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But for a few, we are found unprepared. Most we are given the answers before we are aware of questions which stimulated them, and so we confused. The University cannot be asked to produce Einsteins, Vincis, or Kants. We can only hope that it affords a in which the sincerely baffled mind can resolve through interaction with others, involvement with world, and confrontation with itself. Then it is a institution. Those who are with others A friend who will listen and nod or Shake a head and disturb the air and aid in understanding will too often be alone And those who seek silence in a silent universe will too often know the Of a free mind trapped by And quiet hands choking in the dark What is called the Ole Miss has many opportunities for escape: car, ear, foot, or Unredeeming Interest. Most often one of routes is chosen. But there are those who prefer to invest Sweet Aid in more beneficial pursuits, as a Sunday evening in the library. In the dim light of late afternoon the man is lying. Taped and strapped asleep at times often awake always in pain and you must walk softly, whisper. Do not Disturb his golden slumber of suc- cess and yesterday. In the window and through the door the light falls on his face—pied in pale colors, the kin ' s hop must not be too loud. Cancer, ulcer ruptured in his gut made of vast stretches of rail and pain and failure. And blood must be pumped Swiftly, and surely and always, you see to feed his dying losses , . . . I ' m going to take good care of Janis. Ain ' t no one going to dog me down. " Janis Joplin Along with the $250,000 AstroTurf, Ole Miss was able to support such fun and games expenses as 1) a chemistry building which has gone without major renovation since 1932; 2) the loss of several professors to other schools because of higher salaries; 3) a largely insufficient student union building; 4) last place in the state football tournament. One can ' t help but wonder if there has been a misplacement of priorities. 22 Our problem is relating. We—in Oxford, Mississippi—know very little of an environmental crisis. The few who read are becoming increasingly convinced of the urgency of preserving human ecology. Apathy implies a cognizance of the situation; we are still in the ignorance stage. It seems tragic that we must wait for pollution to engulf us before we muster the concern necessary for involvement. Art needs no justification, whether it is in the form of the human body, a smile, or the sun setting over the somber faces of the world. To laugh with stars seen in their height Forget the day ' s sad subtle ache Breath freely in the moon ' s low light And from the golden vessel take a dream or two for life and death, brotherhood, peace and all those who gaze not in this time at the face of a friend, who fear quiet footsteps in the night. 36 So shall we all be, soon and late Come to the window and see the faces in the street Huddled people caning limply down an icy walk Cold winds will fell them. Eyes that stare back and speak of the past. Wrinkled hands bent with pain that can grip surprisingly tight. White legs in rolled brown stockings, yellow teeth and meager, dry lips. A stale smell as that of a newspaper before the fire to dry. But they smile, there is a wisdom of many memories, a store in mind and heart, and feeling for you as you watch. standing what you face, for it is all the same. You too see others who follow. You remember that time when you looked forward to this age, to the time of freedom and laughter. But so often now there is a strong burden, and the laughter echoes hollow from somewhere far away. If you could tell them, hold them back and freeze their growth, for someday they will stand and watch you, and wonder why you take the pain to make your way. The face turns, unwrinkled Sees all sees nothing Sad mists that rise at sunset Low calls that warn the lonely night Like dreams the painful fault is touched But only felt, not known It can be heard in the long low cries in the morning As the people rise to die And all about the sound of pain and fury The silence of frustration Glancing off the mountains of the city Bounding in the valleys of the people Hurtlir)g wildly over the soft hills and plains Until it is lost afar in the green sea Covered in the dark fog Which the morning sun will lighten and burn away And so the closing eyes can see When daylight lies ahead of dawn Unknown, untraveled but in a dream Turning away, the faces moves on 4 the establishment To the Chancellor of any University falls the unpleasant but necessary duty of citing value judgements and priorities. The University of Mississippi is particularly blessed to have Porter Fortune acting in this capacity as its Chancellor. Both semesters of the 1970-1971 session presented an assortment of student problems, student demands, university policy crises, opportunity alternatives, etc. The task of putting it all together went to Chancellor Fortune. Top: Dr. Alton Bryant, Vice Chancellor. Above: Dr. Franklin Moak, Dean of the Division of Student Personnel. Right: Mrs. Margaret Lodwick, Dean of Women. Above Left: Kenneth Wooten, Director of and Records. Left: Whitney Stuart, Assistant to the Dean of the Division of Student Personnel; Bobby Towery, Assistant Director of Student and Tom Hines, Associate Dean of the Division of Student Personnel and Director of Student Above: The Administrated. Right: John White, Director of the Physical Plant. Below: Richard Popernik, Chief of Campus Security. Below Right: Ed Meek, Director of Public Information; and George Street, Director of Development. Dr. E. Ray Izard, President Dr. M. M. Roberts Leon Lowrey Milton E. Brister Ira L Morgan Dr. R. C. Cook W. M. Shoemaker M. Paul Haynes, Boswell Stevens Henry H. Hederman W. 0. Stone Dr. Verner S. Holmes T. N. Turner THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS, founded in 1848, is the oldest and largest division of the University. Comprising a varied and extensive curriculum in the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences, the College offers courses in nearly all areas of studies. Since September, 1952, the College of Liberal Arts has been engaged in a Systematic Development Program, the objective of which has been to provide facilities for a genuinely outstanding liberal education. college of law THE LEGISLATURE, by an 1854 act entitled An Act to Create in the University of Mississippi a Professorship of Governmental Science and Law, established a department of law to teach " the philosophy of government and science of law. " The School of Law, housed in Lamar Hall, is the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the United States. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and its program at the moment is fully accredited by the American Bar Association. The law degree entitles graduates to practice law in Mississippi without further examination. The School of Medicine offers the degree of Doctor of Medicine. It also provides instruction for graduate degrees in the medical sciences, and training programs in medical technology, X-ray technology, clinical radioisotope technology, and cytotechnology. The purpose of the School of Nursing is to prepare students for professional nursing participation in health services, provide the people of Mississippi with registered nurses of high professional competence, and to raise the professional and educational standards of the nurses already practicing. medicine nursing THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI from 1848, the date of its formal opening, until 1870 conferred the honorary degree of Master of Arts upon certain of its graduates who had attained intellectual distinction. Courses at the graduate level were first offered in 1870, and in this year also a comprehensive examination as a requirement for the master ' s degree was established. A definite program of graduate study with a minimum residence requirement of one academic year was inaugurated in 1890. THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, founded in 1900, is the third oldest school of the University, and the oldest engineering school in the state. The programs of study offered by the School of Engineering stress the engineering sciences and are therefore based on concepts rather than on equipment. These programs serve the state and the nation in five basic engineering fields: chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical. The purpose of the School of Pharmacy is to provide thorough instruction for students who desire to acquire the special education and training necessary for the successful practice of pharmacy. Graduates of this School fill responsible positions as community pharmacists, manufacturing pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, analysts of pharmaceutical and food products, and professional service representatives for manufacturers of pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical products. AS THE PROBLEMS OF BUSINESS have grown increasingly complex and increasingly related to social and economic movements, the need for persons especially educated to understand and to cope with these problems has grown. The School of Business Administration has devised its courses and its curriculum to be of use to the graduate who plans to find his place in a position of responsibility, either in his own independent business establishment, in employment at the administrative level in private business, or at a similar level in government. THE FUNCTIONS of the School of Education are the preparation of public school personnel and the improvement of educational programs and facilities. Professional courses offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study provide opportunity for pre-service and in-service teacher education. These courses are planned and designed to meet the needs of teachers, supervisors, and administrators who are directly concerned with education. By conferences, surveys, and specialized research activities, the School of Education provides avenues through which all types of schools may secure professional services. 67 The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps prepares college students for leadership positions in the Army. The Professors of Military Science and the non-commissioned officers carry out the training program established by the Department of the Army. As a part of the overall Army program, R.O.T.C. develops as leaders those students who display the qualities essential for officers in the United States Army. In this role of providing future Army leaders, R.O.T.C. is indispensable. Right: Army Sponsors are: (front row) Alice Justice, Betty Champion, Molissa Lovelady, and Yvette Callahan. (back row) Cancy Vincent, Carol Crews, Melanie Clark, Judy Horn, Priscilla Barksdale, and Debbie Fleming. Sponsors who are not pictured are: Barbara Martin, Lynn Rose Fillingane, Becky Blackwood, and Ethel Holmes. Below Left: But Sir, this is the tenth time we ' ve been over these orders. Below right: A good Army officer always looks tough. Top: The Army ROTC cadet leaders are: (first row) Bill Lester, Jim Chiles, George Fair, and Charles Ware. (second row) Dan Kauzlarich, Paul Moak, Billy Sherwood Nance, and Wayne Drinkwater. Above: The Army band puts on a typical Ole Miss concert. Top: Part of the Angel Flight is the impressive initiation ceremony. Above: Can ' t these guys do anything right? Right: Just pretend that you ' re smushing bugs. As a unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, the Department of Aerospace Studies focuses on training future Air Force leaders in scholarship, leadership and character. During the first two years, the academic work consists of subjects which can be described as instruction in air-age citizenship. The final two years places emphasis upon Air Force procedure and applied air tactics. Leadership drills and class work offers the Air Force cadet training in all aspects of air power and its importance to the security of the nation. Top: Drill is a valuable part of Air Force R.O.T.C. training. Left: Some Air Force officers are sweet and lovable. Established at Ole Miss in 1946, the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps prepares students for future naval careers. The program is designed to educate qualified young men interested in earning a commission in the Navy, Marine Corps, or their reserve components. Participants are classified as either regular or contract students. Regular students are selected by nationwide competitive examinations. They are under a Navy subsidized scholarship program. The Professor of Naval Science selects from applications received during registration the students who are classified as contract students. These students, like the regular students, receive during their junior and senior years a monthly allowance from the Navy. All graduates of the NROTC program are given commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps. Top: Bill Stubblefield and Shelby Rogers in the Navy ' s Flight Indoctrination Above: Precision is the key to the Navy drill team. 73 74 The goal of the ASB this year has been simply to initiate a new approach to student government here at Ole Miss. The feelings of the student body and their suggestions for improvements in our university were brought before the administration with a series of student grievances, student-teacher evaluations, and regular student-administration forums. The initiation of direct student communication with the Board of Trustees opened new channels of progress for Ole Miss. In a concerted effort to involve all races and nationalities of students in student government, the ASB has entered a new era of activism and involvement for Mississippi college students. Walt Byrd, ASB President Above: ASB Cabinet for 1970-71. Seated: Lila Neely, Duncan Gray, Walt Byrd, Paula Pryor, Betty Poteet. Standing: Wayne Hengen, Frank Johnson, Bert Strom, Jimmy Davidson, Pete Bloss, Alton Lewis, Gordon Hamlin, Paul Hust, Tim Khrein, Bill Edwards, Ed Peacock. Bubba Fratisi, Bill Reed, Sam Lloyd. Left: Walt Byrd, ASB President P resident: Walt Byrd Vice-President: Duncan Gray Secretary: Lila McRight Neely Treasurer: jimmy Davidson Hard work, intelligence, and progressive thought characterized the capable leadership of Duncan Gray who led the Campus Senate this year. Through bills including a request for extension of women ' s hours and women ' s visitation in men ' s dormitories during certain enforced hours, the Senate proved that the student ' s ideas can be brought to life. The law-making body also passed bills which adjusted library hours and promoted an effective system of student-teacher evaluation in an attempt to improve the academic atmosphere of Ole Miss. Other important amendments which were passed concerned black academic and athletic scholarships and black positions on campus. Perhaps the most important achievement was that Old Miss students saw an enthusiastic Senate generate effective communication between the student body and the administration. The 1970-71 Campus Senate officers: Debbie Pace, Joe Thompson, Mary Katherine Balch, Duncan Gray, Sonny Hartzog, and Lila McRight Neely. In the past the Associated Women Students has been a rather weak organization which sponsored such projects as bridal shows and cake walks. This year ' s reorganization, initiated by President Sandra Harmon Strom, included the addition of A.W.S. Directors. This new leadership brought about a more relevant direction in A.W.S. affairs with emphasis placed upon the changing ideas of Ole Miss women. With the hope of guiding the future A.W.S., a survey was conducted in which a surprising 68 per cent of the girls on campus responded. Above left: A.W.S. President Sandra Harmon Strom. Above: Visiting speaker Mrs. Johnny Carson. Left: The A.W.S. Council members are front row Angelita Delgadillo, Margaret and Marsha Brown. Second row members include Phyllis Townsend, Sandra Strom, Candy Searight, and Margaret Price. Above left: Serving on the Judicial Council are Chairman Angelita Delgadillo and her committee from left to right are Pat Ramey, Kathy Burkhalter, Phyllis Townsend, and Paula Pryor. Above right: Miss Judy Trott, AWS Advisor, gives President Strom a few pointers. Above: The positions of AWS Directors were filled by Debbie Bothe, Nancy Johnson, Mary Katherine Balch, and Sally Nash. Above: The main editors are Otis Tiros, News; Sparky Reardon, Front Page Editor; and Patsy Brumfield, Editor. Right: The Editor for the 1970-71 Daily Mississippian is Bo Bo Champion. Bottom: Bruce Besty Bramlett, and Bill Beid, Business Manager headed the Department. Not Pictured: Chip Westbrook. The 1970-71 Daily Mississippian, edited by Bo Bo Champion, continued to print the news of the small world of Ole Miss. Publication of a daily newspaper is an undertaking which involves long hours of hard work. The Daily Mississippian is the only regularly printed daily newspaper in the state. It serves as a proving ground for journalism majors and other interested students. In addition the daily publication also serves as a sounding block for Ole Miss ' minority of aware students and perennial columnist Mrs. Patricia K. Fawcett. Above: Reporters are Berkley Hudson, Ann Leftwich, Steve Bailey, and Lester McAlister. Below: Sports Editors are Buddy Bynum; Tim Kriehn, Sports Editor; and Dudley Marble. Elisha Archie Manning III Walter Redding Byrd Duncan Montgomery Gray Ill Sandra Harmon Strom Walterine Louise Permenter William Wayne Drinkwater Stephen Charles Edds whos who Mary Besty Bellande Rhonda Boyd Pamela Butts Walt Byrd Angelita Delgadillo Wayne Drinkwater Steve Edds Julie Farr Janet Graves Duncan Gray Chellie Furr Gordon Hamlin Don Kilgore Steve Guyton Sam Lloyd Shelby McKey Alton Lewis Floyd Melton Archie Manning Susie Long Marshall Lila McRight Neely Paul Moak Jeanne Montgomery Betty Poteet Karen Oakes Walterine Permenter Bill Reid Not Pictured: Linda Crawford Larry Morgan Jane Sullivan Cindy Savage Sandra Harmon Strom Mark Tew Berkley Traughber Robert Walker Sammy Walter Don Walton omicron delta kappa leadership scholarship Row 1: Bill Ashford, Rhett Atkinson, Robert Bailey, Francis Gerald Burnett. Row 2: BoBo Champion, Charles Clark, Jimmy Davidson, Wayne Drinkwater, George Fair, Gordon Hamlin, Jim Hardin, Kent Howell. Row 3: Don Kilgore, Shelby McKey, Floyd Melton, Jim Moore, Kirkham Povall, Chuck Quarterman, Lee Randall. Row 4: Bruce Rich, Jim Roberts, Bill Sneed, Mark Tew, Sammy Walters. Row 5: Don Walton, Erskine Wells. phi eta sigma freshman Row 1: Greg Brewer, Craig Brewer, Jim Brock, Charles Alex Canova, Gordon Castleberry, Charles Clark, Harmon Wildfred Cox, Anselm Joseph Dees, Jr. Row 2: Danny Dickey, Lawrence Clark Dilley, Wayne Drinkwater, Bert Ehrhardt, John Flowers, John Pierce Floyd, Allen Wilburn Glisson, Jr. Row 3: John Gough, Randy Graves, Steve Guyton, Gordon Hamlin, Robert Humphreys, Fred Jones, Andrew Kasper, Peter Law, Gary Michael Maholm, Troy Mashburn. Row 4: John McGee, Shelby McKey, Jim Moore, Lee Randall, Bill Reid, George Ricks, Ken Roberts, Richard Roper, Jim Rose. Row 5: Dave Russell, Thomas Shands, Gustav Arthur Taylor, Mark Tew, Tommy Vinson, Don Walton, Keith Wayne Weaver. Row 6: Robert Wilkinson, Andrew Wong. alpha epsilon delta pre-medical Row 1: Bill Ashford, Jim Brock, Steve Ellis. Row 2: Steve Guyton, Jerry King, Jim Lauderdale. Row 3: Bill Payne, Jerry Pettit, Mike Posey, Kenneth Roberts. Row 4: Franklin Scott Robinson, Guy Rowland, Dave Russell, Preston Smith, Walker Swaney. Row 5: Tommy Vinson, Sammy Walters, Henry David Wood, Hallye Zerunger. alpha lambda delta freshmen Row 1: Jonnell Baker, Judith Anne Beckman. Row 2: Donna Ruth Edwards, Mary Jo Funderburk. Row 3: Pamela Jane Honeycutt, Lilly Joe, Patricia Jones, Dorothy Louise Langhofer, Martha Ruth Lewis. Row 4: Frances Palmer, Sue Ramey, Elayne Richards, Betty Ann Robinson, Candy Searight. Row 5: Ruby Diane Smith, Ann Tucker, Pat Wade, Arlette Carol Wilson, Betsy Ann Wong. beta alpha psi accounting Row 1: Ronnie Aldridge , Joyce Lynn Banks, Jesse Gilbert Bergeron. Row 2: Grey Brewer, Craig Brewer, Larry Carnell, Charles Clark. Row 3: Linda Crawford, Sam Flint, David Gleason, Bill Hathorn, Jim Johnson. Row 4: Rebecca Sue Legge, Van Malone, Jim Moore, Dalton Mounger. Row 5: Happy Pierce, Dan Powers, Dan Rabinowitz, Bill Reid. Row 6: Bruce Rich, Don Scott, Don Walton, David Wilder. beta gamma sigma men and women commercial and business honorary Row 1: John Gough. Row 2: Rebecca Sue Legge, Henry Palmer. Row 3: Lee Randall. cwens sophomore women ' s honorary Row 1: Brenda Sue Bell, Debbie Bothe, Carole Butler. Row 2: Susue Donahue, Donna Edwards, Barbara Elliston, Mary Jo Funderburk. Row 3: Jan Galey, Laurie Gatewood, Marilyn Hemphill, Ellen Ireland, Linda Jobe. Row 4: Patricia Jones, Linda Kolwyck, Dottye Langhofer, Martha Lewis, Laurie Longacre. Row 5: Polly Moak, Lucy Moore, Pat Ramey, Betty Ann Robinson. Row 6: Cindy Searight, Phyllis Townsend, Pat Wade. delta sigma pi Row 1: Ronnie Aldridge. Row 2: Craig Brewer, Ralph David Crum, John Gough. Row 3: Stephen Grace, William Gresham, Godired Hennig, Ralph Jennings, Hooper Jones. Row 4: Don Kilgore, Ben Kimbrough, Warren Ludlam, Troy Mashburn, W. M. McDonald. Row 5: Paul Moak, Jim Moore, Timothy Pace, Fred Poitevent. mortar board outstanding senior women Row 1: Marilyn Bailey, Mark Kirk Baskin. Row 2: Nan Buford, Pamela Butts, Angelita Deldadillo. Row 3: Julie Farr, Chellie Furr, Nancy Melissa Hankins, Louise Hendricks, Dianne Logan. Row 4: Ann McInnis, Jeanne Montgomery, Nancy Norman, Karen Oakes, Gwen Oneal. Row 5: Walterine Perminter, Cindy Savage, Lillian Toney. order of omega Row 1: Rhett Atkinson, BoBo Champion. Row 2: Jimmy Davidson, Wayne Drinkwater, George Fair, Kirk Povall. Row 3: Bill Reid, Bill Sneed, Tommy Vinson. Row 4: Don Walton, Sammy Walters, Erskine Wells. phi kappa phi Row 1: Rhett Atkinson, James Brock, Gordon Hamlin. Row 2: Rebecca Sue Legge, Jim Prewitt, Cynthia Sue Richardson, Jane Sullivan. Row 3: Mark Tew, Janis Sue Wooly, Wayne Drinkwater, Richard Lamar Forman, Melissa Han kins. Row 4: Mike Harrison, Tridib Kumar Mittra, Karen Oakes. Row 5: Carol June Phillips, Chuck Quarterman. phi mu epsilon Row 1: Rhett Atkinson, Pamela Butts. Row 2: Sailendra Nath Chatterjee, John Flowers, Susan Freel, Gordon Hamlin. Row 3: Melissa Hankins, Margaret Elizabeth Hook, Donna Sue McKey, Karen Oakes. Row 4: Linda Ann Patterson, Georgia Stratton, Mark Tew, Lillian Toney, Tommy Vinson. Row 5: Dorothy Anne Ward, Andrew Wong, Janis Sue Wooly. tau beta pi engineering Row 1: William Fred Early. Row 2: William Gay Flautt, Kent Howell, James Ottis Prewitt. Row 3: William Herman Rigby, Larry Alan Roe. Row 4: Robert Daniel Smith, Mark Tew. phi gamma nu pharmacy honorary Row 1: Mary Catherine Broyles, Rita Courson Crocker, Barbara Jane Dyre, Annie Ruth Fleming, Susan Diane Eddins, Dinah Gail Gross. Row 2: Jo Lynn Holley, Jean Wing Joe, Helen Jue, Margaret Dee King, Claire Ann Latture, Carol Nations, Mary Pittman. Row 3: Martha Sue Pullin, Martha Jewel Watkins, Catheryn Jean Wong, Patricia Jack Wong. kappa epsilon Row 1: Margaret Lucy Becker, Barbara J. Carole Jean Butler. Row 2: Mary Catherine Dyre, Betsy Fancher, Martha Jane Ivy, Claire Luebke. Row 3: Ruth Anne Murphy, Lynn Parks, Beverly Stechmann, Kathryn Williams, Arlette Carol Wilson. scabbard and blade Row 1: Barry Carlisle, James Williams Chiles. Row 2: Wayne Drinkwater, John Flowers, Pat Garrigan, David Charles Gordon Hamlin, Lionel Henderson, Ronnie Dale Hicks. Row 3: Hooper Jones, James Patrick King, Alton Lewis, Paul Moak, Kirkam Povall, Bill Reed, George Ricks. Row 4: James Townsend. sigma alpha iota music fraternity Row 1: Susan Broom, Helen Herrington, Patricia Jones, Dianne Logan. Row 2: Cande McNally, Sarah Gay Linda Segrest, Cherie Stafford. Row 3: Deborah Swords, Carey Sue Sykes. Officers for the A.I.Ch.E. are William Fred Early II, Assistant Treasurer; Theodore Senften, President; Robert D. Smith, James Barron Caulfield, Secretary; and Donald K. McNeely, Vice President. Not Pictured: Dr. Leland F. Roy, Sponsor. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Chapter is a professional organization providing students with a chance to actively participate in the professional aspects of their training while in school. At monthly meetings we strive to inform our chemical engineering students of matters with which they will face upon graduation by bringing to our department well-versed men of the chemical engineering profession and by having professors of our own department and the Engineering School come and speak at our meetings. As a service to our students, we operate a student lounge; as a social organization, we generally have two parties a year. A.I.Ch.E. provides information of graduate programs and acquires handbooks for our students. We have approximately forty members in A.I.Ch.E. and we have an average attendance of about twenty per meeting. We have a very active chapter, and have voted ourselves as one of the top ten most active in the United States. Members include (seated) Charles E. Tucker, Daniel 0. Fox, Jr., Henry A. Walker, Nancy T. Goodman, Suzanne Herring, Robin Herring, James 0. Prewitt—Chairman, and Michael R. Long—Treasurer. Standing: Ralph C. McCrory, Harry Y. Doo, Douglas B. Thorburn, Matthew L. Mark D. Tew, Ronald P. Churchwell, Leslie A. Bennett, Marvin L. Carraway—Vice Chairman and John W. Eadie, Peter Law, Daniel K. Allgood, 0. Chester Dunaway, Richard W. Elliott, William L. Lyon, Lynn J. Robbins, Professor Robert A. Herring—IEEE Robert A. White, William E. Napier, Terry L. Lacoss, W. Harrell Freeman, and Steve M. Marks. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a national professional society for electrical engineers. The aim of the Ole Miss Student Branch is to foster fellowship and professional development in the field of electrical engineering and allied areas. The IEEE has regular monthly meetings, to which they frequently invite well-known speakers. They aid in the preparation of Engineering Day and have regularly planned social events also. Some of the regular meetings are dinner meetings. One annual event is the joint meeting in Oxford with Memphis Section. IEEE also sends representatives to the IEEE Regional Student Convention, which is held at the of this year. First Row: Emile Gex, Michael Bridge, Sidney Doyle, Connie Bourgoeis, Clyde Cook, Jack Thomas. Second Row: Wallace Heggie, Ronnie Woody Sample, Roy Benbow, Jimmie Gouras, Dee Graeber, Stan Symthe. Third Row: Randy Kelley, Wayne Grafton, Dan Ashlin, Bill Renovich, Bill West, Shabbir Olea. Fourth Row: Don Boiken, Gary Roberts, Jeff Smith, Miller Hartzog, Charles Streicher, Richard Lewis. Fifth Row: Richard Rapp, Dan Shaiheen, Phil Armor, Lucien Bourgoeis, Mike Person, Brent Tinnen. The Association of Urban and Community Planners, made of graduate students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree program under the Department of City Planning, furthers planning interests in Mississippi and at the University. During this year the students have gained added experience by conducting a land use survey of the commercial areas in Oxford. A study of the transportation flow in the University also was undertaken. Advisors and officers of the Association of Urban Planners are (First Row): Michael Bridge, Professor; Clyde E. Cook, Department Chairman; Sidney Doyle, Professor. (Second Row): Wayne Grafton, Sec-Treas; Dan A shlin, Vice-President; Lucien Bourgoeis, Grad. Council Rep.; Richard Lewis, band Gail in top form at the Gator Bowl. The Band gives support at Rebel Games. A real taste of Rebel Spirit. Dr. James S. Ferguson—director of the Ole Miss Band. The Rebel band shows field formations. My girdle ' s killing me. One Rebel seems not too happy with the field leadership. Rebelettes do their thing at the Gator Bowl. About face—forward march! The Baptist Student Union is an organization of Baptist youth in higher institutions of learning, designed with the purpose of helping college students grow in their relations with Christ. Membership in BSU is gained by joining the local Baptist church or any unit of church activity such as Sunday School, Training Union, or Brotherhood. While the BSU functions in and through the local church, it centers its planning and leadership in an Executive Council on campus. Any Baptist student may be nominated for this council. The BSU also functions through the Mississippi Baptist Student Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention in worldwide activities. Through daily devotionals, weekly luncheons, purposeful dialogue, and Christian lives, the Baptist Student Union serves the college community and strives to make Christ more alive on the campus. Members of the Executive Council include, Sitting: Peggy Debord, Social Chairman; Steve McNeely, President; and Peggy Barnett, Chairman. Standing: Mary Katherine Balch, Worship Chairman; Pam Honeycutt, Evangelism Chairman; Johnny Joe, Vice President; Woody Barham, Assistant Director; Rev. David Hicks, Director; Marsha Metts, Secretary; Ann Lumpkin, Mission Chairman; and Jim Brock, Study Chairman. Executive Committee for the 1970-1971 Committee are First Row: Margaret Price, Hospitality Chairman; Charley McCool, Co-Chairman; Lynn Fry, Co-Chairman; Margaret Hook, Secretary. Second Row: David Shreve, Membership Chairman; Charles Clark, Convocation Chairman; Richard Hendrick, Publicity Chairman; David Jones, Discussion and John McGee, Vice Chairman. The Committee as it begins work on a spring convocation. The Committee of 100, working through the Department of Religious Life is not a religious organization per se, but is an organization of one-hundred student leaders representing all areas of campus life to provide the Ole Miss student a chance to broaden his knowledge in the various areas of religion. The Committee of 100 refers to itself as the public relations committee in the area of religion. The visiting speakers are noted and provocative theologians, writers, and scholars who through their lectures and the discussion groups stimulate thought concerning religious and " value " issues relevant to modern life. singers The " Group " was formed six years ago by Dr. James Coleman, Chairman of the Music Department, for the purpose of entertaining civic clubs and organizations throughout the state. Since its formation, " The Group " has not only performed for hundreds of civic groups and University organizations, but has entertained at Expo ' 67, and in the Spring of 1969, made professional USO Tour of Europe singing for our servicemen in Germany. Plans are now underway for a similar USO Tour of Southeast Asia next year. " The Group " also works closely in conjunction with the recruiting division of the University by traveling to high schools and junior colleges all over Mississippi, singing and promoting Ole Miss. This professional troupe is composed of twelve singers and four musicians and are under the direction of Miss Eva Aultman. THE GROUP—Seated: Danny Lyons, Becky Rogers, Martha Houston, Charles Abraham, Nina Stubblefield, Donna Whitten, Diane Dallas, Ken Ellis. Standing: Harvey Leslie, Ike Trotter, Vicki Page, Joe Ard, Janet Graves, Warren Halliday, Dick Martin. CONCERT SINGERS—First Row: Linda Purvis, Judy Anders, Susie Noble, Susan Owen, Martha Ratchford, Pam Vest, Donna Whitten, Rosa Poole, Sally Moore, Chellie Furr. Second Row: Cheie Stafford, Nevelyn Moore, Rovin Herring, Sharon Beasley, Nina Stubblefield, Helen Herrington, Martha Neilson, Gayle Waldrop, Patricia Jones, Ike Trotter, Ralph Purvis, Warren Halliday. Third Row: Jim Moore, Princeton Miller, Earl Green, Ken Ellis, Ronny Harper, Jackie Horner, Bill Meyers, Dick Martin, Stuart McGlown, Danny Lyons, John Cleveland, Larry Smith, Charlie Sones. Not Pictured: Cynthia Furr The Financiers Club brings together students for the interchange of ideas and a better understanding of financial institutions on a local and national scale. Also, the opportunity for students to meet and hear successful individuals in the financial field is invaluable. The Financiers Club is composed of business school students not only from the undergraduate classes, but also from the graduate school. This club is affiliated with the University ' s Chair of Banking of which Dr. J. Van Fenstermaker is head. The organization is financially sponsored by the Mississippi Bankers ' Association. Officers include: First Row: Bill Dean, Director; Dr. J. V. Fenstermarker, Advisor; Richard Roper, Director. Second Row: Godfrey Henning, Vice President; Brooks Leasure, Secretary-Treasurer; and John Haynes, top, Keeping abreast with current material is one way to further Financers ' goals. Richard Roper and Bill Dean serve as directors for the club. First Row: Randy Simmons, Steve Sims, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kenny Vaughn, Jennie Talbert, Mike Chadwick. Second Row: Mack Dryden, Jim Evans, Steve Collins, Don Adams, John Hugins, Sydney Smith, Bill Lewis, John Fleming. Third Row: David Pilkington, Steve Braband, Steve Nunn, John Hubbard, Mark Griffin, Hamilton McCoy, Frank Kleinpeter, Frank Austin, Mack Smith, Stanley Sims, Danny Yates. The Ole Miss Karate Club enjoyed a successful year during 1970-1971. This year it was the 1st college team in the U.S. Southern Karate Championship. Karate is the most effective method of unarmed self-defense. A form of physical conditioning, it has undertones of sportsmanship that are stronger than those found in most competitive sports. The Ole Miss Karate Club uses the Tae Kwon Do style of karate. Members of the Staff include (left to right) Gerald Burnett, Richard T. Phillips, Arlen Moore, Henderson Hall, Gregory Boyd, Michael Soper, Niles McNeel, Eugene Berry, Michael Chaffin, Richond McKay, Thomas Tyner, Not Pictured: Lawrence Wade, Frank McKenzie, Keith Moreton, Ralph Rood, Rhesa Barksdale, Julian Fagan, Ben Hardy, Ina Leonard, Frank Trapp, Cham Trotter, Ray Mitchell, David Fleming. The MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL serves as the law review for the University of Mississippi, as well as the Journal of the Mississippi Bar. The JOURNAL selects articles for publication firs m writings submitted by Law Professors and practicing attorneys. The JOURNAL also provides an outlet for student writings on current legal problems. Ken Rutherford, Editor for 1970; Grady Tollison, Editor for 1971. Members of the Editorial Board include Steve Moore, Carl Ricky Forman, Jim Armstrong, Robert Hilton, Alan Michael. Members of the Moot Court Board include First Row: Jolly Matthews, Joseph C. Gibbs, Chairman, Dean Joel W. Bunkley, Jr., Thomas Suttle, James Galloway, Hugh Potts, Ken Steiner. Second Row: led Lockard Ken Krogstad, Fred Johnson, Geoff Mangin, James Roberts. Third Row: A. C. Wharton, Steven W. Rimmer, David L. Sanders, Floyd Sulser, Chris Neal, James Young, Barbara Ethredge, Cynthia Horn, Michael H. Ward, and Emory E. Morgan. The Purpose of the Moot Court Program is to provide the law student with some practical understanding of the highly technical theory which characterizes his academic training while at the Law School. Each student is required to participate in both the Appellate and Circuit Court Programs conducted by the Moot Court before graduation. The Moot Court Board is composed of students in approximately the top fifteen per cent of their class based on academic standing. Thus constituted, the Board supervises the Moot Court Program, schedules the hearing of some 45 cases a year before practicing attorneys or judges supplied in conjunction with the Mississippi Junior Bar, and helps the individual participants in the preparation of the cases. In every phase of the Program a concerned effort is made to stimulate a feeling of realism. Under an agreement with the Mississippi Supreme Court, the Board has access to the actual transcripts of trials appearing before that Court for review. The School of Law is fortunate to have a full-sized Moot court Room appointed and equipped in accord with modern requirements. Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Chi is both a professional and s ocial fraternity in the School of Pharmacy. Its brothers strive to become not only good pharmacists but also professional leaders in the community through service to the school and community. Phi Delta Chi holds as its cornerstones Professionalism, Scholarship and Brotherhood. It provides for its brothers an opportunity to share the ideas, motives, and experiences of men of good faith in pharmacy. The men of Phi Delta Chi take an active part in all phases of school activity and strive to make themselves known as hard working participants and leaders in all they do. Officers for Phi Delta Chi include Kneeling: Charles Morlina, Chaplain; Susan Eddins, Sweetheart; Ron Brown, Historian. Standing: Gene Brown, Secretary; Harry Gong, Corresponding Secretary; John Malatesta, President; Butch Dressler, Master at Arms; Herman Bonehead; and Bob Smith, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Sam Daniel, Vice President; Ron Clayton, Pledge Trainer; Don Favre, Rush Chairman; and Kenny James, Inner Guard. Members include First Row: Kenny James, Sam Daniel, Ron Clayton, Ken Hodges, E. O. Oliver, Clyde Edwards, Earnie Austin, Butch Dressler, Scott Robinson. Second Row: Ronny Brown, Charles Morlino, Leslie Dunn, John Jordan, Harry Gong, Dilworth Meeks, Glenn Windham, Mike Jones, John Gann, Tommy Smith, Bob Odeneal, Bob Smith, John Future pharmacists hard at work. Malatesta, John Lewis, Gene Brown. Third Row: Bill Portera, Laney Funderburke, Marion Foxworth, Don Favre, Mack Sorrels, Reggie Fred Fugua, Tom Assaf, Bill Edwards, Lynn Smith, Percy Kea, Paul Pigg, Danny Lee, and Tommy Martin. Pi Sigma Epsilon is a national professional fraternity to promote collegiate study and interest in marketing, sales management, and selling and to instill in its members and the profession the highest possible ethical standards. Pi Sigma Epsilon was founded in the fall of 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia, by the late Lloyd L. Antle, educator and businessman. The fraternity ' s headquarters have remained in Atlanta while it has become the nation ' s fastest growing professional fraternity. Recognizing this phenomenal growth, Sales and Marketing Executives International endorsed PSE as one of the activities of its Youth Education Division. Each of the PSE Chapters is sponsored by a professional Sales and Marketing Association. The Ole Miss Chapter Alpha Theta is sponsored by the Jackson Sales and Marketing Association of Jackson, Mississippi. Officers of Pi Sigma Epsilon are Bill Hattox, treasurer; Bruce Buchanan, secretary; Joe Thomas, president; Jeff Yoder, sergeant-at-arms; and not pictured, Jimmy Goss, vice-president. First Row: Mr. Selby Downer, Advisor; Rickey Settlemires, Bill Hattox, Jeff Yoder. Second Row: Carl Campbell, Bruce Buchanan, Warren Ludlum, Joe Thomas. Other members are Seated: John Schlosser, Lee Meek, Jimmy Goss, Dr. Charles Treas. Advisor; Mitchell Monsour , and Paul Moak. Standing: Chris Mueller, Sammy Ketcham, Gerald Barron, Tim Kriehn, and Jim Townsend. Not Pictured: Tommy Beecroft, Thad Bridges, Alan Carter, Bill Lyon, Homer McDonough, and Watson Purvis. Officers of the SEA are Seated: Sylvia Moorhead, Vice President; Jan Worthen, President; Eva Thomas, Secretary. Standing: Mary Katherine Balch, Membership Chairman; and Dottye Lou Langhofer, Social Chairman. Not Pictured: Gina Dawson, Treasurer, and Joy Plants, Publicity Chairman. The Student Education Association is a professional education organization with chartered chapters in accredited colleges and universities throughout the country. The SEA at Ole Miss is devoted to helping students who are preparing today to become the outstanding teachers of tomorrow. Its programs, aimed at developing personal growth and competence, include student teacher panels, discussions, and speakers from educational, as well as other fields. Officers of the Student Physical Education from top to bottom are Mr. Eugene R. Anderson, Faculty Advisor; Ann Suares, Treasurer; Renda Mize, Vice President; and Dick Williamson, President. Not shown is Debbie Russell, Secretary. spea The Student P hysical Education Association is an organization of those students who plan to teach Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. During the 1970-1971 school year, the association was well represented at the Mississippi Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Convention, at which Dr. Quentin A. Christian was elected president. The major project of the year was planning and conducting the first Ole Miss junior high basketball tournament. The tournament was successful in providing useful practical experience in organizing double elimination tournaments. This year ' s projects also included the annual spring picnic, a car rally, an aerobics program consisting of a hundred mile club for joggers of all ages and the rewriting of the association ' s constitution. Assisting junior high basketball players who participated in the first Ole Miss Basketball Tournament are Jim Caldwell and Debbie Russell. Student majors Renda Mize, Dick Williamson, Professor; Jimmy R. Chambless, Sandra West, and Len Curlee evaluate cardiovascular fitness by means of a bicycle ergometer. Theta Sigma Phi is the national society for women journalists, stressing high professional standards, fellowship and community services. To qualify for membership in the Ole Miss Beta Eta chapter, the student must be competent and active in some phase of communications and intend to make journalism her profession. The purpose of the organization is to work toward a more responsible news media. A Theta Sigma Pi relentlessly works, even while eating. Officers and members are First Row: Patsy Brumfield, Vice President; Susan Talbert, treasurer; Debbie Bothe; Anne Littlejohn, Secretary; Ruth Ann Hinds, Historian. Second Row: Susan Guttman, Kerry Hanahan, Patsy Bowden, President; Mrs. Alma Stead, and Pam McPhail. University Dancers are Kneeling: Kitty Walker, Nancy Robinson, Karen Witt. Standing: Laurie Longacre, Candee McNally, Cheri Martin, Hallie Gail Bridges, Diane Smith. Officers of the Dancers include Kneeling: Hallie Gail Bridges— publicity chm. Standing: Cande McNally—costume chm.; Cheri Martin— business manager. More Dancers are from Bottom to Top: Paula Yarbrough, Sharon Surmacz, Zona Moore, Cynthia Jones, Marlene Louque, Becky Runyan, Berry. More officers are Nancy Robinson— production chm.; Karen Witt director; Diane Smith—costume chm. Womens Recreational Association is an organization which promotes athletic competition and interest among all women students. The WRA schedules and plans such sports as volleyball, basketball, bridge, bowling, badminton, ping pong, archery, softball and tennis. The WRA Council this year welcomes two new groups into the program, Alpha Xi Delta and Independent Women Off Campus. With their added support the WRA has increased participation to nineteen active groups and has been able to promote participation and a cooperative spirit throughout the year. WRA stresses physical fitness. Representatives and officers are Seated: Debbie Buford, Robbie Peacock, Lynn Jones, Vice President, Patsy Flenniken, Director, Ann Suares, and Marilyn Terry. Standing: are Nina Stubbelfield, Emily Hopkins, Vicki Broom, Vicki Page, Karen O ' Donnell, Pearlie Wilson, Linda Puryear, Mary Love Brandon, and Jan Albritton. Alpha Phi Omega is the National Service Fraternity professing the ideals of Leadership, Friendship and Service. Epsilon Omega Chapter at Ole Miss has rendered many valuable services to the University and to the Oxford community. In recent years the members have ushered at ASB-sponsored concerts, provided a student book exchange, worked with ' local Boy Scout troops, assisted in supervising at co-educational Scout camps, presented safety programs in the public schools, and worked with various civic organizations in Oxford. Officers are Kent Densing, President, Dr. Velon H. Minshew, Sponsor, and Larry Dilly, Secretary. Not Pictured: Bill McFarland, Vice President, and Ronnie Tucker, Treasurer. The Ole Miss ASCE-Student Chapter is the bridge between the School of Engineering and the American Society of Civil Engineers. The ASCE-Student Chapter is undertaking the guidance of the high school and junior high school students in determining their future careers, hosting a local section meeting, sponsoring Engineering Day at the University of Mississippi and has engaged its members in public service activities, through its regular monthly meetings, field trips and other activities. It is part of the chapter ' s duty to consult students and help them make contacts with practicing engineers, job opportunities, graduate school possibilities, investment programs, etc. Each chapter establishes its own rules of procedure and conforms to the regulations of the Society which promotes the success and value of the chapter by frequent consultation and advice. Officers of the Ole Miss chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers are (from left) William D. Porter, secretary; Mike Dawson, public relations; Kent Howell, president; Mike Strachn, treasurer; and Dr. M. S. Abdulrahaman, chapter advisor. The fundamental purpose of the Independent Student Organization is to improve the involvement and active participation of independent students in the student government process. It is concerned primarily with areas of academic, social, and political significance on campus. In its very first year on the Ole Miss campus, the organization has strived to give the independent student a framework in which he can better make his campus life more exciting and interesting. The ISO wishes to continue its fight to make the independent student a real part of his University. Officers for the ISO are Seated: Bink Bouton, Chairman; Standing: Rusty Glazer, Vice Chairman; Pat Davis, Publicity Chairman; Mike McNeese, Chairman of Petitions and Resolutions; and Beverly Doorenbos, Secretary. Not Pictured: David Putnam, Treasurer, and Joe Furr, Social Affairs Chairman. Members of Epsilon Gamma Epsilon include First Row: Pam Bedgood—vice-pres.; Dianne Gillis— pres.; Carole Butler—sec. Second Row: Patty Wright; Jill Gann; Randy Strachn—treas.; Dr. Lytle C. Fowler—advisor; Mary Catherine Dyre; Chris Longacre; Lorrie Longacre. Epsilon Gamma Epsilon is an organization for students in the Department of Office Administration. It was founded at the University in 1951 and emphasizes four activities—the professional, the fraternal, the honorary, and the social. Its chief purpose is to promote the ideals and concepts of higher education in office administration which will contribute to the preparation of its members for office occupations and for teaching. Membership is based on character, leadership, and scholarship, and is open to both men and women. 131 Kappa Psi is a professional fraternity for the men of pharmacy. It is an organization for the promotion of pharmacy, the founding of strong ties between fellow professionals, and the chance to be of service to the community and to the campus. Kappa Psi plans to work with the heart drive this year, to gather clothing and toys for an orphanage and to give any help possible to any organization which may request our service. Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest of the Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternities, chooses its men in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character, personality, and activities. Members of Kappa Psi are First Row: Herbert E. Hill, Walter G. Mayfield, W. Ledale Goforth, Historian, Sam Dalton, Ill, William Gary Griffin, and Morris Gary Dillard. Second Row: Edward Thompson, Jr., Jerry Daniel Bersh, Thomas G. Senter, Chaplain, William Patrick Miller, David Buford, Regent, and Thomas Donald Keith. Third Row: Ronald Dale Sanders, Joe Wiley Higgins, Richard Peden, Joseph Charles Simon, Kenneth Thornton, Kenneth W. Hillman, John Steven Conger, and Dr. A. A. Dodge, Grand Council Deputy. Fourth Row: Roland Edward Mullins, Dennis Braun, Vice Regent, William Preston Byrd, Charles Ernest Overton, Phil Hull, Kenneth Edwin Prewett, George Milstead, and Jerry Kountouris. Officers for Phi Beta Lambda are Dr. Jeanne L. Holley, Sponsor; Martin Hegwood, Vice President; Judy Cardwell, Reporter; Guy Moore, President; Glenda Mc- Neal, Secretary; and Linda Treasurer. Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization for college and university students who are preparing for careers in business, industry, or in business education. Gamma Tau Chapter was founded at Ole Miss in 1961. Phi Beta Lambda acquaints its members with advancements in the field of business. One of its chief objectives is to develop strong, aggressive leadership to enable members to participate more effectively in business and community life after graduation. The requirements for membership are that a student maintain a 2.00 grade average and have taken or be taking three hours of business courses. Mom 135 1971 favorites Above: Alice Justice and Dix Ballard. Right: Andrea Sudduth, Phyllis Townsend, Peggy Mayfield and Marsha Shuff. Below: Molissa Lovelady, Walterine Permenter, Julie Farr and Becky Blackwood. miss lucy Coleman rosedale miss jan lea gloster miss Cathy parker Jackson miss gayle thornton meridian most beautiful miss marilyn hemphill indianola All Beauty and Favorite pictures were taken in Tenn. due to the courtesy of the Mountain View Lodge. archie manning colonel rebel walterine permenter miss ole miss marilyn hemphill miss university Claire Ryan Claudia Primes Lynn Rose Fillingame Debbie McManis Kathy Haney Olivia williams Manning homecoming queen olivia manning Anna Karen Smith Lynn Wood Liz Partee Ren Goad Natalie Waring Tricia Smith Dixie Guise Marilyn Woodbury Jane Henderson Sue McQuigg Christie Horton What is the correct caption for this picture? a) Naked came the stranger b) Stranger than naked c) Waiting for the Pansy Prince d) Five birds in the nest. UI Ui 156 clubs panhellenic cindy carr julia thornton ann tucker candy searight margaret price beverly barnes bonnie parrish laurie longacre joyce waller wanda boatright dix ballard meredith golden lucy roberts claire hines lee wilborn singletary carole butler tisa holloman barbara elliston betty ann robinson susie donahue phyllis yandel catherine ann elliott sally moorhead linda ritchey barbara gunckel mary love brandon bill watkins Vice pres. Frank Johnson Treasurer Dan Powers Corresponding Sec. Richard Mylak Recording Secretary John Flowers Alpha Tau Omega Glenn Taylor Beta Theta Pi Lowell Grishom Chi Psi John Payne Delta Kappa Epsilon Ron Feder Pat Cashman Delta Psi John Flowers Beck Pemberton Kappa Alpha Bill Dean Paul Hust Kappa Sigma Dan Powers David Walker Phi Delta Bill Allen John Studdard Phi Kappa Psi John Payne Phi Kappa Tau Bill Lord David Neville Phi Kappa Theta Larry Furlong Richard Mylak Pi Kappa Alpha Tommy Graham Randy Graves Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hiram Eastland Rickey Cox Sigma Chi Frank Johnson John Rice Sigma Nu Martin Hegwood C. R. Voyles Sigma Phi Pete Bloss Art Cox 1. alpha delta pi 2. Linda Patterson 3. Carol Dillree 4. Diane Smith 5. Cheri Martin 6. Donna Whitten 7. Martha Nesmith 8. Betsy Johnson 9. Betsy Hill 10. Myrt Gay 11. Karen McCurdy 12. Jan Patrick 13. Candy Chisholm 14. Kay Gillentine 15. Peggy Smith 16. Sandra Bloodworth 17. Lucy Broadway 18. Virginia Wilkins 19. Peggy Higginbothan 20. Pam Presley 21. Cindy Green 22. Patty Travis 23. Crissy Paul 24. Beverly Barnes 25. Lee Einhaus 26. Peggy Mills 27. Doreen Waring 28. Sue Ellen Mize 29. Jane McGaha 30. Mary Post 31. Tricia Teague 32. Jane Mayo 33. Linda Edwards 34. Helen Noyes 35. Vicki Garbarini 36. Sherry Bell 37. Janey Barnett 38. Patty Strickland 39. Marty Bearden 40. Betsy Fitts 41. Patricia Allen 42. Mary Kathryn Balch 43. Nancy Paine 44. Lyn Gerritts 45. Beth Lord 46. Charlotte Birdsong 47. Karen Witt 48. Maria DiBenedetto 49. Cindy Dixon 50. Liz Jones 51. Peggy Fillebrown 52. Gay Roberts 53. Molissia Buffalo 54. Nan Gallina 55. Marcia Wasson 56. Karol Winterrowd 57. Debbie Widner 58. Ann Blair 59. Donna Dexton 60. Robin Herring 61. Lulu Rausch 62. Mary Jo Funderburk 63. Lettie Lackey 64. Ellen Gillespie 65. Patricia Daniels 66. Patsy Harrelson 67. Stephanie Guckert 68. Maria Addington 69. Margaret Price 70. Deb Clements 71. Beth King 72. Ginger Gleason 161 1. alpha omicron pi 2. Edith Perry 3. Emily Caldwell 4. Mair Burson 5. Sue Lewis 6. Nancy Womack 7. Linda McNeely 8. Pam Bedgood 9. Marcia Barney 10. Randy Henderson 11. Terry Moore 12. Diane Furtick 13. Zona Moore 14. Kitty Walker 15. Linda Hill 16. Jill Burns 17. Robin Catching 18. Ann Hargraves 19. Carole Bradley 20. Susan Ramey 21. Kathy Pryor 22. Margaret Kazan 23. Mary Kat Roberts 24. Barbara Phillips 25. Carol Lyons 26. Cheryl Wright 27. Lynn Roberson 28. Diane Defore 29. Carol Ewell 30. Carolyn Evans 31. Frenchie Cooke 32. Beth Harbour 33. Patti Williams 34. Jo Billingsley 35. Sharman Southerland 36. Betty Herman 37. Nancy Richards 38. Cathy Lackey 39. Anna Burkle 40. Laurie Longacre 41. Jessica Shields 42. Linda Leonard 43. Rhoda Naff 44. Sandra Harmon Strom 45. Carolyn Caldwell 46. Barbara Smith 47. Connie Coleman 48. Teresa Ragland 49. Paula Buie 50. Marcie Shelburne 51. Cheryl Boswell 52. Janie Mitchell 53. Betsy Coopwood 54. Heloise Reed 55. Kathleen Callicott 56. Barbara Dacus 57. Kathy Nelson 58. Sherry Beckwith 59. Linda Nelson 60. Anne Ramsey 61. Martha Gibbs 62. Sally Moore 63. Melne Tate 64. Mary Jane Duke 65. Belinda Berry 66. Judy Anders 67. Rosemary Stoltz 68. Fran Hall 69. Patsy Bennett 70. Pam Jackson 71. Paula Harmon 72. Margo Wilson 73. Chris Longacre 74. Gail Yarbrough 75. Peggy Loomis 76. Maureen Hogan 77. Marsha Brown 1. alpha tau omega 2. Steve Braband 3. Bubba Davis 4. Bill Kline 5. Pierce Williams 6. Bert Eckles 7. Sam Willson 8. Lanny Griffith 9. Lee Burgess 10. Glen Asair 11. Teddy Dear 12. ? 13. Jerry McKay 14. Randy Furr 15. Tommy Parish 16. Joe Thomas 17. Jack Winkleman 18. Dickie Beleu 19. ? 20. Philo Coats 21. ? 22. Phil Collins 23. Tim Herndon 24. Freddy Burford 25. Hal Wilson 26. Jimmy Nicholas 27. Nate Greer 28. Steve Barnes 29. Kenny Daniels 30. Cris Johnson 31. Jim Townshend 32. John Ferrell 33. Bob Widen 34. ? 35. Bucky Buckner 36. Lee Bennet 37. Taylor Buntin 38. Sam Sullivan 39. Kent Collier 40. Alex Haick 41. George Johnston 42. Gordy Craig 43. Pat Carrigan 44. Ed Jenkins 45. Mickey Young 46. Tommy Wooten 47. ? 48. ? 49. Ellwood Middleton 50. Bert Strom 51. Jerry White 52. John Hall 53. Jimmy Hudson 54. Jim Carpenter 55. ? 56. Paul Adams 57. Larry Bunch 58. Stuart Harding 59. Reno Collins 60. Richard Egen 61. Asa Tucker 62. Stuart Shoaf 63. S wannee Lawrence 64. Bo Collins 65. Jay Walne 66. Doug Alexander 67. Ed Benoist 68. Hal Griffith 69. Charles McKinney 70. Barry Moore 71. Steve Shoaf 72. Phil Bein 73. George Gambling 74. Richard Stokes 75. Chuck Hussey 76. Scotty Vance 77. Calvin Lucas 78. Barr y Gattis 79. Mark Buntyn 80. Bill Abbey 81. Nat Holland 82. Tommy Johnson 83. ? 84. Mike Nash 85. Richard Blount 86. Glenn Taylor 87. Mike Morton 88. Wayne Latham 89. Ed Taylor 90. Cary Rawlings 91. Arthur McIntyre 92. Bill Cook 93. Mike Altman 94. Owens Alexander 95. Curt White 96. Bob Logan 97. Cala Kimbriel Sweetheart 98. Charlie Doolittle 99. Robert Felder 100. Pat Altman 101. Mike McQueen 102. Ross Bounds 103. Greg Duncan 1. alpha xi delta 2. Pam McPhail 3. Susan Moore 4. Joyce Waller 5. Rosie Kling 6. Marta Mullennix 7. Margaret Williams 8. Dianne Logan 9. Janice Matthews 10. Cynthia Coleman 11. Denise Halback 12. Josie Pullen 13. Cissy Stewart 14. Dianne McAlexander 15. Cathy Anderson 16. Karen O ' Donnell 17. Mary Stengel 18. Jenny Townley 19. Beth Bringle 20. Rosa Halford 21. Vivian Dean 22. Paula Everett 23. Lynn Williams 24. Margaret Green 25. Chris Blackburn 26. Barbara Mylak 27. Priscilla Randolph 28. Quen Robinson 29. Pam Dangeau 30. Ann McDonald x68 1. beta theta pi 2. John Brown 3. Tim Kriehn 4. Larry Lantz 5. Ford Smith 6. Cathy Moss 7. " Super Buddy " 8. Bill Armstrong 9. Bob Beno 10. Gary Theis 11. Lowell Grisham 12. Ken Beal 13. Earl Davis 14. Dan Beatty 15. Larry Roberts 16. Sam Endicott 17. Beau Cooper 18. Hilton Voss 19. Ray Wonderlich 20. Lee Shelton 21. Stewart Barr 22. Jim Cooper 23. Ralph Edwards 24. Roger Campbell 25. Tom Knight 26. Don Rogers 27. Floyd Pruden 28. David Orf 29. Baxter Jones 30. Covington Sharp 31. Clark Ethridge 32. Bill Bagby 33. Dan Lair 34. Berkley Hudson 35. Tom Beecroft 36. Ben Conner 37. Leg of Bob Worley I70 1. chi psi 2. Ed Lewis 3. Charlie Sullivan 4. Rick Weiland 5. Larry Hutych 6. Charlie Gee 7. Bill Boyd 8. Bush ' Nichols 9. Will Shelton 10. Mae Helen 11. Dan Totten 12. Bruce Buchanan 13. Ray Gustafson 14. Guy Armstrong 15. Vic Daniel 16. Dennis Akin 17. Reyford Peyton 18. John Hall 19. Fred DeRoode 20. Robert Horton 21. Jimmy Dendford 22. Steve Mayo 23. Neal Thompson 24. David Boolos 1. chi omega 2. Susan Scott 3. Priscilla Barksdale 4. Mary Margaret Fields 5. Sally Whitnel 6. Janie Anderson 7. Beverly Phillips 8. Pam Melton 9. Claudia Primos 10. Melissa Denham 11. Betsy Fancher 12. Shelly McMullan 13. Betsy Bramlett 14. Mary Kirk Baskin 15. Jo England 16. Ann Perkins 17. Pride Donnelly 18. Becky Woolcott 19. Helen Manier 20. Beth Lotterhos 21. Kathy Hinman 22. Susan Spotts 23. Mary Eckert 24. Dina Fair Jackson 25. Cindy Walker 26. Kathy Watkins 27. Beth Mestayer 28. Dixie Dunavant 29. Kathy Harris 30. Nancy Helen Thornton 31. Morella Kuykendall 32. Mary Betsy Bryant 33. Patty Reagan 34. Marsha Grunch 35. Dix Ballard 36. Andrea Sudduth 37. Gayle Thornton 38. Becky Wells 39. Cathy Criss 40. Lexie Nelson 41. Lacy Nance 42. Judy Etheridge 43. Cathy Tallant 44. Sallie VanDevender 45. Janey Stone 46. Alinda Capps 47. Meridith Golden 48. Susan Scott 49. Betsy Witty 50. Bonnie Bell 51. Beverly Ball 52. Lynn Jones 53. Carol Buchanan 54. Anna Karine Smith 55. Kathy Dodson 56. Kathy Edwards 57. Linda Luckett 58. Susan Smith 59. Claire Ziller 60. Jane Derivaux 61. Ann Elise Noble 62. Dotsie Graham 63. Barbara Champion 64. Melanie Molpus 65. Dan Ellen Brock 66. Anne Murphy 67. Keith Bridgforth 68. Peggy Biggers 69. Sandy Vincent 70. Anne Edmonson 71. Jane Henderson 72. Robbie Jo Henry 73. Lynn Parks 74. Lynn Foy 75. Susan Owen 76. Eileen Boteler 77. Sara Jackson 78. Lynn Wood 79. Cathy Alford 80. Sally Barrett 81. Jean Sours 82. Martha Webb 83. Liz Rice 84. Jennifer Assaf 85. Kay Howe 86. Mary Lee Dabbs 87. Susan Haynes 88. Jeannie Falkner 89. Natalie Waring 90. Candy Nance 91. Elise Alford 91, Peggy Pharr 92. Sally Sullivant 93 Anne Short 94. Lenoir Wadlington 95. Frances Dodson 96. Lina Yates 97. Flo Tipton 98. Kay Tucker 99. Marty Longino 100. Karen Boyd 101. Pat Gray 102. Ann Tucker Parsons 1 03. Mary Bell Bobb 104. Barbara Dickerson 105. Nancy Norman 106. Janet Newell 107. Amanda Johnson 108. Debbie Chennault 109. Ruth McLallen 110. Carolyn Jones 111. Judy Williams 112. Kathy Alford 113. Beth Robinson 114. Janet White 115. Beth Gray 1. delta delta delta 2. Peggy Mayfield 3. Claire Ryan 4. Nancy Johnson 5. Jan Worthen 6. Gayle Gresham 7. Babs Burnham 8. Janie Mayfield 9. Barb Miller 10. Jamie McAdoo 11. Julia Thornton 12. Debbie Hickman 13. Betty Lou Fleming 14. Linda Puryear 15. Nancy Noble 16. Debbie Tatum 17. Charmian Vaught 18. Sally Shreve 19. Speakes 20. Pat Bracken 21. Grady Simpson 22. Lynn Boone 23. Nancy Mauldin 24. Daintry Richmond 25. Teresa Pigg 26. Sallie Key Bramlett 27. Cindy Smith 28. Kathy Cannon 29. Shannon White 30. Mona Mosby 31. Lisa Ross 32. Jeane McNeel 33. Sue Ledbetter 34. Becky Rutledge 35. Rita Stonebraker 36. Mali McGraw 37. Anne McAdoo 38. Dona Davis 39. Stephanie Allen 40. Dianne Branscome 41. Cecily Robbins 42. Lucy Roberts 43. Adele Brown 44. Carol Nichols 45. Melanie Clark 46. Susan Simms 47. Pat Pray 48. Patti Wilkinson 49. Cyndi Lemons 50. Ann Wilson 51. Melinda Grissom 52. Lucy Moore 53. Hope Chaney 54. Martha Speake 55. Lynn Rose Fillingame 56. Marian Sigrest 57. Karen Schultz 58. Phyllis Ainsworth 59. Ann Wiggers 60. Ann Roberts 61. Laurie Powel 62. Cala Kimbriel 63. Sandra Smith 64. Linda Smith Jones 65. Pat Ice 66. Elaine Kimbrough 67. Randy Melton 68. Charlotte Kimbrough 69. Tricia Smith 70. Judy Alvarez 71. Ann Craven 72. Helen Herrington 73. Carol Puryear 74. Janie Jobe 75. Teresa Graves 76. Hazel Crawford 77. Lee Ross 78. Marsha Shuff 79. Mollie Foster 80. Candy Caldwell 81. Libba Feltenstein 82. Claire Hines 83. Vicki Witt 84. Jan Johnson 85. Mardie Olson 86. Linda Jobe 87. Snow Cleveland 88. Corlea Sims 88 Ethel Holmes 89. Ann Suares 1. delta gamma 2. Debbie Phillips 3. Meta Smith 4. Margaret Boteler 5. Rachel McPherson 6. Barbara Brown 7. Leslie Dement 8. Charlie Beck Houston 9. Claire Luebke 10. Connie Graves 11. Carolyn Phillips 12. Betty Champion 13. Phyllis Elliott 14. Linda Dribben 15. Terry Wingo 16. Mary Sherman Wagner 17. Diane Dallas 18. Lee Wilborn Singletary 19. Nancy Carole Nelms 20. Sally Sherman 21. Cindy Savage 22. Jamie Fowler 23. Lu Bowen Hawken 24. Diane Elliott 25. Carol Long 26. Janet Graves 27. Kay King 28. Boo Turner 29. Ginger Moore 30. Laura Lee Wharton 31. Kackey Hall 32. Julie Farr 33. Connie Colvin 34. Dale Gayden 35. Becky Rogers 36. Laura Lee Rochester 37. Durden Pillow 38. Ren Goad 39. Frances Ann Simmons 40. Patricia Murphey 41. Susan Kemp 42. Donna Kay Idom 43. Lynn Case 44. Susan Stegall 45. Carolyn Dillard 46. Teen Stallworth 47. Mary Martin 48. Cheryl Hagen 49. Kendall Sims 50. Lisa Minor 51. Sally Warren 52. Paula Pryor 53. Carole Butler 54. Karen Kerby 55. Jo Ann Stuart 56. Nina Stubblefield 57. Deb Davidson 58. Leslie Young 59. Kathy Graves 60. Alice Virginia Daniels 61. Julie Pillow 62. Jan Conners 63. Bookie Metts 64. Chellie Furr 65. Marianne Ramer 66. Pam Vest 67. Nancy Floyd 68. Nan Buford 69. Rebecca Ramer 70. Kathy Williams 71. Beth Mitchell 72. Jane Barnes 73. Martha Pitts 74. Sandra Wages 75. Laurie Hammond 76. Penny Shelton 77. Mary Shelton 78. Eva Thomas 79. Beth Hagen 80. Jan Galey 81. Marilyn Hemphill 82. Jan Lea 83. Kathy Ellis 84. Bette Bailey 85. Dottye Lou Langhofer 86. Polly Moak 87. Sharon Beasley 1. delta kappa epsilon 2. A. J. Reed, Jr. 3. James H. McIntosh 4. Dennis J. Hogan 5. William D. Graham 6. Joseph M. Hinshaw, Ill 7. Sam P. McClatchy 8. Reginald L. Holley 9. William A. Neely, Jr. 10. Florian Kazmierski 11. 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Here it is Sept. second, do you have a date to the LSU Game? Here it is Sept. third, have you a date to 11 formals? People of Ole Miss. Do you have a copy of the test? Good, you can have a good night ' s rest That way you ' ll do your very best People of Ole Miss. Do you know Walt Byrd by his first name? Do you know Porter Fortune by his middle name? Does Mae Helen know your last name? People of Ole Miss. Sorority chick, have you been asked to be dropped 17 times? Sorority chick, have you been asked to be pinned 12 times? People of Ole Miss. At the end of the year, if you haven ' t had 300 dates, you ' re a failure! If you spent more than 2 days in the library, you ' re a goob! If you studied for any of your tests more than one day, you ' re an idiot. People of Ole Miss. Don ' t think about the moral-social revolution The war in southeast Asia, Women ' Lib. and pollution Somewhere someone else is thinking of a solution! People of Ole Miss. Have you ever looked into a mirror What is it that you have a fear of? Is it yourself that you ' re so unsure of? People of Ole Miss. ,I5 2i6 7.17 free champagne in the grove during homecoming.... " hey! how come they can do that and we can ' t? " . .. . trudging past rows of Ole Miss pennants on sale, plastic Archie ' s with bobbing heads, game programs fronted with pictures of the Rebelettes.... flowing into noisy stadiums with seats full of splinters and crushed Coke cups beneath your feet.... tension.... get your damn flag out of my eye.... distorted loudspeakers, broken seals and broken bottles, fist fights.... interminable noise as a ball tumbles end over end.... the usual questions.... " I thought you had to get four first downs before you could kick the ball? " . ... weekly rebirth of a spectacle that is part P. T. Barnum and part ancient Rome.... another pilgrimage to the shrine that is football football weekends.... working from Thursday night on to get in the proper mood.... blowing the lid off of endless parties, Jack Daniels, Dempsey Dumpsters, and everything else at hand. .. Chicago and BS T finally take over from the Tams.... nobody seems to notice a season of great promise and bitter results.... a new rug that gobbles up quarterbacks and jinxes football teams... . an aut umn filled with pulled muscles and broken arms.. .. being down when you ' re healthy and up when you ' re hurt.. .. even sitdown strikes on the Chancellor ' s lawn are unproductive.... the loss of John Vaught and Archie Manning.... talent is replaceable.... leadership is not Memphis State Kentucky Alabama Georgia Southern Vanderbilt Houston Chattanooga L.S.U. Auburn the Hotel Peabody.... rape of the ice machines. ... the Tigers are flashy but inexperienced.... the Rebs are loaded.... students, too.... looking more like the final glimmerings of last year than the start of this one.... it all seems too easy.... Memphis isn ' t too conducive to serious thought, though.... we can always laugh at Spook Murphy and retain our belief in Rebel invincibility.... Top: Flanker Floyd Franks scrambles for paydirt after pulling in another pass. The Tiger line crumbles in the face of another goal line assault. Bottom: Cheerleader Andrea Sudduth is sidelined with one of the few Ole Miss casualties. being number five in the nation doesn ' t keep you from being sluggish. ... a day of sweltering heat, soggy Gant shirts, and endless Cokes.... a semi-tropical defensive battle makes the Rebs look like melting popsicles instead of SEC champions.... Dave Roller doesn ' t help any.... there seems to be something more ominous than pulled groin muscles and passes off the fingertips of listless receivers.. .. there ' s just no spark there.... Top Right: Frozen in place, offense and defense await the outcome of a play. Top Left: Reb receivers strain for a reception above the reach of a tenacious Wildcat defense. Bottom: Grabbing another pass, tight end Jim Poole stretches for an extra yard. Top Right: Tailback Randy Reed blasts through the Bama line towards another first down. Left: The water was there for the walking, but it turned out to be a little too deep. Bottom Right: Neb Hayden finds the role of fill-in a little rougher than expected. last year ' s fireworks display produces a televised echo in 1970. ... 71 points are scored but Archie has a pulled muscle and is erratic.... Scott Hunter glowers on the sidelines and nurses his shoulder.... who is Neb Hayden and where is the Bear ' s blue sweater? ... Vernon Studdard scoots 101 yards for a kickoff return TD.... Fred Brister is national lineman of the week.... crimson tide flashes of greatness.... stretches of mediocrity... all in all, the Rebels ' finest hour in 1970.... a glimpse of last year ' s ability to grab the reigns, drop them, and pick them up again in time to pull it out of the fire.... memories of two years ago when the Bulldogs roared back after a poor first half.... this time when the clock ran out, it was Georgia up against the wall Right: Shifty Vernon Studdard plans his next move. Bottom Left: A sprint-out play turns into an escape attempt. Top Left: Wyck Neely and a Georgia receiver scurry for the safety of the sidelines with the ball close behind. Rebs completely bottled up on new turf.... a sputtering attack and groggy defense are stung by the yellow gnats from Southern.... national lineman of the week, Hugh Eggerstrom, is one of many Ole Miss headaches.... some are concerned for the health of little Willie Heidelberg.... others are more concerned for our defense.... one expert names Hattiesburg the " Football Capital of Mississippi " ... . Top: The emperor of the " Football Capital of Mississippi. " Middle: Archie swings a pass out to Randy Reed in one of the few plays that seemed to work. Bottom: but not quite, tells the story of a whole afternoon. Top: A game of slide and slide some more. Left: Bob Knight grinds out some needed yardage. Above: Floyd Franks makes one of the night ' s few receptions. Rain, rain, and more rain ... that was the name of the game . . . Vandy felt its year was finally here . . . and if it hadn ' t been for the deluge, it might have been ... 26-16 ... a prophetic note of things to come in Oxford .. . a vital but strangely dissatisfying victory.... losing a quarterback and a Heisman trophy.. . the crowd showing sportsmanship and characteristic compassion to Elmo Wright.... the long awaited test of a questionable defense. ... striking back with interceptions, field goals, and Shug Chumbler ' s first clutch TD pass.... a display of superior courage by an understandably disheartened football team.... Top: The picture of a broken arm, stunned crowd, and disillusioned team. Middle: It may be illegal, but it sure is fun. Bottom: Part of our continuing effort to show everyone Archie Manning ' s cleats. taking potshots at a sheep in wolf ' s clothing... . it ' s a cold, drizzly, uneventful day.... routine. Chumbler fires four paydirt passes.... Studdard breezes 86 yards on a kickoff return... . everyone is anticipating State or L.S.U. or maybe Johnnie ' s that night.... still there ' s food for thought here.... we used to beat Houston 44-7, too.... Top: Studdard streaks for the endzone in answer to a Chattanooga score on the previous play. Middle: An alert group of Rebel defenders roar back after an Bottom: Quarterback Shug Chumbler, in his first starting assignment, lopes past a Moccasin linebacker. there ' s an endless, omnious din from herds of cowbells.... contempt turns to apprehension and on to humiliation.... questionable calls color the entire game.... unquestionable desire decides it.. .. a valiant defensive game is offset by an uncomfortably new inability to move the ball at critical times.... for the first time in memory, State is the intercollegiate football champion of Mississippi.... the world turned upside down.... Top Right: Just out of the hospital, Archie Manning takes a wistful look at pre-game warm-ups. Top Left: Fighting a persistent offensive attack, Ole Miss ' s defense jams up State running back Lewis Grubbs. Bottom: Chumbler fires an aerial out into the flat as State linemen close in. where are we.... if this is Tiger Stadium, where is all the noise.... hordes of ragin ' Cajuns remain strangely still until it is certain that it ' s really Archie Manning sitting on the bench with his passing arm packed in ice... . finally they come alive and show what they are made of.... orange peels flutter to the ground.... perhaps the most disturbing element of the game is the many things which were thrown at Tiger Stadium.... Top Right: L.S.U. ' s surprising passing attack again penetrates the porous Rebel defense. Top Left: Tailback Greg Ainsworth eludes Tiger pursuers for a first down. Bottom: One arm in a cast and the other wrapped in ice, Quarterback Archie Manning sits on the sidelines of a game he can no longer influence. Attempting to pass, Auburn signal caller, Pat Sullivan, is mauled by Preston Carpenter. a meaningless anticlimax.... an early deluge of points.... fighting back when Auburn fumbles through the endzone.... a young defensive backfield tries to offset inexperience with speed. ... 21 points behind.... the reason why Larry Willingham is an All-American.... last game for a team coached by John Vaught.... coming off the bench with a hospital bed on your back to lead a disheartened team and dazzle a crowd for the upteenth time.... Top Right: Manning looks for onrushing defenders as fullback Jimmy Porter flashes into the line. Top Left: Tiger receiver, Alvin Bressler, outjumps the Ole Miss secondary for another spectacular snatch. Bottom Left: The Rebel ground game grinds to a halt in the face of a gritty Auburn defense. Bottom Right: Deep in the pocket, Archie spins a pass over the Tiger line. Northeast Louisiana Arkansas A M , Texas (H) Auburn (H) Southern Mississippi (H) Holy Cross Marshall Vanderbilt Baylor The Citadel Kentucky (H) Tennessee (H) Mississippi State (H) Georgia Florida L.S.U. Alabama (H) Kentucky Tennessee Vanderbilt (H) Mississippi State Georgia (H) Florida (H) L.S.U. (H) Alabama Auburn Marshall Tournament—Huntington, West Virginia Palmetto Classic—Charleston, South Carolina Top Left: My fly, huh. Yeah. Okay, thanks, John. Top Right: Senior guard, Bruce Rich, drives for the basket late in the first half of an early season game. Bottom: Directing the Ole Miss attack, Dave Rhodes sets up his team for a last minute shot. Top Left: National scoring leader, Johnny Neuman, burns the nets for another two points. Top Right: The Ole Miss coaching staff and Stan Torgeson, show degrees of concentration as the Rebels move downcourt with the ball. Bottom Right: Pivot man, Buddy Rawlings, tears the ball from the hands of a Texas player. The constant strain of rough SEC competition left its mark on a talented, but nonetheless inexperienced, Ole Miss basketball squad as the Rebels posted an 11-15 overall record. The Red and Blue stormed to a perfect record after the first six games, swamping opponents who were totally unprepared for the offensive explosiveness of Johnny Neuman and, as one SEC coach put it, a squad which was not " that same old houn ' dog basketball team " which Ole Miss usually fields. Eventually, however, a combination of inexperience, inconsistent defense, and questionable rebounding forced the Rebs through an unpredictable season which left some regrets for the past, but much hope for the future. Bottom: Senior forward, Gaylon Baird, strains for a tip as Danny Gunn and Johnny Neuman wait Southern Mississippi (H) Nicholls State (A) Northern Illinois (A) Northeast Louisiana State (A) L.S.U. (A) Southeast Louisiana College (A) Southern University (A) Southern Mississippi (A) Southern Mississippi (A) Mississippi State (A) Mississippi State (A) Mississippi State (A) Memphis State (A) Memphis State (H) L.S.U. (H) L.S.U. (H) L.S.U. (H) Southern Illinois (H) Alabama (A) Alabama (A) L.S.U. (A) L.S.U. (A) L.S.U. (A) Memphis State (H) Memphis State (A) Alabama (H) Alabama (H) Alabama (H) Arkansas State (A) Arkansas State (A) Mississippi State (H) Mississippi State (H) Mississippi State (H) Seeking to continue a tradition which included three NCAA District III titles, four SEC championships, and eight SEC Western Division titles, the 1970 Ole Miss baseball squad swept to a 25-8 season record. It was a good, but nonetheless futile effort, which came up one short when faced with the necessity of sweeping a three game series from Mississippi State for a chance at a fifth SEC title. Top: Ole Miss firepower provides another roundtripper. Above: Rebs take an early lead in a late season contest with L.S.U. Right: Shortstop Archie Manning nails another L.S.U. Tiger. Below: First baseman Tommy Iseminger takes a high peg for an easy out. Right: Bama miscue provides another Rebel score. Bottom Left: L.S.U. backstop watches an Ole Miss bunt stay fair for another safe hit. Bottom Right: All-SEC shortstop Archie Manning prepares to lash into an inside curve. The Rebels were still in the running as late as April 20, when they took three straight games from Alabama to move into a tie for the Western Division lead, but the loss, a week later, of two games in a tripleheader with L.S.U. put the Ole Miss squad at a disadvantage it was never able to overcome. All-SEC recognition went to second baseman John Shaw, who led the Rebels in stolen bases with 28, and shortstop Archie Manning, who led the team in total hits with 35. Top: 1970 Ole Miss Baseball Team Members from left. Bottom Row: Manager Bob Monroe, Joe Nichols, Bill Rogers, Mike Keith Welsh, John Shaw, Kevin McMahon, Larry Oswalt, Larry Anthony, Norris Weese, and manager Don Sanders. Second Row: Assistant Coach Charlie Williams, Jimmy Porter, Fred Setser, Byron Meaut, Buddy Bowen, Ken Kauerz, Charlie Williams, Don Farrar, Dennis Starr, and Whitey Adams. Back Row: Coach Tom Swayze, M. A. McCoy, Riley Myers, Tommy Hudson, Tommy Iseminger, Mike Friday, Ken Turner, Archie Manning, Tommy Magee, Ronny Waldrop, Paul Husband, and Assistant Coach Larry Williams. Bottom: Iseminger heads for the dugout after the final out of a crucial inning. In a repeat of last year ' s performance, the Ole Miss golf team placed seventh in the SEC championship match to finish a 2-1 regular season record. Top linkster for coach Ray Poole ' s Rebels was Meridian junior, Jim Stahnke, winner of the annual Rebel Open Invitational title. The 2-1 overall record included wins in both the Southern Mississippi and Mississippi State Invitational tournaments. Top: Linksters Johnny Andrews and Bill Lovelady line up a putt during practice. Bottom: Rebel golfers pause on the final green of the Oxford Country Club after a warmup round. Ole Miss resumed its climb toward the top of SEC tennis this past spring as the Rebel netters captured ninth place in the annual SEC tournament, held at Mississippi State. Led by senior Erskine Wells, the Rebs compiled a 9-4 overall record, which included a 1-4 mark against SEC competition. Left : Number one doubles combination Sammy Walters and Erskine Wells tense for a return volley. Top Right: Stewart Barr prepares to guide a backhand slice down the line. Bottom Right: Top singles player, Erskine Wells, concentrates on a service return. Competing in nine meets, including the SEC championship meet at Gainesville, Florida, coach Wesley " Doc " Knight ' s Rebel track squad captured both the Southeast Relays and the South Alabama Relays. The Rebel speedsters ' victory in the Southeast Relays was their third in a row at the event, which is held annually in Mobile, Alabama. Top: Jeff Green completes the finishing leg of a two-mile relay el lort. Bottom Left: Weightman " Thunder " Thornton prepares to put the shot. Bottom Right: Coach Wesley " Doc " Knight receives the Rebel ' s third straight Southeast Relays trophy. After placing in one of the top three positions for the last three years, the Ole Miss cross country squad fell to seventh place in the SEC championship meet which was run at Birmingham, Alabama. Nevertheless, the Rebels compiled a respectable 6-2 final record, including their third straight win in the state meet and a third place finish in the Mississippi State Invitational meet. Top: Richard Casey and Calvin Fleming finish ahead of the pack. Center: The Rebel squad lines up for a meet with Mississippi College. Bottom Left: Calvin Fleming pulls in for an easy victory. Bottom Right: Danny Craig ties to edge ahead of his opponent in a dual meet with Livingston State. 1970-1971 University of Mississippi Alumni Association President Lee Cossar Vice President Charles Fair Alumni Director William S. Griffin Alumni Secretary James N. Butler Athletic Representative Chester Curtis Top: Administrative offices of the alumni center, nerve center of an organization with a nationwide membership. Bottom Left: 1970- 1971 officers of the University of Mississippi Alumni Association. From left to right: William S. Griffin, Director. Chester Curtis, Athletic Representative. lames N. Butler, Alumni Secretary. Charles Fair, Vice-President. Lee Cossar, President. Bottom Right: Assistant Alumni Secretary, William L. Rogers, examines a copy of the new record album reviewing Rebel football history with Alumni Director, William S. Left: Officers for the 1970- 1971 M-Club are Lock Ross, vice president, Danny Hooker, president, Cecil Jones, sergeant at arms, and Freddie Farmer, treasurer. 1. Cary Rawlings 2. Paul Husband 3. Kevin McMahon 4. Calvin Fleming 5. Jeff Larkin 6. Joe Barron 7. Bill Jordan 8. John Gregory 9. Frank McKellar 10. Johnny Chandler 11. Jeff Horn 12. Greg Ainsworth 13. Mike Bagwell 14. Jimmy Porter 15. Dickie Smith 16. Bobby Temple 17. William Brown 18. Leon Felts 19. Ray Heidel 20. Don Farrar 21. Bob Knight 22. Ricky Havard 23. Allen Le Blanc 24. Norris Weese 25. Billy Rogers 26. Skipper Jernigan 27. Danny Hooker 28. Gaylon Baird 29. Billy Van Devender 30. Freddie Farmer 31. Pete Boone 32. Brent Chumbler 33. Reggie Dill 34. Larry Northram 35. Bill Young 36. Lock Ross 37. Hank Parks 38. Henry Walsh 39. Tommy Magee 40. Hank List 41. Bruce Rich 42. Cecil Jones 43. Steve Farese 44. Duane Boucher 45. Don Sanders 46. Paul Dongieux 47. Elmer Allen 48. Jim Poole ' 49. Randy Reed 50. Bob Burke Under the direction of Coach Bonnie Lee Graham, the intramural sports program at Ole Miss seeks to provide an opportunity for the average student to obtain more from university athletics than the usual vicarious pleasure gained from observing intercollegiate varsity competition. Coordinated by an independent and fraternity intramural council, this program offers participation in such sports as football, basketball, tennis, and golf, as well as other activities. Top: Spring signifies the arrival of sunburns, weak forehands, and overcrowded facilities which provide one tennis court for about every six hundred students. Bottom: Members of the Sigma Chi football team pose with the fraternity football championship trophy which they won. Top: Members of the overall intramural football champs, the Turtles, are caught during one of their practices. Bottom Left: Showing off various trophies are intramural representatives Terry McCullough, Van Powers, and Tommy Parish. Bottom Right: Not exactly , but then that ' s not the point. Professionals Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshman 260-266 267-280 281-294 295-309 310-330 259 Eugene Marion Abbott, Jr., Vicksburg, Phar. V. Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, Cairo, Egypt, Grad. II. Lemuel Garner Adams, Ill, University, Law I. Kenneth Edward Aldridge, Biloxi, Grad. I. Anthony Alfonso, Jr., University, Law II. James Sidney Armstrong, Hazlehurst, Law III. Manohar Lal Arora, New Delhi-18 India, Grad. II. Parma Nand Arya, Grad. I. Boyd Parks Atkinson, Drew, Law I. Rhett William Atkinson, Oxford, Grad. I. Robert Walter Bailey, Meridian, Law III. Rhesa Hawkins Barksdale, Oxford, Law I. M. Frank Barton, Jr., Germantown, Tenn., Grad. II. Emery A. Battle, Jr., Nashville, Tenn., Phar. V. Joan Carol Bazaar, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Grad. I. Robert Burl Beaty, Columbus, Phar. V. David William Beckwith, Greenville, Grad. I. Jerry Daniel Berch, Crystal Springs, Phar. V. Jesse Gilbert Bergeron, University, Grad. I. Eugene Sexton Berry, New Hebron, Law II. P. M. Bhakta, Surat, India, Grad. I. Harmanjet S. Bhatia, Jabalpur, India, Grad. II. Ronald Fred Blackburn, University, Grad. II. Elsie May J. Bounds, N. Little Rock, Ark., Grad. I. William T. Bounds, Jr., Lucedale, Grad. II. Lucien Leonard Bourgeois, Bay St. Louis, Grad. I. Graham Gregory Boyd, Yazoo City, Law II. Donald William Boykin, Waveland, Grad. I. William Gary Brand, Bruce, Bus. Dennis K. Braun, Gulfport, Phar. V. Giles Wheeler Bryant, II, Oxford, Law II. Francis Gerald Burnett, Meridian, Law II . Pete James Cajoleas, Jackson, Law I. James Lauren Calvert, Gulfport, Phar. V. Soledad Almagro Campos, University, Grad. I. Barry W. Carlisle, Gulfport, Grad. I. Wayne Obrian Carpenter, University, Phar. V. Travis Glen Casanova, Cleveland, Grad. IV. Margaret Dianne Cavin, Natchez, Grad. I. Gerald Hickey Center, Oxford, Law II. Nancy Ellen Chamberlain, Grenada, Grad. I. James Henry Champion, Jr., Law I. Sailendra Nath Chatterjee, University, Grad. II. Shree Chatterjee, University, Grad. I. Chern Julie Chen, Taiwan, China, Grad. I. Jolee Childs, Eupora, Grad. I. William David Chinn, University, Grad. II. Leroy Dong Chu, W. Memphis, Ark., Phar. V. George Harold Clark, University, Grad. II. Michael John Collopy, Scottsbluff, Nebr., Law II. John Steven Conger, Carthage, Tenn., Phar. V. Lee Kendal Conner, Columbia, Law Ill. Angelo George Coppola, Sr., University, Grad. I. Rita F. Courson Crocker, Hickory Flat, Phar. V. Pauline Cecile Crouch, Natchez, Grad. Barbara Bonds Curlee, luka, Grad. I. William M. Dalehite, Jr., Oxford, Law II. Cassim Mahomed Dangor, University, Grad. I. Frankie Laverle Daniels, Toccopola, Lib. Arts. Hugo Esteban Delgado, University, Grad. I. Russell Lee Deweese, University, Grad. I. Hal Conn Dilworth, Jr., University, Law I. Peggy Ann Dolan, University, Grad. I. Linda Sue Donnelly, Crystal Springs, Grad. I. John Timothy Dressler, Lucedale, Phar. V. John C. Dunahoo, Newbern, Tenn., Grad. I. D. Diane Dunavant, Memphis, Tenn., Law Ill. Leslie Lamar Dunn, Waynesboro, Phar. V. Barbara Jane Dyre, Grenada, Phar. V. John Charles Etheriedge, Oxford, Phar. V. James Thomas Farris, Morton, Law Ill. Tommy Lee Fedrick, Oxford, Phar. V. Donald Vincent Ferlise, North Bergen, N. J., Law II. James Charles Fetterman, University, Law II. Patricia Shewma Fetterman, University, Grad. I. John Foster Fields, Tiptonville, Tenn., Grad. I. Leo Joseph Fields, Macon, Phar. V. Annie Ruth Fleming, Shubuta, Phar. V. Samuel Ashton Flint, Grad. I. Shirley Ford, Magnolia, Ark., Grad. I. Richard L. Forman, Meadville, Law III. Margaret L. Forrester, University, Grad. II. James B. Galloway, Gulfport, Law Ill. Emile Joseph Gex, Jr., University, Grad. I. Joseph C. Gibbs, Batesville, Law Ill. Winfred Ledale Goforth, Union, Phar. V. Paul Ray Gowens, Corpus Christi, Tex., Grad. II. Tanja Grabic, Split Jugoslavija, Grad. Dewitt Love Graeber, Yazoo City, Grad. I. Thomas M. Graf, Gulfport, Grad. II. Wayne William Grafton, Wayne, Penn., Grad. I. David Noel Greenhaw, Wheeler, Phar. V. Don William Gregg, Brookhaven, Phar. V. Ricardo Oswaldo Guerrero, Tulcan, Ecuador, Phar. V. Freida Sharon Gunn, Ellisville, Law II. Daphne Lavern Hardin, Okolona, Grad. I. Joe Tanner Harris, Tupelo, Phar. Michael G. Harrison, Heidelberg, Grad. I. James Ralph Hartzog, Jackson, Phar. V. William Carol Hedspeth, Williamsville, Mo., Grad. II. Wallace Eugene Heggie, Oxford, Mb. Arts. Kenneth Wayne Hillman, University, Phar. V. Robert Edward Hilton, G reenwood, Law III. Billy Glen Hinson, Vidalia, La., Grad. II. John G. Hollingsworth, Jr., Meadville, Law III. Philip Robertson Holly, Columbus AFB, Grad. I. Franklin Ellis Hood, Bolton, Grad. II. Jackie Neal Horner, Corinth, Grad. I. Hung Fie Hsiac, Koahsiung, Taiwan, Grad. I. Chun-Hsien Huang, Taipei, Taiwan ROC, Grad. I. Kenneth Wayne James, Waynesboro, Phar. V. Alexander Peter Jekels, Germantown, Tenn., Grad. III. Hsianmin Francort Jen, Tainan, Taiwan ROC, Grad. I. Cynthia Susan Joachim, Biloxi, Law I. Jean Wing Joe, Clarksdale, Phar. V. John Lamar Johnson, Walnut Grove, Law III. Harris W. Jones, Jr., Meridian, Law II. Majorie Maureen Jones, Amite, La., Grad. I. William Franklin Jordan, University, Law II. Helen Jue, Clarksdale, Phar. V. Charles N. Kalcounas, University, Law III. Barbara Haden Kearney, Money, Grad. I. Vernon Randell Kelley, Ill, University, Grad. I. John D. Kennelly, Nome, Alaska, Law III. William Howard Kessler, Jr., Jackson, Law II. Jagjitsingh H. Khalsa, Ahmedabad-7, India, Grad. II. Donnie Wade King, University, Law III. Margaret Dee King, Rutherford, Tenn., Phar. V. Christine Swang-Piel Ku, Taipei, Taiwan, Grad. I. Beatrice Mae Langston, Ft. Walton Bch., Fla., Grad. I. Lisa Elizabeth Larson, Birmingham, Ala., Grad. I. Luther Gerald Latham, Vicksburg, Law III. Pedro J. Lecca, University, Grad. II. Lu-Yuan Lee, Taichung, Taiwan Ro, Grad. I. Man Hee Lee, Bruce, Grad. I. Rebecca Sue Legge, Sardis, Grad. I. Charles Martin Leggett, Waynesboro, Law Ill. Manuel Marcus Levin, Philadelphia, Pa., Law III. Guey Meei Lin, University, Grad. I. Horng-Jau Lin, Grad. II. Richard Allen little, Raleigh, Phar. V. Shean Jang Liu, Taipei, Taiwan, Grad. II. James Robert Lockard, Ocean Springs, Law, Ill. Joseph Edward Lotterhos, Crystal Springs, Law II. William Joseph Lumalcuri, Mississippi, Grad. I. Mon Yin Lung, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Grad. II. Dianne Lyons, Biloxi, Grad. I. Stephen Yu-Chun Mak, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Phar. V. Van Russell Manning, Lumberton, Phar. V. David Paul Manuel, Erath, La., Grad. I. Pannagiotis M. Manuel, Savannah, Ga., Grad. I. Ladley Hal Martin, Flossmorr, Ill., Grad. I. Kenneth Joseph Mascari, Oxford, Grad. II. James Marion McCay, Sardis, Grad. I. Jimmy Dale McGuire, Gulfport, Law I. Thomas Roy McKinnon, University, Grad. II. Michael Lee McMahan, Batesville, Grad. I. G. L. Mears, Minden, La., Grad. II. Floyd M. Melton, Jr., Greenwood, Law II. Thomas Carter Meredith, Owensboro, Ky., Grad. III. Alan Emil Michel, Oxford, Law III. Larry Gene Miller, Heidelberg, Grad. II. William Patrick Miller, Gulfport, Phar. V. Troy B. Millican, Boyle, Grad. II. Henry R. Mitchell, Ill, Oxford, Law II. Kitty Carol Mitchell, Tutwiler, Phar. V. Tridib Kumar Mittra, University, Grad. II. James Walter Moore, New Orleans, La., Grad. I. Berton F. Mowers, Aberdeen, Grad. I. Sandra Murphy, Eupora, Grad. I. Naim Anwar Muzaffar, Lahore, Pakistan, Grad. II. Gerald L Myres, San Diego, Calif., Law III. Pisuth Nimkulrat, Bangkok 6., Thailand, Grad. I. Shabbir Akberali Olia, Bombay-3, India, Grad. Charles Earnest Overton, Somerville, Tenn., Phar. V. Henry W. Palmer, Meridian, Law I. Beverly Patricia Pardue, Mississippi, Grad. I. Jack Shannon Parker, Natchez, Law II. Kanubhai Harmanbhai Patel, Anand Guj, India, Grad. I. James Stewart Person, Jr., Water Valley, Grad. I. Michael Sink Person, Greenwood, Grad. I. Charles A. Peterson, Jackson, Phar. V. Charlotte Ann Piazza, Oxford, Phar. V. Terry Don Pieralisi, Leland, Law I. Happy Pierce, Dermott, Ark., Grad. I. Elton Charles Plaisance, La Rose, La., Grad. I. Tyrone Powell, Clarksdale, Grad. I. Nevalyn Price Moore, Ellisville, Grad. I. Mildred G. Pryor, Coldwater, Grad. II. Sandra Elizabeth Purkey, Oneida, Tenn., Grad. I. Charles Palmer Quarterman, Jackson, Law II. Daniel Rabinowitz, Memphis, Tenn., Grad. I. Larry Guy Rea, University, Phar. V. A. J. Reed, Jr., Gallatin, Tenn., Grad. I. James Russell Reed, Jr., Paducah, Ky., Law II. Robert Ken Revere, Mendenhall, Phar. V. Chester Ware Richards, Statesboro, Ga., Grad. IV. James Arnold Richardson, Jackson, Phar. V. Rickey Jean Ricks, Raymond, Phar. V. Sheila Ann Riley, Water Valley, Grad. I. Stephen Wales Rimmer, Jr., Madison, Law II. William L. Roach, Brookhaven, Grad. I. James Lamar Roberts, Jr., Pontotoc, Law III. Larry Eugene Roberts, Meridian, Law I. David Edward Rogers, New Albany, Law I. Sarah Marshall Ross, Benoit, Pharmacy V. Walter Eley rocs, Jr., Law Ill. George Donald Runnels, Magee, Law II. Phanidra Nath Sarma, Gauhati 14, India, Grad. II. William Hammond Searight, University, Grad. I. Frank Seid, Jr., Greenville, Phar. V. Jimmy Dale Shaddock, Wiergate, Texas, Grad. II. William Henry Shaheen, York Beach, Me., Law I. Rodney Edward Shands, New Albany, Law II. Michael Edward Shibley, New Madrid, Mo., Phar. V. Dan Shackelford Shipp, Benton, Law III. Forrest hugh Shoemaker, Arvada, Colorado, Grad. II. Joseph Charles Simon, Biloxi, Phar. V. Paul Sisk, Nettleton, Law Ill. Donald Allen Smith, Oxford, Law III. Vaun Harold Smith, University, Grad. I. William Larry Smithvaniz, Canton, Law III. Rewat Sombunyaviroj, Graduate I. Frank J. Spiegelberg, Jr., Biloxi, Law I. Wendel Coleman Stoltz, Memphis, Tenn., Law II. Charles Wilhelm Streicher, Memphis, Tenn., Grad. I. Waldo Sterling Stuckey, Greenwood, Law III. Thomas Henry Suttle, Jr., Oxford, Law III. Eugenia Adeline Talbert, Oxford, Education. Roger Dees Tate, Jr., Columbus, Grad, I. Van C. Temple, Jr., Hattiesburg, Law III. Tommy Curtis Thornton, Vaiden, Phar. V. Larry Jaubert Tillman, Bay St. Louis, Grad. I. Marianne Byham Tillman, Mt. Holly, N. J., Grad. I. Brent Bollinger Tinnin, Hornersville, Mo., Grad. Charles Ming-Hsiao Tsai, University, Grad. I. Alfred Thomas Tucker, Jr., Tunica, Law III. Samuel Lee Tucker, Jackson, Law III. Martha Rhodes Turner, Moss Point, Grad. II. Aurelia Winifred Urbanek, University, Grad. I. Eugenio Altuna Urrechaga, Miami, Fla., Grad. I. V. V. Varadarajan, Rajajinagar, India, Grad. II. George Castner Vassallo, Nashville, Tenn., Law I. Katherine Pack Veazey, Oxford, Grad. I. Homer Voyadjakis, Athens, Greece, Grad. I. Dorothy Anne Ward, Demopolis, Ala., Grad. I. Joseph F. Wegmann, New Orleans, La., Phar. V. Kenneth Collins Welch, University, Phar. V. Erskine Watkins Wells, Jr., University, Law I. Rush Spencer Wells, Rosedale, Law William Burford West, Jr., Clarksdale, Grad. I. Elizabeth Virginia White, Water Valley, Ed. Edmond Lewis Whitfield, Jr., Florence, Phar. V. J. Philip Wilkins, Parsons, Tenn., Phar. V. James Kenneth Williamson, Kosciusko, Phar. V. Wanda Camille Wilson, Metairie, La., Grad. I. Roy Houston Woody, III, Nashville, Tenn., Law III. Janis Sue Woolly, Leland, Grad. I. Yun-Tai Wu, Yong-Ho, Taipei ROC, Grad. I. Chin-Hsing Yang, Taipei, Taiwan ROC, Grad. I. Ming Keng Yang, Tainan, Taiwan, Grad. I. Joseph W. Yates, Ill, Shelby, Law I. Robert James Young, Meridian, Law Ill. Kuo-Ching Yu, Taipei, Taiwan, Grad. I. Arthur Martin Zeidman, Calhoun City, Grad. I. William Sellers Abbey, Clarksdale, Bus. Elise Aden, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Sammy Houston Ainsworth, Harrisville, Bus. John Baker Aldridge, Greenwood, Bus. Michael Lee Allen, Calhoun City, Ed. Michael Lee Amodeo, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Phyllis Ann Anderson, Oxford, Lib. Arts. William David Armstrong, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jane Diane Arnett, Oxford, Bus. Lyman Henry Ash, Senatobia, Ed. Susan Aycock, Rosedale, Bus. John Hollis Ayres, University, Bus. Bonnie Ann Bagley, Tunica, Lib. Arts. Paul Wilson Baham, Jr., Smithdale, Lib. Arts. Barbara Jean Bailey, Mantachie, Ed. Marilyn Bailey, Jackson, Ed. Trudys Lucille Ballard, Rienzi, Lib. Arts. Sandra Ann Barkley, New Albany, Ed. George Spencer Barnes, Jr., Columbus, Lib. Arts. Kenneth Gerald Barron, Jackson, Bus. Mary Kirk Baskin, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Greer Allene Batson, Grenada, Ed. Eugene Marion Bazaar, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Lib. Arts. Andrea Kelly Beard, Myrtle, Lib. Arts. Martha Anne Bearden, Port Gibson, Lib. Arts. Daniel Anthony Beatty, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Lib. Arts. Pamela Jane Bedgood, Jackson, Bus. Beverly Jean Beemon, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Anne Elizabeth Beery, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Mary Jacquelyn Bell, New Albany, Ed. Omer Evon Berry, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Charles S. Bidgood, Meridian, Lib. Arts. John Marlin Blackledge, Laurel, Phar. Holbert D. Blair, Hattiesburg, Bus. Patricia Alma Bless, Pascagoula, Bus. Dorothy Emma Blohm, Jackson, Ed. Charles B. Blount, Hattisburg, Bus. Rosalie Luke Blount, Union, Ed. Sharon Ann Blount, Decatur, Ed. Gerald Warren Bond, Perkinston, Ed. Kenneth Leonard Boone, Laurel, Ed. Mary Edgar Bornman, Clarksdale, Ed. William Ross Bounds, Meridian, Lib. Arts. John Brinkley Bouton, Germantown, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Patsy Lee Bowden, Ashland, Lib. Arts. Susan Carolyn Boyd, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. William Slone Boyd, III, Laurel, Bus. Steven Kyle Brady, Brookhaven, Phar. Suzan Moore Brady, Jackson, Ed. Barnie T. Bramlett, Jr., Oxford, Bus. Craig E. Brasfield, Averdeen, Ed. Thad Sharon Bridges, Monticello, Bus. Devotie Ward Brister, Grenada, Phar. James Murray Brock, Jr., McComb, Lib. Arts. Wanda Jeanette Brown, Pope, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Ann Browne, Oxford, Bus. Michael Bradford Bryant, Pennsville, N. J., Ed. Nan Elizabeth Buford, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Rita Gail Burchfield, Thaxton, Ed. Barbara J. Burnham, Clarksdale, Bus. Jeannie Odom Busby, University, Phar. Pamela Butts, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Billy Dan Caldwell, Corinth, Bus. John Dale Caldwell, Jackson, Lib. Arts. William H. Caldwell, Senatobia, Lib. Arts. Carl Benjamin Campbell, Hopkinsville, Ky., Bus. John William Canterbury, Jackson, Ed. James Harold Carmon, Hernando, Bus. Larry Sim Carnell, Myrtle, Bus. Carol Baswell Carpenter, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Stephen Alan Caruso, Clark, N. J., Ed. Judith Lynn Carver, Asheville, N. C., Lib. Arts. Richard C. Casey, Germantown, Tenn., Bus. Thomas Marshall Casey, Louisville, Phar. Anne Conway Cashman, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Mary Ann Chapman, Coffeeville, Ed. James Williams Chiles, Osceola, Ark., Bus. Rebecca Ann Chrestman, Houlka, Ed. Larry Everett Christman, Oxford, Ed. Donald G. Clark, Houlka, Bus. Frances Burt Clark, Houlka, Ed. Jeptha Clark Clemens, Macon, Lib. Arts. Wanda Candace Clements, New Albany, Ed. John Daniel Cleveland, Jackson, Ed. Constance I. Coleman, Enid, Lib. Arts. John Francis Collins, Jr., Clearwater, Fla., Bus. William Colin Collins, New Albany, Ed. Robert Tillman Collum, Fulton, Phar. William Leslie Cook, Jr., Greenwood, Lib. Arts. James Robert Cooper, Jr., Montgomery, Ala., Lib. Arts. Sarah Joan Cooper, Pontotoc, Ed. Judith Lee Cowan, LaGrange, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Harmon Wilfred Cox, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Phillip Baxter Cox, Pontotoc, Ed. Kiffin R. Craven, Jr., Grenada, Lib. Arts. Leslie Lee Crawford, Jr., Hernando, Bus. Linda L Grisham Crawford, Baldwyn, Bus. Ronnie Lee Crawford, Baldwyn, Lib. Arts. Walter Jeffrey Crawford, Tylertown, Engg. James Joseph Crongeyer, Pensacola, Fla., Lib. Arts. Carolyn Louise Crook, Dallas, Texas, Bus. Ralph David Crum, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Kerry Eliz Culp, Tennessee, Lib. Arts. Cullen B. Curlee, III, Rienzi, Ed. James W. Custer, Wilmette, III., Lib. Arts. Samuel Eugene Daniel, McComb, Phar. Thomas Lee Daniels, Ripley, Tenn., Engg. Hubert James Davidson, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Rose Davis, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Dona B. Davis, Columbus, Ed. John Corbett Davis, New Modrid, Mo., Phar. Laura Lee Davis, Oxford, Ed. Vina Blue Davis, Jackson, Ed. Paul Lloyd Dawes, Natchez, Engg. Michael Kent Dawson, Lovington, III., Engg. Greg G. Day, Philadelphia, Bus. Charles Wallace Dayton, Laurel, Lib. Arts. M. Angelita Delgadillo, New Albany, Ed. Marta Cecilia Delgadillo, Miami, Fla., Lib. Arts. Julie Theresa Delph, Bay St. Louis, Lib. Arts. Donald Dickerson, Columbus, Engg. Marshall Hugh Dickerson, Booneville, Bus. Van Steven Dickerson, Jayess, Engg. Daniel Glen Diffley, Charleston, S. C., Lib. Arts. Morris Stephen Dillard, Tupelo, Phar. Merlyn Butler Dodson, Coahoma, Lib. Arts. Lannie Winford Dowdy, Pontotoc, Bus. Ronald Giles Dozier, Rock Hill, S. C., Ed. William Wayne Drinkwater, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Mack Leon Dryden, Moss Point, Lib. Arts. Ronald Thomas Du Laney, Fulton, Lib. Arts. James G. Ducker, Roxie, Lib. Arts. Rayford Edwin Dukes, Jackson, Phar. Tommy Lee Durke, Port Arthur, Texas, Phar. Mary Cathryn Dyre, Grenada, Bus. William Fred Early, II, Pensacola, Fla., Engg. Letson E. Easterling, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Susan Diane Eddins, Laurel, Phar. William Franklin Edwards, Carthage, Phar. Susan Lee Einhaus, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Phyllis Marie Elliott, Ripley, Lib. Arts. Kathryn Irene Ellis, Port Gibson, Lib. Arts. Robbie Nell Ellis, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Robert Stephen Ellis, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Charles Gerald Emmons, luka, Ed. Jo Ann England, Greenville, Ed. Paula Hailey Estes, Crowder, Bus. Terry Louis Estes, Natchez, Bus. Judith Nell Etheridge, Meridian, Ed. George Robertson Fair, Louisville, Lib. Arts. Henry Philip Fancher, McCool, Phar. Larry Wayne Fancher, Belmont, Bus. Fred Arthur Farmer, Atlanta, Ga., Bus. Julianna Farr, Columbus, Ohio, Lib. Arts. Kenneth David Farragut, Lafayette Hill, Pa., Bus. Vineth Eileen Faulkner, University, Ed. Leslie Lyon Feigley, Greenville, Bus. Morris Leon Felts, Winona, Ed. Carole Carter Ferrell, Michigan City, Lib. Arts. Donna Lynn Fields, Oxford, Bus. Murray Byron Fincher, Lexington, Lib. Arts. Douglas Brian Finlayson, University, Bus. Elizabeth Scott Finley, University, Lib. Arts. William Gay Flautt, Jr., Swan Lake, Engg. Kenneth Edward Fly, Natchez, Bus. Katherine F. Fontaine, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Charles W. Foose, Tchula, Lib. Arts. Thomas Butler Forbes, Jr., Columbia, Lib. Arts. Jerome M. Foxworth, Foxworth, Phar. Lynn Wylie Foy, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Brenda Julia Francis, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Susan Kathleen Freel, University, Lib. Arts. William Harrell Freeman, Waynesboro, Engg. Carrie Lynn Fry, Columbus, Ed. Roger Lynn Fuller, Crystal Springs, Bus. Sandra Stuart Fulton, Greenville, Ed. Susan Quinn Fulton, Greenville, Ed. Lawrence Michael Furlong, Homewood, Ill., Lib. Arts. Chellie Lucretia Furr, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Constance A. Gallant, Senatobia, Lib. Arts. John Lanier Galloway, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Robert Wiley Gambrell, Ellisville, Lib. Arts. Janette Khanshan Ganji, University, Bus. William Hugh Garrard, Ill, Isola, Bus. Thomas Patrick Garrigan, Madisonville, Ky., Bus. Thomas Gee, Lambert, Bus. David Charles Gleason, Meridian, Bus. Charlice M. Goforth, Morton, Lib. Arts. Luther Carroll Gollott, Biloxi, Bus. Harry Don Gong, Duncan, Phar. John Evans Gough, New Orleans, La., Bus. Janet Lou Graves, W. Memphis, Ark., Ed. Jack Kenneth Gray, Jr., Niceville, Fla., Lib. Arts. Thomas Locke Green, Columbus, Bus. W. Walton Gresham, Ill, Indianola, Bus. William Gary Griffin, Raymond, Phar. Dinah Gail Gross, Carthage, Phar. Shelby Russell Grubbs, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Stephanie Ann Guckert, Columbus, Lib. Arts. William N. Gunnell, Summit, Ed. Steven William Guyton, Jackson, Lib. Arts. David Holmes Hale, Senatobia, Lib. Arts. Sharon Hall, Blue Springs, Ed. Wilbur G. Hamlin, Jr., West Point, Lib. Arts. Maurice Hamp, Tunica, Bus. Billy George Hancock, Baldwyn, Lib. Arts. Nancy Melissa Hankins, Raleigh, Lib. Arts. Thomas Cranford Hardin, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Michael Edward Harris, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts. Kathy Carol Haskett, W. Memphis, Ark., Lib. Arts. William Edward Hathorn, Prentiss, Bus. Linda Sue Hatten, Pascagoula, Bus. Jimmy Naul Hayman, McComb, Phar. Billy Don Haynie, New Albany, Bus. Leslie Heflin, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jack Calvin Henderson, Pensacola, Fla., Lib. Arts. Lionel Henderson, Batesville, Bus. Randy Carol Henderson, Oxford, Bus. Charlotte L. Hendrick, Okolona, Lib. Arts. Martha Sue Hendrix, Batesville, Ed. Betty Virginia Herrman, Lexington, Lib. Arts. Brenda Mae Hilburn, Corinth, Ed. Dorothy Michelle Hill, Guilford, Conn., Lib. Arts. Herbert Earl Hill, University, Phar. Roger John Hill, Lower Burrell, Pa., Lib. Arts. Daniel Leigh Hilsabeck, Pascagoula, Bus. Donna Jean Hjerpe, St. Louis, Mo., Ed. James Leslie Hobgood, University, Bus. Dennis Jerome Hogan, Brandon, Engg. Henry Thaddeus Holifield, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Nathaniel L. Holland, Wenonah, N. J., Lib. Arts. Freddie W. Hollis, University, Ed. Teresa S. Holloman, Batesville, Ed. Leslie B. Hoover, Ill, Madisonville, Ky., Bus. Betty C. Ryan Horner, Booneville, Ed. Steven Kent Howell, Oxford, Engg. James Scott Hudson, Olive Branch, Bus. Glynda Sue Huff, Taylorsville, Ed. Vivia Anne Hughes, Clarksdale, Ed. Jere Thomas Humphreys, Humboldt, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Larry Jones Humphreys, Humbolt, Tenn., Bus. Lawrence Michael Hurych, New Albany, Ed. Charles Logan Hussey, Ocean Sprgs., Lib. Arts. Patricia P. Irby, Oakland, Ed. Mahendra M. Jaiswal, Baroda, India, Engg. Edwin White Jenkins, Clarksdale, Bus. Ralph Newton Jennings, Kosciusko, Bus. Johnny Fong Joe, Cleveland, Phar. Johnny Young Joe, Greenville, Phar. James Ronald Johnson, Oxford, Bus. Jan Louise Johnson, Jack son, Ed. George C. Johnston, Jr., Clarksdale, Bus. H. Dale Johnston, Picayune, Phar. Archie Donald Jones, Canton, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Teresa Jones, Jackson, Ed. Cecil Harris Jones, Morton, Ed. Lynn Hall Jones, Canton, Ed. Massena F. Jones, Vaughan, Phar. Michael Edward Jones, Marks, Phar. Nilda Lee Jones, Ripley, Lib. Arts. William Hooper Jones, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Johnnie K. Jordan, Jr., Carthage, Phar. Nelva Jean Jordan, Coahoma, Ed. Edith Jane Jue, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Philip Allen Keating, Batesville, Phar. Thomas Donald Keith, Hollandale, Phar. Cheryl Dianne Booker, Oxford, Ed. Danton Boyce Ketchum, Macon, Ed. Sammy Guy Ketchum, Ripley, Bus. John Bechara Khawand, Beirut, Lebanon, Engg. Donald Leland Kilgore, Philadelphia, Bus. Benjamin B. Kimbrough, Mobile, Ala., Bus. Terry L. Kincaid, University, Phar. James Patrick King, Jeffersontown, Ky., Lib. Arts. Linda Gail King, West Point, Phar. Newton Du dley King, Murfreesboro, Tenn., Bus. Hartley Weems Kittle, III, Shaw, Bus. Leah Denise Klotz, McComb, Lib. Arts. Penny Ann Koenig, Freeport, Ill., Lib. Arts. David Flavous Lambert, Belmont, Lib. Arts. Larry Wayne Lancaster, Falkner, Engg. Richard Leslie Lance, Oxford, Bus. Lydia Faye Landry, University, Bus. Robert Lane Landry, Biloxi, Bus. Tony Clyde Landry, New Iberia, La., Engg. Charles Hebert Laney, Sidon, Lib. Arts. John Buford Laney, Lyon, Bus. James Abner Lauderdale, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Joseph F. Lauderdale, Hernando, Engg. Susan Parker Lavender, Marks, Lib. Arts. Ella Brown Lawrence, Jackson, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Dennis Wayne Lea, Osyka, Phar. Janice Mae Ledbetter, Myrtle, Ed. Jimmie Arnold Lee, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Sue Kee Lee, Cleveland, Phar. Linda Kaye Leonard, Tia Juana Zulia Ve, Lib. Arts. Alton B. Lewis, Jr., Greenwood, Engg. Charles Eugene Lewis, Jackson, Phar. Harvey Ronald Lewis, Potts Camp, Lib. Arts. Richard Lynn Little, Ripley, Ed. Bonita B. Littleton, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. N. Dianne Logan, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Deanne C. Longacre, Dickson, Tenn., Bus. William L. Lyon, Olive Branch, Bus. Martha Elizabeth Major, Jackson, Ed. Van Malone, Ripley, Bus. Charlsie R. Martin, Vardaman, Ed. Mary Watson Martin, Ripley, Lib. Arts. Billy Charles Matkins, New Albany, Bus. Sherry Matthews, Sledge, Ed. Helen Christine Mauldin, Laurel, Phar. James Walker May, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Cathy Ann McAlpin, Booneville, Lib. Arts. Samuel Henry McCall, Jackson, Ed. Glenn Allen McCarver, Ecru, Bus. Larry Leigh McCay, Sardis, Bus. Linda Gail McCool, Louisville, Lib. Arts. Tedford C. McCullough, Baton Rouge, La., Bus. Katherine Jean McDill, Richmond, Va., Ed. Myrtle Ann McInnis, Kosciusko, Ed. Robert Levon McKay, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Shelby Weeks McKey, Utica, Bus. Charles A. McKnight, Jackson, Phar. Ruth Smythe McLallen, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Susan Evelyn McLaurin, Brandon, Ed. Patricia Grace McMillen, New Albany, Ed. Glenda Ann McNeal, Hickory Flat, Bus. Michael Henry McNeece, Tupelo, Ed. Don Keith McNeely, luka, Engg. William Allen McNeill, McComb, Engg. Jack Conrad Meadows, Jr., Columbia, S. C., Bus. Forrest Lee Meek, Lexington, Bus. Edwin Dilworth Meeks, Hamilton, Phar. Floyd L. Meurrier, Batesville, Lib. Arts. Barbara Ann Miller, Water Valley, Ed. Robert Arrington Miller, Greenwood, Engg. George Howell Milstead, Jackson, Phar. Steve Minor, Baldwyn, Lib. Arts. Freddie Roy Miskelly, Tiplersville, Engg. Eva Mae Mitchell, Richland, Va., Lib. Arts. Hubert D. Mitchell, Jr., Corinth, Bus. Martha Lois Mitchell, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Larry Edward Mixon, Drew, Bus. Vicki Lambert Mixon, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Danny Gene Mize, Jackson, Bus. Henry Andy Moak, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Paul Greer Moak, Jackson, Bus. Phyllis Ann Montague, Sallis, Ed. Richard Carl Monteith, Batesville, Engg. Marilou Daria Montesi, Shaw, Lib. Arts. Jeanne H. Montgomery, Jackson, Ed. Steven Holcomb Monts, Plantersville, Bus. James Holley Moore, Jr., Corinth, Bus. Robert D. Moore, Jr., Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. Mildred Lewis Moorhead, Mississippi, Lib. Arts. Leonard Morris, Batesville, Ed. Robert Kellis Moss, Meridian, Engg. Christian Stephen Mueller, Davenport, Iowa, Bus. Mary Margaret Mulligan, Mt. Vernon, Ill., Lib. Arts. Marilyn Jo Mullins, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Thomas Hardin Murphey, Ma Bena, Bus. Johnny Hunter Nance, McComb, Bus. Carmen Asly Nassar, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Deborah Ruth Nelson, Wilson, Ark., Bus. Charles Puffer Newman, Pt. Gibson, Bus. Joe Michael Newton, Senatobia, Lib. Arts. Victor Arthur Nix, Ill, Fox Lake, Ill., Lib. Arts. Jerry Van Norman, Canton, Lib. Arts. Nancy Rights Norman, Corinth, Ed. Judith Karen Oakes, Elliott, Lib. Arts. Franklin Nicklaus Ogrady, Oxford, Ed. Sherry Ellen Oliphant, Batesville, Ed. Gwendolyn Connell O ' Neal, Delhi, La., Lib. Arts. Beverly Ruth Overby, Bruce, Ed. Michael Dennis Parker, Vance, Ed. Hazel Lynn Parks, Oxford, Bus. Steven Edwin Pate, Fulton, Phar. Linda Ann Patterson, Rosedale, Ed. Robert Donald Patterson, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Walterine Louis Permenter, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Emmet Robinson Perry, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bus. Carol June Phillips, New Albany, Ed. James Clovis Pinkerton, Poplarville, Ed. Mary McCostlin Pittman, Bruce, Phar. Fred Owen Poitevent, Meridian, Bus. Marilyn Patricia Polk, Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. Betty Diane Poteet, Guntown, Ed. John Kirkham Povall, Lexington, Lib. Arts. James Edwin Pratt, Jr., Mississippi, Bus. Charles Michael Prewett, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. James Ottis Prewitt, Pontotoc, Engg. Michael Don Price, Guntown, Ed. Paula Susan Pryor, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Charles A. Rado, Berwick, Pa., Bus. Lee Wilson Randall, Meridian, Bus. Vicki Ruth Ransom, Aberdeen, Lib. Arts. Cynthia Ann Rasberry, Jackson, Ed. Donald W. Ratliff, Belmont, Phar. Clell Herman Ray, Columbus, Bus. John Stephen Reardon, Clarksdale, Phar. Carlene Shackelford Reid, Corinth, Ed. William Woodrow Reid, Jr., Corinth, Bus. Sheila Patricia Riales, Sardis, Lib. ' Arts. Alton Bruce Rich, Walnut, Bus. Cynthia Sue Richardson, Victoria, Tex., Lib. Arts. Robert Lee Richardson, Kosciusko, Bus. Mal Shaw Riddell, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Susan Person Riddell, Oxford, Ed. Larry Olin Ridge, Ripley, Ed. Susan Scruggs Rigby, Bay St. Louis, Phar. William Herman Rigby, Jr., Kosciusko, Engg. Glen A. Riggs, Tupelo, Ed. Leon Leven Robertson, Calhoun City, Bus. Franklin Scott Robinson, Waterford, Phar. Nan Cary Robi nson, Selmer, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Katherine D. Robison, Batesville, Bus. Lauren Angela Rodrigue, McComb, Lib. Arts. Larry Alan Roe, Biloxi, Engg. Margaret Ellis Rogers, New Albany, Bus. Ronnie Lee Rouse, University, Ed. Danny Ray Rowland, Blue Springs, Ed. Guy Ford Rowland, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Sandra Jean Roy, Marks, Ed. Carole Ann Rushing, McComb, Lib. Arts. Michael Thomas Rushing, Anniston, Ala., Lib. Arts. Mary Lou Russell, Sardis, Lib. Arts. Garrett Patrick Ryan, Muncie, Ind., Bus. Susan Alice Safley, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Kaye Ann Sanders, Gautier, Ed. Robert Evans Sanders, New Albany, Bus. Cynthia Lynn Savage, Oxford, Ed. John Mason Schlosser, Vicksburg, Bus. Virginia Lee Schweder, Wayzata, Minn., Ed. Betsy Smith Scott, Coldwater, Ed. Donald Eugene Scott, University, Bus. Linda Hudson Segrest, Port Gibson, Lib. Arts. Richard Aaron Settlemires, Ripley, Bus. Edith Darlene Shores, Bruce, Ed. David Briggs Shreve, Bowling Green, Ky., Lib. Arts. Patty Elizabeth Slay, Jackson, Ed. Barbara Ellen Smith, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Beverly Kathleen Smith, Lampasas, Texas, Ed. Caroline Alwine Smith, Tallulah, La., Bus. Robert Daniel Smith, Oxford, Engg. Robert Howell Smith, Oxford, Phar. Sidney Alexander Smith, Jackson, Lib. Arts. William Franklin Sneed, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Paul Maynard Snyder, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Ed. Stephen Lynn Sowell, Humboldt, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Ethel Lobdell Staples, Mississippi, Lib. Arts. Gerald Stephen Steele, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Steven Ray Stegall, Jackson, Bus. James Russell Stein, Ocala, Fla., Ed. James Claude Still, Jr., Blue Mt., Ed. William Wayne Stogner, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Rosemary Stoltz, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Michael Edward Strachn, Oxford, Engg. Georgia Stratton, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Joe Bryan Street, Ripley, Lib. Arts. Virginia W. Strong, University, Ed. Betty Louise Stuart, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Andrew Studdard, McComb, Engg. Kenneth Woods Sudduth, Tupelo, Bus. Dorothy Hope Sullivan, Walls, Lib. Arts. Jane Carolyn Sullivan, Waynesboro, Ed. Scott Conway Swaney, Holly Springs, Bus. Walker James Swaney, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. Philip Edmond Swayze, Jr., Benton, Phar. Frances Susan Talbert, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Julien Rundell Tatum, University, Lib. Arts. Gustav Arthur Taylor, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Harold Gregory Taylor, Lucedale, Bus. Janice Lee Templeton, Centreville, Lib. Arts. Margie Estelle Terry, Big Creek, Ed. Mark Douglas Tew, Meridian, Engg. Eva Laura Thomas, Laurel, Ed. Neal Lewis Thompson, Chattanooga, Tenn., Bus. Kenneth Jerrell Thornton, Hattiesburg, Phar. Alan Wayne Till, Anniston, Ala., Bus. William M. Tittle, III, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Lillian Toney, Vicksburg, Ed. Burke Simmons Torrey, Vicksburg, Ed. James Lamar Townsend, Cleveland, Bus. Gary Matt Traughber, Elkton, Kentucky, Bus. Lura Nell Triplett, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Soila Leara Trowell, Tampa, Fla., Ed. Hubert Lane Tutor, Crowder, Ed. Phillip Lyrn Tutor, Ecru, Bus. Bert John Twitty, St. Petersburg, Fla., Bus. Selmer Louis Valentine, Oxford, Ed. Valerie Vance, Oxford, Ed. Beverly Winn Vaughan, University, Lib. Arts. Mark Perry Vest, McComb, Bus. Tommy Lynn Vinson, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Mary Sue Wade, Hollandale, Ed. James Rayburn Walker, Jr., University, Bus. Larry Claiborne Walters, Laurel, Engg. Samuel Lloyd Walters, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Arthur Donald Walton, Hattiesburg, Bus. Catherine S. Warren, Senatobia, Ed. Linda Kay Washington, Houlka, Bus. Martha Jewel Watkins, Jackson, Phar. Marianne McLean Watson, Tunica, Lib. Arts. Linda Gail Watts, Etta, Ed. Don Alan Weatherly, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Steven Leslie Weatherwax, Largo, Fla., Phar. Norma Lea Weaver, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Hoyt Wayne Webster, Becker, Ed. Lora Kay Wedgeworth, University, Lib. Arts. Ronnie Michael Wedgeworth, University, Engg. Robert Mark Weeks, University, Lib. Arts. Frank Cornelius Weis, W. Memphis, Ark., Lib. Arts. Johnnie Kaye White, Pensacola, Fla., Ed. Mary Maxine Whitten, Charleston, Lib. Arts. Thomas Edward Whitten, Hernando, Engg. Lucien S. Whittington, Brookhaven, Bus. Donald Anthony Wiater, Morrisville, Pa., Ed. Richard Gray Wiggers, Jr., Columbus, Bus. Thomas Horace Wilbanks, Walnut, Ed. Joey Lee Wilburn, Dorsey, Phar. David Eugene Wilder, Meridian, Bus. Martha Grace Wilkie, Goodman, Ed. Fletcher J. Williams, Jr., Osyka, Lib. Arts. John Gayle Williams, Oxford, Engg. Laura Jane Williams, Grenada, Ed. Thomas Gary Williams, Jackson, Bus. John Harrison Wilson, Jr., New Albany, Ed. Joseph Vandorn Wilson, Covington, La., Bus. Sammy Charles Wilson, Pontotoc, Ed. Carol Dean Winter, Bruce, Ed. Mark Wise, Mound Bayou, Engg. Nancy Elaine Womack, Williamsville, N. Y., Lib. Arts. Andrew Chiwang Wong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Lib. Arts. Patricia Jack Wong, Cleveland, Phar. Henry David Wood, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Nancy Elaine Woodbury, Pensacola, Fla., Ed. Anthony Gail Worsham, Charleston, Ed. Cheryl Josephine Wright, Greenwood, Ed. Letitia Parham Wright, Amory, Lib. Arts. Becky Yee, Dermott, Ark., Lib. Arts. Andrew James Adams, Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts. Richard J. Agostinelli, Clarksdale, Phar. Michael Dean Akers, Tupelo, Bus. Ronald H. Aldridge, Jackson, Bus. Catherine E. Alford, McComb, Ed. Daniel Kent Allgood, Meridian, Engg. Diane Olivia Allison, Houston, Texas, Ed. Donnie Joe Anderson, Ripley, Bus. Mary Evalyn Antoon, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. William Clay Ashford, Lambert, Lib. Arts. John Ray Atkinson, Greenwood, Bus. Robert Corson Ausman, Cheyenne, Wyo., Lib. Arts. Nancy Hope Babington, Franklinton, La., Ed. Brenda Sullivan Baird, Ed. Mary Kathryn Balch, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Sallie Dix Ballard, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Albert Marshall Banks, Poplarville, Ed. Joyce Lynn Banks, Oxford, Bus. Peggy Sue Barnett, Jackson, Ed. Lilla Gayle Barron, Columbia, Lib. Arts. James Irvin Bass, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Johnnie Mack Battles, Rosedale, Bus. Jerry Stephen Beam, Golden, Ed. Carolyn Frances Beasley, Meadville, Lib. Arts. Sheila Kay Benefield, Myrtle, Ed. Robert McIntyre Beno, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Peggy Lanier Biggers, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Sarah L. Blankenship, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Lib. Arts. Thomas A. Blanton, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Lynn Boatman, Corinth, Ed. Cynthia Joan Boatner, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Thomas F. Boatright, Oxford, Bus. Joseph Slattery Boggess, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Nehemiah Bowdre, Hernando, Bus. Morris James Bowling, Long Beach, Lib. Arts. James Lee Boyter, Greenville, S. C., Bus. William Oswald Bozeman, St. Petersburg, Fla., Ed. Guy Alexander Bradley, Lexington, Ky., Lib. Arts. Dianne Branscome, Grenada, Lib. Arts. Charlotte T. Brasher, Bruce, Ed. Fred McLendin Brashier, Decatur, Ed. William Carl Bratton, Oxford, Bus. Gregory Lee Brewer, Greenwood, Bus. John Henry Brewer, III, Southhaven, Bus. Norman Craig Brewer, III, Greenwood, Bus. Susan Elaine Broom, Columbia, Lib. Arts. Vicki Sue Broom, Fulton, Ed. iris Adele Brown, Jackson, Lib. Arts. James Robert Brown, Ripley, Lib. Arts. Marsha Loretta Brown, Sevierville, Tenn., Ed. Thomas Edward Brown, Jr., Biloxi, Engg. Thomas Michael Brown, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Mary Catherine Broyles, N. Little Rock, Ark., Phar. ' William Edward Bruce, Meridian, Bus. Paula Buie, Rayville, La., Bus. Marcus Connoy Buntyn, Meridian, Bus. Walter Guy Burkhalter, Jr., Enid, Bus. Gregory Allen Byrom, luka, Lib. Arts. Albert Michael Caldwell, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Lib. Arts. James Harmon Caldwell, Jacksonville, Fla., Ed. Linda Gail Caldwell, Sherman, Lib. Arts. Richard Eugene Cald well, Baldwyn, Bus. Kathleen Elaine Callicott, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Gerald Edward Calvasina, Wilmington, Del., Ed. Karen Elizabeth Camp, Mantachie, Lib. Arts. Laura Kathryn Campany, Jonestown, Lib. Arts. Esther Josephine Campbell, Boyle, Phar. Reba Diane Campbell, Clarksdale, Ed. Charlie Alex Canova, Jr., Woodville, Phar. Stephen Dale Carney, Memphis, Tenn., Engg. Kenny Ray Carson, Shannon, Ed. Larry Darnell Carter, Drew, Bus. Travis Terry Cartwright, Saltillo, Lib. Arts. Jima Elan Castle, Pontotoc, Ed. Gordon Michael Castleberry, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Michael William Chadwick, Walnut Grove, Lib. Arts. Walter Lee Chambers, Humboldt, Tenn., Ed. Barbara Nell Champion, Greenwood, Ed. Mary Ann Chancellor, Macon, Lib. Arts. Rupert Leander Chapman, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Cedric Vaughn Chinn, Marks, Phar. Wanda Marie Chism, Atlanta, Georgia, ' Ed. Nanette R. Christian, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Walter Bates Christian, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Faith M. Church, Hernando, Lib. Arts. Charles Cleveland Clark, Jackson, Bus. Rita Gail Clemmer, Ripley, Ed. Karen Janet Cleveland, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Sue Clinton, Sikeston, Mo., Lib. Arts. Donna Doom Cobb, New Albany, Ed. Grover Clifton Coleman, Jr., Magee, Lib. Arts. Linda Maud Coleman, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Martha Lee Collins, Columbus, Ed. Mary Beth Colson, Bay St. Louis, Ed. Judith Tramel Conner, University, Ed. Betty Diane Conway, Hattiesburg, Ed. David Erval Conwill, Fulton, Lib. Arts. Mark Jeffery Corey, Holly Springs, Bus. William D. Covington, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Cathy 0. Criss, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Ronald Harold Crowe, Byhalia, Lib. Arts. Christi Jane Curtis, Hayti, Mo., Ed. Alice Virginia Daniel, Tupelo, Ed. Har Naraian Dashairya, University, Engg. Dan Berry Davidson, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Cederick Gene Davis, Senatobia, Engg. Mary Kay Davis, Portageville, Mo., Ed. Patrick Vincent Davis, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Terry Lewis Day, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Rhonda Kay Dayton, Bradley, Arkansas, Lib. Arts. Vivian Dean, Clara, Lib. Arts. William Moore Dean, Canton, Bus. James L Dear, University, Lib. Arts. Theodore Dear, Jr., Hazlehurst, Ed. Mary Diane Defore, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Melissa Edelle Denham, Laurel, Ed. Lawrence Clark Dilley, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Beverly Kaye Dixon, Booneville, Ed. Susan Lee Donahower, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Janet Anne Draughon, Greenwood, Ed. Doris Deveron Drees, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Orion Chester Dunaway, Gulfport, Engg. John Walter Eadie, Roswell, Ga., Engg. Jerry Aaron Eakin, McCool, Bus. Larry Vance Easterling, Gr eenville, Lib. Arts. Glenda Jean Eaton, Walnut, Ed. Linda June Eaton, Walnut, Ed. Bert Charles Ehrhardt, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Nagla M. M. El-Mogadcay, Cairo, Egypt, Lib. Arts. E. Russell Elliot, Bay St. Louis, Lib. Arts. Martha Lynn Ellis, Oxford, Ed. Robert Eugene Ellis, Olive Branch, Bus. Mark Joseph Ellzey, Jr., Gulfport, Bus. Sheida Emanuel, Tehran Iran, Lib. Arts. Miriam Edna Eyerman, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Terry Q. Farmer, Batesville, Bus. Daniel B. Farr, Roxie, Phar. Joe Thomas Fell, Pine Bluff, Ark., Engg. Carole Jeannette Ferguson, Grenada, Ed. Palmore A. Ferrell, Jr., Lynchburg, Va., Bus. Donald Brian Finley, University, Lib. Arts. Calvin Albert Fleming, LaFitte, La., Lib. Arts. Patricia Reid Flint, Oxford, Lib. Arts. John Madison Flowers, Jr., Terry, Lib. Arts. Vernon Frank Foster, Gloster, Bus. Mark Andrew Frank, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Gary Mac Franks, Dorsey, Bus. Shelley Anne Frith, Martinsville, Va., Lib. Arts. Rebecca Ann Fudoli, Hillsboro, Ill., Lib. Arts. Robert Paul Fuller, Coldwater, Lib. Arts. Joseph Patrick Furr, Oxford, Bus. Mike Horne Furtick, Corinth, Bus. Ellen Galbreath, Natchez, Ed. Janet Cecilia Gann, luka, Ed. Behrooz Karim Garabaghi, University, Engg. Arthur Wayne Garrard, Clarksdale, Ed. Dorothy Briscoe Garrard, New Orleans, La., Lib. Arts. Steven Eugene Gelvin, Tunica, Bus. Ginger Ann Gholston, Isola, Ed. John Haywood Gilbert, Nashville, Tenn., Bus. Deborah Carol Gillentine, Mooreville, Bus. Kay F. Gillentine, Tupelo, Ed. Virginia Carroll Gleason, Crete, Ill., Ed. Ricky Shan Glidewell, Ripley, Ed. Kathleen Lum Goo, Helena, Arkansas, Lib. Arts. Reginald Devon Gordon, Batesville, Phar. William Rhodes Gorman, Corinth, Ed. Stephen Craig Grace, Owensboro, Ky., Bus. Thomas Gene Graham, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Phar. Charles Richard Graves, University, Bus. David Wayne Gray, Batesville, Bus. Roger Kent Green, Coffeeville, Lib. Arts. Benjamin Lee Greene, Courtland, Ed. Harrison S. Greenlaw, Fredericksburg, Va., Ed. Jiles Kenneth Grice, Columbia, Lib. Arts. Troy David Griffin, Baldwyn, Phar. William Allan Griffis, Chunky, Bus. Janice Anne Grissom, Fulton, Lib. Arts. Edgar Lindsey Gunn, Caldwell, Ark., Lib. Arts. Raymond G. Gunn, II, Jackson, Bus. Patricia Coleen Guy, Tiburon, Calif., Ed. Sylvia Ann Guyton, Nettleton, Ed. Nancy Gayle Haas, Jackson, Bus. Lynne Garnett Hamlin, West Point, Lib. Arts. Dwight Vincent Hand, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Jordan Henry Hankins, Fulton, Lib. Arts. Kerry Maureen Hannahan, Columbia, Lib. Arts. James R. Hardin, Houlka, Bus. Grizelda Ann Hargraves, Helena, Ark., Ed. Fredrick Marion Harrell, Jr., Brandon, Bus. William Leo Harrington, Jr., Rose Hill, Lib. Arts. Alan Taylor Harris, Livingston, N. J., Ed. Elgenia Harris, Marks, Phar. Ronald Conrad Harris, University, Phar. William Walton Hattox, Pontotoc, Bus. Terry Dewey Hawkins, Oxford, Lib. Arts. John Dexter Haynes, Baldwyn, Bus. Charles Thomas Heath, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts. Rondy Gale Heavener, Baldwyn, Lib. Arts. Joel Grant Henderson, Forest, Bus. John Kent Henderson, Carthage, Lib. Arts. Godfred Hennig, III, Biloxi, Bus. Timothy Norris Herndon, Pontotoc, Bus. Robin Katherine Herring, University, Engg. Helen Doris Herrington, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. Mary Beth Hester, University, Lib. Arts. Ronnie Dale Hicks, Gulfport, Engg. William Rogers Hicks, Laurel, Phar. Joe Wiley Higgins, Jr., Madison, Tenn., Phar. Ronald Louis Hipp, Oxford, Bus. Jo Lynn Holley, Waynesboro, Phar. Jacqueline A. Holmes, Greenwood, Ed. Andrew Pick Homan, Shannon, Bus. Opal Jean Hood, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts. Margaret Elizabeth Hook, Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts. Ali Hooshmand, Tehran Iran, Engg. Lana Carrie Hopkins, Walnut, Ed. William Staten Hopkins, Clarksdale, Bus. Robert Lee Horton, Clarksdale, Bus. Elizabeth Agnes Hosemann, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Charles P. Hudson, Jr., Canton, Phar. Peggy Jean Hudson, Walnut, Ed. Robert V. Humphreys, Humboldt, Tenn., Engg. Thomas Elmer Hurston, LaGrange, Georgia, Lib. Arts. Deborah Ann Huston, Clarksdale, Ed. Donna Kay Idom, Raleigh, Lib. Arts. Willis Ivory, Natchez, Ed. James Hollis Ivy, Tupelo, Ed. Martha Jane Ivy, Dennis, Bus. Frank Peter Izzo, Pomona, N. Y., Ed. Stuart Maurice Jacob, Forest, Bus. Amanda Johnson, Philadelphia, Ed. Carol Ann Johnson, Walnut, Ed. Clyde C. Johnson, Olive Brnch, Lib. Arts. Kent Robert Johnson, Oxford, Ed. Robert Edgar Johnson, Hattisburg, Lib. Arts. Thomas Walton Johnson, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus. Travis R. Johnson, Jr., Grenada, Bus. Lynn Dee Jones, Gulfport, Ed. Oliver David Jones, Laurel, Bus. Marta Leebett Jordan, Casper, Wyoming, Bus. Karen Larue Kaufman, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Margaret Adele Kazan, Leland, Ed. Thurlow Allen Kearns, High Point, N. C., Ed. Margaret Carolyn Keel, Water Valley, Ed. Robert Ronald Kelly, Walnut, Bus. Linda Gail Kennedy, Hickory Flat, Ed. Frances Elizabeth King, Topeka, Kansas, Lib. Arts. Jerry Nolan King, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Joe Judson King, Hattiesburg, Bus. Henry Logan Knox, New Albany, Bus. Katherine R. Kochtitzky, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. David Dane Lair, Charleston, Mo., Bus. Leslie Barton Lampton, Jackson, Bus. James Stephen Landrum, Baldwyn, Phar. Robert James Landry, Biloxi, Bus. Thomas Jeffrey Larkin, Edgecliff, Australia, Ed. Steven W. Latham, Europa, Engg. Claire Ann Latture, Hot Springs, Ark., Phar. Peter Shiu Wang Law, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Engg. Harold Brooks Leasure, Jr., Madisonvil le, Ky., Bus. Mary Diane Leggett, Clinton, Lib. Arts. Mildred McMillan Lester, Sardis, Bus. James William Lewis, Moss Point, Bus. Ruby Gray Lewis, Senatobia, Lib. Arts. John Ellis Locke, Oxford, Bus. James Downes Looney, Proctor, Ark., Lib. Arts. Mary C. P. Lou, Clarksdale, Ed. Margaret Louise Lucius, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Warren McGee Ludlam, Jackson, Bus. Jo Ann Luke, Jackson, Ed. Luther Luna, III, Walnut, Bus. Glenn Travler Lunsford, Montgomery, ' Alabama, Bus. Gary Michael Maholm, Holly Springs, Phar. Edward Charles Maloney, Jackson, Bus. Helen Dayton Manier, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. Willie Leon Marshall, University, Ed. Troy Watts Mashburn, Jr., Brandon, Bus. Gail Armstrong Massey, Oxford, Ed. Robert Clyde Massey, W. Memphis, Ark., Bus. Paula Maurine Matherne, Alexandria, La., Lib. Arts. Nancy Patrice Mauldin, McComb, Lib. Arts. Marilyn Ann Mauney, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Harriett Louise May, Caruthersville, Mo., Ed. Margaret E. Mayfield, Shreveport, La., Ed. Lester Floyd McAlister, Oxford, Bus. Franklin Danny McAnally, Corinth, Bus. Jimmy Stephen McAnally, Belmont, Bus. Mary Janet McCarver, Sherman, Lib. Arts. Donna Sue McCraw, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Martha Ruth McCullar, Water Valley, Bus. Leslie Allen McDaniel, Myrtle, Ed. Mary Ann McDonald, Newton, Phar. William M. McDonald, Clarksdale, Bus. William L. McDonough, Jr., New Albany, Bus. Janice McGaughy, Ashland, Bus. Diana Marie McGee, Corinth, Ed. John Dixon McGee, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Harris Carr McGraw, Yazoo City, Bus. Mary Lillian McGraw, Louisville, Ed. James Dan McLeod, Petal, Phar. Richard Holcombe McMahan, Batesville, Bus. Mary Jon McManus, Biloxi, Ed. Florence Jeane McNeel, Louisville, Lib. Arts. Pamela McPhail, Slate Springs, Lib. Arts. Charles M. McQueen, Birmingham, Ala., Bus. Sharon Ann Meeks, Corinth, Ed. Thomas Andrew Merman, Nasquehoning, Pa., Lib. Arts. Richard Lynn Metcalf, Jackson, Bus. Elizabeth Joyce Meteer, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Joe Robenson Meurrier, Batesville, Bus. Carol Ann Miller, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Wayne Minor, Baldwyn, Engg. Beverly Borrum Mitchell, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Willie F. Mitchell, Abbeville, Bus. Hattie Miriam Mize, Mississippi, Ed. Bobby James Moats, Tampa, Fla., Bus. Robert Austin Monroe, Madison, Ed. Benjamin Allen Moore, Byhalia, Engg. Charles Leon Moore, II, Greenville, Ed. Don Wilson Moore, Jackson, Bus. Howard Joseph Moore, Moscow, Tenn., Bus. Mary Virginia Moore, McComb, Ed. Randy Ray Moore, Booneville, Phar.. Sally Baird Morehead, Greenwood, Ed. Audrey Mae Morgan, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Clifford Scott Morris, West Union, Ed. James Willard Morris, Ill, Jackson, Ed. Ronald David Moses, Vicksburg, Bus. Sam Ray Mosley, New Albany, Bus. Ellis Harvey Moss, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Dalton McBee Mounger, Jackson, Bus. Josephine Moy, Hernando, Lib. Arts. Roland Edward Mullins, Jr., Biloxi, Phar. Jimmy Lee Murphrey, Water Valley, Ed. George Michael Murphy, Forest, Bus. Ruth Anne Murphy, Grenada, Bus. Norma Jean Murrah, New Albany, Ed. Barbara Jean Mylak, Riverside, Ill., Ed. Steven Maxwell Nabers, Booneville, Lib. Arts. Rhoda Ruth Naff, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Billie Kennedy Nance, McComb, Bus. Carol Reynolds Nations, Cleveland, Phar. Joseph Morgan Neblett, Coahoma, Lib. Arts. Margaret Rebecca Nelson, Courtland, Ed. Annie Yvonne Nichols, Victoria, Lib. Arts. Sara Carol Nichols, Canton, Ed. Sheryl Nicholson, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Nancy Marie Noble, Canton, Ed. Julian R. Noel, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Dixie Ann Norman, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Shelton Edward Norris, Collins, Bus. Pete Joseph Nosser, Ill, Vicksburg, Bus. Wade Sharon Oaks, Booneville, Bus. Karen Jean O ' Donnell, Naugatuck, Conn., Lib. Arts. Debbie Lynn Oser, Picayune, Ed. Thomas Julian Ostendorff, Shreveport, La., Lib. Arts. Linda Nadyne Owen, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Stephanie Owen, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. Susan Nadine Owen, Pickens, Lib. Arts. Timothy William Pace, Aberdeen, Bus. Judy Ann Palmertree, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Michael Papania, Lib. Arts. Carl Allen Parker, New Albany, Bus. Jennifer Louise Parker, Fairfax, Va., Ed. Freida Dale Parks, Temple, Georgia, Lib. Arts. Robert Hugh Patrick, Laurel, Lib. Arts.. Susan Stacy Patterson, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. William David Payne, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Allen George Pedersen, Lucedale, Bus. Mary Ellen Pela, Gulfport, Ed. Jerry Lynn Pettit, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts. Otho Earl Pettit, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts. David Lynn Petty, Glen, Lib. Arts. Walton Rice Pickens, McComb, Ed. Karen Michele Pilgreen, Brookhaven, Ed. Sandra Kay Pinkerton, Water Valley, Bus. Robert Keith Pisarich, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Margaret Pittman, Greenwood, Ed. Loyd Carlton Plunk, Thaxton, Bus. Deanna Poe, Pontotoc, Bus. Rosa Josephine Poole, Natchez, Lib. Arts. John William Pope, University, Lib. Arts. Richard Alan Porter, Columbus, Ed. Michael Evans Posey, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Hilda Cope Povall, University, Lib. Arts. Daniel Garland Powers, Natchez, Bus. William Bryce Prestage, Fulton, Phar. Kenneth Edwin Prewett, Pontotoc, Phar. Katherine Elizabeth Price, Lyon, Ed. Mary Margaret Price, Chattanooga, Tenn., Ed. Claudia Primos, Jackson, Ed. Deana Lynn Pritchard, Ft. Thomas, Ky., Ed. June Diane Pulliam, Ellisville, Ed. Martha Sue Pullin, Terry, Phar. Shun Wing Quon, Inverness, Lib. Arts. Neva Vane Ragland, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Kenneth Bell Raigins, Prairie, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Inez Ramer, Corinth, Ed. Larhonda Louise Ramsey, Water Valley, Ed. Priscilla M. Randolph, Chatham, N. J., Lib. Arts. Kamran Rasouli, University, Engg. Bobby Rex Ratliff, Thaxton, Ed. James Stanley Ratliff, Baldwyn, Ed. William Norman Reed, Lib. Arts. Barbara Anne Reeves, Southhaven, Lib. Arts. Pamela Ann Refkofsky, Stratford, Conn., Ed. James Dee Richardson, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Engg. Robert George Ricks, Cleveland, Engg. Laura Lynn Roberson, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Benny Jerryl Roberts, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Ellis Eugene Roberts, Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts. Kenneth Eugene Roberts, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. William Wyatt Rogers, Meridian, Ed. Richard Blair Roper, Jackson, Bus. James Burson Rose, Shelby, Lib. Arts. Tommie Lee Rowland, Ripley, Bus. Dave Alan Russell, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Douglas Overton Russell, Moorhead, Bus. John Patton Sadler, Huntsville, Ala., Bus. Larry Newton Sanford, New Albany, Bus. Nicholas A. Sauchelli, Summit, N. J., Lib. Arts. Isaac Whitten Sayle, Charleston, Bus. Clarence Ray Scales, Jr., Jackson, Ed. Lela Lynn Scales, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Candace Delaney Schenk, Tiptonville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Peter James Scialabba, New Haven, Conn., Lib. Arts. Dennis Michael Seat, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Charles Franklin Sellers, Harrisonburg, Va., Lib. Arts. William Wirsyl Selmar, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Lana Joy shackelford, Booneville, Lib. Arts. Thomas Andrew Shands, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Mary Corinne Shelton, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jana Lee Shideler, Sardis, Lib. Arts. Winfrey Mayo Sikes, Meridian, Bus. Thomas Lynn Simmons, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Corlea Jeanne Sims, Blytheville, Ark., Ed. Lisa Sims, Columbia, Ed. Britt Randal Singletary, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Anna Karine Smith, Poplarville, Ed. Charles Lynn Smith, Tylertown, Phar. Donna Carolyn Smith, Picayune, Lib. Arts. Doyle Preston Smith, Jr., Jackson, Lib. Arts. Georgia Kay Smith, Fulton, Lib. Arts. Linda Eugenia Smith, Canton, Ed. Martha Susan Smith, Clinton, Ed. William Bole Smith, III, Canton, Lib. Arts. Richard Arnold Sneed, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Richard Gene Sommers, Laurel, Phar. Charles Ellis Sones, Lumberton, Lib. Arts. William M. Sorrels, Jr., Rolling Folk, Phar. Linda Kay Spencer, Vardaman, Ed. Cherie Hona Stafford, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Beverly Claire Stechmann, Bay, St. Louis, Bus. Martha Susan Steen, Booneville, Lib. Arts. Guy Milton Stigall, Jr., University, Bus. John A. Stevens, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Johnny Dwight Stevens, Smithville, Ed. Billy Hugh Stewart, Picayune, Lib. Arts. Anita Jean Stiedle, Gulfport, Ed. Malcolm Dennis Still, New Albany, Ed. Rita Eliz Stonebraker, Akron, Ohio, Ed. James R. Strawbridge, Jr., Lib. Arts. Cheryl Ann Streicher, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Linda Diane Stroud, New Albany, Ed. Ann Marie Suares, Greenville, Ed. Marian Ruth Sudduth, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Charles Lester Sullivan, Clarksdale, Bus. Charlie T. Sutherland, University, Lib. Arts. Stephen Middleton Swain, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. David Carl Swink, Farmington, Mo., Lib. Arts. Carey Sue Sykes, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Cathy Dale Tallant, Tupelo, Ed. Tommie Dennis Tanner, Pascagoula, Engg. Lemuel Hugh Tate, Jr., Myrtle, Bus. Linda Ethel Taylor, Shannon, Ed. Linda Louise Temple, Alexandria, Va., Ed. Merle Woodard Temple, Jr., Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Sheryl Suzanne Thena, Westfield, N. J., Ed. Stephanie Georgine Thomas, New Orleans, La., Bus. Nancy Baldwin Thorn, Jackson, Ed. Julia Harmon Thornton, Shreveport, La., Lib. Arts. Gary Dale Thrash, Jackson, Bus. Terrell Lindsey Todd, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Thomas Golding Toler, Cleveland, Bus. Anne Goree Tomlinson, Chattanooga, Tenn., Ed. Jenny Lou Townley, Greenville, Ed. William Robert Tubbs, Etta, Lib. Arts. Hilda Kay Tucker, Tunica, Ed. Sammie Patricia Turner, Doddsville, Lib. Arts. Wanda Lynn Underwood, Winona, Ed. Jane Putnam Vandivort, Sikeston, Mo., Ed. C. Randle Voyles, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. Dennis Wade, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Sandra Lee Wages, Pontotoc, Ed. Alma Joyce Waller, Oxford, Ed. Terry Douglas Walls, Pontotoc, Ed. Charles Galloway Walsh, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Joan Hilary Ward, Hatley, Lib. Arts. David Earl Waters, Biloxi, Bus. Keith Wayne Weaver, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Larry Marshall Weeks, Jackson, Phar. Carolyn Faye Wesson, Mooreville, Ed. Robert Greer Whitacre, Greenville, Lib. Arts. James Henry White, Jr., Germantown, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Kathryn Henley White, Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. Arthur Pearce Williams, Birmingham, Ala., Bus. Bradley Verne Williams, Jackson, Bus. Daniel Timothy Williams, Fulton, Bus. Kathryn Fugate Williams, Hazlehurst, Bus. Woodrow Calvin Williams, Jackson, Tenn., Bus. Betty Bush Wilson, Golden, Ed. Herbert Wayne Wilson, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Pearlie Mae Wilson, Courtland, Lib. Arts. Patricia Ann Wing, Sledge, Lib. Arts. Florence Elizabeth Witty, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Annette Womble, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. Jannette Womble, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. Catharyn Jean Wong, Drew, Phar. Jimmy Taw Woo, Inverness, Phar. Lynn Ganier Wood, Hollandale, Lib. Arts. David Ralph Wooten, Jackson, Ed. Thomas Franklin Wooten, Jr., Collierville, Tenn., Bus. Margaret Lee Word, Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. Janis Lynn Worthen, Tupelo, Ed. Danny Norris Wray, Courtland, Bus. Bonita Cheryl Wright, Calhoun City, Bus. Phyllis Anne Yandell, Canton, Ed. Alson Alan Young, Ocean Spring, Lib. Arts. John William Young, Vernon, Ala., Bus. Patricia West Young, Coldwater, Lib. Arts. Hallye Elizabeth Zeringer, Metairie, La., Lib. Arts. David Lee Abel, Eustis, Fla., Lib. Arts. Donald Joe Adams, Coffeeville, Engg. Paul Joseph Adams, Richmond, Kentucky, Bus. Moira M. Addington, Annandale, Va., Lib. Arts. Jan Carol Albriton, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Charles H. Alexander, Jr., Houston, Bus. Amy Kay Allen, Indianola, Lib. Arts. Claudie Allen, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Ellen Jo Allen, Olive Branch, Ed. Robert Martin Allen, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Sharon Allen, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. Marguerite Diane Altick, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Lynne Sandra Arnault, Weir, Ed. Sara Jill Aron, Bruce, Bus. Jennifer Dell Assaf, McComb, Lib. Arts. Randall Edwin Atchley, Rolling Fork, Phar. Vicki Ann Atkins, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Linda Joyce Avant, Senatobia, Lib. Arts. Robert Russel Bailess, Vicksburg, Bus. Elizabeth Ann Bailey, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Noell Bush Bailey, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Stephen Michael Bailey, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jonell Baker, Batesville, Lib. Arts. Beverly Jane Barnes, Port Gibson, Bus. Lanell Barnes, Shreveport, La., Ed. Janet Elaine Barnett, Jackson, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Sally Burwell Barrett, Lexington, Lib. Arts. Joe Robert Batts, Lamar, Lib. Arts. Stevie Lynn Baugher, Manila, Ark., Lib. Arts. Deborah Frances Bean, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Margaret Lucy Becker, Fayetteville, Tenn., Bus. Judith Anne Beckman, Ashville, Ohio, Lib. Arts. Brenda Sue Bell, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Sharon Elaine Bell, Grenada, Ed. Ernest Lee Bennett, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Betsy Bernardini, Fort Thomas, Ky., Ed. Eric C. Biedenharn, Jr., Vicksburg, Bus. Harriet Eliz Black, Jackson, Tenn., Ed. Bennie Lindsey Blackledge, Laurel, Bus. Raelynn Elizabeth Blount, Eufaula, Ala., Lib. Arts. Margaret Amanda Boteler, Laurel, Ed. Deborah Lynn Bothe, Pass Christian, Lib. Arts. Catherine Ann Boudreaux, Metairie, La., Phar. Robert Owen Bowen, Richton, Bus. Robert Allan Boyd, Waveland, Bus. Steven Albert Braband, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Brenda Susan Oxford, Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Ann Bramlett, Bobo, Lib. Arts. Mary Love Brandon, Springfield, Tenn., Ed. Ronald Ray Branscome, Duck Hill, Bus. Jeffery Elliot Brantley, Marianna, Ark., Phar. Patricia Nell Brassel, Oxford, Lib. Arts. James Daniel Brewer, Oxford, Phar. Robert L. Bridgeforth, Como, Bus. Thomas Norman Brooks, Carthage, Ed. William Rice Brunson, Gulfport, Bus. Betty Ann Bryant, Mize, Lib. Arts. Minor Ferris Buchanan, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. Edward Aylette Buckner, Vicksburg, Bus. Ernest Bernard Buehler, IV, Marks, Lib. Arts. James Dudley Buford, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Peggy Lee Bumgardner, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Betty Ann Burkett, Crystal Springs, Ed. Anna Louise Burkle, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Rhondie Harold Burns, Baldwyn, Bus. Carole Jean Butler, University, Bus. Cathie Bass Butler, Hazlehurst, Ed. Carolyn Ann Caldwell, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Marie Elaine Caldwell, Crystal Springs, Ed. Cheree Yvette Callahan, Nashville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Susan Calvert Elliott, Crowder, Ed. Guy Douglas Campbell Jackson, Lib. Arts. Nancy Odette Campbell, Walnut, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Sue Cappaert, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Alinda Hobbs Capps, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Judy Edwina Cardwell, Oxford, Bus. Barbara Ann Carter, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. Yolande Fern Carter, Rolling Fork, Lib. Arts. Kathryn Colleen Carver, Dallas, Texas, Ed. Philip Ray Cash, Vernon, Ala., Ed. Jamie Elisa Castle, Pontotoc, Bus. William Henry Catchings, Woodville, Bus. Lucinda Cecil, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, Ed. John Scobey Chambliss, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Wallace Allen Chase, Rolling Fork, Bus. David Otto Chastain, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Chun Hoy Chew, Vicksburg, Bus. Candace Chisholm, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Rebecca Jane Church, Hernando, Lib. Arts. Beverly Jo Clark, Charleston, Ed. Judy Moir Clinton, Jackson, Bus. David Lee Collins, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Ann Collums, Jackson, Engg. Connie Lea Colvin, Columbia, Tenn., Ed. Steve Hobson Cook, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Daniel H. Cooper, Jonesboro, Ark., Engg. Paul Roy Cooper, Montgomery, Ala., Lib. Arts. Laurence Brian Cope, Washington, D.C., Lib. Arts. Robert Thomas Cornelius, New Albany, Bus. Arthur Anderson Cox, Jr., Marco Island, Fla., Lib. Arts. James Richard Cox, Tunica, Phar. Cynthia Suzanne Coxwell, Waynesboro, Ed. Robert T. Crosthwait, Drew, Lib. Arts. John James Crow, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. Edward Crutcher, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Katherine Ann Cummins, Pensacola, Fla., Ed. Edward Jones Currie, Jr., Jackson, Lib. Arts. Edwin Morrow Currie, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. Dolly Larraine Darnell, Savannah, Tenn., Lib. Arts. John Cullen Davidson, Kosciusko, Bus. Stephen Huntley Davidson, Olive Branch, Bus. Elizabeth Lee Davis, Greenwood, Ed. Elsie Louise Davis, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Gary Patrick Davis, Woodville, Phar. Harry Rip Davis, Jackson, Bus. Jama Anise Davis, Booneville, Ed. James Tyndal Davis, Jr., New Albany, Bus. John Armstrong Davis, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. John Andrew Dawson, CNL Winchester, Oh., Lib. Arts. Deborah Ann Dean, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Jessie Dennis Dear, Kosciusko, Phar. Anselm Joseph Dees, Jr., Greenville, Bus. John Stephen Dees, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Cathy Louise Dernoncourt, Smithville, Mo., Lib. Arts. Danny Hugh Dickey, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Lucille Dillard, Leland, Lib. Arts. Carol Ann Dillree, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Cynthia Ann Dixon, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Kathryn Davant Dodson, Clarksdale, Ed. Susie Bonahne, Enterprise, Ala., Ed. Ronald Dong, Tutwiler, Phar. Beverly Jean Doorenbos, Oxford, Ed. John Edward Dougher, Bay St. Louis, Bus. Daryl Aven Dryden, Moss Point, Lib. Arts. Clarence Earl Dubose, Moss Point, Lib. Arts. Wm. Kendel Duke, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Dixie Deweese Dunavant, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. William Bennett Earnheart, Tunica, Lib. Arts. Angela Claire Eaton, Berwyn, Pa., Ed. Robert Lyman Springfield, Tenn., Phar. Mary Catherine Edgington, Long Beach, Lib. Arts. Donna Ruth Edwards, Oxford, Ed. Richard Paul Egan, Jr., New Orleans, La., Lib. Arts. Bettye Faye Ellis, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Ida Kathryn Ellis, Oxford, Ed. Paul William Ellis, Lexington, Bus. Barbara Ann Elliston, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. David Alexander English, Nashville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. James Curtis Evans, Holly Springs, Bus. Terry Calvin Ewert, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Mullen Fancher, Canton, Bus. Kathryn Jean Farrah, Broken Arrow, Okla., Ed. Joseph Phillip Fasullo, Gretna, La., Bus. Elizabeth Ann Feltenstein, Meridian, Ed. George Alfred Fenger, Jr., Oxford, Bus. James Daniel Ferguson, Hernando, Bus. Margaret M. Fillebrown, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. Mary Letitia Fisher, Hattiesburg, Ed. Susan Lynn Fisher, Greenville, Ed. Pamela Fitzgerald, Fayetteville, Tenn., Ed. Deborah Annette Fleming, Byhalia, Ed. John Calvin Fleming, Jr., Meridian, Lib. Arts. Linda Louise Fletcher, Jackson, Ed. John Pierce Floyd, Ill, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Timothy Alan Ford, Baldwyn, Lib. Arts. Nelson Ferrell Fort, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Kay Franklin, Atlanta, Ga., Lib. Arts. Mary Jo Funderburk, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. Gerald Alexander Gafford, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Gail Galaher, Lib. Arts. Jan Galey, Hattiesburg, Ed. Samuel C. Galloway, III, Booneville, Lib. Arts. Miriam Ann Gardner, West Point, Ed. James Richard Garner, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Rose Larie Gatewood, Forest, Lib. Arts. Martha Dale Gayden, Brandon, Bus. Barbara Irene Geiger, Bartow, Fla., Lib. Arts. Ernest T. George, Ill, Macon, Bus. Henry Parham Geter, Ill, Woodville, Engg. Anne Elizabeth Gibson, Greenville, Ed. William Gordon Gilholm, Jr., Chatsworth, Calif., Lib. Arts. James Henry Gilmer, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Allen Wilburn Glisson, Jr., Mendenhall, Engg. Richard Ronald Goldston, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Stephen Wayne Gong, Boyle, Bus. Paula Kay Goodnight, Crenshaw, Ed. Vickie Lynn Gosa, Greenwood, Ed. Adele Gotthelf, Yazoo City, Ed. Dorothy Winston Graham, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Ben Folsum Grantham, Scarsdale, N. Y., Lib. Arts. Randy Lee Graves, W. Memphis, Ark., Bus. Barbara Kay Green, Oxford, Ed. Sammie Kay Green, Water Valley, Ed. Georgia Gay Greer, Columbia, Tenn., Lib. Arts. John Lester Greer, Holly Springs, Ed. Marcia Lynne Greer, Olive Branch, Bus. Gayle Ann Gresham, Indianola, Lib. Arts. Peggy Lynn Gresham, Greenville, Ed. Lenard Alvis Grice, Vicksburg, Bus. Jimmy Richey Grisham, Koscuisko, Bus. Alvin LazeII Grubbs, Jackson, Bus. Mary Dodson Guider, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Robert Stephen Haas, Huntington Val., Pa., Bus. Deborah Layne Haley, Oxford, Bus. David Ferguson Holt, Laurel, Ed. Christy Lynn Hamachek, Indianapolis, Ind., Phar. Harold E. Haney, Jr., Oxford, Lib. Arts. Jenny Linwood Harris, Red Banks, Lib. Arts. Jerry Michael Harris, Sardis, Engg. Patricia Kay Harris, Tupelo, Ed. Carl Henry Hartley, Lucedale, Bus. Donnie Eugene Hartness, Louisville, Ed. Samuel Hagan Haskins, Ill, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Cynthia Ann Hatfield, Philadelphia, Phar. Charles Hill Hawkins, Koscuisko, Bus. Jessie Beatrice Hawkins, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. Susan Harriett Haynes, Jackson, Ed. Marilyn Davis Hemphill, Indianola, Lib. Arts. Wayne Louis Hengen, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Kathi Frances Henry, New Albany, Ed. Rebecca Lynn Henson, Weir, Ed. Ruth Ann Hinds, Trumann, Ark., Lib. Arts. Shirley Claire Hines, Jackson, Ed. Eric Wing-Kit Ho, Hong Kong, China, Lib. Arts. Angeline Katherine Hodges, Houston, Texas, Ed. William H. Holden, Jackson, Phar. Noel Victoria Holladay, Ruleville, Ed. Matthew Louis Holleman, Jackson, Bus. Susan Kay Hollenbeck, Steele, Mo., Bus. Margaret Diane Holliday, Dallas, Texas, Lib. Arts. Hal S. Holtsinger, Jr., Tampa, Fla., Bus. Charles Elbert Holyfield, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Pamela Jane Honeycutt, Petersburg, Va., Lib. Arts. Tommy Brooks Hooker, Thaxton, Bus. Wilma Jane Hooker, West Point, Ed. Joseph D. Horton, Tiplersville, Ed. Elizabeth Ann Houser, Paducah, Ky., Bus. Jimmie Lee Houser, Paducah, Ky., Bus. Patrick James Hovatter, Forest Lake, Minn., Engg. Archibald R. Howell, Lookout Mt., Tenn., Bus. Fraser Berkley Hudson, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Cary Turner Hughes, Merigold, Lib. Arts. Robert Bruce Hughes, Pass Christian, Bus. Paul Edward Husband, Jackson, Bus. Brenda Frances Hyde, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jane Ellen Ireland, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Dena Fair Jackson, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts. Marie Christine Jackson, Jackson, Lib. Arts. William George Jarvis, Pascagoula, Bus. James Eugene Jennings, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Linda Sue Jobe, Tupelo, Ed. Lilly Joe, Clarksdale, Bus. C. Robert Johnson, Biloxi, Engg. Albert Sidney Johnston, IV, Pascagoula, Bus. Barbara Gayle Johnston, Moss Point, Ed. Emmitt Jones, Byhalia, Lib. Arts. Frederick L Jones, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Lisabeth Leigh Jones, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. Patricia Elise Jones, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Sally Ann Jue, Lyon, Ed. Andrew Francis Kasper, Park Ridge, N. J., Lib. Arts. Herman Edward Kellum, III, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Joseph Leslie Kellum, Jr., Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Harry Alan Kirshman, Lit. Arts. Steven Allan Kizzer, Elmont, N. Y., Phar. Rosianna Elizabeth Kling, Hattiesburg, Bus. Linda Lee Kolwyck, Brownsville, Tenn., Ed. Mark Evans Koonce, Tunica, Bus. Edward Allen Krei, Jackson, Tenn., Bus. Harriet Elizabeth A. Kremser, Clarksdale, Ed. Terri Lynn Krumcke, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Lettie Lee Lackey, Tupelo, Bus. Barry Gerard Lambert, Biloxi, Ed. Dorris Duke Lancaster, Ed. Dorothy Louise Langhofer, Batesville, Ed. Danny Glen Lantrip, Caruthersville, Mo., Lib. Arts. Patti Rae Lavender, Slidell, La., Lib. Arts. Robert Weems Lawrence, Jackson, Bus. Janet Sansing Lea, Gloster, Ed. Sue Ledbetter, Canton, Ed. Preston Hugh Lee, Jr., Greenville, Bus. Mark Blayney Leedom, Milwaukee, Wisc., Lib. Arts. Christopher M. Lehman, Cruger, Lib. Arts. Martha Ruth Lewis, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Vernon C. Lochausen, Ill, Milton, Fla., Ed. Willard Noble Lofton, Hughes, Ark., Lib. Arts. Brenda Kay Logan, Jackson, Bus. Robert Maurice Logan, Jr., Lake, Bus. Deborah Catherine Long, Meridian, Ed. Larraine Louise Longacre, Dickson, Tenn., Bus. Linda Jean Luckett, Clarksdale, Ed. Claire Luebke, Aberdeen, Bus. Jane Ellen Luibel, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. May Lum, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Charles David Lymburner, Fulton, Ed. Deborah Ann Mabry, Booneville, Bus. Michael Dean Mabry, Booneville, Phar. Lewis Lynn Maddux, Nashville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Bahman Majd, Sari, Iran, Engg. Roland Dudley Marble, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Martha Frances Marbury, Holly Springs, Ed. Ronald Keith Marsh, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. John Clement Marshall, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Betty Louise Martin, Grenada, Lib. Arts. Ella Deloise Martin, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Henry Frank Martin, Jr., Tupelo, Lib. Arts. James Wallace Martin, Jr., Oxford, Lib. Arts. John Barret Martin, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. John Hill Martin, Jr., Grenada, Engg. Judson Chaffin Martin, Hughes, Ark., Lib. Arts. 3o2 Martha Mattingly Martin, Grenada, Bus. Anthony P. Martini, Walnut, Ed. Thomas Bryant Mathers, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. Betty Joyce Mathis, Oxford, Ed. Janice Lynn Matthews, Jackson, Ed. Jamie Ann Maxey, New Albany, Ed. Dennis Michael Maynard, Tupelo, Bus. Dianne McAlexander, Byhalia, Lib. Arts. David William McBee, Vicksburg, Bus. Reynolds Park McCain, Okolona, Lib. Arts. William Lon McCollum, Jackson, Bus. Sybil Marie McCraney, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Daniel Michael McDonald, Meridian, Phar. Stephen Lamar McDonald, Picayune, Lib. Arts. Laura Ann McElroy, Oxford, Ed. Stewart B. McGlown, Oxford, Lib. Arts. John Alfred McGowan, Jr., Mendenhall, Phar. William Edward McIntyre, Brandon, Lib. Arts. John Martin McKenzie, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. William H. McKenzie, Ill, Durant, Bus. Noel Keith McKey, Utica, Bus. Peggy Ann Cannada McKey, Edwards, Lib. Arts. Nina June McKibben, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. Charles Newton McKinney, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Michael Blaine McMahan, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. William Holt McMullan, Newton, Bus. Cande McNally, Comstock Park, Mich., Lib. Arts. Carrye B. McQuinn, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Sharon Ann McRee, Louin, Lib. Arts. Byron Paul Meaut, Biloxi, Bus. Beth Ann Mestayer, Waveland, Ed. Albert Caswell Metts, Ill, Arlington, Va., Bus. Ellwood K. Middleton, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Deborah Lynn Miles, Edwards, Phar. Mary Caroline Miles, Union City, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Deborah Lee Miller, Arlington, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Cathy Ann Mitchell, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Rita Ann Mitchell, Lambert, Lib. Arts. Renda Cheryl Mize, Oxford, Ed. Polly Ann Moak, University, Lib. Arts. Barry Dale Moore, Batesville, Bus. Lucy Currie Moore, Hattiesburg, Bus. Nyla Jean Moore, Holly Springs, Ed. Paul Harold Moore, Jr., Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Robert Burton Moore, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Susan Cader Moore, Jackson, Ed. Fitz Robert Morgan, Ill, Morgan City, Lib. Arts. Sandra Kaye Morgan, Bruce, Ed. Steve Allen Morgan, Ruleville, Lib. Arts. Burnice Morris, Laurel, Bus. Christopher Brown Morris, Jackson, Ed. Joanne Montroy Morris, Clarksdale, Ed. Harold Ray Mosby, Coahoma, Lib. Arts. Sarah Alston Mounger, Tallulah, La., Ed. Malcolm Bradford Myers, Pascagoula, Bus. Richard Frank Mylak, Riverside, Ill., Bus. Barbara Ann Nall, Sikeston, Mo., Ed. Sharon Kay Neff, Hollandale, Ed. Alexandria Louise Nelson, Greenwood, Bus. David Lyle Neville, Meridian, Ed. Mary Katherine Newell, Meridian, Ed. Michael Lynn Nichols, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Richard Bush Nichols, Danville, Ky., Lib. Arts. William Daniel Nobles, III, Pensacola, Fla., Bus. Thomas David O ' Connor, Orland Park, Ill., Lib. Arts. Alton Jennings Ogden, Natchez, Bus. Robert King O ' Reilly, Jr., Cruger, Bus. William Dennis Otto, Trenton, New Jersey, Ed. Don P. Oubre, Norco, La., Engg. Betty Carol Owens, Oxford, Ed. Otis U. Ozier, Jr., Senatobia, Lib. Arts. Debra Dell Pace, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Vicki A. Page, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Frances Ann Palmer, Houston, Texas, Ed. Lorralyn June Pang, Marks, Ed. Catherine Lanier Parker, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Shirley Ann Parker, Vardaman, Ed. James Edward Parkin, Jr., Jackson, Phar. Anne Yarbrough Patterson, Tupelo, Ed. Christine Marie Paul, Cant on, Ohio, Lib. Arts. John Martin Payne, Vicksburg, Bus. Miriam Eloise Peck, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Oliver Y. F. Peng, Hua-Lien, Taiwan, Lib. Arts. Peter Benton Perkins, Jr., Hazle Hurst, Bus. Fred Cates Permenter, Jr., Ripley, Bus. Wendy Sharon Peterson, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Frank Lewis Peyton, Clinton, Bus. Rebecca Jo Phyfer, West Point, Ed. Beverly Jane Pierce, Mt. Pleasant, Ed. Marcus LaFayette Pittman, Covington, La., Lib. Arts. Geri Ellen Poole, Gloster, Bus. Charles Francis Porter, Jackson, Bus. Barbara C. Powell, Houlka, Lib. Arts. Mary Josephine Pratt, Inverness, Ed. Patricia Gayle Pray, Jackson, Ed. Paul Hans Martin Press, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Davidson Henry Prewitt, Tillar, Ark., Bus. Charles Henry Price, Jr., Lyon, Lib. Arts. Vernon Terrell Pruitt, Jr., Magee, Bus. John Lucian Purdom, Jr., Wyoming, Ohio, Ed. Sheila Sandra Putnam, Clinton, Bus. Benjamin A. Quintana Jr., Meridian, Lib. Arts. Daniel Quon, Hernando, Lib. Arts. Randy Ragland, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Patricia Ramey, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Susan Lynn Ramey, Blytheville, Ark., Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Anne Ramsey, Laurel, Ed. Marianne Rankin, Columbia, Lib. Arts. Teresa Lynne Rasberry, Jackson, Ed. Linda Murchison Ratliff, Oxford, Ed. Larry Paul Reece, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Anne Reid, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Joe McCarley Rials, Jackson, Bus. Earl Warren Richard, Magnolia, Lib. Arts. Elayne Richards, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Susan Riddell, Canton, Ed. Donald Lee Riggle, University, Ed. Brian Scott Robbins, Ripley, Bus. John David Roberts, Morton, Bus. Sarah Gay Roberts, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Thomas B. Roberts, Ocean Springs, Ed. Charles Ray Robertson, Jr., Meridian, Lib. Arts. George Ervin Robertson, Lexington, Ky., Lib. Arts. Betty Ann Robinson, Kennett, Mo., Ed. Garland Robinson, Jackson, Bus. Guy Addison Robinson, Madison, Bus. Milton F. Robinson, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Stewart Craig Robinson, Jackson, Bus. Don Odell Rogers, III, Jackson, Bus. Robert Ned Rooks, Brownsville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Mittie Ann Ross, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. John Burton Rucker, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Debbie B. Russell, Oxford, Ed. Earnest Franklin Russell, Hernando, Bus. Patricia Waldrop Russell, Thaxton, Ed. Anna Louise Russom, Brandon, Ed. Kathleen Becker Rutledge, McComb, Lib. Arts. Claudia Elizabeth Sanders, Jackson, Ed. Sheila Marie Sanderson, Olive Branch, Ed. Hubbard T. Saunders, IV, Hollandale, Lib. Arts. Wayne Alan Saunders, Natchez, Engg. Martha Karen Schultz, Canton, Ed. Sarah Lucy Schwan, Biloxi, Ed. Charles M. Scott, Jr., Oxford, Lib, Arts. Candace E. Searight, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Joel David Serafin, Birmingham, Ala., Engg. Penny S. Shelton, Jackson, Ed. Robyn Kay Shideler, Sardis, Bus. Stephen Witt Shoaf, Ripley, Tenn., Bus. Anne Blanding Short, Como, Lib. Arts. Rodney Allan Siedell, Pascagoula, Bus. David Wade Sieg, Kingsport, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Leslie B. Sigman, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. Sara Marian Sigrest, Lib. Arts. Frances Ann Simmons, Columbia, Ed. Elizabeth Grady Simpson, Shaw, Lib. Arts. Jack Randall Simpson, Ovett, Ed. Robert Lewis Simpson, Durant, Lib. Arts. Sandra Dale Simpson, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Stanley Elmer Sims, Sylvarena, Bus. Beverly Wayne Slack, N. Little Rock, Ark., Lib. Arts. Barbara Anne Smith, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Bette Marleen Smith, Lampasas, Texas, Ed. Cynthia Jane Smith, Corinth, Ed. Cynthia Joy Smith, Louisville, Ed. Garrett Clay Smith, New Albany, Bus. Henry Bartlett Smith, Louise, Bus. Janice Smith, Springfield, Tenn., Ed. Juanita Sue Smith, Biloxi, Phar. Margo Elizabeth Smith, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Mary Zollinger Smith, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Ruby Diane Smith, McLain, Lib. Arts. Gretchen Griffiths Snyder, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Ed. Jean Gilbert Sours, Jackson, Ed. Robert Spaulding, Jackson, Ed. John David Stahl, Trenton, Ky., Engg. William Dennis Starr, Memp his, Tenn., Bus. Susan Fitts Stegall, Forest, Lib. Arts. Karl Roy Steinberger, Mendenhall, Lib. Arts. John Victor Stemen, C. Winchester, Ohio, Engg. Richard Paul Stone, Jackson, Lib. Arts. James Bernard Strawbridge, Oxford, Lib. Arts. James Randall Strong, Canton, Phar. Nina Clare Stubblefield, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Samuel C. Sugg, Jr., Isola, Lib. Arts. Sally Stone Sullivant, Atlanta, Ga., Ed. Kathryn Isabel Summers, Charleston, Ed. Thomas Laney Sweat, Jr., Corinth, Lib. Arts. Deborah Ann Swords, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Alice Lynn Tackett, Jackson, Bus. Thomas Michael Taff, Cedarton, Ga., Lib. Arts. Joe Lindsey Tape, Hollandale, Bus. Cecelia Tate Mildred, Lib. Arts. Emily Ann Taylor, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Glenn Gates Taylor, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Patricia Diane Taylor, Oxford, Ed. Cynthia Gail Tharp, Tupelo, Ed. Jeanne Marie Thiac, Jackson, Ed. James Talbert Thomas, IV, Cruger, Bus. David Dallas Thomason, Rayville, La., Lib. Arts. Margaret Annette Thompson, Oxford, Lib. Arts. John Joseph Thornton, Pascagoula, Bus. Raymond Edward Tipton, Lucedale, Lib. Arts. Elias Lake Tolbert, Woodville, Lib. Arts. Phyllis Ann Townsend, Winona, Ed. James Albert Tramonte, New Orleans, La., Bus. Stanley Michael Treadway, Ocean Springs, Bus. Albert Cheuk-Kei Tsang, Wanchai, Hong Kong, Engg. Michael Joseph Tucci, Oaklawn, Ill., Ed. Ann Bowen Tucker, Tunica, Ed. Ann Brewer Tucker, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Charles Edward Tucker, Senatobia, Engg. Eloise Nadine Turner, Verona, Lib. Arts. Sibley Neel Turner, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Thomas Brooks Tutor, Meridian, Engg. William Dennis Valentine, Meridian, Bus. Paul F. Vanveghel, Shannon, Bus. James Scott Vance, Grenada, Bus. Ronald Joseph Vaughan, Moss Point, Bus. Nancy Candace Vincent, Martin, Tenn., Ed. Patricia Ann Wade, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Martha Lenoir Wadlington, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Stephen Eugene Wagner, Summit, Lib. Arts. Rodney Wayne Waldrop, Starkville, Lib. Arts. Cynthia Helen Walker, Biloxi, Ed. David Thomas Walker, Jackson, Ed. Mildred Katherine Walker, Ripley, Tenn., Ed. Eddie Martin Walls, Red Bay, Ala., Bus. Sandra Lee Walsh, Vienna, Va., Ed. Mary Elizabeth Walters, Greenville, Ed. Sarah Ruth Warren, Holly Springs, Bus. Jacqueline Ann Watts, New Albany, Ed. Deborah Lynn Webb, Magnolia, Ed. Dorothy Jean Webber, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Cheryl Ann Webster, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. William Verdo Westbrook, Jackson, Bus. Joseph Quitman White, Jr., Jackson, Bus. Shannon Elizabeth White, Gulfport, Ed. Judy Carol Whitehead, New Albany, Ed. John Craig Whiteside, Belleville, Ill., Lib. Arts. Marilyn R. Whitfield, W. Memphis, Ark., Ed. Roger Frederick Wicker, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Nelda Jane Wilbanks, Tunica, Lib. Arts. Julie Annette Wiley, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Virginia Grace Wilkins, Grenada, Bus. Robert Morris Wilkinson, Shelby, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Larnita Williams, Bruce, Lib. Arts. Danny Robert Williams, Vardaman, Bus. Diana Lynn Williams, Grenada, Lib. Arts. Eddie Clark Williams, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Patricia Williams, Benoit, Ed. David Willson, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Mary Matilda Wilmans, Newport, Ark., Ed. Ann Hamblet Wilson, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Arlette Carol Wilson, Alton, Ill., Bus. David E. Wilson, Golden, Lib. Arts. Michael Roy Winningham, Carriere, Engg. Martha Victoria Witt, Corinth, Ed. Deborah Elizabeth Wolfe, Columbia, Phar. Pamela Ann Wolfe, Columbia, S. C., Bus. Sidney Faye Wolfe, Oxford, Ed. Betsy Ann Wong, Rosedale, Phar. Margaret Wong, Drew, Bus. Cathy Ann Woodham, Newton, Lib. Arts. Patrice Irene Wright, Gulfport, Bus. Peggy Jo Yancy, Sarepta, Lib. Arts. Lina Yates, Jackson, Lib. Arts. William Hilliard Yates, Jr., Europa, Bus. Janie Young, Waynesboro, Ed. Linda Margaret Youree, Orlando, Fla., Lib. Arts. Anthony Edward Zuccaro, Jr., Natchez, Lib. Arts. Gerard Brandon Adams, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Brown James Akin, Ill, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Lib. Arts. John Leslie Albriton, III, Jackson, Bus. Douglas Burnett Alexander, Jackson, Bus. Samuel E. Alexander, Jr., Meridian, Lib. Arts. Elise Christine Alford, McComb, Bus. James Burton Alford, III, McComb, Bus. Suzanne Faye Alford, Morton, Ed. Adrienne Claire Allen, Kosciusko, Ed. Eustace A. Allen, II, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Jo Ann Allen, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Stephanie Allen, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts. William Sidney Allgood, Mobile, Ala., Bus. William B. Alvarez, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Judith Ellen Anders, Little Rock, Ark., Lib. Arts. Carla Drexel Anderson, Arlington, Va., Lib. Arts. Jamie Marie Anderson, Gulfport, Ed. Mary Joe Anderson, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Chester Joe Ard, Oxford, Engg. Mark Christopher Atchley, Rolling Fork, Lib. Arts. David Murrell Atkins, Tupelo, B us. Deborah Zay Aycock, Mississippi, Ed. William Boyle Bagbey, Jr., Virginia Beach, Va., Lib. Arts. Katherine Mary Baier, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Cynthia Clare Bailey, Jackson, Ed. Leo C. Bakalarski, Pittsburgh, Pa., Engg. Albert Edward Baker, Ill, Pensacola, Fla., Engg. Myrtle Ruth Baldwin, Columbus, Phar. Coolidge Ball, Indianola, Lib. Arts. Billie Joy Barhanovich, Biloxi, Ed. Thomas Ford Barkley, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Jane Montgomery Barnes, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Donald Frank Barraza, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Mary Elizabeth Barringer, Marks, Ed. Margie Lynn Barton, Calhoun City, Lib. Arts. Harlan Wray Bassett, Raymond, Ed. Paul James Batson, Gadsden, Ala., Ed. Phillip Vincent Batton, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Lib. Arts. Harold William Bayles, Jr., Clarksdale, Bus. Ken B. Beal, Sikeston, Mo., Bus. Laura Letitia Beard, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Donald Wayne Bedgood, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Charles Brantsford Beene, Thomasville, Ga., Lib. Arts. Clyde Vester Bennett, Harlan, Kentucky, Lib. Arts. Leslie Arthur Bennett, Walls, Engg. Max Edwin Benoist, Jr., Coffeeville, Lib. Arts. Martha Roberts Benton, Fort Thomas, Ky., Ed. Christopher K. Bernet, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Raymond C. Bernreuter, II, Kosciusko, Bus. Betsy Leah Bevill, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Charlie M. Billingsley, Jr., Nesbit, Engg. Bruce Edmund Biordi, Ocean Springs, Bus. Charlotte P. Birdsong, Omaha, Neb., Lib. Arts. Ronald Regan Bishop, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Paul Stuart Black, Jackson, Ed. Christine Laah Blackburn, Oxford, Ed. Virginia C. Blackledge, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Laura Marie Blackwell, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Rebecca Dean Blackwood, Jackson, Bus. Anne Marzelle Blair, Quitman, Lib. Arts. Frances Anne Blake, Oxford, Ed. Debra Ann Bland, Tunica, Ed. Edgar Bland, Dundee, Bus. Lee Daws Bloch, Jennings, La., Bus. Richard Alan Blount, Memphis, Tenn., Engg. John Stephen Blue, McComb, Bus. John Walton Boling, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Ann Marguerite Bonta, Bay Village, Ohio, Ed. Annie Ruth Booker, Oxford, Bus. Corrie Lynne Boone, New Albany, Ed. Joseph Nicholas Boris, Tallahassee, Fla., Lib. Arts. Jonathan Hall Boswell, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Elizabeth Boswell, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Donovan Cary Bounds, Lumberton, Ed. James Bowdre, Hernando, Lib. Arts. Frank Weston Bowen, Jr., Carthage, Bus. Rebecca Lucille Bowen, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Beverly Jean Box, Flora, Lib. Arts. Karen Elizabeth Boyd, Dundee, Bus. Philip Wayne Boyer, Sikeston, Mo., Bus. Patricia Lynn Bracken, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Dewitt Talmadge Braddock, III, Ripley, Bus. Beverly Carole Bradley, Millington, Tenn., Bus. Verlinda Pegues Bradley, Marks, Ed. William David Bradley, III, Inverness, Lib. Arts. Patricia D. Bradway, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Wesley Whitten Brame, Batesville, Bus. Larry Thomas Bramlitt, Bruce, Bus. Charles Harold Braun, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Curtis Lee Bray, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Donald Glenn Breazeale, Lib. Arts. Dan Ellen Trock, McComb, Lib. Arts. Perry Boles Brooks, McComb, Lib. Arts. Clarence Harlston Broun, Mosspoint, Bus. Barbara Brown, Nashville, Tenn., Bus. Byron Norman Brown, III, Germantown, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Eric Calvin Brown, Indianola, Lib. Arts. Ginny Kay Brown, Batesville, Lib. Arts. Mark Franklin Brown, Paris, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Ralph Lyle Brown, Jr., Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Dianne Brown, Doyline, La., Bus. Sandra Kaye Brown, Clarksdale, Ed. Sherry Lynn Brown, Calhoun City, Lib. Arts. William Curtis Brown, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Elisa Kay Broyles, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Harold Wayne Bruce, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Melinda Burch, Hughes, Ark., Ed. Alma Kathryn Burkhalter, Enid, Lib. Arts. Earle Richmond Burkley, Grenada, Bus. Roy Lee Burleson, Jr., Shannon, Bus. Bridget Scanlon Burns, Natchez, Ed. James Laurin Bynum, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Doris Daonne Caldwell, Daleville, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Martha Calhoun, Jackson, Ed. Alberta Edith Campbell, Sardis, Bus. Roger Lee Campbell, Jr., Jackson, Engg. Richard Eugene Canizaro, Bus. Audrey Kathy Cannon, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Steven Ray Cannon, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. James Ellis Carpenter, Owensboro, Ky., Bus. Louise Nanet Carpenter, Alexandria, Va., Lib. Arts. Sharon Gail Carpenter, Greenwood, Ed. James Reaburn Casburn, Sumner, Bus. Glenn Allison Case, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Betty Ann Castigliola, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Regina Celia S. Castro, Mina Gerais, Brazil, Lib. Arts. Amenza B. Chadwick, Ill, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. John Abney Chalk, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Penny lone Chandler, Crystal Sprgs., Ed. Hope Chaney, Louisville, Ed. Mark James Chaney, Jr., Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Norris Wayne Chase, Jackson, Bus. Nanmei Wong Chin, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Frank Smith Chow, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Charles Stone Church, Jr., Hernando, Lib. Arts. Ronald Paul Churchwell, Blytheville, Ark., Engg. Martin Lester Clayton, Ill, Nashville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. William L Clayton, III, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Charles David Cleland, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Debra Cheryl Clements, Oxford, Ed. John Ray Cobb, Jr., New Albany, Bus. Mark Clark Coffey, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Sheryl Diane Coggin, Verona, Lib. Arts. William Harvey Coggin, Corinth, Bus. Stephen Paul Coker, Dyersburg, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Michele Annette Colbert, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Linda Ann Cole, Jackson, Bus. Cynthia Jane Coleman, Oxford, Ed. Lucy Hall Coleman, Rosedale, Lib. Arts. William Eugene Coleman, Columbus, Phar. Clark Kent Collier, Tullahoma, Tenn., Bus. Bentley Edd Conner, Canton, Lib. Arts. Janet Merle Connors, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Danella Cowan Conway, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Ruth Echols Cooper, Leland, Lib. Arts. Steven Edward Cox, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Dennis Dell Craig, Oxford, Bus. George Anne Craig, Terre Haute, Ind., Lib. Arts. John Steven Cranfield, New Orleans, La., Bus. Ann McMillan Craven, Grenada, Ed. Edward Patrick Craven, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. George H. Crawford, III, Aberdeen, Bus. Hazel Brandon Crawford, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. Walter Franklin Crayton, New Bern, N. C., Bus. Karen Margaret Crocker, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Betty Coe Cruzen, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Cathy Sue Curtis, Hayti, Mo., Ed. Mary Lee Dabbs, Quitman, Phar. W. Ellen Daniel, Clinton, Lib. Arts. James Otto Daniels, Huntington, W. Va., Lib. Arts. Kenneth Graden Daniels, Oxford, Bus. Andrew Edwin Davidson, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Eunice Fay Davidson, Oxford, Bus. Charles Thomas Davis, Shannon, Bus. Connie Linda Davis, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Earl Gatewood Davis, Meridian, Bus. Elizabeth Ann Davis, Oxford, Lib. Arts. James Ray Davis, Bruce, Engg. Joni Jo Davis, Oxford, Ed. Mary Susan Davis, Savannah, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Rebecca Jean Davis, Rolling Meadow, Ill., Ed. Robert Joseph Davis, New Madrid, Mo., Lib. Arts. Kenneth Wayne Dawson, Tupelo, Bus. Charles Monroe Decker, Jackson, Bus. Sharon Marie Dempsey, Tupelo, Ed. Jimmy Hugh Densford, Jr., Millington, Tenn., Bus. Laura Reid Dent, Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. Laurie Denton, Oxford, Ed. Jane Wailes Derivaux, Vicksburg, ' Lib. Arts. Janice Carole Deweese, University, Ed. Maria Fahey Dibenedetto, Bay St. Louis, Phar. Stephen Bradley Dillard, Saltillo, Bus. Stephen Wayne Dillard, New Albany, Lib. Arts. Carolyn Dixon, Oxford, Ed. Nancy Lynn Donahower, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Franklin Pang Dong, Tutwiler, Bus. James McNeil Doolittle, Louisville, Phar. Michael C. Dorbandt, Shreveport, La., Bus. Christine Ann Dougher, Lib. Arts. Shirley Johnson Douglas, Nashville, Tenn., Ed. Radford Eugene Dubois, III, Oxford, Bus. Mary Jane Duke, Brownsville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Arlene Lorena Dukes, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Glenn Ford Dunaway, Gulfport, Bus. Cristie Lynne Duncan, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. William C. Dykeman, Jr., Highland Pk, N. J., Bus. Ameil Earp, Jr., Gunnison, Bus. Miriam Virginia Fatherly, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Pamela Dean Batmon, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Frank Henry Edmondson, Jr., Columbus, Lib. Arts. Ralph E. Edwards, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Engg. Steven Morris Eley, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Diane Lee Elliott, Ripley, Ed. Robert Kinton Ellzey, Gulfport, Bus. James Andrew Ely, HI, Shaw, Bus. Phil Scott Emerson, Jr., Hernando, Bus. Salli Esther Ervin, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Timothy Dennis Esque, McGehee, Ark., Bus. Hope Myers Estes, Yazoo City, Bus. H. Clark Ethridge, Jr., Jackson, Lib. Arts. Paula Jean Everett, Picayune, Phar. Freddie Lee Everson, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Klyce Exum, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Virginia Rae Fagan, Laurel, Lib. Arts. John Douglas Fair, Laurel, Bus. Helene Faust Fairly, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. Daniel Lee Farnham, Jackson, Bus. Loni Christine Farnham, McComb, Phar. Barry Miller Farr, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Deborah Kay Faulkner, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. John Mogan Faust, Jr., Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. Cheryl Sue Fenger, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Edgar Scott Ferguson, West Memphis, Ark., Bus. Lynn Rose Fillingane, Hattiesburg, Ed. Betsy Ann Fitts, Byhalia, Ed. Evelyn Joan Floyd, Vicksburg, Bus. Kenneth Donelson Foose, Tchula, Lib. Arts. Charlotte Laverne Ford, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Kurt Patrick Forshag, New Orleans, La., Bus. Mobile Dean Foster, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Sara Jane Foster, Jackson, Tenn., Ed. Clarence Hayes Franklin, Centreville, Lib. Arts. Michael Louis Fratesi, Leland, Bus. Cynthia Louise Freeman, Oxford, Bus. Mayre Emily Freeman, Waynesboro, Lib. Arts. Connie Maureen Erie, Corning, Ark., Bus. Karen Linda Froman, Oxford, Ed. Debbie Lee Fulton, Greenville, Ed. James Earle Gable, Ripley, Phar. Barry Lee Gaddis, Owensboro, Ky., Phar. Ira Eugene Gaddy, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Joan Nan Gallina, Germantown, Tenn., Bus. Nancy Ruth Galloway, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. William Fields Galtney, Jackson, Bus. Ricky Devon Gamblin, Jackson, Bus. Mary Susan Garrett, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Robert Earl Gaston, Clarksdale, Bus. Lynda K. Gastrell, Alexandria, Va., Ed. Charles Joseph Gee, Sanatorium, Lib. Arts. Richard Thomas Gernert, Cleveland, Bus. Madeline Mary Gerrits, Crystal River, Fla., Lib. Arts Guy Stephen Gex, Picayune, Bus. Martha Reddy Gibbs, Birmingham, Ala., Ed. Keith Miller Giffin, Louisville, Lib. Arts. Thomas Michael Ginn, Columbia, Lib. Arts. Philip Murray Gipson, Jackson, Bus. Catherine E. Gleason, Winter Garden, Fla., Lib. Arts. Patrick Martin Gleason, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Margaret Gleaton, Enid, Bus. Susan Blackburn Glenn, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Frances Ren Goad, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. William Edward Godfrey, Engg. Nancy Theresa Goodman, Red Banks, Phar. William F. Goodman, III, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jeanne Goodwin, Birmingham, Ala., Ed. Daniel Eugene Goolsby, Ripley, Bus. Davis Goon, Clarksdale, Phar. Linnie Mae Gordon, Elora, Bus. Polly Grace Gore, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Patricia Annis Goss, Clarksdale, Ed. Thomas D. Goughenour, Carriere, Lib. Arts. Gigi Gloria Gould, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Walter John Grace, Vicksburg, Engg. John Clark Graeber, Marks, Bus. Kenneth James Graeber, Yazoo City, Bus. Thomas Edward Graham, Jr., Centreville, Bus. Charles Buckley Graves, Jr., Sarah, Lib. Arts. Connie Nickle Graves, Batesville, Ed. Teresa Diane Graves, West Memphis, Ark., Ed. Euphiazene B. Gray, Oxford, Ed. Alba Laura Green, Benoit, Ed. Beverly Langley Greenhaw, Corinth, Ed. Jim Ming Greenlee, Batesville, Engg. Benjamin Elmo Griffith, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Melinda Grissom, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Charles Willard Grosse, Louisville, Ky., Lib. Arts. Maureen Althaia Gruich, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Christopher D. Guckert, Columbus, Bus. Dixie Guice , Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts. William Scott Guinn, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Clyde Hubert Gunn, Ill, Moss Point, Lib. Arts. Rayford B. Gustafson, Ill, Waynesboro, Lib. Arts. Sybil Rose Gutierrez, Biloxi, Ed. Susan E. Guttmann, Pensacola, Fla., Lib. Arts. Gerry Steven Haas, LaGrange, Tenn., Bus. Dianne Mary Hagaman, Phillipsburg, N. J., Lib. Arts. Alexander John Haick, Jr., Meridian, Lib. Arts. David McCall Halbrook, Jr., Belzoni, Bus. James Rogers Hall, Cleveland, Engg. John Adams Hall, Oak Park, Ill., Phar. John Horace Hall, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Kathryn Harris Hall, Jackson, Bus. Patricia Ann Hall, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. William Lincoln Hall, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Charlotte Jean Halle, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Laura Haltom, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Vicki Lynn Hamilton, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. John Stephen Hammond, Anderson, S. C., Engg. Laurie Beth Hammond, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Monna Kathryn Haney, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Terry Mitchell Hannaford, Pittsboro, Lib. Arts. Harriet Elizabeth Harbour, Holly Springs, Bus. Edwin Doyle Harden, Jr., Aberdeen, Bus. Theron Dewey Harden, III, Oxford, Lib. Arts. J. Gayden Harrell, Brandon, Bus. Patsy Rea Harrelson, Grenada, Bus. Barbara Ann Harrington, Marianna, Ark., Lib. Arts, Kathy Harris, Mississippi, Lib. Arts. Peggy Nell Harris, Odessa, Texas, Ed. Robert Ernest Harrison, Jackson, Bus. Otto Guthrie Harvell, Ill, Atlanta, Ga., Lib. Arts. Alice Falkner Hassler, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Victoria Kay Hatten, Wiggins, Lib. Arts. John Bryan Hawkins, Tupelo, Engg. Conrad Edward Hayden, Alexandria, Va., Engg. Marion Linda Hayles, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Cathy Frances Haynie, Gulfport, Bus. Cheryl Jean Heath, San Antonio, Texas, Lib. Arts. Charles Clark Hedde, Lawrenceville, Ill., Phar. Carl John Hedglin, Madison, Lib. Arts. Madalyn P. Heidelberg, Lacombe, La., Lib. Arts. Debra Ann Helms, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Jerry Van Helms, Isola, Phar. William Blake Hendrix, Glen Mills, Penn., Engg. Jane Bennett Henry, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. James Clyde Herbert, Jr., Shaw, Bus. Suzanne Marie Herring, Oxford, Bus. Wm. Rodney Herring, Canton, Lib. Arts. Gregory Paul Herrington, Laurel, Lib. Arts. James Lee Herron, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Catherine Elizabeth Hester, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Samuel Broud Hester, Holland, Mo., Lib. Arts. Deborah Ann Hickman, Oxford, Bus. Edith Rose Hickonbottom, Oxford, Bus. John Fielding Hight, Ill, Birmingham, Ala., Bus. Benny Ross Hill, Dumas, Lib. Arts. Emma Ruth Hill, Laurel, Lib. Arts. George Thomas Hill, Brighton, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Julia Gates Hines, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Hodges, Kilmichael, Lib. Arts. Michael Douglas Holden, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Lee Ann Hollingsworth, Meadville, Lib. Arts. Ethel Payne Holmes, Yazoo City, Bus. Thomas Bernard Holmes, Jr., Batesville, Lib. Arts. Sarah Ann Hooten, Gideon, Mo., Ed. Katharine Thweatt Howe, Birmingham, Ala., Ed. Ramona Gail Howe, Calhoun City, Ed. Joel N. Howell, Oxford, Engg. Stephanie Pauline Huff, Natchez, Lib. Arts. William Bernard Hunt, Grenada, Lib. Arts. Linda Dale Hurst, Selmer, Tenn., Phar. Glen Alan Hyde, Tiptonville, Tenn., Phar. Jennifer Joyce Jackson, Oxford, Ed. Judy Carol Jackson, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Bert Roy Jennings, Ill, Blue Mountain, Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Berry Jewell, Franklin, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Harry Bruce Joachim, Biloxi, Bus. Betsy Karen Johnson, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Carol Bruce Johnson, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Charles Henry Johnson, Waveland, Engg. Christopher S. Johnson, Killen, Ala., Bus. Donald Karl Johnson, Gulfport, Engg. John Allen Johnson, Booneville, Bus. Rebecca Rosemary Johnson, DeKalb, Lib. Arts. Cynthia P. Jones, Natchez, Lib. Arts. John H. Jones, Forest, Lib. Arts. Kathryn Lynn Jones, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Roland Morton Jones, Columbus, Bus. Walter Frank Jones, Natchez, Engg. William Baxter Jones, Meridian, Bus. Joe Lodwick Jordan, Philadelphia, Lib. Arts. Deborah Isabelle Jossey, Lucedale, Lib. Arts. Jack Harold Kahlstorf, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Florian Kazmierski, Natchez, Phar. Samuel Blaine Keeley, Owensboro, Ky., Lib. Arts. Hal F. Keeton, Grenada, Bus. George G. Kehoe, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Glen Patrick Kelly, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Ella Susan Kemp, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Karen Elizabeth Kemp, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Becky Lynn Kent, Ruleville, Bus. Ernest Merl Kersh, Jr., Canton, Bus. Charlotte Ann Kimbrough, Sidon, Ed. Bobby Dee King, Oxford, Ed. Frederick Robert Klenner, Reedsville, N. C., Lib. Arts. Thomas Wayne Knight, Baton Rouge, La., Lib. Arts. Karla Beth Kolb, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Carla Dorsey Kremser, Greenville, Bus. Catherine Delia Lackey, Savannah, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Emily Kay Lagerquist, Atlanta, Ga., Lib. Arts. Robert Charles Lahman, Memphis, Tenn., Engg. Patsy Joyce Langdon, Oxford, Ed. Larry Gene Lantz, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Loree Emily Larson, Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. James Rye Lauderdale, Hammond, La., Lib. Arts. Edward Darby Lavender, Jr., Marks, Lib. Arts. Patricia Ann Layman, Greenville, Bus. Janet Marilyn Lee, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Mark Wesley Lee, Oxford, Engg. Calvin William Leggett, Jackson, Engg. Townes Randolph Leigh, Hernando, Bus. Altus Harvey Leslie, Oxford, Phar. Peter Fleming Levy, Vestavia Hills, Ala., Engg. Cathy Sue Lewis, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Sherrill Lewis, Greenwood, Bus. Robert Knox Ligon, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Engg. Lee Ann Limbaugh, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Lisa Ann Lindsey, Corinth, Ed. John Phillips Lloyd, Hollandale, Lib. Arts. William Edward Lloyd, Moss Point, Lib. Arts. Martha Jean Locke, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Ronald David Logan, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Dabbs Clayton Long, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Cheryl Lemoyne Lott, Walls, Ed. Ronald William Lott, Jackson, Bus. Marlene Lorraine Louque, Vicksburg, Bus. William Jeffery Lowe, Clarksdale, Bus. Calvin Jarragin Lucas, III, Jackson, Bus. Andrea Jean Lumpkin, Carriere, Lib. Arts. Guy Douglas Lunsford, Montgomery, Ala., Lib. Arts. Michael Eugene U. Lyon, Chattanooga, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Philip Alan Lyon, Olive Branch, Bus. Susan Kathleen Mabus, Mayersville, Lib. Arts. Charles Bryan MacGowan, Jackson, Bus. Kim Andrew Mack, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ed. George F. Mahan, Jr., Marianna, Ark., Lib. Arts Chauncey Lu Mahoney, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Robert Beasely Malone, Trenton, Tenn., Bus. Mary Elizabeth Mann, Oxford, Bus. George Mansour, Jr., Greenville, Bus. Martha Edith Marshall, Indianola, Ed. Barbara Ann Martin, Clinton, Ed. Johnnie Lue Marzette, Etta, Lib. Arts. Graves Willis Mashburn, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. James Timothy Mashburn, Brandon, Lib. Arts. Belinda Jean Mason, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Ester Grace Mathis, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Jerry Michael Maxey, Inverness, Lib. Arts. Jane Margaret Mayfield, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Hughes Mayo, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Jamie Lewis McAdoo, Union City, Tenn., Ed. John Craft McAndrew, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Cathy Renee McCoy, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Cynthia Sue McCullen, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Salina Alice McCulley, Meridian, Ed. Elizabeth Ann McDonald, Picayune, Lib. Arts. Jay Paul McDonald, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Kevin Alexander McDonell, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Thomas David McDonough, New Albany, Bus. Betty Frances McGee, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. David Burnell McGraw, Woodville, Lib. Arts. Ruth Dianne McGreger, Pittsboro, Lib. Arts. James Hays McIntosh, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. Richard Harvey McKee, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Kathryn Claire McKellar, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Daniel H. McKenzie, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Thelma D. McLaurin, Jackson, Bus. Cordelia 0. McMullan, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Gail McMullen, Louisville, Bus. Kevin James McNeely, New Orleans, La., Lib. Arts. Rachel Smylie McPherson, Monticello, Lib. Arts. Krista V. McReynolds, Starkville, Lib. Arts. Eric Latham Measells, Forest, Lib. Arts. Gail Lee Jackson, Ed. Larry Don Meek, Charleston, Bus. Walter Buchanan Meek, Jr., Eupora, Bus. Glenn Hulett Meets, Oxford, Engg. Martha Gee Metts, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Steven Keith Michaels, Rossville, Ga., Phar. Carol Ann Middlebrook, Grenada, Lib. Arts. James Riley Miles, Jr., Mosspoint, Lib. Arts. Barbara Scott Miller, Hinsdale, Ill., Lib. Arts. Robert Howard Miller, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Ronald Veazey Miller, Hernando, Lib. Arts. Mignon Virginia Mims, Natchez, Ed. Carolyn Beth Mitchell, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, luka, Lib. Arts. Michael Stephen Mitchell, Vicksburg, Bus. Joseph S. Moak, Jr., Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Diann Marie Moats, Tampa, Fla., Ed. David Allan Leach, Lib. Arts. Cynthia Leigh Moore, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Zona Leigh Moore, Meridian, Phar. Martha Neilson Morehead, Greenwood, Ed. Eddie Mack Morgan, Oxford, Bus. James Thomas Morgan, Jr., Graysville, Ala., Lib. Arts. Kathleen Melinda Morgan, Greensboro, N. C., Lib. Arts. Joseph Lowry Morris, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Robert Kyle Morris, Oxford, Engg. William Edward Morrison, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. George MacDonald Morse, Gulfport, Bus. Lars Henrik Mortensen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Lib. Arts. Harold Glenn Mosenthin, Broken Arrow, Okla., Lib. Arts. Deborah Jean Mosher, Columbus, Bus. Louise Deery Mott, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts. Kenneth R. Mulholland, Philadelphia, Bus. Joy Adele Murdoch, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Robert Smith Murphree, Jackson, Bus. Patricia Ann Murphy, Shreveport, La., Lib. Arts. Charles Anthoney Muscio, McLain, Lib. Arts. John Phillip Nail, Tupelo, Bus. Ann Candace Nance, Clarksdale, Ed. William Alfred Nason, Jr., Statesville, N. C., Engg. Patricia Lynn Nelson, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., Ed. Martha Mayer Nesmith, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Johnny Wilson Newman, Columbus, Bus. Sara Mosby Newton, Meridian, Ed. James Odell Nichols, Toccoa, Ga., Lib. Arts. Walter R. Nicols, Morton, Lib. Arts. Kenneth Wayne Nippert, Brookhaven, Engg. Ann Elise Noble, Fayette, Lib. Arts. Lala Suzanne Noble, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. John Webb Nobles, Pensacola, Fla., Lib. Arts. Grayson Swayze Norquist, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts. Lawrence Saunders Northup, Pensacola, Fla., Engg. Owen Maury Norvell, Nashville, tenn., Lib. Arts. Daria Denise Nosser, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Mark Steven Nunn, Dumas, Ark., Engg. Terry Michael Oconnell, St. Louis, Mo., Bus. Paula Fay Odom, Benton, Ill., Ed. Linda Diane Oliphant, Oxford, Ed. James Patrick Oneal, Birmingham, Ala., Bus. Kathy Lee Orr, Batesville, Lib. Arts. Mary Louise Otto, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Lib. Arts. William Larry Over street, Oxford, Phar. Charles Emry Oxford IV, Jackson, Bus. George Lee Oxnam, Oxford, Bus. Deborah Larand Ozier, Somerville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Nancy Rivers Paine, Humboldt, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Joanne Evalyn Pang, Marks, Ed. Victor Hoo Pang, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Juliana Luter Parker, Fairfax, Va., Lib. Arts. Sherry Locke Parker, Oxford, Bus. Lynn Elizabeth Parks, University, Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Ann Partee, Cleveland, Lib. Arts. Joseph Carol Pearson, Natchez, Bus. John Mervin Peel, Baton Rouge, La., Bus. Charles L. Penn, Canton, Lib. Arts. Jeffrey Joseph Perez, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. Frances Wise Permenter, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Allen Leeke Perry, Louin, Phar. Wayne Vincent Person, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Rayford Tucker Peyton, Indianola, Engg. Margaret Rust Pharr, Ed. Barbara Anne Phillips, Owensboro, Ky., Lib. Arts. Beverly Ruth Phillips, Holly Bluff, Lib. Arts. Debbie Ann Phillips, Greenwood, Ed. Deborah Ann Phillips, Canton, Phar. Joseph Williams Phillips, Jackson, Bus. Terry Anthony Phillips, Bay St. Louis, Lib. Arts. Karen Faye Pickett, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Deborah Anne Pierce, Mattoon, Ill., Lib. Arts. Orie Othman Pierce, Jr., Natchez, Lib. Arts. Julia Critz Pillow, Greenwood, Ed. James Albert Pittman, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Thomas Riley Pittman, Jr., Greenville, Bus. Keith Newton Polk, Florence, Engg. Anne Marie Pou, Shreveport, La., Ed: William Stewart Powell, Coldwater, Lib. Arts. Margaret Lynn Prescott, Natchez, Lib. Arts. Virginia Paulette Prewitt, Ackerman, Phar. Patricia Landry Primrose, Hopkinsville, Ky., Lib. Arts. Lillian Kinnaird Privett, Birmingham, Ala., Ed. Jana Kay Proffer, Gulfport, Ed. Ronald Burton Pruet, Jr., Oxford, Lib. Arts. Richard Lee Puckett, Pensacola, Fla., Lib. Arts. Mary Louise Pulliam, Williamsburg, Va., Ed. John David Putman, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Edmund Dunn Guintana, Meridian, Bus. Joan Dell Ragsdale, Holly Sprg., Lib. Arts. Debra Gay Rainey, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Marianne Ramer, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Everett Dement Randall, Meridian, Bus, Howard M. Raspilair, Jr., Huntsville, Ala., Lib. Arts. John Reid Rausch, Covington, La., Lib. Arts. William Lindon Ray, Meridian, Bus. George Robert Rea, Philadelphia, Phar. Kenneth Bryan Rector, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Shuyler Reid, Ill, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Teresa E. Reifers, Shannon, Ed. Gwendolyn Sue Respess, Horn Lake, Phar. Harold Eugene Reynolds, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Robert Deloach Reynolds, Anniston, Ala., Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Ann Rice, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Marga Seal Richmond, Holly Springs, Bus. Paula Janice Riggins, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Martha Faye Rish, Houston, Lib. Arts. Russell E. Robbins, Jr., Morton, Phar. Anne Byrn Roberts, Lebanon, Tenn., Ed. Barbara Lee Robinson, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Elizabeth Dean Robinson, Dyer, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Gwen Robinson, Oxford, Ed. John Steven Robinson, Corinth, Lib. Arts. Laura Lee Rochester, Morton, Lib. Arts. Betty Grace Rogers, New Albany, Ed. Jeffrey Burks Rogers, Clarksdale, Bus. Rebecca Susan Rogers, Morton, Lib.Arts. Willard Henson Rooks, Brownsville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. David Lenoir Roselle, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Lisa Sanders Ross, Indianola, Lib. Arts. Beverly Roy, Brownsville, Tenn., Ed. Jerrylyn Royston, Potts Camp, Lib. Arts. Enrique Matias Rubio, Bolivar, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Guy Philip Ruff, Tupelo, Bus. Gus A. Rush, Ill, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Merilyn Montie Russell, Oxford, Bus. William Palmer Samuels, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Max Percy Sanders, Natchez, Engg. Suzanne Avent Sandy, Corinth, Ed. Ruth Carol Sartain, Water Valley, Phar. Elizabeth Ann Saucier, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Jay E. Schlosser, Sikeston, Mo., Lib. Arts. William Arthur Schmid, Jr., Jackson, Lib. Arts. Victoria Lampton Scott, Jackson, Ed. Georgiann Searcy, Tupelo, Ed. Susie Sheffield Seat, Oxford, Bus. David Ronald Segrest, Port Gibson, Lib. Arts. Jack Thomas Shannon, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Robert Jackson Shannon, New Albany, Engg. Covington M. Sharp, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Deborah Campbell Sharp, Canton, Ohio, Ed. Judy Strowd Shaw, Oxford, Phar. Sherard Rudolph Shaw, Jr., Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Martha Rose Shelburne, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Randa Sue Shelton, Ripley, Bus. Pamela Anne Shipp, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Deborah Nell Shivers, Shreveport, La., Lib. Arts. Stuart Lee Shoaf, Ripley, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Danny Thomas Shoemake, Water Valley, Bus. Sally Shreve, Bowling Green, Ky., Ed. Jenny Suzanne Shultz, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Gregory Robert Shy, Sikeston, Mo., Phar. James Michael Simmons, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Susan Simms, Pontotoc, Bus. Kendal Sims, N. Indialantic, Fla., Bus. Douglas B. Singletary, Jr., Natchez, Bus. Katherine Ray Singleton, Gulfport, Ed. Nancy Parks Sissell, Batesville, Lib. Arts. Deborah Jane Sistrunk, Dallas, Texas, Lib. Arts. Stephen Lane Slabaugh, Lexington, Ky., Bus. Sally Anne Slater, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Howard Wilson Sledge, Cleveland, Bus. Bobby Darrel Smith, Ellisville, Lib. Arts. Charles Moncure Smith, Rockmart, Ga., Bus. Deborah Smith, Brownsville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Deborah Lynn Smith, Houston, Ed. Elsie Leah Smith, Richmond, Va., Ed. James Edwin Smith, Jr., Carthage, Bus. Jan Denise Smith, Memphis Tenn., Ed. Mark Provost Smith, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Maxine Elizabeth Smith, McComb, Lib. Arts. Nina Burton Smith, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Patricia Anne Smith, Coldwater, Lib. Arts. David Lloyd Smothers, Tupelo, Bus. Gary Paul Snyder, Castleton, N. Y., Lib. Arts. Martha Jane Speake, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Julia Trigg Speakes, Benoit, Ed. Marvin Bennett Speed, Carthage, Bus. Amelia Faye Speights, Oak Vale, Lib. Arts. Mary Jo Spence, Dyersburg, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Susan Anne Spotts, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Clementine Lea Stallworth, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Deidra Irene Starnes, Oxford, Bus. Paul Houston Stephenson, Jackson, Bus. Georgia Catherine Sterling, Leland, Lib. Arts. Philip Michael Stevens, Maurel, Bus. David Lee Stewart, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Richard Carter Stier, Bricktown, N. Lib. Arts. Leslie Wayne Still, Blue Mountain, Ed. Martha Mitchell Stokes, Alligator, Lib. Arts. Addison Johnston Stone, Jackson, Tenn., Bus. David Alan Stone, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Janet Ann Stone, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Sherry Lynn Stone, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Mary Houston Story, Biloxi, Education. Charles Richard Strain, Jr., Tampa, Fla., Bus. Michael Dennis Stroble, Meridian, Bus. Jo Ann Stuart, Morton, Ed. Robert Bruce Stuart, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Samuel R. Sullivan, Lib. Arts. Rebecca Carol Surrette, Water Valley, Ed. Patricia Ann Talbert, Oxford, Ed. Deborah Tatum, Hattiesburg, Bus. Charles Glenn Taylor, Port Gibson, Bus. David Provosty Taylor, Pass Christian, Lib. Arts. Deanna Alburta Taylor, Perkinston, Lib. Arts. Dixie June Tedford, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. Joseph Wilmot Thomson, Ill, Starkville, Bus. Albert M. Thornton, Sardis, Lib. Arts. Harbert T. Thornton, III, Brownsville, Tenn., Ed. Nancy Helen Thornton, Brownsville, Tenn., Ed. Rebecca Ruth Tiller, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Frank L. Tindall, Jr., Indianola, Lib. Arts. Mary Beth Tinnin, Sikeston, Mo., Ed. Nancy Carol Tipton, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Billie Eugene Tolbert, Philadelphia, Phar. Gregory Alan Ton, Gulfport, Bus. Katherine Allen Townes, Grenada, Lib. Arts. James Riley Townsend, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. Lynn Nelson Tramel, Nashville, Tenn., Bus. Carman Jane Trammell, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Isaac Stone Trotter, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Barry Duane Tucker, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Tracy Ann Tucker, Oxford, Phar. Vicki Dianne Tucker, Oxford, Ed. Dennis Warren Turkal, Chesterfield, Mo., Lib. Arts. Gary Errol Turner, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Osborn Jones Turner IV, Belzoni, Lib. Arts. Scott Stewart Turner, Jackson, Ed. James Rainer Twiford, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Jerald Leonard ulmer, Laurel, Lib. Arts. Michael Richard Ursic, Oxford, Lib. Arts. John Benedict Vaccaro, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Steven Smith Valentine, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Catharine Vandernaillen, Brentwood, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Pamela C. Vaughn, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Jeananne Vermilya, Fort Myers, Fla., Bus. Pam Vest, Greenville, Lib. Arts. Sandra Vincent, Laurel, Ed. Darilynn Wade, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Myra Jean Wade, Louisville, Ed. Susan Estelle Wade, Birmingham, Ala., Lib. Arts. James Foster Wadlington, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Mary Sherman Wagner, Mississippi, Lib. Arts. Robert Harry Walker, Gulfport, Bus. Roberta Sue Wallace, Nashville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Shellye Kaye Waller, Bruce, Ed. William Mikell Waller, Monticello, Phar. Charlotte Ann Walley, Waynesboro, Ed. James Austin Walne, Jr., Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. Mark Howard Walton, III, Mississippi, Lib. Arts. Jay Weidner Ward, Clarksboro, N. J., Lib. Arts. William Stephen Ware, Jackson, Bus. Barnette Katherine Waring, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Doreen Haigh Waring, Hawthorne, N. J., Lib. Arts Natalie Waring, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. Robert Allen Warner, Louisville, Lib. Arts. Edward Leslie Warr, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Melinda Warren, Batesville, Ed. Marcia Elaine Wasson, Shelby, Lib. Arts. Katherine Hope Watkins, Summit, Ed. Lavanda Ann Watson, Bristol, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Cheryl Diane Watts, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Ralph Estel Watts, Jr., Oxford, Bus. William Aubert Watts, Jr., Greenville, Lib. Arts. Susan Ellen Weaver, Starkville, Lib. Arts. James Bartley Webb, New Orleans, La., Lib. Arts. Martha Scott Webb, Hattiesburg, Ed. Georgia Mae Webber, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Alex B. Weddington, Meridian, Bus. David Roger Wedgeworth, Louin, Engg. Kenneth Weeden, Tunica, Lib. Arts. Richard C. Weiland, Jr., Marks, Engg. Elizabeth H. Williston, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Mary Taylor Wells, Waynesboro, Bus. Sarah Barbara West, Mt. Pleasant, Ed. Shannon Mary West, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Thomas F. Westbrook, Jr., Okolona, Lib. Arts. Nancy Marie Westmoreland, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Curtis Norman White, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Linda Ann White, Meridian, Lib. Arts. Walter Douglas White, Shreveport, La., Lib. Arts. Gordon Thaxton Whitten, Sumner, Bus. Pamela Sue Wiggins, Hopkinsville, Ky., Ed. Joseph Burnell Wilborn, Lambert, Bus. Patti Lynn Wilkinson, Garland, Texas, Ed. Bill Williams, Grenada, Bus. Charles Hartwell Williams, Hazlehurst, Lib. Arts. Edward Groner Williams, Jackson, Bus. Henry P. Williams, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. Joseph Rex Williams, Thaxton, Bus. Patricia Lee Williams, Memphis, Tenn., Ed. Robert Lee Williams, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Sylvia Joan Williams, Gulfport, Lib. Arts. Frances Ann Williamson, Columbus, Ga., Ed. Lester F. Williamson, Jr., Meridian, Lib. Arts. Louise Cherry Williamson, Mason, Tenn., Bus. Sara Sue Williamson, Mason, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Brenda Denice Willingham, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Donald Lee Wimberly, luka, Lib. Arts. Deborah Jean Windsor, Jackson, Bus. Rhonda Alyce Wingfield, Steele, Mo., Lib. Arts. Susan Patricia Winters, Columbus, Lib. Arts. Eugene Craig Wirth, Port Gibson, Lib. Arts. Charles B. Witherington, Covington, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Betty Jo Wong, Greenwood, Phar. Joann Maria Wong, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Charles Andrew Wood, Baldwyn, Lib. Arts. Mary Eliz Wood, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts. Jacqueline M. Woodbury, Dyersburg, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Miriam Eldon Woods, Nashville, Tenn., Lib. Arts. William Weldon Woods, Ill, Meridian, Lib. Arts. William Howard Woodyard, Helena, Ark., Bus. Stephen Spencer Wooten, Memphis, Tenn., Lib. Arts. Robert Louis Worley, Greenville, Phar. Charlotte Ruth Worsham, Longview, Washington, Ed. Lynn Anna Wright, Oxford, Lib. Arts. Raymond C. Wunderlich, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. George French Wynne, Warren, Ark., Lib. Arts. Beverly Yandell, Canton, Bus. Richard F. Yarborough, Jr., Lib. Arts. Paula Kay Yarbrough, Red Banks, Lib. Arts. Bergy Bonds Young, Webb, Bus. Charles Franklin Young, McComb, Lib. Arts. James Weakley Young, Ill, Crawfordsville, Ark., Lib. Arts. Joseph Spencer Young, Calhoun City, Lib. Arts. Shirley Ruth Young, Louisville, Ed. Betty Lou Zinn, Oxford, Ed. 332 334 Wide Ativery 338 339 340 341 342 343 345 346 348 350 352 354 358 Abadie, Elizabeth Ann Abasloo, Mansoor Abbey, William Sellers, 167, 267 Abbott, Marion Eugene, Jr., 260 Abbott, Ira Martin, Jr. Abdalla, Gerald Moses, 193 Abel, David Lee, 197, 295 Abel, Jane Davis Abel. John Hunter, 195 Abernathy, Russell Ray, Jr. Abernethy, Wilbur M. Ables, Carlton Wayne Abney, Richard Samuel Aboul-Enein, Hassan Y., 260 Abraham, Charles Edwin Abrahamson. Kathi Ann Abson, Dorris Jean Abud, Oriaha Esmelia Acosta, Winthrop Domingo Adair, Glenn Allen, 167 Adams, Andrew James. 209, 281 Adams, Chester Braswell Adams. Christopher Timothy Adams, David Michael Adams, Donald Joe, 295 Adams, Gerard Brandon, 310 Adams, James Noel Adams, Lemuel Garner, III, 2 260 Adams, Marcia R. Adams, Martha Jean Adams, Paul Joseph, 167, 295 Adams, Thomas Carruth Moira M., 295 Addison, Larry Rushing Aden, Elise, 267 Adkins, Jerry Rayburn Adkins, Raymond Amato Agostinelli, Richard J., 281 Aiken, J. Scott Aiken, William Dennis, 173 Ainpour, Parviz Ainsworth, Phyllis Gail, 177 Ainsworth. Rita Yvonne Ainsworth, Sammy Houston, 267 Ainsworth. Stephen Gregory, 205 Akers, Michael Dean, 211, 281 Akin, Brown James, III, 310 Akin. Richard Boyd, 209 Albriton, Jan Carol, 215, 295 Albriton, John Leslie, III, 310 Albritton, Parker Harold Aldridge, Cynthia Kay, 203 Aldridge, Dennis Carol Aldrich. Dixie Lee Aldridge, Jean Wilson Aldridge, John Baker, 193, 267 Aldridge, Keith E., 167 Aldridge, Kenneth Edward, 260 Aldridge, Patricia L. Aldridge, Ronald H., I00, 103, 2 Aldridge, Sammy Wayne Aldridge, Steven Kirk Alewine, Mary Patricia Alexander, Charles H., Jr., 211, Alexander, Douglas Burnett, 310 Alexander, Joseph Parker, 211 Alexander, June Roberts Alexander, Owens Fitz, 167 Alexander, Robert Terry, 183 Alexander, Ronald J. Alexander. Samuel E., Jr., 310 Anthony, Jr.. 260 Alfonso, Sylvia Fernandez Catherine E., 175, 281 Alford, Elise Christine, 175 3 ' C James Burton, III, 205, 2 Kathy Jane, 175 Alford, Prentiss Keith Suzanne Faye, 215, 310 Adrienne Claire, 310 Allen, Amy Kay, 201, 295 Allen, Anna Jean Watson Allen, Charles Ray Allen, Claudia, 215, 295 Allen, Cory Andrew Allen, Dale Ivan, 10B David Kenyon Allen. David Marion Allen, Ellen Jo, 215, 295 Elmer Dale Allen, Eustace A.. II, 310 Allen, Herman Eugene Allen, Jo Ann Allen. Kathryn Wilder, 189 Allen, Kelly Brian Allen, L. Calhoun. III Allen, Katherine Keach Allen, Mary West, 203 Allen Meredith Baird Allen, Micahel Lee, 267 Allen, Pamela H. Allen. Patricia Lynn, 102 Robert Jr., 183, Allen, Robert Owen Allen, Sharon, 295 Allen, Sidney Perry Allen, Stephanie, 177, 310 Allen, Thomas Wilsford, 193 Allen, William Henry, Jr., 193 Allen, William Leon Alley, Thomas Crockett Allgood, Daniel Kent, 281 Allgood, William Sidney, 310 Allison, Diane Olivia, 189, 281 Allison, Lawrence Elvin, Jr., Allison, Sally Pickett, 203 Alonzo, Frank Oliver Altick, Marguerite Diane, 201, 2 Altman, Dan Patrick, 167 Altman, Mikel Eugene, 167 Alvarez, Julia Pearl, 177 Alvarez, William B., 310 Ambrose, Anne, 203 Ambrose, Elizabeth Ellen, 102, 2 Ammann, Deborah Davis, 107 Ammann, Steven Dennis, 107 Amodeo, Michael Lee, 267 Amos, James Ward Anders, Judith Ellen, 165, 310 Anderson, Carla Drexel, 310 Anderson, Catherine Ann Anderson, Charles W., Ill Anderson, Donnie Joe, 281 Anderson, Jamie Marie, 175, 310 Anderson, Joel Edward Anderson, Johnny F. Anderson, Larry Cathern Anderson, Lawrence H., 110 Anderson, Mary Joe, 310 Anderson, Phyllis Ann, 267 Anderson. Richard E. Anderson, Robert Allen Anderson, Robert Emmett, 193 Anderson, Sheron D. Lee Anderson, Thomas Bradley Anderson, William A., 193 Anderson. William Lee Andrews, Henry Dean, Jr. Andrews, Ramona M. Anepohl, Charles Frederick Clyde Allen Anglin, John Benny Anthony, Christina W. Anthony, Dalton W. Anthony, David Earl Anthony, Larry Louis Anthony, Mitzi Ann Antoon, Mary Evelyn, 201, 281 Antrim, George Arthur Antrim, Margaret Ruth Apple, Nancy Arbuthnot, Peter Ivan Arcuri, Dominic Joseph Ard, Chester Joe, 183, 310 Armishaw, James Frank Armor, Milton Philip Armstrong, Crowell Hood Armstrong, Delores Ann, 203 Armstrong, James Sidney, 260 Armstrong, John Guy, 173 Armstrong, Rebecca Pearl, 102, 5 Armstrong, William David, 26i 7 Arnault, Lynne Sandra, 295 Arnett, Edmond Brooks Arnett. Jane Diane, 267 Arnold, James Austin Aron, Barbara Jean Aron. Sara Jill, 189, 295 Arora, Manohar Lal, 260 Arrington, Virgil Eugene Arseneau, Karen Kay Arya, Parma Nand, 260 Ash, Donnal Gene Ash, Lyman Henry, 267 Ashford, Andre L., 211 William Clay, 94, 211, Ashley, Charles Winnick Ashlin, Carole Harris Daniel B. Assaf, Jennifer Dell, 175, 295 Assaf, Tom Ellis, 193 Atchley, Mark Christopher, 209. Atchley, Randall Edwin, 209, 29 Atkeison, Michael Lynn David Murrell, 310 Atkins, Vicki Ann, 201, 295 Atkinson, Barbara Ruth, 201 Atkinson, Boyd Parks, 260 Atkinson, John Ray, 193, 281 Rhett William, 94, 106, 107, 211, 260 Atkinson, Richard Burton Robert Corson, 281 Austin, Frank B. Austin, William Ernest Tillio John, Jr., 106, Avant, Linda Joyce, 295 Avent, Jo Anne Avent, Thomas Webb, Jr. Axtell, Betty Gail Aycock, Deborah Zay 215, 310 Aycock. Susan, 109, 267 Billie M. Ayles, Thomas Rowland Ayres, John Hollis, 267 Ayres, Thomas Grant Ayres, William McNeil Ayres, William McNeil B Babington, Nancy Hope, 281 Bacon, Leonard Anthony Bacon, Patricia Bacot, Nancy Ann Eubanks Baddour, Fred Thomas Bag by, John Blythe Bagbey, William Boyle, Jr., Bagheri, Seyed Hassan Bagley, Bonnie Ann, 267 Bagwell, Billy McArthur, 101 Bagwell, Michael Williams Baham, Paul Wilson, Jr., 267 Baler, Katherine Mary, 201, Baler, Michael Ma Bias Bailess, Robert Russell, 205, Bailey, Barbara Jean, 267 Bailey, Cynthia Clare, 203, 311 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann, 179, 29 Bailey, Lloyd Allen Bailey, Lonnie David Malcolm Douglas Bailey, Marilyn, 104, 267 Bailey, Marshall David Bailey, Noell Bush, 195, 295 Bailey, Robert Walter, 94, 26 Bailey, Stephen Michael, 295 Bailey, Thomas Allen Bailey, William Waddell Baird, Brenda Sullivan, 281 Baird, Gordon E. Baird, Richard Gaylon Baird, Robert Wade, 96, 193 Baird, Rodney Carl Bakalarski, Leo C., 310 Baker, Albert Edward, III, 31 Baker, Bryna Suzanne Baker, Christa Adele Baker, Jacqueline Kaye, 189 Baker, James H. Baker, Jonell, 99, 215, 295 Baker, Kay Marie Baker. Linda Jo Baker, Mary Ellen Baker, Thomas Perry Baker, William Gaynes Balch, Mary Kathryn, 281 Baldwin, James Rutherford Baldwin, James Rutherford Jenny Kay, 203 Baldwin. Larry Joe Linda Crum Baldwin, Myrtle Ruth, 310 Baldwin, Owen William Baldwin, Michael Thomas Beverly, 175 Ball, Coolidge, 310 Ball, Hugh Brooks Ballard, Barbara Ann Ballard, Benford Neil, 199 Ballard, Michael Elliott Ballard, Sallie Dix, 175, 281 Ballard, Trudys Lucille, 267 Ballenger, Ramona Bane, Beverly Ann Banks, Albert Marshall, 281 Banks, Joyce Lynn, 100, 281 Joseph Edward, Jr. Baran, Sherry Simonich Barber, George Russell, Jr. Barber, Richard Herbert, J Barber, Roy Gerald Barber, Thomas Wayne Haley Reeves Barefield, Bennie L. Barenis, Guntis J. Barenis, Ludis Daniels Barham, Nancy Gayle Barham, Woodrow Wilson, J Barhanovich, Billie Joy, 215, 0 Barkett, Mitchell James Barkley, Sandra 267 Barkley, Thomas Ford, 211, 3 Barks, Melvin Gary Charles C., 96, Barksdale, Priscilla L., 175 Rhesa Hawkins, Barlow, Billy Wray Barmer, Billy Wayne Barmer, Joyce Moncrief Barnes, Annie L. Barnes, Beverly Jane, 179, 2 Barnes, Franklin J. Barnes, George Spencer, Jr. Barnes, Harris Hastings Barnes, Jane Montgomery, 3 Barnes, Lanell, 201, 295 Barnes, Lessie Mae Barnes, Queenie Green Barnes, Stephen Dudley, 167 Barnes, Susan Elizabeth Barnes, Wesley Mac, 205 Barnes, Worley Anne, 201 Barnett, Jahnae Harper Barnett, Janet Elaine, 295 Barnett, Lanita Ruth Barnett, Peggy Sue, 281 Barnett, Randle Barnett, William R. Barnett, William Thom, III, 21 Barney, Marcia Ruth, 165 Barnwell, Jon M. Barr, Alvin Francis, 106 Barr, Lawrence Stewart Barranco, Joe Anthony Barraza, Donald Frank, 310 Barrett, Alameda Bollier Barrett, Carolyn Kay Barrett, Peter Hickman, 181 Barrett, Sally Burwell, 175, 295 Barrett. Valerie Sue Barringer, Mary Elizabeth, 310 Barron, Kenneth Gerald, 267 Barron, Larry Britt Barron, Lille Gayle, 201, 281 Barrow, John Donald, Jr., 197 Barry, William Thomas Bartlett, Deborah Ellen Bartlett, Francis Irving Barton, Kenneth Wayne Barton, M. Frank, Jr., 260 Barton, Margie Lynn, 310 Monte Lewis Bartosh, Stephen Andrew Basinger, Michael Van Baskin, Mary Kirk, 104, 175, 26 Bass, James Irvin, 281 Bass, Ray, Jr. Bass, Ross Frederick, Jr. Bassett, Harlan Wray, 310 Bates , Barbara B. Batman, William Everett Batson, Gordon Theodore Batson, Greer Allene, 187, 267 Batson, Paul James, 310 Battalora, Harold J., Jr. Bette, John Carlisle Battle, Emery A., Jr., 260 Battles, Johnnie Mack, 281 Batton, Phillip Vincent, 197, 31 Batts, Joe Robert, 295 Bauch, Brenda New Baugh, John Berry Baugher, Stevie Lynn, 295 Bayles, Harold William, Jr., 310 Baynes, Curtis Edward Bazaar, Eugene Marion, 267 Bazaar, Joan Carol, 260 Beadle, Donald Raymond Beal, Ken B., 310 Beam, Jerry Stephen, 281 Bean, Deborah Frances. 203, 25 Beard, Andrea Kelly, 267 Beard, Fred Long, Jr., 209 Beard, Laura Letitia, 215, 310 Beard, Lucinda Jean Beard, William Albert Bearden, Martha Anne, 267 Bearden, Thomas Howard Beardman, Gary Norman Beasley, Carolyn Frances, 281 Beasley, Lana Sharon, 102, 110, Beasley, Maybelle Beasley, William Michael, 209 Beatty, Daniel Anthony, 267 Beaty, Janice Yeates Beaty, Robert Burl, 260 Beaumont, Edgar C. Beaumont, Honore Curet Beck, Ardie Lavon Becker, Alan Mark Becker, Margaret Lucy, 109, 2i Beckett, Patricia D. Beckett, Robert Rodney Beckham, Lev Magruder Beckman, Judith Anne, 99, 215, Beckwith, David William, 260 Beckwith, Sherry Ann, 165 Beckwith, William Norwood Bedford, John Albert Bedgood, Donald Wayne, 310 Bedgood, Pamela Jane, 165, 2, Bedingfield, Susan Alice Thomas Roy Beeler, Jerry Lee Beeler, Wilma Parker Beemon, Beverly Jean, 189, 26 ' Beene, Bobby Gayle Beene, Charles Brantsford, 310 Beene, Dinah Lea Beene, Ronald Owen Beers, Robert Bruce Beery, Anne Elizabeth, 187, 2 Clifford Philip, 167 Beken. Don Edward Richard Greer, 167 Bell, 175 Bell, Brenda Sue, 102, 215, Bell, Charles B. Bell, Daphne Ann Bell, Joseph Alston Bell, Mary Jacquelyn, 267 Bell, Richard Edward, 211 Bell, Rodney Bell, Sharon Elaine, 295 Bell, William Clinton, Jr. Benbow, Roy Walter Bender, Robert Charles Benefield, Sheila Kay, 281 Benjamin, Danny Ray Bennett, Beverly Faye, 201 Bennett, Clyde Vester, 310 Bennett, David Neal, Jr., 205 Bennett, Ernest Lee, 167, 295 Bennett, Jeanne Huston Bennett, John Clarence Lawrence G., III, 211 Bennett, Leslie Arthur, 310 Bennett, Patsy Joyce, 165 Bennett, Ralph Dillard, Jr. Beno, Robert McIntyre, 281 Benoist, Max Edwin, Jr., 167, 311 Benson, Arthur C. Benton, Martha Roberts, 311 Benz, Charles Bequette, Richard Fred Berch, Jerry Daniel, 260 Bergeron, Jesse Gilbert, 100, 260 Bernardini, Betsy, 189, 295 Christopher K., 311 Bernreuter, Raymond G., I I, 311 Berry, Belinda Ann, 165 Berry, Eugene Sexton, 260 Berry, Gregory Leo, 96 Berry, Omer Evon, 267 Berry, Priscilla Berry, Warner Robert, 205 Best, James Homer, 103, 205 Best, Nathan Campbell, 209 Best, Thomas G. Bethay, John Douglas, 94, 103 Sarah Helen Bethune. Nancy Lynn John Edwin Beville, Betsy Leah, 189, 311 Bevill, David Wayne Bhagat, Sheela K. Bhakta, P. M., 260 Bhatia, Harmanjeet S., 260 Bickerstaff, John Michael Bidden, Katherine Curtis Charles S., 267 Biedenharn, Eric C., Jr., 295 Biedenharn, James Phelan Biggers, Peggy Lanier, 175, 281 Biggs, Robert Alanson Billingsley, Charlie M., Jr., 311 Billingsley, Deborah Jo Bingham, Betty Warrene Biordi, Bruce Edmund, 311 Birdsong, Charlotte P., 311 Harold S. Bishop, James Vester Bishop, Rita Jean Bishop, Ronald Regan, 311 Bishop, William Lloyd, 197 Bittle, Irvin Albert, 199 Black, Charles Francis Black, Harriet Eliz, 215, 295 Black, Paul Stuart, 311 9 Black, Richard Michael Black, Scott Gilmer, Jr. Black, William L., Ill Blackburn, Christine Leah, 169, 311 Blackburn, James E., Jr. Blackburn, James Michael Blackburn, Ronald Fred, 260 Blackledge, Bennie Lindsey, 295 Blackledge, Bonnie Carol Blackledge, Elizabeth Ann Blackledge, George Lane, 195 Blackledge, John Marlin, 267 Virginia C., 215, 311 Blackwell, Bernard B., Jr. 3 Blackwell, Joycelyn W. Laura 203, 311 Blackwood, Eric Carlton, 105 Blackwood, Rebecca Dean, 189, 311 Blair, Anne Marzelle, 311 Blair, Edward Russell, III Blair, Holbert D., 267 Blair, Johnny Rowe Blake, Frances Anne, 187, 311 Blake, Joel Randy, 197 Blake, Mary C. Thomas Benjamin Audie Clark Blakeney, Mirian Uel Bland, Debra Ann, 311 Bland, Edgar, 311 David William Blankenship, Sarah L., 281 Wanda Frances, 189 Blanton, Thomas A., 209, 281 Blauert, James Gary Bless, Patricia Alma, 187, 267 5 Bloch, Lee Daws, 311 Blohm, Dorothy Emma, 215, 267 Bloodworth, Sandra Kaye Bloss, George F., Ill Blount, Charles B., 205, 267 Blount, Glen Eldon Blount, Joseph Lamar Blount, Kenneth Lloyd, 209 Blount, Raelynn Elizabeth, 295 Blount, Richard Alan, 167, 311 Blount, Rosalie Luke, 267 Blount, Sam Turner, 209 Blount, Sharon Ann, 267 Blue, Alice Virginia Blue, John Stephen, 195, 311 Blurton. Danny William Boadwine, Grant E. Boatman, Rebecca Lynn, 281 Boatner, Cynthia, 281 Boatright, Thomas F., 281 Boatright, Wanda Earle Boatwright, Rickey Beryl Bobb, Mary Bell, 175 Bobo, Elizabeth M. Bobo, Kaye M. Bobo, Larry H. Bogard, Phillip Dennis, 195 Boggess, Joseph Slattery, 281 Bogue, Thomas J., Ill Boland, Jack Boland, Wiley Newman, Jr., 197 Bole, Susan C. Boles, James Dewey Boling, John Walton, 209, 311 Bolton, Richard Paul Bond, Gerald Warren, 267 Bond, Giles Wood, Jr. Bond, Sadie L. Bonds, James Walker, 96, 211 Bonta, Ann Marguerite, 203, 311 Booker, Annie Ruth, 311 Booker, Bernita Faye Boolos, David Joe, 173 Boone, Corrie Lynne, 177, 311 Boone, Hugh James, 209 Boone, James Taylor Boone, Kenneth Leonard, 267 Booth, John Craig Booth, William Douglas, 181 Boren, Carl W., Jr. Boren, Kenneth Wayne Borgen, Lowell Andrew Boris, Joseph Nicholas, 311 Bornman, Mary Edgar, 175, 2G Bost, Aileen Johnson Bost, Freddy Martin Boswell, Cheryl Ann, 165 Boswell, Emily Hall Boswell, Jonathan Hall, 311 Boswell, Rebecca Elizabeth, 31 Boteler, Eileen Reader, 175 Boteler, Margaret Amanda, 295 Bothe, Deborah Lynn, 102, 295 Botto, Barbara Jo, 201 Boucher. Duaine Miller Bouchillon, Barry Glenn Bouchillon, William R. Boudreaux, Catherine Ann, 215, Bounds, Donovan Cary, 311 Bounds, Elsie May J., 260 Bounds, Michael Louis Bounds, Rodney Edward Bounds, William Ross, 167, 267 Bounds, William T., Jr., 260 Bourgeois, Lucien Leonard, 260 Bourgeois, Ray Michael, 110, 16 Bourland, Robert Brent, 103 Bouton, John Brinkley, 267 Boutwell, Lynn Young Boutwell, Ronald Luie Bowden, Daniel Robert Bowden, Patsy Lee, 267 Bowdre, James, 311 Bowdre, Nehemiah, 281 Bowen, Charles Michael Bowen, Frank Weston, Jr., 197, Bowen, Jane Pleasants, 201 Bowen, John H., Ill Bowen, Rebecca Lucille, 165, Bowen, Richard Thurmond Bowen, Robert Owen, 295 Bowen, Sally Joan Patricia Bowling, Connelly Evans Bowling, Morris James, 199, 28 Bowling, Susan Gilda Bowman, Steven P. Box, Beverly Jean, 311 Box, Samuel Lucien Box, Thomas Emery Box, Virgil Myers Boyd, Gerald Glen Boyd, Graham Gregory, 260 Boyd, Karen Elizabeth, 175, 31 Boyd, Martha J. Boyd, Rhoda Jamille Boyd, Robert Allan, 295 Boyd, Robert Lee, 205 Boyd, Susan Carolyn, 189, 268 Boyd, William Slone, III, 173, Boyer, Peter Jon, 205 Boyer, Philip Wayne, 311 Boykin, Donald William, 260 Boykin, Larry Ray Boyle, Patrick John Boyles, James Douglass, 107 Guy Lee Boyter, Eileen Jordon Boyter, James Lee, 281 Bozeman, William Oswald, 281 Braband, Steven Albert, 167, 2 Bracken, Patricia Lynn, 311 Braddock, Dewitt Talmadge, 311 Braddock, James E. Braddock, Patricia Finch Bradford, John Walter Bradford, Peggy Lee, 201 Bradley, Beverly Carole, 165, 3 Bradley, Guy Alexander, 281 Bradley, Marshall Rice Bradley, Thomas Charles Bradley, Verlinda Pegues, 311 Bradley, William David, Ill, I 311 Bradway, Patricia D., 311 Brady, Steven Kyle, 268 Brady, Suzan Moore, 268 Brame, Wesley Whitten, 211, 3 Bramlett, Barnie T., Jr., 268 Bramlett, Brenda Susan, 215, 291 Bramlett, Elizabeth Ann, 102, 296 Bramlett, Sallie K., 177 Bramlitt, Eddie Eugene, 211 Bramlift, Larry Thomas, 311 Brand, William Gary, 260 Brandon, Leslie Juanita Brandon, Mary Love, 215, 296 Branscome, Dianne, 177, nl Branscome, Ronald Ray, 296 Brantley, Deborah Lillian Brantley, Jeffery Elliot, 296 Branton, William Crews Brasfield, Craig E., 268 Brasher, Charlotte T., 281 Brashier, Fred McLendin, 281 Brassel, Patricia Nell, 296 Bratton, William Carl, 211, 281 Braun, Charles Harold, 311 Braun, Dennis K., 260 Bray, Charles Rhea Bray, Curtis Lee, 311 Breath, Charles Albert, Ill Breath, Ellen Marion Breazeale, Donald Glenn, 193, Breland, Fritz Clayton, Jr. Hugh Gregory, Jr. Brennan, Thomas William Bresnahan, Robert James Bressler, Arthur, Jr. Brewer, Britton Wheeler, 197 Brewer, Dontay Jackson Brewer, Gregory Lee, 96, 100, James Daniel, 296 Brewer, John Henry, III, 281 Brewer, Norman Craig, III, 100, 103, 209, 281 Sandra Lynn Breymaier, Robert Stephen, 17 Bridgers, David Irvin Bridgers, John Allen, Ill Bridgers, Nelda Rankin Bridges, Hallie Gail Bridges, Harold Ware, Jr. Bridges, Kenneth Daniel Bridges, Thad Sharon, 268 Bridgeforth, Robert L., 296 Bridgforth, Theresa K., 99, 102, Briggs, Dale Vincent Bringle, Sara Elizabeth, 169 Brinson, Amy Stanton Briscoe, Marvin Earl Briscoe, Rebecca Jo Brister, Calvin Cotten, 106 Briste r, Carolyn Read Brister, Devotie Ward, 205, 26 Brister, Fred Eugene, 193 Britt, Frank Edmond, Jr. Britt, Stephen D. Britton, Scott Robert Lucy Cheri Brock, Dan Ellen, 175, 312 Brock, James Murray, Jr., 96, 268 Brock, James Wilson Brodnax, Phillip, Ill Brogdon, Larry Dennis Brookes, Samuel Owen Brookes, Trudi Cassaday Brooking, Michael Wayne Brooks, James Roy Perry Boles, 312 Brooks, Thomas Joseph, Ill Brooks, Thomas Norman, 296 Broom, Susan Elaine, 110, 187, Vicki Sue, 282 Broome. Donnie Joe Broome, Hilda Ferguson Broun, Clarence Harlston, 312 Brown, Alton Longino Brown, Anzonettie Brown, Barbara, 179, 312 Brown, Byron Norman, III, 312 Brown, Edythe Moore Brown, Eric Calvin, 312 Brown, Ernie Herman Brown, Eugene Franklin Brown. George Michael Brown, Ginny Kay, 312 Brown, Iris Adele, 177, 282 Brown, James Robert, 282 Brown, James Rodger Brown, John Tamberlain Brown, Judith B. Brown, Kathy Jean Brown, Lawrence Newton, II Brown, Lee Oatis Brown, Mark Franklin, 312 Brown, Marsha Loretta, 165, 282 Brown, Michelle Howse, 201 Brown, Nancy Hartley Brown, Nancy Turner Brown, Ralph Lyle, Jr., 312 Brown, Rebecca Dianne, 215, 311 Brown, Richard Harris Brown, Roger Donald Brown. Ronald Stennis Brown, Sandra Kaye, 201, 312 ' Brown, Sherry Lynn, 312 Brown, Thomas Alexander, 199 Brown, Thomas Edward Brown, Thomas Edward, Jr., 281 Brown, Thomas Michael, 199, 281 Brown, Virginia O ' Keefe Brown, Wanda Jeanette, 268 Brown, Wayne Mullar ' William Curtis, 205, 311 Brown, William Richard, Jr. Brown. William Thomas, Ill Brown, Winfred Earl Brown, Winn Davis, Jr . Browne, Rebecca Ann, 215, 268 Browning, Don Linton Browning, William Ronald Brownlee, Avin Scott Broyles, Elisa Kay, 312 Broyles, Mary Catherine, 109, Bruce, Harold Wayne, 312 Bruce, Warren Knight William Edward, 195, 28 Bruce, Winford Walter, II Bruce, Winston R. Brugh, Darnell Edward, Jr. Brumfield, Ella Susan, 203 Brumfield, Patricia R., 203 Brumley, Michael Herman Brungart, Nelson D., 181 Brunson, William Rice, 296 Bryan, Larry Hughes Bryan, Steve H. Bryan, William Dotson Bryant, Betty Ann, 296 Bryant, Edward Glenn, 94, 211 Bryant, Giles Wheeler, II, 260 Bryant, Henry Hernington Bryant, James Everet Bryant, Mary Elizabeth, 104, 175 Bryant, Michael Bradford, 268 Bryant, Olen C., Jr., 205 Bryson, Larry Wayne Buchanan, Ann Wailes, 201 Buchanan, Bruce Emmett, 173 Buchanan, Carol Ann, 175 Buchanan, George McAfee Buchanan, Jim Bright Buchanan, Minor Ferris, 296 Buchanan, Pamela Ewing, 201 Buckhaults, Dale Eugene Buckles, Wanda Tracy Buckner, Carolyn, 201 Buckner, Edward Aylette, 167, Buckner, Jennie Marie, 203 Buehler, Beverly Hood, 189 Buehler, Ernest Bernar d, IV, 2S Buffalo, Lee Manning Buffalo, Melissa Buffaloe, Scott Collins Buffington, Jeanne Marie Buffington, Robert S. Buffington, William B. Bufkin, Helen Maria Buford, David Edward Buford, Deborah Lynn, 203 Buford, Ethel Mae Buford, James Dudley, Jr., 209, Buford, Nan Elizabeth, 104, 179 Buie, Paula, 282 Bullard, Eunice Bolt Bullard, George Newton Bullard, John Spence Bullock, Charlene G. Bullock, Jerry Wayne, 211 Bullock, William F., Jr. Bumgardner, Peggy Lee, 296 Bunce, Robert Leonard Bunch, Larry Hugh, 100, 103, II Buntin, Taylor Davie, 167 Buntyn, Marcus Connoy, 167, 21 Burch, Melinda, 312 2 Burchfield, Rita Gail, 268 Burdick, Charles Gray Burdine. Frank W. Burdine. Jane Rule Burdison, Frances Sandra Burdison, Neva Evonne Burdock, Nancy Lublanezki Buren, William Franklin, Jr. Buford, Frederick Wayne, 167 Burgess, Robert Lee, 167 William G., Ill Burk, John Davis, 96 Burke, Hiram Lee Roberts, 205 Burke, Robert Oliver, Jr. Burke, Sara Jones Burke, Thomas Richard Burke, Wm. John Burkes, Bonnie Busby Burkes, Edward Earby Burkes, Jerry L. Burkett, Betty Ann, 187, 296 Burkhalter, Alma Kathryn, 312 ' Charles S. Burkhalter, Walter Guy, Jr., 282 Burkle, Anna Louise, 165, 296 Burkley, Earle Richmond, 211, Burks, Carrie Lou Burks, Connie Faye Burks, William Robert Burleson, Roy Lee, Jr., 312 Burnett Francis Gerald, 94 205, Burnett, Jerry Clark, 209 Burnett. Milton Brown Burnham, Barbara J., 109, 177, Burnham, Van Robinson, 209 Burns, Arthur Allen, Jr. Burns, Barbara Anne Burns, Bridget Scanlon, 189, 31: Burns, James Curtis Kenneth Merritt Burns, Rebecca Jill, 165 Burns, Rhondie Harold, 195, 29 Burrell, Thomas Samuel Burroughs, Barbara Nalou Burson, Mary Eston, 165 Burt, Thomas Ware Burton, Franklin G. Busby, Beverly Ann Busby, Jeannie Odom, 268 Bush, Charles Richard, 100 Bush, Elizabeth Arledia Bush, William Horace, Jr. Bushell, Lockye Odell Buskirk. Patricia Louise Butler, Barbara Sharline, 201 Butler, Carole Jean, 102, 109, 296 Butler, Cathie Bass, 177, 296 Butler, Granville Wayne, 183 Butler, Hazel Diann Butler, Tommy Landis Butts, David Olan, Jr., 110, 21 Butts, Lampkin, 211 Butts, Pamela, 104, 107, 177, 26 Byars, Mable Evelyn Bynum, James Laurin, 209, 312 Bynum, Roger Benny Paul Byrd, Essie Rider Byrd, Wallace C. Byrd, Walter R., Jr., 94, 96, 6, Byrd, William Preston Gregory Allen, 282 C Homer Reed Caden, James Benedict, 205 Caffey, James ' Carroll Caffey, Louise McGahey Caffey, Pamela Faye, 203 Cagle, Catherine E., 109 Cagle, Ralph Norman, Jr. Cajoleas, Pete James, 260 Albert Michael, 282 Caldwell, Billy Dan, 268 6 Caldwell, Carolyn Ann, 165, 2 ' Caldwell, Cecily Ruth Caldwell, Doris Daonne, 312 Caldwell, Emily Armstrong, I, Caldwell, George William Caldwell, James Harmon, 1 ' 97, Caldwell, John Dale, 167, 268 Caldwell, Kathy Lou, 189 Caldwell, Gail, 282 Caldwell, Marie Elaine, 177, 2 ' Richard Eugene, 282 Caldwell, William H., 268 Calhoun, Gaye Oakley Calhoun, Rebecca Martha, 312 96 Calhoun. Tom Paul 68 Callahan, Carol Beth, 201 Callahan, Cheree Yvette, 187, Callahan, William J., Jr. Callender, Michael Dean, 195 Callicott, Kathleen Elaine, 165, Callicut, William Webber, 205 Callicutt, Retta Lynn Gerald Edward, 195 Calvert, James Lauren, 260 Calvert, Susan Elliott, 296 Camp, James Robert Camp, Karen 282 Campany, Laura Kathryn, 282 Campbell, Alberta Edith, 312 Campbell, Carl Benjamin, 268 Campbell Esther Josephine, 2 Campbell, Guy Douglas, 183, Campbell, Johnnie Linn Campbell, Joseph G., Jr., 183 Campbell, Nancy Odette, 296 Campbell, Reba Diane, 282 Campbell, Robert Lee, IV Campbell, Roger Lee, Jr., 312 Campos, Soledad Almagro, 2 Canfield, Travis Allen Canizaro, James Thomas Canizaro, Richard Eugene, 312 Cannon, Audrey Kathy, 177, 3 John Vincent, III Cannon, Steven Ray, 312 Canova, Charlie Jr., 96, Canterbury, John William, 268 Canty, Marion Stewart, 205 Caperton, Joseph Randall Caplinger, Thomas Ray Cappaert, Carolyn Sue, 296 Capps, Alinda Hobbs, 175, 296 Caranna, Cono Anthony, II Carby, Philip Elmer Carden, Esther Janelle, 201 Cardwell, Judy Edwina, 215, 296 Cardwell, Ricky Leon Carlisle, Barry W., 110, 193, 260 Carlisle, Marsha Leigh Carlisle, Michael Emerson Carlisle, Richard Lamar Carlson, George C., Jr. Carlson, Jane Ellen, 215 Carlton, Charles C., Jr. Carlton, Sidney Carmichael, Thomas Lee Carmody, Cheryl Kathryn Carmon, James Harold, 268 Carnell, Larry Sim, 100, 268 Carnette, Ronald Byron Carney, John Lack Carney, Stephen Dale, 167, 282 Carpenter, Carol Baswell, 268 Carpente r, Charles Wayne Carpenter, Edsel Ray Carpenter, James Ellis, 167, 312 Carpenter, James Ogden Carpenter, James Willis Carpenter, Linda Carol Carpenter, Louise Nanet, 312 Carpenter, Mary Lynn Carpenter, Paul Russell Carpenter, Preston Caswell Carpenter, Sharon Gail, 187, 312 Carpenter, Wayne O ' Brian, 260 Carpenter, William David Carr, Cynthia Ann, 189 Carr, Kathy Marie Carraway, Marvin Leeton Carroll, Carolyn Kathleen Carson, James Michael Carson, Joan Blandon Carson, Kenny Ray, 282 Carson, Peter, 106 Cart, Barbara Jeanne, 165 Carter, Alan Walker, 110, 193 Carter, Barbara Ann, 165, 296 Carter, David Lewis Carter, Larry Darnell, 282 Carter, Ralphoel James Carter, Robert Mitchell, 103, 211 Carter, Stanley Lewis Carter, William Augustus Carter, Yolande Fern, 179, 296 Cartwright, Travis Terry, 282 Stephen Alan, 199, 268 Carver, Judith Lynn, 268 Carver, Kathryn Colleen, 296 Casanova, Travis Glen, 260 James Reaburn, 181, 312 Case, Glenn 195, 312 Case, Jennifer Moak Case, John Stringer Case, Natalie Lynn, 179 Case, Raymond Talmadge Casey, Richard C., 197, 268 Casey, Thomas Marshall, 268 Cash, Philip Ray, 296 Cash, Rick Noel Cash, Steven C. Cashman, Anne Conway, 268 Cashman, Louis Patrick, 181 Cassady, Barbara Ann, 187 Castigliola, Betty Ann, 187, 312 Vincent J. Castle, Jamie Elisa, 296 Castle, Jima Elan, 282 Castleberry, Gordon Michael, 96, 282 Castro, Regina Celia S., 312 Mary Robin, 165 William Henry, 296 Caulfield, James Barron, Jr., 167 Causey, Deborah Lisa Causey, Jimmy Margaret Dianne, 260 Caviness, Carolyn Corbeau Cecil, Lucinda, 189, 296 2 Cefalu, Andrew Joseph, 183 Center, Gerald Hickey, 260 Chadwick, Amenza B. III, 167, 312 Chadwick, Michael B., 199, 282 Chaffin, William Michael Chalk, John Abney, 193, 312 Chamberlain. Nancy Ellen, 260 Chambers, Walter Lee, 282 Chamblee, Nancy Dunn Chambliss, Donald Ray, Jr. Chambliss, John Scobey, 296 Champion, Barbara 175, 282 Champion, Betty Barner, 102, 179 Champion, James Henry, Jr., 94, 105, 211, 260 Chan, Elizabeth June, 109 Chancellor, Mary Ann, 177, 282 Chandler, David Jarrett Chandler, Johnny C. Chandler, Penny lone, 187, 312 Winfield Ladd Chaney, Hope, 177, 312 Chaney, Mark James, Jr., 312 Chaney, Stephen Thomas Chang, Benedict Charng-An Chang, Simon Sheng Chapman, Dorothye Quay( Chapman, Gay Lynn Chapman, Kendall Phillips Chapman, Lamar Wayne Chapman, Mary Ann, 268 Chapman, Rupert Leander Charles, Hal Cecil Chase, Norris Wayne, 312 Chase, Wallace Allen, 193, Chastain, David Otto, 296 Chatham, Michael Colin Chatterjee, Sailendra Na 260 Chatterjee, Shree, 260 Cheatham, James Andrew Cheek, Michael Edward Chen, Chern Julie, 260 Cheng, Ping Chuan Chennault, Deborah Ann, Cherry, Barbara Lorraine Chew, Chun Hoy. 296 Robert Bostick, 2 Childers. Robert Doyle Childress, Eva McClinton Childs, Jolee, 261 Chiles, James Williams, II Chill, Marlene E. Chin, Donald Pang Chin, Joan Sue Nanmei Wong, 312 Chin, Warren Chinn, Cedric Vaughn, 282 Chinn, William David, 261 Candace, 296 Chism, James Neal Chism, Paul Edward, Jr. Chism, Wanda Marie, 282 Chiu. Peter Kun-Hai Choate. Horace Edward, J Audric Hing Chow, Frank Smith, 312 Chrestman, Mary E. Chrestman, Rebecca Ann, Christian, Floyd Leland, J Christian, John Cecil Marianne B. Nanette R., 187. Christian, Walter Bates, 2 Christiansen, Bill Myron Christman, Larry Everett, Chryst, Julia Anne Chryst, Martin Kirk Chu, Chin-Chi Chu, Leroy Dong, 261 Chumbler. Brent Stanton Chunn, Benny Smith Church, Charles Stone, Jr Church. Dixie Jane Church, Faith M., 282 Church, Joe David, 197 Church, Rebecca Jane. 2 ' Churchwell, Ronald Paul, Chustz, James Steven Cintqran, Anthony Ciochon, Francis V. Ralone Sue Clagett, Thomas .Peter Clara, Susan Marie Clark, Beverly Jo, 296 Clark, Charles Cleveland 100, 103, 205, 282 Clark. Charles Randall Clark, Donald G., 26B Clark, Frances Burt, 268 Clark, George Harold, 261 Clark, Grady Mims, Jr., 2 Clark, James Steven Clark, Joe H. Clark Larry Edmond Clark, Leonard Ray, Jr., Clark, Melaine Ann, 177 Clark, Melinda Milner Clark, Melissa Hall Clark, Michael E. Paul Frederick Clark, Robert Elliott Clark, Ronald H., 209 Clarke, John Carey Clary, Stephen Paul, 197 Clauer, Robert R., Jr. Claus, Dennis R. Clay, Floyd Martin Clayton, Martin Lester, Ronald Harris William L., Ill, 1 Charles David, I William Howard Clemens, Jeptha Clark, Clements, Debra Cheryl, Clements, Wanda Canda Clemmer, Rita Gail, 282 Clemons, Deborah, Cleveland, John Daniel, Jonnie Sue Cleveland, Karen Janet, I Cleveland, Keith Vernon, Cliatt, Mary Jo Puckett Click, Carolyn Stratton, Clingan, Mary Jane Carolyn Sue, 215 Clinton, Judy Moir, 297 Thomas Jefferson Clouse, Stephen Collins Clyde, James Wayne Coakley, Regina M. Coats, Alta Kate Coats, J ames Filo, 167 Coats, William Jerry Cobb, Donna Doom, 282 Cobb, Henry Righter Cobb, John Ray, Jr., 195, 313 Cobb, Leonard Benjamine Cobb, Glen Thomas Cobb, Van Michael Cobill, Earl Wayne Coburn, Theodore Kirk Cochran, Robert Finley, Jr., 205 Coers, Cathleen Nelson Coers, Janice Roi Coffey, James Major Coffey, Mark Clark, 313 Coggin, Sheryl Diane, 313 Coggin, Virginia Kay William Harvey, 211, Coker, Candace Carroll Coker, Stephen Paul, 313 Coker, William Harlow Colbert, Michele Annette, 1B9, Cole, Charles Dubose Cole, Gary Stanford Cole, Jeffrey Lee, III, 167 Cole, Linda Ann Cole, Wilfred Qualls, III, 193 Cole, William James, Ill Coleman, Constance L., 165, 2 Coleman, Cynthia Jane, 169, 31 Coleman, Dennis Franklin Coleman, Diann W. Coleman, Ellen E. Coleman, Grover Clifton, Jr., 2 Coleman, Gwyneth Jane Coleman, Howard Clark, Jr. Coleman, Jane Burks Coleman, Joe Price, 103, 209 Coleman, Johnny G. Coleman, Kenny Glenn Coleman, Lee Sorrels, 94 Coleman, Linda Maud, 283 Coleman, Lucy Hall, 201, 313 Coleman, Meridith Fo ose Coleman, Penny Baker Coleman, Robert Kerry Coleman, Robert Steven Coleman, Ronald Glen, 94 Coleman, Shirley Ann Coleman, William Eugene, 313 Collier, Clark Kent, 167, 313 Collier, James Emmett Collins, David Lee, 297 James Rupert, 167 Collins, John Francis, Jr., 268 ' Collins, Martha Lee, 283 Collins, Patricia Griffin Collins, Phillip Michael, 167 Collins, Roger L. Collins, Stephen Leonard Collins, William Colin, 268 Collopy, Michael John, 261 Willa Jean Collum, Robert Tillman, 268 Collums, Carolyn Ann, 297 Collums, Randy Lee Colmer, Wiliam Jeffrey, 110, Colson, Mary Beth, 283 Colter, Linda Anne Colvin, Connie Lea, 179, 297 Combs, Robert Carl Corner, Jeff Robinson Compton, Joseph Russell, Jr., Conger, John Steven, 261 Conn, Calvin Edward Conner, Bentley Edd, 313 Conner, Judith Tramel, 283 Conner, Lee Kendal, 261 Conner, Linda Susan Connors, Janet Merle, 179, 313 Connors, Thomas Matthew Conover, Nelson Garrett Conrad, Craig Miller Betty Diane, 283 Conway, Danella Cowan, 313 Conway, Daniel Alan Conwill, David Erval, 283 Cook, Charles Lawrence Douglas Lee Cook, Drinda Marian Cook, Gary Malone, 193 Cook, Lester, Jr. Cook, Linda Keron Cook, Martha Sue Cook, Robert Lane Cook, Sherry Dian Cook, Steve Hobson, 167, 297 Cook, Steven Trent Cook, Thomas Archie Cook, William Leslie, Jr., 167 Cooke, Frenchie Miller, 165 Cooke, Gaines L. Cooke, Stephen Scott, 209 Coombs, Johnnie Perrin, Jr. Cooper, Daniel H., 297 Cooper, Douglas Lee, 205 Cooper, James Robert, Jr., Cooper, Minton Floyd Cooper Patricia Lynn, 109 Cooper, Paul Roy, 297 Cooper, Robert Franklin, 183 Cooper, Ruth Echols, 313 Cooper, Sarah Joan, 269 Cooper, William Burt, Jr. Coopwood, Elizabeth Ellen, Cope, Karen Olivia, 201 Cope, Laurence Brian, 297 Coppage, Karen Kaye, 179 Coppola, Angelo George, Sr., 2 Corban, John Quint Corban, Randall Mead Corbitt, Catherine Buckner Corder, Larry Neal Corey, Mark Jeffrey, 283 Corley, Arch McKennon Corley, Kenneth Corliss, Barry Martin Cormell, Robert Michael Cornelius, Robert Thomas, 211, 29 Corrigan, John J. Cortes, Rocha Jaime Cosby, James Otis Coston, Carol Lynn Coston, Jack Franklin Cottrell, Albert Peyton Couch, Allen Bruce Couch, James Edward, Jr. Couch, Sharon Sue Cournoyer, Debra Alice, 203 Cousar, Linda Jane Coussens, Patricia Dianne Coussens, Wayne Ray Coutoumanos, Cynthia Lynn Covert, John Walter, Jr., 183 Covert, Robert F. Covington, William D., Jr., 205, 2 Cowan, Judith Lee, 269 Cowart, Jimmy Hannon Cox, Alpha Deloris Cox, Alvin Conley, Jr. Cox, Arthur Anderson, Jr., 297 Charles Frederick Don Gary Coy , Edwin Ronald Cox, Harmon Wilfred, 96, 193, 2E Cox, James Richard, 297 Cox, John Larry Cox, Lucy Weidner Cox, Phillip Baxter, 269 Cox, Rebecca Cunningham Cox, Steven Edward, 314 Coxwell, Cynthia Suzanne, 187, 2r Coyle, Arlen Benson Craft, Gerald Wayne Craft, John Michael Craig, Danny Eugene Craig, Dennis Dell, 211, 314 Craig, George Anne, 189, 314 Craig, James Gordon, 167 Crain, Warren Bryan Crane, Michael Brown Cranfield, John Steven, 167, 314 Craven, Ann McMillan, 177, 314 Craven, David Lee, 209 Craven, Edward Patrick, Jr., 314 Craven, Jonathen Neil Craven, Kiffin R., Jr., 96, 167, 2 Crawford, Frank Wesley Crawford, George H., III, 314 Crawford, Hazel Brandon, 177, 3 Crawford, John Byron Crawford, Karen Leigh Crawford, Leslie Lee, Jr., 269 Crawford, Linda L. Grisham, I 269 Crawford, Mark Frederick, 197 Crawford, Richard Marvin Crawford, Ronnie Lee, 269 Crawford, Walter Jeffrey, 209, 2 Crayton, Walter Franklin, 195, 3 Crews, Carol Jean, 102, 177 Crider, John Paul Criss, Cathy 0., 175, 283 Criss, Robert Gray Crocker, Karen Margaret, 314 Crocker, Rita F. Courson, 109, 2 Crockett, Denton Winter, Jr. Crockett, Sharon Worley Crongeyer, James Joseph, 269 Cronin, Raymond Joseph Crook, Carolyn Louise, 215, 269 Sa ramel Repsher Crosthwait, Robert T., 209, 297 Crouch, Pauline Cecile, 261 Crow, Edward Jennings Crow, John James, 167, 297 Crowe, Ronald Harold, 283 Crull, Luther Putnam, 103 Crum, Ralph David, 103, 269 Crumby, Charles F. Cruse, David 0. Cruse, Fred, Ill Crutcher, Colie Edward, 297 Crutchfield, Douglas E. Cruzen, Betty Coe, 215, 314 8 Cuicchi, David Lee, 94, 101 Culbertson, Steven Edward Cullen, Malcolm C. Culp, Kerry Eliz, 187, 269 Cumbest, Ronnie Donald Cumbest, Saima Jane Cummings, Deborah Helaine Cummings, Fred Douglas Cummings, William James Cummins, Katherine Ann, 189, Cunningham, Mary Jim Cunningham, Richard M. Cupit, Bert B., 205 Curlee, Barbara Bonds, 261 Curlee, Cullen B., III 269 Currie, Edward Jones, Jr., 297 Currie Edwin Morrow, 297 Currie, John Melvin Curry, Burnice Wesley, III Cathy Sue, 187, 314 Curtis, Christi Jane, 187, 283 Curtis, David Sylvester Curtis, James Richard Curtis, Raymond A. Curtis, Richard Alan Curtis, William Andrews, 183 Custer, James W., 197, 269 Cutcliff, Leo Alexander Cutrer, Barbara Jean Cutrer, Douglas Wayne D Dabbs, Mary Lee, 175, 314 Dabney, Thompson Rhea Dacus, Barbara Ellen, 109, 165 Daggett, Tanya Diane, 189 Dagostino, Arthur Daniel Daidone, Francis John Dalehite, William M., Jr., 261 Dallas, W. Diane, 179 Dalton, Nora L. Dalton, Sam E., Ill Laura Elaine Dangeau, Pamela Sue, 169 Dangor, Cassim Mahomed, 2 Daniel, Alice Virginia, 197, 283 Daniel, Cynthia Lee, 201 Daniel, Jimmy R. Daniel, John Victor, 173 Daniel, Linda Rae Dobbs Daniel, Samuel Eugene, 269 Daniel, W. Ellen, 215, 314 Daniel, William J., Ill Daniels, Alan David Daniels, Betty Jean Daniels, Frankie Laverle, 261 Daniels, James Otto, 314 Daniels, Kenneth Graden, 167, Daniels, Kyle E. Daniels, Patricia Gayle Daniels, Thomas Lee, 269 Darden, Richard Alfred, Jr., I Darnell, Dolly Larraine, 297 Darnell, Richard Hamlin Darton, Terry Heber Dashairya, Har Naraian, 283 Daugherty, Richard C. Daughtry, Cornell Alan Daus, Elizabeth Ann Davenport, William Daniel Davidge, William F. Davidson, Andrew Edwin, 31, Davidson, Dan Berry, 283 Davidson, Debra, 102, 179 Davidson, Don Simmons, 193 Davidson, Eunice Fay, 314 Davidson, Hubert James, 94, 205, 269 Davidson, Hunter Browne Davidson, John Cullen, 205, Davidson, Stephen Huntly, 291 Davidson, William Thomas Davis, Betty Katherine, 215 Davis Bruce Howard Davis, Carey George Davis, Carl Cuthbert, Jr., 21 Davis, Carolyn Rose, 269 Davis, Cederick Gene, 283 Davis, Charles Thomas, 314 Davis, Clyde Percy Davis, Connie Linda, 314 Davis, Dona B., 177, 269 Davis, Earl Gatewood, 314 Davis, Elizabeth Ann, 314 Davis, Elizabeth Lee, 298 Davis, Elsie Louise, 298 Davis, Fred Lee, Ill Davis, Gary Patrick, 298 Davis, George Frederick, 20 Davis, Glenda Edwards Davis, Harry Rip, 298 Davis, Jame Anise, 215, 298 Davis, James Ray, 314 Davis, James Tyndal, Jr., 16i Davis, James Wilbur Davis, Jimmy Carlton Davis, John Armstrong, 298 Davis, John Corbett, 269 Davis, John Floyd Davis, John Ford Davis, John Patrick Davis, Joni Jo, 215, 314 Judy Kaye Davis, Kenneth Bernard Davis, Laura Lee, 215, 269 Davis, Lila Lynette Davis, Marjorie T. Davis, Mary Kay, 283 Davis, Mary Susan, 189, 314 Davis, Orville A. Davis, Patrick Vincent 283 Davis, Rebecca Ann Davis, Rebecca Jean, 215, 3 Davis, Richard Keith 7 Davis, Robert Earl, Jr. Davis, Robert Joseph, 314 Davis, Robert Thurston, Ill Davis, Ronald Lester Davis, Thomas Allen Davis, Vine Blue, 269 Dawes, Paul Lloyd, 269 Dawson, Helen Virginia, 177 Dawson, John Andrew, 197, 298 Dawson, Kenneth Wayne, 314 Dawson, Michael Kent, 269 Day, Greg G., 269 Day, Robert Joseph, 205 Day, Terry Lewis, 283 Dayal, Har Dayton, Charles Wallace, 269 Dayton, Rhonda Kay, 283 Dean, David F. Dean, Deborah Ann, 187, 298 Dean, Ralph Maury Dean, Vivian, 169, 283 Dean, William Moore, 283 Dear, James L., 283 Dear, Jessie Dennis, 298 Dean, Theodore, Jr., 167, 283 Deaton, Daniel Bernard Deberry, John Patrick Debord, Peggy Ann Decker, Charles Monroe, 193, 314 Deemer, George William Dees, Anselm Joseph, Jr., 96, 298 Dees, James Gordon, Jr. Dees, John Stephen, 298 Defore, Mary Diane, 165, 283 Degler, Richard Clay Delgadillo, M. Angelita, 104, 189, 269 Delgadillo, Marta Cecilia, 269 Delgado, Hugo Esteban, 261 Delph, Julie Theresa, 215, 269 Dement, Mary Leslie, 179 Demilio, Ronald David Dempsey, Sharon Marie, 314 Denham, Melissa Edelle, 175, 283 Denley, John B., Ill Dennie, Cheryl Jon Dennis, Benita Jan Dennis, Joyce Ann Densford, Jimmy Hugh Jr., 173, 314 Densing, Kent Williams Dent, Laura Reid, 187, 314 Dent, Tilda Jesse, Jr. William Ralph, Jr. Denton, Charles William, 211 Denton, Donna Lynn Denton, Laurie, 187, 314 Denton, Robert Louis, Jr., 205 Derivaux, Jane Wailes, 175, 314 Dernoncourt, Cathy Louise, 298 Deroode, David Frederick, 173 Derossitt, Alice Price Derrick, Arthur Aaron, Ill Dessommes, Jack Carver, 195 Devine, Mary Pat Deviney, Kenneth Glen Deweese, Albert Butler Deweese, Janice Carole, 314 5 Deweese, Russell Lee, 261 Dhawan, Jagdish Chandra Dibenedetto, Fahey Anne Dibenedetto, Maria Fahey, 314 Dickerson, Barbara Anne, 175 Dickerson, Donald, 269 Dickerson, Gerald Alan Dickerson, Marshall Hugh, 269 Dickerson, Melrose Clare Dickerson Van Steven, 269 Dickey, Danny Hugh, 96, 195, 298 Dickey, Donald E. Dickey, Phillip David Dickson, Charles Wicks Dickson, Marsha, 187 Dickson, Michael Samuel, 209 Dickson, Mildred Green Dickson, Walter Eugene Diffey, Daniel Glen, 269 Dill, John Reginald Dillard, Carolyn Lucille, 179, 298 Dillard, Morris Stephen, 269 Dillard, Stephen Bradley, 314 Dillard, Stephen Wayne, 314 Dillard, William W. Dilley, Lawrence Clark, 96, 283 Dillon, Elizabeth Anneal Dillon, Karen Hathorn Dillon, Stanley Harold Whitney Matthew Dillree, Carol Ann, 298 Dilworth, Carroll Kim, Jr. Dilworth, Hal Conn, Jr:, 261 Dionne, Paul Edward Disharoon, Bianca Disharoon, James Dudley Dishongh, Charles Randall Dismukes, James F. Dixon, Beverly Kaye, 283 Dixon, Carolyn, 314 Dixon, Cynthia Ann, 298 Dixon, Emma Dean Dobbs, Sharron Lynn Dockery, Maria Elaine Dodd, Annette C. Dodd, William Sanford Dodson, Frances Fountain, 175 Kathryn Davant, 175, 298 Dodson, Merlyn Butler, 269 Dodson, Newton Montgomery Doherty, James Paul Dolan, Peggy Ann, 261 Doleac, Ellen Finch Doleac Malcom Ronald Dollarhide, John Zachry Dombrowski, Barbara Ann Dominguez, John F. Donahower, Nancy Lynn, 203, 3 Donahower, Susan Lee, 203, 28 Donahue, Susie, 102, 189, 298 Donald, Howard Earl Donald, Larry Gene Dong, Fanklin Pang, 314 Dong, Ronald, 298 Dongieux, Paul Aloysius, 205 Donnell, George Ralph Donnelly, Linda Sue, 261 Donnelly, Shirley P., 175 Donovan, Edward Frances, 107, Donze, Michael Frederick, 167 Doo, Harry Yin Chong K Doolittle, Charles K., 167 Doolittle, Cynthia S., 203 Doolittle, James McNeil, 314 Doorenbos, Beverly Jean, 298 Dorbandt, Michael C., 314 Dorr, Mary Jo Dorris, Darrell Dorris, Jane Edenton Dorris, Sandra Kay Dorsie, Frank John Dosher, Nathan Earl Dossett, William Edward, 195 Dotson, Philip Randolph Dougher, Christine Ann, 189, 3 Dougher, John Edward, 209, 2 Dougherty, Ralph Edwin, 195 Douglas, Barry Cole Douglas, Philip Merle Douglas, Shirley Johnson, 314 Douglass, Alan P. Douglass, Richard Lawrence Douglass, Robert Lee, Jr. Dove, Luther Murray, Jr. Dowdy, Bobbie Buchanan Dowdy, Floyd, Jr. Dowdy, Lannie Winford, 269 Dowdy, Robert Alvin Dowis, Thelma A. Downer, R. Selby Downing, Stephen Douglas Downs, Billie Vines Doxey, Jean H. Doxey, Ralph Hindman, 103, IS Doyle, Ben Holmes Doyle, Gary Alan Doyle, Kent Lamar Dozier, Ronald Giles, 269 Drake, David Carl Drake, Gregory Alan Drake, John Kirk, 205 Draughon, Janet Anne, 203, V Draughon, Robert Mosby Drees, Doris Deveron, 215, 28: Dreher, David William Dressler, John Timothy, 261 Dreyfus, Robert Maurice, Jr., Dribben, Linda, 179 Drinkwater, William Wayne, 96, 105, 106, 110, 193, 269 Driver, Ann Carol Driver, John Jackson Drude, Kathleen Ann Dry, Dennis Craig Dryden, Daryl Aven, 298 Dryden, Mack Leon, 269 Du Laney, Ronald Thomas, 269 Dubois, Bobby Wayne Dubois, Radford Eugene, III, 515 Dubose, Clarence Earl, 298 Dubose, James Randolph Duchaine, Charles T. Duchaine, David Lucian Ducker, James G., 167, 269 Ducker, Richard Evans, 167 Duckett, Margaret Eugenia, 2( Dudley, Janice Lynn Dugger, Billy Lew, Jr. Duke, Mary Jane, 165, 315 Duke, Wm. Kendel, 298 Dukes, Arlene Lorena, 187, 315 Dukes, Rayford Edwin, 269 Dulaney, Dorothy Susan, 203 Dunahoo, John C., 261 Dunavan, Sandra Elaine Dunavant, D. Diane, 261 Dunavant, Dixie Deweese, 175, Dunavant, Marilyn Dunavant, William D., Jr. Dunaway, Glenn Ford, 315 Dunaway, Orion Chester. 283 Duncan, Cristie Lynne, 201, 3 Duncan, James Michael Duncan, Wallace Gregory, 167 John Robert Dunham, Virgil W. Dunlap, Charles Edward, Jr. Dunn, Leslie Lamar, 261 Dunnam, Paula Ray Dunnam, Richard Eugene Dupree, Larry Carroll Durant, Lewellyn L., Jr., 211 Durham, Steven J. Durke, Tommy Lee, 269 Dutra, Yamil E. Sousa Duty, Larry Duvall, Patricia Louise Dwyer, Kenneth Stephen Dyas, Richard W. Dye, Charles T. Dye, David Benson Dye Katherine Smith Dye, Randle Kyle Dyer, Gaines Stockton Dyer, Mack B., Jr. Dykeman, William C., Jr., 315 Dykes, Marilyn Hunter Dyl, Benjamin Jacob Paul Dyl, Susan Collins Dyre, Barbara Jane, 109, 261 Dyre, Mary Cathryn, 109, 201, Dyre, Teresa Lorene, 201 E Eadie, Clark James Eadie, John Walter, 283 Eakes, Frederick Hugh Eakin, Jerry Aaron, 283 Early, William Fred, III, 108, : Earnest, Nathan Farley Earney, Frances Elaine Earney, George Ford Earnheart, Thomas 0., Jr. Earnheart, William Bennett, V Earp, Ameil, Jr., 315 Earwood, Michael Eugene Easley, Charles Delane, Jr. Easley, Erwin Mooney Easterling, Albert Ray, Jr. Easterling, Charles Ward Easterling, Larry 283 Easterling, Letson E., 270 Easterling, Richard Brooks Hiram Chester, Jr. Eatherly, Miriam 189, Wilson Robertson, Eatmon, Pamela Dean, 203, 3 Eaton, Angela Claire, 298 Eaton, Glenda Jean, 283 Eaton, Linda June, 283 Eaton, William Robert, Jr. Eaves, Charles Rice, 211 Eaves, Katherine Elaine Laddie Lane Ebaugh, Patricia Ebeling, George William, Jr. Eber, Thomas Eugene, 103 Eckersley, Miriam Barbara Eckert, Mary Alice, 175 Eckles, Robert Lyman, 167, 298 Eckles, Victoria Eddins, Susan Diane, 109, 270 Stephen Charles, 94, 209 Edenton, Mary Tooley Edgington, Mary Catherine, 2 ' Edmondson, David S., 167 Edmondson, Frank Henry , Jr., Edmondson, William F., Jr. Edmonson, Martha Anne, 175 Edrington, Joe William, 209 Edrington, Susan Ellen, 203 Edwards, Donna Ruth, 99, 102 . 215, 298 Edwards, Dorothy Lee Edwards, Francis Clyde Edwards, James Rufus, Jr. Edwards, Linda Dianne Edwards, Linda M. Edwards, Mary Evelyn Edwards, Mary Katherine, 175 Edwards, Patrick Wiltz, 205 Edwards, Ralph E., Jr., 315 , Edwards, Robert Thomas Edwards, Thomas H., Jr. Edwards, William Franklin, 1 ' , 270 Edwards, William Hudson, Jr. Edwards, William Parker Egan, Richard Paul, Jr., 167, 2 Ehrhardt, Bert Charles, 96, 15 283 Ehrhardt, Robert D., Jr., 209 Eilbeck, Jeffrey Michael Einhaus, Susan Lee, 270 EI-Mogadday, Nagle M. M., 2 Eley, Steven Morris, 315 Roger Larkin, 193 Elkins, James Carlton Ellard, Charles Gaston Ellington, Richard R. Elliott, E. Russell, 283 Elliott, Bobby Gary Elliott, Catherine Ann, 201 Elliott, Diane Lee, 179, 315 Elliott, Gloria Kay Elliott, Phyllis Marie, 179, 27C Elliott, Richard W. Elliott, Willie Erst Ellis, Bettye Faye, 99, 298 Ellis, Ida Kathryn, 298 Ellis, James Lester Ellis, John Emmett, Jr. Ellis, Kathryn Irene, 179, 270 Ellis, Larry Milburn Ellis, Martha, Lynn, 189, 283 Mary Corrine, 104, 106, 2 Ellis, Mildred Teresa Ellis, Paul William, 298 Ellis, Richard Allen Ellis, Robbie Nell, 270 Ellis, Robert Eugene, 283 Ellis, Robert Stephen, 211, 27C Ellis, Wilbert M. Ellis, William Kenneth Elkton, Barbara Ann, 102, II 298 Ells, Richard David Ellzey, Mark Joseph, Jr., 193, Ellzey, Robert Kinton, 193, 315 Ely, James Andrew, III, 193, Emanuel, Sheida, 283 Embrey, Candace Collier Embry, Edwin Phillips Embry, Lee Case Emerson, Phil Scott, Jr., 315 Emmertson, Robert Lester Emmons, Charles Gerald, 270 Emmons, Robert W. Encke, William David Endicott, Samuel C. England, Harold Lane England, Jo Ann, 175, 270 English, David Alexander, 298 Enloe, Rebecca Ann, 203 Enochs, Karen Rebecca Enzor, Sharon Lynn Epperson, Charlie L., Jr. Epps, Julie Ann Epps, Regina Erb, William Edward Ervin, Saul Esther, 189, 315 Esque, Timothy Dennis, 315 Estes, Hope Myers, 201, 315 Estes, James Philip Estes, Paula Hailey, 270 Estes, Terry Louis, 270 Estrada, Jose Macario Etheridge, Judith Nell, 175, 2 Etheriedge, John Charles, 261 Ethredge, Barbara Nell Ethridge, H. Clark, Jr., 315 Ethridge, Laura Ramage, 175 Eubanks, William Lynn Evans, Alan Wesley, Jr. Evans, Beverly Richardson Evans, Carolyn Elaine, 165 Evans, Frank Jr. Evans, James Curtis, 298 Evans, James Edward, Jr. Evans, John Austin Evans, Larry Leverette Everett, Benjamin Johnson Everett, James Carol! Everett, Paula Jean, 169, 315 Eversmeyer, Karl Edward Everson, Freddie Lee, 315 Evins, John Cowan, Jr. Ewell, Carol Lee, 165 Ewert, Terry Calvin, 211, 298 Exum, Elizabeth Klyce, 315 Eyerman, Miriam Edna, 283 F Fagan, Virginia Rae, 179, 315 Faggard, Judy Dianne, 203 Fair, George Robertson, 94, ' 105, 110, 193, 270 Fair, John Douglas, 315 Fairly, Helene Faust, 189, 315 Falkner, Jean, 102 Fancher, Elizabeth Mullen, I( 175, 298 Holifield, Henry Thaddeus, 2 Fancher, Henry Philip, 270 Fancher, Julia Elaine Fancher, Larry Wayne, 270 Fang, Jih-Chin Farese, Steven Ellis Farese, Suzanne Wood Faris, Charla Ann Farmer, Fred Arthur, 270 Farmer, Mary Dale Farmer, Terry Q., 284 Farnham, Daniel Lee, 197, 31 " . Farnham, Loni Christine, 179, Farr, Barry Miller, 183, 315 Farr, Daniel B., 284 Farr, James Richard, 211 Farr, Julianne, 104, 179, 270 Farragut, Kenneth David, 27( Farrah, Kathryn Jean, 298 Farrar, Donald Herman, 103 Farrar, William Holder Farris, James Thomas, 261 Fasullo, Joseph Phillip, 205, Faulkner, Deborah Kay, 315 Faulkner, Vineth Eileen, 270 Faust, John Mogan, Jr., 211, Faust, William Harvey Favre, Dawn Krumhar Favre, Donald Monti Favre, Tommye Dale, 189 Fawcett, David Gavin Fawcett, Frances Kelly Fawcett, John Rutherford Fawcett, Patricia Kelly Fawcett, Patricia Kelly Fealhaber, Kathy Mona Featherston, William, Jr. Feder, Ronald Martin, 181 Fedric, Elizabeth Marshall Fedrick, Bette Kae Fedrick, Tommy Lee, 261 Feigley, Leslie Lyon, 270 Felder, Robert Louis, 167 Feldman, Joseph Lee, 209 Feldman, Samuel David, 209 Felker, Charles E. Fell, Joe Thomas, 284 Feffenstein, Elizabeth Ann, 17 ' Felts, Morris Leon, 270 Fenerty, Martin William, Jr. Fenger, Cheryl Sue, 203, 315 Fenger, George Alfred, Jr., 298 Fenstermacher, David Lee Fenwick, Jason McCool Ferguson, Bailey Joe Ferguson, Barbara Jean Ferguson, Carole Jeannette, 189, 284 Ferguson, Claudia Graham Ferguson, Edgar Scott, 211, 315 Ferguson, James Daniel, 299 Ferguson, James Thomas Ferguson, Jerryldine J. Ferguson, Johnnie Walter Ferguson, Kelly Wayne Ferguson, Larry T. Ferguson, Mary K. Hughes Ferguson, Mitchell Owen Ferguson, Peggy Humphreys Ferlise, Donald Vincent, 261 Fernandez, Joseph Anthony Ferrell, Carole Carter, 270 Ferrell, John Alexander, 167 Ferrell, Keith Winfred Ferrell, Palmore A., Jr., 284 Ferris, Lucian Minor Fetgatter, Roland Kent, 181 Fetterman, James Charles, 261 Fetterman, Patricia Shewma, 261 Fiacco, Norene P. Fielder, Rowena Young Fields, Donna Lynn, 270 Fields, John Foster, 261 Fields, Leo Joseph, 261 Fields, Mary Margaret, 175 Files, Glenn Fillebrown, Margaret M., 299 Fillingane, Lynn Rose, 177, 315 Filoni, Lizabeth Lynn Finch, John Edwin, H Fincher, Murray Byron, 193, 27C Finger, Larry Eugene Finlayson, Douglas Brian, 270 Finley, Donald Brian, 284 Finley, Elizabeth, Scott, 270 Fisher, Mary Letitia, 299 Fisher, Phillip Allan, Jr. Fisher, Susan Lynn, 299 Fisher, William Marvin Fitch, John Hall, Jr. Fitts, Betsy Ann, 315 Fitts, Dorothy A. Fitts, Thomas Helder Fitzgerald, Pamela, 299 Flautt, William Gay, Jr., 108, Fleming, Annie Ruth, 109, 261 Fleming, Betty Lou, 177 Fleming, Calvin Albert, 197, 2E Fleming, David Fred Fleming, Deborah Annette, 295 Fleming, Jerry Wayne Fleming, John Calvin, Jr., 193, Fletcher, John Charles, 209 Fletcher, Linda Louise, 201, 299 Flint, Frederick Walters Flint, Patricia Reid, 284 Flint, Samuel Ashton, 100, 261 Flippin, James Lloyd Flippin, Leslie L. Flor, James Eugene Flowers, John Madison, Jr., 96 107, 110, 183, 284 Flowers, Mary Annette Flowers, Richard Ray Floyd, Charles Emory Floyd, Evelyn Joan, 315 Floyd, John Pierce, III, 96, 29 Floyd, Kenneth Bolton Floyd, Myron David Nancy Ellen, 179 Floyd, Rebecca Ann Fly, Kenneth Edwad, 270 Flynt, William Alton, Jr. Foley, James Longesi Fonda, Sam Noble Fontaine, Katherine F., 179, 271 Fontenot, Christine Ann, 203 Foose, Charles W., 193, 270 Foose, Kenneth Donelson, 193, Forbes, James Tuck Forbes, Michael Elance Forbes, Thomas Butler, Jr., 270 Ford, Charlotte Laverne, 315 Ford, Cora Givhan Ford, Dan Ralph, Jr. Ford, Harriet Elizabeth, 201 Ford, Shirley, 261 Ford, Timothy Alan, 211, 299 Foresman, Tommye Phillips Foret, Christopher Joseph Forman, Richard L., 106, 261 Forrester, Margaret L., 261 Forshag, Kurt Patrick, 315 Fort, Nelson Ferrell, 205, 299 Fortenberry, Earl Ford, Jr., 94 Foshee, Jane Carol, 175 Foshee, Rodger Allen Foster, Alvin Foster, Frank Porter, Jr. Foster, Gary Weldon Foster, Jerry Keith Foster, Mollie Dean, 177, 315 Foster, Sara Jane, 189, 315 Foster, Vernon Frank, 284 18 Foster Victor Wayne Foster, Wilfred B. F oti, Bvince Fowler, Jamie Frances, 179 Fowler, Rupert Larry Fowler, Samuel B., Ill Fox, Catherine Sauer Foxworth, Jerome M., 270 Foxx, Steven Wayne Foy, Lynn Wylie, 175, 270 Francis, Brenda Julia, 270 Frank, Mark Andrew, 284 Franklin, Carolyn Kay, 299 Franklin, Clarence Hayes, 315 Franklin, Lannon Demar Franks, Floyd Wright, 205 Franks, Gary Mac, 284 Franks, Michael Dwayne, 205 Fratesi, Michael Louis, 205, 315 Fratesi, Phillip Campbell, 193 Frazer, Willis Lea, 193 Frazier, Joseph Daniel, II Frederick Charles H., Jr. Freel, Susan Kathleen, 107, 270 Freeman, Cynthia Louise, 315 Freeman, E. Alicia Freeman, J. Franklin Freeman, James Waites, Jr. Freeman, Mayre Emily, 201, 315 Freeman, Michael Wayne Freeman, William Harrell, 270 Freiler, Dale Perkins French, Elizabeth Irene French, George Tyler French, Linda A. French, William B., Jr. Fretts, John Robert Frey, Mei L. Friday, Phillip Michael Frie, Connie Maureen, 316 Fried, Stanley Jay Frith, Shelley Anne, 169, 284 Froman, James C. Froman, Karen Linda, 316 Frost, Terry Allen Fry, Carrie Lynn, 201, 270 Fuchs, Robert Bowman Fudoli Rebecca Ann, 215, 284 Fuller, Robert Paul, 284 Fuller, Roger, Lynn, 270 Fulmer, James H. Fulton, Debbie Lee, 189, 316 Fulton, Lamonte, Jr. Fulton, Sandra Stuart, 189, 270 Fulton, Susan Quinn, 189, 270 Funderburk, Mary Jo, 99, 102, 299 Funderburk, William Laney Fung, Patrick Ping Kwong Fuqua, Fred Larry Fuqua, Robin Dalton Furlong, Lawrence Michael, 199, 270 Furman, Frances Barbara Furr, Byron Knox Furr, Chellie Lucretia, 104, 179, 270 Furr, Cynthia Yeats Furr, Joseph Patrick, 284 Purr, Lester Randolph, Jr., 167 Furr, Marion Hansell Furr, Pearl Gray Furr, Ray Albert, Jr., 96 Furtick, Gloria Dianne Furtick, Mike Horne, 211, 284 Fussell, David Castleman Fyke, Paul Douglas, 209 G Gable, James Earle, 195, 316 Gaddis, Allie Conner Gaddis, Barry Lee, 167, 316 Gaddy, Ira Eugene, 205, 316 Gafford, Gerald Alexander, 167, 291 Gaither, Danny Clark Gala Babulal Virji Galaher, Gail, 299 Galberry, John Henry, 211 Galbreath, Ellen, 284 Gale, Harvey Stephen Galey, Jan, 102, 179, 299 Gallaher, Jimmy Keith Gallant, Constance A., 270 Gallant, Leroy Henry Gallaspy, Glenn Todd, 209 Gallaspy, Glenna, 201 Gallina, Joan Nan, 316 Galloway, James B., 261 Galloway, John Lanier, 211, 271 Galloway, Judy Hasting Galloway, Nancy Ruth, 316 Galloway, Samuel C., III, 299 Galloway, William Kenneth Galtney, William Fields, 193, 316 Gamberi, Joseph Robert, Jr. Gamblin, Deborah Kaye Gamblin, George Thomas, 96, 167 Gamblin, Ricky Devon, 193, 316 Gambrel!, Andrew Marlowe Gambrell, Robert Wiley, 271 Gammill, Gordon Allen Ganann, Jan Whitt Ganier, James Haygood Genji, Janette Khanshan, 271 Gann, Janet Cecilia, 215, 284 Gann, Jill Green, 109 Gann, John Daniel Gann, 0. Wayne Gannon, Alice Ann Gantz, Henry Herr, III Garabaghi, Behrooz Karim, 284 Garbarini, Vicki Joy Gardei, Louis Carter Gardner, Jane Gould Gardner, Michael Steven Gardner, Miriam Ann, 187, 299 Gardner, Robert Goodwyn Garner, Jack Nelson Garner, James Richard, 299 Garner, Paul Michael Garrard, Arthur Wayne, 284 Garrard, Dorothy Briscoe, 187, 28 Garrard, William Hugh, III, 271 Garrett, Carl Pink, Ill Garrett, Connie Diane Garrett, Mary Susan, 203, 316 Garrett, Richard Lynn Garrette, Judy Kay, 109 Garrigan, Thomas Patrick, 110, 167, 271 Garrison, Christian Bascom Garrison, Gayle Lavonn Garrison, Judy Carrot Garrison, Michael Jordon Gaston, James Walter Gaston, Robert Earl, 167, 316 Gastrell, Lynda K., 187, 316 Gastrell, Sam Gregory Gates, Stephen L. Gatewood, Rose Larie, 102, 187, 299 Gatlin, James Robert Gaudet, Lucien Sydney Gaudet, Mary Elizabeth Gault, Edwin Spivey Gautier, John Donovan Gay, Gerald Conners Gay, Julianne Gay, Myrtle H. Gay, Rhonda Hopper Gayden, Martha Dale, 179, 299 Gee, Joseph Charles, 173, 316 Gee, Orman Kimbrough, Ill Gee, Thomas, 271 Geiger, Barbara Irene, 215, 299 Geisler, William Peter Gelvin, Steven Eugene, 284 Gentry, Betty Joyce Gentry, Richard Donald George, Charles Tabb, 94 George, Edrie Jean George, Ernest T., Ill, 209, 299 George, Henry L., Jr. George, Mary Gerard, Robert Stephen Gerity, Thomas Carter Gernert, Richard Thomas, 193, 3 Gerrard, Kelly Howell, Jr. Gerrits, Madeline Mary, 316 Geter, Henry Parham, III, 299 Gex, Emile Joseph Jr., 261 Gex, Guy Stephen, 316 Gholston, Ginger, Ann, 284 Gibbs, Joseph C., 261 Gibbs, Martha Reddy, 165, 316 Gibbs, Michael Thomas, 209 Gibson, Anne Elizabeth, 189, 299 Gibson, Donald H., Jr., 197 Gibson, Jerry Tyrone Gibson, Johnnie Turnipseed Gibson, Virginia Wilkinson Giffin, Alan Lawrence, 205 Giffin, Keith Miller, 205, 316 Gilbert, John Haywood, 284 Gilbert, Martha Isabelle Gilholm, William Gordon, Jr., 29 Gill, Craig Dulin, 199 Gill, Leo Dell Gillentine, Deborah Carol, 284 Gillentine, Kay F., 284 Gillespie, Ellen B. Gillespie, George Y., 183 Gilliland, John Lyon Gillis, Dianne Bishop Gillis, Patricia Ann Gilmer, James Henry, 199, 299 Ginn, Thomas Michael, 316 Gipson, Philip Murray, 317 Given, Terrell John Givhan, Mary Thompson Givhan, Samuel Dexter Glassco, Charles Kimball Glazer, Ralph Robin Gleason, Catherine E., 187, 317 Gleason, Claudia Lynn Gleason, David Charles, 100, 103 110, 271 Gleason, Don Oliver Gleason, Patrick Martin, 317 Gleason, Virginia Carroll, 284 Gleaton, Margaret, 317 Glenn, Susan Blackburn, 203, 317 Glidewell, Ricky Shan, 284 Glisson, Allen Wilburn, Jr., 96, Glover, Katherine, 215 Glover, William Hudson, Jr., 21 Goad, Frances Ren, 179, 317 Stephen Wood, 209 William Edward, 317 Goforth, Charlice M., 271 Winfred Ledale, 261 Goggin, John Byron Goggin, Linda Burk Golden, James R. Golden, Meredith M., 175 Golding, Danny Mitchell Goldman, Frank Bernard Goldman, Larry Steven Goldman, Mack Ray Goldman, Robert Charlie Goldston, Richard Ronald, 2 Golladay, Tibbs Monford Gollott, Luther Carroll, 271 Gollotte, Theresa Diane Gong, Bella Ann Gong, Harry Don, 271 Gong, Margie Ann, 99 Gong, Stephen Wayne, 299 Goo, Kathleen Lum, 284 Gooch, Larry Edward Goode, Franklin Scott Goodlett, Ruth Cole Goodman, Ehrman Frank Goodman, Nancy Theresa, 3 William F., III, 3 Goodnight, Paula Kay, 201, Goodwin, Jeanne, 317 Goodwin, Kurt Alan Goodwin, Marie Mullins Goolsby, Daniel Eugene, 19E Goolsby, Rita Lane Goon, Davis, 317 Gordon, Benton Rex Gordji, Menran Gordon, Deborah C. Gordon, Frances Marie Gordon, Linnie Mae, 317 Gordon, Patricia Ann Gordon, Rebecca Ann, 187 Gordon, Reginald Devon, 2 Gore, Captain Billy L. Gore, Jay, 209 Gore, Polly Grace, 317 Gorma n, Robert Edward, 2 Gorman, William Rhodes, 21 Gosa, Vickie Lynn, 189, 299 Goss, James Hines Goss, Patricia Annis, 201, 3 Gotthelf, Adele, 187, 299 Goue, David Jay Gough, John Evans, 96, 101, 205, 271 Goughenour, Thomas D., 317 Gould, Gigi Gloria, 189, 317 Gouras, Jimmy George, 205 Gowan, Elizabeth Ann Gowens, Paul Ray, 261 Goza, George Robertson, 2 Grabic, Tanja, 261 Grace, Stephen Craig, 10 284 Grace, Walter John, 317 Graeber, Dewitt Love, 261 Graeber, James Peyton, Jr Graeber, John Clark, 317 Graeber, Kenneth James, 3 Graf, Thomas M., 261 Wayne William, 2 Graham, Anita Joy Graham, Dorothy Winston, Graham, Lewis Spence, Jr, Graham, Thomas Edward J J Graham, Thomas Gene, Jr. 284 Graham, William David, 181 Grant, Tommy Claude Grantham, Ben Folsum, 299 Grantham, Carolyn Sue Grantham, Frederick Ronalc James Cooley Graudins, Eriks Graves, Betty Ross Graves, Charles Buckley, Jr Graves, Richard, 2 Graves, Clarence Edwin Graves, Connie Nickle, 179, Graves Glenda Sue Graves, Ina Katherine, 179 Graves, Janet Lou, 179, 27 Graves, Lydia Cochran, 21! Graves, Martha Kaye, 179 Graves, Randy Lee, 96, 205 Graves Robert W. Graves, Rodney Reece Graves, Sidney Foster Teresa Diane, 177, : Gray, David Wayne, 284 Gray, Duncan Montgomery, Gray, Euphiazene B., 317 Gray, Jack Kenneth, Jr., 27 Gray, Mabel, Elizabeth, 17 Gray, Patricia Merle, 175 Gray, Dabney Smith Gray, William Wallace Gray, Willie Edward Green, Alba Laura, 187, 31 Green, Barbara Kay, 299 Green, Cynthia Fay Green, Freddie Wallis Green, Jeffrey William Green John Grady Green Margaret Virginia, Green, Mirian Dillon Green, Roger Kent, 284 Sammie Kay, 299 Green, Thomas Elmer Green, Thomas, Locke, 271 Benjamin Lee, 284 Greene, Carolyn Bowie Edward Foster Greene, Edwin Eugene Greene, Nathaniel Jordan, 167 Greene, Robert McCollister Greenhaw, Beverly Langley, 317 Greenhaw, David Noel, 195, 262 Greenhill, John David Greenlaw, Harrison S., 197, 284 Greenlee, Jim Ming, 211, 317 Greenwell, Susan Jarrell Greer, Georgia Gay, 187, 299 Greer, Green Barry Greer, John Lester, 299 Greer, Marcia Lynne, 299 Gregg, Don William, 262 Gregory, John Andrew Gregory, William Michael Gresham, Gayle Ann, 177, 299 Gresham, Marvin Johnson Gresham, Paul Michael Gresham, Peggy Lynn, 189, 299 Gresham, William Harvey Gresham, W. Walton, III, 103, 193, 271 Grice, Jiles Kenneth, 284 Grice, Lenard Alvis, 299 Griesinger, Claire S. Griesinger , Robert Douglas Griffin, Cathy Griffin, Hillard Elias Griffin, James Galloway Griffin, Judy Laroie Griffin, Larry Joe Griffin, Thomas Lamon Griffin, Troy David, 284 Griffin, William Gary, 271 Griffis, William Allan, 211, 284 Griffith, Benjamin Elmo, 183, 31 Griffith, George Howard Griffith, George 0., Jr., 167 Griffith, Harold Eugene, Jr., 167 Griffith, John David, 167 Grigsby, Otha Charles Grisham, Eddie Jackson Grisham, Jimmy Richey, 205, 29 Grisham, Linda Kaye Thomas Grisham, Lowell Edward, Jr. Grisham, Shannon Gandy Grissom, Janice Anne, 284 Grissom, Melinda, 177, 317 Grogan, James Erwin Gross, Dinah Gail, 109, 215, 271 Grosse, Charles Willard, 317 Grubbs, Alvin Laze11, 300 Grubbs, Shelby Russell, 271 Grubbs, Sherry Lynn 3 Gruich, Frank George Gruich, Maureen Althaia, 317 Guarr, Bartes Afred, 110 Guckert, Christopher, D., 317 Guckert, Pamela Mary Guckert, Stephanie Ann, 271 Guerin, Dorothy Tierney Guerin, Kenneth Rollin, Jr. Guernsey, Ralph Stewart, 183 Guerrero, Ricardo Oswaldo, 262 Guest, Robert Steve 19 Guice, Carolyn Lee Guice, Dixie, 317 Guice, Jacob Davis, 205 Guider, Mary Dodson, 187, 300 Guilliot, Mirium Anthony Guinn, William Scott, 209, 317 Gullett, Mary Janice Gunckel, Barbara Lynne, 215 Gunn, Clyde Hubert, III, 211, 3 Gunn, Edgar Lindsey, 284 Gunn, Freida Sharon, 262 Gunn, James Daniel Gunn, Jo Varee Gunn, Michael Scott Gunn, Raymond G., II, 284 Gunn, Robert Eugene Gunnell, William N., 271 Gurley, James Terry William Edwin Gurner, Hugh Evans Gustafson, Rayford B., III, 173, Guthrie, Wanda Louise Gutierrez, Charlotte Paige Gutierrez, Sybil Rose, 317 Guttmann, Susan E., 317 Guy, Patricia Coleen, 215, 285 Guyton, Billy G. Guyton, Steven William, 96, 209 272 Guyton, Sylvia Ann, 285 Gwatney, Harold Gene Gwatney, Martha Black Gwin, George Bannister Gwin, Mary Elizabeth H Haas, Gerry Steven, 317 Haas, Nancy Gayle, 285 Haas, Robert Stephen, 195, 30( Haden, Robert Patrick, 199 Hadley, James Edward Hagaman, Diane Mary, 317 Hagan, Cheryl Anne, 179 Hagan, Elizabeth W., 179 Haick, Alexander John, Jr., 167 317 Haik, James Emile, 181 Haimes, Linda Matthews Haimes, Terry Michael Haire, John Paul Haire, Sara Nell Haire, William C. Halback, Denise Marlene, 169 Halbrook, Ann Loree Halbrock, David McCall, Jr., I 317 Hale, Danny Boyd Hale, David Holmes, 272 Hale, Thomas Eric, 197 Hale, William Bryant Hale, William K., Jr., 205 Haley, Deborah Layne, 215, 308 Halford, George Franklin, 181 Halford, Rosa Love, 169 Hall, Daniel Oliver, II Hall, Donar Fay Hall, Ella R. Hall, Emmett Russell Hall, Glen Wesley Hall, Harold Johnson Hall, Henderson Strain, Jr., 94 Hall, James Rogers, 193, 317 Hall, Jau-tseng Hall, Jerry Leborn Hall, John Adams, 173, 317 Hall, John Gladden Hall, John Horace, 167, 318 Hall, John Robert Hall, Judy Frances Hall, Kathryn Harris, 179, 318 Hall, Larry Murrah Hall, Mona Elizabeth Hall, Pamela Kay Hall, Patricia Ann, 318 Hall, Patricia Twente Hall, Sharon, 272 Hall, William Lincoln, 209, 318 Halle, Charlotte Jean, 318 Halliday, William Warren, 193 Holt, David Ferguson, 300 Halter, Theodore Lewis Haltom, Laura, 189, 318 Ham, Fred Lee Ham, Thomas Lemly Hamachek, Christy Lynn, 300 Hambrecht, Ronald Paul Hamilton, Fred Tyson Hamilton, Gary Crawford, 209 Hamilton, James Eugene Hamilton, Russell A. Hamilton, Vicki Lynn, 318 Hamilton, Wallace Earl Hamilton, William Prince Hamley, Stuart Doughlas, 205 Hamlin, Lynne Garnett, 201, 281 Hamlin, Wilbur G., Jr., 94, 96, 106, 107, 110 272 Hammack, William Clanton Hammond, John Stephen, 318 Hammond, Laurie Beth, 179, 31 Hammond, Roger Alan Samuel Robert, Jr. Hamner, Judith Ann Hamory, Quentin T., Jr. Hamp, Maurice, 272 Hamric, Robert Michael, 195 Hamric, Stephen Edward, 195 Hanberry, John Howard Hanbery, Mary Elizabeth Hancock, Billy George, 272 Hancock, Lawrence Graham, 20 ' Hand, Benjamin Franklin Hand, Dwight Vincent, 285 Haney, Beverly Jo Haney, David Athey Haney, Earnest Burdette Haney, Harold E., Jr., 209, 300 Haney, Jo Thompson Haney, Monna Kathryn, 201, 311 Haney, Robert Russell Hankins, Jordan Henry, 285 Hankins, Nancy Melissa , 104, 10 107, 179, 272 Hanley, John Henry Hannaford, Terry Mitchell, 318 Hannahan, Kerry Maureen, 285 Henry, Jamie Frances Hansen, Dale Lewis Hantla, George Bradley Haraway, Claude Fields Haraway, David McWilliams Haraway, Harvey Lee Haraway, Susan 104 Harbour, Harriet Elizabeth, 165 318 Hardaway, Sally Diane Harden, Edwin Doyle, Jr., 318 Harden, Mary Celeste, 215 Harden Theron Dewey, III, 318 Hardin, Daphne Lavern, 262 Hardin, Edwin Chester Hardin, James R., 94, 197, 285 John Fox Hardin, Patsy Avonne Hardin, Thomas Cranford. 209, Harding, Stuart Russell, 167 Hardison, Asa Harold Hardison, Bryant Bruce Hardison, Harriet C., 203 Hardison Mikel Allen, 209 Hardy, Benjamin Ill Hardy, Gary Wayne Hargraves, Grizelda Ann, 165, Harlan, Kathleen Wight Harmon, Mary Sandra, 104, IC 165 Harmon, Paula Marie, 165 Harney, James Peter Harper, Andrew, Henry Harper, Bryan, 205 Harper, Helen Nadine Harper, Kenneth Marion Harper, Michael Pigford Harper, 0. Lanier Harper, Ronald Elmo Harper, William Rodney Harper, William Thomas Harpole, Sharon Metts Harpole, Wilburn W., Jr. Harral, John Menteith, 197 Harrell, Charles Clark, 205 Harrell, Deborah Morrow Harrell, Frederick Marion, Jr., 285 Harrell, George E., Jr., 183 Harrell, J. Gayden, 318 Harrell, Marie Yopp Harrell, Maynard A., Jr. Harrell, William D., 211 Harrell, William Jacob Harrelson, Patsy Rea, 318 Harrington, Barbara Ann, 215, 318 Harrington, Donna Elaine Harrington, James F., 181 Harrington, William Leo, Jr., 285 Harris, Alan Taylor, 285 Harris, Aubrey Russell, II Harris, Elgenia, 285 Harris, Jenny Linwood, 300 Harris, Jerry Michael, 300 Harris, Jerry Thomas Harris, Joe Tanner, 262 Harris, Kathy, 175, 318 Harris, Michael Edward, 272 Harris, Patricia Kay, 201, 300 Harris, Peggy Nell, 187, 318 Harris, Robert Steven Harris, Roger Dean Harris, Ronald Conrad, 285 Harris, Roy Lee, Jr. Harris, Thomas Leon, Jr. Harris, Verne James Harrison, Charles Pat, 195 Harrison, Elvin Lee, III, 205 Harrison, Mary Sandra Harrison, Michael G., 94, 106, 262 Harrison, Pamela Ruth, 203 Harrison, Robert Ernest, 318 Harrison, Ronald Buck Harsh, Martha Murray, 203 Hart, Frank Edward Hart, Philip Newman, 103, 110, 205 Hart, Ronald Duane Hartin, John Sykes Hartley, Carl Henry, 195, 300 Hartness, Donnie Eugene, 300 Hartzog, Hugh Miller, Jr., 193 Hartzog, James Ralph, 262 Hartzog, Rodney Mills, 193 Hartzog, Wendell, Lamar, 96, 205 Otto Guthrie, III, 318 Harvey, Michael Daniel, 211 Harwell, Thomas Roy Haskett, Gerald Richard, Jr., 195 Haskett, Kathy Carol, 107, 215, 272 Haskins, Samuel Hagan, 300 Haskins, Thomas Gerald Hassler, Alice Falkner, 189, 318 Hastert, Jesse Martin Hasty, Curtis Bush, III, 193 Hatcher, John Andrew Hatfield, ' Cynthia Ann, 300 Hathorn, William Bernice, 205 Hathorn, William Edward, 100, 272 Hatten, Jerry P. Hatten, Linda Sue, 187, 272 Hatten, Victoria Kay, 318 Hattox, William Walton, 285 Haueisen, Anthony Joseph Hauss, James Michael, 197 Havard, Gerald Wayne Havard, Richard Jennings Hawken, Lucy Bowen, 179 Hawkins, Alvin Lee Hawkins, Charles Hill, 300 Hawkins, David Paul Hawkins, Jessie Beatrice, 300 Hawkins, Jo Beth, 201 Hawkins, John Bryan, 211, 318 Hawkins, Terry Dewey, 195, 285 Haws, Penny Kay Hayden, Conrad Edward, 318 Hayden, Mary Elise Hayes, Beverly Board Hayes, David Greene Hayles, Kenneth Joseph, 205 Hayles, Marion Linda, 203, 318 ' Hayman, Alton Delbert Hayman, Jimmy Naul, 272 Haymer, Norman L., Jr. John Dexter, 211, 285 Haynes, Susan Harriett, 175, 300 ' 2 Haynes, T. C., Jr. Haynie, Billy Don, 272 Haynie, Cathy Frances, 215, 318 Hayward, Linda Kay, 187 Head, Clarence V., Jr. Head, William Leonard Hearn, Betty Holland Heath, Charles Thomas, 285 Heath, Cheryl Jean, 215, 318 Heaton, Elizabeth Diane Heavener, Rondy Gale, 285 Hebbard, Michael Kearney Hebbard, Susan L. Mason Hedayati, Mohamad Khalaj Hedde, Charles Clark, 318 Hedglin, Carl John, 318 Hedspeth, William Carol, 28 Heen, Richard Roy Heflin, Leslie, 203, 272 Heggie, Wallace Eugene, 28 Hegwood, Thomas Martin, 9! Heidel, Ray H. Heidelberg, Madelyn F., 211 Heiskell, Cynthia L., 203 Heisler, Roger Allan Hellerud, Wenche Helms, Debra Ann, 318 Helms, Jerry Van, 318 Helms, Jessie Hamilton Helveston, James Collins Hembree, Johnny Arthur Hemeter, Mark Evans Hemnani, Kanahya Lal Hemphill, Marilyn Davis, 99, 179, 300 Henderson, Charlotte Burt Henderson, Dorothy B. Henderson, Ethel Elaine Henderson, George Donald Henderson, Jack Calvin, 272 Henderson, Joel Grant, 285 Henderson, John Kent, 211, Henderson, Leroy Jr. Henderson, Lionel, 110, 272 Henderson, Margaret Jane, Henderson, Randy Carol, 16! Henderson, Robert B. Hendrick, Charlotte L., 104, 272 Hendrick, Richard G., 96, Hendrix, Albert R. Hendrix, Jerry Willard Hendrix, Martha Sue, 272 Hendrix, William Blake, 195, Henegan, John Clark, 209 Hengen, Wayne Louis, 211, Henley, James Paul Hennig, Godfred, III, 96, la 286 Hennington, Harold M. Henry, David Earl Henry, Jane Bennett, 318 Henry, Kathi Frances, 187, 3C Henry, Robbie Jo, 106, 175 Henry, Teresa Bost Henry, William Eugene Hensley, John Clark Henson, Rebecca Lynn, 301 Henson, Sandra R. Hentz, Doris J. Hepburn, Barbara M. Hepburn, David Russell, Jr. Herbert, James Clyde, Jr., Herndon, Ronald David Herndon, Timothy Norris, I! Herrera, Marilan Sager Herring, Alice F. Herring, David Jed Herring, Robin Katherine, 2f Herring, Suzanne Marie, 318 Herring, Wm. Rodney, 167, Herrington, Gregory Paul, 31 Herrington, Helen Doris, 11C 286 Herrman, Betty Virginia, 161 Herron, Harold Carlisle Herron, James Lee, 318 Hershfelt, Don Hertl, George Hester, Catherine Elizabeth, Hester, Dianna Lynn Hester, Eloise Dickerson Hester, Mary Beth, 286 Hester, Raymond B. Hester, Samuel Broud, 318 Hethcox, James Malcolm Hethcox, Kathleen B. Hetherington, Harry Lee Hewes, Gaston H., 193 Hewlett, Chandler L. Gayle Hickman, Deborah Ann, 177, Hickonbottom, Edith Rose, Hicks, Ronnie Dale, 110, 286 Hicks, William Rogers, 286 Hiden, Katherine Barrow, 21 Higgason, Robin Lee, 189 Higginbotham, Margaret M Higgins, Joe Wiley, Jr., 286 Higgins, John Manning Higgins, Ray Edgar Higgs, Owen Jackson, Jr. Hight, John Fielding, Ill, 3 Hightower, Edward Ocain, 2 Hightower, Elizabeth C. Hightower, Stanley Dwight. Hightower, William Lovoice Hilburn, Brenda Mae, 272 Benny Ross, 319 Hill, Dorothy Michelle, 272 Hill, Elizabeth Ann Hill, Emma Ruth, 319 Hill, George Thomas, 319 Hill, Herbert Earl, 272 Hill, James Michael Hill, Julian Bryant, Jr. Hill, Linda Carol, 165 Hill, Nellie Dale Hill, Roger John, 272 Hillman, Kenneth Wayne, 2 Hilsabeck, Daniel Leigh, 27: Hilton, Robert Edward, 262 Hindman, Daniel Lee Hinds, Ruth Ann, 301 Hines, Freddie Wilburn Hines, Julia Gates, 187, 319 Hines, Shirley Claire, 102, I. Hinman, Kathleen Anna, 175 Hinshaw, Joseph McMillan, Hinson, Billy Glen, 262 Hinton, Cloyce Michael Hipp, Ronald Louis, 286 Hitch, Martha Prewitt Hitchcock, Walter Theodore Hitt, Curtis Wayne, 108 Hjerpe, Donna Jean, 272 Ho, Eric Wing-kit, 301 Hoar, Betty Jane Hobbs, Evans Moreton Hobdy, John Cooley Hobgood, James Leslie, 272 Hockingheimer, Jesse M. Hodges, Allen Daniel Hodges, Angeline Katherine Hodges, Gus Joseph Hodges, James Ronald Kenneth Wayne Hodges, Rebecca, 319 Hodges, William Francis Hodgins, Bart Dallas Hoffman, John C., Ill Hogan, Dennis Jerome, 181, Hogan, Maureen, 165 Hogan, Thomas Wayne Hogg, Kathy Louise Hogue, Davidson Ralph, 205 Holbrook, Geraldine Holbrook, John Marshall Holden, Howard Richard Holden, Jimmy C. Holden, Michael Douglas, IS Holden, Susan Pamela Holden, William H., 301 Holder, Elizabeth Ann Holder, Ernest Jefferson Holder, Owen Holliday Holder, Samuel Wilson, 211 Holifield, Henry Thaddeus, Holladay, Noel Victoria, 18 ' Holland, Nathaniel L., 167, Holland, Winston Ronald Holleman, David Barry Holleman, Matthew Louis, 31 Hollenbeck, Susan Kay, 301 Holley, Jo Lynn, 109, 286 Holley, Randell Delaine, 103 Holliday, Margaret Diane, 3 Hollimon, Jeffrey Thomas Hollingsworth, Carolyn S. Hollingsworth, James W. Hollingsworth, John G., Jr., Hollingsworth, Lee Ann, 319 16 Hollingsworth, Nancy Dean Hollis, Freddie W., 193, 272 Hollis, Julia Ann Hollis, Linda Mae Hollis, Marshall Earl Hollis, William Davis Hollister, Daniel Wayne Holloman, Teresa S., 187, 2 Holloway, James Scott, 205 Hollowell, Edward Earl Holly, Philip Robertson, 262 Holman, Paul Rodney Holman, William Larry, 108 Holmes, Andrew Battle Holmes, Edward Harris, 96, 108 Holmes, Ethel Payne, 177, 3 Holmes, J. Collier Holmes, Jacqueline A., 286 Holmes, James Lester Holmes, Lockey Sue, 201 Holmes, Michael Wesley, I Holmes, Paul W. Holmes, Thomas Bernard, J 319 Holtsinger, Hal S., Jr., 301 Holtz, Robert Ernest Holyfield, Charles Elbert, 3C Holz, David Scott Homan, Andrew Pick, 195, 2 Homich, Sara Sue Honeycutt, Pamela Jane, 9S Hood, Barbara Ann Hood, Carolyn Trotter Hood, Charles Riley Hood Dianne Hood, Franklin Ellis, 262 Hood, Howard Allison Hood, Opal Jean, 286 Hood, Tillie Cherite Hood, William Allen Hook, Margaret Elizabeth, 165, 286 Hooker, Danny Lane Hooker, Tommy Brooks, 30 Hooker, Wilma Jane, 187, Hooks, Susan Marie Hooper, Mary McCray Hooper, Peggy Lorraine Hooper, William, Jr. Hooshmand, Ali, 286 Hooten, Ronald Dean Hooten, Sarah Ann, 319 Hoover, Ann Ricks, 106 Hoover, Betty Katherine, 20 Hoover, John 183 Hoover, Leslie B., Ill, 272 Hoover, Linda Louise Hopkins, Aruah Mansell, Jr. Hopkins, Emily Jane Hopkins, Lana Carrie, 286 I Hopkins, Robert Lee Hopkins, William Staten, 2 Hopper, Patricia B. Horn, Cynthia June Horn, Jeffrey Larkin Horn, Nancy B. Horn, Ray Edgar Horn, Todd Latimer Hornbuckle, Jennifer B. Hornbuckle, Ronnie Dean Horne, James Houston Horne, Judith Loraine, 201 Horner, Betty C. Ryan, 272 Horner, Jackie Neal, 262 Hornor, Terry Hart, 201 Horrell, Charles Edward Horton, ' Christy Sue Horton, Joel Edward Horton, Joseph D., 301 Robert Lee, 173, 288 Hosemann, Charles Delbert Hosemann, Elizabeth Agnes 286 Hosmer, Melissa Louise House, Harold Ervin, 193 House, Mary Ellen House, Virginia Ellen Houser, Elizabeth Ann, 201, Houser, Jimmie Lee, 167, 3 Houston, Charles Rebecca, Houston, Jamie Giles, III, 2 Houston, Karen Johnson Houston, Martha D. Harrell Houston, Martha Frances Houston, Odessa Faye Houston, Robert L. Houston, Rupert Everett Houston, Thomas Price, 183 Hovatter, Patrick James, V Hover, Thomas I. Hovious, Allen L. Hovious, John William Howard, Alfred Jewel, 193 Howard, Genell Faye Howard, William Stuart, Jr Howe, Katharine Theweatt, 319 Howe, Ramona Gail, 319 Howell, Achibald R., 301 Howell, Charles Allen, Jr., I Howell, James Tate Howell, Joel N., 195, 319 Howell, Larry Douglas Howell, Steven Kent, 94, 10 272 Howorth, Pamelia Cecile Howorth, Richard C., 209 Hung Fie, 262 Hsu, Song Yong Huang, Ann Lie, 107 Huang, Chun-hsien, 262 Hubbard, Brian D., 110 Hubbard, John Everett Hubbard, Wm. James, Jr. Huber, Joseph William, II Hudgins, James Ray Hudson, Charles P., Jr., 211 Hudson, Fraser Berkley, 30 Hudson, James Scott, 167, Hudson, John Newton, 195 Hudson, Ora Sue Hudson, Peggy Jean, 286 Hudson, Roger Kenneth, 20 Hudson, Thomas Marvin Huff, Glynda Sue, 272 Huff, Kenneth Alan Huff, Stephanie Pauline, 215 Huggins, Diann B. Huggins, Jimmy Ray Huggins, Patricia Ann Huggins, Steve Alan Hughes, Carson McClain, J 105 Hughes, Cary Turner, 301 Hughes, George E. Hughes Jewel Wilson, Jr. Hughes, John Charles Hughes, Muriel S. Hughes, Robert Bruce, 301 Hughes, Terry Lynn, 165 Hughes, Vivia Anne, 201, 27 Hughey, James Curtis Hull, Clovis M. S. Hull, Phil Hodges Hulsey, Velma Williams Humphreys, Jere Thomas, Humphreys, Larry Jones, 27 H umphreys, Robert V., 96, Humphries, Tom Hooks Hunt, James Drew Robert Merle Hunt, Robin Hunt, Rolfe L., Jr. Hunt, William Bernard, 31 Hunter, Charles Morris, Ji Hunter, Cheryl Ann Olsen Hunter, John Crenshaw, 20 Hunter, John Leslie Hurst, Linda Dale, 319 Hurston, Diana Ewing Hurston, Thomas Elmer, 28 Hurych, Lawrence Michael 272 Husband, Paul Edward, 301 Hussey, Charles Logan, 167, 272 Hust, Paul Richard, 100 Hush, Stanley Mark, 199 Huston, Deborah Ann, 286 Hutchens, Brenda Joyce Hutchinson, Flavous Leo, 106 Hutchinson, James Perry Hutchison, Doris Janet Hwang, Fu-jen Hyde, Brenda Frances, 301 Hyde, Delia Denham Hyde, Glen Alan, 319 Hylander, Walter R., Ill Hyneman, Charles Nelson aconis, Francis Benedict ce, Patricia F., 177 dom, Donna Kay, 179, 286 lgenfritz, James Ford, Jr. Janice Susan, 201 ingram, Rosalind Diane ingram, Stanley Thomas Steven Walter William Baxter, Jr. Mikie Joe irby, Frances Rosemary Nancy Macfarlan Patricia P., 272 ireland, Jane Ellen, 102, 189, 30 isaacson, Deborah Barrett Richard Michael Brenda Faye ivery, Willis, 286 ivy, James Hollis, 205, 286 Jimmy Vaughn ivy, Martha Jane, 109, 286 Sherrell Lea izard, James Sheffield Frank Peter, 199, 286 Jabour, Ned Michael Jacks, James Dorsey, 181 Jackson, Barbara Wallace Jackson, Dena Fair, 175, 301 Jackson, Douglas L. Jackson, James Douglas. Jackson, Jennifer, Joyce, 319 Jackson, Judy Carol, 187, 319 Jackson, Kenny Dwaine Jackson, Lex Carlton Jackson, Marie Christine, 301 Jackson, Merilyn Ann Jackson, Pamela Ann ' Jackson, Richard Allen Jackson, Sara Cargill, 175 Jacob, Mam Elizabeth, 201 Jacob, Stuart Maurice, 205, 288 Jacobs, Margaret Eleanor, 215 Jacobs, Ralph, Jr. Jacobs, Randall W., 181 Jaeraer, Linda Bounds Jaeger, Albert Joseph, Jr., 20 ' , Jaiswal, Mahendra M., 272 James, Joe James, Kenneth Wayne, 262 James, Martha Alice Jamison, Suzan G. Janoush, Artie Bradford Jansma, Arthur Jaquith, William Lawrence, 19 ' Jarvis, William George, 195, 301 Jay, Gilbert Delafayette Jean, Alan Keith Jekels, Alexander Peter, 262 Jen, Hsianmin Francort, 262 Jenkins, Edwin White, 167, 273 Jenkins, Ethel Ingram Jenkins, Hyde Rust, 209 Jenkins, Joyce Odessa Jenkins, Michael David Jennings, Bert Roy, III, 211, 31 ' Jennings, Danny Weeks Jennings, Douglas Allen Jennings, James Eugene, 301 Jennings, John William Jennings, Ralph Newton, 103, Jennings, Stella H. Jernigan, Arthur Freeman, 205 Jernigan, William Blair, 211 Jewell, Elizabeth Berry, 319 Joachim, Cynthia Susan, 262 Joachim, Harry Bruce, 205, 31 ' Jobe, Linda Sue, 102, 177, 301 Jobe, Mary Jane, 177 Jobe, Thomas Russell, 211 Joe, David Son, 108 Joe, Jean Wing, 109, 262 Joe, Johnny 273 Joe, Johnny Young, 273 Lilly, 99, 301 Joe, Marie Joe, May Jean Joe, Rocky Ming Joe, Thompson Wing Johnsey, Jack Donald Johnson, Amanda, 175, 286 Johnson, Betsy Karen, 319 Johnson, Betty Bryan Johnson, Billy Michael Johnson, Bowen Charleston Johnson, Carol Ann, 286 Johnson, Carol Bruce, 319 Johnson, Charles Henry, 319 Johnson, C. Robert, 301 Johnson, Cheryl Dawn Johnson, Christopher S., 319 Johnson, Clyde C., 286 Johnson, Cyrus C., 183 Johnson, Danny King Johnson, David Michael, 209 Johnson, David Otho Johnson, Donald Karl, 319 Johnson, Douglas Mallory Johnson, Francis W., 94, 96, 209 Johnson, Frederick W., Jr. Johnson, Gene Ronald Johnson, Hal Clinton Johnson, James Harper Johnson, James Ivey, 96, 107 Johnson, James R., Ill Johnson, James Ronald, 100, 273 Johnson, Jan Louise, 177, 273 Johnson, John Allen, 319 Johnson, John Edgar Johnson, John Lamar, 262 Johnson, John Steve Johnson, Kent Robert, 286 Johnson, Larry Kenneth Johnson, Leon Baston Johnson, Leslie Gainer Johnson, Mary Louise Johnson, Nancy Jean, 177 Johnson, Oren Van, Jr. Johnson, Patrick Hayes, Jr. Johnson, Patsy L. Johnson, Rebecca Rosemary, 165, 319 Richard Alan Johnson, Robert Edgar, 286 Johnson, Ronald Victor Johnson, Shelby Venable Johnson, Sherrylee Johnson, Stephen Franklin Johnson, Thomas Carson Johnson, Thomas Walton, 167, 286 Johnson, Travis R., Jr., 209, 286 Johnson, VerneII Johnson, Wendell Verlin Johnson, William Edward Johnson, William Warren, Jr. Johnston, Albert Sidney, IV, 301 Johnston, Barbara Gayle, 301 Johnston, George C., Jr., 167, 273 Johnston, H. Dale, 273 Johnston, Samuel W. Jolly, David Bernard, 181 Jones, Ann Helen Jones, Archie Donald, 273 Jones, Augustus Rogers, 195 Jones, Bernard Bryan, III, 193 Jones, Beverly Dale Jones, Brenda Kay Jones, Buren Lynn Jones, Carolyn Teresa, 175, 273 Jones, Cecil Harris, 273 Jones, Charles Lamar Jones, Clarence Lee, Ill Jones, Cynthia P., 187, 319 Jones, D. L. Jones, Daniel Craft Jones, David Clifford Jones, David Henry, 209 Jones, Dennis Allen Jones, Dennis Alton Jones, Elizabeth Spalding Jones, Ellen Kay Jones, Emmitt, 301 Jones, Emory Davis Jones, Farrisa Joanne Jones, Frank Wilder Jones, Frederick L., 96, 301 Jones, Gail Elizabeth Jones, George Frederick Jones, George R., Jr., 197 Jones, Glenda Broughton Jones, Harris W., Jr., 262 Jones, James Jr. Jones, John H., 211, 319 Jones, John Randle Jones, Kathryn Lynn, 319 Jones, Kenneth Alan Jones, Kenneth Renea, 209 Jones, Larry August Jones, Lawrence Arthur Jones, Lisabeth Leigh, 189, 301 Jones, Louis Andrew, Jr. Jones, Lynn Dee, 189, 286 Jones, Lynn Hall, 175, 273 Jones, Majorie Maureen, 262 Jones, Massena F., 273 Jones, Melanie Ann Jones, Michael Edward, 273 Jones, Nilda Lee, 273 Jones, Oliver David, 211, 286 Jones, Patricia Elise, 99, 110, 215, 301 Jones, Patricia Massey, 102 Jones. Randolph Perry Jones, Regenia F. Jones, Richard Lee Jones, Robert Carl, 181 Jones, Robert Eugene Jones, Robert Neil Jones, Roland Morton, 319 Jones, Roland Ward Jones, Susan Marie Jones, Thomas Lee, 211 Jones, Thomas Shelton Jones, V. Jean Kinard Jones, Victor Lynn Jones, Walker William, III, 103 Jones, Walter Frank, 319 Jones, William Baxter, 319 Jones, William Ellis Jones, William Hooper, Jr., II 110, 167, 273 Jones, William M., II Jordan, Corinne McAlister Jordan, Earl Patrick, Jr. Jordan, Frank, Ill Jordon, James Robert Jordan, Jimmy Lyn, 193 Jordan, Joe Lodwick, 209, 319 Jordan, Johnnie K., Jr., 205, 273 Jordan, Kelly Stroupe Jordan, Marta Leebett, 286 Jordan, Nelva Jean, 273 Jordan, Terry Leland Jordan, Tom Edward Jordan, William Franklin, 262 Jordan, William Robert Joseph, Wilhelm Hesketh Jossey, Deborah Isabelle, 187, 3 Jue, Edith Jane, 273 Jue, Helen, 109, 262 Jue, Lucy Jue, Sally Ann, 301 Jue, Thomas Shich Junkie, Ellen Anne Jurcensen, Michael C. Justice, Alice Camille, 187 Justice, William Van, II, 183 K Kachmar, Richard Michael Kachmar, Richard Michael Kahlstore, Jack Harold, 211, 319 Kalcounas, Charles N., 262 Kane, Ward Randolph Kaplan, Charlotte S. Karably, Louis Stephen, Jr. Kaspe, Andrew Francis, 96, 301 Kasperowski, Ronald James Kastorff, Judith Ann Katzenmeyer, Fritz Albert Kauerz, Kenneth Lee Kaufman, Karen Larue, 201, 286 Kauzlarich, Daniel Lee, 110, 197 Kay, Gary M. Kazon, Margaret Adele, 165, 286 Kazmierski, Florian, 181, 319 Kea, Percy Lee Kearney, Barbara Haden, 262 Kearns, Thurlow Allen, III, 286 Keating, Linda Ann, 109 Keating, Philip Allen, 273 Keel, Margaret Caroyn, 286 Keeley, Samuel Blaine, 211, 319 Keeling, Paul Clifford, II Keeling, Philip Carol Keeton, Hal F., 319 Keifler, Leopold Raymond, 106, Kehoe, George G., 317 Keith, Thomas Donald, 273 Kell, Leo Henry, Jr. Keller, Alvin William Keller, Ella Tates Kelley, Vernon Randall, III, 262 Kellow, James Harry Kellum, Cecil Glen Kellum, Helen W. Kellum, Herman Edward, III, 2 301 Kellum, Joseph Leslie, Jr., 211, Kelly, Bruce Nicholas Kelly, Charles Epperson, 193 Booker, Cheryl Dianne, 273 Kelly, Glen Patrick, 167, 319 Kelly, Michael Louis Kelly, Robert Ronald, 287 Ronnie Dale Kelly, Virginia Hughes, 175 Kelly, William Laird Kelsey, Bessie Juanita Kelso, Larry Jackson Kemp, Ella Susan, 179, 319 Karen Elizabeth, 215, 319 Kemp, Michael Lanny Kenemer, Neil Charles Kennedy, Frank Foster Linda Gail, 287 Kennedy, Robert A., 183 Kennelly, John D., 262 Kenney, James Rudley Kenney, Pamela Robertson Kent, Becky Lynn 320 Kent, Charles Edward, Jr. Kerby, Karen Lee, 99, 102, 179 Kerr, Carol Ann Kerr, Robert Lee Kersh, Ernest Merl, Jr., 320 Kessler, William Howard, Jr., 2 Ketchum, Denton, Boyce, 211, 2 Ketchum, Sammy Guy, 273 Khalsa, Jagjitsingh, H., 262 Khawand John Bechara, 273 Khayat, Rames Michael, 96, 2 Kidd, Gary Van Kiernan, Terence James, 199 Kiker, Evelyn C Kilgore, Catherine Purnell Kilgore, Donald Leland, 94, II 211, 273 Kilgore, Rebecca Ruth, 201 Kilgore, Ronald Warren Kilian, Geraldine Mary Killebrew, Larry Hammond, 2 Kilpatrick, Johnny Max Kilpatrick, Robert Ellison Kilpatrick, Wendell Terry Kimball, Charles T., III, 199 Kimbriel, Cala Sue, 177 Kimbro, Jefferson Nicks Kimbro, John Burl Kimbrough, Benjamin B., 103, Kimbrough, Charlotte Ann, 17; Kimbrough Elaine S., 102, 172 Kinabrew, Emma Louise Kincaid, Terry L., 273 King, Benson Eugene King, Beth Franklin King, Bobby Dee, 320 King, Carolyn Kirk King, Christi Gail, 201 King, Dicki Crenshaw King, Donnie Wade, 262 King, Frances Elizabeth, 287 King, James Patrick, 110, 197, King, Jerry Nolan, 209, 287 King, Joe Judson, 205, 287 King, Kay Ellen, 179 King, Kenneth Vernon, Jr. King, Linda Gail, 109, 273 King, Linda Sue, 201 King, Margaret Dee, 109, 262 King, Michael Lewis, 190 King, Newton Dudley, 273 King, Robert Edward King, Robert Lee King, Robert Louis King, Samuel Bowen King, William Allyn, 197 King, Willie Joseph Kingery, Donald Tipton Kinley, F. Stewart, Ill Kipp, Crane Davis, 183 Kirk, James Lowell Kirschten, Sam Gwin, 101 Kirshman, Harry Alan, 301 Kitchen, Michael John Kitchens, James Medlin, 96, Kitchens, Rodney Martin Kitchens, Roosevelt Kittle, Hartley Weems, III, 27: Kizzer, Steven Allan, 301 Kleinpeter, Frank Thomas Klenner, Frederick Robert, 32( Kline, Elizabeth G. Kline, William Blanchard, 16; Kling, Rosianna Elizabeth, 169 Klotz, Leah Denise, 273 Knecht, Janice Lynn Knight, Andrew J. Knight, David Shelby Knight, Franklin Edward Knight, Jill Elizabeth Knight, Margaret Tanner Knight, Michael Joseph Knight, Thomas Wayne, 320 Knight, Walker Sorelle, 167 Knight, Wesley Allan Knight, William R. Knoble, William .00re, 209 Knott, Richard Orr, Jr. Knowles, Jerome Knox, Anne Ballenger Knox, Henry Logan, 287 Knox, J. Castle Redford Knudsen, Jeffrey Sterling Kaats, Barbara Bunch Koch, Nancy Helen Kochtitzyk, Katherine R., 215, Koe, Fran Go Koe, Lester, Jr. Koenig, Penny Ann, 273 Kolb, Karla Beth, 320 Kolwyck, Linda Lee, 102, 189 Kong, Pui Kuen Shui Jun Koon, Brenda Mattox Koon, Larry Wayne Koon, Rickey Arvard, 209 Koonce, Mark Evans, 302 Kopf, Betty Sue Kornfuhrer, Harold James Korpal, Richard Louis Kountouris, Jerry Mike Koury, Ellis Glenn Krayer, Richard Theodore Krei, Edward Allen, 96, 302 Kremser, Carla Dorsey, 187, Kremser, Harriet Elizabeth A Kriehn, Timothy Frank Kroening, John Charles Krogstad, Dianne Dewees Krogstad, Larry Kenneth Krumcke, Terri Lynn, 302 Krutz, Fred Howard, Ill Ku, Christine Swang-Pie, 262 Kuchaculla, Kusumaker, R. Judith Ann Shi-Lan Anna Kurtcuoglu, Kirkor Kuykendall, John Holmes Kuykendall, Michael Lee, 211 Kuykendall, Morella L., 175 Kuykendall, Susan Kay Kyle, Noble Weir, II, 94, 205 L Lacey, Virginia Townes, 201 Lackey, Barbara Gail Lackey, Catherine Delia, 165, 320 Lackey, Laura King Lackey, Lettie Lee, 302 Lackey, Robert Allen Lacoss, Terry Lee Lacuesta, Enrique Lacy, Jack Brooks, Jr., 94 Lacy, Sarah Trotman 3 Ladner, Hershel Otho 20 Ladner, Hiram Griffin, III Ladner, Mary Hoagland Lafollette, George F., Jr. Lagerquist, Emily Kay, 215, 320 Laher, Thomas John Lahman, Robert Charles, 320 Lail, David Townes Lair, David Dane, 287 Lake, Brenda Holder Lake, David Hugh Lam, Paul Cheet-on Lamar, Edward Duncan 3 Lamb, Rufus Nichols, Jr. Lambdin, James Harrison, Jr., 209 Lambert, Barry Gerard, 302 Lambert, Billy Wayne, 199 Lambert, David Flavous, 273 Lammons, David Hutton Lampkin, Janis Rings Lampkin, Larry Dale Lampton, Dudley Ford Lampton, Dunn Ott Lampton, Leslie Barton, 205, 287 Lancaster, Alan Devere Lancaster, Doris Duke, 302 Lancaster, Larry Wayne, 273 Lance, Richard LesLie, 273 Land, Nancy Carole Lander, John Richard Landers, Robert Watson Landon, Doris Clay Landrum, James Stephen, 287 Landrum, Will McGee Landry, Lydia Faye, 273 Landry, Robert 287 Landry, Robert Lane, 273 Landry, Tony Clyne, 273 Landskor, David Lawrence, 107 Johnny Ear! Laney, Billy Joe Laney, Charles Herbert, 96, 193, 27 John Buford, 193, 273 Laney, Robert Leighdel, 193 Langdon, Patsy Joyce, 201, 320 12 Langford, Bobby Gene Langhofer, Dorothy Louise, 99, 102 179, 302 Langston, Beatrice Mae, 262 Langston, Marita Ann Langston, Robert A. Lantrip, Danny Glen, 302 Lintrip, Richard Lynn Lantz, Larry Gene, 320 Lapolla, William Frank Laporte, Craig Bernard Larkin, Thomas Jeffrey, 287 Larson, John Gerald, 193 Larson, Lisa Elizabeth, 189, 262 Larson, Loree Emily, 320 Lassiter, Gerald Steven Lassiter, Ralph B. Laster, Robert, T., Jr. Latham, Luther Gerald, 262 Latham, Steven W., 287 Latham, Wayne Franklin, 167 Latture, Claire Ann, 109, 203, 287 Lauderdale, James Abner, 193, 27 Lauderdale, James Rye, 211, 320 Lauderdale, Joseph F., 273 Lauderdale, Samuel S. Lauer, Peter Birchmore, 197 Virginia Borland Laughlin, Loran Lee, 94, 105, 167 Laughlin, Walter Howard, 209 Laughter, Mabel Young Laumbattus, Harold Dean Laurent, Nat Brian Carl Lavender, Edward Darby, Jr., 32( Lavender, Patti Rae, 302 Lavender, Susan Parker, 187, 273 Lavers, Brenton M. Law, Peter Shin Wang, 96, 287 Lawbaugh, Major E. S., Jr. Lawrence, David George Lawrence, Ella Brown, 201, 274 Lawrence, Howard Joseph Lawrence, Robert Weems, 197, 30 Lawrence, Samuel E., III Lawrence, Swanee Burrus, Jr. Lawyer, Sara Ann Stephen Garry, 211 Lax, Forrest Orren Layman, Patricia Ann, 187, 320 Patricia Ann Lea, Dennis Wayne, 274 Lea, Janet Sensing, 179, 302 Leach, Stephanie Jean Leader, William Daniel Leasure, Harold Brooks, Jr., 287 Leathers, Don Wayne Leblanc, Allen Michael Lecca, Pedro J., 262 Lecren, Ted Ralph, 197 Ledbetter, Janice Mae, 274 Ledbetter, Sue, 177, 302 Ledlow, Lynda Dianne Lee, Danny Hays Lee, Earl S. Lee, James Garon, 197 Lee, Janet Marilyn, 320 Lee, Jimmie Arnold, 274 Lee, John David Lee, Larry Wayne Lee, Laura Lynda, 203 Lee, Lu-Yuan, 262 Lee, Man Hee, 262 Lee, Mark Wesley, 320 Lee, Preston Hugh. Jr., 302 Lee, Robbie Sue Lee, Shelby James, 167 Lee, Sue Kee, 274 Lee, Thomas Everard Lee, William Earl Leech, Robert Wayne Leedom, Mark Blayney, 197, 30 Leemon, Charles Lothaire, 197 Leemon, Linda Laumbattus Leeper, Harry Jr., 107, 101 Lefeaux, Charles William Lefeve, Aristide F., Jr. Lefler, James Ronald Lefors, Alan Floyd Leftwich, Nancy Ann, 102, 201 Legge, Rebecca Sue, 100, 106, 263 Leggett, Calvin William, 167, : Leggett, Charles Martin, 263 Leggett, Lee Simmons Leggett, Mary Diane, 287 LeGrand, Edwin Clinard, Ill Lehman, Christopher M., 302 Lehman, Joan Beryl Lehman, Thomas Wilton Lei, Yu-Chi Leigh, Kathryn Bizzell Leigh, Lucinda M. Leigh, Richard Henry Leigh, Townes Randolph, 320 Leineweber, Robert M. Leineweber, Sarah Prude Leist, Steve Charles Lemons, Cynthia Ann, 177 Leonard, Ina Branham Linda Kaye, 165, 274 Lesley, John David Leslie, Altus Harvey, 209, 320 Lester, Melanee Gayle Lester, Mildren McMillan, 287 Lester, Robert Aldridge Lester, William Carey ,I10 Leung, Mow-We Levanway, Michael Ransom Levin, Manuel Marcus, 263 Levy, Peter Fleming, 320 Levy, Terry Reinhardt 195 Lewelling, Stephen C. Lewis, Alton B., 108, 110, 27 Lewis, Cathy Sue, 320 Lewis, Charles Eugene, 274 Lewis, Donnie Richard Lewis, Edward Summers, IV, 17 Lewis, George Cooke, Jr. Lewis, George Kenneth Lewis, Harvey Ronald, 274 Lewis, James William, 211, 287 Lewis, John Frank Lewis, Karen Martindale Lewis, Kennon Denman Lewis, Linda Lafaye Lewis, Martha Ruth, 99, 102, 30 Lewis, Michael Causey Lewis, Rebecca Gail Lewis, Richard Knox Lewis, Ruby Gray, 287 Lewis, Sherrill, 215, 320 Lewis, William Henry Lexa, Gerald G. Liang, Tzong Jyi Liberto, Angela Pia Liberto, Johnny Liberto, Michael Joseph Lightsey, Andrew Franklin Lightsey, Jerry Bufkin Ligon, Richard Ernest, 181 Ligon, Robert Knox, Jr., 320 Lilley, Jack Wilson, Jr. Limbaugh, Lee Ann, 215, 320 Limbrick, William Thomas Lin, Guey Meei, 263 Lin, Horng-Jau, 263 Linder, Robert Andrew Lindley, Tommy Jack Lindsay, Anne Adams Lindsey, Lisa Ann, 189, 320 Roland Arden Lingdren, Carl Edwin, Jr. Lingle, Rodney Linscomb, Mark Douglas, 199 Linton, Anderson M., Ill Lipe, Linda Bon Lipscomb. Lin Highbaugh Lisenby, Susan Townsend, 201 List, Henry Clay Anderson Little, Charles McHenry , Little, Eamy Lynn, 203 Little, Lawrence Lee, 211 Little, Lynda Lynell Little, Richard Allen, 263 Little, Richard Lynn, 274 Littlejohn, George Anne Littleton, Bonita B., 274 Littleton, Don Howard Litton, William Powell Liu, Shean Jang, 263 Livingston, James Robert Lewis, Jane Edel Livingston, Robert Odie Livingston, Thomas L. Lland, Christopher F., 181 Llewellyn, John Robert, 195 Lloyd, Benjamin Battle, 193 Lloyd, James Barlow Lloyd, John Phillips, 320 Lloyd, Samuel Thames, III, 94, 105 Lloyd William Edward, 320 Lochausen, Vernon C., III, 302 Lockard, James Robert, 263 Locke, John Ellis, 287 Locke, Martha Jean, 320 Locke, Patricia Ann Lockhart, Terry Gene Loden, Mickey Lee Loftin, Anne Marie, 99, 203 Loftin, Guy M. Lofton, Lubbie James, Jr. Lofton, Willard Noble, 302 Logan, Brenda Kay, 302 Logan, Janet Sue, 187 Logan, N. Dianne, 104, 110, 169, 274 Logan, Robert Lee, Jr., 167 , Logan, Robert Maurice, Jr., 302 Logan, Ronald David, 320 Logston, David G. Lomax, Lowry McPhearson Lomax, Susan Katharine, 187 Lonardo, Thomas Taylor Long, Dabbs Clayton, 205, 320 Long, David Wilson Long, Deborah Catherine, 302 Long, Eddie Jean McDonald Long, Emily Carol, 179 Long, Lora Alcorn Long. Michael Robert, 107 Long, Mike Witt, 211 Long, Samuell Erst, III, 211 Long, Thomas Jude Longacre, Deanne C., 165, 274 Longacre, Larraine Louise, 102, 165, 302 Longino, Margaret Wilsford, 175 Longmire, John Dorsey Loomis, Margaret Lois, 165 Looney, James Downes, 211, 287 Loong, William Loper, Robert Michael Lord, Carolyn Kay Lord, Wilburn, Jr. 197 Lott, Cheryl Lemoyne, 187, 320 Lott, Emery H. Lott, Gary Cullen Lott, Katherine, 109 Lott, Ronald William, 195, 320 Lotterhos, Elizabeth Ann, 175 Lotterhos, George Augustus Lotterhos, George T., 205 Lotterhos, Joseph Edward, 263 Lou, Mary C. P., 287 Louis, John Michael, 205 Louque, Marlene Lorraine, 215, 320 Loveday, John Stephen Lovelady, Gregory Simpson, 167 Lovelady, Molissie Ann, 201 Lovelady, Peggy Lynn, 201 Lovell, James Otis, 205 Lovern, Thomas Wayne Low, Rhes Vernon, 205 Lowe, Carl Randall Lowe, Charles Phillip Lowe, Dow Quentin Lowe, Gay B. Lowe, William Jeffery, 193, 320 Lowe, William Odom Lowery, James Howard Brenda Thomson Lowstuter, Robert Ford Lubert, John Stephen Lucado, Tommy Loftin Lucas, Calvin Jarnagin, III, 167, 320 Lucas, Catherine Elna Lucas, George Lowrey Lucas, Paul Fred Lucas, Richard Byrd Lucius, Margaret Louise, 287 Luckett, Linda Jean, 175, 302 Ludlam, Warren McGee, 103, 193, 287 Luebke, Claire, 109, 179, 302 Lueth, Carl Anthony Luibel, Jane Ellen, 302 Luke, Jo Ann, 187, 287 Lum, May, 109, 302 Lumalcuri, William Joseph, 263 Lumpkin, Andrea Jean, 320 Luna, Luther, III, 211, 287 Lundy, Elizabeth Diane, 189 Lundy, McKinley Snipes Lung, Mon Yin, 263 Lunsford, Glenn Travler, 197, 287 Lunsford, Guy Douglas, 197, 320 Luper, Katherine Ann, 187 Lute, Alice B. Lyle, Barry Loren Lyle, Michael Alan Lyles, Charlotte Ann, 189 Lymburner, Charles David, 302 Lynch, Michael William Lynch, Nancy Maureen Lyon, Michael Eugene U., 320 Lyon, Philip Alan, 211, 320 Lyon, Richard Eric Lyon, Rupert Milton Lyon, William L., 274 Lyons, Carol Anne, 165 Lyons, Dianne, 263 Lyons, Kenneth Jerome, Jr. M Mabry, Deborah Ann, 302 Mabry, Michael Dean, 302 Mabus, Susan Kathleen, 320 Maccarone, James Vincent, I ' MacDonald, Diana Lambron MacDonald, James Stewart MacGowan, Charles Bryan, 3: Macintosh, David Gardner, 21 Mack, Kim Andrew, 320 Macy, Annelle Lee Maddox, Robert Lawrence, 21 Maddux, Lewis Lynn, 302 Maddux, Robert Finley Magee, Brian William Magee, David Kenneth, 183 Magee, William Thomas Mahan, George F., Jr., 321 Mahatanankoon, Somchao Maholm, Gary Michael, 96, 21 Mahoney, Chauncey Lu, 321 Maier, Claire C. Majd, Bahman, 302 Major, Martha Elizabeth, 177, Majure, Suzanne Mak, Stephen Yu-Chun, 263 Makamson, Sammy Durell Malatesta, John Joseph I. Maley, Thomas Edward, 205 Malkovich, Daniel Ewing Mallard, Dean Faulkner Malone, Max Elliott Malone, Mina Elizabeth, 201 Malone, Robert Beasely, 321 Malone, Van, 100, 274 Malone, Willis Benjamin Maloney, Edward Charles, 211, Malvezzi, Louise H., 177 Mangan, Dale Thomas Mangin, Charles Geoffrey Mangin, Connie Johnson Manier, Helen Dayton, 175, 2 Manley, James Lamar Manley, Rebecca Sledge Mann, Mary Elizabeth, 189, 3 Mann, Michael E. Mann, Ronald Joe Manning, Elisha A., III, 94, 2 Manning, Van Russell, 263 Mansell, Michael Lewis Mansour, George, Jr., 181, 321 Manuel, David Paul, 263 Panagiotis, M., 263 Maples, Michael Dudley, 209 Maples, Robert Alvin Marascalco, Frank P. Marascalco, Vincent D. Marble, Roland Dudley, Jr., Marbury, Martha Frances, 215 Marcella, David M. Marcella, Virginia K. Bray Marcum, Cecile Pitts Marcum, Phillip Marvin Mardis, Larry Joe Marin, Mary Ellen Marion, Gerald Lynn Markham, Joretta Kidd Marks, Ouida Woods Marks, Steve Mitchell, 108 Marodis, Mary Marquis, Betty Ann Marsh, Ronald Keith, 302 Marshall, 3illie W. Dean Charles Marshall, Jimmie Dale Marshall, John Clement, Jr. 302 Marshall, Linda Sue Long, 10. Marshall, Martha Edith, 321 Marshall, Robert Aubrey Marshalll, Robert Barnes Marshall, Willie Leon, 287 Marston, Walter W. Marthaler, Brenda J. Martin, Barbara Ann, 187, 32 Martin, Betty Louise, 302 Charles R., 274 Cheryl Renee C. Ella Deloise, 302 Martin, Gary Lee Martin, Henry Frank, Jr., 211 Martin, Herbert, Jr. James Dent Martin, James Riley Martin, James Wallace, Jr., Martin, John Barret, 209, 302 Jo hn Forrest Martin, John Hill, Jr., 302 Martin, John Sanford, 205 Martin, Judson Chaffin, 302 Martin, Ladley Hal, 263 Martin, Lloyd Stephen Martin, Martha Mattingly, 201, Martin, Marvin Wayne Martin, Mary Wa tson, 179, 274 Martin, Richard Melvin Martin, Robert James, 96 Martin, Robert William, 110, 21 Martin, Sandra Lucille Martin, Theresa Katherine Martin, Thomas Gerald Martin, Walton Lewis Martin, William Cline Martindale, Ricky U, Martini, Anthony P., 303 Marzette, Johnnie Lue, 321 Mascari, Kenneth Joseph, 263 Mashayekhl, Ali-Reza Mashburn, Carlton N. Mashburn, Graves Willis, 321 Mashburn, James Timothy, 209 Mashburn, Troy Watts, Jr., 96, 209, 287 Mason, Belinda Jean, 321 Mason, James Paul Massey, Eugene Thomas Massey, Gail Armstrong, 287 Massey, Gwen Massey, Robert Clyde, 287 Massie, Gilbert Mather, Thomas Bryant, 197, 3 Matherne, Paula Maurine, 287 Mathews, Thomas Davis Mathis, Betty Joyce, 303 Mathis, Ester 321 Mathis, Joyce McEwen Mathis, Pamela Ann Mathis, Paul, Jr. Matkins, Billy Charles, 274 Lois Carolyn, 107 Matthews, Doris Fay Matthews, Harvey W., Jr. Matthews, Janice Lynn, 169, 2 Matthews, Jolly W. Matthews, Paul Rayden Matthews, Sherry, 274 Matulich, Joseph, 110, 209 Mauldin, Berlon Michael, 201 Helen Christine, 271 Mauldin, Nancy Patrice, 177, Marilyn Ann, 287 Robert J. Mayer, Gerald Michael Maxey, Cathy Joan Maxey, Charles Gregory, 192 Maxey, Jamie Ann, 179, 303 Maxey, Jerry Michael, 321 Maxey, Sammy Robert May, Arthur William May, Harriett Louise, 203, 28; May, James Fount May, James Walker, 110, 205 Mayer, Henry Raymond, 193 Mayes, Curtis Shelby, 96, Mayfield, Ann Flautt Mayfield, Jane Margaret, 177 Mayfield, Margaret E., 287 Mayfield, Walter Gautier Maynard, Dennis Michael, 30 Maynard, Gustavus Jenkins Mayo, Felicia Jane Hughes, 321 Mayo, Jennifer D. Mayo, Steven Douglas, 173 2 Mays, Christine Mays, John Stuart, 96 Mc McAlexander, Dianne, 169, 30 McAdoo, Anne Campbell, 17 McAdoo, Jamie Lewis, 177, McAlexander, Sarah M. McAlister, Harold Paul McAlister, Lester Floyd, 287 McAllister, Robert Conner McAlpin, Cathy Ann, 275 McAnally, Charlotte McAnally, Franklin Danny, 201 McAnally, Jimmy Stephen, 28 McAndrew, John Craft, 197, 15 McArthur, Mike Greer McBee, David William, 205, McBee, Dudley Silas McBride, Hilmer Anthony McBryde, Laura Greer McCain, Reynolds Park, 303 McCain, Talbot 0. McCall, George Patrick McCall, Samuel Henry, 275 McCamey, Michael Edward McCarthy, George W., Jr., McCartney, Pate Lloyd, 205 McCarty, Daniel Joseph McCarty, William Bonner, 1E McCarver, Glenn Allen, 275 McCarver, Mary Janet, 287 12 McCay, Gadi Lum McCay, James Marion, 263 McCay, Gerald Rankin, 167 McCay, Larry Leigh, 181, 27 McClanahan, Hugh Price McClanahan, Thomas Edwar McClatchy, Sam Power, 181 McClellan, John Blalock McClendon, Erwin Lowe McClure, Nancy R. McClure, Worthy Powell McCollum, Charles Lenox, 205 McCollum, Robert Steve McCollum, William Lon, 303 McCool, Charles Edward, 94, 11 McCool, Linda Gail, 189, 275 McCool, Thomas Edward, 167 McCord, Terry Ray McCord, Virginia Adams McCorkle, Dana Lyn McCormick, Robert Thomas McCoy, Cathy Renee, 321 McCoy, Edna Eileen McCoy, Joe Coleman McCoy, Merwin Andreas McCoy, Patricia Yvonne McCoy, Virginia Ann McCraney, James Larry McCraney, John Garry McCraney, Sybil Marie, 303 McCrary, Michael Jolliff McCraw, Donna Sue, 107, 287 McCrory, Ralph Cullin McCullar, Martha Ruth, 288 McCullen, Cynthia Sue, 189, 321 McCulley, Salina Alice, 215, 321 McCullough, Edward H., Jr. McCullough, Tedford C., 211, 2 McCurdy, Hollis Horton McCurdy, Karen Melissa McCutcheon, Eleanor A. McDaniel, Clarence Albert McDaniel, Leslie Allen, 288 McDaniel, Suzanne McDavitt, Dale Henry McDermitt, John Howard McDill, Katherine Jean, 275 McDivitt, Leland McDivitt, Patricia Ann McDonald, Daniel Michael, 30: McDonald, Earl Gordon, Jr. McDonald, Elizabeth Ann, 169, McDonald, Eva Louise McDonald, Jay Paul, 181, 322 McDonald, Mary Ann, 288 McDonald, Nancy Inez McDonald, Stephen Lamar, 30: McDonald, Webster McDonald, William M., 100, 103 110, 193, 288 McDonald, Kevin Alexander, 18 322 McDonnell, Archie R., Jr., 209 McDonnell, John G., 183 McDonough, Homer Ray, Jr. McDonough, Michael David McDonough, Thomas David, 322 McDonough, William L., Jr., 19 288 McDougal, Daniel Arch McDuffie, Richard Jay McEachern, Luther Myron, 96 McElroy, Laura Ann, 303 McElroy, Linda M. McFarland, Pamela Ann McFarland, William E., III McFatter, Melvin Hurley, 106, McGaha, Mary Jan McGahey, James Earl McGarrity, Benny Fred McGarrity, Guy McGaughey, Claude R., Ill McGaughy, Janice, 288 McGee, Betty Frances, 215, 32 McGee, Diana Marie, 288 McGee, John Dixon, 96, 193, 28 McGehee, Mary Bryan, 203 McGhee, June Carol, 201 McGlawn, Taylor Reginald McGlothlin, Elizabeth J., 215 McGlown, Alice B. McGlown, Stewart B., 303 McGowan, John Alfred, Jr., 30 McGowan, Roy E., Jr. McGowin, Robert Bogee McGraw, David Burnell, 211, 32 McGraw, Harris Carr, 288 ' McGraw, Mary Lillian, 177, 2E McGreger, Ruth Dianne, 322 McGregor, Sandra Joan McGuire, Dayonne Patton McGuire, Jimmy Dale, 263 McHenry, Dora H. Mcllwain, Joseph Wiley, 103, Mcllwain, Mary Sue, 201 Mcllwain, Willard L., Jr. McInnis, Myrtle Ann, 104, 165, McIntosh, David M., 181 McIntosh, James Hays, 181, 3: McIntyre, Arthur J., 167 McIntyre, James E., Jr., 197 McIntyre, William Edward, 31 McIver, Robert Edwin McKaskle, Stephen Flake McKay, Eliz Patricia McKay, Richmond lzard McKay, Robert Levon, 275 McKee, George Chester McKee, Martha Mason McKee, Richard Harvey, 322 McKellar, Frank Monroe McKellar, Kathryn Claire, 189, McKenzie, Daniel H., Jr., 322 McKenzie, Franklin C., Jr. McKenzie, John Martin, 303 McKenzie, Stephen H. McKenzie, Stevan Michael, I McKenzie, William H., HI, 30: McKenzie, William Hamer Noel Keith, 211, 303 McKey, Peggy Ann Cannada McKey, Shelby Weeks, 94, 96 107, 211, 275 McKibben, Nina June, 303 McKinney, Charles Newton, 16 Mc Kinney, Terry Barney McKinnon, Thomas Roy, 264 McKnight, Charles A., 275 McLallen, Ruth Smythe, 175, McLarty, Julia Elizabeth McLaurin, James Reagan McLaurin, Robert Carter McLaurin, Susan Evelyn, 187, McLaurin, Thelma D., 322 McLellan, Arthur Joe McLellan, Walter V., HI, 19 Daniel Calhoun McLeod, Hugh Carrot, 96 McLeod, James Dan, 167, 28 McLeod, Norman W., HI McLeod, Nellie Gertrude, 20 McLowd, James Vernon, Jr. McMahan, Joy Marter McMahan, Michael Blaine, 20 McMahan, Michael Lee, 264 Richard Holcomb( McMahon, Kevin William McManis, T. Debra, 203 McManus, Mary Jon, 288 McManus, Robert Eustis, Jr. McMaster, Michael Martin McMichael, Jack Lee John Terry McMillen, Patricia Grace, 27 McMillian, John Michael McMillin, Mary Herrington McMillin, Roger Hopkins, J McMorris, Carlos Lindsey McMorris, Leslie Lee, 110 McMullan, Cordelia D., 175, McMullan, Janis Ruth McMullan, William Holt, 211 McMullan, Wyche Lowe, 102 McMullen, Gail, 322 McMullin, Mark King, 197 McMurray, James Dabney, if McMurray, Michael Gordon McMurtrey, Roberta Kay McNabb, Venton Albert, Jr. McNally Cande, 110, 215, 31 McNeal, Glenda Ann, 275 McNeal, John Williams McNeece, Michael Henry, 2; McNeel, Florence Jeane, 17; McNeel, Jason Niles, 94 McNeely, Barney Steven, 96 McNeely, Don Keith, 275 McNeely, Kevin James, 181, McNeely, Linda Colleen, Ir McNeill, William Allen, 275 McNulty, Edward McNutt, Robert C. McPhail, Pamela, 169, 288 McPhail, Susan B. McPherson, Rachel Smylie, McQueen, Charles M., 167, McQueen, Van Michael McQuigg, Susanne McQuinn, Carrye B., 303 McRaney, Thomas Oliver, 17 McRee, Sharon Ann, 187, 3i McReynolds, Krista V., 322 Lila Lee, 189 McSpadden, Malcolm Cake McSwine, Earmon Ray Meador Barbara Ann Meador, Carrot Brent Meador, Gordon Hit, 94, 9 Meadows, Jack Conrad, Jr., Mears, G. L., 264 Measells, Eric Latham, 322 Meaut, Byron Paul, 303 Medley, Gail Lee, 189, 322 Medley, Mary Carma Medley, Michael R. Medley, William Alonzo Meek, Edwin E. Meek, Forrest Lee, 205, 275 Meek, Larry Don, 322 Meek, Walter Buchanan, Jr. Meeks, Edgar Alston Meeks, Edwin Dilworth, 271 Meeks, Sharon Ann, 288 Meifert, Raymond A. Melton, Elizabeth B. Melton, Floyd M., 94, 2 Melton, Larry Harmon Melton, Mary Randle, 177 Melton, Pamela Jo, 175 Thomas Ronald Merchant, Khurshid A. Meredith, Thomas Carter, Merman, Thomas Andrew, I Merriam, Edward Vince Merriman, Linda Kay Merritt, Lynda Diane Mestayer, Beth Ann, 175, 30: Metcalf, Richard 288 2 Meteer, Elizabeth Joyce, 281 Meits, Albert Caswell, Ill, Metts, Glenn Hulett, 322 Metts, Joy Suzanne Metts, Marsha Jane Metts, Martha Gee, 179, 322 Metts, Nancy Karleen Metts, William Roger, 197 Meurrier, Floyd L., 275 Meurrier, Joe Roberson, 289 Michaels, Steven Keith, 322 Michel, Alan Emil, 264 Michel, Mary Ann Middlebrcok, Albert H., Jr. Middlebrook, Carol Ann, 203, 322 Charles E., Jr. Middleton, Doris Marie Middleton, Ellwood K., 167, 303 Middleton, Sister Cora E. Mikul, Daniel Patrick Miles, Deborah Lynn, 179, 303 Miles, James Riley, Jr., 322 Miles, John Hubert, Jr., 108 Miles, Mary Caroline, 303 Miley, Cheri Suzzanne Miley, Wesley Allen Miller, Anne Kerby Miller, Barbara Ann, 275 Barbara Scott, 177, 322 Miller, Carol Ann, 289 Miller, Deborah Lee, 303 Miller, Donna Gat Miter, Frederick Thornton Miter, Jane Stroble Miller, Jimmy L. Miller, Larry Gene, 264 Miter, Mac Ellis Miter, Paula Louise, 201 Miller, Princeton J. Miller, Robert Arrington, 209, 275 Miller, Robert Howard, 322 Miller, Ronald Lee Miller, Ronald Veazey, 322 Miller, Verdier Vanya Vernon Terrell, Jr. Miller, William Patrick, 264 Millette, Samuel Martin, Jr. Millican, Troy B., 264 Mills, Carolyn J. Mills, Leslie Wayne Mills, Peggy Louise Mills, Richard Edward, 205 Milstead, George Howell, 275 Mims, Mignon Virginia, 187, 322 Minetree, Brian Leslie Minor, James D. Minor, Lancelot L., Ill, 193 Minor, Maralin Lisa, 179 Minor, Steve, 275 Minor, Wayne, 289 Mir, Ghulam Nabi Miskelly, Freddie Roy, 275 Mitchell, Adam Howell, Jr., 193 Mitchell, Beverly Borrum, 215, 289 Mitchell, Carolyn Beth, 322 Mitchell, Cathy Ann, 189, 303 Mitchell, Colmon Shinn Mitchell, David Howard Mitchell, Elizabeth Ann, 179, 322 Mitchell, Ellis Q., III Mitchell, Eva Mae, 275 Mitchell, Gregory Marvin Mitchell, Harry Hubbard, 205 Mitchell, Henry R., HI, 264 Mitchell, Hubert D., Jr., 275 Mitchell, Jane, 165 Mitchell, Jent P., III Mitchell, John Robert Mitchell, Kitty Carol, 264 Mitchell, Lansing L., Jr., 181 Mitchell, Marilyn Ann Mitchell, Martha Lois, 275 Mitchell, Michael Stephen, 205, 322 Mitchell, Nancy Tin Mitchell, Rita Ann, 303 Mitchell, Susan Jean Mitchell, Willie F., 289 Mittra, Tridib Kumar, 106, 264 Mixon, Edward Lenoir, 183 Mixon, Larry Edward, 275 Vicki Lambert, 275 Mixon, Walter Avery, 183 Mize, Allen Hobbs Mize, Danny Gene, 275 Hattie Miriam, 289 Mize, Renda Cheryl, 303 Mize, Sue Ellen Moak, Helen Diane Moak, Henry Andy, Jr., 211, 275 Moak, Joseph S., Jr., 211, 322 Moak, Paul Greer, 103, 110, 275 Moak, Polly Ann, 102, 179, 303 Moats, Bobby James, 289 Moats, Diann Marie, 322 Moffatt, Charles Finley Moley, Stanley Anthony Molpus, Melanie Ann 102, 175 Molpus, Richard Henderson, 209 Monroe, Lanny Lee Monroe, Robert Austin, 289 Monsour, Mitchell Dial, 205 Monsour, Thomas Joseph Montague, Phyllis Ann, 275 Montee, Michael Richard Monteith, Richard Carl, 275 Montesi, Marilou Daria, 275 Montgomery, Carl Venson Montgomery, Frances Owen 3 Montgomery, Janis Henry Montgomery, Jeanne H., 104, 275 Montgomery, Keith Norris Montgomery, Myzell Montgomery, Wilhelmina Montjoy, William Wright Monts, Steven Holcomb, 27 Moody, Bonnie Parish Moody, Ronald Leon Leach, David Allan, 322 Moon, Sammy Lee, 183 Moore, Barbara Jane Moore, Barry Dale, 167, 30 Moore, Benjamin Allen, 28 Moore, Charles Leon, II, 28 Moore, Cynthia Leigh, 322 Moore, Dennis Glenn, 167 Moore, Don Wilson, 205, 28 Moore, Ellen Elizabeth, 17 Moore, Guy Wilson, Jr., 21 Moore, Harry Glen Moore, Henderson Alfred, Moore, Howard Joseph, 28 Moore, Hugh George, Jr. Moore, James B., Jr. Moore, James Emmett Moore, James Holley, Jr., 100, 101, 103, 193, 275 Moore, James Ray, Jr. Moore, James Walter, 264 Moore, Janice Elaine Moore, Jeanne MacDonal( Moore, Johnny Moore, Johnny J. Moore, Jon Howard Moore, Lucy Currie, 102, I Moore, Mamie Little Moore, Mary Virginia, 179, Moore, Noble Glen Moore, Nyla Jean, 201, 30 Moore, Paul Harold, Jr., 3C Moore, Paul Meadow, Jr. Moore, Randy Ray, 289 Moore, Robert Burton, Jr., 303 Moore, Robert D., Jr., 275 Moore, Robert Fulton, III Moore, Robert Steven, 209 Moore, Russell Davis, IV Moore, Russell Lee, Jr. Moore, Sarah Ruth, 99, IR Moore, Stephen Owen Moore, Steven Embrey Moore, Susan Cader, 169, Moore, Terry Rose, 165 Moore, Wallace Reid, Jr. Moore, Walton Louis Moore, Zona Leigh, 165, 3: Moorer, William B., Jr. Moorhead, Mildred Lewis, Moorhead, Sylvia Kay Morehead, Martha Neilsoi 322 Morehead, Sally Baird, 20: Moreton, Julian Edward Moreton, Keith W. Moreton, Rebeccca Burkes Morgan, Audrey Mae, 289 Morgan, Chad Yates Morgan, Eddie Mack, 322 Morgan, Emory Earl Morgan, Fitz, Robert, Ill, Morgan, Goffrey Carter, 21 Morgan, George Terrell Morgan, James Thomas, J 322 Morgan, John Gayden Morgan, John Alec Morgan Kathleen Melinds Morgan, Larry Morgan, Martha Lynn Morgan, Rachel Morgan, Rachel Morgan, Sandra Kaye, 304 Morgan, Sara Elizabeth Morgan, Sidney G. Morgan, Steve Allen, 183, Morgan, Talmadge V., Jr. Morgan, William Thomas Morlino, Charles Fred Morris, Burnice, 304 Morris, Christopher Brown 304 Morris, Clifford Scott, 289 Morris, Frances Gayle Morris, Gary Nelson Morris, James Willard, Ill 289 Morris, Joanne Montroy, 3 Morris, John Robert Morris, Joseph Lowry, 322 Morris, June Rose Roberts Morris, Leonard, 276 Morris, Marvin Newman Morris, Nancy Jane Morris, Rebecca Louise Morris, Robert Kyle, 322 Morris, Robert Wyatt, II Morris, Steven Carter Morris, Terry Baird Morris, Terry Lee, 103, 211 Morris, Thomas Morrison, Carolyn M. Morrison, Harvey Lee Morrisson, Jerry Alfred Morrison, Thomas Graddy Morrison, William Douglas Morrison, William Edwarc 322 Morrow, William R Morse, Gary Chrisfopher Morse, George MacDonald, 32 Morse, Jerry Steven Mortensen, Lars Henrik, 323 Mortimer, Gladstone B., Jr. Mortiner, Melinda Morton, Michael Ray Morton, William Edward Morykwas John Joseph, Jr. Mosby, Harold Ray, 304 Mosby, Herman William, 205 Mosby, Mona Marie, 177 Mosby, William Henry, 205 Mosby, William John Mosenthin, Harold Glenn, 323 Moses, Ronald David, 167, 289 Mosher, Deborah Jean, 201, 32 Mosley, Sam Ray, 289 Mosley, Willie Catherine Marie, 203 Moss, Ellis Harvey, 289 Moss, Phoebe Eleanor Moss, Robert Kellis, 205, 276 Motlow, Mary Bertram, 177 6, Mott, D. Allen Mott, Karen Williamson Mott, Louise Deery, 323 Moulds, Danny Arlon Moulds, Robert Duke Mounger, Dalton McBee, 100, I 289 ' Mounger, Elizabeth Avery Mounger, Sarah Alston, 187, 30 103 Mounger, Whitman Mowers, Berton F., 264 Moy, Josephine, 289 Moy, Lillian Moy, Ruby Gay, 106 Moyer, Harold Ivan Mueller, Christian Stephen, 181 276, Mulholland, Kenneth R., 211, 32 Mullen, Billy Kelly Mullen, Melissa Ann Mullennix, Marta Fike, 169 Mullens, Melissa Mulligan, Mary Margaret, 276 Mullins, Marilyn Jo, 276 Mullins, Roland Edward, Jr., 28 Murchison, Margaret Lynne Munro, Robert Bruce Muntz, Tom Newton Murdoch, Joy Adele, 203, 323 Murphey, Thomas Hardin, 197, Murphree, Ginger Murphree, Melanee Lou, 203 Murphree, Robert Smith, 323 Murphrey, Jimmy Lee, 289 Murphy, Ann Whitfield Murphy, George Michael, 211, Murphy, Leslie Delancey Murphy, Patricia Ann, 179, 323 Murphy, Robert William, 197 Murphy, Ruth Anne, 109, 175, 289 Murphy, Sandra, 264 Murphy, Walter Neil, 209 Murrah, Norma Jean, 289 Murray, James Ellis, Jr. Murray, Lilagene Rucker Murray, Timothy James Murrell, James Otis 05, Murrell, Maxine W. Muscio, Charles Anthoney, 323 Musselwhite, Stephen A. Mustin, Robert W., 211 2 Muzaffar, Naim Anwar, Myatt, Samuel Joseph Myers, Charles Anthony, 209 Myers, Cynthia Gail Myers, Glen Dean Myers, Joseph Thompson Myers, Malcolm Bradford, 304 Myers, Riley Dewey Myers, William Clifton Mylak, Barbara Jean, 169, 289 Mylak, Richard Frank, 199, 304 Meyers, Gerald L., 264 Myrick, Dwight Durf Myrick, Harold G. N Nabers, Steven Maxwell, 289 3, Nabors, James Roy Neff, Rhoda Ruth, 165, 289 Nail, John Phillip, 323 Nall, Barbara Ann, 215, 304 Nance, Ann Candace, 175, 323 Nance, Billie Kennedy, 289 Nan ce, Evelyn Lacy, 175 Nance, Johnny Hunter, 276 Nance, Robert Sherwood, 110 Nanney, James Phillip Nanney, Janice Larve Nanney, Sylvia Gillentine Napier, William Edward Nappier, Herbert C. Nash, Jonathon Michael, 167 Sally Galbraith, 175 Nasif, Douglas A. Nason, Roe Ann Nason, William Alfred, Jr., If 323 Nassar, Carmen Asly, 276 3, Nation, James Patrick Nations, Carol Reynolds, 109, Navidi, Gholam Reza Neal, Collean Stone Neal, Christopher L. Neal, Lamar Brown Neale, Charles Alexander Neblett, Joseph Morgan, Neely, Buford, B., Jr. Neely, Charles Wyck Neely, Cheryl Tillman Neely, Floyd Adrin, Jr. Neely, Mary Anne Neely, Russell Newton Neely, William Augustus, Neff, Sharon Kay, 201, 304 Neiley, Cyril Edward Neill, John Chalmers, 193 Neilson, Martha Bryant Nelms, Nancy Carole, 179 Nelson, Alexandria Louise 304 Nelson, Arthur Martin Nelson, Arthur Noble Nelson, Deborah Ruth, 20 Nelson, Donald Vernon Nelson, Kathleen Albert, I Nelson, Linda Marie, 165 Nelson, Margaret Rebecc Nelson, Norman S. Nelson, Patricia Lynn, 189, Nesmith, Martha Mayer, 3 Neukirch, Donald Willian Neumann, Carl John Neville, David Lyle, 197, 3 New, Peggy Goff Newell, Janet Ruth, 175 Newell, Mary Katherine, Newman, Charles Puffer, 2 Newman, Cleo Ann Newman, Johnny Wilson, Newman, Lacy Gib bes, 2 Newton, George Allen Newton, James Thomas, II Newton, Joe Michael, 27E Newton, Sara Mosby, 1B7, Neyman, John Fredrick Nicholas, Deborah Adele Nicholass, Wesley Lee Nichols, Annie Yvonne, 2 Nichols, James Odell, 167 Nichols, Jean Simmons Nichols, Joseph Robert Nichols, Michael Lynn, 3 Nichols, Thomas T. Nichols, Richard Bush, 17 Nichols, Sara Carol, 177, Nicholson, Marilyn Dunn Nicholson, Michael Thom Nicholson, Sheryl, 187, 289 Nicols, Walter R., 205, 32: Nielsen, Lawrence Arthur Niemeyer, Charles Henry Nienaber, John Owen Nimkulrat, Pismuth, 264 Nippert, Kenneth Wayne, Nippert, Ronald Gene Nippes, James Stanford Nix, Victor Arthur, III, I ' Noble, Ann Elise, 175, 32: Noble, Edwin Randolph, Noble, Lala Suzanne, 32: Noble, Nancy Marie, 177, Nobles, John Webb, 323 Nobles, William Daniel, I Noel, George W., Jr. Noel, Judith Tubb Noel, Julian R., Jr., 289 Nolan, Clyde L. H. Nolen, Valorie Noll, Charles Ambrose Noonan, Margaret Franc Norfleet, George Amos, Norman, Cora Ellen Norman, Dixie Ann, 289 Norman, Jerry Van, 276 Norman, Nancy Rights, IC 276 Norman, Robert Henry Norquist, Grayson Swayze Norris, John Alan Norris, Paul W. Norris, Pleas Miller Norris, Shelton Edward, Northam, Larry Ray Northup, Lawrence Sauni Norton, Jack Victor Norvell, Owen Maury, 32 Nosser, Daria Denise, 189 Nosser, Pete Joseph, Ill, Nourse, Rodney Hugh, 21 Noyes, Helen Carol Nuckolls, James Kim Nunn, Mark Steven, 323 Nunnally, Allen Bright Nunnery, John Robert, J1 Nusbaum, Alice Marie 0 Oakes, Judith Karen, 104, 107, 201, 276 Oaks, Wade Sharon, 289 O ' Connell, Taaffe Cannor O ' Connell, Terry Michael O ' Connor, Thomas, Davic Oddo, Edward, Jr. Odeneal, Robert Kent Odom, Ada Linda Odom, Clifton Ellzey, 20 Odom, Paula Fay, 323 O ' Donnell, Karen Jean, I O ' Donnell, Kenneth O ' Donnell, Terrence Timol Ogden, Alton Jennings, Ogden, David Michael O ' Grady, Franklin Nicklai Oilschlager, Kenneth Hol O ' Keefe, Michael P. O ' Keefe, Susan Marie Olcott, Tim othy Allan Old, Harry McClean Olia, Shabbir Akberali, Oliphant, Linda Diane, Oliphant, Sherry Ellen, 27! Oliver, Ernest G., Jr. Oliver, Martha Kay Olmsted, Thomas Russell Olson, Mardie Sue, 177 Omundson, Glenn E. Omundson, Janet Heistei O ' Neal, Gwendolyn Conr 203, 276 O ' Neal, James Patrick, O ' Neil, Robert Paul O ' Reilly, Robert King, Jr. Orf, David Michael Orr, Kathy Lee, 203, 323 Orton, Frederick Charles, 107 Oser, Debbie Lynn, 187, Osier, John Davis Ostendorff, Thomas Julian Oswalt, Larry Eugene Ott, McInnis Shaw, 205 Otto, Mary Louise, 215, : Otto, William Dennis, 199 Oubre, Don P., 304 Overby, Beverly Ruth, 27, Overdyke, Susan Tucker Overdyke, William Lloyd Overstreet, William Larry Overton, Charles Earnest Overton, Suzanne Clair, Owen, David Arthur, 100 Owen, James Edward, 19 ' Owen, Joseph Sam Owen, Linda Nadyne, 291 Owen, Nancy Metts, 203 Owen, Sandra Donahue E Owen, Stephanie, 290 Owen, Susan Nadine, 175 Owens, Betty Carol, 304 Owens, Madge Louise Owens, Mary Lou Roger Owens, Rachel Hill Owens, Thomas Wayne Oxford, Charles Emry, IV Oxnam, George Lee, 32: Ozier, Charles Terry Ozier, Deborah Larand, Ozier, Linda Gail Ozier, Otis U., Jr., 205, P Pace, Ann Rodgers Pace, Barbara Bischoff Pace, ' Casey C. Pace, Debra Dell, 187, 30 Pace, Don Mac Pace, Timothy William, I Page, Shirley Ann Page, Vicki A., 304 Paine, Nancy Rivers, 323 Pait, Thomas Glenn Palmer, Frances Ann, 99, 304 Palmer, Henry W., 101, Palmer, Joanne Barksdal Palmer, Karen L. Walke Palmer, Walter Allan Palmertree, Judy Ann, 29 Pang, Joanne Evelyn, 32 Pang, Lorralyn June, 304 Pang, Victor Hoo, 323 Pani, Mrutyunjaya Papania, Michael, 290 Parcher, Carol Sue Parchman, Louis Wiley Parchman, William Austii Pardue, Beverly Patricia, Parham, David Howard Paris, Ronald Raymond Parish, George Thomas, Parker, Carl Allen, 290 Parker, Catherine Lanier, Parker, David Alan Parker, Jack Shannon, 2! Parker, James William, Parker, Jennifer Louise, Parker, Joseph Elton Parker, Juliana Luter, 20 Parker, Larry Joe Parker, Mary Armstrong Parker, Michael Dennis, Parker, Nancy, 203 Parker, Paul Harmon, l ' Parker, Sherry Locke, 3: Parker, Shirley Ann, 304 Parkerson, Russell Maco Parkes, Roger Brown 14 Parkin, James Edward, , 304 Parks, Freida Dale, 290 Parks, Hazel Lynn, 109, 2. Parks, Hugh Harold Parks, Lynn Elizabeth, 17 Parks, William David Parmley, David Edward Parmley, Robert Edgar Parrish, Mary Lucile Parsons, John R. Parson, Judy Swindall Partee, Elizabeth Ann, 187, 323 Paslay, John H. Pate, Eddie Pate, Steven Edwin, 205, 276 Pate. William August Patel, Kanubhai Harmanbhai, 264 Patrick, Clements C., Jr. Patrick, Janet Rose Patrick, Jill Evans Patrick, Patricia Ann, 100 Patrick, Robert Hugh, 290 Patridge, Bonnie E., 201 Patsy, William Paul Patterson, Anne Yarbrough, 189, 4, 304 Patterson, James R. Jr., 110, 197 Patterson, Jan P. Patterson, Linda Ann, 107, 276 Patterson, Marc Thomas, 195 Patterson, Robert 276 Patterson, Susan Stacy, 290 6, Patton, Georgia Ann Patton, Margaret Taylor Paul, Christine Marie, 304 Paulie, Gayle Jean Paulk, Russell Dalton, Jr. Payne, Edward Alexander Payne, John Martin, 195, 304 Payne, William David, 290 Peacock, Edward Peebles Peacock, Robbie Casey, 203 Pearman, Lana Tallant Pearson, Fred Augustus, Jr. Pearson, Joseph Carol, 324 Feaster, Patricia Young Peavy, John Patrick Pechal, William Lawrence Peck, Miriam Eloise, 304 Peddle, Frank Shull, Jr. Peden, Richard Lee Pedersen, Allen 290 Peel, John Mervin, 211, 324 Peel, John W. Jerry Allen Pegram, Lee Allen, 195 Pegues, Carlenna Marie Pegues, Dorothy Lee Peques, Wanda Burton Pala, Mary Ellen, 290 Feller, Stephen D., III Pemberton, James Beck, 183 Oliver Y. F., 304 Penn, Charles L. 193, 324 Penn, William Joseph Pennebaker, Charles Robert, 209 Pennebaker, Thomas J., 209 Pennington, Kenneth Ray Pennington, Ruth Harmon Pennington, William A. Pennisi, Basil Wiliam Pensyl, Connie Marie, 203 Perez, Jeffrey Joseph, 324 Perkins, Alan North Perkins, Ann Patrick, 175 Perkins, Cheryl Leigh, 201 Perkins, James Gordon, 96, 209 Perkins, Jeane Deloris Perkins, Peter Benton, Jr., 209, 304 Perkins, Weldon Darcy, 195 Perkins, Willipm Stephen Permenter, Frances Wise, 189, 324 Permenter, Fred Cates, Jr., 211, 304 Permenter, Walterine Louis, 104, 189, 276 Perry, Allen Leeke, 324 Perry, Edith Louise, 165 Perry, Emmet Robinson, 276 Perry, George Covington, Jr. Perry, Henry Vaulter, II Perry John L. Perry, John Marcus Perry Mickey Joe Perry, Robert Houston Perry, Vicki Ann, 203 Person, James Stewart, Jr., 264 Person, Michael Sink, 264 Person Wayne Vincent, 195, 324 104 Peters, Joseph Paschall Peters, Michael Robert Peterson, Charles A., 264 Peterson, Dorothy Parish Peterson, Gustaf Peterson, Walter R. Peterson, Wendy Sharon, 304 Petrey, Joe Bradley Pettey, Holmes Sherard Pettit, Jerry Lynn, 209, 290 Pettit, Otho Earl, 209, 290 Petty, David Lynn, 290 Petty, Elbert Pearson Petty, Gordon Bennett, Jr. Peyton, Frank Lewis, 304 Peyton, Rayford Tucker, 173, 324 , Phane, John Michael Pharr, Margaret Rust, 175, 324 Phay, Rebecca Ann Phelps, Robert Shannon Phillips, Barbara Anne, 165, 324 Phillips, Bev erly Ruth, 175, 324 Phillips, Billy Guy Phillips, Carol June, 106, 276 Phillips, Carolyn Celeste, 17 Phillips, Debbie Ann, 324 Phillips, Deborah Ann, 179, Phillips, Deborah Lynn Phillips, Doris Dunn Phillips, Jodie Donelle, 189 Phillips, Joseph Williams, 211 324 Phillips, Logan Burch, Jr., 19 Phillips, Marilyn Denton, 201 Phillips, Minna Irene, 201 Phillips, Noel Amonda Phillips, Ray Carter, Jr. Phillips, Rayna Rebecca, 179 Phillips, Richard Taylor Phillips, Terry Anthony, 324 Phillips, Vera Mitchell Phipps, Lawrence A. Phyfer, Rebecca Jo, 304 Piazza, Charlotte Ann, 264 Pic, John Edward Pickens, Jack Earl, Jr. Pickens, R ichard Lynn Pickens, Troy Samuel, Jr. Pickens, Walton Rice, 290 Pickering, Mary Lamar Pickett, John Philip, 197 Pickett, Karen Faye, 187, 324 Pieralisi, Terry Don, 205, 264 Pierce, Beverly Jane, 304 Pierce, Deborah Anne, 215, Pierce, Happy, 100, 264 Pierce, Orie Othman, Jr., 32 Pierce, Samuel Joe Pierotti, Richard Wayne, 167 Pigford, Carole, 201 Pigg, Gary Paul Pigg, Teresa Lee, 177 Pilgreen, Karen Michele, 203 Pilkinton, David Lavelle Pillow, Julia Critz, 179, 324 Pillow, Mary Durden, 179 Pinkerton, James Clovis, 276 Pinkerton, Sandra Kay, 290 Pinkston, John T. Pippin, Henry Curtis, Jr. Pipkin, Susan Brown Pisarich, Robert Keith, 205, Pitner, Robert Michael Pittman, James Albert, 324 Pittman, John Ransom, 205 Pittman, Marcus Lafayette, Pittman, Margaret, 201, 290 Pittman, Mary McCostlin, 10E Pittman, Michael Norton Pittman, Nancy B. Carroll Pittman, Thomas Franklin, 98 Pittman, Thomas Riley, Jr., 32 William Claude Pitts, Carl M. Pitts, Joe Vance Pitts, Martha Elizabeth, 179 Pitts, Pamela Jane G. Plaisance, Elton Charles, 264 Plants, Joy Elizabeth, 102, 2C Plunk, Loyd Carlton, 290 Poe, Deanna, 290 Poe, Joseph Craig Poirier, Timothy Robert Poisson, Joseph Edmond Poitevent, Fred Owen, 103, 27 Polatty, James Marion, Jr. Polk, Alice Lee Polk, Johnathan Scott Polk, Keith Newton, 325 Polk, Marilyn Patricia, 165, 2; Pollard, Jesse Irving, III Pontius, David Hoffman, Ill, Poole, Geri Ellen, 165, 305 Poole, James Eugene, 94, 101 Poole, Rosa Josephine, 215, Pope, John William, 290 Popernik, Richard Michael Poplar, James Roswell, III Porter, Arthur Ray Porter, Charles Francis, 305 Porter, James Edward Porter, Richard Alan, 290 Porter, Richard Frank Porter, William D. Portera, William P. Posey, Michael Evans, 290 Post, Mary Margaret Poteet, Betty Diane, 215, 276 Potters, Robert Sands Potts, Cullen V. Potts, Hugh S. Potts, Judith Watts Potts, Ronald Wayne Potuk, James Nicholas Pou, Anne Marie 201, 325 Poulsen, Jeffery Yeager Povall, Hilda Cope, 290 Povall, John Kirkham, 94, 10 193, 276 Povall, Mary B. Powel, Laurie Jean, 177 Powell, Barbara C., 305 Powell, Claude Harry, 181 Powell, Morris Lavell Powell, Sanford L. Powell, Tyrone, 264 Powell, William Stewart, 32 Power, Walter Van, 209 Powers, Daniel Garland, 100, Prather, Rebecca Murphy Pratt, James Edwin, Jr., 193, Pratt, Mary Josephine, 305 Pray, Patricia 177, 3C Prescott, Margaret Lynn, 201 Presley, Jerry Max Presley, Pamela Ann Presley, Susan Thigpen Press, Paul Hans Martin, 305 Pressley, Cassandra Dale Prestage, William Bryce, 290 Prewett, Charles Michael, 27 Prewett, Kenneth Edwin, 290 Prewitt, Darwin Perry Prewitt, Davidson Henry, 211 Prewitt, James Ottis, 106, 101 Virginia Paulette, 32 Price, Allen Dale Price, Charles Henry, Jr., 3C Price, Guy Hartwell Price, John Philip Price, Juanita Price, Katherine Elizabeth, 2C Price, Mary Margaret, 290 Price, Michael Don, 276 Price, Nevalyn Moore, 264 Price, Sidney Keith Price, Sue Falkner Primeaux, Lawrence Primos, Claudia, 175, 290 Primrose, Patricia Landry, 21! Pringle, Ralph Wood Pritchard, Deana Lynn, 215, Pritchard, John Earl, Jr., 181 Michael Eugene Pritchard, Tyrus Andrew, 209 Pritchett, Hugh Wayne, Jr. Pr ivett, Lillian Kinnaird, 325 Proffer, Jana Kay, 201, 325 Pruden, Floyd Everett Pruet, Ronald Burton, Jr., 21 1 Pruett, Kenneth Douglas Pruitt, Vernon Terrell, Jr., 3( Pruitt, Willie Lee, 167 Pryor, Kathy Lee, 165 Pryor, Mildred G., 264 Pryor, Paula Susan, 179, 276 Puckett, George Ishee Puckett, Hudson McLeod, Jr Puckett, Richard Lee, 195, 31 Pullen, Josephine, 169 Pulliam, June Diane, 290 Pulliam, Mary Louise, 325 Pullin, Martha Sue, 109, 290 Purdom, John Lucian, Jr., 20 Purdon, James Stephen Purdy, Annelie S. H. Purkey, Sandra Elizabeth, 2i Purvis, Donald Ralph, 209 Purvis, James Watson, 209 Purvis, Linda Ellen Purvis, Ralph Elvin Purvis, Warren Leslie Puryear, Linda Norwood, I; Puryear, Marguerite Carol, Putman, John David, 325 Putnam, John A. Putnam, Patsy Nan Putnam, Sheila Sandra, 305 Quarles, Chester L. Quarterman, Charles Palm( 106, 183, 264 Quarterman, Susan Gayle Quick, Charles Michael Quin, Wade Byers Quinn, James L., 197 Quintana, Benjamin A., Jr., Quintana, Edmund Dunn, 3 Quon, Daniel, 305 Quon, Dexter Hong Wing Quon, John Paul Quon, Shun 290 R Rabinowitz, Daniel, 100, 264 Rachedi, Hussein Rackley, Mark Purdon Radford, Jimmy Wayne Redo, ' Charles A., 276 Ragland, Joe M. Ragland, Neva Vane, 215, 2 Ragland, Randy, 305 Ragland, Ronald James ' Ragland, Teresa Gail, 165 Ragsdale, Joan Dell, 215, 3 Ragsdale, John W., 205 Raigins, Kenneth Bell, 290 Raines, David Stratton Rainey, Debra Gay, 325 Rainey, Theodore Hughes, , Ramer, Marianne, 179, 325 0, Ramer, Rebecca Inez, 179, 2 Ramey, Patricia, 102, 215, 3 Ramey, Susan Lynn, 99, 165, Rampy, William Moseley Ramsey, Elizabeth Anne, 16 Ramsey, James Darryl Ramsey, Larhonda Louise, 2 Ramsey, Roy Elgin Randall, Everett Dement, 3 Randall, Lee Wilson, 94, 9 101, 103, 106, 276 Randle, Carver Andrew Randle, William Curtis Randolph, Priscilla M., 169, Rankin, Marianne, 305 Ransom, Vicki Ruth, 104, 189, Ranson, Edward Foley Rapp, Richard H. Rasberry, Cynthia Ann, 215, Rasberry, Teresa Lynne, 215, Rasouli, Kamran, 291 Raspet, Carol Ann Raspet, Richard Raspilair, Howard M., Jr., 3 Ratchford, Martha Ruth, 189 Ratcliff, John Garrett Rather, George Hamilton Rathinam, Jagadishesan Ratliff, Bobby 291 Ratliff, Donald W., 199, 276 Ratliff, James Stanley, 291 Ratliff, Linda C. Ratliff, Linda Murchison, 305 Rausch, John Reid, 325 0 Rausch, Lucy Folkes Ravelo-lnguanzo, Rosa L. Rawlings, John Cary, 167 Rawling, Maurice Scaggs, 2 Rawls, James F. Rawls, Linda Patricia Rawls, William Fred, Jr. Rawson, Lucinda Elizabeth Ray, Austin Fentress, Jr. Ray, Charles Edward Ray, Clell Herman, 276 Ray, Keith W. Ray, Patricia Laverne Ray, William Lindon, 193, 3 William Spencer Rayburn, John Kent, 199 Rayburn, Samuel Thomas Rea, George Robert, 325 Rea, Larry Guy, 264 Read, David Marshall Read, Dennis Todd, 205 Reagan, Ann Ruscoe Reagan, Patricia Sue, 175 Reardon, John Stephen, 276 Reardon, Thomas Joseph, I Rector, Kenneth Bryan, 325 Red, Judy Carol Redd, Ruth Mary Reddy, Narender Pabbathi Redmond, Ivory Redmond, Karen Lynn Redmond, Kathy Jean Reece, Larry Paul, 306 Reed, A. J., Jr., 181, 264 Reed, Garland Randolph, 2 Reed, James Russell, Jr., 264 Reed, Kenneth Harlan Reed, Marion Heloise, 165 Reed, Nina Carol Reed, William Norman, 9 205, 291 Reedy, Robert Townson, 205 Reel, Anton Edmond, Ill Reeves, Barbara Anne, 291 Reeves, George Kendrick, , Rerfkofky, Pamela Ann, 291 Rehm, Irwin Miller Reichel, Sharon Werfelmann Reid, Carlene Shackelford, Reid, Edward Parker Reid, Rebecca Anne, 306 Reid, Shuyler, III, 325 Reid, William Woodrow, , 96, 100, 103, 105, 277 Reifers, Teresa E., 325 Reimer, Jack C. Reimers, Margaret Warren Renovich, William M., Jr., 2 Respess, Gwendolyn Sue, 321 Revere, Robert Ken, 264 Reynolds, Bruce Spencer Reynolds, Harold Eugene, Reynolds, Oscar Dotson, Jr Reynolds, Robert Deloach, Rhaly, Henry ' Crawford, , 106, 107 Rhea, Betty Potts Rhea, David Dewaine Rhea, James Alexander Rhea, Janice Lorette Rhea, Seamon Barry, 209 Rhoades, Gilbert Ross Rhodes, Charles Cottrell, I Rhodes, David Rodger, 193 Rhodes, John Dolph Riales, Sheila Patricia, 277 Rials, Joe McCarley, 306 Roberts, Eugene Leonard, Rice, Elizabeth Ann, 175, 32! Rice, John Harry, 209 Rich, Alton Bruce, 94, 100, 2 Rich, Eugene Carroll, 96 Rich, Mel Hampton, Ill Richard, Earl Warren, 306 Richard, John Marston Richards, Chester Ware, 2 Richard Elayne, 99, 306 Richards, Ken Murray 5 Richard, Nancy Jean, 165 Richardson, Cynthia Sue, IC Richardson, Evelyn Dianne Ri chardson, James Arnold, Richardson, James Dee, Jr., 10, Richardson, John Kittle Richardson, Lawrence Todd Richardson, Marion Leroy Richardson, Robert Lee, 277 Richardson, Shirley J. Richey, Edward Madison Richmond, Daintry Ellen, Richmond, Marga Seal, 3 Ricks, Rickey Jean, 264 Ricks, Robert George, 96, 291 Riddell, Janet Maria, 201 Riddell, Mal Shaw, 277 Riddell, Susan, 306 Riddell, Susan Person, 277 Riddell, William S. Riddick, Robert Owen, Jr Ridge, Larry Olin, 277 Ridley, James Russell, Jr. Ridley, Knox, 205 Rigby, Susan Scruggs, 27 Rigby, William Herman, 277 Riggan, Hal Kenneth, 20 ' Riggan, James Ronald Riggins, Paula Janice, 203 Riggle, Donald Lee, 306 Riggs, Glen A., 277 Riley, Jerry Dale Riley, Mack Watson Riley, Sheila Ann, 264 Riley, William Jefferson Rimmer, Stephen Wales, Risey, John Alfred, Jr. Rish, Martha Faye, 215, Risher, William E. Risley, Thomas Michael, Ritchey, Jacob Marvin Ritchey, Mary Linda, 102 Ritter, Judy Lovette Ritter, Robert Merle, Jr. Ritts, Ralph Spencer Roach, William L., 265 Robards, Rex Edwin Robbins, Brian Scott, 205 Robbins, Cecily, 177 Robbins, Demetria Caple Robbins, Lynn Jordan Robbins, Michael David Robbins, William Derrell Roberson, Laura Lynn, 16t Robbins, Russell E., Jr., Roberson, Sherri Denise, Roberts, Anne Byrn, 177, Roberts, Benny Jerryl, 29 Roberts, Edwin Hayes, Jr Roberts, Ellis Eugene, 29 Robert, Gary Shelton Roberts, Greta Ann, 203 Roberts, James Lamar, Jr Roberts, John David, 30, Roberts, Kenneth Eugene Roberts, Larry Eugene, 26 Roberts, Linda Louise Roberts, Lucile B., 177 Roberts, Mary Katharine Roberts, Richard A., Jr., Roberts, Richard C., Ill, Roberts, Sarah Gay, 99, I Roberts, Steven Drake Roberts, Thomas B., 306 Roberts, Wiltz Richard, Robertson, Charles Ray, J 306 Robertson, Donald Lee Robertson, Edna Kirk, 17 Robertson, George Ervin, Robertson, George H., Ji Robertson, James Thoma Robertson, Leon Levell, Robertson, Robert Henn Robbinson, Barbara Lee, Robinson, Betty Ann, 99, 306 Robinson, Cecilia Strong Robinson, David Wayne Robinson, Edith Allen Robinson, Elbert Wells, Robinson, Elizabeth Dean Robinson, Floyd Lundy, I Robinson, Franklin Scott, Robinson, Garland, 306 Robinson, Guy Addison, Robinson, Gwen, 169, 32 Robinson, John Steven, Robinson, Kenneth L., J Robinson, Larry Marvin Robinson, Martha Burns ' Robinson, Milton F., 306 Robinson, Nan Cary, 201 Robinson, Nancy Jane, 2( Robinson, Sidney A. Robinson, Stewart Craig Robinson, Thomas A. Robison, Chesley Byron Robison, Joy W. Robison, Katherine D., 2, Robison, Robert Wooten Rochester, Laura Lee, 17 ' Rodenhauser, Catherine Rodrigue, Lauren Angel Roe, Larry Alan, 108, 2; Roemer, Charliene Rogers, Bennie Clyde, J Rogers, Betty Grace, 20 Rogers, Charles Louis Rogers, Charles R. Rogers, David Edward, Rogers, Don Odell, Ill, Rogers, Jacqueline H. Rogers, Janet Woodwar Rogers, Jeffrey Burks, 19 Rogers, Malcolm Carroll Rogers, Melinda Lou, 203 Rogers, Michael Eugene Rogers, Margaret Ellis, 100, 101, 106, 277 Rogers, Rebecca Ann Rogers, Rebecca Susan, 179, 325 Rogers, Robert Lamar, Jr. Rogers, Shelby Reece, Jr., 209 Rogers, Van Lewis Rogers, William Wyatt, 193, 291 Romans, David Anthony Romans, Joyce Marie Rood, Ralph Edward Rooks, Robert Ned, 306 Rooks, Willard Henson, 187, 325 , Roper, Richard Blair, 96, 291 Rosamond, William E., 193 Rosato, Peter, Ill Rose, Donald Freddie Rose, James Burson, 96, 205, 291 Rose, Jimmie Wilson Rose, Michael Lee Roselle, David Lenoir, 325 Roseman, Gary Harlan Ross, Elizabeth Lee, 177 Ross, Ernest Donald, 209 Ross, Harold Richard Ross, Jackson Lockwood, Jr. Ross, James Hal, 94 Ross, Joe S. Ross, Lisa Sanders, 177, 325 Ross, Mittie Ann, 306 Ross, Ralph Graeme, 209 Ross, Sarah Marshall, 265 Ross, Walter Eley, Jr., 265 Rosser, Elizabeth A. Roth, Mary Theresa Rougelot, Sidney Benjamin Round, James Burnell, Jr. Rouse, Ronnie Lee, 277 Roush, Donald Howell Roush, Kathleen W. Rousseau, Robert Louis Rovelstad, Martha Kay, 203 Rowland, Clayton Richard Rowland, Danny Ray, 278 Rowland, Guy Ford, 278 Rowland Harold Allen Rowland, Laura Lee Rowland, Rebecca Jane Rowland, Samuel Carson, Ill Rowland, Tommie Lee, 291 Rowland, Wm, Whitman, Jr. Roy, Beverly, 189, 326 Roy, Sandra Jean, 278 Royals, Charles Brookshire Roybal, Mario Joseph, 197 Royston, Jerrylyn, 326 Rubio, Antonio Francisco Rubio, Enrique Matias, 326 Ruby, Roy H. Rucinski, Victoria Regina Rucker, Ernest W., Jr. Rucker, John Burton, 193, 306 Ruff, Guy Philip, 193, 326 Runnels, George Donald, 265 Runnels, Patsy A. Runyan, Rebecca Elizabeth, 203 Runyan, Robert Phillip Ruperd, Jack Ray Rush, Gus A., III, 193, 326 Rush, Lowry, III Rushing, Carole Ann, 278 Rushing, Crystal Harvey Rushing, Michael Thomas, 278 Rushing, Seth Bruner Rushing, Shirley Mae Rushton, Susan Scott, 179 Rusling, McCleland Taylor Russ, Elizabeth Anne, 179 Russ, William Burdette Russell, Charlsie, Lucretia Russell, Dave Alan, 96, 209, 291 Russell, Debbie B., 306 Russell, Douglas Overton, 291 Russell, Earnest Franklin, 306 Russell, James Weeks, 193 Russell, Jane Russell, Joe Wilburn Russell, John Hackett, 211 Russell, Mary Lou, 278 Russell, Merilyn Montie, 326 Russell, Patricia Waldrop, 306 Russell, Ronald Truett Russell, Susan Russell, William Terrell, 211 Russom, Anna Louise, 215, 306 Ruth, Davey Boyd, 100 Rutherford, Kenneth Alan, 94 Rutherford, Wayne Sims Rutland, William Earl J. Rutledge, Kathleen Becker, 177, 306 Ryan, Claire, 177 Ryan, Danny Marvin Ryan, Garrett Patrick, 197, 278 Ryan, Joseph Patrick Saad, Joseph K., Jr., 195 Sacco, Arthur Michael Sadler, James Allen Sadler, John Patton, 291 Sadler, Tommy G. Safley, James Edward Safley, Susan Alice, 187, 278 Salerno, Deborah A. Salerno, Ronald Charles Sallack, William Alden Sallis, Joe Zack Salmon, John Frazier Salter, Victor Eugene Salvo, Cheryl Philene Salvo, Nate A., Ill Sample, John Wood Sams, Robert Edward, 110, 193 Samson, Robert Andrews, 110, Samuels, William Palmer, 326 Sanders, Claude George, 183 Sanders, Claudia Elizabeth, 179 Sanders, David L. Sanders, Donald Wayne Sanders, George S. Sanders, James A. Sanders, Janie Aileen Sanders, Jimmy Harold Sanders, Kaye Ann, 187, 278 Sanders, Marvin Lanier Sanders, Max Percy, 326 Sanders, Melanie L. King Sanders, Robert Evans, 205, 23 Sanders, Ronald Dale Sanders, Stephanie Lenahan Sanderson, Sheila Marie, 189, Sandifer, John Pettey, 96, 193 Sandling, Deborah Joyce Sandy, Suzanne Avent, 326 Sanford, James Robert Sanford, Larry Newton, 292 Sansom, Arthur Ross Sapoch, Madeleine Travis Sapoch, Paul Eugene, Jr. Sarma, Phanidra Nath, 265 Sartain, Ronald William, 199 Sartain, Ruth Carol, 326 Sauchelli, Nicholas A., 292 Saucier, Ben Ladnier Saucier, Charles M., 183 Saucier, Elizabeth Ann, 326 Saunders, Hubbard T., IV, 306 Saunders, James Terry Saunders, Wayne Alan, 306 Sauter, John Pennell Savage, Cynthia Lynn, 104, 106, 278 Savage, Henry L. Savage, John Wilson, Ill Savery, Sally Stower Sawyer, John Emery, Ill Sawyer, Mary Russell Sayle, Elaine Rowland Sayle, Isaac Whitten, 292 Scafide, Jean Smith Scafide, John Andrew Scafidel, Beverly Gwen Scafidel, Jimmy Ray Scales, Clarence Ray, Jr., 292 Scales, John Sidney Scales, Lela Lynn, 292 Scarborough, Irwin M., Jr. Scarbrough, Jan M., 209 Scates, Bonnie Sue Scheffler, Gary Denniss Schenk, Candace Delaney, 201, Schimmel, George Brevik, 183 Schloemer, Charles B., 100 Schlosser, Jay E., 195, 326 Schlosser, John Mason, 278 Schmid, William Arthur, Jr., 3 Schmidt, John Andrew Schmitz, James Michael Schoenberger, Riple Pope Schrader, Dieter Jurgen Schrader, William Thomas Schultz, Martha Karen, 177, 3i Schultze, Harold Walter Schuster, Eric Wallace Schuster, John Michael Schwalenberg, Davy Lee Schwan, Sarah Lucy, 306 Schweder, Virginia Lee, 278 Schweitzer, Bruce C., 197 Scialabba, Peter James, 292 Scott, Barbara Joy Scott, Betsy Smith, 278 Scott, Charles M., Jr., 195, 30f David Andrew Scott, Donald Eugene, 100, 273 Scott, Edward Logan Scott, Janis Marie Scott, Joseph Arthur Scott, Kay Susan Linda Susan, 175 Scott, Mary Lee Scott, Ronald Rayburn Scott, Sidney Patrick Scott, Susan Salisbury, 175 Scott, Victoria Lampton, 189, Scott, William Ewing Scrogham, Joseph Poage, 191 Scruggs, James Anders Scruggs, Robert Stephen Seales, Pauline Seaman, Charles Wilson Searcy, Georgiann, 326 Searight, Candace E., 99, 102, 306 Searight, William Hammond Seat, Dennie Michael, 292 Seat, Susie Sheffield, 326 Seawright, Joseph Power Seay, Clant M. Jones, Jr. Seay, Ethel Louise. 203 Seay, Sam P., 205 See, Cheryl Patricia Segrest, David Ronald, 211, 3 Segrest, Linda Hudson, 106, 278 Segrest, Thomas Louis Seid, Frank, Jr., 265 Selby, Owen Murphy Self, Thomas Henry Sellers, Buford C., Sr. Sellers, Charles Franklin, 211, Sellers, Patricia Anne Selman, William Winsyl, 292 Senften, Theodore M., 108 Sengupta, Sunil Baran Senter, Linda Kelson, 106 Senter, Thomas Graden Serafin, Joel David, 306 Serenko, John Richard Sessums , Janice Dora Settlemires, Richard Aaron, 2 Sexton, Thomas Allen Shackelford, Barbara Moore Shackelford, Dorothy T. Shackelford, Lana Joy, 292 Shaddock, Jimmy Dale, 265 Shah, Niranjan Shamalbhai Shaheen, Daniel Raymond Shaheen, William Henry, 265 Shalles, Siegfried Lee, 107, 108 Shamoon, Mike Mansour Shands, Rodney Edward, 265 Shands, Thomas Andrew, 96, 292 Shannon, Jack Thomas, Jr., 3 Shannon, Robert Jackson, 195, Shappley, William Louis, 103, Sharma, Raghunandan Kumar Sharp, Covington M., 326 Sharp, Deborah Campbell, 326 Sharp, Malcolm S. Sharp, Richard Gary, 181 Shaw, Barbara Kay Shaw, Judy Strowd, 326 Shaw, Robert Glenn Shaw, Sherard Rudolph, Jr., 326 Shaw, Sue Mary Shaw, William Kennedy Shealy, Sonja Kaye, 189 Sheffield, Larry E. Sheffield, Michael Gettis Shelburne, Martha Rose, 165, Shelby, Richard Allan Shelby, Susan Hunter, 189 Shelby, Tommie Lee Shelby, Wil liam Ervin Shell, Claude Edward Shell, John R., Jr., 209 Shelton, Frances L., 203 Shelton, Lee Edward Shelton, Lee Gray, 195 Shelton, Mary Corinne, 179, 2 Shelton, Penny S., 179, 306 Shelton, Randa Sue 326 Shelton, Terry Wayne Shelton, William Edward, 173 Shepard, Dean Avery Shepard, Jack Austin, Jr., 167 Shepphard, Charles Bernard Sherman, Sally Virginia, 179, Sherman, Teresa Lee Sherrard, Marsha Dianne, 201 Shibley, Michael Edward, 26! Shideler, Jana Lee, 201, 292 Shideler: Robyn Kay, 201, 301 Shields, Jesse Kaye Shields, Jessica Lee, 165 Shipley, Phillip Grant Shipp, Dan Shackelford, 265 Shipp, Pamela Anne, 189, 32i Shipp, Thomas Wilson, Jr., 201 Shirley, Ronald Khine Shirley, Stephen Milam, 193 Shivers, Deborah Nell, 215, Shoat, Stephen Witt, 167, 30, Shoaf, Stuart Lee, 167, 326 Shockley, William Gray Shoemake, Danny Thomas, 32 Shoemaker, Forrest Hugh, 26 Shook, Lee Belk Shook, Nancy P., 201 Shook, Patricia Melanie Shores, Edith Darlene, 278 Shores, Janie L. Short, Anne Blanding, 175, 30 Short, Robert M. P. Shorter, Charles Dalton Shows, James Larry Shreve, David Briggs, 211, 27 Shreve, Sally, 177, 326 Shrock, Wirt Fletcher, Jr. Shull, Marsha Lynn, 177 Shull, Charles William Shultz, Jenny Suzanne, 326 Shumaker, Michael Earl Shy, Gregory Robert, 326 Shyu, Shiah-horng Siedell, Rodney Allan, 306 David Wade, 306 , Sigman, Leslie B., 306 Signaigo, Stephen Joseph 3 Sigrest, Sara Marian, 177, Sikes, Thomas Clifton Sikes, Winfrey Mayo, 292 Simmons, Charles Patrick Simmons, Clyde, Douglas, J Simmons, Curtis Daniel, Jr. Simmons, Cynthia Williams Simmons, Frances Ann, 179, Simmons, James Michael, 321 1, Simmons, Linda Joyce Simmons, Ransom Isaiah, 96 Simmons, Ronald Eugene Simmons, Thomas Lynn, 292 Simmons, William Douglas Simmons, William Mark Simms, Susan, 177, 326 Simon, Joseph Charles, 265 Simons, Bradford William Simpson, Elizabeth Grady, 173 Simpson, Glenn Curtis, J r. Simpson, Jack Randall, 307 Simpson, James Kenneth Simpson, Leilas T. Simpson, Robert Lewis, 307 Simpson, Sandra Dale, 187, Sims, Corlea Jeanne, 177, 292 Sims, Jeffrey David, 181 Sims, Kendal, 179, 326 Sims, Lisa, 187, 292 Sims, Mary Burnett Sims, Stanley Elmer, 307 Singletary, Britt, Randal, 292 Singletary, D. J. Singletary, Daniel Lee, 209 Singletary, Douglas B., Jr., 321 Singleton, Katherine Ray, 187, Sinopoli, Charles J., Ill Sipos, Richard Sisk, Paul, 265 Sissell, Nancy Parks, 203, 321 Sistrunk, Deborah Jane, 215, Skelton, Monty Wayne Slabaugh, Stephen Lane, 193, Slack, Beverly Wayne, 307 Slade, Jane Alliston, 107 Slade, William Calvin Slate, Dona Kay Slate, Flora Elzine Slater, Sally Anne, 189, 326 Slatkin, David Joseph Slaton, Samuel Dale 1, Slaughter, James William Slay, Patty Elizabeth, 278 Sledge, Howard Wilson, 326 Sloan, Lynn Miller, 189 William Troy Slocum, Doris McNary Slye, Robert Webster, Jr. , Smith, Alice Marie Smith, Anna Karine, 175, 292 Smith, Barbara Anne, 165, 30; Smith, Barbara Ellen, 278 Smith, Bette Marleen, 307 Smith, Beverly Eugene Smith, Beverly Kathleen, 278 Smith, Bobby Darrel, 326 Smith, Caroline Alwine, 203, : Smith, Charles Denby, Ill Smith, Charles Edward Smith, Charles Lynn, 292 Smith, Charles Moncure, 326 Smith, Cheryl Fae Smith, Cynthia Jane, 203, 30 Smith, Cynthia Joy, 307 Smith, David Lee Smith, Deborah, 326 Smith, Deborah Lynn, 201, 32 Smith, Donald Allen, 197, 26 Smith, Donald Kerr Smith, Donna Carolyn, 292 Smith, Doyle Preston, Jr., 29 Smith, Elsie Leah Smith, Ferr Smith, Ford Wooley, 96 Smith, Garrett Clay, 307 Smith, Garry D. Smith, George Lewis, Jr. Smith, Georgia Kay, 292 Smith, Girlender Smith, Gloria Dowdy Smith, Henry Bartlett, 307 Smith, Hugh Cam, Jr. Smith, James Edwin, Jr., 167 Smith, James Marshall Smith, James ' Michael Smith, Jan Denise, 327 Jane Ellen Smith, Janice, 203, 307 Smith, Jeannie Lanell Smith, Jerry Douglas Smith, John Bryant, Jr. Smith, John Robert, 193 Smith, Juanita Sue, 307 Smith, Karen Ann Smith, Kathy Jo Smith, Larry Dearman Smith, Larry Todd Smith, Lawrence Clifford Smith, Lemuel, Owen, 209 Smith, Lisa Leigh Smith, Linda Ann Smith, Linda Eugenia, 177, 2 ' Smith, Lonnie L., Jr. Smith Lila B. Smith, Margaret Anne Smith, Margo Elizabeth, 307 Mark Provost, 327 Sm ith, Martha Frances Smith, Martha Susan, 292 Sweet, Daniel Carrington Smith, Marvin Girrard Smith, Mary Zollinger, 307 Smith, Maxine Elizabeth, 327 Smith, Mendell W., II Smith, Meta Wilburn, 179 Smith, Michael Earl Smith, Michael Edward Smith, Michael Rousseau, 197 Smith, Nina Burton, 215, 327 Smith, Patricia Anne, 177, 327 Smith, Richard A. Smith, Richard Joel, 211 Smith, Robert Abernathy Smith, Robert Bruce, IV Smith, Robert Daniel, 108, 278 Smith, Robert Howell, 278 7 Smith, Robert Townsend Smith, Ronald Jeffrey Smith, Ronald Stephen Smith, Roy Lee, Jr. Smith, Ruby Diane, 99, 307 Smith, Sandra Adams Smith, Sandra Gale Sandra Sue, 177 Smith, Sidney Alexander, 278 Smith, Stanley George Smith, Stanley Leon, 105, 211 Smith, Steven Keith Smith, Susan Clyde, 175 Smith, Susan P. Smith, Teresa Carmen Smith, Thomas Allen Smith, Thomas Proby Smith, Timothy Timothy Wayne Vaun Harold, 265 Smith, Victor Talmadge Smith, William Bole, III, 292 Smith, William Merdoc, Jr. William R., Jr. Smith, Wyatt Mabry, Jr. Smithvaniz, Sam Palmer Smithvaniz, William Larry, 265 Smothers, David Lloyd, 195, 327 Smythe, Stanford J. Sneed, Harry Avent, 205 Sneed, J. D. Sneed, K. Inette Sneed, Richard Arnold, 292 Sneed, Robert Woodford, 205 Sneed, Tommy Clyde Sneed, William Franklin, 94, 105, 205, 278 Snell, Michael Ray Snellen, Harold G. Eric Denby Snowden, Leland Burnice Snyder, Gary Paul, 327 Snyder, Gretchen Griffiths, 307 Snyder, Paul Maynard, 278 Snyder, Robert Sydney, Jr. Sockwell, Ray Nolan Sombunyaviroj, Rewat, 265 Sommers, Richard Gene, 292 Sones, Charles Ellis, 292 Songy, Dean Michael Soni, Om Parkash Sood, Mohinder, Kumar Soper, Michael Graham Sorrels, William M., Jr., 292 Sours, Jean Gilbert, 175, 307 Southerland, Sharman, 165 Sowell, Stephen Lynn, 278 Spann, Julius Velton Sparkman, Lester Earl, 181 Sparks, Catherine Timbes Sparks, David Rowe Sparks, James Olin Sparks, Judith Carol, 187 Sparks, William C., Jr. Spaulding, Robert, 307 Speake, Martha Jane, 177, 327 Speakes, Julia 177, 327 Spears, Billy Gene Speed, Donald Clerod Speed, Marvin Bennett, 205, 327 Speer, William Patrick, 205 Speights, Amelia Faye, 327 Speisman, Leonard William Earl, Jr. 7 Spence, Mary Jo, 201, 327 Daniel Curtis Spencer, Linda Kay, 292 Spencer, Robert Franklin Spiegelberg, Frank J., Jr., 265 Spillers, Robert Michael Spinks, George Milas Spinks, James David Spotts, Susan Anne, 175, 327 Sprabery, Donald Lee Spradling, Janice Morris Stack, Charles Stephen Stack, Gloria Elaine Stacks, Clyde Wilson, Jr. Stacks, Gary David Charles Rolland, 211 Stafford, Cherie Hona, 110, 292 Roger Mack Staggers, Billy Buck, 103, 110, It Stahl, John 307 Stahnke, James Edward, Jr. Stallings. Danny Lee Stallworth, Clementine Lea, 179, 3 Stallworth, John Clement, 96, 21 Stanford, Stephen Arnold, 195 Stanley, Charlton Sumner Stannard Vicki, 201 Staples, Ethel Lobdell, 278 Starmann, Robert Koehl Starnes, Barbara M. Starnes, Deidra Irene, 187, 327 Starnes, Ted Eugene Starr, William Dennis, 307 Staryk, Jonathan Peter, 195 Staten, Gary Lee Staton, William Clyde Stead, Alma Henley Stechmann, Beverly Claire, 109, 292 Steele, Barbara Jane J. Steele, Brenda Spence Steele, Gerald Stephen, 278 Steele, John Philip Steele, Linda Katherine Steen, George Anderson Steen, Margaret Frances Steen, Martha Susan, 292 Steen, Ronald Gene Stigall, Guy Milton, Jr., 292 Stegall, Kenneth James, 199 Stegall, Linda Steven Ray, 199, 278 Stegall, Susan Fitts, 179, 307 Stein, James Russell, 278 Stein, Nina Llewellyn Steinberger, Karl Roy, 307 Steiner, Kenneth Keith, Jr. Steinriede, Robert Wade, 193 Stemen, John Victor, 197, 307 Stengel, Mary Matilda, 169 Stephenson, C. Keith Stephenson, Paul Houston, 193, 327 Sterling, Charles Edward Sterling, Georgia Catherine, 327 Sterling, Ladonna Spires Stern, Gary Otto Stevens, Geneva Kathleen Stevens, Jack K., 183 Stevens, John A., 167, 292 Stevens, Johnny Dwight, 292 Stevens, Philip Michael, 327 Stevens, Susan Bell Stevenson, Leo J. Stevenson, Ruth Ashford Steward, Ruby Ondeen Stewart, Billy Hugh, 292 Stewart, Bradford M. Stewart, David Lee, 327 Stewart, George Brunus Stewart, John Polk, 193 Stewart, Louie Mark Stewart, Michael Wayne Stewart, Phyllis Joanne, 169 Stewart, Raymond Lon, 211 Stewart, Thomas Hansel) Stewart, Thomas Hunter Stewart, Varner Hines Stickney, Lynn Alexis, 203 Stiedle, Anita Jean, 187, 292 Stier, Richard Carter, 327 Stiles, Billy Still, James Claude, Jr., 211, 278 Still, Leslie Wayne, 211, 327 Still, Malcolm Dennis, 211, 292 Stineman, Richard Lee Stogner, William Wayne, 278 Stokes, Cynthia Vivian Stokes, James Paskel Stokes, Martha Mitchell, 175, 327 Stokes, Patricia Ann, 189 Stokes, Richard David, Jr., 167 Stoltz, Rosemary, 165, 278 Stoltz, Wendel ' Coleman, 265 Stone, Addison Johnston, 205, 327 Stone, Althea Mae Stone, David Alan, 327 Stone, Donna Newsom Stone, Eugene Carroll, 181 Stone, Hoke Billingsley Stone, Janet Ann, 175, 327 Stone, John H., III, 205 Stone, Martha D. B. Stone, Richard Paul, 195, 307 Stone, Sandra A. Pruitt Stone, Sherry Lynn, 327 Stone, Susan Elizabeth Stonebraker, Rita Eliz, 177, 292 Storey, Kenneth Wayne Story, Mary Houston, 187, 327 Stovall, Kenneth Lewis Stovall, William Gilbert Stover, Robert Charles Stowers, Ronald Elton Strachn, Michael Edward, 278 Strain, Charles Richard, Jr., 327 Stratton, Georgia, 107, 187, 278 Straub, Janet Lee, 203 Straub, Terence Marshall Straub, William David, 197 Strawbridge, James Bernard, 307 Strawbridge, James R., Jr., 292 Strawbridge, Peggy Ezell Strawbridge, William C. Street, Frank Smith, 205 Street, Joe Bryan, 278 Streety, Lewis Edward, Jr. Streicher, Charles Wilhelm, 265 Streicher, Cheryl Ann, 187, 292 Strickland, Frederick P., Jr. Strickland, Merritt S., 193 Strickland, Patricia Ann 7 Strickland, Robert F. Stringer, Scott Carroll Michael Dennis, 327 Strom, Gordon Bertram, Jr., 167 Strong, James Randall, 307 Strong, Lawrence Dello Virginia W., 278 Stroud, Arthur Ralph, Jr., 195 Stroud, Linda Diane, 292 Stuart, Alice Lynn Betty Louise, 278 Stuart, Ellis Carroll, Jr. Stuart, James Burnham, III Stuart, James Keith Stuart, Jo Ann, 179, 327 Stuart, Julia Gaylon Stuart, Mitchell Direll Stuart, Robert Bruce, 327 Stubblefield, Nina Clare, 17 Stubblefield, William H., 2 Stubbs, Thomas Jackson Stubbs, William Terrell, 211 Stuckey, Victor Edward Stuckey, Waldo Sterling, 265 Studdard, Andrew, 278 Studdard, John English, 96, Studdard, Vernon Aaron Sturdivant, Louis William Sturdivant, Syria Frances Sturdivant, Thomas Rogers Styron, Jonathan Overby, I Suares, Ann Marie, 177, 293 Sudduth, Andrea Willie, 175 Sudduth, Kenneth Woods Sudduth, Marian Ruth, 293 Sue, Jone Mon Sugg, Samuel C., Jr., 193, 3 Sullivan, Annette Irene Sullivan, Barry Stephen, 195 Sullivan, Cathryn Anne, 203 Sullivan, Charles Lester, 293 Sullivan, Dorothy Hope, 278 Sullivan, James Forrest Sullivan, James Kenneth Sullivan, Jane Carolyn, 106, 278 Sullivan, Micheal Ward Sullivan, Samuel R., 167, 327 Sullivan, Thomas James Sullivant, Sally Stone, 175, 3 Sulser, Floyd Melvyn, 209 Summers, Kathryn Isabel, 1E Suratt, Robert M. Surmacz, Sharon Claire, 203 Surrette, Rebecca Carol, 327 Sutherland, Charlie T., 293 Suttle, Thomas Henry, Jr., 2 Swain, Mary Pamela Swain, Stephen Middleton, 2 Swaney, Scott Conway, 279 Swaney, Walker James, 211, Swayze, Philip Edmond, Jr., Sweat, Andrew Donaldson, I Sweat, Thomas Laney, Jr., 2( Sweeney, Edwin Thomas Swilley, Terry Alan, 199 Swink, David Carl, 293 Swinney, John W. Swint, Jon Alan, 181 Swords, Deborah Ann, 110, 3 Swords, Georgina Pace Sykes, Carey Sue, 110, 293 Sylvester, Deborah Jan Tabor. William Earl, III Tackett, Alice Lynn, 307 Tackett, Jimmy Killies Taff, Thomas Michael, 307 Taft, Gary Dwain Taft, Janet Lynn Talarico, Demetria Diane Talbert, Elizabeth Joanne Talbert, Eugenia Adeline, 2 Talbert, Frances Susan, 279 Talbert, Patricia Ann, 327 Talbot, William Allen Tallant, Cathy Dale, 175, 29: Tallant, Kenneth Scott, 211 Talley, Merle Ray, Jr. Tam, Lena Tam, Vance Tan, Hsiao Ming Tanner, Gaines Chauncey, Tanner, Jane Ballenger Tanner, Tommie Lennis, 29. Tape, Joe Lindsey, 307 Tapscott, Melrose Tapscott, William M. Tarpley, Neil Adair Tate Betty B. Tate, Debra Jean Tate, Lemuel Hugh, Jr., 29 Tate, Melne Ann, 165 Tate, Cecelia Mildred, 307 Tate, Roger Dees, Jr., 106, Tatum, Ben Patrick, 103 Tatum, Deborah, 177, 327 Tatum, John Hargrove Tatum, Jonnie Sue, 109 Tatum, Julien Rundell, 279 Tatum, Paula Kaye Taylor, Alonzo H., III, 209 Taylor, Austin Leroy Taylor, Benjamin F. Taylor, Bobbye Bobo, 189 Taylor, Charles Glenn, 327 Taylor, Connie Sue Taylor, David Provosty, 205 Taylor, Deanna Alburta, 32 Taylor, Edmund, W., II, IE Taylor, Emily Ann, 201, 307 Taylor, F. Wayne Taylor, Glenn Gates, 167, Taylor, Gustav Arthur, 96, Taylor, Harold Gregory, 2i Taylor, James Bailey Taylor, John Harrison, 181 Taylor, Linda Catherine Taylor, Linda Ethel, 293 Taylor, Marion Peek Taylor, Melvon Taylor, Ned R. Taylor, Patricia Diane, 30 ' 17 Taylor, Rodney Alan, 205 Taylor, Stanley Leroy, Jr Taylor, Sylvia Hartwell Taylor, Thomas Edward Taylor, Vicki Lynn, 189 Teague, Alison Stoddart, Teague, Patricia Mellor Tedford, Dixie June, 327 Temple, Linda Louise, 215 Temple, Merle Woodard, Temple, Robert Leroy Temple, Van C., Jr., 265 Templeton, Janice Lee, Tenny, Earl Wallace, 167 Terracin, Steven Wayne Terracina, Charles Gene Terry, Margie Estelle, 27 Terry, Marilyn Dent, 187 Terry, Robert James, 199 Testa, Joseph Paul Tew, Mark Douglas, 94, 107, 108, 167, 279 Tewell, Charlotte Olivia Thames, Thomas M., 96, I Thames William Henry Tharp, Charles Presley, Ji Tharp, Cynthia Gail, 201 Theis, Gary Anthony Thena, Sheryl Suzanne, 2 Theobald, Robert Davis, Therrell, John Simeon, II Therrell, Judy Diane Thiac, Jeanne Marie, 30 17 Thigpen, Monroe David, Thigpen, Samuel Grady, Thomas, Cecelia Regina Thomas, Charlotte Ann Thomas, Dennis Michael, Thomas, Elvis Lee Thomas, Eva Laura, 179, Thomas, Jack Anthony Thomas, James Robert Thomas, James Talbert, Thomas, Janet Carol Thomas, Joseph Edward )7 Thomas, Joseph Grant, Thomas, Katherine Thomas, Martha C. Thomas, Michelle B. Thomas, Nancy Burdette Thomas, Paul Stein, III Thomas, Russell James Thomas, Sandra Diane Thomas, Stephanie Geor Thomas, Thomas Raymon Thomas, William Dalton Thomason, David Dallas, Thompson, Brenda Gail, Thompson, Daniel Josep Thompson, Edward C., J Thompson, Elden Jan Thompson, Eulastine Ma Thompson, Gregory S. Thompson, James Carlos Thompson, James Grant, Thompson, John David Thompson, Lawrence B. Thompson, Leslie Glen Thompson, Margaret Ann Thompson, Michael Hick Thompson, Mina Ross Thompson, Neal Lewis, Thompson, Patti Hamilton Thompson, Susan Donna Thompson, Walter W., ' Thomson, Joseph Wilmo Thorburn, Douglas B. Thorn, Nancy Baldwin, Thornhill, David Laroy Thornton, Albert M., 327 Thornton, Harbert T., III Thornton, John Joseph, Thornton, John William Thornton, Julia Harmon, Thornton, Kenneth Jerrel Thornton, Marie, 189 Thornton, Marsha Lynn Thornton, Nancy Helen, Thornton, Rhoda Gayle, Thornton, Tommy Curtis, Thrash, Gary Dale, 197, Threet, Charles Lowell, Thurmond, Roy Clark Tickle, Jack Ronald Tidwell, Dwight Clifford Tidwell, James Arthur Tidwell, John McCain Tidwell, Katherine McCa Tidwell, Sharon Lynch Till, Alan Wayne, 279 Tiller, Rebecca Ruth, 328 Tillman, Larry Jaubert, 2 Tillman, Linda Carolyn Tillman. Marianne Byhar Tims, Otis Tindall, Frank L., Jr., 3 Tinnin, Brent Bollinger, 2 579 Tinnin, Mary Beth, 328 Tinsley, Sammy Jay Tipton, Florence Bright, Tipton, Nancy Carol, 3 Tipton, Raymond Edward, 301 Tittle, William M., III, 279 Todaro, Michael Carl Todd, Charles Rodney Todd, Terrell Lindsey, 293 Todd, William Richard Tolbert, Billie Eugene, 211, 321 Tolbert, Elias Lake, 211, 308 Tolchin, Neal L. Toler, Thomas Golding, 293 Tollison, Edward E., 205 Tollison, Grady F., Jr., 94 Tomlinson, Anne Goree, 189, Tomlinson, Judie Ann Tomlinson, Robert Lee, 211 Ton, Gregory Alan, 328 Toney, Lillian, 104, 107, 215, Tonos, John Michael, Jr., 18 Tooke, Mary Ardis Tool, Dennis Casler Tool, Ruth Johnson Grafton, Marjorie E. Torgerson, Larry Donald Torrey, Burke Simmons, 279 Totten, Dan Clem, 173 Townes, Katherine Allen, 187 Townley, Jenny Lou, 169, 293 Townsend, Huey L. Townsend, James Lamar, 103 167, 279 Townsend, James Riley, 328 Townsend, John Herndon Townsend, Phyllis Ann, 102, 113 Townsend, William Lynn, 96 Townsley, Charles Marvin Tracey, Sharon A. Tramel, James Edward, III Tramel, Lynn Nelson, 193, 32 Trammell, Carmen Jane, 187 Tramonte, James Albert, 308 Trapp, Frank W., 94 Trapp, Roxie Carpenter Trapp, Wendell, Holmes, Jr. 209 Traughber, Ewing Berkley Traughber, Gary Matt, 279 Travis, Patricia Ann Trayal, Charles Motti Treadway, Frances Virginia, IC Treadway Stanley Michael, Treloar, Mae Rutherford Tremmel, Cheryl Kathryn Treppendahl, Adolph W. Trevor, Earl Richard, 199 Tribble, Anita Lou Trimble. Sidney Stratton, 18 ' Triplett, Lura Nell, 189, 279 Trivette, William S " . Trott, Judith D. Trotter Isaac Stone, 328 Trotter, James Edwin Trotter, William C., Ill Trousdale, Eugenia Dowling Trout, George Calvin Trout. Tom Roy, 211 Trowell, Soila Leara, 279 Troy, Dennis James Trussell, Robbie L. Gee, 109 Tsai, Charles Ming-Hsiao, 2E Tsang, Albert Cheuk-Kei, 30 Tseng, Herng Huei Tubb, Thomas Murray, 96, 10] Tubbs, William Robert, 293 Tucci, Michael Joseph, 308 Tucker, Alfred Thomas, Jr., Tucker, Ann Bowen, 308 Tucker, Ann Brewer, 99, 102 308 Tucker, Barbara Jane Tucker, Barry Duane, 328 Tucker, Charles Edward, 308 Tucker Dan Tyree, 195 Tucker, Edith Louise Tucker, Hilda Kay, 175, 293 Tucker, James Gibson, 181 Tucker, John Anthony Tucker, John Asa, Jr., 167 Tucker, Ronald Wayne Tucker. Samuel Lee, 265 Tucker, Sue Ellen Tucker, Tracy Ann, 215, 328 Tucker, Vicki Dianne, 328 Tuholski, Betty Jane Tully, Joseph Merit, Ill Tumey, Samuel Murry Tung, Tery Tsu Kuo Turbeville, Michael E., 205 Turkal, Dennis Warren, 197, Turnage, John David Turnage, Smith McRae Turner, Amelia Anne, 179 Turner, Brenda Gail Turner, Dennis Bruce Turner, Eloise Nadine, 308 Turner, Gary Errol, 328 Turner, Herschel Larry turner, Janie S. Turner, Joseph Kennedy Turner, Ken Harper, 209 Turner, Laura Ellen Turner, Martha Rhodes, 106, Turner, Osborn Jones, IV, 19 Turner, Sammie Patricia, Turner, Scott Stewart, 328 Turner, Sibley Neel, 167, 308 Turner, Thomas Arnold, 103, Turner, Thomas Dewey Turner, Tommy Brooks Turner, William Henry Turpen, Fred Medford, 197 Tutor, Billy Glen Tutor, Hubert Lane, 279 Tutor, Phillip Lynn, 103, 279 Tutor, Thomas Brooks, 209, 308 Tuttle, Jerry Frank Twente, Michael Edwin Twiford, Frances Dill Twiford, David Andrews, 193 Twiford, Horace Hunter, Ill Twiford, James Rainer, 193, 328 Twitty, Bert John, 279 Tyler, Daniel Eugene, 211 Tyler, Frances L. Tyner, Thomas Ward U Ulmer, Jerald Leonard, 328 Ulmer, John Robert Ulmer, Mary Ann Ulmer, Michael Wayne Umashankar, Korada Renu Umholtz, Clyde Allan Underwood, Andrew J., Jr. Underwood, John C., Jr. Underwood, Wanda Lynn, 201, 29: Unglesby, Gail Hoy Unglesby, Lewis Owens Upham, Edward Dumonn Uram, Laura Ann, 189 Urbanek, Aurelia Winifred, 265 Urrechaga, Eugenio Altuna, 265 Ursic, Michael Richard, 211, 328 Utley, Richard Dee, 110 V Vaccaro, John Benedict, 328 Vail, Lan Smith, 211 Vails, Robert Wayne ' Valentine, Selmer Louis, 279 Valentine, Steven Smith, 96, 21 328 Valentine, William Dennis, 308 Valle, Miguel A. I Van, Deman James Edward Vanveghel, Paul F., 308 Vance, Dean Jefferson Vance, James Scott, 167, 308 Vance Valerie, 279 Vandeman, Verna Jean Vandernaillen, Catharine, 203, 32 Vandervoort, Keith Francis, 181 Vandevender, Sallie S., 175 Vandevender, William J., 205 Vandivort, Jane Putnam, 293 Varadarajan, V. V., 265 Vasil, Michael Thomas Vassallo, George Castner, 199, 26 Vaughan, Beverly Winn, 279 Vaughan, James Gordon, Jr. Vaughan, Kenneth Auten Vaughn, Pamela C., 328 Vaughan, Ronald Joseph, 308 Vaughn, Danny Ross Vaughn, Marcia Joy Vaught, Charmian Elizabeth, 10 177 Veazey, Burney Soloman, Jr. Veazey, Katherine Pack, 265 Venable, Deborah Lynn Verheeck, Kenneth Steven Verheeck, Sharon Diane Vermilya, Jeananne, 203, 328 Vest, Mark Perry, 279 Vest, Pam, 179, 328 Vick, John Timothy Vickers, James Donald Vickery, Thomas Michael Villanea, Marta E. Vincent, Cynthia Gay Vincent, Karen, 203 Vincent, Nancy Candace, 189, 3C Vincent, Sandra, 175, 328 Vinson, George M. Michael Cooper Vinson, Patricia Ann Vinson, Tommy Lynn, 94, 96, IC 107, 211, 279 Voge, Dennis Wayne Vogt, Eugene Waldemar, 209 Voss, Hilton Noel Vowell, Allen West Voyadjakis, Homer, 265 Voyles, C. Randle, 211, 293 w Wade, Ann Geraid, 177 Wade, Darilynn, 189, 328 Wade, Dennis, 293 Wade, John Alexander Wade, Johnetta Bernadette Wade, Lawrence Douglas Wade, Mary Sue, 279 Wade, Myra Jean, 328 Wade, Patricia Ann, 99, 102, 18 308 3 Wade, Phillip Andreth 3 Wade, Sara Thomason Wade Susan Estelle, 328 Wadlington, Bedford W., III Wadlington, James Foster, I ' 328 Wadlington, James Foster, 195, Wages, Sandra Lee, 179, 293 Wagle, Abdulrehman I. 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Wight, Sheryl Denise Wilbanks, Judith Elaine Wilbanks, Nelda Jean, 309 Wilbanks, Thomas Horace, 2f Wilborn, James Gayle Wilborn, Joseph Burnell, 211 Wilborn, Noell Lee, 179 Wilburn, Joey Lee, 280 Wilcox, Gerald John Wilder, David Eugene, 100, I Wilemon, William Roy, Sr. Wiley, Jimmy Lee Wiley, Julie Annette, 201, 31 Wilkey, Freddy Vernon, Jr. Wilkey, Virgil Nathan Wilkie, Martha Grace, 280 Wilkins, J. Philip, 266 Wilkins, James Arthur Wilkins, Janalee Holley Wilkins, Lindy Diana, 187 Wilkins, Priscilla Ann Wilkins, Shawn Michael Wilkins, Virginia Grace, 309 Wilkinson, Horace E., III, 21 Wilkinson, Jack R., III, 167 Wilkinson, Jauwiece Mims Wilkinson, Jerry Ellis Wilkinson, Judith L. Wilkinson, Patti Lynn, 177, 330 Wilkinson, Robert Morris, 96, 21 309 Wilkinson, Ruth Cooper, 189 Wilkinson, William E., 100 Williams, Arthur Lee Williams, Arthur Pearce, 167, 29 Williams, Bill, 330 Williams, Bradley Verne, 293 Williams, Carole Ann Williams, Carolyn Larnita, 309 Williams, Charles Edward Williams, Charles Hartwell, 330 Williams, Charles Leslie Williams, Daniel Timothy, 293 Williams, Danny Robert, 309 Williams, Diana Lynn, 169, 309 Williams, Doris Jean Williams, Douglas Ray Williams, Eddie Clark, 309 Williams, Edward Groner, 330 Williams, Elizabeth Ann Williams, Fletcher J., Jr., 280 Williams, Frances Hinson Williams, Gary Neil Williams, Harry Theo Williams, Henry F., 330 Williams, James Emmett Williams, James Rayford, Jr. Williams, Jennifer Lind Williams, John Gayle, 280 Williams, John Michael Williams, Joseph Rex, 330 Williams, Judy Lynn, 175 Williams, Kathryn Fugate, 109, 17 293 Williams, Larry Lamar Williams, Larry Michael Williams, Laura Jane, 280 Williams, Margaret Ann 169 Williams, Mark Henderson Williams, Olivia, 179 Williams, Patrcia, 187, 309 Williams, Patricia Ann, 165 Williams, Patricia Lee, 203, 330 Williams, Patricia Nason Williams, Perry Lynn Williams, Polly Franklin Williams, Robert Doyle Williams, Robert Lee, 330 Williams, Robert R., Jr. Williams, Rosanne Carol Williams, Sylvia Joan, 330 Williams, Teresa Elizabeth Williams, Thomas Davidson Williams, Thomas E. Williams, Thomas Gary, 280 Williams, Thomas Glenn Williams, Trevor Eifler Williams, Wilder Eugene Williams, William P. Williams, Woodrow Calvin, 294 Williamson, Brenda Hill, 189 Williamson, Frances Ann, 330 Williamson, Gerald Gail Williamson, James Kenneth, 266 Williamson, Lester F., Jr., 193, 33 Williamson, Louise Cherry, 330 Williamson, Reba Faye Williamson, Richard Allen Williamson, Sara Sue, 330 Williford, Doxie Kent Williford, Robert Evans Willingham, Brenda Denice, 330 Willis, Burnice Neal Willis, Sara Beth Willis, Tommy Harold Willshire, Mary Jane, 99 Willson, David, 309 Willson, Sam F., III, 167 Wilmans, Mary Matilda, 309 Wilmesherr, Edward Allen Wilroy, Mary Margaret Wilson, Ann Hamblet, 177, 309 Wilson, Arlette Carol, 99, 109, 3C Wilson, Betty Bush, 294 Wilson, Constance Bruton Wilson, David E., 309 Wilson, Henry Kyser, Jr., 167 Wilson, Herbert Wayne, 294 Wilson, Jack D. 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Gerald, 211 Winters, Claudine, 109 Winters, Susan Patricia, 33( Winther, Richard Lew Winthrop, John Robert Wirth, Eugene ' Craig, 330 Wise, Helen Elisabeth Wise, Mark, 280 Wiseman, Cynthia Sue Wislocki, Sandra Lee Wislocki, William Joseph Witherington, Charles B., 3 Withers, John David Withers, Wanda Lane Witt, Karen Laurene Witt, Martha Victoria, 177, 7 Witt, William Arnold Florence Elizabeth, Witty, Fred Marshall Witty, Susan Rebecca John Thomas, Witmeyer, Kurt ' John Wolaver, Kathryn Lee, 203 Wolf, Charles Godfrey Wolfe, Deborah Elizabeth, Wolfe, Pamela Ann, 109, 309 Wolfe, Randolph Pierce, 19: Wolfe, Sidney Faye, 309 Womack, David Judson Womack, Nancy Elaine, 165 Womble, Annette, 294 Womble, Jannette, 294 Wong, Andrew Chiwang, 107, 280 Wong, Betsy Ann, 99, 309 Betty Jo, 330 Wong, Brunswick Royalton Catharyn Jean, 109, Wong, Joann Maria Wong, Joann Maria, 330 Wong, Margaret, 309 Wong, Patricia Jack, 109, Woo, Edward Woo, James Sue Don Woo, Jimmy Taw, 294 Wood, Ann Brown Wood, Charles Andrew, 331 Wood, Charles Griffin Wood, David ' Clinton, 195 Wood, Donald Frederick Wood, Frank Alton, Jr., 18: Henry David, 280 Wood, Hugh Michael Wood, Jack Keith Wood, Julia Barboro Wood, Lynn Ganier, 175, 29, Wood, Mary Eliz, 187, 330 Wood, Pamela Jo Robert Christopher, Woodall, James Edward, I Woodall, Linda Carol Woodbury, Jacqueline M., Woodbury, Marilyn, 189 Woodbury, Nancy Elaine, I Woodell, Richard Nolan Woodell, Thomas Nolan Woodham, Cathy Ann, 309 Woodliff, Dan Morse, 94, 96 Woodruff, James Neil Woods, Donna Adrienne Miriam Eldon, 177, Woods, Roger Douglas Woods, William David Woods, W illiam Weldon, 1 Woodward, Carolyn M. Woodward, Hanson Mark Woodward, Marsha Nan Woody, Roy Houston, Ill, Woodyard, William Howar 330 Woolcot, Rebecca Robinson Woolley, John Clifton, 195 Woolly, Janis Sue, 106, 107 Wooten, David Ralph, 294 Wooten, Stephen Spencer, : Wooten, Thomas Franklin, Jr., 167, 294 Word, Margaret Lee, 189, 294 Word, Jorja Suzanne Worley, Charlotte Coker Worley, Jefferson M., 205 Worley, Robert Louis, 330 Worsham, Anthony Gail, 280 Worsham, Charlotte Ruth, 215, 330 Worthen, George W., Jr., 209 Worthen, Janis. Lynn, 177, 294 Wray, Danny Norris, 294 Wright, Bonita Cheryl, 294 Wright, Charles Clifton Wright, Charles W., Jr. Wright, Cheryl Josephine, 203, 280 Wright, Creekmore B., Jr. Wright, Douglas Martin Wright, Eddy Howard Wright, Gloria Maxine Wright, John Ricken Wright, Joseph Walter Wright, Letitia Parham, 280 Wright, Lynn Anna, 330 Wright, Patrice Irene, 109, 309 Wright, Robert Price, 193 Wroten, Lynn Burns Wu, Yun-Tai, 266 Wuethrich, Chris Allen Wunderlich, Raymond C., 330 Wyatt, Derek Arthur, 205 Wyatt, James Michael Wylie, Alva Lewis Wynne, George French, 195, 330 Y Yancey, Rolland Lavant Yancy, Peggy Jo, 309 Yandell, Beverly, 201, 330 Yandell, Phyllis Anne, 201, 294 Yang, Chin-Hsing, 266 Yang, Ming Keng, 266 Yarborough, Richard F., Jr., 330 Yarbrough, Joseph Scott Yarbrough, Linda Gail, 165 Yarbrough, Paula Kay, 330 Yates, Joseph W., III, 266 Yates, Lina, 175, 309 Yates, Thomas Daniel Yates, William Hilliard, 193, 309 Yau, Eddie Tintai Yawn, Emmett Rodney Yawn, Richmond Wesley Yee, Becky, 280 Yoder, Jeffery Cordell York, Elizabeth Ann Young, Allan Reid Young, Alson Alan, 294 Young, Bergy Bonds, 330 Young, Charles Franklin, 193, 330 Young, Doris Etta Young, Dorothy E. Young, Frank Young, Harper Mathis Young, Harry Culeon, Ill Young, James Weakley, III, 330 Young, Janie, 215, 309 Young, John William, 294 Young, Johnny R. Young, Joseph Spencer, 209, 330 Young, Leslie Glen, 99, 102, 179 Young, Linda Lee Young, Patricia West, 294 Young, Philip Mitchell, 211 Young, Philip Stewart Young, Robert Brooks Young, Robert James, 266 Young, Robert P., 96 Young, Roland Kenneth, 167 Young, Shirley Ruth, 330 Young, Virginia Lee Youngblood, Flex Rhodes, Jr. Youngblood, William J. Youree, Linda Margaret, 309 Yu, Kuo-Ching, 266 Yu, Kuo-Shien Shellung Yung, Kai Ning z Zachary, Francis T., Jr., 205 Zad-Behtouie, Bahram Zand, Yazdani Fathali Zeidman, Arthur Martin, 266 Zellner, Fletcher G., Ill Zeringer, Hallye Elizabeth, 294 Zernechel, Ted Jacob Ziller, Clara Louise, 175 Zink, David Charles Zink, Esther Laurel Zinn, Betty Lou, 215, 330 Zizman, Hans Zuccaro, Anthony Edward, Jr., 309 Tomorrow—A brighter day? Dan Woodliff—Asst. Editor Claiborne Barksdale—Copy Editor Honoraries—Julie Hines Greeks—Julia Thornton Academics—Nancy Johnson Organizations—Tricia Allen Jane Barnes Military—Sammy Moon Student Government—Deb Davidson Leslie Young Steve Edds—Editor Dick Molpus—Business Manager Classes—Beth Mestayer Keith Bridgeforth Melanie Molpus Sports— Gordon Meador Parade of Beauties and Favorites— Bill Reed Billy Shappley Contracts—Mike McDonald Advertizing—Tommy Tutor Photographers—Paul Moak Bob Wright Dick Molpus, Business Manager, and Linda Jaeger, secretary. Dan Woodliff, Assistant Editor. Paul Moak, Bob Wright, and Walt Mixon, Photographers. Years come and go, and as we grow older they all seem to blend together. Ole Miss 1970-71 was little different from those years of the past. Most of us will remember this year only as having been the year of Archie Manning. Yet, 1970-71 was also the year of a seemingly never ending war in Indochina, continu- ing air and water pollution which threaten to choke our cities and nation, and the senseless murders of students within our own state. It was also the year of a catastrophic disaster in Pakistan, the bombing of our nation ' s Capitol, and continued starvation and rampant crime around the corners from our own homes. It is time for Ole Miss to realize that we are part of a larger world that has little time to care for rebel flags and never ending football weekends. Time has come for an awakening in Mississippi and on our campus, and for the realization that the problems of our neighbors across the street and around the world are also ours. The hour is approaching midnight and we can no longer afford to hesitate. If we fail, one day we will awake to find war and a stagnant society on our own front steps. The 1971 Ole Mks in its own small way has tried to face a few of these problems. If it causes just one person to take time to look at his world and to spend one moment in thought, it will have accomplished its purpose. Steve Edds Editor

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