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1968 University of Mississippi University, Mississippi Contents Leslie ' s a lovely girl . . . but .. . Sex and the Librarian, that sounds like a good book. " Gre at guy . . . goob . . . natural for Homecoming Queen .. . pig . .. wonderful Christian . . . stud .. . loser . . . everything at Boy ' s State . . . everything at . . . screw Murrah . . . poor background . . . shady rep . . . looks Syrian . . . ASB President in ' 70 . . . hood . . . Carrier Scholar . . . shakes hands like a wet rag .. . All Conference . . . my God she ' s a legacy . . . too much make-up .. falsies . . . has he committed to anyone? .. . no, it ' s between us and the Delta Psi ' s . . " And on and on until out of the early morning cut sessions —a pledge class is born .. . " Got everybody we wanted . . . quality not quantity .. . we wanna stay small . . . so many great people coming through, had to bid ' cm all . . . " And the Greek world is once more infused with vibrant new life and a wealth of new closet cases. You say Sigma Nu doesn ' t have a Hell Week. Oh by the way, don ' t bother coming back. You can ' t keep the baby and your sorority pin. Fast Eddy fast-talking the Dean. OFF-BROADWAY PRODUCTION OF " REGIS- TRATION " FOLDS AFTER TWO DAYS—MOST CRITICS PLEASED National Enquirer— " A highly psychopathic drama with deliciously brutal moments. " N.Y . Times— " Never have so few screwed up so many. " Oxpatch Buzzard " We recommend " Registration " as sober, sober, sober fun for every student. " Playboy— " A collosal bust with a weak supporting cast. " Pravda— " Brilliant example of capital- ist decadence. " Mad Magazine— " It ' s a scream—abso- lutely the funniest thing we ' ve ever seen. " Sports Illustrated— " Punt. " Mississippian— " Rehash of an old plot that leaves you with a taste of rotten peanuts. " National Funeral Directors Bulletin— " H. K. Faulkner came to life in the last scene and stole the show. " —Another Ellis-Gober Production But I followed the instructions and I wound up back here. If you date the lab instructor—it ' s an easy A. Now what should I put down for the color of my hair? Give ' em hell, Batman. Although they weren ' t the Rebels of old, the regular was a lot better than basketball. It was the post- season game against the University of Tiajuana at Acapulco that stuck in everyone ' s craw. No one on campus ever heard of the Tamale Bowl and there was concern that Ole Miss prestige might be damaging by accepting an invitation. However, the tables were turned after the game and the President of the Tamale Bowl was forced to resign because of the damage to the prestige of the bowl game. But Vaught marches on—on to the Toilet Bowl in ' 69. Besides football, I also play checkers. You say your name is Hillhouse. In the true alumni spirit. I ' m really a plainclothesman. The last hurrah. Homecoming first rears its head when two or three coeds announce they will compete in friendship for Queen. The friendship ends with the announcement. Following the annual blood-letting, fraternities, sororities and dormitories continue to compete in friendship as each constructs a meaningless display based on a theme. Then the great day arrives and the great game is played before the good old alumni both conscious and unconscious. For the rest of the afternoon, parents and alumni try to keep from staggering into the decorations. When the grads finally pass out, the parties begin. After students leave the parties for off-campus destinations, the fun begins. Before you run for Governor, we ' ve got to One more stroke and I ' ll be through. get you elected to the Campus Senate. The most unusual campus event award goes to the AWS for its cake-walk flop. Of course, the women had a start—so many other events they sponsor are of similar calibre. There were also some usual events that turned out as usual. Oxford held its annual Christmas parade. The Greek organizations competed in building floats and the remark of the losers were once again, not in the Christmas spirit. Another traditional event was the charitable giving to destitute children. Fraternities and sororities held parties for the little monsters to give them nourishing candy, switch-blade knives and other useful items designed to make Christmas a bit brighter for the deprived. Everyone ' s got a heritage. A swap between the SAE ' s and the Phi Delts. Coeds anxiously await the decision of the Editor in the Parade of Virgins. Who has to get married? Bring some more of your friends over tonight. Most men see the Parade of Favorites for free. It is well worth the price. Besides the free ticket which is paid for by their sorority dates, there ' s a free meal. And sometimes the cooperative males get a bonus from the more cooperative females. All they must do is bring their I.D. cards, p ick up their ballots and hand them over. Women ' s suffrage then runs wild. The sweet little things vote for all their sorority sisters and cast the rest of the votes for some dogs who don ' t have a dog ' s chance. The ten coeds in the sororities paying for the most votes or stuffing the most votes are then declared the Favorites of Ole Miss. And I saw them doing it on the fourth level. Where do I sign out for if all we ' re gonna do is park ? " Roll with Ross I told you it wasn ' t safe to use them more than once. Do you think anyone will know it ' s pajamas? The three dollar activities fee voted in by the students last Spring left the ASB with more money than it knew what to do with. To the glee of assorted booking agents, some fat contracts were signed. The entertainment wasn ' t bad —but the agents came off with the better deal. As for the entertainers, civil rights forces were deliriously happy. A less enthusiastic reaction came from the wholesome and righteous crusading element. The boody-goodies were by the gyrations of two of the female members of the James Brown entourage. There was a feeling the performance was suggestive. How, how would the and righteous crusading element know anything about that? Well fellas, one of you has got to marry her. The KA House of the near future. I was better off cooking zorba burgers. Santa Claus left an egg in Eddie Crawford ' s Christmas stocking. The egg was rotten. It closely paralleled his won-loss record for the season and seasons past. But the coach took everything in good stride and displayed his usual pleasant, even-tempered disposition on the sidelines, win or lose—mostly lose. The basketball season, however, wasn ' t a total disaster. The Rebels defeated Mississippi State and Crawford ' s name will go into the books as the losing coach to Adolph Rupp when Rupp won his 772nd victory. Speaking of victories, Crawford scored a real one over the ASB Concert Committee, Haley Barbour and James Brown. Black and White. The bell rings in 43 seconds. For many years, the university named new buildings in honor of former deans and chancellors. Barnard, Hume, Kincannon, Stewart, Hefley, Deaton, and Guess are a few examples of this tradition. Everything rolled along smoothly until it came time to name what is now known as Brown dormitory. The naming procedure came to a screeching halt. For almost two years, the building remained nameless while university name droppers public reaction to a women ' s dormitory called Butts Hall in honor of another former chancellor. Though the name in this case would have been more appropriate than most, discretion proved the better part of valor. I hope I look interested. Go right in . . . there are only three ahead of you. It ' s only ten p.m.—we ' ve got time for a quickie. Coors Beer sold on the left. Thousands jam Coliseum to hear new Chancellor. Who ' s this guy Fortune ? Some fifteen hundred people jammed Fulton Chapel to hear the Boson Strangler ' s mouthpiece mouth off on what it takes to be a good criminal lawyer. Besides F. Lee Bailey, about two hundred people fought for seats in the Coliseum to hear the new chancellor, Dr. Porter Fortune in his maiden speech at Ole Miss. The choice of the Coliseum for the Fortune address was another stroke of ODK genius. There weren ' t many other notables to speak here. Of particular disappointment to political scientists and Young Democrats was the snubbing of Ole Miss by Stokely Carmichael, Rap Brown and Adam Clayton Powell. Apparently Bailey and Fortune were not their cup of tea. Rusty taking a study break between dates. College life is not all work. There are clubs, committees, plays, and speakers, to hear on campus. Students are also fortunate to have at their disposal the recreational of Oxford--a veritable mecca of fun. There ' s a drive-in, one and a half theatres, a bowling alley, three pool halls and the finest restaurants in America. There are seven package liquor stores and a bar. Culture lovers can get their jollies at the Mary Buie Museum. The Cemetery, the Coliseum parking lot, the park, behind the Education Building and other also provide opportunities for students to park and discuss world problems. If my theory is right, there is no constitution. I ' m glad you crossed your legs, Amanda. If you can sit here looking for a thrill, so can I. And then Batman said " pow. " One of the few. We ' re marching to the Mayor ' s house, wanta come? Spring is a time for Robbins. It ' s time for birds and bees and rabbits. It ' s also a time for love, passion, and new life. But Ole Miss students don ' t react any differently in the Spring than any other season. They just keep at it all year long. The only effect the warmer weather has is to bring it all out in the open. The action emerges from apartments and cars to the beaches of Sardis and the rolling woodlands of North Mississippi. Robbins may mate in the Spring. Ole Miss students never change their tunes--they sing like crazy all the time. What did you say about a spider in my salad ? I can show you how to be popular. Get that stupid grin off your face . . . . the polls closed five minutes ago. Let ' s face it folks. I ' m great. March is the month of the independent slob. Suddenly, sorority coeds remember the faceless clods crammed into the men ' s dormitories. The reason—it ' s time for an ASB election. The little women lavish their warm and smiles on Boobs they wouldn ' t be caught dead with the rest of the year. Of course, the smile followed up with the usual political pitch " Won ' t you consider Greta Grunch for ASB Secretary-- she ' s so qualified. " But the sororities are not the only bunch to throw themselves at men in March. The Phi Delts are also pretty good at it-- except they do it all year long. Thanks Jack, I ' ll be through using the apartment in a couple of hours. Hitler ' s alive and living in Argentina. A little dex goes a long way. Brotherhood is the byword at fraternity parties. Not only are frat men concerned for their brothers they also take care of the brother ' s dates. The stags ply the brother with booze until he can ' t see. Then they put him to bed and ply his date with booze. The distraught coed is grateful to be taken under wing after being abandoned by a drunk. Sometimes she ' s very grateful. The fraternity brother has mixed feelings. He ' s grateful that someone took his date home. He ' s not so grateful when he finds out the good brother has the little woman booked solid for the next three months. How about dessert at my apartment? I really don ' t understand a damn word of this stuff. RALPH VANCE AMANDA POVALL Vice-President Secretary WALTER THOMPSON Treasurer Power Grab. Seated: Jimmy Dukes, Executive Assistant; Amanda Povall, ASB Secretary; Billy Gottshall, ASB President; Calico Maxwell, AWS President; Ben Kendrick, Executive Secretary; Ralph Vance, ASB Vice-President. Second Row: Haley Barbour, Social Affairs; Brent Tinnin, Publicity; Hinky Hall, Student Activities; Alan Perry, Attorney General; Byron Hughes, Campus Affairs; Walter ASB Treasurer; Joh n Howard Shows, Independent Affairs. Third Row: Bill Garth, Academic Affairs; Weir Kyle, University Development; Clant Seay, School Spirit; Johnny Powers, Commission. The ASB executive branch has a President and lesser entities along with an impressive cabinet and 69 vital Without the work of these committees, student activities would come to an abrupt halt and life would not be worth living. But the heart of student government is the all-powerful Campus Senate. As in Ancient Rome, the word of the is law. In January of 1960, the Senate ordered the Physical Plant to build a staircase on the Girl ' s Intramural Field. In January of 1968, on the advice of a University employee who picks up papers from the grass, construction was begun. Of course, no great government would be complete an effective judiciary. The Student Judicial Council fills that bill. And speaking of bills, the Council is quite wealthy from all the bucks passed its way by the dean. BILLY GOTTSHALL ASB President As new students arrive each fall for the beginning of school, they encounter several committees which direct student activities. The Student Activities Committee members welcome new students to the Ole Miss campus each year. Homecoming Activities, Dixie Week, and the Miss University Pageant are also delegated to the Department of Student Activities. The Student Activities Committee is headed by Hinky Hall. The Welcome Rebel Party sponsored by the Department of Social Affairs welcomes Ole Miss students each new school year. Besides staging dances this committee is for bringing entertainers to Ole Miss, such as Ray Charles, The Lovin Spoonfuls, and James Brown. Haley Barbour is the Chairman of the Department of Affairs. The Department of Campus Affairs under the leadership of John Howard Shows provides student activities on and works to coordinate participation with Byron Hughes, Chairman of the Independent Affairs Committee, a major segment of this department. The School Spirit Committee headed by Clant Seay functions primarily during the football season to create genuine school spirit for every game. By promoting all pep rallies and assisting the cheerleaders with the distribution of Rebel flags at football games, this committee has worked closely with the Megaphone and Cardinal Clubs to enrich school spirit at Ole Miss. The Homecoming Committee headed by Steve Bozeman and Paul Aron is in charge of the homecoming festivities. This group judges the homecoming decorations made by the various dormitories and Greeks. It is responsible for the Queen ceremony and welcomes the legislators and alumni to the highlight of the Rebel football season. Brent Tinriin, serving as Chairman of the Department of Publicity, publicizes the activities of the various ASB on and off the campus. Handbill design and are included in the duties of this group. This committee promotes interest and participation in campus affairs. Student Activities—Seated: Sandy Seale, Hinky Hall, Chairman; Karen Walcott. Standing: Carson Hughes, Steve Bozeman, Geoff Mitchell. Homecoming—Seated: Donna Buford, Deen Strickland, Gay Gottshall, Byron Standing: H. A. Moore, Paul Aron, Co-Chairman; Steve Bozeman, Bruce Bellande, Richard Scruggs. Not Pictured: Kathleen Coleman. Campus Affairs--Seated: Johnny Moore, Mary Alice Eubanks, Eileen Quon. Byron Hughes, Bob Chestnut, John Howard Shows, Chairman. Publicity----Seated: Jane Hughes, Carson Hughes, Brent Tinnin, Chairman; Vicki Berry. Standing: Bob Norman, Harvey Dwight Luter, Marvin Quin. School Spirit—Seated: Pat Thompson, Clant Seay, Chairman; Betty Rowzee. Standing: Mimi Milner, Cissy Knott, Janie Fuller. Not Pictured: Mac Elliot, Woody Sample, Bobby Abraham, Jimmy Keyes. Front Row: Candy Croft, John Powers, Chairman; Cassie Wilson. Second Row: Chip Williams, Robbie Decoux, Erskine Wells. JOHNNY POWERS Elections Commission Chairman The Elections Commission is a committee composed of seven commissioners which are appointed by the ASB They are responsible for all campus elections and are appointed to serve until graduation, resignation, or removal by the campus senate. The elections held during the year were those the Campus Senate, Homecoming Queen, Miss Ole Miss-Colonel Rebel, ASB officers, publications ' editors, cheerleaders, and any other elections that pertain to student government. In addition, the Elections Commisison supervises the elections of Favorites and the Senior Class Officers. Seated: David Houston, Chairman; Patty Canty. Standing: Ralph Hemphill, Tommy Walman, Betsy Buchholz, Winnie Smith. The Judicial Council, which came into being in 1951 and revised in the past year, hears practically all cases of discipline in which students are involved, and is the final authority in interpreting the ASB Constitution. It also handles appeals from other judicial bodies. The Council consists of an elected chairman and both male and female members appointed by the ASB President. When a case is heard, the student involved is notified and given an opportunity to present both his side of the case and any circumstances he feels should be considered. He may bring any witnesses. This year students can be assisted by a member of the Judicial Bar. Almost without exception, the recommendations of the Council to the Dean of Students are followed. The Council operates on the basis of searching for truth and arriving at decisions which take into account the good of the University and the good of the individual involved. Traffic Board, Albert Simmons, Ellen O ' Neal, Earl Denharn. DAVID HOUSTON Chairman First Row: John Anderson, James Baine, Hazel Barnes, Jenny Biggers, Donald Bond, William Bozeman, William Caldwell, Susan Campbell, David Cobb. Second Row: Betty Cole, Virginia William Cushman, Frances Darden, Don Dees, Kent William Jeff East, George Fair, Mary Farr. Third Row: John Fields, Bill Forrest, Jerry Bilbreath, Alma Gillis, Gayle Golden, Woodrow Golden, Beth Gramling, Frederick Green, Stephen Greenhaw. Fourth Row: John Guyton, Stephen Guyton, Emily Harness, Stephen Harris, Hap Hederman, Jr., Carole Higgins, John Holmes, Jr., Michael Horlock, Byron Hughes. Fifth Row: Carson Hughes, Jane Hughes, Donald Kilgore, Jack Lacy, Jr., Marie Lewis, Sam Lloyd, III, Betty McAlexander, Joe Magee, Michael Malouf. Sixth Row: Thomas Malouf, Geoffery Mitchell, Tis Neill, Charles Northern, Charles Omara, Tom Paine, William Perdue, Rebecca Phay, Ann Prather. Seventh Row: Eileen Quon, Ken Reid, Jimmie Rose, Dennie Roussel, Nanette Russell, Samuel Seay, Anne Smith, Larry Smith, Lynn Stallworth, Patricia Strickland. Eighth Row: Patricia Sumners, David Tootle, Frank Trapp, Tommy Vinson, Charlie Ward, Jr., James Watkins, David White, Jane Windels, John Robert Winthrop, Janis Worsham. Not Pictured: Jimmy Baker, Robert Carter, Michael Dickson, William Fowler, Rhes Low, Fred McDonnell, James Stearns, Judith Worner. The combined abilities of the elected campus senators is the strong foundation on which the student government of the University of Mississippi is built. Representing every phase of the student body, the Greek fraternities, dormitories, districts of married students, and day students, the senators debate, and vote upon bills and res olutions brought before it. The Student Loan Fund, the disuse of costumes in elections, and the reprimanding letter written in answer to the accusation made by the New York Times Magazine, that " Ole Miss students are the empty-headed sons and daughters of wealthy bankers, " are a few examples of the legislation enacted by the 1967-68 session of the campus senate. The capable leadership of Ralph Vance, Campus Senate President, and that of Carson Hughes, president pro- tempore proved invaluable. And behind all great men there is a great woman, Miss Nai-Nai Everett, parliamentarian. RALPH VANCE Campus Senate President Mike Robbins, Sgt.-at-Arms; Nai Nai Everett, Parliamentarian; Ralph Vance, President; Amanda Povall, Clerk; Harvey Magee, Chaplain; Carson Hughes, President Pro-Tempore. President ' s Council—Front Row: Mitsy Prichard, Mary Eubanks, Sue Windsor, Calico Maxwell, Susan Ross, Betsy Reno, Susan Clayton. Second Row: Nai Nai Everett, Mary Lee Deornellas, Ann Hall, Judy Nickel, Nan Britton, Mary Alice Welty, Geri Graeber. Third Row: Margaret Steen, Linda Dickerson, Anna Branham, Linda Flowers, Afton Cox, Jenny Shackelford, Tilly Hood, Carol Carver. CALICO MAXWELL AWS Presiden t The Associated Women Student Body, which is composed of all undergraduate women students, is a self-governing association within the Associated Student Body. Heading the organization are the Executive Council with six elected officers, a Judicial Council with four appointed and two elected members, and a President ' s Council of dormitory and sorority house presidents. This year the AWS has continued to improve the of its organization. In addition, the AWS has worked to implement an effective orientation program for and it has endeavored to create an awareness of the cultural advantages offered by the University. The principle accomplishment of the AWS for the past year was the passing of a new regulation concerning women ' s curfew, raising the old limit of ten thirty on week nights to the new time of twelve o ' clock. Executive Council—Seated: Calico Maxwell, Betty Brown Standing: Susan Reed, Cindy Morrison, Mary Louise Cissna, Carolyn Phillips, Sue Windsor. Judicial Council: Calico Maxwell, Susan Reed, Carolyn Phillips. Standing: Sarah Gaye Craig, Marianne Henson, Deane Crestman, Angelita Delgadillo. FRANK DEBAY DON FRUGE Editor-in-Chief Business Manager The 1968 OLE Miss presents the activities of the in a ne w style but much of the tradition of the University has been maintained. We, the staff, have worked hard to produce a yearbook of which every Ole Miss can be proud: The opening section of thirty-two pages of color and black and white is one of the features that we feel the body will enjoy. In addition to the familiar captions under the pictures, we have attempted to tell a little more about the student life at Ole Miss in the opening section. Many sections of this book were compiled by computed programs developed at the University ' s Computer Center. These programs gave the staff the fastest and most means ever used in composing the OLE Miss. In planning, compiling, and editing the copy and that make up this yearbook, we never stopped trying to make it better. We think we have succeeded and something all will appreciate and enjoy. Wayne Vance, Assistant Business Manager; Sandra Williams, Not Pictured: Lenore Ethrige, Secretary. BOB NUNNERY Assistant Editor Advertising Staff : Katherine Milner, Editor; Leba Bell, Candy Barnes. CHAM TROTTER, Sports Editor ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR—Mit Hobbs, Editor; Cathy Coers, Editor. STUDENT GOVERMENT EDITOR—Vickie Russell, Assistant; Sandy Seale, Editor. DAVE DARNELL, Photographer GREEK EDITOR—Susan Cole, Editor; Butts, Assistant. MILITARY EDITOR—Judy Rost, Editor; Camille Johnson, Carolyn Guice, Assistant Editors. KEN MURPHREE, Academics Editor HONORARIES EDITOR DianeStodgehill, Assistant; Tis Neill, Editor. CLASS EDITOR—Katherine Shaw, Editor; Sara Gaye Craig, Assistant. JOHN UNDERWOOD, Photographer 1968 Mississippian Staff: Joe Lee, George Fair, Richard Smathers, Jennifer Bryon, Betty Carlisle, Mike Crosby, Peanut Overby, Johnny Johnson, Tonto Tallie, Mike Larroux, Clant Seay, Bobo Champion, Vanci Campbell, Roger Cox, Steve Guyton. CHARLES OVERBY Editor-in-Chief The Daily Mississippian returned to the greatness this year that it once held. The staff spent many days and nights at the Journalism Building putting out an excellent paper five days a week. The staff presented the news to the students in a most commendable manner. The news was presented in an form which is unusual for publications of this nature. Of great interest to the students was the handling of the Power Grab in the spring elections. Most staff members do most of their work after 11 : 00 each night and such devotion certainly has payed off. Society Editors: Jennifer Bryan, Vanci Campbell, Bobo Champion. ROGER COX Advertising Manager JOHNNY JOHNSON Managing Editor Front Row: Gerald Jacks, Ron Peresich, James Creekmore, Tom Childs. Second Row: Jerry Patton, Jerry Lohrmann, Tom Starling, Buddy Jacquith. The purpose of the Moot Court Program is to provide the law student with some practical understanding of the highly technical theory which characterizes his academic training while at the Law School. Each student is required to participate in both Appellate and Circuit Court conducted by the Moot Court Board. The Moot Court Board is composed of students selected by the Law School faculty on the basis of academic Thus constituted, the Board supervises the Moot Court Program, schedules the hearing of cases before practicing attorneys or Judges, and helps the individual participants in the preparation of their cases. The Board also conducts an annual competition of those selected for advanced before an appellate court composed of outstanding jurists of the area. The Mississippi Law Journal, the official publication of the state bar association, is one of the largest legal in the nation. These issues contain articles by prominent legal writers as well as works by student staff members, the final issue being devoted to the proceedings of the state bar association. During the term of the state supreme court, the Journal staff prepares and distribute s weekly advance sheets of the most recent Mississippi cases to members of the state bar and judiciary on a subscription basis. The Law Journal is composed of students and one faculty member. Appointment to the Journal is a high honor since members are selected from the top ten percent of their class. Each staff member contributes one article of current legal interest during his first year and a longer, more scholarly comment his final year. Front Row: Gene Fair, Don Barrett, Velia Mayer, Patricia Carl Hagwood, Mire Connor, Jimmy Reynolds, Sammy Davis. Second Row: John Hailman, Cliff Thompson, Gary Geeslin, James Dossett, Jon Thames, Lock Bounds, Buy Mitchell, Bill McMullin, Wayne Easterling. Honoraries FRANK DEBAY Editor, Activities Editor, OLE Miss Yearbook; Vice-President, Treasurer, Ole Miss Y; Who ' s Who; Delegate, National Scholastic Convention; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Chairman, Homecoming Christmas Parade. CALICO MAXWELL President, AWS; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; CWENS; Committee of 100; Pi Delta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Scholar; Who ' s Who; Elections Commission. PAUL PARRISH Rhodes Scholar; Vice-President, Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; ASB Deputy Attorney General; ASB Director of Student Activities. CHARLES OVERBY Editor, Mississippian; Editor, Mississippi Magazine; President, Mississippi Collegiate Press Association; President, Sigma Delta Chi; President, Lambda Sigma; ODK; ASB Director of Campus Affairs. AMANDA POVALL ASB Secretary; Motrar oard; President, CWENS; Who ' s Who; Clerk, Campus Senate; AWS President ' s Council; Delegate, Mississippi Intercollegiate Council, Southern Universities Student Government Association. RALPH VANCE ASB Vice-President; President, Campus Senate; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Secretary, IFC ; Vice-President, Ole Miss Y; Committee of 100; Who ' s Who; ASB Executive Assistant. JESSE TUTOR Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Gamma Nu Award; Who ' s Who; Treasurer, Senior Class; Taylor Medal in Accounting; Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Committee of 100; Beta Alpha Psi. Who ' s Who HOLMES STANFORD ADAMS RAYMOND MIZE CONNER ROBERT EARL DAVIS FRANCIS ALVIN DEBAY BILLIE BARNETTE DRIBBEN JAMES OTIS DUKES JUDTH KATHERINE HARPER SARA KING HOLLOMAN PATRICIA HORNE HOLCOMB DAVID WINSTON HOUSTON, III CAROL GAY JONES VAN LEMUEL LACKEY CAROL WORK McLAURIN ROY DAVIS MANNING, JR. CAROLYN COURTNEY MAXWELL RONALD BRUCE NEWELL CHARLES LEWIS OVERBY PAUL MERREL PARISH Who ' s Who LONNIE WILSON PEARSON WILLIAM RANDOLPH POOL AMANDA BELL POVALL SUSAN ANN REED RONALD LARRY SAMUELS CLANT McINNIS SEAY, JR. KATHERINE LINDLEY SHAW JOHN HOWARD SHOWS WALTER ALBERT SIMMONS JAN WOODS SINGLETON WINNIFRED SMITH MARTHA TATE STOKELY JESSE BURRELL TUTOR, JR. RALPH BRO OKS VANCE LESLIE MARGUERITE WESTBROOK BETTYE BRIDGFORTH WHITTEN RICHARD MINTA DUNN PAUL BURL WELCH First Row: Frank Alvarez, III, John Cockerham, John Cook, Strawford Dees, III, William Garth, Jr. Second Row: John Harold Hawkins, Len Jones, Jr., Van Lackey, James Lindsey, Jr. Third Row: Olin Mauldin, Jr., Patricia Payne, Bennett Smith, Jr., Hugh Stancill, III, Fred Wallace. Not Pictured: Robert Bailey, Woodrow Defore, Jr., Joe Files, Dorothy Joor, Edwin Kerstine, John Milam, Joe Ross, Jr., Wyman Vick. .... JAMES LINDSEY JOHN COOK .. JOE CLARK FILES . WILSON DEFORE Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international honorary pre- medical fraternity organized to encourage excellence in premedical work and to advance the interests of college students in this field. Membership is open to all premedical or predental students maintaining 3.0 grade average over three semesters of work in any approved college or Founded first at the University of Alabama, Tuscalousa, Alabama in 1926, Alpha Epsilon Delta was established at Ole Miss in 1938. The Mississippi Beta chapter serves as an organization of common interest, fellowship, and among premedical and predental students. Since 1953 the Ole Miss Chapter has initiated 257 members. Dr. Young McGaha, serves as faculty advisor for the fraternity. Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honorary society, is the highest scholastic tribute for freshmen women. To be eligible for membership, a woman student must have achieved a 3.5 average during either the first semester or the first year of college work. New members are initiated in the spring of their freshman year at the annual banquet. At this banquet Alpha Lambda Delta presents an award to the graduating senior member maintaining the highest average. In April the chapter initiated the largest group composed of thirty-two girls. The purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta are to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshmen women and to promote a high standard of learning at Ole Miss. An outstanding project of Alpha Lambda Delta is the spon- soring of a Christmas tea with Phi Eta Sigma for the of recognizing all freshmen who have achieved at least a 3.0 average for their first mid-term grades. First Row: Jenny Biggers, Mary Bookman, Nancy Brumfield, Zetta Bryant, Paula Bullock, Helen Burgin. Second Row: Charlotte Ann Dabbs, Daphne Dabbs, Evalyn Dent, Lenore Lewis Ethridge, Green, Patricia Hagan. Third Row: Mary Delle Herlong, Rivers King, Susan Langdon, Connie Luckett, Susanne McQuigg, Paul Meek. Fourth Row: Lamar Poovey, Charlotte Price, Marilyn Scott, Merry Temple, Elizabeth Teunisson, Trudy Tidwell, Joyce Tubb. Not Pictured: Marie Cobb, Linda Hines, Linda Lipe, Marion Mathias, Frances Treadway. First Row: Fred Beard Jr., Oliver Hord Jr., David Houston III, William Johnson. Second Row: Monty Jones Jr., William Pool, W. Simmons, Jesse Tutor Jr. Not Pictured: Paul Baddour, John Gary III, James Pryor Jr., H. Townes. President THAD MONTGOMERY JONES, JR. Vice-President FRED LONG BEARD, JR. Secretary-Treasurer ERNEST NOLAN WALLER Alpha Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, national honor society for men and women in the schools of commerce and business administration, was chartered in 1944 at Ole Miss. Only in institutions which are members of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, are chapters of this honor society established. Beta Gamma Sigma members are students with high scholarship in the School of Commerce. To be eligibile for membership, seniors must be in the upper ten per cent of their class, and have not less than a 3.2 grade average; second semester juniors with exceptionally high scholastic standing are also eligible for membership. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholastic accomplishments among students of business administration ; to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business; and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. The national honorary and professional fraternity in the field of accounting was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919. Alpha Theta Chapter, one of the 64 outstanding chapters nationwide, was installed at the University of Mississippi in 1951. The fraternity was established for the purpose of encouraging and fostering the ideals of and service as the basis of the accounting profession and for developing high moral, scholastic, and professional standards for its members and the profession in general. The fraternity limits its membership to outstanding upperclassmen in accounting who have demonstrated their scholastic ability and high moral character. Prospective members must be an accounting major, have completed 12 hours in accounting with a 3.0 average, have an over-all 2.5 average, and have made a " B " or better in either Accounting 205 or 206. First Row: Jerry Abdalla, Charles Campbell, James Dabbs, Denley, Fred Flinn, Carson Hughes. Second Row: Joseph William Johnson, Monty Jones Jr., Daniel Lasky, John Floyd Melton Jr. Third Row: John O ' Donnell III, Alan Perry, Richard Randall, Noel Tabor, Robert Tucei, Jesse Tutor Jr., Roy Woody III. Not Pictured: Charlton Anderson, Paul Keith Clingman, Samuel Flint, Larry Hardy, Gene Holman, Linda Lipe, Jeanne Necaise, Chester Redditt, Wylie Richards Jr., Russell Tarver, Jesse Waddell, James Wright. First Row: Alma Chase, Deane Chrestman, Kaye Foster. Second Row: Judith Harper, Patricia Home, Carol Jones, Ethic Mansell, Calico Maxwell. Third Row: Amanda Povall, Susan Reed, Sarah Ritchey, Susan Sharpe. Fourth Row: Katherine Shaw, Jan Singleton, Winnie Smith, Dee Speakes. Fifth Row: Martha Tate Stokely, Martha Stuart, Leslie Westbrook. Not Pictured: Susan Case, Sara Holloman, Christine Oliver. Founded in 1918 at Syracuse University, Mortar Board symbolizes " Opportunity and Achievement " for those senior women who have attained the highest standards of leadership, and service. Tassels Chapter members have proudly displayed the white blazers and Mortar Board insignia here at Ole Miss since 1936. This year, in honor of the organization ' s fiftieth anniversary, Tassels Chapter hosted the meeting of the seven chapters in Section VIII. The society ushers in the school year with its sale of calendars which contain a specially prepared schedule of the year ' s events. Other Mortar Board activities include giving scholarships to freshmen women with a 4.00 average first semester, cooperating with Omicron Delta Kappa in bringing outstanding speakers to Ole Miss for the ODK- Mortar Board Forum Series, aiding needy families in the campus area at Christmas, and compiling a " summer list " of books suggested by Ole Miss professors for high school students planning to attend the University the next year. Mortar Board President Katherine Shaw Mortar Board ' s activities keep its members busy. ODK Officers: Tom Hines, Faculty Advisor; Jimmy Dukes, Vice- President; Van Lackey, Treasurer; and Jerry Walton, Secretary. ODK President, Horace Lester The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold: first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and inter-collegiate interest; third, to bring together members of the faculty and the student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Although Omicron Delta Kappa is primarily an organization it performs many services to the and its students. The principal project is the Omicron Delta Kappa-Mortar Board Forum Series which has brought to the campus such noted speakers and known figures as Arthur Schlesinger, Harry J. P. Coleman, and Vera Micheles Dean. Another service of Omicron Delta Kappa is its Foreign Scholarship Fund which is awarded to one of the foreign students on campus who meets certain standards and who is in need of financial assistance. First Row: Holmes Adams, John Barrett, Richard Brock, Roger Cox, Jimmy Currie, Donald Deline, Jimmy Dukes, Don Fruge. Second Row: Dewey Garner, Newton Gill, John Guyton, Hall Jr., Ralph Hemphill, David Houston III, Carson Hughes, William Johnson. Third Row: Monty Jones Jr., Van Lackey, Lester Jr., James Lindsey Jr., James McArthur, Joseph McNamara, David Manifold, Roy Manning Jr. Fourth Row: Floyd Melton Jr., Ronald Newell, John O ' Donnell III, Charles Overby, Paul Parish, James Peden Jr., Alan Perry, William Pool. Fifth Row: John Powers, Ronnie Samuels, John Shows, W. Simmons, Jesse Tutor Jr., Ralph Vance, Fred Wallace, Charlie Ward Jr. Not Michael Boland, Henry Brock, Charles Butterfield, Thomas Cleveland, Raymond Conner, Woods Eastland, Eugene Fair, Eugene Ferris III, Joseph Haik, William Joyner, James Langford, Charles Lynch, James Martin, John Maxey, Laurence Mellen, Guy Mitchell III, William Sims Jr., Walter Thompson, David Wells, Stirling Williams. . BARBARA COX .... JANE HUGHES . PRINCEY SCURRY .. DABNEY PARKER The Iota Chapter of CWENS on the Ole Miss campus is a national organization for sophomore women. The of the CWENS chapter is to promote scholarship and leadership among the women students and to render service to the University. To qualify for membership in this a girl must have been outstanding in leadership in campus activities as well as achieving at least an over-all 2.5 grade average during her freshman year. The girls of CWENS serve the Ole Miss campus in various ways. One of the projects this year was a Christmas project for soldiers in Viet Nam. The familiar red blazers and gray skirts worn by CWENS have often been seen at the ASB concerts where the girls have served as ushers. CWENS serves the community as well as the student body. First Row: Judy Anderson, Linda Baker, Jenny Biggers, Mary Bookman, Betty Brand. Second Row: Nancy Brumfield, Zetta Bryant, Helen Burgin, Cynthia Chrestman, Mary Cissna. Third Row: Peggy Cook, Barbara Cox, Charlotte Ann Dabbs, Daphne Dabbs, Evalyn Dent. Fourth Row: Rachel Earhart, Donna Edwards, Lenore Lewis Ethridge, Jeanne Fair, Jane Fuller. Fifth Row: Mildred Green, Mary Dell Herlong, Tillie Hood, Jane Hughes, Rivers King. Sixth Row: Mary Knott, Susan Langdon, Connie Luckett, Tis Neill, Dabney Parker. Seventh Row: Jane Patterson, Eileen Quon, Isabell Scurry, Deen Strickland, Trudy Tidwell. Eighth Row: Joyce Tubb, Lynn Turner, Janie White, Nancy Whitten, Cassie Wilson. Not Pictured: Linda Hines, Frances Treadway. Phi Alpha Theta is one of the newest honoraries to come to Ole Miss. The Kappa Alpha Chapter was established on the campus in 1964. It is, however, one of the old, established fraternities, and membership in it has always been highly prized. The organization publishes a scholarly magazine, The Historian, which is sent to all new members. The fraternity meets several times each semester. During the course of these meetings both students and faculty papers of general interest in the wide area covered with the field of history. Membership in Phi Alpha Theta has been described as second only to membership in Phi Beta Kappa among the scholastic honoraries, and requirements include a minimum of twelve hours of history with a B average (3.01 in these courses. People qualified for membership in Phi Alpha Theta is small, but this honorary is one which is expected to grow with an ever-growing university. First Row: Holmes Adams, Frank Alvarez III, John Carey, Jimmy Currie, Mary Dexter, Richard Dunn. Second Row: Joseph Robert Charles Lea, Carol McLaurin, Joseph McNamara, David Manifold, John Nunnery Jr., Walter Ogden. Third Row: Paul Parish, James Peden Jr., Katherine Shaw, John Shows, Trotter III, John Waits, Jane Walman. Not Pictured: Charles Billings Jr., Patricia Brooks, Robert Davis, Byron Inmon, Ann Lambdin, William Sims Jr. JIMMY CURRIE JOHN CAREY .. JOHN HOWARD SHOWS KATHERINE SHAW First Row: Holmes Adams, Terrel Algood, Steven Ammann, James Arnett, Nicholas Augustus, Tillio Avaltroni, Bryan Barksdale, John Barrett, James Barton. Second Row: Fred Beard, Jr., Eugene Berry, Tony Bland, Kit Bowen, Kenneth Brown, Ira Carpenter, Jr., William Carter, John Cockerham, Michael Coleman. Third Row: David Cuicchi, Jimmy Currie, William Cushman, James Denley, Harvey Ferguson, Fred Flinn, William Reynolds, Ford, Jr., William Garth, Jr., Bucky Gatewood. Fourth Row: Peter Gee, Donald Freeman Gober, James Hardin, William Harper, Harold Hawkins, Mike Hedges, Joseph Hewitt, William Hewitt, David Houston, III. Fifth Row: Malcolm Jackson, Jr., William Johnson, Christopher Jones, David Landskov, James Langmesser, James Lindsey, Jr., Harvey McClung, Jr., James Eckford McFarlane, Eugene McLaurin. Sixth Row: Raymond Mabus, Jr., Charles Mangin, Jack Meyer, John Nunnery, Jr., Jerry Oakman, Charles O ' Mara, Tom Paine, Paul Parish, Gary Patterson. Seventh Row: Jerry Patton, Wilson Pearson, Alan Perry, William Pinkston, William Pool, Charles Quarterman, Richard Rhoden, William Rigby, Jr., Skippy Robertson, Jr., John Sanders. Eighth Row: John Shows, W. Simmons, Robert Smith, Hugh Stancill, III, Berkley Traughber, John Waits, Charlie Ward, Jr., Andy Wilkinson, George Woodliff, James Woods. Not Pictured: Wallace Andrews, Rhett Atkinson, Charles Billings, Jr., Michael Boland, John Boydstun, Alton Corban, Jr., Sammy Davis, Eugene Fair, Frazier Fyke, Steve Hindman, Donald Hutchinson, J. James, Martin Lawrence, Robert Norman, Robert Perry, Wylie Richards Jr., Andrew Rouse, John Russell, John Shanahan, Donald Thompson, Joseph Witty, Jr., Tony Woodall, Mit Hobbs. Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. Since its founding the fraternity has grown to over 140 chapters, in both large and small and membership in Phi Eta Sigma is now reco gnized as one of the highest honors a male freshman can attain. Beta Chapter of this fraternity was established at Ole Miss in 1930, making the local chapter thirteenth in order of founding. The society does not perform public service projects; its sole purpose is the recognition of outstanding academic achievement, encompassing all fields of academic pursuit. Phi Eta Sigma encourages people to think, and a banquet is held each year at which a noted speaker attempts to provoke the minds of the members. Freshmen men are eligible for Phi Eta Sigma if they accumulate a 3.5 over-all grade point at the end of the first or second semester of their first year. There is no other way or time for a person to join Phi Eta Sigma. Being for this honorary is a tremendous achievement for a freshman, and this honor is emphasized by his retaining active membership throughout his college career. Phi Eta Sigma sponsors only two functions during the year: " Freshman Honor Party " held in conjunction with the women of Alpha Lambda Delta, and the previously mentioned initiation and banquet held in the spring. President of Phi Eta Sigma: Johnny Guyton Officers of Phi Eta Sigma: Charles O ' Mara, Vice-President; Elwyn James, Treasurer; Johnny Guyton, President; and Earl Fyke, First Row: Terrel Algood, Larry Thomas Boozer, Patrick Condon, Robert Freeman. Second Row: Robert Hogue, Burt Patterson, John Sanders, Gary Thompson, Larry Wamble. Not Pictured: William Austin, Larry Chapman, Virgil Dillon, Willard Dillon, Jr., Glenn Doty, James Felder, Robert Harris, Lewis McCaffrey, ,Robert Marascalco, Larry Miller, Harold Stringer. ...BURT PATTERSON GARY FELDER D AVID DILLON ..HAROLD STRINGER Nationally known Pharmaceutical fraternity of Phi Delta Chi was established on our campus in 1927. It was first established at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1833. The fraternity became inactive in 1927 but was reactivated in 1951. Since its re-establishment the fraternity has been growing constantly. Brotherhood and hard work are the two-fold purposes of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter. Working together to keep the high ideals of the pharmacy profession through good fellowship and cooperation, its students are those of ability in the School of Pharmacy. Students in Pharmacy, after working with books, pills, powders, and labs, find time for social activities. They have performed such services as placing reference books in the senior dispensing lab for the benefit of all of the pharmacy students. The University of Mississippi Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary scholastic fraternity, was chartered in 1959. The chapter admits to membership juniors and seniors of superior scholastic attainment. These students must have maintained a minimum average of 3.7 for more than 90 hours. Phi Kappa Phi recognizes scholarship in all areas of academic endeavor, and election by the University ' s chapter signifies the highest scholastic achievement. The fraternity elects members twice yearly. The spring semester initiation is followed by a banquet, honoring all members elected during the academic session. The banquet is marked by an address given by a distinguished visitor. First Row: Holmes Adams, Carolyn Caldwell, Jimmy Currie, Judith Harper, William Johnson. Second Row: James Eckford Calico Maxwell, Paul Parish, Wilson Pearson, William Pool. Third Row: John Shows, W. Simmons, Patty Temple, Vincie Thornton, Jesse Tutor Jr. Not Pictured: Dianna Brummett, Butler, Maretta McLeod, Judy Magee. WILSON PEARSON .. MICHAEL HARRISON DAVIS MANNING .. BERKLEY TRAUGHBER In the spring of 1963, the National Engineering Honor Society, Pi Beta Tau Association, was founded to recognize those who have conferred honor upon their university by outstanding scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in the School of Engineering. Patterned after the national engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi, eligibility for membership is determined by one ' s character, personality, practicality, and scholarship. Seniors must be in the upper fifth of their class, and juniors in the upper eighth of their class. This year Pi Beta Tau prepared and sent to the National Tau Beta Association, a petition requesting membership. The Association does much to develop a unified spirit among those in the engineering profession, and to serve as a guiding influence to prospective engineering students in high schools of the state. First Row: James Arnett, Edwin Best, Kenneth Brown, Edgar Caples, Newton Gill, Michael Harrison. Second Row: William Hewitt, John Holmes Jr., William Lavallee, Roy Manning Jr., Pearson, Gilbert Rhoades Jr. Third Row: Charles Rooks, Traughber, Clifton Valentine, James Wilson. Not Pictured: John Boling, Brock Hattox, Donald Hutchinson, Lester Smith. First Row: Pat Albano, Robert Ammon, Ronnie Cardwell, John Carey. Second Row: Jimmie Currie, David Davidson, Henderson Lindsey, David Manifold. Third Row: Charles Overby, James Peden, Jr., John Shows. Not Pictured: Richard Chesteen, Edwin Cofer, David Ewing, Charles Lynch, Clant Seay, Jr., William Sims, Jr., Robert Stout, Jr., David Wells. A national honorary fraternity in political science, Pi Sigma Alpha, has had a chapter here since 1948. The goals of the organization include fostering great interest in the study of political science, promotion of knowledge in the field of government and politics, and the increased awareness of current events and their implications. Another is the bringing together of faculty and student for the exchanging of ideas and concepts. To provide opportunities for this, meetings are scheduled several times a semester, each time presenting a thought-provoking Initiations are held each semester for those students the requirements of having a minimum of twelve hours of political science with a 3.0 average in each course, and an over-all grade point of 2.5 JIMMY CURRIE OLIVER HORD ... JOHN HOWARD SHOWS MR. F. GLEN ABNEY RONALD DICKEY MICHAEL G. SOPER DONALD F. GOBER . ROBERT L. WHITAKER B Company, Eighth Regiment of Scabbard and Blade was founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1940. The Society had its beginning in 1904-1905 at the University of as a national military honor society. The primary purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standards of military education in American colleges and universities; to unite in closer relationship in military departments; to encourage and foster the essential of good and efficient officers; and to promote friendship and good fellowship among the cadet officers. The of the Society must possess the qualities of leadership, patriotism, efficiency, loyalty, obedience, courage, good fellowship, and honor. The annual activities of B Company, Eighth Regiment include ushering for various social events, conducting drill team competition, and supporting the Chancellor ' s Review. First Row: F. S. Austin, W. S. Bozeman, T. W. Cheairs, R. W. D. R. Clifton, M. A. Crouch. Second Row: S. H. Dees, R. Dickey, D. C. Elmore, R. T. Gordon, E. L. Hardister, G. R. Holland, B. W. Hovious. Third Row: C. D. Kelso, E. H. Latimer, M. J. McAlpin, J. R. Macy, C. V. Nealy, R. G. Noble, R. H. Pederson. Fourth Row: W. A. Roper, J. H. Shows, R. G. Starmann, F. M. Sulser, J. W. Webb, R. L. Whitaker, E. R. Williams. Not Pictured: G. G. Byers, G. R. Caloway, K. Chandler, C. M. Crockett, C. R. Dixon, J. A. Donald, W. L. Guy, M. G. Harrison, W. E. Hester, C. W. Richards, R. E. J. P. Scruggs, M. G. Soper, C. D. Thompson, W. W. Thompson. Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, second largest professional fraternity in the United States, was established at Ole Miss in 1927. Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University ' s School of Commerce, Accounts and on November 7, 1907. The purposes of Delta Sigma Pi are to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and advancement through research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to develop a high standard of commercial ethics and culture. First Row: Barry Allen, Fred Beard Jr., John Bottom III, Michael Brent, Francis Burnett, William Chaffin, Thomas Collier, Robert Crelot, Charles Crumby, David Cuicchi, James Dabbs. Second Row: William Deberry, Carman Dixon Jr., Fred Flinn, John Gibbs Jr., Henderson Hall Jr., Hap Hederman Jr., William Hester, Hord Jr., William R. Johnson, Marcus Love III, Edward Lyon. Third Row: Norton McKeigney, John Macy, Joe Magee, Charles Northern, Gary Patterson, Edward Peacock III, Alan Perry, Peterson Jr., Ronnie Samuels, W. Simmons, Walter Troop. Fourth Row: Jesse Tutor Jr., Stephen Vaught, James Watkins, Erskine Wells Jr., Richard Williams, Fred Wilson, William George Woodliff, Roy Woody III, Douglas Wright, Jimmy Young. Not Pictured: Charlton Anderson, Louis Barnes Jr., Bethea, John Boydstun, Eric Duncan, Joseph Haik Edward Hodo, James Humphreys, Rhes Low, Charles Lynch, William Joseph Quin, Charles Sullivan, Floyd Sulser Jr. An honorary fraternity for civil engineers, Chi Epsilon was founded at the University of Illinois in 1922. Since its founding the number of chapters has increased to over sixty chapters, with 18,000 initiated members. The purpose of Chi Epsilon is to recognize the student who exemplifies the four traits of the successful engineer, the cornerstone upon which Chi Epsilon is founded: character, practicality, and sociability. Membership is limited to junior, senior, and graduate students who have maintained a scholastic average in the upper one third of their class and who have exemplified the four traits of Chi Epsilon. First Row: Edwin Best, David Box, Robert Carruth. Second Row: Bhagwan Dashairya, Charles Lee, Horace Lester Jr. Third Row: John Schaffer Jr., Berkley Traughber, Clifton Valentine. Fourth Row: Kam Wai. Not Pictured: Brock Hattox, Virginia Ingle, Lester Smith. First Row: Xandra Baird, Carol Carver, Karen Ruth Cloutman. Second Row: Sandra Daniel, Carolyn Horrell, Lynne Johnson. Third Row: Carol Jones, Robena Kendrick, Rosalyn McCarver. Fourth Row: Martha Milstead, Mary Perkins, Patricia Ross. Not Pictured: Dale McWilliams. Men and women in office administration may become affiliated with Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, founded at the University of Mississippi in 1951. Epsilon Gamma Epsilon emphasizes four phases of activity—the professional, the fraternal, the honorary, and the social. Its chief purpose is to promote the ideals and concepts of higher education in office administration which will contribute to the of men and women for office occupations and for teaching in the field of business education. Membership in the organization is based on character, leadership, and scholarship. A national professional fraternity organized to unite women students of pharmacy, Kappa Epsilon seeks to with the faculty, to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship. In 1960, the Alpha Gamma Chapter was founded at Ole Miss. Collegiate members must be enrolled in the professional curriculum or graduate program in the college of pharmacy. Activities of the fraternity include regular business and social meetings and participation in pharmacy affairs. First Row: Emily Sue Bets, Marion Brown, Janet Dong, Barbara Dyre. Second Row: Marilyn Foster, Winifred Ruth Hellums, Jean Joe, Kathy Moss. Third Row: Charlotte Price, Judy West, Barbara Williams, Louise Williams. Not Pictured: Betty Axtell, Nancy Bonnie Miller, Marian Winton. First Row: Donna Allen, Harriette Denley, Nancy Harrison, Lynne Johnson, Carol Jones. Second Mary Kirkpatrick, Sandra Knight, Mary Perkins, Marcia Pierce, Merry Purvis, Mary Fred Schloemer. Not Pictured: Dianna Brummett, Memrie Taylor. Phi Gamma Nu was founded February 17, 1924, at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. There are collegiate chapters, five alumnae chapters. National membership is 5,500. Xi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu was founded on May 13, 1950, at the University of Mississippi. There were ten charter members. Its purpose is to bind the members into closer friendship and loyalty to one to promote a standard of high scholarship, to participation in school activities, and further interest in civic and professional enterprises. First Row: Kathy Abraham, Katherine Abraham, Barbara Camp, Alma Chase. Second Row: Martha Doran, Linda Farrish, Rita Goolsby, Mildred Green. Third Row: Linda Gregory, Mary Virginia Kimbrough, Calico Maxwell. Fourth Row: Cam Moore, Martha Neilson, Camille Robbins, Bonnie Shelton. Fifth Row: Amy Jo Smith, Winnie Smith, Ellen Wailes. Not Pictured: Lucy Anderson, Susan Bedingfield, Virginia Callicutt, Janet Deare, Nora Finklea, Bessie Franklin, Kathryn Kelley, Geraldine Wilson. A national music fraternity for women, Sigma Alpha Iota sponsors campus wide " Sing Song " and provides ushers for the artist series. Other activities of the fraternity include support of American music centers such as MacDowell Colony and National Music camp at Interlochen. assistance is also provided by the fraternity for famous international music centers such as Tanglewood, Idyllwild, Aspen, and Fontainebleau. Further assistance is given to national music organizations MENC, MTNA, National Association for Music Therapy, and Federation of Music Clubs. Organizations First Row: G. W. Mullins, C. M. Wade. Second Row: T. A. Pike, D. F. Rankin, M. P. Taylor, M. W. Dowhan, J P. Quon, Herbert Rogers, J. L. Fletcher, D. L. Moak. Third Row: F. G. Remade, C. H. Townes, R. C. Camp, R. B. Griffin, E. D. Hodo, W. H. Curtis, T. A. Hicks, R. E. Stewart. ..DONALD L. MOAK ...ROBERT C. CAMP JOHN P. QUON Formed in 1962, the association applied for official recognition in November of 1967. Students interested in pursui ng graduate study in the Department of Business Administration, and Accounting compose this group. Numerous professional leaders from pertinent fields are invited to speak before the group on planned occasions. During the past school year the organization was indeed fortunate to hear such business leaders as Mr. William King Self, President, Riverside Industries, Marks, Dr. Linddon McPeters, President, Mississippi Bankers Association ; Mr. Leslie Darden, President, Mississippi Council; and Mr. Nat Roger, President, Deposit Guaranty National Bank, Jackson, Mississippi. Presently, the club consists of forty participating members who meet, either formally or informally, for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of ideas in an academic Students who wish to be of service to their fellow man may join Alpha Phi Omega, a National Service Fraternity. Students who have been affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America sometime during their life are eligible for Service to the campus, community, and nation are the main purposes of Alpha Phi Omega. At Ole Miss, membership of Epsilon Omega Chapter serve as ushers for many campus events, provide a Student Ride Board, work with the March of Dimes, and operate a student book where students may buy and sell their books at student prices. The members work with the citizens of in promoting better University-Oxford relations. The cardinal principles of Alpha Phi Omega are Leadership, Friendship, and Service. TOM BEARDEN BOB FRANCE JACK LACY .. ROBERT HERRING ROBERT DAVIS First Row: Richard Heen, Robert Herring, Tommy White, John Anderson. Second Row: James Mitchell, Kent Densing, James Nabors, William Edwards. City planning problems are hashed out over the counter. The Association members are graduate students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree program under the Department of City Planning, the first graduate department of planning established in the United States. The purpose of the Association is to further planning interests in Mississippi and at the The Association is working toward the accomplishment of two Mississippi Firsts. The Association researched and petitioned for the national establishment of a color distinctive of planning for use in academic heraldry, a precedent. The second Mississippi First is the research and compilation of Mississippi laws affecting urban and regional planning in cooperation with the Department of City Planning at the University and the Mississippi Research and Development Center. This is the first work in depth in this area known in the United States. The Baptist Student Union is an organization of Baptist youth in higher institutions of learning, designed with the purpose of helping college students grow in their relations with Christ. Membership in BSU is gained by joining the local Baptist church or any unit of church activity such as Sunday School, Training Union, or Brotherhood. While the BSU functions in and through the local church, it centers its planning and leadership in an Council on the campus. Any Baptist student may be nominated for this Council. The BSU also functions through the Mississippi Baptist Student Convention and through the Southern Baptist Convention in worldwide Through daily devotionals, prayer partners, Bible study, church loyalty, and maximum Christianity, the Baptist Student Union serves the college community and strives to make Christ more alive on the campus. DAVID L. HICKS . REV. PAUL ROATEN Front Row: Rev. Paul Roaten, Jenilyn Anderson, Claude Foy, Woody Barham. Second Row: Wanda Guyton, Lura Netherton, Mary Peck, Chris Blair, Mary Eubanks, Jennifer Byron, Macey Floyd, Marlene Turner, Pat Worley. Third Row: Jim Netherton, Steve Greenhaw, Russell Waldrop, Don King, Larry Turner, Fagan, David Hicks, Joe Wilson. Seated: Portia Peteet, Jan Singleton, Sallie Thomas. Standing: Earl Fyke, Bill Garth, Bill Harper, William R. Pool, Ronnie Jesse Tutor. RANDY POOL .. JAN SINGLETON .. RONNIE SAMUELS JESSE TUTOR . KATHERINE SHAW The Committee of 100, an organization of students of all faiths who represent all areas of the campus community, sponsors the Religious Emphasis Speakers who are selected by the Planning Committee of the Committee of 100, a Standing Committee of the University. The members of the Committee of 100 accept their in the knowledge that they speak for religion on the campus in bringing to Ole Miss outstanding speakers of different faiths. They plan the schedule of each speaker, making all the arrangements for him to be heard by faculty, and staff at convocations, in classrooms, and in informal question-and-answer periods. The spirit and responsible attitude of Committee of 100 members tend to implant within the campus community an awareness of religious activity throughout the year. Delta Theta Phi was founded in 1900 and is the largest law fraternity in number of senates and the second largest in membership. The Jefferson Davis Senate was chartered by Delta Theta Phi in August of 1967 with twenty-three charter members. Members are serving as Repres entatives for the Law Division of the American Bar Association, of the Law School Student Body, Mississippi Law Journal Staff, President of Law III, Vice-President of Law III, Vice-President of Law II, Secretary-Treasurer of Law III, Vice-President of the Lamar Society of Law. The Senate ' s activities are social, professional, and service oriented. They include assisting in the membership drive for the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association and organizing a Pre-Law Club for the undergraduates at Ole Miss. James Baine John Halton Wade Baine Garry Parvin Ed Snyder David Adams . . . . Dr. George Stengel Front Row: William Sutherland, Wade Baine, David Adams, Thomas Booker, James Baine, Andrew Mirabole, Bill Swain, Wayne Sterling, Gary Parvin. Second Row: Johnny Young, James Senter, Donald Bond, Tommy Wallace, Donnie Evans, Phil Jerry Findley, George Dorrill, Russell Johnson, Royce Third Row: Groyer Myers, J. B. Van Slyke, Roy Pike, Mike Stander, Howard Davis, Ed Snyder, Ben Regan, George Lewis, Quentin Till, Dick Brock, Charles Clark, Bill McClellan, Bill Boland. Seated: Robert James Young, Albert Simmons, John Laurenzi, Ronnie Samuels. Standing: Hap Hederman, Charles R. Herron, Tally D. Riddell, William I. Lewis, Everett G. Vickery, Joseph J. Schmelzer, Chip William. Third Row: Allen White, William T. Withers, John VanDeverder, Eddie Vandiver, Edward Peacock, Bill Renovich, Bahnson Lovelace, Larry J. Whitener. Fourth Row: Henry Ed Fly, Douglas M. Wright, Otto McKay, Charles T. Smyth, Raymond Brocato. . ALBERT SIMMONS BOB ANDERSON JACK LAURENZI Each year the Financiers Club at the University of takes on new significance for students interested in banking and finance. In the spring of 1961 the Financiers Club was organized by twenty-five students at the University of Mississippi to help bring together students who are interested in banking and finance. Today this club has increased their membership greatly with students who come not only from the sophomore class, the junior class, and the senior class, but also from the graduate school. The Financiers Club at Ole Miss is presently affiliated with the University ' s Chair of Banking. The organization is financially supported by the Mississippi Bankers The Gamma Beta Phi Society was organized at the University of Mississippi during March of 1965, with the induction of thirty-one charter members. Since then, the chapter has extended considerably in both membership and its purpose of promoting scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship in the Ole Miss student body. The society is non-secret, educational-service organization for students in colleges and universities. Its purpose is the advancement of educational ideals, the encouragement of scholastic effort, and the rewarding of academic merit among college students. Gamma Beta Phi, in promoting its ideals and purposes, has instituted many useful service projects at Ole Miss, two of which are the establishing of a monitored study hall dur- ing final examinations and the recruiting of high school students in the state of Mississippi. . HUGH W. STANCILL, III ELAINE LEGGETT CHRISTINE BLAIR .. W. EDWARD RICHBURG First Row: Marty Bearden, Mary Ellis, Margaret Ellis, Susan S. Denham, Linda Gregory, Jane Collins. Second Row: Rose Ann Duncan, Albert Simmons, Jerry Patton, Edward Peacock, Hugh Stancill, Chuck Crews, Chris Blair. First Row: Irwin H. Nelson, Bob Russell, L. Wilson Pearson, A. Rogers, Kenneth B. Brown. Second Row: Edgar Caples, Ellis Latimer, Bobby A. Coates, Allen Lantz, Donald Hutchinson, Rolf W. McHenry, Robert A. Herring, Jr., IEEE Counselor. Third Row: William W. Johnson, Jr., Samuel B. Miller, James R. Arnett, Martin E. Kennedy, Homer Voyadjakis, Robert Herring. .. KENNETH B. BROWN .. MICHAEL B. BROWN .. ROBERT HERRING . ROBERT E. RUSSELL The Ole Miss branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a student branch of the IEEE, the professional society in the field of engineering. The membership of the student branch of IEEE includes electrical engineering majors and other majoring in related fields. The aims of the local branch are to encourage advancement and achievement, to promote between the students and the faculty members, and to serve as a liaison between the student and the professional engineer. The local chapter carries out these aims by speakers from industries and other universities, by trips to the sites of engineering activity, by in joint meetings with other chapters, and by individually aiding engineering students. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is a professional fraternity which limits its membership to pharmacy in the professional program at schools or colleges of pharmacy that are accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest of the Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternities. It is one of the largest professional fraternities having more than twenty-two thousand members. The members are found in every state in the United States and in many foreign countries. Two national awards are available to members for outstanding scholastic achievements. The men of Kappa Psi are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, ability, character, personality, and activities. They must strive to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the high ideals which are always displayed by the profession. HAMILTON HALEY . . . CHARLES O ' BANNON ..GLENN CARTWRIGHT DALE GUNKEL First Row: Emmett Berry, Dale Gunkel, Gerald Vance, Henry Hayden, Tommy Morrow, James E. Donovan, Ham Haley, D. Boggs, Shands Henson, Joseph G. Powell. Second Row: Ted Taylor, John Schwartz, Gary Sisson, Stanley Illich, Richard Waller, John Martin, Bill King, Randel C. Gibson. Third Row: Paul Welch, Thomas Owen Horn, Charles O ' Bannon, Buddy Danny B. Dedmon, George Taylor, Spencer Hudson, Allen Murphy, Dubbs Traylor. Fourth Row: Joe R. Bourn, Greg Adams, Glenn T. Cartwright, Benny F. Dedmon, John Wong, Bill Wayne McAlpin, Jerry Wilson, Gerald Lownimore, Keith Aldridge. . RICHARD WILLIAMS ... JOHN MALATESTA The Newman Apostolate at Ole Miss has taken a new approach to its tasks during the past two years. Through participation in the United Campus Ministry and in the spirit of the Ecumenical Movement, Newman has strived to broaden its scope, as it looks to the new horizon. The maintaining of an office in the " Y " building has afforded both the Catholic and the non-Catholic students greater availability to the truths and teachings of the Catholic Church. Newman, the church on campus, affords and satisfaction which must primarily be sought by the student before it can be attained. All students, faculty, and staff are welcomed as a part of Newman, which has none of the barriers that might arise because of the difference in creed, color, culture, or The Ole Miss Y (YWCA-YMCA), a nondenominational lay Christian organization with voluntary membership open to all students, faculty, and staff, dates back to 1868. of the faculty and staff cooperate with students in their endeavor to develop a program of Christian fellowship which offers free-time activities and other services to aid significant cultural, vocational, intellectual, social, and recreational interests. Special speakers, panel discussions, films, and drama are presented in bi-monthly meetings. The Y program is through voluntary contributions during the annual Y Finance Drive from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. The Y sponsored several special projects this year. Articles from many different foreign countries were sold to students and faculty around Christmas. Also a foreign was held during the spring. Dishes from different countries were served. - JOHN LILY ROBIN FULCHER JIM WEEMS ...HAZEL BARNES BILL GARTH Seated: H. R. Fulcher, M. R. Turner, H. A. Barnes, M. B. Bryant, G. C. O ' Neal. Standing: J. P. Lilly, B. D. Dashairya, N. W. Kyle, J. S. Weems, W. P. Garth, Jr., D. R. Norman. First Row: Albert Simmons, Jesse Tutor, Hap Hederman, Charles R. Herron. Second Row: Don Fruge, Otto McKay, Frank Debay. .. SCOTT LAWYER . JAMES WATKINS The national fraternity was chartered in 1952 and is " the National Professional Fraternity in Marketing, Sales and Selling. " At the present time Pi Sigma Epsilon is the fastess growing fraternity of any kind in existence today. Alpha Theta chapter was chartered at Ole Miss April 30, 1963. Pi Sigma Epsilon requires that its members manifest an interest in the selling profession as a career, obtain the academic standing required for graduation, and show leadership qualities through participation in college activities. Its purpose is to create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a career. Alpha Theta Chapter is sponsored by the Sales and Marketing Executives of Jackson. The University Concert Singers is a group of the best harmonizing voices in the South. The singers are selected from audition and are groomed by their director, Dr. James Coleman, to represent the University in off-campus productions. Last summer the University Concert Singers attended Expo-67 in Montreal, Canada, where they delighted their international audience. " The Group, " is a segment of the University Singers and will go to Europe in 1968 to for USO groups. The Singers at Ole Miss offer another outlet for the talented student to express himself at a well-rounded university. First Row: Judi Harper, Paula Young, Janet Graves, Lavern Dabbs, Janet Laird, Patsy McKay, Terri Romano. Second Row: Sandy Steen, Lila McRight, Carolyn Buckner, Paula Gaither, Lane Malone, Dot McCoy, Barbara Cherry, Sandra Donahue. Third Row: Daphne Dabney, Deborah Brown, Claudia Jones, Horn, Cathy Hendrix, Betsy Davis, Lynn Murphy, Pam Gwen O ' Neal, Linda Peacher, Sandi Harrison. DOT McCOY .... KATHERINE SHAW University Dancers is an organization designed to further the study of modern dance techniques and to give the members an opportunity to pursue compositional problems and to choreograph dances for performance purposes. for potential members are held at the beginning of each semester. Selection of dancers is based on skill in dance and composition. During the first semester, the group presented a Chrismas program in conjunction with the Department of Music. In February the Dancers attended dance concerts and workshops held at the Southern District A.A.H.P.E.R. Dance Section meeting in New Orleans. At one session student compositions were presented. During March the group traveled to Wood Junior College in Mathiston where they performed an evening concert of dance. Their annual Spring Concert was presented on April 30 and May 1. " If education is a means of developing personality, equiping the mind, strengthening the body, learning skills, building character and creating an appreciation for beauty, then recreation has enormous educational values. " Individual and team sports have a valuable contribution to make to all who discover the fun, challenge, and in playing them. Opportunity for every woman at the University to gain such riches in the realm of social physical fitness, and educational opportunity is the aim of the Women ' s Recreation Association. As each girl from play so does society, for a vigorous nation can only be composed of strong, joyous, and productive people. Activities offered are: volleyball, basketball, bridge, badminton singles and doubles, tennis singles and doubles, and softball. Trophies for each sport and an over-all trophy is given. LINDA BAKER ANNE CRISLER PAM CALDWELL .. BARBARA ANDERSON LINDA GLENN Front Row: Liz Jetton, Anne Crisler, Linda Baker, Jaclyn Spangenberg. Second Row: Nancy Scott, Ann Prather, Linda Glenn, Sherian Carpenter, Betsy Davis, Sandy Steen. Seated: G. B. Frazier, R. D. Gray, J. L. Boling, Zeb Reeves. Standing: J. R. W. R. Sigman, E. H. West, L. Rhodes, W. L. Helms, R. M. Tubbs. American Institute of Chemical Engineers The student chapter of Chemical Engineers at the of Mississippi received its charter in 1957. Its is to promote professional development of chemical engineering students and foster a professional pride in chemical engineering. Activities are designed to give it ' s members and non-chemical engineering majors a better understanding of their profession. TOMMY HEWITT JOE PORTER .... WAYNE ANDERSON .. KENT MONTGOMERY First Row: R. L. Davis, M. L. McNeely, B. E. Leggett, W. T. Hewitt, R. D. Smith. Second Row: Kent Montgomery, C. W. Rooks, J. P. Chadwick, C. L. Gray, R. A. Mycr, G. T. Tollison, T. E. Lacefield. Third Row: P. L. Hazlewood, W. B. William Tippitt, W. A. Smith, J. B. Holmces, R. D. McAlister, L. C. American society of mechanical Engineers GERALD B. FRAZIER ROBERT D. GRAY JOHN L. BOLING ZEM F. REEVES ASME has as its purpose the promotion of professional development and contact with practicing mechanical through field trips and a diversified speaker program. Our speakers were from I.B.M. Federal Systems Division, DuPont, and Southern Bell. From these programs the members gained insight into the engineering profession. Front Row: Kent Howell, Mike Tyner, Waldell Mashburn, Herschel Ladner, C. W. Easterling, B. G. Hall. Second Row: Anthony Lawstuter, Johnny Cook, Erskine Wells, Kenneth Smith, Steve Guyton. Since its founding in 1927, the Cardinal Club has worked to foster school spirit into every freshman. The Cardinal Club sponsors such spirit events as freshman roll call at pep rallies, the pajama race and building a bonfire before the homecoming game. Under the leadership of President Mike Tyner, the club sponsored the traditional freshman haircuts. Standing: Frank Vollor, Eddie W. J. Rhodes, K. E. Cooksey: Seated: Douglas Wright, Bryan Barksdale, J. H. Miles, E. H. Roberts. Circle K, an international service organization, sponsored by Kiwanis International, was established at the University March 29, 1966. The aim of this organization is to render unselfish service to the University and community, an being active in last year ' s Oxford Pilgramage. Present plans include the possible formation of a Key Club at Oxford High School. Seated: M. L. Clanton, Jane Collis, S. S. Ritchey, H. G. Christopher, S. Sneed. Susan Chamberlin, Rebecca L. J. Hurdle, B. Helms, E. R. Hanry. From the beginning of home economics, at the turn of the century, it has guided women toward the knowledge of feeding, clothing the family, and managing a household through the use of science. Having affiliation with Ole Miss and the American Home Economics Association, the University ' s Home Economics club was founded in 1938. . .. SARAH SUE RITCHEY ...GAIL CHRISTOPHER JANE COLLINS SUSAN SNEED The India Association, formed by the Indian Nationals, is a fast growing organization. One of the objectives is the promotion of Indo-American and International friendship. The Association holds concerts and guest speaker programs related to the social arid cultural fields depicting life, and traditions of India. First Row: Jaskalan Sekhon, Oza P. N. Vibhandik, Karuna Bipinder Kakkar, N. B. Prabhakara, S. N. Shridharani. Second Row: Shan Ratilal, Manuel Milevin, Krishna Mohan, V. V. Rajan, Hari P. Masano, Bhasin Patel Dhirv, G. Venkantaramu, M. K. Pandya. Third Row: P. N. Sarma, S. J. Vankil, A. K. Patel, K. L. Chaudhari, J. H. Khalsa, B. D. Dashairya, Indu Muni, N. R. Malhotre. ....B. D. DASHAIRYA .. N. B. PRABHAKARA .G. VENKATARAMU .... P. N. VIBHANDIK Karate Club Officers: President, Larry Whitener; Vice-President, Eddie Taylor; Sec.-Treas., Sheila Haney; Instructor, Steve Stauroff. Since its beginning this year, the club has stimulated a great interest in karate. Members have obtained belts from orange to black. The club brought many to the campus this year and several tournaments are planned in the future. Seated: P. L. Massey, D. M. Thomas, M. K. Graves. Standing: E. Quon, P. Norton, C. J. Wilson, C. A. Dabbs, L. R. Martin. The Megaphone Club ' s objective is to foster school spirit. The club assists the A. S. B. School Spirit Committee and Cardinal Club with the Welcome Rebel Party, the committees, and helps with pep rallies. By selling hair ribbons to freshmen girls, the club uses the money to help pay for rebel flags used at football games. Left to Right: K. W. Densing, H. F. Z. F. Reeves, R. R. Carruth, C. W. Rooks, D. P. Huthinson. The student chapter of the National Society of Engineers is an organizatio nincluding all fields in its membership. The society promotes and interest in the engineering fields. This chapter invites lecturers to give programs and promotes Engineering Day at the University. The Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda was established at the University of Mississippi in 1961. To be eligible for membership in Phi Beta Lambda, a student must have had or be taking at least three hours of business courses and have a 2.00 grade point average. Every spring Gamma Tau Chapter is host to the Phi Beta Lambda and the FBLA State Conventions. Front Ro w: Sidney Potts, Constance Slaughter, Franklin Simmons, Professor Stephen Gorove, James Baine, Bill Jaquith, James Larry Walters. Second Row: Wayne Sterling, Bob Cleveland, Donald Bond, Joel Kamp, Ralph Turner, Jerry Patton, Philip Adams, Andrew Mirabole, George Dorrill, Gary Parvin, Waldell Mashburn, Wilson Golden. Third Row: Jimmy Randall Owens, Roland Skinner, Bill Sykes, Mike Stauder, Wade Baine, Edwin Snyder, Ben Regan, George Lewis, Quentin Till, Dick Brock, Charles Clark, George Miller, Eddie Miller, Jimmy Mounce. The Lamar Society of International Law was formed at the Law School in 1965 and now has a membership of over one hundred law students. The society sponsors a number of speeches, socials, and other activities. Each year the Society sponsors a team for the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition. The team in 1966 tied for third place in the national competition. Speakers are sponsored who are authorities in international law, business, and diplomacy. Front Row: Toni Jordan, David Jones, Larry Smith, Steve Elkins, Rick Williams, Carl Grissom, Mike Pruitt, John Parks. Second Row: Larry Humphreys, Jim Lovelace, Curtis Mayers, Steve Sowell, Bill Donald Anthony, Pat Woods, Alan Becker, Rhett Bond. Third Row: Bob Landers, Tommy Beasley, Carl Alan McGee, Jim Baker, Hooper Jones, James Dawes, Binkley Bouton, Jimmy Edwards. Lambda Chi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia the largest fraternity of its kind, was chartered at Ole Miss on March 31, 1962. The purposes of this music fraternity are to advance the cause of music in America, to foster brotherhood of students of music, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Front Row: Liz Jetton, Jaclyn An n Prather, Connie Mann, Sherian Carpenter, Betsy Davis, Sandy Steen. Row: Linda Glenn, Lonnie Harris, Percy Kyle, Mike Milstead, James Betty Poteet. Physical Education Majors Club was organized at the University October, 1963. Its purposes are advance the standards of the profession, cooperate with state and education and recreation major students, faculty, and alumni, become acquainted with the work of leaders in Physical Education, and stimulate interest in the various fields of physical education. Officers: Dixie Thomas, Billie Dribben, Judy Leech. Not Pictured: Lenore The Student Education Association, a professional organization with chapters throughout the country, has as its members students who plan to enter the teaching field. Its programs, aimed at developing personal and professional growth and competence, include teaching films, practice-teaching panels, and speakers from numerous fields. Activities included a tea, a banquet, and a style show. Front Row: Carole Cole, Susan Burson, Diane Lane, Janie Gilly. Second Row: Jennifer Bryon, Betty Carlisle, Karen Davis, Suzanne Riley, Lynn Jones. Theta Sigma Phi is an honorary organization for women based on scholarship and educational contributions. This chapter sponsors the " Best Dressed " contest for Glamour magazine. The organization works for responsible news media and recognizes achievements of women. Front Row: Cindy Shelton, Nancy Pam Connor, Susan Talbert, Mary Dee Kelley, Edith Baine. Second Row: Buzz Green, Mack Henshaw, Hooper Jones, Genie Talbert, Bill Hester, Jerry Harris. Third Row: Bruce Buchanan, James Baine, Sammy Davis, Jerry The club ' s objective is to help create a two-party system in Mississippi. The club helped actively in the past campaign. In the spring the club will sponsor a seminar on career politics offered by the National Committee. Military The Department of Military Science is a General Science Unit of the Senior Division Reserve Officers Training Corps. Training is conducted under the direction of the Professor of Military Science and his staff of officers and non-commissioned officers in accordance with the and directives established by the Department of the Army. The mission of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps is to prepare college students for positions of leadership in the Army and to commission as junior officers those students who display the qualities and attributes essential to their progressive and continued development as officers in a component of the United States Army. COL. T. E. WILLIAMS Professor of Military Science Lt. Col. Herschel Bagby Major James M. Nichols Captain Preston Holtry Captain Ralph Norman Captain Guggenheimer Captain G. Pauler Sgt. Major L. B. Westmoreland SFC J. M. Hickman SFC Billy Lynn COLONEL JOHN H. SHOWS Brigade Commander SALLY HOLLOMAN Colonel ' s Lady The Reserve Officers Training Corps is organized as a brigade consisting of two battalions of three companies each. The Brigade Commander, Cadet Colonel John H. Shows, and the Brigade Staff are responsible for the leadership laboratory and general supervision of brigade activities. The Brigade Comamnder and Staff are selected on the basis of their academic and military standing and their demonstrated leadership potential both on the campus and during summer training at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. The Army Sponsor Corps is established for th e purposes of fostering patriotism, responsibility, and cooperation the cadet corps; developing leadership; maintaining high moral standards and character; and promoting military, civic, and social activities. Major Ronald Dickey Major Mike Boland Major Roderick Russ Deputy Brigade Commander Brigade Adjutant Brigade Training Officer Major Richard Starmann First Battalion Commander Fleeta Fox First Battalion Sponsor Major Strawford Dees Second Battalion Commander Carolyn Bruno Second Battalion Sponsor Band Band—First Row: Jimmy Baker, Thomas Charles McCool, Larry Humphreys, Leo Cutliff, Thomas McGee. Second Row: Stephen Shirley, Kenny Hayles, Marshall Hollis, Alan Becker, Jere Humphreys, Robert Graham, Peterson, William Roach, Jr., Danny Charles Payne. Third Row: Keith Alan Giffin, William Ford, Charles Holt, Marion Beasley, David Edmondson, Michael Parker, Curtis Mayes, Thomas Lonardo, Carl Wasson, Charles Newman. Fourth Row: Goldstein, Andrew Holmes, Thomas Charles Prewett, Joseph Wilson, Jow Tackett, Larry Smith, Harold Sides, Malcolm Jackson. Fifth Row: James Cox, Thomas Stubbs, Dennis Roberts, James Fly, Hal Carroll Mcqueen, Jr., James Woodall, James Adams, William Shaw. Not Present: Myers, Jimmy Sanders, Eugene Bazaar, Billy Luke, Douglas Wright, Philip Holman, George Barthel. Counter Guerilla Platoon Counter Guerilla Platoon—First Row: John Shackelford, John Poulsen, Richard Heen, Michael McMurray, James Donald, Robert Clark, Thomas Guider, James Quinn, Rocky Joe, Roy Thurmond, Alton Lewis, Jr. Second Row: Richard Johnson, Thoma s Langmesser, Gary Doyle, David Janes, Joseph Osborn, Christopher Corner, Luther McEachern, Lowery Posey, James Prewitt. Third Row: Alfred Zielinski, Warren Dominick, Stanley Tidwell, Arthur Dagostino, Richard Smith, Ronald Lindsey, Bartes Guarr, John Fawcett, James Chiles. Four th Row: Stephen Wheeler, Rodger Sears, Robert Thadison, Craig Gibson, Tillman, Charles Ware, Larry Roe, Kypriandes, Peter Sturgul. Not Present: James Beattie, Emory McNoldy, Brooke Captain Ed Williams Company Commander Dale Holmes Company Sponsor Lt. Cleveland Kathy Smith Huggins Lt. R. Pederson Karen Cope Counterguerilla Drill Platoon Counterguerilla Sgt. Marcus Love Sgt. A. J. Gallo Band Sponsor Sponsor Leader Platoon Leader First Sgt. Drill Platoon Sgt. Drill Team Drill Team—First Row: Robert Carney, James Baylen, Larry Tillman, Dominic Arcuri, Holcomb, Thomas Nichols, Thomas Second Row: Tony Jordan, William Gray, Robert Samson, Eric Blackwood, Terry Dennis, Charles McEwen. Third Row: Gary Maynard, William Edwards, Thomas Welch, Donald Joel Moore. Fourth Row: Harvey Bien, James Caldwell, Robert Plemmons, Peyton Kenneth Sullivan. Not Present: Michael Mackey, James Graeber, Sidney Robinson. Second Lt. William Hayes, 1st Platoon Leader; Second Lt. M. J. McAlpin, 2nd Platoon Leader; Second Lt. Edward Vandiver, 3rd Platoon Leader. First Platoon—First Row: Charles Omara, Robert Norman, James Williamson, Robert Davis, James Blauert, John Hatcher, David Herring, Wade Spruill, Glenn Galey. Second Row: Frederick Searcy, Bruce Lindsey, Thomas Williamson, Danny Gordon, Barry Carlisle, Paul Landry, Charles Crumby. Third Row: John Tubbs, Donald Whetstine, James Jacks, Sammie Stevens, James Maynor, Jr., David Rather. Not Pictured: Larry Roberts, David Mills, William Lapolla, Winthrop Acosta, Louis Barnes, Jr., Samuel Hiden, Jr., Timothy Strutzel, John Cromeans. Second Platoon—First Row: Clay Crockett, Donald Thompson, William Pittman, Steven Foxx, Arthur Benson, Charles Bowden, Carl Lackey, George Steen, Hiram Dilworth. Second Row: Patrick Johnson, James Chustz, John Dannreuther, Dave Garriga, Everett Miller, Michael Slocumb, Gerald Godburn, Richard L ittle. Third Row: James Hardin, Garrett Ryan, Eugene Hardison, Edmund Montgomery, John Hawkins, James Gabriel, Jere Yates. Not Wayne Martin, James Izard, James Nowlin, Michael Eugene Stone. Captain Dan Clifton Company Commander Kathy Cooper Company Sponsor Third Platoon—First Row: Earl Denham, Terry Thrash, Jerry Gilbreath, James Woods, Lowell Locke, Thomas Neely, Jr., Wormack Smith, George Johnston, Jr., Ronnie Hornbuckle. Second Row: David Wilder, Dan Ford, Jr., Robert Richardson, Shelton Allen, II, Danny Bailey, Malcolm Rogers, Harvey Ferguson, Shelby Nassar. Third Row: Ardis Russell, Lanny Bradford, Richard Ervin, Wayne Motsinger, Gary Freeman, William Richburg, Garey Not Pictured: David Taylor, Jr., Vernon Kelley, III, James Seay, Joseph Geroge, John Corban, Malcolm McPherson. First Platoon: First Row: James Langmesser, Basil Allgood, Hall, David Cuichi, Hershel Ladner, Jack Meyer, Murry Tumey, Jimmy Wolf. Second Row: Algie Green, Wallace Russell, Edwin Roberts, Jr., Norman Mears, Will Bennett, John Russell, Thomas Baumgart. Third Row: John Aldridge, Lemuel Smith, Charles Williams, John Hardin, Tommie Edwards, Jimmy Cash. Not Pictured: George Sellers, Edward Parker, Ralph Sulser, Robert Livingston, Leroy Tropp, III, Lonny Jones. Second Platoon; First Row: Chester Richards, Vernon Shelton, Loran Laughlin, George Gober, Robert Perry, David Craig, John Richardson, Andrew Rouse, James Grimes, A. Reed, Jr. Second Row: William Catlin, III, Ben Royce, Thomas Barnes, Ronald Smith, Richard Carlisle, Mark Uram, William Bryant, Akron Koon, Joe Clark. Third Row: John Currie, Luther Crull, Jr., James Crutcher, John Canterbury, Kit Bowen, Henderson Moore, III, Eugene Mclaurin, Michael Jones. Not Pictured: William Robison, James Smith, Robert Starmann. Captain Richard Company Commander Sallie Eaton Company Sponsor Lt. John Vandivender, 1st Platoon Leader; Lt. John White, 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. Robert Herring, 3rd Platoon Leader; Sgt. Michael Johnson, First Sgt. Third Platoon—First Row: Paul Kosko, Chauncey Godwin, Sidney Derrick, Charles McQueen, Norton McKeigney, James Daniel Hilsabeck, Charles Easterling, Douglas Gray. Row: Edwin Goodnight, Terry Pieralisi, Rian Ringsrud, Arthur Derrick, II, Edmund Wilkins, Gregory Scott, Frank Street, Thomas Smith, Robert Daniel. Third Row: James Overstreet, Jr., Leslie Hoover, James Haik, Richard Brown, William Johnson, Melvin Rich, Bradley Fournier, Edward Bryant, Marc Bartels, Robert Bills, John Jones. Not Pictured: Merwin McCoy, James Champion, Jr., Michael Dickson, Robert Saunders. First Platoon: First Row: Richard Peterson, Jr., Robert Lovelace, Victor Nix, III, Clarence Craig, Jr., John Cleveland, Harrison Wilder, Dean Vance, Joseph Mcllwain, Robert Brotherton, David Sheffield. Second Row: James Hicks, III, Richard Lenoir, Jr., Martin Roberts, Barnie Bramlett, Jr., James Cockerham, David Lake, Robert Swilley, Randy Collums, William Gresham, Billy Staggers. Third Row: Carman Dixon, Jr., Steven Bowman, Green Greer, Steven Sanders, Terry Morris, Kenneth Richards, Gary Siegel, James Newton, John Tanner, Edward Donovan. Fourth Row: James Warren, Robert Nevels, William Phillips, John Laney, Hampton Stewart, Tom Trout, Danny Rhea, Charles Callaway, Robert Smith, Miller Loosier. Not Pictured: James McLoud, Thomas Robinson, Ronald Goodin, William Kline, Wil liam James Reynolds, Riley Myers. Second Platoon: First Row: Allen Hovious, Joseph Griffin, David Henry, Walter Peterson, Ray Landry, Roy Keeton, John Herm, Howard Smith, John Stone, William Lester. Second Row: Jimmie Rose, Rayford Dukes, Larry Dillard, Leslie Crawford, Jr., Mark Tew, John Atkinson, Charles Blount, Hubert Massengale, Arthur Bakeler. Third Row: Timothy McGahey, Duncan Gray, Barney McNeely, Bert Cupit, Charles Wadlington, Lee Coleman, William Horn, William Shappley. Fourth Row: Arlen Biddle, Gerald Gay, Rupert Lyon, John Rayburn, Thomas Williams, Ronnie Robert Nance, Thomas Garrigan, David Butts, Jr. Not Elton Thomas, Jr., Kenneth Fly, James Gray, Jerry Clement, Adam Mitchell, Jr., Th omas Chapman, Steve Wong, Brent Chumbler, James Evans, James Hadley. Captain Don Dees Company Commander Zetta Bryant Company Sponsor Lt. Edward Deustchly, First Platoon Leader; Lt. Frank Austin, Second Platoon Leader; Lt. Bennett Mott, Third Platoon Leader; Sgt. Pope, First Sgt. Third Platoon: First Row: Joe Gay, Paul Parker, Jackie Rolison, Devotie Brister, Leslie Leigh, James Clark, Jr., Keith Wilson, Earl Vaughn, Charles Smith. Second Row: William Harris, Terry Kenneth Wilkinson, Larry McCay, Daniel Kauzlarich, George Sellers, James Stokes, Jr., Terry Kincaid, Billy Denton. Third Row: Charles Denton, James Stein, Shelby Grubbs, Arch Corley, Barry Lyle, Fred Witty, Robert Hughes, Vincent Liberto. Fourth Row: William Deberry, John Schlichtman, Larry Coleman, Gerald Gardner, Kiffin Craven, Jr., George Archer, Neal Not Pictured: Don Wood, James Reid, William Makowiecki, Hugh Bosworth, Jr., Barry Wilson, Paul Snyder, Edward Tollison, James Garrity, Edward Woo, Jerry Jefcoat, Claude Haraway. Captain Floyd Sulser Company Commander Shelley Schuyler Company Sponsor First Platoon: First Row: Henry Black, Joe Ross, Jr., Eustace Winn, William Lyon, John Ulmer, David Mills, James Parker, Jr., Charles Kelly, Gerald Jones, David Beene, George Gwin. Second Row: Robert Avent, Robert Fisher, Joe Crudup, Larry Kelso, Elliott, James Ducker, Richard Molpus, Michael Foley, Bratton. Third Row: William Myers, Randell Holley, John Hartin, William Gupton, William Haik, Raymond Gunn, Gregory Fagan, Thomas Thames, John Henderson. Fourth Row: William Withers, George Caldwell, Ste phen Clouse, John Gill, John William Stone, David Lambert, Thomas Cloar, Harper Young. Not Pictured: Murray Gilliam, Bard Selden, John Thornton, Robert Webb, Jr., William Bruce, John Porter, Walter Primos, Robert Goff, Jan Scarbrough, Jon Sanders. Second Platoon. First Row: Ira Carpenter, Jr., William Hester, Billy Varnado, Alan Till, Sam Ashworth, Leslie Feigley, Dean Blackwell, Charles Joiner, Edmond Patterson, Samuel McCall, Jefferson Kimbro. Second Row: Walter Elliott, William Jr., David Gleason, Alex Kiamie, Jr., John Craft, James Brock, Jr., Michael Thompson, Wyatt Harlow, George Phillips, Fred Baddour. Third Row: Ronald Cardwell, David Bridgers, Jr., Winthrop Acosta, Rickey Koon, Samuel Daniel, Joseph Houston, William Hubbard, Harry Gong, Robert Smith. Fourth Row: Hugh Cowsert, III, Steven Smith, Ira White, Randy Leary, Daniel Adams, James Townsend, Newton King, James Colson, Adolph Treppendahl. Not Pictured: David Meacham, Joseph Randall, Donnie Kay, Woodrow Galyean, Donald Wells, David Palmer. Third Platoon: First Row: Luther Gollott, Frederick Bryant, McCain, Tom Assaf, Mike Long, Colmon Mitchell, William Cook, David Joe. Second Row: Dwight Luter, Robert Williams, Jr., John Povall, Jonathan Staryk, Daniel McCarty, Glen Stinson, John Burk, John White. Third Row: Ronnie Johnson, Kenneth Keller, Maurice Gole, Woolsey Caye, Jr., David Watkins, Lauren Barton, Jacob Guice. Fourth Row: David Pearce, John Simpson, Greg Brand, Martin Chryst, Samuel Seay, Charles Myers, Douglas Cooper, James Sumrall. Not Pictured: Edward Peacock, III, Robert Tabeling, Walter Ross, Kenneth Keller, John Gough, Maurice Gole, Stephen Caruso, William Overdyle, Gordon Strom, Jr., James May, Theodore Coburn, Tommy Willis. Lt. Donald Gober, First Platoon Leader; Lt. James Campbell, Third Platoon Leader. Captain Lester Smith Company Commander Katherine Rice Company Sponsor First Platoon: First Row: Jim Blough, Thomas Bearden, Ronald Ragland, Charles Foose, Charles Rhea, Jimmy King, Ralph Crum, Stephen Saway, Jerry Riley, James Boyles. Second Row: Michael Kitchen, Steve Owens, Joseph Matulich, H. Erikson, James King, Frank Smith, III, William King, Jay Vestal, Henry Holifield. Third Row: Edward Lyon, David Mitchell, William Litton, Dennis Shupe, Lancelot Minor, III, Thomas Tucei, William Erb, Kinard. Fourth Row: Charles Grantham, Gary Theis, Hugh Parks, Rondy Heavener, John Purdom, Carl Leach, Claude Maley, Jr., Eugene Vanevery. Not Pictured: Robert Stringer, Harry Crimm, Thomas Livingston, Van Manning, William Jenkins, Sams, Elwin Mann, William Mize, III, Randall Lipschultz. Second Platoon: First Row: Joel Payne, Jr., Wylie Richards, Hall, John Griffith, Vern Pokorny, Thomas Gee, Samuel Edwin Meeks, George Fair, Noble Moore. Second Row: Bradford Stewart, Vincent Marascalco, Allen Hodges, Ricky King, Harold Barker, James Barrett, Michael Smith, Walter Crafton, Absalom Jackson. Third Row: John Wallis, Jr., Alva Wylie, Paul Moak, Jeffrey Horn, William Dunavant, Ronald McCoy, Bradford Breeland, Barry Blailock. Fourth Row: John Reddoch, III, Michael King, David Jefcoats, Mikie Inmon, Kenneth Sudduth, Malcolm Bailey, Albert Souder, Howard Gary. Not Pictured: Reggie Cullums, David Butler, Charles Newman, Bruce Triplett, Carl Charles Seab, William Gray, Edward Hunsucker, Reedy Third Platoon : First Row: Thomas Ingels, Walter Marston, John Bottom, III, Roland Young, Donald Dickerson, Robert Weeks, William Simmons, Billy Shepard, Wendell Trapp, Jr., Robert Myers. Second Row: Henderson Hall, Jr., Stephen Clary, Cecil Vick, James Whatley, Donald Shields, Walter Dickson, Joe Third Row: Thomas Jones, Billy Barlow, Thomas Vincent Skorupski, Clarence Scales, Joseph Bell, David Ethridge. Fourth Row: James Weems, Jr., Burke Torrey, Charles Smyly, Hartley Kittle, II, Robert Covert, James Stahnke, Jr., Saldona. Not Pictured: Russell Goldstein, Kenny Hayles, Tarpley, Alden Hiett, Frank Tinnon, David Forrester, Roger Mattei, Alan Griffin, William Featherstone, John Rawlings, James Vaughan, Marvin Sparks, Timothy Singley. Lt. J. A. White, Second Platoon Leader; Lt. Ken Dreher, Third Platoon Leader; Sgt. Bob Anderson, First Sgt. The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was at the University of Mississippi in June of 1946 for the purpose of training carefully selected young men for commissions as Ensigns in the United States Navy or as Second Lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps. The Department of the Navy pays for four full years of college for those who are enrolled as Regular Students in the program. A student may become a Regular by passing nation-wide competitive examinations, both physical and mental. A student who fails in these tests may become a Contract Student by applying directly to the unit on campus. For the fifth consecutive year the Navy Drill Team won the campus Army-Navy Drill Competition. This year was marked by the retirement of Captain Robert W. Slye, unit commander, after thirty-four years in the Navy. Captain Robert W. Slye Professor of Naval Science Alfred Beavert Thomas Derry Burton Barnhart Rau Davenport George Wallace Lt. Commander Lieutenant Chief Petty Officer S.Sgt. Chief Yoeman First Row: Kay White, Kay Eunice Bolt, Susan Pierce. Second Row: Betty Brommer, Barbara Young, Paula Anderson, Vanci Campbell. Third Row: Sharon McLaurin, Babs Bradley, Deborah Brown, Lynn Coates, Cynthia Chrestman. Left to right: J. R. Flandburg, R. L. Winther, R. S. Rhodes, J. T. Gibbs, F. J. McDonnell, FL McGehee. Battalion Staff: G. R. Caloway, Battalion Commander; W. A. Roper, Executive Officer; R. L. Whitaker, Adjutant; J. L. Operations Officer; J. A. Donald, Supply Officer. Left to right: R. S. Fitzpatrick, J. H. Ables, M. A. Crouch, J. D. Alexander. Color Guard Quarterdeck. Staff D. C. Elmore Commanding Officer First Platoon: Front Row: J. L. Dover, J. G. Anderson, W. D. Smothers, K. K. Beyer, R. E. King, D. . Holcolm, W. H. Street, R. D. Moore, A. D. Jones. Second Row: C. D. Thompson, G. R. Booth, J. M. Harral, B. E. Jolley, W. C. Stoltq, J. J. Crongeyer, C. W. Montgomery, M. L. Lowery. Third Row: R. B. Ellis, J. C. Batte, S. Varadi, A. J. Word, D. A. Wiater, J. B. Jones. J. L. Dover, Platoon Commander; H. E. Lunsford, Platoon MPO; C. A. Dunn, Platoon Commander; E. T. McCullar, Platoon MPO. Second Platoon: Front Row: W. S. Bozeman, D. L. Molpus, J. C. Stanley, P. E. Farnsworth, N. L. Holland, T. J. Sulilvan, J. E. Boggess, R. T. Cook, H. E. Lunsford. Second Row: T. M. T. J. Kierman, D. K. Jurgensen, J. R. Tickle, G. E. J. D. Rodgers, J. W. May, T. C. Harty. Third Row: J. T. Wells, W. M. Abernethy, J. C. Burnett, G. N. Bullard, D. D. McAler, T. 0. DeMoss, P. N. Hart, E. P. Peabody. First Platoon: Front Row: E. L. Hardister, J. K. Hartwell, D. T. McKessy, W. L. Hall, R. R. Wells, T. R. Todd, R. W. Sartain, J. R. Tatum, W. D. Gray. Second Row: R. W. Hyde, F. X. Braun, W. P. Maloney, D. K. Howell, R. A. Maples, M. B. Bryant, J. S. Cotten, J. F. Daves. Third Row: W. L. Lavallee, M. E. Poole, H. R. Wallace, J. R. Parker, E. H. Wright, B. E. McCants, R. M. Cunningham, M. Hamp. E. L. Hardister, Platoon Commander; J. K. Hartwell, Platoon MPO; D. L. Booher, Platoon Commander; M. E. Bellamy, MPO. Second Platoon: Front Row: R. T. Gordon, J. P. Lamphron, S. A. Batrosh, W. H. Stubblefield, J. Gavanaugh, W. W. Bachman, F. S. Hartsfield, E. T. McCullar. Second Row: T. E. Kruse, G. L. Boyll, D. M. Birdwell, T. M. Straub, J. G. Thomas, K. D. Farragut, M. D. Wade. Third Row: H. H. Mitchell, D. L. Browning, S. W. Davis, J. D. Thompson, M. D. Stanger, J. M. Hindshaw, D. J. Turner. R. E. Russell Commanding Officer F. W. Hudson Commanding Officer First Platoon: Front Row: F. W. Hudson, J. H. Lowry, F. G. R. D. Shoemaker, T. B. Wiener, T. F. Whitman, W. H. Sadler. Second Row: S. W. Neill, W. R. Eaton, R.: A. White, 0. F. J. H. Galberry, T. J. Pepper, J. L. McNamara. Third Row: M. D. Hobbs, J. M. Booth, R. R. Jones, J. D. Caldwell, M. L. Dryden, F. V. Wilkey, T. H. Smith. W. L. Lavallee, Platoon Commander; W. H. Sadler, Platoon MPO; I. H. Nelson, Platoon Commander; R. N. Graham, Platoon MPO. Second Platoon: Front Row: I. H. Nelson, R. D. Smith, T. M. Mayhugh, J. B. Walzak, B. L. Cooke, J. M. Harper, J. D. Minor, P. T. Freel. Second Row: M. Bellamy, R. C. Williams, K. H. S. R. Rogers, D. B. Hope, J. G. Wakeland, J. Clarke, T. S. Bridges. Third Row: S. A. Harris, R. E. Mabus, M. P. Vest, R. A. Miller, T. A. Militello, D. N. McBee, J. C. Dessommes, G. R. Rhoades. Anchor and Chain. Front Row: D. L. Bootier, G. R. Caloway, D. C. Elmore, I. H. Nelson. Second Row: R. E. S. K. Howell, J. G. Anderson, R. D. Smith. Third Row: C. D. Thompson, R. S. Rhodes, J. J. Gibbs, F. Vollor. Front Raw: J. M. Wall, M. W. Latham, R. E. Dove, J. R. Stodes, W. H. Rigby, J. R. Bryan. Second Row: T. L. Daniels, M. S. West, P. I. Arbuthnot, P. L. Dawes. Third Row: J. 0. Spence, S. L. Shalles, T. R. Standridge, W. D. B. Olafsen. Drill provides the cadets with practical training. Team Drill Team: Front Row: R. L. Whitaker, H. L. Ogden, C. W. Broun, J. A. Carden, R. S. Buffington, S. C. Dombrowski, H. D. Laumbattus, C. J. Oliver. Second Row: C. L. Lecmon, J. P. V. R. Nellis, E. L. McClendon, W. L. Bishop, R. F. S. T. Lloyd. Third Row: R. Sipos, R. C. Crossley, E. E. Williams, R. W. Whitney, J. K. Kossum, P. L. Simpson. First Row: Paula Anderson, Marilyn Blakeslee, Babs Bradley, Eunice Bolt, Betty Brommer, Deborah Brown, Cynthia Chrestman, Lynn Coates. Second Row: Anita Grimes, Kay McHarg, Sharon McLaurin, Cindy Morrison, Susan Pierce, Kay White, Barbara Woodbury, Barbara Young. Order Arms. The Department of Aerospace Studies, a unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, falls under the joint jurisdiction of the University of Mississippi and the of the Air Force. The mission of Air Force ROTC is to commission career-oriented officers to meet specific U. S. Air Force requirements. Air Force ROTC cadets in the four-year program may compete for scholarships that pay tuition, books, and expenses along with $50 per month in subsistence. Angel Flight is the co-ed auxiliary to and is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. Its purposes are to promote interest in the Air Force, to obtain information concerning the military services, and to aid in the programs of the Arnold Air Society. LT. COLONEL GLEN M. SANFORD Professor of Aerospace Studies Clark Everett, Jr. Burton D. Zeiler William R. Cooke Wiley Brooks, Jr. Freddy Townsend Ernest S. Smith Richard J. Rachal Forrest A. Morrison Major Captain Captain Captain T Sgt. AIC S Sgt. S Sgt. BETTYE B. WHITTEN Commander of Angel Flight LARRY J. COPELAND Wing Commander First Row: Patty Canty, Kathleen Madeline Cunningham, Beth Eichold. Second Row: Julie Farr, Jane Carol Foshee, Janie Fuller, Carolyn Jones. Third Row: Ellen O ' Neal, Walterine Ginger Powell, Betty Rowzee. Fourth Row: Laurie Simpson, Martha Tate Stokely, Deen Strickland, Betty B. Whitten. Arnold Air Society Front Row: Nathan Mackey, W. Larne, L. Copeland, D. Rushing. Second Row: W. Arnold, C. Nealy, G. Carter, W. Martin, Bill Guy, D. Kelso, J. Laurenzi, W. Webb. Third Row: J. McIntyre, M. Brett, M. Brent, D .Peaks, E. Davis, H. Powers, B. Dodson, L. Graeber. Fourth Row: E. Schweitzer, J. Potuk, B. Lavers, T. Chaeirs. Front Row: L. Copeland, W. Guy, D. Hutchinson, D. Rushing, W. Webb. Second Row: W. Larne, D. Kelso, J. Laurenzi, W. Arnold, C. Nealey, M. Harrison. Third Row: T. Cheirs, H. Powers, N. Mackey, M. Brett, J. McIntyre. Front Row: J. Potuk, L. Graeber, J. Gouras, G. Carter, B. Sloan, J. Dodson, B. Lavers, J. Johnson, M. Fore. Row: E. Schweitzer, M. Brent, B. Nunnery, E. Davis, C. Richardson, C. Quarterman, S. Vassallo, J. Shanahan, P. Albano, J. Martin, D. Peaks. Not Pictured: Carson Hughes. Look at those phonies across the street. Rush must go on—rain, snow, or sleet. FAY TULLOS CARLA CROSS .. JEANNE NECAISE SUSAN SHARP To promote inter-sorority cooperation, the members of the ten sororities at the University of Mississippi have a group known as the Panhellenic Council. Its main purpose is to promote understanding and cooperation among the members of the sororities and to regulate and enforce all rushing rules. Always working for the good of the University, strives to promote fine intellectual achievement and scholarship, to maintain high social standards, and to promote worthy projects on and off the campus. ALPHA DELTA PI DELTA GAMMA PHI MU Barbara Frank Carol Jones Leslie Westbrook Jean Smith Judy Pierce Dixie Thomas Janelle Cranford Sandy Kelsey Donna Edwards ALPHA OMICRON PI DELTA DELTA DELTA PI BETA PHI Susan Burson Betty B. Whitten Sara Sue Ritchey Ellen Wales Fleeta Fox Cindy Morrison Melanie Sanders Princey Scurry Barbara Cox CHI OMEGA KAPPA DELTA ZETA TAU ALPHA Sally Holloman Sallie Thomas Jane Young Betty Stewart Linda Luke Sylvia Allen Gayle Golden Diane Williams Mary L. Cissna KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Jan Singleton • Sarah Gay Craig Gayle Smith ADPi ' s eating ice cream for a refreshing change. The oldest secret society for college women, Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was established on the Ole Miss campus on 25, 1961. The Alpha Delta Pi ' s are active in scholarship, leadership, and participate in all facets of university life. Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Cwcns, and Alpha Delta are among the honorary fraternities in which ADPi ' s are members. Other organizations in which they take an active part are Committee of 100, Phi Beta Kappa Epsilon, the Mississippian Staff, and WRA. Also active in philanthropic areas ADPi contributes to the Cripple Children ' s Fund and the Heart Fund. First Row: Martha Bearden, Connie Berry, Chris Blair, Sandra Bloodworth, Leslie Bonnie Broadfoot, Nancy Second Row: Betty Carlisle, Sylvia Chamblee, Chism, Lillye Collins, Janice Janelle Cranford, Carla Cross. Third Row: Gloria Daniels, Marcia Decker, Fahey Dibenedetto, Linda Jo Dickerson, Cheryl Drennan, Rose Ann Duncan, Victoria Duncan. Fourth Row: Barbara Dyre, Kay Edwards, Lee Nancy Ellis, Lorabeth Fisher, Barbara Frank, Linda Gregory. Fifth Row: Judith Hamner, Carolyn Harris , Sandi Harrison, Kathy Hulen, Jane Jones, Sara Jones, Elaine Keown. Sixth Row: Sandra Kidd, Brenda Kimbrough, Kucewicz, Constance Lax, Mary Lockhart, Martha McMurry, Susan McNamee. Seventh Row: Paula Meek, Anna Mize, Patricia Moody, Cathrine Nance, Paula Patricia Payne, Saundra Pounds. Eighth Row: Pamela Presley, Charlotte Price, Linda Reel, Amy Jo Smith, Jean Smith, Margaret Steen, Alison Teague. Ninth Row: Betty Wampler, Mickey Williams. Not Pictured: Marjorie Burton, Joann Capparelle, Elizabeth Coldwell, Evelyn Finch, Ruth Fischelmayer, Charlotte Freund, Sharon Hogue, Dorothy Hopkins, Catherine Hurt, Ch arlotte Keeton, Mary Kelley, Frances Martin, Linda Martin, Linda Nulta, Jeannie Smith, Tonja Tucker. AOPi ' s and Coach Perry on parade. Nu Beta Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was established at Ole Miss in 1957. AOPi ' s are members of Mortarboard, Cwens, University Scholars, a Taylor Medalist, and two Carrier Scholars. Elinor Haney is President of Phi Beta Lambda. Linda Baker is the president of WRA. Babs Bradley is a Navy sponsor and Dathy Smith is a Army sponsor. Suzanne and Linda Ruth Harvey serve as feature twirlers. Susan Reed serves the AWS as Judicial Chairman and is a member of Who ' s Who. Babs Bradley is one of the top five beauties and fi rst alternate to best-dressed. Betty Shaw is the Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen. You now have a small picture of the scope of AOPi— well-rounded, versatile, beautiful, and sincerely interested. First Row: Kathy Abraham, Barbara J. Vennie Allen, Karen Atchley, Ann Avery, Katherine Bailey, Linda Baker, Margaret Eliz Barbee. Second Row: Phyllis Beckwith, Pamela Bedgood, Susan Boone, Suelen Booth, Bonnie Bowen, Nan Britton, Fredda Brown, Elizabeth Bullock. Third Row: Mary Burson, Sally Burson, Susan Carol Carver, Merry Cooper, E. Corretti, Karen Davis, Betty Dees. Fourth Row: Marsha Duncan, Leslie Farr, Janis Farris, Helen Ferguson, Deborah Rieth Girod, Kay Gordon, Beth Gramling. Fifth Row: Elinor Haney, Mary Harmon, Linda Harvey, Randy Henderson, Sarah Henderson, Judy Hudson, Suzanne Hudson, Leslie Hybergen. Sixth Row: Sandra Idom, Charlotte Jackson, Dorothy Jameson, Cheryl Johnson, Nancy Knox, Lois Lafollette, Jane Lauderdale, Linda Leonard. Seventh Row: Mary McCord, Betty McDowell, Kai McMillan, Linda McNeely, Judi Nita Nash, Jacqueline Palmer, Virginia Palmer. Eighth Row: Dorothy Parish, Patricia Paul, Pamela Penick, Marilyn Polk, Susan Susan Reed, Nancy Richards, Jane Riggs. Ninth Row: Suzanne Riley, Elba Sanders, Melanie Sanders, Elise Sanford, Bonnie Millicent Shannon, Susan Thomas, Deborah Timmins. Tenth Row: Ellen Wailes, Mary Waring, Sandra Wilkins, Dorothy Williams, Sunni Wilson, Nancy Womack, Janis Woolly. Not Pictured: Theresa Baxter, Barbara Bradley, Elder, Janis Parker, Edith Perry. Reach out--I ' ll be there. Tau Chapter of Chi Omega, founded here in 1899, has again proved itself worthy of its name at Ole Miss. Chi Omegas won the Scholarship Trophy for the sixth straight semester. Chi O ' s are members of academic organizations— Mortar Board, Cwens, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Amanda Povall serves as Secretary of the ASB, while Robin Fulcher serves as President of the YWCA. Chi 0 is also well represented by Army, Air Force ROTC, and Navy sponsors. Beth Eichold served as varsity cheerleader. 1967 Homecoming Maids were Linda Gunn and Janet Newell. Cynthia Chrestman, Shelley Schyler, and Andrea were elected favorites while Jane Carol Foshee and Sally HoBoman were selected as Top Five B eauties. Fraternity sweethearts are. Dale Dalton, Kappa Sigma; Lynn Taylor, Phi Delta Theta; and Beth Eichold, Sigma Chi lifetime sweetheart. First Row: Cathleen Adams, Ethel Archer, Bell, jenny Biggers, Cecelia Block, Mary Bobb, Martha Bowen, Mary Bowen, Anne Bradley. Second Row: Gay Bramlett, Suzan Brown, Mary Bryant, Donna Buford, Merle Butler, Candace Carroll, Nancy Carruth, Deborah Chennault, Cynthia Third Row: Deane Chrestman, Candy Croft, Dale Dalton, Sallie Eaton, Martha Sherry Edwards, Elizabeth Sarabeth Ellis, Judith Etheridge. Fourth Row: Laura Ethridge, Lenore Lewis Helen Fant, Jane Foshee, Helen Fulcher, Jane Fuller, Gayle Golden, Geri Graeber, Martha Haney. Fifth Row: Judy Hasting, Dale Hawkins, Mary Delle Herlong, Mary Lewis Herndon, Judy Hobby, Daudet Johnston, Jones, Allison Kerr, Ann King. Sixth Row: Maud Kuykendall, Margaret Longino, Lucretia Luckett, Patricia McCabe, Leslie McIntyre, Lucille Mahon, Malone, Blanche Mann, Melissa Massengill. Seventh Row: Mildred Milner, Nancy Moore, Morris, Nancy Norman, Ann Perkins, Armstrong Pillow, Amanda Povall, Margaret Anne Powers, Sarah Prude. Eighth Row: Catherine Quinn, Patricia Reagan, Shelley Schuyler, Kathleen Scott, Mariette Stewart, Betty Sugg, Pat Lynn Taylor, Eloise Tenney. Ninth Row: Norma Thompson, Carroll Thornton, Rhoda Thornton, Helen Tindall, Carol Vail, Teresa Vaughn, Karen Walcott, Norma Weaver, Mary Welty. Tenth Row: Judy West, Janet White, Julia White, Judy Williams, Ethel Wood, Margaret Yates. Not Pictured: Mary Borthwick, Judy Boyd, Lady Gilfoy, Linda Gunn, Nancy Hill, Sara HoHoman, Lynn Jones, Kathryn Rebecca Lovelace, Mary Meek, Janet Newell, Charlotte Parker, Rice, Martha Russell, Susanne Sandifer, Sherry Scarbrough, Sally Scott, Ann Semmes, Andrea Sudduth, Jane Sutherland. Thank God this is the last time I have to put this stupid skit on. Delta Delta Delta, The spirit of Delta Delta Delta is present in every phase of campus life at Ole Miss. Leaders include Betty McAlexander, President of AWS, and various Senate representatives. Carolyn. Bruno is a Rebel Cheerleader and Cindy Chapman served in the Homecoming Court. Tri Delta beauties include Martha Tate Stokely, Miss University; Judy Rost, Top Ten Beauty; three fraternity sweethearts; Carolyn Bruno and Dale Holmes, Ole Miss Favorites. Deltas claim 3 army sponsors and 3 in Angel Flight with Bettye B. Whitten as Commander. They are also well represented as Carrier Scholars, Mortar Board, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta with Rivers King as President, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, and Committee of 100. As a group, the DDD ' s won first place in Deby day. First Row: Julia Alvarez, Caroline Barbour, Bigger, Martha Black, Ann Bowen, Mary Braddock, Grace Braun, Mary Bruno, Harriette Bryson, Courtney Bunn. Second Row: Barbara Burnham, Bonnie Burns, Pamela Butts, Suzann Buzard, Rita Cabaniss, Katherine Cain, Cameron Chapman, Cynthia Chapman, Frances Clark, Missy Cobb. Third Row: Susan Cole, Kathleen Coleman, Susan Cross, Christopher Curran, Leigh Nancy Egger, Judy Elam, Lois Estes, Elizabeth Fair, Jeanne Fair. Fourth Row: Katharine Broadwell Flagg, Fleeta Fox, Laurie Graham, Lillian Graham, Carolyn Guice, Varner Hones, Jean Holmes, Delia Hyde, Catherine Mary Jobe. Fifth Row: Jan Johnson, Judith Joyner, Bonnie Kearney, Agnes King, Rivers King, Sherry Kingery, Mary Kirkpatrick, Patti Laberge, Georgia Lemon, Peggy Litton. Sixth Row: Linda Long, Betty McAlexander, McCord, Virginia McIntyre, Martiniere, Martha Melton, Marilyn Mercer, Jean Merrell, Milner, Carolyn Morrison. Seventh Row: Mary Motlow, Ann Murphy, Terry Obarr, Mardie Olson, Margaret Marguerite Puryear, Mary Carolyn Robertson, Barbara Ross, Elizabeth Scott. Eighth Row: Isabelle Scurry, Anne Slaughter, Ann Smith, Dee Speakes, Del Speakes, Phoebe Spencer, Kathleen Squires, Martha Tate Stokely, Miriam Stone, Mimi Stovall. Ninth Row: Merry Temple, Patricia Thompson, Julia Truman, Rebecca Walker, Gail Walsh, Janie White, Bettye Whitten, Nancy Whitten, Elaine Wilcox, B. Williams. Tenth Row: Sandra Williams, Yvonne Williams, Emily Woodside. Not Pictured: Candyce Barnes, Mary Barrow, Betty Blackburn, Diane Burton, Mary Carolyn Flagg, Catherine Jones, Mary McLaurin, Marthy Major, Mary Powell, Mellicent Prichard, Pamela Rives, Judith Rost, Carolyn Slade, Beverly Slaughter, Memrie Taylor, Ganel Veazey, Carolyn The Peter Pan of the DG House. Active on campus in all areas, Delta Gammas are of: Cwens; Mortar Board, with Lou Anne Williams as Mortar Board sophomore Honor Girl; AWS Judicial secretary Carolyn Phillips; Executive secretary to the President of the ASB Ben Kendrick; and four DG Beverly Vaughn cheered the freshmen on; military include one Army, one Navy, and six Angel Flight; DG ' s are sweethearts for PiKA and SPE. Dean Strickland captured Best Dressed; Carol Jones is one of the Top Five Beauties, and Martha Doran in the Top Ten; and Patty Canty served as Homecoming Maid. Delta Gamma at Ole Miss has maintained a proud since its founding at Oxford ' s own Lewis School in 1873. The golden anchor signifies the ideals of friendship and loyalty. First Row: Judy Anderson, Kay Bellande, Vicki Berry, Betty Birdwell, Brenda Boyce, Gayle Brackett, Betty Brand, Mae Brannon, Beverly Brisco. Second Row: Judith Brown, Nan Buck, Nan Helen Burgin, Susan Campbell, V. Campbell, Patricia Canty, Mimi Chilcutt, Sandra Colter, Peggy Cook. Third Row: Kathy Cooper, Daphne Dab bs, Sallie Davis, Vina Davis, Martha Doran, Andrea Duprel, Miriam Ellis, Mary Farr, Emily Farrar, Nancy Floyd. Fourth Row: Susan Ford, Jamie Fowler, Chellie Furr, Georgia Gilluly, Susan Gordon, Janet Graves, Martha Graves, Ellen Gregory, Cheryl Hagan, Holly Hall. Fifth Row: Nancy Hankins, Nancy Houchins, Jane Hughes, Carol Jones, Claudia Jones, Lauranne Jones, Maury Jones, Kaye Junkin, Sarah Kellum, Sandra Kelsey. Sixth Row: Robena Kendrick, Sandra Knight, Judy Leech, Mary Leonard, Margaret Lewis, Gwen McKee, Susanne Celia Maxey, Sherry Mosley, Ann Murphy. Seventh Row: Anne Norman, Ellen O ' Neal, Susan Person, Carolyn Phillips, Gale Phillips, Martha Phillips, Rayna Phillips, Judy Pierce, Susan Pierce, Virginia Powell. Eighth Row: Jerrill Pullen, Camille Robbins, Robinson, Bettina Rowe, Victoria Rueseler, Cynthia Savage, Sandra Seale Ann Shook, Lisa Simmons, Sneed. Ninth Row: Deen Strickland, Martha Stuart, Suber, Elaine Talley, Mary Elizabeth Teunisson, Carol Patricia Tynes, Valorie Vest, Sally Walker. Tenth Row: Mary Jo Warren, Libby Sue Watkins, Laura Wharton, Noell Wilborn, Louise Williams, Olivia Williams, Janis Worsham. Not Pictured: Margaret Hood, Carolyn Lowery, Kathryn McDuffle, Margaret Betty Rowzee, Annette Taylor, Cynthia Williams. A handshake instead of a kiss! An orphan in the Methodist Home in Jackson is by the Kappa Deltas. KD ' s received the WRA Sportsmanship trophy for Vicky Allen was elected a Freshman cheerleader. Zetta Bryant serves as Varsity cheerleader. Madalyn was selected Homecoming Maid. The Navy ROTC chose Deborah Brown and Susan McLaurin as sponsors. Zetta Bryant is an Army sponsor. Lauri Simpson and Madalyn Cunningham are members of Angel Flight. Kappa Deltas hold positions in Cwens, Mortar Board, the Committee of 100, and on ASB committees. Fay Tullos is President of Panhellenic and Kerry Culp President of Junior Panhellenic. Zetta Bryant and Linda Smith were chosen Campus Favorites, and Gwen Massey was selected one of the Top Ten Beauties. Diane Williams is sweetheart of Sigma Nu. First Row: Anna Adams, Kathryn Adams, Glenda Alford, Glynda Allen, Vicki Allen, Ann Batson, Greer Batson, Sue Bell, Elizabeth Biedenharn. Second Row: Laura Bishop, Eunice Bolt, Ann Patricia Bradley, Anna Branham, Deborah Brown, Zetta Bryant, Mary Bufkin, Sandra Bufkin. Third Row: Pamela Caldwell, Roxie Carpenter, Carolyn Chandler, Marguerite Cheairs, Carolyn Cole, Joan Colvin, Cristy Coors, Kerry Culp, Madalyn Fourth Row: Evalyn Dent, Gloria Dowdy, Alice Duncan, Wanda Edwards, Karen Enochs, Roane Forman, Shirley Linda Gibson , Barbara Gilder. Fifth Row: Gay Gottshall, Elizabeth Goza, Gay Graeger, Mildred Green, Shirley Catherine Harris, Linda Barbara Hester, Beverly Hickey. Sixth Row: Pamela Hodgson, Teresa Holloman, Sarah Jackson, Betty Kellum, Denny Keye, Kay Khayat, Judy Kitchens, Dorothy Latimer, Susan Lavender. Seventh Row: Annie Lewellen, Barbara Livingston, Janet Logan, Linda Luke, Susan A. Mann, Patricia Mann, Lynn Marshall, Gwen Massey. Eighth Row: Martha Neilson, Portia Peteet, Connie Price, Susan Puryear, Susan Safley, Katherine Schaffer, Elizabeth Senter, Lee Shellabarger, Cindy Shelton. Ninth Row: Laura Simpson, Byrle Sims, Linda Smith, Nancy Smythe, Lynn Georgia Stratton, Marilyn Sallie Thomas, Mary Kay Tenth Row: Helen Williams, Margaret Williams, Minerva Woodroof, Marcia Young. Not Pictured: Anne Beery, Virginia Callicutt, Susan Case, Laura Hall, Jane Henry, Janis Henry, Karen Henry, Linda Hines, Janet Hoover, Kathy Koch, Esther Marett, Laura Morgan, Sharon Susan Sargent, Gladys Stogner, Mary Taylor, Fay Tullos, Lindy And the boys come over on Saturday nights. Since its founding at Monmouth College in 1870, Kappa Kappa Gamma has strived to uphold excellence in all of campus life. Delta Rho Chapter was established at Ole Miss in 1947. The Kappas stress excellence in all phases of life— scholarship, leadership, service, and sisterhood. The honors won by individual members reflect the efforts of the entire chapter. Calico Maxwell is president of AWS; Katherine Shaw is president of Mortar Board and Susan Sharpe is vice-president. Barbara Woodbury was elected 1967 Homecoming Queen and favorite while Nancy Woodbury was a Homecoming Maid. Walterine Permenter is a freshman cheerleader, member of Angel Flight, and favorite. Kappas claim four members of Who ' s Who. Although busy on these girls are still active members of Kappa. First Row: Susan Alley, Lauren Anders, Linda Baker, Helen Ball, Barbara Billings, Sharon Boone, Susan Boyd, Vicki Buchanan, Sandra Clark, Susan Second Row: Sarah Craig, Daphne Dabney, Tanya Daggett, Lisa Decker, Linda Deener, Mary Dexter, Sandra Donahue, Rachel Earhart, Kathryn East, Tommye Favre. Third Row: Gertrude Ferguson, Hallie Fowler, Sandra Fulton, Susan Fulton, Paula Gaither, Chita Gaskin, Cecelia Anne Gautier, Jean Gillander, Gail Gillespie, F. Grimes. Fourth Row: Patricia Guest, Melissa Hall, Marcia Hamm, Judith Harper, Jan Harvey, Carolyn Horrell, Jorja Howell, Hawser, Elizabeth Hurt, Kate Jackson. Fifth Row: Linda Jetton, Lizabeth Jean Jetton, Katherine Keach, Alicia Landrum, Margaret Lape, Lisa Larson, Barbara Ledbetter, Alice Lewis, Martha Lewis, Betty McClatchy. Sixth Row: Minnie McMullan, Lila McRight, Constance Mann, Calico Maxwell, Mary Miers, Jo Monteith, Betty Moore, Marsha Mountz, Mary Lindsay Oliver. Seventh Row: Jenny Pappas, Jane Patterson, Patricia Patterson, Walterine Permenter, Phay, Rachel Pitcher, Vicki Ransom, Elizabeth Reno, Anne Effie Russell. Eighth Row: Vallie Seuzenlau, Susan Sharpe, Shaw, Bonnie Shelton, Ann Jan Singleton, Frances Smith, Gayle Smith, Janet Stevens, Vicki Ninth Row: Virginia Thomas, Louisa Thompson, Marie Thornton, Ann Trout, Martha Turner, Lynn Turner, Laura Vannoy, Cynthia Vincent, Judy Wallace, Watson. Tenth Row: Barbara Wheeler, Becky Williams, Brenda Williamson, Barbara Not Pictured: Carole Broussard, Mary Brown, Harrell, Marilyn Leach, Linda Meiners, Nancy Stennis. Nancy You know you shouldn ' t have done that. The second oldest national sorority, Phi Mu, has a long and gracious heritage to uphold. Phi Mu ranks high scholastically—Mortar Board, Cwens, Phi Kappa Phi members. Varsity cheerleader Connie and Freshman cheerleader Marilyn Blakeslee lead the Rebs. Angela Lord is Homeco ming Maid. Pat Horne is Sigma Chi Sweetheart and Campus Favorite. Donna rates Top Ten Beauty and Kay McHarg is in the Top Five Beauties. Linda Lee Tribble reigns as Pilgrimage Queen. Pam Wright and Sue Windaor are finalists for Miss University. Phi Psi chose Carol Lemons as sweetheart while Leslie Westbrook and Pat Home were chosen for Who ' s Who. Three Phi Mus are Navy Sponsors and two sponsor the Army. Sue Windsor serves as secretary for AWS while Westbrook takes minutes for the Senior Class. Yes, Phi Mu ' s are active also in Campus Senate, Commission, Committee of 100, and ASB First Row: Beth Allen, Martha Anderson, Julie Anderton, Patti Axelrod, Pamela Bailey, Marilyn Blakeslee, Ann Carolyn Buckner, Susan Clark, Evelyn Coates. Second Row: Trebie Cobb, Cathleen Coers, Gail Condon, Joan Conn, Karen Cope, Abby Cotten, Anne Crisler, Donna Dale, Linda Doyle, Mary Durant. Third Row: Mary Cathryn Dyre, Theresa Susan Edmondson, Donna Mary Ellis, Nancy Ellis, Anna Ferguson, Jann Fitzgerald, Nancy Frye, Mary Hall. Fourth Row: Linda Hamilton, Elizabeth Hanry, Sally Diane Hardaway, Jo Hawkins, Susan Hawkins, Katherine Hiden, Horne, Sharon Wynne Howze, Gail Hoy, Vivia Hughes. Fifth Row: Mary Knott, Marijane Lamb, Nancy Land, Susan Langdon, Linda Lassetter, Linda Latham, Sandra Lee, Carol Lemons, Tangie Lingle, Susan Lisenby. Sixth Row: Angela Lord, Connie Luck ett, Judy McDougal, Kay McHarg, Janet Annelle Macy, Ann Malone, Ethie Mansell, Carnie Mansell, Massey. Seventh Row: Betty Meacham, Mary Ann Miles, Tis Neill, Kathryne Neill, Lila Noe, Phillips, Elizabeth Pittman, Mary Plants, Lamar Poovey, Martha Eighth Row: Patsy Reifers, Catherine Rodenhauser, Mary Rush, Nanette Russell, Nancy Scott, Janis Seefeld, Susan Settlemire, Sharon Shelton, Patricia Simonetti, Barbara Sloas. Ninth Row: Carol Smith, Pinkie Smith, Sandra Smith, Brenda Snare, Shellye Stanley, Simmie Stodghill, Dixie Thomas, Catherine Thompson, Linda Tribble, Joyce Tubb. Tenth Row: Cecile Walsh, Leslie Westbrook, Williford, Cassie Wilson, Jane Windels, Marty Windels, Anita, Pamela Wright, Kathryn Yandell. Not Pictured: Barbara Archer, Mildred Hardin, Leigh Shipman, Betty Taylor, Diane Taylor. Millie throws another pass at some guy. One hundred years ago twelve coeds at Monmouth decided that they wanted to form a national for women because they had seen the enjoyment the men students were gaining from their fraternities. On April 28, 1867, they founded I. C. Sorosis, the first national for women. The Greek letters Pi Beta Phi were used as a secret motto, but in 1888, the younger members persuaded the older ones to use this as their name. Pi Phi ' s here on the Ole Miss campus participate in a wide variety of activities such as Committee of the 100, WRA, Ole Miss " Y " , Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, BSU, Newman Club, Wesley Foundation, Phi Nu, Gamma Phi, Young Democrats, and Young Outstanding Pi Phi ' s include Sara Sue Ritchey, delegate to the National College Queen contest; Barbara Cox, President of CWENS: and Cindy Morrison, AWS Treasurer. First Row: Patti Alford, Nora Allen, Lynda Beverly Biddy, Judith Bittle, Brown, Patricia Brumfield. Second Row: Elizabeth Cameron, Hellon Sheryl Clark, Pamela Connor, Barbara Cox, Elizabeth Cox, Susan Edrington. Third Row: Rebecca Ann Enloe, Alexis Engram, Brenda Frazier, Jane George, Kitty Gravely, Martha Harsh, Florence Hazard. Fourth Row: Marianne Henson, Melody Herring, Carole Higgins, Cynthia Houston, Jeanne Huston, Lynne Johnson, Linda Jones. Fifth Row: Susan Jones, Barbara Jordan, Betty Kennedy, Dinah Leavitt, Janice Bonnie Millen, Martha Miller. Sixth Row: Melinda Milner, Mary Mitchell, Linda Moore, Marinell Moore, Matsy Cynthia Morrison, Melanee Lou Murphree. Seventh Row: Deborah Nelson, Gwendolyn O ' Neal, Vicki Perry, Sarah Ritchey, Nancy Stasiak, Mildred Sullivan, Toni Eighth Row: Donna Susan Thompson, Evalyn Susan Vincent, Mary Wade, Susan Walker, Alma White, Katherine White. Ninth Row: Elizabeth Williston, Alys Windham, Johnnie Young. Not Pictured: Georgianna Alexander, Stacy Alexander, Elizabeth Avery, Mary Baldwin, Martha Barnett, Linda Flowers, Janice Garner, Laura Lee, Carol Lemaster, Terry Lever, Emily McCarty, Jeanne Necaise, Sherrie Sam, June Short, Nora Stevens, Jill Thomas, Frances Treadaway. 7 or 11—and you get a bid. Gamma Delta Chapter brought the turquoise, blue, and steel gray of Zeta Tau Alpha to Ole Miss on April 14, 1939, making it the fifth women ' s social organization on campus. Founded on October 15, 1898, at Longwood College, Virginia, the fraternity is the only National Conference group chartered by a special act of Zetas participate in all facets of Ole Miss life. Kem Eisiminger serves as an Army sponsor, and Bettie Young was chosen as Navy sponsor. Mary Louise Cissna is publicity chairman, while Kaye Foster serves as secretary of Mortar Board. Zetas are represented in other honorary organizations, CWENS, Alpha Lambda Delta, and SAI. During Homecoming, Zeta held its first football game between the Zetas and the Zeta houseboys complete with Homecoming Queen, housemother, Mama Wood. First Row: Katherine Abraham, Stella Allen, Allen, Bonita Baldwin, Joy Susan Bennett, Mary Rebecca Browne. Second Row: Pamela Burgoyne, Jane Carlson, Mary Cissna, Karen Ruth Cloutman, Cross, Betsy Davis, Laura Davis, Julie Delph. Third Row: Karen Eisiminger, Carolyn Elliott, Teresa Ellis, Linda Farrish, Kaye Edith Gatewood, Beverly Graham, Marsha Greene. Fourth Row: Mary Harvey, Kathy Haskett, Nancy Hogarth, Linda Hudson, Barbara Jacks, Margaret Jacobs, Cassandra James, Patricia Johnson. Fifth Row: Katherine King, Vicki Kudlacz, Janet Laird, Belva McCormick, Hassell Sherry McNeer, Pamela Madsen, Merrell Maney. Sixth Row: Sarah Ann Milliken, Judith Noble, Pamela Palmer, Joyce Pardue, Billie Patterson, Carol Patterson, Patricia Purvis, Melody Scott. Seventh Row: Betsy Sharpe, Susan Shipley, June Sims, Anne Smith, Susan Spiceland, Sandra Stone, Nancy Teneyck, Trudy Tidwell. Eighth Row: Lana Toney, Lillian Toney, Marjorie Vanfosson, Elizabeth Watts, Susan Weldon, Nancy White, Helen Deborah Woodard. Ninth Row: Bettie Young, Lanora Young. Not Pictured: Anne Asger, Phyllis Boatner, Cynthia Cleveland, Gaynell Garrison, Patti Hawkins, Elizabeth Jordy, Elizabeth McGlothlin, Virginia Neese, Sharon Scibilia, Cynthia Spears, Pamela Earl Denham, President; H. A. Moore, Mike Troop, Glenn Galey, Lorne Laughlin. What was the hotbox like? The organization designed to regulate and govern the activities of all social fraternities on the University campus is the Interfraternity Council. The primary function of the IFC is to serve as a governing of the seventeen fraternities. It is composed of two representatives chosen from each fraternity and is governed by four officers elected from the membership of the council itself. The council meets bi- monthly to discuss the mutual problems of the fraternity system. Another duty of the council is carried out each year in the planning, setting up, and enforcing the rules for rush. Boy, that was good ice water. KAPPA SIGMA Hap Hederman Jack Holmes PHI DELTA THETA Ray McNamara Richard Salloum PHI KAPPA PSI Mike Soper Andy Beard PHI KAPPA TAU Charles Bowden William King PHI KAPPA THETA Joe Booth John Taylor PI KAPPA ALPHA H. A. Moore Rhes Low SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Timmy Quin Steve Thomas SIGMA CHI Bill Sims Mike Troop SIGMA NU Glenn Galey Ed Lyon SIGMA PHI EPSILON Ken Sullivan Mike Hebbard SIGMA PI John Moscarillo Don Waiter ALPHA TAU OMEGA Lorne Laughlin Steve Bozeman BETA THETA PI Jimmy Hardin Florian Ploch DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Mike Moses Henry Sanders DELTA PSI L. B. Gatewood Erskine Wells DELTA TAU DELTA Guy Dowdy Mike Brady KAPPA ALPHA Johnny Powers Keith Gragson The first fraternity founded after the Civil War, Alpha Tau Omega, was founded in 1865 by three Confederate veterans. It is one of the oldest and largest fraternities and now has 128 chapters coast to coast and over 95,000 Coming to Ole Miss in 1927, Mississippi Delta Psi Chapter has since grown in size and prestige. Spirit and enthusiasm are shown by members participating in many campus activities, such as student government, military organization, religious and honorary groups. The ATO ' s are proud of their work on campus. In 1950 they originated " Help Week " wherein challenging service projects are substituted for humiliating " Hell Week " activities. The ATO ' s entertain annually with their Viking Party and Spring Formal being the main social events. They also sponsor numerous swaps, serenades, teas, and other events. Katherine East Who ever heard of taking accounting as an elective. First Row: James Blackburn, Ross Bounds, Bozeman, Larry Bunch, J. D. Caldwell, Vincent Castigliola, James Caulfield, Jr., James Chustz. Second Row: James Filo Coats, William Cook, Cuevas, Jerry Doolittle, David Edmondson, John Ferrell, Joe Flippin, James Gabriel. Third Row: Jerry Gilbreath, Murray Gilliam, David Gleason, Edwin Goodnight, James Grimes, William Guy, Claude Haraway, George Hargraves. Fourth Row: John Hawkins, Michael Ray Holcomb, James Hudson, Charles Hussey, Edwin Jenkins, Charles Johnson, III, Alan Jones, Monty Jones, Jr. Fifth Row: William Jones, Buddy Kemp, Michael Kershaw, William Kline, Paul Kosko, Paul Landry, Loran Laughlin, William Lavallee. Sixth Row: Rick Lavalley, Robert Lee Logan, Jr„ Richard David McAlister, Peyton Fred McGonagill, Rolf Carroll McQueen, Jr., Charles McQueen. Seventh Row: David Manifold, James Martin, James Newton, Ernest Oliver, Jr., Charles Overton, Harris Powers, Jr., Ed Rainer, Cary Rawlings. Eighth Row: John Rice, David Robinson, Ben Royce, John Scruggs, Warren Sigman, William Sipes, Jr., William Sloan, Richard Stokes, Jr. Ninth Row: Gordon Strom, Jr., William Sullivan, Mark Tew, James Townsend, Garey Trahan, Jay Vestal, James Webb, David Weir. Tenth Row: David Wilder, Walter Williamson, Eddie Williston. Not Pictured: John Barnes, Jerry Blount, John Hugh Bosworth, Jr., Kenneth Bratton, Marshall Carson, William Coleman, Jr., Robert Covert, Kiffin Craven, Jr., Kenneth Dreher, James Ducker, Richard Ducker, Wallace Duncan, Everette Easley, Thomas Garraway, Jr., John Gibson, Craig Gill, William Grant, John Griffith, Michael Harper, William Hinds, Nathaniel Holland, Jimmie Houser, Edmund Johnston, Robert Knight, Miller Loosier, Burchette McFarland, Gerald Mavar, James Montgomery, Neil Murphree, David Peaks, Joseph Poe, Michael Quattlebaum, Danny Rhea, Clarence Scales, James Seale, Richard Smith, Johnny Stewart, Julies, Tatum, Neal Thompson, Thomas Tucei, Lewis Unglesby, David Will iam Webb, Joseph Wilson, Robert Woodard. Miami University in Ohio claims the birthplace of Beta Theta Pi. Since 1839 the Betas have established 104 and 75,000 living members. Beta Beta Chapter arrived at Ole Miss in 1879 and has been a leader in scholarship and campus leadership. Four Summa Cum Laude awards from NIC have been earned for scholarship since 1962. Prominent alumni include James Arness of TV ' s " Gunsmoke, " William 0. Douglas of the U.S. Supreme Court, Don Finsterwald, pro golfer, Congressman Jamie Whitten, and Jerry Lucas of the Los Angeles Lakers. Socially the Homecoming Party, Spring Formal, and Wild West Weekend are highlights along with the usual assortment of theme parti es and important get-togethers. With goals of friendliness and trust in mind the Betas continue to grow at Ole Miss. Elizabeth Watts If then . . . First Row: Pat Albano, Marc Bartels, James Berry, Jr., Michael Brent, Ronnie Cardwell, Thomas Collier, Robert Collins. Second Row: Barney Cooke, James Cooper, Jr., John Cromeans, John Dannreuther, James Edwards, Jr., Thomas Ethridge, William Reynolds Ford, Jr. Third Row: Robert Graham, James Hardin, Heen, Joseph Hewitt, James Hicks, III, Ronnie Howard, Thomas Joseph. Fourth Row: James Langmesser, Thomas Carl Leach, Marcus Love, III, Raymond Mabus, Jr., Johnny Meyer, Paul Moore, Jr. Fifth Row: Thomas Neely, Jr., James Nowlin, Richard Peterson, Jr., Walter Peterson, Eugene Phelan, Jr., Florian Ploch, Floyd Pruden. Sixth Row: Timothy Reecht, Ken Reid, Richard Rhoden, Dennis Roberts, John William Searight, Harold Sides. Seventh Row: Charles Waggoner, James White, Gary Whitener, Larry Whitener, Alton Windsor, Rick Wittorf, George Not Pictured: William Armstrong, Barry Blailock, Richard Brown, James Dupree, James Ford, Charles Lland, Joseph Jr., Willis Pope, III, Wylie Jr., George Spurgeon, Hilton Voss. Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon started a tradition of great social fraternities by becoming the first at Ole Miss on April 14, 1850. Chi was the seventh Deke Chapter in the land following its founding at Yale in 1844. The Dekes have helped mold the University and its way of life since the very beginning. Henry Minor Frasier founded the Ole Miss School of Pharmacy and William Benjamin Lowry captained the University Greys in the Civil War. Other prominent Dekes of this chapter and across the country include the late John W. Kyle, State Supreme Justice; and Theodore Roosevelt and Rutherford B. Hayes, Presidents of the United States. This is the first time I ' ve seen daylight in two weeks. First Row: Malcolm Bailey, Peter Barrett, Ardra Barrineau, James Blauert. Second Row: William Brown, Richard Burnette, Carl Campbell, William Donald, Jr, Third Row: Edgar Dunn, Jr., Russell Elliott, George Farris, Chip Gibbes. Fourth Row: William Graham, Shelby Grubbs, Jimmy Haik, William Haik. Fifth Row: Stephen Harris, Robert Hill, Jr., Joseph Hinshaw, Dennis Hogan, Hogan, Jr. Not Pictured: William Ballard, Arlen Biddle, William Bobbs, Douglas Canning, Joseph Gary Cowand, Brooke Dickson, William Eaton, Jr., Donald Fellows, Jr. Phi Chapter of Delta Psi was established at Ole Miss in 1855, eight years after the national fraternity was founded at Columbia University. In its one hundred and twelve tradition filled years at Ole Miss, Delta Psi, or St. Anthony Hall as it is sometimes called, has contributed much to both the state and the Judge William Hemmingway, compiler of the Hemmingway Code and first captain of the Rebel football team, was a Delta Psi. Other illustrious alumni include Judge Garland Lyell, first editor of the OLE MISS; and the late Walter Sillers, Speaker of the House. St. Anthony Hall, which built the first fraternity house in Mississippi and lost its second house by fire two years ago, now has a third new hall. One of the last of the old line ivy league fraternities, Delta Psi retains traditional secrecy, high scholastic and nameless leaders. Jane Russell Remember—history repeats itself. First Row: Terry Alexander, James Arnett, Augustus, Terrell Barlow. Second Row: Harvey Bien, George Byers, Bucky Gatewood, Thomas Jones. Third Row: Bobby Kennedy, Ralph Kirkland, McClung, Jr., Charles McCool. Fourth Row: James Eckford McFarlane, Milton Myers, Charles Quarterman, Jim Randle. Fifth Row: Michael Stronjny, Eugene Vanevery, Samuel Walters, Charlie Ward, Jr., Erskine Wells, Jr., Michael West. Not Pictured: Robert Barton, Carl Davis, Jr., George Gillespie, III, Louis Karably, Jr., James Mitchell. Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded as part of the " Ohio River Group " at Bethany College, in what is now West Virginia, in 1858. Indirectly, Delta Tau was the first national fraternity on the Ole Miss Campus with the Fraternity being formed in 1848 and consolidating with Delt nationally in 1886. The old Delta Shelter was located on the corner of Fraternity Row and Confederate where the Delta Psi house now is. Delta Tau Delta grew rapidly after its formation, and now boasts 97 chapters, over 6,000 active undergraduates, and over 65,000 total active membership. This fall, DTD returned to campus after an absence of 26 years, pledging 14 members at formal rush and increasing their through open rush through the year. Alumni support for the Pi Chapter at, Ole Miss is enthusiastic, and plans have been formulated for a large Southern heritage-styled manor which will house forty brothers, with provisions for future expansion. Sandra Williams If you cut . . . do something worthwhile with the time. Paul Brady Rex Brunt Guy Dowdy, Jr. Thomas Militello Larry Roe Not Pictured: Stephen Bartosh Robbins Mitchell John Porter Fletcher Staples Sohn Thompson Roy Thurmond December 7, 1865, at Washington and Lee University Kappa Alpha Order was born and developed under the watchful eye of General Robert E. Lee, whose gracious and knightly life is inshrined in the customs of Kappa Alpha. Alpha Upsilon Chapter has been on campus since January 12, 1900. In its sixty-eight years at Ole Miss it has provided outstanding campus leaders. Typical of this is: John Powers, Chairman of the A.S.B. Elections Commission; Van Lackey, President of the Senior Class and Vice-President of ODK Hinky Hall, A.S.B. Director of Student Activities; and former A.S.B. President, and Freshman Law School Class President, Jim Martin, now serves as Chairman of the Judicial Bar. K.A. also boasts an active social life with such affairs as the Hayseed Party, Old South Weekend, and the Rose Ball. Rita Paschall If you ' re gonna smoke, do it inside where it will start a fire. First Row: Thomas Barnes, John Batte, Lee Borden, John Botto, Walter Byrd, Edwin Carpenter, Jr., William Chaffin. Second Row: Richard Cunningham, William Robert Fisher, David Forrester, Keith Gragson, Henderson Hall, Jr., William Harper. Third Row: Frank Hart, Robert Hearin, John Henderson, Arnie Huffman, Jr., James, Julian Janes, III, Van Lackey. Fourth Row: Robert Lowery, Michael McCamey, Timothy McGahey, Geoffery Mitchell, Frank Molpus, Edmund Montgomery, Richard Noble. Fifth Row: Martin Paschall, Harry Piazza, John Powers, John Reddoch, III, Rowland Reeve, Stokes Robertson, Claude Satchfield. Sixth Row: Michael Schlosser, Michael Speed, Walter Starr, Jr., Martin Steinriede, III, Bradford Stewart, Thomas Tate, Wettlin Treppendahl. Seventh Row: John Vandevender, James Vaughan, Charles Wadlington, Ben Walker, James Whatley, Richard Wiggers, Jr., John Wilkinson. Eighth Row: Douglas Williams, Richard Williams, Eustace Winn, Robert Wright, Jere Yates, Harper Young. Not Pictured: Henry Beneke, III, Edward Bogen, Jr., Gordon Bogen, John Caulfield, James Clancy, Albert Covington, John Davis, Terry Dennis, Herbert Dewees, Hugh Eure, William Gragson, Jr., John Hadad, III, Sidney Haining, Benjamin Hand, III, Robert Hazelrigg, Silas Hicks, Danny Holder, Joseph Carl Lackey, Samuel Lackey, Albert Lofton, Dewitt Ignatius Lockett, Jr., Charles McMurchy, Jr., James Martin, Daniel Nicholas, Jr., Jeffrey Nicholas, Edgar Noble, Jr., Walter Northcross, James Overstreet, Jr., Richard Parish, Melvin Rich, Jerry Richardson, Thomas Sledge. L. Spivey, Hampton Stewart, Glen Stinson, Paul Summey, II, Tabeling, Winfield Thompson, Jr., Jackie White, John Williams. Since its arrival on the Ole Miss campus, Delta Xi of Kappa Sigma has continually stressed its elevated ideal of producing gentlemen. From a humble origin of five members, Kappa Sigma is presently one of the largest fraternities with membership exceeding one hundred thirty thousand. Kappa Sigma has been an integral part of campus life since its arrival at Ole Miss in 1926 by participating in the annual " Operation Brotherhood " with Chi Omega Sorority and in numerous University functions. Exercising its this year, Delta Xi was host to the District Conclave of Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigs are also justly proud of their reputation of knowing how to give a party. In retrospect Kappa Sigma at Ole Miss has lived up to its founding ideal of producing gentlemen. Dale Dalton Paul and his brothers plans ASB campaign. First Row: Fred Alias, Thomas Ayres, Jason Bailey, Charles Breath, III, Joseph Bridewell, Joseph Ed Canizaro, Jr., Joseph Carpenter. Second Row: Charles Clark, Kenneth Cooksey, Jr., Nelson Cruthirds, William Dawson, Ronald Demilio, David Dunavant, William Egan, Jr. Third Row: Gerald Gardner, John Gibbs, Jr., Sam Gore, III, Douglas Gould, David Gray, Michael Guyton, Stephen Fourth Row: Paul Hester, John Holmes, Jr., Jimmy Keyes, William Lee, Riley Mcllwain, Jr., John Macy, Ronald Mann. Fifth Row: Robert Maples, Noble Moore, Wesley Morck, Russell Neely, Samuel Neill, Hugh Newton, Thomas Nichols. Sixth Row: Charles Northern, David Oleary, Van Dale Ostermick, Robert Pitner, Pratt, James Primos, Jr., Thomas Quaka. Seventh Row: Frederic Rees, Jr., William Rhodes, Robert Roberts, Jr., Richard Thomas Robinson, Vermon Jr., Thomas Stubbs. Eighth Row: John Wallis, Jr., Webber D. Welborn, Jr., Jon Williams. Not Pictured: Dominic Arcuri, Barnie Bramlett, Jr., William Browning, Michael Carlisle, Alvah Clark, Jr., John Clarke, Rickey Coker, Alvin Cox, Jr., Greg Day, Dean, Jack Dodson, Bobby Dubois, Malcolm Dunnan, Jr., Charles William Easterling, Leslie Ellzey, James Farmer, William Featherstone, Jr., Gorden Fleming, William James Garrity, Charles Gates, Haley Gates, Joseph George, Joseph Gex, James Goss, Sam Graves, Robert Hendrix, Jr., Alex Hogan, Jr., James Holcombe, Eugene Holmes, Robert Howe, William Hubabrd, Ruel Jr., Jimmy Huggins, Donald Jurgensen, Kenneth Keller, Basil Jimmy King, Raymond Laduc, Wayne Larue, Jr., Jackson Lilley, Wayne Lynch, Steve McElvaney, John McKellar, Roger Mauzey, Richard Mestayer, William Morris, Joseph Myers, Donal Neukirch, Jack Norton, John O ' Connor, Patrick O ' Rourke, William Porter, Joseph Randall, George Reid, Rollin Rhodes, Kenneth Richards, Charles Rogers, William Sadler, III, John Seabold, Michael Simon, Jimmy Spears, Clarke Stuckey, James Sullivan, James Sullivan, Mark Uram, Robert Waring, Richard James Wellborn, Edwin White, James Whittington, Claude Whittle, Bennett Williams, Jr., Gregory Donald Wood. Since its arrival on the Ole Miss campus in 1877, Phi Delta Theta has furthered the principles of friendship, learning, and integrity, the three points upon which the fraternity was founded in 1848 at Miami University of Ohio. Mississippi Alpha of Phi Delta Theta leads in every field on the campus Walter Thompson, Treasurer; Randy Pool, Co-Chairman of the Committee of 100; Bruce Newell, quarterback of the Rebels; Bill Garth, Chairman of the Committee on Academic Affairs, and Jack Laurenzi, Vice- President of the IFC. For the third consecutive year the chapter claims the Intramural Football Championship. Phi Delts take time off to relax with parties throughout the year, climaxing their fun with Ivy League Weekend. In all categories the Phis of Ole Miss strive for the top. Lynn Taylor There is also intellectual discussion. First .how: Jerry Abdalla, Holmes Adams, Johnny Aldridge, Frank Alvarez, III, Boyd Atkinson, John Atkinson, Charles Henry Black. Second Row: James Bowen, Jr., Barry Carlisle, Marvin Cleage, William Clement, Jr., Commer, John Cook, John Harmon Cox. Third Row: Daniel Heaton, Charles Denton, Drinkwater, Jr., George Fair, Murray Fincher, Charles Foose, Garth, Jr., William Gray. Fourth Row: John Green, Joseph Griffin, Thomas Guider, George Gwin, Hugh Hartzog, William Hayes, William Hewitt, Owen Holder. Fifth Row: Freddie Hollis, Christopher Jones, Charles Kelly, Charles Laney, John Laney, James Lauderdale, John Ronald McElroy. Sixth Row: Clay McGehee, Joseph McNamara, Greg Maxey, Lancelot Minor, III, James Moore, Jr., McPherson Moore, Ronald Newell, Roger Norman, Jr. Seventh Row: John Nunnery, Jr., Charles O ' Mara, John Owen, Paul Parker, Edward Peacock, III, Robert Perry, Michael Person, William Pool. Eighth Row: John Povall, Harry Roland, William Rosamond, Benjamin Ross, Robert Russell. Robert Sams, Robert Samson, Ben Sheely. Ninth Row: Stephen Shirley, Billy Staggers, Michael Thompson, Horace Twiford, Robert Tyner, Bernard Vance, Stephen Vaught, Robert Webb, Jr. Tenth Row: James Wilson, Fred Witty. Not Pictured: Tom Assaf, Eugene Atkinson, Jr., Avent, Robert Bailey, Michael John Bowen, III, Fred Brister, William Carlisle, Kyle Chandler, Luther Crull, Jr., James Cunningham, Silas Davis, III, Clyde Day, II, James Delgadillo, Robert Elfert, David John Grantham, Norman William Hooker, J. James, Charlton Jones, Walker Jones, III, Ellis Latimer, III, Aristide Lefeve, Jr., Larry McCool, Robert Marshall, Thomas Miller, Jr., Robert Pigford, Austin Ray, Jr., Charles Rea, Rogers, Van Rogers, Harvey Ross, Jr., James Rutledge, Richard Salloum, William Singleton, Walter Thompson, David Turner, Harvill Weller, Jr., Robert White, Joseph Witty, Jr. Since its arrival on the Ole Miss campus in 1857, Phi Kappa Psi, the third fraternity to be established at Ole Miss, has stressed the overall development of its members. Members of Mississippi Alpha are found in places of in ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC, Intramural Council, Cardinal Club, Scabbard and Blade, Committee of the 100, Anchor and Chain, Campus Senate, Alpha Phi Omega, Circle K, SAM. B.S.U., and the Welcoming and Orienta- tion Committees. Phi Psi ' s know how to have a party as evidenced from the top quality bands playing for packed houses for the Jacqueminot Rose Ball, Hell ' s Angels and Rebelee parties. In the field of sports, Phi Psi last year was number three in intramurals. This year Phi Psi had 2 boys on the varsity baseball team and one on the track team. Each year sees one or more intramural trophies added to the already large collection. Phi Kappa Psi was founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1852, and since then has grown to a national organization of more than 75 chapters all over America. The men of the Mississippi Alpha are proud of their heritage at Ole Miss and over the nation, and continue to play a vital part in campus life each year. Interested in social and civic work, Phi Psi and Phi Mu sorority sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for underpriviledged children of Oxford last year. Carol Lemons I guarantee that ' s a copy of tomorrow ' s test. First Row: Robert Aldinger, Steven Ammann, Roderick Beard, Lanny Bradford, Richard Brock, Michael Carithers, John Corban. Second Row: Charlie Crews, Jr., James Currie, Jimmy Dedeaux, Mike Dumas, Allen Gary, Robert Gordon, Jr., Stephen Greenhaw. Third Row: Craig Harris, Donald Harrison, Jr., John Hatcher, James Henderson, Herring, III, Frank Justice, King. Fourth Row: George Limbocker, Jr., Floyd Larry McMullan, Michael Thomas Mayhugh, David Myers, Robert Myers. Fifth Row: Shelby Nassar, Jefferson Paslay, Arthur Preston, Gilbert Rhoades, James Rian Ringsrud, Stewart Sixth Row: Joseph Saad, Jr., Joseph Scrogham, Harry Sharp, Peter Simpson, James Smith, William Smothers, Michael Soper. Seventh Row: Jack Speed, William Tate, Joseph Walker, James Warren, Emile Zogh by. Not Pictured: Emil Adams, Christian Allenburger, Joseph Bass, James Baylen, George Butler, Ronald Elias, James Ely, Lloyd Hogue, Richard Hutchinson, John Jabour, Chester Redditt, Harry Sauce, III, Francis Schurtz, Edwin Williams, Dennis Wynn. Phi Kappa Tau, one of the most rapidly expanding national fraternities in the country, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, March 17, 1906. Historians of the fraternity have stressed three characteristics emphasis upon innate worth as a qualification for membership, democratic nature of the organization, and Christian ideals. Phi Kappa Tau came on the Ole Miss Campus May 11, 1967, pledging 17 men. Beginning with formal rush, Phi Kappa Tau has continued to grow with the addition of thirty members. Striving to attain chapterhood, the Phi Tau ' s have worked hard in all aspects of campus life. Phi Kappa Tau in its first season captured the small fraternity basketball championship. The officers for Phi Kappa Tau during its first year at Ole Miss were: President, Terry Thrash; Vice-President, Peter Laner; Secretary, Dave Disger; and Treasurer, Ralph Winton. Fraternities display traditional artistic ability. First Row: Hunter Adams, William Bishop, John Bouton, Charles Bowden, Stephen Clary. Second Row: Christopher Comer, James Custer, Thomas Daniels, Roy Dove, Frederick Green. Third Row: Danny Karr, Brian Kooiman, Peter Lauer, William Long, Hollis Lunsford. Fourth Row: Joseph Marascalco, David Mills, Pinkston, Mitch Poole, Tom Rackley. Fifth Row: Paul Spina, James Stokes, Jr., Terry Thrash, David White, Ronald Sixth Row: Ralph Winton, Zig Zicarelli. Not Pictured: Paul Burroughs, Russell Collins, John Harral, William King, Charles Dennis Shupe, Robert Stout, Jr., David Visger. April 29, 1959, marks the day for a unique unification, in which Phi Kappa fraternity, founded at Brown and Theta Kappa Phi of Lehigh University merged to form Phi Kappa Theta. Throughout its history, Phi Kappa Theta has been known as a fraternity with deep rooted principles in which gives its members the congenial human discipline, social training, athletic, and scholarship aids which are conducive to the natural and well-rounded development of the college man. This year marks the largest growth for the Chi chapter here at Ole Miss. It contains among its members several scholarship recipients which includes the Carrier and the International Rotary Club Scholar. Its alumni include Senator Mike Mansfield, Undersecretary of John A. Schnittker and the late president, John F. Kennedy. Sheryle Booth This was not one of our good nights. First Row: Anthony Abram, Peter Arbuthnot, Walter Bachman, Alan Becker, Kevin Beyer, George Booth. Second Row: James Booth, Joseph Booth, Charles Campbell, Louis Capaci, Stephen Caruso, Van Cheramie. Third Row: Robert Clark, Pat Coll, Christopher Dunn, Joseph Elliott, Michael Farrell, James Fisackerly, Jr. Fourth Row: William Lawrence Jaquith, Joseph Jenkins, Bill Lapolla, Victor Nix, III, Robert Lee Norris, John Paulsen. Fifth Row: Jon Rank, Donald Ratliff, James John Rayburn, Francis Remacle, Dennie Roussel. Sixth Row: Ronnie Sartain, Stephen Saway, Ronnie Sartain, Stephen Saway, Red Skelton, Steven Stegall, John Leo Taylor, George Terrebonne. Seventh Row: James Walzak, Carl Wasson, Thomas Wofford. Not Pictured: David Booher, Arthur Foster, Harry Wallace, James Woodall. The Gamma Iota Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at Ole Miss in 1927, and since that time has progressed into its current status as most outstanding on campus. Essentially a southern fraternity, being founded at the University of Vi rginia by six Confederate soldiers, Pi Kappa Alpha is now one of the five largest fraternities in the United States. This is the Centennial Year for the as it was founded on March 1, 1868. Achievement is synonomous with Pi Kappa Alpha, evidenced by its representation in all phases of campus Several Pikes hold membership in such as ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, Campus Senate, Committee of 100, YMCA, ASB Cabinet, and many others. PiKA claims football players and cheerleaders along with scholars and politicians. The social season is highlighted by the Roman Ball, Party, Bohemian Brawl, and Dream Girl Formal with numerous parties throughout the year. The Pikes also a Christmas party for underprivileged children in County and an Easter Egg Hunt for all children on campus. Ginger Powell Well, we ' ve got mystery meat again tonight. First Row: Robert Abraham, James Barrett, Bruce Bellande, Robert Bills, Charles Blount, Robert Brennan, Devotie Brister, Olen Bryant, Jr. Second Row: Francis Burnett, James Carr, John Cockerham, Ken Conner, Douglas Cooper, Bert Cupit, Hubert Davidson, John Deitrich. Third Row: Bruce Dixon, David Fore, Bill Forrest, Edward Foster, Hershell George, Alan Giffin, Newton Gill, Jimmy Goodman. Fourth Row: John Gough, Richard Graham, Greene, Jacob Guice, Philip Hart, Kenny Hayles, Ronald Hayles, Charles Herron, III. Fifth Row: Henry Holifield, Steven Howell, Perry Jenkins, Sam Keith, Michael Kelly, Thomas Kwasniewski, Noble Kyle, II, Robert Leineweber. Sixth Row: Jim Lovell, Mack Lowery, Otto McKay, Jr., Wyche McMullan, Dwight Maddox, Van Manning, Jerry Marlar, James May. Seventh Row: John May, III, Forrest Meek, Jeff Minor, Colmon Mitchell, Mitchell Monsour, Henderson Moore, , Charles Neale, Michael Phillips. Eighth Row: Richard Phillips, Terry Pieralisi, Potts, Rusty Ridley, Jr., Edward Robinson, Willard Rose, Jr., Robert Sanders, Joseph Schmelzer, III. Ninth Row: Samuel Seay, Charles Smyth, William Sneed, John Stone, III, Alfred III, John Tatum, Alfred Tucker, Ronald Tucker. Tenth Row: David W. Waldron, Robert Watts, John White, William White. Not Pictured: James Adams, John Boydstun, Brocato, Garry Clawson, John Collier, Terry Collier, Alton Corban, Jr., James Dawson, David Dean, Kenneth Fowler, III, Robert Goff, Jimmy Gouras, Frederick Gregory, Fred Hooper, Robert Huey, Jr., George Lotterhos, John Louis, Rhes Low, Charles Lynch, Edward McGraw, Harry Mitchell, Clarence Morgan, III, Whitman Mounger, Charles Neill, Robert Owen, Edmond Patterson, Pi azza, Jeffrey Pieralisi, John William Renovich, Robert Steven Sanders, Donald Shields, Lester Smith, Carl Summer, James Teasley, Thomas Thames, William True, James Upchurch, Stephen Vaughan, Danny Watts, Ira White, Don Wood. Founded March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama, Sigma Alpha Epsilon claims the honor of the the first fraternity founded in the South. Among its many other distinctions are the fostering of the national Interfraternity Council and the establishment of the first fraternity Student Loan Fund. L. Q. C. Lamar founded Mississippi Gamma Chapter at Ole Miss in 1866. Following the tradition of Lamar, SAE ' s of today excel in every phase of extracurricular activities. SAE ' s attempt to balance their scholastic endeavors with a complete round of social activities throughout the year. These include Homecoming, Christmas, Paddy Murphy, Spirng Formal, and Shipwreck parties. They feel that by these means a well-rounded college environment is offered in the finest tradition of SAE at Ole Miss. Katherine Cain Our house mother is not a bad looking chick. First Row: David Adams, Charles Allen, Jr., Allen, III, Robert Anderson, Haley Barbour, Reginald Barnes, Art Benson, Thomas Birchett. Second Row: Clifton Blankley, Byron Bower, Cain, William Caldwell, Gerard Campbell, Louis Chamblee, Sherman Cooper, Arch Corley. Third Row: John Craft, Leslie Crawford, Jr., Daniel, Thomas DeMoss, Robert Fuller, William C. Gartin, Jr., Golden, Dewitt Graeber. Fourth Row: James Graeber, Lawrence Graeber, William Gupton, Donald Hall, James Hall, John Hardin, Michael Harris, John Henson. Fifth Row: Charles Holmes, Ben Hooke, Lee Hyde, Michael Johnson, Robert Jones, Kenneth Lee Kauerz, Doug Kelso, III, Joseph Lauderdale. Sixth Row: Robert Lester, John Lewis, Sam Lloyd, III, Mark Loflin, Rupert Lyon, Talbot McCain, Thomas McCarley, III, James McGraw. Seventh Row: Nathan McKie, Michael McMaster, Aubrey McMullen, Jr., Carlton Leon Mashburn, III, Robert Moore, John Morgan, Harvey Lee Morrison, Jr. Eighth Row: William Mosby, Samuel Norquist, Richard Oakley, William Oakley, Richard Ousley, Tims Quinn, Jr., Reel, III, Wesley Reese. Ninth Row: Sidney Robinson, William Shaw, Smith, Charles Streicher, Scott Swaney, Stephen Thomas, William Trotter, III, Stanley Tupman. Tenth Row: Michael Wade, Fred Wallace, Jack Weiss, Trammell Wells, James Woods. Not Pictured: William Benson, Richard Bethea, George Bullard, Laurance Chandler, Michael Curran, Woodrow Day, Jr., William Deterly, Eric Duncan, John Ferris, Jonathan Foose, Robert Fuchs, Andrew Holmes, Frank Holmes, III, John James, James Johnson, III, Kappus, William Litton, Dalton McBee, James McCain, Leland McDivitt, Robert McIver, William Mize, III, George Morrow, Danny Neal, Joe Peeler, Jr., Tommy Pepper, William Phillips, William Phillips, Randy Randall, Jacob Ritchey, Nick Roberts, Alan Scott, Richard Scruggs, Bruce Simmerman, John Steele, Vernon Studdard, Larry Torgeson, Robert Walker, Jimmy Ware, Donald Wells, Charles Williams, Charles Wright. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, was the birthplace of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. The Constantine Chapter of Sigma Chi, formed during the late part of the Civil War, has served as a model for chapters formed all over the world in times of war by many fraternities. Eta Chapter, one of Sigma Chi ' s greatest, was at the University of Mississippi in 1857, and since that time has consistently produced its share of leaders in every phase of campus life. This year Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi boasts Ralph Vance, Vice-President of the ASB; Frank DeBay, Editor of the OLE MISS; and David Houston, chairman of the Judicial Council. Eta Chapter has been one of the top three fraternities in scholarship in past years. Pat Holcomb Sigs work on winning Homecoming display. First Row: Murrah Abernethy, Lemuel Adams, Barry Allen, Bryan Barksdale, David Beard, Fred Beard, Jr., Benny Bender, Jim Blough. Second Row: John Bottom, III, Clark Burnett, George Caldwell, William Catlin, III, Ronald Clark, John Cleveland, Coleman, Charles Coward. Third Row: Walter Crawford, William Cushman, David Darnell, William Davis, Francis Debay, Strawford Dees, III, Samuel Feldman, Lucian Ferris. Fourth Row: John Fletcher, Don Fruge, Glenn Gallaspy, Duncan Gray, John Guyton, Thomas Hardin, John Harvey, Hasseltine. Fifth Row: David Henry, William Hester, Milton Hobbs, Kennon Hood, David Houston, III, Beckett Howorth, Malcolm Jr., Tommy James, Jr. Sixth Row: David Kinard, Rickey Koon, Horace Lester, Jr., William Lovelady, Wiley McIlwain, Norton McKeigney, Eugene McLaurin, Joseph Matulich. Seventh Row: Olin Mauldin, Jr., William Maxey, George Maynard, Robert Miller, Molpus, Hugh Monteith, Kenneth M. Murphree, Joel Payne, Jr. Eighth Row: Charles Robert Pennebaker, Alan Perry, Donald Purvis, Charles Rhea, Hal Riggan, Charles Royals, Joseph Scott, William Shappley. Ninth Row: Daniel Singletary, Hugh Stancill, III, William Stubblefield, Wendell Trapp, Jr., Walter Troop, Jesse Tutor, Jr., Ralph Vance, James Watkins. Not Pictured: Jackson Ables, III, James Adams, Robert Adkerson, Charlton Anderson, Thomas Anderson, II, John Andrews, Jr., John Arnold, Jr., Louis Barnes, Jr., Meredith Bass, Jr., Robert III, James Brown, George Chamberlain, Lester Chancellor, Chunn, Jr., Robert Cook, Gaines Cooke, Allen Davidson, Michael Mikel Hardison, Robert Hardison, Dickson, William Dunn, H. Erikson, Charles Farber, Dan Ford, Jr., Frazier Fyke, Fred George, William Gillespie, William Harris, Joseph Hawkins, Heidelberg, III, Anthony Frederick Hickman, Steve Hindman, Hyde Jenkins, Ronald Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Robert Jones, Charles Kelly, Frank Kennedy, James Kenney, John Kinard, James Laughlin, Jr., Richard Lenoir, Jr., Robert Livingston, Dwight Luter, Fred McDonnell, Harvey McGehee, John McLaurin, John Miles, Carl Montgomery, Charles Myers, Edward Parker, Ronald Patch, James Perkins, Robert Perry, James Phillips, James Purvis, Joseph Quin, Michael Robbins, Warren Rogers, Jan Scarbrough, Clyde Simmons, Jr., Sims, Jr., Michael Slocumb, Frank Smith, III, James Smith, Jr., Lemuel Smith, William Smith, John Stanley, Floyd Sulser, Jr., Ralph Thomas Waldrop, Jr., James Weems, Jr., Edward Wilmesherr. Since its arrival on the Ole Miss campus in 1927 the Epsilon Xi Chapter of Sigma Nu continues to rank year after year among the finest of the Ole Miss fraternities. Founded on the ideals of Love, Honor, and Truth, on January 1, 1869 by three cadets of the Virginia Military Institute the Sigma Nu fraternity boasts 139 chapters across the nation. The versatility of the Sigma Nu ' s is evident from their participation in all phases of campus activities. The " Snakes " look with pride to their ten members of ODK and Jimmy Dukes ODK Vice-President. Billy Gotlshall is presently serving as ASB President, and Carson Hughes as President Pro-tempore of the Senate. They also boast senators, Carrier Scholars, and three cheerleaders. The Sigma Nu Creed is " to believe in the lief of Love; to walk in the way of Honor; to serve in the light of Truth. " Dianne Williams I don ' t know why I didn ' t hall him. First Row: Mendum Briscoe, Edward Bryant, Thomas Buchanan, Bobo Champion, Jr., Thomas Cloar, Jerald Cockrell, Donald Cox. Second Row: Samuel Daniel, Robert Decoux, Jimmy Dukes, Thomas Dukes, Michael Ellis, Robert Ellis, Jr., John Fields. Third Row: Fred Flinn, Jim Galloway, William Gottshall, Jr., James Haddock, Harrell, Carson Hughes, Donald Kilgore. Fourth Row: Michael Lawyer, John Lilly, James Lindsey, Jr., Edward Lyon, William Lyon, John McCarty, Tedford Fifth Row: James McElwee, Shelby McKey, Roy Manning, Jr., Tom Paine, James Poole, Tally Riddell, Jr., Ronnie Samuels. Sixth Row: Eric Schweitzer, W. Simmons, Larry Smith, Stan Smith, Walker Swaney, Robert Tomlinson, Frank Trapp. Seventh Row: Richard Tuteur, Nicky Vance, Eddie Vandiver, Tommy Vinson, John Wade, Arthur Walton, Dwight Watts, Jr. Eighth Ro w: Bobby Webb, Amzie Williams. Not Pictured: Thomas Buford, Alan Bush, David Butts, Jr., Glenn Cannon, Terry Robert Carter, John Case, Charles Cloud, William Colmer, Cotton, Michael Dikeman, Donovan, Robert Ellis, Joe Enoch, Bailey Fridge, Terry Frost, John Galberry, Glenn Galey, John Galloway, John Gill, James Griffin, Bradley Hall, William Hamilton, H. Heidel, John Hollingsworth, Jr., Jay Hollis, Allen Hovious, Bradford Hovious, Thomas Ingels, Lonny Jones, Victor Jones, Robert Keller, Alex Kiamie, Jr., Jefferson Kirnbro, James Lane, Stephen Lawyer. George Leggett, Mike Long, Ray Long, Samuel Mcall, Wayne McClure, Jr., Michael McElhaney, Jack McIntyre, Jr., Elisha Manning, III, Zeb Reeves, III, Revere, Jerry Riley, Malcolm Rogers, Joe Ross, Jr., John Russell, John Sample, David Shreve, Timothy Smith, James Stahnke, Jr., Tom Todd, Jr., John Townsend, Tom Trout, fizzle, Dean Vance. Leonard William Waits, Jr., Joseph William White, Tony Woodall. Twelve divinity students founded Sigma Phi Epsilon on November 1, 1901, at Richmond College, in Richmond, Virginia. These students met weekly to share each other ' s company and from this brotherhood grew Sigma Phi Epsilon—the Fraternity with the Heart. Because of the fraternity ' s association with the American Heart Association and the badge which its members wear, Sig Eps enjoy true brotherhood which is expressed in this motto: " Brotherhood is free and begins and ends with the Heart, we enjoy a true brotherhood. " The Scholarship program in Sigma Phi Epsilon provides for awards to chapters and individual members for their academic achievement. The Clifford B. Scott Key, for the highest academic average in each chapter, and the DuBach Award for the greatest scholastic improvement are among the awards which are presented each year. Vicki Berry He wouldn ' t really fail me—would he? First Row: Malcolm Aldridge, Frank Austin, Will Bennett, Eric Blackwood, Kenneth Blandford, Charles Broun, III, Burrell. Second Row: Randall Cox, Robert Crossley, Davenport, Jr., Michael Dawson, Earl Denham, Jerry Gay, Joe Gay. Third Row: Michael Hebbard, Alden Hiett, Cleve Huggins, III, Robert Hunt, Eugene Jennings, Donald Kitchens, Hartley Kittle, III. Fourth Row: Hershel Ladner, Robert Charles Lea, Henry Lindsay, III, Richard Little, Daniel, McKessy, Jeffrey Miller, Neely, II. Fifth Row: Ronald Powell, John Lewis Price, Theodore Rainey, Jr., Larry Rea, Reid, Jr., Henry Rhaly, Jr., Mal Riddell. Sixth Row: William Roach, Jr., Jonathan Staryk, Ken Sullivan, Brent Tinnin, David Tootle, Stephen Vassallo, Robert Weeks. Seventh Row: Frank Weis, Robert Williams, Jr., Wingo. Not Pictured: Frank Berry, II, Steven Bowman, Lawrence Byrd, Jr., Jon Crook, George Hantla, Ronny Johnson, Sam Thomas Kirschten, Akron Koon, Luther McEachern, Harold Noll, Jr., William Perrine, Jack Tickle, Hans Jim Wakeland, Richard White. Four students at Vincennes University, Indiana, founded Sigma Pi Fraternity on February 26, 1897. Athletic as well as scholastic achievement are among the main goals of Sigma Pi. Beta Mu Chapter is small, but a well knit organization and every member, active or pledge, has an opportunity to participate actively in chapter The main goal of every member, aside from making his grades, is to capture the intramural sports The objectives of Sigma Pi are to establish a brotherhood of, and for, college men; to promote scholarship; to truth and justice; to diffuse culture; and to chivalry among men. Some of Sigma Pi ' s outstanding alumni include Walter Shirra, U.S. Astronaut; Larry Grantham, All-Pro lineman of the New York Jets; and Curtis Shake, Chief Judge at the Nuremburg trials. Betty Blackburn Why didn ' t you win the intramural basketweaving championship? First Row: Harry Board, Charles Reynolds Stephen Clouse, Theodore Second Row: Russell Defrancesco, Jerry Dover, Thomas Flanary, James Flanders. Third Row: Paul Garner, Paul Gresham, John Kamman, Carl Kuester. Fourth Row: Francis Larkin, William Palmer, Smith, William Valentine. Fifth Row: John Marshall Wall, Charles Weber, Donald Wiater, John Robert Not Pictured: Jimmy Baker, Woolsey Caye, Jr., Thomas Cothran, Ronald Davis, George Herd, Kenneth Jackson, John Krupa, Polydefkis Kypriandes, George Lewis, Randall Lipschultz, David William Makowiecki, Roger Mattei, Raymond Meifert, Joel Moore, John Moscarillo, John Park, Brian Safian, Frank Worner, III. The Junior Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of two pledges from each fraternity. These representatives are selected by their individual pledge classes and serve for the entire year. The council is also composed of two from the Senior Inter-Fraternity who are elected to serve as advisors of Junior IFC for organizational The purpose of Junior Panhellenic is to organize the instill in its membership the principles of the fraternity system. In doing this, the representatives may give to their individual fraternities an incentive to mprove where may flourish. The council also acts as a service organization, carrying out projects designed by the Senior Interfraternity Council. First Row: F. S. Hartsfield, W. Rees, W. W. Drinkwater, D. P. Myers. Second Row: J. C. Fletcher, S. L. Walters, R. A. Kennedy, G. R. Rhoades. First Row: R. F. Williams, M. K. Graves, T. D. Favre, B. R. Young, L. L. McRight, R. A. Browne, F. A. Dibenedetto, S. E. Edrington, Rebecca Enloe. Second Row: Carlyn Jones, Mary Dyre, Marty Windels, Anne Perkins, A. W. Buchanan, E. A. Coldwell, M. M. Harsh, M. A. Williams, M. A. Bearden, Vicki Taylor. The Junior Panhellenic program is established at the University of Mississippi under the supervision of Senior Panhellenic Council. The purpose of Junior aPnhellenic is to organize the sorority pledge classes into a more unified working body, while each still maintains its own individuality. Through this program the pledges were able to learn about the and working of the Panhellenic system and to voice their suggestions for its improvement. TISA HOLLOMAN . . .FAYE DE BENEDETTO ANN ENLOE .. TOMMYE DALE FAVRE The Ole Miss Coed The Parade of Beauties ' and Favorites, held each fall in the Coliseum and sponsored by the OLE Miss Yearbook, is an annual event at which the most popular and most girls at Ole Miss are chosen. Ole Miss coeds representing both women ' s residential halls and sororities participate in the event. On the evening of the Parade, ten favorites are selected by the audience, and a panel of judges name ten beauties. Herbert Rogers was the emcee for the 1968 Parade; entertainment was provided by Sandra Williams, Georgianna Alexander, and The Group. The photography work was done by Bob Alexander of Grenada. The photographs of the top beauties and favorites were taken at the Broadwater Beach Hotel in Biloxi, and the remainder of the pictures were taken in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Elkins of Oxford . 36-22-36—my eye! Smile, here come the judges. A Rose between two thorns. The judges have a difficult task. You mean I ' m supposed to vote for her? Miss Jane Carol Foshee Miss Jane Carol Foshee, a freshman in the School of Education, from Hattiesburg Mississippi, is Ole Miss ' One Beauty for 1968. Jane Carol is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Foshee, and she is a member of Chi Omega Sorority. Miss Carol Gay Jones Delta Gamma Miss Sara King Holloman Chi Omega M iss Barbara Beck Bradley Alpha Omicron Pi Miss Madalyn Kay McHarg Phi Mu Miss Ole Miss Leslie Westbrook, Phi Mu Colonel Rebel Mac Haik Miss University Miss Martha Tate Stokely, Delta Delta Delta The Favorites of Ole Miss are chosen each year at the of Beauties and Favorites by the students who attend the Parade. The Favorites chosen this year were Carolyn Bruno of Jackson, Zetta Bryant of Gulfport, Cynthia Chrestman of Helena, Ark., Dale Holmes of Yazoo City, Pat Horne of Jackson, Walterine Permenter of Greenville, Shelley of Sumner, Linda Smith of Grenada, and Andrea of Vicksburg. FAVORITES: Cynthia Chrestman, Carolyn Bruno, Shelley Schuyler FAVORITES: Pat Horne, Zetta Bryant, Barbara Woodbury, Walterine Permenter FAVORITES: Andrea Sudduth, Linda Smith, Dale Holmes Homecoming Queen Barbara Woodbury Kappa Kappa Gamma Alternate Beauties: Donna Edwards, Connie Sue Berry, Gwen Massey, Judy Rost, Martha Doran. Best Dressed, Deen Strickland, Delta Gamma. Claude M. (Tad) Smith Athletic Director John H. Vaught Head Coach John Reed Holley Business Manager The tremendous staff of coaches represent one of the oldest and finest parts of the heritage at Ole Miss. Most of the coaches played as former Rebels and graduated from Ole Miss. They naturally exhibit the Rebel spirit and pass on the same winning tradition to the players. Heading the coaching staff is John H. Vaught, one of the winningest coaches in the history of athletics. In 20 years at Ole Miss he has led successive Rebel teams to 162 victories, 47 defeats, 12 ties, and 14 post-season bowl games in a row. In charge of Ole Miss athletics is C. M. (Tad) Smith who is athletic director. The Business manager is John Reed Holley. Coach Vaught has many experienced assistants to help in making the great team that have been produced from the of Mississippi. They are Frank (Bruiser) Kinard, offensive line coach, UM, 1938; John Cain, offensive backfield coach, Alabama, 1938; Jim (Buster) Poole, defensive line coach, UM, 1937; Junie Hovious, defensive backfield coach and golf coach, UM, 1942; Wobble Davidson, freshman coach, UM, 1942; Ray Poole, UM, 1947; Roland Dale, end coach, UM 1950; Eddie Crawford, assistant football and Head Basketball Coach, UM, 1957; Billy Mustin, assistant, UM, 1950; Tom Swayze, Chief Recruiter and Head Baseball Coach, UM, 1933; Wesley (Doc) Knight, Trainer and Track Coach, Springfield, 1935. Billy (Nub) Sanders, manager, also graduate d from Ole Miss. Each year the athletic program at Ole Miss gains strength and depth to strive for the top in all areas of athletic endeavor. The fine staff of coaches help enhance the attainment of this goal. Jeff K. Hamm Business Manager Emeritus Rebel Coaching Staff: Front Row: C. M. (Tad) Smith, Athletic Director; John (Junie) Hovious, backfield coach; John Cain, coach; Billy Mustin, assistant coach; Wes (Doc) Knight, trainer; Eddie Crawford, assistant coach. Back Row: John H. Vaught, head coach; Frank (Bruiser) Kinard, line coach; Jim (Buster) Poole, line coach; Ray Poole, assistant coach; J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, assistant coach; Roland Dale, end coach; Tom K. Swayze, assistant coach. Chancellor Williams, Coaches, and players enjoy keeping the Golden Egg-symbol of Mississippi football supremacy. Sun Bowl The 1967 Rebels saw mixed zest and emotion throughout the somewhat disappointing season. The usually tough Vaught Vikings fell to depths of despair at times but soared to heights of acclaim to typify the glory of the gridiron. A shocking loss to Memphis State, the first Vaught defeat, initiated the 6-4 season. After bouncing back with a defeat of the Wildcats in Lexington, Kentucky, the gridmen were beaten in Birmingham by the Crimson Tide of the Bear. The height of the season came in Jackson with a revenge defeat of the third-ranked Georgia The Rebels then returned to campus for back to back wins over the dazzling Houston Cougars and intra- state rival Mississippi Southern. Then Bengal Tigers of LSU became the next foe that would determine how much gold the season would uncover. A heartbreak tie left the Rebels in an awkward position that turned worse Tennessee physically whipped the sputtering Rebs. Season ending over Vanderbilt and Mississippi State, played in a sea of mud, gave the Rebels a Sun Bowl berth. During Christmas, Vaught ' s bowl bound Rebels traveled to El Paso to become the victims of the unacclaimed Miners. Throughout the season in the midst of clutch situations, the Rebel passing attack failed to materialize, and Vaught was forced to rely upon a running game. The leading SEC rusher, Steve Hindman, was instrumental with his running but antiquated plays and a sputtering left the Rebels on the short end in far too many games. Credit must be given to those graduating seniors who sought team recognition instead of individual glory. Coach Vaught and staff will feel the loss of Mac Haik, Bruce Newell, Jimmy Keyes, Jim Urbanek, Tommy James, Bob Vaughn, Dan Sartin, Alan Bush, Jerry Richardson, Bobby Wade, Don Street, and Mac McClure. All together ten seniors were drafted by the pro leagues pointing out that material was not the problem with the Rebels. Loyal fans are looking for a new look in 1968. The Rebels huddle up to map new strategy for the next play. Payoff plays like this touchdown pass to the Indian made the season worth while. The Offense takes a breather and watches the Defense cut out more work for them. There he goes—the first time he touched the ball. Ole Miss started its 1967 football campaign in Memphis and in a wild offensive battle full of breaks and miscues came out on the short end of a 27-17 score. The Rebels scored just before the half on a 31-yard Keyes field goal only to have Pappas run the ensuing kickoff back 93 yards. When the Rebs opened the second half with Bo Bowen ' s identical run of 89 yards, the lead was quickly lost on Bill Jones ' fumbled punt. The Tigers recovered on the Reb 2 and two plays later Covington banged over for the Tigers. Ole Miss then stomped through State with Wade, Street, and Hindman. Hindman scored from three yards to put the Rebs out front for the third and last time. In the fourth quarter the Tigers took advantage o f a bad punt attempt and went out in front to stay for their first victory over Ole Miss. " One-way " Street rolls through the Tigers. Jimmy Keyes kicked two field goals and Bobby Wade broke loose on a 66-yard touchdown romp to lead Ole Miss to a 26-13 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. Keyes started the scoring with a 21-yard boot, and the Rebs, then deep in their own territory, sent Wade off behind Allen Bush ' s blocking on a 66-yard touchdown run. Later, Tommy James intercepted a Lyons pass and returned to the Cat 16. Bruce Newell burst over from the 9-yards out moments later. Keyes kicked another 3-pointer in the third stanza from 35 yards, and in the fourth quarter the Rebs scored on a 16- yard pass from Newell to Haik. Lyons scored both Kentucky touchdowns; one in each of the final periods. He scored from the one after an 80-yard drive and added TD from the 2 with 2:30 left. The Monk sets sail for 66 yards and a touchdown. Newell goes into the end zone after James ' interception. The Tide from Tuscaloosa fell on five Ole Miss fumbles before a national television audience, and ' Bama used these breaks to forge a 21-7 victory over the Rebels. In the quarter the Rebs drove to the Tide 26 only to have a pass intercepted and run back 35 yards. Alabama bogged down but when Ole Miss got possession they lost a fumble which the Tide used as a stepping stone for a Stabler to Homan scoring strike. The Rebels fumbled on the opening play of the second quarter, and four plays later the Snake slipped in for the score. In the last period, Ed Morgan capped an 88-yard drive by piling over from one yard out. Terry Collier took the Rebel reins and in the final 13 minutes completed 10 of 21 for 116 yards and a TD pass to Haik from 23 yards away. Collier kept Ole Miss in Tide territory but an interception with :45 left drowned the Rebels ' hopes. Homan doesn ' t get away this time. Hindman burst through the Tide. Ready and willing to go in. The Rebels came from behind twice to shock the third- ranked Georgia Bulldogs 29-20 in what Coach Johnny Vaught called a " must " game. Georgia took a quick 7-0 lead, and things were looking bad until James raced 68 yards to the Bulldog four with a punt. Bowen slashed in for the score, and Keyes missed his first conversion in 42 tries. The Rebs drove 49 yards then and Street bulled over from the one. But the Dogs held the halftime lead on Lawrence ' s one-yard sweep. In the third quarter Lawrence fumbled on his 14 and Keyes added 3 more. Bowen sparked a 58-yard drive and scored from the one and Newell sneaked in for two Reb final quarter tallies. Georgia stayed close with a fourth period passing score from Moore to King, but a Keyes interception late in the game killed the Bulldogs ' hopes. Hindman takes a well-deserved breather. Crowd sees Rebel thrown for loss. President Billy and Homecoming Queen, Barbara Woodbury. Ole Miss capped a perfect Homecoming Day celebr ation by defeating the Southerners from Hattiesburg 23-13 in a game here on campus. 2500 saw the Rebs score first then try to fight off series after series of determined Southern attacks. In the opening period Newell threw to Haik on a 35- yard bomb. Two minutes later, Tommy James fielded a punt on his 21, weaved and bounced his way through blockers and tacklers alike, and scampered 79 yards for the TD. But Southern came back to score on a replay almost of James ' run and after Keyes ' first 3-pointer, the halftime score was 17-7. Southern drove for a score in the third quarter and Keyes kept Ole Miss ahead with a record field goal to make it 20-14. Southern started another paydirt drive but Trapp fell on a fumble at his 40. The Rebels powered close to the goal and with 4 seconds left Keyes booted a third goal to put it out of reach. Bo Bowen follows blocker for good gait Cougar mauled by defensive line. Another Cougar hit hard by defense. Houston ' s ninth-ranked Cougars fell from the ratings when the Rebels, playing hot defense in Oxford, upset the Cougars 14-13. After spotting Houston a touchdown on Don Bean ' s 73-yard punt-return, Ole Miss recovered a Warren McVea fumble on Houston ' s 23, and Newell threw to Haik for the first Rebel score. Houston was stopped cold within the Ole Miss 10 and Ken Hebert ' s field goal was wide—a sign of things to come. In the third stanza Bob Bailey fell on a loose Cougar ball at the 37. Newell floated a pass to the goal that appeared to be intercepted until H. N. Shows politely snatched the ball and went in for the score; Keyes ' PAT was good. The Cougars roared back and Woodall connected with Achley on a 42-yard scoring strike. The snap was good, the ball on the tee, but Hebert ' s foot was off the mark. Ole Miss won 14-13. Hindman dives over for Ole Miss ' first touchdown. It all boiled down to a battle of toes in Jackson when Ole Miss met the Bayou Bengal from LSU in what has become a classic. Ole Miss started the scoring with a 51-yard drive finished by Hindman ' s 2-yard plunge to paydirt. But LSU came back immediately going from their 37 to the Reb one where Eddie Ray fumbled into the end zone and Ole Miss recovered. But the Tigers roared back and Dousay scored from the one. In the second half Keyes kicked field goals of 35 and 45 yards to tie the SEC career record in that and give the Rebs a 13-7 lead. But LSU marched 80 yards and had a first clown on the Reb 8. From there Newfield circled left untouched for a touchdown. With 3:22 left and the score tied 13-13, Steve Daniels ' kick was to the left and the score ended deadlocked. A caged Tiger goes down. Tennessee overcame an 8-year losing streak to Ole Miss by taking a 20-7 victory away in Memphis. The second- ranked Volunteers took advantage of the breaks to build up a 17-0 halftime lead that the Rebels just couldn ' t catch. a record-breaking crowd of 51,000 in the Memphis Memorial Stadium Tennessee eliminated Ole Miss ' Sugar Bowl hopes and won a trip to Miami. Tailback Walter Chadwick swept left end and passed for two Vol in the second quarter while Karl Kremser kicked two field goals for the Vol ' s halftime lead. In the second half, the Rebs got on the scoreboard following a touchdown plunge by Wade from the one following an Urbanek recovery. But it was too late and too little as Tennessee got another 3 points to wind up the scoring. Haik lets this one get away. The Rebs dig in. Chadwick slips past Cannon and scores first Orange TD. The Commodores from Vanderbilt were completely out- classed as the Rebels racked up their fifth victory behind the workhorse running of Steve Hindman who ran for 215 yards and 3 touchdowns, one for 76 yards. Bruce Newell set up one of Hindman ' s scores with a 41-yard run and passed to Haik for another score. Ole Miss ' first score came on a 3-yard run by Hindman after Newell set it up with a 57-yard pass to Bill Matthews. Hindman ' s flashy 76-yard run posted the second score, but Vandy drove for a touchdown climaxed by a 14-yard pass play. The Rebs later marched 68 yards with Hindman going in from the three after Newell ' s run. The final score came in the third when Newell hit Haik on a 13-yard strike. The Rebels were heading for Starkville and a date in another bowl game. The Indian slips past a Commodore as Bush submarines him. Hindman gets a few of the 215 yards he churned out. The Rebels went down to Moo U. and wrung a 10-3 over the Rednecks from Starkville. The muddy field slowed both teams and made for a closer score than anyone expected. State didn ' t give up hope until only :47 remained when Glenn Cannon knocked away a sure scoring strike. The Cow College fans can say that if the pass had been higher from Pharr, the State end Saget might have had a touchdown. But the scoreboard still read 10-3. Ole Miss opened the scoring in the first period with Van Brown ' s 38- yard field goal. Then the Rebs went 47 yards in five plays, one a 29-yard pass from Newell to Haik. Haik then scored on a 9-yard quickie from Newell. State managed a second- quarter field goal. Then a sloppy second half saw no scores. " Don ' t drop it, Ref. This one ' s dry. " Tommy James eludes a Neck as Blount and Morrow come in to help. Newell goes in for only Rebel score. Who the hell is Texas at El Paso? The Sun Bowl? These were some of the comments around the campus before the Rebels went west and got an answer to these questions. Ole Miss was humiliated by an obscure team in an obscure bowl by the score of 14-7. The Rebs managed only 6 first downs to El Paso ' s 16, lost 3 fumbles, and were outgained almost 3 yards to every 1 they got. Coach Vaught said, " We had heard a lot about their offense, but someone neglected to emphasize their defense. " Ole Miss only got past El Paso ' s 40-yard line once and that was to score their lone 1-yard sneak by Newell following McClure ' s pass interception that went to the one. El Paso waited until the final period to finally explode their offense and go ahead on the scoreboard. The fired-up Miners started a 66-yard drive climaxed by Billy Stevens ' 5-yard pass to flanker David Karns. Seven minutes later linebacker Fred Carr caused a fumble that El Paso fell on at the Ole Miss 22. Larry McHenry carried four straight times and went over from the four for the winning score. Coach Billy Dobbs of El Paso admired that his team " played their hearts out. " It was obvious the Ole Miss didn ' t. Webb and McGee have him cornered. Sartin gets ready to cream one of them. Bailey and Cannon smother a Miner. Turner hits a lay-up to the amazement of the 7-foot giant and his wide-mouthed friend. Early-season injuries and a tough Southeastern combined to deal the Ole Miss Rebel basketball team a 7-17 overall record for 1967-68. But the year was by a victory in the Poinsetta Classic in Greenville, S.C., during the Christmas break and several outstanding victories throughout the season. Injuries plagued the squad throughout the season. Ken Turner suffered from double vision; Jerry Brawner had a broken finger; Larry Martindale injured his knee; Eddie Miller had elbow trouble; Dale Stevens received a and Ron Coleman hurt his back. These injuries plus the coming-of-age of a fine, well-balanced SEC held the Rebels from a winning season. Senior Ronnie Aldy missed the first semester and this contributed to the slow 1-5 start before the Poinsetta Classic. The Rebs only managed a win over Arkansas A M while falling to Texas, Arkansas, Furman, and Alabama. But in South Carolina the team jelled and won victories over Furman and Hardin-Simmons to clinch the crown. Then Ole Miss went headlong into the rough conference slate with an oft-injured unit. They managed only four wins the rest of the season, but the wins were big. The first was over State, 63-53, then in succession the Rebs knocked over (77-69), Auburn (57-56), and LSU (87-85) despite a 40-point spree by All- American Soph " Pistol " Pete This game drew the largest basketball crown ever in the state of Mississippi. Before these wins, Ole Miss played three of the nation ' s top-ten teams twice and barely missed winning over two of them. These were Kentucky, and Vanderbilt when all three were at the top. The Vols squeaked by 66-65 while the ' Cats salvaged a 85-76 win. Junior forward Turner (6-5) finished as the Rebs ' top scorer with a 13.8 average that drew him some All-SEC billing. (6-8) center Brawner followed at 12.5, and Soph guard Ron Coleman (6-3), the early leader, wound up third with 10.6. The Reb team hit 39.4 from the field (628 of 1591) and 67.2 from the free-throw line (440 of 654) . Ole Miss averaged 70.6 points per game to the opponents ' 79.1. With the loss of two valuable seniors, Martindale and Aldy, Coach Eddie Crawford will still have many key players returning. The basketball interest and turnout are indicative of the growth and calibre of Ole Miss basketball. 1967-1968 Rebel Basketball Team: Front Row: Freddy Setser, Terry Jordan, Eddie Miller, Larry Martindale, Ronnie Aldy. Row: Ron Coleman, David Williams, Charlie Ward, Ken Turner, Charles Jordan. Third Row: Dale Stevens, Lock Ross, Tom Butler, Rodney Chamblee, Jerry Brawner, Danny Dossett. Pistol Pete shows his stuff. Thank God! Red slides through the Tide. Turner dribbles through the Vols. Boy wonder shows off for the fans. Charlie Ward goes for two. Lou shows how he feels about the Rednecks. Rebels get this one. Baby Rebs look forward to varsity play next year. The 1967 freshman football team played a four game schedule resulting in three victories. In the first game of the season, the Baby Bengals from L.S.U. whipped the Rebel frosh 28-0. The Tiger defense held the Rebs to a minus 37 yards, but ace quarterback Archie Manning rushed for 36 yards and hit on 9 of 17 passes for 121 yards. Next the Baby Rebels hit the road to Tuscaloosa where they took a 21-2 victory. An alert secondary picked off six passes to snap a Tide frosh winning streak at eight. The Tide managed to get on the scoreboard only by blocking a punt out of the end zone. The Vanderbilt Commodores crawled out of Hemingway Stadium defeated 80-8. The Reb fired eight touchdown passes with Manning hitting four, Shug Chumbler three, and Bob White one. The Rebels jumped to a 13-0 first period lead, extended it to 38-8 by halftime, then poured across 42 more points in the second half. The finale of the season came when the necks from Mississippi State invaded the Ole Miss campus. The rolled over the Bullpups to end the season at 3 wins and 1 loss with a 49-7 win. The Reb freshmen of 1967 though a small squad by comparison to other teams proved themselves the " Dirty Thirty " that will provide future winning teams. The 1967-1968 freshman basketball season was one of disappointment for the Rebels. Coach Eddie Crawford signed several top high school players in hopes that the season would be as successful as the few previous years. The freshman coaches Donnie Wessinger and Jim Moran heavily upon such high school standouts as Whitey Adams, John Schlitzman, and John Stein. Adams of West Allis, Wis. who stands 6-1 was chosen an all-state guard. Schlitzman of Orange Park, Fla., is a 6-9 center and the tallest player to be signed for Ole Miss basketball. He averaged 23.1 points and better than 17 rebounds a game Freshman Cagers: Kneeling: Harper Young and Hunter Twiford. Standing: John Purdham, Bob Tomlinson, John Schlitzman, Jim Stein, and Whitey Adams. during his senior season. The first player to sign was Jim Stein, a 6-5 forward from Ocala, Fla., who averaged 20.1 points in 28 games for Ocala High where he averaged 11.1 rebounds per game and had a 49.1 percentage from the floor. Stein garnered unanimous all-state recognition. The Rebel rookies compiled a 5 win and 13 lost record. It seemed that no matter how hard these boys played, the other team got the breaks and won. The Baby Rebs were severely hurt when injuries claimed two key members of the squad. They were 6-5 center-forward Ron Goodin and 5-11 guard Harper Young. Rebel Pitching Staff: Front Row: Richie Prine, Fred Stanley, Aldy, Larry Kerr, Butch Lambert, Scottie Hasler, Joe and Coach Tom Swayze. Back Row: Buzz Haven, Eddie Duechle. Chip Stewert, Eric Ayres, Butch Owen, and Buddy Bowen. " We ' ll never win if that woman doesn ' t quit yelling at Moonie to give her son a break. " The 1967 Ole Miss baseball team compiled a 15-14 overall record and went 9-8 in SEC competition to win in the Western Division Championship race. In the playoff against Auburn for the overall crown, the Rebels fell to the Tigers in a best 2 out of 3 series. The Rebs started with a 2-1 series edge over Mississippi Southern and then split 2 games with McNeese State. To begin SEC play, Ole Miss won 2 of 3 over Mississippi State, then won 2 of 3 from Alabama after defeating Delta State 22-3. They then split 2 games in series against LSU and Memphis State. Then Alabama won 2 of 3 but the Rebs jumped back with a pair of wins over LSU again. The Rebels lost 2 of 3 from State as the Division race went to the wire, but then they beat LSU 6-2 to win the Division. Tommy Nichols slides in safe at home. Bull fires a strike. The Rebels like to win. " Gee, Coach, I like you too. " All-American Jimmy Yawn and 5 seniors led the 1967 Rebels on the diamond. Yawn set the school records with a .380 batting average, 9 home runs, and 38 runs-batted-in. Sophomore shortstop Tommy Nichols drew All-SEC Centerfielder Glenn Lusk, third-sacker Ronnie Robinson, catcher Bobby Wade, and pitcher Scott Hasler were on the Western Division All-SEC team. Other seniors were catchers Jimmy Bennett, Ronnie Penny, and outfielder Lent Rice. Junior lettermen were Eric Ayers, Butch Owen, Larry Kerr, Ronnie Robinson, Buzz Haven, and Grafton Moore. Ronnie Aldy, Bobby Wade, Eddie McLarty, Ken Turner, and Kenny Oakley were the sophomore lettermen. Nichols led the SEC in stolen bases with 13 while Hasler pitched for a 4-0 record and a 12-3 overall varsity record. Ears get ready to fire one. Jimmy Yawn made this trip often. " I know you were out at first, but why run to third? " Auburn Humbles Rebs in SEC Playoff McLarty stretches to get this one out. Easy out. A double play in the making. 1967 REBEL GOLFERS—Kneeling, Coach Junie Hovious, Don Fruge, Jimmy Gamblin, Chuck Rea, Standing, Warren Rogers, Neil Lovelady, Allen Hovious. Don Fruge chips up in hopes for a birdie. The All-Meridian and Oxford Ole Miss golf team the best season that Coach Junie Hovious ' linksmen have ever had. The Rebel golfers drove, chipped, and their way to a 7-3 match record, first place in the Intercollegiate Tournament for the second straight year, and an all-time Ole Miss high of third place in the Southeastern Conference. The team placed third at the USM Invitational and fourth at the Buckhaults Invitational in Mobile. Chuck Rea and Don Fruge represented the Reb golfers in the NCAA Tournament held at Fred Waring ' s Shawnee Inn. Rea, a junior, captured the Mississippi title and placed six in the SEC competition. Fruge, the lone senior, led the Rebels ' attack against the nation ' s best collegiate golfers by finishing among the top twenty in the NCAA. Several successful golf years in a row have made Ole Miss a force with which to contend on the course. Thirteen matches and entry in three tournaments the 1967 tennis program at Ole Miss. Five of the matches were against Southeastern Conference teams and seven of the fourteen matches were staged on campus. The record was better than the Reb netmen have had in several years. The Rebels went 11-2 as victories came over North Park College, Washington U., Millsaps, Southwestern, and Mississippi College to highlight a very successful season. The team won the Southern Mississippi Invitational, finished second in the Mississippi Intercollegiate, and participated in the SEC Tournament in Gainesville, Fla. Coach John Cain ' s tournament players were Mike Baier, Bill Hester, Erskine Wells, Brad Hovious, Gary Cox, and Ed Ruffin. Mike Baier chops one back across. 1967 REBEL TENNIS TEAM—Center, Coach John Cain. Gary Cox, Ronnie Brad Hovious, Ed Ruffin, Erskine Wells, Bill Hester, and Mike Baier. The 1967 Ole Miss track season was one rebuilding for Coach " Doc " Knight. The Johnny Rebs, primarily a reinforced outfit, had 21 entrants in 17 events in the triangular meet with Alabama and State in which 14 of them were first-year representatives. As ' in 1966, the rebuilding team of Coach Knight heavily on Brad Farber of Jackson. Headed by Farber ' s :47.2 time in the 440, the Rebs established a half- dozen new Ole Miss records including a 4: 19.3 mile and 9:39.4 two-mile by Kenny Blandford of Louisville, Although Farber received much acclaim last season, other standouts were Blandford; Charlie Kelly, Jim Miller, Jim Ross, Tom Cooksey, Jim Urbanek, Larry Whitener, Bill Caldwell, Rick LaVall ey, and Robert Daniels. Tommy Hodge gets some practice laps on the track. 1968 Ole Miss Track Team: Kneeling: Jimmy King, Paul Kosko, Roger Full, Jim Miller, Brad Farber, Jim Hadley, Glenn Gallaspy, and Charlie Kelly. Standing: Bill Erb, David Kershaw, Rick Russ Neely, Kenny Blandford, Dickie King, Ronnie Miller, Richard Casey, Tom Rectenwald, Harold Barker, Tommy Hodge, Jim McCloud, Al Lofton, Robert Daniels, Ben Osborn, Bill and Coach Wesley " Doc " Knight. Varsity Cheerleaders: Kneeling: Beth Eichold, Connie Luckett, Zetta Bryant, and Carolyn Bruno. Standing: Tommy McCarley, James Upchurch, Don Baddour, and Joe Ross. Freshman Cheerleaders: Kneeling: Beverly Vaughan, Marilyn Blakeslee, Vicki Allen, and Walterine Permenter. Standing: Skip Graeber, Steve and Don Wells. Not Pictured: Sam McCall. The group responsible for the direction of athletic event support is the Ole Miss cheerleaders. This group is of eight members elected by the student body to serve for one year. The boy with the most votes serves as head cheerleader, and this year Joe Ross had that position aided by Don Baddour, Tommy McCarley, James Upchurch, Zetta Bryant, Carolyn Bruno, Beth Eichold, and Connie Luckett. These eight people lead the Rebels to victory and aid the student body in their attempts to display enthusiasm. The freshman class elected at the beginning of the year eight freshmen cheerleaders to assist the varsity in their duties of leading cheers, passing out Rebel flags and footballs. Mac Haik President Athletic teamwork and endeavor like this are the goal of the M Club. The M Club is a group of men who have earned a letter in an intercollegiate sport and have lived through the The purpose of the club is the promotion of interest and participation in sports. Through the fine example of the members of the M Club, a great deal of respect has been gained for the athletic participants at Ole Miss. Instead of being uncouth slobs and meats that predominate at many other athletically-minded schools, the well-bred Ole Miss athletes and M Club members are an integral part of and a point of which Rebels can be proud. First Row: Ronnie Aldy, George Allison, Wesley Arnold, Eric Ayres, Robert Bailey, Eddie Barnett, Kenny Blandford, Joe Blount, Bo Bowen. Second Row: Van Brown, Jerry Brawner, Allen Bush, Bill Caldwell, Glenn Cannon, Carrol Carpenter, Rodney, Chamblee, Terry Collier, Charles Coward. Third Row: Eddie Deuschle, Bruce Dillingham, Julian Fagan, Brad Farber, Hap Farber, Jim Farmer, Leon Frishman, Jimmy Gamblin, Robert Garrigues. Fourth Row: Jody Graves, Graves, Jim Haddock, Mac Haik, Scotty Hasler, Billy Harthcock, Miller Hartzog, Buzz Haven, Bobby Hendrix. Fifth Row: Claude Herard, Bill Hester, Steve Hindman, Allen Hovious, Brad Hovious, Tommy James, Ronnie Johnson, Bill Jones, Charles Jordan. Sixth Row: Charles Kelly, Larry Kerr, David Kershaw, Jimmy Keyes, Dickie Lewis, Neil Lovelady, Mike Magee, Larry Martindale, Bill Mathews. Seventh Row: Eddie McClarty, Mac McClure, Eddie Miller, Jim Miller, Grafton Moore, Jim Moran, Buz Morrow, Russ Neely, Bruce Newell. Eighth Row: Tommy Nichols, Kenny Oakley, Jim Parkes, Quay Parks, Chuck Ray, Jerry Richardson, Mike Ronnie Robinson, Warren Rogers. Ninth Row: Dan Sartin, Hank Shows, Dale Stevens, Chip Stewart, Don Street, Jim Sullivan, Mike Swetland, Eddie Taylor, Frank Trapp. Tenth Row: Don Turnell, Ken Turner, Jim Urbanek, Bobo Uzzle, Bob Vaughn, Bobby Wade, Jim Wallis, Reed Webb, Larry Whitener. JIMMY KEYES Football, All-SEC Linebacker SCOTTY " Bull " HASLER Baseball, All-SEC Pitcher STEVE HINDMAN Football, All-SEC ' Fallback On any athletic team there are always standouts whose play excells above the caliber of the other members of the team. The University of Mississippi has had a long of athletes who have been of such a high quality that they have been recognized as the best in the conference or the nation. 1967-1968 has been no exception in producing a fine group of All-Stars. To the true fan of the Rebels it is a shame to recognize the few who have been most in bringing national renown to the athletic teams of the University without also giving credit to the cast. Among the persons who have helped Ole Miss produce Al l-Americans are the coaches, of course. Backing them up has been a truly first class athletic department that finances, publicity, scheduling, ticket sales, and the thousands of details that are involved in fielding athletes in intercollegiate competition. The student body led by the cheerleaders also adds a tremendous amount of incentive to the other factors that make someone a very good or even great player. All-Stars are very special people at Ole Miss and their names will now be added to such past greats as Mike Jim Dunnaway, Glynn Griffin, Jake Gibbs, Charlie Connerly, Bruiser Kinard, and others who have stood out in the field of athletic competition. JERRY RICHARDSON Football, All-SEC Defensive End JIM URBANEK Football, All-SEC, All American Tackle JIMMY YAWN Baseball, All-SEC, All American Second Base Many become stars in playing Rebel football. The 1967 Rebel Band and Rebelettes. Rebelettes include: Jinny Alexander, Suzanne Coretti, Barbara Ledbetter, Sandra Stone, head majorette Dot McCoy, Janie Gitter, Beverly Brooks, Gayle Brackett. Second Row: Janice Brooks, Donna Chinn, Betty Jo Wampler, Pat Brooks, Gigi Franklin, Aurelia Urbanek, Melanie Willis, Barbara Kemp, Bonnie Burns, Debora Brown, Karen Cloutman, Janis Wooley, Nelda Jones, Carol Garver, Lynne Coates, and Sharon Sabilia. If that guy tries to get my hat one more time—I ' m going to hit him with my accordion. The 1967-68 Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band under the direction of James Ferguson were the leaders of the Rebel spirit during the football season by participating in most of the football games as halftime entertainment, numerous pep rallies, parades, and the annual Welcome Rebel Party. Led by the world famous Rebelettes, the Band boosted the fame of the Rebels and the whole University with fine half- time shows and never-dying spirit for the team. Audiences and band members themselves enjoyed the Rebelettes ' many and varied interpretations of the music that the band produced while down on the field. The band hopes to itself in the years to come. You get a real good view of the majorettes from back here. They also serve who only stand and wait. Intramural Council: First Row: John Botto, Jack Smith, Stan Sullivan, Kennon Hood, Lanny Bedford. Second Row: Mac Moore, Chuck Quarterman, David Wilder, John Jones, Donald Waiter. Third Row: Doug Lindsay, J. Gay, Sam Neill, George Ferriss, Bill Doe, and Brad Hovious. Intramural Council Officers: Stan Sullivan, Mac Moore, Kennon Hood, and Doug Lindsay. The Fraternity Intramural Council plans and directs all the intramural activities in which the social fraternities The Council is made up of two members from each of the seventeen social fraternities on the campus. Among the duties of the Council are arranging of the various for each of the individual sports, compiling and the results, determining the eligibility of the athletes for each different sport, and the interpretation of rules of all sports involved. The fraternity athletic season begins during the fall semester with six-man touch football which is probably the most hotly contested sport o fall. During the remainder of the school year the Greeks go out for basketball, bowling, volleyball, softball, tennis, table and golf. Fred Beard snags a pass for good yardage. With fire in his eyes, Frank Stainback fires one over the backstop for the Phi Delts. The Snakes go to bat against the Phi Delts. Expert refereeing tells the SAE ' s not to worry about the call. What ' re you gonna be—the hero or the goat? " You ' ll never get a quick start from that position. " The referee, right on top of the play, keeps things from getting out of hand. The fraternities are divided into two leagues for com- petition in team sports; then the champions of the leagues have a playoff for the overall championship. Points are given for each victory in a major sport—football, basketball, and softball—and for each over-all In the minor sports, points are given for each victory that is a championship one. At the end of the year the points are tabulated and the intramural trophy is awarded to the fraternity with the highest number of points. Last year ' s winner was Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KA ' s and SAE ' s meet in " Homecoming " game. Sigma Chi ' s get pass on off under pressure. W. E. WILROY President Billy H. Quin Vice-President Alums chow down before the game. The Ole Miss Alumni Association has grown a great deal from its obscure and small beginning as the Alumni Society on September 16, 1853. It has reached a position of and effectiveness that is strongly felt throughout the state. Many of its top leaders in professional fields, and respect are members of the Association. With a membership of 10,000, an expanding facility to care for the increasing needs at the Alumni House, and a full time staff to keep members up to date. The Alumni Association has become a vital part of the program of the University. Each fall during the football season the Alumni House becomes a center of activity as former students from all over the nation pour into Oxford to renew old friendships and cheer for the Rebels. New officers are installed each year at Homecoming. James F. Ingram, Tupelo Dr. Jack Senter, Belmont N. S. Sweat, Jr., Corinth Frank A. Riley, Tupelo District Two W. D. Gardner, Greenville Robert M. Condon, Greenville Ira L. Morgan, Oxford W. H. Montjoy, Greenwood District Three S. D. Collins, Jackson William B. Harlan, Jackson Crawford Mims, Vicksburg Robert Y. Love, Jackson District Four Luther Pittman, Raleigh Dr. W. D. Gunn, Quitman Lee Myers, Meridian W. E. McIntyre, Brandon District Five Paul L. Wright, Gulfport Louis Mapp, Hattiesburg Douglas Koger, Bay St. Louis W. E. Jones, Laurel State-at-Large Mrs. Guynell S. Toney, Centreville Edward J. Bogen, Greenville Charles Fair, Louisville Baxter 0. Elliott, Jr., Oxford Leon C. Harbin, Grenada Mrs. Mildred Spikes, Jackson Dr. J. C. Waites, Laurel Dr. A. K. Martinolich, Bay St. Louis Lowry Dyre, Grenada Harold Monroe, Moss Point George Worthen, Tupelo Dr. Lewis Nobles, Oxford Curtiss McKee, Jackson Ernest Graves, Laurel Taylor McElroy, Jr., Jackson Billy Wood Kerr, Olive Branch John Armstrong, Hazlehurst E. B. Favre, Mississippi City Aston Holley, Oxford Joe Lauderdale, Hernando Tommy Turner, Jr., Belzoni Judge Claude Clayton, Tupelo Out-of-State Dr. A. A. Windham, Memphis, Tennessee . Marion Bishop, Washington, D. C. David Gross, New Orleans, Louisiana Louis G. Baines, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Dr. Hector Howard, Memphis, Tennessee Harold Crump, Nashville, Tennessee Harold F. Huggins, Memphis, Tennessee Emmett Marston, Memphis, Tenn. Frank G. Potts, Birmingham, Alabama Dr. Howard A. Nelson Greenwood R. D. Wilcox Laurel Jack W. Barksdale, Jr. Jackson William H. Barbour Yazoo City James T. Singley Meridian Orma R. Smith, Sr. Corinth Mitchell S. Salloum Gulfport R. Baxter Wilson Jackson Chester H. Curtis Clarksdale Carl McKellar Columbus S. Lyle Bates Jackson Sam P. Carter Quitman Frank E. Everett, Jr. Vicksburg Thompson McClellan West Point Otho R. Smith Meridian George Payne Cossar Charleston Harvey Lee Morrison Okolona Taylor H. McElroy Oxford David Cottrell Gulfport James McClure Sardis Dr. I. C. Knox Vicksburg Ex-Officio Members—Medical Dr. T. E. Wilson Jackson Dr. W. E. Caldwell Baldwyn Dr. B. B. O ' Mara Biloxi Dr. W. E. Lotterhos Jackson Dr. Howard A. Nelson Greenwood Ex-Officio Members—Law Chester H. Curtis Clarksdale William Winter Jackson Hugh N. Clayton New Albany Gaston Hewes Gulfport Ex-Officio Members—Nursing Miss Betty Preston Jackson Mrs. Lucy Thompson Myrtle Beach, S.C. Mrs. Yvonne P. Bertolet Vidalia, La. Mrs. Janella M. Evers Jackson Mrs. Ann C. Zimmerman Hazlehurst Ex-Officio Members Engineering C. Edmonson Jones Jackson Ex-Officio Members--Pharmacy R. Clinton Johnson, Jr. Leland William S. Griffin James N. Butler M itchell Salloum C. William Price Alumni Director Alumni Secretary Athletic Representative Medical Alumni Secretary The Honorable John Bell Williams, the Governor of the State of Mississippi, was born in Raymond, Mississippi. He attended Hines Junior College and took his law degree from the Jackson School of Law. After receiving his degree he practiced law in Hines County and was appointed County Attorney. After World War II he returned to Mississippi and ran for Congress. At the age of twenty-eight he became youngest Congressman. For the next twenty-one years, John Bell Williams represented his state in Congress. In the year of 1967, he returned to Mississippi and ran for Governor, and in January of this year he took over the office of Governor of the State of Mississippi. Since his he has done much for the state, especially in the field of education. Governor John Bell Williams Front Row: Thomas N. Turner, Tally D. Riddell, S. R. Evans, Dr. E. R. Jobe, M. Paul Hayes, Ira L. Morgan. Second Row: J. N. Lipscomb, W. 0. Stone, E. Ray Izard, Dr. Verner S. Holmes, Henry Hederman, Milton E. Brister, Dr. M. M. Roberts, Leon Lowry. Dr. Fortune addresses the student body. Dr. Porter Lee Fortune assumed the duties of Chancellor of the University of Mississippi in January, 1968. Dr. was educated at two of the outstanding universities of the south, earning his bachelor ' s degree with highest honors at the University of North Carolina, his master ' s degree, likewise with distinction, at Emory University, and his in American History and political science at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Fortune held the positions of Academic Dean and Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Southern Mississippi. After leaving the University of Southern six years ago, Dr. Fortune assumed the position of Executive Secretary of the National Exchange Club in Toledo, Ohio. He has achieved membership in the following honorary fraternities: Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Tau Chi, Pi Kappa and Pi. Dr. Fortune is listed in Who ' s Who in American Education and Who ' s Who in America. Chancellor Porter Lee Fortune JOHN DAVIS WILLIAMS Chancellor, 1946-1968 D. Williams In the last twenty-one years, almost every university in the country has experienced tremendous enrollment and wide-scale physical expansion. Under normal conditions, Ole Miss would have grown with the leadership of any competent chancellor. Why then, the intense and acclaim for Dr. John D. Williams? The explanation is that conditions were not normal. For no university in modern times faced the crisis Ole Miss did in 1962 a crisis which easily could have closed our doors or have sharply curtailed our growth. They were chaotic days. Ole Miss was the focal point of a major constitutional struggle complete with dramatic between state and federal forces. The conflict ended with thousands of troops on the campus and a riot followed by unrelenting abuse from the national news media. A competent chancellor would not have been enough to save the University, but Ole Miss had much more than that in J. D. Williams she had a great chancellor. To the unthinking, the decision to hold regular classes in buildings filled with the stench of tear gas may have seemed unwise. In retrospect, the decision was a stroke of genius. The crucial fact that the disturbances were not to alter the scheduling of classes later served as the foundation for a defense of our accreditation when that was challenged. A merely competent chancellor might have dismissed classes until conditions returned to normal. A great by his first act after that terribly day, saw to it that conditions did return to normal. The succeeding months and years were hectic. The academic image of the University had to be rebuilt, the momentum of expansion had to be restarted and perhaps, most important of all, the internal spirit of a great institution with great traditions had to be restored. A merely competent chancellor could not have met the challenge. A great chancellor could and did. With cool head, great foresight and total dedication, John D. Williams saved Ole Miss. Thus, the devotion and acclaim for Dr. Williams is well- deserved. Those who love Ole Miss will always be grateful that for twenty-one years we had a great chancellor with the needed courage and love for the University to lead her through her most desperate hours. Dr. Franklin Edwin Moak Dean of the Division of Student Personnel Dr. William Alton Bryant Vice Chancellor Mr. Tom S. Hines, Director of Student Activities; Mr. Whitney D. Stuart, Assistant to the Dean of the Division of Student Personnel. Mr. George Martin Street Director of Development Mr. Robert Sydney Shaw, Auditor; Mr. John Wilson Savage, Director of Accounting. Gen. Freeman Gober, Associate Registrar; Mr. Robert Ellis, Dr. Charles Edward Noyes Assistant Vice Chancellor Founded in 1848, the College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest division of the University. The College awards degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Science. A varied and extensive curricula in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences has been spurred on by a systematic Program initiated in 1952. The program was made possible by a grant from the General Education Board along with matching funds from the Board of The Development Program has brought to the outstanding scholars and distinguished visiting professors and artist to enrich the experience of the student. The College also sponsors a Scholars to provide special instruction for superior students. DR. ARTHUR B. LEWIS Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Students enter the halls of learning. The laboratory is the place of discovery. The use of the library is vital to all Liberal Arts students. Study is not all that may be accomplished in the library. Law students spend much of their time studying. Students learn to think on their feet. Man, the instrument of justice. The law library enhances opportunity for research and study. Established by an act of the Legislature in 1854, the Ole Miss Law School is the fourth oldest state-supported school of law in the United States. It is housed in Lamar Hall, named for L. Q. C. Lamar, the only Mississippian to serve on the U. S. Supreme Court. The Law School offers three years of instruction in government and the legal process leading to a Juris Doctor degree as as an expanding graduate program. Law students are responsible for the editing and most of the writing in the Mississippi Law Journal which is the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar. The Law School is a source of leadership for Mississippi. An overwhelming majority of Mississippi ' s executive officers, legislators, judges, and U. S. congressmen are graduates of the Ole Miss Law School as well as most Mississippi attorneys. DR. JOSHUA MARION MORSE, III Dean of the School of Law Engineering requires day to day study. DR. CARL BRENKERT Dean of the School of Engineering Instruction in engineering began at Ole Miss in 1854. The School of Engineering was formally established in 1900, making it the oldest engineering school in Mississippi. The Engineering School occupies Carrier Hall, given to the University by the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carrier. Other facilities are located in the Chemical Engineering Geology Building, Engineering Annex and the Observatory in the Holly Springs National Forest. Degrees are offered in five basic engineering fields: civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical. An Experiment Station cooperates with industrial and engineering organizations in the investigation and solution of technical problems. The Mississippi Research and Center is also part of the School of Engineering and is available to the state ' s agencies and to industry for in the field of electronic data processing. An engineer tackles a complicated problem. Miss Janie Fuller enhances the machinery as 1968 Engineering Queen. Pre-Med training includes many hours in the lab. but the reward of understanding is the pay off. Painstaking care is a necessity .. . The School of Medicine was originally located on the Oxford campus. In 1955, the School was moved to Jackson in coordination with the construction of a teaching hospital at the University Medical Center. The east wing of the eight-story Medical Center houses the University Hospital. The north wing is the School of Medicine including classes, laboratories, the Rowland Medical Library, and a clinic for out-patients. A nine-story research wing was added in 1963 and a diagnostic services unit was completed in 1964. The Staff of the University Hospital is appointed from the faculty of the School of Medicine. The Ole Miss School of Medicine has achieved national reputation in research and medical advances particularly in the use of artificial for body organs. The University Hospital was one of the first in the country to make use of electrical anesthesia. Teamwork between future nurse and doctor is stressed in the School of Medicine. Future doctors examine chemical reactions. The challenging need for qualified teachers, supervisors and administrators is the primary concern of the School of Educaiton. Professional courses at both under-graduate and graduate levels are aimed at closing the national and state educational gap. In addition to the regul ar curriculum, conferences, surveys and specialized research activities an access to professional services to the schools of the state. Graduates from the teacher preparation programs of the School of Education meet all requirements for teaching certificates in Mississippi and are also qualified to teach in all accredited high schools in Mississippi as well as high schools and other secondary schools accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. A Bureau of Educational Research provides specialized services to Mississippi schools in cooperation with the State Department of Education and local school boards. The library is of much help to the education student. DR. SYLVESTER A. MOORHEAD Dean of the School of Education Class preparation often involves much time and effort. Student listens to interesting lecture. Physical Education is a part of the School of Education. Pharmaceutical arts demand a student ' s complete attention. Pill pushers get set to party. Pharmacy students must keep pace with the fast-moving world of chemistry. Pharmacy students show their interests and serious attitudes. DR. CHARLES WILLIAM HARTMAN Dean of the School of Pharmacy Established in 1908, the School of Pharmacy is the only pharmacy school in Mississippi. Ole Miss pharmacy are trained to become community, hospital and pharmacists, analysist of pharmaceutical and food products and professional representatives for manufacturers of pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical products. A Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences makes studies of the state ' s pharmaceutical industry and conducts basic and applied research with a view toward developing natural products of Mississippi for pharmaceutical use. A Bureau of Pharmaceutical Services accumulates and disseminates information pharmacists organizations, and public agencies. The Bureau maintains a Poison Control Center, offering information to professional personnel in the Health Sciences regarding composition, toxicology, and antidotes for commercial products involved in cases of poisoning. Conner Hall provides facilities for the School of Business. A rapidly developing industrial economy and expanding government services in Mississippi have made it imperative to provide a large pool of personnel trained for careers in business and government. The close of the problems of business and government has led to the incorporation of the courses in these two areas in the School of Business and Government. In addition to training students for administrative positions in the private and public sectors, the School provides research and other services to business and governmental units. A Bureau of Business and Economic Research analyzes Missisippi conditions and conducts studies of specific reports and a bimonthly journal. A Bureau of Governmental Research provides practical and research assistance to municipalities and public agencies. DR. BEN B. McNEW Acting Dean of the School of Business and Government Student think when confronted with questions. Students are often given the opportunity to teach. Business students pause outside Conner Hall between classes. Instruction is often a part of graduate work. Much graduate work is theoretical The library is a second home for most graduate students. Dr. LEWIS NOBLES Dean of Graduate School Graduate level courses were first offered at Ole Miss in 1870 and the Graduate School was formally organized in 1927. The rapid expansion of the graduate program is in the spectacular increase in masters and doctorate degrees awarded by the University in recent years. Graduate School has been a primary cause of the increase in overall University student enrollment. Numbers, of course, is not the Graduate goal it is the quality and To that end, the Committee on Faculty Research receives applications for faculty research assistance and attempts to obtain support for research from University funds and private and public agencies. Many faculty members, assisted by graduate students, are engaged in research for government agencies and foundations. The graduate research program also has at its disposal the facilities and research staffs of the Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Business graduate students and calculators become close friends. First Row: • Sidney Jacob Abdalla, Jr., McComb; Law, 2. • Hassen Y. Aboulenein, Cairo, Egypt, U.A.R.; Graduate, 1. • Katherine Anne Abraham, Vicksburg; Graduate, 1; Zeta Tau Alpha. • David Edward Adams, Senatobia; Law, 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Gregory Neal Adams, University; Pharmacy, 5. Second Row: • Philip Ross Adams, University; Law, 3. • Margaret Mixon Addison, University; Graduate, 1. • Gregory Dean Adkins, University; Graduate, 2. • Clyde Tura Ahlquist, Salt Lake . City, Utah; Graduate, 1. • Robert E. Ammon, Union; 1. Third Row: • James H. Anderson, Senatobia; Graduate, 1. • Ernestine Holt Aune, Water Valley; Graduate, 2. • James E. Baine, Athens, Ga.; Law, 3. • Wade Montgomery Baine, Oxford; Law, 2. • Myra Quay Barber, Oxford; Graduate, 2. Fourth Row: • Guntis Barenis, Greenville; Graduate, 2. • Alvin Francis Barr, Graduate, 2. • John William Barrett, Lexington; Law, 2. • Alexander Alford Batton, Port Gibson; Graduate. • Charles Samuel Beardsley, Auburn, N.Y.; Law, 1. Fifth Row: • Larry Belton, Greenville; Graduate, 1. • Sue Anne Berger, Amarillo, Texas; Graduate, 1. • Robert Berry, Jr., Winona; Graduate, 1. • Emily Sue Betz, McComb; Pharmacy, 5. • Harish Peshorilal Bhasin, Bombay, India; Graduate, 1. Sixth Row: • Valentine W. Bidden, Jr., Waldorf, Md.; Law, 1. • Nell Ann Boland, New Albany; Graduate, 1. • William Patrick Boland, University; Law, 1. • Donald Warner Bond, Winona; Law, 2. • Carl Francis Booth, University; Graduate, 1. Seventh Row: • Katherine C. Booth, Jeffersonville, Ind.; Graduate, 1. • Jesse Allen Bourland, Aberdeen; Graduate, 1. • Robert Charles Boyd, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy, 5. • Joe Alister Brady, Jr., Jackson; Law, 1. • Richard William Brock, University; Law, 3; Phi Kappa Psi. Eighth Row: • Robert Norman Brooks, Carthage; Law, 2. • Wayne Mullar Brown, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Harriet Ann Buchanan, Kosciusko; Graduate, 1. • Janet Meyer Buford, Fayette; 1. • William Thomas Burgess, University; Graduate, 2. Ninth Row: • Rosa Ruth Burns, Water Valley ; Graduate, 1. • Richard Herman Campbell, Anderson, S.C.; Graduate, 1. • Donald Risher Carlisle, Mississippi City; Law, 2. • Peter Carson, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Graduate, 1. • Dudley H. Carter, Columbus; Law, 2. If I were you, I ' d hire a lawyer. First Row: • Glenn Thomas Cartwright, Mayfield, Ky.; Pharmacy, 5 • James Leroy Catt, Jr., University; Graduate, 1. • Alma Carole Chase, Jackson; Graduate, 1. • Natividad A. Chavez, Santa Fe, N.M., Graduate, 1. • William David Chinn, Sulphur, La.; Graduate, 2. Second Row: • Charles Luper Clark, University; Law, 2. • Bobby Albert Coates, Toccopola; Graduate, 2. • Carolyn Byrd Combs, Graduate, 2. • Clyde Maurice Combs, Jr., University; Graduate, 2. • Lee K. Conner, Columbia; Law, 1; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • Clay Dennis Cooley, Jackson; Law, 3. • Louie Bilbo Sumrall; Pharmacy, 5. • Buren Ray Crawford, Graduate, 1. • Carolyn J. Crawford, Jackson; Graduate, 1. • Crispen L. Crawford, Jr., Greenville; Pharmacy, 5. Fourth Row: • Ferdinand P. Cribbs, Jr., Sumner; Law, 1. • Henry Lee Crouch, Courtland; Graduate, 1. • Leonard 0. Cummings, Jr., Pheba; Pharmacy, 5. • Thomas Lapell Cupit, Columbia; Pharmacy, 5. • Bhagwan Das Dashair ya, Jhansi U.P., India; Graduate, 1. Fifth Row: • Sam V. Dauzat, University; Graduate, 2. • David Loxley Davidson, Inverness, Fla.; Graduate, 1. • Howard Q. Davis, Jr., Indianola; Law, 3. • Robert Earl Davis, University; Graduate, 2. • Thomas Winter Dawson, Meridian; Law, 2. First Row: • Jimmy Glen Dedeau, Gulfport ; Law, 1; Phi Kappa Psi. 0 Donald Arthur Deline, Gautier ; Law, 3. • Sherry Mills Moorhead; Graduate, 1. • William Duncan Donald, Jr., Moorhead; Pharmacy, 5; Delta Kappa Epsilon. James E. Donovan, Clinton; Pharmacy, 5. Second Row: • George Lee Dorrill, Carthage; Law, 2. • Marla Joyce Dorrill, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Susan Elizabeth Dove, Jackson; Graduate, 1. • Michael W. Dowhan, Jr., Williamstown, Mass.; Graduate, 1. • Richard Minta Dunn, Jackson; Graduate, 2. Third Row: • William Jeff East, Meridian; Law, 3. • Laddie Lane Eaves, University; Graduate, 1. • Frederick E. Edmondson, Pharmacy, 5. • Ina Jacquelyn R. Edwards, Bruce; Graduate, 2. • Ralph F. Embry, Jr., Eupora; Pharmacy, 5. Fourth Row: • William Denver Eshee, Jr., Meridian; Law, 1. • Donnie Herbert Evans, Vaiden; Law, 3. • Rodney Duane Everhart, Canton, Ohio; Graduate, 2. • Alfred Lee Felder, Summit ; Law, 2. • Juarbe Marcos Feliciano, Isabela, Puerto Rica; Law, 1. Fifth Row: • William F. Ferguson, University ; Graduate, 2. • Christopher Joseph Foret, Metairie, La.; Graduate, 2. • Margaret L. Mount Airy, Ga.; Graduate, 1. • Marilyn Pauline Oxford; Pharmacy, 5. • Wilson Jerome Foster, Jr., Biloxi; Law, 2. Sixth Row: • Don Luis Fruge, Meridian; Law, 1; Sigma Chi. Mary Ann Fruge, Meridian; Graduate, 1. • Nancy Fay Fuller, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Dewey D. Garner, Oxford; Graduate, 2. • James Edwin Gelhaar, Mount Prospect, Ill.; Graduate, 1. Seventh Row: • Charles John Girard, Vineland, N.J.; Law, 3. • Emily Carol Gordon, Clinton.; Graduate, 1. • Ida Hervey Graham, Graduate, 1. • Arthur Lee Graves, Jackson; Graduate, 1. • Obie Lee Graves, Jackson; Graduate, 1. Eighth Row: • Willie Travick Green, Macclenny, Fla.; Law, 3. • Stephen Murdock Greenhaw, Wheeler; Pharmacy, 5; Phi Kappa Psi. • William Scott Greenwell, Jackson; Graduate, 2. • Richard Bradley Griffin, Decatur, Ga.; Graduate, 2. • Susan Thomas Griffith, Vicksburg; Graduate, 1. Ninth Row: • Clinton Julian Grubbs, Tylertown; Graduate, 1. • Vasilios T. Grymanis, Athens, Greece; Graduate, 2. • Paul Lawrence Halat, Biloxi; Law, 1. • Harold Fred Halstead, Mobile, Ala.; Graduate, 1. • Robert W. Hamill, Meridian; Law, 3. First Row: • Marie Goodwin Harden, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Edwin Chester Hardin, Moss Point; Law, 1. • Hayward W. Hargrove, Minden, La.; Graduate, 2. • Daisy Vivian Harnes, Forest; Graduate, 1. • Ben Irvin Harper, Cleveland; Graduate, 1. Second Row: Bryan Brand Harper, Jr., Meridian; Law, 1. • Sarah Bailey Hathaway, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Frank Thompson Hearne, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Law, 3. • Betty Ann Hellums, Oxford; Graduate, 1. Winifred Ruth Hellums, Oxford; Pharmacy, 5. Third Row: • Ralph W. Hemphill, Jackson; Graduate, 2. • Patricia H. Sneed, Gulfport; Graduate, 1. • David Russell Hepburn, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate, 2. • Wanda Gatlin Hicks, Graduate, 2. • Jon Hurd Hill, University; Law, 1. Fourth Row: • Walter Theodore Hitchcock, Fernandina Beach, Fla.; 1. • Ray Wilson Hodges, Jr., Ripley; Graduate, 1. • Thomas Charles Hogan, Meridian; Law, 2. • Garland Holloway, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Graduate, 2. • James Edward Hopkins, Century, Fla.; Law, 1. Fifth Row: • Oliver Houston Hopkins, Jr., Oxford; Graduate. • Hillman Hopkins, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Martin Evan Horn, Peoria, Ill.; Law, 2. • Thomas Owen Horn, Carthage; Pharmacy, 5. • David Winston Houston, III, Aberdeen; Law, 2; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • Ernest E. Howard, III, University; Law, 3. • Jason B. Hsu, University; Graduate, 1. • Ming Ching Hsu, Hsinchu, Taiwan, China; Graduate, 2. • Kenneth Ta Chin Hu, Taiwan, China; Graduate, 1. • Gloria Frances Hybl, Ft. Atkinson, Iowa; Graduate, 1. Seventh Row: • Cecil Joseph Jaquith, Jr., University; Law, 2. • Karamat Ali Javaid, University; Graduate, 2. • Connie Sue Johnson, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Hermel Johnson, Jackson; Law, 1. • Russell Clark Johnson, Brookhaven; Law, 3. Eighth Row: • Andrew Melvin Jones, Columbus; Graduate, 2. • James Lee Jones, Corinth; Graduate, 1. • Laura Croft Jordan, Graduate, 1. • Ronald Joy, University; Graduate, 1. • Carl Justice, Delnarton, W. Va.; Graduate, 1. Ninth Row: • John Newman Kamman, Gibbstown, N.J.; Graduate, 1; Sigma Pi. • Jenny Wei Leang Kao, Taipei, Taiwan, China; Graduate, I. • Julian Andre Katz, Hattiesburg; Law, 3. • Michael James Kayes, Olean, N.Y.; Graduate, 1. • James Harold Key, Batesville; Law, 1. First Row: • Martin A. Kilpatrick, Hollandale ; Law, 3. • Mose Edward Kincaid, Marks; Law, 2. • Robert Lee King, Ashland; 2. • Shui Sun Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong; Graduate, 2. • Neng Kou, Taiwan, China; Graduate, 1. Second Row: • John Stuart Lassetter, Clinton; Graduate, 1. • Brenda Rush Lee, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Charles Ling Lee; Graduate, 1. • Thomas Drayton Lee, Forest ; Law, 3. • Yan Way Lee, Pingtun Taiwan, China; Graduate, 1. Third Row: • Marshall Scottie Legan, Louisville; Graduate, 2. • Ronald J. Lemoine, Marksville, La.; Graduate, 1. • John Edmund Leone, Gulfport; Graduate, 1. • Hor ace Baxter Lester, Jr., Jackson; Law, 1; Sigma Chi. • Manuel Marcus Levin, Pa.; Law, 2. Fourth Row: • George Randolph Lewis, Gulfport; Law, 3. • Yao Wu Liao, Taipei, Taiwan; Graduate, 1. • Jer Nan Terry Lin, Taipei, Taiwan, China; Graduate, 1. • Chen Kun Liu, Taipei, China; Graduate, 1. • Jerome Lee Lohrmann, Brookhaven; Law, 3. Fifth Row: • Bonita Sue Lyons, New Albany; Graduate, 1. • James Leo McArthur, Jackson; Graduate, 1. • Judith K. McGreger, Graduate, 1. • Richard Wayne McKenzie, Hattiesburg; Law, 1. • Gary Whitmore McKinstry, Charlemont, Mass.; Graduate, 1. If they won ' t vote wet, we ' ll make our own. First Row: • Carol Work McLaurin, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • George Hite McLean, Greenwood; Law, 3. • William Ervin McLellan, Greenville; Law, 3. • Eugene McLemore, Walls; Law, 1. • George Haas McNinch, University; Graduate, 1. Second Row: • Donald R. McPherson, Oxford; Graduate, 2. • Stewart Barwick McRaney, Oxford; Graduate, 2. • T. Van Magers, Raymond; Law, 2. • N. R. Malhotra, Jullundur, India; 1. • Michael James Malouf, Jackson; Law, 1; Phi Kappa Psi. Third Row: o Francis Louis Martin, Mississippi City ; Graduate, 1. • George Gilmore Martin, Vicksburg; Law, 2. • Hari Pamandas Masand, Bombay 74 (AS) India; Graduate, 1. • Jerry Gordon Mason, West Point; Law, 2. • Don Edward Massengale, Harrison, Ark.; Graduate, 1. Fourth Row: James William Massey, Bunkie, La.; Graduate, 2. • Floyd M. Melton, Jr., Greenwood; Graduate, 1. • Jimmie Dee University; Graduate, 1. • William Richard Millard, University; Graduate, 1. • Kermit Carol Miller, New Albany; Graduate, 2. Fifth Row: • Elvin Wayne Mills, Laurel ; Pharmacy, 5. • Andrew J. Mirabole, Tampa, -F la.; Law, 3. • Donald Lewis Moak, ; Graduate, 2. • Abdul Quddus Mohammad, DST Cachar Assam I.; Graduate, 2. • Mike Ellis Monsour, Graduate, 1. Sixth Row: • Holt Montgomery, Laurel; Law, 1. • Clara Jean Moody, University; Graduate, 1. • Dwight L. Moody, Pascagoula; Graduate, 1. • Ross Elwin Moreton, Oxford; Graduate, 2. • Thomas Hanley Morris, Laurel; Pharmacy, 5. Seventh Row: • Carmen Laracuente Nahir, Ponce, Puerto Rico; Graduate, 1. • George R. Neblett, Shelby ; Law, 3. • Robert Lee Neeley, Salt Lake City, Utah ; Law, 1. • Robert Edward Nelson, Graduate, 1. 0 Winnie Sue Nelson, University; 1. Eighth Row: • Charles P. Newell, Jr., Starkville ; Law, 3. • Patricia T. Newell, University; Graduate, 2. • John Samuel Odonnell, III, Shreveport, La.; Graduate, 1. • Clifton E. Osborn, Graduate, 1. • Richard Neil Ousley, Greenwood; Graduate, 1; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ninth Row: • Chandrakant A. Oza, Bhadnagar, India ; Graduate, 1. 0 Tommy Noel Palko, Dallas, Texas; Graduate, 1. • William Judson Palmer, Pascagoula ; Law, 3; Sigma Pi. • Warren P. Palzer, Douglaston, N.Y.; Law, 3. • Richard Wayne Parker, Jackson; Law, 3. First Row: • Dhirubhai K. Patel; Graduate, 1. • Burt L. Patterson, Pharmacy, 5. • Jerry Lee Patton, Nokomis, Ill.; Law, 3. • James Alton Peden, Jr., Jackson; Law, 1. • John David Pennebaker, New Albany; Law, 3. Second Row: • William Allen Pepper, Belzoni; Law, 3. Michael Rudd Mississippi City; Pharmacy 5 ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Nazarey B. Prabhakara, Mohalla Mysore, Ind.; Graduate, 1. • Elizabeth Ann Prichard, Oxford; Graduate, 1. ° Gary Wayne Prosper, Graduate, 1. Third Row: • Mildred Golden Pryor, Senatobia; Graduate, 2. • Joyce Anne Ramay, Annandale, Va.; Va. Graduate, 1. • James Curtis Randle, Pontotoc; Graduate, 1 ; Delta Psi. • David Foster Rankin, Junction City, Ark.; Graduate, 2. • Allen Bradley Reeves, Nashville, Tenn.; Graduate, 1. Fourth Row: • William Benjamin Regan, Magnolia ; Law, 3. • Francis Remacle, Dinant, Belgium; Graduate 1; Phi Kappa Theta. • Thomas Edwin Rester, Ackerman; Pharmacy, 5. • Nancy Anita Richardson, Burlison, Tenn.; Graduate, 1. • James Crockett Rochester, Byhalia; Graduate, 1. Fifth Row: • Herbert Graham Rogers, III, New Albany; Graduate, 1. Allan Semmes Ross, Jr., Jackson; Law, 1. • Alix Henry Sanders, Greenwood ; Law, 2. • Dudley D. Sandifer, III, Crystal Springs; Pharmacy, 5. • John Gorman Schaffer, Jr., Vicksburg; Graduate, 1. Sixth Row: • Luke James Schissel, University; Law, 1. • James Edward Schoenfelder, Cresson, Pa. • Graduate, 2. • Harold Walter Schultze, Biloxi; Graduate, 1. • Frankie Beatrice Scott, Graduate, 1. • Jaskaran Singh Sekhon, Panjab, India; Graduate, 1. Seventh Row: • David Eugene Shands, Tupelo; Law, 1. • Timothy Dale Shaw, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate, 1. • Albert Jerry Sheldon, Owensboro, Ky.; Law, 1. • Billie Rae Shivers, Clinton; 2. • Paul Sisk, Amory; Law, 1. Eighth Row: • Charles Gary Sisson, Mayfield, Ky.; Pharmacy, 5. • Iona Slaughter, Forest; Law, 1. • Ben Alan Smith, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Billy Lee Smith, Crowville, La.; 1. • Jerry Robert Smith, Columbus, Ga.; Graduate, 1. Ninth Row: • Leon Jackson Smith, Jr.; University ; Graduate, I. • William P. Smith, III, Tupelo ; Graduate, 1. • Edwin Arnold Snyder, Eupora ; Law, 3. • Seth Berry Stalcup, Jr., Phil Campbell, Ala.; Graduate 1. • Carl Donald Stark, Searcy, Ark.; 2. First Row: • Charles R. Stauber, Sheboygan, Wis.; Graduate, 1. • Michael Henry Stauder, Glendale, Mo.; Law, 2. • James S. Steen, Texas; Graduate, 2. • Stephen Mark Stephens, Bountiful, Utah; Law, 2. • Darrell R. Stephenson, S. Portsmouth, Ky.; Graduate, 1. Second Row: • Harry Truman Stokes, Rolling Fork; Pharmacy, 5. • James Lewis Stone, University; Graduate, 2. • Lawrence Dello Strong, University; Graduate, 1. • Lelia Bell Tanksley, Graduate, 1. • Brenda Estelle Taylor, Cold water; Graduate, 1. Third Row: • Marion Peek Taylor, Raymond; Graduate, 2. • Robert Hart Taylor, Webb; Law, 2. • Ronald Louis Taylor, Memphis, Tenn.; Law, 1. • Albert Alexander Teel, Homer, La.; 1. • Anthony Lavon Thaxton, University; Law, 2. Fourth Row: • Timothy Louis Thomas, Maquoketa, Iowa; Graduate, 1. • Joe Lawrence Thompson, Laurel; Pharmacy, 5. • Vincie Darryl Thornton, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Quentin Thomas Till, Coral Gables, Fla.; Law, 2. • Sammy Jay Tinsley, Tenn.; Graduate, 2. Fifth Row: • Lucille Wall Travis, Blue Mountain; Graduate, 1. • Cheryl Eileen Truelove, Murrayville, Ga.; Graduate. • Kun San Tsai, Tainan, Taiwan; Graduate, 2. • Norman Earl Tullis, Oxford; Graduate, 2. • Robert Waldo Turner, Laurel; Graduate, 1. Sixth Row: • Cayce Gerald Vance, University; Pharmacy, 5. • J. B. Jr., Hattiesburg; Law, 3. • G. Venkataramu, Mysore Dist. India; Graduate, 1. 0 Prabhaker N. Vibhandik, Bombay Maharastra; Graduate, 1. Kam Leug Wai, University; 1. Seventh Row: • Charles H. Walker, Jackson; Law, 1. • Robert Major Walker, Vicksburg; Graduate, 2. • Jane Magruder Walman, McComb; Graduate, 1. • Thomas Halton Walman, McComb; Law, 2. • John McFadden Walters, Clinton; Law, 1. Eighth Row: • Rodger Downing Wasson, Oxford; Law, 3. • Bruce Paul Watson, Mississippi City; Graduate, 1. • Edna Sue Watson, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Gene Walter Weber, University; Graduate, 2. • Paul Burl Welch, Laurel; Pharmacy, 5. Ninth Row: • Steve Carroll Wells, Wesson; Graduate, 1. • William Walter White, University; Graduate, 1. • Jack Brown Wilkins, Graduate, 1. • Janie Sue Willard, New Albany; • George Oga Williams, Carthage; Graduate, 2. First Row: • Merrill Moore Willis, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Mary Lamar Wilson, Oxford; Graduate, 1. • Robert Danley Wilson, Graduate, 2. o Nancy Fenstermacher Woody, Graduate, 1. • Cherng Yao, Ping Tung Taiwan; Graduate, 1. Second Row: • Joseph W. Yates, III, Shelby; Graduate, 1. • Eddie Tin-Tai Yau, First Fl Hong Kong; Graduate, 1. • Albert Duke Yee, Leland; Pharmacy, 5. • Donnie Frank Young, Amory; 2. • John Richard Young, Corinth; Law, 3. Third Row: • Robert J. Youngblood, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate, 1. And then we take over the world. First Row: • Roxie Pittman Abel, Duck Hill; Education. • Gladys Karemi Abraham, Leland ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Holmes S. Adams, Greenville ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • Peyton Adams, Natchez; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. • Robert Charles Aldinger, York, Pa.; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: • Kenneth Edward Aldridge, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Lee Aldridge, Pope ; Business ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Barbara J. Alexander, El Dorado, Ark.; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Fred Vincent Alias, Clarksdale ; Business ; Kappa Sigma. • Donna Faye Allen, Kosciusko; Business. Third Row: • Ghill Fosta Allen, Cleveland ; Business. • Glynda Ruth Madison ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Frank Joseph Alvarez, III, Greenville ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • Barbara Knight Anderson, Oxford ; Education. • Demaris Leigh Anderson, Montrose, Ala. ; Business. Fourth Row: • Marlin Curtis Anderson, Oxford; Education. • Martha Marie Anderson, Lumberton ; Education ; Phi Mu. • Thomas H. Anderson, Jr., Gulfport ; Liberal Arts. • Wayne Bryant Liberty; Engineering. • Paul Harry Aron, Monroe, La. ; Business. Fifth Row: • Peggy Sue Arrington, Water Valley ; Education. • Patricia Maureen Ashworth, New Albany; Education. • William Atkinson, Pickens ; Liberal Arts. • Frank S. Austin, Memphis, Tenn. ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Eric K. Ayer, Chrisney, Ind.; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Juanita S. Babb, Oxford ; Business. • Joseph Lewis Baier, University ; Business. • Gloria Fran Bailey, Grenada ; • Judy Carolyn Bailey, Dundee ; Business. • Margaret Louise Bailey, Calhoun City ; Education. Seventh Row: • Margie Sayle Bailey, Oakland ; Education. • Verna Ann Bailey, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Kay Baker, Pontotoc ; Education. • Helen Ann Ball, Jackson ; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Margaret Eliz Barbee, Memphis, Tenn. ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: • Bennie Lee Barefield, Madison ; Liberal Arts. • Darroth Leonard Barham, Louisville ; Pharmacy. • Nelson L. Jr., Arlington, Va.; Liberal Arts. • Terrell Wayne Barlow, Biloxi; Business ; Delta Psi. • Nancy Foose Barrett, Tchula ; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Peter Hickman Barrett, Gulfport ; Business ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Fred Long Beard, Jr., Columbus ; Business ; Sigma Chi. • Harry Bartton Beatty, Jr., Falls Church, Va. ; Business. • Phyllis Janice Beckwith, Carrollton ; Education ; Alpha Pi. • Raymond Edward Belk, Batesville ; Business. First Row: • James Kenneth Bell, New Albany; Education. • Kay Ruth Bellande, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Susan E. Bowling Green, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Emmett Alliston Berry, Forest; Pharmacy. • Richard W. Berry, Richmond, Va.; Education. Second Row: • Sheela Bhagat, University; Business. • Beverly Jean Biddy, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Barbara Ann Billings, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Betty C. Birdwell, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • James D. Blackburn, Decatur; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • William Anthony Bland, Maben; Liberal Arts. • Clifton Tayleure Blankley, Birmingham, Ala.; Business; Sigma Alpha • Harry R. Board, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • Sharon Lynn Boone, Jackson; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John W. Bounds, Oxford; Education. Fourth Row: • Edna A. Bourgeois, Waveland; Education. • Katherine Ann Bourland, Amory; Business. • Joe Ray Bourn, Jackson; Pharmacy. • Byron Buxton Bower, Florence, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • David A. Box, Houlka; Engineering. Fifth Row: • Brenda Ann Boyce, Brandon; Education; Delta Gamma. • William Brinley Boyles, Batesville; Education. • Stephen Cale Bradford, Hayti, Mo.; Business. • Paul Michael Brady, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Business; Delta Tau Delta. • Anna C. Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • Louis E. Braun, University; Business. • Charles A. Breath, III, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Gary Breedlove, Asheboro, N.C.; Liberal Arts. • Aubry Bright, Courtland ; Business. • Mendurn Dees Briscoe, Business; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • Charles L. Brooks, Jackson; Business. • William E. Broom, Vienna, Ill.; Education. • Kenneth B. Brown, Perkinston; • Marion Lowell Brown, Crenshaw; Pharmacy. • Suzan Brown, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: • Rex H. Brunt, Louisville; Business; Delta Tau Delta. • John Robeson Bryan, San Francisco, Calif.; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Tucker Buchanan, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Wanda Faye Bullard, Counce, Tenn.; Education. • Frances Sandra Burdison, Tunica; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • George Allan Burdock, Des Moines, Iowa; Liberal Arts. • Francis G. Burnett, Meridian ; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Bonnie B. Burns, Caruthersville, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Donald R. Burrell, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • George G. Byers, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. First Row: • William Dean Byrd, University; Business. • Rita Proby Jackson ; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Katherine Sterling Cain, Canton; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • D. Caldwell, Daleville; Liberal Arts. • Grover R. Caloway, McGehee, Ark.; Business. Second Row: • Barbara Ann Camp, Mantachie; Liberal Arts. • Charles Russell Campbell, Pensacola, Fla.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • James McDonald Campbell, Stuttgart, Ark.; Business. • V. Carolyn Campbell, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Johnnie Fae Canup, Tremont; Business. Third Row: • Nancy Ruth Canup, Mantachie; Business. • John Edward Carey, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Michael R. Carithers, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Betty Carlisle, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Edwin B. Carpenter, Jr., Cleveland; Business; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • Beverly Lou Carr, Oxford; Education. • James E. Carr, Greenville; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Nancy Jeanne Carruth, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Robert Carruth, McComb; Engineering. • Robbie Crain Carter, Myrtle; Business. Fifth Row: • Carol Ann Carver, Senatobia; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Michael Chaffin, Oxford; Business ; Kappa Alpha. • Carolyn Webber Chandler, Crystal Springs; Education; Delta. • Alfred Wightman Chase, Balboa Heights Canal; Liberal Arts. • Thomas W. Cheairs, III, Grenada; Business. Sixth Row: • James B. Cheatham, Coral Gables, Fla.; Business. • Robert W. Chesnut, Gadsden, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Bobby W. Houston; Engineering. • James Lawrence Childs, Jr., Batesville; Business. • Patricia D. Chinn, Marks; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Sammy Ming Chow, Clarksdale ; Pharmacy. • Deane West Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Shu Hong Chu, Naha, Okinawa; Engineering. • Jane Kay Clark, Corinth; Business. • Susan Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Eighth Row: • William F. Clement, Jr., Jackson; Education ; Phi Delta Theta. • James Edgar Clemmer, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • David Louis Cobb, Stuttgart, Ark. ; Business. • Robert Earl Coker, Water Valley; Business. • Karen T. Taggart Cole, Batesville; Business. Ninth Row: • Marsha K. Cole, Candor, N.C.; Liberal Arts. • James Patrick Coll, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Homer D. Collins, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Lillye Jane Collins, Fla.; • Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Joan Estella Colvin, Greenwccd; Education; Kappa Delta. First Row: • Gail Hanley Condon, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • Larry Joe Copeland, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Charles B. Coward, Canton; Business; Sigma Chi. • Bobby Joe Cox, Valley; Education. • Bonnie Bright Cox, Water Valley; Education. Second Row: • Donald Robert Cox, Tupelo; Business; Sigma Nu. o Roger D. Cox, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • Ann Elizabeth Craft, Business. • Janelle Cranford, Columbia, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Robert Crelot, North Tonawanda, N.Y.; Business. Third Row: • Anne Murdock Crisler, Flora; Education; Phi Mu. • Michael Avery Crouch, Pocahontas, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Virginia Irlyn Cruthirds, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Lehman J. Cuevas, Business. • Letitia Rotenberry Cupit, Mendenhall; Arts. Fourth Row: • James Tyson Currie, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Dale Galbraith Dalton, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Cheri Brewer Darden, Oxford; Education. • Frances Louise Darden, Education. • Robert Wilbanks Darden, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • David Stephen Darnell, Tchula; Business; Sigma Chi. 0 Leigh Lorraine Davidson, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Elsie J. Davis, Water Valley; Education. • Philip Lee Davis, Jr., Nashville, Tenn.; Business. • William H. Davis, Corinth; Business; Sigma Chi. Why fight? We already have it. First Row: • William Sidney Davis, University ; Pharmacy. Winfred J. Davis, Jr., Oxford; Business. • William Howard Dawson, ; Education; Kappa Sigma. • Francis A. Debay, Columbia; Business; Sigma Chi. • Suzanne B. Dedeaux, Waco, Texas; Education. Second Row: o Strawford H. Dees, III, Corinth ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. o George Timothy Denley, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts. • Lee Denley, Charleston; Business. • James Hamilton Denley, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts. • James H. Deterly, Natchez; Business. Third Row: o Mary May Dexter, Selmer, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Ronald Dickey, Texas City, Texas; Liberal Arts. O John Alfred Donald, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Jerry Lynn Dover, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Pi. Thomas A. Drake, Jr., Iuka; Engineering. Fourth Row: • Marilyn Louise Dubose, Gulfport ; Business. • Howard L. Duck, Jr., Humboldt, Tenn.; Education. • Ann E. Duffee, Grenada; Business. • James 0. Dukes, Quitman; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Roy Eugene Duncan, Pontotoc; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • Christopher A. Dunn, Montclair, N.J.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • Edgar M. Dunn, Jr., New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Mary Annette Durant, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Mary Louise Durrett, Sardis; • Theresa Anne Eavenson, Marks; Business; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • Elizabeth Ann Eichold, Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • Sarabeth W. Ellis, Lexington; Education ; Chi Omega. • Donald C. Elmore, University; Eng ineering. • Robert R. Embrey, III, Hernando; Engineering. • Janice Phillips Embry, Eupora; Education. Seventh Row: • Marion Joseph Emmons, Corinth ; Liberal Arts. • Lois Ward Estes, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Sue Eubanks, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Allie Naida Everett, Newton; Education. • Marilyn M. Ewing, Aberdeen; Education. Eighth Row: • Karen D. Fancher, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • Elizabeth Ann Farrar, Macon ; Education. • Nelson Stewart Fenimore, Clearwater Beach, Fla.; Business. • Hilda Marie Ferguson, Randolph ; Education. • James Marlton Ferguson, Coldwater ; Education. Ninth Row: • David Dudley Field, University ; Liberal Arts. • James Fisackerly, Jr., Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Dorothy Anne Fisher, Greenville, S.C.; Liberal Arts. • Ann Floyd, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • Henry Edward Fly, McComb, Business. First Row: • Roane Devereux Forman, Natchez; Education; Kappa Delta. • Telena Kaye Foster, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Dona Watson Foulk, Key West, Fla.; • Fleeta E. Fox, Pattison; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Jeanette Laughton France, Robinsonville; Education. Second Row: • Shirley Ann Fratesi, Leland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Brenda Margaret Frazier, Jackson ; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Gerald Bennett Frazier, University; Engineering. • Robert Henry Fuller, Laurel ; Business; Sigma Alpha • L. Galloway, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • James B. Galloway, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Charlotte Anita Gardner, Tupelo; Education. • Edith A. Gatewood, Mt. Sterling, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Nancy L. Gatlin, Myrtle; Liberal Arts. • Joe Thomas Gay, Falkner; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Barbara May Gentry, Booneville; Education. • Linda K. Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • Randel Clyde Melber, Ky.; Pharmacy. • Newton Gregg Gill, Clinton; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Gail Gillespie, Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • Linda Louise Glenn, Omaha, Nebr.; Education. • Donald Freeman Gober, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Linda Jeanne Laural; Liberal Arts. • Alan Barry Goldstein, Providence, R.I.; Liberal Arts. • Robert Tiffany Gordon, Jr., Florence; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • William R. Gottshall, Jr., Hobbs, N.M.; Business; Sigma Nu. • Geri Clark Graeber, Marks; Business; Chi Omega. • Laurie Louise Graham, Bolton; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • John A. Grant, Jr., Poplarville; Liberal Arts. • David Gray, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: • Robert David Gray, Perry, Fla.; Engineering. • Frederick Harrison Green, University ; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Thomas Arnold Greene, Paden; Business. • Edward Joseph Griffin, Chicago, Ill.; Business. • Susan Olivia Griffin, Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • F. Anita Grimes, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Dale Owen Gunkel, University ; Pharmacy. • Lester Guy, Jackson, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • James W. Haddock, Philadelphia; Business; Sigma Nu. • Terry Michael Haimes, Sturgis; Business. Ninth Row: • William Cortez Haley, Como; Business. • William Morris Halfacre, Webb ; Education. • Donald Street Hall, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Linda Sue Hall, Education. • Marcia Anne Flamm, 5875 Poplar Pike; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. First Row: • Harold P. Hammett, Jr., Lexington; Business. • Elinor Lynn Haney, Greenville; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Martha Clyde Haney, Oxford; Education; Chi Omega. • James Larry Hannon, Raymond; Liberal Arts. • Theron Dewey Harden, Jr., Oxford; Education. Second Row: • George Edward Hargraves, Helena, Ark.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Deborah Lea Harkey, Poplarville; Education. • Judith K. Harper, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Carolyn Ann Harris, Amory ; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Craig Millar Harris, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Third Row: • Michael G. Harrison, Heidelberg; Engineering. Nancy Lynn Harrison, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • James Douglas Hart, Picayune; Liberal Arts. • Martha E. Hartin, University; Liberal Arts. • Mary Jane Harvey, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: • Randy Lee Harvey, Forest; Business. • William F. Hayes, Whitefish Bay, Wisc.; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert M. Hearin, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Hap Jr., Jackson; Business. • William Lee Helms, University; Engineering. Fifth Row: • Merrilyn Edith Henry, Corpus Christie, Texas; Education. • David Alan Herkner, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Business. • B. Herring, Meadville; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Robert A. Herring, III, University; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. 0 Charles R. Herron, III, Meridian; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Willa 0. Herron, Batesville; Education. • William T. Hewitt, Summit ; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • Terry Allen Hicks, University ; Business. • Harold Ex Hill, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • Varner Reid Hines, Yazoo City ; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: • Douglas John Hodges, Boca Raton, Fla.; Business. • Nancy Eva Hogarth, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • K. Holden, University; Liberal Arts. • George R. Holly Springs; Liberal Arts. • Christopher Allen Holley, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Virginia Sue Holley, Pontotoc; Education. • David Earl Hood, Meridian; Pharmacy. • Kennon Dale Hood, Amory; Education; Sigma Chi. • Ben McCallie Hooke, Utica; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Keith Henry Hopkins, Jack son; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Oliver A. Hord, Jr., Hattiesburg ; Business. • Cynthia June Horn, Lucedale ; Liberal Arts. • Patricia A. Horne, Jackson; Education ; Phi Mu. • Jerry Smith Horton, Batesville; • Patricia Jan Horton, Batesville; Education. First Row: • Thomas Ford Houston, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • Howell, Aberdeen; Education. • Kan Hsiung Huang, Tow Fun, Taiwan; Engineering. • Frank W. Hudson, Magee; Business. • Kenneth Wesley Hudson, Myrtle; Education. Second Row: • Cleveland P. Huggins, III, Pascagoula; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Byron William Hughes, Merigold; Liberal Arts. • Nichols Maurice Humber, Tupelo; Education. • Kim Hunsaker, Canal Zone ; Liberal Arts. • Robert A. Hunt, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Third Row: • Lee A. Hyde, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha • Sandra Kaye Idom, Jackson; Education; Alpha Pi. • Catherine Davis Ingram, Memphis, Tenn., Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Douglas Wayne Ingram, Jackson; Education. • Newell Edward Inman, Marks; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • George Henry Jabour, Vicksburg; Business. • Richard D. Jacobs, III, University; Liberal Arts. • Edward T. James, Jr., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Eugene R. Jennings, Fla.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Lewis Marshall Jennings, Henning, Tenn.; Education. Fifth Row: • Linda K. Jetton, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Cheryl Dawn Johnson, Valley Park ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Lon Chamberlain Johnson, Canton; Pharmacy. • Michael Eugene Johnson, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William P. Johnson, Meridian; Sixth Row: • Daudet Brent Johnston, Covington, Tenn.; Education ; Chi Omega. • Willis H. Jolly, Jr., Columbus; Liberal Arts. • Carol Gay Jones, Jackson; Business; Delta Gamma. • Colbert W. Jones, Macon; Liberal Arts. • Elizabeth Ann Jones, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Joyce O ' Neil Jones, Jackson ; Business. • Lauranne Jones, Kennett, Mo.; Education; Delta Gamma. • Linda Kaye Jones, Mobile, Ala.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Thad M. Jones, Jr., Vicksburg; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Frank J. Justice, Vicksburg; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. Eighth Row: • Charles N. Kalcounos, Silver Spring, Md.; Liberal Arts. • Priscilla Jean Keck, Benton; Liberal Arts. • Jerry Pepper Keenan, Jackson; Business. • Mary D. Kelley, Covington, Tenn. • Education. • James Winling Kelly, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Clyde Douglas Kelso, Ill, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Herman 0. Kemp, Oxford ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robena Louise Kendrick, Water Valley; Business; Delta Gamma. • Martin Edward Kennedy, Silver City; Engineering. • Glenn Larry Kerr, Jackson; Tatum cracks down on alumni drinking. First Row: • Katherine Allison Kerr, Gulfport ; Education; Chi Omega. • Michael D. Kershaw, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Jimmy E. Keyes, Laurel; Education; Kappa Sigma. • Kay Michelle Khayat, Moss Point ; Education; Kappa Delta. • Jean Robertson Kilpatrick, Memphis, Tenn.; Second Row: • Donnie Wade King, Poplarville; Liberal Arts. • Laura Judith Kirkpatrick, Amory ; Education. • Donald Gilbert Kitchens, Corinth ; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William Floyd Abbeville; Liberal Arts. • Delphine Noble Kneedler, Natchez; Education. Third Row: • James Thomas Knight, University; Business. • Sandra Knight, Greenwood; Business; Delta Gamma. • Mary Katherine Krebs, Ocean Springs ; Liberal Arts. • Carl Edwin Kuester, Park Forest, Ill.; Education; Sigma Pi. • Wayne Frederick Kurtz, Etters, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • Patricia E. Laberge, Laurel; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Van Lemuel Lackey, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Jack Brooks Lacy, Jr., University ; Liberal Arts. • Lois B. Lafollette, Jackson; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Mark Lamberth, Corinth; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • Shelia Dale Landreth, Meridian ; Liberal Arts. • Alicia Landrum, Jackson; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Ruth Diane Lane, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Allen Dean Lantz, University; Engineering. • Margaret Ellen Lape, Owensboro, Ky.; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. First Row: • Daniel J. Lasky, Tonawanda, N.Y. • Business. • Linda C. Lassetter, Hazlehurst; Business; Phi Mu. • John F. Laurenzi, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • William L. Lavallee, Columbia, Ala.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Richard J. Lavalley, Millburn, N.J.; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • Michael Scott Lawyer, Jackson; Business; Sigma Nu. • Charles Lea, Amarillo, Texas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Barbara Lane Ledbetter, Jackson; Education; Kappa Gamma. • Evelyn Patricia Lee, Corinth; • Mary Virginia Lee, Jackson; Education. Third Row: • Robert S. Lee, Myrtle; Education. • Sandra Elizabeth Lee, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Barbara Elaine Leggett, Oxford; Engineering. • Carol Kay Lemons, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Mary Mack Leonard, Kosciusko ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • Robert F. Lester, University; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Alice Deann Lewis, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John Russell Lewis, Amory; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John Perry Lilly, Grenada ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • George Alden Limbocker, Jr., St. Fla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa. Fifth Row: • Henry Douglass Lindsay, III, Newport News, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi. • Henderson C. Lindsey, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • James Lee Lindsey, Jr., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Claude Polk Locke, Byhalia; Liberal Arts. • Mary Kate Lockhart, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: Joe Keldon Loden, Dorsey; Education. • Angela Lord, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Paul C. C. Lou, ; Pharmacy. • Marcus Love, III, Jackson; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Clyde Bahnson Lovelace, Jr., Clearwater Beach, Fla.; Business. Seventh Row: • Cornelius F. Lovelady, University; Education. • Beverly Willese Lowrey, Booneville; Business. • Robert Sanders Lowery, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Karen Luebke, Aberdeen; Education. • David M. Lurie, University; Business. Eighth Row: • Richard David McAlister, Tupelo ; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Michael Jordan McAlpin, Booneville; Business. • Sara John McBroom, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • John Robert McCarty, Magee; Business; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Mary Virginia McCarty, Tupelo; Education. • Rosalyn McCarver, Ecru; Business. • Mary Margaret McClure, Corinth; Education. • William Floyd McCormack, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Roger Dodson McDaniel, Forest; Education. First Row: • James Eckford McFarlane, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Floyd McGehee, Batesville; Business. • William Clay McGehee, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Nancy Holland McHaney, Henderson, Tenn.: Liberal Arts. • Rolf Wesley McHenry, Oxford; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • Nathan Whitehead McKie, Pickens; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Edward C. McKinney, Jr., Pfafftown, N.C.; • Everett Astor McKnight, Jr., Birmingham, Ala.; • Janet Elise McLaurin, Greenwood; Education; Phi Mu. • Robert L. McLean, Jr., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Education. Third Row: • Rayburn Wayne McLeod, Lucedale; Education. • Taylor Jeff McLeod, Sardis; Business. • Michael Lee McMahan, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • Kai J. McMillan, Oxford; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Richard Macy, Laurel; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • Dwight Uriel Maddox, Laurel; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • David James Manifold, University; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Mary Blanche Mann, Brownsville, Tenn.; Chi Omega. • Roy Davis Manning, Jr., Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Ethie Willette Mansell, Camden; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • Frank P. Marascalco, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • Jerry Marlar, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Maurice Bryan Martin, University; Education. • Johnanne Martiniere, Biloxi; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Kenneth J. Mascari, Miami, Fla.; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Melissa Massengill, Brookhaven; Business; Chi Omega. • Kathryn Ann Mathis, Wheeler; Education. • Janice A. Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Celia Banks Maxey, Brandon; Education; Delta Gamma. • Carolyn C. Maxwell, Drew; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • John Edward May, III, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa • E. Samuel Melsheimer, Vicksburg; Business. • Robert E. Metzger, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • Samuel Baker Miller, Jacksonville, Fla.; Engineering. • Martha Anne Milstead, ; Business. Eighth Row: • Pidatala Krishna Mohan, Bombay, India; Engineering. • Frank Reily Molpus, Louisville, Ky.; Business; Kappa • Larry K. Montgomery, Pontotoc; Engineering. • Jo Moore, Belmont; Business. • Carol Ann Moore, Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Carol Sue Moore, Ormand Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • Campbell Moore, Booneville; Education. • James Grafton Moore, Jr., West Memphis, Ark.; Education; Phi Delta Theta. • John B. Moore, Jr., Belmont; Education. • Marinell Moore, Jackson; Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. First Row: • Nancy Ophelia Moore, McComb; Education; Chi Omega. • Russell Lee Moore, Jr., Dyersburg, Tenn.; Business. • G. Morrison, Dunwoody, Ga.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Sherry E. Mosley, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Mary Katherine Moss, Grenada; Pharmacy. Second Row: • Sue Ann Mott, Water Valley; Business. • Kenneth M. Tunica; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Allen Lee Murphy, Eupora; Pharmacy. • Mary C. Murphy, Shreveport, La.; Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Charles V. Nealy, Jr., Nicholson; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • Irwin H. Nelson, Pass Christian, Miss.; Engineering. • Frank Nemec, Chardon, Ohio; Liberal Arts. • Ronald Bruce Newell, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Thomas T. Nichols, Dexter, Mo.; Business. • Judith Elaine Nickel, Clearwater, Fla.; Business. Fourth Row: • Richard G. Noble, Fayette ; Business; Kappa Alpha. • David Randolph Norman, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • Roger A. Norman, Jr., New Albany; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert Lee Norris, Tampa, Fla.; Education; Phi Kappa Theta. • George W. Null, Meridian; Business. Fifth Row: • Carole Virginia Oates, Corinth ; Liberal Arts. • James Oliphant, Water Valley; Education. • Gregory Duncan Lake Worth, Fla.; Business. • Sadie Lindsay Oliver, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. I wonder if they charge for napkins? First Row: • Ellen O ' Neal, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • Suzanne Orander, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Charles Lewis Overby, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • John W. Owen, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Virginia Ann Palmer, Holly Grove, Ark.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • Josephine S. Pang, Marks; Education. • Louis Wiley Clarksdale; Business. • Paul M. Parish, Port Gibson; Arts. • Cynthia Kaye Parker, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • Jane Elizabeth Parker, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • Martin G. Paschall, Puryear, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • John Pash, Youngstown, Ohio; Liberal Arts. • Wardlaw Paslay, Alameda, Calif.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Patricia Ann Paul, York, Pa.; Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi. • John H. Paulsen, Chicago, Ill.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. Fourth Row: • William Luther Peacock, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Business. Lonnie Wilson Pearson, Jackson; Engineering. • Mary Grace Peck, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Mary Frances Perkins, Business. • Carolyn Brandt Perry, Oxford; Education. Fifth Row: • Charles D. Perry, Oxford ; Education. • Sylvia J. Phifer, Iuka; Education. • Frances A. Phillips, Prairie Point; Liberal Arts. • Jimmy Lee Pierce, Marks; Business. • Marcia G. Pierce, Moss Point; Business. Sixth Row: o Armstrong Hart Pillow, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. o Paul G. Pincura, Loraine, Ohio; Business. • Michael Pitner, Myrtle; Education. • Florian Herbert Ploch, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • William Hall Guthrie, Ky.; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Jeannie Ruth Pollan, Crenshaw; Education. • William R. Pool, Meridian; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Kelly Wayne Porter, Myrtle ; Education. • Frederick Anthony Pou, New La.; Liberal Arts. • Saundra Ellen Pounds, Booneville; Business; Alpha Delta Pi. Eighth Row: • Amanda B. Povall, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Harris F. Powers, Jr., Greenwood ; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Ray Powers, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Alpha. • Ann Stennett Prather, Booneville; Education. • Judson Durden Price, Jr., Oxford ; Business. Ninth Row: • Roane Burhl Privett, Sherman ; Education. • Merry Purvis, Oxford ; Business. • Thomas George Quaka, Jackson ; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Wayne Brown Rammell, Va.; Engineering. • Pauline Ramsey, Water Valley ; First Row: • William Allan Ramsey, Jr., Lexington ; Business. • Richard Vance Randall, Meridian; Business. • John Calvin Ray, Water Valley; Business. • David Carroll Ready, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • Seth David Reagan, Tylertown; Business. Second Row: o Susan Ann Reed, Jackson; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Gilbert L. Rhoades, Jr., Corinth; Engineering. • John Albert Rice, Columbus; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Tally D. Jr., Quitman; Business; Sigma Nu. • Jane Allen Riggs, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: • Sarah Sue Ritchey, Clarksdale ; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Helen Camille Robbins, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Susan McBroom Roberson, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • Ronnie A. Robinson, Laurel ; Business. • Anderson Barkley Rogers, New Albany ; Education. Fourth Row: o Herman A. Rogers, Somerville, Tenn.; Engineering. • Nancy Lee Rogers, Michigan City; Education. • Charles Wendell Rooks, Halls, Tenn.; Engineering. • William A. Roper, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Barbara Susan Ross, Meridian; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Dennis Alan Roussel, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • Edward L. Ruffin, Jr., Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts. • Don Lowery Rushing, University; Liberal Arts. • Roderick S. Russ, III; Jackson; Business. • Effie Jane Russell, Pontotoc; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: • Robert E. Russell, Carthage; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. o Ronald L. Samuels, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Nu. © Elba Jane Hogue Sanders, Scott ; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Edgar Sanders, Kosciusko; Pharmacy. • Mary Fred Schloemer, Natchez; Business. Seventh Row: o Joseph J. Schmelzer, III, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa • Bonnie J. Schoenknecht, Joliet, Ill.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Charlotte R. Schultze, Ripley, Tenn.; • John P. Scruggs, Greenwood; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Elizabeth Barrow Senter, Memphis, Tenn.; ; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • Jaime R. Sequeira, University ; Business. • Charlie Serio, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts. • Robert B. Seymour, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Susan Mann Sharpe, Brownsville, Tenn.; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Katherine L. Shaw, Homer, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: O Michael Melvin Shaw, Ashland, Ky.; Business. • Betty Ann Sheffield, Calhoun City ; Education. • Bonnie Jean Shelton, Tchula ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Susan Meridian; Education. • Ann Ellen Shook, Charleston; Education; Delta Gamma. First Row: o John H. Shows, Ovett; Liberal Arts. • Wayne King Greenwood; Business. • Leslie Howard Siltman, Business. • W. Albert Simmons, Jackson; Business; Sigma Nu. • Richard James Simoneaux, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Patricia Lynne Simonetti, Marion, Ark.; Education; Phi Mu. © Jan Woods Singleton, Collins ; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William H. Sipes, Jr., Jackson, Tenn.; Business ; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Stewart Slack, III, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Barbara Lee Sloas, New Madrid, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Third Row: • Amy Jo Smith, McLain; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Rodney Smith, University ; Liberal Arts. • Frances Holmes Smith, Batesville; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • James Clarke Smith, Oxford; Business. • Linda Ann Smith, West Memphis, Ark.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: • Margaret E. Smith, Meadville ; Liberal Arts. • Mary Bonita Smith, McComb; Education. • Peggy Joyce Smith, Maben; Liberal Arts. • Winnifred Smith, Meadville; Liberal Arts. • Charles Thomas Smyth, Louisville; Business; Pi Kappa Fifth Row: o Nancy Collier Smythe, Greenville; Education ; Kappa Delta. • Brenda C. Snare, Greenwood; Education; Phi Mu. • Michael John Sokas, Chicago, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • Katie Dee Speakes, Benoit ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Arlin Spence, Abbeville; Business. Sixth Row: • Clara Eola Spencer, Fulton; Business. • David E. Belle Vista, Fla.; Education. • Richard Lee Spinner, Liberal Arts. • Eva Nell Spinosa, Tutwiler; • Edwin Dean Stacy, Booneville; Business. Seventh Row: • Shellye Edris Stanley, Shubuta ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • G. Starmann, Evergreen Park, Ill.; Business. • Charles W. Steadman, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Howard William Jr., Inman, S.C.; Education. • Martin B. Steinriede, III, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Garry Lee Stepp, Thaxton; Education. • Fonda Lee Stewart, Oxford; Education. • Mariette E. Stewart, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Sarah Elizabeth Stobaugh, Tupelo; Education. • Martha Tate Stokely, Drew; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Ninth Row: • Theresa Nell Stovall, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Michael Alan Strojny, Hyattsville, Md.; Business; Del ta Psi. • Martha Tip Stuart, Morton; Education; Delta Gamma. • William S. Vicksburg; Education ; Alpha Tau Omega.. • Patricia Annette Sumners, Iuka; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Jorja Lee Swaney, Holly Springs; Education. • Noel Eugene Tabor, University; Business. • Peggy Ann Talbot, Dublin; Education; Chi Omega. • Carolyn Ann Aston Talley, Pontotoc ; Education. • Huey Glenn Talley, Pontotoc; Education. Second Row: • Elizabeth Jones Tamke, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. • John Hargrove Tatum, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • George Robert Taylor, Ocean Springs ; Pharmacy. • Lynn Alsup Taylor, Clarksdale ; Education; Chi Omega. • Martha Francis Taylor, Courtland; Education. Third Row: • Patricia Mixon Temple, Drew; Liberal Arts. • Marilyn Sue Terrell, Prentiss; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. • Dixie Lynn Thomas, Brandon; Education; Phi Mu. • Margaret Ann Thomas, Jackson; Business. • Sallie S. Thomas, Senatobia ; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Catherine D. Thompson, Aberdeen; Education; Phi Mu. • Norma Caruthers Thompson, Memphis, Tenn. • Education; Chi Omega. • William Gardner Todd, III, Coldwater; • David Delano Tootle, Gulfport ; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William Lester Towles, Batesville ; Business. Fifth Row: • Joe Byron Townsend, Jr., Thibodaux, La. ; Business. • Ewing Berkley Traughber, Elkton, Ky.; Engineering. • Vivian Ann Tripp, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Ann Trout, Roanoke, Va.; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Julia Stone Truman, Horn Lake ; Business ; Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: • Edmund A. Tubbs, Dania, Fla.; Business. • Alfred Thomas Tucker, Tunica; Liberal Arts ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jesse B. Tutor, Jr., Meridian; Business; Sigma Chi. • Jerry G. Tyer, New Albany; Business. • Donna Daunn Underwood, Ga.; Education. Seventh Row: Carol Sanders Vail, Booneville ; Education; Chi Omega. Clifton Carnell Valentine, Lamar; Engineering. • Lewis N. Vance, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Ralph B. Vance, Jackson; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Chi. • John C. Jackson; Business ; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Eddie Bolton Vandiver, Tupelo ; Business ; Sigma Nu. • Stephen Wiley Vaught, Coahoma ; Business ; Phi Delta Theta. • Valorie Vest, Greenville ; Education; Delta Gamma. • Everett Gunther Vickery, Como ; Business. • Michael Cooper Jackson; Pharmacy. Ninth Row: • Homer Voyadjakis, Athens 114, Greece ; Engineering. • V. Ann Wade, Newton; Education. • Lan Fong Wai, University; Liberal Arts. • Russell G. ' Waldrop, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Anton George Walker ; Gretna, La.; Liberal Arts. Here ' s the picture of that stud I was telling you about. First Row: • Irvin C. Walker, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Fred C. Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Michael D. Ward, Jackson; Business. • Billie Joyce Ware, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Mary Jo Warren, Natchez ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • Gregory Walter Warrick, Oceanport, N.J.; Business. • James Edwin Watkins, Jackson ; Business; Sigma Chi. • Ernest III, Moss Point; Business. • Pamela Case Watson, Ind.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Diane Weaver, Utica ; Education. Third Row: o James W. Webb, Oxford; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. o John R. Webb, Meridian; Business; Sigma Nu. • Marilie Weber, University ; Education. • Peggy Jean Weed, Winona ; Education. • David G. Weir, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • Trammell Pillow Wells, Oxford; Business; Sigma Alpha • Edward Holland West, Oxford; Engineering. • Judith Lynne West, Waynesboro; Pharmacy ; Chi Omega. • Michael Shannon West, Pensacola, Fla.; Business; Delta Psi. • Leslie M. Westbrook, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • Barbara Walther Wheeler, Houston, Texas; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Coy Tyson Whitaker, Jr., Saltillo; Engineering. • Robert L. Whitaker, University ; Liberal Arts. • Allen Boyd White. Marks; Business. • Gary C. Whitener, Fredericktown, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. What do I do with 28 points? First Row: Larry J. Whitener, Fredericktown, Mo.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Clarence H. Whiteside, Durant ; Engineering. • Bettye B. Whitten, Nesbit; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Randell Lester Wilkes, Bossier City, La.; Liberal Arts. • Barbara Eliz Williams, Picayune; Pharmacy. Second Row: • Helen Powell Williams, Benoit ; Education; Kappa Delta. • Jon Smith Williams, Batesville; Business; Kappa Sigma. • L. Wemyss Williams, Greenville; Education. • Margaret Diane Williams, Pascagoula ; Business; Kappa Delta. • Sandra Brandon ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: G Evelyn R. Williford, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Franklin Delano Willis, Tillatoba ; Business. • James R. Jr., Bruce ; Liberal Arts. • Kenneth C. Willis, Bruce ; • Fred Gillaspy Wilson, Greenwood ; Business. Fourth Row: o James Richard Wilson, University ; Engineering. • Nikki Gene Womack, Corpus Christi, Texas; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Lee Wood, Cleveland ; Education. • Barbara Joan Woodbury, Pensacola, Fla.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Emily Rowley Woodside, Greenwood; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Roy Houston Woody, III, Vicksburg; Business. • Kathryn E. Yandell, Canton; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Robert J. Young, Meridian ; Business. • Emile A. Zoghby, Mobile, Ala.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Thomas W. Zver, Melrose Park, Ill.; Education. First Row: • Gerald Moses Abdalla, McComb; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert M. Abraham, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Cathleen Susann Adams, Meridian; Education ; Chi Omega. • Hunter Kellis Adams, ; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Tau. • Patricia Louis Albano, Crystal City, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Dennis Carl Aldridge, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Terrel Lee Algood, Louisville ; Pharmacy. Charles Wesley Allen, Jr., Yazoo City; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Gilda Jean Allen, Corinth; Education. • Nora Anne Allen, Belmont ; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Robert Julian Allen, III, Indianola; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Stella Louise Allen, Houston, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • Sylvia Ann Allen, Magee; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau • Sohn Samuel Allison, Olive Branch; Business. • Steven Dennis Ammann, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • John G. Anderson, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts. Virginia Louise Anderson, University ; Liberal Arts. e Julie Dawn Anderton, Cowan, Tenn.; Phi Mu. Fourth Row: • Robert Ross Andrews, Natchez; Business. • Allen Carey Anthony, Courtland ; Education. • Barbara Carol Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • Genell Mattox Anthony, Courtland; Education. • Sandra Gail Anthony, Sebastopol, Liberal Arts. • Ethel Erwin Archer, Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Fifth Row: • Mavis Ann Ard, Oxford ; Education. • Nancy Ellen Armstrong, Forest ; Liberal Arts. • James Raphael Oxford ; Engineering; Delta Psi. • William Samuel Atkinson, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • Martha Ann Winona; Liberal Arts. • Shirley Lee Autry, Ashland ; Business. Sixth Row: • Donald Webster Aven, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Doris Ann Avery, Independence; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Patricia Sue Axelrod, Water Valley ; ; Phi Mu. • Pamela Evelyn Bailey, Jackson; Phi Mu. • Phillip Jason Bailey, Gainesville, Fla.; Education ; Kappa. Sigma. • Linda Dorothy Baker, Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. Seventh Row: • Caroline Eliza Barbour, Yazoo City ; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. • Haley Reeves Barbour, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Billie Joy Barhanovich, Biloxi; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bryan Barksdale, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Delores Jane Barnes, Iuka; Liberal Arts. e Hazel Ann Barnes, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Reginald Eugene Barnes, Memphis, Tenn.; Business ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Carol Jean Barnett, Slate Springs ; Education. • Evelyn Frances Barr, Rustin, La.; Liberal Arts. • Ardra Lee Barrineau, Pensacola, Fla.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James Douglass Barton, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • Ann Elizabeth Batson, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Joy Beard, Myrtle; Liberal Arts. Thomas Howard Bearden, Port Gibson; Business. • David William Greenville ; Business. • Nancye Kathryn Bell, Pisa, Italy; Education. • Sonya Jean Bellais, Biloxi ; Education. • Bruce James Bellande, Biloxi ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Tenth Row: • Benny Wayne Bender, Aberdeen ; Business ; Sigma Chi. • Connie Sue Berry, Columbia, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Delta Pi. • Eugene Sexton Berry, New Hebron ; Business. • James Lampton Berry, Jr., Columbia; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Edwin Moore Best, Drew ; • Janis Lynn Bettencourt, Waco, Texas ; First Row: • Thomas Cleveland Birchett, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Laura Cheryl Bishop, Crystal Springs, Mi.; Education; Kappa Delta. • Henry H. Black, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • F. Matthew Blaine, St. Louis; Education. • Evelyn Cecelia Block, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Jim Blough, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • Robert Paul Boggs, Gulfport; Pharmacy. • Thomas J. Bogue, III, Hollandale; Liberal Arts. • Ann Davis Bomboy, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Frank C. Boone, Jr., Meridian; Pharmacy. • Joseph Malcolm Booth, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. Larry Thomas Boozer, Amory; Pharmacy. Third Row: • John Edward Botto, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • John Thomas Bottom, III, Vicksburg; Business; Sigma Chi. • Wanda Sue Bouchillon, Hernando; Education. • Lucien L. Bourgeois, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • Bronwyn Bowen, Abileen, Texas; Liberal Arts. • James B. Bowen, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • William Mae Boyer, University; Liberal Arts. • William Steven Bozeman, Biloxi; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. • Gayle Dana Brackett, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Mary Emily Braddock, West Point; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Anne Patton Bradley, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Patricia Anne Bradley, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: • Lyle Poston Branch, Friendship, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • Jerry Wayne Brawner, Corinth; Education. • Michael James Brent, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Business; Beta Theta Pi, • Vera Jane Brewer, Union; Pharmacy. • Jimmy Brinson, Jackson; Pharmacy. • Arthur Louis Brisolara, Long Beach; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • Isabella N. Britton, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Corlis Page Broadway, Meridian; Business. • James Larry Brock, Walnut; Business. • Beverly Nell Brooks, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Judith A. Brown, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Louise Brown, Baton Rouge, La.; Engineering. Seventh Row: • Reida Frances Brown, Meridian ; Liberal Arts. • Warren Brown, Meridian; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Mary Carolyn Bruno, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Alta Suzanne Bryan, Allen Park, Mich.; Education. e Jennifer Kay Bryon, Clinton; Arts. • Nan Elizabeth Buck, W. Memphis, Ark.; Education ; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • Donna Lee Buford, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Janice Bullard, Oxford; Education. • Neva Evonne Burdison, Tunica; Liberal Arts. • Richard Brian Clarksdale; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Dwayne Burns, Jackson; Pharmacy. • Susan Jane Burson, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. Ninth Row: • Robert Arthur Cain, Greenwood; Education. • Pamela Brevard Caldwell, Marks; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Alice Jane Callicutt, Myrtle; Education. • David Wayne Callicutt, Myrtle; Education. • Thomas L. Callicutt, Jr., Tutwiler; Liberal Arts. • Elizabeth R. Cameron, Collins; Education ; Pi Beta Phi. Tenth Row: • Gerard Willett Campbell, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon. • Joseph Ed Canizaro, Jr., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Patricia Ann Canty, Louisville ; Education ; Delta Gamma. • Louis Ramon Capaci, Metairie, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Theta. • Edgar Lee Caples, Jackson; Engineering. • Ronald Estes Cardwell, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. First Row: • Mary Jacquelyn Carlisle, Ackerman; Education. • Bettye J. Carothers, Walnut; Liberal Arts. • Ira W. Jr., Biloxi; Business. • Roxie Carpenter, Elaine; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Sherian Renee Carpenter, Holly Springs; Education. • Emmett Wayne Carr, Business. Second Row: • Gaye Roden Carr, Booneville; Education. • Sammy Jacob Carroll, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • Gary Gray Carter, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • William A. Carter, Liberal Arts. • John Michael Cassady, Miss. City; Engineering. • Jefferson P. Chadwick, Walnut Grove; Engineering. Third Row: • Louis R. Chamblee, Raymond ; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Cynthia L. Chapman, Louisville; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Phyllis Ann Chase, Balboa Hts. Canal Zone; Business. • Van Joseph Cheramie, Cut Off, La.; Education; Phi Kappa Theta. • Mimi Elizabeth Chilcutt, Kosciusko; Education; Delta Gamma. • Francis Raymond Chiniche, Bay St. Louis; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • Elsie C. Chisholm, Lambert; Education. • Sallye Laye Chow, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • Carolyn Ross Jackson; Education. • Hellon Gail Christopher, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Charles Thomas Clark, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Sandra Jo Clark, Drew; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • Wanda Dawn Clark, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Michael Lee Clayton, New Albany; Engineering. • Ronald Wayne Clemmer, Ripley; Pharmacy. • Karen Elizabeth Cliett, Hazlehurst; Education. • Karen Ruth Cloutman, Texas; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Evelyn Louise Coates, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • Martha McMillan Cobb, Birmingham, Ala.; Delta Delta Delta. • John Stephen Cockerham, Gunnison; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jerald Davis Cockrell, Jackson; Education; Sigma Nu. • Susan Beattie Cockrell, Macon; Liberal Arts. • Sherry Louise Coffey, Etta; Education. • Betty Carole Cole, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Michael Wallace Coleman, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • William Patrick Condon, Greenville; Pharmacy. • John Joseph Cook, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Kenneth Earl Cooksey, Jr., Monticello, Fla.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Johnnie P. Coombs, Jr., Blue Mtn.; Business. • Philip David Cooper, New Albany; Education. Eighth Row: • E. Suzanne Corretti, Birmingham, Ala. • Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • David Lester Craig, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Sarah Gaye Craig, Terre Haute, Ind.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • George Terrence Crawford, Ocala, Fla.; Business. • Jerry Lee Crocker, Calhoun City: Pharmacy. • Clay McAmis Crockett, Corinth ; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Jo Candace Croft, Atlanta, Ga.; Education; Chi Omega. • B. Kaye Crosby, Forest; Education. • Carla Cecilia Cross, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • George Sylvanius Cross, University; Business. • Charles Warren Crouch, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • Linda Jo Crum, Corinth; Education . Tenth Row: • James William Crutcher, Cleveland; Business. • Redic Cruthirds, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • James M. Currie, Pass Christian, Miss.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Psi. • Burn Wesley Curry, Hattiesburg; • Chester Harris Curtis, Clarksdale ; Business. • James Dutch Dabbs, Quitman; Business. First Row: • Jeanette May Dancy, Senatobia : Liberal Arts. • Laverne Dancy, University; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Lynn Daniel, Jackson; Business. • James C. Dannreuther, Anguilla; Pharmacy. • Thomas H. Darnell, Jackson ; Business. • William D. Davenport, Jr., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Second Row: • Elizabeth Ann Davis, Kinston, N.C.; Education ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Karen Davis, Austin, Texas; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Martha Louise Davis, Oxford; Education. • Sallie Rinehart Davis, Corinth; Education; Delta Gamma. • Cheryl Frances Dearman, Carthage; Liberal Arts. • William R. Deberry, Bolivar, Tenn.; Business. Third Row: • Robert Emile Decoux, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Linda Sue Deener, Greenville; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Betty Harolyn Dees, Rienzi; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Don Alfred Dees, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • James Gordon Dees, Jr., Jackson; • Russell Defrancesco, Niagara Falls, N.Y.; Business, Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: • John Lewis Deitrich, Harrisburg, Pa.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Dorothy Linda Deloteus, Bowling Green, Ky.; Liberal Arts. • Earl Lamar Denham, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Kent William Densing, Barharbor, Maine; Engineering. • Bruce Hubert Dixon, Carthage; Pharmacy ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Carman Ray Dixon, Jr., Terry ; Business. Fifth Row: • Jerry Alan Doolittle, Brookhaven; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Martha Doran, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Daniel Richard Dorsey, Dalton, Georgia; • Patricia M. Dougherty, Ocean Springs ; • Ronald Giles Dozier, Rock Hill, Education. • Cheryl Lee Drennan, Meridian; Liberal Arts, Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: • Billie Barnette Dribben, Greenwood; Education. • Marshull Glenn Duckworth, New Albany ; Education. • Jewell K. Dykes, Jr., Natchez; Business. • Susan Gilda Vardaman ; Education; Phi Mu. • James R. Edwards, Jr. Byhalia; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Wanda Jean Edwards, Oxford; Education; Kappa Delta. I wish I were a car. First Row: N. Devon Ellington, Liberty; Business. • Joseph Claude Elliott, Clearwater, Fla.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • Walter Mac Elliott, Laurel; Business. • Michael Edward Ellis, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Mary Alice Ruleville; Education. • Thomas Irvin Evans, Ala.; Pharmacy. Second Row: • Julian W. Fagan, III, Laurel ; Liberal Arts. • Elizabeth Love Fair, Louisville ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Helen Elizabeth Fant, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Leslie Kathleen Farr, Columbus, Ohio; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Michael J. Farrell, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • George Thomas Farris, Clarksdale; Business; Delta Kappa Third Row: • Linda Farrish, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau • Kathy Mona Fealhaber, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. • Jason McCool Fenwick, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • Betty Ferguson, Corsicana, Texas; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John Foster Fields, Tiptonville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Lorabeth Fisher, Lapel, Ind.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Fourth Row: • Katharine Broadwell Flagg, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Sarah Ellen Fleming, Jackson; Education. • Fred Rusher Flinn, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Nu. • James L. Flippin, University; Education. • David M. Fore, Hollandale; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Richard Lamar Forman, Meadville ; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • William Charles Forrest, Fairhope, Ala.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Edward Lee Foster, Louisville ; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • James Thomas Foster, Tula; • Ralph Davis Foster, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • Bettye R. Fountain, McComb; Liberal Arts. • Jerry Fowler, Hickory Flat; Education. Sixth Row: • Terry ' Joe Fox, Buckatunna; Liberal Arts. • Rita Lynn Frasie r, Jackson; Education. • Robert Lyle France, City, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Barbara Ellen Frank, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Education.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Daniel James Freeman, Union; Liberal Arts. • Robert Alan Wesson; Pharmacy. Seventh Row: • Chryl Rose French, Water Valley; Education. • Gail Frost, Rienzi; Liberal Arts. • Nancy Helen Frye, Magnolia; Business; Phi Mu. • Helen Robinson Fulcher, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Charles Francis Furr, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • Darvis Quinn Gallaher, Rienzi ; Education. Eighth Row: • William Lee Garber, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • John Garner, Newhebron; Liberal Arts. • William P. Garth, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi D elta Theta. • William C. Gartin, Jr., Laurel ; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. • Allen Woods Gary, Mendenhall, Miss.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Richard Barry Gaston, Fairhope, Ala.; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Leonard B. Gatewood, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Cecelia Anne Gautier, Vicksburg; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Kenneth Gentry, Baldwyn ; Pharmacy. • Hershell George, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa • Ellen L. Getchell, University ; Liberal Arts. • Ronald B. Giadrosich, Pass Christian, Miss.; Business. Tenth Row: • Walter Henry Gibbes, Learned ; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Catherine V. Gibson, Jackson; • David Van Gillentine, Tupelo; Education. • Alma Claire Gillis, Mendenhall ; Libera l Arts. • Roberta Jane Gilly, Biloxi; Business. • Becky Jane Gober, Lyon; First Row: • Nelda Lynn Gober, Oxford; Education. • Gayle Lovette Golden, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Richard Douglas Goodwin, New Albany; Education. • Susan Gayle Gordon, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Gay Gottshall, Hobbs, N.M.; Education; Kappa Delta. Elizabeth Goza, Magnolia; Education; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Gay Grafton Graeber, Marks; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Lawrence Cary Graeber, Yazoo City; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Lillian Smith Graham, Bolton; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. • Richard Newell Graham, Union City, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Ruth Elizabeth Gramling, Merigold; Liberal Arts; Alpha Pi. • Kitty Hay Gravely, Martinsville, Va.; Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: • Charles Lee Gray, Fountain Hill, Ark.; Engineering. • Kathryn L. Gray, New Albany ; Liberal Arts. • Linda Rose Gray, New Albany; Business. • William Russell Greene, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Duke Greenich, Lindenhurst, N.Y.; Education. • Elizabeth S. R. Greenwell, Terre Haute, Ind.; Education. Fourth Row: • Susan Jarrell Greenwell, Jackson; Education. • Edgar Allen Gregory, Myrtle; Education..• Ellen Jane Gregory, New Albany; Education; Delta Gamma. • Linda Ruth Gregory, Amory; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Paul Michael Gresham, Hickory Flat ; Business; Sigma Pi. • Joseph P. Griffin, Bay St. Louis; Business; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • Eddie Jackson Grisham, New Albany ; Education. • Linda Kaye Thomas Grisham, New Albany; Education. • Patricia Louise Guest, Pass Christian, Miss.; Education; Ka..ppa Kappa Gamma. • Helen Sue Gurley, Potts Camp ; Liberal Arts. • John Richard Guyton, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Michael Hardin Guyton, Blue Mountain; Business; Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: • Ruth Diane Gwyn, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • Shirley Ann Hagerman, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • Janet Lynn Hailey, Crowder; Liberal Arts. • William C. Haire, Batesville ; Pharmacy. • Allen Irby Hale, New Engineering. • Henderson S. Hall, Jr., Grenada; Business ; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • Holly Augusta Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • 0. Lynn Hamblin, Bruce; Education. • Linda Lee Hamilton, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Elizabeth Rogers Hanry, New Albany ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. • Sally Diane Hardway, Oxford; Business; Phi Mu. • James Robert Hardin, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Eighth Row: • Barbara Nell Hardy, New Albany ; Education.. • Emily Ann Harness, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • William J. Harrell, Alhambra, Calif.; Business; Sigma Nu. • Catherine Brigid Harris, Yazoo City; Education; Kappa Delta. • Nancy Fleming Harris, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts. • Alan Harris, Providence, R.I.; Education; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Ninth Row: • Donald M. Harrison, Jr., Gainesville, Fla.; Business ; Phi Kappa Psi. • Hugh Miller Hartzog, Meridian; Phi Delta Theta. • John Elliot Harvey, Water Valley ; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • Fred Reid Harwell, Ellisville ; Pharmacy. • Judy Cornelia Hasting, ; Business; Chi Omega. • George L. Hathaway, ; Education. Tenth Row: • Harold Wayne Hawkins, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • Ronald Stephen Hayles, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Herbert Haynes, New Albany ; Business. • James Calvin Hefley, Sardis ; Business. • Brenda Helms, Eupora ; Liberal Arts. • James Dewey Henderson, St. Louis, Mo.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. First Row: • John Pittman Henson, Itta Bena; Business; Sigma Epsilon. • Paul Vernon Hester, West Point; Business; Kappa Sigma. • William E. Hester, Jackson; Business; Sigma Chi. • Joseph D. Hewitt, Clinton; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Carole Ann Higgins, West Point; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Maxine Hill, Etta ; Education. Second Row: • Judy Bryan Hobby, Raleigh, N.C.; Education; Chi Omega. • Pamela Haynes Hodgson, Yazoo City ; Kappa Delta. • Robert David Hogue, Walnut Grove; Pharmacy. • Clara Louise Holloway, Randolph; Liberal Arts. • John B. Holmes, Jr., Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma. • Linda Ann Holmes, Terry; Phar- macy. Third Row: • Donald George Hopkins, Upper Marlboro; Education. • Carolyn Lee Horrell, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Cynthia Joyce Houston, Baldwin; Pi Beta Phi. • Odessa Faye Houston, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Ronald Mack Howard, Jackson; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • Larry Gene Hubbard, Jackson; Fourth Row: • Judy Carolyn Hudson, Rienzi ; Education; Alpha Pi. • Carson McClain Hughes, Charleston; Business; Sigma Nu. • Mary Katherine Hulen, Paducah, Ky.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Elizabeth Rodgers Hurt, Roanoke, Va.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John Miro Hurych, New Albany; Liberal Arts. • Danny Gene Sallis; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • Ira Dennis Isonhood, Jackson; Business. • Stephen Rogers Izard, Fulton; Liberal Arts. • Pamela Marie Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • James Douglas Jackson, Walnut; Education. • Cassandra James, Harrodsburg, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Newton Ward James, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Opha Lavelle James, Oxford; Business. • Dorothy Delle Jameson, Germantown, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Pi. • Julian Tilley Janes, III, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Robert G. Jefcoats, Richton; Pharmacy. • Byron Thomas Jeffcoat, Beaumont ; Li beral Arts. • Joseph Earl Jenkins, Oxford ; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. Seventh Row: • William Edwin Jenkins, Nashville, Tenn.; Business. • Doris Ann Jobe, Pontotoc; Education. • Charles F. III, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. • John D. Johnson, Natchez; Liberal Arts. • Lana Dawn John, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Lynne Rice Madisonville, Ky.; Business; Pi Beta Phi. Eighth Row: • Bobbye Marie Jones, Weiner, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • David Clifford Jones, Oxford ; Education. • James Donald Jones, Oxford ; Education. • Jane Nash Jones, Kosciusko; Pharmacy, Alpha Delta Pi. • Linda Gail Jones, Senatobia ; Education. • Linda K. Galloway Jones, Oxford; Ninth Row: • Maury Lynn Jones, Courtland ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Robert Eugene Jones, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sara Lou Jones, Neosho, Mo.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Thomas L. Jones, Jr., Batesville ; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Ann Jordan, Union ; Liberal Arts. • Tony Thadeus Jordan, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Tenth Row: • Bonnie Helen Kearney, Money ; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Samuel Martin Keith, Providence, R.I.; Liberal Arts ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Betty Jane Kellum, Louise ; Arts; Kappa Delta. • Michael Louis Kelly, Pharmacy ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Myrtle Paula Kelly, Taylorsville; Education. • Michael William Kenney, Meeting, Pa.; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Timothy James Kenney, Lakeland, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • Denelda Keye, University ; Education; Kappa Delta. • G ene Miller Kidd, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Kay Kidd, Piqua, Ohio; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Virginia Ernest Kimbrough, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • Agnes Taylor King, Drew; Business; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Ann Roe King, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Charles Allen King, Hickory Flat ; Education. • Sherry Kingery, Hattiesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Ralph Earl Kirkland, Ellisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Mary Kay Kirkpatrick, Tyler, Texas; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • Kaye F. Kisner, Water Valley; Education. Third Row: • Brian Floyd Kooiman, Clearwater, Fla.; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. • Preston James Kopf, Senatobia; Pharmacy. • Thomas Earl Kruse, Melrose Park, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • Veta Frances Kucewicz, Yonkers, N.Y .; Liberal .Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Laura Victoria Kudlacz, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Maud Andrews Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • Thomas M. Kwasniewski, Louisville; Business; Pi Alpha. • Gloria Anglyn Kyle, Athens, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Noble Weir Kyle, II, Durant; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Thomas Edward Lacefield, Sarah ; • Susan Elizabeth Ladner, Lumberton; Liberal Arts. • Terry Anne Laher, New Albany; Liberal Arts . Fifth Row: • Jesse Smylie Laird, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts. • James Patrick Lamphron, Willingboro, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • David Lawrence Landskov, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • Johnny Earl Lane, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • James E. Langmesser, Chicago, Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Francis John Larkin, Saltillo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. Sixth Row: • Steve Curtis Lary, Greenwood; Business. • Linda Kay Latham, Hollandale; Education; Phi Mu. • Peter Lauer, Geneva, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Benton M. Lavers, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. • Donnie Gayle Lay, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Dinah Louise Leavitt, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. Seventh Row: • Sarah Randall Lee, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts. • william Allan Lee, Pensacola, Fla.; Education; Kappa Sigma. • Michael Thornton Lester, Laurel; Education. • John Frank Lewis, Ellisville; Liberal Arts. • Margaret Jane Lewis, Liberty ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Marie Lewis, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Martha Lynn Lewis, Houma, La.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert E. Lewis, Jr., Meridian ; Arts. • Frank Peter Liberto, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • Melanie Allen Ligon, Granada; Education. • Sally Elaine Lilly, Liberty; Liberal Arts. • Marilyn R. Jackson; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Peggy Scott Litton, Greenwood; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Myrtle Frances Livingston, Pope; Business. • Lowell Richard Locke, Kensington, Md.; Liberal Arts. • John William Lockett, Thomastown; Pharmacy. • Guy M. Long, Tupelo; Business. • William Robert Long, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. Tenth Row: • Cathy Ann Lopez, Wesson; Business. • James Russell Lovelace, Houston; Liberal Arts. • Sara Helen Lowe, Hazlehurst ; Pharmacy. Mack Lamar Lowery, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • James Howard Lowry, La.; Liberal Arts. Anthony R. Lowstuter, Jr., Arlington., Va.; Business. First Row: • Nancy Carlan Lublanezki, Kings Mtn., N.C.; Pharmacy. • Linda Kay Luke, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. William Joseph Lumalcuri, Mantachie; Education. • Hollis Eugene Lunsford, APO, New York ; Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau. • Edward Joseph Lyon, Olive Branch; Business; Sigma Nu. • Betty B. McAlexander, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Danny Joe McAlpin, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • Thomas H. McCarley, III, Olive Branch ; L iberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Belva Lee McCormick, Moberly, Mo.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Dorothy Susan McCoy, Hughes, Ark.; Education. • Joseph Bryant McCoy, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Doris Fay McCraw, Union; Education. Third Row: • Price Curd McDermott, Holly Springs; Business. • Lucy Ellen McDonald, Bryan, Texas; Liberal Arts. • Andrew B. McDowell, Lake Forest, Ill.; Education. • Ernest G. McElveen, Bogalusa, La.; Business. • James Ware Magnolia ; Business ; Sigma Nu. • John Robert McGaha, New Albany ; Education. Fourth Row: • Timothy Powell McGahey, Leland; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Hassell Lynn McGee, Atlanta, Ga.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Fred Allen McGonagill, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Riley Barber Jr., Pascagoula; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Floyd H. McIntyre, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Virginia Ruth McIntyre, Hazlehurst; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Larry Gene McKay, Baldwin; Education. • Otto Jr., Brandon; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Michael Treloar McKee, Coffeeville ; Business. • Thomas R. Jr., Laurel; Liberal Arts. • Charles A. McKnight, Pharmacy. • Edwin Murry McLarty, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. Sixth Row: • Larry Victor McMullan, Laurel ; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Minnie Katherine McMullan ; Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Aubrey Buford McMullen, Jr., Sumner; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Joseph Leray McNamara, El Centro, Calif.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • Martha Louise McNeely, Iuka ; • John Gordon McWilliams, Covina, Calif.; Business. Seventh Row: • Raymond E. Mabus, Jr., Ackerman ; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Virginia Lee Maier, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • James Carson Mallette, Indianola ; Business. • Winford Ann Malone, Oxford; Education; Phi Mu. • Thomas H. Malouf, Jackson; Business. • Charles Geoffrey Mangin, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • A Katherine Mann, Belmont; Education; Kappa Delta. • Edward William Manning, Mt. Olive ; Pharmacy. • Karen Elizabeth Manson, Jacksonville, Fla.; • Joseph R. Marascalco, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Larry Joe Mardis, Ripley ; Education. • Mary Marodis, Biloxi ; Education. Ninth Row: • M. Lynn Marshall, Sumner ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Walter Wilds Marston, Iron Mtn., Mich.; Liberal Arts. • James Gilbert Martin, Grenada ; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Peggy Ann Martin, Paso Robles, Calif.; Arts. • Ross Calvin Martin, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • William Stephen Martin, Delhi, La.; Engineering. Tenth Row: • Leon W. Mashburn, III, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Martha Ann Mason, University ; Education. • Gwen Massey, Pelahatchie ; Education ; Kappa Delta. • Lois Carolyn Matson, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • Linda Sue Matthews, Hillsboro; Education. • William C. Matthews, Walnut, Business. First Row: • Loretta Jan Matulich, Columbia, Education. • Olin B. Mauldin, Jr., McComb; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Helen Maxcy, Red Bay, Ala.; Business. • William L. Maxey, Grenada ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Thomas Michael May, Hampton, Va.; Business. • George Maynard, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • John Hearn Mays, Cincinnati, Ohio; Business. • Robert C. Meisenheimer, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • Martha Melton, Greenwood; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Robert Lowery Metts, III, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • John R. Meyer, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Mary Ann Miles, Lumberton; Education; Phi Mu. Third Row: • Bonnie Aqualynn Millen, Drew; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Charles Edward Miller, Clearwater, Fla.; Business. • James Howard Miller, Berea, Ohio; Business. • Sarah Ann Milliken, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Katherine Milner, Gulfport; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Don Michael Milstead, Okolona ; Fourth Row: • James Douglas Minor, Coldwater; Liberal Arts. • C. Mitchell, Glasgow, Ky.; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Mary Annis Mitchell, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Beta Phi. • Anna Eugenia Miz e, Fulton; Pharmacy; Alpha Delta Pi. • Hugh McGhee Monteith, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Tarlton Hughes Monteith, Grenada; Business. Fifth Row: • Betty B. Moore, Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Evelyn Carol Moore, University; Education. • Johnny Moore, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • McPherson D. Moore, University; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • Paul M. Moore, Jr., Calhoun City; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • John Jordan Morgan, Oxford; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Martha Lynn Morgan, Miami Springs, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi. • Harvey Lee Morrison, Jr., Okolona ; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Elizabeth Ann Morrisson, Etta ; Education. • Linda Lucille Morton, Carthage; Pharmacy. • Mike E. Moses, Jr., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • Marsha Lynn Mountz, Winter Park, Fla.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • Elizabeth Ann Murphy, Coldwater; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Joseph Robert Musgrave, Jackson; • David Paul Myers, York, Pa.; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. • William Milton Myers, Raleigh ; Delta Psi. • Harold Griffin Myrick, Laurel ; Liberal Arts. • James Luther Nabors, Guntown; Business. Eighth Row: • Nita Carlene Nash, Corinth ; Education; Alpha Pi. • Rayborn David Neal, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • Charles Alexander Neale, Arlington, Va.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Willard Ross Neely, II, LaGrange, Ill.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Kathryne Leigh Neill, Greenwood ; Education; Phi Mu. • Martha Bryant Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Robert Wade Nelms, Vaiden ; Liberal Arts. • James S. Netherton, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Donna Kay Greenville ; Pharmacy. • Hugh Patrick Newton, Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • William B. Nicholson, Newton ; Business. • Judith K. Noble, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Tenth Row: • Paul Laderl Nolan, Myrtle ; Education. • Samuel Norquist, Yazoo City ; Business ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John R. Nunnery, Jr., Meridian ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • William K. Oakley, Senatobia ; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jerry Dennis Oakman, ; Liberal Arts. • Walter Page Ogden, Natchez; Arts. First Row: • Linda Lee Ogle, Senatobia ; Education. Ernest G. Oliver, Jr., Oxford; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • Margaret Lynn Olson, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Kathleen Oneal, Jackson; Education. • Charles Earnest Overton, Somerville, Tenn.; Pharmacy ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Jacqueline Kay Palmer, Holly Grove, Ark.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • Danny Larry Park, Belden; Business. • John Robert Parker, Tula ; Education. • Sylvester Edison Parker, ; Liberal Arts. • Tina Sue Parker, Fairhope, Ala.; Education. • Harold Brent Parks, Lawrence; Pharmacy. • Billie Jane Patterson, Memphis, Tenn.; Education ; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • Carol Ann Patterson, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Gary Wayne Patterson, Rosedale ; Business. • Jerry L. Patton, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • Mary Elizabeth Paul, Greenville; Education. • Joel G. Payne, Jr., Brandon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Patricia Ann Payne, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. Fourth Row: • Edward P. Peacock, III, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • David Gill Pearce, Madisonville, Ky.; Business. • Woody Dill Pearce, Marietta ; Education. • Robert H. Pedersen, Hurley; Liberal Arts. • Charles Robert Pennebaker, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Alan Walter Perry, Philadelphia ; Business; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • Michael Sink Person, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Christopher E. Persson, White Plains, N.Y.; Business. • Portia Anne Peteet, Greenwood; Education ; Kappa Delta. • Richard L. Peterson, Jr., Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Rebecca Ann Phay, University; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • J. Phelan, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Sixth Row: • Gale Veazey Phillips, Senatobia ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Harriet Mabry Phillips, McComb; Education ; Phi Mu. • Martha Caroly n Phillips, Park Forest, Ill.; Education ; Delta Gamma. • Richard Taylor Phillips, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Harry A. Piazza, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Judy Pierce. Vicksburg; Education ; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • Elizabeth Ann Pittman, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Donald Cochran Potts, Jackson; Business; Pi Alpha. • Ronald Edward Powell, West Memphis, Ark.; Pharmacy 5; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Virginia Alice Powell, Memphis, Tenn.; Education ; Delta Gamma. • David Harris Pratt, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • Lawrence Earl Pratt, Ruleville ; Business ; Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: • Charles Michael Prewett, Pontotoc ; Liberal Arts. • Connie Laine Price, Somerville, Tenn.; Education ; Kappa Delta. • Thomas Glenn Price, Gulfport; Pharmacy. • James Alec Primos, Jr., Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Dudley Ernest Pritchard, West Memphis, Ark.; Business. • Martha Louise Prowell, Jonestown ; Education: Phi Mu. Ninth Row: • Jerrill Rowena Pullen, Jackson: Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Catherine V. Purnell, Vincennes, Ind.; • Charles P. Quarterman, ,Jackson; Business ; Psi. • Patricia Anne Quinn, Nashville, Tenn.; • Tims Alford Quinn, Jr., Clinton., Ill.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Pauline Quon, Hernando; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • James Edward Rainer, Decatur ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Mary Letitia Rainer, Yazoo City ; Business: Delta Delta Delta. • V. V. Rajan, University ; Liberal Arts. • Jon Frederick Rank Miami Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • George Hamilton Rather, Jr., Liberal Arts. • Helen Jannette Ray, Eupora : Education. First Row: • John Reddoch, Ill, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Timothy Hart Reecht, Crystal City, Mo.; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • Frederic Warren Rees, Jr., Charlotte, N.C.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Elizabeth Ann Reno, Hazelhurst ; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Richard Earl Rhoden, Columbia ; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Robert Allen Rhodes, Blue Mountain; Business. Second Row: • William Joseph Rhodes, Tupelo; Business; Kappa • Charles Lamar Richardson, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas ; Liberal Arts. • James Arnold Richardson, Jackson; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • Sheila Ann Riley, Water Valley; Business. • Suzanne Patricia Riley, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. • George James Roark, III, Warrington, Fla.; Business. Third Row: • Robert Lee Roberts, Jr., Vicksburg; Business ; Kappa Sigma. • William Elbert Roberts, Wesson; Liberal Arts. • Patricia Ann Robertson, Corinth ; Education. • Stokes Vernon Robertson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • David Wayne Robinson, Canton; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Rodney Frank Rocha, Grenada; Business. Fourth Row: • Manuel Rodriquez, San Vose, Costa Rica; Business. John C. Roper, Jr., Jackson.; Education. • Jimmie W. Rose, Gulfport ; Liberal Arts. • Willard P. Rose, Jr., Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Patricia Vyonne Ross, Oxford ; Business. • Mary Lee Rush, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • John James Russell, Greenville, S.C.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Ronald Charles Salerno, Troy, New York ; Liberal Arts. • James Milford Salers, Kosciusko; • Gregory Maxwell Sanders, Sardis; Business. 0 Jimmie Nell Scarbrough, Calhoun City ; Education. Linda Jane Schiele, Lambert ; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Michael F. Schlosser, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa • Eric Campbell Schweitzer, Avondale Estates Ga.; Business; Sigma Nit. • Elizabeth Ann Scott, Jackson; Liberal Arts : Delta Delta Delta. • Joseph Thomas Scott, Hazlehurst ; Business: Sigma Chi. • Kathleen Dixon Scott, Cincinnati, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Marilyn Ann Scott, Louisville ; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Janie Lynn Seefeld, Laurel ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Frank Seid, Jr., Greenville ; Pharmacy. • John S. Nesbitt; Liberal Arts. • Virginia F. Shackelford, LaGrange, Ga.; Education. • Jimmy Dale Shaffer, ; Business. • Lee Myrl Shellabarger, University ; Business; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • Mary Bess Shoemake, Water Valley ; Education. • Alicia Gene Shrader, Mississippi City, Miss.; Education. • Mary Kathleen Sides, Dundee ; Education. • Warren Robert Sigman, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Samuel J. Simmons, III, Grenada ; Education. • Lillian Marie Simon, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Ninth Row: • Doris Joan Simpson, New Albany ; Education. • Laura Rice Simpson, Shaw ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Byrle Hood Sims, Columbia ; Education ; Kappa Delta. • Hal Halloway Skelton, Woodland ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Theta. • Irven Harry Skinner, Brilliant, Ala. ; Liberal Arts. • William Troy Sloan, Jackson ; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Tenth Row: • Anne Karin Smith, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bennett Edwin Smith, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts: Delta Psi. • Gayle R. Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jean Moseley Smith, Greenfield, Tenn.; Education ; Alpha Delta Pi. • Juliane Smith, Rockmart, Ga.; Education ; Phi Mu. • Phillip Roger Smith, Brookhaven ; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Sandra Lee Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • Winston Arthur Smith, Bonifay, Fla.; Engineering; Sigma Pi. • Martha Jo Sneed, Thaxton; Education. • James M. Snyder, McLean, Va.; Business. • Michael G. Soper, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jack Speed, Macon, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: • Julie Spencer, Fayette; Liberal Arts. • Susan Spiceland, Olive Branch ; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Glendon Ray Spigner, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • James B. Spraberry, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Susan Sprinkel, Winter Haven, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • Dorothy Lynn Stallworth, Business; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • Hugh William Stancill, III, Drew ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Gloria Starnes, Oxford; Education. • Walter Starr, Jr., Greenville; Business ; Kappa Alpha. • Henry Stechmann, Bay St. Louis; Engineering. Louis Samuel Steen, Abilene, Texas; Engineering. 0 Sandra Lynn Stegall, Flora; Business. Fourth Row: • Vermon Jack Stephens, Jr., Natchez; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Janet W. Stevens, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Bradford M. Stewart, Belzoni ; Kappa Alpha. • James Claude Still, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts. • John Franklin Still, Sardis; Education. • Wendel Coleman Stoltz, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • Miriam 0. Stone, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Sandra Ellis Stone, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • George Curtis Strickland, ; Business. • Eleanor Sue Stringer, Jackson ; • Martha Lee Suber, Louisville ; Liberal Arts; Gamma. • Mildred H. Sullivan, Jackson; Education; Pi Beta Phi. Sixth Row: • Judith Carol Swink, Farmington, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • Larry Stephen Tabor, McCool ; Pharmacy. • Rebecca Ann Taft, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Eugenia Adeline Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Clingmon Tate, Fowlkes, Tenn.; Business ; Kappa Alpha. • William Tate, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: • Beverly White Taylor, Grenada; Education. • John Leo Taylor, University; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Theta. • K. Taylor, Water Valley; Business. • Mary Taylor, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • Arnold Taylor, Biloxi; Business. • William E. Jr., West Point; Business. Eighth Row: • Katherine Sophronia Tays, Booneville; Education. • Robert C. Terry, Calhoun City; Business. • Dolores Maria Thomas, Jackson ; Education. • Kenny Sharp Thomas, Michigan City; Business. • Virginia Lynn Thomas, Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Charles Thompson, West Memphis, Ark.; Engineering. Ninth Row: • Gary Norris Thompson, Amory ; Pharmacy. • Greg Salter Thompson, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • James Carlos Thompson, Hamilton ; Business. • Eugene Thompson, Rienzi ; Education. • Patricia rene Thompson, Jackson ; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. • Carroll Hodges Thornton, Meridian ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Tenth Row: • Rhoda Gayle Thornton, Meridian ; Education ; Chi Omega. • John Lee Tidwell, Laurel ; Liberal Arts. • Brent Bollinger Tinnin, Hornersville ; Business ; Sigma Phi • Gordon Thomas Tollison, Dorsey; Engineering. • Lana Maureen Toney, Vicksburg; Education ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Frank Williams Trapp, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. First Row: • Walter Michael Troop, Madisonville, Ky.; Business; Sigma Chi. • Leroy E. Tropp, III, Carrollton, Ohio; Liberal Arts. • William C. Trotter, III, Greenville; Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Mark Tucei, Biloxi; Business. • Ronald Edward Tucker, Meridian; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Stanley Earl Tupman, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • Callie Lou Turner, Coldwater; Education. • Martha Rhodes Turner, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Russell Godwin Turner, III, Decatur, Ga.; Business. • Richard Scott Tuteur, Batesville; Business; Sigma Nu. • Patricia Ann Tynes, Biloxi; Education; Delta Gamma. • Evalyn Anne Tyson, New Paltz, N.Y.; Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: • Bobby Wayne Underwood, Baldwyn; Business. • Whitener Urbanek, University; Liberal Arts. • Dee Utley, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • Albert Menton Valentine, Newton; Pharmacy. • William H. Valentine, Accomac, Va.; Business; Sigma Pi. • Bernard Vance, Meridian; Business; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • Marjorie Lee Vanfosson, Crowley, La.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Ronald Van Ostenbridge, Hawthorne, N.J.; Engineering. • Jacquelyn Sue Varnado, Hazelhurst; Education. • Stephen Vassallo, Nashville, Tenn.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Ellen Wailes, Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Anderson Watts, Leland; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • David W. Waldron, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Joseph Brent Walker, McComb; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Rebecca Ann Walker, Corinth; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Sally Jean Walker, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Susan Lee Walker, Calif.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • John Marshall Wall, Riverside, Calif.; Education; Sigma Pi. Sixth Row: • Robert M. Wall, Jackson; Pharmacy. • John Richard Wallace, Horn Lake; Liberal Arts. • Judith E. Walley, Richton; Education. • John . Wallis, Jr., Clarksdale; Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Cecile Nugent Walsh, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Larry Claiborne Walters, Laurel; Engineering. I ' ll show you how to really get your man: First Row: • Larry Charles Wamble, Osceola, Ark.; Pharmacy. • Charles F. Ward, Jr., Etta; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Michael Hailey Ward, Gulfport; Business. • James Warren, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Linda Kaye Warren, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • Judy Paulette Watson, Etta; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Dwig ht M. Watts, Jr., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. e Robert Eugene Watts, New Albany ; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert Johnson Watts, Wiggins; Pharmacy. • Gerald L. Weeden, New Albany; Education. • John Nevin Weiss, Tappahannock, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Webber D. Welborn, Jr., Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • Elsie Grace Wells, Oxford ; Education. • John Timothy Wells, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • Mary Alice Welty, Jackson; Education ; Chi. Omega. • James A. Wester Merigold ; Liberal Arts. • Paulette J. Whaley, Potts Camp; • Education. • James Oden White, Carthage; Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • Dotty Ann Wilkerson., Batesville ; Education. • Martha Grace Wilkie, Charleston ; Liberal Arts. • Charles A. Aliceville, Ala.; Business. • Brenda Kay Willard, Myrtle ; Education. • Amzie Thomas Williams, Philadelphia; Business; Sigma Nu. • Joann Williams, Senatobia; Education. Fifth Row: • John Davis Williams, Cleveland ; Pharmacy. • Larry Michael Williams, Fulton; Education. • Louise Anne Hazelhurst ; Pharmacy ; Delta Gamma. • Richard Clifton Williams, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Bruce Williston, Oxford; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Barry Lee Wilson, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Joe Morgan Wilson, Cleveland ; Liberal Arts. • Le Dell Wilson, New Site ; Liberal Arts. • Sonja June Wilson, San Antonio Texas; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Wilson, Wilkinsburg, Pa.; Business. • Jane Elizabeth Windels, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Kay M. D. Windhamam, Ripley ; Business. Seventh Row: • Anita Sue Windsor, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. • William Temple Winters, Jackson; Business. • Richard Carl Wittorf, Jackson; Education ; Beta Theta Pi. • E. Elizabeth Witty, Winona; Liberal Arts. • Ethel Davis Wood, Hollandale ; Education; Chi Omega. • James Clark Woods, Calhoun City ; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Larry Arnold Woods, Water Valley ; Liber al Arts. • Janis Sue Woolly, Leland ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Patricia Ann Worley, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Janis Elizabeth Worsham, Corinth; Liberal Arts ; Delta • Douglas Martin Wright, Amory ; Business. • Robert Glenn Wright, Carrollton ; Edu cation ; Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • Kenneth William Yerby, University ; Business. • Lanora Jane Young, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Arthur Martin Zeidman, Cranston, R.I.; Liberal Arts. • Pat Anthony Zicarelli, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Tou. First Row: • Anthony Lawrence Abram, Avon Lake, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Lemuel Garner Adams, Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • John Baker Aldridge, Greenwood; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Barry Glen Allen, Grenada ; Business; Sigma Chi. • Beth Elaine Indianola; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Lavenia Allen, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • Susan Beth Alley, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Lauren Anders, Owensboro, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Judy Ann Anderson, Bolivar, Tenn.; Education; Delta Gamma. • Martha Jane Ander- son, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • Robert Allen Anderson, Yazoo City; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Peter Van Clinton; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. Third Row: • Karen Lucille Atchley, Rolling Fork; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Boyd P. Atkinson, Drew; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Melvin Van Atkinson, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • Nicholas G. Augustus, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Tillio John Avaltroni, Shelby; Liberal Arts. • Katherine Agnes Bailey, Lambert ; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • Xandra Ann Baird, Birmingham, Ala.; Business. • Linda Kay Baker, Aberdeen; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Bonita Elaine Baldwin, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Joseph Baran, Jr., Scarsdale, N.Y.; Business. • Suzanne Barham, Coldwater ; Education. • Thomas Gordon Barnes, Greenville; Business; Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Beryl Kaye Barrett, Yazoo City ; Education. • Eugene Parker Barrett, Cruger; Engineering. • Marc Buren Bogalusa, La.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • James 011iney Batte, Huntsville, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Roderick Anderson Beard, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Elizabeth Alder Bell, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. Sixth Row: • Susan Anne Bell, APO New York; Business; Kappa Delta. • Will Evan Bennett, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Vicki Elise Berry, Corinth; Education; Delta Gamma. • Elizabeth L. Biedenharn, Vicksburg; Education.; Kappa Delta. • Harvey Dale Bien, Coldwater; Liberal Arts ; Delta Psi. • Olivia Ann Bigger, Marion, Ark.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: o Jenny Lee Biggers, Corinth ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. o Robert Conner Bills, Grenada ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Harold S. Bishop, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • Lloyd Bishop, Columbus AFB; Education; Phi Tau. • Judith Anne Bittle, Rockford, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Martha Frances Black, Hammond, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Eighth Row: • Barbara Christine Blair, Quitman, Education ; Alpha Delta Pi. • Kenneth Leo Blandford, Louisville, Ky.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • James Gary Blauert, Ft. Ga.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Wanda Earle Boatright, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Julian Eugene Columbus; Liberal Arts. • Eunice Faye Bolt, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Mary Grace Bookman, Bellaire, Texas ; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • George Robert Booth, Vicksburg; Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Martin John Borchert, Jr., Little Rock, Ark.; Business. • Lee Hansell Borden, Okolona; Business; Kappa Alpha. • William Ross Bounds, Meridian ; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Brinkley Bouton, Germantown, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. Tenth Row: • Charles Kenneth Bowden, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Kit Hansell Bowen, Grenada ; Liberal Arts. • Martha Burroughs Bowen, Memphis, Tenn.; Arts; Chi Omega. • Mary Allen Bowen, McComb ; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • John Larry Boyd, Jackson.; Liberal Arts. • Lanny Baxter Bradford, Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. A love-in---SAE style. First Row: • Betty Laura Brand, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • William Gary Brand, Bruce; Engineering. • Mae Elizabeth Brannon, Charleston; Education; Delta Gamma. • Frank Xavier Braun, Kresson, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • Beverly Anne Brisco, Tupelo; Education; Delta Gamma. • Marvin Earl Briscoe, Oxford; Business. Second Row: • Sandra Renee Broadhead, Sardis ; Liberal Arts. • Sidney Brodofsky, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • Janice Clyde Brooks, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Charles Wood Broun, III, Lehigh AC, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Casserandia Brown, Pocahontas, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Deborah Irene Brown, Forest; Education; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • Fredda Jo Brown, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Nancy Lynn Brumfield, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Delta Pi. • Edward Glenn Bryant, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Frederick Clinton Bryant, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • Martha Ann Bryant, Holly Springs; Education. • Zetta Mae Bryant, Gulfport ; Business; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Bruce Emmett Buchanan, Ruxton, Md.; Education. • Frederic Albert Buchholz, Dade City, Fla.; Education. • Mary E. Bufkin, Monticello; Education ; Kappa Delta. • Paula Ann Bullock, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Courtney Kathleen Bunn, Magee; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Helen F. Burgin, Columbus; Liberal Arts ; Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: • Pamela Adair Burgoyne, Homewood, Ill.; Liberal Arts ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Mary Ruth Burke, Jackson; • Mary Paula Burney, Ackerman ; Liberal Arts. • Anne Burns, Starkville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sally Pegues Burson., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Candy Kilgore Busby, Etta; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Merle W. Butler, Coahoma; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Suzann Buzard, Moss Point; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. • William Sterling Cain, Canton; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John Dale Caldwell, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • William Henry Caldwell, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Douglas Callihan, Batesville ; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Susan Baker Campbell, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • John William Canterbury, Jackson; Business. • Michael Lee Cantrell, Greer, S.C.; • Business. • Barry W. Carlisle, Gulfport ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Ernest Lewis Carothers, Taylor; Liberal Arts. • Stephen Alan Caruso, Clark, N.J.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. Second Row: • Anne Conway Cashman, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • Catlin, III, Jacksonville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • James Barron Caulfield, Jr., Water Valley ; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • James H. Champion, Jr., Greenwood ; Business; Sigma Nu. • Cheryl Sue Chism, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; A lpha Delta Pi. • Cynthia Ann Chrestman, W. Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Third Row: • Dixie Jane Church, Hanahan, S.C., Liberal Arts. • James Stephen Chustz, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Mary Louise Cissna, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Melissa Lynn Clanton, Slate Spring; Liberal Arts. • Joe Howell Clark, Houston; Pharmacy. • Ronald Hamilton Clark, Doddsville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • Stephen Paul Clary, Rantoul, Ill.; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. • Trebie Kay Cobb, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Cathleen Nelson Coers, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Roxie Bonita Cohron, Utica ; Education. • Harlow Coker, Clarksdale; Education. • Susan Cole, Philadelphia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Ronald Glen Coleman, Jacksonville, Ill.; Education. • Constance Marie Collier, Brandon; Education; Delta Gamma. • Thomas Harris Collier, Brandon; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Robert Kay Collins, Sikeston, Mo.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Malcolm Jefferson Commer, Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Joan Harriet Conn, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • Pamela Jane Connor, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Thomas Matthew Connors, Newport News, Va.; Liberal Arts. • Martha Sue Cook, Oxford; • Peggy M. Cook, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Barney Lee Cooke, Metairie, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • Kathy Ann Cooper, New Albany; Education ; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • Merry Carole Cooper, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sherman Taylor Cooper, Como; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John Quint Corban, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Arch McKennon Corley, Clarksdale ; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Abby Ann Cotten, Gulfport ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. o Hugh Ingram Cowsert, III, Yazoo City ; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: o Barbara Ann Cox, Clarksdale ; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Elizabeth Afton Cox, Memphis, Tenn. • Education ; Pi Beta Phi. • James Randall Cox, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jean Scott Cracraft, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Charlie J. Crews, Jr., New Albany ; Arts ; Phi Kappa Psi. • John William Cromeans, Belmont; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • Frances Victoria Cross, Memphis, Tenn.; Education ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Robert Clayton Crossley, Biloxi ; Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Joe Maynard Crudup, Meridian ; Business. • Charles Floyd Crumby, ; Business. • Vincent John Cuevas, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • David Lee Cuicchi, Shaw ; Business. Tenth Row: • Madalyn Cunningham, Louisville; Education; Kappa Delta. • Christopher Curran, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • John Melvin Currie, Jackson; • William Chandler Cushman, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • James William Custer, Wilmette, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Charlotte Ann Dabbs, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Daphne Lavern Dabbs, Mantachie; Education; Delta Gamma. • Daphne Frances Dabney, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Arthur Daniel Dagostino, N. Cumberland, Pa.; Liberal Arts. • Donna Leigh Dale, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Robert Daniel, Birmingham, Ala.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Gloria Sue Daniels, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Pi. Second Row: • Maurice Lary Daniels, Tupelo; Business. • Thomas Lee Daniels, Ripley, Tenn.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau. • John West Dannreuther, Anguilla ; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • John Charles Davis, Booneville; Engineering. o Robert Lee Davis, Water Valley; Engineering. • Sandra Brown Davis, Spring Hill, Tenn.; Education. Third Row: • Paul Lloyd Dawes, Natchez; Engineering. • Daniel Deaton, Jackson ; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Lisa Decker, Anderson, Ind.; Education; Kappa Kappa • Ronald David Demilio, Clarksdale; Business; Sigma. • Thomas Howard Demoss, Tunica ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Susan Stewart Denham, Miss City; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • Deborah Lynn Dennis, Whittier, Calif.; Liberal Arts. • Evalyn Deborah Dent, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Charles Leslie Denton, Shelby; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Arthur Aaron Derrick, III, Durant ; Business. • Sidney Williams Derrick, Durant; Liberal Arts. • Deborah Lu Devaney, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Fifth Row: • Gary Gene Dickens, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Linda Jo Dickerson, Ladel, Ind.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Edward Dickey. Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • Linda Sue Dickson, Houston, Texas; Business. • Jimmy Gage Dobbs, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Jeanne Donahue, Jackson; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: • Janet Dong, Tutwiler; Pharmacy. • Peter B. Douglas, Niagara Falls, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • Roy Edward Dove, New Orleans, La.; • Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Jefferson Dukes, Hattiesburg; Business; Sigma Nu. • Michael Eugene Dumas, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • Marsha Carol Duncan, Vicksburg; Alpha Omicron Pi. Seventh Row: • Rose Ann Duncan, New Albany ; Education ; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sara Alice Duncan, Whiteville, Tenn.; Educa- tion; Kappa Delta. • Victoria Ann Duncan, Memphis, Tenn.; Education: Alpha Delta Pi. • Walton B. Dunn, Jr., Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • Andrea April Duprel, Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Robert David Dye, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Barbara Jan Dyre, Grenada ; Pharmacy ; Alpha Delta Pi. • Rachel Earhart, Tucker, Ark.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Kathryn East, Tyronza, Ark.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Sallie R. Eaton, Sumrall ; Education; Chi Omega. • Martha Anne Edmonson, Education ; Chi Omega. • Susan Ellen Edring- ton, Osceola, Ark.; Education ; Pi Beta Phi. Ninth Row: • Donna Allan Edwards, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Kay E. Edwards, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education ; Alpha Delta Pi. • William Hudson Edwards, Jr., Charleston, S.C.; Liberal Arts. • William John Egan, Jr., Baton Rouge, La.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • Nancy Ann Egger, Drew ; Business ; Delta Delta Delta. • Susan Lee Einhaus, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. Tenth Row: • Karen Marlena Eisiminger, Alexandria, Va.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Judy Kaye Elam, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Carolyn Edith Elliott, Oxford; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Mildred Teresa Ellis, Oxford; Pharmacy; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Miriam Helen Ellis, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Nancy M. Ellis, Memphis, Tenn. ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha D elta Pi. First Row: • Robert Byron Ellis, Jr., Oxford ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Karen Rebecca Enochs, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • John Charles Etheredge, Jackson; Pharmacy. • Lenore Lewis Ethridge, Oxford; Education; Chi Omega. • Thomas Monroe Ethridge, Homewood, Ill.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • John David Evans, University ; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Marsha Lee Evans, Henderson, Ky.; Liberal Arts. • Mary Ann Everhart, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Paula Ewert, University; Liberal Arts. • Robert Harris Ezelle, Meridian; Business. • Jeanne Jamison Fair, Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Fred Arthur Farmer, Brandon; Business. Third Row: • Perry Eugene Farnsworth, Los Angeles, Calif. • Liberal Arts. • Deborah Jane Farragut, Lafayette Hill, Pa.; • Janis Lee Farris, Corinth; Business; Alpha Pi. • James Michael Feldman, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Harvey Glenn Ferguson, Hernando; Business. • Suzan Lamb Ferguson, Independence ; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • Jann Fitzgerald, Fayetteville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Thomas Michael Flanary, University; Business; Sigma Pi. • James Wall Flanders, Chesapeake, Va.; ; Sigma Pi. • James Raymond Flansburg, Hornell, N.Y.; Engineering. • Suzanne Fletcher, Greenville; • Joe Ernest Flippin, Coldwater ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • Mayecilla Ann Floyd, Downers Green, Ill.; Education. • Susan Janette Ford, West Point; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • William Reynolds Ford, Jr., Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Bradley Harold Fournier, N.H.; Business. • Hallie Hargrove Fowler, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Steven Wayne Foxx, Greencastle, Ind.; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • David Barry Freeman, Oxford ; Business. • Deborah Sue Freeman, W. Memphis, Ark.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sandra Larue French, Ludlow, Pa., Education. • Jane D. Fuller, Laurel ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Ray Albert Furr, Jr., Columbus ; Liberal Arts. • William F. Furr, Aberdeen ; Business. Seventh Row: • James Harry Gabriel, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Paula Louise Gaither, Jackson; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Gerald Hiram Gardner, ; Business ; Kappa Sigma. • Howard Sharp Gary, Mendenhall ; Liberal Arts. • Chita Beasley Gaskin, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Peter Gee, University ; Business. Eighth Row: • Jane Stewart George, Monticello; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • John T. Gibbs, Jr., Leland; Business ; Kappa Sigma. • Jerry Michael Gilbreath, Laurel ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Jean Kollen Gillander, Jacksonville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Rieth Girod, Baton Rouge, La. • Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Marilyn Joyce Goad, Birmingham, Ala.; Business. Ninth Row: • George Davis Gober, Okolona ; Business. • Chauncey R. Godwin, Tupelo; Education. • Woodrow W. Golden, Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • James David Goodman, Shelby ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Edwin D. Goodnight, Crenshaw ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Rita Lane Goolsby, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • Sam Pinkney Gore, III, Natchez; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Dewitt Love Graeber, Yazoo City ; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Keith Austin Gragson, Belzoni ; Business; Kappa Alpha. • William David Graham, Ala.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Paul Richard Gray, New Albany ; Business. • Wanda Carol Gray, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Liberal Arts. My roommate ' s diary is the best thing I ' ve read all year. First Row: o Mildred L. Green, Benoit, Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. o Mary Marsha Greene, Sikeston, Mo.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • William G. Griesbeck, Memphis, Tenn. ; Business. • Judy Carole Griffin, Vardaman; Education. • James Alan Grimes, Yazoo City; Business ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Stephen Lufkin Guyton, Kosciusko ; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Patricia Anne Hagan, Minter City; Liberal Arts. • James Emile Haik, Long Beach; Business ; Delta Kappa • Marilyn L. Hall, Hollandale ; Business. • William Larry Hall, Oxford ; Business. • Craig Lawrence Indianapolis, Ind.; Business. • Sherry Lynn Gulfport; Education. Third Row: Claude Fields Haraway, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts ; Tau Omega. • John Fox Hardin, Calhoun City ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. e Eugene Peete Hardi son, Jr., Senatobia ; Liberal Arts. • William K. Harper, Jackson; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Alpha. • Martha Ann Harrelson, Grenada ; Liberal Arts. • F. Stephen Hartsfield, Fla. ; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • Timothy Clancy Harty, Tupelo ; Business. • Jan Marie Harvey, Gulfport ; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. o Hanley E. Hasseltine, Corinth ; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Chi. o John Cary Hatcher, Richmond, Va.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jane Dale Hawkins, Kosciusko ; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • John Leonard Hawkins, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • Susan Ann Hawkins, Birmingham, Ala. ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. • Carol Virginia Heathman, Indianola; Liberal Arts. • Michael Lee Hedges, Water Valley ; Engineering. • Richard Roy Heen, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Beta Theta Pi. • Nancy Carolyn Hemphill, Houston, Texas ; Education. • Andrew Lee Henry, Baldwyn; Engineering. Sixth Row: • Marianne Henson, T ullahoma, Tenn.; Business ; Pi Beta Phi. • Mary Delle Herlong, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • Mary Lewis Herndon, Kingston Springs, Tenn. ; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • James Ray Herring, Business. • Barbara Jean Hester, Gulfport; Business ; Kappa Delta. • James Lonnie Hicks, III, Laurel ; Beta Theta Pi. First Row: • Daniel Leigh Hilsabeck, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • Montez Hobbs, Natchez; Education. • Milton Hobbs, Auburn, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Lynn Barry Hodges, Calhoun City ; Business. • Harry Paul Hoffman, Oxford; Business. • Robert Murry Hogan, Jr., Brandon; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • David Tindall Holcomb, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Michael Ray Holcomb, Tupelo; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Owen Holliday Holder, Corinth; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Susan Eileen Holler, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Education. • Freddie Wayne Hollis, Rosedale; Education; Phi Delta Theta. • Brenda Joyce Holmes, Baldwyn; Arts. Third Row: • Charles David Holmes, Canton; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jean Barksdale Holmes, Yazoo City ; Delta Delta Delta. • Tillie Cherite Hood, ; Education. • Danny Lane Hooker, Pontotoc ; • Ann Ricks Hoover, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts. • B. Hoover, III, Madisonville, Ky.; Business. Fourth Row: • Michael Norton Horlock, Long Beach ; Liberal Arts. • Nancy Louise Houchins, Vicksburg ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Steven Kent Howell, Grenada; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Harriett H. Howser, Gallatin, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Sharon Wynne Howze, Sledge; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. • Mary Lawrence Hughes. Arlington, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • Morella Jane Hughes, Charleston; Liberal Arts ; Delta Gamma. • Cheryl W. Hungerford, Tunica ; Liberal Arts. • Donna Lynn Hungerford, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Leah Jo Hurdle, Collierville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Charles Logan Hussey, Ocean Springs ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Rosemary Hyde, Grenada ; Sixth Row: • Mikie Joe Inmon, Toccopola ; Pharmacy. • Ronnie Isaac, Cleveland ; Engineering. • Charlotte C. Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Lucy Kate Jackson, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Malcolm Allen Jackson, Jr., New Albany ; Business; Sigma Chi. • Mary Alice Jackson, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Thomas M. Jacobs, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Charles Edward James, Jr., Natchez ; Education. • Joe James, Lucedale ; Education. • William Lawrence Jaquith, Whitfield ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Theta. • Jerry Cloyce Sunflower ; Business. • William Perrin Jenkins, Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Lizabeth Jean Jetton, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jean Wing Joe, Clarksdale, Pharmacy. • Patrick Hayes Johnson, Jr., Jackson; • William R. Johnson, Fairhope, Ala.; Business. • George Johnston, Jr., Clarksdale ; Business. • Charles Lester Joiner, Jr., Greenwood ; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Christopher Riddell Jones, Inverness ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • Edward Alan Jones, Jackson; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Michael Aven Jones, Coffeeville ; Business. • Van. Randall Jones, Lawrence ; Business. • Louise Jordan, Hazlehurst ; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Sandra Jean Jordan, Miami, Fla.; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • Terry Leland Jordan, Philadelphia ; Business. • Walter Allen Jordan, Madisonville, Ky.; Engineering. • Thomas Joseph Joseph, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Judith Fay Joyner, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Pamela Kay Juchheim, Grenada ; Liberal Arts. • Sharon Rose Jumonville, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Frances Kaye Junkin, Natchez; Education; Delta Gamma. • Kenneth Lee Kauerz, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sarah Eliz Kellum, Hollandale ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Gamma. • Sandra Kelsey, Collierville, Tenn. ; Education; Delta Gamma. • Linda Faye Kelso, Dorsey; Education. • Margaret Karel Kendall, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Betty Kay Kennedy, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. • Judith Ann Kilgore, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Brenda Gail Kimbrough, Tupelo ; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Elizabeth Rivers King, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Katherine Cecile King, Oxford ; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Leslie Darnell King, Greenville ; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • Richard Moore King, Jr., Chester, Va.; Education. • Judy Ann Kitchens, New Albany ; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. • Mary B. Knott, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. • Nancy Repps Knox, Trenton, Tenn. ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Rickey Arvard Koon, Macon; Business ; Sigma Chi. • Paul Igor Kosko, Tallmadge, Ohio ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • Frank Richard Kuhn, Tampa, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • Louise Labhart, Jackson; Education. • Hershel Otho Ladner, Gulfport ; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Linda Ann Lair, Sfield Montreal, Canada; Business ; • Paul Andrew Landry, Jackson ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Susan Kathryn Langdon, Oxford; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • Thomas Joseph Langmesser, Chicago, Ill. ; Liberal Arts ; Beta Theta Pi. • Beatrice Mae Langston, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • William Frank Lapolla, R.I. ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Theta. • Lisa Larson, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Bonnie Fontaine Lassetter, Hazlehurst ; Education. • Dorothy Sue Latimer, Okolona ; Education; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row • Jane Lauderdale, Nashville, Tenn.; Pharmacy ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Loran Lee Laughlin, Louisville, Ky. ; ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lynda Grace Lavers, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts. • Demetra Illene Lawrence, Etta ; Liberal Arts. • Daisy Diella Lee, Vicksburg ; Liberal Arts. • Mary Bendella Lee, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Judy Claire Leech, Oxford ; Education; Delta Gamma. • Harry Cole Leeper, Jr., University ; Engineering. • K. Lemon, Jackson, Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. • Annie Eliz Lewellen, New Albany; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. • Linnie Belle Liggins, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Allen Little, Raleigh; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Aaron Lee Loden, Dorsey, Business. • Mark Brinson Loflin, Jackson; Business ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Ann Lokey, Amarillo, Texas; Liberal Arts. • William Niles Lovelady, Oxford ; Business; Sigma Chi. • James Otis Lovell, Memphis, Tenn. ; Business ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Richard Byrd Lucas, Pascagoula ; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Connie Jo Luckett, Jackson ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. • Lucretia Anne Luckett, Clarksdale ; Education; Chi Omega. • William Hamilton Luft, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Dianne Lyons, Biloxi ; Liberal Arts. • Patricia Anne Gulfport ; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • Bobbie Ed McCants, Moss Point ; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • Charlotte L. McCauley, Hickory Flat ; Education. • W. McClung, Jr., Tunica ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Psi. • Charles Edward McCool, Louisville ; Pharmacy ; Delta Psi. • Annette McCool, Calhoun City ; Education. • Hugh McCool, Noxapater ; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Roselyn Scott McCord ; Columbus ; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. First Row: • James Shelby McCullar, Batesville; Business. • Judy Clarene McDougal, Winona; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Mann McDowell, Flora; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Ronald Wayne McElroy, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Carl Anthony McGee, Brookhaven; • James A. McGraw, Yazoo City; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • Madalyn Kay McHarg, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Margaret V. McIlwain, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Leslie Ann McIntyre, Brandon ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Roberta Haynes McKay, Education. • Gwen Anne McKee, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. o Norton Guyton McKeigney, Jackson; Business; Sigma Chi. Third Row: • Daniel Thomas McKessy, Boca Raton, Fla.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Eugene B. McLaurin, Oxford; Arts ; Sigma Chi. • Michael Martin McMaster, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jennie Wright McMath, Isola ; Education. • Susan Elizabeth McNamee, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Janet Elizabeth McNeely, Natchez; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • Sherry Ann McNeer, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Carroll D. McQueen, Jr., Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Susanne E. Aurora, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Pamela A. Madsen, Homewood, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Joe Harvey Magee, Tylertown; Business. o William Thomas Magee, Gulfport; Education. Fifth Row: • Miriam Lane Malone, Athens, Ala.; Education; Chi Omega. • William Pickett Maloney, Audubon, N.J.; • Constance Lue Mann, Centralia, Ill.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Patricia Dawn Mann, Greenville; Education; Kappa Delta. • Ronald Joseph Mann, Centralia, Ill.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • Van Russell Manning, Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Robert Alvin Maples, Millington, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Sigma. James Brett Marshall, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • Frank G. Martin, Summit; Liberal Arts. • Berlon Michael Mauldin, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • Charles Gregory Maxey, Clarksdale ; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • James Douglas May, Meridian; Education. You won ' t believe what Papa Joe did in class today. First Row: • Betty Ruth Meacham, North Miami, Fla.; Education; Phi Mu. • Paula Meek, Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Marilyn Old Mercer, Dallas, Texas; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Jack Floyd Meyer, Duquoin, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • Mary Jane Miers, Dallas, Texas; Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Cynthia Jane Miller, Brookhaven; Business. Second Row: • Everett Joe Miller, Leakesville; Education. • Martha Brandon Miller, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • David Webster Mills, Batesville ; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. • Mildred Louise Milner, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Jeffrey Clement Minor, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Reggie Dale Mobley, Fulton; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • James Michael Moher, Nashua, N.H.; Liberal Arts. • Jo Ann. Monteith, Dallas, Texas; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Calvin Wells Montgomery, Inverness; Liberal Arts. • Edmund Warren Montgomery, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Georgianna Montgomery, Yazoo City; Education. • Henderson A. Moore, III, Liberal Arts ; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • Linda Moore, Jackson, Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. • Wayne Morgan, Las Vegas, Nev.; Liberal Arts. • Hal Chase Moss, University; Engineering. • Lillian Moy, Liberal Arts. • Michael Mubarak, Amman, Liberal Arts. • Rebecca Merle Murphy, Baldwyn; Education. Fifth Row: • Claudia Dean Muth, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • Leon Myers, New Albany ; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. • Cathrine Nance, Clarksdale ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Elizabeth Anne Nappier, Raleigh, N.C.; Business. • Shelby Thomas Nassar, Clarksdale ; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Antoinette Earle Neely, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Mary Anne Neely, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. • Russell Neely, Shreveport, La.; Education ; Kappa Sigma. • Thomas Dean Neely, Jr., Burlington., Wisc. • Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Eva Lillian Neill, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Samuel W. Neill, Leland ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Lura Jean Netherton, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Margaret Anne Nettles, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Michelle G. Nichols, Wayland, Mass.; Education. • Jerome Nickens, Denmark ; Engineering. • Anne O ' Neill Norman, New Albany ; Education; Delta Gamma. • Charles Wright Northern, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • James Larry Nowlin, W. Memphis, Ark.; ; Beta Theta Pi. Eighth Row: • Richard S. Oakley, Senatobia; Education ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Laura Ann Okeefe, Clarksdale ; Business. • Julian Oleary, Greenville, S.C.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Charles Jerry Oliver, Jackson ; Business. • Charles Snow Omara, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Van Dale Ostermick, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • Larry Eugene Oswalt, Forrest City Ark.; Education. • Joseph Sam Owen, Gulfport ; Education. • Shirley Ann Page, Tupelo ; Liberal Arts. • Thomas D. Paine, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Nu. • Joyce Anne Pardue, St. Louis, Mo.; Education ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • David C. Port Gibson.; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • Beverly Jane Parker, W. Helena, Ark.; Education. • Dabney Terrell Parker, Rosedale ; Liberal Arts. • William Eugene Passera, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. • Jane Patterson, Tupelo; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Patricia Lola Patterson, Pensacola, Fla.; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Victoria Paul, Laurel ; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Linda Jewell Peacher, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • Wilmer P. Pennebaker, Jr., Crawfordsville, Ark.; Business. • Houston Perry, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • George Nick Peters, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • Terry Don Pieralisi, Leland; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William C. Pinkston, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. Second Row: • Rachel Ann Pitcher, Baton Rouge, La.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert Michael Pitner, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • William Claude Pittman, Greenwood; Business. • Mary Evelyn Poates, Clinton; Liberal Arts. • Mitchell E. Poole, Va.; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. • Mary Lamar Poovey, Tie Plant ; Business; Ph i Mu. Third Row: • Phyllis Patricia Powell, Forest Park, Ill.; Education. • Arthur Alexander Preston, Aberdeen; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Charlotte Ann Price, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Alpha Delta Pi. • John Lewis Price, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Marilyn Lee Price, Vicksburg; Education. • Donna Maria Ptak, ; Business. Fourth Row: • Susan Waldrop Puckett, Morton; Education. • Eileen Hernando ; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Newell Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Janet Rae, Birmingham, Ala.; Education. • Theodore Hughes Rainey, Jr., Ripley; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi • Larry Guy Rea, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fifth Row: • A. J. Reed, Jr., Gallatin, Tenn.; Education. • Anton E. Reel, III, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Wesley Reese, Birmingham, Ala.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kenneth Harlan Reid, Olive Branch ; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Patsy Darlene Reifers, Okolona ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • William Rigby, Jr., Kosciusko; Engineering. Sixth Row: • Aaron Nickey Ring, W. Memphis, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Rian Ringsrud, Deadwood, S.D.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • William L. Roach, Jr., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Anne E. B. Robbins, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Dennis Lee Roberts, Pascagoula ; Business ; Beta Theta Pi. • Charles Ray Robertson, Jr., Meridian ; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Sidney A. Robinson, Jackson ; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Stewart Robison, Hamilton; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • James Donald Rogers, Carroll, Ohio ; • Bettina Ann Rowe, Homewood, Ill.; Education ; Delta Gamma. • Ben Lockett Royce, Isola ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Victoria Leah Rueseler, Cape Mo.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • Ardis Defrance Russell, Yazoo City; Business. • Nanette May Russell, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Wallace Howard Russell, Yazoo City ; Business. • Mary Frances Rutledge, Pontotoc ; Liberal Arts. • Joseph K. Saad, Jr., Clarksdale ; Business ; Phi Kappa Psi. • Deborah A. Salerno, Oxford ; Education. Ninth Row: • Andrew McMullen Sampson, Jackson; Business. • Janie Aileen Sanders, Oxford ; Education. • Melanie L. Sanders, Vaiden; Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Elise Sanford, Anna, Ill.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Paul Eugene Sapoch, Jr., Jackson ; Pharmacy. • Robert Bruce Mississippi City; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • Stephen Alexander Saway, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Melody Scott, Hernando ; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Nancy Lee Scott, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • Isabelle Alfsen Scurry, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Sandra Seale, Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Frederick Taylor Searcy, Brandon; Liberal Arts. First Row: • William H. Searight, Jackson; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Rodger C. Sears, Atlanta, Ill.; Business. • Kathy Senter, Fulton; Education. • Thomas Graden Senter, Jr., Fulton; Pharmacy. • Suzan Lynn Settlemire, Mt. Vernon, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Mary Millicent Shannon, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • Harry Carter Sharp, Miami, Fla.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Ben Ellis Sheely, Gulfport ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Sharon Agnes Shelton, Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Mu. • Susan Marlene Shipley, Vicksburg; Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Michael Earl Shumaker, Jackson; Business. • Harold R. Sides, Kosciusko; Business; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: o June Gail Sims, Louin; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Richard Sipos, Stuart, Fla.; Engineering. • Michele M. Sisson, Mayfield, Ky.; Education. • Deborah Carol Slade, Oxford; Education. • Anne L. Slaughter, Silver City ; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • Garry Dale Smith ; Water Valley; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: Girlender Smith, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • James Wood Smith, Greenwood; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Larry Smith, Pascagoula ; Business; Sigma Nu. • Linda Kathleen Smith, Grenada ; Education; Kappa Delta. • Mary Katherine Smith, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • Daniel Smith, Oxford ; Engineering. Fifth Row: • Ronald Jeffrey Smith, Berkeley Heights, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Earl Smith, Cleburne, Texas; Education. • Vicki Jeane Smith, New Albany ; Liberal Arts. • Doyle Smothers, Tupelo; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Hilda Joyce Sneed, Thaxton; Education. • Susan Sneed, Oxford ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: Jaclyn J. Spangerberg, Jacksonville, Ill.; Education. Michael David Speed, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. a Phoebe Loche Spencer, Port Gibson ; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Paul Anthony Spina, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Wade Nelson Spruill, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts. • Kathleen Eliz Squires, ; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: Terry R. Standridge, Marianna, Ark.; Engineering. Nancy Stasiak, Dayton, Ohio; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Margaret Frances Steen, Abbeville, La.; Education; Delta Pi. • James R. Stokes, Jackson; Business. • David Stokes, Jr., Evansville, Ind.; Engineering; Tau Omega. • B. Jean Stone, University ; Education. Eighth Row: • Eugene Carroll Stone, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Charles Wilhelm Streicher, Memphis, Tenn.; Business ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Mary Claudine Strickland, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Delta Gamma. • Patricia Ann Laurel ; Liberal Arts. • Lonnie Shepherd Stricklin, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Jackson Stubbs, Holly Springs; Business ; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • Elizabeth Watson Sugg, West Point; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • Kenneth Gerald Sullivan, Jackson ; Business ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Thomas James Sullivan, Savanna, Ill.; Business. • Garry Wright Summerford, Fulton; • Gloria Lynne Summers, Kosciusko ; Education. • Scott Conway Swaney, Holly Springs ; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tenth Row: • Sharon Rajean Tallant, Jackson ; Business. • Paula Tardy, Lexington ; Liberal Arts. • Roger Dees Tate, Jr.. Columbus ; Liberal Arts. • F. Wayne Taylor, Oxford ; Business. • Merry Gail Temple. Meadville ; Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Nancy G. Teneyck, Laurel ; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. First Row: • Eloise L. Tenney, Grenada ; Education; Chi Omega. • George Philip Terrebonne, Metairie, La.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Antoinette L. Terrell, Baton Rouge, La.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Elizabeth Ann Teunisson, Greenville ; Education; Delta Gamma. • Stephen Lee Thomas, Richmond, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha • Susan Wyatt Thomas, Michigan City; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: O Donna Susan Thompson, Richmond, Va.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Terry Keith Thrash, Jackson; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. • Trudy Tidwell, West Point; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Larry Jaubert Tillman, Mt. Holly, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • Deborah Ann Timmins, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Helen Tindall, Indianola ; Education; Chi Omega. Third Row: • Michael Carl Todaro, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Garey Maurice Trahan, Biloxi; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. o Linda Lee Tribble, Charleston; Education; Phi Mu. o Joyce Deland Tubb, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Roger McKay Tubbs, Oxford ; Engineering. • Murry Tumey, Greenville; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • Mary Lynn Turner, Hattiesburg; Libera l Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert Michael Tyner, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Georgia Diane Tyson, ; Education. • Gail Lee Valecka, Glenview, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • Sandor N. Varadi, University; • Teresa Mai Vaughn, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega. Fifth Row: • Cynthia Gay Vincent, Martin, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Susan Vincent, Marks; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Gary Clayton Voyles, Walnut; • John Tracy Wade, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • Mary Sue Wade, Hollandale; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Michael Douglas Wade, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Charles Ray Waggoner, Carthage ; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Karen Blythe Walcott, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Ben Walker, Tribbett ; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Judy Ann Wallace, Dallas, Texas; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Carol Lynn Waller, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Gail Frances Walsh, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: • Betty Jo Wampler, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; Business ; Alpha Delta Pi. • John Michael Wann, Madison; Education. • Connie Laine Wardlaw, Batesville; Education. • Libby Sue Watkins, Meridian; Education; Delta Gamma. • Simmons Watts, Montgomery, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Marian Kay Webster, Marianna, Ark.; Education. Eighth Row: John P. Welborn, Morganfield, Ky.; Education. • Susan arie Weldon, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Erskine Watkins Wells, Jr., Jackson; Business ; Delta Psi. • Keith Wade Welsh, Springfield, Mo.; Education. • Sidney Everett West, Batesville ; Liberal Arts. • James Whatley, Drew ; Business; Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • Donald E. Whetstine, Clinton, S.C.; Business. • Craig Michael White, Marvell, Ark.; Business. • David Lees White, Point Washington, N.Y.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau. • Janie White, Tupelo; Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. • Katherine Lynn White, Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi. • Mary Temple White, Toccopola ; Education. Tenth Row: • Nancy Jean Whitten, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Thomas Edward Whitten, Hernando; Engineering. • Donald Anthony Wiater, Morrisville, Pa.; Sigma Pi. e Elaine Carol Wilcox, Greenville ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • David Eugene Wilder, Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Kenneth Wilkinson, Pelahatchie ; Business ; Kappa Alpha. First Row: • Anne Elizabeth Williams, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Betty Alice Williams, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • David Owen Williams, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • Dorothy Shirley Williams, Jackson; Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Helen F. Williams, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Education. • Martha Jane Williams, Corinth; Second Row: • Murray L. Williams, Jr., Greenville; Business. • Robert R. Williams, Jr., Walnut; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Woodrow Calvin Williams, Jackson, Tenn.; • James Kenneth Williamson, Kosciusko; Pharmacy. • Cassandra Jane Wilson; Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • James Arntson Wilson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: • Wanda C. Wilson, Metairie, La.; Liberal Arts. • Ronald Ervin Windham, Ellisville; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Tau. • Alton Eugene Windsor, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Eugene John Wing, Jonestown; • Bobby Ray Winste ad, Canton ; Education. • Lew Winther, Waterloo, Iowa; Education. Fourth Row: • John Robert Winthrop, Duquoin, Ill.; Education; Sigma Pi. • Ralph S. Winton, Sulligent, Ala.; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. • Mark Wise, Mound Bayou ; Engin eering. • Thomas Mark Wofford, Slate Spring; Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta. • Patricia Louise Womble, Water Valley ; Business. • Eddie Taw Woo, Inverness ; Education. Fifth Row: • Genevieve Williams Wood, Decatur, Ala.; Education. • Janet Wood, Greenville, S.C.; Education. • George Franklin Woodliff, Jackson; Business; Beta Theta Pi,. • James Arthur Woods, Tunica; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Thomas Jefferson C. Woods, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Victoria L. Worthington, Evansville, Ind.; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Eddy Howard Wright, Bruce ; Engineering. • Pamela Jo Wright, Huntsville, Ala.; Education ; Phi Mu. • Jere Yates, Hazlehurst ; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Alpha. • Margaret Gaines Yates, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Bettie Rene Young, Waynesboro; Education ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Paula G. Young, Caruthersville, Mo.; Education. First Row: William Sellers Abbey, Clarksdale; Business. • Wilbur Murrah Abernethy, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Anna Fleming Adams, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Jill Leslie Adams, Clearwater, Fla.; Education. • Robert Terry Alexander, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Psi. • Glenda Joy Alford, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Patti Clark Alford, McComb; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Merilyn Victoria Allen, Columbus; Education; Kappa Delta. • Paula Ann Alsworth, West Memphis, Ark.; • Julia Pearl Alvarez, Greenville ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Michael Lee Amoded, Tupelo; Arts. • Jannelle Marlene Anders, Education. Third Row: • Phyllis Ann Anderson, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Robert Emmett Anderson, Corinth ; Liberal Arts. • Stanley T. Arceneaux, Jackson; Education. • George F. Archer, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • Jane Dianne Arnett, Oxford; Education. • Charles Winnick Ashley, Jackson.; Business. Fourth Row: • John Ray Atkinson, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Paula Axley, England, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Grant Ayres, Rockville, Ind.; Pharmacy; Sigma. • Walter Wilbert Bachman, Terre Haute, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Barbara Lynn Bailey, Leeds, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Malcolm Douglas Bailey, Lambert ; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fifth Row: • Arthur F. Bakeler, Slidell, La.; Liberal Arts. • Belinda Sheryll Baker, Indianola; Education. • Arthur D. Balch, Pass Christian, Miss.; Business. • Jo Ann Baldwin, Business. • Janice Sue Barbazon, Germantown, Tenn.; Education. • Lynda Lea Barbour, Clardsdale; Education ; Pi Beta Phi. Sixth Row: • George Spencer Barnes, Jr., Columbus; Liberal Arts. James Carl Barrett, Tupelo; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • George Ludwig Barthel, III, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. • Ellen Gertrude Bath, Natchez; Business. • Helen Olivette Bath, Natchez; Business. • Greer Allene Batson, Grenada; Education ; Kappa Delta. Seventh Row: • John Carlisle Batte, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Lewis William Bays, Jr., Cleveland; Business. • David Hazard Beard, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Martha Anne Bearden, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Alan Mark Becker, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Charlotte Lynn Beckett, Bruce ; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Pamela Jane Bedgood, Jackson; Business; Alpha Pi. • Arthur C. Benson, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kenneth Kevin Beyer, McLean, Va.; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • Charles S. Bidgood, Meridian ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Daniel Martin Birdwell, Hollow Rock, Tenn. ; Liberal Arts. • Eric Carlton Blackwood, Baton Rouge, La.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Ninth Row: • Holbert D. Blair. Hattiesburg: Business. • Marilyn Blakeslee, Jackson ; Education ; Phi Mu. • Sandra K. Bloodworth, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Charles B. Blount, Hattiesburg; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sharon Ann Blount, Decatur ; Liberal Arts. • Mary Bell Bobb, Vicksburg; Education; Chi Omega. Tenth Row: • Charles Reynolds Boisseaw, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Arts; Sigma Pi. • Susan Garner Boone, Jackson, Tenn.; Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Michael Booth, Vicksburg; Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta. • Suelen Margaret Booth, Vicksburg; Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Ann Miller Bowen, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. • Bonnie Lois Bowen, ; Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. First Row: • Janie Lynn Bowie, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. 0 Susan Carolyn Boyd, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William Slone Boyd, III, Laurel ; Liberal Arts. • Monica Joy Bramblett, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Gay Lawler Bramlett, Bobo; Education ; Chi Omega. • Leslie Juanita Brandon, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row: • Grace Marian Braun, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Robert Kenneth Brennan, Flossmoor, Ill.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sandra Lynn Brewer, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Joseph A. Bridewell, Hazelhurst ; Business ; Kappa Sigma. • Thad Sharon Bridges, Education. • Sue Bright, Tylertown; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • Dovotie Ward Brister, Grenada ; Pharmacy ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Dennis Edwin Britt, Chanquinola, Panama; Liberal Arts. • Bonnie Broadfoot, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Alpha Delta Pi. • James Murray Brock, Jr., ; Liberal Arts. • Betty Lynn Brommer, Memphis, Tenn.; Eduction. • Robert Doug Brotherton, New Business. Fourth Row: • Beverly Thomson Brown, Alexandria, La.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Rebecca Ann Browne, Oxford; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Deborah Yvonne Bruce, Ashland; Liberal Arts. • Patricia R. Brumfield, McComb ; Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. • Mary Elizabeth Bryant, University ; Liberal Arts ; Chi Omega. • Olen C. Bryant, Jr., Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Harriette Ann Bryson, New Albany ; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • Ann Wailes Buchanan, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Helen Victoria Buchanan, Holly Springs ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Carolyn Buckner, Vicksburg; Education ; Phi Mu. • Robert S. Buffington, Virginia Beach, Va.; Business. • Sandra Ann Bufkin, Clinton ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • Nan Elizabeth Buford, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Elizabeth Susan Bullock, Jackson.; Business ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Larry Hugh Bunch, Oxford ; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Davis Burk, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • Jerry Clark Burnett, Tupelo; Business; Sigma Chi. • Barbara J. Burnham, Clarksdale ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: • Mary Eston Burson, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Pamela Butts, Laurel ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. • Walter Redding Byrd, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Mary Wallace Cain, Liberal Arts. • George William Caldwell, Houston: Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Carl Benjamin Campbell, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Business ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Jane Ellen Carlson, Arlington, Va.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Chan Susan Carman, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Joseph Niehert Carpenter, Natchez ; Business ; Kappa Sigma. • Candace Moore Carroll, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Vincent J. Castigliola, Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Susan S. Chamberlin, Millington, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Sylvia Jean Chamblee. Greenwood ; Business; Alpha Delta Pi. • Cameron Chapman, Yazoo City ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. • Marguerite R. Cheairs, Business; Kappa Delta. • Deborah Ann Chennault, ,Jackson; Education ; Chi Omega. • Barbara Lorraine Cherry, Winchester, Ill.; Education. • James William Chiles, Osceola, Ark.; Business. Tenth Row: • Martin Kirk Chryst, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Beverly Clark, Starkville ; Liberal Arts. • Frances Carlisle Clark, West Point ; Education ; Delta Delta Delta. • Elisha Clark, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Sheryl Leslie Clark, Pass Christian, Miss.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Susan Jay Clark, Bay St. Louis ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. First Row: • Teresa Rosemary Clark, Iuka ; Education. • Marvin Bradford Cleage, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • John Daniel Cleveland, Jackson; Business ; Sigma Chi. • Thomas Jefferson Cloar, Earl, Ark.; Sigma Nu. • Stephen Collins Clouse, Larchment, N.Y.; Education ; Sigma Pi. • James Filo Coats, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • Theodore Kirk Coburn, Hinsdale, Ill.; Business ; Sigma Pi. • Carolyn Cole, Bolivar, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • Kathleen B. Coleman, Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta. • Ronald Lee Coleman, Tenn. ; Business. • Charlotte Louise Coley, West Memphis, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Sandra Jo Colter, Natchez ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Gamma. Third Row: • Christopher Lee Corner, Cairo, Ill.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Tau. • Linda Kay Comer, Booneville ; Education. • William Leslie Cook, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Douglas Lee Cooper, Jackson ; Business ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • James Robert Cooper, Jr., Marietta, Ohio; Liberal Arts ; Beta Theta Pi. • Cristy Coors, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Karen Olivia Cope, Livingston, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. • Janice Kay Cothran, Marianna, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi. • John Stevens Cotten, Gulfport ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • Sharon Sue Couch, Brandon; Liberal Arts. • Harmon Wilfred Cox, ; Business ; Phi Delta Theta. • John Michael Craft, Senatobia ; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • Walter Thomas Crafton, Jr., Grenada ; Liberal Arts. • Leslie Lee Crawford, Jr., Hernando ; Business ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Walter Jeffrey Crawford, Tylertown ; Liberal Arts ; Sigma Chi. • James Joseph Crongeyer, Pensacola, Fla. ; Liberal Arts. • Carolyn Louise Crook, Dallas, Texas ; Liberal Arts. • Susan Helen Cross, Baton Rouge, La. ; Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: • Kerry Eliz Culp, Whiteville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Richard M. Cunningham, Madison, Tenn. ; Engineering ; Kappa Alpha. • Bert Bennett Cupit, Liberal Arts ; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Leo Alexander Cutcliff, Amory ; Business. • Tanya Diane Daggett, Business ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Samuel Eugene Dan iel, McComb ; Pharmacy ; Sigma Nu. The future Governor and Lt. Governor of the state. First Row: • Deborah Ann Davidson, Oxford ; Business. • Hubert James Davidson, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa • John Ford Davis, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • Laura Lee Davis, Oxford; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Ronald Davis, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Vina Blue Davis, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • George Davis Dawson, Okolona; Business. • Michael Kent Dawson, Lovington, Ill.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Marcia Gay Decker, Indianapolis, Ind.; Alpha Delta Pi. • William Roland Deener, Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • M. Angelita New Albany; Education. • Julie Theresa Delph, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • Jack Carver Dessommes, Ocean Springs; Engineering. • Willie Henry Deyamport, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • Fahey Anne Dibenedetto, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Linda Ann Diaz, Louisville, Ky.; Arts. • Donald Dickerson, Columbus; Engineering. • Walter Eugene Dickson, Bruce ; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • James Paul Doherty, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Barbara Ann Dombrowski, St. Charles, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • James Edward Donald, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Gloria Alice Dowdy, Gulfport; Education ; Kappa • Guy William Dowdy, Jr., Ecru; Liberal Arts; Delta Tau Delta. • Linda Altean Doyle, Clarksdale; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • William W. Drinkwater, Jr., ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Sandra Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Rayford Edwin Dukes, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • William David Dunavant, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Mary Cathryn Dyre, Grenada; Business; Phi Mu. • Letson E. Easterling, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • David S. Edmondson, Vardaman; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Sherry Lilette Edwards, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Sherry Lynne Ellington, Farmington, Mich.; Education. • Russell Edward Elliott, Bay St. Louis; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Mary Corinne Ellis, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Nancy Ellis, New Albany; Liberal Arts ; Phi Mu. Seventh Row: • Rebecca Ann Enloe, Jackson; Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. • Alexis Marie Engram, Gulfport; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Sharon Ann Estes, Kenner, La. • Education. • Judith Nell Etheridge, Meridian ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Laura Ramage Ethridge, Oxford ; Business; Chi Omega. • Marjorie Louise Ezell, Shannon; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • George Robertson Fair, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Donald Terry Farmer, Columbus; Business. • Mary Julianna Farr, Columbus, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Emily Spencer Farrar, Dickson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Tommye Dale Favre, Miss. City; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Leslie Lyon Feigley, Greenville ; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • Samuel David Feldman, Newton ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Mary Ann Fenstermacher, Vicksburg; Education. • Anna Frances Ferguson, Tupelo; Education; Phi Mu. • Helen Beth Ferguson, Greenville; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Johnnie Walter Ferguson, Hernando; • Candice Ruth Ferry, Jacksonville, Ill.; Tenth Row: • John Alexander Ferrell, Iuka; Liberal Arts ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lucian Minor Ferris, Vicksburg; Business ; Sigma Chi. • Pamela Joy Fields, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • Cynthia Gail Fillingane, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. • Byron Fincher, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • James Franklin Fischer, Southaven Engineering. First Row: • Robert Allan Fisher, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Frederic Parmelee Fitch, Providence, R.I.; Arts. • John Charles Fletcher, Jackson; Business ; Sigma Chi. • Nancy Ellen Floyd, Indianola; Education; Delta Gamma. • James Douglas Fly, McComb; Liberal Arts. • Michael James Foley, Alexandria, Va.; Business. Second Row: • Charles William Foose, Tchula ; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • David Chalaron Forrester, Itlaca, N.Y.; Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Jane Carol Foshee, Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Jamie Frances Fowler, Jackson; Business; Delta Gamma. • Brenda Julia Francis, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts. • Martha Beth Franklin, Liberal Arts. Third Row: O William Harrell Freeman, Waynesboro; Engineering. O Sandra Stuart Fulton, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Susan Quinn Fulton, Greenville; Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Chellie Lucretia Furr, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Glenn Todd Gallaspy, West Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Paul Michael Garner, Yazoo City ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: • Thomas Patrick Garrigan, Madisonville, Ky.; Business. • Gerald Conner Gay, Falkner; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Marion Alexander Gay, Grenada ; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Gee, Lambert; Liberal Arts. • Craig Allen Falls Church, Va.; Liberal Arts. • Alan Lawrence Giffin, Louisville ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Barbara Hunt Gilder, Vardaman; Education; Kappa Delta. • Terry Lee Gillespie, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • Cawthon Gilliam, Jackson, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Georgia Anne Gilluly, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Keitha Givens, Jackson ; Liberal Arts. • David Charles Gleason, Meridian; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • Kay Carol Gordon, Magee; Liberal Arts; Alpha Pi. • John Evans Gough, New Orleans, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Douglas Randall Gould, Quitman ; Business; Kappa Sigma. • James Peyton Marks; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Beverly Lynn Graham, Centreville; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Robert Lynn Graham, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Seventh Row: • Linda Jean Grant, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • Janet Lou Graves, West Memphis, Ark.; Education; Delta Gamma. • Marilyn Anita Graves, Ashland; Education. • Martha Kaye Graves, Laurel ; Education; Delta Gamma. • Duncan Montgomery Gray, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • William Alan Gray, Meridian; Business; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • John Grady Green, Grenada; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Green Barry Greer, Sikeston, Mo.; Business. • Frankie Darnell Gregg, University; Engineering. • William Gresham, III, Indianola; Business. • Faye Dianne Grisham, Amory ; Liberal Arts. Dinah Gail Gross, Carthage ; Pharmacy. Ninth Row: • Shelby Russell Grubbs, Long Beach ; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Stephanie Ann Guckert, Liberal Arts. • Carolyn Lee Guice, Biloxi; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • Jacob Davis Guice, Biloxi ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Thomas Calvin Guider, Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Raymond G. Gunn, Jackson ; Business. Tenth Row: • William Edwin Gupton, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • George Bannister Gwin, Tupelo; Liberal Arts ; Phi Delta Theta. • Cheryl Anne Hagan, Nashville, Tenn.; Education ; Delta Gamma. • William Emile Haik, Long Beach ; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Paula Kay Hailey, Crowder ; Business. • Emmett Russell Hall, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. First Row: • James Emory Hall, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Mary Julia Hall, Greenville; Education; Phi Mu. • Melissa Ann Hall, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Theodore Lewis Halter, Engineering. • Wilbur Gordon Hamlin, West Point ; Liberal Arts. • Dennis Vernon Hammons, Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Judith Ann Hammer, Peoria, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Maurice Hamp, Tunica; Liberal Arts. • Nancy Melissa Hankins, Raleigh ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Thomas Cranford Hardin, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Wyatt E. Harlow, Yazoo City ; Pharmacy. • Mary Sandra Harmon, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: • Michael Edward Harris, Yazoo City ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Mary Sandra Harrison, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Martha Murray Harsh, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Frank Hart, Brandon ; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Philip Newman Hart, Louisville ; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Linda Ruth Harvey, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • Kathy Carol Haskett, West Memphis, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Jo Beth Hawkins, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Kenny Joseph Hayles, Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Linda Kay Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Florence A. Hazard, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Mary Lee Hazlewood, Liberty: Education. Fifth Row: • Michael Kearney Hebbard, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • John Clark Henderson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Lionel Henderson, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • Randy Carol Henderson, Oxford ; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sarah Jane Henderson, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • David Chan Henry, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • John Robert Herm, Unionville, N.Y.; Education. • Beverly Anne Hickey, Oxford ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Katherine Barrow Hiden, Birmingham, Ala.; Business; Phi Mu. • Alden Scott, Hiett ; Business; Sigma Phi • Dana W. Hill, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Robert Welsh Hill, Jr., Mobile, Ala.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Seventh Row: • William Frank Hill, Wesson ; Liberal Arts. • Joseph McMillan Hinshaw, New Vernon, N.J.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Dennis Jerome Hogan, Brandon; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Henry T. Holifield, Hattiesburg; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Marshall Earl Hollis, Vardaman; Liberal Arts. • Teresa S. Holloman, Batesville; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • Philip Nathan Holman, Lawson, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • Charles Earl Holt, Paris, Tenn.; Business. • David Bryan Hope, Culpepper, Va.; Liberal Arts. • William Merle Horn, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • Julia Beth Grenada; Education. • Geoffrey Scott Howard, New Orleans, La.; Business. Ninth Row: • Jorja Suzanne Howell, Egypt; Education; Kappa Gamma. • M. Beckett Howorth, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Cynthia Gail Hoy, Lafayette, La.; ; Phi Mu. • James Scott Hudson, Olive Branch; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Linda Lanelle Port Gibson; Liberal Arts : Zeta Tau Alpha. • Suzanne Hudson, Memphis, Tenn.; Business ; Alpha Omicron Pi. Tenth Row: • Arnie Joseph Huffman, Jr., Fayette, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Vivia Anne Hughes, Clarksdale; Phi Mu. • Jere Thomas Humphreys, Humboldt, Tenn.; Business. • Larry Jones Humphreys, University ; Business. • Jeanne Huston, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Brenda Joyce Hutchens. Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts. First Row: • Leslie Belinda Hybergen, Cleveland, Tenn.; Education ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Delia Denham Hyde, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts ; Delta Delta Delta. • Elaine Lee Ingram, La Jolla, Calif.; Education. • Barbara Susan Jacks, Cleveland; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Ab Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Sarah Ann Jackson, New Education; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Margaret Eleanor Jacobs, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Edwin White Jenkins, Clarksdale; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Joyce Odessa Jenkins, Glen Allen; Business. • Danny Weeks Jennings, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • Mary Jane Jobe, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Jan Louise Johnson, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • Michael Elliot Johnson, Jackson ; Business. • Patricia Johnson, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Archie Donald Jones, Canton; Liberal Arts. • Carolyn Teresa Jones, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Pintard Jones, Natchez; Business; Delta Gamma. • Susan Marie Jones, West Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: • Thomas Shelton Jones, Hazlehurst ; Business; Delta Psi. • William Hooper Jones, Memphis, Tenn.; Business Alpha Tau Omega. • Danny K. Karr, Sulligent, Ala.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Tau. • Katherine M. Keach, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Welch Kelly, New Orleans, La.; Engineering. • Charles Epperson Kelly, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • Robert A. Kennedy, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Elaine Dorothy Keown, Jackson ; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Donald Leland Kilgore, Philade lphia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Benjamin B. Kimbrough, Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • David Lynn Kinard, Grenada; Business; Sigma Chi. • Terry L. Kincaid, Senatobia; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • Evangelist W. King, Pass Christian, Miss.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • James Patrick King, Jeffersontown, Ky.; Liberal Arts. • Newton Dudley King, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Business. • Ricky Maynard King, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • Robert Edward King, Oxford; • Robert A. Kirkfield, Oxford ; Business. Seventh Row: • Hartley Weems Kittle, III, Shaw ; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William Blanchard Kline, Webster Grove, Mo.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Wendy Lynn Kyle, Milwaukee, Wis.; Liberal Arts. • Janet Braselton Laird, Union; Liberal Arts ; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Marijane Lamb, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Phi Mu. • David Flavous Lambert, III, Belmont ; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Nancy Carole Land, Clinton ; Education ; Phi Mu. • Robert Watson Landers, Starkville; Liberal Arts. • Ray Craig Landry, Webster Groves, Mo.; Business. • Charles Herbert Laney, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • John Buford Laney, Lyon; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Ralph Bunche Lassiter, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. Ninth Row: • James Abner Lauderdale, Meridian ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Joseph F. Lauderdale, Hernando; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Harold Dean Marissa, Ill.; Business. • Susan Parker Lavender, Marks ; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Delta. • Constance Lea Lax, Bolivar, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Carl Ray Leach, Brandon ; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Tenth Row: • Regina Lucile Leake, Columbia ; Education. • Robert M. Leineweber, Greenville, S.C.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Linda Kaye Leonard, Tia Juana Ve; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Carey Lester, Business. • Eunice Leung, Dermott, Ark.; Business. • Vincent Liberto, Grenada; Liberal Arts. Not here Honey—after the game. First Row: • Tangie Alene Lingle, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Susan Townsend Lisenby, Winona; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Barbara Lois Livingston, Prentiss; Education; Kappa Delta. • Sammuel Thames Lloyd, III, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Lee Logan, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Janet Sue Logan, Newton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Linda Sue Long, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Margaret Wilsford Longino, Jonestown; Chi Omega. • Rupert Milton Lyon, Indianola; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William Louis Lyon, Olive Branch; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • Talbot Odom McCain, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Michael Edward McCamey, Okolona; Business; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • Sarah Elizabeth McClatchy, Holly Springs; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Mary Carol McCord, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Tedford C. McCullough, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Suzanne McDaniel, Centreville; Liberal Arts. • Charles W. McEwen, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Melvin Hurley McFatter, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • Joseph Wiley Mcllwain, Meridian; Business; Sigma Chi. • Myrtle Ann McInnis, Kosciusko; Education. • Robert Levon McKay, Oxford; Pharmacy. • Charles McKelroy, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • Shelby Weeks McKey, Utica; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Ruth Graham McLallen, Indianapolis, Ind.; Education. Fifth Row: • Susan Evelyn McLaurin, Brandon; Education; Kappa Delta. • Wyche Lowe McMullan, Hattiesburg; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Martha Alice McMurry, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Linda Colleen McNeely, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Charles Michael McQueen, Birmingham, Ala.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lila Lee McRight, Greenville ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: • Annelle Lee Macy, Laurel; Education; Phi Mu. • Tommy Junior Madison, Lambert; Business. • Lucille Leggett Mahon, Louisville, Ky.; Education; Chi Omega. • Robert Leo Maier, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • Merrell Lavinia Maney, Murfreesboro, Term.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Elwin Byron Mann, Pittsburgh, Pa.; First Row: • Mary Carnathan Mansell, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Vincent D. Marascalco, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • Mary Watson Martin, Ripley; Education. • Rickey U. Martindale, Clarksdale; Business. • Carlton N. Mashburn, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Vicki Ann Mask, Gallatin, Mo.; Business. Second Row: • Eugene Thomas Massey, Plaquemine, La.; Liberal Arts. • Patricia Lynn Massey, Dayton, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Joseph Matulich, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • James Walker May, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Thomas Martin Mayhugh, Jacksonville, Fla.; • Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • John Stuart Mays, Oxford; Engineering. Third Row: • Forrest Lee Meek, Lexington; Business; Pi Kappa • Edwin Dilworth Meeks, Hamilton; Education. • Mary Randle Melton, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Jean Arthur Merrell, Meridian; Delta Delta Delta. • Thomas Albert Militello, N.Y.; Business; Delta Tau Delta. • Jeffrey George Miller, Germantown, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Robert Arrington Miller, Greenwood; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • Melinda Craig Milner, Greenwood; Pi Beta Phi. • Judith Carol Milstead, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Lancelot L. Minor, III, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Louis Fernando Miron, Metairie, La.; Liberal Arts. • Colmon Shinn Mitchell, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Pi Alpha. Fifth Row: • David Howard Mitchell, Batesville; Engineering. • Larry Edward Mixon, Drew; Business. • Danny Gene Mize, Jackson; Business. • Richard Henderson Molpus, Philadelphia; Business; Sigma Chi. • Mitchell Dial Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Richard Carl Monteith, Batesville; Engineering. Sixth Row: • Charles W. Montgomery, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • Jeanne Howie Montgomery, Jackson; Business. • Patricia Eileen Moody, Franklin, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Noble Glen Moore, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Robert Dunsceath Moore, Birmingham, Ala.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Wesley Morck, Gloucester, Va.; Business; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: • Linda Camille Morgan, Sunflower; Education. • Sturgis Morris, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; Chi Omega. • Terry Lee Morris, New Albany; Business. • Carolyn M. Morrison, Earle, Ark.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • William John Mosby, Canton; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Richard Arnold Motley, Engineering. Eighth Row: • Mary Bertram Motlow, Lynchburg, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Christian Stephen Mueller, Davenport, Iowa; Business. • Melanee Lou Murphree, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Ann Whitfield Murphy, Monroe, La.; Education; Delta Gamma. • Edward Murray, Marks; Liberal Arts. ° Roy Mitchell Myers, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. Ninth Rote: • Robert Sherwood Nance, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • Ray Nellis, Silver City, N. Mex.; Business. • Deborah Ruth Nelson, Wilson, Ark.; Business; Pi Beta Phi. • Frank Cleveland Nelson, Crystal Springs; Business. • Charle Puffman Newman, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts. • James Thomas Newton, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Tenth: • Thomas Beall Nichols, Tchula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Victor Arthur Nix , III, Long Lake, Ill.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Lila Suzanne Noe, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Nancy Rights Norman, Corinth; Business; Chi Omega. • Nancy Norton, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Paula Deen Norton, Tupelo; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. First Row: • Judith Karen Oakes, Elliott; Liberal Arts. • Janey Marie Oates, Corinth; Education. • Teresa Gail Obarr, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Leslie Claire Oliver, University; Liberal Arts. • Mardie Sue Olson, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Gwendolyn Connell Oneal, Delhi, La.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: • Wayne Shannon Orr, Clarksdale ; Business. • Pamela Rae Palmer, Amory ; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Jenny Suzanne Pappas, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Beverly Patricia Pardue, Big Creek ; Liberal Arts. • Dorothy Lois Parish, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Michael Dennis Vance; Engineering. Third Row: • Paul Harmon Parker, Meridian ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Dave Cannon Parkerson, Greenville ; Liberal Arts. • Hazel Lynn Parks, Oxford; Business. • Carol A. Patterson, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Linda Lee Pearson, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Pamela Penick, Houston; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • William Lewis Perdue, Jackson ; Engineering. • Ann Patrick Perkins, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Walterine L. Permenter, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Mickey Joe Perry, Grenada; Business. • Vicki Ann Perry, Tunicia; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Susan Louise Person, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: • Walter R. Peterson, Greenville ; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • Carol June New Albany ; Education. • Carolyn Celeste Phillips, Prairie Point ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Rayna Rebecca Phillips, Batesville; Education, Delta Gamma. • Susan French Pierce, Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Valda Carline Pitcairn, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Mary Kathryn Plants, Oxford; Education; Pi Mu. • Robert Lee Plemmons, Hernando; Liberal Arts. • Patricia Polk, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Eugene Poole, University; Sigma Nu. • Betty Diane Poteet, Guntown, Education. • John Kirkham Povall, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • Margaret Anne Powers, Lamont ; Education ;, Chi Omega. • Pamela Ann Presley, Jackson; Education; Delta Pi. • James Ottis Prewitt, Pontotoc ; Sarah Scribner Prude, Amory ; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Floyd Everett Pruden, Columbus; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • Donald Ralph Purvis, Brandon ; Sigma Chi. Eighth Row: • Patricia Alice Purvis, Jackson; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Marguerite Carol Puryear, Hazlehurst; Delta Delta Delta. • Susan Puryear, Ocean Springs ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Susan Gayle Quarterrnan, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Catherine B. Quinn, Vicksburg; Education; Chi Omega. • James L. Quinn, Jackson ; Business. Ninth Row: • Lee Wilson Randall, Meridian ; Business. • Vicki Ruth Ransom, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Cynthia Ann Rasberry, Metairie, La.; Education. • Donald W. Ratliff, Belmont ; Liberal Arts ; Phi Kappa Theta. • James Leroy Ratliff, Jackson ; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • John Cary Rawlings, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Tenth Row: • Clell Herman Ray, Columbus ; Business. • John Kent Rayburn, Columbia; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • Carol Ann Ready, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • Patricia Sue Reagan, Oxford; Education; Chi Omega. • John Steven Clarksdale ; Business. • Linda Louise Reel, Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. First Row: • Rowland Smith Reeve, Wynnewood, Pa.; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • James Jacob Reid, Pittsboro; Business. • William Woodrow Reid, Jr., Corinth; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Henry Crawford Rhaly, Jr., Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Charles Samuel Rhea, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Gilbert Ross Rhoades, Charleston, W. Va.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: • Nancy Jean Richards, Jackson; Business; Alpha Pi. • Mal Shaw Riddell, Winona; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • James Russell Ridley, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Hal Kenneth Riggan, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Charles Nelson Riley, Sycamore, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • Sidney E. Risher, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • Martin Stanley Roberts, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Carolyn J. Robertson, Corinth ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Leon Levell Robertson, Calhoun City; Business. • Edward Bryce Robinson, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Franklin Scott Robinson, Liberal Arts. • Marcia R. Robinson, Natchez; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • Ri chard Ray Robinson, West Point; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Thomas A. Robinson, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Katherine D. Robison, Batesville; Education. • Catherine R. Rodenhauser, Huntsville, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Larry Alan Roe, Biloxi ; Liberal Arts; Delta Tau Delta. • Shelby Reece Rogers, Jr., Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • Harry Smith Roland, Greenwood; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Jackie Rolison, Sweetwater, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • Terrance Mary Romano, Covington, La.; Liberal Arts. • William Ervin Rosamond, Lexington; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Benjamin Franklin Ross, Columbus; Phi Delta Theta. • Robbie Jo Henry, Pace, Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • Charles Brookshire Royals, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Mary Lou Russell, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • Susan Alice Safley, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Conrad Mask Saldona, Fort Worth, Texas ; Business. • Robert Edward Sams, West Point; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert Andrews Samson, Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. I wish he ' d tackle me like that. First Row: • Kaye Ann Sanders, Long Beach ; Liberal Arts. • Robert Evans Sanders, New Albany; Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. • Josie Irene Sanderson, Cleveland ; Education. • Ronald William Sartain, Dennis; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. • Claude Lamar Satchfield, Greenville; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Ben Ladnier Saucier, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • Cynthia Lynn Savage, Oxford: Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Katherine Stuart Schaffer, Vicksburg; Kappa Delta. • Claire W. Schonlau, Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts. • Shelley Schuyler, Sumner; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Mark Antho ny Schwab, Lafayette Hill, Pa.; Liberal Arts. • Ann Elizabeth Scott, Farmville, Va.; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • Joseph Poage Scrogham, Windsor, Mo.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Samuel Pressley Seay, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • George A. Sellers, Quitma n; Liberal Arts. • Vallon Irene Seuzenlau, Bay St. Louis; Education ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William Louis Shappley, Hattiesburg: Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Betsy Diane Sharpe, Dalton, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: • William Kennedy Shaw, Gore Springs; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Cindy Louise Shelton, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • Billy Joe Shepard, Meridian; Business. • Ann Dudley Sherrod, Memphis, Tenn.; Arts ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Stephen Milam Baldwyn; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • Elizabeth Simmons, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: • Henry Lee Simmons, Oxford ; Engineering. • Linda Sue Simon, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • Peter Liston Geneva, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Daniel Lee Singletary, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Gina Tobin Sipes, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Vincent David Skorupski, Grenada; Business. Sixth Row: • Jane Alliston Slade, Oxford ; Liberal Arts. • Barbara Ellen Smith, Oxford; Education. • Carol Janice Smit h, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • Freda Ann Smith, oxford; Business. • Jane Ellen Smith, Meadville; Liberal Arts. • Margaret Joe Smith, Alligator ; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • Robert Abernathy Smith, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Howell Smith, Pharmacy. • Stanley Leon Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Steven Keith Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • William Franklin Sneed, Jackson; Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Stephen Lynn Sowell, Humboldt, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Vera Madel Speakes, Benoit ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Billy Buck Staggers, West Point; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Jonathan Peter Staryk, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Steven Ray Stegall, Jackson; Business; Phi Kappa Theta. • Sandralea Stivers, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Simmie Diane Stodghill, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Ninth Row: • Cynthia Vivian Stokes, Sulligent, Ala.; Education. • James Claude Stokes, Jr.. Sulligent, Ala.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Tau. • Rosemary Stoltz, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • John H. Stone, III, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • John Oneil Stone, Meridian; Business. • William Ronald Stone, Clarksdale ; Liberal Arts. Tenth Row: • Mary Elizabeth Stovall, Hammond, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Georgia Stratton, Brookhaven; Arts; Kappa Delta. • Terence Marshall Straub, Warrington, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • Gordon Bertram Strom, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Virginia W. Strong, University; Education. • Betty Louise Stuart, Oxford; Liberal Arts. First Row: • William H. Stubblefield, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Dorothy Hope Sullivan, Walls; Education. • Jane Carolyn Sullivan. Waynesboro; Business. • Kathleen Sullivan, Hattiesburg; Education. • James Alfred Sumrall, III, Bay Springs; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Walker James Swaney, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • Frances Susan Talbert, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Elaine Terrell Talley, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Delta • Clara Gene Taulbert, Glen Allen; Business. • Gustav Arthur Taylor, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Vicki Lynn Taylor, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kajja Kappa Gamma. • Alison Stoddart Teague, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. Third Row: • Eliz Marie Terito, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts. • Mark Douglas Tew, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robert Louis Thadison, Brookhaven; Engineering. • Carol Jo Thomas, Carthage; Business; Delta Gamma. • Elton Sigrest Thomas, Jr., Columbus; Liberal Arts. o Joseph Grant Thomas, Louisville, Ky.; Business. Fourth Row: • Louisa M. Thompson, Jackson, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Michael Hicks Thompson, Bentonia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Marie Brownsville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Stanley Thomas Tidwell, Holly Springs; Arts. • Linda Carolyn Tillman, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • President Tillman, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • Shirley Jeanette Tipton, Jackson; Business. • Robert Lee Tomlinson, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Nu. Lillian Toney, Vicksburg; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • James Lamar Townsend, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Wendell Holmes Trapp, Jr., Tupelo; Business; Sigma Chi. Gary Matt Traughber, Elkton, Ky.; Engineering. Sixth Row: • Adolph Wettlin Treppendahl, Woodville; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Phillip Lynn Tutor, Ecru; Pharmacy. • Horace Hunter Twiford, University; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Eugene A. Vanevery, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Laura Kay Vannoy, Madisonville, Ky.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. o Beverly Winn Vaughan, University; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • James Gordon Vaughan, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Earl Daniel Vaughn, Jackson, Tenn. ; Business. • Mark Perry Vest, McComb; Business • Jay Lee Vestal, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Cecil Whitfield Vick, Jackson; Engineering. • Tommy Lynn Vinson, Oxford; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Eighth Row: • Charles Lacey Wadlington, Belzoni; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Catherine Jane Walker, Hernando; Liberal Arts. • Janit Wallace, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. • Tommy L. Wallace, Natchez; Liberal Arts. • Samuel Lloyd Walters, Jackson; Engineering; Delta Psi. • Donald Walton, Hattiesburg; Business; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • James Ben Walzak, Rochester, N.Y.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta. • Dot F. Wardlaw, Amory; Liberal Arts. • Charles Chesteen Ware, Starkville; Liberal Arts. • Mary Gail Waring, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Ann Harton Washburn, Tullahoma, Tenn.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Carl Walter Wasson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Theta. Tenth Row: • Martha Jewel Watkins, Jackson; Pharmacy. • Mary Kay Watkins, Waynesboro; Busines; Kappa Delta. • Norma Lea Weaver, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Robert Clyde Webb, Jr., Indianola; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Charles Lamar Weber, Greenwich, Conn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • Ronnie Michael Wedgeworth, Fortville, Ind.; Engineering. First Row: • Robert Mark Weeks, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Frank Cornelius Weis, West Memphis, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Laura Lee Wharton, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Alma Christy White, Memphis, Tenn.; Education ; Pi Beta Phi. • David Reynolds White, Flora; Liberal Arts. • Janet Mary White, Gulfport; Education; Chi Omega. Second Row: • John Dan White, Metairie, La.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Julia Hazel White, Gulfport; Education; Chi Omega. • Nancy Lee White, Owensboro, Ky.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • William Paul White, Canton; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mary Maxine Whitten, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • Lucien S. Whittington, Brookhaven; Arts. Third Row: • Tobin Blake Wiener, Sarasota, Fla.; Business. • Richard Gray Wiggers, Jr., Columbus; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Noell Lee Wilborn, Lambert; Education; Delta Gamma. o Harrison Brewer Wilder, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Business. o Sandra Wilkins, Grenada ; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Kenneth C. Wilkinson, Cleveland ; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: O Mary Linda Wille, Silver City, N.M.; Liberal Arts. • Douglas Ray Williams, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Judy Lynn Williams, Jackson; Chi Omega. • Mickey Ann Williams, Osyka; Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. • Olivia Williams, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Rebecca Faye Baton Rouge, La.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • Thomas Gary Williams, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • Yvonne Mary Williams, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Brenda Hill Williamson, Brownsville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Walter Carroll Williamson, Oakvale ; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • Elizabeth Williston, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Barry Wilson, Jackson, Tenn.; Business. Sixth Row: • Keith Allen Wilson, Alton, Ill.; Business. • Marty L. Windels, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Alys Jane Windham, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Helen Sue Windham, Columbia ; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • William Thomas Wingo, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Eustace Harold Winn; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • Carol Dean Winter, Bruce ; Liberal Arts. • Carol Ann Wisdom, Greenwood; Education. • Annie Yvonne Victoria ; Liberal Arts. • Fred Marshall Witty, Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Nancy Elaine Williamsville, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Andrew Chi-Wang Wong, Hong Kong; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • Steve She Dep Wong, Greenwood; Business. • Deborah Dean Woodard, East Prairie, Mo.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Minerva H. Woodroof, Newman, Ga.; Education; Kappa Delta. • Llewlee French Woollard, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Amos Jarman Word, Inverness; Liberal Arts. • Cheryl Josephine Wright, Greenwood ; Education. Ninth Row: • Letitia Parham Wright, Amory; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Daniel Yates, University; Liberal Arts. • Becky Yee, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Harper Mathis Young, ; Business ; Kappa Alpha. • Johnnie Nell Young, Forrest City, Ark.; Liberal Arts ; Pi Beta Phi. • Marcia Janet Young, Greenwood ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Tenth Row: • Roland Kenneth Young, Tupelo: Liberal Arts. • Grace Lavern Younker, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts. 355 Abbey, Williams Sellers, 340 Abdalla, Gerald Moses, 63, 171, 311 Abdalla, Sidney Jacob, Jr., 284 Abdo, Betty B. Abdo, George Ellis, Jr. Abel, Roxie Pittman, 293 Abernethy, Lynn Dunlap Abernethy, Thomas G. Abernethy, Wilbur Murrah, 120, 340 Ables, Carlton W. Ables, Jackson H., III, 183 Aboulenein, Hassan Y., 284 Abraham, George Ellis, II Abraham, Karemi Gladys, 79, 137, Abraham, Katherine Anne, 79, 1 284 Abraham, Robert M., 179, 311 Abram, Anthony Lawrence, 177, Acosta, Winthrop Domingo, 113, 11 Adams, Anna Fleming, 145, 340 Adams, Cathleen Susann, 139, 311 Adams, Chester Braswall Adams, Daniel Paul, 116 Adams, David Edward, 181, 284 Adams, Emil John, 173 Adams, Gregory Neal, 91, 284 Adams, Holmes S., 67, 69, 70, 73, 1 293 Adams, Hunter Kellis, 175, 311 Adams, James Ferris, 183 Adams, James Gray, 112, 179 Adams, Jill Leslie, 340 Adams, Kathryn Peyton, 145, 293 Adams, Lemuel Garner, 183, 326 Adams, Martha L. Adams, Philip Ross, 284 Adams, Rosemary M. Adams, Sammy D. Adams, S. Irby Adams, William S., Jr. Addison, Margaret Mixson, 284 Adkerson, Robert Harlan, 183 Adkins, Dolores June Adkins, Gregory Dean, 284 Agee, Lynn Allen Agent, Keith Selwyn Ahern, George G. Ahlquist, Clyde Tura, 284 Ainsworth, Sarah E. Akers, Terrell Walter Albano, Patrick Louis, 75, 128, 159, Aldinger, Robert Charles, 173, 293 Aldridge, Dennis Carl, 311 Aldridge, John Baker, 114, 171, 32 Aldridge, Keith Owen Aldridge, Kenneth Edward, 293 Aldridge, Malcolm Lee, 187, 293 Aldy, Ronnie Jay Alex, Greg Keith Alexander, Barbara J., 137, 293 Alexander, Bebe Clinton Alexander, Georgianna, 151 Alexander, Owens Fitz, 122 Alexander, Robert Terry, 90, 163, Alexander, Stacy M., 151 Alexander, Virginia L. Alford, Glenda Joy, 145, 340 Alford, Patti Clark, 97, 151, 340 Alford, Prentiss Keith Alger, Vernon Mize Algood, Terrel Lee, 70, 72, 311 Alias, Fred Vincent, 169, 293 Allen, Barry Glen, 77, 183, 326 Allen, Beth Elaine, 100, 149, 326 Allen, Charles Wesley, Jr., 181, 31 Allen, Dale Ivan Allen, Donna Faye, 79, 97, 102, 292 Allen, Ghill Fosta, 84, 293 Allen, Gilda Jean, 97, 311 Allen, Glynda Ruth, 145, 293 Allen, John S., III Allen, Lavenia, 137, 326 Allen, Margaret Ann Allen, Merilyn Victoria, 145, 340 Allen, Nora Anne, 151, 311 Allen, Robert Johnson Allen, Robert Julian, III, 181, 311 Allen, Sam Harrison Allen, Shelton Posey, 11, 113 Allen, Stella Louise, 153, 311 Allen, Sylvia Ann, 153, 311 Allenburger, Christian A., 173 Alley, Susan Beth, 147, 326 Allgood, Basil Rickey, 114 Allison, Cynthia A. Allison, John Samuel, 311 Alliston, George Barron Almon, Patricia Ann Alsworth, Paula Ann, 340 Altman, Mikel Eugene Alvarez, Frank Joseph, III, 60, 69, 293 Alvarez, Julia Pearl, 141, 340 Ammann, Steven Dennis, 70, 173, Ammon, Robert E., 75, 284 Amodeo, Michael Lee, 340 Anders, Jannelle Marlene, 340 Anders, Lauren, 147, 326 Anders, Laurie Eliz Anders, Pamela J. Anderson, Audrey Ellen Anderson, Barbara Knight, 293 Anderson, Buford Ray Anderson, Charlton R., 63, 77, 183 Anderson, Demaris Leigh, 97, 293 Anderson, Gary Allen Anderson, James H., 284 Anderson, John G., 40, 83, 120, 123, Anderson, Judy Ann, 68, 100, 1 143, 326 Anderson, Lucy Burt, 79 Anderson, Marlin Curtis, 293 Anderson, Martha Jane, 326 Anderson, Martha Marie, 149, 293 Anderson, Phyllis Ann, 340 Anderson, Robert Allen, 181, 326 Anderson, Robert Emmett, 340 Anderson, Thomas H., Jr., 293 Anderson, Thomas J. H., II, 183 Anderson, Virginia Louise, 311 Anderson, Wayne Bryant, 98, 293 Anderson, William Fenton Anderton, Julie Dawn, 149, 311 Andrew, Kathleen B. Andrews, Henry Dean Andrews, John Butler Andrews, John Steven, Jr., 183 Andrews, Robert Ross, 311 Andrews, Wallace Henry, 70 Andrukiewicz, Stephen S. Anthony, Allen Carey, 311 Anthony, Barbara Carol, 311 Anthony, Christina W. Anthony, Dalton W. Anthony, Donald A. Anthony, Genell Mattox, 311 Anthony, James Hansel Anthony, Phillip Lynn Anthony, Sandra Gail, 311 Apple, Nancy Arbuthnot, Peter Ivan, 123, 177, 3 Arceneaux, Stanley T., 340 Archer, Barbara Jean, 100, 149 Archer, Ethel Erwin, 139, 311 Archer, George F., 115, 340 Arcuri, Dominic Joseph, 112, 169 Ard, David Robert Ard, John Earl Ard, Mavis Ann, 311 Ard, Sylvia Faye Armstrong, Nancy Ellen, 311 Armstrong, Terry Jane Armstrong, William David, 159 Arnett, Edmond Brooks Arnett, James Raphael, 70, 74, 163, 311 Arnett, Jane Dianne, 340 Arnold, Bobby Royce Arnold, Eddy Dean Arnold, George Michael Arnold, James H., Jr. Arnold, John W., Jr., 128, 183 Arnold, Sarah Anderson Arnold, Judy Rawson Aron, Paul Harry, 36, 293 Arrington, Peggy Sue, 293 Asger, Anne Jaynes, 153 Ash, Donnal Gene Ashcraft, John Edward, Jr. Ashley, Charles Winnick, 340 Ashlin, Daniel B. Ashworth, Patricia Maureen, 293 Ashworth, Sam Lee, 116 Assaf, Tom Ellis, 116, 171 Asters, John T. Atchley, Karen Lucille, 97, 101, • 326 Atkins, Linda K. Atkins, Vivian Marlene Atkinson, Allen Gerald Atk inson, Boyd P., 171, 326 Atkinson, Clinton Ashley Atkinson, Eugene Walton, Jr., 171 Atkinson, John Ray, 115, 171, 340 Atkinson, Melvin Van, 326 Atkinson, Rhett William, 70 Atkinson, William Edward, 293 Atkinson, William Samuel, 311 Augustus, Nicholas G., 70, 89, 163, Aune, Ernestine Holt, 284 Austin, Frank S., 76, 187, 293 Austin, Martha Ann, 311 Austin, William Ernest, 72 Autry, Shirley Lee, 102, 311 Avaltroni, Tillio John, 70, 326 Aven, Donald Webster, 311 Aven, Ronald Allen Avent, Robert Wallace, 116, 171 Avery, Doris Ann, 137, 311 Avery, Elizabeth, 151 Axelrod, Patricia Sue, 149, 311 Axley, Paula, 340 Axtell, Betty Gail, 78 Ayer, Eric K., 293 Ayers, Mary Elizabeth Ayres, Ann Ayres, Thomas Grant, 169, 340 Babb, Juanita S., 102, 293 Bachman, Walter Wilbert, 121, 171 Baddley, James Knox Baddour, Don Claude Baddour, Fr ed Thomas, 116 Baddour, Jane B. Baddour, Paul Marion, 62, 63 Baggett, Horace Haralson Bagley, Bonnie Ann Bagwell, Billy McArthur Baier, Joseph Lewis, 293 Bailey, Barbara Lynn, 340 Bailey, Danny Lewis, 113 Bailey, Dolly Sue Bailey, Gloria Fran, 293 Bailey, Judy Carolyn, 293 Bailey, Katherine Agnes, 97, 137 Bailey, Lloyd D. Bailey, Malcolm Douglas, 161, 3, Bailey, Margaret Louise, 293 Bailey, Margie Sayle, 293 Bailey, Pamela Evelyn, 149, 311 Bailey, Phillip Jason, 169, 311 Bailey, Robert James Bailey, Robert Walter, 60, 171 Bailey, Sidney Lynn Bailey, Verna Ann, 293 Baine, Edith Waits Turley Baine, James E., 40, 284 Baine, Wade Montgomery, 284 Baird, Jerry Roland Baird, Xandra Ann, 78, 102, 326 Bakeler, Arthur F., 115, 340 Baker, Belinda Sheryll, 340 Baker, Douglas T. Baker, Harold Eugene Baker, Jill A. Baker, Jimmy E., 40, 112, 189 Baker, Linda Dorothy, 97, 137, 3: Baker, Linda Kay, 68, 147, 326 Baker, Sandra Kay, 293 Baker, Sharee Vinda Baker, Truman Dale Balch, Arthur D., 340 Baldwin, Bonita Elaine, 153, 326 Baldwin, James Rutherford Baldwin, Jo Ann, 340 Baldwin, Mary Caroline, 151 Baldwin, Owen William Ball, Christy Adele Ball, Dwight Nicholas Ball, Helen Ann, 97, 147, 293 Ball, William David Ballard, John Gary Ballard, William W., 161 Banks, Shirley W. Bankston, Mitchell Nevada Baran, Joseph, Jr., 326 Barbazon, Janice Sue, 340 Barbee, Margaret Eliz, 137, 293 Barbee, Mills E. Barber, Myra Quay, 284 Barbour, Caroline Eliza, 141, 311 Barbour, Haley Reeves, 35, 181, 3 Barbour, Lynda Lea, 97, 151, 340 Barefield, Bennie Lee, 293 Barenis, Guntis, 284 Barham, Anita Hatcher Barham, Darroth Leonard, 293 Barham, Suzanne, 326 Barham, Woodrow Wilson, Jr. Barhanovich, Billie Joy, 153, 311 Barker, Harold Grey, 117 Barker, Kenneth N. Barkley, Ruth Lancaster Barksdale, Bryan, 70, 99, 183, 31 Barksdale, Nelson L., Jr., 293 Barlow, Billy Wray, 117 Barlow, James Clarence Barlow, Terrell Wayne, 163, 293 Barnes, Candyce Gene, 97, 141 Barnes, Delores Jane, 311 Barnes, George Spencer, Jr., 3z Barnes, Hazel Ann, 40, 93, 311 Barnes, John Alan, 157 Barnes, Louis Edward, Jr., 77, 183 Barnes, Reginald Eugene, 181, 31 Barnes, Thomas Gordon, 114, 161 Barnett, Eddie L. Barnett, Jack Barnett, Lee Gordon Barnett, Martha Anne, 151 Barnette, Carol Jean, 311 Barnhart, Burton Lee Barr, Alvin Francis, 284 Barr, Evelyn Frances, 100, 311 Barranco, Joe Anthony Barrett, Beryl Kaye, 326 Barrett, Eugene Parker, 326 Barrett, James Carl, 117, 179, 34 Barrett, John William, 67, 70, 2 Barrett, Margaret Eaves Barrett, Nancy Foose, 293 Barrett, Peter Hickman, 161, 29 Parrett, Thomas H. Barrineau, Ardra Lee, 161, 311 Barrow, Mary Frances, 97, 141 Barry, A. Neville Bartels, Marc Buren, 114, 159, 326 Barthel, George Ludwig, III, 112, 340 Barton, James Douglass, 70, 89, 311 Barton, Lauren K., 116 Barton, Robert William, 163 Bartosh, Stephen Andrew, 121, 165 Basin, Harish Peshorilal, 100, 284 Baskin, John Frank Bass, Joseph E., 173 Bass, Meredith A., Jr., 183 Bath, Daniel W., Jr. Bath, Ellen Gertrude, 340 Bath, Helen Olivette, 340 Bath, Joan Chapman Batson, Ann Elizabeth, 145, 311 Batson, Cynthia Brame Batson, Greer Allene, 145, 340 Batte, James 011iney, 326 Batte, John Carlisle, 120, 167, 340 Batton, Alexander Alford, 284 Baumgart, Thomas Carl, 114 Baxter, Theresa Diane, 137 Baylen, James L., 112, 173 Bays, Lewis William, Jr., 340 Bazaar, Eugene Marion, 112 Beach, William Jennings Beard, David Hazard, 183, 340 Beard, Fred Long, Jr., 62, 70, 77, 183, 293 Beard, Joy, 97, 311 Beard, Roderick Anderson, 173, 326 Bearden, James L. Bearden, Martha Anne, 89, 135, 191, 340 Bearden, Sharon Ann Bearden, Thomas Howard, 93, 117, 311 Beardsley, Charles Samuel, 284 Beasley, Marion Thomas, 112 Beattie, James E., 112 Beatty, Harry Bartton, Jr., 293 Beauman, Sidney H. Beauman, Tere T. Banks Beck, Ardie Lavon Beck, Jerry Bonds Becker, Alan Mark, 112, 177, 340 Becker, Charles A., Jr. Beckett, Ch arlotte Lynn, 100, 340 Beckwith, David William, 311 Beckwith, Phyllis Janice, 137, 293 Bedgood, Pamela Jane, 96, 97, 101, 137, 340 Bedingfield, Susan Alice, 79 Beemon, Fred Edwin Beene, Bobby Gayle Beene, Charles William, 84 Beene, David Neil, 116 Beery, Anne Elizabeth, 145 Beissel, Chomella P. Beissel, G. F. Belk, Leta Ellis Belk, Raymond Edward, 293 Bell, Charles Boyd Bell, Elizabeth Alder, 139, 326 Bell, James Kenneth, 294 Bell, Joseph Alston, 117 Bell, Joseph Mims Bell, Mary Jacquelyn Bell, Nancye Kathryn, 311 Bell, Rondal Edward Bell, Susan Anne, 97, 145, 326 Bell, Thomas Noel Bellais, Sonya Jean, 311 Bellamy, Malcolm E., Jr., 122 Bellande, Bruce James, 179, 311 Bellande, Kay Ruth, 143, 294 Belton, Larry, 284 Belue, Larry Dale Belue, Nancy T. Belue, Virgil Fay Benbow, Roy W. Bender, Benny Wayne, 183, 311 Beneke, Henry, III, 167 Beneke, Richard Uihlein Benjamin, Danny Ray Berm, Charlie William, Jr. Bennett, Bonnie Louise Bennett, James Kitchens Bennett, Lawrence G., II Bennett, Susan E., 97, 153, 294 Bennett, Will Evan, 114, 187, 326 Benoist, Mary Gunter Benson, Arthur C., 113, 181, 340 Benson, William A., IV, 181 Berch, Jerry Daniel Berg, Robert John Berger, Sue Anne, 284 Berry, Connie Sue, 135, 311 Berry, Emmett Alliston, 91, 294 Berry, Eugene Sexton, 70, 311 Berry, Frank, II, 187 Berry, James Lampton, Jr., 159, 311 Berry, Richard W., 294 Berry, Robert, Jr., 284 Berry, Vicki Elise, 143, 326 Best, Edwin Moore, 74, 77, 89, 311 Bethea, Richard T. D., 77, 181 Bethune, Nancy Lynn Bettencourt, Janis Lynn, 311 Betz, Emily Sue, 78, 284 Beville, Macheal Horace Beyer, Kenneth Kevin, 120, 177, 340 Bhagat, Sheela, 100, 294 Bhatnagar, Vasant Kumar, 100 Bidden, Valentine W., Jr., 284 Biddle, Arlen Kirk, 115, 161 Biddy, Beverly Jean, 151, 294 Bidgood, Charles S., 171, 340 Biedenharn, Elizabeth L., 145, 32( Bien, Harvey Dale, 112, 163, 326 Olivia Ann, 97, 141, 326 Biggers, Jenny Lee, 40, 61, 68, 139, Biggs, Herbert W. Billett, Nancy Jane Billings, Barbara Ann, 147, 294 Billings, Charles David, Jr., 69, 71 Bills, Robert Conner, 114, 179, Bing, William Wayne Bingham, James W. Birchett, Thomas Cleveland, 181, Birdwell, Betty C., 143, 294 Birdwell, Daniel Martin, 121, 340 Birmingham, Drue D., Jr. Bishop, Harold S., 326 Bishop, Laura Cheryl, 145, 312 Bishop, William Lloyd, 124, 125, 326 Bittle, Judith Anne, 151, 326 Black, Carl Victor, Jr. Black, Henry H., 116, 171, 312 Black, Martha Frances, 97, 141, 321 Black, Patsy Carol Blackburn, Betty Barrett, 102, 14] Blackburn, James D., 157, 294 Blackledge, Ronald Calvin Blackwell, Dean Allen, 116 Blackwood, Eric Carlon, 112, 187, Blalock, Barry Ladale, 117, 159 Blaine, F. Matthew, 312 Blair, Barbara Christine, 89, 135, Blair, Holbert D., 340 Blakeney, Marilyn Eliz Blakeslee, Marilyn, 149, 340 Blalack, Bill Edward Blalack, Patricia M. Arnold Bland, Dan L. Bland, William Anthony, 70, 294 Blandford, Kenneth Leo, 187, 32( Blankenship, David William Blankley, Clifton Tayleure, 181, Blanton, Hubert Lee, Jr. Blass, Pamela Anne Blauert, James Gary, 113, 161, 321 Blaydes, Jeanette Beaver Blissit, Mary Lou Block, Evelyn Cecelia, 139, 312 Bloodworth, Sandra K., 135, 340 Blough, Jim Crighton, 117, 183, 3: Blount, Charles B., 102, 115, 179, Blount, Daniel Clayton Blount, Jerry Lee, 157 Blount, Joseph L. Blount, Sharon Ann, 340 Blue, Penny Ann Blumer, Thomas John Board, Harry R., 189, 294 Board, Julie Ann Epps Boatner, Barry Vaughn Boatner, Phyllis Faithe, 153 Boatright, Wanda Earle, 97, 326 Bobb, Mary Bell, 139, 340 Bobbs, William Henry, 161 Bogen, Edward Joshua, Jr., 167 Bogen, Eugene Michael Bogen, Gordon Jerome, 167 Boggess, Julian Eugene, 120, 326 Boggs, Robert Paul, 312 Boggs, Wendell Davidson, 91 Bogue, Thomas J., III, 312 Boisseaw, Charles Reynolds, 189, 3z Boland, Jack Boland, Michael J., 67, 70, 171 Boland, Nell Ann, 284 Boland, William Patrick, 284 Bolen, Shirley Kay Boling, John Loyd, 74, 98, 157 Bolt, Eunice Faye, 145, 326 Bolton, Sharon Robinson Bomboy, Ann Davis, 145, 312 Bond, Donald Warner, 40, 284 Bond, Robert Lee Bond, William Bonner, James Preston Booher, David L., 177 Thomas Leroy Bookman, Mary Grace, 61, 68, 153, Boone, Frank C., Jr., 312 Boone, Sharon Lynn, 147, 294 Boone, Susan Garner, 97, 137, 340 Booth, Carl Clifton Booth, Carl Francis, 284 Booth, George Robert, 120, 177, Booth, James Michael, 177, 340 Booth, John Robert Booth, Joseph Malcolm, 122, 177, Booth, Katherine C., 284 Booth, Linwood Hall Booth, Marguerite C. Booth, Suelen Margaret, 137, 340 Boozer, Larry Thomas, 72, 89, 312 Borchert, Martin John, Jr., 326 Bolden, Lee Hansell, 167, 326 Borthwick, Mary Diane, 139 Bost, Fannye John Bost, William Marlin, Jr. Bostwick, Robert H., III, 183 Bosworth, Hugh H., Jr., 115, 157 Botto, John Edward, 167, 312 Bottom, John Thomas, III, 77, 117, 312 Bouchillon, Wanda Sue, 312 Bounds, George L., Jr. Bounds, John W., 294 Bounds, Walter Mason, Jr. Bounds, William Ross, 157, 326 Bourgeois, Edna A., 294 Bourgeois, Lucien L., 312 Bourland, Jesse Allen, 284 Bourland, Katherine Ann, 294 Bourland, Robert Brent Bourn, Joe Ray, 91, 294 Bouton, John Brinkley, 175, 326 Boutwell, Harold K., Jr. Bowden, Charles Kenneth, 113, 326 Bowden, Patsy Lee, 97 Bowen, Ann Miller, 141, 340 Bowen, Bonnie Lois, 137, 340 Bowen, Bronwyn, 105, 312 Bowen, James B., Jr., 171, 312 Bowen, John H., III, 171 Bowen, John Henry Bowen, John Herbert Bowen, Kit Hansell, 70, 114, 326 Bowen, Martha Burroughs, 139, 31 Bowen, Mary Allen, 139, 326 Bowen, Roy Glenn Bower, Byron Buxton, 181, 294 Bowers, Harold Nelson Bowers, Kenneth Philip Bowers, Roberta Ann Bowie, Janis Lyn, 341 Bowie, William Godbold Bowles, Patty Jo Bowman, Billy Bunton Bowman, Glenda Annette, 102 Bowman, Steven Paul, 115, 187 Bowman, Thomas Arthur Box, David A., 77, 294 Boyce, Brenda Ann, 143, 294 Boyd, Calmar Alton, Jr. Boyd, James Gary Boyd, John Larry, 326 Boyd, Judy Elizabeth, 139 Boyd, Robert Charles, 284 Boyd, Susan Carolyn, 147, 341 Boyd, William Slone, III, 341 Boydstun, John Herbert, 70, 77, 171 Boyer, Willie Mae, 312 Boyett, Charles Arthur Boykin, Donald William, 112 Boykin, Mary Louise Boyles, Howell Johnson Boyes, James Douglass, 117 Boyles, Johnny Hugh Boyles, William Brinley, 294 Boyter, James Lee Bozeman, William Steven, 36, 40, 120, 157, 312 Brackett, Gayle Dana, 143, 312 Braddock, Mary Emily, 141, 312 Bradford, Lanny Baxter, 113, 173, Bradford, Stephen Cale, 294 Bradham, Thomas W. Bradley, Anne Patton, 97, 139, 312 Bradley, Barbara Beck, 137 Bradley, Dorothy Phillips Bradley, Laura Lipsey Bradley, Patricia Anne, 97, 145, Bradley, Peggy Lorene Brady, Joe Alister, Jr., 284 Brady, Paul Michael, 165, 294 Bramblett, Monica Joy, 341 Brame, Betty Jean Brame, Charles Ellis Brame, Cynthia Louise Bramlett, Barnie T., Jr., 115, 169 Bramlett, Gay Lawler, 97, 139, 3z Bramlett, Janie Maria, 97 Bramlett, Paul Kent Branch, Lyle Poston, 312 Brand, Betty Laura, 68, 89, 143, Brand, Greg Williams, 116 Brand, William Gary, 327 Brandon, Leslie Juanita, 135, 341 Branham, Anna C., 145, 294 Brannon, Mae Elizabeth, 143, 327 Brantley, James P. Brasfield, Craig E. Brasfield, James Scott Brasfield, Madeline Ellene Bratton, Kenneth Carl, 116, 157 Braun, Frank Xavier, 121, 327 Braun, Grace Marian, 141, 341 Braun, Louis E., 294 Brawner, Jerry Wayne, 312 Bray, Philip M. Bray, Virginia Katherine Breath, Charles A., III, 169, 294 Breedlove, Becky, 97 Breedlove, Gary Eugene, 294 Breeland, Bradford Brough, 117 Breland, James Thompson Brennan, Robert Kenneth, 179, 3s Brent, Michael James, 77, 128, 159, Brett, Maurice R., 128 Brewer, Dennis Craig Brewer, Sandra Lynn, 341 Brewer, Vera Jane, 312 Brewer, William Doyle Breyer, John Stewart Bridewell, Joseph A., 169, 341 Bridgers, David Irwin, Jr., 116 Bridges, Kenneth Daniel Bridges, Thad Sharon, 122, 341 Bridgforth, Barry Wilson Bright, Aubry William, 294 Bright, Steven Bright, Sue, 100, 341 Brignac, Albert Joseph Brinson, Jimmy Dickson, 312 Brisco, Beverly Anne, 143, 327 Briscoe, Marvin Earl, 327 Briscoe, Mendum Dees, 185, 294 Briscoe, Robert E. Brisolara, Arthur Louis, 312 Brister, Calvin Cotten Brister, Carolyn Read Briste r, Devotie Ward, 115, 179, 3, Brister, Fred Eugene, 171 Britt, Dennis Edwin, 341 Brittenum, Marjorie Miller Britton, Isabella N., 137, 312 Broach, Robert E. Broadfoot, Bonnie, 135, 341 Broadhead, Sandra Renee, 327 Broadway, Corlis Pa ge, 312 Brocato, Raymond Hess, 88, 179 Broc, Henry Donnie, 67 Broc, James Larry, 312 Brock, James Murray, Jr., 116, 3, Brock, Richard William, 67, 173, Brockman, Elizabeth Ann Brodofsky, Sidney, 327 Brommer, Betty Lynn, 341 Brooks, Bevely Nell, 312 Brooks, Charles L., 294 Brooks, Janice Clyde, 327 Brooks, John Alford Brooks, Patricia Ann, 69 Brooks, Robert Norman, 284 Broom, William E., 294 Broome, Austin Randy Broome, Earl Wayne Broome, Robert H. Brotherton, Robert Doug, 115, 34] Brougher, Robert Terry Broun, Charles Wood, III, 124, 187, Broussard, Carole Ruth, 97, 147 Brown, Beverly Thomson, 151, 34: Brown, Carla Kennedy Brown, Casserandia, 327 Brown, Charles A. Brown, Deborah Irene, 96, 145, 31 Brown, Ernie Herman Brown, Fredda Jo, 137, 327 Brown, Gerald Kenneth Brown, Jack Neal, Jr. Brown, James Lee, 183 Brown, Johnny K. Brown, Joseph Paul, 84 Brown, Judith A., 143, 312 Brown, Kenneth B., 70, 74, 90, 294 Brown, Leigh Brownlee Brown, Marion Lowell, 78, 294 Brown, Mary Elizabeth, 147 Brown, Rebecca Louise, 312 Brown, Reida Frances, 312 Brown, Richard Harris, 114, 159 Brown, Suzan, 139, 294 Brown, Thomas W., Jr. Brown, Wayne Mullar, 284 Brown, Winifred K. Brown, William H., Jr. Brown, William Van Brown, William Warren, 161, 312 Brown, Winfred Earl Browne, Rebecca Ann, 153, 191, Browning, Don Linton, 121 Browning, William Ronald, 169 Bruce, Deborah Yvonne, 341 Bruce, William David, 116 Bruce, Winston Ralph Bruening, Charlotte Heston Brumfield, Nancy Lynn, 61, 68, 327 Brumfield, Patricia R., 151, 341 Brummett, Dianna Lynn, 73, 79, 1( Brunini, Edmound Lawrence Bruno, Mary Carolyn, 141, 312 Brunt, Rex H., 165, 294 Bryan, Alta Suzanne, 312 Bryan, John Robeson, 123, 294 Bryant, D. Marie Bryant, Edward Glenn, 114, 185, Bryant, Frederick Clinton, 116, 31 Bryant, Gipsy Preston Bryant, Martha Ann, 327 Bryant, Mary Elizabeth, 139, 341 Bryant, Michael Bradford, 93, 12: Bryant, Olen C., Jr., 179, 341 Bryant, William Andrew, 114 Bryant, Zetta Mae, 61, 68, 145, 31 Bryon, Jennifer Kay, 105, 312 Bryson, Harriette Ann, 141, 341 Bryson, James Robert Bryson, Roy Edwin Bryson, William P., 91 Buchanan, Ann Wailes, 149, 191, 341 Buchanan, Bruce Emmett, 327 Buchanan, George McAfee Buchanan, Harriet Ann, 284 Buchanan, Helen Victoria, 147, 341 Buchanan, John Hayward Buchanan, Thomas Tucker, 185, 294 Buchholz, Elizabeth Ann, 39 Buchholz, Frederic Albert, 327 Buck, Nan Elizabeth, 143, 312 Buckles, Wanda Tracy Buckner, Carolyn, 96, 97, 149, 341 Buffington, Robert 5., 124, 341 Bufkin, Mary E., 145, 327 Bufkin, Sandra Ann, 89, 97, 145, 341 Buford, Alice Buford, Donna Lee, 139, 312 Buford, Janet Meyer, 284 Buford, Nan Elizabeth, 143, 341 Buford, Thomas Alexander, 185 Buie, Patricia Ann Bullard, Elvin Dwight Bullard, Gayle D. Bullard, George Newton, 120, 181 Bullard, Janice, 312 Bullard, Mascle Sparks Bullard, Wanda Faye, 294 Bullard, William R. Sullen, Glenn W. Bullock, Elizabeth Susan, 97, 137, 341 Bullock, Judi Ann Bullock, Paula Ann, 61, 327 Bunch, Larry Hugh, 157, 341 Bundy, William T., Jr. Bunn, Courtney Kathleen, 141, 327 Burchfield, Brian Anthony Burchfield, James Hughey Burdine, Elizabeth Burdine, Jane Rule Burdison, Frances Sandra, 294 Burdison, Neva Evonne, 312 Burdock, George Allan, 294 Burgess, William Thomas, 284 Burgin, Helen F., 61, 68, 143, 327 Burgoyne, Pamela Adair, 97, 101, 153, 327 Burk, John Davis, 116, 341 Burke, Mary Ruth, 327 Burkett, David Earl Burks, Charles Edmund Burnett, Frances G., 77, 179, 294 Burnett, Helen Pope Burnett, Jerry Clark, 120, 183, 341 Burnett, Lloyd Michael Burnette, Richard Brian, 161, 312 Burney, Mary Paula, 327 Burnham, Barbara J., 101, 141, 341 Burns, Anne, 135, 327 Burs, Bonnie B., 141, 294 Burns, James Curtis Burns, Jimmie Dwayne, 312 Burns, Rosa Ruth, 102, 284 Burrell, Donald R., 187, 294 Burris, Karen Diane Burroughs, Barbara Nalou Burroughs, Paul Parker, 175 Burroughs, Stanley Earl Burson, Mary Eston, 137, 341 Burson, Sally Pegues, 97, 137, 327 Burson, Susan Jane, 102, 105, 137, 312 Burst, Robert Amel Burt, Eunice Thompson Burt, Judie Mize Burton, Diane Kay, 141 Burton, Marjorie Ann, 135 Burt t, Steven Craig Busby, Candy Kilgore, 327 Busby, Clara Faye Buse, Tommy Sims Bush, Alan L., 185 Bush, Frederick M., III Butler, David Oscar, 117 Butler, Elizabeth Salter, 73 Butler, George Wayne, 173 Butler, Herbert Mark Butler, Jimmy Aaron Butler, Mary Lacey Butler, Merel W., 139, 327 Butler, Tommy Landis Butterfield, Charles R., 67 Buttross, Al M. Butts, David Olan, Jr. 115, 185 Butts, Pamela, 141, 341 Buzard, Suzann, 141, 327 Byars, Mary Jane Byers, Ellis Simpson Byers, Estelle A. Byers, George G., 76, 89, 163, 294 Bynum, Hal Byrd, Harold Joseph Byrd, Lawrence Robert, Jr., 187 Byrd, Ollen Keith, 91 Byrd, Toni Ann Byrd, Walter Redding, 167, 341 Byrd, William Dean, 295 Byrne, Tara Ann Cabaniss, Rita Proby, 141, 295 Caffey, Carol Anderson Caffey, Josh William, III Musa Baker Cahill, Judith Lynne Cain, Katherine Sterling, 141, 295 Cain, Mary Wallace, 341 Cain, Michael Annis Cain, Richard Lee Cain, Robert Arthur, 312 Cain, William Sterling, 181, 327 Caladnra, Victor Michael Calder, Linda Bennett Caldwell, Carolyn D., 73, 295 Caldwell, George William, 116, 341 Caldwell, James Patrick, 112 Caldwell, John Dale, 122, 157, 327 Caldwell, Julia Holmes Caldwell, Linda Frances, 97 Caldwell, Mary Anne Caldwell, Pamela Brevard, 97, 145, Caldwell, William Henry, 40, 115, 327 Callaway, Charles 115 Callaway, Patti Lynn Callender, Marion Ayleen Callicutt, Alice Jane, 312 Callicutt, David Wayne, 312 Callicutt, Edwina Hardin Callicutt, Thomas L., Jr., 89, 312 Callicutt, Virginia Irene, 79, 145 Callihan, Robert Douglas, 327 Caloway, Grover R., 76, 123, 295 Calvasina, Eugene J. Calvert, James Lauren Cameron, Elizabeth R., 151, 312 Camp, Barbara Ann, 79, 295 Camp, Robert Carter, 82 Campbell, Carl Benjamin, 161, 341 Campbell, Charles Russell, 63, 177, Campbell, Clarice Thompson Campbell, David Ray Campbell, David Wayne Campbell, Gerard Willett, 181, 312 Campbell, James McDonald, 295 Campbell, John Patrick, 124 Campbell, Jonathan A. Campbell, Nanci Lee Campbell, Richard Herman, 284 Campbell, Robert M. Campbell, Ronald W. Campbell, Susan Baker, 40, 143, 32 Campbell, V. Carolyn, 143, 295 Canizaro, Joseph Ed, Jr., 169, 312 Cannan, Bill Joe Canning, Douglas S., 161 Cannon, Glenn Dale, 185 John William, 114, 32 Cantrell, Guinn L., Jr. Cantrell, Michael Lee, 328 Canty, Patricia Ann, 39, 143, 312 Canup, Johnnie Fae, 295 Canup, Nancy Ruth, 295 Capaci, Louis Ramon, 177, 312 Caples, Edgar Lee, 74, 90, 312 Capparelle, Joann Therese, 135 Carden, James Austin, 124, 124 Cardwell, Ronald Estes, 75, 116, 312 Carey, John Edward, 69, 75, 295 Carithers, Michael R. 173, 295 Carlisle, Barry W., 113, 171, 328 Carlisle, Betty, 105, 135, 295 Carlisle, Donald Risher, 284 Carlisle, Mary Jacquelyn, 313 Carlisle, Michael Emerson, 169 Carlisle, Richard Lamar, 114 Carlisle, William T., 171 Carlson, David Robert Carlson, Jane Ellen, 153, 341 Carlton, Sidney Carman, Chan Susan, 100, 341 Carnes, Duwayne Douglas Carney, George Peter Carney, Robert Donnell, Jr., 112 Carothers, Bettye J., 97, 100, 313 Carothers, Ernest Lewis, 328 Carpenter, Doris Johnson Carpenter, Edwin B., Jr., 167, 295 Carpenter, Ira W., Jr., 70, 116, 313 Carpenter, Joseph Niehert, 169, 34 Carpenter, Robert Murray Carpenter, Roxie, 145, 313 Carpenter, Sherian Renee, 97, 104, Carpenter, Terry Carol, 185 Carr, Beverly Lou, 295 Carr, Emmett Wayne, 313 Carr, Gaye Roden, 313 Carr, James E., 179, 295 Carraway, Marvin Leeton Carrier, Henry Nash Carroll, Barby Ray Carroll, Bettye Lea B. Carroll, Candace Moore, 97, 139, Carroll, Dorothy Edwards Carroll, Geneva B. Carroll, James L. Carroll, Sammy Jacob, 313 Carruth, Nancy Jeanne, 97, 139 Carruth, Robert Rudolph, 77, 295 Carson, Johnny Lee Carson, John Robert Carson, Marshall Neal, 157 Carson, Peter, 284 Carter, Dudley H., 284 Carter, Eugene Martin Carter, Gary Gray, 128, 313 Carter, Raymond Jesse Carter, Rita Lois Carter, Robbie Crain, 295 Carter, Robert Mitchell, 40, 185 Carter, Terry Alan Carter, William A., 70, 313 Cartwright, Glenn Thomas, 91, 2 Caruso, Stephen Alan, 116, 177, Carver, Carol Ann, 78, 102, 137 Casano, Joseph J., 161 Casanova, Travis Glen Case, John Stringer, 185 Case, Raymond Talmadge Case, Susan Lee, 64, 145 Caselli, Renato Casey, Richard C. Cash, Jimmy Horace, 114 Cashman, Anne Conway, 328 Cassaday, Mike M. Trudi Mercier Cassady, John Michael, 313 Castigliola, Vincent J., 157, 341 Catlin, William, III, 114, 183, 328 Catt, James Leroy, Jr., 84, 285 Caulfield, James Barron, Jr., 157 Caulfield, John Douglas, 167 Caulfield, Mary Karen, 141 Annette Seay Cavanaugh, James Lee Cayce, Charles Thomas Caye, Woolsey M., Jr., 116, 189 Cerny, Jan Edwin Chadwick, Jefferson P., 98, 313 Chaffin, William Michael, 77, 167 Chain, Bela J., Jr. Chalaron, Pierre Rivalier Chamberlain, George L., 183 Chamberlin, Susan S., 341 Chamblee, Louis R., 181, 313 Chamblee, Sylvia Jean, 135, 341 Champion, James H., Jr., 114, 181 Champion, John Powell Champion, Sondra Beaver Chancellor, Joseph Ernest Chancellor, Lester Manly, 183 Chandler, Carolyn Webber, 145, 2 Chandler, Etta Chandler, Kyle, 76, 171 Chandler, Laurance N., 84, 181 Chandler, Sheryl Enochs Chapman, Cameron, 141, 341 Chapman, Cynthia L., 141, 313 Chapman, Gay Lynn Chapman, George Beasley Chapman, Jean Sealy Chapman, Larry H., 72 Chapman, Nancy Blankenship Chapman, Richard Wallace Chapman, Thomas Howard, 115 Charbonnet, Mary Sue Chase, Alfred Wightman, 295 Chase, Alma Carole, 64, 79, 285 Chase, Phyllis Ann, 313 Chavez, Natividad A., 285 Cheairs, Marguerite R., 97, 145 Cheairs, Thomas W., III, 76, 128, Cheatham, James B., 295 Channault, Deborah Ann, 139, 34 Cheramie, Van Joseph, 177, 313 Cherry, Barbara Lorraine, 96, 3, Chesnut, Robert W., 76, 295 Chesteen, John Rowe Chesteen, Richard D., 75 Chilcutt, Mimi Elizabeth, 143, 31: Childress, Bobby W., 295 Childs, James Lawrence, Jr., 295 Childs, Thomas Everett, Jr. Chiles, James Williams, 112, 341 Chiniche, Francis Raymond, 313 Chinn, Patricia D., 89, 295 Chinn, William David, 285 Chisholm, Elsie C., 313 Chism, Cheryl Sue, 135, 328 Chism, James Neal Chittom, Gary Lynn Choe, Hyong Kil Chow, Richard Chow, Sallye Laye, 100, 313 Chow, Sammy Ming, 295 Chow, Tzuen Gann Chrestman, Carolyn Ross, 313 Chrestman, Cynthia Ann, 68, 139 Chrestman, Deane, 43, 64, 139, 21 Christ, John Wade Christ, Samuel D., Jr. Christ, Samuel David Christ, Sherry Lynn Christopher, Hellon Gail, 100, 151 Chryst, Martin Kirk, 116, 341 Chu, Shu Hong, 295 Chumbler, Brent Stanton, 115 Chunn, Anson Bob Chunn, Clifton, B., Jr., 183 Chunn, Jean Johnson Church, Dixie Jane, 328 Churchill, Mary Kay Chustz, James Stephen, 113, 157. Cissna, Mary Louise, 43, 68, 153 Claany, James Wright, 167 Clanton, Gail Wallace Clanton, Melissa Lynn, 100, 328 Clark, Alvah Eugene, Jr., 139 Clark, Anita Miller Clark, Bernard Troy Clark, Beverly Jean, 341 Clark, Charles Luper, 285 Clark, Charles Thomas, 169, 313 Clark, David Byrd Clark, Frances Carlisle., 141, 341 Clark, James Rayford, Jr., 115 Clark, Jane Kay, 295 Clark, Joe Howell, 114, 328 Clark, Michael Eugene Clark, Patricia Busby Clark, Robert Elisha, 112, 177, 3, Clark, Robert Thural Clark, Roger Travis Clark, Ronald Hamilton, 183, 328 Clark, Sandra Jo, 147, 313 Clark, Sheryl Leslie, 151, 341 Clark, Susan Jay, 97, 149, 341 Clark, Teresa Rosemary, 342 Clark, Wanda Dawn, 313 Clarke, John Carey, 122, 169 Clary, Stephen Paul, 117, 175, 31 Clawson, Dennis Garry, 179 Claycomb, Hugh Murray Clayton, Hugh Carter Clayton, Michael Lee, 313 Clayton, Susan, 147, 295 Clayton, William Joseph Clayton, William Tommy Clea ge, Marvin Bradford, 171, 34 Clement, Jerry Wayne, 115 Clement, Joseph Gordon Clement, William F., Jr., 171, 29: Clemens, Randall Wayne Clemmer, 295 Clemmer, Ronald Wayne, 313 Cleveland, Cnythia, 97, 153 Cleveland, John Daniel, 115, 183 Cleveland, Thomas F. Cliett, Karen Elizabeth, 313 Clifton, Danny Rae, 76 Clifton, Rose E. Clifton, Susan McWilliams Clifton, William Lynn Clingman, Gretchen Thomas Clingman, Keith Phillip, 63 Clinton, Marjorie Sue Cloar, Thomas Jefferson, 116, 185 Cloud, Charles Randall, 185 Clouse, Stephen Collins, 116, 189 Cloutman, Karen Ruth, 78, 153, : Coates, Bobby Albert, 285 Coates, Evelyn Louise, 97, 149, 3L Coats, James Filo, 157, 342 Cobb, David Louis, 40, 295 Cobb, Harlan Craig Cobb, James Dennis Cobb, Marie Elayne, 61 Cobb, Martha McMillan, 141, 313 Cobb, Treble Kay, 149, 328 Coburn, Theodore Kirk, 116, 189 Cockerham, James William, 115 Cockerham, John Stephen, 60, 70, 313 Cockrell, Jerald Davis, 185, 313 Cockrell, Mary Nell, 89 Cockrell, Susan Beattie, 313 Cockrell, Thomas L. Coers, Cathleen Nelson, 149, 328 Coers, Janice Roi Cofer, Edwin Tharp, 75 Coffey, James Major Coffey, Sherry Louise, 313 Cohron, Roxie Bonita, 97, 328 Coker, Rickey F., 169 Coker, Robert Earl, 295 Coker, William Harlow, 328 Colbert, William Bradford Coldwell, Elizabeth Ann, 135, 1f Cole, Betty Carole, 40, 105, 313 Cole, Carolyn, 145, 342 Cole, David Coleman Cole, Karen T. 295 Cole, Marsha K., 295 Cole, Susan, 141, 328 Coleman, Dennis Franklin Coleman, Gail Jean Coleman, Gwyneth Jane Coleman, Kathleen B., 36, 141, Coleman, Larry D., 115 Coleman, Lee Sorrels, 115 Coleman, Michael Wallace, 70, 183 Coleman, Ronald Glen, 328 Coleman, Ronald Lee, 342 Coleman, William D., Jr., 157 Coley, Charlotte Louise, 342 Coll, James Patrick, 177, 295 Collier, Constance Marie, 143, 328 Collier, John Brooks, 179 Collier, Terry Lee, 179 Collier, Thomas Harris, 77, 112, 159, 328 Collins, Don Kelly Collins, Homer D., 295 Collins, Lillye Jane, 89, 97, 100, 135, 295 Collins, Robert Kay, 159, 328 Collins, Russell Eugene, 175 Collums, Randy Lee, 115 Collums, Reggie Mault Colmer, William Jeffrey, 185 Colson, James Melbourne, 116 Colter, Sandra Jo, 143, 342 Colvin, Joan Estella, 97, 145, 295 Combs, Carolyn Byrd, 285 Combs, Clyde Maurice, Jr., 285 Corner, Christopher Lee, 175, 342 Corner, Delores A. Martin Corner, James Elton Corner, Linda Kay, 342 Corner, Thomas Howard, Jr. Commer, Malcolm Jefferson, 171, 328 Condon, Hanley Gail, 97, 149, 296 Condon, Lillene Williams Condon, William Patrick, 72, 313 Conn, Joan Harriet, 149, 328 Conn, Joyce E. Connell, Mary Ann Conner, Anna Martin Conner, Carol Diane Conner, Charles Stockton Conner, Lee K., 179, 285 Conner, Raymond M., 67 Connor, Pamela Jane, 151, 328 Connors, Thomas Matthew, 120, 328 Conover, Nelson Gary Cook, Barbara Jean Cook, John Joseph, 60, 99, 171, 313 Cook, Martha Sue, 328 Cook, Patricia Ann Cook, Peggy M., 68, 143, 328 Cook, Robert Timothy, 120, 183 Cook, Susan Medora Cook, Thomas Archie Cook, William Harold Cook, William Leslie, 116, 157, 342 Cooke, Barney Lee, 122, 159, 328 Cooke, Gaines Lassabe, 183 Cooke, Michael Dale Cooksey, Kenneth Earl, Jr., 99, 169, 313 Cooksey, Linda Lee Cooksey, Tom Edward Cooley, Clay Dennis, 285 Coombs, Johnnie P., Jr., 313 Cooper, Douglas Lee, 116, 179. 342 Cooper, James Robert, Jr., 159, 342 Cooper, Kathy Ann, 143, 328 Cooper, Mary Belle Cooper, Mary Beth, 102 Cooper, Merry Carole, 97, 137, 328 Cooper, Philip David, 313 Cooper, Sherman Taylor, 181, 328 Coors, Cristy, 145, 342 Cope, Karen Olivia, 149, 342 Copeland, Larry Joe, 128, 296 Copelin, Larry Douglas Corban, Alton Lee, Jr., 70, 179 Corban, John 113, 173, 328 Corley, Arch McKennon, 115, 181, 328 Corliss, Barry Martin Cornelius, Philip T., Jr. Corretti, E. Suzanne, 137, 313 Cothran, J anice Kay, 135, 342 Cothran, Thomas A., 189 Cotten, Abby Ann, 149, 328 Cotten, John Stevens, 121, 171, 342 Cotton, Carroll L., 185 Couch, Sharon Sue, 342 Counce, Charles Ray Courtney, Louie Bilbo, 285 Covert, Robert Frank, 117, 157 Covington, Albert Donald, 167 Cowand, Gary Ray, 161 Coward, Charles B., 183, 296 Cowley, Charles Gattis Cowsert, Hugh Ingram, III, 116, 328 Cox, Alvin Conley, Jr., 169 Cox, Barbara Ann, 68, 97, 151, 328 Cox, Bobby Joe, 296 Cox, Bonnie Bright, 97. 298 Cox, Donald Robert, 185, 296 Cox, Elizabeth Afton, 151, 328 Cox, Gary C. Cox, Harmon Wilfred, 171, 342 Cox, James Randall, 187, 200, 328 Cox, Hugh Cox, Rebecca Geneva Cox, Roger D.. 67, 296 Cox, Warren E. Cracraft, Jean Scott, 328 Craft, Ann Elizabeth, 296 Craft, John Michael, 116, 181, 342 Crafton, Walter Thomas, Jr., 117, 342 Craig, Clarence R., Jr., 115 Craig, David Lester, 114, 313 Craig, Sarah Gaye, 43, 97, 147, 313 Crain, Barbara Sue Crain, Warren Bryan Crain, William J. Cran, Clifton Earnest, Jr. Cranford, Janelle, 89, 97, 135, 29: Craven, Bobby Eugene Craven, Kiffin R., Jr., 115, 1 57 Cravens, Betty Ruth Crawford, Buren Ray, 285 Crawford, Carolyn J., 285 Crawford, Crispen L., Jr., 91, 285 Crawford, George Terrence, 313 Crawford, Leslie Lee, Jr., 115, 181, : Crawford, Walter Jeffrey, 89, 183, : Crawley, David E., III Crawley, Ethel J. Creekmore, James Hiram Crelot, Robert, 77, 296 Crews, Charlie J., Jr., 89, 173, 32£ Cribbs, Ferdinand P., Jr., 285 Crimm, Harry Remone, 117 Crisler, Anne Murdock, 97, 149, 296 Crocker, Elvis Wayne Crocker, Jerry Lee, 313 Crockett, Clay McAmis, 76, 113, : Crockett, Dyke Wayne Croft, Jo Candace, 38, 139, 313 Cromeans, John William, 113, 159, : Crongeyer, James Joseph, 120, 34: Crook, Carolyn Louise, 342 Crook, Jon, 187 Crosby, B. Kaye, 313 Crosby, Michael Gavin Cross, Carla Cecilia, 135, 313 Cross, Frances Victoria, 153, 328 Cross, George Sylvanius, 313 Cross, Susan Helen, 141, 342 Crossley, Robert Clayton, 124, 187, : Crouch, Charles Warren, 313 Crouch, Henry Lee, 285 Crouch, Jessica Louise Crouch, Michael Avery, 76, 296 Crowder, Donald W. Crowe, Murry Maxwell Crowe, Richard Leon Crowley, Everett Wesley Crudup, Joe Maynard, 116, 328 Crull, Luther Putnam, Jr., 114, 171 Crum, Linda Jo, 313 Crum, Ralph David, 117 Crumby, Charles Floyd, 77, 113, 321 Crumpton, James M. Crutcher, James William, 114, 313 Cruthirds, Nelson Redic, 169, 313 Cruthirds, Virginia Irlyn, 40, 89, 291 Cuchens, Victor Henry, Jr. Cuevas, Lehman J., 296 Cuevas, Vincent John, 157, 328 Cuicchi, David Lee, 70, 77, 114, 328 Cullom, Summer Regenold Culp, Kerry Eliz, 145, 342 Culpepper, Thomas Joseph Cumberland, Ferman Dan James William, Jr. Cummings, Leonard 0., Jr., 285 Cummings, Robert Ray Cunningham, Carolyn Cunningham, Irven Edwin Cunningham, James Emmitt, 171 Cunningham, Madalyn, 145, 328 Cunningham, Mary Jim Cunningham, Richard M., 121, 167, Cupit, Bert Bennett, 115, 179, 342 Cupit, Danny Earl Cupit, Letitia Rotenberry, 296 Cupit, Thomas Lapell, 285 Curran, Christopher, 141, 328 Curran, Michael James, 181 Currie, James M., 173, 313 Currie, James. Tyson, 67, 69, 70, 75, 296 Currie, John Melvin, 114, 328 Curry, Burn Wesley, 313 Curtis, Chester Harris, 313 Curtis, William Harrison, 82 Cushman, Townsend Hamilton Cushman, William Chandler, 40, 183, 328 Custer, James William, 175, 328 Cutcliff, Leo Alexander, 112, 342 D Dabbs, Charlotte Ann, 61, 68, 101, Dabbs, Daphne Lavern, 61, 68, 143, 329 Dabbs, James Dutch, 63, 77, 313 Dabney, Daphne Frances, 96, 147, : Daggett, Tanya Diane, 147, 342 Dagostino, Arthur Daniel, 112, 329 Dale, Donna Leigh, 149, 329 Dale, James Yeager Dalton, Bobby D. Dalton, Dale Galbraith, 100, 139, 21 Dalton, Larry Gene Dalton, Sam Erwin Domonte, Laura Elaine Dancy, Jeanette May, 314 Dancy, Raymond Laverne, 314 Daniel, Jimmy R. Daniel, Lloyd Coppedge Daniel, Robert Tennent, 114, 181 Daniel, Samuel Eugene, 116, 18l Daniel, Sandra Lynn, 78, 314 Daniel, William Jackson Daniels, Gloria Sue, 135, 329 Daniels, Maurice Lary, 329 Daniels, Thomas Lee, 123, 175, Dannreuther, James C., 314 Dannereuther, John West, 113, 1: Darby, William Gordon Darden, Cheri Brewer, 296 Darden, Frances Louise, 40, 296 Darden, Robert Wilbanks, 296 Darnell, David Stephen, 183, 29 Darnell, Thomas H., 314 Dashairya, Bhagwan Das, 77, a 285 Daughton, Martha Jane Dauzat, Jo Ann Dauzat, Sam V., 285 Davenport, William D., Jr., 187, Daves, Ralph Lee Davidson, Allen Brown, 183 Davidson, David Loxley, 75, 285 Davidson, Deborah Ann, 343 Davidson, Hubert James, 179, 3 Davidson, Leigh Lorraine, 141, Davis, Carl F., Jr., 163 Davis, Carolyn Mary Davis, Charles P. Davis, Clyde Percy Davis, Curtis Reed Davis, Deborah P. Davis, Drucilla Joan Davis, Dudley R. Davis, Elizabeth Ann, 96, 97, 10 314 Davis, Elsie J., 296 Davis, Fred Lee, III Davis, Howard Q., Jr., 285 Davis, James Wilbur Davis, Jeff Vernon Davis, Joan N. Lebow Davis, Joe Curtis Davis, John Charles, 329 Davis, John Floyd, 167 Davis, John Ford, 343 Davis, John Wm. Davis, Judy Kaye Davis, June Annette Davis, Karen, 105, 137, 314 Davis, Larry Edward Davis, Laura Lee, 153, 343 Davis, Leo Earl, Jr., 128 Davis, Lloyd Lee Davis, Martha Louise, 314 Davis, Philip Lee, Jr., 296 Davis, Phillip Howard Davis, Robert Earl, 285 Davis, Robert Lee, 83, 113, 329 Davis, Robert Marvin Davis, Robert Sol, 69 Davis, Ronald Lester, 98, 189 Davis, Sallie Rinehart, 143, 314 Davis, Sammy Marion, 70 Davis, Saidra Brown, 329 Davis, Sarah Dawn Davis, Silas Woodward, III, 121, Davis, Thomas Ronald, 343 Davis, Vina Blue, 143, 343 Davis, William H., 183, 296 Davis, William Sidney, 297 Davis, Winfred J., Jr., 297 Dawes, H. Leighton Dawes, James Walter Dawes, Paul Lloyd, 123, 329 Dawson, George David, 343 Dawson, James William, 179 Dawson, Michael Kent, 187, 34: Dawson, Thomas Winter, 285 Dawson, William Howard, 169, 2 Day, Carol Marie Day, Clyde Eric, II, 171 Day, Greg S., 169 Day, Hugh G. Day, John J. Day, Robert Joseph Day, Woodrow Wilson, Jr., 181 Dean, Daniel M., 169 Dean, David Franklin, 179 Dean, Ralph Maury Deare, Janet J., 79 Dearman, Cheryl Frances, 314 Deaton, Daniel Bernard, 171, 32 ' DeBay, Francis A., 94, 183, 297 Deberry, William A., 77, 115, 31. Decanter, Travis E. Decker, Lisa, 147, 329 Decker, Marcia Gay, 135, 343 Decoux, Robert Emile, 38, 185, Dedeaux, Jimmy Glen, 173, 2 86 Dedeaux Suzanne B., 297 Dedmon, Benny Frank, 91 Dedmon, Danny Brown, 91 Deener, Linda Sue, 147, 314 Deener, William Roland, 167, 3, Dees, Betty Harolyn, 97, 137, 31. Dees, Don Alfred, 40, 314 Dees, James Gordon, Jr., 314 Dees, Strawford H., III, 60, 76, 11 Dees, William Lee Defenbaugh, William Rich Def ore, Woodrow Wilson, Jr., 60 Defrancesco, Russell, 189, 314 Defries, Melton Ellis Deitrich, John Lewis, 179, 314 Delaughter, Jerry Lee Delgadillo, Angelita, 43 Delgadillo, James Hicks, 171 Delgadillo, M. Angelita, 343 Delgado, Lynda Jane Deline, Donald Arthur, 67, 286 Deloteus, Dorothy Linda, 314 Delph, Julie Theresa, 97, 153, 343 Demilio, Ronald David, 169, 329 Demoss, Hariotte Craige, Jr. Demoss, Terry Otis, 120 DeMoss, Thomas Howard, 181, 32! Denham, Earl Lamar, 89, 113, 187, Denham, Susan Stewart, 89, 329 Denley, Flavia Peeples Denley, George Timothy, 297 Denley, Harriette Lee, 63, 79, 297 Donley, James Hamilton, 70, 297 Dennis, Bernard Stephen Dennis, Charles Lewis Dennis, Deborah Lynn, 329 Dennis, Terry Wayne, 112, 167 Densing, Kent William, 40, 83, 31 Dent, Evelyn Deborah, 61, 68, 329 Denton, Billy, Ray, 115 Denton, Charles Leslie, 115, 171, Denton, Chrisman Roberts Denton, Thomas S. Deornellas, Mary Lee, 97 Depoyster, Reba Nell Depoyster, Wilburn Cayce Derrick, Arthur Aaron, III, 114, 3 Derrick, Sidney Williams, 114, 329 Derrington, Deborah Lynn Deshazo, James Hunt Dessommes, Jack Carver, 122, 122, De St. Germain, Teresa C. Deterly, James H., 297 Deterly, William Henry, 181 Deuschle, Edwin John Devane, Charles Richard Devaney, Deborah Du, 329 Dewees, Herbert E., 167 Deweese, Bobby Wayne Dexter, Mary May, 69, 147, 297 Deyamport, Willie Henry, 343 Dibenedetto, Fahey Anne, 97, 135, 343 Diaz, Linda Ann, 343 Dick, Henry Narcise Dickens, Gary Gene, 329 Dickerson, Donald, 117, 343 Dickerson, Ina Taylor Dickerson, James Luther Dickerson, Linda Jo, 135, 329 Dickey, Donald Edward, 329 Dickey, Ronald, 76, 297 Dickson, Brooke Strother, 112, 16 Dickson, Linda Sue, 329 Dickson, Michael Samuel, 40, 114, Dickson, Walter Eugene, 117, 343 Dikeman, Michael Lee, 185 Dillard Anne Elizabeth Dillard, Larry Eugene, 115 Dillingham, Brcce, Jr. Dillon, Elizabeth Anneal Dillon, Virgin David, 72 Dillon, Willard M., Jr., 72 Dilworth, Hiram Lee, 113 Dionne, Paul Edward Dixon, Bruce Hubert, 179, 314 Dixon, Carman Ray, Jr., 76, 77, 314 Dixon, Janice Lottie Dobbs, Jimmy Gage, 329 Dodson, Jack Robinson, 128, 169 Dodson, William Peyton Doherty, James Paul, 343 Dolan, Peggy Ann Doles, Maury Auval Dombrowski, Barbara Ann, 97, 3 Dombrowski, S. Cordell, 124, 124 Dominick, Warren Joseph, 112 Donahue, Sandra Jeanne, 96, 147, Donald, James Edward, 112, 343 Donald, John Alfred, 76, 297 Donald, Sherry Mills, 296 Donald, William Duncan, Jr., 161, Dong, Janet, 78, 329 Donovan, Edward Frances, 115, 1: Donovan, James E., 91, 286 Doolittle, Jerry Alan, 157, 314 Doran, Martha, 79, 143, 314 Dorizas, Angelo John Dorrill, George Lee, 286 Dorrill, Marla Joyce, 286 Dorsey, Daniel Richard, 314 Dorsey, Warren Candler, Jr. Dossett, Danny Earl Dossett, James K. Dossett, Linda S. Massey Doty, Glenn Alvon, 72 Dougherty, Patricia M., 314 Douglas, Peter B., 329 Dove, Roy Edward, 123, 175, 329 Dove, Susan Elizabeth, 286 Dover, Jerry Lynn, 120, 189, 297 Dowdy, Gloria Alice, 145, 343 Dowdy, Guy William, Jr., 165, 343 Dowdy, Robert Wayne Dowhan, Michael W., Jr., 82, 286 Downer, Robert Selby Downing, James Lee Downs, Lawrence Mitchell Doyle, Gary Alan, 112 Doyle, Linda Altean, 97, 149, 343 Doyle, Sidney Eugene Dozier, Ronald Giles, :314 Drake, Danny Alton Drake, Thomas A., Jr., 297 Dreher, Kenneth R., 157 Drennan, Cheryl Lee, 135, 314 Drennan, Gary Dale Dressler, John Timothy Dressler, June Beverly Dribben, Billie Barnette, 39, 104, 314 Drinkwater, William W., Jr., 116, 171, 190, 190, 343 Droke, Joseph C., Jr. Drott, Jerry Harold Dryden, Mack Leon, 122 Dubois, Bobby W., 169 Dubose, Marilyn Louise, 297 Duck, Howard L., Jr., 297 Ducker, James G., 116, 157 Ducker, Richard E., 157 Duckworth, Marshull Glenn, 314 Duffee, Ann E., 297 Dugger, Sandra, 343 Duke, Douglas Ratcliffe Dukes, James 0., 35, 67, 185, 297 Dukes, Rayford Edwin, 115, 343 Dukes, Thomas Jefferson, 185, 329 Dumas, Michael Eugene, 173, 329 Dumas, William T., Jr. Dunavant, William David, 117, 169, 343 Duncan, Eric Thompson, 77, 181 Duncan, Eugenia Dianne Duncan, Marsha Carol, 137, 329 Duncan, Melissa W. Duncan, Rose Ann, 89, 135, 329 Duncan, Roy Eugene, 297 Duncan, Sara Alice, 145, 329 Duncan, Van A. Duncan, Victoria Ann, 135, 329 Duncan, Wallace Gregory, 157 Dunlap, William Ralph Dunn, Carroll Edward Dunn, Christopher A., 177, 297 Dunn, Edgar M., Jr., 161, 297 Dunn Harold Eugene Dunn, Kathryn Eileen, 97 Dunn, Richard Minta, 69, 286 Dunn, Walton B., Jr., 329 Dunn, William David, 183 Dunnam Richard Eugene Dunnan, Malcolm George, Jr., 169 Dupree, James Edward, 159 Duprel, Andrea April, 143, 329 Durant, Mary Annette, 97, 149, 297 Durham, Charles Preston Durrett, Mary Louise, 297 Dye, Robert David, 329 Dykes, Jewell K., Jr., 314 Dykes, Johnny H. Dykes, Rebecca Taylor Dygert, Theodora Louise Dyre, Barbara Jane, 78, 135, 329 Dyre, Mary Cathryn, 149, 191, 343 Dzikielewski, Joseph F. E Earhart, Rachel, 68, 101, 147, 329 Easley, Everette John, 157 East, Kathryn, 147, 329 East, William Jeff, 40, 286 Easterling, Charles Ward, 99, 114, 169 Easterling, Letson E., 343 Easterling, Sherrill W. Easterling, William Ramsay, 169 Eastland, Woods E., 67 Eaton, Sallie R., 139, 329 Eaton, William Robert, Jr., 122, 161 Eavenson, Theresa Anne, 149, 297 Eaves, Laddie Lane, 286 Edmonds, Martha Lynn Edmondson, Frederick E., 286 Edmondson, Susan Gilda, 149, 314 Edmondson, David S., 112, 157, 343 Edmondson, Martha Anne, 139, 329 Edrington, Sandra Kay Edrington, Susan Ellen, 151, 191, 329 Edwards, Bobby Joe Edwards, Charles Terrell Edwards, Donna Allan, 68, 149, 329 Edwards, Harold M., Jr. Edwards, Ina Jacquelyn R., 286 Edwards, James R., Jr., 159, 314 Edwards, James S., Jr. Edwards, Kay E., 135, 329 Edwards, Larry Wendell Edwards, Marilyn T. Edwards, Royce D. Edwards, Sherry Lilette, 139, 343 Edwards, Tommie Joe, 99, 114 Edwards, Wanda Jean, 145, 314 Edwards, William Hudson, Jr., 83, 11 329 Egan, William John, Jr., 169, 329 Egger, Nancy Ann, 97, 102, 141, 329 Eichold, Elizabeth Ann, 139, 297 Einhaus, Susan Lee, 135, 329 Eisiminger, Karen Marlena, 153, 329 Eisterhold, John A. Elam, Judy Kaye, 97, 101, 141, 329 Eldardiri, Sarnia Elder, Ellen Estelle, 137 Elder, Robert Lee Eldridge, Gary Gene Elf ert, Roger Larkin, 171 Elias, Ronald M., 173 Elkins, James Carlton Elkins, Stephen G. Ellington, N. Devon, 315 Ellington, Sherry Lynne, 343 Elliott, Carolyn Edith, 97, 153, 329 Elliott, Joseph Claude, 177, 315 Elliott, Russell Edward, 116, 161, 341s Elliott, Thomas Neal Elliott, Walter Mac Elliott, 116, 315 Ellis, Helen June Burwell Ellis, Hiram Randall, 84 Ellis, John Clyde Ellis, Lawrence H., Jr. Ellis, Mary Corinne, 89, 149, 343 Ellis, Michael Edward, 185, 315 Ellis, Mildred Teresa, 97, 153, 329 Ellis, Miriam Helen, 143, 329 Ellis, Nancy M., 135, 329 Ellis, Nancy Margaret, 89, 149, 343 Ellis, Robert Byron, Jr., 120, 185, 33( Ellis, Robert Stephen, 185 Ellis, Sarabeth W., 139, 297 Ellis, Wilbert Marvin Ellzey, Leslie Dewitt, 169 Elmore, Betty Lee Elmore, Donald C., 76, 123, 297 Ely, Carol Flournoy Ely, James Scott, 173 Embry, Robert R., III, 297 Embry, Edwin Phillips Embry, Janice Phillips, 297 Embry, Ralph F., Jr., 286 Emerson, Peggy Emmons, Marion Joseph, 69, 297 Endicott, Samuel C., 117 Enloe, Rebecca Ann, 100, 151, 191, 3z Engram, Alexis Marie, 151, 343 Enoch, Joe McAdams, 185. Enochs, Karen Rebecca, 97, 145, 330 Erikson, H. John, 117, 183 Ernst, Charlene H. Ervin, James Richard Ervin, Richard Allen, 113 Eshee, William Denver, Jr., 286 Estes, Lois Ward, 141, 297 Estes, Marshall S. Estes, Sharon Ann, 343 Estes, Terry Louis Etheridge, Judith Nell, 97, 139, 343 Etheriedge, John Charles, 330 Ethridge, David Ferguson, 117 Ethridge, Laura Ramage, 139, 343 Ethridge, Lenore Lewis, 61, 68, 10 139, 330 Ethridge, Thomas Monroe, 99, 159, 3: Eubanks, Carolyn Sue, 297 Eubanks, Mary Alice, 37, 315 Eubanks, Robert Gordon Eure, Hugh Lynn, 167 Evans, Bobby Gaynell Evans, Donnie Herbert, 286 Evans, James William, 115 Evans, John David, 330 Evans, Larry Leverette Evans, Lynda Kaye Evans, Marsha Lee, 330 Evans, Steven Roy Evans, Thomas Irvin, 315 Evans, Victor Gayle Everett, Allie Naido, 41, 297 Everett, Terry Eugene Everhart, Mary Ann, 330 Everhart, Rodney Duane, 286 Evertz, Robert Ewert, Paula Diane, 330 Ewing, David, 75 Ewing, Marilyn M., 297 Ezell, Marporie Louise, 343 Ezelle, Robert Harris, 330 F Fagan, Gregory Alan, 116 Fagan, Julian W., III, 315 Fair, Elizabeth Love, 97, 141, 315 Fair, Eugene Love, 67, 70 Fair, George Robertson, 40, 117, 17 343 Fair, Jeanne Jamison, 68, 141, 330 Faison, Tommy Eugene Fancher, Karen D., 297 Fant, Helen Elizabeth, 139, 315 Farber, Charles Bradshaw, 183 Farber, Louis Allen Farese, John Booth Farese, Vivian Stannard Farmer, Donald Terry, 343 Farmer, Fred Arthur, 330 Farmer, James J., 169 Farned, William Mallory Farnsworth, Bruce Carver Farnsworth, Perry Eugene, 120, 3: Farr, Esther Field Farr, Leslie Kathleen, 137, 315 Farr, Mary Julianna, 40, 97, 143, a Farragut, Deborah Jane, 330 Farragut, Kenneth David, 121 Farrar, Donald Herman Farrar, Elizabeth Ann, 297 Farrar, Emily Spencer, 143, 343 Farrar, Robert L. Jr. Farrell, Michael J., 177, 315 Farris, George Thomas, 161, 315 Farris, Janis Lee, 137, 330 Farrish, Linda, 79, 153, 315 Faughn. Jerry S. Faulkner, Norris Olen, Jr., Faulkner, Vineth Vicki Fava, Anthony Favre, Tommye Dale, 147, 191, 343 Fawcett, Frances Kelly Fawcett, John Rutherford, 112 Fawcett, Patricia Kelly Fealhaber, Kathy Mona, 315 Featherstone, William P., Jr., 117, Fedric, David McCune Feigley, Leslie Lyon, 116, 343 Felder, Alfred Lee, 286 Felder, Dayle Raborn Felder, James Gary, 72 Feldman, James Michael, 330 Feldman, Phillip, II Feldman, Samuel David, 183, 343 Feliciano, Juarbe Marcos, 286 Fellows, Donald K. Jr., 161 Feltenstein, Ned A. Felts, Morris Leon Felts, Robert Benjamin Fenimore, Nelson Stewart, 297 Fenstermacher, Mary Ann, 343 Fenwick, Jason McCool, 315 Ferdon, William R. Ferguson, Anna Frances, 149, 343 Ferguson, Bailey Joe Ferguson, Elizabeth Claire Ferguson, Gertrude Betty, 147, 315 Ferguson, Gordon J. Ferguson, Harvey Glenn, 70, 113, Ferguson, Helen Beth, 137, 343 Ferguson, Hilda Marie, 297 Ferguson, James Marlton, 297 Ferguson, Johnnie Walter, 343 Ferguson, Larry T. Ferguson, Suzan Lamb, 330 Ferguson, William F., 286 Ferry, Candice Ruth, 343 Ferrell, John Alexander, 157, 343 Ferrell, Keith Winfred, 112 Ferrell, Rita Gay, 102 Ferris Douglas Mims Ferris, Eugene B., III, 67 Ferris, John Perrin, 181 Ferris, Lucian Minor, 183, 343 Field, David Dudley, 297 Fields, John Foster, 40, 185, 315 Fields, Leo Joseph Fields, Pamela Joy, 343 Figg, Milton Hunt Filek, Leon, Jr. Files, Joe Clark, 60 Fillingame, Cynthia Gayle, 343 Finch, Evelyn Leda, 135 Fincher, Murray Byron, 171, 343 Findley, Jerome, Justin Finke, Larry Lane Finklea, Nora L., 79 Finley, Edward Wayne Firestone, Dorothy A. Fisackerly, James Samuel, Jr., . 297 Fischelmayer, Ruth H., 135 Fischer, Eugenia G. Fischer, James Franklin, 343 Fisher, Dorothy Anne, 297 Fisher, Lorabeth, 135, 315 Fisher, Robert Allan, 116, 167, 344 Fitch, Frederick Parmelee, 344 Fitts, Thomas Velder Fitzgerald, Jann, 149, 330 Fitzgerald, Mary M. Fitzgerald, Pauline M. Fitzhugh, Scott P. Fitzpatrick, Richard S. Flagg, Carolyn B., 141 Flagg, Katharine Broadwell, 100, : 315 Flanagan, Janiece Flanary, Thomas Michael, 189, 330 Flanders, James Wall, 104, 189, 33( Flansburg, James Raymond, 119, 3: Flatt, Sidney Meigs Fleming, Gorden Ware, 169 Fleming, Phillip Jerome Fleming, Sarah Ellen, 315 Fletcher, John Charles, 183, 190, 1 Fletcher, John Lathrop, 82 Fletcher, Suzanne, 330 Flinn, Fred Rusher, 63, 70, 77, 1 315 Flint, Frederick, Walters Flint, Samuel Ashton, 63 Flippin, James L., 315 Flippin, Joe Ernest, 117, 157, 330 Flippin, Leslie Lewis Flowers, Linda L., 151 Floyd, Elise Goode Floyd, Mayecilla Ann, 330 Floyd, Myron David Floyd, Nancy Ellen, 97, 143, 344 Floyd, Rebecca Ann, 297 Floyd, Tom Sledge Fly, Henry Edward, 88, 297 Fly, James Douglas, 99, 112, 344 Fly, Kenneth Edward, 115 Flynn, James Benjamin Flynn, Marsha Leigh, 97 Flynn, Stephen Dwight Fokeladeh, Mohammad Nazih Foley, Michael James, 116, 344 Foose, Charles William, 117, 171, Foose, Jonathan Edward, 181 Foose, Robert M. Forbes, James Tuck Forbus, Feriel Jay Ford, Cora Ann Ford, Dan Ralph, Jr., 113, 183 Ford, Ebb James Ford, James David, 159 Ford, James Oliver Ford, James Richard Ford, Sandra Heard Ford, Susan Janette, 143, 330 Ford, Terrianne Walters Ford, William Reynolds, Jr., 70, 1 159, 330 Ford, William Watkins, III Fore, David M., 128, 179, 315 Foregger, Herbert V. Foret, Christopher Joseph, 286 Forman, Michael Roy Forman, Richard Lamar, 315 Forman, Roane Devereux, 145, 298 Forrest, William Charles, 40, 179, 3 Forrester, David Chalaron, 117, 1 344 Forrester, Margaret L., 286 Forster, Robert Sharp Fortier, Robert Frederick Fortner, Judith Love Fortson, Susan Ann Foshee, Jane Carol, 97, 139, 344 Foster, Arthur G., 177 Foster, Edward Lee, 179. 315 Foster, James Thomas, 315 Foster, Jerry Keith Foster, Marilyn Pauline, 78, 286 Foster, Ralph Davis, 315 Foster, Telena Kaye, 64, 97, 153, 2 Foster, Wilson Jerome, Jr., 286 Foulk, Dona Watson, 298 Fountain, Bettye R., 89, 315 Fountain, Myrna D. Fournier, Bradley Harold Fowler, Hallie Hargrove, 97, 147, 3 Fowler, James Randle Fowler, Jamie Frances, 97, 102, 1 344 Fowler, Jerry Curtis, 315 Fowler, Kenneth B., III, 179 Fowler, Ronald F. Fowler, William Cary, 40 Fox, Claude Leroy Fox, Danny Fox, Fleeta E., 141, 298 Fox, Gary Merkell Fox, Terry Joe, 315 Foxx, Steven Wayne, 113, 330 Fraiser, Rita Lynn, 315 Frame, Ann Elizabeth L. Frame, Belle Wade, 97 Frame, Jesse S. France, Jeanette Laughton, 298 France, Robert Lyle, 83, 315 Francis, Brenda Julia, 344 Frank, Barbara Ellen, 97, 135, 315 Franklin, Bessie Virginia, 79 Franklin, Hugh Carl Franklin, Hullette Reed Franklin, Martha Beth, 344 Franks, Floyd Wright Franks, Mamie B. Fratesi, Shirley Ann, 245; 298 Frazier, Brenda Margaret, 97, 151, Frazier, Frances Berry Frazier, Gerald Bennett, 98, 298 Frederic, Robert Q., 102 Freel, Patrick, Thomas, 122 Freel, Susan Kathleen Freeman, Charlotte Eliz Freeman, Daniel James, 315 Freeman David Barry, 330 Freeman, Deborah Sue, 97, 137, 33C Freeman, Gary Van, 113 Freeman, John Howard, III Freeman, Robert Alan, 72, 315 Freeman, William Harrell, 90, 344 Freeny, Patricia Ann Freeze, Danny Hugh French, Chryl Rose, 315 French, George Tyler French, John Larry French, Sandra Larue, 330 French, Susan Louise French, William B., Jr. Freund, Charlotte Lynette, 97, 135 Frias, Numa R. Friday, Phillip Michael Fridge, Bailey Oscar, 185 Friend, Joseph Frishman, Esther Rose Frishman, Leon B. Frost, Barbara Gail, 315 Frost, Terry Allen, 185 Fruge, Don Luis, 67, 94, 183, 286 Fruge, Mary Ann, 286 Fry, James Fred Frye, Nancy Helen, 149, 315 Fuchs, Joseph Paul Fuchs, Robert Bowman, 181 Fudge, Jack Dennis .Fulcher, Helen Robinson, 93, 139, 315 Fuller, Jane D., 68, 101, 139, 330 Fuller, Nancy Fay, 286 Fuller, Robert Henry, 181, 298 Fuller, Roger Lynn Fulton, Brenda Kathryne, 97 Fulton, Ronald Wayne Fulton, Sandra Stuart, 147, 344 Fulton, Susan Quinn, 147, 344 Furman, Frances McGuire Furr, Charles Francis, 315 Furr, Chellie Lucretia, 143, 344 Furr, Cynthi a Yeats Furr, Ray Albert, Jr., 330 Furr, William F., 330 Fyfe, Charles Watkins Fyke, Frazier Earl, 70, 86, 183 G Gabriel, James 113, 157, 330 Gaines, Edward Ray Gaither, Paula Louise, 96, 147, 330 Gajewicz, Thomas Conrad Galberry, John Henry, 122, 185 Galbreath, William Percy, 169 Galey, Glenn Embry, 113, 185 Gallaher, Darvis Quinn, 315 Gallaspy, Glenn Todd, 183, 344 Gallaspy, John Russell Gallo, A. Jerome Gallop, Patricia S. Galloway, David M. Galloway, Estella June Galloway, Harold L. 298 Galloway, James B., 185, 298 Galloway, John Lanter, 116, 185 Galyean, Woodrow W., 116 Gamblin, James Elra Gambrell, Andrew Marlowe Gamot, Albert Jean Gamot, Joanne Ganji, Frederick K. Ganji, Janette Khanshan Gann, Olen Wayne Garber, William Lee, 315 Gardner, Charlotte Anita, 298 Gardner, Gerald Hiram, 115, 169, 330 Gardner, June Sneed Gardner, William Earl Garlic, William Stewart Garner, Albert Garner, Dewey D., 67, 286 Garner, E. Jackson Garner, Howell Collier Garner, Janice Carol, 151 Garner, John Clarence, 315 Garner, Michael Edward Garner, Paul Michael, 189, 344 Garraway, Thomas Victor, Jr., 157 Garriga, Dave Louis, 113 Garrigan, Thomas Patrick, 99, 115, 344 Garrigues, Kay Jeannette Garrigues, Robert M. Garrison, Gaynell, 97, 153 Garrison, Johnny A. Garrison, Patricia C. Garrison, Rodney Alan Garrity, James Byron, 115, 169 Garth, William P., Jr., 35, 60, 70, 86, 93, 171, 315 Gartin, William C., Jr., 181, 315 Gary, Allen Woods, 173, 315 Gary, Howard Sharp, 117, 330 Gary, John W., III, 39, 62 Gaskin, Chita Beasley, 147, 330 Gaston, C. G., Jr., Gaston, Richard Barry, 315 Gates, Charles G., 169 Gates, Haley S., 169 Gatewood, Edith A., 153, 298 Gatewood, Leonard B., 70, 163, 315 Gatlin, Nancy L., 298 Gautier, Cecelia Anne, 147, 315 Gay, Gerald Conner, 115, 187, 344 Gay, Joe Thomas, 115, 187, 298 Gay, Marion Alexander, 344 Gee, Jonelle Langston Gee, Peter, 70, 330 Gee, Thomas, 117, 344 Geeslin, Gary Lloyd Geiselman, Charles W., Jr. Gelhaar, James Edwin, 286 Genin, John Lee Genin, Robert Lawrence, Jr. Gentry, Barbara May, 298 Gentry, Dwight Terry Gentry, Kenneth, 315 Gentry, Murray, Jr. George, Fred Anthony, 183 George, Hershell, 179, 315 George, Jane Stewart, 151, 330 George, Joseph Patterson, 113, 169 George, Mary, 100 George, William Walker Gerard, Jere A. Gercens, Janis Getchell, Ellen L., 315 Gex, Joseph W., 169 Giadrosich, Ronald B., 315 Gibbons, Marjorie Elizabeth Gibbs, John T., Jr., 77, 119, 123, 1 330 Gibbes, Walter Henry, 161, 315 Gibson, Catherine Davis Gibson, Catherine V., 315 Gibson, Charles E., III Gibson, Craig Allen, 112, 344 Gibson, John Reed, 157 Gibson, Linda K., 145, 298 Gibson, Mary Elizabeth Gibson, Mary Grace Gibson, Randel Clyde, 91, 298 Gibson, Ray Mickenl Gibson, Revelyn Costella Gibson, Susan Knight Giffin, Alan Lawrence, 112, 179, 34 Gilbert, Donald Lee Gilbreath, Jerry Michael, 40, 113, 1 330 Gilder, Barbara Hunt, 145, 344 Gilfoy, Lady Melinda, 97, 139 Gill, Angela C. Gill, Craig, Dulin, 157 Gill, John Waits, Gill, 116, 185 Gill, Kinlock, Jr. Gill, Newton Gregg, 67, 74, 179, 289 Gillander, Jean Kollen, 147, 330 Gillentine, David Van, 315 Gillespie, Gail, 147, 298 Gillespie, George Y., III, 163 Gillespie, Terry Lee, 115, 344 Gillespie, William Barry, 183 Gilliam, Murray Cawthon, 116, 1 344 Gilliland, John lyon Gillis, Alma Claire, 40, 315 Gillis, Helen Beth Gilluly, Georgia Anne, 143, 344 Gilly, Roberta Jane, 105, 315 Gilmore, John Vincent Girard, Charles John, 286 Girod, Rieth, 137, 330 Givens, Keitha, 344 Gleason, David Charles, 116, 157, 3 Glenn, James Allen Glenn, Linda Louise, 104, 298 Glover, Wilma Jean Goad, Marilyn Joyce, 330 Gober, Beckey Jane, 315 Gober, Donald Freeman, 70, 76, 298 Gober, George Davis, 83, 114, 330 Gober, Nelda Lynn, 89, 316 Godbold, John Richard Godburn, Gerald Timothy, 113 Godfrey, Lon Howard Godwin, Chauncey R., 114, 330 Goettman, Linda Jeanne, 97, 298 Goff, Robert Murray, 116, 179 Goggans, Claudia Michele Goins, Tommie L. Golden, Gayle Lovette, 40, 139, 31 Golden, James Reginald Golden, Sonia Gwen Golden, Woodrow W., 40, 181, 330 Goldman, Thomas W., Jr. Goldstein, Alan Barry, 298 Goldstein, Russell Numa, 112, 117 Gole, Maurice Joseph, 116, 116 Golladay, Tibbs Monford Gollott, Luther Carroll, 116 Gong, Harry Don, 116 Gooch, Louise W. Goodin, Ronald Hal, 115 Goodman, David Gilfred, 171 Goodman, James David, 179, 330 Goodnight, Edwin D., 114, 157, 330 Goodwin, Barbara Ann Goodwin, Charles Keny Goodwin, Richard Douglas, 316 Goodwyn, Karen Booth Goolsby, Rita Lane, 79, 330 Gordon, Danny Ferrell, 83, 113 Gordon, Emily Carol, 286 Gordon, Gary Gray Gordon, Kay Carol, 137, 344 Gordon, Robert Tiffany, Jr., 76, 173, 298 Gordon, Gayle Susan, 143, 316 Gore, Sam Pinkney, III, 169, 330 Gorove, Margaret Joan Goss, James Hines, 169 Gottshall, Gay, 145, 316 Gottshall, William R., Jr., 35, 185 Gough, John Evans, 116, 179, 344 Gould, Douglas Randall, 169, 344 Gouras, Jimmy George, 128, 179 Goza, Elizabeth, 145, 316 Graeber, Dewitt Love, 181, 330 Graeber, Gay Grafton, 97, 145, 31 Graeber, Geri Clark, 139, 298 Graeber, James Peyton, 112, 181, Graeber, Lawrence Cary, 181, 316 Gragson, Keith Austin, 167, 330 Gragston, Patricia Ann Gragson, William George, Jr., 1 Graham, Beverly Lynn, 153, 344 Graham, Ida Hervey, 286 Graham, Laurie Louise, 141, 291 Graham, Lillian Smith, 141, 316 Graham, Richard Newell, 179, 311 Graham, Robert Lynn, 112, 159, : Graham, William David, 161, 330 Graham, William H. Gramling, Ruth Elizabeth, 40, 137 Grant, Bobby Gene Grant, Jimmy Wayne Grant, John A., Ji., 298 Grant, Linda Jean, 344 Grant, Thomas Joseph, 84 Grant, William Frederick, 157 Grantham, Charles R., 117 Grantham, John L., 171 Gratz, Michael Blakely Gravely, Kitty Hay, 97. 151, 316 Graves, Arthur Lee, 2..6 Graves, Betty Ross Graves, Glenda Sue Graves, Janet Lou, 96, 143, 344 Graves, Joe Elijah Graves, Marilyn Anita, 97, 344 Graves, Martha Kaye, 97, 101, 143, 344 Graves, Obie Lee, 286 Graves, Robert W. Graves, Sam Ervin, 169 Gray, Anne Thompson Gray, Bruce J. Gray, Charles Lee, 98, 316 Gray, David Blackwell, 169, 298 Gray, David Montgomery Gray, Douglas Kevin, 114 Gray, Duncan Montgomery, 115, 344 Gray, Gary Rodney Gray, James Gage, 115 Gray, James Harold Gray, Katherine Dawson Gray Kathryn L., 316 Gray, Linda Lunceford Gray, Linda Rose, 316 Gray, Paul Richard, 330 Gray Patricia A. Puckett Gray, Reginald Arthur Gray, Robert David, 98, 298 Gray, W. Dabney Smith, 121 Gray, Wanda Carol, 330 Gray, William Alan, 112, 117, 171, Greathouse, Gary Quinn Green, Algie L., 114 Green, Frederick Harrison, 40, 298 Green, John Grady, 171, 344 Green, Mildred L., 61, 68, 79, 97, 331 Green, Willie Travick, 281, Greenbaum, Clifford Marvin Greene, Alva Gene Greene, Mary Marsha, 97, 153, 33 Greene, Thomas Arnold, 298 Greene, William Russell, 179, 311 Greenhaw, Stephen Murdock, 40, 286 Greenich, Michael Duke, 316 Greenwell, Elizabeth S. R., 316 Greenwell, Susan Jarrell, 316 Greenwell, William Scott, 286 Greer, Alfred Walter Greer, Betty J. Greer, George A. Greer, Green Barry, 115, 344 Gregg, Don William Gregg, Frankie Darnell, 344 Gregory, Edgar Allen, 316 Gregory, Ellen Jane, 143, 316 Gregory, Frederick Crecy, 179 Gregory, Grier Joseph Gregory, Lanny Lee Gregory, Linda Ruth, 79, 89, 135, Gregory, Susan M. Gresham, Paul Michael. 189. 316 Gresham, William Walton, III, 115 Griesbe ck, William G., 331 Griesinger, Robert Douglas Griffin, Alice Antoinette Griffin, Carolyn Sargent Griffin, Edward Joseph, 298 Griffin, Glenn Clifton, 84 Griffin, James G., 185 Griffin, Joseph P., 115, 171, 316 Griffin, Judy Carole, 331 Griffin, Richard Bradley, 82, 286 Griffin, Susan Olivia, 298 Griffith, James E. Griffith, John David, 117, 157 Griffith, Susan Thomas, 286 Grimes, F. Anita, 147, 218 Grimes, James Alan, 114, 157, 331 Grisham, Eddie, Jackson, 316 Grisham, Faye, Dianne, 100, 344 Grisham, Linda Kaye Thomas, 31 Grisham, Susan Louise Grissom, Carl H. Grogan, James Erwin Gross, Dinah Gail, 344 Gruggs, Clinton Julian, 286 Grubbs, Shelby Russell, 115, 161, : " Grymanis, Vasilios T., 286 Guarr, Bartes Alfred, 112 Guckert, Stephanie Ann, 344 Guest, Patricia Louise, 97, 147, 31 Guice, Carolyn Lee, 141, 344 Guice, Jacob Davis, 116, 179, 314 Guider, Thomas Calvin, 112, 171, 1 Gunby, Dean Perdue Gunkel. Dale Owen, 91, 298 Gunn, Frieda Sharon Gunn, Linda Jo, 139 Gunn, Raymond G., 116, 344 Gunter, Van Douglas Gupton, William Edwin, 116, 181 Gurley, Helen Sue, 316 Gurner, Betty Evans Gurner, John Kennedy Gustafson, David Alan Guy, Robert Sidney Guy, William Lester, 76, 128, 157 Guyton, John Richard, 40, 60, 67, 316 G uyton, Michael Hardin, 99, 169, :0 Guyton, Stephen Lufkin, 40, 99, 3, Guyton, Wanda Faye Gwin, George Bannister, 116, 171, Gwyn, Ruth Diane, 100, 316 Habes, John D., Jr. Hadad, John, III, 167 Hadad, Susan Phillips Haddock, James W., 185, 298 Hadley, James Edward, 115 Hagan, Cheryl Anne, 97, 143, 344 Hagan, Patricia Anne, 61, :331 Hagerman, Shirley Ann, 145, 316 Hagwood, Leon Carl Haik, James Emil, 114, 161, 331 Haik, Joseph M., 67, 77 Haik, William Emile, 116, 161, 3, Halley, Janet Lynn, 97, 316 Halley, Paula Kay, 97, 344 Haimes, Terry Michael, 298 Haining, Sidney Webster, 167 Haire, William C., 316 Halat, Paul Lawrence, 286 Hale, Allen Irby, 316 Hale, Gerald Lamar Haley, Hamilton York, 91 Haley, William Cortez, 298 Halfacre, William Morris, 298 Hall, Bradley Gaines, 99, 114, 18l Hall, Donald Street, 181, 298 Hall, Donna S. Hall, Emmett Russell, 117, 344 Hall, Henderson S., Jr., 35, 36, 6 ' , 117, 167, 316 Hall, Holly Augusta, 143, 316 Hall, James Emory, 181, 345 Hall, John Gladden Hall, John Lester Hall, Larry McDonald Hall, Laura Ann, 145 Hall, Linda Sue, 298 Hall, Marilyn L., 331 Hall, Mary Julia, 149, 345 Hall, Melissa Ann, 147, 3415 Hall, R. Ralph Hall, Virginia Crockett Hall, William Larry, 121, 331 Halstead, Harold Fred, 286 Halter, Theodore Lewis, 90, 345 Haltom, John Thomas Hamachek, Craig Lawrence, 331 Hamblin, 0. Lynn, 316 Hamby, William Gerald Hamill, Robert W., 286 Hamilton, Catherine Allen Hamilton, Jimmy Lynn Hamilton, Linda Lee, 97. 149, 316 Hamilton, Sherry 331 Hamilton, Wallace Earl Hamilton, William Barry, 185 Hamilton, William Prince Hamlin, Wilbur Gordon. 345 Hamm, Marcia Anne, 147, 298 Hammett, Harold P., Jr., 299 Hammond, Betty Adams Hammond, Roger Alan Hammons, Dennis Vernon, 345 Hamner, Judith Ann, 135, 345 Hamp, Maurice, 121, 345 Hancock, Timmie Hand, Benjamin F., III, 167 Haney, Beverly Jo Haney, Elinor Lynn, 102, 137, 299 Haney, Martha Clyde, 102, 139, 299 Hankins, Nancy Melissa, 143, 345 Hanna, Donie Christine Hannon, James Larry, 299 Hanry, Elizabeth Rogers, 100, 149, 316 Hansel, Cary Johnson Hanson, Bruce James Hantla, George Bradley, 187 Haralson, Zola Marie Haraway, Claude Fields, 99, 157, 331 Harbin, James Michael Harbour, Mary Wilhoit Hardaway, Sally Diane, 149, 316 Harden, Marie Goodwin, 287 Harden, Theron Dewey, Jr., 299 Hardin, Edwin Chester, 287 Hardin, James Robert, 70, 113, 159, 316 Hardin, John Fox, 114, 181, 331 Hardin, Mildred E., 149 Hardin, Robert H. Hardin, Robert S. Hardin, Thomas Cranford, 183, 345 Hardison, Mikel Allen, 183 Hardison, Eugene Peete, Jr., 113, 331 Hardison, Robert Cecil, 183 Hardister, Edward L., 76, 121 Hardy, Barbara Nell, 316 Hardy, Benjamin Andrew Hardy, David Paul Hardy, Larry Jerome, 63 Hargraves, George Edward, 157, 299 Hargrove, Hayward W., 287 Harkey, Deborah Lea, 299 Harkey, Erik G. Harlow, Wyatt E., 116, 345 Harmon, Mary Sandra, 97, 137, 345 Harnes, Daisy Vivian, 287 Harness, Emily Ann, 40, 97, 316 Harper, Addle Elizabeth Harper, Alice Marion Harper, Ben Irvin, 287 Harper, Bryan Brand, Jr., 287 Harper, John M., 122 Harper, Judith K., 64, 73, 96, 97, 147, 299 Harper, Kenneth Marion Harper, Michael Scott, 157 Harper, William K., 70, 86, 167, 331 Harpole, Horace Wilson Harral, John Menteith, 120, 175 Harrell, Candace Jane, 97, 147 Harrell, William J., 185, 316 Harrelson, James A. Harrelson, Kenneth Dale Harrelson, Martha Ann, 331 Harrington, Geraldine Harrington, Shelley Harris, Aubrey Russell, II Harris, Catherine Brigid, 145, 316 Harris, Carolyn Ann, 89, 135, 299 Harris, Craig Millar, 173, 299 Harris, Jerry Lee Harris, Judi Mitchell Harris, Lawrence Martin Harris, Michael Edward, 181, 345 Harris, Nancy Fleming, 316 Harris, Phillip Gerald Harris, Robert E., 72 Harris, Stephen Alan, 40, 122, 161, 316 Harris, Titus Lonnie, 104 Harris, Wayne Stanley, Harris, William Larry Harris, William Thomas, 115, 183 Harrison, Donald M., Jr., 173, 316 Harrison, Duane H. Harrison, Glen D. Harrison, Jayne Davis Harrison, Mary Sandra, 89, 96, 135, 345 Harrison, Michael G., 74, 76, 90, 299 Harrison, Nancy Lynn, 79, 102, 299 Harsh, Martha Murray, 151, 191, 345 Hart, Frank Edward, 167, 345 Hart, James Douglas, 299 Hart, Larry G. Hart, Philip Newman, 120, 179, 345 Harthcock, Billy H. Hartin, John Sykes, 116 Hartin, Martha E., 299 Hartin, Rita M. Hartley, Aubrey Eugene Hartsfield, F. Stephen, 121, 169, 190, 331 Hartshorn, John W. Hartwell, Jerold Keith, 121 Harty, Timothy Clancy, 120, 331 Hartzog, Hugh Miller, 171, 316 Harvey, Jan Marie, 147, 331 Harvey, John Elliot, 90, 183, 316 Harvey, Linda Ruth, 137, 345 Harvey, Mary Jane, 153, 299 Harvey, Randy Lee, 299 Harwell, Fred Reid, 316 Harwell, James Emerson, Jr. Harwell, James Larry Harwood, Tim Morris Hasie, Allen Leroy Haskett, Kathy Carol, 153, 345 Haskins, Norman, Gene, 171 Hasler, Barbara Joan Pool Hasler, Scott Garner, Jr. Hasseltine, Hanley E., 183, 331 Hassin, E. Diane Hasting, Judy Cornelia, 139, 316 Hastings, John Thomas Hatcher, John Cary, 113, 173, 331 Hatcher, Thomas N. Hathaway, George L. 316 Hathaway, Sarah Bailey, 287 Hathorn, Ronnie Lawson Hattox, Brock Alan, 74, 77 Haun, Boyd Phillips Haven, Jan Campbell Haven, Louis Franklin Hawkins, Harold Wayne, 60. 70, 316 Hawkins, Jane Dale, 139, 331 Hawkins Jo Beth, 149, 345 Hawkins, John Leonard, 113, 157, 31 Hawkins, Joseph G., 183 Hawkins, Linda Lee Hawkins, Patti June, 153 Hawkins, Susan Ann, 149, 331 Hawks, Joanne Varner Hawks, Paul Harvey Hayden, Henry Thomas, 91 Hayes, William F., 171, 299 Hayles, Kenny Joseph, 117, 179, 345 Hayles, Ronald Stephen, 179, 316 Haynes, Dewayne Haynes, Herbert, 316 Haynes, Mary Allen Haynie, Shelia Ann, 97 Hayward. Linda Kay, 145, 345 Hazard, Florence A., 151, 345 Hazelrigg, Robert Crooks, 167 Hazlewood, Percy L., Jr. 98 Hazlewood, Mary Lee, 345 Heard, Kenneth Martin Hearin, Robert M., 167, 299 Hearne, Frank Thompson, 287 Heatherly, Barbara Gayle Heathman, Carol Virginia, 331 Heavener, Rondy Gale, 117 Hebbard, Michael Kearney, 187, 345 Hederman, Hap, Jr., 40, 77, 88, 1 299 Hederman. Janelle Taylor Hedges, Michael Lee, 70, 331 Heen, Richard Roy, 83. 112, 159, 33 Hefley, James Calvin, 316 Heidel, H. Ray, 185 Heidelberg, Rowland W., III, 183 Heinrich. Grace Townsend Heisler, Roger Allan Hellums, Betty Ann, 287 Hellums, James H. Hellums. Winifred Ruth, 78, 287 Helms, Brenda, 100, 316 Helms, Margaret Ann Helms, William Lee, 98, 299 Hemphill, Nancy Carolyn, 331 Hemphill, Ralph W., 39, 67, 287 Henders, Richard Allen Henderson, Dorothy B. Henderson, James Dewey, 173. 316 Henderson, John Clark, 116, 167, 345 Henderson, John H. Henderson, Lionel, 345 Henderson, Ose Fenn Henderson, Randy Carol, 137, 345 Henderson, Sarah Jane, 137, 345 Henderson, Wesley Allen Hendrix, Albert Randel Hendrix, Robert E., Jr., 169 Henley, Chester Abraham Henley, John A. Henry, Andrew Lee, 331 Henry, David Chan, 115, 183, 345 Henry, Elizabeth Ann Henry, Goly Rice, 139 Henry, Claire Jane, 145 Henry, Theresa Janis, 97, 145 Henry, Karen S., 105, 145 Henry Merrilyn Edith, 299 Sneed, Patricia H., 287 Henry, Robert Hiram Henry, Samuel Victor Henson , Buford Shands, 91 Henson, John Pittman, 181, 317 Henson, Mable Lee Henson, Marianne, 43, 97, 151, 331 Henson, Patricia Diane Hepburn, David Russell, Jr., 287 Herard, Claude D. Herbert Sally Mary Herbold, Charles Frederick Herkner, David Alan, 299 Herlong, Mary Delle, 61, 68. 139, 331 Herm, John Robert, 115, 345 Herman, Steven Harris Herndon, Mary Lewis, 139. 331 Herrera, Anthony John, 183 Herring, Arnold Jackie Herring, David Jed, 113 Herring, James Ray, 331 Herring, Melody B., 151, 299 Herring, Robert A., III, 83, 173, 299 Herrington, Sherron Gail Herron, Charles R., III, 88, 94, 1 299 Herron, Willa 0., 299 Hertl, George Alois, 189 Hester, Barbara Jean, 145, 331 Hester, Paul Vernon, 169, 317 Hester, Raymond B. Hester, William E., 76, 77, 116, 1 317 Hester, William Stewart Hewitt, Joseph D., 70, 159, 31 7 Hewitt, William H., Jr. Hewitt, William T., 70, 74, 98, 171, 1 Hibbett, Eugene P. Hickey, Beverly Anne, 100, 145, 311 Hickingbotham, Carolyn E. Hickman, Frederick Gantt, 183 Hickman, John Merritt Hickman, Margaret S. Hickman, Mary Margaret Hicks, James Lonnie, III, 115, 159, 1: Hicks, Shelah Paulette Hicks, Silas Simmons, 167 Hicks, Susan Hicks, Terry Allen, 82, 299 Hicks, Gatlin Wanda, 287 Hiden, Katherine Barrow. 149. 315 Hiett, Alden Scott, 117, 187, 315 Higdon, Marilyn Maxine Higgason, James Howard Higgins, Alvin F., III Higgins, Carole Ann, 40, 151, 317 Hilburn, Barbara Ann Hilby. Bruce Titus Hill, Diana W., 345 Hill, Dorothy Michelle Hill, Harold Ex, 299 Hill, Hurd Jon, 287 Hill, Joy Elizabeth Hill, Kay McCulley Hill. Maxine, 317 Hill, Nancy Clara, 139 Hill, Robert Welsh, Jr., 161, 145 Hill, Ronald Harris Hill, William Frank, 345 Hilsabeck, Daniel Leigh, 114, 332 Himes, Raymond Eugene, Jr. Hindman. Steve Hamilton. 70, 113 Hinds, William Wallace, 157 Hines, Linda, 61, 68, 145 Hines, Varner Reid, 141, 299 Hinshaw, Joseph McMillan, 121, 11 345 Hinshaw, Primrose Elizabeth Hipp, Max Davis Hiscox, David George Hiscox. Irene Byram Hiscox, John Hamilton Hitchcock, Walter Theodore, 287 Hitt, Curtis Wayne Hitt. Thomas Richard Hoar Betty Jane Hobbs, Barbara Montez, 332 Hobbs, Etoile Bassett Hobbs, Milton Dannelly, 122, 183, 2 Hobby, Judy 139, 317 Hobson, Donna Sue, 105 Hodge, Joseph Dee Hodge, Theron Eldrid, Jr. Hodge, Thomas Russell Hodges, Allen Daniel, 117 Hodges, Barbara Smith Hodges, Douglas John, 299 Hodges, Lynn Barry, 332 Hodges, Ray Wilson, Jr., 287 Hodgson, Pamela Haynes, 145, 317 Hodo, Edward D., Sr., 77, 82 Hoffman, Harry Paul, 332 Hoffman, Ralph Williams Hoffmann, Nancy M. Hoqmann, Wayne Warren Hogan, Alex Ames, Jr., 169 Hogan, Dennis Jerome, 161. 345 Hogan, Robert Murry, Jr., 161, 332 Hogan, Thomas Charles, 287 Hogarth, Nancy Eva, 100, 153, 299 Hogeboom, Edward Patrick Hogg, Emily Jane Hogg, Kathy Louise Hoggatt, Allen Bramon Hogsette, Alexandra S. Hogue, Lloyd Eades, 173 Hogue, Robert David, 72, 317 Hogue, Sharon Elizabeth, 135 Holcomb, David Tindall, 120, 332 Holcomb, Michael Ray, 112, 157, 332 Holcombe, James Lawson, 169 Holden, Margaret K., 299 Holder, Danny Lee, 167 Holder, Owen Holliday, 171, 332 Holifield, Henry T., 102, 117, 179, 345 Holladay, Charles E. Holland, George R.. 76, 299 Holland, Kathryn E. Holland, Nathaniel L., 120, 157 Holleman, David Barry Holler, Susan Eileen, 97, 332 Holley, Christopher Allen, 299 Holley, Jeanne Lowry Holley, Randell Delaine, 116 Holley, Reginald L. Holley, Virginia Sue, 299 Hollingsworth, John G., Jr., 98, 181 Hollis Francille Hollis Freddie Wayne, 171, 332 Hollis, Jay L., 185 Hollis, Marshall Earl, 112, 345 Hollis, William Davis Hollister, Charles D. Hollister, Frank Joseph Holloman, Sara King, 64, 139 Holloman, Teresa S., 145, 345 Holloway, Clara Louise, 89, 317 Holloway, Garland Kenneth, 287 Holloway, John Daniel, 84 Holman, Gene Merritt, 63 Holman, Judith Ann Holman, Philip Nathan, 345 Holmes, Andrew Battle, 112, 181 Holmes, Brenda Joyce, 332 Holmes, Charles David, 181, 332 Holmes, Cora Lee Holmes, Eugene Thomas, 169 Holmes, Frank C., III, 181 Holmes, Jean Barksdale, 97, 141, 331 Holmes, John B. Jr., 40, 74, 98, 1 317 Holmes, Linda Ann, 317 Holmes, Mary Jo Riddell Holmes, Paul Whitten Holt, Charles Earl, 112, 345 Holt, Laura Ann Holtry, Judith Lynn Holtry, Preston Wayne Hood, David Earl, 299 Hood, Doris B. P. Hood, Kennon Dale, 183. 299 Hood, Margaret Anne, 143 Hood, Tillie Cherite, 68, 332 Hooke Ben McCallie, 181, 299 Hooker, Danny Lane, 332 Hooker, William Wyche, 171 Hooper, Betsy Ross Hooper, Fred Lee, 179 Hoover, Ann Ricks, 332 Hoover, Janet, 145 Hoover, Leslie B. III, 114, 332 Hope. David Bryan, 122, 345 Hopkins, Donald George, 317 Hopkins, Dorothy Lou, 135 Hopkins, James Edward, 287 Hopkins, Keith Henry, 299 Hopkins, Oliver Houston, Jr., 287 Hopkins, Rosemary Hillman, 287 Hopper, Patricia B. Hopper. Thomas Terry Hord, Oliver A., Jr., 62, 77, 299 Horlock, Michael Norton, 40, 99, 1: 332 Horn, Cynthia June, 96, 299 Horn. Jeffrey Larkin, 117 Horn, Larry Owen Horn, Martin Evan, 287 Horn, Thomas Owen, 91. 287 Horn, William Merle. 115, 345 Hornbuckle, Ronnie Dean. 113 Horne, Patricia A., 64, 149, 299 Horrell, Carolyn Lee, 78, 147, 317 Horton, Charlotte S. Horton, Daniel Winston Horton, Jerry Smith, 299 Horton, Patricia Jan, 299 Hoskins, Edward Evans Hoskins, James Clay Houchins, Nancy Louise, 143, 332 Houser, Jimmie Lee, 157 Houston, Cynthia Joyce, 151. 317 Houston. David Winston, III, 39, 62, 183, 287 Houston, Joseph Edward, 116 Houston, Julia Beth, 345 Houston, Odessa Faye, 317 Houston, Thomas Ford. 300 Hovious, Allen Lee, 115, 185 Hovious, Bradford W., 76, 185 Howard, Ernest E. III, 287 Howard, Geoffrey Scott, 345 Howard, Ronald Mack, 159, 317 Howe, Robert Andy, 169 Howell, Daisy Loden Howell, Jamie Whitten Howell, Jorja Suzanne, 147, 345 Howell, Georgianne, 300 Howell, Rufus Benton Howell, Steven Kent, 123, 179, 332 Howorth M. Beckett, 183, 345 Howorth, Susan Elaine Howser, Harriett H., 147, 332 Howze, Sharon Wynne, 149, 332 Hoy, Gail Cynthia, 149, 345 Hoyt. James King Hsu, Chi Mao Hsu, Jason B., 287 Hsu, Ming Ching, 287 Hsu, Song Yong Hu, Jeff Chih Hui, 84 Hu, Kenneth Ta Chin, 287 Huang, Kan Hsiung, 300 Hubbard, Larry Gene, 317 Hubbard, Mary Cecille Hubbard, Sandra T. Hubbard, William Thomas, 116, 169 Huber, Joseph William III Huddleston, Ruel R., Jr., 169 Hudson, Ewell Spencer, 91 Hudson, Frank W., 1 22, 300 Hudson, James Scott, 157, 345 Hudson, Judy Carolyn, 97, 137, 317 Hudson, Kenneth Wesley, 300 Hudson, Linda Lanelle, 153, 345 Hudson, Martha Marcelle Hudson, Suzanne, 137, 345 Hudson, Marvin Thomas Hudspeth, Robert Milton Huebn er, John Joseph, 84 Huebner, Kenneth Edward Huey, Robert E., Jr., 179 Huffman, Arnie Joseph, Jr., 167, 345 Huffman, Delton Cleon, Jr. Huggins, Cleveland P. III, 187, 300 Huggins, Clyde G., Jr. Huggins, Jimmy Ray, 169 Huggins, Patricia Ann Hughes, Byron William, 35, 37, 40, 300 Hughes, Carson McClain, 36, 40, 41, 63, 67, 185, 317 Hughes, Hazel A. Parker Hughes, Kathleen B. Hughes, Louise Womack Hughes, Mary Lawrence, 332 Hughes, Morella Jane, 40, 68, 89, 97, 143, 332 Hughes, Muriel S. Hughes, Robert Sidney, 115 Hughes, Susan Claire Hughes, Vivia Anne, 149, 345 Hulen, Mary Katherine, 89, 97, 135, 317 Hull, Clovis Siller Hull, Frank Montgomery, Jr. Hull, Willene Carpenter Humber, Nichols Maurice, 300 Hume, Charles Raymond, Jr. Humphreys, James Walton, 77 Humphreys, Jere Thomas, 112, 345 Humphreys, Larry Jones, 112, 315 Hungerford, Cheryl W., 332 Hungerford, Donna Lynn, 332 Hunsaker, Kim Douglas, 300 Hunsucker, Edward D., 117 Hunt, Bobby Carl Hunt, Clara Smith Hunt, Robert A.. 187, 300 Hunter, Wyatt Raymond Hurdle, Leah Jo, 100, 332 Hurley, Marilyn May Hurt, Catherine Emily, 135 Hurt, Elizabeth Rodgers, 147, 317 Hurt, William Rollins Hurych, John Miro, 317 Hussey, Charles Logan, 157, 332 Huston, Jeanne, 151, 345 Hutchens, Brenda Joyce, 345 Hutchinson, Beverly Hooker Hutchinson, David A. Hutchinson, Donald P., 70, 74, 90, 102 Hutchinson, Jerry Roberts Hutchinson, Richard T., 173 Hutchison, Danny Gene, 317 Hux, James Dewitt Hybergen, Leslie Belinda, 137, 316 Hybl, Gloria Frances, 287 Hyde, Cathryn Miles Hyde, Delia Denham, 141, 346 Hyde, Lee A., 181, 300 Hyde, Robert Willis, 121 Hyde, Rosemary, 332 I Idom, Sandra Kaye, 137, 300 Illich, Stanley James, 91 Ingels, Edgar D. Ingels, Thomas Sandifer, 117, 185 Ingle, Virginia Seaton, 77 Ingram, Catherine Davis, 141, 300 Ingram, Douglas Wayne, 300 Ingram, Elaine Lee, 97, 346 Ingram, William R. Inman, Angela Dianne Inman, Newell Edward, 300 Inmon, Billy Glenn Inmon, Byron W., 69 Inmon, Mikie Joe, 117, 332 Irby, Brenda Kaye Irby, Peyton Smith Isaac, Ronnie Levern, 332 Iseminger, Tommy Dale Isonhood, Ira Dennis, 317 Izard, James Sheffield, 113 Izard, Stephen Rogers, 317 Jabour, George Henry, 300 Jabour, John Wayne, 173 Jabour, Pamela Marie, 100, 317 Jacks, Barbara Susan, 153, 346 Jacks, Gerald H. Jacks, James Dorsey, 113 Jackson, Ab, 117, 346 Jackson, Charles Russell Jackson, Charlotte C., 137, 332 Jackson, Danny Wade Jackson, Harry H. Ja ckson, James Douglas, 317 Jackson, Kenneth R., 189 Jackson, Linda Sinclair Jackson, Lucy Kate, 147, 332 Jackson, Lynda F. Jackson, Malcolm Allen, Jr., 70, 11 183, 332 Jackson, Mary Alice, 79, 332 Jackson, Rebecca Edwina Jackson, Robert Harold Jackson, Sarah Ann, 145, 346 Jacobs, Margaret Eleanor, 153, 346 Jacobs, Richard D., III, 300 Jacobs, Thomas M., 332 James, Cassandra, 153, 317 James, Charles Edward, Jr., 332 James, Edward T., Jr., 183, 300 Ja mes, George W., Jr. James, J. Elwyn, 70, 171 James, Joe, 332 James, John Caller, 181 James, Newton Ward, 167, 317 James, Opha Lavelle, 102, 317 Jameson, Dorothy DeIle, 137, 317 Jamison, Bedford Burt Jamison, Roger 0. Janes, David Houston, 112 Janes, Julian Tilley III, 167, 317 Jaquith, Cecil Joseph, Jr., 287 Jaquith, William Lawrence, 177, 33. Javaid, Karamat Ali, 287 Jawad, Fuad Hassan Jefcoat, Jerry Cloyce, 115, 332 Jefcoat, Lynn Barrett Jefcoats, David Austin, 117 Jefcoats, Robert G., 317 Jeffcoat, Byron Thomas, 99, 317 Jenkins, Cheryl Ann Jenkins, Edwin White, 157, 346 Jenkins, Hyde Rust, 183 Jenkins, Joseph Earl, 63, 177, 317 Jenkins, Joyce Od essa, 346 Jenkins, William Edwin, 317 Jenkins, William Perrin, 117, 179, 3, Jennings, Danny Weeks, 112, 346 Jennings, Eugene R., 187, 300 Jennings, Lewis Marshall, 300 Jernigan, Arthur Freeman Jeter, Charles Loranzie Jetton, Linda K., 147, 300 Jetton, Lizabeth Jean, 97, 104, 147, 3 Jimenez, Gus Richard Joachim, Cynthia Susan Jobe, Doris Ann, 317 Jobe, Mary Jane, 141, 346 Jochem, Jerome Allen Joe, David Son, 116 Joe, Howard Joe, Jean Wing, 78, 97, 332 Joe, Rocky Ming, 112 Joe, Su Klin Johnson, Arthur Eugene Johnson, Bowen Charleston Johnson, C. Wayne Johnson, Camille Elizabeth Johnson, Charles F. III, 157, 317 Johnson, Charlotte Orr Johnson, Cheryl Dawn, 137, 300 Johnson, Clarence Samuel Johnson, Connie Sue, 287 Johnson, Donna Marie Johnson, Dwight Allyn Johnson, Hermel, 287 Johnson, James R. III, 181 Johnson, Jan Louise, 97, 141, 346 Johnson, Jerry Wendell Johnson, John D., 317 Johnson, John Edgar Johnson, Lana Dawn, 97, 317 Johnson, Lon Chamberlain, 300 Johnson, Lynne Rice, 78, 79, 102, 15 317 Johnson, Michael Elliot, 346 Johnson, Michael Eugene, 181, 300 Johnson, Patricia, 97, 153, 346 Johnson, Patrick Hayes, Jr., 113, 33 ' , Johnson, Richard Alan, 112 Johnson, Ronald Earl, 183 Johnson, Ronald V., 183 Johnson, Ronnie Edwin, 116 Johnson, Ronny Carl, 99, 187 Johnson, Russell A. Johnson, Russell Clark, 287 Johnson, Sharpe Winstone Johnson, T. Ruth Johnson, William P., 62, 63, 67, 70, 7 300 Johnson, William R., 77, 114, 332 Johnson, William W., Jr., 90 Johnson, William Welborn Johnston, Daudet Brent, 139, 300 Johnston, Edmund Covington, 157 Johnston, Florrie Bonnie Johnston, George, Jr., 113, 332 Johnston, Jane Carol Johnston, William Bryan Johnstone, Jack L. Joiner, Charles Lester, Jr., 116, 332 Jolley, Bruce Edward, 120 Jolly, Willis H., Jr., 300 Jones, Andrew Melvin, 287 Jones, Anita D. Jones, Ann Stevens Jones, Archie Donald, 120, 346 Jones, Bobbye Marie, 317 Jones, Buren Lynn Jones, Carol Gay, 64, 78, 79, 97, 300 Jones, Carolyn Teresa, 139, 191, 34 Jones, Catherine Grace Jones, Catherine Grimes, 141 Jones, Cecil Harris Jones, Charlton Robert, 171 Jones, Christopher Riddell, 79, 332 Jones, Claudia Pintard, 96, 102, 346 Jones, Colbert W., 300 Jones, David Clifford, 317 Jones, Edward Alan, 157, 332 Jones, Elizabeth Ann, 300 Jones, Fredric Earl Jones, George Frederick Jones, Gerald Roscoe, 116 Jones, James B., Jr. Jones, James Butterworth Jones, James Donald, 317 Jones, James Harold Jones, James Howard Jones, James L. Jones, James Lee, 287 Jones, James William III Jones, Jane Nash, 135, 317 Jones, John Randle, 114 Jones, Joyce O ' Neil, 300 Jones, Larry August Jones, Lauranne, 143, 300 Jones, Linda Gail, 317 Jones, Linda K. Galloway, 317 Jon es, Linda Kaye, 151, 300 Jones, Lonny Hughes, 114, 185 Jones, Lynn Hall, 139 Jones, Marvin Carey Jones, Maury Lynn, 105, 143, 317 Jones, Michael Aven, 114, 332 Jones, Norman Quay, Jr. Jones, Randall Ross, 122 Jones, Robert Eugene, 181, 317 Jones, Robert Ned Jones, Robert T., 183 Jones, Sara Lou, 89, 135, 317 Jones, Susan Marie, 97, 151, 346 Jones, Thad M., Jr., 62, 63, 67, 157, Jones, Thomas L., Jr., 60, 317 Jones, Thomas Shelton, 117, 163, Jones, Tony Earnest Jones, Van Randall, 332 Jones, Victor Lynn, 185 Jones, Walker William III. 171 Jones, William Hooper, 157, 346 Jones, William M., II Joor, Dorothy Helen, 60 Jordan, Barbara Louise, 89, 151, 31 Jordan, Charlie Tinnon Jordan, Joe Marian Jordan, Laura Croft, 287 Jordan, Sandra Ann, 317 Jordan, Sandra Jean, 332 Jordan, Terry Leland, 332 Jordan, Tony Thadeus, 112, 317 Jordan, Walter Allen, 332 Jordy, Elizabeth Anne, 153 Joseph, Thomas Joseph, 112, 159, 1 Joy, Ronald, 287 Joyner, Judith Fay, 141, 332 Joyner, William P., 67 Juchheim, Pamela Kay, 332 Jue, Bailey Jumonville, Sharon Rose, 332 Junkin, Frances Kaye, 143, 333 Jurgensen, Donald Krayer, 120, 16i Justice, Carl, 287 Justice, Frank J., 173, 300 K Kakkar, Bipinder Kumar, 100 Kalcounos, Charles N., 300 Kalcounos, Nancy May Kamman, John Newman, 189, 287 Kamp, Joel Joseph Kantor, Hilda Kao, Jenny Wei Leang, 287 Kappus, Robert Eugene, 181 Kappus, Sally Roberts Karably, Louis Stephen, Jr., 163 Karnes, Jennifer Rooks, 97 Karr, Danny K., 175, 346 Kasperowski, Ronald J. Katz, Julian Andre, 287 Kauerz, Kenneth Lee, 181, 333 Kauzlarich, Daniel Lee, 115 Kay, Donnie Ray, 116 Kay, Stratford Haman Kayes, Michael James, 84, 287 Kaylor, Norman R. Keach, Katherine M., 147, 346 Keady, Richard C. Kearney, Bonnie Helen, 141, 317 Keck, Priscilla Jean, 300 Keckley, Denzil E. Keel, Robert Edward Keenan, Jerry Pepper, 300 Keeton, Charlotte Ann, 135 Keeton, Roy Green, 115 Kenn, Ethel Rebecca Keith, Samuel Martin, 179, 317 Keller, Kenneth E., 116, 116, 169 Keller, Robert Elwood, 185 Kelley, Kathryn K., 79, 139 Kelley, Mary D., 300 Kelley, Mary Kathleen, 135 Kelley, Vernon R. III, 113 Kellum, Betty Jane, 145, 317 Kellum, Sarah Elizabeth, 143, 333 Kellum, Thomas Boyd Kelly, Bradford Welch, 346 Kelly, Charles Epperson, 116, 171, Kelly, Charles M., 183 Kelly, Cheryl D. Kelly, James Calhoun Kelly, James Winling, 300 Kelly, Jamie C. McInnis Kelly, Joseph B. Kelly, Michael Louis, 179, 317 Kelly, Michael Rodney Kelly, Myrtle Paula, 317 Kelly, Ruth Tolson Kelsey, Sandra, 97, 143, 333 Kelso, Clyde Douglas III, 76, 128, • 300 Kelso, Larry Jackson, 116 Kelso, Linda Faye, 333 Kelty, Nancy Ann, 78 Kemble, William Henry Kemp, George Frederick Kemp, Herman 0., 90, 157, 300 Kemp, Kenneth W. Kemp, William Carl Kemp, William Gerald Kendall, Margaret Karel, 333 Kendrick, Robena Louise, 78, 102, 300 Kennedy, Basil Thompson, 169 Kennedy, Betty Kay, 151, 333 Kennedy, Frank F., 183 Kennedy, Martin Edward, 90, 300 Kennedy, Robert A., 163, 190, 346 Kennelly, John David Kenney, James Ridley, 183 Kenney, Michael William, 317 Kenney, Timothy James, 318 Keown, Elaine Dorothy, 135, 346 Kerr, Glenn Larry, 300 Kerr, Katherine Allison, 97, 139, 2 Kerr, Patricia Louise Kershaw, Michael D., 157, 301 Kerstine, Edwin Eugene, 60 Kesler, Alan C. Kessinger, Carolyn Ketchum, Danton Boyce Key, James Harold, 287 Keye, Denelda, 145, 318 Keyes, Jimmy E., 169, 301 Khadra, Mohammad Saied Khayat, Kay Michelle, 145, 301 Kiamie, Alex Joseph, Jr., 116, 185, Kibe, William E. Kidd, Gene Miller, 318 Kidd, Sandra Kay, 135, 318 Kiernan, Terence James, 120 Kilgore, Donald Leland, 40, 185, 2 Kilgore, Judith Ann, 333 Kilpatrick, Jean Robertson, 301 Kilpatrick, Martin A., 288 Kilpatrick, Samuel Wesley Kilpatrick, Susan Jane Kim, Jack Chung Kyun Kimbro, Jefferson N., 116, 185 Kimbrough, Benjamin B., 346 Kimbrough, Brenda Gail, 135, 333 Kimbrough, Virginia Ernest, 79, 31 Kinard, David Lynn, 117, 183, 346 Kinard, John Major, 183 Kincaid, Mose Edward, 288 Kincaid, Terry L., 115, 346 King, Agnes Taylor, 102, 141, 318 King, Ann Roe, 100, 139, 318 King, Charles Allen, 318 King, Donnie Wade, 301 King, Elizabeth Rivers, 61, 68, 141, King, Evangelist W., 173, 346 King, James Patrick, 346 King, Jimmy Slayton, 117, 169 King, Katherine Cecile, 97, 153, 33 King, Leslie Darnell, 333 King, Mary E. Kirkpatrick King, Mary Louise King, Mary Patrick King, Michael Lewis, 117 King, Newton Dudley, 116, 346 King, Nora Theresa King, Richard Moore, Jr., 333 King, Ricky Maynard, 117, 346 King, Robert Edward, 120, 346 King, Robert Lee, 288 King, Samuel Clyde King, Sara Beth King, Stark Harle King, William Allyn, 117, 175 King, William Travis, 91 Kingery, Sherry, 141, 318 Kirk, Rexie Dianne Kirkfield, Robert A., 346 Kirkland, Joseph Earl III, 167 Kirkland, Ralph Earl, 163, 318 Kirkpatrick, Laura Judith, 301 Kirkpatrick, Mary Kay, 79, 105, 141, 318 Kirschten, Sam Gwin, 187 Kirschten, Thomas Davis, 187 Kisner, Kaye F., 318 Kisner, Rachel G. S. Kitchen, Michael John, 117 Kitchens, Donald Gilbert, 187, 301 Kitchens, Donald Gregory Judy Ann Kitchens, 97, 145, 333 Kitchens, William Lesley Kittle, Hartley Weems III, 117, 187, 346 Klepzig, William Floyd, 301 Kline, William Blanchard, 115, 157, 346 Klutts, Susan Lynette Kneedler, Delphine Noble, 301 Kneedler, Paul Wayne Knight, Gene Charles Knight, James Thomas, 301 Knight, Luther A., Jr. Knight, Miriam Lane Knight, Robert Dewey, 157 Knight, Sandra Vermeil, 79, 102, 143, 301 Knight, Steven Marco Knight, Wesley Allan Knott, Mary B., 68, 89, 97, 149, 333 Knox, Nancy Repps, 137, 333 Koch, Kathy Jean, 145 Kong, Shui Sun, 288 Kooiman, Brian Floyd, 175, 318 Koon, Akron Aaron, 114, 187 Koon, Rickey Arvard, 116, 183, 333 Koonce, Larry Cameron Kopf, Preston James, 318 Kosinski, Felix Edward Kosinski, Mary Lou Koskela, Earl Leslie Kosko, Paul Igor, 114, 157, 333 Kossum, John Kenneth, 124, 124 Kothmann, Gregory Garf Kou, Neng. 288 Krebs, Mary Katherine, 301 Krott, Gerald Joseph Krupa, John James, 189 Kruse, Thomas Earl, 121, 318 Kucewicz, Veta Frances, 135, 318 Kucharski, Frederick J. Kudlacz, Laura Victoria, 153, 318 Kuester, Carl Edwin, 189, 301 Kuhn, Frank Richard, 333 Kurtz, Wayne Frederick, 301 Kuykendall, Maud Andrews, 139, 318 Kwasniewski, Thomas M., 179, 318 Kyle, Gloria Anglyn, 318 Kyle, Matt Edwin Kyle, Noble Weir II, 35, 93, 179, 318 Kyle, Percy Carrol, 104 Kyle, Terrena Gale Kyle, Wendy Lynn, 346 Kypriandes, Polydefkis, 112, 189 L Labens, Malcolm Howard Laberge, Patricia E., 141, 301 Labhart, Linda Louise, 333 Lacefield, Thomas Edward, 98, 318 Lacey, Ruth Williford Lackey, Carl Richard, 113, 167 Lackey, Patsy Joy Lackey, Samuel Allen, 167 Lackey, Van Lemuel, 60, 67, 167, 301 Lacy, Jack Brooks, Jr., 40, 83, 301 Ladner, Hershel Otho, 99, 114, 187, 333 Ladner, Susan Elizabeth, 318 Laduc, Raymond Paul, 169 Lafollette, Lois B., 137, 301 Laher, Terry Anne, 89, 318 Laher, Thomas John Lair, Linda Ann, 102, 333 Laird, Janet Braselton, 96, 153, 346 Laird, Jesse Smylie, 318 Lake, David Hugh, 115 Lamar, Thomas Eugene Lamb, Marijane, 149, 346 Lambdin, Ann Mayrant, 69 Lambert, David Flavous III, 116, 346 Lamberth, William Mark, 91, 301 Lamphron, James Patrick, 121, 318 Lampton, Helene T. Lancaster, Linda L. Land, Nancy Carole, 149, 346 Landers, Robert Watson, 346 Landreth, Cleveland L. Landreth, Shelia Dale, 97, 301 Landrum, Alicia McBee, 147, 301 Landry, Paul Andrew, 113, 157, 333 Landry, Ray Craig, 115, 346 Landry, Tony Clyde Landskov, David Lawrence, 70, 318 Lane, Donna Davis Lane, Ernest Lane, James Spencer, 185 Lane, Johnny Earl, 318 Lane, Johnny Mack Lane, Ruth Diane, 105, 301 Laney, Charles Herbert, 171, 346 Laney, John Buford, 115, 171, 346 Langdon, Susan Kathryn, 61, 68, 1, 333 Langford, James Jerry, 67 Langmesser, James E., 70, 114, 11 318 Langmesser, Thomas Joseph, 112, 11 333 Langston, Beatrice Mae, 89. 333 Lantz, Allen Dean, 90, 102, 301 Lape, Margaret Ellen, 147, 301 Lapolla, William Frank, 113, 177, 33 Larkin, Francis John, 189, 318 Larroux. Michael Paul Larson, Lisa Elizabeth, 97, 147, 333 Larue, Wayne B., Jr., 128, 169 Lary, Steve Curtis, 318 Lasky, Daniel J., 63, 302 Lassetter, Bonnie Fontaine, 333 Lassetter, John Stuart, 288 Lassetter, Linda C., 149, 302 Lassiter, Ralph Bunche, 346 Latham, Linda Kay, 97, 149, 318 Latham, Michael Wayne, 123 Latham, William Larry Latimer, Dorothy Sue, 145, 333 Latimer, Ellis H. III, 76, 90, 71 Lauderdale, James Abner, 171, 346 Lauderdale, Jane, 137, 333 Lauderdale, Joseph F., 181, 346 Lauer, Peter Birchmore, 175, 318 Laughlin, James Richard, Jr., 183 Laughlin, Loran Lee, 114, 157, 333 Laumbattus, Harold Dean, 124, 11 346 Laurenzi, John F., 88, 128, 171, 302 Lavallee, William L., 74, 121, 157, 3 Lavalley, Richard J., 157, 302 Lavender, Susan Parker, 145, 346 Lavers, Brenton M., 128, 318 Lavers, Linda Grace, 333 Lawrence, Demetra Illene, 333 Lawrence, Martin Bradley, 70 Lawyer, Michael Scott, 185, 302 Lawyer, Sara Ann Lawyer, Stephen Garry, 185 Lax, Constance Lea, 97, 135, 346 Lay, Donnie Gayle, 318 Laye, Barbara Allen Layrock, Patricia Ann Lea, Gerald Ray Lea, Robert Charles, 69, 187, 302 Leach, Carl Ray, 117, 159, 346 Leach, John Wyly Leach, Marilyn Faye, 97, 147 Leake, Regina Lucile, 346 Leary, Randy Wayne, 116 Leavitt, Dinah Luise, 151, 318 Ledbetter, Barbara Lane, 147, 302 Lee, Alfred Eugene Lee, Brenda Rush, 288 Lee, Charles Ling, 77, 288 Lee, Daisy Diella, 333 Lee, Evelyn Patricia, 302 Lee, Gerald Douglas Lee, John Wincie Lee, Joseph B. III Lee, Judith Ann Lee, Laura Lynda, 97, 101, 151 Lee, Mary Bendella, 333 Lee, Mary Virginia, 302 Lee, Robert S., 302 Lee, Sandra Elizabeth, 149, 302 Lee, Sarah Randall, 318 Lee, Thomas Drayton, 288 Lee, William Allan, 169, 318 Lee, Yan Way, 288 Leech, Judy Claire, 104, 143, 333 Leemon, Charles Lothaire, 124, 1: 175 Leeper, Harry Cole, Jr., 333 Lefeve, Aristide F., Jr., 171 Lefeve, Douglas Heath Lefler, James Ronald Legan, Marshall Scottie, 288 Leggett, Barbara Elaine, 89, 98, 302 Leggett, Donald Mitchell Leggett, George Hansford, 185 Leigh, Leslie Edward, 115 Leigh, Lucinda M. Leigh, Robert Elbridge Leineweber, Robert M., 179, 316 Lemaster, Carol Lynne, 151 Lemoine, Ronald J., 288 Lemon, Georgia K., 141, 333 Lemons, Carol Kay, 149, 302 Lenahan, Stephanie C., 100 Lenoir, Richard Alvin, Jr., 115, 183 Leonard, David Ray Leonard, Linda Kaye, 137, 346 Leonard, Mary Mack, 143, 302 Leone, John Edmund, 288 Leppic, Teri Ann Lesley, Mattie Virginia Lester, Horace Baxter, Jr., 67, 183, 288 Lester, Michael Thornton, 318 Lester, Robert F., 181, 302 Lester, William Carey, 115, 346 Leto, John Anthony Lett, Anna L. Leung, Eunice, 346 Levanway, Richard Scott Lever, Terry J., 151 Levi, Dempsey Meyer Levin, Manuel Marcus, 288 Lewellen, Annie Elizabeth, 145, 3. Lewis, Alice Deann, 100, 147, 302 Lewis, Alton B., Jr., 112 Lewis, Charles Eugene Lewis, George Kenneth, 189 Lewis, George Randolph, 288 Lewis, Jane Edel Lewis, John Frank, 318 Lewis, John Russell, 181, 302 Lewis, Jon Richard Lewis, Margaret Jane, 143, 318 Lewis, Marie, 40, 105, 318 Lewis, Martha Lynn, 147, 318 Lewis, Robert Barry Lewis, Robert E., Jr., 318 Lewis, William Irvin, 88 Liao, Yao Wu, 288 Liberto, Frank Peter, 318 Liberto, Vincent, 115, 346 Liggins, Linnie Belle, 333 Ligon, Melanie Allen, 318 Liles, Charles Edwin Lilley, Jackson Wilson, 99, 169 Lilly, John Perry, 93, 185, 302 Lilly, Sally Elaine, 97, 318 Limbocker, George Alden, Jr., 302 Lin, Cecilia Lee Hui Lin, Jer Nan Terry, 288 Lin, Shih Chuan Lincoln, Jack Roland Linder, James Mickey Linder, Thelma Louvene Lindsay, Henry Douglas III, 187, : Lindsey, Bruce Forrest, 113 Lindsey, Henderson C., 75, 302 Lindsey, James Lee, Jr., 60, 67, 185, 302 Lindsey, Laura Lindsey, Roland Arden, 112 Lingle, Tangie Alene, 149, 347 Lipe, Linda Bon, 61, 63 Lipira, Donald L. Lipschultz, Randall W., 117, 189 Lipscomb, Joseph Randolph Lipscomb, M arilyn R., 318 Lisenby, Susan Townsend, 149, 3, Lisowski, Paul William Lisowski, Sharon Ann Grim Little, Richard Allen, 113, 187, 333 Little, Eugene Wallace Littlejohn, William Carey Litton, Peggy Scott, 141, 318 Litton, William Powell, 117, 181 Liu, Chen Kun, 288 Livingston. Barbara Lois, 145, 347 Livingston, Priscilla Jean Livingston, Myrtle Frances, 97, 318 Livingston, Robert Glenn, 114, 18: Llano, Charles D., 159 Livingston, Thomas Lynn Lloyd, Robert Cecil Lloyd, Sammuel Thomas III, 40, 124, 181, 347 Locke, Claude Polk, 302 Locke, Don Wiles Locke, Elizabeth Ann Locke, Lowell Richard, 113, 318 Lockett, John William, 318 Lockhart, Mary Kate, 135, 302 Locovare, Robert John Loden, Aaron Lee, 333 Loden, Joe Keldon, 302 Loflin, Mark Brinson, 181, 333 Loftin, Carolyn Rebecca, 100 Lofton, Albert J., 167 Logan, Billy Joe Logan, Frederick Michael Logan, Robert Lee, Jr., 157, 347 Logan, Janet Sue, 145, 347 Lohrmann, Jerome Lee, 288 Lokey, Ann, 333 Lomax, Dan Wade Lomax, John Tilman, Jr. Lonardo, Thomas Taylor, 112 Long, Anna Frances Long, Elaine Lehmann Long, Guy M., 318 Long, Jeffrey Arvin Long, Linda Sue, 141, 347 Long, Mike Witt, 116, 185 Long, Paul Leonidus Long, Ray N., 185 Long, Theron E. Long, Virginia Ruth Long, William Robert, 175, 318 Longino, Margaret Wilsford, 139, Loosier, Miller Marion. 115, 157 Lopez, Cathy Ann, 318 Lord, Angela, 97, 149, 302 Lott, Lowell Grant Lotterhos, George T., 179 Lou, Paul C. C., 302 Louis, John Michael, 179 Loutfi, Issam Fares Love, Marcus III, 77, 159, 302 Lovelace, Clyde Bahnson, Jr., 88, Lovelace, Dewitt Marshall, 167 Lovelace, James Russell, 318 Lovelace, Rebecca, 139 Lovelace, Robert Lloyd, 115 Lovelace, Sara Underwood Lovelady, Cornelius F., 302 Lovelady, William Niles, 183, 333 Lovell, James Otis, 179, 333 Low. Rhes Vernon, 40, 77, 179 Lowe, Sara Helen, 318 Lowery, Carolyn Zoe, 143 Lowery, Mack Lamar, 120, 179, 3 Lowery, Robert Sanders, 167, 302 Lowrance, Bill Carr Lowrance, Howard David Lowrance, William B. Lowrey, Beverly Willese, 302 Lowrey, James Marvin, Jr. Lowrimore, Marlin Gerald, 91 Lowry, James Howard, 122, 318 Lowry, William E. Lowstuter, Anthony R., Jr., 102, Lowstuter, Robert Ford, 124, 124 Loyacono, Paul Kelly Lublanezki, Nancy Carlan, 319 Lucas, Richard Byrd, 333 Luckett, Connie Jo, 61, 68, 149, 3: Luckett, Ignatius S., Jr., 167 Luckett, Lucretia Anne, 139, 333 Luckie, William Vernon Ludlam, Pat Waterfield Luebke, Karen, 302 Lueckenbach, Edward A. Luke, Billy, 112 Luft, William Hamilton, 333 Luke, Linda Kay, 145, 319 Luke, Thomas Mitchell Lumalcuri, William Joseph, 319 Lumm, Gerald William Lunsford, Hollis Eugene, 120, 175, Lupoli, Jonna L. Lurie, David M., 302 Luter, Dwight Keith, 37, 116, 183 Lux, Mary Frances Lyle, Barry Loren, 115 Lynch, Charles A., 67, 75, 77, 179 Lynch, Wayne Greene, 169 Lyon, Edward Joseph, 77, 117, 319 Lyon, Rupert Milton, 115, 181, 3, Lyon, William Louis, 116, 185, 343 Lyons, Bonita Sue, 288 Lyons, Dianne, 333 Mc McAleer, David Dudley, 120, 189 McAlexander, Betty B., 40, 43, 141, McAlister, Richard David, 98, 157, McAlpin, Brodie Wayne, 91 McAlpin, Danny Joe, 319 McAlpin, Faye Lois McAlpin, Michael Jordan, 76, 302 McAnally, Thomas Leon, 302 McArthur, James Leo, 67, 288 McBee, Dalton, 122, 122, 181 McBride, Hilmer Anthony McBride, William Wallace McBroom, Sara John, 302 McBryde, Laura Greer McCabe, Patricia Anne, 139, 333 McCachren, James Bobby McCaffrey, Lewis Raymond, 72 McCain, James E. III, 181 McCain, Talbot Odom, 116, 181, : McCall, Caroline Brooks McCall, Samuel Henry, 116, 185 McCamey, Michael Edward, 167, 3, McCants, Bobbie Ed, 121, 333 McCarley, Bobby Joe McCarley, Thomas H. III, 181, 319 McCartt, Joseph Robert McCarty, Daniel Joseph, 116 McCarty, Emily J., 151 McCarty, John Robert, 63, 185, 3( McCarty, Mary Virginia, 302 McCarver, Rosalyn Annette, 78, 3( McCauley, Charlotte L., 97, 333 McCay, Larry Leigh, 115 McClanahan, Hick Hartsell McClatchy, Sarah Elizabeth, 147, : McClelland, Charles Rodney McClelland, Kathleen Smith McClendon, Erwin Lowe, 124, 12z McClung, Harvey W., Jr., 70, 163, McClure, Mary Margaret, 302 McClure, Wayne Leroy, Jr., 185 McClure, Worthy Powell McCollum, Joseph K., Jr., 159 McConnell, Constance Marie McCool, Charles Edward, 112, 163, McCool, Larry Alan, 171 McCool, Annette, 333 McCool, Peyton Hugh, 112, 157, 3: McCool, Robert T., Jr. McCord, Mary Carol, 137, 347 McCord, Odis Tindell McCord, Randall Lloyd McCord, Roselyn Scott, 141, 333 McCormack, Fred Carnes McCormack, William Floyd, 302 McCormick, Belva Lee, 153, 319 McCormick, James P. McCormick, Ronnie Lee McCoy, Dorothy Susan, 96, 319 McCoy, Joseph Bryant, 319 McCoy, Joseph Lee McCoy, Merwin Andreas, 114 McCoy, Ronald David, 117 McCraney, James Arthur McCraw, Doris Fay, 319 McCraw, James Arthur McCullar, Edward Terence, 121 McCullar, James Shelby, 114, 334 McCullouch, Mary Carmille McCullough, Tedford C., 185, 347 McCune, Sam M. McCurdy, Hollis Horton McDaniel, Clarence Albert McDaniel, Roger Dodson, 302 McDaniel, Suzanne, 347 McDermott, Price Curd, 319 McDivitt, Leland, 181 McDivitt, Patricia R. McDivitt, Virginia Jo McDonald, Alan Cameron McDonald, Diane Lee McDonald, Eddie Jean McDonald, James Ceci l McDonald, Joel Weir McDonald, Lucy Ellen, 319 McDonald, Okee Lee McDonnell, Fred James, 40, 119, 183 McDonnell, Randall Louis McDonough, Homer Ray, Jr. McDougal, Judy Clarene, 149, 334 McDowell, Andrew B., 319 McDowell, Betty Mann, 97, 137, 334 McDuff, J. Duncan McDuffie, Kathryn E., 143 McDuffie, Margaret C., 143 McEachern, Luther Myron, 112, 187 McElhaney, Michael James, 185 McElroy, Ronald Wayne, 171, 334 McElvaney, Steve Crowder, 169 McElveen, Ernest G., 319 McElwee, James Ware, 185, 319 McEwen, Charles W., 112, 347 McFarland, Burchette S., 157 McFarland, Rosemary E. McFarlane, James Eckford, 70, 73, 163, 303 McFatter, Melvin Hurley, 347 McGaha, John Robert, 319 McGahey, Samuel Oscar McGahey, Timothy Powell, 99, 115, 167, 319 McGee, Carl Anthony, 334 McGee, Delora Diane McGee, Hassell Lynn, 153, 319 McGee, Thomas Alan McGehee, Charles James McGehee, Fioyd, 303 McGehee, Harvey, 119, 183 McGehee, William Clay, 171, 303 McGinley, Sarah M. McGinnis, William A., Jr. McGlothlin, Elizabeth Jane, 153 McGonagill, Fred Allen, 157, 319 McGraw, Edward R., 179 McGraw, James A., 181, 334 McGreger, Judith K., 288 McGrew, Bennie Dan McGuire, Gloria Jeanette McHan, Jerry Lynn, 99 McHaney, Nancy Holland, 303 McHarg, Madalyn Kay, 149, 334 McHenry, Rolf Wesley, 90, 157, 303 Mcllwain, Joseph Wiley, 115, 183, 347 Mcllwain, Margaret V., 97, 334 Mcllwain, Riley Barber, Jr., 169, 319 McInnis, Myrtle Ann, 347 McIntyre, Floyd H., 173, 319 McIntyre, Jack Cooper, Jr., 185 McIntyre, James A. McIntyre, Leslie Ann, 139, 334 McIntyre, Virginia Ruth, 141, 319 McIver, Robert Edwin, 181 McKay, Eliz Patricia, 96, 101 McKay, Roberta Haynes, 334 McKay, Larry Gene, 319 McKay, Robert Levon, 347 McKay, Otto, Jr., 88, 94, 179, 319 McKee, Gwen Anne, 97, 143, 334 McKee, Michael Treloar, 319 McKee, Nola Ann, 97 McKee, Urna Lynn McKeigney, Norton Guyton, 77, 114, 183. 334 McKellar, John W., 169 McKelroy, Charles Kenneth, 347 McKenzie, Richard Wayne, 288 McKenzie, Robert Hess McKessy, Daniel Thomas, 121, 187, 334 McKey, Shelby Weeks, 185, 347 McKibben, Larry G. McKibbens, Thomas R., Jr., 319 McKie, Nathan Whitehead, 181, 303 McKinney, Edward C., Jr., 303 McKinstry, Gary Whitmore, 288 McKnight, Charles A., 319 McKnight, Everett Astor, Jr., 303 McLallen, Ruth Graham, 347 McLarty, Edwin 319 McLarty, Floyd Ray McLaurin, Eugene B., 70, 114, 181 334 McLaurin, Janet Elise, 149, 303 McLaurin, John Purves, 183 McLaurin, Carol Work, 69, 289 McLaurin, Mary Jane, 141 McLaurin, Prentiss C. McL aurin, Susan Evelyn, 145, 347 McLean, George Hite, 289 McLean, Robert L., Jr., 303 McLellan, Mary Elizabeth McLellan, Reedy Ellington, 117 McLellan, William Ervin, 289 McLemore, Eugene, 289 McLeod, Charles E. McLeod, Maretta Anne, 73 McLeod, Rayburn Wayne, 303 McLeod, Taylor Jeff, 303 McLoud, James V., 115 McMahan, Michael Lee, 303 McMaster, Michael Martin, 181, 334 McMath, Jennie Wright, 100, 334 McMillan, Kai J., 137, 303 McMinn, Bobby Lawrence McMullan, Larry Victor, 173, 319 McMullan, Minnie Katherine, 100, 141 319 McMullan, Wyche Lowe, 102, 179, 34 McMullen, Aubrey Buford, Jr., 181 319 McMullen, William H., Jr. McMurchy, Charles R., Jr., 167 McMurray, Marcia McMurray, Michael Gordon, 112 McMurry, Martha Alice, 135, 347 McNamara, Joseph Leray, 67, 69, 7E 122, 171, 319 McNamee, Susan Elizabeth, 135, 334 McNeal, Velma, 102 McNeely, Barney Steven, 115 McNeely, Janet Elizabeth, 89, 334 McNeely, Linda Colleen, 137, 347 McNeely, Martha Louise, 98, 319 McNeely, William H., 77 McNeer, Sherry Ann, 153, 334 McNeese, Betty Allison McNeese, Judi Puckett McNeese, Robert L. McNeese, Thomas Darrell McNinch, George Haas, 289 McNoldy, Emory Belmont, 112 McPhail, John M. McPherson, Donald R., 289 McPherson, Malcolm H., 113 McQueen, Carroll D., Jr., 112, 157, 33 McQueen, Charles Michael, 114, 151 347 McQuigg, Susanne, 61, 100, 143, 334 McRae, Dianne McRaney, Hilda Grafton McRaney, Stewart Barwick, 289 McRee, James Clopton McRight, Lila Lee, 96, 147, 191, 317 McTague, Kenneth Edward McTague, Sylvia Hurst McWhirter, Nickey Ray McWhorter, Laurence S. McWilliams, Dale Thornton, 78 McWilliams, John Gordon, 319 McWilliams, Thomas M. M Mabry, Paul Davis, Jr. Mabus, Raymond E., Jr. 70, 122, 121 159, 319 Macdonald, Kathleen V. Machen, Theodore Davis Mackey, James E. Mackey, Michael David, 112 Mackey, William Gadspen Macy, Annelle Lee, 149, 347 Macy, John Richard, 76, 77, 169, 303 Maddox, Dwight Uriel, 179, 303 Madison, Tommy Junior, 347 Madsen, Pamela A., 97, 153, 334 Maffett, Sandra Jean Magee, Brian William Magee, Joe Harvey, 40, 77, 334 Magee, Judy Pat, 73 Magee, Paul Edwin Magee, Robert M. Magee, William Thomas, 334 Magers, Rebecca M. Magers, T. Van, 289 Maholm, Gary Michael Mahon, Lucille Leggett, 139, 347 Maier, Robert Leo, 347 Maier, Virginia Lee, 319 Major, Martha Elizabeth, 97, 141 Makowiecki, William J., 115, 189 Malatesta, John Joseph Maley, Claude, Jr., 117 Malhotra, N. R., 100, 289 Mallberg, Michael N. Mallette, James Carson, 319 Malone, Miriam Lane, 96, 139, 334 Malone, Winford Ann, 149, 319 Maloney, William Pickett, 121, 534 Malouf, Michael James, 40, 173, 289 Malouf, Thomas H., 40, 319 Mandly, Carole Williams Mandrell, William Kermit Maney, Merrill Lavinia, 153, 347 Mangin, Charles Geoffrey, 70, 319 Mangum, Robert Leon Manifold, David James, 67, 69, 75, 151 303 Mann, A. Katherine, 97, 145, 319 Mann, Constance Lue, 104, 147, 334 Mann, Elwin Byron, 177, 347 Mann, Lindley Stuart Mann, Mary Blanche, 97, 139, 30 Mann, Patricia Dawn, 145, 334 Mann, Ronald Joseph, 169, 334 Manning, Earl Leslie, Jr. Manning, Edward William, 319 Manning, Elisha A., III, 185 Manning, Lenora Rosenthal Manning, Roy Davis, Jr., 67, 74, 181 303 Manning, Van Russell, 117, 179, 334 Manning, William Palmer Mansell, Ethie Willette, 64, 149, 393 Mansell, Mary Carnthan, 149, 348 Manson, Karen Elizabeth, 319 Maples, Robert Alvin, 121, 169, 334 Marascalco, Frank P., 303 Marascalco, Joseph R., 175, 319 Marascalco, Robert J., 72 Marascalco, Vincent D., 117, 348 Marble. Tanis Idella, 97 Marcella, David Michael Mardis, Larry Joe, 319 Marett, Esther Florence, 145 Margolis, Sander Paul Marino, Joseph Marlar, Jerry Lafayette, 179, 303 Marodis, Mary, 319 Marsalis, Gary Edmond Marsh, Robert Clinton Marshall, James Brett, 331 Marshall, M. Lynn, 97, 145. 319 Marshall, Robert Barnes, 171 Marshall, Sarah Latimer Marston, Walter Wilds, 170, 319 Martin, Aline Franklin Martin, Carolyn S. Edwards Martin, Cynthia Sybil Martin, Frances Eliz, 135 Martin, Francis Louis, 289 Martin, Frank G., 334 Martin, George Gilmore, 289 Martin, Hollis F., 98, 102 Martin, James Gilbert, 157, 319 Martin, James Leland, 67, 167 Martin, Joan L. Martin, John William Martin, Leo Lupz Martin, Linda Ruth, 101, 135 Martin, Mary Watson, 348 Martin, Maurice Bryan, 303 Martin, Peggy Ann, 319 Martin, Ross Calvin, 319 Martin, Taylor Rowland Martin, Walton Lewis Martin, Wayne Carroll, 113 Martin, William John., Jr., 91 Martin, William Stephen, 98, 319 Martindale, Larry P. Martindale, Rickey U., 348 Martiniere, Johnanne, 141, 303 Masand, Hari Pamandas, 100, 289 Mascari, Kenneth J., 303 Mashburn, Carlton N., 181, 318 Mashburn, Leon W., III, 99, 181, 319 Mask, James Edward, Jr. Mask, Vicki Ann, 348 Mason, Falton Orlander, Jr. Mason, Jerry Gordon, 289 Mason, Martha Ann, 319 Massengale, Don Edward, 289 Massengale, Hubert Dwight, 115 Massengale, Kenneth Wayne Massengill, Melissa, 139, 303 Massey, Creed Laverne Massey, Eugene Thomas, 348 Massey, Gwen, 145, 319 Massey, James William, 289 Massey, Michal Patton Massey, Patricia Lynn, 101, 149, 348 Mathews, Dan Robbins Mathias, Marion E., 61 Mathias, Vernon B. Mathis, James Harold Mathis, Kathryn Ann, 303 Matson, Lois Carolyn, 319 Mattei, Roger Benjamin, 117, 189 Matthews, Elmer W., Jr. Matthews, Leroy, Jr. Matthews, Linda Sue, 319 Matthews, William C., 319 Matulich, Joseph, 117, 183, 348 Matulich Loretta Jan, 320 Mauldin, Berlon Michael, 334 Mauldin, James Carroll Mauldin, Janice A., 151, 303 Mauldin Olin B., Jr., 60, 183, 320 Mauzey, Roger Errol, 169 Mavar, Gerald M., 157 Maxcy, Martha Helen, 320 Maxey, Celia Banks, 97, 143, 303 Maxey, Charles Gregory, 171, 334 Maxey, Francis Burns Maxey, John Lewis, 67 Maxey, William L., 183, 320 Maxwell, Carolyn C., 43, 64, 73, 79 147, 303 Maxwell, John Caldwell May, James Douglas, 116, 334 May, James Walker, 120, 179, 348 May, John Edward, III, 179, 303 May, Thomas Michael, 320 Mayer, Velia Ann Mayes, Curtis Shelby, 112 Mayes, Thomas Rudolph Mayfield Jack Lamar, Jr. Mayfield, Nancy Gay Mayfield, Thomas Richard Mayhugh, Thomas Martin, 122, 173 348 Maynard, Gary Ford, 83, 112 Maynard, George Fleming, 183, 320 Maynor, James G., Jr., 113 Mays, Charles Lewis Mays, John Hearn, 320 Mays, John Stuart, 348 Meacham, Betty Ruth, 149, 335 Meacham, David Edward, 116 Mears, Norman, Fay, 114 Meek, Forrest Lee, 179, 348 Meek, Mary S., 139 Meek, Michael L. Meek, Paula, 61, 89, 135, 335 Meeks, Earl Louis Meeks, Edwin Dilworth, 348 Meeks, Gerald Wilson Meeks, Janis Shirey Meeks, Wanda Lynn Megginson, Richard Allen Meierhoefer, Lisa Marr Meifert, Raymond A. Meiners, Linda Catherine, 147 Meisenheimer, Robert C., 320 Mellen, Laurence Y., 67 Melsheimer, Cynthia Manier Melsheimer, E. Samuel, 303 Melton, Floyd M. Jr., 63, 67, 239 Melton, Martha, 141, 320 Melton, Mary Randle, 97, 141, 318 Menkis, Harvey R. Menzie, James Warren Mercer, James Leroy Mercer, Marilyn Old, 97, 141, 335 Merrell, Jean Arthur, 141, 348 Messer, Charles Edwin Mestayer, Richard F., 169 Mettetal, Henry Nolan Meets, Nancy K. Meets, Robert Lowery, III, 320 Metzger, Robert E. 303 Meyer, Jack Floyd. 70, 114, 335 Meyer, John R., 159, 320 Michel, Alan Emil Michel, Marilyn Carr Mickey, Barry Ivan Miers, Mary Jane, 147, 335 Migues, Danny Ray Mihalyka, George K. Milam, John Benjamin, 60 Milam, Kenneth Ewing Miles, John Henry, 99, 183 Miles, John Hubert, Jr. Miles, Mary Ann, 149, 320 Miles, Patricia Miley, Wesley Allen Militello, Thomas Albert, 122, 165 348 Millard, Jimmie Dee, 289 Millard, William Richard, 289 Millen, Bonnie Aqualynn, 151, 320 Millen, Louis Burchard, Jr. Miller, Bonnie E., 78 Miller, Charles Edward, 320 Miller, Cheryl Rolf Miller, Cynthia Jane, 335 Miller, Edward Joseph Miller, Edward Owen Miller, Everett, Joe, 113, 335 Miller, Gwen Elizabeth Miller, Herman Bradford Miller, James Howard, 320 Miller, Jeffrey George, 187, 348 Miller, Kermit Carol, 289 Miller, Larry Gene, 72 Miller, Loris Marlene Miller, Martha Brandon, 151, 335 Miller, Patricia Ann Miller, Robert Arrington, 122, 183, 31: Miller, Ronald Lee Miller, Ronnie Richard Miller, Samuel Baker, 90, 303 Miller, Sarah Diane Miller, Sharon Ruth Miller, Thomas Glasner, Jr., 171 Millican, Troy B. Millice, Carl Theodore, III Milliken, Sarah Ann, 100, 153, 320 Mills, Claudia R. Mills, David Webster, 113, 116, 175 335 Mills, Elvin Wayne, 289 Mills, Marilyn L. Millstein, Sam, Jr. Milner, Katherine, 141, 320 Milner, Melinda Craig, 97, 101, 151, 348 Milner, Mildred Louise, 139, 335 Milstead, Don Michael, 104, 320 Milstead, Judith Carol, 97, 137, 348 Milstead, Martha Anne, 78, 102, 303 Mingee, James Clyde Minor, James Douglas, 122. 320 Minor, Jeffrey Clement, 179, 335 Minor, Lancelot L., III, 117, 171, 348 Mir, Ghulam Nabi, 100 Mirabole, Andrew J., 289 Miron, Louis Fernando, 348 Mitchell, Adam Howell, Jr., 115 Mitchell, Billy Donald Mitchell, Colmon Shinn, 116, 179, 348 Mitchell, Daniel T. Mitchell, David Howard, 117, 348 Mitchell, Donald Chester Mitchell, Edwin Young Mitchell, Geoffrey C., 40, 167, 320 Mitchell, Guy William, III, 67 Mitchell, Harry Hubbard, 121, 179 Mitchell, James Edwin, 163 Mitchell, Mary Annis, 151, 320 Mitchell, Robbins L., 165 Mixon, Larry Edward, 348 Mize, Anna Eugenia, 135, 320 Mize, Danny Gene, 348 Mize, John Thomas, Jr. Mize, Valerie Holt Mize, William Goebel, III, 117, 181 Moak, Donald Lewis, 82, 289 Moak, Helen Diane Moak, Jennifer Moak, Paul Greer, 117 Mobley, Reggis Dale, 335 Mohammad, Abdul Quddus, 100, 289 Mohan, Pidatala Krishna, 100, 303 Moher, James Michael, 335 Mohler, Barbara Sutcliffe Molpus, David Lee, 120 Molpus, Frank Reily, 167, 303 Molpus, Richard, Henderson, 116, 183, 348 Monfort, Edward 0. Monfort, Elita Adrian Monsour, Mike Ellis, 289 Monsour, Mitchell Dial, 179, 348 Monteith, Hugh McGhee, 183, 320 Monteith, Jo Ann, 147, 335 Monteith, Richard Carl, 348 Monteith, Tarlton Hughes, 320 Montgomery, Calvin Wells, 335 Montgomery, Carl V., 183 Montgomery, Charles W., 120, 318 Montgomery, Clarence C. Montgomery, Edmund Warren, 113, 167, 335 Montgomery, Georgianna, 335 Montgomery, Herbert W. Montgomery, Holt, 289 Montgomery, James Anthony, 157 Montgomery, Jeanne Howie, 102, 343 Montgomery, Larry K., 98, 303 Montgomery, Patsy A. Moody, Clara Jean, 289 Moody, Dwight L., 289 Moody, Patricia Eileen, 135, 348 Moon, Sammy Lee Moore, Anita Walton Moore, Ashley Presnell Moore, Barbara Jo., 303 Moore, Betty B., 147, 320 Moore, Carol Ann, 79, 97, 303 Moore, Carol Sue, 303 Moore, Carolyn C. Moore, Evelyn Carol, 320 Moore, Fred Hughes Moore, Harriet Campbell, 303 Moore, Henderson A., III, 114, 179, 335 Moore, James Grafton, Jr., 171, 303 Moore, James Holley, Jr. Moore, Joel Frank, 112 , 189 Moore, John B., Jr., 303 Moore, Johnny, 320 Moore, Linda, 151, 335 Moore, Madge Delorese Moore, Marinell, 151, 303 Moore, McPherson D., 171, 320 Moore, Nancy Ophelia, 139, 304 Moore, Noble Glen, 117, 169, 343 Moore, Patricia Anne Moore, Paul M. Jr., 159, 320 Moore, Robert Dunsceath, 120, 181. 348 Moore, Robert Wayne Moore, Russell Lee, Jr., 304 Moorhead, Rodney Aaron Moran, James Bradley Morck, Wesley Chambers, 169, 348 Morehead, Royal Denton Moreton, Julian Edward Moreton, Ross Elwin, 289 Morgan, Anna Virginia Morgan, Clarence E., III, 179 Morgan, James P. Morgan, John Gayden Morgan, John Jordan, 181, 320 Morgan, Laura Sue, 145 Morgan, Leger James, Jr. Morgan, Linda Camille, 348 Morgan, Martha Lynn, 151, 320 Morgan, Richard Wayne, 335 Morgan, Tolmadge V., Jr. Morris, Clarence Little Morris, Elizabeth Sturgis, 97, 139, Morris, John Alan Morris, Kenneth Loy Morris, Susan Athena Morris, Terry Lee, 115, 348 Morris, Thomas Hanley, 289 Morris, William Mitchell, 169 Morrison, Carolyn M., 141, 348 Morrison, Cynthia G., 43, 151, 304 Morrison, Forrest Alex Morrison, Harvey Lee, Jr., 181, 320 Morrison, William Douglas Morrisson, Elizabeth Ann, 320 Morrisson, Jimmy Lee Morrisson, Judith Ann Morrow, George C., 181 Morse, Hugh McDonald Morse, Mary Christian Mortiner, Melinda Morton, Linda Lucille, 320 Mosakowski, Joseph James Mosby, Herman William Mosby, William John, 181, 348 Moscarillo, John Gary, 189 Moses, Mike E., Jr., 320 Mosley, Sherry E., 100, 143, 304 Mosley, Willie Moss, Hal Chase, 335 Moss, Mary Katherine, 78, 304 Mossburg, Steven Chris Motley, Richard Arnold, 348 Motlow, Mary Bertram, 141, 348 Motsinger, Wayne Harold, 113 Mott, Bennett Jared Mott, Sue Ann, 304 Mounce, James L. Mounce, Jennie Witt Mounce, Larry Dean Mounger, Whitman Davis, 179 Mountz, Marsha Lynn, 147, 320 Moy, Lillian, 335 Moy, Ruby Gay Mozingo, James R., Jr. Mubarak, Michael, 335 Mueller, Christian Stephen, 348 Mulcahy, Kathleen M. Mullikin, Peter M. Mullins, Charles Jimmy Mullins, George Wright, 82 Mullins, Marilyn Jo, 97 Muni, Indravadan A., 100 Muns, George Ehrman Murphree, Kenneth M., 183, 304 Murphree, Melanee Lou, 151, 348 Murphree, Neil Melts, 157 Murphree, Thomas Martin, Jr. Murphy, Allen Lee, 91, 304 Murphy, Ann Whitfield, 143, 348 Murphy, Bonita B. Murphy, David E. Murphy Elizabeth Ann, 96, 141, 320 Murphy, James Loyal Murphy, Mary C., 147, 304 Murphy, Mary Ellen Murphy, Michael Charles Murphy, Phillip Alan Murphy, Rebecca Merle, 335 Murray, Donald Lynn Murray, James Lynn Murray, Lambert Edward, 348 Murrell, Dan Stewart Murrell, Patricia Hillman Murry, Danny Harold Musgrave, Joseph Robert, 320 Muth, Claudia Dean, 335 Mutzi, Alma Maria Myers, Addie Elaine Myers, Charles Anthony, 116, 183 Myers, David Paul, 173, 190, 320 Myers, Grover M. Myers, Joseph Thompson, 112, 169 Myers, Rene Armstrong, 98 Myers, Riley Dewey, 115 Myers, Robert Leon, 117, 173, 335 Myers, Ronald Arthur Myers, Roy Mitchell, 348 Myers, William Harbin Myers, William Milton, 116, 163, 321 Myrick, Harold Griffin, 320 Myrick, Michael Ray N Nabors, James Luther, 83, 320 Nahir, Carmen Laracuente, 289 Nall, Jane McKeage Nance, Catherine, 97, 135, 335 Nance, Robert Sherwood, 115, 348 Nanney, Jimmy Ray Napier, Edgar C. Nappier, Elizabeth Anne, 335 Nash, Charles H. Nash, Nita Carlene, 97, 137, 320 Nassar, Shelby Thomas, 113, 173, 331 Neal, Danny Wayne, 181 Neal, Rayborn David, 320 Neale, Charles Alexander, 179, 321 Nealy, Charles V., Jr., 76, 304 Neblett, George R., 289 Necaise, Jeanne Kaye, 63, 151 Neeley, Robert Lee, 289 Neelly, Linda Page Neelly, Michael Leigh Neely, Antoinette, 335 Neely, Charles Wyck Neely, Mary Anne, 335 Neely, Russell Newton, 169, 335 Neely, Thomas Dean, Jr., 113, 159, Neely, Willard Ross, II, 187, 320 Neese, Virginia Lee, 153 Neill, Charles Lamar, 179 Neill, Eliz P. Goodyear Neill, Eva Lillian, 40, 68, 149, 335 Neill, Kathryne Leigh, 149, 320 Neill, Samuel W., 122, 169, 335 Neilson, Martha Bryant, 79, 145, 3: Nellis, Victor Ray, 124, 348 Nelms, Robert Wade, 320 Nelson, Deborah Ruth, 151, 348 Nelson, Donald Vernon Nelson, Frank Cleveland, 348 Nelson, Irwin H., 90, 122, 123, 30z Nelson, Jimmy Lynn Nelson, Karl Martin, Jr. Nelson, Robert Edward, 289 Nelson, Robert Lynn Nelson, Tiny Bess Evans Nelson, William Mack Nelson, Winnie Sue Nemec, Nelson Frank, 304 Nester, Daniel Martin Nester, Donald James Netherton, James S., 320 Netherton, Lura Jean, 97, 335 Nettles, Margaret Anne, 335 Neukirch, Donal Williams, 169 Nevel, Erba P. Nevels, Robert Lynn, 115 Neville, John Beard New, Peggy Goff Newberry, Ronald Gene Newcomb, Rupert P., Jr. Newell, Charles P., Jr., 289 Newell, Janet Ruth, 139 Newell, Patricia T., 289 Newell, Ronald Bruce, 67, 171, 302 Newman, Charles Puffman, 112, 341 Newman, Cleo Ann Newman, Larry Micheal Newman, Susan Spence Newsom, Donna Kay, 320 Newton, Hugh Patrick, 169, 320 Newton, James Thomas, 115, 157, 3 Nicholas, Daniel J., Jr., 167 Nichols, Thomas Beall, 112, 169, 341 Nichols, George Curtis Nichols, James Monroe, Jr. Nichols, Jean Simmons Nichols, Jeffrey Hamilton, 167 Nichols, Michelle G., 335 Nichols, Thomas T., 304 Nicholson, William B., 320 Nickel, Judith Elaine, 97, 304 Nickens, Donnell Jerome, 335 Nickles, Lance Reed Nippert, Ronald Gene Nishimura, Yorio Nix, John Paul Nix, Victor Arthur, III, 115, 177, l Nixon, Frank Paul Noble, Edgar Davis, Jr., 167 Noble, Judith K., 97, 153, 320 Noble, Richard G., 76, 167, 304 Noe, Lila Suzanne, 97, 149, 348 Noel, Jon Davis Nolan, Paul Laderl, 320 Noll, Harold C., Jr., 187 Norman, Anne Oneill, 143, 335 Norman, David Randolph, 93, 304 Norman, Nancy Rights, 139, 348 Norman, Robert Henry, 70, 113 Norman, Roger A., Jr., 171, 304 Norman, William E. Norquist, Samuel Griffin, 181, 320 Norris, Larry Oneal Norris, Robert Lee, 177, 304 Northcross, Walter V., 167 Northern, Charles Wright, 40, 77, 335 Northern, Robert Earl Norton, Jack Victor, 169 Norton, Nancy, 348 Norton, Paula Deen, 97, 101, 135, 34 Norwood, George Joseph Nowlin, James Larry, 113, 159, 335 Null, George W., 304 Nulta, Linda Marlene, 135 Nunley, Roger H., 102 Nunnery, John R., Jr., 69, 70, 1 171, 320 Nutt, David Hugh Nutt, Glenda M. 0 Oakes, Judith Karen, 349 Oakley, Richard S., 181, 335 Oakley, Robert Edward Oakley, William K., 181, 320 Oakman, Jerry Dennis. 70, 320 Oates, Carole Virginia, 304 Oates, Jack Cotten Oates, Janey Marie, 101, 349 O ' Bannon, Charles Phillip, 91 O ' Barr, Teresa Gail, 141, 349 O ' Connor, John Michael, 169 O ' Daniel, Jerry W. Oddo, Edward, Jr. O ' Donnell, John Samuel, III, 63, 289 Ogden, Howard Earl, 124 Ogden, Walter Page, 69, 320 Ogle, Linda Lee, 100, 321 Oilschlager, Kenneth Holt, 122 Okeefe, Laura Ann, 335 Olafsen, William D. B., 123 Oleary, David Julian, 169, 335 Oliphant, James Leslie, 304 Oliphant, William Rayburn, 304 Oliver, Charles Jerry, 124, 335 Oliver, Christine Lee, 64 Oliver, Ernest G., Jr., 157, 321 Oliver, Gregory, Duncan, 304 Oliver, John Walter Oliver, Leslie Claire, 97, 349 Oliver, Sadie Lindsay, 147, 304 Oliver, W illiam Joseph Olson, Mardie Sue, 97, 141, 349 Olson, Margaret Lynn, 141, 321 Omara, Charles Snow, 40, 70, 113, 335 Omundson, Janet Sue O ' Neal, Ellen, 143, 305 O ' Neal, Gwendolyn Connell, 93, 97, 151, 349 O ' Neal, Kathleen, 321 O ' Neill, Lawrence Hill Orander, Germaine Suzanne, 305 Orio, Beverly Brooks Orourke, Patrick Dale, 169 Orr, Wayne Shannon, 349 Orton, Frederick Charles Osborn, Clifton E., 289 Osborn, Joseph Ben, 112 Osborn, Mary Carolyn Ostermick, Van Dale, 169, 335 Oswald, Gloria Dei Oswald, Jerome Lee Oswalt, Larry Eugene, 335 Ousley, Richard Neil, 84, 181, 289 Overby, Charles Lewis, 67, 75, 305 Overdyle, William Lloyd, 116 Overstreet, Boyce Frank Overstreet, James S., Jr., 114, 167 Overstreet, Michael Harold Overton, Charles Earnest, 157, 321 Owen, Charles Ivy Owen, David Arthur Owen, John Edgar Owen, John W., 171, 305 Owen, Joseph Sam, 335 Owen, Robert Lea, 179 Owen, Winston J. Owens, Lilburn Horace, Jr. Owens, Steve, 117 Owens Vashti W. Oza, Chandrakant, A., 100, 289 Pace, Ann Rodgers Pace, Casey Culpepper Page, Shirley Ann, 335 Paine, George Carter Paine, Thomas D., 40, 70, 185, 331 Palko, Tommy Noel, 289 Palmer, David, 0., 116 Palmer, Jacqueline Kay, 137, 321 Palmer, Pamela Rae, 153, 349 Palmer, Virginia Ann, 137, 305 Palmer, William Judson, 189, 289 Palzer, Warren P., 289 Pandya, Mahendraprasad K., 100 Pang, Josephine S., 89, 305 Pang, Raymond Pappas, Jenny Suzanne, 101, 147, Parchman, Louis Wiley, 305 Parchman, Virginia Harper Pardue, Beverly Patricia, 349 Pardue, Joyce Ann, 97, 15 3, 335 Parham, Frances Marion Parish, David C. 99, 335 Parish, Dorothy Lois, 137, 349 Parish, Paul M., 67, 69, 70, 73, 305 Parish, Richard Joseph, 167 Park, Danny Larry, 321 Park, John Oglesby, 1 89 Park, Yong Chin Parker, Beverly Jane, 335 Parker, Cynthia Kaye, 305 Parker, Dabney Terrell, 68, 97, 33 Parker, Derek Eugene Parker, Edward Douglas, 114, 183 Parker, Jane Elizabeth, 305 Parker, Janis Ellen, 137 Parker, John Robert, 121, 321 Parker, Charlotte D., 139 Parker, David Alan Parker, James Reid Parker, Michael Dennis, 112, 349 Parker, Larry Joe Parker, Paul Harmon, 115, 171, 349 Parker, Richard Wayne, 289 Parker, Rufus Eugene Parker, Sylvester Edison, 321 Parker, Tina Sue, 321 Parkerson, Dave Cannon, 349 Parkes, James C., Jr. Parks, Harold Brent, 321 Parks, Hazel Lynn, 349 Parks Hugh Harold, 117 Parks, James Quay Parnell, Carter C., Jr., Parrish, James Ronald Parvin, Gary Randolph Paschall, Martin G., 167, 305 Pash, John, 305 Paslay, Jefferson Wardlaw, 173, 305 Passera, William Eugene, 335 Patch, Ronald Harrison, 98, 183 Patel, Dhirubhai K., 100, 290 Patrick, Patricia Ann Patterson, Billie Jane, 153, 321 Patterson, Burt L., 72, 290 Patterson, Carol A., 349 Patterson, Carol Ann, 97, 153, 321 Patterson, Edmond Burke, 116, 179 Patterson, Eugene M. Patterson, Gary Wayne, 70, 77, 321 Patterson, Jane, 68, 147, 335 Patterson, Patricia Lola, 147, 335 Patton, Jerry L. 89, 321 Patton, Jerry Lee, 70, 290 Patton, Kathryn Hart Paul, Mary Elizabeth, 321 Paul, Patricia Ann, 137, 305 Paul, Rex Nelson Paul, Victoria, 335 Pauler, Donna Dalenen F. Paulsen, John H., 177, 305 Payne, Charles Alex, 112 Payne, Joel G., Jr., 117, 183, 321 Payne, Lelia Ross Payne, Patricia Ann, 60, 135, 321 Peabody, Eugene Poitevin, 120 Peacher, Linda Jewell, 96, 336 Peacock, Edward P., III, 77, 88, 89, 116, 171, 321 Peacock, Martha Ellen Peacock, William Luther, 305 David A. Peaks, 157 Pearce, David Gill, 116, 321 Pearce, Woody Dill, 321 Pearson, Arthur Morris Pearson, Earl Eugene, 84 Pearson, Linda Lee, 349 Pearson, Lonnie Wilson, 70, 73, 74, 90, 305 Peck, Mary Grace, 305 Peddle, Frank Shull, Jr. Peden, James Alton, Jr., 67, 69, 75, 290 Peden, Ralph Kenneth Pedersen, Robert H., 76, 321 Peeler, Joe Frank, Jr., 181 Peeples, Mary Dawn Peeples, Jack Terry Pegram, Magalyn Ruth Pegram, Roberta Jane Penick, Pamela Elizabeth, 137, 349 Pennebaker, Charles Robert, 183, 321 Pennebaker, John David, 290 Pennebaker, Wilmer P., Jr., 336 Pepin, John Jo seph Pepper, Tommy Joe, 122, 181 Pepper, Virginia Nell Pepper, William Allen, 290 Perdue, William Brentz Perdue, William Lewis, 40, 349 Peresich, Ronald Giles Perkins, Ann Patrick, 139, 191, 349 Perkins, James Gordon, 183 Perkins, Mary Frances, 78, 79, 102, 305 Permenter, Judith Lee Permenter, Wallace Neil Permenter, Walterine L., 147, 349 Perrine, William Albert, 187 Perry, Alan Walter, 35, 63, 67, 70, 77, 183, 321 Perry, Carolyn Brandt, 305 Perry, Charles D., 305 Perry, Edith Louise, 97, 137 Perry, Mickey Joe, 349 Perry, Priscilla Botts Perry, Robert Euel, 70, 183 Perry, Robert Houston, 114, 171, 336 Perry, Rosalyn Neilson Perry, Vicki Ann, 151, 349 Person, Michael Sink, 171, 321 Person, Susan Louise, 97, 143, 349 Persson, Christopher E., 321 Peteet, Portia Anne, 97, 145, 321 Peters, Frances Suzanne Peters, George Nick, 336 Peters, William Hug h Peterson, Arthur William, 112 Peterson, Bruce Werner Peterson, Richard L., Jr., 77, 115, 159, 321 Peterson, Walter R., 115, 159, 349 Pettigrew, Charles Randy Peyton, Robert George Phay, Rebecca Ann, 40, 147, 321 Phelan, Eugene J., Jr., 159, 321 Phelps, Claire Ann Phifer, Sylvia J., 305 Phillips, Carol June, 349 Phillips, Carolyn Celeste, 43, 43, 349 Phillips, Frances A., 305 Phillips, Gale Veazey, 143, 321 Phillips, George Landon, 116 Phillips, Harriet Mabry, 149, 321 Phillips, James Coney, 183 Phillips, John Langhorne Phillips, Martha Carolyn, 143, 321 Phillips, Michael Rudd, 179, 290 Phillips, Ouida Jean Jobe Phillips, Ray C. Phillips, Rayna Rebecca, 143, 349 Phillips, Richard Taylor, 179, 321 Phillips, Sara Jackson Phillips, Thomas Kent Phillips, William Leslie, 115, 181 Phillips, William Thomas, 181 Piazza, Benjamin Joseph, Jr. Piazza, Harry A., 167, 321 Piazza, Julius A., 179 Pickett, George Bailey, Jr. Pickett, Ruth Lynne K. Pieczyk, Robert S. Pieralisi, Jeffrey Dennis, 179 Pieralisi, Terry Don, 114, 179, 336 Pierce, Ann Caldwell Pierce, Barbara Sue Pierce, Harmon Barnett Pierce, Jimmy Lee, 305 Pierce, Judy Coralei, 143, 321 Pierce, Marcia G., 79, 305 Pierce, Susan French, 143, 349 Pigford, Robert Gilbert, 171 Pigford, Thomas Houston Pike, Roy Wesley Pike, Terrell Ann, 82 Pillow, Hart, 139, 305 Pincura, Paul G., 305 Pinkston, William C., 70, 175, 336 Pipkin, Sharon Lee, 145 Pitcairn, Valda Carline, 349 Pitcher, Rachel Ann, 97, 147, 336 Pitner, Michael Spencer, 305 Pitner, Robert Michael, 169, 336 Pittman, Elizabeth Ann, 97, 149, 32 Pittman, William Claude, 113, 336 Pittman, William Marlow Pittman, William Henry Pitts, Joe Vance Pitts, Pamela Jane Plants, Frances Ellen Plants, Mary Kathryn, 97, 149, 34 ' Plemmons, Robert Lee, 112, 349 Ploch, Florian Herbert, 159, 305 Poates, Mary Evelyn, 336 Poe, Joseph Craig, 157 Pointer, David Lawrence Poitevent, Fred Owen Pokorny, Vern Arthur, 117 Poland, William Hall, 305 Politan, Gary Wayne Polk, John Richard Polk, Marilyn Patricia, 97, 137, 34 Pollan, Jeannie Ruth, 305 Pong, Schwe Fang Pool, William R., 62, 67, 70, 73, 171, 305 Poole, James Eugene, 185, 349 Poole, Mitchell E., 121, 175, 336 Poovey, Mary Lamar, 61, 149, 336 Pope, Willis III, 159 Porter, Evelyn Rogers Porter, Jimmie Trussell Porter, John Rudolph, 116, 165 Porter, Kelly Wayne, 305 Porter, William D., 169 Posey, Lowery Michael, 112 Poteet, Betty Diane, 97, 104, 349 Potter, Joseph Ned Potts, Cullen Vogel Potts, Donald Cochran, 179, 321 Potuk, James Nicholas, 128 Pou, Frederick Anthony, 305 Poulsen, Jeffery Y. Poulsen, John Freed, 112 Pounds, Saundra Ellen, 105, 135, 305 Povall, Amanda B., 34, 35, 41, 139, 305 Povall, John Kirkham, 116, 171, 349 Powder, Cecilia Lee Powell, Joseph Gorman, 91 Powell, Mary Selden, 141 Powell, Nancy Carolyn Powell, Phyllis Patricia, 97, 336 Powell, Ronald Edward, 187, 321 Powell, Sanford L. Powell, Virginia Alice, 143, 321 Powers, Harris F., Jr., 128, 157, 3C Powers, John Ray, 38, 67, 167, 305 Powers, Margaret Anne, 139, 349 Prabhakara, Nazarey B., 100, 290 Prather, Ann Stennett, 40, 97, 104, Pratt, David Harris, 321 Pratt, Lawrence Earl, 169, 321 Praytor, Robert Ernest Presley, Pamela Ann, 135, 349 Preston, Arthur Alexander, 173, 336 Prewett, Charles Michael, 112, 321 Prewitt, James Ottis, 112, 349 Prewitt, John William Price, Adelbert W., Jr. Price, Charlotte Ann, 61, 78, 97, 1: 336 Price, Connie Laine, 97, 145, 321 Price, John Lewis, 187, 336 Price, Johnny Andrew Price, Juanita Price, Judson Durden, Jr., 305 Price, Marilyn Lee, 336 Price, Sue Falkner Price, Thomas Bennett Price, Thomas Glenn, 321 Prichard, Elizabeth Ann, 290 Prichard, Mellicent L., 141 Priest, Dean B. Primos, James Aleck, Jr., 169, 321 Primos, Walter Stephens, 116 Pringle, Lynne Hall Pringle, Ralph Wood Pritchard, Dudley Ernest, 321 Privett, Lucy Evelyn M. Privett, Roane Burhl, 305 Prosper, Gary Wayne, 290 Prosser, William Purvis Provence, Patsy Ruth Province, John Watson, Jr. Prowell, Martha Louise, 149, 321 Prude, Sarah Scribner, 139, 349 Pruden, Floyd Everett, 159, 349 Pryor, James Thomas, Jr., 62 Pryor, Mildred Golden, 290 Pryor, Sylvia Mayfield Pryor, William Donald Ptak, Donna Maria, 336 Puckett, Susan Waldrop, 336 Pugh, Gerald Wayne Pugh, Joseph Tunney Pullen, Jerrill Rowena, 143, 321 Pulliam, Anthony Ward Purdom, John L., 117, 179 Purnell, Catherine V., 321 Purvis, Donald Ralph, 183, 349 Purvis, James Watson, 183 Purvis, Merry Elizabeth, 79, 102, : Purvis, Patricia Alice, 153, 349 Puryear, Marguerite Carol, 141, 349 Puryear, Susan, 101, 145, 349 Putt, Larry O ' Neil Q Quaka, Thomas George, 169, 305 Quam, Margaret Ann Quarterman, Charles P., 70, 128, 1 321 Quarterman, Susan Gayle, 97, 137, : Quattlebaum, Michael Earl, 157 Queyja, Michael Thomas Quin, Joseph Marvin, 37, 77 , 183 Quinn, Anna L. Quinn, Catherine B., 139, 349 Quinn, Donald Lee Quinn, James L., 112, 349 Quinn, Patricia Anne, 321 Quinn, Tims Alford, Jr., 181, 321 Quinn, William Herbert Quon, Eileen, 40, 68, 101, 336 Quon, John Paul, 82 Quon, Pauline, 321 R Rabideau, Marylyn Kay Rachedi, Hussein, 98 Rackley, Thomas Newell, 175, 336 Rae, Janet Dorothy, 336 Ragland, Riley Byron Ragland, Ronald James, 117 Rainer, James Edward, 157, 321 Rainer, Mary Letitia, 102, 141, 321 Rainey, Johnny Richard Rainey, Theodore Hughes, Jr., 187, Ramage, Linda Jane Raj an, V. V., 100, 321 Ramay, Joyce Anne, 290 Rammell, Wayne Brown, 305 Ramsey, Emile S. Ramsey, James Darryl Ramsey, Pauline, 305 Ramsey, William Allan, Jr., 306 Randall, Joseph Bradford, 116, 16 Randall, Lee Wilson, 349 Randall, Randy Lee, 181 Randall, Richard Vance, 63, 306 Randle, James Curtis, 163, 290 Randle, William Fred Rank, Jon Frederick, 177, 321 Rankin, David Foster, 82, 290 Ransom, Vicki Ruth, 97, 147, 349 Rasberry, Cynthia Ann, 349 Ratcliff, Christine O ' Nell Rather, David McCleary, 113 Rather, George Hamilton, Jr., 321 Ratliff, Donald W., 177, 349 Ratliff, James Leroy, 177, 349 Ravelo-Inguanzo, Rosa L. Rawlings, John Cary, 117, 157, 349 Rawlinson, Mary Lanelle Ray, Austin Fentress, Jr., 171 Ray, Clell Herman, 349 Ray, Haysel Jones Ray, Helen Jannette, 321 Ray, Howard Manfred Ray, John Calvin, 306 Ray, Marthadele Anne Ray, Paul Aubry Ray, Susan Gilbert Ray, William Spencer Rayburn, John Kent, 115, 177, 349 Raymick, James Ernest Rea, Charles E., 171 Rea, Larry Guy, 83, 187, 336 Ready, Carol Ann, 349 Ready, David Carroll, 306 Reagan, Patricia Sue, 139, 349 G. Duncan Reagan, Seth David, 306 Real, Edward Hall Reardon, John Steven, 349 Recktenwald, Thomas Lee, 117 Redditt, Chester H., 63, 173 Reddoch, John III, 99, 117, 167, 322 Redmon, Karen Lynn Reecht, Timothy Hart, 159, 322 Reed, A. J., Jr., 114, 336 Reed, Cynthia Ann Reed, Garland Randolph Reed, Susan Ann, 43, 43, 64, 137, 301 Reel, Anton E. III, 181, 336 Reel, Linda Louise, 97, 135, 349 Rees, Frederic Warren, Jr., 169, 322 Reese, Ramona Jo Reese, Regina Reese, Wesley, 181, 336 Reeve, Rowland Smith, 167, 350 Reeves, Allen Bradley, 290 Reeves, Carolyn Thomas Reeves, Crawford Darrell Reeves, Zeb F. III, 98, 102, 185 Regan, William Benjamin, 290 Reid, George Harrison, 169 Reid, James Jacob, 115, 350 Reid, Kenneth Harlan Reid, 40, 159 336 Reid, William Woodrow, Jr., 187, 350 Reifers, Charles Garrett Reifers, Darlene Patsy, 149, 336 Reilly, Edward C. Reiner, Mary Jane Reisman, Mike Alvin Remacle, Francis, 82, 177, 290 Reno, Elizabeth Ann, 97, 147, 322 Renovich, William Michael, 88, 102 179 Repovich, Lieber Don Restarick, Henry Louis, Jr. Rester, Thomas Edwin, 290 Revere, Robert Ken, 185 Reynolds, Ernest Darden Reynolds, James Franklin, 115 Reynolds, Jimmie Brock Reynolds, Judith Lynn M. Reynolds, Stephen D., Jr. Rhaly, Henry Crawford, Jr., 187, 350 Rhea, Charles Samuel, 117, 183, 350 Rhea, Danny Walker, 115, 157 Rhoades, Gilbert L., Jr., 74, 98, 306 Rhoades, Gilbert Ross, 122, 122, 171 190, 350 Rhoden, Richard Earl, 70, 159, 322 Rhoden, Thomas Henry Rhodes, Clarence L. Rhodes, Rollin Sloan, 119, 123, 169 Rhodes, Robert Allen, 322 Rhodes, William Joseph, 99, 169, 32 Rice, John Albert, 157, 306 Rice, Katherine Allen, 139 Rich, Melvin Hampton, 114, 167 Richards, Chester Ware, 76, 114 Richards, Kenneth M., 115, 169 Richards, Nancy Jean, 102, 137, 350 Richards, Wylie Edward, Jr., 63, 7( 117, 159 Richardson, Charles Lamar, 128, 322 Richardson, Cynthia Sue Richardson, James Arnold, 102, 17: 322 Richardson, Jerry Dean, 167 Richardson, John Kettle, 114 Richardson, Mary Linda Richardson, Minnie Kathryn Richardson, Nancy Anita, 290 Richardson, Robert Danny Richardson, Robert Lee, 113 Richardson, William M., Jr. Richburg, William Edward, 89, 113 Richey, Jean Rand Richey, Michael M. Rickels, Mary Sue Riddell, Mal Shaw, 187, 350 Riddell, Tally D., Jr., 88, 185, 306 Riddick, Kathryn Bradley Ridley, James Russell, Jr., 179, 350 Reither, Robert Denny Rigby, William Herman, Jr., 70, 123, 336 Hal Kenneth, 112, 183, 350 Riggs, Jane Allen, 137, 306 Riley, Charles Nelson, 350 Riley, Jerry Dale, 117, 185 Riley, Sheila Ann, 322 Riley, Suzanne Patricia, 102, 105, 137, 322 Ring, Aaron Nickey, 336 Ring, Joseph J. Ringsrud, Rian, 114, 173, 336 Risher, Sidney E., Jr., 350 Ritch, Anne M. Ritchey, Jacob Marvin, 181 Ritchey, Sarah Sue, 64, 100, 151, 306 Rives, Pamela Jeanne, 141 Roach, William L., Jr., 112, 187, 336 Roark, George James III, 322 Robbins, Anne E. B., 147, 336 Robbins, Helen Camille, 79, 143, 306 Robbins, Michael D., 41, 183 Roberson, Judy Patricia Roberson, Susan McBroom, 306 Roberts, B. David Roberts, Dennis Lee, 12 0, 159, 336 Roberts, Edwin Hayes, Jr., 89, 99, 114 Roberts, Frankie Dolores Roberts, Herbert Duane Roberts, James Vernell Roberts, Kay Pritchard Roberts, Larry Eugene Roberts, Larry Howard, 113 Roberts, Lloyd Eugene Roberts, Martin Stanley, 115, 350 Roberts, Nick B., 181 Roberts, Robert Lee, Jr., 169, 322 Roberts, Roy Whitten Roberts, William Elbert, 322 Robertson, Carolyn J. 141, 350 Robertson, Charles Ray, Jr., 70, 336 Robertson, James Willard Robertson, Leon Levell, 350 Robertson, Patricia Ann, 322 Robertson, Stokes Vernon, 167, 322 Robinson, Clydene Robinson, David Wayne, 157, 322 Robinson, Dean Carlton Robinson, Edward Bryce, 179, 350 Robinson, Edwin Yerger, Jr. Robinson, Felix Edward Robinson, Franklin Scott, 350 Robinson, Johnny M. Robinson, Judy Cooley Robinson, Larry Marvin Robinson, Marcia R., 143, 350 Robinson, Nan Cary Robinson, Richard Ray, 169, 350 Robinson, Ronnie A., 306 Robinson, Sidney A. 112, 181, 336 Robinson, Thomas A., 115, 169, 350 Rolison, Jackie Robison, Katherine D., 350 Robison, Robert Wooten, 179 Robinson, Stewart, 114, 173, 336 Roby, Kerry Dwyght, 84 Rocha, Rodney Frank, 322 Roche, Robert Randall Rochester, James Crockett, 290 Rodenhauser, Catherine R., 149, 350 Rodrigue, Lauren Angela Rodriquiz, Manuel, 322 Roe, Larry Alan,.165, 350 Rogers, Anderson Barkley, 306 Rogers, Charles Louis, 169 Rogers, David Edward Rogers, Frances Nadine Rogers, Frederick R., 171 Rogers, Herbert Graham III, 82, 290 Rogers, Herman A., 90, 102, 306 Rogers, James Donald, 120, 336 Rogers, Janet Woodward Rogers, Malcolm Taylor, 113, 185 Rogers, Michael Eugene Rogers, Michele Daugherty Rogers, Nancy Lee, 306 Rogers, Sharon Lou Rogers, Shelby Reece, Jr., 122, 350 Rogers, Van Lewis, 171 Rogers, Warren K., 183 Rogers, William George Rogers, William Levi III Roland, Harry Smith, 171, 350 Rolison, Jackie, 115, 350 Romano, Rhonda Marie Romano, Terrance Mary, 96, 350 Romberger, Frank C. Romines, Kenneth Mitchell Romines, Martha Jane Rooks, Charles Wendell, 74, 98, 306 Roper, John C., Jr., 322 Roper, William A., Jr., 76, 306 Rosamond, Bettye You Rosamond, William Ervin, 171, 350 Rose, Jimmie W., 40, 115, 322 Rose, Kenneth H. Rose, Willard P., Jr., 179, 322 Rosella, Patrick 0. Ross, Allan Semmes, Jr., 290 Ross, Barbara Susan, 141, 306 Ross, Benjamin Franklin, 171, 350 Ross, Harvey T., Jr., 171 Ross, Jackson Lockwood, Jr. Ross, Joe R., Jr., 60, 116, 185 Ross, Joe Sexton Ross, Patricia Yvonne, 78, 322 Ross, Sandra McFarland Ross, Sylvia Patterson Ross, Walter Eley, 116 Rossman, Richard James Rost, Judith Ann, 100, 141 Roten, Betty Gail Rotenberry, Dinah Pearl Rothert, William Clarence Rotstein, Ronald Davis Rouse, Andrew Eugene, 70, 114 Roussel, Dennis Alan, 40, 177, 306 Rowe, Bettina Ann, 143, 336 Rowland, Guy Ford Rowland, William Whitman Rowzee, Betty Lynn, 143 Roy, John Edward Henry, Robbie Jo, 350 Royals, Charles Brookshire, 183, 19 350 Royals, James Lee Royals, Thomas Edward Royce, Ben Lockett, 114, 157, 336 Rucinski, Charles J. Rucker, Linda Carol Rueseler, Victoria Leah, 143, 336 Ruffin, Edward L., Jr., 306 Ruiz, Alicia Rush, Mary Lee, 149, 322 Rushing, Don Lowery, 128, 306 Russ, Roderick S. III, 306 Russ, William Burdette Russell, Ardis Defrance, 113, 336 Russell, Barbara Estes Russell, Bruce Cornell Russell, Clara Dean Russell, Donald Ried Russell, Effie Jane, 147, 306 Russell, Frances Snipes Russell, Frank Allison Russell, Geoffrey Kent Russell, James Michael Russell, John Burton, 70, 114, 185 Russell, John James, 159, 322 Russell, Martha Randall, 139 Russell, Mary Elizabeth Russell, Mary Lou. 350 Russell, Nanette May, 40, 97, 149. 3 Russell, Robert E., 76, 90, 171, 306 Russell, Wallace Howard, 114, 336 Rutherford, Wayne Sims, 99 Rutledge, James Clay, 171 Rutledge, Mary Frances, 97, 336 Ryan, Garrett Patrick, 113 Ryan, Michael Richard Ryan, Norman Rye, Morris Lynn Rylka, Penelope Mary Ann F. S Saad, Joseph K., Jr.. 173, 336 Saccoman, Richard Henry Sadik, Farid Sadler, James Allen Sadler, William H. III, 122. 169 Safian, Brian William. 189 Salley, Susan Alice, 145. 350 Saldona, Conrad Mask, 117, 350 Sal erno, Deborah A., 336 Salerno, Ronald Charles. 322 Salers, James Milford, 322 Salladay, Philip Carter Sallis, Joe Zack Salloum, Richard P.. 171 Salloum, Victoria Theresa Sam, Sherrie, 97, 151 Sample, James Larry Sample, John Wood. 185 Sampson, Andrew McMullen. 336 Sams, Robert Edward, 117, 171, 350 Samson, Robert Andrews. 112. 171. 7: Samuels. Ronald L., 67, 77, 86, 88, 185, 306 Sander, Richard Eric Sanders, Alix Henry, 290 Sanders, Bobby Franklin Sanders, Charles George Sanders, Donald Bilbo Sanders, Elba Jane Hogue, 137, 30( Sanders, George S. Sanders, Gregory Maxwell, 322 Sanders, Henry E. Sanders, Janie Aileen. 336 Sanders, Harold. 112 Sanders, John Edgar, 70, 72, 306 Sanders, Jon Knox, 116 Sanders, Kaye Ann, 351 Sanders, Melanie L., 137, 336 Sanders, Paul Robin Sanders, Robert Evans. 179, 351 Sanders, Steven McClellan. 115, 171 Sanderson, Josie Irene. 351 Sanderson. Rex Franklin Sandifer, Dudley D. III, 290 Sandifer, Susanne W., 139 Sandhu, Jagmohan Singh Sandusky, James Edgar Sanford, Elise, 137, 336 Sansing, David Alan Sansom, Idelle Gray Sapoch, Paul Eugene, Jr., 336 Sargent, Susan, 145 Sartain, Ronald William, 121, 177, 35: Sartin, Daniel M. Sasser, James Thomas Sasser, Jane Ann Moak Satchfield, Claude Lamar, 167, 351 Sauce, Harry L. III, 173 Saucier, Ben Ladnier, 351 Saul, Fred Drennan Saulpaugh, Donald Charles Saunders, Robert Bruce, 114, 336 Savage, Cynthia Lynn, 143, 351 Saway, Stephen Alexander, 117, 177 336 Scafide, John A. Scales, Clarence Ray, 117, 157 Scales, Roy William Scannaliato, John Scarbrough, Jan M., 116, 183 Scarbrough, Jimmie Nell, 322 Scarbrough, Sherry Deane, 97, 136 Schaffer, John Gorman, Jr., 77, 290 Schaffer, Katherine Stuart, 97, 147 351 Schiele, Linda Jane, 322 Schissel, Luke James, 290 Schlichtman, John Lee, 115 Schloemer, Charles B. Schloemer, Mary Fred, 79, 306 Schlosser, Michael F., 167, 322 Schmelzer, Joseph J. III, 88, 179, 30 Schoen, Stephen Graham Schoenfelder, James Edward, 290 Schoenknecht, Bonnie J., 137, 306 Schonlau, Claire W., 351 Schultze, Charlotte R., 306 Schultze, Harold Walter, 290 Schurtz, Francis Andrews, 173 Schuyler, Shelley, 139, 351 Schwab, Mark Anthony, 351 Schwartz, John E. III, 91 Schweizer, Eric Campbell, 128, 18; 322 Scibilia, Sharon Elaine, 153 Scott, Alan Fitzgerald, 181 Scott, Ann Elizabeth, 351 Scott, Bert Galloway, Jr. Scott, Elizabeth Ann, 141, 322 Scott, Frankie Beatrice, 290 Scott, Gregory Alan, 114 Scott, Janet Lee Scott, Joseph Arthur Scott, Joseph Thomas, 183, 322 Scott, Kathleen Dixon, 97, 139, 322 Scott, Marilyn Ann, 61, 322 Scott, Melody, 153, 336 Scott, Nancy Lee, 149, 336 Scott, Robert Agair Scott, Sally, 105, 139 Scott, Sharon Elizabeth Schrogham, Joseph Poage, 173, 351 Scruggs, Glenn Darrell Scruggs, James Anders Scruggs, John P., 76, 157, 306 Richard Furlow, 181 , Scudamore, Robert E. Scurry, Isabelle Alfsen, 68, 141, 336 Seab, Charles Ronald Seabold, John Stewart, 169 Seale, Ben Williamson Seale, James Lawrence, 157 Seale, Sandra, 36, 143, 336 Searcy, Danny Lee Searcy, Frederick Taylor, 113, 336 Searight, William H., 159, 337 Sears, Rodger C., 112, 337 Seawright, Joseph P. Seay, Clant M., Jr., 35, 37, 75 Seay, James Ross, 113 Seay, Samuel Pressley, 40, 116, 1 ' 7 351 Seefeld, Janis Lynn, 149, 322 Seid, Frank, Jr., 322 Sekhon, Jaskaran Singh, 84, 100, 2 Sekul, Ronald Victor Selden, Bard Edrington Self, Barbara Lucille Self, Thomas Henry Sellers, George A., 114, 115, 351 Semmes, Ann Catherine, 139 Senter, Elizabeth Barrow, 145, 306 Senter, Kathy Kilpatrick, 337 Senter, Thomas Graden, Jr., 337 Senter, James Larry Sequeira, Jaime R., 306 Serio, Charlie, 306 Setser, Frederick Leo Settlemire, Suzan Lynn, 149, 337 Seuzeneau, Dennis C. Seuzenlau, Vallon Irene, 147, 351 Seymour, Robert B., 306 Shackelford, John S., 112, 322 Shackelford, Virginia F., 322 Shaddinger, Marye Jeanne Shaer, Elias Hanna Shaffer, Jimmy Dale, 322 Shalles, Siegfried Lee, 123 Shanahan, John Michael, 70, 128 Shands, David Eugene, 290 Shands, Rodney Edward Shannon, Johnny Rex Shannon, Mary Millicent, 137, 337 Shappley, William Louis, 102, 115, 182 351 Sharma, Raghunandan Kumar, 100 Sharp, Harry Carter, 173, 337 Sharp, Susan Diane Sharpe, Betsy Diane, 152, 351 Sharpe, Joseph Dexter Sharpe, Susan Mann, 64, 147, 306 Shaw, Biswanath, 100 Shaw, Bobbie Dean Shaw, Jo Ann Shaw, John Strowd Shaw, Katherine L., 64, 69, 147, 306 Shaw, Michael Melvin, 306 Shaw, Nancy Miller Shaw, Timothy Dale, 290 Shaw, William Kennedy, 112, 181, 35 Sheely, Ben Ellis, 171, 337 Sheely, Wallace E. Sheffield, Betty Ann, 306 Sheffield, David Allison, 115 Sheldon, Albert Jerry, 290 Shellabarger, Lee Myrl, 145, 322 Shelton, Bonnie Jean, 79, 147, 30(i Shelton, Cindy Louise, 97, 145, 351 Shelton, Larry Jerome Shelton, Sharon Agnes, 149, 337 Shelton, Vernon Scott, 114 Shepard, Barbara Dunn Shepard, Billy Joe, 117, 351 Shepard, Nolan E. Shepherd, Clarence Macon Sherman, Philip Azar Sherrod, Ann Dudley, 147, 351 Shields, Donald Silas, 117, 179 Shinabery, Dale Marie Shipley, Susan Marline, 153, 337 Shipman, Harry Carver Shipman, Leigh S., 97, 149 Shipton, James Marion Shirley, Stephen Milam, 112, 171, 3l Shirley, Vela Willis, Jr. Shivers, Billie Rae, 290 Shoemake, Mary Bess, 97, 322 Shoemake, Samuel Chester Shoemaker, Richard D., 122 Shoemaker, Susan, 306 Shook, Ann Ellen, 143, 30( Short, June Elizabeth, 151 Shows, Ann Martin Shows, Frankie Bryant Shows, Henry N. Shows, John H., 67, 69, 70, 73, 75, 31 Shows, Robert Meredith Shrader, Alicia Gene, 322 Shreve, David Briggs, 185 Shumaker, Michael Earl, 337 Shumpert, Emily F. Shumpert, George Adron Shupe, Dennis Wayne, 117, 175 Shurtleff, Wayne King, 307 Sides, Harold R., 112, 159, 337 Sides, Mary Kathleen, 322 Siegel, Gary Thomas, 115 Sigman, Warren Robert, 98, 157, 322 Siltman, Leslie Howard, 307 Simmerman, Bruce Edward, 181 Simmons, Barbara Delle, 97 Simmons, Clyde Douglas, Jr., 183 Simmons, Elizabeth, 143, 351 Simmons, Eugene A. Simmons, Henry Lee, 351 Simmons, Rodney Franklin Simmons, Samuel J. III, 322 Simmons, W. Albert, 62, 67, 70, 1 77, 185, 307 Simmons, Walter Mayes III Simmons, William Louis, Jr., 117 Simon, Gerald Wayne Simon, Lillian Marie, 89, 322 Simon, Linda Sue, 351 Simon, Michael Stubbs, 169 Simoneaux, Richard James, 307 Simonetti, Patricia Lynne, 149, 307 Simpson, Clyde Vernon Simpson, Doris Joan, 97, 322 Simpson, John Bishop, 116 Simpson, Laura Rice, 97, 145, 322 Simpson, Peter Liston, 124, 124, 11 351 Simpson, Robert Reynolds Simpson, Tommie Moorman Sims, Byrle Hood, 145, 322 Sims, June Gail, 97, 153, 337 Sims, William David, Jr., 67, 69, 183 Singletary, Daniel Lee, 183, 351 Singleton, Jan Woods, 64, 97, 147, 3 Singleton, William Larry, 171 Singleton, William N. Singley, Timothy R., 117 Sipes, Gina Tobin, 97, 351 Sipes, William H., Jr., 157, 307 Sipos, Richard, 124, 124, 337 Sisk, Paul, 290 Sission, Charles Gary, 91, 290 Sisson, Michele M., 337 Skelton, Hal Halloway, 177, 322 Skinner, Irven Harry, 322 Skinner, Roland B. Skorupski, Vincent David, 117, 351 Slack, John Stewar t III, 301 Slade, Carolyn S., 141 Slade, Deborah Carol, 337 Slade, Jane Alliston, 351 Slaughter, Anne L., 141, 337 Slaughter, Beverly, 141 Slaughter, Constance Iona, 290 Sledge, Flosa Ayles Sledge, Thomas Nevin, 167 Sloan, William Troy, 128, 157, 322 Sloas, Barbara Lee, 97, 149, 307 Slocumb, Michael H., 113, 183 Smathers, Earle Stanley Smith, Amy Jo, 79, 135, 307 Smith, Anne Karin, 40, 100, 153, 322 Smith, Barbara Ellen, 100, 351 Smith, Ben Alan, 84, 290 Smith, Bennett Edwin, Jr., 60, 163, 322 Smith, Billy Lee, 290 Smith, Carol Janice. 149, 351 Smith, Charles Wayne, 115 Smith, Charlie James Smith, Diane E. Smith, Donald F. Smith, Donald Meredith, Jr. Smith, Donald Stephen Smith, Donna Lea Williams, 100 Smith, Dorothy Witty Smith, Edwin Rodney, 307 Smith, Frances Holmes, 147, 307 Smith, Frank Levon III, 117, 183 Smith, Freda Ann, 351 Smith, Garry Dale, 337 Smith, Gayle R., 147, 322 Smith, Girlender, 337 Smith, Harold Leonard Smith, Howard Wilmer, 115 Smith, Jack Lawrence Smith, James Clarke, 307 Smith, James Mitchell Smith, James Robert Smith, James Thomas, Jr., 183 Smith, James Wood, 114, 173, 337 Smith, Jane Ellen, 351 Smith, Jean Moseley, 97, 135, 322 Smith, Jeannie Lane11, 97, 135 Smith, Jerry Alonzo Smith, Jerry Lee Smith, Jerry Robert, 290 Smith, John Bryant, Jr. Smith, John Lowe Smith, John Rittenberry, 84 Smith, John Robert Smith, Julaine, 149, 322 Smith, Kendric Earl Smith, Kenneth Morris, 102 Smith, Larry Alfred, 40, 185, 337 Smith, Larry Dearman, 112 Smith, Lawrence Clifford Smith, Lawrence C., Jr. Smith, Lemuel Owen, 114, 183 Smith, Leon Jackson, Jr., 290 Smith, Lester F., 74, 77, 179 Smith, Lila Ann Smith, Linda Ann, 141, 307 Smith, Linda Kathleen, 101, 145, 337 Smith, Margaret E., 307 Smith, Margaret Joe, 351 Smith, Marshall Holt Smith, Martha Jean Smith, Marvin Dale Smith, Mary Bonita, 307 Smith, Mary Katherine, 97, 337 Smith, Mervyn P., Jr. Smith, Michael Earl, 117 Smith, Peggy Joyce, 307 Smith, Phillip Roger, 322 Smith, Richard Joel Smith, Richard Whitney, 112, 157 Smith, Robert Abernathy, 116, 181, 351 Smith, Robert Daniel, 70, 98, 122, 123, 337 Smith, Robert Howell, 115, 351 Smith, Robert Lamar Smith, Ronald Jeffrey, 114, 337 Smith, Rosanne Rogers Smith, Roy Clifford Smith, Sally Smith, Sandra Lee, 149, 323 Smith, Shelby B., Jr. Smith, Stanley Leon, 185, 351 Smith, Stephen Milo Smith, Steven Keith, 116, 351 Smith, Thomas Earl, 114, 337 Smith, Thomas Greene Smith, Thomas Holton, Jr., 122 Smith, Timothy Randolph Smith, Timothy Wayne, 185 Smith, Travis Smith, Vicki Jeanne, 337 Smith, William Key, 183 Smith, William P. III, 290 Smith, Winnifred, 64, 79, 307 Smith, Winston Arthur, 98, 189, Smith, Wormack Edward, 113 Smothers, William Doyle, 99, 120, 1 337 Smyly, Charles A., 117 Smyth, Charles Thomas, 88, 179, 30 ' . Smythe, Nancy Collier, 145, 307 Smythe, Standford J. Smythe, William Randolph Snare, Brenda C., 149, 307 Sneed, Hilda Joyce, 337 Sneed, John Boswell, II Sneed, Martha Jo, 323 Sneed, Susan, 100, 143, 337 Sneed, William Franklin, 179, 351 Sneed, William Lowery Snow, Larry Wade Snow, William Quincy Snuggs, Wayne Martin Snyder, Edwin Arnold, 290 Snyder, James M., 323 Snyder, Paul Maynard. 115 Sokas, Michael John, 307 Solomon, Theodore 0., Jr. Solomons, Everett T. Solomons, Martha Jane Solomons, William E. Soong, Chia Chu Soper, Michael G., 76, 173, 323 Souder, Albert Hallock, 117 Sowell, James Leslie Sowell, Stephen Lynn, 351 Spain, Fred Wilson, Jr. Spangerberg, Jaclyn J.. 104, 337 Sparks, Marvin Franklin, 117 Speakes, Katie Dee, 64. 141, 307 Speakes, Vera Madel, 141, 351 Spears, Billy Gene Spears, Cynthia Lou, 153 Spears, Jimmy Randolph, 169 Speed, Jack Franklin, 173, 323 Speed, Michael David, 167, 337 Spence, Arlin Curtis, 307 Spenc e, Brenda Lou Spence, James E. Spence, Joseph Oliver, 123 Spence, Lynn Elizabeth Spencer, Charles Ross Spencer, Clara Eola, 307 Spencer, Cowles Montague Spencer, Jackie Neal Spencer, Julie, 323 Spencer, Phoebe Loche, 97, 141, 331 Spencer, Robert F. Spencer, William Collins Spiceland, Susan, 97, 153. 323 Spicklemire, David E., 307 Spigner, Glendon Ray, 323 Spina, Paul Anthony, 175. 337 Spinner, Richard Lee, 307 Spinosa, Eva Nell, 307 Spivey, L. Morris, 167 Spraberry, James B., 83, 323 Sprinkel, Susan, 323 Spruill, Wade Nelson, 113, 337 Spurgeon, George E., 120, 159 Squires, Kathleen Eliz, 141, 337 Stacey, Donald Ray Stacey, Kevin K. Diffley Stack, Charles Stephen Stacy, Edwin Dean, 307 Staggers, Billy Buck, 115, 171, 251 Stahnke, James Edward, Jr., 117, 1 Stalcup, Seth Berry, Jr., 290 Staley, Anne D. Stallworth, Dorothy Lynn. 40 145. Stancill Hugh William III, 60, 70, 183, 323 Standridge, Terry R., 123, 337 Stanley, John C., 120, 183 Stanley, Shellye Edris, 149, 307 Staples, Fletcher C., 165 Stark, Carl Donald, 290 Starling, Thomas Irvin Starmann, Richard G., 76, 307 Starmann, Robert Koehl, 114 Starnes, Gloria, 323 Starnes, Michael Steve Starnes, Regina Lynn, 97 Starr, Walter Harold, Jr., 167, 323 Staryk, Jonathan Peter, 116, 187, Stasiak, Nancy, 89, 151. 337 Stauber, Charles R., 291 Stauder, Michael Henry, 291 Stauffer, Michael David, 121 Stavroff, J. Steadman, Charles W.. Jr., 307 Steadman, Howard William, Jr., Stearns, James Nathaniel, 40 Stechmann, Richard Henry, 323 Steckel, Edward Irwin Steele, John Philip, 181 Steen, George Anderson, 113 Steen, James S., 104, 291 Steen, Louis Samuel, 98, 323 Steen, Margaret Frances, 96, 97, 1 337 Stegall, Earl Bevlin Stegall, Sandra Lynn, 97, 102, 323 Stegall, Steven Ray, 177, 351 Stein, James Russell, 115 Steiner, Kenneth Charles Steinriede, Martin B. III, 167, 307 Stennis, Nancy Lynn, 147 Stephens, Frances Cabaniss Stephens, Joseph Taylor Stephens, Stephen Mark, 291 Stephens, Vermon Jack, Jr., 169, 32: Stephenson, Darrell R., 291 Stepp, Garry Lee Sterling, Wayne Lee Stevens, Dale Joseph Stevens, Janet W., 147, 323 Stevens, Nora Terry, 151 Stevens, Richard Hugh Stevens, Sammie Cayce, 113 Stevens, William Lee Stevenson, Albert Pace Stewart, Amy Reagan Stewart, Bradford M., 117, 167, 321 Stewart, H. F. Foster Stewart, Hampton Pitcher, 115, 161 Stewart, Fonda Lee, 307 Stewart, James Mack Stewart, John Cameron Stewart, Johnny Clifton, 157 Stewart, Mariette E., 97, 139, 307 Stewart, Marilyn Jenkins Stewart, Nausead L. Stewart, Robert Earl, 82 Still, James Claude, 323 Still, John Franklin, 323 Stinson, Glen Ellis, 116, 167 Stivers, Sandralea, 351 Stobaugh, Sarah Elizabeth, 307 Stockley, Temple Wall Stodghill, Simmie Diane, 149, 351 Stogner, Gladys Jean, 145 Stokely, Martha Tate, 64, 141, 307 Stokes, Cynthia Vivian, 351 Stokes, Harry Truman, 291 Stokes, James Claude, Jr., 115, 1 ' 351 Stokes, James R., 123, 337 Stokes, Richard David, Jr., 157, 337 Stoltz, Rosemary, 351 Stoltz, Wendel Coleman, 120, 323 Stone, B. Jean, 337 Stone, Eugene Carroll, 113, 337 Stone. James Herbert Stone, James Lewis, 291 Stone, John H. Stone III, 179, 351 Stone, John O ' Neil, 115, 351 Stone, Miriam 0., 141, 323 Stone, Sandra Ellis, 153, 323 Stone, William Ronald, 116, 351 Stout, Robert F., Jr., 75, 175 Stovall, Kenneth Lewis Stovall, Mary Elizabeth, 97, 141, 351 Stovall, Theresa Nell, 307 Strachn, Michael Edward Strange, Donna Jean Stratton, Georgia, 145, 351 Straub, Terence Marshall, 351 Strauss, Charles B. Street, Donald E. Street, Frank Smith, 114 Street, William Howard, 120 Streetman, Jerry Curtis Streicher, Charles Wilhelm, 181, 337 Strickland, George Curtis, 323 Strickland, Mary Claudine, 68, 143. 337 Strickland, Michele A. V Strickland, Patricia Ann, 40, 97, 337 Strickland, Tommy A. Strickler, Jo Harriet Stricklin, Lonnie Shepherd, 337 Stringer, Eleanor Sue, 323 Stringer, Harold, 72 Stringer, Robert Nathan Strojny, Michael Alan, 163, 307 Strom, Gordon Bertram, Jr., 116, E 351 Strong, Lawrence Dello, 291 Strong, Virginia W., 351 Stroud, Susan Claire Stroup, Cynthia Ann Strutzel, Timothy Daniel, 113 Stuart, Betty Louise, 351 Stuart, Floyd Ronald Stuart, Martha Tip, 64, 143, 307 Stubblefield, Beverly F. Stubblefield, Gerald M. Stubblefield, William H., 121, 183, 31 Stubbs, Thomas Jackson, 112, 169, 1 Stuckey, Clarke Wesley, 169 Studdard, Vernon Aaron, 181 Sturgul, Peter Michael, 112 Suber, Martha Lee, 97, 143, 323 Suchdeo, Shyam Ramchand, 100 Sudduth, Andrea Willis, 101, 139 Sudduth, Charles F., Jr. Sudduth, Kenneth Woods, 117 Sudduth, Lamar Carlton Sugg, Elizabeth Watson, 139, 337 Sullivan, Charles .7., 77 Sullivan, Dorothy Hope, 352 Sullivan, James A., 169 Sullivan, James Forrest, 169 Sullivan, Jane Carolyn, 352 Sullivan, Kathleen Rebecca, 352 Sullivan, Kenneth Gerald, 112, 187, 3 Sullivan, Mildred H., 97, 151, 323 Sullivan, Ronald Ray Sullivan, Thomas James, 120, 337 Sullivan, William S., 157, 307 Sulser, Floyd M., Jr., 76, 77, 183 Sulser, Ralph Elvyn, 114, 183 Summer, Carl B., 179 Summerford, Garry Wright, 337 Summers, Gloria Lynne, 97, 337 Summers, Mary Eleanor Summey, Paul Bickett II, 167 Sumner, James Carliss Sumners, Minor C., Jr. Sumners, Patricia Annette, 40, 307 Sumrall, James Alfred III, 116, 11 352 Sumrall, Prentis David Sutherland, Jane H., 139 Sutherland, William H. Sutherland, William H., Jr. Swain, Catherine Schreck Swain, William D., Jr. Swan, Terence John Swaney, Jorja Lee, 308 Swaney, Scott Conway, 181, 337 Swaney, Walker James, 185, 352 Swayze, Charles Jones, Jr. Sweatt, Jeri Sweeney, James Alfred Sweet, Daniel Carrington Swetland, Michael R. Swilley, Andrea M. Swilley, Robert Joseph, 115 Swink, Judith Carol, 100, 323 Swor, Sam Dewey Swords, Bobby Sharron Sykes, Ile Willmetta Szescila, Andrew John T Tabeling, Robert William, 116, 167 Tabor, Larry Stephen, 323 Tabor, Noel Eugene, 63, 308 Tackett, Joe Lawrence, 112 Taft, Rebecca Ann, 323 Talbert, Eugenia Adeline, 323 Talbert, Frances Susan, 352 Talbot, Peggy Ann, 97, 139, 308 Tallent, Sharon Raj ean, 337 Talley, Carolyn Ann Aston, 308 Talley, Elaine Terrell, 143, 352 Talley, Huey Glenn, 308 Tamke, Elizabeth Jones, 105, 308 Tanksley, Lelia Bell, 291 Tannehill, Jack Rhea Tanner, Gale V. Tanner, John Lawson, 115 Tapp, Charlotte Virginia Tardy, Paula Tamberlain, 337 Tarpley, Joseph Whorton, 117 Tarver, John William, Jr. Tarver, Russell S., 63 Tate, Roger Dees, Jr., 337 Tate, Thomas Clingmon, 167, 323 Tate, William Carruth, 173, 323 Tatum, John Hargrove, 179, 308 Tatum, Julien Rundell, 121, 157 Tatum, Patricia Ann Tatum, Paul Jetson Tatum, Rita Jo Tatum, Rose Mary Tatum, William Joseph Taulbert, Clara Gene, 352 Taylor, Annette, 143 Taylor, Betty Ann, 97, 149 Taylor, Beverly White, 323 Taylor, Brenda Estelle, 291 Taylor, Carol Curtis Taylor, David B., Jr., 113 Taylor, Diane Ellis, 149 Taylor, Ernest G. Taylor, F. Wayne, 337 Taylor, Flora Martin Taylor, George Robert, 91, 308 Taylor, Gustav Arthur, 352 Taylor, Herman Eugene, Jr. Taylor, James Glynn Taylor, James N. M., Jr. Taylor, John Leo, 177, 323 Taylor, John Wilson Taylor, Kenneth K., 323 Taylor, Leslie Edward, Jr. Taylor, Lynn Alsup, 139, 308 Taylor, Marion Peek, 82, 291 Taylor, Martha Francis, 308 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, 145 Taylor, Mary Helen Taylor, Mary Margaret, 143. 323 Taylor, Memrie Claire, 79, 141 Taylor, Patrick Arnold, 323 Taylor, Peter Griffen Taylor, Robert Hart, 291 Taylor, Robert Parrish, Jr. Taylor, Ronald Louis, 291 Taylor, Stanley Leroy, Jr. Taylor, Te rry Kendall Taylor, Vicki Lynn, 147, 191; 352 Taylor, Walter Theodore, 91 Taylor, William E., Jr., 323 Taylor, William 0. Tays, Katherine Sophronia, 323 Teague, Alison Stoddart, 97, 135, 352 Teasley, James A., 179 Teel, Albert Alexander, 291 Teichert, Carlos Temple, Davis L. Temple, Merry Gail, 61, 97, 141, 337 Temple, Patricia Mixon, 73, 308 Teneyck, Nancy G., 97, 153, 337 Tenney, Eloise L., 97, 139, 338 Terito, Eliz Marie, 352 Terney, Philip Baird Terrebonne, George Philip, 99, 177, 338 Terrell, Antoinette L., 151, 338 Terrell, Marilyn Sue, 145, 308 Terry, Gary Dixon Terry, Robert C., 323 Testa, Joseph Paul Teunisson, Elizabeth Ann, 61, 143, 338 Tew, Mark Douglas, 115, 157, 352 Thadison, Robert Louis, 112, 352 Thames, Jon Paul Thames, Thomas M., 116, 179 Thaxton, Anthony Lavon, 291 Thaxton, Elizabeth Denham Theis, Gary Anthony, 117 Theurkauf, Susan Jane, 97 Thigpen, Willie G., Jr., 91 Thomas, Alan Gregory Thomas, Carol Jo, 143, 352 Thomas, Dixie Lynn, 104, 149, 308 Thomas, Dolores Maria, 101, 323 Thomas, Elton Sigrest, Jr., 115, 352 Thomas, James L. Thomas, Jeanette Thomas, Jill Lynn, 97, 151 Thomas, Joseph Grant, 121, 352 Thomas, Kenny Sharp, 323 Thomas, Linda Lee Thomas, Margaret Ann, 308 Thomas, Martha Jane Thomas, Sallie S., 145, 308 Thomas, Stephen Lee, 181, 338 Thomas, Susan Wyatt, 137, 338 Thomas, Thomas Raymond Thomas, Timothy Louis, 291 Thomas, Virginia Lynn, 147, 323 Thompson, Catherine D., 149, 308 Thompson, Charles Douglas, 76, 120, 123, 323 Thompson, Clifford Charles Thompson, David Allen Thompson, Donald Edgar, 70, 113 Thompson, Donna Susan, 151, 338 Thompson, Gary Norris, 72, 323 Thompson, Greg Salter, 169, 323 Thompson, James Carlos, 323 Thompson, James David Thompson, James Eugene, 323 Thompson, Joe Lawrence, 291 Thompson, John David, 165 Thompson, John Lawrence Thompson, Larry Angelo Thompson, Louisa M., 97, 147, 352 Thompson, Luther M. Thompson, Margaret M. Thompson, Michael Hicks, 116, 171, 352 Thompson, Michael M. Thompson, Neal Lewis, 115, 157 Thompson, Norma Caruthers, 97, 139, 308 Thompson, Patricia Irene, 37, 141, 323 Thompson, Thomas Lawrence Thompson, Walter W., 34, 35, 67, 76, 171 Thompson, Winfield S., Jr., 167 Thorburn, Douglas B. Thorn, Susan McDougal Thorne, Sneed H. Ann Thornton, Carroll Hodges, 139, 323 Thornton, Catherine G. Thornton, John William, 116 Thornton, Marie, 147, 352 Thornton, Rhoda Gayle, 139, 323 Thornton, Sarah Bodley Thornton, Vincie Darryl, 73, 291 Thornton, William Terrance Thrash, Terry Keith, 113, 175, 338 Thurmond, Roy Clark, 112, 165 Tickle, Jack Ronald, 120, 187 Tidwell, John Lee, 323 Tidwell, Larry Brooks Tidwell, Stanley Thomas, 112, 352 Tidwell, Trudy, 61, 68, 153, 338 Tierney, Dorothy Ann Till, Alan Wayne, 116 Till, Quentin Thomas, 291 Tillman, Jimmy M. Tillman, Larry Jaubert, 112, 338 Tillman, Linda Carolyn, 352 Tillman, President, 112, 352 Timmins, Deborah Ann, 137, 338 Tindall, Helen Lorraine, 139, 338 Tinnin, Brent Bollinger, 35, 187, 323 Tinnon, Frank Robertson, 117 Tinsley, Sammy Jay, 291 Tippitt, William Lee, 98 Tipton, Shirley Jeanette, 102. 352 Tischner, Hans Juergen, 187 Tiser, Dorothy Ann Todaro, Michael Carl, 338 Todd, Henry Eugene Todd, Howell Wayne Todd, Tom Robertson, Jr., 121, 185 Todd, William Gardner III, 308 Todd, William Richard Tollison, Edward E., 115 Tollison, Gordon Thomas, 98, 323 Tom, Robert Ganiel Tomlin, Vance Lahoma, Jr. Tomlinson, Robert Lee, 185, 352 Toney, Lana Maureen, 153, 323 Toney, Lillian, 101, 153, 352 Tool, Dennis Casler Tootle, David Deland, 40, 187, 308 Torgeson, Larry Ronald, 181 Torrence, Linnie Boyd Torrence, Samuel C., Jr. Torrey, Burke Simmons, 117 Towles, William Lester, 308 Townes, H. Cowles, 62, 82 Townsend, James Lamar, 116, 157, Townsend, Joe Byron, Jr., 308 Townsend, John Herndon, 185 Trahan, Garey Maurice, 113, 157, Tramel, James Edward Tramel, Judith Carole Tramontana, Joseph Trapp, Frank Williams, 40, 185, 323 Trapp, Wendell Holmes, Jr., 117, 1 352 Traughber, Ewing Berkley, 70, 74, 308 Traughber, Gary Matt, 352 Travis, Lucille Wall, 291 Traylor, Carwell W., Jr., 91 Traywick, Dixie Ann Frances V., 61, 68, 15 Trebowski, Catherine Hunt Treppendahl, Adolph Wettlin, 1 167, 352 Treuting, John Joseph Tribble, Linda Lee, 149, 338 Triemer, Glenda A. Triemer, William Lewis Triplett, Bruce Wayne, 89, 117 Triplett, Martha Blake Tripp, Vivian Ann, 308 Troop, Walter Michael, 77, 113, 324 Tropp, Leroy E. III, 114, 324 Trotter, William C. III, 69, 181, 324 Trout, Ann, 147, 308 Trout, Laura Virginia Trout, Tom Roy, 115. 185 True, William R., 179 Truelove, Cheryl Eileen, 291 Trull, J. Howard Truman, Julia Stone, 141, 308 Tsai, Kun San, 291 Tu, Ching Yang Tubb, Joyce Deland, 61, 68, 149, Tubbs, Edmund A., 303 Tubbs. John Roger, 113 Tubbs, Margaret King Tubbs, Roger McKay, 98, 338 Tubbs, Vernon M., 83 Tucei, Robert Mark, 63, 324 Tucei, Thomas Eugene, 117, 157 Tucker, Alfred Thomas, 179, 308 Tucker, Davey Lewis Tucker, Jack Grady, Jr. Tucker, Johnny Reid Tucker, Ronald Edward, 179, 324 Tucker, Ronald Wayne Tucker, Tonja Renay, 135 Tullis, Norman Earl, 291 Tullos, Fay 145 Tumey, Murry, 114, 338 Tupman, Stanley Earl, 181, 324 Turnage, John David Turnage, Smith McRae Turnbo, Ralph Johns, Jr. Turnell, Daniel H. Turner, Callie Lou, 324 Turner, David Jones, 121, 171 Turner, Herschel Larry Turner, James, Jr. Turner, Ken Harper Turner, Linda Louise Turner, Marlene E. Turner, Martha Rhodes, 93, 147, 32 Turner, Mary Lynn, 68, 147, 338 Turner, Robert Waldo, 291 Turner, Russell Godwin III, 324 Turner, Sammy Bert Tuteur, Richard Scott, 185, 324 Tutor, Jesse B., Jr., 62, 63, 67, 73, 183, 308 Tutor, Phillip Lynn, 352 Tuttle, Helen I. Twiford, Horace Hunter, 171, 352 Tye, Thomas Rennie Tyer, Jerry G., 308 Tyner, Robert Michael, 99, 171, 32 Tynes, Douglas Lamont Tynes, Mary W. Tynes, Patricia Ann, 143, 324 Tyson, Evalyn Anne, 151, 324 Tyson, Georgia Diane, 338 Ulmer, John Robert, 116 Ulmer, Mary Ann Ulmer, Richard Edwin Ulmer, Roland C., Jr. Underwood, Bobby Wayne, 324 Underwood, Donna Daunn, 308 Underwood, Jalie Anne Underwood, John Campbell Unglesby, Lewis Owens, 157 Upchurch, James Ray, 179 Uram, Mark Alan, 114, 169 Urbanek, Aurelia Whitener, 324 Urbanek, James Eugene Urick, Henry George Utley, Richard Dee, 324 Uzzle, Robert H., 185 V Vaidya, Sheela Surendra, 100 Vail, Carol Sanders, 139, 308 Valecka, Gail Lee, 97, 338 Valentine, Albert Menton, 324 Valentine, Clifton Carnell, 74, 77, : Valentine, Jimmie Lloyd Valentine, Selmer Louis Valentine, William H., 189, 324 Valle, Saavedra Miguel A. Van, Fred Joe Vance, Bernard, 171, 324 Vance, Cayce Gerald, 91, 291 Vance, Dean Jefferson, 115, 185 Vance, Lewis N., 185, 308 Vance, Ralph B., 34, 35, 41, 67, 1 308 Vanderf ord, Michael Earl Vandergrif t, Jack Clyde Vandevender, John C., 88, 167, 308 Vandevender, William J. Vandiver, Eddie Bolton, 88, 185, 30! Vanevery, Eugene A., 117, 163, 352 Vanf osson, Marjorie Lee, 153, 324 Vannoy, Laura Kay, 147, 352 Van Ostenbridge, Ronald, 324 Vanslyke, J. B., Jr., 291 Varadi, Sandor N. M., 120, 338 Varnado, Billy Gene, 116 Varnado, Jacquelyn Sue, 324 Varner, John Mack Vassallo, Stephen, 128, 187, 324 Vaughan, Beverly Winn, 352 Vaughan, James Gordon, 117, 167, : Vaughan, Robert Curtis Vaughan, Stephen Cason, 179 Vaughn, Earl Daniel, 115, 352 Vaughn, Teresa Mai, 139, 338 Vaught, Stephen Wiley, 77, 171, 30! Veazey, Ganel Eason, 141 Vegod, Thomas Franklin, 112 Velotas, Nickey William Venkataramu, G., 100, 291 Ventura, Gloria Jean Vercher, John Buford Vermillion, William B. Vest, Mark Perry, 122, 352 Vest, Valorie, 143, 308 Vestal, Jay Lee, 117, 157, 352 Viator, Delila Ann Viator, Gerald Joseph, 91 Vibhandik, Prabhaker N., 100, 291 Vick, Cecil Whitfield, 117, 352 Vick, Wyman Lee, 60 Vickery, Everett Gunther, 88, 308 Vincent, Cynthia Gay, 147, 338 Vincent, Leonard Fred, 185 Vincent, Susan, 151, 338 Vines, Jimmy Lee Vinson, Ann Randall Vinson, Michael Cooper, 308 Vinson, Patsy L. Vinson, Tommy Lynn, 40, 185, 352 Visconti, James Andrew Visger, David Ross, 175 Vogtner, George William Vollor, Frank Gallager, 123 Voss, Hilton Noel, 159 Voyadjakis, Homer, 90, 102, 308 Voyles, Gary Clayton, 338 w Waddell, Jesse Maurice, 63 Wade, Charles Murray, 82 Wade, John Tracy, 185, 338 Wade, Mary Sue, 97, 151, 338 Wade, Michael Douglas, 99, 121, 1 338 Wade, Norman Arch Wade, Robert M. Wade, V. Ann, 308 Wadleigh, Elaine Lucille Wadlington, Charles Lacey, 115, 1 352 Waggoner, Charles Ray, 159, 338 Waggoner, Eleanore H. William Gene Wagle, Abdulrehman Ibrahim Wagner, Margaret F., 97 Wai, Kam Leung, 77, 291 Wai, Lan Fong, 308 Wailes, Ellen, 79, 102, 137, 324 Waits, James A. Waits, John Anderson, 69, 70, 324 Waits, William Burnell, Jr., 185 Wakeland, Jim Gordon, 122, 187 Walcott, Karen, Blythe, 139, 338 Walden, Wilbert Flarvous Waldrip, Linda Gail Waldron, David W., 179, 324 Waldrop, Elizabeth A. Waldrop, Russell G., 308 Waldrop, Shirley P. Waldrop, Thomas Bishop, Jr., 183 Walker, Anton George, 308 Walker, Ben, 167, 338 Walker, Catherine Jane, 352 Walker, Charles H., 291 Walker, Charles William Walker, Irvin C., Jr., 309 Walker, James Perry Walker, Joseph Brent, 173, 324 Walker, Rebecca Ann, 141, 324 Walker, Robert Homer, 181 Walker, Robert Major, 291 Walker, Sally Jean, 143, 324 Walker, Susan Lee, 151, 324 Walker, Terri Lynn Walker, William Robert Wall, John Marshall, 123, 189, 324 Wall, Robert M., 324 Wallace, David Kitts Wallace, Fred C., 60, 67, 181, 309 Wallace, Harry Raymond, 121, 177 Wallace, Janit, 352 Wallace, John Mathis Wallace, John Richard, 324 Wallace, Judith Miller Wallace, Judy Ann, 147, 338 Wallace, Leigh Josephson Wallace, Lew Wallace, Ronald K . Wallace, Thomas Grady Wallace, Tommy L., 352 Waller, Carol Lynn, 338 Waller, Carol Watson, 100 Waller, Pamela Eskerleen, 100, 153 Waller, Richard Edwin, 91 Walley, Cecil Rhodes, Jr., 91 Walley, Judith E., 324 Wallis, James H., Jr. Wallis, John 0., Jr., 117, 169, 324 Walman, Jane Magruder, 69, 291 Walman, Thomas Halton, 39, 291 Walsh, Cecile Nugent, 100, 149, 32, Walsh, Gail Frances, 97, 141, 338 Walter, Mary Hobbs Walters, James Larry Walters, John McFadden, 291 Walters, Larry Claiborne, 98, 324 Walters, Samuel Lloyd, 163, 190, : Walton, Arthur Donald, 185, 352 Walton, Juliet Hart Walzak, James Ben, 122, 177, 352 Wamble, Larry Charles, 72, 325 Wampler, Betty Jo, 135, 338 Wang, Nan Nan Wann, John Michael, 338 Ward, Albert Gayden Ward, Charles Lipsey Ward, Charlie F., Jr., 40, 67, 70, 1 325 Ward, Gloria E. Ward, James Marvin Ward, Michael D., 309 Ward, Michael Hailey, 325 Wardlaw, Connie Laine, 338 Wardlaw, Dot F., 352 Ware, Billie Joyce, 309 Ware, Charles Chesteen, 112, 352 Ware, Jimmy L. Ware, Lillian Shaw Black Ware, Margaret Winifred Waring, Mary Gail, 137, 352 Waring, Robert E., 169 Warner, Leonard William Warner, Tom Brown Warnick, Donald Wilson Warren, James William, 115, 173, Warren, Linda Kaye, 97, 325 Warren, Mary Jo, 143, 309 Warrick, Gregory Walter, 309 Warriner, Richard B., 169 Washburn, Ann Harlon, 97, 141, 35 Washburn, William N. Wasson, Carl Walter, 112, 177, 352 Wasson, Rodger Downing, 291 Watkins, David Woodward, 116, 157 Watkins, James Edwin, 40, 77, 183, Watkins, Libby Sue, 143, 338 Watkins, Losie Jr. Watkins, Martha Jewel, 97, 352 Watkins, Mary Kay, 145, 352 Watkins, Sharon Anne Watkins, William Franklin Watson, Bruce Paul, 291 Watson, Edna Sue, 291 Watson, Ernest III, 309 Watson, Judy Paulette, 325 Watson, Kenneth Wayne Watson, Marvin P. Watson, Pamela Case, 147, 309 Watts, Danny Homer, 179 Watts, Dwight M., Jr., 185, 325 Watts, Elizabeth Simmons, 153, 338 Watts, Freddy C. Watts, Judith Frances Watts, Robert Eugene, 179, 325 Watts, Robert Johnson Weatherly, Don Alan Weathers, David Albert Weaver, Diane, 309 Weaver, Norma Lea, 139, 352 Webb, Dorothy B. Scruggs Webb, Fayrene Webb, Hunter Cecil Webb, James W., 76, 157, 309 Webb, John R., 185, 309 Webb, Reed S. Webb, Robert Clyde, Jr., 116, 171, 352 Webb, Susan Lee Webb, William J., 157 Webb, William L. Weber, Charles Lamar, 189, 352 Weber, Gene Walter, 291 Weber, Marilie, 309 Webster, Harold Warren Webster, Joseph C., 185 Webster, Marian Kay, 338 Wedgeworth, Ronnie Michael, 115, 352 Weed, Peggy Jean, 309 Weeden, Gerald L., 325 Weeks, Charles Jerome Weeks, David Edward Weeks, Jesse Wilburn, Jr. Weeks, Robert Mark, 117, 187, 353 Weeks, Sandra Eliz R. Weems, James Sol, Jr., 93, 117, 183 Weems, Milton Bancroft Wehling, Martin Frederic Weigel, James Michael Weir, David G., 157, 309 Weir, James L. Weir, Saxton Angevine Weis, Frank Cornelius, 187, 353 Weiss, John Nevin, 181, 325 Welborn, Jesse Kent Welborn, John P., 338 Welborn, Webber D., Jr., 169, 325 Welch, Alvin George Welch, Becky Musgrove Welch, James W. Welch, Paul Burl, 91, 291 Welch, Thomas Patrick, 112 Weldon, Susan Marie, 153, 338 Wellborn, James McClanahan, 169 Weller, Harvill E., Jr., 171 Wells, David Kent, 67, 75 Wells, Donald E., 116, 181 Wells, Earl T. III Wells, Elsie Grace, 325 Wells, Erskine Watkins, Jr., 38, 77, 99, 163, 338 Wells, Jefferson William Wells, John Timothy, 120, 325 Wells, Mary Pillow Wells, Melvin Hozy Wells, Nicholas Walker Wells, Randolph Robert, 121 Wells, Steve Carroll, 291 Wells, Trammell Pillow, 181, 309 Welsh, Keith Wade, 338 Welty, Mary Alice, 97, 139, 325 West, Carol C. West, Edward Holland, 98, 309 West, George F., Jr. West, Judith Lynne, 78, 139, 309 West, Michael Shannon, 123, 163, 309 West, Sidney Everett, 338 Westbrook, Leslie M., 64, 149, 309 Westerfield, James A., 325 Westerman, Elizabeth H. Westland, George Allen Paulette J., 325 Wharton, Laura Lee, 143, 353 Whatley, James, 117, 167, 338 Wheeler, Barbara Walther, 97, 147, 309 Wheeler, James Harvey, Jr. Wheeler, Stephen Harry, 112 Whetstine, Donald E., 113, 338 Whetstone, Bud Bernard Whitacre, Paul Fred Whitaker, Coy Tyson, Jr., 309 Whitaker, Robert L., 124, 309 White, Allen Boyd, 88, 309 White, Alma Christy, 97, 151, 353 White, Charles S. White, Charles T., 83 White, Craig Michael, 338 White, David Lees, 175, 338 White, David Noel, 82 White, David Reynolds, 40, 353 White, Edwin Borden, 169 White, Ira Hail, 116, 179 White, Jackie Lamar, 167 White, James Albert White, James Oden, 159, 325 White, Janet Mary, 139, 353 White, Janie, 68, 141, 338 White, John Dan, 116, 179, 353 White, John E., Jr. White, John Harris White, Julia Hazel, 139, 353 White, Katherine Lynn, 151, 338 White, Mary Temple, 89, 97, 338 White, Mary Y. White, Maxine White, Nancy Lee, 153, 353 White, Pamela Ann Babin White, Richard D., 187 White, Robert Aaron, 122, 171 White, Robert Thomas, 91 White, Virginia Wells White, William Dorsey, 185 White, William Paul, 179, 353 White, William Walter, 291 Whitener, Gary C., 159, 309 Whitener, Larry J., 88, 159, 310 Whiteside, Clarence H., 98, 310 Whitman, Thomas Forrest, 122 Whitmire, Teresa Anne Whitney, Robert William, 124 Whitten, Bettye B., 141, 310 Whitten, Harrell David Whitten, Mary Maxine, 353 Whitten, Nancy Jean, 68, 141, 335 Whitten, Thomas Edward, 338 Whittington, James Duvall, 169 Whittington, Lessley 0. Whittington, Lucien S., 353 Whittle, Claude Echols, 169 Whittle, Mary Clark, 97 Wiater, Donald Anthony, 99, 120, 338 Wiener, Tobin Blake, 122, 353 Richard Gray, Jr., 167, 2 Wiggs, Brenda Atkinson Wigley, Eric Russell Wilbanks, Mari Jane C. Wilborn, Noell Lee, 97, 143, 353 Wilcox, Elaine Carol, 141, 338 Wilder, David Eugene, 113, 157, 32 Wilder, Harrison Brewer, Jr., 115 Wiley, Virginia Helen, 97 Wilkerson, Dotty Ann, 325 Wilkes, Randell Lester, 310 Wilkey, Freddy Vernon, Jr., 122 Wilkie, Martha Grace, 325 Wilkins, Edmund Leroy, 114 Wilkins, Jack Brown, 291 Wilkins, Lindy Diana, 145 Wilkins, Sandra, 137, 353 Wilkinson, Carolyn, 141 Wilkinson, Charles A., 70, 325 Wilkinson, John Kenneth, 167, 32. Wilkinson, Judith Lynn Wilkinson, Kenneth C., 115, 353 Willard, Brenda Kay, 325 Willard, Janie Sue, 291 Wille, Mary Linda, 353 Williams, Amzie Thomas, 185, 32 Williams, Anne Elizabeth, 339 Williams, Barbara Eliz, 78, 310 Williams, Bennett F., Jr., 169 Williams, Betty Alice, 141, 339 Williams, Bobby Drue Williams, Charles Edward, 114 Williams, Charles Van, 181 Williams, Claude Chadwick Williams, Cynthia Jane, 143 Williams, David Allen Williams, David Owen, 339 Williams, Dorothy Shirley, 97, 137 William, Douglas Ray, 167, 353 Williams, Edwin R., 76, 173 Williams, Elisabeth Fuson Williams, Elmer Eugene, 124 Williams, Ford Smith Williams, George Oga, 291 Williams, Gordon Gerald Williams, Gregory Lynn, 169 Williams, Helen F., 339 Williams, Helen Powell, 97, 145, Williams, James Edward Williams, Jimmie Lee Williams, Joann, 325 Williams, Joe Frank Williams, John Davis, 325 Williams, John Hoyt, 167 Williams, Jon Smith, 169, 310 Williams, Judy Lynn, 139, 353 Williams, Larry Michael, 325 Williams, L. Wemyss, 310 Williams, Louise Anne, 78, 143, 32 Williams, Margaret Diane, 145, 310 Williams, Martha Jane, 339 Williams, Mary Eliz B. Williams, Mickey Ann, 89, 135, 353 Williams, Murray L., Jr., 339 Williams, Olivia, 143, 353 Williams, Polly F. 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Yerby, Kenneth William, 325 Young, Bettie Rene, 153, 191, 339 Young, Donnie Frank, 292 Young, Harper Mathis, 116, 167, 353 Young, John Richard, 292 Young, Johnnie Nell, 151, 353 Young, Kenneth W. Young, Lanora Jane, 153, 325 Young, Marcia Janet, 97, 145, 353 Young, Paula G., 96, 339 Young, Robert J., 77, 88, 310 Young, Rodney W. Young, Roland Kenneth, 117, 353 Youngblood, Robert J., 292 Youngblood, William J. Younker, Grace Lavern, 353 Yueh Chang Loh Z Zach, Robert Anthony Zehnder, May Jean Lipe Zeidman, Arthur Martin, 325 Zicarelli, Pat Anthony, 175, 325 Zielinski, Alfred Michael, 112 Zimberoff, Steven Joel Zoghby, Emile A., 173, 310 Zver, Thomas W. The Last Word Editing the OLE Miss is a long task that takes one into every phase of campus life and every department of University Administration. To do a good job requires a staff that is loyal, dependable, and industrious; a student body that cooperates, and people who produce and accept nothing but the best. There are four people who fit into this last category, and I want to tell you about them. One is Irving Lloyd. He grew up in the Bronx, played right halfback for Columbia University, spent thirteen months as a prisoner of war in Korea, and is now the leading authority on yearbook photography in the United States. He spent several weeks at Ole Miss taking pictures and working with our photographers. Mr. Lloyd gave his best and did far more than was expected to help produce a better OLE Miss. Bob Alexander of Grenada has been the official photographer for the Ole Miss beauties for ten years. This year Bob had to journey all the way to Biloxi to take the pictures of the beauties and favorites. As usual, his work was excellent. A former editor of the OLE Miss, Buddy Shaw is Vice President of Benson Printing Company, Inc. of Nashville, the firm that has printed the OLE Miss for over fifty years. Because he wanted to see Ole Miss put out a really good book, Buddy extended his patience and cooperation further than someone in his position should. The only one of the four directly connected with the University is Horace Lester, editor of the 1966 OLE Miss and now a student. For eight months Horace worked on a series of computer programs which not only compiled ninety per cent of the identification in this book, but were so versatile that any information that was needed by the staff could be obtained quickly and easily. Of course, these four are not all those to whom I owe thanks. But these gave much of their time and used all of their ability; without their contribution, this yearbook would not have been possible. EDITOR --FRANK DeBAY,

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