years, the energy shortage is still with us. The crisis has given rise to the smaller, more economical automobile with its pro- portionally smaller back seat. Undaunted by the circumstances, these amorous Ole Miss students have found the solution in a hatch- back model with a fold-down back seat and mattress. 372 Admiration Lookie here For centuries one of man ' s favorite pastimes has been girlwatching. The male Ole Miss student is no exception. Hanging around the pool, sitting in the lobby of New Dorm, and cruising Sorority Row are always sure-fire means of catching a glimpse or glimpses of the good-looking girl. Of course, some DM males are inventive in this hobby and employ some unu- sual means to girlwatch. This astron- omy student spies on Miller Dorm sun- bathers from the 7th floor of Kincan- non, using a 3-inch telescope. Creativ- ity is rewarding! Practice makes perfect After 28 years as Doorkeeper of the U.S. House of Representatives, Fish- bait Miller exposed the Washington sex scandals as never before. On cam- pus for a recent visit, Fishbait showed the winning Washington style used by Congressmen on secretaries and female constituents. Miller also announced that he has started another expose " on the Ole Miss Administration ' s love life entitled " The Lyceum: Behind Closed Doors. " Admiration 373 Co Irish luck Ole Miss Coach Ken Cooper thanks Notre Dame Coach Dan Devine for the invitation to come to the Fighting Irish " Victory Party " following their loss to the Red-and-Blue. Cooper told Devine he couldn ' t make the gala event because his wife was feeling ill. Actu- ally he didn ' t think there were enough highway patrolmen in Mississippi to protect him from all the leprechauns wanting to kick him in the shins. 9 hi Come on down Enrollment for 1977-78 rose again at Ole Miss, but this year a strange twist was added. For the first time in recent memory there were more girls than boys on campus. Of course, this suited the guys just fine; however, sometimes many girls went dateless. On one particular Thursday night before Homecoming, the Tri Deltas massed in front of Kincannon for a " jockey-shorts raid " in hopes of find- ing a date for the big weekend. It is not known how many were successful in their efforts, but Oxford merchants did report increased sales of men ' s underwear to Towers residents in hopes of a similar incident occurring there. L Kern Cob; before; 9 in (ft Wor of the Richie ' s cro m. Cole, 374 Competition Competition v Aaaayy! Kem Coleman exhibits the famous " Fonzy " pose while walk- ing before thousands of Ole Miss fans at the Notre Dame game in Mississippi Memorial Stadium. Coleman, the origi- nator of the pose, sold the rights to the gesture and grin to Henry Winkler who immediately rose to fame using it in the " Happy Days " TV show. Just as " Fonzy " is the coolest of Richie ' s crowd, Coleman is the coolest of the DM football team. Coleman graciously stepped aside in the Colonel Rebel race to allow George Plasketes and Tim Ellis to run for the title. As he put it, " I wanted it to be a contest, rather than a landslide. " Oh, the re she is ... History repeated itself in 1977 as another Ole Miss coed, beautiful Mary Donnelly, went on from the Miss University Pageant to win the Miss Mississippi title and represent our state in the Miss America pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Our photographer caught Mary in one of her more casual moments practicing her song and dance routine in an empty Fulton Chapel. The general consensus on campus is that she would have had a better chance at Miss America if Sam Haskell had sung with her for the national crown. Competition 375 It ' s always the thought that counts EARTH DAY _ , , . Earth Day 1977 erupted with mass demonstrations and protests against the rape of our planet. Huge throngs gathered in the Grove to eat sand- wiches from plastic baggies and con- sume soft drinks from pull-top cans. Earth Day programs included fertiliz- ing campus grassy areas with petro- leum-based additives, a motorcade through campus to arouse support for walking to class, and a huge open bonfire to burn the trash collected during the day. Supporters claimed the success of Earth Day 1977 was due to the promotional signs painted on campus trees with aerosol spray cans. The spring GabeKapli sissippi ci stio . Xap than an ta near the ei audience, stage frigrf Sometimes you feel like a nut After six hours of coaxing, an uniden- tified crazed Ole Miss student finally came down from high in a tree in the Grove. UPD Chief John Tidwell said that the student was sighted climbing the tree early in September but had been left alone until October when he began throwing sticks and nuts at late-night romancers. When asked how the student had remained alive in the tree by himself for so long, Tidwell replied, " He ate a lot of squirrel. " The only detail known about the student ' s background was that he was a pre- med student majoring in chemistry before his untimely lunacy. 376 Generalization Accident prone The spring of 1977 brought comedian Gabe Kaplan to the University of Mis- sissippi campus for a Dixie Week show. Kaplan entertained for more than an hour, but his act was cut short near the end. Faced with a massive audience, Gabe was overcome with stage fright and immediately left the spotlight for the nearest men ' s room. Generalization It ' s a dog ' s life This year, the Lyceum allowed students to keep pets in their dorm rooms. How- ever, the policy lasted only a short while. Some students resented having to wipe their feet after a walk through the Grove, while others didn ' t like being mis- taken for a fireplug by a German shepherd. r ' lr v- es - -3:ree- " e ; " 1.0 6! member but hi cksandnuisl rs. When asW renained H O f squirrel. " outthestuOT , : -{ as a 3 " mg m cnen jnacy. , -rts ft 7 From bad to worse At the beginning of the fall semester, the inner campus was closed to all student automobiles between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to ease the parking shortage. Students resorted to walking, skateboards, and even pedal-powered vehicles to get across campus. But this created problems. A perfect example is shown here as these two students race for the last space at the Union ' s tricycle parking rack. Generalization 377 Doug Yarbrough Editor Kathy Williams Editor Raymond Joe Assistant Editor " Girls change a lot during their freshman year; boys do, too, for that matter. " - Skip Mathews, senior marketing major " Ole Miss ' s last good year was my sophomore year before we moved into the New Union. Now I just don ' t know a lot of the people. I ' m a senior and should know everybody. " - Lynn Arnold, senior psychology and zoology major " What ' s sad about being a senior is that there ' s no one left to give you advice. " An Ole Miss student OKAY, CLASS, LET ' S HEY, MAN, ALL SETTLE DOWN! WHY US? OK. KISSINGER WILL I THOUGHT BE HERE IN A FEU1 HE WAS MINUTES! BEING FEO TOTHEGRAD ftef STUDENTS. UEll, rT SEEMS MOST OF THEM STILL REMEMBER, THE TRASHING OF INDOCHINA. IT WAS THOUGHT YOU FRESHMEN MIGHT BE A LITTLE LESS HOSTILE. jjT SOUND S REASONING! NOT SO 1 My TOLDMEALLABOUT THE MAR. BEFOKEHE LEFTTDGROU CABBAGES " ffc IN ' VERMONT! DON ' T UOPJ , BARNEY, YOU ' RB STILL THE ULTIMATE FRESHMAN OKAY, NOW, IF HIE COULD ALL JUST SIT UP HELL, YES. STRAIGHT.. I EVEN I AM? FIND YOU REFRESHIN6! DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. 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Danaleah; Jackson, MS; Art Kemp, Kevin Lee; Columbia, MS; Liberal Arts Kemp, Ted J.; Westfrankfort, IL; Engineering Kennedy, Laurie Elizabeth; Canton, MS; Business; XO Kent, Ramona; Osyka, MS; Business Kenty, Michael Montgomery; Greenville, MS; Premedical Kern, Ben J.; Clinton, MS; Physical Education Kesler, Julie Lynn; Abbeville, MS; Business Ketchum, Mark Jamieson; Ripley, MS Keys, Leona A.; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting Kiestler, Laurie Kay; Greenville, MS; AAA Kilgore, Leeann; Philadelphia, MS; Premedical Kimbrough, David Scott; Jackson, MS; Accounting; XQ King, Alan Lee; Meridian, MS; Liberal Arts King, Judy; Ocean Springs, MS; ZTA King, Kendall Lea; Laurel, MS; Business; AAA King, Kristie; Nashville, TN; Business; AOI I King, Nell Moseley; Bristol, TN; Premedical; KA Knister, Susan Lynn; Roswell, GA; Biology, AOI " ! Knox, Ricky Allen; Houston, MS; Business Knox, Tracy Leigh; Memphis, TN; Physical Education; ZTA Koski, Peggy Suzannah; Brookeville, MD; Education; ZTA Krop, Walter Joseph; Flossmoor, IL; Business Kruger, Melissa Ann; Olive Branch, MS; Education Kula, Robert Jr.; New York Mills, NY; Business; XO Kuykendall, John McClain; Jackson, MS; Business; IX Laffin, Linda Jo; Indianapolis, IN: Preprofessional Lake, Rob Hamilton; Jackson, MS; Premedical; KA Lamb, Jeff; Vicksburg, MS; Biology; IN Lambert, Mary Clay; Jackson, MS; Sociology; AAA Landess, Michael Barry; Memphis, TN; Preprofessional; KA Landrum, Melanie Frances; Oxford, MS; Premedical; AAfl Langford, Linda; Tupelo, MS; Music Langston, Amy; Jackson, MS; Premedical Lantz, Gerald Brian; Long Beach, MS; Electrical Engineering Larson, Debra Lynn; Pascagoula, MS; Computer Science; AAA LeBlanc, Kelli A.; Pass Christian, MS; Psychology Premedical Lee, Steven E.; Gulfport, MS; Business; KI Leech, Marsha L.; Amory, MS; Communications; KA Lenoir, Janice Elaine; Picayune, MS; Business; AAfl Leonard, Susan Annette; Mt. Olive, MS LeSure, Kennan Bernard; Coldwater, MS; Pharmacy FRCSHMCH 390 Freshmen Leung, Pius Kinkong; Hong Kong, China; Accounting Lewis, Jeffrey Neal; Lexington, TN; Physics; IN Lewis, Lisa; Columbus, MS; ZTA Lewis, Pinkey Marie; Biloxi, MS; Business Liberto, Lee Ann; Laurel, MS; Computer Science; AAA Lidded, Lisa Ann; Jackson, MS Lipe, Dorthy Sharon; Grenada, MS; Business Lofton, Julia; Red Banks, MS; Business; t M Logan, Carolyn Annette; Abbeville, MS; Education Logan, Robert Lee; Bruce, MS; Physics Loggans, Susan Gail; Raymond, MS; Pharmacy Long, Laura Ann; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Long, Robert Steven; Pascagoula, MS; Computer Science Long, Robert Steven; Pascagoula, MS; Computer Science Loper, John A.; Biloxi. MS; Preprofessional Lovell, William T.; Tupelo, MS; Political Science; ATQ Lovett, Carol Leigh; Memphis, TN; Medical Technology; KKf Low, Tineke Elizabeth; Laurel, MS; AAA Lowry, Diane Linda; Tupelo, MS; Education Lucas, Elizabeth Gee; Greenwood, MS; Nursing; XO Luk, Benjamin Kin Hoo; Hong Kong, China; Pharmacy Lum, Adrienne Ann; Cleveland, MS: Preprofessional Lundy, Frances Jean; Jackson, MS; Nursing, KKf Lusco, Lisa; Vicksburg, MS; AT Lynch, Susan; Oxford, MS; Business; AAD MacArthur, Kathryn; Monroe, LA; nBO Mack, Fiona Elaine; Charleville, Old., Australia; Home Economics Madsen, Lance Craig; Willingboro, NJ; Political Science Magee, Charles Winter Jr.; SemincJe, FU Business Maiden, Abigail M.; Batesville, MS; Preprofessional Mallow, Bradley J.; St. Louis, MO; Pharmacy; t KO Malvezzi, Perian; Clarksdale, MS; Education Manson, Charles D.; Winchester, TN; Business; XQ Maples, Cindy S.; Oxford, MS; Business Marchbanks, Charles Raymond; Greenville. MS; Accounting Marlar, George D.; Magnolia, AR; Political Science Martin, Joe W.; Hickory Valley, TN; Premedical; IN Martin, Lory Lee; Pensacola, FL; KA Martz, Oabney Jo; Memphis, TN; Business; KA Mask, Kathryn L.; Fort Walton Beach, FL; Political Science Mason, Clark W.; El Dorado, AR; Communications; ATQ Massie, Connie Hart; Lincolnshire, IL; Liberal Arts; AOD Mathis, Melanie Carol; Houston, MS; Communications Matson, Arthur Francis; Coral Gables, MS; Business Matthews, Denise Davietta; Indianola, MS; Premedical Mattingly, Olivia Lynn; Marion, AR; Education; M Mazzanti, Karen Ann; Lake Village, AR; Education; AOfl McAfee, Steven Marcus; Jackson, MS; Accounting McAlexander, Brenna Ann; Jackson, TN; Liberal Arts; 4 M McAllister, Lorraine Anne; Laurel, MS; AAD McCallum, Bonnie Kay; Hickory Flat, MS; Computer Science Freshmen 391 McCarley, James Kendrick; McGee, MS; Geology; KA McCarver, Neta Beth; Pine Buff, AR; Education McCleland, Kenneth Russell PeLanatchie, MS; Computer Science McCloskey, Candice Lynn; Grenada, MS; Foreign Language, KKT McClurkin, lola; Oxford, MS; Music; ZTA McCluskey, Marilyn Meade; Amory, MS; Pharmacy; Af McCool, Jeannie Monique; Moss Point, MS; Liberal Arts; AAFI McCord, Nancy Lee; Humboldt, TN; Accounting; AAA McElroy, Mike Charles; Houston, TX; Business; AUJ McElroy, Toni Danise;Fulton, MS; Pharmacy; Al McFadden, Clyde Patterson; Nashville, TN; Political Science; IAE McGee, Calvin Jeffery; Greenville, MS; Premedical McGee, Roy Douglas; Cleveland, MS; Preprofessional McGraw, Mary Georgina; Louisville, MS; Accounting McGuire, Sabrina Lynn; Gulfport, MS; Liberal Arts; Al McHenry, Judy Lynn; Wiggins, MS; Microbiology Mclntosh, Robert Manard; Holly Springs, MS; Medical Technology McKay, Mary; Indianapolis, IN; Business; AC McKenzie, Ricky Delp; Memphis, TN; Business; ! KiP McKinney, Lula Mae; Sardis, MS; Nursing McKinnie, Virginia; Greenville, MS; Foreign Language McLarty, Hermine Herring; Oxford, MS; English; KKI " McMinn, Sheila Lynn; Water Valley, MS; Liberal Arts McNair, Michael Knox; Brandon, MS; KT McPhail, Mona Lynn; Bimings, MO; Journalism Megehee, Carol Murphey; Pascagoula, MS; Business; KA Mendenhali, William S.; Minden, LA; English; 4 KO Menhal, George Anthony Jr.; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy; t KT Metts, Linder Lewis Jr.; Memphis, TN; Accounting Meyer, Steven Eugene; Lexington, TN; Pharmacy Mikell, Betty Lynn; Kosciusko, MS; Business Miley, Lisa Jean; Metairie, LA; Geology; AAR Miley, Patricia Kay; Walnut Grove, MS; Nursing Miller, Alyson Louise; Metairie, LA; Zoology Miller, Oebra R.; Grenada, MS; Civil Engineering Miller, Diane S.; Vicksburg, MS; Art; KA Miller, Jamie Ann; Baton Rouge, LA; Preprofessional; AAA Miller, Susan Dale; McCool, MS; Business; ZTA Miller, Tanya A.; Aberdeen, MS; Af Mills, Brertda Annis; Jackson, MS; Accounting; ZTA Mims, John Howard; Vicksburg, MS; Business; ZAE Mims, Melissa Medley; Jackson, MS; Education; XQ Miner, Merileigh Fairbank; Ocean Springs, MS; Art; DB J Minter, Debra Kay; Columbus, MS; Physical Therapy Mitchell, Elnora; Greenwood, MS; Business Mize, Sandra Gail; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Moak, R. Alan; Jackson, MS; Business; AO Mollere, Olio Joseph; Gulfport, MS Montgomery, Michael E.; Columbus, MS; Mechanical Engineering Moore, Charles H.; Pascagoula, MS; Psychology; B0D Moore, Cynthia Short; Maceo, KY Moore, Malcolm Sidney; Tupelo, MS; Premedical; KA Moore, Richard Cone Jr.; Oxford, MS; Mechanical Engineering; W-P Moore, Teresa Ann; Starkville, MS; Education 392 Freshmen FRSHMN Moore, Ulander; Okolona, MS; Business Morgan, Paula Marie; Ewa Beach, HI; Education; J M Morris, Bruce; Gallman, MS; Pharmacy; Aii Morris, Charles L.; Columbia, MS; Business; AU Morris, Denise Maureen; Southaven, MS; Social Work Morrow, Bonnie Claire; Webb, MS; Business; KKI " Morton, Mary Teresa; Ecru, MS; Premedical Mott, David M.; Gulfport, MS; Psychology Muirhead, Sara; Memphis, TN; AAA Murphy, Michael J.; Biloxi, MS; Premedical Murphy, Rick Lee; Cleveland, MS; Political Science; KA Myers, Alison J.; McComb, MS; Education; XQ Myers, Anne Polk; Hattiesburg, MS; Foreign Language; AAA Myers, Gregory Bowman; Lexington, Ky; Business; ATQ Naaman, Mickey; Greenwood. MS; Accounting Napier, Denson Cronwell, Jr.; Jackson, MS; BOH Naugle, Nina Elizabeth; West Point, MS; English; Af Necaise, Ann Estelle; Gulfport, MS; OM Neely, Johnny De; Braxton, MS; Premedical; KA Nelson, Bettye J.; Goodman, MS; Psychology Neuman, Heidi Karol; Vicksburg, MS; Communications; KA Newcomb, John Nolan; Osceola, AR; Business; IX Newell, Pat; McComb, MS; Education; FIB Newman, Rhett Douglas; Pascagoula, MS; Business; KZ Newton, Nancy Lee; Greenville, MS; Chemistry; AAA Ng, Vincent; Greenville, MS; Chemical Engineering Nganga, John Patrick; Karanga, Nairobi; Businss Nix, Susan P.; Jackson, MS; Premedical; AAA Nolen, John Everett; Louisville, MS; Business;IX Norsworthy, D. T. (Woody); Magee, MS; Premedical Norwood, Mark Melton; Biloxi, MS; Premedical Nosser, Kenneth John; Canton, MS; Premedical; KT Odom, Connie Marie; Nashville, TN; Medical Technology; KKP Okereke, Edozie Chukwudi; Ihitte-etiti, Nigeria; Premedical Olson, Ramona Yvonne; Nashville, TN; Accounting; ZTA O ' Quin, Bobby Randall; Mobile, AL; Chemical Engineering Osborne, Deborah Ellen; Medina, TN; Biology Owen, Debra Lynn; Ocean Springs, MS; Political Science Owens, Cindy B.; Warren, AR; Communications; PIB Palmer, Marc; Baton Rouge, LA; Physical Education; ID Pang, Randy Alan; Greenville, MS; Electrical Engineering; 4 K0 Pannell, Jerrell, M.; New Albany, MS; Premedical; Paris, Irma Leonard; Indianola, MS; Education; XQ Parker, David Parks; Jackson, MS; Art; B0D Parker, Dixie Kim; Belzonia, MS; Business Parker, Margaret Rachel; Tupelo, MS; KKF Parker, Pamela Jean; Charleston, MS; Premedical Parsons, Dana Ray; Wiggins, MS; Accounting Frhmn 393 FRCSHMCM Partin, Mark Q.; Grenada, MS; Mathematics; AKE Paslay, Wendy Wall; Durant, MS; Liberal Arts; FIB Patrick, Frances llene; Horn Lake, MS; Pharmacy Patterson, Cathy Anne; Atlanta, GA; Physics; AOH Peal, Linda R.; Oxford, MS; History; KA Pearson, John Franklin; Cleveland, MS; Premedical; KA Pearson, John Michael; Hattiesburg, MS; Preprofessional Peeler, Warren Christopher; Ashland, MS; Business; in Peets, Randolph Dillon; Jackson, MS; Business; IX Pendleton, Louis William; Littleton, CO; Premedical; XU Pennington, Debbie; Memphis, TN; Education Perry, Leslie; Ranche Santa Fe, CA; Business; XQ Petkovsek, Jeanene Marie; Natchez, MS; t M Phillips, Mary Margaret; Greenville, MS; Political Science; J M Phillips, Pam J.; Olive Branch, MS; Pharmacy; AAFI Philpot, Clifton Hogan; Lawrenceburg, TN; Business Pickering, J. Gary; Hattiesburg, MS; Business; KA Pitalo, Penny Ann; Ocean Springs, MS; Physics Pitchford, Rosie B.; Lexington, MS; Psychology Pittman, Melanie; Brandon, MS; Liberal Arts; AAFI Pittman, Peggy Dianne; Clarksdale, MS; Medical Technology Plunkett, Cindy Gail; Alexandria, LA; Education Poleri, Frank William; Springfield, MA Poling, Charles J.; San Francisco, CA; Journalism Polk, Cheri Lynne; England, AR; Liberal Arts Pope, Johnny Wayne; Lena, MS Powers, Steve H.; Natchez, MS; Accounting Poythress, Da vid Franklin Jr.; Jackson, MS; Business Prather, Leisha Jane; Memphis, TN; Public Health; KA Prather, Lydia S.; Natchez, MS; Pharmacy Prather, Pamela; Columbus, MS; Accounting; AF Prendergast, Mark X.; Hudson, MA; Accounting Primes, Mary Alice; Jackson, MS; Education; XQ Primes, William A.; Jackson, MS; Premedical; KA Prosch, Gerald L.; Buffalo, NY; Engineering Provenza, Margeret Rose; Greenville, MS; Business; PM Pulliam, Joe Stanley; Houston, MS; Premedical Rainwater, Jan Anita; Memphis, TN; t M Raper, Penny Caldwell; Amory, MS; AF Reed, William Robert; Cleveland, MS; Civil Engineering; KA Reihsen, Gerald John; Madison, Wl; Premedical; XUJ Renfro, Tracey C.; Crowder, MS; Accounting; AOFI Reynolds, Danny E.; Illion, NY; Veterinary Medicine Reynolds, Juanita Cathleen; Hernando, MS; KA Reynolds, Tanya Faye; Indianola, MS; Accounting Rhine, Lynda G.; Franklin, TN; Business; AF Rhyne, Julie Ann; LaFayette, GA; KKF Rice, M. Lynn; Bentonia, MS; Business; FIB t 394 _ Freshmen Rich, Ronald Neal; W. Helena, AR; Electrical Engineering Richard, Wallace Joseph; Biloxi, MS; Business Richmond, Brendley Kay; Holly Springs; Nursing Richter, Sandra Ann; Brookfield, Wl; Education; ZTA Rickard, Karen Lynne; Gulf port, MS; ZTA Riddell, Elizabeth; Canton, MS; Social Work Ridgway, Carolyn Bentley; Jackson, MS; Business; KKI " Ridgway, Douglas Wallace; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Rieser, Dorothy P.; Poplarville, MS; Liberal Arts Riley, Bradford B.; Tupelo, MS; IX Riley, Harriet Frances; Meridian, MS; Journalism; XQ Robbins, Karen Marie; Oxford, MS; Physical Therapy Robbins, Robin Michelle; Oxford, MS; Social Work Robbins, Stephanie Renee; Shannon, MS; AA(1 Roberson, William Jeffrey; Baldwyn, MS; Business Roberts, Angela Carolyn; Hattiesburg, MS; Home Economics; AAA Roberts, Rebecca Fran; Kosciusko, MS; Nursing, AT Roberts, William Ewell; Jackson, MS; Psychology; KA Robertson, Tory Lynne; Sikeston, MO; Journalism; AOn Robinson, Fielding Bradford Jr.; Jackson, MS; Premedical; Au; Robinson, Vera Jean; Batesville, MS; Education Robst, Paul Kenneth; Quitman, MS; Premedical; XU Roebuck, Karen Diane; Aberdeen, MS; Accounting; ZTA Roebuck, Linda D.; Newton, MS; Engineering Rogers, Leonard Gene; Little Rock, AR; Business Rogers, Sonya Denise; Clinton, MS; Sociology; Af Rogers, Terri Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; Political Science; HBO Roosa, Chris Allen; Austin, TX; Business Rose, Jennifer Kay; Dallas, TX; Liberal Arts Ross, Chino Dalee; Hernando, MS Ross, Nita Louise; Roxie, MS Ross, Virginia Lynn; Jackson, MS Rudolph, Tami E.; Paducah, KY Rush, Linda Rose; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Rushing, William R.; Forest, MS; Preprofessional Russell, Judy Ann; Jackson, MS; Accounting; 0M Russell, Randy Gay; Oxford, MS Ryan, Deborah Lynn; Dallas, TX; KA Saba-Aayon, Walid M.; Sidon, Lebanon; Accounting Said, Nizar A.; Kurdstan, Iraq; Engineering Salvano, Michael C.; Kenilworth, IL Sammons, Steven Scott; Memphis, TN; Business; ZX Samuels, Donald Gene; Brandon, MS; Business Sandefer, Roy Jeffrey; Tupelo, MS; Political Science Sanders, Karen Diane; Ripley, TN; AOfl Sanders, Robert Hal; Oxford, MS; Accounting; XOJ Sanderson, Susan Charron; Florence, AL; Education Sandifer, Connie Rodgers; Oxford, MS Scarborough, Cindy; Clarksdale, MS; Music Scarborough, Sidney Milton; Biloxi, MS; Premedical Scardino, Angelyn Marie; Pass Christian, MS; Computer Science Schmidt, Jeanne Anne; Pass Christian, MS; Home Economics; AAfl Scon, Frances Tomkeyes; Jackson, MS; Nursing Scott, Sonya Belinda; Corinth, MS; Accounting; Al Scott, Steven A.; Oxford, MS; Zoology Seale, Robert Louis; Gloster, MS; Psychology Sears, Angelea; West Point, MS; Pharmacy; XO Sears, Richard Haywood; Pensacola, FL; Accounting Seawright, Norman Houston Jr.; Moss Point, MS; Religion Seckman, John P.; Nashville, TN; Journalism; XU Seeger, Kevin David; Bay St. Louis, MS; Chemical Engineering Self, George Michael; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Shanks, Stan H.; Clarksdale, MS; Business; t A0 Shannon, William Washington; Macon, MS; Physical Education; AUJ Sharpe, Debra Lynn; Columbus, MS; Journalism Shaw, Robert Sydney Jr.; Oxford, MS; Business, t KUJ Sheahan, Laurie Susan; Hutchinson, KS; KKf Sheffield, Gene G.; Gulfport, MS; Premedical; AOJ Shelton, Jesse Lytle; Clarksdale, MS; Pharmacy Shepard, David Moore; Jackson, MS; Business; XO Sherman, James Jr.; Clarksdale, MS; Business Shilan, Susan P.; Germantown, TN Shook, Deweie Shawn; Biloxi, MS; Electrical Engineering Shropshire, Frank Arden; Pearl, MS; Physiology Sibley, Jessica L.; Okolona, MS; Premedical; AC Signa, Pearl Marie; Greenville, MS; Nursing Simmons, Julius Tayloe Jr.; Jackson, MS; Business; I1KA Simmons, Susan Nell; Belzoni, MS; Physica; Af Sinquefield, Robert Steven; West Southaven, MS; Political Science Sizemore, Mitzi A.; Amory, MS; Business; Af Skinner, Howard W.; Archer, FL; Engineering Skinner, Mary Katherine; Natchez, MS; Pharmacy Slezak, Jason Nicholas; Arlington Heights, IL; Business Smart, Pamela Gay; Jackson, MS; Physics; AAD Smith, Brian H.; Oxford, MS; Computer Science Smith, David Brian; Biloxi, MS; Computer Science Smith, John Britt; Ripley, MS; Business; IN Smith, Linda Lee; Yazoo City, MS; Accounting; KKf Smith, Loretta; Etta, MS; Art Smith, Robin Leigh; Oxford, MS 396 Freshmen FRSHMH Smith, Theresa Lynn; Natchez, MS; Medical Technology Smith, Willie Guice III; Pascagoula, MS; Business Smithson, Martha Ann; Dewey, OK; Biology; KA Sneed, Amy E.; Eupora, MS; Accounting; Af Soper, Jaime Sue; Natchez, MS; Pharmacy; AAH Sorrells, Lila Lea; Greenville, MS; Nursing, M Southerland, Denise; Batesville, MS; Business; AAR Southern, Jane Christi; Kennett, MO, Speech; KA Spain, Lula; Memphis, TN; Preprofessional Spear, David Glenn; Memphis, TN; XO Spence, Jesse Charles Jr.; Jackson, MS; XP Sprecher, Lynn Frederick; Macon, MS; Business; ZX Stanford, Freda Joyce; Marks, MS; Mathematics Stanford, Patricia Ann; Marks, MS; Business Stanford, Roy Lamar; Batesville, MS; History Staub, Laura Annette; Fulton, MS; Business; AT Stauffer, Arthur Reed; Memphis, TN Stefoniak, Michelle A.; Dallas, TX; AAA Stephenson, Jill; Dallas, TX; Political Science Stephenson, Shirley Margaret; Meridian, MS; Mathematics; AAA Steward, Victoria Diane; Clarksdale, MS Stewart, Gregory M.; Pine Bluff, AR; Accounting Stoffer, Douglas Mark; Oak Brook. IL; Business; Stokes, Wart E.; Greenville, MS; ZAE Stone, Amelia B.; Bristol, VA; Art; KKf Stone, E. Suzanne; Memphis, TN; KKC Story, Daniel Bobby II; Ocean Springs, MS; Premedical; KA Stovall, John Edward; Humboldt, TN; Preprofessional Stovall, Miriam Anita; Memphis, TN; Business; AOFI Strachn, Linda Frances; Clinton, MS; Accounting Strobl, Cynthia Rose; Tupelo, MS; Nursing; KKI Strode, Raymond Norwood; Forest, MS; Business Stuart, Spencer Jerome; Hammond, LA; Premedical; KA Stuart, Walter Houston; Hurley, MS; Business Sturgeon, Joey Clinton; Como, MS; Pharmacy Subach, Henry Peter; Port Charlotte, FL; Business Suchy, Dale Edward; Heidelberg, MS; Chemistry Sullivan, Debra Elizabeth; Jackson, MS Sullivan, Michael Joseph; Waynesboro, MS; Accounting; Summers, Mary Ann; Olive Branch, MS; Accounting; ! IB Sumners, Melinda Watson; New Albany, MS; KA Swan, Glen Howard; Thaxton, MS; Liberal Arts Swan, Richard Keen; Malvern, PA; Liberal Arts Swaney, Melody Anne; Clinton, MS; Art; XQ Swint, Patti Anne; Jackson, MS; Nursing; AC Tabor, Wes C.; Pearl, MS; Premedical Tadlock, Dana Stone; Natchez, MS; Computer Science Tallichet, Camille Anne; Dallas, TX; Art; KKf Tanner, Janet Mariene; Moss Point, MS; Nursing; PM Tat, Phat N.; Shreveport, LA; Chemical Engineering Tate, Paul R.; New Albany, MS; Music Tate, William Dale; Macon, MS; Accounting Freshmen 397 Taylor, Donny Ray; Columbus, MS; Accounting; XO Taylor, Pamela Gay; N. Little Rock, AR; Nursing; AAA Taylor, Remona Lynn; Jackson, MS; Physical Education Terrill, Joe Bowen; Mitcon, MS; Business Terry, Ronald Gene; Sledge, MS; Premedical Testa, Clara Rose; Grenada, MS; Pharmacy Thear, Chrysa Marie; Gaithersburg, MD; Liberal Arts; ZTA Thomas, Charles Henry III; Shuqualak, MS; Business; KA Thomas, Cynthia L.; Pearl, MS; Art Thomas, Cynthia Lynn; Nashville, TN; Home Economics; XD Thomas, Randal Devon; Noxapater, MS Thompson, David Lee; Lawrenceburg, TN; Business Tilley, Becky Grace; Gulfport, MS; Business; KA Tillman, Suzanne Marian; Gulfport, MS; KA Tims, Karen Jo; Bruce, MS Tindall, Betsy L.; Tupelo, MS; Premedical; nB t Toler, Noel Kennedy III; Jackson, MS; Premedical; IX Torkington, Richard Scon; Richmond, VA; Chemical Engineering Tubb, Marjorie Aaron; Fulton, MS; Premedical; J M Tull, Sam F.; Corinth, MS Turner, Cathy Teresa; Bruce, MS; English Tynes, William E.; Chickasaw, AL; Computer Science Ulmer, Suzanne; Jackson, MS; Business; t M Vale, Darlene Relia; McComb, MS; Journalism Valentine, Norman Stephen; Oxford, MS; Civil Engineering; OKT Vance, Jerre Lynn; Calhoun City, MS; Accounting Vanderburg, Jeffrey Scon; Olive Branch, MS; Accounting Vamer, Bonnie Lee; Oxford, MS; Mathematics Veazey, Virginia Wilson; Jackson, MS; Psychology; XO Voight, Michael David; Lincoln, IL; Communications Vrooman, Albert George Jr.; Memphis, TN; Premedical Biology Wade, Jama Ruth; Bay St. Louis, MS; Preprofessional; KKf Wade, Vivian Marie; Jackson, MS; Education; XO Wald, Margaret Ellen; Richardson, TX; Art; KKP Waldrop, Royanne; Drew, MS; Liberal Arts; KKI Walker, Harry Grey; Jackson, MS; Accounting Walker, Meredith M.; Hernando, MS; Premedical Walker, Panesha Gale; Columbus, MS; Physical Therapy Wallace, James Ervis Jr.; Webb, MS; Engineering Wallace, Mary Katherine; Tupelo, MS; Education; KKf Walley, Scon Lindsey; LaGrange, TN; Business Walter, Sharon Lynne; Dallas, TX; Education; KA Wansley, Jill Ann; Byhalia, MS; Accounting Ward, Albert M.; Pensacola, FL; Business Ward, Harry B.; New Orleans, LA; Premedical; AKE Warner, Karen Louise; Nesbit, MS Warner, Robert W.; Baldwinsville, NY; Art Warner, Tara L.; Vicksburg, MS; Business; AAA Watson, Kenneth; Jackson, MS; Business Wan, William Lee; Batesville, MS; Accounting; ATQ Wans, Wanda Marie; Pascagoula, MS; ZTA Weatherford, Christina; Fulton, MS; Accounting; AOD Weathers, Leander; Itta Bena, MS; Business Webb, Dorothea Dian; Indianola, MS; Preprofessional 398 Freshmen FRSHMN Webb, Greg, M.; Clinton, MS; Liberal Arts Webb, Larry L.; Itta Bena, MS; Pharmacy; PA0 Webb, Mary K.; Oxford, MS; English Weeks, Timothy G.; Florence, AL; English Weiss, Donald C.; Jackson, MS; Accounting; t K0 Welch, Steve Wilson; Jackson, MS Wells, William P.; Jackson, MS; Business; AO Welsch, Hilda E.; Jackson. MS; AAD Wetzel, Juliet Leigh; Westerville. OH; Political Science White, Betty Ann; Pearl, MS; Home Economics White, Debra Jean; Pass Christian, MS; Political Science White, Debra Lynn; Dekalb, MS; Premedical; KA White, Linda Ann; Memphis, TN White, Mary Joanne; Memphis, TN; Af White, Mary Lou; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy White, Stacy Jonette; Indianola, MS; Sociology Whitehead, Meri Jo; Fort Collins, CO; Business Whitten, James Gordon Jr.; Batesville, MS; Accounting Wigal, Virginia Leigh; Biloxi, MS; Art; Williams, Carolyn Cullen; Jackson, TN; HBO Williams, Gwendolyn Ann; Nesbin, MS; Communications Williams, James Daniel; Olive Branch, MS; Computer Science Williams, Jami; Shuqualak, MS; Physics Williams, Jan Elizabeth; Tupelo. MS; Business; XQ Williams, Stephanie Anne; Jackson, MS Williams, Tammy Lynn; Huntingdon, TN; Library Science; AAD Williamson, Mary Elizabeth; Jackson, MS Wilson, Mark Steinwehr; Columbus, MS; English Wilson, Sue E.; Memphis, TN; HBO Winders, Kimberly Leigh; Tupelo, MS; Business; ZTA Winkler, Elizabeth Jane; Tupelo, MS; Psychology; KA Winstead, Anita Carol; Philadelphia, MS; Medical Technology Winstead, Edward Carlton; Pearl, MS; Computer Science Wise, James Hunter; Maben, MS; Pharmacy, RKA Wiseman, Mark C.; Glen Ellyn, IL; Business, KI Wofford, William Earl Jr.; Darling, MS; Civil Engineering Wofford, William Robin; New Albany, MS; Music Womack, Marcia L; Oxford, MS, Business Wong, Judith Lynn; Moorhead, MS Wood, Carol Leigh; Memphis, TN; Home Economics, nB4 Wood, Joel Ray; Humboldt, TN; Journalism Wood, Steve Alton; Fulton, MS; Chemical Engineering Woodall, Charles Jackson; Memphis, TN; Premedical Woods, Thomas Joseph; Yazoo City, MS; Preprofessional Wright, Martha Laine; Nashville, TN; Pharmacy; AOn Yates, Marcia Lynn; Jackson, MS; Social Work Young, Kathryn Rucks; Greenville, MS; Accounting; AOD Yuen, Kelandy; E. F., Hong Kong Freshmen 399 SOPHOMORES Abraham, Lillian E.; Vicksburg, MS; Business; AAP Abu-hijleh, Tayhe Omar; Nablus, Jordan; English Addy, Kathy D.; Oxford, MS; Social Work; HBO Akel, Ahmad Mahmoud; University, MS; Chemical Engineering Akers, Sharon; Brandon, MS; Home Economics; AAH Akins, David Oliver; Blue Mountain, MS; Business Alexander, Corena; Senatobia, MS; Mathematics Alford, Jolynn; Greenwood, MS; Nursing, Af Allen, Donald H.; Jackson, TN; Political Science; IN Allen, Major Kent; University, MS; Engineering Altimier, Mark A.; Cincinnati, OH; Journalism; XUJ Amacker, Douglas Driskell; Natchez, MS; Business; t KOi Anderson, Karen Wilson; Corinth, MS; Physics Anderson, Ricky Dale; Newbern, TN; Business Anderson, Shawn Connelly; Meridian, MS; Premedical; XOJ Anderson, Thomas L; Laurel, MS; Business Anepohl, Gay C.; Jackson, MS; Political Science; KKI Angero, Martha Janet; Meridian, MS; Computer Science; AAA Anthony, Michael L.; Jackson, MS; Business; ATO Arkadan, Abdul-Rahman Ahmad; Sidon, Lebanon; English Armstrong, Charles Michael; Memphis, TN; Business Arnold, Joy Anna; Como, MS; Home Economics Arnold, Lexanne; Charleston, MS; Premedical; AC Askew, Thomas Luster Jr.; Greenwood, MS; Business; J A0 Atkins, Angelyn A.; Ruston, LA; Education; AAA Atkinson, Sally Ann; Oxford, MS; English t M Atme, Edgar Elias; Sidon, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Aultman, Carol Denise; Charleston, MS; Education Autry, Alisa Fran; Millington, TN; Education Avery, Jimmy L.; Cleveland, MS; Electrical Engineering; KA Awosika, Olakunle Aiodun; University, MS; Engineering Baggett, Audria Lynn; Oxford, MS; Business Education; AAD Baker, Cristy Lynne; Sikeston, MO; Education; KKf Baker, Mason McDaniel; Oxford, MS; Political Science Baker, Vicki Lynn; Sumner, MS; Business; KA Baker, Wattine; Batesville, MS; Accounting 400 Sophomores Bailess, Susan; Vicksburg. MS; Education; XQ Bailey, James Neal; St. Louis. MO; Liberal Arts; XUJ Bailey, Nancy Ann; Clarksdale, MS; Political Science Banister, Leigh Ann; Osceola. AR; Undecided Bargeron, Marjorie Tyler; Birmingham, AL; Business Barksdale, Gloria Jean; Holly Springs, MS; Business Barnes, Harley E.; Sikeston, MO; Business Barnett, James Kevin; Meridian, MS; Political Science; Xi Barnett, Janice Lynn; Grenada, MS; Physical Education; KKf Barton, Michael Loyd; Pineville, LA; English Beardain, Vkki Nell; Batesville, MS; Social Work Becker, Jasper Benoit; Brookhaven, MS; Accounting; IX Beebe, Diane Kaye; Jackson, MS; Premedical Belenchia, Theresa A.; Shelby, MS; Liberal Arts Bell, Andrean J. Monet; Holly Springs, MS, Liberal Arts Bell, Sandra Kathryn; Germantown, TN; Education; AAPI Belkan, William Junkin Jr.; Natchez, MS; Business Bennett, Gene Wellington; Joiner, AR; Business Bennett, James Evans; Piggot, AR; Mathematics Bennett, Lee A.; Jackson, MS; Psychology Bennett, Sally Raye; Joiner, AR; English Berry, Billy B.; Clarksdale, MS; Business; ATO Berry, Paige Haynes; Franklin, TN; Liberal Arts Berts, Betty Jane; Indianda. MS; Music Biddy, William Glynn; Columbus, MS; Speech; AUJ Biggers, Linda Ann; Corinth, MS; Physical Therapy; AAA Bishop, Marc Randall; Moss Point, MS; Business; Ail Black, Mary Elizabeth; Louisville, MS; Theatre; KA Blackman, Lisa Ann; East Prairie, MO; Business; KKT Blackwell, William Joseph; Pasc, MS; Premedical Blair, Michael Warren; Louisville, KY; Accounting; ZX Blair, Susan Alcott; Pascagoula, MS; Geology Blake, James Steve; Clarksdale, MS; Science, Nonscience Blalack, John Wallace; Pearl, MS; Business Block, Lori Jean; Biloxi, MS; Art Bloodworth, Cindy Leigh; Grenada, MS; Education Blythe, Diana Dawson; New Orleans, LA; Sociology; AAD Bonds, Harold Dean; Roxie, MS; Premedical; ZBT Bonds, Regina Kate; Oxford, MS; Education Booker, Cheri A.; Clarksdale, MS; Education Booth, Beverly Claire; Clarksdale, MS; Liberal Arts; AAA Bootorabi, Behrouz-T; Tehran, Iran; Chemical Engineering Boutwell, Teresa D.; Clinton, MS; Psychology; KKP Bowling, Gary P.; Memphis, TN; Business; B0fl Boyd, Betty Katherine; Huntingdon, TN; Accounting; AAD Boyd, James Jeffery; Tupelo. MS; Premedical; IX Brabec, William C.; Virginia Beach, VA; Business; XOJ Brady, Thomas Pickens III; Brookhaven, MS; English; ZAE Brady, William Michael; Miami, FL; Business Bramlett, Lucienne Olivier; Oxford, MS; Undecided; KKf Brandon, Callie Swango; Helena, AR; Business; XQ Brantley, Paula Frances; Harperville, MS; Premedical; Aon Branton, Rebecca Rae; Vicksburg, MS; Pharmacy Braswell, Janet Renae; Grenada. MS; Premedical Sophomores 4O1 Brauer, Robin Cay; Memphis, TN; Public Health; KKI Bray, Patricia Jo; Tupelo, MS; Business Breland, Loren Dewey; Brandon, MS; Business Brewer, Charles Anthony; Columbus, MS; Political Science; DOJ Brewer, Ricky D.; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering; B0n Bridges, Anne Lee; Pascagoula, MS; Premedical; KKf Bridges, Marlon Keith; Prestiss, MS; Dentistry; XUJ Bridgmon, Littie Jean; Pontotoc, MS; Education Brinkley, Robin M.; Jackson, MS; Premedical Brittenum, Mollie Gwendolyn; Holly Springs, MS; Computer Science Browley, Myrtle Louise; Charleston, MS; Accounting Brown, Charles Victor Jr.; Ripley, MS; Pharmacy Brown, Edsel Jackson; Meridian, MS; Theatre Arts Brown, Glenn David; Meridian, MS; Accounting; XU Brown, Matthew Lamar, Raymond, MS; Electrical Engineering Brown, Susan Marie; Miami, FL; Physical Therapy Brown, William Allyn; Jackson, MS; Accounting; KA Brummett, Harold M; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Buchanan, Calvin Douglas; Okolona, MS; Political Science; Buchanan, Edgar Marion; Indianola, MS; Accounting; KA Buckley, Steven Michael; Jackson, MS; Physical Therapy Bullard, Andrew Clayton; Kennett, MO; Business Bullard, Judy A.; Pascagoula, MS; Business: AT Bunten, John Richard Jr.; Dallas, TX; Business; t A0 Burchfield, Daniel Lois; Eupora, MS; Education Burke, Louise Allen; Jackson, MS; Accounting; KKT Burkes, Freida Gay; Lexington, MS; Preprofessional Burnette, Robert Doub; Winston Salem, NC; Journalism Burnham, Ingrid Elizabeth; Brandon, MS; Foreign Language; t M Burrow, Kathy; Oxford, MS; Business; AAA Butler, Gregory; Memphis, TN; Political Science Butler, Randy; Gulf Breeze, FL; Accounting Byers, Brenda J.; Holly Springs, MS; Accounting Byrd, Joneta R.; Dundee, MS; Preprofessional; Af Coffey, Robert R.; Jackson, MS; Business; IN Caldwell, Mary Claire; Jackson, MS; Education; AAF1 Caldwell, Mary Juanita; Dundee, MS; Education Caldwell, Ruby Lee; Batesville, MS; Nursing Calhoun, Jeffrey Wilton; McComb, MS; Business Callahan, Cindy L.; Walnut Ridge, AR; Education; AAD Callicutt, Shirley Ann; New Albany, MS; Education Calloway, Claudia Ann; Louisville, MS; Physics Calmes, Bryant Wayne; Columbus, MS; Business Campbell, Cynthia Lynn; Wiggins, MS; Home Economics Campbell, Jo Hand Jr.; Clinton, MS; Premedical; IX Cannada, Charles Thomas; Edwards, MS; Accounting; IX Cannon, Angela Renee; Germantown, TN; Physical Education; ZBT SOPHOMORCS -A ft Capdepon, Paula Jean; Pascagoula, MS; Education; AAH Cardone, Michael Paul; Memphis, TN; History Carlisle, Don W.; Jackson, MS; Undecided; IX Carmichael, Charles E. Jr.; Jackson, MS; Political Science Carpenter, Barbara Lynn; Forest, MS; Journalism Carruthers, Cage Brewer; Memphis, TN; Business; ZAE Case, Richard L.; Jackson, MS; Business; XU Castleberry, Elmer Gayle; Lambert, MS; Education Cauthen, Charles Edward; Ridgeland, MS; Civil Engineering Chalk, David Alan; Jackson, MS; Premedical Chamberlin, Wanda J.; Hernando, MS; Accounting Chambers, John William Jr.; Red House, VA; Physical Education; t A0 Chambers, Michael Everett; Tunica, MS; Psychology Champlin, Pat David; Jackson, MS; Accounting Chance, Rickey Lynn; Newton, MS; Preprofessional Chase, Alvin; Hazelhurst, MS; Accounting; QUt Chase, Rebecca Jean; Columbus, MS; Education Chen, Tai San; Hong Kong, China; Medical Technology Cherry, Lisa Allison; Auburn, NY; Liberal Arts Chesser, Anne Garnett; Laurel, MS; Home Economics; XQ Chestnut, Dwight Bernard; Greenwood, MS; Electrical Engineering Cheung, Shu Kan; Hong Kong, China; Economics Chow, Terri; Clarksdale, MS; Preprofessional Chrisman, Kimberty Cecile; Gallatin, TN; Liberal Arts; KA Christian, Laurie Ann; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional; A Chu, Grace; Helena, AR; Pharmacy Cissom, Rickey Dale; Ripley, MS; Mathematics Clark, Donna Louise; Pearl, MS; Psychology Clark, Melissa Mignon; Greenwood, MS; Business; KA Clasgens, Bradley Joseph; Germantown, TN; Electrical Engineering Clay, Marvin Earl; Greenville, MS; Accounting; DUxt Clements, Ann Barfcsdale; Greenwood, MS; Social Work; AAA Cluck, Cathy Elaine; Gideon, MO; Foreign Language Coleman, James Michael; Oxford, MS; History Coleman, James Thomas; Oxford, MS; Dentistry Coleman, Rhonda Kim; Olive Branch, MS; Public Health Sophomores 403 Coleman, Vernies Maenettia; Columbus, MS; Foreign Language; AKA Collins, Judy Larraine; Bruce, MS; Education Conlee, Barbara Leigh; Oxford, MS; Marketing; AAfl Cook, Anthony Brian; Ocean Springs, MS; Chemistry Cope, Donna Marion; West Point, MS; Nursing Coquat, Zane D.; Prestiss, MS; Business Costner, Shawn G.; Etta, MS; Civil Engineering . Coy, Tony Eugene; Charleston, MS; Music Crandall, Michael Edward; Jackson, MS; Business; PK4 Crawford, Dawn Kimberly; Oxford, MS; Business; AAA Crawford, Iris; Satsuma, AL; Music Crawford, Paula S.; Holly Springs, MS; Education Crouch, Barbara Jeanne; Southhaven, MS; Communications Crumby, Zoe Lynne; Tupelo, MS; Education; Af Cuellar, Imelda C.; Petal, MS; Pharmacy Cupp, Mary Luann; Long Beach, MS; Business Curry, Vinnie Ruth; Tuskegee, AL; Nursing; AKA Dale, Phyllis A.; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional; AAA Daniel, Elizabeth Ward; Clarksville, TN; Liberal Arts; nB P Daniel, Mary Clare; Olive Branch, MS; Liberal Arts Daniel, Mary Leslie; Memphis, TN; Physical Education; OM Daniel, Stacy Ingrid; New Orleans, LA; Business Daskalas, John Blair; Jackson, MS; Electrical Engineering Davidson, Marilyn Unise; Oxford, MS; Social Work Davis, Amy J.; Braggadocio, MO; Education; ZTA Davis, David Bowman; Louisville, MS; Physics Davis, Ellen Marie; Corinth, MS; Preprofessional; FIB Davis, John Frank; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; B0n Davis, Linda A.; Oxford, MS; Biology Davis, Mark G.; University, MS; Pharmacy Dean, Thomas Murray; Millington, TN; History Debardeleben, Suzanne; Holly Springs, MS; Undecided; Af DeCoursey, Kenneth Allen; Oxford, MS; Engineering DeDeaux, Waldon Alexander; Delisle, MS; Law Dekayie, Kwame; Accra, Ghana; Accounting Delashmet, John I.; Clinton, MS; Business; IX Dement, Susan Lynn; Sikeston, MO; Education; KKF Dent, Melanie Jane; Bolton, MS; Accounting Derivaux, Ann M.; Vicksburg, MS; Physical Education; KKC DeTurk, Ken Wayne; Winina Lake, IN; Physics Dickerson, Connie Renee; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy; HB Diggs, Beverly Lynn; Tchula, MS; Psychology Dixon, Lorna Suzanne; Jackson, TN; Education Dobbs, Robert Kerry; Vardaman, MS; Psychology Dockery, Cindy Lee; Nashville, TN; Business; ZTA Dodd, John Edwin; Jackson, MS; Premedical Dogan, Ann M.; Memphis, TN; Public Health Donahoe, Eric H.; Crystal Springs, MS; Business; t KUJ 404 Sophomores SOPHQMORfiS _ M Donald, Noel H.; Greenville, MS; Accounting Donnell, Sheila; Mendenhall, MS, Business; KA Donnelly, Mary L; Beaumont, TX; Music; XO Dorgan, Tricia A.; Memphis, TN; Business; AP Doty, Patricia Anne; Memphis, TN; Music Douglas, Lydia Marlene; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts Douglass, William M.; Oxford, MS; Accounting Dunbar, Timothy A.; Alexandria, VA; Geology; B8H Duncan, Sharlet Denise; Memphis, TN; Education Dunn, Melissa D.; Philadelphia, MS; Physical Therapy Dunn, Patrick Avent; Lexington, MS; Business Durfey, Linda Diane; Canton, MS; Undecided; XQ f Earhart, Lynne Anne; Tucker, AR; Education; XQ Earnest, Beverly Gayle; Southaven, MS; Business Ear-wood, David Clark; Tupelo, MS; Accounting; KA Eason, M. Ellen; Braxton, MS; Journalism Ederer, Liz Ann; Ocean Springs, MS; Theatre Arts; KA Edisen, Glenn Knute; New Orleans, LA; Chemical Engineering 1 - ' Edwards, Karl; Crawford, MS; Premedical Elcan, Claire Regina; Nashville, TN; Theatre Arts Elion, Vernester E.; Coldwater, MS; Education Elliott, Lisa; Jackson, MS; Business; KKf Ellis, David K.; Monroe, LA; Premedical Ellis, Kenny Ray; Winona, MS; Business; IX Ellzey, Randal Edmond; Houston, MS; Accounting; KA Erb, David Brian; Pascagoula, MS; Business; ZAE Evans, Angelia Gail; Clarksdale, MS; Radio TV. Evans, Elise Ann; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Evans, Ellen Mary; Vicksburg, MS; Business; KA Ezell, Milton Edward; Moss Point, MS; Business Fabris, Jon Michael; Athens, GA; Football Farage, Donald Lee Jr.; Gulf Breeze, FL; Undecided Fair, George K.; Jackson, MS; Accounting; ZAE Farris, Margaret Victoria; New Orleans, LA; Biology, RB Featherston, Katherine Cox; Macon, MS; Business Administration Ferguson, Tommy Rogers; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting soffiQMones Fen-ell, Carol Lynn; Jackson, MS; Social Work; XO Finch, Robert S.; Brandon, MS; Premedical Fitzpatrick, Catherine Suzanne; Natchez, MS; Business Fletcher, David Eugene; Natchez, MS; Chemical Engineering Flowers, Rachel Dawn; Senatobia, MS; Double Major Nonscience Floyd, Paul Leslie; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting Folks, Susan Marie; Dunnellon, FL; Education; AAFI Ford, Jeanne Vivian; Taylorsville, MS; Physical; AAFI Fox, Brian B.; Oxford, MS; Engineering Franks, Rosemary; Saltillo, MS; Accounting; AOn Fung, Yin Chun Jennifer; University, MS; Psychology Furby, Ricky Joe; Moss Point, MS; Business Garretti, Dinah Marie; Picayune, MS; Political Science Gates, Grace Graham; Oxford, MS; Business Gee, Suzie Ann; Batesville, MS; Liberal Arts Gehring, Janet Seeley; Oxford, MS; Accounting Gentsch, Karen Kay; Liberal, KS Ghadban, Wael Yehya; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Civil Engineering Gho, Mary C.; Tunica, MS; Education; Af Gholston, Kene A.; Louisville, MS; Accounting Gibbons, Cynthia Ann; Dallas, TX; Education; AAA Gibson, Robert Gregory Jr.; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Gill, Tammy Lynn; Madison, MS; Nursing Gill, Valorie Ann; Tyronza, AR; Journalism Gillom, Peggie Jean; Abbeville, MS; Social Work Ginn, Frances Beth; Columbia, MS; Business; AAA Gleaton, Kenneth; Enid, MS; Art Glidewell, Kerry Michael; Forrest City; AR; Psychology Goodall, Laura Yancey; Gallatin, TN; Business; KA Gowan, John Richard Jr.; Dallas, TX, Business; B0n Graham, Patricia C.; Memphis, TN; Business; XQ Grammer, Lesa Lynn; Grenada, MS; Liberal Arts Grantham, Gaye Lynn; Ocean Springs, MS; Business; KA Green, Adele J.; St. Petersburg, FL; Accounting; Af Green, Ricky Keith; Winona, MS; Accounting Greenlee, Sheila Gail; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts; KKT Greer, Curtis Mather; Holly Springs, MS; Business Gressett, Caroline Sue; Chunky, MS; Business Griffin, Denise; Baldwyn, MS; Liberal Arts; Af Griffith, Ike, C.; Brookhaven, MS; Liberal Arts; QOTI Grisham, Thomas J.; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting; ZAE Grillis, Chris III; Jackson, MS; Communications 4O6 Sophomores K Jtm Gryder, Robert Lewis Jr.; Biloxi, MS; Business Gulledge, Leigh A.; Crystal Springs, MS; Accounting; Af Gunartt, Naomi; Clarksdale, MS; Communications Gustafson, Linda J.; Waynesboro, MS; Arts; M Guyse, Carolyn Jayne; Brandon, MS; Computer Science Harm, James Waymon; Columbia, MS; Business Hate, Paula Rene; Tupelo, MS; Education Hale, Timothy James; Madison, MS; Foreign Language Hall, Kenneth Larry; Pine Bluff, AR; Physical Education Hall, Robert Stanley; Grenada, MS; Mathematics Hamilton, Debra Ann; Memphis, TN; Communications; ZTA Hamilton, Janet Lee; Bay St. Louis, MS; Business; AT Hammett, Ramona Gaye; Huntsville. AL; Psychology Hammond, Alice Laird; Moss Point, MS; Foreign Language Hammond, La Juan M.; Yazoo City, MS; Communications Hammond, Martha Courtney; Corinth, MS; Undecided; AAA Hankins, Harold W.; Grenada, MS; English; 4 KT Hanna, Nina Ellen; Selmer, TN; Education; KKf Hannan, Edwin York; Grenada, MS; Psychology Hanson, James W.; Fulton, MS; Pharmacy Harder, Robert Andrew; Bassett, VA; Undecided Hardin, Sandra Turner; Pittsboro, MS; Education Harlan, William Edward; Oxford, MS. Business; KI Harlow, Clifford John; N. Biloxi. MS; Electrical Engineering Harmon, Roy Franklin III; Columbia, TN; English; IX Harper, Veonnie; Holly Springs, MS; Nursing; Z t B Harris, Deborah Anne; Florence, MS; Liberal Arts Harris, Joyce A.; Edwards, MS; Business Harrison, James Michael; Jackson, MS; Music Harrison, Phillip Alton; Forest, MS; Liberal Arts Hathaway, Susan Olivia; Memphis, TN; Accounting Hays, Debbie; Charleston, MS; Art; DM Hays, Janie; Columbus, MS; Education; KA Hays, Steven J.; Tupelo, MS; Business Hays, Virginia Annette; Greenwood, MS; Pharmacy; AAD Hayes, Lee; Wynne, AR; Education; DB t Sophomores 4O7 Heard, Robert Goodwyn; Memphis, TN; Civil Engineering; 0 A0 Henderson, Deborah Joyce; Oxford, MS; Business Henderson, Jamie D.; University, MS; Psychology Henry, Dolly D.; Oxford, MS; Business; KA Herndon, John L.; Jackson, MS; Mathematical Engineering Hester, Ann F.; Jackson, MS; Nursing; M Hickman, Laura Jane; Hattiesburg, MS; Education; AAA Hicks, Herman; Greenville, MS; Political Science; QOJ t Hijazi, Toufic M. K.; Sidon, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Hill, Rebecca Lynn; Albuquerque, NM; Education; AAfl Hillhouse, Celia Denly; Bruce, MS; Education Hinton, James H.; Jackson, MS; Business; IN Hite, Jack Jr.; Vicksburg, MS; Political Science Hocutt, Carol Lane; Lexington, MS; Psychology; ZTA Hoffman, Katherine Ann; New Orleans, LA; Accounting; XO Hogan, Cyrena; Huntingdon, TN; Liberal Arts; Al Holbrook, Robin Michelle; Holly Springs, MS; Education Holdiness, Gary Donald; Louisville, MS; Preprofessional Holland, Vilinzia Gail; Philadelphia, MS; Communications Holleman, Leslie Dean; Gulf port, MS; Undecided; KI Holliman, James Franklin; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Holmes, Jerry; Tupelo, MS; Zoology Hopkins, Cheryl Leigh; Dallas, TX; Undecided; AAA Hopkins, George P.; Gulfport, MS; Engineering Houpt, Daniel Judson; Jackson, MS; Physics Howell, John Clifton; Clinton, MS; English; B0n Huch, Kim Marie; Long Beach, MS; Biology; ZTA Hudson, John Clark III; Sardis, MS; Engineering Hudspeth, Brent S.; Oxford, MS; Business; KZ Hughston, Margaret Lane; Mandeville, LA; Education; HBO Humber, Paul Anthony; Columbus, MS; Mathematics Humphries, Frederick; Columbus, MS; Accounting Hurst, Charles A.; Marion, AR; Business; IN Hurst, George C.; West Point, MS; Pharmacy Hurst, Joseph Steve; McComb, MS; Premedical Hurt, Susan Amanda; Indianola, MS; Preprofessional; XO Hutson, Elizabeth Ann; Summit, MS; Accounting Hymel, Mary Lou; Nashville, TN; Journalism; flB t Inman, Cathy Diane; Rolling Fork, MS; Education; AC 408 Sophomores mm frfl ' XT? ' Irvin, Debra Denise; Yazoo City, MS; Social Work Ismail, Haidar A.; Lebanon; Business Jackson, Charles Allen; Biloxi, MS; Computer Science Jackson, Charles E. Ill; McComb, MS; Mathematics, Computer Science; AiP Jacobson, Robert Julius; Pascagoula, MS; Business; ZAE James, Alan Wayne; Jackson, MS; Premedical Jameson, David Leonard; Eupora, MS; Business; ZX Jarrell, Paul Gregory; Sikeston, MO; Accounting Jaudon, Kathy J.; Batesville, MS; Education Jaudon, Mike A.; Batesville, MS; Accounting Jeffords, Jeffrey N.; Marion, AR; Electrical Engineering Jeffrey, Lynne Miller; Columbus, OH; Journalism Jenkins, Joe Dae Lavet; Clarksdale, MS; English; 4 BZ Jenkins, John Osmund; Clarksdale, MS; Political Science; AOA Johnson, Alan Wayne; Booneville, MS; Premedical Johnson, Cooper B.; Roxie, MS; Business Johnson, Jacqueline Mignon; Cinti, OH; Home Economics; KA Johnson, Joe Curtis; Frenada, MS; Liberal Arts Johnson, Kathy J.; Waco, TX; Business Johnson, Marsha Susan; Forrest City, AR; Home Economics; ZTA Johnson, Michael Lynn; Memphis, TN; Physical Education; zn Johnson, Michael Scott; Long Beach, MS, Business, KZ Johnson, Sidney Albert; Goodman, MS; Preprofessional; xu; Johnson, Wilma Ayleen; Leland, MS; Pharmacy; Al Johnston, Margaret Anne; Jackson, MS; English; nBO Johnston, Robert Wayne; Jackson, MS; Speech; KA Jones, Allen Gafford; New Albany, MS; Preprofessional Jones, Jennifer Gail; Hopkinsville, KY; Pharmacy Jones, Nancy M.; St. Louis, MO; Business; HBO Jones, Needham Robert Jr.; Wiggins, MS; Premedical Jones, Otis Lee; Belen, MS, Computer Science Jones, Robert Tyrrell; Columbia, MS; Political Science Jones, William Richard; Memphis, TN; Accounting; B0H Joslin, Richard Mark; Oxford, MS; Business Administration Joyner, Richard Kenneth; Meredith, MS; Chemical Engineering Keene, John; Tupelo, MS; Business Kellum, David Ward; Water Valley, MS; Business Kemmerer, Christy L.; West Point, MS; Premedical; KKF Kendrick, Maray Treg; Florence, AL; Home Economics; KA SOPHOMORCS Sophomores 4O9 Kennedy, Donald Keith; Jackson, MS; Business Kennedy, Edwin Jeff; Gulfport, MS; Premedical; IN Kennedy, Kimberly Ann; Meridian, MS, Music; AAA Kennell, Harold; Greenwood, MS; Electrical Engineering; Khadem, Abbas; Tehran, Iran; Civil Engineering Kinds, Merry Gail; Etta, MS; Social Work King, Cindy A.; lukam, MS; Nursing King, David Alan; Ackerman, MS; Political Science King, John Mark; Lexington, MS; Accounting King, Sandra Lou; Germantown, TN; Education Kirby, James Michael; Jackson, MS; Accounting Kirksey, Sydney; Tupelo, MS; Preprofessional; ZTA Kisner, Donald Wayde; West Point, MS; Business; KA Kling, Kathy Rea; Natchez, MS; Business; XQ Knox, Stephen Lee; Memphis, TN; Theater Arts; XUJ Kostelny, Omar Benedict; Lockport, IL; Business; t K0 Kruger, C. Baxter; Prentiss, MS; Political Science, IX Kulbeth, Mary Jayne; Greenville, MS; Journalism; t M Ladner, Risa Paris; Biloxi, MS; Music Lancaster, Linda Gale; Van Vleet, MS; Business Land, Martha Louise; Batesville, MS; Medical Technology Langston, Mark Alan; New Hebron, MS; Psychology Lamb, Cynthia Suzanne; Memphis, TN; Business; t M Lamb, James L.; Southaven, MS; Medical Technology Larson, Ann Fisher; Friars Point, MS; Education; AAA Lawrence, James Keith; Lucedale, MS; Accounting Lear, James Hamilton; Indianola, MS; Accounting; IAE LeCroy, David Paul; Hattiesburg, MS; Premedical Ledbetter, Lecia Renee; Batesville, MS; Accounting Ledbetter, Thomas Frank; Corinth, MS; Business Lee, Robin L.; Long Beach, MS; Medical Technology; ZTA Lee, Steven R.; Jackson, MS; Business; PK 4J Lenhart, Wanda Kay; Senatobia, MS; Accounting Leonard, Cathy Ann; Mt. Olive, MS; Undecided Lesueur, Carol Louise; Holly Springs, MS; Medical Technology Levings, Sanford Hopkins; Jackson, MS; Accounting; IX Lewis, Beverly Lea; Fairborn, OH; Zoology; ZTA Lewis, Ron M.; El Dorado, AR; Preprofessional Lipse, Brad M.; Henderson, Ky; English; IX Little, George Stanford Jr.; Charleston, MS; English Little, Lou Ann; Blytheville, AR; Preprofessional; FIB Livingston, Julie Loren; Lake Village, AR; Premedical; AAA Lloyd, Daryl Russell; Nettleton, MS; Preprofessional Lloyd, Donald James; St. Louis, MO; Premedical Locke, Malinda Leigh; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Loe, Traci Ann; Vicksburg, MS; Home Economics; XO Logue, Lanice Mary; Vicksburg, MS; Education Lott, Cecil Leon Jr.; Long Beach, MS; Business; AHJ SOPHOMORS 410 Sophomores Love, Betsy E.; Memphis, TN; Communications; XQ Love, Robert Y. Jr.; Jackson, MS; Accounting; ZN Lovelace, Lisa Karen; Greenville, MS; Home Economics; KKf Lovelace, Mark Hemphill; Greenwood, MS; Computer Science Lovorn, Robbie E.; Louisville, MS; Business Lowry, Patricia Lucille; Clarksdale, MS; Education Luckett, Brenda Renee; Clarksdale, MS; Education Lucius, Susan R.; Derma, MS; Physical Education Lyon, Susan K.; Warren, AR; Accounting Madany, Mohamad T. Hachem; Sidon, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Maddox, Barbara Kathryn; Memphis, TN; Business; HBO Maddox, Travis Daniel; West Point, MS; Theatre Arts Maddox, Virginia Kathryn; Jackson, TN; Sociology Magusiak, David A.; Clinton, MS; Chemistry Mallette, James Jeffrey; Memphis, TN; Accounting; Malone, Catherine D.; Saltillo, MS; Dentistry Mangialardi, Sheila Arm; Shelby, MS; Nursing Manning, Dale; New Albany, MS; Business Marascalco, Rita Mary; Clarksdale, MS; Nursing; KKF Markwell, Nancy Louise; Memphis, TN; Business Marriam, Robert R.; Ft. Colins, CO; Business Martin, Cindy Ann; Batesville, MS; Education Martin, David Stiles; Hernando, MS; Business Martin, John Trenton; Tupelo, MS; Political Science; X Martin, Mary Anne Louise; Pascagoula, MS; Music; KA Martin, Robert Austin; Brandon, MS; Liberal Arts; OKi Mathews, Sherri Darlene; Greenville, MS; Accounting; AKA Mauldin, Eddie Lee Jr.; Canton, MS, Premedical Maxcy, C. Stanton; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy; IN Mayers, William Wesley; Laurel, MS; Premedical; IX McAlexander, Patti Lei; Holly Springs, MS; Education McCall, Elizabeth Ann; Memphis, TN; Education; KA McCallum, Janis; Brandon, MS; Nursing McCauley, Tammy Kaye; Isola, MS; Undecided, KKf McClendon, Burwell B. Ill; Jackson, MS; Accounting; IX McClinton, Brenda Joyce; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting McCool, Cindy L.; Jackson, MS; Nursing McCullen, Margaret Page; Panama City, FL; Business; Af McCullough, Rosalie; Pontotoc, MS; Home Economics; t M McDaniel, James Edward Jr.; Jonesboro, AR; Business; McElroy, Cheryl Ruth; Hernando, MS, Physical; KKP McEwen, Debr a Denice; Oxford, MS; Psychology Sophomores 411 McGeorge, Jamie A.; Dallas, TX; Arts; ZTA McGinnis, James Earl; Meridian, MS; Business; OAG McGowan, Carolyn Michelle; Columbia, MS, Home Economics McGuire, Cheryl Kate; Memphis, TN; Business; AOF1 Mclntosh, Stanley Allen; Houston, MS; Political Science McKellar, Pamela A.; Memphis, TN; Education; KKT McKenzie, Johnny Lee; Gretna, LA; Chemical Engineering McMahan, Merlynn Leigh; Memphis, TN; Education; AT McManus, Carole Ann; Gulfport, MS; Political Science McManus, Cynthia Renee; Crystal Springs, MS; Speech; KA McMillin, Mary Beth; Ripley, MS; Education; 0 M McMillon, Ronald Kevin; Greenville, MS; Civil Engineering McNatt, Jimmie Keith; Holly Springs, MS; Psychology; McNulty, Samuel Truman; Holly Springs, MS; Physics; PKT McRoberts, Elizabeth Maury; Jackson, MS; Education; XO Meeks, Mary Evelyn; Delhi, LA; Business Milanovits, Julie Ann; St. Louis, MO; Home Economics; Af Miles, Vernon Benet; Batesville, MS; Political Science; QOJ t Miller, Albert H.; Greenwood, MS; Accounting Miller, Lacie Elizabeth; Natchez, MS; Home Economics; AAfl Miller, Mary Elizabeth; Jackson, TN; Computer Science; KKf Miller, Philip Keith; Picayune, MS; Accounting Mills, Britt Carolyn; Olive Branch, MS; Education Mims, Troye Lloyd; Grenada, MS; Business; IN Mitchell, Nancy Forrester; Louisville, MS; Business: KA Mixon, John Barry; Greenwood, MS; Music Mize, Amy Carol Oxtord, MS; Education Mohamed, Susan Carol; Belzoni, MS; Education; Al Monk, Linea Renee; Vicksburg, MS; English, Political Science: Montgomery, Shirley M.; Woodland, MS; Premedical Montgomery, Stephen Quay; Pontotoc, MS; Liberal Arts Mooney, Joseph Spencer; Clarksdale, MS; Chemistry Moore, Caroline Elizabeth; Sikeston, MO; Business; KKf Moore, Evelena; Moscow, TN; Communications Moore, Ginger G.; Duck Hill, MS; Business; KA Moore, Jayme Phillips; Clarksdale, MS; Business; KA Moore, Marilyn Anne; Brandon, MS; Liberal Arts Moore, McConner, T.; Oxford, MS; Music Moorhead, Jennifer Lynn; Carmel, IN; Biology; XO Morgan, Bobby Glenn; Oxford, MS; Accounting Morgan, Diana Gay; Charleston, MS; Political Science Morgan, Ethel Russell; Ocean Springs, MS; Business; KKI SOPHQMORfiS Morgan, Janell Elizabeth; New Orleans, LA; Education Morris, Cathy Ann; Oxford, MS; Music Morris, Debra Ann; Batesville, MS; Undecided Morrison, Jane Bland; New Orleans, LA; Education; AAR Morson, Joanna Rae; Leland, MS; Business; FIB Moses, Joseph Lee; Kenner, LA; Business; XU Moss, Lee Joy; Memphis, TN; English; ZTA Mullins, Judy Carol; Nettleton, MS; Political Science Murley, Nina Jo; Baldwyn, MS; Business Myers, David Fant; Jackson, MS; Accounting; KA Nave, Mark Lee; Sandersville, MS; Journalism Neely, Robert Jerry; Braxton, MS; Premedical; KA Neilson, Melany Cheryl; Lexington, MS; English Newman, Kimberly Ann; Jackson, TN; Pharmacy; ZTA Nielsen, Rachael Elicabeth; Vicksburg. MS; Pharmacy Nordal, Betsy R.; Pompano Beach, FL; Education; AOD Norman, Emily June; Houston, MS; Business Northern, William Claude Jr.; Florence, MS; Physical Therapy Novak, Judith Mary Kathryn; Pascagoula, MS; Business Nwanonenyi, Alphonsus Ikenna; Imo, Nigeria; Engineering; ZAE O ' Connell, Kathryn Dianne; Prentiss, MS; Business; AAA Odom, Elizabeth Streater; Greenwood, MS; Business; XQ Ogle, Robert Wayne; Saltillo, MS; Accounting; KA Ola, Mary Helen; Greenwood, MS; Accounting; KA O ' Neal, Nathaniel M. II; Newport, AR; Music Osseiran, Abdullah Hussein; Beirut, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Ozbim, Thomas Doyle; Tishommgo, MS; Biology Ozborn, J. Kenneth II; Decatur, MS; Dentistry Pacheco, Veronica Titilola; Lagos, Nigeria; Medical Technology Palmer, Carol Clare; Forest, MS; Physical Education; XQ Paris, Sally; Baton Rouge, LA; Education; AAA Parker, Ann Dubose; Columbus, MS; Home Economics; AT Parker, Deborah Kay; Memphis, TN; Home Economics; ZTA Parker, Donald Ricky; Oxford, MS; Physics Parrish, Paul N.; Jackson, MS; Business; K Parsons, Mary E.; Jackson, MS; Business; KKf Partridge, Steven Wayne; Oxford, MS; Business Pate, Janet Lynn; Pheba, MS; Psychology Patterson, Mary Lise; Pontotoc, MS; Nursing; AF Patterson, Patti Jeanette; Hollandale, MS; Premedical; OM Patterson, Robert Raymond; Jackson, MS; Business Payne, Billie Charles; Mendenhall, MS; Mathematics; Payne, Eva F.; Memphis, TN; Undecided; AAH Peacock, Carol A.; Memphis, TN; Undecided Pearson, Jacklyn Louise; Oxford, MS Pearson, Mark Mills; Cleveland, MS; Business; KA Pearson, Sara Dicken; Rosedale, MS; Home Economics; M Pedron, Mark R.; Vicksburg, MS; Undecided; IAE Sophomores 413 Peeples, Robert Alan; Blue Springs, MS; Pharmacy; XO Pendleton, Edmund Alan; Littleton, CO; Liberal Arts Pennington, Rosemary; Mather AFB, CA; Physical Education; KA Pettis, Everlean; Oxford, MS; Business Pfleeger, Kim Diane; Gulfport, MS; Business Phifer, Karen Sue; Hazen, AR; Medical Technology Phillips, Mark Theodore; Vicksburg, MS; Preprofessional; IAE Pickle, Margaret Jean; Kosciusko, MS; Physics; Af Pierce, Bill H.; Columbia, MS; Business Pinson, James Andrew; Oxford, MS; Business Pirtle, Jeanann; Tyler, TX; Home Economics; AAA Pittman, David Lonnie; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional Pitts, Robbie Lane; Wynne, AR; Education Ponder, Randall Dean; Mendenhall, MS; Accounting; AUJ Porter, Lee Ann; Springfield, TN; Business; ZTA Posey, Janice Lynn; Tupelo, MS; Journalism; DBO Potts, Ronnie Lynn; Myrtle, MS; Physical Education Pounds, Cynthia Lynn; Greenwood, MS; Accounting Powell, Sharon W.; Duck Hill, MS; Nursing; HB Price, Dineen Ann; Memphis, TN; Home Economics: AAfl Prisock, Stephen O ' Neal; Pearl, MS; Political Science Pruitt, Vernon McKay; Millington, TN; Liberal Arts Pryor, David Wayne; Holly Springs, MS; Journalism Punshon, Janice Ann; Tallahassee, FL; Biology; DB t Purser, Lisa Gayle; Vicksburg, MS; Journalism; Al Quattlebaum, Todd; Helena, AR; Business; IX Quon, Helen F.; Lexington, MS; Pharmacy Rabideau, Mark S.; Decatur, IL; Accounting Raines, Debbie; Brandon, MS; Undecided; t M Ramey, Dianne Irene; Memphis, TN; Accounting Rankin, Sheri Lin; St. Louis, MO; Business; XQ Rardin, Kevin Russell; Aberdeen, MS; English Rasch, Richard Charles; LaGrange, IL; Business Ratliff, Robin Jo; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Rawls, Clifford Andrew; Gulfport, MS; Accounting; Xip Ray, Martha Dawn; Jackson, MS; Nursing Ray, Wanda Gene; Jackson, MS; Accounting; AAD Rayner, Donald Eugene; New York, NY; Science; AKE Reasons, Debra Lynn; Humboldt, TN; Accounting; Al Respess, Francis Karl; Horn Lake, MS; Psychology Reynolds, Ann Elizabeth; Natchez, MS; Journalism Rhodes, Elizabeth Anne; Natchez, MS; Speech Rhodes, Rhonda June; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts; ZTA Rice, Annie Lee; Courtland, MS; Education Ridgway, Louis Ernest; Jackson, MS; Premedical; B0FI Riley, Stephen Mayfield; Nettleton, MS; Journalism; IX Rish, Mark H.; Pontotoc, MS; Pharmacy Roberts, Richard Steve; Biloxi, MS; Theatre Arts; 414 Sophomores SOPHQMOAfiS Robertson, Calvin Edward; Sallis, MS; Preprofessional Robinson, George Edward; Water Valley, MS; Biology Rodgers, Vallery P.; Clarksdale, MS, Preprofessional; DB Rogers, Mary K.; Amory, MS; Business; Al Rollins, Cheryl Jean; Olive Branch, MS; Arts Rone, William Scott; Hernando, MS; Physics Ross, Darlene Brenda; Roxie, MS; Medical Technology Ross, Lacey Hunt; Clarksdale, MS; Journalism; AAA Rossetti, James Thomas; Shaw, MS; Accounting; J KU Rozzell, Amy E.; Humboldt, TN; Physical Therapy; Af Rubio, Ana Lucia; Meridian, MS; Business; Al Rubio, Monica E.; Quito, Ecuador; Arts Rungeling, Lee; Oxford, MS; Business Rushing, David Lee; Amory, MS; Premedical; IX Russell, Henry Ellis; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting Russell, Pearl Kathryn; Tupelo, MS; Medical Technology; AAD Russell, Stephen Blaine; Cleveland, MS, Liberal Arts Rylee, John Michael; Lafayette, LA; Accounting; t KO Sanders, Joseph Allen; Tupelo, MS; Business Sanders, Steven Howard; Batesville, MS; Premedical Sanders, Timothy Lee; Blue Mtn., MS; Nursing Sanders, Vickie Laveme; French Camp, MS; Pharmacy Sandina, Ahmad M.; Sidon, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Sandlin, Amy Jane; Huntsville, AL; Pharmacy; AAA Sandlin, William Andrew; Pocahontas, AR; Business Sang, Anthony C.; Rosedale, MS; Premedical Sansing, Debbie; Macon, MS; Business; Af Sansing, John Perry; Oxford, MS; History; IAE Scarbrough, William David; Meadville, MS; Business Schaff, Jeanne Marie; Metairie, LA; Liberal Arts; KKI Schaffenburg, Paul Carlos R.; St. Davids, PA; Undecided; AU; Scobey, David Kelly; Coffeeville, MS; Physical Education Scott, Marilyn E.; Jackson, MS; Nursing Seal, Frederick Raymond; Gulf port, MS; Chemical Engineering Sophomores 415 Seat, Candace Jean; Pontatoc, MS; Political Science Seaton, Caroline Minton; Jonesboro, AR; Nursing Self, Irma M.; Senatobia, MS; Pharmacy Sellers, Bobby N.; Quitman, MS; Accounting; XO Sent, Melanie Lee; Jacksonville, FL; Business Sewell, Scott Doyle; Columbus, MS; Political Science; KA Shaar, Jamal Ar; Sidon, Lebanon; English Sharman, William Robert; Jackson, MS; Accounting; XOJ Sharp, Gary Wade; Pearl, MS; Civil Engineering Shaver, Vivian L.; Itta Bena, MS; Business Shaw, Steven Earl; Eupora, MS; Business Shedrick, Jennifer Ann; Westerille, OH; Preprofessional Shelby, Jeri L.; Memphis, TN; Arts; nB t Shepherd, Thomas Banks; Aberdeen, MS; Accounting; ATO Shirley, Margaret Lee; Birmingham, AL; Social Work; nB P Short, M. Lucinda; Como, MS; Education; AOH Shuler, Edna Diane; Greenwood, MS; Pharmacy Shute, James C.; Jackson, MS; Journalism; Shows, Jack Douglas; Meridian, MS Simmons, Johnny Darrel; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting Simpson, Lidell Mann; Winona, MS; Medical Technology Simpson, Maggie L.; Germantown, TN; Arts; ZTA Sirera, Julie Lynn; Mandeville, LA; Business; f1B t Sisco, Sharon Denise; Bolivar, TN; Physics; AOn Slim, Hussein Abdallah; University, MS; Electrical Engineering Smith, Beverly C.; Jackson, TN; Business; AAFI Smith, Edwin Bernard; Holly Springs, MS; Journalism Smith, Jerone W.; Okolona, MS; Music Smith, Max H.; Brookhaven, MS; Premedical; PK4 Smith, Richard Dale; Picayune, MS; Chemistry Smith, Sandra L.; Greenville, MS; Nursing; KKf Smith, Stuart Herman; Gulfport, MS; Mathematics Smith, Susan Elizabeth; Brookhaven, MS; Physical Education Smith, Sue Ellen; Ripley, MS; Music; t M Smith, Vanessa; Memphis, TN; Education Sneed, Randell Lynn; Columbus, MS; Journalism Snipes, Suzanne Brandon; Greenville, MS; Physical Therapy; AAA Southard, Dennis E.; Monroe, LA; English; IX Spain, Melinda Anne; Bloomf ield, MO; Social Work; ZTA Spencer, Stephen Chandler; Jackson, MS; Physiology; DKA Spicer, Susan Stewart; Tupelo, MS; Liberal Arts; AAA Spigolon, Thomas Eugene; Germantown, TN; Journalism 416 Sophomores SOPHQMORCS Spurgeon, Kelly Lea; Nashville, TN; Education; HBO Statham, Mary Beth; Louisville, MS; Business; 4 M Stephens, Debora S.; Indianola, MS; Accounting Stephens, Denise Ann; Boca Raton, FL; Home Economics Stephens, Hugh Marion Jr.; New Albany, MS; Accounting; IX Stephens, William Daniel; Monticello, MS, Premedical; XU Stevens, Raymond R.; Jackson. MS; Psychology Stover, Delmar Dean Jr.; Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; Journalism Stribling, Ginger Ann; Rogers, AR; Education; AAH Stribling, James Bentley; Carthage, MS; Physical Therapy Strickland, William E. Jr.; Oxford, MS; Political Science; KI Sturgeon, Charles Matthew; Cincinnati, OH; Business; XU Sturgis, Kristen Colson; Memphis, TN; Education; AT Sullivan, David Wayne; Meridian, MS; Liberal Arts; Ben Sullivan, Timothy D.; Jackson, MS; Social Work Swaney, Randall Phelps; Clinton, MS; Business ; IN Swartzendruber, John M.; Lamirada, CA; Education Swims, Dorothy Lynette; Greenwood, MS; Business Swindle, Roger Dean; Blue Mtn., MS; Business Takas, Kevin G.; Gautier, MS; Business; AKE Tan, Anthony Angsanto; University, MS; Engineering Tanner, Brenda Kay; Escatawpa, MS; Accounting; AAfl Tanner, Hugh Earl; Moss Pt., MS; Accounting; ATQ Tatum, Evelyn Suzonne; Greenville, MS; Accounting; AAA Taylor, Mary Evelyne; Natchitoches, LA; Home Economics; AAA Taylor, Monty; Memphis, TN; Business; IX Taylor, Pamper Jean; Yazoo City, MS; Nursing Taylor, Robert Wayne; Caruthersville, MO; Accounting; KA Taylor, Val; Jackson, MS; Nursing; XD Taylor, Willyn; Charleston, MS; Premedical Teer, Sherry Lynn; Meridian, MS; Physical Therapy; KKf Terrell, Lisa Dawn; Liberty, MS; Marketing Thames, Cynthia Dianne; Verdaman, MS; Psychology Theobald, Rosemary; Vicksburg, MS; Nursing; KKT Thomas, Beverly J.; Oxford, MS; Education Thomas, Tharnell M.; Buelah, MS Thompson, Stephen Brittain; Memphis, TN; Accounting; Thornton, Johnny T.; Kosciusko, MS; Liberal Arts, Preprofessional Tidwell, Martha Lee; Greenwood, MS; Nursing Tolar, John E.; Memphis, TN; History; 0KO Tolley, Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; Accounting; KA Towery, Julie Kaye; Oxford, MS; Theatre Arts 417 Townsend, Norma Loraine; Oxford, MS; Business Townsend, Patricia Marie; Roswell, GA; Business; AOFl Townsley, Jeffery Mark; Huntsville, AL; Chemical Engineering Traxler, Selena Dawn; Jackson, MS; Nursing; KA Treleaven, Lundy Stone; New Orleans, LA; Journalism; KKf Troutt, Lucy Givens; Senatobia, MS; Business; AAA True, Robin Lyn; Nashville, TN; Undecided Tsang, Ho Yuen Edmond; Hong Kong; Physics Tucker, Sandra Suemelia; Plantersville, MS; Education Tullos, Cindy D.; Hattiesburg, MS; Business; AAA Turner, Irby III " Buster " ; Belzoni, MS; Accounting; KA Vanderburg, David Clay; Olive Branch, MS; Accounting; Vanderslice, Thomas Wesley; Bay Springs, MS; Political Science Vamer, David Arthur; Oxford, MS; Business Veasey, Larry; Grenada, MS; Business Von Brock, Mary Boone; Baton Rouge, LA; Liberal Arts; AAA Waddell, Catherine Denise; Jackson, MS; Home Economics Wade, Jesse Irvin Jr.; New Albany, MS; Premedical; J KU Wade, John Ernest; Jackson, MS; Accounting; J A0 Wagner, Celia Marie; Summit, MS; Physical Education; Af Waldrom, Leslie; Jackson, MS; Theatre Arts Walker, Barbara Gayle; West Point, MS; Pharmacy Walker, Bonnie Jo; Ripley, TN; Education; AOfl Walker, Maia Marie; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Walker, Martha L.; Cape Girardeau, MO; Biology; KA Wall, Cynthia A.; University, MS; English Wall, Mike R.; Raymond, MS; Business Walters, Frank Paul; Moselle, MS; Business Wammack, Tommy Tilden; Ripley, MS; Accounting Ward, Jimmy Dale; Nettleton, MS; Journalism Watkins, Lisa Lynne; Monroe, LA; Physics; HB Webb, Freeman Devale; Coldwater, MS; Political Science Weber, Darlene Ann; Canton, MS; Pharmacy Weidling, Linda Joy; Evansville, IN; Music Weir, Kenneth Frank; Tillatoba, MS; Undecided Welch, Bert; Jackson, MS; Premedical; IX SOPHQMORCS Wells, Cindy; Philadelphia, MS; Physical Therapy Wells, Janice Elaine; Jackson. MS; Liberal Arts West, Christina Rae; Lucedale, MS; Dentistry West, Karen Frances; Jackson, MS; Electrical Engineering Wheeler, Eric Franklin; Olive Branch, MS; Accounting Whigham, M. Russell III; Gulf port, MS; English; A4 White, Clinton B.; Jackson, MS; Biology, English; IX White, Deborah Lynn; Jackson, MS; Business; XQ White, Linda Carol; Pittsboro, MS; Undecided White, Martha Marie; Oxford, MS; Home Economics White, Rebecca Beth; Memphis, TN; Business; KKI Whiteside, Sue; Belleville, IL; Education Wilbanks, Shanda Leigh; Pontotoc, MS; Theatre Arts Wiles, Wanda Kay; Jackson, TN; Premedical Wilkins, James Ted Jr.; Newton. MS; Business; t KiP Williams, Benton Wray; Memphis, TN; Undecided Williams, Beth C.; Fairhope, AL; Home Economics; ZTA Williams, Carol Ann; Memphis. TN; Arts, Williams, Darlene Maria; University, MS, Premedical Williams, G. Howell; Jackson. MS; Business; 0A0 Williams, Gail; Grenada, MS, Nursing Williams, Kathy Johnson; Water Valley, MS; Political Science; t M Williams, Mary Patricia; Nashville, TN; History; ZTA Willingham, Barbara Ann; Taylor, MS, Business Wills, Cathy Ann; Memphis, TN; Mathematics; AOR Wilson, Charles Lloyd; Jackson, MS; Business Wilson, Sherrie Marie; Collierville, TN, Medical Technology Wimberley, Lex Allen; Laurel, MS; Business Wimbs, Tory; Arrlington, TN, Business; XOJ Winkler, Cynthia Ann; University, MS; Education Winters, Julie Lynn; Houston, TX; Journalism; AOD Wiseman, Clayton Lee; Dallas, TX; Engineering; KZ Wittjen, Theresa B.; Holly Springs, MS, Liberal Arts; KKf Wong, Joe Vincent; Greenwood, MS, Engineering Wood, Anita Jo; Grenada, MS; Business; M Woodrick, Herbert Lavelle Jr.; Oxford, MS; Journalism- Ben Woodruff, Mary Reid; Jackson, TN; Business, RB Woodward, Lori Diane; Clarksville, TN; Accounting Wright, John Wingo; N. Greensboro, NC; Business, IN Wright, Paul Jeffrey; Memphis, TN; Accounting; B0D Wyatt, Tara Janice; Cleveland, MS; Library Science; XD Yancy, Thomas W.; Buce, MS; Arts Yockey, Lisa Louise; Pass Christian, MS, Pharmacy Young, Randall Earl; Jackson, MS. Accounting Young, Robin Lane; West Point, MS; Accounting Sophomores 419 Abies, Winfred Wayne; Memphis, TN; Liberal Arts, Political Science Abraham, Mary Magdalene; Greenwood, MS; Pharmacy Adams, Marshall Cole; Gloster, MS; Dentistry Adams, Thomas Dewey, III; Pass Christian, MS; Civil Engineering Agbonlahor, Patrick, N.O.; Benin City, Nigeria; Business Albert, Michael Holger; Fulton, MS; Preprofessional Alcorn, Sherry Ann; Hattiesburg, MS; Preprofessional Alewine, V. Sue; Mooreville, MS; Business; ZTA Alexander, Donnell; Blue Mt., MS; Social Science Alger, Richard Kelly; Osyka, MS; Accounting Alldread, Roger Ross; Mathiston, MS; Theatre Arts Allen, Charles Lewis; Pearl, MS; Accounting Allen, Lisa Voyce; Clarksdale, MS; Sociology Allen, William F.; Poplar Bluff, MO, Accounting, AUJ Altimier, Jeffrey Alan; Cincinnati, OH; History; XU Anderson, Antoinette; Biloxi, MS; Pharmacy Anderson, Joni W.; Saltillo, MS; Home Economics Anderson, Robert B.; Wauwatosa, Wl; Premedical; XUJ Anderson-Smith, Susan; Vicksburg, MS; Psychology; ACT! Anklam, Regina M.; Alexandria, VA; Nursing Arnold, Delorise; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting Arnold, Matt Scott; Charleston, MS; Civil Engineering Arrington, Stan Dickerson; Senatobia, MS; Business Ashbum, Norman Keith; Clinton, MS; Mathematics; AU; Ashmore, Debra Kay; Booneville, MS; Business Askew, Elaine; University, MS; Nursing Atwell, Scott Houston; Waveland, MS; Accounting Aurell, Stacee Kay; Ackerman, MS; Business; AAR Austin, YvetteG.; Sardis, MS, Pharmacy Avakaa, Terwase; University, MS; Liberal Arts Aziz, Nadim M.; Dubai, UAE; Chemical Engineering Baglioni, Vickie C.; Moss Point, MS; Social Work Bailey, F. Hall; Grenada, MS; English; IX Bailey, Michael L.; Senatobia, MS; Business Bailey, Stanley William; Jackson, MS; Business Baker, Christy Leigh; Amory, MS; Physics JUNIORS 420 Juniors Baker, Garland Blaine; Damascus, VA; Education Baker, Kenneth Eugene; Oxford, MS; Business; KT Baker, Kenneth Neil; Tupelo, MS; Preprofessional Baker, Mickey F.; Pontotoc, MS; Accounting Baker, Sherry Lynn; Corinth, MS; Business Baker, Susan Ruth; Penshurst 2222, Australia; History; AAD Bane, Robert M.; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Barksdale, Annie B.; Holly Springs, MS; Nursing; Z4 B Barlok, Joseph Charles; Iselin, NJ; Mechanical Engineering Barmer, James Lynn; Senatobia, MS; Business Barrecchia, Maria Licia; Oxford, MS; Music Barrett, Charles Mitchell; Baldwyn, MS; Physics Bartkiewicz, Luke J.; Chicago, IL; Engineering Basakar, Abdulkadir; Gaziosmanpasa Ankara, Turkey; Mechanical Engineering Bass, Joanna W.; Jackson, MS; Business; AAA Batchelor, Mary Jane; Vicksburg, MS; Premedical Beasley, Minerva Doxey; New Albany, MS; Political Science Beckham, Judy Ann; Gulfport, MS; Pharmacy Beckman, Marilyn Joan; Oshkosh, Wl; Journalism Bell, Kenneth Bernard; Coldwater, MS; Education Bell, Linda Carol; Verona, MS; Business Benjamin, Mary Lisa; Randolph MS; Education Bennett, Beverly Porter; New Albany, MS; Home Economics; AC Bennett, Trent A.; Fulton, MS; Physics Benvenutti, Susan Alice; Bay St. Louis, MS; Art; KKI " Berry, William H.; Pinola, MS; Pharmacy Bethany, Shade A. Ill; Lexington, MS; Unknown Bevill, Carl Thomas; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional Bibbs, Ina Louise; Oxford, MS; Accounting Bills, Betsy Maureen; Merrillville, TN; Economics; KKF Blackshare, Elizabeth Ann; Piggotl, AR; Business Blount, Tamsy Fairy; Batesville, MS; Business Boatwright, Eddie Clark; Holly Springs, MS; Business Boatwright, Laura R.; Millington, TN; Pharmacy; AC Bolton, Beverly Gale; Southaven, MS; Accounting Boren, Helen Patricia; Memphis, TN; Communications; AAA Bounds, Alma L.; Ruleville, MS; Political Science; AKA Boutwell, Dana Marie; Senatobia, MS; Theatre Arts; AAA Box, Stephanie Leigh; Stewart, MS; Education Boyd, Jeff D.; Ripley, MS; Accounting Boyland, Lenora; Madison, AR; Social Work; Z t 0 Bradley, Alice Ann; Moss Point, MS; Physics; AZ0 Bradley, Kathy Lynn; Myrtle, MS; Premedical Brantley, Zane Hood; Terry, MS; Business Bray, Elizabeth Grace; Huntsville, AL; Education Birck, Francis, Marion; University, MS; Zoology Bridges, Eilene S.; Cleveland, MS; Pharmacy Britt, Larry Neal; Memphis, TN; Physical Education Brock, Charles Randall; Stewart. MS; Business Brower, Jimmy; Coffeeville, MS; Accounting Brown, Allyese M.; Vicksburgs, MS; Business; Z B Brown, Cheri Lynne; Meridian, MS; Music; ! M Brown, Lawanda Lynn; Forest, MS; Pharmacy Brown, Martha Lyn; Paris, TN; Pharmacy Junior 421 Brown, Mindy Sue; Forest, MS; Mathematics Brown, Paula V.; Germantown, TN; Business; FlBcp Brown, Timothy Lee; Jonestown, MS; Accounting Brown, William Terry II; Stewart, MS; Liberal Arts Bryan, Cecil C.; Marks, MS; Business Bryant, Julian Mark; Pascagoula, MS; Journalism Bryant, Teri Marne; Brooksville, FL; Business; AC Buford, Karan; Oxford, MS; Business Buntin, Sarah Louise; Ft. Worth, TX; Business; AAD Burford, Joseph C.; Hernando, MS; Political Science; KA Burgess, Sharon D.; Holly Springs, MS; Nursing; Z t B Burke, Catherine Mary; Jackson, MS; Art; KKT Burke, Thomas Wilson; Jackson, MS; Business; Ifl Burney, Sara Louise; Ackerman, MS; Accounting; KA Burns, Wallace Alvin Jr.; New Orleans, LA; Economics; BOD Burr, Rebecca Beadley; Memphis, TN; Business; KA Burt, Virginia Ann; Senatobia, MS; Political Science; ZTA Butler, Robert A.; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering; OKT Butler, Ronald, W; Gulf Breeze, FL; Business Buys, Mark Talbot; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting Byrne, Karen Ann; Natchez, MS; Business; KA Cade, Sherri R.; Louisville, MS; Social Work; AC Cain, Ethel; Canton, MS; Political Science Caldwell, Janet Pearce; Baldwyn, MS; Education; Af Callicoat, Elizabeth Ann; Oxford, MS; Education Camferdam, Martha Ann; Little Rock, AR; Education; XQ Camp, William H. Jr.; Mantachie, MS; Political Science Campbell, Anne Marie; Cantreville, MS; Art Campbell, Eddie Peter; Lyon, MS; Accounting Campbell, Michael B.; Greenville, MS; Business; B t l l Campbell, Ruby Jean; Oxford, MS; Political Science Canerdy, Beverly J.; Tupelo, MS; Journalism Cannon, Anita J.; Ecru, MS; Business Cantrell, Les H.; Covington, LA; Business; ZAE Cantrell, Timothy Ralph; Sikerston, MO; Accounting Garden, James Matthew; Amory, MS; Political Science Carleton, Anna Laurie; Union, MS; Preprofessional; Ar Carnes, Jonathan Mark; Pontotoc, MS; Physical Education Carpenter, Daniel Keith; Boonville, MO; Theatre Arts Carpenter, Elizabeth Lorrine; Meridian, MS; Preprofessional Carroll, Francis Julian; Jackson, MS; Veterinary Medicine; AOJ Carroll, Ruth Evans; Booneville, MS; Unknown Carrozza, Elisa; Tupelo, MS; Social Work, Political Science Carter, Benny Joe; Ripley, MS; Accounting Carter, Beverly Diana; Drew, MS; Journalism Carter, Cathy Lynn; Booneville, MS; Social Work Carter, Donna K.; Moss Point, MS; Education; Al Carter, Kenneth Wayne; Corinth, MS; Music JUNIORS 422 Juniors Carter, Kim; Tupelo, MS; Medical Technology; AAR Carter, William Charles; Noxapater, MS; Physical Education Cartwright, Karen Jean; Biloxi, MS; Accounting Carver, Donna Carol; Tupelo, MS; Library Science; AAD Cathey, Michael; Senatobia, MS; Biology Causey, Randy E.; Clinton, MS; Electrical Engineering Caver, Kim Richard; Booneville, MS, Liberal Arts Champion, Rhonda Gail; Reinzi, MS; Education Chan, Wai Chi; University, MS; Liberal Arts Chaney, Martin Vesta; Vicksburg, MS; Chemical Engineering Chambliss, Barbara Ann; Southaven, MS; Liberal Arts; OM Chen, Pieching; Hong Kong, China; Biology Chestnut, Frances G.; Savannah, GA; Home Economics; 0 M Chow, Charles Chuck; Clarksdale, MS; Liberal Arts Christy, Robert Michael; Long Beach, MS; Arts Clark, Beth J.; Florence, MS; English Clark, Juanita; Hernando, MS; Nursing Clause), Marie Annette; Corinth, MS; Accounting Cloud, Paul Ralph; Poplarville, MS; Chemical Engineering; J K6 Cober, Barry DeSavieu; Greenville, MS; Electrical Engineering; OBI Cochran, Ronald Steven; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Cody, John D. Jr.; New Hebron, MS; Sociology Coffey, Carl; Winona, MS; Business Coker, Creed; Yazoo City, MS; Business; XQ Coleman, Andy Clark; McClain, MS; Computer Science Collins, Calvin Eugene; Benton, MS; Premedical Cone, Wanda P.; Newhebron, MS; Journalism Connor, Rebecca Ann; Hazlehurst, MS; Home Economics; AAA Conoway, Marilyn Theresa; Grenada, MS; Education Conway, Rebecca Jean; Hattiesburg, MS; Education; AOD Cook, Andrea Gwen; Mooreville, MS; Music Cook, Dorothy Ann; Taylor, MS; Business Cook, Karla Elaine; Hazel Green, AL; Journalism Cook, Wanda Carol; Shubuta, MS; Pharmacy Cooper, Dennis Russell; University, MS; Political Science Cox, Lynda Carol; Ashland, MS; Education Couch, Dan-ell Lee; Tupelo, MS; Business Counce, Nenna Donnette; Ripley, MS; Music Cox, Carol Annette; New Orleans, LA; Psychology Crawford, Deborah M.; Lafayette, LA; Communications; AC Crawford, Scottye Sharon; Oxford, MS; Biology; M Crayton, William L.; New Albany, MS; Business Crenshaw, Joellyn; Newton, MS; Pharmacy Crockett, Dennis L.; Tupelo, MS; Accounting Cross, Patricia Ann; Greenwood, MS; Nursing; Z B Crouch, Cathie S.; Southaven, MS; English Cruse, Jackie Ladean; Pontotoc, MS; Chemical Engineering Cruse, Neil; Pontotoc, MS; Political Science Culpepper, Mary Kay; Chunky, MS; Journalism Cunningham, Debra Carr; Okolona, MS; Accounting; AKA Curley, Carol Ann; Memphis, TN; Education; XQ Curry, Robert Hugh; Eupora, MS; Unknown Curry, Thelrna Lee; Waterford, MS; Liberal Arts Curtis, David Kennon; Brandon, MS; Physics Juniors 423 Curtis, Joni L; Shannon, MS; Physics Dameworth, Dana Laura; Abbeville, MS; Political Science Dauenhauer, Anne Elizabeth; Poplarville, MS; Accounting; AOn Dauro, Vincent Anthony; Huntsville, AL; Political Science Davidson, Walter C.; Clinton, MS; Liberal Arts Davin, Jeffrey S.; Glen Ellyn, IL; Premedical; PKT Davis, Elizabeth Dianne; Batesville, MS; Pharmacy Davis, Laurie Diane; Senatobia, MS; Liberal Arts Davis, Teri Lynn; Valparaiso, FL; Business; Al Dawson, Gary Wynn; Tuka, MS; Pharmacy Day, Diana L.; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; AAA Dean, Keri Lynn; Brandon, MS; Education; AAA Dean, Philip C.;Gautier, MS; Premedical Dearman, M. Ellen; Hattiesburg, MS; Business; AAA Dees, Debby Layne; Booneville, MS; Business DeLasho, Leigh Galloway; University, MS; Journalism Denley, Vicki L.; Bruce, MS; Preprofessional Denney, Carol Elizabeth; Milan, TN; Home Economics; Al Denton, Jack Alexander; Tupelo, MS; Business; t AQ Denton, Jim Garrett; Tupelo, MS; Business; A0 Dickard, Roslyn Sue; Tchula, MS; Education Dicken, Lynn Allison; Senatobia, MS; Preprofessional Dickerson, Melinda Sue; Park Ridge, IL; Political Science Dietrich, Ross C.; Clemson, SC; Mathematics Divincenti, Roy Anthony; University, MS; Civil Engineering Dixon, George Edward J.; New Albany, MS; Business Dolin, Maggie; Oxford, MS; Unknown; HBO Donald, Valerie Lynne; Louisville, MS; Political Science; HBO) Doom, Janet Bertelle; New Albany, MS; Physical Education Doty, Sharon Lynn; Senalobia, MS; Education Dowdy, Joe Dean; Little Rock, AR; Political Science; KI Drake, Linda Burks; Batesville, MS; Business Drake, Melouise; Pope, MS; Business Drewry, George W. Jr.; Houston, TX; Premedical Drouin, Valerie Joyce; Plantation, FL; Mathematics Dryden, Timothy Alan; Moss Point, MS; Preprofessional Duke, Billie Faye; Sardis, MS; Business Duncan, Laurie Jeanette; Lovington, NM; Education Dunnam, Greg Garner; Ripley, MS; Journalism Dunnigan, Samuel; Sardis, MS; Theater Duvall, Teresa Clara; Oxford, MS; Business; AAA Dye, Randy; Coldwater, MS; Physical Education Earnest, Karen Lynn; Southhaven, MS; Education East, David H.; Houston, MS; Music Easton, Andrew; Pearl, MS; Business Eaton, Barbara Jean; New Albany, MS; Art Edgar, Jayne E lizabeth; Water Valley, MS; Nursing; J M Edmonson, Susan Newton; Columbus, MS; Biology; XO Edwards, Carl R.; Clarksdale, MS; Biology Edwards, J. David III; Jackson, MS; Accounting; FIKA Edwards, John Charles Trapp; Memphis, TN; History; IX Egger, Frances Tracey; Jackson, MS; Home Economics; AAD Eisenbeis, Patricia Lynn; Nesbit, MS; Business Eiyu, Wai Dak; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy 424 Juniors JUNIORS EI-Afifi, Wael M.; University, MS; Chemical Engineering Elliott, Kimberly Anne; Oxford. MS; Business. AAA Elliott, Mary Virginia; Oxford, MS; English. XQ Ellis, Jo Ann; Port Gibson, MS; Physics Ellmer, Robert Mark; Pensacola, FL; Business Emmons, David E.; lukam, MS; Business Enobakhare, Ede Peter; Benin City, Nigeria; English Esslinger, Nancy Ruth; Florence, AL; Physical Education Evans, Sheila; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Faddoul, Atef Sami; Lebanon; Civil Engineering Fair, Larry Dwayne; Myrtle, MS; Accounting Fair, Randolph; West Point, MS; Liberal Arts Faison, Angie G.; Bruce, MS; Education Farnsworth, Craig W.; McComb, MS; Business; B0n Farrar, Adelaide W.; Nashville, TN; Education; AAA Farrar, Robert Steve; Baldwyn, MS; English, Journalism; Faust, Jill A.; Helena, AR; Preprofessional; AAH Fedell, Melba Jean; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KKf Felten, Steven Ray; Jackson, MS; Accounting Felton, Darnell; Cleveland, MS; Political Science; QOxt Fenton, Roosevelt Lovoer; Columbus, MS; Political Science Ferguson, Diane; Vicksburg, MS; Premedical Ferguson, Leah RaVonne; Germantown, TN; Chemical Engineering; AAD Ferguson, Joy; Grenada, MS; Civil Engineering Fermin, A. Gustavo; University, MS; Electrical Engineering Filer, Janet Lynn; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts Finch, Janet Herrington; Jackson, MS; Art Fincher, Donna Phaye; Emmet. AR; Liberal Arts Finley, Chester Lawrence; Long Beach, MS; Premedical Fischel, Laura Lea; Potosi, MO; Education Fiser, John Young; Clarksdale, MS; Business; ATQ Fitch, Julie Ann; Oxford, MS; Business Flanagan, David Michael; Jackson, MS; Physics Flebsuf, Mohamed; University, MS; Engineering Flecher, Rebecca Marie; Jackson, MS; Unknown Fletcher, Steven Marion; Yazoo City, MS; Preprofessional Flora, Jonsi Bea; Clinton, MS; Education; DB t Floyd, Robert Edwin; Memphis, TN; Electrical Engineering Fly, William Scott; Senatobia, MS. Education Ford, Walter Cliff; Cape Girardeau, MO; Business; ZX Fort William Douglas; Meridian, MS; Business Fortenberry, Cheryl Diane; Jackson. MS; Classics Fortner, Linda Carol; Eupora, MS. Business Foster, Robert L.; Batesville. MS; Double Maior Nonscience; A t A Fowler, Janice Corinne; Greenwood, MS; Music Fowlkes, Bea Haynes; Birmingham, AL; Education; AAA Franklin, Bobby G.; Pontotoc, MS; Education Frederic, Carol A.; Pascagoula, MS; Business Juniors 425 Freeland, John Hale; Oxford, MS; History; Frees, David L; Biloxi, MS; Unknown Frees, James Richard; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Fulton, Roy Louis; Greenville, MS; Mathematics Gaddy, Gerald Curtis; Gulfport, MS; Business; DKA Gafford, Barbara; Oxford, MS; Accounting Gandy, Tianny Juanice; Seminary, MS; Pharmacy; KA Garcia, Heather; University, MS; Preprofessional Garcia, Rogelio D.; Corpus Christi, TX; Art Gardner, Elaine C.; Memphis, TN; Business; AAA Gibens, David Wesley; Ripley, MS; Business Gilbrech, Marilyn Ann; Holly Grove, AR; Nursing Gillenwater, Susan E.; Memphis, TN; Accounting; ZTA Gilliland, Marion Russell; Orange Park, FL; Communications Gillis, Cheryl L.; Gulfport, MS; Art; AAI I Gilmer, Patra Lynn; Greenwood, MS; Pharmacy Gilmore, Kenneth J.; Clearwater, FL; Business Gipson, William Patrick; Hattiesburg, MS; Political Science Glover, Barry V.; Batesville, MS; Unknown; PBI Godwin, Mary Lawrence; Jackson, MS; Physical Education; nB t Gold, Gary; Vicksburg, MS; Music Goldberg, Gregory Lee; Belzoni, MS; Accounting; IX Goliday, Bobby K.; Oxford, MS; English Golzari, Hossein; University, MS; Medical Technology Goolsby, Jamie Lynn; Ripley, MS; Education Goon, Deborah; Clarksdale, MS; Business Gordon, Michael; Senatobia, MS; Computer Science Gordon, Ralph K.; McCool, MS; Pharmacy Goudelock, Wendell Wayne; Blue Mountain, MS; Business Gough, Gayla Ann; Senatobia, MS; Business; AAA Graham, Ginny; Knoxville, TN; Nursing; AAH Graham, Laura Elizabeth; Crystal Springs, MS; Business; XO Gray, Joseph Franklin; Walnut, MS; Premedical Gray, Margie Ann; Greenwood, MS; Premedical; KA Green, Edwina Britton; Atlanta, GA; Home Economics; AAD Green, Mary Catherine; Memphis, TN; Business; KA Greer, Teresa Lane; Hickory Flat, MS; Education; AOH Grefseng, Leonard Robert; Birmingham, AL; Liberal Arts Gregory, Scott A.; Fulton, MS; Business Gresham, John K. Jr.; Greenville, MS; Business; IAE Griffin, Gregory Lamar; Pontotoc, MS; Business; AO Grisham, Barry D.; luka, MS; Business Grist, Nelson Louis; Bruce, MS; Business Groger, Anthony Lee; Ripley, MS; Preprofessional Gross, Earnest; Charleston, MS; Business Gross, Thomas Gipson II; Carthage, MS; Pharmacy; AOJ Grubbs, Hal F.; Hollandale, MS; Pharmacy Guckert, Karen Marie; Grenada, MS; Social Work Guerieri, Ronald James; Southaven, MS; Political Science; KA Guess, Gerrysu; Oxford, MS; Art; KKI Guillot, Louis Creath; Jackson, MS; Psychology; IX Gunn, Doug; Meridian, MS; Political Science; 0A0 Hailey, James Russell; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Hale, Larry Keith; Pontotoc, MS; Accounting 426 Juniors JUNIORS Hall, Laura Elizabeth; Maridian, MS; Education; t M Hall, Marilyn Dee; Indianola, MS; English; XQ Hall, Patsy Ann; Burnsville, MS; English Halliday, Pamela Jane; Gulfport, MS; Education; KA Hamilton, Barbara L; Biloxi, MS; Biology; AE0 Hamilton, Barry D.; Vardaman, MS; Pharmacy Hamilton, Kerry Wood; Schlater, MS; Journalism, Speech, A0 Hamm, William Jeff; Jackson, MS; Business; ZX Hammond, Lee Billingsley; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Mammons, Randall Evan; McComb, MS; Journalism; ZD Hancock, Columbus E.; Tupelo, MS; Business Handy, Carl; Sledge, MS; Business Harbin, Leon D.; Grenada, MS; Business; AID Hardin, Gerald Charles; Greenville, MS; Business Hardin, Kathy Marie; Corinth, MS, Pharmacy Hardin, Patsy Bell; Jackson, MS; Education; Af Hardy, Robert F.; Vicksburg, MS; Business Harris, Gary E.; Corinth, MS; Communications Harris, Michael Eugene; Batesville, MS; Sociology Hart, Cindy Ann; Holly Springs, MS; Education Harvey, Fernando Carlos; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; OU Harvey, Rodney Guy; Mendenhall, MS; Business Harwell, Susan Beth; Corinth, MS; Education Hatch, Johnny Anthony; Ripley, MS; Physical Education; Hathorn, Gail; Oakvale, MS; Pharmacy Havens, Denise Kay; Oxford, MS; Political Hayes, Janet Leigh; Jackson, MS; Business; ZTA Headley, Mary Calista; Port Gibson, MS; Accounting Heady, Kathryn Elaine; Manteca, CA; Home Economics Hedrick, Steven Dale; Alto, IL; Engineering Heine, Kurt Matthew; Alexandria, VA; English Helvig, Donna Arlene; Ocean Springs, MS; Business Henderson, David Cook; Carthage, MS; Preprofessional, Biology; IN Hendry, Cathy Jo; Gulfport, MS; Liberal Arts Hendry, Thomas Swope; St. Petersburg, FL; Business; IN Henley, John Hartfield; Hazlehurst, MS; Accounting; AU Juniors 427 Henry, Tammy Lynne; Meridian, MS; Hospital Administration Hewitt, Emily; Clinton, MS; Home Economics, t M Hibbs, Letitia Marlene; Taylor, MS; Nursing Hicks, Vicki N.; Columbus, MS; Education; XO Higgenbottom, Kenneth D.; Senatobia, MS; Accounting Hightshoe, Karla Kay; Tyler, TX; Political Science; AAA Hill, Cindy Carol; Falkner, MS; Accounting; AOfl Hill, Michael Harold; Fulton, MS; Physical Education Hill, Steven Clark; Ripley, MS; Chemical Engineering Hillis, Cindy Rachelle; Myrtle, MS; Business Hitt, William Henry; Aberdeen, MS; Business Ho, Eric Siuman; Hong Kong, China; Pharmacy Hodges, Sandra Lynn; University, MS; Management Hoin, Jonathan Burton; Mission Viejo, CA; Economics Holliday, Dana Lee; Aberdeen, MS; Education; Af Hollister, L. Marie; Pascagoula, MS; Education; KA Holwadel, Becky D.; St. Louis, MO; Education; XQ Hood, Tommy; Cleveland, MS; Business; KA Hopper, Ronnie Dean; Memphis, TN; Accounting House, Bryant B.; Holly Springs, MS; Engineering Houston, Barbara Ellen; University, MS; Liberal Arts Howard, Robert Michael; Cape Girardeau, MO; Accounting; IX Howell, Ensley Irene; Pontotoc, MS; Nutrition Howell, Paul B.; Water Valley, MS; Double Major Science; ATQ Howell, Rachael Jane; Egypt, MS; Political Science; KKI Hubbard, Montoria; Mendenhall, MS; Social Work; Q 4 t Huber, Murray Wells; New Orleans, LA; Business; Xi Hudgins, Helen Carol; Jackson, MS; Business Hudson, Thelma Linett; Yazoo City, MS; Social Work; Z t B Hudspeth, Frances Lynne; Naperville, IL; Education; AAD Huey, Reatha Ann; Louisville, MS; Accounting; flBO Hughes, Pamela Faye; Tishoming, MS; Physical Education Hull, Edwin Kirk; Dumfries, VA; Business Humphries, James David; Louisville, MS; Social Work Hunt, John R.; Kosciusko, MS; Pharmacy Hunter, Robert J.; Prairie Point, MS; Business; KA Imbler, Charles V. Jr.; Tupelo, MS; Business; IX Imre, Thomas M.; Milan, TN; Accounting Ingram, James F.; Tupelo, MS; Business; IX JUNIORS 428 Juniors Inman, James Lindsey; Oxford, MS; Physiology Irby, Suzan Ann; Senatobia, MS; Education Irby, William A.; Senatobia, MS; Electrical Engineering Isbell, Steven Bryan; Corinth, MS; Economics Ivy, Melinda A.; Shannon, MS; Political Science Jackson, Carlin A.; Hattiesburg, MS; Liberal Arts Jackson, Cindy B.; Poplarville, MS; Pharmacy Jackson, Gary Dean; Gulf port, MS; Unknown Jackson, Mayne Rose; Clarksdale, MS; Journalism, English; AKA Jackson, Nicola; Preston, MS; Political Science; Z9B Jackson, Rita Ann; Crystal Springs, MS; Pharmacy Jackson, Shirley Jean; Dundee, MS; Biology Jacobs, Billie Sue; Gulf port, MS; Political Science Jelks, James L.; Centreville, MS; Premedical; OKI Jennings, Donald Andrew; Gulf port. MS; Physiology Jennings, Karen Leigh; Chapel Hill, NC; Liberal Arts Joe, Katie; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy Joe, Mon Kim; Sledge, MS; Electrical Engineering Joe, Stephen; Marks, MS; Dentistry Johnson, Anna Helm; Meridian, MS; Education: KA Johnson, Blair Courtland; New Iberia, LA; Education; XUJ Johnson, Bobbie Jean; Columbus, MS; Pharmacy Johnson, David Lee; Robinson, IL; Business Johnson, Fred Arthur; Como, MS; Physical Education; OBI Johnson, Jay Michael; McComb, MS; Music; Johnson, Jo A.; Batesville, MS; Pharmacy Johnson, Katherine; Lula, MS; Psychology Johnston, Jacquelyn Lyda; Shubuta, MS; Education; t M Jolly, Angela Drue; Shannon, MS; Meteorology Jones, Cindy; Tchula, MS; Business Jones, James Kizer; Holly Springs, MS; Business; IX Jones, Leslie Lamar; Oxford, MS; Mathematics, AU Karroum, Khoder Mohamad; Saidon, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Kelley, Gloria J.; Derma, MS; Pharmacy Kelley, Lady Kern; Germantown, TN; Liberal Arts; KKI Kelly, Alice Hart; Huntsville, AL; Business, AAA Kendrick, Wiley Darron; Pascagoula, MS; Accounting Kephart, Kathryn Anne; Honolulu, Hawaii; Theatre Keyes, Charles Newton; Crystal Springs, MS; Accounting Khalaf, Salim Nassib; Beirut, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Khazem, Nabil A.; Sidon, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Kiddy, William W. Jr.; Hickory Flat, MS; Chemical Engineering; Zfl Kilgore, Susan Diane; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Kimbrough, Tina Helene; Osceloa, AR; Communications; FIB Kindred, Samuel James Jr.; Columbus, MS; Political Science; ID Juniors 429 JUNIORS King, Jimmy Dale; Saltillo, MS; Business King, Mary Katheryn; Greenwood, MS; Liberal Arts; XQ King, Ronnie Carl; Coldwater, MS; Political Science King, Virgil Abner III; Lexington, MS; Preprofessional Knight, Scott S.; Oxford, MS; Premedical Knight, Timothy Gordon; Mendenhall, MS; Accounting; KA Knighton, Lawrence C.; Oxford, MS; Political Science Knowlton, Paul; Covington, LA; Theater; IAE Kothe, Sharon A.; Olive Branch, MS; Liberal Arts; ZTA Kuhnert, Karen L; Hendersonville, TN; Physical Education Kuntz, Thomas Wayne; Carthage, MS; Social Work Ladner, Dawn Marie; Long Beach, MS; Journalism Lambe, Lynn; Oxford, MS; Education; KA Lambert, Andrea Louise; Vicksburg, MS; Accounting Lampton, Robert Benjamin; Jackson, MS; English; AHJ Lane, Jeffrey David; Morrow, GA; Political Science; XU; Lancaster, Lucy Jean; Lebanon, TN; Psychology; XC2 Lang, Lora Gail; Jackson, MS; Premedical Lantz, Allen Dean; Long Beach, MS; Engineering Larson, Mark Alan; Water Valley, MS; Business; ATQ Lary, Gail Catherine; Tuscaloosa, AL; Foreign Language Latture, Cindy Kay; Hot Springs, AR; Education; DB t Lavender, Kay Aline; Marks, MS; Education; XO Lawrence, Kevin Anderson; Nashville, TN; Business; B0n Lee, Connie Lynn; Picayune, MS; Nursing Lee, Jimmy G. Jr.; Biloxi, MS; Accounting; IX Leon, Angelina C.; University, MS ; Premedical Lester, Arlene; Batesville, MS; Education Lightner, Kevin Daniel; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Lindley, Betsy Jane; University, MS; Social Work Little, Patsy J.; Grenada, MS; Business Little, Thomas Michael; Star, MS; Chemical Engineering Lofton, Robert Murray; Birmingham, AL; Business Logan, Deloris; Abbeville, MS; Preprofessional Logue, David O.; Vicksburg, MS; Political Science Long, Randall Griffin; Corinth, MS; Business; IX Luke, M. Virginia; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Luter, Nell Wilcher; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; AOn Lynch, Mary Frances; Brandon, MS; English; KKT Maddox, Laurie Manley; Greenville, MS; English; AT Mann, Catherine C.; Oxford, MS; Nursing Mann, Michael O.; Oxford, MS; Zoology 430 Juniors Mann, Rachel Ann; Osceola. AR; Music; DB Manning, Leonard R.; Oxford, MS; Theatre Arts Maples, Mark Anthony; Lucedale, MS; Political Science Marchand, Thomas Winters; Stuttgart, AR; Education Marion, Barry Stephen; Houlka, MS; Business Marsh, Mary Frances; Jackson, MS; Education Martin, Bruce E.; University, MS; Anthropology Martin, Raymond L.; Oxford, MS, Premedical; Martin, Steven James; Everett, MA; Biology Martin, William Chester; Memphis, TN; Political Science Martinec, Jamie Ann; Huntsville, AL; Political Science; ZTA Massey, Elizabeth Lynn; Senatobia, MS; Business; AAA Mauney, Pamela Susan; Ripley, MS; Business May, Billy A.; Bay St. Louis, MS; Chemistry McAlister, Cayce L.; Brentwood, TN; Social Work; HB McAlpin, Jill Lejune, Booneville, MS; Accounting McBride, Douglas Sean; Laurel, MS; Mathematics McCaa, Melanie Connie; Jackson, MS; Premedical; KKI McCann, Lauren Rebecca; Los Altos, CA; Business; ZTA McCollum, J. Duncan; Jacksonville, FL; Philosophy, Biology; XU McCrary, Timothy Earl; Corinth, MS; Mechanical Engineering McCool, Marcus Dee; Louisville, MS; Physical Education McCool, Michael Lee; Louisville, MS; Accounting McCowin, Paul Vincent; Biloxi, MS; Theatre Arts McDermott, Marty T.; Boca Raton, FL; Business McEuen, Susan Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; Political Science; XQ McEwen, William Ira; Oxford, MS; Music McFarland, George Cameron; Jackson, MS; Accounting McFarland, Robert Bruce; Jackson, MS; Business Mclntosh, Amy; Memphis, TN; English McKay, Donald R.; Preston, MS; Pharmacy McKee, Suzanne; Waynesboro, MS; Education; KA McKiernan, Susan Amelia; Meridian. MS; Journalism McLain, Patsy Keturah; Jackson, MS; Education McLemore, Gary B.; Kosciusko, MS; Microbiology McLendon, Nancy Darlene; Crystal Springs, MS; Pharmacy McMain, David Bryan; Meridian, MS; Liberal Arts McMullin, Marilyn; Memphis, TN; Education; ZTA McNally, Vivian Michele; Dade City, FL; Education McNeal, John W.; Vicksburg, MS; English McNeese, William F.; Pickens, MS; Chemistry McWilliams, Mark H.; Southaven, MS; Business; KA Means, Richard Branham; Baton Rouge, LA; English Melvin, Leslie Meredith; Laurel, MS; Business Melvin, Patricia F.; Laurel, MS; Business Merchant, Cindy Kay; Louise, MS; Business; M Middleton, Charles Edward III; Yazoo City, MS; Unknown; KZ Miles, David D.; Wiggins, MS; Biology Juniors 431 Miller, Cindy Lorraine; Moss Point, MS; Political Miller, David Lee; Kossuth, MS; Accounting Miller, Mark Robert; Holly Springs, MS; Business; X Miller, Robert David Jr.; Aberdeen, MS; Accounting: KA Millette, Lesley L.; Pascagoula, MS; Education; KA Millette, Michele T.; Pascagoula, MS; Education; Al Mills, Margaret A.; Waynesboro, MS; Pharmacy; AAD Miskel, Kathy; Pascagoula, MS; Preprofessional Mitchell, Donald Kenneth; Gulf Breeze, FL; Business Mitchell, Pamela Anne; Holly Springs, MS; Education Mitchell, Rickey; Vicksburg, MS Mitchell, Vickie Ruth; Corinth, MS; Education Mitros, James C.; Flossmoor, IL; Business; KT Montgomery, Lee Howell; Pontotoc, MS; Biology Montgomery, Murry Neil; Thazton, MS; Chemical Engineering Monts, Mellon Denise; Tupelo, MS; Business; t M Moor, Janice Marion; Greenwood, MS; Business; AAA Moore, Cecil S.; Oxford, MS; Education; Qat Morel, Paul Doug; Magnolia, MS; Biology Morgan, Marlinda Ann; Greenwood, MS; Education; Al Morhead, Willie; Greenville, MS; Sociology Mori, Karen Ann; Jackson, MS; Accounting Morris, Donna Lynne; Tupelo, MS; Accounting; AOfl Morrow, Mary Alice; Lookout Mt., TN; Journalism; AAH Morton, Jeffery Clell; Franklin, NC; Pharmacy Moseley, Christy Lynn; Oxford, MS; Business Mott, Alice Marie; Ocean Springs, MS; Political; ZTA Moynihan, David Patrick; Jackson, MS; Unknown; t KU Mullins, Walter Allen; Greenville, MS; Accounting Muse, Gregory H.; Tupelo, MS; Business Mutchler, Jan Elise; Oxford, MS; Sociology, Psychology Myers, Cathy Annette; Canton, MS; Pharmacy; Af Myles, Wayne Everett; Friars Pt, MS; Accounting Myrick, Marsha Gayle; Poplarville, MS; Physics Myrick, Wayne Taswell; Laurel, MS; Accounting Navarro, Toni Franceses; BrickTown, NJ; Education; AAFI Ndefo, Louis A.; Otolo, Newi; Electrical Engineering Neal, Bradley Warren; Waco, TX; Business Neal, Marta Dee; Florence, AL; Home Economics; AAF1 Nelson, Hattie N.; Sardis, MS; Business Nelson, John William; Senatobia, MS; Preprofessional Nelson, Karen Lane; Baldwyn, MS; Nursing 432 Juniors - .---. $ $ - ' . ' - ' - N r JUNIORS Nettleton, Margaret Sue; Memphis, TN; Political Science Neveleff, David Seward; Jackson, MS; Business Newsom, Demetria Arlene; Holly Springs, MS; Business; ZO B Nguyen, Tarn Thi Minh; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Nicholas, John A.; Macon, MS; Accounting; 1 K0 Nichols, Christopher R.; Madisonville, KY; Business; KA Nichols, Karla D.; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Nichols, Patrick; Oxford, MS; Art; 4 BI Nichols, Vincent Bernard; Byhalia, MS; Education; OBI Nobles, Johnny Rudolph; Prentiss, MS; Pharmacy Noell, William J.; Senatobia, MS; Business Norman, Susan Leigh; Calhoun, MS; Education Norquist, Helen Gary; Yazoo City, MS; Biology; XO Norton, Dewey A. Jr.; Jackson, MS; Political Science; O ' Brien, Phillip John; Jackson, MS; Mathmatics; K0 O ' Connell, Deborah Adelle; Prentiss, MS; Preprofessionals; AAA Okeke, Felix Chuma; Nnewi, Nigeria; Engineering Okereke, Chukwunwike Mike; Yabh Lagos, Nigeria; Geography Oleis, John Yates; Utica, MS; Pharmacy; A O ' Neal, Donna Lee; South Haven, MS; English; ZTA Orange, Patsy Ann; Oxford, MS; Unknown; AI0 Owens, Agnes Staci; Greenville, MS; Education Palmieri, Dana Ann; Mare Island, CA; Business; KA Pang, Lily Esther; Greenwood, MS; Library Science Panned, William Truett; Blue Springs, MS; Education Paris, Lee H.; Indianola, MS; History; KA Paris, Vicki Anne; Baton Rouge, LA; Liberal Arts; AAA Parker, B. Jack; Jackson, MS; Business; B0n Parks, Sharon Marie; Southaven, MS; Home Economics Partin, Mary Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; Accounting Patrick, Charles T.; Nashville, TN; History Partridge, Lee Weatherby; Natchez, MS; Medical Technology; KA Patton, Richard Allen; Oxford, MS; Accounting Payne, Mary Karen; Memphis, TN; Physics; AOfl Payne, Roger D.; Tupelo, MS; Physics Pearson, Leanne; Bowling Green, KY; Liberal Arts Peaster, Thomas Benjamin Jr.; University, MS; Business; B0n Pedigo, Tena S.; Indianapolis, IN; Business Penningtun, Gerard M.; Mather AFB, CA; Premedical Perkins, Eddie; Clarksdale, MS; Biology Perry, Robbie Angel ine; Memphis, TN; Preprofessional Peters, Scotty Larue; Baldwyn, MS; Preprofessional Petersen, Barbara Jean; Houston, TX; Geology; AAD Peterson, Karen Diane; Clinton, MS; Business; AAfl Pettis, Carnelia; Oxford, MS; Business; Z PB Pettis, Mattie; Oxford, MS; Business Phelps, Robert Housley Jr.; Columbus, MS; Mathematics; AO Phifer, Gene Riley; Vicksburg, MS; Computer Science Juniors 433 Phillips, Michael Stephen; Bay St. Louis, MS; Physics Phillips, Myra Jaynette; Oxford, MS; Business Pickle, David Alan; Natchez, MS; Physics, OKUJ Pierce, Breeze; Columbia, MS; Art Pierce, Harriett Susan; Newton, MS; Accounting Pigott, James H.; McComb, MS; Business; IN Pilgrim, Carol; Brandon, MS; Business; AAA Pinson, Paul Anthony; Jackson, MS; Accounting Pitner, Mark Steven; Myrtle, MS; Preprofessional Pittman, James A. Jr.; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy; " fKUJ Pittman, James Edward; Water Valley, MS; Political Science Pittman, Steve J.; Greenville, MS; Political Science; IX Pitts, Kevin Ann; Ecru, MS; Education; Af Pollard, James Ellis; Oxford, MS; Business Pomeranz, Michael Buckeye; Nashotah, WS; Biomedical Engineering Poole, Patti; Oxford, MS; Unknown; XO Poon, King Leung; Hong Kong, China; Electrical Engineering Porter, Patty Bowen; Okolona, MS; English Powell, Amy N.; Summit, MS; Biology; AAD Powell, Bernice; Hollandale, MS; Double Major Science; AKA Powell, Robin Mitchell; Hickory Valley, TN; Education; Aon Prather, William David; Saltillo, MS; Biology Pressley, William Warren Jr.; Ripley, MS; Pharmacy Prestage, John Arthur; Fulton, MS; Business; KA Preston, Robert Clyde; McComb, MS; Pharmacy Price, Cecil Ozell; Noxapater, MS; Accounting Price, Helen Porter; Little Rock, AR; Home Economics Pritscher, Ruth Carolyn; Alexandria, VA; Business Pruitt, Kenneth E. Jr.; Senatobia, MS; Sociology Pryor, Dwight Kenneith; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Pryor, James Ronald; Oxford, MS; Social Work Quarles, Cathy; Randolph, MS; Business Quinley, Charlotte Lynn; Covington, TN; Education Quinn, Keiren Louise; University, MS; Computer Science Quinn, Vickie Jean; luka, MS; Education Ragland, Judy L.; Caruthersville, MO; Education; ZTA Ragon, Deborah Lynette; Oxford, MS; Business Rakestraw, Larry Wayne; Blue Springs, MS; Accounting Ramsey, Larry; Tupelo, MS; Business Ramsey, Michael Eugene; Amory, MS; Accounting; OUJt Randle, Laurie Elise; Amory, MS; Liberal Arts; t M Ratliff, Dorothy F.; Vlcksburg, MS; Political Science Ratliff, Kenneth Allen; Belmont, MS; Preprofessional Ray, Carmon Timothy; University, MS; Chemistry Rayburn, Merideth Ann; Booneville, MS; Music Rayford, Claudette; Holly Springs, MS; Business Redmond, Margaret; Oxford, MS; Home Economics; Z J B Reed, Amanda Lee; Belmount, MS; Education Reed, Delilah Ann; Clarksdale, MS Reed, Judy Beth; Southaven, MS; Medical Technology Reeder, Marsha Steward; Pontotoc, MS; Business Reeves, Cintealia Paige; Bessemer, AL; Education; ZTA Reeves, Johnny Raymond; Jackson, MS Reid, Marsha Kathryn; Nacogdoches, TX; Accounting; AOn 434 Juniors ft Renfrew, Rheta Fay; Leland, MS, Education Reves, Dennis Ray; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional Reynolds, John Holliman; Anniston, AL; Business Reynolds, Robin Teresa; Vicksburg, MS; Business; KKI Rice, Lucy Ann; Webb, MS, Business; XO Richards, Cookie; Osceola, AR; English Richardson, Anthony Allen; Grenada, MS; Accounting Richardson, Leta Ellis; Bowling Green, KY; Education; HBO Richardson, Riki Joye; Olive Branch, MS; Nursing; ZTA Rider, Robin Ann; Jackson, MS; Nursing Rincon, Max G. New York, NY; Business Ringold, Willie Earl; Louisville, MS; Sociology Ritts, Christopher C.; Potts Camp, MS; Business Roberson, Jeffrey M.; Ripley, TN; Business Roberts, Edward Burke III; Latta, SC; Library Science Roberts, John Bums; Biloxi, MS, Civil Engineering Roberts, Ronnie Allen; Silver City, MS; Computer Science Robertson, Kathy R.; McComb, MS; Business; Al Robertson, Wanda Kathryn; luka, MS; Business Robinson, Camille Maxine; Tupelo, MS; Business Robinson, David Lee; Greenville, MS; History, Sociology XU Robinson, Jaquie R.; Memphis, TN; Journal; ZTA Rogers, Guy N.; Jackson, MS; Music Rogers, John Michael; Vicksburg, MS; Political Rogers, Rickey Gus; Ripley, MS; Preprofessional Roland, Andrew I.; Clarksdale, MS, Business Roop, William Henry; Hernando, MS; Biology Roseborough, Melvin; Brooklyn, NY; Political Science Powell, Tho mas Carter; Memphis, TN; Political Science Rowley, Frances Kim; Columbus, OH; Art; KA Ruff, Missy; Tupelo, MS; Education; AAA Rush, Janet Sue; Biloxi, MS; Unknown Rush, Rex; Hialeah, FL, Journalism, Psychology; Rushing, Audie Len; Verona, MS, Botany Russell, Charlotte Diane; Brandon, MS; Business; KA Russell, Ronald Wayne; Naperville, IL; Business Rusynyk, Jeffrey J.; Strongsville, OH; Electrical Engineering Saffold, Kathleen Moore; Greenwood, MS; Preprofessional; XO Sanders, Carole Ruth; Jackson, MS; Social Work; Af Sanders, Gail Charles; Tupelo, MS; Computer Science Sanders, Steven Corley; Jackson, MS; Business; XO Sanderson, Albert Andrew; Laurel, MS; Pharmacy Sandidge, Elsie L; Hernando, MS; Journalism Sang, Charlie J. Jr.; Rosedale, MS; Premedical Sansing, David G. Jr.; Oxford, MS; Education; ATO Sansom, Steven Dale; Coldwater, MS; Preprofessional Saucier, Renee; Gulfport, MS; English; AAA Scarborough, Norman Avery; Biloxi, MS; Premedical; AI Schilling, Brenda Ellen; Magnolia, MS; Education; XO Searcy, Debra Sue; Okolona, MS; Liberal Arts Seckar, Julie Ann; Omro, Wl; Education; ZTA Seto, Linda Susan; Rolling Fork, MS; Business Sexton, Michael Wayne; Nesbit, MS; Psychology Shackelford, John Michael; Columbus, MS; Business; B4 n Shackelford, Virginia; North Carrollton, MS; Unknown; XO Shahkarami, Amir; University, MS; Chemical Engineering Shepperson, Dorothy Nell; Covington, TN; Mathematics Shideler, Erin Eileen; Ft. Collins, CO; Education Shields, Douglas M.; University, MS; Mechanical Engineering Shields, Tommy; Carthage, MS; Pharmacy Short, Evelyn Denise; Vicksburg, MS; Psychology Shorter, Leasa Kay; Oxford, MS; Premedical Shuck, Victoria Lynn; Memphis, TN; Education Sibley, Faye Carole; Okolona, MS; Accounting; Af Siddell, Doyal H.; New Albany, MS; Business Sikora, Jody Lee; Merrillville, IN; Accounting; ZTA Simmons, Joseph R.; Moss Point, MS; Pharmacy Simmons, Lelia Ann; Belzoni, MS; Physics; Af Sims, Thomas Randall; Birmingham, AL; Electrical Engineering Sinclair, David Barron; Columbia, MS; Journalism; Aif Sizemore, Terry Allen; Ocean Springs, MS; Chemistry Slaughter, Suzanne Marguerite; Pascagoula, MS; Education Smith, Anne Elizabeth; Picayune, MS; Education; ZTA Smith, Charles Edward II; Natchez, MS; Social Work Smith, Danny Lynn; Booneville, MS; Physical Education Smith, Gary Eugene; Leakesville, MS; Business Smith, Missy; Slidell, LA; Double Major Science; AAD Smith, Richard Earl; Gulfport, MS; Chemical Engineering Smith, Roger Norman; Gulfport, MS; Medical Technology Smith, Suzanne McWhorter; Jackson, MS; Business Smith, Tony C.; Union, MS; Journalism Snowden, Lori Kay; Gulfport, MS; Home Economics Snyder, Mary T.; Jackson, MS; History Sorey, William Hugh; Pearl, MS; Premedical; AUJ Soubra, Talal; University, MS; Electrical Engineering South, Angela Paulette; luka, MS; Education Southward, Hal B.; Tishomingo, MS; Political Science Southward, Nita Faye; Tishomingo, MS; Business Spears, Marilyn R.; Senatobia, MS; Education Speece, Robert Franklin; luka, MS; Chemical Engineering 436 Juniors JUNIORS Spencer, Jack Dale Jr.; Aberdeen, MS; Business; IX Spencer, Sandra Rochelle; Tupelo, MS; Music, AOD Stacy, Paul Ellis; Booneville; Electrical Engineering Staggs, Kathy Darleen; Eupora, MS; Music Stamps, Charles Timothy; Silver Creek, MS; Pharmacy Stanford, Carolyn; Oxford, MS; Education Stennett, Thomas Ricky; Booneville, MS; Chemical Engineering Stephney, Esther Marian; Clarksdale, MS Stevenson, Barbara Regena; Louisville, MS; Preprofessional Stewart, Gladys M.; Natchez, MS; Physics Stone, Maisy; Fulton, MS; Accounting Stone, Sally; Batesville, MS; Hospital Administration; ZTA Strang, David E.; Urbana, IL; Accounting Stribling, Susan Lee; Rogers, AR; Business; AAD Stubblef ield, Betty Jean; Ecru, MS; Biology Suggs, Deborah Jo; Ocean Springs, MS; Biology Sulcer, Kathryn Irene; Gilmore, AR; Preprofessional; f!B4 Summers, James Richard; Aurora, IL; Business Takkouche, Salim M.; Beirut, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Tang, Therese C. C.; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy Tarbutton, Nancy Jean; Wynne, AR; Physics; AAF1 Tatum, Mary S.; Hattiesburg, MS; Liberal Arts; AAA Tavares, Brenda Lynn; Duranth, MS; Pharmacy Taylor, Cissy; Alexandria, VA; Political Science; Al Taylor, Howard Gordon; Oxford, MS; Social Work Taylor, Terri Lynn; Preston, MS; English Templeton, Mike Alan; Jackson, MS; Business Terracina, Tina Marie; Greenville, MS; Business Terrell, Allen Carter; Liberty, MS; Physics Thaxton, Susan Lynn; Crystal Springs, MS; Premedical Therrell, Rebecca Doris; Ellisville, MS; Education; XO Thomas, Elliott Frank; Jackson, MS; Accounting Thomas, Howard R.; Meridian, MS; Political Science Thomas, Patricia Louise; Hopkinsville, KY; Business Thomason, John Erschel; New Albany, MS; Physics Thompson, Fredrick R.; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Thompson, Lewis M.; New Albany, MS; History Tillman, Eric Alexander; Gulfport, MS; Journalism; AU Tindall, John A.; Calhoun City, MS; Political Science Tisdale, David Timothy; Meridian, MS; Business To, David; Tupelo, MS; Accounting Travis, Cade Gregory; Picayune, MS; Preprofessional; AU Trim, Martha; Port Gibson, MS; Education Triplett, Janie Luzene; Booneville, MS; English Triplett, Melanie; Memphis, TN; Biology Trott, Caren Adair; Oxford, MS; Education; Al Tucker, James Russell; Tunica, MS; Political Science; 0KT Turner, Joe Edward; Water Valley, MS; Business Juniors 437 Turner, Melissa Rhea; Memphis, TN; Accounting; AAH Turner, Richard G.;Calhoun City, MS; Civil Engineering Turner, Robert E.; Greenwood, MS; Biology; Q 4J S Tutor, Danny A.; Calhoun City, MS; Psychology Valentine, David Lee; Newton, MS; English Vanderburg, Pamela Jane; Memphis, AR; Political Science; KA Vanexan, Kenneth Stewart; Long Beach, MS; Pharmacy Van Hooser, David Lee; Laurel, MS; Electrical Engineering Vanzant, Marty; Holly Springs, MS; Theatre Arts Varner, Cathy N.; Jackson, MS; Physical Therapy; XO Varner, Vicki Lynn; Oxford, MS; Home Economics Vaughan, Dawn Gloria; Pass Christian, MS; Education; KA Vaughan, William Scott; Madisonville, KY; Chemical Engineering; ATD Vaughn, Mona Ruth; Tiptonville, TN; Liberal Arts; XO Vega-Prado, Salvador A.; Colonia Escalon, El Salvador; Business Vick, Donna Ann; Walnut, MS; Music Viner, Stanley John; Jackson, MS; Unknown; KA Wagner, Anna E.; Como, MS; Art; Af Wakefield, Terry Ann; Ripley, TN; Home Economics; AOn Waldrop, Jane Shannon; Hernando, MS; Education; t M Waldrop, Mary A.; Oxford, MS; Arts Walker, C. Duane; Ft. Smith, AR; Music Walker, Jane Joyce; Vicksburg, MS; Education; KA Walker, Nancy Diane; Memphis, TN; Premedical; ZTA Walker, William Allen; Long Beach, MS; Electrical Engineering Wall, Summer Kathleen; Jackson, MS; Business; KKf Wall, Wesley Michael; Jackson, MS; Medical Technology Wallace, Henry Tolbert; Pearl, MS; Business Wallace, Russell C.; Pearl, MS; Accounting Walls, Michael Scot; Pontotoc, MS; Double Major Nonscience Walters, Steven L.; Huntsville, AL; Business Ward, John Michael; Amory, MS; Political Science; B0H Warner, Robert Lee Jr.; Waveland, MS; Preprofessional; AO Warren, William Roger; Atlanta, GA; Business; B0I I Waters, Tanya Ann; Pontotoc, MS; Liberal Arts Watkins, Mickey Wayne; Meridian, MS; Business; KA Watson, Linda Carol; Drew, MS; Theatre Arts Watts, Jr. Kenny; Meridian, MS; Political Science; KA Weaver, Rebecca Sue; Southaven, MS; Preprofessional Webb, Amy M.; Selmer, TN; Education; ZTA Weiss, Richard Jr.; Clarksdale, MS; Business Welch, Dennis D.; Vaiden, MS; Psychology Welti, Conrad Jeffrey; Vienna, VA; Liberal Arts White, Claudia Anne; Jackson, MS; English; ZTA White, Connie Diane; Oxford, MS; Sociology White, John Paul; Oxford, MS; Double Major Nonscience; AOJ White, Joyce Ann; Tutwiler, MS; Education White, Susie Faye; Tupelo, MS; Education; t M Whitehead, Deborah R.; Shannon, MS; Art Wigginton, Judith Jumper; Booneville, MS; Home Economics Wilbanks, Hannah Lee; New Albany, MS; Home Economics; AP Wilbourn, James Howard; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Wilkerson, Woody Gann; Jackson, MS; Accounting Wilkinson, MelanieGrey; Tupelo, MS; Education 438 Juniors JUNIORS Willcutt, Mark A.; Fulton, MS; Communications Williams, Angela C.; Jackson, MS; Journalism; XQ Williams, Dan Glenn; Jackson, MS; Business Williams, Donald Wayne; Pontotoc, MS; Education Williams, Howard Holder; Grenada, MS; Accounting Williams, Jim E.; Moss Point, MS; Political Science Williams, Kristi Lynn; Gulf port, MS; Education; KKf Williams, Morris C. " Kit " ; Little Rock, AR; Accounting; KZ Williams, Phyllis Joann; Oxford, MS; Education Williams, Sherry Lucille; Ripley, TN; Business; ZTA Williams, W. Hunter; Blytheville, AR; Political; KI Williamson, Wayne Wesley; Memphis, TN; Business, HKA Willingham, Valerie A.; Oxford, MS; Home Economics; ZOB Wills, Michael G.; Corinth, MS; Computer Science Wilson, Jimmy G.; Oxford, MS; Civil Engineering Wilson, K. Lee; Indianapolis, IN; Education Wilson, Melinda; Jackson, MS; Business Wilson, Robert William; Jackson, MS; Accounting Wilson, Sheila M.; Grenada, MS; Political Science Wilson, Timothy Alan; Jackson, MS; Premedical Wiltshire, Sylvia Ann; Belmont, MS; Business Windham, Charlotte Annice; Batesville, MS; Mathematics Windham, Henry David; Gulfport, MS; Engineering; V Windsor, Renee Ann; Jackson, MS; Business; M Winkler, Bob Edward Jr.; University, MS; Accounting Winograd, John Allen; Whitefisn Bay, Wl; Business, Winter, Marty Lane; Pontotoc, MS; Pharmacy Wise, Donald R.; Richton, MS; Business Wiygul, Frank Mitchell; Jackson, MS; Chemistry Woodbridge, Laurie Bradley; Jackson, MS; Home Economics; FIB Woods, Carolyn Adams; Oxford, MS; Business Woods, Ronald Keith; Olive Branch. MS; Physical Education Woody, Marvin David; Lavinia, TN; Engineering Worsham, Gene Michael; luka, MS; Pharmacy Worsham, Pamella E.;Cascilla, MS; Business Wright, James Edward; Tupelo, MS; Accounting Wright, Jeffrey Robert; Walnut, MS; Political Science, Engineering; KA Wright, Melanie Winfield; Booneville, MS; Premedical Wurth, Charles Frederick I; Paducah, KY; Pharmacy Wyatt, Robert Winston III; Waveland, MS; Pharmacy Yarber, Lealon Patterson Jr.; Belmont, MS; Electrical Engineering Yates, David Glenn;Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts Yerger, Wirt Adams III; Jackson, MS; Business; KA York, Judy Carolyn; Booneville, MS; Psychology Young, Dianne; Victoria, MS; Nursing Young, Nathan Tod; Wheelersburg, OH; Political Science Zeigler, Ricky Lee; Lexington, MS; Premedical Zolnoor, Ahmad; University, MS; Electrical Engineering , Junk 439 Abu Jurji, Saadeh Farah; Beirut, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Adam, Charles F. Cpt.; Tupelo, MS; Electrical Engineering Adams, Benjamin F. Ill; Ocean Springs, MS; Political Science Adams, Edmund Jonny; Tupelo, MS; History; J K0 Adams, George T.; Waveland, MS; Business Adams, Jan Douglas; Baldwyn, MS; Education Adams, Jeffry C.; Oxford, MS; Psychology; IAE Adams, Julie Ann; University, MS; Education Alexander, Amy Oldham; Dyersburg, TN; Business; XO Alexander, David; Union, MS; Business; IN AI-Khalil, Munther A.; Tyre, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Allred, Judson Moore III; Jackson, MS; Business; IX Alsup, Daniel Franklin; Ripley, MS; Accounting Amend, Kathy J.; Memphis, TN; Education; KKf Anderson, A. Evans; Okolona, MS; Education Anderson, Gary Lee; Byhalia, MS, OBI Anderson, Jane C.; Oxford, MS; English Anderson, Julie Taylor; Ottumwa, IA; Physical Education; nB t Anderson, Stephen Cole; North Carrollton, MS; Pharmacy Andrews, Angela Montez; Brazton, MS; Accounting Andrews, Wade H. Ill; Starkville, MS; Pharmacy Ashley, Robert Alan; Hattiesburg, MS; Pharmacy Austin, Alvin F. Jr.; Doddsville, MS; History Austin, Carolyn Belk; Doddsville, MS; Physics Austin, Melissa Joy; Pontotoc, MS; Education Avant, Sandra; Senatobia, MS; Journalism Bagwell, Cynthia Lynn; Paducah, KY; Preprofessional Baker, Edwin Lamar Jr.; Brookhaven, MS; Physics Baker, Sheila Ann; Laurel, MS; Pharmacy Balch, Jackson McCaleb; Pass Christian, MS; English, History Balducci, Alex Ralph Jr.; Shelby, MS; Business; KI Ball, William P.; Gadsden, AL; Physical Education Bankston, Robert Alan; Centreville, MS; Business; XO Barbel, Frank David; Hattiesburg, MS; Political Science; IAE Barber, Collins Lee; Myrtle, MS; Business SQflORS 440 Seniors Barber, Stephen M.; East Point, GA; Liberal Arts; XiP Barber, Valerie D.; Raymond, MS; Political Science Barger, David N.; University, MS; Political Science Barnes, Demetria Elaine; Greenville, MS; Physics; AKA Barnett, Susan; Clinton, MS; Computer Science; FIB Barren, Mitzi Kate; Florence, MS; Liberal Arts Bartlett, Lisa Karen; Vicksburg, MS; Journalism; KA Bass, Terry Wayne; Plantersville, MS; Social Science Beachum, Linda Parish; University, MS; Education Becker, Victoria Alison; Brookhaven, MS; Art; ZTA Bee, Alon Wilton; Jackson, MS; Communications Bellipanni, Antoinette; Long Beach, MS; Journalism Bennett, Myra Katherine; Jackson, MS; Business; flB Benton, Emily Courtney; Baton Rouge, LA; English; KA Berry, Richard F.; Clarksdale, MS; Business; AID Berryhill, Robert Carlton; Batesville, MS; Pharmacy Bethea, John J. Jr.; Hattiesburg, MS; Business; ZAE Betsayad, Velice; University, MS; Engineering Bet-Sayad, William; Tehran, Iran; Electrical Engineering Beverly, Perry Rip; Ruleville, MS; Political Science Biediger, Linda Jean; Jackson, MS; Mathematics Birdsong, Patricia Herring; Jackson, MS; Sociology; AAF1 Bishop, Paula Ann; Baldwyn, MS; Social Work Blackshare, Tina Sue; Piggott, AR; Double Major Nonscience Blake, Belinda Gaye; Flora, MS; Education; ZTA Seniors 441 Blakely, Tina Joyce; Winona, MS; Social Work Blakeney, Debra Nesler; University, MS; Political Science Blakeney, John Barry; University, MS; Psychology Bledsoe, Robert Eugene Jr.; Greenville, MS; Chemistry Blucker, Taralou Holden; Little Rock, AR; Art; AAA Boggan, Deborah Addy; Decaturx, MS; Education Boh, Charlie M.; Pax River, MD; Engineering Book, Shelby Clare; Yazoo City, MS; Education; AOn Boschert, Neville H.; Duncan, MS; Political Science, English; J KO Boswell, Rebecca E.; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Bounds, James Tony; Ellisville, MS; Biology; KI Bounds, Robert Paul; Lucedale, MS; Business; B0PI Bouton, Barbara McRee; Little Rock, AR; Art Bowie, Lois F.; Water Valley, MS; Education Bowlin, Richard B.; Vicksburg, MS; Biology Boyd, Margaret Lynn; Munford, TN; English; AAA Boyd, Mary Goolsby; Ripley, MS; Business Bradford, Pamela Suzanne; Dallas, TX; Theatre Arts; KA Brady, Yolanda Juanita; Greenwood, MS; Biology Brasher, Janet R.; Bruce, MS; Science Brashier, Elizabeth Nell; Indianola, MS; Art; XO Braznell, Catherine; St. Louis, MO; Business; ZTA Brevard, David Emery; Tupelo, MS; Political Science; OA6 Brewer, Kathy; Summit, MS; Pharmacy Bridges, Angie; Jackson, MS; Social Work; AAF1 Brock, Bubba; Jackson, MS; Music Brock, Helen Haffey; Lexington, MS; Business Broome, Adam Houston; Pearl, MS; Mathematics; AUJ Brown, Dawn Marie; Holly Springs, MS; Psychology Brumfield, Gwendolyn Ann; Tylertown, MS; Physics; t M Brunt, Rosalyn P.; Sardis, MS; Accounting; AI0 Bryan, Mary Christine; Jackson, MS; Business; J M Bryant, James L. Jr.; Pittsboro, MS; Physics Bryant, John Wyatt; Derma, MS; Business Bryant, Lenora Kelley; Bruce, MS; Speech SENIORS 442 Seniors Buchanan, David Michael; Blytheville, AR; Business; 4 KiP Bugg, James Harold; luka, MS; Communications Bullard, Allison Todd; Vicksburg, MS; Theatre Arts Buntin, Deborah H.; Oxford, MS; Education Buntin, William R.; Oxford, MS; Political Science Burcham, Theresa Lynn; Baldwyn, MS Burkes, Susan Cruse; Marks, MS; Preprofessional Bush, Deborah Ann; Tupelo, MS; Accounting AC Butas, Thomas Florian; Huntsville, AL; Business Butschek, Michael; Mendenhall, MS; Double Major Science Cain, Donnie Paul; Bruce, MS; Political Science Cain, Louis Ray; Jackson, MS; Double Major Science; IX Caldwell, James Patrick; Tupelo, MS; Liberal Arts; IN Caldwell, Kathy Diane; Natchez, MS; Preprofessional Calhoun, Mark Jefferson; Jackson, MS; Political Science Camp, Sarah Teresa; Olive Branch, MS; Education; HBO Campassi, Robin Hudson; Columbus, MS; Zoology Campbell, John W.; Columbus, MS; KI Campbell, Lynda R.; Sardis, MS; Education; ZOB Campbell, William H.; Tampa, FL; Mathematics Cappleman, Troy Reuben; Dumas, MS; Pharmacy Caraway, David Alman; Hickory, MS; Education Carey, Leah Freeland; Somerville, TN; English Carlisle, Fred L.; Holly Springs, MS; Business; IX Carr, Hannah LaChal; Coldwater, MS; Business Carraway, Brenda I.; Meadville, MS; Pharmacy Carver, Diane; Tupelo, MS; Home Economics Cash, Dennis; University, MS; Psychology Cassel, William Scon Jr.; Union, MS; Art; KT Castle, Ben Edward; Louisville, MS; Journalism Castle, Deborah J.; Eupora, MS; Pharmacy Castle, Valerie Jean; Louisville, MS; Physical Education Chaff in, Teresa L.; Booneville, MS; English Chambers, Samuel Charles; Solmor, TN; Business; KA Seniors 443 Chapman, James P.; Perry, GA; Business Charles, Marie Roberta; Jackson, MS; Education; KKf Cheng, Hau-Yan (Edmond); Hong Kong; Chemical Engineering Chenoweth, Richard E.; Pascagoula, MS; Business Childs, Pauline; Brookhaven, MS; Sociology; Z B Chow, Tim Lam; Clarksdale, MS; Accounting Christensen, Robert Lee; Saltillo, MS; Business Christian, James Donald; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy Clapp, Max Albert; Jackson, MS; Accounting Clark, Anna Katherine; YazooCity, MS; Communications; XQ Clay, Cheryl G.; Picayune, MS; Journalism; ZTA Clayton, Jackie M.; Pontotoc, MS Cleveland, Peter Watkins; Gulfport, MS; Business; KI Clifton, E. Ross; Koscusko, MS; Psychology; KI Clouse, Carla Lynn; Greenville, MS; Social Work; ACT! Cockrell, Wayne Poe; Pascagoula, MS, Chemistry; KA Cofer, James H. Jr.; University, MS; Art Cole, Craig Addison; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional; AO Coleman, Kem Thorpe; Chamblee, GA; Theatre Arts Coleman, Mary Paquita; Oxford, MS; Education Coleman, Ronald Paul; West Point, MS; Business; B0F1 Collins, Cathy Corinne; Grenada, MS; Pharmacy; I 1B Commer, Marsha Ann; Courtland, MS; Business Conway, James Eustace; Vicksburg, MS; Political Science; IAE Cook, William Clayton; Griffin, GA; Pharmacy Cooley, Cathy; Corinth, MS; Music Coolick, Michele Marie; Alexandria, VA; Business Cooper, Kathleen Evonne; Jackson, MS; Business; M Coors, Giles Augustus; Memphis, TN; Business; OA0 Corban, Stephen Monroe; Oxford, MS; Preprofessional Corbett, Charles Melvin; Olive Branch, MS; Premedical Cosnahan, Brister Calvin; Summit, MS; Accounting; IAE Costner, Rachel Ann; Jackson, TN; Pharmacy Courtney, Herbert Don; Bassfield, MS; Physics 444 Seniors SCNIORS Cox, Gayland, C.; N. Carrollton, MS; Business Cox, Phillip Baxter; Pontotoc. MS; Physical Education Cox, William; Madisonville, KY; Accounting; ZN Craig, Karen; Houston, MS; Business; Al Craig, Kenneth Wayne; Palm Beach, FL; Chemistry Grain, John Mark; Wilson, AR; Business Crain, Lynn W.; Keiser, AR; English Creedon, Debra Lynn; Springfield, VA; Physics Creely, Thomas Eugene; Tupelo, MS; Business Crenshaw, Karen Sue; Marietta, GA; Journalism; AAF1 Crenshaw, Virginia White; Elkton, KY; Business; KKI Crews, Patti Lynn; Memphis, TN; Preprofessional; AAH Crim, Leesa; Jackson, MS; Business; Af Crocker, Karen Marie; Gulf Breeze, FL; Journalism Crossno, Karen L.; Clinton, MS; Speech Therapy Crowley, James Wesley; Batesville, MS; Accounting; J KT Crump, Murray L.; Tupelo, MS; Music Fulton, MS; Physics Cunningham, Robert Arthur; Florence, AL; Accounting; ZN Dantzler, Larry Donal; McLain, MS; Physical Education Daughtry, Clay Irwin; Moorhead, MS; Physical Education Davidson, Steven Wayne; Jackson, MS; Accounting Davis, John C.; Booneville, MS; Pharmacy Davis, Julia Lee; Booneville, MS; Education Dawson, John Carlton Jr.; Gulf port, MS; Political Science Day, Ellen D.; Blytheville, AR; Education; AOO Dean, Anthony; Oxford, MS; Communications; 0BZ Deaton, Beverley Diane; Greenwood, MS; Speech; XD Deaton, Donna Jean; Tishomingo, MS; Home Economics Dees, Daney; Greenville, MS DeLashmet, Gordon Bartletf Jackson, MS; Biology; AUJ Delasho, James W.; University, MS; Psychology Delasho, Thomas J.; Bronxville, NY; Psychology; ZBT DeLaughter, Dixie T.; Jackson, MS; Home Economics DeMartini, Margaret Stacy; River Ridge, LA; History; AAD Seniors 445 Dempsey, Gregg Dennis; Oxford, MS; Biology Dempsey, Keith Colin; Oxford, MS; Psychology Denton, James A.; Tupelo, MS; Business; AU DeSaussure, Dede; Memphis, TN; Business; XQ DeVaughn, Janice R.; Baldwyn, MS; Education Dickson, David Durban; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Dilley, James Martin; Oxford, MS; Accounting; J KU Dillon, William L; Tylertown, MS; Pharmacy Donald, Joe F.; Indianola, MS; Psychology, Journalism Donnell, China Gayle; Mendenhall, MS; Education; KKI " Dowdy, Howard Keith; Louisville, MS; Pharmacy Dowell, William Wade; Moorhead, MS; Chemistry Draper, John Milton; Ackerman, MS; Preprofessional Driver, Mary E.; Etta, MS; Business; AKA Duddleston, David N.; Jackson, MS; AOJ Dudley, Patricia Lynn; University, MS; Premedical Duewall, Donna C.; Morriston, AR; Education; nB J Duff, Suzanne; Pontotoc, MS; Education; ZTA Dukes, Joe Alan; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Dulaney, Marian Fields; Tunica; MS; English; P1B t Dulany, Evelyn Jann; Batesville, MS; Education Dunn, Laura Avers; Belzoni, MS; Home Economics; Af Dyer, Charles Thomas; Halls, TN; Marketing; KI Dyre, Thomas Lowrey; Grenada, MS; Business Eason, Gene Bowen; Oxford, MS; Business East, Bennie K.; McComb, MS; Pharmacy East, M. David; McComb, MS; Physics Eatman, Mike A.; Meridian, MS; Liberal Arts; OKU Eckman, Joe Edward; Jackson, MS; Business Edwards, Carter; Alamo, TN; Accounting Edwards, James Thornton; Memphis, TN; Business; KA Edwards, Toby; Clarksdale, MS; Communications Elkin, Rebecca Claire; Columbus, MS; Business; AAA Ellis, Martha Jane; New Albany, MS; Business; t M Ennis, James Michael; Osyka, MS; Liberal Arts SNIORS 446 Seniors kr ' -W A Entrican, Mitchell Wade; Senatobia, MS; Mathematics Epperson, Chester Neal; Yazoo City, MS; Pre Dental Eubanks, W. Ralph Jr.; Mt. Olive, MS; Psychology Evans, Trese Ann; Greenwood, MS; Premedical Fabris, Robert Stratton; Athens, GA; Theatre Arts Faddoul, Antoine Sami; Dbayeh, Lebanon; Civil Engineering Fair, Frank Love III; Louisville, MS; Business Fair, Sandra Lou; Myrtle, MS; Business Fancher, Debbie A; Memphis, TN; Education Fannon, Janet Marie; Columbus, MS; Education Farrar, Mike Wayne; Gulfport, MS; Business Farris, Nannette lona; Tupelo, MS; Accounting Featherston, Ann Vaughn; Macon, MS; Business; ZTA Fedric, Robert Mayes; Greenwood, MS; Business; AKE Fitts, Joyee Ruth; Tupelo, MS; Music Flair, Beatrice Ann; New Orleans, LA; Physical Education; AAH Flowers, Elizabeth Suzanne; Dublin, MS; Social Work; AAA Forbes, William Webb; Columbia. MS; Pharmacy Ford, Earline; Sardis, MS; Education Ford, Shelley C.; McComb. MS, Physics; Af Fortenberry, Howard, Jr.; Collins, MS; Psychology Foster, Debbie; Batesville, MS; Education Foster, Dennis Morgan; West Point, VA; Meteorology Foster, Derrial; Compton, CA; Biology Foster, Stephen Ray; Tupelo, MS; Computer Science Franco, Guy Louis; Vicksburg, MS; Business Franklin, Deborah Black; University, MS; Political Science Franklin, Marc D.; Greenville, MS; Biology Freeman, Beryl Denise; Holly Springs, MS; Communications Fulton, John David; Grenada, MS; Pharmacy Fulwood, Sharon Leigh; Oxford, MS; English Gafford, Ray Alan; New Albany, MS; Accounting Gagne, Ann Marie; Memphis, TN; Education Calient, Norma Kathryn; Centreville, MS; Sociology Gamble, Cynthia Elizabeth; Petal, MS; Business Garbarini, Darla Jean; Memphis, TN; Education; XQ Garner, Jacqueline Eloise; Jonesboro, AR; Chemistry; M Garrison, Jennifer Lea; West Memphis, AR; Education; AAH Gass, Albert Henry; Waterbury, CT; Education; If! Gehring, Lonnie Paul; Wheatley, AR; Liberal Arts Stniors 447 Genola, Charles Hamilton; Grenada, MS, Pharmacy Gibson, Charles Dale; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy Gillentine, Timothy C.; Mooreville, MS; Liberal Arts Gillom, George; Abbeville, MS; Business Gilmore, David M.; Meridian, MS; Zoology; KZ Gleaton, Earnestine; Enid, MS; Preprofessional Goggins, Robert; New Albany, MS; Mathematics Golden, Mitchell Keith; Coldwater, MS; Physics Gonyea, James L; Oxford, MS; Physical Education Gooch, Trentice Gail; New Albany, MS; Home Economics; KA Goodson, Beverly A.; Calhoun City, MS; Liberal Arts Goodson, Debbie C.; Calhoun City, MS; Education Graeber, William Mims; Marks, MS; Business; IAE Graham, Albert Neal; Pontotoc, MS, Accounting; IN Granholm, Nancy Davis; Grenada, MS Gray, Albert Shelton II; Jackson, MS; Accounting Gray, Jean Luckey; Humboldt, TN; Pharmacy; AAfl Greene, Terri Gay; Marietta, MS; Liberal Arts Greenhaw, Barbara Elaine; Petal, MS; Education Greer, Alice Mary; Como, MS; Education Gregg, Jameson Lewis; Raymond, MS; Business Gregg, William Robert; Columbus, MS; Arts Gresham, John Strickland; Clarksdale, MS; Business Griffin, Lisa Dianne; Meridian, MS; Pharmacy Griffin, Mary Wallace; Florence, AL; Education Grubbs, Uta Paulette; Tylertown, MS; Physics Gryder, Pamela Jane; Jackson, MS; Psychology; AAF1 Gullick, Donna Rae; Oxford, MS; Education Gullick, Ruth Gay; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Gunn, Melinda Lea; Jackson, MS; Social Work; $M Gunn, Michael Frank; Jackson, MS; Political Science; KA Hailey, Shaula Elizabeth M.; Columbus, MS; Pharmacy Hall, Randy; Southaven, MS; Physical Education; XOJ Hall, Terry A.; Mantachie, MS; Liberal Arts Hamilton, Daniel L.; Pascagoula, MS; Business Hamilton, William Floyd III; Florence, AL; Physical Education Hammond, Mary Jane; Moss Point, MS; Business; AAD Hammond, Shannon Leigh; Corinth, MS; Business; AAA Hankins, Bonnie Frances; Grenada, MS; History; KA Harber, Dana E.; Doraville, GA; Education; HB 448 Seniors I SCNIORS Hardee, Norman Edgar; Oxford, MS; Electrical Engineering Hardin, John Carter; Calhoun City, MS; Education Hardin, Ruth Carol; Jackson, MS; Education; Al Hardison, Martha Frances; Senatobia, MS; Business; AAA Hardy, Sarah Mclntosh; Columbus, MS; History; Xfi Harkins, Theodore Steven; Jackson, MS; Medical Technology; PK0 Harris, Lindy Webb; Flora, MS; Business; KA Harris, Mary Dabney; Yazoo City, MS; Physical Education; AAA Harris, Steven Michael; Hernando, MS; Business Harrison, Murke Franklin IV; Holly Springs, MS; Pharmacy Harwell, Cathy; Memphis, TN; Business; M Harwell, Nancy Carol; Memphis, TN; Education; flB Hasson, Dan; Meridan, MS; Business Hathcock, Weldon Henry Jr.; Columbus, MS; Electrical Engineering Hayden, Lillie Fay; Batesville, MS; Education Hayden, Thomas Anthony; Pass Christian, MS; Pharmacy Hayes, Barbara J.; Tunica, MS; Social Work Hayes, Kathryn Vivian; Tunica, MS; History Hayes, Raymon Venson; Indianola, MS; Business Haynes, Patsy Ann; Oxford, MS; Preprofessional Hays, Dorothy Lee; Itta Bena, MS; Business Hazlehurst, Marion Elizabeth; Jackson, TN; Liberal Arts Heard, John McDowell; Memphis, TN; English; IAE Helldorfer, Thomas Joseph; Battle Creek, Ml; Liberal Arts Helms, John Robert; Oxford, MS; Journalism Henderson, James Hurdle Jr.; Meridian, MS; Psychology Henick, Henry Christopher; Yazoo City, MS; Business; J A0 Henley, John David; Vicksburg, MS; Double Major Science Henning, Stephen Luther; Sallis, MS; Liberal Arts; Avp Hentz, Linda Faye; Batesville, MS; Home Economics Herring, Hoye Raymond Jr.; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Hester, Lea Anne; Laurel, MS; Journal ism; AAH Hicks, Jack Rush; Statesboro, CA; Music; t KO Hill, James Russell; Memphis, TN; Accounting Hill, Rita Jean; Bruce, MS; Physical Education Sen ran 449 Mines, Joseph E.; Tchula, MS; Accounting; PA0 Hinton, Melinda Anne; Corinth, MS; Business; AAA Hinton, Michael Dennis; luka, MS; Civil Engineering Hirsch, Catherine Pearl; Greenville, MS; Zoology; AOD Hirsch, Marie Theresa; Greenville, MS; Zoology; AIA Hobson, Edwina Faye; Guntown, MS; History; AOD Hodges, Alesia Kay; Toccopola, MS; Education Hodges, Timothy E.; University, MS; Chemistry Holcomb, Charlie Mcllwain; Columbus, MS; Preprofessional; A4J Holland, Sheary L.; Tyler, TX; Business; XQ Holliday, Robert Mitchell; Ripley, MS; Computer Science Holliman, Edward Chester; Biloxi, MS; Psychology Hollins, Anne Cecil; Mt. Pleasant, TN; Business; AAH Holloway, David Lynn; Smithville, MS; Social Science Holt, Karen Ann; Houston, TX; Journalism Homich, Sara S.; Oxford, MS; Education Honea, June G.; Osyka, MS; Journalism; FIB Hooshmand, Mohamad; University, MS; Engineering Hopper, Steve Lynn; Memphis, TN; Pharmacy Horn, Albert Victor; Houston, MS; Zoology Morton, Sherry Lynn; Senatobia, MS; Education Morton, Thomas N.; Memphis, TN; Accounting Houston, Mary Ann; Marietta, MS; Education Hovious, Lucy Robinson; Vicksburg, MS; Journalism Hovious, Robert L.; University, MS; Business Howell, Michael F.; Jackson, LA; History Howington, Deborah Ann; Sikeston, MO; Music Howie, Mark Austin; Union, MS; Music Hudson, Ronnie Lawrence; Oxford, MS; Liberal Arts Hudspeth, Harvey Gresham; Oxford, MS; History, Psychology; Hugg, David Owen; Natchez, MS; Biology Hughes, Robert Lafayette; West Point, MS; Accounting; IAE Hughes, Robert Mansell; Clarksdale, MS; Business; KI Hughes, Sallie Park; Madison, MS; History; KKf Hull, Marsha Burton; Indianola, MS; Liberal Arts; XO SCNIORS .; .X; 450 Seniors Hunter, Gloria J.; Mantee, MS; Education Ingram, William Dennis; Pine Bluff, AR; Psychology; t KT Inman, Charles Gordon; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Irby, Settle Ann; Coldwater, MS; Premedical Irving, Preston Eugene; Kosciusko, MS; Liberal Arts Jabour, Wichele; Vicksburg, MS; Business; KA Jackson, Shirley Dianne; DeWitt, AR; Home Economics Jacobs, Jodie Neil; Meridan, MS; Political Science Jacobs, William O.; Brookhaven, MS; Journalism Jagodinski, W. Thomas; luka, MS Jamil, AKM Rashed; Dacca, Bangladesh; Business Jammal, Ahmed Mohammed; New Abra Sidon, Lebanon; Electrical Engineering Jeffus, Robert Wayne; Paulding, MS; Pharmacy Jenkins, Martha A.; Clarksdale, MS; Journalism Jenkins, Sonja Anne; McComb, MS; English; FIB Jennings, Paula Barksdale; Jackson, MS; English; " Jennings, Thaddeus; Etta Bena, MS; Political Science; J BZ Jennings, Van Steven; Moorow, GA; Business Jernigan, Deborah Joy; Pontotoc, MS; Home Economics Joe, Raymond King; Marks, MS; Computer Science; ZBT Johnsey, Elton Bert; Rienzi, MS; Pharmacy Johnson, Elizabeth; Decatur, MS; Education Johnson, Lawrence B.; Jackson, MS; Business; Johnson, Ralph Neely; Holly Springs, MS; Pharmacy; KA Johnson, Steven Daniel; Jamestown, NY; Political Science Johnson, Suellen; Clinton, MS; Political Science Johnston, Carey Alan; Greenwood, MS; Zoology; KA Johnston, Kenneth Hal; Jackson, MS; Business; KA Jones, Gary M.; Memphis, TN; Business Jones, Jocelyn Alexis; Corinth, MS; Chemistry Jones, Michael Louis; Bruce, MS; Education Jones, Robert Evans; Crystal Springs, MS; Biology; ZAE Jones, Vernetta Caryl; Senatobia, MS; Business Jordan, James Leslie; Kosciusko, MS; Accounting; ZX Joseph, Cleveland; Water Valley, MS; Social Work Joseph, Fred Caiser; Birmingham, Ml; Liberal Arts; ZF1 Jurgens, Sam Kim; Jackson, MS; Political Science Kaston, Elie Kaston; Beirut, Lebanon; Chemical Engineering Kaufmann, Marguerite; Ocean Springs, MS; Foreign Language, English; ZTA Keck, Charles Thomas; Jackson, MS; Political Science; t KT Swiion 451 Keel, Michael Stephen; Pass Christian, MS; Biology Kelly, Debra Karen; West Point, MS; Business; KKf Kemp, JoAnn; Jackson, MS; Business Kerr, Leslie P.; Pascagoula, MS; Theatre Arts; 0 KOJ Keyes, Robert E.; Clinton, MS; Journalism Khraibi, Ali Amin; University, MS; Civil Engineering Kilpatrick, Lisa Kathryn; Tupelo, MS; English; KKf Kimbrough, Laurie Frances; Jackson, MS; Social Work, Al King, Carolyn; Columbia, MS; Premedical King, Jean Marie; Yazoo City, MS; Pharmacy King, Vernita f.; Holly Springs, MS; Political Science Kizler, John A.; Rockville, MS; Business; IAE Knister, Terry Kent; Roswell, GA; Political Science; 0 K0 Korndorffer, Pamela Ross; Gulf Breeze, FL; Business; AAR Koury, Kathryn Carr; McComb, MS; Business; Al Ladner, Suzanne; Biloxi, MS; Business; AAD Laird, Alice T.; Jackson, MS; Biology; AH Lancaster, Cecil Kelly; Corinth, MS; Business Lnagley, Billy Paul; Fulton, MS; Physical Education Latham, Don Edward; Water Valley, MS; Art Latture, Carol Lea; Hot Springs, AR; Home Economics; flB Launius, Stephen Edward; Jackson, MS; Business Lawrence, Joe A.; Nashville, TN; Business Leasure, Ellen Lenora; Madisonville, KY; Business; t M Ledbetter, Johnny DeNoah; Columbus, MS; QOt Lee, David M.; New Hebron, MS; Education Lee, Ola Dean; Tupelo, MS; Education Lee, Samuel Booth; Natchez, MS, Business Lee, Sidney Mae; Batesville, MS; Business Leedham, R. K. Jr.; University, MS; Physics LeGuin, Jack M. Jr.; Meridian, MS; English Lenhart, Linda H.; Kempton, PA; Mathematics Leslie, Rhonda Ann; Fulton, MS; Business; 2TA Lessenberry, Leigh Ann; Little Rock, AR; Psychology; XO Levens, Jerry Leo; Long Beach, MS; Accounting; KE 452 Seniors SCNIORS Lewis, Daniel H. II; Mountain City, TN; Pharmacy Lewis, Robert Q.; Tiptonville, TN; Journalism Lightsey, Beverly Gaye; Natchez, MS; Accounting Lipe, H. Karen; Grenada, MS Little, Steven Earl; Oxford, MS; Music Lokey, Loyd Cooper; Oxford, MS; Business Longstaff, Chris; Evansville, IN; Liberal Arts; t KT Lott, Raymond Britton; Indianola, MS; Education Love, Cheryl Theresa; Meridian, MS; Business; AT Lucas, Deborah Larke; Clarksdale, MS; Education; AAA Lucas, Sethelle Biles; Greenwood, MS; Premedical; XO Lucius, Dorothy Mae; Pontotoc, MS; History Lusk, Serena P.; Greenwood, MS; Music Luther, Barney Lavon; Pontotoc, MS; Busi ness Lyne, Mary Jo; Memphis, TN; History; ZTA Macarthy, Mark D.; Cincinnati, OH; Business; Mack, Harold D.; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts Magee, Robert Wayne; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; OKI Magee, Ronald Greg; Bay St. Louis, MS; Biology Maher, Anna Louise; Clinton, MS; Education Mak, Susan On-Kei; University, MS; Physics Malmo, Donald Anthony Jr.; Memphis, TN; Business; IN Malone, Miller; Eunice, NM; Psychology Manasco, David M.; Waveland, MS; Pharmacology Mangialardi, Jo Lynne; Shelby, MS; Nutrition Mann, Jack, J. Jr.; Carthage, MS; Liberal Arts Manner, Marta McDade; McKenzie, TN; Education; XO Manning, Anne Campbell; Jackson, MS; Home Economics; AT Manning, Karl Barrett; Eupora, MS; Pharmacy Marston, Lois Ann; Memphis, TN; Education; t M Martin, Liza Ann; Alexandria, VA; Psychology Mask, Edward Jeffrey; Franklin, TN; Philosophy Maslanka, Michael John; Laurel, MS; Business; ID Massey, Jane C.; New Albany, MS; English Masters, Tracy Young; University, MS; Accounting Seniors 453 SQflORS Mathews, William (Skip); Jackson, MS; Business; KA Mathis, Chrysanthia Anita; Tupelo, MS; Education Mathis, Wanda Gale; Memphis, TN; Education Matthews, Ellen V.; Brookhaven, MS; Pharmacy Matthews, Eugenia R.; Robinsonville, MS; History; KA McAlister, Mary Grace; Blue Mountain, MS; Accounting McBee, Gaye; Vicksburg, MS; ZTA McBride, Thomas Mitchell; Ripley, MS; Business McCall, Sherrod Garland; Moultrie, GA; History; t K JJ McCarver, Virgil Michael; Ecru, MS; Physical Education McClure, Jimmy; Sardis, MS; Business McCord, Elizabeth Janes; Memphis, TN; Sociology; History; KA McCoy, Martin Bradley; Gretna, LA; Accounting McCullough, Anna Ruth; Pontotoc, MS; Education; t M McCullough, Rick W.; Yazoo City, MS; Business McDaniel, Suzanne Hart; Oxford, MS; Education McDonald, Cathy Lynn; Picayune, MS; Chemical Engineering McDonnell, Elizabeth T.; Jackson, MS; Business; KA McDowell, Roy G.; Ripley, MS; Business McElroy, William Franklin III; Memphis, TN; Business McGaha, Alicia; New Albany, MS; Speech McHugh, Pamela Ann; Nashville, TN; Liberal Arts; AOn McKenzie, John Mark; Starkville, MS; Business; ZN McKenzie, Patricia Lee; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Accounting McKinney, William D Jr.; Memphis, TN; Business; DKUJ McKissack, John Clayton; Oxford, MS; Business McKlemurry, Joseph E.; University, MS; Mechanical Engineering McMeans, Dale Austin; Corinth, MS; Education McNeese, Rhonda Euqua; Pontotoc, MS; Education McNeill, James R.; Oxford, MS; Journalism McPherson, John Ziegler; Tampa, FL; History McVey, John House; Jackson, MS; History; IX Meeks, Mark; Yazoo City, MS; Science Merryweather, Ernestine; Batesville, MS; Speech Metcalfe, Sharon Lynn; Tuscumbia, AL; Electrical Engineering 454 Seniors Meyer, Dan Wesley; Oxford, MS; Accounting Miller, Dennis Wayne; Gulfport, MS; Business; KZ Miller, William Ellsworth III; Birmingham, AL; Journalism; zn Milligan, Vada Lue; Memphis, TN; Education Mills, Michael Paul; Fulton, MS; Political Science Mims, Stephen H.; Lucedale, MS; Chemistry Minear, Malinda; Palm City, FL; Pharmacy Mirchell, Richard D.; Jackson, MS; Business Mitchell, Mona Miles; Batesville, MS; Education; Al Montgomery, Eugene; Monroe, LA; English; KA Moore, Melainie Christine; Greenwood, MS; AAA Moore, Melvin H. Jr.; Baldwyn, MS; Business Moore, Pamela Dianne; Clarksdale, MS; Education Mooring, John Edward; Oxford, MS; Home Economics Morgan, Robert B.; Greenville, MS; Theatre Arts Morgan, Thomas Joseph; Pascagoula, MS; Liberal Arts Morris, Charlotte Ann; Collins, MS; Pharmacy Morris, Joe Cullen Jr.; Madison, MS; Business; AU Morson, Wynn Ruth; Leland, MS; Business; PB t Moseley, Frances Louise; Okolona, MS; English Murff, Daniel T.; Oxford, MS; Arts Murphy, Gregory Lynn; Batesville, MS; Mathematics Murphy, Martha Lynn; Grenada, MS; Accounting; M Murray, James Thomas Jr.; Pearl, MS; Physics Musgrove, Ronnie D.; Courtland, MS; Business Myrick, Suzanne; Grenada, MS; Journalism Nabors, Larry Joe; Ripley, MS; Mathematics Nabors, Linda Sue; Ripley, MS; Business; AAD Nail, Greg L.; Whitf ield, MS; Psychology Nash, Barry Len; Pearl, MS; Business Neel, Penman William; Starkville, MS; Business Neely, Vernon Dell Jr.; Florence, MS; Sociology Neely, Winford L.; Byhalia, MS; Liberal Arts; t BI Nesbit, Michael Lynn; Ecru, MS; Accounting Newcomb, Paul Henry; Laurel, MS; Chemistry Nichols, Sandy Geveta; Mantachie, MS; Pharmacy; KA Noble, Susan Amanda; Lorman, MS; Art; XQ Norman, Dwight Everett; Corinth, MS; Biology Senior 455 Morris, Landy; Owensboro, KY; Accounting; ATQ Norsworthy, Thomas Philip; Ellisville, MS; Zoology North, Darden Hays; Cleveland, MS; Zoology; KA North, Peggy Frederick, T.; Tremont, MS; Education O ' Briant, Angela Lois; Sonatobia, MS; Zoology, Psychology O ' Conor, Harvey George Jr.; Gulfport, MS; Business; t KT Odum, Jayne E.; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Oge, Nanette Elizabeth; Tyler, TX; Business; XQ Olander, Carl John; Meridian, MS; Business O ' Quin, Carolyn Gayle; Vicksburg, MS; Business O ' Quinn, Carolyn Jean; Gautier, MS; Education; AT Ott, Richard Wiltz; Osyka, MS; Social Science Ott, Thomas Wayne; Caledonia, MS; Business Ousley, Bruce Ashley; Tutwiler, MS; Preprofessional Owens, Howard Dale; Terry, MS; Liberal Arts Page, Stanley Willis; Tishomingo, MS; Pharmacy Palmer, E. Scott; Forest, MS; Business; IAE Palmer, Pamela; Corinth, MS; Art; AAA Panned, Billy Ray; Blue Springs, MS; Civil Engineering Park, Robert Dudley; Jackson, MS; Business; IN Parker, Robert Wesley; Purvis, MS; Physics Parker, Steven Pittman; Midnight, MS; Accounting Parks, R. Marquetta; Southaven, MS; Education Parks, Stephen B.; Oxford, MS; Business; IAE Parrett, Samuel Wayne; Hazlehurst, MS; Physics Parris, Lynn E.; Atlanta, GA; Music; XO Parrish, Stephen Eric; Jackson, MS; Civil Engineering Ration, Michael Glenn; Pickens, MS; Business;; 4 A6 Payton, Rosie Lean; Oxford, MS; Business Pearson, George T.; Oxford, MS; Double Major Pearson, James Denton; Cleveland, MS; Accounting; KA Pearson, Janice Marie; Picayune, MS; Business Pegues, Shirley Jean; Holly Springs, MS; Education Pennington, Charles Adams; Memphis, TN; Accounting Perry, Kathryn May; New Albany, MS; Premedical Phelps, Leland E.; Summit, MS; Journalism Phillips, David Gary; Jackson, MS; Mechanical Engineering; AKI Phillips, Leisa; Arkadelphia, AR; Education; KKf Phillips, Victoria Anabel; Hartselle, AL; Business; KA Pickett, Joseph Rodney; Pope, MS; Biology 4 56 -Seniors Pinion, Maudie Lavelle; Lambert, MS; Political Science Pitalo, Susan Marie; Ocean Springs, MS; Nutrition Plasketes, George Mark; Riverside, IL; Journalism Poe, Ronnie Lane; Greenwood, MS; Physics Polk, Sherrye, Ann; McGee, MS; Business Porter, Dianna Lynne; Myrtle, MS; Business Porter, James Larry; Okolona, MS; Accounting Porter, Pam W.; Jackson, MS; Social Work; KKf Poteet, Judy Gail; Saltillo, MS; Liberal Arts Pray, Gaylon Brock; Summit, MS; Chemical Engineering Price, Ralph Conerly; Magnolia, MS; Business Price, Sarah Carolyn; Sardis, MS; History Pritchard, David Edward Jr.; Union Church, MS; Political Science Puckett, Lisa S.; Gulfport, MS; Business; KA Puls, Cindy Kay; Brooksville, MS; Accounting; AP Purvis, Jay; Ellisville, MS; Business; KI Putman, John Lee; Grenada, MS; Pharmacy Quinn, Ricky Wayne; luka, MS; Physics Rabideau, Debbie Lynn; Decatur, IL; Business; ZTA Rafferty, Rory Robin Jr.; Pass Christian, MS; Education; AKZ Ramia, James L.; Meridian, MS; Political Science Ramsay, Charles H.; Vicksburg, MS; Biology Ratliff, Pat; Oxford, MS; Business Ray, Carolyn Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; Accounting Ray, Terry D.; New Albany, MS; Music Redd, Herbert L.; Greenville, MS; Pharmacy Redmond, Anita Jo; West Point, MS; Political Science Reich, Robert Michael; Fort Myers, FL; Social Work Reisser, Margaret Lynn; Memphis, TN; Journalism; KKP Reynolds, Richard Tyler; Gadsden, AL; Education Reynolds, Smith Perry III; Tyler, TX; Business; ZAE Rhodes, Martha Rose; Oxford, MS; Social Work; AAA Rice, Mary Ann; Courtland, MS; Education Richard, Tyronne Lezet; Cleveland, MS; Physical Education; OBI Richardson, Robert Keith; Eads, TN; Political Science Seniors 457 Richey, Terry Moore; Tupelo, MS; Music Riddell, Charles Foster Jr.; Canton, MS; Accounting Robbins, James Barry; Etta, MS Bobbins, Jimmy T.; Ripley, MS; History Robbins, John Hilton; Pelahatchie, MS; Education Roberts, Catherine L; Moss Point, MS; Social Work; Al Roberts, Lisa Lue; Meridian, MS; Double Major; KA Roberts, Roberta Diane; Wiggins, MS; Education Roberts, Steven Glen; Senatobia, MS; Political Science Robinson, Cathryn Jean; Oxford, MS; Political Science Robinson, John Paul; Canton, MS; History, Political Science; KI Roemer, Teresa Louise; Long Beach, MS; Pharmacy Rogalski, John Paul; Biloxi, MS; Journalism; ZBT Rogers, Arthur Flozell; Plantersville, MS; Biology Rogers, Jim William; Memphis, TN; Physical Education; J KT Rose, Eldridge Dunn; Hollandale, MS; Political Science; DBI Ross, Jane McDowell; Indianola, MS; Arts; AAA Rowe, John T.; Indianola, MS; Speech Rowell, Stephen E.; Heidelberg, MS; Accounting; KZ Royce, Richard Neil; University, MS; Double Major Rule, William Sibley II; Wynne, AR; Business, English; Rutland, Ricky Joe; Tupelo, MS; XUJ Sanders, Jackie Rose; Memphis, TN; Home Economics; AAn Sanders, Richard P.; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; AOJ Sanders, Shirley Jean; Jackson, MS; Music Sanders, William Richard; Cof feeville, MS; Business; t KT Sanford, Linda Marie; Jackson, MS; Preprofessional; AIO Sartin, Alvin Craig; Jayess, MS; Pharmacy; FIKA Sawyer, Robert John; Gulf port, MS; Political Science; KA Schilling, Penny Marie; Waveland, MS; Education; AOD Scipper, Mitzi E.; Ruleville, MS; Physics Scott, James H.; Picayune, MS; Electrical Engineering Scon, Paul Randolph; Hernando, MS; Political Science Self, Mary Jacqueline; Jackson, MS; Liberal Arts; ZTA Self, Richard D.; Randolph, MS; Accounting; AKE SQQORS I 45 Seniors Seto, Kin F.; Rolling Fork, MS; Pharmacy Sexton, Gary Jay; Como, MS; Physical Education Shamalnasab, Hamid; University, MS; Civil Engineering Sharp, Pat Keith; Nashville, TN; Business Shaver, James A.; Itta Bena, MS; Biology; 4 BZ Shaw, Maynard Devotie Jr.; University, MS; Chemical Engineering Shelton, Dyan; Covington, TN; Business Shivers, Jerry; Greenville, MS; Psychology Short, Katrina Rebel; Biloxi, MS; Political Science Sigmon, Valerie Russell; Sherard, MS; Art; AAA Sikora, Jill Ann; Merrillville, IN; Computer Science; ZTA Simmons, Lyda Beth; Chattanooga, TN; Political Science; HBO Sims, Laura M.; Oxford, MS; Library Science; AF Sisk, Fred A.; Powell, TN; Business Slade, Linda Carol; Meridian, MS; Journalism; AAA Slider, Donald C.; Coffeeville, MS; Physics Smith, Agnes Denise; Potts Camp, MS; Journalism; AKA Smith, Carl Anthony; Hernando, MS; Education Smith, Carlos Leonard; Pontotoc. MS; Education Smith, Cathy Dionne; University, MS; Education Smith, Dennis Wayne; Booneville, MS; Accounting Smith, Ervin Ray Jr.; Waterford, MS; Education Smith, Frances Moore; Arkabutla, MS; Accounting Smith, Fred Coleman Jr.; Grenada, MS; Biology; Xi Smith, Julie Rae; Gulf port, MS; Mathematics Smith, Mary Alice; Oxford, MS; Business Smith, Patricia Ann; Oxford, MS; Business Smith, Roger Harold; Tupelo, MS; Pharmacy Smith, Vickie J.; Newport, AR; Liberal Arts Smith, William L.; Leakesville, MS; Electrical Engineering Smithers, Ray Clifford; Holly Springs, MS; Business Sneed, Lynda Dia nrte; Tupelo, MS; Home Economics; t M Snider, Olen Micheal; Tupelo, MS; Liberal Arts Snipes, Carl R.; Pontotoc, MS; Chemistry Engineering Sosebee, Craig E.; Lee ' s Summit, MO; Business; 4 A6 Sparks, Charles Gregory; Oxford, MS; Biology Spence, Charles Grady; Elkmont, AU Liberal Arts Springston, Gwendolyn Kay; Hattiesburg, MS; Social Work Stacy, Marlon Dale; Pontotoc, MS; Business Stanfield, Susan Renee; Jackson, MS; Social Work. Psychology I 459 Stanley, Michael K.; Corinth, MS; Accounting; ZX Staples, Mary A.; University, MS; Business Steingraber, Sara Ellen; Modesto, CA; Accounting; FIB Stenger, John Leonard; Columbus, MS; Pharmacy Stephenson, Laurie Gayle; Dallas, TX; Theatre Art; AAA Stevens, Michael Kennington; Jackson, MS; Physiology; AUJ Stewart, Paul; Lexington, MS; Premedical Stinson, Anthony Wade; Memphis, TN; Civil Engineering Stone, Sunnett, J.; Thaxton, MS; Education Strange, Lisette Anne; Memphis, TN; Education; ZTA Strickland, Sharon Ann; Tishomingo, MS; Education Strickland, Susan Kay; Brandon, MS; Education Stringer, Bridget M.; Jackson, MS; Education Stringer, Sancy Louise; River Ridge, LA; Education; XQ Stuart, Andrew W.; University, MS; Journalism; KI Stuart, Connie D.; University, MS; Education; AAfl Stubblefield, Terry Wade; Ecru, MS; Chemistry, Biology Stuckey, Madonna L.; Jackson, MS; Social Work; KA Sugg, Julianne; Isola, MS; Education; KKI Sumrall, William Joseph; Gulfport, MS; Zoology Sutton, Pamela Joy; Lambert, MS; Education Swearengen, Leigh Ann; Phillip, MS; Communications; Af Switzer, Bettie Lu; Oxford, MS; Education Switzer, Purvis, Barry; Belzoni, MS; Business Swofford, Carla S.; New Albany, MS; Pharmacy Swords, Phil; Ecru, MS; Business SCNIORS 460 Seniors Sykes, Norval Lee; Senatobia, MS; Liberal Arts; Tackett, Deborah Lee; Independence, MS; Education Tannehill, Antone Walter; Tupelo, MS; Political Science Tapp, Jayne Elizabeth; Baldwyn, MS; Education Tarbutton, James Kenneth; Jackson, MS; Business Tedder, Katherine Susan; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Double Major Nonscience; DA Temple, Edwin Marshall; Tupelo, MS; Education Thies, Thomas R.; St. Pella, IA; Accounting Thistle, Bebe; Decatur, AL; Library Science; KA Thomas, Cynthia Marie; Jackson, MS; Business Thomas, John B.; Pearl, MS; Liberal Arts Thomas, Shirley Diann; Pattison, MS; Medical Technology; AKA Thornton, Nancy L.; Courtland, MS; Double Major Science; ZTA Thornton, Susan M.; Morton, MS; Pharmacy Tillman, Sheila Ann; Union, MS; Business; Af Tomlinson, William Stanley; Holly Springs, MS; Biology Torjusen, Philip Henry; Pascagoula, MS; Business Truemper, Timothy Carl; Wilmington, DE; History Trussed, Marshall Kerwin; Grenada, MS; Business Tsin, Vincent; University, MS; Civil Engineering Tucei, Alan Louis; Biloxi, MS; Accounting; DKA Tucker, Gregory Blake; Dallas, TX; Theatre Arts Tucker, Michael R.; Vicksburg, MS; Pharmacy Tung, Kee L.; New York, NY; Electrical Engineering Turner, Carolyn M.; Tyler, TX; Liberal Arts; AAA Turner, Donna J.; Waynesboro, MS; Education; ZTA Turner, Jon Crosby; Belzoni, MS; Accounting; KA Turner, Larry D.; Jackson, MS; Premedical; t BZ Turner, Pamela Ann; Belzoni, MS; Biology Turner, Ronald 0.; Water Valley, MS; Physical Education Tutor, Bonnie Lea; Pontotox, MS; Business Vega-Prado, Marlene B.; Lagumllas-Zuha, Venezuela; Humanities Virden, Sheri; Greenville, MS; Liberal Arts; ZTA Viscione, Kathleen; Laurel, MS; Art Wagner, Thomas Frank; Summit, MS; Liberal Arts Walker, Charles Donald; Ripley, TN; Physical Education Walker, Linda Carol; Hernando, MS; Physical Education Walker, Virginia McClellan; Jackson, MS; Education Wall, Elizabeth Clair; University, MS; Computer Science Wallace, Thomas D.; Hernando, MS; Education Senior 461 Walton, Richard McRee; Florence, MS; Biology; t KT Ward, Cathy Inez; Oxford, MS; Education Ward, James Frederick III; San Francisco, CA; History Ward, Robert E. Jr.; Monroe, LA; Accounting Ward, Roger L.; Oxford, MS; Education Watts, Charles Victor; Wiggins, MS; Physics Watts, Donald A.; Morton, MS; Chemical Engineering Weaver, Ellyn Marie; Lewisburg, TN; Unknown; AAD Webb, Belinda; Coldwater, MS; Business Webb, James Jackson; N. Carrollton, MS; Zoology Webb, Wanda Joyce; Coldwater, MS; Education Weber, Philip Durant; Jackson, MS; Business Webster, Sharolyn Belinda; Southaven, MS; Education Weeks, Barry Lynn; Florence, AL; Biology, Religion Wegmann, Scott; Fulton, MS; Business; IN Weir, Terri Arlene; New Braunfels, TX; Education Welborn, A. Ray; Heidelberg, MS; Business, t KT West, Johnene Marie; Wiggins, MS; Pharmacy Westmoreland, James N.; Mendenhall, MS; Pharmacy Wexler, M. Eloise Pope; Johnson City, TN; Liberal Arts; ZTA Wheeler, Harold J.; Clarksdale, MS; Biology White, Celia Ann; Tutwiler, MS; Business White, Lemon Jr.; Columbus, MS, Psychology; OO " J White, Linda J.; Coffeeville, MS; Education White, Marie Elane; Maben, MS; Music White, Melody McLemore; Grenada, MS; Music Whitten, Virginia Irene; Cascilla, MS; Education Whittington, F. Kim; Ocean Springs, MS; Zoology Wichert, Cathy A.; Cape Girardeau, MO; Physics; AAA Richard Fenton III; Virginia Beach, VA; Physics; ' P ' J ' A riKA Widman, William C.; McComb, MS; Accounting; KA 462 Seniors SCHIORS Wigal, Susan L; Biloxi, MS; Education; HBO Wilbanks, Robert P.; Senatobia, MS; Dentistry Wilder, Brenda Kay; Moss Point, MS; Preprofessional Wilkinson, Sheryl A.; Millington, TN; English Williams, Betty Gail; Batesville, MS; Home Economics; AC Williams, David K.; Oxford, MS; Business Williams, David Owsley; Yazoo City, MS; Chemical Engineering; AUJ Williams, Katherine Anne; Greenville, MS; Business; AAA Williams, Monica R.; Coldwater, MS; Elementary Education Williams, Xylda A.; Dundee, MS; Zoology Willis, Pamela Sue; Tupelo, MS; Social Work Willis, William Stephen; Pascagoula, MS; Double Major Science; AU Wills, Gordon Lee Jr.; Memphis, TN; Biology; BOH Wilson, Charles Mark; Natchez, MS; Political Science Wilson, Sherry Ann; Pascagoula, MS; Journalism Wimoerley, James Stephen; Laurel, MS; Business; B6D Wimbish, Shirley Jean; Memphis, TN; Education Winkler, Marion Mayers III; Tupelo, MS; English; ZX Winter, Marty Lane; Pontotoc, MS; Pharmacy Wise, Tad; Naples, FL; Biology; OA6 Wise, Terry Lynn; Jackson, MS; Business; AAA Wofford, Emily Dianne; Darling, MS; Education Worksman, Lisa Anne; Clinton, MS; English Wright, Suzan K.; Jackson, MS; Education Wright, Timothy Terrell; Booneville, MS; Pharmacology Wunderlich, Sallie; Memphis, TN; Education; AAH Yandell, Melinda; Canton, MS; Business; M Yarber, Wanda Denette; luka, MS; Preprofessional Yates, Jack Brooks; Lexington, MS; Business; PA6 York, Walter Eugene; Jackson, MS; Zoology, Premedical Young, Elbert Martin lit; Oxford, MS; Accounting Young, Vickie Sue; Oxford, MS; Home Economics Zaperach, Ronald W.; Monaca, PA; Meteorology Zeigler, Michael Louis; Lexington, MS; Education Zimmerman, Avonna Catherine; Wheaton, MN; Home Economics Senior 463 GRADUATS Abidi, Syed E.H.; Oxford, MS; Pharmacy Adcock, Ken Ramon; Oxford, MS Akeel, Saleh A.; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Mechanical Engineering Allen, Charles Spurgeon; Mendenhall, MS, Law Anukam, Cyril U.; University, MS; Education Arnold, Thomas Laban; Grenada, MS; Law Austin, Joy Hunter; Selmer, TN; English Austin, Terri Louise; Winona, MS; Education Aven, Debra Gay; Oxford, MS; Art Baghdadchi, Jamil; University, MS; Chemistry Barnett, Maria Louise; New Albany, MS; Music Barry, Romell Wayne; Columbus, MS; Political Science; Beatty, Joe F.; Magee, MS; Pharmacy Benamon, Johnny Cecil; University, MS; Hospital Administration Berry, Charles G.; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Bingham, Debra Clement; Amory, MS; Pharmacy Blackmon, Lillie Pernell; Coila, MS; Law; AKA Boggan, Charles A.; Decatur, MS; Pharmacy Boler, Michael Ted; Union, MS; Pharmacy Bones, Clarence E.; Red Banks, MS; Biology Borah, Deva Kanta; University, MS; Engineering Boutwell, James Wilkins; Hattiesburg, MS; Pharmacy Bowden, Judy Catherine; Ashland, MS Bowles, Robert Aaron; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Box, Michael; University, MS; Art Brady, Mary Elizabeth; 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Law Geoghegan, Robert Andrew; Fayette, MS; Law Getchell, Charles Munro Jr.; Oxford, MS; History Gibbs, Robert Lewis; Jackson, MS; Law Graduates 6 5 Gilliland, Holice Odell Jr.; Halls, TN; History Grantham, Melissa Perry; Jackson, MS; Education Grossenbacher, William Henry; Mobile, AL; Mathematics Martin, John S. Jr.; University, MS; Library Science Hamesberger, Deborah Kay; Dallas, TX; Law Harris, Paula; Decatur, MS; Pharmacy Harrison, Michael George; Oxford, MS Harvey, A. Timothy; CA; Music Henderson, Robert Lee; York, PA; Law Henderson, Valerie Lynette; Meridian, MS; Library Science Henrichs, William R.; Oxford, MS; Political Science Hiranyachatri, Naree; Bangkok, Thailand; Education Hodge, Rickey Frank; Pontotoc, MS; Liberal Arts Hojjatie, Massoud; University, MS; Chemistry Hughes, Vemon Thomas Jr.; Clarksdale, MS; Pharmacy Hunsicker, John H.; University, MS; Psychology Hutchens, Zachary M.; Jackson, MS; Pharmacy Imoisili, Olumhense A.; Igueben, Bendel State, Nigeria; Accounting Jackson, William Lawrence; Fulton, MS; Music Jaradi, Pinakin N.; University, MS Jeffries, Evelyn Curry; University, MS Johnston, Kathryn Mary; Short Hills, NJ; Law Jones, James H. 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Jr.; Jackson, MS; Biology m 466 Graduates GRADUATCS Lai, Murari; Old Rajinder, Nagar; Business Larkin, Thomas Jeffrey; Memphis, TN; Law Lea, Clarence W.; Natchez, MS; Pharmacy Lee, Yi Chung; University, MS; Chemical Engineering Leedham, Susan Koontz; Biloxi, MS; Pharmacy Letter!, Joseph D.; Louisville, MS; Pharmacy Liu, El-Ming; University, MS; Civil Engineering Losson, Christopher Thom as; Louisville, KY; History Ma, Tien-Han; University, MS Maniece, Robert L.; Marks, MS; History Marshall, John T.; Abbeville, AL Mavrides, Petros; Nicosia, Cyprus; Psychology M-Barghi, Akram; Iran; Education McDaniel, Phillip Anthony; Oxford, MS, Pharmacy McFerrin, Garry; Mantachie, MS; Pharmacy Moffatt Laura Moore; New Albany, MS; Pharmacy Moffett, Mary Alice; Fayette, MS; Pharmacy Morrison, Richard T.; Nashville, TN; Pharmacy Moss, Jack Gibson; Raymond, MS; Law Mullen, Billy Kelly; Brookhaven, MS; Journalism Murphree, Buford Coleman; Tunica, MS Muruako, David Uzoma; I mo State, Nigeria; Economics Nakhjavan, Saeed B.; Oxford, MS; Chemical Engineering Nance, Robert Stephen; Greenville, MS; Hospital Administration Nelson, James O.; luka, MS; Law Nelson, Peter Bruce; Oxford, MS; Newton, Marie Henderson; Gulfport, MS, Accounting Noranitiphadungkarn, Phadungsakdi; Bangkok, Thailand; Law Oigbokie, Patrick I.; University, MS; Psychology Orange, Oianne; Oxford, MS; Education Pace, Judith LaVann; Brandon, MS; Anthropology Pang, Evelyn Lee; Greenwood, MS; English Partlow, Laura Ellen; Blytheville, AR; Theatre Arts Pearson, Stephen; Houston, MS; Pharmacy Pepper, Eugene Earl Jr.; Yazoo City, MS, Pharmacy Graduates 467 Perkins, Willie Dexter Jr.; luka, MS; Theatre Arts Perry, Leslie Anne; University, MS; Education Perry, Timothy T.; University, MS; Economics Pigott, Linoa Lorraine; McComb, MS; Education Pitner, John Ragan; Tupelo, MS; Law Pope, Ethan Mayo; Collins, MS; Religion Pradhan, Ravindra M.; Sion, Bombay; Mechanical Engineering Qazzaz, Ashty Namik; Kordistan, Iraq; English Queyja, Mary Ida; University, MS; Foreign Language R., Sadasivam; University, MS Rahman, Fazlur; Dacca, Bangladesh; English Rajbanshi, Bimal; University, MS Ratliff, Autry Davis; Corinth, MS Rawls, Robert L.; University, MS Reynolds, Ruby L.; Clarksdale, MS; Education Richard, Leo Norbert Jr.; Biloxi, MS; Biology Rigby, Micky Gwynn; Gonzalez, FL; Education Rish, Windham III; Pontotoc, MS; Mechanical Engineering Robertson, Carol; Ruleville, MS; Pharmacy Rodgers, Bryan Lee; Jackson, MS Rothstein, Shellic; Munster, IN; Pharmacy Rush, Gloria Jean; Meridian, MS; Pharmacy Rushing, Wallace E.; Forest, MS; Pharmacy Sadek, Sayed P.; Lebanon; Meteorology St. John, Leigh Oliver; Atlanta, GA; Zoology Sanders, Donna Arnold; Sardis, MS; Business Scruggs, Helen Jeanne; Waterford, MS; History Shawais, Rast Noori; Kurdstan, Iraq; Engineering Sheth, Dilip B.; University, MS Shieh, Ruey-C; Taiwan, R.O.C.; Electrical Engineering Sigman, Leslie Blackwell; Holly Springs, MS Slocum, Doris McNary; Oxford, MS Smith, James B. Jr.; University, MS; Botany Smith, Janet Marcelene; Carthage, MS Smith, Stanley Quinten; Southaven, MS; Law Smith, Terry Allon; Algoma, MS Smith, Vicki L.; Crossville, TN; Pharmacy 4 Graduates GRADUATCS Spencer, William L; Carrollton, MS Stamper, Jesse Martice; Union. MS; Law Stanhope, Carolyn Jean; University, MS; Theatre Arts Stephens, M.; No Information Available Stokes, Penelope June; Oxford, MS; English Stone, Lidie Riddell; Marks, MS; Law Strain, David Bass; Jackson, MS; Law Strong, Charles; Madison, MS; Pharmacy Strong, Linda Vance; Winona, MS; Pharmacy Sullivan, Sheila Gay; Louisville, MS; Physical Education Swain, A.; University, MS Swain, Patricia Angelia; Batesville, MS Taylor, William D.; Johnson City, TN Terry, Carol Dee; Memphis, TN Thames, William Lewis; Laurel, MS;Law Thompson, James M.; Aberdeen, MS; Pharmacy Thompson, Janet Persons; Pharmacy Torres, William Deloso; Quezon City, Philippines; Pharmacy Trahan, Kenneth G.; Biloxi, MS; Pharmacy Tucker, Bessie Louise; Jackson, MS; Mathematics Tucker, George Herman; Chapel Hill, TN; Psychology Uttamo, Wutti; Chieng Mai, Thailand; Geology Vidula, Balasesha Sarma; A. P. India Waddle, Robert Glen; Jackson. MS; Law; ZF1 Ward, David L.; Crawford, MS; Pharmacy Ware, Larry Wayne; Pope, MS Watkins, Charley C.; Crystal Springs, MS; Art Waugh, William Lee Jr.; Oxford, Ms Weber, Donald Frank; Hannibal, MO Wehle, Deborah Gay; Tampa, FL; Education; KKT Welch, Rebecca L.; Decherd, TN; Pharmacy Wilkey, Edward Benton Jr.; Shreveport, LA; Business; t KT Wilson, Jennye Lou; Osceola, AR; Pharmacy Wongburanavart, Chakrapand; Chiengmai, Thailand; Political Science Yiang, Ting-Yi Graduates 469 Mfae Boykin Ads Editor Lea Ann Porter Ads Assistant Editor Kenny Watts Index Editor " Shopping is not so much a matter of finding a bargain as it is finding a parking place on the Square. " - Buster Turner, sophomore accounting major " I like to go in the stores and try on clothes and buy things. " - Betse Brashier, senior art education major " Shopping in Oxford isn ' t Saks, but it will do in a pinch. " Kay Wiles, sophomore pre-med major DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Copyright, 1977, G. B. Trudeau Distributed by Universal Press Syndicate l i ADVERTISEMENTS INDEX Itjdex Conserving Electric Power Makes Sense Electric power is a valuable resource, and it makes good sense to conserve it. Here are a few easy ways to do that: Make sure your home is properly insulated. Keep your thermostat at 68 in winter and 78 in summer. Use dishwashers and clothes dryers only when you have a full load. Conserve hot water. Turn off TVs, radios, stereos, and lights when not in use. A few simple rules, but following them makes good sense. Dollars and cents, too. ..because these rules help you save money as well as electricity. MIDDLE SOUTH UTILITIES SYSTEM 1 llSSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT Helping Build Mississippi COMPANY Oxford Bank Trust Company Where people make the difference main office 1111 Jackson 236-1111 Eastgate Shopping Center Branch 234-8304 What ' s all over .the Delta?. (besides cotton) US! Jn iannja Jank INDIANOLJk. MISSISSIPPI 387S1 First National Bank Continuously Making Things Happen Since 1910 Main Office 1 203 Jackson Ave. 234-2821 North Lamar Branch 821 North Lamar 234-0671 University Branch Highway 6 West 234-7362 Medical Center Branch 2149S. Lamar 234-0941 Smitty ' s Restaurant 208 South Lamar Oxford Gresham Petroleum Company Textbooks and School Supplies fan Buren Ave. Dial 234 Indianola, Mississippi 1006 Jackson Ave. Discount Music Jim ' s Jewelry Oakwood Mall Oxford National Menswear Highway 6 West Oxford 234-4204 Mt 475 1839 - 1840 - 1841 - 1842 - 1843 - 1844 - 1845 - 1846 - 1847 - 1848 1849 - 1850 - 1851 - 1852 - 1853 - 1854 - 1855 - 1856 - 1857 - 1858 1859 - 1860 - 1861 - 1862 - 1863 - 1864 - 1865 - 1866 - 1867 - 1868 1869 - 1870 - 1871 - 1872 - 1873 - 1874 - 1875 - 1876 - 1877 - 1878 1879 - 1880 - 1881 - 1882 - 1883 - 1884 - 1885 - 1886 - 1887 - 1888 1889 - 1890 - 1891 - 1892 - 1893 - 1894 - 1895 - 1896 - 1897 - 1898 1899 - 1900 - 1901 - 1902 - 1903 - 1904 - 1905 - 1906 - 1907 - 1908 1909 - 1910 - 1911 - 1912 - 1913 - 1914 - 1915 - 1916 - 1917 - 1918 1919 - 1920 - 1921 - 1922 - 1923 - 1924 - 1925 - 1926 - 1927 - 1928 1929 - 1930 - 1931 - 1932 - 1933 - 1934 - 1935 - 1936 - 1937 - 1938 1939 - 1940 - 1941 - 1942 - 1943 - 1944 - 1945 - 1946 - 1947 - 1948 1949 - 1950 - 1951 - 1952 - 1953 - 1954 - 1955 - 1956 - 1957 - 1958 1959 - 1960 - 1961 - 1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 - 1966 - 1967 - 1968 1969 - 1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973 - 1974 1975 - 1976 - 1977 - 1978 and more to come. neilson ' s on the square oxford Oakwood Plaza Mall 234-0084 Largest Selection of Fraternity and Sorority Gifts and S portswear [ haney:s Eastgaf harmacy Worried about energy? The all-electric day is dawn- ing. It has to and soon. Because in a few decades we ' re going to run out of nat- ural gas and oil. So we must start to put more of our eggs in a different energy basket now. Coal and nuclear gener- ated electricity is our best hope for an energy-abundant future. Depending more on electricity now will mean we can stretch our supplies of gas and oil for essential use in industry. Depending more on coal and nuclear gener- ated electricity and using that electricity efficiently can give us an energy independent future and keep the wheels of our civilization turning. Depend on electricity. North East Mississippi Electric Power Association The Gin Fine Food, Spirits Entertainment Downtown Oxford 234-0024 University Launderette 1310 E. University Ave. AMOCO Mansel Oil Company P.O. Box 991 Oxford, Mississippi 234-5211 Serving Oxford and Lafayette County and supporting the Rebels since 1939. Peoples Bank of Indianola Total Resources have $1 7.9 million since 1970. Increase in total resources from December 1 976 to December 1 977 was $4.7 million. PB Total Resources (Millions) OFFICERS: F. H. Hamilton, Jr. President and Chairman of the Board Mrs. Marie W. Dailey Assistant to the President Walter R. Barr Vice President Franklin L. Sibley Vice President Harold G. Taylor Vice President Lee H. Fedric Assistant Vice President Mrs. Sarah Sullivan Assistant Cashier Mrs. Paula Brocato Assistant Cashier " Peoples Bank . . . Where Growth Is A Tradition " DIRECTORS: Bruce Brumfield Frank Croswait W. B. Fletcher, Sr. W. W. Gresham, Sr. W. W. Gresham, Jr. F. H. Hamilton, Jr. Norman Henke V. A. Johnson Morris Lewis, Jr. Darrell Moll Frank Rinehart Dr. Walter Rose Mrs. Christine Swartz W. M. Garrard Country Club Falstaff Lite Miller Pabst Pearl Jim Ford Manager 234-5733 Better Brands Distributing Company Abrahams Petite, Junior, and Misses Sizes 1214VanBuren on the square Indianola Inverness Oxford Medical Pharmacy Center Shipley ' s Donuts Oxford 234-7200 Grenada 226-3551 2209 S. Lamar Supporting Ole Miss All the Way When it ' s time to party it ' s time for . Mr. Oliver ' s a Pink Crustacean Concert Hall and Restaurant Downtown Oxford, Mississippi fch-481 On the Square Oxford, Mississippi Duvalls Is Proud to Support Our University Jimmie Western Auto AandB Distributing Co., Inc. 71 25 North Depot Street Olive Branch, MS 38654 Highway 78 Holly Springs, MS 38635 Phone: 895-2828 Budweiser Natural Light Michelob Busch Johnson ' s Discount Furniture Co. Dedicated to the Free Spirit Oxford Tire Auto Center, Inc. 1703 University Ave. Morgan Jewelry Gifts of distinction On the square 1202 Van Buren Blaylock Drug Store If you don ' t know your drugs know your druggist. Consultant on duty daily Complete line of cosmetics Phone 234-4401 U ' est Side of Square P O Box 24 Oxford. Mississippi Phone 2.M-I70I dress shop Casual Wear A Specialty OXFORD ELECTRIC DEPART- MENT 234-4211 Mrs. C. E. Morgan Business Office 1 07 South Lamar 236-1310 You ' re always in style with . . . _ - -,-: -acr -- - Julie ' s Fashions Oakwood Plaza Shopping Center Oxford, Mississippi Carl Coors The Student ' s Clothing Store on Campus Kiame ' s Restaurant and Recreation Center Highway 6 West 1 Bowling Pool Snacks 1 Amusement Machines THE BANK OF OXFORD Oxford, Mississippi ' OLD BANK NEW IDEAS ' FRIENDLY CONVENIENT COMPETENT SERVICE MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. Singing the praises of Elliot Lumber Co. Oxford, MS A Alizadeh, AsgharG. Alldread, Roger R 420 Alldndge, James R. Allen, Barbara A 360 Allen, Charles L 420 Allen, Connie G. W. Allen, Debra K. Allen, Donald H. Ash, DonnalG. Ashburn. Norman K. 220, 221 , 356, 420 Ashby, James D. Ashford, John C. Ashley, Connie R. 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Bickford, Jeanme M. 257, 258 Abernathv Joanie L 257 258 Allen, Kent M 400 Askew, Thomas L. 232, 233, 400 Ballard, Richard P. Beany, Joe F 464 381 ' 380 Allen, Larry E 234.235,380 Asl-Erousta, Azar Balthazar, Michael J. Beaty, Jeffrey A 380 Biddy, William G 198,401 Abide, Albert G. Ill .208,209 Allen, Laurie E. Atkins, Angelyn A. 136,214,215, Banahan, Beniamin F. Beaty, Shawn Biediger, Diane M. 381 Abide Karen P 208 209,216, Allen, Lisa V 420 400 Bane, Robert M. 1 26, 222, 223, Beck, JohnR. Biediger, Linda J 44t 217 Allen, Michele R. Atkins, Joel E. 421 Becker. Geoffrey M. 206, 207, Biggers, Linda A. 214,215.401 Abidi, Syed E. H 357, 464 Allen, Patricia K. Atkins, Robert H 246, 247 Banister, Leigh A 401 380 Biggs. Mike C. .222.223 Abies ' , Winfred W. 420 Allen, Robert B. Atkinson, Elisha W. 222,223 Banks, John S. Becker, Jamie E. Billmgsley, Carolyn B. Abohi ' jlih, Yousef M. Allen, Robert C. Atkinson, James N. .222,223 Bankston, Robert A. . 210,211, Becker, Jasper B. 248, 249, 407 Billmgsley, Charlie M. Jr. Abraham Charles E. Allen, Sandra J. Atkinson, Robert W. 232, 233 440 Becker, Kathryn E 1 36, 2 1 2, Billmgsley, Olivia R. 240,241 Abraham Charles H. Allen, Thomas M. Atkinson, Sally A. 240,241,400 Barber, Collins L 440 213,248,249 Bills, Betsy M 226,227,421 Abraham, Kristma H. Allen, Vicky L. Atkinson, Sandra M. Barber, Fran k D. Ill . . ,246,247 Becker, Nancy E. . 208, 209, 226, Billups, GuyC. Ill 208,209 Abraham! Lillian E. 226, 227, 400 Allen. William F 420 Atmi, Edgar E 400 Barber, Gary W. 227 Bmford, Richard T. Abraham! Mary M. . . 350,420 Allen, William J. Atwell, Kirsty M 380 Barber. Stephen M. .210,211, Becker, Victoria A. 257,258,441 Bmgham, Debra C. C. 464 Abu Hijleh, Tayhe 400 Alley, William T. Atwell, Scott H 420 441 Becker, William D. 228, 229, 380 Birchett, Thomas C. 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Jr 440 Bargeron, Marjone T 401 Beech, Regina K. 236,237,384 Bissett, J. Abuiassar, Jihad T 380 Altimier, Jeffrey A 210,211 Austin, Carolyn B. 357, 440 Barker, Amy L 380 Beedle, Barry B. Black, Charles E. Jr. Abuto, Ambrose P 380 Altimier, Mark A. 210.211,400 Austin, Dennis L. Barker, Robbie J. 257, 258 Beeler, Earl F. Black. John T 381 Achord, Ann E. 208, 209, 380 Alverson, Lucy A. 224, 225, 380 Austin, Joy H 361.464 Barkley, Gregory M. Beene, Charles W. Black, John T. Jr. 248,249 Achord James M. Alvis, Joel L. Jr. Austin, Lynda C. .228, 229, 244, Barksdale, Annie B. 254, 255, Beeson, Gerri B. Black, Joseph Jr. Acred, Joy A 380 Amacker, Douglas D. 234, 235, 245 421 Beeson, Jeffrey M. Black, Mary E. 224,225,401 Acy, Johnny Ray 400 Austin, Melissa J 440 Barksdale, Gloria J 401 Beeson, Michael E. Hack, Tamm J 381 Adair, Jane Amborn, Kathryn C. Austin, Teresa L. Barlok, Joseph C 421 Beeson, Ronald M. 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Elizabeth D. 216,217, Bell, Betty A. 206,207,240,241, 381 Adams, Edmund J. 238, 239, 440 Anderson, Ann E 440 Autry, Ahsa F 400 380 381 Blackmon, Kevin T. Adams, Gail M. Anderson, Antoinette 420 Avakaa, Terwase 420 Barnes, Harley E. 401 Bell, Jean U. Blackshare, Elizabeth A. 421 Adams, George T 440 Anderson, Carl K. Avant, Sandra 440 Barnes, Lanny W. Bell, JohnS. Blackshare. Tina S. 441 Adams, Jan D 440 Anderson, Carolyn J. 307,361, Avara, William T. Barnes. Queenie S. Bell, Kenneth B 421 Blackston, Joseph W. 232, 233 Adams Janice M. 201,202 440 Aven, Debra G 464 Barnes, Robert D. 1 36, 1 44, 1 45 Bell, Lee A. Blackwell, Andrew J. Ill Adams, Jeffry C. 246, 247, 440 Anderson, Cheryl D. Avery, Jimmy L. 222,223,400 Barnes, Stephen D. Bell, Linda C 421 Blackwell, Dorothy L. 381 Adams, John D. Anderson, Gary L. 274. 440 Avey. Deborah C. Barnes, Thomas Bradford Bell, Michael W. Blackwell, George B. Jr. Adams, Julie A 328 Anderson, Hollie Awosika, Olakunle A. 236, 237, Barnes. Walter B. 126 Bell, Pamela C. 257,258,381 Blackwell, William J. 401 Adams Marshall C 420 Anderson, Jessie F 380 400 Barnen, Clifford B. 208, 209 Bell, ReabyR. Blair, Michael W. 248, 249, 401 Adams, Philip C. Anderson, John H 233, 234 Ayles, Thomas R. Barnett, James K. 210,211,401 Bell, Sandra K. 200,201,401 Blair, Susan A. 401,238,239, Adams, Ramona M. Anderson, John R. Azar, Joseph S. Jr 208, 209 Barnett, Janet L. 226, 227, 236, Bell, William J. Jr. 257, 258 Adams, Robert 0. Anderson, Joni W 420 Aziz, NadimM 420 237, 380 Bell, William K. 141,248.249 Blake, Belinda G. 441 Adams, Thomas D. Ill 232. 233, Anderson, Julie T. 242, 243, 440 Azlin, James L. Barnett, Janice L. 1 56. 2 1 6, 2 1 7, Bellamy, Henry M. Blake, James S. . .. 401 420 Anderson, Karen W 400 401 Bellamy, Mary K 381 Blakely, Tina J. 442 Adams, William S. Anderson, Kathryn A. M Barnett, Joe R. 246, 247 Bellan, William J. Jr. .401 Blakeney, Cynthia D. Adamson, Annie L. Adcock, Joseph B. Adcock, Ken R 464 Adcock, Michael E 380 Addison, Kent S. Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Michael Anderson, Michael M. 222, 223 Anderson, Patsy G. Anderson, Ricky D 400 E Barnett, Maria L. 464 Barnett, Steven R 210,211 Barnett, Vera S. 206, 207, 242, 243,277,441 Barnhill. Lisa L. 214,215 Bellande. Bruce J. Bellenger, Rebecca L. 214,215, 381 Bellipanni, Antoinette 441 Ben, Gwendolyn Blakeney, Esther J. Blakeney, John B. 442 Blakeslee, Paul P. Blakley, Lurlene 381 Blalack, Jane E. Addy Kathy D 242, 243, 244, Anderson, Robert A. .210,211 Barone, Michael W. Benamon, Johnny C. 464 Blalack, John W. 401 400 Anderson, Robert B. 1 98, 340, Baassin, Mustafa M. Barranco, Majorie Benge, Beverly J. 216,217,381 Blalock, Hill Jr. Aden, Carolyn L. 341,344,345,359,420 Babb, Kathy A. Barraza, Kenneth R. 222, 223, Benigni, Daniel A. Blanchard, Michelle M. 226,227 Aden, Katherine L. Anderson. Shawn C. ... 2 1 0, 2 1 1 , Babb, Phillip A. 345 Benjamin, Mary L. 421 Bland, Catherine E. 18,212,213 Adsit, JohnR. 400 Backhuus. Timothy R. Barrecchia, Maria L 421 Benjamin, Timothy M. Bland, Delia M. Agbasi, Frederick A. Anderson, Stephen C 440 Badn, Mahmoud Barreto, Bertilio E. Bennett. Beverly P. 216,217,421 Blankenship, Anna M. Agbonlahor, Patrick N.O. .420 Anderson, Susan K. Baggett, Audria L. 200, 201 , 400 Barrett, Charles M 421 Bennett, Cassadra Blanton, Suzanne Agner, Myra E. Anderson, Thomas L 400 Baggett, James L. Jr. Barrett, Christopher M. . . 148 Bennett, Deborah A. Blaylock, Henry K. Aguh, Solomon Anderson, Tunstall C. Baggett, Nancy S. Barrett, John L. Jr. 248, 249 Bennett, Gene W. 401 Bledsoe. Julia K. 212,213,381 Agulanna, Godwin 0. Anderson, Wesley P. Baghdadchi, Jamil 464 Barrett, Tern D. Bennett, James E. Bledsoe, Mary C. 214,215 Ahram, Bassam A. A. Anderson Smith, Susan 295, 320, Bag ley, Jerome R. Barrier, Jeanne M. 212,213 Bennett, Johanna F. Bledsoe, Robert E. Jr. 442 Ahrens, Amy N. 420 Bagley, Lisa A. 242,243,380 Barrier, Jere 212,213 Bennett, Joseph T. Bhssard, Ricky L. . 381 Aiken, Henry J. . 232. 233, 359 Andrews, Angela M 440 Baglioni, Victoria C 420 Bamngton, Elizabeth A. 244, 245 Bennett, Lee A 401 Block, Lori J 401 Aiken, Richard W 232, 233 Andrews, DaleC. Bagnato, VitoJ. Barren, Melanie D. Bennett, Leslie A. Blockett, Terry Akeel, Saleh A 464 Andrews, Julie L. Bagwell, Cynthia L 440 Barren, Mitzi K 441 Bennett, Myra K. 242, 243, 441 Bloesch, William R. Jr. Akel, Ahmad M 400 Andrews, Karen L. .226, 227, 319 Bahr. Howard L. Barry, Robert L 232, 233 Bennett, Robert G. Blonkvist, Kevin M. 232, 233 Akel, Sabri M 380 Andrews, Wade H 440 Baid, Nirmal S. Barry, Romell W 464 Bennett, Ronald G Bloodworth, Cindy L. 401 Akenhead, John D. Andrews, William H. Jr. Bailess, Susan . . .212,213,401 Barry, Tamara M. Bennett, Sally E 401 Blount, Tamsy F. . 421 Akers, Elaine 199, 200, 380 Anepohl, GayC. 210,211.400 Bailey. Ann W. Barry, Warren H. Bennett, Trent A. 421 Blucker, Taralou H. 214,215, Akers, Sharon . 210,211,400 Angero, Martha J. 214,215,226, Bailey, David R. Jr. Bartkiewicz. LukeJ 421 Benneyworth, Charles E. 442 Akhigbe, Joseph E. 227, 400 Bailey, Frank H. 248, 249, 420 Bartlett, Beth L. Benoist, Bronwyn B. Bluitt, Bobby G. Akin, Douglas M. Anklam, Regina M 420 Bailey, James F. Bartlett, Lisa K. 224,225,272, Benson, Denise H. Blumberg, Ben A. Akins, David 400 Annis, Lawrence V. Jr. Bailey, James N. 210,211,401 278,343,441 Benson, John W. Jr. 208, 209 Blumer, Adam R. Jr. Akins, Joe W. Anooshah, Jahanpour Bailey, Jay A 127 Barton, Martha A. Benson, Kim J 148 Blythe, Diana D. 200,201,401 Akins, Kent A. Ansel, George M. Bailey, Jerolyn Barton, Michael L 401 Benson, Lillie M 381 Boals, Beverly G. AI-Basha, All M. Anstrom, Charles V. Bailey, John G. Ill Barton, Ruth G. Benson, Rose M. Boals, Clinton W. Al Danab, Jama A. Antar, Sandra L. D. Bailey, Joseph D 380 Barton, Stephen C. 232, 233 Benson, Teresa A. Boatwnght, Eddie C. Jr. 421 AI-Hreish, HishamA. Anthony, Michael L. 206, 207, Bailey, Lewis M. Ill Barzgarmehr. Rahmattollah Benton, Emily C. 224, 225, 441 Boarwnght, Laura R. 216,217, AI-Khalil, Munther A 440 400 Bailey, Michael L 420 Basakar. Abdulkadir M. 421 Benton, Karan L. 2 1 2, 2 1 3, 38 1 421 Al Khateib, Raed 0. Anthony, Randy F 206, 207 Bailey, Nancy A 401 Basmger, John L. Jr. Benvenutti, Elizabeth J. Bobo, EttaL AI-Khateib, RamiO. Anthony, Rhett W 252, 253 Bailey, Pamela J. Bass, Brendan M. 244, 245 Benvenutti, Mary R. 226, 227, Bobo, Jack L. 246, 247 Al Moghrabi, Ahmed F. Anthony, William J. Bailey, Ricky Truitt . . . . 228, 229 Bass, Joanna W. 2 1 4, 2 1 5, 222, 380 Bobo, Joel K. 232,233 AlSarji, Hassan A 380 Antmelli, MarkS. Bailey, Roy J. 223, 421 Benvenutti. Susan A. 226, 227. Boehmer, John C. Al Turk, EmadA. A. Antonow, Janice A. Bailey, Sanford L. Jr. Bass, Michael H. 234, 235, 420 Boggan, Charles A. 464 Albers, Grace C. 224, 225, 236, Antony, Bobbie D. Bailey, Sheila A. Bass, Terry W 441 Berch, Vicki J. Boggan. Deborah D. A. 442 237, 380 Anukam, Cyril U 464 Bailey, Stanley W 420 Bat, John S. Bernard, Rosie L 381 Boh. Charles M. 442 Albert, Michael H 420 Apeland, John C. Bailey, Sybil J 380 Bat, Thomas E. 244, 245 Bernet, Christopher K. Bohlke, Aimee C. .212,213 Albert, Paul H. 161,208,209 Applegate, Judith L. Bailey, William N. Batak|i. Hassan A. Bernreuter, LynanneG. Boldebuck, Catherine A. Alberts, Christopher J. Applewhite, Kathy J 380 Bame, Louis G. Batchelor, Mary J 421 Bernreuter, Raymond G. Boler, Michael T. 464 Albritton, Edward A. 220.221 Arabi, Jajib M. Baird, Kathryn 214,215 Bateman, Thomas D. 248, 249, Berns, Barbara A. Boles, Mark D. Albntton, Stephen C. Arafat, Elsayed A. Bake , Bradley T. 244,245 380 Berry, Barbara J. S. Bolger, Karen K. 242, 243, 381 Albuhisi, Mohammad A. Arata, William S. 127, 206, 207, Bake .Christy A. Bates, Albert J. Berry, Carolyn P. 381 Bolm, Prentiss W. 381 Alcorn. Sherry A 359, 420 380 Bake , Christy L 420 Bates, Cynthia J 300 Berry, Charles G 464 Bollmger. Richard K. Jr. 198, Alderson, Lesa D 212-213 Arbabi, Abolghassem Bake , Cristy L. . .226, 227, 401 Bates, Julie A. 208,209,257, Berry, Clark F. 199,206,207,345 Aldndge, Gwendolyn L. 356 Archer, Sarah E. A. Bake , Dennis M. II 198, 244, 245 258 Berry, Curtis L. Bollman, Bruce L. Aldndge, Leo B. Archer, Susan A. . 244. 245, 380 Bake , Edwin L. Jr 440 Baucum, Amy L. 200,201 Berry, David J. Bolton, Beverly G. 421 Aldridge, Mary H 226,227 Ard, Barbara A. 224, 245, 380 Bake . Garland B 421 Baucum, Toni P. Berry, Dorothy E. 240,241 Bolton, Jan L. Alewine, Virginia S. 257,258. Arentson, Jeffrey L. Bake , Jane L. Bauer, Kurt F 148 Berry, Jolene Bond, Ken L. 210,211,381 287. 420 Arkadan, Abdulrahman A. 400 Bake , Janis K. Bauers, Susan L. Berry, Kendall W. Bond, Michael J. Alexander, Amy 0.212,213, 342, Armstrong, Charles C. Jr. Bake .Kenneth E. 236,237.421 Baugh, Frank F. 228, 229 Berry, Mary M. Bonds, Harold D. 401 343, 440 Armstrong, Charles M. .400 Bake , Kenneth N. Jr 421 Baumgartner, Timothy K. Berry, Paige H. 401 Bonds, Regina K. . 401 Alexander, Corena 400 Armstrong, Isaac L. Bake , Mary R. Baymor, Karl M. Berry, Rebecca K. 257, 258 Bonds, Terry L. Alexander, David G. Armstrong Burch, Connie B. Bake, Mason M 401 Bazaz, Javad Berry, Richard F. 206, 207, 345, Bonds, Tracy D. Alexander, Gregory L. 228, 229 Arnett, Jane D. Bake , Mickey F 421 Baziany, Fuad M. 441 Bontemps, Joseph V. Alexander, Joseph M. Arnold, Delorise 420 Bake , Sheila A 440 Bazzell, Cynthia J. 224,225 Berry, Sidney R. Jr. 248,249 Book. Shelby C. 200,201,442 Alexander, Kenneth R. Arnold, Gerald P. Bake , Sherry L 421 Beach, MarkE. Berry, Stanley L. Booker, Chen A. 212,213,401 Alexander, Kimberly K. Arnold, Gregory B. Bake , Steven L 206, 207 Beachum, Linda F. Berry, William B. 206.207,401 Booker. PaulM III 234, 235 Alexander, Larry H. Arnold, Jane E. Bake. Susan R. 200.201,421 Beagle, Angela S. Berry, William H. 421 Boone, Alan H. Alexander, Lewis E. Jr. Arnold, Joy A 400 Bake.VickiL. 210,211,224, Beall, Charles M. Berryhill, Robert C. 441 Boone, Janet E. 224,225 Alexander, Oliver Donnell . 420 Arnold, Karen L. 18,302,318 225 Beamer, Lyndall G. Jr. 236, 237 Berryman, Anita L. 240,241 Boone, Warren W. Alexander, Richard D 380 Arnold, Lexanne 216,217,400 Baker, Wattme . 401 Bean, Barry E. 380 Bertram, Harold K. 246, 247 Booth, Beverly C. 214.215,401 Alexander, Rubenia L. Arnold, Matthew S 420 Balch, Jackson M. Jr. 1 60, 440 Bean, Joseph S. Bertucci, Joel M. Booth, Carol G 200,207.381 Alexander, William H. Jr. 244, Arnold, Susan K. Balch, Victor D. 220,221,380 Bean, Robert D. Best, James W. 441 Booth, David C. 245 Arnold, William F. Balducci, Alex R. Jr. 228 229 Beanland, Lillian F 274 Bet Sayad, Velice . 441 Booth, James S. 218,219 Alford, David N. 228,229 Arrington, Elaine B. 440 Beanland, WilliamS. 220,221, Bet Sayad, Victor Booth, Jane E. Alford, Jerry K. 234, 235, 380 Arnngton, Stan D 420 Baldwin, Larry 148 380 Bet Sayad, William Booth, Oneice W Alford, Jo L. 2 1 6, 2 1 7, 400, 445 Arvites, James A. Ball, Dwight N. Beard, Albert L. Bethany. Shade A. Ill 421 Bootorabi, Behrouz 401 Alford, Paul B. Ill Asbury, Dyane R 226, 227 Ball, Johnny L. Beard, John S. 246, 247 Bethay, Ronnie L. 208, 209 Borah. Deva K. . . . 464 Alger, Richard K. ...420 Asbury, Wendy R. 226,227,380 Ball, Lana M. Beard, Paul 0. Jr. Bethea, John J. Jr 246,247, Boren, Amanda J. 488 Index - - Boren. Helen P 214.215.421 Borhani. Mohsen Boronow. Robert C 248.249 Borris. Kathleen A Borthwick. Norma R Borzik. David M 281 Boschert. Allan P Boschert. Ann C Boschert. Neville H 442 Boschert. William H. Bost. Debbie R Bost.VickiL 381 Bos well, David R Boswell. Rebecca E 442 Bolts. Mary R Bounds. Alma L 202. 203. 42 1 Bounds. Diane C Bounds. James A 228.229.442 Bounds. Robert P 208.209.442 Bourdene. Frances L Bouton. Barbara M. 442 Brean. Sherry D. Breeding. Alberta M. Breeland. Charles R. Breeland. Durwood J Breeland. Jen K 242. 243 Breen. Florence E. Breland. Allen M 273 Breland. Loren D. Ill 402 Bremer. George D. Jr Brenkert. Scott J. Brennan. John W Jr Brennan. Mary M. 142 Brennan. Michael F. Brennan. Robert S Brennan. Thomas W. Brent Harold P 228, 229 Brevard, David E 232,233.340, 341.345.442 Brewer. Charles A 230.231.402 Brewer. Derek Brewer. Frederick D Jr 208. 209. Boutwell. Dana M 214.215.421 Boutwell. James W 464 Boutwell. Teresa D 226. 227, 401 402 Brewer. George A Brewer. John M. Brewer. Kathy 442 ' iil Boutwell, William M 228.229 Bowden.JudyC 464 Bowe. Donovan K Bowen, BeckyC 136.212.213 Bowen, Benjamin B. Bowen. Charles M Bowen. EneJ Bowen. Frank W Jr Bowen. Joseph T 218.219 Bowen. Mark S Bowen. Penelope A 381 Bowen. Reece M 232. 233 Brewer. Leatha K 381 Brewer. Prentice K. Brewer, Ramona M. Brick. Francis 421 Brick, Kathenne A 464 Bndgeman. Angela Bndgers. Carey L 248. 249 Brtdgers. Patricia L. 224. 225 Bridges. Angela 200.201.442 Bridges. Anne L 226.227.402 Bridges, Debbie 254.255 Bridges. Eilene S Bowers. James R Bowers. Patricia L 228. 229. 240.241 Bridges. Gary A. Bridges. Marlon K 210. 21 1. 402 Bridges. Mary K 252.253.381 Bowers. Thomas M Bowie. Cheryl E Bowie, Lois F 442 Bowlan Marsha Bridges. William F. Bndgforth. Lucre P. Bridgmon. Littie J 402 Brigham, Newell W. Bowles, ' Jack L Bright. Charles B Bowles] Robert A 464 Bowlm. MelbaJ. 0. Bowlm. Richard B 442 Bowling. Cary P 208. 209. 40 1 Bowling, Phyllis S Bowman, Stephanie L 214.215. 236. 237. 285 Bright. Thomas B. Jr 246. 247 Brmkley. HaynesA BrinWey, Robin M. 402 Brisco. Marshal A 206.207 Briscoe. Danny L. Briscoe. Robert K 381 Brister. Billy G Box. Elizabeth A ' 206] 207 Brister. Jeffrey C. Box Michael 464 Brister. Susan 1. Box] Nancy C 222. 223 Box Paulette BnrtJaneS 226.227 Brill. Larry N. 421 Box] Robert E Jr 236,237 Box, Stephanie L 421 Boyanton. James S 208. 209 Boyce. Dick L Britt. Lloyd P. Jr. Britl. Ramona A 214.215,245 Brinenum. Mollie G. 402 Broadhead. Gregory L 222, 223 Boyd. Bertv K 200. 207. 40 1 Boyd Donald W Brock, A. C Brock. Ann C Boyd] James J 401 Boyd. Jeffrey D 421 Boyd. Margaret L 442 Boyd.MaryG 442 Boyd Thelma J Brock. Charles R 421 Brock. George C Brock. Helen T H 442 Brock. Janet G Brock. Kent D Boytun. Felon B 118. 246. 247 Boykin. Michael W 236. 237 Boyland. Lenora 254. 255. 42 1 Boyle Patrick J Brock. Lillian C. Bromwell. Madeline L. 236.237 Bronson. Harris Jr Brooks. Curtis CJr 381 Brabec. William C 210.211,401 Brackeen. Morgan D Bracken. Gerald F Bradford. Barbara A 196,242. Brooks. Daniel R Brooks. John R 381 Brooks. Patricia L 224. 225 Brooks. Robert E 243 Brooks. Travis f. Jr. Bradford. Pamela S 224. 225. 442 Broome.AdamH. 220.221.276. 340 442 Bradley. Alice A 421 Broome. David F 126.232.233 Bradley John R Broome, Roxanne Bradley] Judy C C Brophy.ErmC 214.215.228. Bradley. Kathy L 421 Bradlyn. Andrew S Brady Deborah 229, 381 Brotherton, Daniel C Broussard. Gayle M S Brady] John T 228. 229 Brady Mary E 464 Broussard. Matthew C. Brower. James F Jr 421 Brady] Pamela L 1 96. 200. 207 Brady. Thomas P III 246. 247. Browtey. Myrtle L 402 Brown. Altyese M 254.255.430 401 Brown. Bonita S. S. Brady. William M. 401 Brady. Yolanda J 442 BramleTt. Jerry T. Jr. Brown, Carolyn D. Brown. Charles T Brown, Charles V Jr 402 Bramlett. Judith M Brown. Chen L 210.211,240. Bramlett. Julian C 246. 247 241.297.421 Bramlett. Lucwrme 226. 227. Brown. Christopher B 401 Brown. Christopher S Bramlett. Stephen D 206. 207 Brown. Craig S Bramlitt. Stephen A Brown. Dawn M 442 Brand. Jack W Jr Brown. Debra K Brand. Judy L M Brown. EdselJ 210.211.402 Brandon. CallieS 212.213.279, 401 Brown. Edwin L. Brown. Elizabeth A 234. 235 Brandon, Elizabeth L 2 1 2, 2 1 3 Brown. Eric C Brandon, Gary L 126 Brown. Glenn D. Jr 210.211, Brandon. Kenneth W 402 Brandon. Marilyn R. Brown. Hope M. T. Brandon. Ronald G Brown. James P. Brandt. Melanie A 224. 225. 381 Brown. John L 290 Brannan, Bruce E Brown. Joseph L. Branson, John R. 3 81 Brown. Kathryn S. Brantley. Bobbie J Brown. Larry R 118 Brantley. Glenn D 464 Brown. Lawanda L 421 Brantley. Pamela A M. Brown, Lucille Brantley. Paula F. 401 Brown, Madeline M. Brantley Sylvia L 464 Brown. Marsha L 382 Brantley ZaneH 421 Brown. Martha L 421 Branton. Rebecca R 401 Brown. Mary A 382 Brasell Teresa C Brown. Matthew L 402 Brasfield. Cynthia L 226. 227. . 381 Brown, Michael T. Brasher, Janet R. 401,442 Brown. MmdyS ..422 Brasher. Michael R Brown. Paula V. 210.211.242. Brashier. Barbara A 212.213. 243. 422 222.223.381 Brown, Rickie L. Brashier. Deborah A. Brown, Riley G Brashier. Elizabeth N 212.213. Brown. Rose M 442 Brown. Sherry A. Brashier. Mark T 381 Brown. Stephanie S 382 Brassell. Joe B Brown. Stephen W Braswell. Janet R Brown. Sue A Bratton. Paula G Brown. Susan M Brauer. Robin C 226. 227. 402 Brown. Teresa A 402 Bray. Elizabeth G 421 Brown. Thomas C Bray. Patricia J 402 Brown. Thomas E Bray. Richard E. 381 Brown. Timothy L 420 Brazelton Kern L 224 225 Brown. Timothy M 2O8. 209 Braznell. Catherine 257. 258. 442 Brown. Tncia L 240.241 Bready. John S Brown. Virginia G. 240. 24 1 Brown. William A. Brown. William Allyn 222. 223. 402 Brown. WilliamS 422 Browning. Gary S Browning. Janet C. 382 Browntee, Aden E Jr Browntee, Beverly G 257. 258, 382 Bruce. Barbara M Bruce. Retha M. Bruchman. Barry J. Bruchman, Mark Bruemng, Joseph H. Ill Bruister. Carroll L. Ill Bruister. Mary Louise Brumfield, Dennie 216. 217. 382 Brumfield. Gwendolyn A. 240. 241.442 Brummett Harold M . 402 Brundage. Samuel R Bryan. Cecil C 422 Bryan. Linda C Bryan. Mary C 228. 229. 240. 278. 442 Bryan. Patrick L 464 Bryan. Susan I . Bryan, Suzetle T Bryant. Audn D 257. 258. 382 Bryant. Charles A. Bryant. James L 442 Bryant. James T. 210.211 Bryant. John W 442 Bryant. Julian M 422 Bryant. Kathryn E. Bryant. Kenneth E Bryant. Lenora R. K 442 Bryant. Mark S Bryant. Michael F. Bryant. Michelle M 224. 225. 382 Bryant. Teresa M. 216.217,422 Bryce, Laure S Bryson, Kathy L 240, 241 Buccen. Paul A Jr Buchanan. Calvin D 230. 23 1 . 402 Buchanan. Carol A 464 Buchanan. Connie L Buchanan. David M. 234.235. 443 Buchanan. Dorothy A Buchanan. Edgar M 222. 223. 402 Buchanan, Linda J. Buchanan. Sarah C. Buchanan, Virginia M Buchanon. Denny N 382 Buck. Gregory E. Buckhalter. Alice E 382 Buckles. Carol L. Buckley. Kent W. Buckley. Laura A. Buckley. Otis Buckley. Steven M 402 Buffington. Charles P 222. 223 Buford, Catherine R 216.217. 382 Buford. Deborah A. Buford. Karan 422 Buford. Karen Buford. Laura A 216.217 Buford. Priscilla A. 156 Bugg. James H 443 Buhaisi. Rafat K. Buker. David R 236. 237 Bullard. Allison T 443 Bullard. Andrew C 402 Bullard. John W. Bullard. Judith A. 216,217.402 Bullard. Pamela J Bunch. Kathenne S Bunch. Melinda F 382 Bunns. Gwendolyn Bunten. John R Jr 232. 233. 402 Buntm. Deborah K H 443 Buntm. Sarah L 200.201,422 Buntm. William R. Jr. 443 Burch. Mark D Burch. Paul W Burcham. Theresa L 443 Burchfield. Daniel L. 402 Burchfield. Robert M 282 Burdison. Neva E. Burdock. George A Burford. Bernard F Burford. Deborah J Burford. Joseph C 422 Burford. Steve A Burford. William T. Burgess. Dwight Burgess. Guy B 127 Burgess. Michael K. 200.207 Burgess. Nita K Burgess. Ricky E 248.249 Burgess. Sharon D 254. 255. 422 Burgert. Donna D Burke. Catherine M 226, 227. 422 Burke. Gerald H. Burke. Gloria J. C. Burke. Jean L L. Burke, Louise A. 226.227.402 Burke. Mary K Burke. Thomas W 252.253.422 Burke. William D 246.247 Burkes. Freida G 402 Burkes, Susan G. C. 443 Burkhalter. Jeff L. 234. 235. 382 Burkhan. Donna C. 236. 237. 257. 257. 258. 382 Burnam, John A. Burnett. Jesse L III Burnette. Robert D 402 Burney. Cheryl L Burney. Sara L 224 225. 422 Burnham. Craig E Burnham. Ingrid E 234. 235. 402 Burns. Beniamm F 228. 229 Burns. Kathleen E. 402 Burns. Timothy V. 208. 209 Burns. Wallace A Jr Burns. Willie 126.422 Burr, Rebecca B 224. 225. 422 Burrel. Timothy Burrell. William B. Burrow. Ann Burrow. Kathryn 33. 2 1 4. 2 1 5. 402 Burrow. Shirley C. 226. 227 Burl. Virginia A 257. 258. 422 Burton. Dennis W. Bunon. Nancy E. 214.215.382 Burwell. Dudley S. Jr. Burwell. Rose L. L. Busby. Annette D Burby. James M. Jr. Busby. James N Busby. LaRhonda A 382 Busby. Leslie D Busching. Curt C. 210,211 Bush, Deborah A 136.216.217. 443 Bush. Rebecah G 212.213.382 Bustard, Michael K. Butas, Thomas F 443 Butera, SamJr 126 Butler. BettyeJ.M. Butler. Gregory 402 Butler. Heard Butler. Ira M Butler. James L. Butler. John C. 246.247 Butler. Marilyn L. Butler. Robert A 236. 237. 422 Butler. Ronald W 402. 422 Butler. Thomas R Butler. William W. 236.237 Butschek. Michael 443 Butts. Marilyn K. A. Buu. Hanhphuoc Buys, Manx T. 422 Byars. Frances C 214.215 Byars. Mary A Byas. Jeanetle Evas. Vivian M 382 Byers. Brenda J . 202. 203. 402 Byers. Molly L. G. Bykadi. Gurura; 464 Bynum, Roger Byrd. Carne E Byrd. Charles F Byrd.OavidS 382 Byrd. Deborah L Byrd.GarvaJ Byrd. Joe H. Jr. 228. 229 Byrd. John Kelly Byrd. Joneta R. 216.217.402 Byrd. Larry E Byrd. Leigh A. 240.241 Byrd. Sherry S Byrd. William J Byrne. Karen A. 224. 225. 422 Byrne. Mark E 252. 253 Byrne, William J. Ill Byrnes, De Castro T. Byrnes. Suzanne 382 Byrum. Harry W Bywater. James D. C 126 Caccamo. Daniel J. Cacioopo. Julie A Cade.ShemR 216.217.422 Caff ey. Michael S. Caffrey. Daniel C Cage. Charlie Jr Cagle. JoeN Cahoon, Deborah A. 218. 219.382 127 Cam. Donnie P Cam. Ethel Cam, George L Cam. Louis R 198 Cam. Pamela K 208. Caldwell, Courtney A. 224 Caldwell. George W. Caldwell. Hugh R. Caldwell. James P Caldwell. Janet P 216 Caldwell. Joan E Caldwell. John Oliver Jr. 2O8. 209. 382 443 422 126 , 345. 443 209.214. 215 208. 209. 225. 382 Caldwell. Kathy D Caldwell. Mary C Caldwell. Mary J Caldwell. Ruby L Calhoun, James T Calhoun, Jeffrey W. 226 Calhoun. Mark J. Callahan. Cynthia L 238. Callaway. Carla S Caltender. Toni A. Callicoat. Elizabeth A. Calhcun. Shirley A Galloway. Claudia A. Calmes. Bryant W. Calvasma. Gerald E. Calven. Billy R Cameron. Ernest L. Camlerdam, Martha A Camp. Frances M. Camp. Robert W Camp. Sarah T. 242, Camp. William H Jr. Campassi. Dentse Camoassi, Robin H. Campbell. Anne M Campbell. Cynthia L 345 217.422 136. 236. 237 227. 443 207.402 402 402 443 119. 120. 402 443 200.201. 239. 402 422 402 402 402 Campbell. CM ::- Campbell. Campbell. Campbell. 464 212.213. 422 208.209 243. 443 422 443 422 210.211. 402 - Campbell. Campbell. CHI ::- On ::- Campbell. Campbell. David H Eddie P Frederick B HughG JilIM Joe H Jr 248. 249 JohnB JohnW Julie E 214 KimT Leslie J Lynda R 422 382 443 4.215.382 254. 255. 443 Campbell. Michael B 208. 209. 422 Campbell. NolaJ. Campbell. Robert M Campbell. Ruby J 422 Campbell. Steven F Campbell. Thomas H Campbell. Vanessa D Campbell. Vincent B Campbell, William H Jr 443 Campbell. William L Jr 382 Campbell. William R Campochiaro, David A 208. 209 Canerdy. Beverly J. 422 Cannada. Charles T 402 Cannon. Angela R 252.253. 257. 258. 402 Cannon. Anita J. 422 Cannon. Kathleen S 234. 235 Cannon. Leslie A 224. 225. 382 Canon. Elanor K. 465 Cantrell. Leslie H. 246. 247. 422 Cantrell. Timothy R 422 Capdepon. Paula J 200. 207. 403 Capell. Margaret L Capiton. George A Cappleman. Troy R. 443 Caraway. David A 443 Caraway. Mark P. Carbonar. Karen J 210.211. 257. 258. 382 Garden. James M. 422 Cardone. Michael P 403 Cardwell. June R Carey. Leah F 443 Carle. Leslie A Carleton. Anna L 216.217.422 Carteton, Betty C 216.217.244. 245. 382 Carlisle. David W. Carlisle. Donald W. 248. 249. 403 Carlisle. Edith V. Carlisle. Fred L 248. 249. 443 Carlisle. Jack M. Carlisle. Jane F 224.225 Carloni. Ned D Carmchad. Charles E Jr 403 Carrmchael. Mark W. Carnathan. Rhonda K Carries. Jonathan M 422 Carpenter. Barbara L 403 Carpenter. Carol L Carpenter, Daniel K 422 Carpenter, Edgar M. Carpenter, Elizabeth L 422 Carpenter, Gary A. Carpenter. Jo A 222. 223. 240. 241 Carpenter. Philip W Carr. Hannah L. C. 443 Carr. Jean T Carr. John D 232. 233 Carr. Robert F. Carr. Susannah M. Carraway. Brenda I 443 Carrera. Francisco J Carrick, Beniamm L. Carroll. David M. Carroll. Francis J IV 220. 221 Carroll. Harry D Carroll. James R. Carroll. Jeanne J. 240.241 Carroll. Ruth E 422 Carrozza, Elisa 422 Carruthers. Cage 246. 247. 403 Carruthers. Ewmg III 246. 247 Carson. Nancy S. 240. 24 1 Carstens. Neil T. 127.465 Carter. Benny J. 422 Carter. Beverly D. 422 Carter. Cathy L 422 Carter. DavKJ M. 208. 209 Carter. David W. 161 Carter. Deborah R. 382 Carter. Debra F. 382 Carter. Donna K. 216.217.422 Carter. Geardie M. Carter. Kenneth W 422 Carter. Mary K 200.207.423 Carter. Michael E Carter. Rebecca E. 248.249. 257. 258 Carter. Regina Carter. Ruth L. Carter. Steven E. Carter. William C. 423 Carter. William S. 232.233 Cartwright David G. 236. 237. 382 Cartwright. Karen J 423 Cartwright. Margaret A 226, 227. 236. 237 Caruthers. Charles A Carver. Clifford B. 208. 209 Carver. Donna C 200. 207. 423 Carver. Karen A Carver. Linda D. 443 Case. Mark A 206. 207 Case. Richard L 210.211.403 Cash. Dennis 443 Cassel. Knsten 236. 237. 240. 241 Cassel. William S Jr. 236. 237. 443 Casteel. Cathy L. 156.140 Castle. Ben E 443 Castle. Deborah J 443 Castle. Valerie J 1 56. 443 Castleberry. Elmer G 403 Cater. Rebecca M 236. 237 Cates. Patricia W 2 1 8. 2 1 9. 382 Cathey. Michael 423 Catravas. John D. CaulfieW. Henrietta Caulfield. Michael D Causey, dellan D 465 Causey. James W Causey. Jimmy Causey. Patricia A. Causey, Ftandolph E 423 Cauthen, Charles E. Jr 403 Cauthen. Earl R 248.249 Caver. Kimberly R. 423 Cavm. Michael T. Cavmess. James D. Cavmess. Tern L. Cawthon. David W Cayson. Cynthia C CeCerre. Teresa L 382 Chadwick. David J 382 Oadwick. Kay K 382 Chatfm. Harold W Chaffm, Julie E 200.201.382 Chaffm. Teresa L 443 Chaharlangpour. Fathali Cham. Barbara L 206.207.216. 217.382 ChaHant. diaries L Jr 345.206. 207 Chalk. David A. 403 Chalk. Thomas D Chamberlain. Eric E 208. 209. 382 Chamberlm. Wanda J 196.403 Chambers. George G Chambers. George T Jr. Chambers. John W Jr 232.233. 403 Chambers. Linda N 382 Chambers. Michael E 403 Chambers. Samuel C 222. 223. 443 Chambers. Susan A Chambley. Randy G Chambliss. Barbara A 240.241. 423 Chambliss, Josephine Champion, Rhonda G 423 Champlm. Patrick D 403 Chan. Rowena W 423 Chan Yee Ming Chance. Nita F Chance. Rickey L 403 Chandler. Wallace S Jr Chandrahasan, Samakur P. Chaney. Martin V. 423 Chaney. Melvm H Chaney. Suzanne 214.215.222. 223. 382 Chang. Chin Y Chang. Hong C 465 Chang. Ray S Chao. Chi-Chung Chapman. David H 206. 207 Chapman, Glenn P Chapman, Gisele D. Chapman, James P. 444 Chapman, Kathryn A 242, 243, 382 Chapman, Martha J. Charles. Mane R 226, 227. 234. 235.444 Charlton. William A Chase. Alvm 230.231.403 Chase. Amos 382 Chase, James M Chase. Michael D Chase. Rebecca J 218.219.403 Chase. Robert P Chatham. Janet M Chauvin, Adrienne B. Chauvm. Renee C. Cheatham. Norman C 234. 235. 382 Chen. Chih Chung Chen. Chuchi 465 Chen. Jiann Dong Chen. Pa C 423 Chen. Tai S 403 Chen. Tai W D 465 Cheney. Thomas L. Cheng, Hau Y. Chenoweth, Richard E. Cherry. Lisa A 403 Chesnut. Frances G. 240. 24 1 . 423 Chesser. Anne G 212.213.403 Chestnut Dwight B 403 Cheung. Shu K M 403 Chi. Lap Yan A. 382 Childress. David A 206, 207. 383 Childs. Marsha J. Childs. Pauline 254. 255. 444 Chin. Jerry M Chin. Mona Chin, Terry J. Chisholm. Richard C 244. 245 Chism. Jimmy R. 383 Chism. Nancy J 214.215 Chittom. Mark L. Chocron. Pierre I 161 Choi. Young K 465 Chow. Charles C. 423 Chow. Tern 403 Chow. Tim L 444 Chow. Virginia J 465 Chowhan, Masood A. Chrestman. Cynthia H. 206.207. 242. 243 Chrestman. Mary E Chnsman. Kimberly C 224.225. 403 Chnsman. Shirley A. Christensen. Chris R. Chnstensen. Robert L 444 Christian. Dennis R. Christian. Donald C Christian. James D. Jr 444 Christian. Laurie A 216.217. 403 Christian. Linda G. Christian. Stephanie A. R. Christian. William D 2O8. 209 Christy. Robert M. 423 Chu. Grace 403 Chuenchitra. Cheodchai 465 Chukwuanu. Kmgsley F. Chung. Linda M. Church. Dixie J Church. Robert D 206, 207 Cirlot. Anita J 240.241 Gssom. R 403 Oapp. Max A 444 dark. Alee M Clark, Anna K. 212.213.444 dark. Bobby F W. OarK Bobby H Jr 383 dark. Carol M 240.241 Dark. Culten dark. Darold W. dark, Darrel T. 126 dark. David W dark. Diane M Index 489 Clark, Donna L. 403 Clark, Dorothy E Clark, Elizabeth J. 423 Clark, Harper R. 206, 207 Clark, James M. Clark, John V. 208, 209 Collins, Kenneth P. 248, 249 Collins, Phyllis E. 226,227,383 Collins, Ray G. 206,207 Collins, Sharon R. Collins, Susan M. 240,241 Colmer, Mary R. 224.225 Craddock, Janiece 465 Craft, Hammond M, Jr. Craig, Allison N. 224, 225 Craig, Karen 210,211,216,217, 445 Craighill. Robert E. 248, 249 D Day, Luellyn D. 445 Day, Steven H. 228, 229 Day. Timothy P. 248, 249 Day, William G. 126,138,222, 223 Dayton, Charles W. axit. A|it S. 465 axon, Alita L. axon, Barry D. 384 axon, Emma D. axon, George E. Jr. 424 axon, Janet L. 200, 20 1 , 384 Clark, Juanita 423 Colson. Angela R. . 383 Cram, John M 445 Deal, RoyW. 384 axon, Lorna S. 404 Clark, Kenneth R. Colson, Jeffrey J. Cram, Sherrye L. W. 445 Dean, Anthony 445 axon, Marvin R. Clark, Lisa J. Coltharp, Julie D. 383 Crandall, Michael E. 234, 235, Dabbas. Ibrahim 384 Dean, Harrison M. axon, Suzanne M Clark ' Marcus R 119, 120, 244, Commander, Kerry W. 404 Da bbs, Rebecca C 212,213, Dean, J. Calvin axon, Wanda R. 245 Commer, Marsha A. 214,215, Crandall. Nancy J 383 222, 223, 384 Dean, KeriL. 214,215,424 Dobbins, Mary L. Clark Mark W 444 Crane, Betty R. Dacus, Paul A 384 Dean, Marcella L 214,215 Dobbs, Candice M. Clark Melissa M 196 224 225 Commiskey, Charles E. 126 Crane, Roger M. Daggett, Williams A. Ill 228.229 Dean, Mary T. 142,216,217 Dobbs. Robert K. 404 403 Conaway. Kimberly M. 242, 243 Craven, Kiffm R. Jr. Dailey. Michael A. Dean, Patrick L. Dobbs, Steven D. 226, 227, 465 Clark, Michael E. Cone, Wanda F 423 Crawford, Bentley B. Dailey, Rita S. Dean, Philip C 424 Dockery, Cindy L. . 404 Clark Nevin D Conerly, Cecil L 126 Crawford, Cindy N. 212,213 Dale, David B Dean. Phoebe E. M. Dodd, Janet M. 257, 258 Clark Paul D Conger, Larry R. Crawford, Dawn K. 214.215,404 Dale, Jan E 214,215 Dean, Thomas M 404 Dodd, John E 404 Clark, Wayne T. 206, 207 Conlee, Barbara L. 200, 207, 404 Crawford, Deborah M. 216,217, Dale, Joseph T. Dean, Vallena Dodson, Anna L. Clark ' William H. IV 222, 223 Conlee, Sharon L. 423 Dale, MarkS. Dean, Wanda J. Dodson, Janet L. 384 Clarke, Frank J. 246, 247 Conley, Jeffrey A. 465 Crawford, Elizabeth Y. 240. 241 , Dale, Phyllis A. 214,215,404 Dear, Joe D. Dodson, Mary D. Clarke, Mary R. Conn, Julian R. 244, 245 Daley, Charles L. Dearman, Mildred E. 214,215, Dogan, Ann 404 Clarke. Stuart H 248, 249, 383 Conn, Lisa G. Crawford, Gail 383 Dallriva, Mary F 384 424 Dolan, Kathy L 384 Clary, Betsy J. Connell, Llewellyn W. 212,213 Crawford, Iris 404 Dalrymple, James D 244, 245 Deas. Cheryl L. M. Dolan, Rhonda J. Clasgens Bradley J. 208, 209, Connelly, James 0. Jr. Crawford, John A. Ill . 232, 233 Dalrymple, Kathy L. 240,241, Deas. Michael W. Dolm, Margaret C 242, 243, 424 403 Conner, Anne N. 228, 227 Crawford, Paula S. 404 244, 245 Deaton, Beverley D. 212,213, Donahoe, Eric H . 235, 236, 404 Clausel Mane A 423 Conner, Betty L. Crawford, Scottye S. 240, 241, Dalrymple Mary T. 343. 445 Donald, Joe F 446 Clay, Cheryl G. 257, 258, 444 Conner, Linda M. .140,383 423 Dalton, AlvaS. Ill Deaton, Donna J. 445 Donald, Noel H. 405 Clay, Marvin E. 230.231,403 Conner, Lisa S. 140,383 Crawley, Alfred B. Dalton, Frank T 465 Deaton, Ward P. Jr. 248. 244 Donald, Valerie L 242, 243, 424 Clayton, Jackie M. 444 Connick, Eugene E. Jr. 234,235 Crawson, Donna J 383 Dalton. Sara J. M. 212,213 Deaton, William G. Donley, Robert L. Clayton, Richard D. Connor, Rebecca A. 196,214, Crayton, William L 423 Daly, Joseph L. Deavel, Sara J. Donnell, China G. 208, 209, 226, Clement, William G. 215,423 Crechale, Robert J. . 236. 237 Dameworth, Dana L. 424 Debardeleben, Suzanne 216, 227, 446 Clements, Ann B. 214,215,403 Connor, Terrence C. 206. 207 Crechole, Kenneth J. 236, 237 Daniel, Annette C. 217,248,249,404 Donnell, David M. . 384 Clements, Betsy A. 216,217 Connor, V. L. W. Creedon, Debra L 445 Daniel. Debra L. Debord, Betty R. B. Donnell, George R. Clements, Bobby J. Conoway, Marilyn T. . . .423 Creely, Thomas E 445 Daniel, Elizabeth K. 226,227, Debord, Danny N. Donnell, Sheila A. 224,225,405 Clements, Dorothy M. Conrad, Brenda G. Crellm, Carol J. 384 Debord, Gigi R. Donnelly, Mary L. 212,213,405 Clements Edward L Jr. 206, 207, Conway, James E. 246,247.444 Crenshaw, Bob D. Jr. 246, 247 Daniel, Elizabeth W. 208,209, Debro, LaioyceA. H. Donoho, Arthur W. 238. 239, 384 383 Conway, Mike R. Crenshaw, Celia E 242, 243, 383 242, 243, 404 Decastro, Daniel Doolittle, Leslie E. Clements, Eugene V. Conway, Rebecca J. 423 Crenshaw, Howard T. 383 Daniel, Mary C. .242,243,404 Decoursey, Kenneth A. 404 Doom, Janet B 424 Clements, Vicki L. Conway, Robert C. Jr. 244, 245 Crenshaw, James B. 246,247 Daniel, Mary L. 234, 235, 240. Dedeaux, Waldon A. 404 Doong, Ren Ching Clemmons, William B. 228,229 Conway, William C. 206, 207 Crenshaw, Joellyn 423 241.404 Deer. Daniel R 127 Doorenbos, Gail S. demons, Edward C. Cook. Andrea G 423 Crenshaw, Karen S. 200,201, Daniel, Stacy I. 404 Deere, PrentissA. Ill Doran, Martin B. 224, 225 Cleveland, Kimberly A. 240, 241 Cook. Anthony B 404 343, 445 Daniel, William C. Deere, William J. Dorgan, TnciaA. 216,217,405 Cleveland, Neola L. Cook, Christopher M. Crenshaw, Virginia W. 226, 227, Daniel, William N. Dees, Daney N 445 Dorr, Ouida D. Cleveland, Peter W. 228, 229, Cook, Donald B. 445 Daniels, Bennie B. Dees, Debby L 424 Dorroh, SharlaJ. 242,243,244, 444 Cook, Dorothy A 423 Crenshaw, Walter R. Ill 246,247 Daniels, Debra G. Dees, Donald D. 245, 384 Cleveland, Thomas K. 383 Cook, James J. Crews, JohnS. .236,237 Daniels, Dianne G. Degrummond, Ernest A. Dorrough, Louann Clevenger Melanie L 383 Cook, James S 383 Crews, June L. Daniels, Garry T. Dekayie, Ammunuel F. K. 404 Dorset!, Gary W. Click Ricky D 206 207 383 Cook, John W. 248, 249, 383 Crews, Patricia L. 200,201,445 Daniels, Karon A. Delashment, Gordon B. Jr. 220. Dorsey, Edward J. Clifton, E. Ross 228, 229. 400 Cook, Karen M. Crews, William L. Daniels. Marty A 384 221.445 Dorsey, Henry Climer Nancy Cook, KarlaE 423 Crick, Dennis M. Daniels, Michael A. Delashmet, John I. Jr. 404 Dossett. AlanK. Cline, Daniel J. 208,209 Cook, Mary L. Criddle, Phillip E. Daniels, Paul W. Jr. Delasho. James W. Jr. 445 Dotson.AlbertC.III 126,138 Clinei Harold B. Jr. Cook, Peggy J. Crigler, Ann Dantzler, Larry D. 126, 139. 140, Delasho, Leigh G 424 Dottley, John A. Jr. Clmgan Rex W Cook, Robert E 383 Cnm. Sarah L. . 216,217,445 445 Delasho, Thomas J. 445 Doty, John R 206,207 Cloud, Paul R 238, 239, 423 Cook. Roy R. Crim, William Jr. 248, 249, 383 Darby, Margaret B. Delaughter, Dixie T. . 445 Doty. Patricia A 405 Clouse, Carla L. Cook, Verna B. Crisler, Betsy J. 216,217,383 Darby, Shirley F. Delaughter, Teresa G. Doty. Sharon L. ..216,217,234, Cluck, Cathy E. 403 Cook, Wanda C 423 Crislip, Kathleen J. 383 Darby, William T. Deleeuw, Daniel A. 235, 424 Coates, David P. Cook, William C 444 Critchlow, Julie G. 212,213,383 Darnell, Deborah K 384 Deleeuw, David N. Douglas, Dean C 234, 235 Cobb, Barbara A. 257, 258, 383 Cook, William E. Crocker, Candy J. R. Darr, Jackie L. Delk, Robert W. Jr 465 Douglas, John H. Cobb, Gary K. Cook, William M. Crocker, Jerry D. Daschka, Michelle M. 384 Demartim, Margaret S. 210,211, Douglas, Lydia M 405 Cober, Barry D 423 Cooker, Barbara J. Crocker, Juliann M. Daskalos, John B 404 445 Douglas, Penelope A. Cochran, David E. Cooker, Philip G. Crockett, Dennis L 423 Dauenhauer, Anne E 424 Dement, Susan L. 196, 222, 223, Douglas, Richard D Cochran, John A 218,219 Cookwey, Richard H. Crocker, Karen M 445 Daughdnll, RoyW. 226, 227, 404 Douglass, Sidney A. Cochran, Pamela G. 383 Cooley, Cathy C. E 444 Crosby, Janet M. Daugherty, Benjamin G. Ill Demetz, ReneeY. Douglass. William M. 405 Cochran, Ronald S 423 Cooley, Cheryl L. Crosby, Mickey E. 222, 223, 383 Daugherty, David L. Deming, Jeannie . 257, 258 Dowdle. John 0. 222, 223, 384 Cochrane, Deborah L. Cooley, Russell A. Crosby, Robert L. Ill Daughtrey, Kenneth R. Jr. 384 Dempsey, Gregg D. 446 Dowdle, Nan L 384 Cocke, Margaret E. Coohck, Michele M. 444 Cross, Patricia A. 254, 255, 423 Daughtry, Clay 1 445 Dempsey, Keith Colin 446 Dowdy, Howard K. 446 Cocke. Mary C. Cooper, Alvis K. Cross, Randy K. Dauro, Vincent A. Jr. 424 Dempsey, Terry A. Dowdy, Joe D. 228, 229, 424 Cockrell, David M 222, 223 Cooper, Danny R. 222.223 Crossno, Karen L 445 Davant. Mary M. . 210,211,242, Dendy, Robert H. Dowe, Robert P. Cockrell, Eleanor D. Cooper, Dennis R 423 Crosthwait, Allen E. 243 Denley, Queda S. Dowell, William W 126,446 Cockrell, Evelyn C. 222, 223, 240, Cooper, Harry W. Crotwell, Danny L. Davenport, Franklin T. Denley, Vicki L 424 Downing, Daniel C. 241,383 Cooper, J. C. Crouch. Barbara J. 220, 221, 404 Davenport, Harold Denney, Ann H 216,217 Doxey, Helene E. 2 1 6, 2 1 7, 384 Cockrell, Wayne P. 222, 223 Cooper, J. Charles Crouch, Cathie S 423 Davenport, Sheryl D. 2 1 0, 2 1 1 , Denney, Carol E. 216,217,424 Doyle, Manella H. 216,217,236, Cockrell, Wendell A. Cooper, Joy E. Crouch, Ellen E. 257. 258 Denney, Deanna D. 237 Cockroft, Susan K. 257,258 Cooper, Kathleen E. .240, 241, Crow, Rilla K. Davidson, Joyce L. Dennis, Curtis W. Drake, Linda B 424 Cody, John D 423 444 Crowley, James W. 236, 237, 445 Davidson, Marilyn U 404 Denny, William C. Ill 127 Drake, Melouise . 424 Cofer. James H. Jr 444 Cooper, Lisa G. G. Crowley, Sheree S. Davidson, Mary D. Dent, Melanie J 404 aane, Cynthia K. 236, 237, 384 Cofer, Martha M. Cooper, Michael E. 244,245 Cruise, Lonnie V. Davidson, Steven W 445 Denton, Bennie P. Jr. Draper, John M. . 446 Coffey, Carl R 423 Cooper, Regma C 383 Crum, David A. Davidson. Walter C. 424 Denton, Cindy R. Drewery, Betty R. B. Coffey, Catherine L. 242. 243 Cooper. Susan D. Crumby, Mary H. Davin. Jeffrey S. 236, 237, 424 Denton, Felicia K. 200,201,384 Drewrey, Chester A. Coffey Kenneth M. Cooper, Sylvia A. Crumby.ZoeL. 216.217,404 Davm, William T., Jr. . . 465 Denton, Jack A. 232, 233, 424 Drewry, George W. Jr. 424 Coffey, Kevin L 252, 253 Coors, Giles A. 232, 233, 444 Crump, Murray L 445 Davis, Amy J 257,258,404 Denton, James A 446 Drewry. Mary J . 208, 209, 242, Coffey Robert R 402 Cope. Donna M 404 Crumpton, Daniel F. Ill 232,233 Davis, Bernece B. Denton, Jim G. . . 220, 22 1 , 232, 243, 384 Coffman. Kimberly L. 242. 243 Cope, Susan M. Cruse, Jackie L 423 Davis, Betty A. . 200, 207, 384 233, 424 aiver, MaryE. 202,203,446 Cofield, John B 236, 237 Copeland, Ricky W. Cruse, Kimberly A 383 Davis, Beverly J. Depperschmidt, Margaret S. 222, Driver, Morries A. 384 Coggin, James P. Copeland, Stewart D. Cruse, William N 423 Davis, Billy C. 223, 384 aouin, Valerie J 424 Coggin, Ronnie W Coplen, Glenda L. Crutcher, Robert P. . 246, 247, Davis, Brian L. Denvaux, Ann M. 226,227,404 Drummond. Lawrence C 465 Coggins, Paul E 232, 233 Coquat, Zane D 404 345 Davis, Carol A. Denvaux, Robert P. 248, 249 Drury, Julie A 257,258.384 Coker, Ann W Corban, Stephen M 444 Cuellar, Imelda C 404 Davis, Charles M. Desaussure, Denise A. 212,213, Drury, Scott E 244. 245 Coker. Creed M. 212,213,423 Corbett. Charles M 444 Culberson, Debra G. Davis, Cynthia J 384 446 Dryden, Timothy A 424 Coker, Kathryn S. 212,213 Corbett, David G. Cullum, DelB 210,211 Davis. Dale W. Deshong, Judith L. 196, 222, Dubbs, Timothy J. Coker, Richard C. 232,233 Cordua, Glenn D. Culpepper, Mary K. . 423 Davis, Danny C 384 223, 240, 241 Dubois, Thomas M. Cole, Adrienne R. Corey, Tommy M. Culver, David M 246,247 Davis. David B 404 Desormes, Gerard A. Dubose, Tara L. 240, 241 Cole, Byars A. Cork, Steven E 222, 223 Culwell, Karen A 212,213 Davis, Deanna H 242, 243 Desporte, Richard J. 244,245 Duchame, Cynthia S. Cole, Craig A 220, 221 Corlew, Elizabeth A. 224, 225 Cumberland, Travis W. Davis, Durward L. Dessauer, Scott R. 384 Duchame, John C. Cole, Dianne D. Corr, Linda G. Cumbest, Arvis S. Davis, EartJr. Deturk, Kenneth W. 404 Duchkar, Wayne J. Cole, Donald R. Correro, Michael D. Cummings. Charles W. 244, 245 Davis. Elizabeth D. 424 Devaughn, Janice R. 446 Duckworth, Frank H. Jr. Cole, Eddie L 127 Correro, Van Sam Cummings, Don H. Davis. Ellen M. 242,243,404 Devine, James E. Duddleston, David N. 345, 446 Cole, Homer L. Corso, Cathy S. Cummings, Mary K. 240, 241 Davis. Eloise 384 Devoe, John G. Duddleston, LelandS. Ill . 248, Cole Louise 0. Corso, Michael C. 232, 233, 383 Davis. Eva C. Devore, Jeanice T. 249 Cole, Lucy J. 226 227 Cosgrove, Francis J. Cummings, Sarah K. Davis, Howell E. Dewees, Dixie A. Dudley. Amy M Cole, Patricia A. 240, 24 1 , 465 Cosnahan, Brister C. 246, 247, Cummings, Sheila L 383 Davis, Hugh L. Ill Deweese. Claude E 384 Dudley, Patricia L 446 Cole, Paula A. 345, 444 Cunningham, Debra C. 202, 203, Davis, James N 384 Dewey, Margaret Duewall, Donna C. 242, 243, 446 Cole, Roderick W. Cosstn, Karen L. 423 Davis, James R 384 aamond, Frederick W. Duff, Claire B. . 216,217 Cole, Troy H. Coleman, Andy C. 423 Costin, Marvin L. Costner, Jeffrey L. Cunningham, Howard P. 248, 249 Davis, Jeffrey K. Davis, John C. 445 aamond, James P. Jr. 119,120 aBartolo, Anthony J. Jr. 246, 247 Duff. Suzanne . 257,258,446 Duffy, Blaise K 208, 209 Coleman, Ann C. Costner, Rachel A 444 Davis, John F. 208,209,404 ackard, Roslyn S 424 Duffy, Leonard A. Coleman, Aubrey A. Costner, Shawn G 404 Cunningham, John P. Davis, Julia L. 242, 243, 445 acken, Lynn A. 424 Duffy. Paula T. Coleman, Claudia M. Cothren, David L. Cunningham, Mary J. 226, 227, Davis, Keith D. Jr 236,237 acken, William A. Duke, Betty S. Coleman, Crenola Cottam, Christopher C 127 383 Davis, Kevin D. ackens, Heinrich Duke, BillieF 424 Coleman, Elizabeth 226, 227 Couch. Darrell L 423 Davis, Kimberly D. 224,225 ackerson, Connie R. 242,243, Duke, Elizabeth A. Coleman. Gary L. Coulson, Richard E. Cunningham, Robert A. 345, 445 Davis, Laurie D 424 404 Duke, Elizabeth H. Coleman. Gwyneth J. 403 Counce, Kenneth E 228, 229 Cupac, Kathryn L. Davis, Leslie J. ackerson, David E 126 Duke, John J. Ill Coleman, James M. 403 Counce, Nenna D 423 Cupach, Lawrence N. 160,383 Davis, Linda A 404 ackerson. Lisa H. 242, 243, 384 Duke, PattiA. Coleman, James T 222,223 Course, Edward M. Jr. Cupit.AdolphM.III . 138, 141, Davis, LouE 216,217 ackerson, Melmda S. 424 Duke, Terry L. Coleman, Jeannie M. Courseault, Anthony J. 222, 223 Davis, MarkG 404 ackey, Robbie D. .214,215 Duke, WilmaF 156,385 Coleman, Jennifer 216. 217 Courseault, Vivienne L. Cupit, Lisa K. Davis, Mary B. ackmson, Robert E Dukes, Bettye D. Coleman. Jill K 383 Courtney, Frances R. Cupp, Mary L 404 Davis, Nancy M 212,213 ackmson, Stephen C. Dukes, Danny M. Coleman, Kern T. 1 26, 1 38. 444 Courtney, Herbert D 444 Cupstid, Joseph J. II Davis, Ophera A 384 ackinson, William B. 208, 209 Dukes, Joe A 446 Coleman, Kevin J. Covington, Andrew S. 232, 233 Curl, ElanaG. Davis, Rita R. acks. Guy B. Dulaney, Evelyn J 446 Coleman, Mary P 444 Covington, Danny B. Curley. Carol A. 212,213,423 Davis, Rosemar y ackson, David D 446 Dulaney, Marian F. 242, 243 Coleman, Rhonda K. 403 Covington, Dolores J. Curran, Christopher K. Davis. Russell L 384 ackson, Shelley S. Dulm, Lynn M 257, 258 Coleman, Ronald P. 208. 209, Covington, John N. Ill Curne, Susan A. Davis, Susan C. . 242. 243, 284 adlake, Pamela L. ajmas, Deborah L. 444 Covington, Mark A. Curne, Virginia D. Davis, Susan L. aehl. Sky Dumas, Roy A. Coleman, Roy L. 126 Cowan, David G. Curne. Yolanda K. . 202, 203 Davis, Tammy L. aem, Chuzaimah D. Dunagm, Hollis W. 228,229 Coleman, Thomas R. Cox, Burgess T 206, 207 Curry. Merl P. Davis, Terry J. 384 aestel, Raymond A. Dunagm, Kathleen 242, 243 Coleman, Vermes M. . .404 Cox, Carol A 423 Curry, Robert H 423 Davis. Terry L. . .216,217.424 aetrich, Ross C 424 Dunavant, Amy J. 257, 258, 385 Collie, Sandra L. Cox, Gayland C 445 Curry, Thelma L. 423 Davis, Tommie J. atfendorter, Gail A. Dunbar, Timothy A 405 Collier, Pamela B. Cox, James R. Curry, Vmme R. 202, 203, 404 Davis, William M. Jr. 222, 223, aggs, Beverly L 404 Duncan, Barbara S. Collins, Calvin E. 423 Cox, Judy D 383 Curtis, Daniel J . .127 384 aggs, Charles M 384 Duncan, Edna F. Collins, Cathy C. 220, 221 , 242, Cox, Lynda C. 423 Curtis, David K 423 Dawkms, Lynette J 465 ailard, David W. Duncan, Jackie J. 243 Cox, Marilyn G. . 242, 243, 383 Curtis, Joan L. . . 424 Dawson, David A. Ill 384 ailars, Patricia I. 384 Duncan, Laurie J. .. 424 Collins, Charles M. 248, 249 Cox, Melissa A 200,201 Curtis, Lalmda L 226. 227 Dawson, David W. alley, James M. . .234, 235, 446 Duncan, Mark S. 236,237 Collins, Craig S. . . 383 Cox, Pamela K 383 Curtis, Patricia N. Dawson, Gary W 424 alley, John E. Duncan, Samuel J. 127 Collins. David G. Cox, Phillip B 445 Curtis, Rex E 208,209 Dawson, John C. Jr 445 ailon, Elizabeth A. Duncan, Sharlet D. 405 Collins. Judy L. 404 Cox, Sharron 0. Curtis, Tammy E. 206 207 Dawson, Wayne A. Jr. 384 ailon, William L 446 Duncan, William T. Collins JuneC G Cox, William A. Jr 383 Cults. Lisa R 384 Day, DeniseC. aMassi, Akashi M. Dunhouse. LisaJ. 208,209,242, Collins, Karen A 214215228 Cox, William W. Jr 445 Cutts. Teresa F. 218,219,384 Day, Diana L 424 avincenti. Diane C. 243 229, 383 Coy, TonyE. 404 Czarnecki, Susan D. Day, Jerry D. Jr. avmcenti, Roy A 424 Dunlap, George C. Jr. 222, 223 490 Index 1MK : . . - Dunlap. Jennifer L. Dunlap, Joseph A. Dunlap. Kathy D Dunn. Felicia C Dunn. Ginia M. Dunn, Laura A Dunn. Mark A Dunn. Melissa D. Dunn. Michael W Dunn. Patrick A Dunnam. Greg G. Dunnigan, Samuel Dunsford. Ann A. Dupuy. Jean P Durtey. Linda D 212, Durfey. William R Ourr, Jimmie C Durr. Kerry D Duvall. Marcia S DuvaH. Teresa C Dye. Randy Dye, Syfvia J Dyer. Amelia L Drer. Charles T. Dyer. Mary L Dykes. Isaac J DJfre. Thomas L 385 446 405 222.223 424 424 244.245 213.222. 223. 405 222. 223 214 228. 257. 258 215.424 424 229.446 385 446 E Eads. Susyn K Eakin. Ruth A. 465 Eames. Brenda J Earhart. LynneA 212.213.248. 249. 405 Earnest, Beverly G 405 Earnest. Christina L Earnest. Karen L. 424 Earwood. David C 222.223.405 Eason, Ehsa K 385 Eason. Brooks P 232. 233 Eason. Gene B 446 Eason, Mildred E 210,211 East, Benme K. D 446 East. Cynthia H East. David H 424 East. Mark D 446 Easterling, Harvey J 127 Easterling. Lynwood R Jr Eatman, MarkT 234.235 Eatman, Michael A III 234.235. 446 Eaton, Andrew J. 424 Eaton. Barbara J 424 Eaton, Cherry R. C. Eaton, Gregory S Eaton, Joe D Eberlm, Dana E Eble. KimberleeA 200,201.385 Echols. Heidi L Eckert. Randall W. Eckman. Joe E. 446 Eddy, Keven K Eden. Amelia S 385 Ederer. Donell B. Ederer. Elizabeth A 224, 225. 405 Ederer. Michael P. Edgar, Jayne E 206. 207. 240. 241.424 Edge, Robert E Edgell, Kyle B Edged. Scott J Ed.sen. Glenn K 405 Edlin. Laura R C Edmiston. Billy J. Jr. 465 Edmondson. Alma G Edmondson, Frank H. Edmondson. Henry L Edmonson. Susan N 212,213, 424 Ednngton. Laura W 240. 24 1 Edwards. Annell Edwards. Carl R. 424 Edwards. Catherine G Edwards. Christopher L. Edwards. David Lyndell Edwards. David R 232, 233 Edwards. David W Edwards. George W Edwards, James Dill 424 Edwards. James T 222. 223. 345.446 Edwards. John C T. 424 Edwards. John M. Edwards. Karl 405 Edwards. Larry C. 446 Edwards, Larry R. Edwards, Patricia A. Edwards, Quinton T. 385 Edwards, Shannon T. Edwards. Toby A 446 Egbert, Sandra D Egger, Frances T. 200, 201 , 424 Eid. Saadallah Eidson. Peter A Eidt. Donna E 236.237 Eilders. Jeffrey S 405 Eitensen. Eric L 1 36. 222. 223 Fjlertsen. Karen L 222. 223 Eisenoeis. Patricia L .424 B Afife. Wael M 425 B Assaad. Mohamad M 405 EJ Haiabdutmajid. Ibrahim El-Harin. Mohamed S B Kawam. Hasanibrahim B Khoun, ImadB B Sateh, Suleiman S. 385 BSangi. All A 161 El Sarp. Ahmad A. El -Sarp. Mohamed A. .161 Elam, Jonathan E 206. 207 Elcan. Claire R 405 Elder, Emily I. Bder. Lawrence M. Ill Eldndge, Charles M. Bey. Marion K 200. 201 Elion, Vernester E 405 Elkm. Rebecca C 214.215.446 Elkms. Terrie L. 385 Ellard. Jean M Ellard. Kitty C. Ellington. John L. Elliott Baxter III 232. 233 Bliott George W. 244.245 Bliott Kevin S. 234. 235 Elliott Kimberfy A. 214.215.425 Bliott Marvin E. Elliott Mary E 226, 227 Bliott Mary V 212.213,425 Bliott Michael T. Bliott Roswietha 385 Bliott Stanley C. Elhs, Barbara A Blis. David K 405 Blis. Jo A. 425 Ellis. KerUwtti R. 248, 249. 405 Blis, Marshall S Jr. Ellis. Martha J 343,446 Ellis, Mildred T. Ellis, MitziC. Blis. Timothy L 126.138 Blis. Vicki S. 0. Blis. William Mill 232.233 Blison. Charles R Blmer. Robert M. 425 Blzey. Randal E 222. 223. 405 FJmore. Deborah A 465 Bmore. Joseph D. II Bmore. Pamela G B more. Sharon G 2OO. 201 By. BurtonS 228.229 Emfinger. Rona D. 200.201.385 Emmons, David E 425 Emmons, Rome A. nl England. Harold L 465 English. Julie K. 242. 243. 385 English. Kathie D. 216.217.385 Enlow. Bobby F. Enlow. Debbie S. Enlow. Donna L Ennis. James M. 446 Enobakhare, Osamuede P 425 Enochs. Lauren S 385 Entrican, Gregory J Emncan. Mitchell W 447 Enzor. David M. Epperson, Chester N. 447 Epting, Rodney A. Erb. David B 246. 247. 405 Erickson. Curtis E 385 Ericson. Alfred E. Jr 465 Erkenbrack. David E. Ernst Daniel G. Ernst Eugene R Ertle. Marilyn A 385 Erves, DateV 126 Erwm.ClayE. 127 Erwin. PaulG. 228.229 Esc udier. Blake 206.207 Eslahi.Maiid Espinoza Hale, Marlow D. Esslinger, Mary V. 1 40, 385 Esshnger. Nancy R 140. 425 Esteki, Reza Estes. Paul H Estes. Samuel F 465 Estock, Victor W. Ethendge. Don A. Ethendge. Robert C. Ethridg e. Loyde T. 234. 235 Ethndge, Stephen A. 385 Ethridge, Steven C Eubanks, Debra L 208, 209 Eubanks, Warren R Jr 447 Evans, Aeron T. Evans, AngeliaG 405 Evans. Catherine E 224, 225. 385 Evans. Elise A 224, 225. 405 Evans. Ellen M. 224. 225. 405 Evans, Jane B 214.215.385 Evans, Keith A. Evans, Michael G Evans.MiBneM 200.201 Evans. Robert H. Evans. Sheila 224. 225. 425 Evans, Sue A 200.201 Evans, Trese A. 447 Evans. William G. Evans. William M 210.211 Evans. William M. Evenhouse. David J Everett. Jennifer R Everett. John A 246, 247 Evenngham, N. Mark Exum, Edward V. Jr 206, 207 Eyerly, Gregory L Eyl. Clarke D Ezell, Milton E 405 Ezenta, Elisha C. P 232, Fabian. Leonard W. Jr. Fabris. Jon M. 126, Fabris. Robert S 126. Faddoul, Antoine S. Faddoul. Atef S Fagan, Joy E Fair. Frank L. Ill Fair. Larry D. Fair. Randolph Fair. Sandra L. Fairley. Tracy L .210. Fairly. Kenneth G Fairfy, Kenneth W. Faison, Angelea G. M. Faison, Richard D. Falkner, Donald C. Falkner. Jane K. Falkner, Vernon E. Fancher, Debra A. Fancher, Mary J. Fannon, Janet M. Farage, Donald L Jr Farese, Jeffrey H. Fanes, Deborah S. Farese, Suzanne W. Fanes, Gregory J. Fansh. Martha N. Farmer. Carol Farmer. Deborah J 212 234, 235 138,405 139. 140, 447 425, 447 240,241 233, 447 425 425 447 211.216, 217 425 385 447 213.385 447 405 206.207 Farnsworth. Craig W 2O8, 209. 425 Farr. Brian R 220.221 Farr. George K 246, 247. 405 Farr, Timothy A Farrar. Adelaide W 214.215.425 Farrar, Michael W. 447 Farrar. Robert S. 234. 235. 425 Farns. Bradley M. Farns. Charles III 208.209.465 Farris, John R. Farns. Larry E. 236, 237 Farris. Margaret V. 208. 209. 242, 243, 405 Farris. Nannette 1 447 Faulkner, Wayne A. Faust Craig L 228,229 Faust Cynthia M. Faust Jill A. 200,201,425 Faustman, William 0. Fawcett. Mwhael R 246, 247 Fawcetl. Peter G 246. 247 Feather. Carol A. Featherston, Ann V 447 Featherston. Chesterfield 385 Featherston. Kathenne C. 405 Fedel. Melba J 226. 227. 625 Fedel. Sharon M 226. 227. 385 Fednc. Robert M. Jr. 218. 219. 447 Feduccia. Thomas A. Feitarek. Myron J. Jr. Feinstein. Jonathan E. Felner. Elizabeth P. Felten, Steven R 425 Felton, Darnell 230. 23 1 . 425 Fettus. Charlotte C 224. 225 Fenerty. Martin W. Jr. Fenster. MKhael S. Fenton. Roosevelt 425 Ferguson, Bailey J. Ferguson, Bobby N.W. Ferguson, Byron T. Ferguson, Diane 425 Ferguson. Edwin L 465 Ferguson. Kathenne S 216.217 Ferguson. Kathleen 385 Ferguson, Kelly Ferguson. Kimbnel L Ferguson. Leah R. 200. 201. 425 Ferguson. Peggy J 425 Ferguson. Tommy R 405 Femnn. Angel G 425 Fernandez. Gary S. Fernandez. Gtenda N. Ferrell, Carol L 212.213,406 Ferrell, Charles E Ferrell. Cindy 385 Ferrell, Rory J 119.120 Fessler. Alison A. 214.215.385 Feurst David B Field, Thorn S 148. 385 Fields, Ralph Fields. Zane K 385 Fifer. Espero K Rter. Janet L. 425 Finan,PaulW 218.219 Finch. Janet H 425 Finch. Robert S 406 Finch. Virginia A. Finch. William C. Jr. 234. 235 Fincher. Donna P 425 Fink. Mary H Fmley. Chester L 425 Fmley. Dean H. Jr. Finn. Mark A 385 Finn. Thomas S FmneU. Rhonda L. 216. 217. 222. 223.385 Fmney. Zona G. Finnigan, Robert A. Fischel. Laura L 425 Fischer. Daniel M 126.138 Fiser. Barbara V. Freer. John Y 2O6, 207, 425 Fisher. Larry W. Fisher, William H. IV Fisk. MaryM 206.207 Fitch. Andy S Fitch. Julie A. 425 Fins. Joyce R 447 Fitzpatrick. Catherine S 406 Ragg.W,llieC 230.231.465 Flair. Beatrice A. 140, 447 Flanagan, David M 425 Flanagan, Jane E. Flanagan. Susan T 208, 209 Flautt David E Fleming. Mary S. Fleming. Robert J. Remmg, Robert T. Jr. 246, 247 Ftesher. Tonya K. Flesner. Marcia K. Fletcher, David E 406 Fletcher, Leah G 242.243 Fletcher. Rebecca M 425 Fletcher. Steven M 425 Fletcher. Tyler H. Flinn. MaryC. Rinn. Tommy B. Flint. David L. Flippin. James L. Rippin. Leslie L Flora. Ernest G Flora, Jonsi B 229, 242. 243. 425 Flowers. Dean A 246,247 Flowers. Elizabeth S. 214,215. 447 Flowers. Jesse R., Jr. Flowers. Rachel D 406 Floyd. Angela D Floyd. Angelas 385 Floyd. Dennis P. Floyd. Gtenda J 240.241 Floyd. Pamela J. Floyd. Paul L 406 Royd. Robert E 425 Floyd. Susan D. Fry. Mae B Fly. Sarah F. Fly. Williams 425 Rynn, Shannon C. Rynn. Vickie H. F)ynt. Martha J. Fogarty. William M. 385 Fogle. Brian G 236, 237 Fotey. Lynden W. 236. 237 Folk. Brian M 222. 223. 385 Folk. Eric A. 222.223 Folk. Mary L. Folks. Susan M 406 Follett Jeffrey C. Follin.AnneE 216.217.385 Fong, Lily 465 Fong. Teresa L 385 Fons, Stephen R 208.209 Fontaine, Margaret C 216.217 Foose. MaryC 212,213 Foote, Elizabeth M 141 Forbes, William W 447 Ford. Betty A. Ford. Catherine L. Ford. Daniel A. Ford. Dennis R. Ford, Earlme 447 Ford. Ebb J. Ill Ford. Ethel L. Ford. Harrison S. Jr. 385 Ford. Jeanne F 200,201.406 Ford. John C. Ford. Joy W Ford. Karen E. Ford. Kenneth L 252.253 Ford.SheeyC. 216.217.447 Ford. Waller C 425 Ford. William C. Jr. 1 19, 120, 385 Foregger. Elizabeth J Foregger, John H. Foreman. Garland M. Forester. Marcial D. 208, 2O9 Forester, Mitchell A 208, 209 Forghani, Abbas Forrest Jack T. Jr. 208. 209 Forrest Trudy G. Forsyth. John S 385 Fort William D 425 Forte. AnthonyS. Fortenberry. Anne M 224. 225 Fortenberry. Avery K. Fortenberry. Cheryl D 425 Fortenberry. Dewm L Jr. Fortenberry. Emily A 2 1 2, 2 1 3. 386 Fortenberry, Howard 447 Fortenberry, Jacky E. Fortenberry, John W. Fortenberry. Larry T. Fortenberry. Ranee M 234.235. 386 Fortenberry. Sarah B. 212.213 Fortier. Beverly A. Former. Linda C 425 Fortune, Linda G 385 Foshee. LuA. Foster. Ben W. Foster. Benny C. Foster, Deborah C 447 Foster. Dennis M. 447 Foster. Derrial 447 Foster. Mar,one L. 240. 241. 386 Foster. Robert L. 425 Foster, Shelia A Foster, Sherrell A Foster. Stephen R 447 Foster. Stephen W. Foster. Willie S 126 Foti. Pete Fountain. Michate A. 126 Fburnet. John D 425 Fowler, Janice C. Fowler. Rodney S. Fowlkes. BeaH 196.214.215. 228. 229. 425 Fox. Andrew C. Fox. Brian B 406 Fox. Gary M. Fox.HenryC. 232.233,386 Fox. Janet R. Fox. Mae B. Fox, McQ3n E. Fox.FtoyC 232.233 Francis. Peter K. 220.221,386 Franco, Donna M. Franco. Guy L 447 Franco. John G. Franetowch. John E. 234. 235 Frank. Ada H. Frank. John D. Frank. Mary A. Frankenbach. Lissa A. 240. 241 Franklin. Bobby G 425 Franklin. Deborah B 447 Franklin. Marcus D 447 Franklin, Robert G. Franks. Bruce H. Franks. Rosemary 406 Franz. Candy G. Fraser, Sherri E. Frasrner. Edward A Frashier, Ira K. Frazier. Andrew L. Frazier. John K 136 Frazier. Marsha A Frear. Maria L 224.225 Frederic. Carol A 425 Frederic. Donald E. Jr Fredericks. Mary S B. Fredericks. Paul D. Fredrick. T. Kirk 218.219 Freeland. John H. 234.235.426 Freeman. Beryl D 447 Freeman. Eartean Freeman. Nina C 240. 241 . 386 Freeman. Walter W. Freeman. William A 210.211. 386 Frees, David L 426 Frees, James R 426 Frees. Mark A. 386 Freightman. Phil 1 26 Fremd. Dale M. L Fremd, Karl G. French, Norman M. Frentz, Leigh A. Fridlund, Alan J Fnedtob, George T. Frogge. Evelyn D. Fruzzetti. Laura A. Fry. Robert S Fry, William N. 234.235 Frye. Wallace D. Fudge. Jacquetyn F. Fulgham, Judy A. Fuller. Donald H 148 Fuller. James M. Jr. Fuller. Nancy F. Fuller. Pamela S. Fuller. William F. Fulper. Lester D Fulton, Charles R 465 Fulton. John D 447 Fulton. Margery C 465 Fulton. Roy L 426 Furwood. Sharon L 343. 447 Funderburk. Thomata K Fung. Yin C 406 Furby. Ricky J 406 Furr. Elizabeth A. Furr.RayA.Jr. G Gabbert. Scott D. Gabnelleschi. Virgil J. Jr Gadd, Jack G Gadd, Lauren L. Gaddis, Sarah A Gaddy. Donald K Gaddy. Gerald C Gaddy. James H. . Gafford. Barbara J. Gafford. Ray A. Gagliano. Teresa A Gagne. Ann M. Gale. Frances D. Gallagher. EmmettE. Gallant Amta N Gallant. Constance A. Gallamo. Robert M. Galtent Norma K Galloway. CamMeC. Galloway. Mary E. Galloway. Phyllis V Galtney. Robert K. . Gambert, Joseph R. Jr. Gamble. Cynthia f. ... Gandy. Thomas H. Gandy, Tianny J Ganguli. Gouranga Gann. Deborah J. Gant. Cynthia D. Gamer. Richard L Garbarmi. Deborah J. 212 Garber. Dal E Garcia. Heather L T. Garcia. Rogelio D Garcia. Stephen P. Gardner Drwayne I. Gardner. Elaine C Gardner. Stephen E. Gardner. William S. Jr. Garland. Howard S Garmon, Jeffrey Lyte Garner. Jacqueline E. Garner. Jennie L. .214. 228.229 426 228.229 426 447 240. 241 447 244. 245 447 212.213 244. 245 447 426 206.207 208. 209. .213.447 228,229 426 426 Garner, Patricia A. Garner, Rickey D. Garner. Robert L Garner. Sara F. Garner. Vickey S. Garrard, Lady A. . . . Garraway, Bethany K 426 236.237 244.245 244. 245. 386 447 215.244, 245 221, 252 Garraway. Frederick W Garraway. Stephen D Garrett. Cahrtn D. Garret! Carl P. Ill Garrett Dempsey C Garrett. Marilyn K. T. Garrett Steven B. Garrett. Wiltam H. . Garretti. Dinah M. . . Carrey. Carote L. 224 Garrison. Jennifer L Garrison, Stephen S. Garrott Lea A Gary, Mary M Gass. Albert H. . Gassnn. Joe C. Gates, Carolyn K Gates. Deborah P. Gates. GraceG. Gatewood. Jeffrey J. Gathnght Eugene L II Gaukkn. Ann K Gazzier. Conrad A. Geary. Gene H Geddie. Peggy 0. E. Gee. Mary A. Gee. Suzie A Gee, Tenola Geelan, Thomas C. Geer. MontreyA. Gehring. Janet I Gehring, Lonnie P. Geno, Charlotte C Geno. Joel Genda, Charles H. Genovese. Judith A. Gent. David B. Gentsch. Karen K. 200, George. Morris E. Jr. George. Rachel B. George. Sorrya D. 242, German. Rick B. Germany. Cynthia C 126. 138 225.386 240.241 242. 243. 386 244,245 248. 249 208.209 206.207 232. 233 406 225.386 200.201. 447 212.213 345 226. 227 253. 447 226. 227 406 212.213 226.227 406 208.209 220. 406 447 221.386 448 201.406 Germany, Robert G. Gerrard. Trace G 206. Getchell. Charles M. Jr. Getz. Joseph T. .222, Geyer, Carolyn L. 228, Ghadban. Wael Y. Ghateh Gol, Mostafa Chert. William M. . Gho.MaryC 216, Ghotson, Harris II Gholson. Robert D. . . . Gholston. Rene A. Gibbons, Cynthia A. Gibbons. Garrett R Gbbs. Dan G. 243.386 224. 225. 234. 235 234. 235 207. 214. 215.386 465 223. 386 229. 386 386 217.406 236.237 406 214.215, 406 244. 245 Gbens. David W 426 Gbert. Gerard R 228. 229 Gibson, Alice A. Gibson. Aurel ' US B. Jr 386 Gibson, Charles D 448 Gibson. Gerald A. Ill Gibson. James C. Gibson, Julie A Gibson, Monica L. B. Gibson. Robert G. Jr 406 Giddy. James F 1 98. 236. 237 Gilbert. Jeffrey K 234. 235 Glbrech. Marilyn A 426 Gilder. James D 386 Giles. Lawrence L. Gil. Jane 242.243.386 Gill. Juliette A 216.217 Gill. Tammy L 406 Gill. Thomas J. Gil. Vakxie A 406 Gllentine, Angela D. 224.225. 386 Gllentine, Timothy C 448 Gltenwater. Susan E 210.211. 257. 258. 426 Gllespie. Angela Faith Gllespie. Ellen B. Qllespie. Moll A. 257. 258 Gllevlen. James E Glliland. Holice Jr 466 Glliland. Marion R 426 GiHis. Cheryl L 200,201.236. 237. 426 Gllom. George 448 Gllom. Peggie J 156.406 Glmer. Patra L 426 Glmore. David M 228.229.448 Glmore. EmiryJ. Glmore. George D Glmore. Kenneth J 426 Glmore. Leslie A 21 2. 21 3. 228. 229 Glster. Timothy J 206. 207 Gn. Brenda K 386 Gnn.FrancesB 214.215.228, 229.406 Gorgmi, Joseph Gpson. Alva E. Gpson. Anthony D. Gpson, Clifford U. Gpson. Margaret T. Gpson. William P 426 Grdley. Melinda J Gvens. Warren B 246. 247 Grvhan. Mary T. Gvhan. Samuel D. Glasgow, Kay T. Glaze. Richard S. Gteason. Catherine E. aeatoo, Earnestine 448 Oeaton. Kenneth 406 Gtenister. Carl E. Gidewell, Kerry M. 406 Giisson. Allen W. Jr. Gtover. Barry V 198.426 Gtover, Deborah R Gtover, James H. Glover. James R. Goddard. Jerome Godfrey. William E Godsey. Titda J. Godwin. Jacob H. Jr. Godwin. Mary L 242.243,426 Godwin. Michael L. Godwin, William HJr Goetz. Mary L 2S7. 258. 386 Goff. Catherine L. Gofl. Syfvia A 386 Goggins, Robert A 448 Gold. Gary 426 Goldberg. Gregory L 426 Golden. Deirdre A. Golden. Mitchell K 448 Golden. Nancy E. Goldfarb. Samuel M. Gotdmo, MricheK S Goldman. Clyde D. Jr. 244.245 Goldman, Mary A. 226. 227, 386 Goldman. Nancy H 226.227 GoWay. Bobby K 426 Goliday, Ella B. 386 Gotzari. Hossein 426 Gonseth. Carol J. Gonsoulin. Joene D. Gonyea, James L 448 Gooch. Charles W. Gooch, Gary G. Gooch. Larry L. Gooch. Rhonda B Gooch. TrenticeG 224.225.448 Goodall. Laura Y. 224. 225, 238, 239, 343. 406 Goodie, Joseph F. Goodin, Gayte Goodman. Billie M. 234.235 Goodman. Charles M Goodman. Lisa D. Goodman. William H. Jr. Goodnite. Christy I 216,217 Goodson. Beverly A. .. 448 Goodson, Deborah C 448 Goodwin. Kenneth G. Goodwin, Teresa C. Goodwin, Thomas A. IV 252. 253 Gooldsby. Brenda H Goolsby, Jamie L 426 Goolsby. John M. Goon. Deborah 426 Goro . Sohrab Gordon. Deborah L. Gordon. James F. Jr. Gordon. James M. 386 Gordon. Marian D. Gordon, Marsha M. Gordon. Michael 426 Gordon. Mitchell R. Gordon. Ralph K. Gordon. Roger T 126 Gordon. Ruth K Gordon, Scott R 208. 209 Gordon. William M. Gordy. Robert K 244, 245 Gore. Edward K. II Gore. Lisa B 226. 227. 386 Gorney. MarkC 386 Gorove, Kathenne M 142 Goss. Ellis L Gossett. Barry G. Mei 491 Gossett, Jeanne C. Griffin, John T. Hall, William R. Harris, Philip E. Hegazy, Mohamed G. Hill, Brenda V. Gotthelf John F Griffin, Joseph M. Hallberg, Charles J. Ill 386 Harris, Rita S. D. Hegler, Christina A. Hill, Cynthia C. . 234, 235, 428 Goudelock, Wendell W. . . . 426 Griffin Kirby H Halliday, Pamela J 224,225, Harris, Steven M 449 Hegwood, Katherine E. .216,217 Hill, Dawn W. S. Gough, Diana M. Griffin, Lisa D 448 228, 229, 427 Harris, Tammy L. .224,225,387 Hegwood, Phillip G. Hill, Edker M. Gough, Gayla A. 214,215,426 Griffin, MaryJ. 242,243 Halligan, Maureen E. 257, 258 Harris, Zacharich 387 Heidelberg. Sarah K. 228, 229 Hill. Ellen E Govind, Spmivasiengar Griffin, Mary W 448 Hallman, Camille M. Harrison, Artist L. Ill Heiden, Charles H. Hill, Herbert H. Gowan, John R. . . . 208, 209, 406 Griffin, Robbie D. 206, 207, 2 1 6, Hallman, Denis S. Harrison, Brian K 208, 209 Heine, Kurt M 427 Hill, James R 343.449 Gowan. Margaret G. 208, 209, 217,406 Hallman, Phyllis S. Harrison, Cecil A. Heinsz, Charlie C. Hill, Jerry A. 212,213 Griffin, Thomas W. Halter, Kimberly J. Harrison, Coral J 387 Helfrich, Kathleen C. Hill, Jimmy L. Gowdy, John M. Ill 222, 223, 386 Griffin, William M. 228,229 Haltom, MaryJ 200.201 Harrison, Don G. Helgesen, Lisa B. Hill, Laconda D. Gowen, Jerry H. 206. 207 Griffmg, John M. Hamel, Raymond L 126 Harrison, Donald E. Helldorter, Thomas J. 449 Hill, Linda R. Gowen, PhilipB. Griffing, Susan E. Hamerski. Michael R 386 Harrison, Earnie M. Hellmann, Bruce P. Hill, Lyle E. Jr. Gracey. Edward C. Griffis, Margaret C. 208, 209, Hamilton, Barbara L 427 Harrison, Emily J 216,217 Helms, David E. Hill, Michael H 428 Graeber, Jewell E 212,213 214,215,386 Hamilton, Barry D. Harrison, James M 407 Helms, James S., Jr. 208, 209 Hill, Michael L. Graeber, Michael C. 208, 209 Griffith, Ike C. 230,231,406 Hamilton, Daniel L 448 Harrison, Jennifer Y. Helms, John R 449 Hill. Patricia M. 242, 243, 388 Graeber, William M. 246, 247, Grillis, Chris . . 406 Hamilton, Debra A. 257, 258, 407 Harrison, John C 387 Helton, Archie G 228, 229 Hill, Phillip R. 448 Grim, Lori M 236,237 Hamilton, Janet L. 216,217,407 Harrison, Mark D. Helvig, Donna A 427 Hill, Rebecca L. 200, 201 , 408 Graff, Diane E 386 Grimes, James G. Hamilton, Jean C. Harrison, Marty A. Hemenway, Brad S. 228, 229 Hill, Richard C. Graham, Albert N 448 Grimes, James H. Hamilton, Jones S. Harrison, Michael G 466 Hemenway, Chet R. 228, 229 Hill, Rita J 449 Graham, Carolyn F. Grimes, Julia M. Hamilton, Kerry W. 232, 233, 427 Harrison, Michael S. Hemnani, Kanahya L. Hill, Robert M. Graham. Charles B. Grimes. Robert B. Hamilton, Marian M. 240,241, Harrison, Murke F 449 Hemphill, Carol A. Hill, Roy G. Graham, Clinton A 386 Grisham, Barry D 426 387 Harrison, Nelle E. Henderson, Anthony L. Hill, Steven C 428 Graham. David W. Grisham, Janice M. Hamilton, R. Clay Harrison, Patricia L. 208, 209 Henderson, Charles H. Hill, Steven K. Graham. Howard 232, 233 Grisham, Kathy S. Hamilton, Sharon L. Harrison, Phillip A 407 Henderson, David C 427 Hill, Thomasine Graham, Janet H. Grisham, Kenneth F. Hamilton, Todd B. 244, 245, 387 Harrison, Sandra H. Henderson, Deborah J. 408 Hillen, Jean A. Graham, John A. Jr. 232, 233, Grisham, Maryl N Hamilton, Wallace E. Harrison, William D. Jr. Henderson, Dennis H. 218,219, Hillhouse, Betty K. 386 Grisham, Thomas J. 246, 247, Hamilton, William F 448 Harrison, William S. 387 Hillhouse, Celia D 408 Graham, Laura E. .212,213,426 406 Hamilton, William T. Hart, Anne A 212,213,387 Henderson, Derek A. 222,223 Hillis, Cynthia R. , ... 428 Graham, Patricia C. 212,213, Grisham, William M. Hamm, William J. Jr. 248, 249, Hart, Cynthia A 427 Henderson, DollieA. Hillyer, Bruce L. 222, 223, 388 406 Grissom, Kenneth B. 427 Hart, George E. Ill 232, 233 Henderson, Elizabeth S. Himber, John M. Graham, Robert S. Grissom, Thomas L. Hammet, Lawrence B. II 198, Harter, Robert L. Henderson, James H. Jr. . . 449 Himber, Patricia L. Graham, Thomas E. Jr. Grist. Joe T 222, 223 Hartin, John S. Jr 466 Henderson, Jamie D 408 Hinerman, Mary J. Graham, Tommy E. Grist, Nelson L 426 Hammett, Ramona G 407 Hartley, Rosalyn E. 242, 243, 387 Henderson, Karen S. Hines, John M. Graham, Virginia A. 200,201, Grogan, Frankie L. Hammill. Arthur M. Hartley, William T 234, 235 Henderson, Lori L 226, 227 Hmes, Joseph E. 232, 233, 450 426 Groger, Anthony L. 426 Hammond, Alice L. 200. 201 , 407 Hartman, Wanda L. Henderson, Martin L. Hines, Sydney L 257, 258 Graham Douglas, Bernard Gross, Earnest 426 Hammond, John H. Harvell, Otto G. Ill Henderson, MaryG 257, 258 Hmes, Todd R. . 244, 245 Graham. Douglas, Caroline Gross. Thomas S II 220,221, Hammond, Lajuan M 407 Harvey, A. Timothy Henderson, Sheila J. Hmkel, Peter L. 206, 207, 388 Grammer, Lesa L. .218,219,406 426 Hammond, Lee B. 222,223,427 Harvey, Fernando C. 127, 230, Henderson, Tammy M. 236, 237, Hinton, Augustus B. Granade, Hudson R. Grossenbacher, William H. 466 Hammond, Martha C. 214,215, 231,427 387 Hinton, Deborah S. Granbery. James W. 232,233 Groves, Carrie R. 407 Harvey, Mark R. Henderson, Valerie L 466 Hinton, James H 408 Granholm, Nancy R. D 448 Grubbs, Hal F 426 Hammond, MaryJ. 200, 201, 448 Harvey, Mary V 242,243 Hendrick, Charlotte A. Hinton, Melmda A. 214, 215. 248, Grant, Donald P 386 Grubbs, Uta P 448 Hammond, Ronald L. Harvey, Melissa A 387 Hendnck, Russell S. 249, 450 Grant, Robert A. Grusin, Elinor A. Hammond, Shannon L. 214,215, Harvey, Michael H. Hendricks, Clarence E. Hinton, Michael D Grant, William T 234. 235 Gryder, PamelaJ. 200,201, 448 248, 249, 343, 448 Harvey, Rex D 222, 223 Hendrix, Ronald L. 248, 249, 387 Hiranyachatri, Naree 466 Grantham, Gaye L. 224, 225, 406 Gryder, Robert L. Jr 407 Hammons, Randall E. . 252. 253, Harvey, Rodney G 427 Hendrix, Terry G. Hiremath, Somanath Grantham, John T. Ill 386 Gryder, Susan E 242, 243 427 Harville. Ronald G. Hendry, Cathy J 427 Hirsch, Catherine P. 343, 450 Grantham, Melissa P 466 Gryder, William C. IV Hampton, Cheri 236, 237 Harwell, Ann T. 222, 223, 240, Hendry, John W. Hirsch, Mane T 343. 450 Grantham, Sarah K. 212,213, Guckert, Karen M. 2 1 0, 2 1 1 , 426 Hampton, Ethridge B. Jr. 241,387 Hendry, Thomas S 427 Hite, JackL Jr. . 234,235,408 386 Guerard, John B. Jr. Hancock, Columbus E. Jr. 427 Harwell, Catherine E. .240,241, Henick, Henry Christopher 232, Hitt. Kevin L 388 Grapes, Zack T. Jr. Guerdan, Bruce R. Hand, Ralph T. Ill 449 233, 449 Hitt, William H. Jr 428 Grass, Paul R 206, 207, 386 Gueneri, George E. Jr. . 345, 222, Handy, Carl 427 Harwell, Harry R 244,245 Henick, Lisa L 242, 243, 387 Hix.CarolJ 216,217 Graves, Janet T 240, 241 223 Haney. James D 244, 245 Harwell, Mary E. Henick, Melanie C. 212,213,387 Ho, Siuman 428 Graves, Joe 0. Jr. Gueneri, Ronald J. 222, 223, 426 Haney, Joseph J. Harwell, MaryJ. Henley, Charles P. 220, 22 1 , 387 Hoagland, Anne L. Graves, Joseph B 232, 233 Guess, Gerrysu 226, 227, 426 Haney, Sidney E. Jr. Harwell, Nancy C. 242,243,449 Henley, John D. 220,221,449 Hoar, Thomas J. Graves, Mary E 212,213 Guess, Ginnylu Hankins, Bonnie F. 224, 225, 448 Harwell, Susan B. 427 Henley, John H 427 Hobson, Cheri D. Graves, Robert C 232, 233 Guessford, Wayne K. Jr. 208, 209 Hankins, Grover W. Hashem, Ahmed M. Henley, Wanda J. Hobson, Edwina F. . Graves, Roy Neil II Guest, Susan W. Hankins, Harold W 407 Haskell, Samuel B. Ill 340 Henneberger, Jeffrey T. Hocker, Valeria J. . . 388 Gray, AlbertS. II 448 Guf fin, George E. Ill Hankins, Sidney R. Haskins, A. C 232,233 Hennen, Earl M. Jr 234, 235 Hocott, Kimberly A. 236, 237 Gray, Daniel T 386 Guice, Troyce A 240. 241 Hanks, Susan L. Hasson, Walter D 449 Hennmg, Clifford C. Ill Hocurt, Carol L. 257, 258, 408 Gray, Jean Luckey 196,200,201, Guider. Gwyn B. 212,213,386 Hanley, Karen 240,241 Hatch, Johnny A. 126,138,230, Hennmg, Stephen L. 220, 221 , Hodge, Cathy S. 448 Guilliouma, Larry J. Jr. Hanna, Charles H 248, 249 231,427 449 Hodge, Jo C. Gray, John E. Guillot, Louis C. ... 248, 249, 426 Hanna, Nma E. . 226,227,407 Hatcher, Robert A. Jr 407 Henrichs, Cheryl A. Hodge, Rickey F 466 Gray, Joseph f 426 Gumle, Michael P. Hannaford, Mark M. Hathaway, Royce H. Hennchs, William R 466 Hodge, Theron E. Jr. Gray, Karen L. Guinn, Meredith M. Hannan, Edwin Y 407 Hathaway, Susan 407 Henry, Brenda G 387 Hodges, Alesia K 450 Gray. Margie A. 224. 225, 426 Gulledge, Leigh A. . 2 1 6, 2 1 7, 407 Hanninen, Paavo V. Hathcock. Cathy L. 224, 225, 387 Henry, Dolly D. 224, 225, 234, Hodges, Barney L 206, 207 Gray, Mary E Gullick, Donna R 448 Hansberger, Patricia Hathcock, Weldon H 449 235, 408 Hodges, Billy G 234, 235 Gray, Pamela J. Gullick, RuthG 448 Hansbrough, Gisele P. Hathorn, John F. Henry, Glenda K. Hodges. Fredncka L. Gray, Robert B Gully, George W. Hansbrough, John R. Hathorn, Patricia G 427 Henry, Harriet S. Hodges, Geoffrey A. Gray, Russell T. Jr. Gunartt, Naomi 407 Hansford, Fred R. Hathorn, Sara C. Henry, Paul C 248, 249 Hodges, Jane Gray, Scott A 386 Gunn, Douglas J. 232, 233, 426 Hanson, James W. Jr 407 Hatoum, Hind T. Henry, Tammy L 428 Hodges, Margaret F. 240, 241, Gray, Susan C 242,243 Gunn, Frank M 448 Harber, Dana E . 242, 243, 448 Hatoum, Nabil Hensley, Mary B 208, 209 388 Gray, Victor H. Gunn, Melmda L. 240, 241 , 448 Harbin, Leon C. Ill 206, 207, 427 Harten, Donna R 387 Hensley, Russell J. 345, 208, 209 Hodges, Peggy S. Gray. Warren C. Jr. Gunter, Jon M. Harbin, Lue M 202, 203 Haueisen, Anthony J. Henson, Patricia C. 212,213 Hodges, Sally B. Gray, Wendell R. Gurner, Marvin D. Harbison, Mark B. 246, 247, 387 Hauge, John E. Hentz, Linda F 449 Hodges, Sandra L. F. Green, Adele J. 216,217,406 Gurney. Charles F 222, 223 Hardee, Norman E 449 Havas. Brenda G 387 Hentz. Mary L. Hodges, Timothy E 450 Green, Ben P. Gustafson, Linda J. 240,241, Harder, Robert A 407 Havens, Denise K 427 Herbert, Beverly D. Hoffman, Bruce F. Green, Billye M. 407 Hardin, Barbara A. Havens, Joey D. Herbert, William C. Hoffman, Katherine A. 212,213, Green, Carolyn Guth, Mary M 386 Hardin, Gerald C 427 Haw, Glenda F. Herndon, John L 408 408 Green, David Guyse, Carolyn J 407 Hardin, John C 449 Hawkins, Gary L 222, 223 Herren, Catherine A. Hoffman, MargoA. Green, Edith M. Guyton, James L. Hardm, Kathy L. Hawkins, Hugh J. Jr. Herrera, Marilyn S. Hoffman, Melissa L. Green, Edwma B. 200,201,210, Gwin, John E. Jr 246, 247 Hardin, Kathy M 427 Hawkins, James H. 127, 244, 245 Herrm, Charles M. Hoffman, Ralph W. 211,426 Gwin, Marguerite M. C. Hardin. Patsy B. ..216,217,427 Hawkins, Kevins B. . .228,229 Herring, Charles E. Hogan, Connie C. 216,217,236, Green, James L. Hardin, Ruth C. . 216,217,343, Hawkins, Paula F. Herring, HoyeR. Jr 449 237, 408 Green, Jimmye D. Green, Louis C. Green. Mary C. 224. 225. 426 Green. Rickv K 406 Green. SelmaJ. Green, Stephen M. H 449 Hardin, Sandra T 407 Hardm, Seraphme 387 Hardin, William D. Harding, William W. Hardison, Martha F. 214,215, Hawkins, Ricardo L 387 Hawks, Melissa A. F. Hawks, Paul G. Haycraft, James R. Haydel, Clifford W 126 Hayden, Joseph A. Herring, James B. Jr. Herrmgton, Joseph L. Herrmgton. Ronald W. Herrmgton, Vera V. H. Hershfelt, Ralph Jr. Hester, Alice D. Hogan, Debra J 220,221 Hogan, James L. Hogan, Shirley M. Horn, Jonathan B 428 Hoijatie, Massoud Holbrook, Robin M 408 Green, Thomas E. 449 Hayden, Lillie F 449 Hester, Ann F. 222,223,240, Holcomb, Charlie M. . . 220, 221, Green, Walter G. Haaga, Ann E. Hardison, Virginia L. Hayden, Thomas A. 241,408 458 Green, Westrich S. Haas, Letitia J. 212,213,228, Hardy, Mildred D. Hayes, Barbara J . 2 1 0, 2 1 1 , 449 Hester, James A. Holden, Leighanne G. 388 Greene, Anna E. 229 Hardy, Robert F 427 Hayes, Carol L. Hester, Lea A. 200, 20 1 , 343, 449 Holder, Charles A. Greene, Joel T. Haas, Michael D. Jr 386 Hardy, Sarah M. 212,213,449 Hayes, James D. Hester, Peggy J. Holder, Joseph D. Greene, Richard A. Haberman, Michael B. Hargrove, Thomas A. Hayes, Janet L. 257, 258, 427 Hester, Samuel B. Holdmess, Gary D 408 Greene, Sandra L. Hackett, Linda S. Hariri, Omar M. Hayes. Kathryn V 449 Hetnal. Elzbieta P. Holdorf, Pamela M 388 Greene, Terri G 448 Hackett, Robert B. Harkins, Theodore S. 238, 239, Hayes, Marcus R. Hewitt, Benton E. Jr. Holladay, Jeffrey S. Greenhaw, Barbara E 448 Hadadi, Mohammad E. P. 449 Hayes, Raymon V. Jr 449 Hewitt, Emily J. 240,241,428 Holland, Charles M 388 Greenlaw, Harrison S. Haddad, Chassan H. Harlan, Diane E. 228, 229, 387 Hayes, Sherry L. 242, 243, 407 Hewlett, Chandler L. G. Holland, Cornelia 242, 243 Greenleaf, Patti J. Haddad, Saadi Y. Harlan, William E. 228,229,407 Hayman, Jimmy N. Hewlett, Ronald R. Holland, Daniel S. Greenlee, EdyeJ. 216,217,386 Hadley, Susan D. 242, 243, 386 Harlow, Clifford J 407 Haynes, Helen F. Heyer, Richard L. Jr. Holland, Donna J. Greenlee. Sheila G 226, 227, 406 Haffey, Leo P. Harlow, Eugene M. Haynes, James R. Ill Heyer, Virginia L. . . . 242, 243 Holland. Gregory R. Greer, Alice M 448 Hagan, Richard H 208, 209 Harlow, Jan B. Haynes, Katherine 387 Hiatt, Lisa J. Holland. Jan C. .240,241,388 Greer, Curtis M 406 Hagen, Joan E. Harmon, Roy F. 1 1 1 . 248, 249, 407 Haynes, Kim E. C. Hibbs, Letitia M 428 Holland, Sara E. 224, 225, 228, Greer, Cynthia J. 234,235,240, Hagins, Laura M. Harper, Andrew H. Haynes, Patsy A 449 Hick, Dawn T. 229 245, 386 Hague, Pamela L. Harper, Christina Hays, Deborah I. 240, 241, 407 Hickman, Ann M. 212,213,387 Holland, Sheary L. 212,213,450 Greer, Danny L 208, 209 Hahn, James W. 407 Harper, David G. Hays, Dorothy L 449 Hickman, Garner L. Holland, Vilmcia G. . . Greer, Gina B. Haick, Kimberly B 240,241 Harper, Marilyn A 224,225 Hays, Lawrence W. Ill 387 Hickman, Jenny L 214, 215 Holleman, Leslie D. 228, 229, Greer, Harold L. Jr. . 234, 235 Hailey, James R 426 Harper, Veonnie . 254, 255. 407 Hays, Lisa D 257,258,387 Hickman, Lance A 144, 145 408 Greer, Teresa L. 196, 234, 235, Hailey, Leslie K. Harper, William L. Hays, Martha J. 206, 207, 224, Hickman, Laura J. 214,215,228, Holleman, Mary L. 208, 209, 240, 426 Hailey, Shaula E. B 448 Harper, William S. 225, 407 229, 408 241,388 Greer, Willie M. Hakawati, Ahmad B 407 Harrell. Deborah D. Hays, Norma R. Hickman, Lisa C 214,215 Holleman, Timothy C. 228.229 Grefseng. Leonard R. 1 27, 1 38, Halawani, Jamal A. Harrell, John V. Hays, Steven J 407 Hicks, Alfreida 388 Hollenbeck, Stanley W. 426 Hale, Larry K 426 Harrell. Sherry S. Hays, Virginia A. . .200,201,407 Hicks, Frances R. 140, 224, 225, Holley, Barbara F. Gregg, Cindy A. 223, 226, 227, Hate, Paula R 407 Harrelson, Nora J. 387 Hayward, Kenneth M. 388 Holley, Joseph E. Jr. 386 Hale, Richard S. Harnel, Glendal A 387 Haywood, Charles R. Hicks, Gwendolyn A 388 Holliday, Dana L. 216,217,222, Gregg, Jameson L 448 Hale, Sue E. Harrington, Henry C. Ill Ha ywood, William M. Hicks, Herman 1 98, 230, 23 1 , 223, 428 Gregg, William R 448 Hale, Thomas Z. Harrington, Kimberly .210,211 Hazlehurst, Marion E 449 408 Holliday Johnny D. .222,223 Gregory, Brenda C. Hale, Timothy J. 218,219,407 Harrington, Mary E. M. Head, Katherine N 216,217 Hicks, Jack R 234,235,449 Holliday, Robert M. . . 450 Gregory, Neil A. Haley. Kathy D 386 Harrington, William L. Jr. Headley, Jamie A 206, 207 Hicks, Spaulding 228,229 Holliman, Edward C. Gregory, Scott A 426 Haley, Thurman E. Harris, Anne G. . 214,215,387 Headley, Markland R. 1 98, 345, Hicks, Randall F: Holliman, James F. . Gregory, Thomas E. Halford. Aaron K. Jr. Harris, Deborah A 407 206, 207 Hicks, Victoria N. 212,213,428 Hollimon, Olga N. Gresham, Bruce H. Jr 198 Hall, AdehaJ. Harris, Donna G. Headley, Mary C 427 Higdon, Jessey R. Hollmgsworth, Allen 0. 234, 235, Gresham, Donna C. 2 1 4, 2 1 5, Hall, Bo C. Harris, Eugene Heady, Kathryn E 427 Higdon, Sammy E. 388 222, 223, 343 Hall, Daniel D 232,233 Harris, Gary E 427 Heafner, Joan R. Higgenbottom, Kenneth D. 428 Hollmgsworth, George A. Gresham, Gregory B. 236, 237 Hall, James G. Harris, Harold J. Heard, John M. . 246, 247, 449 Higgms, William L 388 Hollms, AnneC. 200,201,450 Gresham, John K. Jr. 246, 247, Hall, Janet Gail M. Harris, Helen K. Heard, Robert G. 232, 233, 408 Higgs, Emily C. Hollis, Allan R. Jr. 426 Hall, Julia 0. Harris, James A. Hearn, Landry H High, Donna M. 216,217,388 Hollister, Lillian M. 225, 228, Gresham, John S 448 Hall, Kenneth L 407 Harris, Joe T. Heath, David G. Hightower, Alicia D 388 229, 428 Gresham, Patricia A. Hall, Laura E. 240,241,427 Harris, Johnny B. Heatherly, Kelly H. Hightshoe, Karla K. 214,215, Hollister, Ralph H 228,229 Gresham. Steven M. 236, 237 Hall, Marilyn D. 212,213,427 Harris, Joyce A. 407 Heaton, Betsy W. . 2 1 2. 2 1 3, 387 428 Holloman, Myna H. 212,213 Greska. Elizabeth A. Hall, Michael D. Harris, Lindsay W. 222, 223, 449 Heaton, Timothy H. 236,237 Hiiazi, Fadi M. Holloway, David L. Gressett, Caroline S 406 Hall, Michelle T. Harris, Lisa J. Heaton, William C 232,233 Hi|azi, Toufic M. 408 Holloway, David L 450 Gressett, Donna L 386 Hall, Patsy A. . . .427 Harris, Mary D. 449 Hedge peth, Charles C. Hildreth, Peter J. . .160,388 Holloway, Genora S. Grice, Herbert T. Hall, Paul R 210,211 Harris, Mattie L. Hedges, James W 206, 207 Hill, Arthur T. Jr. Holloway, Helen L 388 Griffin, Gregory L 220,221,426 Hall, Raymond B. Harris, Melmda J. 212,213,387 Hedrick, Steven D 427 Hill. Benny R. Holloway, Lewis D. Griffin, Janet R. Hall, Roberts 407 Harris, Michael E 427 Heermg, Thomas E. Hill, Betty A. Hollowell, Deborah C. Griffin, John S 206, 207 Hall, Terry A 448 Harris, Paula F 466 Heflm, Iris A. Hill, Beverly L. Hollowell, Holly R. - :: -- 492 Index . . Hollowell. William M Hollyhan. Mildred 1. Holmes. Danny G. Holmes. David H HoJnres, Jsmcs R. Holmes. Jerry 408 Holmes. Mary K. 224. 225. 388 Holmes. Susan L 388 Holmes. Thomas A. Holt. Douglas G Holt. Karen A 450 Holt. Mary K 224.225 Horwadel. Rebecca D 212.213. 428 Horwadel. Russell D 232.233 Holzman. John T. Homich. Sara S. 450 Honea. Gary L Honea, Jacqueline D Honea, June G. 242.243,450 Honeycutt Sue K. Hong, Yaw-Shun Hood. Anna K. Hood, Elizabeth J 388 Hood, Ins R 226, 227 Hood.LynneA. Hood. Nicky A. S. Hood. Spencer T 222. 223, 428 Hook. Deborah A. 242. 243. 388 Hooker. Cynthia L 210.211 Hooper. Spencer A Hooper. William E Hooshmand. Mohamad 450 Hoover. Randall L 144.145 Hopkins. Cheryl L 214.215.408 Hopkins. George Pill 408 Hopkins. HoMy 212,213 Hopkins. John J. Ill Hopkins. Ronald K Hopper, Candace H. Hopper. Christopher B. Hopper. Debra Q I Hopper. Kenneth L Hopper. Ronald D 428 Hopper. Stephen L 450 Hora, Denise M. Horan. John M. Horkxk. Steve J. 234,235 Horn, Albert V. 450 Horne. Clara A 214,215 Horne, Claudia A Horne. OlrveC 214.215.388 Horner, Laura L. Horton. Carolyn A. Horton, Dennis R Horton. Jonathan C 210,211 Horton. Sherry M 450 Horton. Thomas N 450 Horton. Wanda G. Hough. TracvL 210.211,389 Houpt. Billie C Houpt. Daniel J 408 House. Bryant B 428 House, Carey M- HousehokJer. William E 126 Househotter. Susan 216.217 1 Houser, Heidi L Houser, JohnR 210,211.389 Houser. Philip T Houston, Barbara E 234, 235. 428 Houston, Mary A. Houston. Mary A 450 Hovraus. LucyR. Hovraus. Robert L 450 Howard, Debra L. Howard. Elizabeth A Howard. Margaret E Howard. Mary L 389 Howard, Robert C Jr Howard, Robert M. 428 Howard. Shelia K Howard. Vera L 389 Howard, William B 206. 207 Howard. William Leland Howarth, Kent S. Howe. Gordon D. Howell. Enstey 1. 428 Howell, John C 2O8, 209, 408 Howell. Leigh A 240. 241 Howell. Michael F 450 Howell. Michael G 248. 249 Howell, Paul B 206, 207, 428 Howell, Rachael J 196,226.227, 428 Howell. Rex D 206. 207 Howington. Deborah A. 450 Howte. Mark A 234. 235. 450 Howorth. Andrew K Howorth. M. B. Ill Howze. Betty L. 389 Hrubec, Robert J Hsiao, Yu-Feng Hsien, Yu Hsiung N Hsu. Ling Kai P Hu. Hui Chi Hubbard. Ella F Hubbard. Kitty S Hubbard. Montoria 1 98. 230. 231.428 Hubbard. Pearlie M. Hubbard. Walter D. 119.120 Hubbard. William M. Hubbert, Michael W 389 Huber. Murray W 210,211.428 Huch, Greg J Huch, Kim M. 257. 258. 408 Hudgins. Helen C 428 Hudgins, James R. Hudgins, Mary D. 214.215.389 Hudgins. Richard D. 244. 245 Hudson. Deborah R. K. Hudson. Donald S Hudson. Eugene C Hudson. JohnC. Ill 127, 408 Hudson. Olivia H. W. Hudson. Ronnie L. 450 Hudson. Thelma L 254. 255. 428 Hudspeth. Brent S 228. 229, 408 Hudspeth. Frances L 196.200, 201,428 Hudspeth, Harvey G 1 98. 222, 223. 234. 235. 345. 450 Huels. Robert R Jr Huertel, Cathy A. 389 Huey. Reatha A 243. 242. 428 Huff. Robert D. 232, 233 Huff, Thomas F. 244, 245 Huff. Timothy K. 127. 148 Hufford. Marcia L. Huftstetter.CandiceG 257.258 Hugg,DavidO 450 Huggtns. Clyde G. Ill 236. 237 Hughes. Anita K 389 Hughes. Barbara N. Hughes. Guy A 236.237 Hughes. Pamela F 428 Hughes. Ralph 0. Jr. Hughes. Robert A. Jr. 389.450 Hughes, Robert L. 246, 247, 450 Hughes. Robert M. 228. 229 Hughes. Sail P Hughes. Vernon T. Jr. 466 Hughston. Margaret L 242. 243, 408 Huling, Joseph Huhtt Gtenn A. Hull. Edwin K 428 Hull.GraceG 242.243 Hull. John S Hull. Marsha B. 212.213.450 Humber. Paul A. 408 Humphrey. Rose M. Humphrey. William R 208,209 Humphreys, Connie J. Humphreys. James W. Humphreys, Margaret E. 214, Humphries. Frederick 408 Humphries. James D 428 Hunger.ShedH.III Hunsrcker. John H. Jr 466 Hunsinger, Ronald N. Hunsucker, Mary K. Hunt Clara S. Hunt Herbert M 246. 247 Hunt Jama A D. Hunt Jeffery M. Hum, John R 428 Hunt Leon R. Ill Hunt Mary P 212.213 Hunt Rachel A. Hunter. Alan D. Hunter. Gloria J 140.451 Hunter. Margaret A. 242. 243. 244. 245 Hunter. Paula A. 216.217.389 Hunter, Robert J. Jr 222.223. 428 Hunter. Tina R. 2 1 6, 2 1 7. 389 Hurdle. Sara E. Hurley. Linda J Hurst Carl P. Hurst Charles A 408 Hurst GeorgeC 408 Hurst Joseph S 408 Jabour. Mag M 244. 245. 224, 225,451 Jacks, Carolyn J 389 Jacks. Lynn A 238. 239. 389 Jackson. Angela D. Jackson. Amck S. Jackson. Antionne 127 Jackson. Ava N 254. 255 Jackson. Cartm A. 429 Jackson. Chartes A. Jr 409 Jackson. Chartes E III 220,221. 409 Jackson. Christine B. 226. 227. 389 Jackson, Danny S. Jackson, Dorothy J 214,215 Jackson, Frances G. Jackson, Frances H. Jackson. Gary D 429 Jackson, Geraldine Jackson, Henry L 148 Jackson, James C. 206. 207 Jackson, James D. Jackson, Jean H. Jackson. Jerry P. Jackson. Jocelyn R. Jackson. Joseph D Jackson. Lisa L Jackson, Marsha H P Jackson, Mayne R. 202. 203. 429 Jackson, Nancy E 389 Jackson, Pamela A. Jackson. Ray H. Jackson. Rita A. 429 Jackson, Robert A 389 Jackson. Ruth C. Jackson. Serena E. 208,209. 214.215.389 Jackson. Shirley D 451 Jackson. Shirley J 429 Jackson. Shula S. Jackson, Thommie R Jackson, Vanessa R Jackson. William L 466 Jackson, Williams M. Jacobs, Bill S 429 Jacobs. Gina M. Jacobs. Jan Jacobs, Jodie N. Jr 451 Jacobs, Raymond N. Jacobs, William H. Jacobs. William 451 Jacobson. Robert J. 246. 247. 409 Jacobson. Virginia H. Jadali. Niloufar Jaeger, Keith H 389 Jagodmski, W. T 451 Johnson, Jeanine C. Johnson, Jeffrey S. Johnson, Jimmy R. 234, 235, 389 Johnson, Jo A. 429 y,.res, rVa-sa R Jones, William R. 198. 208. 209. 409 Jones, William T. Jonson. LJnnea M. Jordan, Allan R 252, 253 Jordan James L 451 Kerstetler, Debra K. Kervtn, Rita R. Keshrvamurthy. Talya L 466 Keshavarzi. Firooz Kester. Julie L 390 Kester. Teresa R. Ketchum, Mark J 390 Ketchum. Thomas L Kette, George E. Kette, Katie H. Key. Jimmie L. Keyes. Charles N. 429 Johnson, Joe C. 409 Johnson, Joel S. Johnson, John A. Johnson, John J 127 Johnson, John M. Johnson, John T. Johnson. Joyce R. T. Johnson. Judy Johnson Katherine 429 Jordan, Jim Jordon. Lyna 1. Jordon, Robert A. Joseph Cleveland 451 Joseph, FredC 451 Joshi, DilipS. Joslin, Richarrl M 409 Joslin. Terry M. Joyner, Guy J. Joyner. Leslie E 248. 249 Joyner. Richard K 409 Judson, Johnny L Judson. Mary L Judson.NancyD 216.217 Jump. Marian R. Jumper. Arthur D. Jumper, Deborah G. Jurgens Sam K. 451 Keyes. Richard E. Keyes, RobertE 452 Keys LeonaA. 390 Johnson Kathy J 409 Johnson. Keith A. Johnson, Kenneth L Johnson. Kurt D. Johnson, Lawrence B. 127. 138. 230.231.451 Johnson. Leo K. Johnson, Leonard A. Johnson. Leslie G. Johnson. Lisa J. Johnson. Marian S. Johnson, MarkR 228.228 Johnson. Marsha S. 244. 245. 257. 258, 409 Johnson. Martha L Johnson, Mary E. Johnson, Mary K. Johnson. Michael L 252. 253. 409 Johnson. Michael S. 228, 229. 409 Johnson. MrtziC. Johnson, Ralph N 451 Johnson, Ready J 232.233 Johnson. Regina L 226. 227 Johnson. Richard S. Johnson. Rickey Johnson, Ricky C. Johnson, Robert E. Johnson. Rona N. Johnson, Sandra J. Johnson, Sharon K. Johnson. Sidney A 409 Johnson. Steven D 451 Johnson. Suelten 451 Johnson. Susan M 224. 225 Johnson, Vickie E. Johnson, Wilborn D. Jr. Johnson, Willa D. Johnson, Wilma A. 196,216,217. 409 Johnson. Winifred F. Johnston. Carey A. 222.223.451 Johnston. Clayton L Johnston. Clyde A 236. 237 Johnston, Gregory C. 248, 249. Johnston. Jacquefyn L. 240. 241. 429 Johnston. James K. Johnston. Kenneth H. 222. 223. 451 Johnston, Lynn F 214,215 Johnston, Margaret A. 208, 209, 242. 243. 409 Johnston. Means Jr. Johnston. Rhonda R. Johnston. Robert W. 222, 223, 409 Johnston, Wayne L Johnstone, Michete M Joiner, Randy W. Joiner, Thomas E. Jolly. Angela D 429 Jolty JoelE 222 223 Keys. Sara F. Khaoem. H. S. 410 Khalaf SalimN 429 KhaNian. Reza Khan KhalraR. 466 Khattab. Ahmad S Khazem Nabil A. 429 Khodkar. Farah Khraibi. A A. 452 Kidd. Deborah C. Kiddy. William W. Jr. 252, 253, 429 Kiffer, Georgianna Kiffer, James J. Kiger. Vida K. Kight M. K. Kiihnl, Sharon D. Kijowski, Dennis E. Kiker, Evelyn C. Kilgore, Leeann 390 Kilgore, Naomi S. Kilgore. Susan D. 224.225.429 KilMea, KathermeA Kiltetea, Margee 224, 225 KiHoore, James 1 210,211 Kilpatrick. Conrad 126 Kilpatrick. Lisa K. 226.227.452 Kilpatrick, Robert E. Kim WookD. 466 Justice Susan D 466 K Kabam, Ghassan J. Kabir. Zoghlul 466 Kahlstorf. Karen E. 226. 227. 390 Kaifez. Zora Kambli, Ramesh R. Kamhieh, Omar A Kanary. George W.Jr. Kanuch Barry W 127 Kapeghian, John C. Kapper, Macel A. Karroum. Khoder M 429 Kasnetz. Matthew D. Kasper. Barbara D. Kasper. Ronald J. Kassel. Carolyn J. 200.201.390 Kaston. Elte 451 Katzenmeyer. Joan C. Kaufman, Kim A. 236. 237 Kaufmann. Marguerite 257. 258, 343, 451 Kawar. Nada S. Kawar, Toufic Kawash, Basam A Kawash. Hosam-Edine A. Kazar. David B. KebertAmyL Keck. Chartes T. 236.237.451 Keel. Christy A. 212,213 Keel. Michael S 452 Keene. John 409 Keener, Paula 206,207,214. 215 Keenum, Marilyn E. Keeton, Danny H. Kehoe. William C. Ill 244, 245. 389 Keiser, Patsy A. Keith. Jeme E. Keith. Shirley A. Keichner. Jonathan L. Kelter, Christine 212. 213 Keller. James W 234. 235 Keltey. Alton W. Keltey. DavkJ L Keltey. Gloria J 429 Keltey. James P. Keltey. Jan Keltey. Lady K. 226, 227, 429 Keltey. Mark L Keltey, Phoebe W. Kellner, William D. Jr. Kellum. David L Kellum. David W 409 Kellum. Mark J. Kellum. William K 127 Kelly. Alice H 214,215.429 Kelly. Brian J. Kelly.Carriel 240,241.390 Kelly. Debra K. 226. 227. 452 KeUy.DomaK. ...226.227.390 Kelly. Doris D. 196. 222, 223, 240, 241 Kelly. Larry C. Kelly, Mart M. Kelly. Robert 0. Jr. Kelly. Stephens. Kelly. Wanda K. Kelly. WildaD Kelso,SaraJ.S Kemmerer. Christy L . 210.211, 226, 227, 409 Kemp. Donald G. Kemp Jo A 452 Kimball. David B. Kimball. George W 238.239 Kimberlin, Mark L Kimbrough, David S. 210.211. 390 Kimbrough. Deborah M. Kimbrough. James R. Kimbrough. Laurie F. 216,217. 452 Kimbrough. Leslie K. Kimbrough, Tina H. 196, 222. 223. 242. 243. 429 Kimbrough, Vicky L. Kmcade. William S. KincakJ, Joanne D. Kindred, Samuel J. 252, 253, 429 Kinds MerryG. 410 Hurston, Joseph W. 345. 232, 233 HurtSusanA. 212.213.408 Hutchens, Connie D. Hutchens. Zachary M 466 Hutchmson, Flavous L Hutchmson. Rebecca A. Hutson, Elizabeth A. 408 Hutson, Kenneth R Hutson, Linda D. Hutto. Janet M. 212,213.248, 249 Hux. William A. Hy. Star A. W. Hyde. Brenda F. Hyde. David L 206. 207 Hyde, Robert O. Jr. Hymel, Mary L 242, 243. 408 I Igo. Myra K. Igwike, Richard S Ihrig. William K 389 Imbter. Chartes V. Jr 428 Imoisili. Olumhense A 466 Imre Thomas M 428 James Alan W 409 James, Cathy S. James, Cheryl L 389 James, David L James, Harold G 244, 245 James, Ivory J. James, Kenneth A. James, Martha E. James, Sharon A 389 Jameson, David L. 248, 249, 409 Jamil. A. K. M. Rashed 451 Jammal. Ahmed M 451 Jammal. Jamal A Jaradi. Pinakm N 466 Jarjoura. Jean T. Jarrell, Paul G 409 Jaudon, Michael A 409 Jaudon, Shirley D. Jaudow, Kathy J 409 Jayroe. Linuel D Jeanson, Hans A. Jefferson, Fannie L Jeffords, Jeffrey N 409 Jeff rev. Lynne M. 210,211.409 Jeffries. Clara L Jeffries. Evelyn C 466 Jeffus. Robert W 451 Jelks, James L Jr 236. 237. 429 Jenkins, Barry W. 252.253 Jenkins, Charles M 389 Jenkins, Clinton D. Jenkins, Deborah A. Jenkins, Joedae L 409 Jenkins. John 409 Jenkins. Judith A. 240,241,389 Jenkins. Martyn G. Jenkins, Martha A 451 Jenkins, Rowena D. Jenkins, Sonia A. 242,243,343, 451 Jenkins. Tanya L 242.243,389 Jennings. Donald A. 1 60, 429 Jennings, Jeffrey L. Jennings, Karen L 429 Jennings, Paula B. 216,217,451 Jennings. Thaddeus 451 Jennings. Van S. 451 Jernigan. Deborah J 451 Jernigan. Robert B 222. 223 Jester. Judy L 389 Jeurkar, Shrirang V. Jobe, Patncia Joe. Katie 429 Joe. Mon K. 429 Joe, Raymond H 198, 451 Hoe. Stephen W. 429 Joe. Wayne Sai Joffrion. Timothy J 160 John. Connail M. John, Sunil M. Johnsey. Elton B 210,211,451 Johnson. Alan W. 234. 235. 409 Johnson. Anna H. 224.225.429 Johnson, Barbara K 389 Johnson. Benton C 409 Johnson. Blair C. 210.211.429 Johnson. Bobbie J 234.235 Johnson. Bobby M. Jr 429 Johnson. David L 429 Johnson, Debra L. Johnson. Donald E. Jr. Johnson. Edgar B Johnson, Elizabeth A 451 Johnson, Fred A. 429 Johnson. Gregory W. Johnson. Jack L. 246, 247 Johnson. Jacqueline M. 224. 225. 228. 229, 409 Johnson. Jay A 389 Johnson. Jay M. 234. 235. 429 King. Alan L 390 King. Brian P. King. Carolyn 452 King. Cynthia A. 228.229.410 King. David A 410 King. Dewey W. Jr 222, 223 King. Gary M. King. Gregory D. King. Izell King JeanM . . .452 King, Jimmy D. ...430 King. John M 410 King. Joy L King.Judith 257,258.390 King. Kendall L. 214.215,390 King, Kristte 228. 229, 390 King. Laura G. King. Lawrence D. Jr. 222. 223 King. Martha B. Kmg,MaryK 212,213,430 Kmg.NellM 224.225.390 King. Robert D. King. RobertE. King. Robert M. King,RobertM King, Roger L 222.223 King Ronn C 430 Jones AHenG 409 Jones, Aundra L 389 Jones. Barbara L Jones. Candace C. 226, 227, 389 Jones. Chartes R. Jones. Clarence E. Jones. Cynthia A. J 429 Jones. Frederick L Jones. Gary M. 126.138.451 Jones. Hubert L Jr. Jones. Jack A 466 King Sandra L 410 Jones. James H. Jr. Jones, James K. 429 King Vemita F 452 Inboden. Hollis K. Ingalls. Lyte A. Ingram. Barbara A 252. 253 Ingram. Cynthia M 236. 237 Ingram. James F 428 Ingram. James M 228. 229 Ingram. Keith M 1 36. 228. 229 Ingram. Ruderic W Ingram. Stan O 228. 229 Ingram. William D 236.237.451 Inman. Carl M. Inman. Cathy D. 216,217.408 Inman. Chartes E 389 Inman. Chartes G 451 Inman. James L 429 Inmon, Pamela A. Irby Bettie A 451 Jones, James W II 466 King, William E. Jr. Kinkennon, John W. Kmney, Jack T. Jr 244. 245 Kinsman. David W. Kinzer. KandyA. 208.209,214. Kirby James M 410 Jones. Janet Jones, Jeffrey L Jones. Jennifer A. 214,215.409 Jones. Jennifer G. Jones. Jimmie S. Jones. Jocelyn A. 451 Jones. John G. Jones. John N. Jones. JohnR. Jones, Jon L Jones, Judith J. Jones, Kelie F. Jones. Kenneth E 230. 231 Kirk. Kenneth H. 141. 228, 229 Kirkpatrick. Karen K 466 Kirksey, Robyn S. 257,258.410 Kirschten. Sam G. Kisner, Donald W. 1 1 8. 1 26. 222. 223.410 Kitaeff, Jack 466 Kitchens, Chartes A. Kitchens. Donald S 126. 138 Kitchings, Marian E. .216.217 Kizter. John 452 Waas. Chnstopher Klaas, Frances N. Klimetz, Paul D. KJing, Kathy R 212.213,234, 235,410 Klyce, William W. Knight Andrew J. II Knight, James T 234, 235 Knight Jem A. Knight Mansel W. Jr. Knight Mildred L. Knight Scott S 430 Jones Leslie L 429 Jones. Linda F. Jones. Lon A. Jones Lucretia C 1 96 Irby SuzanA K 429 Kemp ' Kevin L 390 Irby. William A. Irvin. Debra D 409 Irvm. Samuel S. Jr Kemp. Susan A. Kemp TedJ 390 Jones, Lurline Jones. Mark H Jones. Mary R. Jones, Michael l_ 45 1 Jones. Mike Jones. Nancy M. 242. 243, 409 Jones. Needham R. Jr 4C9 Jones. Omar B Jones. Otis L 409 Jones. Paul H. Jr 206. 207 Jones, Paula D 234, 235. 389 Jones, Rebecca A. Jones. Rebecca L 196.240.241. 343 Jones. Robert E. 246,247,451 Jones Robert T 409 Kendrick. Maray T. 224, 225, 409 Kendrick, Wiley D 429 Irwin, Renee Isbell, Steven B 429 tehee, Virgil 0. Jr. Ismail, Haidar 409 Israel, Laurie M. 208, 209, 21 2, 213 lupe, Sam J 389 Ivey. Roger D. Ivy. Effeunia D. Ivy, Elizabeth A. 389 Ivy, Jacqueline L hry. Janet K Ivy. Mary S. tvy.MelindaA 429 Ivy. Vickie R 389 Ivy. Wallis C. ryekegbe. Dennis J Ja boar. Abdul Kendricks. Samuel B. Kenemer, Kerry D. Keng. Chih-Ta i Kennamer, Jacob S. Jr. Kennard, Luanne Kennedy, DavteL 410 Kennedy Donald K 410 Kennedy, Edwin J. Kennedy. Kimberty A. 214. 21 5. 410 Kennedy, Laurie E 212,213, 222. 223. 390 Kennedy. Mark J. Kennedy, Willie M. Kennell. Harold 230, 231. 410 Kennedy. John R. Kenny, James M 466 Kent, Ramona 142,214.215. 390 Kent Theresa L Kenty. Michael M 390 Kephart. KathrynA. 140.429 Kern. Benjamin J. Jr 390 Kerr. Judith A. . Kerr. Leslie P 234. 235. 452 1 Kersh. Henry G. Ill Knight, TimothyG. 430 Knighton, Lawrence C 430 Knister, Susan L 390 Knister, Terrence K 238. 239. 452 Knowlton. Paul C. Jr. 246, 247, 430 Knox. Brian K. Knox. James D Knox Ricky A 390 Jones. Rodney D 466 Jones. Ronald R. Jones. Ruben B. Jones. Sammie R. Jones, Sherri J. Jones, Shirley J. Jones, Thomas G Jones, Valerie A. Jones, Vemetta C 451 Jones, Virginia E. Jones, Virginia L Jones, Virginia P. 200.201.389 Jones. WadeC 246.247] Knox. Samuel C. Knox, Stephen L 210.211.410 Knox. Tracy L 257.258.390 Koestter, Charlotte A. Koestler, Laune K. 214,215 Koestter. Robert A. 246.247 Kotvoord, Dons 1. Index 493 Korndortfer, Pamela R. 200, 201, Law, Say Jong Ungle, Stephen V. Lyell, Henry M. Martin, Betsy A. McCallum, Earl V. Jr. 452 Lawhorn, William L. Jr. Unville, Danny H. Lykins, Richard K. Martin, Bruce E 431 McCallum, JamsM. Korpal, Richard L. Lawler, Edward E 198 Upe, Dorthy S 391 Lyles, Dana K. Martin, Carolyn B. McCallum, Lynn S. Koski Laura L. . .257, 258 Lawler, Raymond K. Upe, Hattie K 453 Lynch, Amy Martin, Cynthia A 411 McCann, Lauren R. 257, 258 431 Koski ' Peggy S. 234, 235, 257, Lawrence, Albert G. Upsey, Bradley M. Lynch, Bradford A. Martin, Dana K. McCarley, James K. Jr. 222, 223 258, 390 Lawrence, Bruce A. Upsey, Edward S. Jr. Lynch, Mary F 226, 227, 430 Martin, David S 411 392 Kosman, John R 246, 247 Lawrence, James K 410 Upsey, George R 232, 233 Lynch, Susan 200, 201 , 391 Martin, Don W. McCarthy, Laura E. Kostelny, Omar B. 198,238,239, Lawrence, Joseph A 452 Usby, Gregory C. Lynch, William F. Martin, Henry F. McCarty, Alvin B. Jr. 410 Lawrence, Kevin A. 209, 210, 430 Little. GeorgeS 410 Lynch William P. Martin, Holly C. McCarty. Kevin M. Kota, Charles U. Lawrence, Martha D. Little. JanetS. Lyne, MaryJ. 257,258,453 Martin, John T. .. 209,210,411 McCarty, Tyrus A. Kothe, Sharon A. 257, 258, 430 Lawrence, Sandra H. Little, Linda J. Lynn, BertC Martin, Joseph W. Jr 391 McCarver, jimmy D. Koury! Albert M. Lawson, William R. Uttle.LouA 242,243,410 Lyon, Susan K. 411 Martin, Kim M. McCarver, Neta B 392 Koury! Kathryn T. Carr 452 Lay Sharon E. . . . 244, 245, 224, Uttle, Patsy J 430 .Lyons, Danny M. Martin, Larry A. McCarver, Virgil M. 454 Kraft, Michel S. 225 Little, Steven E 453 Lyons, Victoria A. Martin, Lester A. McCaskill, James B. Kraft! Serena K. Laymon, Quentin R. . . . 206, 207 Little, Thomas H. Lytal, David F. Martin, Liza A 453 McCaughan, Frances W. Krag, Vickie L 242,243 Lea, Clarence W. 467 Little, Thomas Loye Jr. Lytal Eddie Martin, Lory L. 224, 225, 236, McCaughan, William W. . 232, 233 Kreager, Douglas V. . 244, 245 Krishnan, Nallan C 466 Krop, Walter J 390 Krug, Wayne W. II Kruger, Charles B 410 Kruger, Melis sa A 390 Kruger, Stephen P 345 Lea, Laura E. Leak, Alice F. Leak, Kenneth D. Leake, James T. . . 244, 245, 232, 233 Leake, Medford M. Jr. 345, 232, 233 Uttle, Thomas M 160,430 Uu, David E 467 Uvingston, Cecil D. ! JP Livingston, Joseph H. . 208, 209 II ft Uvingston, Julie L. 214,215,410 1 if 1 Uvingston, Shirley A. X V A Uoyd, Bernard J. TB 237,391,411 Martin, Mary A. L 224,225 Martin, Michael A. Martin, Michael F. Martin, Raymond L. 230,231, 431 Martin, Rex S. McCauley, Shirley A. McCauley, Tammy K. . 226, 227 411 McClam, Kathleen A. McClanahan, Deborah K. McClanahan, Michael K. McClanahan, Ray A. Kudtarkar, Kartick B. Leap, Janet L 208, 209 Uoyd, DarylR 410 Martin, Robert A. 234,235,411 McClanahan, Robert W. Kuhnert Karen L . 430 Lear, James H. 126, 246, 247, Uoyd, Deborah S. Ma, Tien-Han 467 Martin, Robert H. McClatchy, John W. Kula, Robert E. 210,211,390 410 Uoyd, Donald J 126, 410 Ma, Yeu-Fang F. Martin, Ronald D 208, 209 McCleland, Kenneth R. 392 Kulberth MaryJ. 206,207,240, Leasure, Ellen L. .240, 241, 452 Uoyd, Emily R. Macarthur, Kathryn 391 Martin, Stella M. McClellan, Randy L. 241,410 Leathers, Craig K 208, 209 Uoyd, James B. Macarthy, David M. 242, 243, Martin, Steven J 431 McClendon, Burwell B. Ill 411 Kuntz, Thomas W 430 Leblanc, Dewey M 206, 207 Uoyd, Peggy W. 453 Martin, William C 431 McCleskey, Mitchell K. 232, 233 Kunz, Nancy A. Leblanc, Kelli A 390 Lockard. James C 161 Macdonald, Glenn E. Martin, William C. .345,232,233 McCltnton, Brenda J. Kuykendall, John M. Ill . 248, 249, Lecroy. David P 410 Lockard, Katherine L. . 1 56, 200, Mack, Averill C 224, 225 Martin, William M 208, 209 McCloskey, Candice L. 210,211 390 Ledbetter, Johnny D. . . 230, 231 , 201 Mack, Carter C. F. Martin, Yvonne A. J. 226, 227, 392 Kuypers, Judith M. 452 Lockard, Louis L 228, 229 Mack, Fiona E 391 Martmeau, Paul J 208, 209 McClure, Angele A. 226, 227 Kwasinski, Robert W. Jr. Ledbetter, Lecia R 410 Locke, Malmda L 410 Mack, Harold D 453 Martmec, Jamie A. 257,258,431 McClure. James III 454 Kyles, Joseph H 148 Ledbetter, Thomas F 41C Lockhart, Donna J. Mackintosh, Maureen E. 226, Martino, Claudia McClurkm, lola F. 257, 258, 392 Ledezma, Manuel E 161 Lococo, Joseph A. 227 228 229 Marts, David A. McCluskey, Marilyn M. 216,217, Ledlow, David G 206. 207 Loden, William L. . . 234, 235. 345 Macknee Ermie V Martz, DabneyJ. 224,225,236, 392 Ledyard, Goodman G. Lee, Annette D. Lee, Connie L 430 Lee, David M 452 Loe.TraciA 212,213,410 Madany Mohammed T. H. 411 Loftin, Harold K. Madden Mark C. Loftin, Julia .236, 237, 240, 241, Maddox, Barbara K. 234,235, 391 242,243,411 237, 391 Mask, Belinda D. Mask, Edward J 453 Mask, John K. McCollum, Donna R. McCollum, James D. 210,211 431 McCool, Cindy L 411 Lee, Jimmy G. Jr. . 248, 249, 430 Lofton, Robert M. .228,229,430 Maddox, George K. ,244,245 Mask, Kathryn L 391 McCool, Jeanme M. . . . 200, 201, Lee, Lisa L. Logan, Carolyn A 391 Maddox, Laurie M. 216,217,430 Maslanka, Michael J. 252, 253, 392 Labarre, William R. Lee, Margaret M. 206,207,216, Logan, Deloris 430 Maddox, Travis D. 411 453 McCool, Marcus D. 431 Labas Ned A 217 Logan, Donald W. Maddox, Virginia K 411 Mason, Bobbye D. McCool, Michael L. . . 431 Lackey, Cindy K 257, 258 Lee, Mi H. Logan, Gwendolyn S. Madsen, Lance C 391 Mason, Clark W. . . 206, 207, 391 McCool, Steven C. 206 207 Lackey, Dalton E. Lee, Michael W 244, 245 Logan, Jerry W. Madson, Daniel P. Mason, Dana D. McCord, Elizabeth J. 224, 225 Ladner, Dawn M 430 Lee, Ola D 452 Logan, Robert L. Jr 160,391 Magee, Charles W. . 391 Mason, Gary D. 454 Ladner, Ernest R. Jr. Lee, Robert Y Loggans, Susan G 391 Magee, Donald R. 234,235 Massengale. Marc B 127 McCord, Jack B., Jr. Ladner, Risa P 410 Lee, Robin L 257,258,410 Logue, David 430 Magee, Lynn N. Massey, Deborah J. McCord. Nancy L. 214,215,392 Lee, Samuel B 452 Logue Lanice M 410 Magee Phillip R Massey Elizabeth L 214 215 Ladner, Suzanne L. . . .200, 201, 210,211,452 Lee! Samuel M. Logue. Thomas 0. Jr. Magee! Robert W. . 453 431 McCormick, Deborah J. Laffin, Linda J 390 Lee. Sidney M 452 Lokey, Karla F. Magee, Ronald G. . 453 Massey, Jane C 453 McCowm, Paul V 431 Lagrone, Ricky C. Lee, Steven E 228, 229, 390 Lokey, Loyd C 453 Magee, Steve E. Jr. Massie. Cornelia H 391 McCown, James R. Jr. Lai Tat M. 466 Lee, Steven R 234,235,410 Lollar, Greta J. Magro, Steven V. Masters, Tracy G.Y 453 McCoy, Karen V. Laird Alice T. 216,217,452 Lee, Thomas H. Lomax, Joe K. Magusiak, David A 411 Mathews, Mary F. R. McCoy, Martin B. Laird, Ernest E. Ill 244, 245 Lee, Tsean-shu P. Lonardo, Thomas T. Mahaffey. Beverly A. Mathews, Sherri D. McCoy, Sandra A. Laird, Robert D. Lee, William R. Long, Charles F. Mahaffey. Kevin B. Mathews, William C 454 McCoy, Sharron M. Lake Chester H. Jr. . . 466 Lee, Yi C 467 Long, Earsel R. Jr. Maher, Anna L 453 Mathis, Chrysanthia A. McCoy, William P. Lake, Robert H. 222, 223, 390 Leech, Marsha L 208, 209, 224, Long, Frances P. Mahmoudyeh, Mohsen Mathis. David M. McCrary, John B. Lakey, Robert M. 225, 390 Long, Frances S. Mahoney, Neil D. Mathis, Margie N. McCrary, Timothy E. 43! Lakey, Walter R 244, 245 Leedham. Robert K 452 Long, Jackie B. Maiden, Abigail M 391 Mathis, Melanie C 391 McCraw, Barry W. 1 al Mllrarj 4A7 Leedham, Susan C. K. 467 Long Laura A 391 Main Donald J Mathis, Wanda G. Lai, Murari o Lees Leonard J Jr. Long Randall G 430 Main ' Roy M Matson, Arthur F. 160,391 McCreary, Dext6r G. Jr. Lamb, Cynthia S. . .240, 241, 410 1 amh lamoc 1 410 Lefeve Michael R Long Roberts 391 Mainous Molly A Matthews, Alfreda 202! 203 McCrory, Sandra A. Lamo, James L i u Lamb, Jeffrey F. Legate ' , Robert D. 248, 249 Long, Vince Maior, Patricia S. Matthews! Demse D 391 McCullen, Margaret P. 216, 21 7, Lambe, Vivian L. 224, 225, 430 Leggett, Charles P. Jr 127 Longmotti. Tom M 161 Mak, Susan 453 Matthews, Ellen V 454 411 Lambert, Alex S. Legrand. Edwin C. Ill Longstaff, John C. . 236, 237, 453 Maksi, Gregory E. Matthews, Eugenia 224, 225, 454 McCullouch, Shelia T. Lambert, Andrea L 430 Legrand, Teresa L. M. Loper, John A 391 Malavasi, Vincent J. ..210,211 Matthews, Sallie E. McCullough, Anna R. 240,241, Lambert, Cherie L. Leguin, Jack M. Jr 452 Loper, Madeline D. Malbrough, Lynn P. Mattmgly, Olivia L. 234, 235, 240, 454 Lambert, Christopher J. 246. 247 Leist, James M. Loris.MaryJ 216,217 Mallette, James J. 234,235, 411 241,391 McCullough, John D. Lambert, Linda M. Leist, Sandra R. Losson, Christopher T 467 Mallory LeeH Mattox, Johnny L. McCullough, Larry C. Lambert, Marvin H. Leist, Steve C. Lott, Billy D. Mallow, Bradley J. 234,235,391 Mauldm, Eddie L 411 McCullough, Paul R. Jr. Lambert, Mary C. 214,215,390 Lemly, William A. Lott, Cecil L. Jr 220,221,410 Malmo, Donald A. Jr. . . 198,453 Mauldin, LoisS. McCullough, RickW 454 Lambert, Pamela K. Lemmons, Billy C 222, 223 Lott, Raymond B 453 Malone, Catherine D 41 1 Mauldin, Richard N. McCullough, Rosalie . 240, 241, Lambert, Sandra L. Lenander, Rebecca J. Lott, Roger T. Malone, Charlotte K. L. Mauney, Pamela S 43 1 411 Lamberth, William M. Lenhart, Linda H 452 Lotterhos, David H. Malone. James K. Maury, Lawson D 232. 233 McDaniel, Ann T. Lambeth, Charles A. 232, 233 Lenhart, Wanda K 410 Lotterhos, Mary M. Malone, Jean E. Mavrides, Petros 467 McDamel, Barry L. Lammey, James M. Jr. .206,207 Lenoir, Dennis A 222, 223 Louis, Pamela 1 224, 225 Malone, Miller 453 Maxcy, Clyde S 411 McDaniel, James E. 234,235 Lammons, Jerry E 234, 235 Lenoir, Janice E. . 200, 201 , 390 Lovan, Lisa L. Malone, Miriam J. Maxwell. Ann B. McDaniel, Phillip A. 467 Lampkin, Charles B. Ill Leon, Angelina C. .236,237,430 Love. Cheryl T. ...216.217,453 Maloney, John A. 340,345 Maxwell, Thomas S. McDaniel, Sharon L. Lampton. Robert B 430 Leonard, Cathy A 410 Love. Elizabeth C. .212,213,411 Malpass, Charles M. Maxwell, Timothy D. 1 1 9, 1 20, McDaniel, Suzanne E. 454 Lancaster, Cecil K 452 Leonard, Susan A 390 Love, Robert Y. 248, 249, 411 Malvezzi, Perian . 391 208, 209 McDaniel, William R. 228, 229 Lancaster, Edward D. Leppert, Thomas A. Lovelace, John R. Jr. . . 246, 247 Manasco, David M. 453 May, Billy A 431 McDavid, John S 248, 249 Lancaster, Emily L 212,213 Lesley, James L. Lovelace, Lisa K. 226,227,411 Maness, James 1. May, Harold J. McDermott. Martin T 431 Lancaster, Linda G 410 Leslie, Ann E 224, 225 Lovelace, Mark H 411 Mangialardi, Jo L. May, Jonathan McDi II, Randy D. Lancaster. Lucy J . 2 1 2, 2 1 3, 430 Leslie, Arthur H. II Lovelady, F. Mangialardi, Sheila A. 453, 41 1 May, Keith E. McDonald, Cathy L 454 Land.JohnO 410 Leslie, Jerry W. Lovelady. Nancy C. Man gum, Robert W. II May, Mark A. McDonald, Charles E. Land, Martha L. Leslie, Rhonda A. 257, 258, 452 Lovell, Dana K. Maniece, Robert L. 467 May, Mary K. McDonald, Charles W. 206, 207 Landess, Michael B. . . . 222, 223, Leslie, Willie P. Lovell, William T. . 206, 207, 391 Mann, Catherine M. C. 430 May, Rachael A. McDonald, Phillip K. . .232,233 390 Lessenberry, Leigh A 452 Lovett. Carol L. . . 223, 224, 226, Mann, Jack J 453 May, Terry W. McDonald, Quentin . 127 Landis, Jane L. Lester, Arlene 430 227,391 Mann, Karl P 161 Mayers, William W. 248, 249, 41 1 McDonnell, Elizabeth T. 224, 225, Landrum, Melanie F 200. 201 , Lester, Mckenly B. Loveitt, Leigh Mann, Laura E. Mayfield, Mark S. . . . 244, 245 454 390 Lester, Mildred M. Lovitt, R. C. Mann, Michael 430 Mayfield, Patricia S. McDonnell, John M. 248, 249 Landrum, Thomas M. Lesueur, Carol L. 202, 203, 410 Lovorn, Robbie E 411 Mann, Rachel A. 242, 243, 43 1 Mayhorn, Steven B. McDonough, John D. 234. 235 Lane, Allen E. Lesure, Kennan B 390 Low, Tmeke, E. . . .214, 215, 391 Manner Marta M. 453 Maynard, Dennis M. McDougall, Kevin K. Lane, Amy S. K. Letner, Kathleen M. Lowe, James B. Jr. Manning, Anne C. .216,217,453 Maynard, Sheila R. McDowell, Peter T. Lane, Charlotte Letteri, Debora A. F. Lowe, Martha L. Manning, Barrett K. 453 Mays, David B. McDowell, RoyG 454 Lane, Jeff rey D. 210,211,430 Letteri, Joseph D 467 Lowe, William L 246,247 Manning, Dixie C. Mays, Tara A 257, 258 McDowell, William R. Lane, Lambert M. Leung. Pius K. K 391 Lowery, E. i Manning, Edward L. Mays, William T. Jr 246, 247 McElreath, Bon M. Lane, Melanee Levens, Jerry L. . . 228, 229, 452 Lowitz, Ellen F. Manning, George D. Mazzanti, Karen A 391 McElreath, Lillian L 240,241 Lane. Ronald D. Levings, Nelson T. Ill Lowitz, Glenn H. Manning, Leonard R 431 Mazzanti, Mark L 246, 247 McElroy, Charlotte G. Lanear, Richard E. Levings, Sanfo ' rd H. . . .248,249, Lowrance, Charles J. . . . 232, 233 Manning, Mark A. Mbarghi, Akram 467 McElroy, Cheryl R. 226, 227, 41 1 Lang, JohnW 141 410 Lowrv, Charles E. Mansel, Cynthia J. McAbee, William W. Jr. McElroy, Michael C. 392 Lang, Lora G 430 Lewer, Luther P. Lowry, Linda D 240,241 Manson, Charles D. .. .210.211. McAdoo, Sarah S 212,213 McElroy, Tom D. 216,217 Langenfelder, Herbert Jr. Lewis, Ava M. D. Lowry, Patricia L 411 391 McAfee, Steven M 391 McElroy, William F. 220, 221, 454 Langford, Linda 390 Lewis, Beverly L. 238, 239, 257, Loyd, Carol J 1 56, 224, 225 Maples, Cindy S 391 McAlexander, Andrew D. .148 McEuen, Susan E 431 Langin, Bertha M. 258,410 Lu, Shu-Wen Maples, Mark A 431 McAlexander, Brenna A. 240, McEwen, Debra D. 411 Langley, Billy P 452 Lewis, Daniel H 453 Lubin, Marilyn D. Maples, Rmda L 216,217 241,391 McEwen. William I. 431 Langley, Carl E. Ill 126, 138 Lewis, Jeffrey N 391 Lublanezki, Joseph Marascalco, Rita M 411 McAlexander, Patti L 411 McFadden, Clyde P. 246, 247, Langston. Amy 390 Lewis, Linda L. Lucas, Deborah L 453 Marchand, Thomas W 431 McAlister, Cayce L. 242, 243, 431 392 Langston, Mark A 410 Lewis, Lisa R 257,258,391 Lucas, Elizabeth G 206. 207, Nlterchbanks, Charles R. Jr. . 391 McAlister, John H. Jr. 246, 247 McFadden, John D. Langston, Mitchell R. Lewis, Margaret J. 212,213,391 Macnelli. Norma C. McAlister, Mary G 454 McFadm, Aleta S. Lanphere, Russell J. Lewis. Mark R. Lucas, SethelleB. .196, 212, 213, MariV Barry S. 431 McAllister, Aurmthia A. McFall, KimberlyA Lantz, Allen D. Jr 160, 252, 253, Lewis, Mary A. 343, 453 ManonT-Serald L. McAllister, Carl F. McFarland, George C. 430 Lewis. PinkeyM 391 Lucius, Dorothy M 453 Marion, Pa nelia J. McAllister, Lorraine A. . 200, 20 1 . McFarland, Robert B. Lantz. Gerald B 160, 390 Lewis, Roberta. II 126. 138, 453 Lucius, Susan R 41 1 Markow, Carolyn J. 391 McFerrm, Garry M. Larkin, Edmund V. Lewis, Ronald M 410 Luckett, Brenda R 411 Markow, Catherine M. McAlpm, JillL 431 McGaha. Alicia . . . 454 Larkm, Thomas J 467 Lewis, Ruth P. Luckett, Joseph H. Ill Markow, Paul A. McArthur, Betty K. McGee. Calvin J. Larson, Ann Fisher 214,215,410 Lewis, Shirley F. Luis. Gregono Marks, John C 161 McArthur, Sandra D. .240, 241 McGee, Charles W. Larson, Debra L. 2 1 4, 2 1 5, 390 Lexa, Gerald G. Luk, Benjamin K. H 391 Markwell, Jay M. McAslan, Scott J 228. 229 McGee, Margaret F. Larson, Mark A 206, 207, 430 L, Chi-Hui Luke, Margaret V 430 Markwell, NancyJ--- 41 1 McAuliffe, Linda E. McGee, MaryJ. LaRue, Andre Q 252, 253 U. Wen S. Lum, Adrienne A 391 Marlar, GeorgeTT Jr. ._ ___3W - McOee, Teresa G. 257, 258, 454 McGee, Roy D. Lary, Catherine G 430 Uberto.LeeA 214,215,391 Lunceford, Winter D. Marquis, Michael A. McBride, Douglas S 431 McGehee, David C. Latch, Kathy A. Uddell. Joseph J 248,249 Lundstrom. Susan C. Marrar, Mutelb A. McBride, Mark K. McGeorqe Jamie A 257, 258, Latham, Don E 452 Liddell, Lisa A 391 Lundy, Deborah S. Marriam, Robert R. Jr 41 1 McBride, Mary L. 411 Latham, Linda J. Ught, Frances E. Lundy. Frances J. 226, 227, 391 Mars, Daniel F 244, 245 McBride, Thomas M. . . . 454 McGinn Raymond J Latimer. Douglass R. bghtner, Kevin D 430 Lunn, Casey F. Mars, James M 244, 245 McCaa, Melanie C. 226,227,431 McGmnis James E 232, 233, Latture, Carol L. 242, 243, 452 Ughtsey, Beverly G 453 Lunn, Richard T. 208, 209 Marsh, Annie M. McCachren, Ellen H. 412 Latture. Cindy K. . 242, 243, 430 Lightsey, Sara R. Lunsford, Jacquelyn G. Marsh, Joseph A. McCaffrey, Karen L. 224, 225 McGmms, John K. 1 6 1 , 208, 209 Lau, Steven K. Lillo, Bobbie J. Lusco, Charles M. Marsh, Mary F. 236, 237, 43 1 McCain, Laurie H 240, 241 McGlown, Stewart B. Lauderdale, John M. Un, Chen-Wu Lusco.MaryE. . .216,217,391 Marshall Cinda L McCain, Thomas D. McGonagill, Jennifer H. Lauderdale, John M. Un, Steven S. Lusk, Serena F 453 Marshall Deborah B McCall, Elizabeth A. . . 224, 225, McGowan, Michelle C. 412 Lauer, Gregory P. 252,253 Linder, Thelma L. Luter, Kent A 228, 229 Marshall, George W. 411 McGowan, Robert W. Lauohlin Laura J Undley, Betsy J 430 Luter, Nell W. 430 Marshall John T 467 McCall, Mary E Launius Stephen E 452 Undsay, James G. Luther, Barney L 453 Marston, ' Lois A. . 240, 24 1 , 453 McCall! Sherrod G. Jr. .234,235, McGraw, Mary G 393 McGraw, Robert C. 127 Lavender, Kay A. 212,213,430 Ungenfelter, Mark W. Lutken, Wesley C. Marter, Byron K. 454 McGuire, Cheryl K. .412 Lavinghouze, Robin C 126 Lingle, Mark G. Lutts, Renee C. Martin, Anthony Q. McCallum, Bonnie K. McGuire, Sabrma L. . .216, 217, McHardy. Charlotte McHenry.JudyL McHugh. Bryan P. McHugh. Pamela A Mcllhenny, JulieL Mcllwam. Zelma A. Mclnms. Richard K. Mclntosh. Amy Mclntosh. Doris F. Mclntosh. Robert M Mclniosh, Stanley A. McKay. Alan B McKay. Donald R McKay.Mary. 21 McKay. Michael S. McKee, Suzanne 244. 245. 224, McKeen. David A. McKdlar. Pamela A. McKenzie. John M. McKenzie. Johnny L McKenzie. Patricia L McKenzie. Richard D 234. 235. 392 McKibben. Douglass D 222. 223 McKie. James M . McKiernan. Susan H. 210.211. McKinney. Lula M McKinney. William D. Jr McKmnie, James F. McKmnie. Virginia McKissack. John C McKlemurry. Joseph E McKmght. Benton G. .246. 247 McKmght, Margaret R McLam. Patsy. K McLarty. Brent A. McLarry. Hermine H. 226. 227, 392 McLarty. Mary F. 212.213.228. McLarty. Michael I 234. McLaurm. Anselm J. McLaurm. Robert S 210. McLaurm. Timothy 236. McLaurm. Walter R. McLel Ian. Charles T McLellan. Ernest W McLemore. Gary B McLendon, Nancy D. McLeod. AlanL 206, McLeod. Jonnie R 212. 213. 244, McLoud. James V McManan. Merlynn L 216.217. 24 McMam. David B. McManus. Carole A McManus. Cynthia R. 208. 209. 224, McManus, Kathy L. McManus, Sherry L. McMeans. Barbara D. A. McMeans. David C. McMellon. Steve A. McM.kle. Christy L McMillan. Charles A. McMillan Daniel A. McMillan. John T. McMillan. Mildred G. McM.llen, Carol J. Me Millian. James C. McMillm. Mary E. 240.241.412 McMHIon. Ronald K McMmn, Bobby L. McMmn. Rufus D McMinn. Sheila L McMullen. Charlie McMullm, Marilyn 257, 258. 43 1 McMullin.SconA McMurchy. Lois L B. McMurchy. Lynn S Me Murray, Michael G McMurray. Susan K McMurtray. Sarah K McNair, Michael K. McNally. Eugene D McNally, Vivian M. McNamara. David F. Jr. 246.247 McNatt, Jimmie K. 234.235.412 McNeal. John W. Ill McNeal. Theodis MrNece. Wendell L McNeely. Dennis L. McNeely, Richard L McNeese, Rhonda F McNeese. William F. Me Nell. Donna M. D. McNeill. James R McNulty. Samuel T. McPhail. Mona L 257. 258. 392 Me Pherson. John Z . McRae, Marcia L. McRae, Martin H. McRight. Nancy B McRoberts, Maury E. 212.213. McVey. JohnH McWilliams. Mark H. 222. 223. McWilliams. Robert McWilliams, Sally L Meals. Joseph T. Jr. Means. Pamela A. Means. Richard B Medders, Amanda L Medley. Ronald A. Meek. Jeffrey D. Meeks. Gerald W. Meeks. Jessie E. Meeks. Kathryn J. Meeks. Mary E Meeks. Rose M Meeks. William M. Jr. Meena. Victor H. Jr. Meena, Walter L Megehee, Carol M 224, 225, 392 Megehee. Mary E. Mei. Patricia S Meisenheimer, Mark 206. 207 Meisgeier. Mark F Mdancon, Veda J . Melchor. Malten E. Mehnn. Frank M 392 Melvm. Leslie M. 431 Mnear. Malmda 455 Melvm, Patricia F 200.201.431 Mner, Menteigh F. 242. 243. 392 392 Mendel. Jane E Mnnear, Robert E 218.219 Mendenhall. William S 234. 235, Mnor, Leigh A 212.213 454 392 Mnor. Pat L. .213 Meneley. Terry J Mnter. Debra K. 392 Menhal. George A. Jr 392 Mnlon. Patsy O. .249 Menius, Timothy H Mranda. Rolando A. 431 Merchant. Cindy K 222. 223. Msita. John M. 240,241.431 Mskel Kathy 432 392 Mercer. GayteC. Mskel. Rose oe 412 Meredith. Grace Mskelry. Judy B. Merrill. Patricia A. Mstihs. Steven T. Jr. 431 Merrrrt. Bobby S. Jr. Mtchell. Barry M. .392 Merntt. Hugh N. 1 98. 232. 233 Mtchell. Betsy A. a Merrrtt. Robert S. Jr. Mtchell. C. E. S. 224, Merrm, Stanley N. Mtchell. Donald K. Jr 432 .431 Merryweather. Ernestine 454 Mtchell. Elnora 392 .209 Mesne. Zuheir A Mtchell. Jan 214.215 227. Messer. James P Mtchell. John C 232,233 412 Messer. PhillipS. Mtchell, Lisa J. Messer. Ralph A Mtchell. Marion P. 412 Messer. Raymond G. Jr. Mtchell. Martha N. 454 Messer, Shirley A. Mtchell. Marvin P. 235. Mestayer, James A. Mtchell, Mjlllicwi B. 392 Metcalfe. Sharon L 454 Mtchell. Mona M. 216.217.455 .223 Metke. Melissa A 257. 258 Mtchell. Myta L .229 Mens. Carrie E Mtchell. Nancy A. R. 224. 225. 211. Mens. Kenneth L 412 431 Mens. Under L. Jr 392 Mtchell. Nancy F 432 392 Mens. Lloyd A. Mtchell. Pamela A. 454 Mens. Melmda K. 236. 237. 257. Mtchell. Phillip K. 258 Mtchell. RKhard D 432 392 Metzger. Brenda D Mtchell. Thelma F. 454 Metzger. Christina Mtchell. Vickie R 432 454 Metzger. Leonora C. Mtchell. William L .247 Meyer. Dan W 455 Mtros. James C. 236. 237. 432 Meyer. Steven 1 392 MX. Terry L. 431 Michael. Jack D. Mxon. John 8 412 Michel. Calvin J. Jr. Mze.AmyC 412 227. Mchelteni, John C. Mze. David L. 392 Mchmaux. Antonio M. Mze. Earnest G. 228. Middtebrook. Walter K 244.245 Mze. Martha A. 229 Mddteton. Charles E III 228. Mze. Ricky D. .235 229 431 Mze Sandra G. 392 Mddteton. Laurie S. Mze. Thomas L .211 Mddteton, Vanessa L. Moak.AmandaW 212.213 .237 Meres. Evelyn A. Moak. Helen H. MkeH. Betty L. 392 Moak, Roger A. 220.221.392 Mksa. Andrea K 257,258 Mobtey. Elizabeth 1 Mlam. Beverly Y. Mobtey. John C. Jr 222. 223 431 Mlam. Philip E Mobtey. John R. 431 Mlanovits. Julie A 216.217. Mobtey. Phil V. ,207 228.229.412 Mobtey, Phil W. 244. Mies. David D 431 Mottan, Laura J. M 467 245 Mies. Harrison. Jr Motten, Gerry L Mtes. Howard M 222. 223 Motten. Mary A. 217. Mies. Marion M Motten. Thomas W 234, 235 .412 Mies. Nancy 1. Mohamed. Susan C 216.217. 431 Mies. Trudy J. 236.237.412 412 Mtes, VemonB. 230.231 Mohead. Patricia D 214,215 209. Mies. Wilson C. Jr. Moltere. Olio J. 220.221.392 .412 Mley. Lisa J 200, 201. 392 McJpus. Dorothy J 212.213 Mtey. Patricia K. 392 Moncrief. John R 208. 2O9. 226. Mhcan. Janet K. 227 454 Mllen. Jane Moncrief. William C. 226.227 Miter, Albert H 412 Monk. Linda R 412 Miter, Alyson I 252. 253. 392 Monroe. Marilyn J. .241 Ml ler, Carmen M. Monroe. Susan A 240.241 Mller. Charles E. Montera. Peter P. Jr. 234. 235 Miter. Cindy L. Montgomery. A. E. Ill 222, 223. Miter. Cynthia A 432 455 Mller. Daflon W. Montgomery. Lee H 432 Miter. Dana S. Montgomery, Mrchael E 392 Miter. Daniel W. 236. 237 Montgomery, Murry N 432 .412 Mller, Danny L. Montgomery, Shirley M 412 .412 Miter, David L. 222. 223. 432 Montgomery. StephenO. 412 Mller. Debra R. 392 Monts. Helton D. 234.235.240, Miter. Dennis W. 228.229.455 241,432 292 Miter. Dever A Monts. Mark P. Mller. Diane S 392 Moody. Ronald L .431 Mller, Donald F. Mooney. Josephs 412 .245 Miter. Donme R. Moor. Janice M. .. 214. 21 5. 432 Miter. Emma J. Moore. Barry W 148 Mller. Gay L Moore. Carol T. Miter. James G. 126.138 Moore. Caroline E. 206. 207. 226. 214. Miter. Jamie A. 214.215.392 227,412 215 Miter. Jane M. 257. 258 Moore, CecilS. 230.231.432 Miter. Johnny E. Moore. Chartes H. 208. 209. 392 392 Miter. Juanita Moore. Craig H. i. 229 Miter. Kenneth A. Moore. Cynthia S 392 431 Mller. Lac E. 200.201.234. Moore, Date W 160 i.247 235.412 Moore, Elizabeth A, .412 Mller. Leo A Moore, Elizabeth L. 431 Miter. Lester R Moore. Evetena 412 ,138 Miter. Lmda S. 224.225 Mxxe. Ginger G. 196.224.225. Miter. Mac E. 412 Mller. Mark F 160 Moore. James C. Mller. Mark R 432 Moore. James W. Jr. 454 Miter. Mary E 226.227.412 Moore.JaymeP. 210.211.224. 431 Mller, Maurice W 246. 247 225.412 Mller. Michael T. 126 Moore. Johnny 454 Miter, Norman E 148 Moore. Karen E. 412 Mller. Philip K Moore. MateolmS. Jr. 222. 223. !. 392 Mller, Phillip R. 412 392 454 Miter, Robert David Jr 432 Moore. Marilyn A. 234.235.412 Miter, StarkeC Moore. McConner. Jr 412 Mller, Susan D 257, 258. 392 Moore, MelanteC. 214.215.455 1.241 Miter. Tanya A 216.217.392 Moore. Melvm H. Jr 455 213 Mller. Tern L 200, 201. 234. 235 Moore Pamela D 455 412 Mller. Timothy R. 206. 207 Moore, Randy R. 454 Miter. William E. Ill 252. 253. Moore, Richard C. Sr. 234, 235. 223. 455 392 431 Mltene. Lesley L. 224. 225. 432 Moore. Richard C. Jr. Mllene. McheteT. 216. 217. 432 Moore. Roberts 126 Mils. Arthur L. Jr. Moore. Stephen L Mils. Brenda A 257. 258. 392 Moore. Teresa A. I.243 Mils. BrmC. 412 Moore. Ulander 393 431 Mils. D. Nell Moore, Walter T. Mils. David C. Moore, William D. Mils. David V Moore, William W. Ill Mils. Margaret A. 200.201.432 Moorehead, Lucy B. Mils, Marianne Moorehead, Murray K. Mils, Michael P 455 Moorhead, Jennifer L. .212.213, Mils. Paula J 412 412 Mils. Suzanne E. Moonng. Donald E. Mils. Tern V. 242. 243 Mooring, John E 455 454 Miner, Roger D. Morales, Luc 1,233 Mms. BessR Moran. Ethel R. 210.211.226. Mms. Debra F 227 i,392 Mms. Gerald C. Jr. 127 Moran. John M. Mms. John H. V. 246.247.392 Morehead. Elizabeth G. Mms. Melisa M 2 1 2. 2 1 3. 244. Morel. Paul D 432 i. 207 245. 392 Moretand. Brian C 127 127 Mms. Sonya W. Moreton. Rebecca L. Mms. Stephen H 455 Morgan. Bobby G 412 Mms. Troyel 412 Morgan. Chester E. 160 Mms. Wanda G Morgan. Cynthia A 226. 227 Morgan, David T. Morgan, Diana G. Morgan. Donald G. Morgan. Fred J. Morgan, Harold H. Morgan, James Morgan, James T. Jr. Morgan. Janell E 413 Morgan, Jerry A. Morgan. John M. Morgan. Martinda A. 2 1 6. 2 1 7. 432 Morgan. Paula M 240. 241 . 393 Morgan. Robert B. 455 Morgan. Ruth E Morgan. Samuel K. Morgan. Thomas J 455 Morhead. Will BJr 432 Mori. Karen A 432 Morphew, Kathryn R. Moms, Bruce 220. 221, 393 Morns, Cassandra T. Morris. Cathy A 413 Moms. Chartes L. 220,221.393 Morris, Charlone A 455 Morris, Debra A 413 Morris. Denise M 393 Morris. Donna L 432 Morns, Ginger A. Morris. Joe C. Jr 455 Morrison. Brenda J Morrison. Francis S. 244. 245 Morrison. Jane B 200.201.413 Morrison. Michael E. Morrison. Michael L 161 Morrison. Richard T. Morrison. Rosatee H. 224. 225 Morrison, WestteyC. Morrow, Bonnie C. 226.227.393 Morrow. Kimberty Morrow. Mary A. 200.201.432 Morson. Joanna R. 242. 243. 413 Morson. Wynn R. 242, 243. 455 Mortillaro. Patricia R. Morton. Jeffery C 432 Morton. Mary T. 393 Mosetey. Chnsty L. 222. 223. 432 Mosetey. Frances L .455 Mosely, Nannene R. 212.213. 222.223 Moses, Joseph L 210.211.413 Moss. Charles Moss.LeeJ 258.413 Moss. Lmda M K E. Moss. Paul M Mothershed. Cynthia M Mothershed. Milton A Mothershed. Sharon L. Mon. Alice M 257. 258. 432 Mon. David M. 393 Mounger, Henry H. Jr. 232. 233 Moyes. Michael S. 222.223 Moynihan. David P. 234. 235. 432 Mueller. Thad J 246.247 Mjirhead. Sara 214.215.393 Muirhead. Shelley E. Mullen. Billy K Mullen. Ruth M Mullen. Nancy R. Mullican. Carl D. Mullins. Judy C. 413 Mullins, Robert K. 228. 229 Mullins. Walter A 432 Mumbi, Mumanga Mumford, Clarence D Murchison, Mark R. Murdoch. Edwin H. Murff. Barbara G Murff. Daniel T 455 Murley. NmaJ. 413 Murphey. Louise A. Murphree. BufordC 467 Murphree, Jimmy L Murphree. Sharon E Murphree. Stephen C Murphy, Catherine J Mjrphy. Dorothy G. Murphy. Gregory L 455 Murphy. Manney Murphy. Martha L. 240.241.455 Murphy. Michael J. 393 Murphy, Rhonda J. Murphy. Richard L 393 Murray. Chartes J. Murray. James T. Jr 455 Murray. Kenneth G. Muruako. David U 467 Murzyn. Maria T. Muse. Gregory H 432 Muse. William M. Musgrove. David R. 455 Musil. Douglas A Mutchter. Beth E. Mutchter. Jan E 432 Mutchter. Leigh A. Mutchter. Sue E. Myan. Greely L. Myers. Anne P 206. 207. 2 1 4. 215,393 Myers. Bill J 216.217 Myers.CathyA. 216.217,432 Myers, Curtis J. Myers, David F. 222. 223, 413 Myers. Gregory B 206.207.393 Myers.JaneA 212.213.393 Myers. Jeffery M. Myers. Mark E. Myers. Milner H. Jr. Myers. Russell M. Myers. Stephen C. Myers, Teresa A. Myers, Thomas W. Myers. William C Mytes. Wayne E 432 Myrick. Marsha G. 432 Mvnck. Suzanne 455 Myrick. Wayne T. 432 N Naaman. Michael A. 393 Nabors. Larry J 455 Nabors. Linda S. 200.201.210. 211.455 Naber, Deborah L Naderhoff. Gwinn Jr. Nagte. Melissa H Nail. Gregory L 455 Nair. RamC Nakniavan. Mostafa Nakhjavan. Saeed B 467 Nafty. Raymond J. Ill 222. 223 Nance. Robert B 232. 233 Nance. Robert S 467 Napier. Denson C. Jr. 208, 209, 393 Napier. Gary R. Napier. Mary J. M. Napier. Ramon M. Narmour. Coteman, Jr. Nash. Barry L 455 Nash. Randy R 222.223 Nasser. Nap Naugte.NmaE. 216.217.222. 223. 393 Navarro. Toni F. 200, 201. 432 Nave. Mark L 413 Nawfal. Abed El Rhaman Nayak. Vtshwanath D. Ndefo. Louis A. 161.432 Neal. Bradley W. 222. 223. 432 Meal. Cassandra R 196 Neal. George Jr. Neal. Lamar B. Neal. Marna D. Neal. Mara D 200. 201, 432 Neal. Nelson D. Necaise. Ann E 393 Necaise, Pamela A 240.241 Needham. Timothy S. 208.209 Nee). Penman W 455 Neefy. Bettys H. Neely. Johnny D. 222. 223. 393 Neely. Robert J. 222. 223. 41 3 Neely, Vemon D. Jr 455 Neely, Winford L 455 Neil. James F. Neilson. MelanyC 413 Nelson. Bettye J 393 Nelson. Hanie N 432 Nelson. James M 467 Nelson. Janice M 224. 225 Nelson. John W 160. 432 Nelson. Karen L 432 Nelson. Marian D. Nelson. Peter B 467 Nelson. Robert L Nelson. Robin T. Nelson. Thomas S Nesbrt. Michael L 455 Nesler. Debra C. Nettles. Dexter C Jr. 206. 207 Nenteton. Margaret S 433 Neuman. Heidi K 393 Neveteff. David S 433 Nevets. Pamela J. D Nevets. Robert D. New, William R 236, 237 Newbaker. David A. Newcomb. John N. 248. 249. 393 Newcomb. Paul H 455 Newell. Patricia 242, 243. 393 Newman, Cynthia L Newman, Debra A. Newman, GayteH 212.213 Newman. James W. IV 236. 247 Newman. John D. Newman. Karol A 214.215 Newman. Kimberty A. 257. 258. 413 Newman, Mary A. Newman, Rhen D. 228. 229, 393 Newman, Robert W. Newman. Zenda K. Newsom. Demetria A. 1 96, 254. 255. 433 Newton. Edith A. Newton. Gary T. Newton, MBCIC H 467 Newton. Mchael E. Newton. Nancy L R. 214.215. 393 Neyland. Robert N Neyman. Linda L Ng. Vincent W 393 Ngai.ChoH. Nganga. John P 393 Nguyen. Bad Y. T. Nguyen, Mai T. Nguyen. Quang X. Nguyen, TamT. M 433 NKholas. David D 244, 245 .238.239. 433 NKholas. Judith R. Nichols. Alan W. NKhols. Carl G. Ill 246. 247 Nichols. Cherry! A. NKhols. Christopher R. 222. 223. 433 Nichols. David M. NKhols. Fredrick NKhols. James L Ml NKhols. Karta D 433 NKhols. Patrick 433 Nichols. Richard K. NKhols. Sandra G. 196. 224. 225. 455 NKhols. Vincent B 433 NKholson. Pamela S. 212.213 NKkey. Nancy M. NKktes. Chanes C. l ebuhr. Robert B. 127. 139. 140 r elsen. Rachael E 413 Nix. Elisabeth S 242. 243 Nix. Elizabeth D. . 226. 227 N.SusanP 214.215,393 Nixon, Pan. A. 226.227,244. 245 Nixoa Robert L NK U. Joseph M. Mobile. John D. Nobte. SaraL Nobte. Susan A. 196.212.213 Nobles. Johnny R. Jr 433 Nobkfi. James D 127 Noel.GateH 222.223 Noel, Lissa H. J. Noell. William J. 433 Nolan. Rarhel L III Noland. James A 234.235 Notden. Anna W. Noten. John E. 248. 249. 393 Noonan. Sharon L Noorbehesht. Masoud Norarntiphadungkam. P 4 _. Nordal. Elizabeth R. 413 . Nordm. Beverly J. Norfteet Lady E Norman, Dwtght E. Norman, Emily J 413 Norman. John P 206. 207 Norman. Susan L 433 Norouzkhan. Hamd R. Norquist. Helen C 212. 213. 433 Norns, JBHTCS C. Jr. Moms. Ronald L Jr. 206. 207. 456 Norris. Veki S. Norsworthy, Derward T. Jr 393 Norsworthy. ThomasP 456 North, Darden H 3.198.222. 223. 340, 345. 456. 504 North. Peggy F. 456 NorthenOlKlfamC. Jr. 160. 413 Norton. DeweyA.Jr. 433 Norwood, Etotsc Norwood. Mark M 393 Norwood, Watt S 232.233 Nosser. Kenneth J. 236. 237. 393 Nosser. PaulW 232.233 Notestone. Linda L Novak. Judith M. K. 238. 239. 413 Nowln. Cynthia A Noyes. Ruthie M. Nucaro. Frank J Nuckolls. Lisa J 240.241 Null. Kathenne E. Nunis. Troy E. Jr. Nunnery. Janice L 216.217 Nutting, Jon F. Nwanonenyi. Alphonsus I. 413 Cakes. Scon W. Obarr. Carol A. C. Obarr, Moms C. Oberte. Cynthia A 240. 241 Obnant. Angela L 456 Obnen. Patricia A. Obrien. Phillip J . 238. 239. 433 Obrosky, Keith W. Oconnell. Deborah A. 214.215. 248. 249. 433 0-Comell. Kathryn D. 214.215. 413 O ' Connor. Carole A. O ' Connor. Colleen M. O ' Connor. Joseph P. 232. 233 O-Conor. Harvey G. Jr. 236,237. 456 Odom. Connie M. 226,227.393 Odom. Cynthia L 240.241 Odom. Elizabeth S. 212. 213. 413 Odom. Randall Y. Odum. Jayne E 456 Oge.NaneneE. 212.213.456 Ogle, Robert W. 222, 223, 413 Ogtesby. Denise A. Ohlinger, Ingeborg T. Oigbokie. Patrick 1 467 Oke. Adegboyega O. O-Keefe.GlendaG. Okeke, Felix C 433 Okereke. Chukwudinma E 393 Okereke. Chukwunwiki M. 433 Okoye. Patrick I. OUuMaryH 224.225.413 Olander. Cart J. Jr 127, 456 Oteis.JohnY 433 diva, Fidel J. Oliver. Anita D 224.225 Giver. Jo A. Oliver. Michael T. Olivi. Catherine A. Olson. Ellen J. Olson. Ramona Y. 252.253.257. 258.393 Olszewski. George K. O ' Neal, Donna L. 257, 258. 433 O ' Neal, Larry D. O ' Neal. Nathaniel M. Jr. 413 Opa yenn. Solomon 0. Opello. Olivia T. O-Qum. Bobby R 393 O-Qum. Carolyn G 456 O-Qum. Carolyn J. 216.217.456 CTQum. JoA, O ' Quinn, Patricia H. Orange. Dianne 467 Orange, Ellis A. Orange. Patsy A. 433 Orange. Ruby N. Orr. HarryL 248.249 Orr. ScottD 228.229 Dry. Lydia K. Osanaiye. Gabriel J. Osbey. Willie L. Osbome. Charles H. Osbome. Deborah E 252. 253. 393 Osbome. Walter W. Jr. Osseiran, Abdullah H 413 Osteen. Richard H. 222.223 Osuji. Felix N Oft. Richard W 456 On. Thomas W. On. Timothy A. 456 On. Westey D. Otto.DavidA 236.237 Oustey. Bruce A. 456 Oustey. Robert L Outzen. Richard M. Jr. 244,245, 345 Overstreet Date W. Overstreet. Hugh T. Overton. Samuel S. Owen. Debra L 393 Owen. Michael W. Owen. Scott G. MCI 495 Owens, Agnes S. 433 Owens, Cynthia B. 242, 243 , 393 Owens, Howard 0. 456 Payne. Mary K . 208. 209, 433 Payne, Ralph J. Jr. Payne, Robert G. 394 Picket!, Joseph R. 456 Pickle, Allan T. 244, 245 Price, James J 126 Price, Johnnie M. Price, Myrt B Raspet. Carol A Ratchford. Michael A. Ratcliff, James C. Richardson, Harry L. Richardson, Helen E. Richardson, Johnnie M. Owens, Ramsay C. Ozbirn, Thomas D 413 Payne! Roger D 433 Payne, Starr 0. Pickle, David A. 234, 235, 434 Pickle, Margaret J. 216,217,414 Price, Pete W. 228,228 Price, Ralph C 457 Rather. Hugh H. Ill Rathff. Autry D. . . . 468 Richardson, Joseph W. Richardson, Leta E 242 243 Ozborn, James K. II . 413 Payton, Rosie L. J 456 Piela, Donald J. Price, Sarah C 457 Ratliff, Dorothy F. 434 435 Pazooki, Mohsen Pierce, Billy H 414 Pnmeaux, Marlene A. Ratliff, Kenneth A 434 Richardson, RikiJ. 210211 Peacock, Carol A 413 Pierce. Harrietts 434 Primes, Mary A. .212,213,222, Ratliff, Linda M. 257, 258, 435 Peal, Linda R. 224,225,394 Peal, William D. 236,237 Pealer, CarlaJ. 210,211 Pearson. George T. 340. 456 Pierce, Robert H. Jr. Pierce, Virginia B 434 Pigg, James E. Jr 246,247 Pigott, James H 434 223, 394 Pnmos, William A. 222, 223, 394 Prince, Vicki D. Prisock, Stephen 414 Ratliff, Lisa U. Rathff, Patsy A 457 Rathff, Robin J 414 Rathff, Rodger D 248, 249 Richardson, Robert K 457 Richardson. Robert P. 228, 229 Richardson, Teri L Richardson, Vikki L. Pearson, Jack B. Jr. Pigort. Linda L 468 Pritchard, David E. Jr 457 Rauls, David 0. Richey, Jean R Pearson, Jaclyn L. . 413 Pilgrim, Carol A. 214,215.434 Pritchard, Jackie E. Rawls, Clifford A. 210.211,414 Richey, Terry M. 458 Pace, Beverly A. P. Pearson. James D Jr 345, 222, Pilgrim, Robert D. Pritchard, James L. Jr. Ray, Carmon T 434 Richmond, Annie E. Pace, Henry J. 223, 456 Pinion, Maudie L 457 Pntchartt, Catherine E. Ray, Carolyn E. 343, 457 Richmond, Brendley K. Pace, Judith L 467 Pearson, Janice M. . 456 Pinion, William L. Pritscher, Ruth C 434 Ray, CharleneJ. Richmond, Fredenca A. 214,215 Pace, Linda C. Pearson, John F. 222, 223, 394 Pinner, Lori A. Prosch, Gerald L 394 Ray, IveyL 240,241 Richmond, Jon D. 236, 237 Pace, Wilford R. Pearson, John M. 394 Pmson, James A 414 Provenza, Margaret R . 240, 24 1 , Ray, James 0. Richmond, Rhonda M Pacheco. Titilola V 413 Pearson, Leanne . . . 433 Pinson, Paul A 434 394 Ray, Laura C. Richter. Sandra A. 257, 258, 395 Page, Billy E. Jr. (Pearson, Mark M. 222,223,413 Pirtle. Jeanann .214,215,414 Provm, William H. Ray, Martha D. 208,209,414 Rick, Claibourne E. Jr. Page, Stanley W 456 Pearson, Sara D. 240, 24 1 , 4 1 3 Pisors. Helen M. Prude, James R. 434 Ray, OlheG. Rickard, Karen L. 395 Page, Steve 228, 229 Pearson, Walter S 467 Pitalo, Penny A 394, 457 Pruet, Richard T. Ray, Phyllis L. Ricks, Lynda E Paktmat, Mohamad M. Peaster, Thomas B. 345, 208, Pitalo, Susan M. Pruitt, Kenneth E. Jr. 434 Ray, Sandra L. Riddell, Charles F. Jr. 458 Palermo, Catherine R. 209, 433 Pitchford, Rosie B 394 Pruitt, Vernon M. 238, 239, 4 1 4 Ray, Terry D 457 Riddell, Edna E 395 Palmer, Bobbie S. Pechon, Michael A. Pitcock, Melma A. Pryor, David W 414 Ray, Van K. Rider, James N. 208. 209 Palmer, Brian M. . .252, 253, 393 Peddle, Frank S. Jr. Pitner, Mark S 434 Pryor, Dwight K 434 Ray, Wanda G.. 200,201,414 Rider, Robin A 435 Palmer, Carol C. 212,213,413 Peddle, Ginny M. Pittman, Cynthia J. A. Pryor, James R 434 Ray, William A. 222,223 Ridge, Larry 0. Palmer, E. Scott 456 Pedigo. Tena S 433 Pittman, David L 414 Psikogios. Elena K. Rayburn, Mendeth A. 434 Ridgway, Carolyn B. 208, 209 Palmer, Pamela . . 2 1 4, 2 1 5. 456 Pedron, Mark R 413 Pittman, James A. Jr. 234, 235, Puckett, Donna A. Rayford, Claudette 434 226, 227, 395 Palmer. Scott E 246, 247 Peel. John K 127 434 Puckett, Lisa S. . 228, 229, 244, Raymond, Donald S. Ridgway. Douglas W. 222, 223 Palmertree, Calvin C. Peeler, Warren C. . 394 Pittman, James E 434 245, 457 Rayner, Donald E. 2 1 8, 2 1 9, 4 1 4 Ridgway, Louis E. 208, 209, 414 Palmertree, Kevin L. Jr. Peeples, Robert A 210. 21 1. 414 Pittman, Melanie 200,201,394 Pulliam, Joe S 394 Rea, George R Rieser, Dorothy P. 395 Palmien. Dana A 224, 225, 433 Peeples, Ronald E. Pittman, Peggy D 394 Pulliam, Mary L. Rea, Suzanne M. Rigby, Micky G. 468 Panagon, Thomas B. 236, 237 Peerson, Paige L. Pittman, RubyC 240. 241 Puls.CmdyK. .216,217,457 Read, Beniamm H. 208, 209 Riggms, Pamela S. 257, 258 Pancratz, Adolph A. Peets Randolph D Jr 248 249 Pittman. Steve J 434 Punshon, Janice A. 242, 243, 414 Read, James C. Riggs, William R. Pang, Danny A. 394 Pitts, Deborah F. A. Purdy, Charles J. Reardon, Rory C . . 232,233 Riley, Bradford B. 248, 249, 395 Pang, Evelyn L 467 Pegram, Marilyn K 226, 227 Pitts, Kevin A. 216,217,434 Purdy, Linda C. Reardon, Thomas J. Riley, Harriet F. 212,213,228 Pang, LilaE 433 Pegues, Reuben Pitts. Polly K 224. 225 Purser, Lisa G. 216,217,414 Reasons, Debra L. 216,217,414 229, 394 Pang, Randy A. 238, 239, 393 Pegues, Shirley J 456 Pitts, Robbie L 414 Purvis, Jack N. Jr. 118, 119,228, Pebentisch, Joseph A. Riley. Mark A. 234, 235 Pannell, Billy R 456 Pegues, Vassie M. Pitts, Ronald 229 Red, Kim M. Riley. Stephen M. 414 Pannell, Jerrell M. 234, 235, 393 Pelegrin, M. Dabney Plants, Robert T 222, 223 Purvis, James B 234,235 Redd, Herbert L. Jr 457 Rmaudo, Ricky T. 232,233 Pannell, Leanne M. Pellegnn, Freddie J. Plasketes, George M. 1 26, 1 39, Purvis, JimmieG. Redden, Mahnda C. Rmcon, Max G. 161,435 Pannell. William T 433 Penamon, Peggy J. 140,457 Puryear, Mary C. Redmond, Anita J 457 Rmgo, Linda L. Pardue, Milton C. Jr. Pendleton, Edmund A. 210,211, Ratt, Nanci C. Putman, John L. Redmond, Ivory Rmgold. Willie E. 435 Parham, Orlando W. 414 Roski, Edward P. Putnam, Virginia S 457 Redmond, Margaret A 434 Rings, John H. Parham, Rosalyn Pendleton, Louis W. 210,211, Runkett, Cindy G 394 Putt, Larry 0. Redmond, Ruby J. Rish, Jeff W. Ill 468 Parham, Stephen J. 394 Poag, Joseph W 246,247 Pyatt, Kevin R .228,229 Reeb, Rene M. Rish, Mark H, 414 Pans, IrmaL. 212,213,222, Pennington, Charles A 456 Poe, Kim S. Reece, MelvmK. Ritchie, Jerry C. 223, 393 Pans, Lee H. 222, 223, 433 Paris, SallyS 214,215,413 Paris, Victoria A. .207,214,215, 433 Parish, George K. Pennington, Deborah A 394 Pennington. Gerard M. 127. 433 Pennington. Patricia D. Pennington, Rosemary 224, 225, 236,237,414 Penton, Roy A. Poe, Phyllis M. Poe, Ronnie L 457 Polen, Frank W 394 Poling, Charles J 394 Polk, Cheri L 394 Pol, Robert W. Reece. Ricky L. Reed. Alfred J. Reed. Amanda L. . 434 Reed. Delilah A 434 Reed, James S. Jr 141 Reed, Judy B 434 Ritter, Anthony W. Ritts, Christopher C. 435 River, Keith A. 206, 207 Rives. Julian W. 248, 249 Rizzo, Anthony J. Roach, David G. Park, John 0. Pepper, Eugene E. Jr 467 Polk, Sherrye A 457 Reed, Juelene Roach, Judy L Park, Mary H. Peper Robert C Pollard, James E 434 Qazzaz, Ashty N. . 468 Reed, Rachael A 210,211 Roane, Michael L. Park, Robert D 456 Percy, John G 208, 209 Pomeranz, Michael B. 1 18, 1 19, Quarles, Beverly Reed, Robin C. . . . .127 Robb, Gwenlyn A. Parker.AnnD 216,217,413 Pereira, Benjamin D. 138,434 Quarles. Cathy Reed, William R. Jr. 222, 223, Robbins. James B. 458 Parker, Benny J. Jr. 209,210, Pereira, Renee M 142 Ponder, Randall D. 220,221,414 Quarles, George A. 394 Robbins, Jimmy T. 458 433 Perez-De-Gerling, Maria I. Ponnath, Raymond J. Quattlebaum, Miles T. 248, 249, Reeder, John R. Robbins, John H. 458 Parker, Cindy 234,235 Perkins, Eddie 433 Poole, DeenaJ 206,207 414 Reeder. Marsha S. 434 Robbins, Joseph K. Parker, David P. 208, 209, 393 Perkins, Frances C. Poole.PattiA 212,213,434 Queyja, Mary 1 468 Reedy, Robert T. Robbins, Karen M. 395 Parker, Deborah K. 257, 258, Perkins, Russell N 222, 223 Poole, Ray S. 148,138 Quigley, Thomas A. 228, 229 Reese, Tommy R. Robbins, Karla K. 234,235,413 Perkins, Stanley L. Jr. 234, 235 Poon, KmgL 434 Quillen. Jesse W 160 Reeves, Carolyn T. Robbins, Robin M. Parker, Deborah L. Perkins, William H. Jr. Pope, Ethan M 468 Quillman, Joann E. Reeves, Cinteaha P. 257, 258, Robbins, Sonia M. Parker, Dixie K 393 Perkins, William P. Ill Pope, Johnny W 394 Qumby. MaryJ. 208,209 434 Robbins, Stephanie R. 200.201, Parker, Donald R 413 Perkins, Willie D 468 Pope, Kathenne C. Qumley. Charlotte L. Reeves. David P. 222. 223 395 Parker, Donna K. Perry, Anne S. Pope, Spencer C. Quinn, Keiren L. Reeves, Earl P. Robbins, Steven G. 234, 235 Parker, Harriet A. Perry Kathryn M. 456 Popernik. Michael L. Quinn, Patricia D. Reeves, Gary W. Roberson, Gay Parker, John K 208, 209 Perry, Kenneth G. Jr. . . . 228, 229 Porch, Elizabeth A 242,243 Quinn, Raymond F. Jr. Reeves, Johnny R. Roberson, Jeffrey M. 435 Parker, Larry E. Perry, Leon Jr 126 Porch, Nancy 242, 243 Quinn, Ricky W 457 Reeves, Steven W. Roberson, Susan M. Parker, Margaret R. 206, 207, Perry, Leslie 212,213,394 Port. Kevin E. Quinn, Suzanne E. Reeves, Timothy F. 208, 209 Roberson, William J 395 393 Perry, Leslie D. Porter. Dianna L 457 Quinn, Vickie J 434 Reich, Robert M 457 Roberson, William R. Parker, Michelle R. Perry, Mack A. Porter. Hazel L. Quinn, William M 232,233 Reid. Jackie J. Roberts, Angela C. 214,215,395 Parker, Pamela J 393 Perry, Mark P. Porter, James L 457 Quinnelly, David L. Reid, Marsha K 434 Roberts, Anne M. Parker, Paul L. Perry, Niler Porter. Lee A. 257.258,414 Quon, Helen F 414 Reifers, Johnnie K. Roberts, Catherine L. 216,217, Parker, Robert W 456 Perry, Robbie A 433 Porter, Mark M. 232,233 Quon, Shun W. Reihsen, Gerald J. 210,211,394 458 Parker, Steven P 456 Perry, Timothy T 468 Porter. Pamela W. 196,226,227, Reilly, Alice S. 212,213,232, Roberts. David F. Parkin, Samuel C. Parks, CarlaP 216,217 Parks, Kenneth T. Parks, Linda G. Parks, Linda K. Perryman, William M. Peters, Scotty L 433 Peters, Stanton M. Petersen, Barbara J. 200,201, 433 248, 249, 459 Porter, Patty A. 434 Porter, Philip H. 198,246,247 Posey, Carolyn S. Posey, Janice L. . .210,211,242, 233 Reisser, Margaret L. 226, 227, 244, 245, 457 Reiebian, Michael V. 222, 223 Renaudm, EhseB. Roberts. David M. Roberts.EdwardB.III 435 Roberts. Ellen E. Roberts, Glenn D. Roberts, James D. Parks, R. Marquetta 456 Peterson, Karen D. 200, 201, 433 243,414 Renfro, Tracey C 394 Roberts, Janet L. Parks, Sharon M. Peterson, Timothy R. Posey, Kenneth E 206, 207 Renfrew, Rheta F. 236, 237, 435 Roberts, Jill A. Parks, Stephen B. 246, 247, 456 Petkovsek, Jeanene M. 240, 241, Poss, Randle 0. Rabideau, Debra L. . . . 257, 258, Renfrew, Richie H. 236.237 Roberts, Joann M. Parrett, Samuel W 456 394 Poteet, Judy G. . . . 208, 209, 457 343,457 Replogle De, Ethel D. 435 Parris, Lynn E 456 Pettis BrendaL 214 215 248 Potts, James B. Ill Rabideau, MarkS 414 Respess, Francis K 414 Roberts, John S. Parrish, Dedra G. 249 Potts, James B. Radigan, Kenneth J. Jr. Reuter, Sue A. Roberts, Joseph E 222, 223 Parrish, Paul N. . .234,235,413 Pettis, Carnelia .196, 254, 255, Potts, Ronnie L. 252,253,414 Rafferty, Rory R. Jr. .198,218, Reves, Dennis R 435 Roberts, Lisa L. 224, 225, 458 Parrish, Stephen E. . . . 234, 235, 433 Pounds, Cynthia L 414 219,457 Rex, Cynthia N. Roberts, Paula A. 456 Pettis, Carolyn D. Powell, Amy N. 200, 201 , 238, Ragland, Gary L. 345, 206, 207 Reynolds, Ann E. 218,219,414 Roberts, Rebecca F. 216,217, Parsons, Dana R 393 Pettis, Everlesn 414 239, 434 Ragland, Joe M. Reynolds, Anna G. 395 Parsons, Mary E. 226,227,413 Pettis, James L. Ill 248, 249 Powell, Bernice 196, 202, 203, Ragland, Judith R. Reynolds, Christopher C. 234, Roberts, Richard S. 414 Parsons, William W. Pettis, Mattie B 433 434 Ragland, Judy L. 257,258,434 235 Roberts, Roberta D. Partm, Mark Q. .218,219.394 Pfleeger, Kim D. 218,219,414 Powell, Cynthia L. D 414 Ragon. Deborah L 434 Reynolds, Danny E 394 Roberts, Ronnie A. 435 Partm. Mary E 433 Pfleeger, William T. Powell, James P. Rahman, Fazlur 468 Reynolds. Deborah L. Roberts, Steven G. 234, 235, 458 Partlow, Laura E. 210,211.467 Phagan, KathyE. Powell, Julius E. Ramer, George T. Reynolds, John H. 226, 227, 435 Roberts, Susan D. 142 Partridge, Lee W 224, 225; 433 Pham, Dong T. Powell, Leslie A. Raines, Deborah K. 234. 235, Reynolds, Juanita C. 208, 209, Roberts, Van T. Partridge, Margaret A. Phelps, Leland E 456 Powell, Robin M. 434 240,241,414 224, 225, 394 Roberts, William E. 222,223, Partridge, Steven W 413 Phelps, Robert H. Jr. .220,221, Powell, Sharon W. 242,243,414 Ramey, LisaS 216,217 Reynolds, Richard T. 457 127,395 Paschal. Charles W. 218,219 433 Powell, Tern A. Ramey. Patrick T 236, 237 Reynolds, Robin T. 226, 227 Robertson, Calvin E. Paslay, Wendy W. 242, 243, 394 Phifer, Eugene R 433 Power, Stephen C. Rainwater, Janice A. 240. 241, Reynolds, Ruby L 468 Robertson, Carol A. 468 Pass, John R. Phifer, Karen S 414 Powers, David D. 394 Reynolds, Smith P. Ill 246,247. Robertson, Helen C. Pate, Janet L 413 Phillips, Billy 8. Powers, Stephen H 394 Raibanshi, Bimal 468 457 Robertson, James A. Paterson. Douglas Phillips, Daniel M 234,235 Powers, Trudy H. Rakestraw, Larry W 434 Reynolds, Susan M. Robertson, John E. Paterson, Martin A. Phillips, David G .456 Poythress, David F. Jr 394 Raley, Joseph S. Reynolds, Tanya F 394 Robertson, Katherme R. 216, Patrick, Charles T 433 Phillips, Doris D. Poythress, Mary E. Ramey, Dianne 1 414 Reynolds, William F. 217,435 Patrick, Frances 1 394 Phillips. Forrest C.Jr 126 Pradhan, Ravmdra M 468 Ramia, James L 457 Rhemann, Jeffrey W. Robertson, Kenneth R. 248, 249 Patrick, James K. Phillips. Frank P. Jr. Prajapati, Gunvantprasad I. Ramos Emilio Rhey, William L. Robertson, Kenneth R. Jr. Patrick, John W. Phillips, Jodie A. Prajapati, IndumatiG. Rampy, Robert K 220,221 Rhine, Lynda G. .208, 209, 216, Robertson. Richard V. 244. 245 Patrick, Mary E Phillips, John P. Prasad, Mandrama Ramsay. Charles H. Jr 457 217,294 Robertson, Steven B. 1 1 8, 1 26, Patterson, Catherine A 394 Phillips, John S 345 Prater, Allie L. Ramsay, Gary L. Rhodes, Elizabeth A. 234, 235, 138 Patterson, Debra D. Phillips, Laura E. Prather, Leisha J. 224, 225, 394 Ramsdell, Brandi M. 414 Robertson, Tory L. Patterson, Gordon S. Phillips, Leisa 226, 227, 456 Prather, Lydia S 394 Ramsey, Caffey L 240, 24 1 Rhodes, Louis N. Robertson, Wanda K. Patterson, Jana K. Phillips, Margaret S. Prather, Pamela .216,217,394 Ramsey, Joan M. Rhodes, Martha R 214, 215, Robertson, Will E. Jr. Patterson, Joey H. 208,209 Phillips, Mark T. 246,247,414 Prather, William D 434 Ramsey, Michael E. 230, 23 1 , 248, 249, 457 Robilio, Edward J. 206, 207 Patterson, John L. 236, 237 Phillips, Mary M. 240,241,394 Pratt, Michael K. 434 Rhodes, Rhonda J. 257, 258, 414 Robinson, Camille M. 435 Patterson, Kathenne M. Phillips, Matthew R. . .126 Pratt, Susan Ramsey, Willis L 434 Rhodes, Robbie M. Robinson, Cathryn J. Patterson, Mary L. 216,217,413 Phillips, Michael S 434 Pray, Gaylon B 457 Ranadive, Nandu K. Rhodes, Rollm S. Robinson, Cheryl A. 458 Patterson, PattiJ. 236,237,240, Phillips, Mitylene B. 212,213, Prendergast, Mark 394 Rand, Fred T. IV Rhoton, Preston L. 127 Robinson, David C. 241.413 228, 229 Presley, Hal G. Randle, Laura E 240,241,434 Rhyne, Julie A. 226.227,394 Robinson, David L. 210, 21 1, 435 Patterson. Robert L 148 Phillips, Myra J 434 Presley, Sam L. Ill Randle, Vicki J 240,241 Rice, Annie L 414 Robinson, Erly Patterson. Robert R 413 Phillips, Pamela J. 200,201,394 Pressley, William W. Jr 434 Randolph, David R. Rice, Frank 0. Robinson, Fielding B. Jr. 395 Patton, Alvm E Phillips. Patti A 240,241 Prestage, John A. 222, 223, 434 Randolph, Debbie A. Rice, Lucy A 212,213,435 Robinson, George E. 415 Patton, Cynthia Phillips, Perry E. Jr. Preston, Robert C 434 Randolph, Mitzi C. 240, 24 1 , 244, Rice, Mary A. 457 Robinson, George 1. Patton, James T. 252. 253 Phillips, Regina A. Prewitt, James 0. 245 Rice, Mary L 242. 243, 394 Robinson, Janna L. Patton, Matthew T Phillips, Stephanie G. Prewitt, Sidney A. Randolph, Steven C. Rich, Ronald N 395 Robinson, Jacqueline 257, 258, Patton, Michael G. 232, 233, 456 Phillips, Victoria A. 224, 225. 456 Prewitt, Thomas S. Raney, Jeanell Richard, Leo N. Jr 468 234. 235, 435 Patton, Richard A. 433 Phillips, Warren C. Price, Adelbert W. Jr. Rankm, Shen L. 212,213,414 Richard, Sherry L. Robinson, John P. Patton. William A. 244,241 Phillips, William L Price, Alice F. Rao, Sada S. M. Richard, Wallace J. Jr. 395 Robinson, John S. Jr. 228, 229 Patton. Word B. Jr 232,233 Phillips, Williams S. Price, Bertie C. Ra per, Cynthia C. Richards, Bruce A. Robinson, Karen R. 224, 225 Pattndge, Mary N. .226,227 Philpot, Cliff H 394 Price, Candace L. . 208, 209 Rardm, Kevin R 414 Richards, Mary F 435 Robinson, Larry M. Pauler, Vicki L. Phipps, Charles Jr. Price, Cecil 434 Rasch, Andrew P. 232, 233 Richards, Tyronne 126, 457 Robinson, Levie T. Paxton, Robert G. 246, 247 Phyfer, Cyrus L 246, 247 Price, Cynthia L. Rasch, Richard C 414 Richardson, Anthony A. . 435 Robinson, Linda J. B. Payne, Billie C. 230,231,413 Phyler, Kathryn A. Price, Dmeen A. 200,201,414 Rash, Nathaniel L. Richardson, Carol R. Robinson, Margaret E. Payne, Eva F 200,201,413 Pickering, James G 222, 223. Price, Helen P 434 Raso, Dianna T. Richardson, Connie L. Robinson, Mona G. B. 496 Index Robinson. Vera J 395 Robinson. Warren W Robinson. William C Jr. Robison. Alison J. Hobison. Janet L 206. 207 HobsLPaulK Jr 210.211.395 Hocha. Randy S Roche. Mary H 257. 258 Rocken. Rebecca A 242. 243 Rockene. Judy M Hockene. Vada L Rodgers. Bryan L. 468 Rodgers. Vallery F. 242. 243. 415 Roebuck. Karen D 257. 258. 395 Roebuck. Linda D 395 Roebuck. Michael K Roebuck. Raymond L Roebuck. Ronald B Roemer. Teresa L 458 Rogalski. John P 198.458 Rogers. Arthur F 458 Rogers. Catherine L Rogers. Cynthia E Rogers. ElieG Rogers. Guy NJr 435 Rogers. James R Rogers. Jim W 458 Rogers. John M 435 Rogers. John M Jr Rogers. Leonard G. Jr 395 Rogers.MaryK 216.217.415 Rogers, Richard B Rogers. Rickey G 435 Rogers. Robert N Rogers. Sonya D 216.217.248. 249. 395 Rogers. Tern E 242.243.395 Rogers. Thomas C Roland. Andrew I sace III 435 Roland. Richard C 232. 233 Rollins. Cheryl J 208.209.415 Rollins. George CJr 126 Romne. Bruce C 228. 229 Romkens. Mathias J Romkens Thung. Ling T Rone. William S 415 Rooker. Jimm.e L Hoop. Wilham HJr 160.435 Roosa. Christopher A 395 Roper. Jay M 206. 207 Rose. Eldndge D 458 Hose. Jennifer K 228. 229, 395 Rose. Sidney M 206. 207 Roseborough. Melvm 435 Roseburgh. Patricia A. Rosenblan. Arthur I. Rosenblum. Joseph Ross. Chmo D 395 Ross. Christopher C Ross. Dartene B 415 Ross. Jane M 214.215 Ross. Julia C 156 Ross. LaceyH 214.215.415 Ross. Lauren R 214.215 Ross. Ma- 226.227 Ross. Nita L 395 Ross. Ruthie M Ross. Sonny C. Ross, Thomas T Jr 206. 207 Ross. Virginia L 395 Rossetti. James T 234.235.415 Roth. Michael Rothstem. Shellie 468 Ronon. Clifford B Rouse. Charles T Rouse. David A Rouse. Sharon L Roush. Donald H Rousseau. Cynthia L Rousseau. Mary K. K Rowan. Lynne 244. 245 Rowe. John T 458 Rowell. Stephen E 228. 229. 458 Howell. Thomas C. 435 Rowland. Virginia M Rowley. Frances K 224. 225. 435 Rowsey. Jacky S. Rowsey. Margaret D. Roy. John F Royce. Richard N 1 60. 458 Roye. Henry T Jr Roye. Jan P. Rozier. David E Jr Rozzell. AmyE 206.207.216. 217.415 Rubw.AnaL 216.217.228. 229,415 Rubio, Monica E 415 Rubisoff. Deborah L Ruble. Charles J Jr 244. 245 Rucker. Gwendolyn F Rucker. Robert R. 1 26. 1 38 Rudolph. Tamara E 206. 207, 224. 225. 395 Rueseter. Robert P Ruff.MyraE 214.215.435 Ruff in. Vicki L Rugg, William J Rule, William S II 238.239.458 Rungeling. LeeC 415 Rush. Gloria J 468 Rush, Janet S 435 Rush, Leslie V III Rush. Linda R 395 Rush. Re 234. 235. 435 Rushing, Audie L 435 Rushing. Charles R Rushmg. David L 248.249.415 Rushing. Linda S Rushmg. Wallace E 468 Rushing. William R 395 Russell. Barry R Russell. Bryant L Russell. Charlone D 244. 245. 224. 225. 435 Russell. Deborah J 242. 243 Russell. Henry E 415 Russell. John G Russell. Johnny C Russell. Judy A 240. 241 . 395 Russell. Marion D. Russell. Michael W. Russell. Nathan S. Russell. Pearl K 200.201.415 Russell. Randall G. 395 Russell. Rhonda L. Russell. Ronald L. Russell. Ronald W 138.435 Russell. Sharon K Russell. Sherry K Russell. Shirley K Russell. Sophia L. 214.215 Russell. Stephen B 415 Russon. Manuel G Rusynyk. Jeffrey J. 436 Rutland. Ricky J. 210.211.458 Rutledge. Leah L Rutledge. Mary E. Rutledge. Terry L. Ryan. Deborah L 206. 207. 395 Ryan. Janet L Ryan. JodyE Ryan. Lucille M Ryan. MitoE Ryan. Rex W Rylee.JohnM. 234.235.415 s 395 Saba Aayon. Walid M Sabbam. Anjaneyulu Sabbam. Devi Sadaka. Tarek S Sadasivam. Rangavauula Sadder. Kamal Sadek. Saved F 468 Satfieddine. Ah M. Saffieddme. Imad M Salfold. Kathleen M 212.213. 436 Sagan. Paul S 127 Sagen. Patricia F. Sahu. Krushna C Said. NizarA 395 Saillani. Marc A 252. 253 Sam. Larry T Salameh. Mohd S Salehpoor. Mohamad R Salemi. Philip M 228. 229 Sailing. Deborah L Salmon. Raymond F. III Salvano. Michael C 395 Sam. Suzanne F. Sammons. Steven S 248. 249. 395 Sams. Lucius F. Ill 248.249 Samson. Cecil R. Samuels. Donald G 396 Samuels, Jeannie A. Samuelson. Norman W III Sandefer. Roy J 396 Sanderock, Michael S Sanders. Betty Q. Sanders. Carole R 216.217.436 Sanders. Cathy J. Sanders. Cody A Jr 234.235 Sanders. Donna A 468 Sanders. Donna G 240. 24 1 Sanders. Gail C 436 Sanders. Jack L. Sanders. Jackie R. 458 Sanders. Janie L. Sanders. Joseph A 415 Sanders. Karen D. 396 Sanders. Richard P 220. 22 1 . 458 Sanders. Robert H. 396 Sanders. Shirley J. Sanders. Steven C 436. 458 Sanders. Steven H 210.211.415 Sanders. Timothy L 415 Sanders. Vickie L 415 Sanders. William R 236. 237 Sanderson. Albert A 436 Sanderson, Don C Sanderson. Susan C 212.213. 396 Sandhu. Daya S Sandidge. Elsie L 436 Sandifer. Connie R Sandlm. AmyJ 208.209.214, 215.396 415 Sanford. Linda M R Sanford. Sharon R 458 Sang. Anthony C 415 Sang. Charlie J. Jr. 436 Sanger, Maan S Sansmg. David G Jf 206.207. 436 Sansmg. Debra A 216.217,248, 249,415 Sansmg, Elizabeth G. Sansing. John P 246. 247. 4 1 5 Sansmg. Rebecca F 216,217 Sansom, Steven D 436 Sapera. Michael F Sartm. Alvm C 458 Sarullo. Pete 208. 209 Saucier. Renee 2 1 4. 2 1 5. 436 Saul. Phyllis R. Savage. Steven R. Savage. Suzette M Savell. Harold E. Savery.JamesM.III Savery. Robert W 248, 249 Sawyer. Robert J 458 Saxon, Trtdma E Sayie, Johnny G. Sayre. Eleanor S Scales. Philip L Scarborough. Cynthia D 396 Scarborough. Norman A 220. 221,436 Scarborough, Paula J Scarborough, Sidney M 396 Scarbrough, William D 415 Scardmo. Angelyn M Scaheffer. Milton T. Scan, Jeanne M 415 Schaffenburg, Paul C 220. 22 1 . 415 Schalow, Rick Scheidemantel. Susan J Scherer, Diane E. Schiebe. Kathryn M Schilling. Brenda E 212.213. 436 Schilling. Penny M 210. 21 1. 458 Schilling. Richard J 160 Schirmer. Michael S Schissel. Lisa A 216.217 Schtandecker. Roy L Schmd. Tania L SchmKft. Frank L 208. 209 Schmidt. Jeanne A 200. 20 1 . 3% Schoenberger. William H Schott. Carl G Schott. James V Schuh. Sid M Schultz. Frederick E Schuster. Howard L Schwam. Susan C Schwartz. Jonathan D Scibilia. William T Sapper. Mitzi E 458 Scobey. David K 415 Scon. Bobby G Scott. Carolyn A. Scott, Elizabeth K Scon. Frances T 396 Scon. Jacqoelyn A Scon. James H 458 Scon. Jeffery M Scon. Jonathan D Scon. Karen Scon. Leslie C Scon. Marilyn E. 415 Scon. Paul R 458 Scon. Robin W Scon. Roy B Scon.SonyaB 216.217.228. 229. 396 Scon. Stanley W Scon. Stephen H Scon. Steven A 396 Scon. Susan E Scon. Thomas H Jr 228. 229 Scon. William E 234. 235 Scnbner. Raymond P 206. 207 Scrivner, Donnie J Scruggs. Helen J 468 Scruggs. Julian C Scruggs. Robert S Seal. Frederick R.Jr 415 Seal. Michael C Seale. James M 232. 233 Seale. Robert L III 396 Searcy. Betty R Searcy. Debra S 436 Sears. Angetea 2 1 2. 2 1 3. 396 Sears. Richard H 396 Sease. Elton C III 244. 245 Seat. Candace J 416 Seaton. Caroline M 416 Seavey. Richard G Seawright. Norman H 1 27. 396 Sebren. Mary A Seckar. Julie A 257. 258. 436 Seckman. John P 211.212.396 Secrest. Charles L Seeger. Kevin D. 396 Seeley. Joel D 257. 253 Seely. Warren BUI Segars. Kelly S. Jr. Sell. George M 396 Self. IrmaM 416 Self. Mary J. 196.257.258 Self. MaryL 213,214.458 Sell. Richard D 218.219.458 Selim. Mustafa I Sellers. Bobby N. Jr 210.211. 416 Sellers. Davy W 126 Sellers. Kirby W. Selph. William F. Ill 244, 245 Selva, Dennis A Semmes. Raphael III Sent. Melanie L 416 Sengpiel, Susan Sentef. Joseph Jr Senter. JohnT 206.207 Sentina, Ahmad Sepantaie. Amir M Seio. Aileen M Serw, Joe P Seto. Km F 459 Seto. Linda S 436 Setzler. William R. Ill Sewell. Kathy J Sewell. Scon D 222. 223. 4 1 6 Sewell. William H 232. 233 Sexton. Gary J 459 Sexton, Michael W 436 Seymour. Julie L. 226. 227. 234. 235 Shaar. JamalA R 416 Shackelford. Allan D 248. 249 Shackelford. John M 208. 209. 436 Shackelford. Karen E Shackelford, Virginia 212.213 436 Shadburn, Randy G. Shade. Ian E Shaghaghi. Arsalan M. Shaneen. Catherine C Shaheen. Robert W Shaheen, Suzann M Shahkarami. Amir 436 Shalhoub. Jean J. Shamalnasab. Hamid 459 Shanaa. Osuma Shanafelt. Paul M Shanks. Stanley H 232. 233. 396 Shannon. Jill A Shannon. William W 220. 22 1 . 396 Sharma, Alpana S. Sharman. William R 210.211. 416 Sharp, Deanne R 208. 209 Sharp. Deborah C. 396 Sharp. Gary W 416 Sharp. Pat K 459 Sharp. Sally 240.241 Sharp. Walter D Sharpe. Debra L Shaver. James A 191 99 Shaver. Vivian 416 Shaw. Barbara G Shaw, David A Shaw, Laura C 226, 227 Shaw. Maynard D Jr Shaw, Robert S Jr 234. 235. 396 Shaw, Steven E 416 Shaw, Terry Shaw. William F Skinner. Jim R 160 Skinner. Mary K 396 Skinner. Mike T. Sack. Brenda E Sade. Linda C 214.215.459 Sater. Joseph L Slaughter. Suzanne M 436 Say. Lory A Slayden. Brenda R Steadd. Kathleen 257. 258 Sledge. JimmieRJr Sedge. Patsy S Sezak. Jason N 126.396 9ider. Donald C 459 Sim. Hussein A 416 Slmkaro. Jerry M 208. 209 Sloan. Robert G Socum. Doris M 468 Small. Sharon E. Small. TeriJ Smallen. Ernest B Smart. Pamela G 200. 20 1 . 396 Smith. Agens D 1 96. 202. 203. 459 Smith. Alan W Smith. Albert B III Smith. Anne E 257. 258. 436 Smith. Barbara L Smith. Beverly C 200.201.416 Smith. Billy M Smith. Bobby E. Smith. Brian H. 396 Smith. Carl A 459 Smith. Carlos L. 459 Smith. Carol A Smith. Cathy D W. 459 Smith. Cathy G Smith. Charles E 436 Smith. Charles M Smith. Claude M III Smith, Danny L 436 Smith, Darnella . Smith. David B 396 Smith. Deborah K G Smith. Dennis W 459 Smith. Donald V Smith. Doretta K Smith. Edwin B. 416 Smith. Enly G Smith. Eric L 127 Smith. Ervin R Jr 459 Smith. Frances M. 459 Smith. Frank E Jr Smith. Fred C Jr 210.211.459 Smith. G ary E 436 Smith. Gregory A. Smith. James B Jr 468 Smith. James D Smith. James M Smith. James Jr Smith. James P. Smith. Janet M. 468 Smith. Jeannme K Smith. Jerone W 416 Smith. Jerry D Smith. Jerry R Smith. Joan M Smith. John B 3% Smith. John B Smith. John C Smith. John D Srruth. Joyce A Smith. Julian E Smith. Julian R Smith. Julie R 343. 459 Smith. Karen E Smith. Kathy A Smith. Keith L. Smith. Keith L Smith. Kim L Smith. LQ 126.138 Smith. Laura T. Smith. Laurence C Smith. Linda L 226. 227. 234. 235. 396 Smith. Lorena Smith. Mary A 459 Smith. Mary K Smith. Max HJr 234.235 416 Smith. Melissa M 200.201.436 Smith. Michael A. 127 Smith, Michael K. Smith. Nancy A Smith. Nancy C. Smith. Nancy S. Smith. Ouida R Smith. Patricia A. 459 Smith, Patricia L. H Smith. Peggy A Smith. Ralph A. Jr. 246. 247 Smith. Randall B 246. 247 Smith. Raymond E Smith. Rhonda V Smith. Richard A Smith. Richard D. 416 Smith. Richard E 436 Smith. Richard T. Smith. Robert H. Jr 246. 247 Smith. Robert H. Jr Smith, Robert T. Smith. Robin L 396 Smith. Roger H 459 Smith, Roger N 436 Smith. Sally G 224.225 Smith. Sandra L 226.227.416 Smith. Shelby J Smith. Stanley G. 206.207 Smith. Stanley J. Jr. Smith. Steven A. Smith. Stuart H 416 Smith. Sue E 240.241.416 Smith. Susan E. 416 Smith. Suzanne M 436 Smith. Terry A 468 Smith. Theresa L. 397 Smith. Thomas E. Smith. Tony C 436 Smith. Vanessa 416 Smith. Vicki C Smith. VK I L 468 Smith. Vickie J 459 Smith. Vickie L Smith. Walter F Smith.WilliamC.III Smith. William L 459 Smith. William M Smith. Willie G III 397 Smith. Winston Shawats. Rast N 468 Sheahan. Laurie S 226. 227. 396 Shearm. Karan B 252. 253 Shednck Jennifer A 416 Sheffield. Gene G 220.221.396 Sheffld. Robert M Shelby. JeriL 211,212.416 Shelby. Mae F Shelly. James K. Shelton. D. Shelton. Jesse L 396 Shelton. Robert L. Shemwell. Robert L III 246. 247 Shepard. David M 210.211.396 Shepherd. Alma J Shepherd. Jason S 220. 22 1 Shepherd, Mertean S Shepherd. Thomas B 206. 207. 416 Sheppard. Virginia E 216.217 Shepperson. Dorothy N 436 Sherman. James J III Sherman, James Jr. 396 Sherman. Richard N Sherrod. Donald A Sherwood. Alexis Sheth. Dilip B Shideter. Erin E 240. 24 1 . 436 Shieh. Ruey C 468 Shields, Beverly C Shields. Bobbye K Shields. Douglas M 436 Shields. Tommy R 436 Shields. Victoria L Shih. Chi Jung Shilan. Susan P 216.217.396 Shillmglaw. Andrew C 1 38. 1 44. 145.247.247 Shipp. Billy L Shipp, Joanne M. Shi pp. Susan J. Shirey. William G 232. 233 Shirley. Margaret L 242. 243. 416 Shivers, Jerrald L Shivers. Luanne 226. 227 Shoemaker. Victor A III Shook. Deweie S 396 Shook. RebeccaS Shores. Gary A Short. Evelyn D 436 Short, Katrma R 459 Short. Kay D 257.258 Short. Mary L 416 Shorter. Leasa K. 436 Showers. Thomas H. Jr. Shows. Jack D 228. 229. 4 1 6 Shropshire. Frank A 396 Shuck. Victoria L 436 Shuford. Laura F. 208. 209 Shuler. EdnaD 416 Shull. Robert G 206. 207 Shumake. Christopher S Shurnaker. Sharon L. Shute. James C 208.209.416 SWey.FayeC 216.217.436 SWey. Jessica L 216.217.396 Sddell. Doyal H 436 Sdes. Donald H Sdes. EvaC Sieg. Alan W Siess. Cathy A Sgman. Leslie B 468 Sigmon. Valerie R 196.214.215. 228. 229. 459 Signa. Frank S Sgna. Pearl M 208. 209. 396 Skora. Jeri L 257. 258 Skora.JitlA 257.258.459 Skora. JodyL 196.244.245. 257. 258. 436 Slls. Allen K. Simmons. Allan K. 220. 221 Smmons. Charles P Simmons. Connie R Smmons. Debbie R Smmons. Dianah L Smmons. Jack A Smmons. Jane L Smmons. Johnny D. 416 Smmons. Joseph R 436 Smmons. Julius TJr 244.245. 396 Smmons. Lelia A 216.217.436 Smmons. LydaB 196.242.243. 459 Smmons. Mark M. Smmons. Martha L 244. 245 Smmons, Sherry A. Smmons, Susan N. 216.217. 234. 235. 396 Smmons. Thomas S 228. 229 Smmons. William D 234. 235 Smmons. William J. Smpson. Betsy A Smpson. Bobby W Smpson. Udell M. 416 Smpson. Margaret L 210.211. 257.258.416 Sms. Candace M 206.207.224. 225 Sms. Laura M. 216.217,459 Sms, Mary B Sms. Ray A Jr. 228. 229 Sms. Thomas H. Sms, Thomas R 436 Snclair. David B 220. 22 1 . 436 Snclair. Karon L. Snclair. Leslie 214.215 Sngarayar, Santiago Sngleton. Paul L Jr 1 44. 1 45 Sngleton. Venitia P Sngtey. Marvin T Snquefield. Robert S 396 Srera. David P. Srera. Julie L 242.243.416 Ssco. Sharon D 416 Ssk. Fred A 459 Ssson. William B Szemore. Mitzi A 208.209.216. 217.396 Szemore. Terry A. 436 Skellie. James B Skelton. Kevin B Skelton. Ronald E Skelton. Stephen L Skinner. Howard W 396 Skinner. James C Smuhers. RayC 459 Snthmier. James L Smithson. Martha A 224. 225. 228. 229. 397 Smithson. Robert J Smyri. John R Sneed.AmyE 216.217.234. 235. 397 Sneed. Gary N Sneed. Joseph N Sneed. Judy C Sneed. Julie L 216.217.234. 235 Sneed. Lynda D 240. 24 1 . 459 Sneed. Randell L 126.208.209. 416 Snell. Susan Snellgrove. KimberfyA. Snellmgs. Ida L Slider. CHen M 459 Snipes. Carl R 459 Snipes. Suzanne B 214.215. 416 Snow. John P 220.221 Snowden. Lori K 436 Snowden. William H 222. 223 Snyder. Anne E 240. 241 Snyder. MaryT 436 Siyder. Phillip F Soang. Tai Sen R Sobotka. Clement J Sodipe. Morakmyo Soda. M A 160 Sohrabian. Kambiz Soioumer. Susan P Solanch. Larry S Solano. Michael J Soper. DanW Soper. Jaime S 200.201.397 Sorey. William H 220. 22 1 . 436 Sorrells. Lila L 240. 24 1 . 397 Sorrels. Jimmie C Sorrels. William M Sosebee. Craig E 220.221.459 Soss, Kevin M Soubra. Talal 436 South. Angela P 436 South. Pamela D Southard. Dennis E 248. 249. 416 Southerland. David G 252. 253 Southerland. D 397 Southern. Jane C 224.225.397 Southward. Hal B Jr 436 Southward. Nita F 436 Sowell, April L. Spacht. Stephen D 206. 207 Spam, Cynthia L 257. 258 Spam. F Thomas 248. 249 Spam. Lula F 397 Spam. Melmda A 257.258.416 Sparks. Carolyn F Sparks. Charles E Sparks. Charles G 459 Sparks. James T Sparks. Jerry D Jr Sparks. John T Sparks. Mary E Spear. David G 210,211.397 Spears. Johnny L. Spears. Marilyn R 436 Speece. Robert F 436 Speed. J Charles Spence. Charles G 2 1 0. 2 1 1 . 459 Spence. Jesse C Jr 397 Spence. Linda L. Spence. Rita K Spencer. Alfred J 244. 245 Spencer. David E Spencer. Jack D Jr 248. 249. 119.120.437 Spencer. James R. Spencer. Sandra R 437 Spencer. Stephen C 244. 245. 416 Spencer. William L 469 Spencer. William R Spicer. Susan S 208. 209. 4 1 6 Spigolon. Thomas E 416 Spillman. Ricky C. Spinner. Brenda J Spore. Jerry P 126 Spragms. Hal S 246. 247 Spratlm, Paul W. Sprecher. Lynn F 397 Springer, Robin B. Springfield. Gtenda L 1 56 Sprmgston. Gwendolyn K 459 Spurgeon. Kelly L 242. 243. 4 1 7 Sreemukh. L Sanne St John. Leigh 468 Stackow. Richard A Stacy. Marlon D. 459 Slacy. Paul E 437 Stadter. Louis V 228. 229 Stafford, Darrell E. Staggs. Kathy D. 437 Stahl, Wilma J Stahlecker. Leo M. Sailings. Billy M Slam. Jeffrey H Stamps. Charles T. 437 Stamps. Nancy J Stanfield. Susan R 459 Stanfield. William H. 206. 207 Stanford. Carolyn 437 Stanford. Donald F Stanford. Freda J. 397 Stanford. Patricia A 397 Stanford. Roy L 397 Stanhope. Carolyn J. 469 Stanley. Joseph W. Stanley. Michael K 248. 249. 460 Stanton. John T Staples. Eileen R Staples. Mary A 460 Stapteton. Curtis B Stark. James D III 222. 223 Stark. Martha N. Starling. Marcia A Starnes. Cynthia 240. 24 1 Stasi. John L Stasiak. Raymond R. Statham, Mary B 240.241.417 Staub. Laura A 216.217.397 Staub. Nancy H. Stauffer. Arthur R. 397 Slead. Alma H Index 497 Stead, Christopher C. Stead, Gillian G. Strickland, Ted W Jr Strickland William E 228,229, Tallie, Tom M Tan, Anthony A 417 Thompson, Charles M Thompson, Charles N. Tsang, Edmond H Y. 418 Tshilumba, Maudiamuita Vaxter, Jeanette Veasey, Charles L. 418 Steel, Sandra M 417 Tang. Therese C 437 Thompson, Clarice A. Tsm, Vmcen! M. 461 Veazey, Virginia W 211,212.398 Steel, Sharon 240,241 Strickland, William M 208, 209 Tannehill.AntoneW.III 461 Thompson, David L. 398 Tubb, Marjone A 240,241,398 Vega Prado, Marlene B. R 461 Steele, Anne E Strickler. Daniel P. Tanner, Brenda K. 200, 201 Thompson, Dorothy Y Tubbs, Melissa D. 236,237 Vega Prado, Salvador 438 Steele, James E Strickler, Mary F Tanner, David W. 248, 249 Thompson, Ellen B. 417 Tubertmi, Minnie A 208,209, Veiseh, Fereshteh Steen, Eddie N Strider, Lawrence A. Tanner Hugh E 206,207,417 Thompson, Fredrick R 437 240, 241 Veiseh, Mehrdad Stefani, Joann H R. Strider. Melissa J. Tanner, Janet M 240,241,397 Thompson, James F Tucei, Alan L 244, 245, 345, 461 Veiseh, Mohsen Stefomak Michelle A 208,209, Stringer Bridget M 400 Tanner, Lillian C Thompson, James M 469 Tucker, Bessie L. 469 Veil, William H. 214,215, 397 Stringer. SancyL. 212.213,460 Tapley, Valerie L 240,241 Thompson, James 232, 233 Tucker, Byron S. 236, 237 Vernon, Ronald F. Stegall, Alan D Stringer, Susan R 257,258 Tapp, Jayne E Thompson, Jane! C. P. 469 Tucker, Celeslme Verucchi, Charles A. Jr Steinbeck, Rosemary J 200,201. Strobl. Cynthia R 226, 227, 397 Tapscoit, Michael D Thompson, Jeffrey L Tucker, Connie L. Vick, Donna A 433 228. 229 Strode, R N. 397 Tarbutton, James K. 141,461 Thompson, Jimmy L. Tucker, George H. 469 Vick. Walter C. Jr Stemberger, Mark G Strong, Charles J 469 Tarbutton, Nancy J. 200,201, Thompson, John M Jr Tucker, Gregory B 246,247,461 Vidula, Balasesha S 469 Slemborn Heidi M. Stroud, JohnB 148 437 Thompson, John P. Tucker, James M Vidulich, Edward A. 252, 253 Stemgraber Sara E. 242, 243, Stuart, Allan E Tarng, Len Jane Thompson, Josephine E. Tucker. James R 236,237,437 Vilutis, Arv 460 Stuart, Andrew W. 460 Tarumi, Takayoshi Thompson, Juanita M Tucker, Lori M 212,213 Vincent, Robert H 232 233 Stemwinder, Wanda L Stuart, Connie D R 460 Tat, Phat N 397 Thompson, Judith A. Tucker, Michael R. 461 Vmer, Stanley J. 438 Stenftenagel, Edward J II Stuart, John G. Tate, Albert W Thompson, Kenneth E Tucker, Sandra S. 418 Vmski, Richard J Stengel, George W. Stuart, John M. Tate, Betty B Thompson, Lewis M. 232, 233, Tucker. Timothy S 236. 237 Vinson, Lou A Stenger, John L 460 Stuart, Larose L Tate, Crystal Y. 437 lull, SamF 398 Vmson, Patricia D. C. Stennett, Thomas R. 437 Stuart, Spencer J. 222,223,397 Tate, Ellen D 240,241 Thompson, Lila L. Tullos, Cynthia D. 214,215,228. Viola, Gary J Stephens, Debora S. 417 Stuart, Walter H. Ill 397 Tate, EmdS. Thompson, Mary E. 229.418 Virden, Elizabeth S 257,258 Stephens, Denise A. 417 Stubblefield, Betty J. 437 Tate, Paul R 397 Thompson, Patrick M Tullos, Deborah L. 240, 24 1 461 Stephens, Hugh M. Jr 417 Stubblefield, Beverly A Tate, Rebecca B. Thompson, Patti D. Tumey, Samuel M Virden, John A Stephens, John R. Stubblefield, Terry W 460 Tate, Sidney S. Thompson, Patty A. K. Tung, KeeL 461 Virden. John A 244, 245 Stephens, Linda P. Stubbs, John W 228, 229 Tate, William D 397 Thompson, Phyllis R Tunstall, Arlene E. Virden, Thomas S. 244, 245 Stephens. Martha D 343, 469 Stubbs. Mary M. Tatum, Dorothy H. Thompson, Robert M Turbeville, Luther B Vire, Gary D. Stephens William D 210,211, Stuckey. Madonna L 225, 460 Tatum. EvelynS 214,215,244, Thompson, Shalayne Turnage, Robert W Vire, Judy 416 Stumpff, Chris G. 244,245 245,417 Thompson, Stephen B 234. 235, Turner, Ardene P. Virgin, Kimalee Stephenson, Jill 214,215,397 Stumpff, Randall W Tatum, James L 417 Turner, Carolyn M. 214, 215, 461 Viscione, Kathleen 461 Stephenson, Laurie G. 2 1 4. 2 1 5. Sturdivant, Clark C 244. 245 Tatum, KatharynJ 257,258 Thompson, Timothy C Turner, Cath T 398 Voight, Michael D 398 460 Sturdivant. Elaine L. 234. 235 Tatum, Mary S 214,215,437 Thompson, William B. Turner, Donna J. 257,258,461 Von Brock, Mary B 214,215,418 Stephenson, Shirley M. 214,215, Sturgeon, Charles M 210,211, Tatum, Rhonda G. Thongchua, Jiraporn Turner, Elston H. 148 Vosburg, Charles P. 397 417 Tatum, Rose M Thornton, James H. 232, 233 Turner, Herschel L. Vrooman, Albert G Jr. 398 Stephney, Esther M. 437 Sturgeon, Joseph C. 397 Tavares, Brenda L. 437 Thornton, Johnny H. 417 Turner, Irby III 222,223,418 Vuncannon, Terry C. 218,219 Stevens, A. M. Sturgis, KristenC 216,217,228, Tavares, Daniel J. Ill Thornton, Nan cy L. 257, 258 Turner, Jackey D. Stevens, Audra C Stevens, Darryl T. Stevens, Dixie E Stevens, Elizabeth A. Stevens, Jene J 212,213 Stevens, Jody L 229,417 Sturgis, Mary K. 216,217,343 Styers, Carolyn J Su. Tsao Wen Su. Tsu Yi Subach, Henry P 397 Taylor, Betty J Taylor, Charles M. Taylor, Daniel W. Taylor, DarrellA. Taylor, David W Taylor, Donny R 208,209,398 Thornton, Susan M Thrash, Lucy M 226,227 Threadgill, James T 234,235 Threadgill, William J. Tice, Sandra A Tidwell, Katherme M. Turner, Janice L Turner, Joe E 437 Turner, Jon C 345,222,223 Turner, Jule A Turner, Larry D 461 Turner, Lloyd E. W Stevens, Lula M. Suchy, Dale E 397 Taylor, Howard G. 437 Tidwell, Martha L. 417 Turner, Mary H. Stevens, Michael K 220.221, Sugg, Julianne 226,227,460 Taylor, John C. Tierce, Ralph W. Jr. Turner, Melissa R 200,201,438 Waddell, Catherine D 418 460 Suggs, Deborah J 437 Taylor, John C Tigrett, Carly L. Turner, Mitchell A. Waddell, Lamar P Jr Stevens, Patricia L Suib, Evelyn A Taylor, Joyce Tigrett, Janet L Turner, Pamela A. 222, 223 Waddell, Wanda L 252, 253 Stevens, Raymond R. 417 Sulcer, Kathryn I 242,243,248, Taylor, Kathleen Tilley, Becky G. 225,398 Turner, Pamela P. Waddle, Steven E R3Stevens, Richard B 249, 437 Taylor, Linda S Tillman, Albert G. Turner, Richard G 438 Wade, Aura D Stevens, Susan L. Sullivan, Bryan T Taylor, Mae V. 212,213,417 Tillman, Eric A 220,221,437 Turner, Robert E 230,231,438 Wade, Floyd E Stevens, Valerie A Sullivan, Charles K Taylor.MaryE 214,215,417 Tillman, Sheha A. 216,217,461 Turner, Ronald D. Wade, Gloria J Stevenson, Barbara R. 437 Sullivan, David M. 208, 209 Taylor, Mary K. 437 Tillman Suzanne M. 224,225, Turner, Steven H Wade, Jama R 226, 227 398 Stevenson, Benjamin G Sullivan, David W. 208,209,417 Taylor, Netta 228, 229, 398 Turner, Tobby W Wade. Jesse 1. Jr. 418 Steward, David A Sullivan, Debra E 208,209,397 Taylor, Pamela G 214,215,228, Tillman, Theodore E 228,229 Turpm, Nancy A Wade, JohnE Jr 198,232 233 Steward. Earl S. Sullivan, James V. Jr. 229, 398 Tims, Karen J. 398 Tutor, Barbara A M. 418 Steward, Victoria D 397 Sullivan, James W. Jr. Taylor, Pamper J 417 Tmdall, John A .437 Tutor, Bonnie L 461 Wade, Jonathan R. 206, 207 Stewart, Allen Sullivan, Judy E. Taylor, Phillip J. Tmdall, Leslie L. Tutor, Daniel A 438 Wade. Margaret D. H Stewart, AllysonK. Sullivan, Kathleen M Taylor, Remona L 398 Tmdoll, Nellie R. Tutor, David B Wade, Phillip A Stewart, Carole A. Sullivan, Michael J 234, 235, 397 Taylor, Richard W. Tinnon, Joseph E. Tutor, Stephen R Wade. Vivian M 212.213.222, Stewart, Charles E. Sullivan. Rebecca J 208,209. Taylor, Robert W 222,223,417 Tipton, Sharon E. Tyler, Debra L 223, 398 Stewart, Cheryl 240, 24 1 212,213 Taylor, Stanley M. 417 Tisdale, David T. 437 Tyler, Mickey W Wadley, Patricia A. Stewart, Elna K. Sullivan, SheliaG. 469 Taylor, Stephen D. Tisdale, Deborah D. Tyler, Myrtis D Wadlmgton, PearlieW Stewart, Evelyn F. Sullivan. Stephanie A Taylor, Tern L. 437 To, David C. S. 437 Tyler, Robert H Wages, Barbara L. Stewart, Gladys M. 437 Sullivan. Thomas A 222. 223 Taylor, Trudy B 212.213 Todd, Curtis D Tynes, William E 398 Waggoner, Daniel F. Stewart, Gregory M. 397 Sullivan. Timothy D. 417 Taylor, William A. Todd, Jeffrey L. Wagner Anna E 216 217 438 Stewart, Harry P. 460 Stewart, Jane F Steart, Joel 126 Stewart, Kenneth W. Stewart, Michael H. 232, 233 Sullivan, Margaret R. 212,213 Sumerall, Randolph M. Jr Summerford, Julie L Summerlm, Michael D. Summers, Connie L. Taylor, William D. 469 Taylor, William P. Taylor, William T. Taylor, Willyn 417 Tedder, Katherme S. 257, 258, Todd, Roy D Tolar, JohnE 234,235,417 Tolbert, Patricia M. Toler Kenneth P. Jr. 126 Toler, Noel K. Ill 248, 249, 398 u Wagner, Celia M 216,217,418 Wagner, Thomas F 461 Wah, JueA. Wahl, Charles L Waide, Douglas C. Stewart. Ralph C Jr. Summers James R 161,437 461 Toler, Susan W V Wait, Herbert C Stewart, Thomas H. Summers, Mary A 242,243,397 Tedford, Helen B. Tolleson, Pamela D Wakefield, Lisa J Stewart, Virginia C Sumner, Nannette M 240,241 Teer, Sherry L 226,227,417 Tolley, Elizabeth C 224,225,417 Ulissi, Stephen M. Wakefield, Mark J Still, Jean F. Sumners, Melmda W. 224,225, Tehranchi, Talat Tomaszewski, Karen S Ulmer, Donna A. L. Wakefield, Terry A 438 Still, Jim H. 397 Temple, Edwin M 461 Tomaszewski, Robert J Ulmer, Jacob E III Wakham, Gary A Still, Steven E Sumrall, William J. 460 Temple, Merle W. Jr. Tomerlin, Virginia R Ulmer, Lou A Wald. Elizabeth J. 226, 227 Stillman, Michael T. Sunderraj, Ashok S. Templeton. Michael A 118,138, Tomlmson, William S. 461 Ulmer, Minna I Wald. Margaret E. 226, 227, 398 Stmson, Anthony W. 460 Surrette, Jerry B. 437 Tompkms, Carl W. 236, 237 Ulmer, Ranee N Walden, Joseph N Jr Stith, Ivanetta R Sutton, Pamela J. 460 Terney, William S Jr 208, 209 Ton, Gwaine W. Ulmer, Szanne 240, 24 1 , 398 Waldon, Lisa K Stockton, Robert S Swaim, Kenneth C 206,207 Terpstra, Scott M. Toney, Barbara A Umsted. EncL 144, 145,228, Waldrom, Leslie C. Stoddard, Britt L. Swam, Abhimanyu 469 Terracma. Tina M 208,209,437 Tong, Daisy L 229 Waldrop, JaneS 240,241,244, Stoffer, Douglas M 210,211,397 Swam, Julian J. Jr. Terrell, Allen C 437 Tonney, Melissa A. 214,215 Underwood, JaneE. 245, 438 Stofleth, Judith H. Swam, Patricia A. Terrell. John H 246,247 Tonney, Virginia L. 214,215 Underwood, Linda F 240,241 Waldrop, Mary A Stokes, Bernard D. Swan, Bret H 244,245 Terrell, Lisa D 417 Tootle, George S Underwood, Thomas W Waldrop, Scott B Stokes, James M Swan, Dana J Terrell, Michael R. Tootle, Leslie S. M. Upchurch. Carl R. Waldrup, Royanne 226,227,398 Stokes, John C. 246,247 Swan, Glen H 397 Terrell, Roxann 228, 229 Tonusen, Philip H. 461 Urban, Charles F. R. Walker, Barbara G Stokes, Louis J. Swan, Richard K 397 Terrill, Joe B 398 Torjusen, Randy L. Ursic, Steven J. Walker, Bonnie J Stokes, Penelope J. 469 Swandal, Paula G Terry, Carol D 469 Torkmgton, Richard S. 398 Uttamo, Wutti 469 Walker, Cecil D Stokes, Polly A. Swaney, Melody A 212,213. Terry, Robert D. Torres, Lolita M. Walker, Charles D. 127,136,461 Stokes, Walt E IV 246, 247, 397 222. 223. 397 Terry, Ronald G 398 Torres, William D. 469 Walker, Charles R. 205,206 Stone. AmehaB 226,227,397 Stone, Danny L. Stone, Elizabeth S. 226,227,397 Stone, Frances E Swaney, Randall P. 417 Sward, John A. 210,211 Swartzendruber, John M 417 Swearengen, Betty R Terry, Steven A. 208, 209 Testa, Clara R 398 Tew, Ronald W. Jr Thames, Cynthia D. 417 Towery, Julie K 41 7 Towery. Pamela J. Towner, Charles E. Townes. Robert B. 232, 233 Walker, Cynthia L. Walker, Harry G Jr 238,239, 398 Walker, James K. Stone, Joseph C. 206, 207 Swearengen, Leigh A 216,217, Thames, Mickey W. 127 Townsend, Jerry B. Walker, James M. 246, 247 Stone, LidieR. 469 460 Thames, Rodney K. Townsend, Norma L. 418 Walker, JanaJ 224,225,438 Stone, Maisy L. 437 Swearengen, Sherry L. Thaxton, Susan L Townsend, Patricia fvl. 418 Vaccaro, John B. Walker. Joan B. Stone, Marilyn S Sweat, Andrew D Thear, Chrysa M. 257,258,398 Townsend, Willie B Vale, Darlene R. 257, 258, 398 Walker, John N Stone, Mary A W Sweat, John W Theobald. Rosemary 226, 227, Townsley, Jeffrey M. 418 Valentine, David L. 438 Walker Kirby P 222,223 Stone, Nancy J 212,213,244, Sweat. Richard R. 232,233 417 Tracy, William F. Valentine, Norman S 236,237, Walker, Linda C 252,253,461 245 Sweet, Micheal W. 138 Therrell, Rebecca D. 2 1 2, 2 1 3 Trahan, Drukell, B. 398 Walker MaiaM 224,225,418 Stone, Paula R. Sweetser, Wilmer A. Thiel, Theodore B. 210,211 Trahan, Kenneth G 469 Valyo, Thomas 252. 253 Walker Martha L 224, 225, 234, Stone, Sally A 236, 237, 240, Swims, Dorothy L 417 Thies, Thomas R. 461 Tremel, Michael T. Van Hooser. David L. 438 235,418 241,437 Swindle, Roger D. 417 Thistle, Margaret M. 224, 225, Tramel, Robert L. Van Oekel, Hans J. 161 Walker, MaryG Stone, Sarah E. Swmney, John W. 461 Tran, Chan Quoc Vanbrocklm, FmleyG. Jr. 232, Walker, Mattie M Stone, Sunnett V. J 460 Swmt.PattiA 216.217,244, Thomas Severely J 417 Tran, Tan N. 233 Walker, Melanie A. 242,243 Stone, Theresa A 258, 259 245, 397 Thomas, Charles H III 222,223, Tran, Trung Q. Vance, Barry, A Walker Meredilh M Jr. Storey, James W. 126, 138 Switzer, Bettie L. 460 398 Trant, Richard D. Vance, Jerre L 398 Walker, Nancy D 257,258.438 Storey, Michael A 236,237 Switzer, Purvis B. Thomas, Cynthia L. Travis, Cade G. 220,221,437 Vance, Linda R Walker, Panesha G Storrs, Rodric A. Swofford, Carla S. 460 Thomas, Cynthia L. 212,213, Travis. Patricia R 240, 241 Vance, Michael C Walker, Phillip L Story, Daniel B. II 222, 223, 397 Swords, Becky L 398 Traxler, David L Jr. 126,244, Vancleve, William EJr 244,245 Walker, Roger D Stotlar, William B Swords Phill 460 Thomas, Cynthia M 461 245 Vanderburg, David C 210,211, Walker Sharon L 244, 245 Stout, Charles R Sykes, Norval L 234,235,461 Thomas, Dave W Traxler. Selena D 244. 245, 224, 418 Walker, Teresita L. 224, 225 Stovall, John E. Ill 397 Sykes, Ronald P. Thomas, Elliott F. Jr 437 225.418 Vanderburg, Jeffrey S 210,211, Walker, Terrance 127.138 Stovall, Miriam A. 397 Sykes, Terrence C. Thomas, George D. Jr. Trayal, Kenneth B. 398 Walker, Timothy C. Slover, Delmar D Jr 417 Sylvester, Debra D. Thomas, Howard R. 437 Trayal, Norman K. Vanderburg, Neville S Walker, Virginia M Slrachn, Linda F. 236, 237, 397 Syvertsen, Diana L Thomas, James C. Ill 234,235 Treas, Frances F Vanderburg, Pamela J 224,225, Walker, William A Straka, Timothy P Thomas, John B. Jr. 461 Treas, Lynn G 438 Wall, Cynthia A Strang, David E. 437 Thomas, Karen E. Treas, Susan B Vanderslice, Thomas W 418 Wall, David B Strange, Lisette A 257, 258, 460 Strange, Ruth P 214,215 Strange, William M 208. 209 Straughn, John E. Jr. Thomas, Kathenne J. Thomas, Larry W Thomas, Lee Jr Thomas, Lisa C 222, 223, 240, Treleaven, Lundy S 226,227 Treutel, David A. Jr. 418 Tnbley, Patricia A. 242,243 Tnggs, Mary K 240,241 Vanexan, Kenneth S. 438 Vanzant. Fred M. 438 Varas, Alexis W Varnell Ellen K 240 241 248 Wall, Elizabeth C 257,258,461 Wall, John T. Jr Wall, Michael R Wall, StaceyL. 208,209 Street, Mary L. 242, 243 241 Trim, Martha 437 249 Wall, Summer K 226,227,438 Street, William H 252,253 Thomas, Marion D Trimble, Joess D Varner, Bonnie L 398 Wall, Susan G 226,227 Streetman, Jerry C. 127 Tabor, Virginia B 214,215 Thomas, Patricia L. 206, 207, Triplet!. Jams L. 437 Varner, Catherine N 212,213, Wall, Wesley M Streit, Charles D Tabor, Wes C 397 437 Triplet!, Laramie C. 438 Wallace. Barton B 111 208,209 Striblmg, James B 232,233,417 Tackett, Deborah L. 461 Thomas, Randal D. 398 Triplet!, Melanie 226, 227, 437 Varner, David A 418 Wallace, Henry T Striblmg, Scott C Tackett, Robert E Thomas, Sanford C. 232,233 Triple!!, Rebecca A 226, 227 Varner, Samuel H. 232. 233 Wallace, James E Jr 398 Striblmg, Susan L. 200, 20 1 , 2 1 0, Tackitt, Teresa J Thomas, Saundra K. 1 96, 202, Tropp, Sylvia K. Varner. Vicki L 438 Wallace, Marilyn J 211,437 Tadlock, Dana S. 397 203,461 Troll CarenA 216,217.437 Vassar, Matthew W. Wallace, Mary K 226, 227, 398 Striblmg, Virginia A 200,201, Tadlock, Lila S. Thomas, Shirley Troult. LucyG 214,215,418 Vaughan, Ann J Wallace, Nancy J. 417 Taft, Sandra J. Thomas, Tharnell M 417 Trout!, Nathaniel G. Vaughan Gloria D 244 245 Wallace, Russell C. 438 Strickland, Betty J. Takas, Kevin G 218,219,417 Thomason, George A. Jr. Troxler. Linda F. 224, 225,438 Wallace, Sharon L Strickland, Colleen A. Takkouche, M. S 437 Thomason, John E. Ill 437 True, Robin L. 418 Vaughan William S 345 206 Wallace, Thomas D Strickland, Patty L. Tallant, David L Thompson, Bathsheba L Truemper, Edward J 207, 438 Wallace, Timothy R. Strickland, Sharon A. 460 Tallichet, Camille 226, 227, 397 Thompson, Bonita K. Truemper, Timothy C 461 Vaughn, Mona R 211,212 Wallace, William L. Strickland, Susan K. Tallie, Selena Thompson, Caroline S. Trussell, Marshall K 461 Vaxter, Clarissa J Waller, John P 498 Index Waller. Judith C Waller. Terry N Waller. Thomas W. 206. 207 Walley. Kale L Walley. Scon L 398 Walley. W W Jr Wallis. Thomas L. Walls. Michael D. Walls, Michael S 438 Walsh. David E Walsh. Donald 6 Walsh. Jennie Walsh. Krrsty A 224. 225 Walshock. Billie R Wallers. Ellen A Wallers. Frank P 418 Walters. Jeffrey W Wallers. Nelson B. Wallers. Steven L 438 Wallers. Tena L 200. 201 Walton. Art.s L Walton. Julie H Walton. Ralph D Walton. Richard M 462 Walton, Sweetie F Waltz. DomaA 210.211 Waltz. Richard D 210.211 Walz. Marpne A Wammack. Tommy T 418 Wang. Hen C Wansley. Jill A 398 Ward. Albert M 398 Ward, Cathy I 462 Ward, Charles R 218.219 Ward. David H Ward. David L 469 Ward, Edwin C Ward, Frank Jr Ward, Harry B 218.219.398 Ward. Helen P Ward. James F. Ill 462 Ward. Jimmie S Ward. Jimmy D 418 Ward John M 208. 209. 438 Ward JohnM Ward. Leslie J 208. 209 Ward Nancy G Ward Paul M 228. 229 Ward. Perry D Jr Ward. Robert E Jr Ward. Roger L 462 Ward. Wendy K Ward. William T 234. 235 Warda. Thomas S 148 Wardlaw. Julie E Ware. Don H Jr 246. 247 Ware. Larry W 469 Wareham, Barbara J Warl. Claudie C Jr Warfield. Beniamm B IV 208. 209 Warfield, Billie S Waring. Elizabeth A 224. 225 Waring. Richard L 244. 245 Warner. Carla S W Warner. Karen L 398 Warner. Kaye H Warner. Robert W 220. 22 1 . 398 Warner. Roberts L Jr 214,215. 438 Warner. Tara L 398 Warner. William K Warren, George S Warren. Glen C Jr 232, 233 Warren. Rickey D 244, 245 Warren, Timothy L Warren. William R 208. 209. 438 Warnngton, James E Warnnglon, Richard E Wash. Jones C Washington, Keith Washington, Norma C Waters. Tanya A 438 Watkms. Alben W Jr Watkms. Carol J 224, 225 I Charley C Jr. 469 Walkms. Lisa L 242. 243, 4 1 8 Waikms. Mickey W 222, 223. 438 Watkms. Pamela J Watkms. Reuben B Watkms. William M Watson. Carol V Watson, Donald R Watson. Elton E Jr Watson. Kenneth 398 Watson. Linda C - : - Watson, Patrice E 226. 227 Watson. Redonda J Watson. Scarlene R Watt, Julia D Watt. William L 206. 207. 398 Waners. George C Wallers. Sheldon L Wans. Charles V Watts. Donald A Wans. Michael Wans. Thomas K 462 462 198.222.223. 3-5. 438 257. 258. 398 469 Watts. Wanda M Waugh. William L Jr Wax, Richard B Weakley. Cheryl D 196 Weatherford. Christina 236. 237. 398 Weatherly. Ira S Weatherly. Leslie A Weatherly. Manha B Weatherly. Scon W Weathers. Curtis L. Weathers. Leander 214.215. 222. 223 127 398 Weaver. Ellyn M 200.201.462 Weaver, Rebecca S 438 Weaver, Sharon A. Webb. Amy M 206. 207 257 258. 438 Webb. Belinda 462 Webb. Charles E Webb. Dorothea D 398 Webb. Freeman D 418 Webb. Gregory M 398 Webb. James J Webb. Larry L 232. 233. 398 Webb. Mary K 398 Webb. Ted J Jr 246.247 Webb. Troy M. Webb. Wanda J 462 Weber. Darlene A 418 Weber. Donald F 469 Weber. Jeffrey R Weber. Philip D 462 Weber. Vierow L Webster. Sharolyn B Weeden. Kereth M Weeks. Barry L Weeks. Charles R Weeks, Connie R Weeks. Elizabeth M 214.215 Weeks. Jo D Weeks. Timothy G 399 Weems. Robert G Wegmann. Scon 462 Wehle. Deborah G 469 Wemer. David S Wemischke. Kathryn G Weir. James E 345. 208. 209 Weir. Kenneth F 418 Weir. Tern A 462 Weishng. Linda J 418 Weiss. Donald C Jr 238. 239. 399 Weiss. Joseph L Weiss. Richard Jr 127. 438 Weiss. Risa J Welborn. A R 210.211.462 Welch. Ben A III 248.249.418 Welch, Dennis D 438 Welch. Lawrence E Welch. Rebecca L Welch. Steven W. 399 Weldon. Elizabeth J 224. 225 Weltord. Michael W Wellons. Evelyn C Wellons. Patricia L Wells. Cynthia D 419 Wells. Janice E 419 Wells. Jefl P Wells. Patricia A P Wells. Sandra G 1 40. 1 56 Wells. William P 220. 22 1 . 399 Welsch. Hilda E 200.201.399 Welsh. Deborah J Welli. Conrad J 438 Wensel, L Kaye Wentland, Ruth A. Werner, Toreen E. Wertepny. Edward M. Jr. West. Charles H. Jr West. Christina R 419 West. Ernest West. Idlett M West. Johnene M 462 West. Judy West Karen F 419 West. Pam L 236. 237 West. Russell G West. Sarah F West. Sheila D West. Thomas D West. Timmy W Westberry. Patricia C Weslerbeck. Dell E Weslerlield. James A Jr Weslmoreland, Frank E. Westmoreland. James N 462 Westover. Brock B Wetzel. Juliet L 399 Weler. M Etoise P. 257. 258. 462 Whedbee. Doris B Whedbee. Kenneth C Wheeler. Belvia A Wheeler. Cynthia D Wheeler. Erie F 419 Wheeler. Harold J. 462 Wheeler. Linda C. S Wheeler. Stephen H Wheeler. Walter G 206. 207 Whigham. Mabrey R III 220.221. 419 Whisenanl, Willie A Whitaker, Bobby V Whitaker. David Y 206, 207 Whitaker. Murray P 126 Whitaker. Vernon L 210.211 White. Ann E White AnnM G White, Betty A. T 399 While. Billy G. 236.237 Wh.te. Billy V Jr White. Brenda F White. Ceha A 462 White. Charles N Jr White. Claudia A 257. 258. 438 White. Clinton B 248. 249. 4 1 9 White. Connie D 438 White. Connie L White. Deborah L 212.213.224. 225.419 White. Debra J 399 White. Debra L 399 White. Ednti R White. Emily V 212.213 White Gerald M Williams. Granville H. White. Janet L Williams. Gwendolyn A. 399 White JeanmneR 212.213 Williams. Harriet A. White. John H. Ill 228. 229 Williams, Harris B. White. John P 438 Williams. Howard H Jr. 232. 233. White. Johnny H Jr White. Johnny Jr. Williams. James D 399 White. Johnny M Williams. James R. Jr. White. Joyce A. 438 Williams. Jam. B 216.217.399 White. Lemon Jr. 230.231.462 Williams. Jan E 212.213.399 White Lewis P. Jr. Williams, Jennen B White Linda A 399 Williams. Jennifer L White Linda C 419 Williams. Jim E 439 White Linda J 462 Williams. John E. Ill White, Mane E Williams. Julie G. 224. 225 White. Martha M. 419 Williams. Kathenne A 214.215. White Mary A 228. 229. 463 White Mary J 216.217.399 Williams. KathyJ. 236.237.240. Whue.MarvL 399 241.419 White Mary P. Williams. Kelly W. White Melody M 462 Williams. Kenneth L. White Moira 0. D. Williams. Knsti L. 226. 227. 439 While. Nancy C Williams. Laurie C 196.212.213 While Paul L 220. 22 1 Williams. Laurie J White. Rebecca B 226.227.419 Williams. Linda F White. Robert P Jr. 127. 139, Williams. Margie M 140 Williams. Mary M 212.213 399 Williams. Mary P 419 241.438 Williams. Monica R 463 207.224. Williams. Morns C. 439 225 Williams. Nancy S. 156 Williams. Olivia M William. Pamela A 1 27 Williams. Pamela J 438 Williams. Pamela L 214.215 Williams. Parham H III 246, 247 Williams. Paula S 399 Williams. Phyllis J. 439 Williams. Sherry L 257.258.439 419 Williams. Shirley A. 212.213 Williams. Sidney C 118.119 Williams. Stephanie A. 399 399 Williams. Steven R Williams. Tamra L 200.201.399 Williams. Therese M 462 Williams. Warfield R 248. 249 Williams. Willa M 462 Williams. William E 234. 235 Williams. William H 228. 229. 214.215. 439 462 Williams. William S 127 245. 244. Williams. Xylda A 463 462 Williamson. Bnckell A 240.241 236.237 Williamson. Cynthia J 222. 223. Williamson. John C. 462 Williamson. Kimberley A. 141.208. Williamson. Lewis C 232.233 209 Williamson. Lucy M 240.241 Williamson. Mark G 208. 209 Williamson, Mark P Williamson. Mary E 208. 209 243. 244, Williamson. Randall E 245. 463 Williamson. Robert L 243, 399 Williamson. Wayne W 244. 245 439 Willingham. Barbara A 419 Willingham. Valerie A 1 96. 254. 438 255. 439 216.217. Willis. Jan L 249. 438 Willis. Mem D M Willis. Pamela S 463 463 Willis. William S 220. 22 1 . 463 419 Wills.CathyA 208.209.419 438 Wills. Gordon L Jr 208. 209. 463 463 Wills. Michael G 439 Wilson. Bitty R Jr 141 Wilson. Charles L 419 Wilson. Charles M 463 419 Wilson. David W Wilson, Howard B Wilson, Jack C. Wilson. Janet C 240.241 Wilson. Jennye L 469 Wilson. Jimmy G 439 438 Wilson. Karen L 439 469 Wilson. Louis 234. 235. Wilson. Marilyn A. 419 Wilson. Mark S. 399 438 Wilson. Mehnda 439 Wilson. Robert D 228. 229 Wilson. Robert W 439 Wilson. Sheila M 439 463 Wilson. Sherne M 419 Wilson. Sherry A 463 439 Wilson. Sue W 232. 233 Wilson. Susan E 242. 243. 399 212.213 Wilson. Thomas P .213.439 Wilson. Timothy A 439 419 Wilson. Veronica 216.217. Wilson. Virginia K 463 Wilson. William FJr 232 233 Wiltshire. Sylvia A 439 Wimberley. James S 208. 209. 235. 242. 463 243.419 Wimberley. Lex A 419 Williams. Carolyn C. 206.207. Wimbish. Shirley J 463 242. 243. 399 Wimbish. Walter R Williams. Cynthia Wimbs. Tory 210.211.419 Williams. Dan G 439 Wimmer. Christine A. Williams. Darlene M 419 Winders. Kimberly L 257258 Williams. David K 463 399 Williams. David O 220.221.463 Windham. Charlone A 439 Williams. Donald W Windham Henry D 220221 Williams. Donald W. 439 Williams. Donald W Windham Rickey L Williams. Elizabeth C 257.258. Windsor. Renee A 136. 222. 223. 234.235.419 240.241.439 Williams. Ellen B Wing. David C Williams. Emite Wmgate. Ann B 212213 Williams. Freddie L 126 Winkel. Stephen J 141 208 ' 209 Williams. Gail 419 Winkle. Linda J White. Stacy J. White. Susan F. 240, White. Susan G 206, White. Suzanne L. White. Sylvia C. White. William A Whitehead. Deborah R Whitehead, Jimmy L Whitehead, Leslie J. Whiiehead. Men J. Whitehead. P Kay M. Whiteside. Sue E. . Whitis. Margaret A. Whitsitl. William A Whinen. James G. Jr Wh.nen. Nancy C Whinen. Pamela D Whinen. Virginia I Whimngton. Darryail W Whinington. Frankie K Whitworth. Mary G Wichen. Catherine A Wicker. Richard F. Ill Wicktor. Gregg C Widman. William C Wiedman, Thomas G. Wienandt. Arthur J. Wiener. Joshua J. Wier. Ftiil F. Wigal. Susan L 242. Wigal. Virginia L. 242 Wiggmton. Judith A. Wiggs. Evan L. Wightman. Shawn E. Wigmton. Barbara A Wilbanks. Hannah L 248 Wilbanks. JefferyW. Wilbanks. Robert P Wdbanks. Shanda L Wilbourn. James H Wilder. Brenda K Wldermuth. Brenda K Wilds. Anthony W. Wildy, Don B Wiles. Wanda K Witey. Jimmy L. Wiley. Marva Wilkerson. James C Wilkerson. Patricia K Wilkerson. Paul S. Wilkerson. Woody G Wilkey. Edward B. Jr. Wilkins. James T. Jr. Wilkinson. Melanie G Wilkinson. Richard B Wilkinson. Robert W Wilkinson. Sandra C Wilkinson. Sheryl A Wilks Thomas E Wiiicun. Mark A Williams. Alan T. Williams, Amy L. Williams, Angela C 212 Williams.BentonW.III Williams. Betty G 196. Williams. Blanche C. Williams. BrenJ. Williams. Carol A 234. Wmkter. Cynthia A. 419 Wmkler, Elizabeth J 224.225, 399 Wmkler, Marion M. Ill 463 Winkler. Robert E. Jr. . 439 Wmn, Nita Wmnard. Milan C. Winograd, John A 234. 235. 439 Winstead. Anita C Winstead. Edward C 399 Winter. James M Winter. Karen A Winter. Marty L 463 Winter. William B. Winterhollar. Dana M 257.258 Winters, Dora M Winters. Julie L. 419 Wirth. Michelle M Wise. Donald R. Wise. James H 244.245.399 Wise. Kendall L 138.144.145. 232. 233. 345. 463 Wise. Terry L. 463 Wise. William H. 126 Wiseman. Clayton L. 228. 229, 419 Wiseman. Mark C 228. 229. 399 Wtssman, Russell R Withenngton, Mary H. Win. Curtis W. Win. Johnny W. Win. Keith W. Win. Wanda W Wmren, Theresa B 226. 227. 419 Wiygul. Frank Mill 439 Wofford. Emily D 463 Wofford. William E 399 Wofford. William R. II 399 Wolf. Abraham W. Wolfe. Cynthia L. Wolfe. Judy E. . Wolfe, Raymond L. Wolfe. Sidney F Womack. Marcia L. 399 Wombte. Flachel J. 224. 225 Wong. Joe V. Wong. Judith L 399 Wong.Kwai Wong, Lap CH Wong. Phillip J Wongburanavart. Chakrapand 469 Woo. Kay G Woo. Quay F Wood. Anita J 240.241,419 Wood. Carol L 242. 243. 399 Wood. Dorothy L 214.215 Wood. Joel R. 399 Wood. Mary A Wood. Steve A 399 Woodall. Charles J 399 Woodall. Roger W. 228.229 Woodall. William R 232. 233 Woodard. Janice A. Woodbridge. Laurie B 242. 243. 439 Woodbury. George A Woodbury. William P Woodington, Cynthia J. C. Woodman, Sammie L Woodr ick, Andrew J 208. 209 Woodrick. Deborah M Woodnck. Herbert L Jr. 419 Woodrick. Patricia B Woodrick. Rebecca N Woodruff. Elizabeth A Woodruff. Eugenia W. Woodruff. Hilry Jr. Woodruff. Mary R 419 Woods. Billy E Woods. Carolyn LA 439 Woods. Kenneth W Woods. Paul S. Jr. 244.245 Woods. Ronald K. 439 Woods. Susan S. Woods. Thomas J 399 Woodside. Arthur L Jr. Woodson. Steven W 248. 249 Woodward. Lon D. 419 Woody. Marvin D 439 Woolen. Lisa K Wooten. William J 252.253 Word. Larry D Worksman. Lisa A 463 Worsham. Gene M. 439 Worsham. Pamella E 439 Wortham. Ella D Worthy. William C. Woska. Richard W. Woullard. Reginald 126 Wray. Dean A Wright. Annie K. Wright. Charles M Wright. David A Wright. David R Wrighl, Edna E Wright. Ellis W. Ill Wrighl. James E 439 Wrighl. James H. Wright. Jeffery A. 222,223 Wright. Jeffery G 208, 209 Wright, Jeffrey R. 439 Wright. John W 419 Wright. Linda C Wrighl. Lisa B Wright. Louise Wright. Manha L 399 Wright. Melanie E. 439 Wright. Paul J. 208.209.419 Wright. Suzan K 463 Wright. Timothy T. 463 Wright, Toni T. Wunderlich, Sallie L 200.201 Wurth, Charles F 439 Wyan. Lon A Wyan. Robert W. Ill 439 Wyatt Tara J 212.213.419 Wysor. Joseph R 234.235 Yancey. Cynthia B Yancy. Jesse L Yancy. ThomasW 419 Yandell. Melinda 240. 24 1 . 463 Yang. Shyae Cheng Yao. Chung Hsiu Yarber. Leakxi P. 439 Yarber, Wanda D. 463 Yarbrough, Sarah S Yarbrough. Bebe S Yarbrough. John S. Yarbrough. Mae D 212.213. 222. 223 Yarbrough, Mark A. Yarbrough, Rhonda K. Yarbrough, Samuel W Yarbrough. William S Yassine. Ghassan H 161 Yates. David G 439 Yates. Gene A. Jr 232. 233 Yates, Jack B.Jr 232.233.463 Yates. Kathenne A. Yates. Marcia L 399 Yates. Mary E. 212.213 Yates. Max S 232. 233 Yates. Thomas D. Yauger. Charles C. Yawn. Malcolm T. Jr. Yawn. Marilyn F. Yeager, Daniel K. Yeargan. Mary E. Yee, Larry Yeldell. Ins L Yelverton, Catherine A 142.248. 249 Yelverton, Gary M Yen. Chih Yerger, Win A. 1 1 1 222. 223. 439 Yiang,TingYi 469 Yockey. Lisa L. 419 Yoder. Elizabeth A York. Joe W. YorKJudyC. 439 York, Walter E 463 Young. Bonnie L. Young. Cindy B Young, Danny E. Young, Dianne 439 Young. Elben Mil 463 Young. James D. Young. James G. Jr. Young. Jannie A. H. Young. Jeffery T. Young, Jerry K. Young. John S. Ill 234.235 Young, Kathryn R 399 Young. Kevin W. 210.211 Young. Lisa G Young. Michael B Young, Nathan T 439 Young. Oliver W Young. Randall E 419 Young. Randy A. Young. Rebecca D Young, Rhonda A Young, Robin L. 210.211.419 Young. Tracee L Young, Vickie S 463 Young, Virginia K. Young. William R YoungWood, Barbara Y Yu. Wai T. Yuen. Kelady Y L 399 Yuen. Man K Yuill. Virginia M 240.241 Yung, Edward K. Yusuf. Mohamed 2.B. I Zachary. Patrick H Zaperach. Ronald W Zareian. Enayat Zeigter. Michael L Zeigter. Ricky L Zelenka. George R Zennger. Eric P Zibilich. Richard T. 118. Zimmerman, Avonna C. Zimmerman, Jeffrey Zimmerman, Laura B E Zmn. Ruthre B B Zoller. Dudley I Zolnoor. Ahmad Zouboukos. Nicholas D Zouboukos, Panayiotis D Zuccaro, Anthony E. Jr. Zuccaro. Suzanne A Zuhdi, Bakhtiar Zysk. Jeffrey T. 228. 229 463 463 439 228. 229 119.463 419 439 206.207 206. 207 Index 499 5OO Snowfall ' 78 F " V ' A k ' - - ' ' L , . -.v v t,,. , r 502 Yearbook Specifications .. The 1978 OLE MISS was, produced.. by.,the University: of Mississippi Yearbook Staff and printed offset on 80 pound Taylor glossy enamel by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, in cooperation with Taylor Representatives Nicky Drake, George Copeland, Nancy Jones, and Jim Alexander. Press run was 7050 copies. Cover: The cover was designed by Claire Duff and Darden North in association with Jim Alexander of Taylor Publishing Company. Composed of 1 5 point binder board, the cover material is Shivertex-Malaga 2047, Series 2 with a black over- tone. Both the lid and the spine are blind embossed. Trim size is 9 x 12. On the cover are four hand-applied, maylar-laminated color photographs printed in sin- gle-sheet form. Beginning in the upper left-hand corner and preceding clock- wise, the cover photographs are identified by the following descriptions (with photographer ' s name in parentheses): Miss Mississippi Mary Donnelly, victori- ous after the 1977 Miss Mississippi Pageant in Vicksburg (Joe Savage of Vicksburg, MS); A Rebel tackle of a Notre Dame player during the historic Ole Miss football victory in Jackson ' s Memorial Stadium (Walt Mixon of Oxford, MS); Dare Kelly and Kenny Watts in Confederate splendor (Walt Mixon of Oxford, MS); 1976-77 Miss Ole Miss Donna Gresham and Kenny Barraza in a field of wild flowers outside of Oxford (Walt Mixon of Oxford, MS). Endsheets: The endsheets are of 65 pound Tawny Torion Cover Weight Stock printed with PMS Ink 462. The Lyceum is shown in Taylor art conversion. The turned-back simulation on the endsheets (and on the division pages) was final- ized by George Guerieri. Print: All text copy is set in News Gothic, exhibiting various point sizes. Head- lines are printed in several styles as listed here: Division pages Bookman Bold Italic with Swash; " Everything " North Script; ' 77-78 A Classic Palatine Bold; Entertainment Palatino Bold; Faces and Personalities Busorama Bold; Athletics Palatino Bold; Administration Palatino Bold (except for pages 170 and 171 which are in Amelia); Greeks Futura Bold; Ass ociations Palatino Bold; Honors Palatino Bold; Anything Palatino Bold; Classes Serif Gothic Heavy; Ads Helvetica Medium; Index Figaro Italienne. Photography: A 150 line screen was used for photography with color separa- tions done by laser. All color pictures in the Faces and Personalities Section were taken by Walt Mixon of Oxford, Mississippi. However, a few pictures on pages 102 and 103 were taken at the Miss America Pageant and submitted by Joe Savage of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Hess Studios of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Beauties pictures were made in Florida while all others in the Faces and Personalities Section (except those on pages 1 02 and 1 03) were taken in Oxford and University. Classes portraits were done by Stevens Studios of Bangor, Maine, in cooperation with Stephen Ollove and Mrs. Baker. Composite prints of Greek organizations were supplied by the following: Vantine Studios of Hamil- ton, New York -- all fraternities except Sigma Pi; American Composite Corpora- tion of Kansas City, Missouri - - all sororities except Delta Delta Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha; Cameo Composite Company of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Zeta Tau Alpha; Steve Parham Photography of Oxford, Mississippi - - Sigma Pi; Wil- liam C. Connell Photography of Oxford, Mississippi - - Delta Delta Delta. Budget: The estimated total cost of the 1978 OLE MISS was $73,324 with the estimated cost per book being $10.78. Through student activity fees, each stu- dent paid $6.00 for the OLE MISS. Acknowledgments: Appreciation is expressed to First Artists Music Company, Emanuel Music Corporation, and 20 Century Music Corporation for their per- mission to reprint the lyrics to " Everything " ; to Universal Press Syndicate for their permission to reprint selected segments of DONNESBURY comic strip; and to Delta Delta Delta Sorority for their permission to use the organization ' s wicker chair for the Hall of Fame pictures. Yearbook Specifications 503 - 2? While writing this, I cannot help thinking of previous OLE MISS Editors whose rows of pictures hang on the wall in my second-floor Odom-A office. I wonder if serving as -in-Chief of the OLE MISS meant as much to them as it has meant to me. (Most of them are smiling in their pictures if that means anything.) I know some of my predecessors personally and have been told stories about others. A few of them even wrote " farewell messages " on their pictures and in their yearbooks During this past year, I have read the legible ones and have thumbed through countless annuals to read the final thoughts of others. Many of the treatises were indeed boring and similar (as you may find this one); but it is quite important for a yearbook editor to express his thoughts in a final, direct manner. Trying to combine the meaning of four years at the University of Mississippi into a central theme for this yearbook has been difficult. My basic hope is that the OLE MISS I iff and I have not merely compiled a recruiting instrument for the University but instead have successfully recorded for posterity the classic occurrences and characteris- is year. The term classic has a dual meaning, referring to the fact that the year brought something personally memorable and to the fact that 1 977-78 brought the return of classically-styled clothes, classically-sized cars, and classically construed dances. I am not going to list the names of those who have helped me most in producing this publication. They are my friends and they know who they are. Without the help of these = ,nr! ' 9 H " Ot ? 3Ve ab ' e t0 meet P ublication deadlines - especially when those deadlines fell during exams. Also during this past academic year the I encouragement from my parents have continued, as always, to benefit me greatly. As a result of my tenure as Editor-in-Chief to the OLE MISS, my editing and ative skills have definitely received exercise. I have learned to be a tea cher, administrator, and a guidance counselor. My energy and patience have been taxed- but lat nights with little sleep, to the feeling of not quite being prepared for tests, to the smell of " liquid paper " correction fluid and to the sight of ants have made countless changes in the standard and style of the OLE MISS Annual. Larger than any other yearbook ever published in section called " Anvthinn " MO ' " ? L C PV and C ? Vered in 3 k ' nd f material never before used in or on a Mississippi university yearbook. Adding a satirical sectior nyth,ng (designed as humor) and increasing the amount of copy and scope of photographic coverage, we have directed this publication to varied inter- Through serving as Editor-in-Chief of the 1978 OLE MISS, my good fortune has been the opportunity to spend my senior year on the second floor of Odom-A While I am grateful to the students of the University for having afforded me this privilege and to the evolvement of circumstances which placed me in this position I am also indebted for the many other opportunities presented me during my four years at the University of Mississippi. And now as the number of keys on my key chain is dwindling, I wish Sally much success in producing the 1979 OLE MISS. 504 Editor ' s Closing The year 1977-78 brought a sense of nos- talgia to the Uni- versity of Missis- sippi campus as cus- toms, styles, and events known to our parents returned. Students were exposed to a renewed feeling of eminence enjoyed by Ole Miss students of yesteryear. In addition to the quiet thrills of our private lives, we of the late 1 970 ' s were able to expe- rience the confidence of an increased uni- versity enrollment, the prestige of a South- eastern Conference championship baseball team, the ecstasy of upsetting a traditional foot- ball powerhouse, and the pride of claiming two Ole Miss co-eds as Miss Mississippi and Miss Mississippi Universe. It was comforting to us that the victories per- petually seemed to outweigh the tragedies and mistakes which touched us all. The Lyceum has watched this year with fond memories of happenings paralleling those of yes- terday. The memories of this year will be similar to the Lyceum in that they will soon be classic as will the 1978 OLE MISS. H

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