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m mm IfWiJl Miss 1974 UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT CENTER FRPi ' 38677 UNIVERSITY. MISSISSIPPI 3867Z This !974Ole Miss I 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition This publication is the yearbook of the University of Mississippi, nineteen hundred seventy-four. Thomas Dudley Isom, said to have named Oxford in 1 835. Union troops occupying Oxford courthouse during the Civil War. Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, second president of the University, 1849-1856. William L. Sharkey, trustee of the University before the civil war, and provisional governor of Mississippi after the civil war. The first gymnasium of the University around 1 860. Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, president of the University, 1 856-1 861 . John Newton Waddel, chancellor of the University, 1 865-1 874. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, one-time faculty member at the University. Edward Mayes, first chancellor of the University born in Mississippi, 1 889-1 892. 10 11 12 " ' ' " ' 13 Looking down North Lamar, about 1 926. 14 IK View of South Lamar, about 1 926. 15 The Science Building, about 1 930. 16 i ON TO MEMPHIS ON TO MEMPHIS! ON TO MEMPHIS! BEAT THE TIGERS ' 17 18 19 20 21 WEL OLE MIS CMCCVCO 8V 22 23 Governor Ross Barnett John Davis Williams, Chancellor of the University 1 946-1 968. 24 25 26 27 r as if J i V -, f, - 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 45 46 48 49 50 51 54 55 58 59 ' A 60 62 63 64 65 67 68 69 70 DEDICATION Coach John Howard Vaught Head Football Coach 1947-1971; 1973-74 Director of Athletics 1973- The 1 974 Ole Miss is respectfully dedicated to Coach John Howard Vaught, who came out of retirement last fall to lead the Ole Miss football team after the firing of Billy Kinard. Under his expert training and masterful guidance, the Rebels reversed an early season losing string into 6-5 won-loss record and a third place finish in the Southeastern Conference. Although he has stepped down as head football coach, he will continue his active leadership in the role of Athletic Director. 71 Acad emics 73 The Governor William L. Waller, Jr. 74 The Board Of Trustees Left to Right. First Row: Mr. Mike P. Sturdivant, Dr. Robert C. Cook, Mr. Bobby L. Chain, Mr. Travis E. Parker, Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons. Second Row: Mr. Thomas N. Turner, Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Mr. Boswell Stevens, Dr. E. E. Thrash (Executive Secre- :ary), Dr. Verner Holmes, Mr. Paul Haynes. Not Pictured: Mr. Milton Brister, Dr. Ross L. Franks, Mr. William M. Shoemaker. 75 The Chancellor Dr. and Mrs. Porter L. Fortune, Jr. 76 Chancellor ' s Executive Assistant Mr. Egbert F. Yerby Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Jerry C. McCall Acting Vice Chancellor Of Academic Affairs Dr. Charles E. Noyes 77 Student Personnel Dr. Franklin E. Moak Dean of the Division of Student Personnel i llll I Mr. Bobby A. Towery Director of Student Activities Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Assistant Director of Student Activities 78 Mrs. Joanne V. Hawks Dean of Women -. Mr. Whitney D. Stuart Associate Dean of the Division of Student Personnel Dr. Judith D. Trott Assistant Dean of Women 79 Administration Dr. Kenneth L. Wooten Director of Admissions and Records Dr. Bela J. Chain, Jr. Director of Personnel Dr. George M. Street Director of University Relations so Mr. Rufus T. Jones Director of University Development Dr. James L. Henderson Director of the Student Counseling Center Mr. Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Information 81 Administration Mr. William S. Griffin Director of Alumni Activities Mr. Binford T. Nash Director of Student Housing Mr. Roberts. Shaw Director of Auditing 82 Mr. Richard M. Popernik Director of the University Police Department Mr. John M. Tidwell Chief of the University Police Mr. John W. White Director of the Physical Plant Department 83 Dea ns Dr. Bennie B. McNew Dean of the School of Business Administration v. Dr. Maeburn B. Huneycutt Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Dr. Parham H. Williams, Jr. Dean of the School of Law Dr. Sylvester A. Moorhead Dean of f ie School of Education W ,1111 ' Dr. Wallace L. Guess Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dr. Joseph Sam Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Karl Brenkert, Jr. Dean of the School of Engineering Dr. Norman C. Neilson Vice Chancellor lor Health Affairs Dean of the School of Medicine 85 School Of Business . Established in 1 91 7, the School of Business Administration has grown very rapidly in the last fifty-seven years. The school is located in Conner Hall which was erected in 1 961 . Before this building was constructed, many business courses were held in the Lyceum. The school now has an enrollment of 1 ,500 and ranks second in size on the Ole Miss campus. Today ' s college student needs educational background that will ease the transition from the placid campus life to the fast pace of the business world. The School of Business Administration gives the students just this opportunity, offering degrees in accounting, management, marketing, finance, and other related topics. The Ole Miss student is adequately prepared to enter any field which he desires. Richard T. Gernert President of the Student Body School of Business Administration 86 87 School Of Education Innovative programs are part of the future direction of the School of Education. Through teacher-aide and student-teacher intern programs, prospective elementary teachers are being provided with valuable and extensive field experiences. Programs in Secondary Education place emphasis, not so much on studying content, as in development of teacher-performance skills. The graduate program, offering a variety of advanced degrees, has continued to grow, as evidenced by a thirteen percent increase over last year ' s enrollment. Both the graduate and undergraduate programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Educa- tion and have held this accreditation longer than any other teacher education program in Mississippi. Since its establishment in 1 903, the School of Education has had as its main goal the preparation of quality educators and service personnel. Through continuous development, evaluation, and implementation of programs and methods, it will continue its tradition of excellence in meeting this goal. Prima Wusnack School of Education 89 90 School Of Engineering - r The Ole Miss School of Engineering offers the five major areas of the profession chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering, plus an innovative degree the bachelor of engineering. This degree consists of a core of basic engi- neering courses while leaving the door open for a student to pursue other interests, such as business, law, or medicine. The basic underlying theme of instruction in our programs is " applications will change, but the theory remains the same. " And thus, the student learns engineering, a way of thinking that teaches him to attack each situation logically and objectively while utilizing his efforts for the progressive well-being of mankind. This " way of thinking " will prepare him or her for problems encountered in work or in life. J. Beck Pemberton President of the Student Body School of Engineering 91 fl 92 Graduate School In an atmosphere of freedom of inquiry, men and women from a variety of backgrounds and cultural environ- ments pursue advanced training in the liberal arts and sciences. To realize their potentialities and to crystallize their career objectives, graduate students seek knowledge and understanding through the development of analytical ability and the acquisition of facility in written and oral communication. Graduate School offers educational programs closely related to the growth of American life and society and thereby contributes to the cultural, comme rcial, industrial and professional needs and desires of our state and nation. John Hughes President of the Student Body Graduate School 93 School Of Law " The continued existence of a free and democratic society depends upon recognition of the concept that justice is based upon the rule of law grounded in respect for the dignity of the individual and his capacity through reason for enlightened self- government . . . Lawyers, as guardians of the law, play a vital role in the preservation of society. " The demand for legal education today is unprecedented, and perhaps this reflects a growing awareness of the importance of law and legal institutions in our society. We have a right to demand the highest standards of competence and integrity from our lawyers. Our law schools have the responsibility to train those who will meet these high standards. The Ole Miss Law School has a key role to play in the development of the New South. With excellent faculty and continued support from the people of this state, our law school will continue a fine tradition. Mississippians can be proud of their law school. William Dean Stark President of the Student Body School of Law 94 95 96 College Of Liberal Arts In the modern world of utilitarianism and pragmatism, the value of a liberal education might be called into question. However, the Liberal Arts do have a worthwhile function in today ' s world. The College of Liberal Arts embraces the broad spectrum of human knowledge. The sciences and the humanities provide man with the culmination of centuries of Western culture. Through the new worlds opened to it, the human mind is able to discover the before unexplored regions of knowledge. The College of Liberal Arts survives the modern crisis of " relevancy. " The humanities provide man with the wisdom and insight of the ages. They make man consciously aware of the human condition. Revealing to man the conditions of life and the universe, modern science gives man perspective in his relationship to the world around him. By making man perceptive to all facets of existence, the College of Liberal Arts is justified in its presence on the college campuses of today. William G. Burgin Student, College of Liberal Arts 97 98 School Of Medicine We at the Jackson campus are proud of our heritage as part of the University of Mississippi. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the state ' s foremost primary health care training center. More than 850 young Mississippians are enrolled in degree and postgraduate programs through the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Related Professions and the graduate programs in the medical sciences. An additional 200 students are in certificate train- ing programs such as cytotechnology, dental hygiene and clinical nuclear medicine technol- ogy. The Medical Center ' s newest educational unit is the School of Dentistry. A dean has been appointed and first students are expected to enroll in 1974-75. Eventually, the entering class will increase to 50 students a year. Expansion of both Medical Center educational programs and physical facilities is part of a continuing, orderly long range plan aimed at meeting the University of Mississippi Medical Center ' s responsibility as the state ' s academic health center. Our challenge is to provide increasing numbers of health team members and expanded care opportunities for all Missis- sippians. G. Rodney Meeks President, Associated Student Body The University of Mississippi Medical Center 99 100 School Of Pharmacy I The major parimeter for measuring the effectiveness of any school is its product. The ability of an individual to perform not only routine tasks, but respond to unfamiliar situations aggressively and confidently, as a result of thorough preparation, is a hallmark of an effective training. The profession of Pharmacy has begun expanding its vital role; as a result, Students are faced with the difficult problem of [preparing for Pharmacy as it is practiced today as well as preparing to carve Pharmacy ' s new future. Only by displaying the adaptability and thoroughness of education as Ole Miss Pharmacy has, can we continue to dominate as a leader in Pharmacy. By constant reevaluation and improvement, Ole Miss School of Pharmacy will continue to produce the nation ' s top Pharmacists . . . Adam R. Blumer, Jr. President of the Student Body School of Pharmacy 101 ' - ' Jir SSS f A H onors 103 104 1974 HALL OF FAME " The Highest Honor ' Harold Eugene Reynolds Marni Jo Shideler Kenneth Bryan Rector Mayre Emily Freeman William Larry Black III Beverly Yandell Mark James Chaney, Jr. Rebecca Elizabeth Runyan Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities . Elise Christine Alford William Larry Black Dan Ellen Brock William Garner Burgin, Jr. Mark James Chaney, Jr. Lauren Gail Childress 106 Ann McMillan Craven Mayre Emily Freeman Betty Coe Cruzen Margaret L. Forrester . - ,, Ricky Devon Gamblin Cv . Richard Thomas Gernert Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Jerry Michael Gilbreath Gloria Gigi Gould Eugene Thomas Holmes A Michael Christian Jurgensen David Paul Manuel i Kathryn Claire McKellar Robert Carter McLaurin 108 Robert Steven Moore I John Phillip Nail Rebecca Whittington Peteet Kenneth Bryan Rector David Lee Reynolds Harold Eugene Reynolds Rebecca Susan Rogers 109 Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Rebecca Elizabeth Runyan Shirley Mae Rushing Donna Dukes Sain Deborah Smith V I Clementine Lea Stallworth William Dean Stark 110 Jo Ann Duke Stuart Nancy Carol Tipton Melne Ann Tate Beverly Yandell Harry Theo Williams Prima Donna Wusnack Dean Esteila S. Hefley The people of the past have left us many things. They have left us their lives and experiences to examine and criticize. Some have sacrificed more than others during their lives: they have cared and have left us their life ' s principles as our guidelines. Sometimes we barely remember the people of the past, although we see their names in books or on buildings. We never actu- ally see what they have left us, although we live within their legacy every day. Esteila Gardner Hefley is one who has left the entire Ole Miss community an invaluable legacy of care and guidance. How- ever, her influence reaches beyond being a dedicated personage of the past. She was, and continues to be, the spirit of Univer- sity Womanhood. As Dean of Women from 1 933 to 1 957, she directed her energies toward promoting activities which would contribute to the scholastic, spiritual and moral development of the young women students at Ole Miss. Through her efforts, chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta, CWENS, and Mortar Board were established at the University of Mississippi. These organizations embody Dean Hefley ' s true purpose in honoring and encouraging scholastic achievement among college women. Through her personal life, Miss Hefley was an example of the gentility and strength necessary to know the meaning of being a woman. She foresaw the increasingly important role of women in society, and strove to bring women into more responsible positions in campus life. But more than this, through her patience and understanding, she knew how to be a friend to every student. That which Miss Hefley left us endures, as her life and work at Ole Miss established a precedent of high educational and social quality which persists in the attitudes of today ' s University coed. 112 Alpha Lambda Delta OFFICERS PRESIDENT k . . . . .f i. J DEBORAH ANN PRICE VICE-PRESIDENT - -V - 4- J- - - DIANNE LYNNE GOVE SECRETARY .V. .1 J.f. .1 .SHARON ELIZABETH REECE TREASURER % - OA: - V i J ' f MARY LOU MARTINSON HISTORIAN CYNTHIA GUCKERT ADVISOR . . . MRS. RUSSELL A. STOKES Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society which recognizes high scholastic achievement among freshman women. The Constitution of the society states that the purpose of the society is " to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshman women in all colleges and universities. " Alpha Lambda Delta was founded in the spring of 1 924 at the University of Illinois. Today there are over 1 80 chapters in col- leges and universities across the country. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the society. The Ole Miss chapter was begun by Miss Estella G. Hefley who also helped to start Chapters of Mortar Board and CWENS and was Dean of Women for many years. In order to be eligible for membership in the Society, a student must attain a grade point average of 3.5 after her first semester or as a combined average of her first and second freshman semesters. DIANE JEWEL BAUCUM HANNAH DEE BERRY MARVA JAN BERRY MARY JULIA BIGGER REBECCA SUSAN BLAKE MARGARET M. BOOTH KATHERINE JAMES BRAND MARTHA L. BROSIUS SUSAN BUNTIN JEROLYN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL LADONNA LYNN CAMPBELL NORMA KATHRYN CANIZARO DEBRA ANNE CARPENTER JANE SUE CHIN KATHLEEN BONITACONWAY JOY ELIZABETH COOPER REBECCA LYNN DUNAVANT DEBORAH ANN FEDER REBECCA JEAN FLEMMONS SARA STEWART GEORGE SUSAN HOPKINS GRESHAM NANCY HARRELSON SARA DEKAY HAYS ANGELA CATHERINE HICKS ELIZABETH HICKS ALICE MARY HOPKINS MINNIE PEARL HOWARD DECILLE HURLEY BEVERLY HUTCHESON MARTHA SUE JACKSON SUSAN JOE CATHERINE ANNE JONES ANNA LYNN KNAPP LINDA HICKS KUYKENDALL PENNY LOU LILES DEBORAH KAY MASON PATRICIA MICHELL McKINNEY ROSE MARIE MEEKS KATHY MARIE MORRIS BARBARA GAIL NEWMAN MELANIE MARIE PARKER LINDA JOY PAYNE CECILE MARIE PLUMER JANE MARIE PLUNKET CYNTHIA IRENE POWERS DEBRA SUSAN RUNYAN KATHERINE GAIL RUSSELL ROBIN ELENOR SHORT PAMELA KAY SLADE SUSAN GAITHER STAUB MARY CAROLYN SULLIVAN ELIZABETH RUTH THIAC KARA ELLEN THOMAS MARY KATHERINE THURMAN CATHY HOWELL Tl DWELL MARY LOUISE VANN DONNA WALLER SHIRLEY ANN WARNICK NORMA LEE WATTS MAYVIC JEANNET WILKINSON SUSAN ELEANOR WOLFF 113 Beta Gamma Sigma OFFICERS PRESIDENT FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT. SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT FACULTY SECRETARY-TREASURER DON HOWARD LITTLETON JOHN PHILLIP NAIL .RICKY DEVON GAMBLIN RNEST NOLAN WALLER Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honor society for men and women in the schools of commerce and business administration. It was chartered at Ole Miss in 1944. It is the only national honorary scholarship society in the field of business administration recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. To be eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, a senior must be in the top 1 percent of his class while a junior must be in the top 5 percent of his class. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of busi- ness administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. ELISE CHRISTINE ALFORD STANLEY MITCHELL ATKINSON STEVEN RAY CANNON THOMAS DAVID COWERT ANSELM JOSEPH DEES, JR. RICKY DEVON GAMBLIN DEBORAH B. GHOLSON FRANCES REN GOAD JAY GORE RANDY LEE GRAVES FRANK J. HAMMOND FREDERICK MARION HARRELL GARY JEFFERSON HERRING ELIZABETH NELL IDOM BETSY KAREN JOHNSON DAVID WAYNE JONES SUSAN SIMMS JONES ERNEST MERL KERSH, JR. DUDLEY FORD LAMPTON DON HOWARD LITTLETON ALBERT ROY LIVELY Ch nityv andl DAVID PAUL MANUEL GREGORY DOUGLAS MARKOW THOMAS G. MORRISON JOHN PHILLIP NAIL LINDA McLEMORE ODOM WILLIAM CARSON OLIVER RODNEY ANDREWS PEARSON PETER BENTON PERKINS, JR. DORIS DUNN PHILLIPS RONALD BURTON PRUET, JR. REBECCA SUSAN ROGERS DONNA DUKES SAIN PAUL HOUSTON STEPHENSON SALLY MARY TAYLOR JOSEPH WILMOT THOMSON WENDELL HOLMES TRAPP, JR. PHILLIP LYNN TUTOR JOHN STEPHEN WEATHERLY MORRIS LEE WEESE GEORGE MALONE YARBROUGH, JR. 116 Chi Epsilon TIGERS PRESIDENT . ROBERT CARTER McLAURIN VICE-PRESIDENT ((. U . STEVEN VAN NANNEY SECRETARY-TREASURER . ALFRED BRI DWELL CRAWLEY EDITOR . .v JAMES QUINTON DICKERSON urn busi- in the Chi Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity of Civil Engineers founded at the University of Illinois on May 20, 1 922. The frater- nity was organized to recognize the characteristics in an individual that are fundamental to the pursuit of an engineering career and help develop these in the Civil Engineering student. The fourteenth chapter was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1937. ROBERT PEARSON ARNOLC PETER KUN-HAI CHIU ALFRED BRIDWELL CRAWLEY SUMAN DASGUPTA JAMES QUINTON DICKERSON NEWTON MONTY DODSON WILLIAM MALLORY FARNED DEBORAH ANN KAUFMAN SHUI JUN KONG ROBERT SEABROOK LINDSAY VINCENT KIN FEI LUK ROBERT CARTER McLAURIN STEVEN VAN NANNEY O 117 Beta Gamma Sigma OFFICERS PRESIDENT iHW- DON HOWARD LITTLETON FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT, f... - Km JOHN PHILLIP NAIL SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT , . . . . RICKY DEVON GAMBLIN FACULTY SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . ERNEST NOLAN WALLER Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honor society for men and women in the schools of commerce and business administration. It was chartered at Ole Miss in 1944. It is the only national honorary scholarship society in the field of business administration recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. To be eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, a senior must be in the top 1 percent of his class while a junior must be in the top 5 percent of his class. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of busi- ness administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. ELISE CHRISTINE ALFORD STANLEY MITCHELL ATKINSON STEVEN RAY CANNON THOMAS DAVID COWERT ANSELM JOSEPH DEES, JR. RICKY DEVON GAMBLIN DEBORAH B. GHOLSON FRANCES REN GOAD JAY GORE RANDY LEE GRAVES FRANK J.HAMMOND III FREDERICK MARION HARRELL GARY JEFFERSON HERRING ELIZABETH NELL IDOM BETSY KAREN JOHNSON DAVID WAYNE JONES SUSAN SIMMS JONES ERNEST MERLKERSH, JR. DUDLEY FORD LAMPTON DON HOWARD LITTLETON ALBERT ROY LIVELY Ch nityt and! DAVID PAUL MANUEL GREGORY DOUGLAS MARKOW THOMAS G. MORRISON JOHN PHILLIP NAIL LINDA McLEMORE ODOM WILLIAM CARSON OLIVER RODNEY ANDREWS PEARSON PETER BENTON PERKINS, JR. DORIS DUNN PHILLIPS RONALD BURTON PRUET, JR. REBECCA SUSAN ROGERS DONNA DUKES SAIN PAUL HOUSTON STEPHENSON SALLY MARY TAYLOR JOSEPH WILMOT THOMSON WENDELL HOLMES TRAPP, JR. PHILLIP LYNN TUTOR JOHN STEPHEN WEATHERLY NORRIS LEE WEESE GEORGE MALONE YARBROUGH, JR. 116 Chi Epsilc n -FICEF PRESIDENT 11. . V ROBERT CARTER McLAURIN VICE-PRESIDENT . [(. 11 STEVEN VAN NANNEY SECRETARY-TREASURER . ALFRED BRIDWELL CRAWLEY EDITOR . JAMES QUINTON DICKERSON rona Dus- Chi Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity of Civil Engineers founded at the University of Illinois on May 20, 1 922. The frater- nity was organized to recognize the characteristics in an individual that are fundamental to the pursuit of an engineering career and help develop these in the Civil Engineering student. The fourteenth chapter was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1937. ROBERT PEARSON ARNOLC PETER KUN-HAI CHIU ALFRED BRIDWELL CRAWLEY SUMAN DASGUPTA JAMES QUINTON DICKERSON NEWTON MONTY DODSON WILLIAM MALLORY FARNED DEBORAH ANN KAUFMAN SHUI JUN KONG ROBERT SEABROOK LINDSAY VINCENT KIN FEI LUK ROBERT CARTER McLAURIN STEVEN VAN NANNE O 117 CWENS OFFICERS PRESIDENT GEORGEANNE SEALE 4. % VICE-PRESIDENT BARBARA CONNER BIGGS SECRETARY SUZANNE WADE TREASURER . . . PAMELA KAY SLADE CWENS was founded on November 3, 1922 at the University of Pittsburgh. The ninth chapter, lota, was installed at the Uni- versity of Mississippi on March 1, 1941. There are now twenty-eight chapters of CWENS established throughout the United States. tf CWENS, honorary sophomore women ' s organization, strives to promote scholarship and leadership among the women stu- dents and to render service to the University. To qualify for membership, a girl must have been outstanding in campus activities and must have achieved at least an overall 2.5 grade point average during her freshman year. lota Chapter at Ole Miss renders service to the University and the Oxford community through various projects. These include sponsoring an Oxford Girl Scout Troop and the distribution of food to the needy at Thanksgiving. In order to perform these ser- vices, various fund-raising projects are held by the members of the honorary. De ofstu rial Me DEBORAH EUNICE AKINS VIRGINIA BAILESS DIANE JEWEL BAUCUM MARVA JAN BERRY BARBARA CONNER BIG ABBIE ANN BISHOP REBECCA SUSAN BLAKE KATHERINE JAMES BRAND ENID LOUISE BRIDGFORTH MARTHA LOU BROSIUS JEROLYN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL REBECCA LEE CAMPBELL JOY ELIZABETH COOPER TERESA ANNE DICKSON KATHERINE BAILEY EPPES SARA STEWART GEORGE ELAINE DIANE GONG DIANNELYNNEGOVE SUSAN HOPKINS GRESHAM CYNTHIA GUCKERT NANCY HARRELSON SARA DeKAY HAYS ELIZABETH HICKS LYNN BAKER HOCUTT CATHERINE ANNE JONES MELISSA MARTIN MANN ROTHY DAKIN McKEITHE JOYCE HAYNES MEEK LISA CLAIRE MOYNIHAN MARY SUSAN NOLAN VIRGINIA DOUGLAS NORQUIST MELANIE MARIE PARKER MARTHA ANN PEERY HEDY MARINEE PENNINGTON AMY EVANS RAMSAY GEORGEANNE FRANK SEALE PEGGY LYNN SEARS PAMELA KAY SLADE VICKI LYNNE SMITH SUZANNE WADE DEBRAKAYWAITES MAYVIC JEANNET WILKINSON SUSAN ELEANOR WOLFF JK SEALE 118 JAY GORE LLIAM JACKSON COLEMAN JEFFERSON WILKS CARTE JOHN PHILLIP N ERNEST MERL KERSH, J RESI VICE-PRESIDEN SECRETARY TREASURE CEI CHAIRMAN W- r. - .!T Delia Sigma Pi fosters the study of business in the university and encourages scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice, along with promoting closer affiliation between the commer- cial world and students of commerce. fl m 1 Members of Delta Sigma Pi are chosen on the basis of academic achievement as students in the School of Busines JOHN LESLIE ALBRITTON HARRY ARTMAN ALEXANDER BRANNAN JAMES ANDERSON DAVID WELDON AULTMAr CLIFFORD K. BAILEY III DONALD RAYMOND BEADLE CHRIS WILLIAM BEGGARLY JOHN STEPHEN BLUE CHARLES WILLIS BOLAND RICHARD EUGENE CANIZARO JEFFERSON WILKS CARTER DAVID SHIBLEY CLODFELTER WILLIAM JACKSON COLE! ROBERT CECIL COOK II THOMAS DAVID COWART GEORGE CRAWFORD DAVID FREDERICK DeROODE HENRY FORT GHOLSON, JR. JAY GORE RAYFORDB. GUSTAFSON III AUBREY EUGENE HENSON KENNETH WAYNE KARCHER 5BERT I DAVID I XJRTIS LEE KENNEDY REX ANDERSON KINNIS JAMES BROOKS LYNCH JACK VINCENT MACKMULL. JR. ; HARRISON MAULDIN )BERTGENEMcC( JOHN PHILLIP NAIL GEORGE AMOS NORFLEET, JR. JOE WILLIAM OVERSTREET GEORGE LEE OXNAM RAYFORD TUCKER PEYTON RICHARD WESTON RUSS ROBERT ALVIN SHAW NEILL NEWTON THAMES LARRY PHILLIP THOMAS GREGORY ALAN TON JOHN CRAIG WHITES1DE EFF WONG 119 Kappa Epsilon OFFICERS PRESIDENT DIANNA LYNN HESTER VICE-PRESIDENT PAMELA ANNE SHIPP SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT . . . J. MARY JO FUNDERBURK SECRETARY f.. . . . .GWENDOLYN SUE RESPESS TREASURER . . . CATHERINE ANN RAY Kappa Epsilon is a national professional fraternity for women students in pharmacy. The Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa Epsilon of the University of Mississippi was founded on March 12, 1960. The purpose of the fraternity is to unite the women students in pharmacy while stimulating in its members a desire for high scholarship and a professional consciousness. All women students who are candidates for baccalaureate or advanced degrees in pharmacy and women pharmacists of consistent professional achievements are eligible for membership. MARTHA LOU PATTON DEBORAH ANN PHILLIPS JUDITH IVAL POLK JACQUELINE RANDOLPH CATHERINE ANN RAY GWENDOLYN SUE RESPESS JUDY KAYE RIADON SHIRLEY MAE RUSHING SHARON DENISE SANDERS JUDYSTROWDSHAW PAMELA ANN SHIPP DEBORAH LEE STEPP DEBORAH ELIZABETH WOLFE BETSY ANN WONG BARBARA ANN WOOD CHARLOTTE NELSON BERRY PAMELA FAYE CAFFEY REBECCA FAYE CHANEY PAULETTE PREWITT CROWELL MARILYN KAY ELLIS DEBORAH ANN ETHERIDGE PAULA JEAN EVERETT MARTHA JANE FIKE MARY JO FUNDERBURK NANCY THERESA GOODMAN DIANNA LYNN HESTER PATSY RUTH KEATING CHRISTY HAMACHEK KOBAN ELIZABETH ANN LYON JOSEPHINE MOY 120 OFFICERS PRESIDENT LINDSAY ANN MILES VICE-PRESIDENT CHERYL SUE FENGER SECRETARY . 7 . -g L - -fSM CLOTILDE MIDDLETON HICKS TREASURER PP. . . bUtF. . . . Pf . . .NANCY LYNN LONG REPORTER. . .REBECCA ANN PERKINS m Kappa Omicron Phi, national Home Economics honor society, was founded in 1922. The purpose of this honor society is to further the best interests of home economics by recognizing and encouraging scholastic excellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among staff and students of the profession. The University of Mississippi chapter was chartered in 1 973. To be a member, a student must have been enrolled at the University for at least one semester prior to pledging and must be a Home Economics major of sophomore, junior, or senior standing, with an overall grade average of 3.00 and a 3.00 average in all Home Economics courses. dONNA KATHRYN HANEY LAVERNE SANDERS HELL U MS CLOTILDE MIDDLETON HICKS vlANCY LYNN LONG LINDSAY ANN MILES FAYE ELIZABETH NOLAND REBECCA ANN PERKINS )R. JEANETTEC. PHILLIPS DR. WILLIE WILSON PRICE MARY P. TETTLETON JANET MARIE VEZOLLE XJINTILLAS.WILL DR. PATSY R. ALEXANDER JENNIE GREER ASHMORE KATHRYN JOAN BEAN DR. LOUISE BURNETTE TRACEY LEE CAMP CANDICE COKER LILLYE JANE COLLINS PATRICIA PARMAN COPEL BETTY COECRUZEN CAROLYN DOWNS CHERYL SUE FENGER MELINDA SUE FLOYD BETTY M. FULWOC 121 Mortar Board OFFICERS PRESIDENT MAYRE EMILY FREEMAN VICE-PRESIDENT DEBORAH SMITH SECRETARY JUDITH ELLEN ANDERS TREASURER - DONNA DUKES SAIN HISTORIAN . jj0 .. T CLEMENTINE LEA STALLWORTH REPORTER . .KATHRYNCLAIREMcKELLAR Mortar Board is the first and only national organization honoring senior college women. Tassels, the local chapter, was founded in 1936. Membership signifies honor, offers challenge, and represents commitment. Challenge is the incentive of the group to concern itself in the campus and in the community, and to create projects to coordinate them. The basis of Mortar Board is the commitment to extend the ideals of scholarship, leadership and service beyond its borders to establish a broader community. Honor is represented in each member elected into Mortar Board every year. Selection is based on leadership, scholarship and ELISE CHRISTINE ALFORD JUDITH ELLEN ANDERS LAURA MARIE BLACKWELL DAN ELLEN BROCK MARY ROBIN CATCHING GEORGE ANNE CRAIG ANN MCMILLAN CRAVEN BETTY COE CRUZEN MAYRE EMILY FREEMAN FRANCES REN GOAD SUSAN E. GUTTMAN REBECCA HODGES BETSY KAREN JOHNSON PATSY RUTH KEATING ANITA JOYCE KELLEY KATHRYN CLAIRE McKELLAR DEBORAH LaRAND OZIER DEBBIE ANN PHILLIPS DEBORAH ANNE PIERCE JACQUELINE RANDOLPH REBECCA SUSAN ROGERS REBECCA ELIZABETH RUNYAN DONNA DUKES SAIN DEBORAH SMITH CLEMENTINE LEA STALLWORTH KATHERINE E. STASIAK MARTHA MITCHELL STOKES NANCY CAROL TIPTON PAM VEST DARILYNN WADE MARY SHERMAN WAGNER BARNETTE KATHERINE WARING DOREEN HAIGH WARING BEVERLY YANDELL 122 Phi Gamma Nu OFFICERS PRESIDENT DEBORAH ANN HICKMAN VICE-PRESIDENT A SHIRLEY DEAN HARRIS SECRETARY ff . L CHRISTYLYNN BUSBY . MARY ROBBIE SIMMS . ELIZABETH NELL IDOM . MARTHA JEANNE BENNETT . DEBORAH ANN BRISCOE GHOLSON TREASURER CO-EDITOR CO-EDITOR HISTORIAN . EFFICIENCY CHAIRMAN . .WANDA JEANNETTE TAYLOR e:stc Phi Gamma Nu is a national professional sorority for women in commerce. The organization was founded to foster the study of business in colleges and universities, to uphold the interests of our Alma Mater through the encouragement of high scholar- ship, participation in school activities and the association of students for their mutual advancement, to promote professional competency and achievement in the field of business, and to further a high stand ard of commercial ethics and culture in civic and professional enterprises. Xi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu was founded on May 1 3. 1 950. Members of Phi Gamma Nu must have a 2.5 over-all average and a 3.0 in business courses and have completed at least six semester hours at the University of Mississippi. DEBORAH ANN ADAMS CARLA DREXEL ANDERSO MARTHA JEANNE BENNETT ANGELA GINA RUSSELL BRIDGMAN OLLIE BETH BROWN BARBARA BROWN REBECCA DIANNE BROWN BARBARA ANN BUNCH CHRISTY LYNN BUSBY NORMA KATHRYN CANIZARO JANE DILLON CARTER RENA CAROL CHANDLER PAMELA JEAN DISMUKES EVELYN JOAN FLOYD PEGGY IDA GARBER SUSAN LOUISE GAYDEN DEBORAH ANN BRISCOE GHOL DIANA GONG SHIRLEY DEAN HARRIS DEBORAH ANN HICKMAN MELYNDAHILBUN MARY PATRICIA HINTON ELIZABETH NELL IDOM JENNIFER JACKSON KATHLEEN McKAY CHERRY JENKINS SUSAN SIMMS JONES LINDA DIANNE KEETON NELL HOLLEEANNA KLEINSCHMIDT LINDA KAY HICKS KUYKENDALL CATHY SUE LANDERS JAMIE SUE LATTURE LAURIE FRANCES NEWTON PAMELA ANN PARKER MARCIA BAILEY PORTER KATHY LYNN ROBBINS DONNA DUKES SAIN MARY ROBBIE SIMS SONJA DOREEN SKOBEL NORA ELIZABETH MARTIN STOKLEY ALTHEA MAE STONE WANDA JEANNETTE TAYLOR ARTRICIA ANNE WALLER ANDREA ANN WHITE MARGARET ANN WILSON SHEILA DELENYOUNT 123 Phi Eta Sigma OFFICERS PRESIDENT JOHN EDWARD MILNER VICE-PRESIDENT LESLIE MICHAEL BRUNT SECRETARY BOBBY BURT DeLAUGHTER TREASURER PATRICK BROCK MALONEY UNDERGRADUATE ADVISOR . . . NORMAN MOTT WILUAMSON Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1 923 for the sole purpose of encouraging high scholastic attainment among freshman men in institutions of higher learning. In seeking to fulfill this purpose to the highest degree, Phi Eta Sigma chapters sponsor a variety of activities which will hopefully be of benefit to the academic population on their respective campuses. All freshman men who earn a 3.5 or better grade average in their initial semester of academic work or attain an average of 3.5 or better during both semesters of their freshman enrollment are automatically eligible for membership. RUSSELL ABERNATHY DALE E. ALLEN JOHN DONALD ALONZO RONALD GARY APPLEWHITE THOMAS NEIL ARRINGTON LARRY SWANSON ATWOOD BASIL GLEN BALLARD, JR. THOMAS FORD BARKLEY CHARLES CLAI BORNE BARKSDALE WILLARD A. EARNER, JR. JON CROSBY BERNREUTER MARK ELLIS BINGHAM CHARLES WILLIS BOLAND GEORGE H. BOOTH III JAMES WALLACE BRANTLEY JAMES WILSON BROCK CHARLES RUSSELL BROWN EUGENE DABNEY BROWN LESLIE MICHAEL BRUNT WILLIAM GARNER BURGIN JAMES LAMPTON BURKHALTER LEE CRANE CALDWELL ROBERT DAVID CAMPBELL DON BAKER CANNADA NANMEI WONG CHIN ROBERT ELLIOTT CLARK LARRY LEE COLLINS THOMAS DAVID COWART EDWIN RONALD COX KIFFIN ROCKWELL CRAVEN, JR. WILLIAM MAC DAVIS BOBBY BURT DeLAUGHTER HARRY MICHAEL DENEKA WILLIAM C. DENTON DONALD DWIGHT DORMAN DAVID NEIL DYER RALPH E. EDWARDS, JR. JAMES ANDREW ELY III PHIL SCOTT EMERSON, JR. REUBEN MAX FARRIS, JR. LEE HOUSTON FEDRIC THOMAS C. FERIS HAL GREGORY FISER, JR. JAMES HODGES FORRESTER STEPHEN DALE FRAZIER RONNY McKINNON FRITH LOUIS GUY FULLER RICKY DEVON GAMBLIN WILLIAM JOHNSON GARRETT, JR. PAUL EVANS GAY ROWLAND HILL GEDDIE III ALFRED EDWARD GENT CHARLES DANIEL GOODGAME WAYNE LEE GRAY DONALD RODNEY GREENE DAVID EARL HALL 124 JAMES ROBERT HALTOM FRANK J.HAMMOND III JOHN CLIFFORD HARRIS RICHARD PAUL HAYS WILLIAM SHANDS HEDGES HARRIS BRAND HENLEY, JR. BOBBY JOE HENSON WALTER NATHAN HERRINGTON SAMUEL BROND HESTER KENNETH LEE HINES JOHN DANIEL HOOVE WILLIAM DAVID HORTON, JR. DANIEL JAMES HUMPHREYS ROBERT VAUGN HUMPHREYS ROBERT BRYSON IRWIN FRANCIS WALLACE JOHNSON JAMES IVY JOHNSON g WHITMAN BENEDICT JOHNSON III JACK HAROLD KAHLSTORB SAM. B. KEELY LANNIE STOKER KENTON ERNEST M. KERSH, JR. LARRY HAMMOND KILLEBREW ANDERSON M. LINTON III DON HOWARD LITTLETON ROBERT M. LOPER RICHARD LEIB LOTTERHOS ERIC LEE LUCY VINCENT KIN FEI LUK KENNETH CHARLES LYLE MICHAEL EUGENE UNDERWOOD LYON ARCHIE STANLEY MAGEE PATRICK BROCK MALONEY JOHN KEITH MANSEL HENRY F. MARTIN G. WILTON MASHBURN JOHN McANDREW DENNIS HUGH McCOMMON DAVID FLOYD McCULLOUG TIMOTHY VICKERS McCULL STEVE GEORGE McKINNEY JOHN MALCOLM McLARTY ROBERT CARTER McLAURI GORDON HILL MEADOW RONALD V. MILLER JOHN EDWARD MILNER JOSEPH SAMUEL MOAK, JR. JOE KEITH MOORE KENT ANDREW MOORHEAD J. RANDALL MOORMAN JAMES UGO MORANO THOMAS MICHAEL MORGAN JOHN CARL MULLIGAN JOHN PHILLIP NAIL HENRY EDWARD NEBLETT, JR. RANDY DEANE NOEL GRAYSON S. NORQUIST JOE WILLIAM OVERSTREET, JR. RICHARD MICHAEL PATRICK DAVID ELLIOT PAYNE RODNEY ANDREWS PEARSON THOMAS DAVID PETTEY JOE BRANDLEY PIGOTT JOHN RANDOLPH PITTS JAMES PAUL POE MICHAEL ATLAS POE MICHAEL ERIC PORTNER 1LLIAM STEWART POWELL JOSEPH EDWARD PRICE RONALD BURTON PRUET, JR. LEO N. RICHARD, JR. WILLIAM BRYANT RIDGWAY, JR. RICKY LYNN ROBERTS PAUL MICHAEL ROCCONI JOSEPH LEWIS ROGERS STEPHEN GRAHAM ROGERS JAMES BURSON ROSE RANDY HERSCHEL RUSSELL WILLIAM ARTHUR SCHMID, JR. DAVID RONALD SEGREST WILLIAM ROBERT SHURLEY SIDNEY JAMES SIMS JOSEPH ANTHONY SLOVICK JIMMY CLAY SMITH STANLEY QUINTON SMITH PAUL HOUSTON STEPHENSON III DAVID McRAE TEMPLE THOMAS MURRAY TUBB GENE WILCOX VOUSE MAX LEE WALDROP, JR. NORMAN MOTT WILLIAMSON LESTER F. WILLIAMSON, JR. GRADY LEE WILKINSON WILLIAM LYLE W1LLSHIRE JACK CASE WILSON EARL JACK WOHRMAN tNJAMIN OWEN WHITE YARBROUGH GEORGE MALONE YARBROUGH, JR. ROBERT P. YOUNG BRIAN DAVID ZURINGER 125 Phi Kappa Phi OFFICERS PRESIDENT DR. Y. J. McGAHA PRESIDENT-ELECT MR. CARL NABORS PUBLIC RELATIONS VICE-PRESIDENT DR. BELA J. CHAIN HONOR VICE-PRESIDENT DAN ELLEN BROCK HONOR VICE-PRESIDENT WILLIAN G. BURGIN III SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . DR. JEANNE L. HOLLEY The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897. Originating with a group of students who felt the need of recogni- tion of scholarship in all disciplines, it was soon transformed into a national society by a committee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Tennessee, and Pennsylvania State College. The University of Mississippi chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was chartered in May, 1 959, and thereby became the 79th chapter of the national society. To be elected to membership, an undergraduate student must be a senior or a second semester junior having an overall scholastic average of not less than 3.70 for juniors and 3.50 for seniors. Graduate students and students in professional schools must have distinguished records placing them among the top few in their classes. Faculty and staff members invited to member- ship must have made a significant contribution to their discipline. jAC MA ' MIC -.. IMF MAY, 1959 CHARTER INITIATES. Left to Right. First Row: Charles F. Haywood, Economics and Banking; Charles S. Davis, National President o Phi Kappa Phi; John D. Williams, Chancellor; Mae E. Fortenberry, University Editor; Mary N. Duvall, Adm. Asst. to the Chancellor; Ngeu F. Tsang, Electrical Engineering; Dorothea B. Morse, Education; Franklin P. Howard, Economics; Samuel S. Talbert, Journalism; E. Edward Davidson, Comptroller. Second fto. " ' Frank A. Anderson, Chemical Engineering; Russell E. Aven, Chemical Engineering; Arthur B. Lewis, Dean of Liberal Arts; W. Alton Bryant, Vice Chancellor; You, 5 ' McGaha, Biology; Noel A. Childress, Mathemat- ics; John S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; William T. Hicks, Economics and Marketing. Not Pictured: Richard E. . Education; Roy D. Sheffield, Mathematics; Alliston Slade, Mathematics. 126 SHEILA JANE ALAWINE KENNETH EDWARD ALDRIDGE ELISE CHRISTINE ALFORD SUZANNE FA YE ALFORD PATRICIA LYNN ALLEN BONNIE JEAN ARNOLD SUSAN JENNIFER BANASZAK SUSAN ELIZABETH BARNES WILLIAM T. BOUNDS, JR. BEVERLY JEAN BOX PATRICIA LYNN BRACKEN MARSHALL RICE BRADLEY JAMES WALLACE BRANTLEY, JR. JOHN DARYLE BRIDGES DAN ELLEN BROCK WILLIAM G. BURGIN III DORIS DAONNE CALDWELL JERRY W. CAUSEY K CLAIRE CARTER CHATHAM DIXIE JANE CHURCH MERIDITH FOOSE COLEMAN THOMAS DAVID COWART GEORGE ANNE CRAIG ANN MCMILLAN CRAVEN GEORGE GERALD CRUTHI MARY SUSAN DAVIS ANSELM JOSEPH DEES. J JUDY CAROL DEXTER JAGDISH CHANDRA DHAWAN CAROLYN DILLIARD BEVERLY JEAN DOORI WILLIAM W. DRINKWATER. JR DIANE LEE ELLIOTT BARRY MILLER FARR ADELE GOTTHELF FELTS EILEEN GLORIA FERNANDEZ MAYRE EMILY FREEMAN RONALD McKINNON FRITH MARY JO FUNDERBURK FRAZIER EARL FYKE RICKY DEVON GAMBLIN DAVE LEON GARDNER FRANKLIN JUETTE GEORGE MICHAEL THOMAS GIBBS ALLEN WILBURN GLISSON, JR. FRANCES REN GOAD MARGIE ANN GONG GERRY ANN GOODSON DRUSILLA DELECE GORDON JAY GORE RANDY LEE GRAVES DOUGLAS KEVIN GRAY MARY PAMELA GRIFFIN LOWELL EDWARD GRISHAM, JR. REGINALD F. GUNNELLS MARY JO GWYN FRANK J.HAMMON III If LAURIE BETH HAMMON MARLA RAY HAYES REBECCA LYNN HENSON GARY JEFFERSON HERRING WALTER NATHAN HERRINGTON LINDA SUZANNE LEWIS HOGAN JOHN MARSHALL HOLBROOK WILLIAM LARRY HOLMAN SARAH ANN HOOTEN WILLIAM DAVID HORTON, JR. GENEVA LOUISE HOUSTON DON LEE HUNEYCUTT FLAVOUS LEO HUTCHINSON JESSE EARL JACOBS JEAN ELIN JAMES HELEN GURGIN JAMISON BETSY KAREN JOHNSON AVID WAYNE JONES REDERICK LEMONTE JO JANET SUSAN JONES ISAN SIMMS JONES ,MUEL BLAINE KEEL RNEST MERL KERSH, ,MES MICHAEL KINNEY RRY ALLEN KROHN OROTHY LOUISE LANGHOFER GEORGE KENNETH LEWIS NDERSON M. LINTON DON HOWARD LITTLETON ALBERT ROY LIVELY ROBERT M. LOGAN, JR. LINDA COLTER LUNDY DIANE LESLIE MACKE IANCY P. SISSELL MAJ EBELY MATHIS ,NCY PATRICE MAULDIN N CAROL McCORMICK IELVIN HURLEY McFATTER UTHE DIANNE McGREGER JHRYN CLAIRE McKELI ROBERT CARTER McLAURI LIZABETH LYNN McMORR DMAS RONALD MELTON OHN EDWARD MILNER HELEN HUTCHCRAFT MOAK KEVIN ETIENNE MOCKLIN ROVERT STEVEN MOORE JOSEPH RANDALL MOOl JAMES UGO MORANO THOMAS G.MORRISON JOHN PHILLIP NAIL GRAYSON SWAYZE MORQUIST JUDITH KAREN OAKES ADA LINDA ODOM WILLIAM CARSON OLIVER MARIAM JARRETT ORMAN KATHY LEE ORR DEBORAH LARAND OZIER CHARLES PRESTON PATTERSON CAREY MEREDITY PAYNE III RODNEY ANDREWS PEARSON WENDY S. PETERSON THOMAS DAVID PETTEY CATHERINE JANE POPE WILLIAM STEWART POWELL MARTHA BARKLEY POWER PAUL HANS MARTIN PRESS RONALD BURTON PRUET, JR. JOHN DAVID PUTMAN MILDRED WILLIAMS RAPER THOMAS UPTON REYNOLDS II MARTHA S. RIALES DEBRA CHERYL ROACH SHERRI DENISE ROBERSON ELIZABETH DEAN ROBINSON BWEN ROBINSON PARTICIA JANE D. ROGERS REBECCA SUSAN ROGERS LISA SANDERS ROSS KAREN ANN ROTENBERRY SHIRLEY MAE RUSHING PHANINDRA MATH SARMA HUBBARD T. SANDERS IV LAURA PAULINE SHULER DEBORAH SMITH MOHINDER KUMAR SOOD PAUL HOUSTON STEPHENSON CHARLES DAVID SWENSON PATRICIA ANN TALBERT SALLY MARY TAYLOR PAMELA D. THOMAS JOSEPH WILMOT THOMSON III OTIS TIMS NANCY CAROL TIPTON WENDELL HOLMES TRAPP EDITH LOUISE TUCKER PAM VEST DEBRA JEANNE WALLER BARNETTE KATHERINE WARING DOREEN HAIGH WARING JOHN STEPHEN WEATHERLY HOYT WAYNE WEBSTER MORRIS LEE WEESE MARTHA VIRGINIA WELCH KATHRYN ANN WHEELER ELIZABETH DAVIS WILLIAMS HARRY THEO WILLIAMS SYLVIA JOAN WILLIAMS MARY JANE WILLSHIRE BETSY ANN WONG PHYLLIS WAN ELL WOOD DENNIS FREEMAN WORLEY EDWARD KAI-NING YUNG 127 L OFFICERS . JIM MING GREENLEE M KATHY LEE ORR SECHL TARY- 1 HhASUHtK . . . . DORIS DAONNE CALDWELL Founded at Syracuse University in 1914, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics. It aims to accomplish this by electing members on an honorary basis according to their proficiency in mathematics and by engaging in activities designed to promote the mathematical and scholarly development of its members. To qualify for election into membership, an undergraduate must have a 3.0 average in two years of calculus and in the top third of his class; or as a sophomore a 4.0 average through three semesters of calculus and in the top quarter of his class. WILLIAM ALBERT BEARD RODNEY BELL ANELIA FAY BILLINGSLEY MARK BRACKLEY MARSHALL RICE BRADLEY fAUOC I ,RK EN DORIS DAONNE CALDWELL CAROLYN SUE CAPPAERT MARY J. WILLSHIRE CAUSEY JAMES RUSSELL CLAR EDWIN RONALD COX ANN MCMILLAN CRAVI RONNY McKINNON FRITH SUSAN ELIZABETH FUGATE ALLEN WILBURN GLISSON, JR. MARGIE ANN GONG JIM MING GREENLEE KATHRYN HARRIS HALL - - WILLIAM SHANDS HEDGES HARRIS BRAND HENLEY, JR. WALTER NATHAN HERRINGTON % % 4 . WILLIAM DAVID HORTON, JR. JAMES RAY HUDGINS JESSE EARL JACOBS BETSY KAREN JOHNSON JANET SUSAN JONES RONALD EDWARD JONES JAMES MICHAEL McKINNEY CALVIN WILLIAM LEGGITT ANDERSON M. LINTON III THOMAS WILLIAM McCARTNEY RUTHIE DIANNE McGREGER ROBERT CARTER McLAURIN GLEN DEAN MYERS KATHY LEE ORR CATHERINE JANE POPE ROBERT JACKSON SHANNON BARBARA KAY SHAW DEBORAH SMITH BENJAMIN V. WALTER, JR. HARRY A. WATSON, JR. SYLVIA JOAN WILLIAMS NANCY LYNN HIGDON 128 PRESIDE VICE-PRESID SECRETAR V TREASURER S. ROBERTSON . DOUGLAS Q gWJNON . .WIL: JERKINS VICTOR H. CRUTCHFIELD H Pi Sigma Epsilon is a national professional fraternity dedicated to the builcUna ie marketing profession, and to the stimula- tion of improved markJingand selling techniques education, and standards. The National organization was founded in 1 952, and under the guidance of Sales and Marketing E fecutives International, it has grown to forty-seven chapters nationwide. There are three chapters in Mississippi, Alpha Theta at file Miss being chartered in April 1 963. We are sponsored by the Jackson Sales and Marketing Execut .fessional speakers, sales pro- grams and guidance for the chapter. GEORGE H. BOOTH DONT W JACKSON BREWER RICHAHD EUGENE CANIZARO JAMESE NJTER VICT IELD.JR. LOUISEll lfULLER CURTIS LIKiKl DOUGLAS GRAY McKINNON GREGf Rf M ELL TERRY MICHAEL 0ONNELL JOE DAM PATMM :INS KNOXF THOMAS S. ROBERTSON WILLIAM PALMElfcfMUELS WILLIAM DA. DSfRBUB BERGY BON U 129 OFFICERS PRESIDENT B -KEVIN ETIENNE MOCKLIN VICE-PRESIDENT M B SHIRLEY MAE RUSHING SECRETARY-TREASURER . . KERBY E. LADNER HISTORIAN " NANCY C. BURDOCK FACULTY ADVISOR $ . . DR. RONALD F. BORNE The Rho Chi Society was founded in 1 91 7 as the national honor society for pharmacy. Chi Chapter at the University of Missis- sippi was chartered in 1937. The fundamental objective of the society has always been to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical character. j . ! To be elected to membership an undergraduate student must have completed at least forty-five semester hours in the profes- sional program and be in the upper twenty percent of his class with an overall s cholastic average of 3.00. WILLIAM RICHARD BENEFIELD TERRI EILEEN BOSTICK SOLEDAD ALMAGRO CAMPOS PING CHUAN CHENG VIRGINIA PULETTE CROWELL JAMES EUGENE FLOR GARLAND MICHAEL FOREMAN MARGARET L. FORRESTER WILLIAM RANKIN FRANCIS ROBERT ALAN FREEMAN WILLIAM BENJAMIN FRENCH, JR. MARY JO FUNDERBRUK RICHARDOOSWALDO GUERRERO DOE KEITH GUY JOHNNY ARTHUR HEMBREE KANAHYAL. HIGHTOWER JOHN MARSHALL HOLBROOK LINDA JAMES HONEA JOSEPH WILLIAM HUBER III DONALD FAYE JOHNSON ROBERT L. JORDAN, JR. PATSY RUTH KEATING J. H. KHALSO WILLIAM DEAN KIDD : LARRY EVERETT KNOTTS LARRY ALLEN KROHN RICHARD J.KUO LOH N. LARSON SAY-JOHG LAW HORNG-JAU LIN DOW QUENTI MICHAEL ALAN LYLE FRANCIS G. MCDONALD JERRY McHAlf MICHAEL JAMES MATTHEWS DEVIN ETIENNE MOCKLIN FRANCIS BERNARD PALUMBO SCHWE-FANG PONG YNARDW. QUIMBY IACQUELINE RANDOLPH GARY ONEAL RANKIN CATHERINE ANN RAY GWENDOLYN SUE RESPESS HIRLEY MAE RUSHING JOSEPH SAM SHARON DENISE SANDERS THOMAS ROBERTS SHARPE PAMELA ANNE SHIPP JERRY SMITH KENNETH C. STEINER JOSEPHINE P. SUBER RANDY AARON TOLLESON JULIA FANCHER VICKERY NORMAN A. WADE JAMES JEFFERY WHITE, JR. BETSY ANN WONG GEORGE N. WORTHEN, JR. BOU-CHAI YANG EDDIE TIN-TAI YAU Scabbard And Blade Scabbard and Blade is a n Mississippi Scabbard and Bl with speakers from both the To be eligible for membershi courses at the beginning of his ju . JAMES ROSWELLP WILLIAM L. Cl . . MICHAEL C. Isconsin. At the University of elevant to their military careers .00 average in military science CHARLIE WILLIAM L. ANTHONY JACOB RALPH C. CHAP SCOTT DOUGLAS CLA WILLIAM L. CLAYTON WILLIAM JACKSON COLEMAN JOHN V. FITZSIMONS CRIS DEMETREOS GIANAKOS JIM MING GREENLEE QUENTIN T. HAMORY, JR. CLARENCE DONALD HAYS, JR JH WHOLMES, JR. ORTON, JR. C. JURGENSEN ES ROSWELL POPLAR III JOSEPH EDWARD PRICE STEPHEN ROBERT PRICE MARK PURDON RACKELY CHARLES THOMAS RUFFIN MICHAEL JAMES THREET DOUGLAS WALTER WHITE HARRY THEO WILLIAMS 131 Sigma Alpha OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY SECRETARY . . . TREASURER . PAM VEST .SHELL YE WHITE . . LIDIE STONE . EVELYN AGNEW ALICIA BRUCKNER m M i r i Sigma Alpha lota is a women ' s music fraternity whose members are chosen on the basis of high scholarship and quality musi- cianship. The Alpha Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha lota is a member of Mu Province, which includes all of the Sigma Alpha lota chapters in the Memphis-Arkansas area. A main objective of Sigma Alpha lota is to strengthen relationships with our schools, administrators, and faculty in support of better performance and music education programs, and to strengthen our relationship in communities as teachers and leaders of high merit. Our motto is: " Let us not look backward in anger nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness. " I EVELYN AGNEW PEGGY ANEST NANCY BROCK MARSHA BROOKS ALICIA BRUCKNER KATHY BURKHALTER LUCY CASE SUSIE NOBLBI H HELEN PATTON LIDIE STONE PAM VEST MARY SHERMAN WAGNER NORMA WATTS SHELLYE WHITE LLY WILLIAMS w; PRESIDENT CRETARY-TREASURER DEBORAH RHE AY McCHAREN SiRia ltarf 3 }, the national Spanish honor on 239 college campuses in the United State chapters in the State of Mississippi. Requirement tional overall college performance. Sigma Delta ative writing of advanced students of Spanish is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, with chapters University of Mississippi chapter. Delta lota, formed in 1957. is ot f of five ; for membership are not only outstanding ability in Spanish but also excep- 3nsors an annual bulletin, Entre Nosctros. in which is published the cre- POLLY G. LHAU: NANCY GALLOWAY McC ELAYNE MATHEWS MARTHA DEBORAH RHEA HELEN RICH SHARON ALETT SAXON PATRICIA ANM STOKES PAMELA DENJSE THOM 133 Tau Beta Pi OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT . . CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER . . M, W %.1 . . CATALOGER . . . . .GLENN HULETT METTS . RONALD EDWARD JONES EDWIN RONALD COX . MARK PURDON RACKLEY . MICHAEL C. JURGENSEN . DANA STEPHEN KAESAR The Tau Beta Pi Association, national engineering honor society, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to recognize outstanding students in engineering in all disciplines of engineering. The association also encour- ages a broad engineering education and attempts to stimulate the interest of all engineers in non-technical fields, in civic responsi bility and in other related areas. Juniors in the top one-eighth and seniors in the top one-fifth of their class are eligible for membership. ; LESLIE ARTHUR BENNETT EDWIN RONALD COX DONALD JOE DEATON ALFRED EDWARD GENT JIM MING GREENLEE RONALD EDWARD JONES MICHAEL C. JURGENSEN DANA STEPHEN KAESAR ERIC LEE LUCY VINCENT KIN FEI LUK ROBERT CARTER McLAURIN GLEN HULETT METTS GLEN DEAN MYERS DON PAUL OUBRE MARK PURDON RACKLEY JOSEPH ANTHONY SLOVICK 134 ;CE tart tntCo m mjpe K -H ' OFFICE ICE SIDE -PRESII AIREMcKE, SUSAN EGL JOANS CRAH ANNE Women in Communicatj 1 909 as Theta Sigma Phi, i tion is to work for a free a sp guished achievements of members to greater individual tfort. Membership is open to soph nalism communications aboveMie ir naticna: org e was chanq r woman 3 WJ5rae? worm and graduate women and comr :n. Itjkas founded in April l ftfc. ThfcBose of the organiza- iddsof BiunicBaH to recognize distin- essilBal st Al Bs; and to encourage pTR Iefld sixB wlly at least one jour- LUCY CHElp BftOADH ANN WIL LINDA DIArfe BtlFOFtt VICKIBYA JOANSUEfHlA PAMELA JC N ; JANET FAYf CURTIS JANEWAILESDERIV ROBLEY KATHERINE EVANS ELIZABETHJUOANNE FOX MAYRE EMIL V F D r_F_MAN SUSAN JN ROSA LOVlH lFORD MARGA- DER|jAN CARLAANBHtt DECILLE HiRLf GAY LOWE REGINIA McBRYDE KATHR 1 - = AK.LAF BEVERLN - - _IPS DEBORAH ANNE PIERCE BETTY K. HOOVER P ' TTMAN JESSIE MAE PRYOR SHA REECE JILL KA RICHMOND PATRICIA LYNN RITTER JANICE BUYTON WWON MARGARET$TOr " BlLL JLERS VIRGINIA LYNN WHfffe MARGARET ANN WILSON 135 Omicron Delta Kappa OFFIC ERS PRESIDENT GEORGE ORLANDO GRIFFITH, JR. VICE-PRESIDENT RONALD HUGH ALDRIDGE TREASURER . . . EDWARD LOWELL GRISHAM, JR. Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society for college men. It was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University to recognize and encourage the achievement of exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and leader- ship. It is unique among the honor societies in that student members are chosen not only for scholastic achievement but also for their leadership contributions to the university community. There are five primary areas of interest utilized by Omicron Delta Kappa to evaluate prospective members: scholarship, athletics, speech and theatre, social and student government. Member- ship in O.D.K. is a mark of highest distinction and honor. During the academic year O.D.K. co-sponsors a forum series with Mortar Board, to bring informative speakers to the Univer- sity. RONALD HUGH ALDRIDGE THOMAS WEBB AVENT BASIL GLEN BALLARD, JR. ROBERT RODNEY BECKETT WILLIAM LARRY BLACK III SI MORGAN BONDURANT WILLIAM GARNER BURGIN JAMES THOMAS CANIZARO J MARK JAMES CHANEY, JR. WILLIAM JACKSON COLEMAN THOMAS C. COLLIER, JR. MIKE L. CORDELL GEORGE GERALD CRUTHIRDS HUBERT JAMES DAVIDSON, JR. KENNETH RICHARD DREHER JAMES OTIS DUKES. WILLIAM WAYNE DRINKWATER HIRAM CHESTER EASTLAND JOHN ELLIS PHILLIP CAMPBELL FRATESI W RICKY DEVON GAMLIN RICHARD THOMAS GERNERT JERRY MICHAEL GILBREATH RANDY LEE GRAVES JIM MING GREENLEE GEORGE ORLANDO GRIFFITH, JR. LOWELL EDWARD GRISHAM, JR. THOMAS MARTIN HEGWOOD JOHN CLARK HENEGAN EUGENE THOMAS HOLMES BURTON BAYNES HOSCH, JR. JOHN H. JONES MICHAEL CHRISTIAN JURGENSEN DAVID KAZAN, JR. WILLIAM NORMAN LAFORGE JOHN KEITH MANSEL DAVID FLOYD McCULLOUGH WILLIAM MICHAEL McDONALD MICHAEL J. McELHANEY, JR. JOSEPH LERAY McNAMARA JOHN EDWARD MILNER DAVID WATKINS MOCKEBEE ROBERT STEVEN MOORE JOSEPH RANDALL MOORMAN JOHN PHILLIP NAIL JONATHAN MICHAEL NASH RANDY DEANE NOEL CHARLES AMBROSE NOLL PETER BENTON PERKINS, JR. RONALD BURTON PRUET, JR. JACK RAYMOND REED, JR. DAVID LEE REYNOLDS HAROLD EUGENE REYNOLDS PRESTON DAVIS RIDEOUT, JR. EUGENE LEONARD ROBERTS EUGENE CLARK RUMFELT WILLIAM SMITH WILLIAM DEAN STARK PAUL HOUSTON STEPHENSON JOSEPH WILMOT THOMSON OTIS R. TIMS WENDELL HOLMES TRAPP PHILLIP LYNN TUTPR RONNIELEIGH WALTON CHARLES F. WARD, JR. HARRY A. WATSON, JR. NORRIS LEE WEESE ROGER FREDERICK WICKER THARRY THEO WILLIAMS EARL JACK WOHRMAN WILLIAM WRIGHT BENJAMIN OWEN WHITE YARBROUGH GEORGE MALONE YARBROUGH, JR. 136 Dr- ita ta- in 137 Organizations 139 The Associated Student Body 140 PRESIDENT Larry Black VICE-PRESIDENT Bobby Moore SECRETARY Marni Shideler TREASURER Becky Rogers 141 The Associated Student Body Cabinet Left to Right: Dan Powell, Attorney General; Emily Freeman, Director of Academic Affairs; Van Hedges, Director of Student Activities; David Kazan, Director of University Relations; Norman Gillis, Director of Student Services; Clarence Dubose, Director of Campus Affairs. i The Associated Student Body is the elected student governmental body representing the student in the university community in all areas of concern. Each year the ASB studies problems, submits proposals, and lobbies extensively in the University Administration, Oxford Community, the Mississippi Legislature, and Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning for such issues as dorm visitation, women ' s hour changes, off campus living, and up-grading the quality of life for the on campus student. The ASB also provides a full range of student activities and services such as film series, refrigerator rentals, book exchange, teacher evaluations, Dixie Week, concerts, elections, and pageants. In other activities, the ASB represents the University ' s students in projects and lobbying with the state ' s other universities and colleges through such organizations as the Student Body Presidents Council and Mississippi Intercollegiate Council. 142 Lett to Right Seated Germaine Giani, Director of Social Affairs; John Milner. Director of Student Affairs; Tommy Avent. Director of School Spirit; Greg Fiser, Director of Film Series. Standing: David McCullough, Chairman of Elections Commission; Rob Cook, Director of Inter-University Relations; Gene Vause, Director of Refrigerator Rentals; Harold Reynolds, Press Secretary; George Yarborough, Chairman of Committee of 82. ASB Executive Appointments i EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Jimmy Chaney EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Nancy Harrelson 143 The Associated Women Students PRESIDENT Beverly Yandell The AWS is a vital organization concerned with almost every aspect of the women students ' life at Ole Miss. It helps determine women ' s regulations and policies and through the Womens ' Judicial Council and the dormitory board and enforces these and the University ' s rules. Perhaps even more important is the role that the AWS serves as coordinator and planner of projects, programs, and speakers for the ladies on campus. This year the AWS bought color televisions and vacuum cleaners for the dorm students. Along with the ASB, the AWS sponsored the Ole Miss 1 25th Anniversary " Birthday Barbecue " in the Grove, featuring music, films, games, and a pic- nic dinner. Scholarship trophies as well as congratulatory favors were sent to superior students. Interest groups, such as needlepoint and -bridge classes are another phase of AWS activity. Among the several speakers, films, and forums scheduled throughout the year was the Sex Symposium. The AWS is a changing organization, thinking of the needs and problems of the Ole Miss coed. The services it pro- vides hopefully will be those which make life more comfortable and meaningful for the women of Ole Miss. 144 THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Left to Right, First Row: Janet Brumfield, Executive Assistant; Dr. Judith Trotl, Advisor; Beverly Yandell, President. Second Row: Karen Verell, Vice-President; Emmy Baker, Treasurer; Andrea White, Judicial Secretary. Third Row: Gigi Gould, Judicial Chairman; Nancy Long, Secretary. DIRECTORS OF THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Left to Right: Margie Cole, Director of Publicity; Barb Miller, Director of Projects; Nicki Martinson, Director of Elections; Margaret Ann Crowthwait, Director of Scholarship. U5 AWS Judicia Council Left to Right: Gigi Gould, Chairman and Andrea White, Secretary. Council Members; Left to Right: Betsy Coffey, Diane Gove, Gigi Gould, Andrea White, and Maureen Witt. 146 M + -L 4 _ AWS officers helping with 125th Celebration: Emmy Baker, Nancy Long, and Andrea White. H One of the projects AWS sponsors is needlepoint lessons taught by Susan B Fugate. 147 The Daily Mississippian Ann Grisham Staff Reporter John Whiting Staff Reporter Gilda Montalvo News Assistant Celeste Condon Photographer Sonny Bowen City Editor Susan Nolen Arts Editor Grain Eversole Sports Editor Pamela Cox Women ' s Editor 148 Otis Tims Focus Editor Nancy Tipton Executive Assistant Kathy McKellar Business Assistant Danny Goodgame Executive Assistant Scott Ware Executive Assistant Otis Sanford News Assistant Debbie Pierce News Assistant Joan Chin News Assistant Bill Maish Sports Reporter Harold Reynolds Columnist Mary Stehlin Advertising Representative Charlie Price Wire Editor Steve Scott Chief Photographer Lucy Broadway Editorial Assistant Greg Brock News Editor Ann Wilson Features Editor 149 Air Force ROTC You take it, I don ' t want it! Colonel, the reason I called you in here . . Dear President Nixon, If it doesn ' t work, bring it back. 150 For 57,000. Where ' s the clutch? " Responsibility is not delegated? " What do you mean, you ' ve never eaten spaghetti!!! 151 Army ROTC MS I, Left to Right: Huling, Benjamin, Lanier, Hopkins, Roebuck, Johns, Whittington, Keeton, Cox, Aldridge. Ms MS II, 1st Row: Gurley, Royce, Blackwell, Rogers. 2nd Row: Blackmon, Slayter, Waldrop, Powell, Kenton. MS III, 1st Row: Morton, Bushee, Falkner, Waff, Overstreet, Williams. 2nd Row: Coleman, Savage, Allgood, Holstein, Bostick, Kypriandes, Phillips. MS IV, 1st Row: Aldridge, Rackley, White, Churchwell, Wimbish, Harris. 2nd Row: Beardman, Clayton, Strain, Johnson, Levy, Hawkins. 152 " Chiefs " : Wanda Taylor (Colonel ' s Lady), Doug White (Cadet Battalion Commander). Sponsors, Left to Right: Honey Bee Royce, Mary Beth Hudak Taylor, Jamie Blackwell, Mary Key Holiday, Ruthie Erwin. is. wanoa Cadet Staff, Kneeling: Beardman, Hawkins. Standing: Aldridge. White, Churchwell, Rack- ley. Rebel Rangers, Kneeling: Roebuck, Slayter, Whittington. Standing: Gur- tey, Williams, Horton. H Rifle Team, Kneeling: Hopkins. Slayter. Standing: White, Powell, Keeton Cox I Cadre and Secretaries, Seated: Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. Russell, Col. Blake, Mrs. Parker. First Row. Standing: Maj. Kuypers, LTC Waldrop, SSG Dean, SFC West. Second Row. Standing: MAJ Hawley, SGM Barringer, MAJ Lindsay, CPT Bergeron, CPT Brown, MSG Cooper. 153 Ole Miss Rifle Team The Ole Miss rifle team has a tradition of being one of the most winning sports activities on campus. In addition to com- piling a 7 won 4 lost record this past year, the team also defended its Mississippi State Rifle Championship for the fifth straight year in the " Magnolia Classic. " The shooters com- piled victories over Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Jackson State (twice), and Tuskegee, while losing to Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and Vanderbilt. Team Captain Bill Mulkins sights in the prone. Senior Doug White is ready tor the standing, assisted by Coach SFC, Bill West. Senior John Pic gets help in the kneeling from Coach Major Tom Kuypers. Front Row, Left to Right: Cris Holman, John Brown, Doug Angle, Steve Weigandt. Back Row, Left to Right: Doug White, Marc Cook, John Pic, Jimmy Powell, Bill Mulkins. 154 HFMINGWAY STADK ' M Continuing A Tradition Of Excellence The Ole Miss NROTC Unit links the heritages of two venerable institutions with rich traditions of excellence: the United States Naval Service and the University of Mis- sissippi. The future officers within the Department of Naval Sci- ence, which is propitiously located in historic McCain Hall, draw upon and learn from the traditions of the past and, more importantly, learn to fulfill and build upon the rich heritages of excellence provided by both the Naval Serv- ice and Ole Miss. It is the men and women of Ole Miss ' Midshipman Bat- talion who will become the leaders within the Navy and Marine Corps. It is they, by their achievements (or lack of them) who will, in part, determine whether or not the ven- erable traditions of excellence of these two great institu- tions continue to be viable. We pray they will. Midshipman Battalion 1973-1974 155 156 _ the MARINES looking for f A FEW GOOD MEN A college campus is a long way from life at sea, in more ways than one for some, McCain Hall is the bridge between the two . . . the jumping-off point for exotic places: Copenhagen, Holy Loch, Rota, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Naples, and all the peoples and cultures that go with them . . . the gate to a realm of knowledge unique to the breed of men who challenge an implacable ocean . . . gone from home for the first time and it ' s ha lf a world away . . . balmy nights under starry skies and the murmur of the waves on the bow . . . bitter-cold wind through the rigging of a ship tossing through a trackless void . . . for a midshipman, these are only a few of the memories that will be a part of his existence ... for him, Ole Miss is but the first port of call . . . Sailors [move fun 157 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega Officers, Lett to Right: Jones, Dunaway, Corley, Ward, Stuby. GARY JONES PRESIDENT TIM CORLEY FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT JAY WARD SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT FLOSSIE STUBY . . . BOOK EXCHANGE MANAGER The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in a National Service Fraternity in the fellowship of the principles of the Boy Scouts of America as embodied in the Scout Oath and Law, to develop Leadership, to promote Friendship, and to provide Service to humanity. Any male student duly enrolled on this campus, who joins with the chapter ' s members in service projects, accepts the principles of Scouting on which its ideals are based, and meets the chapter standards are eligible for mem- bership. A Phi O is not a Scouting organization, but the Scout Oath and Law serve as guiding principles in the fraternity. ( " Alpha Phi Omega) The members of the fraternity are involved in projects of service to the campus, community and nation. Epsilon Omega Chap- ter operates the Student Book Exchange, sponsors a Scout Troop and Cub Pack, works with children in the North Mississippi Mental Retardation Center and special education and many other worthwhile activities. to Stu T " e: ties ,., piece 158 American Society Of Civil Engineers ASCE Officers, Left to Right: Jim Walcott, Alfred Crawley, Newton Dodson, Harry Smith, Dr. DeLeeuw, David Shackelford, Vincent Luk. VINCENT LUK PRESIDENT DAVID SHACKELFORD VICE PRESIDENT NEWTON DODSON SECRETARN WILLIAM HARRY SMITH, JR TREASURER JIM WALCOTT . . . PUBLIC RELATIONS temity. is:: The student chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers were first formed in 1920. A few years later, the Ole Miss Student Chapter of ASCE was chartered. Today, the same chapter being alive and active is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. The objective of ASCE student chapter is to help the student prepare himself for entry into the Civil Engineering profession and the Society. The Ole Miss Chapter also helps Civil Engineering students begin those professional contacts and associations which, continued through life, are so valuable to the practicing engineer in serving mankind and the engineering profession more effectively. In addition, the Chapter is a good medium for exercising principles of personal and public relations. All these activities contribute to broad personal development by stimulating an early professional consciousness while the student is still preoccupied with techniques. 159 Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band f H2E.Z1 yit; j .. _. t { .J ? g gpi ij " " " " 5 ?3J w if i I i iii I I 1 ' 1 OLE " ' " ' . . ,w | " ' - " p ; M " ' -- " v= - ' vBH i naCTJl ' T ' ' tV-r " ' n i - " jyy ?a - ru _ z t ffjnmim ' ' ' . -v. T T a. - . w The Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band, " The Pride of the South, " provided exciting halftime pageantry and enter- tainment at the Rebel football games this fall. The highlights of the season were the band ' s appearances on the nationally televised halftime shows at the LSU and Tennessee games in Jackson. The spring semester was filled with concerts by the Small Symphonic Band, the Large Symphonic Band, and the University Concert Band. The members of the band are selected upon audition, and they rep- resent every school within the Univer- sity. The " Pride of the South " is directed by Dr. Luther M. Snavely, Jr. and Mr. Dwayne Sagen, Assistant Director. Ole Miss Rebelettes, Left to Right: Becky Camp- bell, Jenny Lou Wilson, Becky Welsh, Gail Duke, Deborah Baker, Dianne Collins, Beverly Betts, Molly Webb, Cissy Brunson, Wendy Letzelfel- ner, Dianna Werner. - . - " . -. ' -- ' " " . 160 161 Committee Of 100 Committee of 100 Officers, Seated: Sterling, Valentine, Brock, Gove. Standing: Milner, Baker, Townes, Laurenzi. CO-CHAIRMAN STEVE VALENTINE CO-CHAIRMAN DAN ELLEN BROCK MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN CATHERINE STERLING SECRETARY ALLEN TOWNES CONVOCATION CHAIRMAN TERRY LAURENZI DISCUSSION CHAIRMAN .- JOHN MILNER HOSPITALITY CHAIRMAN DIANNE GOVE PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN . . . EMMY BAKER The Committee of 100 is an organization of students of all faiths representing all areas of the campus community. The mem- bers accept their responsibility in the knowledge that they speak for religion on the campus in bringing a Religious Emphasis Speaker to the campus each month. During their visits, these prominent speakers of different denominations and faiths are heard at convocations, in classrooms, and in discussion groups, implanting within the campus community an awareness of reli- gious activity throughout the year. 162 Financiers Club Financiers Club Officers. Lett to Right: Gore, Drake, Richmond, Bral, Ruff. JAY GORE PRESIDENT PHIL RUFF VICE-PRESIDENT DAINTRY RICHMOND SECRETARY-TREASURER KEN BRAL DIRECTOR JIM DRAKE DIRECTOR The Financier ' s Club is sponsored by the Chair of Banking for banking and finance majors. This organization provides the opportunity for its members to hear and speak with many outstanding bankers and businessmen throughout the South. To be a member, one must be a banking and finance major. The Financiers is the only organization for finance majors, and members join on a voluntary basis. The Financiers provides interesting and informative programs for its members and supplements their knowledge of business finance. 163 Beta Lambda Epsilon Beta Lambda Epsilon Officers, Left to Right: George, Hopper, Barnett, Tidwell, Marsalis, Christian, Smith. DONALD C. CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT PRENTIS R. SMITH 1st VICE-PRESIDENT FRANKLIN J. GEORGE 2nd VICE-PRESIDENT WATSON T. MARSALIS TREASURER MAY F. BARNETT SECRETARY ROSE M. TIDWELL PUBLIC RELATIONS DR. COLUMBUS B. HOPPER . . . SPONSOR Beta Lambda Epsilon, law enforcement honorary fraternity, furthers the law enforcement professionalism through education. This group of people has as a common bond its desire to make the police profession more of a professional organization than it is currently. The members are law enforcement majors, and must maintain a 2.0 average in law enforcement courses only. The prospec- tive members must be voted into the fraternity by the current membership. Our organization sponsors some charitable organization each year. In addition, we have speakers each year which the Uni- versity Community is invited to hear. These speakers are veterans, and informed people, who give us an inside look at what we must expect when we actually go about enforcing the laws. 164 Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda Officers, Left to f? gM: Ken Lyle. Jamie Harwell, Tommy Avent, Barbara Bunch, Diana Gong, Steven Coleman. KEN LYLE PRESIDENT STEVE COLEMAN VICE PRESIDENT BARBARA BUNCH CORRESPONDING SECRETARY DIANA GONG RECORDING SECRETARY JAMIE HARWELL TREASURER TOMMY AVENT REPORTER Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization for students interested in business careers. This organization was developed to encourage aggressive business leadership, to build the confidence of young men and women in themselves, to create more interest in business occupations, to encourage members to establish businesses for themselves, to encourage participation in activities at home and in the community, to develop useful leadership and citizenship, to encourage the practice of thrift, to encourage school loyalty and scholarship, to provide organizational and recreational activities for the members, and to improve standards for entrance into store and office occupations. These are the objectives for which each Phi Beta Lambda chapter strives to accomplish. 165 Junior Panhellenic Junior Panhellenic Officers, Lett to Right: Campbell, Garner, Seale. JACKIE GARNER PRESIDENT JACKIE LOMAX VICE-PRESIDENT PATSEALE SECRETARY TONY CAMPBELL . . . TREASURER The Junior Panhellenic Council is the organization supervised by the Senior Panhellenic Council. Just as the Senior Panhel- lenic, Junior Panhellenic ' s members include the president and two representatives elected by the individual pledge class. This organization serves to unity these eleven sorority pledge classes into a working body, yet each class remains individual. In the coming year Junior Panhellenic will participate in several community projects, such as the Red Cross Blood Drive in order to raise money for charity and it will give suggestions of change to Senior Panhellenic concerning rules for the coming year of rush. Aon Sarah Day Jan McKay Jackie Miles XQ Meredith Ballard Lissa Johns Betsy Johnson Af Gail Bradley Celie Champion Stacy Stegall KKI Susan Carr Ann Munday Marilane Wade 4 M Jacque Fawcett Connie Keathley Jan Sullivan AZA Anita-Jo Swain Sherry Swimon Katie Snowden AAA Darri Dubberly Libby Hunt Kathy Phillips KA Monnie Carroll Lynn Gardner Joan Myers F1BO Maria Martinez Shelly McCowin Bridget Schmitz ZTA Laura Hanson Lib Mobley Nancy Newton 166 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia I Phi Mu Alpha Officers. Left to Right. Seated: Ward, Dunaway. Standing: Mitchell, Brooks, Humphreys. :-. JAY WARD PRESIDENT DANNY HUMPHREYS VICE PRESIDENT GLEN FORD DUNAWAY SECRETARY GREG MITCHELL TREASURER WILLIAM BROOKS HISTORIAN Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the professional fraternity for men in music. Founded in 1 898, Sinfonia is dedicated to furthering the highest standards of excellence in musical performance and composition in America. Sinfonia sponsors an annual sing-song and in April 1974 is hosting the first annual Ole Miss Jazz Clinic. Also, this spring Lambda Xi Chapter at Ole Miss will initiate Miklos Bencze, professor of voice and Artist-in-Residence, as a chapter honorary member. 167 Baptist Student Union TheNe olic ch LENORD ROBERTS PRESIDENT HAROLD REYNOLDS VICE-PRESIDENT PAT WALLER SECRETARY SUSIE NOBLE ENLISTMENT CHAIRMAN JUNE COCHRAN EVANGELISM CHAIRMAN BOBBY ALLEN STUDY CHAIRMAN REGINA GREER WORSHIP CHAIRMAN KEN LYLE MISSIONS CHAIRMAN CLAY MOORE MUSIC CHAIRMAN TOMMY WOODARD SOCIAL CHAIRMAN EUPHAZINE GRAY LIBRARY CHAIRMAN The Baptist Union is an organization of Christian students in the college community designed to help students grow in their relations with Christ. It also works to spread the love of Christ throughout the university and local community. Membership is open to all who wish to participate in the weekly lunches, retreats, or various programs of the BSU. The BSU also sponsors a choir which co nveys the Christian message through music. Through the Mississippi Baptist Student Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention, the BSU promotes missionary activities throughout the world. The BSU is a place where all can come to get involved, share in Christian fellowship, and help to minister to the needs of others. 168 Newman Apostolate X I Catholic students at Ole Miss constitute the largest part of the Catholic congregation at St. John ' s Church. More than half of the members of the church ' s policy- making body, the parish council, are students at Ole Miss. Through social activities, service programs and contemporary liturgy, Catholic students at Ole Miss deepen their relationship to the church. On the left are the undergraduate members of the parish council. Left to Right: G. Plasketes, L. Richard, J. Wills, E. Gent, R. Ryan, D. Cavanaugh. The Newman Center on University Avenue beside St. John ' s Cath- olic church provides an attractive and homelike atmosphere for Catholic students and their friends. It is open daily 8:00 A.M. until 11:00 P.M. " Meaningful Sunday worship is the goal of the church ' s Lit- urgy commission " according to law student Robert Krebs. The church uses folk music and visual aids in its liturgy. Folk singers on the left are: E. Gent, K. Soss, S. Noble, J. Black- well. 169 Alumni Association Ole Miss Alumni Officers, Left to Right: Butler, Riddell, Moore, Worsham, Griffin. DR. PAUL H. MOORE PRESIDENT MR. CLIFFORD G. WORSHAM VICE-PRESIDENT MR. WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI ACTIVITIES MR. JAMES N. BUTLER ALUMNI SECRETARY MR. WILLIAM L. ROGERS ASSISTANT ALUMNI SECRETARY MR. C. WILLIAM PRICE ALUMNI SECRETARY, MEDICAL CENTER MR. TALLY D. RIDDELL . . . ATHLETIC REPRESENTATIVE The University of Mississippi Alumni Association seeks to promote beneficial and cordial relations between the University and its alumni. All former students with two full semesters of attendance as well as all graduates of the University and all faculty and staff members who have served ten years or more are eligible for membership in the Association. The staff of the Association is responsible for planning Homecoming Day activities and for arranging class reunions. Under its sponsorship, regional meetings are conducted to acquaint alumni with objectives and needs of the University. The Association also operates the Alumni House, a hotel on campus. 170 Fraternity Intramural Counci Fraternity Intramural Council Officers, Seated: Bryan. Anderson. Standing: Rhodes, Pardue, and Stemen. LARRY BRYAN PRESIDENT TOM RISLEY VICE-PRESIDENT JOHN STEMEN SECRETARY JOE ANDERSON TREASURER ROGER RHODES POINT-KEEPER MILTON PARDUE . . . SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ndsrls The Fraternity Intramural Council, composed of a delegate from each fraternity on campus, serves to coordinate the intramu- I ral sports program of the fraternities with the overall program of the University. The Council organizes competition in football, basketball, Softball, volleyball, bowling, golf, tennis, ping pong, swimming, and arm wrestling. Competition in handball and soc- cer has been added to the program with hope for even more expansion in the future. Trophies are awarded to the champion in each sport and an overall trophy is awarded to the fraternity accumulating the most points during the year. 171 Student Education Association SEA Officers, Left to Right-Ward, Ely, Huddleston, Peteet, Craig. REBECCA PETEET ................................... PRESIDENT GEORGE ANN CRAIG ............................ VICE-PRESIDENT PAM WARD ........................................ TREASURER ELISABETH ELY .......................... MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN PRICEY DeROSSIT ........................ MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN KATHY HUDDLESTON ....................... PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN KAY DUNNAM ................................ SOCIAL CHAIRMAN The Ole Miss Student Education Association is a professional organization of college students preparing to enter the field of education upon graduation. Its major goals are: to develop an understanding of the teaching profession through participation in the work of the local, district, and education associations; to acquaint the members with the history, ethics, organization, policies, and programs of work; and to provide practical experience in working together on problems of the profession and of the society. There are about six planned meetings a year for the total membership. Committee meetings for special sssignments are held throughout the year. 172 Women ' s Recreation Association W.R.A. Officers, Left to Right: Scibilia, Ralchford, Ragsdale. SONDRA SCIBILIA PRESIDENT PATTI RAGSDALE VICE-PRESIDENT LYNNE WEISENFELS SECRETARY BECKY JOHNSON TREASURER MARTHA RATCHFORD REPORTER MISS PATTI SULLIVAN . ..SPONSOR The Women ' s Recreation Association serves the Ole Miss coed by providing her the opportunity to participate in organized leisure time activities. These activities include volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, archery, table tennis, bowling, swimming and bridge. Representatives are chosen, appointed or elected by each sorority and dorm. Off-campus and graduate students and faculty members are also represented. Participation in one activity is the only prerequisite for membership. W.R.A. is sponsored by Miss Patti Sullivan. The W.R.A. strives to give the women students an outlet of physical activity they may participate in a sport for fun and fellowship. 173 Karate Club Karate Club Members, Left to Right. First Row: Christ T. Adams, Jr., Melly Howell, David H. Denton. Second Row: Debbie Turman, Jim Lewis, Clifford Adams, Keith Renfroe, Graham Wells, James Wheeler, Morris Ames, Dwane Johnston. Third Row: Phillip Tomporowski, Marvin San- ders, Art Carlson, Dave Phillips, Pat Scanlon, Luke Giorgini, Don Lunceford. CHRIS T. ADAMS PRESIDENT DAVID H. DENTON VICE-PRESIDENT JAMES A. WHEELER TREASURER MELLY HOWELL . . SECRETARY The Ole Miss Karate Club serves to promote the art of Karate, and develop the coordination between mind and body of its participants. The club also represents the University of Mississippi in State and National tournament competition. Membership to the club is open to all students and faculty at the University. The club will sponsor Karate demonstration at the request of any interested group or organization. 174 Association Of Urban Planners CRAIG BRASFIELD PRESIDENT ROBERT LANDRY VICE-PRESIDENT HUGH COWSERT SECRETARY- TREASURER JAMES HILL GRADUATE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE RICHARD METCALF AIP REPRESENTATIVE PAUL ETHRIDGE . . AGS REPRESENTATIVE CLYDE E. COOK CHAIRMAN OF DEPARTMENT The Association of Urban Planners is an organization devoted to the study and advancement of the science and art of urban and regional planning and to further the interests of the profession by promoting closer relationships with related disciplines. The students encourage professional excel- lence and attempt to expand interest in urban planning through association with other students and leaders of the profes- sion. Association Officers, Left to Right: Cowsert, Hill, Brasfield, Metcalf, Ethridge, Landry. Association Members, Left to Right. Kneeling: Leon Felts, Robert Walker, Hugh Cowsert, Robert Surratt, Jose Dureza. Standing: Craig Brasfield, Richard Met- calf, Michael Bridge, Clyde E. Cook, James Hill, John Davis, Ken O ' Donnell, Billy Coker, John Shell, Robert McCurdy, Reggie Dill, Robert Landry, Gary Williams. 175 m Featu res 177 178 i I 180 181 ( 182 183 ' 1 184 185 186 187 I 188 189 190 191 Sports 193 194 A special salute is extended to Ole Miss quarterback Norris Weese for his outstanding performance and leader- ship on the gridiron and his excellent academic achieve- ments. During the past three years the student-athlete from Chalmette, Louisiana, has brought honor not only to the University, but to the state of Mississippi as well. Selected to play in two post-season all-star games, Weese missed by one vote the Most Valuable Player Award in the East-West Shrine Game but later won the Hula Bowl MVP Award. In January, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League and by the Toronto franchise of the fledgling World Football League. 195 Football Ole Miss football fans will in future years look back upon the 1 973 football season as an eventful one in which the Sav- ior returned to lead his Rebels to the Promised Land after some guy named Billy Kmard was requested to pack his Samsonites and be out of town by sundown. The man was John Vaught and the eventful nature of the 73 season centered around his return at the helm of Ole Miss football which he had occupied so successfully for years. 1972 gave Rebel fans a disappointing 5-5 worksheet, no bowl game, and a bitter distaste for Billy Kinard. 1 973 proved little better, granting Ole Miss a 6-5 record which nonethe- less was good for third place in the Southeastern Conference behind the national champions Alabama Crimson Tide and the Bayou Boys from LSU. However, it should be noted that Ole Miss played six bowl-bound teams during the course of the campaign, but defeated only two of them Tennessee in a 27-17 regionally-televised matchup and 13-10 over Flo- rida (after Gator QB David Bowden inadvertently tossed a fourth down pass out of bounds to stop the clock deep in Rebel territory.) However, such miscues occur in this unu- sual contest now termed the national pastime, and the Rebs were content to settle back in Miller Hall at year ' s end, sip- ping mint julips and watching construction continue on the new athletic dorm. T " jjl 196 197 The year started on a somewhat sour note in Jackson when East powerhouse Villanova limped into town to face the almighty Rebs. Villanova was the sort of team you might expect to see playing at the Baptist Church ice cream social on Sundays, not getting their uniforms dirty. The Wildcats were very obligingly subdued 24-6, but few persons in the stands were overjoyed at the outcome of the game as Rebel, quarterback Morris Weese was lost for six weeks with par- t ially-torn ligaments in his knee. During Weese ' s absence Ole Miss would revert to three quarterbacks to try to find a win- ner. They didn ' t. Traveling to Columbia, Missouri, the Rebels must have all caught the flu or something when the Tigers of Ole Missou dumped Kinard and his crew 1 7-0. Rebel fans began shaking their heads and wondering when the Lyceum Building would fall and Ole Miss ' decline would be final. The Memphis State game in Jackson the following Saturday proved not to be the Rebs downfall, but Kinard ' s. The Tigers from Memphis State handed the Johnny Rebs their second consecutive loss of the season, this time a 17-13 slap. Two days later, it was announced that Billy R. Kinard, head coach, and brother Frank ' Bruiser ' Kinard, A.D., had been replaced by John Vaught in both capacities. 199 200 201 202 That Monday night the campus rejoiced. Ole Miss football was finally back. Given just three days to regroup forces, Vaught played magic when the Rebs hosted Southern Mississippi in spa- cious Hemingway Stadium. The Rebs crushed the Golden Eagles 41 -0 and the heads in the stands began to smile once again. The SEC action began one week later and Rebel nemesis Auburn proved equal to the task in nipping the Rebels 14-7, halting a late Rebel drive directed by sophomore Stan Bounds. The Rebels, downhearted after the defeat, looked ahead to the Georgia Bulldogs, but were downed once again 20-0 as the Bulldogs played spotless football in Athens. Sporting a weak 2-4 record, the Rebs were the guests of Florida but were superior to the pre-season SEC pick Gators, defeating the orange and black 13-10 as heretofore men- tioned. Back on the winning track, the Rebs returned to Oxford for a Homecoming engagement with SEC surprise team Vanderbilt. A 24-14 verdict evened the records as the 203 t- 204 Rebs prepared to face the Bayou Bengals of LSD before a nationally-televised audience in Jackson. We ' ll skip that game for a while . . . A week ' s rest proved ample time to prepare for Tennessee, and while on regional television were able to save face when the Vols went down 28-18. Sophomore running back James Reed gained raves from ABC broadcasters and sportswriters across the nation for an outstanding performance against the Vols. And, at long last, the Bulldogs of Mississippi State were blasted 38-10 in Jackson. The eternal words were heard again from the State entourage, " Wait until next year. " Sure, kids. Yawn. In early January it was announced that Ken Cooper, offen- sive line coach, would be the new head coach as Vaught again decided to step down. Cooper, a 37-year-old native of Georgia, immediately began his own steps towards " restor- ing Ole Miss football to its proper level. " Maybe it will be the beginning of another era. 205 206 Ole Miss Cheerleaders Left 1o Right: Budc ula Stanford, Phillip Gould, Martha Gibbs, Jimmy Jones, Anita Ledlow, Joey Hutto, Margie Brown. 207 I . Basketball A the time of publication of this annual the outcome of the 1973-74 Rebel basketball campaign is not known. At the present time, coach Robert ' Cob ' Jarvis ' troops stand in third place in the Southeastern Conference sporting a 14-4 worksheet, 7-3 in SEC action trailing Vanderbilt by two games and Alabama by one in their reach for the title. However, before season ' s end, the Rebs will play host to both teams and with a little help from other conference cohorts has a strong chance to advance into the NCAA. A strong pre-conference schedule took the Rebs into SEC first game Georgia carrying a 7-1 record. The Rebs took early command of the conference by virtue of a 78- 70 decision at Athens. However, the nemesis of playing away from C. M. " Tad " Smith Coliseum prevailed throughout the first half of the season, with the Johnny Rebs dropping decisions to Kentucky at Lexington, Ala- bama at Tuscaloosa, and Vanderbilt at Nashville. The seniors on this year ' s ball club included twice All- SEC forward Coolidge Ball, who as usual turned in an out- standing season. The 6-5 Ball, from Indianola, was termed ' the team leader ' and will be sorely missed next year. 208 209 Fred Cox, the first 7 footer ever to wear an Ole Miss uniform, again was a crowd-pleaser with his antics often jumping off the bench when taking a breather to clap for his teammates. And the little blond kid who has the uncanny ability to knock the bot- tom out of the basket is graduating. Tom Jordan, 6-1 senior from Bells, Tennessee, will not be returning. Matt Meibers, 6-6 senior center who backs up Cox, will be gone while Keith Michaels, 6-5 forward, will also be graduated. A word about Michaels and Meibers: It is often not apparent the quality of some ball players. Such was the case with these two. Both Michaels and Meibers were consistent, steady, always at their best when needed. That ' s what makes winning teams. 210 211 13 V 212 213 214 And about those players returning: Dave Shep- herd will be back for one more campaign as will Bob Mahoney and Dean Hudson in the back- court. Freshmen who will be sophomores next year include standouts Walter Atwood, who obvi- ously came into his own late in the season, Jim Varner, and Gary Yoder. It looks like Ole Miss basketball will not decline. So, with the Rebs preparing to come down the home stretch chasing Vandy and ' Bama, ' it should be an exciting season left. Times have changed in Ole Miss basketball. At one time an Ole Miss player could have played by corre- spondence, now the Rebs are contending for the title. 215 Baseball: 1973 The 1 973 version of the Ole Miss baseball team was, for the most part, a disappointment to Rebel fans who in 1 972 watched the Rebels capture the overall Southeastern Conference Championship and District III crown under new head coach Jake Gibbs. Although the Johnny Rebs had five starters returning, including All- American right fielder Paul Husband, and AII-SEC performers in center field Norris Weese and catcher Dennis Starr, the ball never got rolling and adversities along the way hindered the team from playing as well as they were capable of playing. Rain washed out half of the schedule, including the first three conference show-downs with LSD in Baton Rouge. So, the Rebels slipped to an overall 14-12-1 mark and turned in a 5-8 conference slate for the ' 73 campaign, as young players never got the opportunity to gain experience and the veterans were unprepared for SEC battle due to the weather. Veteran pitcher Jim Pittman, who starred for the Rebs in 1972, suffered a broken finger on his pitching hand prior to the season in a freak accident and thus was late coming into full form. Depart- ing short-stop Steve Dillard was replaced by Tucker Ashford, a speedy freshman who may turn some pro heads before he is graduated. Top: Greg Hartsough is tagged out at homeplate against A.S.U. Bottom: Norris i| Weese homers in first inning in double-header with L.S.U. 216 Top: Weese drives in Siedell. Left: Dennis Starr scores. Right: Jim Pitt- man delivers a pitch. 217 Top: Dan McLeod fouls. Left: Coach Jake Gibbs contemplates next move Right: Tucker Ashford scoring against Delta State. 218 Top: McLeod tells Spaulding to slide in home against Delta State. Bottom: Ashford takes a late throw from Dennis Starr as Bobby Spaulding backs up the play. ir Hte flrii iJ M 4 1 T V ,_ . _ _ _ fc fc fc- Junior Dan McLeod joined the outfield corps alongside Weese and Husband. Sophomore Greg Hartsough earned the first base duties, with Bobby Spaulding and Rod Sie- dell returning at second and third bases, respectively. Dennis Starr returned behind the plate for his final season. The pitching staff included veteran tossers Barry Gaddis, Hank List, and Jim Pittman along with Joe Nichols and ace reliever Mike Park. Appearing to have created a solid team, Coach Gibbs led his Rebel troops into combat. Three of the first four scheduled games were cancelled due to rain, with the Rebels squeezing in a 5-3 win over William Carey College. After splitting a doubleheader with Southern Mississippi almost two weeks later, the Rebs dropped a pair to Louisi- ana Tech, then belted Memphis State 10-4. In their final series before entering SEC play, the Rebs took two of three decisions from Clemson here on campus. Apparently on the right foot, the Rebs eagerly waited their conference debut. However, the rainy nemesis pre- vailed and the Rebs were forced to wait another week for a conference date, this time the eventual champion Ala- bama. The Rebs calmly proved that a long layoff is unhealthy as the Crimson Tide swept three games from the rusty Rebels. 219 The following two weeks of action proved to be the sweetest part of the entire season for the Ole Miss crew. Winning six of seven games, the Rebels appeared to be back on the track that earned them the number two national ranking the year before. After downing Alabama 4-2 here on campus, the winning streak ended. Losing four of the next five games, including two to confer- ence foe Mississippi State and two more to Alabama, cost the Rebs all hope of a repeat SEC crown. Breaking the monotony of conference battle, the Rebels faced Memphis State and Delta State before closing the season out against LSD. Lady luck struck once again, and both games with the non-conference teams were rained away. However, the Rebels performed well in the final appearances of the season. LSD visited Oxford and the cordial fans treated them with gracious Southern hospitality. The Rebels whipped the Cajuns 1 2-8 and 1 5-1 2 in the first two games before losing the finale mostly behind the strength of Paul Husband ' s seven hits in nine at-bats, which pulled his batting average up to a league-lead- ing .402. Husband joined the St. Louis Cardinals, Weese returned back to football, Starr graduated, and others began looking forward to the 1 974 season. ' I Top: Jamie Morris scores against LSD. Bottom: Rodney Siedell fouls one into the stands against LSD. 220 Top. Norris Weese sliding into third against Miss. State. Middle: Rodney Siedell fouls one. Bottom: Barry Gaddis delivers a pitch against LSU. 221 Golf 1973 Coach Ray Poole ' s golfers fashioned a 3-1 match play record and participated in six big tournament fields. The Rebs were ninth in the Seminole Invitational at Tallahassee, Florida, tied for fifth in the Alabama-West Florida Invitational at Pensacola, Florida, seventh in the Jim Corbett Classic in Baton Rouge, fifth in the Southern Junior-Senior Invitational in Alexander City, Alabama, third in the Mississippi State Invite and ninth at the SEC tournament at Callaway Gardens, Georgia. Ole Miss served as host for the 1 973 Southeastern Confer- ence tournament. Bobby Maddox of Laurel was the only senior in the regular starting six-some for the Rebs. 222 I 223 Tennis 1 973 Coaches John Cain and Mack Cameron guided the tennis team to a 1 2-9 match play record, the best won- loss showing in three years. The Rebel netters were runner-up for the second straight year in the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament, sixth in the Southern Mis- sissippi Invitational and ninth in the SEC meet. Peter Marks, freshman from Jackson and the first four-year scholarshipped player, was the starter at number one singles, followed by Will Galtney and New Williams, both of Jackson, Lee Bramlett of Clarksdale, Sid Sims of Jackson and Stewart Barr of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marks and Barr teamed in number one doubles, Sid Sims and Williams at two and Galtney with Dennis Sims of West Memphis, Arkansas at number three. Williams and Sid Sims led the team with a 1 5-5 match play record. Barr and Dennis Sims were the only gradu- ating seniors. 224 225 Ole Miss Soccer Club 226 - - 227 MClub EMINGWAY SI v P ' " . v -V (See index for group picture identification.) M-Club Officers; Tom Jordan, Vice-President; Art Bressler, Sergeant-at-Arms; Paul Walker, Secre- tary; Bob Bailess, President. w 1973 Football 1 973-74 Basketball Opponent Villanova Missouri Memphis State Southern Mississippi Auburn Georgia Florida Vanderbilt L.S.U. Tennessee Mississippi State 6 17 17 14 20 10 14 51 18 10 U.M. Opponent 24 Texas Charleston College 1 3 Arkansas 41 Southern Mississippi 7 Eastern Illinois Louisiana Tech 13 Norther n Louisiana 24 Georgia 14 Auburn 28 Tennessee 38 Alabama Kentucky Florida Vanderbilt Mississippi State L.S.U. Georgia Auburn Tennessee Alabama Kentucky Florida Vanderbilt Mississippi State L.S.U. 59 55 66 75 77 76 86 70 65 57 88 93 73 71 67 63 55 85 65 77 60 77 84 75 74 U.M. 75 94 117 79 90 105 78 78 93 69 71 64 83 56 72 77 59 75 57 57 61 61 68 69 82 230 to }M 973 Baseball 973 Golf 973 Tennis Opponent Wm. Carey College Southern Mississippi Southern Mississippi Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Memphis State Clemson Clemson Clemson Alabama Alabama Alabama Arkansas State Arkansas State Mississippi State Mississippi State Memphis State Delta State Alabama Alabama Alabama Mississippi State Mississippi State Mississippi State L.S.U. L.S.U. L.S.U. U.M. 5 3 3 5 3 10 6 4 10 2 5 3 6 2 4 5 6 4 1 2 5 1 12 8 15 12 3 8 1 1 5 4 3 10 3 2 3 7 2 4 3 3 2 6 3 3 5 Opponent U.M. Delta State 302 289 Florida State Inv. 9th Arkansas State 388 365 Eastern Illinois 379 365 Alabama-West Florida Inv. T-5th L.S.U. Inv. 7th Memphis State 383 387 Southern Junior-Senior Inv. 5th Mississippi State Inv. 3rd SEC Tournament 9th Opponent U.M. Delta State 9 Arkansas State 4 5 Millsaps 3 6 University of Missouri 6 3 Memphis State 8 1 Southern Mississippi 2 7 L.S.U. 9 Alabama 6 Southwestern 2 University of Tenn. Matin 9 Washington University 8 Mississippi State 9 Mississippi College 1 8 USM Inv. 6th Arkansas State 2 7 University of Tenn. Martin 9 University of South Florida 6 3 Vanderbilt 9 Kentucky 8 1 Auburn 7 2 Mississippi College 9 Mississippi Intercollegiate 2nd Bel haven 4 5 SEC Tournament 9th 231 ' 232 233 Interfraternity Counci Steve Stanford President Randy Noel Vice President r 234 Glen Taylor Recording Secretary Jim Maccarone Corresponding Keith Mansel Treasurer I Panhellenic Counci Marni Shideler President . v Melne Tate Vice President " V , Barbara Brown Secretary Patsy Primrose Treasurer 235 AAIT 236 President Vice-President . .[4 Corresponding Sec Recording Secreta Treasurer rlotte Birdsong arol Winterrowd Marcia Wasson . Belinda Mason . Cathy Landers 237 BIG BOY s iillllli 238 President, Vice-Presidgrn Recording Correspondin Treasurer Catching ie Anders Monteith rine Sterling teev Mclnnis 239 240 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . Gary Snyder Jay Wai ne Mike Morton . Bill Overcast 241 242 ' Presid Vice-Pn son Rosa ' Halford Corresponding Secretary Paula Yarbrough Recording Secretary ' . . ... Diane OWphant v . ' 244 lobertson Earl Davis rlie Farris Reined Mil Parentin 245 246 Moore Paslay .John M. Martin . . . . Eddy Neblett Matt Isch President Vice-President . . Secretary W3a ? I 1 - " A - 247 248 President Vice-Presi Secretary Treasurer Treasurer Alford Dan Ellen Brock Debbie Phillips Karen Boyd Chatham 249 AAA . i - 250 .Y DEL i I President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . ' Ifc I 251 252 - 1 President LL2P L ' ' ' Kacky Hail Vice-President . . :irf fir. . Jane Barnes Corresponding Sec Recording Secreta Treasurer . . Jan Jones . Ren Goad . Libby Idom AKE 254 President Vice-President . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Seer Treasurer athan Styron rk Crawford evin McNeely yfcj. . David Booth 255 256 President Vice-President Treasurer . Mike Portner Tony Hall S. Hawg 257 Mark Barraza Danny Patton . . Louis Fuller ill Ridgeway . . . Kirk King lly Samuels g McKinnon Barraza Sam Lane - 259 260 y I w 1 President . Vice-Presiden: Secretary . . . . ' Treasurer . nnte Waring . . Susan Koch . Lemoyne Lott rea White 261 KKT 262 President . First Vice-P Second Vi Recording Treasurer . ura Haltom Ilian Privett land Ozier rnille Jones Robley Evans 263 . lii: I i 264 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . G.M.C , . George Griffith . Doug Johnson Rob Cook David Clodfelter Tom Ham r 265 266 Commander, Lt. Comman Recorder Treasurer Treasurer . 267 President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Paul Stephenson . . . Rick Gernert . ' . Johnny Newman . Harbour Mounger 269 , i 270 I President . . . Vice-President Recording Seen Corresponding Sec Treasurer . IcDonough arles Church Chuck Turner ivid McCullough . .Steve Blue 271 J KT f| KT .1 272 President ??? First Vice-President - -- . .Mike Deneka . John Mullican Second Vice-President Gary Williamson Recording SecretaJW TT wt . . Mike Balthazar Treasurer m Afe. . . .Wayne Gray 274 President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secret; Treasurer . . Stephen Tipton Jim Maccarone Chris Brown rry Spoonamore . . Bill Curtis 1 275 i 276 President Vice-Presi Recording Correspo Treasurer i Randolpr ni Shidelei . Pat GOSJ yn Phillups h Durharr 177 HBO 278 President .... Moral Vice-Preside Mental Vice-Presi Social Vice-Presidel Recording Secretary Treasurer . . Cindy Doolittle . . . Pam Caff ey n Huckstep n Middlebrook . Susan Dulaney Kathy Orr 279 280 . . . Gary Gariand John Fields . Randy Hartzog . . David Kaufman President . . Vice-Preside Secretary . . Treasurer . 281 2AE rsw Sgms Alpha Ep ilon President . . . Vice-Presid Secretary . . Treasurer . rank Tindall len Ballard Schandorff redith Allen 283 284 J0FV T President r I M ike Gibbs Vice-President I.I T B bby Moore Secretary .... K) H . - . .Lee Valentine Treasurer . . . . . .Joe Thompson ;no 286 Karl Smith Dubose dgar Bland y Everson President Vice-Presi Secretary Treasurer 287 20E . ' J ' rH ZL ' a WM . V J . i 288 Mike Bowei Tom Abbol Jim Bon Benny Carte Vice-President . Secretary Comptroller 289 290 w . Linda White . Cindy Camp ni Ragsdale Kathi Beard : Debbie Pierce . . Becki Brown 1stVice-Preskfefrt(J,. . 2nd Vice-President . Recording Secretary . . . Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer 291 I Helen Ann Rogers I Anne Blanford I 292 Marty Carlisle I I Trisha Smith Becky Pickett Patty Shuff I Nita Hall Fay Richmond Thelma Boyd 293 1 1 Rebecca Poteet I I Melne Tate I 294 Ann Roberts 295 Debbie Rogers 296 Sally Sherman 1 Rosemary Young Kathy McKellar Beverly Bollick 297 The Aggregation 299 300 The Aggregation Aggregation. Aggregation? Is this in ear- nest? How do I interpret the nature of this section? I mean, in what manner should one react? Well, hang in there folks. Please read on. Soon enough all of you, the optimists, the indifferent, and the pessimists, will possess the privilege of an official and judicious eval- uation of what lies ahead in this somewhat unique portion of the yearbook. Have a little faith. O.K. . . . Now for a few basics. Aggregation " a group, body, or mass composed of many distinct parts: Assem- blage. " (Sincere thanks to Dan Webster). This primary clue should have seeded at least partial understanding in most minds. However, if you still grope for a harmonious relationship between the students at Ole Miss and this perhaps irregular section title, a final explanation is in order. They are syn- onymous, one and the same. Easy? You bet. But here ' s the tough part. What is the most appropriate angle from which we may approach such a delicate subject? And con- sider also we should include humor, create a somewhat favorable atmosphere, and reflect at least a mean degree of accuracy while describing the folks here. One final word before commencement. Probably one of man ' s most ignoble and yet consistent flaws is that of fastening standard identifications on people. (More commonly referred to as labeling). This can obviously be undesirable, but in such a desperate situ- ation as this, it is necessary to limit our- selves in this way. Therefore, a few basic subgroups that comprise our aggregation have been selected for our interest. So at the risk of being extremely dull, highly offen- sive, and completely inaccurate, here we go. This section is you. Relax and enjoy . . . 301 l 304 Greeks Whether your imagination provides you a picture of Greeks as a bunch of stuffed shirt social elites, a group of conscientious stu- dents with the noble intentions of Plato and Socrates, or a band of 100 naked inebriates after their annual blowout, one fact seems apparent. Greek letter fraternities and sororities are a sound and unerasable segment of stu- dents traditional to Ole Miss. How can such a bold statement be vindicated when only one of every five people reading this is a Greek? Simple. This is a complete fabrica- tion. All Greeks are in reality rich alcoholics who attend school to display their new fash- ions, smear the rear windshields of their automobiles with Greek-letter stickers, and travel to New Orleans after football games. Correct? Dead Wrong. Though these ideas pervade the minds of a few, some points might need clarification. Greeks maintain a higher G.P.A. than the overall student average, they annually con- tribute time and dollars to various charities and service projects, and actively partici- pate in nearly all major campus activities. But wait a cotton-pickin ' minute. This is not a case before Perry Mason. We attempt to prove nothing. What ' s the deal? . . . maybe a humorous essay on Greeks. Maybe a futile attempt to achieve under- standing between Greeks and non-Greeks. Or maybe an excerpt from Mad Magazine. Who knows? . . . Let ' s put on our frat jer- seys and head for Johnnies. -d fX J 306 307 ndependents As in the television and news media, the yearbook media also covets highly and pro- vides you absolutely free of charge the right of equal time and coverage. So, to all you guys and gals who prefer no Greek affilia- tion, the podium is yours. " Three hoorays for the 80% who shun societies that may result in limited friend- ships. A round of applause for students who satisfactorily nourish and entertain them- selves without a four year commitment to one social group. And a sincere pat on the back to he who abandons the sardine-can communal life of a sorority or fraternity house. Hooray! " (The preceeding was a paid political announcement by committee chairman N. D. Pendent.) Though a brief recollection of July 4th, 1 776 may indeed present virtuous connota- tions to the word independent, let us not lose our heads over the matter. Let ' s merely state a few facts. Independents are an over- whelming majority on the Ole Miss campus, and in recent years their numbers have been increasing slightly. These facts may carry sundry implication, but let ' s debate no pros and cons about independents. We cheer, " Bravo I.S.O.! " 308 I 309 i WAY STADIUM 310 311 Meats In addition to those sometimes furtive glances that breed a tinge of jealousy (or excitement, depending on your gender), the massive framed athlete is also the recipient of other little-known treats. Like a hell of a rough way to go during season. Yes, that is correct. Most fans, while watching their favorite spartans battle for our Alma Mater, don ' t consider the count- less curse-calling, cramp-causing, crunch- catching hours spent in preparation for the 1 20 minute contest they witness . Then com- bine with these toils, injuries sustained, embarrassments endured, and disappoint- ments suffered. And to top it all off, you must be a bit amazed with the great ' espirit de corps ' the athletes possess in their efforts. Yes gang, and they do it all for that single moment of satisfaction and glory when they can say to themselves, " We won. " Well, not exactly . . . Those moments do serve as ego boost- ers, but there are other small rewards. Like free scholarships, automobiles, apartment, money, tutoring services, test files, and the like. There are also reports of some athletes who engage in the dubious, but profit-mak- ing, activity of retail clothing sales. So maybe you should not weep inces- santly the next time you see an athlete eat a line drive or use his nose for landing gear. It ' s all part of the old ball game. Still, for me and the other 90 pound weak- lings who enjoy varsity sports vi cariously, well, we ' re content to guzzle Schlitz, munch popcorn, abuse the refs, and cheer our team. 312 313 I, . - r s . 315 The Belles (that means girls) Although the ladies ' heads may swell And women ' s libbers curse my line, A voice cries, " It ' s the Ole Miss belle Who makes proud Dixie shine. " Her elegance and loving mind, Her ceaseless quest for virtue ' s air, Flirtatious though, but all combined These traits crown her most fair. In literature and mothers ' dreams Our lively belle still reigns today, But ' grill it ' now; it doubtless seems The legend ' s slipped away. Instead of dresses frilly laced, A slightly different trend is seen. The fancy wardrobe ' s been replaced By faded levi jeans. Long curls are out; the ' shag ' is in, And make-up ' s changed from olden norms, And geez! A real change took place when Girls spoke of open dorms! Despair not moms, this literature Recrowns our belles throughout the nation. They ' re wonderful; and some I ' m sure Attempt an education. 316 317 318 - 319 320 s Faculty On those first few relaxed days of class, a student may calmly amble into the classroom, unprepared and unburdened by textbooks, carelessly collapse into an av ailable seat, lean back and muse to himself, " O.K. professor, show me your stuff. I hold the cards now; convince me you ' re worth a darn. " Perhaps not everyone approaches the subject of teacher evaluation with such a haughty or contemptuous attitude, (and surely the hung-over, the sleepy, and the unconcerned don ' t approach the subject at all) but most everyone, whether con- sciously or subconsciously, tends to scrutinize and judge his instructors. Indeed, many make games of it, gathering personal impressions, and then scurrying from the classroom to compare with their peers. " Ya hoo! Unlimited cuts, " or " that $! , two term papers! " and an occasional " ha ha hee hee, the jerk makes us say, Good Morning. " True, these common remarks invariably pervade the campus at the beginning of each new semester, but hopefully students utilize more important criteria upon which they rank their teachers. Like maybe a teacher ' s knowledge of the subject matter, experience in instruction, or concern for the students. Now comes the clincher. How about the Ole Miss Profs? How do they stand? (drum roll) We would like to seize this opportu- nity to assert that they are recognized as a congregation of superior intellects with unequaled motivational skills, who possess an indefatigable spirit of learning and an incomparable desire to transmit this learning. We would like to say this . . . And we would, too, if it were true. Unfortunately we are mindful of the grievous problem faced not only at Ole Miss, but embedded in all educational institutions namely the problem of poor teachers. This should not be interpreted to mean that Ole Miss is without its excellent teachers (and seriously, we ' ve got some superstars). Nor should this mean that all difficult or inexperienced teachers should be hung naked throughout Faculty Row. What should be gleaned is that mutual concessions and cooperation are necessities in a worthwhile student-teacher relationship, and if an appetite for knowledge exists within a student, he may satisfy it regardless of circumstances. (. . . or maybe we could toast them over flames of burning test papers . . . ?) 321 DANGER EXPLOSIVEI CHEMICAL 322 323 1111:1 II 324 Aggregation Well, folks, that about wraps things up. After a moment ' s reflection, you may begin to complete your promised official and judi- cious evaluation shown below. Oh, and one last word. Don ' t feel insulted or offended, because you were left out of this section. Because if you were not included in at least one of these subgroups, you do not exist. And probably by the same token, if you were a member of each of these subgroups, you do not exist. (Or if you were, you ' re a case for Ringling Brothers Circus.) CONSUMER SURVEY (check in the most appropriate answer) This section of the Ole Miss Yearbook: ( ) deserves a Nobel Prize for literature ( ) was not understood ( ) was gleeming sarcastic mediocrity ( ) was not read ( ) transcends description Please mail all letters of praise and com- mendation to Yearbook of the University of Mississippi, Box 365, University of Missis- sippi. Please mail all complaints and unfavorable criticisms to Route 4, Gnome, Alaska, in care of Joe ' s Diner. 325 a:-. M . Cl asses Professionals David Lee Abel, University, Law Kenneth Edward Aldridge, University, Law William Brooks Alexander, Cleveland, Law William R. ArmstrongkBrandon, Law Brenda Denise Barnes, Port-.Cibson, Law Susan Elizabeth Barnes, Oxford, Graduate Larry Eugene Beall, Marianna, Fla., Law Bobert Mclntyre Beno, Greenwood, Law Donald Henry Benson, Oxford, Law Charlotte N. Berry, Red Bay, Ala., Law Thomas Cleveland Birchett, University, Graduate Brian Jeffrey Bishop, Laurel, Law Henry Holland Black, Jackson, Law Jim Crighton Blough, Natchez, Law William T. Bounds, Jr., Oxford, Graduate James Merle Bowling, Oxford, Graduate Bonnie Claire Brasell, Grenada, Law Ann Mason Brooks, Montrose, Colo., Law Mark Douglas Brown, Gibson City, III., Law Paul Earnest Brown, Newton, Graduate Richard Benbury Brown, Jr., Gulfport, Law Ernest Bernard Buehler, Greenville, Graduate James Steven Cameron, Junction City, Ark., Law William Mack Cameron, Laurel, Law John Monty Campbell, Holly Springs, Law James Thomas Canizaro, Vicksburg, Graduate Robert A. Carson, Marks, Law Richard Cortese Casey, Germantown, Tn., Graduate Mark Daniel Casson, Ocean Springs, Law Stephen Barnard Catron, Bowling Green, Ky., Law Wing Kwong Chan, University, Graduate Chun Hsuing Chang, Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate Chang Jan Chien, University, Graduate John Hill Chisolm, Brighton, Tn., Law Michael Bruce Chittom, Indianola, Law 328 Professional: Linda Gail Christian, Fulton, Law Eric Charles Clark, Taylorsville, Law Robert Thural Clark, Corinth, Pharmacy Thomas Randy Cobb, New Albany, Law Gary G. Coffman, Portales, New Mexico, Graduate Jimmy Ray Coker, Blue Mountain, Law Patricia Hardon Collins, Oxford, Law Robert Tillman Collum, Oxford, Law John William Combs, Hopkinsville, Ky., Law Lamar Adams Conerly, Oxford, Law Roger Parron Conley, Bradenton, Fla., Law Stephen Day Cook, Clinton, Graduate William Leslie Cook, Jr., Greenwood, Law Charles Morris Cooper, Oxford, Law Herbert Lester Courtney, Purvis, Law Hugh Ingram Cowsert, Yazoo City, Graduate Harmon Wilfred Cox, Clarksdale, Graduate John Henry Cox, Oxford, Law John Richard Davis, University, Law Jessie Dennis Dear, Jackson, Law Anselm Joseph Dees, Greenville, Law John Lee Depolo, Clarksburg, W. Va., Law Carolyn Dillard, Leland, Graduate Thelma Joyce Dobbins, Nesbitt, Law William Edward Dossett, Jackson, Law Kenneth Richard Dreher, Oxford, Law Robert Maurice Dreyfus, Hattiesburg, Law Daryl Aven Dryden, Moss Point, Law Clarence Earl Dubose, Moss Point, Pharmacy William Lawrence Ducker, Purvis, Law Harold Wilson Duke, Oxford, Law James Otis Dukes, Quitman, Law Lindley Leonard Dunn, Waynesboro, Pharmacy William Fred Early, Oxford, Law Mary Beth Eaton, Oxford, Graduate 329 Prof essionais Diane Lee Elliott, Ripley, Graduate Hubert Edward Ellis, Oxford, Law Marion Joseph Emmons, Corinth, Graduate Paul Ramage Ethridge, Jackson, Graduate Cheryl Ann Evans, Clinton, Graduate Gary Wesley Farabough, University, Law Elizabeth Marshall Fedric, Charleston, Graduate Adele Gotthelf Felts, University, Law Morris Leon Felts, University, Graduate John Alexander Ferrell, Oxford, Law Dorothy Irene Flake, Louisville, Law Aaron Rudolph Flinchum, Hiwasee, Va., Pharmacy Terry Lynn Franklin, Greenville, Law William Berley Ganann, Carthage, Pharmacy Maudine Gatlin, Crystal Springs, Law Samuel Dexter Givhan, Pontotoc, Law Nancy Theresa Goodman, Red Banks, Pharmacy Stephen Craig Grace, Owensboro, Ky., Graduate Obie Lee Graves, University, Graduate Harrison S. Greenlaw, Fredericksburg, Va., Graduate Benjamin Elmo Griffith, Cleveland, Law Michael John Griffith, Pensacola Beach, Fla., Law Domenic Leonard Grosso, Oxford, Law Frank George Gruich, Jr., Biloxi, Pharmacy Michael James Hahn, Atlanta, Ga., Law James Montgomery Hall, University, Law Marshall B. Haller, DePere, Wise., Law Stephen Denis Hans, Oxford, Law Thomas Cranford Hardin, University, Pharmacy Tommy Ray Hardwick, Corinth, Law Larry Keith Hardy, University, Pharmacy Fred Harrell, Brandon, Law Vicki Roach Harris, Los Angeles, Calif., Law Jeff Harvey, Little Rock, Ark., Graduate Sharon Lee Henderson, Brinkley, Ark., Law 330 Professionals Rosemary Denise Hendrix, Jonesboro, Ark., Law Wayne Louis Hengen, Biloxi, Law Tai Hwa Ho, Taiwan, Graduate Norman L Hodges, Pine Bluff, Ark., Graduate Jeffrey Thomas Hollimon, Oven, Law Douglas Gordon Holt, Little Rock, Ark., Graduate Jin Chung Sun Hong, Taiwan, Graduate Shang-Chuan Hong, Taiwan, Graduate Burton Baynes Hosch, Oxford, Law Yunglin Houng, Taiwan, Graduate Tom Hsiang, Taiwan, Graduate John Charles Hughes, University, Graduate Randall Toombs Huling, Southaven, Law John H. Hunsicker, University, Graduate Charles Logan Hussey, University, Graduate 331 Professionals Jesse Earl Jacobs, Quitman, Law Alfred Benjamin Jernigan, Oxford, Law Rebecca Moore Jernigan, Southaven, Graduate Gary Martin Jones, Lexington, Tn., Pharmacy Samuel Beauchamp Jones, Meridian, Law Robert Lee Jordan, University, Pharmacy William Van Justice, Oxford, Graduate Jack Curry Kean, Starkville, Law Alfred George Kelley, Gulf Breeze, Fla., Law George Thomas Kelly, Oxford, Law Dennis James Keough, University, Law William Dean Kidd, Southaven, Law Steven Allan Kizzer, Elmont, N.Y., Law Walter Henry Klaus, Fredericksburg, Va., Law Christy L. Koban, Memphis, Tn., Law Robert Preston Krebs, Columbus, Law Carlita Mitchell Laidlaw, University, Law Richard Keith Laidlaw, University, Law James L. Lambert, Picayune, Pharmacy Alice S. Lancaster, Oxford, Graduate Robert Lowell Lancaster, Columbus, Law Thomas Jeff Larkin, University, Graduate Kenneth Edward Larsen, lackson, Law Robert Weems Lawrence, Jackson, Law Drake Zachary Lee, Senatobia, Pharmacy Rebecca Sue Legge, Sardis, Law Robert Edwin Lewis, Meridian, Law Hsien Yang Lin, University, Graduate Nadereh Little, University, Law John Heath Lively, Lake Park, Fla., Graduate David Joseph Livingston, Oxford, Law Robert M. Logan, Lake, Law Milton Adams Mackey, Batesville, Law Jack Hart Maddan, Jr., Oxford, Graduate Robert Lawrence Maddox, Laurel, Graduate 332 ) ft I Professionals Elizabeth Ann Malatesta, Clarksdale, Graduate David Paul Manuel, University, Graduate Kam Chui Mar, Fort Worth, Tex., Graduate Vincent D. Marascalco, Grenada, Law Nancy Patrice Maudlin, McComb, Graduate Jonathan May, Oxford, Graduate Regina Lucile McBryde, Sumrall, Law Jimmy Dale McCarver, Sledge, Graduate Daniel Michael McDonald, Meridian, Law William Michael McDonald, Clarksdale, Law Aurora Castro McDonnough, University, Law Merle McDonnough, University, Law George Chester McKee, University, Law James Joseph McKeown, Jr., University, Law Jackie F. McKinney, University, Graduate Morris Michael McLarty, Arlington, Tex., Law Gerald Richard McLemore, Oxford, Law Robert Rex McRaney, Jackson, Law Sharon Ann McRee, Louin, Graduate Richard Lynn Metcalf, Jackson, Law Helen H. Moak, Oxford, Graduate Kevin Etienne Mocklin, New Orleans, La., Pharmacy Michael Jerome Molt, Oxford, Law John Francis Monaghan, Wyncote, Pa., Law Elizabeth Kay Mooney, Magnolia, Ark., Law Fitz Robert Morgan, Morgan City, Graduate Marvin Newman Morris, University, Pharmacy Richard F. Morthland, Decatur, III., Law Ellis Harrey Moss, Corinth, Law Josephine Moy, Hernando, Law Claudia Loyette Murphy, Wilmer, Ala., Law David Lyle Neville, Oxford, Graduate Frank Donald Nidiffer, Bristol, Tn., Law Evan N. Nightingale, Ulysses, Kan., Law Charles Ambrose Noll, Gulf port , Law 333 Professionals Salameh Abdul Nsour, University, Law Leali Jane Nuckolls, Bolivar, Tn., Graduate Kenneth O ' Donnell, Oxford, Law Rebecca Ann Oldroyd, Oxford, Law Timothy William Pace, Aberdeen, Law Lewis Anthony Palumbo, Oxford, Graduate Betty Crouther Pate, Carthage, Graduate Dennis Carl Paulk, University, Pharmacy Peter Benton Perkins, Hazelhurst, Law William Howell Perkins, Belzoni, Law Nicholas Bruce Phillips, luka, Law Earl Hampton Pitts, University, Graduate Evelyn Lawana Pitts, University, Graduate Samuel T. Polk, Starkville, Law Rosa Josephine Poole, Natchez, Graduate Professionals G. I. Prajapati, University, Graduate Eric Richard Pratt, Oxford, Graduate Cassandra Dale Pressley, Jackson, Law Gerald Taylor Price, Houston, Tex., Law Daniel Quon, Hernando, Graduate Kenneth Bell Raigins, Prairie, Law Michael K. Randolph, Oxford, Law David McCleary Rather, Holly Springs, Law Ricki Allyn Rayner, Jackson, Graduate David Lee Reynolds, University, Law Sandra Gay Reynolds, University, Graduate Raymond Erwin Riddle, Oxford, Graduate Stanley Bpyd Riddle, New Site, Pharmacy John B. Riemenschneider, Fond du Lac, Wise., Law Jon Ira Robbins, Jackson, Graduate Donald Rue Roberts, State University, Ark., Graduate Larry Alan Roe, Biloxi, Graduate Jane Elizabeth Romines, Mountain Grove, Mo., Law Stephen H. Rosenblatt, Fort Adams, Law Jerry Mack Rowzee, Jackson, Law Garrett Patrick Ryan, Muncie, Ind., Law Hubbard T. Saunders, Hollandale, Law Sharon Alett Saxon, Natchez, Graduate William Stephen Scott, Portsmouth, Va., Graduate Richard Gary Sharp, Corinth, Graduate Harold Ray Sheely, Ozark, Ala., Graduate Jyi An Shih, University, Graduate Melvin Thomas Sims, Oxford, Law Audrey Morgan Singletary, Jackson, Law Britt Randall Singletary, Jackson, Law Tamara Alice Skelton, Indianola, Law Glen Eliot Smith, Decatur, Law James Daniel Smith, Oxford, Law Keith Wright Smith, Henderson, Tn., Graduate Paul Dudlo Snow III, Oxford, Law 335 Professionals Clement John Sobotka, University, Graduate Vera Madel Speakes, Benoit, Law Larry Stamps, Jackson, Law John Perry Steen, University, Graduate Karl Roy Steinberger, Mendenhall, Law George B. Stewart, Picayune, Pharmacy William Wayne Stogner, Oxford, Law William Chandler Stroh, Chambersburg, Pa., Law Leonell Clarence Strong, Norton, Va., Graduate Jone Mon Sue, Clarksdale, Graduate Christopher Arthur Tabb, Oxford, Law Guo-Tien Tang, Taiwan, Graduate Alvalu Thompson, Earle, Ark., Law William Jackie Thompson, Oxford, Pharmacy Gary Dale Thrash, Jackson, Law Drew Ives Tillman, Brooklyn, N.Y., Law Wen-Chung Tsai, Taiwan, Graduate Daniel Clifton Tullos, Little Rock, Ark., Graduate Mathew Atherton Varnado, University, Graduate John Alexander Wade, Jackson, Law Dennis Stanford Waks, Decatur, III., Law Randall Del Waks, Oxford, Law Janet Lee Walden, Biloxi, Graduate Catherine Walker, Hernando, Law Franklin Neill Walker, Jr., Oxford, Law Ronnie Leigh Walton, Oxford, Law John Dale Ware, Jackson, Law George Adie Warthen, Richmond, Va., Law Homer Benton Watkins, Jackson, Graduate John Stephen Weatherly, Clinton, Graduate Bruce Timothy Welch, Vaiden, Pharmacy William V. Westbrook, University, Law Arthur E. Westmoreland, Fort Smith, Ark., Law John Craig Whiteside, Oxford, Law Phil Ford Wier, Mississippi State, Law essionais Elnora Wiggins, Hattiesburg, Graduate Chanaka Wijayasinha, University, Graduate Amzie Thomas Williams, Oxford, Law James Kenneth Williams, Jackson, Graduate Kenneth Carroll Willis, Bruce, Graduate Deborah Elizabeth Wolfe, Columbia, Pharmacy Betsy Ann Wong, Rosedale, Law Bobby Ray Wood, Corinth, Law William Richard Wright, lackson, Law Te-Kao Wu, University, Graduate Robert Young, Long Beach, Law Arnold Harry Zudick, Morristown, N.J., Law 337 Seniors Thomas Parker Abbott, Baltimore, Md., Liberal Arts Edward Michael Abies, luka, Liberal Arts Christopher Timothy Adams, Norfolk, Va., Engineering Deborah Kay Adams, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts Sheila Jane Alawine, Colinsville, Liberal Arts Glenn Lawson Albritton, Jackson, Liberal Arts Elise Christine Alford, McComb, Business James B. Alford III, Holly Springs, Business Calhoun Allen, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts Jacqueline Jeannette Amos, Leland, Liberal Arts Judith Ellen Anders, Hamberg, Ark., Liberal Arts Carla Drexel Anderson, Muncie, Ind., Business Catherine Ann Anderson, Grosse Point Park, Mich., Liberal Arts Katherine Sue Anderson, Inverness, Liberal Arts Peggy Dale Anest, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Bobbie Delia Anthony, Bruce, Liberal Arts Chester Joe Ard, Oxford, Business Bonnie Jean Arnold, Sledge, Liberal Arts James Austin Arnold, Jackson, Liberal Arts Jennie Greer Ashmore, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts David Murrell Atkins, Tupelo, Education Seyed Hassan Bagheri, University, Engineering David Raymond Bailey, Oxford, Liberal Arts Jim Bailey, Itta Bena, Pharmacy Susan Boatman Bailey, Shelby, Business Thomas Allen Bailey, Shelby, Engineering Brenda Kay Baker, Walls, Education John Edward Baker, Oxford, Engineering Beverly Ball, Laurel, Education Robert Easley Ballard, Tupelo, Business Edward Griffin Barber, Oxford, Business Elna Elliott Barber, Oxford, Education Bobby Barnes, Marietta, Liberal Arts Jane Montgomery Barnes, Columbus, Liberal Arts Edward McKinley Barnett, Corinth, Business 338 Seni ions May Frances Harriett, Charleston, Liberal Arts Paul James Batson, Cadsen, Ala., Education Donald Raymond Beadle, Nashville, Tn., Business Ken B. Beal, Sikeston, Mo., Business Katheryn loan Beam, Bradon, Liberal Arts Andrea Kelly Beard, Myrtle, Liberal Arts Laura Letitia Beard, Laurel, Liberal Arts Deborah Jean Bearden, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Timothy Morris Benjamin, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts James Gary Berch, University, Pharmacy Vickie Therease Berryhill, Booneville, Liberal Arts Joan Marie Bishop, Oxford, Education William L Black, Gulfport, Business Christine L Blackburn, Oxford, Education Virginia Carole Blackledge, Laurel, Liberal Arts Cynthia Bruce Blackwell, University, Business John William Blackwell, Petal, Business Debra Ann Bland, Sledge. Education Richard Alan Blount, Memphis, Tn., Business John Stephen Blue, McComb, Business Roy Michael Bolen, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts James Edward Bolin, Aberdeen, Business James Harold Bonds, Booneville, Liberal Arts John Fredrick Boolos, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Come Lynne Boone, New Albany, Education Joseph Nicholas Boris, Tallahassee, Fla., Liberal Arts Johnathan Hall Boswell, Oxford, Liberal Arts Robert H. Boteler, Raymond, Liberal Arts Daniel Robert Bowden, Germantown, Tn., Liberal Arts Frank Weston Bowen, Carthage, Liberal Arts Stephen Oda Bowling, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Karen Elizabeth Boyd, Dundee, Business Patti Billings Brabham, Oxford, Education Beverly Carole Bradley, Millington, Tn., Business Sharon Cagle Brann, Baldwyn, Education 339 Sen! ors Jerry Mitchell Braswell, Oxford, Pharmacy Donald G. Breazeale, lackson, Business Hugh Gregory Breland, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts Betsy Brewer, Corinth, Education David Alan Brewer, Jackson, Liberal Arts John Daryle Bridges, lackson, Liberal Arts Angela Regina Bridgman, Pontotoc, Business Robert Vernon Broadus, Lumberton, Pharmacy Dan Ellen Brock, McComb, Liberal Arts Eric Calvin Brown, Indianola, Liberal Arts Rebecca Diane Brown, Doyline, La., Business Randolph Asa Brunson, Baton Rouge, La., Liberal Arts Thomas Pickney Bryan III, Richmond, Va., Business Deborah Lynn Buford, Greenwood, Education Leonard Samuel Bullock, Charlotte, NC, Liberal Arts Peggy Lee Bumgardner, University, Liberal Arts Alma Kathryn Burkhalter, Enid, Liberal Arts Arthur Allen Burns, Jr., lackson, Liberal Arts Christy Lynn Busby, Hernando, Business Thomas Elijah Bush, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Raleigh Hill Byars, University, Business Tommy Dexter Cadle, Booneville, Education Pamela Faye Caffey, Oxford, Pharmacy Doris Daonne Caldwell, Daleville, Liberal Arts Nell Juanice Caldwell, Pontotoc, Education Tracey Lee Camp, Huntsville, Ala., Liberal Arts Richard Eugene Canizaro, Vicksburg, Business Audrey Kathy Cannon, Memphis, Tn., Education Steven Ray Cannon, Cuifport, Business John Lack Carney, University, Business James Ellis Carpenter, Owensboro, Ky., Business Clyde Russell Carr, Batesville, Liberal Arts Gloria Ann Carter, Drew, Business William Bennett Carter, Booneville, Liberal Arts Richard Dean Cash, Greenwood, Pharmacy 340 ' ' S BACK Seni ions Jerry Causey, McComb, Liberal Arts Carol Rena Chandler, Springfield, Tn., Business Winfield Ladd Chandler, lackson, Liberal Arts Mark James Chaney, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Dianne Martha Chapman, Booneville, Liberal Arts Gregory Allen Chapman, Booneville, Business Harold Price Charest, Indianola, Pharmacy Robert Bostick Childers, Booneville, Liberal Arts Joan Sue Chin, (onestown, Liberal Arts Donald Clinton Christian, Fulton, Liberal Arts Charles Stone Church, Hernando, Business Ronald Paul Churchwell, Blytheville, Ark., Engineering Curtis Mike Clark, Coldwater, Business Patsy June Cochran, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts William Harvey Coggin, Corinth, Business I H . 341 Seni ions Nancy C. Coker, Blue Mountain, Education Robert S. Coleman, Jackson, Business Shirley Ann Coleman, Oakland, Liberal Arts George Cayden Collins, Olive Branch, Business Stephen Leonard Collins, Oxford, Liberal Arts Henry Domino Colotta, Indianola, Business Jeff Robinson Comer, Belmont, Liberal Arts Bentley Conner, Canton, Business Daniel Alan Conway, Granite City, III., Education Linda Keron Cook, Memphis, TN, Liberal Arts Anne Olivia Gotten, Oxford, Liberal Arts Catherine Edwina Couch, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Arthur Anderson Cox, Oxford, Liberal Arts Edwin Ronald Cox, Morrow, Ark., Engineering Robert E. Craddock, Halls, Tn., Business George Anne Craig, Terre Haute, Ind., Education Lila Jo Crane, Oxford, Education Ann McMillan Craven, Grenada, Education Edward Patrick Craven, Memphis, Tn., Business George Habersham Crawford, Aberdeen, Business John Paul Crider, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Jo Karen Crockett, Senatobia, Liberal Arts Debra Quay Cross, Falkner, Education Virginia Paulette Crowell, Ackerman, Pharmacy Nelma Sue Crutcher, Dover, Tn., Liberal Arts George Gerald Cruthird, Perkinston, Liberal Arts Betty Coe Cruzen, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Pamela Mae Cummings, West Point, Liberal Arts James Carl Currie, Miami, Fla., Education David Sylvester Curtis, Selma, Ala., Liberal Arts Ann Mounger Dabbs, Gulfport, Liberal Arts Mary Lee Dabbs, Quitman, Liberal Arts Benatha Dailey, Charleston, Liberal Arts Pamela Sue Dangeau, Forrest City, Ark., Business Ellen Daniel, Clinton, Education 9 342 Seni IOPS Cedreck Gene Davis, Senatobia, Engineering Charles Thomas Davis, Shannon, Business Connie Linda Davis, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Peggy Lee Davis, Lumberton, Liberal Arts Robert Joseph Davis, New Madrid, Mo., Liberal Arts Kenneth Wayne Dawson, Meridian, Business Cheryl Jon Dennie, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Jane Wailes Derivaux, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Mark Harrison Dewey, St. Simons Island, Ca., Business James Quinton Dickerson, Senatobia, Engineering Erma Faye Dickson, Bruce, Education Peggy Jean Dobbins, Nesbit, Liberal Arts Cresada Burns Dobbs, Baldwyn, Business Frances Maybelle Dobbs, Calhoun City, Education Nancy Lynn Donahower, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Cynthia S. Doolittle, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Maple Hayes Dudley, Coffeeville, Liberal Arts Glenn Ford Dunaway, Culfport, Business Reba Kay Dunnam, New Albany, Education N. Clay Duquesnay, Columbus, Liberal Arts George Edwards, Hickory Flat, Liberal Arts Linda Faye Ellis, Sard is, Business William Kenneth Ellis, Sardis, Liberal Arts Sharon L Emery, )ackson, Liberal Arts Deborah Ann Etheridge, Greenville, Pharmacy Jack Colbert Evans, Decatur, Liberal Arts Paula Jean Everett, Picayune, Pharmacy Barry Miller Farr, Greenville, Liberal Arts Deborah Kay Faulkner, Memphis, Tn., Education Ronald Martin Feder, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Cheryl Sue Fenger, Oxford, Liberal Arts Timothy Paul Ferris, Satellite Beach, Fla., Liberal Arts Evelyn Joan Floyd, Vicksburg, Business David Butler Foster, Aberdeen, Pharmacy Rex Benjamin Foster, lackson, Liberal Arts 343 Seni ions Brenda Frazier, Batesville, Business Mayre Emily Freeman, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts Ronald McKinnon Frith, Biloxi, Liberal Arts James Earle Gable, Ripley, Pharmacy Cynthia Stanley Caddy, Gulfport, Education Timothy Louis Gallagher, Texarkana, Tex., Pharmacy Ricky Devon Gamblin, Jackson, Business Henry HerrGantz III, Belzoni, Business Dave Leon Gardner, Shannon, Liberal Arts Lucien Sydney Gaudet, Natchez, Liberal Arts Peter Ellzey Gee, Carrol Iton, Liberal Arts Steven Gelvin, Gulfport, Business Robert Andrew Geoghegan, Fayette, Liberal Arts Franklin Juette George, Grenada, Liberal Arts Kris Demetreos Gianakos, Meridian, Education 344 Seniors lames Gibson, New Albany, Business Thomas Michael Ginn, Columbia, Liberal Arts Nettie B. Gladney, Waterford, Liberal Arts Susan Blackburn Glenn, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Ralph David Glover, luka, Liberal Arts Brion Kelly Gooch, Hernando, Education Gerry Ann Goodson, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts Rodney Wayne Goolsby, Myrtle, Education Jay B. Gore, Grenada, Business Gloria Gigi Gould, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts David |ay Cove, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts John Clark Graeber, University, Business Benjamin Folsom Grantham, Scarsdale, N.Y., Liberal Arts Euphiazene Gray, Oxford, Education Jim Ming Greenlee, Batesville, Engineering Dennis Ancil Griffis, Batesville, Business Pamela Joan Griffis, Batesville, Education Melinda Grissom, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Rayford B. Gustafson III, Oxford, Business Susan Guttman, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts Joe Keith Guy, Ruth, Pharmacy Mary Jo Gwyn, Corinth, Education James Rogers Hall, Cleveland, Business William Lincoln Hall, Meridian, Liberal Arts Ernest Hamblin, Booneville, Liberal Arts Frederick William Hammack, Flora, Business Laurie Beth Hammond, Jackson, Liberal Arts Myra Jean Hamp, Louisville, Liberal Arts Debra Ann Hampton, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts Robert Hamric, Owensboro, Ky., Business Charles Burris Hankins, Tupelo, Pharmacy Lannan Clayton Harden, Fulton, Business Jennifer Laura Hargett, University, Education Janet Louise Harper, Jackson, Business Danny Dillard Harris, Brandon, Liberal Arts 345 Seniors Elvin Lee Harrison, Bay Springs, Business William Lampton Harry, Jr., Columbia, Business Otto Guthrie Harvell, Atlanta, Ca., Liberal Arts Conrad Edward Hayden, Houston, Tex., Liberal Arts Michael Dan Haynie, Corinth, Education Clarence Donald Hays, Jr., Cautier, Liberal Arts Frances Ladell Heard, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts Rondy Gale Heavener, Baldwyn, Business Mohamad K. Hedayati, University, Engineering Thomas Martin Hegwood, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Myrtis Lee Henley, Holly Springs, Business James Clyde Herbert, Shaw, Business Sammy Tate Heuer, Oxford, Business Roger John Hill, University, Liberal Arts Mary Patricia Hinton, Jackson, Business Rebecca Hodges, Kilmichael, Liberal Arts Michael Douglas Holden, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Lee Ann Hollingsworth, Meadville, Liberal Arts Thomas Bernard Holmes, B atesville, Liberal Arts Deborah Lynn Holt, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Peggy Lorraine Hooper, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Iva Varnie Houston, Enid, Education Lynda Ruth Howe, Oakland, Education Judy Ann Huddleston, Falkner, Education Kathy Lee Huddleston, New Albany, Education Stephanie Pauline Huff, Natchez, Business James Stone Hunt, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Liberal Arts Warren Edmond Hutto, Clara, Pharmacy Colleen Adair Ingram, Jackson, Education Yolinda Irby, Batesville, Education Jennifer Joyce Jackson, Oxford, Business Carl Lin Jacobson, Pascagoula, Business Jerry Clinton James, Wesson, Engineering Newton Donald Jenkins, Parkin, Ark., Business Betsy Karen Johnson, Memphis, Tn., Business - 346 Seniors Kenneth Jerome Johnson, Batesville, Liberal Arts Charles Terry Johnston, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Ann Camille Jones, Holly Springs, Education Cynthia P. Jones, Natchez, Liberal Arts Dennis Allen Jones, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Liberal Arts Gary Blanks Jones, Meridian, Liberal Arts Shirley D. Jones, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts William Stephen Jones, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Wanda Jong, Lake Providence, La., Education Franklin Alfred Joslin, Batesville, Liberal Arts Lucy Jue, Lyon, Liberal Arts Hilton Eugene Kalusche, McComb, Liberal Arts Patsy Ruth Keating, Batesville, Pharmacy Samuel Blaine Keeley, Owensboro, Ky., Liberal Arts Glen Patrick Kelly, Baton Rouge, La., Business Ella Susan Kemp, Winona, Liberal Arts Vernon Lee Keown, University, Business Ernest Merl Kersh Jr., Canton, Business Charlotte Ann Kimbrough, University, Education Janet Lynn Kime, Sardis, Business Frederick Robert Klenner, Reidsville, N.C., Liberal Arts Dennis Lynn Koen, Memphis, Tn., Business Karla Beth Kolb, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Frances James Lane, Charleston, Liberal Arts Bobby Gene Langford, New Albany, Business Mark Wesley Lee, Oxford, Education Edwin Clinard LeCrand III, Oxford, Education Howell Dickson Levy, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts Peter Fleming Levy, Clearwater, Fla., Engineering Albert Roy Lively, University, Business William Edward Lloyd, Moss Point, Liberal Arts Julia Elise Lockett, Grenada, Liberal Arts Ronald David Logan, Jackson, Education Cheryl LeMoyne Lott, Walls, Education Ronald William Lott, Jackson, Business 347 Seni ions Marlene Lorraine Louque, Vicksburg, Education Vincent Kin Fei Luk, Hong Kong, China, Engineering lames Vincent Maccarone, Bloomfield, N.J., Liberal Arts Jenny James Majure, Jackson, Education Robert Beasley Malone, Trenton, Tn., Liberal Arts James Pinkston Manning, Nashville, Tn., Education Ronald Dudley Marble Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts Elizabeth J. Marcangeli, Philadelphia, Business William Earl Marion, Waterford, Business Betty Louise Martin, Kingsville, Tex., Education Gary W. Martin, Booneville, Business John Forrest Martin, Vardaman, Pharmacy John H. Martin, Grenada, Business Graves Willis Mashburn, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts James Timothy Mashburn, Brandon, Liberal Arts Judith Clark Mason, Philadelphia, Education Susan Elizabeth Mason, Raymond, Education Bobby Joe Massey, Crowder, Engineering William Michael Matheny, University, Liberal Arts Thomas Bryant Mather, University, Education Jane Margaret Mayfield, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts John C. McArthur, Macon, Liberal Arts Dudley Silas McBee, Greenwood, Business Hope Johnston McCarra, Shubuta, Education Stephen Paul McCarroll, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Mary Zelma McCauley, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts Sam Power McClatchy, Holly Springs, Business John Batton McClendon, Holly Springs, Pharmacy Douglas Wayne McClure, Belzoni, Business Debra Kay McCreary, Tupelo, Education Betty Jo McDaniel, Batesville, Liberal Arts Kevin Alexander McDonell, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Thomas David McDonough, New Albany, Business James Hays Mclntosh, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Venetta Viola Mclntyre, Brandon, Liberal Arts 348 Seni ions Kathryn Claire McKellar, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Marilyn J. McKenzie, Sandy Hook, Liberal Arts Robert Timothy Mcknight, lackson. Liberal Arts Kevin James McNeely, New Orleans, La., Business Sandra Kay McNutt, New Albany, Education James Manning McPhillips, Mobile, Ala., Business Krista V. McReynolds, Starkville, Education Glenn Hulett Metts, Oxford, Engineering Carol Ann Middlebrook, University, Liberal Arts Barbara Scott Miller, Hinsdale, III., Education James Keith Miller, Corinth, Education Robert Howard Miller, Culfport, Business Wanda Rogers Miller, Corinth, Liberal Arts Gregory M. Mitchell, Brandon, Business Javis Edgar Mitchell, Corinth, Business 349 Seni ions Keith Norris Montgomery, Fayette, Liberal Arts Ruth Houston Moody, Baldwyn, Education Beverly Gail Moore, Walnut, Education Zona Leigh Moore, Meridian, Liberal Arts Joseph Randall Moorman, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts Martha Neilson Morehead, Greenwood, Education Ralph Lamar Morgan, lackson, Education Pamela Morris, New Albany, Liberal Arts William Morris, Woodville, Business Robert Smith Murphree, Wayside, Business Stanley A. Napierkowski, Philadelphia, Pa., Liberal Arts Richard Larry Nelson, Oxford, Business Carol Carson Noel, Jackson, Education Robert Deane Noel, Huntsville, Ala., Liberal Arts Grayson Swayze Norquist, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts Shelton Edward Norris, Collins, Business Terry Michael CXConnell, St. Louis, Mo., Business Kathy K. O ' Grady, Fort Worth, Tex., Liberal Arts Linda Diane Oliphant, Oxford, Education William Carson Oliver, Jackson, Business Miriam Jarrett Orman, Hickory Flat, Education Kathy Lee Orr, Batesville, Liberal Arts William Larry Overstreet, Oxford, Liberal Arts Dorothy Jean Owens, Jackson, Liberal Arts Deborah Larand Ozier, Somerville, Tn., Liberal Arts Joanne Evalyn Pang, Marks, Pharmacy Roger Brown Parkes, Jackson, Liberal Arts Harry Moore Paslay, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts Brenda Willingham Patton, Oxford, Education Jeffrey Joseph Perez, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Frances Wise Permenter, Culfport, Liberal Arts Rebecca Ann Perkins, Jackson, Liberal Arts William Perkins, Brookhaven, Business Gustaf Gordon Peterson, Sardis, Liberal Arts Beverly Ruth Phillips, Holly Bluff, Liberal Arts 350 s Seniors Deborah Ann Phillips, Canton, Pharmacy Frank Warren Phillips, University, Business Joseph Williams Phillips, Jackson, Business Marilyn Denton Phillips, Eupora, Education Terry Anthony Phillips, Oxford, Business John Philip Pickett, Jackson, Business Deborah Anne Pierce, Mattoon, III., Liberal Arts Richard Wayne Pierotti, Memphis, Tn., Business Richard Wayne Pitner, Ripley, Liberal Arts Betty Hoover Pittman, Winona, Business Mary Paula Pitts, Fayetteville, Tn., Liberal Arts Timothy Robert Poirier, Burlington, Vt., Business Keith Newton Polk, Florence, Business James Edward Porter, Laurel, Education David Wade Pounds, Dennis, Pharmacy William Stewart Powell, Coldwater, Liberal Arts Martha Barkley Power, Holly Springs, Education David Harris Pratt, Corinth, Business Patricia Landry Primrose, Leesburg, Fla., Liberal Arts Joan Dell Ragsdale, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Debra Gay Rainey, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Johnny Neil Rakestraw, Blue Springs, Business Marianne Ramer, Corinth, Liberal Arts Nathaniel Lafayette Rash, Sunflower, Liberal Arts John Reid Rausch, Covington, La., Liberal Arts Linda Joyce Redmond, Senatobia, Education William Robert Reeves, Greenwood, Pharmacy Stephen Reichle, Columbus, Liberal Arts Bruce Spencer Reynolds, Clinton, Liberal Arts Harold Eugene Reynolds, Culfport, Liberal Arts Judy Kaye Riadon, Madisonville, Ky., Pharmacy Earl Warren Richard, Magnolia, Liberal Arts Daintry E. Richmond, Oxford, Liberal Arts Marga Seal Richmond, Holly Springs, Business Knox Ridley, Smyrna, Tn., Business 351 Seni ors Michael Gates Riley, Etta, Liberal Arts Anne Byrn Roberts, Lebanon, Tn., Education Gwen Robinson, Oxford, Education Chesley Byron Robison, University, Engineering Rebecca Susan Rogers, Morton, Business Willard Henson Rooks, Brownsville, Tn., Liberal Arts Tony Joseph Rosetti Jr., Biloxi, Business Hamid Rousta, University, Engineering Jerrylyn Royston, Potts Camps, Liberal Arts Rebecca Elizabeth Runyan, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts William Wilkins Salmon, Grenada, Business William Palmer Samuels, Memphis, Tn., Business Rebecca Gayle Sanders, Southaven, Education Sylvia Sullivan Sanders, Oxford, Liberal Arts Wayne Alan Saunders, Natchez, Engineering r . - ' .%. o .- ' .i . . , 352 Seniors Charles N. Scarborough, Decatur, Liberal Arts Latracia Ellen Scott, Hernando, Liberal Arts Janice Dare Sessums, Carthage, Education David Lamar Shackelford, Pascagoula, Engineering Covington M. Sharp, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Deborah Campbell Sharp, Wilmington, Del., Liberal Arts Pamela Anne Shipp, Clarksdale, Pharmacy Stephen Joseph Signaigo, Germantown, Tn., Liberal Arts Rochelle Simmons, lackson, Education Jack Randall Simpson, Oxford, Education Deborah Smith, Brownsville, Tn., Liberal Arts James Edwin Smith Jr., Carthage, Business James W. Smith, University, Business Maxine Elizabeth Smith, McComb, Education Nina Burton Smith, (ackson, Liberal Arts Prentis Ray Smith, Culfport, Liberal Arts Ruby D. Smith, Abbeville, Liberal Arts Timothy Wayne Smith, Brookhaven, Engineering Gary Paul Snyder, Castleton, N.Y., Liberal Arts David George Sodergren, Oxford, Engineering Sharman Southerland, Batesville, Liberal Arts George Laborn Sparks, Booneville, Liberal Arts Julia Trigg Speakes, Benoit, Education Minnie Pearl Spearman, Senatobia, Education Marvin B. Speed, Carthage, Liberal Arts Tina Ellen Speed, Prentiss, Education Sharone Ann Stamps, Batesville, Education Kenneth Wayne Stanford, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Albert Earl Stark, Batesville, Pharmacy Charles Estus Steen Jr., Booneville, Business Philip Michael Stevens, Laurel, Business Phoebe Evans Stewart, Holly Springs, Education Leroy Stokley, Leakesville, Liberal Arts Nora Elizabeth Stokley, Leakesville, Business Ann Yvonne Stone, Southaven, Education 353 Sen! ions David Alan Stone, Laurel, Liberal Arts Sherry Lynn Stone, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Charles Richard Strain, Tampa, Fla., Business Cletus William Stringer, Tylertown, Liberal Arts Jonathan Overby Styron, Magee, Pharmacy Billy Thomas Sullivan Jr., Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Samuel R. Sullivan, Canton, Liberal Arts Betty Ruth Swinney, Abbeville, Education Gary Dwain Taft, Olney, Md., Liberal Arts David Ray Tapley, Oxford, Liberal Arts Melne Ann Tate, Oxford, Education Charles Glenn Taylor, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts Jessie Taylor, Oxford, Education Earl Wallace Tenney, Lexington, Ky., Business Carl James Terry, Kensington, Md., Liberal Arts Larry Glenn Thead, Bailey, Liberal Arts Billy Rudolph Thomas, Walnut, Liberal Arts Pamela D. Thomas, Meridian, Liberal Arts James Michael Threet, Florence, Ala., Business Nancy Carol Tipton, Jackson, Liberal Arts Dan Gankulm Tom, Arcola, Pharmacy Julius William Tomaski, Oxford, Liberal Arts Kenneth Claiborne Towler, Lynchburg, Va., Business Lynn Nelson Tramel, Nashville, Tn., Business Don Rodney Trask, Jackson, Liberal Arts Isaac Stone Trotter, Greenville, Liberal Arts Tracy Ann Tucker, Jackson, Tn., Pharmacy Vicki Dianne Tucker, Oxford, Liberal Arts David John Turnage, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts Fred Medford Turpen, Arlington, Va., Business Douglas Moxie Tyrone, Mt. Olive, Liberal Arts Jerald Leonard Ulmer, Laurel, Liberal Arts Steven Smith Valentine, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts James Scott Vance, Grenada, Business Betty Diane Vanderford, Oxford, Businesf 354 V Sen iors Linda lean Vaughn, Meridian, Education Ann Veazey, Coldwater, Education James Foster Wadlington, University, Business Mary Sherman Wagner, Como, Liberal Arts Terry Louise Waks, Oxford, Liberal Arts Sondra Baugh Waldrop, Senatobia, Liberal Arts David Thomas Walker, Jackson, Education Paul Louis Walker, University, Business Robert Harry Walker, Culfport, Business Stuart Alexander Walker, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Alfred Wallace, Tupelo, Education Roberta Sue Wallace, Nashville, Tn., Education James Austin Walne Jr., Clarksdale, Business Charles Randall Ward, McComb, Education Jay Weidner Ward, Clarksboro, N.J., Liberal Arts Barnerte (Catherine Waring, Vicksburg, Education Doreen Haigh Waring, Atlanta Col. Pk., Ca., Liberal Arts Marcia Elaine Wasson, Water Valley, Liberal Arts Paul Douglas Watson, Oxford, Pharmacy Rachel Watson, Pascagoula, Education William Aubert Watts Jr., Greenville, Liberal Arts Charles E. Wear, Greenville, Liberal Arts Jacquelene Davis Webb, Tupelo, Education Jenny Ann Webb, Jackson, Education Martha Scott Webb, Hattiesburg, Education Shirley Ruth Weeden, Louisville, Education Theodore N. Westlake, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Nancy Marie Westmoreland, Tupelo, Education Rodney L. Whaley, Potts Camp, Business Kathryn Ann Wheeler, Coldwater, Education James Herman Whelan, Jackson, Pharmacy James Jeffrey White Jr., Picayune, Pharmacy Linda Ann White, Meridian, Liberal Arts Shellye Waller White, University, Liberal Arts Walter Douglas White, University, Liberal Arts 355 Seniors Sidney Gene Whitehurst, luka, Liberal Arts Judy M. Wilbourn, Coffeeville, Education Paul Guyton Wilkerson, Blue Mountain, Education Patti Lynn Wilkinson, Garland, Tex., Education Bill Williams, Grenada, Business Emily Gail Williams, Nashville, Tn., Business Harry Theo Williams, Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts Joseph Rex Williams, Thaxton, Business Judith Carolyn Williams, Fulton, Liberal Arts Maggie Dean Williams, Tunica, Liberal Arts Paula Sue Williams, New Albany, Education Sylvia Joan Williams, Gulfport, Liberal Arts Ellen Mulvoy Williamson, Yazoo City, Business Lester F. Williamson, Jr., Meridian, Liberal Arts David Estus Willson, Jackson, Liberal Arts 356 Seniors Diane Wilson, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Thomas Larry Wilson, Oxford, Business Susan Patricia Winters, Columbus, Education Betty )o Wong, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Phyllis Waned Wood, Water Valley, Liberal Arts William Weldon Woods, Meridian, Liberal Arts George W. Worthen, Tupelo, Pharmacy Adrian William Wright, Moss Point, Liberal Arts Margaret Sue Wright, Pascagoula, Business Beverly Yandell, Canton, Business Richard F. Yarborough Jr., Columbia, Liberal Arts Paula Kay Yarbrough, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Billy Raymond Yates, Pearl, Liberal Arts Travis Wayne Yates, Vaiden, Pharmacy Edwin E. Yee, Leland, Pharmacy Donnie Philip Young, Fulton, Liberal Arts Joseph Spencer Young, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Mary Lin Young, Aberdeen, Education Dianne Yu, Oxford, Pharmacy Bahram Zad-Bentouie, University, Engineering Behjat Zad-Bentouie, Oxford, Engineering 357 Ju niors Belinda Faye Adams, Batesville, Liberal Arts Deborah Ann Adams, Greenville, Business Nancy Elizabeth Adams, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Wayne Lawrence Adams, New Orleans, La., Business Yvonia Adams, Batesville, Business Dale Richard Ahrent, University, Pharmacy Nancy Ann Allen, Indianola, Education Leroy Morris Ames, Hattiesburg, Business Francis E. Anderson, Sardis, Education Joseph Pryor Anderson, Jr., Slidell, La. Busines Karen Anderson, Defuniak Springs, Fla., Education Wallace Carroll Anderson, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts Doris Darlene Arnold, Halls, Tn., Education Nicki Keim Arnold, University, Liberal Arts Robert Pearson Arnold, Vicksburg, Engineering Grace Edwina Atkinson, Pickens, Liberal Arts David Weldon Aultman, Charleston, Pharmacy Charles Vernon Avery, Macon, Pharmacy Sidney Nathan Ayres, Hickory Flat, Business James Henry Bailey, New Albany, Liberal Arts James William Bailey, Oxford, Liberal Arts Mitzi Jane Bailey, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Kathee K. Baker, Water Valley, Liberal Arts Katherine Spratt Baker, Chicago, III., Liberal Arts Charles Lee Balch, III, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Dorothy Jean Balfour, Byhalia, Liberal Arts Betty B. Ballard, Tupelo, Business Meredith Elizabeth Ballard, Greenville, Liberal Arts Tommy Wayne Ballard, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Rachel Ballentine, Sardis, Education George Douglas Barnett, Oxford, Business Romell Wayne Barry, Columbus, Liberal Arts Susan Carol Barry, Olive Branch, Business Margie Lynn Barton, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Karen Elizabeth Bauer, Macon, Education US i 358 Juniors Kathleen Cecilia Baxter, University, Liberal Arts Ricky Lynwood Bazelle, Waynesboro, Engineering Susan Carole Beall, Wesson, Pharmacy David Frank Beam, Brandon, Liberal Arts Kathryn Beard, Hernando, Liberal Arts Mary L Beard, Myrtle, Education Gary Paul Beckham, Carthage, Pharmacy Philip Michael Beier, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Bryan Morris Bell, Culfport, Liberal Arts Carol Ann Bell, Batesville, Education lames Douglas Bell, Jackson, Education Kent Harris Benjamin, Fulton, Liberal Arts Phillip Lamar Benjamin, Corinth, Education Jimmy Bentley, Biloxi, Business Theresa June Berry, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts Walter Bet-Sayad, University, Engineering Debra Jean Bills, Clinton, Education Betty Ann Blackledge, Oxford, Liberal Arts Jamie Len Blackwell, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Anne Holland Stanford, Tampa, Fla., Education Robert Lee Bledsoe, Grenada, Pharmacy Anthony Jacob Boguslawski, Buffalo, N.Y., Business Beverly Anthony Bolton, Oxford, Liberal Arts Ann Carter Boschert, Duncan, Liberal Arts Catherine C. Boteler, Laurel, Liberal Arts James Webster Bounds, Oxford, Business Billy Cogdell Bowden, Snyder, Tex., Liberal Arts Stephen Michael Bowen, University, Liberal Arts Mark Thomas Brann, Baldwyn, Business James Wallace Brantley, Amory, Liberal Arts Steven Hall Breedlove, Booneville, Business Mary Katherine Brehm, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Margaret M. Brinkley, Falkner, Education Ricky Joe Britt, Pontotoc, Business Nancy Louise Brock, McComb, Liberal Arts 359 Ju mors Ann Williams Bronaugh, Paris, Ky., Liberal Arts Marsha Annette Brooks, Memphis, Tn:, Liberal Arts William Dixon Brooks, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Linda Louise Broome, Sumrall, Business Charles Russell Brown, Vicksburg, Business Eugene Dabney Brown, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Marjorie C. Brown, Fairfax, Va., Liberal Arts Ollie Beth Brown, Oakland, Business Richard Anderson Brown, Marietta, Ga., Liberal Arts Rickie Lenn Brown, Columbus, Business Sidney O ' Neil Brown, Indianola, Liberal Arts Susan Ann Brown, Water Valley, Business Gary Stuart Browning, Media, III., Engineering Robbie Jane Browning, Ecru, Liberal Arts Janet Margaret Brumfield, McComb, Liberal Arts Nita Kay Burgess, Lucedale, Business Wade Murphy Burt, Houlka, Education Deborah Susan Burton, Yazoo City, Education Thomas Lynn Byars, Elizabethtown, Ky., Liberal Arts Alyce F. Byrd, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Sheral Cade, Picayane, Liberal Arts Elizabeth G. Caldwell, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Melinda Brantley Cameron, El Dorado, Ark., Liberal Arts Bernadette Karin Camille, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Cynthia Jane Camp, Olive Branch, Education Felicia Lynn Camp, Mantachie, Education Craig Campbell, Jackson, Pharmacy Robert David Campbell, Clinton, Liberal Arts Steven Earl Campbell, Jackson, Business Ricky Doyle Canterbury, Jackson, Liberal Arts Martha Anne Carlisle, Holly Springs, Education Bobbie Ree Carmichael, Charleston, Education Marilyn Beryl Carpenter, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts Terry Lee Carpenter, Golden, Liberal Arts Charles Arthur Carroll, Hernando, Liberal Arts fm 360 Juniors Catherine Helen Carter, Texarkana, Tex., Liberal Arts Jefferson Wilks Carter, Jackson, Business Felix Charles Chambers, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Dennis Paul Chance, Columbia, Pharmacy Rebecca Faye Chancy, Hickory, Pharmacy Virginia Kay Chapman, Coffeeville, Education John Chase, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts Claire Carter Chatham, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Lauren Gail Childress, Oxford, Liberal Arts Frank Smith Chow, Greenville, Liberal Arts Rose Chow, Clarksdale, Business Donna Ann Chrestman, Clarksdale, Education Wanda Sue Chrestman, Randolph, Education Harriet Dianne Clark, Doddsville, Education Scott Douglas Clay, Monticello, Engineering 361 Juni ors Susan Alice Clayton, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Stella Rose Clegg, Long Beach, Education Beverleigh Blair Cochrane, Baltimore, Md., Liberal Arts Stephen Paul Coker, Holly Springs, Business Marjorie Jean Cole, Shelbyville, T n, Business Wanda R. Cole, Hernando, Liberal Arts Sophorina Kathy Collins, Jackson, Liberal Arts Susan Yvonne Collins, Greenville, Pharmacy William Thomas Collum, Fulton, Pharmacy Jeffrey Alan Conley, Bradenton, Fla., Education Stephen Alan Conn, Levittown, Pa., Education Ruth Davis Conway, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Robert Cecil Cook, Lucedale, Business Robert Michael Cooper, Columbus, Liberal Arts Steven Louis Cornelius, Corinth, Education Lela Frances Cortright, Rolling Fork, Liberal Arts Jeffrey Gibson Covington, Meridian, Liberal Arts John Michael Covington, )ackson, Business John Stansill Covington, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Thomas David Cowart, Hattiesburg, Business Michael Cox, Oceanside, Cal., Liberal Arts Michele Cox, Oceanside, Cal., Education Pamela Joan Cox, Laurel, Liberal Arts Mary Ray Craig, Myrtle, Pharmacy Deborah Lynne Crenshaw, Jackson, Liberal Arts Margaret Anne Crosth wait, Drew, Liberal Arts Victor H. Crutchfield, Memphis, Tn., Business Glenn Allen Dailey, Moss Point, Liberal Arts Forest Maurice Dantin, Columbia, Liberal Arts Brad S. Dantone, Clarksdale, Business Rita Nell Darby, Sardis, Pharmacy Nancy Jo Davidson, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Earl Gatewood Davis, Jackson, Business Martha Eleene Davis, University, Liberal Arts Mary Susan Davis, Savannah, Tn., Liberal Arts 362 J unions Mona Lynn Davis, Booneville, Business Sandra Elizabeth Davis, Tupelo. Education Sara Ellen Davis, Bruce, Liberal Arts William Mac Davis, Raymond, Liberal Arts Harry Michael Deneka, Millington, Tn., Business Martha Lynette Denton, Gary, Liberal Arts Cayce Dennis Depoyster, Booneville, Pharmacy Deborah Louise Deroode, Brentwood, Tn., Liberal Arts Janet Lynn Dickey, Water Valley, Business Steven Charles Dodge, Long Beach, Business Dennis Earl Dollar, Culfport, Liberal Arts Donald Dwight Dorman, Myrtle, Liberal Arts Roberta Dougherty, Coldwater, Education William Dan Douglas, Ripley, Tn., Liberal Arts Cheryl Denise Dowe, Utica, Education Patricia Sue Downey, Cautier, Liberal Arts Deborah Ann Drury, Hopkinsville, Ky., Liberal Arts Herman Daryl Dryden, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts Cynthia Denise Dugan, Grenada, Liberal Arts John David Duncan, Ripley, Liberal Arts Joey Reynold Durastanti, Shaw, Liberal Arts Deborah Justine Durham, Clarksdale, Education David Neil Dyer, Halls, Tn., Liberal Arts Debra Stames Early, Memphis, Tn., Engineering Gregory Allen Edwards, Falls Church, Va., Education Rodney Hall Edwards, Oxford, Business Donna Kay Eldridge, Rienzi, Education Janet Claire Ellis, Oxford, Education Marilyn Kay Ellis, Port Gibson, Pharmacy Halley Elisabeth Ely, Shaw, Liberal Arts Kathy Lee Eubanks, Blytheville, Ark., Education Thurman Keith Everett, Decatur, Liberal Arts William Fred Everitt, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Susan Ellen Fabian, St. Louis, Mo., Education Elizabeth Dawn Fairley, West Point, Pharmacy " iC V ' - ' 363 Nancy Carolyn Farrar, Wesson, Liberal Arts Charles Farris, New Orleans, La., Business Davey Lee Farris Jr., Clarksdale, Education Gerald Patrick Fields, Oxford, Liberal Arts Catherine Gerard Fisher, Sunflower, Liberal Arts Elizabeth Karin Fleming, Columbus, Liberal Arts Calvin Etley Flint, Batesville, Business Gilbert Bentley Ford, Jackson, Liberal Arts Frederick Anson Fortune, Greenville, Pa., Liberal Arts Laura Christine Foushee, Tupelo, Business Jill Lorraine Fritz, Jackson, Education Susan Elizabeth Fugate, Jackson, Liberal Arts Louis Guy Fuller, Jackson, Business Joseph Randall Gale, Sterling, Va., Business Dianna Gammill, Jackson, Education 364 ! Juniors Jesse Ivy Garrett, Meridian, Pharmacy Charlotte Louise Garvin, Booneville, Liberal Arts Susan Louise Gayden, Brandon, Business William Daniel Geralds, Collierville, Tn., Education Anne Elizabeth Gibbs, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts Gerald Anthony Gibson III, Courtland, Engineering Margaret Gleaton, Enid, Business Martin Franklin Goff, Booneville, Liberal Arts Jeanne Marie Gordon, Laurel, Pharmacy Kenneth Allen Graham, Laurel, Liberal Arts Connie Lynn Gray, Jackson, Business James Clifton Green, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Patrick Gordon Green, Oxford, Liberal Arts Regina Lynne Greer, Hickory Flat, Education Mary Pamela Griffin, Tiplersville, Liberal Arts Chris E. Grillis, Jackson, Business Charles Sinclair Groshon, Ambler, Pa., Business Fred Neil Guenther, Morgan City, Liberal Arts Daniel Dicks Guice Jr., University, Liberal Arts Pattie Leigh Gunn, Moss Point, Liberal Arts David Henry Gunter, Halls, Tn., Business Jane Jeffers Hagan, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts William Arl Hahnstadt, Decatur, III., Liberal Arts Suzanne Haley, Biloxi, Education Rosa Love Halford, Bolton, Liberal Arts Daniel Edwin Hall, New Albany, Education Danita Hall, Water Valley, Business David Earl Hall, Winchester, Tn., Liberal Arts Gary Stevens Hall, Memphis, Tn., Business Jean Hall, New Albany, Education John Adams Hall, Oxford, Business Penny Faye Hall, Raymond, Liberal Arts Barbara Ann Halliday, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Edwin Doyle Harden, Aberdeen, Education Deborah Morrow Harrell, Brandon, Education 365 Juni ors Nancy Harrelson, Puryear, Tn., Liberal Arts Haughey Duke Harris, Meridian, Business Shirley Dean Harris, Greenwood Springs, Business Gregory Warren Hartsough, Owensboro, Ky., Business Alan Maurice Hathorne, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Holly Lane Hausman, Eagle Pass, Tex., Education Richard Paul Hays, Tupelo, Liberal Arts David McCaa Headley, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts Clifton William Heard, Oxford, Liberal Arts Margaret Ann Hederman, Jackson, Liberal Arts Van Elliott Hedges, Water Valley, Business William Shands Hedges, Owensboro, Ky., Liberal Arts Paula June Heliums, Ripley, Education Jacqueline K. Henderson, Meridian, Pharmacy Robert Lee Henderson, York, Pa., Liberal Arts Sharon Kaye Hengen, Biloxi, Pharmacy Anne Marcella Heuer, Oxford, Education Cynthia Lee Hewes, Gulfport, Liberal Arts Rebecca Carol Hiatt, Magnolia, Liberal Arts Melvin Eddie Hill, Baldwyn, Business Brenda Nell Hillhouse, Oxford, Liberal Arts Becky Jane Hilton, Jackson, Business Kenneth Lee Hines, Tchula, Liberal Arts Carol Elizabeth Hitt, Meridian, Education Karen Sue Holcombe, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Bettye J. Hollingsworth, Southaven, Business Richard Shelton Hollis, Amory, Business Mary Melissa Holmes, McComb, Liberal Arts Bonnie Joe Hong, Indianola, Education Christie Duncan Hooker, Oxford, Education Necie Karen Hooker, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Randy Milton Hoover, Durant, Liberal Arts Sara Alyce Hoover, Baldwyn, Education Floyd Lee Horn, Houston, Liberal Arts Norman Gene Hortman, Prentiss, Liberal Arts 366 Jl r 4 Juniors Gloria lean Morton, Booneville, Education William David Morton, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Geneva Louise Houston, Batesville, Education Nancy Sue Houston, Baldwyn, Education Gene Norris Howell, Ripley, Liberal Arts Robert Douglas Hubbird, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts Amanda Kate Huckabay, Jackson, Mich., Liberal Arts Caria Ann Hudson, Washington, D.C., Liberal Arts Harriet Diane Hull, Taylorsville, Pharmacy Daniel James Humphreys, Humboldt, Tn., Liberal Arts Cheryl Anne Hunter, Tupelo, Education Leah Ann Hurley, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Walter R. Hylander, Grenada, Business Elizabeth Nell Idom, Raleigh, Business Carl Maurice Inman, Oxford, Business Robert Bryson Irwin, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Shelby Matthews Isch, Batesville, Business Michael Erskine Ivy, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Ruthie Lee Ivy, Oxford, Education Cathy Jackson, Coldwater, Education Chatwin Mabry Jackson, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Milliard Carl lames, Corinth, Liberal Arts Jean Elin James, Charleston, Liberal Arts Craig Jerabek, Falls Church, Va., Business John Everett Johns, Sherman, Liberal Arts Cathy Lynn Johnson, Booneville, Education Douglas Malbry Johnson, Sardis, Education Mary Annelle Johnson, Crosby, Liberal Arts Michael Donald Johnson, Booneville, Pharmacy Michael Reavill Johnson, Robinson, III., Business James Spencer Jones, lackson. Liberal Arts Janet Susan Jones, Meridian, Liberal Arts Janice Leigh Jones, Taylor, Education Johnnie Paul Jones, Grenada, Liberal Arts Margaret Louise Jones, Batesville, Business 367 Ju niors Minnie Pearl Jones, Batesville, Liberal Arts Nancy Alene Jones, Jackson, Pharmacy Jan Lynn Juergensen, Mt. Prospect, III., Liberal Arts Robert Stafford Justus, Millington, Tn., Liberal Arts Richard Michael Kachmar, Bayonne, N.J., Liberal Arts David Kazan, Leland, Business Florian Kazmierski, Oxford, Liberal Arts Linda Dianne Keeton, Jackson, Business William Carl Kellum, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Jan Kelly, Oxford, Education Robert Harold Kelly, Newton, Pharmacy Susan Kelsey, Collierville, Tn., Education Curtis Lee Kennedy, Metairie, La., Business Lorna Francis Kennedy, McComb, Liberal Arts Tommy Noel Kennedy, Booneville, Business Gwendolyn Kersey, Greenwood, Pharmacy Willie Jean Kilgore, Etta, Liberal Arts Curtis Lee King, Jackson, Business Kenneth Arvil King, Weir, Education Rex Anderson Kinnison, Yazoo City, Business Rena Yvonne Knight, Coldwater, Education Susan Joyce Koch, Memphis, In., Liberal Arts Tommye Lou Lambeth, Bentonia, Liberal Arts Reba Lavonia Lantrip, Oxford, Liberal Arts Donald Moore Larson, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Jamie Sue Latture, Hot Springs, Ark., Business Berry Stevens Lauderdale, Meridian, Education Terry Walter Laurenzi, Clarksdale, Business Deborah Lee Lavinghouse, Jackson, Business Catherine Adele Law, Jackson, Liberal Arts David George Lawrence, Biloxi, Pharmacy Deborah Lyn Lawrence, University, Education Marilyn Ann Leavell, Coldwater, Education John Aaron Lee, Greenwood, Business Wendell Leonard, Starkville, Pharmacy 368 ft ' vV-AM , Juniors John Paul Lewis, Kirkwood, Mo., Business Deborah Anne Lindsey, Booneville, Education Cathy Ann Linebarger, Ashland, Education Larry Thomas Littlejohn, New Albany, Business Benjamin Battle Lloyd, Jackson, Business Elizabeth Lynn Loft in, Baldwyn, Education Nancy Lynn Long, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Edward Loomis, Sweetwater, Tn., Business Charlene Jo Lovingood, Sarasota, Fla., Liberal Arts Sharon Anita Lowrey, Booneville, Liberal Arts Eric Lee Lucy, Jackson, Engineering John Lee Lyle, Lena, Business Kenneth Charles Lyle, Jackson, Business Elizabeth Ann Lyon, McMinnville, Tn., Pharmacy Philip Alan Lyon, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts . 369 Juniors Michael Dean Mabry, Booneville, Education Diane Leslie Macke, Baton Rouge, La., Education Belva Anne Maier, Memphis, Tn., Education Debra Clark Mann, luka, Engineering Charles Hastings Manning, Nashville, Tn., Education Michael G. Manning, Myrtle, Education Cecilia Anne Marascalco, Grenada, Education Gregory Douglas Markow, Jackson, Business Christian Thorton Marley, Sumner, Business Watson Turner Marsalis, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts Sharron Hunt Marshall, Batesville, Education Carolyn A. Martin, Booneville, Liberal Arts Debra Ann Martin, Grenada, Education John Murphy Martin, Jacksonville, Fla., Business lames Paul Mason, Neshoba, Education Joseph Leslie Masters, Jackson, Pharmacy Deborah Diane Mayfield, Hernando, Liberal Arts Christine Mays, Red Banks, Liberal Arts Joseph H. McAlister, Huntsville, Ark., Liberal Arts Charlotte McAnally, Belmont, Education Robert Linder McCain Jr., Water Valley, Engineering Thomas William McCartney III, Hamilton, Ohio, Liberal Arts William Calvin McCaugnan, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Richard David McClure, Jackson, Business Rita Lynn McCombs, Booneville, Liberal Arts Elizabeth Jane McCoy, Tampa, Fla., Business Ronald Allen McCully, Saltillo, Engineering Kathleen Mary McDonald, Bude, Pharmacy David Hughes McElreath, Oxford, Liberal Arts William Hollis McGehee, Meadville, Liberal Arts Patrick A. McHugh, Germantown, Tn., Business Rosemary Mclnnis, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Robbye Ann McKinney, University, Liberal Arts Martha Jane McLarty, Oxford, Education (Catherine R. McLeod, University, Liberal Arts 370 Juniors V Charles Michael McNulty, Holly Springs, Pharmacy Sylvia Ann McWilliams, Taylorsville, Liberal Arts James Edwin Merritt Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts Robert Doyle Mikell, Oxford, Liberal Arts Wendy Ruth Mikell, Jackson, Liberal Arts John Edward Milner, Jackson, Liberal Arts Dennis Everett Mitchell, Amory, Pharmacy Robert Andrew Mitchell, Gulfport, Business Sheila M. Mize, Oxford, Education Thomas Larkin Mize, Tupelo, Education William C Moncrief, Cleveland, Tn., Liberal Arts Ellen Montgomery, Gulfport, Business Hilda Montgomery, Ackerman, Liberal Arts Richard Wilson Montjoy, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Kay Taylor Moody, Oxford, Liberal Arts Peter Courtenay Moon, Oxford, Business Clay Moore, Sardis, Liberal Arts Curtis Lynn Moore, Weir, Business Danny Davis Moore, Fulton, Liberal Arts Dennis Eldon Moore, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Doyle Leon Moore, Belmont, Pharmacy Patsy Dianne Moore, Coldwater, Business Rita Sue Moore, Booneville, Education Robert Wayne Moore, Tupelo, Business James Ugo Morano, Jackson, Liberal Arts George Paul Morgan, Jackson, Liberal Arts Charles McCehee Morse, Amite, Liberal Arts Albert Roland Murphy, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Nelson Murphy, Booneville, Liberal Arts Aldert Smedes Nail, Jackson, Business Mary Carolyn Nance, Dallas, Tex., Liberal Arts Sherri Narro, Jackson, Liberal Arts Jeffery Michael Navarro, Bricktown, N.J., Liberal Arts Thomas Michael Navarro, Jackson, Business Richard Scott Neal, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts 371 Juniors Matthew Park Neff, Hollandale, Business James Simeon Adams Neill, Jackson, Liberal Arts Cynthia Ann Newell, Jackson, Liberal Arts Johnny Wilson Newman, Columbus, Business Randy Ray Nichols, Memphis, Tn., Business Rodney Joseph Nichols, Vicksburg, Education Sheila Lee Nichols, Marietta, Liberal Arts Randall Deane Noel, Memphis, " jn., Business Philip Hardy Nunnery, McComb, Liberal Arts Maurice Rush O ' Keefe, Batesville, Business Gary Smith Oakley, Senatobia, Education Abel Ramiro Olivarez, Belzoni, Liberal Arts Richard Earl Olson, Lombard, III., Liberal Arts Joe William Overstreet, Oxford, Business Elizabeth Conner Padgett, Columbia, Liberal Arts 372 Juniors Adriane Lynn Pang, Marks, Liberal Arts Milton Clyde Pardue, Batesville, Liberal Arts Michael lames Parentin, Manchester, Mo., Business Mike Emmitt Park, Jackson, Business John Thomas Parker, Laurel, Liberal Arts Pamela Gene Parrish, Richmond, Va., Liberal Arts Annie Laura Patterson, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Wanda Kay Patterson, Meridian, Liberal Arts George East Patton Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts Helen Booth Patton, Nitta Yuma, Liberal Arts Jean Anne Paul, Creston, Iowa, Liberal Arts Amanda A. Pearson, Homer, La., Education Everett B. Pease Jr., Ocean Springs, Business Thomas Reid Peden, Memphis, Tn., Business Nancy Pegram, Tunica, Liberal Arts William Larry Phillips, Boonev ille, Liberal Arts Barry Neal Pickering, Toms River, N.J., Education Amanda Peveto Pickett, Jackson, Business Deborah Piper, Oxford, Liberal Arts Judy Kay Plunk, Bruce, Education Randy Edward Plunk, Southaven, Liberal Arts Marcia Bailey Porter, Laurel, Business Carol Elizabeth Powell, Laurel, Liberal Arts Larry Jerome Price, Meridian, Liberal Arts Douglas Alan Pritchard, Russellville, Ala., Liberal Arts Keat Dennis Pruszenski, Adelphi, Md., Engineering Kathy Lee Pryor, Grenada, Education Grafton Wayne Pyron, Greenville, Liberal Arts Wayne Quon, Hernando, Liberal Arts Cherie Ann Ramsey, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Michael Anthony Ranatza, Harhan, La., Liberal Arts Beverly Jean Rasberry, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Martha Ruth Ratchford, Pensacola, Fla., Education Charles Edly Ray, Vicksburg, Business Samuel Theodore Ray, Jackson, Pharmacy 373 Juni ors Bradley James Reinert, Memphis, Tn., Business Dixie Victoria Reitano, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Thomas Upton Reynolds, Charleston, Liberal Arts M. Deborah Rhea, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts Bobbie Mae Rice, Bentonia, Liberal Arts Rita Jane Rider, Coffeevi lie, Education Marcia Faye Ritchey, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts Patricia Lynn Ritter, Chattanooga, Tn., Liberal Arts Kathy Lynn Robbins, Ecru, Business Belinda Barkley Roberts, University, Education Caroline Richards Roberts, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Deborah Ellen Rogers, Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts Fred Douglas Rogers, Nettleton, Business Helen Anne Rogers, Columbia, Liberal Arts Patricia Jane Rogers, Chattanooga, Tn., Education William Anthony Romig, Houston, Tex., Liberal Arts Michael Henry Rose, Hazlehurst, Pharmacy Christopher Thomas Ross, Senatobia, Business Harold Richard Ross, Culfport, Liberal Arts James Clarence Rosser, Moorehead, Liberal Arts Karen Ann Rotenberry, Water Valley, Education David Andrew Rucker, Meridian, Business Nora Ellen Rudd, Pope, Business Angela Jean Russell, Oxford, Pharmacy D ' Layne Russell, Hernando, Liberal Arts Randy Herschel Russell, Jackson, Liberal Arts Richard Morton Russell, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Ricky Dale Russell, Picayune, Liberal Arts Fred Thomas Rutherford, luka, Liberal Arts Kathleen Emerson Ryan, Pascagoula, Education Henry Thomas Sahut, Meridian, Education Betty Susan Sasser, Carthage, Liberal Arts Sallye Lea Sawyer, Sardis, Liberal Arts Michael McKay Scanlon, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Larry Keith Scarborough, Byhalia, Liberal Arts 374 A, i fe Juni ors Sondra Lynn Scibilia, Fairfax, Va., Education Ceorgiann Searcy, Tupelo, Education Joseph Lawrence Sellers, Booneville, Education Sarah Allen Shannon, Pontotoc, Education David Samuel Shapiro, Meridian, Liberal Arts Marni Jo Shideler, Sardis, Liberal Arts Billy Ray Shotts, Fulton, Business Mary Marinda Showers, Drew, Education William Myron Shows, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Patricia Nan Snuff, Laurel, Education Laura Pauline Shuler, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Lindy Martha Simmons, Magee, Liberal Arts William Linton Simmons, Jackson, Liberal Arts Mary Robbie Sims, Oxford, Business Sonja Doreen Skobel, West Memphis, Ark., Business Joseph Anthony Slovick, Chicago, III., Engineering Andrea Lea Smith, Como, Liberal Arts Bruce Barron Smith, Magee, Liberal Arts Glenn Norman Smith, Coldwater, Liberal Arts Lydia Joyce Smith, Sardis, Education Patricia Anne Smith, Coldwater, Education Robert Eugene Smith, Sardis, Liberal Arts David Neil Smithson, Dewey, Okla., Liberal Arts Theda Mae Sneed, Oxford, Liberal Arts Susan Snell, Coffeeville, Education John Wayne Solomon, Lucedale, Pharmacy Dwight Robert Sorey, )ackson. Pharmacy Angela Sparks, Greenwood, Education Anita Lowery Spears, Hernando, Pharmacy Barry Allyn Spoonamore, Danville, Ky., Liberal Arts Dean Spradling, Clarksville, Liberal Arts Sumner Smith Spradling, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts James Douglas Stafford, University, Liberal Arts James Foster Stanfield, Paris, III., Liberal Arts Paula Jean Stanford, luka. Liberal Arts 375 Ju niors Leslie Gay Stanley, Gulfport, Business Margaret Elaine Starnes, Southaven, Liberal Arts (Catherine E. Stasiak, University, Liberal Arts Barry Craig Steger, Avondale Estates, Ga.,. Education Deborah Lee Stepp, Memphis, Tn., Pharmacy Kathryn Turner Stockton, Jackson, Business William David Straub, Richmond, Va., Business Robert Joslin Strickland, Glen, Education Dennis Bruce Strong, Canton, Business Carrol Terry Stroud, New Albany, Business Roy Davis Stroud, Mrytle, Business |ohn Lynn Sturdivant, University, Liberal Arts Sherri Juamae Sullivan, Jackson, Education Susan Owen Sullivan, Canton, Education Anita Jo Swain, Meridian, Liberal Arts Andrew Donaldson Sweat, Jackson, Liberal Arts Debra LeanneTate, Myrtle, Education Wanda Jeanette Taylor, Jackson, Business Bill Thomas, Cruger, Business Danny Lee Thomas, Walnut, Business Deborah Ellen Thomas, Southaven, Education Lynne Thomas, Ripley, Liberal Arts Sandra Dianne Thornton, Jackson, Pharmacy Jerry Kent Thrash, Oxford, Liberal Arts John Edward Tipton, Fairview Heights, III., Liberal Arts Barbara Ellen Torgerson, Meridian, Liberal Arts Reeta Frances Traylor, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts Pamelia Sue Trussed, Grenada, Liberal Arts William Carlton Tucker, Charlotte, N.C., Liberal Arts Timothy Lafayette Tune, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Lee Cray Turnage, Aberdeen, Pharmacy Clarence Turner IV, Memphis, Tn., Business Glenn Ray Tutor, Oxford, Liberal Arts Vicki Rae Tyler, Water Valley, Liberal Arts Michael Pollard Vague, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts 376 H James Lee Valentine, Decatur, Liberal Arts Robert Charles Van Buren, Jackson, Liberal Arts Henry Rogers Vamef, Cleveland, Engineering Karen Lea Verell, Jackson, Liberal Arts Sandy Vincent, Laurel, Education Allen West Vowell, Taylorsville, Pharmacy Terry Charles Vuncannon, Asheboro, N.C., Liberal Arts Victor Reed Wakefield, Oxford, Liberal Arts Max Lee Waldrop Jr., Oxford, Business Paul Douglas Waldrop, Jackson, Liberal Arts Henry Alley Walker, Louisville, Engineering Charles Nelson Walley Jr., University, Pharmacy Robert Wayne Walley, Jackson, Business Michael C. Walshock, Vicksburg, Education Pamela Lee Ward, Memphis, Tn., Education 377 Juniors Jeffrey Ann Ware, Marks, Education Egbert Rufus Warren, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Nora Lee Weatherly, Gulfport, Education Thomas Michael Webb, Forest, Business Alex B. Weddington, Meridian, Business Richard Calvin Weiland, Farrell, Liberal Arts Martha Virginia Welch, Rich, Liberal Arts Charles David West, )ackson, Liberal Arts Frank Eugene Westmoreland, Fort Smith, Ark., Liberal Arts Joe David White, Winona, Liberal Art Jone Susanne White, Picayune, Education John Henry Whiting, Como, Liberal Arts Dorothy Dane Wiggers, Columbus, Education Wendell Edwards Wiggins, Pelahatchie, Liberal Arts William Collins Wilkerson, Bay Saint Louis, Liberal Arts r 378 J unions Doris Jean Williams, Leland, Liberal Arts Evelyn Williams, Courtland, Education Norman Mott Williamson, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts Martha Joy Wills, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Ann Wilson, Olive Branch, Business Janice Lanette Wilson, Shannon, Liberal Arts Ronnie Steve Windham, Grenada, Business Jeff Wong, Jackson, Business Barbara Ann Wood, Greenwood, Pharmacy Deborah Rhea Wood, Jackson, Business Thomas Woodard Jr., Sardis, Business Walter Wesley Woody, Shannon, Pharmacy Robert Lee Woolfolk, Jackson, Tn., Pharmacy Janet Sue Work, Potts Camp, Education William Lee Worthy, Jackson, Pharmacy Emily Harris Yarber, Belmont, Education Benjamin W. Yarbrough, Red Banks, Liberal Arts George M. Yarbrough, Red Banks, Business William C. Yarbrough, Greenville, Liberal Arts Michael Scott Young, Corinth, Business Sheila Delen Yount, Askew, Business Constantine J. Zouboukos, Jackson, Business ' Ml 379 Sophomores Charles Frederick Adam, Tupelo, Engineering Alfreda Adams, Holly Springs, Business Rebecca Yancey Adams. Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Ken Ramon Adcock, Smithville, Tn., Liberal Arts Debbie Eunice Akins, Pontotoc, Education Alexine Gibson Albritton, Jackson, Liberal Arts Harry Artman Alexander, Grenada, Business Cheryl Ann Alford, Madisonville, Ky., Liberal Arts Howard Michael Alford, McComb, Business Camille Allen, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Ginna Allen, Libertyville, III., Liberal Arts Leigh Ann Allen, Hernando, Liberal Arts Robert Keith Allen, Greenville, Liberal Arts Shirley Anne Allen, Indianola, Liberal Arts John Grafton Alfred, Collins, Liberal Arts Donna Lynn Anderson, Burlison, Tn., Liberal Arts Robert Alexander Anderson, Covington, La., Liberal Arts Joe Edward Andrews, Braxton, Liberal Arts Victor Miles Angelo, Edwards, Liberal Arts Thomas Neil Arrington, Huntsville, Ala., Business Betty Ann Atkinson, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Clifford K. Bailey, Grenada, Business Francis Jewell Baird, Columbus, Liberal Arts Kathleen Baker, Batesville, Liberal Arts Henry Eikel Baltar, Jr., Gulfport, Liberal Arts Mary Constance Barfield, Jackson, Business Debra Jean Barnes, Falls Church, Va., Education Willard Aaron Barnes, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Nell Deen Barrier, Yazoo City, Education Elizabeth Ann Barrow, Fort Myers, Fla., Education John Randolph Batte, Huntsville, Ala., Liberal Arts Christopher Emmet Baxter, University, Liberal Arts Ricky Lynn Beasley, Huntsville, Ala., Business Keith Michael Benvenutti, Pass Christian, Liberal Arts Jon Crosby Bernreuter, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts 380 Sophomores Hannah Dee Berry, Jackson, Liberal Arts Marva Jan Berry, Jackson, Business Deborah Jean Bert hay. New Albany, Business Ronnie Lawrence Bethay, Booneville, Liberal Arts Blythe Rebecca Bethea, Lancaster, S.C, Education Mary Julia Bigger, Springfield, Tn., Education Barbara Conner Biggs, )ackson. Liberal Arts Mark Ellis Bingham, Buckner. III., Liberal Arts Abbie Ann Bishop, Southaven, Liberal Arts Hunter Lloyd Blackmon, Jackson, Business Susan Blankenship, Vicksburg, Education Charles Willis Bo I and, Pontotoc, Business James Edward Bond, Earle, Ark., Liberal Arts George Booth, Tupelo, Business George Timothy Bos well, Oxford, Liberal Arts Irwin Louis Bothe, Jr., Pass Christian, Liberal Arts Judy Catherine Bowden, Ashland, Education Benjamin Bearry Bowen, Richton, Business Thelma Jean Boyd, Carthage, Liberal Arts Michael Joseph Boyle, Croton, N.Y., Education Larry Andrew Bradshaw, University, Business Michael Batson Brady, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Stephen Allen Bramlirt, New Albany, Liberal Arts (Catherine James Brand, Newton, Liberal Arts Barbara Cranford Brewer, Gulfport, Education Teresa Lynn Bridges, Courtland, Education Enid Louise Bridgforth, Vaughan, Liberal Arts Helen Cornelia Bright, New Albany, Business Lillian Corinne Brock, Jackson, Liberal Arts Charles Wallace Brown, Calhoun City, Business John Mack Brown, Humboldt, Tn., Business Matthew Brown, Harrisburg, Pa., Engineering Jamie Beth Browning, Shelby, Education Leslie Michael Brunt, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts John Philip Buchanan, Jackson, Business 381 Sophomores Greta Mary Buchberger, Booneville, Liberal Arts Barbara Ann Bunch, Oxford, Business Susan Buntin, Jackson, Tn., Liberal Arts James Lampton Burkhalter, Picayune, Liberal Arts William Allison Busby, Jackson, Engineering Jennie Lee Bush, Long Beach, Education Pamuella Jean Byrd, Dundee, Education James Holt Cade, Greenwood, Business Charles Wesley Caldwell, Natchez, Business May loha Caldwell, Daleville, Liberal Arts Jack Allen Cameron, Jackson, Business Becky Campbell, Trumann, Ark., Business Ladonna Lynn Campbell, Meridian, Business Mark Nail Canapa, Aberdeen, Engineering Frederick Thomas Carney, Birmingham, Ala., Engineering Michael Fox Carollo, Baton Rouge, La., Liberal Arts Debra Anne Carpenter, Forest, Liberal Arts Pamela Jean Carpenter, Collierville, Tn., Education Susan McCoy Carter, Jackson, Education Lucy Lynn Case, Union, Liberal Arts Mary Emma Cash, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Denise Carol Cavanaugh, Mullica Hill, N.J., Education Stephen Wesley Caver, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts Danny Mike Cayson, Tupelo, Business Rose Octavia Cefalu, Leland, Liberal Arts Charles David Cesare, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Harriet C. Chambers, Humboldt, Tn., Education Cynthia Chin, Charleston, Business Linda Carol Christian, Jackson, Liberal Arts Ming Kong Chu, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Pharmacy Janice Clack, Brandon, Business Jerry Ernest Clark, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Marsha Anne Clements, Madison, Business Jack Andrew Cline, University, Liberal Arts David Howard Cole, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts 382 Sophomores Gerald Dale Coleman, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Fred Stewart Collins, Calhoun City, Engineering Clenda Kay Collins, Grenada, Education Lewis Vernon Compton, Jr., Miami, Fla., Business Joyce Marie Conner, Vicksburg, Pharmacy Sally Jean Connor, Essex Falls, N.J., Education Kathleen Bonita Conway, Petal, Business Timothy Kyre Corley, Long Beach, Business Rachel Ann Costner, Jackson, Tn., Pharmacy Thomas Joseph Cowell, Chester, III., Liberal Arts Mary Nelle Cowsert, Yazoo City, Business Joseph Moore Crenshaw, Sikeston, Mo., Business Jan Ellen Crout, Jackson, Education Winifred Rachael Crowson, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Philip Cruz en, Memphis, Tn., Business 383 Sophomores Deborah Sue Cummins, Hopkinsville, Ky., Liberal Arts Jan Cummins, Oxford, Liberal Arts Linda Joyce Cummins, McComb, Education Karen Louise Currier, University, Education Roselynn Annette Dabbs, Quitman, Education Sara Jean Dahlberg, San Antonio, Tex., Liberal Arts Kathryn Christine Dale, Hammond, La., Education William Robert Daniels, Vance, Liberal Arts Helen Ann Dauro, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Clifford Clarence Davis, Pascagoula, Business Marion Elizabeth Davis, University, Education Vickie Renee Davison, Moss Point, Liberal Arts Alton Reid Delancey, Moss Point, Pharmacy Bobby Burt Delaughter, Jackson, Liberal Arts McCarthy Derm-re, Memphis, Tn., Business Joseph Whittle Deming, Memphis, Tn., Business Debra Susan Dennis, Jackson, Education Patricia Denny, Jackson, Education William Timothy Denton, Pope, Liberal Arts Teresa Anne Dickson, Long Beach, Education Pamela Jean Dismukes, Pascagoula, Business Irma Lynn Doggett, Pine Bluff, Ark., Liberal Arts Sheila Whitey Dossett, University, Education Martha Anne Doty, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Leslie Ann Doud, Waverly, Pa., Liberal Arts Marshall Thurman Douglas, Sontag, Liberal Arts William Carlton Drummond, New Albany, Business Ida Janet Dubisson, Nashville, Tn., Business Dana Gay Dukes, Raleigh, Business Rebecca Lynn Dunavant, Memphis, Tn., Business James Henry Dungan, Port Gibson, Business Kimberley Ann Dunnam, New Augusta, Business Bonnie Sue Durrett, Como, Liberal Arts Beth Ann Eadie, Reston, Va., Education Joe Edward Eckman, Jackson, Business 384 Sophomores Arthur Martin Edwards, West Point, Business Karen Sue Elliott, West Point, Liberal Arts Patricia Ann Ellis, Laurel, Education Susan Lee Esterle, Elgin, III., Liberal Arts Brenda Joyce Evans, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Merry Cay Evans, Sikeston, Mo., Liberal Arts Susan Tyler Evans, Elkmont, Ala., Liberal Arts William Craig Eversole, Sarasota, Fla., Business Reuben Max Farris, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Deborah Ann Feder, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Lee Houston Fedric, Charleston, Business Richard Young Feibelman, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Robert Louis Felder, Summit, Business Donald Charles Fenger, Greenville, Liberal Arts Mitzi Gail Ferguson, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Steven Anthony Ferguson, Bruce, Business Pamela Jo Femstrom, New Albany, Education Pamela Kay Fielder, Oxford, Liberal Arts Robert Tuck Fistere, Newt own Square, Pa., Business Henry Forrest Flemming, Cruger, Liberal Arts Rebecca Jean Flemmons, Tunica, Business Mary Celeste Ford, Vicksburg, Business John James Fraiser, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Marilyn Sue Franklin, Oxford, Education Stephen Dale Frazier, Ackerman, Liberal Arts Mary Ellen Freeman, Gautier, Liberal Arts Judy Ann Fugler, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Charles Henry Fulghum, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Virginia Sue Gaines, McCrory, Ark., Liberal Arts Robert Barkley Galloway, Booneville, Liberal Arts Virginia Batson Galtney, Houston, Tex., Education lose Caspar Garcia, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Gwen Dee Gardner, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Elizabeth Joan Gamer, Hot Springs, Ark., Liberal Arts Paul Evans Gay, Quitman, Business 385 Sophomores Rowland Hill Geddie, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Debbie Lynn Gentry, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts Larry Thomas Gentry, University, Business Sara Stewart George, Kirkwood, Mo., Liberal Arts William Clarence Gerity, Berkeley Heights, N.J., Business Nancy Jane Gillentine, Tupelo, Education David William Gyle, Newport, R.I., Business Vickie Aileen Gober, Okolona, Education Elaine Diana Gong, Clarksdale, Business Gwendolyn Gong, Boyle, Liberal Arts Patricia Ann Gordon, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts Sue Anne Gordon, Batesville, Education John Finch Gotthelf, Yazoo City, Education Dianne Lynne Cove, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Lee Russell Gray, Ashland, Business 386 Sophomores Susan Hopkins Gresham, Indianola, Education Ann Grisham, Greenville, Liberal Arts Deborah Mae Grisham, Amory, Pharmacy John Robert Grisham, Vicksburg, Business Kenneth Glenn Guriey, Hernando, Engineering Thomas Riley Gustafson, Waynesboro, Pharmacy Claudia Dale Haick, Meridian, Pharmacy Stephen Thomas Haik, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Lester Pinkney Hailey, Troy, Tn., Pharmacy Rhonda Lynn Hale, Pontotoc, Business Thomas Arthur Halliday, Memphis, Tn., Engineering Carey Kim Hamby, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Education Susan Joy Hamill, Jackson, Education Holly Jennings Hammett, Jackson, Liberal Arts Nancy Craigen Hand, Rolling Fork, Education Ralph Eugene Haney, Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts Fred Raymond Hansford, Halls. TN, Business Laura Lee Hanson, Weston, Conn., Liberal Arts James Patrick Harkins, Jackson, Liberal Arts Bonnie Kay Harkness, Columbus, Liberal Arts James Earl Harris, Magee, Business Randall Alan Hartzog, Naperville, III., Liberal Arts Eleanor Suzanne Mauser, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts James Charles Hawkins, Houston, Liberal Arts Mark Williams Hayden, Batesville, Business James Robert Haynes, Batesville, Liberal Arts Sara Dekay Hays, Kosciusko, Education George Jemigan Heard, Jr., Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Darrell Wayne Heasley, Arlington Heights, III., Liberal Arts Darrah Jo Heaton, Lyon, Liberal Arts Charles Colon Hedgepeth, Monticello, Pharmacy Karon Ann Hellmers, Greenville, Business Adrienne Ruth Henderson, York, Pa., Liberal Arts Steven Chipley Henderson, Carthage, Business Valerie Lynette Henderson, Meridian, Liberal Arts 387 Sophomores Larry Eston Hendry, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts Charlotte Cleve Henley, Jackson, Education James Williams Henley, Hazlehurst, Business Tucker Lightfoot Henley, Richmond, Va., Liberal Arts John Fletcher Henry, New Albany, Education f Laura Ann Henry, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Aubrey Eugene Henson, Jackson, Business Sherry Amber Herring, Schlater, Business Michael Clark Hester, Long Beach, Education Jane Lewis Hickman, Bells, Tn., Liberal Arts Angela Catherine Hicks, West Point, Education Elizabeth Hicks, New Orleans, La., Liberal Arts Laura Leigh Hicks, Lakeland, Fla., Liberal Arts Sallie Marie Hicks, Culfport, Education Donna Ruth Hild, Cermantown, Tn., Business John James Hill, Corinth, Education Judith Lynn Hillen, Southaven, Liberal Arts Susan Ellen Hoff, Mansfield, Ohio, Business Stephen Hand Hogue, Greenwood, Business Susan Ann Holland, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Allen Frederick Hollis, Jackson, Business Mary Catherine Holmes, Hattiesburg, Education Joseph Corbett Hooks, Jackson, Education Alice Mary Hopkins, Lula, Business Stephen Lynn Hopper, Memphis, Tn., Pharmacy Marshall Lagrone Horton, Walnut, Liberal Arts Terry Lee Houston, Baldwyn, Pharmacy Angela Carleen Howard, Starkville, Liberal Arts William Louis Howard, Jonesboro, Ark., Business William Stone Howard, Lebanon, Tn., Liberal Arts Rebekah Jo Howell, Egypt, Education Mary Elizabeth Hudak, Shreveport, La., Education Pamela Jean Hudson, Lauderdale, Education James Lee Hull, West Point, Liberal Arts Connie Jo Humphreys, Luling, Liberal Arts 388 tf Sophomores Decille Hurley, Cordova, Tn., Liberal Arts Thomas Terry Hurst, Booneville, Pharmacy Alfred Eugene Hutcheson, University, Pharmacy Mahlon George Hutchison, Lynchburg, Va., Liberal Arts Joseph Henry Hutto, Tupelo, Business Mary Elizabeth Hyde, Jackson, Education Anita Joyce Irving, Pontotoc, Education John Willaim Ivey, Picayune, Liberal Arts Barry L Ivy, Tupelo, Education Martha Sue Jackson, Morley, Mo., Liberal Arts Harrell Freeman Jeanes, Florence, Liberal Arts Rebecca Ann Jennings, Marks, Business Jay Lawrence Jernigan, Hattiesburg, Business Susan John, Lake Providence, La., Liberal Arts Clifford Lee Johnson, Grenada, Liberal Arts Eural Levorn Johnson, Prentiss, Liberal Arts Leo Kelb Johnson, University, Education Ralph Neely Johnson, Holly Springs, Pharmacy Regina Johnson, Madison, Education George Edward Johnston, Picayune, Liberal Arts Gilbert Jeffrey Jolly, Brooksville, Liberal Arts Duncan Mclnnis Jones, Laurel, Engineering Elizabeth Louise Jones, Crystal Springs, Education (Catherine Miles Jones, University, Education Lydall Mitchell Jones, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Martin Emanuel Jones, Memphis, Tn., Engineering Mike Jones, Palestine, Ark., Education William Lloyd Jones, Abilene, Tex., Liberal Arts Russell Pearson Jordan, Bells, Tn., Business Thomas Douglas Jordan, Jr., Greenville, Business Melissa Jann Joyner, Meridian, Pharmacy Alwin Max Juchheim, Grenada, Liberal Arts Rob Herlong Kamery, Aberdeen, Business Donald Keen, Leland, Engineering Danny Hugh Keeton, Corinth, Education 389 Sophomores Bill Kelly, Oxford, Engineering Lannie Stokes Kenton, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Richard Raymond Kimbrough, Jackson, Business Deborah Rea King, Marrero, La., Business Gary Mitchell King, Banner, Liberal Arts Leonard Wayne King, Summit, Pharmacy Willie Joseph King, Oxford, Business Patricia Kay Kitchens, New Albany, Education Carol Ann Kittleman, Greenville, Education Donna Lynne Knight, University, Business Albert Michael Koury, Leland, Liberal Arts Janice Faith Kraft, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Carol Lynn Kroeze, )ackson, Education Chester Hamilton Lake, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts Russell Allen Lamb, Abilene, Tex., Liberal Arts Vardry McBee Landrum, Jackson, Education Samuel McLean Lane, Jackson, Liberal Arts William Bruce Leasure, Madisonville, Ky., Pharmacy Barbara Jo Lee, Vicksburg, Pharmacy Robert H. Lehman, Long Beach, Business Henry Stewart Leonard, Demopolis, Ala., Business Jerry Wayne Leslie, Fulton, Education Penny Lou Liles, Mason, Tn., Liberal Arts Megan Aileen Ldper, Jackson, Liberal Arts Kim Aleta Lowe, Lucedale, Liberal Arts Terry Durell Lunceford, Calhoun City, Business Teresa Jane Lusk, Oxford, Liberal Arts Charles Wayne Madsen, Willingboro, N.J., Liberal Arts Charles Magruder, Jackson, Business Caron Anita Mann, Walls, Liberal Arts Ellen Cantrell Mann, Jackson, Liberal Arts Macel Ann Martin, Oxford, Liberal Arts Mary Beth Martin, Indianola, Education Scott Donald Martin, Alexandria, Va., Liberal Arts Suzanne Kay Massengale, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts 390 Sophomores Mark Harrison Maudlin, Laurel, Liberal Arts Jean Conger May, Charleston, Business Sheila Rene Maynard, Tupelo, Liberal Arts William S. Mayo, New Albany, Liberal Arts lerry Franklin McCauley, Philadelphia, Business lack Boyd McCord, Jackson, Liberal Arts Philip Roy McCraw, Meridian, Liberal Arts Marjorie Ann McGuire, Memphis, Tn., Education Michael Leo Mclntyre, McComb, Liberal Arts John Robert McKiboen, lackson, Engineering Steven George McKinney, Zion, III., Liberal Arts Melzana Ward McMillan, Minter City, Business Michael Lyons McMullan, Jackson, Business Mary Brooks McPhaul, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Susan Gay McShan, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts 391 Sophomores Cora Jacqueline McSwain, Birmingham, Ala., Business Joyce Haynes Meek, Eupora, Education Rose Marie Meeks, Hamilton, Business William E. Meisenheimer, Cairo, III., Business John Whiting Meyer, Joliet, III., Business Ronnie Lee Michael, Charleston, Mo., Business Mary Kathleen Mikell, Jackson, Liberal Arts Jimmy Dixon Miller, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Sharon Millette, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Teddy Millette, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Terrence John Millette, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Deborah Suzanne Mills, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts Larry Dwayne Moffett, Titusville, N.J., Liberal Arts Louise Hemingway Montjoy, Jackson, Education Joe Keith Moore, Meridian, Liberal Arts Ronald Allen Moore, University, Business Kent Andrew Moorhead, Oxford, Liberal Arts Lisa Claire Moynihan, Laurel, Liberal Arts William Martin Murphree III, Peoria, III., Liberal Arts Metra Elizabeth Muskelley, Memphis, Tn., Education Christine Bridewell Naef, Brandon, Liberal Arts Robert William Naef, Jackson, Liberal Arts Harry Edward Neblett, Jr., Jonestown, Liberal Arts Cathy Suzanne Newberry, Oxford, Education Teresa Diane Newsome, Clarksdale, Education Paul Melvin Newton, Jr., Culfport, Business Lottie Mae Nichols, Leland, Liberal Arts Leo Landry Nosser, Natchez, Liberal Arts Donald Odom, University, Business John Felix Olavarrieta, Metairie, La., Engineering Mark Anthony Olsber Jr., New Iberia, La., Engineering Gregory Francis Olson, Lombard, III., Education Debra Ann Oltremari, Greenville, Liberal Arts Germaine Eva Opper, Oxford, Liberal Arts Carl Robert Orr, Como, Business 392 Sophomores Vicki Suzanne Orr, Stone Mountain, Ca., Liberal Arts Clenda Moore Owens, Jackson, Education Damian Michael Ozark, Crosse lie, Mich., Liberal Arts Danny Alan Pang, Greenville, Business Kenneth Paul Parks, Cretna, La., Liberal Arts Donald Alan Patrick, Laurel, Pharmacy Judson Jay Patterson, Hartsville, Tn., Liberal Arts Linda Joy Payne, Olive ' Branch, Liberal Arts Patti Peebles, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts James Allen Pegram, Tunica, Business Vassie Melton Pegues, Etta, Liberal Arts Hedy Marinee Pennington, Webb, Business Mary Lynn Perkins, Calhoun City, Education Janis Petro, Jackson, Education Gwendolyn Fay Pettis, Oxford, Liberal Arts Tori Lee Petty, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Gary Thomas Phillips, Greenwood, Business Marsha Gibson Phillips, Eupora, Education Patricia Sue Pierce, Mattoon, III., Liberal Arts Joe Bradley Pigott, McComb, Liberal Arts Robert Theodore Pigott, Philadelphia, Business Jane Marie Plunket, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts James Paul Poe, Prattville, Ala., Business William Everett Pollard, Oxford, Business Marvin Alton Posey, Philadelphia, Business Cynthia Irene Powers, Jackson, Liberal Arts John Williams Prewitt, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts David Stuart Price, Baton Rouge, La., Engineering Deborah Ann Price, Corinth, Liberal Arts Ronnie Fay Price, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts John Hamiter Procter III, Meridian, Business Jessie Mae Pryor, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Patricia Sallie Ragsdale, Holly Springs, Education William Howard Randolph, Jackson, Business Allen Dale Ray, Clarksdale. Liberal Arts 393 Sophomores Rebecca Reap, Little Rock, Ark., Business Beverly Joy Rector, Columbus, Education Sharon Elizabeth Reece, Chattanooga, Tn., Business James Mattox Reed, Meridian, Education Rebecca Jo Reid, Water Valley, Education Joseph Harry Reynolds, luka, Business Robert Oeloach Reynolds, Greenwood, Education Essie Maria Rhea, Batesville, Education William Humphrey Rhea, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts Leo Norbert Richard, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Kimberly Richardson, Birmingham, Ala., Education Sherree Elaine Richardson, Greenville, Business Dwain Rafel Rieves, Smithville, Liberal Arts James Barry Robbins, Etta, Pharmacy William Jameson Roberts, Moss Point, Liberal Arts 394 I ' - . Sophomores George Bruce Robinson, Greenville, Liberal Arts James Buford Robison, Batesville, Business Paul Michael Rocconi, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Judy Mae Rockette, Taylor, Business Vada Lue Rocke tte, Taylor, Liberal Arts Ginger Faye Rogers, Water Valley, Business Steven Graham Rogers, Jackson, Liberal Arts Marcia Lynne Romine, Richardson, Tex., Liberal Arts Mary Lisa Romine, Richardson, Tex., Liberal Arts Edward Larson Rowe, Huntsville, Ala., Liberal Arts Jean Louise Rowley, Columbus, Ohio, Education Pamela Jane Rozier, Jackson, Business Debra Susan Runyan, Memphis, Tn., Business Ricky Gordon Russell, Jackson, Liberal Arts Rita Dale Russell, Clarksdale, Business Susan Jan Sanders, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Julie Marie Sartain, Water Valley, Pharmacy Barbara Janice Saxon, Ocean Springs, Pharmacy Louis William Schlekau, New Orleans, La., Business Mark Stevan Scott, Stratford, N.J., Liberal Arts Rebecca Lynn Scott, McComb, Liberal Arts Georgeanne Frank Seale, Batesville, Liberal Arts Peggy Lynn Sears, Dallas, Tex., Liberal Arts Dana Elizabeth Sellers, Meridian, Education Sherri Ann Sellers, Columbus, Liberal Arts Raphael Semmes, Grenada, Liberal Arts Marilyn Sample Sheffield, Oxford, Education Robert Gerald Sheffield, Oxford, Business Anna Kathryn Shipley, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts Mary Susan Shipp, Clarksdale, Education Thomas Walker Shipp, Bentonia, Business Robin Ellenor Short, Como, Liberal Arts Gary Alan Shute, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Susan Frances Sissell, Batesville, Liberal Arts Benjamin Garvis Smith, Biloxi, Business 395 Sophomores Benjamin Thomas Smith, University, Liberal Arts Carolyn Irene Smith, Pontotoc, Education Gary David Smith, Jackson, Business Donald Vaughan Smith, Pascagoula, Engineering Jimmy Clay Smith, Hornbeak, Tn., Business Karen D. Smith, University, Liberal Arts Mary Jean Smith, Oxford, Education Michael J. Smith, Grenada, Liberal Arts Randolph Smith, Greenville, Business Stanley Quinten Smith, Southaven, Business Susan Anthony Smith, Biloxi, Education Martin Thomas Sneed, Oxford, Business Vicki L. Sneed, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Don Burton Snipes, Verona, Liberal Arts Jeannette Marie Sobotka, University, Liberal Arts Valerie Ann Soldevila, Clarksdale, Education Andrew Carleton Soper, Tupelo, Business Alecia Lea Stafford, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Barbara Lee Stegall, Jackson, Liberal Arts Kenneth James Stegall, Jackson, Education Donna Kay Stehr, Oxford, Education James Milton Stennett, Laurel, Pharmacy Ronald Wayne Stimpson, New Albany, Business John Morton Stone, Jr., Bristol, Va., Business Lidie Riddell Stone, Marks, Liberal Arts Flossie Williams Stuby, Delta City, Liberal Arts Mary Carolyn Sullivan, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Richard Dean Sykes, University, Business James Albert Tadlock, Forest, Liberal Arts William Joseph Taylor, Jackson, Liberal Arts David McRae Temple, Meridian, Liberal Arts Lisa Ann Tenzer, Brownsville, Tn., Liberal Arts ' Dorothy Shannon Terry, Canton, Liberal Arts William Wayne Terry, Petal, Engineering Arthur Bruce Thomas, Montgomery, Ala., Liberal Arts ' t 396 Sophomores Kara Ellen Thomas, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Rosanna Thomas, Grenada, Education Elizabeth Ann Thomasson, Dekalb, Business Donna Jeanne Thompson, Myrtle, Liberal Arts Mary Catherine Thurman, Louisville, Ky., Liberal Arts Cathy Howell Tidwell, West Point, Liberal Arts Preston Fairfax Tolley, Jackson, Business Michael Charles Torjusen, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Wendy Ruth Townsend, Oxford, Liberal Arts John Douglas Treanor, Pine Bluff, Ark., Liberal Arts Darlene Nell Triable, Jackson, Pharmacy Earl Harrison Triplett, Memphis, Tn., Business Edward Joseph Truemper, Wilmington, Del., Liberal Arts Eddy Leon Tucker, Philadelphia, Engineering Curtis Larry Vance, Brandon, Business 397 - . r Sophomores Cynthia Kay Vermilya, Fort Myers, Fla., Education Carolyn A. Voyles, Rienzi, Education Lila Ann Vrooman, Memphis, Tn., Education William Dubbard Waff, Walls, Liberal Arts Debbie Kay Waites, Hattiesburg, Education Carol Jean Waldrop, New Albany, Education Nancy Ann Waldrop, Oxford, Education Elaine Maria Wallace, Bloomfield, N.J., Liberal Arts Brenda Sue Waller, University, Liberal Arts Patricia Anne Waller, Oxford, Business Herschel Gary Walters, Charlotte, N.C., Liberal Arts Larry Wayne Ware, Pope, Educat ion Laura Elizabeth Warren, Tupelo, Education Patricia V. Warren, Mound Bayou, Liberal Arts Nancy Clio Waters, Jackson, Liberal Arts I 398 Sophomores Richard Louis Watson, Gulfport, Liberal Arts Robbie N. Watson, Nesbit, Education Cenecile Watts, Columbus, Education Norma L Watts, Oxford, Business Wendell Ward Weakley, Memphis, Tn., Business John Bunch Weatherly, Lexington, Tn., Business Susan Lynn Weaver, Lewisburg, Tn., Pharmacy Elvin Timothy Webb, Moss Point, Business Molly Grace Webb, Selmer, Tn., Education Rebecca Lynn Weeks, Walls, Education Michael David Weiland, Marks, Engineering Gail Crews Wellford, Jackson, Education Diana Louise Werner, Gideon, Mo., Business Charlotte R. Westmoreland, Tupelo, Education Betty Jeanne Whitaker, Batesville, Education Charlotte Ann White, Bruce, Business Stephen Thomas White, Tupelo, Business Peter Bradford Whitney, Culver, Ind., Liberal Arts Grady Lee Wilkerson, Colorado Springs, Colo., Liberal Arts Terri Lee Wilkinson, Pascagoula, Business Harold Dean Williams, Rienzi, Liberal Arts Pamela Anne Williams, Nashville, Tn., Liberal Arts Sally Mae Williams, Charleston, III., Liberal Arts Darrell Glenn Williamson, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Judy Watkins Williamson, Covington, La., Liberal Arts Cynthia Posey Wilson, Pine Bluff, Ark., Liberal Arts Barbara Jane Windham, Laurel, Liberal Arts Karen Elizabeth Wing, Sledge, Liberal Arts Patricia Melonee Wise, Maben, Pharmacy Clyde Afton Wolfe, Jr., Greenville, Liberal Arts James Eddie Wood, Humboldt, Tn., Business James David Young, Oxford, Business Linda Hilbun Young, Gulfport, Education Rosemary Young, New Albany, Business Samuel McCain Young, Greenville, Business 399 Fresh men Charlene E. Abraham, Vicksburg, Education Kristma Helen Abraham, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Ruth Dorothy Adams, Oxford, Liberal Arts Martin Charles Ahlvin, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Douglas Millard Akin, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts Patricia T. Albritton, Culfport, Liberal Arts Karen Mary Alexander, Union, Liberal Arts Stephen Gene Alexander, Southhaven, Liberal Arts Frederick D. Allard Jr., Newville, Pa., Engineering Angella Darlynn Allen, Houlka, Education David Frederick Allen, lackson, Liberal Arts Elise Beverly Allen, Hernando, Liberal Arts Gerald Coleman Allison, Charleston, Business Pak Kut An, University, Liberal Arts Kathryn Ann Anderson, Yazoo City, Education Carolyn Lenore Anest, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Robin Oral Arnett, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts Thomas Laben Arnold, Grenada, Liberal Arts Debra Gay Aven, Oxford, Education Thomas Allen Babb, Atlanta, Ca., Pharmacy Judine Bailess, Vicksburg, Education Jerolyn Bailey, Winona, Education Linda Bailey, Laurel, Liberal Arts Lana Marie Ball, Magnolia, Liberal Arts Stephen Merrell Baber, East Point, Ca., Liberal Arts Paula Kay Bard, Painesville, Ohio, Education Donna Alice Barham, Bolivar, Tn., Liberal Arts Gregory Max Barkley, Ripley Business Beverly Nell Barnes, Columbia, Liberal Arts Demetria Elaine Barnes, Greenville, Pharmacy Robert Allen Barnes, Winona, Business Donna Michelle Barnhill, Charleston, Liberal Arts Barbara Barton, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts Beverly Adelaide Becker, Wausau, Wis., Liberal Arts Deborah Elise Beckett, Washington, D.C., Liberal Arts 1 I 400 Fresh men Stephen Kenn Beeman, Quitman, Liberal Arts Jerrie Glywn Bell, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Mary Margaret Bell, Morganfield, Ky., Liberal Arts Robert Joseph Benjamin, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Michael Lee Benentt, Baldwyn, Business Jadda Jeanine Berry, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts John Jefferson Bethea, Hattiesburg, Business Beverly Lynn Belts, Somerset, Ky., Liberal Arts Sally Claire Bidgood, Meridian, Education Vikki Anne Billingslea, Pickens, Liberal Arts Richard Frederick Bingler, Johnstown, Pa., Liberal Arts Laurie Ann Bishop, Mentor, Ohio, Liberal Arts Ira Daniel Bizzell, Forest Park, Ca., Liberal Arts Malcolm Palmer Blane, Hopkinsville, Ky., Pharmacy Larry Egan Boatwright, Holly Springs, Pharmacy Leila MacRae Bogy, Rosedale, Liberal Arts Catherine Ann Boldebuck, Hinsdale, III., Education Donna Rae Bolin, Homewood, III., Liberal Arts Robert Paul Bounds, Lucedale, Liberal Arts Barbara McRee Bout on, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Barbara McDearmon Bowen, Dyersburg, Tn., Education Mark Sutton Bowen, Jackson, Business (Cathy Elaine Bowman, Bakewell, Tn., Pharmacy Myra Lynn Bowman, Hernando, Business Bobbye Dean Box, Bruce, Education John Daniel Boyle, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts Gail Bradley, Aberdeen, Education James Harold Bradley, Charleston, Liberal Arts Mary Elizabeth Brady, Memphis, Tn., Education Stephen Duncan Bramlett, Oxford, Liberal Arts John Michael Brandon, Laurel, Liberal Arts Jean Isabel Brewer, Grenada, Liberal Arts Patricia Campbell Brewer, Nashville, Tn., Liberal Arts George Cooper Brock, Carlinville, III., Liberal Arts Angieline Brown, Bruce, Education 401 Fresh men Joseph Lee Brown, Jackson, Liberal Arts Julian Arthur Brown, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts Mark Edward Brown, Jackson, Liberal Arts Richard Bates Brown, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts William Thomas Brown )r., Jackson, Tn., Business William Ameal Browning, Natchez, Engineering Ruth Ellen Brumbaugh, Owensboro, Ky., Liberal Arts Bill Allen Brumfield, McComb, Pharmacy Brenda Ann Brumfield, McComb, Liberal Arts Linda Clay Bryan, Oxford, Business Nancy Jeaneite Bryan, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Suanne Bryan, Jackson, Education James L. Bryant, Pittsboro, Pharmacy David Michael Buchanan, Oxford, Business Dorothy Ann Buchanan, Memphis, Tn., Education Walter Brenton Buck, Memphis, Tn., Business Jennifer Lyn Buckenberger, Munster, Ind., Education Essie Louise Buford, Oxford, Business Donell Leora Burch, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts John Sebry Burch, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Betty Fay Busby, Hernando, Business Richard Porter Byrne, Titusville, Fla., Liberal Arts Stephen Clarence Cade, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Van Montgomery Cagle, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Kim Evans Caldwell, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts Stanley Albert Caldwell, Eldorado, Kan., Liberal Arts Larry Lamar Calhoun, Rosedale, Liberal Arts Andrea Gail Callaway, Kennett, Mo., Pharmacy Cathryn Pitts Campbell, Henderson, Tn., Liberal Arts Toni Lea Campbell, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts William Richard Campbell Jr., Columbia, Liberal Arts Russell Barry Cannada, Jackson, Business Kerry Elaine Cannon, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Eleanor Kay Canon, Florence, Ala., Education Michael William Carbrey, Oxford, Liberal Arts ? 402 Fresh men Jack Michael Carlisle, Jackson, Business Elizabeth Anne Carpenter, Oxford, Liberal Arts Susan Elaine Carr, Memphis, Tn., Education David Martin Carroll, ewton. 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Collins, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Norma Celeste Condon, Greenville, Engineering James Marcus Cook, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Laura Virginia Cook, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts William Deloach Cope Jr., Hollandale, Liberal Arts Danny Bruce Covington, Columbus, Liberal Arts Stephen Albert Covington, Meridian, Liberal Arts Susan Christine Covin gton, Summit, Liberal Arts Jack Verlon Cowart, Fulton, Liberal Arts Janiece Craddock, Halls, Tn., Pharmacy Jennifer Cowan Crawford, Nashville, Tn., Liberal Arts Rebecca Ruth Crawford, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts Ellen Crenshaw, Walls, Education Suzanne Smith Crenshaw, Las Vegas, Nev., Liberal Arts Donna June Cromeans, Lake Charles, La., Liberal Arts Debra Gail Crutchfield, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Diane Carol Cubranic, Louisville, Ky., Pharmacy Patricia Ann Dacus, Kilmichael, Business David Ellis Dale, Columbus, Liberal Arts 404 ? J Fresh men William McKemie Daniel, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts Twadie Pearl ine Davidson, Houston, Business Elizabeth Louise Davis, Pascagoula, Business Willie Austin Davis, Memphis, Tn., Business Sarah Elizabeth Day, Blytheville, Ark., Liberal Arts Randy Lee Dean, Jackson, Business Frederick A. 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Hood Garber Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts Kimberly Sue Gardner, Senatobia, Liberal Arts Lynne Gardner, Jackson, Education Jacqueline Eloise Gamer, Jonesboro, Ark., Liberal Arts Ralph Milton Garrard, New Orleans, La., Business Jo Glynn Gary, Sardis, Pharmacy Mary Virginia Geddie, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Rachel Baskerville George, Columbus, Liberal Arts Kim Gianakos, Meridian, Liberal Arts Karen Ann Gibbs, Wynne, Ark., Liberal Arts Debbie Lynn Given, Nashville, Tn., Education Frank Otho Givens, Senatobia, Business Freeman Shane Glover, Greenwood, Business Deirdre Annice Golden, Sherard, Liberal Arts Joanne Lynne Goldner, Meridian, Liberal Arts Georgie Ann Goldsmith, Covington, Tn., Liberal Arts Beverly Anne Goodson, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Julie Gorman, Jackson, Business Thomas Clinton Goslin III, Gretna, La., Business Steven Wesley Graf, Metairie, La., Business Ronald Keith Gray, Etta, Liberal Arts Tony Lamar Gray, Moss Point, Business Katherine Joan Green, Collins, Liberal Arts 407 Fresh men Sarah Joan Green, Oxford, Liberal Arts Michael Duane Greer, Hickory Flat, Business Celia Ann Grisham, Oxford, Liberal Arts Clinton McKee Guenther, Morgan City, Business James Edwin Gunn, Meridian, Liberal Arts Susan Leigh Gunn, Vicksburg, Education Mary Catherine Gussman, Atlanta, Ga., Liberal Arts Victoria Louise Guyton, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Deborah Louise Hale, Southaven, Liberal Arts James Bailey Halliday, Culfport, Liberal Arts William Douglas Hankins, Grenada, Business William David Hardin, Lima, Ohio, Liberal Arts Margaret Denise Hardy, Canton, Business Gary Thomas Hargrove, Culfport, Liberal Arts Henry Pickard Hargrove, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Theodore Steven Harkins, Jackson, Liberal Arts Donna Lorraine Harrison, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts Ewell Wade Hart, Kosciusko, Business Tamara Suzanne Hart, Richmond, Va., Liberal Arts William Owen Hartness, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Harry Russell Harwell, Memphis, Tn., Pharmacy Samuel Bond Haskell, Amory, Liberal Arts William Clarence Hays, Marianna, Ark., Liberal Arts Valerie Estes Hayward, Oxford, Business Karen Letitia Heern, Jonesboro, Ark., Business Rita Jo Hemphill, Winona, Education Russell Sansom Hendrick, Okolona, Liberal Arts William Carl Herbert, Shaw, Liberal Arts Martha Virginia Herrin, Hattiesburg, Education Benjamin Lee Herring, Oxford, Liberal Arts Marijean Herring, Canton, Business Kathryn Herrington, Ackerman, Liberal Arts Sandy Louise Hickman, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts James Edgar Hicks, Jackson, Tn., Business Judy Ann Higdon, Jackson, Liberal Arts r i 408 Fresh men Renee Ellen Hill, Lower Burrell, Pa., Business Lu Ann Hoar, Oxford, Liberal Arts Joseph Lester Hoff, Sherard, Business Charles Reid Hogue, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts Stephen Lee Holland, Grenada, Liberal Arts David Lynn Holloway, Smithville, Education Debra Kay Holloway, Indianola, Liberal Arts Elizabeth Jane Holmes, Tunica, Education David Brooks Holstein, St. Albans, West Va., Education Randall Lee Hoover, Chattanooga, Tn., Liberal Arts Jonathan Calhoun Horton, Clarksdale, Business Patsy Newton Houston, Enid, Business Deborah Ann Howington, Sikeston, Mo., Liberal Arts Greg John Huch, Jackson, Liberal Arts Alan Douglas Huffman, Jackson, Liberal Arts Lisa Frances Huggins, Mobile, Ala., Liberal Arts William Thomas Hughes, Gulfport, Liberal Arts Brenda Anne Humphreys, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Dawn Camille Hundley, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Lyda Bunker Hunt, Dallas, Tex., Business Wiley Carter Hutchins, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts David Forrest Hutchison, Jackson, Liberal Arts Ralph Edward Hutton, Nashville, Tn., Business William Fred Imre, Milan, TN, Engineering Samuel Delane Inmon, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Thomas Ashby Ireland, Clinton, Liberal Arts David Eugene Jackson, Matawan, New Jersey, Business Karen Jackson, Jackson, Liberal Arts Nancy Covington Jackson, Jackson, Business Ricky Earl James, Corinth, Business Susan Joyce James, Mellwood, Ark., Liberal Arts S. 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Lawhorn, Oxford, Liberal Arts Ronald Dale LeBlanc, Mobile, Ala., Liberal Arts Goodman Griffin Ledyard, Selma, Ala., Liberal Arts Ernest Nickell Lee, Corinth, Liberal Arts Robert Dennis Legate, Jackson, Education James William Lewis, Stone Mountain, Ga., Engineering Casey Eugene Leydon, Annandale, Va., Liberal Arts 411 Fresh men Hal Thompson Lidded, Jackson, Liberal Arts Linda Jo Little, Grenada, Education Rebecca Ann Locke, Byhalia, Liberal Arts Donna Jean Lockhart, Hamilton, Business Larraine Susan Loe, Vicksburg, Education Lucy Ann Low, Laurel, Education Laura Anne Lowe, Benoit, Liberal Arts John Fair Lucas, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Kenneth Shirey Lunsford, Eclectic, Ala., Business Jean Stuart Magee, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Claudia Deloach Magruder, Dyersburg, Tn., Education Anna Louise Maher, Clinton, Education Frank Beeks Maier, Memphis, Tn., Business James Irvin Maness, Milan, Tn., Liberal Arts Ben Edward Mangum, Star, Liberal Arts Dixie Cecile Manning, Jackson, Liberal Arts Jeanenne Marchbanks, Water Valley, Liberal Arts Craig Wesley Marks, Memphis, Tn., Business Miriam Marr, Olive Branch, Business Edgar Dean Martin, Gardendale, Tex., Engineering Joyce Marie Martin, Batesville, Liberal Arts Judy Suzette Martin, Water Valley, Liberal Arts Nancy Ann Martin, Nashville, Tn., Pharmacy Maria Odalisa Martinez, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Liberal Arts Angela Letitia Massey, Coldwater, Liberal Arts Edward Masso, San Clemente, Cal., Liberal Arts David Lee McAdams, Greenwood, Business Harry Keith McAlpin, Crystal Springs, Business Susan Woodruff McBroom, Jackson, Liberal Arts James Paul McCann IV, Pittsburg, Pa., Engineering Donald Britt McCarver, Ecru, Business Michael Edward McCaulla, Duck Hill, Business James McClure III, Sardis, Business David Orris McCormick, Long Beach, Liberal Arts Michele Ann McCowin, Biloxi, Liberal Arts - P - 412 Fresh men Cathy Lynn McDonald, Picayune, Engineering Sarah Louise McDougal, Jackson, Liberal Arts lames Alvin McElroy, Meridian, Liberal Arts Robert Andrew McGahey, Leland, Liberal Arts Lucille Herlong McHenry, Wiggins, Liberal Arts Brenda Elise Mclntyre, Poolesville, Education Susan Camille Mclntyre, Norwell, Me., Education Janet Gail McKay, Baldwyn, Education James Horace McKinney, Okolona, Liberal Arts Margaret Roben McKnight, Columbia, Tn., Liberal Arts Shirlene McLendon, Jackson, Pharmacy Nancy Lynn McMullen, Eupora, Liberal Arts Beverly Tribble Meek, University, Education Mark Meisenheimer, Cairo, III., Liberal Arts Kim Ellen Melberg, LaCrange, III., Liberal Arts Marjorie Leanne Meng, Natchez, Liberal Arts Vicki Eleanor Merriam, Biloxi, Education Dan Wesley Meyer, Oxford, Liberal Arts James Charles Michaels, North Bellmore, N.Y., Business William Alfred Middleton, Winona, Liberal Arts Johnny Easter Miller, Weir, Business Robert Hill Millis, Clarksdale, Business Jacqueline Ann Mills, Knoxville, In., Education Bess Renee Mims, Vicksburg, Education Dale Crandel Mitchell, Corinth, Liberal Arts Myla Leigh Mitchell, Columbus, Liberal Arts Nancy Mitchell, Jackson, Business Beverly Jo Mize, Oxford, Business Edward Sidney Moak, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Sarah Moak, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Elizabeth Mobley, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Susan Josephine Mohead, Lula, Business Lofton Sturgis Monteith, Tunica, Liberal Arts Mark Perry Monts, Tupelo, Business Donna Ann Moore, Southaven, Education 413 Fresh men Linda Carol Moore, Duck Hill, Education Patricia Lynn Moore, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts Rebecca Ann Moore, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Rodney Ransom Moore, Byhalia, Liberal Arts Susan Moore, Byhalia, Education Johnny Morgan, luka, Liberal Arts Susan Margaret Morgan, Greenwood, Liberal Arts Ronald Dallard Morrisette, St. John, Va., Business Westley Cooper Morrison, Earle, Ark., Liberal Arts Kimberly Morrow, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Cynthia Marie Mothershed, Batesville, Liberal Arts Haley Moy, Charleston, Business Mark Ross Murchison, Oxford, Business Paul Bridges Murphree, Shelby, Liberal Arts Albert Duncan Murphy, Jackson, Liberal Arts 414 Fresh men Arthur Oilman Murphy, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts Joan Fay Myers, Lula, Liberal Arts Phillip Aldridge Nance, Ripley, Business Donna Kay Nead, Sardis, Liberal Arts Penman William Neel, Starkville, Business Vernon Dell Neely, Jr., Florence, Engineering David Alan Nelson, Pewaukee, Wise., Business James Omer Nelson, luka, Liberal Arts Evelyn Jean Newcomb, Osceola, Ark., Liberal Arts Nancy Ann Newton, Chesterfield, Mo., Liberal Arts Naomi Lee Niles, Fulton, Mo., Liberal Arts Nita Yvette Norphlet, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts Ronald Landy Norris, Owensboro, Ky., Business Terry Ann Norton, Hernando, Business Constance Louise O ' Connor, Jackson, Liberal Arts Harvey George O ' Conor, Culfport, Liberal Arts Linda Lane O ' Donnell, Nashville, Tn., Liberal Arts Judy Diane Oglesby, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts James S. Osborne, Jr., Jackson, Tn., Engineering Patsy Owens, Oxford, Business Marita Kathryn Pace, Monticello, Liberal Arts Joyce Ann Pang, Greenville, Pharmacy Susan Frances Parham, Tupelo, Education Roy Octavus Parker, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Donald Parsons, Jackson, Business Sue Ellen Payne, Greenville, Liberal Arts Margaret Jane Peden, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts William Edward Pegues, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Lyndon Haywood Perkins, Columbus, Liberal Arts William Howell Perkins, Jr., Belzoni, Business Anne Scott Perry, Dallas, Tex., Business Melissa Ruth Perry, Memphis, Tn., Education Theresa Ann Perry, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts Johnny Robert Peters, Macon, Liberal Arts Stewart Thomas Peters, Germantown, Tn., Business 415 Fresh men Paul Caley Phelps, Columbus, Liberal Arts Cort Christopher Phillips, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts Kathleen Ann Phillips, Dallas, Tex., Business Lafayette C. Phillips, Prairie Point, Liberal Arts Michael Clarence Philpot, Crystal Lake, III., Engineering Linda Kay Pickard, Milan, Tn., Liberal Arts Linda L. Pigott, McComb, Liberal Arts Lynn Kay Pitalo, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Cynthia Diane Pittman, Meridian, Liberal Arts George Mark Plasketes, North Riverside, IL, Business Bernice Polk, Greenville, Liberal Arts Robert Allan Polk, Alexandria, La., Business Calvin Phillip Poole, Natchez, Liberal Arts Johnny Will Poole, Columbus, Liberal Arts Ethan Mayo Pope, Collins, Business Anne Marie Pou, Shreveport, La., Education Edwin Yager Pruitt, Como, Liberal Arts Christy Lajean Pullen, Kilmichael, Liberal Arts Charles Michael Pumphrey, Eupora, Liberal Arts John Lee Putman, Grenada, Pharmacy Rory Robin Rafferty, Pass Christian, Business Judith Ruth Ragland, Oxford, Liberal Arts Rex E. Ragland, Oxford, Liberal Arts Margaret Elizabeth Rambo, Fayetteville, Tn., Liberal Arts William Gregory Ratliff, Dothan, Ala., Business Robert Leo Rawls, Gulfport, Business William Emmett Ready, Jr., Meridian, Liberal Arts Ernest Ray Reece, Charleston, Liberal Arts Cullen G. Reeves, Jackson, Business June Ellen Reisser, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Joe Floyd Reppeto, Jackson, Business Gary John Reynolds, Germantown, Tn., Liberal Arts Diana Richardson, Houston, Business Rebecca Rogers Richardson, Bowling Green, Ky., Liberal Arts Teri Lynn Richardson, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts 416 illfe Fresh men Fay Doris Richmond, Holly Springs, Business Billy Wayne Rider, Coffeeville, Liberal Arts Jeff Windham Rish III, Pontotoc, Engineering John Hilton Robbins, Pelahatchie, Liberal Arts Brett Edward Roberts, Bay Springs, Liberal Arts Deborah Ann Roberts, Jackson, Business Thomas Ellis Roberts, Wiggins, Business Trena Dawn Robertson, Rosedale, Liberal Arts William Ralph Robertson, New Albany, Business Kathryn Dyann Robinson, Pulaski, Liberal Arts Henry Daniel Rollins, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts Timothy Arthur Roman, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts Deborah Ann Rose, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts Gail E. Rose, Shelby, Liberal Arts Patricia Denise Ross, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts William SiWey Rule, Wynne, Ark., Liberal Arts Gloria Jean Rush, Meridian, Pharmacy Wallace Edwin Rushing, Forest, Pharmacy Mary Hunter Sadler, Tupelo, Liberal Arts Jackie Rose Sanders, Memphis, Tn., Education Richard Paul Sanders, Jackson, Liberal Arts Samuel Herbert Sandy, Corinth, Engineering Otis Lamar Sanford, Como, Liberal Arts Joan Corinne Scarborough, Byhalia, Liberal Arts George Henry Scheider, Clarksdale, Education Bridget Catherine Schmitz, New Orleans, La., Education Kathleen L. Schroeder, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Liberal Arts Ronald Mark Schuldt, McComb, Liberal Arts Janet Ellen Schwartz, Gulfport, Liberal Arts Patricia Lynn Seale, Batesville, Liberal Arts Cynthia Narcissa Sears, West Point, Liberal Arts Francis Walter Seaton, Jonesboro, Ark., Business Gary Dwayne Self, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts Sabrina Catherine Sentell, Ocean Springs, Business Kin F. Seto, Rolling Fork, Pharmacy 417 Fresh men Marion Suzanne Sevier, New Orleans, La., Education Gregory Daniels Shanks, Knoxville, Tn., Business Sally Avent Shellabarger, University, Business James Keith Shelly, Middleton, Tn., Pharmacy Susan Gay Shivers, Oxford, Liberal Arts Cheryl Anne Sides, Kosciusko, Education Pamela Kay Siemer, St. Louis, Mo., Liberal Arts Jane Ellen Sikora, Merrillville, Ind., Liberal Arts Laura Vanita Simmons, Memphis, Tn., Education Erminnie Helen Simpson, Winnetka, III., Liberal Arts Susan Perry Simpson, Shaw, Liberal Arts Deborah Lynn Sims, Oxford, Business Marty Cargill Sims, North Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts Susan Gayle Slade, Meridian, Education Carl Albert Smiley, Oxford, Liberal Arts Athena I. Smith, Picayune, Liberal Arts Cathy Gene Smith, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Edwin Brantley Smith, Jackson, Liberal Arts James Buchanan Smith, Picayune, Liberal Arts Janet Marcelene Smith, Carthage, Business Michael David Smith, Milan, Tn., Liberal Arts Peggy Ann Smith, Bogue Chittp, Business Philip J. Smith, University, Liberal Arts Richard Taylor Smith, Jackson, Liberal Arts Tony Wayne Smith, Oak Ridge, La., Engineering Roger Daniel Snead, Ashdown, Ark., Liberal Arts Jesse Herman Snyder, Gunnison, Business Craig E. Sosebee, Warrensburg, Mo., Liberal Arts William Amb rose Spain, Jackson, Business Christopher Ferrel Sparks, Chula Vista, Ca., Liberal Arts Michael King Stanley, Corinth, Business Stacey Jane Stegall, Forest, Liberal Arts John Everett Stewart, Pass Christian, Liberal Arts Larry Hearne Stewart, Tupelo, Business Lynn Stewart, Jackson, Liberal Arts 7 ' to 418 Fresh men Ann Drew Stimson, Dumas, Ark., Liberal Arts Thomas George Storch, Cincinnati, Ohio, Engineering Amanda Leigh Storment, Louisville, Ky., Liberal Arts Jane Stradley, Columbus, Ohio, Education Dawn Wilson Stuby, Delta City, Liberal Arts Robert Logan Sullivan, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Sheila Gay Sullivan, Louisville, Education Sherry Jo Swinson, Memphis, Tn., Business Suzanne Leigh Tabor, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Patricia Ann Tarver, Oxford, Business Albert Watson Tate, Jr., Coila, Business Robert O ' Neal Tatum, Hattiesburg, Business Brenda Clara Taylor, Atlanta, Ca., Business Rebecca Lynn Taylor, Starkville, Liberal Arts Ruth Merrill Tenney, Grenada, Education 419 Fresh men Tara Joette Therrell, Memphis, Tn., Education Sherri Lynn Thomas, Southaven, Liberal Arts Bonita Kaye Thompson, Oxford, Liberal Arts Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Cincinnati, Ohio, Liberal Arts Perian Thompson, Tchula, Liberal Arts Robert Reed Thompson, Water Valley, Liberal Arts Sandra Allison Tice, Nashville, Tn., Business Bowman Stirling Tighe, Jackson, Business Kathleen Hoff Todd, Dyersburg, Tn., Education Carl Wayne Tompkins, Biloxi, Liberal Arts Stephen Lowrance Tompkins, Burdette, Ark., Liberal Arts Sherrian Wess Townsend, Oxford, Business Leigh Nancy Truax, Oxford, Liberal Arts Margaret Deneise Turner, Crystal Springs, Liberal Arts Steven John Ursic, Oxford, Liberal Arts Paula Ann Ussery, Raymond, Liberal Arts Debra Lynn Varnado, lackson, Education James Carroll Varner, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Joel Paul Varner, Jackson, Liberal Arts Beverly Jane Vaughan, Utica, Liberal Arts Robert Glen Waddle, Jackson, Liberal Arts William B. Wadlington, Corinth, Business Sue Taylor Wagner, Como, Education Barbara Jean Walker, Corinth, Business Lisa Ann Waller, Memphis, Tn., Education James Thomas Walling, Ocean, N. )., Business William Tucker Walsh, Jackson, Business Jim Edward Wamble, Columbus, Business Virginia Lynn Watkins, Jackson, Liberal Arts Carl Steven Weigandt, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Rebecca Lee Welch, Decherd, Tn., Pharmacy Mary Elizabeth Welsh, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Jimmy Westmoreland, Bruce, Liberal Arts Walter Guston Wheeler, Hendersonville, Tn., Liberal Arts Andrew James White, Westwood, N. )., Business I f- . I 420 I Fresh men Gerald Malcolm White, Batesville, Engineering Mary Ann White, University, Liberal Arts Nancy Claire White, Gulfport, Business Lynn Keith Whittington, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts Marion Oleta Whittington, Jackson, Pharmacy Patricia Jane Wilcox, Greensboro, N.C., Education Sheryl Ann Wilkinson, Memphis, Tn., Liberal Arts Beverly touise Williams, Jackson, Liberal Arts Dennis Ray Williams, Milan, Tn., Liberal Arts James Oliver Williams, Greenwood, Business (Catherine Moore Williams, Springfield, Tn., Liberal Arts Linda Ann Williams, McComb, Liberal Arts Maria Leigh Williams, Picayune, Education Thomas Edwin Williams, Caledonia, Liberal Arts Xylda Ann Williams, Dundee, Liberal Arts 421 Fresh men Aubrey Duane Williamson, Greenville, Liberal Arts Mary Moore Williamson, Memphis, Tn., Education Thomas Jeff Williamson, Greenville, Liberal Arts Jennye Lou Wilson, Osceola, Ark., Liberal Arts Kathleen Wilson, Vicksburg, Education Lynda Elizabeth Wilson, Anguilla, Business James S. Wimberley, Laurel, Liberal Arts Wilson Arthur Windham, Laurel, Business Debra Yvonne Winstead, Vicksburg, Education Marty Lane Winter, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts Yuen-Sun Wong, University, Engineering Amaryliss Wood, Jackson, Liberal Arts Betty Jean Wood, Southaven, Liberal Arts Daniel leffress Wood, Paris, Tn., Pharmacy June Harwill Woodbridge, Jackson, Liberal Arts 422 Fresh men Deborah Marie Woodrick, Oxford, Business Keith Jackson Woodward, Kosciusko, Business Jennie McDonnell Worthen, Tupelo, Education William Corbett Worthy, Core Springs, Liberal Arts Cynthia Claire Yancy, Bruce, Liberal Arts Bebe Shawn Yarbrough, Tupelo, Engineering Christopher Yarbrough, Greenville, Liberal Arts Shelby Kaye Yelverton, Bay Springs, Liberal Arts Betty Ann Young, Winnetka, III., Liberal Arts Mary Jane Young, Bolivar, Tn., Liberal Arts Paul Edward Young, Monroe, La., Liberal Arts Richard Lee Young, Jackson, Business Man Kui Yuen, University, Liberal Arts David Arthur Ziegenhom, Sikeston, Mo., Liberal Arts Alice Ann Zimmerman, Cape Cirardeau, Mo., Liberal Arts PEASE ckar up yo f U ' ore you 423 E. NEILSON J. CIAL SPECIAL PRICES CLOTHING, Etc., TO THE BOYS. E rl Wilson Collars M J Caffs. Wilson ffl son Bros - S hirls an d Neckwea SHOES CHEAP SHOES CHEAP Advertisements ndex 425 FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1915 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE . . . in manufacturing Concrete Pipe assure users of our product the highest quality possible in every drainage installation. Our representatives are at your service. Let them help you with your drainage problems. THE FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY takes great pride in joining hands with the industrial leaders of Mississippi in honoring the 1974 graduating class of Ole Miss. A prosper- ous future to each of you. Sulfport Hattiesburg Jackson Meridian Mobile Member of American Concrete Pipe Association 426 COLLEGE CLOTHES AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CARL COERS NEW AND USED BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 427 Congratulations 1 974 Graduates CHARLIE CONERLY SHOE STORES Clarksdale Grenada Greenville Jackson Meridian Vicksburg Greenwood TWO FAMILIAR SYMBOLS OF TRADITION AND QUALITY IN MISSISSIPPI B B CONCRETE CO., INC. Guaranteed Quality Dependable Service Industrial Road Tupelo 842-6312 428 nun en er 1 2 1 East Second Street Western Plaza 1 405 Washington St. Clarksdale, Miss. 38614 Cleveland, Miss. 38732 Vicksburg, Miss. 39180 60 1 627- 1 784 60 1 846-745 1 60 1 638-778 1 DISCOUNT BUILDING MATERIALS CASH AND CARRY Highway 6 West Oxford, Mississippi 234-7627 ' NEW AS TOMORROW " For whom is MP L Helping Build Mississippi CommuniNes? For them. MP L ' s area development work has long included efforts to attract new industries, with new jobs and new payrolls, to our state. Now its community development work extends to young Mississippians. Working with Boy Scouts and 4-H Clubs, MP L sponsors the Helping Build Mississippi Communities program, embracing four projects: Community Beautification, Traffic Safety, " Good Samaritanism " toward the elderly, and Conservation. Work with young citizens gives added meaning and a long-range approach to MP L ' s goal of Helping Build Mississippi. 1 llSSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT Helping Build Mississippi MIDDLE SOUTH UTILITIES SYSTEM 429 Your CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Boosting Oxford Lafayette County and Ole Miss PURIMsPllie Lm, aovd. kaj NAME BRAND Compliments of FRED ' S " Throughout the Midsouth " {DISCOUNT SHOES lit I. Second St. Clark.d Phon. 614-6S2V Compliments of CHARLES CONERLY, President Pepsi ' s got a lot to give There ' s a new national pastime: living, and making every second count. Pepsi ' s part of it all, with the energy to let you live big. and a taste that ' s bigger than life. Pepsi-Cola ... it ' s got a lot to give. COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TUPELO TUPELO, MISS. 430 RENDEZVOUS CLOSED SUNDAYS CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 431 the people making things happen. BANK mTRUST COMPANY 12 CONVENIENT BRANCH OFFICES WITH INTEREST IN YOU! MEMBER FDIC 432 I NOVERTON SQUARE 2 1 06 Madison 274-1052 Good Food Good Drinks WEBSTER ' S SHOP.RITE GROCERY Serving the Ole Miss student Open til I 1 :00 Every Night Next to Ole Miss Delivery OLE MISS DELIVERY AND PICK UP Call in your Order 1 0:00 A.M. to 1 2:00 P.M. 403 West Jackson Avenue 8 COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FRIENDLY SPONSOR OF SPORTS THE COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of Holly Springs, Mississippi " At Ole Miss " " It ' s the Real Thing " 433 Compliments of floral (Ha. Jfloroera (Sifta PHONE 234-2515 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Shipley ' s Donuts Oxford 234-7200 Grenada 226-355 1 Supporting Ole Miss all the way WITH JHl SfHD Of SOUND 1 207 E. University Avenue Oxford, Mississippi 38655 MILK Kl CREAM Top Earnings on Insured SAVINGS Each Deposit Insured by AMERICAN INSURANCE CO. First Mortgage Real Estate Loans Property Improvement Loans " SAVE AND GROW WITH US " Dial 234-6443 I 3 Conveniently Located Offices for Fast, Friendly Service New Albany Booneville Cleveland Ripley Pontotoc Grenada Walls Clarksdale Senatobia Houston Oiford Hernando Starliville North Mississippi Savings Loan Assoc. North Miss. Savings Loan Bldg. OXFORD, MISS. ektfood Pteza Mall PASQUAU ' S " Food Fun for Everyone " SPAGHETTI CHICKEN SHRIMP PO-BOY SANDWICHES DINING ROOM Oxford, Miss. East University Ave. Phone 234-41 8 1 1974 Another Year of Better Ideas From MERCURY Authorized Ford and Mercury Dealer F. W. BELK SON MOTOR CO. An Oxford Firm That Appreciates the Student Business 309 North Lamar 234-4661 435 L ear after year, semester X after semester, the CollegeMasterTrom Fidelity Union Life has been the most accepted, most popular plan on campuses all over America. Find out why. Call the Fidelity Union CollegeMaster Field Associate in your area: CbllegeMaster Ole Miss Agency Gil Lomax, Mgr. Sam Harris Keith Gillespie Larry McCay Eric Snipes Jim Thompson Ruth Liebau Harry Bryan Compliments of BURGER CHEF Oxford Mississippi Ole Miss Service Station Your Texaco Dealer 234-3141 1200 University Ave. at Lamar Ave. ADV-MIXED CO(MC Elliott Lumber Inc. 302 South Nth Oxford, Mississippi 436 the Savings Place JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI Rings V Things JEWELRY GIFTS Eastgate Shopping Center Oxford, Mississippi 38655 Telephone 234-4885 WIG BEAUTY SALON University Shopping Center Phone 234-2803 Oxford, Mississippi 38655 WILM A LANCASTER, Owner KIAMIE ' S RESTAURANT AND RECREATION CENTER Highway 6 West Bowling Pool Snacks 437 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Oxford, Mississippi Three Locations to Serve You NEILSON3 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI A TRADITION IN THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY H A FULL SERVICE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Clarlcsdale Jonestown Lula Southaven REBEL PRESS AND OFFICE SUPPLY CO. INC. NEW AND USED TEXTS WE PAY CASH COMPLETE LINE OF STUDY GUIDES 1001 1005 Van Buren Ave. 439 Compliments of Duvall ' s Attire for Gentlemen and Scholars In the University Tradition Duvall ' s has long been THE clothier of the eminent gentlemen on the Ole Miss Campus. With the heritage of quality and style, it is the store of Gentlemen and Scholars. Pettis Cigar Co., Inc. WHOLESALE OXFORD MISSISSIPPI PHONE 231-1071 THE BANK OF OXFORD Oxford, Mississippi " OLD BANK NEW IDEAS " FRIENDLY CONVENIENT COMPETENT SERVICE MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. 440 We at Northeast Power are proud to serve this great institution NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI ELECTRIC POWER ASSOCIATION 819 Jackson Avenue Oxford, Mississippi 234-6331 441 LARRY AND SHARON ' S BENZO BURGER 1013 University Ave. Oxford Clothes look better and last longer DRYCLEANED I Hour Drycleaning 3 Hour Laundry Service Shirts Laundered 35$ Each Open 7:00 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday Thru Sat. Eastgate Shopping Center Ph. 234-98 1 8 Compliments of TIDWELL ' S GROCERY SERVICE STATION Located at the Intersection of Highway 6 and Fraternity Row Compliments of CITIZEN ' S BANK TRUST CO. Marks, Ms. Serving Mississippi 442 FIDELITY FEDERAL SA VINGS AL ANDERSON PRESIDENT OF CORINTH CHILDS L FRANKLIN STREETS CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI 38834 FIDELITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION South Lamar Avenue, Oxford, Mississippi The only savings and loan in Oxford and Lafayette County which has savings accounts insured by an agency of the Federal Government. All our accounts are insured up to $20,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insur- ance Corporation a permanent agency of the Federal Government. Come by our office and let us prove to you that a Federally-insured Savings and Loan can help you get there. BRUCE DILLINGHAM, JR. Vice-President and Branch Manager SHERER ' S DRIVE-IN BOX LUNCHES TO GO Chicken Shrimp Fish H.B. Steak Bar-B-Q SANDWICHES Steak Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoes Cheeseburger Corn Dog HAMBURGERS Hot Dogs Soft Drinks Coffee Shakes INSIDE SELF-SERVICE DINING ROOM East University Av. 234-8123 Compliments of PHIL BAILEY ASSOCIATES Specialists in College and Professional Life Insurance Ralph Dean 121 7 Jackson Jim Grantham Oxford, MS 234-5112 234-5113 DING ' S 234-6777 On the Square 443 A. B. DISTRIBUTING Co., INC. P.O. BOX 745 OLIVE BRANCH, MISS. 38654 PHONE: 895-2828 Budweiser. M1CHELOR BUSCI: 444 Congratulations Seniors MORGAN JEWELRY CO. 1202 Van Buren Ave. Oxford, Ms. Where All Good Sporrs Meet UNIVERSITY SPORTING GOODS 1116 Jackson Avenue Oxford, Mississipp " On the square " Sporting Goods MacSregor Rawlings Spalding Wilson Brodericks Girls ' Gymwear Featuring: Sreekwea Party Favor Adidas Shoe Converse Shoe Davis Racket Dodger Boy Gymwea And lots more IT PAYS TO PLAY! Leslie Drug: North Side of Square 234-1551 PRESCRIPTIONS N 2 Locations To Serve You " w s PRESCRIPTION CENTER Near the Hospital 234-7337 4 Graduate Pharmacists Wide Jjelive ru 445 GATHRIGHT-REED DRUGS Oxford ' s Oldest On the Square Elliott Jewelers For Gifts That last Established Early 1800 ' s WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR FREE DELIVERY I 18 West Side Public Square Phone 234-1741 Oxford, Miss. dress shop Casual Wear A Specialty West Side of Squa] P. O. Box 24 Oxford, Mi sissip- Phone 234-1701 Ok i Mis nd ex Abbott, Thomas Parker, 338 Abel. David Lee. 328 Abel. Donna Kaye Abernathy. Russell Ray. Jr . 124 Abe ' s. Edward Michael, 33? Abies, Jackson Henderson Abraham, Albert Lee. Jr Abraham. Charlene E . 400 Abraham, Charles Edwin Abraham. Danny Schumann Abraham. Knstma Helen. 400 Abraham, Lee Hamilton, Jr Abraham. Vicki Anne Abud. Onana Esmelia Actwood. Waller tee Adair Glenn Allen Adam. Charles Frederic, 380 Adams. Altreda, 380 Adams. Belinda Faye, 358 Adams. Charles Albert Adams. Christopher Timothy 338 Adams. Deborah Ann. 1 23, 358 Adams, Deborah Kay. 338 Adams, Gary Glenn Adams. Gayle Lynn Adams John Raymond Adams. Lemual Garner Adams. Mary Anne Adams. Nancy Elizabeth. 358 Adams. Nathan Kerry Adams. Paul Clifford Adams Rebecca Yancey, 380 Adams Ruth Dorothy 400 Adams, Samuel Thompson. Jr Adams. Samuel Wade Adams. Sherryln T Adams. Wanda Jane Adams. Wayne Lawrence. 358 Adams. Yvonia. 358 Adcock. Ken Ramon, 380 Addmgton, Michael Douglas Adkerson. Robert Harlan Adkinson Clayton J. M Agm William Stratton Agnew. Nancy Evelyn Ahlvm. Martin Charles, 400 Ahmad. Riaz Ahrens. Carolyn Powers Ahrent. Dale Richard. 358 Aiken. Sally Ann Aiken William Dennis Amsworth , Stephen Gregory Akin. Douglas Millard. 400 Akms. Deborah Eunice, 1 18. 380 Alawme, Sheila Jane, 127. 338 Albnton, Jan Carol Albnton, John Leslie, HI, 1 19 Albntton, Alexme Gibson, 380 Albntton, Glenn Lawson, Jr , 338 Albntton, Patricia T . 400 Alderman. John E Alderman. Johnny Everett Alderson. Glenda Daniels Aldndge, Dorothy Lou Aldndge, Kenneth Edward. 127,328 Aldndge. LeoBoyd Aldndge. Ronald Hugh. 136 Alexander, Marry Artman. 119,380 Alexander. Karen Mary. 400 Alexander. PrentissC III Alexander, Raymond Michael Alexander, Samuel E Jr Alexander, Stephen Gene, 400 Alexander. William Brooks. 328 Alexander. William H Altord. Cheryl Ann, 380 Altord. ENse Christine. 106. 115. 116. 122. 127.338 Altord. Gaila Renee Allord. Howard Michael, 380 Alford. James B . ill Altord, John Thomas Altord Prentiss Keith Alford. Suzanne Faye. 1 27 Allard. Frederick . 400 Allen. Angella Darlynn. 400 Allen. Biilups Shepard Allen. Car rye McQuinn Allen. Chalres Spurgeon Allen. Dale Evans. 124 Allen, Davtd Frederick, 400 Allen. Etise Beverly. 40 0 Allen, Harman Eugene Allen. Juanice Cam.lle. 360 Allen. L Calhoun. ill. 338 Allen, Leigh Ann. 380 Allen. Mary Ann Allen. Mary Linda Allen. Mary West Allen. Meredith Baird Allen. Mildred Jones Allen. Nancy Ann, 358 Allen. Patricia E Stmson Allen PatriciaLynn. 127 Allen, Robert Keith. 380 Allen, Robert Martin, Jr Allen. Samuel Newton Allen. Shirley Anne, 380 Allen. Terrell Anne Allen. Virginia Louise Allen. Waller L . Jr Allen. William Leon Alley Michael Wayne Alley. Thomas Crockett Allgood, John McComas Allgood, William Sidney Aihnder Michael Wayne Allison. Gerald Coieman, 400 Allred. Emily Ann Allred, John Gralton, 380 Alonso. Bealnz Luisa Alonzo, Frank Oliver Alston, RocheileM Altman. Dan Patrick Altman, Mikal Eugene Alvarez. Robert Ker Alvarez. William B Alvey, Merle Elizabeth AmAmbrose. Michael Rainer Ames Leroy Morns. 358 Amos. Jacqueline Jeannette. 338 Amos. Paul Franklin, Jr Amos. William Stuart An. PakKut. 400 Anders. George Stephen Anders. Judith Ellen. 122. 338 Anderson, Brannan James. 1 19 Anderson, Carla DrexeJ. 1 23. 338 Anderson. Catherine Ann. 338 Anderon, Donna Lynn, 380 Anderson. Eugene Robert Anderson. Francis Edward. 358 Anderson, Jack H Anderson, John Denley Anderson, Jon Clifton Anderson. Joseph Pryor. 358 Anderson. Karen, 358 Anderson. Katherme Sue, 338 Anderson. Kathryn Ann. 400 Anderson. Kathy Leigh Anderson, Lawrence Clinton Anderson, Robert Alexander. 380 Anderson, Russell Gerald Anderson. Virginia Louise Anderson. Wallace Carroll, 358 Andrews. Dale Carter Andrews, Joe Edward. 380 Andrews Walter E Andrukiewicz, Marsha Flynn Andrukiewicz, Stephen S Anest. Carolyn Lenore. 400 Anest Peggy Dale. 338 Angelo, Victor Miles. 380 Angle. Douglas Leroy Anlhony, David Earl Anthony. Joe Lee Antonow. Walter Antony. Bobbie Delia, 338 Apostle, Nickoias Paul Apperson. Amy Wilson Applewhite, Ronald Gary. 124 Aragon. Leopoldo Thomas Ard, Chester joe. 338 Arentson. Robert Mmard. Jr Arta. Farhad Armstrong. Benjamine F., Jr Armstrong, William R . Jr . 328 Armstrong, William Spencer Arnett. Robin Oral R . 400 Arnold, Bonnie Jean, 127,338 Arnold, Dons Darlene. 358 Arnold. George Prentis Arnold. James Austin, 338 Arnold. Janice Ruth Adams Arnold. Keys McCully Arnold. Lana Gay Arnold. Nicki Ann Keim, 358 Arnold. Robert Pearson, 1 1 7. 358 Arnold. Thomas Laban, 400 Arnold. William Glen Arrechea, Lois Mane Amngton. Mary Lynn Arnngton, Nannie Burton Arnngton. Thomas Neil, 1 24. 380 Arvites. James Anthony Asger Mehdy Edward Ashford, Andrew L Ashford. Thomas Steven Ashmore. Jennie Greer. 121 , 338 Ashmore. Larry Joe Askew. Bnttie Louise Atcniey. Randall Edwin Atkins. David Murrell, 338 Atkinson, Betty Ann. 380 Atkinson. Brad Ellsworth Atkinson, Connie Garret! Atkinson, David Maurice Atkinson Donald Eugene Atkinson. Grace Edwma, 358 Atkinson. Keith Edward Atkinson. Stanley Mitchell. 1 16 Atweli, Bert Frederick Atwood. Larry Swanson. 124 Aultman. David Weldon, 119,358 Aune. David Payton Austin. Larry Liddell Autry, Billy Ray Avant. Charlie Avant, Joyce Ann Draper Aven, Debra Gay. 400 Avent, Edison Murray Avent. Thomas Webb, Jr . 136. 143 Avery, Charles Vernon. 358 Ayers. Curtis Proper, III Ayers. Thethel Ann Ayoub. Jack Michael Ayres, Sidney Nathan, 358 B Babb. Kathy Ann Babb. Thomas Allen, 400 Badger. Bettye Lynn Bagbey, William B Baggett. Margaret Elaine Baghen Seyed Hassan, 338 Bagley, Jerome Richard Bagnato. Vito John Bagwell. Beverly Elizabeth Bahr. Howard Leslie Bailess. Judme. 400 Bail ess. Natalie Bailess. Robert Russel Bailess, Virginia, 1 18, 1 78-1 79 Bailey, AnnelleMacy Bailey Billy Ray Bailey.CliffordK.III. 119,380 Bailey David Raymond, 338 Bailey, Hugh Lee, Jr Bailey , James Henry. Jr , 358 Bailey, James William, 358 Bailey Jerolyn. 400 Bailey, Jim, 338 Bailey, Linda. 400 Bailey, Milzi Jane. 358 Bailey Stevens Morrow Bailey, Susan Boatman, 338 Bailey, Terry Lee Bailey, Thomas Allen. 338 Bailey. William Nobles Same Louis Glazier, ill Baird, Brenda Joyce Baird. Francis Jewell, 380 Baker. Anne Claire Smith Baker. Barbara Kathleen Baker. Brenda Kay, 338 Baker Christy Ball Baker. David Herbert Baker, Deborah Gail, 162 Baker. Emily Jo. 147, 149. 164 Baker. John Edward, Jr , 338 Baker, Katherme Spratt, 358 Baker Kathleen. 358 Baker Linda Jo, 380 Baker, Melissa Marie Baker. Vandy Bert Baker. William Balch, Anthony Wayne Batch. Charles Lee. 358 Baldwin. Larry Joe Baldwin. Myrtle R Bales Dana Mark Bales. Ronald Edward Balfour, Dorothy Jean. 358 Bail. Beverly, 338 Baii.Coolrrdge Ball, Lana Mane Ball, Richard Lamelle. 400 Ball, William Patrick Ballard. Basil Glen. Jr , 124, 136 Ballard. Betty B . 358 Ballard. Elizabeth, 358 Ballard, Richard Adams Ballard. Robert Easley. 338 Ballard Tommy Wayne, 358 Ballentine. Rachel. 358 Baltar. Henry Eikel. Jr . 380 Balthazar Michael Joseph Banaszak. Susan Jennifer, 127 Bane. Beverly Ann Barbanel, Gary Alan Barber, Douglas Michel Barber. Edward Griffin, 338 Barber. Elna Elliott, 338 Barber. James Ivan Barber. Richard H Barber. Stephen Merrell, 400 Barber, Thomas Wayne Bard, Paula Kay. 400 Bardwell. Andrew Hayes Barfield, Kenneth Douglas Bartield, Mary Constance. 380 Barham, Donna Alice, 400 Barkley, Gregory Max. 400 Barksdale. Charles C . 124 Barksdale. Kathy Ann Barksdale, Lewis Jones, IN Barlow. Thomas Michael Barnard. Gregory Lloyd Barnard. Robert B . Jr Barnes. Beverly Nell. 400 Barnes, Brenda Denise, 328 Barnes, Debra Jean, 380 Barnes Demetna Elaine. 400 Barnes. GroverW Barnes Jane Montgomery, 338 Barnes, Lanell Barnes. Mary Ruth Barnes. Oscar Bobby Barnes. Robert Allen. 400 Barnes. Susan Elizabeth, 127, 328 Barnes. Willard Aaron. Jr , 1 14, 124. 380 Barnett, Carolyn. VI Barnett Dolores Wans Barnett. Edward McKinley, 338 Barnett. Edwin Walter Barnett, George Douglas. 358 Barnett. James Arden. II Barnett, May Frances. 166. 339 Barnett. Thomas Hawdon Barnhill, Donna Michelle. 400 Barnthouse. Mark Douglas Barraza. Donald Frank Barraza. Mark Aubrey Barren tme. Ward Seat Barrett. Alameda B Barrett, Pamela Anne Barrier, Nell Deen. 380 Barrington. Rhonda Gail Barren. Grandie J Barrow, Elizabeth Ann, 380 Barry. John Richard Barry. Romell Wayne. 358 Barry. Susan Carol, 358 Bartlett. Cynthia Lyle Bartmess, Geary. Ill Barton Barbara. 400 Barton, Linda K Barlon. Margie Lynn. 358 Barton Marion Elizabeth Barton Robert Eugene Barton. Ronald Brent Bass. Thomas Simrall Bassett. Harlan Wray Batson Paul James. 339 Batte. Edwin Augustus, Jr Batte. James Ollioney Batte, John Randolph, 380 Battle Elizabeth Fort Baucum. Diane Jewel. 1 13, 1 14. 118 Bauer. Karen Elizabeth. 358 Baxter. Christopher Emmet. 380 Baxter. Kathleen Cecilia, 359 Bayles, James Michael Bazelle. Ricky Lynwood. 359 Beadle Donald Raymond. 119.339 Seal KenB . 339 Beall. Larry Eugene. 328 Beall, Susan Carole. 359 Beam. David Fran. 359 Beam. Deanna Gale Beam, John William. Jr Beam Kathryn Joan, 121, 339 Beard. Andrea Kelly. 339 Beard. Delia Faye Beard. Laura Letitia, 339 Beard. Lucinda Jean Beard. Mary L . 359 Beard, Sara Kathryn Beard. William Albert, 128 Bearden, Deborah Jean. 339 Beardman, Gary Morman Beasley. Beatrice Melissa Beasley. Lana Sharon Beasley. Monroe Jackson Beasley. Ricky Lynn. 380 Beasley. William M.Jr Beck. Jackie Lynn Beck. Janice Lee Beck. Mary Elizabeth Beck. Michael Lynn Becker. Beverly Adelaide, 400 Beckett. Deborah Elise. 400 Beckett Robert Rodney. 136 Beckett, William Gerald Beckham, Gary Paul. 359 Beckley David Lenard Beckwith jacquelme 8 S Beckwith, Mona Gail Beckwith, William Norwood Beckworth, Randy Guy Bee Bonnie Beedle. Barry Bernard Beeler, Dorothy H Beem. Joan Nan Gallma Beem. Stephen George Beeman, Stephen Kenn, 401 Beggerly. Chris William, 119 Beier. Phillip Michael, 359 Beken, Don Edward Belenchia. Russell Eugene Belk. Frank W . Ill Belk Ronald Aaron Bell, Bryan Morris. 359 Bell, Carol Ann. 359 Bell. David Odell Bell, Douglas William Bell, James Douglas. 359 Bell. Jerne Glywn. 401 Bell. Mary Margaret, 401 Bell. Melvm DeMorns Bell. Patricia Elaine Bell. Reaby, Remell Bell, Rodney, 128 Bell. Rosemary Viola Bell. Tern Ellen Bellande. Bruce James Belleperche. Thomas W Bellman. Christopher R Ben, Stuart Lance Benamon, Johnny Cecil Beneke, Henry. Ill BenJieid. William Richard. 130 Benmghove. Stephen F Benjamin, Kent Harris. 359 Benjamin. Phillip Lamar, 359 Benjamin. Robert Joseph, 401 Benjamin, Timothy Morns, 339 Benjamin. Winston O Bennett. Betty Lou Bennett. Bill C Bennett. Clyde Vester Bennett. David Neal. Jr Bennett. Elizabeth A Bush Bennett, Gary Dale Bennett. Gloria Eaker Bennett, John Edward Bennett. Leslie Arthur, 134 Bennett Martha Jeanne. 123 Bennett. Michael Lee. 401 Bennett, Sharon Conlee Beno. Robert Mclntyre. 328 Benoist, Max Edwin Benson, Carolyn Roberts Benson, Donald Henry, 328 Benson, Sandra Cowart Bentley, Jimmy. 359 Benton. Martha Roberts Benvenutti. Joseph Dealton Benevenutti. Keith Michael, 380 Berch James Gary. 339 Berger. Thomas Kass Bergeron, Judy Louise Bernet. Christopher K Bernreuter. Jon Crosby. 114. 124.380 Bernreuter. Raymond G , II Berry, Belinda Ann Berry. Charles Guy, 1 13 Berry, Charlotte N . 1 20. 328 Berry, Hannah Dee, 1 13. 1 14. 381 Berry, Jadda Jeanme, 401 Berry. Marva Jan, 1 13, 1 18. 381 Berry. Ray Morrow Berry. Stanley Lee Berry. Theresa June. 359 Berryhill. Robert Carlton Bern hill. Vickie Therease. 339 Berthay Deborah Jean, 381 Best. James Homer Bet-Sayad. Walter, 359 Beth Daniel Richard Beth, Jo Anne Bethay. Ronnie Lawrence. 381 Bethea. Blythe Rebecca. 381 Belhea. John Jefferson Jr . 401 Belts, Beverly Lynn, 162. 401 Bevill. David Wayne Bevill. Michael Horace Bezboruah. Monoran Jan Bianco. Antonio Vicente Bible, Rhonda Gail Bickerslatf. Becky Elaine Bicket. Katie Lynch Bidgood. Charles S . Ill Bidgood. Sally Claire. 401 Biedenharn. James Phelan Biederman. Russell George Bigger. Mary Julia, 1 1 3. 381 Biggers. Marc Allen. 118, 190, 381 Biggs. Barbara Conner Biggs. Robert Alanson. ill Billings. Timothy Clarke Billingslea. Vikki Anne. 40 1 Billingsley, Anelia Fay. 1 28 Billmgsley. Charlie M , Jr . 131 Billiter, Joseph Edward Bills. Debra Jean, 359 Bills. Edward Keith Biilups. L A Bmgham. Carol Jean Smith Bingham. Mark Ellis. 124. 381 Bmgham, SallieAnn Bingler. Richard Frederick. 401 Birchett. Thomas Cleveland, 328 Birdsong.CharlesH.III Birdsong, Charlotte P Birrenkott, Robert Michael Biscoe. Scott Michael Bishop AbbieAnn. 118. 381 Bishop. Billy Marion Bishop, Brian Jeffrey. 328 Bishopk, Harold S Bishop Joan Mane, 339 Bishop. Laurie Ann, 401 Bishop. Rita Bass Bisig Mary Isabel Bizzell. Ira Daniel. Ill, 401 Black Charles Francis Black Henry Holland. 328 Black, Joseph jr Black. Richard Michael Black. William L. III. 104-105 106 13 142-143,339 Blackburn. Christine Laah, 339 Blackledge, Betty Ann, 359 Blackledge. Virginia C . 339 Blackmon. Hunter Lloyd, 381 Blackston Alan M Blackwell, Andrew Jackson Blackwell. Cynthia Bruce. 339 Blackwell. Jamie Len. 359 Blackwell. John William. 339 Blackwell, Laura Mane, 122 Blackwood, Beverly Alese Blair. John Houston Blair. John R Blake Rebecca Susan, 113.118 Blakely Harold Bowie Blalock. Tim David Bland, Debra Ann, 339 Bland Edgar Blane. Malcolm Palmer, 401 Blanford, Anne Holland. 359 Blankenship. John Doyle Blankenship, Susan, 381 Blanton. Ernest Roland Blanton. PhillisKay Blanton TerreLuanne Bledsoe Mary Margaret Bledsoe. Robert Lee. 359 Blissit. Mary Lou Bloesch. Leda Graves Bloss. George Fredrick, ill Blough. Jim Crighton. 328 Blough. Sara Edith Blount, Jackie Elizabeth Blount, Richard Alan, 115, 1 19,339 Blue. John Stephen, 1 1 9. 339 Blumberg. Ben Allen Blumer. Adam Rrvers. Jr Blythe. Richard Powell Boatnght. Beverly Dale J Boatwnghl, Larry Egan, 401 Bobo. FmcherG ' Sl Boerner Meredith Russell Boerner, William David Bogard Phillip Dennis Boggan Douglas Guy, Jr Bogue, Thomas J , III Boguslawski. Anthony Jacob. 131 . 359 Bogy, Letia MacRae, 401 Boland Charles Willis, 1 19. 124. 381 Boldebuck. Catherine Ann. 401 Bole. Susan C Bolen. Roy Michael 339 Bolick Beverly Ann Bolm. Donna Rae. 401 Bolm, James Edward. Jr , 339 Bolmg. John Walton Bellinger, Betty f lo Bolten Richard Peter Bolton Beverly Anthony, 359 Bond. James Edward, 381 Bonds James Harold, 339 Bondurant, Si Morgan, 1 36 Bonner, Betty Ruth Bonner John Michael Booker. Annie Ruth Booker. Melvm Rodney Boolos. John Frederick. 339 Boone, Alan Hamilton Boone, Corne Lynne. 339 Boone Douglas Stephenson Boone Gary Michael Boone Jacquelyn Jo Booth David Condon Booth. George H . 124. 381 Booth. James Michael Booth Margaret M . 113 Booth. William Douglas Borea Kenneth Wayne Boren. Richard Allan Boris, Joseph Nicholas, 339 Boms Kathleen Ann Borthwick. James Felmmg Boschen. Ann Carter. 359 Boslick George Keith Bostick Ruby Nan Roach Bostick. Tern Eilean 130 Boswell. George Timothy, 381 Box well. Jonathan Hall. 339 Boswell. Walter Ira Boteler, Catherine G . 359 Boteier. Robert H ,339 Bothe Irwm Louis 381 Bounds. Elizabeth Wade Bounds. James Webster, 359 Bounds. Remona Kay Bounds. Robert Paul Bounds. Rodney Edward. 401 Bounds, Wade Lamar Bounds, Wayne Stanley Bounds William Ross Bounds, William T . Jr . 127. 328 Bourgeois. Mary Ann Bourgeois. Ray Michael Bouriand. Robert Brent Bouton. Barbara Mcflee. 401 Boutweil, Janice Sue Boutweti. Ronald Elbert Bowden. Billy Cogdell. 359 Bowden. Daniel Robert. 339 Bowden. Judy Catherine. 381 Bowdre. James Bowen. Barbara McDearmon. 401 Bowen. Benjamin Bearry 381 Bowen, Dinah Lee Bowen, Frank Weston, Jr . 1 50. 339 Bowen Gail Temple Bowen. James B , Jr Bowen. Mark Sutton, 401 Bowen. Michael Martin 448 lLamplon.1l4.124.3a2 nOamn.Jr.360 C .360 Lou 113.118 BTOK. Stephen Put Burktoy EarteRchmond. 115 Burks. George Ttten Burteson. Boy Lee . Jr Burnett Fiances McMurtray Burnett Hene Ruth Burnett Jerry dark Brown. Angekne. 401 L 123. 191 Mi ?.- - - ;. Ooarl) Joan 127 ptkn !- -: jra Brown. Oyimi NUHIIHII. HI Brown. C verl H. Jr Brown Cnanes Fraraan I 124.360 a. 381 Brown. Chnstopher Stephen Brown CtydeLamar Brown Deborah Kay Brown EowardB Brown. Edwm Crofl Brown Ere CaMi. 340 Brown. Eugene Dabney. Jr . 124. 360 Brown. oaon Leo. Brown GmnyKav Brown. Gregory Dotard BrowQ. James Corgan i ' -j,- -i- ' - --.--. ' :: ' - Brabbam Thomas McOowel Bracaan.Wjcl.atl Larry Bracbjn Paaca Lynn 1 27 . i go S-aooock DaVW T , Bradtoy Arthur Ayers Bradtoy. Beverly Carole 339 Bradley Don Damon Bradtoy Gal 401 Bradtoy James Harold. 401 =--,-t. ' .- - .=--- Braver. Marshal Rce 127. 128 5-=,: . . ' . m : = . : BradshM Larry Andrew. 381 Brady. Deborah Lynn Brady. Ucnaei Baston. 361 BrambMl. Cyntta Ann Brame Cyntha K AUndge - . - _ _ _ - . Oiaiirien. Bome Lane ' = " _ i .-r ' . - ' " r Brvnlen. Leon Crow BramMt Stephen Duncan. 401 BramMI Larry Ttxjmas T - -..----- .tia 361 eAnn It Lynn Brandon. John McnaeX 401 Brandon Wtfcam Douglas J Brano Mark T xxnas. 359 Brann. Sharon Cagte 339 Brannan Le-gh T.ndal 5 ' = ' Ml : = ; ' ;-:-- Branttey Edward G-tmore Braney James WateceJr . 114. 124. 127. 359 Branton. WAiaiii Crews --:.- - - ::- BrasM. Teresa c BrasfceU. Carol Thompson BraJUd. Gnwj Evan BrasseLPancaNel Braswal Jerry Mtchel. 340 - , -=-!-. : Breazeaie Donald G . 340 i. ._. .._ . Breedove Sleven Hal 359 :: ' : ' : ' . ' : ' - BM Brehm Mary Kameone 359 BMOMr -,. :-:- Breland Fntz C . Jr Breland. Hugh Gregory. Jr . 340 Laura Ann .-:i- ; tabat Breman JohnlUMkam Jr Bressler Arthur. Jr Bren Cnanes Ray Brett Sherm Lawrence QroMjr. Barbara CranAord. 381 Brewer Betsy 340 Brewer Daw) Alan 340 - ' r- . ' . ' . " ' : - .= - " " = . --- ' ' a-. - ' tttwai Patnoa Campbel. 401 Brck KaXenneAnnP BncMi KMlenyAnn ' - _- -- " " -.- r :,- . : V , - 18 381 123 340 381 Brown. John Mack. 381 Brown. Joseph Lee. 402 Brown, Judy Kay M m Brown, Juken Arthur. 402 Brown. Ma-)0ne Garrison. 190 360 Brown. Mark Douglas 328 Brown Mark Edward 402 Bnai : ' ei : - 123 M Brown. Paul Earnest 328 Brown. Rebecca Darme 123 Brown. Rebecca Jane Brown Rchard Anderson. 360 Brown. Hchard Bates, 402 Brown. Rchard Benbury. 328 Brown Rctoe Lerm 360 Brown, Robert Maurce Brown. SdneyO ' Nel. 360 Brown Stephen Wayne Brown. Susan Arm. 360 DIUMI. Thomas Lynn Brown Thomas webur.jr nCartedge n Thomas. Jr. 402 i RctaLyrm Bmwuno, Gary Smart 360 Bnaa -: lajajaBal Ml :-- ag . --. :-;.- Brownng. Raymond Wfeum Browmg. Robbc Jane. 360 Browrwig.W Dane Dallas Brownng. Waarrt Ameal 402 Browraee. JohnH Browntoe. Robert Madison Bruce. HamMKemiutli Bruce Harold Wayne Bruce Woodson Larry Bruckner. AfccaHope Brumbaugh Ruth Bern. 402 BrumftokJ, Brenda Arm 402 Brumteld. Janet Margaret. 147. 360 BrumMd. W am Alton 402 Brundege. JuMh Ross Brunson. CynthaChanotle. 162 Brunson. Randolph Asa 340 Brunt Leske Mcnael 114 124 381 Bryan Cnanes Leske Bryan. Knsaon dyne Bryan Larry Hughes. 115 Bryan Linda day. 402 Bryan, nancy Jeanne. 402 Bryan. PanckLyto Bryan. Suame. 402 Bryan. Thomas Pckney. . 340 Bryant, James L4O2 Bryant Jamas Raymond Bryan Thomas Leigh Bryant AViam Don Buchanan. Daw) Mcnael. 402 Buchanan. Dorothy Ann 4O2 Buchanan. Fountam H . Jr Buchanan. John Phap. 381 Buchanan. Mnor Ferns Burnett Melon Brown Burnett. Robert James Burnett Susan Schmdl Bumham. RuKis Robert, jr BtarMm. Van Robraon Bums Arthur Alan. Jr. 340 Bums. Dorothy Anne Bums. Rebecca Susan Bumwonn. John On Burrel. Alton Lamar Burrel Rose Drake Burrass. Betty Joe Bums John Wahrow Burrow. W am Owen Bun Deborah Jo Bun Wade Murphy. 360 Burton. Deborah Susan. 360 Burton. Rchard Carter Busby Betty Fay 402 Busby Beverly Arm Busby Chnsty Lynn 123. 340 Canzaro. Norma Kalhryn 1 13. 123 Carwaro Rchard Eugene. 1 19. 340 Cannaoa. Don Baker. 1 1S. 124 Carmada. Russei Barry. 402 Cannon. Audrey KaXy 340 Cannon. Charles Dale. Jr Cannon. Kerry Eakne. 402 Cannon Sleven Ray 1 16 340 Canon Eleanor Kay. 402 Canterbury. Rcky Doyle. 360 Cantrel. James Larry Camrel. John Eart Canup Martha G Capodanno. Joseph Francis Cappaert. Amy Lee Cappeert Carolyn Sue. 128 Capps Charles w son Capps. Margaret Guynes Carbrey . Mcnael Watam. 402 CardwaL Rcky Leon 1.403 Busby.. Busby Melody Virgna Busby. WBarn Aason. . 382 Bush. Jerry Alan Bush. Joan Margaret Bush Margaret M Bush, nancy Chrystabel Bush. Renard SMwan Bush, Thomas Euan, 340 Busnee. Gary Sutton Busck,W amR Busan Jerry Lee 382 Butchart Thomas uenujtan Butler Deborah Arm Burter MantynLowe BMB : = . -..= Buns. Jack Buns Larry Robert BranxRatoghH 340 Byars. Thomas Lynn. 360 Bynum.EddtoRaV Bynum. Jackie Lym Bynunv Kamy Done Bynum Roger Bynum. Wiin Ray Byram James Mcnael Byra.AlyceF.360 Byrd. Beverly Lynn Byrd. James Dotson. Jr Byrd . John Kely Byrd UaryE Mam. 132 Byrd. Pamuela Jean 382 Byrne Hchard Porter. 402 Cabanss. James Mcnael Caoe. James Hon. Jr . 382 Cade Sheral 360 Cade Stephen Clarence 4O2 Cadte Tommy Dealer. 340 Galley Pamela Faye 120 340 Can ! Gerald D Canto. Joe Meal Can . Van Montgomery. 402 Can Joseph Ramy.Jr Carlisle. Martha Arme. 360 Carton.. NeflDavO Carlson. Arthur Wfcam Carmcnael. Bocbe Ree. 360 Carney. Frederick Thomas. 382 Carney. John Lack. 340 Carrvne Laura Ekzabeth Carrane. HoyLeland Caroto Mcnael Fox. 382 Carpenter. BeRye Jann Carpenter. Carol Lynn Carpenter. Debra Ann 113 382 Carpenter. Elizabeth Arme. 403 Carpenter. James Eas. 340 Carper . Mantyn Beryl. 360 Carpenter. Mary Susan Carpenter. Pamela Jean. 382 Carpenter. Paul Russal . Carpenter Sharon Gal Carpamer. Stephen Ekge Carpenter. Terry Lee 360 Carpenter Wanda Sue Carpenter. w am Daw) Kent Carr. Clyde Husael. 340 Carr. Mchaei Wnoht Carr, Susan Eame 403 Carraway Amur B Carrol. Carolyn Kaneen Carrol Charles Arthur, 360 Carrol. David Cahoun Carrol. DavO Martin. 403 Carrol. Edna Eugenia Carrol. James Raymond. 403 Canal. Kathleen Heed Carrol. Mome Etaabem Carrol. Susan Laurce. 403 Carrol, w am Douglas Carrutn CarlBenton Carson Roben A Jr 328 Carter. Alan Waher Carter CatheoneHeten 361 Caner Chen Eton Carter. Ekzabem Coopwood Carter. Eunce Fay Carter. Gtona Ann 340 Caner, Hershel Lynn Carter James Rcky. 403 Caner. Jane D on. 123 Carter. Jenerson Waks. 1 19. 361 dander. Rena Carol. 123. 341 Chandtor. Wau Ladd. 341 Chandra, Tapan Kumar Chandrasekhar. Knshnamurt Chaney. Hope Chaney. Mark James. Jr ,104-105, 106. 136.341 Chaney Rebecca Faye. 120. 361 Chang. dwiYH Chang. Chun Hsumg. 328 Chang. Ray Sun Chang. TaiChong Channel Arthur Uram Chapman. Betty Louse Chapman. Dorothye Ouaye Chapman. Gregory Alton. 341 Chapman. John Wendal Chapman. Manna Dam. 341 Chapman Martha Joyce. 404 Chapman Ralph Edwin. 131 Chapman. Wrania Kay. 361 Chares. Harold Price. 341 Chase John L . Jr . 361 Chatham. Cnanes Brooks. Jr 4O4 Chatham, dare Caner. 127 361 Chatham. LousSMes. Jr Chatham. Mcnael Cokn Chaze. Deborah Arm Chaze Kim Turner Cheatham Thomas Edward Chen. J-Chao Chen, Wen-Tse Chen. Yen-Ouan Cheney. Martha Ann Chaney. Thomas Lester Cheng. Ping Chaun. 130 Chercha Margaret Mary Cherchia. Peter Joseph Cherry, David Ray Cherry. Jo Een Chcore . Jimmy Mcnaei dwan, Chang Jan. 328 CrvJders. Brody Lee CaMkn. Chartos Davxl ChMers. Mary K Walace CrvJders. Robert Bostck, 341 Chedress. Lauren Gal. 1 06. 291 . 361 . 471 471.472 CtvMress Lela Rose. 404 Chadrey. Frank W son. Chadrey. HaOee Batengar OvJ Bernard Waam. Jr Chiton. Larry Lane Crwrahusky. John Stantey Chn.Cynlha 382 Chm. Jane Sue. 113 Chm. Joan Sue. 1 35. 1 51 . 341 Chsm. Jimmy Ray 404 Chism Paul Edward. Jr Chsolm. John H . 328 Caner Ma M Cnanolar Caner RedaSue Caner. Ruti Lmn 403 Carter. Sarah Sue CaUwel Deborah Nel CaMwel.DDnsOaonne 127. 128.340 Caklwei.EtaabetiG 360 CaMwel. Km Evens. 402 CaUwel. Lee Crane. 124 Caldwel. Lucy Lee. CaMwel. May lona 382 Caldwal. Nel Juance. 340 CaUwii . Hchard Oyde Cauwel. Rchard Krt Caldwal, Roy Steven : - . . - Catanan.KamySue nj.Jr Buck. Daw) Paul Buck. Wa sr Brenton 402 Lyn 402 Gateway Andrea Gal. 402 Bucknar. Jame Mane Bucy. WHkarn Wesson Buanter. Carolyn Ann Buemer Earnest B IV.328 Bunatoe. Scott Cons ' -.- .--- - - Butord. Deboran Lynn. 340 ButantEssc Louse 402 Bukxd. James DudKyjr Bulord Larry Butord. Lnda Oww. 135 Butard Amc Louse CafccuB Rena Lynn Cavxi ChartotleL Cahwna. Eugene Joseph Cambum. Bobby Glenn Cameron. Chnsane Zavodny Cameron Ernest Loo : - tVemon. 340 rChan. 135. 151 106 122. 127. 164 340 .::: - I Eaoan " : " Buiard. John Spence Bulock. James Ronald Butock Leonard Samuel 340 Bumgardner. Peggy Lee. 340 Bunch Austin Warren Bunch. Barbara Ann. 123 382 Bunan. Susan. 113 382 Bunan Taylor Dane Bunyard. Dianne L Dagre Burch Donel Leora. 402 Burch John Sebry.HI. 402 Cameron. James Stephen 328 Cameron. Meanda Bramey. 360 Cameron. Wdkam Mack 328 Camje Bemaoene Karm, 360 Camp. Cyntha Jane 360 Camp Fetoa Lynn 360 Camp. Traoey Lee 121,340 - : . ' -. ' ' --r : " . ' . " ; : Campbel. Canon Leske Campbal Catayn Fvas. 4O2 Campbel Fms Cras 360 : =-::T :.=-. : i Campbal. Gerard w elt Campbel. Jerolyn Bki. 1 13. 1 18 ,--.- Burdock George Alen Buran. Will mi F Jr. Burgess. Joyce Mane Burgess, Mcnael Keith Burgess. N a Kay, 360 Bunjn. iamG . . 106. 124. 126 127. 136 Burk. Darma Juance r.AknaKaOyn.340 BurkhaMr. Chartes S Campbal. JohnH Campbal. John Monty. 328 Campbal. John Preston Jr Campbal. LaOartna Lynn 1 1 3. 382 Campbel. Martha Thomas Campbel. Rebecca Lee. 118. 162 Campbel. Robert DavO. 114. 124.360 :=-::- - ' - : - Campbel. Sieve Ean. 360 Campbel Ton Lea. 402 Campbel, W am Rchard 402 Campos SotadadAlmagro 130 Canapa Mark Nal 382 115 136. 328 Caner. Susan McCoy 382 Caner. ' Maam Bermetl. 340 Carter watam Edward Cartwnght, Howard. Jr Canwnght. Joel Ke4h Cartwnght Laura W Caruso. Stephen Alton Caruners Robert Eas CaruHenx WHani Lynn. Jr Carver Kamryn Cowan Carver. Ka y Case. Charles Damn Case. Lucy Lynn, 382 Casey Rchard Conese. 328 Casey, Thomas Lunstord Cash Mary Emma, 382 Cash. PrUkp Ray Cash . Rchard Daan. 340 Cash. Rocky Ted Cashman. LousP CasmHUa Louse Casset waiam Scon. Jr Casady. Renard Carney Casson Mark Dam 328 Casagkoa.v%centJ.Jr. Casttoberry, Luther M Casttoberry, Tmotny Anon. 403 Caston BKyRoyce Catching Mary Room. 122 Cachings. Waram Rcriarc Catravas. John Dens Catron. Stephen Barnard 328 Gaud . Arm Cora Caueld. John Douglas Causey. Ctotan Dean Causey. Jerry W. 127.341 Cassey, Jmmy Causey. Ronald Eugene Cavanaugh Dense Carol, 171,382 Caver. SHphen Wesley 382 Cayson Oarmy Mee 382 Cayson LolaJ Wh e Cetau Rose Octavia 382 Cesare. Charles David 382 CnadiMck, Amenza Brennon Chamn Han ) Wayne Chartant. Charles Lee, Jr 403 Chalk John Abney ChaaX, Thomas Duncan Chambers. Fek Charles. 361 Chambers. Hamet C 382 Chambkss. Waller G Jr Champoi. Ceote Louse. 403 Champion Gary Paul Chan, Chak Lau 403 Chan. Kan Ha Chan Wing Kwong. 328 Chance. Dems Paul. 361 Chandtor. Catheme Marie. 403 Chandtor. Come Lee Choom. Gayle R Guarda Chnom. Mchaei Bruce. 328 Chu. Chun Hsung Cnu. Peter Kurt-Hat 1 1 7 Omj ScChup Chou. Lt-Sen Chou Yung-Sen Chow. Frank Smth. 361 Chow. Hose T. 361 Chow. Wgna Joy. 404 Chrestman. Donna Ann. 361 Chrestman. Mary Everyn Chrestman Wanda Sue. 361 Chnsman. Srwley Arm Christ John Wade Chnsun. Carmen Luz. 404 Chnskan. Donald Canton. 166, 341 Chnstan, Jerry Lee Chnskan. Lmoa Carol. 382 Chnstan. Linda Gail 329 Chmtarnen. Of Myron Chnstansen, Sharon Jean Chnstman , Larry Everett Chnstopher. AngelusD Chnaopher SueEsKs Chryst. Chauncey Byron Chryst. John Marshal Chu. ChmHwa Chu Mmg Kong 382 Ourcn Cnanes Stone, Jr. 341 Church, Dme Jane. 127 Churchwel. RonaU Paul. 341 Clack. Janice, 382 Ctacome. Helen Louse. 404 dark. Alee Mae Clark. Alvan Eugene Jr Clark Anna Backward Clark, Bobby Faye dark. Chad Dotson dark. Curts Mchaei. 341 Clark. DawS Eugene OarK. Daw) Wayne dark DonaU. Jr Clark. Dora Lee Cark, Eaot John. Jr Clark. Ere Charles. 329 Clark. Hamet Dame 361 Clark. James Russel. 128 dark. Jerry Ernest. 382 dark. Leonard R Jr dark. Marina Grace Clark. Randolph dark Robert Eaot. 124 dark. Robert Tbural. 329 Clan. Rodney Martm 404 dark. Roy Eugene dark. Susan Mane dark, wmani Randal dame. Etzabetn Mane Clarke John lye " . 404 Clarke, Stephen Condon day Mark Smart. 404 Clay. Scon Dougas. 1 31 . 361 daybome Daw)O74eal daykxi CardynC daylon DonWJiam Clayton. Mary Susan Clayton. Susan Akce. 362 dayton. WaMmL.H. 131 dagg. Sana Hose 362 daghom.MaxDanel Clamant. Joseph Bruns dements. Jmme Thomas jr Clements. Susan Wnght 449 Ciendenin. Elizabeth Ann Cleveland. Josephine P. Climer, Nancy Carolyn Clme. Jack Andrew. 382 Chppard. Richard Fox Clisby. Barrett Jerome Clodfelter, David Shibley Clodfelter, James Ray, 1 1 9 Cloud. Charles Slephen Clouse. Slephen Colhs Coaies, David Patrick Coats. Patricia Ann Cobb. Claire Daniel. 404 Cobb. Donna Doom Cobb. Henry Righter. Ill Cobb, Jetferson Richards Cobb John Ray. Jr Cobb, Marguerite Meacham Cobb. Thomas Randy. 329 Cochran. Nancy Newbold Cochran. Patsy June. 341 Cochran. Susan Keith. 404 Cochrane. Beverleigh Blair. 362 Cocke. Roger Timothy Cockerham, Glenn Cooper, 1 1 4 Cockreii. Jerald Davis Cotfey. Betsy Ann, 148 Cofley. William Walter. Ill, 404 Cotfman, GaryG . 329 Coggm. William Harvey, 341 Cohen. Howard Jay Coker. Ann Williamson Coker. Jimmy Ray, 329 Coker. Nancy Coombs. 342 Coker. Randy Clyde Coker. Sherry Leigh Coker. Stephen Paul, 362 Coker. William Harlow Colbert, Kitzi Dalane, 404 Colbert. William Lee. Jr Colburn, Mitchell Dale Cole, Adnenne Rita Cole. David Coleman Cole. David Howard. 382 Cole. Gary Stanford Cole. Jeanne Reese Cole. Kevin Neill Cole. Marjone Jean. 147. 362 Cole, Wanda R . 362 Cole. William James, III Coleman, Ann Cameron Coleman, Billy Mack Coleman, Dennis F Coleman, Gary Leburn Coleman. Gerald Dale. 383 Coleman. Gwyneth Jane Coleman. James Edwin Coleman. Joe Price Coleman. LeeSorreis Coleman. Linda Carol Coleman. Mary Anderson Coleman. Mendith Foose. 1 27 Coleman. Michael Howard Coleman, Randy Hayden Coleman. Robert Steven. 342 Coleman, Shirley Ann. 342 Coleman, Thomas Stewart, 404 Coleman. William Eugene Coleman, William Jackson, 119. 131, 136 Coleman. Charles Ezzard Coley Mary Odalene Collier, Betty Lynn Ross Collier. Clark Kent Collier. DanP , Jr Collier. James Logan Collier. Millicent Ann Collier. Raymond Harvey Collier. Thomas C , Jr . 1 36 Collins. Charles Wyatt Collins, David Lee Collins. Fred Stewart. 383 Collins. Freddy Wayne Collins. FreidaGunn Collins, George Gayden. 342 Collins, Glenda Jane Collins. Glenda Kay. 383 Collins. James Calvin Collins, Joy Dianne. 162, 404 Collins. Kay Gillenline Collins, Kenneth Richard Collins. Larry Lee, 124 Collins, Uaunce Wyatt Collins, Norman F ,404 Collins. Patricia Hardon. 329 Collins, Sally Ma lone Collins. Sophorma Kathy. 362 Collins. Stephen Leonard. 342 Collins. Steven G Collins. Susan Yvonne. 362 Collum. Rhonda Sue Collum. Robert Tillman, 329 Collum, William Thomas, 362 Colmer. Jonathan Ashley Colotta. Henry Domino. 342 Coltrane. Debbie Jan Stark Coltrane. Ronald Douglas Combs. John William. 329 Comer. David Perry Comer, Jeft Robinson. 342 Comlort. Randy Morgan Compton. Carl Lynn Compton. James Norman Compton. Joseph Russell, Jr. Compton. Lewis Vernon. Jr . 383 Condon, Norma Celeste. 150. 404 Conerly, Lamar Adams, 329 Conerly, Patricia Evans Conger. Larry Ray Conlee, Homer Lamer Conley. Jeffrey Alan. 362 Conley. Roger Parron. 329 Conn. Stephen Alan. 362 ConneH. John Oscar. Jr Connell. Joseph Donald. Jr. Conner. Anna Claire Conner. Benlley Edd. 342 Conner. Joyce Mane. 383 Connolly. Michael Joseph Connor. Robert Charles Connor, Sally Jean. 383 Conrad. John William, Jr. Conway. Danella Cowan Conway. Daniel Alan. 342 Conway. Kathleen Bomta, 1 1 3. 383 Conway. Renda Cheryl Mize Conway, Ruth Davis, 362 Cook, Deborah Susan Cook, James Arnold. Jr Cook, James Marcus. 404 Cook. Jeff J Cook. Laura Virginia. 404 Cook. Linda Keron, 342 Cook. Martha Sue Cook, Robert Cecil. III. 1 1 9. 1 45. 362 Cook. Stephen Day, 329 Cook, Steven Trent Cook. Thomas Archie Cook, Vickie Mize Cook, William Leslie. Jr., 329 Cooke, Barney Lee Cooke. Patricia Alice Cooke. Slephen Scott Cooper, Alfred McAlpm Cooper, Carole Kathenne Cooper. Charles Morris. 329 Cooper, James Cleaborn Cooper, James Perry. Jr. Cooper, Joe Brooks Cooper. Joy Elizabeth. 113. 118 Cooper, Jamelia Cooper. Paul Roy Cooper, Robert Michael. 362 Cope, William Deloach. Jr . 404 Copeland. Charles Gregory Copeland. Margie David Corbet!. Michael Alan Corded. Mike L Corley, Timothy Kyre. 383 Cornelius, Robert Thomas Cornelius, Steven Louis. 362 Correia. Ernest Vincent Correo, Van Sam Corso. Albert Sidney. Jr. Cortnght, Lela Frances. 362 Costner. Rachel Ann, 383 Gotten, Anne Olivia. 342 Cotlen. Jane Crumbaugh Gotten, William Harold Cotter. John Thomas Cottnll, Norman Charles Couch. Catherine Edwma. 342 Coulson. Richard Earl Coumbos. DemetroisV Counce, Deborah Melmda Counce, Vicky Lynn Courtney. Herbert Lester, 329 Cousar. Timothy Doyle Coussens. Wayne Ray Covmgton, Danny Bruce, 404 Covington. Jeffrey Gibson, 362 Covinglon. John Michael. 362 Covington, John StansiH. 362 Covinglon. Roger Rudolf Covington. Stephen Albert, 404 Covington. Susan Cnstine. 404 Cowart, Jack Verlon, 404 Cowart. Thomas David. 1 16. 1 19, 124. 127. 362 Cowart, Woodie Herbert Cowell, Randy Steven Cowell, Thomas Joseph. 383 Cowsert. Hugh Ingram, 111, 329 Cowsert. Mary Nellie, 383 Cox. Arthur Anderson, Jr . 342 Cox. Burgess Thomas Cox. Charles Frederick Cox, Charles Griffith Cox, Danny Fulton Cox. Edwin Ronald, 124, 128, 134,342 Cox, Harmon Wilfred. 329 Cox, James Richard Cox, Joe Calcote Cox. John Henry. III. 329 Cox. Judy Carol Dexter Cox. Michael, 362 Cox. Michele, 362 Cox. Pamela Joan. 1 35. 1 50, 362 Cox. Phillip Craig Cox. Rodger, Steven Cox. Terry Rhodes Coxwell. Mary Virginia Craddock. Janiece. 404 Craddock. Robert E . 342 Cratt. Michael Eugene Craig. Cyrus York, Jr Craig. Dennis Dell Craig. George Anne. 1 22. 1 72, 342 Craig. James Gordan Craig. Mary Ray, 362 Crane, Lila Jo. 342 Crantield, John Steven Craven. Ann McMillan. 107, 122, 127 128 342 Craven, Edward Patrick, Jr , 1 1 5, 342 Crawford. George Davis Crawford. George Habersham. 1 19, 342 Crawford. Hazel Brandon Crawford, James Lyn Crawford, Jams Nan Crawford. Jennifer Cowan. 404 Crawford, Len Jackson Crawford, Marian Cox Crawford. Mark Frederick Crawford, Rebecca Ruth. 404 Crawley, Alfred BndweN, 1 1 7 Creed. Carroll Lane Crenshaw. Charles N Crenshaw. Deborah Lynne. 362 Crenshaw. Hal Davidson Crenshaw, Joe Moore. 383 Crenshaw. Suzanne Smith. 404 Crenshaw. T Ellen. 404 Cnder. John Paul, 342 Cnm.Chadsey M Cnm, Judith L Cnm, Roger Douglas Crites. Marcia Unnerstall Cntz, Robert McCoy Crocker. William David Crokett. Jo Karen, 342 Cromeans. Donna June, 404 Crook. Noel Day Cross, Debra Quay. 342 Cross. William Crossett. William Franklin Crosthwait. Margaret Anne. 147. 362 Crouch. John Henry Crout. Jan Ellen. 383 Crowder, James Billy Crowell, Virginia Paulette, 1 20. 1 30. 342 Crowson. William Nathan. Jr Crowson. Winifred Rachael, 383 Cruse, Dianne Vandevender Cruse. Fred. Ill Crutcher. Nelma Sue. 342 Crutchdeld, Debra Gail. 404 Crutchfield, Victor H.. Jr., 362 Cruthird, George Gerald. 127. 136.342 Cruthird. Michael Cruzen, Betty Coe. 107, 121, 122.332 Cruzen, Philip, 383 Cubramc. Diane Carol. 404 Culpepper. John Claude Culpepper, Room Rae Cummings. Michael Daniel Cummmgs. Pamela Mae. 342 Cummins. Deborah Sue. 384 Cummins. Jan. 384 Cummins, Linda Joyce, 384 Cunningham. Judith Leigh Cup ' t. Bert Bennett Curne, Edward Jones, Jr Curne. James Carl. 342 Currier. Karen Louise. 384 Curry. Nancy Jane Curry, Pamela Mane Curtis. Cathy Sue Curtis. David Sylvester. 342 Curtis. Janet Faye Curtis, Thomas Michael Curtis, William Watrath, II Cuthbert. Daniel Curtis Cutshall. Charles Alan Czarnecki. S Thomas D Dabbs. Ann Mounger. 342 Dabbs. Mary Lee. 342 Dabbs, Roselyn Annette, 384 Dacus. Patricia Ann. 404 Dahl. Eric Paul Dahlberg, Sara Jean, 384 Dahm. Wayne Robert Oaigle, Glenn Henri Dailey. Glenn Allen, 362 Dale. Cynthia Diane Dale. David Ellis. 404 Dale, James Seaborn. Ill Dale. Kathryn Christine, 384 Dale. Mark Stephen Dallas, Peggy Lynn Dalton.SamE ,111 Daltroff. Frederick Andrew Daly, Joseph L Damron. Dixie Alexander Damron. Elizabeth Claire Dangeau. Pamela Sue. 342 Daniel, Charles Parker Daniel, Hugh Harris. Jr. Daniel. John Russell. Ill Daniel, John Victor Daniel, W Ellen, 342 Daniel, William McKemie. 405 Daniels. John, III Daniels, Kenneth Graden Daniels, William Robert. 384 Dannreuther, Victor John Dantin, Forest Maurice, 362 Dantone, Brad Silvio, 362 Danzey. Charles Edwin, Jr Darby. Rita Nell, 362 Darby Ronald Lee Darby, William T Darst. Deirdre Spencer Dasgupta. Ajanta Dasgupta. Suman. 1 1 7 Daughaday. John Henry. Ill Daughlrey, Anita Nanette Daughtry. Cornell Alan Dauro, Helen Ann. 384 Devault. Robbie Fran David. Mary Elizabeth Davidson. Bonnie G Payne Davidson. Don N Davidson. Edith Ray Davidson. Hubert James. Jr.. 136 Davidson. Lelon Olester Davidson, Mary Delia Davidson, Nancy Jo, 362 Davidson. Robert Dudley Davidson, Twadie Pearlme, 405 Davidson, Van Michael, Jr Davies, Barbara Bush Davis Barbara Elizabeth Davis. Bettye Luby Davis, Bobby Anderson Davis, Bruce Howard. 1 1 5 Davis. Cedreck Gene, 343 Davis, Charles Thomas, 343 Davis. Chen Ellen Davis, Claude Melvm Davis. Clitlord Clarence, 384 Davis. Clyde Percy Davis. Connie Linda. 343 Davis. David Marcus Davis. Earl Gatewood. 362 Davis. Elizabeth Louise. 405 Davis, Glenda Edwards Davis, James Ray. 1 15 Davis, Janice Elizabeth Davis. John Armstrong Davis, John F. Davis, John Ford Davis. John Northrup Davis, John Richard, 329 Davis. Julia Leah Davis. Larry Edward Davis. Leslie Wade Davis. Linda Sue Davis, Marion Elizabeth. 384 Davis. Martha Eleene, 362 Davis, Mary Susan. 1 27. 362 Davis. Michael Lee Davis. Michael Lewis Davis. Mona Lynn . 363 Davis. Pemal Sara Feidman Davis. Peggy Lee. 343 Davis, Rebecca Jean Davis. Richard Charles Davis. Robert Joseph, 1 1 4. 343 Davis. Ronald Lester Davis. Rudell Brasel Davis, Sanda D Davis. Sandra Elizabeth. 363 Davis, Sara Ellen. 363 Davis, Thomas Richard Davis. Vaughn. Jr. Davis. Walter William Davis, William Lee Davis, William Mac, Jr . 1 24. 363 Davis. Willie Austin. Jr , 405 Davis. Zabron Alfred. Ill Davison, Vickie Renee, 343 Dawkms, James Toliver, III Dawson, Kenneth Wayne Day, Anita East Day, Doyle Day, Jerry Donald, Jr Day. Judith Dianne Day. Martha Day. Sarah Elizabeth, 405 Dean, Carolyn Jeamne Dean, Deborah Lynn Dean. Margaret Manley Dean, Philip Tharp Dean. Phoebe Moss Dean. Randy Lee. 405 Dear, Jessie Dennis, 329 Oeaton. Donald Joe. 134 DeBardeieben. Frederick A . 405 DeBault. Boyd L DeBord, Danny Neal DeBow, Michael Eugene. 405 Debro. LaJoyce Ann H Decker, Charles Monroe Dees. Anselm Joseph Jr , 116, 127, 329 Dees, Cherri Dees, James Paul DeHoogh, John Frederic DeLancey. Alton Reid, 384 DeLaughter, Bobby Burt, 1 24, 384 Delcambre. Paul Joseph. Jr DeLee, Thomas Michael Delk. William Franklin. 405 DeMartmi. Edward John, Jr . 405 Dement. Mary Leslie Demere. McCarthy. Jr . 384 Demetz, Karen Elaine Demmg, Joseph Whittle, III, 384 Dendy. Donald Morris Deneka, Harry Michael, 1 24, 363 Denman, Richard Ashford, Jr Denme, Cheryl Jon. 343 Dennis. Debra Susan, 384 Dennis. Larry Houston Denny, Done Patricia. 384 Denny, Jacqueline Jeanne Dent, Robert Preston Denton, David HolliS Denton, James Robert Denton, John William Denton, Lucy H Coleman Oenton, Martha Lynette, 363 Denton. William Timothy. 384 Depolo. John Lee, 329 DePoyster, Cayce Dennis. 363 DeRamus. Jodie Hindman Denvaux. JaneWailes. 135. 343 DeRoode, David Frederick. 1 1 9 DeRoode, Deborah Louise. 363 OeRossitt. Alice Price, 1 72 Dernnglon. Charles Alan Devereaux. Linda D Devme, James Edward DeVmey, Charles Walton. 405 OeWeese, Ricky Gene Dewey. Mark Harrison. 343 Dhawan, Jagdish Chandra, 127 Diamond, James Preston, Jr. Dickerson, Barbara Ann Dickerson, Gary Paul Dickerson. James Quinton, 117,343 Dickerson. Janet Kay Dickerson. Lupmo Patrice Dickerson. William Murry, 405 Dickey. Jamie Susan Dickey. Janet Lynn. 363 Dickinson. Pamela Kay Dickinson. Robert Ellis Dickson. Erma Faye, 343 Dickson. Teresa Anne. 118. 384 Didlake. Ralph Hunter. Jr Dietrich, Melissa Anne. 405 Dill. John Reginald Dillard, Carolyn. 127.329 Diilehay. James Kendall Dillon, Elizabeth Anneal Dismukes. Pamela Jean. 123. 384 Ditto. Kathenne Aidridge Dixon, Lee Williams Dixon, William Victor. Jr Dobbins, Peggy Jean, 343 Dobbins, Thelma Joyce, 329 Dobbs, Cresada Burns, 343 Dobbs. Deborah Ann. 405 Dobbs. Frances Maybelle. 343 Dobbs, Jo Ann Dobbs, Jo Anmce. 405 Dobbs, Steven Dudley, 405 Dockery, Alfred, Jr. Dockery. David Terrell Dodge. Steven Charles. 363 Dodson, Diana Rodgers Dodson. Jeff Falkner Dodson. Louisa Moss Dodson. Madge Moore Dodson, Mary Davant Dodson, Newton M., 117 Dogan. David Wade, 405 Doggett. irma Lynn, 384 Doherty, Charlotte W. Doles. Maury Auval Dollar, Dennis Earl. 363 Doilarhide, Louis Edgar Dommguez, John F Donahower. Nancy Lynn, 343 Donahue. Frances Ann Donahue. Gerald Edward Donahue. James Elbert Donald. James Patterson Donald. Judy Boyd Donald, Travis Howard Dong, Ronald Donley. Cecelia Ann, 405 Donnell. George Ralph Donovan. Edward Francis Donovan. William Murray. 405 Dooley. Scott E Doolittle, Cynthia S.. 343 Ooorenbos, Beverly Jean. 127 Dorman. Donald Owight, 1 24. 363 Dorman, Michael Russell Dorn, Ronald Lawrence Dorroh, Margaret Joy, 405 Dorrough, Charles Marlow Dorsey, Thomas Elgin Dossett, Sheila Whitey. 384 Dossett, Virginia Brooke Dossett, William Edward. 329 Dotsun, Albert Clyde, III Dotter. Damel L Doty. Martha Anne. 384 Doud, Leslie Ann. 384 Dougher, Christine Ann Dougherty, Kevin Kenneth Doutherty. Margaret Douglas, John Steven Douglas, Marshall Thurman. 384 Douglas, William Dan, 363 Douglass. Sidney Alan, 405 Dowd, Sharon Laline Dowdle. Robert j Dowe. Cheryl Denise. 363 Dowe. Robert Percy, 405 Dowlmg. Monica Stella Downey. Patricia Sue. 363 Downing, Daniel Craig Doxey. Ralph Hindman Doyle, Ben Holmes Drake, David Carl Drake, Roy Fisher Drake, William Ernest Drake, William Robert Dransteld, Catherine L Draper. Anne Truett Draper. James Reynolds Dreher. David William Dreher, Kenneth Richard, 1 36, 329 Drew, Scott Thomas Dreylus. Robert Maurice, Jr , 329 Dnnkwater, Ouida Creekmor Drtnkwater, William W , Jr , 127, 136 Droke. James Clyde Drummond, LawerenceC Drummond, William Carlton, 384 Drury, Deborah Ann, 363 Dryden. Daryl Aven. 329 Dryden. Herman Daryl, 363 Dubard, Louise LeCroy Dubberly. Damlyn. 405 Dube Terry Joseph Dubose. Clarence Earl, 1 44, 329 Dubuisson. Ida Janet. 384 Dubuisson, Shen Renee Duchaine. David Lucian Duchaine. Geraldme Cotton Ducker. William Lawrence. 329 Ducrest. David John Dudenhefer. John Paul Dudley. James Judson Dudley. Maple Hayes. 343 Dutfus. John David, Jr Duffy, Leonard Allan Dufour, David Scott Dugan, Cynthia Denise, 363 Dugan, Stephen Alan Duke. Elizabeth Hunter Duke, Eunice Gail, 162. 405 Duke. Harold Wilson, 329 Duke, Wallace Lamar Duke. William Kendel Dukes. Dana Gay. 384 Dukes. James Otis, 136,329 Dukes. Karen Sue. 405 Dulaney. Dorothy Susan Dunavan. Sandra Elaine Dunavant, Rebecca Lynn. 1 13. 384 Dunaway. Glenn Ford, 343 Dunaway, Jefferson Arnold Dunaway, Orion Chester Dunaway. William Preston Dunbar, Ann Jefferson Dunbar, Robert F Duncan. John David, 363 Duncan, Thomas Michael Duncan, William Trussel. 405 Dungan, James Henry. 384 Dunham. Lester Robert, Jr. Dunlap. Michael Edwin Dunn, Barry Dale Dunn, Linda Kay Dunn, Lindley Lavon Dunn, William David Dunnam. Kimberley Ann, 384 Dunnam. Reba Kay, 1 72. 343 Duplantis. Merle James Duplantis. Myra B Dupuy, Aaron Barney. Ill Duquesnay.N Clay, 343 Durastanti. Joey Ronald, 363 Dureza, Jose Alovera Durham. Deborah Justine. 363 Durrett. Bonnie Sue. 384 Durrett. David Preston Duty. Larry Arthur Duty. Vivian Stokes Dyer. David Neil. 114.1 24. 363 Dyer. MackB Dyke. Wallace Wymon Eadie. Beth Ann. 384 Eadie. Clark James Earhari, Martha Lee Early. Debra Starnes, 363 Early. William Fred. 329 Earnest. Nathan Farley Earnest. Terry Ann, 405 Earthman. Aminda Ann Earwood. Michael Eugene Eason, Laurie Eason, Margaret Ethel Easterling. Albert Ray. Jr. Eastland. Hiram Chester, Jr. , 1 36 Eatman. Michael Angelo Eatmon, Pamela Dean Eaton. Angela Claire Eaton, Mary Beth Hester, 329 Eaton. William Robert. Jr. Eckles, Victoria Eckman. Joe Edward. 384 Ederer. Laura Ann. 405 Ednngton. Joe William Edwards. Arthur Martin. Ill, 385 Edwards. Barry Michael Edwards, Charles Gary Edwards, George Walter. 343 Edwards, Gregory Allen, 363 Edwards, Lee Arthur. Jr Edwards, Michael Thomas Edwards, Rebecca Lee Edwards, Rodney Hall. 363 Edwards. William Parker Egan, Constance Kathryn, 405 Eichelberger, Robert W Eigenmann. Curtis Lee Elayyan. Khaled Muhammad Eldndge, Donna Kay. 363 Elias. Houghton Francis. Jr. Elias, Virginia McGehee Elkm, Gayle Miller Elkms. Janet Baker Ellard. Robert Miller Elmgburg, Charles M Elliott. Cathy. 405 Elliott. Diane Lee, 127. 330 Elliott. Karen Sue. 385 Elliott. Martha Frances Elliott, Richard W. Ellis. Eugene David, 405 Ellis. Hubert Edward, 330 Ellis, Janet Claire, 363 Ellis. John Charles Ellis. John Clyde Ellis. Linda Faye. 343 Ellis Marilyn Kay, 1 20, 363 450 Ellis, Nancy Jean Ellis. Patricia Ann. 385 Ellis. Sonya Elise Ellis. William Kenneth. 343 Ellison. Billy Edward Ellison, James Baxter Ellsworth. Edward King Elmers. David latimer Elmore. Deborah Ann. 405 Ely. Halley Elisabeth. 1 72. 363 Ely James Andrew. III. 124 Ely. James Michael. 405 Ety. James Scott Emery Sharon. 343 Enrol. Gerald Raymond Emling. John Porter Emmei. Richard James Emmertson. Robert Lester Emmons. Charles Gerald Emmons. Marion Joseph. 330 Emmons. Peggy O ' Neal. 405 Emmons Sara Wyse Emnck Gordan Randolph. Jr. Eppes Kathenne Bailey. 1 1 8 Eppes Susan Dale, 405 Epps. Regina Ervm. Evalme Ruth Ervm. Salli Esther Erwin William LOuiS Eskew Thomas Eugene Essary. Thomas Cleveland Esterle. Susan Lee 385 Estes. John Byron Ethendge. Deborah Ann. 1 20. 343 Ethendge. Robert Clay Ethendge. William Earl. 406 Ethndge. Heber Clark, jr . 1 14 Ethndge. LoydeT Ethndge. Paul Ramage. 330 Eubanks. Kathy Lee, 363 Eubanks. William Lynn Evans Bobby Gaynelt Evans. Brenda Joyce. 385 Evans Charlie Andrew Evans, Cheryl Ann, 330 Evans Donna Elaine Evans, Guy Edward Evans. Howard Douglas Evans, isham Harrison Evans Jack Colbert. 1 1 4. 343 Evans. Merry Gay. 385 Evans. Nancy Carol. 406 Evans. Robley Kathenne. 135 Evans, Susan Tyler 385 Everett Alhe Naidaa Everett, Paula Jean, 1 20. 343 Everett, Thurman Ketth, 363 Eventl. Arthur Lee Event!. William Fred. Ill, 363 Eversoie. William Craig, 150 385 Everson. Freddie Lee Everson. jerry Lanear Everson. juanita Golden Ewell. Carol Lee Exum. Edward Vernon. Jr. .406 Exum. Elizabeth Klyce Ezell. Jackie W.lson Fabian. Susan Een, 363 Fabns Robert Stratton Faily. Anwar Fair Carol Anne Draper Fair Davis Love Fair Georgia Mae Webber Fair John Douglas Fair. Robert Delano Fairburn KathrynWell Fatfley. Elizabeth Dawn. 363 Falgout Sandra Lynne. 406 Fatkner Eugenia Russell Falkner Patrick Russell Falkner Paul Vincent Fancher, Julia Eiame Fancher, Melissa Simpson, 406 Fancher Wayne Bradshaw, Jr Fant, William Henry Farabough. Gary Wesley, 330 Fargason. Knstina B Fanes. Gregory John Paris, Charla Ann Famed. William Mallory. 1 1 7 Farnham. Loni Christine Farr. Barry Miller. 1 27. 343 Farrar, Nancy Carolyn. 364 Farrar. William Holder Farrell, Lester Hayne, 406 Farris. Bradley Maloney. 406 Farns, Charles. III. 364 Farris. Davey Lee. Jr . 364 Farris. Reuben Max. Jr., 114.124,385 Farns, William Joseph Fatheree. Susan Faulkner Deborah Kay. 343 Faulkner, James Murry, jr Faulkner, Kenneth Wayne Faulkner, Kim Knox Faulkner, Mary Catherine Faulkner Thomas Wesley Faulkner. Vmeth Eileen Faust. Charles Richard Faust. Joni L Faust. William Harvey Fauver Thomas Lynn Favara Deborah Fawcett David Gavin Fawcett. Jacqueline Mona Fawcett. P Kelly Feder Deborah Ann. 1 13. 385 Feder. Ronald Martin, 343 Fednc. El izabeth Marshall. 330 Fednc. Lee Houston. 124,385 Feibeiman. Richard Young. 385 Felder. Robert Young, 385 Feller. Susan Smith Felner Elizabeth Patrice, 406 Felts Adele GottheH. 127.330 Felts Morns Leon. 330 Fenger, Cheryl Sue. 121 . 343 Fenger Donald Charles. 385 Fenger. George Alfred. Jr Ferguson. Bailey Joe Ferguson, Barry Leighton Ferguson, Connie Lynn Ferguson. Edgar Scott Ferguson. John Erik Ferguson. MitZi Gail. 385 Ferguson Steven Anthony. 385 Fernandez. Eileen Gloria. 127 Fernstrom, Pamela Jo. 385 Ferrelt. Hal Miller, Jr Ferrell. Homer Ferrell. John Alexander, 330 Ferns. Timothy Paul, 343 Fielder. Pamela Kay, 385 Fields, Cynthia Kay Fields. Gerald Patrick. 364 Fields. Jimmie Hirlan Fields. John Douglas Fields, John Foster Fields Michael C Fields. Robert Hamilton Martha Jane. 120 Filer. Theodore Henry. Ill, 1 20. 406 Filewich. Robert John Filson. Cathy Louise. 406 Finger, Larry Eugene Finger, Roy Frank Fmley, Gerald John Finnie. Homer Lee Fisackeriy . James Samuel Fisackerly. Kathenne D Fiser. Hal Gregory. Jr . 124, 145 Fisher, Catherine Gerard. 364 Fisher. Sandy Lee Fistere. Robert Tuck. Jr.. 385 Filch. Andy Staten Fins, Cecil Nelson Fitzgerald, Pamela Fitzsimmons. John V.. 131 Flaherty, Judith Hambnce Flaherty. RoliteW.. Jr. Flair, Beatrice Ann, 406 Flake, Dorothy Irene. 330 Flanagan. Ehsa Anne. 406 Flatt, Sidney Meigs Flautt, Edwin Rode Flautt. James Buford Fleming. EWndgeE Fleming. Elizabeth Kann. 364 Fleming. Jerry Wayne Fleming. Mary S Fleming. Willtam O ' Dell. Jr Flemrrting. Henry Forrest. 385 Ftemmons, Rebecca Jean. 1 1 3. 385 Fletcher. David Carter Flinchum. Aaron Rudolph. 330 Flint. Calvin Etley. III. 364 Flint. Patricia Ann Flor. James Eugene Flora. Teresa Mane. 406 Flowers. J B-. Jr Floyd. CharfesLamar Floyd. Evetyn Joan 123. 343 Floyd. Melmda Sue. 121 Floyd. Michael Philip Fly. Mary Camille Fly. Portia Kay Flynn. David Martin Flynn. Paula ingrtd Flynn. Richard Randolph Flynt. John Hernngton. Jr Fog. Jennifer Jane Fogg. Robert Bruce, Jr. Foley. Timothy David Foison. Luther Fonda. Catherine Elise Fonseca, Gladys Falrola Foose Kenneth Donelson Foote, Marian Kathenne Ford, Billy Owen Ford. Gilbert Bentley. Jr . 364 Ford. James David Ford. James William. 406 Ford. Joseph H Ford. Mark Steven Ford. Mary Celeste. 385 Ford. Robert Ernest Ford. Wilma Foreman. Garland M . 130 Forester. Michael William For not. Thomas Rhett. 406 Forrester. Margaret L . 107. 130 Fort. Rebecca Lynn Fortier. William Randolph Fortune. Frederick Anson. 364 Fossier Virginia May Foster. Atvin Foster Amy Susan Foster Charles Wade Foster David Butler. 343 Foster, Mollie Dean Foster Rex Benjamin. 343 Foster Richard Mark. 407 Foster Stephen Ray, 407 Foster, Viola Magnolia Foushee. Laura Christine. 364 Fowler, Becky Lou Fowler James Ellis. Jr Fowler. James Walters Fowler Leslie Camille. 407 Fox, Becky Ann Fox. Claude Leroy. Jr Fox. Elizabeth Joanne. 1 35 Fox, Susan Lea Fox . Vivian Sheila Fox. William Edward. 407 Foxworth. Jerome M Fraenng. John Martin. Jr Fraiser, Duncan McLeod Fraiser. John James, 385 Franos, David Joriah Francis. William Ftankin. 1 30 Franco, Robert Michael Franklin. Beverly Ann Franklin. Clarence Hayes Franklin. Janice Lynn. 407 Franklin. Marilyn Sue. 385 Franklin. Rodney Walton Franklin. Susan Annette Franklin. Terry Lynn, 330 Franks. Franzman. Pete Edward Fratesi Michael Louts Fratesi. Phillip Campbell, 136 Frazier. Brenda, 344 Frazier. Joseph Daniel. II Frazier. Stephen Dale, 114,1 24. 385 Fredenburg. David Marshall Frederic. Donald Exmus. Jr Frederick. Howard Dean Frederick, Raymond Leslie Fredericks. Paul Douglas Fredrick. T Kirk. 407 Freeland. Thomas Henry. IV. 407 Freeman. Derrick. 407 Freeman. James Waites. Jr Freeman. Mary Ellen Freeman, Mayre Emily. 104-105. 107. 122. 127. 137. 144.344 Freeman. Robert Alan. 130 Freeze, JimmieRuth French David Lamar French. William Benjamin. 130 Frey. James Robert Friedman. Alan Oxford Fnerson. Vickie Shirtene. 407 Fnsbee. Keith Douglas. 407 Frith. RonaW McKinnon. 1 24. 1 27. 1 28. 344 Fritz. Jill Lorraine. 364 Fuchs, John William Fudge. Jacgueiyn Faye F udoli Joy Deneen Fugate. Susan Elizabeth. 128. 149. 364 Fugter. Judy Ann. 385 Fulgham, Cynthia Elizabeth Fulgham. John Lloyd Fulghum. Charles Henry. 385 Fuller. Louis Guy. 124,364 Fulhtove. Kenneth Ray. Jr Fulton. Lamonie. Jr Fulton. Robert Thomas Fulton. Trenia Amelia. 407 Funderburk. Mary Jo. 120. 127. 130 Funderburk. Paul Stanley Fuqua, Glenn Lucile. 407 Furman. Frances Lillian Furr. Byron Know Furr. Marion Hansell Furr. Philip Marvin Fyke. Frazier Earl, 127 Fyke, Paul Douglas Gable. James Earle. 344 Gadd. Stephen Glen Gaddis, Alhe Golden Gaddis. Barry Lee Gaddy . Cynthia Stanley. 344 Gaddy, Ira Eugene GaHord. Gerald A . Jr Gage. Robert Douglass Gagnon. James Henry Games, Virginia Sue. 385 Galaher. Gary Russell Gale. Joseph Randall. 364 Gallagher. Timothy Louis. 344 Gallant. Constance Galloway. Ben Floyd. Ill Galloway. John Lanter Galloway. Robert Barkley. 385 Galtney, Sylvia S White Galtney . Virginia Batson. 385 Galtney. William Fields Gamblm. Ricky Devon. 1 07. 1 1 5. 1 16. 1 24. 127.136.344 Gambrell. Dora Martin Gambrell. Robert Witey Gammiii. Dianna. 364 Gannann. JanWhm Gannann, William Bertey. Jr . 330 Gandy. Leslie Ann Gann. Mary Ann Denson Gannon. John Joseph Gantz, Henry Herr, 111. 344 Garber. J Hood. Jr. 407 Garber. Peggy Ida. 123 Garcia. Jose Gaspar. Jr . 385 Garcia Raquel Gardner, Betty Ann Gardner, Cindy Chism Gardner, Dave Leon. 344 Gardner. Douglas Edward. 407 Gardner. Eva Lynne. 385 Gardner. Gwen Dee. 407 Gardner. Kimberty Sue Gardner. Michael Steven Gardner. Sam Parker. Jr Gardner. William Robert. Jr, Garland. John Gary Garlic. William Stewart Garmer, Richard Douglas Garner. Deborah Dorroh Garner. Dixie Lynn Garner. Elizabeth JoAnn. 385 Garner. Gregory John Garner, Jacqueline Eloise, 407 Garner. Michael Edward Garrard, Ralph Milton. 407 Garret!. Jesse Ivy. Ml. 365 Garrison. Brenda Gail Garrison. Vhnstian B Garrison, Drue Bradley Garrott. William Johnson, 124 Garth. Robert Earl Gartm, Rebecca Ann Garvin. Charlotte Louise. 365 Garwood. William Hilt. Jr, Gary. Chartes Edward Gary. JoGlynn.407 Gasiorkiewtcz, Eugene A Gaston, Robert Ear) Gates. Leslie CaMn Gatlm, James R Gatlm.Maudine.330 Gatz. Benjamin Mailliam Gaudet. Lucien Sydney, 344 Gautier. Harriet Page Gay, Keith Edward Gay. Paul Evans. 124. 385 Gay. William Bryant. Ill Gayden. Susan Loutse. 123. 365 Gazzier, Conrad Alden Geddie. Mary Virginia. 407 Geddie, Rowland Hill. ill. 124. 386 Gee. Conme Lynne Gee. John Michael Gee. Peter Ellzey. 344 Gee. Robert William Geivm Steven. 344 Gemn. John Lee Geno. Craig Marsh Gent, Attred Edward. 124,134.171 Gentry. Deborah Lynn. 386 Gentry. Kenneth Edward Gentry, Larry Thomas. 386 Geoghegan, Robert Andrew. 344 George, Franklin Juette. 127. 166.344 George. Mary Mam George, Paula Scales George Rachel Baskerville. 407 George. Sara Stewart. 113. 118.386 Geralds. William Daniel. 365 Gercens. Jams Gercens. Valdis Genty. Stephanie Owen Genty, Thomas Carter Genty, William Clarence. 386 Gernert. Richard Thomas. 1 07. 1 1 5. 1 36 Gernts. Madeline Mary Gholson. Henry Fort. Jr. 119 Gianakos. Kim. 407 Gianakos, Kris Demetreos. 1 31 . 344 Giam. Germaine Madeleine. 145 Gtbbes. John Patrick Gibbes. Michael Thomas, 1 1 7. 127 Gibbs. Anne Elizabeth. 365 Gibbs, Farns Copelan Gibbs, Karen Ann. 407 Gibbs, Martha Reddy Gibbs, Michael Thomas. 1 1 5 Gibbs. Ronald Terry Gibson. Chartes Dale Gibson, Gerald Anthony. III. 365 Gibson. James Morrison Giddy Michael John Gtttin, Billie Jean Swille GiMm. Keith Miller. 114 Giger. Paul Edward Gilbert. Russell Earl Gilbreath. Jerry Michael. 108. 136 Gill. Amencus Mack Gill, Dianne Grace Gilt. Gregory Barry GiHentine. Nancy Jane. 386 Giiiesp e. Alma Lynne GHiespie FayreneWebb Gillespie, George E,. Jr GiUespie. Linda Catherine Gillespie. William Meek Gillette. Josephine F Gilliam. Charles David Gillis, Charles Woodward Gilhs. Norman Burke. 111. 144 Gill man James Robert Giimer Barry Wade Giimer. LotsCofer Giimer Marshall Ellisor Gilmore. George David Gitreath. Thomas Leroy Ginger. Thomas Jeflerson Gtnn. Thomas Mtchael. 345 Giorgini. Luke Giorgim. Roberto Gipson. Clinton Gipson. Philip Murray Gish. George Edward, Jr Given, Deborah Lynn. 407 Givens. Frank Ot ho. 407 Givhan. Samuel Dexter. 330 Gladney. Nettie 345 Gteason. Catherine E G lea ton Margaret. 345 Glenn. Kenneth Barry Glenn. Susan Blackburn. 345 Glick. Linda Yvonne Glisson. Allen Wilburn, Jr . 1 27. 1 28 Glover. Freeman Shane. 407 Glover. Ralph David. 345 Glover. Thomas Cltnton Glover. William Hudson. Jr Gtye. David William. 386 Goad. Frances Ren. 116. 122. 127 Gober, Vickie Aileen. 386 Godbok). Stacy Dare Godfrey. Dennis Carroll Godwin. Rhys Benedict Got). Martin Franklin. 365 Golanka. Man Lowe Golanka, Stanley R chard Gold. Mary Rebecca Goldberg. Dan Arthur Golden. Deirdre Annce. 407 Goldman. Daniel Steven Goldmon William Eugene Goidner. Joanne Lynne. 407 Goldsmith. Georgie Ann. 407 Gotson. Richard Lee. Jr Gong. Bella Ann Gong. Bettie Mae Gong. Elaine Diana. 118. 123. 386 Gong. Gwendolyn. 386 Gong. Margie Ann. 1 27. 1 28. 1 89 Gong. Richard John Gooch. Brenda Key Gooch. Brian Kelly. 345 Goodgame. Charles Daniel. 124. 151 Goodie. Joseph Frederick Goodman. Eddie Frank Goodman. Herbert Raymond Goodman. Nancy Theresa. 120. 330 Goodson. Beverly Anne. 407 Goodson. Gerry Ann. 127. 345 Goodwin. Charles Ronnie Gooisby Nathaniel Jim Goolsby Rodney Wayne. 345 Goon. Daws Gordji. Mehran Gord)i. Sohrab Gordon. Drusilta Delece. 127 Gordon. Genenvteve R Gordon. Jeanne Mane, 365 Gordon. Patricia Ann. 386 Gordon. Penelope Rylka Gordon. Reginald Devon Gordon. Robert Tiffany Gordon. Sue Anne. 386 Gore. Jay. 116. 119. 127. 165.345 Gore. Polly G, Gorman. Julie. 407 Gorman, Susan Re nee Maples Goslin Thomas Clinton. Ill, 407 Goss Belinda Kate Goss. Patricia Annis Gotlhelf. John Finch. 386 Gottshall. Donna Buford Gould. GkxiaGigi. 108. 147. 148.345 Gould. Philip Paul Gove. David Jay. 345 Gove. Dianne Lynne. 1 1 3. 1 48. 1 64. 386 Gowen. Kenneth King. Ill Grace. Peter John Grace, Stephen Craig. 330 Graeber. John Clark. 345 Graeber, Kenneth James Graeber. Paula Janice Graf Steven Wesley. 407 Graham. David Madison Graham. Kenneth Allen. 365 Graham. Mark Alan Graham, Phillip David Graham. Thomas Edward. Jr Graham. William Nelson Granger. Johnny, Jr. Grant. Janice Rae Grant. Jimmy Wayne Grant. Russell Porter. Jr Grantham. Benjamin Folsom. 345 Grantham. Edward Knight Grantham. Howard Ellis. Jr Graves. Attred James Graves, Carl Gray Graves. Chartes Frederick Graves. Conme Nickte Graves. John Arrrwstead, Jr Graves. Julian David Graves, Martha Renvy Graves. Ob e Lee. 330 Graves. Randy Le . 116. 127. 136 Graves. Robert E wing Graves. Ronald Lynn Gray. Cecite Crovatt Gay Gray. Connie Lynn. 365 Gray. Douglas Kevin, 1 27 Gray. Euphiazene B . 1 70. 345 Gray. Homer Earl, Jr Gray. John Earl Gray. Kathenne Dawson Gray. Lee Russell. Jr . 386 Gray. Nora Garth Gray, Ronald Keith. 407 Gray. Sarah Kathenne Gray. Tony Lamar. 407 Gray. Wayne Lee. 124 Gray. William Claude Green. Barbara Nell Green, Carolyn Ann Green, Colin Lindsay Green. Cynthta Fay Green. DawJ Green. James Clifton. Jr . 365 Green JimmyeDate Green. John Grady Green. Kathenne Joan. 407 Gr een. Margaret Virginia. 365 Green. Patrick Gordon. 408 Green. Sarah Joan Green. Seima Jordan Greene. Alton Leroy Greene. Donald Rodney. 1 24 Greene. Enc Kiefer Greenhill. John David Greenlaw. Harrison S . 330 Greenlee. Jim Ming. 1 28. 1 31 . 1 34. 1 36. 345 Greenlee. Mackie S Pulton Greenlee. Phillip Murry Greer. Annie Greer. Matthew L Greer. Michael Duane, 408 Greer. Regina Lynne. 1 70. 365 Gregg. William Robert Gregory. Cheryl Slack Gregory. George Thomas Gregory. Laurie Susan GreMa William F Gresham. Susan Hopkins. 1 13. 1 18. 387 Grey. Stephen Morris Gnesbeck. George Moran Gnfl.n Mary Pamela. 127. 365 Gnlf.n, PaulAncit Gnttin. Sharon Rogers Gnflm, Travis Lavon Griffin. Wade Hampton Gnflm, William Lee. Jr Gnflis. Dennis Ancil. 345 Griflis. Hugh Clinton. Ill Gnffis. Pamela Joan. 345 Griffith Benjamin Elmo. 330 Griffith. lty Houston Griffith. George Howard Griffith. George O.. Jr . 1 36 Griffith, Harold Eugene. Jr Griffith. Lonnte Ellis. Jr Griffith. Michael John, 330 Gnlhs. Chris E . 365 Gnsham. Celia Ann. 408 Gnsham. Charlotte Hussey Gnsham. Deborah Mae. 387 Gnsham. Eddie Jackson Gnsham. Ethel Ann. 150 Gnsham. jimmy Richey Gnsham John Robert. 387 Gnsham. Kenneth Forrest Gnsham. Lonrxe David Gnsham. Lowell Edward. Jr. 127. 136 Gnsham. Maryl Norwood Gnsham. Truman Witey Gnsham William Max Grissom Kenneth Brian Grissom. Meiinda. 345 Groshon. Chartes Sinclair. 365 Gross. Leslie Klatskin Grosso. Domenic Leonard. 330 Grubbs. Kim Howard Gnjtch. Chen I Ann Gruicti. Frank George. Jr., 330 Gryder. Belinda Elaine Guckert. Cynthia C. 118 Guenther. Chartes Curtis Guenther. Clinton McKee. 408 Guenther, Fred Neil. 365 Guernsey. Ralph Stewart Guerrero, RicardoOswaldo. 130 Guest. Ronny Date Guice. Daniel Dicks. Jr . 365 Gmder. John Erwin Gutnn. Meredith Mitchell Gmnn.WiHtam Scott Gultedge. David Graceon Gunasekaran. Nirmala Gunn. Cryde Hubert. Ill Gunn. James Edwin. 408 Gunn. Lundy Reid Gunn. Michael Scott. 1 1 5 Gunn. Pattie Leigh. 365 Gunn. Susan Leigh, 408 Gunn. Walter Dill Gunnells. FteginakJ F . 127 Gunter. Claude Julian Gunter. David Henry. 365 Gunter. Thomas Young Gurtey. Kenneth Gtenn. 387 Gurner. Richard L Gussman. Mary Catherine. 408 Gustafson. Rayford B . III. 1 1 9. 365 Gustafson. Thomas Ritey. 387 Guttmann. Susan E. 122. 135. 345 Guy. Joe Keith. 130. 345 Guy. Willie Ray Guyton. Billy GerakJ Guylon, Douglas Chartes Guyton. Janice Rowe Guyton. Victoria Louise. 406 Gwaftney, Robert Andrew Gwin. Curtis Hart Gwm. George Bannister Gwyn. Mary Jo. 127.345 H Haas. Elaine Louise Habecker. Edward Tulty Hackman. Kevin Alan 451 Madden, Evans McLellan Hadley. Thomas H Hagan. Donna Lynn Hagan. Jane Jelters. 365 Hagan. Kenneth Wayne Hahn, Michael James, 330 Hahnstadl, William Arl, 365 Haick. Claudia Dale. 387 Haik, Stephen Thomas, 387 Haiie. John Mumford Hailey, Lester Pmkney. 387 Names, Carter Gene Haire, Timothy Charles Halat. Paul Lawrence Halbrook. David McCall, Jr Hale. Christine Audenreid Hale. Deborah Lynn Hale EnnetteF . ill Hale. Gregory Brooks Hale. Rhonda Lynn, 387 Hale. Stephen Kendall Hale. William K . Jr Haley Deborah Layne Haley. Johnnie Miller Haley, Suzanne, 365 Hallacre. Betsy Ann Halford. Rosa Love. 135. 365 Hall. Betty Faye Hall. Daniel Edwin. 365 Hall. Damta. 365 Hall. David Earl. 114,1 24. 365 Hall. Dennis Hall. Dons Jean. 365 Hall. Gary Stevens, 365 Hall. Glen Wesley Hall. Henry Douglas Hall James Grey Hall. James Montgomery, 330 Hall. James Rogers. 345 Hall. Jerry Leborn Hall. John Adams, 365 Hail. John Horace Hall. Kathryn Harris. 128 Hall. Kenneth Clyde Hall. Nora Jean Hall, Norma Murrah Hall. Penny Fay. 365 Hall. Richard Gilmer Hall. Robert Harold Hall. William Lincoln. 345 Mailer. Marshall B . 330 Halhday Barbara Ann. 365 Halliday, James Bailey. 408 Halhday. Thomas Arthur. 387 Hailmon. Jo Anne Haiquist. Harry Donald Haltom. James Robert, 114, 125 Haltom. Laura Haltom. Richard Carothers Ham. Thomas Lemly HamWin. Ernest Bryan, 345 Hamby. Carey Kim. 387 Hamill. Susan joy. 387 Hamilt on, Daniel Leguin Hamilton. Russell A Hamilton. William Floyd Hamley, Stuart Douglas Hamm. Russell Lynn Hamm. Suzanne Hammack, Fredenk William. 345 Hammett. Frances Camille Hammett Holly Jennings. 387 Hammond, Frank J , III. 1 15, 1 16. 125, 127 Hammond. Harry Carl Hammond. Laurie Beth. 1 27, 345 Hammond, Robert. Jr Hamofy. Quenlm T .jr.. 131 Hamp, Myra Jean. 345 Hampton. Debra Ann. 345 Hamplon. TomE Hamnc. Robert Michael. 345 Hamnc. William Roberson Hancock. Margaret Cobb Hand. David Nicholas Hand, Nancy Craigen. 387 Haney. Harold Eugene. Jr Haney, Monna Kathryn, 121 Haney, Ralph Eugene, 387 Hankins. Charles Burns. 345 Hankins. Charles Everette Hankins. Grover Wade Hankins, James Douglas Hankins. Sidney R Hannatord. Terry Mitchell Hanninen. Martta Ruth Hanninen. Paula Hans. Stephen Denis. 330 Hanslord, Fred Raymond. 387 Hanson. Laura Lee. 387 Haraway. David McWilliams Haraway. Harvey Lee Harbin. Peggy Evans Harden. Edwin Doyle. Jr , 365 Harden. Lannan Clayton. 345 Hardendorf, jiiiMane Hardm, Cynthia Mane Hardm. Stephen Turner Hardm, Thomas Crantotd. 330 Hardm. William David. 408 Hardt, Charles J . Ill Hardwick. Tommy Ray. 330 Hardy. Gary W Hardy. Larry Keith, 330 Hardy. Margaret Denise. 408 Hargett, Jennifer Laura. 345 Hargrove. Gary Thomas. 408 Hargrove. Henry Pickard. 408 Haries, Ross Boymann Harkms. James Patrick, 387 Harkms. Theodore Steven, 408 Harkness, Bonnie Kay. 387 Harkness, Mary Elizabeth Harlow. Alfred Eugene Harmon. Marton Hubert, Jr Harmon. Paula Mane Harmon. Teresa Kay Harmon, William Frank Harms. Kerry Don Haroon , Mohammad Harper, Andrew Henry Harper. Gaylon Kent Harper. Janet Louise. 345 Harper. Mary Jean Harper, Michael Carrion Harper, Ronald Elmo Harpole. Sharon Metis Harpole. Wilbur W.Jr Harral, John Menteith Harrai. Marine Lee Harrell. Deborah Morrow. 365 Harrell. Frederick Marion 116 Harrell, J Gayden Harrell, John Van Harrell. Ruby Ann Harrelson, Nancy. 113. 118. 366 Harrington. Mildred Joan Harris, Charles Matthews Harris. Dan Dillard. Jr . 345 Hams, Dianne Partlow Harris. Elginia Harris. Haughey Duke, 366 Harris, Hugh Howell, Jr Harris. James Earl. 387 Harris. Jerry Thomas Hams. John Charles Harris. Joseph Presley Harris. Kathy Harris. Luther Chevreul Hams, Marvin O Harns. Peggy Nell Harris Robert A , Jr Harris, Shirley Dean. 123. 366 Harris, Stephen Thomas Harris. Timothy Lynn Harris, Vicki Roach. 330 Harrison, Bonnie Goode Harrison, Donna Lorraine. 408 Harrison, Elvin Lee, ill. 346 Harrison. James Sfone Harrison. John Clifford Harrison. Louie V Harrison. Martha Ann Harrison. Michael Alan Harrison. Stan Bryan Harrison, Suzanne Frazier Harrison. Thomas Franklin Harry. John Jason Harry. William Lampton. Jr . 346 Hart. EweM Wade. 408 Hart. Stephen Randall Hart. Tamara Suzanne. 408 Hartness. William Owen, 408 Hartsough. Gregory Warren, 366 Harlung, Michael Hartz, John Bterce Hartzog. Randall Alan. 387 Hartzoq. Rodney Mills Harvell. OttoGuthne. III. 346 Harvey. George Franklin Harwell, Harry Russell, 408 Harwell. Jamie Ruth Harwell. Teresa Jane Haskell, Samuel Bond. Ill, 408 Haskins, Morris Carralton Haskins, Thomas Gerald Hassler, Alice Falkner Hastings. Paul David Hastings. Zack Rabon Hatcher, John Leslie Jr Hathorn. John Fulton Halhorn. Robert Lowther Hathorn, Stanley Hamilton Hathorne. Alan Maurice Hathorne. Johnny Maurice Haueisen. Anthony Joseph Hauge, John Erlmg Hauser. Eleanor Suzanne. 387 Hausman, Holly Lane. 366 Havill. Gerard Frederick Hawkins. Adnenne Allen Hawkins. James Charles. 387 Hawkins. Jo Ann Hawkins, John Bryan Hawkins. Marcia Joyce Haws, Penny Kay Haydel, Leo Joseph. Jr Hayden. Conrad Edward. 346 Hayden. Donald Sidney Hayden, James Russell Hayden, Mark Williams. 387 Hayden, Mary Fay B. Hayes, Carolyn Wicks Hayes, David Marshall Hayes, George William Hayes. War ia Ray t27 Hayes. Robert Andrew. Jr Heyles, John Winston. Ill Hayman. Alton Delbert Haynes, James Robert, III. 387 Haynes. John Dexter Haynes. Susan Harriett Haynes. Walter Greer Haynie, David Sherwm Haynie. Michael Dan. 346 ' Hays, Clarence Donald. Jr , 131.346 Hays Curtis Lee Hays. Debbie Ann Hays Janice Smith Hays, Richard Paul. 125. 366 3. 118.387 Hays. William Clarence. 408 Hayward. Valerie Estes. 408 Haywood. Percy. Jr Haywood, William Moore Hazard, Boswell Stevens Hazard, Mark Gordon, 111 Hazlewood, George Donald Headley, David McCaa, 366 Heard, Clifton William, 366 Heard. Frances Ladell. 346 Heard George Jemigan, 1 1 4. 387 Heard. Ricky Hugh Hearn. Martin Lawrence Hearn. Michael Edward Hearne, John Michael Heasiey. Darrell Wayne. 387 Heath, James Earl Heath. Nancy McLemore Heath, Ronald Young. 131 Heatherly. Deborah Gail Heaton. Deborah Jo. 387 Heaton. Gayte Howe Heaton. Louise Darrah Heavener. Rondy Gale, 346 Hedayati. Mohamad Khalaj. 346 Hederman. Margaret Ann. 135. 366 Hedgepeth. Charles Colon, 387 Hedges Van Elliott. 144. 366 Hedges, William Shands. 125, 128 366 Hedglm CanVJohn Heern, Karen Letitia, 408 Hegwood, Elizabeth Ann Hegwood. Thomas Martm. 1 36, 346 Heimer. Myrna Howe Hellmers. Karon Ann, 387 Heliums. Paula June, 366 Helms. Jerry Van Helveston. James Collins Helveston, John Knox Hemakom. Amphol Hembree. Johnny Arthur, 1 30 Hemnani. Kanahya Lai Hemphill. Rita Jo. 408 Henderson, Adnenne Ruth, 387 Henderson, David Edward Henderson. Elizabeth Ann Henderson, Jacqueline K . 366 Henderson, Joel Jerome Henderson. Martin Lewis Henderson. Paul Bradford Henderson, Peter Anthony Henderson. Robert Bobo Henderson, Robert Lee. 366 Henderson, Sharon Lea. 330 Henderson. Steven Chipley, 387 Henderson. Valerie Lynette. 387 Henderson. Walter Edward Henderson. Wanda E Hendnck, Russell Sansom. 408 Hendnx. James E Hendnx. Jamie William Hendnx. Rosemary Denise, 331 Hendry. Larry Eston. 388 Henegan. John Clark Henegan, Morella Lloyd Hengen. Sharon Kaye. 366 Hengen. Wayne Louis. 331 Henley, Charlotte Cleve. 388 Henley. Harris Brand. Jr , 125. 128 Henley. James Williams, 388 Henley. Jay Hugh Henley. Myrtis Lee, 346 Henley. Patricia Carol Henley, Tucker Lightloot. 388 Henley. William Saunders Henry. BettieAnn Henry Janis Theresa Henry. John Fletcher. 388 Henry Laura Ann. 388 Henson. Andrew Ballard Henson. Aubrey Eugene. 1 1 9. 388 Henson. Bobby Joe. 1 14. 124 Henson. FmisseEwm, III Henson, Rebecca Lynn. 127 Henson, Susan Thompson Hepburn. Barbara M Hepburn, David Russell, Jr Herbert. James Clyde, Jr , 346 Herbert. William Carl. 408 Herndon, Laura G Herndon. Ronald David Herndon, Whit Franklin, Jr. Herod, Charles Henry. Jr Herren. Cathenne Anne Herrm. Charles Michael Hernn. Jack Tatum Herrm. Martha Virginia, 408 Herrmg. Benjamin Lee. 408 Herring, Gary Jefferson. 1 16. 127 Herring. George Bryan Herring, Manjean. 408 Herring, Room Katherme Herrmg, Sherry Amber, 388 Herring, William Rodney Hernngton. Kathryn. 408 Herrmgton. Walter Nathan. 1 25. 1 27, 1 28 Heskelt. Kimberly Sue Hester. Dianna Lynn. 120 Hester. Mary Elizabeth Hester. Michael Clark. 388 Hester, Susan Gail Hester. William Ewmg. Ill Heuer, Anna Marcetla. 366 Heuer, Sammy Tate. 346 Hewes, Cynthia Lee. 366 Hewes, Gaston Henderson. Jr Hiatt. Rebecca Carol. 366 Hibbard, Bobby Joe Hickerson. Lawrence Edward Hickey. Patricia Gayle A Hickman, Deborah Ann, 1 23 Hickman, James Ellis Hickman, Jane Lewis, 388 Hickman, Sandy Louise, 408 Hicks, Amp Frank Hicks. Angela Catherine. 1 1 3. 388 Hicks. Clotilde Mtddleton. 121 Hicks, Elizabeth. 113. 118. 388 Hicks. James Edgar. III. 408 Hicks, James Leonard. Ill Hicks, Laura Leigh. 388 Hicks. Rickye Allen Hicks, Sallie Mane. 388 Hicks. Sharon Louise Higdon. Burrell Leroy Higdon, Judy Ann. 408 Higdon. Nancy Lynn. 128 Higgms. John Manning Hight, John Fielding. Ill Hightower. Edward Ocam Hightower. Jack Bradford Hightower. John Robert Hightower, William Lovoice Hilbun. Melynda. 123 Hild, Donna Ruth. 388 Hill. Betty Edwards Hill. Charles Graden Hill. David Glenn Hill. James Michael Hill, Janice Scalzo Hill, John James. 388 Hill. Marilyn Jean Hill. Melv.n Eddie. 366 Hill. Renee Ellen. 409 Hill. Roger John, 346 Hillen, Judith Lynn. 388 Hillhouse, Brenda Neil. 366 Hilton. Becky Jane. 366 Himber. Stephen Andrew Hmdle. John Joseph Hinds. Vicki Regma Hmes. Julia Gates Hmes. Kenneth Lee. 1 14. 125. 366 Hmes. Linda Hinga. James Douglas Hmkel. Barbara Anne Hmman, Kathleen Anna Hmson. Billy Glenn Hinton. Benjamin E Hmton, Mary Patricia, 122.346 Hinton, Pamela Kay Hmton, Phil Richard Hitch. Martha Ann Hitchcock. Thomas Lee Hitt. Carolyn Elizabeth. 366 Hitt. Travis Dwight Hixson. Ralph Scott Ho, Enc Wing-Kit Ho, TaiHwa.331 Hoagland, George M , Jr Hoar. Lu Ann, 409 Hobe. Patricia Hobson. John Lane Hockmgheimer. Jesse M Hocutt. Lynn Baker. 1 1 8 Hodqe, Mark Evan Hodge. Theron Eldnd Hodges. Gus J , Jr Hodges. Lincoln Rees Hodges. Norman L , Jr . 331 Hodges, Rebecca. 1 14. 122. 346 Hodges, Sally Thompson Hodnett. Sarah Frances Hoerl, Henry Gordon Hoter, Paul David Hoff. Joseph Lester, 409 Hofl, Susan Ellen. 388 Hogan . Alex A Hogan. Deborah Jane Hogan. Linda Suzanne Lewis. 1 27 Hogan. Norman Hogden, Evelyn S McGowen Hoggetl. Rhonda Ann Hoque, Charles Reid, 409 Hoque. Stephen Hand. 388 Holbrook. John Marshall, 127, 130 Holcombe, Karen Sue, 366 Holden, Michael Douglas. 346 Holder. Hoyet Ronald Holder, Perry Chris Holifield. Henry Thaddeus Holland. Danny Russell Holland, John Grover Holland. Johnny Daryl Holland. Robert Harris Holland. Ruby Ann Holland. Stephen Lee. 409 Holland, Sue Franklin Holland. Susan Ann. 388 Holiday. Mary Kathryn Hollimon, Jeffrey Thomas. 331 Hollimon. Marilyn Odom Hollingsworth. Bettye J . 366 Hollmgsworth. James W Hollingsworth. Lee Ann. 346 Hollmgsworth. Lone Ann Hollmgton. Thane Leavey Holhs. Allen Frederick, 388 Hoiiis. Lmda Mae Hoihs. Richard Shelton, 366 Hollman. DoyOtt Holloway, Davra Lynn, 409 Holloway. Debra Kay. 409 Holloway. Genona S. Holloway, Harrell Edwin. Jr Holloway. Jimmy Duane Hollowetl. Edward Earl Hollowell. George Frank. Jr. Hollowell. Georgia S Hollyhan, Mildred Inez Holman. Christopher C Holman. Philip Nathan Holman. William Larry. 127 Holmes. Cathenne Mary M Holmes. Elizabeth Jane. 409 Holmes. Eugene Thomas. 108. 136 Holmes, John Collier Holmes. Mary Catherine. 388 Holmes. Mary Melissa, 366 Holmes. Randall Kenneth Holmes, Thomas Bernard. Jr.. 131 , 346 Holmes, Warren Lane Holstead. Bobby Neal Holstem. David Brooks. 409 Holstem. James Henry, ill Holt, Deborah Lynn. 346 Holt, Douglas Gordan. 331 Holt. John Thomas. Ill . Holton. Ronald Hardy Holtz. Robert Ernest Horn, Sandy Kai Honea, Linda James. 131 Honea, Michael M Hong, Bonnie Joe, 366 Hong, Jin Chung Sun. 331 Hong. Shang-Chuan Shieh. 331 Hood, Harry Berch Hood, WiMaim Allen Hood. Willaim Ryan Hooker. CristieL Dunacn, 366 Hooker. Jane Howies Hooker, Necie Karen. 366 Hooks. Joseph Corbett. 388 Hooper. Peggy Lorraine. 346 Hooper. William. Jr Hooten. Sarah Ann. 1 27 Hoover, John Daniel. 125 Hoover, Linda Louise Hoover. Rand all Lee. 409 Hoover, Randy Milton. 366 Hoover. Sara Alyce. 366 Hopkins, Alice Mary. 113, 388 Hopkins, Andrew Reed Hopkins. James Edward Hopkins. Teddy Ray Hopper, Donald Lamer Hopper. Patricia Benoy Hopper, Stephen Lynn, 388 Hopper. Thomas Terry Horn, Floyd Lee, 366 Horn. Todd Latimer Home. James Houston Home. Phil Stanley Horneker, George Frank Homer. Richard Wilson, Jr Homer. Ronald Frank Hortman. Norman Gene, Jr . 366 Horton, Billy Lynn Horton. Donald Cromwell Horton. Gloria Jean. 367 Horton. Helen Wilson Horton. Jerry Lee Horton. jonathon Calhoun. 409 Horton. Marshall Lagrone, 1 14. 388 Horton. Santord Ridley Horton. William David. Jr . 125. 127, 128. 131.367 Hosch. Burton Baynes. Jr , 136 Hosch, Patricia R Hosemann. Blanche Miles Hottman. Steven D. Houchms. Lemuel Lawrence Houlihan, Patrick George Houng. Yunglm Helen. 331 Houser, Heidi Leon Houston. Beverly Kaye Houston, Catherine Joan Houston. Geneva Louise. 127.367 Houston, iva Varnie. 346 Houston, Jamie Giles. Ill, 1 1 5 Houston. Nancy Sue. 367 Houston, Patsy Newton. 409 Houston. Patty Parks Houston. Terry Lee, 388 Hovatter. Patrick James Hovious, Nathaniel Johnson Howard. Alfred Jewel Howard, Angela Carleen. 388 Howard, Blair Whisnant Howard. Buford Philip Howard, Dema Evelyn R Howard. Elizabeth P Lusk Howard, John Jurey. Ill Howard. Lee Jackson, IV Howard. Minnie Pearl. 1 1 3 Howard, William Louis, 388 Howard. William Stone. 114.388 Howe. Charles L Howe Katharine Thweatt Howe, Lynda Ruth. 346 Howe. Ramona Gail Howell. Archibald R Howell. Gene Norns. Jr.. 367 Howell. Joel N Howell. John Albert Howell, Larry Douglas Howell, Marilyn Jane Howell. Rebekah jo, 388 Howell. Rupert K Howell. Sue Janice Howell. Trent Lee Howmglon, Deborah Ann. 409 Howorth. Charles L Jr Howorth. David Bishop Howorth. Martha Peacock Hsia. Yuan Hsiang, Chu-Shao Tom. 331 Hu. Tse-Chung Huang, Rong Fuh Hubbard. Debra Ann Hubbard, George M Hubbard, Harriet Ruth Hubbard. James Robert. Jr Hubbard. Walter David Hubbert. Alice Vivian Hubbird, Robert Douglas. 1 14, 367 Huber.JosephWilliam.lll. 130 Huch. Greg John, 409 Huckabay Amanda Kate. 367 Huckaby. Ronald Dean Huckstep, Margaret Ann Hudak. Mary Elizabeth, 388 Huddleston. Betty Joe Huddleston, Judy Ann. 346 Huddleston, Kathy Lee. 1 72, 346 Hudgms. James Ray. 128 Hudnell. Leann Hudson Carla Ann. 135, 367 Hudson. Clydell Carter Hudson Jeft Hendnck Hudson. John Newton Hudson, Lewis Dean Hudson, Pamela Jean. 388 Hudson. Richard Wayne Hudson Roger Kenneth Hudspeth. Joseph McDonald Huebschman. Patricia Ann Huff. Aaron Dodd Huff. Kenneth Alan Hutf. Stephanie Pauline. 346 Huffman. Alan Douglas. 409 Huggms. Lisa Frances, 409 Hughes. Bruce Jaques Hughes, Jewel Wilson, Jr Hughes. John Charles. 33 1 Hughes. Morns Hughes. William Thomas, Jr , 409 Hulmg. Randall Toombs. Jr . 331 Hull. Clovis Malcolm S Hull. Harriet Diane, 367 Hull, James Lee. 388 Hull. John Stephens Humphreys. Brenda Anne. 409 Humphreys. Connie Jo. 388 Humphreys Daniel James. 125. 367 Hundley. Dawn Camille. 409 Huneycutt. Don Lee, 127 Huneycutt. Saralyn Hunsicker. John H , Jr . 331 Hunt. Barbara Ann Hunt, Daivd Lyle Hunt, George David Hunt, James Drew Hunt James Stone, 346 Hunt. Lyda Bunker. 409 Hunt. Rolte Lamer. Jr Hunt, William Bernard Hunter. Cheryl Anne. 367 Hunter. James Riley Hunter. Judy Bryson Hunter. Rae Nell Hurdle. Jack Howard Hurdle, Johnnie Ella Hurdle, Sidney Lamer. Jr Hurlbert, Clyde Osborne. Jr Hurley. DeCille, 113. 135, 389 Hurley, Leah Ann, 367 Hurst. Thomas Terry. 389 Hussey. Charles Logan. 331 Hussey. James Max Hussey. JoleeChitds Hutcheson. Alfred Eugene. 389 Hutcheson, Beverly K . 1 13 Hutchms. John E Hutchms. Wiley Carter, 409 Hutchmson, FiavousLeo. 127 Hutchison, David Forrest,. 409 Hutchison. Mahlon George, 389 Hutto. Joseph Henry. 389 utto. Katerme Mane utto. Warren Edmond. 346 utton. Ralph Edward, Jr . 409 yde Carol Ann yde, Mary Elizatxeth, 389 yde. MiloWill. Ml l- yde, Susan Terrell ylander. Walter R . Ill, 367 yman. Carlos Hymel. Susan Anne I Idom. Elizabeth Nell. 1 16. 123. 367 lies, Larry Wayne Imre. William Fred. 409 Ingalls, Daire Adele Ingersoll, William Lewis Ingram Colleen Adatr. 346 Ingram. Hattie Mane Ingram. Rosalind Diane Inman, Can Maurice. 367 Inmon, Byron Wanza Inmon. Samuel Delane. 409 Irby. Yolmda.346 Ireland, Jane Ellen Ireland Thomas Ashby 409 Irvm. Anita Joyce. 389 452 II I in., -. - . ate] Irvmg Tyree Irwm. Robert Bryson. 114. 125. 367 teen Shelby Manhes 367 JulwiUun. Edward Keith Johnston. George Edward 389 . Lsa Claire Ivy Barry L . 389 ivy. James Homer Ivy. Joyce Ann Ivy. Mchael Erstane 367 Ivy HuttwLee 367 vy. Johnston Nma Mane Johnston. Word McDonald Jackson 114 367 Jackson Daw) Eugene Jr. 409 Jackson. Freeman LyneY Jackson. James Cec. Jr Jackson. JanrMer 123 Jackson. Jermrler Joyce. 346 Jackson. Karen 409 Jackson. Knoxarme Jackson. Martha Sue 113 389 Jackson. Maunce Lee Jackson Nancy Covmgton 409 Jackson NobleEart JaikMJii Robm Jones .-.--:. - Jacobs JesseEart. 127. 128 333 Jacooson Carl Lm. 346 Jaep. James Joseph. Jr James Albert Mcnael James BamaraF James B y Jane James Heard Cart. 367 James Jean Elm, 367 James Jerry Ckrqon 346 James RulhNyblad James Susan Joyce. 409 Jamson Helen Burgm 127 Jamson S T .409 Janoush. John Thomas Jar jour a Jean Tamos -.--- - _. - .- - Jeanes Harret Freeman. 389 Jeanes KermefhLee .-- -:- : Jenkms. Gary Edwm. 409 _-. - .-.-_-.- Jenkms. Kathleen Cherry. 1 23 Jenkms. Newton Donald. 346 - _ _ ; . ; Jenkms SKIaMcGehee Jenrwigs. Ben Roy. HI - Jenmngs. Clyde Jay Jennings. James Fugene. Jr Jenrwigs. Jeltrey Lee Jenrwigs. Jon Alan . ' --; .:. . ' . - Jennings Lsa Mare Jennings. Rebecca Ann 389 r- - . !-. _r: - Jermmgs. Steven Evans. 409 Jerabek R Craig 367 Jerman James Ews Jernqan Alfred Benjamin. 332 Jerrkgan. Arthur Freemar-. - ' - Jermgan Jay Lawrence. 389 Jerrvgan John Ferret Jerragan Rebecca Moore. 332 Joner. Charles Lester Jomer ShwIeyOuay Jomer. Weiam Lmley Joly. Daw) Bernard Joy. Gtoert Jeflery. 389 Jones. Anne Cam e 347 Jones Becky Jo Jones Catherine Anne 1 13. 1 18 Jones. Cyntha P 347 Jones D L Jones. Carry! L Jones. Daw) Wayne 115. 116. 127 Jones. Dams Alen. 347 Jones. Duncan Mams 389 Jones. Ekzabeth Ann Jones. Elizabeth Louise 389 -_.-...-- Jones. Eton Kay Jones. Ernest B Jr Jonec. Gary Btonks. 347 Jones. Gary Mart 332 Jones. Gary Mcnael Jones. Gerald Wayne Keeton. Danny Hugh. 389 Keeton. John Calwi Keeton Linda Dianne. 123. 368 Kehoe George Garvey Keeey. Alfred George 332 Keaey. Johnrw Ken. 419 Ket y. Mchael Harrwton 410 Ketey. Mord Ray. 410 Kefcson. Larry B. 410 K ner. Ernest vclor. IV Keaum Ceo Glenn KeHum Danal Henry Keum FIOV BrarJey Keum WilkamCan.jr .366 Kelly. B Jan. 366 Kelly. David Thomas Key. George Thomas, Jr . 332 Kelly. Glen Patrick 347 Kelly. J Wiham Kety. Jmmy Larry Kelly. Larry Joseph Kety LynneLeMasw Keay Robert Harold. 368 Kefy. Robert Joe Kelly Sameu Waller KMy VMkamDenel Kelsey. Susan 368 Kerso Larry Jackson Knght.Go Cueough Kmght. HoughtonCaywaod Jones. Guy Taylor sBoyO Jones. James Rabun. Jr Jones. James Spencer. 1 1 4 . 367 Jones. Janet Susan. 127. 128. 367 Jones. Jance Leqh. 367 Jones. Jen Anne Jones. Joan Grace Jones. John Gnfftn Jones. John H.. 1 36 Jones. Johme Paul. 367 Jones. Joyce Nance Jones KathemkUes. 389 Jones. Kattvyn Lynn Jones Kemen Wayne Jones. Laura Walton Jones. La Faye Jones. Lydai Mfche 389 Jones. Margaret Blanche Jones. Margaret Louse H . 367 Jones. Martha Jones. Markn Emanuel. 389 Jones Mary M Moore Lune Jones. M e. 389 Jones. Miiitt P iail. 368 Jones. Nancy Alene. 368 . m - -. " ' - r Kemp. Ea Susan 347 Kenas. Shelley Anne Kenas Wayne A Kendnck. Leland Ray Kentoy. Mary Akce Knqhl Kertey.HobenLynn Kennedy. Curtis Lee. 119. 368 Kennedy. LOma Francis. 368 Kennedy. Susan Porter. 410 Kennedy Tommy Noel 366 Kennedy Tonya Afcse.410 Kennel. Gyrone Kent Dona ) Earl. Jr Kenton. Lanre Stokes 124.390 Keough Denrvs James 332 Keown. Vemon Lee 347 Kersey. Gwendolyn C , 368 Kersey. Jerry Kaye Kersh Ernest Men Jr . 115. 116. 124. 127 347 Kerth. Norman Redmond aAnn Jones. RckeyLyte Kesler Ginger Kay V Kester Thomas Lester. 410 Kettefcamp. John Harold Keoenacker.KenneWi Fred 410 Keyes Danny C Kevser. James EdnMiiiij Jr Khalsa. JdgM iH.130 KJbbe GerdaPoccei Kidd.JohnL KiOd. Wikam Dean. 130.332 Knight. Jeanne E Setars " -wjnt. Jeanne End ght. PauttAnn. 410 ignt Rera Yvonne 366 KrgN. Walker Sorene Kr)ron,JJtlyE Wood Knotts. Larry Everett. 128 Knowkts. JamnM Knox.J Castle Redtord Knox. Susan Anne 410 Koban. Chrsty L Hamackr . 120. 330 Koch. Susan Joyce. 368 Koehn. Sandra Keen OermsLyrm. 347 Koger. Daw) Douglas 410 Kdarch. Robert Edward Kc . Kara Beth 347 Kolwyck. Lmda Lee Kong. Shu Jun. 117 Konrad. WWer Stephen Koon Gayton Ray Koonce Mark Evans Koontz. Susan Carol. 410 KomdOrtler. Lmda Arm 411 KorpK. Retard Lous Kosman. John Rchard Koury Aden Mcnael 390 Kraft Jance FMh. 390 Kramer. Larry Eugene Kreos Robert Preston. 332 Knchbaum. Mary Ednh Kroeze. Carol Lynn 390 Krohn. Gary Lee Krohn .Larry Alen 127 130 Krucks. Margaret AHonso Krucks Wwiam Norman Kuboviak James Mchael Kuo Jenrj-DerFkcnard 130 Kuppersmth. joal Howard Kuykendai . LmdaK Hcks 113 123 HuykendaH Mcnael Lee Kuypers JurMh Mar K wan Gregory Mam Kwasmski. Deobrah Sue Kyte Rebecca Lyrm Kypnandes Polydefks Kyzar PauaBeth LaCour Sandra Lee Labas Janet Mav s Labas John Burton Laurenzi. Terry Walter. 164. 368 Lavnghouze. Deborah Lee 368 Lavmghouze Sleven M La CatherneAoele.368 La Say-Jong. 130 Lnmom Wttam L . Jr . 41 1 Laoier LamarrS Lawrence Daw) George. 366 Lawrence. Deborah Lynn. 368 Lawrence. Een E Harper Lawrence UarcMickai Lawrence Richard Thurman Lawrence Robert Weems 332 Lawson. Thomas Wwmore Lay Sandra Lane Lea Clarence WOon . . - . - L ... Lear Annette Gee Leasure. WAam Bruce. 390 Leaven Martyn Ann 366 Leberer MarkRcnard LeBanc Harvey Paul LeBlanc Ronald Dale Jr . 41 1 Ledtow. Ana Lynn. 191 Ledyard. Goodman Gmlm. 41 1 Lee Barbara Jo 390 Lee Dah-Gung Lee Drake Zachary. 332 Lee Ernest M e. K.411 Lee. John Aaron. 368 Lee. Juen Shan Lee Mark Wesley 347 Lee. Robert Chapman Lee Ven-YuanlMto Leecn Marmaj Boyd Legate Robert Dennis. 411 Legge Rebecca Sue 115.332 Leggen CaivinWAam 128 Leggett Noia Ann McKee LeGrand. Edwn Cknard. 347 Lehman Robert H 390 Leign Townes Randolph. 115 Lest Steve Chanes Leon Harry Irving Leonard Henry Stewart. 390 Leonard John Mcnael Leonard Kkcnolas Anthony it, Jen LouseAlen.410 -.----.- - Jobe Lmdsey Lisa Arm ' - -.- ' - - - Joe Bobby Young. 410 Joe Esmer Joe Susi Johns. Cynthia Sue 410 Johns. Lissa Hancock. 410 Johnson. AHeen EugerKa . - - . - -.::--:-: Jonnson. Betsy Karen 115. 116. 122. 127. 128 346 Johnson Bowen Charleston - - . - . Johnson Calhy Lynn. 367 Johnson CeckaArm Johnson. Charles F.. Johnson. Ckttord Lee. m. 389 - ;:--. . . ' -- - -- . Ronald Edward 128. 134 neM Jones. Samuel Beauchamp T . 332 Jones. Srwtey Dane. 347 Jones. Susan Smims. 1 1 5. 1 16. 123. 127 Jones. Teresa Rota Jones Thomas Keen Jones Water Paul. Ill Jones W am Baxter Jones. W am Lloyd. Jr 389 Jones. VWkam Stephen. 347 Jong. Susan Jong Wanda 347 Jordan. By Ray Jordan. Carok- Tiflee Jordan. Jeffrey Lyrm Jordan. Jimmy Lyn Jordan. Joe Lodwick Jordan. John Hussel Jordan Laura Anderson. 410 Jordan. Patricia Lynette Jordan. Robert Lee. Jr 130 332 Jordan Russet Pearson. 389 Jordan. Sara Ekzabeth Jordan Thomas Douglas Jr 389 Jordan. Tom Edward Jorgensen. Daw) Park Josfcn. Frankkn Alfred 347 Jourdan. Daw) Oten. HI Jouroan. Mary Jane Joy. Howard Leon - ' - : Jucnnemi AhwiMw. 389 Joe Lucy. 347 Juergensen. Jan Lynn. 368 Jurgensen. Mcnael C . 108. 131. 134. 136 Krie. Larry Bryan Kigore. Catherine V Kilgore Wtte Jean. 368 Kjlebrew. Larry Hammond. 125 Ken Linda Kay. 410 Johnson Douglas Malory. 367 Johnson Ekzabeth Jean Johnson Ekzabefh Maynard. 410 Johnson Eural Levom. Jr . 389 Johnsor a-. Johnson Henry Wayne Johnson. John Moore 410 Johnson Joseori Lee Johnson. Joyce Morton. 410 Johnson. Keith Ivy Johnson Kenneth Jerome. 347 .---.- ----- -- Johnson. Knde Wade. 410 Johnson. Leo Kleo 389 -- - - - Johnson Lesie Hardy Johnson. Mara Jean Johnson Mary Arme e 367 - - ' .-.. . - -ft - - : Johnson Mcnael Donald. 367 Johnson. Mchael Reav 367 Johnson Ralph Neety 389 - - : - :.,--.--..;.- Johnson Rebecca Elizabeth Johnson HutnA ... . -.__._ . . - - _ - . . . - ...... - .:-,.-- Johnson Whitman Benedct. 125 Johnston. Charles Terry " ' .-- ---- ..(: : - - - : ; . . ' . -- . - -: . .- . Kachmar. Rchard Mcnael 368 Kaeser. Dana Stephen. 1 34 Kahlmus. Susan Harwood Kadez vwa Kalusche HMxi Eugene. 347 Kamnsfci, Alexander Thomas Kanaly George w am jr Karcher Kenneth Wayne 119 Kara Tona 410 Katzenmeyer. Fntz Afcert Kautman Deborah Am. 1 1 7 Kauiman. Robert Daw). 119 Kay StrattordHaman Kazan Daw). Jr 119 136 144.368 KazmersK. Flonan 368 Kean. Alan Edwm. Jr Kean. Jack Curry 332 Kearney. Gtenda K KeaMey. Come Louse. 4 1 . - Keakng. Palsy Rum. 120. 122 130 347 Keatng,PMkpA Keeiey. Samuel Blame. 114. 124.347 Keen DonaUR 389 Keen Lamar Greykn. 41 UpaXck. Johnny Ma Kepanck. Wendet Terry. 1 1 5 Knba Cranes Thomas Kxnbrough, Chanotle Arm. 347 Knbrough Richard Raymond. 390 Kimbrough. Rooert Lamar. Jr . 410 Kime. Janet Lynn. 347 Kmaorew. Emma Louse KincaK) Theresa Lynne. 410 lOng. Alan Reed King Benson E King Bobby Dee Kjng. BrendaSue 410 Kmg Chanes AMn Kjng Curls Lee 368 lung Deborah Rea. 390 Kjng Dicki Crenshaw Kmg. Frances Kay King. Gary Mnchei 390 Kmg. James Burke. Jr Kmg. James Erwood. Jr Kmg. James Wiley Kmg Jerry Gate Kjng. Keren Elame King Karen M Kmg. Kenneth Arm. 368 Kmg. Larry Wayne Kmg Leonard Wayne 390 Kmg. Martha Beth Frankkn Kmg Paul Buder Jr Kmg RKkyOyde Kmg. Robert Menon Kmg Robert Mcnael. 410 Kmg Sandra Kay Kmg Sleven Benson Kmg W e Joseph. 390 . - - ... . . ... Kmgery W amB Kmney. Beatrice Irene. 41 Kmney. James Mchael. 127 Kmnson. Rex Anderson. 1 1 5. 1 1 9. 368 Kmtstather. Daw) P . Jr Kp. Crane Dans Kirk, jamce Potts Kirk. Kenneth Dan Kirk. Mchael Wayne KmX. Robert Dlxon. I). 41 Ktua nd. Kathi F Henry KMpatnck. Robert Read Kmschten. Sam Gwm Lacev Thomas Coney I ' I I I r nilwalll Lachaussee Russei J Lackey Catherine Deka Lacy Ann Ekzabeth Lacy JackB Ladner Larry Lamont Ladner. Merkn W am. 41 1 LaForge Wwkam Norman. 136 LaGroneRcky Come 411 L Tatman. 411 Ladaw CarMa Mitchet 332 Laidlaw RcnardKeffi 332 LM Daw) Townes Land Henry FonJ.Jr Lake. Chester Hamnnn. 390 Lam KamSan Lamb. Carolyn Faye Lamb. Robert Henley Lamb. Russei AMn 390 Larrbeau. Vcur Hansen. Jr SL Jr .332 Lesieur Scherryjean Leslie AAs. Harvey Leslie Jerry Wayne. 390 Leske MaflhaAnne Leste w e Pegs Lester. w am Carey Letner.LsaJane Letson. Darmy Hal Levme. Ewon Levme. Jetlrey Manm Levy. Howel Dckson. 347 Levy. Pew Flemmg 347 Lewis Aaron Lews Cathy Sue Lews. Chanes Leroy. Jr Lews Edward Summers Lews. Ekzabeth O Bryanl Lews George Cooke. Jr Lewis George. Kenneth. 127 Lewis James W am. 410 Le ' S James Waiffli Lewis John Paul. 369 Lewis Linda LaFaye Lewis Nancy Lynn Lews Robert Edwm Jr . 332 Lewis Robert Oumton. Lews Ronald Stephen Lews Stephen Douglas Lambert Marvm Horace. Jr . 41 1 Lambert Paul Hcnard Lambeltv Torrmye Lou 368 Lampkm Crtartes8.ll Lampkm. Jans Rmgs Lampkm. Larry Dale Lampion. Dudley Ford 1 16 Lampton Dunnca Ol Lanaux. HtomsD.Jr Lancaster AkceS 332 Lancaster. Dons Duke Lancaster. James Dale Lewis Susan McKeen Lews Warren Bruce Lews W4kam Thompson Lexa Gerald George Leydon . Casey Eugene 4 1 1 Li W Ctwvj Mora LOerto Angela Pa LCerto Johnny LOden Hal Thompson. 412 332 Land Penelope Ann. 41 1 Land. Ph p Dixon. Jt . 41 1 Landers Cathy Sue 123 Landon DonsQay Landnan Bobby Dean Landrum Vardry McBee. 390 Landry. Robert James Lane. Frances James. 347 Lane Glenn Darvd. 411 Lane. James R ey Lane, Samuel McLean 390 Langdon Nancy Elame Langtord Bobby Gene. 115.347 Langhoter Dorothy Louse. 127 Langston Carol W rt. 114 KDchens. Chns Lvrm Mcnen. Pamca Kay. 390 KMeman. Carol Arm 390 Kizzer Steven Alan. 332 KBtskm. Andrew Sleven .-.-.. Klaus. Waller Henry 332 Ktenschmdt Kenneth A Ktemschrndl. Ne H 123 KUs. Waner Arnold Klenner. Frederck Robert. 347 - - : . . Klepzig. Jackie Stephen. 410 Ktopzig. Jerry Lyrm Kkne WwamBtanchard Knapp AnnaLynn. 113 Knght. Aubrey Dons Knight Cynma Lejh 41 Knght Donna Lynne 390 Knght Freda Srrath Larm Susan Doreene Larrtnp Darmy Glen Lanrnp Heba Lavona. 368 Lantz Larry Gene LaPone Cra Bernard Large Alton Wayne Lanun BobbcNeiCralto Lartun. Edmund Vincent Lartun Thomas Jerhey 332 Larsen Kenneth Edward 332 Larson DonaH Moore. 368 Larson Lon N.I X Larson Loree E rmly Larson. Mark Stephen Lassner Gerald Sleven Lasswel wum Lonzo Jr LaHam Oarke Hays Latham. Deborah Jean Latham Sandy Henee Latture Jarrke Sue 123 368 Lau Stephen Kwok Keung Lauderdale Berry Steve ns 368 Lauderdale. John Mark Lauderdale Robert Murray Ljni Frances Elame Ligntsey Robert Haroo Lies Darmy K Lies. Penny Lou. 1 13. 390 Lm Homg-Jau. 130 Lm Hcnard Hsan Yang 332 Lm. Thomas Chung Tong LmrJey. DawIB Lmdsay Robert Seabrook. 117 Lmdsey. Deborah Arme. 369 Lmdsey. Emma Kathrvn Lmebarger Cathy Arm 369 Lmgle DawfOumn Lmscomb. Mark Douglas Lmlon. Anderson. M . n. 125. 127 128 Lmun Phyfes Karen Lee. CaserHoy Lee Jacouekne Leede. Adetona Ouyomade -. - - .. UW. Bmer Earl Le Jmmy Lee une. Lawrence Lee Lime. Lmda Jo. 412 Lffle Naderen Mashayewv 332 Ldtknohn. Larry Thomas 369 Lfltleton Don Howard. 1 16. 125. 127 LitzeMner. Wendy Leigh. 162 Lu. Shu-Len Huang Lively ABert Hoy. 115 116 127 347 Lively John Heath. 332 Uvmgston Daw) Joseph 332 Livingston Jessca Beth Liwigston. Nancy Evelyn Livingston Stephen Price Llano. Chnstopher Frost Ltovd Bemamm Bane 369 Ltoyd Erm Lege Ltoyd. James Banow Ltoyd John PMkps Lloyd Mcnael D L Ltoyd. WMam Edward 347 Ltoyd. AUkam Theodore Locke Claude Po . ill Locke. Donald Wiggms Locke. Mama Jean Locke. Rebecca Arm. 412 Locke Ruth Ann Gean Lockett Juka Else. 347 Locknart Donna June 412 Lockhart Robm Lynn Loe. Justm Berwyn Loe Larrame Susan. 412 453 loftm. Elizabeth Lynn. 369 Lofton. Lubbie James, Jr Logan. Robed M , Jr.. 127. 332 Logan, Ronald David. 347 Lohnsch, David Niven Lomax. Jacqueline Mane Lomax. William Edward Long. Dabbs Clayton Long, Frances Ann Palmer Long, Jerry Walton Long, Nancy Lynn. 121. 147, 149, 369 Long. Rebecca Parrott Long. Samuel Erst Long. Wesley J Longmire. John Dorsey Longmire. Sandra Neill Loomis. Edward Percy. 369 Looney. Jennifer Catherine Loper, Megan Aileen, 390 Lopez. Michael Roderick Lord. David Leslie Lord. Madeline Machen Losey. Robert Eugene Lott. Cheryl Lemoyne. 347 Lott, Ronald William. 347 Lott. Ronald Woodley Lott. William Stephen Lotterhos. Frederick Jacob Louque. Martene Lorraine, 348 Love. Larry Lovelace. Michael Hogin Lovelady. Dianne Hurt Lovelady. William Miles. Jr Lovingood. Charlene Jo. 369 Lovorn. Michael James Lovorn. Yerbie Ann Low. Lucy Anne. 412 Lowe. Dow Ouentm, 1 30 Lowe. GayB . 135 Lowe. Kim Alela 390 Lowe. Laura Anne, 412 Lowe. William Jeflery Lowery, Elaine Lowrey. Sharon Anita. 369 Lowry. Karen Elizabeth _owry. Margaret E Lowry. William McCrary Lubet. Marc Leslie Lucas. Anne Kathenne Lucas, Jennifer Gail Lucas, John Fair. 412 Luckett. Kay F Dodge Luckett. Madeline Cecelia Luckett, William O , Jr Lucy. Enc Lee. 125. 134.369 Lui. YukLun Luk. Vincent Km Fei, 117. 125, 134. 348 Lukas. Nancy Franks Lukas, William Robert Lum, Peggy Lee Lunceford. Terry Durell, 390 Lundm. Cathy Jean Lundy.Lmda Colter 127 Lundy, Mitchell McKree. Jr Lunsford. Kenneth Shirey. 412 Lusk. Frederick John. Jr Lusk. Teresa Jane. 390 Luster. Steven Douglas Luter. Dwight Keith Luter. Ellen Wailes. 115 Luther, George Clark Lutz. Henry Roger Lyell. Henry Michael Lyle. John Lee. 369 Lyle. Kenneth Charles. 1 25. 1 70. 369 Lyle. Michael Alan, 130 Lyle, Trudy Josephine Lyles, George Richard Lyles, Olga Anna Lyles, Patricia Strickland Lymburner, Charles David Lymburner, Richard Lewis Lynch. James Brooks. 1 1 9 Lyon. Elizabeth Ann. 1 20. 369 Lyon. Michael Eugene U . 125 Lyon. Philip Alan, 369 Lyons. Carol Anne Lyons. Cynthia Margaret Lyons. Daniel Waymark Lyons. John J . Jr Lyons. Kenneth Jerome. Jr Lyons. Matthew Gordon Lyons, Thomas Wayne M Mabry. Michael Dean. 370 MacCarone, James Vincent. 348 Macke Diane Leslie. 370 Mackey. Milton Adams. 332 Mackmull, Jack Vincent. Jr . 1 19 Maclayton. Darego Wilson MacNeiH, John Barton Maddan. jack Hart. jr.. 332 Maddox. James Dickson Maddox. Robert Lawrence. 332 Madhavan, Kunchithapatham Madison. Tommy Junior Madsen. Charles Wayne. 390 Magee. David Kenneth Magee, Jean Stuart. 412 Magee. Waller Terrell Magmnis, Paul Tobm Magruder, Charles Jr . 390 Magruder. Claudia DeLoach. 412 Mahatlrey, Robert Ance. Jr Mahapatra. Braja Sundar Maher, Anna Louise, 412 Mahoney. Chauncey Lu Mahoney. Robert E. Maier Belva Anne. 370 Maier, Frank Seeks. 111.412 Maisch. William Clifford Major. Nancy P Sissell. 127 Majors Valerie Sue Majure. Jenny James. 348 Mak. Stephen Yu-Chun Makamson Sammy Durell Maiatesta. Elizabeth Ann. 333 Malbrough. Lynn Patrick Malone, Max Elliott Malone. Robert Beasely, 348 Maloney. Patrick Brock, 1 25 Maiouf. William Anthony Maness. James In in. 412 Mangum. Ben Edward. 412 Maniey. Caroline Cormne Mann. Caron Anita. 390 Mann, Debra Clark. 370 Mann. Etlen Cantrell, 390 Mann. Melissa Martin. 118 Manning. Charles Hastings. 370 Manning. Charles Lee Manning. Dixie Cecile, 4 1 2 Manning. James Pmkston. 348 Manning. Larry Leon Manning. Michael G , 370 Manset. John Keith. 114. 1 25. 1 36 Manuel. David Paul, 1 08. 11 6, 333 Maples Shirley Dale Mar. KamChui.333 Marable. Stephen Michael Marascaico, Cecilia Anne, 370 Marascalco, Vincent DePaul. 333 Marble. BilNe Oliver Marble, NickiW Marble, Roland Dudley, Jr . 348 Marcangeli. Elizabeth J., 348 Marcelia. David M Marcella, Kathenne B Marchbanks, Jeanenne. 412 Marino. Gary Michael Manon. Robert Howard. Jr Marion, William Earl, 348 Markham. Joretta Kidd Markow. Gregory Douglas. 116. 370 Markow. Peter John, Jr Marks, Craig Wesley. 412 Marks, Peter Gordon Marks, Steven Simon Marley, Christian Thornton, 370 Marr. Miriam, 412 Marnam. Laurie Catherine Marsahs, John Harmon. Ill Marsahs, Watson Turner. 1 66. 370 Marsh, Elizabeth Ann Marsh. Joseph Allan Marshall, Johnnie Louise Marshall. Martha Edith Marshall, Robert Rogan Marshall. Sharron Hunt, 370 Marshall. William Doyle. Jr Martin, Betty Louise. 348 Martin. Debra Ann. 370 Martin. Edgar Dean. 4 1 2 Martin. Gary W . 348 Martin. Gerald Don Martin. Glenn Michelle Martin. Henry Franklin. 127 Martin. Herbert P Martin. James Dent Martin. James Riley Martin. Jean Elizabeth Martin. John Barret Martin, John Forrest, 348 Martin. John H . 348 Martin, John Murphy. 370 Martin. Joyce Marie. 412 Martin, Judy Suzette, 412 Martin. Kethryn Elizabeth Martin. Lester Alton Martin, Macel Ann. 390 Martin Mary Beth. 390 Martin, Mary Kathleen Martin. Nancy Ann, 412 Martin. Robert William Martin. Scott Donald, 390 Martin. Sidney Jerald Martin, Teresa Joy Martinez. Maria Odalisa, 4 1 2 Martinson. Mary Lynn Martz. Michael Bryan Mashburn, Graves Willis, 125,348 Mashburn. James Timothy. 348 Mason, Belinda Jean Mason, Deborah Kay, 113 Mason, Earl Randolph Mason, James Paul. 370 Mason. Judith Ann Clark. 348 Mason Susan Elizabeth. 348 Massengale. Suzanne Kay. 390 Massey. Angela Letitia. 412 Massey. Bobby Joe. 348 Massey. Deborah Gayle Wals Massey. Mike R Massey. Phillip Keith Masso, Edward, 412 Masters, Joseph Leslie, Jr., 370 Masur. Louis III Matern. Michael Scott Malheny. Raymond Clyde Matheny. William Michael. 348 Mather, Thomas Bryant. 348 Mathes, Roger William Matthews. Mary Florence Malhias. Vernon Bryan. Jr . 1 1 5 Mathis. David Michael Mathis. Debeiy. 127 Mathis. Ester Grace Mathis. Kenneth Wayne Matthews, Ceonia McKmney Matthews, Ellen Virginia Matthews, Janet Rogers Matthews, John David Matthews, Lee Harris Matthews, Michael James. 1 30 Matthews. Ronnie Dale Mauceli. Paul Frank, Jr Mauldm. Mark Harrison. 1 19. 391 Mauldm, Mitchell David Mauldm. Nancy Patrice. 127. 333 Mauney. Rebecca Jeanne Maury. Elisabeth Falls Maury. Tannen Hollenberg Maxcy. Mildred Lane Maxcy, Troy Stephen Maxey. Frances Burns Maxwell, John Andrew Maxwell. Melvm Lee May. Arthur William May. Delia Judith May, Jean Conger. 391 May. Jonathan. 333 May, Norma Jean Loden Maylieid. Deborah Diane. 370 Maytield. Jane Margaret, 348 Maynard. Guslavus Jenkins Maynard. Sheila Rene. 391 Mayo, And- Mack Mayo, Steven Douglas Mayo. Williams, 391 Mays. Christine. 370 McAdams. David Lee, 412 McAdoo. William Clemmons McAlister, Joseph H . Jr . 370 McAllister. Carl Feemster McAlpm, Harry Keith. 412 McAlpm. Kenneth A . Jr McAlpm. Ronald Howard McAlpm, Vicki Diane McAnally, Charlotte, 370 McArthur, John C , III, 348 McArthur. John Waller. Jr McBee, Dudley Silas, 348 Me Bee. Melissa Dear McBnde. Mary Lois McBroom. Susan Woodruff. 412 McBryde. Laura Greer McBryde. Regina Lucile. 135.333 McBurney. Eugene Evers, Jr McCain, Robert Lmder. Jr , 370 McCain. Talbot Odom McCaleb. John Weems McCann. James Paul, IV, 41 2 McCarley. Isabella Person McCarra. Hope Johnston. 348 McCarroll, Stephen Paul. 348 McCarthy. George W , Jr McCartney. Thomas Wm . ill, 1 14. 128, 370 McCarty, John Murray McCarty. Robert James McCarver. Donald Bntt. 4 1 2 McCarver. jimmy Dale. 333 McCary. John William McCaskill. Wmme F McCaughan, William Calvin. 370 McCauley, Jerry Franklin. 391 McCauley. Mary Zelma. 348 McCaulla. Michael Edward. 412 McCay. Richard Eugene McCharen, Nancy Galloway. 133 McCharen. Richard Lynn McClam. Harvey Lee McClatchy, Sam Power. 348 McClellan Randy Lee McClelian. Robert Lawrence McClendon, John Batton. 348 McCluer, Allan. 412 McClure, Douglas Wayne McClure. James, III McClure. Luther Melvm, Jr McClure. Mary C Dowdle McClure. Richard David, 370 McClure, Theodore D McCluskey, Marilyn Ethel McCombs. Marcia Leah McCombs. Rita Lynn, 370 McCooi. Robert Gene. 1 19 McCord, Jack Boyd. 391 McCormick. Alice Tankersle McCormick. David Oms. 4 1 2 McCormick. Michael John McCormick. Susan Carol, 127 McCowm, Michele Ann. 412 McCoy, Douglas Hart McCoy, Elizabeth Jane, 370 McCoy, Peggy D McCrame, Michael Timothy McCraw, Philip Roy, 391 McCreary, Debra Kay 348 McCreight. Walter Frank McCulley. Salina Alice McCullough, Davrd Floyd, 125. 136. 145 McCullough, Edward H , Jr McCullough. Fredonia D McCully. Michael Wayne McCully, Ronald Allen. 370 McCully, Timothy Vickers. 125 McCurdy, Robert Leon McCutcheon. Alan Lee McOaniel. Betty Jo. 348 McDaniel. Danny Marvin McDaniel, Ney Tullos McDermott, Martha Jean McDonald. Cathy Lynn, 4 1 3 McDonald. Daniel Michael. 333 McDonald. Earl Gordon. Jr McDonald. Edgar Lee. Jr McDonald, Elizabeth Ann McDonald, James Clark McDonald. Jay Paul McDonald. Joan Armslrong McDonald. Kathleen Mary. 370 McDonald. William Michael. 138. 333 McDoneN, Kevin Alexander. 348 McDonnell, Archie R , Jr McDonnell, John Melton McDonnell, Susan Ann McDonnough. Aurora Castro. 333 McDonnough. Vallie M UcDonough, Homer Ray, Jr McDonough. John Dennis McDonough, Thomas David, 348 McDougal, Sarah Louise. 413 McEthaney. Michael J . Jr , 137 McElreath, David Hughes, 370 McElreath. Lillian T McElroy, Charlotte Gower McElroy, James Alvm. Jr . 413 McElroy. Mildred Webb McElroy. Ronald Lee McElroy. Thomas Melvm McFadden, Justine Maria McFadden. Mara Lynn McFarland, Burns H McFarland, Donna Gail McFatter. Melvm Hurley. 127 McFerrm. Karen Eliz McGaha, Gary Allen McGahey, Frances H. McGahey, Robert Andrew. 413 McGehee. Paul Ternll McGehee. Paul Ternll McGehee. William Carl. Jr McGehee, William Hollis, 370 McGlowan. James Thomas McGiown. Stewart B McGowan. John Alfred. Jr. McGraw. Donald Albert. Jr McGreger, Ruthe Dianne. 127. 128 McGuire. Marjone Ann. 391 McGuire. William Michael Me Hardy. Charlotte McHenry. Lucille Herlong. 413 McHugh. Patrick A . 370 Mclngvale. James Wesley Mclnnes. Jeanne Elizabeth Mclnnis. Rosemary, 370 Mclntosh, James Hays, 348 Mclntyre. Arthur J Mclntyre. Brenda Elise. 4 1 3 Mclntyre, Elizabeth A B Mclntyre. James E . Jr Mclntyre, Michael Leo. 391 Mclntyre. Stephen Craig Mclntyre. Susan Camille. 4 1 3 Mclntyre. Venetta Viola, 348 Mclntyre. William Edward McKamie, Adelyn Bruce McKay. Charles Eugene McKay, Janet Gail. 413 McKay. Jim Thomas, Jr McKay, Judith Sue McKee. Barby Anne McKee. Georqe Chester. 333 McKeithen. Dorothy Dakin, 1 18 McKellar Frank Monroe McKeilar, Kathryn Claire. 108. 122.127. 135. 151,349 McKellar, Sandra Ann McKenzie. John Martm McKenzie. Marilyn J , 349 McKenzie, Ronald Eugene McKenzie. William Henry, III McKeown, James Joseph. Jr , 333 McKibben. John Robert. 391 McKibben. Nina June McKmney. Fae Elizabeth McKmney. Helen Delonse McKmney. Jackie F. 333 McKmney. James Horace, Jr . 413 McKmney. Patricia Michell, 1 13 McKmney, Robbye Ann J . 370 McKmney. Robert Foster. Jr McKmney, Steven George, 125, 391 McKmney. Susan Renee McKmme. James Frederick McKmnon. Douglas Gray McKissack, Robert Terry McKmght, Margaret Roben. 413 McKmght, Richard Ranee McKmght, Robert Timothy, l U. 349 McLarty. Brent Andre McLarty. John Malcolm. 1 25 McLarly. Martha Jane. 370 McLarty. Morns Michael. 333 McLaunn. James Reagan McLaunn. Linda Jane MaLaunn. Robert Carter. 1 08. 1 1 7. 1 25. 127, 128. 134 McLaunn. Robert Sylvester McLeMan. Russell Gerald McLemore, Danny Ray McLemore. Gerald Richard. 333 McLemore. Nancy Norman McLendon. Shirlene. 413 McLeod. Daniel Calhoun McLeod. James Dan McLeod. Jane P Vandivort McLeod. Kathenne R. 370 McLeod. Larry Mikell McLeod, Marilyn Elizabeth UcLeod, Rebecca Ann McLoughlm, Gerard Peter McMahan. Michael Blame McManus. Melmda Ann McMath James Elwood McMillan. John Terry McMillan. Melzana Ward, 391 McMillan, Milton Graves McMmn, Joan Porter McMmn, Rufus D McMorns, Carlos McMorns. Elizabeth Lynn. 127 McMullan. Michael Lyons. 391 McUllen. Nancy Lynn. 413 McMullen. William Andrew McMurray. Gregory Pearson McNa.r. Julia Lynn McNamara. Joseph Leray, 136 McNamee, William Patrick McNeely. Kevin James. 349 McNees. Scon James McNeese. Sara Allison McNeill, Pamela Louise McNutty. Charles Michael. 371 McNutty. Edward McNutt. Robert C McNutt. Sandra Kay. 349 McPhaul. Mary Brooks. 391 McPherson. Rachel Smylie McPhillips. Frank Maury McPhillips, James Manning. 349 McRaney, Robert Rex, Jr . 333 McRee, Mary Cormne McRee. Ronald Alexander McRee. Sharon Ann. 333 McRee. Thomas Forbes McReyno ' ds. Knsta V . 349 McRight. Johnny Pete McRight. Kathy Henderson McRight. Larry Dawson McShan, Susan Gay. 391 McSwam. Cora Jacqueline, 392 McWilliams. John Holmes McWilhams. Martin C.. Jr. McWilliams. Robert Dale McWilliams. Sylvia Ann. 371 Meador. Carroll Brent Meadows. Thomas Joel Measells. Enc Latham Meason. Rebecca Ann Wedenica. Branko Medma. ManaClelia Medley Gail Lee Medlm. Mm Grace Week. Beverly Tnbble. 413 Meek. Edwin Ernest Meek. Janice Shaw Meek, Joyce Haynes. 1 1 8. 392 Meek. Patricia R Meek. Walter Ruchanan Meek, William Barry Meeks. Jessie Elmore Meeks, Rose Mane. 1 13. 392 Meibers, Matthew Edward Meisenhetmer. Mark. 413 Meisenhetmer, William E , 392 Mejia. Julio Cesar Melberg. Kim Ellen, 413 Melten. Larry H Melton, Thomas Ronald, 127 Melvm. James W Melvm. Leonard Mendel. Phillip Foster Meng, Lester Joseph, III Meng, Marjone Leanne. 413 Meredith. James Carious Mernam. Vicki Eleanor, 4 1 3 Merrm. Bobbie Stanley Merrill Carolyn Sue Merrill. James Edwin, Jr . 37 1 Merntt. Jennie Sue Mestayer. James Allen Metcalf. Richard Lynn. 333 Metis. Glenn Hulett. 1 34. 349 Melts, Martha Gee Metts, Mary Virginia Metts, Ronald Wayne Meyer. Dan Wesley, 4 1 3 Meyer, Debra Joan Meyer, John Whiting. 392 Meyer. Michael Eugene Miceh. Vincent Anthony Michael. Ronnie Lee, 392 Michael. Thomas G Michaels. James Charles. 413 Michaels, Steven Keith Michel. Danny Henry Michel. Mary Ann Mick. Stephen Warren Middlebrook. Carol Ann. 349 Middleton. Kennie Earl Middleton, Len Bonner Middleton, Robert R , Jr Middleton, William Alfred Mikell. Collins Mikell. Curtis Glenn Mikell. Mary Kathleen. 392 Mikell. Robert Doyle. Jr ,371 Mikell. Wendy Ruth. 371 Mikell. William Bruce Mikul, Daniel Patrick Miiarn Mark Leslie Miles, Deborah Lynn Miles. James Riley. Jr Miles, Lindsay Ann. 121 Miles, Nancy Irene Millard. Andre John Miller, Adrian Louis Miller. Ann Benson Miller. Barbara Scott. 1 47 349 Miller. Betty Ann Jones Miller. Carol Ann Miller. Frank Lamar Miller. Glenda Dawn Miller. Huey Deryl Miller. James Allen Miller, James Keith. 349 Mdlef Jeffrey Dean Miller, Jimmy Dixon, 114, 392 Miller. John Roger Miller, Johnny Easter. 413 Miller Karen Sue Miller Kenneth Allen Miller, Mary Ann Miller. Palmer Edward Miller. Randall Whit Miller. Robert H . 349 Miller. Robert Howard Miller. Sherman Michael Miller. Stephen Robert Miller. Thomas David Miller, Vernon Terrell, Jr Miller. Wanda Rogers. 349 Millette. Sharon Marie, 392 Millette, Terrence John. 392 Millette, Theodore M Millis. Robert Hill. 413 Mills. Adnenne Cecelia Mills. Annie Elizabeth Mills, Barry Lynn Mills, Deborah Susanne, 392 Mills. Jacqueline Ann. 413 Mills. Pamela Ava Millwood. Jerry Gray Milner John Edward. 125, 127, 136. 1 ' 164.371 Milner, William James Mims. Bess Renee. 413 Mims, Loye Wayne Mims. Mignon Virginia Mims. William Loyd Ming, Gmger Lynne Mink. Phillip David Minor. Ardessa Hill Mistihs. Beverly S Mitchell, Adam Howell. Jr Mitchell, Anne Pope Mitchell. Billy Donald Mitchell, Colmon Shmn Mitchell. Dale Crandel. 413 Mitchell. Dennis Everett, 371 Mitchell. Dennis Jerrell Mitchell. Elizabeth Ann Mitchell. George M , Jr . 349 Mitchell, Gregory M Mitchell, Javis Edgar Mitchell. John Robert Mitchell. Joseph Michael Mitchell. Lem Earle Mitchell. Mary Lou Russell Mitchell. Michael Stephen Mitchell. Myla Leigh, 413 Miicheli. Nancy, 413 Mitchell. Paul Downs Mitchell. Robert Andrew, 371 Mitchell. Robert Gerald. Jr Mitchell. RoseSwann Mitchell. William Landreth Mittieider. Michael Mixon, Dorothy Sue Mison. John Stephen Mixson. James Franklin. II M.ze. Allen Hobbs Mize. Beverly Jo. 413 Mtze. Bobby Earl Mize. Bruce E . Jr Mize. Earnest Gayle Mize. Herbert Eugene. Jr Mize. Inda Doyle Mize, Martha Alice James Mize, Rita Lynn Mize. She-la Diane. 371 M.ze. Thomas Larkm, 371 M.ze. Mladmich. Deborah Sonja Moak. David Bennett Moak. David Lance Moak. Edward Sidney, 413 Moak. Helen Hutchcraft, 127. 333 Moak. Josephs , Jr . 125 Moak. Robert Edward Moak. Sarah. 413 Wobley. Elizabeth, 413 Uobley. John Robert Mockbee. David Watkms. 136 Mocklm, Kevin Etienne. 127. 130,333 Modlmg, Louis Wmfred Motfatt, Charles Fmley Molten Larry Dwayne, 392 Mohead, Susan Josephine, 4 1 3 Molony, Kathenne Anne Molpus, Nancy Jane Molt. Michael Jerome. 333 Monaghan. John Francis, Jr., 333 Moncrief, William C , III. 371 Monroe. Lanny L Montague. Janet Lynn Montalvo, Gilda Margarita, l 50 Monteith, Laurie A Smith Monteith. Lmda Anne Monteith Lofton Sturgis. 413 Monteith. Martha Joe Montgomery. Deborah Arlene Montgomery. Ellen, 371 Montgomery. Frances Owen Montgomery. Hilda, 371 Montgomery. John Michael 454 Morftpy. Louse Hemngway. 3 Monnoy Rchard WMon 371 Mores. Mark Perry 413 J. Taylor. 114.371 Murcfwon. Mark Boss 414 Mum DanEow.1 Murphey McnaalOlerm Murpnree Owles FtonaM Murpnree Mabel M Murphree Paul Bnoges 414 Murpnree. FtabertSrnari. 115 350 .121 1.1 36 333 Hurtteel George Amos Jr 1 19 Norman. David Perry Moor Dennis Eldon 371 Moore DennsGlenn ' . ' :: Dot n Moore Donna Arm 413 oce Douglas Hardy Mccre Doyle Leon. 371 Moore GeorgaMae Huavjr Moore JoeKeon 114 125.392 Moore LewsEdward . Jr Moore LnttCam.414 Uoore LntaGtisan flinnr mi TYin ' 111111 rr Murphy Atjert Duncan. Jr . 414 Murphy ADerr RoBnd Mipny Arthur Giman.Jr 415 Murphy. Claud Loyene 333 Murphy. Nation A V 371 Murpny. Pom Ann Murphy Thomas Edward. Jr Murphy Wakar Me . 1 1 5 Murray. Charles Joseph Muriel. MaoanaW Uurugharajenn. H B Muse Can n.392 NorpNet. Ma Yveae. 41 5 Norqust Grayson Swayze 125 127. 35O Norowst VirginM Douglas. 1 1B NOTTS. Jamei Careuii. Jr NOTTS KatryOeksa NOTTS Ronald LandyJr 415 NOTTS Slmaoii Edward. 350 Northern. Laffy Ray Nonnarn Wanda E Freeman Nonon. Terry Am. 415 ffcrvel OwenMaury Norwood. Charles Palumbo. Francs Bernard 130 PaUnbo. Lews Arnhony 334 Pancratt. Aaocn AmoM Pang. Adnane Lyrxi. 373 Pang Danny Alan 393 Pang JoarmeEvaryn. 350 Pang Joyce Arm. 415 Pang. Lorralyn June Pang TedtorrJ Saunge Pang VdorHoo Papasan Mavour Run Pappas Anthony Vncatt. Jr Paroue Melon dyde. Jr . 373 Parerwn , Mcfael James. 373 Parham Carol B Johnson Parham.David Howard Person Jon G mond Person Wayne Vncent Peleel Rebecca w . 1 72 Peters John Robert Jr . 415 Peters Lous Spero Peters Slean Thomas. 415 Peterson Gustal Gordon. 350 Peterson WendyS . 127 Pew . Jarw. 393 Parley Thomas Da d. 114.125 127 Pans G.enoolyn Fay. 393 PnttOmoEan Jr Petty Ton Lee. 1 86 191 393 Peyton Raytord Tucker. 1 19 Phane. John Mchael Pharr Amy Lee Pnarr D otx Douglas Myers Alma Lunene Myers Danny Kenneth Myers. Demy Lews - v -,- . mm Moore PaxoaOanels Moore Patrice Lynn. 414 Moore Palsy Dunne 371 Moore Rebecca Ann 414 Moore Rcnaniaay. 170 Moore Rcky Thomas Moore FttaSue 371 Moore Flobert Antony Moore. RobertSleven. 109. 115 127.136. 14; Moore Robert Wa. Moore Rodney ten Moore HoOney Ransom 414 - , : - -- -_ Moore Susan 414 Moore War - ' Moore WveEdwm.Jr . . _ . --__ Moore ZonaLe h 350 Moomead Kern Andre 125. 392 Maoiman Joseph Randal 114 125 127 136 350 Moran Armor Orion, rv Myers Gem Dean 128. 134 Myers Joan Fay 415 M)wrs Randto Stone Mjwrs. Robert Arnold N NMW. Jo en Jonph Moaaer.LeoLantty.392 Notestone. Lna Lemey Nsour. Salarneh. AbrMH .334 Nuckots Judy Lyim Nuckoas. Lean jane 334 Nunnery. Phwp Hardy. 372 OakesJudah Karen 127 Oaney. Gary Smsh 372 OaUey KjenyBranon i415 Park. Joon Sup Park Mcnael Emm 373 Park. Young Han Parker Danny Lee ! : i 1.392 1114 392 Nagte. JukaLynn Na . Jorm PhAp. 109. 115. 116. 119 125 127. 136 -.- ' : Nan. Aldan Smeaes Jr 371 Nanov Ann Caroace Nance Mary Carolyn. 371 Nance Pn AUrtige 415 n van. 117 Nap. Gary Rcardo yA 350 M I - ' Morano Janes Ugo. 1 14. 125. 127 371 Morenead Martha Heajon. 350 Moranaad MarySesHons Mrjreton BeXanyR Larcne Morgan Aton Frednc. Jr .- ' .:. " .- Morgan EdckeMack Morgan F2 Hnben. 333 Morgan GeoHnry Carter Morgan George Paul 371 p.. _ Morgan. Jonmy. 1. 414 1 ' . - " - - ' Morgan , LoreOa Ann Morgan Ralph Lama 350 Morgan Roy Brown 1.136 Narro Snern 371 .- - -- - - - --- Nasn JonamonMcnl - .- I Nau Trevor Durand Name. CKanes Lamar Nanarro Frank John Navarro. JeBrey Mcnaec. 371 Navarro Thomas Mchael. 371 Nav. Gnoan Reza Need Donna Kay 415 Nad Rcftaro Scon. 371 iff ' Morgan Susan Margaret 414 Morgan Thomas Mcnaal. 125 Morgan WeaanTyte Moms ArnurFranUpl , - - . - : : . :- - --- ----,-.- Moms mezRobrson Morrs JormRarrOan Moms Katly Mane. 115 Morns Lda Moms Marvin Newman 333 ...-- _-- Moms Pamela. 350 -------- Moms TerryBaid MOTTS A BamV..aj MomseOe. Ronald Dalarc 4 j -. ' =: " : . Morrison Tnoma; Mormon WestKy Cooper. 414 Morrow Kmberty 414 Morrow Rodney Frank Morrow. Susan Gal Morse Cnanes McGenee. 371 - - .- ---....: ' : ' .- Mcrse jerrySleven Morson PatroaAnr Morthland Rchard F Jr 333 ... -.--.---. Mosby MaryEtenor Mosvy EraEverrn Mosley Gwendolyn ... -.- - -- - --- ----.-- - :.-. --- NaaV.VamonOal Jr.4i5 ,---- - Park. 372 O Barr MomsCJaylon ObernuBlemann. Tmothy Lee O Bnant. Ekzabetn S O Cornel. Terry Mchael 350 O Gormen. Tom Patnck O Connor. Constance Louse. 415 O ' Conor. Harvey George. Jr 415 OOei Ann Glover OOel.CaraonEdwm Jr O Del. Fora Woodson Oden. Can George Odom AdaLnda. 116. 127 Odom Onion Eizey Odom. Danak). 392 Odom. Frank lung. Jr Odom. John Frankan OBormel Kermeeh 334 O Darnel . Lnda Lane 4 1 5 O ' Donnei. Terrance T Ogden. Alton Jemngs Ogle. Bobtoe J Ogtesby. Howel Randolph OgUsby Judy Dane. 415 Ogkssoy. Theresas OGrady.Katiy.350 OXara. TmoOty John O Keete Maurce Rush 372 Oavarrcta John Fe . 392 OUroyd Rebecca Arm. 334 Okphant unda Diane. 350 Okphant, Lloyd Nolan Ofcpham. Vf nn naytxxn Okvarez Abel Ramro. 372 C ver. Aubrey Gary Parker John Thomas 373 Parker. Joseph GHOM Parker Lucy Rauach Parker MetaneUar 113 118 Parker Pamela Ann. 123 Parker Percy Lee Parker HoyOctavus Jr.415 Parker. Snerry Locke Parker Suzanne Abemeaiy Parker Thomas Parkas. Robert Stephen Parkes Roger Brown 114 350 Parking. J Parks Cnanes P H Parks Oand Lews. Jr Parks James Rchard Jr Parks Kenneth PaU 393 Parks Weam Eoward ParVn Cnartes W4kam Panm Cyrtjha Scarfirougn Parmcy Dan) Edward Pamsh Pamela Gene. 373 Parsons OonaU.Jr.415 PhMpc. Paul Gavy . 416 Pnekps Aden Maury Pnekps Beverly Rum 135. 350 PhJkps Carey James PtvJkps CortChrstooher 416 Phekps. David Gary PTvwps. DebbcArm Prps Deborah Arm. 12O. 122.351 Phdkos DonsDurm. 116 Ph os Frank Pnce. Jr Phevps Gary Thomas. 393 Phwjps. George Lanoon . i.3S1 PMkpt Kathleen Arm. 416 Phwws LatayeaeC 416 Fn ps Martyn Demon. 351 Pnekos Marsna Geaon 393 PrwX s Mcnotts Bruce. 334 PhJics Reginald J . Prvlkps ReORKfiard Ph4kps Terry Anthony. 351 PWkps. Thomas Gordon Ph.iwos VeraMrchei BLarry. 373 PMpot Mcnaal Clarence 416 Piazza Baniamn Joseph. Jr Pcfcard Lnda Kay. 416 kEart Jr Parsons ThomasEddy nM :;- . Pastay Harry Moore. 356 Paslay Jenerson W . Jr - ' : - Pate Betty Croutier 334 Pate Davrt Andrew Pate Henry Payson Patey Mark Km Patnck Donald Alan 393 Patrek Len Roland . - - -. - _ _ - 373 aPeveto 373 Picket! John Phap. 351 Picket!. Nona R Coney Pierce Deborah Arme 122 135 151 35 Pierde JoArmAaen Pierce One Otiman Otver. JO Arme Okver. Stephen Clyde Over. Wum Carson. 1151 16. 127. 350 Owe. Mary Lueaan OkJberp, Mark Anthony 392 Olson Douglas Bane Neel. waui R Nelson Armor Theodore Jr Nelson DavM Alan 415 Neoon James Omer. 415 Nelson Norman Stuan ---------- Nelson Fkcnard Larry 350 Nelson Steven Mene Nelson. Waiam Burrows Nethenon Vcki Los .-- - - - - - - Neumaer EvamanaEtea ' .-.- - - - - Nevevj.OaMdLyle 333 Newberry. Cathy Suzanne 392 Newcomti. Evelyn Jean 41 5 ' - ' : - " : Newel. Ctus Mchael Newel Cynthia Arm. 372 Newen Donald Frank 1.113 , - --- -- i. 123 Newton Paul MaMn Jr . 392 Ncnolas Terry West Ncnols George Curas ' . - - - r ------- Olson ROiara Eaa 372 Oaraman. Debra Arm 392 O ' Neal Art Ranwi Jr ONaai.Gus.JT Opper German Eva. 392 O ' Oum. LmrJaAm Rear James Mncnei Ort Daw) Mcnaal Orman.MnamJarrea 127. 350 Orr. Can Robert 392 On- Kathy Lee 350 Orr veto Suzarme. 392 Orr vtaona Byars Osbome James S . Jr . 410 . ' ' ; - .- ,- CM. Oams Haggeny. Jr Oubre. Don Paul. 134 Ovrt)y DaMl WMham Overcast WHkam Col Overslreet Hugh Tnomas Onerstreet James S . Jr OverSreet. JoeMkam. jr 119 125 372 OneiMiual. Weiaii Larry 350 COen DexdAnhur : ,- - ... ; -- ; Pjaenon. Ame Laura. 373 Patterson. Cnanes Preoon. 127 -- ' _ v ' ' ;- . ' : - PaBeraon. James RaymonrJ Palter ion. Judson Jay 393 Panerson. Marc Thomas Paaorson. Marcus Adon Jr Panerson. Se Alan Panerson Wanda Kay. 373 Panon. BrenOalMbngnam. 350 Panon George Eaa. 1 14. 373 Patton Helen BuuVi. 373 Panon. Joe Dar Paul Jean Anne 373 Paul Re Nelson. Jr PauK Derms Cart. 334 PauKRusseiO Jr Parton Pamela Sue Payne Carey MererHh . 127 Payne Cynma Wood Payne DandEaot. 125 Payne Lja Joy 113 393 Payne Sue teen 415 Paarce. Cnanes Cuns Pearson. Amanda Ann. 373 - _ . _ - - _ - . _ Pearson. Robert Raymond Pearson Rodney Andrews 116 125. 129 Pease Everett B 1.373 Pedoc Frank Shut. Jr Peden DenyWayne Peden Margaret Jane. 415 Peden Thomas ReO, 373 Pigrj . JoeBrarJey 125 393 Pqoll. Lnda L . 416 L Robert Theodore. 393 Peer. Deborah Jo. 373 PtaB Lynn Kay 416 Paner EmTaytor Pttnan. Arthur Paul. Jr Pnman. Belt, K Hoover. 135. 351 Pvnan Cynma Diane. 416 PeMan DarMSayte i - - - Joy P s. Deboran Lynn Pins Ean Hampton 334 Ps Evelyn Kawana 334 P4! Mary Paula 351 PMs.PMhp Gavin i. George Mark. 171.416 Peeptos Marione Kenae PeepKs. Susan Dawn a Ann US v: . Bel I : i . ' .-:.:- Motnersned Cyrtha Mane. 414 . .. ._.. MoungerJonn Harbour 115 ' .:.-; ' -.--;-- ' -.-. -,- Moy HaKyKwok 414 Mo Joseptane 120 333 v - -. ------ Moynrhan Lsa Clara 118 392 Mutvmn Peggy Marr Munoland. Kenneth R UufersWBam Darns . ' . .--= = Uuam. DavO Aaan ' . ' . ' - : ..- = - -- - -- : ---- ' - ----- -- Mukcan. John Can. 125 Mufcn SyMUcCraney Munday Arm King Murxz Tom Newton . Ncnos Lone Mae. 392 Ncnos McnaelLynn . - - . -- ---= Ncnos Randy Ray. 372 Uchos Rodney Joseph 372 Ncnos She.aLee.372 rachas. Sherry Jean Ncnos Wgna Arm MLlvjIs. w am McDonald Ncnoton Nancy Maron -,- - Owens Genoa Moore 393 Owens. James Francs. Jr Owens Jesse Samuel. Jr Owens Les e Ross Owens Lmdee Hammond Owens Mary Lou Rogers (.415 Pegram. James Aaan. Jr .393 Pegram Nancy. 373 Pegues CartennaMane Pegues Vassre Meaon 393 Pegues W am Edward, a. 41 5 Peaer SlepnanD Ntkoer Frank Oonakj 333 Nflrvngale. En. 333 Neat. Naorn Lee. 415 Motile Ann Else Noua Carol Arme Mane Lau Suzanne. 170 Node Stephen Gary. 171 Nobles FayFeUar NoUat Horace Don jr Noel Carol Carson. 350 Noel. KJem Danw Noel. Randal Daane. 125. 1 36. 370 Noel Robert Dean 114.350 1 Mary Susan 118 150 Owens vast . W Oman. George Lee 115 119 Dark. Daman Menas. 393 Ceer. Deborah Larand 122 127 350 Pace Debra Del Pace. Henry Joseph Pang OverY F Parm. Cnanes L Penrmglon. Hedy Mamee 1 18 393 i 350 i. Cheryl Le fi ; -- -= - --, ' -: Piumer CecwjMane 113 Plunk Judy Kay 373 Plunk Randy Edward. 373 Plunket Jane Mane 113 393 Plunkeei Oaw3 James Plunkaa jonme Fay Plyter Tommy Uatnews Poe James Paul 125 393 Poe. James Redaae Poe Mcnael Alas. 125 Pomar. Traolhy Robert. 351 Pace. Jerry Randolph Pace. Mara KaaVyn. 415 Pace. TmoXy Wtwam 334 Pace. W ord Regjnaa Padgen Eteaben Conner 372 ndon Haywood. 415 Perkins Mary Lyrm. 393 Perkins. Peter Bareon. Jr . 1 16. 136. 334 Perkins Rebecca Arm 121.350 Pertars VWaamHowal. Jr 415 aHowei.Sr.334 nW H sWse.350 " enuamai. Fred Cales Jr Peroer LaureAlper Perry. Anne Soon. 41 5 Perry MeassaRutn. 415 Perry Ronald Lee a Ann 415 Po Berrvce 416 Pok.Judenlval. 120 Pok Ke4n Newton 351 Pod Robert Alan. 416 Polk Ross Barron PO Samuel Trime. m. 334 1.393 1 Pool Cnanes Haroson Poo CatanPMkp.Jr .416 Poo Johnny VW. 416 Pome RaySman Pook Rosa Joaaptm 334 Poon Kwohung Peter Pope Catherine Jane 127 128 Pope Eman Mayo 416 1.131 s Edward. 351 123 373 455 Porter. Marilyn Morton Porter, Mary Evelyn J. Portner . Michael Eric. 114, 1 25 Posey, Henry Presley Posey, Marvin Alton. 393 Potts. Joan Bready Pou, Anne Mane. 416 Pounds. David Wade. 351 Powell. Alan Randal Powell. Belinda Powell. Carol Elizabeth. 373 Powell. Claude Daniel Powell. James H . Ill Powell. James Peter Powell. Morris Lavell Powell. William Stewart, 114. 125. 127. 351 Power. Martha Barkley. 127, 351 Powe. Walter V an. Jr Powers. Charles Miller Powers. Cynthia Irene. 1 13. 393 Powers. Keith Carlton Powers. Robert Edward Poynor, Barbara Lynn Poynter. Frances Jean Prajapati, Gunvantprasad I . 335 Prather, Mildred McCarthy Pratt. David Harris. 351 Pratt, Eric Richard. 335 Pratt. Susan Pattndge Prescotl, Margaret Lynn Presley. John Rhett Presley. Sam Lee, ill Press. Paul Hans Martin. 1 27 Pressiey. Cassandra Dale. 335 Prestage Nat Wesley Prestidge, James Joseph Prewitt. George Dunbar, Jr Prewitt, John Williams. Jr , 393 Prewitt, Mark Wallace Prewitt. Mary Louise Price, Adeiben William. Jr. Price. Charles Henry, Jr. 151 Price, Cynthia Dianne Price, David Stuart. 393 Price. Deborah Ann. 113.393 Price, Gerald Taylor. 335 Price. Joseph Edward, 125. 131 Price, Larry Jerome. 373 Price. Latncia Jean Price, Richard Allen Price. Roland Clay Price. Ronnie Fay. 393 Price. Stephen Robert. 131 Pnmeaux Lawrence Pnmeaux. Lisa Marr M Pnmos. Annette Mynelle Pnmos, Gale Pierce Primrose. Patricia Landry. 351 Prmgle, Woodrow Wilson Pntchard. Douglas Alan. 1 1 4. 373 Pntchard. Michael Eugene Pntchard, Thomas A Privet!. Lillian Kmnaird Proctor. John Hamiter. III. 393 Prosch, Donald Wayne Provine. Jack Caldwell Prowell, Jean Carson Prude. James Roland Pruden. Floyd Everett, Jr Pruet. Ronald Burton. Jr . 1 1 5. 1 1 6. 1 25, 127, 136 Pruitt. Edwin Yager. 416 Pruszenski, Keat Dennis, 373 Pryor. Jessie Mae. 135. 393 Pryor, Kathy Lee, 373 Pucketl, Patricia Ann Pullen. Christy LaJean, 416 Pullen. William Terrell Pulliam. Mary Louise Pumphrey, Charles Michael, 416 Punches, Robert Ray Purcell. Lori Jean Purcell. Thomas Douglas Purchis. Frederick Allen Purchis, William John Pur year, James Watts Putman, John Daivd Pulnam, Charles David Putnan. John Lee. 416 . Putt. Larry O ' Meil Pyles, Todd Miller Pyron. Charles Andy, III Pyron. Grafton Wayne. 373 Guam, David Gale Quanes. Marsha Lynn Quick. Robert Adrian Guillen Edmond Waketield Oum. Betsy Ann Quin. WadeByers Quinn. Anna Loyce Ouinn, James Leo Oumtana. Benjamin A . Jr Quon, Daniel, 335 Quon. Dexter Hong Wing Quon. Wayne. 373 Rabideau, Maryiyn Kay Rabinowitz. Mark Phillip Rachedi. Hussion Rackley, MarkPurdon. 131. 134 Radant Douglas James Radtord, Jimmy Wayne Ratterty. Rory Robin, Jr . 4 1 6 Ragland. Joe M Ragiand. Joyce Anedia Ragland. Judith Ruth. 416 Ragland, Ottis Randal Ragland. Rex E .416 Ragsdale. Joan Dell. 351 Ragsdale. Patricia Sallw. 393 Raigins. Kenneth Bell, 335 Rainey, Bradford Walker Ramey, DebraGay. 351 Ramey. Rebecca Hanks Rakestraw. Johnny Neil. 115. 351 Ralston. Fairfax Bates Ralston, Michael Dean Ralston. Yvonne L Ramage, Linda Jane Rambo. Margaret Elizabeth. 416 Ramer, Marianne. 351 Ramer. Rebecca I Ramey, John Kimbrough. Jr Rampy. William Moseley Ramsay, Amy Evans. 1 18 Ramsay. Jere Robert Ramsey, Cheryl Ann Ranatza, Michael Anthony. 373 Randazzo. John Walter Randazzo. John Walter Randle. Sale Donald Randolph. Jacqueline. 120, 122. 130 Randolph. Judy Moore Randolph. Michael K . 335 Randolph, William Howard. 393 Rankm. Gary O ' Neal, 130 Rankme. James Smith Rao. Mulpuru Sambasiva Raper. Michele Madeleine Raper. Mildred Williams, 127 Rasberry. Beverly Jean, 373 Rasberry. Hazel Elizabeth Rash. Nathaniel Lafayette, 357 Raspet. Richard Ratchtord. Martha Ruth. 373 Ratcliff. Karen Rather. David McCleary. 335 Rather, James Wesley Ratliff. Linda M Rathfl, William Gregory, 416 Rauls. David Owen Rausch, John Reid. 351 Rauscher, Patricia New Ravelo-inguanzo. Rosa L Rawls, Robert Leo. 416 Rawls. William Fred. Jr. Ray, Alice Virginia Ray. Allen Dale. Jr . 393 Ray. Catherine Ann. 120. 130 Ray. Charles Edly. 373 Ray. David Glenn Ray. David Lee Ray. John Talmadge Ray. Mary Anne Ray. Sam Moore Ray. Samuel Theodore. Jr., 373 Ray. Thomas Lee Ray. William Lindon Rayburn, Elizabeth Gray H Rayford, James Thomas Rayner. Ricki Allyn. 335 Rea. Audie Gean Rea. George Robert Rea. Ricky J Read. Suzanne Mane Read, James Cook Readman. Joel Everett Ready. William Emmett. Jr.. 416 Reap. Rebecca Ann. 394 Rector Beverly Joy, 394 Rector. Kenneth Bryan, 104-105. 109. 150 Reddy. Kotha Damoder Redmond, Linda Joyce. 351 Redmond. Thomas Eugene Reece, Earnest Jay, Jr . 416 Reece, John Gipson Reece, Larry Paul Reece, Sharon Elizabeth. 113. 135. 394 Reecht, Kevin Benjamin Reed, Jack Raymond. Jr.. 136 Reed. James Mattox. 394 Reed. Jimmy Cecil Reed, John Burwell, Jr Reed, Norman Richard Reedy, Jacquelyn Elaine Reedy, Melody Potter Reedy, Robert Townson Reel. Anton Edmond, III Reeves, Cullen G . Jr . 41 6 Reeves, George Kendnck. Jr Reeves, James Douglas Reeves, Jerry Bennett Reeves. Shelah Hicks Reeves. William Robert. 351 Reeves. Zeb Felder Regel. Terry Lynn Reichel, Charles Edward Reichel. Roger Wayne Reichie. Stephen. 351 Reid, Edwin F , III Reid. Rebecca Jo. 394 Reifers. Teresa E Remert. Bradley James. 374 Beisser. June Ellen. 416 Reitano, Dixie Victoria. 374 Renfroe, Lester Keith Renn, Kirk Alan Replogle. Deethel Debbie Replogle. William Harry Reppeto. Joe Floyd, Jr .416 Respess. Gwendolyn Sue. 120, 130 Reuter. Susan Elinor Reviere Russell Edward Reynolds, Bruce Spencer. 351 Reynolds, David Lee, 109, 1 36, 335 Reynolds, Gary John. 416 Reynolds, Harold Eugene. 1 04-1 05. 1 09. 136. 145. 151.170.351 Reynolds. Joseph Harry. 394 Reynolds. Robert Alan Reynolds. Robert DeLoach. 394 Reynolds, Sandra Gay, 335 Reynolds. Thomas Upton, II. 127, 374 Rhea. Essie Maria. 394 Rhea. Martha Deborah, 1 33. 374 Rhea. William Humphrey. 394 Rhoden. Deborah I Jossey Rhoden, James Coleman Rhodes. Carolyn Phillips Rhodes, Donald Ray Rhodes. Howard Lamar, Jr Rhodes. Roger Daley Rhodes. Rollin Sloan Rhodes. Sandra Sue Riadon. Judy Kaye, 120. 351 Riales. Howard E Riales, MarthaS Rice, Bobbie Mae. 374 Rice. Herbert Lent. Jr. Rice, Jane Bird Rice. John Harry Rice. Virginia Gotten Rich, Alton Bruce Rich. Dorothy Helen, 133 Rich, George Boyd Rich. Gerald B Rich. Melvm Hampton. Ill Richard, Daniel W Richard, Earl Warren, 351 Richard. Leo Norbert, Jr 114 125 171 394 Richardson, Diana. 4 1 6 Richardson. Jolene Richardson. Kimberly, 394 Richardson. Marion Leroy Richardson, Peier Royce Richardson. Rebecca Rogers, 416 Richardson. Sheree Elaine, 394 Richardson, Ten Lynn. 416 Richerson, Stewart Lee Richey. Jean Rand Richmond. Damtry Ellen, 165. 351 Richmond. Fay Dons. 4 1 7 Richmond. Jill Kathleen 1 35 Richmond, MargaSeal, 351 Richter. Edwin Stanford Rickman. Michael Edward Ricks. Barbara Starling Riddle, Raymond Erwm, 335 Riddle. Stanley Boyd. 335 Rideout. Preston Davis, Jr , 136 Rider, Billy Wayne. 417 Rider, Rita Jane. 374 Ridge. Larry Olm Ridgeway, William. 125 Ridley, Knox. 351 Riemenschneider, John 8 , 335 Rieves. Dwain Rafel. 1 14, 394 Riggan, James Ronald Rikard. Ralph Miller. Jr Riley, Michael Gates. 352 Riley, Rickey Neel Riley, William Leslie Rish. Jeff Windham, ill, 41 7 Riskedahl, Kenneth R . Jr Risley. Thomas Michael Ritchey. Marcia Faye. 374 Ritter. Patricia Lynn, 1 35, 374 Ritter. Robert Merle. Jr. RittS. Mary Elizabeth Rivers, Becky Carol Roach. Debra Cheryl. 127 Roach. William L Robards. Jeanme Coleman Robards, Rex Edwin Robb, James Alfred Robbms, Charles Ray Robbms. James Barry. 394 Robbms, John Hilton. 41 7 Robbms. Jon Ira. 335 Robbms. Kathy Lynn. 123. 374 Robbms. Thomas Van Robbms. William Derrell Roberson. Larry Edward Roberson. Ronal Franklin Roberson. Sherri Denise. 127 Roberson. William Russel Roberts, Ann Bryn. 352 Roberts. Belinda Barkley, 374 Roberts. Brett Edward. 4 1 7 Roberts. Caroline Richards. 374 Roberts. Deborah Ann. 4 1 7 Roberts. Donald Rue. 335 Roberts, Eugene Leonard, Jr , 1 36, 1 70 Roberts, Gary Lee Roberts, Hilda Jane Roberts, Jerry Dean Roberts, Kenneth Boyett Roberts. Maxey Jerome Roberts, Patsy Jean Roberts, Richard C, III Roberts, Ricky Lynn. 125 Roberts. Ronald William Roberts. Thomas Ellis. 41 7 Roberts, Thomas George Roberts, William Jameson. 394 Robertson. Carol Ann Robertson. Donald Ray Robertson, James Thomas Robertson, Minns Sledge Robertson, Robert Henry Robertson, Steven Bryant Robertson. Thomas S . Ill Robertson. Trena Dawn, 417 Robertson. Will Earnest, Jr Robertson. William Ralph. 41 7 Robinson, Brenda Kate Robinson. Edward Beauregar Robinson. Elizabeth Dean. 1 27 Robmson. George Bruce. 395 Robinson. Georgia Elaine Robinson. Gwen. 127, 352 Robinson. Jackie Keeton Robinson. John N Robinson, Julian Bernell Robinson. Katherme Helen Robinson. Kathryn Dyann. 417 Robinson. Larry Marvin Robmson. Levi T Robinson, Linda Pilcher Robmson. Marion Dalton Robmson. Martha Burney Robmson. Robin Evelyn Robmson. Roger Dale Robmson. Susan Forster Robmson. Warren Wilber Robison, Chesley Byron. 352 Robison, James Burtord, 395 Rocconi, Paul Michael. 114. 125.395 Rockette. Judy Mae, 395 Rockette. Vada Lue. 395 Rodenbaugh. jack Rodney Rodenbaugh. Jeftery Rex Rodgers. Rhonda Martin Rodgers, Richard F. Roe, Cathy Frances Haynie Roe. Larry Alan, 335 Roebuck. Gaither Wilson Roemer. Kurt Rogers Rogers. Celeste Jordan Rogers. Charles Rudolph Rogers. Daniel Berry Rogers. Deborah Ellen. 374 Rogers.DonOdell.lll Rogers. Ellen Odom Rogers Fred Douglas, Jr.. 374 Rogers. Gingers Faye. 395 Rogers. Helen Anne. 374 Rogers. Jeffrey Burks Rogers, Joseph Lewis, 125 Rogers. Nancy Aileen Rogers. Patricia Jane D , 127.374 Rogers. Rebecca Susan, 109. 115.116. 122, 127. 142-143.352 Rogers, Shelby Reece. Jr Rogers. Stephen Alexander Rogers. Steven Graham, 125. 395 Rogers, Steven Wayne Rogers. Walter Courts Rogers. Walter Turner Rollins, Henry Daniel, 41 7 Roman, Timothy Arthur, 417 Romig. William Anthony. 374 Romme. Marcia Lynne, 395 Romme. Mary Lisa. 395 Rommes Jane Elizabeth, 335 Rooker. Frank Albert Rooks. Robert Ned Rooks, Willard Henson, 352 Roper, James Joseph Rosamond, Charles Richard Rose, Deborah Ann, 417 Rose, Gail Elzine. 417 Rose. Michael Henry. 374 Rosenau. Van Alan Rosenbaum. Charles E Rosenblatt, Stephen W Rosetti. Tony Joseph, Jr . 352 Ross, Christopher Thomas, 374 Ross. Ernest Donald Ross. Harold Richard. 374 Ross, Lisa Sanders, 127 Ross. Patricia Denise. 41 7 Ross. Ralph Graeme Ross. Stephen Small Rosser, James Clarence. Jr , 374 Rossie. Robert Ellis Rotenberry, Karen Ann, 127. 374 Roth, Mary Theresa Rothstein, Shelhe Roush. Charles Leander Roush. Donald Howell Roush. Kathleen Wheeler Roussei, Ann Therese Roussel, Dennis Alan Rousta. Hamid. 352 Rovelstad, Andrew Todd Rovelstad. Martha Kay Rowan, Peggy Jean Carr Rowan, Phillip Boyd Rowe. Edward Larson, 395 Rowell. Jeffrey Michael Roweli. Paul Douglas Rowland. Dorothy Elizabeth Rowland. William W . Jr Rowley, Jean Louise, 395 Rowzee. Jerry Mack. 335 Royce. Mane Elaine Royce. Richard Neil Royston. Jerrylyn. 352 Rozier. Pamela Jane. 395 Rubmsak, James R Rubio, Antonio. Francisco Rucker, David Andrew, 374 Rucker. John Button. Ill Rucker. Robert Randall Rudd, Nora Elton. 374 Ruff. David Clifton Ruff. Guy Philip. 165 Ruftm, Charles Thomas, 131 Ruftm, Molly Eileen Rule, William Sibley. 41 7 Rumfelt. Eugene Clark. 136 Runge, Roselyn Frances Runyan. Debra Susan. 1 1 3. 395 Runyan. Rebecca Elizabeth. 104-105. 110. 122.352 Rush, ElberlS Rush, Gloria Jean. 417 Rush. GusA . III. 114 Rush. Hubert Lowry. Ill Rushing. Shirley Mae. 11 0. 1 20. 1 27. 1 30 Rushing. Wallace Edwin. 417 Russ, Edward Barry Russ. Richard Weston, 119 Russell, Angela Jean. 123. 374 Russell, DonKesley Russell. Doris Lane Russell. Isabel Russell. KathermeGail. 1 13 Russell. Mary Ellen Henry Russell. Noel Monaghan Russell. Randy Herschel. 114. 125.374 Russell. Rhett Ralph Russell. Richard Morton. 374 Russell. Ricky Dale. 374 Russell. Rita Dale, 114.395 Russell. Susan Dale. 395 Russell, William Bruce Russo, John Michael Rutherford. Fred Thomas. 374 Ruthven. Arlm Cornelius Rut ledge. Jane Ryan. Diane Williams Ryan, Garret! Patrick, 335 Ryan, James William Ryan, John Michael Ryan. Kathleen Emerson, 374 Ryan. Patricia Margaret Ryan. Robert Anthony Ryan, Ruth Virginia Ryder. Jeffrey Alton Sadler. Mary Hunter. 417 Sadler. Michael Hunter Sadler. Tommy Green Sattold, Allen Dodd Sage, Albert Liston. Ill Sage. Judy Carol Sagen. Patricia Smith Sahut, Henry Thomas. 374 Saik. Laureen Louise Saile. Phillip Jeffrey Sam. Donna Dukes. 1 1 0. 1 1 5, 1 1 6. 1 22. 123 Daiyed, Kalimuddm Sallis. Judith Wilkinson Salmon. William Wilk.ns. 352 Sam. Suzanne Frances Samuels. Harold Clinton. Jr Samuels, William Palmer, 352 Sandel. Charles Randlett Sanders. Jackie Rose. 41 7 Sanders. James A Sanders, Max Percy Sanders. Rebecca Gayle. 352 Sanders. Richard Paul. 41 7 Sanders. Sharon Denise, 120. 130 Sanders, Susan Jan. 395 Sanders. Sylvia Sullivan. 352 Sanders. William Thomas Sanderson. William Sando. Joe Donald Sandy. Samuel Herbert. 41 7 Sanford, Jack Woodnff, Jr. Sanford. James Robert Sanford. Otis Lamar, 1 51 . 41 7 Sangdee, Chaichan Sensing. Emmagene Sapp, Mary Roberta Sappmgton, Mary Evelyn Sarma. Phanmdra Nath. 127 Sartam, Julia Mane. 395 Sasser. Betty Susan, 374 Sasser. Laura Lynn Satchtield, Claude. L . Jr. Saucier, Ben Ladnier Sauer. Robert Christian Saul. Stephanie Saunders. Hubbard T , 335 Saunders. Wayne Alan. 352 Savage. Elizabeth Bishop Savage, John Wilson, Ml Sawyer, John Emery. HI Sawyer, Sallye Lea. 374 Sawyer, Thomas Edward. Jr Saxon Barbara Janice. 395 Saxon. Sharon Alett. 132.335 Saxton. George Stephen Sayle Georgeanne Howard Sayle. Isaac Whitten Saylors, Danny Gene Sbravati, Emo Clyde Scales. Clarence Ray, Jr Scallorn. Ross Tucker Scanlon, Michael McKay. 375 Scanlon. Patrick Timothy Scarborough. Charles N , 353 Scarborough. Joan Cormne, 417 Scarborough. Larry Keith. 374 Scarborough. Merrill G. Scarborough. Robert Virgil Schaffer, Jan Lisa Schaffer. Richard Bruce Schandortt. Mark Edward Scharon, Joseph Stephen Scheider. George Henry. 417 Scheuerman, Cheryl June Schlekau, Louis William 395 Schmitz. Bridget Catherine. 417 Scholz. William Max. Jr Schreiber. Thomas Trevett Schroeder, Kathleen L . 4 1 7 Schfoeder. Susan Anthony Schuldl. Ronald Mark. 41 7 Schuler, Timothy Daniel Schutz. Henry August, III Schwartz. Janet Ellen. 417 Schwartz. Warren Mark Schweitzer. Bruce C Schweitzer, Eric Cambpell Scibilia.Sondra Lynn. 375 Scott, Gary Wilson Scott, Henry James Scott. Judith Kaye Scott. Latracia Ellen S . 353 Scott, Mark Stevan, 395 Scott Rebecca Lynn. 395 Scott, Stephen Hanna Scott, Susan Salsbury Scott. Thomas Frederick Scott. Victoria Lampton Scott, William Ewmg Scott. Wilham Stephen. 151.335 Scnbner, Robert Eugene. Jr Scruggs, Dorothy Elizabeth Seal, Edward Brian Seale, Charles Stevens Seaie. Deborah jean Seale, Georgeanne Frank. 118. 18 Seale, Patncia Lynn. 4 1 7 Searcy, Gene Leigh Searcy Georgiann. 375 Sears, Cynthia Narcissa. 41 7 Sears, Peggy Lynn. 118.395 Seaton, Francis Walter. Jr. .41 7 Seay. Ethel Louise Seay, Patricia B Seivert, Jerome Alan Self. Gary Dwayne, 417 Self. Peyton. M B Seilars. Mary Dundas Sellers. Buford Calvin Sellers. Dana Elizabeth. 395 Sellers. Jen Ann Sellers, Joseph Lawrence, 375 Sellers. Marty Phillip Sellers. Shem Ann. 395 Selman, John Barry Selman. Robert Jeffrey Semmes, George T Semmes. Raphael, Ml. 395 Senteil. Robert Young Sentell. Sabnna Cathrme. 41 7 Senter. David Gerald Senter. Jack Milton. Jr Senter, Stephen Kirk Seno. Charles S Sessums. Janice Dora Seto, Km F. 41 7 Settle. Edward Maxwell Settlemires, Shernll Ivy Seubert. Thomas William Sevier. Manon Suzanne. 418 Shackelford. Rhonda Ka Shackleford. David Lamar. 353 Shaer Elias Hanna Shaer. Gracieia Shaffer, Helen Ruth Shah, Rohitkumar Kantilal Shanks. Gregory Daniels. 4 1 8 Shanks, Kitty Lynn Shanley. Marc Evan Shannon, Jack Thomas. Jr Shannon. Robert Jackson. 1 28 Shannon. Sarah Allen, 375 Shapiro. David Samuel. 375 Shapley. Christopher A Shappiey. William Louis. Jr Sharma, Raghunandan K Sharp. Covington M.. 353 Sharp. Deborah Campbell. 353 Sharp. Pat Keith Sharp, Richard Gary. 335 Sharpe. Thomas Roberts. 130 Sharrer. Linda Sue Shaw. Barbara Galloway Shaw, Barbara Kay Shaw. Deborah Lynn, 128 Shaw. Dolores Arnold Shaw. Jean Mueller Shaw, John Fred Shaw, Judy Strowd. 120 Shaw. Martha Jane Shaw. Michael Knowlton Shaw, Robert Aivm, 1 19 Shearer. Cathy Jo Shearer, Robert Allen Sheely. Ben Ellis Sheely. Harold Roy. Jr . 335 Sheffield. Marilyn Sample. 395 Sheffield, Robert Gerald. 395 Sheffield. Sally Lynne Shelby. Barbara Ann Shelby. David Manning Shell, John Robert Whellabarger. Sally Avent. 418 Shelly. James Keith. 418 Shelton. Bonita Sue Shelton, Mary Cathryn 456 Sneperd David John Shepherd. Dewd Perry Sharrard. Nancy jane Sherred LyafRns Shoak. Marr, Jo. 104-015 142-143. IBS. 375 SheUs. Donald StwjUs. George Edward ShvjkJs John Robert. Jr Stwkjs. Mime StMVJyiAn. 335 SmaX Douglas Johnston SnMh ExjwardHandok Smrm EowmBranae 418 Srmlh FrederckScofl SrtMh Gerry Data Shoey. ArmaKatirvri 395 Shcley Lester Adam " Shop. DonaM Gordon. Jt Snp Joanne Mane Snjp Mary Susan 395 SJvpp Pamela Anne 120 IX. 353 Shvp Thomas We . 395 Shp Thomas Weson . Jr Snrey. John Raay Shney Daw! Amur Shaiey. Peggy Stvney. Ronald lOme - _ - . . -. . . - Shivers Susan Gey. 418 ; - . r. ' .s- -. r- " n Shockley weWmGray Snoemake. Denny Thomas Meek! mm . : . . -rt-r: ' ' : Snooks Ted Thomas Short Arme aianOng Snort Jeffrey Qeyton Shon Boon Elenor 1 13. 395 ; - = s;s - snons B Ra 375 Showers Miy Mannda 375 Shows Steven Atjert Shoos Wam Myron, 375 Shrader vvyjiam P a . Jr ; - " PH : :;- Snuteatd Chanes Aaen Smrm.Glweo.335 Smr Germ Norman 114.375 Sme Gregory Clark SnMh. Howard Etjert Smth Jac McGee SrrMh James Buchanan Jr. 418 Srih James Den 335 Sm h James Edwm jr.353 SnMh.JamesW 353 SnMh Janet llanaHm. 416 SnMh Jance Smth. Jasper Frankkn SrMh Jerry Howard SnMh Jerry Robert Smth. mmy Clay 125. 396 SrrMh Jnmy Lee SnMh John Atjert. Jr - ; _ Smth. John Young. Jr Snwrv Joseph Kyle, jr SnMh. Joseph PtvJkp. 418 Smrm Juka Arm SnMh .Karl Levam Sman, Keen Wright 335 Smth Larry Parks SnMh. Unda Karen Daw 396 Spencai fV yLet Soen . OaMd Gordon Spghl McraalGary Spmnaf. Ckwulal k ii0! Spoonamore. Barry At n Sports Stephen Lies Spradtng. aonda Gayla Spradbog Dean. Jr. SprarJkng. Sumnar SnMh Sprafcn. Larry Daw) I 419 SnaiMy.RcnardLee Snm. Bemon Co -y jr Slran Charles Achard Jr . 354 Sav WnLynnUsry . Stxugeon. Ftcnan) Samual Stacks. Coma Ray SMbrd. Atooa Lea. 396 Slanord James Douglas. 375 Staggs. John Hooan) Stan. Manna Lynn Morgan Safcngs. Terry M Slalwom. CtonanknaLaa. 110. 122 Stamps. Larry. 336 SnuMr Laura Paukne. 127. 375 Shu " CharkJS Weikm Bid - MM 3KMI Shumake . Jm David Shumake. LesaaBowkn Smrm. Lya Joyce 375 Smm Margaret Anne SnMh. Mary Angela SnMh. Mary Annette Smrm Mary Jean 396 Smth. Mane Etzabeti. 353 Sman. Mehaei Oevtf. 418 Sman. Mchae J . 114. 396 Smati.Mna Burton 353 Smth Patroa Am. 775 Smt PalroaAnne SnMh PaggyAnn.418 SirMrt PaggyWalace SnMh. PranK flay 166. 353 StiMh RagnaM Kan SnMh. Hcnaifl AmoU s Foster 375 Santa ) Rebecca Jo Sartonl Oonak) Frad Slantord. Kemed Wayne 353 Stantord Paula Jean 375 Stanford. SMphen Amok) StaMay.LesteGay.37E Stankjy.UcftaalKing.418 Stankxi. FfcjJtfmBi Jordan Stanlon, John Tanner Skange. Paula Done Hunt StrauD WMm Oew) 376 SnatJoa Bryan SMimg. Jamas Uoyd SHUng. Lany Alan Smcuand. Mary Ben StncUand Robert Josfcn 376 Stringer CMuslMMm. 354 Stnngar Gary Wood Smngar UcnaelRay Smnger Scott Carrol Stroh. VIMkam GhanrJer. 336 Song. Danrws Bruce. 376 Strong. James Randal Strong Lawrence Oeto Strong Leonel Ctarance. 336 Strong Vrgna May StroutJ Carrol Terry. 376 Stroud Hoy Oavs 376 a Ann Stuart AtceLyrm Stuart Alan Eschol Taylor BoOBreBobo Taylor Branda Clara 419 Taylor Charles Gtem 114 354 Tartor OoroMLOUB Taylor Gary Lae Taylor Gtendora Taytor.GMnn Galas Taylor. Jan KregK Taylor JKff. 354 Taylor. John Jaflrey Taylor John Ray Taylor Larry Joa Taytor. Lamrrence Jamas. Taylor L anKatVyn Taylor. Unoa King Taylor Mary Graham Taylor Una Clare Taytor PatrckPoMl Taylor ParmyLee Taylor Rebecca Lynn 419 Taylor. Rohard Lynn Taylor Sa y Mary. 115. 1 16 127 Taylor SMteyVerrtta Taytor. SyMa Louse Taylor Tarry Kandal Taylor Wanda Jamneae 123 376 Tartar VWkamCorte. Taylor. WMan Joseph 396 Taylor .1 Staples Onion Jack. Jr StapMon. Curas Bruce Stark. AbanEan 353 Stark. Wtaarn Dean. 110. 136 net Da --, -.- - i- - :: Shula Gary Alan 395 Sides Cheryl Anne .418 Sag Alan Webster BkBJ :=.: ' .:- Siemer Pamela Kay. 418 Sigms jareiamnuiii jr -. ; RDacoaEai Sigmon GanrudaOaM Signago SMpnan Joseph. 353 S or jane Elan 418 S . John Andrew " - " - Smth Rtherdaytor. . 418 SnMh Robert Eugene 1 14. 375 Smen. Robert HoMrd. Jr ------. , - Smrm. HonaBBassel SnMh. Hoy Alan, jr Smen. Roy Lea. Jr Smrm Ruby Donn 353 s- f ' Smmons Charles K Jr Simmons. Ekzabatn Lea Simmons. Henry Guy. Jr SVnmons JamesUcnaal Simmons. Laura Varwa 4 1 8 Simmons. UnOy Marina. 375 S nmons. Rochde. 353 BJJJBJC - 1 ' mm ------ Smmons. WeUm Lrton. Jr . 375 Simon. Robert Mark Stfnonton. Kewi W am Smpkms. Ooo Kenl Sffnpxon. Jack Randal. 353 Simpson Stew S npeon. Susan Perry. 4 1 8 Simpton woolen Dwydet. Jr Sims OeDorah Lyrm. 418 Smis ManyCarg .418 Sims Mary Rcdxe. 123 375 Sims Men ! Thomas. Jr . 335 Sm Rudolph Harou. Jr = -; feaei Lax Sns SOnay James. 125 Smg. David Emory ;.-;--a-. -_- -i. Uoejer 135 SmgMary. Brut Randal 335 SngMtary. DarM Lea ;--_- - SrMh. Stanlay George SnMh Susan AnXony 396 SnMh. Tmciy Wayne. 358 ;- -- Smh. VetaLynne. 118 SnMh. Harry. Jr Smnh. W em Lucien SrrMh WyaB Mabry. Jr Smenay. DenneCarl Smenson OaMhM. 375 Smehson. Jnmy Aeen Snead Roger Dana 418 Sneed Harry AMM Sneed. Man Thomas. 396 Sneed Ruben Woodtord Sneed Ryland Eugene Sneea ThedaMaa 375 Sneeay.vctoL Greenstode 396 Snel Susan. 375 Snaengs Ua Lee Srepes. Bon Burton 398 Stames Margaret Bare. 376 Starr. Darmy Raymond StarreO, Harm Keen Stasi JohnL Stasiak KatwmaE. 114. 122.376 Slaten Gary Lee Stater. Stanley Frank.! Stalon. Ekzabeth Roeser Staun jr waamOvde Staub. Robert Staub. Susan Gadher. 113 114 Stead. Mereden Mgnon Steadman.v-gmaBel Steed. Herbert Lee Jr Steekt GraoaByrd SHele Mary Bess Steate WMamScolt Sjen Chanes Estus Jr . 353 Steen. jeenSmal Slaen. John Perry. Jr . 336 Stage . Barbara Lee 396 Stegal Kemett James. 396 Stegri.Stacey Jane 418 Steger. Barry Cfav 376 SHhen. Mary Oeary. 151 Stehr DomaKay.396 SMrCergar. Bruce Paul r.KanRoy.336 nrnth Chanes 130 Steman. John Victor Stengel, Saly Arm Stuart. Janes Keen Stuart Jo Ann Stuart WMney Douglas Jr Stuart Wieam Charles SuUjlilLlJ Josephs Stubbs.VNkaraTerrel Stuby Dawn Nson. 419 Stuby Ftoaec KMiami 396 Studeny. Robert Lous Sturdnanl. John Lynn. 376 Sturdwant Rodney Ced Sturdier Thomas Rogers Sturgeon. Paul RChard Sturg. Gregory Thrasher Styron JonatnanO.erby.354 SubMl Pnexi Wayne Sue JoneMon 336 Sugg John Oavl Sugg Samuel C. Suggs. Afcw Teal, Myma Ladner Ten Wetter WeeKy Templa.DaMdMcRae 114 125 396 Tenhet Charles Terry Termay RutiUerr 419 Tenoey Ean Welii i 354 Tenier Leja Arm 396 Terracra Steve Mchaei Tenel stela Lourse Terry Can James 354 Terry Charles Glenn Jr Terry. Dorothy Shannon. 396 Terry. Joeeph Stemord Terry. Robert James Thaoer Nancy Eesen Thames Na Newton 119 Therp Margaret Lea Sukvan. Betty Lruee SJWvar Beverly Jen Sueven. B y Thomas Jr . 354 Su van Bryan Toon Tneed Larry Gknrv 354 Thaobau Rcnan) Lous Tara Joan 420 h Ruth " 3 Me TneauiLLnkS Sheodeeu AbbcCurtsP Tnqpen. Semuel Grady i Mary Carolyn. 113. 396 i. Robert Logan. 419 SuKvan Samual R 354 SueiMX. Sheet Gay. 419 Sufcvan Snem Juamaa. 376 Sukvan. Susan Oxen 376 Sufcrent. Henry Paul. Thomas. Anhur Bruce. 396 Thomas. Lyme Summers Doms Donald Jr Utai : . JkJECK := ---. .Paul Houston. 115. 116 125 127. 136 Swop Deobrah Le a. 120. 376 Slepp. waiim Paeon Starting. GeorgaiC. 164 Stem Gary Ooo Stevens Deny Teer 353 . - - - - Sumeren John Gerard Sutlon Johnnegel Se n.AralaJo.37E Swam Patroa Angela NBC) JJDJ SmuetaU. Marnn Mon Ssaai Susan Frances 395 SkaMon. Tamara Akce. 335 SkaHon Tnomes rtehos - --,. -i- r--ei : Skobal SoraDoreen 123 375 SUDaugn Stephen Lane Siade Pamela Kay. 1 13. 1 18 Stada. Susan Gayie. 418 . . - - - - SMar.SalyAnna Stayler joaiUchaal Slaylar Terry Alan Sloan Roy. Jr ::-- .-:- - : . ' :. = -. Slov Joseph Anthony. 125. 134 375 Smart. Rodney Van Snow Paul Duoto.el. 335 Srawrjan. Kaneen Mane Snydar. Gary Paul 353 Snydar. James W Snydar Martha June Snyder Mchaei Eugene Snydar Phex Frankkn Snydar Robert Ewvel Sobc a. Ctemam John, jr . 336 Sobotka Jaannene Mane 396 Sodergren. Oa0 George. 353 Sohn. Yang Ho Sotdevei. Lowrey A Dyra SoUev a,vaU Sotoevto. Valeria Arm 396 Sooman John Wayne. 375 i.Tot tEtaKatt Stewart George B 336 Stewart. joeE I. John Arena 1.418 t Larry Haama. 418 Stewart. Lynn Demmg 418 91 Hugh = .-.=- ' . ' a : -r- Swann Thomas Neei Swearengen Sherry Jo Sweermgen Fiednck J Sweet Andrew Donauson 376 Sweat Thomas LJr Seat, wavn C . Swenson Chanes Dewd. 127 Sweky. Judy Lynn Snyder Sw ey Terry Alan SwmrM. Jeme Doytene SexxM.JeneralB.Jr Swindol Franfae Lynn Semk, Frances HaXom Swmney Betty Ruth 354 Swinson Sherry Jo. 419 Thomas Bay Rudotohjr 354 Thomas ChanoneA Thomas. Cyntrva Runez Thomas. Oermy Lee 376 Thomas. Deborah Eeen. 376 Thomes. Doeje Jean Thomas. George Dams Thomes.J sTatjen.IV Thomas Kara Elan 1 13. 397 Thomas. Keen Eugene Thomas Larry PtOp. Ill Thomas. Nonean Over aO 127.132.354 Thomas Peter FxMn Thomas. Robert Ean Thomas Roavma, 397 Thomas. Sham Lynn. 420 Thomas Thomas Raymond ka MM - - - Stewart. Thomas Hunter Sear. Rchard Carter SM Jean Fahan SH. Johnny Dean Sampson, Ronald Wayne 396 Samson. Arm Drew. 419 Sena. Emryca Leske SrMey Cart Aden Jr . 418 Smih Andrea Lea 375 =.-- i-.-,..-- j-; Smrm Barbara Cunrmgham Smrm BenavrmGarvK 395 J - .j - i - - -, i; . Smrm Bruce Barron 375 Smrm Carolyn Irene. 396 Smrm Car, Dave 396 Srrvtn Carry Gene 418 SnMh. Frankkn SnMh Chanes Lynn S--- .- :-t ::::-. SnMh Cheryl ftt Smen. Cyntha Jena Smen. Davo Barton Smth. David Lea Smth. Deborah. 110 114 122 127 128 353 efrseX Deborah Kay Smen. Deborah Lynn Sood Mohndar Kumar. 127 Sopar Andrew Caneton. 396 Sorey Chanas EJwe d. I Sorey Dwqhl Robert. 375 Sona GJbertCrg Sorrels. Gwendolyn E Sorrels. Manon Jewell Sosebee. Crag Eaort Soss Kevi Meheei Sknson Nancy Lynn Stobaugh. Margaret P Stccklon Kamryn Turner. 376 ;.-; ---. --- Sykes. Rchard Dean. 396 Szego Stephen O Szewczuk, Rosa Mane Tabb Christopher Arthur 336 Tabor. Suzanne Leigh. 419 Tadtock. James Atjert. 396 Tan Gary Dwam, 354 Tabert. Mary Jane TaDert. Palnca Arm. 127 Tatam. DevrtLouo Thnmeiee Rctend joeeph Thomaseon EtzabaX Ann 397 Thompson Abeki 336 Thompson Bonla Kaye 420 Thompson pjenda Gal Thompson Carolyn Onon Thompson. Chanes C .at Thompson Danny Atjert Thompson Merrcn D Thompeon. Karen Lecjh Thompson. Lawren Thornpaon. Leroy Trnrnpaon. Mary EktabeVi. 420 Thompson. Nimrod Gordon Thompson Penan 420 Tnompson. Robert Raed. 420 Stognar. OreTiim Wayne 336 Stokes. Mama UKftel. 122 Stokes. Patnoa Arm. 132 iUle) .--:. ' : ' -: Stokley Nora EkzabathU 123 353 Span. EkzaDeti Tadata MM A-gek -c ' . " ' t - ' : ' : " r ' ' -r " -r Stone. Aehea Mae. 123 Stone Arm Yvonne. 353 Stone. Daw) Alan. 354 Sparks Juden Carol Sparks Roben WhiB. Jr aTngg Sman OoneUVaughan 396 Spearman. Mmna Pearl Spears Anna Lowrey Spears. Doyle Canton Spears. Hubert Earl. Jr Speed MannnB Speed TmaFJan Spel. Harry Evars.Jr Spel jeanC Stone. HokeBeingstay Stone. Janet Am Stone. John Honon. Jr . 396 Stone John T Stone. LOe RAM. 396 Stone. Rchard Paul Stone. Rchard Paul Stone. Sherry Lynn. 354 Stune. iMSjamHonafc) Starch. Thomas George. 4 1 9 Stormant. Amanda LeOi. 419 SMar. Rchard Lous Stout Sharyn Kay Taeay Donna Katheme Taaey Mane Ray. Jr Tarn. Jan Tarn Lena Tarn. Steve Tarn. Vance Tang. Guo-Ten. 33E Tang Morgan Ct-Mao Tanguy. Mark Valet Tape Joa Undaey Tapley. David Hay. 354 Tapley Thomas Scott Tarankno Ckarme Hood Tararemo. Robert J Tardy. Thomas Tarver Patricia Arm, 419 Tata Atjert Watson. Jr. 41 9 Tata. Oebra Leeme. 376 Tata. Lemuel Hugh, jr Tata. Lma Dene Stroud Tata Metne Arm. 1 1 1 . 1 88. 354 Tata.VemonAoete Tatum. Karerna Janan Tatum.RobartO ' Neel.419 Taylor AtonzoH Thompson. W am Bam. Jr Thompson, waxsm Jackie. 336 Thomson Joseph W not. . 115. 116. 1 137 ThomrMl Deborah Sue Thornton. Sandra Diarme. 376 Thrash, Gary Data. 336 Thrash. Jerry Kent. 376 Threadg PeggyA Threat. James Mchaei 132 354 Thurman Mary Catherine. 1 13. 397 ' :f - ' .----- Tee Sandra Aeeon 420 Towel Cathy Howel. 1 13. 397 Towel John M Twrce Lmda Kathryn Tflha. Bowman Sknmg. Jr . 420 Torett Martha Jean T. Joyce Mane Tmen. Cheryl Denne Teynan, Drew hies 336 Teknan. Larry Jaubert Teman. Watord. Eugene. Jr Tims OK. 127.137.151 457 Tindall. Frank L Tipton. John Edward. 376 Tipton Nancy Carol. 111. 122. 127. 151. 354 Tipton. Stephen R Tirey, MelameTirey Todd, Jeffrey Todd, Kathleen Hoff. 420 Tohill. Jim Barnette Tohill. Margaret Stone. 135 Tolar. Regma Elizabeth Tolbert. BiHie Eugene Tolbert. E lias Lake Toler. Allyn Street Toler. Susan Walne Tolleson. Randy Aaron, 130 Toiley, Preston Fairfax. 397 Tollison, Gordon Thomas Tom, DanGankuln. 354 Tomaski. Irene Cynthia Tomaski, Julius, William. 354 Tomerlm, Virginia Rae Tompkms. Carl Wayne, 420 Tompkins, Stephen Lowrance. 420 Tomporowski. Phillip D Ton. Barbara Ann Pollard Ton. Gregory Alan. 115. 119 Tondo, Thomas R Torgerson. Barbara Ellen, 376 Toriusen. Michael Charles. 114, 397 Torres, William DeLoso Torrey, Burke Simmons Toth. Christopher Arnold Towler, Kenneth Clairborne, 354 Towner. Willard Charles. Jr Townes. Kathenne Allen. 164 Townsend. James Lamar. Jr. Townsend. James R Townsend. Jeannene Ann Townsend. John Neil Townsend. Lillie Mae Townsend, Shernan Wess. 420 Townsend, Wendy Ruth. 397 Tozer. Michael Merntt Tracy. Robert Oilman Trahan. Sara Bounds Tramor. Linda Jane Tramel. Lynn Nelson. 354 Tranberg, David Anders Tranberg, Rhondol Carey Tranum. George Stewart. Jr Trapp. Wendell Holmes. 1 1 6. 1 27. 1 36 Trask. Don Rodney, 354 Trayal. Charles Motti, Jr Traylor. Reeta Frances. 376 Treanor. John Douglas. 397 Treas. Lynn Gray Trent. James Terry Trevor. Earl Richard. Jr Tnbble. Andy Lee Tnbble. Darlene Nell, 397 Trimble, Margaret Conner Triplet!. Earl Harrison. Jr . 397 Tnpiett, Janevial Evans Tnvanovich. Gary Wayne Tron. Steven Richard Trotter, Isaac Stone. 354 Trout, Beverly Clark Trout. Tom Roy Trowbndge. Elizabeth Ann Troxler. Charles Thomas Troy. Dennis James Truax. Leigh Nancy. 420 Truemper, Edward Joseph. 397 Truen. Barbara Delynn Truen. George Bradshaw. 1 1 4 Trussell. Anita Diane Trussell. PameliaSue. 376 Tsai, Wen-Chung, 336 Tubb. Thomas Murray, 125 Tucker. Barry Duane Tucker. Eddy Leon. 397 Tucker. Edith Louise, 127 Tucker. Tracy Ann. 354 Tucker. Vicki Dianne. 354 Tucker, William Carlton. 376 Tucker, William V Tudor. John C . Ill Tullos, Daniel Clifton, 336 Tune, Timothy Lafayette, 376 Turman, Deborah Ann Turman. John Thomas Tumage, John David, 354 Turnage. Lee Gray. 376 Turner. Bennie Lee Turner. Clarence O . IV. 376 Turner, David Joe Turner, Francis McRae. Ill Turner. Gary Wayne Turner. Gayle Mane Turner. Jackey Dale Turner. Janie Turner. Leonard Craig Turner, Linthicum Parker Turner, Margaret Denetse. 420 Turner, Mary Louise Turner. Mitchell Alexander Turner. Paul Edwin Turner. Scott Stewart Turner. Shannon Deen Turner, Susan Trimble Turner, Thomas Liddeli Turner. Tommye Lee Turner. William Franklin Turpen, Fred Medfcxd, 354 Turpin, Tommy Lane. Jr Tutor. Glenn Ray. 376 Tutor. Linda Caldweil TutOf. Phillip Lynn. 116. 136 Tuttle. Jerry Frank Tye. Catherine Elizabeth Tye. Thomas R Tyler. Daniel Eugene Tyler. Debra Wans Tyler. Frances L Tyler ins Adele Brown Tyler. Robert Hansford Tyler. Vicki Rae. 135. 376 Tyrone. Douglas Mozie. 354 u Ueltschey. Wans Casper Ulmer. Jerald Leonard. 354 Ulmer. Michael Wayne Umeshankaf. Korada Renu Umfress. Clastie Dean Urbanek. Beverly S Upton UrsiC, Sleven John. 420 Usry. Mary Ann Ussery. Paula Ann, 420 V Vague. Michael Pollard, 376 Valentine. James Lee. 1 1 4, 377 Valentine. Steven Smith. 164. 354 Valentine, Walter Neil Vails. Miguel A Van Buren, Robert Charles. 377 Van Norman. Maurice Ruiz Vance. Bernard Wayne Vance, Curtis Larry, 397 Vance. James Edmond Vance. James Scon. 354 Vance, Mary Lee Vandertord , Betty Diane W . 1 1 5. 354 Vandiver. David Huston VanDyke, Laurence Lee VanLandmgham. Douglas Lee Vann. Mary Louise. 113 VanWmkle. Brad L Varnado. Debra Lynn, 420 Varnado. Mathew Atherton, 336 Varnado. Richard Larry Varner, Brenda Varner, Bryan Wilson Varner, Hanry Rogers. Jr., 377 Varner. James Carroll. 420 Varner, Joel Paul. 420 Vaughan. Beverly Jane. 420 Vaughan. Kenneth Auten Vaughan. Roy Kenneth Vaughan. William James Vaughn. Linda Jean, 355 Vaughn, Thomas Eugene Vause Gene Wilcox. 145 Veazey, Ann. 355 Veazey, Burney Soloman. Jr Vega. Magaly Sandra Veil, William Henry. Ml Vemno, Brenda F Venmo, William Kennedy Venus. Thomas Louis Vereli. Karen Lea, 1 14. 147. 377 Veruiilya. Cynthia Kay, 398 Vermilya. Jeananne Verner. Carol Ann Vernon. Knsta Ann Henry Vest. Mary Jean Vest, Pam, 122. 127 Vezolles. Janet Marie, 121 Vick. John Timothy Vick. Linda Temple Vickery, Thomas Michael Villa. Frederick Lewis Vincent, Robin Lynette Vincent. Sandy, 377 Vinson. Jessie Webster. Jr Vmson. Ricky Martin Vollor Frank Gallagher Vowell. Allen West. 377 Voyles. Carolyn A . 398 Voyles. Gary Clayton Vrooman. Lila Ann, 398 Vuncannon, Terry Charles, 377 W Waddle. Robert Glen. 420 Wade. John Alexander, 336 Wade. John Philip Wade. Juanita Holland Wade, Manlane Wade. Michael Douglas Wade. Sara Thomason Wade, Suzanne. 1 18 Wadlmgton, James Foster. 355 Wadlmgton. William B H , 420 Waff. William Dubard. 398 Wagner, jimmy Wayne, 1 22. 355 Wagner, Mary Sherman Wagner, Robert Owen, Jr Wagner. Sue Taylor. 420 Wait. Kathleen Woolen Wanes. Debra Kay. 1 18. 398 Wanes, Kearney Brian. Jr Wakedeld, Victor Reed. Jr.. 377 Wakeland. James Gordon Waks, Dennis Stanford. 336 Waks, Randall Del. 336 Waks. Teresa Louise. 355 Walcott. Dexter Wmn Walcott. James Dexter, Jr Walden. Janet Lee, 336 Waldron. Darryl Gar Waldrop. Carol Jean. 398 Waldrop. David Hugh Waldrop. Ladean Waldrop. Max Lee, Jr , 125, 377 Waldrop. Nancy Ann. 398 Waldrop. Paul Douglas. 377 Waldrop, Sondra Baugh, 355 Waldrop, Marion Lamar Walker, Alice Faye Walker, Anton George Walker. Barbara Jean. 420 Walker. Barry Joe Walker, BeniammV . Jr Walker, Catherine. 336 Walker. Charles Ellis Walker. David Thomas. 355 Walker. Diamon Dickinson Walker, Earl Davis Walker, Franklin Neiil. Jr . 336 Walker. Gary Michael Walker, George Daniel Walker. George Graham, III Walker. Henry Allen. 377 Walker, Joe Dale Walker. Karen N Walker, Paul Louis. 355 Walker. Phillip Leroy Walker. Robert Clyde Walker. Robert Harry. 355 Walker. Roger David Walker. Rudolph Walker. Stuart Alexander. 355 Walker, William Edward, Jr Walker. William Hardison Wallace, Alfred H . ill. 355 Wallace, Elaine Maria, 398 Wallace, Robert Jenky Wallace. Roberta Sue. 355 Wallace. Toby Mack Waller, Andreth Hardin Waller. Brenda Sue. 398 Waller. Debra Jeanne. 127 Waller. Donna J .113 Walter, Gloria Joy Waller. Lisa Ann. 420 Waller. Patricia Anne. 123, 170,398 Waller, Shannon Earl, Jr Walley, Ben Houston. Jr Walley, Charles Nelson, 377 Waliey. Kate Logan Walley. Robert Wayne. Jr . 377 Walling, James Thomas, 420 Walls. Benny Fred Walls. Essie Lee Walls. Tommy Steven Walne, James Austin. Jr . 355 Walsh. Anthony Reade Walsh. Rebecca Mane Walsh. Sharon Elizabeth Walsh. William Tucker. 420 Walshock. Billie R Baker Walshock. Michael C . 377 Walters. Harold Lee Walter, Herschel Gary. 398 Walters. Terry James Walton, Arnelchers Walton, Elizabeth Walton, Julie Han 1 Walton, Mark Howard Walton. Richard Perry Walton. Robert Enoch Walton, Ronnie Leigh. 1 36. 336 Walton. Sandra Mae Walz. Marjone Ann Wamble, James Edward. 420 Ward, Boyd Manon Ward. Charles Randall, 355 Ward. Charlie F . Jr . 136 Ward. Debra Patricia Ward. Edwin Coulter Ward, Janet Katharine Ward, Jay Weidner, 355 Ward, Joan Hilary Ward. Margaret Bryan Ward. Michael Dodson Ward. Pamela Lee. 1 72, 377 Ward. Paul Michael Ward. Rufus Alexander. Jr Ward, Steven Glynn Warden, Mary Patricia Ware, Charles Scon, 151 Ware, Jeftery Ann, 378 Ware, John Dale. Jr. .336 Ware, Joseph Henry. Ill Ware. Larry Wayne. 398 Warf . Claudie Cayce. Jr Wart, Linda G Yarbrough Warfield. Allen Elisha. Jr Waring. Barnette Kathenne. 1 22. 1 27. 355 Waring. Doreen Haigh. 122, 127. 355 Waring. Sarah Lois Warnock. Janice Ann Warren. Egbert Rufus. 1 1 4. 378 Warren, Laura Elizabeth. 398 Warren, Patricia V .398 Warren, Robert Edward Warren, Sharon Warren, Susan Stegall Warnngton, Chris Mane Warthen. George Adie. ll. 336 Washington, Eric Sleven Washington. Gary Ramone Washington. Harley Ray Washington. Joseph Washington. Judy Mane Wasson. Marcia Elaine. 355 Wasson, Thomas Arnold Waters. James Lawrence Waters. Margaret Ann Waters. Michael Dudley Waters. Nancy Clio, 398 Watkins, Albert William. Jr Watkins. David Jace Watkins. Homer Benton. 336 Watkins. Knstine Wane Watkins. Virginia Lynn, 135, 420 Watkins. William David Watson. David Lee Watson. David Patrick Watson. Edna Sue Watson. Larry Tim Watson, Lavanda Ann Watson, Paul Douglas. 355 Watson, Rachel. 355 Watson, Richard Louis. 399 Walson. Robbie Neal, 399 Watson. Susan Elaine Wattanasan. Sompron Watts. Genecile. 399 Watts, Larry Douglas Watts. Norma Lee. 113. 399 Watts. William Aubert. Jr , 355 Weakley. Wendell Ward. 399 Wear. Charles E . 355 Weatherly, John Bunch. 399 Weatherly, John Stephen. 115. 116. 127, 336 Weatherly, Mary Lou Weatherly. Nora Lee. 378 Weathersby. Dorothy Lynne Weaver. Susan Ellen Weaver. Susan Lynn, 399 Webb. Elvm Timothy, 399 Webb, Frank Braxwell Webb, Jacquelene Davis. 355 Webb. James Ralph Webb. Jenny Ann. 355 Webb. Martha Scott. 3 " 55 Webb. Molly Grace. 162, 399 Webb. Sharon Lee Webb, Thomas Michael, 378 Webb, Walter Watson Webster. Cheryl Ann Webster. Hoyt Wayne. 127 Webster. Shirley Ann Weddmgton. Alex B . 378 Weeden. Larry Darnell Weeden. Shirley Ruth Young. 355 Weeks. Eiarry Lynn Weeks. Rebecca Lynn. 399 Weems, James Lewis Weems, John William Weese.Norr.sLee. 115. 116. 127. 136. 185 Weigandt, Carl Steven. 420 Weigle. Bruce Gerton Weiland. Michael David. 399 Weiland. Richard Caivm, Jr , 378 Weisentels. Lynne Mane Weiss, Richard M Weissmger. Charles H , Jr. Weisz. Sylvia Kay Welch, Bruce Timothy. 336 Welch, Donnie Carroll Welch. Martha Virginia. 127,378 Welch Rebecca Lee. 426 Welch. Ronald Reid Weld, Gary Edwin Wellford, Gail Crews, 399 Wells. Butord Graham Wells, Dean Faulkner M Wells. Dewey Lee Wells. Glenn Lawrence. Jr Wells. Maxwell Mitchell Wells. William Allen Welsh. Mary Elizabeth. 162. 420 Welsh. Penelope Ann Wermelmg. Jeffrey Thomas Werner, Diana Louise. 162. 399 Werner, Gary Lee Werner, Toreen Ellen West. Brenda Jones West. Charles David. 378 West. Charles Hal. Jr West. Felix Karr West, Garnett Bert, Jr West, James Allen. Ill West, Shannon Mary West, William Enc West, William Henry Westbrook. Alton Gwynn. Ill Westbrook, William v . ill. 336 Weslertield, James A . Jr Westermann, Jo Eleanor Westfall. JudyCharline Westtaul, David Daryl Westlake, Theodore N , ill, 355 Westmoreland. Arthur E , 336 Westmoreland. Charlotte. 399 Westmoreland. Frank Eugene, 378 Westmoreland. Jimmy A.. 420 Westmoreland. Nancy Mane, 355 Westover. Bridget Yates. 188 Westphal, Gregory Alan Wetherbee, Helen Wetzel, Anne Elizabeth Whalen, Chester Haden. Sr Whaley. Rodney L . 355 Wheat. William James Wheeler. James A Wheeler, John Donald Wheeler. Kathryn Ann, 127. 355 Wheeler. Walter Guston. 420 Whelan. James Herman Whistle. Sandra Joan Whitaker, Betty Jeanne, 399 Whilaker. Pamela Major White, Andrea Ann, 123. 147. 148, 149 White, Andrew James, 420 White, Beverly Brueck White Charlotte Ann. 399 White. Frances Ann White. Frankie Walton White. Gerald Malcolm. 421 White, James Jeffrey. Jr . 130. 355 White. Joe David. 378 White. John Edward White, John Harris White John U , Jr White. Johnny Hanley, Jr White, Jone Susanne. 378 White, Joseph Quitman. Jr White. Joseph Ralph White, Joyce Roseborough White, Ledford Edley White, Linda Ann. 355 White. Mary Ann, 421 White, Mary Margaret Dost White. Meiissa White, Myra Lynn White. Nancy Claire, 421 White. Rebecca Z Kenmore White. Robert Cecil White. Robert Pipkin. Jr White. Sheida Emanuel White. Sheilye Walter. 355 White. Stephen Thomas. 399 White. Thomas Ga Hard White. Walter Douglas, 1 3 1 , 355 White. William Louis White, William Paul White, Wonso Geneveth Whitehead. Jimmy Lane Whitehorn. Janice Fay Whitehurst. Sidney Gene. 356 Whites. Franklin Pierce Whiteside. John Craig. 1 19, 336 Whiteside. Robert Scon Whitfield, Diane Whithurst. Gerry L Whiting. John Henry. 150, 378 Whitnel. Charles Wmlred Whitney Peter Bradford, 399 Whiteen. Amy Dale Whitten. Charlie Burnell Whiteen, Gordon Thaxton Whitlen. Haerell David Whitten. John Wallace. Ill Whitten. Leland Edward Whitlen. Pamela Delons Whittmgton, Lynn Keith. 421 Whittington, Marion Oleta, 421 Wicker. Roger Frederick. 136 Wicker. Thomas Allen Wicker, William Bratton Wier, Phil Ford. 336 W.ggers. Dorothy Dane. 378 Wiggers. Kathryn Ann Wiggmgton, Brenda Sue W.ggms. Elnora. 337 Wiggins. Matthew Drake. Jr Wiggins. Phillip Franklin Wiggins. Wendell Edwards. 378 Wi|ayasinha. Chanaka. 337 W.lborn, Robert Gary W.lbourn. Judy M . 356 Wilburn. Arlene L Dukes W.lcox. Gerald John Wilcox Patricia Jane, 421 Wilcox. Teresa Ann Wilkerson, Grady Lee. 399 Wilkerson. Paul Guylon. 356 Wilkerson. William Collins. 378 Wilkes. Paul Douglas. Jr Wilkey. Edward Benton. Jr. Wilkie. Nellie Eugenia Wilkms. Kenneth Ray Wilkinson. Jack Russell Wilkinson, Mary Claire Wilkinson. Mayvic Jeannet. 113. 1t8 Wilkinson. Patti Lynn. 184. 356 Wilkinson, Sheryl Ann. 421 Wilkinson. Tern Lee. 399 Wiiiard. Elizabeth S. Willard. Linda Gail Willard. Patricia Jean Willard. William Glenn. Jr Willcox. Frederick H Williams Amzie Thomas, 337 Williams. Auvergne, III Williams. Beverly Louise. 421 Williams. Bill. 356 Williams. Bridget Nadme Williams. Carolyn Larnita Williams. Danny Oda Williams, Dennis Ray. 421 Williams. Dons Jean, 379 Williams, Edwin Stephen Williams, Elizabeth Davis, 127 Williams. Emily Gail. 356 Williams. Evelyn, 379 Williams. Frances Oliver Williams. Frank Bryan Williams, Glendell Mane Williams. Harold Dean, 399 Williams. Harry Theo. 1 1 1 . 127. 131. 3 Williams. Henry F Williams, James Kenneth. 337 Williams. James Oliver. Jr . 421 Williams Joe Ann Williams, Joe Lee Williams, John Bell. Jr Williams. John Dudley Williams. John M Williams. John William Williams. Joseph Rex. 356 Williams, Judith Carolyn. 356 Williams, Katherme Moore. 421 Williams, Kelly Wells Williams. Kenneth H Williams. Lewis Felton. jr Williams. Linda Ann. 421 Williams. Maggie Dean. 356 Williams. Maria Leigh. 421 Williams, Marshal Ney Williams. Michael Wayne Williams. Olivia Peggy Williams. Pamela Anne. 399 Williams. Patricia Lee Williams. Paula Sue, 356 Williams, Richard C . Jr Williams. Robert Doyle Williams, Roberty Jerry Williams. Robert Lee Williams. Robed Pete Williams. Sally Mae, 399 Williams. Sylvia Jona, 127, 128.356 Williams, Terry Morgan Wi ams. Thomas Edwin. 421 Wi ams. Thomas Gary Wi ams. Trevor Eiller Wi ams. Vicki Lynn ms. Wanda Lea ns. XyldaAnn.421 ms, Zenora R amson. Aubrey Duane. 422 mson. Charles Fonda mson. Darrell Glenn 399 Williamson. Ellen Mulvoy. 356 Williamson, Gary Wayne Williamson, Judith Watkins. 399 Williamson, LestF . Jr . 125. 356 Williamson, Linda Frances Williamson, Mary Moore, 422 Williamson. Norman Mott. 1 25. 397 Williamson. Reba Faye Williamson. Thomas J . 422 WilMord. Doxie Kent Williford, John Austin Wilhtord, Karme Scott Willis. Kenneth Carroll, 337 Willis Ronald Dale Willoughby. Michael Arthur Wills. Martha Joy, 171, 379 Willshire, Mary jane, 127, 128 Wilshire. William L . Jr , 1 25 Willson. David Estus, 356 Willson. SamF . Ill Wilroy. Jo Ann P Wilson, AnneM Blair. 151 Wilson, Cynthia Posey. 399 Wilson, David Walker Wilson. Diane. 357 Wilson, Dwayne Howell Wilson, Harriet Virgina Wilson, Henry Kyser, Jr Wilson. Herbert Wayne Wilson. Jack Case. 125 Wilson, James Edward Wilson. Janice Lanette. 379 Wilson. Jennifer Ann Wilson. Jennye Lou, 162. 422 Wilson. Joe Morgan Wilson. John L Wilson. Judith Elaine Wilson. Kathleen 422 Wilson, Lorelte Bagwell Wilson. Lynda Elizabeth, 422 Wilson Margaret Ann. 123. 135 Wilson, Marsha DeLanie Wilson, Martha Anne Wilson. Michael Joseph Wilson. Paul Preston. Jr Wilson, Robert Nicholas Wilson, Susan Mary Wilson, Thomas Jasper. Jr Wilson, Thomas Larry. 357 Wilson, Virginia Kirk Wtmbertey. James S . 422 Wimbish.S R Wimbish, Ward Lee Windham. Barbara Jane. 399 Windham. Laura Peddle Windham. Ronnie Steve. 379 Windham. Wilson Adhur, 422 Windsor. Deborah Jean Wing. Douglas Yeke Wing. Karen Elizabeth. 399 Wmgate. Cyrus, L .Jr. 115 Wmgert. Clyde Stephen Wmgtield. Rhonda Alyce Wmgo. Lora Eugenia Winn, Delbert Easton Wmn, Eustace Harold, ill Winnmgham Michael Roy Wmstead Debra Yvonne, 422 Wmstead, Jimmy Leroy Wmstead, Terry Glen Winter. Marty Lane. 422 Winterrowd. Karol Anne Winters, Susan Patricia, 357 Wirth. Philip Wayde Wise, Daniel Reese Wise. Margie Mellen Wise. Patricia Melonee, 399 Wise. Richard William Wiseman, Cynthia Sue Withermgton, Charles B Withers. Virginia Lloyd Witt. Maureen Elizabeth. 148 Wittmann, John Stewart Wohrman, Earl Jack, Jr , 1 14. 125 Wojdyla. Ronald Joseph Wolfe. Clyde Alton, jr . 399 Wolfe. Deborah Elizabeth. 120. 337 Wolfe. Marion Joseph. Ill 458 an Susan Eleanor. 1 13. 1 IB -=- DM it CX-O6 FrancesFare WTOe Harold Gene eng, BMW Ann. 130. 127. 130. 337 ting. Bony Jo. 3S7 Ong Edward Yuen-Sun. 422 o g Jack ong Jell 119.379 ong. Kenoai Chew Seang Woods. DonaU Caller Woods Roger Douglas Woods. Wrkam Dawd Wnght. Mary Date Wngnt MmCec Woodarde A ttur Lews WoodsKje. BeMny Lym Woodward. Kadn Jackson. 423 Woody Clare New Woody Warier Wesley 379 Woodyard Thomas Eugene Woodyard, watam Howard Woo Robert Lee 379 Mod Pa I Hi Wood PTryaaWanel. 127 357 . ' . . : - :- : . ; " ! wood RoogerHaroid Wood Siapnan NayKx . ' . r FafataE :-- . ' ...-;; . i :- " .-.- : Woodan) Tnomas Jr 1 70. 379 Woodondga June Harwf 422 Woodel. Tnomas Nolan Woodnck. Oetxxan Uane 423 : ' .--- . ' . - :-.- Woolan OandRalpn Wont Janet Sua 379 Works Tan Rose Wonay Dems Freeman. 127 Woney. Doromy fay Woney HobertLous Wortham PaByeElkce Wontian. Gaocgew . Jr . 130. 357 Woman. Jama McDonnell 423 Wortny Wam Corbel! 423 Wonhy. VWkam Lee. 379 Woska WaHarHoCan Wnghl. Barbara jooene WngtU ChanasWAs Jr WngM James Harry Wi hl. James Stephen Wngnt John Gary Wright. Joyce Clare Wngn. Margaret Sue 357 Wnght. Thomas Ucdax Wngnt VOuf Janel . ' . ft MMJI -a. Wright Wdham Schard 337 Wiiyhl. wdkam Roben Wu.Anpan Wu.Te-Kao.337 Wu. Terry Ng Wu.WervLung Wursav. 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Josech Spencer. 357 Young Mary Jane. 423 Young. Mary Ln. 357 Young Ucnaal Scon. 379 Young. Paul Edward. 423 Young. Hcnard Lee. 423 Young. Rcky Lee :--.; =::- ta- Young. Roeemary. 399 Young. Samuel McCan 399 YOUTH. SneUDa n 123 379 Yu. KuoCnmg Yu. KuoShren Yu. Shrvuen Dienne Yen. 357 Yuan. Man Ku . 423 Yung, EdnanlKK-Ning. 127 i. 357 :a: 3.-:. Be- a ' MI Zanone. CurnsJenar Zam. Lours Joseph Zarss. John Lawrence Zelaska. Trxxnas John Zeppon. Alan ADeao Zermger. Brian Davd Zesmak. Frances Mary Zenargren. Jenrey Pmi Zewncke. Bruce Thomas Ziegenhom. DavO Arthur. 423 Zimmerman Ahce Ann. 423 Zmn. Betty Lou Zrtle. JacUyn Etzabati Ztfmarm. HansGunter Zon KatnrynFem Zouboukos. Constanbne J . 379 Zouboukos. Diane Zuber Edward Floyd Zuccaro Anthony Edward. Jr Zudick. AmoM Harry. 337 J-f 459 AAH 1 . Susan Hoft 25. Susan Carroll 49. Susan Weaver 2 Julia Davis 26. Patti Rauscher 50. Ann Blantord 3. Jane Hickman 27. Patty Wilcox 51. PamDismukes 4. Susan Hyde 28. Debbie Holt 52 Mrs Sisk 5 Suzanne Hauser 29. Ida Garber 53. Jackie McSwain 6. Amy Whitten 30. Renee McKinney 54. Elise Mclntyre 7. Rookie Ross 31 . Michelle McKinney 55. Rosemarie Meeks 8. Donna Hild 32. Jackie Sanders 56. V. V. Mclntyre 9. Gail Welllord 33. Lynn Franklin 57. Mary Beth Martin 10. Emmy Baker 34. Brenda Barnes 58. Kim Heskett 1 1 . Kim Dunnam 35. Linda Kornbotfer 59. Kacki Barnett 12. Kalhy Collins 36. Louise Montjoy 60. Alexine Albritton 13. Vicky Counce 37. Cathy Landers 61. Susan Holland 14. LucyCaldwell 38. Tonya Kennedy 62. Kim Patey 15. Ferolyn Bailey 39. Debbie Waites 63. Kim Brickell 16. Kim Richardson 40. Betzebe Clark 64. Charlotte Birdsong 1 7. Kathy Jones 41. Alicia Bruckner 65. Karol Winterrown 18 Katherine Ditto 42. Doreen Waring 66. Nancy Busch 19. Myra Bowman 43. Cathy Dranstieid 67. Rachel George 20. Beth Brady 44. Janis Petro 68. Leigh Coker 21 . Janet Montague 45. Marcia Wasson 69. Donna Nead 22. Nancy Evans 46. Susie Gaines 70. Lana Ball 23. Nancy Bryan 47. Beverly White 71 . Sueanne Bryan 24. Sandra Whistle 48. Belinda Mason 72. Becky Jones ' ATO 1 . Ed Exom 32. BuzzyBrisco 62. Christie Hale 2. NatCrowson 33. Frank Maier 63. Peter Thomas 3. Roy Parker 34. Mike Rose 64. Trent Howell 4. Ed Meisenheimer 35. Bill Bennett 65. Sam Allen 5. Jamie Collier 36. Bill Pollard 66. Barbara Hinkel 6. Bubba Moore 37. Ed Carter 67. John Pittman 7. Aubrey Oliver 38. Max Hussey 68. Bill King 8. Tom Graham 39. Micki Thomas 69. Mickey Poe 9. Tom Essary 40. Dan Douglas 70. Margie Cole 10. John Holland 41.Constantme 71 . Laura Parsons 1 1 . Tom Swann Zouboukus 72. Malcolm Blaine 12. BillSchultz 42. Charles Chalfant 73. Bill Amos 13 Richard McKay 43. Faye Ritchey 74. Dave Tranberg 14. Ken Grisham 44 GarySnyder 75. Jan Craddick 1 5. Rodney Smart 45. Greg Fiser 76. Frank Miller 16. Hal Griffith 46. Calvin Leggett 77. Hal Wilson 1 7. Sam Sullivan 47. Jamie Barnett 78. Bill Duncan 1 8. Mike Bayles 48. Dalton Robinson 79. Pat Kelly 19. PaulLeBlanc 49. Mark Meisenheimer 80 Louis Peters 20. Ed Hutton 50. Jerry Gilbreath 81 . Steve Wood 21 . John Cranfield 51 . Phil Thomas 82. Hose Garcia 22. Leo Nosser 52. Jim Carpenter 83. Knoxanne Jackson 23. Rhon Tranberg 53. Doug Treanor 84. Jim Jackson 24. Beth Davis 54. Bob Moore 85. Diane Zouboukus 25. MikeCabannis 55. Tom Cox 86. Bob Connor 26 Susan Russel 56 Robert Polk 87.BobGaston 27. Claire Taylor 57. Roy Morgan 88. Roy Sloan 28. Bill Overcast 58. Les Shumake 89. Brooks Holstein 29. Rush O ' Keefe 59. J. J. Juergenson 90. Mike Burgess 30. Tori Petty 60. Kent Benjamin 91 . John Johnson 31 . Georgeanne Seale 61 . Tom Christian ASA 1 . Jean Brewer 2. Ann Rose 3. Susan Esterle 4. Katie Snowden 5. Gwen Robinson 6. Kathleen Mikell 7. Rosa Halford 8. Mary Thompson 9. Wendy Mikell 1 0. Cherri Dees ' 1 1 . Paula Everett 1 2 Debbie Lavinghouze 13. Karen Verell 14. Pam Dangeau 1 5. Barbara Stegall 1 6. Barbara Bunch 17. Becky Weeks 18. BlytheBethea 19. Leigh Truax 20. Joyce Till 21. Sherry Swinson 22. Margie McGuire 23. Paula Yarbrough 24 Donna Bolin 25 Paula Bard 26. Barbara Saxon 27 Jane McCoy 28. Christine Blackburn 29. Pam Hudson 30. Jill Fritz 31. Jacque Fudge 32. Diane Oliphant 33. Anita Jo Swain 34. Susan Fabian X v s 460 B0n 1 . Fred Everitl 2. Rob Gardner 3 Whit Deming 4 Ashton Pearson 5. C J.Terry 6 Bitty Ellison 7. JknRankine 8. Royce Richardson 9. Skeeter Robertson 1 0. John Allred 11. Ben Smith 12. Norm Collins 13 Robbie Bounds 14. Lloyd Blackmon 15. Graham Wells 16 Allen HoHis 17 Collins Mikell 18 Calvin Flint 19 Earl Davis 20 Larry Lantz 21 . Steve Wimbertey 22. Robert Kimbrough 23 Joe Ho 24. David Ziegenhom 25. Kirby Bowling 26. Bill Howard 27 Jimmy Cade 28 Mike Parentin 29 Bobby Dean 30. Joe Crenshaw 31 Bill Buchanan 32 Chuck Morse 33. Mike Carr 34 Roadster Thomas 35 Bubba Jourdan 36 George CoMins 37. Kevin Reeth 38 Shelton HoHts 39. W W Weaktey 40. Edwin Gum 41 Eric West 42. Charlie Manning 43. Jimmy Poe 44 Joe Davis 45 Bobby Miller 46 Butch Farris 47 Bradley Remert 48. Bill Moncrtef 49 Gtenn Mikell 50. Kns Bryan 51 Charlie Farris III 52 Joe Sharon 1 Bill Howard 2 Bo Jackson 3 Jim Walling 4.HenryColona 5 Dennis Aiken 6 Bobby Evans 7 Price Charest 8 John Stewart 9. CarySmrth 10. TomCowell 1 1 Bill Tucker 1 2. Stan Napierkowski 1 3 Stan Smith 14 Dennis Moore 15 Greg Edwards 1 6 Mike Waters 17. JonHorton 1 8. Ed Demartini 19 MarkDewey 20. Bob Mitchell 21 Harry Paslay 22 Fred Hanslord 23 John Weatherty 24 Wayne Adams 25 Vic Daniel 26 John Martin 27. John Bane 28 Van Cagte 29 JohnHaH 30. Rick Rikard 31 Bill Mayo 32 Matt Isch 33 Robert Mikell 34 Bob Mitts 35. Rusty Borne 36 Gene Hortman 37. JonColmer 38 Will Lawson 39 JackClme 40. Tom Storch 41 . Keith Benvenutti 42 Eddy Nebtett 43 Mike Wei land 44 David Gunter XS2 1 . Debbie Phillips 30. Mary Harkness 60. Susan Kennedy 2. Lin Williamson 31 . Kay Howe 61. Bridget Westove 3. Laura Jones 32. Marcia Moore 62 Sandy King 4 Mitzie Dietrich 33 Ann Ehse Noble 63 Allison Campbell 5. Susan Yoste 34 Nome Gray 64. Kathryn Shipley 6 Stella Jenkins 35. Kathy Harris 65 Paula George 7 Lee Weatherly 36. Jamie Bramtett 66 Julie Nagte 8. Linn Carter 37. Gilda Montalvo 67. Lee Clark 9. Lissa Johns 38 Mary Allen 68 Claire Chatham 10. Enid Louise Bridglorth 39. Christy Covinton 69 Peggy Mulhenn 1 1 . Melissa Fancher 40. Dan Ellen Brock 70. Harriet Clark 1 2. Mary Williamson 41 Ehse Alford 71 Candy Nance 13. Bonnie Bee 42 Nancy Molpus 72 LaMarr Lawter 1 4 Ginger Norquist 43. Mary Evelyn Porter 73 Karen Boyd 15. NellBarner 44. Merrel Johnson 74. Lissa Holmes 16. Beverly Phillips 45 Meredith Ballard 75. Mary Lee Dabbs 17.WyethPeets 46 Mary Lou Weatherly 76. Martha McLarty 1 8. Roben McKnight 47 Gay Stanley 77 Renvy Graves 19. Cindy Sears 48. Melissa McBee 78 Gate Primes 20 Cissy White 49 Fran Williams 79 Kathy Carroll 21 Jane Derivaux 50. Ginny Galtney 80. Virginia Welch 22. Margaret Anne 51 Ginger Bailess 81 Frannie Montgomery Crosthwait 52 Judi Bailes 82. Rebecca Rainey 23. Martha Webb 53.RaineyLoe 83. Margaret Capps 24 Annette Lear 54 Bottie Mae Nichols 84. Betsy Powell 25 Lynn Dabbs 55 Betsy Johnson 85. Mimi Phazz 26. Annelle Pnmos 56 Di Gammill 86 Beverly Ball 27 Nell Kleinschmidt 57 Lee Simmons 87. Betty Ann Atkinson 28 Terrell Anne Allen 58. Betsy Caldwell 88. Inda Mize 29. Merrell Termey 59. Robin Short 461 AAA 1 . Allen Jett 31. Jane Hagan 60. Nancy Davidson 2. Shirley Anne Allen 32. Wanda Taylor 61 . Susan Breland 3. Jodie Moheart 33. Darri Dubberly 62. Barb Miller 4. Rita Cobb 34. Joanne Oliver 63. Jeanne Mclnnes 5. Ann Nichols 35. Trisha Smith 64. Sandy Hickman 6. Carol Kittleman 36. Lou Ellen Jernigan 65. Missy Dean 7. Debbie Faulkner 37. Mary Catherine Holmes 66. Kathy Norris 8. Jennifer Looney 38. Pam Curry 67. Jenny Gotten 9. Becky Fort 39. Jill Richmond 68. Elizabeth Ely 10. Cindy Fulgum 40. Charlotte Kimbrough 69. Sally Dahlberg 1 1 . Catherine Fisher 41 . Jane Carter 70. Sally Bidgood 12. Tracey Mosby 42 Bridget Williams 71. Mary Vann 13. RuthieErvin 43. Paula Stanford Dill 72. (no pic) 14. Martha Herrin 44. Pat Bracken 73. Lyndall Jones 15. Susan Gresham 45. Julia Speakes 74. Susan Eppes 16. MarySellars 46. Sherry Herring 75. Theresa Perry 17. Sunny Skobel 47. Jane Sutherland 76. Ann Craven 18. Christie Dale 48. Mary Nelle Cowsert 77. Susan Slade 1 9. Berry Lauderdale 49. Michelle Barnhill 78. Mary Beth Hudak 20. Lynne Boone 50. Betsy Zuinn 79. (no pic) 21. Emily Slappey 51 . Suzanne Tabor 80. Kathy Eppes 22. Daintry Richmond 52. Suzanne Hamm 81 . Joyce Johnson 23. Peggy Sears 53. Kathy Phillips 82. Sissy Williford 24. Lisa Ross 54. Jenny Majure 83. Jeffery Ware 25. Beth Trowbridge 55. Debbie Hickman 84. Ellen Mann 26. Lynn Hocutt 56. Jennie Worthen 85. Suzanne Sevier 27. Janie Mayfield 57. Patti Ellis 86. Lisa Huggins 28. Liz Stanton 58. Lucy Low 87. Susan Clements 29. Anne Mitchell 59. Libby Hunt 88. Nancy Mitchell 30. Patty Snuff Ar 1 . Pam Best 2. Barbie McKee 3. Martha Brosius 4. Patty Moore 5.StaceyStegall 6. Cheryl Sides 7. Sherry Swearengen 8. Linda Cummins 9. Karen Dukes 1 0. Debbie Brown 1 1 . Susan Carter 12. Cathy Boteler 1 3. Camille Fowler 14. Melong Wise 15. KackyHall 16. Myla Mitchell 17. Karen Alexander 18. Susan Sasser 19. Ann Miller 20. Anne Lucas 21. Susan Kemp 22. Mary McCauley 23. Libby Idom 24. Mary Lin Young 29. Bonnie Harkness 30. Loni Farnham 31 Kay Brand 32. Michelle Martin 33. Rachel McPherson 34. Barbara Brown 35. Nancy Hand 36. Susan Kelsey 37. Clementine 38. Maybelle Dobbs 39. Bettye Lou Bennett 40. Mary Sherman Wagner 41 . Jennie Houston 42. Robbie Sims 43. Jan Jones 44. Nancy Morris 45. Kim Caldwell 46. Carolyn Hayes 47. Pam Mills 48. Leslie Owens 49. Beth Rambo 50. Ann Allred 51. Angela Hicks 52. Harriet Wilson 57. Becky Welch 58. Marita Pace 59. Helen Patlon 60. Lynn Sasser 61 . Susan Staub 62. RitaHemphill 63. Maria Williams 64. Nancy Long 65. Jamie Norman 66. Leigh Gunn 67. Beth Savage 68. Celia Grisham 69. Gail Bradley 70. Celie Champion 71. Sabrina Sentell 72. Martha Peery 73. Georgeanne Seale 74. Mary Hunter Sadler 75. Linda O ' Qum 76. Caroline Roberts 77. Susan Gayden 78. Becky Rogers 79. Sue Wagner 25. Cindy Guckert 26. Cindy Hardin 27. Pam Ward 53. Cindy Mothershed 54. Pam Byrd 55. Becky McLeod 81. Genie Carroll 82. Lori Purcell 28. Laurie Hammond 56. Nancy Brock 1 . Terry Vuncannon 2. David Glye 3. Kirk Fredrick 4. Ted Filer 5. Jay Wingate 6. Tom Coleman 7. Louis Chatham 8. Jim Mclntosh 9. Bruce Thomas 1 0. Jonathan Styron 1 1 . Kevin McNeely 12. Sammy McClatchy 13. Jeff Ryder 14. Rory Rafferty 15. RobFistere 16. Mark Crawford 1 7. Gilman Tracey 18. Kleb Johnson 19. PatCashman 20. Gaylon Morris K 462 1 . Doug Guyton 28 Ralph White 2. Craig Sosabee 29. Hank Baltar 3. Ricky Bazelle 30. Jimmy Jones 4. Mike Brunt 31 . Chuck Caldwell 5. Bill Burgin 32. WaltMixon 6. David Moak 33. Charlie Brown 7. Tom Ireland 34. Jonny Jones 8. Wade Hankins 35. Will Henley 9. Larry Collins 36. Jonny Hoover 1 0. Mike Portner 37. Chuck Stuart 1 1 . Tinker Miller 38. Beck Pemberton 12. Randall Moreman 39. Bill Nelson 13 Billy Roberts 40 Tim Corley 14.CalvinPoole 41 . Mrs. Lucille Johnson 1 5. Eric Greene 42 George Booth 1 6. Doug Stewart 43. Mr Lee Frierson 1 7. Jeff Jolley 44 Bill McAugn 18. LeeLeRay 45 Richard Sanders 19. Mrs Bonnie Livingston 46 Danny Rollins Housemother 47. Jimmy Clark 20. Dr. James Coleman 48. Brand Henley 21 . Tommy Skelton 49. Jim Haltom 22 Craig Geno 50 Buzzy Smith 23. David Lane 51 . David McGee 24. Mike Covington 52 Gene Brown 25. Jim Henley 53. Will Justice 26. JoeArd 54 Mike Harrison 27. Mac Halbrook KA 1 . Doug McKinnon 32 Ben Bowen 2. Tom Robertson 33. Charles Cutshall 3. Robert Gage 34 Fred Cotterhaus 4. Gary Taylor 35. Ralph Johnson 5. Glen Taylor 36 Don Parsons 6. Kirk King 37 John Peters 7. David Hutchinson 38. Louis Baine 8. Steve Dobbs 39 Eddie Batte 9. Sam Lane 40 Andy Soper 10. Bill Ridgeway 41 . Bill Tucker 1 1 . Pat Scanlon 42. Clay O ' Bar 12. ChetLake 43. Billy Taylor 13. JohnGibbs 44 MikeMcMullan 14. EdBarnett 45. Chip King 1 5. Ken Anderson 46 Bill Spain 16 Danny Patton 47. Jimmy Fowler 17 Mark Barraza 48 Scott Turner 18. Billy Samuels 49. Ron Applewhite 1 9. Rob McKibbon 50. David Lindly 20 Rusty Reviere 51 Edwin Smith 21 . Liegh Brannon 52. Randy Myers 22. Skip Beetle 53. Bill Byrne 23 BobDowdle 54. Harry Harwell 24 Steve Harris 55. Alan McCutchen 25. David Hunt 56. Bill Gearty 26. Johnny Hight 57. Steve Sports 27 Eddie Williams 58. David Dogan 28 Burke King 59. Cal Phillips 29. Ricky Young 60 Dickie Taylor 30. Randy Brunson 61 . Norman Katool 31 . John Mixon 62 Sam Presley KA 1 . Charlotte Pinkston 33. Daire Ingals 65. Lemayne Lott 2. J. J. Jurgenson 34. Cathy Houston 66. Mary Morehead 3. Monnie Carroll 35. Norma Canizaro 67. Kathy Skinner 4. Cathy Boldebuck 36. Susan Hamill 68 Judy Day 5. Joan Myers 37. Debbie Mills 69 Susan Morgan 6. Charla Farris 38 Valerie Majors 70. Barbara Barton 7. Willard Rooks 39. Suzanne Massengale 71. Janice Sessums 8. Gail Carpenter 40. Frances Cortwright 72. Ellen Mathews 9. Susan Gunn 41. Susan Smith 73 Mignon Mims 1 0. Debbie Dean 42. Donell Burch 74. Marsha Phillips 1 1 . Brenda Taylor 43. Harriet Gautier 75 Sharon Walsh 12. Sally Bingham 44. Carron Campbell 76. Micki Thomas 13. Robin Robinson 45. Lynn Pitalo 77 Toni Schroeder 14. Lynne Gardener 46 Kalhy Huddleston 78. Nicki Martinson 1 5. Kathy Jones 47. Saura Ederer 79 Susan Koch 16. Nancy Nicholson 48. Carlene Howard 80. Kathleen Todd 1 7. Brittie Askew 49. Andrea White 81. Cindy Bartlett 18. Sally Shellabarger 50 Linda Moore 82 Cynthia Jones 19. PamSlade 51 . Kathy Anderson 83. Stephanie Saul 20. Knoxanne Jackson 52. Mary Vest 84. JanCrout 21 . Karen King 53 Allen Townes 85. Maxine Smith 22. Julie Hines 54 Beverly Blackwood 86 Marty Hederman 23. Lynn Gillespie 55. Janelle Brower 87. Lisa Moynihan 24. Beth Civington 56 Diane Zouboukas 88 Jackie Blount 25. Dee Starnes 57. Laurie Bishop 89. Jennifer Crawford 26. Jane Jourdan 58. Nancy Rogers 90. Claire Woody 27. Debbie Mladinich 59. Beverly Houston 91 . Stacy Godbold 28. Melinda Hilbun 60. Ginger Ming 92. Ruby Harrell 29. Kathryn Herrington 61 . Louisa Dodson 93. Brenda Brumfield 30. Angela Smith 62 Becky Hiatt 94 Karen Elliott 3 I.Nancy White 63 Bonnie Waring 95. Laurie Newton 32 Suzanne Crenshaw 64. Ellen Weaver 96. Helen Ann Rogers 463 KET 1 . Mary Margreat Bell 30 George Ann Craig 58. Tncia Puckett 2. Susan Toler 31. Betty Bellinger 59. Nancy Lewis 3. Tomee Ann Britt 32. Susan Davis 60. Donna Waller 4. Suzanne Wade 33 Sue Knox 61 . Dinah Bowen 5. Allyn Toler 34. Becky Locke 62. Amanda Pearson 6. GiGi Gould 35 Susan Moore 63. Janet Harper 7. LaRand Ozier 36. Susan Carr 64. Daria Hosser 8. Lee Ann Meng 37. Sandy McKellar 65. Martha Ratchford 9. June Reisser 38 Susan Russell 66. Frances Permenter 1 0. Abbie Bishop 39. Mary Stehlin 67. Loree Larson 1 1 . Beverly Belts 40. Elaine Lowry 68. Renee Mims 1 2. Valarie Hayward 41 . Peggy Emmons 69. Debbie Lindsey 13. MarilaneWade 42. Gail Duke 70. Merrill Scarborough 14. Carol Robertson 43. Lynn Kroeze 71 . Marge Trimble 1 5. Deborah Thompson 44. Vardry Landrum 72. Cindy Pittman 16. Janet Ellis 45. Lillian Pruitt 73. Virginia Fossier 1 7. Ketty Wilson 46. Sallye Slater 74. Ann Munday 18. Cindy Johns 47. Laura Haltom 75. Lisa Munday 19. Lynn Varnado 48. Susie Winters 76. Pam Carpenter 20. Mary Carolyn Nance 49. Blanche Hoseman 77. Gwen Gardner 21. Debbie Drury 50. Carolyn Anest 78. Carol Verner 22. Debbie Holloway 51 . Cheri Carter 79. Barbara Holliday 23. C. C. Henley 52. Laura Warren 80. Robley Evans 24. Patty Wortham 53. Pam Shipp 81 . Terre Blanton 25. Virginia Withers 54. Karen Gibbs 82. Amy Ramsay 26. Drew Stinson 55. Metra Muskelly 83. Mary Welsh 27. AnnThomason 56. Christi Abraham 84. Kerry Cannon 28. Susan Shivers 57. Sally Williams 85. Susan Shipp 29. Camille Jones 1 . Larry Black 31. Steve Trott 61. Travis Donald 91 Dick Levy 2. Ronnie Moore 32. Mark Dale 62 Billy Coffey 92. Pat McHugh 3. Danny Abraham 33. Darri Dubberly 63. Wade Quin 93. Danny Myers 4. Gil Murphy 34. David Kazan 64. Bill Brandon 94. Bryan Varner 5. Bill Ready 35. Martha Ware Stone 65. Harry Hammond 95. Mark Williams 6. Bill Bailey 36. Tom Bryan 66. Palmer Miller 96. Don Kent 7. Ben Armstrong 37. Kyle Morris 67. Sandy Fisher 95. Mark Williams 8. Gene McBurney 38. Charlie Ruffin 68. Langdon Nelson 96. Don Kent 9. Park Netf 39. ChipGarrard 69. Steven Graf 97. Libby Hunt 10. Ney Williams 40. Bill Gillespie 70. Greg Hale 98. Robert 1 1 . Rogers Varner 41 . Gene Reeves 71. Rob Cook 99. George Griffith 12. Jane Holmes 42. John Helveston 72. Martha Herrin 100 13. Maria Williams 43. Jimmy Fowler 73. Mark Clay 101. Rich Campbell 14. Bubba Williams 44. Chip Westbrook 74. Mac Temple 102. Sandy Hickman 15. Curt Kennedy 45. Jeff Carter 75. Susan Kennedy 103. Johnny Selman 16. Johnny McCaleb 46. Calhoun Allen 76. Jimmy Smithson 104. Dave McCormick 17. Rob Reynolds 47. Tip Sullivan 77. Lynne Gardner 1 05. Derrick Freeman 18. Mike Ryan 48. David Dyer 78. Brad Truett 106. Mike Herrin 1 9. George Morse 49. Arch Howell 79. Buddy King 107. Jeff Selman 20. Jeff Larkin 50. RonHorner 80. David Clodfelter 108. JimHalliday 21 . Terry Phillips 51. David Smithson 81 . Bill Lewis 109. Will Walker 22. George Norfleet 52. George Semmes 82. Sissy Williford 110. Suzanne 23. Lucky Dupuy 53. Mike Jurgensen 83. Howard Randolph Crenshaw 24. Greg Fowler 54. Mike Ward 84 Alan Zepponi 111. Nancy White 25. Patti Denny 55. Dan Noel 85. Michelle Barnhill 112. HoodGarber 26. Steve Rogers 56. Marc Lawrence 86. Ann Munday 1 13. Jack Mackmull 27. Margaret Bryan 57. MarkStephan 87. Francis Baird 114.DavidHeadly 28. Kenny Hall 58. Frank Belk 88. RuthieErvin 1 15. Bonnie Bee 29. Mary Kay Holliday 59. John Tillman 89. Annette Lear 1 16. Jeff Colmer 30. Jacque Fawlett 60. Farris Gibbs 90. Tom Morgan m.GregSturgis 1 . Bill Wilkerson 2. Jimmy Bentley 3. Karl Smith 4. Clarence Dubose 5. John Chase, Jr. 6. Vassie Pegues 7. Harold Reynolds 8. Edgar Bland 9. Sidney Brown 1 0. Freddie Everson 1 1 . Jerald Ulmer 1 2. Danny Covington 1 3. Jimmy Westmoreland 14. Alan Hathorne 1 5. Harold Blakely 16. James Reed 1 7. James " Butch " Rosser 18. " Gentle Ben " Williams 464 1 Don Foose 24. Joe Moore 46 MarkTupstra 2 ChartieWhitnel 25. Jim Ely 47 Bill Baby 3. Clewis Newell 26. Randy Hoover 48 Kirk Caldwell 4 Lee Beamletl 27. Ricky Hall 49 Bill Hamnck 5. James Williams 28. Smokey Young 50. David Ruff 6 Al Corso 29. Russell McClellan 51 . Johnny McLarty 7. Paul Varner 30. Jack Bobo 52 Don Nobbitt 8 Russell Jordan 31 . Freddie Britt 53. Dick Cassidy 9 Stephen Covington 32 Robert Dickinson 54. Warren Moore 10. Jeff Rogers 33 Tommy Peters 55. Drew Rucker 1 1 . Rick Gernert 34.ClayEtheridge 56. Roger Covington 12 Don Breazeale 35. Bobby Carson 57. Ted Lloyd 13. JimNeill 36. Rick Barry 58 George Patton 14. Chris Marley 37. Al McElroy 59. Jud Stephenson 15 David Watkins 38. Roy Smith 60. Maury McPhillips 16. Terry Lawrenzi 39 Brent Buck 61 Johnny Reed 17 BenFlloyd 40 Phil Ruff 62 George Hoagland 1 8. Harbour Mounger 41 . Rob Hayes 63. Dan Powell 19 Bubba Harris 42 Bead Dantone 64 Kenny Hines 20 Dill Gunn 43. Whit Johnson 65. Chatwin Jackson 21 Randy Noel 44. Russell Hendrick 66. Brent McLarty 22 David Cleland 45 Ronnie Willis 67 Bob Kirk 23 Phillip Wiggins OK - 1 . Joan Meyers 2. Jerry Clark 3. Cathy Bolderbuck 4 Steve Grace 5. Bud Church 6 Mike Pritchard 7. BeBe Yarborough 8 Grelis Keen 9. Jim Wadlington 10. DonFenger 1 1 . Mike Eatman 1 2 Cynthia Hewes 13. JoeyHaydel 14 Josie Gillette 1 5. Mike Mclntyre 16. NedCarlani 17. Steve BUie 18 Don Keen 1 9. Donna Talley 20. Toni Campbell 21. Jeff Klaus 22. David McCullough 23 Virginia Withers 24 DrewStevian 25. ' FrankSeaton 26 Becky Welch 27. Mrs. Minnie Coleman 28 Sally Shellabargar 29 Tom Kesler 30 Robert Wagner 31 Mike Cayroe 32 Jackie Sanders 33. Helen Claiborne 34 MikeGreer 35 Jerry Leslie 36 John Kelley 37. Chuck Turner 38 Tim Harris 39 Mark Patterson 40 Ronnie Lott 41 . Jane Sikora 42. Jim Chism 43 Robert Dowe 44 Billy Robertson 45 Clay Harden 46 John Hudson 47 Ken McAlpin 48 Randy Dean 49 Kevin Daughter 50. Eddie Hill 51 . Tom McDonaugh 52. Mark Scott OKT 1 . Joanne Goldner 31 . Mike Tozer 59. Barry Pickering 2. Karen King 32. Nick Lee 60 Ann Barrow 3 Becky Moore 33 Bob Meyers 61. June Reiser 4 Lucy Caldwell 34 Sam Kelly 62. John Mullican 5 Bill Grella 35. Cart Orr 63 Linda Powell 6. Kathy Anderson 36 George O ' Connor 64 Becky Norton 7. Scon Wright 37. Tom Davis 65. Rollin 1 Jones 8 Micky McWilliams 38 Kirk Pilkington 66. Tim Roman 9 Damian Ozark 39 Coco Sigler 67. Reid Peden 10. Jimmy Powell 40. Ranger Rat 68 Terry Dickson 1 1 . Lance Smith 41. John Procter 69. Steve Jennings 1 2 Gary Williamson 42 Louise Huddleston 70 Britie Askew 13 EdGrentham Housemother 71 . Pat Houatter 14. JohnSteman 43. Janice Pietro 72 Randy Nichols 1 5. Mike Giddy 44 Scott McNees 73. Tom Wright 16. AlKean 45 Greg Faries 74. Ron Heath 17 Ricky L Beasley 46. Laura Hanson 75. Patty Witeox 18 Hal Jeanes 47. Sonny Robinson 76. Momma Neville 1 9. Kevin Simington 48 Paul Amos 77. Brian Zeringer 20. Mike Boyle 49 Z T Asger 78 Lucy Lowe 21.BenWilkey 50 Danny Meyers 79 Scott Castle 22 Mark Murchinson 51 BradRainey 80 Sonny Bowen 23 Steve Mick 52. Flash Greenlaw 81 Ray Matheny 24. John Campbell 53 Willy Browne 82 Margie Brown 25 Chuck Adams 54. Lila Vrooman 83 Red-Necka 26 Gary Shute 55 Linda Piqueat 84 F Mullet 27 Bobby Garth 56 Susan Weaver 85 MikeGibbs 28 Jim Busby 57 Brenda Taylor 86 Wayne Gray 29 Dale Allen 58 Clyde Sbravati 87 Mike Balthazar 30 Bryan Williams OK rreo 466 1 . Jim Maccorone 2. Earl Trevor 3. Jeff Navorro 4. Jockie McSwain 5. Dave Nelson 6. Martin Freering 7. Bill Curtis 8. Steve Tiptoes 9. Bear Johnson 1 0. Reed Hopkins 1 1 . Rodney Sturdivent 1 2. Woody Pringle 13. KimPatey 14. Paul Breitzman 15. Pete Franzman 1 6. Michelle McKinney 1 7. Frank Nevarro 18. Mark Linsconb 1 9. Robert Terry 20. Barry Spoonamore 21. Richie Olson 22. Charles Kimball 23. Bill Busby 1 1 . Mary Kay Holliday 29. Martha Stevens 55. Joyce Meek 2. Barbara Biggs 30. Becky Bickerstaff 56. Elaine Robinson 3. Susan Fugate 31. Robin Vincent 57. Nan Arrington 4. Jackie Garner 32. Claire Taylor 58. Celia Luckett 5. Susan McBroom 33. Valerie Soldevila 59. Pat Kitchens 6. Margaret Bryan 34. Carolyn Dean 60. Marilyn Phillips 7. Linda Christian 35. Sue Ann Gordan 61 . Kay Dunnam 8. Deborah Kaufman 36. Susan Wilson 62. Nancy Harrelson 9. Susan Bowman 37. Deborah Wood 63. Debbie Akins 10. Cathy Lundin 38. Nancy Allen 64. Ellen Crenshaw 1 1 . Bean Bennett 39. Betsy Halfacre 65. Jan Sullivan 1 2. Amaryliss Wood 40. Carroll Creed 66. La Donna Campbell 13. Joy Cooper 41. Wanda Pittman 67. Sheila Sullivan 14. Joni Faust 42. Ann Morson 68. Hedy Pennington 15. Vicki Smith 43. Nancy Jackson 69. Nancy Sherrard 16. Diane Gove 44. Sally Aiken 70. Barbara Bowen 1 7. Cherie Ramsey 45. Sally Collins 71 . Vicki Orr 1 8. Lynette Jordan 46. Jennifer Wilson 72. AnyOpperson 19. Vicki Eckles 47. Debbie Smith 73. Delynn Truett 20. Jamie Cooper 48. Ellen Williamson 74. Deborah Durham . 21 . Sara Moak 49. Sandy Koehn 75. Dana Sellers 22. Susan Sullivan 50. Connie Keathley 76. Dottie Buchanan 23. Jamie Browning 51 . Susie Haley 77. Harriet Hubbard 24. Fran Hammett 52. Jan Wilkinson 78. Marni Shideler 25. Lanie Langdon 53. Mrs. Deane Crestman 79. Kathy Bradley 26. Terry Norton housemother 80. Mary Lynn Perkins 27. Mary Claire Wilkinson 54. Cheryl Perkins 81 . Jacqui Randolph 28. Sonya Ellis M. 1 . Bobbie Rice 30. Gail Thompson 58. Becky Jennings 2. Caron Mann 3 LEIise Beckett 59. Rebecca Richardson 3. Laura Henry 32. Robert Gwaltney 60. Ann Barrow 4. Marji Breeland 33. Lolly Hicks 61. Kathy Jones 5. Rollin Jones 34. Becky Flemmons 62. Connie Chandler 6. Claire Cobb 35. Nancy Donahower 63. Leah Hurley 7. Cindy Wilson 36. Randy Hartzog 64. Becky Runyan 8. Kathy Stasiak 37. Karen Anderson 65. Carol Ann Middlebrook 9. Nanc y Pegram 38. Debbie Runyan 66. Susan Morrow , 10. Mama Pep 39. Beth Spain 67. Honey Bee Royce 1 1 1 . Faye Ritchey 40. Maria Martinez 68. Cindy Vermilya 12. Anne Perry 41 . Jeananne Vermilya 69. Betty Jean Whitaker IV 13. Bridget Schmitz 42. Patsy Williams 70. Sherri Sullivan 14. Elizabeth Hicks 43. Andy Rolvestad 71. Jamie Latture 15. Susan Sissell 44. Jennye Wilson 72. Cathy Carter 16. Kathy Orr 45. Lyn Newcomb 73. Vicki Reitano 17. Jane Holmes 46 Sandy Tice 74. Margie Cole 18. Pam Eatmon 47. Kitzi Colbert 75. Patty Denny 1 9. Charlene Lovingood 48. Nancy Martin 76. Libby Hilt 20. Katherine Williams 49. Debbie Dobbs 77. Gail Rose ( 21. JanCraddock 50. Patrica Felner 78. Martha Morehead ' 22. Cindy Doolittle 5V MaryMcPhaul 79. Susan Barry 23. Ann Huckstep 52. Jody Hallmon 80. Susan Evans 24. Susan Dulaney 53. Cathy Filson 81. Marsha Clements 25. Helen Claiborne 54. Carol Chandler 82. Georganne Searcy 26. Melzana McMillan 55. Elaine Starnes 83. Marijean Herring 27. Rita Russell 56. Beverly Barnes 84. Karen Hellmers 28. Terry Vuncannon 57. Janet Smith 85. Becky Johnson 29. Laura Simmons 1 HKA 1 . Kevin Buchanan 33. Judy Ragland 65. Patty Ryan 2. Arthur Woodside 34 Jane Rutlidge 66 Terry Dube 3 Phillip Nance 35. Cindy Vermillia 67. Catherine Hernngton 4 Rusty Graves 36. Jim Berthwick 68 Terry Blanton 5. Caren Canbell 37. Billy Russell 69 Harry Sneed 6. Cathy Fonda 38 Chuck Berry 70. Patty Shutt 7. Tom Risley 39. Randy Nichol s 71 . Billy Hardin 8. Lynn Hobert 40. Pam Curri 72. Bo Tie 9. John Lyle 41. Preston Tylie 73 Evell Hart 10. GeneHenson 42. Keith Gay 74 Tucker Walsh 1 1 . Read Phillips 43 Peggy Lynn 75 Gary Garland 12. Mike Bracken 44. Sonny Spenser 76. Love Ellen Jernigan 13 Cathy Morris 45. Peggy Lum 77. Link Hodges 14 David Kaufman 46. Moose Mauldin 78. Nancy Davidson 15. Ray Bryant 47. Linda Baily 79 Kitty Wilson 1 6. Jeanne M 48. Critter Williams 80 Ellen Chrenshaw 1 7. Danny Woods 49. Dot Scruggs 81 . Alan Hood 18 Terry Nicholas 50 Shelia Sullivan 82 Cece Janks 19. Ann Miller 51 . Mickey Gunther 83 Leanne Ming 20. Laura 52 Rusty Nosser 84. Primey Byram 21 Bob Mitchell 53 Gay Stanley 85. Vicki Orr 22. Hairy Winfield 54 Stagger Lee 86 Steve Oliver 23 Ann Lucas 55. Kelly Williams 87 Barry Meeks 24. Paul Newton 56. Mitch Colburn 88. Jo Ann Oliver 25 Enoch Walton 57 Timba Bolton 89 Mark Ford 26 Monte Fulton 58. T Pike 90 Nat Hovious 27. Read Kirkpatrick 59. Charlie lupe 91 . Carr Alexander 28 Neal Thomas 60. Phillip Pitts 92 Walter Neil 29. Mitch Mauldin 61 . Preston Campbell 93 Woody Brooks 30. Toke Fields 62. Gary Phillips 94 Doneil Burch 31 . Mike Oates 63 Tim Murphy 95. Don Ron 32. Mrs. Owen 64. Jerry Long 2AE - - - :: - - 1 Buns Pardue 25. Buddy Faulkner 47. Tal Braddock 2. Hawk Byrd 26. Mark Schandorf 48 J. R Rausch 3. Dog Harrison 27. Ron Marzette 49 Basic Clark 4. Dash McBee 28 Rick Kosman 50 Cool Howard 5 Clark Braeber 29 Bill Daniel 51 . Wally Dyke 6. Jim Walcott 30. John Bethay 52 J. W White 7. Jay Jernigan 31 . Bobby Alverez 53 Win Walcott 8 John Jandush 32 Martha Ross 54 Keys Arnold 9 Ben Grantham 33. Tom Tapley 55. Sam Young 10 BobCraddock 34. Bill Watts 56 Bolino Bowlin 11 Buddy " boy " Rice 35 Billy Bowden 57. Frank Givens 12. Bill Fan! 36 JimPegram 58. Grub Braddock 13 Bobby Tatum 37. Oscar McKnight 59 Frankie Tindall 14. Roach Ray Connell 60. Debbie Drury 1 5. Fro Grisham 38. Davie Graves 61 . The Virginia Wolf 16. Chad Clark 39 Dodd Saffold 62. Phil Nunnery 17. M.B.Allen 40 Dufus Warren 63. Jasper Smith 18. Ik Trotter 41 . Howie Smith 64 Eddie Flaut 1 9. Charles Clark 42 Edison Avent 65 Skut Holland 20. Joe Sando 43. Bogus Hayles 66 Hollywood Gadd 21 Vex Alvarez 44. Jim Weems 67. Tom Lacey 22 OpieTice 45. Chip Morgan 68 Rob Jones 23. Mike Lovelace 46 Biz Beck 69 Danny Lyons 24. Bart Smith 1 . Rod Moore 27. Kenny Collins 53 A K Tribble 2. Rick Debaheban 28. Joe Edrington 54. Rusty Marselis 3 Doug Akin 29. Luscious Lee Valentine 55. John Henry 4. Glen Cockerham 5. Sturgis Monkeith 30. Clift Odom 31.WichardWuss 56. Dennis Legate 57 Keith Everett 6 Jack Cameron 32. Ford Bailey 58. Jon Person 7. Link Hall 33. Ziggy Alexander 59 John Stone 8 Gib Ford 34. Ricky Russell 60 Flocker 9. Mike Kelly 35. Clint Guenther 61 . Matt Williamson 1 0. David McAdams 36 Bobby Moore 62. T. N. Downing 1 1 . Victor Dickson 12. Louis Harrison 37. Space Campion 38. Jay Gore 63. Big Wally 64. BigAI 1 3. Cricket Russ 39 Slance Gibbs 65 Mo Shipley 1 4. Bobby Delaughter 40. John McDonnell 66 Mike Engle 15. Mike Stanley 41 . Smack Coleman 67. Allen Ray 16. Tim Casteloerry 42. Joe Lee Anthony 68 Bubbe Worthen 1 7 Barry Canada 43. Donnie Canada 69 Steve Bailey 1 8. Hays Latham 44. Killer 70. Joe Anderson 19 Brooks Lynch 20. Jan Collins 45. Jack Hightower 46. Mike Gibbs 71 . Van Montzoy 72. John Albert Smith 21 Commodore Sweat 47. Jack Sauer 73. Fred Neil Johnston 22 Bob Barnes 48. Hat Sims Guenther 23. Jim Wright 49 Steve Thompkins 74. Sammy Haskell 24 Breath Terry 50. Greg Barnard 75. Bubba Cope 25 Bandaid Koon 26 John Milner 51 . Big Al Pritchard 52 Cheap Shot 76. Henry Flemming 467 2OE 1 . Walter Thatcher 27. Roland Price 54 Joe Moak 2. Craig Britt 28 Larry Boatright 55. Ronnie Stimpson 3. Jim Jerman 29. Tommy Scott 56. Greg Hartsough 4. Nat Prestage 30. Scotty Tallant 57. Bill Haywood 5. Willie Morris 31. Norman Gillis 58 Mike Park 6. Larry Love 32. Lanny Mitchell 59. Billy Pollard 7. Matt Lights 33. J. T. Ray 60. Charles Gillis 8. Gordon Thompson 34. Jack Wohrman 61. Ethan Pope 9. David Westfaul 35. Earle Burkley 62. Arthur Bradley 10. Chuck Steen 36. Mark Monts 63. Wally Rushing 1 1 . Eugene Tolbert 37. Steve Bramlitt 64. Eddie Moak 12. Ross Hankins 38. Bones Curtis 65. Owen Hartness 13. Nelson Campany 39. Mark Walton 66. Kenn Beeman 14. Bryan Hawkins 40. Mac Allgood 67. Paul Murphree 1 5. Gene Vause 41. John Jones 68. Pooch 16. Kent Carpenter 42. Sam Keeley 69. Tad Geddie 1 7. Steve Ursec 43. BigAI 70. Roy Kellum 1 8. Raymond Yates 44. Scarecrow 71 . Scott Smith 19. Bill Burke 45. Bruce Leasure 72. Carter Hutchins 20. Howard Woodyard 46. Jeff Hammond 73. Tommy Yeager 21. " Who Farred That 47. Randy Fortier 74. Jimmy Burkhalter ShoP " 48. Ron Pruet 75. Bill Geralds 22 Ernest Cameron 49. Chip Kerth 76 Ross Polk 23. Chuck Trayal 50. Steve Henderson 77. Skip Clark 24. Alan Greene 51. Cancer 78. John Peel 25. Hal Liddell 52. Philip Furr 79. Ronnie Roberts 26. Walt McArthur 53. Mom 1. JimCurrie 2. Jim Bond 3. Barry Ferguson 4. Roger Rhodes 5. Doug Moore 6. Charley DeViney 7. Means Johnson III 8. Tom Mize 9. Benny Carter 10. PeteBloss 11. John Sill 12. Ann Wheeler 13. Wayne Karcher 14. Deborah Price 15. Bill Buran 16. Alex Wade 17. Art Cox 1 8. Mike Bowen 468 ZTA - 1 . Letitia Beard 24. Toni Campbell 47. Claudia Haick 2. Kathy Anderson 25. Debbie Rhea 48. Alecia Stafford 3 Stephanie Huff 26. Elizabeth Lyon 49. Mary Johnson 4. Kim Melberg 27. Melissa Perry 50 Patty Albritton 5 Nancy Newton 28. Ten Richardson 51 . Maureen Witt 6 Babs Da vies 29. Mitzi Bailey 52. Tern Bell 7. Anne Leslie 30. Nina Smith 53. Cindy Camp 8 Betsy Osbrun 31 . Julie Bigger 54. Mindy Simpson 9. Lauren Childress 32. Patsy Primrose 55. Ann Wilson 1 0. Debbie Stepp 33. Libby Fleming 56 JaneSikora 1 1 . Joy Dorroh 34. Patty Ragsdale 57. Diane Collins 12. MariamMarr 35. Karen Jackson 58. Laura Hanson 1 3. Laurie Marriam 36. June Cochran 59. Sherrye Jenkins 14. Cheryl Alford 37. Linda White 60 Andrea Smith 15 Margie Brown 38. Manlyn Carpenter 61 Kay Pickard 16. Sondra Scibilia 39. Karen Hooker 62 Becky Brown 17. Molly Webb 40. Judy Plunk 63 Sara George 1 8. Kathleen Baker 41 Cathy Tidwell 64. Martha Jean Tigrett 19 Genecite Watts 42. Dawn Hundley 65. Matlene Lougue 20. Cathy Smith 43 Becky Hilton 66. Joni Ragsdale 21 . Bonnie Jean Arnold 44 Debbie Pierce 67. Karla Kolb 22. Cathy Campbell 45. Susan Fatheree 68. Pam Williams 23. Kathi Beard 46 Chen Davis MClub 1 . Lingle 2 McClure 3. Terry 4. Valentine 5 Whittington 6 Ross 7 Ray 8. Mahoney 9. Park 10 Ball 1 1 . Graber 12. Jorden 13. Hudson U.Walker 15 Starr 16. Prttman 1 7. Lyons 1 8. Pearson 19. Bressl 20. Markow, P. 21 Mason 22 Bailess 23. Hall 24. Kilpatrick 25 Gaddes 26 Ross 27 McLeod 28 Gunter 29. Weese 30. Allen 31 . Lavinghouse 32 Arnold 33 Hofer 34 Markow. G. 35 Russell 36. Long 37. Hartsough 469 470 974 Ole Miss Staff Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Gail Childress Assistant Editor: Glen Ballard Business Manager: Rick Gernert Assistant Business Manager: Whitt Johnson Contracts: Bobby Carson Academics: Honors: Genecille Watts Organizations: Features: Kay Brand Cheri Carter Sports Writer: Craig Eversde Greeks: Laurie Marriam Debbie Rhea Aggregation: Randy Noel Classes: Sara George Cathy Tidwell Advertisements: KimGinchos Phill Ruff Artist: Joy Dorrah Chief Photographer: Ken Faulkner Professional Photographer: Walt Mixon 471 J auren Gail Childress tditor-in-Chief 1 974T) e Miss r ! . i I 1

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