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' , ' - ? . ;mher 5, 1971 ?ar Mom p-ot down here late yesterday afternoon and have checked into mv room successfully. I know your surprised I ' ve navigated this far without a major mishap, but it looks as though T ' ve been v ell trained. Mv room is East Towers 215. I can ' t describe how great looking the camnus is, after one visit T had forgotten how much of Mother fj atnre is still evident. The trees show no sipns of autumn, and although the weather is a little warm, it is verv comfortable, since I do have air condi- tioning in my (fform. The canrous isn ' t too binr, of course, but it ' s laid out well so that at any time you can be fairly close to epen scaces - for example there ' s a huge grove, and another smaller area like it, and a lot of woods and all so you can get awa r from all the nice brick buildings when vou feel like you want to. I will be glad when fall does arrive, I ' ll bet it looks even better. My rommate (or is it ' roomate ' ?) seems to be a pretty nice pruy. His name is Tad Lawrence and he ' s from Meadvi lie, Mississippi which is but then T pruess everybody is T got here before he did and somewhere. He ' s a little bit different, to some extent. He ' s friendly at least, had all my things moved in when he arrived. The first thing he did was to sit down and get a bottle of bourbon out of his suitcase and hide it and about three more under hi? bed. Never fear, Mother, I wouldn ' t touch a drop of the stuff (Heaven forbid, it ' s against t h e rule s!). He seeme d verv pleased with himself - he feels like he ' s getting away with something, this is his form of protest, I suppose. I can see some late night trips to the ,john with him sroune:. Just call me Florence. He sys 100% of the students un here drink, i not moor (i ' rett witty, isn ' t he?) IT ' s not that they drink that much, bu 4 - they anticipate it so eage-ly that that it doesn ' t take much to get them drunk since they ' re already half-hi h before they start .lust on the snirit of the thinr. The guy, his rirl, the game -:nd the bottle - v hoopeeee! Mv roommate has already told me three times to pret started fretting a date for the game three weeks the real dogs have already been skked to certainly a large proportion of erood loo UP here. from now. Apparently all but the first two. There is :-. inpr t l rrre proportioned pirl a place called Kiame a real but it roller what I rush starts My P.O. box alace. The food was tasty After 1 that we went to the was better than playing the pin skating. Oxford may turn out to to say the least, but sh ow wni c h wa sn ' t pt ei 11 machines, too -li " -, or be a tad dull, if you know I ' m not her e to have a ?ood time, am I? veil, earlv, so I better qa ' it. I ' ll write again soon, is 7603 and I ' m right next to a :ood looking girl (or mean. But then tomorrow ' chick ' as they ' re called here) so I ' ll be checkin reoly frequently. . I. How ' bout a t.v.? on vour Love , Fred (September 17)... I ' m glad rush is finally over. At first I enjoyed meeting all of the people, but as the week wore on I began to fade. My hand hurt from all of the handshakes, the names ran by me unheard, and I got tired of all the sincere inter- est from all the ' frat cats ' . The water turned into punch by the second party, and by the third I was being walked around with someone ' s hand on my back, a coke in one hand, and with smooth words flowing into ay weary ear. I was told ten times that this was the most important decision of my life. All of the people here are really ' sharp ' dressers. I think that the boys are more fashion conscious than the girls. The ' in thing now is to be fashion- ably hippie. Hair should be over ears and colar but not too long; wire-rims are a Bust; moust- aches are good but beards are a little too muchj sandals or hushpuppies do for shoes. In order to be with it you have to have a bike and knapsack on your back. I ' m not sure, but some say that some carry an unwarranted weed in the knapsacks. Nasty knapsacks. Concerning the ' weed ' , it seems that even some of our fin, genteel Southern belles are smoking the stuff. And all in the privacy of their ante-bellum sorority houses. I ' m sure they are reveling in their new-found freedom. - - , 12 14 15 16 flllCIGflRtmS4J fllLCfiRTOHS ' J.90 - SH a CHICK - PUT : j Mi 17 (Oct. 23)... Classes have been going well, at least I think they have. I have done pretty well on al 1 of my tests so far. The bestt thing about Ole Miss that I ' ve seen so far is that you can get to know your professors, you ' re more than Just a seat assignment. Most of the tea- chers here are good, although I do have a couple of boring ones. I guess there will always be bad apples. Case in point (about getting to be friends): the other night, Friday, three other guys and I went over to my philosophy professors house and had dinner with him and his wife. The other three have had him in a couple of courses and naturally knew him better than I did, but I do have hi n for Intro- duction to Philosophy, I imagine that I learned more over at his house that night than I ' ve learned so far all semester. There is really an advantage as far as learning is concerned in beings friends with your teacher. 18 , (Nov. 15).... I8ve come to know how much I don ' t know, which is, after all, a good thing to know, which at first glance might look witty or original, but comes very close to being camp. At any rate, I have, until now, considered myself at least normally intelligent, in regard to the fact that I rate intelligence largely by literacy, " What have you read? " " Who is the older brother of the BRothers Karamazov? " What I am trying to say is that I have always felt myself to be above average as far as my range of reading is concerned, and though I still think I am above average I also consider myself JSf greatly lacking, almost approaching illiteracy. I don ' t know a damn lot more than I do know. I am sure that this will always be the case - at least it ' s true of everyone I ' ve met here so far, or any- where for that matter. But perhaps I can put a dent in that vast unknown. By the way - " knocked out " and " too much, man " are ' in ' right now. But in two weeks the sharp people will stop using them because they are being used too 188 often. Simultaneously they will look down their noses at anyone who does use these phrases (such use immediately labels the unfor- tunates as being unsharp) and also smoothly pick up a couple more. Two weeks ago it was ' together 1 and ' really nice 1 . There will be a splinter group, by the way, who will righteously keep using the " perfectly good words ' to show that they are above fads and trends, but still the whole thing is con- trolled by ego. It ' s a big ego trip (that ' s in now, too), all of it. Sincere detachment is the way out or is that ' far out 1 ? at any rate I think I ' m going to do my term paper in English 102 " The Significance of Speech Patterns at Ole Miss as Reflected in Dormitory and Fraternity B.S. " It ' ll have charts and cycles and it ' ll be neat. Right Arm, Farm Out, etcete r a (with a hard ' c) - 19 (Jan. 12) .. .I ' m sorry I haven ' t written sooner, but I ' ve been studying hard. Christmas was great and thanks for the money. You won|t believe it, but I Still have some left. I may not even be overdrawn this month. My studying is coming along pretty well, but I ' m scared of my finals next week. I ' ll be glad when they ' re over; that seems ages and ages from now. Everyone( almost everyone) stays up all night before their exams cramming after -taking a dex (a stim- ulant) to keep them awake. Don ' t worry though, I ' ve got something tetter to keep me awake. . .fear! ! 20 21 I - 22 ...0 4, do you r Mab r the wei .- :ouT8 I sizr.e:: -i fir. Veil : ' = spite - like Bine ther --ad I am ir , ao i x-r:- : ing --e noo- r? ra to ' resli- rar ey -.STB beer neglected. Por XBL- are soae tojH-r.otsr. ' iron aen 9 tO compete on n ir.ter -varsity level but cannot get : r our siall but tough band ot - re maierous T, -:-. ' _ " . has really been . 1 put thea 7 ke Bore conscious of 23 24 25 27 28 29 30 tet waraer. T-atirts aod I suppose. The v- are ;r-- -rai Somwtiilng has cor .aple - .-ild r P ct your opinion on tie att r. As you know, 37 ester tat Ml good, :c. And I know you want me to i- Booor r ind ever (A n) aod ac ft t en n.cir.a ei to several co Bit- --.ity ukd in the ASB fstxident body ere : 3 be ing ' grooved rt. You see. people nere r ev ' re -ey ' ve been OB ?) wbat :.-ae, and r. ; - - - M -s to wort OB the other are ftfr numerous roeir tior.s aivi posi- : r two reasons to Opiy with - seer. Bad this year. 1 6e a good reesor. to grt reasons - 1 - - ook good oo -i do soethiTig wortbwr . aa sayir.r is this- Do you want s - -SB, or would yo- -s? Tou Blgiit sa , I agree. novledge I grades are : : - i --iy. :r a nooody RON NY A YOUR VICE PRE 31 32 33 I (Apr. 9)... There ' s a strange situation which exists up here, or at least it seems strange to me. You rarely see blacks and whites walking and talking together, eexcept inside class. Other than that we go our separate ways for the most part, and little is done by either side to promote friendship and ALL of that. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between. The term " angry young black " applies to so many here at OleMisss. They seem belligerent, suspicious, and always real tense not that I can ' t understand why they ' re that way, I would no doubt be the same way if I was at a school with 90 blacks - but at least it seems that they would welcome friendship. I guess all the years of persecution - which is still practised to a large extent (don ' t kiH yourself) have brought blacks a built-in defense mechanism. At any rate, what we have at OleMiss is co-existence, not integration. It ' s funny, but that word seems awfully antiquated. r , - Bother and Nuisance- Hell is paved with good intentions By Patricia Fawcett .Bother and Nuisance Philosophy brings despair By Patricia K. Fawcett 1 Re: The Ayn Rand Letter I really do not like atheists as a rule. They mind me of spoiled children who are ac- lally mad at God because He will not do as icy tell Him! I cannot agree with Ayn Rand, lerefore, on religious ground, but I do agree ith her economic philosophy. And I agree ith her when she says that " It is ideas that ve brought us to our present state ' it is only eas that can take us out. " Ayn Rand is the authoress of a newsletter, ' he Ayn Rand Letter, " that is worthy of the tention of scholars. She opts for a Devolution " in the name of reason, egoism id individualism. The " flier " advertising the " Ayn Rand jtter " asks that you look at the world around f Pj " In the name of the ' public interest, ' .litical pressure groups are fighting over |io must be sacrificed to whom. " The mark of today ' s intellectual is the ial of the intellect. The mark of the ucated is four-letter words, inarticulate inds and the appearance of a savage in ess. " The government fails in its primary duty: le protection of citizens from attack by ysical force at home and abroad. While the izens are left unprotected aeainst a rising V I defense are shrinkinggrowing sums of money are being poured into subsidized are or the protection of animals in ' ecological ' sanctuaries. " Today ' s so-called rebels are conformists who have accepted every basic principle of the Establishment: Mysticims Altruism- Collectivism. " When an entire generation, the world ' s youth, brought up on those ideals, has turned to drugs, it is time to question the ideals. Men who have found the right way of life do not seek to obliterate their own consciousness. Drugs are not an escape from social or political problems, but from an unbearable inner state. " Ayn Rand is correct when she asks who is the actual rebel today. Can it be the man who advocates the obliteration of the mind? Could it be the man who advocates the selfless dissolution of the individual? Is it not, perhaps, the man who opts for the supremacy or reason, and " the right of an individual to exist for his own sake? " The Hubert Humphreys, Senators Kennedy and Harris of this world adhere to an ole- tashioned collectivist heresy that has lorig since been discarded by the thinkers ' of this poor earth. Students should think twice before falling for the socialist ' s nhilosonhv. 1 1 My Dear Editor: I address this note to you and your staff who compiled the 1 November issue of the Daily Mississippian : Mr. Kriehn, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Sonny Bowen, and Miss Beth Mit- chell. You are too young, of course, to have heard of " the gentlemen of the Press. " Sisley Huddleston, British journalist and author of " France, The Tragic Years " , said that true journalism died in 1939. You were given poor advice and direction when you were As a ; T . tending the pres on can speaker my chile to prompted to attack your fellow students, the Greeks, in such a spoil-sport manner. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Sincerely, Patricia K. Fawcett P.S.-I cannot imagine a gentleman accepting the advertisement for Kudzu. Ed. Note: Three out of the four above-mentioned Daily Mississippian staffers are Greeks.) Dear Editor: I would be less than a man if I did not protest the presence of Charles Evers on the Ole Miss campus at the invitation of the Black Student Union, and at the invitation of the Ole Miss School of Law. I am lodging this protest as an Olp Miss nrnfpssnr as the acknow; themaj ' children le same w. the bulk he body fee! to .their s being sul ec posure. 1 ir outside s ;er : invited to ir? people, tt 1 r should be et Charles E As a lay. being ta r a univer itself av a man v. as that pc Evers. Int: which 1 up degraded IE As a tai er like to kw hy cases, spe ' s allowed i as we wf.oi candidate p and, now ai candidate: p is allowed .s pus? Sincerely John R. R e lo you ears. ' students at- I protest Carles Evers ' a an invited fcys I do not send Jllege for the i UK ' ' " ' Nj xposed to an J All ::..- 3i. p. I feel that g, of tosf |irents having I -the cLreliss feel the I think that student or of it-: v.y in regard .OK ail girl friends :c;jdto such ex- x: rtl feel that if r are to be s our young :e: ioil standards r han those of your Aidl, I protest ie support of ' ' : - . viich makes ;r ' . 8 a forum for c ground such e by Charles I e university port being ; " - -.: us manner. in. :.; ersl would also ;olthf ifejowin some past Daily . " .., s hve not been rs art jjj iws because, -, . oi they were ' : pvtical " office; arls Evers, a " -pctical office. - - : ' . : spak on cam- i ; Bother and Nuisance Silencing the opposition If M I By Patricia K. Fowcett J " In the world today, gen- tlemen, a great thing is dying- it is truth. Without a certain margin of tranquility, truth succumbs. " Jose Ortega y Gasset, Dehumanization of Art (1925). Fortunately, there has been a degree of tranquility at Ole Miss, enough, at least for some of the young scholars to complete some interesting and valuable studies. Dr. Landon, for example, has had one book published, and, I understand that he is working on another which deals with troubled Ireland. Dr. Cooke of the History Department has at this moment a paper at the Sor- bonne in Paris where it is being argued by French scholars, and he has a book being published in England. Dr. Swartzbaugh, the author of several articles which have been published in Mankind Quarterly, Edin- burgh, Scotland, is being considered for a grant in order to do a study of the divisions in our presentday societies; that is, to search the underlying problems of Catholic vs Protestant in Ireland, Walloons vs Flemish in Belgium, the so-called Separatists in Scotland, Quebec, and even in Jackson, Mississippi, etc. women and children. " Legal " action will prevent themplus the fact that our men are kept in a state of turmoil trying to fight inflation, taxes, and the rising cost of living. Our homes are being destroyed by the child-care centers, the new religion, secular humanism, that is being taught in our public school, so-called " sex- e due at ion " and the under- mining of parental autho rity which is being tau ght by our churches. Read the article on the front page of the October 4, 1971, issue of the Clarion Ledger for a clear picture of the socialization of America through child-care centers. Read the October 4, 1971, issue of The Daily Mississippian on the " liberation " of women. Women of America will be " liberated " communist style. How stupid can we be to fall for the phoney language of the left, where noone gets fired but they are just not re-hired. Women are liberated from their com fortable homes and forced into factories where they work from du sk to dawn or dawn to dusk and then try to take care of what is left of the once comfortable home. Freedom in the language of the left means that you are free to steal, cheat, take, as long as the taxpayers foot the bill. As John Stuart Mill said, a true liberal never persecutes a conservative. Are there any true liberals in the Uni ted States of America today? -Bother and Nuisance Enslaved world T-Bother am By Patricia K. Fawcett- I am knowledgeable on the subjects: Women, Children, The Roman Catholic Faith, and Anti-Communism. My enemies are against women, children, doctrinally sound Roman Catholics; and they are anti-anti-Communists. Two negatives still make an affirmative. I do not intend to defend myself against the spoil-sports. They do not play the game of life according to God ' s natural laws. Their science and tactics are smear, ridicule, and equivocation. I have no Salaams to the chs the Department of Sp Theatre and to the Helen Kellum for ch produce Noel C comedy, " Blithe Spi brought fun, wit, and an otherwise ratl November week-end It was not really tended on the O campus. But or remember that Spirit " was written ii a time when the Bril living through e difficult months. Anc time when beauty, charm were still chei the English speaking The cult of the ugly theatre of propaga taken over the enter world. According Mindszenty Repc November, 1971, and " The Hollywood R over 90 percent American ' s learni perience comes by w and the motion pi Movies can distort turn fiction into fact, types of sexual acti perversion as t American or capit They can portray the the world ' s numt villian, propagand t me at first and then made me sad. The Hare Krishna movement finally made it to Ole Kiss (I think it hit the west coast 2 or 3 years ago). Anyway, the Vo guys who were passing out literature were unusually garbed, their heads w ere shaved, and XXXXXKXXiGGpQUH the whole bit. I caught myself chuckling at first then for some reason (remember the book Stranger in a Strange Land) I decided that I wasn ' t being fair " -and certainly not kind. The inevitable took place a crowd gathered and people actually amused them- selves at the expense of these two fellows. I ' m sure some will say the two enjoyed the attention, martyrdom, etc. But I think the incident reflects a basic injustice that takes place whenever a strange person enters a new environment. I ' ve been guilty of the same type of persecution but it ' s just so senseless. Why the need to ridicule? Maybe I ' m reading too much into the whole thing. Anyway, as long as we ' re discussing sad subjects the year is almost over and I really can ' t believe how fast it ' s gone by. As unusual as I ' ve told you this place is, I+e really come to... I _ ' III " i " 45 46 - In the 20 years since Tom Mines came to Ole Miss, he has worked intimately with scores of students solving problems, scheduling activities, discussing matters of policy, and representing the student interest on many committees. As the retired Associate Dean of the Division of Student Personnel and Director of Student Activities, Mr. Mines has devoted 44 years to Mississippi public education. The distinctive manner in which he blended problem solving with personal inter-action endeared Mr. Mines to students, faculty, and administration. Few people have given themselves as sincerely, as consistently, and as loyally to the betterment of this University, and for these reasons we are dedicating the 1 972 Ole Miss to him. sas -. A K m 4 A J ' Q , ARE EARTHS R4DIO EARTHS 49 c 0) E U) 1 the chancellor Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Jr. " Chancelloring " has many facets students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, the Board of Trustees, members of the Legislature, the general public, the academic program, athletic program, fund raising, the physical plant. Chancellor Fortune ' s hopes for the year 1971-1972 include stacks for the library, ground-breaking for the new Student Union, and the beginning of Phase I of the Cultural Center. 53 administration = = Dr. W. Alton Bryant Vice Chancellor Dr. Kenneth L. Wooten Director of Admissions and Records Dr. Bela |. Chain, Jr. Registrar Dr. George M. Street Director of Development " ' I -, r- " Hfc - Mr. Richard M. Popernik Director of Campus Security Mr. John W. White Director of the Physical Plant Department 54 } Dr. Franklin E. Moak Dean of Student Personnel Mrs. Margaret H. Lodwick Dean of Women Mr. Bobby A. Towery Director of Student Activities Mr. James B. Jones Assistant Director of Student Activities Miss Judith D. Trott Panhellenic Advisor Mr. Whitney D. Stuart Assistant to the Dean of Student Personnel 55 Seated-Left to Right: Dr. Malcolm Mette Roberts, Mr. Leon Lowery, Mr. Thomas Newell Turner, Mr. William Orlando Stone, Mr. Paul Haynes, Mr. Ira Lamar Morgan. Standing-Left to Right: Dr. Verner Smith Holmes, Mrs. Sylvia Thorton, Secretary, Dr. Robert Cecil Cook, Mr. William Millard Shoemaker, Mr. Arthur Boswell Stevens, Mr. Milton Brister, Mr. Henry Hederman, Dr. Edsel E. Thrash, Executive Secretary. Not Pictured: Mr. William Henry Mit- chell. 56 Bill Reed, President of the Associated Student Body I 57 Ill ASB Cabinet for 1971-72. First Row: Charles Ware, Ronnie Aldridge, Wayne Hengen, Sonny Hartzog, John Henegan. Second Row: Buddy Bynem, Keith Aldridge, Dotsie Graham, Debbie Pace, Chippy Morgan, Bill Cole, Roger Wicker, Jody Jager. A maximum effort to increase the student rights and student services was the keynote of Associated Student Body President Bill Reed ' s 1971-72 program. In directing their efforts toward contemporary students ' problems and their position in society, Reed and the cabinet sought to do more than " merely sponsor pep rallies and dances. " New programs included a student legal bar, legal standards handbook and off campus legal representation. In one area of student services work was done to establish a coopera- tive bookstore, a free university, and active participation in voter regis- tration and dormitory revitalization. The A.S.B. film series, a teacher course evaluation, homecoming, the Miss University Pageant, and Dixie Week were other student services provided by the 1971-72 A.S.B. Jim Kitchens President of the Campus Senate 58 I, r - President: Vice-President: Bill Reed Jimt4 itcriens X . . _ v!ji % Daily M ississippian Vol. LX No. 33 University, Mississippi Friday, October 29, 1971 Mississippi ' s only campus daily It s that time again. . . Reed names liason office A shuffle within the Associated Studen )dy Cabinet was announced today by AS1 lent Bill Reed. Th change ' included the resignation c irector of university relations Sonny Hart ; However, the Memphis junior was iir diately appointed to fill the post of AS! Executive- Legislative Liasion Officer. Hi ppointment still must Ira approved by th ' ampus Senate. " Sonny was asked to resign because ought I could better use h is abilities an lents as ASB Legislative Liasion Officer, leed said. Hartzog ' s new duties include representing eed in the Senate and. explaining the jresidents ' s position on matters of debate here. He will be consulted, Reed said, befc my bills passed by the Senate are signed Reed also said that X)st would be named fft meet tl . Tim Kriehn Editor o their hometowns to vote. Concert ssion eet in its first 3 in ' Anderson ; of the Senate ng, and mem- ommittees will is, ASB Vice- ire also on the is a resolution ision of classes jdents to travel on gross cl By BERKLEY HUDS Managing Editor Ix cal law enforcement officials, ar and charged him with sale of marij cording to Glen Alderson, Lafayette Lucy, a freshman in the School Jackson, was released after his arr county attorney said. The case origin county authorities but University pol nesday night search of Lucy ' s room Charged with a felony, Lucy is av hearing and will be bond over to the in March. Alderson said. The county attorney said he could details on the case at this time. Last May a total of 14 students w of either possession or sale of illegal i given to two of theise 14 during the ' , county Grand Jury proceedings. A state law signed in effect this year marijuana either a felony or misder the nature of the crime. 1 tomorrow mcert will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. in in Gautier of the Coalition for Progress nas: : $ ker jacks from Jackson will be featured along 8 t other groups. Tickets are 50 cents advance and:? ae door. The Coalition is spon: ilso announced a Coalition ht at 7 in the basement of the Sparky Reardon Associate Editor Associate taitor upen rush f All KEEP TOP CLOSED BoBo Champion Business Manager ins vi By KEN RECTOR Staff Writer Margaret Price, Associated Women Students president, disclosed this week -that her, organization is definitely planning to start a ' drive for a visitation program in the men ' s dorms. The AWS has ruled out visitation in the girl ' s dorms based on a survey taken last spring in which a majority of the girls voted against visitation for their dorms. . " We would like to work with the ASB and the Coalition for Progress in visitation, " Miss Price continued. The AWS chief also emphasized, " We want all the students to realize that -we are not an old-fashioned, con- servative group anymore, but rather an organization for the 70 ' s and for progress at Ole Miss. " Although dorm visitation is somewhat of a foreign expression to most Ole Miss students and faculty members, it is rapidly becoming an important issue for this year. " At the present time we have no plans for a visitation setup in the dorms , " commented Dean of Women Mrs. Margaret Lodwick. " I " " ' " terested in open m " the Office of Student M im Building. A H n Berkley Hudson Managing Editor the no hours dorm. y voted itinued. or of dvised obably y most y those igs in at the edon a . ca ' e of imprs dire Binf housir of it no if doubt would because educatior " I ' m not against it and definitly do not believe it is " morally wrong, tlOWPVPF I fnrocoa I -.I r t " If believi two initory to iss ge Lee Lucy- from i bond t h ' Ved- There will be an important i neeting of the Independent ' Students ' Organization tonight . Acting Chairman Pat : is said the meeting was i e ! to discuss the ISO role in upcoming events on campus. The meeting will be held in Connor Hall, room 121 at 6: 30 Any students interested will be welcome. nxanna boulder homecoming queen Fawcet Top BOOKS on THE EXORCIST, Blatty. THE OTHER, Tryon. THE DRIFTERS, Michener. THE PASSIONS OF THE MIND, Stone. THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Forsyth. I did not protest the prese of Charles Evers on the Miss campus at the invita of the Black Student Un and at the invitation of the Miss School of .Law. I am lodging this protes an Ole Miss professor, as father of three students No hours; ?s protes ' ace to go Steve Bailey Features Editor v.-i,,, ........ uO Bobby Miller, Beta Kitty Walker, AOPi to Jim Herndon, ATO Sharon Warren, AOPi to Mike Lovelace, SAE Laura Lee Rowland, AOPi to, George Harrell, Delta Jessica Shields, AOPi to John Flowers, Delta Psi Pam Plunkett, AOPi to Jimmie Fowler, KS Hnsrnmh Pi Phi t-n Mr - io.i Berown KS egm The ' today . Room Stud cases i eek and second floors ent to each?: - e coeds No hours tition Buddy Bynum AA home . s r?. E r._ -ontes 3ob r o an ' t Bha He ex ard of 1.. , ve of vi Monday for - ' the 1972 Ole Miss put to amakeppoinnnt Jd vote a, specific times and thereby because 1 avoid long lines. Students have to may sign up for times and Miss coeds filed last night as or the title of Homecoming their hats into the ring are e. Linda Ritchey and Rita -. The election w-ill be held y and the 1971 Homecoming be crowned at halftime during the Ole Miss- Vanderbik football game on October 23. Mis ' s Pacq; a?smember of Kappa Delta to sorority, is a junior ftpm Memphis. She is for presently serving a s a varsity cheerleader, and as executive secretary of the ASB. She A member of Delta Delta Delta. Miss Ford Smith Graphics Editor 111 annual, Stonebreaker is from Akron. Ohio, an an elementary education major. Th year old senior was a member of Homecoming court last year and presently serving as M-Club sweethe Miss Ritchey is a 20 year-old Eng major from Clarksdale and is a membt Pi Beta Phi sorority. She was a membe Angel Flight. CWENS, and was chosei Derby Day Queen. A 250-pound stone, .dubbed Roxa Boulder , has beenk mentioned ;f possible write-in cantiidali; Further details on the election wil released by the Election Commission later date. AWS Cabinet for 1971-72. First Row: Margaret Hook, Cindy Carr, Sharon Beasley. Second Row: Margaret Price, Cathy Griffin, Gig! Gould, Beverly Yandell. Under the leadership of President Margaret Price, the 1 971 -72 Associated Women Students worked to provide broadened bene- fits for Ole Miss coeds. Through its various committees, the group worked on such projects as scholarship in the dorms, a " Women ' s Lib " (local information bulletin) handbook, and weekly articles of interest to women in The Mississippian. A sex symposium and the accomplishment and successful op- eration of a self-regulated hours program for women students were two of the groups accomplishments. Margaret Price President of the Associated Women Students 62 Dr. Maeburn B. Honeycutt School of Liberal Arts Dr. Parham H. Williams, Jr. School of Law Dr. Robert E. Blount University Medical Center deans Dr. Joseph Sam Graduate School Dr. Karl Brenkert, Jr. School of Engineering Dr. Wallace Guess School of Pharmacy Dr. Ben B. McNew School of Business Administration Dr. Sylvester A. Moorehead School of Education 63 " This means that it is just possible that a freshman physics student can become a valuable and contributing colleague of his teacher. " Dr. William Hal Furr Department of Philosophy and Religions A system which encourages the " omnipotence " of the teacher too often fosters the intellectual " impotence " of the student to the detriment of each. The retort that the teacher is the expert and the student must defer makes a travesty even of those subjects which pride themselves in presenting so-called " hard core facts. " It is time that men and women in the humanities remind those in the sci- ences that the sanctity of objective factuality is essential- ly interpretation based on presupposition. The best scien- tists are sophisticated enough to know this. This means that it is just possible that a freshman physics student can become a valuable and contributing colleague of his teacher. To challenge the likelihood of this assertion misses the point, for this can happen in any discipline with those who are able and who work hard. One of the most serious tragedies of the student-teacher dichotomy is that those called " teachers, " often too sel- dom study, while those called " students, " too seldom question. When the student does not work and question, the one called teacher can perpetuate a debilitating hege- mony which can hardly be challenged. Both are trapped in a pattern of mediocrity which is deadly for each. The extraneous criterion of compulsory class attendance and the artificiality of grade quantification then easily take over. To the extent that this reward and punishment syndrome grows, the possibility of creativity vanishes. V 64 } school of arts and sciences ln lieu of the conventional catalog description of each of the eight schools, the 1972 Ole Miss selected a panel consisting of the President of ODK (George Fair), the President of Mortar Board (Gala Kimbriel), and the President of Phi Eta Sigma (John Studdard), who in turh chose a representative faculty member from each of the schools to write essays for the yearbook. We hope you enjoy the selections. 65 school of law 66 ) : " There are those today who complain that the Bill of Rights provides too great a measure of protection of persons accused of crime that its proscriptions occasionally operate to immunize the guilty from punishment. These complaints may well by true; but there-in lies the genius of the American experiment in criminal justice. " Dr. Parham H. Williams, Jr. School of Law The framers of the American republic were well aware of the injustices and the oppressions that are the inevitable fruit of absolutism in government. As colonials, they had suffered the indignities and outrages of military searches and had witnessed the drunhead trials of those suspected of anti-royalist activities. Therefore, in drafting their basic governing document they were careful to include a series of safeguards for individual liberty. These safeguards, embodied as the first ten amendments to the Constitution, operate to protect the American citizen from arbitrary, unde- served punishment by his government. In testual form this Bill of Rights is unpretentious, expressed in less than 500 words, but in substance it incorporates the essential values of the Anglo-American experience. Its terse prohibi- tions of unreasonable arrests and searches and of compelled self-incrimination its guarantees of free speech and assembly, of trial by jury and of the right to counsel and its demand that no man be punished without due process of law, express the ultimate flowering of ideals that first drew breath on the green meadow of Runnymded almost six centuries earlier. There are those today who complain that the Bill of Rights provides too great a measure of protection to persons accused of crime that its proscriptions occasionally operate to immunize the guilty from punishment. These complaints may well be true; but therein lies the genius of the American experiment in criminal justice. The central force of law is the character of the people who devise it and are served by it. Our American character has appropriated massive values from the English experience and from our own 200-year struggle to shape a nation from primal wilderness. These values have been distilled into an essential belief that the individual is indeed possessed of " certain inalienable rights " that are worthy of protection. Accordingly, we assume as a basic premise that one accused of crime is innocent. From this premise we logically require the government to bear the burden of proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt; and the procedural protections embodied in the Bill of Rights insure that the accused will be treated fairly at every stage of his case. Mr. Justice Frankfurter once observed " The history of liberty has largely been the history of observance of procedural safeguards. " To abridge any one of our constitutional protections would be to risk an enlargement of governmental power over the individual and a consequent diminution of personal liberty a risk no one of us should be willing to take. 67 " The total number of patients who received a heart transplant is about 170, and close to 90% of those patients died. " Tetsuzo Akutsu, M.D. Department of Surgery Heart transplantation boom which prevailed all over the world just a few years ago has now completely ceased. All runners in this field in the United States, except one, have dropped out. The total number of patients who received a heart transplant is about 170, and close to 90% of those patients died. It is rejection that is responsi- ble for such a high mortality rate. However, problems involved are not only unfavor- able immunological reaction. Others are procurement of healthy hearts, preservation of hearts, moral, ethical, legal, and religious problems. Then what will be the prob- lems with artificial hearts which are still in the experimental stage? They are materi- als in relation to durability and nonthrombogenicity, and implantable energy sour- ces. In spite of many unsolved problems, the fact that about ten patients, with heart transplants, some of them still living, had survived for more than two years should be born in mind. The dawn of the artificial heart in clinical application may start with its temporary use on a patient who is waiting for a donor heart. The artificial heart may eventually be superior to heart transplantation when ideal materials be- come available. However, such a time may not come in the predictable future. 68 ) school of medicine and nursing 69 graduate school 70 } " There is an irony about such advanced research. Through it, the chemists have taught us to poison our air and water, the biologists to wipe out whole species, the physicists perhaps to destroy all life. " Dr. Charles E. Noyes Department of English The Graduate School is unlike any other school or college at Ole Miss. Each of the others has its own specific areas of knowledge. It has no faculty of its own, yet determines who is qualified to serve as a member of the graduate faculty in each other school. Its responsibility is to coordinate, support, and supervise all graduate programs in short to maintain and enhance quality graduate education at the University. Graduate education is unlike undergraduate education. Undergraduate teaching essentially communicates the known. To this communication, graduate education adds the factor of research. The graduate student learns research techniques, learns to teach these techniques, and by his own research in close conjunction with his faculty advisors adds to the store of man ' s knowledge. There is an irony about such advanced research. Through it, the chemists have taught us to poison our air and water, the biologists to wipe out whole species, the physicists per- haps to destroy all life. But the one possible defense against such dangers lies in more and better advanced education. We must learn through study in the humanities and social scien- ces how to reorganize our priorities in terms of intellectural and spiritual, rather than solely material, needs. We must learn through scientific research to repair the damages of the past. Quality education at the graduate level has always been important. Today it is supremely important. Centuries ago Francis Bacon stated in his fictional frag- ment, The New Atlantis, what still remains as the ideal of graduate education. His Master of Solomon ' s House whom we might fancifully call the first Graduate Dean-tells the reader, " The end of our foundation is the knowledge of caus- es, the secret motions of things, and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possi- ble. " i 71 school of engineering 72 " How utterly strange that man is so circumscribed and limited and yet cannot escape making waves of such far-reacting significance and consequence. " Dr. Frank A. Anderson Department of Chemical Engineering The function of the engineer is to create and innovate and to put scientific knowledge to work for the progressive well-being of man. Seldom, however, does the engineer have any control over the manner in which man uses his inventions. It is becoming increasingly evident to both the supporters and detractors of technology that the marvelous inven- tions and devices of the engineer which have brought western society and unparalleled standard of living and wealth and prosperity and personal comfort and convenience surpassing the wildest dreams of past generations are far from unmixed blessings. Man may finally be on the verge of recognizing one of the great paradoxes of existence, that although he is a unique and seemingly isolated island in the universe and so limited in his ability to communicate with and relate to his fellowman, every action of his has an effect on everything and cries out for the right to be free to make choices but he fails to recognize that he is powerless to specify the net results of his choices. How utterly strange that man is such an infinitesmal part of the cosmos and is so circumscribed and limited and yet cannot escape making waves of such far-reacting signif- icance and consequence. As the end of the 20th century approaches we find man facing his greatest challenge. Will he have the wisdom and strength to discipline himself and to control his technological and societal creations? College students at Ole Miss and else- where should be girding themselves for battle. Armageddon 1 . 73 " During 1971 Ole Miss pharmacy students kept a woman alive by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 20,000 feet in the air and watched a man die in a hospital ward when the limits of our medical knowledge were brought home all too clearly. " Dr. Mickey C. Smith Department of Pharmacy Administration The potential social problems and opportunities in pharmaceutical developments of the future are enormous, as they are for the pharmacist. The drug abuse problem has been amply documented, but the use of " legitimate " drugs touches all of us, individ- ually and as a society, throughout our lives. Consider the social benefits, and problems, of the oral contraceptives alone! But pharmacy students deal in life and death. During 1971 Ole Miss pharmacy students kept a woman alive by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 20,000 feet in the air and watched a man die in a hospital ward when the limits of our medical knowledge were brought home all too clearly. There ' s no Dr. Gannon or Marcus Welby here, but the contribution to the health of society is just as important. The excitement is more subtle finding a dosage form which a vomiting baby can tolerate cutting the costs of supplying needed medicines to the old getting the real answers on Marihuana, instead of some dormitory hot shot ' s opinion. The young man (or young lady the proportion is 1 5 and going up) who leaves here with his pharmacy degree in hand doesn ' t have to ask questions about relevance or his own abilities. 74 ) school of pharmacy , - 75 " Numbering sixteen hundred students, the school is large enough to attract outstanding educators but small enough that contact with the professors is possible outside the classroom as well as within the classroom. " Mr. H.E. Peery Department of Accountancy The success of the graduates of the School of Business provides valid evidence of the worth of this division of the university. Numbering sixteen hundred students the school is large enough to attract outstanding educators but small enough that contact with the professors is possible outside the classroom as well as within the classroom. The business student is counseled to attain his highest possible scholastic potential by competent faculty interest- ed in student welfare. Participation in extracurricular activ- ities such as athletics, military, social, and professional or- ganizations is encouraged because of the importance in developing a well-rounded individual who is able to pro- gress in a competitive society. The business school has the advantage of excellent physical facilities including the latest business data process- ing equipment. In the past five years the budget for the school has more than doubled. The School of Business is characterized by a flexible and effective curricula for both undergraduate and graduate students. Instruction is pri- mary; research is complementary. The business graduates have been successful in obtain- ing employment with attractive initial salaries and excel- lent opportunity for advancement. Many of the graduates have attained positions of leadership in the state and na- tion. school of business ' . w w ' . . I . fji v ...-. % r ........... A Ji a 4 WiP 4 0 v iw ,. ...... . , .. . " " . C VWtf II ' . .. . " . . .. JO " . ' |rt . " ' " . " . " i " ' .. . ClOk pr . i . . . 77 school of 78 " Student were asking professors to become sensitive and responsible for helping them cope with the future, to be data banks for awareness of events to come. " L Dr. Roscoe A. Boyer To be asked to write about the future in teacher training is another indication that in 1972, college students were the ones who were prompting professors to focus, not on the past or even the present, but upon the future. Students were asking professors to become sensitive and responsible for helping them cope with the future, to be data banks for awareness of events to come. Excellent teachers are now being trained for the past because they can be. Current books and pictures enhance the past, readily associating a person with a romanticized, personalized heritage. These media, acting as sirens, focus resources upon the past. It may be that present known means of communication are not appropriate for studying the future. To deal with the past also tends to eliminate confrontation with political issues, with ever present doom prophets, and with the awesome problems of planning. The task before the School of Education is to train teachers both men and women who can assume the moral responsibility for the wishes and hopes of their students and to be able to forewarn and forearm the youth for the future. This is the task definition. 79 80 81 0) (tf o c o 82 83 1972 hall of fame Mary Kathryn Balch Cynthia Ann Carr Francis W. Johnson James Medlin Kitchens 84 " the highest honor ' 1 Mary Margaret Price William Norman Reed Julia Harmon Thorton Dan Morse Wood I iff 85 Ronald Hugh Aldridge Rhesa Hawkins Barksdale Cynthia Ann Carr Mary Kathryn Balch Susan Elaine Broom Sallie Dix Ballard Marsha Loretta Brown Charles Cleveland Clark Hubert James Davidson 86 Catherine Ann Elliot Phillip Cambell Fratesi James Medlin Kithens John Madison Flowers John Clark Henegan who ' s who in american colleges and universities Francis W. Johnson Ina Branham Leonard I 87 John Howard McDermitt ' .EPT THE END OF UA MAX XX ILL ' T Vf ERE I L PREVAIL Gordon Hill Meador mf -2flL. Martha Bryant Neilson who ' s who in american colleges and universities John Dixon McGee Walton Lewis Moore Troy Watts Mashburn, Jr. Sylvia Kay Moorhead James Eugene Poole 88 tfMt Walter Dan Power Robert George Ricks Not Pictured: William Clay Ash- ford, Samuel Eugene Daniel, Mar- garet Elizabeth Hook, and William Franklin Sneed. Mary Margaret Price Janis Marie Scott Dan Morse Woodliff William Norman Reed Janis Lynn Worthen 89 Row 1: Larry Dilley, Joe McCaskill, Mickey Smith, Brent Tinnen, Bob Towery, Tom Mines, Bubba Fratesi, Dewey Garner, Micholos Benze, Charles Clark, Lanny Griffith. Row 2: Paul Must, Bruce Rich, Tim Kriehn, John McGee, Wilson Golden, Bobo Champion, Mike McDonald, Jerry Gilbraeth, Eugene Poory , H.A. Moore, George Fair. Row 3: Jim Kitchens, Earl Denham, Bill Reed, Jimmy Davidson, Ronnie Aldridge, Roger Wicker, Kirk Povall, Bob Young, Hiram Eastland, Gerald Burnett. Dan Woodliff. Row 4: John Henegan, Jack Lacy, Guy Moore, , Luther Luna, Wendell Hartzog, Randy Graves, Willis Frazer, Reese Barksdale, Cham Trotter. 90 omicron delta kappa outstanding leadership and scholarship President George Fair presents special recognition plaque to Mr. Tom Mines. The new director of Student Activities, Bob Towery , looks on. 91 epsilon pre-medical honorary P I , Row 1: Lilla Barren, Joseph Boggess, Gordon Castleberry, David Chastain, Richard Darden, Jr., Carl Davis, Jr., Danny Dickey. Row 2: Clarence Dubose, John Fleming, Jr., John Floyd III, Jiles Grice. Row 3: Thomas Hale, Richard Hendrick, Opal Jean Hood, Thomas Houston, Louis Jones, Jr., Jerry King. Row 4: Alan Lefors, David McGraw. Row 5: Hugh McLeod III, Ellwood Middleton, Michael Nichols, William Payne, Jerry Pettit, James Purdon. Row 6: Daniel Quon, Maurice Rawlings, Scott Robinson. Row 7: Jessica Shields, Rollo Thespian Mintworth III, Mary Stengel, John Studdard. Row 8: Stephen Wagner, Cathy Woodham, Robert P. Young, Hallie Zeringer. Not Pictured: William Allen, Michael Amodeo, Robert Baird, Robert Biggs, Harold Biship, James Bonds, Gerald Boyd, Guy Campbell, William Cleland, Stephen Cooke, Paul Cooper, Robert Cooper, William Dillard, Dan Ford, Jr., Timothy Ford, Glenn Gallaspy, John Henderson, Daniel Jones, George Jones, Jr., Robert Kennedy, Frank Koe, Enrique Lacuesta, Thomas Lehman, Henry Martin, Jr., Thomas Mcraney, Deborah Nichols, Warren Purvis, Mario Roybal, John Rucker, Dave Russell, John Sandifer, George Schimmel, Doyle Smith, Jr., John Smith, Donald Sprabery, John Stallworth, David Swink, Raymond Tipton, Anita Tribble, Samuel Walters, Brunswick Wong, Robert Wright. 92 1 on i iical y alpha lambda delta highest freshmen women ' s honorary , Row 1: Jo Allen, Jamie Anderson, Laura Blackwell, Corrie Boone, Dan Brock, Doris Caldwell. Row 2: George, Craig, Ann Craven, Pam Dangeau, Joni Davis, Beverly Doorenbos. Row 3: Diane Elliott, Charlotte Ford, Mayre Freeman, Frances Goad, Cathy Griffin. Row 4: Laurie Hammond, Rebecca Hodges, Betsy Johnson, Lee Limbaugh, Ruth McGreger. Row 5: (Cathy McKellar, Carolyn Mitchell, Debbie Pierce, Virginia Prewitt, Gwen Robinson, Becky Rogers. Row 6: Rebecca Runyan, Martha Shelburne, Deborah Smith, Martha Speake, Susan Spoils, Martha Stokes. Row 7: Nina Stubblefield, Nancy Tipton, Pam Vest, Darilynn Wade. Row 8: Mary Sherman Wagner, Barnetle Waring, Doreen Waring. Row 9: Sylvia Williams, Marybelh Wood. Not Pictured: Barbara Butler, Sheryl Coggin, Karen Crawford, Donar Hall, Marion Hayles, Kathy Orr, Bonnie Palridge, Paula Riggins, Roberta Wallace, Melinda Warren. 93 beta alpha psi accounting honorary Row 1: Ronald Aldridge, Joyce Banks, Johnnie Battles, Hugh Boone, Greg Brewer. Row 2: Craig Brewer III, James Carroll Caffey, Tommy Canizaro, Larry Carnell. Row 3: Lamar Chustz, Charlos Clark, Willis Frazer, Randy Carves. Row 4: Lanny Griffith, Troy Mashburn, Terry Miller, Dalton Mounger, George Noel, Jr. Row 5: Carl Parker, James Poole. Row 6: Daniel Powers, Richard Blair Roper, Guy Stigall, Martha Thomas. Not Pictured: Lowell Broom, James Carpenter, Paul Hust, Frank Jones, Rebecca Legge, Nancy Loutfi, William McDonald, Guy Moore, Jr., David Robinson, Melvon Taylor, Huey Townsend. 94 beta gamma commerc ial sigma and business honorary r Row 1 : Billy Bagwell, Johnnie Battles. Row 2: Patsy Bennett, Greg Brewer, Craig Brewer III. Row 3: James Carroll Caffey, Charles Clark, David Cuicchi, Fredrick Harrel. Row 4: David Manuel, Troy Mashburn, Jr., Tommy McCormick. Row 5: Anne Murphy, George Noel, Jr., Fred Poitevent, Daniel Powers. Row 6: Charles Quarterman, Richard Blair Roper, Phillip Tutor, Robert White, Dan Woodliff. Not Pictured: Eugene Berry, James Carpenter, Patricia Cooper, Godfred Henning III, Sam Kirschten, Guy Moore, Henry Palmer, Doris Phillips, Wendell Trapp, Kathryn Williams, Keith Wilson. 95 cwens sophomore women ' s honorary Row 1: Elise Alford, Judith Anders, Jane Barnes, Laura Blackwell, Jane Bowen. Row 2: Dan Brock, Alma Burkhalter, Janet Connors, George Craig, Ann Craven. Row 3: Karen Crocker, Betty Cruzen, Joni Davis, Dianne Elliott, Cheryl Fenger, Mayre Freema n. Row 4: Frances Goad, Cathy Griffin, Susan Guttmann, Laurie Hammond, Julie Hines. Row 5: Rebecca Johnson, Barbara Miller, Carolyn Mitchell, Deborah Mitchell, Nancy Paine. Row 6: Deborah Phillips, Becky Rogers, Rebecca Runyan. Row 7: Sally Shreve, Susan Spotts, Teen Stallworth, Darilynn Wade, Mary Sherman Wagner, Natalie Waring, Martha Webb. Row 8: Marybeth Wood, Beverly Yandell. Not Pictured: Christine Blackburn, Mary Catching, Nellie Mcleod, Lynn Parks, Paula Riggins, Anne Roberts. 96 delta sigma P ' professional men ' s honorary I I Row 1 : Ronald Aldridge, John Bethay, Hugh Boone, Craig Brewer III. Row 2: Charles Clark, Ralph Doxey. Row 3: Willis Frazer, Stephen Grace, Randy Graves, Fredrick Harrell, Bill Hattox. Row 4: Warren Ludlam, Troy Mashburn, Daniel McDonald. Row 5: William Montjoy, Don Moore, Dalton Mounger, Richard Frank Mylak. Row 6: Tim Pace, Peter Perkins, Jr., Freddy Permenter, Jr., Dan Woodliff. Not Pictured: James Best, Joe Coleman, Anselm Dees, Jr., Donald Farrar, Robert Henderson, Godfred Hennig, William Jarvis, Swanee Lawrence, Richard Lee II, Samuel Long III, Mitchell Monsour, John Payne, Don Rogers III, Huey Townsend, James Townsend, Jr. 97 kappa psi professional fraternity for men of pharmacy . f v Row 1: Jerry Berch, Thomas Casey, James Crowder. Row 2: John Davis, Tommy Durke, William Griffin. Row 3: Joe Harris, Joe Higgins, Jr., Herbert Hill. Row 4: Kenneth Hillman, Phil Hull, H. Johnston, Thomas Keith, Charles McKnight. Row 5: George, Roland Mullins, Jr., William Prestage. Row 6: Kenneth Prewett, Stanley Riddle, Kenneth Thornton, Michael Todaro, Jimmy Woo. Not Pictured: Adam Bulmer, Jr., Jimmy Coker, Sam Dalton III, Morris Dillard, Thomas Fewell, Russell Gilbert, Frank Gruich, Walter Haynes, Kenneth King, Jr., James Lambert, Jr., James Lee, Walter Mayfield, Milton McMillan, Sherman Miller, John Moody, Norman Nichols, Richard Peden, Phillip Rowan, Richard Saucier, Gary Trimm. 98 I mortar board outstanding senior women Row 1: Jacki Baker, Mary Balch, Faith Church. Row 2: Diane Defore, Lynn Ellis. Row 3: Helen Herrington, Margaret Hook, Donna Kay Idom. Row 4: Nancy Johnson, Cala Kimbriel, George Littlejohn. Row 5: Cheryl Martin, Sylvia Moorhead, Susan Owen. Row 6: Mary Ellen Pela, Rosa Poole, Julia Thornton, Sandra Wages. Not Pictured: Iris Brown, Jo Luke, Kathryn Williams, Janis Worthen. 99 I r order of omega interfraternity honorary Row 1: John Bethay, Charles Clark, Randy Graves. Row 2: John Haynes, Harold Leasure, Jr., Brent Meador. Row 3: Sparky Reardon, John Studdard. Row 4: Robert White. Not Pictured: George Bloss III, Hiram Eastland, Jr., Thomas Graham, Wendell Hartzog, John Henegan, Timothy Kriehn, Logan Phillips, Jr., William Reed, Ford Smith, Thomas Tubb. 100 phi delta chi professional and social pharmacy fraternity lity Row 1: Richard Agostinelli, William Ross Bounds, James Brewer, James Andrew Cheatham. Row 2: Ronald Clayton, Samuel Daniel, Donald Favre. Row 3: Harry Don Gong, Reginald Gordon, Charles Hudson, Jr., Danny Johnson, Michael Jones. Row 4: Johnnie Jordan, Jr., John McGowan, Jr., Ernest Oliver, Scott Robinson. Row 5: Julian Robinson, Charles Smith, Steven Weatherwax, Carley Wilson, Glen Windham. Not Pictured: John Alford, Tom Assaf, Richard Belew, Sherrill Brett, Ronald Brown, Thomas Burrell, Thomas Cheatham, Joe Clark, Kenny Coleman, Francis Edwards, William Edwards, Jerome Foxworth, Fred Fuqua, John Gann, Kenneth Hodges, Percy Kea, Phillip Keating, Danny Lee, Gary Lott, Thomas Martin, Earl Mason, Edward McCullough, Jr., James McLeod, Robert Odeneal, John Odom, Gary Pigg, William Portera, James Prestidge, Jack Shepard, Jr., Robert Smith, Thomas Smith, William Sorrels, Jr., George Steen, Larry Weeks, Edmond Whitfield, Jr. 101 phi eta sgma freshmen men ' s scholastic honorary Row 1 : Thomas Barkley, Gregory Berry, Greg Brewer. Row 2: Craig Brewer III, Bill Burgin III, Charlie Canova, Jr., Gordon Castleberry. Row 3: Charles Clark, Danny Dickey, Lawrence Dilley, John Floyd III, George Gamblin. Row 4: Ricky Gamblin, Allen Glisson, Jr., Randy Graves, Martin Hegwood. Row 5: Richard Hendrick, Ed Holmes, Francis Johnson, Fredrick Jones. Row 6: Andrew Kasper, Ernest Kersh, Jr., Jim Kitchens, Peter Law. Row 7: Robert Martin, Tim Mashburn. 102 V vv W Row 1 : Troy Mashburn, John McAndrew, John McGee, Hugh McLeod. Row 2: Ronald Miller, Rollo Thespian Mintworth III, Tom Pittman. Row 3: William Powell, Daniel Powers, Everett Randall, Eugene Rich, Robert Ricks. Row 4: Richard Blair Roper, William Schmid, Jr., David Segrest, Thomas Shands. Row 5: Paul Stephenson, John Studdard, Albert Tsang. Row 6: Keith Wayne Weaver, Robert White, Dan Woodliff, Robert P. Young Not Pictured: Russell Abernathy, Jr., Robert Baird, James Bonds, James Brock, Robert Clark, Robert Cooper, Edwin Cox, Anselm Dees, Jr., Ralph Ed- wards, Jr., James Ely III, Barry Farr, John Flowers, Ralph Guernsey, Kerry Harms, Wendell Hartzog, Godfred Hennig III, Robert Humphreys, James Johnson, Joe Jordan, Samuel Keeley, Rames Khayat, Larry Killebrew, David Knight, Edward Krei, Anderson Linton III, Don Littleton, Robert Loper, Michael Lyon, Thomas Mann, Michael Maples, Henry Martin, Jr., Graves Mashburn, Robert McLaurin, Thomas McCraney, Gordon Meador, Joseph Moak, Jr., John Nail, Grayson Norquist, James Rose, Dave Russell, Earnest Russell, John Sandifer, Ransom Simmons, Ford Smith, John Stall- worth, Joseph Thomson III, William Townsend, Thomas Tubb, Raymond Wiese, Robert Wilkinson, Eddie Williams, Lester Williamson, Jr., James Young III. 103 , . k phi kappa phi national honorary for superior scholarship ; Row 1 : Kathy Alford, Mary Balch, Pamela Butts, Lamar Chustz, Samuel Daniel. Row 2: Mary Davis, Lawrence Oilley, Dawn Favre. Row 3: Dinah Gross, Ed Holmes, Francis Johnson, Leopold Keffler, Jim Kitchens. Row 4: George Littlejohn, Troy Mashburn, Jr., Paula Matherne, Felicia Mayo. Row 5: Hugh McLeod III, Rollo Thespian Mintworth III, Sylvia Moorhead, Charles Quarterman. Row 6: Richard Blair Roper, Martha Smith. Row 7: Keith Wayne Weaver, Robert White, Jimmy Woo, Robert P. Young. Not Pictured: Rhett Atkinson, Rhoda Boyd, Nan Buford, Carol Coston, Alan Evans, Jr., John Flowers, Jr., Ray Furr, Ella Hall, Michael Harrison, William Hathorn, James Hethcox, Ann Hoover, Robert Humphreys, James Johnson, Rebecca Legge, Michael Long, Quida Marks, Steve Marks, Curtis Mayes, Melvin McFatter, Gordon Meador, Guy Moore, Jr., Margaret Murchison, James Quinn, Henry Rhaly, Linda Segrest, Julia Stuart, Patricia Teague, Mark Tew, William Townsend, Wendell Trapp, Thomas Tubb, Keith Wilson, Janis Worthen. 104 pa al try for jr Mi yDivii. old Wte, iyo.RoJ: in. Ro 5: foo.Robfft Evans, I ' - IKS Qi. t INW kappa epsilon education honorary Row 1: Mary Catherine Broyles, Jeannie Busby, Barbara Dacus, Dinah Gross, Catherine Humphries. Row 2: Linda King, Ann Latture, Mary Pittman. Row 3: Sue Pullin, Susan Rigby, Robbie Lynn Trussell, Martha Watkins. Row 4: Cathryn Wong, Patricia Wong. Not Pictured: Elizibeth Chan, Judy Garrette, Carol Nations, Claudine Winters. phi beta lambda national business fraternity Row 1: Myra Barron, Robert Coleman, Joan Floyd, Rose Gatewood. Row 2: David Gray, Teresa Henry, Philip Limes, James Little. Row 3: Gary Martin, Michael Maynard, John Nickens III, Margaret Pittman, Marga Richmond. Row 4: Louise Sanders, Janice Sessums, Charlotte Walley, Bonnie Waring, Mary Taylor Wells, John Whiteside. Not Pictured: Martha Blythe, Constance Burns, Gary Martin, Franklin McAnally. 105 w - r A 1 phi gamma nu pharmacy honorary Row 1: Anne Ambrose, Deborah Ammann, Steven Amman. Row 2: Daphne Bell, Gregory Berry, Pamela Butts, Bettye Ellis, Joe Fell, Allen Glisson Jr., Ed Holmes. Row 3: Pamela Honeycutt, Margaret Hook, Donna Kay Idom, Robert Landry, Ruby Gray Lewis, Robert Martin, Donna McCraw. Row 4: Hugh McLeod III, Ben Moore, Lacy Newman, Miriam Peck, Siegfried Shalles, Mary Willshire, Leslie Young. Not Pictured: Prentiss Alford, Rhett Atkinson, Kathleen Drude, John Flowers, Jr., Marion Furr, Nancy Haas, Ann Huang, Martha Lewis, Michael Long, Mary McGaha, Georgia Miller, Janet Omundson, Henery Rhaly, James Rose, Richard Shores, Jane Slade, Lawrence STrong, Julia Stuart, Mark Tew, William Townsend, Thomas Tubb, Nancy Walters. phi mu epsilon Row 1: Beverly Barnes, Patsy Bennett, Rebecca Brown, Carole Butler, Betsy Fanchir, Joan Floyd, Patsy Harrel- son, Edith Hickonbottom. Row 2: Jill Knight, Claire Luebke, May Lum, Rollo Thespian Mintworth III. Row 3: Anne Murphy, Jonnie Tatum, Lynn Walsh, Virginia Grace Wilkins, Patty Wright. Not Pictured: Margaret Becker, Judy Clinton, Jill Gann, Nancy Haas, Deborah Hickman, Betty Hoover, Beverly Jones, Susie Seat, Barbara Steele, Sally Warren, Kathryn Williams, Pamela Wolfe. mathematics honorary 106 scabbard and blade national military honorary tea Bran, : - -.- ' -. .- HillUo.3: . . . IKiBhtir I Row 1: Lawrence Anderson, Barry Douglas. Row 2: Calvin Fleming, Michael Holmes. Row 3: Tim Pace, Robert Ricks. Not Pictured: Ray Bourgeois, Alan Carter, Stephen Godbold, Brian Hubbard, William McDonald, William McDonough, Jr., James Patterson, Jr., William Reed. I 107 sigma alpha iota national music fraternity for women r Row 1 : Carey Sykes Armstrong, Sherry Brown, Peggy Bumgardner. Row 2: Alma Burkhalter, Mary Jane Duke. Row 3: Marilyn Herrera, Robin Herring, Helen Herring- ton. Row 4: Cande McNally, Cherie Stafford, Susan Stegall, Nina Stubblefield. Row 5: Pam Vest, Mary Sherman Wagner. Not Pictured: Lana Beasley, Susan Broom, Sarah Roberts, Deborah Swords, Sarah White. 108 109 tf) c o (9 N E O - " , ;-;.-:.? -ifc.;::N " = - ' . ' , .-: il : ifE-7. air force rote 112 As a unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, the Depart- ment of Aerospace Studies focuses on training future Air Force leaders in scholarship, leadership and character. During the first two years, the academic work consists of subjects which can be described as instruction in air-age citizenship. The final two years places emphasis upon Air Force procedure and applied air tactics. Leadership drills and class work offers the Air Force cadet training in all aspects of air power and its im- portance to the security of the nation. There were many changes in the AFROTC program in 1972. The big- gest change was the increase from $50 to $100 per month for scholarship holders and members of the Profes- sional Officers Course (Juniors and Seniors). The number of Air Force Scholarships was increased from 5000 to 6500, with provisions that two-year applicants may now apply. I 113 A Company. Row 1: Lt. Patterson, Cpt. Brewer, Sgt. Pickens, Sgt. Bailey, Lt. Monsour, Lt. Carter, Sgt. Leggett, Sgt. Bein, Sgt. Stinson. Row 2: Cochrane, Russ, Brooks, Tallant, Parkes, Harris, Richardson, Wildman, Sgt. Marman. Row 3: Morton, Smith, Coleman Woodby, Jones, Stuart Bell, McCool, Sgt. Trivette. Row 4: Graves, Richmond, Lyle, Webb, Falkner, Wilson, Smith, Williams. B Company. Row: 1 : Lt. Hammond, Sgt. McClanahan, Lt. Anderson, Cpt. Verheeck, Lt. Mauldin, Sgt. Webb, Sgt. Adams. Row 2: Johnson Crawford, Rausch, Black, Mosenthin, Rackley, Churchwell, Westlake. Row 3: Bailey, Schuster, Clark, Johnson, Savage, Clayton, Patterson, White. Row 4: Wedgeworth, Wimbish, Bakalarsk, Levy, Wright, Hawkins, Gable, Whitmeyer. C Company. Row 1: Cpt. Hubbard, Lt. McCloud, Lt. DeBerry. Row 2 : Pederson, Conley, Tipton; Taylor, Logan, Martin, Smith Jennings Batts. Row 3: Castigliola, Brown, Parkin, Hahn, Blumer, Jones, Hauss, Stogner, Hollimon, Sturdivant. Row 4: Singletary, Gilmer Livingston, Farabough Adkins, Twiford, Weems, Peden, Bailey, Jones. 114 Drill Team. Row 1 : Smith, Tipton, Wright, Mosenthin, DeBerry , Green. Row 2: Williams, Patterson, Russ Hauss, Churchwell, Holliman. Row 3: Horton, Stuart, Rausch, Westlake, Van Buren. Commandos. Row 1: Hubbard, McCloud, Bailey, Jones, Deberry. Row 2: Horton, Smith, Pederson, Batts, Patterson. Row 3: Smith, Sturdivant, Van Buren, Bailey, Wedgeworth. Cadre and Secretaries. Row 1 : Cpt. Turner, Mrs. Lyles, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Parker, Cpt. McClellan. Row 2: SFC Broadus, MSG Woodby, Maj. Lindsay, Lt. Col. Brandon, Col. Blake (PMS), Maj. Williams, Maj. Young, Sgt. Lalka, Sgt. Baker. Cadet Staff. Row 1: Cpt. Hardin, Cpt. Dean, Cpt. Green, Cpt. Martin. Row 2: Lt. Col. Horrell, Maj. Holmes, Maj. Wilson. Sponsors. Row 1: Bratton, McKee, Collins. Row 2: Martin, Taylor, Dyre, Champion (Colonel ' s Lady). Row 3: Hills, Edmonson, Harrell, Fillingame. army rote Rifle Team. Row 1: Woodby, White. Row 2: Russ, Adams. 115 first port of call a college campus is a long way from life at sea, in more ways than one for some, mccain hall is the bridge be- tween the two. . .the jumping- off point for exotic places: Co- penhagen, holy loch, rota, hong kong, naples and all the peoples and cultures that go with them. . .the gate to a realm of knowledge unique to the breed of men who challenge an impla- cable ocean. . .gone from home for the first time and it ' s half a world away. . .balmy nights un- der starry skies and the murmur of waves on the bow. . .bitter- cold wind through the rigging of a ship tossing through a trackless void. . .for a midship- man, these are only a few of the memories that will be a part of his existence. . .for him, ole miss is but the first port of call. . 117 asb Beth Mestayer- ASB Secretary Bill Cole-Executive Assistant 118 ASB Judicial Council Sonny Hartzog Legislative Liaison Officer 119 Bill Reed-ASB President Debbie Pace Exectuive Secretary Wayne Hengen Attorney General 120 Margaret Price President aws AWS Directors: Lynn Parks Linda Avant Pam McPhail Debbie Bothe 121 Dr. John Tyson Speaker at AWS Sex Symposium Gigi Gould Judicial Secretary 122 Cindy Carr Judicial Chairman Judicial Council: Pat Ramey Cindy Carr Maureen Witt Gigi Gould Sally Moorehead Row 1 : Dave Henry, Cathy Edgington, Brenda Hyde, |im Pinkerton. Row 2: Alice Ann Gannon, John Pope, R.L. King, Steve Scruggs, Joel Henderson, Thomas Murman, Johnnie Sue Tatum. Row 3: Charlie Williams, David Wilson, Tom Lovern, Barney Strawbridge, Jim Armishaw (President), Dr. Columbus B. Hopper, Larry Richardson, Carl Boren. beta lambda epsilon 124 Row 1 : John Nail, David Norman, Peggy Barnett, (one Sue, Ann Lumpkin, Marsha Brooks, Kim Haynes, Benetia Thompson. Row 2: Tom Hooker, Elaine Hooker, Pam Honeycutt, Lucretia Landrum, Jeannine Deeters, Judy Adams, Linda Browning, Regina Greer, Linda Lloyd. Row 3: Pam Hinton, Max Pigford, Bill Farrar, John Cleveland, Charlie Sones, Burt Banks, Rosalee Peters, Diane McGreger, Susie Noble, Patsy Harrelson, Vicki Rietano, Bill Burgin. Row 4: David Hicks (BSD Director), John Price, Lee Coleman, Len Crawford, Allen West, Richard Price, Charlotte Ford, Robbie Wallace, Allison McNeese, Woody Barham. baptist student union 125 Charles Williams Richard Hendrick Mike Maples Adele Gotthelf John Magee David Jones Debbie Windsor Steve Valentine Not Pictured Margaret Publicity Chairman Vice-Chairman Convocations Chairman Co-Chairman Co-Chairman Membership Chairman Hospitality Chairman Discussion Chairman Kazan committee of 100, officers 126 Row 1: Peggy Flicker, Pam Vest, Martha Tomlinson, Taaffee O ' Connell, Marni Schideler, Camilla Bolch, Lana Shackleford, Linda White, Gay Roberts, Donna Whitten, Robin Herring. Row 2: Helen Herrington, Susie Noble, Cherie Stafford, Lynn Wood, Elaine Haas, Lee Ann Limbaugh, Lynn Weems, Lin Williamson, Peggy Bumgardner, Chellie Furr, Jo Orr, Martha Doddridge. Row 3: John Flowers, Charlie Hankins, Phil McCraw, Susan Owens, Rosa Poole, Mary Jane Duke, Charman Southerland, Sherry Stanford, Adelia Wise. Row 4: David Durrett, Larry D. Smith, Stewart McGlown, Ralph Purvis, Earl Green, Nina Stubblefield, Vickie Page, Richard Martin, Bill Meyers, David Cowart, Jeff Curtiss, Ronnie Aldridge. Row 5: Robert Smith, Charles Sones, John Cleveland, Clay Moore, Tom Carpenter. Not Pictured: Sherry Coggin, Jackie Horner, Edward Krei, Princeton J. Miller, Debbie Rodgers, Larry C. Smith, Mary Smith, Ken Stovall. ers university singers 127 Row 1: Stoney Moore, Fred de Roode, Tom Knight, Chuck Walsh, David Woods. Row 2: Mike Callender, Steve Carney, Fred Krutz, Van Power (President), Mike Murphey, Bob Boyd. fraternity mens intramural council 128 . 129 Richard Roper Marc Buntyn Fred Hamilton Tommy Simmons President Director Secretary Director Not Pictured-Holt McMullin (Vice-President) financier ' s club officers 130 Row 1: Susan Wilson, Sharon Warron, Nancy Davidson (President), Nonie Gray. Row 2: Mindy Dason, Sally Layman, Mimi Moore, Margaret Ann Crosthwait, Debbie Sims, Marni Shideler, Deborah Wood, Mimi Threlekeld. Row 3: Rose Mary Bryant, Karen Lowery, Sherry Nichols, Rebecca Peteet, Kathy Bradley, Rebecca Rainey, Claire Chatham, Jamie Blackwell. Row 4: Cindy Camp, Sue Clayton, Barbie Torgorson, Blanch Hosemann, Susan Harding, Carole Cooper, Patty Shuff, Judy Wittichen, Judy Wilson. Not Pictured: Shellie Batte, Joy Wills, Charlotte Smith. junior panhellenic 131 It % karate club 132 I Row 1: Rick Bass, Ann Ball, Leo Stevenson, Cham Trotter, Spivey Gault, Richard Phillips, Frank McKenzie. Row 2: Bob Hammond, Haley Barbour, Glen Koury, Ina Leonard (Editor), Michael Soper, Larry Allison, Bill Hawthorne. Row 3: James Blackburn, Henderson Hall, Tim Ervin Richmond McKay, Michael Chaiffin, Ken Barton, Rhesa Barksdale, John Price. Row 4: Miles McNeel, Gerold Burnett, Bill Shaheen, John Hunter, Arlen Coyle, Ray Mitchell, Lawrence Wade, Ralph Rood, David Raines. law journal 133 Row 1: Bill Dalehite, Freida Gunn, Giles W. Bryant- Chairman, Randolph Noble, Brad Stewart, Delbert Hoseman. Row 2: Jim Potuk, Emmett Ellis, Sonny Stuart, Jim Rose, Bob Williford, Mike Collopy. Row 3: Doug Segrest, Bo Edwards, Trip Barnes, Bill Bullock, Steve Chustz, Ken Burns, H.A. Moore. moot court 134 " Row 1 : Greg Drake, Stewart McGlown, Sam Galloway, Don Wimberly, Earl Green, D.P. Hawkins, Ken Stovall, Mark Brown, Larry Pechal, Lowell Grisham. Row 2: Princeton Miller, Bill Tabor, Charlie Sones, Glenn Dunaway, Steve Nabors, Bill Harrington, David Abel, Alan Becker. Row 3: Hal Moore, Andy Wood, Larry Smith (President), Bubba Kersh, Max Sanders, Jimmy Smith, Robert Young, Jimmy Clyde. phi mu alpha sinfonia 135 Row 1: Bill Hattox (President), Bill Dean, Dean Marshall, Stuart Jacob, Mike Warner. Row 2: John Pittman, Mitch Monsour, Mike Turberville, Dicky Metall, John D. Collins, Scott Buffaloe, John Dougher. Row 3: Del Covington, Ronnie Aldridge, David Henry, Tom Hooker, Tommy Boatright, Bob Hughes. pi sigma epsilon 136 Dottye Lou Langhofer Beth King Jo Ann Stuart Nancy Sissel Ann Craven President Vice President Membership Chairman Publicity Chairman Treasurer Not Pictured Christine Blackburn (Secretary) student education association 137 Row 1: Rodney Nichols, Mickey Biscoe, John Daly, Ann Suares, Jackie Simpson, Michael Honea, Jimmy Porter. Row 2: Jimmy Jennings, Celia Riley, Pat Williams, Becky Henson, Nancy Robinson, Regena Garrett, Debbie Russell, Sybil Meaut, Robert Kent, Grant Shipley. Row 3: Robert Rousseau, Jimmy Crawford, Robbie Wallace, Jimmy Langston, Kenneth Hubbary, Kleb Johnson, Barry Steger, Dick Williamson (President), Sara Davis, Larry Copelin. Row 4: Barry Ramsey, David Crocker, Sidney Andrews, Jay Kreis, Gaylon Koon, John Blakely, Tommy Venus, Robert Webb, Bobby King. student physical education association 138 -- . Row 1: Edward Holmes (President), Steve Mark, Peter Law, James Ivy Johnson, Barry Sullivan, Joe Frazier. Row 2: Jim Kitchens, Sieg Shalles, Allen Glisson, Thomas Cobb, Margie Ann Gong, Joe T. Fell, Robert V. Humphreys. Row 3: George Ricks, Lindsey McMorris, Larry Holman, Skip Early. Not Pictured: M.R. Long. :ion tau beta pi 139 Row 1 : Cheryl Boswell, Rene Parks, Regina Garret. Row 2: Paula Odom, Mary Pulliam, Vera Phillips, Karen Witt, Larand Ozier, Diane Smith, Cheri Martin. Row 3: Marlene tongue, Becky Runyan, Martha Tomlinson. Row 4: Cynthia Jones, Hallie Gail Bridges, Paula Yarbourough. university dancers 140 L Stafford E. Knight Greg Maxey Wallace E. Heggie Mike Person Jim Dickson Professors: Clyde E. Cook (Dept. Chairman) Mike Bridge H.H. Hearn Jack Thomas President Vice President Social Director Secretary-Treasurer Executive Council Representative Representative to Graduate Council association of urban planners 141 Left to Right: Miss Patti Sullivan (Sponsor), Paula Everett, Ima Cheasehedd, Debbie Buford, Pat Wade, Renda Mize, Debbie Russell, Megan Loper, Alice Justice (President), Ann Suares, Julie Wiley, Mary Love Brandon (Secretary), Robbie Peacock, Jamie Cooper, Teresa Roth. women ' s recreational association 142 Row 1: P.N. Sarma, Barry Sullivan, Debbie Starnes, Albert Tsang, Dennis Hogan. Row 2: Mehran Gordji, Thomas Cobb, ' Jeet Bhatia, Skip Early, Richard Chang, Mohinder Sood, Joe Frazier. Row 3: Jack Ruperd, Chet Beaumont, Sieg Shalles, Lindsey McMorris, Tommy Tanner, George Ricks. ion student chapter of the american institute of chemical engineers 143 Left to Right: Robert Johnson, David Abel, Larry Dilley (President), Bill Tabor, Robert Bowles, Ed- ward Gent, Eddie Williams. Not Pictured: Mike Blackburn, Bruce Schweitzer, Jesse Pollard, Johnny Moore. alpha phi omega 144 Left to Right: Cathy Woodham, Glen Dunaway, Beverly Doorenbos, Sam Has- kms. Toby Wallace, Bill Williams. independent student organization 145 Left to Right: Susan Ramey, Carey Hutchinson, Debbie Bothe, Miriam Peck, Pam McPhail, Ruth Ann Nines. Not Pictured: Cathy Criss (President). theta sigma phi 146 . 147 V) 0) I I: most beautiful miss cindy payne huntsville, alabama Cindy is an eighteen year old painting and design major. miss kathy edwards lula cathy haynie gulfport sherry nichols corinth linda ritchey clarksdale favorites Leigh Gunn, Sally Shreve, Robyn Shideler, Cindy Carr Betty Champion, Lucy Coleman, Margaret Price, Dix Ballard Alyce Byrd, Beth Mestayer, Dell Gotthelf 156 ' miss university jeanie duckett Jl homecoming queen linda ritchey coionei reoe jim poole miss ole miss cindy carr 160 tf) 0) 0) 162 interfraternity council 1971-72 President Vice President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Bill Watkins Frank Johnson Dan Powers Richard Mylak John Flowers Frank Johnson 164 panhellenic 1971-72 Julia Thornton Keith Bridgeforth Candy Searight Melne Tate President Vice President Secretary Treasurer l Keith Bridgeforth alpha delta pi 1. Patsy Harrelson 2. Candy Chisholm 3. Nancy Paine 4. Janet Barnett 5. Charlotte Birdsong 6. Cathy Griffin 7. Moira Addington 8. Gay Roberts 9. Peggy Fillebrown 10. Cindy Dixon 11. Sandra Whistle 12. Charlie Ann Talley 13. Judy Whttinchen 14. Cindy Green 15. Virginia Wilkins 16. Anne Blair 17. Cindy Chism 18. Rricia Daniels 19. Peggy Smith 20. Anne Blarrford 21. Marcia Wasson 22. Rosemayt Bryant 23. Caryl Blake 24. Betzebe Clarke 25. Doreen Waring 26. Nan Gallina 27. Betsy Westhafer 28. Beth Walters 29. Vicki Counce 30. Cathy Collins 31. Karen McCurdy 32. Sallie Davis 33. Suzanne Herring 34. Linka Graham 35. Nancy Daughtery 36. Judi Jones 37. Valerie Slaughter 38. Pam Statham 39. Lettie Lackey 40. Mary Post 41. Leslie Gandy 42. Sandra Bloodworth 43. Betsy Gay 44. Maria di Benedetto 45. Kim Heskett 46. Vicki Garbarini 47. Frances Turnipseed 48. Diane Smith 49. Sherrye Bell 50. Lulu Rausch 51. Mary Pulliam 52. Belinda Mason 53. Merilyn Russell 54. Betsy Fitts 55. Betsy Johnson 56. Ann Lumpkin 57. Susan Howell 58. Laurie Schaefer 59. Beverly Barnes 60. Alicia Bruckner 61. Donna Roberts 62. Marsha Robilio 63. Helen Noyes 64. Sue Meze 65. Kathy Jones 66. Cathy Mock 67. Tricia Allen 68. Emily Hopkins 69. Mart Kathryn Balch 70. Jane McGaha 71. Linda Edwards 72. Cheri Martin 73. Jane Mayo 74. Margaret Price 75. Karen Witt 76. Beth King 77. Kay Collins 78. Debbie Widner 79. Ellen Gillespie 80. Lin Gerrits 81. Linda Owen 82. Chrissey Paul 83. Patti Travis 84. Kim Holthouse 85. Megan Loper 86. Peggy Higginbotham 87. Betzy Hill 166 ' w T ' B --JV V %, - T ' V . alpha omicron pi -JL 1 V_ -I- " 1 . Debbie Dottley 2. Robbie Browning 3. Emmy Golding 4. Heloise Reed 5. Linda Monteith 6. Susan Ramey 7. Carolyn Caldwell 8. Linda Marie Nelson 9. Mary Jane Duke 10. Terry Moore 11. Catherine Sterling 12. Emily Caldwell 13. Diane Defore 14. Belinda Berry 15. Cathy Lackey 16. Karen Camp 17. Anne Ramsey 18. Barbara Smith 19. Rita Hoffman 20. Peggy Loomis 21. Gail Yarbrough 22. Theresa Berry 23. Kathy Nelson 24. Barbara Dacus 25. Anna Burkle 26. Becky Norton 27. Liza Brown 28. Robin Catching 29. Allison McNeese 30. Kathy Pryor 31. Maureen Hogan 32. Jo Ann Dobbs 33. Chris Longacre 34. Kathy Oakley 35. Melinda Warren 36. Barbie Torgerson 37. Theresa Ragland 38. Paula Parkinson 39. Mary Anne Eanes 40. Kitty Walker 41. Rhoda Naff 42. Carolyn Click 43. Judy Wilson 44. Becky Johnson 45. Marsha Brown 46. Frenchie Cook 47. Sally Stengal 48. Marcia Barney 49. Deborah Baker 50. Laura Lee Rowland 51. Terry Hughes 52. Kitty Shanks 53. Karen Lowry 54. Lorie Hollingsworth 55. Blythe Allen 56. Ann Hargraves 57. NetiaCounce 58. MelneTate 59. Theresa Wood 60. Lynn Roberson 61. Marcie Shelbourne 62. Judy Anders 63. Mary Kat Roberts 64. Pam Plunket 65. Patsy Bennett 66. Jessica Shields 67. Margaret Hook 68. Shelia Hughes 69. Deborah Bennett 70. Caroline Johnson 71. Rosemary Stoltz 72. Leigh Cochrane 73. Lanie Light 74. Barbara Westmoreland 75. Sharon Warren 76. Barbara Phillips 77. Zona Moore 78. Cheryl Boswell 79. Carol Lyons 80. Sharman Southerland 81 . Margaret Kazan 168 169 alpha tau omega 1. Wayne Latham 2. Cheryl Boswell sweetheart 3. Curt White 4. Bill Floyd 5. Robby Mahaffey 6. Dan McLeod 7. Max Hussey 8. Dennis Moore 9. Bob Gaston 10. Greg Lovelady 11. Bo Kirkpatrick 12. Pearce " AbA " Williams 13. Mickey Poe 14. Sam Sullivan 15. Bruce Hughes 16. Frank Miller 17. Dave Tranberg 18. Steve Carney 19. Calvin Leggett 20. Bill Overcast 21. Steve Woods 22. Eddie Loomis 23. Joel Marshall 24. Steve Barnes 25. Mark Lew 26. Steve Braband 27. " Skeg " Taylor 28. W.S. Knight 29. Wallace G. Duncan 30. jimmy Smith 31. Alex Haick 32. Taylor Buntin 33. Richard Hudson 34. " Leech " 35. John Bowles 36. Rush O ' keefe 37. Jay Walne 38. Charlie McKinney 39. Chip Kidd 40. David Pontius 41. John Crow 42. Tommy Johnson 43. Gary Snyder 44. Ellwood Middleton 45. " Weird " Harold Bayles 46. Kent Benjiman 47. Shelby Lee 48. Mickey Young 49. John S. Cranfield 50. Joe Turner 51. Doug Alexander 52. Bob McCool 53. Hal Griffith 54. Jim Cunningham 55. Stuart Shoaf 56. Jeff Saile 57. Gerald Gafford 58. Hal Wilson 59. Bert Eckles 60. Charles " Duke " Doolittle 61. Ben Moore 62. George Nosser 63. " High School " 64. Joe Turner 65. Keith Aldridge 66. Richard Egan 67. Mark Buntyn 68. Johnny Pittman 69. Louis Peters 70. Mike Bayles 71. Jack Shepard 72. Filo Coats 73. Kent Collier 74. Pat Kelly 75. Sib Turner 76. Bo Collins 77. Kerry Kellum 78. Harry McMichaels 79. Bill Herring 80. Teddy Dear 81. Jim Carpenter 82. John Hall 83. Mike Morton 84. John Doe 85. Dave Langston 86. Jerry McCay 87. Mike McQueen 88. J.Scott Vance 89. Sam F. Willson 1 II 170 ii 171 f- I I N i a 11 H? I 1. Beth Bringle 2. Diane Conway 3. Karen O ' Donnell 4. Jenny Townley 5. Shelley Frith 6. Pam McPhail 7. Rosi Kling 8. Charlotte Smith 9. Mrs. Coleman 10. Cynthia Coleman 11. Janice Matthews 12. Paula Everett 13. Becky Weeks 14. Martha Shelton 15. Gwen Robinson 16. Janis Launer 17. Margaret Green 18. Pam Dangeau 19. Joy Wills 20. Pricey De Rossi tt 21. Joyce Waller 22. Barbara Mylak 23. Wendy Mikell 24. Rosa Halford 25. Pam Hudson beta theta pi 1. Graham Wells 2. Tom Beecroft 3. Covington Sharp 4. Ford Smith 5. Tommy Shoemake 6. Jim Akin 7. Bill Roberts 8. Wayne Adams 9. " Bowdenboy " 10. Wayne Thomas 11. Bill Skoffield 12. Brad Reinert 13. Ben Conner 14. Emmitt Collier 15. Walter Grace 16. Earl Davis 17. John Lee 18. Beau Cooper 19. Ray Wunderlich 20. Buck Meek 21. Ross Harjes 22. Mike Parentine 23. Don Lester 24. Bubba Jourdan 25. Mike Hester 26. Joe Gamber i 27. Bob Ellis 28. Line Hodges 29. Bill Bucy 30. David Overby 31. Ken Beal 32. Ralph Edwards 33. " Crowd Pleaser " 34. Gary Theis 35. Baxter Jones 36. Steve Chaney 37. Stewart Barr 38. Tim Kreihn 39. Bill Hogue 40. Phil Limes 41. Mark Galea 42. Larry Easterling 43. Bobby Miller 44. Joe Davis 45. Kris Bryan 46. David Johnson 47. Don Rogers 48. Dan Allgood 49. Mike Evans 50. Tom Knight 51 . Dennis Coggins 52. Lee Shelton president 53. Bill Willshire 54. Berkley Hudson 55. Billy Corkern 56. David Orf 57. Bob Worley 58. Mike Vague 59. Dane Lair 60. Larry Lantz 61. Walt Brewer 62. Howard Moore 174 GRADY ' S 175 176 EX-GREEKS 1 . Rob Anderson 2. Andrew Curtis 3. Tommy Blanton 4. Jody Jaeger 5. Neil Tarpley 6. BillTalbot 7. Bruce Rich 8. Horace Choate 9. Tom Pittman 10. JohnCravon 1 1. Kenny Vaughn 12. Ron Feder 13. jenny Baldwin 14. Jeff Sims 15. Kappi White 16. House Mother S . - - 177 f ' ri yiD , , . - i 178 chi psi 1 . Dan Totten 2. Martha Stokes-sweetheart 3. Vic Daniel 4. Don Larson 5. Chuck Cobb 6. Eric Larson 7. Harry Paslay 8. Rick Rikard 9. Bush Nichols 10. Tim Cox 11. Jimmy Densford 12. Chuck Fluff 13. Doug Oilman 14. Jon Colmer 15. Ray Gustafson (Goose) 16. John Hall 17. Jimmy Davis 18. Reyford Peyton 19. Robert Horton 20. Fred deRoode 21. Steve Mayo 22. Dennis Aiken 23. Bill Mayo 24. Charlie Sullivan (Biz) 25. John Martin 27. Julian Allen 27. Van France 28. David Young 29. Greg Edwards 30. Mike Waters 31. Craig Jenkins 32. Ricky Weiland 33. David Gunter 34. Skipper Luck 35. Maggie 179 180 Virginia Welch Deb Scott Grace Tabb Morella Kuykendall Susan Haynes Grace Atkinson Andrea Sudduth Martha Webb Keith Bridgtorth Cathy Tallant Lenoir Wadlington Rowan McVey Candy Nance Ann Butler Mary Lee Dabbs Di Gammil Sally Waring Mildred Barrett Carol Buchanan Pat Gray Kathy Hinman Kathy Watkins Charlene Mars Jennie Ellis Kern Hall Beth Mestayer Lissa Holmes Beth Lotterhos Melanie Molpus Anne Short Margaret Ann Crosthwait Kate Gray Marcia Moore Beth Robinson Maria Hayes 36. Susan Owen 37. Lacy Nance 38. Debbie Phillips 39. Jean Edmonson 40. Natalie Waring 41 . Greta Grass 42. Nell Kleinshmidt 43. Mary Harkness 44. Claire Chatham 45. Harriet Clark 46. Jeannie Falkner 47. Ann Elise Noble Jane Derivaux 48. Kathy Harris 49. Pat Hodges 50. Vivian Watson 51. Buff Jett 52. Flo Tipton 53. M-M Fields 54. Linda Luckett 55. Kathy Edwards 56. Sally Van Devender 57. Jean Sours 58. Beverly Ball 59. Pam Melton 60. Jamie Anderson 61. Karen Boyd 62. Kay Tucker 63. Dan Ellen Brock 64. Lynn Parks 65. Elise Alford 66. Shellye McMullen 67. Susan Sports 68. Helen Manier 69. Leslie McMurchy 70. Martha Stokes 71. Betsy Bramlett 72. Rebecca Williams 73. Mrs. Haddock 74. Mary Eckert 75. Dixie Dunavant 76. Meridith Golden 77. Kay Howe 78. Peggy Pharr 79. Lynn Wood 80. Jennie Maxwell 81. Jennifer Assaf 82. Peggy Biggers 83. Betsy Powell 84. Nancy Hellen Thornton 85. Nonie Gray 86. Sandy Vincent 87. Jayne Person 88. Rebecca Rainey 89. Marcia Bailey 90. Dotsie Graham 91. Linn Williamson 92. Cloe Hicks 93. Chicken Fancher 94. Janet Stone 95. Dix Ballard 96. Bonnie Bell 97. Gussie Holcomb 98. Becky Meason 99. Beverly Phillips 100. Cindy Stanley 101. Suzanne Yates 102. Lina Yates 103. Sally Barrett 181 delta delta delta 1. Stephanie Allen 39. 2. Lesly Threadgill 40. 3. Pat Bracken 41. 4. Molly Foster 42. 5. Anne Craven 43. 6. Hope Chaney 44. 7. Miriam Woods 45. 8. Laurie Eason 46. 9. Barb Miller 47. 10. Wanda Taylor 48. 11. Charlotte Kimbrough 49. 12. Karen Cummings 50. 13. Ginger Johnson 51. 14. Gayle Gresham 52. 15. Georgia Home 53. 16. Berry Lauderdale 54. 17. Becky Fort 55. 18. Ann Wiggers 56. 19. Rhelda Scharf 57. 20. Jane Hagan 58. 21. Lisa Ross 59. 22. Linda Puryear 60. 23. Jean Ridley 61. 24. Elizabeth Ely 62. 25. Joan Mitchell 63. 26. Nancy Davidson 64. 27. Jamie Dickey 65. 28. Jeffry Ware 66. 29. Pam Whitaker 67. 30. Cathy Cannon 68. 31. )an Worthen 69. 32. Ann Wade 70. 33. Pat Ice 71. 34. Pat Prey 72. 35. Candy Caldwell 73. 36. Lucy Moore 74. 37. Vicki Witt 75. 38. Linda Jobe 39. Paula Stanford Jenny Majure Dane Wiggers Suzanne Hamm Marion Siegrist Shannon White Kimba Hills Chris Page Lee Ross Jane McNeil Becky Rutledge Jamie McAdoo Debbie Hickman Elaine Kimbrough Alice Byrd Betty Cowsert Patty Wilkenson Lynn Rose Fillemgame Anne Veazey Cynthia Siegrist 59. Gretchen Jones 60. Carol Crews Julia Speake Debbie Faulkner Mary Fleming Lynn Woodside Claire Hines Sally Shreve Libba Feldenstein Phyllis Ainsworth Diane Branscombe Liz Stan ton Derry Mott Patty Shuff Becky Coleman 74. Martha Speake 75. Grace White 76. Lynn Boone 77. Rebecca Peteet 78. Camille Harlow 79. Karen Schultz 80. Daintry Richmond 81 . Melinda Grissom 82. Debbie Tatum 83. Suzanne White 84. Marinda Showers 85. Anne Wilson 86. Missy Bass 87. Anne Roberts 88. Gayle Elkin 89. Marguerite McCain 90. Sunny Skobel 91. Janie Mayfield 92. Jennifer Looney 93. Dona Davis 94. Cathy Butler 95. Cindy Smith 96. Cala Kimbriel 97. Betty Lou Fleming 98. Julia Thornton 99. Nancy Johnson 100. Peggy Mayfield 101. Rita Stonebreaker 102. Mary Hartwell Ely 1 03. Ann Suares 104. Karen Cleveland 104. Mona Mosby 106. Laurie Powell 107. Mary Ann Chancellor 108. Melanie Clark 109. Corlea Sims 1 10. Adele Brown 111. Carol Nichols 112. Sue Ledbetter 113. Nancy Noble 114. Helen Herrington si !te L h I a - i u V 1 v r M ,-ki A ' v; i - ._ - , ; ' 183 ' - ' ? ,4 ; frf ' T I 184 delta gamma 1 . Susan Stegall 2. Pam Vest 3. Linda O ' Quin 4. Carolyn Dillard 5. Jane Barnes 6. Helen Ration 7. Maybelle Dobbs 8. Nina Stubblefield 9. Betty Pick Lusk 10. Trisha Ridgeway 11. Shellie Batte 12. Debbie Turnley 13. Kathy Williams 14. Rebecca Raymer 15. Connie Colvin 16. Susan Kelsey 17. Libby Jones 18. Kacky Hall 19. Sally Warren 20. Fransis Palmer 21. Leslie Dement 22. Trisha Murphy 23. Evelyn Agnew 24. Liz Hegwood 25. Mimi Threldkeld 26. Dotty e Lou Langhoffer 27. Sandra Wages 28. Polly Moak 29. Lisa Minor 30. Lee McCauley 31. Claire Luebke 32. Carole Butler 33. Lynn Case 34. Bookie Metis 35. Jan Conners 36. Diane Elliott 37. Jo Ann Stuart 38. Debbie Brown 39. Kathy Graves 40. Meta Smith 41. Renee Parks 42. Mary Shelton 43. Claudia Crawford 44. Anne Russ 45. Jan Jones 46. Bettye Lou Bennett 47. Robbie Sims 48. Susan Sasser 49. Jennie Lou Houston 50. Frances Anne Simmons 51. Beth Hagan 52. Joy McGlaun 53. Paula Laird 54. Boo Turner 55. Loni Farnham 56. Sharon Beasley 57. Penny Shelton 58. Laurie Hammond 59. Kathy Beam 60. BarbyMcKee 61. Teen Stall worth 62. Donna Wood 63. Laura Lee Rochester 64. Debbie Phillips 65. Claudia Sanders 66. Susan Kemp 67. Becky Thompson 68. Ginger Moore 69. Beth Mitchell 70. Sue Clayton 71 . Alice Virginia Daniel 72. Nancy Long 73. Leslie Young 74. Ren Goad 75. Susan Faust 76. Mary Sherman Wagner 77. Kathy Boteler 78. Durden Pillow 79. Libby Idom 80. Julie Nuessle 81. Susan Gayden 82. Fern Carter 83. Debbie Aldy 84. Connie Collins 85. Jamie Norman 86. Betty Champion 87. Pam Ward 88. Marianne Ramer 89. Julie Pillow 90. Rachel McPherson 91. Donna Kay Idom 92. Diane Dallas 93. Becky Rogers 94. Barbara Brown 95. Leigh Gunn 96. Dale Gayden 185 186 1. Big Sally Brungart 2. Hot Dog Martin 3. Kevin McDonell 4. Jimo Tucker 5. " Hert " 6. Roy 7. Paul McDonald 8. David Denton 9. Cox 10. Bummer Neely 11. Robin Woodsun 12. Les from Miami 13. Weazel 14. Fast Dave Jolly 15. Gator 16. Becker 17. Piggy Mac 18. Swell Mel Me Fatier 19. Hoggie 20. Ruru Ward 21. Doug Booth 22. " Not so " Sharp 23. Thax Whitten 24. Charlie Grimes 25. Stymie Whitten 26. Colonel Cashman 27. Rick Hohnson 28. David Mclntoush 29. Kevin " Joe " McNeely 30. Sammy Mac Shafter 32. ReaCasburn 33. " Ski? " 34. Straight Jack Pritchard 35. " Far Out " ligon 36. Mike Stonos 37. Jon Squint 38. Fred Harrington 39. Joeby 40. Harry Taylor 187 1. R.A. " Dick " Darden 2. Jessica Shields 3. John Flowers 4. Ed Mixon 5. Gary Webb 6. Jimmy Jones 7. Joe Ard 8. Bill Featherstone 9. Dickie Roberts 10. Beck Pemberton 1 1 . George Harrell 12. Joe Rogers 13. Sammy Lee Moon 14. Brand Henley 15. G.D.Campbell 16. Bill McCarty III 17. David Francis 18. David Magee 19. Mike Smith 20. Jim Haltom 21. Bill Bui-gin 22. John McDonnell 23. George Schimmel 24. Andy Sweat 25. AndyCefalu 26. Mike Covington 27. Dusty Halbrook 28. Elmo Griffith 29. 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Libby Hitt 64. Julie Parker 65. Gail Thompson 66. Patsy Williams 67. Nancy Nicholas 68. Mindy Eason 69. Sherry Roberson 70. Sally Layman 71. Cathy Moss 72. Nancy Donahower 73. Harriet May 74. Jeananne Vermilya 75. Fredna Riddle 76. Becky Runyan 77. Susan Evans 212 pi kappa alpha 1. Tim Murphy 2. Gary Rich 3. Randy Graves 4. Tom Risley 5. Bill Brown 6. johnny Martin 7. Jimmy Grisham 8. Leslie Lampton 9. Dell Covington 10. Johnny Fields 11. Bob Jordan 12. Geoffrey Morgan 13. Jimmy Ivy 14. Pate McCartney 15. Mitch Mauldin 16. Charles Clark 17. MikeTurheville 18. Steve Neueleff 19. Bill Spell 20. Chuck Walsh 21. Lee Lampton 22. Dick Lotterhos 23. Malcolm McSpadden 24. Mike Byrum 25. David Hogue 26. Jim Borthwich 27. Blake White 28. Chuck Harrell 29. Gene Gaddy 30. Lee Burke 31. Scott Nines 32. Allen Hood 33. Joey Fasullo 34. Chris Sullivan 35. Mony Fulton 36. Bob Wilkinson 37. Robert Cockian 38. Brooks Ball 39. Sonny Hartzog 40. Tom Zackary 41. Warren Smith 42. OtisOzier 43. 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Taliferro Warren 19. Billy Alvarez 20. Keith Mansel 21. Russel McCarty 22. Wes Reese 23. Tommy Avent 24. John Rausch 25. Steve Tabor 26. Bill Watts 27. Leslie Sigman 28. Billy Flautt 29. George Griesbeck 30. Bob Craddock 31. Jim Slgenfritz 32. Doug Bethay 33. Hiram Eastland 34. Hoot Davidson 35. John Haile 36. Clark Graeber 37. Tom Shipp 38. David Woods 39. Sidney Allen 40. Buffy Jeff 41. Tommy Adams 42. Dee Moore 43. " Billy Joe " Davis 44. Doug Russel 45. " Big Bopper " Petty 46. Ben Malone 47. " Jerry Lee " Braddock 48. Owen Norvell 49. Eric Biedenharn 50. Ski Rowland 51. Harry Young 52. Reynolds McCain 53. Phil Cox 54. Ricky Tice 55. Chuck Graves 56. Chad Clark 57. Chuck Rounsairlle 58. Mike Beck 59. Chris Burnett 60. Guy Ray 61. Willis Mashburn 62. Billy Salmon 63. Tom Lacey 64. Ho 65. Ricky Cox 66. Ned Durrie 67. Mark Schandorff 68. Mike Cabiniss 69. John Fuchs 214 215 216 X " X. 7 " L B sigmfp 1. Super Killer 2. Space Compton 3. Cool Joe 4. Sack Sauer 5. Jim Adams 6. Bugs Russell 1. Fore Wierd 8. Huphus Boone 9. Ricky Akin 10. By Line Bynum 11. Carole Haney 12. Richard Russ 13. Ronnie Gibbs 14. Randy Atchley 15. Bill Schmid 16. Dewey Martin 17. Alan Pritchard 18. Jinx Smith 19. Wilson Montjoy 20. The Shadow 21. Mai Jones 22. Gibby Fore 23. Crunch Godbold 24. Joe Lee Anthony 25. Horse Lambdin 26. Archibald McDonnell 27. Tommy Tutor 28. Nate Best 29. Chuck Atchley 30. Jay Boling 31. Magilla Gorilla 32. Screamin ' Joe Thomson 33. Fred Guenther 34. Um-Ga-WaGore 35. Bill K noble 36. ?%!@ Johnson 37. Greg Juicey Brewer 38. Tom Fontaine 39. Francis Johnson 40. Joe Young 41 . George B. Worthen 42. Ralph Turner 43. Rag Hal! 44. Booby Moore 45. Early Byrd 46. Otho Pettit 47. Bubbie Windham 48. Slob Martin 49. Al Downing 50. Lunch Laughlin 51. Mr. Wilson Wilson 52. Mister Universe 53. Wink Perkins 54. Weasel 55. Alonzo Taylor 56. Schlitz 217 218 sigma nu 1 . Billy Pritchard 2. Ken Mulholland 3. Burke Ellzey 4. Gene Brown 5. Joey Hutto 6. Bruce Nurse 7. 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Howard Woody ard 67. Scottie Tallant 68. Carl Davis 69. Jim Looney 70. John Russell 71. Mike Furtick 72. Mike Murphy 73. Bryan Hawkins 74. Bill Harrell 75. Sam Long 76. Rob Patterson 77. John Haynes 78. Mike Ryan 219 ' ' L? iSpF! I . ' ._ - 220 I sigma epsi 1. Kenny Raigins 2. Jim Martin 3. Nick Sauchelli 4. Brent Meador 5. Bill Duke 6. Ken Rector 7. Art Cox 8. Bob Boyd 9. Alex Wade 10. Buddy Bloch 11. Steve Kirkland 12. David Weatherford 13. Joe Marsh 14. Mike Boone 15. David Abbe 16. Linda Marie Nelson 17. Doug White 18. Mike Bowin 19. Pete Bloss 20. David Stone 21. Mike Alley 22. John Sill 221 222 1 . Cindy Garrett 2. Judy Plunk 3. Suzanne Alford 4. Carolyn Clinton 5. Joy Fudoli 6. Debbie Rhea 7. Stephanie Huff 8. Ellen Daniel 9. Becki Brown 10. Brenda Bramlett 11. Elizabeth Lyon 12. Betty Sullivan 13. Beverly Mitchell 14. Carla Anderson 15. Letitia Beard 16. Becky Fudoli 17. Mary Louise Otto 18. Carole Blackledge 19. Debbie Shivers 20. Karla Kolb 21. Marlene Louque 22. Renee Parnell 23. Linda Temple 24. Joni Ragsdale 25. Nina Smith 26. Cindy Camp 27. Jonell Baker 28. Lee Ann Limbaugh 29. Debbie Stepp 30. Zanny Dosier 31 . Dinah Gross 32. Babs Davies 33. Becky Hilton 34. Betsy Osbum 35. Cabrini Bratton 36. Jane Orfilia 37. Pat Ramey 38. Linda White 39. Anne Smith 40. Kathy Beard 41. Janet Gann 42. Lauren Childress 43. Karen Kemp 44. Jama Davis 45. Jan Smith 46. Trisha Guy 47. Lydia Graves 48. Donna Edwards 49. Carole Cooper 50. Margie Brown 51. Terri Bell 52. JuneCochran 53. Jean Paul 54. Betty Coe Cruzen 55. Joni Davis 56. Donns Dillard 57. Anna Russom 58. Jan Albriton 59. Lisa Kilgore 60. Patsy Primrose 61. Jennifer Hargett 62. Karen Hooker 63. Debbie Haley 64. Mary Love Brandon 65. Terry Rasberry 66. Judy Cardwell 67. Rosa Poole (not pictured) 68. Ellen Allen 69. Sue Bell 70. Celeste Harden 71. Cathy Haynie 72. Kay Lagerquist 73. Martha Marbury 74. Cande McNally 75. Bo Nail 76. Debbie Pierce 77. Deana Pritchard 78. Neva Ragland 79. Tracy Tucker 80. Marilyn Carpenter 81. Debbie Mann 82. Mimi Moore 83. Patricia Patridge 84. Sondra Scibilia 85. Ann Wilson 86. Becki Davis 223 224 225 O Q_ c? n 228 the rebels The Staff: Head Coach Billy Kinard (front, center); flanking Kinard are, from left, Billy Mustin and Johnny Cain, and trainer Wes Knight and Junie Hovious. Back Row: Ken Cooper, Ray Poole, Dick Wood, Roland Dale, Eddie Crawford and Warner Alford. The Squad-Front Row: 10-Shug Chumbler, qb; 11-Kenny Lyons, qb; 14-Jimmy Causey, safety; 15-Larry Brogdon, de; 16-Norris, q; Weese, qb; 19-Roger Parkes, dhb. Second Row: 20- ]im Winstead, safety; 21 -Rickey Havard, tb; Dwayne Franks, dhb; 23-)immy Port- er, fb; 24-Randy Reed, tb; 25-Greg Ains- worth, tb; 26-Mickey Fratesi, safety. Third Row: 27-Leon Felts, wr; 28-Bobby Knight, tb; 29-Gene Allen, tb; 30-Jay Freeman (no longer on squad); 31 -Frank McKellar, safety; 32-Mel Richardson, dhb; 33-Stan Moley, dhb; 34-Keith McKey. te. Fourth Row: 36-Danny Stallings, dhb; 37-Danny Harris, dhb; 38-Ernie Brown, ss; 39-Henry Walsh, ss; 40-Tommy Monsour, de; 41 -Bob Bailess, Ib; 42-Paul Dongieux, Ib; 44-Johnny Chandler, Ib; 45-Crowell Armstrong, Ib. Fifth Row: 48-Jim Home, Ib; SO-Reggie Dill, de; 51 -Dave Parham, RG; 52-Chuck Wood, c; 54-Ken Huff, c; 57-Pete Boone, c; 60-Steve Signaigo, RG; 61 -John Gregory, RT; 62-Tim Esque, LG; 63-Art Bressler, Lg. Sixth Row: 64-Tim Smith, LG; 65-Chuck Carpenter, RG; 70-Larry Northam, RT; 71 -Al Brown, Dt; 72-Tommy Haskins, Lt; 73-Don Leathers, LT; 74-John Wohlgemuth, LT; 75-Steve Burkhalter, DT; 76-Luther Webb, DT; Bob Burke, RT; 78-Thunder Thornton, DT. Back Row: 79-Elmer Allen, dt; SO-Bill Young, wr; 81-Jim Stuart, de; 82-Bill Jordan, wr; 83-Preston Carpenter, de; 84-Allen LeBlanc, de; 85-Burney Veasey, te; 86-Riley Myers, wr; 87-Dinky Bowen (no longer on squad); 88-Bill Barry, wr; 89-Jim Poole, te; 91-Cloyce Hinton, ks. Members of Squad not in picture 46-Gary Williams, Ib; 49-Ronnie Moses, de; 67- Danny Mikul, rg; 90-Henry Harrison, wr. 99Q HEAD COACH BILLY KINARD m 7 long beach state September 1 1 33,500 in Memorial Stadium Lyons to Barry: 1st TD of season Lyons hit Veasey to make it 19-0 Terry Metcalf sprinted 44 yds. for LBS ' s first score Randy Reed led OM rushing with 53 yds. Drake to Davidian for final LBS points Perfectly-timed play-pattern pass to Myers is last OM TD Hinton added all 3 conversions and two field goals Jim Stuart and Steve Burkhalter tackled Fassell in the end zone for the $afety Score: OM, 29-LBS 1 3 r ' - " r ZJ+ 232 memphis state . Rebs 49, Memphis State 21 Kenny Lyons directed 67 and 42-yd drives Randy Reed scored on these from the 2 and 1-yd lines The Tigers lost 7 of 9 fumbles Lyons tallied first TD of 2nd quarter Ainsworth hit from the 2 and 1 1 -yd lines At halftime the Rebels had a 42-0 advantage Flanker Stan Davis caught 3 scoring passes in the 2nd half for the Tigers Lyons paced Reb throwing with 6 of 9 for 76 yds Reed, Ainsworth, and Weese netted 93, 75, and 51 yds kentucky Kentucky had " We Believe " buttons and pennants Soph QB Lyons had another three-strike game Rebel scoring drives spanned 76, 70, 57, 63, 67 yds Rebs leading 13-6 at the half; 34-20 Rebs leading, as the game ended Wildcat ' s Lee Claymer pulled even in 2nd period with an 80 yd push Old Miss charge 76 yds on its first possession Third TD from Jim Winstead ' s 36-yd return of 2nd half kickoff Reed ' s 18 and 16-yd sprints- Lyon ' s 5-yd scoring pass to Myers 3rd TD Ainsworth hit 4th TD for 27-6 at the end of the 3rd quarter Kentucky maneuvered 66 yds in 10 plays, with Bernie Scruggs netting a two-pointer with 4:45 left to play UK traveled 74 yds for its last score with 55 seconds to play ; alabama Tide ' s turn for revenge Fullback Gene Allen ran Reb ' s 1st TD with a Lyons pass at 6:1 1 left in 2nd quarter Tide charged back for 85 yds and a score on a Terry Davis-David Bailey pass 1 3-6 for Alabama as the halftime gong sounded Rebs fired back with 69 yds in 3rd quarter where a 3rd-down pass and field goal attempt went astray Lyon ' s passing (38) and running (31) accounted for the yardage on 10 plays The Tide ' s Wishbone-T attack was awesome Lyons had 182 yds in offense Musso carried 22 times for 193 yds It was the first loss for Coach Kinard and his sophomores georgia Rebel third-time charm and hex on Memorial Stadium turf (grass) failed to work Bulldogs went to work early Freak play of Dog ' s guard John Jennings was first score FB Honeycutt ' s 25 yd sprint sent the Dogs out front 31-0, 21 seconds into the 2nd quarter Reb Bobby Knight hauled a 4th-quarter punt back 37 yds Reb QB Weese pulled to the Georgia 2 yd line Three cracks at Bulldog defense netted a lone yd Adding insult to injury, Dogs drove 99 yds on the ground with Poulos ' 56-yd breakaway the scoring play OM escaped the shutout registry by moving 36 yds, scoring on QB Weese ' s jump pass Weese topped Reb attack with 53 yds in 15 rushes 73 yds by air It was to be the final game in a brilliant career for senior tailback Randy Reed, who lamed a knee I southern Lyons lost for the season with shoulder separation Rebs 20-Southern 6 Lyons counted the 1st OM TD with a 46-yd keeper left Northam and Allen also injured Knight banged in from 2 yds out Walsh intercepted Donegan aerial Bill Barry pulled in a 1 5 yarder for the final OM score In his final 1971 outing, Lyons completed 10 of 16 passes for 1 1 5 yds and ran eight times for 68 vanderbilt Homecoming Morris Weese led Rebels to 28-7 victory Weese amassed 202 yds in total offense 31 -yd bomb from Weese to Veazey with 11 seconds before half made it 14-0 At the half, Rebs had rushed for 150 yds and passed for 5 7 Ainsworth broke a tackle for 9 yds and the third OM touchdown Dongieux accounted for two OM interceptions Ainsworth added 73 yds rushing to the Rebel ground total of 309 1 Isu Ole Miss 24-LSU 22 33 seconds before the half LSU scored their first TD Rebs all but wrecked the Tigers ' bid for a repeat SEC title Bob Bailess covered a key fumble that Ainsworth ran in for the score Bob Knight sped 62 yds with a Tiger punt to the LSU 5 Havard bolted across the LSU left side for the score Weese ' s 14 yd ramble and Hinton ' s field goal ended Rebel scoring A very satisfying victory for the Rebels 239 tampa Tampa frosh arvd transfers sidelined by contractual agreement My-turn, your-turn scoring Knight notched first tally on brilliant 89 yd kickoff return 14-1 4 at halftime Bailess covered a Spartan fumble at the UT 39 With 10:01 left in the game, Greg Ainsworth charged 48 yds for the tie-breaker Weese conducted an 11 -play, 78-yd drive and went over from the 2 with 2:34 left Armstrong ' s interception saved the day Score: Ole Miss 28 Tampa 27 240 ut-chattanooga Eight OM backs carried for 399 yds Two Reb QB ' s passed for 202 yds Rebs led 7-3 after one quarter, 21-3 at the half, 28-3 at the 3rd Ainsworth was only OM back with as many as 2 TD ' s Weese collected 6 points for 7-3 in 1st quarter Porter and Ainsworth made it 14-7 in the second period OM QB Chumbler sent Winstead across for 35-10, passed to Leon Felts for 42-10, tagged TE Jim Poole for last play of 49-1 Nooga led off with a field goal Mickey Brokas, Nooga QB, booted a 3-pointer and threw to Rocky Turner for 1st and last TD Weese, nursing a brusied shoulder, hit 7 of 1 1 passes for 77 yds and ran 6 times for 53 Chumbler completed 9 of 21 for 1 35 yds Ainsworth ran for 91 yds, Porter for 90, Winstead for 85, and Knight for 44 Cloyce Hinton kicked 7 consecutive points to tie a Rebel one-game record. Final score: 49-10 r 1 t mississippi state On Scott Field where Bulldogs haven ' t won since 1942 Fattest Rebel margin in history Tailback Ainsworth counted all infantry scrimmage TD ' son 3, 19, and 20-yd bursts Weese passed for 28 yds to Veazey and for 35 to Myers Sideback Stan Moley closed out the quarter with a fantastic 43-yd return of a stolen Bulldog pass OM Reggie Dill recovered 2 fumbles on MSU 19 and 27 Ainsworth, Weese, Monsour, Myers, Hinton, and Moley drove the score to 42-3 before halftime Hinton wrapped it up in the 3rd and 4th quarters with 2 fielders of 27 and 37 yds Score counted over 9 minutes and 25 seconds The win was the Rebs ' 36th (36-26-6) in this series, their 25th (25-9-4) in SEC play JT peach bowl Atlanta Stadium Thursday night The National Hog-Wallowing Festival The rather miserable site for the playing of the 4th Peach Bowl Weese r an 116 yds completing 7 of 1 1 in the 1st half for one TD Lyons hit on 2 of 4 for 23 yds and another score Ainsworth ran over and around the Jackets for 119 yds in 28 snaps Bob Knight sprinted 31 yds with opening kickoff to Tech 44 Reb team waded 56 yds in 10 snaps for a TD Hinton added 1 st of 5 PATs and 2 goals Armstrong labeled a Cunningham fumble Rebel and Porter scored again One minute later Fratesi intercepted McAshan and Lyons passed to Phelps for the TD and 3 1 -0 Armstrong recovered Hennessey fumble and Weese passed to Myers for 5th and last TD at 38-0 Tech attempted a contest with McAshan ' s 44 yds and Oven ' s 15 Tech gave its finest offensive demonstration on a 90-yd march in 16 snaps The deficit was 38-18, and Hinton kicked a 30-yd goal giving Ole Miss its point record in a bow. Score: OM 41 -Tech 18 243 basketball 244 246 r ffti? V N m 247 baseball season record: 16-21 memphis state (h): 5-2; clemson (h): 5-10; cleriison (h): 12.-4; clemson (h): 8-1; south alabama (a): .3-18; south alabama (a): 5-10; Illinois- wesleyan (h): 8-0; southern Illinois (h): .14-5; southern Illinois (h): 9-J3falabama (a): 1-8; alabama (a): 4-1 ; alabama (a): 4-3; mo.-st. louis-(h): 10-1 ; mo: st. louis (h): 4-7; alabama (h): 8-2; alabama (h):3-5;alabam5.(h):fO-1 ; southern Illinois (a) : 4-5; l.s.u. (a): 6-1; l.s.u. (a): 2-3; l.s.u. (a): 6-2; south alabama(h): 3-10; south alabama (h): 11-T2; l.s.u. (h): 3-10; l.s.u. (h) 4-9;l.s.u. (h): 7-2; delta state (a): 10 t; utchattanooga (h): 4-1 2; miss, state h): .12-15; miss, state (h): 5-7; miss, state (h): 2-5;ark. state fh): 3-1 ; ark. state (h): 1-5; miss, state (a): 6-7; miss, state (a): 2-4; miss, state (a): 7-9; southern miss, (h): 7-0. " i 4 1 3?S f AM ' r 249 baseball 250 251 golf Dual Matches Delta State (a) UT-Martin (h) Memphis State (a) UT-Martin (a) Vanderbilt (a) Memphis State (h) U.M.-Opp. 295-305 372-390 390-359 390-384 287-290 274-273 Tournaments LSD Invitational Southern Miss. Miss. State Miss. Intercollegiate (Jackson) Dixie Intercollegiate (Shreveport) S.E.C. U.M.-Opp. tenth fourth second first third eighth ] 252 ' : fn ftrd : ' tennis season record 5-9 School Belhaven (h) Alabama (a) L.S.U. (a) Tennessee (h) Delta State (h) Samford (h) Miss. College (a) Washington (h) Vanderbilt (a) Kentucky (a) Auburn (a) Southwestern (a) Miss. College (h) Miss. State (a) t).M.-Opp. 6-3 1-8 0-9 0-9 6-3 1-8 9-0 3-6 1-8 0-9 2-7 6-3 9-0 0-9 253 soccer 254 cross country 255 alumni association 256 257 m-club Row 1: Mike Altman, Ronnie Moses, Duaine M. Boucher, Randy Reed, Brent Chumbler. Row 2: Jimmy Pittman, Hank List, Bobby Temple, Herb Nappier, Don Farrar, Cloyce Slag Hinton. Row 3: Dennis Starr, Danny Gunn, John Gregory, Jeff Larkin, Dave Smith. Row 4: Barry Gaddis, Ken Graeber, Willis Frazer, Paul Husband, Reggie Dill. Row 5: Rodney Siedill, Steve Dillard, Dwayne Franks, Bill Jordan, Frank McLellar, Henry Walsh, Billy Rogers. 258 M-Club Officers: Randy Reed, President; Bobby Temple, Vice-President; Duame M. Boucher, Secretary ; Brent Chumbler, Treasurer. 259 260 261 V) V CJ u 262 263 professionals Richard Samuel Abney, Bay Springs, Pharmacy V Elise Aden, Vicksburg, Graduate I Louis Wyckoff Adickes, Port Murray, N.J., Law I Kenneth Edward Aldridge, Biloxi, Graduate II Anthony Alfonso, Jr., University, Law III Sylvia Alfonso, University, Graduate II Dewitt Talmage Allred, Jr., University, Law II Deborah Davis Ammann, University, Graduate I Steven Dennis Ammann, Jackson, Graduate I Manohar Lai Arora, University, Graduate II Sharmishtha Arora, University, Graduate I James A. Arvites, Wilnette, III., Graduate I Michael Lynn Atkeison, New Albany, Pharmacy V Boyd Parks Atkinson, Drew, Law II Billy McArthur Bagwell, New Albany, Graduate II George Russell Barber, Jr., New Albany, Graduate, II. Haley Reeves Barbour, Yazoo City, Law II. Melvin Gary Barks, University, Pharmacy V. Harris Hastings Barnes, Clarksdale, Law III. Robert Burl Beaty, Columbus, Pharmacy V. Robert Rodney Beckett, Bruce, Law I Mary Bryant Bellande, Oxford, Graduate I Jerry Daniel Berch, Crystal Springs, Pharmacy V Thomas G. Best, Drew, Law II Monoran Jan Bezboruah, Assam, India, Graduate II Prabodh M. Bhakta, Surat, India, Graduate I Anandampillai Bhashyam, Bangalore-1 1 , India, Graduate I Harmanjeet S. Bhatia, Jabalpur, India, Graduate II John Marlin Blackledge, Laurel, Pharmacy V Jim Crighton Blough, Natchez, Law I William T. Bounds, Jr., University, Graduate II Susan Carolyn Boyd, Memphis, Tenn., Graduate I Eileen Jordon Boyter, Greenville, S.C., Law I Steven Kyle Brady, Brookhaven, Pharmacy V Devotie Ward Brister, Grenada, Pharmacy V Winn Davis Brown, Jr., Horn Lake, Law II Francis Gerald Burnett, Meridian, Law III Jeannie Odom Busby, University, Pharmacy V Pamela Butts, Laurel, Graduate I Thomas L. Callicutt, Jr., Tutwiler, Graduate I William Mack Cameron, Laurel, Law I Cono Anthony Caranna, II, Biloxi, Law III Barry Wayne Carlisle, Gulfport, Graduate I Richard Lamar Carlisle, Oxford, Law II Larry Sim Carnell, Myrtle, Graduate I 264 I i i 9 - | t professionals Wayne O ' Brian Carpenter, Corinth, Pharmacy V. Stephen Allen Caruso, Clark, N.J ., Law I. Vincent J . Castigliola, Jr., Pascagoula, Law I. Stephen Barnard Catron, Bowling Green, Ky., Law I. Margaret Oianne Cavin, Natchez, Graduate I. Gerald Mickey Center, Clearwater, Florida, Law III. James Henry Champion, Jr., Greenwood, Law II. Tai Chong Chang, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Graduate I. James Andrew Cheatham, McComb, Pharmacy V. Monica Chien-Hua Cheng, University , Graduate I. Peter C. Chigbo, University, Graduate I. Hyong Kil Choe, Sunnyvale, Calif., Graduate I. Chia-Chi Kathy Chu, Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate II. James Steven Chustz, Oxford, Law II. Lamar Poovey Chustz, Oxford , Graduate I. Ronald Harris Clayton, Pensacola, Florida, Pharmacy V. Patricia Ann Coats, Hollandale, Law I. William James Cole, III, Jackson, Law II. George Willie Coleman, Jr., Collierville, Tenn., Graduate I Michael John Collopy, Scottsbluff, Nebr., Law III. Robert Tillman Collum , Fulton, Pharmacy V. John Williams Combs, Hopkinsville, Ky., Law I. Roger Perron Conley, Bradenton, Fla., Law I. Robert Lane Cook, Oxford, Pharmacy V. William Hurt Cooper, Jr., Paducah, Kentucky , Graduate II. Angelo George Coppola, Sr., University, Graduate I. Louis James Cowardin, Jr., Richmond, Va., Graduate I. Lloyd Hughes Crossley, Wilmot, Ark., Graduate II. Peggy Joyce Crossley, Wilmot, Art., Graduate IV. David Lee Cuicchi, Shaw, Law, II. Leslie Brandon Cuicchi, Oxford, Graduate I. Arthur Daniel Dagostino, New Cumberland, Pa., Graduate I. William M. Dalehite, Jr., O xford, Law III. Cassim Mahomed Dangor, Johannesburg, S. Afr., Graduate I. Samuel Eugene Daniel, McComb, Pharmacy V. Frankie Laverle Daniels, Toccopola, Law I. John Corbett Davis, New Madrid, Mo., Pharmacy V. Jagdtsh Chandra Dhawan, Kanpur, India, Graduate II. Phyllis Elliott Dillard, Ripley, Graduate I. Deanna Mae Douglas, Gulf port, Graduate I. Lawrence C. Drummond, Greenwood, Graduate II. Marshall Glenn Duckworth, New Albany, Graduate I. John C. Dunahoo, Newbern, Tenn., Graduate I. Lester Robert Dunham, Jr., Clifton, N.J., Law I. Mary Ann Dupuy, Pikeville, Ky., Graduate I. 265 professionals Tommy Lee Durke, Port Arthur, Texas, Pharmacy V. Susan Drane Eddins, Laurel, Pharmacy V. Stephen Charles Edds, Oxford, Law I. Robert Thomas Edwards, McKenzie, Tenn., Law III. William Franklin Edwards, Carthage, Pharmacy V. Jih-Chin Fang, Taiwan, Graduate I Taghi Farahi, Tehran, Iran, Graduate I Donald Monti Favre, Bay, St. Louis, Pharmacy V Donald Vincent Ferlise, North Bergen, N.J., Law III Eileen Gloria Fernandez, Tampa, Florida, Graduate I John Alexander Ferrell, University, Law I James Charles Fetterman, University, Law III Margaret L. Forrester, University, Graduate II Gilbert Len Fowler, Jr., Jonesboro, Ark., Graduate I Michael Edward Garner, Walls, Law I Kay Olivia Gary, Eupora, Graduate I Jerry Michael Gilbreath, Laurel, Law I Harry Don Gong, Duncan, Pharmacy V Joyce Ann Grady, Meridian, Law I Thomas M. Graf, Gulfport, Graduate II Jimmie Starlling Gregg, Greenwood, Miss., Graduate I. William Gary Griffin, Raymond, Pharmacy V. Jerry Louis Gronau, Mankato, Minn., Law I. Dinah Gail Gross, Carthage, Pharmacy V. Freida Sharon Gunn, Ellisville, Law III. Michael James Hahn, Atlanta, Ga., Law I Marshall B. Haller, De Pere, Wisconsin, Law I Mohammad Haroon, Aligarh U. P. India, Graduate II Joe Tanner Harris, Tupelo, Pharmacy V Vicki Roach Harris, Jackson, Law I Jimmy Naul Hayman, McComb, Pharmacy V Leslie Heflin, Jackson, Graduate I Kanahya Lai Hemnani, Naski Rd Ms India, Graduate II Bettie Ann Henry, Booneville, Graduate I William Eugene Henry, Gulfport, Law II Herbert Earl Hill, Houston, Pharmacy V. Kenneth Wayne Hillman, University, Pharmacy V. Billy Glen Hinson, Oxford, Graduate II. Linda Joyce Holden, Jackson, Graduate I. Franklin Ellis Hood, Bolton, Graduate II. Paul Rush Home, Jr., Greenville, Law I Hung Fie Hsiao, Koahsiung, Taiwan, Graduate I Jen-De Hau, Taichung, Taiwan, Graduate I George M. Hubbard, Summit, New Jersey, Law I John Charles Hughes, University, Graduate II b 266 professionals Phil Hodges Hull, Columbus, Pharmacy V. Catherine Cagle Humphries, Southaven, Pharmacy V. Tom Hooks Humphries, Durant, Pharmacy V. Jolee Childs Hussey , Eupora, Graduate I. Fu-Jen Hwang, Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate I. James Roy Irvin, Oxford, Graduate I. Conrad Lowell Jacobson, Ogden, Utah, Graduate II. Cynthia Susan Joachim, Biloxi, Law II. Johnny Fong Joe, Cleveland, Pharmacy V. J. Dale Johnston, Picayune, Pharmacy V. Cecil Harris Jones, Morton, Graduate I. Gerald Wayne Jones, Interprise, Law I. Massena F. Jones, Vaughan, Pharmacy V. Michael Edward Jones, Biloxi, Pharmacy V. Johnnie K. Jordan, Jr. .Carthage, Pharmacy V. Ramesh Ramchandra Kambli, Bombay , India, Graduate II. Leopold Raymond Keffler, Canton, Ohio, Graduate IV. Thomas Donald Keith, Hollandale, Pharmacy V. Sammy Guy Ketchum, Ripley, Graduate I. Jagjitsingh H. Khalsa, Ahmbdabad-7, India, Graduate IV. V 267 professionals Terry L. Kincaid, University, Pharmacy V. Dicki Lee King, Oxford, Graduate III. Linda Gail King, West Point, Pharmacy V. Michael John Kitchen, Cupentino, Calif., Law III. Walter Arnold Kleis, Wayne, N.J., Graduate I. Pui Kuen Kong, Hong Kong, Graduate I. Shui Sun Kong, Hong Kong, Graduate IV. Narayan Kanthi Kumar, Kerala, India, Graduate I. Shi-Lan Anna Kuo, Tainan, Taiwan, Graduate II. Kirkor Kurtcuoglu, University, Graduate, II. Edward Duncan Lamar, Pensacola, Fla., Graduate I. David Flavous Lambert, III, Belmont, Law I. Mark Stephen Larson, Wichita, Kansas, Law I. Nat Brian Carl Laurent, University, Graduate II. Dennis Wayne Lea, Osyka, Pharmacy V. Benjamin Youngblood Lee, Corinth, Graduate I. Man Hee Lee, Bruce, Graduate I. Sue Kee Lee, Cleveland, Pharmacy V. Charles Eugene Lewis, Jackson, Pharmacy V. Robert Edwin Lewis, Jr., Meridian, Graduate, II. Tzong Jyi Liang, Boulder, Colorado, Graduate Guey Meei Lin, University, Graduate Wei-Fang Anne Lin, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Graduate David Joseph Livingston, Tulsa, Okla., Law Sandra Neill Longmire, University, Law Emery H. Lott, Seminary, Pharmacy V. Richard Byrd Lucas, Pascagoula, Law I. Carl Anthony Lueth, Oxford, Graduate II. Frederick John Lusk, Jr., Biloxi, Law I. George Clark Luther, Columbus, Ohio, Law I. Dianne Lyons, Biloxi, Graduate II. Braja Sundar Mahapatra, University, Graduate I. David Paul Manuel, Erath Ls., Graduate I. Panagiotis M. Manuel, Savannah, Ga., Graduate I. Kenneth Joseph Mascari, University, Graduate II. Dale Henry McDavitt, McComb, Law III. John Howard McDermitt, Columbia, Graduate II. Daniel Arch McDougal, Savannah, Tenn., Law II. James Joseph McKeown, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., Law I. Charles A. McKnight, Jackson, Pharmacy V. Dewitt T. Alfred, Law II. James Edwin McWilliams, Holly Ridge, Graduate I. Barbara A. Meador, Jackson, Graduate I. Michael R. Medley, Jackson, Law III. Scott Collins Buffaloe, Oxford, Law II. i . 268 professionals Terry Hayes Miller, Hartford, Ky., Graduate II. George Howell Milstead, Jackson, Pharmacy V. Henderson Alfred Moore, Hattiesburg, Law III. Walton Louis Moore, Booneville, Pharmacy V. George Terrell Morgan, University, Law, III. Sara Elizabeth Morgan, University, Graduate I. H.B.M. Rajendra, Mysore, India, Graduate I. Nairn Anwar Muzaffer, University, Graduate II. Jonathon Michael Nash, N. Little Rock, Ark., Graduate II. Charles Alexander Neale, Arlington, Va., Law II. William Francis Nealon, Rochester, N.Y., Law I. Andrew John Nelson, II, Stratford, Conn., Graduate I. John Gregory Nicholas, Mountain View.Cal., Law I. Christian H. Nicol, Pithiviers, France, Graduate I. Evan Nightingale, Ulysses, Kan., Law I. Edwin Randolph Noble, Jr., Lorman, Law III. James Kim Nuckolls, University , Pharmacy V. William Wesley Odom, McComb, Law I. Ernest G. Jrr Oliver, Oxford, Pharmacy V. Gregory Duncan Oliver, University, Law I. In-lng Ou, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Graduate I. Walter Allan Palmer, New Orleans, La., Pharmacy V. Joun Sup Park, University, Graduate I. Grant Rodney Parsons, Vandalia, Ohio, Law I. John H. Pasley , Sardis, Pharmacy V. Steven Edwin Pate, Fulton, Pharmacy V. Kanubhai Harmanbhai Patel, Anand Guj, India, Graduate I. Timothy Bond Patterson, Memphis, Tenn., Graduate I. Edward Peebles Peacock, III, Clarksdale, Law III. Ralph Kenneth Peden, Taylor, S. Carolina, Graduate II. James Stewart Person, Jr., Water Valley, Graduate II. Michael Sink Person, Oxford, Graduate I. Mary McCostlin Pittman, Bruce, Pharmacy V. William Claude Pittman, Greenwood, Graduate I. Elton Charles Plaisance, Larose, La., Graduate I. Fred Owen Poitevent, Meridian, Graduate I. Richard Wheeler Post, Gulfport, Graduate III. John Kirkham Povall, Lexington, Law I. Gerald Taylor Price, Houston, Texas, Law I. Charles Palmer Quarterman, Jackson, Law III, Robert Glenn Ramsay, Pascagoula, Law I. Edward Foley Ranson, Gulfport, Law II. Bill Guston Ratliff, Clinton, Law I. Wesley Reese, Birmingham, Ala., Graduate I. David Lee Reynolds, Oxford, Law I. 269 professionals Raymond Erwin Riddle, Charleston Hgts., SC., Graduate John B. Riemenschneider, Fond Du Lac, Wis., Law I. Susan Scruggs Rigby, Bay St. Louis, Pharmacy V. Edwin Hayes Roberts, Jr., Meridian, Law III. Edna Kirk Moore, Indianola, Graduate I. Franklin Scott Robinson, Waterford, Pharmacy V. Jimmie Wilson Rose, Gulfport, Law III. George Donald Runnels, Oxford, Law III. Carole Ann Rushing, McComb, Graduate I. Garrett Patrick Ryan, Muncie, Ind., Law I. Tapan Kumar Sarkar, Calcutta, India, Graduate II. Albert P. Cottrell, Tupelo, Law II. Jimmy Dale Shaddock, University, Graduate II. Niranjan S. Shah, Pratapnagar, India, Graduate I. Rodney Edward Shands, New Albany, Law III. Vasudha Ballabh Sharma, India, Graduate I. James Larry Shows, Mendenhall, Graduate I. Susan Dennison Sinclair, Nashville, Tenn., Graduate I. Larry Alfred Smith, Pascagoula, Law II. Lawrence Clifford Smith, Florence, Alabama, Graduate II. Clement John Sobotka, Jr., University, Graduate I. Rewat Sombunyaviroj, Bangkok, Thailand, Graduate II. David Rowe Sparks, Tupelo, Law III. Vera Madel Speakes, Benoit, Law I. Frank ). Spiegelberg, Jr., Biloxi, Law II. ] 270 Is -..: 1 1 1 1. .... tl. .. professionals Leo J. Stevenson, University, Law II. Wendel Coleman Stoltz, Memphis, Tenn., Law III. William Chandler Stroh, Djakarta, Indo., Law I. Ellis Carroll Stuart, Jr., Poplarville, Law III. Purshottam Sutwala, Kanpur, India, Graduate I. Janaki Ram Sydapuram, Hyderabad, India, Graduate Melrose Tapscott, Oxford, Graduate I. Calvin Lewis Taylor, Ft. Worth, Texas, Graduate I. Kenneth Jerrell Thornton, Hattiesburg, Pharmacy V. Larry Jaubert Tillman, Bay St. Louis, Graduate I. Michael Carl Todaro, Biloxi, Pharmacy V. Robert Lee Tomlinson, Chattanooga, Tenn., Graduate I. Jeannene Ann Townsend, Kilmichael, Law I. Robbie Lynn Trussed, Crowder, Pharmacy V. Wen-Chung Tsai, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Graduate II. , Phillip Lynn Tutor, University, Law I. Korada Renu Umashankar, University, Graduate II. John C. Underwood, Jr., Jackson, Law III. Madoppa Vrishabhendra, Mysore, India, Graduate I. Charles Ray Walker, Joplin, Mo., Graduate III. James Rayburn Walker, Jr., University, Law I. Thomas Joseph Wanasek, Hales Corners, Wise., Graduate I. Ted Jesse Ward, Oxford, Pharmacy V. Martha Jewel Watkins, Jackson, Pharmacy V. Steven Leslie Weatherwax, University, Pharmacy V. Thomas Edward Whitten, Hernando, Graduate I. Robert Quentin Whitwell, Senatobia, Law III. Joey Lee Wilburn, Dorsey, Pharmacy V. Jauwiece Minis Wiklinson, Lexington, Graduate IV. Jerry Ellis Wilkinson, Meadville, Graduate III. Robert R. Williams, Jr., Walnut, Graduate I. Star Ann Williams, luka, Graduate I. Glen Dean Windham, Rolling Fork, Pharmacy V. Linda Love Windham, Rolling Fork, Pharmacy V. Charles Wellborn Witt, Jackson, Law I. Patricia Jack Wong, Cleveland, Pharmacy V. James Roland Woodington, Cherokee, Alabama, Graduate Eddy Howard Wright, Bruce, Graduate I. Te Kao Wu, Teng-Shan, Taiwan, Graduate I. Chin-Hsing Yang, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, Graduate I. Usa Yaungyong, Nontaburi, Thailand, Graduate I. Kuo-Ching Yu, Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate I. Arnold Harry Zudick, Morristown, N.J., Law I. Paul E. Sapoch, University, Pharmacy. Joseph W.Yates, Shelby, Law II. 271 seniors Charles Edwin Abraham, Leland, Liberal Arts. Richard . Agostinelli, Clarksdalc, Pharmacy. Ronald H. Aldridge, Jackson, Business. Kathy Jane Alford, McComb, Education. David Kenyon Allen, University, Education. Kathryn Wilder Allen, Houston, Texas, Liberal Arts. Mikal Eugene Altman, Florence, Ala., Business. Anne Ambrose, Nashville, Tenn., Education. Donnie Joe Anderson, Ripley, Business. Lawrence H. Anderson, Jackson, Engineering. Mary Evalyn Antoon, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. James Frank Armishaw, University, Liberal Arts. Carey Sykes Armstrong, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Sara Jill Aron, Bruce, Business. John Ray Atkinson, Carrollton, Business. Richard Burton Atkinson, Pickens, Education. Nancy Hope Babington, Franklinton, La., Education. Robert Eugene Bailey, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Brenda Sullivan Baird, Myrtle, Education. Jacqueline Kaye Baker, Gideon, Mo., Liberal Arts. Mary Kathryn Balch, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Hugh Brooks Ball, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Albert Marshall Banks, Poplarville, Education. Joyce Lynn Banks, Oxford, Business. Joseph Edward Baran, Jr., Scarsdale, N.Y., Business. Sherry Simonich Baran, Biloxi, Education. Charles Ellis Barnett, Sardis, Business. Peggy Sue Barnett, Jackson, Education. Randle Barnett, Jacksonville, Fla., Liberal Arts. Marcia Ruth Barney, Gloster, Liberal Arts. I ill. i Gayle Barron, Columbia, Liberal Arts. Johnnie Mack Battles, Rosedale, Business. Jerry Stephen Beam, Fulton, Education. Edgar C. Beaumont, Biloxi, Engineering. Alan Mark Becker, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Liberal Arts. Patricia D. Beckett, Bruce, Education. Sherry Ann Beckwith, Belzoni, Liberal Arts. Susan Alice Bedingfield, Univ. Liberal Arts. Thomas Roy Beecroft, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Daphne Ann Bell, Petersburg, Tenn., Education. Joseph Alston Bell, Tupelo, Business. Shelia Kay Benefield, Myrtle, Education. Patsy Joyce Bennett, New Albany, Business. John Douglas Bethay, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Business. Rebecca Lynn Boatman, Corinth, Education. t I 1 I t I 272 seniors Thomas F. Boatright, Oxford, Business. Joseph Slattery Boggess, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Barry Glenn Bouchillon, Batesville, Business. William Ross Bounds, Meridian, Pharmacy. Nehemiah Bowdre, Hernando, Business. Sally Joan Patricia Bowen, Miami, Fla., Education. Thomas Emery Box, Booneville, Business. Virgil Myers Box, Booneville, Liberal Arts. James Lee Boyter, Greenville, S.C., Business. Dianne Branscome, Grenada, Liberal Arts. Deborah Lillian Brantley, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Fred McLendin Brashier, Decatur, Education. William Carl Bratton, Oxford, Business. Gregory Lee Brewer, Greenwood, Business. John Henry Brewer, III, Southhaven, Business. Norman Craig Brewer, III, Greenwood, Business. Hallie Gail Bridges, Belzoni, Liberal Arts. Robert Vernon Broadus, Lumberton, Pharmacy. Ernie Herman Brown, Biloxi, Business. James Robert Brown, Ripley, Liberal Arts. Marsha Loretta Brown, Sevierville, Tenn., Education. Thomas Edward Brown, Jr., Biloxi, Engineering. Virginia O ' Keefe Brown, Biloxi, Education. Mary Catherine Broyles, N. Little Rock, Ark., Pharmacy. William Edward Bruce, Meridian, Business. Darnell Edward Brugh, Jr., Buchanan, Va., Business. William Dotson Bryan, Winona, Business. Carol Ann Buchanan, Blytheville, Ark., Education. Michael R. Buchberger, Booneville, Engineering. William R. Buffington, Virginia Beach, Va., Business. Marcus Connoy Buntyn, Meridian, Business. Frederick Wayne Burford, Sarah, Business. James Carroll Caffey, Winona, Business. Ralph Norman Cagle, Jr., Orlando, Fla., Education. Albert Michael Caldwell, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Richard Eugene Caldwell, Baldwyn, Business. Retta Lynn Callicutt, Myrtle, Education. Karen Elizabeth Camp, Mantachie, Liberal Arts. Laura Kathryn Campany, Jonestown, Liberal Arts. Esther Josephine Campbell, Boyle, Pharmacy. Charlie Alex Canova, Jr., Woodville, Pharmacy. Stephen Dale Carney, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. Cynthia Ann Carr, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Thomas Marshall Casey, Louisville, Pharmacy. Jima Elan Castle, Pontotoc, Education. 273 seniors Gordon M. Castleberry , Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Michael William Chadwick, Mississippi, Liberal Arts. Walter Lee Chambers, Humboldt, Tenn., Education. Mary Ann Chancellor, Macon, Liberal Arts. Kendall Phillips Chapman, Perry, Ga., Education. Rupert Leander Chapman, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Robert Doyle Childers, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Cedric Vaughn Chinn, Marks, Pharmacy. Audric Hing Chow, Clarksdale, Pharmacy. Wesley Dean Chow, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Nanette R. Christian, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Walter Bates Christian, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Benny Smith Chunn, Batesville, Business. Faith M. Church, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Beverly Jo Clark, Charleston, Education. Charles Cleveland Clark, Jackson, Business. Rita Gail Clemmer, Ripley, Education. John Daniel Cleveland, Jackson, Education. Carolyn Sue Clinton, Sikeston, Mo., Liberal Arts. Virginia Kay Coggin, Tupelo, Education. Onnie Rex Coker, Oxford, Business. Grover Clifton Coleman, Jr., Magee, Education. Linda M. Coleman, Corinth, Liberal Arts. John David Collins, Jackson, Business. Lynda Gail Collums, Bruce, Education. Betty Diane Conway, Hattiesburg, Education. David Erval Conwill, Fulton, Liberal Arts. Drinda Marian Cook, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Steve Hobson Cook, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Frenchie Miller Cooke, Seminol e, Fla., Education. Sharon Sue Couch, Brandon, Liberal Arts. William D. Covington, Jr., Jackson, Business. Cathy O. Criss, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Mary Claire Custy, Columbia S.C., Liberal Arts. Barbara Ellen Dacus, Kilmichael, Pharmacy. Richard Alfred Darden, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Har Naraian Dashairya, University, Engineering. Carl Cuthbert Davis, Jr. .Cleveland, Liberal Arts. Dona B. Davis, Tupelo, Education. Mary Kay Deere Davis, Portageville, Mo., Education. Terry Lewis Day, Greenville, Liberal Arts. James L. Dear, University, Liberal Arts. John Patrick DeBerry, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Mary Diane Defore, Jackson, Liberal Arts. John Charles Diaz, New Albany, Education. UJ 274 seniors I Stephen Wayne Dillard, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Lawrence Clark Dilley, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Beverly Kaye Dixon, Booneville, Education. Harry Yin Chong K. Doo, Kaneohe, Hawaii, Engineering. Barry Cole Douglas, Balboa Canal ZN., Engineering. Jean H. Doxey, Holly Springs, Education. Ralph Hindman Doxey, Holly Springs, Business. David William Dreher, University , Liberal Arts. Ann Carol Driver, Mason, Tenn., Education. Margaret Eugenia Duckett, Falls Church, Va., Liberal Arts. Orion Chester Dunaway, Gulfport, Engineering. John Walter Eadie, Roswell, Ga., Engineering. William Fred Early, II, Pensacola, Fla., Engineering. Frances Elaine Earney , Jackson, Liberal Arts. George Ford Earney, West Memphis, Ark., Business. Larry Vance Easterling, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Glenda Jean Eaton, Walnut, Education. Linda June Eaton, Walnut, Education. Marilyn Joyce Elion, Coldwjter, Liberal Arts. Catherine Ann Elliott, Birmingham, Ala., Education. 215 seniors Martha Lynn Ellis, Oxford, Education. Sheida Emanuel, Tehran, Iran, Liberal Arts. Charles Gerald Emmons, luka, Education. James Edward Evans, Jr., Aberdeen, Liberal Arts. John Austin Evans, Jackson, Business. Terry Q. Farmer, Batesville, Business. William Holder Farrar, Nettleton, Pharmacy. Dawn Elizabeth Favre, Huntsville, Ala., Education. William Featherston, Jr., Jackson, Business. Joe Thomas Fell, Pine Bluff, Ark., Engineering. Carole Jeannette Ferguson, Grenada, Education. Palmore A. Ferrell, Jr., Lynchburg, Va., Business. Lizabeth Lynn Filoni, Biloxi, Education. Mary Letitia Fisher, Hattiesburg, Education. Betty Lou Fleming, Minter City, Liberal Arts. Calvin Albert Fleming, Lafitte, La., Liberal Arts. Mark Andrew Frank, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Diane Jean Franklin, Atlanta, Ga., Education. Gary Mac Franks, Dorsey, Business. Vicki Sue Franks, Fulton, Education. Joseph Daniel Frazier, II, Grenada, Engineering. John Robert Fretts, Levitlcun, Pa., Liberal Arts. Rebecca Ann Fudoli, Hillsboro, III., Liberal Arts. Joseph Patrick Furr, Oxford, Business. Janet Cecilia Gann, luka, Liberal Arts. Behrooz Karim Garabaghi, Tehran, Iran, Engineering. Arthur Wayne Garrad, Clarksdale, Education. William Hugh Garrard, III, Isola, Business. Judy Carrol Garrison, Myrtle, Liberal Arts. Steven Eugene Gelvin, Tunica, Business. Stephanie Owen Gerity, Oxford, Education. Thomas Carter Gerity, Berkeley Hts., N.) ., Business. John Haywood Gilbert, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Leo Dell Gill, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Ellen B. Gillespie, Tupelo, Education. Ricky Shan Glidewell, Ripley, Education. Marie Mullins Goodwin, Senatobia, Education. Reginald Devon Gordon, Batesville, Pharmacy. Elizabeth Ann Gowan, Jackson, Education. Stephen Craig Grace, Owensboro, Ky., Business. Anita Joy Graham, Thaxton, Liberal Arts. Charles Richard Graves, Corinth, Business. Lydia Cochran Graves, Winona, Education. David Wayne Gray, Batesville, Business. William Alan Gray, Oxford, Business. i t t t 276 seniors Freddie Wallis Green, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Benjamin Lee Greene, Batesville, Education. John David Greenhill, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Harrison S. Greenlaw, Fredericksburg, Va., Education. William Harvey Gresham, Clarksdale, Business. Jiles Kenneth Grice, Columbia, Liberal Arts. Thomas Lamon Griffin, University, Liberal Arts. Troy David Griffin, Baldwyn, Pharmacy. William Allan Griffis, Chunky , Business. Patricia Coleen Guy, Tiburon, Calif., Education. Robert Patrick Haden, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Thomas Eric Hale, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Larry Murrah Hall, New Albany, Business. Fred Tyson Hamilton, Indianola, Business. Lynne Garnett Hamlin, West Point, Liberal Arts. Maurice Hamp, Tunica, Business. Dwight Vincent Hand, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. John Henry Hanley, Booneville, Education. James R. Hardin, Houlka, Business. Grizelda Ann Hargraves, Helena, Ark., Education. Fredrick Marion Harrell, Brandon, Business. George E. Harrell, Jr., Jackson, Business. William Leo Harrington, Jr., Rose Hill, Liberal Arts. Alan Taylor Harris, Livingston, N.J., Education. John Sykes Hartin, University, Liberal Arts. Curtis Bush Hasty, III, Birmingham, Ala., Business. Rebecca Kilgore Hathcock, Atlanta, Georgia, Education. Jerry P. Hatten, Gulfport, Education. William Walton Hattox, Pontotoc, Business. Terry Dewey Hawkins, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Alton Delbert Hayman, Cincinnati, Ohio, Business. John Dexter Haynes, Baldwyn, Business. Charles Thomas Heath, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Jessie Hamilton Helms, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Carolyn K. Carroll, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. David Earl Henry, Pontotoc, Business. Teresa Bost Henry, Pontotoc, Business. Timothy Norris Herndon, Pontotoc, Business. Marilyn Sager Herrera, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. John H. Herring, Batesville, Education. Robin (Catherine Herring, University, Liberal Arts. Helen Doris Herrington, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Harold C. Herron, Batesville, Engineering. Ronnie Dale Hicks, University, Engineering. William Rogers Hicks, Laurel, Pharmacy. 111 seniors Joe Wiley Higgins, Jr., Madison, Term., Pharmacy. James Michael Hill, Tupelo, Business. Dennis Jerome Hogan, Brandon, Engineering. Samuel Wilson Holder, University, Business. Jeffrey Thomas Hollimon, Ovett, Business. William Larry Holman, (sola, Engineering. Edward Harris Holmes, Clarksdale, Engineering. Jacqueline A. Holmes, Greenwood, Education. Michael Wesley Holmes, Tylertown, Liberal Arts. Dianne Hood, Jackson, Education. Opal Jean Hood, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. Margaret Elizabeth Hook, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. Ali Hooshmand, Tehran, Iran, Engineering. Leslie B. Hoover, III, Madisonville, Ky., Business. Lana Carrie Hopkins, Walnut, Education. Christy Sue Horton, Holly Bluff, Liberal Arts. Linda Maude Coleman, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Martha Frances Houston, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Thomas I. Hover, Aurora, III., Business. James Tate Howell, Oxford, Business. Ruel Reeder Huddleston, New Orleans, La., Liberal Arts. Carolyn Beasley Hudson, Meadville, Liberal Arts. Charles P. Hudson, Jr., Canton, Pharmacy. Peggy Jean Hudson, Walnut, Education. John H. Hunsicker, Jr., Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Kerry Hannahan Hutchinson, Columbia, Liberal Arts. Donna Kay Idom, Raleigh, Liberal Arts. Billy Glen Inmon, Okolona, Business. Willis Ivory, Natchez, Education. James Hollis Ivy, Tupelo, Education. Frank Peter Izzo, Pomona, N.Y., Education. Linda Bounds Jaeger, Hattiesburg, Education. Marie Joe, Cleveland, Business. Rocky Ming Joe, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. Charles Robert Johnson, Biloxi, Engineering. Danny King Johnson, Tupelo, Pharmacy. Francis W. Johnson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Larry Kennet h Johnson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Nancy Jean Johnson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Robert Edgar Johnson, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Travis R. Johnson, Jr., Grenada, Business. Elizabeth Spalding Jones, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Jackie Diane Jones, Myrtle, Education. Lynn Dee Jones, Gulfport, Education. Oliver David Jones, Laurel, Education. ' I I 278 vsy ! i seniors Randolph Perry Jones, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Walker Alexander Jones, Jr., Greenville, Liberal Arts. Marta Leebett Jordan, Casper Wyoming, Business. Nelva Jean Jordan, Jackson, Education. Thomas Shich Jue, Rosedale, Liberal Arts. William Van Justice, II, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Karen LaRue Kaufman, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Margaret Adele Kazan, Leland, Education. Margaret Carolyn Keel, Water Valley, Education. William Laird Kelly, Marks, Business. Linda Gail Kennedy, Hickory Flat, Education. Cala Sue Kimbriel, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Francis Elizabeth King, Topeka, Kansas, Liberal Arts. Jerry Nolan King, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Robert Edward King, Oxford, Education. Robert Louis King, Jackson, Liberal Arts. James Medlin Kitchens, New Albany, Engineering. Rosianna Elizabeth Kling, Hattiesburg, Business. Wesley Allan Knight, University, Liberal Arts. William R. Knight, Crystal Springs, Education. John Miles Koban, Pittsburg, Pa., Liberal Arts. Kathleen Koury, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. David Dane Lair, Charleston, Mo., Business. Larry Wayne Lancaster, Falkner, Engineering. Robert James Landry, Biloxi, Business. Thomas Jeffrey Larkin, Yokohama, Japan, Education. Claire Ann Latture, Hot Springs, Ark., Pharmacy. Virginia Borland Lauer, Houston, Tex., Education. Virginia Perry Laurent, Jackson, Business. Peter Shiu Wang Law, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Engineering. Harold Brooks Leasure, Jr., Madisonville, Ky., Business. Thomas Everard Lee, Guat. City, Guatemala, Liberal Arts. Charla Keith Leonard, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Mildred McMillan Lester, Sardis, Education. Aaron Lewis, Senatobia, Education. Linda Lafaye Lewis, Kosciusko, Education. Ruby Gray Lewis, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. George Anne Littlejohn, New Albany, Liberal Arts. John Llewellyn, Bethesda, Md., Liberal Arts. Guy M. Loftin, Mississippi, Business. Deanne C. Longacre, Dickson, Tenn., Business. Mary C.P. Lou, Clarksdale, Education. Thomas Wayne Lovern, Leland, Liberal Arts. Wiley Potter Lowry, Jackson, Business. Tommy Loftin Lucado, Coldwater, Business. 279 j i seniors F Warren M. Ludlam, Jackson, Business. May Lum, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Glenn Travler Lunsford, Montgomery, Ala., Business. Helen Dayton Manier, Nashville, Tenn., Education. James Lamar Manley, Dekalb, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Sledge Manley, Dekalb, Education. Cheryl Renee Martin, Jackson, Business. Richard Melvin Martin, Jackson, Business. Troy Watts Mashburn, Jr., Brandon, Business. Robert Clyde Massey, W. Memphis, Ark., Liberal Arts. Paula Maurine Matherne, Alexandria, La., Liberal Arts. Sherry Matthews, Sledge, Education. Harriett Louise May, Caruthersville, Mo., Education. Felicia Jane Mayo, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Anne Campbell McAdoo, Union Cit y, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jimmy Stephen McAnally, Belmont, Business. William Bonner McCarty, Jackson, Business. Glenn Allen McCarver, University, Business. Jimmy Dale McCarver, Sledge, Education. Mary McAnally McCarver, University, Liberal Arts. 280 seniors 9fc Gerald Rankin McCay, Sardis, Business. Robert Thomas McCormick, Senatobia, Business. Donna Sue McCraw, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Ralph Cullin McCrory, Jena, La., Engineering. Martha Ruth McCullar, Water Valley, Education. Mary Ann McDonald, Newton, Pharmacy. Janice McGaughy, Ashland, Business. John Dixon McGee, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Mary Lillian McGraw, Louisville, Education. George Chester McKee, State College, Liberal Arts. Stevan Michael McKenzie, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Hugh Carroll McLeod, III, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Joy Marter McMahan, Grenada, Education. Mary Jon McManus. Biloxi, Education. Carlos Lindsey McMorris, Greensburg, La., Engineering. Florence Jeane McNeel, Louisville, Education. Pamela McPhail, Slate Springs, Education. Carroll Brent Meador, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Michael Edward Means, Charlotte, N.C., Education. Sharon Ann Meeks, Corinth, Education. Thomas Andrew Merman, Nesquehoning, Pa., Liberal Arts. Richard Lynn Metcalf, Jackson, Business. Elizabeth Joyce Metter, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Oceile Huddleston Michael, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Carol Ann Miller, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Richard Edward Mills, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Beverley Borrum Mitchell, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Ellis Q. Mitchell, III, Clarksdale, Business. Hattie Miriam Mize, Thaxton, Education. Michael Richard Montee, Pensacola, Fla., Business. William Wright Montjoy, Greenwood, Business. Steven Holcomb Monts, Plantersville, Business. Barbara Jane Moore, New Albany, Education. Benjamin Allen Moore, Byhalia, Engineering. Don Wilson Moore, Jackson, Business. Mary Virginia Moore, McComb, Education. Nyla Jean Moore, Holly Springs, Education. Randy Ray Moore, Booneville, Pharmacy. Sylvia Kay Moorhead, Oxford, Education. Sally Baird Morehead, Greenwood, Education. Audrey Mae Morgan, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Sandra Kaye Morgan, Bruce, Education. Sidney G. Morgan, Brookville, Pharmacy. James Willard Morris, III, Jackson, Education. Rebecca Louise Morris, Oxford, Liberal Arts. 281 seniors Terry Baird Morris, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Jerry Alfred Morrisson, Etta, Education. Ronald David Moses, Vicksburg, Business. Catherine Marie Moss, Brandon, Education. Ellis Harvey Moss, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Dalton McBee Mounger, Jackson, Business. Josephine Moy, Hernando, Pharmacy. Roland Edward Mullins, Jr., Biloxi, Pharmacy. George Michael Murphy, Meridian, Business. Ruth Anne Murphy, Grenada, Business. William Clifton Myers, Jackson, Business. Barbara Jean Mylak, Riverside, III., Education. James Roy Nabors, Houston, Business. Rhoda Ruth Naff, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Joseph Morgan Neblett, Coahoma, Liberal Arts. Robert Wade Nelms, Vaiden, Liberal Arts. Margaret Rebecca Nelson, Courtland, Education. Mary (Catherine Newell, Meridian, Education. Lacy Gibbes Newman, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. George Allen Newton, Clarksdale, Business. Annie Yvonne Nichols, Victoria, Liberal Arts. Sara Carol Nichols, Canton, Education. Sheryl Nicholson, Memphis, Tenn., Education. John Roscoe Nickens, lll,Chaffee, Missouri, Business. Judith Mosal Noble, Oxford, Education. George W. Noel, Jr., Huntsville, Ala., Business. Martha Lee Collins, Columbus, Education. Shelton Edward Norris, Collins, Business. Pete Joseph Nosser, III, Vicksburg, Business. Wade Sharon Oaks, Booneville, Business. Karen Jean O ' Donnell, Naugatuck, Conn., Liberal Arts. Harry McClean Old, Oxford, Pharmacy. Sherry Ellen Oliphant, Batesville, Education. David Michael Orf, Summit, N.J., Liberal Arts. Susan Nadine Owen, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Betty Carol Owens, Oxford, Education. Rachel Hill Owens, Purvis, Liberal Arts. Timothy William Pace, Aberdeen, Business. Christine Anne Page, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Judy Ann Palmertree, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Michael Papania, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. George Thomas Parish, Amory, Education. Carl Allen Parker, New Albany, Business. Marsha Alice Parker, Jackson, Education. Freida Dale Parks, Temple, Georgia, Liberal Arts. 282 I i 1 I v4i t seniors William David Payne, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Robbie Casey Peacock, Clarksdale, Education. Allen George Pedersen, University, Business. Mary Ellen Pela, Gulfport, Education. James Beck Pemberton, Moss Point, Engineering. Thomas J. Pennebaker, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Ruth Harmon Pennington, Batesville, Education. Jacqueline Perry, Mississippi, Education. Jerry Lynn Pettit, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. David Lynn Petty, Glen, Education. Billy Guy Phillips, Gattman, Business. Walton Rice Pickens, McComb, Education. Carole N. Pigford, Meridian, Education. Karen Michele Pilgreen, Brookhaven, Education. James Clovis Pinkerton, University, Liberal Arts. Margaret Pittman, Greenwood, Education. Nancy B. Carroll Pittman, Greenwood, Education. Loyd Carlon Plunk, Thaxton, Business. Deanna Poe Prewett, Ponotoc, Business. James Marion Polatty, Jr., Clinton, Liberal Arts. James Eugene Poole, University, Business. Rosa Josephine Poole, Natchez, Liberal Arts. John William Pope, North Carrollton, Liberal Arts. Richard Alan Porter, Columbus, Education. Hilda Cope Povall, Hollandale, Liberal Arts. Laurie Jean Powel, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Walter Van Power, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Daniel Garland Powers, Natchez, Business. William Bryce Prestage, Fulton, Pharmacy. Kenneth Edwin Prewett, Pontotoc, Pharmacy. Darwin Perry Prewitt, Mt. Sterling, Ky., Liberal Arts. Davidson Henry Prewitt, Tillar, Ark., Business. Mary Margaret Price, Chattanooga, Tenn., Education. Margaret Lucius Prewett, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Deana Lynn Pritchard, Ft. Thomas, Ky., Education. Martha Sue Pullin, Terry, Pharmacy. John Lucian Purdom, Wyoming, Ohio, Education. James Stephen Purdon, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Neva Vane Ragland, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Ronald James Ragland, Oxford, Engineering. Kenneth Bell Raigins, Prairie, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Inez Ramer, Corinth, Education. Larhonda Louise Ramsey, Water Valley, Education. Kamran Rasouli, University, Engineering. Bobby Rex Ratliff, Toccopola, Education. 283 seniors John Cary Rawlings, Houston, Tex., Business. Thomas Joseph Reardon, Clarksdale, Education. Kathleen Ann Reese, Madison, Wis., Liberal Arts. Pamela Ann Refkofsky, Stratford, Conn., Education. Edward Parker Reid, Pittsboro, Education. James Dee Richardson, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. Lawrence Todd Richardson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Robert George Ricks, Cleveland, Engineering. Laura Lynn Roberson, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Benny Jerryl Roberts, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Ellis Eugene Roberts, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. Linda Louise Roberts, Pascagoula, Education. Thomas Alfred Roell, Niagara Falls, N.Y., Education. Richard Blair Roper, Jackson, Business. Martha Lynn Ross, Grenada, Liberal Arts. Cynthia N. Rousseau, Tupelo, Education. Robert Louis Rousseau, Tupelo, Education. Evelyn Virginia Roy, Memphis, Tenn., Education. John Patton Sadler, Huntsville, Ala., Business. Donald Wayne Sanders, Natchez, Education. Larry Newton Sanford, New A3BA5Y DZ, Business. Nicholas A. Sauchelli, Summit, N.J., Liberal Arts. Charles M. Saucier, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Isaac Whitten Sayle, Charleston, Business. Clarence Ray Scales, Jr., Jackson, Education. Lela Lynn Scales, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Edward Logan Scott, Drew, Business. Robert Stephen Scruggs, Humboldt, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Caroline Graves Scruggs, Humboldt, Tenn., Education. Dennis Michael Seat, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Sam P. Seay, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Lana Joy Shackelford, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Siegfried Lee Shalles, Columbus, Engineering. Thomas Andrew Shands, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Jane Ivy Shaw, Oxford, Business. Clarence M. Shepherd, Lake Cormorant, Education. Thomas Lynn Simmons, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Corlea Jeanne Sims, Blytheville, Ark., Education. Lisa Sims, Columbia, Education. Britt Randal Singletary, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Doris McNary Slocum, Oxford, Education. Carol Ann Johnson Smith, Walnut, Education. Charles Lynn Smith, Tylertown, Pharmacy. Donna Carolyn Smith, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Doris Deveron Drees Smith, Oxford, Education. 284 seniors k Georgia Kay Smith, Fulton, Liberal Arts. Martha Susan Smith, Clinton, Education. Richard Arnold Sneed, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Tommy Clyde Sneed, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Leland Burnice Snowden, Oxford, Business. Charles Ellis Sones, Lumberton, Liberal Arts. Catherine Timbes Sparks, Tupelo, Education. Daniel Curtis Spencer, Tupelo, Business. Cherie Nona Stafford, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. John Clement Stallworth, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Margarita M. Stanford, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. Martha Susan Steen, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Jack K.Stevens, Jackson, Liberal Arts. George Brunus Stewart, Picayune, Liberal Arts. Richard David Stokes, Jr., University, Business. Rita Eliz Stonebraker, Akron, Ohio, Education. Arthur Ralph Stroud, Jr., Arkansas, Business. Linda Diane Stroud, New Albany, Education. Ann Marie Suares, Greenville, Education. Marian Ruth Sudduth, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 285 seniors Annette Irene Sullivan, University, Business. Charles Lester Sullivan, Clarksdale, Business. Darlene Dyar Sullivan, Jackson, Education. James Kenneth Sullivan, Raymond, Liberal Arts. Thomas James Sullivan, Savanna, III., Business. Charlie T. Sutherland, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Stephen Middleton Swain, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Cathy Dale Tallant, Tupelo, Education. Tommie Dennis Tanner, Pascagoula, Engineering. Lemuel Hugh Tate, Jr., Myrtle, Engineering. Julien Rundell Tatum, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Connie Sue Taylor, Toomsuba, Education. John Harrison Taylor, South Hill, Va., Education. Linda Catherine Taylor, West Point, Education. Linda Ethel Taylor, Shannon, Education. Dixie June Tedford, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Linda Louise Temple, Alexandria, Va., Education. Martha C. Thomas, Rolling Fork, Business. Nancy W. Thompson, Greenville, Education. Nancy Baldwin Thorn, Jackson, Education. David Laroy Thornhill, Jayess, Engineering. Julia Harmon Thornton, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts. Gary Dale Thrash, Jackson, Business. Charles Lowell Threet, Jr., Florence, Ala., Business. Charles Rodney Todd, Ellisville, Engineering. Patrick V. Davis, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Anne Goree Tomlinson, Chattanooga, Tenn., Education. Judie Ann Tomlinson, Tupelo, Education. Jenny Lou Townley, Greenville, Education. Patricia Ann Travis, El Paso, Texas, Education. William Robert Tubbs, Etta, Liberal Arts. Hilda Kay Tucker, Tunica, Education. Jimmy Mac Tucker, University, Business. Sue Ellen Tucker, Booneville, Education. Michael E. Turbeville, Jackson, Business. Linda Caldwell Tutor, Sherman, Liberal Arts. William Fra nk Vick, Marks, Education. Sandra Lee Wages, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Joan Allen Wallace, Jackson, Education. Alma Joyce Waller, Oxford, Education. Charles Galloway Walsh, Jr., Jackson, Business. Forrest D. Walton, Fulton, Business. Catherine S. Warren, Senatobia, Education. Jack Thomas Warren, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Homer Benton Watkins, Jackson Liberal Arts. I 286 X% .3fe seniors Keith Wayne Weaver, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Carol Owen Webb, Jr., Meridian, Liberal Arts. William Edward Welford, Okolona, Business. Rebecca Hardy Wells, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Carolyn Faye Wesson, Mooreville, Education. Robert Blake White, Bolivar, Tenn., Business. Judy Carol Whitehead, New Albany, Education. Gerald John Wilcox, Greensboro, N.C., Business. Janalee Holley Wilkins, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Priscilla Ann Wilkins, McLean, Va., Education. Arthur Pearce Williams, Birmingham, Ala., Business. Daniel Timothy Williams, Fulton, Business. Fletcher Joseph Williams, Osyka, Liberal Arts. Peter Fairley Williams, Clarksdale, Business. B etty Bush Wilson, Golden, Education. Herbert Wayne Wilson, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Pearlie Mae Wilson, Courtland, Liberal Arts. James Reagan Windham, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Patricia Ann Wing, Sledge, Liberal Arts. James Kenneth Winter, Pontotoc, Business. William Arnold Witt, Ripley, Education. Catharyn Jean Wong, Drew, Pharmacy. Eddie T. Woo, Mississippi, Engineering. Jimmy Taw Woo, Inverness, Pharmacy. Rollo Thespian Mintworth III. Dan Morse Woodliff, Jackson, Business. John Clifton Woolley, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Thomas Franklin Woolen, Jr., Collierville, Tenn., Business. Danny Norris Wray, Courtland, Business. Creekmore B. Wright, Jr., Corinth, Liberal Arts. Rolland Lavant Yancey, Sardis, Liberal Arts. Dorothy E. Young, Clarksdale, Education. Philip Stewart Young, Mississippi, Liberal Arts. Robert Brooks Young, Bruce, Liberal Arts. Robert P. Young, Crawfordsville, Ark., Liberal Arts. Roland Kenneth Young, Tupelo, Business. Yazdani Fathali Zand, Abasabad, Iran, Engineering. Hallie Zeringer, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts. Mike H. Fortick Corinth, Business. William L. Kelly, Marks, Business. Elizabeth Joyce Meteer, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Sandra Stroud, Grenada, Education. James Henry White, Jr., Germantown, Tenn., Liberal Arts. 287 ' ' juniors David Lee Abel, Eustis, Fla., Business. Donald Joe Adams, Coffeeville, Engineering. Judy Lynn Adams, Baldwyn, Education. Sandra Kay Akins, Holly Springs, Education. Keith Eugene Aldridge, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Adrienne Claire Allen, Kosciusko, Education. Amy Kay Allen, Indianola, Liberal Arts. Ellen Jo Allen, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Patricia Lynn Allen, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. Robert Martin Allen, Jr., Jackson, Business. William Henry Allen, Jr., Belzoni, Business. Marguerite Diane Altick Memphis, Tenn., Business. Joe Lee Anthony, Sebastopol, Liberal Arts. Lynne Sandra Arnault, Weir, Education. Sarah Frances Ashley, Mendenhall, Education. Vicki Ann Atkins, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Linda Joyce Avant, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. Sandra Elaine Ayers, Albany, Ga., Business. Barry Edwin Babovec, Brawley, Calif., Business. John Leslie Bailey, Lambert, Business. Lonnie David Bailey, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Noell Bush Bailey, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jonell Baker, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Sharon Hope Baldwin, Booneville, Education. Barbara Louise Baldwyn, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Ludis Daniels Barenis, Greenville, Business. Jeanne Marie Barhonovich, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Beverly Jane Barnes, Port Gibson, Business. Lanell Barnes, Shreveport, La., Education. Janet Elaine Barnett, Jackson, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Sara Burwell Barrett, Lexington, Liberal Arts. Myra Kaye Barron, Booneville, Business. Martha Oshella Batte, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Joe Robert Batts, Lamar, Liberal Arts. Brenda Sue Bell, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Sharon Elaine Bell, Grenada, Education. Charlotte N. Berry, Red Bay, Ala., Pharmacy. Gregory Leo Berry, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Anelia Fay Billingsley, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. Terry Dwayne Black, Shannon, Business. Robbie Dale Blackburn, Enid, Liberal Arts. Clinton Wheeler Boals, Walnut, Education. Elizabeth Ann Boling, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. Hugh James Boone, Grenada, Business. Charles Allen Boren, Potts Camp, Business. i i 288 juniors Jerri Eileen Bostick, Benoit, Pharmacy. Deborah Lynn Bothe, Pass Christian, Liberal Arts. Robert Owen Bowen, Richton, Business. Robert Aaron Bowles, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Steven Albert Braband, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Thomas Charles Bradley, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Verlinda Peques Bradley, Marks, Education. Brenda Susan Bramlett, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Ann Bramlett, Bobo, Liberal Arts. Mary Love Brandon, Springfield, Tenn., Education. Bonnie Claire Brasell, Grenada, Education. Patricia Nell Brassel, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Burnis Delbert Breland, Perkinston, Pharmacy. James Daniel Brewer, Oxford, Pharmacy. William Michael Bridges, Tiplersville, Education. Theresa K. Bridgeforth, Pickens, Liberal Arts. Donnie Joe Broome, Long Beach, Business. J. Kirk Brown, Salem, III., Liberal Arts. Thomas Edward Brown, Oxford, Business. Thomas Louis Brown, Oakland, Liberal Arts. William Thomas Brown, III, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Linda Darnell Browning, Ecru, Liberal Arts. William Rice Brunson, Gulfport, Business. Betty Ann Bryant, Raleigh, Liberal Arts. Linda Ruth Bullion, Cascilla, Education. Peggy Lee Bumgardner, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Michael Dean Bunyard, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Anna Louise Burkle, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Janet Louann Burns, Praire, Education. Rhondie Harold Burns, Baldwyn, Business. Beverly Ann Busby, Jackson, Pharmacy. Elizabeth Arledia Bush, Jackson, Pharmacy. Carole Jean Butler, Oxford, Business. Cathie Bass Butler, Hazlehurst, Education. Lampkin Butts, Laurel, Business. Billy R. Bynum, Bradley, Ark., Liberal Arts. Carolyn Ann Caldwell, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Randall Lane Campbell, Lynchburg, Va., Business. Travis Allen Canfield, New Buffalo, Mich., Liberal Arts. James Thomas Canizaro, Vicksburg, Business. Johnny Leon Cappleman, Dumas, Liberal Arts. Judy Edwina Cardwell, Oxford, Education. Kathy Marie Carr, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Kathryn Colleen Carver, Dallas, Tex., Liberal Arts. Philip Ray Cash, Vernon, Ala., Education. 289 juniors Louis Patrick Cashman, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Mark Daniel Casson, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. Deborah Lisa Causey, Jackson, Business. Lucinda Cecil, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, Education. Betty Earner Champion, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Gregory John Chaplin, Joliet, III., Pharmacy. David Otto Chastain, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Warren Chin, Charleston, Business. Candace Chisholm, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Mary E. Chrestman, Bruce, Liberal Arts. Margaret Lucy Becker, Fayetteville, Tenn., Business. Margaret Ruth Coker, Amory, Education. Robert Joseph Coker, Southaven, Engineering. David Lee Collins, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Michael Paul Collins, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Carolyn Ann Collums, Jackson, Engineering. Gary Malone Cook, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Daniel H. Cooper, Jonesboro, Ark., Engineering. Larry Douglas Copelin, Greenwood, Engineering. Patricia Parman Copelin, University, Liberal Arts. 290 juniors Linda Edwards, Water Valley, Education. Eddie Faye Cox, Courtland, Education. Robert Leroy Cox, Ripley, Liberal Arts. Betty B. Crouch, Oxford, Education. James Billy Crowder, L aurel, Pharmacy. Colie Edward Crutcher, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Nelma Sue Crutcher, Dover, Tenn., Pharmacy. Sarach Joyce Culwell, Glenn, Education. Cedreck Gene Davis, Senatoria, Engineering. Jama Anise Davis, Booneville, Education. James Madison Davis, Red Bank, Engineering. James Tyndal Davis, Jr., New Albany, Business. John Armstrong Davis, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Judy Kaye Davis, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Donald Newton Day, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Rhonda Kay Dayton, Bradley, Arkansas, Liberal Arts. Jessie Dennis Dear, Kosciusko, Pharmacy. Robert Wayne Dees, Sardis, Liberal Arts. Ed Jeannine Deeters, Baldwyn, Education. Mary Leslie Dement, Meridian, Education. Charles William Denton, Marks, Liberal Arts. Danny Hugh Dickey, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Charles Wicks Dickson, Vicksburg, Education. Carolyn Lucille Dillard, Leland, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Ann Dixon, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Martha Anne Doddridge, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Howard Earl Donald, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Ronald Dong, Tutwiler, Pharmacy. Beverly Jean Doorenbos, Oxford, Education. Charles Marlow Dorrough, Ruleville, Engineering. John Edward Dougher, Bay St. Louis, Business. John Jackson Driver, Lexington, S.C., Liberal Arts. Dennis Craig Dry, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Clarence Earl Dubose, Moss Point, Pharmacy. William Kendel Duke, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Dixie Deweese Dunavant, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Marion F. Durke, Nacogdoches, Texas, Business. Claude Gipson, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. William Bennett Earnheart, Tunica, Liberal Arts. Mary Catherine Edgington, Long Beach, Liberal Arts. Joe William Edrington, Osceola, Ark., Business. Donna Ruth Edwards, Oxford, Education. Mary (Catherine Edwards, Lula, Education. Michael Alan Edwards, Southaven, Engineering. Bettye Faye Ellis, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 291 juniors James Curtis Evans, Ashland, Business. Marilyn Evans, Aberdeen, Business. Terry Calvin Ewert, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Jean Falkner, Greenwood, Education. Richard Henry Falls, Lynchburg, Virginia, Business. Elizabeth Mullen Fancher, Canton, Business. Kathryn Jean Farrah, Broken Arrow, Okla., Education. Josephy Philip Fasullo, Jr., Gretna, La., Business. Ronald Martin Feder, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Ann Feltenstein, Meridian, Education. Mary Margaret Fields, Tiptonville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Pamela Fitzgerald, Fayetteville Tenn., Education. John Calvin Fleming, Jr., Meridian, Liberal Arts. John Pierce Floyd, III, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. William Harrell Floyd, Marietta, Liberal Arts. Carolyn Kay Franklin, Atlanta, Ga., Liberal Arts. Phillip Eugene Franks, Coldwater, Liberal Arts. Willis Lea Frazer, Clarksdale, Business. Mary Jo Funderburk, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Gail Galaher, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Jan Galey Power, Hattiesburg, Education. Samuel C. Galloway, III, Booneville, Liberal Arts. George Thomas Gamblin, Bruce, Liberal Arts. Alice Ann Gannon, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Vicki Joy Garbarini, Memphis, Tenn., Education. James Richard Garner, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Regina Kay Garrett, Etta, Education. Rose Larie Gatewood, Forest, Business. Manuel Feak Geno, Jr., Booneville, Education. Donald H. Gibson, Jr., Tuscola, III., Business. James Henry Gilmer, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Claude Orice Gipson, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Allen Wilburn Glisson, Jr., Mendenhall, Engineering. William Hudson Glover, J r., Jackson, Business. Meredith M. Golden, Laurel, Education. Richard Ronald Goldston, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Margie Ann Gong, Duncan, Engineering. Stephen Wayne Gong, Boyle, Business. Nancy Theresa Goodman, Red Banks, Pharmacy. Paula Kay Goodnight, Crenshaw, Education. Dorothy Winston Graham, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Randy Lee Graves, W. Memphis, Ark., Business. Moorman Earl Green, Amory, Liberal Arts. Sammie Kay Green, Water Valley, Education. Gayle Ann Gresham, Indianola, Liberal Arts. I i I 1 292 6 juniors Benjamin Elmo Griffith, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. George Howard Griffith, Anderson, Ind., Education. George O. Griffith, Corinth, Business. Lowell Edward Grisham, Jr., Oxford, Liberal Alts. Marsha Darnell Grisham, Corinth, Education. Pamela Mary Guckert, Columbus, Education. Diane Goddard Guin, Booneville, Education. Raymond Godwin Gunn, II, Jackson, Business. Elizabeth W. Hagan, Nashville, Tenn., Educa tion. Deborah Layne Haley, Oxford, Education. Rosa Love Halford, Bolton, Liberal Arts. James Montgomery Hall, Wiggins, Business. Nicky Respus Hall, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Christy Lynn Hamachek, Indianapolis, Ind., Pharmacy. Russell A. Hamilton, Horn Lake, Business. Harold E. Haney, Jr., Oxford, Liberal Arts. James Curtis Harbour, Southaven, Education. Mary Celeste Harden, Daleville, Ala., Liberal Arts. Patricia Kay Hardon, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Jennifer Laura Hargett, Natchez, Education. Helen Nadine Harper, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Mildred Joan Harrington, Rose Hill, Education. Hugh Howell Harris, Jr., West Point, Pharmacy. Jenny Linwood Harris, Red Banks, Liberal Arts. Jerry Michael Harris, Sardis, Engineering. Nancy Neville Harris, Meridian, Education. Jackie Jean Harrison, Marks, Education. Ronald Buck Harrison, Jacksonville, Fla., Liberal Arts. Suzanne Frazier Harrison, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. Thomas Franklin Harrison, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. Carl Henry Hartley, Lucedale, Business. Donnie Eugene Hartness, Louisville, Liberal Arts. Michael Daniel Harvey, Jackson, Business. Cynthia Ann Hatfield, Philadelphia, Education. Leah Smith Hauss, Richmond, Va., Education. James Michael Hauss, University, Business. Charles Hill Hawkins, Koscuisko, Business. Jessie Beatrice Hawkins, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Linda Ellen Hayes, Oneida, Tennessee, Education. Susan Harriett Haynes, Jackson, Education. Thomas Martin Hegwood, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Debra Ann Helms, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Richard G. Hendrick, Okolona, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Lynn Henson, Weir, Education. David Alton Hester, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. 293 juniors Brenda Ann Higgason, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Cecilia Ann Higgins, Southaven, Education. Ruth Ann Hinds, Trumann, Ark., Liberal Arts. Vicki Regina Hinds, Baldwyn, Education. Richard Scott Hines, Jackson, Business. George Burkett Hitt, Calhoun City, Business. Bart Dallas Hodgins, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Liberal Arts. Susan Kay Hollenbeck, Steele, Mo., Business. Sharon Victoria Holliday, Raymond, Liberal Arts. Pamela Jane Honeycutt, Petersburg, Va., Liberal Arts. Barbara Elaine Hooker, Blue Springs, Education. Teresa Pitts Hooker, Thaxton, Education. Tommy Brooks Hooker, Thaxton, Business. Emily Jane Hopkins, Baldwyn, Education. William Michael Hopper, Falkner, Business. Elizabeth Ann Houser, Paducah, Ky., Business. Thomas Price Houston, Raleigh, Liberal Arts. Archibald R. Howell, Lkt. Mt. Tenn., Business. Pamelia Cecile Howorth, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Kenneth Wayne Hubbard, Burnsville, Education. Fraser Berkley Hudson, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Robert Bruce Hughes, Pass Christian, Business. Irma J. Humphrey, Senatobia, Education. Paul Edward Husband, Jackson, Education. James Perry Hutchinson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Brenda Frances Hyde, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Ray Anthony Inman, Corinth, Business. Jane Ellen Ireland, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Dena Fair Jackson, Kosciusko, Education. Mae Karen Jackson, Booneville, Business. Michael David Jenkins, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Warren Craig Jenkins, Greenwood, Business. James Eugene Jennings, Clarksdale, Education. William L. Jennings, Clearwater, Fla., Liberal Arts. Lilly Joe, Clarksdale, Business. Patricia Diane Johnson, Coldwater, Liberal Arts. Phyllis Stewart Johnson, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Arlender Jones, Holly Springs, Business. Dennis Allen Jones, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Liberal Arts. Frederick L. Jones, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Hattie Pearl Jones, Oxford, Education. Lisabeth Leigh Jones, Holly Springs, Education. Louis Andrew Jones, Jr., Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Malcolm Wells Jones, McComb, Liberal Arts. Martha Ann Jones, Caledonia, Education. - Ilk V Andr Git 294 juniors Rickey Lyle Jones, Oxford, Pharmacy. Kelly Stroupe Jordan, Ashland, Business. Laddas James Judd, Oxford, Education. Andrew Francis Kasper, Park Ridge, N.J., Liberal Arts. Samuel Walter Kelly, Marietta, Georgia, Business. Gloria Ann Kennedy, Greenwood Sprgs, Liberal Arts. William Dean Kidd, Southaven, Pharmacy. Sarah Joann Kincaid, University, Business. Jerry Don Knighton, Corinth, Business. Anne Ballenger Knox, Largo, Fla., Liberal Arts. Linda Lee Kolwyck, Brownsville, Tenn., Education. Larry Allen Krohn, Perkinston, Pharmacy. Lynwood Bernard Kuehn, Como, Liberal Arts. Lettie Lee Lackey, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Janet Carol Lacy, Tupelo, Education. Carlos Ann Lafitte, Raymond, Education. Paula Alline Laird, Union, Education. Thomas Randle Lancaster, Flakner, Business. Dorothy Louise Langhofer, Batesville, Education. Robert Weems Lawrence, Jackson, Business. 295 juniors Elizabeth Lynn Lea, Osyka, Education. Margaret Hayward Lea, Oxford, Pharmacy. Preston Hugh Lee, Jr., Greenville, Business. Alan Floyd Lefors, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Nancy Ann Leftwich, New Orleans, La., Education. George Cooke Lewis, Jr., Ellisville, Liberal Arts. Lee Ann Limbaugh, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Anne Adams Lindsay, Gainesville, Ga., Liberal Arts. James Larry Little, Baldwyn, Business. Vernon C. Lochausen, III, Pensacola, Fla., Education. Robert Maurice Logan, Jr., Lake, Liberal Arts. Deborah Catherine Long, Meridian, Education. Larraine Louise Longacre, Dickson, Tenn., Business. Wilburn Lord, Jr., Greenville, Liberal Arts. William Stephen Lott, Wiggins, Pharmacy. Linda Jean Luckett, Clarksdale, Education. Claire Luebke, Aberdeen, Business. Luanne Lyle, Tupelo, Eudcation. Deborah Ann Mabry, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Roland Dudley Marble, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Donald Edward Marlow, Sunflower, Liberal Arts. Ronald Keith Marsh, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Ella Deloise Martin, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Gary Wayne Martin, Booneville, Business. James Wallace Martin, Jr., Oxford, Liberal Arts. John Hill Martin, Jr., Grenada, Business. Judson Chaffin Martin, Hughes, Ark., Business. Richard Hayden Martin, Pittsboro, Engineering. Robert James Martin, Jacksonville, Fla., Liberal Arts. James Edward Massey, Marks, Business. William Michael Matheny, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Johnny Lynn Mattox, Corinth, Education. Dennis Michael Maynard, Tupelo, Business. Richard Charles McArthur, Meridian, Liberal Arts. David William McBee, Vicksburg, Business. Dudley Silas McBee, Greenwood, Business. Eugene Evers McBurney, Jr., Lakewood, Ohio, Education. George Patrick McCall, Gulfport, Business. Rachel Ann McCary, Baldwyn, -Liberal Arts. Lee McCauley, Philadelphia, Business. Douglas Wayne McClure, Belzoni, Business. Iris Sheila McCollum, New Albany, Education. William Lon McCollum, Jackson, Business. Sybil Marie McCraney, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Joyce Ann McCullough, Collins, Liberal Arts. 296 I I fa juniors Wilma Ann McDaniel, Batesville, Pharmacy. Daniel Michael McDonald, Meridian, Pharmacy. Nancy Iralee McGlasson, Sturgeon, Mo., Liberal Arts. Stewart B. McGlown, Oxford, Liberal Arts. John Alfred McGowan, Jr., Mendenhall, Pharmacy. Mary Sue Mcllwain, Meridian, Education. John Martin McKenzie, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. William H. McKenzie, III, Surant, Business. Noel Keith McKey, Utica, Business. Ann Cannada McKey, Edwards, Liberal Arts. Nina June McKibben, Bruce, Education. Lorry Ray McKiernan, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Daniel Calhoun McLeod, Jackson, Liberal Arts. William Holt McMullan, Newton, Business. Cande McNally, Grand Rapids, Mich., Liberal Arts. Robert C. McNutt, Warren, N.J., Liberal Arts. Sharon Ann McRee, Louin, Liberal Arts. Byron Paul Meaut, Biloxi, Business. Wanda Lynn Meeks, Grenada, Liberal Arts. Beth Ann Mestayer, Waveland, Education. Albert Caswell Metts, III, FT. SMHSTN.San Ant., Tex., Business. Ellwood K. Middleton, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Deborah Lynn Miles, Edwards, Pharmacy. Donna Gail Miller, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Cathy Ann Mitchell, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Jent P. Mitchell, III, Pensacola, Fla., Business. Karen Eugenia Mitchell, Lexington, Ky., Liberal Arts. Edward Lenoir Mixon, Jackson, Business. Renda Cheryl Mize, Oxford, Education. Terry Kay Mize, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Bobby James Moats, University, Business. Lanny Lee Monroe, Corinth, Business. John David Mooney , Ridgeland, Engineering. Barry Dale Moore, Batesville, Business. Bobbye Faye Moore, Carthage, Liberal Arts. James Ruth Moore, Jr., Greenwood, Pharmacy. Lucy Currie Moore, Hattiesburg, Business. Paul Harold Moore, Jr., Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Robert Burton Moore, Jr., Jackson, Business. Steven Embrey Moore, Hattiesburg, Business. William B. Moorer, Jr., Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Fitz Robert Morgan, III, Morgan City, Liberal Arts. Steve Allen Morgan, Ruleville, Liberal Arts. Burnice Morris, Laurel, Business. Christopher Brown Morris, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 297 juniors Richard Ervin Morris, Fulton, Liberal Arts. William V. Morris, III, Woodville, Business. Dwight Anthony Mosby, Oxford, Education. Dorothy Grace Murphy, Abbeville, Business. Richard Frank Mylak, Riverside, III., Business. Steven Maxwell Nabers, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Barbara Ann Nail, Sikeston, Mo. Education. David Lyle Neville, Meridian, Education. Joseph Robert Nichols, Dexter, Mo., Business. Michael Lynn Nichols, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Sherry Jean Nichols, Corinth, Business. Lawrence Arthur Nielsen, Albany, Georgia, Liberal Arts. Phyllis Dianne Nix, Ecru, Education. William Daniel Nobles, III, Pensacola, Fla., Business. Charles Ambrose Noll, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Martha Ray Norton, Tishoming, Liberal Arts. Bruce Eugene Nourse, Biloxi, Business. Alton Jennings Ogden, Natchez, Business. James Mitchel Orear, Fulton, Education. Linda Diane Otis, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Otis U. Ozier, Jr., Senatobia, Business. Debra Dell Pace, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Frances Ann Palmer, Houston, Texas, Education. Lorralyn June Pang, Marks, Education. Shirley Ann Parker, Vardaman, Education. Howard F. Patterson, Senatobia, Business. Christine Marie Paul, Canton, Ohio, Liberal Arts. Miriam Eloise Peck, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Joanne Morris Pedersen, University, Education. Dorothy Lee Pegues, Etta, Liberal Arts. Stephen D. Peller, III, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Cheryl Leigh Perkins, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. Peter Benton Perkins, Jr., Hazlehurst, Business. Fred Cates Permenter, Jr., Ripley, Business. Henry Vaulter Perry, II, Biloxi, Business. Wendy Sharon Peterson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Patrick James Hovatter, Forest Lake, Minn., Engineering. Nicholas Bruce Phillips, luka, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Jo Phyfer, West Point, Education. Kermit Liddell Pickens, Jr., New Albany, Liberal Arts. Beverly Jane Pierce, Mt. Pleasant, Education. Margaret Ann Pittman, Corinth, Business. Thomas Franklin Pittman, Jackson, Liberal Arts. James Redelle Poe, Greenwood, Pharmacy. Anne Ferrin Poland, Tupelo, Education. 298 H i ' juniors Judith Ival Polk, Magee, Pharmacy. Martha Cheryl Pollard, Oxford, Education. Geri Ellen Poole, Gloster, Education. Keith Carlton Powers, Natchez, Business. Sheila Sandra Putnam, Clinton, Business. Benjamin A. Quintana, Jr., Meridian, Liberal Arts. Daniel Quon, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Joyce Anedia Ragland, Oxford, Business. Teresa Gail Ragland, Oxford, Education. James Edward Rambo, Booneville, Liberal Arts. Patricia Ramey, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Susan Lynn Ramey, Blytheville, Ark., Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Anne Ramsey, Laurel, Education. Teresa Lynn Rasberry, Jackson, Education. Nathaniel L. Rash, Sunflower, Liberal Arts. Lucy Folkes Rausch, Covington, La. Liberal Arts. Maurice Scaggs Rawlings, Chattanooga, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Ella Dabney Rawls, Crystal Springs, Liberal Arts. Larry Paul Reece, Meridian, Liberal Arts. George Kendrick Reeves, Jr., Caruthersville, Mo., Education. Robert Alan Reynolds, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Sandra Gay Reynolds, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Eugene Carrol l Rich, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Earl Warren Richard, Magnolia, Liberal Arts. Stanley Boyd Riddle, Mississippi, Pharmacy. Patricia Ann Ridgeway, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Donald Lee Riggle, Lamar, Indiana, Education. Mary Linda Ritchey, Clarksdale, Education. John David Roberts, Morton, Business. Richard A. Roberts, Jr., Moss Point, Liberal Arts. George Ervin Robertson, York.S.C., Liberal Arts. Garland Robinson, Jackson, Business. Guy Addison Robinson, Madison, Business. Julian Bernell Robinson, McComb, Pharmacy. Nancy Jane Robinson, McLean, Va., Education. Rhonda Martin Rodgers, Pontotoc, Education. Charliene Roemer, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. Jane Elizabeth Romines, Mountain Grove, Mo., Liberal Arts. Robert Ned Rooks, Brownsville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Harold Richard Ross, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Susan Berry Ruff, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. James Weeks Russell, Greenwood, Business. William Terrell Russell, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. Anna Louise Russom, Brandon, Liberal Arts. Kathleen Becker Rutledge, McComb, Liberal Arts. 299 juniors Diane Williams Ryan, Grenana, Liberal Arts. Joseph Mark Sadler, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. William Alden Sallack, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. William Wilkins Salmon, Grenada, Business. Claude George Sanders, Jackson, Business. Louise Lynne Sanders, Booneville, Business. Ora Ruth Sanders, Oxford, Education. Hubbard T. Saunders IV, Hollandale, Liberal Arts. Wayne Alan Saunders, Natchez, Engineering. Bonnie Sue Scates, Martin, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Shirley Faye Schoggen, Red Banks, Liberal Arts. Candace E. Searight, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Hannah Anne Self, Senatobia, Business. Terry Loraine Shank, Wyoming, Ohio, Liberal Arts. Judy Carolyn Shaw, Como, Education. Sally Virginia Sherman, Jackson, Education. Marsha Dianne Sherrard, Jackson, Education. Robyn Kay Shideler, Sardis, Business. Jessica Lee Shields, Spring City, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Donald Kemp Shoemake, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Martha Sue Shoemake, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Anne Blanding Short, Como, Liberal Arts. Dale Alan Shotts, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. Rodney Allan Siedell, Pascagoula, Business. Sara Marian Sigrest, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Grady Simpson, Shaw, Liberal Arts. Robert Lewis Simpson, Durant, Liberal Arts. Sandra Dale Simpson, Southaven, Liberal Arts. Jeffrey David Sims, Silver Spring, Md., Business. Stanley E. Sims, Sylvarena, Business. Simon Jodie Singley, Columbia, Education. Gwendolyn Bonita Skinner, Walnut, Education. Walter Strickland Sligh, Pickens, Business. Barbara Anne Smith, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Cheryl Fae Smith, Jackson, Education. Chris Sullivan, Vero Beach, Fla., Liberal Arts. Florence Tipton, Brownsville, Tenn., Education. Nelda Walace, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Joseph Quitman White, Jr., Jackson, Business. David O ' Connor, Oxford, Graduate I. Charles Clark Hedde, Lawrenceville, III., Pharmacy. Louis Zant III, Overland Park, Kansas, Businesss. Debra Joyce Sandling, Clarksdale, Education. William R. Shurley, Yazoo City, Engineering. 300 juniors Cynthia Jane Smith, Corinth, Education. David Lynn Smith, University, Business. Martha Martin, Grenada, Business. Garrett Clay Smith, Springfield, Tenn., Education. Janice Smith, Springfield, T enn., Education. Jerry Howard Smith, Oxford, Business. Cassandra Pressley, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Julius M. Smith, Brookhaven, Business. Michael Rousseau Smith, Jacksonville, Fla., Business. Robert Bruce Smith IV, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Ruby Diane Smith, McLain, Liberal Arts. Robert Halden Spaulding, Jackson, Business. Roy Gene Spears, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Sidney Stansberry, Sunflower, Liberal Arts. William Dennis Starr, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Rebecca Lanell Steele, Water Valley, Education. Martha Jo Stegall, Pontotoc, Education. Susan Fitts Stegall, Forest, Liberal Arts. Karl Roy Steinberger, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. John Victor Stemen, C. Winchester, Ohio, Engineering. Mary Matilda Stengel, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Guy Milton Stigall, University, Business. Phillip Sessum Stone, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Sherry Lynn Stone, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts Robert Charles Stover, Oxford, Business. James Bernard Strawbridge, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Johnnie Faye Strickland, Baldwyn, Education. Merritt S. Strickland, Mt. Vernon, III., Education. James Randall Strong, Madison, Pharmacy. Sandra Lena Stroud, Grenada, Liberal Arts. Jimmie Carolyn Stroupe, Booneville, Education. Wayne Shelton Stuart, Vaiden, Liberal Arts. Nina Clare Stubblefield, Oxford, Liberal Arts. John English Studdard, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Samuel C. Sugg, Jr., Isola, Liberal Arts. Winnie Heliums Sykes, Senatobia, Business. Alice Lynn Tackett, Jackson, Business. Charlie Ann Talley, Mississippi, Liberal Arts. Ronald Aaron Tapp, Natchez, Business. Jonnie Sue Tatum, Oxford, Business. Glenn Gates Taylor, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Grady Milton Taylor, Jr., Coldwater, Engineering. Jessie Taylor, Oxford, Education. Michael Dwayne Taylor, Baldwyn, Business. Earl Wallace Tenny, Lexington, Ky., Business. 301 juniors Robert S. Terrell, Decatur, Liberal Arts. Rhonda Lee Thames, Poplarville, Pharmacy. Annette Taylor Thomas, Brookhaven, Education. James Talbert Thomas IV,Cruger, Business. Suanne Thomas, Jackson, Education. Margaret Annette Thompson, Oxford, Liberal Arts. William Jackie Thompson, Oxford, Pharmacy. John Joseph Thornton, Pascagoula, Business. Barbara K. Tidwell, New Albany, Education. Elias Lake Tolbert, Woodville, Liberal Arls. John Michael Tones, Jr., Greenville, Liberal Arts. Stanley Michael Treadway, Ocean Springs, Business. Cheuk-Kei Tsang, Wanchai, Hong Kong, Engineering. Michael Joseph Tucci, Oaklawn, III., Education. Charles Edward Tucker, Senatobia, Engineering. Eloise Nadine Turner, Verona, Liberal Arts. Stanley E. Sims, Sylvarena, Miss., Business. William Dennis Valentine, Meridian, Business. James Scott Vance, Grenada, Business. Paul Francis Vanveghel, Shannon, Business. Linda McCormick Vaughan, Manilla, Arkansas, Education. Ronald Joseph Vaughan, Moss Point, Business. Ronald Eugene Wade, Raven, Va., Engineering. Martha Lenoir Wadlington, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Stephen Eugene Wagner, Summit, Liberal Arts. Rodney Wayne Waldrop, Starkville, Liberal Arts. Delmar James Walker, La Crescenta, Calif., Liberal Arts. Karen N. Walker, University, Education. Mildred Katherine Walker, Ripley , Tenn., Education. Eddie Martin Walls, Red Bay, Ala., Business. Sandra Lee Walsh, Vienna, Va., Liberal Arts. Mary Elizabeth Walters, Greenville, Education. Janet Katherine Ward, Jackson, Education. Sarah Ruth Warren, Holly Springs, Business. Donald Clay Washington, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Sheila Candace Watson, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Deborah Lynn Webb, Magnolia, Education. Cheryl Ann Webster, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Kenneth Weeden, Tunica, Liberal Arts. Lynn Peusch Weems, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Cecil Ray Weems, Jr., Jackson, Business. Kathryn Louise Weill, Tylertown, Pharmacy. William Verdo Westbrook, Jackson, Business. Chester Kearney White, II, Fulton, Liberal Arts. Joseph Ralph White, University, Business. i 302 juniors Robert Douglas White, High Point, N.C., Liberal Arts. John Craig Whiteside, Belleville, III., Business. Roger Frederick Wicker, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Yandell Humphrey Wideman, Jackson, Business. Phil Ford Wier, State College, Liberal Arts. Pamela Sue Wiggins, Hopkinsville, Ky., Education. Travis Lynn Wilbanks, Corinth, Education. Robert Gary Wilborn, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Julie Annette Wiley, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. Virginia Grace Wilkins, Grenada, Business. Ruth Cooper Wilkinson, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. Bradley Verne Williams, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Carolyn Larnita Williams, Bruce, Liberal Arts. David Charles Williams, Newark, Del., Education. Martha Ruth Williams, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. Patricia Williams, Benoit, Education. Mary Jane Wiltshire, Gultport, Liberal Arts. David Estus Willson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Sam F. Willson, III, Houston, Texas, Business. Carley Michael Wilson, Brassfield, Pharmacy. David E. Wilson, Golden, Liberal Arts. Evan Lorraine Wilson, Vicksburg, Liberal Aits. Jamie Castle Wilson, Sledge, Education. Michael Roy Winningham, Carriere, Liberal Arts. Martha Victoria Witt, Corinth, Education. Julia Carolyn Wittichen, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. Deborah Elizabeth Wolfe, Columbia, Pharmacy. Sidney Faye Wolfe, Oxford, Education. Betsy Ann Wong, Rosedale, Pharmacy. Margaret Wong, Drew, Business. Ling Fong Woo, Isola, Education. Donna Sue Wood, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Cathy Ann Woodham, Newton, Liberal Arts. Mildred Jean Woods, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Carolyn M. Wood ward, Crystal Springs, Education. Dennis Freeman Worley, Oxford, Education. Terry Allen Wortham, Oxford, Education. Patrice Irene Wright, Gulfport, Business. Wayne Lee Wright, Cairo, III., Liberal Arts. Peggy Jo Yancy, Bruce, Liberal Arts. Leslie Glen Young, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Michael Scott Young, Corinth , Liberal Arts. Francis T. Zachary, Jr., Hattiesburg, Business 303 sophomores f Jft| r -ef f= -! Mansoor Abasloo, Iran, Engineering. Christopher Timothy Adams, Norfolk, Va., Engineering. Wanda Jane Adams, Coffeeville, Education. Elsie Christine Alford, McComb, Business. Suzanne Faye Alford, Moroon, Liberal Arts. Jo Ann Allen, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Evelyn J. Floyd, Vicksburg, Business. Stephanie Allen, Yazoo City, Education. Judith Ellen Anders, Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts. Carla Drexel Anderson, Arlington, Va., Business. Catherine Ann Anderson, Grosse Pnt. Pk., Mich., Liberal Arts. Jamie Marie Anderson, Gulfport, Education. Mary Joe Anderson, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Chester Joe Ard, Oxford, Engineering. James Austin Arnold, Jackson, Liberal Arts. David Murrell Atkins, Tupelo, Business. Deborah Zay Aycock, Missi ssippi, Education. Hassan Bagheri, Ramsar, Iran, Engineering. Thomas Allen Bailey, Shelby, Engineering. Branda Kay Baker, Walls, Education. Larry Joe Baldwin, Winchester, Ind., Liberal Arts. Myrtle R. Baldwin, Columbus, Pharmacy. Beverly Ball, Laurel, Education. Edward Griffin Barber, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Thomas Ford Barkley, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Jane Montgomery Barnes, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Wesley Mac Barnes, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Margie Lynn Barton, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. Harlan Wray Bassett, Raymond, Liberal Arts. Paul James Batson, Gadsden, Ala., Education. Harold W. Bayles, Clarksdale, Business. Donald Raymond Beadle, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Kathryn Joan Beam, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Laura Letitia Beard, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Gary Norman Beardman, Ballwin, Mo., Business. Charles Brantsford Beene, Thomasville, Ga., Liberal Arts. Martha Roberts Benton, Fort Thomas, Ky., Education. James Gary Berch, Crystal Springs, Pharmacy. Janie Sue Bertrand, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Carolyn Chance Best, University, Education. Charlie M. Billingsley, Jr., Nesbit, Liberal Arts. Bruce Edmund Biordi, Ocean Springs, Business. Virginia C. Blackledge, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Laura Marie Blackwell, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Anne Marzelle Blair, Quitman, Education. 304 t sophomores Frances Anne Blake, Oxford, Education. Christine Blakeslee, Jackson, Business. Richard Alan Blount, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Susan C. Bole, Prairie Vill., Kan., Education. Corrie Lynne Boone, New Albany, Education. Jonathan Hall Boswell, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Daniel Robert Bowden, Germantown, Tenn., Liberal Arts. James Bowdre, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Frank Weston Bowen, Jr., Cathage, Business. Jane Pleasants Bowen, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Beverly Jean Box, Houston, Liberal Arts. Patricia Lynn Bracken, Jackson, Education. Beverly Carole Bradley, Millington.Tenn., Business. Charles Harold Braun, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Curtis Lee Bray, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Scott Robert Britton, St. Louis, Mo., Liberal Arts. Lucy Cheri Broadway, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Dan Ellen Brock, McComb, Liberal Arts. Michael Wayne Brooking, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Perry Boles Brooks, Quitman, Liberal Arts. Barbara Brown, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Eric Calvin Brown, Indianola, Liberal Arts. Mark Franklin Brown, Paris, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Rebecca Dianne Brown, Doyline, La., Business. Sherry Lynn Brown, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. William Curtis Brown, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Harold Wayne Bruce, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Larry Hughes Bryan, Winona, Business. John Spence Bullard, High Point, N.C., Liberal Arts. Melinda Burch, Hughes, Ark., Education. Devoe Beard Burford, Oxford, Education. William G. Burgin, III, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Alma Kathryn Burkhalter, Enid, Liberal Arts. Earle Richmond Burkley, Grenada, Business. Arthur Allen Burns, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. James Laurin Bynum, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Pamela Faye Caffey, Oxford, Pharmacy. Doris Daonne Caldwell, Daleville, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Martha Calhoun, Jackson, Education. William J. Callahan Jr., Oreland, Pa., Liberal Arts. Alberta Edith Campbell, Sardis, Business. Audrey Kathy Cannon, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Marsha Leigh Carlisle, Memph is, Tenn., Liberal Arts. John Lack Carney, University, Liberal Arts. Bettye Jann Carpenter, Batesville, Liberal Arts. 305 I sophomores Linda Carol Carpenter, Forest, Liberal Arts. Sharon Gail Carpenter, Greenwood, Education. Rena Carol Chandler, Springfield, Tenn., Business. Winfield Ladd Chandler, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Hope Chaney, Louisville, Education. Mark James Chaney, Jr., Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Dorothye Quaye Chapman, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Major Douglas Cheatham, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. Nanmei Wong Chin, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. John Cecil Christian, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Charles Stone Church, Jr., Hernando, Business. Ronald Paul Churchwell, Blytheville, Ark., Engineering. Mary L. Brandon, Springfield, Tenn., Education. William L. Clayton, III, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Adaler Bliss Coates, III, Virginia, Liberal Arts. Patsy June Cochran, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Jeffrey Lee Cole, III, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Linda Ann Cole, Jackson, Business. Cynthia Jane Coleman, Oxford, Education. Robert Steven Cole man, Jackson, Business. l I f I I 306 sophomores Shirley Baker Coleman, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Joseph Russell Compton, Jr., Vicksburg, Business. Janet Merle Connors, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Daniel Alan Conway, Granite City, III., Education. Linda Keron Cook, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Ruth Echols Cooper, Leland, Liberal Arts. Anne Olivia Cotten, Oxford, Business. Don Gary Cox, Oxford, Liberal Arts. George Anne Craig, Terre Haute, Ind., Liberal Arts. Lila Jo Crane, Oxford, Education. Roger Marson Crane, Oxford, Engineering. Ann McMillan Craven, Grenada, Education. Edward Patrick Craven, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Business. Mark Frederick Crawford, Hinsdale, III., Business. Alfred Bridwell Crawley , Batesville, Engineering. John Paul Crider, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Karen Margaret Crocker, Greenville, Liberal Arts. George Gerald Cruthird, Mississippi, Liberal Arts. Betty Coe Cruzen, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Mary Lee Dabbs, Quitman, Pharmacy. Dianne Lynn Daigre, Clinton, Liberal Arts. Pamela Sue Dangeau, Forrest City, Ark., Liberal Arts. W. Ellen Daniel, Clinton, Education. Patricia Gayle Daniels, Tupelo, Education. Charles E. Danzey, Jr., Wiggins, Education. Bruce Howard Davis, Gulfport, Business. Connie Linda Davis, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Earl Gatewood Davis, Meridian, Business. James Ray Davis, Bruce, Business. Joni Jo Davis, Oxford, Education. Larry Edward Davis, University, Business. Mary Susan Davis, Savannah, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Rebecca Jean Davis, Rolling Meadow, III., Education. Kenneth Wayne Dawson, Meridian, Business. Ronnie Dale Dear, Jackson, Education. Charles Monroe Decker, Jackson, Business. Cheryl Jon Dennie, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jimmy Hugh Densford, Jr., Millington, Tenn., Business. Laura Reid Dent, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. Laurie Denton, Oxford, Education. Jane Wailes Derivaux, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. David Frederick Deroode, Brentwood, Tenn., Business. Maria Fahey DiBenedetto, Bay, St. Louis, Pharmacy. Carolyn Dixon, Oxford, Education. Frances Maybelle Dobbs, Calhoun City, Education. 307 sophomores Nancy Lynn Donahower, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Franklin Pang Dong, Tutwiler, Business. Christine Ann Dougher, Bay, St. Louis, Liberal Arts. David Carl Drake, Hixson, Tenn., Business. Robert Maurice Dreyfus, Hattiesburg, Business. Mary Jane Duke, Brownsville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Arlene Lorena Dukes, Gulfport, Education. Glenn Ford Dunaway, Gulfport, Business. Cristie Lynne Duncan, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Clark James Eadie, Roswell, Ga., Engineering. Albert Ray Easterling, Jr., Pascagoula, Business. Pamela Dean Eatmon, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth S. Edmondson, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Frank Henry Edmondson, Jr. .Columbus, Liberal Arts. Diane Lee Elliott, Ripley, Education. Elna Elliott, Tupelo, Education. Jennie Yerger Ellis, Clarksdale, Education. Salli Ester Ervin, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Paula Jean Everett, Picayune, Pharmacy. Freddie Lee Everson, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Carol Lee Ewell, Dyer, Tenn., Education. Elizabeth Klyce Exum, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Virginia Rae Fagan, Laurel, Education. Cheryl Sue Fenger, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Lynn Rose Fillingane, Hattiesburg, Education. Betsy Ann Fitts, Byhalia, Education. Evelyn Joan Floyd, Vicksburg, Business. Kenneth Donelson Foose, Tchula, Liberal Arts. Charlotte Laverne Ford, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Mollie Dean Foster, Jackson, Education. Clarence Hayes Franklin, Centreville, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Louise Freeman, Oxford, Education. Mayre Emily Freeman, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts. Lamonte Fulton, Jr., Carrollton, Texas, Business. Joan Nan Gallina, Germantown, Tenn., Business. Joseph Robert Gamberi, Jr., Natchez, Liberal Arts. Ricky Devon Gamblin, Jackson, Business. Lucien Sydney Gaudet, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Richard Thomas Gernert, Cleveland, Business. Madeline Mary Gerrits, Crystal River, Fla., Liberal Arts. Martha Reddy Gibbs, Birmingham, Ala., Education. Margaret Gleaton, Enid, Business. Frances Ren Goad, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Emmy Golden, Holly Springs, Education. Bella Ann Gong, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. I 308 sophomores Davis Goon, Clarksdale, Business. Jay Gore, Grenada, Business. Polly Grace Gore, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Patricia Annis Goss, Clarksdale, Education. Gigi Gloria Gould, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Walter John Grace, Vicksburg, Business. John Clark Graeber, Marks, Business. Thomas Edward Graham, Jr., Centreville, Business. Euphiazene B. Gray, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Jim Ming Greenlee, Batesville, Engineering. Cathy Griffin, Winona, Liberal Arts. Harold Eugen Griffith, Jr., Nashville, Tenn., Business. Clyde Hubert Gunn, III, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. Michael Scott Gunn, Arkansas, Pharmacy. Susan E. Guttmann, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. David McCall Halbrook, Jr., Belzoni, Business. Mary Kathryn Hale, Southaven, Liberal Arts. James Rogers Hall, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. John Adams Hall, Oak Park, III., Business. Kathryn Harris Hall, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Patricia Ann Hall, Water Valley, Business. William Lincoln Hall, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Laurie Beth Hammond, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Quentin T. Hamory, Jr., Allentown, Pa., Liberal Arts. Monna Kathryn Haney, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Charles Burris Hankins, Tupelo, Libera l Arts. Frances Camille Harlow, Clarksdale, Education. Janet Louise Harper, Jackson, Business. Deborah Morrow Harrell, Brandon, Education. J. Gayden Harrell, Brandon, Liberal Arts. Patsy Rea Harrelson, Grenada, Business. Peggy Nell Harris, Odessa, Texas, Education. John Jason Harry, Laurel, Business. Stephen Randall Hart, Richmond, Virginia, Education. Jamie Ruth Harwell, Corinth, Business. Conrad Edward Hayden.San Francisco, Cal., Engineering. Maria Ray Hayes, Owensboro, Kentucky, Liberal Arts. Lucy Hall Coleman, Rosedale, Liberal Arts. Mohamad Khalaj Hedayati, Tehran, Iran, Engineering. Victoria Eckles, Leeds, Ala., Liberal Arts. Madalyn F. Heidelberg, Lacombe, La., Liberal Arts. Jay Hugh Henley, Indianola, Pharmacy. Jane Bennett Henry, Walter Valley, Liberal Arts. James Clyde Herbert, Jr., Shaw, Business. Suzanne Marie Herring, Oxford, Business. 309 sophomores William E. Jeffreys, Coffeeville, Business. Edith Rose Hickonbottom, Oxford, Business. Benny Ross Hill, Dumas, Liberal Arts. Emma Ruth Hill, Laurel, Liberal Arts. George Thomas Hill, Brighton, Tenn., Business. Jennifer Ruth Hill, Dalton, Georgia, Liberal Arts. Julie G. Hines, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Mary Patricia Hinton, Jackson, Business. Harriet Ration Hodges, Tupelo, Education. Rebecca Hodges, Kilmichael, Liberal Arts. Michael Douglas Holden, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Lee Ann Hollingsworth, Meadville, Liberal Arts. Thomas Bernard Holmes, Jr., Batesville, Liberal Arts. Peggy Lorraine Hooper, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Katherine Thweatt Howe, Birmingham, Ala., Education. Ramona Gail Howe, Calhoun City, Education. John Everett Hubbard, Magee, Liberal Arts. Stephanie Pauline Huff, Natchez, Education. Steve Alan Huggins, Oxford, Liberal Arts. William Bernard Hunt, Grenada, Liberal Arts. Larry Wayne lies, Raymond, Liberal Arts. Rosalind Diane Ingram, Laurel, Business. Nancy MacFarlan Irby, Opelika, Ala., Liberal Arts. Judy Carol Jackson, Clarksdale, Education. Bert Roy Jennings, III, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Betsy Karen Johnson, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Carol Bruce Johnson, Oakridge, Tenn., Liberal Arts. David Hemeter Johnson, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Rosemary Johnson, Dekalb, Liberal Arts. Edward Keith Johnston, McComb, Liberal Arts. Elian Kay Jones, Batesville, Education. Gary Blanks Jones, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Linda Sue Jode, Tupelo, Education. Kathryn Lynn Jones, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Kenneth Wayne Jones, Jackson, Liberal Arts. William Stephen Jones, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Tom Edward Jordan, Bells, Tenn., Business. Deborah Isabelle Jossey, Lucedale, Liberal Arts. Mary Jane Jourdan, luka, Business. Ellen Anne Junkin, Natchez, Education. Florian Kazmierski, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Patsy Ruth Keating, Batesville, Pharmacy. George G. Kehoe, Jackson, Education. Ella Susan Kemp, Winona, Liberal Arts. Karen Elizabeth Kemp, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. 310 sophomores Vernon Lee Keown, Laurel, Business. Ernest Merl Kersh, Jr., Canton, Business. Charlotte Ann Kimbrough, Sidon, Education. Willie Joseph King, Oxford, Business. Jill Elizabeth Knight, Carthage, Business. William Moore Knoble, Beaumont, Texas, Business. J. Castle Redford Knox, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Karla Beth Kolb, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Lonnie Ray Kuasnicka, Narka, Kansas, Pharmacy. Thomas Michael Kuykendall, Alexandria, Va., Liberal Arts. Catherine Delia Lackey, Savannah, Tenn., Education. Cornell Alexis Ladner, Bay, St. Louis, Liberal Arts. Hiram Griffin Ladner, III, Ripley, Business. Emily Kay Lagerquist, Atlanta, Ga., Education. Ramona Lucretia Landrum, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Patsy Joyce Langdon, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Bobby Gene Langford, New Albany, Business. James Robert Lansford, Atlanta, Ga., Education. Loree Emily Larson, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. David George Lawrence, Biloxi, Pharmacy. 311 sophomores Sally Ann Layman, Hinsdale, III., Liberal Arts. Calvin William Leggett, Jackson, Engineering. Townes Randolph Leigh, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Ronald Stephen Lewis, Lamar, Business. Angela Pia Liberto, Grenada, Education. Benjamin Battle Lloyd, Jackson, Business. Linda Kathryn Lloyd, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. William Edward Lloyd, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. Terry Gene Lockhart, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. Ronald David Logan, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Cheryl Lemoyne Lott, Walls, Education. Marlene Lorraine Louque, Vicksburg, Business. Vincent Kin Fei Luk, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Engineering. Andrea Jean Lumpkin, Carriere, Education. Kenneth Jerome Lyons, Jr., Biloxi, Business. James Vincent MacCarone, Bloomfield, N.J., Business. William Eugene Magee, Tylertowen, Liberal Arts. Chauncey Lu Mahoney, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Charles Hastings Manning, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. James Pinkston Manning, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Charlene Mars, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. Dean Charles Marshall, Moraga, Calif., Business. Martha Edith Marshall, Indianola, Education. John Forrest Martin, Vardaman, Pharmacy. Johnnie Lue Marzette, Oxford, Education. James Timothy Mashburn, Brandon, Business. Belinda Jean Mason, Tupelo, Business. Mitchell David Mauldin, Laurel, Business. Jane Margaret Mayfield, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Christine Mays, Red Banks, Liberal Arts. Jamie Lewis McAdoo, Union City, Tenn., Liberal Arts. John Craft McAndrew, Jackson, Liberal Arts. John C. McArthur, III, Macon, Liberal Arts. Nancy Galloway McCharen, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Richard Lynn McCharen, Pontotoc, Business. Edna Eileen McCoy, Shubuta, Education. Salina Alice McCulley, Meridian, Education. Michael David McDonough, Troy, New York, Liberal Arts. Carole McGhee, Meridian, Liberal Arts. David Burnell McGraw, Woodville, Liberal Arts. Ruth Dianne McGreger, Pittsboro, Liberal Arts. James Hays Mclntosh, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Venetta Viola Mclntyre, Brandon, Liberal Arts. Kathryn Claire McKellar, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. William Hamer McKenzie, Michigan City, Mich., Business. 1 312 sophomores Danny Ray McLemore, Jackson, Business. Gail McMullen, Louisville, Business. Marcia Liddon McPeters, Corinth, Education. Rachel Smylie McPherson, Monticello, Education. Van Michael McQueen, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Krista V. McReynolds, Starkville, Liberal Arts. Eric Latham Measells, Forest, Liberal Arts. Sybil Rose Meaut, Biloxi, Education. Walter Buchanan Meek, Jr., Eupora, Business. Martha Gee Metts, Greenwood, Education. Steven Keith Michaels, Rossville, Ga., Business. Albert H. Middlebrook, Jr., Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Daniel Patrick Mikul, Birmingham, Ala., Business. Barbara Scott Miller, Hinsdale, III., Education. Princeton J. Miller, Washington D.C., Liberal Arts. Robert Howard Miller, Gulfport, Business. Ronald Veazey Miller, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Samuel Martin Millette, Jr. Pascagoula, Business. Mignon Virginia Minis, Natchez, Education. Carolyn Beth Mitchell, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, luka, Liberal Arts. Gregory Marvin Mitchell, Brandon, Liberal Arts. Diann Marie Moats, University, Education. Peter Courtenay Moon, Oxford, Business. Georgia Mae Moore, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Terry Rose Moore, Bossier City, La., Education. Martha Neilson Morehead, Greenwood, Education. Kathleen Melinda Morgan, Greensboro, N.C., Liberal Arts. Robert Kyle Morris, Oxford, Engineering. Harold Glenn Mosenthin, Broken Arrow, Okla., Business. Joy Adele Murdoch, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Patricia Ann Murphy, Shreveport, La., Education. Thomas Joseph Murray, Jr., Jackson, Business. Ann Candace Nance, Clarksdale, Education. Martha Nesmith Tomlinson, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Johnny Wilson Newman, Columbus, Business. Sara Mosby Newton, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Walter R. Nicols, Morton, Liberal Arts. Lala Suzanne Noble, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. John Webb Nobles, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. Robert Deane Noel, Huntsville, Ala., Liberal Arts. Faye Elizabeth Noland, Kewanee, Liberal Arts. Rex Kinnison, Yazoo City, Business. Terry Michael O ' Connell, St. Louis, Mo., Business. Paula Fay Odom, Benton, III., Education. 313 sophomores Deborah Larand Ozier, Somerville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Nancy Rivers Paine, Humboldt, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Joanne Evalyn Pang, Marks, Pharmacy. Victor Hoo Pang, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Juliana Luter Parker, Fairfax, Va., Education. Harry Moore Paslay, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Marc Thomas Patterson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Marcus Alton Patterson, Jr., Jackson, Education. Joseph Carol Pearson, Natchez, Business. Everett Bass Pease, II, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. Patricia Young Peaster, Oxford, Education. Jeffrey Joseph Perez, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Wayne Vincent Person, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Margaret Rust Pharr, Clarksdale, Education. Debbie Ann Phillips, Greenwood, Education. Deborah Ann Phillips, Canton, Pharmacy. Jodie Donelle Phillips, Poway, California, Liberal Arts. Barry Neal Pickering, Derma, Business. Deborah Anne Pierce, Mattoon, III., Liberal Arts. Orie Othman Pierce, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Julia Critz Pillow, Greenwood, Education. James Albert Pittman, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Timothy Robert Poirier, Burlington, Vermont, Business. Keith Newton Polk, Florence, Business. David Hoffman Pontius, Memphis, Tenn., Business. James Roswell Poplar, III, Havre De Grace, Md., Liberal Arts. Anne Marie Pou, Shreveport, La., Education. William Stewart Powell, Coldwater, Liberal Arts. Virginia Paulette Prewitt, Ackerman, Pharmacy. Guy Hartwell Price, Lyon, Liberal Arts. Patricia Landry Primrose, Hopkinsville, Ky., Liberal Arts. Richard Lee Puckett, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. Mary Louise Pulliam, Williamsburg, Va., Education. Dexter Hong Wing Quion, Inverness, Liberal Arts. Joan Dell Ragsdale, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Debra Gay Rainey , Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Marianne Ramer, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Everett Dement Randall, Meridian, Business. Jacqueline Randolph, New Albany, Pharmacy. Michele Madeleine Raper, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. John Reid Rausch, Covington, La., Liberal Arts. George Robert Rea, Philadelphia, Pharmacy. Kenneth Bryan Rector, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Teresa E. Reifers, Shannon, Education. Gwendolyn Sue Respress, Horn Lake, Pharmacy. ' I I 314 sophomores Bruce Spencer Reynolds, Clinton, Business. Harold Eugene Reynolds, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Daintry Ellen Richmond, Oxford, Business. Marga Seal Richmond, Holly Springs. Business. Knox Ridley, Jr., Smyrna, Tenn., Business. Gregory Lynn Riley, Natchez, Pharmacy. William Derrell Robbins, University, Business. Susan Austin Roberts, University, Business. Elizabeth Dean Robinson, Dyer, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Gwen Robinson, Oxford, Education. John Steven Robinson, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Chesley Byron Robison, Indiana, Pa., Engineering. Lisa Sanders Ross, Indianola, Liberal Arts. Laura Lee Rochester, Morton, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Susan Rogers, Morton, Business. Willard Henson Rooks, Brownsville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Lisa Sanders Ross, Indianola, Liberal Arts. Laura Lee Rowland, Flora, Liberal Arts. Jerrylyn Royston, Potts Camp, Liberal Arts. Enrique Matias Rubio, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Victoria Regina Rucinski, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. Guy Philip Ruff, Tupelo, Business. Charles Thomas Ruffin, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Elizabeth Runyan, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Gus A. Rush, III, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Merilyn Montie Russell, Oxford, Business. Mona M. Russell, Jackson, Business. Victor Eugene Salter, Purvis, Liberal Arts. James Lanny Samples, Ashland, Liberal Arts. Max Percy Sanders, Natchez, Pharmacy. Suzanne Avent Sandy, Corinth, Education. James Robert Sanford, New Albany, Business. Ruth Carol Sartain, Water Valley, Pharmacy. William Arthur Schmid, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. William Thomas Schrader, North Olmsted, Ohio, Engineering. Deborah Lyn Schwartzman, Biloxi, Education. Deborah Ann Scott, Jackson, Business. Georgiann Searcy, Tupelo, Education. David Ronald Segrest, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts. Jeri Ann Sellers, Corinth, Education. Janice Dora Sessums, Carthage, Business. Covington M. Sharp, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Deborah Campbell Sharp, Canton, Ohio, Education. Barbara Kay Shaw, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Judy Strowd Shaw, Oxford, Pharmacy. Martha Rose Shelburne, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. 315 sophomores Nancy Louise Sherman, Laurel, Pharmacy. Pamela Anne Shipp, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Deborah Nell Shivers, Shreveport, La., Business. Sally Shreve, Bowling Green, Ky., Business. Stephen Joseph Signaigo, Germantown, Tenn., Business. James Michael Simmons, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Douglas B. Singletary, Jr., Taylor, Education. Martha Tatum Singletary, Taylor, Education. William Calvin Slade, Oxford, Business. Deborah Smith, Brownsville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jan Denise Smith, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Kathy Anderson Smith, University, Education. Margaret Anne Smith, Columbia, Mo., Education. Michael Edward Smith, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts. Nina Burton Smith, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Gary Paul Snyder, Castleton, N. Y., Liberal Arts. Janet Ann Sorrell, Woodville, Education. Sharman Southerland, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Martha Jane Speake, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Julia Trigg Speakes, Benoit, Education. 316 sophomores Amelia Faye Speights, Oak Vale, Liberal Arts. Mary Jo Spence, Dyersburg, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Susan Anne Spotts, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Clementine Lea Stall worth, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Lynn Stanley, Gulfport, Business. Deidra Irene Starnes, Oxford, Business. Kenneth James Stegall, Jackson, Business. Paul Houston Stephenson, Jackson, Business. Georgia C. Sterling, Leland, Liberal Arts. Richard Carter Stier, Brick, N.J., Liberal Arts. Leslie Wayne Still, New Albany, Education. Martha Mitchell Stokes, Alligator, Liberal Arts. David Alan Stone, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Mary Houston Story, Biloxi, Education. Charles Richard Strain, Jr., Tampa, Fla., Business. William David Straub, Rhynern, W. Germany, Business. James Burnham Stuart, III, Jackson, Business. Jo Ann Stuart, Morton, Education. Thomas Rogers Sturdivant, Winter City, Engineering. Jonathan Overby Styron, Magee, Pharmacy. Samuel R. Sullivan, Canton, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Carol Surrette, Water Valley, Education. Thomas Henry Sweeney, III, Brownsville, Tex., Business. Danny Ross Swogger, Biloxi, Business. Deborah Tatum, Hattiesburg, Education. Shirley Vernita Taylor, Oxford, Education. Terrance David Thaney, Rochester, N.Y., Business. William Dalton Thomas, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Erma Jean Thompson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Homer Donaldson Thompson, Aberdeen, Business. James Michael Threet, Florence, Ala., Business. Mary Elizabeth Tiller, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. Otis Tims, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts. Nancy Carol Tipton, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Billie Eugene Tolbert, Philadelphia, Business. Allyn Street Toler, Inverness, Education. Katherine Allen Townes, Grenada, Education.. Lynn Nelson Tramel, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Barry Duane Tucker, Tupelo, Education. Edith Louise Tucker, Batesville, Education. Loree Larson, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. Betty Jane Tuholski, Evansville, Ind., Liberal Arts. Dennis Warren Turkal, Chesterfield, Mo., Business. Laura Ellen Turner, Covinton, Tenn., Pharmacy. Micheal Peterson, Danville, III., Business. 317 sophomores Fred Medford Turpen, Arlington, Va., Business. Jerald Leonard Ulmer, Laurel, Pharmacy. Larry James Ulmer, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Robert Charles Van Buren, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Brenda Varner, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Linda Jean Vaughn, Meridian, Business. Pam Vest, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Sandra Vincent, Laurel, Education. Allen West Vowell, Taylorsville, Pharmacy. D,arilynn Wade, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Myra Jean Wade, Louisville, Liberal Arts. Bedford W. Wadlington, III, Sledge, Liberal Arts. Mary Sherman Wagner, Como, Liberal Arts. Benjamin V. Walker, Jr., Biloxi, Engineering. David Thomas Walker, Jackson, Education. Henry Allen Walker, Louisville, Engineering. Paul Louis Walker, Bay Springs, Business. Robert Harry Walker, Gulfport, Business. Shellye Kaye Waller, Bruce, Liberal Arts. William Mikell Waller, Monticello, Business. Charlotte Ann Walley, Waynesboro, Business. Rebecca Lynn Walsh, Forest, Business. Jay Weidner Ward, Clarksboro, N.J ., Liberal Arts. Barnette Katherine Waring, Vicksburg, Education. Doreen Haigh Waring, Hawthorne, N.Y., Liber al Arts. Natalie Waring, Vicksburg, Education. Edward Leslie Warr, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Marcia Elaine Wasson, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Cheryl Diane Watts, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. John Stephen Weatherly, Clinton, Business. Susan Ellen Weaver, Starkville, Liberal Arts. Jenny Ann Webb, Jackson, Education. Martha Scott Webb, Hattiesburg, Education. Georgia Mae Webber, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Alex B. Weddington, Meridian, Business. Mary Taylor Wells, Waynesboro, Business. Penelope Ann Welsh, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Shannon Mary West, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Richard W. Westerman, Jr., Shreveport, La., Engineering. Betsy Jane Westhafer, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Theodore N. Westlake, Ml, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Nancy Marie Westmoreland, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. James Herman Whelan, Jackson, Pharmacy. James Lamar White, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Jeffrey Lafayette White, Yazoo City, Business. i 318 sophomores Linda Ann White, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Walter Douglas White, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts. Diane Whitfield, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Gordon Thaxton Whitten, Sumner, Business. John Clifford Wickham, Woodstock, III., Liberal Arts. Kathryn Ann Wiggers, Columbus, Education. Teresa Ann Wilcox, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Bill Williams, Grenada, Business. Charles Hartwell Williams, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts. Doris Jean Williams, Leland, Liberal Arts. Harry Theo Williams, Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts. Henry F. Williams, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Joseph Rex Williams, Thaxton, Business. Marshal Ney Williams, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Robert Doyle Williams, Grenada, Business. Sylvia Joan Williams, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Ellen Mulvoy Williamson, Yazoo City, Business. Brenda Denice Willingham, Taylor, Liberal Arts. Henry Kyser Wilson, Jr., Birmingham, Ala., Business. Robert N. Wilson, Jr., Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Deborah Jean Windsor, Jackson, Education. Rhonda Alyce Wingfield, Steele, Mo., Education. Karol Anne Winterrowd, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Susan Patricia Winters, Columbus, Education. Kurt John Witmeyer, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Betty Jo Wong, Greenwood, Pharmacy. JoAnn Maria Wong, Greenwood, Business. Mary Eliz Wood, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Stephen Naylor Wood, Sarasota, Fla., Education. Miriam Eldon Woods, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. William Weldon Woods, III, Meridian, Liberal Arts. George W. Worthen, Jr., Tupelo, Pharmacy. Gloria Maxine Wright, Gulfport, Business. Terry Ann Wyant, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Toni Renee Yancey, Sardis, Liberal Arts. Beverly Yandell, Canton, Business. Richard F. Yarborough, Jr., Columbia, Liberal Arts. Paula Kay Yarbrough, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Charles Franklin Young, McComb, Liberal Arts. Joseph Spencer Young, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. Shirley Ruth Young, Louisville, Liberal Arts. Bahram Zad-Behtooie, Tehran, Iran, Engineering. Ronald Douglas Zils, Overland Park, Ks., Liberal Arts. Barry C. Steger, Davon Dale, Est. Ga., Education. Gary Woodrow, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 319 freshmen Cynthia Liddell Abel, Eustis, Fla., Liberal Arts. Vicki Anne Abraham, Vicksburg, Education. Tommy Carson Adams Carthage, Liberal Arts. Wayne Lawrence Adams, New Orleans, La., Business. Nancy Evelyn Agnew, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Riaz Ahmad, Harunabad, Pakistan, Liberal Arts. Sandra Lee Albrecht, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Deborah Louise Aldy, Kosciusko, Education. Dale Evans Allen, Huntington, Bch., Calif., Liberal Arts. Julian Dale Allen, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Nancy Ann Allen, Indianola, Education. John Donald Alonzo, Jr., Vicksburg, Business. Jacqueline Jeannette Amos, Leland, Liberal Arts. Joseph Pryor Anderson, Jr., Slidell, La., Business. Wallace Carroll Anderson, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Mary Elizabeth Archie, Oxford, Education. Benjamine F. Armstrong, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Doris Darlene Arnold, Halls, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Brittle Louis Askew, Clarksdale, Education. Grace Edwina Atkinson, Pickens, Liberal Arts. Larry Swanson Atwood, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. David Weldon Aultman, Charleston, Business. Frank Anderson Bailey, Lucedale, Liberal Arts. Marcia Bailey, Laurel, Business. Mitzi Jane Bailey, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Lynn Baine, Jackson, Pharmacy. Deborah Gail Baker, Grenada, Liberal Arts. Emily Jo Baker, Jackson, Liberal Arts. John Edward Bak er, Jr., Granite City, III., Engineering. Katherine Spratt Baker, Chicago, III, Liberal Arts. Roderick James Baker, Okolona, Liberal Arts. Charles Lee Balch, Tupelo, Business. Dorothy Jean Balfour, Byhalia, Liberal Arts. Tommy Wayne Ballard, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Michael Joseph Balthazar, New Orleans, La., Liberal Arts. Mary Ellen Bane, Brookhaven, Liberal- Arts. James Robert Bardwell, McComb, Engineering. Uldis Atis Barenis, Greenville, Pharmacy. Robert Browning Barnard, Clarksdale, Business. Mark Aubrey Barraza, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Mildred Worsham Barrett, Lexington, Liberal Arts. Romell Wayne Barry, Columbus, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Lyle Bartlett, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Senora Lee Bass, Greenwood, Education. Karen Elizabeth Bauer, Macon, Education. I 320 freshmen Joseph Bennett Baugh, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Donna Kay Baxter, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Rea Baxter, Hattiesburg, Education. Sara Kathryn Beard, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Beatrice Melissa Beasley, Athens, Ala., Education. Phillip Michael Beier, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Dan Hughes Bell, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Terri Ellen Bell, Magee, Liberal Arts. Mary Kathryn Bellis, New Orleans, La., Liberal Arts. Kent Harris Benjamin, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Betty Lou Bennett, New Albany, Education. Martha Jeanne Bennett, Jackson, Business. Theresa June Berry, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. Kathryn Lynn Bigham, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Debra Jean Bills, Grenada, Business. Scott Michael Biscoe, Safety Harbor, Fla., Education. Joan Marie Bishop, Oxford, Education. Jamie Len Blackwell, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Beverly Alese Blackwood, Merville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Anne Holland Blanford, Ft. Worth, Texas, Education. Anthony Jacob Boguslawski, Williamsville, N.Y., Business. Michael Eugene Boleware, Pascagoula, Business. Ricky Lee Boren, Jackson, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Ann Carter Boschert, Duncan, Liberal Arts. Catherine G. Boteler, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Harry Wayne Bowman, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Kathline Janette Bradley, Clarksdale, Education. Cynthia Ann Bramblett, Tallahassee, Fla., Liberal Arts. Charles Milton Bratton, Jr., Nashville, Tenn., Business. Mary Cabrini Bratton, Pass Christian, Business. . Marcia Lynne Bridges, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. Lawrence Hanson Brisco, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Deborah Ann Briscoe, Holly Springs, Business. Wanda Gail Briscoe, Scobey, Liberal Arts. Ann Williams Bronaugh, Paris, Kentucky, Liberal Arts. William Dixon Brooks, Jr., Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Bette Jane Brown, Jamesburg, N.J., Liberal Arts. Charles Russell Brown, Vicksburg, Business. Deborah Kay Brown, Gloster, Liberal Arts. Edwin Croft Brown, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Eliza Ruth Brown, Kingsport, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Eugene Dabney Brown, Jr., Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Jennifer Claire Brown, Paris, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Marietta Brown, Winona, Liberal Arts. Marjorie Garrison Brown, Amondale, Virginia, Liberal Arts. 321 freshmen Rickie Lenn Brown, Columbus, Business. Stacie Elizabeth Browne, Brookhaven, Education. Robbie Jane Browning, Ecru, Liberal Arts. Alicia Hope Bruckner, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Janet Margaret Brumfield, McComb, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Charlotte Brunson, Gracey, Ky., Liberal Arts. Rosemary Allen Bryant, Tenn., Liberal Arts. William Wesson Bucy, Saltillo, Liberal Arts. Linda Diane Buford, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Bliss Candler Bultman, Metarie, La., Education. Joyce Marie Burgess, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Cleve Edward Burks, III, Dyersburg, Tenn., Liberal Arts. John Orvil Burnworth, Jackson, Engineering. James Arthur Burrow, Jr., Amory, Liberal Arts. Christy Lynn Busby, Hernando, Business. Marsha Ann Butler, Jonestown, Education. Jackie Lynn Bynum, Bradley, Ark., Liberal Arts. Alyce F. Byrd, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. James Micheal Byrum, Fulton Business. Patricia Jay Caffery, Westwego, La., Liberal Arts. I 322 - i. --: s. . ' - Ans. . freshmen Wanda Jean Calfee, Toccopola, Liberal Arts. Kathy Sue Callahan, Philadelphia, Education. Bernadette Karin Camille, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Jane Camp, Olive Branch, Education. Robert David Campbell Clinton, Liberal Arts. Don Baker Cannada, Edwards, Business. Ricky Doyle Canterbury, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Catherine Jane Carmean, Caruthersville, Mo., Liberal Arts. Marilyn Beryl Carpenter, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. William Alfred Carpenter, Greeville, S.C., Liberal Arts. Robert A. Carson, Jr., Marks, Business. Catherine Helen Carter, Texarkana, Texas, Liberal Arts. Cheri Ellen Carter, Springfield, Mo., Liberal Arts. Gloria Ann Carter, Drew, Liberal Arts. Jefferson Wilks Carter, Jackson, Business. William Lynn Caruthers, Jr., Indianola, Business. Michael Johnson Catt, Birmingham, Ala., Business. Rebecca Faye Chaney, Hickory, Pharmacy. John L. Chase, Jr., Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts. Claire Carter Chatham, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Lauren Gail Childress, Oxford, Liberal Arts. William Arthur Childress, Clarksdale, Pharmacy. Cindy Gaye Chism, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Chun Chuen Raymond Choi, Un Long, Hong Kong, Liberal Arts. Donna Ann Chrestman, Clarksdale, Business. Chad Dotson Clar, Drew, Business. Harriet Dianne Clark, Doddsville, Education. Scott Douglas Clay, Monticello, Engineering. Susan Alice Clayton, Tupelo, Business. Joe B. Clifton, II, Ridgely, Tenn., Business. Beverleigh Blair Cochrane, Baltimore, Md., Liberal Arts. Dennis Deck Coggins, Tupelo, Business. David Howard Cole, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. Marjorie Jean Cole, Shelbyville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Charles E. Coleman, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Dan P. Collier, Jr., Jackson, Business. Connie Christine Collins, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Jeffrey Alan Conley, Bradenton, Fla., Education. Ruth Davis Conway, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Robert Cecil Cook, III, Lucedale, Business. Carole Katherine Cooper, Champaign, III., Liberal Arts. James Perry Cooper, Parkin, Ark, Pharmacy. Jamelia Cooper, Atlanta, Ga., Liberal Arts. Netia Kendalette Counce, luka, Liberal Arts. Vicky Lynn Counce, luka, Education. 323 freshmen Jeffrey Gibson Covington, Meridian, Liberal Arts. John Michael Covington, Jackson, Business. John Stansill Covington, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Roger Rudolf Covington, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Thomas David Cowart, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Rodger Steven Cox, Madisonville, Ky., Business. William Wiley Cox, Collierville, Tenn., Business. Mary Virginia Coxwell, Waynesboro, Education. William Glenn Cragwell, Hermitage, Tenn., Business. Mary Hart Cragin, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Claudia Buckley Crawford, Houston, Education. George Davis Crawford, Jackson, Business. James August Crawford, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Education. Margaret Anne Crosthwait, Drew, Liberal Arts. Victor H. Crutchfield, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Business. Karen Sue Cummings, Jackson, Education. Jim Walker Cunningham, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Deborah Lee Curbo, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Jeffrey Lynn Curtiss, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Wayne Robert Dahm, Biloxi, Business. Glenn Allen Dailey, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Diane Dale, Goodman, Liberal Arts. Charles Parker Daniel, Oxford, Business. Forest Maurice Dantin, Columbia, Liberal Arts. Brad Silvio Dantone, Clarksdale, Business. Nancy Jo Davidson, Kosciusko, Education. Barbara Bush Davies, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Ann Davis,Oxford, Education. Rachel Celeste Davis, Oxford, Business. Sallie Estelle Davis, Memphi, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Sandra Elizabeth Davis, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Sara Ellen Davis, Bruce, Education. Thomas Richard Davis, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Vaughn Davis, Jr., Florence, Liberal Arts. Timothy Allen Dawson, Walls, Liberal Arts. Judith Dianne Day, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Thomas Michael Delee, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts. Karen Elaine Demetz, Pass Christian, Education. Joseph Whittle Deming, III, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. James Elmer Demlow, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Harry Michael Deneka, Millington, Tenn., Business. Donna Jo Dillard, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Susan Frances Dillard, East Point, Ga., Liberal Arts. Jo Ann Dobbs, Gulfport, Business. Debra Lynn Dottley, Vicksburg, Education. f T T 3 I V - V 1 324 1 I , freshmen Deborah Ann Drury, Hopkinsville, Ky., Liberal Arts. Herman Daryl Dryden, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Donna Dukes, Bolivar, Tenn., Business. John David Duncan, Ripley, Liberal Arts. Marilyn Dunn, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Joey Ronald Durastanti, Shaw, Liberal Arts. Deborah Justine Durham, Friars Point, Business. David Neil Dyer, Halls, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Wallace Wymon Dyke, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Lowery Anne Dyre, Grenada, Business. Donald Edward Eakins, Jr., Greenville, Business. Laurie Eason, Valparaiso, Ind., Liberal Arts. Marilyn Melinda Eason, Fayetteville, Ark., Education. Magdalyn Edwards, Missouri, Pharmacy. Rodney Hall Edwards, Oxford, Engineering. Robert W. Eichelberger, Morton, Business. Curtis Lee Eigenmann, Sherman, III., Business. Janet Claire Ellis, Oxford, Education. Sonya Elise Ellis, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts. Halley Elisabeth Ely, Shaw, Liberal Arts. Susan Tyler Evans, Elkmont, Ala., Education. William Fred Everitt, III, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Susan Ellen Fabian, St. Louis, Mo., Education. Dorthye Mae Fairley, Wiggins, Pharmacy. Greg Harold Farmer, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Nancy Carolyn Farrar, Wesson, Liberal Arts. Davey Lee Farris, Jr., Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Susan Faust, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Pamela Sara Feldman, Newton, Liberal Arts. Gerald Leslie Ferguson, Westlake, La., Pharmacy. Elizabeth O ' Neal Ferriss, Yazoo City, Education. Beatrice H. Fillebrown, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Celia Ann Fischer, Springfield, Mo., Education. John V. Fitzsimmons, Lafayette, Ind., Education. Lovie Burton Fleming, Durant, Pharmacy. William O ' Dell Fleming, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Business. Calvin Etley Flint, III, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Catherine Cecilia Floyd, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Melinda Sue Floyd, South Ripley, Liberal Arts. Mary Camille Fly, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Edward Gilbert Foresman, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Lynn Fort, Meridian, Education. Warren Vernon Foster, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Thad Lewis Fowler, III, Hattiesburg, Business. Rebecca Lynn Fort, Meridian, Education. John Martin Fraering, New Orleans, La., Business. 325 freshmen David Joriah Francis, Natchez, Business. Charles Dale Friedlander, Moultrie, Ga., Education. Ronald McKinnon Frith, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Jill Lorraine Fritz, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Joy Deneen Fudoli, Hillsboro, Illinois, Liberal Arts. Susan Elizabeth Fugate, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Louis Guy Fuller, Jackson, Business. Robert Lee Galloway, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Dianna Sue Gammill, Jackson, Business. Cynthia Dianne Garrett, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Harriet Page Gautier, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Betsy Ross Gay, Falkner, Education. Susan Louise Gayden, Brandon, Business. William Daniel Geralds, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Kerry Glenn Gex, Picayune, Engineering. Germaine Madeleine Giani, Pass Christian, Liberal Arts. Joseph David Gillia, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. Norman Burke Gillis, III, McComb, Liberal Arts. Kathy Gerohn Givens, Germantown, Tenn., Liberal Arts. John Everett Gleysteen, Rockville, Md., Liberal Arts. Stacy Dare Godbold, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. William Eugene Goldmon, Philadelphia, Engineering. Bettie Mae Gong, Duncan, Liberal Arts. Philip Paul Gould, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Kenneth Allen Graham, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Nancy Carol Graham, Seabrook, Texas, Liberal Arts. Phillip David Graham, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Darryl Richard Gray, Pittsburgh, Pa., Business. Kathryn Ainsworth Gray, Hattiesburg, Education. Nora Garth Gray, Elkmont, Ala., Liberal Arts. Wayne Lee Gray, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. James Clifton Green, Jr., Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Allen LeRoy Greene, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Regina Lynne Greer, Hickory Flat, Education. Mary Pamela Griffin, Mississippi, Liberal Arts. Thomas Wesley Griffin, Houston, Engineering. Chris E. Grillis, Jackson, Engineering. Deborah Mae Grisham, Amory, Liberal Arts. Kenneth Forrest Grisham, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts. Belinda Elaine Gryder, Ocean Springs, Business. Fred Neil Gueuther, Morgan City, Liberal Arts. Daniel Dicks Guice, Jr., Biloxi, Liberal Arts. John Erwin Guider, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Edmond W. Quillen, Jr., Bruce, Liberal Arts. Pattie Leigh Gunn, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. I i H GnnaN May BCIII 326 freshmen i William A. Hahmstadt, Decatur, III. John Mumford Haile, Natchez David Earl Hall, Winchester, Tenn. Hennrietta Kemlo Hall, Atlanta, Ga. Crania N. Beauregnard, Chevy Chase, Md. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. James Robert Haltom, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Suzanne Hamm, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Frank J. Hammond, III, Moss Point, Business. Sidney R. Hankins, Fulton, Engineering. Bridget Mary Harding, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Susan Carol Harding, Southaven, Liberal Arts. Mary Elizabeth Harkness, Metairie, La., Liberal Arts. Ruby Ann Harrell, Brandon, Liberal Arts. Bruce Floyd Harris, Jr., Burlington, N.C., Business. Shirley Dean Harris, Greenwood Spr., Business. Michael Alan Harrison, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. Martha Lynn Haury, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Leo Joseph Haydel, Jr., Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Susan Ann Brown Hayles, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. Kimber Denham Haynes, Lambert, Liberal Arts. 327 freshmen Debbie Ann Hays, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Janet Cecile Hays, Mobile, Ala., Education. Richard Paul Hays, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. David McCaa Headley, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts. Shepard Peter Headley, Port Gibson, Business. Ronald Young Heath, Titusville, Florida, Engineering. Margaret Ann Hederman, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Van Elliott Hedges, Water Valley, Engineering. William Shands Hedges, Owensboro, Ky., Liberal Arts. Valerie Ann Helmbreck, Wilmington, Del., Liberal Arts. Jacqueline K. Henderson, Meridian, Pharmacy. Nerma Jean Henderson, Mound Bayou, Pharmacy. Robert Lee Henderson, York, Pa., Liberal Arts. Sharon Kaye Hengen, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. Harris Brand Henley, Jr., Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts. Tucker Lightfoot Henley, Richmond, Va., Liberal Arts. Frederick Henry, Jr., Ripley, Tenn., Business. Judy Nanette Henry, Darling, Education. Bobby Joe Henson, Winchester, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Larry Keith Herring, Calhoun City, Business. Deborah Brown, Gloster, Liberal Arts. Michael Clark Hester, Long Beach, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Carol Hiatt, Magnolia, Liberal Arts. Patricia Ann Munrue, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Nancy Lynn Higdon, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Sharon Annette Hill, Amory, Education. Brenda Nell Hillhouse, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Kimba Caldwell Hills, Jackson, Tenn., Education. Becky Jane Hilton, Jackson, Business. Kenneth Lee Hines, Tchula, Liberal Arts. Robert Bruce Hinshaw, Yazoo City, Business. Carolyn Elizabeth Hitt, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. William Harold Hogue, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Keith Douglas Hokinson, Highland Park, III., Liberal Arts. Augusta Katherine Holcomb, Pass Christian, Business. Karen Sue Holcombe, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Lorie Ann Hollingsworth, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Allen Frederick Hollis, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Georgia S. Hollowell, Yazoo City, Education. Luther Lee C. Holmes, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Mary Melissa Holmes, McComb, Liberal Arts. James Henry Holstein, III, Pounce, Puerto Rico, Liberal Arts. John Thomas Holt, III, Salisbury, Maryland, Business. Kimberly Ann Holthouse, Osceola, Ark., Liberal Arts. Bonnie Joe Hong, Indianola, Education. 328 i X LM i freshmen Martha Stout Hooker, Lookout Mt., Tenn., Liberal Arts. Necie Karen Hooker, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Floyd Lee Horn, Houston, Liberal Arts. Jennifer Jane Horton, Huntsville, Ala., Liberal Arts. William David Norton, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Blanche Miles Hosemann, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Geneva Louise Houston, Batesville, Education. John Jurey Howard, III, Germantown, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Gene Norris Howell, Jr., Ripley, Liberal Arts. Susan Grace Howell, Coral Gables, Fla., Business. Debra Ann Hubbard, Kennett, Mo., Liberal Arts. James Robert Hubbard, Jr., Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Robert Douglas Hubbard, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. Amanda Kate Huckabay, Jackson, Mich., Liberal Arts. Mr. and Miss Ole Miss., Oxpatch, Miss. Pamela Jean Hudson, Lauderdale, Education. Richard Wayne Hudson, Batesville, Liberal Arts. David Lyle Hunt, Roxie, Liberal Arts. James Max Hussey, Ocean Springs, Business. Elizabeth Nell Idom, Raleigh, Business. Mary Lloyd Ireland, Lexington, Ky., Liberal Arts. Shelby Matthews Isch, Batesville, Business. Chatwin Mabry Jackson, III, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Jennifer Joyce Jackson, Oxford, Business. Robin Elaine Jackson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Maxey Eugene Jenkins, Leland, Liberal Arts. Fred McGuire, Anderson, Ind., Liberal Arts. James Ellis Jerman, Alamo, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Keith Ivy Johnson, Fulton, Liberal Arts. Leo Kleb Johnson, Cairo, III., Education. Prudence Marie Johnson, Pascagoula, Engineering. Virginia Preston Johnson, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Willie Richard Johnson, Vicksburg, Business. Jimmye Johnston, Shubuta, Education. Ann Camille Jones, Holly Springs, Education. James Spencer Jones, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Jeffrey Lee Jennings, Summit, N.J., Liberal Arts. David Olen Jourdan, III, luka, Business. Robert Stafford Justus, Millington, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Dana Stephen Kaeser, Cincinnati, Ohio, Engineering. Jack Aust Kalfus, Pensacola, Fla., Business. Frank Parks Kaplan, Jr., Drew, Liberal Arts. Deborah Ann Kaufman, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Robert David Kaufman, Vicksburg, Business. David Kazan, Jr., Leland, Business. 329 freshmen Linda Dianne Keeton, Jackson, Business. Nicki Ann Keim, Mahwah, N.J., Education. William Carl Kellum, Jr., Tupelo, Liberal Arts. James M. Kelly, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Susan Kelsey, Collierville, Tenn., Education. Roy Walter Kidd, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Business. Helen Lisa Kilgore, Jackson, Education. Curtis Lee King, Jackson, Business. Nell H. Kleinschmidt, New Orleans, La. Susan Joyce Koch, Marks, Liberal Arts. Gladys Jean Koonce, Covington, La., Education. Irene Mike Kountouris, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Margaret Patricia Kuebler, Staten Island, N.Y., Liberal Arts. Karl Henry Kuespert, Jackson, Business. Stanly Lee Kynerd, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Tempe Kay Lacy, Canton, Liberal Arts. Lee Crum Lampton, Jackson, Business. Shirley Jean Lance, Greenville, Business. Judson Davis Langston, Jr., Tupelo, Business. Donald Moore Larson, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Charlie Hays Latham, Vicksburg, Business. Jamie Sue Latture, Hot Springs, Ark., Education. Berry Stevens Lauderdale, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Terence Walter Lawrenzi, Clarksdale, Business. Catherine Adele Law, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Clarence Wilton Lea, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Betty Frazer Lebus, Cynthiana, Ky., Liberal Arts. John Aaron Lee, Greenwood, Business. Tommy Odell Lee, Greenwood, Business. Raymond Charles Leible, Sikeston, Mo., Business. Joel Don Lemons, Potts Camp, Liberal Arts. Wendell Leonard, Starkville, Pharmacy. Donald Lee Lester, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Frances Elaine Light, West Helena, Ark., Liberal Arts. Philip Wesley Limes, Hillsboro, Ohio, Business. Betty Johnson Lindley, University, Liberal Arts. David Quinn Lingle, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Jessica Beth Livingston, Prentiss, Liberal Arts. Nancy Evelyn Livingston, Richmond, Va., Education. Nancy Lynn Long, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Michael Hogin Lovelace, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Charlene Jo Lovingood, Sarasota, Florida, Liberal Arts. Margaret E. Lowery, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. Karen Elizabeth Lowry, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Eric Lee Lucy, Jackson, Engineering. 330 1 rj ' lf M , +.A I I freshmen William Robert Lukas, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. Peggy Lee Lum, Vicksburg, Education. Elizabeth Pickett Lusk, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts. John Tillman Lykins, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Kenneth Charles Lyle, Jackson, Business. Larry Christopher Lynch, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Elizabeth Ann Lyon, McMinnville, Tenn., Pharmacy. Diane Leslie Macke, Metairie, La., Education. Steven Alan Magee, Charlott, N.C., Business. John Keith Mansel, Oxford, Business. Susan Renee Maples, Millington, Tenn., Education. Elizabeth Jean Marcangeli, Philadelphia, Business. Christian Thornton Marley, Tumner, Business. Joseph Allan Marsh, Oxford, Business. Joel Van Marshall, Jackson, Tenn., Pharmacy. Debra Ann Martin, Grenada, Education. Dora Margaret Martin, Pass Christian, Liberal Arts. John Murphy Martin, Jacksonville, Fla., Business. Tannen Hollenberg Maury, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jennifer Lynn Maxwell, Melbourne, Fla., Liberal Arts. William Sumners Mayo, New Albany, Liberal Arts. George Keith McAlpin, Owingsville, Ky., Liberal Arts. John Walter McArthur, Jr., Hattiesburg, Business. Lou Benecia McBride, Courtland, Liberal Arts. Marguerite Cooper McCain, Okolona, Liberal Arts. Thomas William McCartney, III, Hamilton, Ohio, Liberal Arts. Robert Gene McCool, Noxapater, Business. John Paul McCoy, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Peggy D. McCoy, Drew, Business. Mary McKinney, Redondo Beach, Calif., Education. David Floyd McCullough, Pontotoc, Business. William Charles McEwen, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jack Oliver McGahey, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Rosemary Mclnnis, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Barby Anne McKee, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Sandra Ann McKellar, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Marilyn Todd McLaurin, Brandon, Education. Sara Allison McNeese, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts. Peggy Jo McNeil, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Charles Michael McNulty, Holly Springs, Pharmacy. Rowan McVey, Jackson, Liberal Arts. William Barry Meek, Lexington, Business. James Edwin Merritt, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. James Richard Milam, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. Sarah Ruth Millard, Chattanooga, Tenn., Liberal Arts. 331 freshmen Everett Benton Miller, Nashville, Term., Education. John Edward Milner, Jackson, Business. David W. Overby, Brandon, Business. Sheila Diane Mize, Oxford, Education. David Lance Moak, Jackson, Business. John Robert Mobley, Oxford, Business. William C. Moncrief, III, Cleveland, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jack Huell Monroe, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Liberal Arts. Richard Wilson Montjoy, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Amelia Alice Moore, Springfield, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Lowell Barnett Moore, Fairfax, Va., Liberal Arts. Richard Clay Moore, Sardis, Liberal Arts. Warren Hamilton Moore, Jackson, Business. Joseph Randall Moorman, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Michelle Elaine Morgan, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Roy Brown Morgan, Jackson, Tenn., Business. Michael Edgar Morrison, Meridian, Business. Rodney Frank Morrow, Oxford, Business. Thomas Stephen Morse, Columbia, Liberal Arts. Kristiann Moseley, McGehee, Ark., Business. 332 freshmen John Harbour Mounger, Jackson, Business. Nancy Jane Moyer, Oxford, Mass., Education. John Carl Mullican, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Lane Munday , Hopkinsville, Ky., Education. Thomas Edward Murphy, Jr., Vicksburg, Business. Janet Elizabeth Myers, Hattiesburg, Education. Randle Stone Myers, Jackson, Engineering. William Phealon Myers, Indianola, Business. Mary Carolyn Nance, Brussels, Belgium, Liberal Arts. John Warren Nation, Tallahassee, Fla., Business. Richard Scott Neat, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. Matthew Park Neff, III , Hollandale, Liberal Arts. Marcia Brittain Neil), Leland, Liberal Arts. Steven Merle Nelson, luka, Liberal Arts. James Bruce Nettles, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Nancy Jo Nicholas, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Randy Ray Nichols, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Scott Galpin Nielson, Fox Lake, Illinois, Business. Bumond B. Noble, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Randall Deane Noel, Memphis, Tenn., Business. James Wallace Norman, Jr., Houston, Business. Derryl Peden, Jackson, Law. Rebecca Ellen Norton, Memphis, Tenn., Education. George John Nosser, Jr., Natchez, Business. Judy Lynn Nuckolls, Bolivar, Tenn., Education. Kathy Bratton Oakley, Hartsville.Tenn., Liberal Arts. William Neal Odom, Wiggins, Liberal Arts. Neil Hajime Okasako, Kahului, Hawaii, Liberal Arts. Maurice Rush Okeefe, Batesville, Liberal Arts. Debra Ann Oltremari, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Richard Earl Olson, Lombard, Illinois, Liberal Arts. Jane Todd Orfila, New Orleans, La., Education. Victoria Byars Orr, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Charles Joseph Orton, Dover Plains, N.Y., Engineering. Elizabeth Lee Osburn, Atlanta, Ga., Liberal Arts. Steven Robert Osso, Hamilton, Ohio, Pharmacy. Terry Ralph Ottinger, Sikeston, Mo., Business. David William Overby, Brandon, Business. Joe William Overstreet, Jr., Oxford, Business. Adriane Lynn Pang, Marks, Liberal Arts. Michael Emmitt Park, Jackson, Business. Renee Susan Parnell, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Sherrie Larae Pate, Bourg, La., Liberal Arts. Patricia Esther Patridge, Schlater, Liberal Arts. Annie Laura Patterson, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. 333 freshmen George East Ration, Jr., Jackson, Liberal Arts. Helen Booth Patton, Mississippi, Liberal Arts. Jean Anne Paul, Creston, Iowa, Liberal Arts. Amanda Ann Pearson, Homer, La., Education. Rodney Andrews Pearson, Jackson, Business. Thomas Howard Pearson, Jr., Clarksdale, Business. M. Teresa Peebles, Philadelphia, Business. Jayne Ellen Person, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Rebecca W. Peteet, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Louis Spero Peters, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Thomas David Pettey, Drew, Liberal Arts. Mary Marie Pherigo, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Reginald J. Phillips, III, Owensboro, Ky., Liberal Arts. Robert Earl Phillips, Walls, Business. Charlotte Marie Pinkston, Greenwood, Education. Jill Francine Pitchford, Winter Garden, Fla., Liberal Arts. Richard Wayne Pitner, Ripley, Liberal Arts. John Thomas Pittman, Nashville, Tenn., Business. Mary Paula Pitts, Fayetteville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Stearns Charles Pluff, III, Biloxi, Pharmacy. Judy Kay Plunk, Bruce, Liberal Arts. Michael Atlas Poe, Lyon, Liberal Arts. Carol Edward Powe, Buckatunna, Business. Carol Elizabeth Powell, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Claude Daniel Powell, Columbus, Business. Nat Wesley Prestage, Fulton, Business. David Gaston Price, Auburn, Georgia, Liberal Arts. Joseph Edward Price, Moundsville, W. Va., Liberal Arts. William Hendrix Pritchard, Charleston, Business. Keat Dennis Pruszenski, Adelphi, Md., Engineering. David Gale Quam, Laurel, Pharmacy. Wayne Quon, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Rebecca Hanks Rainey, Rich, Liberal Arts. Anne Brister Ramsay, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Michael Anthony Ranatza, Harahan, La., Liberal Arts. John Walter Randazzo, Biloxi, Business. Laura Lee Rarick, Baton Rouge, La., Liberal Arts. David Glenn Ray, Meridian, Business. David Guy Ray, Charleston, Pharmacy. Timothy Owen Rector, Millington, Tenn., Education. Douglas Adams Reed, Dekalb, Liberal Arts. Louis Melton Reigel, III, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. Bradley James Reinert, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Dixie Victoria Reitand, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Joseph Harry Reynolds, luka, Pharmacy. 334 freshmen Thomas Upton Reynolds, II, Charleston, Liberal Arts. Linda Robinson, Starkville, Liberal Arts. Jan Rhodes, Linden, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Bobbie Mae Rice, Bentonia, Education. Gerald B. Rich, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. Marilyn Paulette Richard, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. John Cleveland Richmond, Richmond, Ky., Liberal Arts. Marcia Faye Ritchey,Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. James Alfred Robb, Cleveland, Engineering. Cecilia Anne J. Roberts, Oxford, Education. Thomas S. Robertson, III, Jackson, Engineering. Katherine Helen Robinson, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Cynthia Ann Rodgers, Clarksdale, Business. Deborah Ellen Rogers, Little Rock, Ark., Liberal Arts. Helen Anne Rogers, Columbia, Liberal Arts. William Anthony Romig, Houston, Tex., Engineering. Michael Henry Rose, Hazlehurst, Pharmacy. Betty Lynn Ross, Dyersburg, Tenn., Business. Karen Ann Rotenberry , Water Valley, Education. Patsy Anne Rowe, Memphis, Tenn., Education. David Andrew Rucker, Meridian, Liberal Arts. Sanford Harrison Rudolph, Winston Salen, N.C., Business. Richard Weston Russ, Jackson, Business. Angela Jean Russell, Oxford, Pharmacy. Randy Herschel Russell, Jackson, Liberal Arts. John Michael Ryan, Monroe, La., Business. Richard Gary Sanders, Oxford, Business. Jack Woodriff Sanford, Jr., Charlottesville, Va., Business. Betty Susan Sasser, Carthage, Liberal Arts. Emo Clyde Sbravati, Lambert, Pharmacy. Michael McKay Scanlon, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Judy Lynn Scarborough, Kosciusko, Education. Larry Keith Scarborough, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Merrill G. Scarborough, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts. Mark Edward Schandorff , Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Rhelda Gay Scharf, Monroe, La., Liberal Arts. Christine Mary Schmitz, New Orleans, La., Education. Timothy Donald Schowalter, Milwaukee, Wise., Liberal Arts. Robert Wesley Schreiber, Germantown, Tenn., Business. Thomas Trevett Schreiber, Fairfax, Va., Engineering. Diane Louise Schreiner, Chicago, III., Liberal Arts. Susan Anthony Schroeder, Chattanooga, Tenn., Education. Sondra Lynn Scibila, Fairfax, Va., Education. Marion Lynn Scofield, Palos Verdes Est, Calif., Liberal Arts. Dana Elizabeth Sellers, Meridian, Education. 335 freshmen Robert Jeffrey Selman, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Jean W. Seow, Greenville, Education. Beth Rae Sessions, Long Beach, Pharmacy. Allen Lee Shaffer, Clarksdale, Business. Kitty Lynn Shanks, Knoxville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Martha Irene Shelton, Pocahontas, Tenn., Education. Marni Jo Shideler, Sardis, Liberal Arts. David George Shipp, Arlington, Va., Business. Mary Marinda Showers, Drew, Education. Patricia Nan Shuff, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Laura Pauline Shuler, Greenwood, Business. Roscoe Earl Sigler, Lucedale, Business. Thomas Burke Sigler, Waynesboro, Business. John Andrew Sill, Spartanburg, S.C., Enginee ring. Debra Sue Sims, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Frank Michael Sims, Batesville, Liberal Arts. James Stephen Sims, Jackson, Pharmacy. Mary Robbie Sims, Oxford, Business. Kenneth Ray Sissell, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Sonja Doreen Skobel, W. Memphis, Tenn., Business. William S. Skolfield, Cleveland, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Valerie Slaughter, Stone Mt. Ga., Liberal Arts. Joseph Anthony Slovick, Chicago, III., Liberal Arts. Andrea Lea Smith, Como, Liberal Arts. Anne Claire Smith, Columbus, Education. Charlotte Naola Smith, Grand Jet., Tenn., Liberal Arts. James Walter Smith, Brookhaven, Engineering. Janice Kay Smith, Hendersonville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. John Albert Smith, Jr., Greenwood, Liberal Arts. Robert Eugene Smith, Sardis, Liberal Arts. Theda Mae Sneed, Oxford David Houston Snider, Paris, Tenn. Elizabeth Tisdale Spain, Jackson Barry Allyn Spoonamore, Danville, Ky. Sherri Stanford, Oxford Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Liberal Arts. Katherine E. Stasiak, Dayton, Ohio, Liberal Arts. Bruce Paul Steinberger, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. Deborah Lee Stepp, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Robin Belinda Street, University, Liberal Arts. Larry Alan Stribling, Philadelphia, Pharmacy. Nancy C. Waters, Jackson, Liberal Arts. John Lynn Sturdivant, Tillatoba, Liberal Arts. Alvin Suggs, Columbus, AFB, Business. Sherri Juamae Sullivan, Jackson, Education. Susan Owen Sullivan, Canton, Liberal Arts. 336 freshmen Betty Ruth Swinney, Bruce, Liberal Arts. William Russell Taber, Jr., Jackson, Tenn., Business. Rayford E. Dukes, Jackson, Pharmacy. Thomas Scott Tapley , Shaw, Liberal Arts. Marilyn Tapscott, Nettleton, Liberal Arts. Vernon Adele Tate, Mississippi, Education. Emily Wofford Tatum, University, Liberal Arts. Benatha Taylor, Charleston, Business. Kenny Wayne Taylor, Stonewall, Business. Nina Claire Taylor, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Richard Lynn Taylor, Caruthersville, Mo., Liberal Arts. Wanda Jeannette Taylor, Jackson, Education. Abbie Curtis P. Thibodeaux, Weir, Liberal Arts. William Preston Thomas, Cruger, Business. Barbara Jean Thompson, Tallahasee, Fla., Liberal Arts. Deborah Faye Thompson, Parkin, Ark., Liberal Arts. Elizabeth Thompson, West Memphis, Ark., Business. Mildred Jane Threldkeld, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. John Edward Tipton, Fairview Hts., III., Engineering. Barbara Ellen Torgerson, Meridian, Liberal Arts. 337 freshmen David Anders Tranberg, Casey, III., Liberal Arts. John Huddleston Trezevant, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. )oel James Troy, Fayetteville, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Barbara Delynn Truett, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Pamelia Sue Trussed, Grenada, Liberal Arts. John Tillman Turfitt, Jr., Hollandale, Liberal Arts. Clarence O. Turner, IV, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Joe Shelby Turner, Memphis, Tenn., Business. Kathryn Lucille Turner, Vicksburg, Education. Deborah Jean Turnley, Jena, La., Liberal Arts. Bess Ann Utley, Steele, Mo., Liberal Arts. Michael Pollard Vague, Shreveport, La., Liberal Arts. Danny Morris Valentine, Slayden, Business. James Lee Valentine, Decatur, Liberal Arts. Ann Veazey, Coldwater, Education. Karen Lea Verell, Jackson, Liberal Art s. Carol Ann Verner, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Mary Jean Vest, McComb, Liberal Arts. Lamar Harris Wadlington, Corinth, Liberal Arts. Victor Reed Wakefield, Jr., Selma, Alabama, Liberal Arts. Rudolph Walker, Vicksburg, Pharmacy. Euna Elizabeth Walley, Vicksburg, Business. Sharon Elizabeth Walsh, Vienna, Virginia, Liberal Arts. Margaret Bryan Ward, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Nancy Susan Ward, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Pamela Lee Ward, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Jeffery Ann Ware, Marks, Education. Sarah Lois Waring, Vicksburg, Education. Karen Arlene Waters, Bentonia, Liberal Arts. Charles Edward Watkins, Jr., Silver Spring, Md., Business. Robbie Neal Watson, Nesbit, Liberal Arts. Susan Elaine Watson, Pass Christian, Miss., Liberal Arts. Debra Louise Watts, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Jarrell David Weatherford, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Irma Pirtchard Weathersby, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Rebecca Lynn Weeks, Walls, Engineering. Lynn Marie Weisenfels, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Mike Joe Inmon, Toccopola, Pharmacy. Buford Graham Wells, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Anne Canale Welsh, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Charles David West, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Barbara Jo Westmoreland, Houlka, Liberal Arts. Sandra Joan Whistle, Osceola, Ark., Business. Van Edward Whitaker, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Andrea Ann White, W. Point, Liberal Arts. i 338 freshmen Sylvia Susanne White, Louisville, Education. Wilburn Ellis White, Ebenezer, Engineering. Jim Whitmer, Waterville, Ohio, Liberal Arts. Amy Dale Whitten, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Joyce Ann Willard, Orlando, Fla., Liberal Arts. Annie Celestine Williams, Jackson, Pharmacy. Bruce Alan Williams, Humboldt, Tenn., Business. David Keith Williams, Westfield, N.J., Liberal Arts. Kay Lynne Williams, Tallahassee, Fla., Education. Gary Wayne Williamson, Little Rock, Ark., Engineering. William L. Wiltshire, Jr., Gulfport, Liberal Arts. George Butler Wilson, Bailey, Liberal Arts. Judith Elaine Wilson, Memphis, Tenn., Education. Rebecca Sue Legge, Sardis, Graduate II. Margaret Ann Wilson, Olive Branch, Business. Ward Lee Wimbish, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. Clyde Stephen Wingert, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Issac Dix Winston, III, Owensboro, Ky. ( Business. Courtney Russell Wise, Jonestown, Education. Maureen Elizabeth Witt, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Earl Jack Wohrman, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Thomas Robert Wolf, Lebanon, Pa., Liberal Arts. Jeff Wong, Drew, Business. Stanny Woo, Isola, Engineering. Barbara Ann Wood, Greenwood, Pharmacy. Deborah Rhea Wood, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Teresa Elizabeth Wood, Gulfport, Education. Robert Lee Woolfolk, Jackson, Tenn., Liberal Arts. Leslie Worsham, Annistron, Ala., Liberal Arts. Paul Wilbur Wren, Melbourne Beach, Fla., Liberal Arts. Benjamin W. Yarbrough, Red Banks, Liberal Arts. George M. Yarbrough, Jr., Red Banks, Liberal Arts. William C. Yarbrough, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Kathryne Fisher Yates, Dyersburg, Tenn., Education, Suzanne Scobey Yates, Lexington, Education. Jeanette Susan Yelverton, Gulfport, Pharmacy. Constantine J. Zouboukos, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 339 V 340 341 c 0) 0) Y CUTIES FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1915 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ... in manufacturing Concrete Pipe assure users of our product highest quality possible in every drainage installation. Our representatives are at your service. Let them help you with your drainage problems. THE FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY takes great pride in joining hands with the industrial leaders of Mississippi in honoring the 1972 graduating class of Ole Miss. A prosperous future to each of you. Gulf port Hattiesburg Jackson Meridian Mobile Member of American Concrete Pipe Association 344 From MP L, you get more than electricity Graduation! It ' s a happy thought for most students, and a diploma in the hand of a young Mississippian is a symbol of past accomplishments, and the opportunity to advance in the future. Realizing that a more productive life awaits the college graduate, Mississippi Power Light Company encourages young people to pursue higher education, and training, whenever possible. For many years MP L has participated in numerous programs to en courage Mississippi young people in preparing for further opportunities. Included in these activities are scholarships for college attendance, 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America electric project winners and participa- tion in certain accredited junior college refrigeration and air conditioning courses. There are more than 1,200 of your fellow Mississippians working at MP L to supply homes, farms, businesses, and industries with dependable electric power. You see many of them at the same civic, church, and school meetings you attend. They make " Helping Build Mississippi " at MP L a living reality, because from MP L you get more than electricity. MIDDLE SOUTH UTILITIES SYSTEM MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT Helping Build Mississippi 345 REBEL PRESS NEW AND USED TEXTS WE PAY CASH COMPLETE LINE OF STUDY GUIDES MONARCH-COLLEGE-SCHAUM 1001-1005 VAN BUREN AVE. Pettis Cigar Co., Inc. WHOLESALE OXFORD MISSISSIPPI PHONE 231-1071 AND SENATOBIA TOBACCO CO. WHOLESALE SENATOBIA MISSISSIPPI PHONE 562-5811 CIGARS CANDIES TOBACCO NOTIONS PAPER PRODUCTS REMINGTON AMMUNITION OLE MISS DELIVERY AND PICK UP SERVICE CALL IN YOUR ORDER 9:00 AM TO I2:OOPM 403 W. JACKSON AVE. 1972 Another year of Better Ideas from MERCURY Authorized Ford and Mercury Dealer F. W. Belk Son Motor Co. An Oxford Firm that Appreciates Students ' Business. 309 North Lamar 234-4661 346 PIZZA KfNG 3 1 zza JCing 1304 University Av. Delivery Service 234-5537 SHERER ' S DRIVE IN UNIVERSITY AVENUE Open 8 AM 12 Midnight A FULL SERVICE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CLARKSDALE JONESTOWN LULA Kiamie ' s Restaurant and Recreation Center Highway 6 West Bowling Pool Snacks dress shop Casual Wear A Specialty West Side of Square P. O. Box 24 Oxford, Mississippi Phone 234-1701 347 e t en RENDEZVOUS I ' I 348 CLOSED SUNDAYS CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS " Famous 24 hr. Service Oxford Music Store Stereo Tapes Records Instruments Stereos LOCATED IN EASTGATE PLAZA COTTON STATES LIFE RODNEY CHAMBLEE ASSOCIATES 234-5112 1217 JACKSON AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF FRED ' S Throughout the Midsouth ' BLAYLOCK DRUG STORE South Side of the Square Oxford, Mississippi LEMANS htak ' t finest COLEMAN ' S HOT PIT BAR B Q Home of the South ' s " finest " Pit Bar-B-Q Open 7 days a week 6 to 12 Open all night Friday and Saturday " We truly appreciate your business " 349 WEBSTER ' S SHOP-RITE GROCERY Serving the Ole Miss Student Open till 1 1 :00 Every Night NEXT TO OLE MISS DELIVERY J B CASH and CARRY and SPORTING GOODS A COMPLETE STOCK OF FISHING EQUIPMENT, GUNS, AMMUNITION AVAILABLE TO YOU, THE OLE MISS STUDENT COLLEGE HILL ROAD OPEN 4:00 AM CLOSE 11:00 PM 234-9958 PHONE 23AJUU " Q Mp OU NDAT.ON THPU ROOF ELLIOTT LUMBER, INC. Offering students a complete line of supplies for Fraternity or Dormitory needs. Oxford, Mississippi 350 CONGRATULATIONS 1972 GRADUATES Charlie Conerly Shoe Stores Clarksdale Grenada Greenville Jackson Meridian Vicksburg ,: i LY UI-Tf 351 MIKE ' S DISCOUNT FURNITURE HIGHWAY 6 WEST 234-2808 Compliments of DAY MOTORS, INC. DAY MOBILE HOMES McComb, Mississippi Compliments of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Oxford, Mississippi Compliments of Tidwell ' s Grocery Service Station Located at the Intersection of Highway 6 and Fraternity Row OBO INSURANCE BLDO. DIAL 6244541 Oxford Gulf Service University Ave. and So. Lamar 24 hour Wrecker Service phone 234-9912 JIM ' S PLACE Open 11 a.m. Lunch Dinner JIM ' S STEAKS, broiled on genuine char- coal, nationally acclaimed for 50 years. . .Try our Beef Shish Kabob or Souflima (Charcoal Broiled Pork Tender- loin) and salad topped with JIM ' S SPE- CIAL SALAD DRESSING. . .Delicious breads and desserts, including Grecian pastries, all homemade. Finest selection of wines and cocktails. 52 South Second Between UNION MONROE 526-5522 American Express Credit Cards honored. Closed on Sundays. 352 ' PEPSI COLA " A O " PEPSI " ABE REGISTERED TRAOEWAUKS OF PttK ' Co. IMC. Pepsi ' s got a lot to give There ' s a new national pastime: living, and making every second count. Pepsi ' s part of it all, with the energy to let you live big, and a taste that ' s bigger than life. Pepsi-Cola . . . it ' s got a lot to give. COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TUPELO TUPELO, MISS. 353 PIKE COUNTY Growth Center of Southwest Mississippi Salutes The University of Mississippi and its record of Academic and Athletic Excellence Graduates who desire personal information about the unusual economic opportunities of this exciting area of the state should call Frank Oakes at (601) 684-2291, or Bill Parkman at (601) 684-7250 PIKE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Doyle Forman Ed Brumfield Sam Alford Jesse Hall Smiley McCalip Leslie Drug: North Side of Square 234-1551 PRESCRIPTIONS " 2 Locations To Serve You " LESLIE DEUGS PRESCRIPTION CENTER Near the Hospital 234-7337 4 Graduate Pharmacists 354 i Wid e went a " IT PAYS TO PLAY " NSGA STORE Rawlings, Spaulding, Wilson and Voit Sporting Goods UNIVERSITY SPORTING GOODS 1116 Jackson Ave. North Side of Square " Sporting Goods Specialist " GATHRIGHT-REED DRUGS Oxford ' s Oldest On the Square 7337 NEON ' S OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI A TRADITION IN THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY 355 Compliments and Best Wishes from Xazier A. Kramer Family Bae Kramer Magruder Xazier A. Kramer, Jr. Jane Kramer Stickney Fred Atkinson Family Rex Beverage Co. Mississippi Gulf Coast Busch Budweiser Wholesalers Kramer Service, Inc. McComb McComb Wholesale Paper Co. 356 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM KELLWOOD COMPANY ' S LARCHMONT GROUP LINGERIE DIVISION LIBERTY - FERNWOOD - McCOMB We are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Kellwood is Mississippi ' s second largest employer! We at Northeast Power are proud to serve this great institution! NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI POWER ASSO 819 Jackson Avenue Oxford, Mississippi 234-6331 358 Dl AMON DS: K EE PSA K E TOW 1_ E GORH AM REED BAR TON IN TERNATIONAL WALLACE HEIR LOOM FOSTORI A LENOX LENOX WEDG EWOOD SYRACUSE MIN TON H A VI L AN D BU LO V A MIDO ELGIN HAMILTON Established Early 1800 ' s WATCH JEWELRY REPAIR FREE DELIVERY ;8 West Side Public Square Phone 234-1741 Oxford, Miss. NEWTON JAMES AGENCY, INC. INSURANCE ALL FORMS 134 Marion Ave. Phone 684-6591 McCOMB, MISSISSIPPI 39648 : Growing by Serving: Columbia DeKalb Eupora First Savings, Meridian Fulton Greenville Hazlehurst Magee Mendenhall Meridian Monticello Moss Point Ocean Springs Pascagoula Petal Philadelphia Picayune Quitman Tupelo Tylertown Home Office Jackson, Congress Amite BANKERSTRUST Savings Loan Association 359 ON THE SQUARE IN OXFORD 234-6777 Sri i ! I I I let V S- 360 COLLEGE CLOTHES AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CARL COERS " The Students ' Store Where Your Dollar Buys More 1 JSJSJT JfSi " SSSiSJc M S i jMi " ff SJ al5 SSSiTSt " 3 i " L2 " B v ' i: j iS THE n N T v F B S T T V BOOK STOPF NEW AND USED BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 361 11 BANK OF CLARKSDALE WROX VOICE OF THE REBELS IN CLARKSDALE AND THE DELTA " THE STATION THAT HAS PEOPLE LISTENING AND TALKING " Compliments of Norman Gillis, Jr. Marjean Woodward Gillis Compliments of Tatum Moore Home Furnishings Oxford, Mississippi ;AMERICAN! Ill Compliments of MANSELOIL,INC. P.O. BOX 528 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 38655 Marquis Standard Service Center 2100 S. Lamar Complete engine tune-up and air conditioner repair Fast, efficient service THE GIFT AND ART SHOP Clarksdale, Mississippi " FOR THE FINEST " Phone:624-6110 CITGO Compliments of BAGWELL ' S SERVICE STATION 818 JACKSON AVK. OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI PHONE 2344152 362 WE SERVE YOU NING As a student at Ole Miss you are a member of the Oxford-University- Lafayette County family. And just like you, we want Lafayette County, Ole Miss and Oxford to be the best possible place to live, to work, and to go to school. Our business is serving Lafayette County and you that ' s a fine combination. LAFAYETTE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS CHARLES McGONAGILL - Beat 1 THOMAS RAY GUNTER - BEAT 3 FRANKLIN PARKS - Beat 2 J. C. TATUM - Beat 4 FRANK RAMAGE - Beat 5 THE FIRST NATION AL BANK " SERVING LAFAYETTE COUNTY AND THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI SINCE 1910 " Congratulations 1972 graduates ft RIVERSIDE INDUSTRIES OF MARKS, MISSISSIPPI THE SOUTHERN FARMER ' S BEST SUPPLIER THE SOUTHERN FARMER ' S BEST CUSTOMER QUALITY PRODUCTS OF AND FOR AGRICULTURE Jxt Flowers Gifts Oriental Rugs and all sorts of goody things Since 1 92 1 New Location I 1 03 Jefferson Oxford, Miss. 364 COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS BANK TRUST COMPANY " Serving the Mississippi Delta " Marks, Mississippi KP ON TRUCKIN ' 365 index Abbe, David Kert,212 Abbey, Richard Sidney Abbott, Ira Martin, Jr. Abasloo, Mansoor, 304 Abbott. Thomas Parker Abdalla, Gerald Moses Abdo, William Lynn Abel, Cynthia Liddel, 160, 320 Abel, David Lee, 135, 144 , 197,288 Abernathy, Russell Ray, Jr., 102, 183 Abies, Carlton W. Abney, Richard Samuel, 264 Abraham, Charles Edwin, 127, 272 Abraham, Vicki Anne, 320 Abud, Oriana Esmelia Adair, Glenn Allen Adams, Andrew James Adams, Christopher Timothy, 132,304 Adams, Daniel Paul Adams, Danny Lester Adams, Deborah Ann Adams, Donald Joe, 132,288 Adams, Gregory Neal Adams, James Noel, 208 Adams, Judy Lynn, 288 Adams, Kathryn Ann Adams Lemual GarneV, III, 208 Adams, Lisa Lane Adams, Marcia R. Adams, Martha Jean Adams, Mary Anne Adams, Thomas Carruth, 207 Adams, Tommy Carson, 320 Adams, Wanda Jane, 304 Adams, Wayne Lawrence, 167 , 320 Adarkar, Pradeep Vishwas Addington, Moira M., 159 Aden, Elise, 264 Adickes, Louis Wyckoff, 264 Adkins, Raymond Eugene, Jr. Adkinson Clayton Monroe Agnew, Nancy Evelyn, 176, 320 Agostinelli, Richard J., 101,272 Ahmad, Riaz, 320 Aiken, J. Scott, 190 Aiken, William Dennis, 170 Ainpour, Parviz Ainsworth, Phyllis Gail Ainsworth, Stephen Gregory, 204,228 Akin, Brown James, III, 167 Akin, Richard Boyd, 208 Akins Sandra Kay, 288 Albin Edwin David, Jr. ,204 Albrecht, Sandra Lee, 320 Albriton, Jan Carol, 142 , 214 Albriton, John Leslie, III, 190 Alderson, Glenda Daniels Aldrich, Dixie Lee Aldridge, Charles Howard, 190 Aldridge, Cynthia Kay, 202 Aldridge, Keith Eugene, 58, 118, 163,288 Aldridge, Kenneth Edward, 264 Aldridge, Patricia L. Aldridge, Ronald H.,58,86, 90,94,97, 1 18, 136, 272 Aldridge, Sammy Wayne Aldy, Deborah Louise, 137, 176,320 Alewine, Mary Patricia Alexander, Charles H., Jr., 210 Alexander, Douglas Burnett, 163 Alexander, Janis S. Alexander, Jimmy Don Alexander, Jon Michael Alexander, Joseph Parker Alexander, Raymond Michael Alexander, Robert Terry, 181 Alexander, Samuel E., Jr. Alfonso, Anthony, Jr., 264 Alfonso, Sylvia, 264 Alford Constance Alford, Elise Christine, 96 , 126, 172,304 Alford, Gaila Renee Alford, James Burton, III, 204 Alford, John Thomas, 101 Alford, Kathy Jane. 104, 172,272 Alford, Prentiss Keith, 106 Alford, Suzanne Faye, 214 , 304 Allen, Adrienne Claire, 288 Allen, Amy Kay, 201 ,288 Allen Charles Spurgeon Allen, Dale Evans, 320 Allen, David Kenyon,272 Allen, Ellen Jo, 214 ,288 Allen, Elmer Dale, 228 Allen, Herman Eugene, 228 Allen, Jo Ann, 93,304 Allen, Jon Oblythe, 137, 160, 304 Allen. Julian Dale, 170 , 320 Allen, Kathryn Wilder, 189, 272 Allen, L. Calhoun, III, 190 Allen, Mary West, 126,202 Allen Michael Lee Allen, Mildred Jones Allen, Nancy Ann, 137 , 201 , 320 Allen, Patricia Lynn, 159 , 288 Allen, Robert Martin, Jr., 288 Allen, Robert Owen Allen, Sidney Perry, 207 Allen Stephanie, 175, 304 Allen, Walter Leroy, Jr. Allen, William Henry, Jr., 193,288 Allen, William Joseph, 92 Allen, William Leon Alley, Michael Wayne, 2 1 2 Alley, Thomas Crockett Allgood, Daniel Kent, 167 Allgood, Deforrest R. Allgood, William Sidney Allison, Diane Olivia, 1 89 Allison, Janice Garner Allison, Lawrence Elvin, Jr., 133 Allison, Sally Picket! Allred, Dewitt Talmage, Jr., 264 Alonso, Beatriz Luisa Alonzo, Frank Oliver Alonzo, John Donald, Jr., 320 Altick, Marguerite Diane, 201,288 Altman, Dan Patrick, 163 Altman, Mikal Eugene, 163, 272 Alvarez, William B., 207 Ambrose, Anne, 106, 137, 202,272 Ambrose, Elizabeth Ellen, 201 Ammann, Deborah Davis, 106, Ammann, Steven Dennis, 106 , 264 Amodeo, Michael Lee, 92 Amos, Jacqueline Jeannette, 320 Amos, James Ward Anders, Judith Ellen, 96, 160, 304 Anderson, Carla Drexel, 214, 304 Anderson, Catherine Ann, 304 Anderson, Cheryl Lorton Anderson, Donnie Joe, 272 Anderson, Jamie Marie, 9 3 , 172, 304 Anderson, Joel Edward Anderson, Jon Clifton Anderson, Joseph Pryor, Jr., 208, 320 Anderson, Katherine Sue Anderson, Lawrence H., 107 , 272 Anderson, Marjorie Alene Anderson, Mary Joe, 304 Anderson, Phyllis Ann Anderson, Robert Emmett Anderson, Sheron D. Lee Anderson, Wallace Carroll, 320 Anderson, William A., 193 Anding, Denver Othel Andrews, Henry Dean, Jr. Andrews, Sidney Ray Anthony, Joe Lee, 208,288 Anthony, Larry Louis Antoon, Mary Evalyn, 201 , 272 Aragon, Leopoldo Thomas Archie, Mary Elizabeth, 320 Ard, Chester Joe, 181 , 304 Armishaw, James Frank, 124, 272 Armstrong, Benjamine F., Jr., 190, 320 Armstrong, Carey Sykes, 108, 127, 272 Armstrong, Crowell Hood, 228 Armstrong, Rebecca Pearl, 202 Armstrong, William Spencer Arnault, Lynne Sandra, 288 Arnett, Larry H. Arnold, Doris Darlene, 202 , 320 Arnold, George Prentis, 207 Arnold, James Austin, 304 Arnold, Joann Gunn Arnold, Robert Pearson Aron, Sara Jill, 272 Arora, Manohar Lai, 264 Arora, Sharmishtha, 264 Arrington, David Dean Arvites, James A., 264 Ashcraft, John Edward, Jr. Ashford, Andre L., 2 10 Ashley, Sarah Frances, 288 Ashlin, Carole Harris Ashlin, Daniel B. Askew. Brittie Louise, 184 , 320 Assaf, Jennifer Dell, 172 Assaf, Tom Ellis, 101 Atchison, Robert Patterson, 183 Atchley, Mark Christopher, 208 Atchley, Randall Edwin, 208 Ates, Charles Allen Atkeison, Michael Lynn, 264 Atkins, David Murrell, 304 Atkins, Samuel Morgan Atkins, Vicki Ann, 201 , 288 Atkinson, Barbara Ruth, 201 Atkinson, Boyd Parks, 264 Atkinson, Grace Edwina, 172, 320 Atkinson, John Ray, 2 72 Atkinson, Rhett William, 13, 104, 106, 145,210 Atkinson, Richard Burton, 183,272 Atkinson, Stanley Mitchell Atwood, Larry Swanson, 320 Aultman, David Weldon, 320 Austin, Bill Ray Austin, Frank B., 145 Austin, Henry Leo Austin, Larry Liddell Avant, Linda Joyce, 288 Avent, Edison Murray, 207 Avent, Jo Anne Avent, Thomas Webb, Jr., 207 Aycock, Deborah Zay,304 Ayers, Sandra Elaine, 288 Ayles, Thomas Rowland Ayres, William McNeil, 190 B Babington, Nancy Hope, 2 72 Babovec, Barry Edwin, 198, 288 Bacon, Denise Ann Bacot, Nancy Eubanks Badeaux, Mark Daniel Bagbey, William Boyle, Jr. Baggett, Mary Carolyn Bagguley, Lynda Gay Bagheri, Hassan, 304 Bagley, Rebecca Louise Bagwell, Beverly Elizabeth Bagwell, Billy McArthur,95, 264 Bagwell, Michael Williams Bailess, Robert Russel,204, 228 Bailey, Cynthia Clare, 202 Bailey, Frank Anderson, 132, 320 Bailey, John Leslie, 190, 288 Bailey, Lloyd Allen Bailey, Lonnie David, 288 Bailey, Lowell Keith Bailey, Marcia, 320 Bailey, Mitzi Jane, 320 Bailey, Noell Bush, 194,288 Bailey, Robert Eugene, 197, 272 Bailey, Sanford Lamar, Jr. Bailey, Stephen Michael, 61 , 145 Bailey, Thomas Allen, 304 Bailey, William Waddell Baine, Cynthia Lynn, 320 Band, Brenda Sullivan, 272 Baird, Gordon E. Baird, Jerry Baird, Richard G. Baird, Robert Wade, 92, 102, 193 Bakalarski, Leo C. Baker, Brenda Kay, 304 Baker, Bryna Suzanne Baker, Christy Ball Baker, David George Baker, David Herbert Baker, Deborah Gail, 320 Baker, Edward Pascal Baker, Emily Jo, 126,159, 320 Baker Jackie Oren Baker, Jacqueline Kaye, 99 , 189, 272 Baker, John Edward, Jr., 320 Baker, Jonell, 214, 288 Baker, Katherine Spratt 132 320 Baker, Linda Jo Baker, Roderick James, 178 320 Baker, Thomas Perry Baker, William Gaynes, 145 Balch, Charles Lee, 320 Balch, Mary Kathryn, 31,84, 86,99, 104, 159,272 Balducci, Mary Fratini Baldwin, James Rutherford Baldwin, Jenny Kay Baldwin, Larry Joe, 304 Baldwin, Myrtle R., 304 Baldwin Owen William, 1 24 Baldwin, Sharon Hope, 288 Baldwin, Thomas Michael, 207 Baldwyn, Barbara Louise, 288 Bales Ronald Edward Balfour, Dorothy Jean, 320 Ball, Ann Wynne, 1 33 Ball, Beverly, 172, 304 Ball, Coolidge Ball, Dwight Nicholas Ball, Hugh Brooks, 204,272 Ballard, Basil Glen, Jr., 207 Ballard, Sallie Dix, 11,86, 156, 172 Ballard, Tommy Wayne, 320 Balogh, Allen Eugene Balthazar, Michael Joseph, 197, 320 Bane, Beverly Ann Bane, Mary Ellen, 320 Banks, Albert Marshall, 272 Banks Joyce Lynn, 94,272 Bankston, Helen Suzanne Baran, Joseph Edward, Jr., 272 Baran, Sherry Simonich, 272 Barbanel, Gary Alan Barber, Edward Griffin, 304 Barber, George Russell, Jr., 264 Barber, Terry Wayne Barber, Thomas Wayne, 190 Barbour, Haley Reeves, 133, 207,264 Barbour, John McBee Bardwell, James Robert, 198, 320 Barenis, Ludis Daniels, 288 Barenis Uldis Alls, 320 Barfield, Kenneth Douglas Barham, Woodrow Wilson, Jr. Barhonovich, Jeanne Marie, 184,288 Bark ley, Thomas Ford, 102, 210, 304 Barks, Melvin Gary, 264 Barksdale, Lewis Jones, III, 207 Barksdale, Rhesa Hawkins, 86,90, 133 Barlow, Billy Wray Barlow, Thomas Michael Barnard, Robert Browning, 11,193, 320 Barnes, Beverly Jane, 1 06 , 159,288 Barnes, Grover Wesley Barnes, Harris Hastings, 1 34 , 264 Barnes, Jane Montgomery, 9 6 , 176, 304, 382 Barnes, Lanell, 20 1 , 288 Barnes Louis Edward Barnes Queenie Green Barnes, Sandra Stevenson Barnes, Stephen Dudley, 163 Barnes, Susan Elizabeth Barnes, Wesley Mac, 204,304 Barnes, Worley Anne Barnett, Billy Harris Barnett, Charles Ellis, 272 Barnett, Dolores Watts Barnett, Janet Elaine, 159 , 288 Barnett, May Frances, 145 Barnett, Peggy Sue, 126,272 Barnett, Randle, 272 Barnett, William T., Ill, 210 Barney. Marcia Ruth, 160, 272 Barr, Lawrence Stewart, 167 Barraza, Donald Frank, 183 Barraza, Mark Aubrey, 183, 320 Barrentine, Ward Seat Barrett, Alamada Bollier Barrett, Mildred Worsham, 172, 320 Barrett, Sara Burwell, 172, 288 Barrett, Valerie Sue Barron, Lilla Gayle,92, 201,272 Barron, Myra Kaye, 105,288 Barry, Romell Wayne, 320 Barry, Susan Carol, 202 Barry, William Thomas, 210, 228 Bartlett, Cynthia Lyle, 184 , 320 Bartmess, Geary, III Barton, Barbara Ann Barton, Kenneth Wayne, 133 Barton, Margie Lynn, 304 Barton, Monte Lewis Barton, William Clyde Bass, Edward Follett, 183 Bass, James Irvin Bass, Janie Shiel Bass, June P., 137 Bass, Ray, Jr. Bass, Ross Frederick, Jr., 133 Bass, Senora Lee, 175,320 Bassett, Harlan Wray, 304 Bastari, Mike Raymond Batman, William Everett Batson Paul James, 145 , 304 Batte, Martha Oshella, 131, 176,288 Battles, Johnnie Mack, 94 , 95,272 Batton, Phillip Vincent, 304 Batts, Joe Robert, 288 Bauch, Brenda New Bauer, Karen Elizabeth, 320 Baugh, Edmund Lee, Jr. Baugh, John Berry Baugh, Joseph Bennett, 321 Baxter, Donna Kay, 32 1 Baxter, Elizabeth Rea, 202 , 321 Bayles, Harold William, Jr., 163 Bayles, James Michael, 163 Baynes, Curtis Edward Bazaar, Eugene Marion Beadle, Donald Raymond, 304 Beal, Ken B., 167 Beall, Larry Eugene Beam , Jerry Stephen, 272 Beam, John William, Jr. Beam, Kathryn Joan, 176 , 304 Bean, Deborah Frances, 202 Beard, Laura Letitia. 214, 304 Beard, Lucinda Jean Beard, Sara Kathryn, 1 37 , 214, 321 Beard, William Albert Bearden, William Meredith Beardman, Gary Norman, 190, 304 Beasley, Beatrice Melissa, 321 Beasley, Kenneth Moore Beasley, Lana Sharon, 62 , 108, 121 , 126, 176 Beasley, Lottye Belts Beasley, (vlaybelle Beasley, Monroe Jackson Beasley, William Michael, 208 Beaty, Robert Burl, 264 Beaumont, Edgar C., 143,272 Beauregard, Grania Nano M. ' Beck, Janice Lee Beck, Michael Lynn, 207 Becker, Alan Mark, 12 7 , 1 35 , 145,272 Becker, Margaret Lucy, 106 Beckett, Patricia D., 272 Beckett, Robert Rodney, 264 Beck with, Sherry Ann, 272 Beckwtth, William Norwood Bedford, John Albert Bedingfield, Susan Alice, 127 , 272 Beecroft, Thomas Roy, 167, 272 Beeler, Jerry Lee Beem, Stephen George Beemon, Patricia Jane, 127 Beene, Bobby Gayle Beene, Charles Brantsford, 193, 304 Beier, Phillip Michael, 145, 321 Bein, Clifford Philip Beken, Don Edward Belenchia, Russell Eugene Belew, Richard Greer, 101, 163 Bell, Abigail Herring Bell, Bonnie, 172 Bell, Brenda Sue, 214, 288 Bell, Dan Hughes, Jr., 194 , 321 Bell, Daphne Ann, 106,272 Bell, Douglas William Bell, James Douglas Bell, Joseph Alston, 272 Bell, Randall Ray, 111,210 Bell, Richard Edward, 210 Bell, Rodney Bell, Sharon Elaine, 137, 159,288 Bell, Terri Ellen, 214, 321 Bellande, Mary Bryant, 264 Belleperche, Thomas w. Bellis, Mary Kathryn, 32 1 Ben, Stuart Lance Benefield, Shelia Kay, 272 Beneke, Henry, 1 1 1 Benfield, William Richard Benjamin, Kent Harris, 163, 321 Benjamin, Timothy Morris Bennett, Betty Lou, 1 37 , 176,321 Bennett, Beverly Faye,201 Bennett, Clyde Vester, 183 Bennett, David Neal, Jr., 204 Bennett, Deborah Kaye, 160 Bennett, E. Lee Bennett, Gary Dale Bennett, John Edward Bennett, Lawrence, G., Ill, 210 366 Bennett, Leslie Arthur Bennett, Lynne Carol Bennett, Martha Jeanne, 201 , 321 Bennett, Patsy Joyce, 95. 106 160,272 Beno, Robert Mcmtyre, 167 Benoist, Max Edwin, Jr. Benson, Arthur C. Benson, Donald Henry Benton, Martha Roberts, 304 Benvenutti. Joseph Deaiton Benz. Charles Bequette, Richard Fred Berch, James Gary, 304 Berch, Jerry Daniel, 98 , 264 Berger, Thomas Kass Bergeron, Alfred Joseph Bernabo, Valerio Anthony Bernet, Christopher K.,207 Bernreuter, Raymond G., II Berry. Belinda Ann, 140, 160 Berry, Charles Guy, 204 Berry. Charlotte N., 288 Berry, Eugene Sexton, 95. 133 Berry, Gregory Ueo, 102, 106,288 Berry. Orner Evon Berry, Theresa June, 160, 321 Berry, Warner Robert, 204 Bertrand, Janie Sue, 304 Best, Carolyn Chance, 304 Best. James Homer, 9 7 ,204 Best, Nathan Campbell, 208 Best, Thomas G., 264 Beth, Daniel Richard Bethay, Danny Mac Bethay, John Douglas, Jr., 90,97, 100,207,272 Bevill. Betsy Leah, 189 Bevill. David Wayne Bezboruah, Monoran Jan, 264 Btiakta. Prabodh M., 264 Bhashyam, Anandampillai, 264 Bhatia, Harmanjeet S.,264 Bible. Rhonda Gail Bidden, Katherine Curtis Bidgood, Charles S., 1 1 1 Biedenharn, Eric C., Jr., 207 Biggers. Jenny Lee, 137 Biggers, Peggy Lanier, 172 Biggs. Robert Alanson,92, 183 Bigham, Kathryn Lynn, 321 Billingsley, Anelia Fay, 288 Billingsley, Charlie M., Jr., 145,304 Billirakis, Nicholas M. Bills, Debra Jean. 201 , 321 Billups, L.A. Bmgham, Arilla L. Biordi, Bruce Edmund, 304 Birdsong, Charlotte P., 159 Biscoe. Scott Michael, 321 Bishop, Billy Marion Bishop. Harold S..92 Bishop, Joan Marie, 32 1 Bishop, Kenneth Ray Bishop, Patricia Ann Bishop, Rita Jean Bittle. Irvin Albert, 198 Bittle, Janice Leigh Black, Charles Francis, 145 Black, Richard Michael Black. Scott Gilmer, Jr., 208 Black, Terry Dwayne. 288 Black, William L., Ill, 190 Blackburn, Christine Laah, 96. 137, 164 Blackburn, James E., Jr., 133 Blackburn. James Michael, 144 Blackburn, Robbie Dale, 288 Blackledge, Bennie Lindsey Blackledge. Betty Ann Blackledge. Bonnie Carol, 145. 214 Blackledge. George Lane Blackledge. John Marlin,264 Blackledge. Virginia C., 304 Blackwell. Jamie Len, 131 , 202, 321 Blackwell. Laura Marie, 93. 96.202, 304 Biackwood, Beverly Alese, 184, 321 Biackwood, Eric Canton, 2 12 Blair, Anne Marzelle, 159, 304 Blair, Edward Russell, III, 210.253 Blair, Johnny Rowe, 190 Blake Carol Faye, 127 . 159 Blake Frances Anne, 184 , 305 Blakely, John Warren Blakeney. Audie Clark Blakeney. Mirian Del Blakeslee. Christine. 305 Bland Debra Ann, 132 Bland, Edgar, 132 Blanford, Anne Holland, 1 59 , 321 Blankenship Wanda Frances Blanton, Thomas A., 2 3 Blasmgame. Jack Walton, 1 32 Bloch. Lee Daws, 212 Bloodworth, Sandra Kaye, 159 Bloss George F.. Ill, 100, 212 Blough, Jim Crighton, 264 Blount, Charles B., 204 Blount, Joseph Lamar Blount, Richard Alan, 305 Blount, Sam Turner, 208 Blue, Alice Virginia Blue, John Stephen, 194 Blumberg. Ben Allen Blumer. Adam Rivers. Jr., 98 Blythe. Martha Jean, 105 Boals Clinton Wheeler, 137, 288 Boatman, Rebecca Lynn, 272 Boatner, Cynthia Joan Boatner, Judith Carolyn Boatright, Thomas F., 1 36 , 273 Bobal, Donald David Bobo Elizabeth M. Boerner. William David Boettcher, Harry Dwight Bogard, Phillip Dennis, 194 Boggess, Joseph Slattery, 25,92, 183,273 Bogue Thomas J., Ill Boguslawski, Anthony Jacob, 321 Bolch, Martha Camilla, 127, 175 Bole, Robert Fulton, Jr. Bole Susan C.. 305 Boles, James Dewey Boleware, Michael Eugene, 197. 321 Boitck, Beverly Ann Boling, Elizabeth Ann, 288 Boling. John Walton, 208 Bolton, Richard Paul Bomball, Mark Raymond Bond, Gerald Warren Bond. Giles Wood, Jr., 134 Bonds James Walker, 92 . 102.210 Booker. Annie Ruth Boolos, David Joe Boone. Corrie Lynne. 93. 175. 305 Boone, Hugh James, 94.97. 228,288 Boone, James Taylor Boone Michael Emerson, 2 1 2 Boone. Paula Norton Booth. John Craig, 167 Booth William Douglas, 178 Bordeaux, Ralph Randall Boren, Carl W., Jr., 124 Boren, Charles Allen. 288 Boren. Kenneth Wayne, 190 Boren, Ricky Lee, 321 Borgen, Lowell Andrew Boris. Joseph Nicholas Bornman, Mary Edgar, 172 Borthwick, James Fleming, 204 Boschert, Ann Carter, 321 Bost, Aileen Johnson Bostick, Terri Eileen, 289 Boswell, Cheryl Ann, 140, 176 Boswell, Jonathan Hall, 305 Boswell. Rebecca Elizabeth Boteler, Catherine G., 176, 321 Bothe, Deborah Lynn, 146, 289 Botto. Barbara Jo, 201 Boucher, Duaine Miller Bouchillon. Barry Glenn. 273 Bouchillon, Ralph Lamar Bouchillon, William R. Bounds. James Webster. 194 Bounds, Rodney Edward, 183 Bounds, William Ross, 101, 163,273 Bounds. William T., Jr. ,264 Bourgeois, Lucien Leonard Bourgeois Maryann Ivey Bourgeois, Ray Michael, 107, 163 Bourland, Robert Brent Boutwell, Nancy Lynn Young Boutwell, Ronald Luie, 183 Bowden. Daniel Robert, 167, 305 Bowdre, James, 305 Bowdre, Nehemiah,273 Bowen, Frank Weston. Jr., 197, 305 Bowen, Jane Pleasants, 96 . 201.305 Bowen, Michael Martin, 2 12 Bowen. Robert Owen. 289 Bowen, Sally Joan Patricia, 273 Bowen, Stephen Michael Bowers, Kenneth Philip Bowie Regenia Ann Bowles, Jon Sidney, 163 Bowles. Robert Aaron, 144, 289 Bowling, Morris James. 198 Bowling, Steven Oda, 198 Bowman, Harry Wayne, Jr., 190,321 Box. Beverly Jean, 305 Box, Samuel Lucien Box. Thomas Emery, 273 Box. Virgil Myers. 273 Box William Hoyt Boxx, Mary Esther Boyd, Dixie Norman Boyd, Gerald Glen, 9 2 Boyd, Karen Elizabeth, 1 72 Boyd. Martha J. Boyd, Mozella Boyd, Rhoda Jamille, 104 Boyd. Robert Allan, 128.212 Boyd, Ronald Paul Boyd, Susan Carolyn, 264 Boyd, William Slone. Ill Boyd, Willie B. Boyer, Peter Jon, 204 Boyer, Philip Wayne, 207 Boyett, Ann Spencer Boykin, Donald William Boykin, Larry Ray Boyle, Patrick John Boyter, Eileen Jordon, 264 Boyter, James Lee, 273 Bozeman, Sandra Wilson Bozeman, William Oswald Braband, Steven Albert, 163, 289 Bracken, Patricia Lynn. 175, 305 Braddock. Dewitt T., III. 207 Bradley, Beverly Carole, 305 Bradley, Guy Alexander Bradley, Kathline Janette, 131.201,321 Bradley, Marshall Rice Bradley, Thomas Charles, 289 Bradley, Verlinda Peques, 289 Bradley, William David, II, 193 Bradway, Patricia D. Brady, Steven Kyle. 264 Bramblett, Cynthia Ann, 202 , 321 Brame, Charles E. Brame. Wesley Whitten Bramlett, Brenda Susan, 214, 289 Bramlett, Elizabeth Ann, 172, 289 Bramlitt, Larry Thomas Branch, Raiford Earl, Jr. Brand, William Gary Brandon, Elizabeth Brandon, Mary Love, 142. 214,289 Branscome, Dianne, 175,273 Branson, Richard Hume Branson, Shelley Schuyler Brantley, Deborah Lillian. 273 Branton, Thomas Milton, 125 Branton, William Crews Brasell. Bonnie Claire. 289 Brash ier, Fred McLendin, 273 Brassel, Patricia Nell, 127, 289 Brantley, James Wallace, Jr. Bratton, Alton Emerson Bratton, Charles Milton, Jr., 321 Bratton, Mary Cabrini, 214, 321 Bratton, William Carl, 210, 273 Braun, Charles Harold, 305 Bray, Charles Rhea Bray, Curtis Lee, 305 Breazeale, Donald Glenn, 193 Breeding, Webster Spider Bretand, Burriis Delbert, 289 Breland, Cynthia R. Breland, Donna Lloyd, 184 Breland, Fritz Clayton J. Breland, Hugh Gregory, Jr., 210 Breland, James Thompson Brennan, Thomas William Bresnahan, Robert James Bressler, Arthur, Jr., 228 Brett, Sherrill Lawrence, 101 Brewer, Britton Wheeler, 197 Brewer, Dontay Jackson Brewer, Gregory Lee, 94,95, 102,273 Brewer, James Daniel, 101 , 289 Brewer, John Henry, 111,273 Brewer, Norman Craig, Ml, 94,95.97, 102 ,208,273 Brewer, Walter Richard, 167 Brewster, Marcus Edwin, Jr. Brewster, Paula Ann Brice, Houston Allen Bridge, Betty Marie Bridgers, David Irwin, Jr. Bridgers, John Allen, III, 183 Bridgers, Nelda Rankin Bridges, Hallie Gail, 140, 273 Bridges, John Daryle Bridges, Kenneth Daniel Bridges, Marcia Lynne, 321 Bridges, William Michael, 289 Bridgforth, Theresa K., 157, 172. 289 Bngance. Robert Lemoyne Briley, Margaret Bringle, Sara Elizabeth, 164 Brisco, Lawrence Hanson, 321 Briscoe, Deborah Ann, 321 Briscoe, Donna Marie, 137 Briscoe, Wanda Gail, 321 Brister, Devotie Ward, 204, 264 Britt, Dennis Edwin Britton. Scott Robert, 305 Broadway. Lucy Cheri. 305 Broadus. Robert Vernon.273 Brock, Dan Ellen, 93,96, 126. 172.305 Brock. James Wilson, 102 Brogdon, Larry Dennis, 228 Bronaugh, Ann Williams, 164 , 321 Brooking, Michael Wayne, 145.305 Brooks, James Roy Brooks, Katherine Eaves Brooks, Mark Franklin Brooks, Marsha Annette, 127 Brooks, Perry Boles, 305 Brooks, Thomas J. Brooks, William Dixon. Jr., 321 Broom, Lowell S., 94 Broom. Susan Elaine, 86 , 108, 127, 184 Broome, Donnie Joe, 289 Broome, Gerry Walter Brown, Alton Longino. 228 Brown, Anzonettie Brown, Barbara, 176, 305 Brown, Bette Jane, 321 Brown, Byron Norman, III, 190 Brown, Charles Russell, 32 1 Brown, Deborah Kay, 176,321 Brown, Edwin Croft, 321 Brown. Edythe Moore Brown, Eliza Ruth, 160, 321 Brown, Eric Calvin, 132, 305 Brown, Ernie Herman. 228 , 273 Brown, Eugene Dabney. Jr., 101.321 Brown. Ginny Kay Brown, Hollis Lee Brown. Iris Adele, 13,99. 175 Brown, J. Kirk, 289 Brown, James Robert, 273 Brown, James Rodger Brown, Jennifer Claire, 321 Brown, Kenneth Sherron Brown, Lawrence Newton, II Brown, Lee Oatis Brown, Linda Williams Brown. Marietta, 321 Brown, Marjorie Garrison, 214.321 Brown, Mark Franklin. 127 . 135,305 Brown, Marsha Loretta, 86 . 160,273 Brown, Michelle Howse. 20 1 Brown, Nancy Dunn Brown, Nancy Turner Brown, Rebecca Dianne. 106, 214, 305 Brown, Richard Anderson Brown, Richard Benbury Brown, Roger Donald Brown, Roger Donald Brown, Ronald Stennis, 101 Brown, Sherry Lynn, 108 , 127. 305 Brown, Sidney Oneil Brown, Sterling Toyce Brown, Thomas Edward. 2 89 Brown, Thomas Edward. Jr., 190.273 Brown, Thomas Louis. 289 Brown, Thomas Michael, 198 Brown. Thomas Wilbur Brown, Virginia OKeefe,273 Brown, Wanda Jeanette Brown. William Cartledge Brown. William Curtis. 126, 204,305 Brown, William David Brown, William Oliver, Jr. Brown. William Thomas. III. 183,289 Brown, Winfred Earl Brown, Winn Davis, Jr., 264 Browne, Stacie Elizabeth. 322 Browning, Linda Darnell, 125,289 Browning, Robbie Jane, 160. 322 Brownlee, Avin Scott Broyles, Mary Catherine, 105,273 Bruce, Harold Wayne, 145, 305 Bruce, Percy Bruce, Warren Knight, 127 Bruce, William Edward, 194, 273 Bruce, Winford Walter, II Bruce, Winston R. Bruckner, Alicia Hope, 159, 322 Brugh, Darnell Edward, Jr., 273 Brumfield, Ella Susan, 202 Brumfield, Janet Margaret, 322 Brumley, Thomas W. Brungart, Nelson D. Brunson, Cynthia Charlotte, 201,322 Brunson, William Rice, 289 Bryan, Charles Leslie, 132 Bryan Kriston Clyne, 167 Bryan, Larry Hughes, 128, 190,305 Bryan, Steve H., 190 Bryan William Dot son, 273 Bryant, Betty Ann, 145.289 Bryant, Edward Glenn. 90, 210 Bryant, Giles Wheeler, 1 34 Bryant, Henry Hernington Bryant, Kent Emory Bryant, Oten Cooper, Jr., 204 Bryant, Rosemary Allen, 131 , 159, 322 Bryson, Larry Wayne Buchanan, Ann Wailes Buchanan, Carol Ann, 1 37 , 172,273 Buchanan, Jim Bright, 207 Buchanan, Minor Ferris Buchanan, Pamela Ewing, 20 1 Buchberger, Michael R.. 273 Buck, Robert Earl Buckles, Mary Susan Buckles, Wanda Tracy Buckner, Edward Aylette Buckner, Jennie Marie, 202 Bucy. William Wesson, 167. 322 Buehler, Beverly Hood, 189 Buehler. Carolyn Ann. 189 Buehler, Ernest Bernard, IV Buffalo, Lee Manning, 190 Buffalo, Melissa Buffaloe, Scott Collins, 136 Buffington, Bobby Scott Buffington, Cynthia Elaine Buffington, William R., 145. 273 Buford, Deborah Lynn, 137, 142.202 Buford. James Dudley. Jr., 208 Buford, Linda Diane, 1 32 , 322 Buford, Nan E., 104 Buice, J. Benny Bullard, Anne Louise Bullard, Ettie Cowans Bullard, John Spence, 305 Bullion, Linda Ruth, 289 Bullock, Jerry Wayne, 210 Bullock, William F.. Jr., 134 Bultman, Bliss Candler, 202 , 322 Bumgardner, Peggy Lee, 1 08 , 127.289 Bunkley. Joel William, III Buntin, Taylor Davie. 163 Buntyn, Marcus Connoy. 163, 273 Bunyard, Michael Dean, 289 Burch, Melinda, 305 Burdine, Jane Rule, 382 Burdison, Neva Evonne Buren, William F., Jr., 212 Burford, Devoe Beard, 305 Burford, Frederick Wayne, 273 Burgess, Joyce Marie. 322 Burgin, William G.. Ill, 102,181,305 Burke, Charles Russell Burke, Hiram Lee Roberts, 204 Burke, Jean Laverne Burke, Robert Oliver, Jr., 228 Burke, Thomas Richard Burke, William John Burkes, Edward Earby Burkette, Robert Donald Burkhalter. Alma Kathryn, 96, 108, 127, 189, 305 Burkhalter, Charles S., 207, 228 Burkhalter, Walter Guy, Jr., 210 Burkle, Anna Louise, 160, 289 Burkley, Earle Richmond, 210, 305 Burks, Cleve Edward, III. 322 Burks, William Robert, 190 Burleson, Roy Lee, Jr. Burnett, Francis Gerald, 90 , 133,264 Burnett, Milton Brown Burnham. Van Robinson Burns, Arthur Allen, Jr., 305 Burns, Bridget Scanlon. 189 Burns. Constance Elizabeth, 105 Burns, Janet Louann, 289 Burns, Jimmie Dwayne Burns, Kenneth Albert, 208 Burns, Kenneth Merritt Burns, Rhondie Harold, 1 36 , 194,289 Burnworth. John Orvil, 322 Burred, Dale Claiborne Burrell, Thomas Samuel, 101 Burris, William Addison. II Burrow, James Arthur. Jr., 322 Burton, Chauncey Ezell Burton, John Price, 204 Burton, Lula P. Busby, Beverly Ann, 289 Busby, Christy Lynn, 322 Busby, Jeannie Odom, 105. 264 Bush, Elizabeth Arledia.289 Butler, Barbara Sharline, 93.126.201 367 Butler, Carole Jean, 106 , 176,289 Butler, Cathie Bass, 175, 289 Butler, Deborah Ann, 137 Butler, Granville Wayne, 1 8 1 Butler, James Clyde, II Butler, Karen S. Henry Butler, Marsha Ann, 172, 322 Butler, Richard Douglas Butts, Lampkin,210, 289 Butts, Pamela, 104, 106, 264 Byars, Thomas Lynn Byers, Ellis Simpson Bynum, Billy R.,289 Bynum, Jackie Lynn, 132,322 Bynum, James Laurin.58,61, 118, 208 , 305 Bynum, Roger Byrd, Alyce F., 156, 175, 322 Byrd, Beverly Lynn Byrd, Essie Rider Byrum, James Micheal, 204 , 322 Cabaniss, James Michael, 20 Caboche, Suzanne Aline, 160 Cadden, Homer Reed Caden, James Benedict Caffery, Patricia Jay, 202 , 322 Caffey, James Carroll, 94 , 95,273 Caffey, Louise McGahey Caffey, Pamela Faye, 202 , 305 Cagle, Ralph Norman, Jr., 273 Cajoleas, Pete James Caldwell, Albert Michael, 273 Caldwell, Carolyn Ann, 160, 289 Caldwell, Doris Daonne93, 305 Caldwell, Emily Armstrong, 160 Caldwell, James Harmon, 197 Caldwell, Kathy Lou, 189 Caldwell, Marie Elaine, 175 Caldwell, Richard Eugene, 273 Calfee, Wanda Jean, 32 3 Calhoun, Gaye Oakley Calhoun, Rebecca Martha, 305 Calhoun, Tom Paul Callahan, Kathy Sue, 323 Callahan, William J., Jr., 145, 305 Callender, Michael Dean, 194 Callicutt, Retta Lynn, 273 Callicutt, Thomas L., Jr., 264 Calvasina, Gerald Edward, 198 Cameron, William Mack, 264 Camille, Bernadette Karin, 323 Camp, Cynthia Jane, 131, 137,214,323 Camp, Karen Elizabeth, 160, 273 Camp, Tracey Lee Campany, Laura Kathryn, 184,273 Campbell, Alberta Edith, 305 Campbell, Esther Josephine, 273 Campbell, Francis Joseph Campbell, Gerard Willett Campbell, Guy Douglas, 92, 181 Campbell, John Hudson Campbell, Joseph G., Jr. Campbell, Laura Ann, 184 Campbell, Randall Lane, 167, 289 Campbell, Randy Lynn Campbell, Robert David, 323 Campbell, Roger Lee, Jr., 167 Campos, Soledad Almagro Canfield, Travis Allen, 289 Canizaro, James Thomas, 94 , 190,289 Canizaro, Richard Eugene Cannada, Don Baker, 208,323 Cannon, Audrey Kathy, 175. 305 Cannon, Glenn Dale Cannon, Steven Ray Canova, Charlie Alex, Jr., 102,273 Canterbury, Ricky Doyle, 323 Canty, Marion Stewart, 1 36 , 204 Caperton, Joseph Randall Caplinger, Thomas Ray Cappaert, Amy Lee, 189 Cappaert, Carolyn Sue Cappleman, Johnny Leon, 289 Capodanno, Joseph Francis Cara, Dominic Joseph, II, 190 Caranna, Cono Anthony, II, 264 Carby, Philip Elmer Cardwell, Janice Gregg Cardwell, Judy Edwina, 214, 289 Cardwell, Ricky Leon Carlisle, Barry Wayne, 264 Carlisle, Carolyn M. Carlisle, Marsha Leigh, 145, 305 Carlisle, Richard Lamar, 264 Carloni, Ned David, 194 Carlson, Carol Ann Carlson, George C., Jr. Carlton, Charles C., Jr. Carmean, Catherine Jane, 201, 323 Carmean, Patricia Andrews Carmean, Paul William, 183 Carmody, Cheryl Kathryn Carnathan, Guy Damon Carnell, Larry Sim, 94, 264 Carnette, Ronald Byron Carney, John Lack, 305 Carney, Stephen Dale, 128 , 163,273 Carnine, Roy Leland Carothers, Bet c y Allison, 189 Carpenter, Bettye Jann, 137, 202,305 Carpenter, Charles Wayne, 228 Carpenter, Edsel Ray Carpenter, James Ellis, 163 Carpenter, James Ogden, 94 , 95 Carpenter, Linda Carol, 306 Carpenter, Marilyn Beryl, 214,323 Carpenter, Mary Lynn Carpenter, Merilyn Jackson Carpenter, Preston Caswell, 228 Carpenter, Sandra Kelsey Carpenter, Sharon Gail, 184 , 306 Carpenter, Thomas H., Jr. Carpenter, Wayne O ' Brian, 265 Carpenter, William Alfred, 323 Carpenter, William David Carr, Carol Ann Carr, Cynthia Ann, 62,84, 86, 121, 156, 159, 189, 273 Carr, Kathy Marie, 127,289 Carr, William Edwin, 190 Carraway, Arthur B., 1 27 Carrere, Constance Claire, 201 Carrier, Henry Nash, III Carroll, Carolyn Kathleen Carroll, Samuel Jacob Carroll, William Douglas Carruth, Carl Benton Carson, Robert A., Jr., 193, 323 Carter, Alan Walker, 107 , 136 Carter, Carole Ann Carter, Catherine Helen, 323 Carter, Cheri Ellen, 189, 323 Carter, Elizabeth Coopwood Carter, Gloria Ann, 323 Carter, Jefferson Wilks, 323 Carter, John S., 204 Carter, Julianna Bell Carter, Larry Darnell Carter, Ralphoel James Carter, Rebecca Carter, Robert Mitchell Carter, Stanley Lewis Carter, Walter S., Ill, 137 Carter, Yolande Fern, 176 Carthan, Eddie James Cartier, Gene Normand Carty Marilyn Collins, 159 Caruso, Stephen Allen, 198, 265 Caruthers, William Lynn, Jr., 323 Carver, Kathryn Colleen, 289 Casanova, Travis Glen Casburn James Reaburn, 178 Case, Charles Darwin Case, Glenn Allison Case, Jennifer Moak Case, Natalie Lynn, 176 Case Raymond Talmadge Casey, Thomas Marshall, 98 , 145,273 Cash, Philip Ray, 289 Cashman, Louis Patrick, 178, 290 Caspari, Glenn Scott Casson, Mark Daniel, 290 Castigliola, Vincent J., Jr., 265 Castle, Jima Elan, 273 Castleberry, Gordon M.,92, 102, 190,274 Catching, Mary Robin, 96 , 160 Catchings, William Henry Cathcart, Tana Henry Catron, Stephen Barnard, 265 Catt, Michael Johnson, 323 Causey, Deborah Lisa, 145, 290 Causey, Jimmy, 228 Cauthen, Melton Douglas, 190 Cavin, Margaret Dianne, 265 Caviness, Carolyn Corbeau Caviness, Johnnie C. Cecil, Lucinda, 189,290 Cefalu, Andrew Joseph, 181 Center, Gerald Mickey, 265 Cesarotti, William Lee Chadwick, Amenza B.. Ill Chadwick, Michael William, 198,274 Chaffin, Paula Young Chaffin, William Michael, 133 Chalk, John Abney, 193 Chamberlin, Durward Elliot Chambers, Walter Lee, 274 Chambliss, Donald Ray, Jr. Champion, Barbara Nell Champion, Betty Barner, 156, 176,290 Champion, Carol Kemp Champion, James Henry, Jr., 60,90,210,265 Chan, Elizabeth June, 105 Chancellor, Mary Ann, 175, 274 Chandler, David Jarrett Chandler, Johnny C., 1 83 , 228 Chandler, Rena Carol, 202 , 306 Chandler, Winfield Ladd, 306 Chaney, Hope, 175, 306 Chaney, Mark James, Jr., 125 , 306 Chaney, Rebecca Faye, 323 Chaney Stephen Thomas, 167 Chang, Chin Yih Chang, Simon Sheng Chang, Ta-Peng Chang, Tai Chong, 265 Chang, Zen Wei Chaplin, Gregory John, 290 Chapman, Betty Louise Chapman Dorothy Quaye, 306 Chapman, Kendall Phillips, 274 Chapman, Rupert Leander, 145,274 Chase, John L., Jr., 323 Chase Wallace Allen, 193 Chastain, David Otto, 92 , 290 Chatham, Claire Carter, 126, 172, 323 Chatham, Michael Colin, 167 Cheatham James Andrew, 10 1 , 265 Cheatham, Major Douglas, 306 Cheatham, Thomas Edward, 101 Cheek, Jean Ellen Williams Cheek, Michael Edward Chen, Keh-Tong Chen, Paul Ning Chuan Chen, Pi-Ling Cheng, Monica Chien-Hua, 265 Cheng, Paul Chuan Hai Cheng, Ping Chuan Cherry, Barbara Lorraine Cherry, David Ray Chesteen, John Rowe Chicorelli, Jimmy Michael, 190 Chigbo, Peter C.,265 Childers, Robert Bostick, 210 Childers, Robert Doyle, 124, 274 Childers, William Childress, Eva Childress, Lauren Gail, 214, 323, 382 Childress, William Arthur, 323 Childrey, Frank Wilson, Jr. Chill, Marlane E. Chin, Donald Pang Chin, Joan Sue Chin, Nanmei Wong, 306 Chin, Terry Jay Chin, Warren, 290 Chinn, Cedric Vaughn, 274 Chinn, William David Chisholm, Candace, 126, 159 , 290 Chism, Cindy Gaye, 159, 323 Chism, Paul Edward, Jr. Chism, Wanda Marie, 137 Chisolm, John Hill, 197 Chittom, Daneise K. Chiu, Peter Kun-Hai Chiu, Shu-Mei Choate, Horace Edward, Jr. Choe, Hyong Kil, 265 Choi, Chun Chuen Raymond, 323 Chou, Yung-Sen Chow, Audric Hing, 274 Chow, Frank Smith Chow, Louis Chow, Rose T. Chow, Wesley Dean, 274 Chrestman, Donna Ann, 323 Chrestman, Mary E., 290 Christian, Floyd Leland, Jr. Christian, John Cecil, 306 Christian, Marianne B. Christian, Nanette R., 1 84 , 274 Christian, Theodore Gordon, 163 Christian, Walter Bates, 274 Christiansen, Bill Myron Christiansen, Sharon Jean Christman, Larry Everett Chu, Chia-Chi Kathy, 265 Chumbler, Brent Stanton, 228 Chunn, Benny Smith, 274 Church, Charles Stone, Jr., 194, 306 Church, Dixie Jane Church, Faith M., 99, 274 Churchwell, Ronald Paul, 306 Chustz, James Steven, 134, 265 Chustz, Lamar Poovey,94, 104,265 Clark, Beverly Jo, 142,274 Clark, Chad Dotson, 207 , 323 Clark, Charles Cleveland, 86,90,94,95, 97, 100, 102, 126,204,274 Clark, Charles Madison Clark, Charles Randall Clark, Donald, Jr. Clark, Elizabeth Randolph Clark, Grady Mims, Jr., 290 Clark, Harriet Dianne, 137, 172, 323 Clark, James Rayford, Jr. Clark, Joe H., 101 Clark, Larry Edmond, 134 Clark, Leonard Ray, Jr. ,2 10 Clark, Melaine Ann, 175 Clark, Melissa Hall Clark, Michael E., 145 Clark, Randolph Clark, Robert Elliott, 102, 126 Clark, Robert J. Clark, William Ransom Clark, Willie Roland Clarke, Elizabeth Marie, 159 Clarke, Stephen Condon Clarkson, Jean Elizabeth, 306 Claus, Dennis R. Clay, Scott Douglas, 323 Clayton, Claude F., Jr. Clayton, Judy Beth Clayton, Ronald Harris, 101, 265 Clayton, Susan Alice, 131, 137, 176, 323 Clayton, William L., Ill, 126, 198, 306 Cleland, Charles David, 193 Cleland, William Howard, 92 , 193 Clemens, Jeptha Clark, 127, 145 Clements, Bobby Joe Clemmer, Rita Gail, 137,274 Cleveland, John Daniel, 208 , 274 Cleveland, Karen Janet, 175 Cleveland, Keith Vernon Cliatt, Mary Jo Puckett Click, Carolyn Stratton, 160 Clifton, Ernest Clabourne Clifton, Joe B., 11,163, 323 Clinton, Carolyn Sue, 127, 214 274 Clinton, Judy Moir, 106,201 Cloar, Thomas Jefferson Clodfelter, David Shibley, 190 Clyde, James Wayne, 1 35 Coates, Adaler Bliss, III, 178, 306 Coats, Alta Kate Coats, James Filo, 163 Coats, Patricia Ann, 265 Cobb, Charles Clark, 1 70 Cobb, Donna Doom Cobb, Henry Righter, 190 Cobb, John Ray, Jr.. 194 Cobb, Leonard Benjamine Cobb, Robert Steven, 183 Cobb, Thomas Glen, 1 43 Cobill, Earl Wayne Coburn, Theodore Kirk Cochran, Patsy June, 137, 214, 306 Cochran, Robert Finley, Jr., 204 Cochrane, Beverleigh Blair, 160, 323 Cockrell, Jerald Davis Coe, Isaac Stephen Coffey, James Major Coggin, Frederick Rea, 2 1 Coggin, Sheryl Diane, 93, 127 Coggin, Virginia Kay, 274 Coggin, William Harvey, 210 Coggin s, Dennis Deck, 167, 323 Coker, Candace Carroll Coker, Jimmy Ray, 98 Coker, Margaret Ruth, 290 Coker, Nancy Coombs Coker, Onnie Rex, 274 Coker, Robert Joseph, 290 Coker, William Harlow Colbert, Michele Annette, 189 Colbert, William Lee, Jr. Cole, David Howard, 167 , 323 Cole, Gary Stanford Cole, Jeffrey Lee, III, 163, 306 Cole, John Nora, Jr. Cole, Linda Ann, 306 Cole, Marjorie Jean, 202 , 323 Cole, Wilfred Quails, III, 193 Cole William James, III, 58,118,145,265 Coleman, Billy Mack Coleman, Charles E., 1 32 , 323 Coleman, Cynthia Jane, 137, 164,306 Coleman, Diann W. Coleman, Ellen E. Coleman, Gary Leburn Coleman, George Willie, Jr., 265 Coleman, Grover Clifton, Jr., 145, 274 Coleman, Gwyneth Jane Coleman, Howard Clark, Jr. Coleman, Jeannie Melissa Coleman, Joe Price, 97 Coleman, Johnny G. Coleman, Kenny Glenn, 101 Coleman, Lee Sorrels, 90 , 145 Coleman, Linda M., 126, 137 ,274 Coleman, Lucy Hall, 156,201 Coleman, Meridith Foose, 137 Coleman, Rebecca Grace, 137, 175 Coleman, Robert Kerry Coleman, Robert Steven, 1 05 , 306 Coleman, Shirley Baker, 307 Coleman, William Eugene Coleman, William Jackson, 208 Collier, Clark Kent, 163 Collier, Dan P., Jr., 323 Collier, James Emmett, 132, 167 Collins, Ann Clare Collins, Connie Christine, 176,323 Collins, David Lee, 290 Collins, James Calvin, 208 Collins, James Rupert, 163 Collins, John David, 28 , 136,274 Collins, Kay Gillentine. 159 Collins, Martha Lee, 137 Collins, Michael Paul, 290 Collins, Patricia Griffin Collins, Phillip Michael, 163 Collins, Roger L. Collins Sophorina Kathy, 159 Collins, Stephen Leonard Collopy, Michael John, 134, 265 Collopy, Willa Jean Collum, Deborah Piper Collum, Rhonda Sue Collum, Robert Tillman,265 Collums, Carolyn Ann, 143, 290 Collums, Lynda Gail, 274 Collums, Randy Lee Colmer, Jane Mitchell Colmer, Jonathan Ashley, 170 Colter, Linda Anne Colvin, Connie Lea, 142 , 1 76 Combs, Jean Lehmann Combs, John Williams, 265 Combs, Robert Carl, 183 Comer, David Perry Comer, Jeff Robinson, 190 Comer, John Richard Comer, Marilyn Scott Compton, James Norman Compton, Joseph Russell, Jr., 307 Condon, Catherine L. Conerly, Lamar Adams Conlee, Sharon Lynn Conley, Jeffrey Alan, 323 Conley, Roger Perron, 265 Conn, Calvin Edward Conn, Stephen Alan Connell, Mary Ann Conner, Bentley Edd, 167 Conner, Linda Susan Connolly. Michael Joseph Connors, Janet Merle, 96, 176, 307 Conover, Nelson Garrett Con way, Betty Diane, 145, 164,274 Conway Danella Cowan Conway, Daniel Alan, 307 Conway. Ruth Davis, 202,323 Conwill, David Erval,274 Cook, Clyde E. Cook, Deborah Charlene Cook, Douglas Lee Cook, Drinda Marian, 274 Cook, Gary Malone, 31,193, 290 Cook, James Arnold, Jr. Cook, Jeff Jay Cook, Linda Keron, 307 Cook, Martha Sue Cook, Mary Louise Cook, Robert Cecil, III, 190, 323 Cook, Robert Lane, 265 Cook, Sherry Dian Cook, Steve Hobson, 163,274 Cook, Steven Trent Cook, Thomas Draton, Jr., 207 Cooke, Frenchie Miller, 160, 274 Cooke, Gaines L. Cooke. Mary Hardin Cooke, Mary Susan Cooke, Stephen Scott, 92 , 208 Cooke, Steven A. Cooksey, James Robert, III 368 Cooper, Carole Katherine, 131.214,323 Cooper. Charles Morris Cooper, Daniel H., 290 Cooper, Douglas Lee. 204 Cooper. James Perry, 323 Cooper, Jamelia, 201 , 323 Cooper, Patricia Lynn.9S Cooper, Paul Roy, 9. 92, 167 Cooper. Robert Franklin, 92, 102. 181 Cooper. Ruth Echols, 307 Cooper. William Burt, Jr., 265 Copelin, Larry Douglas, 197, 290 Copelin, Patricia Parman, 290 Coppola, Angelo George, Sr., 265 Corban, Randall Mead Corbett, Michael Alan Corbitt, Catherine Buckner Corey, Mark Jeffery Corkern, William Ezra, 167, 291 Corley, Eleanor Mary Cornelius, Robert Thomas, 210 Cornelius, William Giles Cortes. Rocha Jaime Coston, Carol Lynn, 104 Coston, Jack Franklin Cotten, Anne Olivia, 307 Cottrell, Albert Peyton Couch, Allen Bruce Couch, Sharon Sue, 274 Counce. Netia Kendalette, 160.323 Counce, Vicky Lynn, 159.323 Courson, Gardner Greene Coussens. Patricia Dianne Coussens, Wayne Ray Covert, John Walter, Jr.. 181 Covert, Robert F. Covington, Jeffrey Gibson, 324 Covington, John Michael, 181,324 Covington, John Stansill, 324 Covington. Roger Rudolf, 126, 193.324 Covington, William D., Jr.. 136.204.274 Cowardin, Louis James, Jr., 265 Cowart, Thomas David, 324 Cowell, Randy Steven, 204 Cowsert. Betty Ruth, 175 Cox, Arthur Anderson, Jr., 212 Cox, Calvin Allen Cox, Charles Frederick Cox, Don Gary, 124 , 307 Cox, Eddie Faye,291 Cox. Edwin Ronald, 102 Cox, James Richard. 207 Cox, John Henry, III Cox, Marsha Kay Cox, Phillip Craig. 207 Cox, Robert Leroy. 124 , 291 Cox, Rodger Steven. 210. 324 Cox, Timothy John, 1 70 Cox, William Wiley, 324 Coxwell, Cynthia Suzanne, 184 Coxwell, Mary Virginia, 184. 324 Coyle, Arlen Benson, 133 Craddock, Robert E.. 207 Craft, John Michael. 207 Cragwell. William Glenn, 324 Craig. Bernice D. Craig, C.C.. Jr. Craig. Cyrus York, Jr. Craig, Danny Eugene Craig, Dennis Dell. 210 Craig, George Anne, 93,96, 126. 189, 307 Craig. James Gordon Craig. Mary Hart, 189, 324 Crane. Lila Jo, 307 Crane, Roger Marson, 307 Cranfteld. John Steven, 163 Craven, Ann McMillan,93, 96. 137, 175, 307 Craven. David Lee, 208 Craven, Edward Patrick, Jr. 307 Craven, Jonathen Neil Crawford, Claudia Buckley, 137, 176.324 Crawford. Frank Wesley Crawford. George Davis, 324 Crawford, Hazel Brandon Crawford, James August, Jr.. 324 Crawford. Karen Leigh, 9 3 Crawford, Len Jackson, 125 Crawford. Mark Frederick. 178.307 Crawford, Richard Marvin. 207 Crawley. Alfred Bridwell, 307 Crayton, Walter Franklin Creel, Rae Ella Cresap. Brenda Joyce Crews, Carol Jean, 175 Crider. John Paul. 124.307 Criss, Cathy O., 146 .274 Critz, Robert McCoy Crocker, Karen Margaret, 96.307 Crocker. Samuel K. Crocker. William David Crockett, Sharon Worley Crockette, Adela Weeks Cronin, Raymond Joseph Crossley, Lloyd Hughes, 265 Crossley, Peggy Joyce. 265 Crosthwait, Margaret Anne, 172,324 Crouch. Betty B.. 291 Crow. John James, 163 Crowder, James Billy, 98, 291 Crull, Luther Putnam, Jr. Cruse, David O. Cruse, Fred, III Crutcher, Colie Edward, 291 Crutcher, Nelma Sue, 291 Cruthird, George Gerald, 307 Crutchfield, Victor H., Jr., 324 Cruzen, Betty Coe, 96.214. 307 Cuffe, Harold Edward Cuicchi, David Lee, 90 , 95 , 26S Cuicchi, Leslie Brandon, 265 Culbertson. Steven Edward Culver, Guy E. Culwell, Sarah Joyce, 291 Cumbest, Ronnie Donald Cummmgs, Karen Sue, 137, 175.324 Cummings, Robert Ray Cummmgs, William James, 145 Cummins, James Michael Cunningham, Jim Walker, 163.324 Cunningham, Richard M.. 183 Curbo, Deborah Lee, 324 Curl, James Larry Curlee, Barbara Bonds Curlee, Martha Gibbs Currie, Edward Jones, Jr., 207 Curry, Burnice Wesley, III Curtis, Cathy Sue, 184 Curtis, Chester H., Jr. Curtis, Christ! Jane Curtis, David Sylvester Curtis, James Richard Curtis. Katherine Rose Curtis. William Andrews Curtis. William Wairath. II Curtiss, Jeffrey Lynn, 212, 324 Custy, Mary Claire. 274 Cutrer, Barbara Jean Cutrer, Cynthia Nettles Cutrer, Douglas Wayne, 127 Dabbs, Jesse Grafton Dabbs, Mary Lee. 172, 307 Dacus, Barbara Ellen. 105, 160,274 Daggett, David P. Daggett Tanya Diane Dagostino. Arthur Daniel, 265 Dahm Wayne Robert, 324 Daigre Dianne Lynn, 307 Dailey. Glenn Allen, 324 Dale. Cynthia Diane, 201 , 324 Daleh ite. William M., Jr., 134,265 Dallas. W. Diane. 176 Dalton. Becky Boteler Dalton, Sam E.. 111,98 Daly. John Lawrence Daly. Joseph L. Dangeau, Pamela Sue, 93 , 164. 307 Dangor, Cassim Mahomed, 265 Daniel. Alice Virginia 176 Daniel. Charles Parker, 324 Daniel, Jimmy R. Daniel, John Victor, 126, 170 Daniel. Linda Rae Dobbs Daniel. Samuel Eugene, 101, 104 265 Daniel W. Ellen, 137,214 . 307 Daniel. William J., Ill, 207 Daniels, Alan David Daniels, Frankie Laverle, 124,265 Daniels, John, III Daniels. Kenneth Graden, 163 Daniels, Patricia Gayle, 159, 307 Daniels. Roosevelt N. Dantin, Forest Maurice, 197, 324 Dantone. Brad Silvio, 193, 324 Danzey, Charles E., Jr. 307 Darby. William T. Darden. Richard Alfred, Jr., 92, 181.274 Darnell, Richard Hamlin Darton, Terry Heber Dashairya, Har Naraian.274 Daugherty, Nancy Jane. 159 Daus, Elizabeth Ann, 202 Davidge. William F. Davidson, Andrew Edwin, 207 Davidson, Don Nelson Davidson, Edith Ray Davidson, Eunice Fay Davidson, Hubert James, Jr., 86,90,204 Davidson, Hunter Browne, 207 Davidson, John Cullen,204 Davidson, Mary Delia Davidson, Nancy Jo, 131, 137, 175,324 Davidson. Susan Dianne Davidson, Van Michael. Jr. Davies, Barbara Bush, 214, 324 Davis Bernece B. Davis, Bobby Anderson Davis. Brenda Carole Davis. Bruce Howard, 307 Davis, Carey George Davis, Carl Cuthbert. Jr., 92,210.274 Davis, Cedrick Gene, 291 Davis. Charles Thomas Davis Charlotte Ann, 189 Davis, Claude Melvin Davis, Clyde Percy Davis, Connie Linda, 307 Davis, David Lamar, 198 Davis. David Marcus Davis, Dona B.. 1 7 5 . 2 7 4 Davis, Earl Gatewood, 126, 167,307 Davis, Elizabeth Ann, 324 Davis. Elizabeth Lee, 189 Davis, Elsie Louise Davis Eva Catherine Davis, Floyd Millard Davis, George Frederick, 208 Davis, Glenda Edwards Davis, Jack Newton Davis, Jama Anise, 214,291 Davis. James Madison, 291 Davis. James Ray, 307 Davis. James Reeves Davis, James Tyndal, Jr., 163,291 Davis, James Wilbur Davis, Jimmy Alan, 170 Davis, Jimmy Carlton Davis, John Armstrong, 29 1 Davis, John Corbett, 98, 265 Davis John Floyd Davis, John Ford Davis, John Wesley Davis, Joni Jo. 93, 96, 137, 214,307 Davis, Judy Kaye, 291 Davis, Karen Kerby Davis. Kenneth Bernard Davis Larry Edward, 307 Davis, Marjorie T. Davis, Martha Eleene Davis, Mary Kay Deere, 104, 274 Davis. Mary Susan, 189 , 307 Davis, Patricia Ann, 184 Davis, Patrick Vincent, 145 Davis Rachel Celeste, 324 Davis. Rebecca Jean, 126, 214,307 Davis, Richard Keith Davis, Robert Earl, Jr.. 132 Davis. Robert Joseph, 132, 167 Davis, Robert Thurston, III. 207 Davis, Ronald Lester Davis, Same Estelle, 1 59 , 324 Davis, Sandra Elizabeth, 324 Davis, Sara Ellen, 324 Davis, Sharyn Lawson Davis, Thomas Allen Davis. Thomas Richard, 324 Davis, Vaughn, Jr.. 324 Davis, William Mac, Jr.. 127 Dawkins, James Tower, III, 197 Dawson, Kenneth Wayne, 307 Dawson, Timothy Allen, 324 Dawson, William Howard Day Bernadette Walker Day, Donald Newton, 291 Day. Greg G. Day. Judith Dianne, 184.324 Day Terry Lewis, 274 Dayal. Har Dayton, Charles Dayton, Rhonda Kay, 145,291 Dean. Janice Neill Dean, Michael Roy Dean, Ralph Maury Dean. William Moore. 1 36 . 183 Dear. James L., 274 Dear, Jessie Dennis, 291 Dear, Ronnie Dale, 307 Dear, Theodore, Jr., 163 Deare, James Davidson Dearing, Kenneth David Dearman, Henry Burkitt. Jr. Dearman. Nathalie Anne Deason, Bettie Joyce Debault. Boyd L. Deberry, John Patrick, 145, 274 Debord, Danny Neal Debord, Peggy Ann Debruine, Michael William Decker, Charles Monroe, 193, 307 Decker, John Dupree Decker, Judy Quinn Deededar, Akbar Dees, Anselm Joseph, Jr., 97, 102, 183 Dees, James Gordon, Jr. Dees, Robert Wayne, 291 Deeters, Ed Jeannine, 291 Defore, Mary Diane, 99 , 160, 274 Degier, Richard Clay Dehoogh. John Frederic Oelahousey Steven Joseph, 197 Delee. Thomas Michael, 324 Dement, Mary Leslie, 176, 291 Demetz, Karen Elaine, 184. 324 Demilio, Ronald David Deming, Joseph Whittle, III, 167,324 Demlow, James Elmer, 324 Dempsey, Carol Anna, 202 Denegre, Gayle Stocker, 189 Deneka. Harry Michael. 197, 324 Denham, Earl Lamar, 90.212 Denley, Pamela Dawn Denley, Kathryn Summers Dennie, Cheryl Jon, 307 Dennis, Benita Jan Dennis, Larry Houston Densford, Jimmy Hugh, Jr., 170, 307 Dent, Laura Reid, 184 , 307 Denton, Charles William, 291 Denton, David Hollis, 132, 178 Denton, James Robert Denton, John William, 210 Denton, Laurie, 184 , 307 Depolo, John Lee Derivaux, Jane Wailes, 172, 307 Dernoncourt, Cathy Louise Deroode, David Frederick, 128, 170,307 Deroode, Deborah Louise, 137 Derossitt, Alice Price, 164 Devine, Mary Pat Deviney, Kenneth Glen Deweese, Albert Butler, 207 Deweese, Russell Lee Dewitt, Henry Wilson Dhawan, Jagdish Chandra, 143,265 Di, Pietro Anthony Luke Diaz, John Charles, 274 Dibenedetto. Maria Fahey, 159,307 Dickerson, Barbara Anne Dickerson, Bernard Paul Dickerson, Donald Dickerson, Gerald Alan Dickerson. Marshall Hugh Dickerson, Melrose Clare Dickey, Danny Hugh, 92, 102. 194,291 Dickey. Jamie Susan. 175 Dickson. Charles Wicks. 29 1 Dickson, Erma Faye Didlake. Ralph Hunter, Jr. Diffley, Daniel Glen Dill. John Reginald, 228 Dillard, Carolyn Lucille, 176,291 Dillard, Donna Jo. 2 14 , 324 Dillard, Morris Stephen, 98 Dillard, Phyllis Elliott, 265 Dillard, Stephen Bradley Dillard, Stephen Wayne, 124, 275 Dillard, Susan Frances, 324 Dillard, William W., 92 Dilley, Lawrence Clark, 90, 102, 104,132, 144,275 Dillon, Elizabeth Anneal Dillon, Karen Hathorn Dillon, Stanley Harold Dilworth, Hal Conn, Jr. Disharoon, James Dudley Dishongh, Charles Randall Distasio, Stephen Raymond Dixon, Beverly Kaye, 137, 145, 275 Dixon, Carolyn, 307 Dixon, Cynthia Ann, 159,291 Dixon, James Maddox Dixon, Margaret Alice Dobbs, Frances Maybelle, 137. 176.307 Dobbs. Jo Ann, 160,324 Dodd, Annette Clark Doddridge. Martha Anne, 127, 291 Dodge, Kay Farese Dodson, Newton Montgomery, 190 Doherty, James Paul Doleac, Ellen Finch Doleac. Malcom Ronald Dominguez, John F. Donahower, Nancy Lynn, 202, 308 Donahue, Lois Katheryn Donahue, Susie, 189 Donald, Howard Earl, 291 Donald, James Patterson Donald, Larry Gene Dong, Franklin Pang, 308 Dong, Ronald, 291 Dongieux, Paul Aloysius, 35, 204 228 Donnell, George Ralph Donnelly, Linda Sue Donovan, Edward Francis Donovan, John Farrant Doo, Harry Yin Chong K., 275 Doolittle, Charles K., 163 Doolittle, Cynthia S.. 202 Doolittle, James McNeil Doorenbos, Beverly Jean, 93, 137. 145,291 Dorcik, Michael D.A., Jr. Dorn, Ronald Lawrence Dorr, Reid Patton, Jr. Dorroh, Gale Smith. 127 Dorrough, Charles Marlow, 291 Dorsett, Cora Matheny Dorsie, Frank John Dosier, Rozanne Elaine, 2 14 Dossett, William Edward, 194 Dotson, Philip Randolph Dottley, Debra Lynn, 160, 324 Doud, Winifred Carter Dougher, Christine Ann, 189 , 308 Dougher, John Edward, 136, 208,291 Dougherty. Ralph Edwin, 194 Douglas, Barry Cole, 107, 14S.275 Douglas Deanna Mae, 265 Douglas, John Steven Douglas. Philip Merle Douglass. Richard Lawrence Dove Luther Murray, Jr. Dowdy Robert Alvin Downing, David Ray Downing, Stephen Douglas 208 Doxey, Jean H., 275 Doxey Ralph Hindman,97, 275 Doyle, Ben Holmes Doyle, Gary Alan Doyle, Kent Lamar Drake. David Carl, 308 Drake, Gregory Alan, 127, 13S Drake. William Ernest, 204 Draughon, Janet Anne, 202 Dreher. Anne Williams Dreher, David William, 27S Dreyfus, Robert Maurice. 145. 197.308 Dnbben. Linda 176 Driver, Ann Carol, 275 Driver, John Jackson, 291 Drude. Kathleen Ann, 106 Drummond, Lawrence C.. 265 Drury. Deborah Ann, 325 Dry Dennis Craig, 291 Dryden, Daryl Aven, 145 Dryden. Herman Daryl, 325 Dubois. Bobby Wayne Dubois, Radford Eugene Dubose, Clarence Earl, 92 , 126,291 Duchaine. David Lucian, 190 Ducker, Michael Lebron Ducker, William Lawrence Duckett, Margaret Eugenia, 157,202.275 Duckworth, Marshall Glenn, 265 Duffus, John David Dugan, Stephen Alan Duggan. Kevin Sean, 198 Dugger, Billy Lew. Jr., 145 Dugger, Leslie, Jr. Duke, Mary Jane, 108, 127, 160,308 Duke, William Kendel, 126, 212, 291 Dukes. Arlene Lorena, 184, 308 Dukes, Donna, 325 Dukes, Leslie Mclntyre Dukes Rayford Edwin, 207 Dukes. Walter William Dula, Ronnie Joe Dulaney Dorothy Susan, 202 Dulaney, Ronald F. Dunagin, Ramona Gail, 184 Dunahoo, John C., 265 Dunavant, Dixie Deweese, 172.291 Dunaway. Glenn Ford, 126. 135, 145,308 Dunaway, Jefferson Arnold Dunaway. Orion Chester, 275 Duncan Christie Lynne, 20 1 , 308 Duncan, John David. 325 Duncan, Peggie Jo Duncan, Wallace Gregory, 163 Dunehoo. John Robert Dunham, Lester Robert, Jr., 265 Dunlap, Jess Murl Dunn, Lindley Lavon Dunn, Marilyn, 202,325 Dunn, Richard Towles, 204 Dunn, William David Dunnaway, Danny Melvin, 90 Dupuy, Mary Ann, 265 Duquesnay, N. Clay, 190 Durant, Lewellyn L., Jr., 210 Durastanti, Joey Ronald, 325 Durham, Deborah Justine, 201, 325 Durham, Steven Jackson Durke, Marion F., 291 Durka Tommy Lee, 98 ,266 Durrett. David Preston, 127 369 Duty, Larry Duty, Vivian Stokes Duvall, Patricia Louise, 29 1 Dwyer, Kenneth Stephen Dyer, David Neil, 1 90 , 325 Dyer, Gaines Stockton Dyer, Mack B., Jr. Dyke, Wallace Wymon, 325 Dyre, Beverly Biddy Dyre, Lowrey Anne, 201, 325 Dyre, Teresa Lorene, 201 Dzikielewski, Joseph F. Eadie, Clark James, 308 Eadie, John Walter, 275 Eakin, Jerry Aaron Eakins, Donald Edward, Jr., 325 Eanes, Mary Anne, 160 Early, William Fred, II, 139, 143,275 Earnest, Nathan Farley Earney Frances Elaine, 275 Earney, George Ford, 275 Earnheart, Brenda Lou Earnheart, William Bennett, 127,291 Earwood, Michael Eugene Eason, Laurie, 175, 325 Eason, Marilyn Melinda, 131, 202, 325 Eason, William Morris, Jr., 190 Easterling, Albert Ray, Jr., 308 Easterling, Larry Vance, 167,275 Easterling, Richard Brooks, 190 Easterling, Richard W. Easterling, Robert Wenell Eastland, Hiram Chester, Jr. ,90, 100, 207 Eatherly, Wilson Robertson, 193 Eatmon, Pamela Dean, 202 , 308 Eaton, Angela Claire Eaton, Glenda Jean, 275 Eaton Linda June, 275 Eaves Charles Rice, 2 10 Eckersley, Miriam Barbara Eckert, Mary Alice, 172 Eckles, Robert Lyman, 163 Eckles, Victoria, 201 Economos, James Michael Eddins, Susan Diane, 266 Edds, Stephen Charles, 90 , 208,266 Eden ton, Mary Top ley, 175 Edgington, Mary Catherine, 124,291 Edmonds, Alan Edmondson, Elizabeth S., 308, 382 Edmondson, Frank Henry, Jr., 145, 308 Edmonson, Jean Seale, 172 Edmondson, Pamela Jones Edmondson, William F., Jr. Edmund, Bruce Floyd Edrington, Joe William, 208, 291 Edwards, Donna Ruth, 214, 291 Edwards, Edwin Wiltz, Jr. Edwards, Francis Clyde, 101 Edwards, Gregory Allen, 126, 170 Edwards, Linda Dianne, 159 Edwards, Linda M. Edwards, Magdalyn, 325 Edwards, Mary Evelyn Edwards, Mary Katherine, 152, 160, 172,291 Edwards, Michael Alan, 291 Edwards, Patrick Wiltz Edwards, Ralph E., Jr., 102 , 167 Edwards, Robert Thomas, 134, 266 Edwards, Rodney Hall, 325 Edwards, William Franklin, 101, 197,266 Edwards, William Parker Egan, Richard Paul, Jr., 163 Eichelberger, Robert W., 325 Eigenmann, Curtis Lee, 325 Eischen, Kenneth Robert Eley, Steven Morris, 183 Elfert, Roger Larkin Elias, Houghton Francis, Jr. Elion, Marilyn Joyce, 275 Elkin, Gayle Miller, 175 Elkins, James Canton Ellard, Robert Miller Ellington, Richard R. Elliott, Catherine Ann, 87 , 137,201 , 275 Elliott, Diane Lee, 93,96, 137, 176,308 Elliott, Elna, 308 Elliott, Gloria Kay Elliott, Richard W. Elliott, Susan Calvert Ellis, Bettye Faye, 106, 291 Ellis, Hubert Edward Ellis, Ida Kathryn Ellis, Janet Claire, 137 , 189,325 Ellis, Jennie Yerger, 137, 172, 308 Ellis, John Emmett, Jr., 1 34 Ellis, Martha Lynn, 99 , 126, 189,276 Ellis, Richard Allen Ellis, Robert Byron Ellis, Robert Eugene, 16 Ellis, Sonya Elise, 201, 325 Ellis, Terry Kent Elliston, Barbara Ann, 184 Ellzey, Burke Lee, 2 1 Ellzey, Mark Joseph, Jr., 193 Elmore, Joseph David, II, 136 Ely, Halley Elisabeth, 1 75, 325 Ely, James Andrew, III, 102, 193 Ely, James Scott Ely, Mary Hartwell, 1 5 Emanuel, Sheida, 2 16 Emil, Gerald Raymond Emmertson, Robert Lester Emmons, Charles Gerald, 276 Emmons, Robert W. Emmons, Sandra Lois Endicott, Samuel C., 167 England, Harold Lane Epps, Julie Ann, 1 33 Epps, Regina Erikson, Hjalman John, Jr., 208 Ervin, Salli Esther, 189, 308 Ervin, Timothy Edward Esque, Timothy Dennis, 228 Estes, Marshall Simmons Estes, Samuel Francis Ethe, Andrew Morris, 198 Ethridge, Heber Clark, Jr., 167 Eubanks, William Lynn, 127 Eudy, Elaine Holland Evans, Alan Wesley, Jr., 104 Evans, Beverly Richardson Evans, Bobby G. Evans, Harris Evans, Howard Douglas Evans, James Curtis, 292 Evans, James Edward, Jr., 276 Evans, Jerry Allen Evans, John Austin, 136, 183,276 Evans, Kenneth R. Evans, Marilyn, 292 Evans, Mike McLendon, 167 Evans, Robiey Katherine, 127 Evans, Susan Tyler, 202, 325 Evans, Yvette Anne Everett, Paula Jean, 164, 308 Everitt, William Fred, III, 325 Everson, Freddie Lee, 308 Evins, John Cowan, Jr. Ewell, Carol Lee, 308 Ewert, Terry Calvin, 210, 292 Exum, Elizabeth Klyce, 308 Eyerman, Miriam Edna Fabian, Susan Ellen, 325 Fagan, Virginia Rae, 308 Fair, Carol Anne Draper Fair, Davis Love Fair, George R., 90 , 9 1 Fair, John Douglas Fairley, Dorthye Mae, 325 Falkner, Donald Clark Falkner, Jean, 172,292 Falkner, Paul Vincent Falls, Richard Henry, 292 Fancher, Elizabeth Mullen, 106,172,292 Fancher, Henry Philip Fancher, Julia Elaine Fang, Jin-Chin, 266 Farabough, Gary Wesley Farahi, Taghi, 266 Farber, Louis Allen, Jr., 26 Farese, Steven Ellis Farese, Suzanne Wood Paris, Charla Ann, 184 Farmer, Greg Harold, 325 Farmer, Mary Dale Farmer, Terry Q., 276 Farnham, Daniel Lee Farnham, Loni Christine, 176 Farr, Barry Miller, 102 , 181 Farr, Frances Lucille, 20 1 Farr, James Richard Farrah, Kathryn Jean, 292 Farrar, Donald Herman, 97 Farrar, Nancy Carolyn, 32 5 Farrar, William Holder, 276 Farris, Charles, III, 167 Farris, Davey Lee, Jr., 194, 325 Farsidjani, Mohammad Fasullo, Joseph Philip, Jr., 204, 292 Faulkner, Deborah Kay, 137, 175 Faulkner, James Murry, Jr., 132,207 Faulkner, Kenneth Wayne Faulkner, Mary Bolen Faulkner, Vineth Eileen Faust, James Stanford Faust, John Mogan, Jr., 210 Faust, Susan, 176, 325 Faust, William Harvey Fava, Anthony Favre, Dawn Elizabeth, 104, 276 Favre, Donald Monti, 101 , 266 Fawcett, David Gavin, 190 Fawcett, Frances Kelly Fawcett, Patricia Kelly Fawcett, Patricia Kelly Fear, Raymond Durston Featherston, William, Jr., 276 Featherstone, William L. Jr., 181 Feder, Ronald Martin, 178, 292 Fedric, Elizabeth Marshall Feigley, Leslie Lyon Feldman, Joseph Lee, 208 Feldman, Pamela Sara, 325 Felio, Donald B. Fell, Joe Thomas, 106,276 Feltenstein, Elizabeth Ann, 175,292 Felts, Morris Leon, 228 Fenger, Cheryl Sue, 96 , 202 , 308 Fenger, George Alfred, Jr. Ferdon, William Richard Ferguson, Carole Jeannette, 189,276 Ferguson, Edgar Scott, 210 Ferguson, Gerald Leslie, 325 Ferguson, James Daniel Ferguson, Johnnie Walter Ferguson, Lee Devall, 194 Ferlise, Donald Vincent, 266 Fernandez, Eileen Gloria, 266 Ferrell, Hal Miller, Jr. Ferrell, John Alexander, 163,266 Ferrell, Lewis Dixon Ferrell, Palmore A., Jr., 276 Ferris, Kimberly A. Ferris, Lucian Minor Ferriss, Elizabeth Oneal, 325 Fetgatter, Roland Kent, 178 Fetterman, James Charles, 134,266 Fewell, Thomas Eric, 9 8 Field, Marianna Robbins Field, Robert Louis Fields, Cynthia Kay Fields, Jimmie Hirlan Fields, John Douglas, 204 Fields, John Foster Fields, Mary Margaret, 172, 292 Fike, Martha Jane Fillebrown, Beatrice H., 159, 325 Fillebrown, Margaret M., 159 Fillingane, Lynn Rose, 175, 308 Filoni, Lizabeth Lynn, 2 76 Finger, Larry Eugene Finger, Martha Dee Fischer, Celia Anne, 189, 325 Fisher, Mary Letitia, 137, 276 Fisher, William Marvin Fitch, Catherine K. Fitch, John Hall, Jr. Fitts, Betsy Ann, 159, 308 Fitts, Thomas Nelder Fitzgerald, Judith Warren Fitzgerald, Pamela, 292 Fitzsimmons, John V., 325 Flanary, Stephen Flautt, William Gay, Jr., 139,207 Fleeman, Ronald Joe Fleming, Betty Lou, 175,276 Fleming, Calvin Albert, 107, 197,276 Fleming, David Fred Fleming, Jerry Wayne Fleming, John Calvin, Jr., 92, 193,292 Fleming, Lovie Burton, 325 Fleming, Mary S., 1 37 , 1 75 Fleming, William Odell, Jr., 212, 325 Flicker, John Roland Flicker, Margaret Jean Flint, Calvin Etley, III, 167, 325 Flor, James Eugene Flournoy, Joe Emon, Jr. Flowers, James Daniel Flowers John Madison, Jr., 87 , 102, 104, 106, 125 , 181 Flowers, Richard Ray Floyd, Catherine Cecilia, 325 Floyd, Evelyn Joan, 105, 106, 308 Floyd, Harry Lynn Floyd, John Pierce, 111,92, 102, 145,292 Floyd Melinda Sue, 159 , 325 Floyd, William Harrell, 292 Floyd William Robert, 163 Fly, Mary Camille, 325 Flynn, David Martin Flynt, Richard Adams Foley, Timothy David Follett, Deborah Riggs, 137 Fonda, Sam Noble, 183 Fontaine, Katherine F. Fontaine, Thomas Davis. Ill, 208 Fonte, Sam Fontenot, Christine Ann Foose, Kenneth Donelson, 128, 193. 308 Frey, Leroy Vincent Forbes, Michael Elance Ford, Benjie King, 208 Ford, Charlotte Laverne,93, 125, 308 Ford, Cora Givhan Ford, Dan Ralph, Jr. ,92 Ford, Gilbert Bentley,208 Ford, Harriet Elizabeth, 20 1 Ford, Sandra Heard Ford, Timothy Alan, 92, 210 Foreman, Garland M. Foreman, Gary Lennox Foresman, Edward Gilbert, 190, 325 Foret, Christopher Joseph Forrester, Margaret L., 266 Forsyth, David Trevor, 254 Fort, Nelson Ferrell, 204 Fort, Rebecca Lynn, 175,325 Forward, James Richard Foshee, Jane Carol, 1 12 Foster, Alvin Foster, Bonnie Kaye Foster, Charles Wade Foster, Eddie Ray Foster, Frank Porter, Jr. Foster, Larry A. Foster, Mari Puckett Foster, Mollie Dean, 175, 308 Foster, Sara Jane, 189 Foster, Vernon Frank Foster, Warren Vernon, Jr., 325 Foster, Wilfred B. Foster, William Michael Fowler, Gilbert Len, Jr., 266 Fowler, James Walters, 190 Fowler, Samuel B., Ill Fowler, Thad Lewis, III. 210. 325 Fox, Becky Ann, 127 Fox, Catherine Sauer Fox, Daniel O ' Guynn, Jr. Fox, Susan Lea Foxworth, Jerome M., 101 Fraering, John Martin, 198, 325 France, W. Van, 170 Francis. David Joriah, 326 Francis, Phyllis L. Francis, William Rankin Frank, Mark Andrew, 276 Franklin, Carolyn Kay, 292 Franklin, Clarence Hayes, 308 Franklin, Diane Jean, 276 Franklin, Terry Lynn Franklin, W.C. Franks, Gary Mac, 276 Franks, Michael Dwayne, 204 , 228 Franks, Nancy Elizabeth Franks, Phillip Eugene, 292 Franks, Vicki Sue, 142,276 Franzman, Pete Edward Fratesi, Michael Louis, 204, 228 Fratesi, Phillip Campbell, 90, 193 Frazer, Willis Lea, 87,90, 94 ,97 , 193, 253, 292 Frazier, Joseph Daniel, II, 276 Frederick, Charles H., Jr. Frederick, Mary Tooke Frederick, Raymond Leslie, 132 Fredericks, Paul D. Freel, Susan K. Freeman, Alton Frank Freeman, Bennie Mae Freeman, Cynthia Louise, 137, 308 Freeman, E. Alicia Freeman, James Waites, Jr. Freeman, John H., Ill, 136 Freeman, Mayre Emily, 9 3 , 96,201, 308 Freeman, Robert Alan French, Carole Angela French, Elizabeth Irene French, George Tyler French, William B., Jr. Fretts, John Robert, 124 , 276 Frie, Connie Maureen Friedlander, Charles Dale, 326 Friedman, Alan Oxford Frierson, Jimmie M. Frith, Ronald McKinnon, 326 Frith, Shelley Anne, 164 Fritz, Jill Lorraine, 326 Froman, James C. Froman, Karen Linda Frye, Wallace David Fuchs, John William, 207 Fuchs, Robert Bowman, 207 Fudoli, Joy Deneen, 214,326 Fudoli, Rebecca Ann, 214 , 276 Fugate, Clyde Walker Fugate, Susan Elizabeth 201. 326 Fuller, Louis Guy, 126, 183, 326 Fuller, Robert Paul, 167 Fulmer, Cherissa Lynn Fulmer, Cheryle Kaye Fulton, Debbie Lee, 189 Fulton, Lamonte, Jr., 204 , 308 Fulton, Robert Thomas Funderburk, Mary Jo, 159, 292 Funderburk, Paul Stanley Fung, Patrick Ping Kwong Fuqua, Fred Larry, 101 Furby, Tommy Eugene Furber, William James, Jr. Furman, Francis McGuire Fu rr, Byron Knox Furr, Chellie Lucretia Furr, Joseph Patrick, 145, 276 Furr, Lester Randolph, Jr. Furr, Marion Hansell, 106 Furr, Pearl Gary Furr, Ray Albert, 104 Furtick, Mike Home, 2 10 Fyke, Frazier Earl, 90 , 208 Fyke, Paul Douglas, 208 Gable, James Earle, 194 Gadd, Charles Wynn, Jr. Gadd, Evelyn Ormon Gaddis, Barry Lee, 163,233 Gaddy, Ira Eugene, 204 Gafford, Gerald Alexander, 163 Gagliano, Catherine Marie Gaither, Danny Clark Galaher, Gail, 292 Galea, Mark Conway, 167 Galey, Jan Power, 292 Gallaher, Darvis Ouinn Gallaher, Jimmy Keith Gallant, Constance A. Gallaspy, Glenn Todd, 92 , 208 Gallina, Joan Nan, 159, 308 Galloway, Bruce Galloway, John Lanier Galloway, Robert Lee, 163, 326 Galloway, Samuel C., Ill, 127,135,145. 292 Galtney, William Fields, 193 Gamberi, Joseph Robert, Jr., 167, 308 Gamblin, George Thomas, 102, 163, 292 Gamblin, Ricky Devon, 102, 126, 193,308 Gambrell, Robert Wiley Gammill, Dianna Sue, 25 , 172, 326 Ganan, Jan Whitt Gandy, Donald Portis Gandy, Leslie Ann, 159 Ganier, James Haygood, 190 Gann, Janet Cecilia, 214, 276 Gann, Jill Green, 106 Gann, John Daniel, 101 Gann, o. Wayne Gannon, Alice Ann, 124,292 Gantz, Henry Herr, HI, 183 Garabaughi, Behrooz Karim, 276 Garbarini, Vicki Joy, 137, 159, 292 Garcia, Stephen Patrick Gardner, Barbara Lee Gardner, Michael Steven Gardner, Miriam Ann, 184 Gardner, Robert G., 183 Gardner, Sam Parker, Jr., 190 Gardner, Sidney Jerome, 1 24 Garland, John Gary, 204 Garner, Jack Nelson Garner, James Richard, 292 Garner, John Frank, Jr. Garner, Michael Edward, 194, 266 Garrard, Arthur Wayne. 145, 2 6 Garrard, William Hugh, III, 276 Garrett, Carl Pink, III, 127, 145 Garrett, Connie Diane Garrett, Cynthia Dianne, 214, 326 Garrett, Emma McCoy Garrett, Mary Susan, 202 Garrett. Regina Kay. 140, 292 Garrette Judy Kay, 105 Garriga, David Louis Garrison, Judy Carrol, 276 Garrison, Michael Jordon Gary, Kay Olivia, 266 Gasiorkiewicz, Eugene A. Gaston, Alton C. Gaston, George Timothy Gaston, James Walter Gaston, Robert Earl, 163 Gates, Stephen L., 183 Gatewood, Rose Larie, 105, 184, 292 Gatlin, James Robert Gatlin, Maudine Gaudet, Lucien Sydney, 308 Gaudet, Mary Elizabeth Gault, Edwin Spivey, 1 33 370 Gautier. Harriet Page, 184 , 326 Gautier, John Donovan, 145 Gay, Betsy Ross, 159 , 326 Gay Gerald Conner, 2 12 Gay Keith Edward, 204 Gayden, Martha Dale, 176 Gayden, Susan Louise, 176. 326 Gee, Charles Joseph Gee, John Michael Gee, Peter Ellzey Geisler. William Peter Gelvin Steven Eugene, 276 Genin, John Lee Geno, Craig Marsh Geno, Manuel Peak, Jr., 292 Gent, Alfred Edward, 144 Gentry, Jerry L. Gentry, Richard Donald George, Glennice McNeill George, Henry L. t Jr. George. Mary Geralds, William Daniel, 210, 326 Gerard Robert Stephen Gercens. Janis Gercens, Valdis Gerity, Stephanie Owen, 2 76 Genty Thomas Carter, 276 Gernert, Richard Thomas. 193,308,382 Gerrard. Kelly Howell, Jr. Gerrits. Madeline Mary, 159, 308 Gex, Guy Stephen Gex, Kerry Glenn, 326 Gianakos. Kris Demetreos Gtani, Germaine Madeleine, 326 Gibbs. Martha Reddy, 126, 142, 160,308 Gibbs, Michael Thomas, 208 Gibbs Ronald Terry. 208 Gibson, Anne Elizabeth, 189 Gibson. Donald H., Jr., 197, 292 Gibson, Gerald Anthony Gibson, John Thomas Giffm. Keith Miller, 204 Gilbert, John Haywood, 126, 207,276 Gilbert, Russell Earl, 98 Gilbreath. James Larry Gilbreath. Jerry Michael, 90, 163,266 Gill. Craig Dulin, 198 Gill, Gregory Barry Gill, Leo Dell, 124, 276 Gillespie. Alma Lynne, 184 Gillespie Ellen B., 159, ?76 Gillespie, Frank Martin, 194 Gillespie. George Edward Gillespie Larry Dale Gillia Joseph David, 194, 326 Gilliam. Charles David Gilhland William A. Gillis. Norman Burke, III, 210. 326 Gilman, Douglas Thompson, 170 Gilmer, James Henry, 1 35 , 198,292 Gitmore, James Curtis, 207 Gilpin. Lewie Vincent, Jr. Ginn. Thomas Michael, 190 Gipson Claude Orice, 124, 292 Givens. Kathy Gerohn, 127 , 326 Givhan, Mary Thompson Givhan. Samuel Dexter Gleason, Catherine E., 184 Gleaton, Margaret, 308 Glenn, Susan Blackburn, 202 Gleysteen, John Everett, 326 Ghdewell, Ricky Shan, 145, 276 Ghsson, Allen Wilburn. Jr., 102, 106,292 Glover, James Richard Glover, Katherine Glover, Thomas Clinton Glover, William Hudson. Jr., 208, 292 Goad, Frances Ren, 93. 96, 176.308 Godbold, Stacy Dare. 184 . 326 Godbold. Stephen Wood, 107 , 208 Godfrey. William Edward Golden, Emmy, 1 37, 160, 308 Golden Meredith M., 15,32, 172, 292 Golden Woodrow Wilson, Jr.. 90,207 Goldman, Bobby L., 145 Goldmon, William Eugene, 326 Goldston. Richard Ronald, 292 Gollotte Theresa Diane Gong, Bella Ann, 308 Gong, Bettie Mae, 326 Gong, Harry Don. 101, 266 Gong, Margie Ann. 145 ,292 Gong. Stephen Wayne. 292 Goode, Franklin Scott Goodlett, Lessley Jo Goodlett, Ruth Cole Goodman, Ehrman Frank Goodman. Marva L.S. Goodman, Nancy Theresa, 292 Goodnight, Paula Kay, 201, 292 Goodwin, Charles Ronnie Goodwin, Jeanne Goodwin, Kurt Alan Goodwin, Marie Mullins. 1 37 . 276 Goodwin, Ranita Kay Goolsby, Daniel Eugene, 194 Goon Davis, 309 Gordji, Mehran Gordji. Sohrab Gordon, Emma Lee Campbell Gordon, Frances Marie Gordon Rebecca Ann, 184 Gordon Reginald Devon, 10 1 , 276 Gordon, Robert Tiffany, 194 Gore Billy L. Gore, Jay, 309 Gore Polly Grace, 309 Gorman, William Rhodes, 210 Gosa, Vickie Lynn, 189 Goss, Patricia Annis, 201, 309 Gotthelf Adele, 126, 156, 184 Goudelock, James A. Goughenour, Thomas D. Gould, Gigi Gloria, 62. 121, 189, 309 Gould, Philip Paul, 207 , 244,252.326 Gowan, Elizabeth Ann. 137, 276 Goyer, Thomas Earl, 194 Goza, George Robertson, 2 10 Grace. Stephen Craig. 97 , 194,276 Grace Walter John, 1 36, 167, 309 Grady, Joyce Ann, 266 Graeber, John Clark. 2 07 , 309 Graeber, Kenneth James, 207 Graf, Thomas M., 266 Graham, Anita Joy, 276 Graham, Dorothy Winston, 58 , 118, 172.292 Graham, Kenneth Allen, 326 Graham, Linda Janice, 159 Graham, Nancy Carol, 201, 326 Graham, Phillip David, 326 Graham, Thomas Edward, Jr., 309 Graham, Thomas Gene, Jr.. 100,204 Grant, Tommy Claude Grantham, Carolyn Sue Grantham, Howard Ellis, Jr. Grantham, James Cooley Graves, Charles Buckley, 207 Graves. Charles Richard, 276 Graves, Ina Katherine, 176 Graves. Joe Oliver, Jr. Graves, Lydia Cochran, 137, 214,276 Graves. Martha Renvy, 172 Graves, Pamela Anne Graves Randy Lee. 90 . 94 , 97. 100, 102 ,204,292 Graves Robert W. Graves. Rodney Reece Graves, Ronald Lynn Graves. Sidney Gray Darryl Richard, 326 Gray David Wayne. 105 , 145. 197 ,276 Gray. Douglas K. Gray, Euphiazene B-, 145, 309 Gray, Homer Earl, Jr. Gray. Kathryn Ainsworth, 137, 172.326 Gray, Nora Garth, 172,326 Gray. Patricia Merle, 172 Gray, Sarah Katherine, 126 Gray, Wayne Lee, 326 Gray, William Alan, 276 Gray, William Loyd, Jr. Gray, William Wallace Green. Alba Laura, 184 Green, Barbara Kay Green, Cynthia Fay, 159 Green, Freddie Wallis, 277 Green, James Clifton, Jr., 326 Green, John Grady Green, Margaret Virginia, 164 Green, Moorman Earl. 127, 135,292 Green, Nellie J. Windham Green Patrick Gordon Green, Roger Kent, 145 Green, Sammie Kay, 292 Green, Sarah Joan Green Thomas Elmer Greene, Allen Leroy, 326 Greene Benjamin Lee, 277 Greene, Carolyn Bowie Greene Edwin Eugene Greene Thompson Lester Greenhill, John David, 277 Greenlaw, Harrison S., 197, 277 Greenlee, Jim Ming, 210, 309 Greenlee, Phillip Murry Greer, Georgia Gay, 184 Greer. Matthew L. Greer, Regina Lynne. 125. 326 Gregg, Bonnita Jacquelin Gregg, Jimmie Starllmg, 266 Gregg, Mary Ellen Gregory. Helene Frances Gregory, John Andrew, 183, 228 Gregory, Stephen Ray Gregory Thomas Roy Gregory, Lois Yawn Grella, William F., 197 Gresham. Gayle Ann, 25.175, 292 Gresham .William Harvey, 277 Gnbble, John Edward Grice. Jiles Kenneth. 9 2 , 277 Grice, Lenard Alvis Grice, Susan Moore Griesbeck, George Moran, 207 Griffin, Bronwyn Lavonne Griffin, Cathy, 62,93,96, 121, 159.309 Griffin, Larry Joe Griffin, Mary Pamela, 326 Griffin, Ruth Ann Griffin, Sharon Rogers Griffin, Thomas Lamon, 277 Griffin, Thomas Wesley, 326 Griffin, Troy David, 2 77 Griffin, William Gary. 98 , 266 Griffis, William Allan, 277 Griffith, Benjamin Elmo, 181,293 Griffith, Billy Houston Griffith, Dale Dean, Jr. Griffith, George Howard. 190.293 Griffith, George O., 94 , 126, 163,293 Griffith, Harold Eugene, Jr., 163,309 Griffith, Michael John Grigsby, Otha Charles Grillis, Chris E.. 326 Grimes, Charles Arthur, 178 Grimes, Deborah Jean Grisham, Deborah Mae, 326 Grisham, Eddie Jackson Grisham, Jack H. Grisham, Jimmy Richey,204 Grisham, Kenneth Forrest, 326 Grisham, Lowell Edward, Jr., 126, 135, 167,293 Grisham, Marlene T. Grisham, Marsha Darnell, 293 Grisham, Shannon Gandy Grissom, Beatrice B. Grissom, Melinda 127,175 Gronau, Jerry Louis, 2 66 Groshon, Charles Sinclair Gross, Dinah Gail, 104 , 1 05 , 2.14,266 Grosso, Domenic Leonard Gruich, Frank George, 98 , 145 Gryder, Belinda Elaine, 326 Guarino, Joseph Edward Guarr, Bartes Alfred Guckert, Christopher D. Guckert. Pamela Mary, 1 37 . 293 Guckert, Stephanie Ann Gueuther, Fred Neil, 208, 326 Guernsey, Ralph Stewart. 102. 125. 181 Guerrero, Ricardo Oswaldo Guess, Ginnylu, 164 Guess, Judith Rae Guest, Robert Steve Guest, Ronny Dale Guice, Charles Edwin, 2 10 Guice, Daniel Dicks. Jr., 326 Guice, Dixie, 156, 172,216 Guice, Jacob Davis. 204 Guice, Virginia Ann Guider, John Erwin, 326 Guillen, Edmond W., Jr., 326 Gutlliot, Mirium Anthony Guin, Diane Goddard, 293 Guinn, William Scott. 208 Gullett, Mary Janice Gunckel, Barbara Lynne Gunn, Clyde Hubert, III, 309 Gunn, Edgar Lindsey Gunn, Freida Sharon, 1 34 , 266 Gunn, James Daniel Gunn, Michael Scott, 309 Gunn, Pattie Leigh, 156, 176, 326 Gunn, Raymond Godwin, II, 293 Gunnells, Reginald F. Gunter, David Henry, 170 Gurner, Hug h Evans Gustafson, Rayford B., Ill, 170 Guthrie, Bella Jean Guttmann, Susan E., 96 , 146, 309 Guy, Patricia Coleen, 214, 277 Guyton, Janice Rowe, Gwin, George Bannister, 46 , 47 Gwin, Mary Elizabeth H Haaf. Margaret Anne Haas, Elaine Louise, 127 Haas, Nancy Gayle, 106 Haas, Robert Stephen, 126, 194 Hackman, Kevin Alan Hackney, Suzanne Haden, Robert Patrick, 198, 277 Hadley, Thomas H. Hagan, Elizabeth W., 126, 176.293 Hagan, Jane Jeffers, 175 Hahmstadt, William A., 327 Hahn, Michael James, 266 Haick, Alexander John, Jr., 163 Haile. John Mumford, 207 , 327 Hair, Dale Andrews Halback. Denise Marlene, 164 Halback, Mark Walter, 132 Halbrook, David McCall, Jr., 128. 181. 309 Hale, Danny Boyd Hale, David Holmes Hale, Emmette Franklin. Ill Hale, Mary Kathryn, 309 Hale, Stephen Kendall Hale, Thomas Eric, 92, 197. 277 Hale. William Bryant Hale. William K.. Jr.. 204 Haley, Deborah Layne. 214. 293 Haley, Johnnie Miller, Jr. Haley, Suzanne, 201 Halfacre, William Morris Half ord, Rosa Love. 164.293 Hall, Daniel Oliver, II Hall, Damta Hall, David Earl, 327 Hall, Donar Fay, 9 3 Hall, Ella R., 104 Hall, Gary Stevens Hall, Harold Johnson Hall, Henderson Strain, Jr., 90. 133 Hall, Hennrietta Kemlo. 137. 172,327 Hall, James Montgomery, 293 Hall, James Rogers, 11,193, 309 Hall, James T. Hall, Jerry Leborn Hall, John Adams, 170,309 Hall, John Horace, 163 Hall, John Robert Hall, Kathryn Harris, 176. 309 Hall. Larry Murrah,277 Hall, Nicky Respus, 124,293 Hall, Patricia Ann, 309 Hall, Thomas Albert Hall, William Lincoln. 126. 208. 309 Haller. Marshall B., 266 Halliday, Barbara Ann, 189. 327 Halter, Theodore Lewis Haltom, James Robert. 181 . 327 Haltom. Laura. 189 Haltom, Richard Carothers Ham, Thomas Lemly, 190 Hamachek. Christy Lynn, 29 3 Hamblin, Bobbie Ruth Hamilton, Fred Tyson, 207 , 277 Hamilton, James Eugene, 145 Hamilton, McCoy L. Hamilton, Ouida Bush Hamilton, Russell A., 293 Hamilton, Wallace Earl Hamley, Stuart Doughtas Hamlin, Lynne Garnett, 201, 277 Hamm, Suzanne, 1 75 . 327 Hammack, Frederik William Hammack, William Clanton Hammond, Anne Elizabeth Hammond, Betty Adams Hammond, Frank J., 111,210, 327 Hammond, Laurie Beth, 9 3. 96, 137. 176,309 Hammond, Roger Alan Hammond, Samuel Robert, Jr. 133 Hammond, William Jackie Hamory Quentin T., Jr_ 145,309 Hamp, Maurice, 135,277 Hampton, Tom E. Hamric, Robert Michael, 128, 194 Hamric, Stephen Edward, 194 Hanbery, Carolyn Henderson Hanbery, John Howard Hanbery, Mary Elizabeth Hancock, Lawrence Graham, 208 Hand, Benjamin Franklin Hand, Dwight Vincent. 132, 277 Haney, Harold E., Jr., 208 , 293 Haney, Monna Kathryn, 201, 309 Hankins, Charles Burris, 127, 309 Hankins, Sidney R., 327 Hanley, John Henry, 277 Hannaford, Terry Mitchell Hannaway, Barbara Lynn Hanson, Bruce J. Happei, Blanche Abbott Haraway, Claude Fields Haraway. David McWilliams Haraway, Janice Britt Haraway, Susan Britt Harbison, Thomas Alan Harbour, James Curtis, 293 Harden, Edwin Doyle, Jr. Harden, Mary Celeste, 214, 293 Hardin, Bertha Thompson Hard in, James R., 197,277 Hardin, Stephen Turner Harding, Bridget Mary, 327 Harding, Stuart Russell, 163 Harding, Susan Carol, 131. 189, 327 Hardison, Harriet C., 202 Hardon, Patricia Kay. 159. 293 Hardt, Charles J.. Ill Hardy, Gary Wayne Hardy, Jarftes Houston Hardy, Larry Keith Hargett, Jennifer Laura, 29 3 Margraves, Grizelda Ann, 142, 160,277 Harjes, Ross Boymann, 167 Harkness, Mary Elizabeth, 172,327 Harlan, Kathleen Wight Harlow, Frances Camille, 175.309 Harmon, Paula Marie, 160 Harms, Kerry Don, 102 Harner, David Paul Haroon, Mohammad, 2 66 Harper. Andrew Henry Harper, David Brown. 204 Harper, Helen Nadine, 184 , 293 Harper. Jack Evans, 44,193 Harper, Janet Louise, 126. 189.309 Harper. Kenneth Marion Harper, William Rodney Harpole, Sharon Metts Harpole, Wilbur W.. Jr. Harral, John Menteith, 197 Harrell, Candace Jane Harrell, Charles Clark, 204 Harrell, Deborah Morrow, 309 Harrell, Fredrick Marion, 95.97,277 Harrell, George E., Jr., 136.181,277 Harrell, J. Gayden, 309 Harrell, Maynard A.. Jr. Harrell, Ruby Ann, 137,184, 327 Harrell, William D., 210 Harrell. William Jacob. 210 Harrelson, Patsy Rea, 106, 125.309 Harrington, James F., 178 Harrington, Mildred Joan, 293 Harrington, William Leo, Jr., 135,277 Harris. Alan Taylor, 277 Harris, Benjamin Rush Harris, Bruce Floyd, Jr., 193.327 Harris. Dan Dillard, Jr., 204,228 Harris, Elgenia Harris. Hugh Howell, Jr., 293 Harris, Jenny Linwood,293 Harris, Jerry Michael. 293 Harris. Jerry Thomas Harris. Joe Tanner, 98 , 266 Harris, John Charles Harris. Kathy. 172 Harris. Myron Lowery, Jr. Harris, Nancy Neville, 293 Harris. Patricia Kay, 201 Harris, Peggy Nell, 142 , 184, 309 Harris, Roger Dean Harris, Ronald Conrad Harris, Shirley Dean, 327 Harris, Thomas Leon, Jr. Harris, Timothy Lynn, 194 Harris. Verne James Harris, Vicki Roach, 266 Harrison, Elvin Lee, III, 204 Harrison, Jackie Jean, 293 Harrison, James Grady Harrison, James Stone Harrison, John Clifford Harrison, Michael Alan, 327 Harrison, Michael George, 90, 104 Harrison, Noble Wayne Harrison, Robert Ernest Harrison, Ronald Buck, 293 Harrison, Suzanne Frazier, 293 Harrison, Thomas Franklin, 293 Harry, John Jason, 309 Hart, Stephen Randall, 309 Hartin, John Sykes, 277 Hartley, Carl Henry, 194. 293 Hartley, Cynthia Jo Hartley, George Westley Hartness, Donnie Eugene, 183, 293 Hartsough, Gregory Warren Hartzog, Rodney Mills, 193 Hartzog, Wendell Lamar, 58 . 90. 100, 102, 1 18.204 Harvell, Otto Guthrie. Ill 371 Harvey, Michael Daniel, 210, 293 Harwell, Jamie Ruth, 309 Haskins, Samuel Haqan, III, 145 Haskins, Thomas Gerald, 207 , 228 Hassler, Alice Falkner, 126, 189 Hastings, Anne Warner Hasty, Curtis Bush, III, 193,277 Hatcher, John Andrew Hatfield, Cynthia Ann, 293 Hathcock, Rebecca Kilgore. 277 Hathcock, William Brunson Hathorn, Stanley Hamilton Hathorn, William Bernice, 204 Hathorn, William Edward, 104, 133 Hathorne, Alan Maurice, 132 Hatten, Jerry P., 277 Hattox, William Walton,97, 136,277 Haueisen, Anthony Joseph Hauge, John Erling Haury, Martha Lynn, 1 76 , 327 Hauss, Leah Smith, 29 3 Hauss, James Michael, 197 , 293 Havard, Gerald Wayne Havard, Jeannine Havard, Richard Jennings, 228 Hawkins, Anthony Wayne Hawkins, Charles Hill, 29 3 Hawkins, David Paul, 127, 135 Hawkins, Jessie Beatrice, 126,293 Hawkins, John Bryan, 210 Hawkins, Linda Ann Hawkins, Terry Dewey,277 Haws, Penny Kay Haydel, Leo Joseph, Jr., 194, 327 Hayden, Conrad Edward, 145 , 309 Hayden, James Russell Hayes, Linda Ellen, 293 Hayes, Maria Ray, 172 , 309 Hayles, Marion Linda, 9 3 , 202 Hayles, Susan Ann Brown, 327 Hayman, Alton Delbert,277 Hayman, Jimmy Naul, 266 Haynes, John Dexter, 1 00 , 136,210,277 Haynes, Kimber Denham, 327 Haynes, Susan Harriett, 172, 293 Haynes, Walter Greer, 98 Haynie, Cathy Frances, 153, 160, 214, 309 Hays, Curtis Lee Hays, Debbie Ann, 126, 160, 328 Hays, Janet Cecile, 328 Hays, Richard Paul, 328 Hazard, Gail Virginia, 184 Headley, David McCaa,204, 328 Headley, Shepard Peter, 204 , 328 Hearn, Betty Holland Heath, Charles Thomas, 277 Heath, James Earl Heath, Ronald Young, 197 , 328 Heaton, Deborah Jo Hedayati, Mohamad Khalaj, 309 Hedde, Charles Clark, 309 Hederman, Margaret Ann, 126, 184,328 Hedges, Van Elliott, 328 Hedges, William Shands, 328 Heflin, James Oscar, III Heflin, Leslie, 266 Heggie, Wallace Eugene Hegwood, Elizabeth Ann, 126, 176 Hegwood, Thomas Martin, 102, 126,210,293 Heidel, H. Ray Heidelberg, Madalyn F., 309 Heilbronner, Wayne E. Heirtzler, William C., Jr., 128, 178 Helfrich, John Edward Helmbreck, Valerie Ann, 328 Helms, Debra Ann, 127,293 Helms, Jessie Hamilton, 277 Helveston, James Collins, 190 Hebree, Johnny Arthur Hemnani, Kanahya Lai, 266 Hemphill, Carolyn Hunt Henderson, Charlotte Burt, 127 Henderon, G.W. Henderson, Jacqueline K., 328 Henderson, Joel Grant, 124, 277 Henderson, Joel Jerome Henderson, John Kent, 92 , 210 Henderson, Leroy, Jr. Henderson, Nerma Jean, 328 Henderson, Patricia Ann Henderson, Robert B., 97 Henderson, Robert Lee, 328 Henderson, Ronald Vance, 167 Hendrick, Richard G., 92 , 102, 126, 193,293 Hendrix, Helen Mauldin Hendrix, Jamie William Hendrix, Jerry Willard Hendrix. Linda Jo Hendrix, William Blake, 194 Henegan, John Clark, 34,58, 87 ,90, 100, 1 18,208 Hengen, Sharon Kaye, 328 Hengen, Wayne Louis, 58 , 118,210 Henley, Harris Brand, Jr., 126, 181 ,328 Henley, Jay Hugh, 309 Henley, Tucker Lightfoot, 328 Hennig, Godfred, 111,95, 97, 102, 194 Henry, Bettie Ann, 266 Henry, David Earl, 1 36 , 277 Henry, David Eugene, 124 Henry, Frederick, Jr., 328 Henry, Jane Bennett, 309 Henry, Judy Nanette, 184, 328 Henry, Kathi Frances, 184 Henry, Steven James Henry, Teresa Bost, 105, 277 Henry, William Eugene, 266 Hensley, John Clark Henson, Bobby Joe, 328 Henson, Lizbeth Trussell Henson, John Pittman Henson, Mable Lee Henson, Rebecca Lynn, 29 3 Hentz, Doris J. Hepburn, Barbara M. Hepburn, David Russell, Jr. Herbert, James Clyde, Jr., 309 Herrman, Betty V. Herndon, Larry Joe Herndon, Laura Gent Herndon, Ronald David Herndon, Timothy Norris, 163,277 Herren, Catherine Anne, 201 Herrera, Marilyn Sager, 108, 127,277 Herring, Debbie C. Herring, Gary Jefferson, 208 Herring, John H.,277 Herring, Larry Keith, 328 Herring, Robin Katherine, 108, 159,277 Herring, Suzanne Marie, 159 , 309 Herring, William Rodney, 163 Herrington, Helen Doris, 99, 108, 127, 175,277 Herrington, Mary Ann Herrington, Walter Nathan Herron, Harold C., 277 Herron, Hollis Herron, James Lee Herron, Willa Odom Hershfelt, Don Heskett, Kimberly Sue, 159, 328 Hester, David Alton, 293 Hester, Dianna Lynn Hester, Michael Clark, 167, 328 Hester, Raymond B. Hester, Samuel Broud, 102, 145,310 Hethcox, James Malcolm, 104 Hewes, Gaston Henderson, Jr. Hiatt, Rebecca Carol, 184 , 328 Hickman, Deborah Ann, 106, 175 Hickman, Sandra Louise Hickman, Stephen McConnell Hickonbottom, Edith Rose, 106,310 Hicks, Clotilde Middleton, 172,328 Hicks, Ronnie Dale, 277 Hicks, William Rogers, 277 Higdon, Nancy Lynn, 328 Higgason, Brenda Ann, 294 Higginbotham, Margaret M., 159 Higgins, Cecilia Ann, 294 Higgins, Joe Wiley, Jr., 98 , 278 Higgins, John Manning Higgins, Ray Edgar Hight, John Fielding, III Hightower, Edward Ocain,208 Hightower, William Lovoice Hilburn, Brenda Mae Hill, Arthur Campbell Hill, Benny Ross, 127, 145, 310 Hill, Cathy Virginia Hill, Charles W., 207 Hill, Deidra Leigh Hill, Elizabeth Ann, 159 Hill, Emma Ruth, 310 Hill, George Byron Hill, George Thomas, 197, 310 Hill, Herbert Earl, 98 , 266 Hill, James Michael, 278 Hill, Jennifer Ruth, 310 Hill, Julian Bryant, Jr., 183 Hill, Nellie Dale Hill, Richard Dean Hill, Sharon Annette, 328 i,, , Brenda Nell, 328 Hillman, Kenneth Wayne, 98 , 266 Hills, Kimba Caldwell. 175, 328 Hilton, Becky Jane, 214,328 Himber, Stephen Andrew Hinds, Ruth Ann, 146,294 Hinds, Vicki Regina, 294 Hines, Julie G., 96 , 1 84 , 310, 382 Hines, Kenneth Lee, 193, 328 Hines, Richard Scott, 204 , 294 Hines, Shirley Claire, 1 75 Hinga, James Douglas Hinman, Kathleen Anna, 172 Hinshaw, Robert Bruce, 328 Hinson, Billy Glen, 266 Hinton, Cloyce Michael, 228 Hinton, Mary Patricia, 310 Hinton, Pamela Kay Hipp, Barbara Bishop Hipp, Ronald Louis, 136 Hitch, Martha Prewitt Hitchcock, Donald Wade Hitt, Carolyn Elizabeth, 202, 328 Hitt, George Burkett, 294 Hixson, Ralph Scott Ho, Eric Wing-Kit Hoar, Betty Jane Hodges, Allen Daniel Hodges, Angeline Katherine Hodges, Gus Joseph Hodges, Harriet Patton, 137, 172,310 Hodges, James Ronald Hodges, Kenneth Wayne, 101 Hodges, Lincoln Rees Hodges, Lynn Barry Hodges, Rebecca ,93,126, 145,310 Hodgins, Bart Dallas, 294 Hoffman, John C., Ill Hoffman, Rita Marie, 160 Hogan, Artemus Andrew Hogan, Dennis Jerome, 143, 278 Hogan, Maureen, 1 60 Hogan, Thomas Wayne Hogg, Lana Ann Hogue, Davidson Ralph, 204 Hogue, William Harold, 167, 328 Hoing, Cleo Newman Hokinson, Keith Douglas, 328 Holbrook, Geraldine Holbrook, John Marshall Holcomb, Augusta Katherine, 202, 328 Holcombe, Karen Sue, 328 Holcombe, Robert Reed Holden, Linda Joyce, 266 Holden, Michael Douglas, 310 Holden, Susan Pamela Holden, William H. Holder, Ernest Jefferson Holder, Samuel Wilson, 2 10, 278 Holifield, Henry Thaddeus, 204 Holladay, Noel Victoria, 189 Holladay, Robert Freddie Holiaday, Robert Lawson Holleman, Matthew Louis Hollenbeck, Susan Kay, 294 Holley, Jo Lynn Holliday, Sharon Victoria, 294 Hollimon, Jeffrey Thomas, 145,278 Hollimon, Marilyn Odom Hollingsworth, Kathryn Hollingsworth, Lee Ann, 310 Hollingsworth, Lorie Ann, 160, 328 Hollis, Allen Frederick, 328 Hollis, Freddie Wayne Hollis, Jerry Edward Hollis, Julie Ann Hollis, Linda Mae Hollis, Richard Shelton Hollis, William Davis Holloway, Genora S. Hollowell, Edward Earl Hollowell, Georgia S., 328 Hollowell, James Clayton, 183 Holman, Philip Nathan Holman, William Larry, 139 , 278 Holmes, Andrew Battle, 207 Holmes, Edward Harris, 102, 104, 106, 139,278 Holmes, Jacqueline A., 278 Holmes, John Collier Holmes, Lockey Sue, 201 Holmes, Luther Lee C., 328 Holmes, Mary Melissa, 172, 328 Holmes, Michael Wesley, 107 , 278 Holmes, Paul W. Holmes, Thomas Bernard, Jr., 310 Holstein, James Henry, III, 197,328 Holt, David Ferguson Holt, John Thomas, 111,328 Holthouse, Kimberly Ann, 159, 328 Holtz, Robert Ernest Holz, David Scott Horn, Sandy Kai Homich, Sara Sue Honea, Linda James Honea, Michael M. Honeycutt, Pamela Jane, 106, 125, 294 Hong, Bonnie Joe, 328 Hood, Charles Riley Hood, Dianne, 278 Hood, Franklin Ellis, 266 Hood, Opal Jean, 92, 278 Hood, Patricia Ann Hood, William Allen, 204 Hook, Margaret Elizabeth, 62,99, 106, 121 , 126, 160, 278 Hooker, Barbara Elaine, 125, 294 Hooker, Danny Lane Hooker, Martha Stout, 201 , 329 Hooker, Necie Karen, 214, 329 Hooker, Teresa Pitts, 137, 294 Hooker, Tommy Brooks, 125, 136, 145,294 Hooker, Wilma Jane, 137, 184 Hooks, Joseph Corbett, 194 Hoop, Louie B. Hooper, Mary Ann Hooper, Peggy Lorraine, 3 10 Hooper, William, Jr. Hooshmand, Ali, 278 Hooten, Sarah Ann Hoover, Ann Ricks, 104 Hoover, Betty Katherine, 106, 142,202 Hoover, John Daniel, 253 Hoover, Leslie B., 111,278 Hoover, Linda Louise Hoover, Michael David, 194 Hopkins, Aruah Mansell, Jr. Hopkins, Emily Jane, 142, 159,294 Hopkins, Glenda McCoy Hopkins, Lana Carrie, 137 , 278 Hopkins, Robert Lee Hopper, Dennis Alvis Hopper, William Michael, 294 Horn, Floyd Lee, 167 , 329 Horn, Georgia Gray, 175 Horn, Jeffrey Larkin Horn, Margaret Ann Horn, Nancy B. Horn, Ray Edgar Home, James Houston, 210, 228 Home, Judith Loraine Home, Paul Rush, Jr., 266 Homer, Carolyn Ryan Homer, Horace Homer Horner, Jackie Neal Horner, Richard Wilson, Jr. Hornor, Terry Hart Horreil, Charles Edward Horton, Christy Sue, 26,35, 278 Horton, Donald Cromwell Horton, Eugene Horton, Jennifer Jane, 329 Horton, Joel Edward Horton, Lynell Kent Horton, Robert Lee, 1 36 , 170,278 Horton, William David, Jr., 329 Hosch, Burton Baynes, Jr. Hosemann, Blanche Mites, 131 , 189 , 329 Hosemann, Charles Delbert, 134 Hosemann, Elizabeth Agnes, 189 Hottman, Steven D. Hottman, Susan Crow Houchins, Lemuel Lawrence, 208 House, Harold Ervin Houser, Elizabeth Ann, 20 1 , 294 Houston, Charles Rebecca Houston, Geneva Louise, 137, 176, 329 Houston, Jamie Giles, I II, 208 Houston, Karen Johnson Houston, Martha D. Harrell Houston, Martha Frances, 127, 278 Houston, Patty Parks Houston, Robert L. Houston, Thomas Price, 9 2 , 181 ,294 Hovanec, Regina Louise, 189 Hovanec, Roberta Lyn, 189 Hovatter, Patrick James, 145, 197 Hover, Thomas I., 278 Howard, Alfred Jewel, 193 Howard, Genell Faye Howard, John Jurey, III, 207, 329 Howard, Lee Jackson, IV Howe, Katharine Thweatt, 142,172,310 Howe, Ramona Gail, 310 Howell, Archibald R., 190 , 294 Howell, Gene Norris, Jr., 329 Howell, James Tate, 278 Howell, Joel N., 194 Howell, Judith Ann Howell, Larry Douglas Howell, Susan Grace, 1 59 , 329 Howetl, Trent Lee Howorth, Pamelia Cecile, ?94 Howorth, Richard C., 32,208 Hsia, Yuan Hsiao, Hung Fie, 266 Hsu, Jen-De,266 Hsu, Song Yong Huang, Ann Lie, 106 Huang, Chun-Hsien Hubbard, Brian D., 107 Hubbard, Debra Ann, 329 Hubbard, George M., 266 Hubbard, Harriet Ruth, 137, 201 Hubbard, James Robert, Jr., 132, 329 Hubbard, John Everett, 310 Hubbard, Kenneth Wayne, 294 Hubbird, Robert Douglas, 329 Huber, Joseph William, III Huckabay, Amanda Kate, 329 Huddleston, Kathy Lee, 1 37 , 184, 329 Huddleston, Linda Geno Huddleston, Ruel Reeder, 278 Hudgins, James Ray, 145 Hudson, Carla Ann Hudson, Carolyn Beasley, 278 Hudson, Charles P., Jr., 101,278 Hudson, Fraser Berkley, 25, 60, 126, 167 ,294 Hudson, John Newton, 194 Hudson, Lewis Dean Hudson, Pamela Jean, 137, 164, 329 Hudson, Peggy Jean, 137,278 Hudson, Richard Wayne, 163, 329 Hudson, Roger Kenneth, 208 Hudson, Ronald Eugene Hudson, Sara Key Huey, Robert Edward Huff, Kenneth Alan, 228 Huff, Stephanie Pauline, 137, 214, 310 Huggins, Patricia Ann Huggins, Steve Alan, 194 , 310 Hughes, Bruce Holland, 194 Hughes, Bruce Jaques Hughes, Gary Turner Hughes, George E. Hughes, John Charles, 266 Hughes, Muriel S. Hughes, Robert Bruce, 136, 145,294 Hughes, Sheila Gwen, 160 Hughes, Terry Lynn, 160 Hull, Phil Hodges, 98, 267 Humphrey, Irma J.,294 Humphreys, Daniel James, 127 Humphreys, Robert V., 102, 104, 139 Humphries, Catherine Cagle, 105,267 Humphries, Tom Hooks, 267 Huneycutt, Saralyn, 164 Hunsicker, John H., Jr., 2 78 Hunt, David Lyle, 329 Hunt, David Mark Hunt, Donald Lewis Hunt, James Drew Hunt, Robin Hunt, Rolfe L., Jr. Hunt, William Bernard, 310 Hunter, John Crenshaw,208 Hunter, John Leslie, 133 Hurdle, Martha Louise Hurley, Leah Ann, 202 Hurston, Diana Ewing Hurston, Thomas Elmer Husband, Paul Edward, 294 Hussey, Charles Logan Hussey, James Max, 163, 3? 9 Hussey, Jolee Childs, 267 Hust, Paul Richard, 31,59, 90,94, 1 18, 183 Hust, Terry Wingo Hutchinson, Flavous Leo Hutchinson, James Perry, 294 Hutchinson, Kerry Hannahan, 146,278 Hutto, Joseph Henry, 210 Hwang, Fu-Jen,267 Hyde, Brenda Frances, 124, 294 Hyde, Milo Wilt, III Hyde, Robert Allen Hylander, Walter R., Ill Ice, Patricia F., 175 Idom, Donna Kay, 99, 106, 176,278 Idom, Elizabeth Nell, 1 76 , 329 lies, Larry Wayne, 310 llgenfritz, James Ford, Jr., 207 Ingram, Rosalind Diane, 310 Ingram, Stanley Thomas, 124 190 Ingram, Steven Walter, 124, 190 Inman, Ray Anthony, 294 Inmon, Billy Glen, 278 Inmon, Byron Wanza Inmon, Mikie Joe Irby, Nancy MacFarlan, 3 10 Irby, Patricia 372 | , Ireland, Jane Ellen, 189, 294 Ireland, Mary Lloyd, 189. 329 Irvin, James Roy, 267 Irving, Bobbie Joe Irwin, Robert Bryson Iscti, Shelby Matthews, MS, 329 Ivory, Willis, 278 Ivy, Barry L. Ivy, James Hollis, 204, 278 Izzo, Frank Peter, 198,278 -labour. Deborah Anne, 201 Jackson, Chatwin Mabry, III, 193,329 Jackson, Dena Fair, 172, 294 Jackson, Demon L. Jackson, Douglas L. Jackson, Elizabeth Anne Jackson, Jennifer Joyce, 329 Jackson, Joe Louis Jackson, John Edward Jackson, Judy Carol, 184, 310 Jackson, Kenny Dwaine, 127 Jackson, Lex Carlton Jackson, Mae Karen, 294 Jackson, Marie Christine Jackson, Richard Allen Jackson. Robin Elaine, 329 Jackson, Ronald Alan Jackson, Sheila Anne, 132 Jacob, Mam Elizabeth 201 Jacob. Stuart Maurice, 1 36 , 204 Jacobs, Jesse Earl Jacobs. William Charles, 190 Jacobson. Conrad Lowell, 267 Jaeger, Albert Joseph, Jr.. 58, 1 18,208 Jaeger, Linda Bounds, 26, 45, 145,278 James, Byron Webb James. Jean Elin, 145 James, Jerry Clinton James, L.C. James, Martha Alice Jamison, Helen Burgin Jansma, Arthur Jaques, Larry Lee Jaques, Paula Cole Jarvis. William George. 97 , 194 Jaudon, Ronald J. Jaudon, Shirley Dianne Jean, Alan Keith, 183 Jeanes, Kenneth Lee Jeffreys, William Edward Jenkins, Edwin White, 163 Jenkins, Hyde Rust, II. 208 Jenkins, Maxey Eugene, 329 Jenkins, Michael David, 294 Jenkins, Rebecca Jan, 201 Jenkins, Warren Craig, 170, 294 Jennings, Annie Bourland Jennings, Bert Roy, lit, 210. 310 Jennings, Dorothy K. Jennings, Douglas Allen Jennings, James Eugene, 294 Jennings, Jeffrey Lee, 329 Jennings, Jon Alan Jennings, Marcus C., Ill Jennings, Ralph Newton Jennings, William L. 294 Jerman, James Ellis, 329 Jernigan, Arthur Freeman Jernigan, James Joyner Jernigan, John Ferrell Jernigan, William Blair, 2 1 Jett, Elisabeth Fauntleroy, 172 Joachim. Cynthia Susan, 267 Joachim, Harry Bruce, 204 Jobe, Linda Sue, 175 Jobe, Thomas Russell Joe. Esther Joe, Johnny Fong, 267 Joe, Johnny Young Joe, Lilly. 294 Joe, Marie, 278 Joe, May Jean Joe, Rocky Ming, 2 78 Joffe, Carl Herbert Johns, Donna Kay, 132 Johnson, Bertha Turner Johnson, Betsy Karen, 9 3 , 159, 310 Johnson, Carol Bruce, 126, 189,310 Johnson, Caroline Inez, 160 Johnson, Cecilia Ann Johnson, Cephas Wayne Johnson, Charles Randolph, 198 Johnson, Charles Robert, 126 , 145,278 Johnson. Danny King, 101, 278 Johnson, David Hemeter, 167 , 310 Johnson, David Michael Johnson, Donald Faye Johnson, Donald Karl, 132 Johnson, Douglas Mallory Johnson, Francis W., 84,87, 90, 102, 104, 156, 208, 278 Johnson, Frederick Harper. 178 Johnson, Hal Clinton Johnson, Hilary Yeargan Johnson, James Ivey, 102, 104, 139 Johnson, James R., Ill, 134 Johnson, John Edgar Johnson, Keith Ivy, 329 Johnson, Kent Robert Johnson, Larry Kenneth, 2 78 Johnson, Leo Kleb, 329 Johnson, Leslie Gainer Johnson, Mary Louise Johnson, Michael Reavill Johnson, Nancy Jean, 99, 175,278 Johnson, Nancy Russell Johnson, Patricia Diane, 294 Johnson, P hyllis Stewart, 164,294 Johnson, Prudence Marie, 329 Johnson, Rebecca Rosemary, 96, 160,310 Johnson, Rebecca Stone, 20 1 Johnson, Robert Edgar, 144, 278 Johnson, Stephen Franklin Johnson, Thelma Ruth, 127 Johnson, Thomas Walton, 163 Johnson, Travis R., Jr., 208.278 Johnson, Vernell Johnson, Virginia Preston. 137, 175, 329 Johnson, William Jenkins Johnson, Willie Richard, 329 Johnston, A. Joyce Causey Johnston, Albert Sidney Johnston, Edward Keith, 193, 310 Johnston, H. Dale, 98,267 Johnston, Jimmye, 329 Jolly, David Bernard, 178 Jones, Ann Camille, 189,329 Jones, Arlender, 294 Jones, Augustus Rogers, 194 Jones, Barry Lewis Jones, Bernard Bryan, III, 193 Jones, Beverly Dale, 106 Jones, Buren Lynn Jones, Cathy Ann Rush, 1 37 Jones, Cecil Harris, 267 Jones, Connie Pensyl Jones, Cynthia P.. 1 18 . 140, 184 Jones, D.L. Jones, Daniel Craft, 92 Jones, David Henry, 126 Jones, Dennis Allen, 294 Jones, Dennis Alton Jones, Dorthy Webber Jones, Elizabeth Ann, 137, 176 Jones, Elizabeth Spalding, 159,278 Jones, Ellen Kay, 310 Jones, Emmitt Jones, Frank Wilder, 94 Jones, Frederick L., 102. 294 Jones, Gary Blanks, 194, 310 Jones, Gary Martin Jones, George R., Jr., 92 Jones, Gerald Wayne, 267 Jones, Gretchan Ann Jones, Hattie Pearl, 294 Jones, Harris Webster, Jr. Jones, Jackie Diane, 1 37 , 278 Jones, James Spencer, 181 , 329 Jones, Janet Susan, 176. 329 Jones, Janice Leigh Jones, Jeri Anne Jones, Jerrell Winton Jones, John H., 210,310 Jones, Joseph Mark Jones, Judith Gaye, 159 Jones, Kathryn Lynn, 159, 310 Jones, Kenneth Alan Jones, Kenneth Wayne, 310 Jones, Lisabeth Leigh, 137, 189,294 Jones, Louis Andrew, Jr., 92,294 Jones, Lynn Dee. 189,278 Jones, Malcolm Wells, 208 , 294 Jones, Margaret Blanche, 184 Jones, Marjorie Maureen Jones, Martha Jones, Martha Ann, 294 Jones, Massena F.,267 Jones Michael Edward, 101 , 267 Jones, Michael Lawrence, 190 Jones, Oliver David, 278 Jones, Randolph Perry, 197, 279 Jones, Regenia Faye Jones, Rickey Lyle,295 Jones, Robert David Jones, Robert Eugene Jones, Robert Middleton, 207 Jones, Ronald Edward Jones, Samuel Beauchamp T. Jones, Susan Marie Jones, Susan Sargent Jones, Tommy Gene Jones, U.V., III Jones. Walker Alexander, Jr., 279 Jones. Walker William, III Jones, Walter Frank Jones, William Baxter, 167 Jones, William Ellis Jones, William Patterson Jones, William Stephen, 310 Jordan, Billy Ray Jordan, Corinne McAlister Jordan, Earl Patrick, Jr. Jordan, James Robert Jordan, Jimmy Lyn, 193 Jordan, Joe Lodwick, 102, 208 Jordan, Johnnie K., Jr., 101,204,267 Jordan, Kelly Stroupe. 295 Jordan, Marta Leebett, 146, 279 Jordan, Nelva Jean, 279 Jordan, Robert Lee, Jr. Jordan, Robert Therrell, 204 Jordan, Terry Leland Jordan, Tom Edward, 310 Jordan. William Robert, 228 Jorgensen, David Park Joseph, Wilhelm Hesketh Jossell, Jesse James, Jr. Jossey, Deborah isabelle. 184,310 Jourdan, David Olen, III, 167,329 Jourdan, Mary Jane, 184, 310 Joy, Jesse David, III, 198 Joyner, Dale Russell Judd, Laddas James, 295 Jue, Lucy Jue, Sally Jue. Thomas Shich,279 Junkin, Ellen Anne, 310 Jurgensen, Michael C., 190 Justice, Alice Camille, 142, 184 Justice, William Van, II, 181.279 Justus, Robert Stafford, 190, 329 Kachmar, Richard Michael Kaeser. Dana Stephen, 329 Kahlstorf, Jack Harold, 210 Kalfus. Jack Aust, 329 Kambli, Ramesh Ramchandra, 267 Kane, Ward Randolph Kaplan, Frank Parks, Jr., 194.329 Kasper. Andrew Francis. 102, 295 Kasperowski, Ronald James Kastorff, Judith Ann Kates, Robert Lee Katzen, Alan Frederick, 178 Katzenmeyer, Fritz Albert Kaufman, Deborah Ann, 201 , 329 Kaufman, Karen Larue, 20 1 , 279 Kaufman, Robert David, 204, 329 Kazan, David, Jr., 126. 190, 329 Kazan, Margaret Adele, 126, 137, 160,279 Kazmierski, Florian, 126, 178,310 Kea. Percy Lee, 101 Kean, Jack Curry Keating, Patsy Ruth, 3 10 Keating, Phillip A., 101 Keel, Margaret Carolyn, 279 Keeley, Samuel Blaine, 102. 210 Keeton. Linda Dianne, 330 Keeton, Margaret Green Keffler, Leopold Raymond, 104, 198,267 Kehoe, George G., 310 Keim, Nicki Ann, 330 Keith, Thomas Donald, 98 , 267 Keller, Ella Tates Keller, Harold Dayton, Jr. Kelley, Rocky Steve Kelley, Vernon Randell. Ill Kellum, Cecil Glen Kellum, Daniel Henry, 126. 210 Kellum, Herman Edward, III, 204 Kellum, Joseph Leslie, Jr., 210 Kellum, Kerry Eugene, 163 Kellum, William Carl, Jr., 330 Kelly, Georgia Beth Kelly, Glen Patrick, 163 Kelly, James M., 330 Kelly, Ronnie Dale Kelly, Samuel Walter, 197. 295 Kelly. William Daniel Kelly. William Laird, 2 79 Kelsey, Susan, 176,330 Kelso, Larry Jackson Kelso, Sara Shumpert Kemp, Ella Susan, 176 . 310 Kemp, Karen Elizabeth, 214, 310 Kemp, Martha Virginia Kemp, Michael Lanny Kenas, Wayne A. Kennedy, Curtis Lee, 190 Kennedy, Frank Foster, 208 Kennedy, Gloria Ann, 295 Kennedy, Linda Gail, 145, 279 Kennedy, Robert Alexander, 92 Kennedy, Ronald E. Kent, Charles Edward, Jr. Kent, Robert Wayne Keough, Dennis James Keown, Vernon Lee, 311 Kerr, Carol Ann, 137 Kersey, Gwendolyn C. Kersh, Ernest Merl, Jr., 102,125.135.311 Kesler, Alan C. Kessler, William Howard Ketchum, Sammy Guy, 1 36 , 145.267 Kettelkamp, John Harold Khalsa, Jagjitsmgh H., 267 Khayat, Rames Michael, 102 Kjamie. Alex Joseph, Jr. Kidd, Roy Walter, Jr. 163, 330 Kidd. William Dean, 295 Kihyet, David Elias Kilgore, Catherine Purnell, 145 Kilgore, Donald Leland, 90, 118.210 Kilgore. Helen Lisa, 137, 214,330 Kilgore, Ronald Warren Kilkelly. John Charles Killebrew, Larry Hammond, 1 02 , 208 Kilpatrick, Andrew James, 167 Kilpatrick, Johnny Max Kilpatrick, Laura Gipson Kilpatrick, Melinda S. Kilpatrick, Wendell Terry Kimball, Charles T., Ill, 128, 198 Kimbriel, Cala Sue, 99 ,175, 279 Kimbrough. Charlotte Ann, 175,311 Kimbrough, Elaine S., 142 , 175 Kimbrough, Thomas Wood Kinabrew, Emma Louise Kinard, David L., 208 Kincaid, Sarah Joann, 295 Kincaid, Terry L., 268 King, Benson Eugene King, Bobby Dee, 190 King, Carolyn Kirk King, Christi Gail King, Curtis Lee, 183, 330 King, Dicki Lee, 268 King, Edward Luckett King, Francis Elizabeth, 137, 159.279 King, Jerry Gale King, Jerry Nolan, 92 , 208 , 279 King, Kenneth Arvil King, Kenneth Vernon, Jr., 9 8 King, Larry Jordan, 204 King, Linda Gail, 105.201 . 268 King, Martha Franklin King, Melanie Sanders King, Michael Lewis King, Nancy Land King, Newton Dudley King, Robert Edward, 137, 279 King, Robert Louis, 124, 279 King, Ronald Lynn King, Samuel Bowen, 183 King, Steven Benson, 163 King, Willie Joseph, 163, 311 Kingery, Donald Tipton Kingery, William B. Kinney, James Michael Kinmson, Rex Anderson Kipp, Crane Davis, 181 Kir k land , John Stephen, 2 1 2 Kirkpatrick, Browned, 163 Kirksey, Analyn Kirkwood, Kathryn Ann Kirkwood, Sadie M. Kirschten, Sam Gwin, 95 Kitchen, Michael John, 268 Kitchens, James Medhn, 58. 59,84,87,90, 102,104, 118, 139, 143,208.279 Kitchens, Rodney Martin Kizzer, Steven Allan Klatskin, Andrew Steven Klaus, Jeffrey Michael, 194 Kleber, Constance Elliott Kleinpeter, Frank Thomas Kleinschmidt, Nell H., 172, 330 Kleis, Walter Arnold, 268 Klenner, Frederick Robert Klepzig, Curtis Ivan Kline, William Blanchard, 163 Kling, Rosianna Elizabeth, 164,279 Kneller, Jeffrey Michael Knight, Andrew Jackson Knight, Aubrey Donis Knight, David Shelby, 102, 190 Knight, Edward Stafford Knight, Franklin Edward Knight, Hugh Allen Knight, Jill Elizabeth, 106, 311 Knight, Thomas Wayne, 128, 167 Knight, Walker Sorelle. 163 Knight. Wesley Allan, 279 Knight, William R., 228,279 Knjghtley, Mary Louise Knighton, Jerry Don, 295 Knoble, William Moore, 2 08, 311 Knotts, Larry Everett Knowles, Jerome, 145 Knox, Anne Ballenger, 295 Knox, Henry Logan Knox, J. Castle Redford. 3 1 1 Koban, John Miles, 279 Koch, Susan Joyce, 184 , 330 Koe, Frank Go, 92 Koe, Lester. Jr. Kolb, Karla Beth. 2 14. 31 1 Kolb, Michael Anthony Kolwyck, Linda Lee, 189,295 Kong, Pui Kuen,268 Kong, Shui Sun, 268 Konrad, Walter S., 198 Koon, Brenda Mattox Koon, Gaylon Ray, 208 Koon, Larry Wayne Koonce, Gladys Jean, 330 Koonce, Mark Evans, 207 Kopf, Betty Sue Kornegay, James Gary Kornfuhrer, Harold James Korpal, Richard Louis Koscinski, Michael Joseph Kountouris, Calliope Mike Kountouris, Irene Mike, 330 Koury, Ellis Glenn, 133 Koury, Kathleen, 2 79 Kramer, Larry Eugene, 207 Krayer, Richard Theodore Krei. Edward Allen, 102 Kreis. Earl Joseph, III Kriehn, Timothy Frank, 60, 87,90, 100, 136, 167 Krohn, Larry Allen, 295 Krutz, Fred Howard, III, 128, 183 Kshatriya, Murlidhar L. Kuasnicka, Lonnie Ray, 311 Kuebler, Margaret Patricia, 330 Kuehn, Lynwood Bernard, 295 Kuespert, Karl Henry, 330 Kumar, Narayan Kanthi, 268 Kunchithapatham, Madhavan Kung, Koang-Jaw James Kunz, Sister Marie Kuo, Jenq-Der Richard Kuo, Shi-Lan Anna, 268 Kurtcuoglu, Kirkor, 145, 268 Kurtwoglu, Haritun Kuykendall, Michael Lee, 210 Kuykendall, Morella L., 34, 172 Kuykendall, Thomas Michael, 311 Kuzmitz, William Paul Kwan, Gregory Mann Kyle, Noble Weir, 1 1 , 9 Kynerd, Stanley Lee, 1 32 , 330 Kyoko, Ori Kyzar, Paula Beth, 142 Labine, Robert Joseph Lacey, Thomas Coffey,207 Lacy, Tempe Kay, 330 Lacey, Virginia Townes, 201 Lackey, Catherine Delia, 137, 160.311 Lackey, Laura King Lackey, Lettie Lee, 159,295 Lackey, Robert Allen Lacoss, Cheri Miley Lacoss, Terry Lee Lacuesta, Enrique, 92 Lacy, Jack Brooks, Jr., 90 Lacy, Janet Carol, 295 Ladd, Frank Lindsey Ladd, Robert Moore Ladd, William H. Ladner, Cornell Alexis, 311 Ladner, Gary Dempsey Ladner, Hiram Griffin, III, 311 Ladner, Mary Hoagland Laf itte. Carlos Ann, 295 Lagerquist, Emily Kay, 2 14, 311 Lail, David Townes, 190 Lair, David Dane, 167,279 Laird, Henry Gray, Jr. Laird, Paula Alline, 176, 295 Lamar, Edward Duncan, 268 Lamb, Robert Henley Lamb, Rufus Nichols, Jr., 125 Lambdin, James Harrison, Jr. ,208 Lambeau, Victor Hansen, Jr. Lambert, Billy Wayne, 198 Lambert, David Flavous, III, 268 Lambert, James L., Jr. ,98 Lambert, Jolynn Elaine Lamberth, John Terry Lampkin, Janis Rings Lampkin, Larry Dale Lampton, Dunn Ott, 1 32 Lampton, Lee Crum, 204 Lampton, Leslie Barton, 204 Lancaster, Doris Duke Lancaster, Kenneth Reid Lancaster. Larry Wayne, 279 373 Lancaster, Thomas Randle, 295 Lance, Shirley Jean. 330 Landers, Mildred S. Landon, Dons Clay Landrum, James Stephen, 145 Landrum, Ramona Lucretia, 31 1 Landrum, Will McBee Landry, Robert James, 106, 279 Landskov, David Lawrence Lane, James Riley Lane, Johnny Earl Laney, Robert Leighdel Langdon, Patsy Joyce, 201, 311 Langford, Bobby Gene, 3 1 1 Langhofer, Dorothy Louise, 137,1 6,295 Langston, Beatrice Mae Langston, Gerald Slater, Jr. Langston, James Robert, 3 1 1 Langston, Judson Davis, Jr., 163,330 Lansdale, Jack L., Jr. Lantrip, Danny Glen, 2 1 Lantrip, Richard Lynn Lantz. Larry Gene, 167 Laporte, Craig Bernard Large, Allen Wayne Larkin, Thomas Jeffrey, 124, 279 Larsen, Erik Nesbit, 170 Larson, Donald Moore, 170, 330 Larson, John Gerald, 193 Larson, Lisa Elizabeth Larson, Loree Emily, 189, 31 1 Larson, Mark Stephen, 268 Lassiter, Gerald Steven, 183 Lassiter, Ralph B. Laster, Robert T., Jr. Latham, Charlie Hays, ?08 , 330 Latham, Sandra Renee Latham, Steven W. Latham, Wayne Franklin, 163 Latture, Claire Ann, 105, 202,279 Latture, Jamie Sue, 202, 330 Lauderdale, Berry Stevens, 126, 131 , 175, 330 Lauderdale, Robert Murray Lauderdale, Samuel S.,207 Lauer, Virginia Borland, 137, 279 Laughlin, Walter Howard, 208 Laughter, Mabel Young Laumbattus, Harold Dean Laurent, Nat Brian Carl, 268 Laurent, Virginia Perry, 2 79 Lawrenzi, Terence Walter, 193,330 Lauritzen, Mark Lavender, Edward Darby, Jr. Lavner, Janis llene, 137, 164 Law, Catherine Adele, 145, 330 Law, Peter Shiu Wang, 102, 139,279 Lawbaugh, Major E.S., Jr. Lawrence, David George, 3 1 1 Lawrence, Robert Weems, 197, 295 Lawrence, Swanee Bur rus J., 97, 163 Lax, Forrest Orren Layman, Sally Ann, 202, 312 Lea, Clarence Wilton, 330 Lea, Dennis Wayne, 268 Lea, Elizabeth Lynn, 296 Lea, Margaret Hayward,296 Leach, David Allan Leach, Lewis Samuel Leader, William Daniel Leasure. Harold Brooks, Jr., 100,210,279 Leathers, Don Wayne, 228 Leatherwood, Frank E., II Leblanc, Allen Michael, 228 Lebus, Betty Frazer, 184 , 330 Lechner, William Andrew Ledbetter, Sue, 175 Ledlow, Lynda Dianne Lee, Benjamin Youngblood, 268 Lee, Danny Hays, 101 Lee, Earl S. Lee, James Garon, 98 , 197 Lee, Jimmie Arnold, 145 Lee, John Aaron, 167,330 Lee, Larry Wayne Lee, Lu-Yuan Lee, Man Hee,268 Lee, Mark Wesley Lee, Preston Hugh, Jr., 145, 296 Lee, Richard Nathan, 11,97 Lee, Shelby James Lee, Sue Kee,268 Lee, Thomas Everard, 279 Lee, Tommy Odell, 330 Lee, Yin Tsen Lefeaux, Charles William Lefeaux, Dianne Marie Lefeve, Aristide F., Jr. Lefors, Alan Floyd, 92, 296 Leftwich, Nancy Ann, 45,296 Legge, Rebecca Sue, 94, 104 Leggett, Calvin William, 163,312 Leggett, Lee Simmons Leggitt, Wesley Eugene LeGrand, Edwin Clinard, III Lehman, Christopher M. Lehman, Joan Beryl Lehman, Thomas Wilton, 92 Lei, Yu-Chi Leible, Raymond Charles, 330 Leigh, Kathryn Bizzell Leigh, Lucinda M. Leigh, Richard Henry Leigh, Townes Randolph, 312 Leist, Steve Charles Lemons, Joel Don, 330 Leon, Mary Ida Leonard, Charla Keith, 176, 279 Leonard, Ina Branham,87, 133 Leonard, John Michael Leonard, Nicholas Anthony Leonard, Wendell, 330 Lesieur, Scherry Jean Leslie, Altus Harvey, 126, 208 Leslie, Martha Anne Lester, Cheryl Salvo Lester, Donald Lee, 167, 330 Lester, Mildred McMillan, 279 Lester, Robert Aldridge Lester, William Carey Leung, Mow-Wo Levanway, Michael Ransom Levine, Elliott Levine, Jeffrey Martin Levy, Howell Dickson, 190 Levy, Peter Fleming Lewis, Aaron, 279 Lewis, Arvel Otto, III Lewis, Charles Eugene, 145, 268 Lewis, Donnie Richard Lewis, Edward Summers, IV Lewis, George Cooke, Jr., 296 Lewis, George Kenneth Lewis, Jane Edel Lewis, Linda LaFaye, 279 Lewis, Martha Ruth, 106 Lewis, Mary Margaret Lewis, Rebecca Gail Lewis, Richard Knox Lewis, Robert Edwin, Jr., 268 Lewis, Ronald Stephen, 204 , 312 Lewis, Ruby Gray, 106, 279 Lewis, Samuel Hardee Lewis, Susan McKeen, 137 Lewis, Sylvia Ann Lexa, Gerald G. Liang, Tzong Jyi, 268 Liberto, Angela Pia, 312 Liberto, Johnny Liberto, Michael Joseph Liebau, Raymond Kurt Light, Frances Elaine, 160, 330 Ligon, Richard Ernest, 178 Ligon, Robert Knox, Jr. Liles, Danny K. Lilley, Jack Wilson, Jr. Limbaugh, Lee Ann, 9 3,126, 214,296 Limes, Philip Wesley, 105, 167, 330 Lin, Guey Meei, 268 Lin, Horng-Jau Lin, Wei-Fang Anne, 268 Linder, Thelma Louvene Lindley, Betty Johnson, 330 Lindsay, Anne Adams, 296 Lindsay, Billy Glenn Lindsay, Cynthia Plott Lindsey, Barbara Ann Lindsey, Eddie Kyle Lindsey, Lisa Ann, 142 Linehan, Dano Jon Lingdren, Carl Edwin, Jr. Lingle, David Quinn, 330 Linscomb, Mark Douglas, 198 Linton, Anderson M., Ill, 102 Lipscomb, Lin Highbaugh List, Henry Clay Anderson, 183 Little, Charles McHenry Little, Eamy Lynn, 202 Little, James Larry, 105, 296 Little, Lawrence Lee, 2 1 Littlejohn, George Anne, 99 , 104, 146,279 Littleton, Don Howard, 102 Litton, William Powell, 207 Liu, Shean Jang Livingston, David Joseph, 268 Livingston, Jessica Beth, 184, 330, 382 Livingston, Nancy Evelyn, 125, 330 Livingston, Thomas L. Lland, Christopher F., 178 Llewellyn, John, 194,279 Lloyd, Benjamin Battle, 193, 312 Lloyd, James Barlow Lloyd, Jim Eldridge Lloyd, John Phillips Lloyd, Linda Kathryn, 125, 312 Lloyd, William Edward, 312 Lochausen, Vernon C., Ill, 296 Locke, Martha Jean Lockhart, Terry Gene, 312 Loftin, Anne Marie, 202 Loftin, Guy M., 279 Lofton, Lubbie James, Jr., 37 Logan, Rebecca Jill Burns Logan, Robert Lee, Jr. Logan, Robert Maurice, Jr., 145, 296 Logan, Ronald David, 3 1 2 Logston, David G. Lohrisch, David Niven Lonardo, Thomas Taylor, 127 Long, Dabbs Clayton, 204 Long, David Wilson, 208 Long, Deborah Catherine, 296 Long, Emily Carol, 176 Long, Lora Alcorn Long, Michael Robert, 104, 106, 139 Long, Nancy Lynn, 137, 176 , 330 Long, Samuel Erst, III, 97 , 210 Longacre, Deanne C., 160, 279 Longacre, Larraine Louise, 296 Longino, Charles Wesley, 178 Longmire, John Dorsey Longmire, Sandra Neill, 268 Loomis, Edward Percy Loomis, Margaret Lois, 160 Looney , James Downes, 2 1 Looney, Jennifer Catherine, 175 Loong, William Loper, Megan Aiteen, 159 Loper, Robert Michael, 102, 190 Lord, Wilburn, Jr., 197,296 Lothian, Teresa Marie Lott, Cheryl Lemoyne, 184, 312 Lott, Emery H., 268 Lott, Gary Cullen, 101 Lott, Ronald William, 194 Lott, William Stephen, 296 Lotterhos, Elizabeth Ann, 172 Lotterhos, Joseph Edward Lotterhos, Richard Lieb,204 Lou, Mary C.P., 279 Louis, John Michael, 204 Louque, Marlene Lorraine, 140,214, 312 Loutfi, Nancy Carol, 94 Love, Martha Mae Lovelace, Dewitt Marshall Lovelace, Michael Hogin, 207, 330 Lovelady, Gregory Simpson, 126, 163 Lovelady, Karen M. Lovelady, Peggy Lynn Lovern, Thomas Wayne, 124, 279 Lovingood, Charlene Jo, 202 , 330 Lowe, Dow Quentin Lowe, Gay B. Lowe, William Jeffery, 193 Lowe, William Odom Lowery, James Howard Lowery, Margaret E., 330 Lowery, Mollie E. Lowrey, Danny Leon Lowrey, Dewaine Hoyt Lowry, Karen Elizabeth, 131, 160,330 Lowry, Wiley Potter, 208, 279 Lowstuter, Robert Ford Lubet, Marc Leslie Lucado, Tommy Loftin, 279 Lucas, Paul Fred Lucas, Richard Byrd,268 Luck, King Graham, 170 Luckett, Linda Jean, 172, 296 Luckett, William O., Jr. Lucy, Eric Lee, 330 Ludlam, Warren M., 9 7, 136, 193,280 Luebke, Claire, 106,176, 296 Lueckenbach, Mary Joan Lueth, Carl Anthony, 268 Luk, Vincent Kin Fei, 312 Lukas, William Robert, 331 Luke, Jo Ann, 99, 184 Lum, May, 106,280 Lum, Peggy Lee, 201,331 Lumpkin, Andrea Jean, 159, 312 Luna, Luther, 111,90,210 Lundy, Elizabeth Diane Lundy, McKinley Snipes Lunsford, Glenn Travler, 197,280 Lunsford, Guy Douglas Lusk, Elizabeth Pickett, 137, 176,331 Lusk, Frederick John, Jr 268 Luster, Steven Douglas Luther, George Clark, 268 Lutz, Henry Roger Lykins, John Tillman, 208 331 Lyle, Kenneth Charles, 331 Lyle, Luanne, 201, 296 Lyle, Michael Alan Lyle, Trudy Josephine Lyles, Charlotte Ann Lyles, George Richard Lyles, Vicki Lynne, 137,201 Lynch, James Brooks, 208 Lynch, Larry Christopher, 331 Lyon, Elizabeth Ann, 214, 331 Lyon, Michael Eugene U., 102, 145 Lyon, Philip Alan Lyon, Richard Eric Lyon, William L., 145 Lyons, Carol Anne, 160 Lyons, Dianne, 268 Lyons, Kenneth Jerome, Jr., 210,228, 312 Lyons, Michael Andrew M Mabry, Deborah Ann, 127 , 145,296 Mabus, Susan Kathleen MacCarone, James Vincent, 126, 198,312 MacDonald, Diana Lambron MacDonald, James Stewart, 133 MacGowan, Charles Bryan, 183 Macke, Diane Leslie, 331 MacKenzie, Karin B. MacNaughton, John Phillip Maddox, Robert Lawrence Maddux, Lewis Lynn Magee, Archie Stanley Magee, David Kenneth. 125, 181 Magee, Steven Alan, 331 Magee, Walter Edward Magee, William Eugene, 312 Magee, William Thomas Mahaffey, Robert Ance, Jr., 163 Mahan, George F., Jr. Mahapatra, Braja Sundar, 268 Maholm, Gary Michael Ma honey, Chauncey Lu,312 Mahoney, Robert E. Maier, Claire C. Major, James Robert, Jr., 126, 167 Majure, Jenny James, 1 37 , 175 Mak, Stephen Yu-Chun Makamson, Sammy Durell Maley, Helaine Cummings Maley, Thomas Edward, 204 Mallard, Dean Faulkner Malone, Max Elliott Malone, Robert Beasely, 183 Malone, Willis Benjamin, 207 Maloney, Edward Charles, 2 1 Maloney, Michael Goree Malouf, William Anthony, 193 Manier, Helen Dayton, 172 , 280 Manley, James Lamar, 127 , 135,280 Manley, Rebecca Sledge, 280 Mann, Deborah Davida, 214 Mann, Franklin Earl Mann, Roger Larry Mann, Ronald Joe, 134 Mann, Thomas David, 102 Manning, Charles Hastings, 312 Manning, Charles Lee, 1 8 1 Manning, James Pinkston, 132 , 312 Mansel, John Keith, 126, 207.331 Mansell, Charles Duncan, 197 Manuel, David Paul, 95,268 Manuel, Panagiotis M., 268 Maples, Michael Dudley, 102, 126,208 Maples, Robert Alvin Maples, Susan Renee, 1 37 , 176, 331 Marascalco, Frank P. Marascalco, Vincent D. Marble, Roland Dudley, Jr., 126.296 Mar bury, Martha Frances, 214 Marcangeli, Elizabeth Jean. 331 Marcella, David M. Marcella, Katherine B. Mardis, Larry Jo Mardis, Sammie Joshlin Marin, Mary Ellen, 145 Marinella, Micholas Thomas Mark, Ann Brooks Mark, Richard Steve Markham, Joretta Kidd Markow, Gregory Douglas Markow, Peter John, Jr. Marks, Ouida Woods, 104 Marks, Steve Mitchell, 104 , 139 Marley, Christian Thornton, 193, 331 Marlow, Donald Edward, 296 Marquis, Betty Ann Mullins Mars, Charlene, 172,312 Marsh, Joseph Allan, 2 1 2 , 331 Marsh, Ronald Keith, 145, 296 Marshall, Davis Wayne Marshall, Dean Charles, 1 36 , 312 Marshall, Jimmie Dale, 183 Marshall, Joel Van, 163,331 Marshall, Linda Long Marshall, Martha Edith, 312 Marshall, Robert Barnes Marshall, Robert Rogan Marshall, Sharron Hunt, 137, 202 Marshall, Susie M. Marshall, William Doyle, Jr. ,208 Marshall, Willie Leon Marthaler, Brenda J., 145 Martin, Barbara Ann, 184 Martin, Benjamin Duval, 178 Martin, Cheryl Renee, 99 , 140, 159,280 Martin, Cynthia S. Martin, Debra Ann, 331 Martin, Dora Margaret, 331 Martin, Ella Deloise, 296 Martin, Gary Lee, 105,124 Martin, Gary Wayne, 105, 296 Martin, George Edward Martin, Henry Frank, Jr., 92 , 102,210 Martin, Henry Franklin Martin, Herbert, Jr. Martin, James Ray Martin, James Riley Martin, James Wallace, Jr., 212,296 Martin, Janice Grissom Martin, Jean Elizabeth Martin, John Barret, 208 Martin, John Donelson, III Martin, John Forrest, 312 Martin, John Hill, Jr. ,296 Martin, John Murphy, 170, 331 Martin, John Sanford, 31 , 204 Martin, Joseph Wade Martin, Judson Chaffin,296 Martin, Lee Coleman Martin, Lloyd Stephen, 145 Martin, Martha Mattingly, 20 1 Martin, Marvin Wayne Martin, Richard Hayden,296 Martin, Richard Melvin,280 Martin, Robert James, 102, 106,296 Martin, Robert William, 208 Martin, Thomas Gerald, 101 Martin, Wanda Jean Martindale, Mark Weatherly Martindale, Ricky U. Martini, Anthony P. Martz, Michael Bryan Marzette, Johnnie Lue, 312 Mascari, Kenneth Joseph, 268 Mashayekhi, Ah-Reza Mashburn, Graves Willis, 102, 207 Mashburn, James Timothy, 102,208,312 Mashburn, Troy Watts, Jr., 88,90,94,95,97, 102, 104, 136,208, 280 Mason, Belinda Jean, 1 59 , 312 Mason, Earl Randolph, 101 Mason, James Paul Mason, Mark Wells, 194 Mason, Martha Ashley Massey, David Dwight Massey, Gail Armstrong, 1 37 Massey, James Edward, 296 Massey, Michael Patton Massey, Robert Clyde, 280 Massman, Joseph Roy Mast, Susan Marie Matern, Michael Scott Matheny, William Michael, 296 Matherne, Paula Maurine, 104,280 Mathes, Roger William Mathis, Debely Mathis, Ester Grace Mathis, Pamela Ann, 1 37 Matison, Eric David Matthews, Brett Cole Matthews, Donna Marie Matthews, Doris Fay Matthews, Janice Lynn, 164 Matthews, Jesse Print Matthews, Michael Carroll Ma tthews, Michael James Matthews, Patricia Nell Matthews, Paul Rayden Matthews, Sherry, 280 Matthews, Thomas M. Mattox, Johnny Lynn, 1 37 , 296 Mauldin, Berlon Michael, 204 Mauldin, Mark Harrison, 204 Mauldin, Mitchell David, 204, 312 Maurer, Robert J. Mauro, Bradford Stephen Maury, Tannen Hollenberg, 193, 331 Mavar, Gerald Michael Maxey, Cathy Joan Maxey, Charles Gregory Maxey, Frances Burns Maxey, Jamie Ann, 176 Maxey, Jerry Michael, 190 374 Maxey. Mildred Lane Maxey, Sammy Robert Maxwell, Jennifer Lynn, 172,331 May, Arthur William May, Harriett Louise, 1 37 , 202,280 Mayes, Curtis Shelby. 1 04 , 127, 135 May field, Jane Margaret, 175, 312 Mayfield, Margaret E., 175 Mayfield, Walter Gautier, 98. 145 Maynard, Cyril Duncan Maynard, Dennis Michael, 105, 126.296 Maynard, Gustavus Jenkins Mayo, Felicia Jane, 104, 159,280 Mayo, Jennifer D. Mayo, Steven Douglas, 170 Mayo, William Sumners, 170. 331 Mays, Christine, 312 Mays, Robert Richard, Jr. McAdoo, Anne Campbell, 14 , 44, 175.280 McAdoo, Jamie Lewis. 15, 142, 175,312 McAdory, J.D., Jr. McAlexander. Dianne, 164 McAlister, Joseph H., Jr. McAlister. Lester Floyd. 145 McAllister, Robert Conner McAlpin, Dolton Ware McAlpin, George Keith. 331 McAnally. Charlotte McAnally, Franklin Danny, 105,204 McAnatly, Jimmy Stephen, 280 McAndrew, John Craft, 102, 312 McArthur. John C., 111,312 McArthur, John Walter, Jr., 210,331 McArthur, Mike Greer McArthur, Richard Charles, 296 McBee, Oalton McBee, David William, 204 . 296 McBee. Dudley Silas, 207, 296 McBride, Hilmer Anthony McBride, Lou Benecia, 331 McBryde, Laura Greer McBurney, Eugene Evers. Jr.. 190.296 McCain, Marguerite Cooper, 175. 331 McCain, Reynolds Park, 207 McCain, Talbot Odom,207 McCall, George Patrick, 296 McCamey, Michael Edward. 183 McCandless. William Ronald McCarthy. George W., Jr., 197 McCardle, Joseph Lloyd McCartney, Pate Lloyd, 204 McCartney, Thomas William, 111,331 McCarty, Harrison Russell, 207 McCarty, John Murray McCarty, Robert James, 194 McCarty, William Bonner, 126, 181 ,280 McCarver. Glenn Allen, 280 McCarver, Jimmy Dale, 280 McCarver, Mary McAnally, 280 McCary, Rachel Ann, 127.296 McCauley . Lee, 176,296 McCay. Gadi Lum, 183 McCay, Gerald Rankin, 163, 281 McCay, Larry Leigh, 178 McCharen, Nancy Galloway, 312 McCharen, Richard Lynn, 312 McClanahan, Thomas Edward, 145 McClatchy, Sam Power, 178 McClure, Douglas Wayne, 296 McClure. Richard David McClure, Steven Travis McClure, Worthy Powell McClurkin, Douglas Charles McCollum. Charles Lenox McCollum, Iris Sheila. 296 McCollum. William Lon, 145, 296 McCornmon, Dennis Hugh, 143 McCool, Betty McGee McCool, Linda Gail McCool, Robert Gene, 163, 331 McCool. Robert T. McCool, Thomas Edward, 163 McCord, Virginia Adams McCorkle, Dana Lyn McCormick, James Durwood McCormick, Robert Thomas, 95,281 McCoy, Cynthia Lynn McCoy, Edna Eileen, 312 McCoy, Elizabeth Jane McCoy, Joe Coleman McCoy, John Paul, 331 McCoy. Martin Bradley McCoy, Peggy D., 201 .331 McCoy, Virginia Ann McCraney, Sybil Marie, 296 McCraw. Donna Jean McCraw, Donna Sue, 106,281 McCraw, Philip Roy, 125, 331 McCrory, Ralph Cullin, 28 1 McCullar, Martha Ruth. 281 McCulley, Salina Alice, 1 37 , 312 McCullough, David Floyd, 331 McCullough, Edward H., Jr., 101 McCullough, Joyce Ann, 296 McCurdy, Hollis Horton McCurdy, Karen Melissa, 159 McDaniel, Danny Marvin McDamel, Donald Hamilton McDaniel, Leslie Allen McDaniel, Michael Lee McDaniel, Wilma Ann, 297 McDavitt, Dale Henry. 145. 268 McDavitt, William McDermitt, John Howard. 88, 268 McDonald, Daniel Michael, 97,297 McDonald, Earl Gordon, Jr. McDonald, Elizabeth Ann, 164 McDonald, Jay Paul, 178 McDonald, Mary Ann, 28 1 McDonald, William M., 90, 94.107. 193,382 McDonell, Kevin Alexander, 178 McDonnell, Archie R., Jr., 208 McDonnell, John G., 181 McDonnough, Vallie Merle McDonough, Michael David, 145, 312 McDonough, Thomas David. 194 McDonough. William L.. Jr., 107, 194 McDougal, Daniel Arch, 268 McElroy, Laura Ann McEwen, William Charles, 331 McFadden, Frankie Myricks McFarland, Burns Harrison, 190 McFarland, Donna Gail McFarland, Henry James, Jr. McFarland, Pamela Ann McFatter, Melvin Hurley, 104, 178 McGaha, Mary Jane. 106, 159 McGahey. Jack Oliver. 331 McGahey. James Earl McGahey, Linda Lu McGaughy, Janice, 281 McGee. John Dixon, 88 , 90 . 102, 126.193.281 McGehee, Charles James McGehee, Floyd, Jr. McGhee, Carole, 20 1,312 McGill, Paul Michael McGlasson, Nancy Iralee, 297 McGlaun, Joy Ellen, 176 McGlown. Stewart B., 1 2 7 , 135,297 McGowan, John Alfred, Jr., 101,297 McGowan, Roy E., Jr. McGrowin, Robert Bogee McGraw, David Burnell,92, 210,312 McGraw, Edward Robinson McGraw, Harris Carr, 207 McGraw, Mary Lillian, 175, 281 McGreger, Ruth Dianne, 93. 125, 312 McGuire, Frederick M. McGuire, Jimmy Dale McHugh. Patrick A., 190 Mcllwain, Mary Sue, 201 , 297 Mcllwain, Willard L., Jr. Mclnnis, Rosemary, 160,331 Mclntosh, David M.. 1 78 Mclntosh, James Hays, 178, 312 Mclntosh, Willie Lewis. 194 Mclntyre, Arthur J., 163 Mclntyre, James E., Jr., 197 Mclntyre, Venetta Viola, 312 McKaskle, Karen Coppage McKaskle, Stephen Flake, 183 McKay, Ann C. McKay, Charles Eugene McKay, Elizabeth Patricia McKay, Judith Sue McKay, Richmond Izard, 133 McKee, Barby Anne, 176, 331 McKee, George Chester, 145, 281 McKeen, Lisa Elizabeth, 132 McKellar, Frank Monroe, 207, 228 McKellar, Kathryn Claire, 93, 189,312 McKellar, Michael Wayne McKellar, Sandra Ann, 189, 331 McKenzie, Benjamin F. McKenzie, Franklin C., Jr., 133 McKenzie, John Martin, 297 McKenzie, Ronald Eugene McKenzie, Stevan Michael, 281 McKenzie, William H., Ill, 297 McKenzie, William Hamer, 3 1 2 McKeown, James Joseph, Jr., 268 McKey, Noel Keith, 228, 297 McKey, Peggy Ann Cannada, 297 McKibben, Nina June, 297 McKie, Edward Hoover McKiernan, Lorry Ray ,29 7 McKinney, Charles Newton, 118, 163 McKinney, Janice Chittom McKinney. Jo Gunn McKinney, Mary Carol -_ McKinney, Robert Foster, Jr. McKinney, Terry Barney McKinnon, Douglas Gray, 183 McKinzie, Ralph W., 111,210 McKnight, Charles A.. 98, 268 McKnight. Robert Timothy, 207 McLallen, Ruth Smythe McLarty, Edward Allan McLarty, Morris Michael, 268 McLaurin, Eugenia Bramlitt McLaurin. Marilyn Todd, 1 37 , 184,331 McLaurin, Robert Carter, 102 McLaurin, Susan Evelyn McLaurin, Thelma D. McLellan, Arthur Joe McLellan, David Montgomery McLellan, Walter V.. Ill, 193 McLemore, Danny Ray, 313 McLeod, Daniel Calhoun, 163, 297 McLeod, Hugh Carroll, III, 22,92, 102, 104.106.281 McLeod, James Dan, 101 McLeod, Larry Mikell McLeod, Marilyn Elizabeth McLeod, Nellie Gertrude, 96, 201 McLoud, James Vernon, Jr. McLoughlin, Gerard Peter McMahan, Joy Marter, 28 1 McMahon, Kevin William McMahon, Margaret Brooks McManis. T. Debra. 202 McManus, Mary Jon, 281 McMichael, Harry S , III, 163 McMichael, Jack Lee McMillan, John Terry McMillan, Milton Graves, 98 McMillin, Mary Herrington McMorris, Carlos Lindsey, 143,281 McMullan. Cordelia O., 172 McMullan, Janis Ruth McMullan, William Holt. 210, 297 McMullen, Gail, 137, 189, 313 McMurchy, Leslie Elise, 172 McMurray, James Dabney, 44 , 193 McMurtray, Helen Frances McNabb, Venton Albert, Jr. McNair, John William, Jr. McNally, Cande, 108, 127, 140,214,297 McNeal, John Williams McNeel, Florence Jeane, 1 75 , 281 McNeel, Jason Niles,90, 133 McNeely, Don Keith McNeely, Kevin James, 178 McNeese, Sara Allison, 125, 160. 331 McNeil, Peggy Jo, 184,331 McNulty, Charles Michael. 331 McNulty, Edward McNutt, Robert C.. 297 McPeters, Marcia Liddon,313 McPhail, Pamela, 137, 146, 164,281 McPhail, Susan B. McPherson, Benjamin Frank McPherson, Rachel Smylie, 176, 313 McPhillips, James Manning, 193 McQueen, Charles M., 163 McQueen, Van Michael, 167, 313 McRaney, Thomas Oliver, 92 , 102, 181 McRee, Mary C. McRee, Sharon Ann, 184,297 McReynolds, Krista V.,313 McRight, Johnny Pete McSpadden, Malcolm Oakes, 204 McVey. Rowan, 172,331 McWhorter, Gerald William McWhorter, Joyce Marye McWilliams, James Edwin, 268 Meador, Barbara A., 268 Meador, Carroll Brent, 100, 212,281 Meador, Gordon Hill, 88,90, 102, 104, 181 Means, Michael Edward, 281 Measells, Eric Latham, 127, 313 Meason, Rebecca Ann, 172 Meaut, Byron Paul, 297 Meaut, Sybil Rose, 3 1 3 Medley, Gail Lee, 189 Medley, Michael R.,268 Medley, William Alonzo Meek, Larry Don Meek, Walter Buchanan, Jr., 167,313 Meek. William Barry, 204 , 331 Meeks, Sharon Ann, 28 1 Meeks, Wanda Lynn. 125,297 Meibers. Matthew Edward Meierhoefer, Lisa Marr Meisenheimer, Robert C., 178 Melton, Pamela Jo. 172 Melton, Thomas Ronald Mendel, Phillip Foster Mercendetti, Thomas G. Merman, Thomas Andrew, 124, 198.281 Merriam, Edward Vince, 145 Merritt, James Brent Merritt, James Edwin, Jr., 331 Merritt, Lynda Diane Mestayer, Beth Ann. 11,31, 59, 118. 156, 172,297 Metcalf, Richard Lynn, 281 Meteer, Elizabeth Joyce, 137,281 Metts, Albert Caswell, III, 197,297 Metts, Glenn Hulett Metts, Marsha Jane Metts, Martha Gee, 176,313 Metts. Ronald Wayne Metzger, Christina Dorothy Meurrier, Joe Roberson Michael, Oceile Huddleston, 281 Michaels, Steven Keith. 193, 313 Michel, Mary Ann Middlebrook, Albert H., Jr., 127,312 Middlebrook, Carol Ann, 202 Middleton, Ellwood K.,92, 126, 163.297 Middleton, Robert R., Jr. Mikell, Curtis Glenn Mikell, Wendy Ruth, 164 Mikul, Daniel Patrick, 313 Milam, James Richard, 331 Milan, Mary A.J. Miles, Deborah Lynn, 176, 297 Miles, James Riley. Jr. Miles, Lindsay Ann Millard, Sarah Ruth, 202 , 331 Miller, Barbara Scott, 96, 126, 175.313 Miller, Carol Ann, 145,281 Miller, Deborah Lee Miller, Donna Gail, 297 Miller, Elizabeth W. Miller, Everett Benton, 332 Miller, Frank Lamar, 163 Miller, Georgia Stratton, 106 Miller, Herman Bradford, 268 Miller, Jane Stroble Miller, Jimmy L., 1 34 Miller, John Roger Miller, Karen Sue, 160 Miller, Larry Gene Miller, Mac Ellis, 124 Miller, Mildred Dianne Miller, Princeton J., 135, 145,313 Miller, Robert Arrington, 143,208 Miller, Robert Howard, 167, 313 Miller, Ronald Lee Miller, Ronald Veazey, 102. 313 Miller, Sherman Michael, 98 Miller, Terry Hayes, 94 , 269 Miller, Vernon Terrell, Jr. Millette, Samuel Martin, Jr., 313 Mills, Adrienne Cecelia Mills, Carolyn Jean Mills, Elvin Wayne Mills, Jerry Lee Mills, Richard Edward, 204, 281 Milner, John Edward, 332 Milstead, George Howell, 98 , 269 Mims, Mignon Virginia, 184, 313 Minor, James D. Minor, Maralin Lisa, 176 Minor, Steve Minor, Wayne Misso, Tommy Lee Mitchell, Adam Howell, Jr. Mitchell, Becki Wallace Mitchell, Beverley Borrum, 214,281 Mitchell, Carolyn Beth,93, 96,176,313 Mitchell, Cathy Ann, 189, 297 Mitchell, Colmon Shinn Mitchell, David Howard Mitchell, Dennis Jerrell Mitchell, Elizabeth Ann, 132, 313 Mitchell, Ellis Q., 111,281 Mitchell, Gregory Marvin, 313 Mitchell, Henry R., Ill, 133 Mitchell, James Calvin Mitchell, Jent P.. 111,297 Mitchell, Joan Fox, 137, 175,332 Mitchell, John Robert Mitchell, Karen Eugenia, 184,297 Mitchell, Lansing L., Jr., 178 Mitchell, Marilyn Ann Mitchell. Michael Stephen, 204 Mitchell, Paul Downs, 181 Mitchell, Prudence Pearce Mitchell, Robert Andrew, 204 Mitchell, Robert Arthur, 198 Mitchell, Stuart Canton Mitchell, Willie F. Mixon, Edward Lenoir. 181, 297 Mixon, Walter A very , 1 8 1 Mize. Allen Hobbs, 207 Mize. Hattie Miriam, 137, 281 Mize, Renda Cheryl, 142,297 Mize, Sheila Diane, 332 Mize, Sue Ellen, 159 Mize, Terry Kay, 297 Mize, Vickie Faye Moak, David Lance, 181, 332 Moak. Helen Hutchcraft Moak, Joseph S., Jr., 102, 210 Moak, Polly Ann, 176 Moats, Bobby James, 136,297 Moats, Diann Marie, 313 Mobley, John Robert, 332 Mobley, John Robert Mobley, William Anthony Mock, Catherine Jane, 159 Mockbee, David Watkins Mockbee, Sara Edwards Mocklin, Kevin Etienne Modisette, Samuel Eugene Mohamed, Ollie, Jr. Moley, Stanley Anthony, 228 Molpus, Melanie Ann, 11,172 Molt, Katharine Feiger Molt, Michael Jerome Monacelli, Gene Dennis Monaghan, John Francis, Jr. Moncrief, William C., Ill, 332 Monroe, Jack Huell, Jr., 332 Monroe, Lanny Lee, 297 Monroe, Robert Austin Monsour, Mitchell Dial, 97, 136,204 Monsour, Thomas Joseph, 2 28 Montee, Michael Richard, 281 Monteith, Linda Anne, 160 Monteith, Margaret Vera Montgomery, Carl Venson Montgomery, Frances Owen Montgomery, Gerald J., Jr. Montgomery, John Michael Montgomery, Keith Norris Montgomery, Wilhelmina Montjoy, Richard Wilson, 208,332 Montjoy, William Wright, 97 , 207,281 Monts, Steven Holcomb, 281 Moody, Bonnie Parish, 146 Moody, John Alan, 98 Moody, Kay Louise Taylor, 127, 132 Moon, Catherine Mary Moon, Peter Courtenay, 313 Moon, Samuel Leroy Mooney, John David, 297 Moore, Amelia Alice, 131, 214,332 Moore, Barbara Jane, 281 Moore, Barry Dale, 297 Moore, Benjamin Allen, 106, 281 Moore, Bobbye Faye, 297 Moore, Clyde M. Moore, Dennis Glenn, 163 Moore, Don Wilson, 33,97, 204,281 Moore, Donna Seay Moore, Edna Kirk, 270 Moore, Georgia Mae, 313 Moore, Guy Wilson, Jr., 90 , 94,95,104,210 Moore, Harry Glen Moore, Henderson Alfred. 90, 134.269 Moore, Howard Joseph, 167 Moore, J. Leslie Moore, James B., Jr., 207 Moore, James Emmett Moore, James Ruth, Jr., 297 Moore, Janice Elaine Moore, Lowell Barnett, 197, 332 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, 281 Moore, Moore, 135 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, 332 Moore, 136 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, 297 Lucy Currie, 175,297 Mamie Little Marcia Green, 172 Mary Grace Mary Virginia, 176. Nyla Jean, 281 Paul Harold, Jr.. ,297 Paul Meadows, Jr. Phyllis Marie Randy Ray, 281 Richard Clay, 127, Robert Burton, Jr., , 193,297 Robert Dunsceath, 207 Robert Fulton Robert Steven, 208 Steven Embrey,204 f 375 Moore, Terry Rose, 160,313 Moore, Walton Louis, 88 , 269 Moore, Warren Hamilton, 10, 193,332 Moore, Wyclyff Rushel Moore, Zona Leigh, 140, 160 Moorer, William B., Jr., 126,297 Moorhead, Sylvia Kay, 88 , 99. 104, 137,281 Moorman, Joseph Randall, 181,332 Moran, Arthur Orton, IV, 212 Morano, James Ugo Morehead, Martha Neilson, 202,313 Morehead. Sally Baird, 202 , 281 Moreton, Keith W. Moreton, Rebecca Burkes Morgan, Alton Fredric, Jr. Morgan, Audrey Mae, 28 1 Morgan, Eddie Mack, 58 , 118, 207 Morgan, Fitz Robert, III, 126, 145,297 Morgan, Geoffrey Carter, 204 Morgan, George Paul Morgan, George Terrell, 269 Morgan, James Randall Morgan, John Alec Morgan, Johnny J., 207 Morgan, Kathleen Melinda, 313 Morgan, Martha Lynn Morgan, Michelle Elaine, 332 Morgan, Roy Brown, 3 32 Morgan, Sandra Kaye, 281 Morgan, Sara Elizabeth, 269 Morgan, Sidney G., 28 1 Morgan, Steve Allen, 181, 297 Morgan, Thomas Lee Morrill, James Irving, 198 Morris, Burnice, 297 Morris, Christopher Brown, 193,297 Morris, Clifford Scott Morris, Danny Richard Morris, Harriett Louise Morris, James Willard, III, 193,281 Morris, Martha Delgadillo Morris, Marvin Newman Morris, Rebecca Louise, 281 Morris, Richard Ervin,298 Morris, Robert Kyle, 190, 313 Morris, Robert Wyatt, II, 183 Morris, Steven Carter Morris, Terry Baird, 282 Morris, Thomas Morris, William V., Ill, 210,298 Morrison, Harvey Lee Morrison, Michael Edgar, 190,332 Morrison, Thomas Graddy, 145 Morrisson, Jerry Alfred, 282 Morrow, Rodney Frank, 3 32 Morse, George MacDonald, 190 Morse, Jerry Steven, 190 Morse, Thomas Stephen, 332 Morthland, Richard F., Jr. Morton, Howard Michael, 183 Morton, Michael Ray, 163 Morton, William Edward Morykwas, John Joseph, Jr., 145 Mosby, Dwight Anthony, 298 Mosby, Herman William, 204 Mosby, Mona Marie, 175 Mosby, William Henry Mosby, William John, 207 Moseley, Kristiann, 332 Mosenthin, Harold Glenn, 313 Moses, Ronald David, 163, 282 Mosley, Sam Ray Moss, Catherine Marie, 202 , 282 Moss, Cheryl J. Horn Moss, Ellis Harvey, 145, 282 Moss, Joseph Benjamin Moss, Phoebe Eleanor Mott, D. Allen Mott, Karen Williamson Mott, Louise Deery, 175 Moulds, Danny Arlon Moulds, Robert Duke Mounger, Dalton McBee,94, 97. 136, 193,282 Mounger, Elizabeth Avery Mounger, John Harbour, 193 Mounger, Sarah Alston, 184 Mounger, Whitman Davis Mowers, Berton Frederick Moy, Josephine, 282 Moyer, Harold Ivan Moyer, Nancy Jane, 333 Mulholland, Kenneth R., 210 Mullen, Billy Kelly Mullen, Cynthia Kay, 127 Mullennix, Marta Fike Mullens, Melissa Mullican, John Carl, 333 Mullins, Roland Edward, Jr., 98,282 Munday, Elizabeth Lane, 333 Munro, Robert Bruce Munroe, Patricia Ann, 145 Murchison, Margaret Lynne, 104 Murdoch, Joy Adele, 202 , 313 Murphey, William Cooper Murphree, Cynthia Fetder Murphree, Ginger Mullican. John Carl, 197 Murphree, Kenneth Morgan Murphree, Melanee Lou, 1 37 , 202 Murphree, Robert Smith Murphree, Thomas M., Jr., 133 Murphrey, Jimmy Lee Murphy, Alien Murphy, Dorothy Grace, 298 Murphy, George Michael, 128, 210,282 Murphy, Katherine King Murphy, Leslie Delancey, 160 Murphy, Patricia Ann, 176, 313 Murphy, Robert William, 197 Murphy, Ruth Anne, 95,106, 282 Murphy, Thomas Edward, Jr., 204, 333 Murphy, Walter Neil, 208 Murrah, Norma Jean Murray, Thomas Joseph, Jr., 313 Murrell, Maxine W. Murthy, Kuchibhatla Ananda Musselwhite, Stephen A. Mustin, Robert W., 210 Muzaffer, Nairn Anwar, 269 Myers, Alma Lurene Myers, Cynthia F. Myers, Glen Dean Myers, Janet Elizabeth, 333 Myers, Lewis, Jr. Myers, Malcolm Bradford Myers, Randle Stone, 183, 333 Myers, Riley Dewey,228 Myers, William Clifton, 282 Myers, William Phealon, 333 Myers, William Robert Mylak, Barbara Jean, 137, 164,282 Mylak, Richard Frank, 97, 198,298 Myrick, Harold Griffin N Nabers, Steven Maxwell, 127, 135, 145,298 Nabors, Eddie Hubert, 194 Nabors, James Roy, 282 Naff, Rhoda Ruth, 160, 282 Nail, John Phillip, 102 Nail, Norman Kenneth, Jr. Nail, Barbara Ann, 2 14, 298 Nance, Ann Candace, 172,313 Nance, Evelyn Lacy, 1 72 Nance, Mary Carolyn, 189 , 333 Nance, Stephen Earl Nanney, James Phillip, 127, 135 Nanney, Steven Van Nanney, Sylvia Gillentine, 127 Narro, Sherri Napier, William Edward, 167 Nappier, Herbert C. Nash, Jonathon Michael, 163, 269 Nation, John Warren, 333 Nations, Carol Reyn olds, 105 Nau, Trevor Durand Navarro, Jeffrey Michael, 198 Navarro, Thomas Michael, 190 Navidi, Gholam Reza Navidi, Sandra B. Neal, Billy R. Neal, Lamar Brown Neal, Richard Scott, 333 Neale, Charles Alexander, 269 Nealon, William Francis, 269 Neaves, Teresa Ann Neblett, Joseph Morgan, 282 Neely, Buford B., Jr. Neely, Charles Wyck Neely, Kerry June, 202 Neely, William Augustus, Jr., 178 Neff, Matthew Park, HI, 190,333 Neill, Ellis Cooper Neil!, James Simeon Adams, 193 Neill, John Chalmers, 1 9 3 Neill, Marcia Brittain, 160, 333 Neill, Walter Ridgway, Jr. Neilson, Martha Bryant, 88 Nelms, Robert Wade, 282 Nelson, Andrew John, II, 269 Nelson, Arthur Martin Nelson, Donald Vernon Nelson, Kathleen Albert, 137, 160 Nelson, Linda Marie, 160 Nelson, Margaret Rebecca, 137,282 Nelson, Norman S. Nelson, Patricia Lynn Nelson, Steven Merle, 333 Nettles, James Bruce, 333 Neumaier, Erwin Neveleff, Stephen Michael, 204 Neville, David Lyle, 197, 298 Newell, Mary Katherine, 137, 201,282 Newman, James Otha Newman, Johnny Wilson, 193, 313 Newman, Lacy Gibbes, 106, 208,282 Newman, Michael Alan, 194 Newton, George Allen, 282 Newton, James Thomas Newton, Sara Mosby, 184,313 Neyman, John Fredrick, 183 Nicholas, Deborah Adele, 92 , 145 Nicholas, John Gregory, 269 Nicholas, Nancy Jo, 202, 333 Nicholass, Lena Mae Nicholls, Thomas Clark, 178 Nichols, Annie Yvonne, 282 Nichols, Charles Wister Nichols, James Odell Nichols, Jean Simmons Nichols, Joseph Robert, 298 Nichols, Michael Lynn, 92 , 167,298 Nichols, Norman Stephen, 98 Nichols, Randy Ray, 197,333 Nichols, Richard Bush, 170 Nichols, Rodney Joseph Nichols, Sara Carol, 137, 175,282 Nichols, Sherry Jean, 131, 154, 160, 184,298 Nicholson, Sheryl, 184,282 Nickens, John Roscoe, III, 105,282 Nicol, Christian H., 269 Nicols, Walter R., 204, 313 Nielsen, Lawrence Arthur, 298 Nielsen, Raymond John Neilson, Scott Galpin, 333 Nightingale, Evan, 269 Nippert, Kenneth Wayne, 190 Nippes, James Stanford, 133 Nirenstein, David Meyer Nix, Phyllis Dianne, 137, 298 Noble, Ann Elise, 172 Noble, Bumond B., Jr., 333 Noble, Edwin Randolph, Jr., 134,269 Noble, John Richard, 183 Noble, Judith Mosal, 282 Noble, Lala Suzanne, 125, 313 Noble, Nancy Marie, 1 75 Noble, Otway Berryman, Jr. Noble, Richard Green Noble, Susan Cole, 127 Nobles, Fay Felder Nobles, John Webb, 197,313 Nobles, William Daniel, III, 298 Noblitt, Horace Don, Jr., 193 Noel, George W., Jr. ,94, 95,282 Noel, Judith Tubb Noel, Julian R., Jr., 282 Noel, Randall Deane, 193, 333 Noel, Robert Deane, 31 3 Noland, Faye Elizabeth, 3 1 3 Noll, Charles Ambrose, 298 IMorcom. Kay F. Norfleet, George Amos, Jr., 126, 190 Norman, Cora Ellen Norman, James Wallace, Jr., 333 Norman, Jamie Ellen, 137, 176,333 Norquist, Grayson Swayze, 102,207 Norris, John Alan Norris, Pleas Miller Norris, Shelton Edward, 145, 282 Northam, Larry Ray, 228 Norton, Jack Victor Norton, Kenneth Monroe Norton, Martha Ray, 298 Norton, Rebecca Ellen, 137, 160,333 Norvell, Owen Maury, 207 Norwood, James Kelly Nosser, Daria Denise, 189 Nosser, George John, Jr., 163,333 Nosser, Pete Joseph, III, 136,204,282 Nourse, Bruce Eugene, 210, 298 Noyes, Helen Carol, 159 Nuckolls, James Kim, 269 Nuckolls, Judy Lynn, 333 Nuessle, Julie Christine, 176,313 Nuessle, Victor Norman o Oakley, Kathy Bratton, 160, 333 Oaks, Wade Sharon, 136,282 O ' Connell, Taaffe Cannon, 184 O ' Connell, Terry Michael, 313 O ' Connor, David Oddo, Edward, Jr. Odell, Carlton Edwin, Jr. Oden, Carl George Odeneal, Robert Kent, 101 Odom, Ada Linda Odom, Beverly Carlene Odom, Clifton Ellzey, 208 Odom, John Franklin, 101 Odom, Paula Fay, 140 , 31 3 Odom, William Neal, 333 Odom, William Wesley, 269 O ' Donnell, Karen Jean, 164 282 O ' Donnell, Kenneth O ' Donnell, Terrence Timothy Oelerich, Walter John Ogden, Alton Jennings, 298 Ogden, David Michael O ' Hara, Timothy John O ' Hara, Vincent Joseph, III Okasako, Neil Hajime, 333 O ' Keefe, Maurice Rush, 163, 333 Old, Harry McClean, 282 Oliphant, Linda Diane, 140, 164 Oliphant, Sherry Ellen, 282 Oliver, Allen B. Oliver, Ernest G., Jr., 101 , 269 Oliver, Gregory Duncan, 2 69 Oliver, Margaret Hofer Oliver, Stephen Clyde, 204 Olmsted, Thomas Russell Oltremari, Debra Ann, 333 Olson, Richard Earl, 333 Omundson, Janet Heister, 106 O ' Neal, James Patrick, 183 O ' Quin, Linda Ann, 176 O ' Rear, James Mitchel, 298 O ' Reilly, Robert King, Jr. Orf, David Michael, 167,282 Orff, Robert Eugene, Jr. Orfila, Jane Todd, 137,214, 333 Orkin, Theodore Stanley Orr, Jo Miller Orr, Kathy Lee, 9 3 Orr, Victoria Byars, 333 Orrick, Richard Ferrell Ortmann, John Paul Orton, Charles Joseph, 333 Osburn, Elizabeth Lee, 137, 214,333 Osso, Steven Robert, 333 Ostendorff, Thomas Julian, 124 Otis, Linda Diane, 298 Ott, Janet S. Ott, Luther Smith Ottinger, Terry Ralph, 333 Otto, Mary Louise, 2 1 4 Otto, William Dennis, 198 Ou, Chin-Jen Ou, In-lng, 269 Oubre, Don Paul Overby, David William, 167 , 333 Overcast, William Coil, 163 Overstreet, James S., Jr., 183 Overstreet, Joe William, Jr., 333 Overstreet, William Larry Owen, James Edward, 132 Owen, Joseph Sam Owen, Lilly Elizabeth, 137, 202 Owen, Linda Nadyne, 159 Owen, Nancy Metts Owen, Susan Nadine, 99, 127 , 172, 282 Owens, Betty Carol, 282 Owens, Dorothy Jean Owens, James Francis, Jr. Owens, Jesse Samuel, Jr. Owens, Jodie Edward Owens, Rachel Hill, 282 Owens, Shahla Owens, Stephen Wallington Oxford, Charles Emry Oxnam, George Lee, 208 Ozier, Charles Terry Ozier, Deborah Larand,96, 140, 142, 189,314 Ozier, Otis U.. Jr., 204, 298 Ozment, Emily Ann Pace, Ann Rodgers Pace, Casey C. Pace, Debra Dell, 58 , 118, 184,244,252,298 Pace, Don Mac Pace, James Stanley Pace, Penelope P. Pace, Thomas D., Ill Pace, Timothy William, 97 , 107, 167,282 Page, Cristine Anne, 175, 282 Page, Vicki A., 127 Paine, George Carter, II Paine, Nancy Rivers, 96, 159,314 Palmer, Frances Ann, 1 37 , 176,298 Palmer, Henry W., 95 Palmer, Jon Earl Palmer, Paul David Palmer, Walter Allan, 269 Palmertree, Donna Denton Palmertree, Judy Ann, 282 Palmertree, Kenneth G. Palumbo, Francis Bernard Pancratz, Adolph Arnold Pang, Adriane Lynn, 333 Pang, Joanne Evalyn, 314 Pang, Lorralyn June, 298 Pang, Victor Hoo, 314 Pao, Shin-Chen Steve Papania, Michael, 282 Parcher, Carol Sue Parcher, Jon F. Parchman, William Austin, 178 Pardue, Milton Clyde, Jr., 207 Parentin, Michael James, 167 Parham, David Howard, 228 Parish, George Thomas, 282 Park, Joun Sup, 269 Park, Michael Emmitt, 333 Parker, Carl Allen, 94 , 282 Parker, Jack Shannon Parker, Jennifer Louise, 137,202 Parker, Joseph Elton, 145 Parker, Juliana Luter, 202 , 314 Parker, Larry Edward Parker, Marsha Alice, 282 Parker, Nancy, 202 Parker, Percy Lee Parker, Shirley Ann, 1 37 , 298 Parkes, Roger Brown, 207, 228 Parkin, James Edward, Jr. Parkinson, Paula Katheryne, 160 Parks, Freida Dale, 282 Parks, Harold Brent Parks, Hugh Harold Parks, Lynn Elizabeth, 96 , 172 Parks, Paula Renee, 176 Parks, William David Parmley, Robert Edgar Parnell, Renee Susan, 140, 214, 333 Parrish, James Ronald Parsons, Grant Rodney, 269 Parsons, James Robert Parsons, John R. Parsons, Judy Swindall Partee, Elizabeth Ann, 184 Parthasarathi, Budugur Paslay, Harry Moore, 126, 17 , 3 1 4 Paslay, John H., 269 Paslay, Suzanne Gregory Pate. Sherrie Larae, 333 Pate, Steven Edwin, 204 , 269 Pate, William August Patel, Kanubhai Harmanbhai, 269 Patrick, Patricia Ann Patrick, Robert Hugh Patridge, Bonnie E., 9 3, 201 Patridge, Patricia Esther, 214, 333 Patsy, William Paul Patten, Martha Lou Patterson, Annie Laura, 333 Patterson, Burt Laguin Patterson, Howard F., 298 Patterson, James R., Jr., 107, 197 Patterson, Marc Thomas, 194, 314 Patterson, Marcus Alton, Jr., 314 Patterson, Regina Jill, 137, 201 Patterson, Robert Dewey, Jr. ,210 Patterson, Susan Stacy Patterson, Timothy Bond, 269 Patton, George East, Jr., 193,334 Patton, Helen Booth, 127, 137 , 176,334 Patton, Joe Dan, 183 Patton, Kathryn Hart Patton, Lillian Decell Patton, Margaret Taylor Paul, Christine Marie, 159, 298 Paul, Jean Anne, 214, 334 Paulk, Dennis Carl Paulk, Russell Dalton, Jr. Payne, Carey Meredith, III, 181 Payne, Cynthia Wood, 150, 151 , 160, 172 Payne, David Elliot Payne, John Martin, 9 7 ,194 Payne, William David, 92 , 283 Peacock, Edward Peebles, 111,269 Peacock, Robbie Casey, 126, 142,202,283 Pearson, Amanda Ann, 334 Pearson, Joseph Carol, 3 1 4 Pearson, Rodney Andrews, 334 Pearson, Thomas Howard, Jr., 334 Pease, Everett Bass, 11,314 376 Peaster, Patricia Young, 137.145.314 Pechal. William Lawrence, 135 Peck, Miriam Eloise. 106, 145.146.29S Peddle, Frank Shull. Jr. Peden, Ann Halbrook, 137 Peden, Derryl Wayne, 183 Peden, Ralph Kenneth, 269 Peden, Rebecca Jan Peden. Richard Lee, 98 Peden, Sam Thomas Pedersen, Allen George, 283 Pedersen, Joanne Morris, 298 Peebles, M. Teresa, 334 Peel, John Mervin,210 Pegues, Dorothy Lee, 298 Pela, Mary Ellen, 99, 283 Peller, Stephen D.. 111.298 Pemberton, Garlon Allen Pemberton, James Beck, 143, 181.283 Peng, Oliver Y.F. Penn. William Joseph Pennebaker, Thomas J., 208 . 283 Pennington, Kenneth Ray Pennington, Ruth Harmon, 283 Pennington, William A. Pennise. Basil William Perez, Jeffrey Joseph, 314 Perkins, Cheryl Leigh, 201 . 298 Perkins. Elizabeth Dianne Perkins, James Gordon Perkins, Peter Benton, Jr., 97.208,298 Perkins, Weldon Darcy Perkins. William Stephen, 183 Permenter, Frances Wise, 189 Permenter, Fred Gates, Jr., 97,210.298 Perry, Alice Todd Perry. George Covington, Jr. Perry, Henry Vaulter, 11,298 Perry. Jacqueline, 137 , 283 Perry, John Marcus Person, Ann Tucker Person, Brett Thomas Person, James Stewart, Jr., 269 Person, Jayne Ellen, 172, 334 Person, Michael Sink, 269 Person, Wayne Vincent, 314 Peteet, Rebecca W., 131, 137, 175.334 Peters. James A. Peters, Joseph Paschal! Peters, Louis Spero, 163. 334 Peterson. Dana Francis Peterson, Eulah Leana Peterson, Gwendolyn E. Peterson, Helen Ferguson Peterson, Michael Emmett Peterson, Richard Louis, Jr. Peterson, Wendy Sharon, 298 Petro, John Joseph Petronis, Richard J. Pettey, Holmes Sherard,207 Pettey, Thomas David, 334 Pettit, Jerry Lynn, 92 , 208 , 283 Pettit, Otho Earl, 208 Petty, David Lynn, 283 Petty, Gordon Bennett. Jr. Peveto, Amanda Jane Peyton, Rayford Tucker, 170 Pharr. Margaret Rust, 172. 314 Phelps, Helen Carolyn Pherigo, Mary Marie. 160. 334 Phillips, Barbara Anne, 93. 160,298 Phillips. Beverly Ruth, 172 Phillips, Billy Guy, 283 Phillips, Debbie Ann, 1 37 , 176,314 Phillips. Deborah Ann, 96, 172,314 Phillips, Doris Dunn, 95 Phillips, George Landon Phillips, Jodie Donelle, 314 Phillips, John Reese, 143 Phillips, Joseph Williams Phillips. Logan Burch, Jr.. 100. 193 Phillips, Margaret E. Phillips, Marilyn Denton. 201 Phillips, Maxey Jites Phillips. Nicholas Bruce, 298 Phillips, Reginald J., III. 334 Phillips, Richard Taylor, 133 Phillips, Robert Earl, 334 Phillips, Sally Jean Phillips, Terry Anthony, 190 Phillips, Vera Mitchell, 140 Phyfer. Rebecca Jo, 298 Pic. John Edward, 145 Pickenpaugh, Robert John Pickens. Jack Earl, Jr. Pickens, Kermit Liddell, Jr.. 197,298 Pickens. Troy Samuel, Jr., 124 Pickens. Walton Rice, 145, 283 Pickering. Barry Neal, 197. 314 Picket! , John Philip. 197 Pickett. Richard Reed, 197 Pierce. Beverly Jane. 298 Pierce Deborah Anne, 93, 214.314 Pierce, Orie Othman,314 Pierotti. Richard Wayne Pigford. Carole N., 45,283 Pigford, Max Dale Pigg. Gary Paul, 101 Pigg. Teresa Lee, 175 Pilgreen, Karen Michele. 202.283 Pilkington, Charles Kirk, 197,382 Pilkinton, David Lavelle, 190 Pillow, Julia Critz, 137, 176.314 Pillow. Mary Durden. 176 Pinkerton. James Clovis, 124,283 Pinkerton, John A. Pinkerton, Sandra Kay Pinkston, Cha rlotte Marie, 137.184.334 Pinkston, John Thomas Pipkin, Susan Brown Pitchford, Jill Francine, 334 Pitner, Richard Wayne, 334 Pittman, Gail Jones Pittman, James Albert, 314 Pittman, John Ransom, 136 Pittman, John Thomas, 163, 334 Pittman, Margaret, 105, 137,201,283 Pittman, Margaret Ann, 298 Pittman, Mary McCostlin, 105,269 Pittman, Nancy B. Carroll, 283 Pittman, Thomas Franklin, 102.298 Pittman, Wanda Joy, 201 Pittman, William Claude, 269 Pitts, Carl M. Pitts, Deborah Lynn, 126, 164 Pitts, Mary Paula, 334 Plaisance, Elton Charles. 269 Plants, Joy Elizabeth, 201 Pleasants, Annette J., 201 Pluff , Stearns Charles, III, 170, 334 Plunk, Belinda Ann Plunk, Judy Kay, 214, 334 Plunk, Loyd Carlon, 283 Plunkett, Pamela, 137, 160 Prewett, Deanna Poe, 283 Poe. James Redelle,298 Poe. Michael Atlas, 126, 163,334 Poindexter. David Stratton Poindexter, Stephen Lee Poirier, Timothy Robert, 145,314 Poitevent, Fred Owen, 95, 269 Poland, Anne Ferrin, 1 37 , 298 Polatty, James Marion, Jr., 145,283 Polk, Judith Ival. 299 Polk, Keith Newton, 3 14 Pollard, Barbara Ann, 132, 159 Pollard. Martha Cheryl, 299 Pomerantz. Bruce Ira Pontius, David Hoffman, III, 163.314 Pool. Robert Brooks Poole. Geri Ellen, 299 Poole, James Eugene, 88,90, 94,210,228,283 Poole, Rosa Josephine, 99 , 127 214.283 Pope, John William. 124. 283 Poplar, James Roswell, III, 145.314 Porter, Charles Francis Porter. James Edward, 228 Porter, Richard Alan, 283 Portera, William P., 101 Porterfield, Patricia Kay Portis, Robert Joseph Post, Mary Margaret, 159 Post, Richard Wheeler. 269 Potts, William Henry Potuk, James Nicholas, 134 Pou. Anne Marie, 126,201, 314 Povall. Hilda Cope. 283 Povall, John Kirkham, 90, 269 Powe, Carl Edward, 334 Powel, Laurie Jean, 175,283 Powell, Barbara C., 145 Powell, Carol Elizabeth, 172.334 Powell, Claude Daniel, 193. 334 Powell, Claude Harry. I 78 Powell, Laura Davis Powell, Morris Lavel Powell, Sanford L. Powell, William Stewart, 102.314 Power, Walter Van, 89. 128. 208,283 Powers, Daniel Garland, 90, 94.95. 102. 190,283 Powers, Keith Carlton, 190, 299 Prange, Mark Thomas Pratt, Rebecca Louise Pray, Patricia Gayle, 175 Prescott, Margaret Lynn, 201 Presley, Jerry Presley, John Rhett, 183 Presley, Pamela Ann Presley, Susan Thigpen Press, Paul Hans Martin, 126 Pressley, Cassandra Dale Prestage, Nat Wesley, 210, 334 Prestage, William Bryce,98, 283 Prestidge, James Joseph, 101 Prewett, Kenneth Edwin, 98. 283 Prewitt, Darwin Perry, 283 Prewitt, Davidson Henry, 210,283 Prewitt, Virginia Paulette, 93,314 Price, Allen Dale Price. Charles Henry, Jr. Price, Cynthia Stroup Price, David Gaston, 183, 334 Price, Gerald Taylor, 269 Price, Guy Hart well, 314 Price, James Grant Price, John Phillip, 125, 133 Price, Joseph Edward, 334 Price. Mary Margaret, 6 2 , 85.89, 121, 126. 156, 159.283 Price, Richard Allen. 1 25 Price Stephen Robert Primeaux, Lawrence. 145 Prewett, Margaret Lucius, 283 Primrose, Patricia Landry, 214,314 Pritchard, Deana Lynn, 2 14, 283 Pritchard, Douglas Alan, 208 Pritchard, John Earl, Jr., 178 Pritchard, Michael Eugene, 194 Pritchard, Thomas A. Pritchard, Tyrus Andrew, 208 Pritchard, William Hendrix, 210,334 Privett, Lillian Kinnaird Proffer, Jana Kay, 201 Propst, Ronnie Lester Prowell, Jean Carson Pruet, Ronald Burton, Jr., 210 Pruett, Kenneth Douglas Pruitt, Willie Lee Pruszenski, Keat Dennis, 334 Pryor, Alvis, Jr. Pryor, Kathy Lee, 160 Psillas, Edith Gwen Puckett, Richard Lee, 314 Pullen, Mackie Shirlene Pulliam, Mary Louise, 137, 140, 159,314 Pullin, Martha Sue, 105,283 Punches, Robert Ray Purdom, John Lucian, 204, 283 Purdon, James Stephen, 92 , 283 Purvis, Ralph Elvin Purvis, Warren Leslie, 92 Puryear, Linda Norwood, 175 Putman, John David, 145 Putnam, John A. Putnam, Sharron Dobbs Putnam, Sheila Sandra, 299 Putt. Larry O ' Neil Quam. David Gale, 334 Quarterman, Charles Palmer, 90,95, 104. 134,269 Quarterman, Susan Gayle Quick, Charles Michael, 183 Quillm Ronald James Quin, Wade Byers, 190 Quinn, James L.. 104, 197 Quinn, Perry Kenneth Quintana, Benjamin A.. Jr., 190.299 Quon, Daniel. 92, 299 Quon, Dexter Hong Wing. 314 Quon, Shun Wing Quon. Wayne, 334 Rabinowitz. Mark Phillip Rack ley. Mark Purdon Radford, Jimmy Wayne Ragland, Joe M. Ragland, Joyce Anedia, 299 Rag La nd , Neva Vane, 214, 283 Ragland, Randy, 190 Ragland, Ronald James, 283 Ragland, Teresa Gail, 137, 160,299 Ragsdale . Joan Dell, 2 1 4 . 314 Raigins, Kenneth Bell, 212, 283 Raines, David Stratton, 133 Raines, Rosemary Betsill Rainey, Debra Gay, 314 Rainey, Rebecca Hanks, 172, 334 Rajendra, H.B.M.269 Rambo, James Edward, 299 Ramer, Marianne, 176,314 Ramer, Rebecca Inez, 176, 283 Ramey. John Kimbrough. Jr. Ramey, Patricia, 214 ,299 Ramey, Susan Lynn, 1 37 , 146, 160.299 Rampy, William Moseley Ramsay, Robert Glenn, 269 Ramsay, Anne Brister, 334 Ramsey, Barry Rue Ramsey, Elizabeth Anne, 160. 299 Ramsey, Larhonda Louise, 28 3 Ramsey, Thornwell Lee Ranatza, Michael Anthony, 334 Randall, Everett Dement, 102, 314 Randazzo, John Walter, 334 Randle, William P. Randolph, Jacqueline, 201 , 314 Rankin, Gary O ' Neal Ranson, Edward Foley,269 Raper. Michele Madeleine, 314 Raper. Mildred Williams Rarick, Laura Lee, 184,334 Rasberry, Teresa Lynne, 126 , 137,214,299 Rash, Nathaniel L., 299 Rasouli, Kamran,283 Raspet, Carol Ann Raspet, Richard Raspilair, Howard M., Jr., 144 Ratchford, Martha Ruth, 189 Ratcliff, John Garrett Rather, James Wesley, 193 Rathinam. Jagadishesan Ratliff, Bill Guston.269 Ratliff. Bobby Rex, 28 3 Ratliff, Linda Murchison Ratliff, Roger Dale Rausch, John Reid, 207, 314 Rausch, Lucy Folkes. 126, 159 Ravelo-lnguanzo. Rosa L. Rawlings, John Cary, 163, 284 Rawlings, Maurice Scaggs, 92, 145,208,299 Rawls, Ella Dabney, 184,299 Rawls, William Fred, Jr. Ray, Catherine Ann Ray, David Glenn, 334 Ray, David Guy, 207, 334 Ray, Patricia Laverne Ray, S.T. Ray, William Lindon, 193 Rayburn. John Kent, 198 Rayburn, Samuel Thomas, 133 Rea. George Robert, 212.314 Read, Dennis Todd, 204 Reagan, Ann Ruscoe Reardon, Andrew F. Reardon, John Steven Reardon. Thomas Joseph, 45 . 60, 100. 193.284.382 Rector, Kenneth Bryan, 126, 212,314 Rector, Timothy Owen, 190, 334 Redmond, Ivory Redmond, Samantha E. Ghist Reece, Larry Paul, 299 Reed, Douglas Adams, 334 Reed, Garland Randolph, 228 Reed, James Russell, Jr. Reed, Jimmy Cecil Reed, Marion Heloise, 137, 160 Reed, William Norman, 30 , 31,57,59,85.89,90. 100,107, 118.204 Reedy, Maxie Glen, 132 Reese, Kathleen Ann, 284 Reese, Wesley, 207 , 269 Reeves, Donald Edward Reeves, George Kendrick, Jr., 299 Reeves Wilma Barkley Refkofsky, Pamela Ann, 2 84 Regan, Ronald Terrence Regel, Terry Lynn Reid, Edward Parker, 284 Reid, Edwin Forrest, III Reid, Kenneth Harlan Reid, Rebecca Anne Reifers, Teresa A.. 314 Reigel, Louis Melton, III, 132,334 Reinert, Bradley James, 167 , 334 Reitano, Dixie Victoria, 334, 382 Renick, Paul Renovich, William M., Jr. Respess, Gwendolyn Sue, 314 Reynolds, Bruce Spencer, 315 Reynolds, David Lee, 269 Reynolds, Harold Eugene, 145.315 Reynolds. Joseph Harry, 334 Reynolds, Robert Alan, 299 Reynolds, Robert Deloach, 190 Reynolds, Sandra Gay. 299 Reynolds, Thomas Upton, II, 335 Rhaly, Henry Crawford, 104, 106 Rhea, David Dewaine Rhea. Janice Lorette Rhea, Martha Deborah, 214, 335 Rhodes, David Rodger, 225 Rhodes, Donald Ray Rhodes. Jan, 189, 3 35 Riales, Howard E. Riben, Max Ricco, Felix Anthony Rice, Bobbie Mae, 335 Rice. Elizabeth Ann, 202 Rice, John Harry, 208 Rice, Susan Jean Rice, Virginia Cotten Rice. William Wayne Rich, Alton Bruce, 90 Rich, Eugene Carroll, 102, 299 Rich, Gerald B..204. 335 Richard, Earl Warren. 299 Richard, Marilyn Paulette. 335 Richards, Elayne Richardson, George Catlett, 167 Richardson, James Dee, Jr.. 284 Richardson, Lawrence Todd, 124,284 Richardson, Marion Leroy, 228 Richey, Jean Rand Richmond, Daintry Ellen, 175.315 Richmond, John Cleveland, 183.335 Richmond, Marga Seal, 105, 315 Ricks, Barbara Starling Ricks, Robert George, 89 . 90. 102. 107, 139, 143, 181,284 Riddell. Janet Maria Ridden, Mai Shaw, 2 12 Riddell, Melvia Anne Riddell, Susan Riddle, Raymond Erwin,270 Riddle. Stanley Boyd.98, 299 Ridge, Claude Alan Ridgeway, Patricia Ann, 176, 299 Ridley, Jean Runelle, 1 37 , 175 Ridley, Knox. Jr. ,2 04, 3 15 Riemenschneider. John B., 270 Rigby. Susan Scruggs, 105, 270 Riggan, James Ronald Riggins, Judy Carol Riggins. Paula Janice, 93, 96,202 Riggle Donald Lee, 1 37 , 299 Rikard, Ralph Miller, Jr.. 170 Riley, Celia Ann Riley, Gregory Lynn, 315 Riley. Jerry Dale Riley, Judith E., 137 Riley. Julia Nell Riley, Michael Gates Rimmer, Stephen Wales, Jr., 134 Risey, John Alfred. Jr., 124 Risley, Thomas Michael, 204 Ritchey. Jacob Marvin, 207 Ritchey, Marcia Faye, 126. 202,335 Ritchey, Mary Linda, 155, 158, 160,202,299 Ritter, Bertha Chapman Ritter, Judy Dell Ritter, Robert Merle, Jr., 145 Ritts, Ralph Spencer Roach. Brenda Ann Roach, Debra Clements Roach, William L. Robards, Rex Edwin Robb, James Alfred, 132, 335 Robbins, Larry David Robbins, Michael David Robbins, William Derrell, 315 Roberson, Laura Lynn, 160. 284 Roberson, Sherri Denise, 202 Robert, Armand L. Roberts, Anne Byrn,96, 175 Roberts, Belinda Barkley Roberts, Benny Jerryl, 284 Roberts, Cecilia Anne J., 137,335 Roberts, Donna Lynne, 159 Roberts, Edwin Hayes, Jr., 270 Roberts, Ellis Eugene, 127, 284 Roberts, Gary Lee Roberts, Greta Ann. 202 Roberts, John David, 299 377 Roberts. Lanie Thomas Roberts, Larry Eugene, 167 Roberts, Linda Louise, 137, 284 Roberts, Loyd Thomas, II Roberts, Mary Katharine, 137, 160 Roberts, Richard A., Jr., 181,299 Roberts, Richard C., Ill, 208 Roberts, Sarah Gay, 108 , 127, 159 Roberts, Susan Austin, 3 1 5 Roberts, Thomas B. Roberts, Thomas Michael Roberts, Toney Kieth Roberts, William Edwin, III, 167 Robertson, Donald Lee, 145 Robertson, George Ervin, 193,299 Robertson, George H., Jr. Robertson, James Thomas, 167 Robertson, Minns Sledge Robertson, Robert Henry Robertson, Thomas S., Ill, 183, 335 Robertson, Virginia Ruth, 137 Robilio, Marsha Anne, 159 Robinson, Anna L. Robinson, Cecilia Strong Robinson, David Wayne, 94 Robinson, Elizabeth Dean, 172,315 Robinson, Franklin Scott, 92, 101,270 Robinson, Garland, 299 Robinson, Guy Addison, 299 Robinson, Gwen, 93,137, 164, 315 Robinson, Joan Marie Robinson, John Steven, 315 Robinson, Julian BerneU, 101,299 Robinson, Katherine Helen, 159,335 Robinson, Kenneth L., Jr. Robinson, Larry Marvin Robinson, Linda Joyce Robinson, Linda Pilcher Robinson, Lucy Lynn Robinson, Martha Burney Robinson, Nancy Jane, 140, 202,299 Robinson, Sidney Atkinson Robinson, Stewart Craig, 207 Robinson, Thomas A. Robinson, Thomas R. Robinson, Warren Wilber Robison, Chesley Byron, 315 Robison, Jack Lewis Robison, Robert Woolen, Jr. Rochester, Laura Lee, 176, 315 Rodger s, Cynthia Ann, 20 2, 335 Rodgers, Rhonda Martin, 299 Roell, Charles Anthony Roell, Thomas Alfred, 284 Roemer, Charliene, 299 Roemer. Joanne Rogers, Celeste Jordan Rogers, Charles Rudolph Rogers, Daniel Berry Rogers, David Edward Rogers, Deborah Ellen, 127 , 202, 335 Rogers, Don Odell, III, 97 , 167 Rogers, Helen Anne, 184,335 Rogers, James Edwin Rogers, Jeffrey Burks, 10, 193 Rogers, Joseph Lewis, 181 Rogers, Leon Tyrone, 190 Rogers, Malcolm Carroll Rogers, Michael Eugene Rogers, Rebecca Susan,93, 96, 176, 315 Rogers, Robert Lamar, Jr., 134 Rogers, Steven Wayne, 132 Rogers, Walter Turner Rogers, William Austin Rogers, William Wyatt Roland, Harry Smith Romeo, Mary Jane Romig, William Anthony, 335 Romines, Jane Elizabeth, 299 Rood, Ralph Edward, 133 Rooks, Robert Ned, 299 Rooks, Willard Henson, 126, 184, 315 Roper, Richard Blair, 94, 95, 102, 104, 163, 284 Rosamond, William E. Rosato, Peter, III Rose, James Burson, 102, 106, 204 Rose, Jimmie Wilson, 1 34 , 145,270 Rose, Michael Henry, 163, 335 Roseman, Gary Harlan Rosetti, Tony Joseph, Jr. Ross, Betty Lynn, 105 , 184, 335 Ross, Carol Ann Ross, Ceola Ross, Daniel Franklin, 127 Ross, Elizabeth Lee, 175 Ross, Ernest Donald, 208 Ross, Harold Richard, 299 Ross, Ja mes Hal , 9 , 1 3 4 Ross, Lisa Sanders, 175,315 Ross, Martha Lynn, 284 Ross, Ralph Graeme, 208 Ross, Stephen Maclin, 127 Rosser, James Clarence, Jr. Rotenberry, Karen Ann, 335 Roth, Mary Theresa, 1 42 Round, James Burned, Jr. Rounsaville. Charles Hall, 207 Rousey, Dennis Charles Roush, Donald Howell Rousseau, Cynthia N., 284 Rousseau, Robert Louis, 284 Rousta, Hamid Rovelstad, Martha Kay, 202 Rowan, Phillip Boyd,98 Rowe, Patsy Anne, 184,335 Rowell, Paul Douglas Rowland, Danny Ray Rowland, Harold Allen Rowland, Laura Lee, 160,315 Rowland, Samuel Carson, III, 207 Rowland, Tommie Lee Rowland, William Murry Rowland, William W., Jr. Roy, Evelyn Virginia, 284 Roy, Sandra Boatright Royals, Charles Brookshire, 90,208 Roybal, Mario Joseph, 92 , !97 Royce, Richard Neil Royston, Jerrylyn, 127 , 315 Rubio, Antonio Francisco Rubio, Enrique Mafias, 315 Ruby, Roy H. Rucinski, Victoria Regina, 145,315 Rucker, David Andrew, 193, 335 Rucker, John Burton, 92, 193 Rudolph, Sanford Harrison, 190,335 Ruff, Guy Philip, 193, 315 Ruff, Susan Berry, 172,299 Ruff in, Charles Thomas, 190, 315 Runge, Roselyn Frances Runnels, George Donald, 134,270 Runyan, Rebecca Elizabeth, 93,96 , 126, 140,202, 315 Ruperd, Jack Ray, 143 Rush, Elbert S. Rush, Gus A., Ill, 193, 315 Rush, Hubert Lowry, III, 183 Rushing, Carole Ann, 270 Rushing, Michael Thomas Rushing, Ollie Lee Rushing, Shirley Mae Rusling, McCleland Taylor Russ, Elizabeth Anne, 176 Russ, Richard Weston,208, 335 Russ, William Burdette,208 Russell, Angela Jean, 335 Russell, Charlsie Lucretia Russell, Dave Alan, 92 , 102, 208 Russell, Debbie B., 142 Russell, Douglas Overton, 207 Russell, Earnest Franklin, 102 Russell, Eugene Wayne Russell, James Weeks, 193, 299 Russell, Jane Russell, Joe Wilburn, 190 Russell, John Hackett, 2 1 Russell, Mary Lou Russell, Meredith Russell, Merilyn Montie, 145, 159,315 Russell, Mona M., 315 Russell, Randy Herschel, 208, 335 Russell, Richard Horton Russell, Susan, 201 Russell, Susan Dale, 189 Russell, William Terrell, 299 Russom, Anna Louise, 127 , 214, 299 Rutherford, Wayne Sims Rutland, William Earl J. Rutledge Kathleen Becker, 175,299 Ryan, Diane Williams, 164, 300 Ryan, Garrett Patrick, 197 , 270 Ryan, John Michael, 190, 335 Ryan, Joseph John Ryan, Kathleen Emerson Ryan, Michael O ' Neal, 2 1 Ryan, Michael Richard Saad, Joseph K., Jr., 194 Sadler, James Allen Sadler, John Patton, 284 Sadler, Joseph Mark, 300 Sadler, Tommy G. Sahut, Henry Thomas Saile, Phillip Jeffrey, 163 Sain, Larry Thomas Sallack, William Alden, 300 Salmon, John Frazier Salmon, William Thomas, Jr., 207 Salmon, William Wilkins, 300 Salter Victor Eugene, 3 1 5 Sam, Suzanne Frances, 202 Samples, James Lanny, 124, 315 Samuels, William Palmer Sanders, Claude George, 181, 300 Sanders, Claudia Elizabeth, 176 Sanders, Donald Wayne, 284 Sanders, James A., 207 Sanders, Louise Lynne, 105, 300 Sanders, Marvin Lamer Sanders, Max Percy, 135, 315 Sanders, Ora Ruth, 300 Sanders, Richard Gary, 335 Sanders, Robert Evans Sandifer, John Pettey, 44 , 92, 102, 193 Sandling, Deborah Joyce, 26 Sandy, Suzanne Avent, 315 Sanford, Doris Jean Sanford, Jack Woodriff, Jr., 335 Sanford, James Robert, 315 Sanford, Larry Newton, 284 Sansing, Charles Alvin Sapoch, Paul Eugene, Jr. Sarkar, Tapan Kumar, 270 Sarma, Phanmdra Nath, 143, 145,270 Sartain, Ronald William, 198 Sartain, Ruth Carol, 315 Sartin, Gayle Pierce Sartor, William S. Sasser, Betty Susan, 176, 335 Satchfield, Cynthia Lynn, 189 Sato, Hideko Sauchelli, Nicholas A., 145, 212,284 Saucier, Ben Ladnier Saucier, Charles M., 181, 284 Saucier, Richard Michael, 98 Sauer, Robert Christian, 208 Saunders, Hubbard T., IV, 300 Saunders, Wayne Alan, 300 Sauter, John Pennell, 145 Savage, John Wilson, III, 190 Sawyer, John Emery, III Sawyer, Robert Lamar, Jr. Sayle, Isaac Whitten,284 Sbravati, Emo Clyde, 197, 335 Scafide, John Andrew Scafidel, Beverly Gwen Scafidel, Jimmy Ray Scales, Clarence Ray, Jr., 284 Scales, Lela Lynn, 284 Scanlon, Michael McKay, 178 335 Scarborough, Irwin M., Jr. Scarborough, Judy Lynn, 201, 335 Scarborough, Larry Keith, 335 Scarborough, Merrill G., 127, 189, 335 Scarbrough, Jan M., 1 1 Scales, Bonnie Sue, 300 Schaefer, Lauren Leigh, 159 Schaeffer, James Foster, Jr., 178 Schaffer, Jan Lisa Schaffer, Richard Bruce Schandorff, Mark Edward 207,335 Scharf, Rhelda Gay, 335 Schenk, Candace Delaney,201 Scheuerman, Cheryl June Schiller, Robert Everett Schimmel, George Brevik, 92 , 181 Schlosser, John Mason, 183 Schmid, William Arthur, Jr., 102,208, 315 Schmitz Christine Mary, 335 Schmitz, James Michael Schoggen, Shirley Faye, 300 Schowalter, Timothy Donald 194,335 Schrader, William Thomas, 315 Schreiber, Robert Wesley, 198, 335 Schreiber, Thomas Trevett 335 Schreiner, Diane Louise, 335 Schroeder, Susan Anthony 184,335 Schultz, Martha Karen, 175 Schuster, John Michael, 145 Schutz, Henry August, III Schuyler, Maudie Schwan, Sarah Lucy Schwartz Warren Mark Schwartzman, Deborah Lyn 315 Schweder, Virginia Lee Schweitzer, Bruce C., 144 197 Scialabba, Peter James, 124 Scibilia, Sondra Lynn 214 335 Scofield, Marion Lynn, 184 335 Scott, Charles M., Jr., 194 Scott, David Andrew Scott, Deborah Ann, 172, 315 Scott , Edward Logan, 145 , 284 Scott, Janis Marie, 89 Scott, Linda Susan Scott, Ronald Rayburn Scott, Sidney Patrick Scott, Susan Salisbury, 172 Scott, Tom Burkett, III Scott, Victoria Lampton, 189 Scott, William Ewing Scott, William Stephen Scruggs, David Arthur, 181 Scruggs, Robert Stephen, 124,284 Scruggs, Caroline Graves, 284 Seago, Donald Ray Seale ; Charles Stevens, 2 1 Seaman, Charles Wilson Searcy, Georgia nn, 137,202, 315 Searight, Candace E., 201 , 300 Searight, Judith Kilgore Searight, William Hammond, 167 Seat, Dennis Michael, 284 Seat, Susie Sheffield, 106 Seay, Clant M. Jones, Jr. Seay, Ethel Louise, 202 Seay, Sam P. ,204, 284 Segrest, David Ronald, 102, 210,315 Segrest, Linda Hudson, 104 Segrest, Thomas Louis, 1 34 Seifert, Dickie Louis Selden, Bard Edrington Self, Dolan D. Self, Hannah Anne, 300 Self, Terry Leon Sellers, Buford C., Sr. Sellers, Charles Franklin, 210 Sellers, Dana Elizabeth, 137,201,335 Sellers, Jeri Ann, 315 Selman, Robert Jeffrey, 190, 336 Selman, William Winsyl, 190 Seow, Jean W., 336 Serafin, Joel David Serio, Charles S. Sessions, Beth Rae, 160, 336 Sessums, Janice Dora, 105, 315 Shackelford, Berma Ruth Shackelford, Lana Joy, 127 , 145, 284 Shackelford, Rhonda Ka Shaddock, Jimmy Dale, 270 Shaddock, Joan Murphy Shaffer, Allen Lee, 336 Shah, Niranjan S., 270 Shaheen, Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen, Daniel Raymond Shaheen, William Henry, 1 33 Shalles, Siegfried Lee, 106, 139, 143,284 Shands, Rodney Edward, 270 Shands, Thomas Andrew, 102, 284 Shank, Terry Loraine, 300 Shanks, Kitty Lynn, 160, 336 Shannon, Jack Thomas, Jr. Shannon, Robert Jackson, 194 Shannon, Sarah Allen Shappley, William Louis, Jr., 208 Sharma, Raghunandan Kumar Sharma, Vasudha Ballabh,270 Sharp, Covington M., 167 , 315 Sharp, Deborah Campbell, 315 Sharp, Deborah Venable Sharp, Malcolm s. Sharp, Richard Gary, 178 Sharpe, Rebecca Dutton Sharpe, Thomas R. Shaver, Wesley Martin Shaw, Barbara Galloway Shaw, Barbara Kay, 315 Shaw, Delorise Shaw, John Fred, 190 Shaw, Judy Carolyn, 300 Shaw, Judy Strowd, 3 1 5 Shaw, Linda Dell Shaw, Jane Ivy, 284 Shaw, Robert Alvin Shaw, Robert Glenn Shearer, Cathy Jo Shearer, Robert Allen Sheffield, Don Wintford Shelburne, Martha Rose, 93, 160, 315 Shelby, Barbara Ann, 189 Shelby, Susan Hunter, 189 Shelby, William Ervin, 190 Shell, Claude Edward Shell, John R., Jr., 208 Shelton, Dwight, II Shelton, Frances L.,202 Shelton, Lee Edward, 167 Shelton, Lee Gray, 194 Shelton, Martha Irene, 1 37 , 164, 336 Shelton, Mary Corinne, 176 Shelton, Penny S., 1 76 Shepard, Carolyn Hollings Shepard, Dean Avery, 183 Shepard, Jack Austin, Jr., 101, 163 Shepherd, Clarence, M., 284 Sheridan, Charles L. Sherman, Nancy Louise, 316 Sherman, Sally Virginia, 137, 176, 300 Sherrard, Marsha Dianne, 201 , 300 Shideler, Marni Jo. 126 , 131,201 ,336 Shideler, Robyn Kay, 156, 201 , 300 Shields, Jessica Lee, 92, 160, 300 Shields, Mamie Shields, Lincoln, Jr. Shimkus, Wayne Anthony Shipley, Phillip Grant Shipp, David George, 207 , 336 Shipp, Pamela Anne, 189,316 Shipp, Thomas Walker Shipp, Thomas Wilson, Jr., 204 Shirley, Pamela Presley Shirley, Ronald Kline Shivers, Deborah Nell, 214, 316 Shoaf, Stuart Lee, 163 Shoemake, Danny Thomas, 167 Shoemake, Donald Kemp, 300 Shoemaker, James David Shoemake, Martha Sue, 300 Shoemaker, Richard Denam Shores, Janie Ledlow Shores, Richard James, 106 Short, Anne Blanding, 126, 172,300 Short, Jeffrey Clayton Short, Robert M.P. Shorter, Charles Dalton Shotts, Dale Alan, 300 Showers, Mary Marinda, 137, 175,336 Shows, James Larry, 270 Shrader, William Dall, Jr. Shreve, Sally, 96, 126, 156 , 175, 316 Shuff, Patricia Nan, 131 , 175, 336 Shuler, Laura Pauline, 336 Shull, Charles William Shumake Leslie Bowtin, 1 63 Shumate, James Foote, III Shurden, Stephen Clyde Shurley, William R., Ill Shyu, Shiah-Horng Siedell, Rodney Allan, 300 Sieg, David Wade Sights, Jere Matthew, Jr., 210 Sigler, Brenda R. Sigler Roscoe Earl, 1 9 7 , 336 Sigler, Thomas Burke, 336 Sigler, William McLemore Sigman, Leslie B., 207 Signaigo, Stephen Joseph, 228, 316 Sigrest, Cynthia Lane, 140, 175 Sigrest, Sara Marian, 175, 300 Sikes, Thomas Clifton Sill, John Andrew, 212 ,336 Simmons, Charles Patrick, 127 Simmons, Frances Ann, 142, 176 Simmons, Henry Guy, Jr. Simmons, James Michael, 210,316 Simmons, Ransom Isaiah, 102 132 Simmons, Ronald Eugene Simmons, Thaddeus Adolphus Simmons, Thomas Lynn, 284 Simmons, William Mark, 207 Simms, William Edward Simpkins, Otto Kent, 207 Simpson, Edith Jenkins Simpson, Elizabeth Grady, 175, 300 Simpson, Glenn Curtis, Jr. Simpson, Gloria Ann, 121 Simpson, Jack Randall Simpson, James Kenneth, 127 Simpson, Robert Lewis, 300 Simpson, Sandra Dale, 184, 300 Sims, Corlea Jeanne, 3,175, 284 Sims, Debra Sue, 131,184 336 Sims, Dennis Lawrence Sims, Frank Michael, 127 336 Sims, James Stephen, 336 Sims, Jeffrey David, 300 Sims, Lisa, 184 , 284 Sims, Mary Robbie, 176 , 336 Sims, Sidney James, 208 Sims, Stanley E., 145 , 300 Sims, Thomas Dale Sinclair, Susan Dennison, 270 Singletary, Britt Randal, 145,284 Singletary, Daniel Lee, 208 Singletary, Douglas B., Jr., 183, 316 Singletary, Lee Singletary, Martha Tatum, 316 Singleton, Katherine Ray, 184 Singleton, Venitia P. 378 Sinqley. Simon Jodie, 204 , 300 Smopoli. Charles J.. Ill Sisseli. Kenneth Ray. 190. 336 Sisseli, Nancy Parks, 137, 202 Skelton, Patricia G. Skinner, Gwendolyn Bonita, 300 Skinner, John Winston Skobel, Sonja Doreen, 175, 336 Skolf leld. William S., 1 67 , 336 Slabaugh, Stephen Lane, 193 Slack, Beverly Wayne Slade Jane Alliston. 106 Slade. William Calvin, 316 Slater Sally Anne, 189 Slatkin, David Joseph Slaughter, Valerie, 159,336 Sledge, Dwight Selwyn Sledge, Howard Wilson, 1S3 Sligh, Walter Strickland, 300 Sloan. Lynn Miller Sloan, William Troy Slocum, Dons McNary.284 Slovick. Joseph Anthony, 336 Slye, Robert Webster, Jr. Small, Edward Franklin Smith, Andrea Lea, 145. 336 Smith, Anne Claire, 137, 214,336 Smith, Barbara Anne, 160, 300 Smith, Barbara Denham Smith, Bert Lee, III Smith, Beverley Eugene Smith, Carol Ann Johnson. 137.284 Smith. Charles Denby, III Smith. Charles Lynn, 101 , 284 Smith. Charlotte Naola. 131. 164, 336 Smith. Cheryl Fae, 300 Smith. Cynthia Jane, 202 , 301 Smith, Cynthia Joy, 175 Smith, Danny Bruce Smith. David Lee Smith. David Lynn, 30 1 Smith, Deborah.93, 316 Smith. Deborah Lynn, 201 Smith, Donald Louis. 301 Smith, Donald Perry Smith. Donna Carolyn, 284 Smith. Doris Deveron Drees, 284 Smith. Doyle Preston. Jr., 28,92, 183 Smith, Edwin Rodney Smith, Ferr Smith, Ford Wooley. 44 , 6 1 , 100.102. 156, 167 Smith. Garrett Clay. 30 1 Smith. Garry Dale Smith. Georgia Kay, 285 Smith. Geraldine Williams Smith. Gregory Clark Smith. James Daniel Smith, James Edwin, Jr., 135, 163 Smith, James Marshall Smith, James Michael Smith. James Walter, 3 36 Smith. Jan Denise, 214,316 Smith, Janice. 202, 301 Smith. Janice Kay, 336 Smith. Jerry Howard. 301 Smith, Jimmy Lee Smith. John Albert, Jr.. 208. 336 Smith. John Robert, 92, 193 Smith. Juanita Sue, 30 1 Smith. Julius M., 301 Smith, Karen Ann Smith. Karl Levern Smith. Kathy Anderson, 1 37 , 316 Smith. Kenneth Morris Smith. Larry Alfred. 270 Smith. Larry Dearman Smith. Larry Todd Smith, Lawrence Clifford, 270 Smith, Lester Fleming Smith. Linda Ann Smith, Lonnie L., Jr. Smith, Margaret Anne, 159. 316 Smith, Margo Elizabeth Smith. Mark Provost. 190 Smith. Martha Susan, 1 04 , 285 Smith. Mary Zollinger Smith, Maxine Elizabeth, 184 Smith, Mendell w.. II Smith, Meta Wilburn, 1 76 Smith. Michael Dean, 181 Smith, Michael Edward, 3 16 Smith. Michael Rousseau, 197.301 Smith, Nina Burton, 2 14,316 Smith. Patricia Anne Smith, Reginald Kent Smith. Richard Joel Smith, Robert Brent Smith. Robert Bruce. IV. 127. 301 Smith. Robert Eugene, 336 Smith, Robert Howell. 101 Smith, Robert Louis, 208 Smith. Robert Townsend Smith. Ronald Stephen Smith. Ronald Victor Smith, Roy Lee. Jr. Smith. Ruby Diane. 140. 159 . 301 Smith, Sandra S. Smith, Sheryl Thena Smith. Stanley George Smith. Thomas Proby, 101 Smith, Timothy, 228 Smith. Timothy Wayne Smith, Warren Coleman, Jr., 204 Smith. William Bole, III Smith, William Harry. Jr. Smith. William Merdoc. Jr. Smith, William R., Sr. Smith. William Richard. 143 Smith. Wyatt Mabry. Jr. Smithson. David Neil. 190 Smothers. David Lloyd Smythe. Stanford Jackson Sneed. K. Incite Sneed. Richard Arnold, 285 Sneed. Robert Woodford.204 Sneed. Theda Mae, 336 Sneed. Tommy Clyde, 285 Sneed. William Franklin. 90, 204 Snider. David Houston, 336 Snow, Paul D., Ill Snowden. Leland Burnice.285 Snyder. Fred Davis Snyder, Gary Paul, 163.316 Snyder, Michael Eugene Snyder, Phillip Franklin Snyder, Robert Sydney, Jr.. 183 Sobotka. Clement John. Jr., 270 Solomon, John Wayne Sombunyaviroj, Rewat,270 Sones. Charles Ellis, 125 , 135,285 Soni, Om Parkash Sood, Mohinder Kumar, 143 Soper, Michael Graham, 1 33 , 194 Soria, Gilbert Craig Sorrell. Janet Ann, 316 Sorrels. Marion Jewett Sorrels. William M., Jr., 101 Souder. Albert Hallock Sours. Jean Gilbert. 172 Southerland, Sharman, 160. 316 Spain. Elizabeth Tisdale. 202,336 Spann. Richard H enry Sparkman, Lester Earl, 178 Sparkman, Michael Edward Sparkman. Thelma B. Sparks. Catherine Timbes. 137.285 Sparks. David Rowe, 270 Sparks. George Laborn Sparks. Judith Carol, 184 Sparks, William C., Jr. Spaulding. Robert Halden, 183. 301 Speake. Martha Jane, 14,93, 175. 316 Speakes. Julia Trigg, 175, 316 Speakes, Vera Made), 270 Spears, Roy Gene. 301 Speed. David Frederick Speer. William Patrick, 204 Speights. Amelia Faye, 3 1 7 Speisman, Leonard Spell. Harry Evers. Jr., 127 Spell. Jean Clark Spell. William Earl, Jr., 126.204 Spence. Mary Jo. 2 1 . 3 1 7 Spencer. Daniel Curtis, 285 Sperry. David Gordon Spiegelberg. Frank J., Jr.. 270 Spinks. James David Spoonamore, Barry Allyn. 198.336 Spoils, Susan Anne. 25. 93. 96. 172.317 Sprabery. Donald Lee, 92 Spratlin. Larry David Stacks, Gary David Stafford, Cherie Hona, 108. 127,285 Stafford. James Douglas Stahnke. James Edward. Jr. Stalcup. Seth Berry, Jr. Stallings, Danny Lee, 2 28 Stallworth. Clementine Lea, 96, 176,317 Stallworth, John Clement. 92.102, 104,210.285 Stanford, Margarila M., 127. 285 Slanford, Paula Jean, 175 Slanford, Sherri, 125, 127, 336 Stanford. Stephen Arnold, 194 Stanley. Charlton Sumner Slanley. Cynthia Lynn, 172, 317 Stannard. Vicki, 201 Stansberry. Sidney, 301 Stanlon, Elizabelh Jordan, 175 Stark, John Kunkel, 193 Stark, William Dean Starnes. Debra Lynne Starnes, Deidra Irene, 184, 317 Starnes. Joe Wilson Starr, William Dennis, 30 1 Stasiak. Katherine E.. 202 , 336 Staten. Gary Lee Statham, Pamela Lynn, 159 Staton, Elizabeth Rosser Staton, William Clyde, Jr. Stead. Alma Henley, 146 Steadman, Virginia Bell Steele. Barbara Jane J., 106 Steele. Michael Henry Steele Rebecca Lanell. 30 1 Steen, George Anderson Steen, George Everett, Jr., 101 Steen, Martha Susan, 146, 285 Steen, Ronald Gene Stegall, Earl Bevlin Stegall, Kenneth James. 317 Stegall, Martha Jo. 301 Stegall, Melba Elaine Stegall. Susan Fitts. 108. 127, 137,176.301 Steger Barry Craig Stehlin, Mary Cleary Steinberger. Bruce Paul, 336 Steinberger. Karl Roy, 301 Steiner, Kenneth Charles Steinriede. Robert Wade, 193 Stemen, John Victor. 128, 197.301 Stengel, Mary Matilda, 92 . 145. 164.301 Stengel, Matilda Margaret Stengel. Sally Ann, 160 Stennett, Janet Withers Stennis, Roderick Stephenson, Joy Doss Stephenson, Paul Houston. 44. 102, 193.317 Stepp, Deborah Lee, 2 14, 336 Stepp. Donald Glenn Sterling, Charles Edward Sterling, Georgia C.. 126, 160.317 Sterling, Ladonna Spires Stern, Gary Otto Stevens. Jack K., 1 8 1 . 285 Stevens, Johnny Dwight Stevenson, Leo J., 1 3 3 , 2 7 1 Stewart, Billy Hugh Stewart, Bradford M., 134 Stewart, Elna Kate Stewart, George Brunus, 285 Stewart, Michael Wayne Stewart, Thomas Hansell, 207 Stewart, Tommy Lynn Stewart, Varner Hines Stewart. William Clyde Stewart. William H.. Jr. Stiedle. Anita Jean. 137, 184 Stier. Richard Carter. 132, 144.317 Stigall, Guy Milton, 94 , 301 Stiles, Billy Rex Still. Leslie Wayne, 210, 317 Still. Malcolm Dennis. 210 Stinson, Leln Ellis Stmson. Thomas Reuben Stogner, William Wayne Stokes. James Paskel Stokes, Martha Mitchell, 93, 172,317 Stokes. Patricia Ann, 189 Stokes. Richard David, Jr.. 163.285 Stoltz Rosemary, 160 Stoltz, Wendel Coleman, 145. 271 Stone Addison Johnston, 204 Stone, Althea Mae Stone, David Alan, 126, 212, 317 Stone. Hoke Billingsley. 190 Stone, Janet Ann. 172 Stone. Jerry Clay Stone, Phillip Sessum. 145 . 301 Stone. Richard Paul. 194 Stone. Sherry Lynn. 301 Stone. Susan Elizabeth Stonebraker. Rita Eliz, 13. 24,175.285 Story, Mary Houston, 32, 184, 317 Stoutt. Vance William Stovall, Kenneth Lewis, 127, 135 Stovall, William Gilbert Stover. Robert Charles, 136. 301 Stowers, Elton Ronald Stowers, Pamela Oliver Strain, Benton Coiley. Jr. Strain. Charles Richard. Jr., 317 Straub, William David, 317 Strawbridge, James Bernard, 124.301 Strawbridge, Peggy Ezell Street, Robin Belinda, 184, 336 Stribling. Larry Alan, 336 Strickland, Frederick P., Jr. Strickland, James H. Strickland, Johnnie Faye, 301 Strickland, Merritt S., 30 1 Strickland. Patricia Ann Strikcland. Robert F. Stringer. Scott Carroll. 124 Stringer. Susan Lee, 336 Stroh, William Chandler. 271 Strong. James Randall, 301 Strong, Lawrence Dello. 106 Strong. Virginia Wilkerson Stroud. Arthur Ralph, Jr., 194,285 Stroud. Linda Diane, 285 Stroud, Sandra Lena, 301 Stroupe. Jimmie Carolyn, 30 1 Stuart. Alice Lynn Stuart. Allan Eschol Stuart. Ellis Carroll, Jr., 134.271 Stuart, James Burnham, III, 22S. 317 Stuart, James Keith Stuart, Jo Ann, 126. 137. 176.317 Stuart. Julia Gaylon, 104. 106 Stuart, Wayne Shelton. 30 1 Stubblefield. Nina Clare, 93. 108, 127, 176, 301 Stubbs, William Terrell Stuckey. Victor Edward Studdard. John English. 92, 100. 102, 193,301 Sturdivant, John Lynn, 132. 336 Sturdivant, Louis William Sturdivant, Syria Frances Sturdivant, Thomas Rogers, 317 Sturgeon. Paul Richard Sturgis, Gregory Thrasher, 190 Stutzman. Jacqueline F. Stutzman. Nolan.Kenniet h Styron, Jonathan Overby, 178. 317 Suares, Ann Marie, 15,142, 175.285 Sudduth, Andrea Willis. 172 Sudduth, Marian Ruth. 145. 285 Sue, Jone Mon, 125, 14S Sugathan, Kanneth K. Sugg, Samuel C., Jr., 193. 301 Suggs, Alvin, 336 Sullivan, Annette Irene, 286 Sullivan, Barry Stephen, 143. 194 Sullivan, Betty Louise, 214 Sullivan, Betty Rogers Sullivan, Charles Lester. 170,286 Sullivan, Darlene Dyar, 286 Sullivan, James Kenneth, 124.286 Sullivan. Michael Ward Sullivan, Raymond C., 204 Sullivan, Samuel R., 163. 317 Sullivan, Sherri Juamae, 202.336 Sullivan, Susan Owen, 201 , 336 Sullivan, Sylvia Diane, 127 Sullivan, Thomas James, 286 Suratt, Eva M. Suratt. Robert M. Surrette, Rebecca Carol, 317 Sutherland, Charlie T., Jr., 286 Sutherland, Cindy Sims Sutherland, Leslie Stuart Sutton. Robert Clarence Sutwala, Purshottam, 271 Swain. Mary Pamela Swain, Stephen Middleton, 145.286 Swaney, Molissie Lovelady Swaney. Scott Conway,207 Swayze, Philip Edmond. Jr. Sweat, Andrew Donaldson, 181 Sweat. Thomas Laney, Jr., 208 Sweeney, Edwin Thomas Sweeney, Thomas Henry, III. 178. 317 Swink, David Carl, 92 Swinney, Betty Ruth, 337 Swint. Jon Alan, 178 Switzer, John Robert Swofford, Dian Louise Swogger, Danny Ross, 317 Swords, Deborah Ann, 108, 127 Swords, Georgma Pace Sydapuram, Janaki Ram, 2 7 1 Sykes. I la Willmetta Sykes. Winnie Heliums, 30 1 Symons. Regina Reese Tabb, Grace Stickney, 172 Taber, William Russell, Jr.. 337 Szego, Steven Oliver Tabor. Lowell Stephen, 207 Tabor. William Earl, III, 135, 144, 145 Tackett, Alice Lynn, 301 Taff, Thomas Michael Taft. Gary Dwain, 198 Talarico, Demetrta Diane Talbert, Eugenia A. Talbert. Patricia Ann Talbot. William Allen Taliaferro. Lewis Lynwood, 207 Tallant, Cathy Dale, 137, 172.286 Tallant. David Louis. 337 Tallant, Kenneth Scott, 2 10 Talley. Charlie Ann. 159. 301 Talley. Merle Ray. Jr. Talley. Rik Kevin. 167 Tarn. Jan Tam. Lena Tarn. Steve Tam, Vance Tan, Yen Cheng Tang. Morgan Chi-Miao Tanner, Tommie Dennis, 145. 286 Tao, Li-Chiao Lawrence Tapley, Thomas Scott. 337 Tapp, Ronald Aaron, 301 Tapscott, Marilyn, 337 Tapscott. Melrose, 145.271 Tapscott, William M. Tarantino, Robert James Tardy. Thomas Walter, III Tarpley, Neil Adair Tale. Betty B. Tate. John Wesley Tate, Lemuel Hugh, Jr. .286 Tate, Melne Ann, 160 Tate, Vernon Adele. I 37 , 201,337 Tatum. Deborah. 175.317 Tatum, Dorothy Hargrove Tatum. Emily Wofford, 337 Tatum. Jon me Sue. 106. 124. 301 Tatum. Julien Rundell. 286 Tatum, Katherine Janan Tatum, Randall Mitchel Tatum, Tim Franklin Taylor, Alonzo H., 111,208 Taylor. Benatha. 337 Taylor Bobbye Bobo, 127 Taylor. Calvin Lewis, 2 7 1 Taylor. Charles Glenn, 183 Taylor, Charles Vernon Taylor, Connie Sue. 286 Taylor. Emily Ann. 201 Taylor. Glenn Gates. 163, 301 Taylor. Grady Milton, Jr., 301 Taylor. James Bailey Taylor. Jessie, 301 Taylor. John Harrison, 178. 286 Taylor. John Lee. Jr. Taylor, Kenny Wayne, 337 Taylor. Linda Catherine, 286 Taylor. Linda Ethel, 286 Taylor. Mary Alice Taylor. Michael Dwayne, 301 Taylor, Melvon, 94 Taylor, Nina Claire, 201, 337 Taylor, Patrick Powell Taylor. Richard Lynn. 132, 183.337 Taylor. Rodney Alan. 204 Taylor. Rosa Stith Taylor. Shirley Vernita, 3 1 7 Taylor, Sylvia Louise Taylor Thomas Edward. 1 27 Taylor. Wanda Jeannette, 137, 175,337 Teague. Patricia Mellor, 104. 159 Tedford. Dixie June, 286 Temple. Linda Louise, 214, 286 Temple. Merle Woodard, Jr. Temple, Robert Leroy, 183. 252 Tenny. Earl Wallace. 163, 301 Terracina, Charles Gene Terrell. Kathryn Dekalb. 184 Terrell, Robert S.. 302 Terrell, Stella Louise Terry, Charles Glenn, Jr. Terry. James Carl, 167 Terry, Joseph Stanford. Ill, 208 Terry. Marilyn Dent, 142, 184 Terry. Michael B. Terry. Robert James. 198 Tew. Mark Douglas. 90 . 104 , 106. 163 Thacker. Nancy Eileen Thames. Neill Newton. 204 Thames, Rhonda Lee, 302 Thaney, Terrance David, 317 Tharp, Cynthia Gail, 201 Thatcher, Janie Estelle Theis, Gary Anthony, 167 Theobald, Robert Davis, 194 Thibodeaux, Abbie Curtis P., 337 Thigpen. Samuel Grady, III, 194 Thomas. Annette Taylor, 302 Thomas, Charlotte A. Thomas. Cynthia Marie Thomas, Dennis Michael. 145, 204 Thomas, Elvis Lee Thomas. Jack Anthony 379 Thomas, James Edward Thomas, James Everett Thomas, James Ray Thomas, James Robert Thomas, James Talbert, IV, 193,302 Thomas, Linda Lorraine Thomas. Linda Rawls Thomas, Martha C., 94 , 286 Thomas, Michele B. Thomas, Pamela D. Thomas, Paul Stein, III Thomas, Russell James Thomas, Stephen Lee, 20 7 Thomas, Suanne, 302 Thomas, Thomas Raymond Thomas, Wayne Andrew, 167 Thomas, William Dalton, 124, 317 Thomas, William Preston, 193,337 Thompson, Barbara Jean, 337 Thompson, Brenda Gail, 202 Thompson, Carla Marie Thompson, Danny Albert Thompson, Deborah Faye, 140, 337 Thompson, Elizabeth, 337 Thompson, Erma Jean, 317 Thompson, Gregory S. Thompson, Homer Donaldson, 317 Thompson, I.D. Thompson, James Grant, III Thompson, Jean Rebecca, 1 76 Thompson, John David Thompson, Lawrence B. Thompson, Leontyne Thompson, Margaret Annette, 302 Thompson, Marilyn Kay Thompson, Nancy W., 286 Thompson, (Slim rod Gordon, 2 10 Thompson, William Jackie, 302 Thomson, Joseph Wilmot, III, 102, 208 Thorn, Nancy Baldwin, 137, 184,286 Thorn, William Woodtin, 197 Thornhill, David Laroy,286 Thornton, John Joseph, 228 , 302 Thornton, John William, 183 Thornton, Judy Gail Thornton, Julia Harmon, 85, 89,99, 1S7, 175,286 Thornton, Kenneth Jerrell, 98,271 Thornton, Nancy Helen, 172 Thrash, Gary Dale, 197 ,286 Threadgill, Leslie Lee, 175 Threet, Charles Lowell, Jr., 286 Threet, James Michael, 3 1 7 Threldkeld, Mildred Jane 131, 137, 176, 337 Tice, Richard Allen, 20 7 Tidwell, Barbara K.,302 Tidwell, Dwight Clifford Tidwell, John McCain Tidwell, Katherine McCain Tidwell, Rose Marie Tiller, Mary Elizabeth, 189, 31 7 Tillman, Drew Ives Tillman, Larry Jaubert, 27 1 Tillman, Linda Carolyn Timmons, Joe Blair Tims, Otis, 61, 317 Tindall, Edwin William Tinnin, Brent Bollinger, 90 , 212 Tinsley, Sammy Jay Tipton, Florence Bright, 1 72 Tipton, John Edward, 337 Topton, Nancy Carol, 93,317 Tipton, Raymond Ed, 92 Tipton, Stephen R.,136 Todaro, Michael Carl, 98 , 271 Todd, Charles Rodney 143 286 Todd, Henry Hill Todd, Lillian O. Todd, Terrell Lindsey, 286 Todd, William Richard Tohill, Jim Barnett Tohill, Margaret Stone Tokumoto, Timothy Taro Tolbert, Billie Eugene, 210, 317 Tolbert, Elias Lake, 2 1 , 302 Toler, Allyn street, 137. 189,317 Tomlinson, Anne Goree, 189, 286 Tomlinson, Judie Ann, 286 Tomlinson, Martha Nesmith, 127, 140, 159, 313 Tomlinson, Robert Lee, 2 10, 271 Ton, Gregory Alan Tondo, Thomas R. Tonos, John Michael, Jr., 178, 302 Tool, Dennis easier Torgerson, Barbara Ellen, 131, 160,337 Torgerson, Larry Donald Torrey, Burke Simmons Totten, Dan Clem, 126,170 Towery. Kaye H. Townes, Katherine Allen, 126, 184, 317 Town ley, Jenny Lou, 89 , 137, 164.286 Townsend, Bessie Kelsay, 127 Townsend, Huey L.,94 .9 7 , 183 Townsend, James Lamar, Jr.. 97 Townsend, Jeannene Ann, 271 Townsend, Phyllis Ann, 184 Townsend, William, 102, 104, 106 Tozer, Michael Merritt, 197 Tracy, Robert Gilman Trahan, Sara Bounds Tramel, Lynn Nelson, 193, 317 Tranberg, David Anders, 163, 338 Trapp, Frank W.,90 Trapp, Wendell Holmes, 95, 104,208 Travis, Patricia Ann, 159 , 286 Traxler, Donald Gene Trayal, Charles Motti, 210 Treadway, Stanley Michael, 302 Trest, Warner Neil Trevor, Earl Richard, 198 Trezevant, John Huddleston, 207, 338 Tribble, Anita Lou, 92 Trimble, Margaret Conner, 189 Trimm, Gary Allen, 98 Trivette, William S. Trott, Judith D. Trotter, William C., Ill, 13,90,133, 207 Trout, George Calvin Trout, Tom Roy Troy, Joel James, 338 Truett, Barbara Delynn,201, 338 Trussell, Pamelia Sue, 338 Trussell, Robbie Lynn, 105, 271 Tsai, Charles Ming-Hsiao Tsai, Wen -Chung, 2 7 1 Tsang, Cheuk-Kei, 102, 143, 302 Tse, Fook Mon Tseng, Herng Huei Tubb, Thomas Murray, 100, 102, 104, 106, 193 Tubbs, William Robert, 286 Tucci, Michael Joseph, 132, 145, 198, 302 Tucker, Ann Bowen Tucker. Barry Duane, 317 Tucker. Charles Edward, 302 Tucker. Christene Presson Tucker, Dan Tyree, 194 Tucker. Edith Louise, 137, 160,317 Tucker, Hilda Kay, 172 , 286 Tucker, James Gibson, 178 Tucker, Jimmy Mac, 286 Tucker, John Asa, Jr., 163 Tucker, Robert William, Jr. Tucker, Sue Ellen, 286 Tucker, Tracy Ann, 137,214 Tucker, Vicki Dianne, 3 1 7 Tuholski, Betty Jane, 317 Tumey, Samuel Murry Tung, Amy Shen Tung, Terry Tsu Kuo Turbeville, Michael E., 31 , 136, 204,286 Turfitt, John Tillman, Jr., 338 Turkal, Dennis Warren, 31 7 Turnage, John David Turnage, Lee Gray Turner, Amelia Anne, 176 Turner, Clarence O., IV, 338 Turner, Connie Price Turner, Eloise Nadine, 302 Turner, Gary Errol Turner, Joe Shelby, 163, 338 Turner, Joseph Kennedy, 208 Turner, Kathryn Lucille, 184, 338 Turner, Kirk Edward Turner, Laura Ellen, 317 Turner, Leonard Craig Turner, Mitchell A. Turner Sibley Neel, 1 63 Turner, Thomas Dewey Turner. Tommy Brooks Turnley, Deborah Jean, 1 76 Turnley, Deborah Jean, 3 38 Turnley, Marilyn Denise, 201 , 317 Turpen, Fred Medford, 3 1 8 Tutor, Hubert Lane, Jr. Tutor, Linda Caldwell, 286 Tutor, Phillip Lynn, 95,271 Tutor, Thomas Brooks, 208 Tuttle, Jerry Frank Tweedie, James Kenneth, 197 Twiford, Horace Hunter, III Twiford, James Rainer, 193 Twiford, Mary F. Dill Tyler, Daniel Eugene, 210 Tyler, Frances Tyler, Robert Hansford,210 Tyndall, Elisabeth B. Tyner, Thomas Ward u Ulmer, Jerald Leonard. 318 Ulmer, Larry James, 318 Ulmer, Michael Wayne Ulmer. Richard Edwin Umashankar, Korada Renu, 27 1 Underwood, John C., Jr.. 271 Underwood, Wanda Lynn, 20 1 Upton, Beverly Day S. Uram, Laura Ann Urrachaga, Eugenio Altuna Ursic, Michael Richard,210 Usry, Vina Lynn, 2 14, 302 Utley. Bess Ann, 338 Vague. Michael Pollard, 167, 338 Vail, Dan Smith, 2 10 Vails, Robert Wayne Valentine, Danny Morris, 338 Valentine, James Lee, 208 , 338 Valentine, Steven Smith, 126,210 Valentine, Walter Neil Valentine. William Dennis, 190,302 Valle, Miguel A. Van Buren, Robert Charles, 318 VanDyke, Laurence Lee Van, Norman Maurice Rutz Vance, James Scott, 163,302 Vance, Thomas Ray Vandervoort, Keith Francis Vandevender, Sallie S., 1 72 Vandewark, Jeffrey Allen, 167 Vandivort, Jane Putnam Vanveghel, Paul Francis, 302 Varnado, Richard Larry Varner, Brenda, 318 Varner, Henry Rogers, Jr., 190 Varner, Sebron Edward, Jr., 183 Vaughan, Kenneth Auten Vaughan, Linda McCormick, 302 Vaughan, Pamela Corine Vaughan, Ronald Joseph, 145, 302 Vaughn, June Ferguson Vaughn, Linda Jean, 3 1 8 Vaughn, William Thomas, Jr., 204 Veazey, Ann, 175, 338 Veazey, Burney Soloman, Jr., 228 Venus, Thomas Louis Verell, Karen Lea, 164 , 338 Verheeck, Kenneth Steven Verheeck, Sharon Diane Vermilya, Jeananne,202 Verner, Carol Ann, 189,338 Vest, Ellen Galbreath Vest, Mary Jean, 338 Vest, Pam,93, 108, 127, 176, 318 Vezolles, Sister Janet Vick, John Timothy Vick, William Frank, 145, 286 Vickery, Thomas Micheal Vincent, Cynthia Gay Vincent, Karen, 202 Vincent, Sandra, 172, 318 Vogt, Eugene Waldemar, 208 Voss, Hilton Noel, 167 Vowell, Allen West, 318 Voyadjakis, Homer Vrishabhendra, Madoppa, 271 Vye, Henry Kempenfelt, III W Wade, Ann Geraid, 175 Wade, Darilynn.93,96,318 Wade, Dennis Wade John Alexander, 2 1 2 Wade, Lawrence Douglas, 133 Wade, Myra Jean, 127,318 Wade, Patricia Ann, 184 Wade, Ronald Eugene, 197, 302 Wadlington, Bedford W., Ill, 318 Wadlington, James Foster, 914 Wadlington, Lamar Harris, 193,338 Wadlington, Martha Lenoir, 172,302 Wages, Sandra Lee, 99 , 176, 286 Waggoner, Robert Eugene Wagner, Brenda Roper Wagner, Jimmy Wayne Wagner, Mary Sherman, 9 3 , 96 , 108, 127, 176, 318 Wagner, Stephen Eugene, 92, 302 Waites, Kearney Brian Wakefield, Victor Reed, Jr., 338 Waks, Dennis Stanford Waks, Randall Del Waldron, Darryl Gar Waldrop, David Hugh Waldrop, Donni Edward, 2 10 Waldrop, Michael Eugene Waldrop, Rodney Wayne, 193, 302 Walker, Anton George Walker Beniamin V., Jr., 318 Walker. Catherine Walker, Charles Ray, 2 7 1 Walker, Chris Robbins, 127, 145 Walker, David Thomas, 318 Walker Delmar James, 302 Walker, Donna Hipp Walker, Earl Davis Walker, Franklin Neill Walker, Henry Allen, 145, 318 Walker, James Rayburn, Jr., 145,271 Walker Karen N., 302 Walker, Mildred Katherine, 140, 160, 302 Walker, Paul Louis, 318 Walker, Richard Boyce, 193 Walker, Robert Harry, 318 Walker, Robert Homer Walker, Rodney Wayne Walker. Ronnie MitcheH Walker, Rudolph, 338 Walker, William Archie Walker, William Edward Wall, Edward Rosser Wallace, Alfred H., 111,210 Wallace, Charlotte B. Wallace, Harry Raymond, 198 Wallace, Joan Allen, 286 Wallace, Madge Owens Wallace, Michael Edwin Wallace, Nelda Patton Wallace, Patricia Ann Wallace, Roberta Sue, 9 3 , 142 Wallace, Toby Mack Waller, Alma Joyce, 164,286 Waller, Andreth Hardin Waller, Shannon Earl, Jr. Waller, Shellye Kaye, 127 , 318 Waller William Mikell, 3 18 Walley, Ben Houston, Jr. Walley Charlotte Ann, 1 05 , 318 Walley. Euna Elizabeth, 3 38 Walley, Robert Wayne, Jr., 197 Walls, Eddie Martin, 302 Walne, James Austin, Jr., 163 Walsh, Charles Galloway, Jr., 128,204,286 Walsh, Rebecca Lynn, 1 06 . 318 Walsh, Sandra Lee, 184 , 302 Walsh, Sharon Elizabeth, 184,338 Walsh, Willie Henry, 2 28 Walt, Robert Dabney Walter, Richard Earl, 194 Walters, Mary Elizabeth, 137, 159,302 Walters, Nancy Hankins, 106 Walters, Samuel, 90, 92 Walters, Terry James Walton, Arnetchers, 127 Walton, Forrest D., 286 Walton, Paul Clifford. 2 10 Walton, Richard Perry Walzak. James Ben Wanasek, Thomas Joseph, 2 7 1 Wang, Jine Yang Ward. Charlie F., Jr. 90 Ward, Geraldine Elizabeth Ward, Janet Katherine, 302 Ward, Jay Weidner, 318 Ward, Joan Hilary Ward, Margaret Bryan, 159, 338 Ward, Nancy Susan, 338 Ward, Pamela Lee, 137,176, 338 Ward, Rufus Alexander, 1 78 Ward, Ted Jesse, 271 Ward, Theodore Finley, Jr., 18,204 Ward, Thomas Carleton Ware, Charles Chesteen, 58 , 118 Ware Jeffery Ann, 1 37 , 338 Ware, William Stephen, 183 Waren, Laura Katherine Warf, Claudie Cayce, Jr. Waring, Barnette Katherine, 93, 105, 184, 318 Waring, Doreen Haigh, 93, 159, 318 Waring, Natalie, 25,96, 137 , 172, 318 Waring, Sarah Lois, 137, 172, 338 Warner, Michael John, 136 Warr, Edward Leslie, 3 18 Warren, Catherine S., 286 Warren, Edward Taliaferro, 207 Warren, Jack Thomas, 286 Warren, James William Warren, Melinda, 93,137, 160 Warren, Robert Edward Warren, Sarah Ruth, 106, 176, 302 Warren, Sharon, 131 , 137 , 160 Warriner, Richard Warthen, George Adie, II Washington, Donald Clay, 302 Washington, Eric Steven Washington, Gary R., 194 Wasson, Carl Walter, 198 Wasson, Marcia Elaine, 159 318 Waters, Karen Arlene, 338 Waters, Margaret Warlick Waters, Michael Dudley, 170 Waters, Nancy Clio Waters, William F. Watkins, Charles Edward, Jr., 338 Watkins, Homer Benton,286 Watkins, Jimmy Watkins, Katherine Hope, 1 72 Watkins, Martha Jewel, 105, 271 Watkins, Peggy June Watkins, Stanley Arnold Watkins, William M., 156, 193 Watson, Edna Sue Watson, Lavanda Ann Watson, Patricia Ann Watson, Robbie Neal,338 Watson, Sheila Candace, 302 Watson, Susan Elaine, 338 , 382 Watson, Vivian Curtis, 1 7 2 Watts, Cheryl Diane, 3 18 Watts, Debra Louise, 3 38 Watts, Jacqueline Ann, 184 Watts, Ralph Estel, Jr. Watts, William Aubert, Jr., 207 Wear, Charles E. Weatherford, Jarrell David, 212, 338 Weatherly, Anita Elise Weatherly, John Stephen, 318 Weathers, Jon Mark Weathers, Peggy Anne Weathersby, Irma Pirtchard, 338 Weatherwax, Steven Leslie, 101 ,271 Weaver, Keith Wayne, 102, 104,287 Weaver Susan Ellen, 1 1 8 , 184, 318 Webb, Brenda Nell Webb, Carl Owen, Jr., 181, 287 Webb, Deborah Lynn, 137, 176, 302 Webb, Elizabeth Briscoe Webb, James Bartley, 183 Webb, James Ralph, 143 Webb. Jenny Ann, 318 Webb, John Edward Webb, Luther Wade, 207,228 Webb, Martha Frances Webb, Martha Scott, 96, 172, 318 Webb, Nick Alan Webb, Robert Wilford,207 Webb, Susan Lee Webb, Thomas Lowry Webber, Georgia Mae, 318 Webster, Cheryl Ann, 302 Webster, Hoyt Wayne Webster, Joseph Charles Weddington, Alex B., 1 26 , 204, 318 Wedgeworth, David Roger, 198 Wedgeworth, Ronnie Michael, 198 Weeden, Kenneth, 302 Weeden, Larry Darnell Weeks, Larry Marshall, 101 Weeks, Rebecca Lynn, 164, 338 Weeks, Sherra Lynn Weems, Lynn Peusch, 127,302 Weems, Cecil Ray, Jr., 302 Weems, Thomas Shriver Weese. Norris Lee, 228 Weiland, Richard C., Jr., 170 Weill, Ann M. Weill, Kathryn Louise, 302 Weill, Roger Marcel Weinberg, Philip Scott Weisenfels, Lynne Marie, 338 Weiss, Mary J. Weiss, Richard M. Welborn, Jesse Kent Welch, Martha Virginia, 172, 338 Welford, Cheryl McNeil, 1 37 Welford, William Edward, 287 Wells, Buford Graham, 167, 338 Wells, Dewey Lee, 198 Wells, Erskine Watkins, Jr., 90 Wells, Glenn Lawrence, Jr. Wells, Jefferson W. Wells, Kathy Sullivan Wells, Mary Taylor, 105, 184, 318 Wells, Rebecca Hardy, 172, 287 Wells, Richard Lee Wells, William Allen Welsh, Anne Canale, 202, 338 Welsh, Penelope Ann, 202 , 318 Wermeling, Jeffrey Thomas, 145 Wesson, Carolyn Faye, 287 Wesson, Vernon Vance West, Charles David, 190, 338 West, Felix Karr West, Garnett Bert, Jr. West, James Allen, III, 125 West, James Hilton 380 West, Sandra A. West, Sarah Barbara, 145 West, Shannon Mary, 318 West, Styron Gray Westbrook, Alton Gwynn. Ill, 190 Westbrook, Thomas F.. Jr., 204 Westbrook, William Verdo, 190. 302 Wester Dennis Michael Westerfield, Andrew Monroe Westerman, Richard W., Jr., 318 Westhafer. Betsy Jane. 159. 318 Westlake, Theodore N., Ml. 318 Westmoreland, Barbara Jo, 160. 338 Westmoreland. Frank Eugene Westmoreland, Nancy Marie, 318 Westmoreland, Philip A. Weston, Harold Charles Westphal. Gregory Alan, 14S Whatley, James Scott Wheatley, Joseph H. Wheeler, James Austin, 1 32 Wheeler. Jefferson D. Whelan. James Herman, 318 Whisman. Nina Reed Whistle Sandra Joan. 159, 338 Whitaker, Pamela Major, 175 Whitaker, Van Edward, 338 White, Alma Christy White, Andrea Ann. 184. 338 White, Curtis Norman, Jr., 163 White. Chester Kearney. II, 302 White, David Reynolds. 207 White, Elizabeth Virginia, 142 White, Freddie Gayle White. Grace Roseborough, 175 White, Ira Gail White, James Henry, Jr., 127, 198 White, James Lamar, 3 1 8 White, Janis Jean White Jeffrey Lafayette, 318 White John Carl White John Harris White John u.. Jr. White. Joseph Quitman, Jr. White. Joseph Ralph, 181, 302 White. Karen White, Katherine Lynn White, Kathryn Henley White, Linda Ann, 126. 127, 214,319 White, Margaret Carol White, Robert Blake, 2 3, 90, 95. 100, 102.104, 126, 204,287 White Robert Douglas. 212, 303 White, Sandra Lee White. Sarah Mitchell, 108 , 127 White, Shannon Elizabeth, 175 White, Sylvia Susanne, 137, 175,339 White. Thomas Gaillard White. Walter Douglas, 319 White Wilburn Ellis, 339 White, William Dan White, William Paul. 204 White, Wonso Geneveth Whitehead, Judy Carol, 287 Whiteside, John Craig, 105, 303 Whitfield, Diane, 126, 319 Whitfield, Edmond Lewis, Jr.. 101 Whitfield, Lottie Carr Whitley, Gay Wortham Whitlock, David Wayne Whitlock, Deborah Palmer Whitmer, Jim. 339 Whitnel, Sally, 172 Whitten, Amy Dale, 159. 339 Whitten. Charlie Burnell Whitten, Donna Jean, 127, 159 Whitten. Edward Lee, Jr., 178 Whitten, Gordon Thaxton, 178. 319 Whitten, Haerell David Whitten, James Lipsey, Jr. Whitten, John Wallace, III Whitten, Thomas Edward, 27 1 Whittington, Pamela A. Whitwell, Robert Quentin, 271 Wicker, Roger Frederick, 58,90, 1 18.210,303 Wicker, William Bratton Wickham, John Clifford. 319 Wideman, Yanden Humphrey, 190, 303 Widen, Robert Max Widner, Deborah Jean, 159 Wier. Phil Ford, 208, 30 3 Wiese, Raymond Christ, 102 Wiggers, Dorothy Dane, 175 Wiggers, Kathryn Ann, 175. 319 Wiggins, Elnora Wiggins, Pamela Sue. 1 84 , 303 Wiggins, Wanda Wilbanks, Travis Lynn, 137, 303 Wilborn. Robert Gary, 194. 303 Wilburn, Joey Lee, 271 Wilcox, Gerald John, 287 Wilcox, Teresa Ann, 319 Wilder, David Eugene. 163 Wilemon, William Roy. Sr.. 137 Wiley, Julie Annette, 142. 201,303 Wilkins, Janalee Holley,287 Wilkins. Lindy Diana Wilkins. Priscilla Ann. 159, 287 Wilkins, Virginia Grace, 106, 159.303 Wilkinson, Horace E., Ill, 204 Wilkinson, Jack R.. Ill Wilkinson, Jauwiece Mims, 271 Wilkinson. Jerry Ellis, 271 Wilkinson, Judith L. Wilkinson, Louis Simpson Wilkinson, Patti Lynn, 175 Wilkinson, Robert Morris, 102,204 Wilkinson, Ruth Cooper, 303 Willard, Joyce Ann, 339 Williams, Annie Celestine, 339 Williams, Arthur Pearce, 163,287 Williams, Bill, 145, 319 Williams, Bradley Verne. 303 Williams, Bruce Alan, 339 Williams, Carolyn Larnita, 303 Williams, Cecil Rhodes Williams, Charles Hartwell, 126, 183, 319 Williams, Charles Leslie Williams, Charlotte Bailey Williams, Charlotte Carol Williams, Cliff E. Williams, Daniel Timothy, 287 Williams, Danny Robert Williams, David Charles, 303 Williams, David Keith. 197, 339 Williams, Doris Jean, 319 Williams, Eddie Clark, 102, 144 Williams, Edward Groner, 183 Williams, Fletcher Joseph, 287 Williams, Gary Neil Williams, Harry Theo, 190, 319 Williams, Helen A. Williams, Henry F., 319 Williams, James E. Williams, Jeff Dean Williams, Jeffrey Taylor Williams, Jinnett Williams, John Bell, Jr. Williams, John Michael Williams, Joseph Rex, 319 Williams, Kathryn Fugate, 95.99. 106, 176 Williams, Kay Lynne, 137, 184,339 Williams, Larry Michael Williams, Mark Henderson, 190 Williams, Marshal Ney, 319 Williams, Martha Ruth, 303 Williams, Michael Wayne Williams, Patricia, 202 . 303 Williams, Peter Fairley, 287 Williams, Quida Dianne Williams, Rebecca, 137,172 Williams, Robert Doyle, 319 Williams, Robert R.. Jr., 212,271 Williams, Star Ann. 271 Williams, Sylvia Joan, 93, 319 Williams, Thomas E. Williams, Thomas Glenn Williams, Trevor Eifler Williams, Walter Charles Williamson, Ellen Mulvoy, 201,319 Williamson. Gary Wayne, 197 , 339 Williamson, Gerald Gail Williamson, James H. 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Jr. Zuccaro, William Hayden Zukick, Arnold Harry, 271 381 1972 ole miss staff EDITOR: Dan Woodliff BUSINESS MANAGER: Mike McDonald ESTABLISHMENT: Lauren Childress HONORARIES: Sioux Watson ORGANIZATIONS: Beth Livingston FEATURES: Julia Thornton and Nancy Johnson CLUBS: Julie Mines SPORTS: Dan Woodliff SPRING SPORTS: Josh Hall CLASSES: Jane Barnes ADS: Don Breazeale INDEX: Vicki Reitano CONTRACTS: Rick Gernert PARADE OF BEAUTIES FAVORITES: Sparky Reardon PHOTOGRAPHERS: Bob Wright, Jody Jaeger, Kirk Pil- kington, Jane Rule Burdine, Walt Mixon. OPENING SECTION LETTERS: Claiborne Barksdale (with the exception of pages 23 and 41 by Dan Woodliff) SECRETARY: Liz Edmondson SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND DESIGN ASSISTANCE: Mr. Irving Lloyd 382 A 383 Yearbooks may be on the way out. At many schools they have already been discarded. Ole Miss is distinctive in that she rarely feels the obligation or the urgency to conform to contemporary trends. This disposition has been both beneficial and detrimental. When an annual reflects, accurately and artistically, the people and events of a year, when it offers all students interested in yearbook photo-journalism an opportunity to participate and to learn, and when it serves as a directory to former student activities, it remains a valuable facet of university life. These have been the objectives of the 1972 Ole Miss. My concern is that the students and those people who will ultimately determine the future of the college yearbook in Mississippi will evaluate and appraise its contribution on the basis of these criteria. Dan Woodliff

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