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Text from Pages 1 - 373 of the 1969 volume:

, | , u JAIeVinfd The 1969 Ole Miss is another in a line of fine annuals printed by Benson Printing Company of Nashville. The traditions are here, but given a new polish from the bubbling minds of this year ' s staff. This yearbook is definitely unique for many rea- sons. A dynamic-type layout seems to sup- ply action for most of the 396 pages. More color in the Opening and Features highlight those sections. The Academics section supplies statements straight from the mouth of the Chancellor and the Aca- demic Deans. And, for the fun-lovers, the Classes section is spiced with intermit tent pictures with cut captions. The whole purpose of the annual is to portray Ole Miss as it really is: Not the snide, political hotbed described in the pages of Sports Illustrated, the minit-julep sipping student body of antebellum days that the New York Times portrayed or the orgy-fied party-school picture in the minds of mothers of our beloved Mississippi. The 1969 Ole Miss staff has firm reason to believe you will enjoy this annual now and for many years to come. YJall `NIll [Is Opening Section Leadership Division Student Government Honoraries Features Division Activities Division Military 106-129 Organizations 130-153 Greeks Division 154-217 Athletic Division The University Division Academics and Administration 262-287 Classes 288-359 Ads 360-393 Last Word 394-396 40-60 61-83 84-105 a g 4 I ► I` , Volt Irv I 1 it • AIII " 11 116111 410 • s.4 Ars ars or (at 44 ito MP! 1,0 College days are full of starting gates and initial begin- nings. Freshmen arrive, leaving home for the first time, and...The eye of Ole Miss begins its watch over a new flock. These days of youthful change are gradually formed into the beginnings of a career, a marriage, and a whole process of living vitally enriched by contact with the Un- iversity of Mississippi. ABOVE RIGHT Students seem to be grasping for something. ABOVE spend half my life waiting in line. LEFT thought this was a party school! 7 Lit 19 In the following pages, you will receive a vivid look into what makes the University of Mississippi a place that lives on in the minds of all who have attended it. This southern- based institution, as well-known as the lar- gest school in the Big-Ten, is a function of many diverse ingredients: drawling and ex- uberant, serious and carefree, nervous and relaxed, existing together under the soft breeze, 01 ' Man River and that Lucky Ole Sun to form an infallible combination of youth- ful eternity and greatness. TOP MORGAN That spells Super-Mouth. BELOW Countless expressions show all types of attitudes. 8 � ' mff 12 13 I6 18 19 20 ° A En MT 11, it I 21 (J ANL Asimmia, A 24 it -0.1„4.4,444, 25 ( 2 6 This season is the best time of the year -for everything except studying. It ' s a lazy sort of time on campus as flowers start to infest the grounds with color. Tennis shoes, sockless feet, and knit shirts burst into bloom on the boys while blooming females don sun suits and bikinis and race for the roof or Sardis to seek a lovely tan. The weeks until finals are marked off on the calendars and even without foot- ball games, school is a constant swarm of activity. The spring elections determine who will lead the Rebels in cheering and governing. The spring sports offer many events for the spectator and the sports- minded participant. And the race to the altar becomes an around-the-clock mara- thon for the poor senior girls without a mate. The whole student body seems to be closer together. The other seasons just can ' t match the insatiable call of spring. FAR LEFT The good, The bad, and The Ugly. LEFT can ' t get fired up about this campaign. BELOW Grooving in the Grove. III rill nil si nit 27 The atmosphere of summer school is as relaxed as the swimming pool, a sun- tan at Sardis, or wearing shorts to Shakes- peare. The pace slows down and college students become the cynical observers of thousands of foreign invaders swarming in from high school. Cheerleader clinic, band clinic and pre-college conference con- stantly invite immigrants to bring their teem- ing masses. The Ole Miss student body, freshly renewed by many teachers return- ing for masters work, quietly le aves for Marks, the Rendevous in Memphis, and Holly Springs to bask in relaxed fun-loving friendship at their favorite watering holes. At home, most of the students are plan- ning for the school year. Fraternities and sororities have summer rush parties and workshops as they map plans to capture the stars from around the state. FAR LEFT Skiing and catching rays are the main concern in the summertime. LEFT University pool is the pause that refreshes. BELOW Soul food, cafeteria-style. I 29 30 Fall means the whole year to most Ole Miss students. Rush, pledging, football games, fraternity parties, dropping, pin- ning, swaps and the everpresent theme, test on assignment constitute a study in time utilization. Everything takes place in the fall. Fall is everything that college is. FAR LEFT TOP Noddy Toddy FAR LEFT BE- LOW Pleased to meet you, Elmo Jungleblunt. LEFT Marilyn shines as a pretty Homecoming maid. BELOW A big smile, a little luck, and a spring campus success. 31 BELOW Campus Winter Wonderland. LEFT The activity of the Ski Lodge calls the cold Southerner with hot-buttered rum and a blazing fire. DOWN BELOW The Christmas Sing- Song sent students home filled with the right kind of spirit. OPPOSITE Study city. 32 There is not much that can be said to glorify the cold of Winter. Oxford settles into a dismal dripping rainy season from the Christmas Holidays until the birth of Spring. Problems of weather are com- pounded with the strain and stress of midwinter exams. The only lifesaver be- tween the Christmas Holidays and Mardi Gras is the lure of faraway places during semester break. For the brave, the slopes of Gatlinberg, Aspen and even Switzerland open up in whiteness and the Sourthern born adjust to snow skiing. Many try their hand at this sport. Some ski down and some ride the lift. (If they can ' t take the pressure). Basketball offers another glimmer on the entertainment scene and an occasional con- cert breaks the ice. Throughout it all there seems to be a hibernation, as the Ole Miss students sit in their rooms waiting for the sun to come out. 33 Expressing his ideas, his talent, his desires and his feelings are at the root of every- thing the student is and does. The form that his expression takes determines the re- action of society to it. If it is a group ex- pression, society reacts in acceptance or re- jection " en mass " ...a concept known as rev- olution. If it is an individual expression, the reaction is understanding or scorn. The student alone and collectively also sees the world and formulates his opinion of it. After the mountains of achievement and fath- omless tragedies of 1968, student reaction was shock, then, shockingly...acceptance. We are told that the future lies ahead, but some- where ahead lies a dream, an idea...conceived in a voyage to the moon and nurtured in the aftermath of assasignation that will flower upon the foundation of our EXPRESSIONS if there is to be any real future. FAR LEFT Expression of an Era. MIDDLE LEFT Watch where you are driving, Morgan, you ' re headed for a tree. LEFT A little exuberance. BELOW: The self- appointed welcoming committee for HHH. BELOW LEFT Now, how many of you want to kiss the Derby Daddy? F 0% 35 3 6 ABOVE The campus looking east from the Lyceum. OPPOSITE PAGE The various complexions of students seeking identity. iditiiirta " 4 - iii 1_9 No one can doubt that changes are oc- curring on the campus of the University of Mississippi. Attitudes, regulations and tra- ditions are quickly shattered in the wake of mass reason emerging from the student body. This change, unlike the happenings at other schools, is not the product of storming students who take over the Ly- ceum, threats issued in firm defiance of law and order, or mob action triggered by outside agitators. For at Ole Miss, let us hope we have learned our lesson about rioting. Let us hope that intelligent leaders will continue to legislate and advocate pol- icies for the best interests of the student body of Ole Miss. 37 The change may be the result of a new Chancellor or the recent switch in the Dean of Women ' s office, but there have been many alterations lately. Later hours, No Saturday Classes, No Freshmen haircuts and relaxation of the " Dress Regulations " all stress responsibility rather than authority. Student power is a strong force. Let us continue to keep it in bounds through level-headed representative leadership in order to create a better Ole Miss. 1 38 Ant Entertainment has certainly increased in quality in the past year. Ever since the student body voted to raise its own fees, (We didn ' t know the University had the same idea in mind) the whole concert system has improved. Since everyone pays, more people attend and the roar of the crowd is usually tumultuous. The perform- ers have all tended to react favorably to the new " soul sound " in the Coliseum. Student favorite, Johnny Cash, said that Ole Miss was second only to Folsom Pris- on in crowd reaction. Peter, Paul and Mary really enjoyed the new atmosphere in the Coliseum. They had previously been to UM in 1963. The first performer ever appearing in the Dome, Johnny Mathis, scheduled a return visit. The Fabulous Fifth Dimension said that the Rebs had plenty of " Soul. " Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 drew a tremendous crowd in March and confirmed the top rating of that group with a stellar performance. The Concert Com- mittee under the direction of Dee Graber should be congratulated for bringing first class performance to " Oxford Town. " OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM LEFT: She sure doesn ' t look like a Brazilian. FAR LEFT: " Are you going to Scarborough Fair? " LEFT: White Lightning Soul. BELOW LEFT: The quiet (Stax-Voltz Revue) before the storm (student dance contest). BELOW: PP M stir the crowd with haunting melodies. 39 I CD ■ C,, Off ABOVE Carson Hughes, ASB Vice-President. ABOVE RIGHT Lou Anne Williams, ASB Secre- tary, Hinky Hall, ASB Treasurer. BOTTOM ASB Cabinet--Seated: Alan Perry, At- torney General; Hinky Hall, Treasurer; Gay Gott- shall, Executive Secretary; Mike Robbins, President; Betty Brown McAlexander, AWS President; Carson Hughes, Vice-President; Mary Alice Eubanks, Inde- pendent Affairs Chairman. Standing: Wilson Golden, Executive Assistant, Kirk Povall, University Develop- ment; Glen Galey, School Spirit; Charles Royals, Public Information; Mac Elliott, Campus Affairs; H. A. Moore, Academic Affairs; Loran Laughlin, Student Activities; Steve Bo zeman, Men ' s Judicial; Chip Williams, Elections Commission. NEXT PAGE Mike Robbins, President of ASB. 42 The Associated Student Body is patterned after our own government with three branches-the executive, legislative, and ju- dicial-deriving their power from the ASB Constitution. This upholds one of America ' s basic tenets which is that of a Democratic self-government. Heading the executive branch is the ASB President, Mike Robbins, assisted by his Cabinet and other elected officials. This branch is responsible for execution of the Constitution and Campus Senate legisla- tion. Also it is responsible for the planning, the directing, and the operating of other activities of the Associated Student Rudy The law making body of the ASB is the Campus Senate of which the Vice-President of the ASB is in charge. Representatives of all student residences comprise this branch which has the power to pass bills and resolutions. The highest court is the Judicial Council consisting of an elected chairman and six members appointed by the ASB President and approved by the Senate. 43 44 ABOVE School Spirit Committee--Kneeling: Lila McRight, Kaye Graves, Dix Ballard. Standing: Vicki Taylor, Bobby Carter, Tommye Favre, Glen Galey, Nan Russel. RIGHT Independent Affairs Committee --Seated: Carol Pylant, Kent Densing, Mary Alice Eubanks, John Underwood, and Skip Sim mons. Standing: Johnny Moore, Warren Edwards, Wanda Guyton, Tillie Hood, Ray Dixon, Drew McDowell, Bill Cole, and Bob Gable. 8111o " [I ' 8S0 BELOW Members of Social Affairs Committee-- Joe Hodge and Reggie Barnes sell tickets to one of the many concerts. LEFT Homecoming Com- mittee--Top Row: Dewey Knight; Kirk Povall, Co- Chairman; Vic Garraway; Steve Bozeman, Co-Chair- man; Dan Woodliff. Bottom: Tis Neill, Nan Buford, Ann Perkins, Janet Newell. BOTTOM Publicity Committee--First Row: Melissa Hankins, Mary Bell Bobb, Drean Blakeslee. Second Row--Bill Sneed, Charles Royals, Hooper Jones. Third Row--Eric Blackwood, Bobo Champion, Mark Tew. Various committees are necessary to direct student activities. The Student Activities Committee performs its duties in preparing for Homecoming, Dixie Week, and the Miss University Pageant. The Social Affairs Committee sponsors the Welcome Rebel Party and provides entertainment such as The Stax Volt Re- view, the Fifth Dimensions, and Johnny Cash for concerts. The School Spirit Committee strives to create enthusiasm for every game. It assists with pep rallies, with distributing rebel flags at ball games, and the Cardinal and Megaphone Clubs. Interest and Participation in campus affairs is aroused by the earnest effort of the Publicity Committee. A dance for all University Students was one main objective of the Independent Affairs Committee. Music was presented by the Villagers and the Outsiders. 45 46 TOP RIGHT Chip Williams, Chairman of the Elections Commission. ABOVE RIGHT " No you can ' t burn 2 holes beside your candidates name. " BELOW Elections Commission—Left to Right: Cassie Wilson, Chip Leggett, Rachael Earhart, Chip Williams, Erskine Wells, Harvey Magee. ilk londsty The ASB President appoints seven com- missioners to serve as the Election Com- mission, and these are approved by the Campus Senate. Chairman Chip Williams and his commission are responsible for all campus elections. They are appointed to serve until graduation, resignation, or re- moval by the campus senate. The elections held during the year in- cluded the Campus Senate, Homecoming Queen, ASB Officers, publications ' editors, cheerleaders, Miss Oie Miss, Co lonel Rebel, Senior Class Officers, and Favorites. In ad- dition to these this year, voting polls were taken to decide which entertainers students wanted for concerts and also whether or not to have compulsory ROTC. II LEFT David Houston, Judicial Chairman. BELOW Earl Denham, Chairman; Jan Worsham, and Gene Parker stand by ready to enforce the university traffic regula- tions. BOTTOM Judicial Council--Not Pictured: David Houston, Chairman; Winnie Smith; Donna Edwards; Patty Canty; Johnny Kinard; Brent Tinnin. 47 ffssar:riotoll 11 ' ' hourn The Associated Women S tudents is an organization designed for women students to help them academically and socially. It is a self-governing body headed by the Executive Council with six elected officers, a Judicial Council with four members ap- pointed and two elected, and a President ' s Council composed of sorority house and dormitory presidents. The list of AWS activities are numerous and it continues to grow as the AWS seeks new ideas and improvements. The freshmen Women are benefited by the effective orien- tation program provided for them by the AWS. A greatly anticipated schedule of events is " AWS Week. " This year women students were invited to attend a bridal fashion show and tea, a cake walk to which each sorority donated one cake, and an informal presentation of the career of an airline stewardess. The Associated Women Students is always appreciateive of any new ideas for programs and policies which will aid the women of the University. TOP Betty Brown McAlexander, AWS President. BOTTOM President ' s Council--Seated: Carolyn Bru- no, Sarah Helen Lowe, Betty Brown McAlexander, Jane Hughs, Lynn Olson, Sylvia Chamblee. Stand- ing: Sandra Jordan, Susan Edrington, Vennie Allen, Lynn Johnson, Pam Connor, Stephanie Guchert, Lura Netherton, Copper Mills. 48 to cn cc) I CD (1) o.) c-) • o, 3 0 Z3 3 0 ' — • %m m m o •. " s ca) cp co e M •-• c.) ID. CD ms- • • 0 k 0. () ■-■ (0 CD CI; ctz (2) (2) -c CD co z )=. Cb C ct 3 • • — 0 CD 3. CD CD Cb 0 0 c3 11-1 g 0.. pa :6 c.r) z (-) s cz) • . (1) 11111 loll_ It Rh shill I ASP. TOP Bob Nunnery, Editor in Chief. Above: Cynthia Chrestman, Features Editor and Chairman of the Parade of Beauties and Favorites Pageant Committee. 50 The ultimate goal of a yearbook staff is to present an accurate picture of every facet of school life and to produce an annual of which everyone can be proud. We, the Ole Miss Staff, feel that our task has been accomplished. We have achieved our goal. Many hours of hard work went into the designing of this book. In planning, com- piling copy and pictures and, finally, pro- ducing the yearbook, we have sincerely tried our best. In the fall, the Ole Miss Staff sponsors the annual Parade of Beauties and Favor- ites. The results are featured in a special section of the annual. Bob Nunnery, Editor-in-Chief of the 1969 Ole Miss, has indeed done an excellent job in his efforts to produce a fine quality yearbook. Business Manager, Wayne Vance, worked tirelessly and successfully in keeping the budget. Mitt Hobbs as Assistant Editor contributed much toward the success of the yearbook through many hours spent in the annual office. Without the excellent services of many dedicated workers the class material would have never been compiled. As chief photographer, Mike Crosby spent countless hours taking and developing pictures. He was aided in his task by Vaun Smith and Bob Wright. Countless others deserve credit for their outstanding workmanship. TOP LEFT General Staff--Davis Wood, Mary Lee Rush, Karen Walker, Jane Patterson. LEFT Lenore Ethridge, Leadership Editor; Dan Woodliff, Sports Editor; Barbara Cox, Student Government Editor. ABOVE Mitt Hobbs, Assistant Editor; Jane Lauder- dale, Organizations Editor. 51 BELOW Wayne Vance, Business Manager. RIGHT Wayne Drinkwater, Editor of the University Division. ABOVE Annual Assistants--Seated: Jim Moore, Louise Hendrix, Nancy Dill- worth, and Karen Cope. Standing: Jim Lauderdale. Lee Ganier, George Harrell, Murray Fincher, Ruth McLallen, and David Collins. TOP LEFT Dick Molpus, Assistant Business Manager. TOP RIGHT Top to Bottom: Malcolm Cominer, Military Editor, Gayle Thornton and Mike Pearson, Greek Edi- tors. ABOVE Photographers--Bob Wright and Vaun Smith. RIGHT Head Photographer--Mike Crosby. 53 iTA-; IVL Under the guidance of Editor, Jerry Doo- little, the Daily Mississipian completed its 58th consecutive year of publication on the Ole Miss Campus. The staff presented campus news as well as national news in a concise and informa- tive manner. " Brickbats, " the editorial col- umn, was received with much interest by the students. Managing Editor, Gerald Ketchum, sup- plied much of the force that kept the Mississippian rolling, while the payroll and operating expenses were placed in the capable hands of Business Manager, Gary Whitemer. A detailed coverage of sports events was presented by Sports Editor, Dwight Massengale. Vic Garraway covered the news, while Terry Price kept up with the social aspects around the campus. Jim- my Holmes had the backbreaking task of photographing the Campus Cuties and other events of news value. Upon completion of the paper Circulation Manager, Bob Booth, took the responsibility of distributing the finished product. These people plus many, many more made up the staff of the 1 968- 1969 Daily Mississippian. TOP Vic Garraway, News Editor; Gerald Ketchum, Managing Editor; Leah Klotz, Feature Editor. ABOVE Front Row: Leah Klotz, Gary Whitner, Dwight Massengale. Back Row: Bob Booth, Gerald Ketchum, Mr. Lee White, Jerry Doolittle, Vic Garraway, 54 LEFT Jerry Doolittle, Editor. BELOW Gary Whitner, Business Man- ager; Jimmy Holmes, Photographer; Bob Booth, Circulation. BOTTOM Kneeling: Jerry Gilbreath, Jerry Doolittle, (He must hate to be photographed.) Seated: Rick Gregory, Kerry Hannahan, Tim Kriehn. 55 -- ,..,,, . ' " --. 1-:„... ..s.. i f i .(.f ' ... ' . ; i 77: . 1 ' ' ' ; , ••■ ; „ ....,%•k,........, re; , ‘ , ; IC ' ' ' o ' . ' ‘ ' N,. . " 4s.■ ' ' ` ' ' ' V.I.. .: ' ' 44. ' ' 70 if•L ' ' ' ..k.. f ( ' ,, I N:N. ' ' ' ..: ' ‘:.:.‘;.: ' :,.),,,- ::- : ' ' :. .,:k.:: " !1 ::!:::: " .--, ;.•‘::: ' ' . 1.:6;41:: " i4 A ; ' % •.,! :, ' •-• .1 el ...‘ 4 e 7 ' • . 7 Will. N ' • ' ' .:N.:;‘` • N. Z4‘; ' , " ■ ' . i 1 fah The Campus Senate is the legislative body for the students of the University. The Assemblage acts in the best interest of the student body as a whole in all the policies it sets, and controls. The Senate is composed of one member from each section of every dormitory, each fraternity and sorority house, districts of married students, apartments and day stu- dents. The action is comparable to the State legislatures in that the senators de- bate and vote on bills and resolutions which come before them. This year the Senate passed resolution allowing the Ole Miss students to attend the Alabama and LSU games by turning out Saturday classes. On November 5, stu- dents who were required to travel home to vote in the Presidential election were allowed blanket excuses in order to do so. Discount cards for Ole Miss students and the avail- ability of scholarships for qualified married students through implementation of traffic fines were also acted on by the 1968- 1969 session of the Senate. Elected by the Student body were Campus Senate President, Carson Hughes, and Clerk, Lou Ann Williams. Bobby Carter, President Pro-Tempore, was elected by the Senate. LEFT Far Left: Carson Hughes, Senate President presides at a regular meeting. Top Left: Members of the Senate discuss policies to promote. Top Right: Senate in session. ABOVE Senate Officers--Jim McElevee, Joe Blount, Bobby Carter, Lou Anne Williams, Carson Hughes, Julie Farr. 57 • • CI Students and one faculty member com- prise the Law Journal. Selection from the top ten percent of their class makes an appointment to the Journal a high honor. During his first year, each staff member contributes one article of current legal in- terest and his final year a longer, more scholarly comment. The official publication of the State Bar Association is the Mississippi Law Journal, which was founded in 1928, and is one of the largest legal periodicals in the nation. Prominent legal writers and students submit articles for the first three issues, and the final issue deals with the proceedings of the state bar association. During the term of the state Supreme Court, the staff prepares weekly advance sheets of recent Missis- sippi cases. These are distributed to mem- bers of the state bar and judiciary on a subscription basis. TOP Jimmy Reynolds, Editor. BOTTOM Front Row: Doug Lefev, William P. Dodson, L. V. Watkins Jr., Gene Parker, Joseph L. McCoy, Sylvia Corbin, Bob Chunn, Ben A. Hardy Ill, R. A. Gray, Wide- Eyed Woods Eastland, Hugh Clayton. Back Row: Editorial Board--Jimmy Reynolds, Bill McMullen, Sam Davis, Jerry Langford, Clifford Thompson, Mike Bush, Sandy Margolis. IVL •fi: ABOVE First Row: David Houston, Gil Martin, Chairman; Tommy McWilliams, Paul Bramlett, Second Row: Jake Abdalla, Kelly Loyacono, A. E. Michel, Bob Sanders, Third Row: Tommy Walman, Ed Brunini, Bill Pittman, Dwight Ball. Law students attain practical experience in preparing and presenting cases through the Moot Court Program. The Appellate and Circuit Courts are the two segments of the program. The Appellate division provides the second semester law student an opportunity to use actual court records to perfect and present an appeal or to defend the lower court ' s position. In Circuit cases, a student obtains realistic training in presenting cases to a judge and jury. In addition to knowledge of the law and facts involved in his case, a student must know the rules of procedure. The Law School faculty selects students on the basis of academic standing to com- pose the Moot Court Board. The duties of the Board are to supervise the Moot Court Program, schedule the hearing of cases of judges or lawyers, and help the participants prepare for cases. 59 n Ji9 All Right Now, Hoddy Toddy! Lead by head cheerleader Bodie Catlin, the Rebel Screamers attained a new look, a new sound and, yes, even some new cheers in the Fall of 1968. Elected in the spring of the preceding year, they served the student body in organizing and leading cheers. Through the cheerleaders, school spirit on the Campus was motivated by pep-rallied, bonfires, and the games. Also working to promote enthusiasm in the Rebels are the eight freshmen cheer- leaders elected in the fall be the freshmen class. They helped by giving out rebel flags and souvenir footballs, and they sit in the stands with the other students to help keep the yells going. TOP Freshman Cheerleaders--Scott Aiken, Jim Lo- oney. Second Row: Bill Ashford, Van Power. Third Row: Johanna Wigman, Linda Rundell, Kathy Luper, Molissa Lovelady. BOTTOM Varsity Cheer- leaders--First Row: Jane Carol Foshee,Zetta Bryant, Kitty Hay Gravely, Walterine Permenter. Second Row: Mitch Monsour, Bodie Catlin, Johnny Mor- gan, Alex Kiamie. 60 Cf3 ■ = _ , 6,1 Oi 11- 0,118 11 Left to Right, seated: Carolyn Bruno, Miss Ole Miss, Delta Delta Delta from Jackson; Alan Perry, ASB Attorney General and Sigma Chi from Philadelphia; Lou Ann Williams, ASB Secretary and a Delta Gamma from Hazelhurst. Standing: Mike Robbins, Sigma Chi and President of the Associated Student Body; Bob Nunnery, Editor of the Old Miss and a Phi Delta Theta from Meridian; and Carson Hughes, Sigma Nu and ASB Vice-President from Charleston. Not Pictured is Steve Hindman from Newton, selected as a NCAA Scholar Athlete. 62 TOP LEFT John Richard Guyton. TOP MIDDLE Roger Atkinson Norman Jr. MIDDLE: Frank William Trapp (left) and Steve Ham- ilton Hindman (right). TOP RIGHT Gayle Lovette Golden. ABOVE Mary Carolyn Bruno. ABOVE RIGHT Frederick Marshall Bush III. BOTTOM RIGHT Michael David Robbins. 63 TOP LE FT Jerry Alan Doolittle. TOP MIDDLE Betty Brown McAlexander. TOP RIGHT Alan Wal- ter Perry. BOTTOM LEFT Richard Patrick Salloum. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Leonard Bucky Gatewood. BOT- TOM RIGHT William Steven Bozeman. lill71111:11 g OS Mil ([1 64 TOP Carolyn Phillips Rhodes. TOP MIDDLE Edgar Lee Caples. TOP RIGHT: Walter Michael Troop. BOTTOM LEFT Bernard Wayne Vance (left) and John Robert Nunnery, Jr. (right). MIDDLE Beverly White Taylor. MIDDLE RIGHT Charlie Fountain Ward, Jr. BOTTOM MIDDLE Louise Anne Williams. BOTTOM RIGHT James Byrnes Heidel. ;,1111111 65 TOP LEFT Earl Lamar Denham. TOP MIDDLE William Price Garth, Jr. TOP RIGHT Lester Willis Jones. ABOVE MIDDLE Edwin Moore Best. NEXT Lynne Rice Johnson. ABOVE left to right, Henderson S. Hall, Jr., Carson McLain Hughes, Joseph Leray McNamara. Right: George Ellis Abraham. 66 [III Mr1k MA . .2) — TOP LEFT Calvin Cotton Brister. TOP MIDDLE Jimmie Brock Reynolds. BELOW Mary Kate Lock- art BOTTOM LEFT Jean Smith Scafide. BOTTOM RIGHT Sarah Gaye Craig. 67 BELOW ODK officers and advisors (left to right): Alan Perry, Vice-President; Mr. Tom Hines, Fac- ulty Advisor, Dr. Gerald Walton, Secretary; Jim- my Dukes, President; and Don Fruge, Treasurer. BOTTOM Why don ' t they have something inter- esting, like Julian Bond.? Chartered at the University in February of 1936, Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary organization which recognizes men for outstanding leadership and scholarship, is considered a high honor at the Univer- sity. The original chapter was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kap- pa Society is threefold; first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities; second, to bring together the most representative men excelling in all phases of collegiate life: scholarship, athletics, student govern- ment, publications, speech, music, and dra- matic arts; third, to unite members of the faculty and student body of the institution in a common bond. Primarily an honorary organization, ODK performs many services to the University and its students. The principal project is the Forum Series, sponsored in conjunction with Mortar Board, which brings nationally known figures to speak on pertinent topics. Such speakers have been Martin Agronsky, Harry Reasoner, Gerald Ford, and Arthur Schlesinger. Another service of ODK is its Foreign Scholarship Fund which is awarded to one of the foreign students on campus who meets certain standards and is in need e.; nrsnr,n;ni 68 It First Row: Robert Abraham, Steve Bozeman, Bobo Champion, Jr., William Cushman, Earl Denham. Second Row: Jimmy Dukes, Fred Flinn, Don Fruge, Glenn Embry Galey, Dewey Duane Garner. Third Row: Leonard B. Gatewood, John Guyton, Hender- son S. Hall, Jr., Bill Harper, Michael G. Harrison. Fourth RoW Mit Hobbs, Carson Hughes, Johnny Johnson, Horace Lester, Jr., John Perry Lilly. Fifth Row: Ed Lyon, Ray McNamara, Magee, Charles Omara, James Peden, Jr. Sixth Row: Alan Perry, Chuck Quarterman, Mike Robbins, Skippy Robert- son, Jr., John Howard Shows. Seventh Row: Wil- liam David Sims, Jr., Walter Thompson, Charlie F. Ward, Jr., Erskine Wells, Jr., George Woodliff. Not Pictured: John Barrett, Thomas Cleveland, Woods Eastland, Steve Hindman, David Houston Ill, James Langford, Roy Manning, Jr., James Martin, Henderson Moore Ill, Lonnie Pearson, George Pic- kett, Jr., Jimmie Reynolds, Frank Trapp. 69 Mortar Board, founded in 1918 at Syra- cuse University, symbolizes " Opportunity and achievement for those senior women who have attained the highest standards of scholarship, leadership, and service. " Wearing their white blazers and Mortar Board emblems, Tassels Chapter members have proudly carried on this tradition at Ole Miss since 1936. In every area of campus activitity, Mortar Board members have contributed to enrich campus life. The society inaugurated the 1968-1969 school year with its sale of calendars which contained a schedule of the year ' s events. It continued its activity by tutoring foreign students in English and entertaining them with a Thanksgiving banquet. At Christmas, Mortar Board aided needy families in the Oxford area. Of academic interest, Mortar Board cooperated with Omicron Delta Kap- pa in its principal project of the year. It jointly sponsored the ODK-Mortar Board Forum Series which brought noted speakers and internationally known figures to the campus. RIGHT Mortar Board President, Sarah Gaye Craig. BELOW Mortar Board Officers (left to right): Jan Warsham, Historian; Hazel Barnes, Vice-President; Sarah Gaye Craig, President; Janis Wooley, Cor- respondent; Ann Smith, Treasurer. [_)) 70 First Row: Hazel Ann Barnes, Trish Bradley, Sarah Gaye Craig, Gayle Lovette Golden. Second Row: Susan Gordon, Beth Gramling, Kay Kirkpatrick, Mary Mitchell. Third Row: Betty Moore, Martha Carolyn Phillips, Jean Scafide, Laurie Simpson. Fourth Row: Tootie Sims, Anne Smith, Beverly Taylor, Carroll Thornton. Fifth Row: Martha Rhodes Turner, Becky Walker, Lou Williams, Janis Woolly. Sixth Row:Janis Worsham. Mortar Board members tutored foreign students as part of their activities for first semester. 71 ABOVE Phi Eta Sigma Officers (left to right): Charles O ' Mara, President; Crawford Rhaly, Trea- surer; Walt Byrd, Vice-President; Andrew Wong, Secretary; and Johnny Guyton, Senior Advisor. RIGHT President, Charles O ' Mara. Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the Un- iversity of Illinois on March 22, 1923. Since its founding, the fraternity has grown to over 140 chapters, in both large and small colleges, and membership in Phi Eta Sigma is now recognized as one of the highest honors a male freshman can attain. Beta Chapter of this fraternity was estab- lished at Ole Miss in 1930, making the local chapter thirteenth in order of found- ing. Freshmen men are eligible for member- ship if they accumulate a 3.5 over-all grade point at the end of the first or sec- ond semester of their first year. The sole purpose of the society is the recognition of outstanding academic achieve- ment, encompassing all fields of academic pursuit. Phi Eta Sigma sponsors two func- tions during the year: " Freshman Honor Party " held in conjunction with the women of Alpha Lambda Delta, and the initiation ceremonies and banquet held in the spring. PI 72 4.■ First Row: Gerald Abdalla, Terrel Algood, Steven Ammann, Tom Arnett, Rhett Atkinson, Nicholas G. Augustus IV, John Avaltroni. Sec- ond Row: John Barnes, Eugene Sexton Berry, Edwin Best, Kit Bowen, James Murray Brock, Jr., John David Burk, Walter Byrd, Jr. Third Row: Andy Carpenter, Jr., William A. Carter, Michael Wallace Coleman, Bubba Cox, Clay McAmis Crockett, David Lee Cuicchi, William Cushman. Fourth Row: James Denley, William W. Drinkwater, Jr., George Fair, Beth Fergu- son, Fred Flinn, Bill Ford, Jr., Bill Garth, Jr. Fifth Row: Leonard B. Gatewood, John Gough, Lawrence Gunn, Jr., John Guyton, Gordon Hamlin, Jr., James Hardin, Bill Harper. Sixth Row: Mike Hedges, Mit Hobbs, Malcolm Jack- son, Jr., Christopher Jones, David Landskov, Charles Laney, James E. Langmesser. Seventh Row: Carl Leach, John Perry Lilly, Harvey McClung, Jr., Luther McEachern, Shelby Weeks McKey, Eugene McLaurin, Raymond Mabus,Jr. Eighth Row: Gary Maholm, Charles Geoffrey Mangin, James Holley Moore, Jr., James S. Netherton, John Nunnery, Jr., Charles Omara, Tom Paine, Alan Perry. Ninth Row: William C. Pinkston, Chuck Quarterman, Lee Randall, Bill Reid, Jr., Crawford Rhaly, Jr., Skippy Robert- son Jr., John Russell, John Michael Shanahan. Tenth Row: William David Sims, Jr., Danny Smith, Hugh Stancill III, Gus Taylor, Mark Tew, Charles Thompson, Stanley Earl Tupman, Tom- my Vinson. Eleventh Row: John Anderson Waits, Don Walton, Charlie F. Ward, Jr., Bob White, Keith Allen Wilson, Andrew Wong, George Woodliff, Jarman Word III. Not Pictured: William Atkinson, James Barton, Ray Furr, Jr., Frazier Fyke, Peter Gee, James Hall, Larry Hall, Edward Hardister, David Henry, Joseph Hewitt, Steve Hindman, J.James, James McEl- wee, Barney McNeely, James May, Curtis Mayes, John Mays, Rodney Moorhead, Neil Murphree, Robert Norman, Jerry Oakman, Fred- erick Orton, Jerry Patton, James Perkins, Thomas Phillips, Wylie Richards, Jr., William Rioby, Jr., Thomas Thames, Donald Thompson, Joseph Witty, Jr., Tony Woodall, James Woods. 73 JI6d111W Phi Kappa Phi is a national honorary fra- ternity which recognizes superior scholastic attainment. The University of Mississippi Chapter was chartered in 1959. The chapter admits to membership juniors and seniors who have maintained a minimum average of 3.7 for more than ninety hours. Phi Kappa Phi recognizes scholarship in all areas of academic endeavor, and election to the University ' s Chapter signifies the highest scholastic achievement. The fraternity elects members twice yearly. The spring semester initiation is followed by a banquet honoring all members elected during the academic session. The banquet is highlighted by an address given by a distinguished speaker. First Row: Terrel Algood, Nancy Ellen Armstrong, Tom Arnett, Rhett Atkinson, Hazel Ann Barnes, Eugene Sexton Berry. Second Row: Edwin Best, Kit Bowen, Tommy Callicutt, Jr., Andy Carpenter, Jr., William A. Carter, Sandra Edrington. Third Row: Fred Flinn, Richard Forman, Dewey Duane Garner, Leonard B. Gatewood, Charles Gray, Jr., John Guyton. Fourth Row. ' Diane Gwyn, Patricia Hagan, Michael G. Harrison, David Landskov, Dinah Leavitt, John Perry Lilly. Fifth Row: Lou Lockhart, Diane McGee, Raymond Mabus, Jr., Lois Mat- son, Paula Meek, Mary Mitchell. Sixth Row: James S. Netherton, Gary Wayne Patterson, Alan Perry, Chuck Quarterman, Charles Rooks, Jean Scafide. Seventh Row: John Michael Shanahan, William David Sims, Jr., Phillip Roger Smith, Sandy Smith, Hugh Stancill Ill, Beverly Taylor, Patricia Temple. Eighth Row: Darryl Thornton, Delane Tubb, Mar- tha Rhodes Turner, John Anderson Waits, Charlie F. Ward, Jr., Paulette Whaley, Janis Woolly. Not Pictured: George Abraham II, Wallace Andrews, James Barton, Willie Boyer, James Bryson, Ed- wina Callicut, Lola Doane, Betty Donald, Julian Fagan Ill, Edward Hardister, Joseph Hewitt, Steve Hindman, David Houston Ill, Joseph Jenkins, Por- tia Lary, Robert Lloyd, James McElwee, Carolyn Moore, Rodney Moorhead, Jimmy Nanney, Donald Nester, Jean Nichols, William Nolan, Jerry Patton, Dean Priest, Jimmie Reynolds, Wylie Richards, Jr., William Solomons, Nelda Soper, Donald Thomp- son, Malra Treece, Jack Wilson. BELOW Phi Kappa Phi Student Honor Vice-Presi- dents: Alan Perry and Johnny Guyton. ii) Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor- ary society for freshmen women who have achieved a 3.5 average during either the first semester or the first year of college. Membership in this society is the highest scholastic tribute for freshmen women. New members are initiated in the spring of their freshman year, and remain active members for one year. The purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta are to promote a high standard of learning and to encourage superior attainment among freshmen women. One project is the spon- soring of an annual Christmas tea with Phi Eta Sigma to recognize freshmen achieving at least a 3.0 average for the fall mid-term. First Row: Margaret Barrett, Sue Bright, Deborah Yvonne Bruce, Mary Bryant, Nan Buford, Pamela Butts. Second Row: Carole Carter, Susan Clark, Charlotte Louise Coley, Sandra Colter, Kerry Culp, Angelita Delgadillo. Third Row: Sherry Edwards, Mary Ellis, Margaret Ellis, Julie Farr, Janet Graves, Dianah Gail Gross. Fourth Row: Melissa Hankins, Sandra Harmon, Robbie Henry, Linda Hudson, Sarah Ann Jackson, Regina Lucile Leake, Fifth Row: Susie Long, Myrtle Ann McInnis, Ruby Moy, Karen Oakes, Leslie Oliver, Walterine Permenter. Sixth Row: Betty Poteet, Victoria Ransom, Cindy Savage, Georgia Stratton, Jane Sullivan, Beverly Vaughan. Seventh Row: Martha Watkins, Elizabeth Williston, Marty Windels. Not Pictured: Carol Phil- lips, Dale Shinabery. BELOW Alpha Lambda Delta Officers: (left to right): Cindy Savage, Vice-President; Margaret Bar- rett, Presidents Mary Betsy Bryant, Corresponding Secretary; Myrtle Ann McInnis, Editor; Sarah Ann Jackson, Historian; Beverly Vaughn, Recording Secretary. tYlp LI jIN ,) PI Alpha Epsilon Delta, an honorary pre- medical fraternity, was founded at the Un- iversity of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 1926. Its purpose is to encourage ex- cellence in pre-medical work and to ad- vance the interests of college students in this field. Membership is open to all pre- medical or pre-dental students maintaining a 3.0 grade average over 3 semesters of work in any approved college or uni- versity. Alpha Epsilon Delta was established at Ole Miss in 1938. The Mississippi Beta Chapter serves as an organization of com- mon interest, fellowship, and friendship among pre-medical and pre-dental students. In addition to having local and regional speakers, many outside projects and trips are planned each year. First Row: Robert Walter Bailey, William Cushman, John Fields, Bill Ford, Jr. Second Row: Bill Garth, Jr., John Guyton, Bill Harper, Hanley Hasseltine. Third Row: Mit Hobbs, Christopher Jones, Harvey McClung, Jr., Fred McDonnell. Fourth Row: Eugene McLaurin, Olin Mauldin, Jr., Charles Omara, Tom Paine. Fifth Row: Joel G. Payne, Jr., Hugh Stan- cill HI, Jere Yates. Not Pictured: J. James, John Milam, Joe Ross, Jr., Wyman Vick, Joseph Witty, Jr. BELOW Alpha Epsilon Delta Officers (left to right): Fred McDonnell, Treasurer; Elwyn James, Secretary; Tom Paine, Vice-President; Chris Jones, Historian; Hugh Stancill, President. d MN Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society for men and women in schools of commerce and business administration. To be eligible for membership, seniors must be in the upper 10 per cent of their class. Second semester juniors with exceptionally high scholastic standing are also eligible. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of busi- ness, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. Chapters of this honor society are es- tablished only in institutions which are members of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. First Row: Eugene Sexton Berry, Andy Carpenter, Jr., Fred Flinn. Second Row: Lynne Johnson, Gary Wayne Patterson, Alan Perry. Third Row: Chuck Quarterman, John Michael Shanahan. Not Pictured: Paul Baddour, Claude Hendershot, David Houston Ill, Joseph Jenkins, Linda Lipe, Faye McAlpin, James McElwee, James Pryor, Jr., Wy- lie Richards, Jr., H. Townes. BELOW Beta Gamma Sigma Officers: Chuck Quar- terman, Vice-President and Wylie Richards, Presi- dent. CWENS, honorary sophomore women ' s organization, strives to promote scholar- ship and leadership among the women stu- dents and to render service to the Univer- sity. To qualify for membership, a girl must have been outstanding in campus activities as well as achieving at least an overall 2.5 average during her freshman year. Iota Chapter at Ole Miss sponsors an Oxford Girl Scout Troop, aids needy fam- ilies in the area, and ushers for A.S.B. and Artist Series concerts. The familiar red blazers and navy skirts have often been seen at various CWEN sponsored events. A Vietnam project was continued this year and a national china company was aided in re-evaluating its stock. Important in the future will be the Na- tional CWEN convention to be held at Ole Miss in 1970. First Row: Vicki Allen, Margaret Barrett, Marilyn Blakeslee, Sue Bright, Becky Browne, Patricia Brumfield. Second Row: Mary Bryant, Ann Bry- son, Sandra Bufkin, Nan Buford, Babs Burnham, Pamela Butts. Third Row: Candy Carroll, Susan Clark, Lee Davis, Angelita Delgadillo, Fahey Di- benedetto, Sherry Edwards. Fourth Row: Mary Ellis, Margaret Ellis, Julie Farr, Jane Carol Foshee, Chellie Furr, Janet Graves. Fifth Row: Sandra Harmon, Linda Harvey, Robbie Henry, Sarah Ann Jackson, Susie Long, Lilla McRight. Sixth Row: Maj Major, Leslie Oliver, Gwendolyn O ' Neal, Wal- terine Permenter, Victoria Ransom, Patty Reagan. Seventh Row: Cindy Savage, Jane Sullivan, Toni Toney, Laura Vannoy, Beverly Vaughan, Elizabeth Williston. Eighth Row: Marty Windels. BELOW Members of CWENS can always be spot- ted on campus wearing their familiar red blazers and smiling faces. De S Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at the University of Missis - sippi in 1927. Membership in this, the second-largest professional fraternity in the United States, is limited to men the School of Commerce and Business Admin- istration who meet the necessary scholastic requirements and are approved by the fra- ternity. Delta Sigma Pi was organized to foster the study of business in Universities; to en- courage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the com- mercial world and students of commerce; and to further a high standard of commer- cial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. First Row: Barry Allen, Charlton Robbins Ander- son, John Borchert, Jr., Lee Hansell Borden, John Thomas Bottom III, John Herbert Boydstun. Second Row: Mike Brent, Stephen Alan Caruso, Bobo Champion, Jr., Harris Collier, Charles Crumby, David Lee Cuicchi. Third Row: James Dutch Dabbs, Ronnie Deberry, Carman Ray Dixon, Jr., Eric Thomp- son Duncan, Harvey Ferguson, Fred Flinn. Fourth Row: Joseph Gibbs, Henderson S. Hall, Jr., George Hantla, James Humphreys, Ed Lyon, Howard McNee- ly. Fifth Row: Magee, Gary Wayne Patterson, Edward Peacock III, Bubba Pennebaker, Jr., Alan Perry, Bob Pigford. Sixth Row: Lawrence Pratt, Marvin Quin, George James Roark III, Bill Searight, John Stanley, Jack Stephens, Jr. Seventh Row: Vance Tomlin, Jr., Walter Troop, Erskine Wells, Jr., Richard Williams, William Temple Withers IV, George Woodliff. Eighth Row: Douglas Wright. Not Pictured: Louis Barnes,Jr., William Johnson, Rhes Low, Tarlton Monteith, Richard Salloum. BELOW Delta Sigma Pi Officers (left to right): Erskine Wells, Historian; Marvin Quin, President; Barry Allen, Treasurer; and Ed Peacock, Vice- President. lI J 1 (11.1 o lIJ BELOW: Members of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Club are seen below. In the front, left to right, are the officers: Pauline Quon, Secretary; David Landskov, Vice-President; Hazel Barnes, Treasurer; Ester No-Name, David ' s Girlfriend; and James Nether- ton, President. Other members of the club scattered about the room in the shadow of the officers are identified as: Edgar Lee Caples, Jimmy Dukes, Mrs. Earl Denham, Rhett Atkinson, Kathryn Abraham, Lorna Doone, Warren Sigman, Robert Smith, Cathy Stovall, Mark Tew, David Carlson, Carl Black, Isaac New- ton, Captain " Easy, " Kitt Bowen, and Bill Carter. Pi Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fra- ternity, was founded in 1903 and was incorporated in 1914 under the laws of the State of New York. It is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions and among staffs of qualified non-academic institutions. There are now over 150 chapters nationally. The Mississippi Alpha Chapter at the University of Missis- sippi was installed in the spring of 1968 under the guidance of Dr. Thomas A. Bickerstaff. 80 Bebi 811p Beta Alpha Psi, the national honorary and pro- fessional fraternity in the field of accounting, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919. Alpha Theta Chapter was installed at the Univer- sity of Mississippi in 1951. Membership is re- stricted to outstanding upperclassmen accounting majors who have completed 12 hours in accounting with a 3.0 average, have an over-all 2.5 average, and have made a " B " or better in either Account- ing 205 or 206. First Row: Gerald Abdalla, Charlton Robbins Anderson, John Borchert, Jr., Charlie Campbell Ill, Andy Carpenter, Jr. Sec- ond Row: William Michael Chaffin, David Lee Cuicchi, James Dutch Dabbs, Sandra Daniel, Fred Flinn. Third Row: Paul Hester, Carson Hughes, Frances Livingston, Ed Lyon, James Gilbert Martin. Fourth Row: James Overstreet, Jr., Ken Pace, Patti Patrick, Gary Wayne Patterson, Alan Perry. Fifth Row: Chuck Quarterman, Robert Tucei, Tommy Williams, Kennrth Yerby. Not Pictured: Michael Crosby, Larry Hardy, Gene Holman, Joseph Jenkins, Linda Lipe, Wylie Richards, Jr. Chi Epsilon was founded at the University of Illinois in 1922 as an honorary fraternity for Civil Engineers. The purpose of Chi Epsilon is to rec- ognize the student who exemplifies the four traits of the successful engineer: scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability. Membership is limited to junior, senior, and graduate students who have maintained a scholas- tic average in the upper one-third of their class and who have exemplified the four traits of Chi Epsilon. First Row: Edwin Best, Bhagwan Dashairya, Shui Kong,Terry Lin. Second Row: Tridib Mittra, John Nix, Lester F. Smith. Not Pictured: Robert Carruth, Michael Clayton, Brock Hattox, Steven Howell, Virginia Ingle, Charles Lee, Shih Lin, Tony Ross, John Schaffer, Jr. 81 Alpha Gamma Chapter of Kappa Epsilon, pro- fessional fraternity for women in pharmacy, was founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1960. Composed of undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy with a minimum grade average of " C " in each subject, the Organiza- tion ' s purpose is to unite and stimulate the women students in pharmacy in social, educational, and professional activities and to cooperate and help to foster the aims and ideals of the School of Pharmacy and the pharmacy profession. First Row: Janet Dong, Barbara Dyre, Teresa Ellis, Glenda Flowers. Second Row: Kathy Hulen, Jean Joe, Helen Jue, Margaret Mullins Kent. Third Row: Jane Lauderdale, Lou Lockhart, Sara Helen Lowe, Nancy Lublanezki. Fourth Row: Genie Mize, Kathy Moss, Donna Newsom, Charlotte Price. Fifth Row: Lou Williams, Marian Winton. Not Pictured: Betty Axtell, Vera Brewer, Marion Cobb, Linda Eakes, Pamela Hall, Judith Hurt, Linda Keating, Nancy Kelty, Bonnie Miller, Su- san Morris, Rickey Ricks, Sarah Ross, Linda Rucker, Martha Stringer, Barbara Williams. ii till Phi Gamma Nu was founded February 17, 1924, at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, and Xi Chapter was founded in May 13, 1950, at the University of Mississippi. There are nineteen col- legiate chapters and five alumnae chapters; national membership is 5,500. The purpose of Phi Gamma Nu is to bind the members into closer friendship and loyalty to one another, to promote a standard of high scholar- ship, to encourage participation in school activities, and to further interest in civic and professional en- ,. terprises. First Row: Penny Baker, Ann Bryson, Mary Cathryn Dyre, Jan Garner, Marianne Henson. Second Row: Lynne Johnson, Claudia Jones, Kay Kirkpatrick, Frances Livingston, Lynn Parks. Third Row: Lamar Poovey, Carol Jo Thomas, Mickey Williams. 82 Scollad ' 4 The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is the honorary service organization of the military programs on campus. Membership is open to ad- vanced cadets of the three ROTC units at Ole Miss and is considered to be of the higher honors a cadet can receive. Some of the projects the society has sponsored are the annual blood drive and the drill team competition, as well as pro- moting fellowship and understanding between future officers of the armed services. First Row: John Aldridge, Charlton Robbins Anderson, Harvey Bien, Jim Blough, John Borchert, Jr., John Thomas Bottom Ill. Second Row: Steve Bozeman, Eddie Bryant, Andy Carpenter, Jr., Harris Collier, Clay McAmis Crockett, Ronnie Deberry. Third Row: Carman Ray Dixon, Jr., Joe Gay, New- ell Graham, Henderson S. Hall, Jr., Paul Hester, William E. Hester. Fourth Row: Carson Hughes, James E. Lang- messer, Thomas Joseph Langmesser, Loran Laughlin, William Lavalee, Alton B. Lewis, Jr. Fifth Row: Ed Lyon, Ray McNa- mara, James Granville Martin, Jr., James Minor, Milton Myers, Joel G. Payne, Jr. Sixth Row: Edward Peacock Ill, Robert Pedersen, Chuck Quarterman, Michael Soper, Charles Thompson, Terry Thrash. Seventh Row: John Timothy Wells, Eddie Williston. Not Pictured: Robert Avent, Thomas Bearden, Leo Davis, Jr., Edward Hardister, Steven Howell, Robert Hyde, Chester Richards, Charles Richardson, Jimmie Rose, Joe Ross, Jr., Eric Schweitzer, Frank Vollor, John Wallis, Jr., James Warren, Alfred Zielinski. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national music fraternity for women. Its activities on campus include the sponsorship of " Sing Song " and the provision of ushers for the Artist Series. The fraternity sup- ports American music centers, such as MacDowell Colony and National Music Camp at Interlocker. Scholarship assistance is also provided by the fraternity for famous international music centers such as Tanglewood, Idylliveld, Aspen, and Fon tainebleau. Further assistance is given to national music organizations: MENC, MTNA, National As- sociation for Music Therapy, and Federation of Music. First Row: Susan Bedingfield, Linda Farrish, Rita Goolsby. Second Row: Mildred Green, Linda Gregory, Ginger Kin- brough. Third Row: Susie Long, Martha Neilson, Carol Patterson. Not Pictured: Wanda Boatright, Bessie Franklin, Mary Jackson. 83 1 85 Long Line of Beauties, Left to Right: Lenora Jane Young, Janet Wood, Pat White, Teresa Vaughn, Sandy Stone, Judy Rost, Katherine Rice, Nelda Rankin, Polly Norton, Connie Morton, Phyllis Mon- tague, Lila McRight, Patsy McKay, Nancy Carole The Parade of Beauties and Favorites, an event sponsored annually by the Ole Miss, is held to elect campus favorites and beau- ties to be featured in the yearbook. On the evening of the Parade the audience elects ten Favorites and a panel of judges selects five Beauties from the field of contestants representing both women ' s residence halls and sororities. The judges panel for the 1969 Parade was composed of: Mrs. W.A. Ben- son, Nashville, Tennessee; Mrs. Paul Car- ruth, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Mrs. Winfield Dunn, Memphis, Tennessee; Mr. Brad Dye, Land, Judy Hudson, Susan Holder, Jean Hester, Jane Gregor y, Kathy Cooper, Linda Corner, Cheryl Chism, Carolyn Chandler, Nanci Campbell, Mary Catherine Broyles, Marilyn Blakeslee, Nora Allen, Lavenia Allen. Jackson, Mississippi; and Mr. William Ta- tum, Memphis, Tennessee. Serving as Mas- ter of Ceremonies for the pagent was Mr. Jack Dunbar of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Geor- gianna Alexander and The Group furnished entertainment during the Parade. The photography work was done in Nat- chez, Mississippi by Mr. Bob Alexander of Grenada. The photographs were made at homes which are open during the Natchez Pilgrimage and recapture the beauty of Southern tradition. Pale Jeaufies anvil Fratns 86 BELOW LEFT " Why do you ask if I ' m married, Mr. Dye? " DIRECTLY BELOW Let ' s take the first plane out of town. BOTTOM Hey there, Georgianna Girl! !lili; 0064011 Patricia White Chi Omega D ' Evereaux I 88 MISS SUSAN HOLDER Delta Delta Delta Bellemont 90 • - ' • , , f , -r " ,. • OS , .... ., i .-.),,,... 1 -r•- ' 1‘..,: , ' ,.., --J ' ' P : r ) ' 4 i. . • 44 . •• ; 1, `.; i 4 , ' " ‘ y ; : ' -- ' • 1 v .. ; 7 7 ' I ' ' 11 ' -: 4 t -AO.= 2 il ' ' : ' ' ' • . It ■ ... s ir • % 411 , t ' ' ' ' ... 1 ' t.., 4 • ...., 1 . • _ — " : 2 ' fL . %Iv ,. • 4 , e . x 11, ...7 ' ,,... 4 ' r MISS JUDITH ANN ROST Delta Delta Delta Rosalie MISS ANN COOPER Delta Gamma Dunleith MISS NANCY CAROLE LAND Phi Mu Stanton Hall Fgn us Auburn Left to Right: Kathy Lunar, Cynthia Chrestman, Melissa Lovelady, and Patty Canty. The Elms Left to Right: Julie Farr, Walterine Permenter, Karen Cope, Carolyn Bruno and Jane Carol Foshee. Not Pictured is Donna Chinn. or HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Patty Canty Dunleith it it C Jug ]VL Robert Bailey Car olyn Bruno jv Nancy Carole Land From Left to Right: Elizabeth Patricia Mc- Kay and Teresa Mai Vaughn. From Left to Right: Mary Catherine Broyles, Connie Sue Morton, and Nora Ann Allen. 98 Our Coeds walk away with honors all over the South. The girls on these pages are just a few. LEFT Miss Donna Chin looks radiant behind stage before being selected as a 1969 Favorite. BELOW Jane Caroo Foshee reigns as Liberty Bowl Queen. LI 100 LEFT Miss Dix Ballard ruled in 1969 over the Natchez Pilgramage as Queen. BELOW Miss Susan Holder went abroad as Maid of Cotton. BOTTOM Karen Cope proudly represented the Southeastern Conference as Football Queen. 101 NH hION LEFT Zetta takes over the stage. TOP Southern Beauty displayed as Vivi Hughes sets the mood among magnolias. ABOVE Tis Neill in a wonderful setting. 102 ABOVE Barbara Cox pauses from a walk in the woods to pose. BELOW Scarlet O ' Hara and Com- pany. 103 RIGHT 1969 Best Dressed, Cindy Vincent. BELOW Marilyn Blakeslee, Top Ten Best Dressed 1968- 1969. 104 Beti Mnid it o- ABOVE Mary Eleanor Bufkin, 1968 Best Dressed. RIGHT Judy Rosi, Best Dressed Finalist 1968-1969. 105 BELOW: Favorite Thursday afternoon past- time, Drill. ritlflJr. " ' 11,f This section intends to show Military Life at Ole Miss, ROTC, as it really is. During the Fall of 1968 in a student election, the sentiment of the campus was heard in an overwhelming defeat of the present compulsory program. The rocklike tradition of ROTC seems to be slipping; but, meanwhile the University marches on . . Hup . . . hup . . 15 ' E 1 fl 0 ABOVE LEFT: Malcolm Commer, Military Editor, and Jane Carol eye Malcolm ' s new Cadillac. ABOVE The Sponsors pose beside the latest Counter- Guerilla swamp vehicle. BELOW Future Sailors present a striking figure. 109 IUL The Reserve Officer Training Corps under the Department of Military Science has the general responsibility of educating men for service as future Army officers. Military R.O.T.C. functions as a division of the Department of the Army and is a compon- ent of the entire United States Armed Services. The primary function of the Department of Military Science is concerned with what are basically land objectives. Training is therefore concentrated on ground manuev- ers. In compliance with this process, worthy cadets receive commissions as Army of- ficers upon completion of the requirements for a college degree. Direction by the Professor of Military Science and staff is supplemented by adept young college men who strive to lead and instruct in the capacity of cadet officers. Advanced cadets are subjected to gradual responsibility and command to make them ready as tomorrow ' s leaders. With this responsibility to our National security, it is comforting to note that Army R.O.T.C. provides a well rounded program of se- lection and training in providing for its future officers. ABOVE LEFT Professor of Military Science Colonel Trevor E. Williams. ABOVE RIGHT Brigade Commander Colonel Mike Soper and Colonel ' s Lady Carolyn Bruno. Major M. Guggenheimer Major R. T. Norman Major G. L. Pauler Captain W. R. Creech I10 FAR LEFT Batallion Commanders Lt. Col. Johnny Bottom and Lt. Col. James War- ren plan drill activities. ABOVE The Bri- gade Staff is composed of these bright, advanced students. BELOW The incoming and outgoing Chancellor receive a salute at the combined military Chancellor ' s Re- view. m.....r a 1 I74 j1 kr -2 1 INEMI MINNI I mom ' momminqpi k urV 1 minionmmoiwimmummil woraimpv 40.111 MP ' " --- - .. A Ur ABOVE Counter-Guerilla Officers show Army de- termination. BELOW The drill team proves they can shoulder a musket. LEFT The Long Khaki Line. I I 3 ABOVE Arm y sponsors strive to please all cadets. RIGHT The troops shape up for inspection. 114 LI Il o TOP Ya ' ll Look! Three thousand white sidewalls. ABOVE Present ARMS! RIGHT The passing of the color guard provides inspiration to all who observe. 115 1SA1 ' , TMCi, L ABOVE No dates soldier, she can pull rank. ABOVE RIGHT Col. Williams commands at- tention of the sponsors. BELOW RIGHT Cadets, Miss Cope will conduct a close personal in- spection. 116 Members of the Army Sponsor Corp are: (from left seated) Judy Rost, Zetta Bryant, Carolyn Bruno, Sally Watters, Kathy Cooper, and Marty Windells, (standing) Tillie Hood, Melanie Clark, Patsy McKay, Kathy Smith, Susan Chamberlain, Sherry Edwards, and Karen Cope. 117 118 ti ..v.-4741( 14.- bkotoov • TOP Army band aids esprit de corps. ABOVE Drill entails marching precision. RIGHT Cadets await the orders of the day. ABOVE Your brass is crooked, Mister. HEM 119 Left to Right: Commander R. Jacobs, Lt. Commander W. L. Triemer, Major R. F. Gins, Lieutenant J. P. Peters, Lieutenant A. Michel, and Lieutenant W. J. Wylie. MIA ---MIMM■11■11•■•■ The NROTC program is designed to assist in the education of well qualified young men who are interested in earning a commission in the Navy, Marine Corps, or their reserve components. The program is built around six elements: an academic major, Navy specified courses taught by Navy or Marine Corp officers, seminars and workshops, drills and ceremonies, and summer training. Regular NROTC students are selected by nationwide competitive examinations an- nually. They receive a subsistence allow- ance, tuition, books, and fees. Contract students are selected by the Professor of Naval Science from those students who apply during registration. They receive a subsistence allowance during their junior and senior years. Regular students parti- cipate in three summer training periods of approximately six weeks each, while Contract students take part in two training periods. LEFT Professor of Naval Science, Cap- tain Miles R. Finley, Jr. RIGHT Bat- tallion Commanders, Steve Bozeman and C. D. Thompson, and Sponsor Commander Lynne Coates. 120 ABOVE LEFT Assistants in NROTC provide valuable experience to aid midshipmen. ABOVE RIGHT Midshipmen officers alter- nate responsibility for student command of the NROTC Batallion. BELOW NROTC Batallion, University of Mississippi. 121 The OLE MISS NROTC Unit presents an integral program of classroom education in Navy and Marine Corps subjects along with practical leadership training on the drill field and during summer cruises. The formal program is supplemented by activities and organizations such as a Unit newspaper, Anchor and Chain Honor Society, a Spon- sor Corps, a mutt-award winning Drill Team, and an active social program. The product of the NROTC Unit is a Navy or Marine Corps officer who is well qualified and highly motivated toward a career of service to his country. ABOVE LEFT Navy drill team captures fifth straight competition award. BELOW LEFT Navy midshipmen honorary, Anchor and Chain. ABOVE Members of the Naval Sponsor Corps are: (left to right) Kathy White, Betty Brommer, Susan Broom, Nanci Campbell, Betty Young, Marilyn Blakeslee, Kay McHarg, Susan McLawin, Phyllis Anderson, Cathy Oakes, Lynn Coates, Claudia Primos, Cynthia Chrestman. t . rains_ TOP Second Class Midshipmen practice navigation. B FLOW LEFT Third Class Mid- shipman emerge from lecture on seapower and maritime affairs. ABOVE Fourth Class Midshipmen are introduced to fundamentals of the Navy. f lonniossos 11100[,10M Coffses 124 LEFT First class Midshipmen prepare to assume their officer responsibility. RIGHT Future marines study facets of amphibious operations. 125 The Department of Aerospace Studies functioning under the command of the United States Air Force is an essential part of the University R.O.T.C. program. Operating in connection with national and international defense objectives, the A.F.R.O.T.C. ful- fills a component demand of our defense structure. The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp was set up under the Air University Command and has functioned to provide a source of young men to serve as career officers. Training is diversified and entails programs emphasizing scholarship, drill per- formance, and leadership. Cadets are taught in class and field environments and instruc- tion is oriented toward peaceful objectives. Air study has become increasingly im- portant because of technological achieve- ments and the need for progressive defense techniques. A.F.R.O.T.C. attempts to train officers of the future to meet this increasing challenge. LEFT Professor of aerospace studies, ColonelJames H. Fulmer. RIGHT Wing Commander, Colonel Johnny Johnson and Angel Flight Commander, Laurie Simpson. Left to Right: Major B. D. Zeiler, Major W. R. Cooke, Captain J. H. Baker, Captain W. S. Brooks. 126 ABOVE LEFT Cadets prepare for inspec- tion. ABOVE RIGHT Major Cooke offers classroom instruction to cadets, BELOW Dress--Right--Dress. 127 Ile Air Force ROTC at the University provides a source for higher and more stimulating education in military tactics. Methods of aerospace advances are prime factors in national security and AFROTC awakens young men to the challenge to be faced in modern military world. The ultimate achievement of an Air Force Cadet is fulfillment of basic requirements and a commission in the U.S. Air Force. Officers advancing with a degree in a cho- sen field and necessary military training prove to be leaders in our defense structure and mandatory in achieving our national objectives and obligations. ABOVE Members of the Angel Flight are (left to right, bottom): Ann Barnes, Linda Rundell, Sandy Donahue, Kathy Luper, Susan Holder, NancyKnoch, Janie Fuller, Pat White, Pam Quintana, Susan Webb, Jane Carol Foshee, Walterine Perm enter, Patty Canty, Jeannie Mcllwain, Betty Rowzee. (Top): Laurie Simpson, Leslie Oliver, Carolyn Jones. RIGHT Cadet officers advise Angel Flight on drill techniques. 128 BELOW Officer gives drill instruction to attentive cadets. BOTTOM The Air Force Flight Indoctrination Program takes to the skies. RIGHT The Chancellor ' s Review in the spring is a time for personal recognition for seniors. 1 30 RIGHT: Robert Herring, president. BOTTOM: Kent Densing, Jim Nabors, Bob France, and Robert Herring, Alpha Phi Omega Officers. BELOW: Dr. John Douglas, sponsor and Kent Densing discuss plans for ushering at the ASB Concert. 6) 1. 6d Alpha Phi Omega is the National Service Fraternity for college and uni- versity men. Its purpose is " to as- semble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop Leadership, to promote Friendship, to promote Service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage. " Epsilon Omega Chapter at Ole Miss was founded May 2, 1948. Among its charter members were Dr. John D. Williams and Dean Malcom Guess. The members serve as ushers for various campus events, provide a student ride board, and operate a student book ex- change where students may buy and sell their books at student-set prices. The members work with the Oxford commun- ity in promoting better Oxford-University relations. They assist with the Oxford Pilgrimage and sponsor a bicycle clinic for school children. The spirit of Alpha Phi Omega is summed up in its three cardinal prin- ciples: Lea dershi p, Friendship, and Service. liWAgi160thill HT ni7 The association is an active organization of graduate students organized for the pur- pose of furthering the knowledge and under- standing of Urban Planning, to promote better relationships with related disciplines, and to expand interest in Urban Planning through social activities. The Department of City Planning recently secured its third fulltime professor. By ful- filling this position, the department has paved the way for full accred itation within the near future. This year has been highlighted by the Mississippi Chapter meeting of the Amer- ican Institute of Planners and a full slate of intramural sports activities which saw the " planners " field successful--softball, football, and basketball teams. TOP LEFT: Discussing the plans for a model city are Suresh N. Shirdharani, Nick Ron Hudson, Prof. Michael L. Bridge, Clark Holmes, and Tom Grant. TOP RIGHT: Officers are Steve Bradford, Vice-President; George Lester, President; Prof. Clyde Cook, Sponsor; Al Neel, Graduate Representative; Jimmy Ware, Secretary-Treasurer; and Jay Lacoste, Past Pres. RIGHT:Commenting on the plans for the Urban Renewal projection in Memphis are Jim Darden, Colbert Jones, Bruce H anson, Jimmy Heidel, Rick Eigen, Paul Barlow, and Dai-Wei Tan. 132 I The Baptist Student Union is a min- istry of Southern Baptists which at- tempts to speak to the University from a Christian standpoint. The basic pur- pose of the BSU is to offer Christian students opportunities for growth in their faith. The BSU offers programs of worship in daily devotional services. It also spon- sors social activities through fellowship parties and an intramural sports pro- gram. The athletic program, which was begun last year, has afforded many op- portunities to meet students on other campuses as well as our own. A babysitting project and a project to provide Christmas presents for children in the Baptist Children ' s Village in Jack- son met with great success. In all these programs, the BSU seeks to help its students find a meaninhful basis for their lives. BELOW Front Row, Left to Right: Ricky Ricks, Wayne Till, Barbara Meador, Larry Smith, and Susan Langdon. Back Row: Susan Aycock, Re- gina Leake, Ronnie Shearer, Mike Price, Lee Davis, and Melissa Hankins. LEFT Baptist Stu- dent Union officers are: Woody Barham, As- sociate Director; Lyman MaGee, Faculty Ad- visor; Wally Byrd, President; and David Hicks, BSU Director. r ' ML OA ‘1.1,11 ' The Committee of 100 is an organi- zation of students of all faiths who repre- sent all areas of the campus community. This organization sponsors the Religious Emphasis Speakers Program which brings a speaker to the campus each month except for the months which include an examin- ation period. During their visits to the campus, these prominent speakers of dif- ferent denominations and faiths are heard at convocations, in classrooms, and in dis- cussion groups. The Committee of 100 fully accepts its responsibility of implanting a spirit and an attitude of religious awareness and activity throughout the year. ABOVE LEFT: Bill Garth, President. ABOVE: H. A. Moore, Sue Windsor, Mary Allen Bowen, Bill Harper, Bill Garth, Charlie McCool, Skippy Robert- son, and Byron Ellis. TOP: Connie Sue Berry, Sue Windsor, H. A. Moore, Charlie McCool, Bill Harper, Skippy Robertson, Dick Mestayer, and Mrs. Mary McLain, Sponsor. 134 ill Delta Theta Phi Fraternity, the largest law fraternity in number of senates and the sec- ond largest in total membershipin the nation, was founded in 1900. The Jefferson Davis Senate was chartered by Delta Theta Phi in August of 1967 with twenty-three charter members. Since its inception, approximately one hundred law students have become members. The members of Delta Theta Phi have served on the Mississippi Law Journal, as Representatives for the Law Student Divi- sion of the American Bar Association, as student class off icers, and student body officers. These members have provided much of the leadership in all areas of stu- dent activity in the law school. The Senate ' s activities are social, pro- fessional, and service oriented. They in- clude sponsoring a Pre-Law Club for under- graduates, sponsoring an achievement award for the member with the highest semesters average, and providing speakers for the law school. TOP LEFT 1st Row: Wayne L. Sterling, Tribune; Fred T. Cribbs, Clerk of Exchechar; Luke J. Schis- sel, Dean. 2nd Row: Denny Eshee, Vice-Dean; Joel J. Kamp, Master of the Ritual; Stark H. King, Bailiff; Dr. Casey Stengal, Advisor. LEFT Wayne L. Sterling, Luke J. Schissel, Fred J. Cribbs, Joel Kamp, and Denny Eshee make plans for upcoming programs. BELOW Delta Theta Phi members tryout the court room. VV�Il The Financiers Club at the University of Mississippi was organized by twenty-five students in the spring of 1961 to bring together those students interested in bank- ing and finance for the interchange of ideas and for a better understanding of the role played by financial institutions on a local and national scale. Also, the opportunity for students to meet and hear successful individuals in the financial field is invaluable. The Financiers Club, which has increased its membership greatly, is composed of busi- ness school students who come not only from the sophomore class, junior class, and senior class, but also from the graduate school. This club is affiliated with the Uni- versity ' s Chair of Banking of which Dean Ben McNew is head. The organization is financially sponsored by the Mississippi Bankers ' Association. 1 1 LEFT Ed Peacock, President. TOP LEFT: Rhes Low, Vice-President; and Ben McNew, Sponsor; look for new program ideas. ABOVE: Ed Peacock, President; Larry A. Smith, Secretary-Treasurer; Harvey Ferguson, Director; Ronnie McE lroy, Direc- tor; Rhes Low, Vice-President; Ben McNew, Spon- sor. 1 36 The Constitution of the Institute of Elec- trical and Electronics Engineers defines its purpose as scientific, literary and educa- tional directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of electronical en- gineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences. Currently, meetings are held every three weeks. The main topic of these meetings has been the presentation of talks by pro- fessional engineers and professors in the fields of electrical engineering. The first planned meeting was a joint meeting of Memphis Section and the Ole Miss and Mississippi State Student Branches. Din- ner was served at the Holiday Inn in Ox- ford and a presentation was made by Mr. John W. Ranheim, McGraw-Edison Systems Division, Milwaukee, on " Arc Interruption in a Vacuum " . During the meeting following the past one, Dr. Keats A. Pullen, Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland, made a presenta- tion on " Fundamental Limitations of Active Devices. " LEFT Pres. William L. Lavallee. BELOW Frank Windham, Treasurer; William L. Lavallee, Chair- man; Buddy Kemp, Vice Chairman; Tim Arnett, Secretary. 137 Igpin Psi Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest of the Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternities, choos es its men in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, char- acter, personality, and activities. It was founded on May 30, 1879 and was re- activated at Ole Miss in 1947. Kappa Psi places great emphasis on scholarship. Its members strive to exert their efforts to further the high ideals dis- played by the pharmaceutical profession. Members of Kappa Psi are found in every state of the United States and many foreign countries. RIGHT Dr. Dodge congratulates Bill King on his outstanding discovery of LSD. TOP LEFT Left to Right Seated: Randel Gibson, Regent; Dr. Austin A. Dodge, Grand Council Depty. Standing: Bill King, Vice Regent; Dale Gunkel, Treasurer; Thom- as 0. Horn, Historian; Stanley J. lllich, Chaplain. TOP RIGHT Randel Gibson presides. 138 ii: In its second year at Ole Miss, the Ka- rate Club stimulated interest in the art of karate. Members were active enthusiasts and promoted karate by campus demon- strations and active tournament participa- tion. Individuals in the Karate Club were a- warded for showing improvement by at- taining a higher degree or " belt " . Im- provement seemed to be a direct func- tion of practice and hard work in this self- satisfying sport. Of most reward to members was at- taining a high amount of respect at Ole Miss for karate. LEFT Perfect form of the Karate kick. BELOW Concetrated practice on the basic movements give the muscles of the members of the Karate Club strength and stamina. 139 1111 .11 0 9 9 The purpose of the Pre-Law Society is to instill interest among undergraduates in the field of law. After discovering this interest among students during the past year, Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity set out to establish the Pre-Law Society. Membership in this organization has grown to fifty-eight this year. Meetings usually convene about once a month. The Law School faculty supplies speakers who lead discussions on the opportunities that are available in the field of law. Plans for the spring include speaking engagements by well-known authorities of law and Federal judges. LEFT Richard Scruggs, President; Julian Allen, Vice- President; Emily Harness, Seccetary; and Johnny Henson, Treasurer discuss entry requirements to law Sch000 BELOW Julian Allen and Emily Har- ness feel that a background in Spanish is a must for an aspiring lawyer. BELOW LEFT Pre-Law president, Dickie Scruggs presides. 140 Newman Club RIGHT Pres. Da- vid Cuicchi. ABOVE Catherine Pattridge, Leslie Brandon, Ce- celia Thomas, John Malatesta, Vice-President; David Cuicchi, President. (1] v r] The Newman Club is a Catholic-spon- sored organization for students on secular college and university campuses. The or- ganization derives its name from the great English convert of the 1 9th century, John Henry Newman, who later in his life was elevated to the status of a price of the Catholic Church--a Cardinal. The Newman Club today, following in Cardinal Newman ' s footsteps, attempts to offer a deepening of the spiritual and an enriching of the temporal social activities. Some of the organization ' s most success- ful activities this past year were the opera- tion of a study hall during examinations, Christmas party for underprivileged children, assistance in the liturgical church services, discussion groups, suppers and social gath- erings, and participation in several intra- mural sports. The entire Newman program and its fa- cilities are open not only to Catholic stu- dents, but to any college student who so desires ' to participate in the activities of the organization, regardless of religious affiliation. 141 A nondenominational Christian organiza- tion, the Ole Miss Y was founded in 1868. Through the cooperation of faculty, staff, and students, the Y pro- vides a program of Christian fellowship which includes recreational, social, cultural, and intellectual services. The bi-monthly meetings feature speakers, films, and panel discussions. The Y held its annual finance drive in which contributions were collected, and a bazaar of imported art was also held as a special project to raise money for World University Service. Foreign food and en- tertainment were featured at the Y ' s In- ternational Dinner, and this year the Y added two new services for foreign stu- dents. An Orientation Party was given in their honor at which student government was explained. In cooperation with Mor- tar Board, tutoring in English was pro- vided for new foreign students. JV ABOVE Presidents of the Ole Miss Y, Kent Howell, YMCA and Hazel Barnes, YWCA, prepare for a Y-Council meeting. BELOW Left to Right: Hudson Puckett, Donna Hjerpe, Helen Noyes, Dernetra Lawrency, Treasurer; Tom Paine, Vice-President; Hazel Barnes, President; Kent Howell, Presi- dent; Mary Betsy Bryant, Secretary; Susan Langdon, Cop- per Mills, Martha Turner. ABOVE: First Row (Left to Right): Cynthia Furr, Jackie Bell, Kerry Yannahan, Lisa Larsen, Rose Mary Porter, Elise Floyd, Chellie Furr, and Mary Jackson. Second Row: Diane Logan, Eva Aultinan, Judy Leach, Hilda Brasher, Sandra Clark, Susan Britt, Rita Goolsby, Becky Ator, Pam Tipton, Martha Neilson, Gail WaldriP, Connie Collier. Third Row: Ken Stovall, John Flowers, Jackie H orner, Hank Moak, Mike Carlisle, John Keeton, Jimmy Ed- wards, Alan Stevens, John Caffey, John Cleveland, Walker Sweeney, and Larry Smith. In front is the Director, Dr. James Coleman. 11C0 The University Concert Singers, a group of the best harmonizing voices in the South, frequently represent the University in off- campus productions. The Singers are se- lected by audition and trained by their Director, Dr. James Coleman. The University Concert Singers undertake a concert tour each spring. This year " The Group, " a segment of the Singers, will go to Europe to perform for USO groups. " The Group " often performs for entertain- ment at various campus activities to the delight of Ole Miss audiences. The University Concert Singers offers a mode of expression for the talented student on the University of Mississippi campus. Concert Singers Officers Right to Left: Jimmy Edwards, President; Weir Kyle, Vice-Presi- dent; Elise Floyd, Secretary; Jackie Neal Horner, Robes and Music Chairman. 143 RIGHT: Betsy Davis, Production Chairman; Sandi Harrison, Technical Director; PatsyMcKay, Pub- licity Chairman; Sandy Steen, Business Man- ager, Barbara Cherry, Costume Chairman; Gene McCutchen, Sponsor. ABOVE: Twenty-three strong, the University Dancers pause from their practice session long enough for a picture. The University Dancers is designed to futher the study of modern dance techniques. It also gives members an opportunity to pursue compositional problems. The members choreograph most of the dances used in their numer- ous performances. Auditions for po- tential members are held at the begin- ning of each semester, and selection is based on skill in dance as well as in composition. The Dancers performed at the half- time of all of the basketball games on campus. The annual Spring Concert was held on March 5 and 6. On March 9, the Dancers did a program in Cor- inth, and on April 16 and 17, they performed in conjunction with the Music Department doing " The King and I " . 144 Vifififio 6-A 8sslija ' BELOW RIGHT Betsy David, President; and Nancy Scott, sports chairman make plans for coed spring sports. BELOW Seated: Lura Netherton, Scheduling Chairman, Marilyn Majors, Edith Perry. Standing: Betty Mann McDowell, Mary Ann Chancellor. BOT- TOM Top Row: Connie Mann, Activities Chair- man; Lou Thompson. Seated ' Barbara Bailey, Char- lotte McCauley. Bottom Row: Charlene Chiles, Linda Simon. The Women ' s Recreational Association provides intramural activities for every coed at Ole Miss. Volleyball, basketball, bridge, tennis singles and doubles, badminton singles and doubles, and softball are of- fered throughout the school year. Trophies are awarded to the winner of each sport and the group having the most points at the end of the year receives the overall trophy. A trophy is also awarded to the team that shows the best sportsmanship. Each dormitory and sorority can enter every activity. WRA provides an opportunity for every woman at the University to gain in physical fitness, education, and social pleasures. Participation in intramurals can be very re- warding experience for all those who take part. Young Republicans ABOVE Left to Right: Eb- bie Finch, Recording Secretary; Tricia Teague, Historian; Genie Shrader, Corresponding Secre- tary; Jerry Gilbreath, Chairman; Jerry Harris, Exec. Member; Bill Boyd, Treasurer; Mike Tur- bell, Exec. Member; Jerry Jafford, Advisor. TOP Mr. Clark Reed, State Republican Chair- man; Dr. James Ma ye, National Republican Committeeman, and Jerry Gilbreath, Chairman Ole Miss Young Republicans discuss Richard Ni xon ' s campaign strategy in the South. n) !ik fin lft`,71 The Young Republican Club at Ole Miss proved to be one of the fastest growing and most active groups on campus this year. With well over 200 members, the club co-sponsored a political debate prior to the Presidential Election. It hosted a party the night of the election and also-spo nsored a Nixon Victory Dinner. The club participated in campaign drives throughout the state. and in Memphis. The Young Republicans also sent a large delegation to the State Young Republican Convention and it plans to send several members to the National Young Republican Convention in Chicago this summer. 146 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Left to Right TOP Seated: Elaine Leggett, Secretary; Dr. L.F. Roy, Advisor; Charles W. Rooks, President. Standing: Danny Smith, Assistant Treasurer; Wayne Ander- son, Vice-President; Charles Gray, Jr., Treasurer. red! Membership in ASME is open to students in Mechanical Engineering. The aims of the Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers are to en- courage engineering advancement and achieve- ment, to promote understanding between the stu- dents and the faculty members, and to serve as a liaison between the students and the professional engineer. These aims are carried out by field trips to the sites of engineering activity by a diversified speaker program, and by participation in engineer- ing competition. AICE founded its student chapter at Ole Miss in 1957. The purpose of the organization is to promote professional development of chemical en- gineering students and to foster a professional pride in chemical engineering. The functions and activities of the chapter are planned to give its members and others a better understanding of chemical engineering. 1-1 [I igliff0V American Society of Mechanical Engineers Left to Right BOTTOM 1st Row: Warren Sigma, President; Zeb Reeves, Vice-Presi- dent; J. R. MacDonald, Sponsor. 2nd Row: Roger M. Tubbs, Secretary; Ronald Patch, Treasurer. 147 Cardinal Club Left to Right TOP Phil Har- te, Treasurer; John Gill, Vice-President; Charlie Doolittle, President; Billy Wingo, Secretary. irfif 6 ,Dd Throughout its existence on the Ole Miss cam- pus, the Cardinal Club has boasted school spirit and has instilled a true Rebel attitude into each new student. This year ' s President, Glenn Galey, along with the other nine members of this organ- ization are responsible for such activities as the bonfires before the pep rallies, freshman roll- call, and are always ready to give their support to the Ole Miss Rebels. Megaphone Club Left to Right BELOW Seated: Beth Anders, Vice-President; Lynn Ellis, President. Standing: Dix Ballard, Secretary; Cookie Winters, Treasurer. ;NO 11 The main purpose of the Megaphone Club is to foster school spirit in all campus activities. The Club assists the Cardinal Club and the A.S.B. School Spirit Committee in helping with pep ral- lies and the Welcome Rebel Party. The Megaphone Club is composed of freshman and sophomore from each sorority and two in- dependents. Each member gives unselfishly of her time and effort to help to keep the Rebel tradition of unmatched school spirit. 148 Circle K Left to Right: TOP Mike Castle- berry, Secretary; John Keeton, Treasurer; Mr. Jim Ainsworth, Advisor, William Rhodes, Vice-President; Frank Vollar, President. Circle K is an international service organization that has brought to the Ole Miss campus on March 29, 1966. It is sponsored by Kiwanis In- ternational. In its short history at Ole Miss Circle K has contributed its time and services to the Uni- versity and the Oxford community. Under the leadership of the president, Frank Vollor, Circle K members have sponsored the formation of a Key Club and are active in the Oxford pilgrimage. Phi Beta Lambda Left to Right BELOW Mrs. Linda Duckworth, Sponsor; Kay Wind- ham, President; Henry Holifield, Vice- President; Claudia Jones, Secretary; Jan Kellum, Treasurer. The Phi Beta Lambda business organization was established on the Ole Miss campus in 1961. Since this time their membership has increased to 30 students. The requirements for membership in the Phi Beta Lambda are that a student must have a 2.00 grade average and hav e had or be taking at least 3 hours of business courses. Phi Beta Lambda introduces to its members new advancements in the field of business. This spring they will host the annual Phi Beta Lambda State Convention in Jackson. Pki BOA 149 1klqg LEFT: Officers of Kappa Delta Pi are: Dr. Gerry Robbins, Adviser; Mrs. Lynton Dilley, Adviser; Tom Smith, Vice-Presi- dent; Sarah Gaye Craig, Secretary; Nelda Gober Soper, President. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in education which is open to both undergraduate and graduate men who meet certain scholastic requirements. Monthly meetings with plan- ned programs are held, and members participate in service projects. Every biennium a national convocation is held; regional conferences take place during alternate years. The local chapter, Zeta Eta, publishes a newsletter which is sent to all its members, while the nation organization pub- lishes The Educational Forum and The Record. RIGHT: Phi Mu Alpha Officers: Donald Anthony, President; Tommy Beasley, Treasurer; Bob Landers, Secretary; Carl Grissom, Vice-President; Tony Jordan, So- cial Chairman; Mike Prewitt, Historian and Alumnae Secretary; Odie P. Williams, Fac- ulty Advisor. 111 The purposes of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity of its kind are to advance the cause of music in America, to foster brotherhood of students of music, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. This year Sinfonia had the largest number of initiates that Lambda Xi Chapter has had since its chartering at Ole Miss on March 31, 1962. The main focus of attention this year has been the new chapter room occupying the basement of the University Band Hall. The interest and desire to be part of this organization has grown tremendously over past years. 150 RIGHT: Front Row: Mike Troop, Dean Franklin Moak, Henry Sanders, Bucky Gate- wood, and H. E. Peery. Back Row: Ed Lyon, Mr. Bob Towery, Joe Schmelzer, Glenn Galey, H.A. Moore, and EarlDenham. Omega Theta Chapter of Order of Omega, a national hon- orary, recognizes achievement in the field of interfraternity work. The Chapter was chartered at Ole Miss in September of 1968. The organization was founded on the following principles: first, to recognize, encourage, and inspire outstandi ng fra- ternity men; second, to bring together representative fra- ternity men; and third, to bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution ' s fraternities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. J hfi ii 0 iii Ufi LEFT: Manuel H. Rodriquez, Sgt.-at-Arms, Seated: Ed Lyon, President; Woody Sam- ple, Secretary; Standing: Mike Guyton, Vice President; Selbb Downer, Faculty Advisor; Not Pictured: Allen Perry, Treasurer. Pi Sigma Epsilon, " the National Professional Fraternity in Marketing, Sales Management and Selling, " was chartered in 1952. Alpha Theta Chapter was founded at Ole Miss April 30, 1963. The purpose of the organization is to create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a career. The local chapter at Ole Miss is sponsored by the Sales and Marketing Executives of Jackson. 151 LEFT: Student Education Association Of- ficers are: (left to Right) Cecile Walsh, Judy Leech, and Kathy Mann. Mc111-4 VANoirm RIGHT: Seated: Marie Lewis, President. Standing: Fran Dearman, Vice-President; Suzanne Riley, Recording Secretary; Jen- nifer Bryon, Corresponding Secretary. The Student Education Association is a professional educa- tion organization with chartered chapters in accredited colleges and universities throughout the country. It has as its members students who plan to teach. Its programs, aimed at developing personal and professional growth and competence, include teaching films, practice-teacher panels, interviewing " know- how " discussions, and speakers from educational, as well as other fields. Activities included a tea, a banquet, and a style show. Theta Sigma Phi, an honorary organization for women, is based on scholarship and educational contributions by mem- bers to the university. The local chapter sponsors the " Best- Dressed " contest yearly for Glamour magazine. This year, the contest was held on February 6, 1969. The purposes of the organization is to recognize the achievements of women and to work toward a more responsible news media. 152 Mississippi Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society, was installed on March 15, 1969. Formerly the Pi Beta Tau Association, a local campus engineering honorary, Mississippi Beta Chapter strives to recognize those who have conferred honor upon their university by outstanding scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in the School of Engineering. Another objective of Tau Beta Pi is to broaden the intellectual horizons of its members and of all engineers. High scholastic achievement or eminent profes- sional attainment is the first eligibility requirement for Tau Beta Pi. Engineering students whose academic standing is in the upper eighth of the junior class or the upper fifth of the senior class have their local chapter ' s consideration. The sec- ond eligibility requirement for Tau Beta Pi is ex- emplary character, which includes personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside of en- gineering, adaptability, and unselfish activity. Tau Beta Pi BELOW: Left to right: Damon Wall, Asst. Prof., Advisor; Mike Hedges, Warren Sig- man, Charles Gray Jr., Elaine Leggett, Pat Chad- wick, James R. Arnett, Corresponding Secretary; Lester F. Smith, Recording Secretary; Robert Car- ruth, Kent Howell. Second Row: George Manifold, Professor, Advisor; Robert D. Smith, Charles W. Rooks, President; Edgar Cadles, Jack Harvey, Char- les Thompson, Mike Harrison, William L. LavaIle, Treasurer; Winston Smith, Karl Nelson Jr., Harry Bostian, Assoc. Profl, Advisor; Samuel DeLeevw, Professor, Adviser, Earl Fyke, Edwin W. Best, Vice-President. ABOVE LEFT Mr. George Mani- fold and Ed Best confer on the spring activities. LEFT Officers of the chapter. 1 67ee SORORITIES FRATERNITIES 155 ABOVE Damn, that is the last time I stop on that road. RIGHT Candy and Bitsy attempt to crack typical Chi Omega election smiles. 156 The Greek system was brought to Ole Miss in 1850 with Delta Kappa Epsilon and Chi Omega as the first fraternity and sorority. Even though some critics say that the fraternity system is on the decline, Ole Miss can still boast of one of the strongest and fastest growing fraternity systems across the nation. The rising strength of the fra- ternity system at Ole Miss can be attributed to the vast number and variety of night spots offered by the Oxford area. A large part of campus life revolves around the activities of the sororities and fraternities. The spring months are kept moving at a fast pace with the Red-Blue Weekend, formals, and Dixie Week. Intra- mural sports are year round and provide competition between the groups. The fra- ternities and sororities carry out service projects and sponsor such activities as the heart fund drive. Fall brings rush under the watchful eye of the Panhellenic Inter-Fraternity Coun- cils. New pledges further group relation- ships and impressions through swaps. The Greek system lives on the activities of the pledges. TOP Fraternity Sweethearts Left to Right: Top: Bonnie Johnston, Sigma Pi; Linda Smith, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tootle Sims, Sigma Chi; Cheryl Booth, Phi Kappa Theta; Gayle Brackett, Sigma Nu; Sandy Robinson, Delta Tau Delta; Mary Lee Rush, Phi Delta Theta; Bottom: Nancy Hauchins, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Janis Parker, Phi Kappa Tau; Varner Hinds, Kappa Alpha; Sue McQuigg, Phi Kappa Psi; Deborah Freeman, Beta Theta Pi; Delayne Tubbs, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Betty Fountain, Delta Psi. ABOVE Typical scene at " Friendly 500 " annual day of Chaos. 157 fil ill0 4111 P9 " We, the Fraternity Women of America, stand for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the enjoy- ment of special privileges, but an oppor- tunity to prepare for wide and wise human service. " This is taken from the National Panhellenic Creed and applies to all soror- ities everywhere. It is the duty of Pa nhellen- ic to see that these standards are met. Panhellnic Council is the governing body of the ten sororities on the Ole Miss Cam- pus. The Council is composed of two representatives and the president from each sorority. They meet regularly to discuss questions of mutual concern and interest concerning sorority life. The goals of the Panhellenic Council are to maintain high cultural, educational, and social standards of sorority women. The Panhellenic Council has a job that increases each year. It will continue to govern the sorority system at the University of Mississippi and show what the system has to offer its members and the campus. ABOVE Left to Right: Barbara Cox, Vice-President; Sara Gay Craig, Secretary; Nancy Brumfield, Presi- dent. Not Pictured: Marilyn Mercer, Treasurer. RIGHT Nancy Brumfei , President of Panhellenic Council. 158 ALPHA DELTA PI Nancy Brumfield Marty Bearden Lou Lockhart ALPHA OMICRON PI Beth Gramling Sandra Harmon Karen Atchley CHI OMEGA Bitsy Archer Gayle Golden Mary Delle Herlong DELTA DELTA DELTA Becky Walker Marilyn Mercer Carolyn Morrison DELTA GAMMA Lou Anne Williams Sandy Kelsey Leigh Wilborn KAPPA DELTA Tootle Sims Debbie Dent Gay Gotshall KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Betty Barnes Moore Pat Patterson Missy Hall PHI MU Sue Windsor Donna Edwards Nan Russell PI BETA PHI Afton Cox Barbara Cox Qwen O ' Neal ZETA TAU ALPHA Sylvia Allen Mary Louise Cissna Lan Toney 101 i0Rk, Cher lea( I 59 Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for college women, was founded on May 15, 1861. The Alpha Delta Pi ' s are active in schol- arship and leadership, and participate in all facets of university life. This year, Nancy Brumfield is president of the Panhellenic Council. Sandy Steen is serving as presi- dent of the W.R.A. while Rie Lewis is president of Theta Sigma Phi. Kathy Oakes was chosen as a Navy Sponsor. Lou Lock- hart was listed in Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities. Other organizations in which the girls of Alpha Delta Pi take an active part are the Campus Senate, the Committee of 100, Mortar Board, Cwens, the Mississippian, Alpha Lambda Delta, and various religious groups. All of these accomplishments add to the character of each member making it possible for A.D. Pi to successfully join campus activities and academic affairs to make college a more fruitful endeavor. " The Teahouse of the A.D. Pi Moon " was their fruitful Rush theme in the fall of 1968. d 1 TOP Alpha Delta Pi study hall. RIGHT A.D.P.s fill quota with the extra attraction of two boys. 1 60 First Row: Mary Kathryn Balch, Martha Bearden, Chris Blair, Sandra Bloodworth, Leslie Brandon, Cheryl Chism, Georgeanne Crowe. Second Row: Marcy Decker, Fahey Dibenedetto, Linda Jo Dickerson, Ann Driver, Rose Duncan, Vicki Duncan, Barbara Dyre. Third Row: Linda Edwards, Lee Einhaus, Ebbie Finch, Paula Fly, Myrt Gay, Kay Gillentine, Sylvia Gillentine. Fourth Row: Ellen Gillespie, Angela Glass, Linda Greg- ory, Sandi Harrison, Joan Healy, Sharon Elizabeth Hogue, Kathy Hulen. Fifth Row: Leah Hurdle, Celia Jackson, Merilyn Jack- son, G. Jamison, Jane Jones, Pamela Lynn Jones, Sara Jones. Sixth Row: Brenda Kimbrough, Veta Kucewicz, Con- stance Lea Lax, Marie Lewis, Lou Lock- hart, Marcia McMurray, Susan McNamee. Seventh Row: Cheri Martin, Frances Martin, Jane Mayo, Paula Meek, Martha Jane Merrell, Carol Minkley, Genie Mize. Eighth Row: Sue Ellen Mize, Patsy Moody, Marty Mul- lins, Polly Norton, Helen Noyes, Marsha Parker, Linda Patterson. Ninth Row: Pamela Presley, Charlotte Price, Margaret Price, Pam Smith, Sandy Steen, Cindy Stroup, Patricia Taylor. Tenth Row: Alison Stoddart Teague, Patricia Teague, Janet Thomas, Janet Tillman, Patti Tra- vis, Sue Walton, Betty Jo Wampler. Eleventh Row: Debbie Wid ner, Beth Williams, Mickey Williams, Deborah Wimberly, Janet Wyatt. 161 Not Pictured: Nancy Brumfield, Sylvia Chamblee, Janice Cothran, Barbara Frank, Nancy Guy, Anne Hendershot, Mary Kelley, Mary McGaha, Linda Martin, Wandy M ays, Kathy Oaks, Barbara Trottier, Tonja Tucker. RIGHT That rushie ' s a gimp! BELOW The " Swingers " ! Ii ii Nu Beta Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was introduced to the Ole Miss campus in 1957. Since the Nu Beta Chapter came to Ole Miss, its members have endeavored to established high standards in scholar- ship, character, integrity, and active campus participation. This sorority can boast members in various activities on campus. Nancy Knox is a member of Angel Flight and two members of Alpha Omicron Pi were selected as Army sponsors - Kathy Smith and Susan Chamberlain. Susan was also featured in the Daily Mississippian as a " Campus Cu- tie. " Sandra Harmon has entered politics on the Ole Miss campus by being selected as A.W.S. Judicial Secretary. Alpha Omicron Pis are also active during football season with two members selected as Rebelettes-Linda Ruth Harvey and Myrt McInnis. Whether at work or in the task of pro- moting the Rush theme of Mary Poppins, the members of A.O. Pi can be found to exhibit a spirit of close loyalty and friend- ship to one another. 162 First Row: Vennie Allen, Karen Atchley, Sue Austin, Linda Dorothy Baker, Sherry Beckwith, Pam Bedgood, Jacquelyn Bell. Second Row: Suelen Booth, Liz Bouton, Bonnie Bowen, Peggy Breymaier, Nan Britton, Fredda Brown, Marsha Loretta Brown. Third Row: Mary Eston Burson, Sally Burson, Suzanne Caboche, Emily Caldwell, Jane Carmichael, Anne Chadwell, Susan Chamberlin. Fourth Row: Frenchie Cooke, Patty Crowl, Karen Davis, Betty Dees, Leslie Farr, Beth Ferguson, Patty Flannigan. Fifth Row: Debbie Freeman, Beth Gramling, Susan Grigsby, Kerry Hannahan, Ann Hargraves, Sandra Harmon, Linda Harvey. Sixth Row: Randy Henderson, Sarah Henderson, Don- na Hjerpe, Judy Hudson, Charlotte Jack- son, Dorothy Jameson, Margaret Kazan. Seventh Row: Nancy Repps Knox, Margaret Ann Kocsis, Jane Lauderdale, Linda Leonard, Betty Mann McDowell, Myrtle Ann McInnis, Lin- da McNeely. Eighth Row: Judi Milstead, Rhoda Naff, Carlene Nash, Linda Marie Nelson, Bonnie Parish, Doro- thy Parish, Janis Ellen Parker. Ninth Row: Pam Penick, Edith Perry, Marilyn Polk, Nancy Richards, Suzanne Riley, Lynn Rob- erson, Sandy Rutherford. Tenth Row: Melanie Sanders, Elise Sanford, Bonnie Schoenknecht, Millicent Shannon, Gina Sipes, Kathy Smith, Tricia Smith. Eleventh Row: Lynn Stegall, Rosemary Stoltz, Patricia Annette Sumners, Paula Tardy, Susan Thomas, Deborah Timmins, Mary Treace. Twelfth Row: Patty Tyre, Ellen Wailes, Shirley Williams, Nancy Elaine Womack, Janis Woolly. 163 Not Pictured: Kai McMillan, Jane Mitchell, Jane Riggs, Sandra Wilkins. The Chi Omega Sorority has upheld a long and gracious heritage at Ole Miss. Its members have excelled in all areas of campus life. Chi Omegas are well represented scholas- tically with members in Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta and Cwens. Two Chi 0 ' s were selected as favorites, Cynthia Chrestman and Jane Carol Foshee. Jane Carol was also chosen as Liberty Bowl Queen, and she led the Rebel fans as a varsity cheerleader. Janie Fuller is the 1968- 69 Engineering Queen, and Pride Donnelly was featured as a " Campus Cutie. " Teresa Vaughnwas selected as a Top Ten Beauty and Pat White will reign among the Top Five Beauties. The " X and horseshoe " special left the platform in fine style during Rush as the Chi Omega Choo Choo brought home anoth- er thrilled pack of outstanding rushees. Chi Omega friendship is worth more than gold. It ' s not had for the asking; nowhere is it sold. It ' s not found by looking in a book on a shelf. You just have to be a Chi Omega yourself. L. ° .1014. +MU LEFT The Chi 0 ' s display the X and Horseshoe symbol and capture first place in the Christmas Sing Song. ABOVE The times, they are a changing! 164 First Row: Cathy Alford, Kathy Alford, Bitsy ArOher, Dix Ballard, Bonnie Bell, Elizabeth Bell, Jenny Biggers, Peggy Biggers, Mary Bell Bobb. Second Row: Diane Borthwick, Martha Bowen, Mary Allen Bowen, Anne Patton Bradley, Gay Bramlett, Mary Bryant, Carol Ann Buchan- an, Merlyn Butler, Candy Carroll. Third Row: Jeanne Carruth, Cynthia Chrestman, Carol Conway, Susan Cooke, Margaret P. Coop- er, Marilyn Davis, Melissa Denham, Frances Dodson, Pride Donnelly. Fourth Row: Anne Edmonson, Sherry Edwards, Judy Etheridge, Helen Fant, Jane Carol Foshee, Robin Fulcher, Janie Fuller, Lucy Garrott, Gayle Lovette Golden. Fifth Row: Beth Gray, Pat Gray, Marty Haney, Judy Hasting, Dale Hawkins, Janice Hawkins, Jane Henderson, Robbie Henry, Mary Delle Herlong. Sixth Row: Mary Lewis Herndon, Nancy Hill, Judy Bryan Hobby, Carolyn Jones, Lynn Jones, Margarrt Keough, Ann Roe King, Morella Kuykendall, Patty Lehman. Seventh Row: Marty Longino, Rebecca Lovelace, Lucretia Luckett, Patricia McCabe, Ginny Mcllwain, Carol McInnis, Leslie McIntyre, Ruth Smy- the McLallen, Lane Malone. Eighth Row: Helen Manier, Mimi Milner, Bootsie Morris, Lacy Nance, Sally Nash, Janet Newell, Rebecca Newman, Nancy Norman, Dab- ney Parker. Ninth Row: Cap Patterson, Ann Patrick Perkins, Made- line Phillips, Claudia Primos, Patricia Pur- dy, Cathy Quin, Patty Reagan, Sherry Scar- brough, Kathleen Scott. Tenth Row: Ann Semmes, Bobs Simmons, Andrea Sudduth, Elizabeth Sugg, Carroll Thorn- ton, Gayle Thornton, Helen Tindall, Kay Tucker, Teresa Vaughn. Eleventh Row: Mary Jane Wadlington, Karen Walcott, Norma Weaver, Mary Alice Welty, Janet White, Julia White, Kathryn White, Pat White, Davis Wood. Twelfth Row: Margaret Gaines Yates. Not Pictured: Judy Boyd, Deborah Chennault, Jean Cra- craft, Barbara Dickerson, Laura Ethridge, Lynda Ganier, Nancy Hatchett, Ann Lamb- din, Mary Mann, Linda Rawls, Shelley Schuyler, Judy Williams. BELOW LEFT D D D - Daily Calisthenics. BELOW The dubious thrill of winning Derby Day! Chi Chapter of Delta Delta Delta has again been very active in all phases of Ole Miss campus life after starting the year in Old West style during Rush. Tri Delta leaders include Betty Brown McAlexander, President of the A.W.S. Var- ious Tri Deltas have obtained posts in the Campus Senate. Tri Delta pearls include: Nancy Egger who was chosen as first al- ternate to Miss Hospitality; Susan Holder, 1968 Maid of Cotton; Sally Watters, " Cam- pus Cutie " ; and Judy Rost and Susan Holder, who were selected as Top Five Beauties. D.D.D. ' s claim two members in Angel Flight and four Army sponsors with Carolyn Bruno serving as Colonel ' s Lady.Carolyn was also selected as a Campus Favorite and will reign as the 1969 Miss Ole Miss. Both in fun and work, the Tri Deltas are devoted to the principles of friendship, love, and sisterhood, as is expressed by the motto, " Let us steadfast love one another. " 1 1 lb] I 66 First Row: Julia Alvarez, Caroline Barbour, Candyce Gene Barnes, Olivia Bigger, Dreen Blakes- lee, Ann Bowen, Mary Braddock, Dianne Branscome. Second Row: Adele Brown, Carolyn Bruno, Ann Bryson, Courtney Bunn, Babs Burnham, Pamela Butts, Suzann Buzard, Mary Ann Chancel- lor. Third Row: Melaine Clark, Martha Cobb, Susan Cole, Christopher Curran, Dona Davis, Gina Daw- son, Nancy Dilworth, Judy Elam. Fourth Row: Jeanne Fair, Meridith Foose, Lillian Gra- ham, )arolyn Lee Guice, Helen Herrington, Susan Holder, Mary Elaine Hunter, Delia Hyde. Fifth Row: Janie Jobe, NancyJohnson, Pamela Jones, Judith Fay Joyner, Bonnie Kearney, Cala Kimbriel, Agnes King, Rivers King. Sixth Row: Sherry Kingery, Kay Kirkpatrick, Georgia Lemon, Peggy Litton, Susie Long, Anne McAdoo, Betty Brown McAlexander, Scot- tie McCord. Seventh Row: Mali McGraw, Virginia McIntyre, Maj Major, Nancy Mauldin, Peggy Mayfield, Martha Melton, Randy Melton , Marilyn Mercer. Eighth Row: Carolyn Morrison, Mona Mosby, Ann Mur- phy, Carol Nichols, Terry Obarr, Mardie Olson, Margaret Olson, Carolyn Parker. Ninth Row: Lili Phillips, Laurie Jean Powel, Mellicent Prichard, Carol Puryear, Clare Quinn, Pam Rives, Cecily Robbins, Lee Ross. Tenth Row: Judy Rost, Isabelle Scurry, Marsha Lynn Shuff, Corlea Jeanne Sims, Linda Smith, Sandra Smith, Phobe Spencer, Rita Stone- braker. Eleventh Row: Ann Suares, Gail Temple, Julia Thornton, Becky Walker, Sally Watters, Janie White, Nancy Whitten, Jan Worthen. Twelfth Row: Elizabeth Young. 167 Not Pictured: Mary Barrow, Martha Black, Susan Cross, Nancy Egger, Mary Ely, Jan Johnson, Kath- erine Milner, Mary Motlow, Mary Powell, Anne Slaughter, Kathleen Squires, Mary Stovall, Patricia Thompson, Julia Turman, Gail Walsh, Carolyn Wilkinson, Yvonne Williams. 7 n11111117 During the Christmas holidays of 1873 at Oxford ' s Lewis School for Girls, three young pupils formed their own society. With the golden anchor as its emblem, the once-small sisterhood has grown to an international fraternity based upon ideals of friendship and loyalty upon which it was founded. Delta Gammas are active in campus ac- tivities as they stress scholarship, leader- ship, and participation in campus activities. Patty Canty reigns as Homecoming Queen. Lou Anne Williams rates as A.S.B. Secre- tary. Johanna Wigman boosts school spirit as a freshman cheerleader. The Delta Gam- mas also claim seven Cwens members and four members of Mortar Board. Two Delta Gammas were chosen as Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Patty Canty and Julie Farr were selected as campus Favorites, and Kathy Cooper was named as a Top Five Beauty. In all aspects of college life, the Delta Gammas can be found participating - Delta Gamma sails forward. They used a Peter Pan Rush skit and a remodeled house to sail ahead this year. ABOVE " You mean Judy Trott put us on Social Pro - I thought she was a D.G.? " RIGHT These D .G. ' s are trying to be " Fly Delta Thetas. " 168 First Row: Judy Anderson, Vicki Berry, Gayle Dana Brackett, Betty Brand, Sue Bright, Beverly Brisco, Judith A. Brown, Nan Elizabeth Buck. Second Row: Nan Buford, Susan Campbell, Patricia Ann Canty, Nancy Carroll, Natalie Lynn Case, Sara Chambers, Connie Collier, Sandra Colter. Third Row: Peggy Cook, Kathy Ann Cooper, Daphne Dabbs, Sallie Davis, Rebecca Lee DeCoux, Phyllis Marie Elliott, Kathy Ellis, Miriam Ellis Fourth Row: Wanda Ellis, Julie Farr, Nancy Floyd, Susan Ford, Jamie Fowler, Chellie Furr, Susan Gordon, Kathy Graves. Fifth Row: Janet Graves, Martha Kaye Graves, Jane Gregory, Cheryl Hagan, Holly Hall, Mary Hammond, Melissa Hankins, Lubowen Hawken. Sixth Row: Nancy Houchins, Jane Hughes, Donna Kay !dam, Jo Johnson, Claudia Jones, Lynn Jones, Kaye Junkin, Sandra Kelsey. Seventh Row: Judy Leech, Sally Lepicier, Jane Lewis, Carol Long, Margaret C. McDuffie, Sue McQuigg, Mary Watson Martin, Cathy Mosal. Eighth Row: Ann Murphy, Melody Elizabeth Myrick, Anne Norman, Carolyn Phillips, Rayna Phillips, Susan Pierce, Terry Dixon Price. Ninth Row: Jerrill Pullen, Rebecca Ramer, Marie Rath- er, Marcia Robinson, Tina Rowe, Betty Rowzee, Victoria Rueseler, Susan Scott Rushton. Tenth Row: Anne Russ, Cindy Savage, Sandy Seale, Mary Shelton, Meta Smith, Martha Lee Suber, Mary Margaret Taylor, Beth Teunis- son. Eleventh Row: Carol Jo Thomas, Eva Thomas, Patricia Ty- nes, Beverly Vaughan, Sally Walker, Libby Sue Watkins, Johanna Wigman, Lee Wil- born. Twelfth Row: Jane Williams, Kathy Williams, Lou Wil- liams, Terry Wingo, Cookie Winters, Becky Worsham, Janis Worsham, Carolyn Wright. 169 Not Pictured: Sarah Kellum, Paula Pryor, Elaine Talley, Annefte Taylor, Laura Wharton, Olivia Wil- liams. BELOW Now, I don ' t want to pressure you into making a decision . . . RIGHT Bodie ' s thinking, " Boy I sure would like to take Zetta home - but not to Mother! " Kappa Delta sorority was found on October 23, 1897, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. The Alpha Mu Chapter was charter- ed on the Ole Miss campus on January 15, 1 927 . Kappa Del ta members, very on campus, strive for excellence in scholarship and leadership. They have representatives in Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, and Mortar Board. Gay Gottshall is Secretary of the Senior Class. Kappa Delta also has members represented in the military life on campus, with Navy sponsors, Army sponsors, and Angel Flight members. Kappa Deltas were also active during football season. Three K.D. ' s were chosen for the Homecoming court - Kathy Luper, Jean Hester, and Nancy Dunn. Mary Elinor Bufkin was fea- tured as 1968 Best Dressed. Zetta Bryant was a varsity cheerleader while Kathy Luper was a member of the freshman cheerleading squad and a Favorite. This year, the Kappa Deltas have held their banner high with many successful ,accom- plishments and contributions to the Ole Miss campus. It seems " The Wizard of Oz " has put the lucky hex on the Emerald City of K.D. 170 First Row: Vicki Allen, Greer Allene Batson, Annie Beery, Sue Bell, Betsy Biedenharn, Cheryl Bishop, Eunice Bolt, Ann Bomboy. Second Row: Mary Ruth Boyd, Trish Bradley, Susan Britt, Susan Broom, Beth Browder, Zet- ta Bryant, Mary Eleanor Bufkin, Sandra Bufkin. Third Row: Pam Caldwell, Carolyn Chance, Carolyn Chandler, Mimi Cheairs, Connie Clifford, Kerry Culp, Debbie Dent, Ann Derby. Fourth Row: Marsha Dickson, Gloria Dowdy, Sara Dun- can, Nancy Dunn, Wanda Edwards, Emily Eisenhower, Karen Enochs, Bee Forman. Fifth Row: Barbara Gilder, Becky Gordon, Gay Gott- shall, Gay Graeber, Mildred Green, Linda Kay Hayward, Jane Claire Henry, Barbara Hester. Sixth Row: Beverly Hickey, Pamela Hodgson, Tisa Holloman, Sarah Ann Jackson, Elizabeth Johnson, Denny Keye, Judy Kitchens, Kathy Koch. Seventh Row: Nancy Koch, Sue Latimer, Susan Lavender, Barbara Livingston, Suzanne Lollar, Jo Ann Luke, Kathy Luper, Rebecca McCormick. Eighth Row: Margie McGee, Marilyn Majors, Katherine Mann, Lynn Marshall, Gwen Massey, Blaine Mitchell, Martha Neilson, Sheryl Nicholson. Ninth Row: Kelley O ' Malley, Debbie Oser, Lynda Perry, Susan Safley, Kaye Sanders, Katherine Schaffer, Lee Shellabarger. Tenth Row: Cindy Shelton, Ann Shows, Laurie Simp- son, Tootie Sims, Lisa Sims, Linda Smith, Nancy Collier Smythe, Judy Sparks. Eleventh Row: Lynn Stallworth, Anita Stiedle, Georgia Stratton, Cheryl Streicher, Sharon String- fellow, Marilyn Terry, Evelyn Kay Thomas, Nancy Thorn. Twelfth Row: Harriet Elizabeth Walker, Mary Kay Wat- kins, Linda Wilkins, Deborah Wolfe, Janet Young. 171 Not Pictured: Mimi Atkinson, Virginia Callicutt, Carolyn Cole, Arids Goza, Janis Henry, Janet Lo- gan, Susan McLaurin, Sarah Ross, Susan Sargent. Colonized on the Ole Miss campus in 1947, Delta Rho Chapter has endeavored to maintain the high standards of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Scholarship, leadership, service, and sisterhood are stressed in all areas of Kappa life on campus and within the sorority. " Gone with the Wind " com- lete with Scarlet O ' Hara and cigar smoking Rhett " Ree Thornton " Butler, character- ized a successful Rush. Reflecting the efforts of the entire Chapter are the honors received by individual mem- bers. Serving as Mortar Board president is Sara Gaye Craig, who also was named as a member of Who ' s Who. Cindy Vincent was selected as first runner-up to the 1969 Maid of Cotton and was a finalist for Miss Liberty Bow. Walterine Permenter was chosen as a Campus Favorite and selected as a varsity cheerleader while Linda Rundell represents the Kappa ' s as a freshman cheerleader. Lila McRight is an I.F.C. Hostess and many girls serve as military sponsors and members of A.S.B. committees. 172 ABOVE Miss Scarlet, can I be a Kappa Kappa Gamma? LEFT Don ' t anyone turn around and look at the photographer in the doorway. First Row: Kathryn Allen, Susan Alley, Diane Alli- son, Lauren Anders, Jacki Baker, Penny Baker, Jean Beemon. Second Row: Wanda Frances Blankenship, Susan Boyd, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Kathy Lou Cald- well, Kathy Carpenter, Cindy Carr, Sandra Clark. Third Row: Laura Clayton, Lee Ann Combs, Melanie Cosgrove, Sarah Gaye Craig, Margaret Cran, Tanya Daggett, Lisa Decker. Fourth Row: Linda D ' eener, Sandra Donahue, Vicki Dours, Rachel Earhart, Lynn Ellis, Tommy Dale Favre, Jeanne Ferguson. Fifth Row: Laurie Forstall, Hallie Fowler, Dale Frei- ler, Sandra Fulton, Susan Fulton, Paula Gaither, Ceci Gautier. Sixth Row: Jean Kollen Gillander, Patti Guest, Missy Hall, Betsy Hamilton, Jan Harvey, Louise Hendrick, Suzanne Howell. Seventh Row: Harriet Howser, Elizabeth Hurt, Lizabeth Jetton, Joann Johnson, Lynn Jones, Kath- erine Keach, Lisa Larson. Eighth Row: Dianne Ledlow, Martha Lewis, Betty McCla- tchy, Missy McMullan, Lila McRight, Con- nie Mann, Mary Smith Martin. Ninth Row: Lynn Miller, Claudia Mills, Betty Moore, Connie Morton, Marsha Lynn Mountz, Mar- Tha Nichols, Jenny Pappas. Tenth Row: Jane Patterson, Walterine Permenter, Ra- chel Pitcher, Victoria Ransom, Margaret Scarborough, ValIon Seuzeneau, Sonja Shealy. Eleventh Row: Ann Sherrod, Gayle Smith, Vicki Taylor, Virginia Thomas, Lou Thompson, Marie Thornton, Anne Tomlinson. Twelfth Row: Martha Rhodes Turner, Lynn Turner, Laura Vannoy, Cynthia Gay Vincent, Brenda Wil- liamson, Nancy Woodbury, Margaret Lee Workd. Not Pictured: Denise Feibelman, Gertrude Ferguson, Marilyn Leach, Kathryn McCool, Linda Me- iners, Patricia Patterson, Rebecca Phay, Linda Rundell, Susan Shelby, Nancy Sten- nis, Janet Stevens. 173 BELOW LEFT They asked Karen to say a few words - but she couldn ' t take the pressure. BELOW Gee, that mouthwash was terrible! Phi Mu 1l.r.: 1111114 ■ ADM I Illitiati -- The second oldest national sorority, Phi Mu, has a long and gracious heritage to uphold. Phi Mu ranked first in scholarship for the school year with participants in Mortar Board, Cwens, Kappa Delta Pi, Committee of 100, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, a Taylor Medalist, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Karen Cope was chosen Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen and Southeastern Conference Football Queen. Nancy Carol Land was named Miss University and selected as a Top Five Beauty. Marilyn Blakeslee was elected to be a Homecoming Maid and " M " Club Sweetheart. Two campus Favorites, Karen Cope and Melissa Lovelady, are also mem- bers of Phi Mu. Six Phi Mus are Angel Flight members, and Army and Navy R.O.T.C. sponsors. Nancy Scott is Treasurer for the A.W.S., and other members serve on the Campus Senate and various A.S.B. committees. Proving themselves seems to be a year- round effort for the Phi Mus, who are like the har dworking little elves in their Santa ' s Workshop Rush skit. 174 First Row: Beth Allen, Dawn Anderton, Beth An- drews, Mary Antoon, Barbara Archer, Bar- bara Atkinson, Jacqueline Austin, Sidney Lynn Bailey, Anne Barnes. Second Row: Marilyn Blakeslee, Wendell Lynn Blanks, Peggy Bradford, Ann Buchanan, Marie Buchberger, Carolyn Buckner, Susan Clark, Lynne Coates. Third Row: Kay Cobb, Cathleen Nelson Coers, Joan Conn, Karen Cope, Abby Cotten, Donna Dale, Diane Dealy, Linda Doyle, Mary Cathryn Dyre. Fourth Row: Donna Allan Edwards, Catherine Ann El- liott, Mary Ellis, Margaret Ellis, Anna Fer- guson, Lynn Fry, Nancy Frye, Julia Hall, Linda Hamilton. Fifth Row: Betsy Hanry, Sherry Hanson, Jo Beth Haw- kins, Katherine Hiden, Sharon Howze, Cyn- thia Gail Hoy, Vivia Anne Hughes, Janice Ingram. Sixth Row: Nan Jacob, Karen Kaufman, Becki Kilgore, Cissy Knott, Nancy Carole Lane, Susan Langdon, Linda Latham, Tangie Lingle, Susan Lisenby. Seventh Row: Molissa Lovelady, Connie Luckett, Judy McDougal, Madalyn McHarg, Mary McLel- lan, Annelle Lee Macy, Mina Malone, Car- nie Mansell, Patricia Massey. Eighth Row: Betty Meacham, Mary Ann Miles, Tis Neil, Leigh Neill, Karen Oakes, Elizabeth Pitt- man, Margaret Pittman, Mary Kathryn Plants, Lamar Poovey. Ninth Row: Katherine Price, Patsy Darlene Reifers, Mary Lee Rush, Nan Russell, Nancy Scott, Janis Seefeld, Suzan Settlemire, Sharon Shelton, Jana Shideler. Tenth Row: Nancy Shook, Mary Sides, Julaine Smith, Sandy Smith, Vicki Stanriard, Simmie Stodghill, Jane Sullivan, Beverly Taylor, Dixie Thomas. Eleventh Row: Delane Tubb, Wanda Lynn Underwood, Cecile Walsh, Sarah Ware, Cassie Wilson, Marty Windels, Sue Windsor, Marilyn Wren, Pamela Wright. Twelfth Row: Phyllis Yandell. Not Pictured: Martha Anderson, Ava Commer, Helen Frye, Terry Hornor, Janet Riddell, Cath- erine Rodenhauser. Mississippi Beta Chapter has excelled in On the Ole Miss campus since 1962, far reaching activites of its members. Academic excellence included four Cwens, including the vice-president. Pi Phi ' s are also members of Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta. Carole Higgins won the Miss West Point Sherry Sam was chosen Miss Oxford, title, and Patsy Brumfield was McComb ' s Miss Hospitality. Liz Mounger and Dinah Leavitt numbered in the Top 20 Best Dress- ed. R.O.T.C. sponsors and Angel Flight squad for the Rebels as well as being vice- Kitty Hay Gravely cheered on the varsity members were Kathy White and Leslie Oliver. president of W.R.A. Pi Phis also retained membership in Committee of 100, Young Republicans, S.E.A., Phi Kappa Phi and in all spheres of Uni- versity the Mississippian staff. Nancy Robinson made University Dancers and Gi Gi Huston marched her second year as an Ole Miss Rebel ette. members participat life. . wearing the arrow of Pi Phi, m ABOVE It ' s a boy! RIGHT All the way with Kitty Hay! 176 First Row: Nora Allen, Anne Anderson, Veverly Baird, Jane Ballenger, Martha Barnett, Judith Bittle, Mary Catherine Broyles. Second Row: Susan Brumfield, Patricia Brumfield, Eliza- beth Cameron, Gail Christopher, Pam Con- nor, Stella Covington, Barbara Cox. Third Row: Elizabeth Cox, Celia Cupp, Susan Lee Donahower, Jan Draughon, Jeani Duckett, Susan Edrington, Ann Enloe. Fou rth Row: Judy Faggard, Chris Fontenot, Jan Gar- ner, Nancy Maddox Garretson, Kitty Hay Gravely, Martha Harsh, Marianne Henson. Fifth Row: Carole Higgins, Dianne Hood, Jeanne Hus- ton, Mary Ann Ivey, Lynne Johnson, Susan Jones, Barbara Jordan. Sixth Row: Betty Kay Kennedy, Mary Beth Laplant, Ann Latture, Dinah Leavitt, Eamy Little, Harriett May, Gail Means. Seventh Row: Darla Micci, Bonnie Millen, Craig Milner, Mary Mitchell, Linda Moore, Sally Baird Morehead, Matsy Morgan. Eighth Row: Cathy Moss, Melanee Murphree, Deborah Nelson, Gena Nunnelee, Leslie Oliver, Gwendolyn O ' Neal, Nancy Owen. Ninth Row: Roxanne Owen, Vicki Perry, Michele Pil- green, Rene Sherard, Caroline Smith, Nan- cy Stasiak, Millie Sullivan. Tenth Row: Toni Terrell, Jill Lynn Thomas, Donna Thompson, Elizabeth Toler, Mary Tooke, Evalyn Tyson, Susan Vincent. Eleventh Row: Olivia Walker, Susan Walker, Barbara E. Williams, Elizabeth Williston, Fran Wood. Not Pictured: Georgianna Alexander, Elizabeth Avery, Jenny Baldwin, Mary Baldwin, Patricia Brooks, Linda Lipe, Emily McCarty, Toma Noble, Nancy Robinson, Aubin Sessions, Nora Stevens, Frances Treadaway. 177 RIGHT Freshman Coeds arrive on the Ole Miss campus. BELOW It ' s a raid! Everyone smile and don ' t look suspicious. Zeta Tau Alpha, founded October 15, 1898, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, is the only National Panhellenic Conference group chartered by an act of Legislature. Gamma Delta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was installed on the Ole Miss campus on April 14, 1939. Zeta Tau Alphas are proud of Mary Louise Cissna who was selected as the Vice- President of the A.W.S. Zetas also excell in various campus activities. Their scholastic efforts are apparent with members in Alpha Lambda Delta and Cwens . Anne Smith is Treasurer of Mortar Board while Lee Davis is Secretary of Cwens, and she was named 1st alternate to Derby Day Queen. Zetas are also represented in Angel Flight, Navy and the Army. Betsy Davis was selected as the President of the Women ' s Recrea- tion Association and President of the Uni- versity Dancers. The girls that wear the Zeta shield seem to find everlasting friendships even beyond college days - Once a Zeta - Always a Zeta. Carnival and casino were the themes of Rush as Zeta Fair headed into another year. !It 178 First Row: Sylvia Allen, Cheryl Armstrong, Anne As- ger, Joy Barhanovich, Debbie Blohm, Faithe Boatner, Sherry Brannan. Second Row: Sandra Brewer, Becky Browne, Jane Carl- son, Mary Louise Cissna, Carolyn Clinton, Karen Ruth Cloutman, Carolyn Crook. Third Row: Viki Cross, Betsy Davis, Lee Davis, Julie Delph, Carolyn Elliott, Teresa Ellis, Linda Farrish. Fourth Row: Becky Fudoli, Janet Gann, Lydia Graves, Marsha Greene, Dinah Gail Gross, Bar- bara Gunckel, Patricia Guy. Fifth Row: Kathy Haskett, Linda Huson, Peggy Ja- cobs, Katherine Kochtitzky, Vicki Kudlacz, Andrea Kudlacz, Belva McCormick. Sixth Row: Lynn McGee, Jane McGlothlin, Sherry McNeer, Merrell Maney, Sarah Ann Milli- ken, Virginia Neese, Judy Noble. Seventh Row: Pamela Palmer, Joyce Pardue, Patricia Parman, Billie Jane Patterson, Carol Pat- terson, Betty Poteet, Marilyn Lee Price. Eighth Row: Deana Pritchard, Sharon Scibilia Melody Scott, Lana Shaffer, Betsy Sharpe, Susan Shipley, June Sims. Ninth Row: Anne Smith, Susan Spiceland, Sandy Stone, Linda Louise Temple, Nancy Ten- eyck, Carla Thompson, Trudy Tidwell. Tenth Row: Lana Toney, Toni Toney, Marjorie Van- fosson, Elizabeth Simmons Watts, Nancy White, Helen Windham, Vicki Worthing- ton. Eleventh Row: Bettie Rene Young, Jane Young. Not Pictured: Janice Dudley, Frances King, Laura Tanner, Marilyn Webb, Rebecca Williams. 179 11, 1 BELOW Earl Denham, President; Keith Gregson, Vice-President; Wayne Drinkwater, Recording Sec- retary; Erskine Wells, Corresponding Seccatary; George Woodliff, Treasurer. BELOW LEFT President, Earl Denham. The lnterfraternity Council at Ole Miss is one link in a chain of such councils across the nation, which seeks to coordinate mem- ber fraternity activities and functions. The IFC at Ole Miss consists of the seventeen fraternities and colony chapters bound to- gether in a senatorial type assembly which helps to assure the spirit of fair play in fraternity rush and all phases of fraternity life. The IFC at Ole Miss is a student regu- latory agency, composed of and run by responsible undergraduate Greeks. In addition to supervision fraternity rush, the IFC works closely with the Panhellenic Council in planning fraternity-sorority events. Dance committees to control and report on fraternity parties; the initial Greek week on the Ole Miss campus; obtaining RECON, a national employment service, for the Ole Miss student—these are all part of an active and ever-expanding IFC program at the University of Mississippi. 180 Alpha Tau Omega--Loran Laughlin, Bob Logan Beta Theta Pi--George Woodliff, Ray Mabus Delta Kappa Epsilon--Henry Sanders, Mel Mac Falter Delta Psi--L.B. Gatewood, Erskine Wells Delta Tau Delta--Mike Brady, Robin Mitchell Kappa Aloha—Keith Gregson, Glenn Stinson Kappa Sigma--Dick Mestayer, Glenn Moore Phi Delta Theta--Richard Salloum, Wayne Drinkwater Phi Kappa Psi--Andy Beard, Joe Crudup Phi Kappa Tau--Bill King, Steve Clary Phi Kappa Theta--George Booth Pi Kappa Alpha--Rhes Low, H.A. Moore Sigma Alpha Epsilon--Stephen Thomas, Bill Gupton Sigma Chi--Charles Royals, Mike Troop Sigma Nu--Alex Kiamie, Glenn Galey Sigma Phi Epsilon--Eric Blackwood, Bill LLI- maleuri ABOVE (L to R): Marilyn Blakeslee, Carolyn Guice, Jane Carol Foshee. In the tree: Lila Sigma Pi--Jim Flanders, Michael Haman McRight, Susan Holder, IFC Hostesses. 181 Founded in 1865 by three Confederate veterans, Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity establishd after the Civil War. Alpha Tau Omega is one of the oldest and largest fraternities, having over 95,000 in- itiates from 128 chapters. Since coming to Ole Miss in 1927, Delta Psi Chapter has grown in size and prestige. The ATO ' s exhibit pride in their work on campus. In 1950 they originated " Help Week " in which challenging community service proj- ects are attempted. On the social side, ATO ' s entertain annually with their Viking Party and Spring Formal. They also sponsor numerous swaps, serenades, and teas. Spirit and enthusiasm are also shown by members participating in many campus activities, such as student government, military organiza- tions, and religious groups. .1.7.7 ' ..•1111Mi.: " .01•11■11:•••••■..-- = mm ----•=toratimie-ire 6r.ame_ammuisriamirmreprearsiamoiaferar1.1114:14 reraoftsaimume....—,....■••••••■■-4. " - ................................................ lairmoneamomisaniratess .... ' ..... " 1 " . " ... — 111111111111.110 NMI ................ ' . " Hill 0 ..... ......... .. 4111 " MI " . " 1.42. 111_ _ ea aft ilisiliwil V. 16::: 41.1.4....r11111•111■1111111 wallmilme ma .......... ran IIIIIENIIIIMISSMININ111111111•111■111•1111.111•1 . .. " ' Mir.1:114.17..■•••■ ■ ■■ ME Ma 11•1111 ■ am ........ 11111■1••• NM 11■1111111 ....... ■111111 Nemo IIIIII allimimi IMMO ■ lila .74:14•1 ....... .. NM wow Aim= Imo Elm =maw My Om OR4111111111msliou ile 10 ...... 111111111111111 ft ;4 ' ; 444 4 I 444 44 4 444 444 .441 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 44.444 4 4 4 8 444 4 ' 4444 LEFT She ' s not as good as the other pledges but she will do. ABOVE Top Left to Right: Charles Johnson, Vice- President; Claude Harraway, Usher; Jerry Gil- breath, Historian; Eddie Williston, Seccetary; Steve Bozeman, President; David Wilder, Treasurer; David Gleason, Assistant Treasurer. 182 First Row: Glenn Adair, Keith Agent, Owens Alex- ander, John Samuel Allison, Pat Altman, Mike Altman, John Barnes, Philip Bein, Dickie Belew. Second R ow: William Bounds, Ray Bourgeois, Steve Bozeman, Larry Bunch, Frederick Burford, John Dale Caldwell, Steve Carney, Nick Carter, Vincent Castigliola. Third Row: Barron Caulfield, Jr., Duke Chaffin, Horace Choate, Jr., James Chustz, William Clay- ton, James Filo Coats, Phil Collins, William Cook, Jr., Rocky Craven, Jr. Fourth Row: Vincent Cuevas, Gene Dickson, Charles Doolittle, Jerry Doolittle, James Ducker, Greg Duncan, David S. Edmondson, Bubba Edwards, Jr., Hal England. Fifth Row: John Ferrell, Larry Foster, James Gabriel, Clarence Garner, Vic Garraway, Jr., John Gibson, Jerry Gilbreath, David Gleason, Dee Goodnight. Sixth Row: Dick Grantham, Jack Griffith, James Grimes, Fields Haraway, Danny Hassin, Jim Herndon, David Holcomb, L. Holland, Jr., Ronnie Holland. Seventh Row: Jim Hudson, Ed Jenkins, Charles Johnson, III, George Johnston, Jr., Randy Jones, Vic Jones, Jr., William Hooper Jones, Jr., Phil Keeling, Buddy Kemp. Eighth Row: Gerald Ketchum, Paul Kosko, Paul Landry, Loran Laughlin, William Lavallee, J. Robert Lee Logan, Jr., Richard David McAlister, Peyton McCool, James Dan McLeod. Ninth Row: Carroll McQueen, Jr., Mike McQueen, James Gilbert Martin, James Thomas New- ton, E. Oliver, Jr., Tommy Parish, Cary Rawlings, John Rice, Don Richards, Jr. Tenth Row: Jeff Riley, Manuel H. Rodriquez, Gary Rogers, Richard Blair Roper, Joe Ross, Franklin Roush, Ill, Ben Royce, Jack Shep- ard, Jr., Bob Sigman. Eleventh Row: Lee Sloan III, Bill Sloan, Hugh Spence, Jr., Johnny Starks, Brian Stewart, Richard David Stokes, Jr., Bert Strom, Jr., Charles Sullivan, Wayne Swenson, Jr. Twelfth Row: Mark Tew, Jim Townsend, Robert Tucei, Tommy Tucei, Lewis Unglesby, Jay Vestal, Andy Wilkinson, Eddie Williston, Mickey Young. Not Pictured: Dennis Aldridge, Kenneth Aldridge, Hugh Bosworth, Jr., Coleman Bryan, James Clark, Robert Clary II, William Coleman, William Cooper, Robert Covert, Kenneth Dreher, Everette Easley, Williams Elmers, Jr., Thomas Garrigan, Michael Harper, Glen Harrison, Michael Holcomb, Jimmie Hou- ser, Charles Hussey, Edmund Johnston, Larry Jones, William Kline, Robert Knight, Thomas McCool, Arthur McIntyre, Jack Mayfield, Jr., James Montgomery,Jr., Neil Murphree, Charles Oliver, Charles Overton, Michael Quattlebaum, James Seale, Mich- ael Shumaker, Charles Sinopoli, Ill, Johnny Stewart, Edmund Taylor III, Joseph Thomas, John Tucker, Jr., Kearney Waites, Jr., James Wallis, Jr., William Webb, David Weir, Bobby Winstead, Robert Woodard. 183 BELOW Officers of this fraternity are James Har- din, President; Ronnie Cardwell, Vice-President; Rob Collins, Treasurer; Bill Ford, Secretary.RIGHT The brothers contemplate the possibility of receiving the " Yard of the Month Award. " 1111 ra „ 00010•■00 is ..0.05410solovaiipoiss.....--iii ,,,,,,,, ' . ir " " ' ' ' ' " ° " wwega " " is strarlsonalonase meamosoinnommaripio, L " m " ' ' .-roolainliii.001111110111410 _ 0 ____ OM Kr$ ,,,, " ' ' ' ' ' t, r -sammaraismoosommxtroua,,,,,,,, I ' ' ' .1 " 19 ' r - ' 11- " 1 " ...Aromuto. ..... i _ _ AC soma. ..... ONIIMI_I 50-IP WI se enummoramouratusrmacw■ amoomourremsursonssim, YAM ...... 11111111.11= NB MMMMM 01011•11113111111111110 11111111111111M1110111111111111 reialliMMOSOOMMINVIIIIIMMIIIIIII 1111111111•111111100111111111111119MMOR IIIIIINIIIIIIIINI 111111•111111111111MIM •11111•11111•01111•11•111 11•1•11•1111111111111H111•11I ININIVIIIMIIINIIIIIMMI 111•11111111111•1111111=111111 IMUNIIIININ 111111111110111M1111•1=111111 Mil PO. Mr, NNW d1111111111 11 k 11111111111111111.11Malinit A sill wasumasummou...... 1•11111•11111111111•111•111111111Iivid RIO IIIIMMIIIIIIIIII•111111111111111111•11111W 41 qui Am tomeasmisalmonmeme ors- - nol nommummamimmoir-: 41 1.11111.1110111111 :3 EIN I MIMI4411111 MEM N III - MINN I I proorm ;rte 7,4 NW 1 IOW .4 4 ls..,, 4 91106 in ,,e 0, MI 1111.11tass , , NAM ..i simumar mum, e4 ita R. ION assuma,,,ma moilmivall•IMMIll IIINIIIII014 .,, CO1♦111111111111 11111=o; ,...,,,41011,ANNIITCOr - VENIMMIIIMMIIIIIIMIIIIMI a , ,19140111.1111141112411111111111=1111111 lirrai ' Z ' xiatallill111WHESIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMII NM lti91111111111•1111111MINMElleat iiINI141111•11111111111111•111111110M1111111 MIIIMIIIIIIIIN 1111111111•1801111111111115 2111111101011111111.11111111111MIIIIIMIIMI IIIIMIM1111111111111111111111MMIIIIIIIIIMI 111111•11111111MIUMMIIIIIIIIIMMINIIIIIIIMI mellili11111111•111■111111•11111111•11111MM MIMINII•1111•111111111111111•MMIIIMOIM 0.1111•1M1111111•111111111111111111111m111111111•1 .1114:14111.:2111141•■••111111111111••••■■ moammismsl " . " 11.411% am .1f1 MINIIIIMINit Migaia ' INIS•1111111111111■1 " MI 1 WWI. 1.1 Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University on August 8, 1839, by eight earnest young men who conceived the ideals of a great national fraternity. The organization has endured for nearly 130 years, and the general fraternity can boast of 104 chapters throughout the United States and Canada with over 75,000 living members. Beta Beta Chapter came to Ole Miss in the year, 1879, and since its arrival in Mississippi, Beta Theta Pi has strived to excell in leadership, scholarship, social life, and " brains " . In recent years, Betas have served as officers and members of nearly every student organization, including the A.S.B. cabinet. The National Inter-Frater- nity Council has honored Beta Beta Chap- ter with the coveted Summa Cum Laude scholarship award for four consecutive years. Striving to maintain the ideals set forth by the eight men who founded Beta Theta Pi, Beta Beta Chapter continues to grow at Ole Miss. I 84 First Row: Andy Adams, Ill, Patrick Albano, Danny Allgood, Daniel Beatty, Tom Beecroft, Bar- ry Blailock, David Brasfield. Second Row: Mike Brent, Ronnie Cardwell, Harris Col- lier, Robert Collins, Lee Cooke, James Robert Cooper, Jr., Peter Cundall. Third Row: Patrick Davis, Larry Easterling, Jimmy Ed- wards, Jr., Robert Ellis, Samuel Endicott, David Ford, Bill Ford, Jr. Fourth Row: Paul Francis Gaynor, Jr., Robert Lynn Graham, Jimmy Hardin, Richard Roy Heen, Keith Johnson, Tommy Joseph, Timothy Kriehn. Fifth Row: David Lair, James E. Langmesser, Thomas Joseph Langmesser, Carl Leach, Christo- pher F. Llano, Charles D. Llano, George Lotterhos. Sixth Row: Raymond Mabus, Jr., John Meyer, Paul Moore, Jr., William Napier, Timothy Wil- liam Pace, Walter Peterson, Nick Ploch. Seventh Row: Timothy Reecht, Ken Reid, Ratt Richard, Jr., Kenneth Roberts, Larry Roberts, Ron- ald William Robinson, Bill Searight. Eighth Row: Lee Shelton, Johnny Sides, Ford Smith, Tom Vegod, Charles Ray Waggoner, Tom- my Weems, James White. Ninth Row: Rick Wittorf, George Woodliff. 185 Not Pictured: William Armstrong, Thomas Brooks, Rich- ard Brown, John Cromeans, John Dann- reuther, James Dupree, William Griwach, Joseph Hewitt, Ronald Howard, L. Dag- gers, Robert Langston, Jr., Joseph McCol- lum, Jr., Frank Nelson, Richard Peterson, Jr., Eugene Phelan, Jr., Willis Pope Ill, Floyd Pruden, Wylie Richards, Jr., Gary Theis, Hilton Voss, Larry Whitener, Al- ton Windsor. The Dekes have been on the University of Mississippi campus for 119 years, ma- king it only two years younger than the school itself. Chi Chapter has contributed greatly to the social atmosphere of the campus, even though there has been pe- riods of social inactivity. These periods can usually be attributed to academic pro- bation. Scholarship is an area that f ew Dekes care to indulge. Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon has had a few ambitious men that have helped to mold the University and its way of life. Two of these men are Henry Minor Frai- sier, who founded the School of Pharmacy, and William Benjamin Lowery, who cap- tained the University Greys during the Civil War. Famous Dekes on the national scene include John W. Kyle, Theodore Roosevelt, William Graham, and William Passera. The Dekes are also recognized for their crazy antics. Two notorious examples are water fights with the Phi Kappa Taus, and playing war songs during Army R.O.T.C. drill. De 11 1 JcJ ABOVE (L to R): Second row: William Passars, Corresponding Secretary; Robert Meisenheimer, Pledge Trainer; Jim Roark, President. First row: A.J. Reed, Alumni Secretary; Dale Price, Re- cording Secretary; Mike Ward, Treasurer; Richie Burnette, Vice President; Gary Brown, House Man- ager. RIGHT You are kidding. We couldn ' t be off probation. 186 First Row: Gene Brown, William Brown, Gary Co- wand, Robert Criss. Second Row: Tom Darden, Jr., Edgar Dunn, Jr., D. Fel- lows, Jr., Glenn Ganci. Third Row. ' William Graham, Dennis Hogan, Randall Jacobs, David Jolly. Fourth Row: Clyde Jones, Rand Kane, Richard Henry Leigh, Mel McFatter. Fifth Row: David McIntosh, Christian Mueller, Jack Pritchard, Jr., A.J. Reed, Jr. Sixth Row: George James Roark, Ill, Mike Robison, B. Shepard, Paul Snow III. Seventh Row: Emery Norton Voorhies, Rufus Ward, Jr., Pete Wilson, Al Wylie. Not Pictured: Peter Barrett, Nelson Brungart, Ben Burn- ette, Richard Burnette, Donald Farmer, George Farris, John Fort, George Foster, James Haik, William Haik, George Halford, Owen Higgs, Jr., Joseph Hinshaw, Michael Horlock, Glen Hosey, James Jacks, Willis Jolly, Jr., Clifford Keeler, Bradford Kelly, James Kelly, Larry McCay, James Mall ette, Robert Meisenheimer, David Owen, Wil- liam Parchman, Dave Parkerson, William Passera, Joseph Poe, Adelbert Price, Jr., Baynard Raper, Henry Sanders, Michael Stauffer, Eugene Stone, Kenneth Taylor, James Tucker, Ill, Michael Ward, John White, Nolan Williamson, Jr., Terry Young. BELOW LEFT An epitaph of a vanishing existence. BELOW " Quick! Hide your face before he takes the picture. " The Phi Chapter of Delta Psi, traditionally known as St. Anthony Hall, was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1855. As one of nine existing chapters of Delta Psi, which is founded in 1847 at ' Colum- bia University, Phi is the only chapter lo- cated in the deep South. One of the old line Ivy League fraternities, St. Anthony Hall retains traditions of secrecy, high scholastic achievement, and nameless leaders. 188 First Row ' Terry Alexander, Tom Arnett, Nicholas G. Augustus, IV, Butch Baggett, Harvey Bien. Second Row: Andrew Cefalu, Johnny Covert, Jr., Andy Curtis, Richard Darden, Jr., Leonard B. Gatewood. Third Row: George Harrell, Jr., Jim Hutchison, Jr., Cy Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, Crane Kipp. Fourth Row: Ralph Kirkland, Michael R. Levanway, Bruce McArthur, Bill McCarty, Harvey Mc Clung, Jr. Fifth Row: Charles McCool, Gordon Meador, Walt Mixon, Sammy Moon, Milton Myers. Sixth Row: James S. Netherton, Beck Pemberton, Chuck Quarterman, Jim Randle, Red Stevens. Seventh Row: Milton Stewart, Brock Thornhill, Sammy Walters, Charlie F. Ward, Jr., Erskine Wells, Jr. Eighth Row: Michael West. I 89 Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded as part of the " Ohio River Group " at Beth- any College, in what is now West Virginia, in 1858. Indirectly, the " Delts " were the first national fraternity on the Ole Miss campus with the Rainbow Society being formed here in 1848 and consolidating with Delta Tau Delta nationally in 1886. The old Delta Shelter was located on the corner of Fraternity Row and Confederate where the Delta Psi House is now. Delta Tau Delta was well represented this year in campus activities with five brothers on the Orientation Committee, and one on the Committee of 100, Phi Eta Sigma, and Y.M.C.A. The Phi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta has made plans for a mighty house, but no action has yet to be taken. The house was planned to hold thirty-five members, and the Delta Tau Delta ' s one pledge, who is no longer with the chapter. If the present growth rate continues, once the house is built, there will be no problem of selecting who is to live in the house. lid ' k] PI LEFT DTS ' s discuss plans for another car rally. ABOVE (L to R): Tom Kruse, President; Ben McEwen, Secretary; Mike Brady, Sgt. at Arms; Bob Mitchell, Parliamentarian. 190 First Row: Mike Brady, Robert Ezelle. Second Row: Thomas Kruse, Benjamin McEwen, Jr. Not Pictured: Robbins Mitchell, Jr., James Potuk. " Is this the Delta Tau Delta house? " BELOW Left to Right: Jim Overstreet, Vice-Presi- dent; Hinky Hall, President; Tim McGahey, Seccetary. RIGHT KA tells rushee about their big new house to be built-when? 0 11?.ji•-44 El Mil I I 9 B Ili% I a d On December 7, 1865, at Washington and Lee University, Kappa Alpha Order born and developed under the watchful eye of General Robert E. Lee. His gracious and knightly life is inshrined in the cus- toms of Kappa Alpha. Alpha Epsilon Chapter has been on cam- pus since January 12, 1900. In its sixty- nine years at Ole Miss, it has provided outstanding campus leaders. Typical of this leadership is Hinky Hall, Treasurer of A.S.B. and member of ODK; Bill Harper, Vice President of the Committee of 100 and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and Phi Eta Sigma; Chip Williams, Chairman of Elections Commission and Coordinator of the Miss University Pageant; and Jim Overstreet, Chairman of Dixie Week. K.A. also boasts a very active social life, such as the Hayseed Party, White Trash Party, Ole South Weekend, and the Rose Ball. Alumni support for the Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Ole Miss is intensely enthusi- astic. Plans have now been formulated for a large Southern heritage styled mansion. 192 First Row: John Batte, Joseph Slattery Boggess, Lee Hansell Borden, John Edward Botton, Guy Bradley, Hal Bridges, Jr., Walter Byrd, Jr. Second Row: Mike Caldwell, Paul William Carmean, Jr., Edwin Carpenter, Jr., Napo Cassibry, Wil- liam Michael Caffin, Brad Cole, Mark Corey. Third Row: Robert Craft, Richard Wil- liam Moore Dean, Terry Wayne Dennis, Randy Dismuke, Jimmy Dodson, John Austin Evans. Fourth Row: Bubba Foster, Robert Gardner, Stephen L. Gates, Henderson S. Hall, Jr., Bill Harper, Jack Hawkins, Wesley Hester, Jr. Fifth Row: Paul Hust, Newton James, Julian James, Ill, Brad Janoush, Mike Johnson, Fred Krutz, Ill, Robert Lowery. Sixth Row: Mike McCamey, Bubba McNabb, Jr., Char- les Middleton, Jr., Frank Molpus, Ed Mont- gomery, Bob Morris, II, Van Northcross. Seventh Row: James Overstreet, Jr., Stephen Perkins, Dickey Ray, John Reddoch, Ill, Melvin H. Rich III, Stokes Robertson, Charles Russell II. Eighth Row: Michael Schlosser, Preston Smith, Jr., Walter Starr, Jr., Martin Steinriede III, Bill Tabeling, Thomas Clingmon Tate, Bob- by Temple. Ninth Row: John Thornton, Ken Wilkinson, Doug Wil- liams, Robert Glenn Wright, Jere Yates, Johnny Young. Not Pictured: Henry Beneke III, Edward Bogen Jr., Gor- don Bogen, Cecil Bridges, Edward Burkes, William Carpenter, John Davis, Hugh Eure, John Evans, Keith Gragso n, John Hadad III, Benjamin Hand III, Danny Holder, J. Holmes, Carl Lackey, Henry List, Dewitt Lovelace, Timothy McGahey, Charles McMurchy Jr., James Martin, Geoffrey Mitchell, Richard Parish, Rowland Reeve, Thomas Sledge, James Smith, Michael Speed, Bradford Stewart, Glen Stinson, Winfield Thompson Jr., Adolph Treppen- dahl, Raymond Turman, James Vaughn, Charles Wadlington, Richard Wiggers Jr., Eustace Winn. 193 Kappa Sigma was founded on three ideals of loyalty, friendship, and brotherhood in 1400 at the University of Bologna. These desires brought Kappa Sigma to the Western Hemisphere in 1869 by the efforts of five gentlemen. From this small origin, the or- ganization has grown to be one of the lar- gest international fraternities with a mem- bership exceeding one hundred and thirty thousand. Since the founding of Delta-Xi chapter on the Ole Miss campus in 1926, Kappa Sigma has become an integral part of campus life. Brotherhood, fraternity scholar- ship s, intramural atheletics, religious af- fairs, politics, and the ever popular Kappa Sigma parties, when not on either academic or social probation, are all of what makes Delta-Xi a leader in campus affairs. Al- though sometimes questionable, Kappa Sig- ma tries to help mature its gentlemen and prepare them for their life ' s work through cooperation and working together. g ABOVE (L to R): Jimmy Goss, Secretary; John Gibbes, President; Mark Uram, Treasurer; Michael Carlisle, Ritualists. RIGHT Kappa Sigs and dates sun on porch during one of their short probation periods. 1 1.144 " 4=111111.1 r Mali r t ..111•11111111111111•1111AIr :rai ......11rr.-!. -.Km ! ' II laill1■11111111- liallIMINIEN.r ..r ... `4111111111111111 ' ' .iiimik, .1.411 ..11111111Migamm111111 r11111 illimasillINIIIIMIIMINIP " -- 4111.11111•111 11111•111111111111111111111.11Mler .4rmit NMI a IIIIIIIII 111111111M , 1.1=111W MINOR- i MINIIIII•1111111.11111P- .111111111i 111111•1111110, Allic„..11111 ill111111111111111.1111M ...u. , 1111111•1 11•1111PM11111,1111M.aimaililanalli 1 194 First Row: Phillip Bailey, Thomas Brown Jr., Steve H. Bryan, Frederic Buchholz, Richard Eu- gene Caldwell. Second Row: Joseph Ed Canizaro Jr., Mike Castleberry, Nelson Cruthirds, Greg Day, Ronnie Demilio. Third Row: Jack Dodson, Jerry Keith Foster, Joseph George, John Gibbs Jr., Jimmy Goss. Fourth Row: Michael Guyton, Stephen Hartsfield, Paul Hester, Ed Holmes, Gene Holmes. Fifth Row: Jack Holmes Jr., Jerry Johnson, Donald Krayer Jurgensen, John T. Keeton Ill, Basil Kennedy. Sixth Row: William Lemons, Bob Lester, Jack Wilson Lilley Jr., Jim Looft, Wayne Greene Lynch. Seventh Row: Riley B. Mcllwain Jr., Bobby Maples, Char- les Shivers Metcalfe, Terry Morris, Samuel Neill. Eighth Row: Pat Newton, Ron Nippert, Lloyd Oliphant, William D. Porter, Bobby Powell. Ninth Row: Daniel Powers, Lawrence Pratt, Jimmy Primos Jr., Fred Rees, Bill Rhodes. Tenth Row: Robert Lee Roberts Jr., Jack StephensJr., Jim Suess, Trots Troy, Mark Alan Uram. 195 BELOW LEFT Left to Right: Tom Miller, Pledge Trainer; Charles O ' Mara, Warden; Wayne Vance, Treasurer; Ray McNamara, President; Ed Peacock, Secretary. BELOW Laney " The Honker " shows his usual expression. Since its arrival at Ole Miss in 1877, Phi Delta Theta has furthered the princi- ples of friendship, learning, and integrity, the three points upon which the fraternity was founded in 1848 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Mississippi Alpha of Phi Delta Theta leads in every field on campus--Ray Mc Namara, Chairman of ODK-Mortar Board Forum; Bob Nunnery, Editor of the 1969 Ole Miss; Richard Salloum, President of the Business School; Bill Garth, Co-Chair- man of the Committee of 100; Kirk Povall, ASB Director of University Development; Charles O ' Mara, President of Phi Eta Sigma; Wayne Vance, Business Manager of the 1969 Ole Miss; Ed Peacock, President of the Financiers Club; and six individuals in the Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Phi Delts take time to relax with parties throughout the year (when not on probation), climaxing the year with Ivy League Weekend and the Blue and White Formal. In every endeavor the Phi ' s of Ole Miss strive for the top. 196 First Row: George Abbott, Gerald Abdalla, John Ald- ridge, Boyd P. Atkinson, Robert Walter Bailey, Bob Baird, Henry Black, James Bowen Jr. Second Row: Barry Carlisle, Alan Carter, James Chand- ler, Marvin Cleage, Malcolm Commer, Bub- ba Cox, Don Davidson, Daniel Deaton. Third Row: Charles Denton, Ralph Doxey, William W. Drinkwater Jr., Bert Ehrhardt, Larkin El- fert, Joe Ellzey Jr., George Fair, Murray Fincher. Fourth Row: Phillip Fratesi, Bill Garth Jr., John Grant- ham, William Harvey Gresham, W. Gresh- am III, Pet Griffin, Tommy Guider, Miller Hartzog. Fifth Row: Curt Hasty Ill, Gaston Hewes, Bryan Jones Ill, Christopher Jones, Hank Kelly, Charles Laney, John Laney, Ellis Latimer Ill. Sixth Row: James Abner Lauderdale, Warren Ludlam, Mike McDonald, Ronnie McElroy, Dixon McGee, Ray McNamara, Robert N. McWil- liams, Cliff McGowan Ill. Seventh Row: Charles Maxey, Henry Raymond Mayer, Tom Miller Jr., Lancelot Minor Ill, James Holley Moore Jr., Jamie Morris Ill, Dalton Mounger, John Chalmers Neill. Eighth Row: John Nunnery Jr., Kenneth Oilschlager, Edward Peacock III, Mike Person, Bob Pig- ford, Claude Pittman, John Kirkham, Po- vall, James Pratt Jr. Ninth Row: James Wyatt Pullen Ill, Sparky Reardon, Frederick Rogers, Van Rogers, James Rut- ledge, Drew Sampson, John Sandifer, Rob- ert Bruce Saunders. Tenth Row: Thomas Andrew Shands, Ben Sheely, Steve Shirley, John Robert Smith, John O ' Neil Stone, William Allen Talbot, John- nie Terrell, Murray Tubb. Eleventh Row: David Turner, Mike Tyner, Wayne Vance, Rick Walker, Bill Walker, Ted J. Ward, Bill Watkins, Bob White. Twelfth Row: Fred Witty, Dan Woodliff. Not Pictured: Thomas Allen, Robert Anderson, Tom As- saf, Eugene Atkinson Jr., John Atkinson, Robert Avent, John Bowen Ill, Fred Bris- ter, William Carlisle, William Cleland, Luth- er Crull Jr., Clyde Day II, Robert Emmons, Orman Gee Ill, Owen Holder, William Hooker, J. James, William Johnson, Walk- er Jones Ill, Michael King, Aristide Le- feve Jr., Robert Marshall, Adam Mitchell Jr., McPherson Moore, Robert Perry, Austin Ray Jr., William Rogers, Richard Salloum, Robert Sams, Vernon Shelton, Winfrey Sikes, Thaddus Simmons, Billy Staggers, John Stewart, Michael Thompson, Horace Twiford, Robert Webb Jr., Tobin Wiener, James Wilson, Joseph Witty Jr., Robert Wright. 197 Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pennsyl- vania, was the birthplace of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity in 1857. Its founding was in distinct contrast to the beginnings of most other fraternities which grew, for the most part, from local clubs, formed without any idea of expansion. Phi Psi ' s founders, Char- les P.T. Moore and William Henry Letter- man, has as their guiding purpose the es- tablishment of a great national fraternity which would assemble within its folds out- standing students of kindred spirits as well- established colleges throughout the country. Within five years, Mississippi Alpha Chap- ter arrived at Ole Miss, becoming the third national fraternity on campus. Members of Mississippi Alpha are found in places of leadership in: ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC, Intramural Council, Cardinal Club, and Committee of 100. Phi Psi ' s also know how to have a party. This is best illustrated by the Jacqueminot Rose Ball, Hell ' s Angels and Rebelee parties. The men of Mississippi Alpha are proud of their heritage at Ole Miss and continue to play a vital part in campus life each year. LEFT Two brothers showing casual enthusiasm after another delicious meal. ABOVE Officers of this fraternity are Andy Beard, President; Rian Ringsrud, Vice-President; Bill Smothers, Treasurer; David Gillantine, Secretary. NM INNIIIIINZ Mtn mow MIR walam11•111 INNEne■ r NMI Mu NM IfiNIOn■ niimsariailaila Mai• MIN aim IIIINIMMINI MON Minn my NM= IMINIIIMA MI MEM 1■11111•11110111. IIIIME11111•11 I INIIIIMMIIIMINtimu MIN Moe w 1111■11111111111111111111111 MINEWM INEIN Nomai 1111111111111111•1110 MIN MINIM NEM IMO MOM MilltIMPIIIIIIMIUM=m11111•1•1111111111111111•1 111111•1111M11•1 MIMI 111111111=1•11■11■1111 MB 11•1=111•11111111111 NEW MN MINN Milk IMINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIll II= 1111111111111111M1Mhal illeSS111111111 MUM NM MIMI 411111=1111•11■1111111111•1111 111•1111■11111111111■1 1111111•1111111111111111•111•11 1111•11111•114 IIIIIMMINIIIIIIIIMIIIIMINIMIN•1111110111•1•11•11 IIIMINIIMIIIIME1111111111111•11111•111111% NM IIIMINIMININI MIMI 11111= 1111111131=11 MIN MI 111111111 11111,1t111111111 - " MINI MIN 198 First Row: Joe Allen, Steven Ammann, George Lud- wig Barthel III, James L. Baylen, Andy Beard, Bob Beno, James F. Brittain Jr. Second Row: William Bruce, Arthur Caldwell, Russell Kenneth Carver, Mike Cormell, Charlie Crews Jr., Jimmy Dedeaux, Jack Carver Dessommes. Third Row: Ralph Dougherty, Robert Duncan, Larry Duty, Ree Elliott, Michael Allen Evans, Charles H. Frederick Jr., Larry Benjamin Furtick. Fourth Row; Michael Garner, David Van Gillentine, Steve Grace, Jimmy Grant, David Green- haw, Stephen Greenhaw, Lawrence Gunn Jr. Fifth Row: Craig Hamachek, Greg Harrington, Donald Harrison Jr., Tim Harty, Cary Hatcher, Cory Naughton, James Henderson. Sixth Row: Fred Hennig III, Robert A. Herring III, Michael Holmes, Jack Hudson, John New- ton Hudson, Robert Edgar Johnson, Tommy Chase Kessinger. Seventh Row: Thomas Michael Lewis, George Limbocker, Bill McDonough Jr., Floyd H. McIntyre, Wally McLaughlin Jr., Mike Malouf, Tom Mayhugh. Eighth Row: David Myers, Robert Myers, James Phil- lip Nanney, William David Payne, Carl Prewitt, Ross Rhoades, James Arnold Rich- ardson. Ninth Row: Rian Ringsrud, Ray Rosser, Joseph K. Saad Jr., Joseph Scrogham, Mike Smith, Bill Smothers, Michael Soper. Tenth Row: Jack Speed, Jonathan Staryk, Arthur Stroud Jr., Barry Sullivan, William Tate, Sim Therrell David Thigpen. Eleventh Row: Dan Tyree Tucker, Ronny Vanbuskirk, Jo- seph Walker, Dewey Wells, David Lynn Wicker, David Wood, John Woolley. Twelfth Row: Wayne Zaycek. Not Pictured: George Abraham II, Robert Aldinger, Jo- seph Bass, Lanny Bradford, John Corban, James Corbett Jr., Joe Crudup, Stephen Hamric, Craig Harris, Lloyd Hogue, Rich- ard Hutchinson, John Jabour, Frank Jus- tice, John Llewellyn, Kenneth O ' Donnell, William Robison, Peter Simpson, James Thompson, Edward Youngblood. 199 BELOW Left to Right: Bill Bishop, Editor; Thomas Daniels, Social Chairman; Robert Stout, Rush Chair- man; Terry Thrash, President; Chappie Pinks ton, Secretary; Brian Kooiman, Vice-President; Bill King, Pledge Trainer. RIGHT " She thinks that she is going to get my pin after last night! " In its second year on campus, the Phi Kappa Tau colony at Ole Miss made final preparation for full chapter status. With total membership of almost fifty men, the Phi Tau ' s are expecting to become the 100th chapter of their national organization. Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The date of the first formal meeting was March 17, 1906. Conceived by a group of four men: William H. Shideler, Clinton D. Boyd, Taylor A. Borradaile, and Dwight I. Douglass, Phi Kappa Tau is the fourth of five national fraternities to be founded on the Miami campus. Members of the colony are active in many campus activities, such as the campus senate, IFC, varsity sports, Greek week, inter-fraternity sports, and many other fields. With emphasis on scholastics, service, broth- erhood, and development of the individual, Phi Kappa Tau is constantly striving to be- come the best fraternity on campus. 1 200 First Row: Skip Allen, Robert Bailey, William Bishop, Ernest Roland Blanton Jr., John Brinkley Bouton. Second Row: Dennis Britt, Steve Clary, Rip Collins, Larry Cook, Larry Copelin. Third Row: James W. Custer, Tommy Daniels, David Deal, S. Cordell Dombrowski, James Pitt- man Everett. Fourth Row: Karl Edward Eversmeyer, Thomas Hale, William Jenkins, Daniel Lee Kauzlarich, William King. Fifth Row: Brian Kooiman, Peter Lauer, Dean Laum- battus, Bill Long, Glenn Lunsford. Sixth Row: Hollis Eugene Lunsofrd, Bob McKay, Ron- nie Marascalco, James R. Patterson Jr., William C. Pinkston. Seventh Row: Mitch Poole, James L. Quinn, Thomas Rackley, Nick Ramsey, Gary Ryan. Eighth Row: Bob Stout Jr., Gary Thrash, Terry Thrash, Harry Turner Jr., David White. Ninth Row: Mac Wimbish. Not Pictured: Britton Brewer, John Harral, Charles Mur- dock, Dennis Shupe, James Sullivan, Da- vid Visger. 201 I, 1 11 ' April 29, 1959, marked an important event in the history of the Interfraternity Council. For on this day, two prominent members of this council, Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi, united for the first time to form one fraternity, Phi Kappa Theta. Phi Kappa Theta has been growing and achieving unprecedented goals from that moment because each member strives to maintain the deep-rooted principals and traditions of its unique founding. This love of fraternity enables the spirit of brother- hood to prevail in its highest degree. PKT brotherhood is expressed by the fact that all of its members take an active part in all sports and social events that the uni- versity has to offer. Phi Kappa Theta excellence is evident by its alumni, among whom are Senator Mike Mansfield, Senator Eugene McCarthy, and the late President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. TOP Left to Right: Steve Saway, Treasurer; Carl Wasson, Seccetary; Bill Lapolla, President. RIGHT Phi Kappa Theta ' s watch the Pope ' s verdict about birth control on T. V. 202 First Row: Anthony Abram, Walter Bachman, Kevin Beyer, George Booth. Second Row: Michael Booth, Gerald Calvasina, Charlie Campbell Ill, Louis Capaci. Third Row: Stephen Alan Caruso, John Shaw Faryar, Lawrence Michael Furlong, Benny Joel Gunter. Fourth Row: Terry Kiernan, Bill Lapolla, James Offie Lites Ill, Jerry McCombs. Fifth Row: Victor Arthur Nix Ill, Donald Ratliff, John Kent Rayburn, Sidney Risher Jr. Sixth Row: Stephen Alexander Saway, Steven Stegall, Vance Tomlin Jr., Jack Bayne Uhlhorn. Seventh Row: Ray Wallace, Carl Wasson, Ronnie Midge- worth, James Edward Woodall. Not Pictured: Joseph Booth, Eugene Calvasina, Joseph Elliott, Michael Farrell, James Fisackerly Jr., Arthur Foster, Frank Izzo, William Ja- quith, Joseph Jenkins, William McFarland, Robert Norris, Joe Powell Jr., John Taylor. 203 BELOW LEFT Left to Right: Rhes Low, Secretary; Bobby Abraham, President; Jimmy Davidson, Treasurer. BELOW Pledges pay for party damage with 20 per bottle. Pi Kappa Alpha came to the University of Mississippi in 1927 as the Gamma Iota Chapter. From its origin, the " Pikes " have held an important standing on campus, and are now one of the largest fraternities in the United States. Throughout the past few years Pi Kappa Alpha has held positions of campus recog- nition. Pi Kappa Alpha at Ole Miss has rep- resentatives in such organizations as Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Committee of 100, Delta Sigma Pi, ASB cabinet, Phi Eta Sigma, Y.M.- C.A., and many others. The Pikes strive to be leaders in campus social life. Besides being known fortheir red sweaters and gold watch chains, the Pikes are also known for their annual parties. These parties include, along with homecoming and spring rush, the Roman Ball and Dream Girl Formal. With these few assets, the future has to be brighter. 204 First Row: Robert Abraham, Jimmy Allen, Rodney Derrick Baber, Conner Bills, John Herbert Boydstun, Collier Carlton Jr., John Cassidy. Second Row: Douglas Cooper, Del Covington Jr., Jimmy Davidson, Bruce Dixon, Pat Edwards, Bill Forrest, Michael Franklin. Third Row: John Gough, Newell Graham, Tommy Gra- ham Jr., Leon Harris Jr., Phil Hart, Ron- ald Hayles, Scott Hines. Fourth Row: David Hogue, Henry Holifield, Jerrell Jones Jr., Noble Kyle II, Otto McKay Jr., Wayne McMullan, Johnny Martin. Fifth Row: Mickey Mauldin, Lee Meek, Richard Mills, Jeffrey Minor, Colmon Mitchell, Mitch Mon- sour, Don Moore. Sixth Row: Edward North Jr., Rocky Nosser Ill, Ray- mond Parish Jr., Michael Phillips, Terry Don Pieralisi, Donald Potts, John L. Pur- dom. Seventh Row: Bill Randall Jr., Bill Reed, Bill Rice, James Rose, Willard Rose Jr., Ben Saucier. Eighth Row: Lester F. Smith, Bill Sneed, Pat Speer, George Brunus Stewart, Rod Taylor, Mike Turbeville, Mike Twibell. Ninth Row: Jeff Worley, Derek Wyatt. Not Pictured: James Adams, James Barrett, Bruce Bell- ande, Warner Berry, James Best, Charles Blount, Walter Bolton, Robert Boyd, De- votie Brister, Olen Bryant Jr., William Caflicutt, John Carter, Charles Clark, Robert Cochran, John Collier, Bert Cupit, Robert Day, David Dean, Paul Dougieux, John Drake, James Estes, Louis Farber, Ronald Forbes, David Fore, Edward Foster, Ken- neth Fowler Ill, Hershell George, Alan Giffin, Jimmy Gouras, William Greene, Frederick Gregory, Jacob Guice, William Hathorn, Kenny Hayles, Zach Hederman Jr., Edwin Henson Jr., James Howell, Steven Howell, William Jenkins, Arthur Jernigan, Samuel Keith, Michael Kelly, Stephen Kenney, Joe King, Ray King, George Lotterhos, James Lovell, R hes Low, Mack Lowery, David McKennzie, Dwight Maddox Ill, Thomas Maley, Van Manning, James May, Harry Mitchell, Henderson Moore III, Clarence Morgan, Herman Mos- by, Robert Moss, Charles Neale, Robert Owen, Otis Ozier Jr., Edmond Patterson, Richard Phillips, Julius Piazza, John Pitt- man, William Renovich, Walter Rhian, James Ridley Jr., Robert Robison, Wayne Rutherford, Robert Sanders, Samuel Seay, Wormack Smith, Charles Smyth, John Stone Ill, Frank Street, Carl Summer, James Sumrall, James Teasley, Thomas Thames, Dennis Thomas, Edward Tollison, William True, Robert Tubertini, Ronald Tucker, Thomas Turner, Thomas Tye, James Up- church William Vandevender, David Wald- ron, Charles Walsh, Robert Watts, Robert White, William White, Horace Wilkinson Ill, Murray Williams Jr. 205 Mississippi Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at Ole Miss in 1866, and for over 100 years has been an outstanding fraternity on the campus. The first fraternity founded in the South, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is now the largest national fraternity. For nearly four decades SAE has been rated the top national fraternity by the official publication of the National Interfra- ternity Council. SAE ' s are found in all areas of campus activities. SAE ' s are represented in Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, ASB Cabinet, Campus Senate, cheerleaders, and all major varisty sports. SAE has captured the Overall Intramural Championship for two consecutive years. They also seem always to be sitting on the first row at concerts. SAE attempts to balance scholastic en- deavor with a complete round of social activities throughout the year. Parties in- clude Homecoming, Christmas, Paddy Mur- phy, Spring Formal, and Shipwreck. By these means a well-rounded college en- vironment is offered in the finest tradition of SAE at Ole Miss. LEFT Graeber take s in the Daily Mississippian. RIGHT Left to Right: Tim Quinn, President; Wad- dell Mashburn, Corresponding Secretary; Ben Hooke, Treasurer; Sam Lloyd, Secretary; Dickie Sccuggs, Vice-President. 206 First Row: Tommy Adams, Sidney Allen, Robert An- derson, Reginald Eugene Barnes, Jackie Bennett, Doug Bethay, Clifton Blankley. Second Row: Jim Buchanan, Bill Caldwell, Wallace Campbell, Robert Daniel, Hoot Davidson, Tommy Demoss, Timothy Duckworth. Third Row: Ray Dukes, Eric Thompson Duncan, Hiram Eastland Jr., Robert Fuller, Roger Fuller, William Gartin Jr., John Gilbert. Fourth Row: Wilson Golden, Dewitt Graeber, Lawrence Graeber, William Gupton, Fred Hamilton, John Fox Hardin, John Henson. Fifth Row: Charles Holmes, Ben Hooke, Rusty Jones Jr., Alan Lee Kitchens, Devo Lancaster, Joseph Lauderdale, Bill Litton. Sixth Row: Rupert Lyon, James McGraw, Walker McIn- tyre, Ron McGee, Baird Montgomery, Dee Moore Jr., Johnny Morgan. Seventh Row: Harvey Lee Morrison Jr., Rogers H. Mor- rison Jr., Danny Neal, Samuel Norquist, Harry Patton III, Skip Phillips Jr., John Quinn. Eighth Row: Anton Reel III, Wesley Reese, Jacob Mar- vin Ritchey, Richard Furlow Scruggs, Ken Shaw, John Philip Steele, Charles Wil- helm Streicher. Ninth Row. ' William C. Trotter III, David White, Cary Whitehead III, Hal Williams, Mickey Wil- liams, James Arthur Woods, Bob Young. Not Pictured: Charles Allen Jr., Robert Allen III, Charles Anderson, Harold Barker, Arthur Benson, Thomas Birchett, Larry Bobo, Byron Bower, George Bullard, William Cain, Gerard Camp. bell, Louis Chamblee, Paul Clark, Arch Corley, John Craft, Leslie Crawford Jr., Frank Dorroh Jr., John Ferris, Robert Fuchs, James Hall, Andrew Holmes, JamesJohn- son III, Michael Johnson, Robert Jones, Kenneth Kauerz, Sammuel Lloyd III, Mark Loflin, Dalton McBee, Robert McIver, Frank McKellar, Michael McMaster, Aubrey Mc Mullen Jr., Carlton Mashburn, Leon Mash- burn III, George Morrow, Joshua Morse, William Mosby, William Oakley, Christo- pher Poindexter, William Preston, Tims Quinn Jr., Sidney Robinson, James Role- son, John Sargent, Bruce Simmerman, Robert Smith, Sam Smithvaniz, Stephen Thomas, Michael Wade, Luther Webb, Charles Williams, Charles Wright. 207 BELOW Left to Right: Barry Allen, Treasurer; Jo Jo Payne, Secretary; Jack Harvey, Vice-President; Mike Coleman, President. RIGHT " White Cross " boys watch Sunday morning worship service. ' ERA 7 the Miami University, Ohio, wa birthplace of the " White Cross. " The Con- M, Oxford, , was statine Chapter of Sigma Chi, formed during the late part of the Civil War, has served as a model for chapters formed all over the world in times of war by many fraternities. Eta Chapter, one of Sigma Chi ' s largest, was established at the University of Missis- sippi in 1857, and since that time has con- sistantly given its share of members and leaders in every phase of campus life. This year Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi boast Mike Robbins, President of the Associated Student Body; Mike Troop, Vice-President of the IFC; and Alan Perry, Attorney Gen- eral. Eta Chapter has won the Peterson Significant Chapter, the highest award a chapter can achieve in Sigma Chi, for the past four years, and more times than any other chapter in the nation. 208 First Row: Jackson H. Ables Ill, James F. Adams, Lem Adams, Barry Allen, Charlton Rob- bins Anderson, C. Barksdale, Benny Bender. Second Row: Tommy Blanton, Jim Blough, John Thomas Bottom Ill, Craig Brewer Ill, Dave Cannada, Bodie Catlin III, Steve Clark. Third Row: John Cleveland, Michael Wallace Coleman, Jeffrey Crawford, William Cushman, David Dunn, Stephen Edds, John Erikson. Fourth Row: Bradshaw Farber, Samuel Feldman, Dan Ford Jr., Don Fruge, P. Fyke, Glenn Todd Gallaspy, Patrick Glavey. Fifth Row: Robert W. Graves, Duncan Gray, John Guyton, Steve Guyton, Hanley Hasseltine, William E. Hester, Mit Hobbs. Sixth Row: Richard Howorth, Malcolm Jackson Jr., Albert Jaeger Jr., Frank Johnson, Horace Lester Jr., Rodney Lingle, Bill Lovelady. Seventh Row: Fred McDonnell, Norton McKeigney, Eu- gene McLaurin, Olin Mauldin Jr., George Maynard, Bobby Miller, Monty Monteith. Eighth Row: Joel G. Payne Jr., David Pearce, Charles Robert Pennebaker, Thomas J. Penne- baker, Alan Perry, Jerry Pettit, Bubba Pettit. Ninth Row: Van Power, Don Purvis, Marvin Quin, Skippy Robertson Jr., Shelby Rogers Jr., Bill Rogers Jr., Dave Russell. Tenth Row: William David Sims Jr., Daniel Singletary, Lem Smith, Hugh Stancill Ill, John Stan- ley, Walter Troop. 209 BELOW LEFT Left to Right: John Fields, Secretary; Ed Lyon, Treasurer; Tommy Anderson, Vice- President; Joe Enoch, Treasurer; Jimmy Dukes, President. Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded on the ideals of Love, Honor, and Truth on Jan- uary 1, 1869, by three cadets of the Vir- ginia Military Institute. In this its centennial year, Sigma Nu boast 144 chapters in the United States and Canada. Epsilon Xi chapter at the University of Mississippi, chartered in 1927, continues to rank year after year among the finest of the Ole Miss fraternities. The university campus in 1968 looked to Sigma Nu for leadership, especially at the pep rallies. The " Snakes " look with pride to their nine members of ODK and to Jimmy Dukes, ODK President. Carson Hughes is presently serving as Vice-President of the ASB, Glenn Galey as ASB Director of School Spirit, Frank Trapp as President of the Senior Class, Alex Kiamie as Varsity Cheerleader, and eleven other brothers as campus sena- tors. Sigma Nu is known for its political aspirations even though it tries to stress individual activities to each of its members. Epsilon Xi Chapter seeks to reach its goals by forcing each brother to live by its Creed -- " To believe in the life of love; to walk in the way of honor; to serve in the light of truth. " 210 First Row: Joe Alexander, William Ashford, Rhett Atkinson, Richard Bell, Larry Bennett III, Jimmy Bonds, John Borchert Jr., Jim Braddock. Second Row: Bill Bratton, Eddie Bryant, Richard Buffing- ton, Jerry Bullock, Walter Burkhalter Jr., Glenn Dale Cannon, Bobo Champion Jr., Alex Davis III. Third Row: Robert Emile Decoux Jr., Chip Donovan, Jimmy Dukes, Thomas Jefferson Dukes, Lew Durant Jr., Michael Ellis, Joe Enoch, John Fields. Fourth Row: Fred Flinn, Richard Forman, Mike Furtick, John Henry Galberry, Glenn Embry Galey, Jim Galloway, John Galloway, Dewey Du- ane Garner. Fifth Row: John Gill, Bobby Gorman, Bill Harrell, John Haynes, John Kent Henderson, Charles Hudson Jr., Carson Hughes, Tom Ingels. Sixth Row: Lynn Jackson Jr., Tom Jones, Victor Jones, Bubba Keller, Danny Ketchum, Mikc Khay- at, Alex Kiamie Jr., Don Kilgore. Seventh Row: Brooks Leasure Jr., John Perry Lilly, Jim Looney, Ed Lyon, Joe McCoy, Shelby Weeks McKey, Edward Maloney, Hank Moak Jr. Eighth Row: Terry Morris, Mike Murphy, Bill Mustin, Tom Paine, Benny Petty Jr., James Poole, David Prewitt, Ishee Puckett. Ninth Row: Hudson Puckett Jr., Jerry Riley, Lloyd Roberts, Malcolm Rogers, John Russell, John Russell, Isaac Sayle, David Shreve. Tenth Row: Stan Smith, John Stallworth, Raymond Stewart, Malcolm Still, Walker Swaney, Leslie Thompson, Richard Tuteur, Danny Tyler. Eleventh Row: Gene Vance, Fred Vincent, Tommy Vin- son, Randy Voyles, William Burnell Waits Jr., Donni Waldrop, Don Walton, Tommy Williams. Twelfth Row: Kenneth Woodward. Not Pictured: Shelton Allen II, Thomas Anderson Jr., Don Baddour, Don Bilbo, Dean Blackwell, Edward Blair III, Donald Boykin, Alan Bush, David Butts Jr., Preston Carpenter, Terry Carpenter, Johnny Carson, Robert Carter, John Case, Thomas Cloar, Charles Cloud, Jerald Cockrell, William Colmer, Carroll Cotton, Samuel Daniel, Robert Ellis Jr., Robert Ellis, Gregory Fagan, Robert For- tier, J. Freeman, Bailey Fridge, Terry Frost, James Haddock, Bradley Hall, Wil- liam Hamilton, H. Heide!, Goly Henry, James Hollingsworth, John Hollingsworth Jr., Jay Hollis, Allen Hovious, Bradford Hovious, Michael Lawyer, Stephen Lawyer, George Leggett, George Lester, Hender- son Lindsey, Mike Long, Lawrence McAI- pin, Samuel McCall, Tedford McCullough, James McElwee, Elisha Manning III, Roy Manning Jr., John Milam, James Miller, Russell Moore Jr., Michael Murphy, Billy Muse, Allen Neel, Garland Reed, Zeb Reeves III, Robert Revere, Tally Riddell, Joe Ross Jr., John Sample, Eric Schweit- zer, Larry Smith, Richard Smith, Timothy Smith, Robert Tomlinson, Frank Trapp, Tom Trout, Robert Uzzle, Dean Vance, Eddie Vandiver, John Wade, Thomas Wal- man, Dwight Watts Jr., Tony Woodall, Philip Young. SIGMA PHI EPSILON HOUS E 01 15E R Si T MISSISSIPPI Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded nationally by twelve divinity students on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia. Since that time, 174 undergrad- uate chapters have been established through- out the United States and Canada. Mississippi Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon came to the Old Miss campus on June 2, 1928. Driven by a keen sense of determination, Sig Ep at Ole Miss has be- come a symbol of brotherhood in leader- ship. This is evidenced by membership in Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Com- mittee of 100, I.F.C., Cardinal Club, and various other campus organizations. Mem- bers of Mississippi Alpha Chapter serve as IFC President, Treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma, and Chairman of the Traffic Board. Sigma Phi Epsilon is best known for their shrewed rush tactic. This is the rental of billboards at each entrance to the Uni- versity, advertising and condemning the Oxford area with a " Welcome to Sig Ep Country " greeting. ABOVE: (L to R): Seated: Bill Reid, Jr., Presi- dent; Bill Davenport, Comptroller; Ted Rainey, Secretary; Billy Wingo, Vice-President, RIGHT: Mixed emotions by the Sig Ep cheering squad. 212 First Row: Will Bennett, Eric Blackwood, Hobby Blair, Robert Byrd Jr., Randall Cox. Second Row: Bob Crossley, William D. Davenport Jr., Mark Dawson, Mike Dawson, Earl Denham. Third Row: Gary Elliott, Steven Foxx, Gerald Gay, Joe Gay, Don Gregg. Fourth Row: George Hantla, Bud Jennings, Donald Kit- chens, Hartley Kittle III, Aaron Koon. Fifth Row: Hershel Ladner, Douglass Lindsay, Richard Little, William Lumalcuri, Luther McEa- chern. Sixth Row: Daniel Thomas McKessy, Brrent Meador, Ronald Powell, Todd Pyles, Theodore Rain- ey Jr. Seventh Row: Larry Rea, Bill Reid Jr., Crawford Rhaly Jr., Mal Shaw Riddell, Bill Riddell. Eighth Row: William Roach Jr., Guy Ford Rowland, V aun Smith, Ken Sullivan, Brent Tinnin. Ninth Row: Frank Weis, Richard White, Robert Wil- liams Jr., William Wingo. Not Pictured: David Allen, George Bloss Ill, Sam Brand Jr., Charles Broun Ill, Thomas Gerity, Charles Jackson, Ronny Johnson, Henry Pippin Jr., William Richardson, Philip 213 Shaw. Sigma Pi, the first National Fraternity founded west of the Allegheny Mountains, was founded by four students at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, on February 26, 1 8 9 7 . Sigma Pi Chapters grew rapidly, and today Sigma Pi is one of the three fastest growing fraternities in the United States. Beta Mu Chapter was chartered at the University of Mississippi on September 27, to: establish a brotherhood of and for college men, instill the high standards and ideals outlined in our creed, and assist worthy young men along life ' s road. Athletic excellance, as well as scholastic achievement, are among the main goals of Beta Mu Chapter. Sigma Pi is a small, but a well-knit organization and chapter. Some of Sigma Pi ' s outstanding alumni include: Walter SGhirra, United States Astro- naut; Larry Grantham, All-Pro lineman of the New York Jets; the Honorable Curtis Shake, Chief Justice at the Nuremberg Trials; Mi- chael Reston, editor of the New YorkTimes; and William Kiplinger, founder of Changing Times Magazine and the world famous Kip- linger Newsletters. ABOVE Left to Right: George Lewis, Treasurer; Donald Wiater, Vice-President; Brian Safian, Ser- geant-at-Arms; Paul Garner, Historian; Carl Kuester, President; John Winthrop, Secretary. LEFT " Maybe we might win this one. " oduy Dismissed Mut, itval classic MISZIPPIAN 214 First Row: Patrick J. Cavanaugh Jr., Stephen Clouse, James Flanders Jr. Second Row: Mike Garner, A. Haman, Carl Kuester. Third Row: Tom Laher, David McAleer, Roger Ben- jamin Mattei. Fourth Row: Raymond Meifert, Steven Mellette, Brian William Safian. Fifth Row: John Marshall Wall, Don Wiater, David Williams. Sixth R ow: John Robert Winthrop. Not Pictured: Jerry Dover, Kenneth Jackson, George Lewis, Emory McNoldy, Stephen Strutz. 215 216 P The Junior Panhellenic program is es- tablished at the University of Mississippi under the supervision of the Senior Panhel- lenic Council. The Junior Panhellenic Council is com- posed of two pledges from each of the ten sororities. These representatives are se- lected by their individual pledge classes and serve for the entire school year. The council is also composed of two repre- sentatives from the Senior Panhellenic Coun- cil who are elected to serve as advisors to the Junior Panhellenic Council for or- ganizational purposes. The purpose of Junior Panhellenic is to organize the sorority pledge classes into a more unified working body, while each still maintains its own individuality. Through this program, the pledges were able to learn about the organization and working of the Panhellenic system and to voice their own suggestions for its improvement. TOP LEFT Marilyn Mercer, a member of Senior Panhellenic, points out important facts to members of the Junior Panhellenic Council. BOTTOM LEFT Various members of the Senior and Junior Panhellenic Councils look over last year ' s Greek section. BOTTOM RIGHT Margaret Price, President of the Junior Panhellenic Council. it fillr tufrab ' H The Junior Inter-Fraternity Council, mod- eled after the Inter-Fraternity Council, is a group of delegates from each fraternity pledge class. The purpose of the Junior is to train the delegates in the duties that will devolve upon them later, when they are initiated into a fraternity and may be on the I.F.C. Each pledge class is given two members and is required to have at least one at each meeting. Because the pledgeship lasts only one semester, the Junior I.F.C. is severely limi- ted by time in projects it may attempt. The 1968-69 Council adopted as one of its first projects an evaluation of rush, hoping to aid future rushees by telling the I.F.C. how to improve rush. Service projects, such as buying groceries forfamilies at Christmas, were also undertaken. The Junior I.F.C. at- tempted to be a working model of the I.F.C. thus preparing the members for fraternities throfigh the conducting of business, solving of sample problems, and self-criticism and evaluation. The Council took as its goal an increase in campus activity and the main- tenance of a high quality of programs. TOP (L to R): John McGee, Vice-President; Dave Cannada, President; Jeff Riley, Recording Secre- tary; Tommy Blanton, Corresponding Secretary. ABOVE RIGHT President Cannada attempts to run through weekly meeting ' s business. RIGHT Presi- dent Cannada. J 217 FOOTBALL BASKETBALL SPRING SPORTS INTRAMURALS 219 LEFT Maybe I ' m going at it the wrong way. ABOVE RIGHT Rebs huddle up in the thrilling Ala- bama game at Memorial Stadium. All OP Ll .1) I 11, !}11. CN 220 ABOVE TOP Hindman struggles for valuable yardage. CENTER LEFT Chalk up 2 more for Ole Miss. BELOW Archie scrambles his way out of the hole. 7A ' X, k.. EIBMS1 .=C. 1=1. ■ Ai= CV CV CV ABOVE TOP All-American cheerleaders smile for Sports Illustrated photographer. ACROSS LEFT Super-wall helps Super-soph. BELOW LEFT Up and over to put Texas down an- other 2. BELOW RIGHT Plenty of time. 223 Il Ar JVL jle 1 Coach Johnny Vaught In his twenty-two seasons as Ole Miss head coach, no one has provided more favorable national prestige for Mississippi than John Howard Vaught. The former TCU All-American has claimed six Southeastern Conference Championships (more than any other SEC coach has acquired) and has produced a 170-51-12 worksheet. Vaught has put 16 of his last 22 teams in bowls and twelve in succession for a national record. The " Coach " has led eight of his last fifteen teams to " Top Ten " rankings. Heading the sports program at Ole Miss is C. M. (Tad) Smith who is Athletic Di- rector; John Reed Holley serves as Busi- ness Manager. The praise and credit due to the coaching staff cannot be properly ex- pressed, but their dedication, ability, and success are hard to match. They are Frank (Bruiser) Kinard, offensive line coach; John Cain, offensive backfield coach; Jim (Buster) Poole; defensive line coach; Junie Hovious, defensive backfield coach; Ray Poole, assis- tant; Roland Dale, end coach; Eddie Craw- ford, freshman coach; Billy Mustin, assistant; Bob Tyler, assistant; Jake Gibbs, assistant; Tom Swayze, field representative; and West- ley (Doc) Knight, trainer. Bruiser Kinard John Cain Junie Hovious Tom Swayze Wes (Doc) Knight Jim Poole Billy Mustin Roland Dale Ray Poole Bob Tyler Eddie Crawford 224 TOP LEFT Mr. Collins Windham handles ticket sales to students. BELOW CENTER Coach Buster Poole gives advice to Rebs on sideline. BELOW LEFT Business Manager, John Reed Holley. 225 2ns W Johnny Vaught ' s fighting Rebels battled their way to a regular season record of six wins, three losses, and one tie in 1968. Archie Manning made his collegi- ate debut under the lights of Memphis Memorial Stadium as he led the Ole Miss squad to a 21-7 come-from-behind victory over the Bengals of Memphis State. A masterful defensive effort by Frank Trapp K.O. ' ed a Tiger scoring effort on the fourth down at the Ole Miss one yard line, pre- venting a two touchdown half-time lead. On the first of two consecutive bouts held in Jackson, the Rebs defeated Ken- tucky 30-14. Once again it was Manning who helped to undo Dicky Lyons and Com- panies ' early lead. Glenn Cannon and Robert Bailey each scored a touchdown on pass interception returns of 25 and 14 yards, respectfully, to put the win on ice. Our formidable defense provided Ole Miss with its finest hour in a 10-8 victory over Paul " Bear " Bryant ' s Crimson Tide. After the game the Alabama mentor admitted, " The best coached team won. " A forty-nine yard pass from Manning to Vernon Studdard set up the first Rebel touchdown in Ole Miss ' first Victory over the red elephants in fifty-eight years. The three game winning streak of Ole Miss was snapped by SEC champion, Georgia, in a hard-hitting 21-7 defeat at Athens. With a 7-0 half-time lead, the Ole Miss offense bogged down, allowing Georgia to capitalize on a battle-worn Reb defense and score three touchdowns in the final two periods of the game. Once again Pie Vann ' s Golden Giants from Southern Mississippi weren ' t able to overcome their sister school to the north. A Homecoming crowd at Hemingway Stadium watched Archie Man- ning engineer two fourth quarter touch- downs to lift Ole Miss to a 21-13 triumph. The next week at Mississippi Memorial Stadium, Manning became a second quarter victim of the Cougar defense. Without Ar- chie ' s arm, Houston dubbed the Red and 226 Blue for a 29-7 final score. The football team, coaches, and students rose to the occasion as Ole Miss, 17 points behind in the first half, stunned archrival L.S.U. 27-24 in Tiger Stadium. Archie Manning produced a last minute touchdown after the Tigers had just scored to take a 24-20 lead. Nabbing a sideline pass, Hind- man drove through three defenders to pay dirt. Tie Moccasins from Chattanooga returned to tile Ole Miss schedule after seven years of absence, but the result of the game was much like past history as the Rebs romped to a 38-16 triu mph. The following week on the Tennessee Tartan turf the Volunteers found Ole Miss unable to stop an offense that rang up a 30-0 score. A relatively small crowd was disappointed by the 17-17 tie with State during the Thanks- giving holidays, but Rebel fans would soon be treated to a Liberty Bowl victory. SEASON RECORD 7-3-1 Memphis State 21-7 Houston 7-29 Kentucky 30-14 L.S.U. 27-24 Alabama 10-8 Chattanooga 38-16 Georgia 7-21 Tennessee 0-31 Southern Mississippi 21-13 Mississippi State 17-17 Liberty Bowl 34-17 227 iiiil Att Particular games and plays of the 1 968 season will remain in the minds of fans for quite some time. At Memphis State there was Frank Trapp ' s touchdown destroying tackle, about which Coach Doug Dickey of Tennessee observed, " It was one of the greatest individual defensive plays I have ever seen. " With Trapp, Blount, and the front line of Farber, Morrow, Crull, Herard, and Coleman harrassing quarterbacks, Ole Miss fans were treated to many outstanding defensive plays. As usual, the backfield captured most of the attention with Bo Bowen and Steve Hindman spearheading the ground attack. Hindman ' s breathtaking catch at the L.S.U. game and his 76 yard touchdown run at the Liberty Bowl proved two of the most spectacular plays of the season. Speaking of the Liberty Bowl, not many Rebel fans will forget the interceptions of ALL-SEC safety Glenn Cannon and the interception and touchdown runback of mon- ster-man Robert Bailey. 228 ABOVE RIGHT Manning needs help. ABOVE LEFT Rebels ' ball! BOTTOM RIGHT Bo Bowen bulls his way to a first down. ABOVE TOP Heidel prepares to smash his man. ABOVE LEFT Garrigues makes it tough for Southern. ABOVE Archie stretches to the one yard line. 229 The fun began in Memphis and focused on Archie Manning, who led an inexper- ienced Ole Miss team to a come-from-be- hind victory over the Memphis State Tigers. Next came Kentucky, Alabama, and South- ern. The season ' s most thrilling game, how- ever, was played at the Tiger Den in Baton Rouge, when a fantastic passing display brought Ole Miss out of a 17-3 deficit and on to a 27-24 victory. Needless to say, the Rebel fans resembled a bunch of scream- ing cajuns. Defenders are jubilant over interception. The Name of the Game. And the fans go wild! 230 The biggest grudge game the Rebels play each year is against Alabama, and well it should be, for since 1910 the Tide had won every game played in the past 58 years. Bear Bryant ' s walking on water act did not work in 1968, though, for the los- ing streak of the Rebels was broken in one of the season ' s high points. The battle lasted into the final seconds of the game with Alabama pulling to within 2 points of our score, but Oie Miss turned out the winner. Only three losses marred the Rebel record, and the wins - they were sweet. 11.•• 231 TOP RIGHT Houston ' s Gibson accompanied by three escorts. BELOW LEFT Coleman moves in. BELOW RIGHT Blount-on top of the situation. 232 ABOVE Is that pursuit - or is that pursuit! LEFT Riley Myers gets all he can. 11 It is said that the key to a good offense is a great defense. No matter how true this statement is, it is definitely a fact that the offense cannot go to work until the defense gets the ball. Lacking experience just as the offense did, the defense proved themselves worthy at the opening game in Memphis with Trapp highlighting and Farber and Blount playing major roles. At times the defense was simply over-powered, as in the games with Georgia, Houston, and Tennessee, but their die-hard spirit never flickered. And there were days when the coordination and partnership of the Rebel defense paid off. Just ask Alabama, or L.S.U., or Virginia Tech, who ' s Liberty Bowl pass record was one incomplete and three interceptions! 233 if -0 .1) With Archie Manning passing to Riley Myers, Vernon Studdard, and Hank Shows and handing off to Bo Bowen and Steve Hindman, Ole Miss boasted its most potent offense in several years. Serving its pur- pose of scoring points, the offense aver- aged 18 points per game with the season high at 38. Ole Miss touchdowns were the most exciting kind - those scored on passes in a come-from-behind effort. Our leading goal crosser was Steve Hindman with seven T.D.s, followed by Manning with five. Sophomore Quarterback Archie Manning deserves a notable share of the credit due to the Rebel ' s 7-3-1 record. Playing at 6 ' 3 " and 190 lbs., Manning was named national back of the week following the L.S.U. game, and regional back of the week after the Memphis State, Southern, and L.S.U. games. Manning ' s records, the best ever for a Reb rookie, include Most Yards Passing in one game, Most Passes Attempted in one season, Most Passes Attempted in one game, Most Passes Completed in one game, Most Play Total Offense in one game and for the season. Luckily, over-confidence has not accompanied Archie ' s abundant success, and realizing that two more years lie ahead, Archie Manning has gone back to work with the Rebels of 1969. 235 BELOW Perfect protection as Manning finds his man. BELOW BOTTOM Flag waving spectators cheer Rebels. Roaring back from a shocking 17-0 first quarter deficit, Ole Miss trounced Virginia Tech 34-17 before a record crowd of 46,206 in the 10th annual Liberty Bowl game in Memphis, Tennessee. Tech started the scoring just seconds after play began when fullback Ken Ed- wards scampered 58 yards down the side- lines on a trick play. The Gobblers quickly struck twice more, and the surprised Rebels found themselves trailing 17-0 at the quarter. Sophomore sensation Archie Manning got the Rebels going in the second quarter as he rifled two quick touchdown passes to Hand Shows and Leon Felts, and Ole Miss trailed only 17-14 at the half. The Rebs quickly broke it open in the second half as tailback Steve Hindman sprinted 79 yards for one score, and Robert Bailey returned an intercepted pass 70 yards for another T.D. to give the Rebels a 28-17 lead at the end of the third quarter. Van Brown added two late field goals to give the final margin of victory. The Rebs have now taken two Liberty wins in as many tries, previously dumping Auburn 13-7 in 1965. TOP Freezing fans refuse to leave. 237 BOTTOM Ole Miss ' 1st T.D. carried in by Hank Shows. I Si a. 1 1 it I i I I 1 •1 1.l1 Ir ' liqs a .t if ABOVE: Front: Assistant Coach Ken Robbins and Head Coach Robert " Cob " Jarvis. First Row: Cecil Jones, Charlie Ward, Freddy Set- ser, Ron Coleman, Eddie Miller, Tommy Wil- liams, Ken Turner. Second Row: Ass. Coach Bill Bolton, Rodney Chamblee, Jerry Brawner, Lock Ross, Tom Butler, Danny Dossett, Dale Stevens, Charlie Jordan, and Freshman Coach Al Rochelle. 1 1N i■.Anv7 In the past twenty years Ole Miss basketball has produced some of the finest talent in the South. During these years a consistent winning combination could not be found partially because of the lack of a staff large enough to handle the expanding duties of an SEC team. Handling the coaching of the 1 968- 69 Rebe l basketballers was one of the finest staffs ever assembled in the conference. Robert W. (Cob) Jarvis, All-SEC forward at Ole Miss in 1953 and 1954, was promoted to head coach. Although Ole Miss ' team did not pro- duce a winning record, the 10-14 over- all and 7-11 SEC results showed a marked improvement over last season ' s d° and preseason rankings. After a shaky December the Red and Blue stood three for seven. With the New Year the Rebels played like a different club. Kentucky had to come from behind in the final three minutes to win, and Tennessee barely fought off a late Reb surge to win 59-54. Ron Coleman ' s heroics on a second half press insured the Rebels of a 67- 60 victory over Miss. State. Vandy was tougher as they fought back from behind to win a squeaker in Nashville. The Rebel cagers caught LSU in over- time 84-81 in Baton Rouge behind Ken Turner ' s 36 points. Again it was Turner who hit a jumper with seconds left to lift Ole Miss to a 53-51 over- time triumph over Alabama. Free throws insured Ole Miss of a 75-67 revenge victory over Vanderbilt, but Miss. State edged the Rebs 64-60 in the Cow Palace. Florida, too, was upset 79-77 on marksmanship from the line. In the final home game LSU was contained 78-76 on a 25-foot shot by Ken Turner with one second left, while Jerry Brawner helped the cause with twenty rebounds. Alabama was clubbed by an inspired Rebel squad 78;72, and Ole Miss set a new conference record for field goal percentage (70%). In the closing game of the season Auburn came from seven down midway in the second half to win 80-70. ill; u mss 0.1 238 SEASON RECORD Texas 63-67 Ark. A M. 90-75 Ark. 65-61 Auburn 64-75 Furman 77-72 SMU 70-94 Minnesota 58-72 Kentucky 59-69 Tennessee 54-59 Mississippi State 67-60 Vanderbilt 55-62 Georgia 81-84 Florida 66-88 LSU 84-81 Alabama 53-51 Kentucky 68-104 Tennessee 45-60 Vanderbilt 75-67 Mississippi State 60-64 Georgia 82-85 Florida 79-77 LSU 78-76 Alabama 78-72 Auburn 70-80 LEFT: Pete was hot-- but not hot enough. 239 LEFT: Tom Butler hooks a crucial two- pointer against Arkansas. BELOW BOT- TOM: Tip taken by Chamblee. BELOW: Super-Senior crouches to shoot in heavy Georgia traffic. 240 BOTTOM: Ken Turner fakes State ' s defense--- including Manuel Washington. BELOW LEFT: Ole Miss scoring on a grannie-layup. BELOW RIGHT: Scrambling for the rebound . . . or the Russian ballet? 241 Rebels in the making. Grind it out. 242 The 1968 Freshman Rebels, despite a 2-3 season record, proved to be a con- scientious bunch of football players with improvement on their minds. Freshman coach, Eddie Crawford, and his staff were more interested in the boys learning funda- mentals than in winning games. Our two wins came against a deserving pair of opponents, Alabama and Mississippi State. In the State game QB Frank McKellar sparked a comback victory with only one minute left to play by completing an 80 yard pass to Bill Young. Alternating at quarterback was Kenny Blount, while McKellar, also playing de- fensive safety, managed to pull in seven interceptions. Losing to Auburn was not quite as tough for Preston Carpenter who ran away with two touchdown passes. The season ' s leading pass receiver at tight-end was Allen LaBlanc, while Bob Knight did an exceptional job on punt returns. Defen- sive standouts for the season were Paul Dongieux at linebacker and Johnny Wohl- gemuth at defensive end. Although the 1968-69 Ole Miss fresh- man basketball team did not produce a winning season, the Baby Rebels were in the thick of almost every game. Al Ro- chelle, three year All-Southeastern con- ference guard at Vanderbuilt (1 957), and 1968 senior letterman Ronnie Aldy handl- ed the coaching reins. Three Kentucky-bred forwards, Dwaine Boucher (6-4) of Frankfurt, Steve Fyffe (6-4) of Flat Gap, and Hank List (6-4) of Lexington, led the roundball rookies in scoring and rebounding respectfully. Boucher had three 30-plus games, 35 in a 78-69 victory over Delta State, 32 against Phillips Jr. College in a 88-55 loss, and 30 in a 70-68 setback from the Oxford All-Stars. Fyffe sank 35 points against Vanderbilt for his best game. Hank List bucketed 20 in a 76-75 squeaker over Walker Jr. College, defending Alabama Jr. College champions. Centers Jim Farr (6-5) of Columbus, Ohio and Gary Johnson (6-5) of Biggersville performed well at the posts, grabbing num- erous rebounds and tallying respectfully from the field. Other Rebel freshmen who were instrumental in victory were guard Russell Blair (5-9) of Oxford, guard Bill Noel (5-10) of Huntsville, Alabama, and forward David Collins (6-3) of Jackson. TOP: " Showboat " Steve dazzles the Bullpups in the Cow Barn at State. BELOW: Hopefuls to fill the shoes of the Varsity are: Left to Right: Russell Blair, Dwaine Boucher, Steve Fyffe, Jim Farr, Gary Johnson, Hank List, David Collins, and Bill Noel. Coach Swayze fires orders from the dugout to pitcher Larry Kerr. 3 Sigsm Ole Miss ' Baseball Team (front row, from left) Buddy Bowen, Bobby Cain, John Shaw, Keith Welsh, Louis Jennings, Mike Greenich, Eric Duncan, Kenny Oakley, Bobby Wade; (second row) Tommy Nichols, Grafton Moore, Buzzy Haven, Whitey Adams, Eddie Mc- Larty, Freddie Setser, Tom Iseminger, Ronny Aldy, Ken Kaverz, and manager Bobby Webb; and (back row) student coach Scotty Hasler, Larry Kerr, Eric Ayer, Lee Moore, Joe Mus- grave, Jim Williams, M. A. McCoy, Tommy Hudson, Charlie Williams, and Coach Tom 244 Swayze. By compiling a 20-12 overall record and a 8-9 SEC Western Division record, the 1968 Ole Miss baseball team lived up to their reputation of being a perennial base- ball power. The Rebels inaugurated the season with a 2-1 advantage in the Clemson series. Nationally ranked Kansas State proved no match as the Red and Blue swept four games. The Rebs mastered Mississippi State by winning 2 out of 3 and carried off first place honors in the Baton Rouge Tournament, defeating South- west Louisiana, Louisiana Tech, Northeast Louisiana, L.S.U., and Nicholls State. Ole Miss stood 12-3 at midseason before Ar- kansas State, a nationally ranked small college, took two one run games from them. The Rebs bounced back by captur- ing 2 out of 3 from L.S.U., but road games proved their downfall as Alabama and L.S.U. won 2 out of 3, with three of the losses decided by one run. At home the Rebels took a single game from Delta State, lost 2 out of 3 crucial games from SEC cham- pion Alabama, and split the final two game series with Mississippi State. Along with John Shaw ' s All District 3 and ALL-SEC honors, Ed McLarty, Bobby Wade, and Lee Moore, drew ALL-SEC West- tern Division recognition. Speedy Ole Miss also led the SEC with 68 stolen bases. Other Rebels highlighting the season were pitchers Larry Kerr, Eric Ayer, and Buddy Bowen. BELOW Shortstop Tommy Nichols steals second base in the game with Mississippi State. BELOW BOTTOM All Eyes are up as Ole Miss chalks up another homer. 245 WW1 lr 1V 246 - ' �! Ski ' ] lq ftIN " A tia ii nJil Jur Opening with a second place in the USM Invitational, the Ole Miss golf team initia- ted a 6-4 overall season. Taking a 5th place in the Buckhaults Invitational, the Rebels proceeded to down Washington, Illinois Wesleyan, and Vanderbilt. After earn- ing seventh place in the L.S.U. Invitational, the Ole Miss golfers defeated Arkansas State and Southern Mississippi and went on to capture first place in the Mississippi Intercollegiate for the fifth straight year. Winding up the season in Athens, Georgia, the Rebel linksmen, under Coach Junie Hovius, took fifth place in the SEC Tour- nament. In past seasons, the Rebels have sparkled with individual scoring achievements and 1968 was no exception. Chuck Rea won the individual championship in the Missis- sippi Intercollegiate with a par 144, and Bobby Day fired a University Club record of 66 to lead Ole Miss in a victory over Arkansas State. ABOVE Ole Miss Golf Team (front row, from left) Warren Rogers, Jimmy Gamblin, Chuck Rea, and Neal Lovelady. (Standing, from left) Bobby Day, Allen Hovious, and Bill Lovelady. RIGHT Bill Love- lady putts for a birdie in the L.S.U. Invitational. 248 T e it Tennis, although frequently neglected be- cause of its minor sports status, proved to be an exciting and profitable sport for the Rebels in 1968. The Rebel netmen volleyed and smashed their way to a 7-3 over-all record in the tough SEC. Another first place in the Southern Mississippi Invita- tional, a second place finish in the Missis- sippi Intercollegiate Tourney, and a hard- earned 7th place in the SEC Tournament all added to Rebel prestige. Milsaps, Mississippi College, Southwest- ern, Vanderbilt, and Southern Mississippi all fell to the Rebels. Tulsa, L.S.U., and Kentucky accounted for our three losses. Coach John Cain ' s netters, in the true sense of the word " team, " worked to- gether in 1968 to build Ole Miss tennis history. LEFT Form and determination paid off for the Rebels in 1968. BELOW Ole Miss ' Tennis Team: (from left) Ronnie Johnson, Gary Cox, Brad Hovious, Erskine Wells, Dan Turnell, Bill Hester, and Ed Ruffin. 249 Ole Miss ' 1968 track team had its most successful season in twenty years. After a slow start at the Southwestern Relays, the Rebels bounced back to capture first place in the Southeast Alabama Relays. The Rebs in a dual meet at Arkansas State were edged 82-62 and in the Jaycee Relays placed a strong third. The thinclads over- ran Vanderbilt 115-30 in the first meet held on campus in a decade. Ten tourna- ment track records and three school records were shattered, highlighting the season. The Rebs, in a triangular meet with Ala- bama and Mississippi State, finished second doubling State ' s score. In the SEC Cham- pionship Meet, Ole Miss placed seventh in a ten team field due to the performances of Brad Farber, Jim Miller, Rick LeValley, Dickie King, Wyck Neely, and Al Lofton. TOP RIGHT Brad and Hap Farber, brothers from Jackson, were double trouble for OM opponents in 1968. ABOVE LEFT The Ole Miss cross-country team on a daily jaunt. ABOVE RIGHT One reason why Ole Miss tracksters were known for endurance was dedication. 250 0.1 1 I It 7 251 11 ' n The Fraternity Intramural Sports Council, founded at the University of Mississippi in 1935, is composed of one delegate from each fraternity. With the help of Coach Bonnie " Country " Graham, the Council sets up the schedules for all of the fraternity games. The three basic committees of the Council are the Protest and Eligibility Com- mittee, the Rules Committee, and the Awards and Trophy Committee. Using a point sys- tem, the Council determines league, sport, and over-all champions each year. Although football, basketball, and softball are the major sports, the fraternities also participate in volleyball, tennis, golf, bowl- ing, and ping-pong. A special element of entertainment is added each year at Ole Miss when one team in the football play-off provides the fans with a homecoming court, procession, and crowing of the queen. BOTTOM RIGHT: A thrilling moment as the 1968 Homecoming Queen is crowned in " the Bowl. " TOP RIGHT: 1968 Football Champs. BELOW: Jimmy Vaughn pulls in a KA pass with the help of a key block from Danny Holder. 7(1 I 0 iC A TOP RIGHT: In the twilight of dusk a first down pass is snagged. BELOW: Intramural Council, First Row: Vance Tomlin, Jeff Minor, Cordy Dombrow- ski, Doug Lindsay, Chris Mueller, Kennon Hood, John Botto, Don Wiater. Second Row: Robert Myers, Sammy Walters, Eddie Bryant, Mac Moore, Bodie Catlin, Ronnie Howard, Mike Guyton, David Wilder. ■■•■•■■•■ 252 TOP LEFT: SAE ' s on their way to a touchdown against the KA ' s. TOP RIGHT: Wylie Richards chalks up 2 against the E ' s in the " Cracker Box. " BOTTOM LEFT: Rebounding was a must even in intramural action. BOTTOM RIGHT: Past snatches like this one make the Greek League stars look like prospects for the Rebels. 253 254 IV The Ole Miss " M " Club is an organi- zation composed of men who have earned a varsity letter in an intercollegiate sport. Each prospective member of the " M " Club must endure the initiation to join its ranks. The members of the " M " Club strive to promote interest and enthusiasm for all of the sports in the athletic curriculum at Ole Miss. Included in its activities are the selection of the Queen ' s court during Homecoming, the sponsorship of an " M " Club Scholar- ship and, also, the sponsorship of the Red- Blue Intrasquad Game, played every spring. Long a point of pride and tradition at the University, the high quality of the " M " Club athlete is a standard found year after year. This steady quality has gained much respect for the athletic participants and the purpose of athletics. First Row: John B. Aldridge, Robert Bailey, Kenny Blanford, Joe Blount, Cliff Booth, John " Bo " Bow- en, Dave Bridgers, Freddy Brister, Van Brown. Second Row: Tom Butler, Bill Caldwell, Glenn Cannon, Todd Carlisle, Richard Casey, Rodney Chamblee, Clifton Boyce Chunn, Jr., Billy Coker, Dennis Coleman. Third Row: Ron Coleman, Robert Daniel, Danny Dossett, Kenny Dykes, Billy Erb, Julian Fagan, Louis " Brad " Farber, Hap Farber, Freddie Farmer. Fourth Row: Don Farrar, Leon Felts, Floyd Franks, Roger Fuller, Dave Fussell, John Garner, Johnny Gilliland, Jimmy Hadley, H. Ray Heidel. Fifth Row: Bill Hester, Tommy Hodge, Danny Hooker, Allen Hovious, Tom Iseminge, Louis Jennings, " Skip " Jernigan, Ronnie Johnson, Bud- dy Jones. Sixth Row: W.W. " Bill " Jones, Charles Kelly, Jim King, Perry King, Richard King, George Lotterhos, Neil Lovelady, Ed McClarty, Mac Mc- Clure. Seventh Row: Worthy McClure, M.A. Mc- Coy, W.C. McNeely, Archie Manning, Jim Miller, Ronnie Miller, Don M. Mi stead, Buddy Mitchell, Grafton Moore. Eighth Row: Lee Moore, Geo. " Buz " Morrow, Riley Myers, Russell Neely, KennyOakley, Bill Overdyke, Jim Parkes, David Roberts, Warren Rogers. Ninth Row: John Shaw, H.N. Shows, Mike Shumaker, Larry Thomas, Larry Torgenson, Frank Trapp, Ken Turner, Robt. " Bobo " Uzzle, Bill Van Devender. Tenth Row: Bobby Wade, Jim Wallis, Chas. Ward, Munag Williams, Tommy Williams, Bobby Winstead. TOP: " M " Club Sweetheart . . . Marylin Blakes- lee. MIDDLE: Festivities of " the week " proved to be a lot of fun. BOTTOM: President . . Robert Bailey. 255 fell TOP ROW: Steve Hindman, Football, All Amer- ican and Academic All-SEC Tailback; Frank Trapp, Football, All-SEC Linebacker. MIDDLE ROW: Julian Fagan, Football, All-SEC and Academic All-SEC Punter; Ken Turner, Basket- ball, All-SEC Forward; Glenn Cannon, Football All-SEC Safety. BOTTOM: John Shaw, Base- ball, All-SEC Second Base. When the tremendous amount of work and the combined team effort that are necessary to make up a successful squad are con- sidered, the choice of a few outstanding players to be honored becomes very dif- ficult. The Ole Miss All-Stars are the cul- mination of this decision. Tradition has it that the All-Stars must be selected from those athletes who have attained All-SEC honors. Some years the choice is easy; this year the choice was difficult. Any athlete who has achieved recognition will be the first to agree that his success was made possible, not only by himself, but also by a large supporting cast. The Ole Miss coaches, athletic department, fel- low teammates, cheerleaders and student body all deserve part of the credit. w -1 b]ifT.Iii] [ill 00[0 bkA1P9V[tOS3 The University Band, better known as the Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band, is under the direction of Mr. James Ferguson. This year the band boosted the school spirit by participating in the pep rallies, by lead- ing the student body in cheers, and by providing entertainment during half-time at football games. The half-time programs, based on a central theme for each game, consisted of a medley of tunes with several formations and dance routines by the Rebel- ettes. In addition to their participation during football season, the band is active the rest of the year in band festivals. This year the marching group consisted of 130 band members and 18 Rebelettes. In addition, the concert band, a smaller group of 63 members, performs several times during the spring. TOP: Excellent leadership and hard work were the key to success for the Ole Miss band. LEFT: Precision . . . but, most of all, Looks! BELOW: The Rebel band forms a familiar steamboat at the Kentucky game. z;. 5 ' = 5 ' 258 ABOVE: The Rebel Band portrays the essence of the true School Spirit. 259 - „ zezmaiiiiiIMMOMMailliMmsZOMINIMMM333MM=0.1,5Mna•MmvzommeliINIIIMIWOMI The University of Mississippi Alumni As- sociation has made great strides since its first recorded meeting on September 16, 1853. In 1867 the Alumni Society of Ole Miss became known as the Alumni Assoc- iation and regular annual meetings were begun. In June, 1924, Mr. J. K. Hamm was elected the first Alumni Secretary. The present Alumni House was financed by contributions of the Alumni of Ole Miss and a revenue bond issue which was pre- TOP: Modern Alumni Building serves as a warm welcoming center. BOTTOM LEFT: President, Bill H. Quin. BOTTOM RIGHT: Vice-President, John C. Love. sented to the University on October 20, 1950. With a membership of over 10,000, an expanding facility to keep up with increased needs, and a full time staff, the Alumni Association has become a vital part of the program of the University. New officers are installed each year at Homecoming, the busiest time of the year for the Alumni Association. ELI 260 William S. Griffin James N. Butler Mitchell Salloum William Price Alumni Director Alumni Secretary Athletic Representative Me dical Alumni Secretary District One Dr. Jack Senter, Belmont 1 N. S. Sweat, Jr., Corinth 2 Frank A. Riley, Tupelo 2 Dr. Bobby F. King, luka 3 District Two Ira. L. Morgan, Oxford 1 W. H. Montjoy, Greenwood 1 Dr. James 0. Gilmore, Oxford 3 S. B. Thomas, Greenville 3 District Three William B. Harlan, Jackson 2 Crawford Mims, Vicksburg 2 Robert Y. Love, Jackson 2 Dr. J. Daniel Mitchell, Jackson 3 District Four Lee Meyer, Meridian 1 W. E. McIntyre, Brandon 2 Hyman F. McCarty, Jr., Magee 3 Henry J. Fair, Louisville 3 District Five Louis Mapp, Hattiesburg 1 Douglas Koger, Bay St. Louis 1 W. E. Jones, Laurel 2 Donald C. Munro, Biloxi 3 State-at-Large Miss Maxine Sullivan, Jackson 1 Mrs. Jimmie N. Cook, Clinton 1 Harold Monroe, Moss Point 1 George Worthen, Tupelo 1 Dr. Lewis Nobles, Clinton 1 Curtiss McKee, Jackson 1 Ernest Graves, Laurel 1 Taylor McElroy, Jr., Jackson 1 Billy Wood Kerr, Olive Branch 1 John Armstrong, Hazlehurst 2 E. B. Favre, Mississippi City 2 Aston Holley, Oxford 2 Joe Lauderdale, Hernando 2 Thomas N. Turner, Jr., Belzoni 2 Judge Claude Clayton, Tupelo 2 Tracy Lusk, Oxford 3 William Elkins, Hattiesburg 3 James A. Pittman, Greenwood 3 W. E. Wilroy, Jr., Hernando 3 Charles Jacobs, Cleveland 3 Lucien Gwin, Jr., Natchez 3 Dr. Paul H. Moore, Pascagoula 3 Out-of-State Louis G. Baine, Baton Rouge, La 1 Dr. Hector Howard, Memphis, Tenn 1 Harold Crump, Nashville, Tenn 1 Harold F. Huggins, South Euclid, Ohio 2 Emmett Marston, Memphis, Tenn. 2 Frank G. Potts, Montgomery, Ala 2 Eddie M. Brignac, New Orleans, La 3 Charles H. Barineau, Jr., Houston, Texas 3 G. Bart DeLashmet, Atlanta, Ga. 3 Ex Officio Members - General W. E. Wilroy Hernando Dr. Howard A. Nelson Greenwood R. D. Wilcox Laurel Jack W. Barksdale, Jr Jackson Willia m H. Barbour Yazoo City James T. Singley Meridian Orma R. Smith, Sr Corinth Mitchell S. Salloum Gulfport R. Baxter Wilson Jackson Chester H. Curtis Clarksdale Carl McKellar Columbus S. Lyle Bates Jackson Sam P. Carter Quitman Frank E. Everett, Jr. Vicksburg Thompson McClellan West Point Otho R. Smith Meridian George Payne Cossar Charleston Harvey Lee Morrison Okolona Tahlor H. McElroy Oxford David Cottrell Gulfport James McClure Sardis Dr. I. C. Knox Vicksburg Ex Officio Members - Medical Dr. E. E. Ellis Laurel Dr. T. E. Wilson Jackson Dr. W. E. Caldwell Baldwyn Dr. B. B. O ' Mara Biloxi Dr. W. E. Lotterhos Jackson Ex Officio Members - Law James N. Ogden Mobile, Ala. Chester H. Curtis Clarksdale William Winter Jackson Hugh N. Clayton New Albany Gaston Hewes Gulfport Ex Officio Members - Nursing Miss Betty Preston Jackson Mrs. Lucy Thompson Jackson Mrs. Yvonne P. Bertolet Vidalia, La. Mrs. Janella M. Evers Jackson Mrs. Ann C. Zimmerman Hazlehurst Ex Officio Members - Engineering John C. Hudson, Jr Memphis, Tenn. C. Edmonson Jones Jackson Ex Officio Members - Pharmacy William E, Farlo w Jackson R. Clinton Johnson, Jr Leland 261 ACADEMICS AND ADMINISTRATION CLASSES 263 The chief government position in the State of Mississippi is occupied by the Honorable John Bell Williams. The Raymond-born law- yer is one in a continuation of lasting lead- ers who give Mississippi the experienced guidance she needs. John Bell Williams served as a Congressman from Mississippi for twenty-one years and is familiar as a national figure. Education is one of the prime interests of the Governor, who has the duty of ap- pointing the Board of Trustees. More co- operation and understanding are needed between the officials of the government of Mississippi and those in positions of au- thority at the University. It is hoped John Bell will try to bridge the gap. 264 II Malcolm Mette Roberts, President William Orlando Stone Verner Smith Holmes Leon Lowery William M. Shoemaker R. C. Cook Stevens Dr. E. E. Thrash, Executive Secretary Milton Brister M. Paul Haynes Ira L. (Shine) Morgan Thomas Newell Turner Edgar Ray Izard Henry Hederman Dr. Porter Lee Fortune Chancellor 266 11011fiY,A[ Po[aA[i ' tee ft -110 As the University of Mississippi com- pletes its 121st year of servic e to the .people of our State and Nation, I reflect iyith pride on her long line of graduates who have distinguished themselves and :ontributed significantly to the greatness which it is our Country ' s privilege to enjoy. It is our purpose to uphold this tradition in all that we do. Today, Ole Miss is a student oriented _Istitution. The students ' education is our central purpose. In addition to continuing the process of their general education begun in childhood, we seek to prepare them in our graduate and professional schools for worthwhile careers in selected fields. Be- yond this, students are encouraged to exer- cise responsible leadership on campus. We attempt to make this leadership a meaning- ful factor in the operation of the University itself and give each student as much re- sponsibility as his stage of maturity will permit. If we are successful, our graduates will leave us as active, intelligent, and responsi- ble participants in society with those inner resources of mind and spirit which make for character, strength, and happiness. -4- 267 TOP Dr. W. Alton Bryant, Vice Chancellor. ABOVE Dr. Franklin E. Moak, Dean of the Division of Student Personnel; Mr. Whitney D. Stuart, Assist- ant to the Dean of the Division of Student Per- sonnel. RIGHT Mr. George M. Street, Director of Development. 268 TOP Mr. Robert S. Shaw, Auditor. ABOVE LEFT Seated, Dr. Robert B. Ellis, Registrar and Mr. George F. Gober, Assistant Registrar; standing, Mr. B. J. Chain, Associate Registrar. ABOVE RIGHT Mr. Kenneth L. Wooten, Director of Place- ment and Financial Aids. LEFT Dr. Charles E. Noyes, Assistant Vice Chancellor. 269 TOP RIGHT Dr. James L. Henderson, Director of the Student Counseling Center. BELOW LEFT Mr. Howard K. Faulkner, Bursar. BELOW RIGHT Mr. Charles W. Beene, Assistant Director of Men ' s Housing and Mr. Bin ford T. Nash, Director of Men ' s Housing. BOTTOM RIGHT Mr. Tom S. Hines, Director of Student Activities and Mr. Bob A. Towery, Assistant Director of StudentActivities. 270 LEFT Mr. Henry W. Bounds, Director of Food Services. BOTTOM LEFT Mr. John W. White, Director of the Physical Plant Department. BELOW Mr. John W. Savage, Business Manager. 271 272 Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts offers a broad and comprehensive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities and in the physical, biological, and social sciences. Pursuing a general education, students acquire intellectual and civic competence; lay a broad foundation needed for specialized training in law, medi- cine, theology, and other professional fields; and prepare themselves for advanced study in the humanities and sciences. The College offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in any of twenty-four fields of knowl- edge. The general purpose of the college is then, not to train a man in any specific profession or to fit him for any specialized job but rather to acquaint him with our whole cultural and scientific heritage and, hopefully, to train his mind and cultivate his intellect in the process. FAR LEFT Dr. A. B. Lewis, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Dis- secting a dogfish, attending a lecture, preparing an studying in the library - all are integral parts of the wide and all-encompassing mi College of Liberal Arts. 273 274 Classroom arguments about past cases, mock trials in the Moot Court, and oral combat in the halls, all serve to create an atm osphere of conflict. The environment encourages learning by doing--through student field trips to work with public defenders or district attorneys, summer internships with public officials, work for the Legal Research Exchange for Mississippi lawyers, and editing the Miss- iss ippi Law Journal. The climate generates ground-breaking through interdisciplinary study--for instance, the Legal Institute for Agricultural and Re- source Development is studying the impact of technology on legal structures in our region, hoping to develop ways and means for rural renewal through new uses of technology. Involvement in problems like those faced by practicing attorneys provide law students with learning opportunities that encompass the realities of today ' s legal practice. 10 FAR LEFT Dean Joshua Morse, Dean of the School of Law. LEFT The impressive atmosphere of the Moot Court. BOTTOM LEFT There is no substitute for study in the Law School. BELOW Students prepare legal briefs for presentation. 275 After more than half a century as a two-year program on the Oxford campus, the School of Medicine was expanded to a four-year curriculum and moved to the Medical Center at Jackson in 1955. The Department of Nursing was also moved in 1956, and it achieved school status in 1958. The enlarged student body and faculty, more than double that of 14 years ago, have also brought necessary expansion of facilities. This year, a new adult addition 00 01 MOW and round pediatric wing for University Hospital were opened, upping the total teaching beds to 490 and the value of the entire Medical Center complex to over $ 1 9,000,000. Research and training grants now held by students and faculty amount to about $4,000,000 a year. Through such awards, Mississippi researchers have contributed immensely to the medical advances of the past decade, especially in the field of organ transplants. 276 FAR LEFT Dr. Robert Carter, Dean of the School of Medicine. TOP Interns learn and apply professional techniques. ABOVE The making of a doctor. RIGHT The School of Medicine is also an actively functioning part of a great hospi tal. The basic policy of the School of En- gineering includes the commitment, both of the faculty and students, to excellence and to engineering science. The emphasis of the program is not to prepare the stu- dent for immediate engineering practice, but to teach him to think in terms of science, engineering and the needs of man. Traditional courses in drafting, surveying, and shop practice are eliminated from the engineering science curriculum. In place of these eliminated courses are substituted additional work in engineering sciences, mathematics, and humanities. The ultimate goal of the School of Engineering then, is to prepare the Ole Miss graduate engi- neer for the future, not the future of to- morrow, but the future of ten or more years from now. 278 FAR LEFT Dr. Karl Brenkert, Dean of the School of Engineering. TOP Advanced mathematics, physics, computer courses for all require hours of study time. ABOVE The computer center contains some of the Ole Miss engineer ' s most important tools. RIGHT Work in chemistry is included in the engineering curriculum. 279 Children, young people--the richest vein in this wealthy nation ' s gold mine. But a high yield is possible only as human re- sources are refined and developed to a maximum performance level. This is the task and challenge of a teacher. A state university has no opportunity of greater significance than that of preparing teachers, a responsibility which is assumed parti- cularly by the School of Education. Programs of study are available for per- sons preparing to teach at the kindergarten, elementary, secondary and college levels. Classroom teachers, librarians, supervisors, counselors and administrators receive de- grees through the School of Education. Degrees at the bachelor ' s, master ' s and doctoral level are available. In addition, numerous research projects and public service activities are conducted through the Bureau of School Services, Bureau of Educational Research, or by indi- vidual professors. 280 FAR LEFT Dr. Sylvester Moorhead, Dean of the School of Education. LEFT The School of Edu- cation trains the body as well as the mind. BOT- TOM RIGHT Research is a vital part of the total goal of the School of Education. 281 After sixty years of pharmaceutical edu- cation at Ole Miss, the School of Pharmacy in 1969 occupies its new $2,000,000 building. The five-year professional curri- culum provides education and experience for students in the areas of pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmacy administration and hospital pharmacy terminating in a B.S. degree at the undergraduate and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at graduate levels of study. A student body organization, affiliated state and national pharmaceutical association, the student publication Ole Miss Pharmacist, the national professional fraternity Rho Chi and an established Honor Code give pharmacy students a sense of pride, fellowship and activity to compliment their academic efforts. A Master of Administrative Pharmacy degree was approved in 1968 providing graduate work with special emphasis on pharma- ceutical administration and economics. The Masters degree in Hospital Pharmacy com- bines academic work with a year of resi- dency in an accredited hospital to provide practice in hospital preparations and ad- ministration. 1 I 3C!] 282 FAR LEFT Dr. Charles W. Hartman, Dean of the School of Pharmacy. TOP Training in the techniques of pharmaceutical manufacturing. ABOVE The pharmacist must be a man dedi- cated to the mastery of all parts of his profession. RIGHT Experimentation - the keystone of progress. Since its inception in 1917, the School of Business Administration has offered its students academic preparation for success- ful careers in business and other adminis- trative fields. In this School, classroom and laboratory instruction is supplemented by visiting speakers, internships, and case studies. Moreover, faculty advisors are avail- able to assist students in planning correct courses of study. There are sixteen different fields of con- centration available to students pursuing one of the degrees in the School; and, as students complete the requirements in these fields, both the School and the Department of Placement assist them in finding em- ployment suitable to their individual training and interests. The School of Business Administration occupies a modern, air-conditioned building with offices for 75 staff members and class- room space for 900 students. It is accredi- ted by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, which is the national agency for accreditation in this field. ilm)iess Athidinistratha 284 285 FAR LEFT Dr. Bennie B. McNew, Dean of the School of Business Ad- ministration. TOP The research of commercial topics gives the Business School student a keener appreciation for the world around him. ABOVE Secretarial and administrative courses are included in the well-rounded curriculum. RIGHT Realistic cases and projects occupy interest. Courses at the graduate level were first offered at Ole Miss in 1870; however, it was not until 1927 that the Graduate School was formally organized. The student now can select one of eighteen different fields of study for the Ph.D. degree and almost any field for the master ' s degree. During the past decade graduate enroll- ment at Ole Miss increased by 335 per cent; last year the graduate enrollment represented 13 per cent of the total Uni- versity enrollment. Master ' s and doctoral recipients are playing important roles in the economic development of this state. This University, governmental agencies, in- dustrial firms, and foundations provide funds to various faculty members for the support of research projects. For the most part these monies support master ' s theses and doctoral dissertations. Fellowships and traineeships from various agencies also aid graduate students to achieve their goals. Moreover, the research graduate program has at its disposal the facilities and research staff at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Itiftiff ,011{{11fig, " 286 FAR LEFT Dr. Joseph Sam, Dean of the Graduate School. LEFT More than in any other college, the Graduate School is a college of individual, original research. BOTTOM LEFT Outstanding professors such as Dr. Harrington keep graduate students on their toes. BOTTOM RIGHT Chemical and bio- logical studies are made under the wide umbrella of the Graduate School. 287 288 Jj First Row: SIDNEY JACOB ABDALLA, JR., McComb, Law III. HASSAN Y. ABOULENEIN, Cairo Egypt, Graduate II. KATHERINE ANNE ABRAHAM, Vicksburg, Graduate I. GREG KEITH ALEX, Wash- ington D.C., Graduate I. MIR MOINUDDIN ALIKHAN, Hyder- abad Indiana, Graduate I. Second Row: GARY WAYNE ALLIS, University, Graduate I. SARA ELIZABETH ASHWORTH, University, Graduate I. EVA CAROLYN AULTMAN, Columbia, Graduate I. MIRZA PERVAIZ BAIG, Hyderabad India, Graduate I. WADE MONTGOMERY BAINE, Oxford, Law III. Third Row: JAMES RUTHERFORD BALDWIN, Jackson, Graduate I. ALVIN FRANCIS BARR, University, Graduate II. HIDEAKI BENIYA, Chiba- Shi Japan, Business. EMMETT ALLISTON BERRY, Forest, Phar- macy V. VALENTINE W. BIDDEN, JR., Waldorf Md., Law II. Fourth Row: OTTO T. BIERWAGEN, Calistoga Calif., Graduate II. WILLIAM DOUGLAS BOLTON, University, Graduate I. JOE RAY BOURN, Jackson, Pharmacy V. STEPHEN CALE BRADFORD, Hayti Mo., Graduate I. PAUL KENT BRAMLETT, Tupelo, Law III. Fifth Row: CALVIN COTTEN BRISTER, Oxford, Graduate II. CARLA KEN- NEDY BROWN, Jackson, Graduate I. WILLIAM THOMAS BUR- GESS, University, Graduate II. CHARLES R. CAMPBELL, Ill, Pensacola Fla., Graduate I, Phi Kappa Theta. FRED LEE CAPLER, Gordon Neb., Graduate I. Sixth Row: GLENN THOMAS CARTWRIGHT, Mayfield Ky., Pharmacy V. SIMON SHENG CHANG, Taiwan China, Graduate I. TEH SEN CLEMENT CHANG, Taiwan China, Graduate I. CHIA YUNG CHENG, Taiwan China, Graduate I. BOBBY W. CHILDRESS, Houston, Pharmacy V. Seventh Row: PATRICIA DONNA CHINN, Marks, Education. SHU-HONG CHU, Naha Okinawa, Graduate I. ESTHER WAN HONG CHUNG, Tai- wan China, Graduate I. WILLIAM JOSEPH CLAYTON, Sardis, Law II, Alpha Tau Omega. EDWIN THARP COFER, Water Valley, Law III. Eighth Row: ALTON L. CORBAN, JR., Bogue Chitto, Pharmacy V. BUREN RAY CRAWFORD, Vardaman, Graduate I. FERDINAND P. CRIBBS, JR., University, Law II. ELVIS WAYNE CROCKER, Calhoun City, Pharmacy V. BHAGWAN DAS DASHAIRYA, University, Gradu- ate II. Ninth Row: HARGIE ANN DAVIS, Bude, Graduate I. WINFRED JEFF DAVIS, JR., Columbia Tenn., Business. THOMAS WINTER DAWSON, Meridan, Law III. HAR DAYAL, University, Graduate II. JIMMY GLEN DEDEAUX, Gulfport, Law II, Phi Kappa Psi. 289 First Row: GEORGE TIMOTHY DENLEY, Coffeeville, Graduate I. WILLIAM HENRY DETERLY, Natchez, Graduate I. KENNETH W. DEUT- SCHER, Brooklyn N.Y., Graduate I. GUO ISUEN M. DING, Taiwan China, Graduate I. SANTOS KUMAR DIXIT, Kanpur India, Graduate I. Second Row: ANGELO JOHN DORIZAS, Jackson, Law II. MICHAEL W. DOW- HAN, JR., Williamstown Mass., Graduate I. DONALD JULIUS DUBRAVEC, University, Graduate I. JAMES OTIS DUKES, Quit- man, Graduate I, Sigma Nu. ROY EUGENE DUNCAN, Pontotoc, Pharmacy V. Third Row: ROMUALDO P. ECLAVEA, Laguna Philippines, Graduate I. WIL- LIAM DENVER ESHEE, JR., University, Law II. TERRY EUGENE EVERETT, University, Graduate I. JOHN SHAW FARYAR, Hon- olulu Hawaii, Law I, Phi Kappa Theta. ALFRED LEE FELDER, Summit, Law III. Fourth Row: DONALD K. FELLOWS, JR., Hammond La., Pharmacy V, D elta Kappa Epsilon. REBECCA ANN FLOYD, Sardis, Law I. WILLIAM WATKINS FORD, III, Jackson, Law III. RICHARD LAMAR FOR- MAN, Meadville, Law I, Sigma Nu. ROBERT SHARP FORSTER, Guatemala City Guat., Law II. Fifth Row: WILSON JEROME FOSTER, JR., Biloxi, Law III. DON LUIS FRUGE, Meridan, Law II, Sigma Chi. MARY ANN FRUGE, Meri- dan, Graduate I. JAMES B. GALLOWAY, Gulfport, Law I, Sigma Nu. ANN WYNNE GANNON, University, Law I. Sixth Row: LUIS GARCIA, Monterrey Mexico, Graduate I. DEWEY DUANE GARNER, Oxford, Graduate III, Sigma Nu. RANDEL CLYDE GIBSON, Melber Ky., Pharmacy V. DONALD LEE GILBERT, Oxford, Pharmacy V. OBIE LEE GRAVES, Jackson, Graduate II. Seventh Row: STEPHEN 1 91URDOCK GREENHAW, Wheeler, Pharmacy V, Phi Kappa Psi. RICHARD BRADLEY GRIFFIN, Shawnee Miss Kan., Graduate II. GEORGIA LEE GROVES, Greenville, Law I. RICARDO OSWALDO GUERRERO, Tulcan Ecuador, Graduate I. DALEOWEN GUNKEL, University, Pharmacy V. Eighth Row: SHIRLEY GUNN, Springfield Tenn., Graduate I. ROBERT SIDNEY GUY, University, Pharmacy V. TERRY MICHAEL HAIMES, Sturgis, Law I. THERON DEWEY HARDEN, JR., Oxford, Graduate II. BENJAMIN ANDREW HARDY, Little Rock Ark., Law II. Ninth Row: HAYWARD W. HARGROVE, JR., Minden La., Graduate II. MICH- AEL G. HARRISON, Heidelberg, Graduate I. SYED NASIAUDDIN HASAN, Hyderalad India, Graduate I. BETTY ANN HELLUMS, Oxford, Graduate II. BUFORD SHANDS HENSON, Courtland, Pharmacy V. 290 Study City, the sport that keeps the weekend in its place. PR if First Row: DAVID RUSSELL HEPBURN, JR., Memphis Tenn., Graduate III. HAROLD EX HILL, Greenwood, Graduate I. JON HURD HILL, University, Law II. WALTER THEODORE HITCHCOCK, Fernandina Bch. Fla., Graduate II. CYNTHIA JUNE HORN, Lucedale, Law I. Second Row: THOMAS OWEN HORN, Carthage, Pharmacy V. KENNETH TA CHIH HU, Taiwan China, Graduate I. WYATT RAYMOND HUNT- ER, University, Law II. KARAMAT ALI JAVAID, University, Graduate II. LON CHAMBERLAIN JOHNSON, Canton, PharmacyV. Third Row: DEWITT RUSSELL JONES, JR., Pascagoula, Law II. EDWIN LAVAR JUDD, Coalville Utah, Graduate I. MARGARET MULLINS KENT, University, Pharmacy V. JAGJITSINGH H. KHALSA, Ahmadabad 7. India, Graduate II. JACK CHUNG KYUN KIM, University, Graduate II. Fourth Row: SAM GWIN KIRSCHTEN, Greenwood, Graduate I. DONALD GILBERT KITCHENS, Corinth, Pharmacy V, Sigma Phi Epsilon. FRED J. KITTRELL, Henderson Tenn., Graduate II. ELAINE D. KLOTZ, Oxford, Graduate I. PAUL WILLIAM KLOTZ, Oxford, Graduate I. Fifth Row: SHUI SUN KONG, Kowloon Hong Kong, Graduate I. EARL LESLIE KOSKELA, Oxford, Law III. LARRY KENNETH KROGSTAD, Book- haven, Law I. M. BRADLEY LAWRENCE, Law III. PEDRO J. LECCA, Brooklyn N.Y., Graduate II. 29 I iii L First Row: EARL S. LEE, Mt. Olive, Graduate I. MAN HEE LEE, Columbus Ohio, Graduate I. YAN WAY LEE, Taiwan China, Graduate I. CHARLES MARTIN LEGGETT, Waynesboro, Law I. HORACE BAXTER LESTER, JR., Jackson, Law II, Sigma Chi. Second Row: TERRY JER NAN LIN, Taipei Taiwan China, Graduate I. WEST LINDSEY, JR., Jackson, Graduate I. PAUL WILLIAM LISOWSKI, University, Graduate II. CHEN KUN LIU, Taipei Taiwan China, Graduate I. MARY KATE LOCKHART, Dyersburg Tenn., Pharmacy V, Alpha Delta Pi. Third R ow: DAN WADE LOMAX, Waynesboro, Pharmacy V. JOHN TILLMAN LOMAX, JR., Waynesboro, Pharmacy V. PAUL C. C. LOU, Clarksdale, Pharmacy V. VERBIE ANN LOVORN, Thomastown, Graduate II. SUSAN LUM RUNNELS, Jackson, Graduate I. Fourth Row: THOMAS W. McDANIEL, Memphis Tenn., Law I. NANCY HOL- LAND McHANEY, Henderson Tenn., Pharmacy V. RICHARD WAYNE McKENZIE, Hattiesburg, Law II. EDWARD C. McKINNEY, JR., Pfafftown N.C., Business. MARGARET CAROL McLAURIN, Oxford, Graduate I. Fifth Row: MICHAEL LEE McMAHAN, Batesville, Graduate I. CELANE M. McWHORTER, Hattiesburg, Law III. THOMAS V. MAGERS, Ray- mond, Law III. SAMMY DURELL MAKAMSON, ITTA BENA, Graduate II. Sixth Row: MICHAEL JAMES MALOUF, Jackson, Lae II, Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT LEON MANGUM, ITTA BENA, Law III. BILLY JOE MARTIN, San Francisco Calif., Education. GEORGE GILMORE MARTIN, Vicksburg, Law III. JAMES GRANVILLE MARTIN, JR., San Francisco Calif., Education. Seventh Row: WILLIAM JOHN MARTIN, JR., SUNFLOWER, Pharmacy V. HARI PAMANDAS MASAND, Bombay India, Graduate I. THOMAS RUDOLPH MAYES, Decatur, Graduate III. HENRY NOLAN MET- TETAL, Batesville, Pharmacy V. MARCINE ELAINE MILES, Colum- bus AFB, Law I. Eighth Row: EDWARD OWEN MILLER, University, Law III. LARRY GENE MILLER, Heidelberg, Pharmacy V. EDWIN YOUNG MITCHELL, Grenada, Pharmacy V. TRIDIB KUMAR MITTRA, University, Graduate II. DONALD LEWIS MOAK, Raymond, Graduate II. Ninth Row: ABDUL QUDDUS MOHAMMAD, Assam India, Graduate II. CAROL SUE MOORE, Morton, Graduate II. MARY KATHERINE MOSS, Grenada, Pharmacy V. JAMES L. MOUNCE, University, Law III. KENNETH MORGAN MURPHREE, Tunica, Law I. 292 J11 1 IS Large crowd on hand for Murder Bowl Parade. Law School won decision over Pharmacy 24-6. First Row: ALLEN LEE MURPHY, Eupora, Pharmacy V. KARL MARTIN NELSON, JR., Pass Christian, Graduate I. LAURA NELSON, Vicksburg, Graduate I. KWOK YUENG NG, Hong Kong China, Graduate I. WILMA CHRISTINE NICHOLS, Potts Camp, Law I. Second Row: ROGER ATKINSON NORMAN, New Albany, Graduate I. JOHN ROBERT NUNNERY, JR., Meridian, Law I, Phi Delta Theta. CLIFTON E. OSBORN, Tishomingo, Graduate II. CHANDRAKANT A. OZA, Bhavnagar India, Graduate I. THOMAS JAMES PARKER, University Graduate I. Third Row: DHIRUBHAI K. PATEL, Nabsari India, Graduate I. MARY GRACE PECK, Oxford, Graduate I. JAMES ALTON PEDEN, JR., Jackson, Law II. MICHAEL RUDD PHILLIPS, Miss City, Pharmacy V, Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM F. PORTER, Hattiesburg, Law I. Fourth Row: RONALD EDWARD POWELL, West Memphis Ark., Pharmacy V, Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN RAY POWERS, Baton Rouge La., Law I. NAZAREY B. PRABHAKARA, Mohalla Mysore India, Graduate I. SHATRUGHNAJEE PRASAD, Bihar India, Graduate I. ANN STENNETT PRATHER, Booneville, Graduate I. Fifth Row: JUDSON DURDEN PRICE, JR., Oxford, Business. MILDRED ANNETTE QUIN, Tylertown, Graduate I. JAMES CURTIS RANDLE, Pontotoc, Graduate I. Delta Psi. MICHAEL DAVID ROBBINS, New Albany, Graduate I. LLOYD EUGENE ROBERTS, University, Graduate I, Sigma Nu. 293 - [ First Row: RAYMOND HOWARD ROGERS, Marion Ark., Graduate II. PHAN- INDRA NATH SARMA, Ganhati India, Graduate I. JOHN SCAN- NALIATO, Metairie La., Graduate I. JAMES EDWARD SCHOEN- FELDER, Cresson Pa., Graduate II. JAMES LARRY SENTER, Franklinton N.C., Law III. Second Row: NUTANKUMAR RATILAL SHAH, Ahmedabad India, Graduate I. DAVID EUGENE SHANDS, Tupelo, Law II. BO-LIN BETHEL SHAO, Taiwan China, Graduate I. RAGHUNANDAN KUMAR SHARMA, Harda India, Graduate IV. PHILIP AZAR SHERMAN, Clarksdale, Law II. Third Row: DAN SCHACKELFORD SKIPP, Benton, Law I. K. SHIVALINGAPA, Mysore India, Graduate I. JOHN HOWARD SHOWS, Ovett, Law I. SURESH N. SHRIDHARANI, Boston Mass., Graduate I. CON- STANCE IONA SLAUGHTER, Forest, Law II. Fourth Row: CECIL 0. SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arts. RUTHA LEE SMITH, Kosciusko, Graduate I. WILLIAM MERDOC SMITH, JR., Palm Bay Fla., Graduate I. KENNETH CHARLES STEINER, University, Graduate I. STEPHEN MARK STEPHENS, Bountiful Utah, Law III. Fifth Row: WALDO STERLING STUCKEY, Greenwood, Law I. PATRICIA ANNETTE SUMNERS, luka, Law I, Alpha Omicron Pi. SAMUEL YEE SUNG, Kowloon Hong Kong, Graduate I. WILLIAM H. SUTHERLAND, JR., Canton, Law III. THOMAS HENRY SUTTLE, JR., Jackson, Law I. Sixth Row: GEORGE ROVERT TAYLOR, Ocean Springs, Pharmacy V. RON- ALD LOUIS TAYLOR, Memphis Tenn., Law II. WALTER THEO- DORE TAYLOR, Yazoo City, Pharmacy V. PATRICIA M. TEMPLE, Drew, Graduate I. ANTHONY LAVON THAXTON, University, Law III. Seventh Row: WILLIE G. THIGPEN, JR., Picayune, Pharmacy V. ROBERT LEE THOMPSON, Pascagoula, Graduate I. WALTER W. THOMPSON, Bentonia, Law I. VINCIE DARRYL THORNTON, Oxford, Graduate II. DAVID DELANO TOOTLE, University, Graduate I. Eighth Row: JOE BYRON TOWNSEND, JR., Thibodaux La., Business. ALFRED THOMAS TUCKER, JR., Tunica, Law I. MARY SAVAN W. TYNES, Laurel, Graduate I. SHAILESH J. VAKIL, Ahmedabad India, Engineering. PRAGNA J. VAKIL, Ahmendabad India, Grad- uate I. Ninth Row: TRAVIS WAYNE VANCE, Vicksburg, Law I. DONNA McINTYRE VAN SLYKE, Hattiesburg, Graduate I. LEONARD D. VAN SLYKE, JR., Hattiesburg, Law I. V. V. VARADARAJAN, Rajajinagar Bangalor, Graduate II. STEPHEN R. VAUGHAN, University, Law II. 294 " Like unto a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. " PROFESS 1 _ L First Row: MICHAEL COOPER VINSON, Jackson,PharmacyV. PRAMATHESH S. VORA, Ahmedabad India, Engineering. WILLIAM GENE WAG- GONER, University, Graduate II. CHARLES H. WALKER, Jackson, Law II. ROBERT MAJOR WALKER, Vicksburg, Graduate II. Second Row: ROGER DAVID WALKER, Pascagoula, Graduate I. RICHARD EDWIN WALLER, Marks, Pharmacy V. CALVIN ERVIN WARD, Laurel, Graduate I. JAMES WILSON WEBB, JR., Oxford, Law I. CHARLES JEROME WEEKS, Jackson, Law III. Third Row: MARY ANN WEEKS, University, Liberal Arts. RUFUS WILLIAM WELFORD, Lucedale, Graduate I. JOHN EDWIN WHITE, JR., Pinola, Pharmacy V. LELAND ROY WHITE, Cooperton Okla., Graduate I. DALE MARTIN WICK, Fairview Mont., Graduate I. Fourth Row: SALLY ANN WILKINS, Jackson, Graduate I. JOSEPH EDMUND WINSTON, Pontotoc, Law III. LONNIE LOREN WINTERS, Caldwell Idaho, Graduate I. JOHN RICKEN WRIGHT, Batesville Ark., Graduate II. ROBERT FRANKLIN WRIGHT, Meridian, Law II. Fifth Row: EDDIE TINTAI YAU, Hong Kong, Graduate II. ALBERT DUKE YEE, Leland, Pharmacy V. ROBERT JAMES YOUNG, Meridian, Law I. en Why is this man smiling? Why is this man smiling? run First Row: GEORGE GILSTER ABBOT, Okolona, Business, Phi Delta Theta. GERALD MOSES ABDALLA, McComb, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JACKSON H. ABLES, III, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. ROBERT M. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES F. ADAMS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Second Row: KEITH SELWYN AGENT, Meridian, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. PATRICK LOUIS ALBANO, Crystal City Mo., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. TERREL LEE ALGOOD, Louisville, Pharmacy. JOHN S. ALLEN, Ill, Lambert, Liberal Arts. NORA ANNE ALLEN, Belmont, Education Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: SYLVIA ANN ALLEN, Magee, Liberal Arts, ZETA TAU ALPHA SYLVIA ANN ALLEN, Magee, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. JOHN SAMUEL ALLISON, Olive Branch, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. DEBORAH DAVIS AMMANN, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. STEVEN DENNIS AMMANN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. CHARLTON ROBBINS ANDERSON, Jackson, Business, Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: VIRGINIA LOUISE ANDERSON, University, Liberal Arts. WAYNE BRYANT ANDERSON, Liberty, Engineering. JULIE DAWN AN- DERTON, Cowan Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. ROBERT ROSS ANDREWS, NATCHEZ, Business. ETHEL ERWIN ARCHER, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. Fifth Row: MAVIS ANN ARD, Oxford, Education. NANCY ELLEN ARM- STRONG, Forest, Liberal Arts. JAMES RAPHAEL ARNETT, Ox- ford, Engineering, Delta Psi. SHIRLEY LEE AUTRY, Ashland, Business. RONALD ALLEN AVEN, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. 3EN 96 a JIl First Row: BRENDA K. WILLARD AZLIN, Etta, Education. JAMES KNOX BADDLEY, Watter Valley, Business. BILLY McARTHUR BAG- WELL, New Albany, Business. PHILLIP JASON BAILEY, Gains- ville Fla., Education, Kappa Sigma. ROBERT WALTER BAILEY, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: LINDA DOROTHY BAKER, Pascagoula, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. CAROLINE ELIZA BARBOUR, Yazoo City, Education, Delta Delta Delta. WOODROW WILSON BARHAM, JR., Laurel, Liberal Arts. BILLIE JOY BARHANOVICH, Biloxi, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. JAMES CLARENCE BARLOW, Jackson, Business. Third Row: DELORES BARNES, luka, Liberal Arts. HAZEL ANN BARNES, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. JOHN ALAN BARNES, Shreveport La., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. REGINALD EUGENE BARNES, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CAROL JEAN BARNETTE, Slate Springs, Education. Fourth Row: EVELYN FRANCES BARR, University, Liberal Arts. JAMES L. BAYLEN, Atlanta Ga., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAM JENNINGS BEACH, Pompano Beach Fla., Liberal Arts. DAVID WILLIAM BECKWITH, Greenville, Business. WILLIAM WEBSTER BELL, Courtland, Business. Fifth Row: BENNY WAYNE BENDER, Aberdeen, Business, Sigma Chi. JERRY DANIEL BERCH, Crystal Springs, Liberal Arts. ROBERT JOHN BERG, Laurel, Liberal Arts. EUGENE SEXTON BERRY, New Heb- ron, Business. EDWIN MOORE BEST, Drew, Engineering. Sixth Row: LAURA CHERYL BISHOP, Crystal Springs, Education, Kappa Delta. HENRY H. BLACK, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. F. MATTHEW BLAINE, St. Louis, Education. CLIFTON TAYLEURE BLANKLEY, Birmingham Ala., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JIM CRIGHTON BLOUGH, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Seventh Row: PENNY ANN BLUE, Clifton Tex., Liberal Arts. PHYLLIS FAITHE BOATNER, Jackson, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. KIMBLE LEE BOLEN, Boonville, Business. ANN DAVID BOMBOY, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. FRANK C. BOONE, JR., Meridian, Pharmacy. Eighth Row: LARRY THOMAS BOOZER, Amory, Pharmacy. MARY DIANE BORTHWICK, Jackson, Education, Chi Omega. JOHN EDWARD BOTTO, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. JOHN THOMAS BOTTOM, III, Vicksburg, Business, Sigma Chi. WANDA SUE BOUCHILLON, Hernando, Education. Ninth Row: KATHERINE ANN BOURLAND, Amory, Business. JAMES B. BOWEN, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. JOHN HERBERT BOYDSTUN, Louisville, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM STEVEN BOZEMAN, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. GAYLE DANA BRACKETT, Atlanta Ga., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. 297 First Row: MARY EMILY BRADDOCK, West Point, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. ANNE PATTON BRADLEY, Houston Tex., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. PATRICIA ANNE BRADLEY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. PEGGY LORENE BRADLEY, Sulligent Ala., Liberal Arts. PAUL MICHAEL BRADY, St. Petersburg Fla., Business, Delta Tau Delta. Second Row: BETTY JEAN BRAME, Jackson, Education. LYLE POSTON BRANCH, Alamo Tenn., Pharmacy. JERRY WAYNE BRAWNER, Corinth, Education. MICHAEL JAMES BRENT, Poplar Bluff Mo., Business, Beta Theta Pi. ISABELLA N. BRITTON, Birmingham Ala., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: CORLIS PAGE BROADWAY, Meridian, Business. CHARLES L. BROOKS, Jackson, Business. JANICE BULLARD BROOKS, Ox- ford, Education. JUDITH A. BROWN, Brandon, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. WILLIAM VAN BROWN, Houston Tex., Business. Fourth Row: WILLIAM WARREN BROWN, Meridian, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon, MARY CAROLYN BRUNO, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. ALTA SUZANNE BRYAN, Allen Prk. Mich., Educa- tion. D. MARIE BRYANT, Okolona, Education. JENNIFER KAY BRYON, Clinton, Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: NAN ELIZABETH BUCK, W. Memphis Ark., Education, Delta Gamma. RICHARD B. BUFFINGTON, Va. Beach Va., Business, Sigma Nu. GEORGE ALLAN BURDOCK, University, Liberal Arts. RITA FRANCES BURFORD, Coldwater, Education. HARRIET MOORE BUTLER, Corinth, Education. Sixth Row: JOSH WILLIAM CAFFEY, III, Oxford, Liberal Arts. MARY ANNE CALDWELL, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. PAMELA BREVARD CALDWELL, Marks, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. DAVID WAYNE CALLICUTT, Myrtle, Education. THOMAS L. CALLICUTT, JR., Tutwiler, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: ELIZABETH R. CAMERON, Collins, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. JOSEPH ED CANIZARO, JR., Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. GLENN DALE CANNON, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. PATRICIA ANN CANTY, Louisville, Education, Delta Gamma. LOUIS RAMON CAPACI, Metairie La., Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Theta. EIGHTH ROW: EDGAR LEE CAPLES, Jackson, Engineering. RONALD ESTES CARDWELL, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. MARY JACQUELYN CARLISLE, Ackerman, Education. DAVID ROBERT CARLSON, South Dennis Mass., Liberal Arts. EDWIN B. CAR- PENTER, JR., Cleveland, Business, Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: IRA W. CARPENTER, JR., Biloxi, Business. SHERIAN RENEE CARPENTER, Holly Springs, Education. NANCY JEANNE CAR- RUTH, Dallas Tex., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. GARY GRAY CARTER, Laurel, Business. WILLIAM A. CARTER, Shannon, Liberal Arts. 298 First Row: JOHN MICHAEL CASSADY, Miss City, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. ANNETTE SEAY CAVANAUGH, Oxford, Education. WIL- LIAM MICHAEL CHAFFIN, Caruthersville Mo., Business, Kappa Alpha. CAROLYN WEBBER CHANDLER, Crystal Springs, Educa- tion, Kappa Delta. WALLACE S. CHANDLER, JR., Charlotte N.C., Education. Second Row: PHYLLIS ANN CHASE, Canal Zone, Business. CHARLENE FRAN- CES CHILES, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. FRANCIS RAYMOND CHINICHE, Bay St. Louis, Pharmacy. Elsie C. CHISHOLM, Lam- bert, Education. HELLON GAIL CHRISTOPHER, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Ph Beta Phi. Third Row: GAIL WALLACE CLANTON, Coldwater, Education. SANDRA JO CLARK, Drew, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. WANDA DAWN CLARK, Oxford, Liberal Arts. RONALD WAYNE CLEMMER, Ripley, Pharmacy. KAREN ELIZABETH CLIETT, Hazelhurst, Education. Fourth Row: KAREN RUTH CLOUTMAN, Nederland Tex., Business, Zeta Tau Alpha. EVELYN LOUISE COATES, Helena Ark., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. MARTHA McMILLAN COBB, Birmingham Ala., Education, Delta Delta Delta. SUSAN BEATTIE COCKRELL, Macon, Liberal Arts. MICHAEL WALLACE COLEMAN, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: RUSSELL EUGENE COLLINS, Newport News Va., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. WILLIAM PATRICK CONDON, Greenville, Pharmacy. MARTHA SUE COOK, Oxford, Education. KENNETH EARL COOK- SEY, JR., Monticello Fla., Business. JOHNNIE P. COOMBS, JR., Blue Mountain, Business. Sixth Row: PHILIP DAVID COOPER, New Albany, Education. LARRY DOUG- LAS COPELIN, Greenwood, Engineering, Phi Kappa Tau. ALBERT PEYTON COTTRELL, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. CHARLES RAY COUNCE, luka, Business. GARY RAY COWAND, W. Chesapeake Va., Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Seventh Row: Eighth Row: CLAY McAMIS CROCKETT, Corinth, Liberal Arts. CHARLES WARREN CROUCH, University, Liberal Arts. LINDA JO CRUM, Corinth, Education. NELSON REDIC CRUTHIRDS, Jackson, Busi- ness, Kappa Sigma. JAMES WILLIAM CUMMINGS, JR., Gulf- port, Business. Ninth Row: BURNICE WESLEY CURRY, Ill. Hattiesburg, Business. JAMES DUTCH DABBS, Quitman, Business. RAYMOND LAVERNE DANCY, Crowder, Liberal Arts. SANDRA LYNN DANIEL, Jackson, Business. JAMES C. DANNREUTHER, Anguilla, Pharmacy. 299 F l J _ First Row: THOMAS H. DARNELL, Jackson, Business. WILLIAM D. DAVEN- PORT, JR., Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. ELIZABETH ANN DAVIS, Kinston N.C., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. KAREN DAVIS, Austin Tex., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. SALLIE RINEHART DAVIS, Corinth, Education, Delta Gamma. Second Row: SANDRA BROWN DAVIS, Spring Hill Tenn., Education. WILLIAM R. DEBERRY, Bolivar Tenn., Business. ROBERT EMILE DECOUX, JR., McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. LINDA SUE DENNER, Greenville, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. BETTY HAROLYN DEES, Rienzi, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: DOROTHY LINDA DELOTEUS, Bowling Green Ky., Liberal Arts. EARL LAMAR DENHAM, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Ep- silon. JAMES HAMILTON DENLEY, Coffeeville, Liberal Arts. CHARLES LEWIS DENNIS, Holly Springs, Business. KENT WIL- LIAM DENSING, Bar Harbor Me., Engineering. Fourth Row: BRUCE HUBERT DIXON, Carthage, Pharmacy, PiKappa Alpha. CARMAN RAY DIXON, JR., Terry, Business. WILLIAM SAN- FORD DODD, Eupora, Education. JACK ROBINSON DODSON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. JERRY ALAN DOOLITTLE, Brookhaven, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: LINDA NABORS DOWDY, Myrtle, Education. GARY DALE DREN- NAN, Hattiesburg, Pharmacy. MARSHULL GLENN DUCKWORTH, New Albany, Education. ERIC THOMPSON DUNCAN, West Memphis Ark., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EDGAR M. DUNN, JR., New Orleans LA][ Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sixth Row: ROBERT DAVID DYE, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. SANDRA KAY ED- RINGTON, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. DONNA ALLAN ED- WARDS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Nu. HAROLD M. EDWARDS, JR., Charleston S.C., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES R. EDWARDS, JR., Byhalia, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Seventh Row: WANDA JEAN EDWARDS, Oxford, Education, Kappa Delta. N. DEVON ELLINGTON, Burlington N.C., Business. WALTER MAC ELLIOTT, Laurel, Business. MICHAEL EDWARD ELLIS, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. JOE McADAMS ENOCH, Humbolt Tenn., Business, Sigma Nu. Eighth Row: MARY ALICE EUBANKS, Ruleville, Education. LINDA EVANS WHITE, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. THOMAS IRVIN EVANS, Hamilton Ala., Pharmacy. HELEN ELIZABETH FANT, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CHARLES BRADSHAW FARBER, Jack- son, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: LESLIE KATHLEEN FARR, COLUMBUS OHIO, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. LINDA FARRISH, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. JOHN FOSTER FIELDS, Tiptonville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. LEO JOSEPH FIELDS, University, Pharmacy. FRED RUSHER FLINN, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Nu. 300 - • First Row: JAMES L. FLIPPIN, University, Education. MARSHA LEIGH FLYNN, Winona, Liberal Arts. JAMES DAVID FORD, Kennett Mo., Education, Beta Theta Pi. SUSAN JANETTE FORD, West Point, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. WILLIAM CHARLES FORREST, University, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: JUDITH PERMENTER FORTIER, Ripley, Education. JAMES THOMAS FOSTER, Tula, Education. BETTYE R. FOUNTAIN, McComb, Liberal Arts. CLAUDE LEROY FOX, Laurel, Business. TERRY JOE FOX, Buckatunna, Liberal Arts. Third Row: JEANETTE LAUGHTON FRA NCE, Robinsonville, Education. ROB- ERT LYLE FRANCE, Dunwoody Ga., Liberal Arts. DANIEL JAMES FREEMAN, Union, Liberal Arts. ROBERT ALAN FREEMAN, Wes- son, Pharmacy. DALE PERKINS FREILER, Amite La., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: BARBARA GAIL FROST, Rienzi, Liberal Arts. NANCY HELEN FRYE, Magnolia, Business, Phi Mu. HELEN ROBINSON FUL- CHER, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JOHN RUSSELL GALLASPY, Ill, Aberdeen, Business. A. JEROME GALLO, Miami Fla., Business. Fifth Row: JOHN CLARENCE GARNER, Newhebron, Education, Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM P. GARTH, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM C. GARTIN, JR., Laurel, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RICHARD BARRY GASTON, Fairhope Ala., Liberal Arts. LEONARD B. GATEWOOD, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. Sixth Row: JOE THOMAS GAY, Falkner, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. ELLEN L. GETCHELL, University, Liberal Arts. RONALD B. GIAD- ROSICH, Pass Christian, Business. JOHN REED GIBSON, Dyers- burg Tenn., Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID VAN GILLEN- TINE, Tupelo, Education, Phi Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: ALMA CLAIRE GILLIS, Mendenhall, Education. BECKEY JANE GOBER, Lyon, Education. GAYLE LOVETTE GOLDEN, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. RICHARD DOUGLAS GOODWIN, New Albany, Education. SUSAN GAYLE GORDON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: GAY GOTTSHALL, Hobbs New Mexico, Education, Kappa Delta. GAY GRAFTON GRAEBER, Marks, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. LAWRENCE CARY GRAEBER, Yazoo City, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LILLIAN SMITH GRAHAM, Bolton, Education, Delta Delta Delta. RICHARD NEWELL GRAHAM, Union City Tenn., Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: RUTH ELIZABETH GRAMLING, Merigold, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. JIMMY WAYNE GRANT, Yazoo City, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. CHARLES R. GRANTHAM, Grenada, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN L. GRANTHAM, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT W. GRAVES, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. 301 JV First Row: CHARLES LEE GRAY, JR., Biggers Ark., Engineering. KATHRYN L. GRAY, New Albany, Liberal Arts. MICHAEL DUKE GREENICH, Lindenhurst N.Y., Education. SUSAN JARRELL GREENWELL, Jackson, Education. EDGAR ALLEN GREGORY, Myrtle, Education. Second Row: ELLEN JANE GREGORY, New Albany, Education, Delta Gamma. LINDA RUTH GREGORY, Amory, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. KENNETH FLOYD GRIFFIE, Fulton, Education. EDWARD JOSEPH GRIFFIN, Chicago III., Business. JOSEPH PAT GRIFFIN, Bay St. Louis, Business, Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: EDDIE JACKSON GRISHAM, New Albany, Education. LINDA KAYE THOMAS GRISHAM, New Albany, Educ ation. CARL H. GRISSOM, Russellville Ala., Liberal Arts. PATRICIA LOUISE GUEST, Pass Christian, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. FREIDA SHARON GUNN, Ellisville, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: LAWRENCE CARY GUNN, JR., Petal, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. BENNY JOEL GUNTER, Nebo N.C., Education, Phi Kappa Theta. HELEN SUE GURLEY, Potts Camp, Liberal Arts. JOHN RICHARD GUYTON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. MICHAEL HARDIN GUYTON, Blue Mountain, Business, Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: RUTH DIANE GWYN, Corinth, Liberal Arts. JANET LYNN HALEY, Crowder, Liberal Arts. LINDA SUE HAIMES, Hillsboro, Education. ALLEN IRBY HALE, New Albany, Engineering. BRENDA CAROLYN HALL, New Albany, Business. Sixth Row: HENDERSON S. HALL, JR., Grenada, Business, Kappa Alpha. HOLLY AUGUSTA HALL, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. ERNESTINE DANIEL HAMBLIN, Bruce, Education. 0. LYNN HAMBLIN, Bruce, Education. LINDA LEE HAMILTON, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Seventh Row: MARTHA CLYDE HANEY, Oxford, Education, Chi Omega. ELIZA- BETH ROGERS HANRY, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. BRUCE JAMES HANSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts. GEORGE BRAD- LEY HANTLA, Litchfield III., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SALLY DIANE HARDAWAY, Oxford, Business, Phi Mu. Eighth Row: BARBARA NELL HARDY, New Albany, Education. EMILY ANN HARNESS, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM J. HARRELL, Alham- bra Calif., Business, Sigma Nu. JERRY LEE HARRIS, Oxford, Education. STEPHEN ALAN HARRIS, Providence R.I., Education. Ninth Row: DONALD M. HARRISON, JR., Gainesville Fla., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. HUGH MILLER HARTZOG, Meridian, Business, Phi Delta Theta. FRED REID HARWELL, Ellisville, Pharmacy. E. DIANE HASSIN, Yazoo City, Education. JUDY CORNELIA HAST- ING, Clarksdale, Business, Chi Omega. 302 SF First Row: RONNIE LAWSON HATHORN, Louisville, Liberal Arts. JANE DALE HAWKINS, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. PATTI JANE HAWKINS, Millington Tenn, Education. RONALD STEPHEN HAYLES, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. HERBERT ERNEST HAYNES, New Albany, Business. Second Row: PERCY L. HAZLEWOOD, JR., Liberty, Engineering. LANA CHERYL NEWELL, Pontotoc, Education. BRENDA HELMS, Eupora, Liberal Arts. JAMES DEWEY HENDERSON, Memphis Tenn., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN PITTMAN HENSON, Ina Bena, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: MARY DELLE HERLONG, Jackson, Education, Chi Omega. JAMES RAY HERRING, Columbia, Business. ROBERT A HERRING, III, University, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. PAUL VERNON HESTER, West Point, Business, Kappa Sigma. WILLIAM E. HESTER, Jackson, Business, Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: JAMES HOWARD HIGGASON, Booneville, Engineering. CAROLE ANN HIGGINS, West Point, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. BARBARA ANN HILBURN, Corinth, Education. GLINDA JEAN HILL, Kosci- usko, Education. MAXINE HILL, Etta, Education. Fifth Row: NANCY CLARA HILL, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JUDY BRYAN HOBBY, Raleigh N.C., Education, Chi Omega. BARBARA SMITH HODGES, Oxford, Business. PAMELA HAYNES HODGSON, Yazoo City, Education, Kappa Delta. RALPH WIL- LIAMS HOFFMAN, Melrose Park III., Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: ROBERT DAVID HOGUE, University, Pharmacy. JIMMY CHARLES HOLDEN, Jackson, Liberal Arts. CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HOLLEY, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. CHARLES DINKLE HOLLISTER, Home- stead Fla., Liberal Arts. CLARA LOUISE HOLLOWAY, Randolph, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: JOHN B. HOLMES, JR., Clarksdale, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. LINDA ANN HOLMES, Terry, Liberal Arts. MARTHA PROWELL HOLMES, University, Education. BEN MCCALLIE HOOKE, Utica, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMAS TERRY HOPPER, Bates- ville, Education. Eighth Row: CARROLL WALKER HUDSON, University, Liberal Arts. JUDY CAROLYN HUDSON, Rienzi, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. MAR- THA DORAN HUGGINS, Corinth, Liberal Arts. CARSON MC- CLAIN HUGHES, Charleston, Business, Sigma Nu. MARY KATH- ERINE HULEN, Paducah Ky., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Ninth Row: ELIZABETH RODGERS HURT, Roanoke Va., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. DANNY GENE HUTCHISON, Sallis, Pharmacy. CHARLOTTE ANN ILES, Jackson, Business. THOMAS SANDIFER INGELS, Jackson, Business, Sigma Nu. ANGELA DIANNE IN- MAN, Bruce, Education. I I 303 Why are you smiling? Why is this man smiling? First Row: IRA DENNIS ISONHOOD, Jackson, Business. JAMES DOUGLAS JACKSON, Walnut, Education. CASSANDRA JAMES, Harrods- burg Ky., Liberal Arts. NEWTON WARD JAMES, McComb, Lib- eral Arts, Kappa Alpha. DOROTHY DELLE JAMESON, German- town Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: JULIAN TILLEY JANES, III, McComb, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. ROBERT G. JEFCOATS, Righton, Pharmacy. BYRON THOMAS JEFFCOAT, Richton, Liberal Arts. EUGENE R. JENNINGS, Pensa- cola Ha., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHARLES F. JOHNSON, III, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: JOHN D. JOHNSON, Natchez, Liberal Arts. LYNNE RICE JOHN- SON, Madisonville Ky., Business, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM BRYAN JOHNSTON, Hernando, Engineering. ANN STEVENS JONES, University, Education. BOBBYE MARIE JONES, Weiner Ark., Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: JAMES DONALD JONES, Oxford, Education. JANE NASH JONES, Kosciusko, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. LINDA K. GALLOWAY JONES, Oxford, Education. MAURY LYNN JONES, Batesville, Education, Delta Gamma. SARA LOU JONES, Neosho, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. Fifth Row: BARBARA LOUISE JORDAN, Hazlehurst, Education, Pi Beta Phi. SANDRA ANN JORDAN, Union, Liberal Arts. TONY THADEUS JORDAN, Memphis Tenn., Education. JUDITH FAY JOYNER, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. BONNIE HELEN KEAR- NEY, Money, Education, Delta Delta Delta. 304 First Row: ROBERT ELWOOD KELLER, Bolivar Tenn., Business, Sigma Nu. CHARLOTTE V. KELLEY, Madisonville Ky., Liberal Arts. HERMAN 0. Kemp, Oxford, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. BASIL THOMPSON KENNEDY, Waveland, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. KAREN D. KENNEDY, University, Liberal Arts. Second Row: MARTIN EDWARD KENNEDY, University, Engineering. TIMOTHY JAMES KENNEY, Lakeland Fla., Liberal Arts. VIRGINIA ERNST KINBROUGH, Grenada, Liberal Arts. AGNES TAYLOR KING, Drew, Business, Delta Delta Delta. ANN ROE KING, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. Third Row: WILLIAM TRAVIS KING, Oxford, Pharmacy. SHERRY KINGERY, Hattiesburg, Education, Delta Delta Delta. RALPH EARL KIRK- LAND, Ellisville, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. MARY KAY KIRK- PATRICK, Tyler Tex., Business, Delta Delta Delta. MARGARET ANN KOCSIS, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: BRIAN FLOYD KOOIMAN, Clearwater Fla., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. PRESTON JAMES KOPF, JR., Seantobia, Pharmacy. THOM- AS EARL KRUSE, Melrose Park III., Liberal Arts, Delta Tau Delta. VETA FRANCES KUCEWICZ, Yonkers, N.Y., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. LAURA VICTORIA KUDLACZ, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: CARL EDWIN KUESTER, Park Forest III., Education, Sigma Pi. NOBLE WEIR KYLE, II, Durant, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. THOMAS EDWARD LACEFIELD, Senatobia, Engineering. PATSY JOY LACKEY, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. SUSAN ELIZABETH LADNER, Lumberton, Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: TERRY ANNE LAHER, New Albany, Liberal Arts. JESSE SMYLIE LAIRD, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. JAMES PATRICK LAMPHRON, El Paso Tex., Liberal Arts. SHEILA DALE LANDRETH, Meridan, Liberal Arts. DAVID LAWRENCE LANDSKOV, Hattiesburg, Lib- eral Arts. Seventh Row: JAMES E. LANGMESSER, Chicago III, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. ERIC DAVIS LANGSTON, JR., Bruce, Business. FRANCIS JOHN LARKIN, Saltillo, Liberal Arts. LINDA KAY LATHAM, Hol- landale, Education, Phi Mu. ELLIS H. LATIMER, III, Okolona, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: PETER BIRCHMORE LAUER, Geneva III., Education, Phi Kappa Tau. WILLIAM L. LAVALLEE, Columbia Ala., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. DONNIE GAYLE LAY, Jackson, Liberal Arts. GER- ALD RAY LEA, Osyka, Pharmacy. DINAH LUISE LEAVITT, Pas- cagoula, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. Ninth Row: PHYLLIS ALINE LEGG, Jackson, Education. BARBARA ELAINE LEGGETT, Oxford, Engineering. WILLIAM B. LEMONS, Winter- haven Fla., Business, Kappa Sigma. JOHN FRANK LEWIS, Ellisville, Pharmacy. MARGARET JANE LEWIS, Liberty, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. 305 First Row: MARIE LEWIS, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. MAR- THA LYNN LEWIS, Houma La., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ROBERT BARRY LEWIS, Bay St Louis, Liberal Arts. ROBERT E. LEWIS, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts. MELANIE ALLEN LIGON, Grenada, Education. Second Row: JACK WILSON LILLEY, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, K appa Sigma. JOHN PERRY LILLY, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. GEORGE ALDEN LIMBOCKER, Marks, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. HENRY DOUGLASS LINDSAY, Newport News Va., Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. PEGGY SCOTT LITTON, Greenwood, Education, Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: MYRTLE FRANCES LIVINGSTON, Pope, Business. CHARLES D. LLANO, Takoma Park Md., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. LOWELL RICHARD LOCKE, Kensington Md., Liberal Arts. CAROLYN RE- BECCA LOFTIN, Red Banks, Liberal Arts. GUY M. LONG, Tupelo, Business. Fourth Row: WILLIAM ROBERT LONG, Cedar Rapids Ia., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. JAMES RUSSELL LOVELACE, Houston, Liberal Arts. COR- NELIUS F. LOVELADY, University, Education. SARA HELEN LOWE, Hazlehurst, Pharmacy. ROBERT SANDERS LOWERY, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: JAMES HOWARD LOWRY, Folsom La., Liberal Arts. ANTHONY R. LOWSTUTER, JR., Arlington Va., Business. NANCY CARLAN LUBLANEZKI, Kings Mt. N.C., Pharmacy. THOMAS MITCHELL LUKE, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM JOSEPH LUMACURI, Mantachie, Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sixth Row: HOLLIS EUGENE LUNSFORD, Maxwell Afb Ala., Engineering, Phi Kappa Tau. WAYNE GREENE LYNCH, Coward S.C., Busi- ness, Kappa Sigma. EDWARD JOSEPH LYON, Olive Branch, Business, Sigma Nu. BETTY BROWN MCALEXANDER, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. RICHARD DAVID MC- ALISTER, Tupelo, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: DANNY JOE MCALPIN, Booneville, Liberal Arts. THOMAS LEON MCANALLY, Corinth, Business. SARA JOHN MCBROOM, Sardis, Liberal Arts. BELVA LEE MCCORMICK, Moberly Mo., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. DOROTHY SUSAN MCCOY, Hughes Ark., Education. Eighth Row: EDWARD TERENCE MCCULLAR, Batesville, Liberal Arts. LUCY ELLEN MCDONALD, Bryan Tex., Liberal Arts. ANDREW B. MCDOWELL, Lake Forest III., Education. MARGARET C. MC- DUFFIE, Nettleton, Education, Delta Gamma. DELORA DIANE MCGEE, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: HASSELL LYNN MCGEE, Atlanta Ga., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. ELIZABETH JANE MCGLOTHLIN, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. RILEY B. MCILWAIN, JR., Pascagoula, Business, Kappa Sigma. FLOYD H. Columbus, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. VIRGINIA RUTH MCINTYRE, Hazlehurst, Education, Delta Delta Delta. 306 First Row: LARRY GENE MCKAY, Baldwyn, Education. OTTO MCKAY, JR., Brandon, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. LARRY G. MCKIBBEN, Senatobia, Business. EDWIN MURRY MCLARTY, Memphis Tenn., Business. MARY ELIZABETH MCLELLAN, Charleston, Education, Phi Mu. Second Row: MINNIE KATHERINE MCMULLAN, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOSEPH LERAY MCNAMARA, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. MARTHA LOUISE MCNEELY, luka, Engineering. WILLIAM HOWARD MCNEELY, Oxford, Busi- ness. JOHN GORDON MCWILLIAMS, Covina Calif., Business. Third Row: RAYMOND E. MABUS, JR., Ackerman, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. VIRGINIA LEE MAIER, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts. THOMAS HENRY MALOUF, Jackson, Business. CHARLES GEOFFREY MANGIN, Jackson, Liberal Arts. A. KATHERINE MANN, Bel- mont, Education, Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: LINDLEY STUART MANN, Delray Bch. Fla., Business. EDWARD WILLIAM MANNING, MT. OLIVE, Pharmacy. KAREN ELIZABETH MANSON, Jacksonville Fla., Education. FRANK P. MARASCAL- CO, Grenada, Pharmacy. JOSEPH RONNIE MARASCALCO, Green- wood, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. Fifth Row: LARRY JOE MARDIS, Ripley, Education. M. LYNN MARSHALL, Sumner, Education, Kappa Delta. WALTER WILDS MARSTON, Iron Mtn. Mich., Liberal Arts. JAMES GILBERT MARTIN, Gren- ada, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. PEGGY ANN MARTIN, Paso Robles Calif., Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: CREED LAVERNE MASSEY, Water Valley, Business. GWEN MASSEY, Pelahatchie, Education, Kappa Delta. GLENDA KAY MATKINS, New Albany, Education. LOIS CAROLYN MATSON, Columbus, Liberal Arts. LORETTA JAN MATULICH, Columbia, Education. Seventh Row: OLIN B. MAULDIN, JR., McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JOHN EDWARD MAY, Ill, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. THOMAS MI- CHAEL MAY, Hampton Va., Business. GEORGE FLEMING MAY- NARD, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. PAULA MEEK, Monroe La., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Eighth Row: MARTHA MELTON, Greenwood, Education, Delta Delta Delta. NANCY K. METTS, Oxford, Education. JOHN R. MEYER, Jack- son, Business, Beta Theta Pi. MARY ANN MILES, Lumberton, Education, Phi Mu. BONNIE AQUALYNN MILLEN, Drew, Edu- cation, Pi Beta Phi. Ninth Row: CHARLES EDWARD MILLER, Clearwater Ha., Business. SAMUEL BAKER MILLER, Jacksonville Fla., Engineering. THOMAS GLAS- NER MILLER, JR., W. Helena Ark., Business, Phi Delta Theta. SARAH ANN MILLIKEN, Pine Bluff Ark., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. MARY ANNIS MITCHELL, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. 307 First Row: ANNA EUGENIA MIZE, Fulton, Pharmacy, Alpha Delta Pi. FRANK REILY MOLPUS, Chesterfield S.C., Business, Kappa Alpha. HUGH MCGHEE MONTEITH, Tunica, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. BETTY BARNES MOORE, Hattiesburg, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. EVELYN CAROL MOORE, Clarksdale, Education. Second Row: JAMES WEST MOORE, Crowder, Business. JOHNNY MOORE, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. PAUL M. MOORE, JR., Calhoun City, Busi- ness, Beta Theta Pi. JOHN GAYDEN MORGAN, McComb, Busi- ness. MARTHA LYNN MORGAN, Miami Springs Fla., Education, Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: HARVEY LEE MORRISON, JR., Okolona, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ELIZABETH ANN MORRISSON, Etta, Education. JIMMY LEE MORRISSON, Etta, Education. MARSHA LYNN MOUNTZ, Winter Park Fla., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. HENRY HAM- ILTON MUNN, JR., Decatur, Engineering. Fourth Row: ELIZABETH ANN MURPHY, Coldwater, Education, Delta Delta Delta. DANNY HAROLD MURRY, New Albany, Liberal Arts. DAVID PAUL MYERS, York Pa., Education, Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAM MILTON MYERS, Raleigh, Engineering, Delta Psi. MICHAEL RAY MYRICK, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: JAMES LUTHER NABORS, Guntown, Business. NITA CARLENE NASH, Corinth, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. DANNY WAYNE NEAL, Aberdeen, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ELIZABETH P. GOODYEAR NEILL, Jackson, Education. KATHRYNE LEIGH NEILL, Greenwoo d, Education, Phi Mu. Sixth Row: MARTHA BRYANT NEILSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. ROBERT WADE NELMS, Vaiden, Liberal Arts. JAMES S. NETH- ERTON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. DONNA KAY NEW- SOM, Greenville, Pharmacy. HUGH PATRICK NEWTON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: WILLIAM BRUCE NICHOLSON, Newton, Business. JOHN PAUL NIX, University, Engineering. JUDITH K. NOBLE, Baton Rouge La., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. PAUL LADERL NOLAN, Myr- tle, Education. DAVID RANDOLPH NORMAN, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: SAMUEL GRIFFIN NORQUIST, University, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALTER V. NORTHCROSS, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. KATHIE LOUISE OAKES, Jackson, Education. JERRY W. ODANIEL, Arkabutla, Liberal Arts. EDWARD ODDO, JR., N. Miami Bch Fla., Liberal Arts . Ninth Row: LINDA LEE OGLE, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. ERNEST G. OLIVER, JR., Oxford, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. GREGORY DUNCAN OLIVER, Lake Worth Fla., Business. MARGARET LYNN OLSON, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. OPHA L. JAMES OS- WALT, Oxford, Education. 308 First Row: JIl MICHAEL HAROLD OVERSTREET, Oxford, Business. VASHTI W. OWENS, Oxford, Liberal Arts. KENNETH SAMUEL PACE, University, Business. LINDA ROSE GRAY PANNELL, New Al- bany, Business. WILLIE RAYMOND PARISH, JR., Forest, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: BEVERLY JANE PARKER, W. Helena Ark., Education. CHAR- LOTTE ANN PARKER, Miami Fla., Liberal Arts. JANIS ELLEN PARKER, Mt. Vernon III., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. PA- TRICIA ANN PATRICK, Tupelo, Business. BILLIE JANE PATTER- SON, Memphis Tenn., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: CAROL ANN PATTERSON, Jackson Tenn., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. GARY WAYNE PATTERSON, Rosedale, Business. JOEL G. PAYNE, JR., Brandon, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. EDWARD P. PEACOCK, Ill, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. MARTHA ELLEN PEACOCK, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: DAVID GILL PEARCE, Madisonville Ky., Business, Sigma Chi. ROBERT H. PEDERSEN, Lucedale, Liberal Arts. JOE FRANK PEELER, JR., Amory, Business. CHARLES ROBERT PENNE- BAKER, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. ALAN WALTER PERRY, Philadelphia, Business, Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: MICHAEL SINK PERSON, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. CHRISTOPHER E. PERSSON, White Plains NY., Business. GALE VEAZEY PHILLIPS, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. MARTHA CAROLYN PHILLIPS, Park Forest III., Education, Delta Gamma. ROBERT GILBERT PIGFORD, Meridian, Business, Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: ELIZABETH ANN PITTMAN, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. DORIS FRANKS PITTS, Mantachie, Education. MARIANNE MC- ELORY PLATT, Tupelo, Education, WILLIAM JOSEPH POORE, Tunica, Education. DONALD COCHRAN POTTS, Jackson, Busi- ness, Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: LAWRENCE EARL PRATT, Ruleville, B LAWRENCE EARL PRATT, Ruleville, Business, Kappa Sigma. JOHNNY ANDREW PRICE, Coffeeville, Business. THOMAS GLENN PRICE, Gulfport, Pharmacy. MELLICENT L. PRICHARD, Inverness, Education, Delta Delta Delta. JAMES ALECK PRIMOS, JR., Jackson, Business, Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: JERRILL ROWENA PULLEN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. CHARLES P. QUARTERMAN, Jackson, Business, Delta Psi. JOSEPH MARVIN QUIN, VICKSBURG[ Business, Sigma Chi. DON- ALD LEE QUINN, Oxford, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM HERBERT QUINN, Water Valley, Business. Ninth Row: PAULINE QUON; Hernando, Liberal Arts. WAYNE BROWN RAM- MELL, Hampton Va., Engineering. HELEN JANNETTE RAY, Eupora, Education. JOHN H. REDDOCH, III, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. TIMOTHY HART REECHT, Crystal City Mo., Edu- cation, Beta Theta Pi. 309 Use both hands, Bing. Oxford policeman restrains crowd at a " Support your local fuzz " riot. I First Row: FREDERIC WARREN REES, Charlotte N.C., Business, Kappa Sigma. PATRICIA ROBERTSON RHOADES, Corinth, Education. WILLIAM JOSEPH RHODES, Tupelo, Business, Kappa Sigma. JOHN ALBERT RICE, Columbus, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES ARNOLD RICHARDSON, Jackson, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: SHEILA ANN RILEY, Water Valley, Business. SUZANNE PA- TRICIA RILEY, Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Omicron Pi. PAMELA JEAN RIVES, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. GEORGE JAMES ROARK, Ill, Warrington Fla., Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. ROBERT LEE ROBERTS, JR., Vicksburg, Business, Kappa Sigma. Third Row: STOKES VERNON ROBERTSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. MANUEL H. RODRIQUEZ, San Jose Costa Rica., Busi- ness, Alpha Tau Omega. FREDERICK R. ROGERS, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. VIRGIE MARTHA ROGERS, Uni- versity, Education. CHARLES WENDELL ROOKS, Halls Tenn., Engineering. Fourth Row: WILLARD P. ROSE, JR., Shelby, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. JOE SEXTON ROSS, Silver Creek, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. BETTY LYNN ROWZEE, Jackson, Education, Delta Gam- ma. MARY LEE RUSH, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. JAMES CLAY RUTLEDGE, Sarasota Fla., Business, Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: H. RICHARD SACCOMAN, Glen Rock N.J., Business. BRIAN WILLIAM SAFIAN, Van Nuys Calif., Pharmacy, Sigma Pi. RON CASH SALERNO, Troy N.Y., Liberal Arts. SUE ELLEN SARTIN, Tylertown, Education. ANN MOAK SASSER, Brookhaven, Edu- cation. 310 if First Row: JEAN SMITH SCAFIDE, University, Education. JIMMIE NELL SCARBROUGH, Calhoun City, Education. SHERRY DEANE SCAR- BROUGH, Meadville, Education, Chi Omega. MICHAEL F. SCHLOS- SER, Vicksburg, Business, Kappa Alpha. JOSEPH J. SCHMEL- ZER, III, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: BONNIE J. SCHOENKNECHT, Joliet III., Education, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. KATHLEEN DIXON SCOTT, Cincinnati Ohio, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. RICHARD FURLOW SCRUGGS, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JANIS LYNN SEEFELD, Laur- el, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. FRANK SEID, JR., Greenville, Phar- macy. Third Row: JOHN S. SHACKELFORD, Nesbitt, Liberal Arts. VIRGINIA F. SHACKELFORD, LaGrange Ga., Education. JIMMY DALE SHAF- FER, Clarksdale, Business. JOHN MICHAEL SHANAHAN, Vicks- burg, Business. RODNEY EDWARD SHANDS, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: JO ANN SHAW, Oxford, Education. ALICIA GENE SHRADER, Miss City, Education. GEORGE ADRON SHUMPERT, Oxford, Business. MARY KATHLEEN SIDES, Dundee, Education, Phi Mu. WARREN ROBERT SIGMAN, Jupiter Fla., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: LILLIAN MARIE SIMON, Memphis Tenn., Education. DORIS JOAN SIMPSON, New Albany, Education. LAURA RICE SIMP- SON, Shaw, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. BYRLE HOOD SIMS, Columbia, Education, Kappa Delta. WILLIAM DAVID SIMS, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: IRVEN HARRY SKINNER, Brilliant Ala., Liberal Arts. WILLIAM TROY SLOAN, Jackson, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. ANNE KARIN SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. DONNA WILLIAMS SMITH, Nevada Ia., Liberal Arts. GAYLE R. SMITH, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: HAROLD LEONARD SMITH, Hernando, Engineering. JULAINE SMITH, Rockmart Ga., Education, Phi Mu. LESTER F. SMITH, Jackson, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. MARTHA JEAN SMITH, Como, Education. PHILLIP ROGER SMITH, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: ROBERT LAMAR SMITH, Meridian, Business. SANDRA LEE SMITH, Memphis Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. WINSTON ARTHUR SMITH, Bonifay Fla., Engineering. NANCY COLLIER SMYTHE, Greenville, Education, Kappa Delta. SUSAN SNEED HARRISON, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: MICHAEL JOHN SOKAS, Chicago III., Education. MICHAEL G. SOPER, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. VIRGINIA 0. SO- WELL, Coldwater, Education. JACK FRANKLIN SPEED, Macon Ga., Education, Phi Kappa Psi. JAMES E. SPENCE, Abbeville, Engineering. 311 SEi First Row: JACKIE NEAL SPENCER, University, Pharmacy. JULIE SPENCER, Fayette, Liberal Arts. SUSAN SPICELAND, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. JAMES B. SPRABERRY, Oxford, Liberal Arts. SUSAN SPRINKEL, Winter Haven Fla., Liberal Arts. Second Row: DOROTHY LYNN STALLWORTH, Pascagoula, Business, Kappa Delta. HUGH WILLIAM STANCILL, Ill, Drew, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JOHN RODGER STANTON, University, Education. GLORIA STARNES, Oxford, Education. WALTER HAROLD STARR, JR., Greenville, Business, Kappa Alpha. Third Row: RICHARD HENRY STECHMANN, Bay St. Louis, Engineering. JOHN PHILIP STEELE, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SANDRA LYNN STEGALL, Flora, Business, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. MARTIN B. STEINRIEDE, III, Belzoni, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. ALICE JANE STEMBRIDGE, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: VERMON JACK STEPHENS, JR., Natchez, Business, Kappa Sigma. ALBERT PACE STEVENSON, Corinth, Liberal Arts. JAMES CLAUDE STILL, New Albany, Business. WENDEL COLEMAN STOLTZ, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. SANDRA ELLIS STONE, Hopkinsville Ky., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: ROBERT F. STOUT, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. MARTHA LEE SUBER, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. MILDRED H. SULLIVAN, Jackson, Education, Pi Beta Phi. AN- DREA M. SWILLEY, University, Liberal Arts. EUGENIA ADELINE TALBERT, Oxford, Education. Sixth Row: ELIZABETH JONES TAMKE, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. THOMAS CLINGMON TATE, Fowlkes Tenn., Business, Kappa Alpha. WIL- LIAM CARRUTH TATE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. BEVERLY WHITE TAYLOR, Alexandria Va., Education, Phi Mu. JOHN WILSON TAYLOR, JR., Holly Springs, Business. Seventh Row: MARY MARGARET TAYLOR, Jackson, Education, Delta Gamma. PATRICK ARNOLD TAYLOR, Biloxi, Business. KATHERINE SO- PHRONIA TAYS, Booneville, Education. ELIZABETH DENHAM THAXTON, Laurel, Education. DIXIE LYNN THOMAS, Brandon, Education, Phi Mu. Eighth Row: VIRGINIA LYNN THOMAS, Raymond, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHARLES DOUGLAS THOMPSON, West Memphis Ark., Engineering. CARROLL HODGES THORNTON, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JOHN LEE TIDWELL, Laurel, Liberal Arts. BRENT BOLLINGER TINNIN, Hornersville Mo., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Ninth Row: GORDON THOMAS TOLLISON, University, Engineering. VANCE LAHOMA TOMLIN, JR., New Orleans La., Business, Phi Kappa Theta. LANA MAUREEN TONEY, Vicksburg, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. VIVIAN ANN TRIPP, Jackson, Liberal Arts. WALTER MICHAEL TROOP, Madisonville Ky., Business, Sigma Chi. 312 I First Row: LEROY E. TROPP, III, Carrollton Ohio, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM C. TROTTER, III, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT MARK TUCEI, Biloxi, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. STANLEY EARL TUPMAN, Indianola, Liberal Arts. MARTHA RHODES TURNER, Moss Point, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: RICHARD SCOTT TUTEUR, Batesville, Business, Sigma Nu. MIKE WARREN TWIBELL, Laurel, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. PATRICIA ANN TYNES, Biloxi, Education, Delta Gamma. EVA- LYN ANN TYSON, New Paltz, N.Y., Education, Pi Beta Phi. BOBBY WAYNE UNDERWOOD, Baldwyn, Business. Third Row: JOHN CAMPBELL UNDERWOOD, Jackson, Business. HENRY GEORGE URICK, Middletown Pa., Business. ALBERT MENTON VALENTINE, Newton, Pharmacy. B. WAYNE VANCE, Meridian, Business, Phi Delta Theta. MARJORIE LEE VANFOSSON, Crow- ley La., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: THOMAS FRANKLIN VEGOD, Byhalia, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. WILLIAM B. VERMILLION, Bristol Va., Liberal Arts. LEONARD FRED VINCENT, Marks, Business, Sigma Nu. JIMMY LEE VINES, Rienzi, Education. ELLEN WAILES, Jackson, Business, Alpha Omicron Pi. Fifth Row: JOHN ANDERSON WAITS, Leland, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM BUR- NELL WAITS, JR., Leland, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. ELIZABETH ANNETTE WALDROP, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. JOSEPH BRENT WALKER, McComb, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. REBECCA ANN WALKER, Corinth, Education, Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: SALLY JEAN WALKER, Dyersburg Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. SUSAN LEE WALKER, Walnut Creek Calif., Education, Pi Beta Phi. JOHN MARSHALL WALL, Riverside Calif., Educa- tion, Sigma Pi. JUDITH E. WALLEY, Richton, Education. CECILE NUGENT WALSH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Seventh Row: LARRY CLAIBORNE WALTERS, Laurel, Engineering. LARRY CHARLES WAM B LE, Osceola Ark., Pharmacy. CHARLIE F. WARD, JR., Etta, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. MICHAEL DOUGLAS WARD, Jackson, Business. DONALD WILSON WARNICK, Jouston, Busi- ness. Eighth Row: LINDA KAYE WARREN, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. GREGORY WALT- ER WARRICK, Oceanport N.J., Business. LIBBY SUE WATKINS, Meridian, Education, Delta Gamma. ROBERT JOHNSON WATTS, Wiggins, Pharmacy. GERALD L. WEEDEN, NewAlbany, Education. Ninth Row: JOHN TIMOTHY WELLS, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts. MARY PILLOW WELLS, Delray Beach Fla., Education. NICHOLAS WALK- ER WELLS, Smithfield N.C., Liberal Arts. MARY ALICE WELTY, Jackson, Education, Chi Omega. BILLY DON WEST, Union, Pharmacy. 313 " i First Row: MICHAEL SHANNON WEST, Pensacola Fla., Business, Delta Psi. JAMES A. WESTERFIELD, Merigold, Liberal Arts. PAULETTE JEAN WHALEY, Potts Camp, Education. CHARLES THOMAS WHITE, Water Valley, Business. JAMES ODEN WHITE, Car- thage, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Second Row:, JANIE WHITE, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. VIRGINIA HELEN WILEY, Water Valley, Education. DOTTY ANN WILKER- SON, Batesville, Education. CHARLES A. WILKINSON, Alice- ville Ala., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. AMZIE THOMAS WIL- LIAMS, Philadelphia, Business, Sigma Nu. Third Row: BILLY EUGENE WILLIAMS, Golden, Education. JOHN DAVIS VVILLIAMS, Cleveland, Pharmacy. LARRY MICHAEL WILLIAMS, Fulton, Education. LOUISE ANNE WILLIAMS, Hazelhurst, Phar- macy, Delta Gamma. MARY ELLEN WILLIAMS, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: RICHARD CLIFTON WILLIAMS, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. EDWARD BRUCE WILLISTON, Oxford, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. JOE MORGAN WILSON, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. LE- DELL WILSON, New Site, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM JAMES WIL- SON, Wilkinsburg Pa., Business. Fifth Row: KATIE M. D. WINDHAM, Ripley, Education. ANITA SUE WIND- SOR, Jackson, Education, Phi Mu. RICHARD A. WINTERHOL- LER, Ft. Lauderdale Fla., Education. MARIAN KAY WINTON, Sulligent Ala., Pharmacy. WILLIAM TEMPLE WITHERS IV, Jack- son, Business. Sixth Row: RICHARD CARL WITTORF, Jackson, Education, Beta Theta Pi. E. ELIZABETH WITTY, Winona, Liberal Arts, ETHEL DAVIS WOOD, Hollandale, Education, Chi Omega. JANIS SUE WOOLLY, Leland, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. JANIS ELIZABETH WOR- SHAM, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: DOUGLAS MARTIN WRIGHT, Amory, Business. ROBERT GLENN WRIGHT, Carrollton, Education, Kappa Alpha. GEORGE GUS XIDARIS, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. KENNETH WILLIAM YERBY, Amory, Business. LANORA JANE YOUNG, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Eighth Row: ARTHUR MARTIN ZEIDMAN, Cranston R.I., Liberal Arts. PAT ANTHONY ZICARELLI, Birmingham Ala., Education. 314 111EUIPRS First Row: ANTHONY LAWRENCE ABRAM, Avon Lake Ohio, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. LEMUEL GARNER ADAMS, Summit, Education, Sigma Chi. JOHN BAKER ALDRIDGE, Greenwood, Business, Phi Delta Theta. MORRIS WAYNE ALEXANDER, New Albany, Business. BARRY GLEN ALLEN, Grenada, Busi- ness, Sigma Chi. BETH ELAINE ALLEN, Indianola, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Second Row: DALE IVAN ALLEN, Oxford, Engineering, Sigma Nu. DAVID KENYON ALLEN, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. LAVENIA ALLEN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. SUSAN BETH ALLEY, Laurel, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MADELINE MARY ALMOND, Robinsonville, Business. LAUREN ANDERS, Owensboro Ky., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: JUDY ANN ANDERSON, Bolivar Tenn., Education, Delta Gamma. ROBERT ALLEN ANDERSON, Yazoo City, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BARBARA JEAN ARCHER, Cruger, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. JUDY RAWSON ARNOLD, University, Education. ANNE JAYNES ASGER, Laurel, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. KAREN LUCILLE ATCHLEY, Rolling Fork, Educa- tion, Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: BOYD P. ATKINSON, Drew, Business, Phi Delta Theta. MELVIN VAN ATKINSON, Batesville, Liberal Arts. RHETT WHILLIAM ATKINSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. NICHOLAS G. AUGUSTUS IV, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. TILLIO JOHN AVALTRONI, Shelby, Liberal Arts. HORACE HARALSON BAGGETT, Fo rest, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. Fifth Row: XANDRA ANN BAIRD, Birmingham Ala., Education. LINDA KAY BAKER, Aberdeen, Business, Kappa Kappa Gamma. GERALDING FAYE BARB, Edinburg Va., Education. BILLY WAYNE BAR MER, Belzoni, Business. CANDYCE GENE BARNES, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. MARTHA ANNE BARNETT, Jackson, Education, Pi Beta Phi. Sixth Row: EUGENE PARKER BARRETT, Cruger, Education. JAMES OLLINEY BATTE, Huntsville Ala., Liberal Arts. RODERICK ANDERSON BEARD, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. FRED CARLTON BEAUMAN, Vicksburg, Education. JERRY BONDS BECK, Holly Springs, Business. SUSAN ALICE BEDINGFIELD, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: ELIZABETH ALDER BELL, Clarksdale, Education, Chi Omega. SUSAN ANNE BELL, Maysville N.C., Business, Kappa Delta. RHONDA JO BENNETT, Hickory Flat, Education. WILL EVAN BENNETT, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. VICKI ELISE BERRY, Corinth, Education, Delta Gamma. ELIZABETH L. BIEDENHARN, Vicksburg, Education, Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: HARVEY DALE BIEN, Coldwater, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. OLIVIA ANN BIGGER, Marion Ark., Education, Delta Delta Delta. JENNY LEE BIGGERS, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. ROBERT CONNER BILLS, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM LLOYD BISHOP, Columbus AFB., Education, Phi Kappa Tau. JUDITH ANNE BITTLE, Rockford III., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. Ninth Row: JAMES MARTIN BLADES, Kensington Md., Business. BAR- BARA CHRISTINE BLAIR, Quitman, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. KENNETH L. BLANDFORD, Louisville Ky., Business. WANDA S. BOLDEN, Ripley, Education. EUNICE FAYE BOLT, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. WILLIAM ELLIOTT BOONE, Holly Springs, Education. Tenth Row: GEORGE ROBERT BOOTH, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. MARTIN JOHN BORCHERT, JR., Little Rock Ark., Business, Sigma Nu. LEE HANSELL BORDEN, Okolona, Business, Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM ROSS BOUNDS, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN BRINKLEY BOUTON, Germantown Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. RONALD LUIE BOUTWELL, Natchez, Business. First Row: KIT HANSELL BOWEN, Grenada, Liberal Arts. MARTHA BURROUGHS BOWEN, Memphis Tenn., Education, Chi Omega. MARY ALLEN BOWEN, McComb, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. GLENDA ANNETTE BOWMAN, Pelahatchie, Business. WILLIAM HOYT BOX, Booneville, Business. BETTY LAURA BRAND, Houston, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Second Row: WILLIAM GARY BRAND, Bruce, Engineering. GARLAN FLOYD BRANDOM, Oxford, Business. CAROL L. BRASWELL, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. DENNIS KAY BRAUN, Handsboro, Pharmacy. BARBARA BREAZEALE, Jackson, Education. SAN- DRA LYNN BREWER, Oxford, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: WILLIAM DOYLE BREWER, Oxford, Business. HAROLD WARE BRIDGES, JR., Belzoni, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. BEVERLY ANNE BRISCO, Tupelo, Education, Delta Gamma. PATTY A. BROCATO, Greenville, Liberal Arts. SIDNEY BRODOFSKY, Greenville, Liberal Arts. JANICE CLYDE BROOKS, Marianna Ark., Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: PATRICIA ANN BROOKS, Memphis Tenn., Education. NINA ELIZABETH BROWDER, Pascagoula, Education, Kappa Delta. EUGENE FRANKLIN BROWN, Collinsville, Pharmacy, Delta Kappa Epsilon. FREDDA JO BROWN, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. KARA ILENE BROWN, Oxford, Education. NANCY CAROL BROWN, Hernando, Education. Fifth Row: PHYLLIS GAY BROWNLEE, Potts Camp, Business. EDWARD GLENN BRYANT, Jackson Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. MARTHA ANN BRYANT, Holly Springs, Education. MICHAEL BRADFORD BRYANT, Pennsville N.J., Education. SANDRA KROLL BRYANT, Pennsville N.Y., Education. ZETTA MAE BRYANT, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: BRUCE EMMETT BUCHANAN, Ruxton Md., Education. FRED- ERIC ALBERT BUCHHOLZ, Dade City Fla., Education, Kappa Sigma. JOSEPH JOHN BUDA, Coffeeville, Business. MARY ELEANOR BUFKIN, Monticello, Education, Kappa Delta. COURTNEY KATHLEEN BUNN, Magee, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. MARY RUTH BURKE, Jackson, Education. Oxford ' s going places with Southern, but where are those places? 316 First Row: LLOYD MICHAEL BURNETT, Stuttgart Ark., Liberal Arts. SALLY PEGUES BURSON, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. MERLE W. BUTLER, Coahoma, Liberal Arts, C hi Omega. SUZANN BUZARD, Moss Point, Education, Delta Delta Delta. LAWRENCE ROBERT BYRD, JR., Jackson, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. BILLY DAN CALDWELL, Cor- inth, Business. Second Row: JOHN DALE CALDWELL, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM HENRY CALDWELL, Senatobia, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SUSAN BAKER CAMPBELL, Pontotoc, Business, Delta Gamma. BARRY W. CARLISLE, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. ERNEST LEWIS CAROTHERS, Taylor, Liberal Arts. STEPHEN ALAN CARUSO, Clark N.J., Business, Phi Kappa Theta. Third Row: ANNE CONWAY CASHMAN, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. WIL- LIAM CATLIN, Ill, Jacksonville Fla., Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JAMES BARRON CAULFIELD, JR., Water Valley, Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega. PATRICK J. CAVANAUGH, JR., Washington D.C., Business, Sigma Pi. ROBERT PAUL CE- KAU, Trenton Fla., Education. SARA ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, Hernando, Business, Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: CAROLINE E. CHAMPION, Greenville, Education. JAMES H. CHAMPION, JR., Greenwood, Business, Sigma Nu. CHERYL SUE CHISM, Jackson, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. CYNTHIA ANN CHRESTMAN, West Helena Ark., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JAMES STEPHEN CHUSTZ, Jackson, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. MARY LOUISE CISSNA, Jackson, Educa- tion, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: MELISSA LYNN CLANTON, Slate Spring, Liberal Arts. STEP- HEN PAUL CLARY, Rantoul III., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. RONALD HARRIS CLAYTON, Pensacola Fla., Pharmacy. CONSTANCE ANN CLIFFORD, Miami Fla., Education, Kappa Delta. MARJORIE SUE CLINTON, Houston Tex., Liberal Arts. THOMAS RANDY COBB, New Albany, Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: TREBIE KAY COBB, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. CATHLEEN NELSON COERS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. ROXIE BONITA COHRON, Utica, Education. ONNIE REX COKER, Amory, Business. LINDA MARIE COLE, Clinton, Liberal Arts. SUSAN COLE, Philadelphia, Education, Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: WILLIAM JAMES COLE, III, Jackson, Business. CONSTANCE MARIE COLLIER, Brandon, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. THOM- AS HARRIS COLLIER, Brandon, Business, Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT KAY COLLINS, Sikeston Mo., Business, Beta Theta Pi. LINDA KAY COMER, Booneville, Education. MALCOLM JEFFERSON COMMER, Jonestown, Business, Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: JOHN STEVEN CONGER, Carthage Tenn., Pharmacy. JOAN HARRIET CONN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. PAMELA JANE CONNOR, Birmingham Ala., Education, Pi Beta Phi. CHARLES LAWRENCE COOK, Muncie Ind., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. PEGGY M. COOK, Jackson, Education, Delta Gamma. BARNEY LEE COOKE, Metairie La., Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: KATHY ANN COOPER, New Albany, Education, Delta Gam- ma. MARGARET P. COOPER, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. ABBY ANN COTTEN, Gulfport, Education, Phi Mu. RITA FAYE COURSON, Hickory Flat, Pharmacy. HUGH IN- GRAM COWSERT, III, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. BARBARA ANN COX, Clarksdale, Education, Pi Beta Phi. Tenth Row: ELIZABETH AFTON COX, Osceola Ark., Education, Pi Beta Phi. ROBERT DOUGLAS CRAFT, Natchez, Business, Kappa Alpha. CHARLIE J. CREWS, JR., New Albany, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. FRANCES VICTORIA CROSS, Memphis Tenn., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. CHARLES FLOYD CRUM- BY, Robinsonville, Business. VINCENT JOHN CUEVAS, Bay St. Louis, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. 317 First Row: DAVID LEE CUICCHI, Shaw, Business. DENTON HALL CUNNINGHAM, Hamilton, Business. CHRISTOPHER CUR- RAN, Yazoo City, Education, Delta Delta Delta. JOHNNIE RENE CURTIS, Wesson, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM CHANDLER CUSHMAN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. CHARLOTTE ANN DABBS, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. Second Row: DAPHNE LAVERN DABBS, Myrtle, Education, Delta Gamma. ARTHUR DANIEL DOGOSTINO, N. Cumberland Pa., Liberal Arts. DONNA LEIGH DALE, Memphis Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. DIANNE BROWN DANIEL, Jackson, Education. ROBERT TENNENT DANIEL, Birmingham Ala., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MAURICE LARY DANIELS, Tupelo, Business. Third Row: THOMAS LEE DANIELS, Ripley Tenn., Engineering, Phi Kappa Tau. JOE CURTIS DAVIS, Pelahatchie, Business. JOHN CHARLES DAVIS, Booneville, Engineering. MARILYN RUSSELL DAVIS, Jackson, Education, Chi Omega. ORVILLE A. DAVIS, Ill, Marks, Education, Sigma Nu. ROBERT LEE DAVIS, Water Valley, Engineering. Fourth Row: PAUL LLOYD DAWES, Natchez, Engineering. DAVID LLOYD DEAL, Madison Wis., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. DANIEL BERNARD DEATON, Jackson, Business, Phi Delta Theta. LISA DECKER, Anderson Ind., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. RONALD DAVID DEMILIO, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. THOMAS HOWARD DEMOSS, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: SUSAN STEWART DENHAM, Miss City, Liberal Arts. DEB- ORAH LYNN DENNIS, Whittier Calif., Liberal Arts. EVALYN DEBORAH DENT, Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. MARY FRANCES DENT, Jackson, Education. CHARLES LESLIE DENTON, Shelby, Business, Phi Delta Theta. SID- NEY WILLIAMS DERRICK, Durant, Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: LINDA JO DICKERSON, Ladel Ind., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. NANCY DILWORTH, Shreveport La., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. JIMMY GAGE DOBBS, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. S. CORDELL DOMBROWSKI, Wilmington Del., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. SANDRA JEANNE DONAHUE, Jackson, Business, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JANET DONG, Tutwiler, Pharmacy. ' Way down South in Mississippi, there ' s a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Mater ' s halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the Whispering Breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our heart ' s fond memories. JIMPIEllelkAA Anwit• finlIkla. • .. 4 f‘ ' 111 +PLP711117 0-N First Row: DARRELL GILES DORRIS, Pine Bluff Ark., Business. ROY EDWARD DOVE, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. LANNIE WIN- FORD DOWDY, Pontotoc, Business. THOMAS JEFFERSON DUKES, Hattiesburg, Business, Sigma Nu. ROSE ANN DUN- CAN, New Albany, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. SARA ALICE DUNCAN, Whiteville Tenn., Education, Kappa Delta. Second Row: VICTORIA ANN DUNCAN, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. WALLACE GREGORY DUNCAN, Vicksburg, Educa- tion, Alpha Tau Omega. LESLIE LAMAR DUNN, Waynesboro, Pharmacy. MORRIS MARION DUNN, Columbus, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM DAVID DUNN, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. ROBERT JOHN DUROCHER, JR., Biloxi, Engineering. Third Row: BARBARA JANE DYRE, Grenada, Pharmacy, Alpha Delta Pi. RACHEL EARHART, Tucker Ark., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUSAN ELLEN EDRINGTON, Osceola Ark., Educa- tion, Pi Beta Phi. SUSAN LEE EINHAUS, Jackson, Liberal Delta Delta Delta. CAROLYN EDITH ELLIOTT, Oxford, Educa- tion, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: MILDRED TERESA ELLIS, Oxford, Pharmacy, Zeta Tau Alpha. MIRIAM H. ELLIS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. WANDA KAY ELLIS, Lambert, Education, Delta Gamma. KAREN REBECCA ENOCHS, Jackson, Education, Kappa Del- ta. TERRY LOUIS ESTES, Natchez, Business. LENORE LEWIS ETHRIDGE, Oxford, Education, Chi Omega. Fifth Row: MICHAEL ALLEN EVANS, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. JAMES PITTMAN EVERETT, Hattiesburg, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Tau. MARJORIE LOUISE EZELL, Shannon, Liberal Arts. ROBERT HARRIS EZELLE, Meridian, Business, Delta Tau Delta. JEANNE JAMISON FAIR, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. FRED ARTHUR FARMER, Panama City Fla., Business. Sixth Row: HARVEY GLENN FERGUSON, Hernando, Business. EVELYN LEDA FINCH, Booneville, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. RICHARD S. FITZPATRICK, Inverness Fla., Liberal Arts. JAMES WALL FLANDERS, JR., Portsmouth Va., Education, Sigma Pi. ANNIE RUTH FLEMING, Shubuta, Pharmacy. FREDERICK WALTERS FLINT, Mansfield Mass., Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: GLENDA BROOKS FLOWERS, Kilmichael, Pharmacy. FRANK- IE K. FLOYD, Kilmichael, Liberal Arts. THOMAS BUTLER FORBES, JR., Columbia, Liberal Arts. DAN RALPH FORD, JR., Taylorsville, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. RONNEY DAVIS FORD, Ashland, Education. WILLIAM REYNOLDS FORD, JR., Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Eighth Row: BRADLEY HAROLD FOURNIER, Wolfeboro N.H., Liberal Arts. HALLIE HARGROVE FOWLER, Shreveport La., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. STEVEN WAYNE FOXX, Greencastle Ind., Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. NANCY CAROL FRANKS, Coldwater, Liberal Arts. DARTHIE JEAN FREEMAN, Cold- water, Liberal Arts. DEBORAH SUE FREEMAN, W. Memphis Ark., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Ninth Row: JANE D. FULLER, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. WILLIAM F. FURR, Aberdeen, Business. LARRY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FURTICK, Booneville, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT ALLEN GABLE, Vardaman, Liberal Arts. JAMES HARRY GABRIEL, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. PAULA LOUISE GAITHER, Jackson, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Tenth Row: GLENN EMBRY GALEY, Hattiesburg, Business, Sigma Nu. MICHAEL EDWARD GARNER, Marvell Ark., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. THOMAS VICTOR GARRAWAY, JR., Prentiss, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. CECELIA ANNE GAUTIER, Vicksburg, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOSEPH PAT- TERSON GEORGE, Crenshaw, Education, Kappa Sigma. JOHN T. GIBBS, JR., Leland, Business, Kappa Sigma. 119 11 First Row: LARRY FRANKLIN GIBSON, Raleigh, Pharmacy. REBEKAH JEAN GILBERT, Senatobia, Education. JERRY MICHAEL GIL- BREATH, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. JEAN KOLLEN GILLANDER, Jacksonville Fla., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CAROLE ANGELA GLASS, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. WINFRED LEDALE GOFORTH, Union, Pharmacy. Second Row: WOODROW WILSON GOLDEN, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EDWIN D. GOODNIGHT, Crenshaw, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. RITA LANE GOOLSBY, Oxford, Liberal Arts. ROBERT EDWARD GORMAN, Corinth, Educa- tion, Sigma Nu. DEWITT LOVE GRAEBER, Yazoo City, Busi- ness, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM DAVID GRAHAM, Birmingham Ala., Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Third Row: KITTY HAY GRAVELY, Martinsville Va., Education, Pi Beta Phi. PAUL RICHARD GRAY, New Albany, Business. WANDA CAROL GRAY, Tuscumbia Ala., Liberal Arts. MILDRED L. GREEN, Benoit, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. MARY MARSHA GREENE, Sikeston Mo., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. CYNTHIA HOUSTON GREENHAM, Baldwyn, Education. Fourth Row: DAVID NOEL GREENHAW, Wheeler, Pharmary, Phi Kappa Psi. DON WILLIAM GREGG, Brookhaven, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. JUDY CAROLE GRIFFIN, Vardaman, Education. JAMES ALAN GRIMES, Yazoo City, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. ELIZABETH JEAN GUIBERT, Canal Zone, Education. PATRICIA ELSIE GUIN, Natchez, Business. Fifth Row: MARY JANICE GULLETT, Booneville, Liberal Arts. BILLY GERALD GUYTON, Nettleton, Education. STEPHEN LUFKIN GUYTON, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. PATRICIA ANNE HAGAN, Minter City, Liberal Arts. LANCE HAMILTON HALE, Pontotoc, Business. WILLIAM LARRY HALL, Oxford, Business. Sixth Row; CRAIG LAWRENCE HAMACHEK, Indianapolis, Ind., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. MICHAEL A. HAMAN, Chicago, III., Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. MAURICE HAMP, Tunica, Business. HENRY LEE HANDLEY, Orlando Fla., Business. CLAUDE FIELDS HARAWAY, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES ROBERT HARDIN, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Students attending speech by Steve Guyton at a George Wallace rally. 320 First Row: JOHN FOX HARDIN, Calhoun City, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LUCY LYNN HARE, Perry Fla., Education. WILLIAM K. HARPER, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. MARTHA ANN HARRELSON, Grenada, Liberal Arts. JAMES LOUIS HARRIS, Batesville, Liberal Arts. FRANCIS STEPHEN HARTS- FIELD, Tallahassee Fla., Business, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: TIMONTHY CLANCY HARTY, Tupelo, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. GEORGIA ANN HARTZELL, Batesville, Liberal Arts. JAMES RALPH HARTZ OG, Jackson, Pharmacy. JAN MARIE HARVEY, Gulfport, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. EDDIE RAY HARVILLE, Fienzi, Liberal Arts. HANLEY E. HASSEL- TINE, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Third Row: JOHN CARY HATCHER, Richmond Va., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. DANIEL FLOYD HAWKINS, Calhoun City, Busi- ness. BENNY JOE HAYNIE, Corinth, Education. MICHAEL LEE HEDGES, Water Valley, Engineering. RICHARD ROY HEEN, Memphis Tenn, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. JANE CLAIRE HENRY, Darling, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: WILLIAM EUGENE HENRY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. MABLE LEE H ENSON, Charleston, Liberal Arts. MARIANNE HENSON, Hattiesburg, Business, Pi Beta Phi. JOSEPH TERRY HERB- ERT, N. Carrollton, Education. MARY LEWIS HERNDON, Kingston Spr. Tenn., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. BARBARA JEAN HESTER, Gulfport, Business, Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: ARTHUR CAMPBELL HILL, Tupelo, Business. KEN WAYNE HILLMAN, University, Pharmacy. MILTON DANNELLY HOBBS, Auburn Ala., Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. HARRY PAUL HOFF- MAN, Oxford, Business. CLARENCE EARL HOING, Serepta, Education. DAVID TINDALL HOLCOMB, Wyckoff N.J., Lib- eral Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: REBECCA GEARY NEWMAN, Greenwood, Education, Chi Omega. FRANCILLE HOLLIS, Sulligent Ala., Education. FRED- DIE WAYNE HOLLIS, Rosedale, Education. CHARLES DAVID HOLMES, Canton, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EUGENE THOMAS HOLMES, Clarksdale, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. JAMES LESTER HOLMES, McComb, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: TILLIE CHERITE HOOD, Senatobia, Education. LESLIE B. HOOVER, III, Madisonville Ky., Business. NANCY LOUISE HOUCHINS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. HAR- RIETT H. HOWSER, Gallatin Tenn., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SHARON WYNNE HOWZE, Sledge, Education, Phi Mu. MORELLA JANE HUGHES, Charleston, Education, Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: JAMES WALTON HUMPHREYS, Lake Charles La., Business. DONNA LYNN HUNGERFORD, Memphis Tenn., Education. LEAH JO HURDLE, Collierville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. MIKIE JOE INMON, Toccopola, Pharmacy. TOMMY DALE ISEMINGER, Springfield Mo., Education. JAMES SHEF- FIELD IZARD, Fulton, Education. Ninth Row: CHARLOTTE C. JACKSON, Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. MALCOLM ALLEN JACKSON, JR., New Albany, Business, Sigma Chi. RANDALL W. JACOBS, Uni- versity, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. MAHENDRA MANILALJAISWAL, Baroda India, Engineering. JOE JAMES, Lucedale, Education. KENNETH WAYNE JAMES, Waynes- boro, Pharmacy. Tenth Row: WILLIAM EDWIN JENKINS, Nashville Tenn., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. LIZABETH JEAN JETTON, Memphis Tenn., Edu- cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JEAN WING JOE, Clarksdale, Pharmacy. ELIZABETH DEAS JOHNSON, Natchez, Education, Kappa Delta. FORD ALLEN JOHNSON, Austin Tex., Busi- ness. RICHARD ALAN JOHNSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts. 321 First Row: GEORGE JOHNSTON, JR., Clarksdale, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. V. CAROL JOHNSTONE, Tupelo, Education. CHARLES LAMAR JONES, Moselle, Liberal Arts. CHRIS- TOPHER RIDDELL JONES, Inverness, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. MARTIN VERNON JONES, Magee, Liberal Arts. PAMELA JONES, Senatobia, Education, Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: THOMAS LEE JONES, Forest, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. SANDRA JEAN JORDAN, Miami Fla., Liberal Arts. THOMAS JOSEPH JOSEPH, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. HELEN JUE, Clarksdale, Pharmacy. FRANCES KAYE JUNKIN, Na- tchez, Education, Delta Gamma. DONALD KRAYER JURGEN- SEN, Germantown Tenn., Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Third Row: JOHN T. KEETON, III, Grenada, Business, Kappa Sigma. VERNON R. KELLEY, III, University, Business. SONDRA JOY KELLY, Vicksburg, Business. SANDRA KELSEY, Collierville Tenn., Education, Delta Gamma. MARGARET KAREL KEN- DALL, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. BETTY KAY KENNEDY, Aber- deen, Liberal Arts, Phi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: VICKIE KENNEDY, Shannon, Liberal Arts. MARGARET ANN KEOUGH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. DENELDA KEYE, University, Education, Kappa Delta. JUDITH ANN KILGORE, Jackson, Liberal Arts. BR ENDAGAIL KIMBROUGH, Tupelo, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. ELIZABETH RIVERS KING, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: KATHERINE CECILE KING, Oxford, Education. LESLIE DAR- NELL KING, Greenville, Liberal Arts. MARGARET DEE KING, Rutherford Tenn., Pharmacy. RICHARD MOORE KING, JR., University, Education. JUDY ANN KITCHENS, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. SONDRA JO KNIGHT, Hamilton Ala., Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: MARY B. KNOTT, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. NANCY REPPS KNOX, Trenton Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicrom Pi. KATHY JEAN KOCH, Marks, Education, Kappa Delta. AKRON AARON KOON, Senatobia, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. PAUL IGOR KOSKO, Tallmadge Ohio, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. MALCOLM HOWARD LABENS, Clarks- dale, Pharmacy. 322 I can ' t understand how the Hong Kong flu gets around like it does. First Row: HERSHEL OTHO LADNER, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. THOMAS JOHN LAHER, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. ALAN DEVERE LANCASTER, Duck Hill, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAUL ANDREW LANDRY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. SUSAN KATHRYN LANG- DON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. THOMAS JOSEPH LANGMESSER, Chicago III., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: BEATRICE MAE LANGSTON, Ft. Walton Bch. Fla., Liberal Arts. WILLIAM FRANK LAPOLLA, Greenville R.I., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. LISA ELIZABETH LARSON, Birming- ham Ala., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. DOROTHY SUE LATIMER, Okolona, Education, Kappa Delta. JANE LAUDERDALE, Nashville Tenn., Pharmacy, Alpha Omicron Pi. LORAN LEE LAUGHLIN, Louisville Ky., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: LYNDA GRACE LAVERS, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. DEMETRA ILLENE LAWRENCE, University, Liberal Arts. DAISY DIELLA LEE, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. MARY BENDELLA LEE, Vicks- burg, Liberal Arts. JUDY CLAIRE LEECH, Oxford, Education, Delta Gamma. HARRY COLE LEEPER, JR., University, Engineering. Fourth Row: REBECCA SUE LEGGE, Sardis, Business. RICHARD HENRY LEIGH, Hernando, Pharmacy, Delta Kappa Epsilon. GEORGIA K. LEMON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. GEORGE LEONARD IV, Starkville, Pharmacy. SALLY IVIORGAN LEPI- CIER, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. ANNA L. LETT, Jackson Tenn., Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: ALTON B. LEWIS, JR., Greenwood, Engineering. HARVEY RONALD LEWIS, Potts Camp, Liberal Arts. LINNIE BELLE LIGGINS, Oxford, Liberal Arts. RICHARD ALLEN LITTLE, Raleigh, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. PATRICIA ANN LOCKE, Memphis Tenn., Education. ANNA FRANCES LONG, Tupelo, Education. Sixth Row: MARILYN EDITH LOTT, Seminary, Liberal Arts. REBECCA LOVELACE, Batesville, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. WILLIAM NILES LOVELADY, Oxford, Business, Sigma Chi. CONNIE JO LUCKETT, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. LUCRETIA ANNE LUCKETT, Clarksdale, Education, Chi Omega. ROSALIE BOUNDS LUKE, Union, Educ ation. Seventh Row: DIANNE LYONS, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. DAVID DUDLEY Mc- ALEER, Danville III., Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. ROBERT BRUCE McARTHUR, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. PATRICIA ANNE McCABE, Gulfport, Education, Chi Omega. BOBBIE ED McCANTS, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. HARVEY WADE McCLUNG, JR., Tunica, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. Eighth Row: JAMES JERRY McCOMBS, Booneville, Business, Phi Kappa Theta. CHARLES EDWARD McCOOL, Louisville, Pharmacy, Delta Psi. PEYTON HUGH McCOOL, Noxapater, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. ROSELYN SCOTT McCORD, Columbus, Education, Delta Delta Delta. MARGARET LYNN McCUIS- TON, Booneville, Liberal Arts. FRED JAMES McDONNELL, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: HOMER RAY McDONOUGH, JR., Oxford, Business. JUDY CLARENE McDOUGAL, Winona, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. BETTY MANN McDOWELL, Flora, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. LUTHER MYRON McEACHERN, Tampa Fla., Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. RONALD WAYNE McELROY, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. BENJAMIN R. McEWEN, JR., Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Tau Delta. Tenth Row: MARGIE .HELEN McGEE, Jackson, Education, Kappa Delta. JERRY EUGENE McGLOWN, Oxford, Education. JAMES A. McGRAW, Yazoo City, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MADALYN KAY McHARG, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. MARGARET V. McILWAIN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CAROL DURHAM McINNNIS, Clarksdale, Education, Chi Omega. 323 Il • First Row: LESLIE ANN McINTYRE, Brandon, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. WALKER SCRUGGS McINTYRE, Doddsville, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NORTON GUYTON McKEIGNEY, Jackson, Engineering, Sigma Chi. DANIEL THOMAS McKESSY, Boca Raton Fla., Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. EUGENE B. McLAURIN, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. SUSAN ELIZA- BETH McNAMEE, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row: SHERRY ANN McNEER, Memphis Tenn., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. CARROLL D. McQUEEN, JR., Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau . Omega. SUSANNE McQUIGG, E. Aurora N.Y., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. JOE HARVEY MAGEE, Tylertown, Business. CLAIRE C. MAIER, Seneca Falls N.Y., Liberal Arts. JOHN JOSEPH I. MALATESTA, Shaw, Pharmacy. Third Row: MIRIAM LANE MALONE, Athens Ala., Education, Chi Omega. CONSTANCE LUE MANN, Centralia III., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ROBERT ALVIN MAPLES, Millington Tenn., Business, Kappa Sigma. FRANCES ELIZ MARTIN, Indianola, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. LINA CECILE MATTOX, Verona, Liberal Arts. BERLON MICHAEL MAULDIN, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: CHARLES GREGORY MAXEY, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JAMES DOUGLAS MAY, Meridian, Education. BETTY RUTH MEACHAM, North Miami Fla., Education, Phi Mu. MARILYN OLD MERCER, Dallas Tex., Education, Delta Delta Delta. CHARLES EDWIN MESSER, New Albany, Business. CHARLES E. MIDDLETON, JR., Natchez, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: EVERETT JOE MILLER, Leakesville, Education. WILLIAM PATRICK MILLER, Gulfport, Pharmacy. CLAUDIA R. MILLS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MILDRED LOUISE MILNER, Gulfport, Education, Chi Omega. JAMES DOUGLAS MINOR, Coldwater, Liberal Arts. JEFFREY CLE- MENT MINOR, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: HUBERT D. MITCHELL, JR., Corinth, Business. EDMUND WARREN MONTGOMERY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. LINDA MOORE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. JOHN JORDAN MORGAN, Oxford, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES FRED MORLINO, Leland, Pharmacy. ME- LINDA MORTIMER, Belzoni, Education. The Turnout for the ROTC Protest Rally. 324 First Row: HAL CHASE MOSS, University, Engineering. LILLIAN MOY, Hernando, Liberal Arts. REBECCA MERLE MURPHY, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts. ALMA MARIA MUTZI, Shaw, Education. ROBERT LEON MYERS, New Albany, Education, Phi Kappa Psi. MARY ANNE NEELY, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Second Row: WILLARD ROSS NEELY, II, LaGrange III., Business. VIR- GINIA LEE NEESE, Jackson, Business, Zeta Tau Alpha. EVA LILLIAN NEILL, Greenwood, Education, Phi Mu. SAMUEL W. NEILL, Leland, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. LURA JEAN NETHERTON, Jackson, Education. MARTHA ANN NEWSOM, Coldwater, Education. Third Row: ANNE O ' NEILL NORMAN, New Albany, Education, Delta Gamma. EDWARD HOWARD NORTH, JR., Corinth, Business, Pi Kappa, Alphs. LAURA ANN O ' KEEFE, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. CHARLES SNOW O ' MARA , Jackson, Liberal Arts. JAMES S. OVERSTREET, JR., Dekalb, Business, Kappa Alpha. THOMAS D. PAINE, Atlanta Ga., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: MICHAEL JOSEPH PAPANIA, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. JOYCE ANN PARDUE, Costa Mesa Calif., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. DEBORAH BROWN PARISH, Forest, Education. DAB- NEY TERRELL PARKER, Rosedale, Education, Chi Omega. MARY CAROLYN PARKER, Newton, Education, Delta Delta Delta. JANE PATTERSON, Tupelo, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: DIPAK DHIRUBHAI PATWA, Ahmendabad India, Engineer- ing. BONNIE GAYLE PAYNE, Nettleton, Liberal Arts. EUGENE POITE VIN PEABODY, Metairie La., Engineering. LINDA JEW- ELL PEACHER, Meridian, Liberal Arts. LANA TALLANT PEARMAN, Pontotoc, Education. WILMER P. PENNEBAKER, JR., Crawsfordville Ark., Business. Sixth Row: LYNDA ROSE PERRY, Hattiesburg, Education, Kappa Delta. GEORGE NICK PETERS, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. JEAN FAY PHILLIPS, Holly Springs, Education. JOHN LANGHORNE PHILLIPS, Severna Park Md., Liberal Arts. JUDY KAY PHILLIPS, Holly Springs, Education. MARY ELIZA PHILLIPS, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: TERRY DON PIERALISI, Leland, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. JO ANN PIGFORD, Ecru, Education. WILLIAM C. PINKSTON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. HARMON C. PIPPIN, JR., Booneville, Business. RACHEL ANN PITCHER, Baton Rouge La., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARLIN MED- FORD PITTMAN, Corinth, Engineering. Eighth Row: WILLIAM CLAUDE PITTMAN, Greenwood, Business, Phi Delta Theta. MITCHELL E. POOLE, Richmond Va., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. MARY LAMAR POOVEY, Tie Plant, Busi- ness, Phi Mu. WILLIAM D. PORTER, Memphis Tenn., Engi- neering, Kappa Sigma. CHARLES MICHAEL PREWETT, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. CHARLOTTE ANN PRICE, Chatta- nooga Tenn., Pharmacy, Alpha Delta Pi. Ninth Row: MARILYN LEE PRICE, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. MICHAEL DON PRICE, Guntown, Liberal Arts. TERRY DIXON PRICE, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. JAMES CLAXTON PROPES, West Memphis Ark., Liberal Arts. CLARE CADENHEAD QUINN, Clinton III., Education, Delta Delta Delta. EILEEN QUON, Hernando, Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: THOMAS NEWELL RACKLEY, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. THEODORE HUGHES RAINEY, JR., Corinth, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. NICHOLAS HANSE RAMSEY, Nitro W. Va., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. ELIZABETH JANE RAWLS, Natchez, Liberal Arts. MARY LOUISE RAWLS, Natchez, Engineering. LARRY GUY REA, Philadelphia, Phar- macy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 325 J1_ First Row: LARRY REDMOND, Stonewall, Education. A. J. REED, JR., Gallatin Tenn., Education, Delta Kappa Epsilon. ANTON E. REEL, Ill, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WESLEY REESE, Birmingham Ala., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM LEE REEVES, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. RENDA LOVE REGAN, Kosciusko, Education. Second Row: KENNETH HARLAN REID, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. PATSY DARLENE REIFERS, Okolona, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. ROBERT LEE RICHARDSON, Kosciusko, Business. WILLIAM EDWARD RICHBURG, Enterprise, Liberal Arts. RIAN A. RINGSRUD, Oxford, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. JACOB MARVIN RITCHEY, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: WILLIAM L. ROACH, JR., Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHARLES RAY ROBERTSON, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. EDWARD LOUIS ROBINSON, Bran- don, Business. AVA YVETTE ROGERS, Oxford, Liberal Arts. GARY WAYNE ROGERS, Corinth, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. MALCOLM TAYLOR ROGERS, Petal, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: WILLIAM EARL ROGERS, JR., Corinth, Business, Sigma Chi. JUDITH ANN ROST, Highland Ind., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. BETTINA ANN ROWE, Homewood III., Education, Delta Gamma. BEN LOCKETT ROYCE, Isola, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. VICTORIA LEAH RUESELER, Cape Gi- rardeau Mo., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. ARDIS DEFRANCE RUSSELL, Yazoo City, Business. Fifth Row: CHARLES HENRY RUSSELL, II, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. JOHN BURTON RUSSELL, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. NANETTE MAY RUSSELL, Franklin Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. WALLACE HOWARD RUSSELL, Y azoo City, Business. MARY FRANCES RUTLEDGE, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. GARRETT PATRICK RYAN, Muncie Ind., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. Sixth Row: MORRIS LYNN RYE, New Albany, Business. JOSEPH K. SAAD, JR., Clarksdale, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. ANDREW McMULLEN SAMPSON, Jackson, Business, Phi Delta Theta. GEORGE S. SANDERS, Jackson, Business. MELANIE L. SANDERS, Vaiden, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. ELISE SANFORD, Anna III., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. ...And here, Gentlemen, is Maw Lambert ' s. 326 I I First Row: PAUL EUGENE SAPOCH, JR., Jackson, Pharmacy. ROBERT BRUCE SAUNDERS, Miss City, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. STEPHEN ALEXANDER SAWAY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. GARY DENNISS SCHEFFLER, Pasca- goula, Business. SHARON ELAINE SCIBILIA, Fairfax Va., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. MELODY SCOTT, Hernando, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: NANCY LEE SCOTT, Memphis Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. ROBERT MICHAEL SCOTT, New Albany, Business. ISA- BELLE ALFSEN SCURRY, Dallas Tex., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. SANDRA SEALE, Monroe La., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. FREDERICK TAYLOR SEARCY, Florence, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM H. SEARIGHT, Jackson, Business, Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: ANN CATHERINE SEMMES, Grenada, Education, Chi Omega. THEODORE M. SENFTEN, Moselle, Engineering. THOMAS GRADEN SENTER, Fulton, Pharmacy. LINDA KELSO SEN- TER, Dorsey, Education. SUZAN LYNN SETTLEMIRE, Mt. Vernon III., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. MARY MILLICENT SHAN- NON, Pontotoc, Business, Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: JOHN STROWD SHAW, Oxford, Liberal Arts. RONALD RAY SHEARER, Coldwater, Liberal Arts. BEN ELLIS SHEELY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. LEE MYRL SHELL- ABARGER, University, Business, Kappa Delta. SHARON AGNES SHELTON, Memphis Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. BEVERLY IRENE SHERARD, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. Fifth Row: MICHAEL EDWARD SHIBLEY, New Madrid Mo., Pharmacy. SUSAN MARLENE SHIPLEY, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. ANN MARTIN SHOWS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. HAROLD R. SIDES, Kosciusko, Business, Beta Theta Pi. BARBARA DELLE SIMMONS, Madison, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CLYDE DOUGLAS SIMMONS, JR., Colum- bia, Business. Sixth Row: JOSEPH CHARLES SIMON, Biloxi, Pharmacy. JUNE GAIL SIMS, Louin, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. GARRY DALE SMITH, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. GIRLENDER SMITH, Oxford, Education. JAMES WOOD SMITH, Greenwood, Busi- ness. JOHN DANIEL SMITH, JR., Pickens, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: LEMUEL OWEN SMITH, Jackson, Business, Sigma Chi. LINDA KATHLEEN SMITH, Grenada, Education, Kappa Delta. MARY KATHERINE SMITH, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT DANIEL SMITH, Oxford, Engineering. THOMAS EARL SMITH, Cleburne Tex., Education. VAUN HAROLD SMITH, Booneville, Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Eighth Row: WILLIAM DOYLE SMOTHERS, Tupelo, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. PHOEBE LOCHE SPENCER, Port Gibson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. PAUL ANTHONY SPINA, JR., Birmingham Ala., Education. TERRY R. STANDRIDGE, Marianna Ark., Engineering. JOHN C. STANLEY, Corinth, Business, Sigma Chi. ETHEL LOBDELL STAPLES, Rosedale, Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: NANCY VIRGINIA STASIAK, Dayton Ohio, Education, Pi Beta Phi. MARGARET FRANCES STEEN, Abbeville La., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. JAMES R. STOKES, Jackson, Business. RICHARD DAVID STOKES, JR., Evansville Ind., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. CHARLES WILHELM STREICHER, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. PATRICIA ANN STRICKLAND, Laurel, Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: LONNIE SHEPHERD STRICKLIN, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. SHARON STRINGFELLOW, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. CYNTHIA ANN STROUP, Tupelo, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. ELIZABETH WATSON SUGG, West Point, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. KENNETH GERALD SULLIVAN, Jackson, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GLORIA LYNNE SUMMERS, Kosciusko, Education. 327 First Row: WAYNE DOUGLAS SWENSON, JR., Baton Rouge La., Busi- ness, Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID POPE SWINDLE, Memphis Tenn., Engineering. PAULA TAMBERLAIN TARDY, Lexing- ton, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. ROGER DEES TATE, JR., Columbus, Liberal Arts. RITA JO TATUM, Taylor, Education. WILLIAM JOSEPH TATUM, Memphis Tenn., Business. Second Row: HAROLD GREGORY TAYLOR, Lucedale, Business. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, JR., West Point, Business. MERRY GAIL TEMPLE, Mead ville, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. NANCY G. TENEYCK, Laurel, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. ELOISE L. TENNEY, Grenada, Education, Chi Omega. ANTOINETTE L. TERRELL, Baton Rouge La., Education, Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: ROBERT C. TERRY, Calhoun City, Business. ELIZABETH ANN TEUNISSON, Greenville, Education, Delta Gamma. JILL LYNN THOMAS, Clarendon Hills III., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. SUSAN WYATT THOMAS, Michigan City, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. DONNA SUSAN THOMPSON, Richmond Va., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIE JAMES THOMPSON, Abbeville, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: TERRY KEITH THRASH, Jackson, Business, Phi Kappa Tau. JAMES ARTHUR TIDWELL, New Albany, Education. TRUDY TIDWELL, West Point, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. LARRY JAUBERT TILLMAN, Waveland, Liberal Arts. DEBORAH ANN TIMMINS, Raleigh Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. HELEN LORRAINE TINDALL, Indianola, Education, Chi Omega. Fifth Row: MICHAEL CARL TODARO, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. CYNTHIA ANNE TODD, Pensacola Fla., Education. GLYDON BRITTON TOWNSEND, Golden, Engineering. DENNIS JAMES TROY, Chicago III., Business, Kappa Sigma. WILLIAM MARTIN TRUSSELL, Batesville, Liberal Arts. JOYCE DELANE TUBB, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Sixth Row: MARGARET KING TUBBS, Oxford, Education. ROGER Mc- KAY TUBBS, Oxford, Engineering. SAMUEL MURRY TUMEY, Greenville, Pharmacy. LYNN OAKMAN TUPMAN, Indianola, Education. DAVID JONES TURNER, Millington Tenn., Liber- al Arts, Phi Delta Delta. MARY LYNN TURNER, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Correction on Yesterday ' s To the Altar Column; Martha Melton DDD and Steve Vaught PDT are not married, they are just going steady. 328 1 JL 1 First Row: HANNA CLARICE FIELDS, Ecru, Education. ROBERT MICH- AEL TYNER, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. CELIA WESSON UNDERWOOD, University, Education. MARK ALAN URAM, Bay St. Louis, Business, Kappa Sigma. TERESA MAI VAUGHN, Nashville Tenn., Education, Chi Omega. CYNTHIA GAY VINCENT, Martin Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUSAN VINCENT, Marks, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. EMERY NORTON VOORHIES, New Orleans La., Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. MARY JANE WADLINGTON, Sledge, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CHARLES RAY WAGGONER, Carthage, Business, Beta Theta Pi. KAREN BLYTHE WALCOTT, Green- ville, Education, Chi Omega. OLIVIA LOUISE WALKER, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Beta Phi. Third Row: JANIT WALLACE, Olive Branch, Education. CAROL LYNN WALLER, Oxford, Liberal Arts. PAMELA ESKERLEEN WAL- LER, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. BETTY JO WAMPLER, Ft. Pierce Fla., Business, Alpha Delta Pi. LINDA KAY WASHINGTON, Houlka, Business. ELIZABETH SIMMONS WATTS, Montgo- mery Ala., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: WEBBER DENHAM WELBORN, JR., Hattiesburg, Lib eral Arts. THOMAS PATRICK WELCH, Osyka, Liberal Arts. BILLY AMON WELLS, Thaxton, Education. ERSKINE WATKINS WELLS, JR., Jackson, Business, Delta Psi. KEITH WADE WELSH, Springfield Mo., Education. DAVID LEES WHITE, Port Washington N.Y., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. Fifth Row: KATHERINE LYNN WHITE, Memphis Tenn., Education, Pi Beta Phi. MARY TEMPLE WHITE, Toccopola, Education. RICHARD D. WHITE, Orlando Fla., Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. NANCY JEAN WHITTEN, Tupelo, Education, Delta Delta Delta. THOMAS EDWARD WHITTEN, Hernando, Engi- neering. MARY CLARK WHITTLE, Martinsville Va., Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: DONALD ANTHONY WIATER, Morrisville Pa., Education, Sigma Pi. DAVID EUGENE WILDER, Meridian, Business. MARTHA GRACE WILKIE, Goodman, Education. EDMUND LEROY WILKINS, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. J. PHILIP WILKINS, Parson Tenn., Pharmacy. ANNE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, Jack- son, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: DOROTHY SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, Jackson, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. ELMER EUGENE WILLIAMS, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. ROBERT R. WILLI AMS, JR., Walnut, Engineer- ing, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WOODROW CALVIN WILLIAMS, Jackson Tenn., Business. JAMES KENNETH WILLIAMSON, Kosciusko, Pharmacy. CASSANDRA JANE WILSON, Meri- dian, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Eighth Row: WANDA C. WILSON, Metairie La., Liberal Arts. MALCOLM RUSSELL WIMBISH, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. CATHERINE WING, Webb, Liberal Arts. EUGENE JOHN WING, Jonestown, Business. RICHARD LEW WINTHER, Waterloo la., Education. JOHN ROBERT WINTHROP, Du- quoin III., Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. Ninth Row: CHARLES WELLBORN WITT, Jackson, Liberal Arts. EDDIE TAW WOO, Inverness, Engineering. BARBARAJEAN WOOD, Louisville, Education. FRAN CLAIR WOOD, Batesville, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. JANET WOOD, Greenville S.C., Education. JAMES EDWARD WOODALL, Galena Md., Education, Phi Kappa Theta. Tenth Row: GEORGE F. ' WOODLIFF, Jackson, Business, Beta Theta Pi. JAMES ARTHUR WOODS, Tunica, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VICTORIA L. WORTHINGTON, Evansville Ind., Liber- O ' al Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. CAROLYN GRAVES WRIGHT, Newport Ark., Education, Delta Gamma. EDDY HOWARD WRIGHT, Bruce, Engineering. PAMELA JO WRIGHT, Hunts- ville Ala., Education, Phi Mu. 329 First Row: ROLLAND LAVANT YANCEY, Sardis, Education. JERE LAMAR YATES, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. MARGARET GAINES YATES, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. BETTIE RENE YOUNG, Waynesboro, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. PAULA G. YOUNG, Caruthersville Mo., Education. WAYNE E. ZAYCEK, Jacksonville Fla., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. Our version of the June Taylor Dancers. 330 Inside the Lyceum... where policies are made. However, there are reliable sources that say the Speaker Ban was discovered at Dirty Charlie ' s. I ' m looking the word up in my Funk and Wagnall ' s. First Row: WINTHROP DOMINGO ACOSTA, Jacksonville Fla., Business. OWENS FITZ ALEXANDERS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT TERRY ALEXANDER, Oxford, Engineer- ing, Delta Psi. MERILYN VICTORIA ALLEN, Columbus, Education, Kappa Delta. MIKAL EUGENE ALTMAN, Florence Ala., Busines, Alpha Tau Omega. JULIA PEARL ALVAREZ, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: MICHAEL LEE AMODEO, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. JANNELLE MARLENE ANDERS, Jacksonville III., Education. GLENDA FAYE APPLEWHITE, Batesville, Liberal Arts. CHERYL LYN ARMSTRONG, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. JANE DIANE ARNETT, Oxford, Business. CHARLES WINNICK ASHLEY, Jackson, Business. Third Row: PAULA AXLEY, England Ark., Education. SUSAN AYCOCK, Rosedale, Business. RODNEY DERRICK BABER, Memphis Tenn., Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. WALTER WILBERT BACH- MAN, Terre Haute Ind., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. BARBARA JEAN BAILEY, Mantachie, Education. BARBARA LYNN BAILEY, Leeds Ala., Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: MALCOLM DOUGLAS BAILEY, Lambert, Liberal Arts. SID- NEY LYNN BAILEY, Arlington Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. SHAREE VINDA BAKER, Tupelo, Education. JANE E. BAL- LENGER, Pine Bluff Ark., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. MAR- GARET EAVES BARRETT, Madisonville Ky., Liberal Arts. GEORGE LUDWIG BARTHEL, III, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: GREER ALLENE BATSON, Grenada, Education, Kappa Delta. JOHN CARLISLE BATTE, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. MARTHA ANNE BEARDEN, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. MARION THOMAS BEASLEY, Red Bay Ala., Lib- eral Arts. DANIEL ANTHONY BEATTY, Cape Girardeau Mo., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. ALAN MARK BECKER, Ft. Pierce Fla., Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: PAMELA JANE BEDGOOD, Jackson, Business, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. BEVERLY JEAN BEEMON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANNE ELIZABETH BEERY, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. MARY JACQUELYN BELL, New Albany, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. LAWRENCE G. BEN- NETT, III, New Albany, Business, Sigma Nu. NANCY LYNN BETHUNE, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. V CJ Ir JVL 331 I)) 11 Il First Row: MICHAEL HORACE BEVILL, Oxford, Business. KENNETH KEVIN BEYER, Ocean Springs, Business, Phi Kappa Theta. CHARLES S. BIDGOOD, Meridian, Liberal Arts. ERIC CARL- TON BLACKWOOD, Baton Rouge La., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. BARRY LADALE BLAILOCK, Greenville, Business, Beta Theta Pi. HOLBERT D. BLAIR, Hattiesburg, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Second Row: MARILYN BLAKESLEE, Jackson, Education, Phi Mu. ERNEST ROLAND BLANTON, JR., Nettleton, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. DOROTHY EMMA BLOHM, Jackson, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. SANDRA K. BLOODWORTH, Jackson, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. MARY BELL BOBB, Vicksburg, Education, Chi Omega. JAMES MICHAEL BOOTH, Vicksburg, Business, Phi Kappa Theta. Third Row: SULEN MARGARET BOOTH, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT BRENT BOURLAND, Natchez, Business. PATSY LEE BOWDEN, Ashland, Liberal Arts. ANN MILLER BOWEN, Byersburg Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. BONNIE LOIS BOWEN, Oxford, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. SUSAN CAROLYN BOYD, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: JAMES DOUGLASS BOYLES, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. MONICA JOY BRAMBLETT, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts. GAY LAWLER BRAMLETT, Bobo, Education, Chi Omega. LESLIE JUANITE BRANDON, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. CRAIG E. BRASFIELD, Aberdeen, Education. THAD SHARON BRIDGES, Monticello, Business. Fifth Row: SUE BRIGHT, Tylertown, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. DENNIS EDWIN BRITT, Chanquinola Panama, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. AUBREY EARL BROADWAY, Olive Branch, Business. JAMES MURRAY BROCK, JR., McCOMB, Liberal Arts. JACK NEAL BROWN, JR., Memphis Tenn., Business. MARY ELIZABETH BROWN, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: REBBECCA ANN BROWNE, Oxford, Business, Zeta Tau Alpha. DEBORAH YVONNE BRUCE, Ashland, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM DAVID BRUCE, Vicksburg, Education. PATRICIA R. BRUMFIELD, McCOMB, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. MARY ELIZABETH BRYANT, University, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. HARRIETTE ANN BRYSON, New Albany, Business, Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: ANN WAILES BUCHANAN, Vicksburg, Education, Phi Mu. CAROLYN BUCKNER, Vicksburg, Education, Phi Mu. SAN- DRA ANN BUFKIN, Clinton, Education, Kappa Delta. NAN ELIZABETH BUFORD, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. LARRY HUGH BUNCH, Oxford, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN DAVIS BURK, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: HELEN POPE BURNETT, Oxford, Education. BARBARA J. BURNHAM, Clarksdale, Business, Delta Delta Delta. MARY ESTON BURSON, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. PAMELA BUTTS, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. WALTER R. BYRD, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. TARA ANN BYRNE, Natchez, Education. Ninth Row: CATHERINE E. CAGLE, Southave, Pharmacy. CARL BEN- JAMIN CAMPBELL, Hopkinsville Ky., Business. NANCI LEE CAMPBELL, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. JANE ELLEN CARLSON, Arlington Va., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. CANDACE MOORE CARROLL, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CAROLE DIANNE CARTER, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: ELIZABETH ANN CARTER, Columbus Ohio, Education. RICH- ARD C. CASEY, Germantown Tenn., Business. VINCENT J. CASTIGLIOLA, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. SUSAN S. CHAMBERLIN, Millington Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. CAROLYN PARKHILL CHANCE, Canton, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. MARGUERITE R. CHEAIRS, Gre- nada, Business, Kappa Delta. 332 Don ' t forget the Emerald City. Step right aboard, and be taken for a ride. SUP49M9RFS First Row: BARBARA LORRAINE CHERRY, Winchester III., Education. JAMES WILLIAMS CHILES, Osceola Ark., Business. DEMP- SEY BROOKS CHITTOM, JR., Water Valley, Business. BEVERLY JEAN CLARK, Starkville, Liberal Arts. JAMES STEVEN CLARK, Drew, Education, Sigma Chi. SUSAN JAY CLARK, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Second Row: MARVIN BRADFORD CLEAGE, Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. JOHN DANIEL CLEVELAND, Jackson, Business, Sigma Chi. STEPHEN COLLINS CLOUSE, Larch- ment N.Y., Education, Sigma Pi. JAMES FILO COATS, Grenada, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. CONSTANCE L. COLEMAN, Enid, Liberal Arts. CHARLOTTE LOUISE COLEY, W. Memphis Ark., Education. Third Row: PHILLIP MICHAEL COLLINS, New Albany, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. SANDRA JO COLTER, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. WILLIAM LESLIE COOK, JR., Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. DOUGLAS LEE COOPER, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES ROBERT COOP- ER, JR., Marietta Ohio, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. RICH- ARD EUGENE COOPER, Demopolis Ala., Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: KAREN OLIVIA COPE, Livingston Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. SHARON SUE COUCH, Brandon, Liberal Arts. HARMON WILFRED COX, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. WALTER THOMAS CRAFTON, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arts. KIFFIN R. CRAVEN, JR., Greneda, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. WALTER JEFFREY CRAWFORD, Tylertown, Engi- neering, Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: ROBERT GRAY CRISS, Coffeeville, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon, CAROLYN LOUISE CROOK, Dallas Tex., Business, Zeta Tau Alpha. ROBERT CLAYTON CROSSELY, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. RALPH DAVID CRUM, Memphis Tenn., Business. KERRY ELIZ CULP, Whiteville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delt a. RICHARD M. CUNNING- HAM, Madison Tenn., Engineering, Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: JAMES W. ' CUSTER, Wilmette III., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. TANYA DIANE DAGGETT, Pascagoula, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. LAURA ELAINE DAMONTE, New Orleans La., Liberal Arts. TOM LESLIE DARDEN, JR., New Albany, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. DON SIMMONS DAVID- SON, University, Business, Phi Delta Theta. HUBERTJAMES DAVIDSON, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 333 First Row: JOHN FORD DAVIS, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. LAURA LEE DAVIS, Oxford, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. MICHAEL KENT DAWSON, Lovington III., Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GREG G. DAY, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. MARCIA GAY DECKER, Indianapolis Ind., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. M. ANGELITA DELGADILLO, New Albany, Education. Second Row: JULIE THERESA DELPH, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. TERRY WAYNE DENNIS, Nashville Tenn., Busi- ness, Kappa Alpha. JACK CARBER DESSOMMES, Ocean Springs, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. FAHEY ANNE DIBENE- DETTO, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. MAR- SHA DICKSON, Canton, Pharmacy, Kappa Delta. WALTER EUGENE DICKSON, Bruce, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: FRANCES FOUNTAIN DODSON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JAMES PAUL DOHERTY, Memphis Tenn., Ed- ucation. JAMES EDWARD DONALD, Jackson, Liberal Arts. EDWARD FRANCES DONOVAN, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. RALPH EDWIN DOUGHERTY, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. GLORIA ALICE DOWDY, Gulfport, Education, Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: LINDA ALTEAN DOYLE, Clarksdale, Education, Phi Mu. WILLIAM W. DRINKWATER, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. MACK LEON DRYDEN, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. JAMES G. DUCKER, Roxie, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. SANDRA DUGGER, Oxford, Liberal Arts. RAYFORD ED WIN DUKES, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: MARY CATHRYN DYRE, Grenada, Business, Phi Mu. WIL- LIAM ROBERT EATON, JR., Bethesda Md., Engineering. STEPHEN CHARLES EDDS, Lincoln Neb., Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. MARTHA ANNE EDMONSON, Columbus, Education, Chi Omega. DAVID S. EDMONDSON, Vardaman, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. SHERRY LILETTE EDWARDS, Jack- son, Education, Chi Omega. Sixth Row: ROGER LARKIN ELFERT, Greenwood, Business, Phi Delta Theta. SHERRY LYNNE ELLINGTON, Farmington Mich., Edu- cation. RUSSELL EDWARD ELLIOTT, Bay St. Louis, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. KATHRYN IRENE ELLIS, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. MARY CORINNE ELLIS, New Albany, Business, Phi Mu. NANCY MARGARET ELLIS, New Albany, Business, Phi Mu. Seventh Row: SAMUEL C. ENDICOTT, Louisville Ky., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. ALEXIS MARIE ENGRAM, Gulfport, Education. REBECCA ANN ENLOE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM EDWARD ERB, Richmond Va., Liberal Arts. H. JOHN ERIKSON, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Chi. WILLIAM ERMOLOWICK, Jersey City N.J., Business . Eighth Row: SHARON ANN ESTES, Metaire La., Education. JUDITH NELL ETHERIDGE, Meridian, Education, Chi Omega. DAVID FERGUSON ETHRIDGE, Jackson, Liberal Arts. JUDY DIANNE FAGGARD, Moss Point, Education, Pi Beta Phi. GEORGE ROBERTSON FAIR, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. MARY JULIANNA FARR, Columbus Ohio, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Ninth Row: DONALD HERMAN FARRAR, Gulfport, Business. DONALD MONTI FAVRE, Bay St. Louis, Pharmacy. TOMMY DALE FAVRE, Miss City, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SAM- UEL DAVID FELDMAN, Newton, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. ANNA FRANCES FERGUSON, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. HELEN BETH FERGUSON, Greenville, Education, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Tenth Row: JOHNNIE WALTER FERGUSON, Hernando, Engineering. JOHN ALEXANDER FERRELL, luka, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. MURRAY BYRON FINCHER, Lexington, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. ELIZABETH SCOTT FINLEY, University, Liberal Arts. NANCY ELLEN FLOYD, Indianola, Education, Delta Gamma. JAMES DOUGLAS FLY, McComb, Liberal Arts. kik 334 Come on over, I don ' t shoot the bull very well on the phone. What makes you think I ' ll stop smiling after the election? ZOPrIMP7S First Row: KENNETH EDWARD FLY, Natchez, Business. JANE CAROL FOSHEE, Hattiesburg, Education, Chi Omega. JERRY KEITH FOSTER, Gloster, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. JAMIE FRANCES FOWLER, Jackson, Education, Delta Gamma. J. MARVIN FOXWORTH, Foxworth, Liberal Arts. MARTHA BETH FRANK- LIN, Oxford, Liberal Arts. Second Row: WILLIAM HARRELL FREEMAN, Waynesboro, Engineering. ROGER LYNN FULLER, Crystal Springs, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SANDRA STUART FULTON, Greenville, Liber- al Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUSAN QUINN FULTON, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. LAWRENCE MICHAEL FURLONG, Homewood III., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. CH ELLIE LUCRETIA FURR, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Third Row: PAUL DOUGLAS FYKE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JOHN HENRY GALBERRY, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. GLENN TODD GALLASPY, W. Monroe La., Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JOHN LANIER GALLOWAY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. JANETTE KHANSHAN GANJI, Tehran Iran, Liberal Arts. ROBERT GOODWYN GARDNER, Memphis Tenn., Business, Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: JANICE CAROL GARNER, Kosciusko, Business, Pi Beta Phi. PAUL MICHAEL GARNER, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. LUCY WEBSTER GARROTT, Memphis Tenn., Education, Chi Omega. GERALD CONNERS GAY, Falkner, Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon. THOMAS GEE, Lambert, Business. JOSEPH COBB GIBBS, Batesville, Business. Fifth Row: BARBARA HUNT GILDER, Vardaman, Education, Kappa Delta. JOHN WAITS GILL, Clinton, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. RE- VELYN COSTELLA GIPSON, Lamar, Liberal Arts. DAVID CHARLES GLEASON, Meridian, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. LUTHER CARROLL GOLLOTT, Biloxi, Business. JAMES HINES GOSS, Clarksdale, Business, Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: JOHN EVANS GOUGH, New Orleans La., Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT LYNN .GRAHAM, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. JANET LOU GRAVES, W. Memphis Ark., Education, Delta Gamma. MARTHA KAYE GRAVES, Laurel, Education, Delta Gamma. DUNCAN MONTGOMERY GRAY, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. WILLIAM ALAN GRAY, Meridian, Business. 335 D)) 11 First Row: GREEN BARRY GREER, Sikeston Mo., Business. WILLIAM W. GRESHAM, III, Indianola, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JOHN DAVID GRIFFITH, Corinth, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. SUSAN COE GRIGSBY, Blytheville Ark., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. FAYE DIANNE GRISHAM, Amory, Liberal Arts. DINAH GAIL GROSS, Carthage, Pharmacy, Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: BARTES ALFRED GUARR, Meridian, Pharmacy. CAROLYN LEE GUICE, Biloxi, Education, Delta Delta Delta. THOMAS CALVIN GUIDER, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. BARBARA LYNNE GUNCKEL, Ocala Fla., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. WILLIAM EDWIN GUPTON, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHERYL ANNE HAGAN, Nashville Tenn., Education, Delta Gamma. Third Row: PAULA KAY HAILEY, Crowder, Business. MARY JULIA HALL, Greenville, Education, Phi Mu. MELISSA ANN HALL, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. WALLACE EARL HAMILTON, Tutwiler, Education. WILBUR GORDON HAMLIN, JR., West Point, Liberal Arts. JUDITH ANN HAM- NER, Peoria III., Education. Fourth Row: BEVERLY JO HANEY, Pontotoc, Education. NANCY MELISSA HANKINS, Raleigh, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. WYATT E. HARLOW, Yazoo City, Pharmacy. MARY SANDRA HAR- MON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. THOMAS LEON HARRIS, JR., Newton, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. MARY SANDRA HARRISON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Fifth Row: MARTHA MURRAY HARSH, Birmingham Ala., Education, Pi Beta Phi. PHILIP NEWMAN HART, Louisville, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. LINDA RUTH HARVEY, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. KATHY CAROL HASKETT, W. Memphis Ark., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. JANICE HILL HAWKINS, Houston, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JO BETH HAWKINS, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Sixth Row: LINDA KAY HAYWARD, Winona, Education, Kappa Delta. MARY LEE HAZLEWOOD, Liberty. Education. LIONEL HEN- DERSON, Batesville, Business. RANDY CAROL HENDER- SON, Oxford, Business, Alpha Omicron Pi. SARAH JANE HENDERSON, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. CHARLOTTE•LOUISE HENDRICK, Okolona, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: ROBBIEJO HENRY, Pace, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. GASTON HENDERSON HEWES, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. BEVERLY ANNE HICKEY, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delt.o. KATHERINE BARROW HIDEN, Birmingham Ala., Education, Phi Mu. CURTIS WAYNE HITT, Oxford, Engineering. DONNA JEAN HJERPE, St. Louis Mo., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: DENIS JEROME HOGAN, Brandon, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon. SHARON ELIZABETH HOGUE, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. SUSAN HOLDER, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. HENRY T. HOLIFIELD, Hattiesburg, Busi- ness, Pi Kappa Alpha. NATHANIEL L. HOLLAND, JR. Weno- nah N.J., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. MARSHALL EARL HOLLIS, Monticello, Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: TERESA S. HOLLOMAN, Batesville, Education, Kappa Delta. JULIA BETH HOUSTON, Grenada, ' Education. JORJA SUZ- ANNE HOWELL, Egypt, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CYNTHIA GAIL HOY, New Orleans Education, Phi Mu. JAMES SCOTT HUDSON, Olive Branch, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. LINDA LANELLE HUDSON, Port Gibson, Educa- tion, Zeta Tau Alpha. Tenth Row: GLYNDA SUE HUFF, Taylorsville, Education. VIVIA ANNE HUGHES, Clarksdale, Education, Phi Mu. TOM HOOKE HUM- PHRIES, Durant, Pharmacy. MARILYN ANN HUNTER, Ox- ford, Education. JEANNE HUSTON, Mt. Pleasant Tenn., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. BRENDA JOYCE HUTCHENS, Helena Ark., Liberal Arts. 335 I surely hope we win, Me too. 71PPIRIP First Row: DELIA DENHAM HYDE, Memphis Tenn., Education, Delta Delta Delta. SARAH ANN JACKSON, New Albany, Educa- tion, Kappa Delta. MARGARET ELEANOR JACOBS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. SUZAN G. JAMISON, Gulfport Fla., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. ARTIE BRADFORDJANOUSH, Cleveland, Business, Kappa Alpha. EDWIN WHITE JENKINS, Clarksdale, Business. Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: JOYCE ODESSA JENKINS, Glen Allen, Business. DANNY WEEKS JENNINGS, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. RALPH NEW- TON JENNINGS, Kosciusko, Business. MARY JANE JOBE, Tupelo, Education, Delta Delta Delta. HOWARD JOE, Green- ville, Business. JERRY WENDELL JOHNSON, Valley Park, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. Third Row: MICHAEL ELLIOT JOHNSON, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. ARCHIE DONALD JONES, Canton, Liberal Arts. CAROLYN TERESA JONES, Jackson, Education, Chi Omega. CLAUDIA PINTARD JONES, Natchez, Business, Delta Gam- ma. LYNN HALL JONES, Canton, Education, Chi Omega. NILDA LEE JONES, Ripley, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: SUSAN MARIE JONES, W. Mobile Ala., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. VICTOR LYNN JONES, Brandon, Engineering, Sigma Nu. WILLIAM HOOPER JONES, JR., Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. EDITH JANE JUE, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. DANIEL LEE KAUZLARICH, Farmington III., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. KATHERINE M. KEACH, Ballwin Mo., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: CHARLES EPPERSON KELLY, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta . CHERYL D. KELLY, Oxford, Education. ROBERT A. KENNEDY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. ELAINE DOROTHY KEOWN, Jackson, Education. TOMMY CHASE KESSINGER, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. DANTON BOYCE KETCHUM, Macon, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: ALEX JOSEPH KIAMIE, JR., Oxford, Business, Sigma Nu. TERENCE JAMES KIERNAN, Wilmette III., Business, Phi Kappa Theta. DONALD LELAND KILGORE, Philadelphia, Business, Sigma Nu. TERRY L. KINCAID, Senatobia, Phar- macy. ROBERT EDWARD KING, Oxford, Engineering. WIL- LIAM ALLYN KING, Chapel Hill N.C., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. 337 if 11_11 11- N First Row: HARTLEY WEEMS KITTLE, Ill, Shaw, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. LEAH DENISE KLOTZ, McComb, Liberal Arts. MI- CHAEL ARMAND KNIGHT, Collins, Liberal Arts. NANCY HELEN KOCH, Marks, Education, Kappa Delta. JANIS LYNN BOWIE LAIR, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. MARIJANE LAMB, Memphis Tenn., Education. Second Row: DAVID FLAVOUS LAMBERT, Belmont, Liberal Arts. NANCY CAROLE LAND, Clinton, Education, Phi Mu. CHARLES HER- BERT LANEY, Sidon, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. JOHN BUFORD LANEY, Lyon, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JAMES ABNER LAUDERDALE, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. JOSEPH F. LAUDERDALE, Hernando, Engineering, Sigma Alph Epsilon. Third Row: HARQLD DEAN LAUMBATTUS, Marissa III., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. SUSAN PARKER LAVENDER, Marks, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. CONSTANCE LEA LAX, Bolivar Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. CARL RAY LEACH, Brandon, Pharmacy, Beta Theta Pi. REGINA LUCILE LEAKE, Columbia, Education. LYNDA DIANNE LEDLOW, Jackson, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: PATRICIA ANN LEHMAN, Gulfport, Education, Chi Omega. LINDA KAYE LEONARD, Tia Juana Zulia Vene., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. WILLIAM CAREY LESTER, Jackson, Busi- ness. MILDRED POLK LEWIS, Rosedale, Liberal Arts. VIN- CENT LI B ERTO, Grenada, Liberal Arts. TANGIE ALEN E LINGLE, Jackson, Education, Phi Mu. Fifth Row: SUSAN TOWNSEND LISENBY, Winona, Liberal Arts, -Phi Mu. SHARON ANN GRIM LISOWSKI, University, Liberal Arts. LYNDA LYNELL LITTLE, Sumner, Education. WILLIAM POW- ELL LITTON, Greenwood, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BARBARA LOIS LIVINGSTON, Prentiss, Education, Kappa Delta. J. ROBERT LEE LOGAN, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: GRITA SUZANNE LOLLAR, Darling, Education, Kappa Delta. LINDA SUE LONG, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. MARGARET WILSFORD LONGINO, Jonestown, Education, Chi Omega. BRENDA THOMSON LOWRY, Slidell La., Liberal Arts. ROBERT FORD LOWSTUTER, Arlington Va., Business. RUPERT MILTON LYON, Indianola, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: WILLIAM LOUIS LYON, Olive Branch, Business. MICHAEL EDWARD MCCAMEY, Okolona, Business, Kappa Alpha. SARAH ELIZABETH MCCLATCHY, Holly Springs, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARY HELEN MCCOSTLIN, Bruce, Pharmacy. SUZANNE MCDANIEL, Centreville, Liberal Arts. EDDIE JEAN MCDONALD, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: SAMMY MCEWEN, Oxford, Business. MELVIN HURLEY MC- FATTER, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. MYRTLE ANN MCINNIS, Kosciusko, Education, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. ELIZ PATRICIA MCKAY, Brandon, Education. ROB- ERT LEVON MCKAY, Oxford, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Tau. SHELBY WEEKS MCKEY, Utica, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: RUTH SMYTHE MCLALLEN, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. WYCHE LOWE MCMULLAN, Hattiesburg, Busi- ness, Pi Kappa Alpha. MARCIA MCMURRAY, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. GEORGE HOWARD MCMURRY, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts. LINDA COLLEEN MCNEELY, New Orleans La., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. CHARLES MI- CHAEL MCQUEEN, Birmingham Ala., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. Tenth Row: LILA LEE MCRIGHT, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANNELLE LEE MACY, Laurel, Education, Phi Mu. GARY MICHAEL MAHOLM, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. MARTHA ELIZABETH MAJOR, Jackson, Business, Delta Delta Delta. MINA BETH MALONE, Meridian, Education, Phi Mu. MERRELL LAVINIA MANEY, Murfreesboro Tenn., Liber- al Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. 338 It was a little chilly for cheering A pearl of a girl ORES First Row: MARY CARNATHAN MANSELL, Clarksdale, Education, Phi Mu. VINCENT D. MARASCALCO, Grenada, Liberal Arts. JAMES WAYNE MARBURY, Jackson, Pharmacy. MARY WATSON MARTIN, Ripley, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. PATRICIA LYNN MASSEY, Pensacola Fla., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. ROGER BENJAMIN MATTEL Hackensack N.J., Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. Second Row: THOMAS MARTIN MAYHUGH, Jacksonville Fla., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. FORREST LEE MEEK, Lexington, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. EDWIN DILWORTH MEEKS, Hamilton, Phar- macy. LISA MARR MEIERHOEFER, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. RAYMOND A. MEIFERT, Memphis Tenn., Education, Sigma Pi. MARY RANDLE MELTON, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: ROBERT ARRINGTON MILLER, Greenwood, Engineering, Sig- ma Chi. WILLIAM RAY MILLER, Amory, Liberal Arts. ME- LINDA CRAIG MILNER, Greenwood, Education, Pi Beta Phi. JUDITH CAROL MILSTEAD, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. LANCELOT L. MINOR, III, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. COLMON SHINN MITCHELL, Batesville, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: LARRY EDWARD MIXON, Drew, Business. DANNY GENE MIZE, Jackson, Business. HENRY ANDY MOAK, JR., Jack- son, Business, Sigma Nu. PAUL GREER MOAK, Jackson, Business. MITCHELL DIAL MONSOUR, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. PHYLLIS ANN MONTAGUE, Sallis, Education. Fifth Row: RICHARD CARL MONTEITH, Batesville, Engineering. J EANNE H. MONTGOMERY, Jackson, Business. PATRICIA AILEEN MOODY, Franklin Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. SAMMY LEE MOON, Amory, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. JAMES HOLLEY MOORE, JR., Corinth, Business, Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT DUNSCEATH MOORE, JR., Birmingham Ala., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: ELIZABETH STRUGIS MORRIS, Birmingham Ala., Education, Chi Omega. TERRY LEE MORRIS, New Albany, Business, Sigma Nu. CAROLYN M. MORRISON, Earle Ark., Education, Delta Delta Delta. CORINNE MORTON, Jacksonville Fla., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. RICHARD ARNOLD MOTLEY, Tappahannock Va., Business. RUBY GAY MOY, Hernando, Liberal Arts. if 11 339 JL First Row: CHRISTIAN STEPHEN MUELLER, Davenport la., Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. MARILYN JO MULLINS, Memphis Tenn., Education. MELANEE LOU MURPHREE, Tunica, Education, Pi Beta Phi. ANN WHITFIELD MURPHY, Monroe La., Educa- tion, Delta Gamma. LAMBERT EDWARD MURRAY, Marks, Liberal Arts. DEBORAH RUTH NELSON, Wilson Ark., Busi- ness, Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: JANET RUTH NEWELL, Meridian, Education, Chi Omega. JAMES THOMAS NEWTON, Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD GENE NIPPERT, Brookhaven, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD GENE NIPPERT, Brookhaven, Business, Kappa Sigma. VICTOR ARTHUR NIX, Ill, Ingelside III., Business, Phi Kappa Theta. NANCY RIGHTS NORMAN, Corinth, Business, Chi Omega. NANCY NORTON, Marvell Ark., Eduction. Third Row: PAULA DEEN NORTON, Tupelo, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. JUDITH KAREN OAKES, Elliott, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. TERESA GAIL OBARR, Okolona, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. KENNETH HOLT OILSCHLAGER, Meridian, Business, Phi Delta Theta. MICHAEL PATRICK °KEEFE, Clarksdale, Edu- cation. LESLIE CLAIRE OLIVER, University, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: MARDIE SUE OLSON, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. GWENDOLYN CONNELL ONEAL, Delhi La., Education, Pi Beta Phi. NANCY METTS OWEN, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. STEVE OWENS, Oxford, Business. PAMELA RAE PALMER, Amory, Ecuation, Zeta Tau Alpha. JENNY S. PAP- PAS, Nashville Tenn., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: DOROTHY LOIS PARISH, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. MICHAEL DENNIS PARKER, Vance, Liberal Arts. HAZEL LYNN PARKS, Oxford, Business. CAROL A. PATTER- SON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. LINDA ANN PATTERSON, Rosedale, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. PAMELA ELIZABETH PENICK, Houston, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Sixth Row: ANN PATRICK PERKINS, Hazlehurst, Education, Chi Omega. WALTERINE L. PERMENTER, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. EDITH LOUISE PERRY, Jackson, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. MICKEY JOE PERRY, Grenada, Business. VICKI ANN PERRY, Tunica, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. SU- SAN LOUISE PERSON, Greenwood, Education. Seventh Row: WALTER R. PETERSON, Greenville, Business, Beta Theta Pi. CAROLYN CELESTE PHILLIPS, Praire Point, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. EDMOND PRINCE PHILLIPS, JR., Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RAYNA REBECCA PHILLIPS, Batesville, Education, Delta Gamma. SUSAN FRENCH PIERCE, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. PAMELA JANE PITTS, University, Business. Eighth Row: MARY KATHRYN PLANTS, Oxford, Education, Phi Mu. FRED OWEN POITEVENT, Meridian, Business. MARILYN PATRICIA POLK, Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omi- cron Pi. JAMES EUGENE POOLE, University, Business, Sig- ma Nu. LOWERY MICHAEL POSEY, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts. BETTY DIANE POTEET, Guntown, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Ninth Row: JOHN KIRKHAM POVALL, Lexington, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. JAMES EDWIN PRATT, JR., Iverness, Business, Phi Delta Theta. PAMELA ANN PRESLEY, Jackson, Educa- tion, Alpha Delta Pi. JAMES OTTIS PREWITT, Pontotoc, Engineering. JOHN WILLIAM PREWITT, Vicksburg, Educa- tion. JOHN L. PURDOM, Wyoming Ohio, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Tenth Row: DONALD RALPH PURVIS, Brandon, Business, Sigma Chi. PATRICIA ALICE PURVIS, Jackson, Education. MARGUER- ITE CAROL PURYEAR, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. SUSAN PURYEAR, Ocean Springs, Education, Kappa Delta. MARTHA CAROL PYLANT, Fayetteville Tenn., Edu- cation. CATHERINE B. QUIN, Vicksburg, Education. 340 OTC it JL 1)) Yeah, Mickey Mouse is the word for it. First Row: JAMES L. QUINN, Jackson, Education, Phi Kappa Tau. LEE WILSON RANDALL, Meridian, Business. NELDA JOYE RANKIN, Clinton, Liberal Arts. VICTORIA RUTH RANSOM, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CYNTHIA ANN RASBERRY, Metairie La., Education. MARIE BEVERLY RATH- ER, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Second Row: DONALD W. RATLIFF, Belmont, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. JOHN CARY RAWLINGS, Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. CLELL HERMAN RAY, Columbus, Busi- ness, Kappa Alpha. JOHN KENT RAYBURN, Columbia, Busi- ness, Phi Kappa Theta. PATRICIA SUE REAGAN, Houston Tex., Education, Chi Omega. JOHN STEVEN REARDON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Third Row: WILLIAM WOODROW REID, JR., Corinth, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. HENRY CRAWFORD RHALY, JR., Jackson, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GILBERT ROSS RHOADES, Charleston W. Va., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. MELVIN H. RICH, III, Greenville, Business, Kappa Alpha. NANCY JEAN RICHARDS, Jackson, Business, Alpha Omicron Pi. MAL XHAW RIDDELL, Winona, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fourth Row: JERRY DALE RILEY, Quitman, Business, Sigma Nu. SIDNEY E. RISHER, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. LARRY EUGENE ROBERTS, Meridian, Business, Beta Theta Pi. LEON LEVELL ROBERTSON, Calhoun City , Business. FRANKLIN SCOTT ROBINSON, Waterford, Liberal Arts. MAR- CIA R. ROBINSON, Natchez, Education, Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: RICHARD RAY ROBINSON, West Point, Business. KATHER- INE D. ROBISON, Batesville, Liberal Arts. ROBERT RANDALL ROCHE, Bogalusa La., Business. LARRY ALAN ROE, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. CHARLES RUDOLPH ROGERS, Oxford, Busi- ness. SHELBY REECE ROGERS, JR., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: VAN LEWIS ROGERS, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. HARRY SMITH ROLAND, Greenwood, Business. GUY FORD ROWLAND, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. MARY LOU RUSSELL, Sardis, Liberal Arts. SUSAN ALICE SAFLEY, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Delta. KAYE ANN SANDERS, Long Beach, Education, Kappa Delta. 341 S If 1r r 1 1 " First Row: BEN LADNIER SAUCIER, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. CYNTHIA LYNN SAVAGE, Oxford, Education, Delta Gamma. KATHERINE STUART SCHAFFER, Vicksburg, Edu- cation, Kappa Delta. JOSEPH POAGE SCHROGHAM, Wind- sor Mo., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. VALLON IRENE SEUZ- ENEAU, Bay St. Louis, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. BETSY DIANE SHARPE, Dalton Ga., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: WILLIAM KENNEDY SHAW, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CINDY LOUISE SHELTON, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. BILLY JOE SHEPARD, Meridian, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. ANN DUDLEY SHERROD, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. STE- PHEN MILAM SHIRLEY, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. DAVID BRIGGS SHREVE, Bowling Green Ky., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Third Row: MARSHA LYNN SHUFF, Laurel, Education, Delta Delta Delta. LINDA SUE SIMON, Memphis Tenn., Education. GLENN CUR- TIS SIMPSON, JR., Columbia S.C., Business. DANIEL LEE SINGLETARY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. GINATOBIN SIPES, Jackson Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. VINCENT D. SKORUPSKI, Grenada, Business. Fourth Row: BARBARA ELLEN SMITH, Oxford, Liberal Arts. CAROLINE ALWINE SMITH, Tallulah La., Business, Pi Beta Phi. JOHN ROBERT SMITH, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. LARRY DEARMAN SMITH, Meridian, Liberal Arts. MICHAEL EARL SMITH, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT HOWELL SMITH, Oxford, Pharmacy. Fifth Row: STANLEY LEON SMITH, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. STEVEN KEITH SMITH, Memphis Tenn., Business. WILLIAM FRANKLIN SNEED, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. JONATHAN PETER STARYK, Ft. Lauderdale Fla., Liberal Arts. Phi Kappa Psi. STEVEN RAY STEGALL, Jack- son, Business, Phi Kappa Theta. SIMMIE DIANE STODG- HILL, Jackson, Business, Phi Mu. Sixth Row: CYNTHIA VIVIAN STOKES, Sulligent Ala., Education. ROSE- MARY STOLTZ, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. JOHN ONEIL STONE, Meridian, Business, Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM RONALD STONE, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. GEORGIA STRATTON, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. GORDON BERTRAM STROM, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: BETTY LOUISE STUART, Oxford, Liberal Arts. KATHRYN SUE STURDIVANT, Tillatoba, Liberal Arts. ANDREA WILLIS SUDDUTH, Vicksburg, Education, Chi Omega. JANE CARO- LYN SULLIVAN, Waynesbpro, Education, Phi Mu. WALKER JAMES SWANEY, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. ROBERT WILLIAM TABELING, Lexington Ky., Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: TOMMIE DENNIS TANNER, Pascagoula, Engineering. CLARA GENE TAULBERT, Glen Allen, Business. GUSTAV ARTHUR TAYLOR, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. VICKI LYNN TAYLOR,Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ALISON STODDART TEAGUE, Picayune, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. MARI DOUGLAS TEW, Meridan, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Ninth Row: CAROL JO THOMAS, Carthage, Business, Delta Gamma. EVELYN KAY THOMAS, Crystal Springs, Education, Kappa Delta. JANET CAROL THOMAS, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. SANDRA DIANE THOMAS, Sumner, Education. JOHN DAVID THOMPSON, Florence Ala., Busi- ness. LOUISA M. THOMPSON, Jackson Tenn., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Tenth Row: JOHN WILLIAM THORNTON, Douglasville Ga., Business, Kappa Alpha. MARIE THORNTON, Brownsville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. RHODA GAYLE THORNTON, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JACK RONALD TICKLE, Millington Tenn., Liberal Arts. ALAN WAYNE TILL, Annis- ton Ala., Business. JANET ELAINE TILLMAN, Boaz Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. 342 I think it is simply revolting. come a long way, Baby. SOP First Row: LILLIAN TONEY, Vicksburg, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. BURKE SIMMONS TORREY, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. JAMES LAMAR TOWNSEND, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. GARY MATT TRAUGHBER, Elkton Ky., Business. THOMAS EUGENE TUCEI, Biloxi, Business, Alpha Tau Ome- ga. JOHN DAVID TURNAGE, Aberdeen, LIBERAL Arts. Second Row: PHILLIP LYNN TUTOR, Ecru, Business. MARY ANN UL- MER, Meridian, Liberal Arts. LEWIS OWENS UNGLESBY, Shreveport La., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD GENE VANBUSKIRK, Tupelo, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. LAURA KAY VANNOY, Madisonville Ky., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. BILLY GENE VARNADO, Oxford, Pharmacy. Third Row: BEVERLY WINN VAUGHAN, University, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. JAY LEE VESTAL, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. TOMMY LYNN VINSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. HARRIET ELIZABETH WALKER, Ripley Tenn., Education, Kappa Delta. HARRY RAYMOND WALLACE, Winterthur Del., Education, Phi Kappa Theta. TOMMY L. WALLACE, Natchez, Engineering. Fourth Row: CAROL WATSON WALLER, Marks, Education. SAMUEL LLOYD WALTERS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. AR- THUR DONALD WALTON, Hattiesburg, Business, Sigma Nu. JAMES BEN WALZAK, lrondeguoit N.Y., Engineering. TED J. WARD, Long Beach, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES CHESTEEN WARE, Starkville, Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: SARAH ELIZABETH WARE, Marks, Education, Phi Mu. CARL WALTER WASSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. MARTHA JEWEL WATKINS, Jackson, Pharmacy. MARY KAY WATKINS, Waynesboro, Education, Kappa Delta. NORMA LEA WEAVER, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. RONNIE MICHAEL WEDGEWORTH, Fortville Ind., Engineer- ing, Phi Kappa Theta. Sixth Row: ROBERT MARKS WEEKS, Jackson, Liberal Arts. FRANI CORNELIUS WEIS, W. Memphis Ark., Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. DAVID REYNOLDS WHITE, Flora, Business, Sigma Alph Epsilon. JANET MARY WHITE, Gulfport, Edu- cation, Chi Omega. JERRY CLAY WHITE, Oxford, Business. JOHNNIE KAYE WHITE, Pensacola Fla., Education. 343 111 N h■ ' 1 lq First Row: JULIA HAZEL WHITE, Gulfport, Education, Chi Omega. NANCY LEE WHITE, Owensboro Ky., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. ROBERT AARON WHITE, Meridian, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. THOMAS FORREST WHITMAN, Hender- son Ky., Liberal Arts. LUCIEN S. WHITTINGTON, Brook- haven, Business. JAMES GAYLE WILBORN, Grenada, Business. Second Row: NOELL LEE WILBORN, Lambert, Education, Delta Gamma. FREDDY VERNON WILKEY, JR., Water Valley, Engineering. LINDY DIANA WILKINS, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. KENNETH C. WILKINSON, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. CYNTHIA JANE WILLIAMS, Hollandale, Edu- cation, Delta Gamma. DOUGLAS RAY WILLIAMS, Memphis Tenn., Business, Kappa Alpha. Third Row: KATHY ANN WILLIAMS, Holly Spring, Business. MICKEY ANN WILLIAMS, Osyka, Business, Alpha Delta Pi. PETER FAIRLEY WILLIAMS, Clarksdale, Business. THOMAS GARY WILLIAMS, Jackson, Engineering. BRENDA HILL WILLIAM- SON, Brownsville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELIZABETH WILLISTON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: BARRY WILSON, Jackson Tenn., Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOSEPH VANDORN WILSON, Covington La., Busi- ness. KEITH ALLEN WILSON, Alton III., Business. MARTY L. WINDELS, Jackson, Business, Phi Mu. HELEN SUE WINDHAM, Columbia, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. KATIE WING, Webb, Education. Fifth Row: WILLIAM THOMAS WINGO, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CAROL DEAN WINTER, Bruce, Liberal Arts. ANNIE YVONNE WITHERS, Victoria, Liberal Arts. FRED MARSHALL WITTY, Greenwood, Business, Phi Delta Theta. NANCY ELAINE WOMACK, Williamsville N.Y., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. ANDREW CHIWANG WONG, Hong Kong China, Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: NANCY ELAINE WOODBURY, Pensacola Fla., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. AMOS JARMAN WORD, Ill, Inver- ness, Liberal Arts. HELEN REBECCA WORSHAM, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. CHERYL JOSEPHINE WRIGHT, Greenwood, Education. LETITIA PARHAM WRIGHT, Amory, Education. ALVA LEWIS WYLIE, Oxford, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Seventh Row: BECKY YEE, Dermott Ark., Liberal Arts. JEFFERY CORDELL YODER, Niles Mich., Business. DOROTHY E. YOUNG, Clarks- dale, Business. MARCIA JANET YOUNG, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. ROLAND KENNETH YOUNG, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. 344 First Row: CHARLES EDWIN ABRAHAM, Leland, Liberal Arts. GLENN ALLEN ADAIR, Olive Branch, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. ANDREW JAMES ADAMS, Ill, Ocean Springs, Business, Beta Theta Pi. THOMAS CARRUTH ADAMS, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RONALD H. ALD- RIDGE, Jackson, Business. JOSEPH PARKER ALEXANDER, Dyersburg Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Second Row ' CATHERINE E. ALFORD, McComb, Education, Chi Omega. K ATHY JANE ALFORD, McComb, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CORNELIUS ALLEN, JR., Como, Education. JAMES BUCK- LEY ALLEN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. JOSEPH PRESTON ALLEN, Falls Church Va., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. KATHRYN WILDER ALLEN, Houston Tex., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: ROBERT BARTON ALLEN, Baton Rouge La., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. SIDNEY PERRY ALLEN, Indianola, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM DALE ALLEN, Magee, Busi- ness. DANIEL KENT ALLGOOD, Millington Tenn., Engineer- ing, Beta Theta Pi. DIANE OLIVIA ALLISON, Houston Tex., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. DAN PATRICK ALTMAN, Florence Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: ANNE AMBROSE, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts. ANNE POIT- EVENT ANDERSON, Shreveport La., Education, Pi Beta Phi. PATRICIA BETH ANDREWS, Hayti Mo., Education, Phi Mu. LARRY LOUIS ANTHONY, Water Valley, Education. MARY EVALYN ANTOON, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. MARGARET RUTH ANTRIM, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: BRENDA GAIL ARMSTRONG, Bolton Tenn., Liberal Arts. WILLIAM CLAY ASHFORD, Lambert, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. BARBARA RUTH ATKINSON, Oxford, Business, Phi Mu. JACQUELINE KING AUSTIN, Greenwood, Education, Phi Mu. JANET SUE AUSTIN, Indianola, Pharmacy, Alpha Omicron Pi. ANNE CLAIRE BAGBY, Birmingham Ala., Liber- al Arts. Sixth Row: ROBERT EUGENE BAILEY, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. ROBERT WADE BAIRD, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. BEVERLY ANNE BAIRD, Birmingham Ala., Education, Pi Beta Phi. JACQUELINE KAYE BAKER, Gideon Mo., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARY KATHRYN BALCH, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. JANET KATHRYN BALKO, Jackson, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: SALLIE DIX BALLARD, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JOYCE LYNN BANKS, Oxford, Business. CHARLES C. BARKS- dale, Jackson, Liberal ' Arts, Sigma Chi. PATRICIA ANN BARNER, Clarksdale, Education. JAMES MARVIN BARNES, Alexandria La., Business. WORLEY ANNE BARNES, Shreve- port La., Education, Phi Mu. Eighth Row: PEGGY SUE BARNETT, Jackson, Education. RANDALL BARN- ETT, Jacksonville Fla., Liberal Arts. BRENDA JUNE BATE- MAN, Olive Branch, Business. CAROLYN FRANCES BEAS- LEY, Meadville, Liberal Arts. EDGAR C. BEAUMONT, Biloxi, Engineering. SHERRY ANN BECKWITH, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. Ninth Row: TOM ROY BEECROFT, Memphis Tenn., Business, Beta Theta Pi. CLIFFORD PHILIP BEIN, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD GREER BELEW, Greenfield Tenn., Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. BONNIE BELL, Duncan, Education, Chi Omega. RICHARD EDWARD BELL, New Albany, Business, Sigma Nu. JOHN CLARENCE BENNETT, Columbia, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tenth Row: ROBERT MCINTYRE BENO, Tinker Afb Okla., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. BILLY BERRY, Mt. Olive, Pharmacy. JOHN DOUGLAS BETHAY, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. PEGGY LANIER BIGGERS, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. EDMOND K. BIRDSONG, New Orleans La., Liberal Arts. NOEL DOUGLAS BLACKWELL, Clinton, Education. 345 We want usual. vnrs ij Al lL First Row: SHEILA GAIL BLAINE, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. FRANCES MADREEN BLAKESLEE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. WANDA FRANCES BLANKENSHIP, Jackson Tenn., Business, Kappa Kappa Gamma. WENDELL LYN BLANKS, Magnolia, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. THOMAS A. BLANTON, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. SANDRA LUCILLE BOBBITT, Collierville Term., Education. Second Row: JOSEPH SLATTERY BOGGESS, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. JAMES WALKER BONDS, Dyersburg Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. GRETCHEN BONNIE, Urbana Ohio, Liberal Arts. CARL WALTER BOREN, JR., Port Gibson, Engineering. RAY MICHAEL BOURGEOIS, Atlantic Beach Fla., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. ELIZABETH T. BOU- TON, Germantown Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: MARY RUTH BOYD, Prentiss, Liberal Arts, Kappa D elta. JAMES E. BRADDOCK, Ripley, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. PEGGY LEE BRADFORD, Itta Bena, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. GUY ALEXANDER BRADLEY, Lexington Ky., Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. SHERRY LEE BRANNAN, Oxford, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. DIANNE BRANSCOME, Grenada, Education, Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: DAVIS WILSON BRASFIELD, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. CHARLOTTE T. BRASHER, Bruce, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM CARL BRATTON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. NORMAN CRAIG BREWER, III, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. PEGGY LEE BREYMAIER, Memphis Tenn., Phar- macy, Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT L. BRIDGEFORTH, Como, Education. Fifth Row: HALLIE GAIL BRIDGES, Belzoni, Liberal Arts. SUSAN KAYE BRITT, Olive Branch, Education, Kappa Delta. JAMES F. BRITTAIN, Jr., Birmingham Ala., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. LUCIUS WILLIAM BROCK, McComb, Liberal Arts, SUSAN ELAINE BROOM, Columbia, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. IRIS ADELE BROWN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: LEE OATIS BROWN, Jackson, Business. MARSHA LORETTA BROWN, Sevierville Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. THOMAS EDWARD BROWN, JR., Biloxi, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. MARY CATHERINE BROYLES, N. Little Rock Ark., Pharmacy, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM EDWARD BRUCE, Meridian, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. ELLA SUSAN BRUMFIELD, Mc- Comb, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. 346 V JI L First Row: WILLIAM RICE BRUNSON, Gulfport, Business. STEVE H. BRYAN, Winona, Business, Kappa Sigma. CAROL ANN BUCHANAN, Blytheville Ark., Education, Chi Omega. JIM BRIGHT BUCHANAN, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAMELA EWING BUCHANAN, Vicksburg, Education, Phi Mu. MARIE E. BUCHBERGER, Booneville, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Second Row: JERRY WAYNE BULLOCK, Ruleville, Business, Sigma Nu. FREDERICK WAYNE BURFORD, Crenshaw, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. WALTER GUY BURKHALTER, Jr., Enid, Business, Sigma Nu. REBECCA JILL BURNS, Brookhaven, Education. FRANCES MIRIAM BURT, Houlka, Liberal Arts. JANE CRAIG BUTTERWORTH, Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts. Third Row: SUZANNE ALINE CABOCHE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. ALBERT MICHAEL CALDWELL, Oak Ridge Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. ARTHUR ENERSON CALD- WELL, Pass Christian, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. EMILY ARMSTRONG CALDWELL, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. KATHY LOU CALDWELL, Jackson Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. RICHARD EUGENECALD- WELL, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: GERALD EDWARD CALVASINA, Wilmington De., Education, Phi Kappa Theta. HENRY WALLACE CAMPBELL, Canton, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAUL DAVIS CANNADA, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. CHARLIE ALEX CANOVA, JR., Woodville, Pharmacy. JOSEPH RANDALL CAPERTON, Louisville, Liberal Arts. CHARLES COLLIER CARLTON, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: PAUL WILLIAM CARMEAN, JR., Caruthersville Mo., Busi- ness, Kappa Alpha. JANE ELLEN CARMICHAEL, Birming- ham Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. STEPHEN DALE CARNEY, Memphis Tenn., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. KATHERINE A. CARPENTER, New Orleans La., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CYNTHIA ANN CARR, Memphis, Tenn., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. NANCY BUTLER CARROLL, Greenwood, Education, Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: ALAN WALKER CARTER, Greenwood, Business, Phi Delta Theta. NICK CHARLES CARTER, Clearwater Ha., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. RUSSELL KENNETH CARVER, At- lanta Ga., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. NATALIE LYNN CASE, Hudson Ohio, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. NAPOLEON L. CASSIBRY, Cleveland, Business, Kappa Alpha.GORDON M. CASTLEBERRY, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: ANDREW JOSEPH CEFALU, Leland, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. ANNE MARTIN CHADWELL, Nasville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Al- pha Omicron Pi. MICHAEL WILLIAM CHADWICK, Walnut Grove, Liberal Arts. DUKE COLLINS CHAFFIN, Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. WALTER LEE CHAMBERS, Hum- bolt Tenn., Education. MARY ANN CHANCELLOR, Macon, Lib- eral Arts, Delta Delta Delta. Eighth Row: JAMES ROBBINS CHANDLER, West Point, Business, Phi Delta Theta. RUPERT LEANDER CHAPMAN, New Albany, Liberal Arts. CEDRIC VAUGHN CHINN, Marks, Pharmacy. HORACE EDWARD CHOATE, JR., Meridian, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. WESLEY DEAN CHOW, Clarksdale, Engineering. WALTER BATES CHRISTIAN, Tokyo Japan, Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: FAITH MARGARET CHURCH, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. MELAINE ANN CLARK, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. LAURA CLAYTON, Memphis Tenn., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CAROLYN SUE CLINTON, Sikeston Mo., Lib- eral Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. DONALD R. COLE, Jackson, Engineering. ROBERT BRADY COLE, Boyle, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. Tenth Row: JAMES ANTHUM COLLINS, Shreveport La., Liberal Arts. JOHN DAVID COLLINS, Jackson, Business. CAROLYN ANN COLLUMS, Jackson, Engineering. MARY BETH COLSON, Waveland, Education. LEE ANN COMBS, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CAROL CONWAY, Birmingham, Education, Chi Omega. 347 I) 11 Touchdown! First Row: FRENCHIE MILLER COOKE, Nashville Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. MARY SUSAN COOKE, Tupelo, Education, Chi Omega. MARK JEFFERY COREY, Holly Springs, Business, Kappa Alpha. ROBERT MICHAEL CORMELL, Lewisburg Pa., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. MELANIE COSGROVE, NewOrleans La., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOHN WALTER CO- VERT, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. Second Row: ESTELLA F. COVINGTON, Summit, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM D. COVINGTON, JR., Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. MICHAEL T. COX, St. Augustine Fla., Education. MARGARET POOLE CRAN, Germantown Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. REBECCA LEWIS CRAWFORD, Marion Ark., Education. GEORGEANNE CROWE, Cincinnati Ohio, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Third Row: PATRICIA SUE CROWL, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. PETER BOLAN CUNDALL, Cincinnati Ohio, Lib- eral Arts, Beta Theta Pi. CELIA CATHERINE CUPP, Hot Springs Ark., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM ANDREWS CURTIS, University, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. BARBARA ELLEN DACUS, Kilmichael, Pharmacy. MARSHA KATHERINE DANCY, Crowder, Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: RICHARD ALFRED DARDEN, JR., Jackson,Engineering, Delta Psi. DAN BERRY DAVIDSON, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. HUNTER BROWNE DAVIDSON, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DONNA B. DAVIS, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. JAMES MADISON DAVIS, Red Banks, Engineer- ing. PATRICK VINCENT DAVIS, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Fifth Row: THOMAS ALLEN DAVIS, Anchorage Alaska, Liberal Arts. HELEN VIRGINIA DAWSON, Meridian, Education, Delta Delta Delta. MARK EDWARD DAWSON, Lovington III., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. ALYCE DIANE DEALY, Columbia Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. WILLIAM MOORE DEAN, Canton, Busi- ness, Kappa Alpha. REBECCA LEE DECOUX, McComb, Edu- cation, Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: MARTA CECILIA DELGADILLO, Managua Nicaragua, Liberal Arts. MELISSA EDELLE DENHAM, Laurel, Education, Chi Omega. MARGARET ANN DERBY, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. KENNETH GLEN DEVINEY, Port Gibson, Busi- ness. RAYMOND SCOTT DEW, Memphis Tenn., Education. LAWRENCE CLARK DILLEY, Oxford, Liberal Arts. 348 AI First Row: RANDY BRYAN DISMUKE, Memphis Tenn., Busines, Kappa Alpha. JAMES WILBERT DODSON, Fayette Ala., Business, Kappa Alpha. SUSAN LEE DONAHOWER, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. SHIRLEY TIDE DONNELLY, Beaumont, Tex., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. CHARLES K. DOOLITTLE, Brook- haven, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. BARRY COLE DOUG- LAS, Balboa Canal Zone, Engineering. Second Row: VICTORIA ANN DOURS, Metairie, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. RALPH HINDMAN DOXEY, Holly Springs, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JANET ANNE DRAUGHON, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Beta Phi. ANN CAROL DRIVER, Mason Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. MARGARET EUGENIA DUCKETT, Falls Church Va., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. TIMOTHY ROGERS DUCKWORTH, Houston Tex., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: ROBERT GALOUS DUNCAN, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Phi Kap- pa Psi. NANCY SUE DUNN, Grand Junction Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. LEWELLYN L. DURANT, JR., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. LARRY ARTHUR DUTY, Tupelo, Education, Phi Kappa Psi. KENNETH STEPHEN DWYER, Mc- Comb, Liberal Arts. LARRY VANCE EASTERLING, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: HIRAM CHESTER EASTLAND, JR., Doddsville, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LARRY GENE EATON, Grenada, Liberal Arts. LINDA DIANNE EDWARDS, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. PATRICK WILTZ EDWARDS, Jackson Tenn., Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. WARREN GEE EDWARDS, JR., Clinton, Liberal Arts. BERT CHARLES EHRHARDT, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: EMILY DIANE EISENHOWER, Crystal Springs, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. BOBBY GARY ELLIOTT, Crowder, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CATHERINE ANN ELLIOTT, Birmingham Ala., Education, Phi Mu. PHYLLIS MARIE ELLIOTT, Ripley, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. MARTHA LYNN ELLIS, Oxford, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ROBERT EUGENE ELLIS, Olive Branch, Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. Sixth Row: MARK JOSEPH ELLZEY, JR., Gulfport, Business, Phi Delta Theta. NAGLA M.M. ELMOGADDADY, Cairo Egypt, Liberal Arts. PETER WILLIAM ENGELMANN, Princeton N.J., Busi- ness. HAROLD LANE ENGLAND, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. REGINA EPPS, Jackson, Liberal Arts. JOHN AUSTIN EVANS, Jackson, Business, Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: KARL EDWARD EVERSMEYER, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. CAROLE JEANNETTE FERGUSON, Grenada, Pharmacy, Kappa Kappa Gamma. EDEN CAROL FERGUSON, Forrest City Ark., Education. LIZABETH LYNN FILONI, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. PATRICIA ANN FLANNIGAN, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. CALVIN ALBERT FLEMING, Lafitte La., Engineering. Eighth Row: JENNIFER DAWN FLEMING, Portland Ore., Education. JOHN MADISON FLOWERS, Jr., Terry, Liberal Arts. PAULA ANN FLY, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. CHRIS- TINE ANN FONTENOT, Hollandale, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. MERIDITH JANE FOOSE, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. BERNICE MARTIN FORMAN, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: LAURIE MARIE FORSTALL, New Orleans La., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. LARRY ALAN FOSTER, Huntsville Ala., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. VERNON FRANK FOSTER, Gloster, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. MARK ANDREW FRANK, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. MICHAEL DON FRANKLIN, Shelby, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. PHILLIP CAMPBELL FRATESI, Indianola, Business, Phi Delta Theta. Tenth Row:, CHARLES H. FREDERICK, JR., Corinth, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. CARRIE LYNN FRY, Columbus, Education, Phi Mu. REBECCA ANN FUDOLI, Hillsboro, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. ROBERT PAUL FULLER, Coldwater, Liberal Arts, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. BRYON KNOX FURR, Aberdeen, Engineer- ing. MIKE HORNE FURTICK, Corinth, Business, Sigma Nu. 349 I haven ' t heard about a Write- n movement. 111 111 111 First Row: GLENN EDWARD GANCI, Indianola, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. JANET CECILIA GANN, luka, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. FRANK MARTIN GARNER, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. NANCY MADDOX GARRETSON, Springfield Va., Edu- cation, Pi Beta Phi. NANCY GARROTT, West Memphis Ark., Education. STEPHEN L. GATES, Oxford, Business, Kappa Alpha. Second Row: MYRTLE H. GAY, Falkner, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. PAUL FRANCIS GAYNOR, JR., Arlington Va., Business, Beta Theta Pi. ROBBIE LYNN GEE, Crowder, Pharmacy. LILLIAN E. GEOGHEGAN, Natchez, Liberal Arts. HENRY PARHAM GETER, Woodville, Engineering. GINGER ANN GHOLSTON, Isola, Liberal Arts. Third Row: JOHN HAYWOOD GILBERT, Nashville Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KAY F. GILLENTINE, Tupelo, Educa- tion, Alpha Delta Pi. SYLVIA NELL GILLENTINE, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. ELLEN B. GILLESPIE, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. SAMUEL DEXTER GIVHAN, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. PATRICK JOHN GLAVEY, Clearwater Fla, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: VIRGINIA CARROLL GLEASON, Crete III., Liberal Arts. STEPHEN WOOD GODBOLD, Jackson, Business. KATH- LEEN LUM GOO, Helena Ark., Liberal Arts. REBECCA ANN GORDON, Florence, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. STEPHEN CRAIG GRACE, Owensboro Ky., Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. THOMAS GENE GRAHAM, JR., Memphis Tenn., Pharmacy, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: INA KATHERINE GRAVES, Brandon, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. LYDIA COCHRAN GRAVES, Winona, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. MABEL ELIZABETH GRAY, Elkmon Ala., Education, Chi Omega. PATRICIA MERLE GRAY, Elkmont Ala., Education, Chi Omega. WILLIAM HARVEY GRESHAM, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. KAREN LEE GUM- PHREY, Annapolis Md., Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: EDGAR LINDSEY GUNN, Caldwell Ark., Liberal Arts. PATRICIA COLEEN GUY, Tiburon Calif., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. STEVEN WILLIAM GUYTON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. THOMAS ERIC HALE, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. ELIZABETH ORLENA HAMILTON, Corsicana Tex., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. FRED TYSON HAMILTON, Indianola, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 350 First Row: MARY FLYNT HAMMOND, Kosciusko, Education, Delta Gam- ma. KERRY MAUREEN HANNAHAN, Columbia, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. SHERRY LYNN HANSON, MemphisTenn., Education, Phi Mu. JAMES R. HARDIN, Houlka, Business. GRIZELDA ANN HARGRAVES, Helena Ark., Education, Al- pha Omicron Pi. GEORGE E. HARRELL, JR., Jackson, Liber- al Arts, Delta Psi. Second Row: GREGORY B. HARRINGTON, Gloster, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. DANIEL ANDREW HASSIN, Yazoo City, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. CURTIS BUSH HASTY, Ill, Birmingham Ala., Business, Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM WALTON HAT- TOX, Pontotoc, Business. CHARLES C. HAUGHTON, Chat- tanooga Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Pxi. LUCY BOWEN HAWKEN, Batesville, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. Third Row: JACK DAVID HAWKINS, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. JOHN DEXTER HAYNES, Baldwyn, Business, Sigma Nu. JOAN ABIGAIL HEALY, Syracuse N.Y., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. JERE AUGUSTUS HENDERSON, Troy Ala., Liberal Arts. JOHN KENT HENDERSON, Carthage, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. MARGARET JANE HENDERSON, Sumner, Education, Chi Omega. Fourth Row: GODFRED HENNIG, III, Biloxi, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. TIMOTHY NORRIS HERNDON, Pontotoc, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. HELEN DORIS HERRINGTON, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. WESLEY W. HESTER, JR., Belzoni, Business, Kappa Alpha. RONNIE DALE HICKS, Gulfport, Engineering. WILLIAM ROGERS HICKS, Laurel, Pharmacy. Fifth Row: RICHARD SCOTT HINES, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Al- pha. DAVIDSON RALPH HOGUE, Scott, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. HENRY HARLAN HOGUE, Walnut Grove, Engineer- ing. WINSTON RONALD HOLLAND, Como, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM LARRY HOLMAN, Isola, Engineering. EDWARD HARRIS HOLMES, Clarksdale, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: MICHAEL WESLEY HOLMES, Tylertown, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. DIANNE HOOD, Jackson, Education, Pi Beta Phi. OPAL JEAN HOOD, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. REBECCA DI- ANE HOWARD, San Mateo Calif., Liberal Arts. RICHARD C. HOWORTH, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. CHARLES P. HUDSON, JR., Canton, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: JACK SHARPE HUDSON, Dyersburg Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN NEWTON HUDSON, Natchez, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. MARTHA FAY HUGHES, Bruce, Business. MARY ELAINE HUNTER, Inverness, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. SHERRY LYNN HURST, Knoxville Tenn., Liberal Arts. PAUL RICHARD HUST, Natchez, Business, Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: JAMES BYRON HUTCHISON, JR., Hazlehurst, Business, Del- ta Psi. DONNA KAY IDOM, Raleigh, Liberal Arts, Delta Gam- ma. JANICE SUSAN INGRAM, Memphis Tenn., Education, Phi Mu. MARY ANN IVEY, Orlando Fla., Education, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIS IVORY, Natchez, Engineering. CECILIA ANNE JACKSON, Oxford, Business, Alpha Delta Pi. Ninth Row: LYNN A. JACKSON, JR., Bolivar Tenn., Business, Sigma Nu. MERILYN ANN JACKSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. NAN ELIZABETH JACOB, Forest, Education, Phi Mu. ALBERT JOSEPH JAEGER, JR., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. GILBERT DELAFAYETTE JAY, West Mem- phis Ark., Business. CLYDE C. JOHNSON, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: CYRUS C. JOHNSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. FRANCIS W. JOHNSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JOANN JOHNSON, Greenville, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOSEPHINE E. JOHNSON, Dallas Tex., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. KEITH RANDALL JOHNSON, Scotts- boro Ala., Business, Beta Theta Pi. NANCY JEAN JOHN- SON, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. 351 F 11- JVL HMMM! If I could just find something to do my paper on. First Row: OREN VAN JOHNSON, JR., Vardaman, Business. ROBERT EDGAR JOHNSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. DAVID BERNARD JOLLY, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. BERNARD BRYAN JONES, Ill, Tchula, Busi- ness, Phi Delta Theta. JERRELL W, JONES, JR., Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. LYNN DEE JONES, Gulfport, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: PAMELA LYNN JONES, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. RANDALL T. JONES, Pontotoc, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. REGENIA FAYE JONES, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. ROBERT CARL JONES, Stringtown, Busines s, Delta Kappa Epsilon. RUSSEL A. JONES, JR., Nashville Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RERRY JAY JONES, Gulf- port, Business. Third Row: VICTOR GORDON JONES, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. CHARLES FRANKLIN KAMPER, Enterprise, Liberal Arts. WARD RANDOLPH KANE, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. KAREN LARUE KAUFMAN, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. MARGARET ADELE KAZAN, Leland, Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. PHILIP CAROL KEEL- ING, Corinth, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: GERALD WILBURN KETCHUM, Dyersburg Tenn., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. RAMES MICHAEL KHAYAT, Moss Point, Business, Sigma Nu. REBECCA RUTH KILGORE, Atlanta Ga., Education, Phi Mu. ROBERT CURTIS KIMBRELL, Clarksdale, Business. CALA SUE KIMBRIEL, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. HOLLY JEAN KING, Poplar Bluff Mo., Business. Fifth Row: MICHAEL LEONARD KING, Greenville, Liberal Arts. CRANE DAVIS KIPP, Dallas Tex., Business, Delta Psi. ALAN LEE KITCHENS, Utica, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHERRY LYNNE KNOX, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. KATHERINE R. KOCHTITZKY, Nashville Tenn., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. LESTER KOE, JR., Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: ANITA GAY KREUSLER, Southington Ohio, Education. TIM- OTHY FRANK KRIEHN, Biloxi, Business, Beta Theta Pi. FRED HOWARD KRUTZ, III, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. MARGARET ANDREA KUDLACZ, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. MORELLA L. KUYKENDALL, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. SHARON EVA LADNER, Clermont Harbour, Liberal Arts. 352 IF 11 IL First Row: DAVID DANE LAIR, Charleston Mo., Business, Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT JAMES LANDRY, Biloxi, Business. MARY BETH LAPLANT, Sikeston Mo., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. CLAIRE ANN LATTURE, Hot Springs Ark., Pharmacy, Pi Beta Phi. SHIU WANG LAW, Kowl oon Hong Kong, Engineering. HAR- OLD BROOKS LEASURE, JR., Madisonville Ky., Business, Sigma Nu. Second Row: THOMAS EVERARD LEE, Caracas Venezuela, Business. ROBERT ALDRIDGE LESTER, Jackson, Business, Kappa Sigma. MICHAEL R. LEVANWAY, Jackson, Business, Delta Psi. THOMAS MICHAEL LEWIS, Memphis Tenn., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. RODNEY LINGLE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JAMES OFFIE LITES, III, Pine Bluff Ark., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Theta. Third Row: EAMY LYNN LITTLE, Montgomery Ala., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. CHRISTOPHER F. LLANO, Takoma Park Md., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. N. DIANNE LOGAN, Oxford, Liberal Arts. EMILY CAROL LONG, Braggadocio Mo., Education, Delta Gamma. JAMES GARFIELD LOOFT, Pensacola Fla., Engineering, Kappa Sigma. JAlylES DOWNES LOONEY, Proc- tor Ark., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: GEORGE AUGUSTUS LOTTERHOS, Annadale Va., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. MARY C.P. LOU, Clarksdale, Business. MOLISSIE ANN LOVELADY, Oxford, Business, Phi Mu. WARREN MCGEE LUDLAM, Jackson, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JO ANN LUKE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. MARSHA ANN LUNCEFORD, Birmingham Ala., Education. Fifth Row: GLENN T. LUNSFORD, Maxwell AFB Ala., Business, Phi Kappa Tau. KATHERINE ANN LUPER, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. ANNE CAMPBELL MCADOO, Union City Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. BEVERLY NAN MCALPIN, Jackson, Liberal Arts. SULA SNYDER MCAULEY, Pompano Bch Fla., Liberal Arts. WILLIAM BONNER MCCARTY;Jack- son, Business, Delta Psi. Sixth Row: REBECCA L. MCCORMICK, Oxford, Education, Kappa Delta. JOE COLEMAN MCCOY, Drew, Business, Sigma Nu. PA- TRICIA YVONNE MCCOY, Natchez, Liberal Arts. ROBERT BRUCE MCCRORY, Mobile Ala., Liberal Arts. SHARON GAIL MCCULLY, Louisville, Education. WILLIAM M. MC- DONALD, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: WILLIAM L. MCDONOUGH, JR., New Albany, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN DIXON MCGEE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. MARY LILLIAN MCGRAW, Louisville, Edu- cation, Delta Delta Delta. DAVID MILTON MCINTOSH, Gulf- port, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. JAMES A. MCINTYRE, Jackson, Liberal Arts. STEVAN MICHAEL MCKENZIE, Mem- phis Tenn., Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: JAMES W. MCLAUGHLIN, JR., Hattiesburg, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. HUGH CARROLL MCLEOD, Jackson, Liberal Arts. JAMES DAN MCLEOD, Petal, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. VENTON ALBERT MCNABB, JR., Centreville, Edu- cation, Kappa Alpha. RONALD ALEXANDER MCREE, Grenada, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT N. MCWILLIAMS, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row: CLIFFORD MACGOWAN, III, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. MARILY MAJORS, Jackson, Education, Kappa Delta. EDWARD CHARLES MALONEY, Jackson, Business, Sigma Nu. HELEN DAYTON MANIER, Nashville Tenn., Education, Chi Omega. CHERYL RENEE MARTIN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. JOHN SANFORD MARTIN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. Tenth Row: MARY SMITH MARTIN, Mobile Ala., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ROBERT CLYDE MASSEY, W. Memphis Ark., Business. PAULA MAURINE MATHERNE, Alexandria La., Liberal Arts. NANCY PATRICE MAULDIN, McComb, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. HARRIETT LOUISE MAY, Caruthersville Mo, Education, Pi Beta Phi. HENRY RAY- MOND MAYER, McComb, Business, Phi Delta Theta. 353 r vi] Oxford, Home of Ole Miss. The Reforestation Capitol of the World. First Row: KENNETH MAYFIELD, Okolona, Liberal Arts. MARGARET E. MAYFIELD, Shreveport La., Education, Delta Delta Delta. FELICIA JANE MAYO, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. CARROLL BRENT MEADOR, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GORDON HILL MEADOR, Jackson, Bus- iness, Delta Psi. GAIL CHARLOTTE MEANS, Memphis Tenn., Education, Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: STEVEN ROSCOE MELLETTE, Bethesda Md., Education, Sigma Pi. MARTHA JANE MERRELL, Vossburg, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. RICHARD LYNN METCALF, Jackson, Business. CHARLES SHIVERS METCALFE, Clarksdale, Bus- iness, Kappa Sigma. DARLA JEANNE MICCI, Memphis Tenn, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. KEITH ADAIR MILLER, Woodville, Education. Third Row: LYNN REESE MILLER, Lookout Mt. Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. RICHARD EDWARD MILLS, Jackson, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. CAROL GAIL MINKLEY, Or- lando Fla, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. MARTHA LOIS MITCHELL, Oxford, Liberal Arts. SARAH BLAINE MITCHELL, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. WALTER AVERY MIXON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. Fourth Row: SUE ELLEN MIZE, Oxford, Business, Alpha Delta Pi. MI- CHAEL RICHARD MONTEE, Pensacola Fla., Business. DAV- ID BAIRD MONTGOMERY, Inverness, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM WRIGHT MONTJOY, Greenwood, Business. BENJAMIN ALLEN MOORE, Byhalia, Engineering. DON WIL- SON MOORE, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: SYLVIA KAY MOORHEAD, Oxford, Education, SALLY BAIRD MOREHEAD, Greenwood, Education, Pi Beta Phi. JAMES WILLARD MORRIS, III, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. JENIFFER LYNN MORRIS, W. Memphis Ark., Educa- tion. ROBERT WYATT MORRIS, II, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. TERRY BAIRD MORRIS, Oxford, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: ROGERS H. MORRISON, JR., Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CATHY ANNETTE MOSAL, Jackson, Education, Delta Gamma. MONA MARIE MOSBY, Marrero La., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. CATHERINE MARIE MOSS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. DALTON MCBEE MOUNGER, Jackson, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JOSEPHINE MOY, Hernando, Pharmacy. 354 r _r Ji First Row: MARGARET R. MULLINS, Nashville Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. GEORGE MICHAEL MURPHY, Forest, Business, Sig- ma Nu. ROBERT W. MUSTIN, University, Business, Sigma Nu. BARBARA JEAN MYLAK, Riverside, III., Liberal Arts. MELODY ELIZABETH MYRICK, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. RHODA RUTH NAFF, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: EVELYN LACY NANCE, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. JAMES PHILLIP NANNEY, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAM EDWARD NAPIER, Memphis Tenn, Engineer- ing, Beta Theta Pi. SALLY GALBRAITH NASH, Corinth, Education, Chi Omega. DOUGLAS A. NASIF, Port Gibson, Pharmacy. JOHN CHALMERS NEILL, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: LINDA MARIE NELSON, Memphis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. MARTHA JANE NICHOLS, Ft. Lauderdale Fla., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SARA CAROL NICHOLS, Canton, Education, Delta Delta Delta. SHERYL NICHOLSON, Memphis Tenn., Education, Kappa Delta. PETE JOSEPH NOSSER, III, Vicksburg, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. HELEN CAROL NOYES, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Fourth Row: GENA MARIE NUNNELEE, Sikeston Mo., Education, Pi Beta Phi. KAREN JEAN ODONNELL, Naugatuck Conn., Liberal Arts. LLOYD NOLAN OLIPHANT, Oxford, Business, Kappa Sigma. KELLEY ANNE OMALLEY, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. DAVID MICHAEL ORF, Carcas Venezuala, Liberal Arts. DEB- BIE LYNN OSER, Picayune, Education, Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: ROXANNE ELIZABETH OWEN, Marks, Education, Pi Beta Phi. TIMOTHY WILLIAM PACE, Aberdeen, Business, Beta Theta Pi. BONNIE JEAN PARISH, Memphis Tenn., Educa- tion, Alpha Omicron Pi. GEORGE THOMAS PARISH, Amory, Education, Alpha Tau Omega. MARSHA ALICE PARKER, Jackson, Education, Alpha Delta Pi. PATRICIA ANNE PAR- MAN, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: JAMES R. PATTERSON, JR., Oxford, Business, Phi Kappa Tau. HARRY EDWARD PATTON, Ill, Nitta Yuma, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NANCY JEANETTE PAUL, Yazoo City; Education. WILLIAM DAVID PAYNE, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. ALLEN GEORGE PEDERSON, Lucedale, Busi- ness. JAMES BECK PEMBERTON, Kreole, Engineering, Del- ta Psi. Seventh Row: THOMAS J. PENNEBAKER, New Albany, Business, Sigma Chi. PAUL MICHAEL PENNEY, Sommerville Tenn., Business. WILLIAM STEPHEN PERKINS, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. JERRY LYNN PETTIT, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. OTHO EARL PETTIT, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. GORDON BENNETT PETTY, JR., Natchez, Business, Sig- ma Nu. Eighth Row: EDWARD ALLEN PHILLIPS, Clarksdale, Engineering. GLENDA JOYCE PHILLIPS, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. MADELINE C. PHILLIPS, Canton, Education, Chi Omega. KAREN MICHELE PILGREEN, Brookhaven, Education, Pi Beta Phi. MARGARET PITTMAN, Greenwood, Education, Phi Mu. NICHOLAS RICH- ARD PLOCH, Memphis Tenn., Business, Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: PATTY POORE, Dyersburg Tenn., Education. JAN PORTER, Patison, Business. MICHAEL EVANS POSEY, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. LAURIE JEAN POWEL, Memphis Tenn., Education, Delta Delta Delta. ROBERT EDWARD POWELL, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. WALTER VAN POWER, Green- wood, Business, Sigma Chi. Tenth Row: DANIEL GARLAND POWERS, Natchez, Business, Kappa Sigma. KENNETH EDWIN PREWETT, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. CARL BRADFORD PREWITT, Benoit, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. DAVIDSON H. PREWITT, Tillar Ark., Engineering, Sigma Nu. JULIAN JONES PREWITT, Memphis Tenn., Business. KATHERINE ELIZABETH PRICE, Middletown R.I., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. 355 !I] Beauty and the Beast. " I know I look like a Frog but if you kiss me I ' ll turn into a Prince. " First Row: MARY MARGARET PRICE, Chattanooga Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. DONALD KEITH PRIESTLEY, Greenfield Tenn., Education. CLAUDIA PRIMOS, Jackson, Education, Chi Omega. DEANA LYNN PRITCHARD, Ft. Thomas Ky., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. JOHN EARL PRITCHARD, JR., Pass Christian, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. GEORGE ISHEE PUCKETT, Magee, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Second Row: HUDSON MCLEOD PUCKETT, JR., Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. JAMES WYATT PULLEN, III, Indianola, Business, Phi Delta Theta. PATRICIA HAMMOND PURDY, Mobile Ala., Education, Chi Omega. TODD MILLER PYLES, Jackson, Liberal Art s, Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN WILLIAMS QUINN, Clinton III, Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAMELA K. QUINTANA, Meridian, Education. Third Row: KENNETH BELL RAIGINS, Prairie, Liberal Arts. REBECCA INEZ RAMER, Corinth, Education, Delta Gamma. LARHONDA LOUISE RAMSEY, Water Valley, Education. WILLIAM A. RANDALL, JR., Gulfport, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES WHITENEY RAWLINGS, McComb, Liberal Arts. THOMAS JOSEPH REARDON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: WILLIAM NORMAN REED, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM WAYNE RICE, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN MARSTON RICHARD, JR., Russellville Ky., Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. DONALD K. RICHARDS, JR., Jackson, Business, Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES DEE RICHARDSON, JR., Memphis Tenn., Engineering. ROBERT GEORGE RICKS, Cleveland, Engineering. Fifth Row: WILLIAM STEVEN RIDDELL, Winona, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WILLIAM JEFFERSON RILEY, Jackson, Busi- ness, Alpha Tau Omega. CECILY ROBBINS, Edwards, Edu- cation. Delta Delta Delta. LAURA LYNN ROBERSON, Mem- phis Tenn., Education, Alpha Omicron Pi. ELLIS EUGENE ROBERTS, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. KENNETH EUGENE ROBERTS, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Sixth Row. ' LINDA LOUISE ROBERTS, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. DONALD RAY ROBERTSON, Ripley, Business. JOHN M. ROBISON, Poplar Bluff Mo., Business, Beta Theta Pi. RICHARD BLAIR ROPER, Jackson, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES RURSON ROSE, Shelby, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 356 C First Row : ELIZABETH LEE ROSS, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. RAY WILSON ROSSER, Somerville Tenn., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. FRANKLIN W. ROUSH, Ill, St. Petersburg Fla., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. SUSAN SCOTT RUSH- TON, Tunica, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. ELIZABETH ANNE RUSS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. CHARLSIE LU- CRETIA RUSSELL, Florence, Liberal Arts. Second Row: DAVE ALAN RUSSELL, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. JOHN HACKETT RUSSELL, Franklin Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. SANDRA LEE RUTHERFORD, Arlington Tenn., Pharmacy, Alpha Omicron Pi. CONSTANCE ELAINE SAM- FORD, Steele Mo., Liberal Arts. CHERRI WAYNETTE SAN- DERS, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. DONALD WAYNE SANDERS, Natchez, Liberal Arts. Third Row: JOHN PETTEY SANDIFER, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. ISAAC WHITTEN SAYLE, Charleston, Business, Sigma Nu. MARGARET W. SCARBOROUGH, Shreveport La., Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. EDWARD LOGAN SCOTT, Ill, Drew, Business. DENNIS MICHAEL SEAT, Pon- totoc, Liberal Arts. OWEN MURPHY SELBY, San Francisco Calif., Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: LANA KAY SHAFFER, Cairo III., Business, Zeta Tau Alpha. THOMAS ANDREW SHANDS, New Albany, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. MALCOLM M. Sharp, Indianapolis Ind., Business. SONJA KAYE SHEALY, Columbia, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. ROYCE E. SHELLABARGER, JR., University, Phar- macy. LEE EDWARD SHELTON, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. Fifth Row: MARY CORINNE SHELTON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. JACK AUSTIN SHEPARD, JR., Columbia, Phar- macy, Alpha Tau Omega. JANA LEE SHIDELER, Sardis, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. NANCY PAULETTE SHOOK, Jackson, Education, Phi Mu. SHERRY GENE SIMONICH, Biloxi, Liber- al Arts. CORLEA JEANNE SIMS, Blytheville Ark., Education, Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: LISA SIMS, Columbia, Education, Kappa Delta. CHARLES L. SLOAN, Ill, Covington La., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. CHARLES LYNN SMITH, Tylertown, Pharmacy. DOYLE PRES- TON SMITH, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. FORD WOOLEY SMITH, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. GLORIA LYNN SMITH, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: LARRY EDGAR SMITH, Water Valley, Engineering. LINDA EUGENIA SMITH, Canton, Engineering, Delta Delta Delta. MARY HELEN SMITH, Bude, Liberal Arts. META WILBURN SMITH, Corpus Christi Tex., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. PAMELA NAN SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. PATRICIA CLARE SMITH, Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: SANDRA SUE SMITH, Coldwater, Education, Delta Delta Delta. PAUL DUDLO SNOW, Ill, Miss City, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. JUDITH CAROL SPARKS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. GEORGE SCOTT SPARRENBERGER, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM PATRICK SPEER, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. HUGH GERALD SPENCE, JR., Columbus Ga., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. Ninth Row: RICHARD ALAN SPURLOCK, Rockville Md., Engineering. JOHN CLEMENT STALLWORTH, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. VICKI STANNARD, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. JOHN WAR STARKS, Memphis Tenn., Business, Alpha Tau Omega. BEVERLY C. STECHMANN, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts. JACK K. STEVENS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. Tenth Row: GEORGE BRUNUS STEWART, Picayune, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. MILTON MONROE STEWART, Jackson, Busi- ness, Delta Psi. RAYMOND LON STEWART, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. ROBERT BRIAN STEWART, Jackson, Bus- iness, Alpha Tau Omega. ANITA JEAN STIEDLE, Gulfport, Business, Kappa Delta. GUY MILTON STIGALL, JR., Gulf- port, Business. 357 V JI L IIIL 1 First Row: MALCOLM DENNIS STILL, New Albany, Business, Sigma Nu. RITA ELIZ STONEBRAKER, Akron Ohio, Education, Delta Delta Delta. CHERYL ANN STREICHER, Memphis Tenn., Education, Kappa Delta. ARTHUR RALPH STROUD, JR., Salem Ark., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. ANN MARIE SUARES, Green- ville, Education. Delta Delta Delta. JAMES FRANCIS SUESS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: BARRY STEPHEN SULLIVAN, New Albany, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. CHARLES LESTER SULLIVAN, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID CARL SWINK, Farmington Mo., Liberal Arts. ELIZABETH JOANNE TALBERT, Oxford, Liberal Arts. WILLIAM ALLEN TALBOT, Dublin, Business, Phi Delta Theta. LINDA CATHERINE TAYLOR, West Point, Liberal Arts. Third Row: PATRICIA NADINE TAYLOR, Covington Tenn., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. RODNEY ALAN TAYLOR, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. PATRICIA MELLOR TEAGUE, Picayune, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. LINDA LOUISE TEMPLE, Oxford, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. ROBERT LEROY TEMPLE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. JOHNNIE M. TERRELL, Indianola, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: MARILYN DENT TERRY, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. JOHN SIMEON THERRELL, III, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. MONROE DAVID THIGPEN, Picayune, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. EVA LAURA THOMAS, Laurel, Educa- tion, Delta Gamma. LANIE M. THOMAS, Yazoo City, Educa- tion. CARLA MARIE THOMPSON, Myrtel, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: LESLIE GLEN THOMPSON, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. NANCY BALDWIN THORN, Jackson, Education, Kappa Delta. TALMAGE BROCK THORNHILL, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. JULIA HARMON THORNTON, Shreveport La., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. GARY DALE THRASH, Jackson, Business, Phi Kappa Tau. JANET TINSLEY, Amory, Business. Sixth Row: ELIZABETH G. TOLER, Kansas City Mo., Education, Pi Beta Phi. ANNE GOREE TOMLINSON, Chattanooga Tenn., Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, MARY ARDIS TOOKE, Shreveport La., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi. PATRICIA ANN TRAVIS, El Paso Tex., Education, Alpha Delta Pi. MARY DEAN TREACE, Germantown Tenn., Education, Alpha Om- icron Pi. THOMAS MURRAY TUBB, West Point, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: WILLIAM ROBERT TUBBS, Etta, Liberal Arts. DAN TYREE TUCKER, Oxford, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. HILDA KAY TUCKER, Tunica, Education, Chi Omega. MICHAEL E. TURB- EVILLE, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. HARRY LELAND TURNER, JR., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Tau. DANIEL EUGENE TYLER, McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. 358 I 11 I ( 1VL . ' 1 I First Row: PATTY ANN TYRE, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. JACK BAYNE UHLHORN, Memphis Tenn., Business, Phi Kappa Theta. WANDA LYNN UNDERWOOD, Winona, Education, Phi Mu. GENE FORD VANCE, Hatties- burg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. GINGER KAY VAUGHN, Abbeville, Education. CARL RANDLE VOYLES, Olive Branch, Engineering, Sigma Nu. Second Row: DONNIE EDWARD WALDROP, Pascagoula, Business, Sigma Nu. DAVID PARKER WALKER, Columbia, Liberal Arts. JAMES RAYBURN WALKER, JR., University, Business. RICHARD BOYCE WALKER, Sarasota Fla., Business, Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM ARCHIE WALKER, Clarksdale, Business, Phi Delta Theta. ALMA JOYCE WALLER, Oxford, Education. Third Row: CLARA SUE WALTON, Memphis Tenn., Pharmacy, Alpha Delta Pi. RUFUS ALEXANDER WARD, JR., Columbus, Business, Delta Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM MCDONALD WAT- KINS, Madison, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. SALLY MOORE WATTERS, ATLANTA GA., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. THOMAS SHRIVER WEEMS, Jackson, Busi- ness, Beta Theta Pi. DEWEY LEE WELLS, Jackson, Liber- al Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. Fourth Row: JANICE GAIL WELLS, Memphis Tenn., Education. JAMES HENRY WHITE, JR., Germantown Tenn., Pharmacy. KATH- RYN HENLEY WHITE, Birmingham Ala., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. PATRICIA WHITE, Gulfport, Education, Chi Omega. WILLIAM CARY WHITEHEAD, Ill, Memphis Tenn., Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DAVID LYNN WICKER, Tupelo, Lib- eral Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: DEBORAH JEAN WIDNER, Fayetteville, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. JOHANNATHERESIAWIGMAN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. PRENTISS A. WILKS, JR., Delhi La., Engineering. BARBARA E. WILLIAMS, Memphis Tenn., Business, Pi Beta Phi. DAVID CHARLES WILLIAMS, Newark Del., Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS, Bruce, Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: HARRY FLOWERS WILLIAMS, Greenwood, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KATHRYN FUGATE WILLIAMS, Hazlehurst, Business, Delta Gamma. MICHAEL M. WILLIAMS, Nashville Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SANDRA LEE WILLIAMS, Birmingham Ala., Education. JAMES MCQUIS- TON WILSON, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. DEBORAH KAY WIMBERLY, Belleville Mich., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Seventh Row: TERRY LEA WINGO, Collierville Tenn., Education, Delta Gamma. CAROLYN BLEWETT WINTERS, Natchez, Education, Delta Gamma. DEBORAH CLARE WOLFE, Columbia, Educa- tion, Kappa Delta. DAVID CLINTON WOOD, Moss Point, Business, Phi Kappa Psi. JULIA BARBORO WOOD, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. RUTH DILLARD WOOD, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: DAN MORE WOODLIFF, Jackson, Business, Phi Delta Theta. JANET LYNN WOODWARD, Clarksdale, Education. KEN- NETH RAY WOODWARD, Quitman, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. JOHN CLIFTON WOOLLEY, Memphis Tenn., Business, Phi Kappa Psi. MARGARET LEE WORD, Birmingham Ala., Liber- al Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JEFFERSON M. WORLEY, Indianola, Business, Phi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: JANIS LYNN WORTHEN, Tupelo, Education, Delta Delta Delta. MARILYN COLLIER WREN, Memphis Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. RAYBURN BERGIN WRIGHT, Jackson, Liberal Arts. DEREK ARTHUR WYATT, Jackson, Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. JANET COLE WYATT, Madisonville Ky., Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. PHYLLIS ANNE YANDELL, Canton, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. Tenth Row: ANN YOUNG, Murfreesboro Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. JOHNNY RAY YOUNG, Caruthersville Mo., Business, Kappa Alpha. ROBERT BROOKS YOUNG, Bruce, Engineering. ROBERT P. YOUNG, Crawfordsville Ark., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM YOUNG, W. Helena Ark., Liberal Arts. HALLYE ZERINGER, New ()Means La., Liberal Arts. 359 u - (-0-) IllooO000tion Vov Beaufios favorites 361 J 374 375 CORPORATION BENEKE COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI AGAIN OUR BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS, HEALTH AND PROSPERITY OLE MISS AND ITS ALUMNI ARE PROUD OF YOUR WONDERFUL ACCOMPLISHMENTS 386 CON3LAV A ' . 1AA7J 1 Ott ChnrelloT FOR. ihM45 rill] Modlou [hliffs owifirs ' t In the Spring of 1968, Dr. Fortune announced the formation of a Blueribbon Committee to serve as a channel of Communication. The group is composed of many of the diverse elements that make up the total of a great and growing University. They have monthly meetings and the Chancellor is a regular attendant. The Relations Committee is another good idea that Dr. Fortune has to give the Students of Ole Miss a better sense of sharing of responsibility. The Chancellor has also started meeting regularly with leaders of the student government. Any ques- tions may be asked of Dr. Fortune or any of the several Division Heads and the topics are aired freely. In the Lyceum it seems to be the Chancellor ' s con- tention that, " Communication is our most important product. " The winning smile of a good leader. BELOW: Members ;mpus Relations Committee. L. to R., 1st Row: Willis B.D. Dashaiyra, James Donald, Chancellor Porter :e Hazel Barnes, and Dr. Willie Price. STANDING: Dr. C.B. Hopper, Jack Lacy, Earl Denham, •7han, John Howard Shows, and Constance Slaughter. TOP EARMA2 [11181HERI ? " North. Miss. Savings Loan Bldg. OXFORD, MISS. EASH DEPOSIT INSURED BY NATIONAL GENERAL INS. CORP. ° CvNvtgago HoA EsMo Leaus ° PV000friy hiqW0vemeW L@ us AND GROW WITH US " Diod 234-6443 8 Conveniently Located Offices For Fast, Friendly Service New Albany Clarksdale Booneville Senatobia Cleveland Houston Ripley Oxford UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS " Famous for ifs 24 hour Service " )11 I !) 389 0 01) Yearbook of The University of Mississippi • Box 365 University, Mississippi 38677 • Phone 232-8839 Editor in Chief BOB NUNNERY Business Manager WAYNE VANCE 1969 Ole Miss Staff Chart Editor-In-Chief ...Bob Nunnery Business Manager ...Wayne Vance Division and Section Editors Leadership Division Barbara Cox..,Student Government Lenore Ethridge ...Honoraries Activities Division Malcolm Commer ...Military Everybody (Especially Steve Edds with much help from Davis and Jane P. ...Organizations Athletics Division Dan Woodliff ....and David Collins who helped and a special award to Billy Gates and the Coaching Staff for their cooperation. Features Division Cynthia Chrestman Greeks Division Gayle Thornton and Ruth McLallen....Sororities. Mike Person ...Fraternities The University Division Wayne Drinkwater ...Administration and Academics Everybody again Classes. (Our thanks to all the people who marked the pictures) STAFF Photographers Davis Wood...Copy Editor Mike Crosby...Chief Jane Patterson ...Picture Editor Bob Wright Mit Hobbs Assistant Vaun Smith Dick Molpus...Advertising Manager Jim Moore ...Assistant Business Mgr. Sammy Moon ...Circulation Special Helpers and Assistants: Backstage Crew, etc. Parade of Beauties and Favorites Dix Ballard ...indespensible in Natchez Carolyn Bruno...program and judges Cham Trotter ...talent Mike Cooke ...decorations Alan Grey ...everything Johnny Stone ...truck driver Leslie Mclntyre...interviews Jan Palmer ...thinker And thanks to everyone else for a great pagent Without the help of those who are named and those who are not named the 1969 Ole Miss would not be in your hands. The Editor ,ng Editor of a yearbook, especially the 1969 viiss, is a job that offers a tremendous challenge . college student. It carries a certain amount of –astige and influence on the positive side as well ' s a lot of frustrations, worrisome calls and ' hes on the not-so-bright side. Above all, though, ' ' ng to produce a College Yearbook makes one .,alize the value of teamwork and appreciate er help people can give you. I want to earnestly „cpress to those members of my staff who did their ob well a warm thanks. I especially want to thank those students who helped at times when we really needed them...finishing the Classes Section the week before Christmas, decorating and all the other tasks of putting on the Parade of Beauties and Favorites... and many of the other tasks that were necessary in finishing the Ole Miss on time. There are also several new faces in the group of people not on the staff whose time and advice I could not have done without. In the summer of 1968, I went to Nashville to Benson Printing to plan the Ole Miss. Accompanying me was the newly-appointed financial adviser of the yearbook, Mr. Ed Meek, who is also Director of Public Information for the University. Mr. Meek is not cut in the form that a financial adviser is thought to be. He is young, as a matter of fact many people have asked me who that student with me was, but he brings to the yearbook a great deal of knowledge about ing annuals. Without his pilotage through the floes of Lyceum icebergs, the Editor might never have gotten off the ground. In Nashville, it was our pleasure to meet with the new publisher of the Ole Miss, Mr. W.A. Benson, Jr. He is an executive with Benson Printing Company and took over the University of Mississippi account when Buddy Shaw went into the fruitcake business after working with the Ole Miss for about twenty years. Billy Benson is one of the nicest men I have had the pleasure of working with. Even though he is a graduate of Vanderbilt, Mr. Benson was wise enough to marry an Ole Miss girl and she makes sure he gives the Ole Miss preferential treatment. With associates like these who have been so helpful to me, I can only say that I am lucky. Several other persons who have helped with the yearbook in the past were still around in 1969. Mr. Bob Alexander, professional photographer from Gren- ada, took the Feature Section for the tenth straight year. His work this year in Natchez tops anything he has done in the past and is one of the major high- lights of the yearbook. Horace Lester, former editor, was instrumental in helping me with plans for the Ole Miss in the Spring of 1968 and in handing the computer end of the an- nual. IBM again was responsible for most of the Iden- tifications in the yearbook. So I hope that you can see that the Ole Miss was a team project and I hope that you enjoy the result very much. ii ` ' °5)5;r1 -„-- _ 11 11 .1.1PA11_ i1M nl lJ CI 0.1 4j

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