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TABLE OF SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Robert Alexander Irving Lloyd OLE MISS The purpose of a University is not only to produce scholars of the highest rank, but to encourage the self-discovery and devel- opment of personal values and to help each individual to recognize human dignity in his fellow students. Life at Ole Miss is a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, people, places, and events that create a vast experience in knowledge, in culture, and in life. It is hoped that each student may emerge from his college experience with a balanced development of body, mind, and character which shall fit him for life in the world today. This book is a record of those experiences in learning and living provided for the Ole Miss student during the past year. The events recorded herein are pieces of clay from which each student will mold his own role in the future. Group therapy in action. Your mascara is running. Light, hell, you ' re already lit! KD ' s boast of scholastic standing in typical rush skit. If you don ' t get your first choice, Tri-Delt. I hate to tell you this, but ... Hawaiian punch? You must be kidding. And last year we sold red and blue umbrellas. Head ' em up, move ' em out! Well, after all, it was the only bid I got. " The grip. " If he only knew . . Just a trim, please. Tri Delta watch sister Patsy at Miss America Pageant. If she had been a Chi 0, she would have won. My parents promised me new luggage if I get married this semester. Best haircut I ever got for a dollar. And I only have to pay Carl Coers $1.25 for a beanie Do you ever get the feeling you ' re being hustled? Isn ' t this the third time you ' ve taken basketweaving? If college gets much harder, I think I ' ll quit. Six eight o ' clocks. I can ' t stand it. Why does the registrar want to know my statistics and dating status? New Secret takes the worry out of being close. Freshman girls show off talents in Freshman Cheerleader tryouts on Girl ' s Intramural Field. How about our chances against Houston, Coach Kinard? My sweatshirt means like a bunch of cats, Dean Rea; I swear it does. Sis, boom, bang! 17 Papa Joe, Nasty Ned, and the Mule all on the same day. Damn good foldout this month. Move to the left just a little. Looks like business school next semester. Would you repeat the question, please? The Man. If only they could see the place now . .. A $40,000 loss, including upwards of $35,000 in cash. But I want a serious card. Try Q-tips. I can swing Abbeville for you, Carroll. Dynamic leadership. johnson Commons The culmination of long hours of planning and preparation. What ' s with the shades? Well, I lost three in a row, too. Homecoming Queen Lassie Cooke is presented at halftime. The class of ' 69. I wonder how the girls are in Saigon? He said that about me? There has been a change in plans, Sir. But don ' t worry, there will be another. Watch out, Stewart! These guys shoot to kill. You aren ' t being very co-operative, Miss Enochs. . . and branch water, He was my boyfriend, and you told me to play hard to get. Can you believe that I ' m the only Chi o that is not getting married? On the first date, huh? I lost my rear-end, how about you? Ecch. A restful game of Old Maid to relax the tense mind. Give up. Why doesn ' t someone investigate this cafeteria? Gosh, it all looks so good. He found a what in his hamburger? Another evening at the trough. You see, it ' s like this: They were fresh out of toothpicks and . . . parade And what are we offered for number eight? Poised and self-confident. .. . and Don McDonald made the puppet. Just think how happy the Chi o ' s are! Favorite contenders (rhymes with pretenders) display sincere smiles. The Highwaymen in concert. The Righteous Brothers in conflict. CBS commentator Marvin Kalb at an ODK-Mortar Board Forum. Behind the scenes, the light director checks his spots. Meanwhile the directors follow the performers with the script. Ole Miss students perform in the opera, Fledermaus. KA ante-bellum The true spirit of the Old South. I ' d keep an eye on them pearls, ma ' am. I thought we settled that 100 years ago. George Miller, Gordon Miller, Harold Miller — Ah, Henry Miller. What are you smiling about? You aren ' t even running. I hear boys hang out in here sometimes. Don ' t look now, but your fly ' s unzipped. There is just so much to do in Oxpatch; I just hate to go home again. Look under pre-marital . . . He ' ll tell you he broke it skiing, but acually it happened when he tried to kick in a transom. Allright, girls, on three — " Anchors Aweigh! " Whatever happened to the Ole Miss coed? The voice of dissent. I thought tiny sparrows lived in small cages. The men of Phi Delta Theta cleverly disguised as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Oh no! I thought it was ' ' Beer and whiskey makes you frisky! " So-called " rock and roll " groups traditionally draw small unresponsive crowds from the culture-conscious Ole Miss He hit the panic button. student body. Sigma Chis throwing a Hell ' s Angels party—or was it the other way around? Mary Ann and the first mate stand on the bridge as the ship goes down. At last. Dubble-Bubble is bad about that. Thank you. I just want to say I owe it all to myself. Making a st and. The J. Paul Getty of chiliburgers. White ball in the side pocket. To the victor go the spoils. She ' s the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. RFK ' s Controversy And Hospitality I ' m willing if he ' s willing. ' ' A chicken in a fox coop? " How many times do I have to tell you—if you don ' t pay the light bill by the 10th.. . . This is your apartment? What would I like for Christmas? Well . . . Never again in a car. Nothing like milk punch to start the day off right. See the happy morons, they don ' t give a damn; I wish I were a moron; My gosh, perhaps I am. The Features Section of the OLE MISS presents those girls who ex- emplify the beauty and personality of the Ole Miss coed and honors those who have won outstanding tion for themselves and their school. Mr. Robert Alexander of Grenada has been the Official Photographer of the Ole Miss beauties for a number of years. This year he has graphed not only the beauties, but almost the entire Features Section, in color. Primos Northgate Restaurants in Jackson was the setting for many of these photographs. Other pictures were taken at Paul ' s Northside Restaurant at the Sheraton Motor Hotel, at Shakey ' s Pizza Parlor, and at the Mississippi Memorial Stadium in Jackson; at Jeff Busby Park on the Natchez Trace; and at Grenada Lake and the homes of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. White, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Townes, and Mr. and Mrs. John Lake in Grenada. After an afternoon and evening of competition with seventeen others, these girls were selected Ole Miss ' Top Five Beauties. The Parade of Beauties and Favorites, held each November in Fulton Chapel and sponsored by the OLE MISS Yearbook, is an annual event at which the most popular and most beautiful girls at Ole Miss are chosen. Ole Miss coeds representing both women ' s halls and sororities participate in the event. On the evening of the Parade, ten favorites are selected by the audience, and a panel of judges name ten beauties. Sets, music, and entertainment for the Parade of 1966 were coordinated to carry out the theme of the Broad- way and movie hit, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Kenny Milam was emcee for the 1966 Parade; was provided by Lila Smith, Patsy Puckett, Pete Doles, Martin Paschal, and Kathy Johnson. Beauty contestant Diane Cox is presented to the audience and the judges, as the backstage crew watches from the wings. A panel of five distinguished judges selected five Top Beauties and five Alternate Beauties from twenty- three coeds participating in the 1966 Parade of Beauties. Judges for the Parade were Mrs. Charles Conerly, Mrs. Fred Jones, Mr. Ford Boyd, Mr. Harold Crump, and Mr. Norman Shaw. The judges met and reviewed the candidates at a luncheon, individual interviews, and as they were formally presented at the Parade of Beauties. The Top Five Beauties were ranked by the judges and are presented in ranking order on the following five pages. Ole Miss ' Number One Beauty for 1966 is Miss Judy Carolyn Cobb, a Junior in the College of Liberal Arts, from Memphis, Tennessee. Miss Cobb, first runner-up in the 1964 Miss University Pageant, reigned as the 1965 Miss Memphis. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. MISS JUDY CAROLYN COBB, Kappa Delta MISS BARBARA JOAN WOODBURY, Kappa Kappa Gamma MISS BARBARA ANN ALLEN, Delta Delta Delta MISS JUDITH MAE WATTS, Delta Delta Delta MISS BRENDA LEE RODRIGUEZ, Kappa Kappa Gamma ALTERNATE BEAUTIES Miss Melissa Ann Pendleton, Miss Martha Diane Cox, Miss Rayner Jeanne Cromwell ALTERNATE BEAUTIES Miss Gretchen Faulhaber, Miss Marianne Miller MISS MISSISSIPPI, MISS PATRICIA ALICE PUCKETT, First Alternate to Miss America HOMECOMING QUEEN, Miss Lassie Cooke MISS HOSPITALITY, Miss Ann Kitchens MISS UNIVERSITY, Miss Barbara Fitch Straub FAVORITES: Miss Laurie Simpson, Miss Carolyn Bruno, Miss Beth Eichold FAVORITES: Miss Beverly Whitten, Miss Sally Holloman, Miss Lassie Cooke, Miss Sherry Enochs FAVORITES: Miss Judy Permenter, Miss Bobbie Straub, Miss Linda Vann MISS OLE MISS: Miss Susan Thomas; COLONEL REBEL: David Wells REBELEE QUEEN: Miss Nancy Linkroum BEST DRESSED: Miss Kay King, One of " Glamour Magazine ' s " Ten Best Dressed Co-eds in the Nation. With the encouragement of the University ' s Administration, a comprehensive program of student activi- ties exists at Ole Miss. A student government organization, the Associated Student Body, as well as the student publications and radio station, provide many opportunities for students to participate and contribute to student life and the University as a whole. Religious, policital, and organizations; professional and departmental honor societies; and social fraternities and sororities exist to meet the needs and interests of all students. The Associated Student Body governs Ole Miss through a three-branched system following a pattern set forth in the ASB Constitution, which was adopted in 1960. The constitution is supplemented by the ASB Code, which contains specific regulations the conduct of such vital cam pus affairs as elections. The Executive Division of the Associated Student Body is the President ' s Cabinet, composed of the four officers, president, vice-president, secretary, and elected in the spring in campus-wide elections, plus individuals appointed by the president to head the various departments of student government: Attorney General, Student Activities, School Spirit, Social Affairs, Academic Affairs, Women ' s Affairs, University Develop- ment, and Publicity. Jack Herring, Campus Affairs; Billy Gottshall, School Spirit; Ben Weathersby, Academic Affairs; Ralph Hemphill, Attorney General; Karen Clifford, Executive Secretary; Randy Pool, University Cecil Brown, ASB Treasurer; Bo Roberts, ASB Vice President; Jim Martin ASB PRESIDENT Mary Ann Hancock, ASB Secretary; Jim Martin, ASB President; Bobby Beasley, Publicity; Donnie Brock, Executive Assistant; Don Scott, Student Activities. Not Pictured: Susan Thomas, AWS President; Tommy Ford, Social Affairs. John Metz, Paul Aron, Tommy Ford, Bo Price, Dianne Naff, Gid Montjoy. Not Pictured: Mary Louise Payne, Mel Duke, Gina McIntyre, Bonita Paul Johnson, Art Clark, Gil Martin. The Department of Social Affairs is responsible for planning and carrying out all social events of the student government. Besides staging dances such as the Welcome Rebel Party, the department also books concert artists. Artists who performed this year included The Highwaymen and The Righteous Brothers. Mary Ann Hancock Cecil Brown ASB SECRETARY ASB TREASURER Ralph Hemphill, ASB Attorney General; Paul Parish, Assistant Attorney General. Robert Montjoy, Ann Craft, Robert Seibels, Sally Holloman, Jane Lambdin, Jeff Sauls. As many new students arrive on campus each year for the beginning of the school year, they are welcomed and made to feel at home by the members of the Activities Committee. Homecoming activities, Dixie Week, and the Miss University Pageant are also delegated to the of Student Activities. MISS UNIVERSITY PAGEANT COMMITTEE Horace Lester, Beth Edmonson, Don Scott. Not Pictured: Cecil Brown, Martha Stansel. Seated: Bena Lou Kendrick, Jane Lambdin, Robert Montjoy. Standing: Gary Sisco, Don Scott, Chairman. Front Row: Joe Garrison, Susan Gordon, Adele Peresich, Susie Gill. Back Row: Steve Robert Beasley, Richard Warriner, Harry Anderson, Lamar Black. Not Pictured: Johnny Bottom, Bob Graves, Freddy Hickman, Gerald White. The Department of Publicity is responsible for on and off campus for all ASB functions. Its may be used by any charted organization on campus. The Department of University Development presented two forums this year. A University Forum was held early in December, and a University-Oxford Forum was held in mid March. Married housing and more Oxford entertainment for students was also studied. The Department of Academic Affairs completed a curriculum evaluation in the School of Business and Government, instituting the use of IBM cards. Student opinion of the academic atmosphere was the subject of a questionnaire second semester. Seated: Ben Weathersby, Director of Academic Affairs. Standing: Jimmy Love, Bobby Parker, Lloyd Kitchens, Stirling B. Williams. Not Pictured: Jane Magruder, Tommy Walman. Paul Parish, Randy Pool, Chairman; Joe Ford, Ray Pat Griffin, Bill Garth. Buzzy Clayton, Patti Henry, Bena Lou Billy Gotshall, Chairman; Jackie White, Bennett Chotard. Not Pictured: Doug Cunningham, Carolyn Carrington. The School Spirit Committee functions primarily during the football season and is in charge of creating genuine student spirit for every game. The group was responsible for all pep rallies and the Rebel flags and plastic footballs given out at games. Created this year, the Campus Affairs Department is of an Independent Affairs Board which works with unaffiliated students and a Dormitory Council concerned with problems in Men ' s Housing areas. Dick Smith, Robert Donnell, Pat Paterson, Donnie Evans, David Boyd, Mike Malouf, Don McDonald, Eddie Harper, Jack Herring, Chairman; Katherine Milner, Janet Ford, Delores Thomas. Not Pictured: Bob Cole, Bill Hester, James Abbott, Dan Ashland. Rayner Graeber, Ed Snyder, Cy Faneca, Paul Johnson, John Maxey. The Law-interpreting branch of the ASB is the Student Judicial Council, whose members are appointed by the ASB President and serve until graduation. The is elected in a campus-wide election. The Council has authority to interpret all bills and resolutions of the Campus Senate and the ASB Constitution. It also has jurisdiction over all matters of discipline which may be assigned by the Dean of the Division of Student Len Blackwell, Roberta Ross. Not Pictured: Linn Murphree. Cy Faneca JUDICIAL COUNCIL CHAIRMAN The Legislative division of the student body consists of the Campus Senate, presided over by the ASB Vice- President with the ASB Secretary serving as clerk. The senators are elected from their residential districts in the fall, and they in turn elect a president pro-tempore. In addition, a chaplain, parliamentarian, and sergeant-at- arms are appointed to insure the smooth running of senate meetings. Charged with the responsibility of dealing the student affairs, the Campus Senate has grown into an outstanding feature of campus activities. This year alone the Campus Senate has created a complete new elections system; passed a resolution supporting the United States policy in Viet Nam, which received nationwide news coverage and was entered into the Congressional Record; and enacted on much legislation concerning everyday student problems. The Campus Senate, working hand-in-hand with the University Administration, continues to strive for a better University of Mississippi. Bo Roberts CAMPUS SENATE PRESIDENT Tommy Walman, Parliamentarian; Mary Ann Hancock, Clerk; Horace Lester, Sgt.-at-Arms; Robert Montjoy, President Pro-Tempore; Bo Roberts, President. Not Pictured: Ann Shook, Chaplain. First Row: Philip Adams, Eddie Akins, Charlton R. Anderson, Harry Anderson, John William Barrett, Janice Beckwith, Gordon Bogen, Marilyn Brown. Second Row: Elizabeth Butler, Gus Bynum, Jan Reuben Chrestman, Clarence H. Church, Edwin Tharp Cofer, Anna Cox, Jeanne Cromwell, Jon Crook, James Currie. Third Row: Kenneth Dreher, John Dubard, George Dubois, Lee Edmondson, Sue Edwards, Sara Margaret Edwards, Elizabeth Michael Edward Ellis, Franklin Eubanks. Fourth Row: Keren Ellen Everett, Charles Fowler, John L. Elizabeth Hensley, Susan Heyward, Lu Hill, Carson McLain Hughes, Darius Ray Jackson, Linda Ledbetter. Fifth Row: David Lurie, Elizabeth McConnell, William C. McGehee, Jr., Davis Manning, Willette Mansell, Gilmore Martin, Jack Mayfield, George Monroe, Robert Montjoy. Sixth Row: Charles Neale, James Nelson, Paul Merrel Parish, Adele Giles Peresih, Alan Perry, Stanley Pielak, Joyce Anne Ramay, Glenda Rawson, Robert Taft Renfro. Seventh Row: John Robbins, Clant Ann Shook, Barbara Ann Smith, Chat Sue, William Sullivan, Larry Thompson, John Braxton Todaro, Jack Townes. Eighth Row: Ralph Vance, Jessyca Waldran, Joseph B. Walker, Fred Wallace, Charlie F. Ward, Jr., John Williams. Not Pictured: Meredith Carpenter, Larry Cunningham, Brad Farber, Gary Greathouse, Nick Roberts, Timothy Schock. The AWS is a self-governing organization composed of every under- graduate woman student. An Executive Council of six popularly elected officers, a Judicial Council of two elected and four appointed members, and a President ' s Council composed of dormitory and sorority house presidents, head the whole organization. This year the AWS has continued to improve the structure of its organization. In addition, the AWS has worked to implement an effective orientation program for Freshmen, and it has endeavored to create an awareness of the cultural advantages offered by the University. Susan Thomas AWS PRESIDENT Seated: Sandy Aust, AWS Secretary; Susan Thomas, AWS President. Standing: Elizabeth Carter, Judicial Council Secretary; Lassie Cooke, AWS Treasurer; Judi Adams, AWS Vice- President; Mary Ann Hancock, Judicial Council Chairman. Seated: Karen Clifford, Mary Ann Hancock, Chairman; Elizabeth Carter, Secretary. Carol Work, Carolyn Phillips. PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL First Row: Katherine Abraham, Martha Marie Anderson, Letitia Biedenharn, Susan Carruth, Karen Clifford. Second Row: Clara Dean Cox, Jeanne Cromwell, Linda Lee Dunn, Janet Ford, Barbara Harris. Third Row: Margaret Ann Horn, Lucie Larson, Jane Lundberg, Mary Payne, Virginia Tays. Not Pictured: Sondra Beaver, Mary Cook. The Elections Commission is responsible for all cam- pus elections. It is composed of twenty-five commis- sioners which are appointed by the ASB President and approved by the Campus Senate. They, under the leadership of Chairman Marjo Thornton, serve until graduation, resignation, or removal by the Senate. The IBM System of voting used by the Commission assures faster, more accurate results in election voting tabulation. The elections held during the year are the Campus Senate, Homecoming Queen, Miss Ole Miss—Colonel Rebel, ASB officers, publications ' editors, Cheerleaders, and any other elections that pertain to student government. Front Row: Sara Catherine Jordan, Jane Magruder, Calico Maxwell, Marjo Thornton. Second Row: Fred Bourn, Jan Singletary, Frank DeBay MarJo Thornton ELECTIONS COMMISSION CHAIRMAN Anne Warren, Pat Home, Clyde Trevathan, Susan Reed, Patti Henry, Gay Gottshall. Not Pictured: Ann Clark. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Beverly Whitten, Lassie Cooke, Sherry Enochs, Sally Standing: Bill Balentine, Bill Yoste, Johnny McLaurin, Jimmy Lindsay. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Beth Davis, Judy Permenter, Carolyn Bruno, Janet Hoover. Standing: Richard Warriner, John French, Joe Ross, Lamar Black. The chief spirit promoters on the University campus are the Ole Miss cheerleaders. This group is composed of eight people who are elected by the student body to serve during the coming year. This year the Ole Miss cheerleaders helped put a " new look " into the Ole Miss Rebels with their new uniforms. To assist the varsity cheerleaders, the freshmen class elected eight freshmen cheerleaders. This group helped in passing out Rebel flags and souvenir footballs. This untiring group lead Rebel yells at all pep rallies and football games. The 1966 Ole Miss presents in a new style the activities and best traditions of the University. We, the staff, have worked hard to produce a yearbook of which every Ole Miss student can be proud. Many sections of this book were compiled by computed programs developed at the University ' s Computer Center. These programs gave the staff the fastest and most accurate means ever used in composing the Ole Miss. In planning, compiling, and editing the copy and pictures that make- up this yearbook, we never stopped trying to make it better. We think we have succeeded and produced something all will appreciate and enjoy. HORACE LESTER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MARSHALL BENNETT BUSINESS MANAGER Section Editors: Carol Sellers, Joeann Pavlick, Sallie Thomas, Frank DeBay, Bobby Seibels, Jessyca Waldran. Not Pictured: Don Barrett, Chad Wood. Mary Chatman, Sandy Bowen ASSISTANT EDITORS Horace Lester Editor-in-Chief Marshall Bennett Business Manager Sandy Bowen, Mary Chatman Assistant Editors Jessyca Waldran Features Carol Sellers Administration and Student Gov ' t. Frank DeBay Honoraries Don Barrett Organizations Sallie Thomas Greeks Robert Seibels Military Joeann Pavlick Sports Chad Wood Class Ron Edwards Head Photographer Ray Hudson, Billy Clayton, David Darnell Photographers Glenda Rawson Executive Secretary Larry Dudley Assistant Business Manager Roger Cox Advertising Manager Tony Ross IBM Editor Dolores Smith Editorial Advisor ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: Larry Dudley, Glenda Rawson, Griffin Harrell, Dolores Smith, Roger Cox. PARADE OF BEAUTIES and FAVORITES PAGEANT COMMITTEE: Robert Montjoy, Karen Kipp, Jessyca Waldran, Lou Ann Hartgraves, Bill Nunnery. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ron Edwards, Bill Clayton, David Not Pictured: Ray Hudson. IBM EDITOR: Tony Ross STAFF ASSISTANTS: Calico Maxwell, James Watkins, Laurie Simpson, Beth Walter Thompson, Sally Holloman, Trish Bradley, Kathy Payne. Not Bonnie Shelton, Dianne Duncan, Cindy Morrison, Bill Sims, Linda Deener. Gene Fair EDITOR Dennis Voge, Assistant Advertising Manager; Joe McCarty, Advertising Manager. Tommy Houston MANAGING EDITOR Gene Fair Joe McCarty Charles Overby Larry McMillen Tommy Houston Paul Johnson Virginia Brown Sally Scott The Mississippian, widely acclaimed as the best campus newspaper since The Rebel Underground, enjoyed another banner year. There were days, in fact, when the banner was about all that was in it. Editor Gene Fair managed to alienate more people faster than at any time before in his alienation-prone career. (Those who know Fair personally will testify that this is no mean feat.) Business Manager Paul Johnson and Advertising Manager Joe McCarty both failed to last the year—Johnson because he was a better bookmaker than bookkeeper, McCarty because he could not sell advertising as fast as Columnist Lew Powell could lose it. Sports Editor Charles " Peanut " Overby covered Batmeat and Bluejay, New Year ' s resolutions, Trondas, and even an occasional athletic event. Ginger Brown and Sally Scott edited the society page whenever it was not a house ad. News Editor Larry McMillen crossed swords, pens, and wits with those who expounded at length on everything and everybody, all in the name of a Greater University. Dave Darnell ' s photography department, featuring Willie Izard, the Fulton Flashbulb; Steve Elkins; and pornographer C. S. Robb; furnished many excellent shots, some of which were even printed. And Tommy Houston, Executive Editor, got out the paper. Page Editors of The Mississippian are Ginger Brown, Society; Charles " Peanut " Overby, Sports; Sally Scott, Society. Mississippian photographers include Charles Robb, Willie Izard, Dave Darnell, Steve Elkins. News Editor Larry McMillen talks with backshop workers David Nutt, Kay Shelton, Sue White. Paul Johnson BUSINESS MANAGER The purpose of the Moot Court Program is to provide the law student with some practical understanding of the highly technical theory which characterizes his academic training while at the Law School. Each student is required to participate in both the Appellate and Circuit Court Programs conducted by the Moot Court Board. The Moot Court Board is composed of students selected by the Law School faculty on the basis of academic standing. Thus constituted, the Board the Moot Court Program, schedules the hearing of cases before practicing attorneys or Judges, and helps the individual participants in the preparation of their cases. The Board also conducts an annual competition of those selected for advanced argument before an appellate court composed of outstanding jurists of the area. In every phase of the Program a real effort is made to stimulate a feeling of realism. Under an agreement with the Mississippi Supreme Court the Board has access to the actual transcripts of trials appearing before that Court for review. The School of Law is fortunate to have a full-sized Moot Court Room appointed and equipped in accord with modern requirements. Front Row: Evan Davis, David Smith, Clerk; Josh Stevens, Tom Gardner, Chairman; Bill Barr, Tom Tenfelde, Phil Dunnaway, Wren Way. Second Row: Clayton Lewis, M. J. Harrowitz, Faculty Advisor; Joel Blass, Faculty Advisor; Billy Funderburk, Guy Smith, Ed Ellington, Howard Stroud. Third Row: Tommy Rogers, Gene Tullos, Gary Carnathan, Ben Smith, William Barbour. Not Pictured: Gerald Blessey, Aubrey Nichols, ' George Stengel, Faculty Advisor. Front Row: Roy C. Williams, Michae l B. Taylor, Guthrie T. Abbott, Research Editor; James W. O ' Mara, Casenote Editor; Linda Terney, Secretary; James W. Burgoon, Jr., Editor-in-Chief. Second Row: Don P. Lacy, Comment Editor; James S. George, Research Editor; Nick A. Jr., Article Editor; John G. Gourley, Jr., Wade H. Creekmore, Jr. Third Row: Robert C. Khayat, Frank S. Jr., George Harold Noe, E. Clifton Hodge, Jr., Business Manager; David R. Hunt, Bill P. Joyner. Fourth Row: Robert C. Galloway, Frank T. Moore, Jr., Scott F. Hemleben, William B. Harvey, Jesse Murray Akers. Not Pictured: Arnold V. Blackwell, Robert A. Weems, Leonard A. Blackwell, Floyd M. Davis, George M. Fleming, Howard 0. Leach, William M. Rainey, Arthur E. Ray, Jr., John Michael Sims, Robert K. Upchurch, Samuel H. Wilkins. The Mississippi Law Journal is a legal periodical, the fourth oldest in the nation, and the official publication of the state bar. Each of the four annual issues, which are distributed free to law students and bar members, contains articles by prominent legal writers as well as works by student staff members. Editorial control is in the hands of the student editorial board, which is supervised by a faculty advisor. Staff positions are filled on the basis of scholastic achievement and writing ability. Seated: Don Bill Hester, Tom Bearden, Dave Tootle, Eddie Cofer. Standing: Jim Martin, Jerry Drott, George Vassallo, Danny Richardson. Seated: Connie Sue Berry. Back Row: George Buck, Robert Wallace, John (Shorty) Sneed, Lamar Henderson. Front Row: Jonell Ray, Dr. Duncan Whiteside, Bessie Fisher, Frank Wing. Back Row: Danny Roy, Nick Roberts, Craige DeMoss, Pete Pederson. WCBH, 640, is the all-student station of the University of Mississippi. The carrier current broadcast operation programs " good music " and news, and covers impor- tant campus events live. This year The Parade of and Beauties was broadcast live from Fulton Chapel. A " Call Claim " night was held, which saw every record played given away to the first person who called and wanted it. " The Voice and Choice of Ole Miss " received the highest honor available to a student station in 1964, when it was awarded the coveted citation of " All Station of the Year. " With studios " Atop the Fine Arts Center " the runs on a continuous basis, housing the largest broadcast journalism organization for gathering and reporting the news for air in the State. WCBH follows the Rebels, bringing live coverage of all football and basketball, both home and away games. More Ole Miss sports was broadcast over WCBH in 1965-66 than any other station. This year witnessed the WCB H staff grow from 28 to 42 members, and adding the most modern broadcast equipment available, plus a production room. Ralph Hemphill WCBH STATION MANAGER Hall of Fame Robert Sabin Montjoy, Mary Ann Hancock, Carol Susan Thomas, Eugene Love Fair, Horace Baxter Lester, Jr., James Leland Martin. James Leland Martin Carol Susan Thomas Horace Baxter Lester, Jr. Eugene Love Fair Mary Ann Hancock Robert Sabin Montjoy The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an Ole Miss student is to be selected in the Hall of Fame. Members of the Hall of Fame are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, loyalty, spirit, devotion, and service to the University. The students chosen for the 1966 Hall of Fame are Gene Fair, Editor of THE MISSISSIPPIAN; Mary Ann Hancock, Secretary of the ASB; Horace Lester, Jr., Editor of THE OLE MISS; Jim Martin, President of the ASB; Robert Montjoy, President of the Senior Class; Susan Thomas, President of the AWS. Sandra Lee Aust Marshall Goodloe Bennett Gerald Henry Blessey Secretary, Summer President, AWS; 1965 Hall of Fame; Editor, Business Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Ole Miss Y; CWENS; Kappa Manager, OLE MISS; President, Law I , Law I Class; Director, Mississippi Delta Pi; University Scholar; Committee Class; Distinguished Military Graduate; Newman Clubs; Distinguished Military of 100; Executive Council, BSU. Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Graduate; Pi Sigma Alpha; Young Blade. Democrats. who ' s Who Fred Ezell Bourn, Jr. Rees Tate Bowen Cecil Charles Brown, Jr. Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Treasurer, President, Omicron Delta Treasurer, ASB; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-President, Beta Kappa; President, Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Carrier Gamma Sigma; President, Beta Alpha Sigma Pi; President, Sigma Frater- Scholar; University Scholar; Campus Psi; Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi; Pi nity; Teaching Assistant. Senate; Committee of 100; Alpha Sigma Sigma Epsilon. Sigma. James W. Burgoon John Franklin Cole Judy Coursey Crowson Casenote Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Missis- B.S., Louisiana State University; M.S., Miss Ole Miss; 1965 Hall of Fame; sippi Law Journal; President, Phi Delta Yale University; Alpha Beta; Xi Sigma President, AWS; Mortar Board; Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Honor Coun- Pi; Rho Chi; President, Pharmacy Senior President, Panhellenic Council; cil. Class; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. President, CWENS; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll. John Lipscomb Dale Eugene Love Fair Mary Ann Hancock Omicron Delta Kappa; Secretary, Pi Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, News Secretary, ASB; Chairman, AWS Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Treas- Editor, Mississippian; Omicron Delta cial Council; Mortar Board; Hall of urer, Committee of 100; Carrier Scholar; Kappa; Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma; Hall Fame; President, CWENS; Vice-President, Am. Inst. of Chemical of Fame; Sigma Delta Chi; Lambda dent, Eta Sigma Phi. Engineers. Sigma. William B. Harlan Lou Ann Hartgraves Ralph William Hemphill President, American Pharmaceutical As- Vice-President, Mortar Board; Comptrol- Station Manager, News Director, WCBH sociation; McKesson-Robbins Leader- ler, Administrative Officer, Lieutenant radio; Attorney General, ASB; Associate ship Award; Ole Miss Pharmacist; Kap- Commander, Angel Flight; Phi Kappa Editor, Executive, News Editor, Missis- pa Psi. Phi; Honor Roll; Greek Section, OLE sippian; Campus Senate; Debate Team. MISS. Stanley Chatham Hindman Paul Hayne Johnson Donald Drummond Jones Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Business Manager, Mississippian; Presi- Beta Gamma Sigma; Vice-President, Delta; All-S. E. C. Football; All-Ameri- dent, Beta Alpha Psi; Treasurer, Vice- Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta can Football; S. E. C. Sophomore of President, Delta Sigma Pi; Omicron Sigma Pi; President, Treasurer, Omicron 1963; Permanent Football Co-Captain. Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade. Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa Phi. Horace Baxter Lester, Jr. James Sanford Love, III James Leland Martin Editor-in-Chief, Organizations Editor, President, School of Business and Gov- President, Director of Student Activities, OLE MISS; Omicron Delta Kappa; ernment; Omicron Delta Kappa; Presi- ASB; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sig- Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished MO- dent, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi; ma Pi; Committee of 100; Pi Sigma itary Student; Hall of Fame; Campus President, Vice-President, Financiers Epsilon; Miss. Assoc. of Insurance Senate. Club. Agents ' Award. Robert Sabin Montjoy John Phillip Morrow James R. Mozingo. Jr. President, 1966 Senior Class; Captain, Assistant Editor, Co-Editor, The Ole Miss B.S., Millsaps College; National Inst. of Debate Team; President Pro Tempore, Engineer; Taylor Medal in Engineering; Health Research Assistant; Teaching As- Campus Senate; Omicron Delta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Treasurer, Pi Beta sistant; Pharmacy Representative to Hall of Fame; Vice-President, Pi Sigma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Rho Sigma. Executive Council, Assoc. Grad. Stu- Alpha. dents. Mho ' s ho James Basil Potts Glenda Rawson Karen Sue Rich Vice-President of Band, Florence State Assistant Editor, Class Editor, OLE MISS; President, Student Education Associa- College; Executive Council of Associ- Secretary, Panhellenic Council; Campus tion; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa ated Graduate Students, University of Senate; CWENS; 1965 Editor of the Phi; CWENS; Mortar Board; Secretary, Mississippi; M.A., George Peabody Col- Year, Kappa Delta Sorority. Kappa Delta Pi; Devotional Chairman, lege. BSU. Robert Emmet Seibels Julia Toy Simpson Dolores Ann Smith President, Secretary, Ole Miss Y; Sec- Secretary, 1966 Senior Class; Treasurer, President, Mortar Board; Secretary, retary, Scabbard and Blade; Omicron President ' s Council, AWS; President, AWS; Society Editor, Mississippian; Delta Kappa; Military Editor, OLE MISS; Treasurer, Women ' s Recreation Associa- Editor, Mississippi Magazine; CWENS; Publicity Committee Chairman, Commit- tion; President, Secretary, Isom Dormi- University Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta. tee of 100. tory. Carol Susan Thomas David Kent Wells Jimmie Sue Walker Miss Ole Miss; President, AWS; Secre- Colonel Rebel; President, " M " Club; President, Treasurer, Phi Beta Lambda; tary, AWS Judicial Council; Alpha Campus Senate; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Vice-President, Phi Gamma Lambda Delta; CWENS; Mortar Board; Scabbard and Blade; All-S. E. C. Aca- Nu; Treasurer, Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Campus Senate; President, Hefley Dor- demic Football Team; Distinguished Treasurer, Mortar Board; CWENS. mitory, Hall of Fame. Military Student. Jesse Lamar White Stirling Bacot Williams Phi Kappa Phi; President, Vice-Presi- Phi Delta Kappa; President, Undergrad- dent, Secretary, IFC; President, Vice- uate President, Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Eta President, Senior Advisor, Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta. Kappa; Non-Service Fellowship. First Row: John Arnett, Larry Baygents, David Boyd, Jane Catherine Custy, James Davis, Robert Frasier, Robert Guyton, James Hamilton. Second Row: James S. Hicks, Mary Hummel, Richard Laura Justice, Lloyd Kitchens, James Lockard, James McGraw, John McLaurin. Third Row: Fred Massey, Linn Murphree, Robert Russell, Jeffrey Lloyd Sauls, Daniel Scarbrough, Nathan Shappley, Timothy Dale Shaw, Bernard Shipp. Fourth Row: Van Temple, Larry Underwood, William Chadwick Wood, Allen Yates. Not Pitctured: John Gayden, Stanley Hindman, Virginia Phillips, John Porter. Robert Guyton Richard Joseph Mimi Hummel Jeff Sauls Linn Murphree Premedical students maintaining a 3.00 average over three semesters may be awarded membership in Alpha Epsilon Delta. The international premedical honor society was organized to encourage excellence in premedical work by furnishing a goal toward which the student may strive during the early semes ters of his or her premedical career and to advance the interests of students in this field. At present there are over ten thousand members in the sixty-one active chap- ters in colleges and universities in the United States. The Mississippi Beta Chapter was established in 1938 and serves to give public recognition of past accomplishments to the premedical student by extending an invitation to membership. This chapter also serves as an organization of common interests, fellowship, and friendship among premedical and predental students. The objectives of the society are to encourage excellence in premedical work by furnishing a goal toward which the student may strive during the early semesters of his or her premedical career; to bind together similarly interested students; and to bridge the gap between the spirit of the premedical school and that of the School of Medicine. William Basham Donald Hood Jerry Kellum Seven major productions permeated the year ' s agenda under the sponsorship of Alpha Psi Omega: " Cat On a Hot Tin Roof " , " Rhinocerous " , " Come Blow Your Horn " , " Henry IV, Part I " , " The Glass Menagerie " , " How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying " , and " Antigone " . The members of the fraternity are the backbone of the year ' s productions as they serve as actors, scene designers, and committee chairmen. More specifically, Alpha Psi Omega forms the nucleus of the University Theatre. In addition to the major productions, Alpha Psi Omega has sponsored an Experimental Theatre, presenting new plays each week to the University. Alpha Psi Omega was founded in 1925 as a national honorary dramatic to recognize and reward all phases of student participation in college play productions, and is the largest national college organization in any depart- mental field, with 350 collegiate chapters and a total membership of 20,000. In order to be eligible for membership in Alpha Psi Omega, a student must have participated in dramatic productions with a minimum of acting, stagecraft, and other workshop activity as prescribed in the national constitution of the fraternity. First Row: William E. Basham, Bonita Butterfield, Susan Carruth, Hervey Graham. Second Row: Robert A. Holder, Anne Marley, Doris Redmon, Ford Williams. Not Pictured: Nancy Crews, Donald Hood, James Hurdle, William Jones, Jerrol Kellum, Robert Regalbuto, Nathaniel Robbins, Emil Schulte, Richard Sheffield. First Row: James Addleton, Larry Arnold, Fred Bourn, Rees Bowen, Richard Coleman, Thomas Dewey Crowson, Dale Duckworth, Don Fruge. Second Row: John Gary, Otis Jean Grayson, Anthony Earl Hale, William Madison Hope, David Houston, Robert Jac kson, Paul Hayne Johnson, Donald Jones. Third Row: Shelby Miller, William Regan, Frederick Schramm, Kenneth Simmons, Jacquelyn Stahlman, Michael Byron Taylor, William White. Not Pictured: Walter Barkley, Nancy Kilpatrick, James Pryor. Paul Johnson Donny Jones Don Barkley Nancy Kilpatrick Larry Arnold James W Davis The national honorary and professional fraternity in the field of accounting was founded at the University of Illinois in 1919. Alpha Theta Chapter, one of the 64 outstanding chapters nationwide, was installed at the• University, of Mississippi in 1951. The fraternity was established for the purpose of and fostering the ideals of scholarship and service as the basis of the accounting profession and for developing high moral, scholastic, and standards for its members and the profession in general. The fraternity limits its membership to outstanding upperclassmen in accounting who have demonstrated their scholastic ability and high moral character. Prospective members must be an accounting major, have completed 12 hours in accounting with a 3.0 average, have an over-all 2.5 average, and have made a " B " or better in either Accounting 205 or 206. Fraternity activities include regular meetings with guest speakers, initiation banquets for new members, and the presentation of financial awards to its members for excellence in accounting. David Houston Fred Bourn Dr. Ben McNew The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. This national scholastic honor society is for men and women in schools of commerce and business administration. Members of Beta Gamma Sigma are students with high scholarship in the School of Commerce. To be eligible for membership, seniors must be in the upper ten per cent of their class and must have acc omplished a grade average of not less than 3.2. Second semester juniors with exceptionally high scholastic standing are also eligible. This society stands for the highest principles of studies and has its purpose the promotion of interest and scholarship in the Commerce School. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage high scholarship and to foster high ideals in business. Chapters of this honor society are established only in institutions which are members of the American Association of Schools of Business. First Row: Fred Bourn, Thomas Dewey Crowson, John Gary, Ant hony Earl Hale, David Houston. Second Row: Donald Jones, Nick Mayer, Virginia M. Reed, Michael Byron Taylor, Michael Taylor, Patty Wigginton. Not Pitcured: Walter Barkley, Robert Genin, Lewis Powell, Arthur Ray, Frederick Roberts, Jimmie Walker. First Row: Brenda Boyce, Jan Campbell, Lee Patricia Chinn, Joan Colvin, Leigh Davidson, Nora Finklea, Rebecca Floyd. Second Row: Nancy K. Foose, Judith Harper, Patricia Home, Carolyn Patricia Mixon, Laura Morgan, Ellen O ' Neal, Amanda B. Povall. Third Row: Kathy Richardson, Effie Russell, Susan Sharpe, Katherine Shaw, Jan Singleton, Frances Holmes Smith, Winnifred Smith, Katie Speakes. Fourth Row: Martha Stansel, Sallie Thomas, Linda Vann, Leslie Westbrook, Jane Wilson, Carol Work. Not Pictured: Celia Maxey. Amanda Povall Susan Sharpe Nancy Katherine Foose Carol Work Carolyn Maxwell " Cwen " is Anglo-Saxon meaning " lady " and after much discussion this name was chosen for the sophomore honor society for women at the University of Pittsburgh, November 17, 1922. The fourth chapter to be installed was Iota at the University of Mississippi on March 1, 1941. Iota developed from a service organization known as " Triads " which was founded at Ole Miss in 1937. Now entering its 25th year, activities of the year have included: encourage- ment of study and extracurricular activities for freshmen, social service projects, special birthday cake service, hostessing. Selection of new members highlights the spring semester. Any bona fide woman student of the University of Mississippi is eligible for active membership in the spring of her freshman year provided she has main- tained at least a 2.5 average, has shown a marked interest in the student activi- ties of the women ' s campus organizations and of the student body as a whole, has shown evidence of constructive leadership, and has exemplified the true Ole Miss spirit in her relations with fellow students, faculty, and administration. Fred Bourn Paul Johnson John Reed Jesse Tutor Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, the second-largest professional fraternity in the United States, was established at the University of Mississippi in 1927. Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University ' s School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, on November 7, 1907. Delta Sigma Pi is organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation be- tween the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a high standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Delta Sigma Pi conducts programs with prominent speakers from the business world, and promotes discussions and films about important topics of interest to commerce students. Membership is limited to men in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who meet the necessary scholastic requirements and are ap- proved by the fraternity. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is for life. Among the 50,000 alumni of Delta Sigma Pi are some of this nation ' s most outstanding business leaders. First Row: Ronald Aschermann, Fred Beard, Fred Bourn, James Campbell, Keith Clingman, Lawrence Dudley, Tommy Ford, Don Fruge. Second Row: Edward William Madison Hope, David Paul Hayne Johnson, William P. Johnson, Morris Keesee, Charles Lemaster, James Love. Third Row: Marcus Love, James Martin, Charles Nelson, James Nelson, Robert Parker, Eugene Pearson, Joseph A. Perrault, Jr., Fred Peyton, William Pool. Fourth Row: Vance Randall, Chester Redditt, John F. Reed, Jr., Lloyd Roberts, Albert Simmons, Larry Thompson, Jesse Tutor, James Watkins, Fred Wilson. Not Pictured: Sidney Abdalla, John Burleson, James McArthur, Lewis Powell, James Pryor, Leland Russell, Tommy Walman. First Row: Judith Ann Adams, Alice Bellshot, Sandra Bowen, Patricia Cole, Myra J. Coursey Jane Hammond, Mary Ann Hancock, Barbara Harris. Second Row: Lou Ann Hartgraves, Dixie Elise Hickman, Jean Chambless Johnson, Jane Lambdin, Dorothy Landry, Gail Livingston, Rose Marie O ' Neill, Doris Baley Pennington. Third Row: Doris Redmon, Karen Sue Rich, Dolores Smith, Susan Thomas, Donna White, Jean Wiley. Not Pictured: Sally Shuttleworth. Mortar Board member Gail Livingston talks with Dean Rea and Miss Julia Waits. Dolores Smith Lou Ann Hartgraves Alice Bellshot Sandy Bowen Pat Cole When the colors silver and gold begin flickering, it symbolizes " Opportunity and Achievement " to the women of Mortar Board. The organization was founded in 1918 at Syracuse University, and established its local chapter, Tassels, on the Ole Miss campus in 1936. " Service, Scholarship, and Leadership, " is the motto of the 117 chapters of Mortar Board in colleges throughout the nation. Activities of the society are evidenced by: selling Mortar Board calendars, providing a schedule of the year ' s activities at Ole Miss; wearing white blazers with the Mortar Board crest to make the campus aware of those girls who have reached the high standard for membership in the organization; co-sponsoring with Omicron Delta Kappa, the ODK-Mortar Board Forum Series, which brings outstanding speakers to the Ole Miss campus; sponsoring special Christmas party for needy families in the campus district; preparing a " summer reading list, " including books suggested by professors on campus, to be sent to high school students who have applied to Ole Miss for the next year; planning a " Smarty Party " to honor all students who have made a 3.0 average during the first semester ' s work; and, ushering at campus functions. Omicron Delta Kappa- Mortar Board Forum Series have brought to the campus this year such speakers as Marvin Kalb, Gerald Ford, J. P. Coleman, Pierre Mendes-France, Vera Micheles Dean. Membership is limited to those senior women maintaining a 3.0 average during five semesters of college work, who have evidenced outstanding quali- ties of leadership in participation of campus activities, and who have a definite record of service to the University of Mississippi. The purpose of Mortar Board is: promoting college loyalty; advancing spirit of service and fellowship among university women; maintaining a high standard of scholarship; recognizing leadership; and developing a finer type of college women. Dolores Smith MORTAR BOARD PRESIDENT The officers of Mortar Board are: Seated: Sandy Bowen, Dolores Smith, Lou Ann Hartgraves. Pat Cole, Alice Bellshot. Donald Jones Jim O ' Mara Tom S. Hines David Houston Donald Jones ODK PRESIDENT Chartered at the University in February of 1936, Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary organization which recognizes men for outstanding leadership and scholarship, is considered the highest honor a male can receive at the University. The original chapter was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold: first, to recog- nize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. In order for a man to be considered for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, he must earn a certain number of points. A man receives points for- activities in the following areas of student life: Scholarship, Athletics, Student Publications and Speech, Music and Dramatic Arts. Although Omicron Delta Kappa is primarily an honorary organization, it per- forms many servies to the University and its students. The principal project is the forum series, sponsored in conjunction with Mortar Board, which brings nationally and internationally known figures to the campus to speak on pertinent topics. Omicron Delta Kappa-Mortar Board Forum Series have brought to the campus this year such speakers as Marvin Kalb, Gerald Ford, I. P. Coleman, Pierre Mendes-France, and Vera Micheles Dean. Another service of Omicron Delta Kappa is its Foreign Scholarship Fund which is awarded to one of the foreign students on campus who meets certain standards and who is in need of financial assistance. Officers for second semester include David Houston, Treasurer; Jim O ' Mara, Vice-President; Donald Jones, President; Mr. Tom Hines, Faculty Secretary; Mr. Roscoe Cross, Advisor. Rees Bowen served as President first semester. First Row: Stephen Leeds Beach, III, Marshall Bennett, Leonard Blackwell, Gerald Blessey, Fred Bourn, Rees Bowen, David Boyd, Donnie Brock. Second Row: Cecil Brown, David Bryant, James Burgoon, John Dale, Dale Duckworth, William Ellington, Eugene Fair, Robert Galloway. Third Row: Charles John Girard, Robert Gutyon, Anthony Earl Hale, David Houston, Donald Jones, Markus Krauss, Horace Lester, James Love. Fourth Row: James Martin, Nick Mavar, Robert Montgomery, Robert Montjoy, Frank Moore, John Morrow, Linn Murphree, Aubrey Nichols. Fifth Row: Buddy Nichols, James W. O ' Mara, James Peden, Bernard Puckett, Don Scott, Wesley Sebren, Robert Seibels, Howard Mattox Stroud. Sixth Row: Toby Wallace, Harry Watson, Benjamin Weathersby, David Kent Wells, Jesse White, Roy Williams, Stirling Williams, Allen Yates. Not Pictured: Charles Boren, Deline, William Eubank, Cyril Faneca, Stanley Hindman, Paul Johnson, Hugh Love, William Sumrall, Robert Weems. Robert Guyton PHI ETA SIGMA PRESIDENT Two members of Phi Eta Sigma check freshmen grades. Robert Guyton Jimmy Currie Holmes Adams Bruce Atkinson Jesse White Having been originally founded at the University of Illinois, March 22, 1923, Phi Eta Sigma, the national honorary society for freshman men, has at the present time over 121 chapters. Beta Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was established on the Ole Miss campus in 1929. The sole purpose of the society is the recognition of outstanding academic achievement and it encompasses all fields of academic pursuit, from history to physics, from economics to theology. Members are chosen from among those freshmen whose over-all grade point average is above a 3.5, either at the end of their freshman year or at the end of their first semester at the University. As Phi Eta Sigma is the highest attainable honor by a freshman, he retains active membership throughout his four college years. Two major functions during this year were the " Freshman Honor Party " , spon- sored in conjunction with Alpha Lambda Delta, and Spring initiation. First Row: Holmes Adams, James Armstrong, John Bruce John William Barrett, Fred David Billings, William Bland, David Bomboy, Fred Bourn, David Boyd, Cecil Brown. Second Row: Kenneth Brown, David Bryant, William Callender, John William Clinton, Alton Corban, James Currie, Franklin Eubanks, Eugene Fair, Nathan D. Feibelman, III, Robert Frasier, Norman Donald F. Gober. Third Row: Robert Guyton, Warren Hiatt, David Donald Hutchinson, William P. Johnson, Donald Jones, Jones, Hilliard Jordan, Richard Jordan, Richard Joseph, James McFarlane, William Manifold. Fourth Row: Davis Manning, Charles The officers of Phi Eta Sigma: Robert Guyton, President; Holmes Secretary; Jimmy Currie, Vice - President; Bruce Atkinson, Jesse White, Senior Advisor. Charles Merkel, Thomas Montgomery, John Morrow, Linn Murphree, Budy Nichols, William O ' Mara, Paul Merrel Parish, Wilson Pearson, James Peden, William Pool, Robert Russell. Fifth Row: Jeffrey Lloyd Sauls, Daniel Scarbrough, William Scott, Robert Pickett Scruggs, Wesley Sebren, Nathan Shappley, John H. Shows, Albert Simmons, ' Gary Stewart, Berkley Traughber, Jesse Tutor, Toby Wallace. Sixth Row: Harry Watson, Benjamin Weathersey, Jesse White, William Chadwick Wood. Not Pictured: William Aden, Michael Boland, Larry Bourland, Larry Cunningham, James Lindsey, Lewis Powell, John Sanders, Walter Shackelford, David Williams. First Row: Jimmy Carter, Glenn Duty, John Einhaus, Hervy Michael Hunter, George Henry Jue, Chester Patton. Second Row: James Pinkerton, James Pittman, John Reeves, David Shelton, Harold Sloas, Larry Smitherman. Third Row: Alfred Speed. Not Pictured: Robert Boyd, David Bozone, Claude Kibble, Sidney Morgan, Charles Parker, John Sanders, John Treuting. William Patton George Jue Hal Sloas Larry Smitherman The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Chi was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1927. Two years later, in 1929, the fraternity became inactive and was not reactivated until 1951. Students who are outstanding in the School of Pharmacy may join the pharmaceutical fraternity, Phi Delta Chi. It is a national fraternity which was first established at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1833. The men in the chapter symbolize the two-fold purpose of the fraternity: brotherhood and hard work. The high ideals of the pharmacy profession have been fostered through their good fellowship and cooperation. The group works together to keep these standards high. Phi Delta Chi performs many services to the School of Pharmacy and its students. The principal project is the bookstore operated for the pharmacy students. Phi Delta Chi also has various exhibits during Pharmacy Day each year. Although books, pills, powders, and labs occupy a great part of their time, the men also participate in social activities. The Phi Delta Chis hold various social functions during the year which prove that work and play can be successfully. Dr. Frank A. Anderson Dr. Charles E. Noyes Dr. Ben B. McNew Dr. Lee N. Bolen The University of Mississippi Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, national honorary scholastic fraternity, was chartered in 1959. The chapter admits to membership juniors and seniors of superior scholastic attainment. They must have a average of 3.7 for 75-90 hours, and 3.5 for more than 90 hours. Phi Kappa Phi recognizes scholarship in all areas of academic endeavor, and election by the University ' s chapter signifi es the highest scholastic achievement. The fraternity elects members twice yearly. The spring semester initiation is followed by a banquet, honoring all members elected during the academic session. The banquet is marked by an address given by a distinguished visitor. Each year at Commencement exercises Phi Kappa Phi presents a scroll and the sum of $50.00 to the graduating senior who has achieved the highest four- year scholastic average in the University. Each fall Phi Kappa Phi presents a $25.00 savings bond to the freshman student who maintained the highest academic average of the preceding year. First Row: Stephen Leeds Beach, III, Asit Kumar Jahorlal Bej, Alice Bellshot, Anthony Earl Hale, Barbara Harmon, Jo Dent Hodge, Hilliard Jordan, Gertrude Klenner. Second Row: James Lewis, Manifold, Nick Mavar, Charles Merkel, John Morrow, Aubrey Nichols, James Peden, James Pinson. Third Row: Harry Watson, Benjamin Weathersby, Jesse White, Kathy Williams, Kay Stirling Willams, John Yeates. Not Pictured: Robert P. Bowman, John J. Brion, Clyde A. Ellis, Alexander F. McKeigney, Woodie L. Mason, Velia A. Mayer, David B. Wilson, Robert F Farmigoni, Jimmie S. Walker, Richard H. Russell, Patricia L. Dyre, Dorothy E. Hall, Barbara Harthcock, Eleanor L. Jackson, Sherry A. Williams, William T. Cochran, Arthur E. Wallace H. Andrews, Bernard G. Keller, Richard P. Nord, Beverly G. Robinson, Ralph E. Abraham, Peter E. Dorsett, Donald L. Urbani. First Row: Victor Frank Boone, John William Clinton, John Dale, Stephen Foose, Kenneth Hale, Patton B. Harrison. Second Row: Bobby Lantrip, Charles Robert McRae, John Morrow, Glenn Poiencot, Ronnie Spencer Roberts, Eugene Smith. Third Row: Maurice Stringer. Not Pictured: Theodore Bean, Sid Boren, Newton Gill, Dennis Marrel Donald Urbani. Ronnie S. Roberts John W. Clinton John L. Dale John P. Morrow Desiring to be incorporated in Tau Beta Pi Association, the National Engineering Honor Society, the Pi Beta Tau Association was formed at the University of Mississippi in the Spring of 1963 by the School of Engineering for the purpose of marking in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in the field of engineering. Eligibility for membership in the Pi Beta Tau Association is determined by excellence shown in scholarship, character, personality and practicality. The seniors must rank in the upper fifth of their class and the juniors in the upper eighth of their class in the School of Engineering. The fields of engineering are Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Geological and Mechanical Engineering. This year the association has done much to create and develop a spirit of unity and activity among those in the fields of the engineering profession. The colors of the fraternity portray themselves in public service work as the Information Booth on Engineering Day and Big Brother Student Advisers. James Peden Robert Montjoy Tommy Walman Dr. Robert Anderson " Proposal for Public Defendant System, " was the topic chosen by guest speaker Thomas R. Etheridge, former United States Attorney, in an address to members of Pi Sigma Alpha at the University of Mississippi, being of speakers during the Fall Session. Pi Sigma Alpha, an honorary political science fraternity, has monthly meetings at which outstanding guest speakers from the fields of government and political science address and discuss current issues with the fraternity. At the University of Texas in 1920, Pi Sigma Alpha was founded. Today it has expanded into more than 70 chapters with a membership exceeding 10,000. For membership a person must show a manifest interest in political science, an academic excellence (a " B " average in at least 12 hours of political science), and must show a promise of future achievement. Rising to the forefront are the two main objectives of Pi Sigma Alpha: (1) the recognition of superior academic ability in the fields of political science and government at the University of Mississippi; and (2) the stimulation for more productive scholarship and intelligent interest in the subjects of government and political science. First Row: James Anderson, Gerald Blessey, Edwin Tharp Cofer, Ronald K. Cole, Anna Cox, William Garlic, Gerald Goodwin Gunter. Second Row: Billy Hill, Susan Kees, Jane Lambdin, Howard Owen Leach, John Lippincott, Jerome Lohrmann, Gilmore Martin. Third Row: George Monroe, Robert Frank Moore, James Peden, Chat Sue, Middleton Wootten. First Row: Stephen Elkins, Eugene Fair, Ralph Hemphill, Thomas Houston, Joseph McCarty. Second Row: Charles Overby, William B. Rochelle, Joseph White, Richard Wilcox, James Willis. Not Lynn Dunlap, William Greer. Tommy Houston Billy Greer Richard Wilcox Joe McCarty Dr. S. S. Talbert The Ole Miss chapter of Sigma Delta Chi was founded in 1963. Sigma Delta Chi is a worldwide organization of men engaged in every field of journalism. The purpose of the society is to promote high ideals in journalism, to attract able young men to the field, and to advance the cause of freedom of information through the various fields of journalism. Sigma Delta Chi sponsors such activities as the Mississippi Magazine, high school press institute, and awards to outstanding student journalists. Members of the organization attended the national convention in Los Angeles and the regional convention in Birmingham. The group has also participated in projects with both the Memphis and Jackson professional chapters. Sigma Delta Chi also sponsored open house at the journalism department during all home football games and assisted the journalism department with the annual high school " Freedom of the Press " essay contest. Sigma Delta Chi serves to keep the profession ' s standards on a high ethical and technical level. Requirements for membership include above average academic standing, and a sincere desire to enter the professional field of journalism. First Row: Dianna Brummett, Carolyn Martha Caldwell, Betty Carlisle, Julie Epps. Second Row: Kaye Foster, Daisy Hale, Judith Harper, Judy Magee, Carolyn Maxwell. Third Row: Patricia Mixon, Marinell Moore, Kathy Richardson, Effie Russell, Carol Work. Not Pictured: Dorothy Vickery. Denise Caldwell Diane Hale Martha Caldwell Marinell Moore The Christmas tea and the spring initiation banquet are the highlights of the year for Alpha Lambda Delta, the honorary society for freshmen women. To be eligible for membership, a co-ed must maintain a 3.5 average for the entire year. Alpha Lambda Delta has set forth as its purpose the encouragement of superior scholastic attainment among freshmen women, and the promotion of a high standard of learning. The status of Alpha Sigma Sigma dropped to a new bottom this year. Still flushed with their successes of the past, the fat and sassy began by signing up for the bowling league, expecting to wipe up, only to find that it was not their game when none of the brothers were able to crack 69. But the All ' s, as usual, turned the other cheek to gross insults. Do not make the mistake, however, of thinking that the are all dumb— the chapter, in fact, is replete with smart . Pledges who do not make their grades are designated as half. The future looks as bright as the half moon, as a commodious new chapter (out)house is planned. First Row: Thomas George Armour, Leonard Gerald Blessey, Fred Bourn, Cecil Brown, William H. Brown, Jr., John Easley, Eugene Fair. Second Row: Ralph Hemphill, Horace Lester, Douglas B. Lewis, William Beck Lipscomb, Ignatius Luckett, James Robert Montjoy, Marian Paschall. Third row: Claude Powell, Robert Taft Renfro, Lloyd Roberts, Elliott Schlottman, Don Scott, Jack Townes, Jesse White, Allen Yates. Not Pictured: Cyril Faneca, William Gottshall, Griffin Harrell, Ben Mistilis, Charles Myers, Samuel Phillips, Lewis Powell. Tack Townes Griffin Harrell Cy Faneca First Row: Judith Ann Adams, Barbara Bailey, Linda Bowling, Wanda Jean Brewer, Rosa R. Elizabeth Chapman Carter, Mary E. Cauthen, Judith Colvin. Second Row: Linda Hanberry, Elinor Haney, Nancy Harrison, Katherine Henry, Robena Kendrick, Sandra Vermeil Knight, Jane Ramsay, Effie Russell. Third Row: Sharon Snider, Dianne Steel, Kay Thompson, Karen Weeks. Not Pictured: Cooke. Kathy Henry Wanda Brewer Sandra Knight Betty Cauthen Judy Colvin Men and women in office administration may become affiliated with Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, founded at the University of Mississippi in 1951. Epsilon Gamma Epsilon emphasizes four phases of activity—the professional, the fra- ternal, the honorary, and the social. Its chief purpose is to promote the ideals and concepts of higher education in office administration which will contribute to the preparation of men and women for office occupations and for teaching in the field of business education. Membership in the organization is based on character, leadership, and scholarship. Stirling B. Williams, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Barrett Karen Sue Rich Binford T. Nash Budding out into nearly 300 chapters since its founding at the University of Illinois in 1911, Kappa Delta Pi, honor society in education, fosters high professional, intellectual, and personal standards. The Zeta Eta Chapter at the of Mississippi was installed May 10, 1947. Functioning as the oldest chapter in the state, Zeta Eta of Kappa Delta Pi presents annually the Senior Award, Military Instruction Award, Loan Fund, assists with educational conferences, and publishes its own newsletter for alumni. First Row: Sandra Aust, Mary Barrett, Clyde Combs, Diana Dowd Davis, Linda Lee Dunn. Second Row: Sarah Elizabeth Garner, Dlila Huffman, Jean Chambless Johnson, Emory Jones, Barbara Kay Moore. Third Row: Rose Marie O ' Neill, Karen Sue Rich, Jill Watson, Kay Williams, Stirling Williams. Not Thomas Reddick. First Row: Fred Anderson, Pat Barrett, Blessey, Rees Bowen, Richard Anthony Burke, Gary Lee Carnathan, Wade James Albert Dale, III, Oscar Davis. Second Row: Earl Denney, William Jimmy Blaine Fisher, George Fleming, Cecil Ford, Alexander Gates, Paul Haynes, Thomas Hendrix, Lafayette Wilburn. Third Row: David Hunt, Howard Owen Leach, Robert D. Lee, Clayton Taylor Lewis, George McIngvale, George Monroe, Robert Joseph Harold Montgomery, H. Mounger, Jr. Fourth Row: Aubrey Nichols, William Rainey, Allan Shackelford, David Smith, Joshua St evens, Michael Byron Taylor, David Thomas, James Walsh, Wren Carroll Way, Samuel Wilkins. Not Pictured: Billy Funderburk, Charles Gear, John William Harvey, William Joyner, Frank Way, Clyde Ratcliff, Frederick Roberts, John Shelton, John Sims, Richard Taylor, Frank Thackston, James Tucker, Robert Weems, William Weems. Bob Montgomery Aubrey Nichols Jimmy Wood Bob Weems Phi Alpha Delta is a national Greek letter law fraternity founded in 1898 by a group of law students at the Chicago College of Law. Lamar Chapter was estab- lished here at Ole Miss in 1946 and was named for L. Q. C. Lamar, one of Mississippi ' s leading statesmen of the past. The association from which Phi Alpha Delta grew was originally a loose-knit group of chapters banded together as Lambda Epsilon. In 1902, Lambda Epsilon was dissolved and the present name of Phi Alpha Delta was adopted. Student chapters are located only in Class-A law schools which are members of the Association of American Law Schools. Membership in this fraternity is obtained by those who fulfill the necessary scholarship and character qualifications. Phi Delta Phi, international legal fraternity, had its inception in December, 1869, at the University of Michigan, when a group of students in the law depart- ment, recognizing a need for a fraternity of lawyers, organized the first Inn whi ch was also the first professional fraternity in America. Mayes Inn, the Student Inn here at the University of Mississippi was chartered in 1927. The fraternity is founded on the principles of high scholarship and culture, opposition to corrupt practices, and rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics. First Row: Jesse Akers, William Henry Barbour, Jr., Arnold Blackwell, Leonard James Burgoon, William Callender, Evan Davis, Phil Dunnaway. Second Row: Robert Galloway, James George, Scott Hemleben, Elbert C. Hodge, Jr., Markus Krauss, Nick Mavar, Charles Merkel, Frank Moore. Third Row: James W. O ' Mara, Tommy Bott Rogers, Ben Smith, Howard Matlox Stroud, Thomas Bernard Tenfelde, Eugene C. Tullos, Robert K. Upchurch, Roy Williams. Not Pictured: Guthrie Abbott, James Backstrom, William Barr, Thomas Gardner, John Robert Khayat, Don Lacy, Hugh Love, George Noe, Arthur Ray. James W. Burgoon, Len Blackwell Robert Upchurch James S George First Row: Kathy Abraham, Katherine Abraham, Douglas Allen, Clara Dean Cox, Janet Deare, Nora Finklea. Second Row: Dorothy Ford, Jane Hammond, Dixie Elise Hickman, Kathryn K. Kelley, Pamela Leach, Amy Jo Smith. Third Row: Lila Smith, Winnifred Smith, Linda Steele, Barbara Straus, Wooten. Not Pictured: Jane Zinn. Linda Steele Clara Deane Cox Virginia Abraham Nora Finklea Famous musicians visiting through invitation of " Artist Series " at the of Mississippi are met by members of Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary musical fraternity, which seeks to promote the highest ideals of a musical educa- tion. Sigma Alpha Iota annually sponsors " Sing Song " competition among Greek organizations, and regular fall and spring musicales. Membership is limited to women who are majors or minors in music, show exceptional music ability, possess a high scholastic rating, and are recom- mended by the faculty of the Department of Music. James Ryan Moore Barbara Harmon Hallie Kimborough Highlighting the year for Sigma Delta Pi, national honorary Spanish society, along with its Spring initiation was the reception held for Dr. Torres-Rioseco, Hispanic professor brought to Ole Miss under the Longest Lecture Series. Delta Iota Chapter at Ole Miss was established in May, 1957, about 48 years after original founding at the University of California. The purpose of the organization is to promote, in colleges and universities, a live interest in the language, literature, and culture of Spain and other Spanish- speaking lands. First Row: Barbara Harmon, Hallie James Robert Madison, James Ryan Moore. Second Row: Margaret Lynne Peteet, Gaby Teichert, Kathy Williams. Not Pictured: Elizabeth Williams. organIZATIONS 113 Front Row: William Gafford, George Buck, Robert A. Herring, III, Robert Lyle France, David Tootle, John Cox. Second Row: Charles T. White, Jackie Herring, Matthew Wunsch, John H. Hunsacker, Jr., George Cox. Third Row: Edwin Tharp Cofer, Thomas Storey, William S. Ray, James Coggin. Not Pictured: Stephen Leeds Beach, II, Charles Breath, Winston Davis, James David Alan Lucas, Jack Mayfield, James Randle, Donald Ray Stacey, Michael Ziliak. Bill Gafford Walter Shackelford Billy Greer Don Barkley Students who wish to be of service to their fellow man may join Alpha Phi Omega, a National Service Fraternity. Students who have been affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America sometime during their life are eligibile for The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is service to the campus, community, and nation. At Ole Miss, members cf Epsilon Omega Chapter serve as ushers for many campus events, provide a Student Ride Board, work with the March of Dimes, and operate the Student Book Exchange, where students may buy and sell their textbooks at student prices. The members also work with the Scouts of this area by sponsoring an annual Explorer Rifle Match and Career Day, assisting in camporees, and serving as leaders in scout units. The cardinal principles of Alpha Phi Omega are Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Eric Streed Mike Nash Morgan Ray Ron Newberry The Ole Miss student section of ASME has as its purpose the promotion of professional development and contact with practicing mechanical engineers. This is accomplished by field trips and a diversified speaker program. This year field trips were taken to the U. S. Steel plant in Birmingham and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. Speakers from wide ranging fields were heard at the monthly meetings. Some of these representatives were from I.B.M. Federal Systems Division, Humble Oil and Texaco (Petroleum Industry), Texas Eastman Corporation and DuPont (Chemical Industry), and U.S. Steel From this program the members gained an insight into the engineering profession. The chapter had an active part in Engineering Day activities with projects and displays on exhibit. These projects were mostly the work of senior students and gave university and visiting students a better understanding of engineer- ing principles. Each year several members participate in regional and national competition by presentation of original papers. These papers have a subject of the student ' s choice and are presented before the Society at its regional and national meet- ings. By these means the ASME fulfills its purpose, guiding the students of mechanical engineering. Front Row: Dr. J. R. Macdonald, Faculty Advisor; Matthew Wunsch, Gerald Frazier, Roger Mauzey, Richard Clinton, Mike McElhaney, Martin McGee, Glenn Poiencot. Second Row: Powell Prewett, Ronald Milner, Roger Carl Johnson, Rodney Bevill, Michael Inman, John Boling, Ronald Newberry, Eric Streed. Third Row: Claude Ladner, Michael Edgar Caples, Morgan Ray, Henry Babers, Connie McElwain, John Gower, Donald Stacy. Front Row: Anita Waller, Theresa Stovall, Mary Grace Peck, Sandra Aust, Patricia Worley, Linda Vann, Anita Grimes, Katherine Mann, Dianna Brummett. Second Row: Marlene Turner, Lila Smith, Sylvia Mayfield, Rita Joy Fitchett, Judy Hester, Sue Windsor, Patricia Sumners, Susan Ladner. Third Row: Hazel Barnes, Bettye Fountain, Mary Alice Eubanks, Merry Purvis, Jane Collins, M. Leavell, Virginia Anderson, Charlene Chiles, Julian Fagan. Fourth Row: Lu Hill, Karen Sue Rich, Jo Ellen Nettles, Franklin Eubanks, Bruce Maurice R. Brett, Charlie F. Ward, Jr., Thomas James S. Netherton. Fifth Row: Charles Overby, Grover Caloway, Joseph B. Walker, Ralph Embry, Sohnie Reese, Leland Hurt, Lee Schilling, Leonard Gatewood. Sohnie Reese Dixie Hickman Mary Grace Peck Sylvia Mayfield The Baptist Student Union is a youth organization of Baptists in higher of learning; co llege, graduate school, technical school, or professional school. You become a member of BSU when you join the local Baptist church or any unit of church activity. The units of our BSU are Sunday School, Training Union, Y.W.A. and Brotherhood. The BSU functions in and through the local church b ut centers its planning and leadership in an Executive Council on the campus. Any Baptist student is eligible for nomination to this Council. We also function through the Mississippi Baptist Student Convention and through our Southern Baptist Convention with its worldwide youth activities. The BSU serves the college community by promoting Bible study, prayer, church membership, denominational loyalty and Kingdom advancement. The Baptist Student Union is the church at work on the campus. Designed for the purpose of helping college students grow in their relationship with Christ, the BSU sponsors activities that will provide such growth. With its emphasis on daily devotional meetings, prayer partners, consistent Bible study, church loyalty and maximum Christianity, the BSU strives to make Christ more real to the Baptists on our campus. Buzzy Clayton Jim Dukes Kyle Chandler III In 1927 the Cardinal Club was organized as a sophomore service organization and has become famous as a freshman disciplinary committee. The main pur- pose of the Cardinal Club is to instill in the freshman students enthusiastic spirit and a love for Ole Miss. This spirit was brought out in many ways by the Cardinal Club members. Under the leadership of president Buzzy Clayton, the Cardinal Club sponsored such events as the traditional freshman haircut at the beginning of the fall se- mester, and the f reshman roll call at pep rallies before football games. Along with these events the Cardinal Club sponsored the freshman pajama race, the greased pig chase, and the building of a giant bonfire before Homecoming. With the Girls ' Megaphone Club as our co-sponsors, we-enjoyed a successful year in sponsoring all these school spirit events. The Cardinal Club is looking forward to another year and the enthusiastic spirit that is sure to come. Front Row: Jon Williams, Robert Bostwick, Charles Lynch. Second Row: Hugh Clayton, Kyle James Dukes, Howard Ray. Not Pictured: William Atkinson, Jerry Dover, Wallace Frye, Edward Hargraves, Lee Hyde, Richard Noble, John Price, Eugene Taylor, Clyde Trevathan, Craig Witte. Front Row: Sarah Price, Marshall Sherman, Sharon Anne Jones, Allen Yates, Sandra Aust. Second Row: Robert Seibels, John Dale, Linn Murphree, Ralph Vance, Don Scott. Not Pictured: Dave Sharon Green, Katherine Henry, Lucie Larson, Martha Smira. Sharon A. Jones Allen R. Yates Marshall R. Sherman Sarah E. Price John L. Dale The Committee of 100, an organization of students of all faiths which repre- sents all areas of the campus community, sponsors the Religious Emphasis Speakers who are selected by the Planning Committee of the Committe of 100, standing committee of the university. The members of the Committee of 100 accept their responsibility in the knowledge that they speak for religion on the campus in bringing to the campus each month, except for the months which include examination periods, a Religious Emphasis Speaker. During their two- day visits these prominent speakers of different denominations and faiths are heard by students, faculty, and staff at convocations, in classrooms, and in dis- cussion groups in dormitories and in sorority and fraternity houses. The students make all arrangements for each speaker; they plan his schedule and consider him as their guest during his stay on the campus. The fine spirit within the Committee of 100 and the seriousness with which students from all areas of the campus accept the responsibility tend to implant within the campus community an awareness of religious activity throughout the year. Robert Montioy Jim Wilson Connie Berry Holmes Adams Intercollegiate debate is a form of intellectual competition which requires speaking ability, logic, and research. One topic is designated to be debated at all tournaments during an academic year, and competitors must constantly search for new arguments and evidence. Prizes are awarded to teams on the basis of won-lost records and to individuals according to speaker points. Ole Miss re-entered active competition in 1963 and in three years established a record of numerous victories and continuous improvement. This success has been largely due to Coach Ray Schexnider, who has worked to develop a squad capable of competing in varsity competition with more experienced teams. Patience and har d work paid off in the first half of the 1965-1966 season. With the addition of Mrs. Jerry Settoon as assistant coach and an enlarged squad, Ole Miss placed in every tournament attended. Highlights of the semester include a tie for first place at the Mississippi State Tournament, six individual awards in Youth Congress, and third place sweepstakes at the Southern Birmingham Regional Tournament. During the second semester Ole Miss will enter invita- tional tournaments in Mobile and Miami. Front Row: Wayne W. Herrington, Mrs. G. K. Settoon, Connie Berry, Katherine Shaw, Betty Carlisle, James Currie. Second Row: John Lewis, James Wilson, Robert Montjoy, William Trotter, Holmes Adams. Jimmy Love Johnny Kinard Jake Abdalla Fred Bourn James McArthur Each year the Financiers Club at the University of Mississippi takes on new significance for students interested in banking and finance. The Club was organized in the spring of 1961 with twenty-five charter mem- bers, and it is now composed of some sixty sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students. It is affiliated with the University ' s Chair of Banking, which is under the direction of Dr. Ben B. McNew and financially supported by Mississippi Bankers Association. Front Row: Frankie Cox, Munson Robert Fulton, James Leeper, Thomas Gore, Billy Turner, Dexter Barr, James McArthur, John Turner. Second Row: Edgar Ingels, Mickey Page, Joseph Gex, Larry Thompson, Fred Peyton, William Moore, William Nunnery, James Love, James Speed. Third Row: Bernie Smith, Sidney Abdalla, George Lester, Don Fruge, Lawrence Dudley, Chester Redditt, Frank DeBay, Roy Vonbargen, George Green, B. C. McNew. Fourth Row: James Wood, John Rhodes, John Kinard, Charles Swayze, John Dennis Wynn, Fred Bourn, Charles Burnett, Johnson. Not Pictured: Fred Abney, Allen Cobb, Robin Cotten, Warren Dorsey, Bryan Harper, Edward Hood, David Houston, Paul Johnson, Morris Keesee, William Lipscomb, Joseph Lotterhos, Dorsey McCay, Wallace McMillian, John Neville, Robert Parker, Vance Randall, Roderick Russ, Jack Townes, William Gottshall, Frank Marchant, Henry McCaslin, James O ' Neal. Mississippi Bankers Association Leadership for 1965-1966: C. A. Miller, Jr., Greenwood, President; Orrick Natchez, Vice-President; W. L. McPeters, Corinth, Treasurer; Nat Rogers, Jackson, immediate past-President. Jimmy Love PRESIDENT Officers of the Financiers are Fred Bourn, Director; Jake Abdalla, Treasurer; Jimmy Love, President; James McArthur, Director; John Kinard, Vice-President. Mr. J. T. Brown talks with Business School leaders. Front Row: Linda Lovelace, Patricia Ann Payne, Susan Cockrell, Sue Carnahan, Bettye Fountain, Tiny Bess Evans, Patsy Montgomery, Carolyn Ann Harris, Margaret Newton, Cynthia Horn. Second Row: James Douglass Barton, Sue Pauline Quon, Jane Collins, Clara Holloway, Patricia Mixon, Terry Anne Laher, Fred Bourn, John Tillman. Third Row: Larry Bourland, Lester Jones, Gary Stewart, Lee Clarke, David R. Thomas, Wilson Pearson, Patrick Albano, Fred Rushton, James Davis. Fourth Row: Jerry Patton, Robert Rich, Edward Peacock, Hugh Stancil, Albert Simmons, Ronald Samuels, Gary Sisco, Thomas Comer, William B. Rochelle. Thomas H. Corner, Jr. Sara Beth Graves Fred Rushton Jim Davis The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a non-secret, educational-service organization for students in colleges and universities. The purpose of Gamma Beta Phi is the advancement of educational ideals, the encouragement of scholastic effort, and the rewarding of academic merit among college students. The Gamma Beta Phi Society was organized at the University of Mississippi in March, 1965, with the induction of thirty-one charter members. Since then the chapter has expanded considerably in both membership and its purpose of promoting scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at Ole Miss. Gamma Beta Phi Society in promoting its ideals and purpose has instituted many useful service projects at the University, two of which are the establishing of a study hall during final examinations and the recruiting of high school students in the state of Mississippi. Jane Daughton Sherry Moseley Maynette Seay Nancy White Elizabeth Butler The Ole Miss College Chapter of the Mississippi Home Economics was founded on this campus in 1938 and is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association. The purpose of the organization is to provide for and promote the professional development of college home economics students. The section works towards this object by participating in the promotion of the objectives and programs of the American Home Economics Association, pro- viding for friendly association among faculty and students interested in home economics, helping students-meet and know people who have attained recog- nition in home economics professions, working together to share with others enthusiasm for home economics, providing experience to increase mutual un- derstanding among peoples of all cultures, and encouraging graduating seniors to become individual members of the American Home Economics Association. A national program is set up at the beginning of each year and is carried out during meetings which are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The club brings members together to inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics. Front Row: Nancy Sue White, Sherry Mosley, Jane Daughton, Elizabeth Butler, Patricia Henry. Second Row: Suzanne Stroud, Joann Connie Berry, Keren Ellen Everett, Lynn Treppendahl. Third Row: Jane Collins, Alfreda Crouch, Teresa Hogue, Diann Easterling, Margaret Hoef flin. Not Pictured: Sarah Ash, Carol Egizii, Dorothy Katherine Mary Powers, Sarah Sue Ritchey, Sally Shuttleworth, Lila Smith, Shellye Edris Stanley, Marjorie Sullivan, Barbara White, Margot Jean Bilbo, Beverly Brooks, Myra J. Coursey Crowson, Dale Dianne Duncan, Shirley Fratesi, Elizabeth Hensley, Katherine Hollis, Sandra Houston, Lauranne Jones, Betty Jue, Marie Lipscomb, Janice Lockley, Lynn McGee, Helen Joan Martin, Vicki Nuckolls, Maureen O ' Rourke, Ruth Ann Papasan, Helen Pillow, Maynette Seay, Evelyn Williford. Front Row: John Braxton Todaro, Charles Robert McRae, Donald Hutchinson, Victor Frank Boone, John Morrow. Second Row: Robert A. Herring, III, Larry Easterling, Wilson Pearson, Ronald H. Godwin, John William Clinton. Third Row: John Echols, Michael Harrison, Lewis McCaffrey, Herman Kemp, Marshall Sherman. Not Pictured: Bobby Coates, Fredrick Ganji, Stephen Hedges, John H. Hunsicker, Jr., Dwight Johnson, Bobby Lantrip, William Lavallee, Michael McRee, Larry Mixon, Thomas Leon Olson, Charles Owen, George Prince, Hussein Rachedi, Charles Richardson, Herman Rogers, Wendell Rose, Robert Russell, Eugene Smith. Bob McRae Bobby Coates Victor Boone Don Hutchinson The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a direct result of the merger between the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). The AIEE was incorporated in March, 1896, for the purpose of promoting the arts and sciences connected with the produc- tion and utilization of electricity, the reading and discussion of professional papers, and the circulation of publications to the members containing useful information. The IRE was organized in August, 1913, with the purpose of advanc- ing the art of science of radio. The student branch of the IEEE was organized on the Ole Miss campus in the spring of 1959. Its membership includes all electrical engineering majors and other students majoring in related fields. The purpose of the society is to ad- vance the theory and practice of electrical engineering, and to promote the professional development of electrical engineering. The IEEE endeavors to foster a professional spirit among students with common interests while in stilling a pride in electrical engineering and its related fields. Charles Leggett Jim Lessley Ray Hudson Bill McKeithen Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is a professional fraternity which limits its membership to pharmacy students in the professional program at schools or colleges of pharmacy that are accredited by the American Council on Pharma- ceutical Education. Kappa Psi is the oldest Greek letter pharmaceutical frater- nity, being founded on May 30, 1879. It is the largest of all Pharmacy fraternities and is one of the largest of all professional fraternities, with more than twenty- two thousand members. The members of the fraternity are found in every state in the United States and in many foreign countries. Since Kappa Psi, the first national Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternity, was reactivated at Ole Miss in 1947, its prestige has grown steadily on the Ole Miss campus as pharmacy students have realized its importance in their professional outlook. Kappa Psi places great emphasis on scholarship. Two national awards are available to members for outstanding scholarship achievements. The men of Kappa Psi are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character, personality, and activities. They must strive to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the high ideals which are always displayed by the pharmaceutical profession. Front Row: Howard Daley, Thomas Morrow, Harry McCollum, Charles Leggett, Lynn Britton, Barnett, Kenneth E. Robinson. Second Row: Charles Dudley, William McKeithen, John Hancock, Charles Sisson, Cayce Vance, Bennie Rogers, George Ronald Edwards. Third Row: Hamilton Haley, Henry Hayden, Marlin Lowrimore, Gregory Adams, Ronnie O ' Neal, Alcus Ray Hudson, Carwell Traylor. Not Pictured: Jimmie Lessley, Joe Thompson, Ramzi Maaya, Billy Joe Regel, John Robbins. Front Row: Mary Dexter, Joan Carolyn Carrington, Norma Thompson, Rita Proby Cabaniss, Judy Wood Floyd. Second Row: Nancy Clo Evans, Margaret Ann Gibbens, Susan E. Bennett, Linda Atkins, Mary Ann Whitten. Third Row: Gay Gottshall, Patricia Irene Thompson, Betty Mary Jane Harvey. Fourth Row: Marilyn Elizabeth Bailey, Mary Tussey, Elizabeth Goza, Sherry Scarbrough. Not Pictured: Patricia Home, Dolores Thomas. Carolyn Carrington Rita Cabaniss Pat Horne Joan Colvin The Megaphone Club is composed of a sophomore girl from each sorority and two independents. In addition, the club has a freshman from each sorority and two independents who serve as pledges. The purpose of the Megaphone Club is to foster school spirit at every activity on campus. The club assists the ASB School Spirit Committee and the Cardinal Club with the Welcome Rebel Party, serves on Welcoming and Orientation Committees, and helps with pep rallies and sports events. This year, the mem- bers of the Megaphone Club were seen at every pep rally wearing their uni- forms and encouraging attendance by offering prizes to freshmen girls whose names were drawn. During registration, the Megaphone Club sold red and blue ribbons to the freshmen girls. The girls were required to wear the ribbons in their hair for the entire week. The money collected was used to buy prizes, have signs made for pep rallies, and to pay the club ' s expenses. The Megaphone girls made an alligator that was burned at the Florida bonfire in the fall. The club has also helped pay for the Rebel flags used at the football games in previous years. Joseph Booth William Tehan Martha Hartin Patricia Randall Diane Steel The Newman Apostolate is a Catholic-sponsored organization for students on secular college and university campuses. It was designed originally in 1893 by five medical students at the University of Pennsylvania, but did not really begin to function until 1913. The organization derives its name from the great English convert of the 19th century, John Henry Newman, who later in his life was elevated to the status of a prince of the Catholic Church—a Cardinal. Newman was at first a brilliant student, and then a professor, at Oxford University. He understood well the plight of the Catholic student on a non-sectarian campus. The Newman Apostolate today, following in Cardinal Newman ' s footsteps, at- tempts to offer a deepening of the spiritual and an enriching of the temporal lives of its members, through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. It attempts to infuse the " Soul of Life " into the " Body of Education. " The entire Newman program is open not only to Catholic students, but to any college student who so desires to participate in the activities of the organization, regardless of religious affiliation. Officers and Committee Chairmen: Front Row: Martha Hartin, Patricia Randall, Dianne Steel, Rev. B. C. Haddican. Second Row: Barbara Ledbetter, Dolores Thomas, Edna A. Bourgeois, Marie Lewis, Ebb Ford. Third Row: Matthew Wunsch, Michael Stipher, Thomas Malouf, Joseph Booth. Fourth Row: Michael Malouf, William Tehan, Joseph Kreller, Van Cheramie. Not Pictured: Mary Jane Gitter, Clara Watson. Officers. Front Row: James 0. Dukes, Katherine Shaw, Sandra Aust, Robert Seibels. Second Row: David Bryant, Jane Wilson, Ralph Vance, Joann Shelton, Don Scott. Third Row: Bruce Atkinson, Diana Barger, Kathryn Yandell, Frank DeBay, Jan Singleton. Not Pictured: Bernard Puckett, Martha Stansel. Sandy Aust, Robert Seibels Katherine Shaw Jimmy Dukes The Ole Miss Y (YMCA-YWCA), a nondenominational lay Christian organi- zation with voluntary membership open to all students, faculty, and staff, dates back to 1868. Members of the faculty and staff cooperate with students in their endeavor to develop a program of Christian fellowship which offers free-time activities and other services to aid significant cultural, vocational, intellectual, social, and recreational interests. Special speakers, panel discussions, films, and drama are presented in bi-monthly meetings. The program is under the leadership of the Y Cabinet, the elected officers of the junior-senior group. The Y program is supported through voluntary contributions during the annual Y Finance Drive from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. An annual event providing much entertainment, Stunt Night, is sponsored by the Ole Miss Y to raise funds for the World University Service. Students of the Ole Miss Y and the international students meet as the Cosmopolitan Club in homes and in sorority and fraternity houses in an effort to bring about a clos er relationship between students of different cultures. The Y Building offers recreational serv- ices, conference and meeting rooms, study areas, and social activities. Eddie Beemon Alan McGee J. G. Martin Willard Taylor Sinfonia was founded nationally on October 6, 1898, at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. From this beginning Sinfonia has grown into a professional music fraternity of 240 chapters which have in- cluded on their rolls the most eminent men in music in the United States. Lambda Xi chapter was installed on the Ole Miss campus on March 31, 1962, and has strived hard to carry forth the four basic purposes of the fraternity: 1) to advance the cause of music in America, 2) to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, 3) to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and 4) to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Wherever there is music on the Ole Miss campus there you will find the men of Sinfonia. The activities of this group include an annual All-Pledge Recital, an annual All-American music Recital, and this year the pledge class served as the stage crew for the University Opera Theater ' s production of Fledermaus. The heart of Sinfonia ' s activities lies in the performance and enjoyment in the finest of music. Front Row: Brent Tinnin, Richard Williams, Tony Jones, Alan McGee, Aurelia W. Whitener, Fred Beemon, James Martin, Jeptha Clark Clemens. Second Row: Marion W. McGreger, Wesley Sebren, Samuel Christ, David Boyd, Russell Patterson, Calvin Campbell, Jerry Crocker, Jimmy Baker. Third Row: Tony Jordan, Lawrence Clifford Smith, William Voorhies, Larry West, Neal G rissom, Thomas Allen, Carl Grissom, Billy Paris. Fourth Row: John Morrow, Otis Martin, Robert Whitaker, Carlton Sudduth, Ronald Staten, James Dawes, Kenneth Kemp, Stephen Elkins. Not Pictured: John Bell, Clarence Prange, Richard Taylor, Frederick Strickland, Joseph Hewitt, Harry Robert Lyall, Edwin Jackson, John Deem, James Rochester, Patrick Albano, Sam Harper Bailey, James Baylen, James Davis, William Donaldson, John Dubard, John Hill, Max Hipp, John Jones, Stratford Kay, Andrew Prince, Fred Rushton, Carlos Teichart, Benny Todd. Front Row: Frank DeBay, Joseph Wing, Louis Parchman, Harry Anderson, Larry Thompson, Fred Alias, Joseph A. Perrault, Jr., James Yawn, John F. Reed, Jr., Fred Bourn. Second Row: William Bedingfield, Marcus Love, Lee K. Conner, Ronald Samuels, Fred Peyton, Joseph Thomas Monsour, James Blair Etz, Phillip C. Burnett, Chester Redditt. Third Row: Darwin Richard, Earl St. John, Louie Melikian, Vance Randall, Michael Lawyer, Tally Riddell, William P. Johnson, Don Fruge, Don Jesse Tutor. Fourth Row: Dennis Wynn, Michael Carithers, Albert Simmons, Richard Hutch, Jerome Griese, William Brumbaugh, Richard Bryan, John Tillman, Charles R. Burnett, Jr. Not Pictured: Frank Andrews, Ronald Aschermann, Fred Beard, James Campbell, Bill Cannan, Kyle Chandler, Bobby Chunn, Keith Clingman, Chambliss Hayden Colli, Carroll Cotton, Ned Feltenstein, Ronald Fowler, Wallace Frye, Frank Gay, Paul Haynes, William Madison Paul Hayne Julian Katz, Paul Lambert, Charles Lemaster, James Love, K. McCollum, Lewis McCool, William C. McGehee, Jr., Marvin McQueen, James Martin, Thomas Menz, Shelby Miller, James John Neville, Robert Nored, Harry Owen, Bobby Price, Robert Sally, Edwin C. Schmittschmitt, John James Watkins, James Woods, Ronald Alan Yancis. Fred Bourn Paul H. Johnson John F. Reed, Jr. Jesse Tutor R. Selby Downer The national fraternity was chartered in 1952 and is " the National Professional Fraternity in Marketing, Sales Management and Selling. " At the present time Pi Sigma Epsilon is the fastest growing fraternity of any kind in existence today. Alpha Theta chapter was chartere d at Ole Miss April 30, 1963. Pi Sigma Epsilon requires that its members manifest an interest in the selling profession as a career, obtain the academic standing required for graduation, and show leadership qualities through participation in college activities. Its purpose is to create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a career. Alpha Theta Chapter is sponsored by the Sales and Marketing Executives of Jackson. Each year in March the sponsoring organization awards three totaling $400 to the three chapter members who have contributed the most to the chapter. Karen Rich Sue Watson Alice Mitchell Linda Noll Claire Booth The Student Education Association is a professional education organization with chartered chapters in accredited colleges and universities throughout the country. It has as its members students who plan to teach. Its programs, aimed at developing personal and professional growth and competence, include teach- ing films, practice-teacher panels, interviewing " know-how " discussions, and speakers from educational, as well as other, fields. In keeping with Student National Education Association goals of providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for the membership, the University of Mississippi chapter has had a variety of programs this year. Mr. Norman McKenzie, president of the Mississippi Education Association, spoke on " How Can We Achieve A Powerful Education? " " Tip for Student Teachers " was the topic given to a panel of recent University graduates with Dr. Kenneth Bender, Director of Student Teaching, acting as moderator. Dr. R. E. Keye, Chairman of the Mississippi Education Association TEPS Committee, explored the National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards. One of the more outstanding events of the year was the American Education Week Tea, honoring the School of Education faculty and the Academic Council. Officers: Frances Seu, Linda Noll, Sarah Edna Watson, Rose Marie O ' Neill, Karen Sue Rich, Virginia Walsh, Alice Mitchell, Jeanne Cromwell. Front Row: Kay McDuffing, Dottie Joor, Rita Pitchett, Charlotte Berryman, Mary Anne Walker, Mille MacDonald, Janet Deare, Ann Brotman. Second Row: Patsy Montgomery, Marlene Turner, Susan Sharpe, Carmille McCullough, Ava Hardin, Ione Calhoun, Lucy Burt, Sara Ridgeway, Barbara Novak. Third Row: Max Hipp, Bill Lipscomb, Russell Paterson, Bob Edgar, John Bell, Chuck Montgomery. Fourth Row: Weir Kyle, Larry John Townsend, John Dubard, David Boyd, Charles Caperton, John Fields, Charles Richey, Ford Williams, Davis Manning, Bill Garth, Bill Strawbridge. Davis Manning Ford Williams Lucy Burt Bill Lipscomb Composed of some thirty-four of the best vocalists on the Ole Miss campus, the University Concert Singers, selected by audition, strive to present enjoyable concerts to the students of the University and to represent the University at off- campus functions. In addition the Singers work to attain a well-rounded choral musicianship and to become acquainted with many fields of choral literature. Under the direction of Dr. James Coleman, the University Singers has earned a well-established reputation as one of the best disciplined choral groups in the South. On the campus the group has presented for many years a Christmas concert and a spring concert, offering selections by such outstanding composers as Mozart, Gianninni, Benjamin Britten, Randall Thompson, and even Henry Mancini. In the tradition of the University Singers, the present group is planning a choral tour. In recent years the Singers have performed at the World ' s Fair in New York City, as representatives of the entire state. At present, the Singers, in cooperation with the University Band and the Department of Speech and Theatre, are organizing a study-tour of Europe for the summer of 1966. Annabelle Hamachek Jan Singletary Ginger Brown Dee Dee Speakes The University Dancers is an organization which was founded in order to promote the interest and enthusiasm of girls in dancing and to further the study of modern dance techniques. It gives the members an opportunity to pursue compositional problems and to choreograph dances for performance purposes. Since the Dancers is a club, it is up to the members to select new dancers through tryouts held early each fall. The tryouts are based on poise, ability, creativeness, grace, and agility. Each year the Dancers prepare different shows to perform to the various clubs and organizations that visit the Ole Miss campus. These performances are also shown to the local groups in the Oxford area. On various occasions, the Dancers have also had the opportunity to perform for various television pro- grams. Perhaps the biggest event each year concerning the Dancers is their Spring Concert. The concert is actually a culmination point for that year ' s work. With this program, the Dancers work together to choreograph numbers fo llowing their own program design. The program is becoming a greater attraction each year on the campus. Front Row: Sue Stringer, Pamela Case Watson, Dee Dee Speakes, Letitia Rotenberry, Diana Barger, Virginia Brown, Annabelle Ellen Hamachek, Marilyn E. Betty Rowzee. Second Row: Suzanne Whitlock, Dixie Thomas, Mary Ann Miles, Jane Wilson, Kathleen O ' Neal, Dianne Naff, Janice Embry, Tamalane Blessey, Margot Jean Bilbo. Third Row: Dixie Elise Hickman, Lynne Coates, Gail Watkins, Patricia Home, Carol Evelyn Cassidy, Johnnie Micele, Jean Wiley, Kathy Richardson, Susan Miles, Dorothy Carter, Vicki Sanders, Joan Simmons, Bonita Butterfield. Fourth Row: Mildred Sullivan, Cynthia Horn, Carol Jones, Sally Shuttleworth, Cecile Walsh, Bonnie Burns, Celia Maxey, Janet Singletary, Barbara Ledbetter, Cathy Wilkinson, Cynthia Babers, Judith Jens, Shellye Edris Stanley. Rev. James Jones WESLEY ADVISOR The basement of the Wesley house provides an excellent atmosphere for wholesome recreation. Jim Ainsworth Toby Wallace Elizabeth Butler Bobby Childress Wesley officers are Jim Ainsworth, Elizabeth Butler, Toby Wallace, and Bobby Childress. The Wesley Foundation is the church on campus. It is a fellowship of persons seeking to become responsi- ble, faithful people of God. Wesley does this through providing opportunity for worship, study, fellowship, and service. Realizing that worship is the central act of the faith, we provide many informal opportunities for our students to experience this act. Through a deeper understanding of the true meaning of showing worth to our Creator, we seek to encourage each individual to make all of life a worshiping experience. Realizing that the vocation of the student is study, we add theology to the student ' s curriculum. It may take the complexion of a lecture, a panel, a film, or a combi- nation of methods for learning. Realizing that one must be in relation to other people to have meaningful living, we provide opportunities for real fellowship. Realizing that action must be an integral part of the Christian faith, we provide oppor- tunities for students to do as well as to talk. Wesley also encourages students to participate in many service out- lets provided by the campus life. Jim Ainsworth PRESIDENT First Row: Kathy Abraham, Jimmy Ainsworth, Nora Anne Allen, Frank Andrew Anderson, Howell Johnson Boyles, Janice Bullard, Bonnie Burns, Elizabeth Butler. Second Row: Kay Calvert, Gay Chapman Robert Chesnut, Bobby Childress, Jeptha Clark Clemens, Karen Clifford, Nina Clair Cobb, Mary Cooper. Third Row: James Elliott, Nora Finklea, Nancy K. Foose, Sarah Elizabeth Garner, Linda Jeanne Goettman, Elizabeth Gramling, John Guyton, Jane Hammond. Fourth Row: Barbara Harmon, Michael Harrison, Douglas Hodges, Oliver Hord, Evan Lamar, David Landskov, Harold Paul McAlister, Richard D. McAlister. Fifth Row: Kay ,McDuffie, Tames McFarlane, John McLaurin, Samuel Malone, Ann Carolyn Maxwell, Carol Moody, Rose Marie O ' Neill. Sixth Row: Martha Peacock, Sylvia J. Phifer, Sarah Price, Glenda Rawson, Mary F. Schloemer, Laura Simpson, Amy Jo Smith, Elizabeth Smith. Seventh Row: Winnifred Smith, Virginia Tays, Sallie Thomas, William Tipitt, Esther Tripp, Harley Tripp, Sally Ann Turner, Wayne Underwood. Eighth Row: Carol Vail, Lynn Wagner, Toby Wallace, Billie Joyce Ware, Elliott C. Webber, Jr., James Woods, Carol Work. Front Row: Frances Holmes Smith, Hervey Graham, Marthadele A. Schwartz, Jo Ann Shaw, Harold Sloas. Second Row: Elizabeth Crowder, Jean Smith, Elaine Leggett, Carol Ann Moore, Esther Tripp. Third Row: Rev. W. W. Hoffman, James Baldwin, Frank Bratt, Richard Atherton Hutch, Hollis Fourth Row: Robert A. Herring, III, David Tootle, Marshall Sherman, James Howard Ray. Not Pictured: James Armstrong, Claire Booth, Robert Dunleigh Boyd, George Byers, Kathleen Chandler, Susan Cockrell, Elizabeth Crowder, Frank DeBay, Eugene Fair, Wilson Foster, William Garlic, Hal Gill, Dale Hamilton, Charles E. Jr., Eugenia Henderson, S. Hicks, Katherine Judith Jens, Sandra Vermeil Knight, David Alan Lucas, James Martin, Martha Melton, Leigh Neill, Jerry Oakman, Rebecca Phay, Judy Pierce, Brenda Rush, Linda Sayle, Pamela William Sloan, Barbara Straub, Judy Townes, Vicki Vandevender, Helen Kay Walker, Nancy Sue White, Suzanne Whitlock, Ford Richard Atherton Hutch, Elizabeth Roberts, Louise Anne Williams. William Garlic Manfred Ray Betty Roberts Bob Herring Westminster Fellowship is a student organization related to the Presbyterian Church. In theory Westminster Fellowship is comprised of all Presbyterian students at the University. In reality a core of the corps supports the Striving to be other than a Sunday evening supper club, Westminster Fellowship is concerned with the Church as a Mission. Its activities, programs, and fellowship channel themselves from nurture to action. Schedule-wise Westminster Fellowship unites for supper and programs on Sunday evening at the Westminster House, the Presbyterian student center. Weekday functions include luncheon meetings, grill sessions, and a weekly Bible study on campus. Organized to serve the campus community, West- minster publishes a newspaper, sponsors conferences, and by personal proclaims the Lordship of Jesus Christ to the world. Westminster is also involved in the ecumenical movement on campus, the United Christian Fellowship, which seeks cooperation without compromise within the Church. The advisor to Westminster Fellowship is the Rev. Wayne W. Hoffman, who is campus minister for the Presbyterian Church. His ministry includes students, staff, and faculty and seeks to relate all to the Church and its Lord, Jesus Christ. Judi Simpson Sandy Rivers Joyce Ramay Susan Sharpe The Women ' s Recreation Association was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1926. The WRA is designed to enable every University woman to participate in intramural sports which include volleyball, table tennis, archery, badminton, bowling, basketball, softball, and tennis. The WRA board consists of two members from each dormitory and sorority. The board meets twice a month. The WRA sponsor is Miss Emily Grace. As each tournament is played, points are given to the organization which wins each game. A certain number of points are also given to the winner of each tournament and the team that places second. At an awards party at the end of the year, a trophy is presented to the organization that has accumulated the most overall points. Trophies are also awarded for the individual tournaments. A sportsmanship trophy is given to the group which the physical education faculty thinks has displayed the best sportsmanship throughout the year. Front Row: Margaret Newton, Lynda Grimes, Mary Louise Payne, Mary Dexter, Susan Sharpe. Second Row: Sue Roberts, Adele Lowe, Kay Chaney, Sandra Rivers, Linda Glenn. Third Row: Linda Jeanne Goettman, Judith Lynn Wilkinson, Bessie Fisher, Joyce Anne Ramay, Pamela Roberson. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Buchholz, Julia Simpson, Sally Green, Sammye Cox, Barbara Lee Harding. Not Pictured: Marthadele A. Schwartz, Judith Jens, Carol Deborah Wilkey, Jane Miller, Judith Colvin, Barbara Clark, Sally Turner, Susan Clayton, Kevin Diffley, Brenda Eaton, Margaret Ferguson, Susan Gray, Suzanne Grander, Duran Scott, Elizabeth Smith, Nancy Smythe, Nancy Gale Wuestefeld. Front Row: Danny Roy, Elaine Leggett, James McLaughlin, John Dale. Second Row: Hal Perry, Richard D. McAlister, Joseph Potter, Maurice Stringer. Third Row: Walter Bounds, William Tippitt, Ronnie Spencer Roberts, Lunsford, Samuel Winstead. Not Pictured: James Flippin, Warren Preble, Harvey Robert Lloyd, John Hollingsworth, Newton Gill, Felice Lomangino, Robert Murry Hogan, Paul David Deaton, Howard, Guy Joyner, James Burks, Curtis P. Ayers, III, Bettie Bowen, Pat Chadwick, Danny Alton Drake, Ronald Driver, Steven Evans, Kenneth Hale, Reginald Holley, John B. Holmes, Jr., Timothy James Kenney, Rolf McHenry, Davis Manning, K. Montgomery, McPherson Moore, Roger Norman, David Gray Salladay, William Webb. Maurice Stringer Johnny Dale Sam Winstead Ronnie Roberts In 1957, a student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers received its charter on the Ole Miss Campus. The purpose of the student chap- ter is to promote the professional development of students in chemical engineer- ing. Furthermore, it endeavors to foster a professional spirit among the members and instills professional pride in chemical engineering. The chapter ' s activities include lectures, movies, and the presentation of papers prepared by the mem- bers. Membership is open to all university students with a major in the field of chemical engineering. David Holman Jerry Gilder Gary Sisco Coleman Murphree Student chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers provide the opportunity for the beginnings of professional associations. The Ole Miss chap- ter of ASCE is open to all engineering students who are majoring in civil engi- neering membership in the chapter assures that contacts can be made with the technical and professional progress of civil engineering and with the leaders who are responsible for such progress. Meetings are held once a month at which time regular class meetings are supplemented through industrial speakers, technical moves, and field trips to industrial sites. Front Row: Randy Embry, Theodore Bean, Brent Hill Traughber, David Holman, Stephen Jerry Gilder. Second Row: Edwin Valle, Kenneth Young, Donald Urbani, Young, Billy Logan, Horace Lester. Third Row: Edward Henley, A. Box, Patton B. Harrison, Berkley Coleman Murphree, Gary Sisco. Not Pictured: Harry Angelacopoulos, Eddie Brawley, David Fedric, Edward Hargraves, Brock Alan Hattox, Houser, Charles Johnson, Joe Frank Jr., Gorman Schaffer, Thomas Tate, Tsu Chi Teng, Eugene Teahan, Clifton Front Row: Barbara Burns, Jane Ramsay, Nancy Harrison, Elinor Haney, Juanita Babb, Lynne Johnson, James Doss . Second Row: Cheryl Bishop, Katherine Mann, Faye McAlpin, Carolyn Horrell, Diane Weaver, Charlotte Keaton, Merry Purvis, Bonnie Bennett. Third Row: Jacquelyn Ledbetter, Janice Barbara Bailey, Geri Anne Mitchell, Betty Ruth Brewer, Sandra Idom, Joy Barhanovich, Rose Mary Tatum. Fourth Row: Eddie Akins, Robert Ross James Blair Etz, James Martin, Henderson, Jo Carol Finch, Roger John Allen, Charles Grantham. Not Pictured: John Allison, James Armstrong, John Barnes, Valory Beesley, Norman Calhoun, Forrest Mobley Conley, Charles Ray Counce, Sarah Doss, Anne Eavenson, Carol Hale, Sally Diane Hardaway, Oliver Hopkins, Marie Levy, Gerald McMillan, Marilyn Miller, Larry Roberts, Effie Russell, Barbara Ann Smith, Charles Stanphill, Sandra Janet Ann Duffee. Nancy Harrison Jim Doss Jane Ramsey Elinor Honey The Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda was started at the University of Mississippi in 1961. To be a member of Phi Beta Lambda, a student must have had or be taking at least three hours of business courses and have a 2.00 grade point average. Every spring Ole Miss is host to the Phi Beta Lambda and the FBLA State Convention. Last summer at the National Phi Beta Lambda Convention, Roger Nunley, of Ole Miss, was elected National President. Phi Gamma Nu was founded February 17, 1924, at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. There are nineteen collegiate chapters, five alumnae chapters. National membership is 5,500. Xi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu was founded on May 13, 1950, at the University of Mississippi. There were ten charter members. Its purpose is to bind the members into closer friendship and loyalty to one another, to promote a standard of high scholarship, to encourage participation in school activities, and to further interest in civic and professional enterprises. Front Row: Rosa Burns, Carol Jones, Sandra Knight, Sharon Snider, Jacquelyn Ledbetter. Second Row: Elizabeth Chapman Carter, Claudia Ann Williams, Suzainne McNeil, Lu Hill, Linda Hamberry. Third Row: Nancy Harrison, Barbara Bailey, Mary E. Cauthen, Sandra Dougherty, Judith Ann Adams. Not Pictured: Sara Ridgway, Dennis Brewer, Karan Prange, Marilyn Miller, Effie Russell, Jacquelyn Stahlman. Linda Hanberry Sara Ridgway Jane Russell Wanda Brewer Front Row: Alice Mitchell, Linda Baker, Adele Love, Linda L. Glenn, Julia Simpson. Second Row: Mary Gene McCutchen, Gretchen Thomas, Phyllis Guest, Kay Chaney. Third Row: Ramona Hennessee, Sally Green, Cox, Sandra Rivers. Not Pictured: George Wayne Butler, Cynthia Chapman, Donald Clary, Brenda Eaton, Donald Folk, Duran Scott, Audrey Nancy Smythe, William Tankard. Adele Love Alice Mitchell Sammy Cox Sandy Rivers The Physical Education Majors Club was organized on the University campus October, 1963. The purposes of the association are to advance the standards of the profession, to cooperate with state and national Education and Recreation major students, faculty, and alumni, to become acquainted with the work of leaders in Physical Education, and to stimulate interest in the various fields of physical education. The Physical Education Majors Club sponsored Fun Night on November 12, 1965. David R. Thomas Jimmy Evans Lelia Ross Patty Mixon The University Christians, who meet for daily worship and devotion, and provide a Christian environment for the students at the University of Mississippi, is composed primarily of members of the Church of Christ. This group came into existence in the spring of 1960 when a center adjacent to the University was acquired. The center, which provides varied social activities as well as religious instruction and discussion, produces strong faith, creates lasting and prepares students for positions of responsibility in the church. Front Row: Jerry Berch, David Thomas, Nancy Kilpatrick, James Carol Reeves, Don Dees. Second Row: Michele Mullen, S. R. Burks, Martha L. Woodruff, Faye McAlpin, Carolyn Ross, G. Boone. Third Row: Lowell Taylor, Murray Gentry, Gary Pettigrew, Mixon, Allen Reeves, James Burke. Fourth Row: Ronald Staten, J. Walker, James Evans, Tommy Simpson, Wayne Victor Boone. 141 The officers of Panhellenic are Glenda Rawson, Secretary; Kathryn Abraham, Vice-President; Margaret Ann Gibbens, Treasurer; Roy McRoskey, President. Roy McRoskey PANHELLENIC PRESIDENT Roy McRoskey Kathryn Abraham Glenda Rawson Margaret Ann Gibbens To promote inter-sorority cooperation, the members of the ten sororities at the University of Mississippi have organized a group known as the Panhellenic Council. Placing the policies of the University first, the Council promotes scholas tic achievement, high social standards, and worthy projects on and off the campus. Two representatives from each sorority plus the presi- dent of each sorority meet with the Panhellenic Board and the Panhellenic Advisers to form the Council. The officers of the council are selected on a rotation basis with each sorority having an officer at regular intervals. First Row: Katherine Arbraham, Sandra Aust, Jan Beckwith, Susan Curruth, Judy Cobb, Margaret Linda Flowers, Harriet Margaret Gibbens. Second Row: Janet Hamilton, Susan Heyward, Sharon Ann Jones, Leigh Josephson, Susan Kees, Karen Kipp, Gail Livingston, Jane Lundberg, Roy McRoskey, Carolyn Maxwell. Third Row: Susan Peeler, Glenda Rawson, Jane Riggs, Carol Sellers, Simpson, Janet Singletary, Margaret Thornton, Susan Tutor, Pamela Vaughn. Fourth Row: Lynn Wagner, Mildred Waits, Emily Warren, Susan White, Jean Wiley. Not Pictured: Martha Dunn. Rushees anxiously await . . and leave the numerous parties during rush week. " We live for each other. " Emily Anne Warren Susan Peeler Joyce Ramay Julia Caldwell The oldest secret sorority for college women, Alpha Delta Pi was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, the oldest women ' s col- lege in the world. Today there are one hundred and thirteen chapters in the United States and Canada, and its total membership makes it one of the largest sororities in National Panhellenic Council. Delta Sigma Chapter came to the University of Mississippi in 1960, and have made vast progress since that time. Alpha Delta Pi ' s are active in numerous phases of campus life. The pin of Alpha Delta. Pi is diamond-shaped and bears the clasped hands of sisterhood. The sorority colors, blue and white, its flower, the violet, and its open motto " we live for each other, " are an inspiration to the members to live up to the ideals stressed by the founders of the sorority . . . " the trials of intellectual and moral worth, dignity of character, and propriety of deportment. FIRST ROW: Virginia Alexander, Brenda Anita Beatty, Connie Berry, Jean Bloch, Charlene Boggs SECOND ROW: Julia Caldwell, Betty Carlisle, Jane Collins, Janelle Cranord, Carla Cross, Frances Darden. THIRD ROW: Linda. Lee Dunn, Jo Carol Finch, Lorabeth Fisher, Bonnie Jane Fleming, Gail Ford, Barbara Frank. FOURTH ROW: Sarah Franklin, Harriet E. Margaret Ann Gibbens, Hervey Graham, Susan. Gray, Carolyn Ann Harris. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Harris, Eugenia Elizabeth Hensley, Ann Horn, Charlotte Sandra Kidd. SIXTH ROW: Marie Lewis, Jeanette McGuire, Kathleen MacDonald, Janice Neill, Patricia Ann Payne, Susan Peeler. SEVENTH ROW: Joyce Anne Ramay, Sue Roberts, Elizabeth Rogers, Amy Jo Smith, Virginia Walsh, Emily Warren. NOT PICTURED: Beverly Blair, Nancy Lee, Ramsey. Bring us three mint juleps, Bo. Susan Tutor Sharon Green Alice Bellshot Betty Barrett Friendship is a promise of Alpha Omicron Pi, and it was a true friendship that it ' s four founders pledged, one to another, as they met in a little room at Barnard College on January 2, 1897. The Friendship pledged that day has grown to include seventy-one collegiate chapters, one hundred and sixty-one alumnae chapters, and over thirty thousand members throughout the United States and Canada. Since Nu Beta Chapter came to Ole Miss in 1957, its members have en- deavored to establish high standards in scholarship, character, integrity, and active campus participation. They have succeeded in all phases of campus life as they have several campus senators, members of the Committee of 100, and top officers in Theta Sigma Pi, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Epsilon, and Sigma Alpha Iota. The AOPi ' s begin their year of social activities with the Showboat party during Rush Week. The Rose Ball is their social highlight, but they also have numerous parties during the year. These many get-togethers help to instill a close feeling of loyalty and friendship in the girl of AOPI. FIRST ROW: Kathy Abraham, Barbara Mildred Jeanne Linda Aikins, Linda Atkins, Linda Baker, Margaret Barbee, Mary Barrett, Janice Beckwith. SECOND ROW: Alice Bellshot, Claudia Bickley, Ann Bramwell, Isabella Britton, Elizabeth Brown, Susan Jane Burson, Sue Carnahan, E. Corretti. THIRD ROW: Anna Cox, Patricia Curry, Karen Davis, Dale Dematteo, Lani Fauncine Fairchild, Frank D. Frazier, Elizabeth Gramling. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Green, Andrea Haerb, Daisy Hale, Elinor Haney, Henderson, Lu Hill, Hines, Elba Jane Hogue. FIFTH ROW: Mary Jane Hudson, Sandra Idom, Marilyn Ingram, Dawn Johnson, Laura Justice, Carol Kincaid, Gertrude Klenner, Margaret Kocsis. SIXTH ROW: Melanie Ladner, Louis Biggs Lafollette, Pamela Leach, Kai McMillan, Anne Marley, Sylvia Mayfield, Jo Ellen Nettles, Ann Palmer . SEVENTH ROW: Patricia Paul, Rosemary Pierce, Phyllis Raiford, Janet Reddoch, Susan Reed, Patricia Baker Reeves, Jane Riggs, Jerry Ann Riggs. EIGHTH ROW: Suzanne Riley, Duran Scott, Betty Shaw, Elizabeth Smith, Georgia Stater, Lynn Stegall, Patricia Strickland, Patricia Sumners. NINTH ROW: Susan Tanner, Judith Trim. Mary Tussey, Susan Tutor, Ellen Wailes, Trudy Wilkins, Sonja Wilson, Elizabeth Wooten. NOT PICTURED: Sondra Beaver, Janis Woolly, Gail Valecka. " The AWS Judicial Council regrets to inform you ... " Janet Hamilton Anne Sullivant Sandra Ross Sandy Bowen The proud wearers of the X and horseshoe badge have once again kept the Chi Omega banner flying high. A very staunch boost came with the Chi O ' s winning the Scholarship trophy. Aiding Chi 0 scholarship and leadership are members of Mortar Board and CWENS. Amanda Powell served as President of CWENS and Lou Ann Hartgraves as Vice-President of Mortar Board. Lou Ann and Mary Ann Hancock were selected in Who ' s Who. Mary Ann, ASB and AWS officer, was selected to the 1966 Hall of Fame. Chi Omega favorites are Beth Eichold and Sally Holloman. Sally also serves as varsity cheerleader. Melissa Pendleton was selected a top ten beauty, and Beth Edmondson reigned as KA Centennial Queen. Finalists in the Maid of Cotton Contest were Jane Flautt and Sally Scott. Chi Omegas added two new trophies to their collection by capturing first place in Sigma Chi Derby Day and Sing-Song competition. Chi Omega friendship—worth more than gold It ' s not had for the asking or nowhere is it sold. It ' s not found by trying or in a book on a shelf You just have to be a Chi Omega yourself. FIRST ROW: Kay Abernethy, Patricia Lynn Abernethy, Linda Adams, Susan Alford, Douglas Allen, Ethel Archer, Jo Claire Borthwick, Diane Borthwick. SECOND ROW: Sandra Bowen, Anne Bradley, Suzan Brown, Elizabeth Butler, Bonita Butterfield, Nancy Jeanne Carruth, Susan Carruth, Deane Chrestman. THIRD ROW: Dale Dalton, Virginia Davis, Elizabeth Denham, Dianne Mary Louise Duke, Eaton, Elizabeth Eichold, Marilyn Page Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Sarabeth Ellis, Keren Ellen Everett, Helen Fant, Jane Flautt, Nancy K. Foose, Katherine Lea Frazer!, Diane Fullqr, Gayle Golden. FIFTH ROW: Janet Hamilton, Mary Ann Martha Haney, Lou Ann Hartgraves, Nancy Hill, Judy Hobby, Sara Holloman, Mary Kavanaugh. SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Kerr, Allison Kerr, Jane Lambdin, Marie Lipscomb, Helen I udlam, Elizabeth McConnell, Jane Magruder, Mary Meek. SEVENTH ROW: Janet Meyer, Tabitha Ogden, Patricia Palmer, Melissa Mary Suzanne Perry, B. Povall, Sandra Riemann, Susanne Sandifer. EIGHTH ROW: Sherry Scarbrough, Lee Scott, Kathleen Scott, Sally Scott, Carol Sellers, Cleta Shirley, Connie Shirley, Martha Stansel. NINTH ROW: Mary Catherine Stephens, Stewart, Ann Lewis Jane Sutherland, Peggy Talbot, Lynn Taylor, Norma Thompson, Vance Thompson. TENTH ROW: Carol Vail, Lafron Walcott, Mary Alice Welty, Donna White, Jane Witherspoon. NOT PICTURED: Judy Boyd, Sue Brister, Mary Edmonson, Lady Gilfoy, Hobart, Amelia Loper, Janis Meeks, Claire Phelps, Susan Phillips, Mary Powers, Cecilia Quin, Pamela Roberson, Roberta Ross, Sally Shuttleworth, Joy Tindall, Anne Tomlinson, Carol Turnipseed. Karen Kipp DeVane Fair Marianna Robbins Lillian Smith On Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, four young ladies at Boston University started a new sorority Delta Delta Delta—which has grown into 109 active chapters in the United States and Canada. Chi Chapter at Ole Miss was founded in 1904. Tri Deltas are always among the top sororities in scholarship and participation in campus activities. This year they held many places in the campus spotlight as Lassie Cooke reigned as Homecoming Queen, Campus Favorite, and Varsity Cheerleader; Barbara Allen and Judy Watts were chosen as beauties; and Bruno was elected as Freshman Cheerleader and Campus Favorite. Tri Deltas are also very proud of Patsy Puckett who is reigning as Miss Mississippi and First Alternate to Miss America. Other members of Chi Chapter serve as members of CWENS, Mortar Board, Committee of 100, Rebelettes, dormitory officers, and in many other capacities. Both in fun and in work, sisters of Delta Delta Delta are devoted to the principles of friendship, love, and sisterhood, as is expressed by their motto, " Let us steadfastly love one another. " FIRST ROW: Mary Rose Abernethy, Judith Ann Adams, Barbara Ann Allen, Caroline Barbour, Ramelle Bell, Corinne Gaither, Bowles, Bruno, Bonnie Burns. SECOND ROW: Rita Proby Cabaniss, Elizabeth Chapman Carter, Cynthia Amelia Cooke, Leigh Davidson, Helen Dunn, Nancy Dunn, Sara Margaret Edwards. THIRD ROW: Jennifer Estes, Elizabeth Fair, Devane Fair, Katharine Flagg, Lynda Grimes, Barbara Harris, Sandra Houston, Corinne V. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Elizabeth Jones, Sara Catherine Jordan, Dianne Hallie Kimbrough, Karen Kipp, Kay Kirkpatrick, Patricia Laberge, Florence Larson. FIFTH ROW: Linda Ledbetter, Betty B. Virginia McIntyre, L. Meacham, Martha Melton, Linda Murrah, Lynn Olson, Mary Louise Payne. SIXTH ROW: Helen Pillow, Margaret G. Mary Selden Powell, Prichard, Susan Ross, Joann Shelton, Carolyn Slade, Anne Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Lillia Smith, Linda Smith, Rosa Hyatt Smith, Katie Speakes, Miriam 0. Stone, Marjorie Memrie Claire Taylor, Terry Teasley. EIGHTH ROW: Patricia Irene Thompson, Judy Townes, Vicki Vandevender, Margaret Vaughan, Ganel Helen Kay Walker, Mary Gail Walker, Rebecca Walker. NINTH ROW: Judith Watts, Susan White, Bettye Whitten, Camille Wilkinson, Cathy Wilkinson, Sandra NOT PICTURED: Linda Allenburger, Patricia Norma Brigham, Keith Bush, Cynthia Cain, Fleeta Fox, Laurie Graham, Judy Hemphill, Susan Kirk, Peggy Litton, Maxey, Joanne Poole, Marianna Robbins, Cela Scott, Beverly Slaughter, Patricia Walters, Sandra Wood. A hen session in the house. Kitty Simpson Carmille McCullouch Julia Hamilton Monty Wilborn Delta Gamma Fraternity has long been a member of the Oxford-University community, since it was founded at the now defunct Lewis Girl ' s School in Oxford in 1874. The DG ' s on the Ole Miss Campus stress all phases of campus life. This year Roy McRoskey served as Panhellenic Council President. Jeanne Cromwell was an alternate beauty. Favorites elected from the DG ' s were Beverly Whitten and Judy Permenter. Fraternities chose these Delta Gamma ' s as their sweethearts-- Delta Psi, Carolyn Campbell; Pi KA Dream Girl, Ellen O ' Neal; and Sigma Nu, Lynn Treppendahl. Monty Wilborn wa s Pharmacy Queen. Lynn Jones served as a Homecoming Maid. DG ' s who were in the Top Ten Best Dressed were Marilyn Harris, Camile Faure, and Celia Maxey. Angel Flight members are Beverly Whitten, Betty Rowzee, Ellen O ' Neal, Beth Davis, and Ginger Powell. Navy Sponsors are Pat Tynes and Judy Per menter. Beverly Whitten was also a varsity cheerleader, while Judy Permenter and Beth Davis were freshmen cheerleaders. Campus senators were Jeanne Cromwell, Ann Shook, and Adele Peresich. Delta Gamma has five members of CWENS. The golden anchor of Delta Gamma holds true its meaning in and on the Ole Miss campus. FIRST ROW: Betty Birdwell, Victoria Bishop, Brenda Boyce, Beverly Brooks, Virginia Busby, Virginia Patricia. Ann Canty, Carrington. SECOND ROW: Mimi Chilcutt, Jeanne Cromwell, Myra J. Coursey Crowson, Elizabeth Davis, Sallie Davis, Dianne Duncan, Judy Wood Floyd, Margaret Ford, THIRD ROW: Susan Gill, Susan Gordon, Holly Augusta Hall, Julia Hamilton, Barbara Hammond, Barbara Harmon, Virginia Harper, Elizabeth Harrison, FOURTH ROW: Ramona Hennessee, Carroll Jane Higgins, Elizabeth Howard, Judith Jens, Carol Jones, Jones, Lynn Jones, Leigh Josephson. FIFTH ROW: Robena Kendrick, Sandra Knight, Evan Lamar, Jane Lewis, Carolyn Lowery, McDuffie, Roy McRoskey, Judith Massengale. SIXTH ROW: Judith Mosal, Sherry Mosley, Dianne Naff, Diane Nix, Ellen O ' Neal, Kathleen O ' Neal, Mary Payne, Adele Giles Peresich. SEVENTH ROW: Judith Permenter, Judy Pierce, Virginia Powell, Sarah Price, Jerrill Pullen, Sarah Ray, Rose, Betty Rowzee. EIGHTH ROW: Maynette Seay, Ann Shook, Catherine Simpson, Janet Jimmie Dee Sisk, Linda Lynne Smith, Marilyn E. Smith, Carol Staggers. NINTH ROW: Mary Margaret Taylor, India Throop, Lynn Treppendahl, Tynes, Sally Walker, Mary J. Warren, Karen Weeks, Mary Anne Westerfield. TENTH ROW: Beverly Whitten, Mary Montrie Wilborn, Louise Anne Williams, Jane Wilson, Carol Work. Beth York. NOT PICTURED: Camille Faure, Sandra Hall, Celia Maxey, Mary McCullouch, Mary Riddell, Marilyn White. Welcome in AOT (Apples, Oranges, Tomatoes). Gail Livingston Judi Simpson Marty Smira Dolores Smith Dedicated to friendship, youthful ideas, and loyal service, Kappa Delta was founded by four college girls who sought to create a symbol for the future. Today, there are one hundred chapters from the one founded at Longwood College in 1897. Kappa Delta members, active in all phases of campus life, strive for excellence in scholarship and leadership. They boast Army, Navy, and Air Force sponsors; freshman and varsity cheerleaders; campus senators; an Ole Miss Top Beauty; campus favorities; University Dancers and Singers; members of CWENS; presi- dent of Mortar Board; a Senior class officer; members of the OLE MISS and MISSISSIPPIAN staffs; and University Scholars. Social activities are numerous in the colonial chapter house. The KD ' s entertain with fraternity swaps, date suppers, and open houses. Kappa Delta ' s also do extensive philanthropic service, such as a Halloween party for children and aid to a young girl from the Methodist Home in Jackson: The colors of emerald and pearl white and the pure white rose are symbols of the deep sisterhood of Kappa Delta. FIRST ROW: Mary Lee Anderson, Laurie Anthony, Elsie Tyler Ball, Glenda Barker, Bettye Batson, Anna Bee, Letitia Biedenharn, Joy Biggs. SECOND ROW: Margot Jean Bilbo, Cheryl Bishop, Beverly Anthony Bolton, Ann Bomboy, Linda Bowling, Nancy Bowling, Patricia Anna Branham. THIRD ROW: Virginia Brown, Pamela Ione Calhoon, Jan Lee Case, Ann Clark, Judy Carolyn Cobb, Joan Colvin. FOURTH ROW: Judith Colvin, Clara Dean Cox, Sheryl Enochs, Margaret Ferris, Patricia Fisher, Rosemary Fisher, Roane Forman, Linda Gibson, FIFTH ROW: Elizabeth Goza, Ann Hall, Kathy Hamberlin, Karen Henry, Henry, Janet Hoover, Judy Kay Judge, Susan Kees, SIXTH ROW: Betty Jane Kellum, Jean Kinard, Gail Livingston, Susan Lomax, Linda Luke, Sharon Courtney Lynch, Jacqueline McClure, Kay McGehee, SEVENTH ROW: Georgia McKenzie, Jeanella Katherine Mann, Anna Martin, Sue Mitchell, Laura Morgan, Martha Neilson, Lynne Peteet. EIGHTH ROW: Portia Peteet, Johannah Sharon Pipkin, Glenda Rawson, Cathy Reeves, Anne Riley, Julia Simpson, Laura Simpson. NINTH ROW: -Martha Smira, Nancy Smythe, Lynn Stallworth, Jean Stogner, Sallie Thomas, Fay Tullos, Helen Williams, Diane Williams. NOT PICTURED: Kathryn Adams, Meredith Gretchen Faulhaber, Carolynn Gay, Karen Graham, Carolyn Hagerman, Martha Hines, Pamela Hodgson, Patti Keye, Toni Malvezzi, Judith Mitchell, Susan Parker, Connie Price, Dolores Smith. And that ' s how I won it. Sharon Jones Ann Killingsworth Mimi Hummel Pat Garret Though founded at Monmouth College in 1870, the Delta. Rho chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was not brought to the University of Mississippi until 1947. Kappas are active in all phases of University life. Karen Clifford served the ASB as executive secretary and was elected Judicial Chairman of the AWS. Other Kappas who hold offices in the AWS are Calico Maxwell, vice president; Katherine Shaw, executive secretary; and Susan Sharpe, treasurer. Kappas were well represented in the Parade of Beauties and Favorits by Barbara Woodbury and Brenda Rodriguez, top beauties, and by Bobbie Straub and Linda Van Nelms, favorites. Kappas boast membership in such organizations as Mortar Board, CWENS, Angel Flight, Committee of 100, and religious organizations. The spirit of Kappa Kappa Gamma is found in the individual girl and the love for her sisters in the bond of Kappa Kappa Gamma " This is the tie that holds us all together. " FIRST ROW: Terre Allred, Sandra Aust, Ann Ball, Barbara Lane Beneke, Dell Bond, Sharon Boone, Lesa Bettie Bowen, Judith Broom. SECOND ROW: Jackie Calhoun, Mary Chatman, Sandra Clark, Susan Clayton, Karen Clifford, Linda Lee Cotner, Sarah Gaye Craig, Peggy Ann Cresswell, Portis Cross. THIRD ROW: Sue Davis, Linda Sue Deener, Mary Dexter, Anita Dossett, Nancy Duncan, Jane Ellzey, Nancy Lynn Fenstermacher, Dale Freiler, Gail Gillespie. FOURTH ROW: Anita Grimes, Patricia Louise Guest, Phyllis Guest, Dale Hamilton, Marcia Hamm, Addie Harper, Judith Harper, Pamela Haworth, Carolyn Horrell. FIFTH ROW: Diane Howell, Lynn Howell, Mary Hummel, Linda Jetton, Costa Jonhosn, Jean Chambless Johnson, Sharon Anne Jones, Elizabeth Kersting, Winifred Killingsworth. SIXTH ROW: Dorothy Landry, Ellen Lape, Marilyn Leach, Barbara Martha Lynn Lewis, Marguerite Lokey, Holly McCreight, Caiolyn Maxwell, Betty Moore. SEVENTH ROW: Jo Moore, Margaret Moore, Mary Murphy, Jane Nall, Suzanne Permenter, Rebecca Phay, Ann Reno, Catherine Rhoads, Kathy Richardson. EIGHTH ROW: Effie Susan Sharpe, Katherine Shaw, Bonnie Shelton, Joan Simmons, Gail Singleton, Jan Singleton, Sherrill Sinnott, Floy Sledge. NINTH ROW: Frances Holmes Smith, Janet Stevens, Barbara Straub, Thomas, Kay Thompson, Linda Vann, Jessyca Waldran, Sandra Watkins, Pamela Case Watson. TENTH ROW: Barbara Woodbury. NOT PICTURED: Joan Allen, Rebecca Ferguson, Patricia Guyton, Roberta Brenda Rodriguez. Study Hall at the Phi Mu house. Jeanie Wiley Pat Cole Jill Watson Pat Moore Phi Mu, the second oldest sorority in the country, was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852. Alpha Delta chapter was estab- lished on the Ole Miss campus in 1924. Phi Mu ladies captured many honors this year: Homecoming Maid, Jackson ' s Lady of the Realm of the Memphis Cotton Carnival, second alternate to Miss University, fraternity sweethearts, Army and Navy sponsors, and Rebellettes. Phi Mus are also outstanding " Y " members, dormitory officers, CWENS, Alpha Lambda Delta members, Mortar Board members, Concert Singers, and Dancers. The members of Alpha Delta chapter now living in their newly completed Phi Castle at the top of sorority row. The house is New Orleans Riverboat architecture, which achieves a cultural tie to the southern architectural tradition. The new house sleeps forty girls. Phi Mu has an important place in the heart of each of her members. The warm congeniality that is always found in the Phi Mu house will forever provide wonderful memories to each girl who enters into the bond of Phi Mu sisterhood. FIRST ROW: Martha Marie Anderson, Dawn Anderton, Pamela Bailey, Diana Barger, Carol Brenner, Beverly Jean Brooks, Marilyn Brown, Elizabeth Buchholz. SECOND ROW: Martha Caldwell, Kay Calvert, Celeste Campassi, Carol Evelyn Cassidy, Lynne Coates, Wanda Cobb, Patricia Cole, Gail THIRD ROW: Billie Earnheart, Anne Eavenson, Susan Edmondson, Barbara Dillard, Vicki Ellis, Connie Favert, Susan French, Jean Glover. FOURTH ROW: Sally Green, Susan Guilbert, Brenda Hall, Annabelle Ellen Hamachek, Linda Hamilton, Sally Diane Hardaway, Mildred Hardin, Jean Hart. FIFTH ROW: Teresa Hogue, Patricia Horne, Dorothy Joor, Linda Lassetter, Jacqueline Ledbetter, Carol Kay Lemons, Connie Lewis, Janice Lockley. SIXTH ROW: Jane Lundberg, Janet McLaurin, Ann Malone, Willette Mansell, Charlotte Mayo, Johnnie Micele, Susan Miles, Marilyn Miller. SEVENTH ROW: Patricia Anne Moore, Leigh Neill, Paula Kay Richardson, Sharon Robinson, Janis Seefeld, Susan Shoemaker, Pamela Shultz, Lynne Simonetti. EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Lee Sloas, Juliane Smith, Sandra Smith, Brenda C. Snare, Shellye Edris Stanley, Roma Taylor, Virginia Tays, Dixie Thomas. NINTH ROW: Edith Turley, Charlotte Elizabeth Upton, Mildred Waits, Cecile Walsh, Jamie Walsh, Marilyn Ware, Jill Watson, Leslie TENTH ROW: Beth Whitlock, Suzanne Jean Wiley, Evelyn Sue Windsor, Kathryn Frances Young. NOT PICTURED: Anita Clinton, Gloria Robinson, Mary Sherard, Judy Sherrill. He rode a white horse, and was wearing a mask and silver bullets. Pam Vaughn Sandy Smith Judy Marlowe Marinelle Moore The Golden Arrow of Pi Beta Phi pierced the heart of the Ole Miss campus in October of 1961. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, the first organization of college women with the aims and policies of a national fraternity, was founded at Monmouth College in Illinois in 1867. From this beginning Pi Phi has grown to include chapters, 332 alumnae clubs and 77,369 living Pi Phi ' s in the United States and Canada. Mississippi Beta ' s primary contribution to the Greeks this year was the completion of their new chapter house on Rebel Drive, better known as the " ski lodge. " The dedication of the house took place March 19, coinciding with Pi. Phi State Day. Pi Phi ' s participate in all phases of activities, boasting members in WRA, University Dancers, and the Committee of 100. They are proud of their members on Phi Gamma Nu and Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, business fraternities and in Alpha Lambda Delta, scholastic organization. This year Cindy Morrison served as Navy ROTC Battalion Commander, and Judy Ray served as Treasurer. The Pi Beta Phi ' s keep " purpose and honor unbending in a bond of sisterhood typical of their fraternity. FIRST ROW: Nora Anne Allen, Elizabeth Avery, Cynthia Babers, Chandler Barham, Beverly Biddy, Jo Lane Buckner. SECOND ROW: Sandra Chustz, Connie Cloar, Frances Drake, Beatrice Dunn, Nacy Clo Evans, Shirley Evans. THIRD ROW: Bessie Fisher, Linda Flowers, Mary Jane Gitter, Olga Harris, Susan Heyward, Carole Higgins. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Hughes, Lynne Johnson, Linda Kaye Jones, Lucie Larson, Dinah Leavitt, Terry J. Lever. FIFTH ROW: Sidney Marie Levy, Sandra Lee Lewis, Judith Marlowe, Janice Mauldin, Manelle Maurras, Millen. SIXTH ROW: Marinell Moore, Cynthia Jeanne Necaise, Maureen Orourke, Jan Ray, Julienne Grey Ray. SEVENTH ROW: Sarah Sue Ritchey, Emily Jane Smith, Sandra Smith, Jacquelyn Stahlman, Nora Stevens, Mildred Sullivan. EIGHTH ROW: Gail Thomas, Pamela Vaughn, Susan Walker, Jane Ward, Claudia Ann Williams, Gale Wuestefeld. NOT PICTURED: Stacy Alexander, Carol Mittie Welty. What ' s the matter with the OLD Elections Commission? Marjo Thornton Betty Joan Edwards Katherine Abraham Margaret Browne The seventy-ninth chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was installed on the Ole Miss campus on April 14, 1939. Gamma Delta chapter was the fifth women ' s social organization on campus. The fraternity was founded on October 15, 1898, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. It is the only National Panhellenic Conference group chartered by an act of legislature. Zetas are proud of Marjo Thornton, chairman of the Elections Commission; Katherine Abraham, Vice-President of Panhellenic, and President-elect of the AWS. Alice Mitchell marched with the band as Head Majorette, with several other Zetas in the Rebelette line. Zetas also participate in ASB Committees, University Singers, Committee of 100, and with representatives in honorary groups such CWENS, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Mortar Board. Lila Smith, who has had major roles in theatrical productions, was honored on a national television in the spring. The girls of Zeta Tau Alpha are sisters of the crown; their colors are turquoise blue and steel gray. Zeta Tau Alpha has given to every girl who wears the shield a heritage of lifelong privileges and friendships perpetuated beyond the period of college life . . . " Once a Zeta; always a Zeta. " FIRST ROW: Katherine Abraham, Sylvia Allen, Martha Jean Bailey, Joy Barhanovich, Susan E. Bennett, Romano Gayle Blanton, Faithe Boatner SECOND ROW: Margaret Olivia Browne, Patricia Anne Byrd, Charlene Chiles, Karen Cloutman, Mary Cooper, Jane Daughtn, Kevin Diffley. THIRD ROW: Frances Earthman, Betty Sue Edwards, Ruth Linda Farrish, Margaret Ferguson, Nora Finklea. FOURTH ROW: Kaye Foster, Gaynell Garrison, Edith Gatewood, Mary Jane Judy Hester, Nelda Jones, Patricia Latta. FIFTH ROW: Mary Lee, Lynn McGee, Melillo, Alice Mitchell, Nancy Moak, Pamela Morris, Judith Noble. SIXTH ROW: Suzanne Orander, Billie Barbara Ann Smith, Lila Smith, Susan Spiceland, Linda Steele, Sandra Stone. SEVENTH ROW: Laura Tanner, sandra Lee Margaret Thornton, Lana Toney, Carol Ann Vance, Vanfosson, Lynn Wagner. EIGHTH ROW: Kaye Wall, Brenda Ward, Peggy Ann Whitaker, Judith Lynn Jane Young. NOT PICTURED: Helen Cooley, J Gardino, Lillian Graham, Elizabeth McGlothlin. Richard Brock Johnny Easley Ralph Vance Bill McGeehee The organization disigned to regulate and govern the activities of all social fraternities on the University cam- pus is the Inter-Fraternity Council. The primary function of the IFC is to serve as a governing body of the sixteen fraternities. It is composed of two representatives chosen from each fraternity and is governed by four officers elected from the membership of the council itself. The council meets bi-monthly to discuss the mutual of the fraternity system. Another duty of the is carried out each year in the planning, setting up, and enforcing of rules for fraternity rush. Throughout the coordination of activities, the IFC attempts to unite the fraternities in a spirit of friendly brotherhood, to promote scholarship, to encourage new fraternities and to develop existing chapters and individuals in the fraternity system. Richard Brock INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT First Row: Holmes Adams, Richard Brock, Gerald Burnett, Edward Burnett, Edward Buxton, Ruben Chrestman, Tom Cothran, James Currie, Johnny Easley, Robert Gorman. Second Row: Donald Jones, John Kinard, Rob Charles Lea, William McGeehee, Alan Murphree, Anthony Palukaitis, John Powers, Bernard Puckett, Daniel Rabinowitz. Third Row: James Randall, Henry Sanders, Bernard Shipp, Raymand Smith, Van Temple, Ralph Vance, Dennis Voge, Middleton Wooten, Allen Yates. Not Pictured: Larry Cunningham, Joseph Gex, Jay Wahlberg. The Officers of the Interfraternity Council are Bill McGeehee, Johnny Easley, Vice President; Richard Brock, President; and Ralph Vance, Secretary. IFC Officers conduct formal rush in September. The members of the IFC Judicial Committee are Johnny Kinard, Johnny Easley, Joe Gex, and Bernard Shipp. Miss Kay Hood, Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega. I hate Batman. Dale Duckworth Mike Nash Spencer Schrieter Fred Schramm Alpha Tau Omega is one of the oldest and largest college fraternities. Founded in 1865 by three Confederate veterans, it now has 124 chapters from coast to coast, and over 90,000 initiates. ATO takes particular pride in its emphasis on good study habits and better than-average grades. This is convincingly demonstrated by ATO leadership scholastically among all " old-line " fraternities, showing ATO first in percentage of chapters above the All-Men ' s average eight of the last eleven years. In 1950, ATO originated the idea of " Help Week " wherein challenging com- munity service projects were substituted for humiliating " hell week " activities. Coming to Ole Miss in 1927, Mississippi Delta Psi Chapter has since grown in size and prestige. The Ole Miss Taus are active in all phases of campus life, including membership in Scabbard Blade, ODK, scholastic and professional honoraries, religious organization, and student government. The ATO social calendar includes parties ranging from the " Viking Party " to the annual Spring Formal. FIRST ROW: Dennis Aldridge, Kenneth John Allison, Curtis P. Ayers, III, John Barnes, John Boling, Carl Harvey Brinkham, Larry Bussey, Richard SECOND ROW: James Christy, William Clayton, Richard Coleman, William, D. Coleman, Jr., Chambliss Hayden Collier, Forrest Mobley Conley, Jr., Howard Davis, Ray Dixon, Kenneth Dreher. THIRD ROW: John Dubard, Dale Duckworth, John Easley, George Ronald Harold Edwards, Ellis, David Fedric, Jimmy Blame Fisher, Robert FOURTH ROW: Charles Grantham, William Guy, David Haraway, Hargraves, Harold Hill, Clarence Lee Holley, Jimmie Houser, William James Hunt, Charles Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Thad Jones, Michael Kershaw, Martin Kilpatrick, William John Tillman Lomax, Jr., Joseph McCarty, Harry McCollum, Buchette S. MacFarland, Rolf McHenry. SIXTH ROW: Geoffrey Mangin, David James Martin, M. Mavar, Jack Mayfield, Charles Mullins, Michael Nash, Louis Parchman. SEVENTH ROW: Patric Parker, Troy Parkison, David Peaks, Weldon Patrick Phillips, Harris Powers, William Regan, Edwin Rester, John Rice, Larry Roberts. EIGHTH ROW: Manuel Rodriguez, Frederick Schramm, Spencer Schreiter, John P. Scruggs, William Sipes, Clinton Smith, Thomas Smith, James Spraberry, Donald Ray Stacey. NINTH ROW: James Stahlman, Eric Streed, William Sullivan, Michael Byron Taylor, David Thomas, Clyde Trevathan, Dennis Voge, Terry Walters, Tames W. Webb. TENTH ROW: William Webb, Samuel Wilkins Charles Wilkinson, Edward Lynn Wolfe. NOT PICTURED: James Daly, Richard Ducker, Robert Klingenbeck, John Krause, Hugh Price, James Edmund Taylor, Cowles Townes. If I had known you were so slow, I ' d have written my English theme myself. Bill Lipscomb Lynn Murphree Lewis McCool Lloyd Kitchens Richard Joseph This year was one of significant growth and accomplishment for Beta Beta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. The pledging of forty men during Rush Week doubled the size of the chapter and gave the Betas their largest membership since pre- World War II days. Another highlight was the completing of the furnishing of the new chapter house in this, its second year of occupancy. In 1965 the B etas, in addition to leading all Ole Miss fraternities in scholarship for the eighth consecutive semester, won their third Summa Cum Laude Award from the National Inter-fraternity Conference for ranking academically among the top ten fraternity chapters in the nation. Memorable social events included the Homecoming Dance, the Bavarian Ski Lodge Party, the Wild West Party, and the Spring Formal. Always outstanding in campus leadership, the Betas claimed nine members of Omicron Delta Kappa. Beta campus leaders included chapter President Bill Lipscomb, prominent mem- ber of Alpha Sigma Sigma; Cy Faneca, Chairman of the Student Judicial Council; Jess White, President of the Interfraternity Council; Ben Weathersby, Director of ASB Academic Affairs; James Peden, President of Pi Sigma Alpha; and Jimmy Currie, Vice-President of Phi Eta Sigma. FIRST ROW: Patrick Albano, Thomas A. Terrel Lee Algood, Don Allen, James Anderson, Larry Baygents, James Lampton Berry, Jr., William Anthony Bland. SECOND ROW: Clay Crockett, James Currie, James Davis, James Denley, Dobbs, George Dorrill, James Dupree, Franklin Eubanks. THIRD ROW: David Ford, William Griwach, Terry Harris, John Howett, Richard Joseph, Timothy James Kenney, Donald Gilbert Lloyd Kitchens. FOURTH ROW: James Langmesser, Robert Lewis, John Lippincott, William Beck Lipscomb, Charles Little, Marcus Love, McCollum, Lewis McCool. FIFTH ROW: Floyd McIntyre, John Meyer, Paul 0. Miller, III, Frank Moore, Paul M. Moore, Jr., Linn Jerry Oakman, Wilson Pearson. SIXTH ROW: James Peden, Richard Peterson, Eugene Phelan, Florian Ploch, Willis Pope, John Powell, Prewett, Richard Pugh. SEVENTH ROW: Chippy Reid, Richard Rhoden, Wylie Richards, Richard Fred Rushton, John Schwent, Wesley Sebren, Victor Taber. EIGHTH ROW: Carrol Umberger, John Waits, Benjamin Weathersby, Robert L. Weathersby, Charles John Weeks, Jr., James White, Jesse White, Gary C. Whitener. NINTH ROW: Richard Wirt, James Woods. NOT PICTURED: Frank Andrews, George Camire, Ira Carpenter, Cyril Faneca, James Gladney, Joseph Hewitt, Paul Johnson, Donald Kitchens, John Morris, Clarence Prange, Howard Ray, Richard Reecht, John Reuter, Larry Whitener. Ten minute break from the books. William D. Donald, Jr. Morgan Gene Ray Stephen Roy Foster Claude Powell Frederic L. Miller The Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon is proud of its history and tradition since its founding in 1850 as the first fraternity on the Ole Miss campus and in the State of Mississippi. Part of the achievement of the Chi Chapter is seen in the importance of its alumni. It has produced such leaders as John W. Kyle, late Mississippi Supreme Court Justice and Henry Minor Fraser, founder of the Ole Miss school of pharmacy. The Dekes are also proud of their present accomplishments on campus. They have participated in many activities having membership in such select groups as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Scabbard and Blade, and Phi Beta Lambda. The brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon are noted for their accomplishments as hosts, giving some of the best parties in the South. The founding fathers in 1844 at Yale University established the concepts and ideals which have molded Dekes throughout the years. Each Deke strives to be a " gentleman, scholar, and a jolly good fellow. " FIRST ROW: Russell Asher, Henry Babers, William Ballard, Nelson Dexter Barr, Samuel Bliga, Emmett George Boyles, III. SECOND ROW: James Clay, William Hart Cline, Carroll Dilworth, Gregory Oliver Doiron, William Donald, Edgar Dunn, James Blair Etz. THIRD ROW: George Farsis, Donald K. Jr., Joseph M. Ford, Robert Frederic, Charles John Gower, Alan Hansen. FOURTH ROW: Stephen Harris, Patton B. Reginald Holley, Randall Jacobs, James Polk Johnson, H. Jolly, Dwight Jones. FIFTH ROW: James Kelly, Brenton Lavers, Wesley Longino, William C. McGehee, Jr., William James MaIlette, Donald Miller. SIXTH ROW: Frederic Miller, John Ulrich Miller, III, Mike Moses, Roger Nunley, James M. Polatty, Jr., Gary Politan, Claude Powell. SEVENTH ROW: Adelbert Price, Morgan Ray, Steven Ray, Henry Sanders, Randolph Sexson, Richard John Shackelford. EIGHTH ROW: Roger Mack Stafford, David Stone, Michael Ward, Donald White, George White, Perry Williams, Nicholas Yokum. NOT PICTURED: Stephen Foster, Leonard William. Bobbs, Richard Beneke, James Sewell. Burn, Baby, Burn. The UFD to the rescue. Delta Psi, or St. Anthony Hall as it is sometimes known, was founded in 1847, at Columbia University. Eight years later, Phi Chapter was established at Ole Miss. In its one hundred and eleven years at Ole Miss, Delta Psi has contributed much to both the University and the state. The first editor of the Ole Miss, Judge Garland Lyell, and the first captain of the Rebel football team, Judge William Hemingway, were Delta Psi ' s. Some other illustrious alumni are the late Governor Hugh White, late Secretary of War Luke Wright, and Speaker of the House in the Mississippi Legislature, Walter Sillers. On campus today, Delta Psi still retains its touch by having the President of the School of Engineering and the President of the State-wide Canterbury Association as members. Among its many firsts, Delta Psi lists having the first fraternity house in the state. Also, it claims a couple of " lasts. " It is the last fraternity to still maintain traditional secrecy and is the last campus fraternity to have had its house burned. Though it holds social acctivities in high esteem, Delta Psi has a flair for the unusual. This year ' s social calendar was quite filled with everything from an impromptu homecoming house warming party and pep rally to the annual Saints ' and Angels ' Ball in the spring. Needless to say, after homecoming all parties were held off campus. Homeless and happy, Delta Psi has been pulled through another eventful year by its phantom leaders. FIRST ROW: Terrell Barlow, Robert Barton, James Bridges, Richard Cullin Chambers. SECOND ROW: Philip Cranston, James Joseph Davidson, Thomas Hedgepeth, Thomas Luke. THIRD ROW: James Mitchell, James Randle, Thomas Bernard Tenfelde, Weston. FOURTH ROW: Middleton Wootten. NOT PICTURED: Charles Boren, Carl Davis, George Gillespie, Joe McCorkle, Marvin Sanders, Paul Staudte, Robert Tapp, William Weathers. Gross! What an F.D.! Miss Sandy Hall, Kappa Alpha Rose. Michael McRee Mitch Thrower Doug Turner Van Lackey Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865, the Kappa Alpha Order has spread throughout the South, having 84 chapters below the Mason-Dixon line. The KA ' s have contributed much to the progress of the University of since coming here in 1900. All the leaders they have produced have exemplified the principles of the South, on which Kappa Alpha is based. The KA ' s now have such prominent members as Jim Martin, President of the ASB and member of ODK; Mitch Thrower, President of the Arnold Air Society; and Bobby Beasley, Student Director of Publicity. Noted for their outstanding hospitality, the KA ' s produce many important social events each year. Among these are the old South Ball, the Rose Ball, and the Hayseed Party. The brothers of Kappa Alpha fraternity are well known for living by the traditions of the Old South. FIRST ROW: Fred Abney, James Addleton, Thomas George Armour, Edward Atkinson, Robert Lloyd Beasley, Henry Beneke, Gordon Bogen, Robert Burke. SECOND ROW: Edwin Carpenter, Jimmy Carter, Michael Chaffin, Lucius Cook, Glenn Cox, James E. Curtin, Herbert Dewees, Robert Edgar. THIRD ROW: Douglas Everitt, Thomas Frezell, William Gowan, George Green, John Hadad, Sidney Haining, Henderson Hall, Benjamin Hand. FOURTH ROW: Charles E. Harper, Jr., Robert Hearin, Willard Hearn, Edward Hodo, Rogers Clark Horton, Ward James, Crawford Jones, Van Lackey. FIFTH ROW: Dan Lindsay, Joseph Lipscomb, William Lott, Joseph Lotterhos, Dewitt Lovelace, Ignatius Timothy McGahey, Clyde McGee. SIXTH ROW: Charles McMurchy, Michael James Martin, Geoffery Mitchell, Frank Molpuh, Gerald Moses, Edwin Noble, John Noble. SEVENTH ROW: Richard Noble, Walter Jefferson Nowell, Martin Paschall, John Pepper, Harry Piazza, John Powers, Harry Sanders. EIGHTH ROW: Claude Satchfield, Michael Schlosser, William B. Simmons, Raymond Smith, James Squires, Walter Starr, John Stevens, Joshua Stevens. NINTH ROW: Bradford Stewart, Minor Charles Sykes, Thomas Tate, Steve Terracin, Mitchell Thrower, Douglas Dwight Jackie White. TENTH ROW: Davis Whitfield, John Williams. NOT PICTURED: John Botto, Randy Broome, Turner, John Vandevender. When Alias gets through with them, they won ' t know what hit ' em. Miss Patty Palmer, Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma. Jimmy McMahon Joe Garrison Al Clark Gene Smith Kappa Sigma was born in the western world in 1869, shortly after the Civil War. Its historic and traditional beginnings, however, were not in the West, but in the eastern hemisphere, not years but centuries ago. For modern Kappa Sigma has its roots in a secret society which existed in Italy and France from about the year 1400. On October 8, 1926, the Delta Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma was established at the University of Mississippi. Kappa Sigmas are outstanding members of the Ole Miss campus. Showing capable leadership are " Colonel Rebel " , Smitty Williams; ASB Treasurer, Donnie Brock; ASB Publicity Chairman, Joe Garrison. Supporting the Rebels are Lamar Black and Richard Warriner, Freshman Cheerleaders. Without a doubt, the Kappa Sigs have the best parties on campus. Their parties feature some of the best entertainers in the business. Their busy social calendar ranges from Founders ' Day Banquet to the Stardust Ball in the Spring. FIRST ROW: Fred Alias, Harry Anderson, Phillip Bailey, James Barrett, Pat Barrett, David Beckwith, Donnie Brock, Joseph Ed Jr. SECOND ROW: Robert Carsley, Larry Chapman, Jamie Charbonnet, Alvah Clark, Rickey Coker, Robin Owen Conley Cox, Nelson THIRD ROW: William Daniel, William Jack Dodson, Daniel Dorsey, Carl Eugene Drake, Bobby Dubois, Ben Edmonson, James Fortner. FOURTH ROW: Percy Galbreath, Charles Gates, Sam Graves, Gregory Hardy, Robert E. Hendrix, Jr., Paul Hester, John B. Holmes, Jr., Ruel Huddleston. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Huggins, Ronald Johnson, Joseph Kelly, Basil Kennedy, Jimmy Keyes, Wayne B. Larue, Jr., Milton Lane McKellar, James McMahan. SIXTH ROW: Robert Moore, Hugh Patrick Newton, John Michael O ' Connor, Ronnie Penny, Joseph A. Jr., Lawrence Pratt, James Primos, Thomas Quake, SEVENTH ROW: Laurin Ramsey, Robert Taft Renfro, William L. Reno, Jr., Rollin Rhodes, David Robinson, Wiliam Sadler, John Sartin, John Seabold. EIGHTH ROW: Michael Simon, Eugene Smith, Edwin. Sory, Jimmy Randolph Spears, Thomas Storey, Clarke Stuckey, Charles J. Sullivan, Larry Thompson. NINTH ROW: Joe Vann, John Wallis, Thomas Walters, ,Robert E. Waring Richard Warriner, Wren Carroll Way, Barry Leslie Whites, Larry Williams. TENTH ROW: Donald Wood. Miss Barbara Harris, Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta. Tube Time at the Phi House. James S. Love Thomas Shelton Mitch Massey Larry Dudley Mississippi Alpha of Phi Delta Theta has attained an outstanding record since its influx on the Ole Miss campus in 1877. The chapter has received national recognition for many years. For four of the past seven years it has been awarded the Founders Trophy, signifying the outstanding Psi Delta Theta chapter in the nation. On the Ole Miss campus the Phi Delt ' s have also made many contributions. The chapter has acquired the 1965 Sing Song trophy, the 1965 Intramural Football Championship, and the overall Dixie Week trophy. The Phi Delt ' s take pride in many of their brothers for their participation in campus activities. Included among these are Gene Fair, Editor of the Mississippian, and member of the Hall of Fame; Jimmy Love, President of the School of Business and Government; and Allen Yates, Co-Chairman of the Committee of 100. Dwelling in one of the most stately houses on campus, the Phi Delt ' s have proved their worth in many ways. FIRST ROW: George Abbott, Holmes Adams, Thomas Allen, James Armstrong, Michael Mathias Baier, Robert Bailey, Otis Rey Bardwell, John William Barrett, Henry Black. SECOND ROW: Leonard Blackwell, James Joe Alister Brady, Jr., Callender, Kirk Carter, Arthur Clark, Harold Clark, Joseph Cook. THIRD ROW: Michael Dale Cooke, James P. Cothren, James Cunningham, Warren Candler Dorsey, Dudley, Davis Love Fair, Eugene Fair, Cary Fondern, William Garth. FOURTH ROW: James George, Stephen Jordan Glaze, John L. Grantham, Joseph Griffin, Miller Hartzog, William Hayes, Hicks, Elbert C. Hodge, Jr., Wyche Hooker. FIFTH ROW: Paul Hayne Johnson, Robert Johnson, Morris Keesee, Ellis H. Latimer, III, Aristide Lefeve, Robert Parker Lorentz, Craig Love, James Love, Bailey McBee. SIXTH ROW: Larry McCool, Wallace McMillan, Leray McNamara, Robert Marshall, Fred Massey, Kenneth Milam, McPherson Moore, William H. Mounger, Jr., Thomas Dulaney Murry. SEVENTH ROW: John Neville, Robert Nored, Roger Norman, John Nunnery, James W. O ' Mara, William O ' Mara, Robert Parker, Edward Peacock, Michael Person. EIGHTH ROW: Crymes George Pittman, Pool, John William Bobby Robinson, Robert Russell, James Rutledge, William Rutledge, William Scott, Thomas Edwin Shelton. NINTH ROW: Dan Singley, Bernie Smith, Charles W. Steadman, Jr., Thompson, Cooper Thurber, Robert Thurber, Frederick F. Travis, John Turner, Stephen Vaught. TENTH ROW: Joseph Witty, Allen Yates. NOT PICTURED: James Abbott, John Abbott, Abdalla, Gerald Abdalla, William Aden, Samuel Bates, Michael Boland, James Brasfield, Robert Brunson, Frederick Bush, William Carlisle, Kyle Chandler, Douglas Clark, Van Conaway, Clyde Day, James Delgadillo, John Dement, Walter Dennis, David Fenstermacher, Jesse Frame, E. Garner, David Gillis, Chauncey Godwin, Edwin Ronald Herring, Balfour Lipscomb, Henry McCaslin, Grady McCool, Ronald Newell, Joseph Odom, Samuel Phillips, Charles Rea, Verger Robinson, Frederick Rogers, Rodney Shands, Lawrence Smith, Archie Stacy, Richard Stovall, Charlie Swayze, Harvill Weller. Miss Susan White, Sweetheart of Phi Kappa Psi. I dunno. What does it taste like to you? Sandy Schurtz Bernard Shipp Bruce Atkinson Joe Justice George Dubois Phi Kappa Psi was founded in 1852 at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and gained its first chapter in the Deep South in 1857 with the establishment of Mississippi Alpha Chapter. Today Phi Psi ' s hold many positions of leadership on the Ole Miss campus. Dick Brock serves as President of the IFC; Chuck Ritchie is President of the Junior IFC; and Hal Sloas is President of the Intramural Council. Phi Psi is also well represented in ODK, Phi Eta Sigma, and honorary societies in all the departments of the University. Fred Bourn was recognized as the outstanding student in the School of Business and Government for 1965-66. Phi Psi has a full social calendar, from chapter and pledge swaps to the annual formal, the Jacqueminot Rose Ball. The chapter also excels in athletics and holds the overall small fraternity sports championship for last year, In every campus activity, the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi are found among the leaders and contribute much to student life at Ole Miss. FIRST ROW: Steven Ammann, Robert Ross Andrews, Bruce Atkinson, Bass, lames Baylen, Fred Bourn, James Brim, Borden Brister. SECOND ROW: Richard Brock, George Wayne Butler, James E. Caldwell, Michael Carithers, Harry Collins, Dennis Doyle, George Dubois, Tommy Duke. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Faulker, Wallace Frye, Allen Gary, Hal Gill, Lawrence Cary Gunn, Thomas Eugene Hawk, James Dewey Henderson, Robert A. Herring, III. FOURTH ROW: Wesley Hill, Phil Hinton, Orton H. Hogue, Jr., Donald John Wayne labour, Edwin Jackson, Joseph Kolesar, Frank Kuhn. FIFTH ROW: William Leatherman, Ralph Lilja, Billy Lott, Anthony Lowstuter, Michael Malouf, Merriman, Richard Donald Morris. SIXTH ROW: . Walter Palmer, George Wilfred Petering, Andrew Prince, Redditt, James Arnold David Ruch, Jimmy Shaffer, Bernard Shipp. SEVENTH ROW: Harold Sloas, Michael G. Soper, Gerald L. Steele, William Tate, Allen Tubbs, Clifford Turk, Vaughn Varnado, Joseph B. Walker. EIGHTH ROW: James Warren, Thomas Michael Womack, Johnny Wright, Dennis Wynn, Ronald Alan Yancis, Emile Zoghby. NOT PICTURED: George Abraham, Christian Allenburger, Jack Atwood, Jack Barnett, Jack Browning, William Gulledge, Lloyd Hogue, William Hopper, Frank Justice, Charles McMillan, Craig MacKenzie, Paul Purnell, Charles Ritchie, Harry Sauce, Francis Schcurtz, Cohn Stockdale. I don ' t care. Do YOU want to go to class? Mrs. Brenda Gray, Sweetheart of Phi Kappa Theta. Jay E. Wahlberg Edwin Schmitt Bob Gorman Mr. Phil Carrey Theta Kappa Phi and Phi Kappa united in September of 1958 to become the new national social fraternity for Catholic men. In May of 1959 the Ole Miss Chapter proudly assumed the name of Mississippi Chi Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta. Chi chapter has endeavored to provide a complete education for the Catholic university men. This education goes beyond the scope of classroom activities. PKT ' s official flower is the red rose and the colors are cardinal purple, white, and gold. The members try to manifest a public spirit and lively interest in all that concerns the life and welfare of the school. FIRST ROW: Norman Calhoun, Philip Carrey, Christopher Dunn, Harold SECOND ROW: Michael Farrell, Arthur Foster, Robert Gorman, John D. Habes, Jr. THIRD ROW: John Paulsen, Robert Sally, C. Schmittschmitt, Robert Steiger. FOURTH ROW: John Leo Taylor, Lawrence Matthew Wunsch. Sloppy Joes at the Pike House. Miss Ellen O ' Neal, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. Joseph Monsour Barry Dwight Land Gerald Burnett Cecil F. Heidelberg Six Confederate officers founded the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in 1868 at the University of Virginia. In 1927, the shield and diamond was brought to Ole Miss resulting in Gamma Iota Chapter. In 1958, the Pikes built a stately colonial mansion on New Fraternity Row. Pikes have demonstrated their interest in school affairs this year by representatives in the Arnold Air Society, Committee of 100, ODK, and several varsity sports. Cecil Brown serves as Treasurer of the ASB while Larry Cunningham is Vice-President of the Inter-Fraternity Council. The Roman Ball, Playboy party, and Dream Girl Formal are highlights of the Pike social season. The Pikes also participate annually in a Christmas party for underprivileged children in the Lafayette County area. Pi Kappa Alpha is truly an alliance of men who demonstrate their motto: " At Ole Miss, Pi Kappa Alpha means Leadership. " FIRST ROW: John Allen, Robert M. Abraham, Robert Allen, Fred Anderson, Chester Bergalowski, Henry Blumenthal, John Herbert Ellis Branch, Eddie SECOND ROW: Hess Brocato, Cecil Brown, Gerald Burnett, James Carr, Cary Gray Carter, Lee K. Alton Corban, Gilford F. Dabbs, III, John Deitrich. THIRD ROW: Bruce Dixon, Arnold Dyre, Larry K. Flanary, David M. Fore, Forrest, Robert Gentry, Hershell George, Robert Hamill, Bryan Harper. FOURTH ROW: Joseph C. Hartley, Jr., Ronald Hayles, Paul Haynes, Ray Hodges, Robert E. Huey, Jr., George Henry Jabour, Darius Ray Jackson, Wilmer Jones, Philip Kahn. FIFTH ROW: Samuel Keith, Ray King, Weir Kyle, Clayton Taylor Lewis, Mack Lowery, Charles Lynch, Edward McGraw, Charles Otto McKay. SIXTH ROW: Dwight Maddox, Jerry Lafayette Marlar, Arthur Cinclair May, Joseph Thomas Monsour, Joseph Harold Montgomery, Thomas Morris, Robert Moss, Charles Neale, Irwin Nelson. SEVENTH ROW: Bruce Page, George Pegram, William Peters, Michael Rudd Phillips, Richard Phillips, Julius Piazza, Donald Potts, Danny Richardson, Lon Roberts. EIGHTH ROW: William B. Rochelle, Willard Rose, Robert Pickett Scruggs, Charles Sexson, Lester F. Smith, Timothy Smith, Ralph Sneed, Larry Snow, James Thomas Speed. NINTH ROW: Carl Summer, James Teasley, Joe Thompson, Jack Townes, Jack Grady Tucker, Jr., Michael Twibell, Thomas Grady Wallace, Gayden Ward, Robert Eugene Watts. TENTH ROW: George Wright, William Elder Yoste, Robert Young. NOT PICTURED: William Adams, William Raymond Breazeale, John Bryan, Julian Cunningham, Larry Cunningham, Michael Davis, Andrew Duck, John Fair, Ned Feltenstein, Edward Foster, Newton Gill, Newell Graham, Eedgie Griffith, Charles Herron, Henry Laird, Barry Land, John Maxwell, Harvey McCrosky, Clarence Morgan, Whitman Mounger, Donald Puckett, Hugh Shelton, Gerald Stephenson, Mitchell Thomas, John Tillman, William True, David Waldron, George Watson, James Watts, Robert Hardin. Good Heavens! They ' re drafting the lower 1 3. Donny Jones Van Temple Dicky Ousley Bill Hope Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama and soon spread throughout the land. The lion ' s roar was first heard at the University of Mississippi in 1866 when Mississippi Gamma Chapter was founded. Since that beginning, SAE at Ole Miss has contributed some of and the South ' s finest leaders. Men such as L. Q. C. Lamar, U.S. Supreme Court Justice; William F aulkner, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner for Literature; Governor Paul Johnson; and Lieutenant Governor Carroll Gartin are Mississippi Gamma alumni. While celebrating its 100th anniversary at Ole Miss this year, Mississippi Gamma can look with pride to its accomplishments in the past and in the present. This year Donny Jones was elected President of Omicron Delta. Kappa, Tommy Ford was the ASB Director of Social Affairs, and Rayner Graeber was a Justice on the ASB Judicial Council. With heavy emphasis placed on leadership, scholarship, athletics, social and campus affairs, SAE at Ole Miss looks forward to a bright and promising future. FIRST ROW: Joel Alexander, Ronald Haley Reeves Barbour, Reginald Barnes, Thomas David Burnham, Gerard Campbell, Lee Choate. SECOND ROW: Keith Clingman, Charles Ray Counce, Winfred Davis, James Derossitt, William Henry Douglas Duke, John Estes, Reeves Fairey. THIRD ROW: Perrin Ferris, Tommy Ford, Fuller, William Carroll Jr., Hugh William Gates, III, Joseph H. T. Gayden, Lawrence Graeber, Rayner Graeber. FOURTH ROW: Charles Haile, Dwight Hall, James Hamilton, John Henson, Raymond Himes, Frank Clarke Holmes, III, William Madison Hope, Oliver M. Hornsby, Jr. FIFTH ROW: Edwin Hussey, Lee Hyde, James Johnson, Michael Eugene Donald Jones, Robert Jones, Robert Kappus, Clyde Kelso. SIXTH ROW: Charles Lemaster, Robert F. Lester, John Lewis, Jim McCain, William Martin, Leon Mashburn, John S. Metz, Gid Montjoy. SEVENTH ROW: John Morgan, Harvey Lee Jr., Peter Mullikin, Charles Nelms, John Nelms, Charles Nelson, Griffin Richard Ousley. EIGHTH ROW: Joe Frank Peeler, Jr., Merritt Powell, James Price, Tims Alford Quinn, Jr., Robert Redd, Kerry Roby, Terry Schad, Richard Scruggs. NINTH ROW: William Sloan, Donald Smith, Philip Steele, John Storment, Parrish Taylor, Van Temple, William Trotter, Robert Walker. TENTH ROW: Fred Wallace, Ronald Wallace, Jimmy Ware, Frank Williams, Clyde Wilson, James Wiygul. NOT PICTURED: David Adams, Robert Allen, James Baker, Andrew Campbell, Jonathan Foose, James Glenn, James Gregory, Edward Glenn Harwell, Louis Haven, John James, Leland Richard Mellon, Evans Purdy, Alfred Rowan, Devereux Smith, Charles Stacey, Charles Williams. Miss Judi Adams, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Rice paddies, here we come. David Houston David Wells Gorman Schaffer Don Fruge Sigma Chi came to the University of Mississippi two years after its establishment at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1955. Eta Chapter at Ole Miss has inherited a rich tradition and for its accomplishments has been called, " The Standard Bearer of the South. " Sigma Chi ' s members are found in numerous honor societies including Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, and ODK. This year two Sigma Chis, Horace Lester and Robert Montjoy, were elected to the Hall of Fame. Six Sigma Chis, Marshall Bennett, Stan Hindman, Horace Lester, Robert Montjoy, Bobby Seibels, and David Wells, are listed in this year ' s Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. In varsity football, basketball, track, and baseball, Eta Chapter is well represented. Sigma Chi also participates in an enthusiastic intramural athletic program. Eta Chapter maintains a heritage of high achievement dating from its founding at the University of Mississippi over one hundred years ago. The continued search for excellence in academic work and extracurricular activities is the goal of Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi. FIRST ROW: Jackson H. Ables, III, Charlton R. Anderson, Thomas Anderson, James H. Ashworth, Robert Bailey, Bryan Barksdale, Lee Barnett, Meredith Bass, Fred Beard, Benny Bender. SECOND ROW: Marshall Bennett, Jim Slough, Thomas Bogue, David Bombay, William Bond, Robert H. III, John Bottom, James Brown, Randy Brown, Richard Bryan. THIRD ROW: Edward Bryant, George James Chandler, Richard Orville Clark, Michael Wallace Coleman, Timothy Cook, Gaines Cooke, Fred Cribbs, David Charles Davis. FOURTH ROW: Hull Davis, Frank Debay, Dees, Edward Dunn, Robert L. England, III, Nathan D. III, Don Fruge, John Guyton, Robert Guyton, Jimmy Hamilton. FIFTH ROW: McCoy Hamilton, John Elliot Harvey, Joseph Hawkins, William Hester, Frederick Gantt Hickman, Barry Holcomb, Hood, William Houp, David Houston, Braxter Irby. SIXTH ROW: Edward James, Jr., James Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Ronnie Johnson, Robert Jones, Jordan, Richard Jordan, Frank F. Kennedy, John Kinard, Horace Lester. SEVENTH ROW: Dwight Luter, J. McDuff, John McLaurin, Olin B. Mauldin, Jr., John Maxey, Charles Merkel, Robert Montgomery, Thomas Montgomery, Robert Montjoy, Rook Moore. EIGHTH ROW: William Moore, Coleman Richard Neelly, James O ' Neal, John Parker, Ronald Patch, Joel Payne, Charles Pennebaker, John David Pennebaker, Alan Perry. NINTH ROW: Fred Peyton, James Phillips, William Hall Poland, William Poole, Joseph Quin, Gilbert L. Rhoades, Jr., Michael Robbins, Michael Roberdeau, William Roper, Roderick Russ. TENTH ROW: William Russ, Robert Russell, Jeffrey Lloyd Sauls, Daniel Gorman Schaffer, Don Scott, Joseph Scott, Robert Wallace Sheely, William Sims. EL EVENTH ROW: James Thomas Smith, Jr., Collins Spencer, Hugh Stancil, William C. Strawbridge, Greg Taylor, Anthony Lavon Thazton, Michael Troop, Jesse Tutor, Ralph Vance, Barry TWELFTH ROW: James Watkins, James Weems, David Kent Wells, Gerald White, James Williams, John Williams, Roy Williams, William Wood, Barry Wright. NOT PICTURED: James Adams, Billups Allen, John Arnold, David Baker, Thomas Barnes, Ralph Bell, Scott Black, James Cockrell, Daryl Cooper, Charles Coward, Charles Farber, William Robert Graves, Jim Griffin, Roland Heidelberg, Stanley Hindman, Robert Kincade, James Laughlin, Gary Marsalis, Wilton Marsalis, Ellis McInnis, John Mott, Kenneth Murphree, Louis Rawdon, Lent Rice, William Robertson, Warren Rogers, Floyd Sulser, Michael Swetland, Barry Teller, Ronnie Wall. Leisure at the Snake House. Miss Lynn Treppendahl, Sweetheart of Sigma Nu. Bernard Puckett Billy Gotshall Jim Wheeler Bubba McArthur Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded on the ideals of Love, Honor, and Truth on January 1, 1869, by three cadets of the Virginia Military Institute. In the following century Sigma Nu has grown to be one of the larger national fraternities with 139 chapters across the nation. Epsilon Xi Chapter at Ole Miss received its in 1927. Through the efforts of loyal alumni and dedicated active members, it has become an out- standing fraternity on a campus with many fine fraternal groups. Sigma Nu continues to rank among the best at Ole Miss, as this year has shown. The " snakes " look with pride to their twelve members of ODK and Rees Bowen, ODK President. Billy Gottshall is presently serving as ASB Director of School Spirit, Bo Roberts as Vice-President of the Student Body, Ed Snyder as Chairman of the Judicial Council, and Bernard Puckett as Vice-President of the Senior Class. Claiming a large membership in Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Eta Sigma and the highest scholastic average among the large fraternities, Sigma Nu ' s are justly proud of their academic achievements. In addition to two freshmen cheerleaders, the " snakes " claim two varsity cheerleaders. Social life is integral part of the chapter with such events as the " Roaring Twenties " and the White Star Ball. FIRST ROW: Henry Allen, William Ragon Allen, William Ballentine, Barnett, Stephen Leeds Beach, III, Rees Bowen, David Bryant, Thomas Buford, Gus Bynum. SECOND ROW: Glenn Dale Cannon, Carol Bennett Chotard, Reuben Chrestman, Charles Clark, Clinton, Charles Cloud, David Cobb, Frederick Coggin. THIRD ROW: James Coggin, John Richard Corner, Thomas Corner, Carroll Cotton, Roger Cox, Sidney Cox, Thomas Dewey Crowson, Randy Crumbley, John Dale. FOURTH ROW: John Davis , Robert Decoux, James 0. Dukes, William Dumas, Michael Edward Ellis, John Charles Etheriedge, Thomas Evans, John Foster Fields, Fred Flinn. FIFTH ROW: John French, Robert Galloway, Shelton Gillis, Gregory Gilluly, James Griffith, James Haddock, Anthony Earl Hale, William Hamilton, Erik Harkey. SIXTH ROW: James Hawkins, Warren Hiatt, Allen Lee Hovious, Carson McLain Hughes, William P. Michael Lawyer, George Lester, Robert Lewis, C. Lindsey. SEVENTH ROW: Trent Lott, Edward Lyon, Charles Robert McRae, Davis Manning, John Milam, Billy James Miller, Buddy William Nunnery. EIGHTH ROW: Jamees Morris O ' Neal, Thomas Phillips, Bobby Price, Larry Provence, Bernard Puckett, Ken Revere,, Tally Riddell, Lloyd Roberts, William Roberts. NINTH ROW: Joe Ross, Danny Roy, John Wood Sample, Ronald Samuels, Eric Campbell Schweitzer, Shappley, Albert Simmons, Gary Sisco, Witt Smith. TENTH ROW: John Boswell Sneed, II, Edwin Snyder, John Townsend, Frank Trapp, Larry Underwood, Eddie Vandiver, Leonard Vincent, William Burnell Waits, Jr., Dwight Watts. ELEVENTH ROW: James Wheeler, William White, Richard Wilcox, Thomas NOT PICTURED: Sidney Acree, James Bennett, Barry Bridgforth, Henry Brum field, Ralph Cameron, John John Case, Gerald Ralph Daves, Richard Dunnam, Robert Farrar, Richard Forman, Robert Fulton, John Gilluly, William Gottshall, Gary Greathouse, Robert Hancock, Griffin Harrell, James Heidel, Goly Henry, John Hollingsworth, Bradford Hovious, James Jones, Robert Kerr, Stark King, Jon Lewis, John Lilly, James Gordon Long, John Michael McElhaney, Ernest McElveen, Martin McGee, Michael Murphy, Zeb Reeves, Ernest Reynolds, Glenn Scruggs, Walter Shackelford, George Tomlinson, Robert Uzzle, Michael Wade, Tommy Walman, James Watkins, Joseph Webster, John Young. Miss Pat Cole, Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. That ' s right, Sugar, Anything you say. G. Edward Buxton Earl St. John Tom Kirstchen Jon Crook Mississippi Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, second largest national fraternity in the United States, was founded at Ole Miss on June 2, 1928. Since then the Golden Heart of Sigma Phi Epsilon has seen an active life at Ole Miss. The scholarship program of SPE is one of the most outstanding in the nation. Under the leadership of Dr. U. G. Dubach, National Scholarship Director, the Sig Eps remain among the top 25% of the national fraternities scholastically. The Clifford B. Scott Key, for the highest average in each chapter, and the Dubach Award, for the greatest scholastic improvement, are among the awards which are presented each year. Highlighting the annual social calendar this year was the annual Queen of Hearts Ball. Other events of major significance were the Hawaiian Luau and the Cowboy Party. The tradition and pride of Sigma Phi Epsilon will soon be intensified on the Ole Miss campus as the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon prepare to construct a new home, soon be the showplace of Fraternity Row. FIRST ROW: Malcolm Aldridge, John G. Anderson, Philip Anthony, Frank Austin, Frank Berry, Matthew Blaine. SECOND ROW: Jerry Blount, Donald Burrell, William Owen Burrow, G. Buxton III, Ronald K. Cole, Crook. THIRD ROW: William Davenport, Earl Denney, Joe Thomas Gay, Charley Green, Erwin Griffin, Gerald Hardin. FOURTH ROW: John Harper, John Hartshorn, Randolph Hillier, Robert Hunt, Eugene R. Jennings, Larry FIFTH ROW: Roger Carl Johnson, Robert Charles Lea, Julius Lotterhos, Harold Paul McAlister, John Mabus, Fred Marks. SIXTH ROW: John Maynard, Louie Melikian, Thomas Menz, William Moss, John L. Price, Leslie Siltman. SEVENTH ROW: Stanford Jackson Smythe, Earl St. John, Alan Storey, Frederick Thornton, Brent Tinnin, Benny Todd. EIGHTH ROW: Daniel Henning Turnell, Glendy Vickery, Walter F Watters, Michael Ziliak. Intellectualism thrives at the Sigma Pi house. Tony Palukaitis Tom Cothran Stan Pielak Bill Brumbaugh Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded at Vincennes University on February 26, 1897, Alpha Chapter and the Grand National Headquarters are still located in Vincennes, Indiana. Growth was slow at first, but in the last five years, Sigma Pi has been the fastest growing national social organization. In 1965 twelve new chapters were formed. Only in the last 20 years has Sigma Pi come into the South. The majority of the 81 Sigma Pi chapters are located in the Big Ten schools and in California. Beta Mu Chapter at Ole Miss received its charter in 1953. Some of Sigma Pi ' s outstanding Alumni are Walter Shirra, U.S. Astronaut; Willard Kiplinger, Author and Correspondent of the Kiplinger Letter of Larry Grantham, All-Pro lineman of the New York Jets; and Curtis Shake, Chief Judge at the Nuremburg trials. Highlights for the year consist of the Annual Orchid Ball, Nationwide Sigma Pi blood drive, Founder ' s Day Ceremony, and the usual parties, swaps and Intramural sports activities. FIRST ROW: Christopher Anderson, Robert Barrow, William Brumbaugh, Ronald C. Cashin, Tom Cothran. SECOND ROW: Jerry Dover, Michael English, Bruce Carver Farnsworth, Thomas Faulkner, Griese. THIRD ROW: George Hertl, Kenneth R. Lawrence Joseph, John Kamman, Stratford Kay. FOURTH ROW: John Lewis, Ronald Moody, Palmer, Anthony J. Roger Paulson. FIFTH ROW: Christopher Persson, Stanley Persson, Stanley Pielak, Blaine Pynkala, Michael Thole, Leroy Tropp. SIXTH ROW: Ronald Vanostenbridge, John Wall, Craig Witte, Frank William Ernst Yelsik. Charles Ritchie Barry Whites Michael Twibell Randy Cloud Front Row: Frank Wilson, John Shackleford, Michael Troop, Alan Perry, Floyd McIntyre. Second Row: Borden Brister, John Habers, Charles Ritchie, Norman Calhoun, Florian Ploch. Third Row: James DeRossitt, Michael Twibell, Charles Cloud, William Lavallee, William Sullivan. This organization is composed of two pledges from each fraternity. These representatives are selected by their individual pledge classes and serve for the entire year. The council is also composed of two from the Senior Interfraternity Council who are elected to serve as advisors of Junior IFC for organizational purposes. The purpose of the Junior Interfraternity Council is to instill in its membership the principles of the fraternity system. In doing this, the representatives may give to their individual fraternities an incentive to improve standards, thereby cultivating a better environment where manhood may flourish. The council also acts as a service organization, carrying out projects designed by the Senior Interfraternity Council. The Department of Military Service is a General Science Unit of the Senior Division Reserve Training Corps. Training is conducted under the direction of the Professor of Military Science and his staff of officers and non-commissioned officers in with the programs and directives established by the Department of the Army. The mission of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps is to prepare college students for positions of leadership in the Army and to commission as junior officers those students who display the qualities and attributes essential to their progressive and continued development as officers in a component of the United States Army. LIEUTENANT COLONEL RONALD H. RINGSRUD Professor of Military Science Major John A. Grubbs Major Max L. Waldrop Major Donald E. Bates Captain M. D. Llewellyn Color Guard. Sgt. Major L. B. Westmoreland, MSgt. C. B. Johnson, MSgt T. M. Newberry, SFC E. I. Buff, SFG E. R. Lairmore, SFC A. J. Leclair. LT. COL. JAMES HAWKINS LASSIE COOKE Brigade Commander Colonel ' s Lady Major Donald Jones Captain Michael Mallory Captain Michael Taylor Sgt. Toby Wallace Deputy Brigade Commander Brigade Training Officer Brigade Adjutant Sergeant Major The Reserve Officers Training Corps is organized as a brigade consisting of two battalions of three companies each. The Brigade Commander, Cadet Colonel James 0. Hawkins, and the Brigade Staff are responsible for the leadership laboratory and general of brigade activities. The Brigade Commander and Staff are selected on the basis of their academic and military scholastic standing and their demonstrated leadership potential both on the campus and during summer training at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. The Army Sponsor Corps is established for the purposes of fostering patriotism, responsibility, and cooperation within the cadet corps; developing leadership; maintaining high moral standards and character; and promoting military, civic, and social activities. The ranking Sponsor or Colonel ' s Lady, Miss Lassie Cooke, directs the Sponsor Corps. The Colonel ' s Lady also presides over the Military Ball and their brigade sponsored activities. PATSY PUCKETT Honorary Sponsor Major Buddy R. Nichols Faucine Fairchild Captain Robert E. Seibels, III First Lt. J. Gorman Schaffer First Battalion Commander First Battalion Sponsor Executive Officer Adjutant Major Donald McGavock Sally Holloman Captain Horace B. Lester, Jr. First Lieutenant Dwight Young Second Battalion Commander Second Battalion Sponsor Executive Officer Adjutant First Row: Robert Ammon, Tommy Walters, Charles White, Billups S. Allen. Second Row: Major Max Waldrop, Edward Lyon, James Hawkins, Vernon Walter Simpson, John Scruggs, Sgt. Elbert Buff. Lt. John Hill, Band Commander; Sgt. Thomas McGee, Drum Major; Lt. David Mason, Counter- guerilla Plt. Commander; Sgt. James Mitchell, Counterguerilla Plt. Sgt.; Sgt. James Kelly, Drill Plt. Sgt. Captain James McArthur Johnnie Micele Company Commander Company Sponsor DRILL TEAM Front Row: Thomas Richardson, William Patrick Condon, Lawrence Wasser, Avery Hillyer, Joe Ross, Walter Stanolevich, Robert Keller, Donald Wood. Second Row: Eddie Vandiver, Richard Montgomery, Allen Lee Hovious, Harry Steelman, William Temple Withers, Clyde Huggins, Richard Harrell, Laddy Lewis. Third Row: Edwin Williams, Ray Dixon, Louis Steen, Patric Parker, John Daniel McKnight, Thomas Vegod. Not Nelson Cruthirds. Front Row: George Scrivener, William Kermit Mandrel, Woodrow Defore, Sidney Keith Price, Ronald Darby, Thomas Smith, Tony Jordan, Phillips, Thomas Bearden, Harry Robert Lyall. Second Row: Greg Thompson, William Voorhies, Alan Perry, James Baker, John Harris, Paul Irven Cunningham, Carrol Umberger, Tom Cothran, Fred Flinn, Gerald Abdalla. Third Row: James Arnold Harold Hawkins, Rollin Rhodes, William Hancock, Richard Peterson, Davenport, William Todd, James Lampton Berry Jr., James Baylen, William Sipes, John H. Shows. Fourth Row: Carlton Sudduth, David Robert Berg, Charles Robert Pennebaker, John White, Otis Martin, James Armstrong, Paul Merrel Parish, Joseph Hewitt, Don Holmes, Stephen Elkins. Fifth Row: Rodney W. Young, Jackie Spencer, James M. Polatty, Jr., John Robert Booth, John Shackelford, Carl Grissom. Not Charles Furr, Homer Spurgeon. COUNTERGUERILLA PLATOON Front Row: Alexander Koehler, Richard Starmann, Timothy Barfield, Michael James Brent, George Byers, Ellie Waldon, Joe Thomas Gay, Donald K. Fellows, Jr., Ronald Jackson, Rodney Moorhead. Second Row: William D. Coleman Jr., Strawford Dees, Larry Roberts, Sammy Carroll, James James Robert Pederson, David Weir, Donald F. Gober, Alan Barry Goldstein. Third , Row: Ronald Dickey, Clarence Craig, Charles Home, William McNeely, Daniel Nester, Bryant Shelton, Hugh Patrick Newton, Joseph Witty, James, Shaffer, Robert Perry. Fourth Row: Oliver Hord, Marcus Ellis, Ronald Dozier, Robert Russell, Terry Wynkoop, Ronald Giadrosich, Earl Denham, George Vickery, Eddie Lindsey. Captain John W. Hovious Fleeta Fox Company Commander Company Sponsor THIRD PLATOON—Front Row: William Ragon Allen, Kenneth Brown, Jim Blough, Ronald Campbell, Ronald Cardwell, Richard Burnette. Second Row: Robert H. Bostwick, III, Frank Boone, Ira Carpenter, Henry Brumfield, James Carr, Randy Brown. Third Row: David Bomboy, Ronnie Deberry, Michael Carithers, Gayle Bullard, Walter Bolton, Gordon Bogen. Fourth Row: Charles Campassi, Charles Clark, William Clement, John Botto, John Bottom, Frank Molpus. FOURTH PLATOON—Front Row: Harold Clark, Robert Chesnut, John Joseph Cook, Lee Davis, Roy Woody, Robert L. Weathersby. Second Row: Kyle Chandler, Ralph Daves, Lowell Clark, Terry Collier, Robert Webb, Clay Crockett. Third Row: James Campbell, Jon Crook, Van Cheramie, Michael Chaffin, William Claggett. Fourth Row: William Hart Cline, Frederick Coggin, Lee K. Conner, George Chamberlin, Charles Ray Counce. Not Pictured: Thomas Walters, Stephen Stavroff. FIRST PLATOON—Front Row: Braxter Irby, Gary Anderson, Steven. Reginald Barnes, Bryan Barksdale, Walter Northcross. Second Row: Robert Fuller, Terrel Lee Algood, William Andrukiewicz, Russell Asher, Thomas Anderson, James Bailey. Third Row: Holmes Adams, Robert M. Abraham, Glenn Bailey, Jimmie Barton, Thomas Barnes. Fourth Row: Tommy Duke, Thomas Allen, William Austin, Robert Ammon, Peter Barrett. Not Pictured: Otis Rey Bardwell, Allen Batts, James Dupree. SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: Jimmy Randolph Spears, John Boling, Henry Black, Henry Beneke, Hess Brocato, Benny Bender. Second Row: Michael Boland, Eugene Sexton Berry, David Henderson, Michael Grant Benefiel, Bruce Bellande. Third Row: Frank Austin, Alan Blakely Bell, Michael Bass, Robert Burke, Louis Braun. Fourth Row: David Beckwith, Thomas Birchett, Kirk Biddle, Edwin Moore Best, Ralph Jacobs. Not Richard Beneke, Grady Bates, William Bobbs, John Kerr. Lt. Robert F. Osborn, 1st Platoon Leader; Lt. Max D. Hipp, 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. Gary B. Taylor, 3rd Platoon Leader; Lt. George H. Lester, 4th Thomas Murry Captain David K. Wells Beth Edmonson Company Commander Company Sponsor THIRD PLATOON—Front Row: William C. McGehee, Jr., James Dempsey, Bruce Gray, Robert Graves, Jimmy Grant, Neil Second Row: George Denley, Randy Harvey, John Hadad, Glenn Griffith. Third Row: Edwin Deuschle, George Greer, Harrelson, Ronald Hayles, Charles Grantham. Fourth Row: Charles Gordon, Chauncey Godwin, Lawrence Cary Gunn, Hall, Thomas Eugene Hawk. Not Pictured: Glen Harrison, Earnest Haney. FOURTH PLATOON—Front Row: Paul Aron, Donal Gilbert, Claude Herard, William Hearn, Goly Henry, Eugene R. Jennings. Second Row: James Griffith, Frederick Gantt Hickman, David Gayle Hill, Wesley Hill, Daniel Richard Dorsey. Third Row: Donald Guild, Robert Hendrix, William Hester, Paul Hester, Ralph Hoffman. Not Pictured: Richard Darby, Joseph H. T. Gayden, Phil Hinton, Robert Hobby, Frank Hunsaker. FIRST PLATOON—Front Row: John McLaurin, Charles Coward, Robert Decoux, David Ewing, Reeves Fairey, William Wixon. Second Row: Douglas Clark, Russell Waldrop, Carroll Dilworth, Jewell Dykes, Lynn Ellison. Third Row: William Leatherman, Joe Enoch, Jerry Drott, James Denley, Royce Edwards. Not Pictured: William Dawson, Larry Edwards, John Deitrich, Daniel Dean. SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: William Moore, James Gregory Dees, Martin Paschall, Gregory Gilluly, Claude Fox, Glenn Farrar. Second Row: Janis Gercens, Charlton R. Anderson, William Garth, Samuel Frank, Gentry, Rodger Foshee. Third Row: James Currie, James Flippin, Terry Alan Carter, Michael Farrell. Not Pictured: David Fedric, Thomas Goodman, Hal Gill, John Gledhill, David Darnell, Robert Wade, John Williams. Lt. Sedgie Ford Griffith, Executive Officer; Lt. Lent I. Rice, 1st Platoon Leader; Lt. Billup S. Allen, 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. Richard L. Coleman, 3rd Platoon Leader; Lt. David L. Fenstermacher, 4th Platoon Leader; Sgt. Captain William R. Neelly Sherry Enochs Company Commander Company Sponsor THIRD PLATOON—Front Row: Robert Lloyd Beasley, Thad Jones, Samuel Malone, Frank Marascalco, James Mallette, Byron Inmon. Second Row: Kenneth Dreher, Timothy McGahey, J. McDuff, McPherson, Robert Marshall, Charles McClelland. Third Row: Bradford Hovious, Justin Loe, Dan Lindsay, Jeffrey Long, Dwight Luter, Charles Little. Not Pictured: James McGuire, Thomas McLeod, William Kermit Mandrel, William McNeely, Byrd Mauldin. FOURTH PLATOON—Front Row: Gregory Oliver Doiron, Lloyd Kitchens, Robert Moore, McPherson Moore, Carl Pope, Mike Moses. Second Row: Donald Gilbert Kitchen, Larry Mixon, Peter Mullikin, Geoffrey Mitchell, John Morgan, Harvey Lee Morrison, Jr. Third Row: Kenneth Kemp, Rodger Clay Moore, John Milam, Gary Maynard, Danny Migues. Not Pictured: Donald Potts, Donald Miller, Ronald Salerno, Jerry Murphy. FIRST PLATOON—Front Row: Wayne Peter Comer, William Hayes, James Johnson, Ronnie Johnson, Darius Ray Jackson, Robert Kelsey. Second Row: Billy Harthcock, William Johnson, Charles Johnson, George Johnson, Richard Jacobs. Third Row: William Roberts, Ronald Howard, Ronny Johnson, Michael Eugene Johnson, James Johnson. Not Pictured: Oliver M. Hornsby, Jr., John Howett, Jimmy Huggins, Joel Alexander, William Hunter, Leland Hurt. SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: Stanley Pielak, Robert Hearin, Daniel J. Lasky, Kimble Lehman. Frank Liberto. Second Row: Robert Hunt, Frederick Logan, Edward Lyon, Huey Kelly, John Richard Comer. Third Row: George R. Holland, James Langmesser, Frank Kuhn, Truman Jue, Michael Kelly. Fourth Row: Lonny Jones, Percy Jones, Charles Tones, John Lewis, Joseph. Not Pictured: James Kiley, George Kuykendall, John Kirk. Lt. James H. Wheeler, Exec. Officer; Lt. Dixon L. Pyles, 1st Platoon Leader; Lt. Lee N. Allen, 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. Allison P. Shoemaker, 3rd Platoon Leader; Lt. James K. Broussard, 4th Platoon Leader; Sgt. William C. Capt. C. Edward Dunn Corrinne Johnson Company. Commander Company Sponsor THIRD PLATOON—Front Row: Fred Rushton, Russell Moore, Philip Carter Salladay, John Wood Sample, David Herring. Second Row: M. Mavar, Willard Rose, John Pash, William Russ, W. W. Roland. Third Row: James McFarlane, Wylie Richards, Charles Richardson, John Owen, James Watts. Fourth Row: David Robinson, Robert C. Robb, III, Wendell Rose, Joseph Scott, Dewey Sadka. Not Pictured: John Roberts, William Saunders. FOURTH PLATON—Front Row: Roland Heidelberg, Roger Norman, Rodney Shands, Michael Simon, Warren Sigman, Randolph Sexson. Second Row: William O ' Mara, Dennis Ramsey, William Sims, James Alexander, Lawrence Smith, James Smith. Third Row: John Parker, Frederick Rogers, Phain Smith, Archie Stacy, Roger Mack Stafford, John Stambaugh. Not Pictured: Donald Puckett, William Sheffield, Walter Simpson, Larry Snow, Michael G. Soper. FIRST PLATON—Front Row: Michael Rudd Phillips, Floyd Klepziq, Willie Parish, James S. Netherton, Milton Myers, Harold Noll. Second Row: Davis Whitfield, Robert Owen, Robert Newton, Ronald Patch, William Oakley. Third Row: Robert Klingenbeck, Thomas Nichols, John Parker, Whitman Mounger, Joseph Griffin. Not Pictured: Randall Moye, Robert Munn, Michael Murphy, Philip Nagel, Fred Casey Pace. SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: Michael Mathias Baier, Marcus Love, Joseph Quin, Johnny Price, Robert Rich, Richard Pugh. Second Row: Don Dees, Florian Ploch, Eugene Phelan, Julius Piazza, Lawrence Pratt, Ken Revere. Third Row: Van Lackey, Joel Payne, Jerry Patton, John Oliver, Edward Peacock, Ronnie O ' Neal. Not Pictured: George Pegram, Christopher Persson, William Poole, Thomas Leon Olson. Lt. Leonard B. Davis, 1st Platoon Leader; Lt. Robert W. Barton, 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. James H. Ashworth, 3rd Platoon Leader; Lt. Anthony L. Thaxton, Hugh Clayton Capt. Michael J. McElhaney Carolyn Bruno Company Commander Company Sponsor THIRD PLATOON—Front Row: Gerald White, David B. Wisenberg, Bobby Ray Wooley, Donald Smith, Larry Williams, John Williams. Second Row: Berkley Traughber, William Singleton, Thomas Wiley Williams, David Wright, Rodney Wilkes. Third Row: Walter Thompson, David Weathers, James Weems, George White, Willis Pope. Fourth Row: Floyd Sulser, John Williams, James Leonard Welch, Lynn Wolfe. Not Pictured: Hugh Shelton, Wiley Williams. FOURTH PLATOON—Front Row: Edwin Noble, Forrest Mobley Conley, Stanford Jackson Smyth, Ebb Ford, George Wright. Second Row: Harvill Weller, Leslie Curet, Thomas Tate, Page Ogden, . William Tippitt. Third Row: Charles T. White, John White, Walter Elliott, William Webb, William Fanning. Fourth Row: James Glenn, Leonard Gatewood, Eric Wigley, Charles W. Steadman, Jr. Nicholas Yokum. Not Pictured: Ralph Sneed, John Vandevender. FIRST PLATOON—Front Row: James Paul Pincura, Charles Stacey, Sam Swor, Walter Starr, Kenneth Rose, Leroy Tropp. Second Row: Robert Seymour, Stanley Tupman, Patrick Taylor, Herman Eugene Taylor, Jr., Roderick Russ, Michael Troop. Third Row: Lester F. Smith, William Tate, James Salmon, Robert Tucei, Bradford Stewart, Smith Turnage. Not Pictured: William Thomas, William Turn SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: William Gottshall, Mervyn Smith, John Waits, Bernard Vance, James Sasser, Joseph Walker. Second Row: Arlin Spence, Daniel Sartin, Michael Ward, David Waldron, John Wallis. Third Row: Donald Steen, James Warren, Robert E. Waring, Donald Warnick, Richard Warriner. Fourth Row: James Watkins, Wayne Underwood, Murphree, Albert Glenn Vasser, John P. Scruggs. Not Pictured: Joe Vann. Lt. Charles J. Swayze, Exec. Officer: Lt. Sidney J. Abdalla, 1st Platoon Leader; Lt. Henry S. Blumenthal, 2nd Platoon Leader; Lt. James Ray 3rd Platoon Leader; Lt. John W. Morris, 4th Platoon Leader; Sgt. William C. Strawbridge, First Sergeant. Buddy Nichols, Horace Lester, Robert Seibels, Donald McGavock, Michael McElhaney, Donald Jones, James McArthur, David Wells, James Hawkins, Richard Neelly, Michael Mallory, Michael Taylor Sally Holloman, Corinne Johnson, Fauncine Fairchild, Fleeta Fox, Beth Edmonson, Sherry Enochs, Lassie Cook, Carolyn Bruno. Not Pictured: Johnnie Micele. The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University of Mississippi in June of 1946 for the purpose of training carefully selected young men for commissions as Ensigns in the United States Navy or as Second Lieutenants in the United States M arine Corps. The Department of the Navy pays for four full years of college for those who are enrolled as Regular in the program. A student may become a Regular by passing nation-wide competitive examinations, both physical and mental. A student who fails in this may become a Contract Student by applying directly to the unit on campus and passing a physical examination. A Contract Student receives a monthly subsistence his last two years. The University of Mississippi is proud to be one of fifty-two colleges and universities in the country who have this program. CAPTAIN ROBERT W. SLYE Professor of Naval Science Ralph Jacobs Keith H. Helms Alfred Beavert Gilbert Schneidewind James Wilson Thomas Derry Commander Major Lt. Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Chief Quartermaster John Loftes; Chief Petty Officer Burton Barnhart; Chief Donald Bledsoe; Chief Yoeman George Wallace; SSgt. Ray Davenport; GMG 1 Gerald Strukel. Lt. Commander Barry Lilja Cindy Morrison Battalion Commander Battalion Sponsor Lt. John Higginbotham Lt. Joseph Thompson Lt. (JG) Larry Arnold Ensign Marvin Sanders Battalion Executive Officer Battalion Operations Officer Battalion Supply Officer Battalion Adjutant Lynne Coates Janet Hoover Anita Grimes Judy Permenter Battalion Staff Sponsor Rifle Team Sponsor Quarterdeck Sponsor Semper Fidelis Sponsor Lt. (JG) Paul Staudte Betsy Bailey Drum and Bugle Corps Band Sponsor Commander Front Row: Stephen Weston, Frank Andrew Anderson, James Robert Madson, James Gladney, Terrell Barlow. Row: John R. Bryan, Patrick Thomas Freel, Adrian Wright, Michael Crouch, Felix Shipp. Third Row: Daniel Rabinowitz, Gregory Hardy, John Wall, Earl Brosius, James Henry. Fourth Row: Leray McNamara, William B. Rochelle, John H. Hunsicker, Jr. Lt. (JG) Michael Vizio Lt. (JG) Howard Gerlach Barbara Woodbury Executive Officer Drill Team Commander Drill Team Sponsor Lt. William Hodges Margaret Ferris Company Commander Company Sponsor Ensign Charles McRae Margot Bilbo 2nd Platoon Commander 2nd Platoon Sponsor DRILL TEAM—Front Row: William Tehan, Michael Quigley, Craig Smith, Don Scott, Dennis Doyle. Second Row: Brooks Jared Harral, Donald Elmore, David Freeman, Jerry Dover, Timothy James Kennedy. Third Row: William Roper, Joseph Booth, Richard Scruggs, Oliver Malbrough, John Donald. Fourth Row: W. L. Savallee, James Lamphron, Ronald Moody, Jack Pugh, Grover Caloway. Fifth Row: Charles Dunn, John Brown, Joseph Potter. SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: Ernest McElveen, Newton Gill, Walter Woodson, William Clinton Peterson, James Bridges, Frederick Schramm. Second Row: John Hahn, Frederick Bush, Joseph Bass, Irwin Nelson, Frank Hudson, Jerry Gilder. Third Row: Hollis Lunsford, K. McCollum, Charles Breath, Robert Russell, Harold Edwards, Thomas Luke. Fourth Row: John Powell, David Booher, Clyde Trevathan, Steven Evans, Charles Anderson. Fifth Row: Kenneth R. Jackson, Warren Preble, Jerold Hartwell, Stephen Michael Alan Strojny. Lt. (JG) John Krause Ensign Dennis Sabers Elba Jane Hogue Executive Officer First Platoon Commander First Platoon Sponsor Lt. Marshall Sherman Nora Finklea Company Commander Company Sponsor Robert Lewis Dee Dee Speakes 2nd Platoon Commander 2nd Platoon Sponsor FIRST PLATOON—Front Row: Joseph J. Mallini, Walter Bounds, Charlie Stephen Andrukiewicz, Francis Maule. Second Row: James Dawes, William Steven Bozeman, Sammie Harris, Lloyd Roberts, William Crain. Third Row: Malcolm Bellamy, Edwin Merriman, John Howell Lewis, Stephen Strelecki, James Howard Lowry. Fourth Row: Edward Hardister, Mack Lowery, Carl Kuester, Samuel Bliga, Robert Ross Andrews. Fifth Row: Bruce Carver Farnswort, John G. Anderson, Chippy Reid, Terence McCullar. SECOND PLATOON—Front Row: Richard Clinton, Charles John Weeks Jr., Billy Gene Moore, Michael Thole, James E. Curtin. Second Row: Richard Atherton Hutchins, William D. Marion, Charles Thompson, Stephen Cahill, Thomas Elliott. Third Row: Ben Lott, William Sadler, Wayne Simmons, Kenneth Faulkner, George Camire. Fourth Row: David Layland, Robert Steiger, Ross Spencer, Thomas Cook, James Currie. Fifth Row: Fred Marks, Robert Lewis. Pat Tynes Anchor and Chain Sponsor Front Row: Bill Tehan, Robert W. Waller, Robert Lewis, Bob Thompson, Mike Williams. Second Row: Richard Hutchins, Larry Arnold, Donald Elmore, Dan Rabinowitz, Grover Caloway, Bill Rochelle. Third Row: Jim Budges, Bill Roper, Dennis Babers, Robert Brougher, Jim Madson. Not Pictured: Marshall Sherman, Bob McRae. anchor and chain Linda Gibson Color Guard Sponsor Newell Graham, Mike Williams, Bob Waller, Bob Roland Rhodes. Major Glen Sanford, Major Clark Everett, Jr., Captain Burton D. Zeiler, Jr. Not Pictured: Captain Dennis H. Ott. LT. COL. RALPH E. DOUGHERTY Professor of Aerospace Studies The Department of Aerospace Studies, a unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, falls under the joint jurisdiction of the University of Mississippi and the Department of the Air Force. The mission of Air Force ROTC is, through a college campus program, to commission career oriented Second Lieutenants in re- sponse to Air Force requirements by identifying motivating, and selecting qualified college students. Cadet Colonel John Randle Mott Cadet Major Mitch Thrower Wing Commander Commander, Arnold Air Society Kathy Henry Commander, Angel Flight S Sgt. Freddy Townsend, T Sgt. Sebron T. Holloway, T Sgt. Charles J. Rucinski, AlC Ernest S. Smith, Jr. angel flight First Row: Kay Abernathy, Jan Campbell, Beth Eichold, Kathy Henry, Mickey Meacham, Ellen O ' Neal. Second Row: Melissa Pendleton, Sharon Pipkin, Betty Rowzee, Laurie Simpson, Bobbie Straub, Jane Sutherland. Third Row: Gay Veazy, Judy Watts, Beverly Whitten, Sandra Williams. Advanced Air Force Front: John R. Mott. Front Row: Donald MacDonald John Dubard, Albert Siegel, Chester Gaston, Jerry Lafayette Marlar, Weldon Patrick Phillip. Second Row: Mitchell Thrower, James Price, Rayner Graeber, William Owen Wesley Woodcock, Spencer Schreiter, John Burleson. Third Row: Jack Browning, William Garlic, John Sartin, Francis Marshall, William Elder Yoste, James Johnson, Stephen Ehrlich, Samuel Shoemake, Calvin Richard Donald Ray Stacey, William Keener, arnold air society First Row: J. Marlar, Executive Officer; J. Price, Administration Officer; R. V. Graeber, Comptroller; W. S. Garlic, Information Officer; A. A. Siegel, Chaplain. Second Row: F. C. Marshall, J. M. Browning, M. C. Campbell, W. D. Burrow, J. R. Sartin, S. L. Schreiter, S. C. Shoemake. Third Row: L. L. Cunningham, J. A. Johnson, W. H. Keener, R. T. Robertson, R. A. Reecht, L. J. Jones, C. W. Woodcock. Fourth Row: W E. Yoste, S. L. Bates, R. A. Stovall, M D. Kershaw, D. R. Stacey, W. C. Ingram, J. R. Mott. ROTC Cadet Richard Robertson, James D. Roberts, Richard Elliott, Douglas Hodges, Fourth Row: Hugh West, Ronnie Penny, Lewis McCool, James Borden, Richard Swift, Michael Kershaw, James James Barrett, Larry Jones, John Sheffield, Herschel Robertson, Larry Cunningham, Paul Trussell, Henry Laird, Leslie Siltman, James Leroy Catt, Jr., William Turner, Richard Stovall, John Smith, Samuel Bates, William Cade Ingram. Larr y Gerlach Jimmy Hawkins Buddy Nichols Robert Seibels Horace Lester The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an advanced military cadet is membership in the national society of Scabbard and Blade. Membership in this famous military organization is based on a person ' s dis- play of high personal integrity, outstanding leadership ability, good scholastic record, military interest, and active participation in other campus activities. Scabbard and Blade works constantly to promote increased mutual understanding and a closer among the three military departments on the Ole Miss campus. This purpose is achieved by inviting members of the military staff of the University to speak on informative miltary topics. Along with reports and films, each member receives a greater awareness of and interest in our military services. This group also seeks to develop fully the qualities of efficient and capable necessary for strong and able armed forces. Company " B " , Eighth Regiment, was founded on the University of Mississippi campus in 1940 and has been very active since its founding. First Row: Larry Arnold, Dennis Babers, John Dale, Chester Gaston, Larry Gerlach. Second Row: Jimmy Hawkins, John Higginbotham, Paul Johnson, Donald Jones, Horace Lester. Third Row: Barry Lilja, Bubba McArthur, Mike McElhaney, Robert McRae, Mike Mallory. Fourth Row: Tom Murry, Buddy Nichols, Spencer, Schreiter, Robert Seibels, Sherman. Fifth. Row: Mickey Shoemaker, Mike Taylor, Bob Thompson, Toby Wallace, David Wells. In the last two decades the Ole Miss Rebel football teams have brought pride and recognition to Ole Miss and its Athletic Department. Ole Miss fans are also proud of its baseball team. But emphasis on basketball, track, golf, and tennis is almost non-existent; the completion of the Coliseum for basketball shines as the only bright spot in these four sports. Ole Miss offers every student the chance to participate in a wide range of athletic activities through its intramural program. Claude M. (Tad) Smith, Director of Inter- John Reed Holley, Business Manager of collegiate Athletics. Intercollegiate Athletics. THE REBEL COACHING STAFF FOR 1965-1966—Kneeling: Claude M. Smith, John A. Hovious, John L. Cain, Robert Mustin, Wesley Knight, and Edward Crawford. John H. Vaught, Frank Kinard, James Poole, Ray Poole, J. W. Davidson, Roland Dale, and Thomas Swayze. The Ole Miss coaching staff, one of the winning- est ever assembled, has been a unique feature among coaching organizations. It not only has to its credit success in carrying out many winning sea- sons but also the longevity with which the group has held together at the University. This could be attributed to the fact that eight of its eleven members are graduates of the University of Mississippi. Head coach John Howard Vaught has become one of the most successful coaches in the history of football. Nationally, he is outranked by only one coach. Since his regime took over in 1947, they have ruled with 149 victories, 41 defeats, and ten ties. Vaught ' s SEC record is 83-29-8. The bowl record is 8-5. Assisting Vaught have been ten well-qualified assistants. Serving with him are Frank M. (Bruiser) Kinard, offensive line coach, Ole Miss, 1938; James E. (Buster) Poole, defensive line coach, Ole Miss, 1937; John Cain, offensive line coach, Alabama, 1933; John A. (Junie) Hovious, defensive backfield coach, Ole Miss, 1942; J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, assistant coach, Ole Miss, 1942; Ray S. Poole, assistant coach, Ole Miss, 1947; Roland Dale, end coach, Ole Miss, 1950; Edward Crawford, assistant coach and coach, Ole Miss, 1957; and Robert (Billy) assistant coach, Ole Miss, 1950. Thomas K. Swayze, Ole Miss, 1933, is contract representative and baseball coach. Wesley (Doc) Knight, 1935, is athletic trainer. Another Ole Miss graduate, Billy Sanders, is the equipment manager. Jeff K. Hamm, Business Manager John Howard Vaught, Head Coach of Emeritus of Intercollegiate Athletics. Intercollegiate Athletics. Coach John Vaught stands vigil from the sidelines. THE 1965 REBEL FOOTBALL MANAGERS—Front Row: Ken Dykes, Jack Townes, and Wesley Arnold. Back Row: Leon Frishman, Todd Carlisle, and Bill Hovious. Not Pictured: Lane McKellar. First Row: Marvin McQueen, Bruce Newell, Chuck Norman, Carroll Walker, Joe Graves, Jimmy Heidel, Mike Dennis, Tommy James, Carl Pope, Brent Caston, Bill Matthews, and Rocky Fleming. Second Row: Dave Wells, Billy Clay, Jimmy Haddock, Bruce Dillingham, Tommy Luke, Buntin Frame, Bobby Wade, Don Mike Haik, Charles Hinto n, Ray Bedingfield, and Mike Graham. Third Row: Steve Terracin, Mike Magee, James Shows, Mike Sweatland, Eddie Taylor, Jimmy Keyes, Mac McClure, Tommy Lucas, Bobby Hendrix, Robert Vaughan, A 34-14 conquest of Memphis State spoiled the dedication of the Memphis Memorial Stadium and launched Ole Miss ' 1965 football season. Scheduled results ended with a 21-0 blanking of the Rednecks of State College. Start to finish, there were six victories and four After four games the record was 1-3. In eight SEC games the record was 5-3, good for fifth place in final Conference standings. The strong finish was a tribute to the painstaking, dedicated coaching by Johnny Vaught and his staff, and unrelenting efforts by a young squad which grew more cohesive with each Saturday. Initially, Vaught was speculative over two major issues in outlining team prospects. One had to do with quarterbacking in that the Rebels did not possess an established T-conductor. The second factor dealt with essential progress on the part of 26 sophomores. In the complete change-over to platoon football, a multitude of rookies had to be assayed, positioned, and developed. It was far from the most rewarding season in Ole Miss ' s annals, but it was one of the finest campaigns from the standpoint of essential development and prog- ress. Without a sound platoon nucleus in September, Reb coaches and players built that and more during a season which found them gaining in stature from game to game. Dan Sartin, Alan Bush, Jim Urbanek, and James Saul. Not Pictured: David Blackburn, John Maddox, Jimmy Sullivan, Bill Kibe, Ronnie Fowler, Chip Stewart, Reed Webb, Kenny Smith, Stan Hindman, Jerry Murphy, James Mike Nelson, Jerry Richardson, Charles Coward, Jim Farmer, Chuck Skillman, Lee Garner, John Richardson, Gerald Billy Harthcock, Doug Cunningham, Charlie Myers, and James Harvey. Jimmy Keyes donates three points to the Rebel cause in the 34-14 racking of Memphis State. The 1965 Ole Miss Rebels made their debut in fine form, crushing Spook Murphy ' s Memphis State Tigers 34-14 in the dedication ballgame of the new Memphis Memorial Stadium. Roaring from behind as a result of a 46-yard TD-pass from Fletcher to Cardill, Vaught ' s Vikings chalked up one touchdown in the first period, then 27 points in an awesome third quarter. Leadi ng the point barrage was guard Jimmy Keyes, who booted two field goals and three extra points, but the big thriller was Doug Cunningham ' s 75-yard punt return. The second half was rather anti-climatic, with Vaught giving his reserves experience that could be valuable later. The Robs stuck mostly to the ground; Mike Dennis was the leader with 83 yards. One down, nine to go. One freak play insured the Wildcat victory that knocked the Rebels from the ranks of the unbeaten. Leading only 9-7 with 2:00 left in the game, with fourth down and 41 yards to go deep in his own territory, Kentuckian Larry Seiple took a high pass from the center and raced 71 yards for a touchdown. The Cats had gone out front 6-0 in the first period on a 28-yard pass from Norton to Seiple, but ' the Rebs surged back with Heidel going over from the one to climax a 52-yard drive and Keyes booting the extra point. This lead held until John Andrighetti kicked a 27-yard field goal late in the third period. Street led the Rebs in rushing with 54 yards in 15 attempts. Heidel made 45 yards in 12 carries, and Wells made 32 in three attempts. Elusive Doug Cunningham tries to evade a Kentucky tackler. Sophomore Bobby Wade carries two Tigers to a first down. Memphis State Tigers finally stop Mike Dennis. Heidel passes just in time. Does Dennis play at quarterback, too? A side-line view of the Rebels. A crushing Rebel tackle. Dennis goes for yards the hard way. Rebel pile-up at the 30. Coach John Vaught ' s boys nearly scaled the pinnacle of football glory in Birmingham, only to be toppled into a second straight SEC defeat in the closing minutes of the game. Alabama ' s Steve Sloan was at his all-star best in the Tide ' s 17-16 come-from-behind victory over the Rebs, by completing 12 of 18 passes for 127 yards and scoring on runs of 14 and nine yards. The Rebs started with a bang, leading at one point 9-0 and later by 16-7. But Bryant ' s Bruisers would not quit, fighting back once, twice, and then again, scoring the winning touchdown after a drive covering 89 yards late in the fourth period. Ole Miss was as good as Alabama. Heidel, playing his best game, hitting nine of 13 passes. Mike Dennis looked like a pro. But the defense made a few mistakes. You don ' t make mistakes against Alabama and win. Emotionally drained by their heroic battle with the previous week, the Rebels dropped their Homecoming tilt with Florida, 17-0, the first such defeat in sixteen years. The Rebs, never able to mount any serious offensive threat against the tough Gator line, spent most of the afternoon chasing Florida pass receivers for the most part unsuccessfully. Steve Spurrier, Florida ' s stellar quarterback, personally pro- vided most of the afternoon ' s action, completing 18 of 25 passes, throwing for one touchdown and running nine yards for the other. No Ole Miss player came close to this performance. Quarterbacks Heidel and Walker com- pleted only five passes for a meager 15 yards, and the Rebels gained only 85 yards on the ground. The lone bright spot for the thirty-odd thousand Rebel supporters was big Jim Urbanek, a 240-pound sophomore who was credited with a fantastic 17 unassisted tackles. Florida ' s All-American Casey makes another catch before being by Dillingham. Touchdown for Dennis and Ole Miss! Football seen in a different perspective. Tackling done the hard way. Ole Miss snapped the longest losing streak it has ever had under Johnny Vaught three games—by defeating Tulane 24-7. Scrappy Tulane, a perennial toughie, shocked the Rebels by driving 47 yards behind sophomore quarter- back Bobby Duhon for a touchdown and a 7-0 lead. The outmanned Greenies stayed in the thick of the fight until Ole Miss ' depth wore them down in the latter stages. The score at the end of the third quarter favored Ole Miss by three points. Mike Dennis slashed through Tulane defenders for two touchdowns to highlight the Rebels ' attack. Jim Urbanek was a defensive standout. This win was the first SEC victory of the season for the Rebels, and it will probably be the last victory ever over Tulane. The Greenies are withdrawing from the SEC this year. Although the offense scored the necessary points to give Ole Miss a 24-7 victory over Vanderbilt, it was the Rebel defense which stole the show at Hemingway Stadium. For the fast 60 minutes of action, the Commodores netted exactly 56 yards on a total of 57 plays, something less than one yard per attempt. Ole Miss ' first score came in the second quarter on a 26-yard sprint by Doug Cunningham, and a Keyes ' field goal made it 10-0 at the half. In the third quarter Fleming scored on a Heidel pass play that covered 68 yards, and Dennis went in from the two to make the score 24-0. Vandy ' s lone tally came in the fourth period against the Rebel reserves. Heidel led Rebel rushers with 37 yards in 12 carries. Defensively, Keyes was tops with 12 stops. James and Jim Urbanek both had eight while Brent Caston had six. The coaching staff works personally with the players in giving and praise. The resurgent Ole Miss Rebels racked up their third straight conference win, and alumni scowls of early October turned to lusty cheers in Jackson by the upset rout of the highly-rated LSU Tigers. It was a team victory for the Rebels, but halfback Mike Dennis was the star of the show, scoring two touchdowns and running for 61 yards in the process. The humiliated Bengals man- aged to gain a meager 52 yards to the Rebels ' 227. Ole Miss struck early like a hungry heavyweight, stinging LSU with a field goal by tackle James Harvey. Dennis added his first touchdown before the half, and the Rebs led 10-0. In the third quarter Dennis went over again from the five. The coup-de-grace was added with 9:59 left in the game when linebacker James Mike intercepted an LSU pass and ran for the final TD. It was a splendid afternoon in Jackson. " Ole Diz " is honored at half-time ceremonies during LSU game. Burris-to-McVea, it was called, and it was the most disastrous combination to hit Ole Miss since McShane and Meredith arrived in Oxford in 1962. McVea caught six passes for two touchdowns and a record-breaking 201 yards in the 17-3 upset of the inconsistent Rebels. Ken Herbert of Houston and Jimmy Keyes of Ole Miss matched first-half field goals. Both Houston touchdowns came in the second half on Burris-to-McVea bombshells, one covering 80 and the other 84 yards. The Houston defense, led by linebackers Mike Payte and Joe Rafter, stopped the Rebel rushing game at a net 59 yards. Fullback Bobby Wade gained 63, and tailback Mike Dennis gained 50, but Jimmy Heidel had minus 15, Walker had minus 21, and Cunningham had minus 8. The game, played indoors in the Astrodome, was a shocker for the Rebels, who had won three straight SEC contests after early-season setbacks. It was a long night in Houston. Who says we discriminate?!! 20-yard completion to Fleming. Nothing but running room for Heidel. Newell wrenches " a Cougar. And this is the way the game ended. Former Reb stars Gibbs and Alford watch alma mater. Touchdown for the Rebels and Jimmy Heidel. Bobby Wade up the middle against the Vols. The on again-off again Ole Miss Rebels came on in Memphis to earn a 14-13 upset victory over previously undefeated Tennessee. Mississippi shocked the Vols, a crowd of 40,000, and a regional television audience by rallying behind sophomore quarterback Joe Graves in the come-from-behind win. Graves piled up big yardage, running and throwing, and came up with the big play that finally broke the game open—an eight-yard gainer to the one-foot marker when the Rebels faced a fourth- and-one situation in the last quarter. Kick-off and punt-return specialist Doug Cunningham was another hero for the Rebs, setting up the first Ole Miss touchdown on a 69-yard kick-off return to the Tennessee 23. Defensive standouts were Urbanek, Maddox, and Garner. The victory earned for the Ole Miss team an informal invitation to the December 18 Liberty Bowl in Memphis. Turning point for the Rebels—Clay ' s interception. The Rednecks never had a chance against the fired-up Rebels as altar-bound Jimmy Heidel led his Liberty Bowl-bound ball club to a 21-0 drubbing of arch-enemy State on Scott Field at Starkville. With the offense clicking as it hasn ' t all year and the defense looking like a bunch of Jim Urbaneks, the Ole Miss Rebels ended its regular season by avenging last year ' s upset and returning the Golden Egg to its familiar nest. The Rebels scored twice in the first half—once on a 50-yard pass interception by the fleet Billy Clay, and again on a run by Mike Dennis that capped a 94-yard drive. The final tally came in the fourth period following the recovery of a fumbled punt on the Maroons ' six- yard line. Mike Dennis was the game ' s top ground gainer with 76 yards to his credit. One explosive moment early in the second half rocketed Ole Miss to a 13-7 triumph over Auburn and launched the Ole Miss Rebels to their eighth win in fourteen bowl appearances at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. Down 7-3 and unable to generate a consistent attack in the first half, the Rebels ripped Auburn with nine running plays marching 59 yards for the decisive touch- down. The march consumed the first five minutes of the second half and was started by Doug Cunningham ' s 29-yard return with the kickoff and climaxed by his reception of a six-yard pass from Jody Graves. A field goal by Jimmy Keyes staked Ole Miss to a six-point lead early in the quarter. The Rebels, playing their 200th game under John Vaught ' s direction, placed this lead in the hands of their crack defensive unit as they routinely kicked the ball to Auburn near the mid-way point of the final quarter. From the Auburn 36, the chilled crowd of 38,607 saw the Tigers drive to the Ole Miss nine-yard line with 33 seconds to play and a come-from-behind victory. on fourth down and needing one for the first, Auburn quarterback Alex Bowden elected to pass and was swarmed by Reb defenders Jimmy Keyes and McQueen. This play halted the Auburn march and gave Ole Miss the victory. Cold Ole Miss supporters at the Liberty Bowl. Auburn stops Heidel after a short gain. Jody Graves brought down. All-SEC Mike Dennis sweeps left end. Graves rolls left to pass. Turn around, Terracin; you ' re looking the wrong way! 1965 OLE MISS ROUNDBALLERS—First Row: Bill Poland, Quay Parks, Randy Harvey, Ronnie Aldy, and Larry Martindale. Second Row: Glenn Lusk, Eddie Dunn, Brad Hovious, and Fred Stanley. Third Row: John Partridge, Mickey Williams, Ronnie Wall, Jim Moran, and Chuck Burhorn. Practice is an important part of any sport. Inconsistency seems to be the word that sums up this year ' s abundance in the deficit column. The Ole Miss capers finished with a 5-18 performance overall, claiming one more victory than last year ' s squad. The Rebels opened the season winning and ended it defeated. Arkansas A M was the first of the few wins amassed by the Rebels, winning by a score of 72-71. Then followed losses to Texas, 80-71; and Centenary, 78-64. Louisiana Tech provided the second win for the Rebels in an 84-76 victory. Mississippi Southern was a 94-75 victim. The fourth triumph of the season came with a close 81-80 win over LSU. A losing streak followed, being defeated consecutively by Tennessee, 102-55; Vanderbilt, 106-58; Georgia, 91-71; Auburn, 70-55; 79-60; Tulane, 83-70; and Mississippi State, 90-74. Before almost 6500 fans in the first game in the Coliseum, the nation ' s number one team, Kentucky, downed the Rebels 108-65. Tulane ended the drought with a 91-70 win by the Rebels. The remainder of the season went down in defeat to Auburn, 86-74; Alabama, 99-66; and Mississippi State, 96-76. The Rebels ended up in the cellar of the SEC, but they had the company of LSU, who finished with an identical record of 2-14 in the loop. " What do you mean I fouled him? " Eddie Dunn scrambles for rebound against Kentucky. Two hands are always better than one. This was Coach Eddie Crawford ' s fourth season at Ole Miss, and all have been equally dismal. Although he always has bright prospects at the beginning of the season, they somehow fade by the end. The team was composed of sophomores Larry Martindale, 6-0 guard; Quay Parks, 6-3 forward; Brad 6-2 guard-forward; Jim Moran, 6-4 forward; Randy Harvey, 6-6 center; and Ronnie Wall, 6-4 forward. Junior players were Bill Poland, 6-2 guard, and Charles 6-6 center. The four seniors were Glenn Lusk, 6-2 guard; Mickey Williams, 6-3 forward; John Partridge, 6-6 forward-center; and Eddie Dunn, 5-11 guard. The two forced to drop out were Fred Stanley, knee injury and surgery, and Ronnie Aldy, a scholastic casualty. If new environment and winning basketball go hand- in-hand, the Ole Miss basketball has a brighter future with the new 8500 capacity Coliseum, the state ' s largest basketball arena, and the very promising freshman team. The closest we came. Martindale applies pressure. Illusion or reality? The Rebels put together their first losing worksheet since 1958 and only the third deficit report during Coach Tom Swayze ' s 15 seasons in compiling a 10-12 record. However, they won seven of their last ten games and finished 8-7 in SEC results, good enough for third place in the final Western Division SEC standings. In 1963-64 Ole Miss won conference titles but last spring with brand-new inf ield and outfield combinations. They were pitcher-rich in preseason estimates, but sore arms hampered the two holdover aces, Richie Prine and Russ Johnson, throwing much of the burden on sophomores. Prine, 7-0 in 1964 with a 1.10 earned run average and an All-SEC selection, finished 3-2 and 3.65. Johnson, 5-0 with a 1.50 ERA, dropped to 3-3 and 5.64. First baseman. Jimmy Yawn, All-SEC sophomore, led Ole Miss hitters with a .365 average and 29 RBI ' s. He was a pitching candidate at the start of preseason training, opened the season at second base, then transferred to first when Billy Sumrall returned to second after a Out a mile. trial at shortstop. It was Sumrall ' s third straight as a Conference All-Star at second base. Right fields Charlie Williams was the other Rebel gathering All-SEC recognition. Williams stole bases at a near-record clip, pilfering 19. Sumrall finished with 16. Yawn led in doubles with eight and tied with left fielder Jan Adelman, a converted pitcher, for most home runs with four. In the home run department, Jerry created the fervor that N. Y. Yankee John Blanchard id when he came out of the dugout to win a game in the last inning. Williams ranked third in hitting at .273 and clouted seven doubles. Centerfielder Rocky Fleming, hitting .256, and. Sumrall had five two-baggers each. Third baseman Dave Jennings led the club with triples with three. In SEC results, the Rebels went 8-7 in going 3-1 against Alabama and LSU, 1-3 against champion State, and 1-2 against Tulane. It was Tulane ' s first series win since 1952. Foul-tip snagged by Bergalowski. A visitor grounds out. Even the bat boy scored for Ole Miss. Losing his hat as he rounds third base, Rocky Fleming is halted by Rebel base-coach. THE 1965 REBEL BASEBALL TEAM—First Row: David Presley, Dave Jan Dannaway, Bill Rag Len t Rice, Billy Sumrall, Richard Almond, Ronnie Penny, and Charlie Williams. Second Row: Jerry Rikard, Chuck Norman, Buzzy Haven, Richie Prine, Jimmy Yawn, Rocky Fleming, Butch Lambert, Chet Bergalowski, Jimmy Bennett, and John Webb. Third Row: Jimmy Jones, Jan Adelman, Mickey Williams, Ron Peresich, Bill McGlathery, Russ Johnson, Tommy Morris, Chuck Huff statler, Scotty Hasler, and Coach Tom Swayze. An out . . . . .. but another knee injury. Ole Miss player practices bunting. Rebel players are thoroughly screened before being allowed to play. 1965 REBEL GOLFERS--Kneeling: Dick Beharrell, Jimmy Hoppen, and Bobby Parker. Standing: Don Fruge, Johnny Dement, Terry Schad, and Coach John Hovious. Cautiously appraising the situation, linkster Dick Beharrell prepares to make his shot. Coach John Hovious ' 1965 shotmakers compiled a 3-1-3 record in match results including a 2-1 repart against SEC members Vanderbilt, 16-11; Mississippi State, 16 1 2-10 ; and LSU, 4 . The season sixsome displayed first-rate balance on their way to a commendable record offering a bright future. In addition to the fine season showing, the Rebel linksmen placed ninth at the LSU Invitational Tournament and placed third at the Mississippi Intercollegiate bout. The 1965 Ole Miss golfers are Jimmy Hoppen of Bougalusa, Louisiana; Johnny Dement of Meridian; Bobby Parker of Meridian; Dick Beharrell of West Massachusetts; Terry Schad of Peoria Heights, Illinois; and Don. Fruge of Meridian. OLE MISS NETMEN FOR 1965—Coach John L. Cain, Mike Baler, Thorne Crosby, Bill Hovious, Walter (Hap) Woodson, Balfour Lipscomb, and Al Felder. John L. Cain, Tennis Coach. The Rebel tennis team this season had much to be desired in compiling a 2-1 match-play record and an 0-3 result against SEC competitors. With four gaining letterman recognition, the future of Ole Miss tennis for the next two years looks potentially bright. Coach John Cain had two juniors to win M Club status Bill Hovious of Oxford and Walter (Hap) Woodson of Key West, Florida, who is the lone holdover letterman. Sophomores were Mike Baier of Meridian, Thorne Crosby of Greenville, Balfour Lipscomb of Vicksburg, and Al Felder of Summit. Sam Phillips of Fort Smith, Arkansas, rounded out the 1965 Ole Miss tennis team. Ole Miss ' entries into four track events were limited, partially because of injuries. But Coach Wes (Doc) Knight had tremendous individual achievements from one Bill Clay of Pearl, a former state champion hurdle jumper and pole vaulter. In the second meet of the season, he long-jumped 23 ' 101 4 " to erase the old record of 23 ' 81 4 " established by Dick Bauman of McComb in the 1941 SEC meet. In this quadrangular gathering in New Orleans, Ole Miss ran against Tulane, LSU, and Mississippi State and finished last. At the Invitational Southwest meet on April 18, the 100-yard dash and broad jump were the only bright spots for Ole Miss. Clay, a regular one-man team, busily came up with victories in these two events, 9.9 and 22 ' respectively. Jim Urbanek placed fourth in the discus event and third in the shotput. Coach Knight also entered Mike Dennis in the 220- yard dash, James Saul in the quarter-mile, and Dennis again in the hop, step and jump. Dennis, Mike J. W. Jones, and Clay comprised the 440-yard relay foursome. A pulled leg muscle for Doug Cunningham and abdominal surgery for Jimmy Heidel handicapped both sprinters all season. A leg injury, sustained early in the season, slowed 220-yard and relay sprinter Dennis. Annie-over! 1965 REBEL THINCLADS—First Row: Fred Beard, Wilson Webb, Scott Black, Tommy James, and Pat Parker. Second Row: Jimmy Jones, Billy Harthcock, Larry Whitener, Jim Farmer, and Don Street. Third Row: Mike Dennis, Tommy Luke, Mike McElhaney, James Saul, Jimmy Heidel, Billy Clay, Bill Bob Priester, and Coach Wes (Doc) Knight. David Wells Russell Johnson Ray Bedingfield Mike Dennis Eddie Brawley David Wells " M " CLUB PRESIDENT The Ole Miss " M " Club of the University of Mississippi is composed of thcse men who have participated and lettered in one of the inter- collegiate sports at the University. Only the members of the " M " Club are qualified to wear the Ole Miss " M " , which designates these men as winners of the athletic award. The purpose of the Club is to promote sports and sportsmanship at the University. Its members assist in the recruiting of high-school for the Universi ty. The " M " Club ' s big project is the handling of the spring football intra- squad game held each year in March. Their main social event is the annual Christmas party. With the aid of the Club ' s alumni, the " M " club also sponsors the All-American scholarship which is given each year to one deserving high-school boy who is to enter athletics at Ole Miss. " M " CLUB OFFICERS—Mike Dennis, David Wells, Ray Bedingfield, Eddie Brawley, and Russell Johnson. Nancy Duncan " M " CLUB SPONSOR First Row: Mike Baier, Ray Bedingfield, Dick Beharrell, Chet Eddie Brawley, Ken Broussard, Alan Bush, Raymond Carter, Brent Caston, Billy Clay. Second Row: Doug Cunningham, Jan Mike Dennis, Bruce Eddie Dunn, Al Felder, Rocky Fleming, Ronnie Fowler, Buntin Frame, Don Fruge. Third Row: Lee Garner, Mike Graham, Joe Graves, Jimmy Haddock, Mike Haik, James Harvey, Scott Hasler, Jimmy Roy Heidel, Bobby Fourth Row: Stan Hindman, Charles Hinton, Bill Hovious, Charles Huffstatler, Tommy James, Dave Jennings, Russell Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Keyes. Fifth Row: Bob Kreilein, Butch Lambert, Tommy Lucas, Tommy Luke, Glenn Lusk, Mac McClure, Mike McElhaney, Lane McKellar, Marvin McQueen, John Maddox. Sixth Row: Mike Magee, Bill Matthews, Charles Myers, James Mike Nelson, Bruce Newell, Charles Norman, Bobby Parker, John Partridge, Ron Peresich, Bill Poland. Seventh Row: Carl Allen Pope, Tommy Rice, Jerry John Richardson, Dan Sartin, James Saul, Terry Schad, Spencer Schreiter, James Shows, Kenny Smith. Eighth Row: Don Street, Jerry Stubblefield, Mike Sweatland, Ed die Taylor, Steve Terracin, Ronnie Tillman, Jack Townes, Jim Urbanek, Robert Vaughan, Bobby Wade. Ninth Row: Carroll Walker, Gerald Warfield, Dave Wells, Charles Williams, Jimmy Yawn. THE OLE MISS MARCHING BAND. The Ole Miss Marching Band and Rebelettes have traveled thousands of miles this year in supporting the Rebels and boosting the University of Mississippi ' s national fame. Under the leadership of Mr. Lyle Babcock and his assistants, Ronald Theilman and Walter Johnson, the Rebel band has continued its appearances on na- tional television as one of the top college bands in the country. The showmanship of the band has produced halftime shows long to be remembered by Ole Miss students, fans, and opponents. Performances were those in competition the " Million Dollar Band of Alabama " , the " Famous Maroon Band " , and in the Liberty Bowl against Auburn. Mr. Babcock ' s band began the season by leading thousands of Ole Miss students to Memphis for the killing of the " Tigers. " They also made a memorable showing at the annual Welcome Rebel Party. Mississippi has truly been made famous all over the world by the Ole Miss Marching Band and Rebelettes. THE OLE MISS REBELETTES—Center: Fauncine Fairchild. Front Row: Betty Carlisle, Pat Summers, Dot McCoy, Ginny Alexander, Becky Wilson, Jeanne Alsbrook, and Jane Gitt er. Back Row: Linda Sails, Janice Wooley, Arellia Shellye Stanley, Bonnie Burns, Barbara Ledbetter, Karen Cloutman, Sandra Stone, Beverly Brooks, Donna Chinn, and Frankie Frasier. Rebelette Shellye Stanley helps Arellia Whitner straighten Supporting the Rebels at the Peabody in Memphis is the Rebel Band. her cap before a performance. " All right, you guys; we ' re going to play it like this. " THE OFFICERS FOR THE INTRAMURAL COUNCIL—Front Row: Bobby Parker, Vice-President; Hal Sloas, President; and Harris Powers, Sergeant- at-Arms. Back Row: Stan Pielak, Secretary; Greg Doiron, Point-keeper; and Tommy Ford, Treasurer. The Fraternity Intramural Council plans and directs all the intramural activities in which the social fraternities participate. The Council is composed of two members from each of the six:een social fraternities on campus. Among the duties of the Council are arranging schedules, compiling results, determining the eligibility of athletes, and interpretation of rules of all sports involved. The fraternity athletic season begins during the fall semester with touch football, probably the most hotly sport. During the remainder of the year the Greeks go out for basketball, bowling, softball, tennis, table tennis, and other sports. The fraternities are divided into two leagues which for the league championship. Points are given for each victory in a major sport—basketball, football, and softball and for each over-all championship in a minor sport. At the end of the year the fraternity compiling the highest number of points is presented the intramural championship trophy. In this game it ' s anybody ' s ball. First Row: Bobby Parker, Hal Sloas, Roger Cox, and Jim Polatty. Row: John Sartin, John Hertshore, Scott Thompson, and Stan Pielak. Third Row: Larry Wasser, Steve Westin, and Mike Rawdon. Pike forward leaps high and jumps ball against SAE. Hal Sloas INTRAMURAL COUNCIL PRESIDENT The University of Mississippi Alumni House. The University of Mississippi Alumni Association has made great strides since its first recorded meeting on September 16, 1853. The name at that time was simply the Alumni Society with Mr. John L. Webb serving as president pro-tempore. In 1867 the organization was referred to for the first time as an association, with meetings held on the campus and in Oxford thereafter for a number of years. The usual attendance at these meetings ranged from ten to thirty people. In June, 1924, Mr. J. K. Hamm was elected the first Alumni Secretary. In 1947, Mr. William S. Griffin was employed as the first full-time Alumni Secretary, and in his first year the plans for the Alumni House were conceived. The Alumni House was financed by contributions of the alumni of Ole Miss and a revenue bond issue which was presented to the University on October 20, 1951. It was dedicated to the memory of those alumni and former students who gave their lives in the wars of their country. New officers of the Alumni Association are installed each year at the annual Homecoming game. Active membership has increased to over 10,000. R. D. Wilcox, Laurel ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT Dr. Howard Nelson William S. Griffin Sam P. Carter James N. Butler William Price Robert C. Khayat Greenwood Oxford Quitman Oxford Jackson Oxford Vice President Director of Alumni Activities Athletic Representative Alumni Secretary Medical Alumni Secretary Acting Law Alumni Secretary Jesse M. Elkin, Columbus 1 0. R. Smith, Jr., Corinth . 2 James F. Ingram, Tupelo ... 3 DISTRICT TWO Charles S. Tindall, Greenville 1 W. E. Wilroy, Hernando 1 W. D. Gardner, Greenville ... 3 DISTRICT THREE Dan Shell, Jackson 1 Ted Russell, Yazoo City 1 S. D. Collins, Jackson . 3 DISTRICT FOUR Lester Williamson, Meridi an 1 Joel G. Payne, Brandon .. 2 Luther Pittman, Raleigh 3 DISTRICT FIVE Frank D. Montague, Hattiesburg 1 Raymond Brown, Pascagoula 2 Paul L. Wright, Jr. Gulfport 3 OUT-OF-STATE George W. Bass, Memphis 2 James Ogden, Mobile . 2 Kelly Clifford, Houston 2 Maurice Colly, Atlanta 2 Elbert Hodge, Birmingham 2 Dr. A. A. Windham, Memphis 3 Marion Bishop, Washington . 3 David Gross , New Orleans EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS—MEDICAL Dr. B. B. O ' Mara Biloxi Dr. W. E. Lotterhos ... Jackson Dr. Howard Nelson Greenwood Dr. S. Lamar Bailey Kosciusko Dr. Frank Massengill Brookhaven EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS—LAW Hugh N. Clayton New Albany Forrest G. Cooper . Indianola Gaston Hewes Gulfport Joe Daniel Jackson Curtis Swango Sardis STATE-AT-LARGE Otho S. Johnson, Jr., Jackson 1 Dr. Jay McDuffie, Nettleton 1 Clarence Morgan, Kosciusko 1 Dr. S. G. Mounger, Greenwood 1 Guy Billups, Greenwood 1 W. E. Howard, Laurel 1 Mitchell Salloum, Jr., Gulfport 1 Mrs. Betty Gentry-, Jackson 1 Mrs. Guynell S. Toney, Centreville 2 Paul McMullan, Hattiesburg 2 John Prewitt, Vicksburg 2 Rowland W. Heidelberg, Hattiesburg 2 William F. Winter, Jackson 2 Frank Potts, Jackson 2 Edward J. Bogen, Greenville 3 Charles Fair, Louisville 3 Baxter 0. Elliott, Jr., Oxford 3 Leon Harbin, Grenada 3 Dr. J. C. Waites, Laurel 3 Dr. W. D. Gunn, Quitman 3 Dr. A. K. Martinolich, Bay St. Louis 3 EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Jack W. Barksdale, Jr. Jackson William H. Barbour Yazoo City James T. Singley Meridian Orma R. Smith, Sr. Mitchell S. Salloum, Sr..........Gulfport R. Baxter Wilson Jackson Carl McKellar Columbus S. Lyle Bates Jackson Sam P. Carter Quitman Frank E. Everett Vicksburg Thompson McClellan West Point Otho R. Smith Meridian George Payne Cossar Charleston Harvey Lee Morrison Okolona Taylor H. McElroy Oxford David Cottrell Gulfport James McClure Sardis Dr. I. C. Knox Vicksburg First Row: Stan Hindman—football: All-American, All-SEC. Billy Clay—football: All-American. Row: Mike Dennis—football: All-SEC. Jim Urbanek—football: All-SEC, Sophomore All-SEC. Third Row: James Harvey—football: All-SEC, second team. Jimmy Yawn—baseball: All-SEC. Rebel All-Stars The University of Mississippi is a community of teachers and students bound together to secure the chief goal of serious college students, scholarship. The University of Mississippi is dedicated to the service of Mississippi and the nation through the threefold functions of research, teaching, and public service. The faculty and curricular of the University are organized into a and eight schools. The as a whole and, where its subdivisions are recognized by regional and national tions and accrediting agencies. The University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, of which it was a founding member. The University encourages scholar- ly production among the faculty and graduate students in all areas of research by securing financial support from both University funds and outside agencies. The University also maintains special departments voted to research in business and government. ADMINISTRATION The Honorable Paul B. Johnson, the Governor of the State of Mississippi, is the son of the late Governor Paul B. Johnson, to whom the Paul B. Johnson Commons was dedicated in November of 1965. Governor Johnson, born in Hattiesburg, attended Ole Miss where he compiled an excellent record in both scholastic and extracurricular activities. While at Ole Miss he held membership in the Hall of Fame, Blue Key Honor Society, and Omicron Delta Kappa. He is the only person who has served as President of the Ole Miss Student Body and as Governor of Mississippi. In 1940 Governor Johnson was admitted to the Bar after having received his Bachelor of Law degree from Ole Miss. In 1959 he was elected Lieutenant Governor and in 1963 he was elected to the highest state office. The government of the University of Mississippi and of the other institutions of higher learning of the State of Mississippi is vested in a Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. The Board is composed of twelve men who serve staggered terms of twelve years each. The Board elects one of its members as President of the Board and the Chancellor as the executive head of the University. Paul B. Johnson Seated: Leon Lowrey, E. R. Izard, W. D. Guest, T. D. Riddell, Mrs. Nan Sibley, Dr. Verner S. Holmes, President; S. R. Evans, J. N. Dr. M. M. Roberts, I. L. Morgan, Paul Haynes. Standing: T. N. Turner, George Yarbrough, W. 0. Stone, Dr. E. R. Jobe, Executive Secretary. During the twenty years that Dr. John D. Williams has served Ole Miss as Chancellor, the University has expanded its to the people of the state by enlarging its research facilities and functions, by extensively developing its program of grad- uate studies, by promoting and strengthening its extension services, by increasing the Medical School curriculum to four years, and by initiating a degree program in nursing. Chancellor Williams was recognized by the University of Kentucky as a Distinguished Alumnus this past year. The honor adds to his already impressive record of accomplishments, which include serving as President of the State Universities Association and holding membership in ODK; Phi Kappa Phi; and Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Delta Kappa. John Davis Williams Chancellor and Mrs. Williams Dr. Franklin Edwin Moak DEAN OF THE DIVISION OF STUDENT PERSONNEL Dr. William Alton Bryant VICE CHANCELLOR Dr. Charles Edward Noyes ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR Mr. Ephraim Edward Davidson BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. George Martin Street DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Mr. John Wilson Savage, Director of Accounting; Mr. Robert Sydney Shaw, Auditor. Mr. Tom S. Hines, Director of Student Activities; Mr. Whitney D. Stuart, to the Dean of the Division of Student Personnel. Mr. Robert B. Ellis, Registrar; Gen. Freeman Gober, Associate Registrar. Mrs. Mary Neill Administrative Assistant to the Mr. Erbert Francis Yerby, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor. Mr. John William White, Director of the Physical Plant; Mr. Henry Wood Bounds, Director of Food Services; Mr. James Leon Tatum, Director of the University Laundry. Mr. Harold E. Haney, Purchasing Agent; Mr. Howard K. Faulkner, Bursar; Mr. Rufus T. Jones, Director of Personnel. Dr. Edward Henry Hobbs, Chairman of the Department of Research in Business and Government; Dr. John Sykes Hartin, Director of Libraries; Dr. John Elon Phay, Director of Institutional Research and Director of the Bureau of Educational Research; Mr. Maurice N. Inman, Director of University Extension. Dr. Vernon B. Harrison, Director of the Student Health Services; Mr. Patrick D. Smith, Director of Public Information; Mr. William Samuel Griffin, Director of Alumni Activities. Mr. Kenneth Lyle Wcoten, Director of Placement and Financial Aids; Mr. David E. Ross, Assistant Registrar. Mr. Burnes Tatum, Chief of Campus Security; Mr. Binford T. Nash, Director of Men ' s Housing. Dean Arthur Beverly Lewis Students work together toward understanding. The College of Liberal Arts, founded in 1848, presents a broad and comprehensive course of study in the humanities and in the physical, biological, and social sciences. By meeting certain requirements assigned for each major course of study, the Liberal Arts student can earn a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, or Bachelor of Science degree. In establishing the curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts degree, the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts has divided the course of study into two divisions: the Upper Division and the Lower Division. Fundamental courses comprise the Lower Division; in the Upper Division, the curriculum is more specialized and more advanced in character. The Liberal Arts student who has advanced to the Upper Division may choose the area of his major concentration from the courses offered in literature, languages, social sciences, and natural sciences. A student working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is offered a choice of majors in design, painting, ceramics, sculpture, or graphics. Offered as areas in Knowledge learned at Ole Miss is . . . practical . . . which one may concentrate to earn a Bachelor of Music degree are instrumental music, voice, theory, and music education. The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science degree offers a great deal of concentration in fields of pre- professional specialization. Majors are offered in home economics, in the sciences of biology, chemistry, or physics, and in the areas of medicine, and medical technology. Since September of 1952, the College of Liberal Arts has been engaged in a systematic development program designed to enrich the College ' s facilities for providing an outstanding liberal education. The College is attempting to carry out this development program by adding to the faculty new and outstanding educators who are scholars in fields not previously represented; by bringing to the campus distinguished visiting professors and artists who stimulate academic interest; by increasing library holdings; and by improving the laboratory and instructional equipment. stimulating .. and creative. Dean Joshua Marion Morse III an interesting lecture. A reknown law professor delivers . . Established in 1854 by an act of the state legislature, the University ' s School of Law is the fourth oldest state-owned law school in the nation. In 1857 by legislative act, a diploma from the School of Law conferring the LL.B. degree was declared sufficient to entitle the holder to a license to practice law in any court of the state, without further examination. This act, virtually unchanged, is in force at the present. The School of Law was closed during the War Between the States. The Honorable L. Q. C. Lamar reorganized the of Law in 1867 and remained as head of the department until 1870. The present law building was named in his memory. The three-year program of study of the School of Law offers a thorough examination of the principles of jurisprudence with the actual practice of legal procedures. Moot Court hearings provide training for the conduct of actual cases, and The Mississippi Law Journal is published four times each year by the Mississippi State Bar and the Law School. The School is accredited by the Association of American Law Schools and the American Bar Association. Students learn to think on their feet. Man, the instrument of justice. Th e law library enhances opportunity for research and study. Founded in 1900, the School of Engineering offers theoretical and practical training in chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering. Courses in civil engineering have been taught at the since 1854, when a department of engineering was by the Board of Trustees; the actual founding of the School in 1900 credited the University as having established the first school of engineering in the state. Carrier Hall, which houses the School today, is provided with modern facilities for instruction, research, and experimentation in the engineering sciences. Air-conditioned classrooms, sound- insulated drafting rooms, and well-equipped laboratories make the engineering school one of the most progressive centers of instruction in the University. The School provides additional facilities for research and experimentation. The Engineering Experiment Station cooper- ates with industrial organizations in the state in the investigation and solution of technical problems. The Mississippi Research and Computer Center, located in Carrier Hall, is operated by the School of Engineering and is available to agencies within the state for investigation in the field of electronic data The School is a member of the Engineering College Council, the Engineering College Research Council, and the Mississippi Manufacturers Association. Engineering progress stems from research in its labs. He studies in an engineering atmosphere. Students learn computer programming in class . . . Man and machine wor together. before writing their own programs. Dean Karl Brenkert, Jr. For those willing to serve .. . to give of their time . . the rewards of education are great. and to work diligently . . . Dean Sylvester Andrew Moorhead Practice teaching gives students actual experience. Prospective teachers are provided with pre-service and in- service training by the School of Education. Professional courses offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are designed to prepare future teachers, supervisors, and administrators with skill and knowledge in the field of education. Improvement of education programs and facilities, and service in the cultural institutions of the state are other aims of the School of Education. Graduates of the School are qualified for teacher ' s certificates in the state. For those interested in teaching in other states, adjustments in the required program may be made fo fulfill the specific requirements of the particular state in which the student desires to work. The School of Education maintains a of Placement to inform students of teaching opportunities at all levels, the trends relating to salaries, and other information necessary for graduates seeking positions. The School ' s program of preparation of elementary and sec- ondary teachers, and school service personnel, as well as requirements for the doctorate degree in education, is approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The School is also a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Pre-med students spend many hours in labs preparing for medical school. The medical school is famous for its contributions to the art of healing . . and to mankind. The University Medical Center, located in Jackson, houses the University ' s School of Medicine. A School of Medicine for the University was first created by an act of the Board of Trustees in 1903. The School was located on the campus in Oxford and offered the first two years of the four-year curriculum in medicine. In 1950 the Mississippi State Legislature passed an act mak- ing an appropriation to establish at Jackson a four-year School of Medicine as a part of the University of Mississippi. The University Medical Center was completed in the summer of 1955. The Center houses the University Hospital, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nusing. The personnel and equipment of the School at Oxford were moved to the new building in Jackson in time for the beginning of classes in September, 1955. The School of Medicine offers the degree of Doctor of It also provides instruction for the graduate degrees in the medical sciences, and training programs in medical technology, x-ray technology, and clinical radioisotope technology. The four-year course of study of the School of Medicine is fully approved by the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges. Making hospital rounds with an experienced doctor teaches good doctor-patient relationships. These " Angels of Mercy " gain valuable knowledge in nursing lectures. Dean Robert Quarles Marston The School of Pharmacy, founded in 1908, provides special education and training necessary for the practice of pharmacy. The five-year program of the School includes two years of pre-professional instruction and three years of specialized study. Graduates earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and are qualified to assume positions as community, manufac- turing, and hospital pharmacists, analysts of pharmaceutical and food products, and professional service representatives for manufacturers of pharmaceutical, chemical and medical prod- ucts. The School of Pharmacy established the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1961. The makes a comprehensive study of the state ' s pharmaceutical industry, conducts basic and applied research in the pharmaceutical sciences, and develops natural products of Mississippi for the pharmaceutical industry. The Institute works closely with other departments and Schools and with Mississippi industries. The Bureau of Pharmaceutical Services at the School of Pharmacy serves the state by accumulating pharmaceutical information and disseminating it to pharmacists and other persons associated with the drug industry. The School of Pharmacy is a member of the American of Colleges of Pharmacy and is accredited by the Council on Pharmaceutical Education. Pharmaceutical arts demand a student ' s complete attention. Students must keep pace with the fast-moving world of pharmacy. Dean Charles William Hartman Pharmacy students show their interest and serious attitudes. Drug development, testing, and screening is conducted by the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dean Bennie B. McNew Business students prepare for an active part in the nation ' s economy. The School of. Business and Government recognizes the need for properly educated and trained persons to handle the com- plex problems of the busines world of today, and seeks to meet this need by providing courses of study leading toward the degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Founded in 1917, the School is housed in Conner Hall, which provides modern facilities and technological equipment to offer educational and practical training in the business and govern- mental sciences. The School of Business and Government offers a course of study designed to teach students the basic know- ledge they will need for an administrative career in business or government, and to commence the development of their proficiency in the application of such knowledge. As complementary functions, the School undertakes research in appropriate areas and provides related services to the and governmental sciences. The School of Business and Government is a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, which is the national accrediting agency in the field of business edu- cation. Secretaries .. . Merchants . . . and executives . .. are the goals of business students. Graduate students possess inquisitiveness .. . initiative, and .. . perseverence. The University ' s Graduate School was formally organized in 1927 to coordinate and administer graduate study and research at the University. Courses were first offered at the graduate level in 1870 to applicants who had attained intellectual distinction. In the same year, a comprehensive examination as a requirement for the master ' s degree was established. A definite program of graduate study with a minimum residence requirement of one academic year was inaugurated in 1890. The Graduate School offers the degrees of Master of Arts, Arts in Language Teaching, Education, Business Administration, Business Education, Ci Planning, Fine Arts, Library Science, Music, Science, Combined Sciences, Science in Nuclear and Social Science. Doctorate degrees may be earned in philosophy, biology, business administration, chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmacy, pharmacy administration, and physics. The air-conditioned Library building, completed in 1951, was designed with special attention to the requirements of graduate study. Carrels for the individual use of graduate students, and seminar rooms for graduate classes are provided. The Graduate School is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools of the United States and of the Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools. Graduate students plan to be successful. They spend much time in research. Dean William Lewis Nobles FIRST ROW: Patricia D. Abernathy Raymond Education; Wesley Foundation; Student Education Association. Mary Rose Abernethy Jackson Education; Delta Delta Delta. Fred Gordon Abney Bay Springs Business; Kappa Alpha; Financiers Club. Joseph J. Acree, Jr. Moorhead Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: James Ervin. Addleton Greenville Business; Kappa Alpha; Beta Alpha Psi; Summer Judicial Council; pus Senate. Fred William Adsit Jackson Education; Student Education Association; Planning Committee; Committee of 100; University Chorus; Orientation Committee Jimmy David Ainsworth Harrisville Pharmacy. James Milton Akers Tupelo Business. THIRD ROW: Eddie Gene Akins Canton Business; Phi Beta Lambda; Society for the Advancement of Management; Vice-Chairman, Senate Judicial Committee; Campus Senate. Susan Priscilla Alford McComb Education Chi Omega. Barbara Ann Allen Yazoo City Business; Delta Delta Delta; Beauty; Committee of 100; Phi Beta Lambda; Newman Club. Robert E. Ammon, Jr. Union Liberal Arts. FOURTH ROW: Charles H. Anderson Pharmacy Frank Andrew Anderson Oxford Liberal Arts; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Judicial Council, Engineering School; Anchor and Chain; Committee of 100; Ole Miss Band. Stephen S. Andrukiewicz Steph entown, N.Y. Liberal Arts Thomas George Armour University Business; Kappa Alpha FIFTH ROW: Larry Wayne Arnold Trezevant, Tenn. Business; President, Anchor and Chain; Corresponding Secretary, Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Roll. Ronald M. Aschermann Rocky Ford Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. Peggy Marcelle Ashmore Water Valley Liberal Arts; Student Education Association. James H. Ashworth Orange, Va. Business; Sigma Chi; Ole Miss Band. SIXTH ROW: John Roger Austin Coldwater Liberal Arts. Henry Dennis Babers Gainesville, Fla. Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; American Society of Professional Engineers. Bettye Jane Baddour University Education; Student Education Association; Alpha Lambda Delta; " Y " . Sam Harper Bailey Marks Liberal Arts; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfornia. SEVENTH ROW: Victor Glenn Bailey Lambert Liberal Arts James R. Baldwin Natchez Liberal Arts Elsie Tyler Ball Tylertown Education; Kappa Delta. Brenda E. Barbee Hernando Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Social Committee; Alpha Delta Pi; Home. coming Welcoming Committee; Ole Miss " Y " . EIGHTH ROW: Guntis furls Barenis Greenville Liberal Arts. Stanley Edwin Barger Oxford Liberal Arts. Jacob Dexter Barr, Jr. Jackson Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Mary Elizabeth Barrett Gulf port Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice-President, Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, Eta Sigma Phi; CWENS; Alpha Lambda Delta; Treasurer, Alpha Omicron P1. FIRST ROW: Robert James Barrow White Business; Sigma Pi. Christopher M. Bates Business. Fred Edwin Beeman, Jr. Liberal Arts. Valory Green Beesley Business; Phi Beta Lambda. SECOND ROW: Richard Alan Beharrell W. Education; " M " Club; Varsity Golf. Josh B. Bell, Jr. Business. Ramelle Eason Bell Education; Delta Delta Delta. Alice Mae Bellshot Itta Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary, Motar Board; Executive Editor, Mississippian Magazine; Taylor Medal; Vice-President, Theta Sigma Pi; CWENS. THIRD ROW: Chester W. Bergalowski, Jr. Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. Alfred Eugene Berliner North Liberal Arts. Rodney L. Bevill Engineering. Letitia Mae Biedenharn Education; Kappa Delta; House President, Kappa Delta; Student Education Association; Canterbury Club; " Y " . FOURTH ROW: Boyce M. Biggers Business. Victoria Lee Bishop West Education; Delta Gamma. Bill Edward Blalack Pharmacy. Henry S. Blumenthal, III Falls Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scholarship Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha; Drill Team, Advanced Army ROTC. FIFTH ROW: Charlene C. Boggs Jacksonville, Fla. Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Clinton McKellar Bolton Liberal Arts. Martha Dell Bond Miami, Fla. Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Victor Frank Boone Memphis, Engineering. SIXTH ROW: Claire Ann Booth Alexandria, Va. Education; Treasurer, Student Education Association; Fellowship man, Westminister Fellowship; Women ' s Recreation Association, To Claire Borthwick Education; Chi Omega. Fred Exzell Bourn, Jr. Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. David Larry Bowen Business. SEVENTH ROW: Sandra Diane Bowen Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Assistant Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook; Treasurer, Chi Omega; Treasurer, Mortar Board; Elections Commission; Greeks Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook. Claude Penn Bowie, Jr. Engineering. Corinne Gaither Bowles Education; Delta Delta Delta. Linda Ann Bowling Education; Kappa Delta. EIGHTH ROW: Gerald W. Bradley Business; Lambda Sigma. Ann L. Bramwell Nashville, Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Omicron Pi; Wesley Foundation; " Y " ; Women ' s Recreation Association, Eddie Eugene Brawley Earle, Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. Betty Ruth Brewer Water Business. FIRST ROW: James Wilson Bridges University Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Electronics Commission; Anchor and Chain Society; Ole Miss Geological Society; Orientation Committee. William, W. Brittingham Oxford Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. Beverly Jean Brooks Jackson Education; Phi. Mu; Mississippi Education Association; " Y " ; Social Chairman, Phi Mu, Toni Marie Brooks Las Vegas Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: James Kenneth Broussard Philadelphia Education. Cecil Charles Brown, Jr. Meridian Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; ASB Treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges; Carrier Scholar; President, Pi Kappa Alpha. Douglas Colin Brown Bruce Business, Marilyn L. Brown New Orleans Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. THIRD ROW: Margaret Olivia Browne Oxford Business; Zeta Tau Alpha; Treasurer, Zeta Tau Alpha. William A. Brumbaugh Springfield, Va. Business; Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Charles B. Brumley, Jr, Corinth Liberal Arts. Richard Cohron Bryan, Jr. Belzoni Business; Sigma Chi. FOURTH ROW: Edward Earl Bryant Kosciusko Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Baptist Student Union; YMCA. Mildred Sarah Bryant Derma Education. George Sumner Buck, III Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Announcer WCBH Radio; Alpha Phi Omega. Thomas A. Buford Fayette Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. FIFTH ROW: Margaret Ann Burnett Belzoni Education. William, Owen Burrow Oxford Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lucy Craddock Burt Grenada Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; CWENS Nominations Committee; Artist Committee of 100; Social Chairman, Secretary, Concert Singers; Sigma Alpha Iota. Walcie Leon Burton Hernando Education. SIXTH ROW: G. Edward Buxton, III Dallas, Texas Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Darryl Byrd Greenwood Springs Liberal Arts. Bobby Joe Cain Durant Pharmacy; President, School of Pharmacy; Pharmacy School Executive Council. Johnny M. Caldwell Forest Pharmacy. SEVENTH ROW: Julia Holmes Caldwell Indianola Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Jackie C. Calhoun Owensboro, Ky. Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Education Association; Reading Association. John Henry Calvin, Jr. Sikeston, Mo. Business. Gerald Kent Campbell Clearwater, Fla. Education. EIGHTH ROW: Charles Henry Caperton DeKalb Liberal Arts; University Concert Singers; " Y " ; Dormitory Manager. Richard Butler Carothers Paris, Tenn. Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Cecil L. Carpenter, Jr, Sturgis Education. Wayne Obrian Carpenter Corinth Liberal Arts. FIRST ROW: Susan Rowe Carruth Lewisville, Education; Chi Omega; Alpha Psi Omega; National Honorary Dramatics Club; Panhellenic Member; Student Educational Association; President ' s Council, AWS Robert Thomas Canton Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Johnny Lee Carson Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Jimmy Truett Carter Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: William Raymond. Carter Education; " M " Club. Barbara Elise Case Education. Richard Cullin Chambers Ocean Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Don Wood Chancellor Business. THIRD ROW: James Walter Chandler Business; Sigma Chi; Intramural Council. Kay Chaney Education; Women ' s Recreation Association; Physical Education Major ' s Club. Gay Lynn Chapman New Education; Physical Education Major ' s Club; Wesley Foundation; Student Education Assocation; Mississippi Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Mary Leila Chatman Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; AWS Judicial Council and President ' s Council; Assistant Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook; President, Women ' s ation Association. FOURTH ROW: James Dewitt Christy Holly Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Lambda. Clarence H. Church Weirton, W. Business; Campus Senate; Society for the Advancement of Management. Charles Luper Clark Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Hugh Carter Clayton New Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. FIFTH ROW: Jeptha Clark Clemens Liberal Arts. John William Clinton Bridgeport, Conn. Engineering. Richard Bunton Clinton New Engineering; Sigma Nu. Bobby A. Coates Engineering; Sigma Nu; Institute of Electrical and Electronics neers; Vice-Chairman; National Society of Professional Engineers. SIXTH ROW: Charles Allen Cobb Clifton, Business; Sigma Nu. Edwin Tharp Cofer Water Liberal Arts. Bland Dodds Coffey Education. Janice Dine Coffey Education. SEVENTH ROW: John Franklin Cole Hattiesburg Pharmacy; President of Pharmacy Senior Class; Who ' s Who Among dents in American Universities and Colleges; Rho Chi. Patricia Louise Cole Fort Worth Business; Phi Mu; Vice-President, Phi Mu; Mortar Board Historian; Secretary, Phi Beta Lambda; Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Billy Mack Coleman Liberal Arts; University Christians Richard Lee Coleman Memphis, Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Alpha Psi; Advanced Military Science. EIGHTH ROW ' : Chambliss Hayden Collier Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Warner J. Collier Education. Thomas Howard Comer Booneville Business; Sigma Nu; President, Gamma Beta Phi; ASB Publicity Committee Dixie Week Committee; Recorder, Sigma Nu. Linda Commer Marks Education. FIRST ROW: Lucius P. Cook Memphis, Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Prudence McFadden Cook University Education. Donna M. Cormier Travis Liberal Arts Sam Philip Correro Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: Linda Lee Cotner Proctor, Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Corresponding Secretary, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Education Assocation; Wesley Foundation; " Y " . Sandra Lucille Counce Education. Cecil Vester Cox, Jr. Business. Frankie Lee Cox Memphis, Business; Financier ' s Club; Delta Sigma Pi. THIRD ROW: Martha Diane Cox Education.; Deaton House Council; Top Ten Beauties. Sammye Jane Cox Jackson Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Secretary, Physical Education Majors Club; Sport Chairman, Women ' s Recreation Society; Philanthropic Chairman, Assistant Corresponding Secret ary, Alpha Omicron Pi. Sidney Anderson Cox Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Peggy Ann Creswell Satartia Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Education Association; " Y " . FOURTH ROW: Fred Chastain Cribbs Sumner Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; Dormitory Manager. Leonard Andrew Crosby, III Carlisle Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Myra Coursey Crowson Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Miss Ole Miss; Campus Favorite; Hall of Fame; President, Associated Women Students; Who ' s Who among in American Universities and Colleges. Randy Gary Crumbley Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate. FIFTH ROW: Jane Catherine Custy Hyahsville Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta. John Lipscomb Dale Engineering; Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Carrier Scholar; Secretary, Phi Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade. Howard Lee Daley Pharmacy. William Jackson Daniel Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. SIXTH ROW: Martha Jane Daughton Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Charles Patton Davis Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Della Davis Education. Diana Dowd Davis Education. SEVENTH ROW: James Harvey Davis Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Treasurer, Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Elections Commissioner. Virginia A. Davis Education Chi Omega; Student Education Association; " Y " . Lan: Lee Densing Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. William Henry Deterly Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EIGHTH ROW: Louis Rivers Dickerson, Jr. Business. S. Carter Dobbs, Jr. Calhoun Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Cleveland Donald, Jr. Libe ral Arts. William D. Donald, Jr. Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. FIRST ROW: Robert E. Donnell, Jr, Morton Pharmacy. George Lee Dorrill Carthage Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Warren Candler Dorsey Jackson Business; Phi Delta Theta. Anita Kathryn. Dossett Jackson Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SECOND ROW: John Allen Dubard Oxford Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. George Dubois Brewster, New York Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Nancy Carol Duncan Tylertown Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Assistant Features Editor, Ole Miss Yearbock; Senior Homecoming Maid; Sponsor, " M " Club; Student Association; " Y " . Carrot Edward Dunn Atlanta, Ga. Business; Sigma Chi; " M " Club; Varsity Basketball; Advanced Army ROTC. THIRD ROW: Helen Frances Dunn Jackson Education; Delta Delta Delta. Linda Lee Dunn Grand Junction Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Education Association. Mary Ann Dunn Oxford Liberal Arts. Billie Joyce Earnheart Hernando Education. FOURTH ROW: Frances Kay Earthman Oxford Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. Everette John Easley Pace Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; President, Cardinal Club; Chairman, ASB Elections Commission; Secretary, Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Sigma Sigma; Vice -President, Council. Betty Joan Edwards New Madrid Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. George Ronald Edwards Summit Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; Head Photographer, Ole Miss Annual; Vice-President, American Pharmaceutical Association; Historian, Sergeant at Arms, Kappa Psi. FIFTH ROW: Harold D, Edwards Summit Pharmacy. Sara Margaret Edwards Jackson Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta; Campus Senate; Student Education Association. Stephen Marc Ehrlich Tutwiler Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. John Carl Einhaus Jackson Pharmacy. SIXTH ROW: Barbara lean Ellard Houston Education. Thomas Franklin Elliott Ellenwood Liberal Arts. Audrey Jane Ellzey Magnolia Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Committee of 100; Student Education Association. Robert R Embrey, III Hernando Engineering. SEVENTH ROW: Ernest Guy Enchelmayer Glencoe, Ill. Business. James A. Estes Houston Pharmacy. James Blair Etz Elmhurst, Ill. Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Lambda; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Helen Ruth Eubanks Joiner Ark. Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: Thomas Charles Evans, Jr. McComb Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. Billy Tucker Ewing Longview, Texas Education. Margaret Devane Fair Louisville Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Vice-President, Delta Delta Delta; Student Education Association; ASB Publicity Committee; Orientation Committee Alfred L. Felder Summit Liberal Arts. FIRST ROW: Joe Carrol Ferguson Coldwater Business. Kenneth Fernandez Water Valley Education. Patricia Ruth Fisher Education; Kappa Delta; Favorite; Student Education Association. John E. Fletcher Brookhaven Education; Vice-President, Canterbury Association; Student Education Association; University Chorus; Orientation Committee. SECOND ROW: Donald F. Folk Sheffield, Ill. Education; Newman Club; Physical Education Majors Club; Student Education Association. Stephen Spredley Foose Oxford Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Phi Beta Tau; Whitman Award; American Society of Chemical Engineers; Mississippi Society of Professional Samuel R. Fooshee New Albany Education. Gail Grace Ford Orlando, Fla. Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Scholarship Chairman, Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi; " Y " Student Education Association. THIRD ROW: Tommy S. Ford Vicksburg Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Treasurer, Intramural Council; Director of Social Affairs, ASB; Presdent ' s Cabinet; Delta Sigma Pi; Business Staff, Mississippian. James W. Fortner Laurel Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Wilson Jerome Foster, Jr. Biloxi Business. Thomas, Leo Frezell Mobile, Ala. Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: Norman B. Fulton Olive Branch Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma. Robert Price Funderburk Olive Branch Business; Alpha Tau Om ega. William Stewart Garlic Anderson, Ind. Education; Vice-President, Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta; Information Officer, Arnold Air Society; President, Westminister Fellowship; Publicity Co-chairman, Student Education Association. Chester Davis Gaston, Jr. Columbus Liberal Arts; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Art Students Association. FIFTH ROW: Charles G. Gates Jackson Business; Kappa Sigma. Robert Douglas Gentry Meridian Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; " Y " . Howard Lawrence Gerlach Ellwood, City Business; Drill. Team Commander, NROTC; President, Scabbard and Blade; The Semper Fidelis Society. Carole E. Gifford Rienzi Business. SIXTH ROW: William Shelton Gillis Batesville Business; Sigma Nu. Stephen Jordan Glaze Jackson Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Ronald H. Godwin University Engineering; Engineering Judicial Committee; Varsity Baseball. Frank Bernard Goldman Duck Hill Liberal Arts. SEVENTH ROW: John. Hammond Gower Bloomfield N Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Rayner N. Graeber Yazoo City Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Judicial Council; ASB Cabinet, Director of Social Affairs; Comptroller, Arnold Air Society; Legislative Committee. Ida Hervey Graham Jackson Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. Finley Graves Crystal Springs Liberal Arts. EIGHTH ROW: Otis Jean Grayson Mendenhall Business. George W. Green, III Benoit Business. Kappa Alpha. Sharon Hall Green Miami, Fla. Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice-President, Alpha Omicron Pi; Membership Chairman, Committee of 100; Phi Sigma Tau; Ole Miss Concert Singers; AWS President ' s Council. William Scott Greenwell Jackson Liberal Arts. FIRST ROW: Alfred W. Greer Jackson Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jerome Charles Griese Evansville, Ind. Business; Sigma Pi. Erwin Cason Griffin Edenton, N.C. Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Joe C. Griffin Tiplersville Business. SECOND Fred William Grove, Jr. Lexington, Ky. Liberal Arts. Clinton Julian Grubbs Tylertown Liberal Arts. Gerald Goodwin Gunter Abbeville Business. Carol W. Hale McComb Education. THIRD ROW: Kenneth G. Hale New Albany Engineering, Paul W. Hale, Jr. Tupelo Engineering, Evelyn Carol Haley Water Valley Education; Alpha Psi Omega. Dwight Joseph Hall West Chester Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FOURTH ROW: Jeanne Gas Hall St. Petersburg Education. John Travis Hall Nettleton Pharmacy. Annabelle Ellen Hamachek Palo Alto Education; Phi Mu. Kathy Hamberlin Greensburg, La. Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Student Education Association; Home Economics Club. FIFTH ROW: Bobby ' Carrol Hamblin Pittsboro Education. Julia Sullivan Hamilton Greenwood Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Patricia Leo Hamilton Richard City Education; Student Education Association; Baptist Student Union, WCBA Announcer; Young Republicans. Sarah Janet Hamilton New Albany Education; Chi Omega; President, Chi Omega; Committee of 100; Campus Senate; Panhellenic; Student Education Association. SIXTH ROW: Sara Jane Hammond Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts. Marshall Earl Hanbury Jackson Liberal Arts. Mary Ann Hancock Meridian Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; ASB Secretary; AWS Judicial Council Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Mortar Board; CWENS President, Hall of Fame. Alan George Hansen Gautier Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SEVENTH ROW: David McWilliams Haraway Olive Branch Business; Alpha Tau Omega. Bryan C. Harbour Meridian Liberal Arts. Ava Evelyn Hardin Liberal Arts. Barbara, Holland Hardy Canton Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Jeanne Harmon Oxford Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Phi Kappa Phi; Vice-President, Sigma Delta Secretary, Wesley Foundation; ASB Orientation Committee; Dean ' s List. Addie Elizabeth Harper Pensacola, Fla. Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. John Wyatt Harper Sumrall Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Wesley Foundation. Barbara Harris Jackson Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Sweetheart, Phi Delta Theta; Mortar Board; Officer, Delta Delta Delta; CWENS; Alpha Lambda Delta. FIRST ROW: John R. Harris, III Buchanan Dam Business. Nancy Jane Harris Tupelo Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi. Roger Dean Harris Oxford Business. Sammie D. Harris Dorsey Business. SECOND ROW: Patton B. Harrison Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Chi Epsilon; Pi Beta Tau; American Society of Civil Engineers; National Society of Professional Engineers. Lou Ann Hartgraves Clarksdale Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Administrative Officer; AFROTC Angel F light; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Cultural Chairman, AWS Co-ordinating Council; ASB Miss University Pagent Committee. Jean Alice Hartley Jackson Education. James C. Hartsfield, Jr. Oxford Engineering. THIRD ROW: Michael Ralph Hartwell New Madrid Business. Jack Marie Hastings Lambert Education. James Orville Hawkins Jackson Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Brigade Commander, Advanced Military Science; Vice-President, Scabbard and Blade; Concert Singers; ASB Elections Commission; Alpha Phi Omega. Conley H. Heaberlin, Jr. Jackson Liberal Arts. FOURTH ROW: Baxter K. Hearn Jackson Liberal Arts; University Band. James Thomas Hedgepeth Jackson Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; President, University of Mississippi Geological Society; Assistant Lab Instructor in Geology. William Carl. Heinrich Greenwood Liberal Arts. Betty Ann Hellums Oxford Pharmacy; President, Kappa Epsilon; Treasurer, American Pharmaceutical Association; Editor, Ole Miss Pharmacist. FIFTH ROW: Handley L. Henderson, Jr. Washington, D C. Liberal Arts. Edward. Leslie Henley Senatobia Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. lames Ray Herndon Newton Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha, Alumnus Secretary; Sergeant at Arms, Intramural Council. Arnold Jackie Herring Winona Liberal Arts; Cabinet Chairman of Campus Affairs, ASB Committee; Alpha Phi Omega; Standing University Committee, Student Housing; Mississippi intercollegiate Council Delegate. SIXTH ROW: Wayne Walker Herrington Meridian Liberal Arts. Susan Patricia Heyward Bogalusa, La. Education; Pi Beta Phi; Pledge Supervisor, Pi Beta Phi; Campus Senate; Mississippi Intercollegiate Conference; Orientation Committee; High School Day Committee. Dixie Elsie Hickman Brookhaven Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; University Dancers; Sigma Alpha Iota; Music Chairman; Baptist Student Union, Vice-President; Mortar Board; University Scholars ' Program. James S. Hicks Natchez Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. SEVENTH ROW: Lizabeth T. Highbaugh Yazoo City Liberal Arts; Honor Roll. Billy john Hill Pensacola, Fla. Liberal Arts. John Charles Hill Dover, Del. Business; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Alpha Delta Sigma; Vice-President, Ole Miss Band; Advanced ROTC; Bandmaster; Chairman of ASB Movie Committee. Ben Terry Hinton Greenwood Business; Wesley Foundation " Y " ; Society for the Advancement of Management. EIGHTH ROW: Max Davis Hipp Oxford Business; Society for the Advancement of Management; University Concert Singers; Advanced Military Science. Betty Arnold Holder Savannah Education. Marion David Holman Isola Engineering; President, Chi Epsilon; President, American Society for Civil Engineers. Kay Carole Hood Jackson Business. FIRST ROW: William Madison Hope Baton Rouge Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. James Edward Hoppen University Business. Nicholas D. House Jackson Pharmacy; Pharmacy School Honor Council. David Winston Houston Aberdeen Business; Sigma Chi; President, Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Kappa Phi. SECOND ROW: Sandra Kay Houston Booneville Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Historian, Delta Delta Delta; Crymes Award in Home Economics; Honor Roll; Student Education Association; Home Economics Club. John William Hovious University Liberal Arts; " M " Club, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Football Manager, Company Commander, Advanced Military Science. James Milton Howell Tupelo Liberal Arts. Jane T. Hudson Gulfport Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: Dlila Hoylene Huffman Greenville Education. Mary Louise Hummel Meridian Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Recording Secretary, Vice President, Kappa Kappa Gamma; ASB High School Day Committee. Edwin. C. Humphreys, III Tylertown Business. Richard Atherton Hutchins Annapolis, Md. Business; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Anchor and Chain; Westminister Fellowship; ASB Welcoming Committee. FOURTH ROW: James Dewitt Hux University Pharmacy. Annelle M. Ingram University Education. Marilyn Ruth Ingram Richton Business; Alpha Omicron Pi; Officer, Alpha Omicron Pi; Rebelette; Home Economics Club; Student Education Association. William Cade Ingram Stuttgart, Ark. Business. FIFTH ROW: Braxter Pleasant Irby Grenada Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; Pledge Trainer, Sigma Chi; " Y " ; Pharmacy Scholarship; Advanced Military Science; University Singers. Suzanne James Dallas, Texas Business. James William Jamison New Albany Education. Walton. Ray Jenkins Sallis Pharmacy. SIXTH ROW: Paul Hayne Johnson Jackson Business; Phi Delta Theta; President, Beta Alpha Psi; Treasurer, Senior Class; Omicron Delta Kappa; Justice, Judicial Council; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Robert Joseph Johnson, Jr. Jackson Business; Phi Delta Theta. Roger Carl Johnson Oxford Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Jack L. Johnstone Tupelo Business. SEVENTH ROW: Donald Drummond Jones McComb Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who in American Universities; Beta Gamma Sigma; Vice-President, Beta Alpha Psi; President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Margaret Elizabeth Jones Waynesboro Liberal Arts; Detla Delta Delta; Home Economics Club. Sharon Anne Jones Hartsville, Tenn. Pharmacy; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Chairman of 100; Pharmacy Queen; Mortar Board; Secretary-Treasurer, Pharmacy School. Thomas Crawford Jones Boyle Business; Kappa Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: Hilliard Earl Jordan, Jr. Kosciusko Arts; Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Phi; Executive Committee; Sigma Chi. Judy Kay Judge Oxford Education; Kappa Delta; House President, Kappa Delta; Student Education Association. George. Henry Jue Clarksdale Pharmacy. Jessie Jue Clarksdale Pharmacy. FIRST ROW: James Streett Kaigler Business, Arnold Air Society; Newman Club. John N. Kamman, Jr. Gibbstown, Education; Sigma Pi. Beryl Dianne Kearney Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Susan Kees Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Pan-Hellenic Representive. SECOND ROW: Morris Johnson Keesee, III Business; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; Financier ' s Club; ASB cert Committee; Business School President ' s Cabinet. William Jimmie Kelly New Liberal Arts. Kenneth Wayne Kelso Business. Carolyn Reddoch Kerr Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth A. Kersting Dallas, Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sweetheart, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Registrar, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; Student Education Assocation; University Chorus. Winifred A. Killingsworth Pt. Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President, Kappa Kappa Gamma; CWENS, Treasurer; Campus Motel Pledge. Hallie E. Kimbrough Morgan City Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. George Michael Kinard Business. FOURTH ROW: John Major Kinard University Business; Sigma Chi; Vice-President, Financier ' s Business Club; Campus Senate; President, Business School Cabinet; Interfraternity Council; Officer, Sigma Chi. Virlinda Carol Kincaid Memphis, Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Rush Chairman, Alpha Omicron Pi; Treasurer of Dormitory; ASB Orientation Committee; Student Education Association; " Y " . Karen Dean Kipp Dallas, Texas Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; President, Delta Delta Delta; Senator; Chairman of the Freshman Council; CWENS; Dormitory Officer. Gertrude Louise Klenner Reidsville, Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; National Secretary, President, Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; University Scholar. FIFTH ROW: James Wayne Knight Liberal Arts. Nancy Ruthledge Knotts Sicily Education; Kappa Delta; National Educational Association; Student tional Association; Mississippi Educational Association. James. Doran Knox Trenton, Education. Claude Julius Ladner Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; National Society of Professional Engineers. SIXTH ROW: Kathryn Evan Lamar Education; Delta Gamma. Jane Norvelle Lambdin Jackson Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Pi Sigma Alpha; Co-chairman, ASB Homecoming Day Committee; " Y " . Dorothy Duty Landry Alexandria, Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board. Lynda T. Lankford Gleason, Tenn. Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association; Kappa Epsilon. SEVENTH ROW: Bobby Bennett Lantrip Engineering. Lucie Ellen Larson Birmingham, Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Evaluation Chairman, Committee of 100; Phi Sigma Tau; Orientation Committee. Pamela Ann Leach Du Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Student Educational Association. Mary Anne Lee Nashville, Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: Ronald Wayne Lee W. Liberal Arts. James Hattox Leeper Business; Financier ' s Club. Jerry Smith Legg Jackson Pharmacy. Charles D. Leggett Pharmacy; President, Kappa Psi. FIRST ROW: Robert E. Leigh, III Hernando Education. Charles R. Lemaster, Jr . Richardson, Texas Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. George H. Lester Batesville Business; Sigma Nu. Horace Baxter Lester, Jr. Jackson Engineering; Sigma Chi; Editor-in-chief, Organizations Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook; Omicron Delta Kappa; Distinguished Military Student; Editor, Derby Day Chairman, Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Hall of Fame. SECOND ROW: John Howell Lewis Holly Bluff Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. McArthur Lewis Lexington, Tenn. Business. Robert Cushing Lewis University Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Ralph Barry Lilja Miami, Fla. Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Pledge Trainer, Secretary at Arms, Phi Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Semper Fidelis Society, Secretary, Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Marie McCabe Lipscomb Vicksburg Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club, Secretary; ASB Dance Committee; Annual Staff. Charlotte Ann Lister Alameda, Calif. Liberal Arts. Jeanne Gail Livingston Prentiss Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; President, Kappa Delta; President, CWENS; Mortar Board; Committee of 100. Harvey M. Lofton Woodville Pharmacy. FOURTH ROW: Jerome Lee Lohrmann Bogue Liberal Arts; Pi Sigma Alpha. John Tillman. Lomax, Jr. Waynesboro Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Susan K. Lomax, Jackson Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; " Y " ; Miss University Finalist. Robert Parker Lorentz Des Plaines Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. FIFTH ROW: Ben Crawford Lott Tylertown Pharmacy. Joseph Edward Lotterhos Crystal Springs Business; Kappa Alpha. Adele Robertha Love Florence Education. James Sanford Love, III Jackson Business; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, School of Business and Government; President, Phi Delta Theta; President, Delta Sigma Pi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. SIXTH ROW: Ignatius S. Luckett, Jr. Clarksdale Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Helen. Harvey Ludlam Jackson Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Tommy Junior Luke Education. Harold Paul McAlister Tupelo Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Vice-President of Wesley Foundation; Activities Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SEVENTH ROW: Bailey Hardy McBee Greenwood Business; Phi Delta Theta. Joseph Coffee McCarty Jackson Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Business Manager, Mississippian; Treasurer, Sigma Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Committee of 100. Dorsey H. McCay, Jr. Sardis Business. Jacquelyn McClure Grenada Education; Kappa Delta; " Y " ; Student Education Association. Education Association. EIGHTH ROW: Constance Marie McConnell Fort Worth Education. Clarence Albert McDaniel Mississippi City Liberal Arts. Charles D. McGaughy Blue Mountain Business Sigma Delia Chi; Lambda Sigma. Kay Frances McGehee Magnolia Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Student Education Association; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. FIRST ROW: James D. McGraw Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Milton Lane McKellar Business; Kappa Sigma. Georgia Mae McKenzie Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Scholarship Chairman, Kappa Delta; " Y " ; Student Education Association; ASB Committee; staff, Ole Miss Yearbook. Dana Clifton McKibben Business. SECOND ROW: William Edward McLellan Pharmacy. James Turner McMahan Corinth Business; Kappa. Sigma; President, Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Junior Inter-Fraternity Council. Gerald Cleon McMillan Baldwyn Business. John Terry McMillian Jackson Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: Vivian Ann McNair Saucier Liberal Arts. Marvin Earl McQueen, Jr. Macon, Tenn. Business. Charles Robert McRae Miami, Fla. Engineering; Sigma Nu; President, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Phi Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Vice-President, Anchor and Chain. Michael Thomason McRee Greenville Engineering; Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: Harmon Mabry, I, Birmingham Liberal Arts. Robert William McCaleese Indianapolis, Ind. Liberal Arts. Donald Grant McDonald Baird, Texas Liberal Arts; News Director, WCBH Radio Station; Dormitory Council; Arnold Air Society Staff, Mississippian; Student Art Association. Kathleen MacDonald Oxford Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi; Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi; Chanchelor ' s Standing Committee on Archives and Manuscripts; Committee of 100; ASB Publicity Committee; Wesley Foundation. FIFTH ROW: James Robert Madson Tucson, Ariz. Liberal Arts; Claiborne Society; Young Republicans; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Secretary, Anchor and Chain. Hemant C. Maheshwari Mirzapur, India Engineering. Dagmar Malat, Vicksburg Liberal Arts. Joseph J. Mallini Mobile, Ala. Liberal Arts; Phi Sigma Tau. SIXTH ROW: Anne Murray Marley Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Officer, Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Psi Omega. Judith Lucille Marlowe Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. George Gilmore Martin Vicksburg Liberal Arts; Campus Senate; Elections Commission; Pi Sigma Alpha; ASB Concert Committee. James G. Martin, Jr. Tupelo Liberal Arts. SEVENTH ROW: James Leland Martin Jackson Business; Kappa Alpha; President, Director of Student Activities, ASB; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mississippi Insurance Agents Association Award; President, Mississippi Intercollegiate Council; Hall of Fame. David Van Ness Mason Nokomis, Fla. Liberal Arts. Fred Mitchell Massey Tupelo Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Dorothy Katherine Mathes Orlando, Fla. Liberal Arts. EIGHTH ROW: Calvin T. Mathews Meridian Liberal Arts. Francis E. Mauls, III Norfolk, Va. Liberal Arts. Manelle P. Maurras Fort Smith Liberal Arts; Phi Beta Phi. Sylvia Lee Mayfield Oxford Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. FIRST ROW: John Henry Maynard Tupelo Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Mildred L. Meacham Senatobia Education; Delta Delta Delta; Publicity Chairman, Delta Delta Delta; Leuitenant Commander, AFROTC Angel Flight; Committee of 100; Student Education Association; ASB Welcoming Committee. Nancy F. Megel Sardis Business; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. Johnnie Ruth Meggs Kosciusko Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: Kachy Louie Melikian Springfield, Mass. Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Thomas Menz Arlington, Texas Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Barry Ivan Mickey Urbana, Ill. Liberal Arts. Kenneth E. Milam Tupelo Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Debate Squad; Youth Congress. THIRD ROW: William Richard Millard West Liberal Arts. John W. Miller Senatobia Education. Suzanne Armour Miller Oxford Liberal Arts. Geri Anne Mitchell Water Valley Business; Student Education Association; Phi Beta Lambda. FOURTH ROW: Rebecca Dianne Mize Oxford Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Nancy L. Moak Jackson Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Student Education Association; Women ' s Recreation Association; " Y " . Virginia Anne Monk Philadelphia Education. Gerrard Wayne Monroe Quitman Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: Joseph Thomas Monsour Jackson Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Secretary, President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Gid Montjoy Greenwood Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASB Concert Committee; Chairman, Entries Committee, Miss University Pageant; Corresponding Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Legislative Welcoming Committee. Robert Sabin Montjoy Greenwood Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; President, Senior Class; President Pro-Tempore, Campus Senate; President, Mississippi Students for Responsible ship; Debate Team; Omicron Delta Kappa; Hall of Fame. Barbara Kay Moore Calhoun City Liberal Arts. SIXTH ROW: Billy Gene Moore San Diego Liberal Arts. John Phillip Morrow Long Beach Engineering; Omicron. Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Co-Editor, Ole Miss Engineer; Taylor Medal in Engineering; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. James L. Mounce University Business; Society for the Advancement of Management. Jennie L. Mounce University Education; Student Education Association. SEVENTH ROW: Michele Diane Mullen Oxford Education; University Christian Student Center; National Education Association. Buford Coleman Murphree Engineering; Sigma Chi; Treasurer, American Society of Civil Engineers. Margaret Dianne Naff Birmingham, Ala. Liberal Arts; Delta. Gamma; University Dancers; Staff, Ole Miss Yearbook; ASB Concert and Affairs Committees; Freshman Cheerleader. Jimmy Ray Nanney Fulton Liberal Arts. EIGHTH ROW: Jonathon Michael Nash University Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President, Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Mississippi Society of Professional Engineers; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Roll; Deans List; School of Engineering. David M. Neal, Jr. Vicksburg Pharmacy. William Richard Neelly Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Company Commander, Army ROTC; Distinguished Military Student. Janice C. Neill Leland Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi; Secretary-Treasurer, Student Art Association; Rush Chairman, Alpha Delta Pi; Cartoonist, Mississippian. FIRST ROW: Charles L Nelson McComb Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. James Michael Nelson Pascagoula Education. Buddy Raymond Nichols McComb Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma; Carrier Scholar; Mississippi Power and Light Company Scholar; Lieutenant Commander, Sigma Nu. John W. Noble Fayette Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: Robert Eugene Nored Greenwood Business; Phi Delta Theta. Frederick M. Nosef Clarksdale Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Campus Senate; University Development Commit tee. Elmer Jefferson Nowell Cleveland Education; Kappa Alpha. Thomas C. Null Meridian Business. THIRD ROW: William L. Nunnery Meridi an Business; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate; Financiers Club; ASB Parade of Favorites and Beauty Pagent Committee; Senior Class Gift Committee. Charles Richard Nute Shaw Education. Elton Odom, Jr. Laurel Business. Tabitha Flake Ogden Mobile, Ala. Education; Chi Omega; Student Education Association; ASB Miss University Pagent and Publicity Committees; Newman Club. FOURTH, ROW: James Renton Oneal Business; Sigma Chi. Rose Marie Oneill Marks Education; Historian, Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Student Education Association; Committee Chairman, Hefley House Council; Wesley Robert Frank Osborn Culver, Ind. Business. Patricia Olivia Palmer Jackson Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. FIFTH ROW: Reginald E, Palmore, III University Business. Carolyn Pang Greenville Education. Billy H. Pannell Blue Springs Education. Robert E. Parker, Jr. Meridian Business; Phi Delta Theta. SIXTH ROW: Mary Payne Lauderdale Education; Delta Gamma; President, Ward Dormitory; AWS Presidents Council; Staff, Ole Miss Yearbook; Newman Club. Mary Louise Payne Bolton Education; Delta Delta Delta; Miss University Finalist. Earl Eugene Pearson, Jr. Batesville Business; Delta Sigma Pi. James Alton Peden, Jr. Jackson Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; President, Pi Sigma Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Carrier Scholar; Taylor Medal, Political Science and Latin. SEVENTH ROW: Jack Lee Pedersen Warren, Pa. Liberal Arts; Program Director, WCBH. Melissa Ann Pendleton Covington, La. Education; Chi Omega; Activities and Rush Chairman, Chi Omega; Sweetheart, Sigma Chi; Commander and Comptroller, AFROTC Angel Flight; Among ten best dressed coeds; Semi-finalist, Beauty Pageant. Jon. Griffin Pennebaker Edwards Education. Doris Baley Pennington Sardis Education; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi. EIGHTH ROW: Ronald Giles Peresich. Biloxi Business; Varsity Baseball; " M " Club. Joseph A. Perrault, Jr. Metairie, La. Business; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Interfraternity Council. Hal Avery Perry Memphis, Tenn. Engineering. Margaret Lynne Peteet Greenwood Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta, Sigma Delta Pi; Student Education Association. FIRST ROW: Bonnie White Petering Education. George Wilfred Petering Lake Wales Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. William Clinton Peterson Dade City Business. Gary Keith Pettigrew Houston, Texas Business. SECOND ROW: Fred G. Peyton Vicksburg Business; Sigma Chi. Morris Clayton Phillips Carthage Business. Weldon Patrick Phillips Jackson Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Rosemary Pierce Jackson Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi; Officer, Alpha Omicron Pi; Homecoming Court; ASB Orientation Committee. THIRD ROW: Glenn Paul Poiencot Houma, La. Engineering; Pi Beta Tau; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; National Society of Professional Engineers; Mississippi Society of Engineers. Judith Crownover Porter Como Liberal Arts. William Henry Potts Myrtle Education. Claude Harry Powell Natchez Liberal Arts; Corresponding Secretary, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Sigma Sigma. FOURTH ROW: Margaret G. Powell Coldwater Education; Delta Delta Delta; Student Education Association. Minor Merritt Powell Coldwater Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hubert Powell Prewett Pontotoc Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Pledge Trainer, Beta Theta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Montfort and Jones Scholarship; Gamma Beta Phi; National Society of Professional Engineers. Bobby Nolan Price Tupelo Business; Sigma Nu. FIFTH ROW: James Edwin Price, Jr. Amory Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Warden, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Operations Officer, Arnold Air Society; President, Ole Miss Judo Club; Concert Committee. George Prince Natchez Engineering; Texaco Scholarship. M. Bernard Puckett, Jr. Magee Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Vice-President, Senior Class; Carrier Scholar; University Scholar; Omicron Delta Kappa; Commander, Sigma Nu. Michael Thomas Queyja Blue Mountain Education. SIXTH ROW: Joyce Anne Ramay Annandale, Va. Liberal Arts; Alpha Delta Pi; Campus Senate; President, Isom Dormitory; Secretary, Women ' s Recreation Association; President ' s Council, Associated Woman Students; Announce r, WCBH Radio Station. Edward W. Rampy N Water Business; Phi Beta Lambda. Harriett S. Ramsey Laurel Liberal Arts. Glenda Rawson Jackson Education Editor, Kappa Delta; Who ' s Who Among Students in American and Colleges; Secretary, Panhellenic; Campus Senate; Editor, and Class Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook; CWENS. SEVENTH ROW: Charles Edward Ray Water Valley Business. Jonell Ray Leachville, Ark. Liberal Arts; Alpha Lambda Delta; ASB Movie Committee; Traffic Manager, Announcer, Newsstaff, WCBH ; University Charus. Morgan Gene Ray Oxford Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Vice-President, President, Delta Kappa Epsilon; Treasurer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. James C. Read Mt. Pleasant Education. EIGHTH ROW: Martha G, Reddoch Jackson Business. Doris Redmon Finger, Tenn. Liberal Arts. John Reeves Pharmacy. William L. Reno, Jr. Hazelhurst Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. FIRST ROW: Aubrey Carl Reynolds Gulfport Business. Dorothy Helen Rich Chatham Liberal Arts. Karen Sue Rich Gulfport Education; Ole Miss President, State Secretary, Student Education Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Arthur Danny Richardson Carthage Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: Johnny Arthur Richardson Morton Education. Thomas Jarrett Richardson Kosciusko Business. Virginia Dale Richey Oxford Education. Margaret Anne Riley Jackson Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. THIRD ROW: Sandra E. Rivers Hickory Education; Vice-President, Women ' s Recreation Association; Publicity Officer, Physical Education Majors Club. John H. Robert, II University Pharmacy. Lloyd Eugene Roberts Moss Point Business; Sigma Nu; Vice-President, ASB; President Pro Tempore, Campus Senate; Student Publications Committee. Ronnie Spencer Roberts Pascagoula Engineering; Chemstrand Scholarship; President, Pi Beta Tau; Treasurer, American Institute of Chemical Engineers; National Society of Professional Engineers. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Eyleen Robinson Picayune Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Rush, Social Chairman, Phi Mu; ASB Hall of Fame Committee. Kerry D. Roby Amory Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. William B. Rochelle Union City Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Associate Editor, Mississippian; Sigma Delta Chi; Gamma Phi; Anchor and Chain. Charlotte Anne Rogers Orlando, Fla. Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: J erry M. Rowzee Jackson Education. Daniel Wright Roy Oxford Business; Business Manager, WCBH Radio; Sigma Delta Chi; Lambda Sigma. Danny Ray Roy Corinth Engineering; Sigma Nu. Brenda Lynn Rush Hialeah, Liberal Arts; Campus Senate Chaplain; Rebelette; Staff, Mississippian; Dormitory Secretary; Secretary, Westminister Fellowship. SIXTH ROW: Roberi D. Russell Thaxton Engineering. Kenneth Verne Ryland Caldwell, Kan. Liberal Arts. David. Gray Salladay Bethesda, Md. Engineering. Sallie Lynn Samons Joiner, Ark. Education. SEVENTH ROW: Robert C. Sanders, II Springfield, Ohio Business; Society for the Advancement of Management. John Ray Sartin, Jr. Tylertown Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Intrafraternity Intramural Council Arnold Air Society; Executive Council, Baptist Student Union; " Y " . Nancy Elaine Saunders Newport, News Education, Terry Adam Schad Peoria Heights Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EIGHTH ROW: John Gorman Schaffer, Jr. Vicksburg Engineering; Sigma Chi; Secretary, Sigma Chi; Advanced Military Science; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers. Lee H. Schilling Jackson Pharmacy. Edwin. C. Schmittschmitt Alsip, Ill. Business; Phi Kappa Theta. Frederick C. Schramm, Jr. Jacksonville, Fla. Business; Alpha Tau Omega. FIRST ROW: Spencer Louis Schreiter Jackson Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; " M " Club. John Thomas Schwent Helena, Ark. Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Sigma Tau; Junior Interfraternity Council; Vice-President; Advanced AFROTC. Elizabeth Lee Scott Cincinnati, Ohio Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; " Y " . Mary Duran Scott Brandon, Fla. Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. SECOND ROW: Robert Pickett Scruggs Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma. Robert Emmet Seibels Jackson Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges; President, " Y " ; Secretary Scabbard and Blade; Military Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook. Frances Seu Greenville Education. Betty j. Shaw Pope Education; Omicron Pi. THIRD ROW: Timothy Dale Shaw Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Ole Miss Band; Chancellor ' s Committee; ASB Orientation; School Spirit Committees. Joann Shelton Dallas, Texas Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Service Projects Chairman, Delta Delta Delta; Vice-President, ' Y " . Thomas Edwin Shelton Marks Business; Phi Delta Theta. Marshall R. Sherman Killarney, Fla. Engineering; Scabbard and Blade. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Nelson Shinault Somerville, Tenn. Business. Bernard Loring Shipp Jackson Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; University Scholar; Vice-President, Phi Kappa Psi; Interfraternity Council; United Daughters of the Confederacy Award; AFROTC. Cleta Gordon Shirley Jackson Education; Chi Omega, Samuel C. Shoemake, Jr. Water Valley Business. FIFTH ROW: Powell Shoemaker, III Biloxi Business. Susan Shoemaker Meridian Education; Phi Mu; Student Education Association; " Y " ; University Players. Kenneth E. Simmons Fulton Business; Beta Alpha Psi. Sandra Marie Simmons Nashville, Tenn. Liberal Arts. SIXTH ROW: Catherine B. Simpson Houston Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Julia Toy Simpson Shaw Education; Kappa Delta; Secretary, Senior Class; Who ' s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Treasurer, Associated Women Students; President, Women ' s Recreation Association; President, Kappa Delta. Anne Gillespie Smith Greenwood Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; " Y " ; ASB Publicity Committee. Eernie Lynn Smith Clarksdale Business; Phi Delta Theta. SEVENTH ROW: Billy W. Smith Corinth Education; " Y " ; Physical Education Majors Club; International Law Society. Clinton. Alexander Smith Columbia, Ala. Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Elizabeth, Anne Smith Bassfield Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. Elson Raymond Smith, Jr. Vero Beach Business; Kappa Alpha; Interfraternity Council Representive. EIGHTH ROW: G. Witt Smith, Jr. Steele, Mo. Business; Sigma Nu, Kenneth Ozelle Smith Richton Education. Lawrence Clifford Smith Florence, Ala. Liberal Arts. Lillian Lee Smith Greenwood Education; Delta Delta Delta; Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta; Student tion Association; " Y " ; Canterbury Club. FIRST ROW: Rosa Hyatt Smith W. Memphis Education; Delta Delta Delta; Student Education Association. Sidney Lamar Smith, Jr. Gulfport Liberal Arts. Larry Wayne Smitherman University Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association; Corresponding Secretary, Phi Delta Chi. Sharon Ruth Snider Sarah Business; Secretary, Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Phi Gamma Nu. SECOND ROW: Julius Velton Spann Tupelo Engineering. J. Christopher Sparkman Jackson Business. William Collins Spencer Holly Springs Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. James D. Stahlman Natchez Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Treasurer, Society for the Advancement of Management. THIRD ROW: Richard L. Stalvey Albany, Ga. Business. Fred Edwin Stanley, Jr. Shubuta Business; Campus Senate; " M " Club; Varsity Basketball. Charles Odis Stanphill Belmont Business. James E. Stedman Oxford Pharmacy. FOURTH ROW: Linda Ann Steele Tutwiler Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sword of Honor Award; President, Sigma Alpha Iota; Student Education Association; Westminister Fellowship. Mary ' Catherine Stephens Jackson Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; " Y " . Edward Arnold Steward Hernando Liberal Arts. Earl Alvin St. John, J r. Metairie, La. Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. FIFTH ROW: John B. Stormet, III Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Barbara Fitch Straub Pensacola Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Miss University; Favorite; AFROTC Angel Flight; ASB Judicial Secretary; Officer, Sigma Alpha Iota. Drennon Strawbridge Pontotoc Engineering. William Eric Streed Montgomery, Ala. Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; President, Treasurer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Chairman of Rules Committee, Campus Senate; Circulations Manager, Mississippian; Elections Commission. SIXTH ROW: Maurice Stringer, Jr. Ellisville Engineering; Pi Beta Tau; President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers; President ' s Cabinet, Engineering Student Body; First National Bank of Laurel, Mississippi, Scholarship; National Society of Professional Engineers. Marjorie Alice Sullivan University Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Robert R. Sullivan Batesville Pharm acy. Anne Lewis Sullivant Atlanta, Ga. Education; Chi Omega; ASB Concert Committee; AWS President ' s Council; Chapter Correspondent Chi Omega; Ten Best Dressed. SEVENTH ROW: Victor Edward, Taber Homestead, Fla. Business; Beta Theta Pi, William 0. Tankard Nashville, Tenn. Education; Canterbury Association; Physical Education Majors Club. Jessie Roma Taylor Verona Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. John Pierce Taylor University EIGHTH ROW: Michael Everette Taylor Ft. Benning Liberal Arts; Scabbard and Blade Society; Committee of 100; Scholars Program; Distinguished Military Student, Virginia M. Tays Booneville Education; Phi Mu; Student Education Association; " Y " . Gaby Teichert University Education. Van Harbert Temple Meadville Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FIRST ROW: Anthony Lavon Thaxton Greenwood Business; Sigma Chi; Advanced Army ROTC; Varsity Cheerleader. Michael John Thole Smithtown Business; Sigma Pi. Carol Susan Thomas Vicksburg Liberal Arts; President, Associated Women Students; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Miss Ole Miss; Campus Senate; Hall of Fame. James F. Thompson, Jr. Water Valley Education. SECOND ROW: Joe Lawrence Thompson Laurel Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; American Pharmaceutical Association; Phi Delta Chi. Joseph Robert Thompson Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Naval Scholarship; Officer; Anchor and Chain; Scabbard and Blade; " Y " ; Navy Quarterdeck Staff. Kay Thompson Holly Springs Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Phi Gamma Nu; Student Education Association. Larry Angelo Thompson Clarksdale Business; Kappa Sigma; Vice-President, Cardinal Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Junior Scholarship Leadership Award; Campus Senate. THIRD ROW: Vance McLean Thompson Memphis, Tenn. Education; Chi Omega. Margaret Jo Thornton England, Ark. Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Chairman, ASB Elections Commission; Zeta Tau Alpha; Committee of 100; Student Education Association; Secretary, Young Republicans Club. Roger Dale Thornton Vaiden Pharmacy. Ronald A. Thornton Clinton Pharmacy. FOURTH ROW: Mitchell M. Thrower Tampa, Fla. Business; Kappa Alpha. Cooper Campbell Thurber Mobile, Ala. Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. John Braxton Todaro Biloxi Engineering; Texaco Scholarship; National Society for Professional Engineers; Campus Senate; Senate Judiciary Committee; Newman Club. Eugene Thomas Trahan Biloxi Engineering; American Society of Chemical Engineers; Newman Club. FIFTH ROW: Brent Hill Traughber Elkton, Ky. Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Pi Beta Tau. Janet Ayres Treppendahl Woodville Education; Chi Omega; Junior Maid, Homecoming Court; Student Education Association; Associated Women ' s Students. Esther Marie Tripp Oxford Liberal Arts; Wesley Foundation; Westminister Fellowship. Billy F. Turner University Business; Financiers Club. SIXTH ROW: John Hozie Turner, Jr. Jackson Business; Phi Delta Theta. Paul R. Tyler University Business; President, Sophomore Class; Student Council. Harrol Wayne Umfress Pontotoc Pharmacy. Beth Hawkins Vail University Education. SEVENTH ROW: James Hubert Vardaman Starkville Business. Vaughn Eugene Varnado Business; Phi Kappa Psi. Pamela Vaughn Birmingham, Ala. Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi; President, Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic Council; Elections Commission; Scholars Program, William B. Vermillion Bristol, Va Liberal Arts. EIGHTH ROW: Michael Joseph Vizio Cucamonga, Calif. Business. Dennis Wayne Voge Baton Rouge Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Gerald Dennis Wages Tupelo Business; Production Staff, Mississippian. Lynn Elaine Wagner Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. FIRST ROW: Mary Gail Walker Jackson Education; Delta Delta Delta. Rebecca E. Walker Fulton Education. Nellie Kaye Wall Meridian Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Ritual Chairman, Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s Recreation Association; Student Education Association. Samuel W. Waller, Jr. Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: Albert Gayden Ward Jackson Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Gerald Wayne Warfield Education. Emily Anne Warren Louisville, Ky. Liberal Arts; President, Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic Representative. Jerl W. Watkins Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: Bruce Paul Watson Miss. City Liberal Arts. Nancy Graca Watt Oxford Education. Benjamin V. L. Weathersby McComb Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.B. Director of Academic Affairs; University Scholars Program; Pledge Trainer, Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Beta Theta Pi. John F. Weeden New Education. FOURTH ROW: Charles John Weeks, Jr. Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Kenneth Wade Welch Oxford Business. David Kent Wells Madisonville, Ky. Education; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, " M " Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Colonel Rebel; Vice President, Sigma Chi. Mary Anne Westerfield Covington, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Education Association; Assistant House President, Delta Gamma; Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s List. FIFTH ROW: James Harvey Wheeler, Jr. Marion, Ark. Business; Sigma Nu. Donald Alexander White Water Valley Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Donna White West Point Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Honor Roll; ASB Concert ' Committee. James Wallace White Eupora Liberal Arts. SIXTH ROW: Jesse Lamar White Jackson Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi: President, Inter-Fraternity Council; Senior Advisor, President, Phi Eta Sigma; Forum Committee, Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Scholar ' s Program. Susan Carol, White Holly Springs Business. Jack Rabun Whitley Dacula Education. Mary Beth Whitlock Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Sorority Standards Committee; Student Education Association; Coordinating Council, Associated Women Students. SEVENTH ROW: Patty Branch Wigginton Goodman Business. Richard Davis Wilcox Laurel Business; Sigma Nu; President, Kappa Alpha Mu; Secretary, Sigma Delta Chi; ASB Cabinet, Director of Public Relations; Staff Photographer, Mississippian; Lambda Sigma. Jean Lee Wiley Cleveland Education; Phi Mu; President, Treasurer, Phi Mu; Mortar Board; CWENS; Rituals Chairman, Alpha Lambda; ASB Elections Commission. Trudy Ann Wilkins Biloxi Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. EIGHTH ROW: Kathy Williams Grenada Liberal Arts; University Scholar; Taylor Medal in Spanish; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi. Kay Williams Grenada Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Phi; University Scholar; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Education Association; Mississippi Education Association. James S. Wilson, Jr. Batesville Education. Martin Bernard Wilson Liberal Arts. FIRST ROW: Rebecca Leigh Wilson Hopkinsville, Ky. Liberal Arts. Patricia Jobe Windsor Corinth Liberal Arts. Joseph F. Wing Jonestown Business; Director of Photography, WCBH Radio Staff; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Society for Advancement of Management. Samuel Norris Winstead Ocean Springs Engineering; Secretary, American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Judicial Council, Engineering School. SECOND ROW: Robert C. Wiseman, Jr. University Liberal Arts, Craig Hess Witte Bloomington, Ill. Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. Michael, Lloyd Womack Hattiesburg Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. William Chadwick Wood Mississippi City Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Chicago Tribune Silver Medal; Outstanding Military Science II Decoration; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Class Editor, Editorial Assistant, Ole Miss Yearbook. THIRD ROW: C. Wesley Woodcock, Jr. Haddonfield Business; Arnold Air Society; Society for the Advancement of Karate Club; Distinguished Military Cadet, AFROTC. Middleton L. Wootten, III Pass Christian Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; President, Canterbury Association; Pi Sigma Alpha; IFC; Committee of 100. Larry Eugene Yarbrough Stonewall Business. Allen Richard Yates Shelby Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Co-Chairman, Committee of 100; Omicron Delta Kappa; Chairman of Student Activities Committee, Campus Senate; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Judicial Committee, Interfraternity Council. FOURTH ROW: James Walter Yawn Bogue Chitto Business. William, Ernst Yelsik White Plains Education; Sigma Pi. James Richard Young, Jr. Bruce Engineering. Kenneth Neal Young University Engineering. The officers of the Class of 1966 are Judi Simpson, Secretary; Robert Montjoy, President; Paul Johnson, Treasurer; and Bernard Puckett, Vice President. FIRST ROW: • Philip Ross Adams, Marks; Law I. • Jesse Murray Akers, Tupelo; Law 2. • Don Randall Allen, Oxford; Law 1; Beta Theta Pi. • James Roberts Allen, Carthage; Law 3. • Fred Alvin Anderson, III, Gloster; Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: • James F. Anderson, Jr., Jackson; Graduate 1; Beta Theta Pi. • Harry Angelacopoulos, Athens, Greece; Graduate 1. • Laitha Aparajithan, University; Liberal Arts. • William Tony Austin, Pontotoc; Pharmacy 5. • Curtis P. Ayers, III, Oxford; Graduate ; Alpha Tau Omega. THIRD ROW: • Kailash Mal Bafna, Calcutta, India; Graduate 1. • James E. Baine, Jackson; Law 1. • William W. Ballard, Hernando; Law 1; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • William Henry Barbour, Jr., Yazoo City; Law 3. • Varis Barenis, Greenville; Graduate 1. FOURTH ROW: • Pat Montgomery Barrett, Lexington; Law 2; Kappa Sigma. • Robert William Barton, Raymond; Law 1; Delta Psi. • E. Basham, Houston, Texas; Graduate 1. • Stephen Leeds Beach, III, Jackson; Law 2; Sigma Nu. • James A. Beard, Toledo, Ohio; Graduate 1. FIFTH ROW: • Asit Kumar JahorLial Bel, Bombay, India; Graduate 2. • Jerry Dean Bell, Nebraska City, Ne br.; Graduate 1. • Marshall G. Bennett, Jr., Tchula; Law 1; Sigma Chi. • Arnold V. Blackwell, Oxford; Law 3. • Leonard A. Blackwell, II, Perkinston; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. SIXTH ROW: • George Leroy Blair, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Gerald H. Blessey, Biloxi; Law 3. • Jerry Holmes Blount, Jackson; Law 1; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • George L. Bounds, Jr., Clarksdale; Law 1. • Rees Tate Bowen, III, Laurel; Law 3; Sigma Nu. SEVENTH ROW: • Norman Leroy Breland, Picayune; Law 1. • Aubrey Horace Brewer, University; Law 1. • Howard Lynn Britton, Laurel; Pharmacy 5. • Henry Donnie Brock, Lexington; Law 1; Kappa Sigma. • Richard William Brock, University; Law 1; Phi Kappa Psi. EIGHTH ROW: • Robert H. Broome, Batesville; Law 1. • John A. Brown, Enterprise; Law 1. • William H. Brown, Jr., New Albany; Law 1. • Douglas Albert Brownlee, Calhoun City; Pharmacy 5. • Phillip Davis Bryant, Oxford; Law 3; Beta Theta Pi. NINTH ROW: • Donald Edward Buckles, Oxford; Law 1. • Lawrence F. Buckley, Augusta, Ga.; Graduate 1. • Gary Lee Burcham, Collinsville, Ill.; Pharmacy 5. • James W. Burgoon, Law 3. • Richard Anthony Burke, University; Law 3. FIRST ROW: • James E. Caldwell, University; Law 2; Phi Kappa Psi. • William C. Callender, Columbia; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. • Eugene J. Calvasina, McComb; Graduate 1. • Leslie Curtis Campbell, West Point; Graduate 2. • Gary Lee Carnathan, Tupelo; Law 2. SECOND ROW: • John J. Chaki, Raritan, N.J.; Graduate 1. • Kathleen Gore Chandler, Jackson; Graduate 1; Kappa Delta. • Hunh Chih Chang, University; Graduate 1. • Diana Carolyn Chapman, Shelby; Graduate 1. • Joseph M. Cheruvelil, University; Graduate 2. THIRD ROW: • Laney Dixon Childers, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate 1. • Richard Orville Clark, Iuka; Law 3; Sigma Chi. • Larry Eugene Coffey, Myrtle; Law 1. • James V. Coggin, Jr., Corinth; Law 1; Sigma Nu. • Sam Wallace Coker, Gadsden, Ala.; Graduate I. FOURTH ROW: • Ronald K. Cole, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Law 1; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Mac Kelly Collins, Yazoo City; Law 1. • Carolyn B. Combs, University; Graduate 1. • Clyde M. Combs, Jr., University; Graduate 1. • Raymond M. Conner, Columbia; Law 1. FIFTH ROW: • Paul Martin Cook, II, University; Graduate 1. • Joseph E. Cormier, Franklin, Mass.; Graduate 1. • James P. Cothren, McComb; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. • Robin Owen Cotten, Oxford; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Anna Kate Cox, Jackson; Law 2; Alpha Omicron Pi. SIXTH ROW: • Louie Vivian Craig, Jr., Marks; Law 3. • Roy Ellis III, Meridian; Graduate 1. • Bobby E. Craven, University; Graduate 1. • Wade H. Creekmore, Jr., Jackson; Law 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Howard Miller Crosby, Shreveport, La:; Graduate 2. SEVENTH ROW: • James R. Crosby, Jr., Monroeville, Pa.; Graduate 1. • Charles David Crouch, Popular Bluff, Mo.; Graduate 1. • Thomas Dewey Crowson, Batesville; Sigma Nu. • James E. Curtin, Norfolk, Va.; Kappa Alpha. • Gilford F. Dabbs, III, Quitman; Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: • James Albert Dale, III, Columbus; Law 3. • Charles Milton Darling, Mineral Wells; Graduate 2. • Errett Evan Davis, Jr., Greenville, Law 3. • Floyd M. Davis, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Law 2. • Howard Q. Davis, Jr., Indianola; Law 1; Alpha Tau Omega. NINTH ROW: • Oscar E. Davis, Jr., Gulfport; Law 2. • Winston Robert Davis, Jackson; Graduate 1. • Earl L. Denney, Jacksonville, Fla.; Law 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Herbert E. Dewees, Meridian; Law 1; Kappa Alpha. • James K. Dossett, Jackson; Law 1. FIRST ROW: • Charles Wayne Dowdy, Gulfport; Law 1. • Richard James Doyle, Chicopee Falls; Graduate 1. • Carl Eugene Drake, Vicksburg; Law 1; Kappa Sigma. • Dale Lee Duckworth, Jackson; Law 1: Alpha Tau Omega. • Melissa W. Duncan, Union City; Graduate 1. SECOND ROW: • Phil Ray Dunnaway, Ocean Springs; Law 3. • James Eluin Earnest, Indianola; Graduate 1. • William Jeff East, Meredian; Law 1. • Ben Garrett Edmondson, Magee; Graduate 1; Kappa Sigma. • R. Lee Edmonson, Hattiesburg; Law 1. THIRD ROW: • Edna Janice Edwards, Yazoo City; Graduate 1. • Judith Clark Edwards, Yazoo City; Graduate 1. • Robert Douglas Eller, Red Bud; Graduate 2. • William E. Ellington, Law 2. • Joseph David Elmore, Oxford; Graduate 1. FOURTH ROW: • Donnie H. Evans, Vaiden; Law 1. • Jerome Justin Findley, Memphis, Tenn.; Law 1. • Jimmy Blaine Fisher, Okolona; Law 2; Alpha Tau Omega; Rosemary Latimer Fisher, Graduate 1; Kappa Delta. • George M. Fleming, Oxford; Law 2. FIFTH ROW: • Cary Leon Fondern, Jr., Clarksdale; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. • Cecil Atha Ford, Jackson; Law 3. • Dianne Perry Ford, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Arthur G. Foster, Alexandria, Va.; Graduate 1; Phi Kappa Theta. • Charles 0. Fowler, Jr., Shelby; Graduate 1. SIXTH ROW: • Sarah B. Franklin, Union; Pharmacy 5; Alpha Delta Pi. • Carolyn Sue French, Nederland, Texas; Graduate 1. • Rudolph Silas Fulton, Ada, Okla.; Graduate 1. • David Leo Gable, Anniston, Ala.; Graduate 1. • Robert C. Galloway, Gulfport; Law 2; Sigma Nu. SEVENTH ROW: • William Ellis Gamble, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate 1. • Harry R. Garner, Hernando; Law 2. • Olon Leander Garner, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Sarah Elizabeth Garner, Hernando; Graduate 1. • John W. Gary, Eupora; Law 1. EIGHTH ROW: • Alexander B. Gates, Sumner; Law 2. • Thomas Richard Gatlin, Walnut; Pharmacy 5. • Harriet E. Gentry, Nashville, Tenn.; Graduate 1; Alpha Delta Pi. • James Shelby George, Monticello; Law 3; Phi Delta Theta. • Reagan P. Gibbs, Lebanon, Tenn.; Law 1. NINTH ROW: • Kinloch Gill, Jr., University; Graduate 2. • Charles John Girard, Vineland, N.J.; Law 2. • Thomas W. Goldman, Jr., Meridian; Law 1. • Gayle Goodin, Griffin, Ga.; Graduate 1. • Thomas 0. Gore, III, Water Valley; Business. FIRST ROW: • Michael M. Gorman, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Larry Austin Gorum, Oxford; Graduate 2. • William A. Gowan, Jr., Oxford; Law 3; Kappa Alpha. • William T. Green, University; Law 1. • Gretta H. Guyton, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate 1. SECOND ROW: • Anthony Earl Hale, Falcon; Graduate 1; Sigma Nu. • Joan Thomas Haltom, Batesville; Law 1. • Robert W. Hamill, Meridian; Law 1; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Noah S. Hand, Jr., Oxford; Law I. • Joseph C. Hartley, Jr., Jackson; Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • M. Paul Haynes, Jr., Baldwyn; Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha. Timothy Blair Heaton, Flemington; Graduate 1. • Scott Parker Hemleben, University; Law 2. • Ralph W. Hemphill, Jr., Jackson; Law 1. • Ose Fenn Henderson, Oxford; Graduate 2. FOURTH ROW: • Walter Thomas Hendrix, University; Law 3. • Lafayette B. Hilburn, Jackson; Law 2. • Elbert C. Hodge, Jr., Birmingham, Ala.; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. • Jo Dent Hodge, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Franklin Wayne Hodges, Leakesville; 5. FIFTH ROW: • Edward D. Sr Hodo, University; Graduate 2; Kappa Alpha. • Robert A. Holder, Crenshaw; Graduate 1. • Clarence Lee Holley, University; Pharmacy 5; Alpha Tau Omega. • Sidney Gerald Holmes, Water Valley; Pharmacy 5. • Norman R. Holstein, Miami, Fla.; Graduate 1. SIXTH ROW: • Donald L. Hopper, Water Valley; Graduate 1. • Alcus Ray Hudson, Sumrall; Pharmacy 5. • Porter Hudson, Jr., Sumrall; Pharmacy 5. • Rebecca Ann Hudson, Prentiss; Graduate 1. • David R. Hunt, Lyon; Law 2. SEVENTH ROW: • Hervy Michael Hunter, Lucedale; Pharmacy 5. • Carroll H. Ingram, Seminary; Law 2. • Bobby N. Irby, Oxford; Graduate 2. • John Wayne Jabour, Vicksburg; Graduate 1; Phi Kappa Psi. • Edwin Leon Jackson, University; Graduate 1; Phi Kappa Psi. EIGHTH ROW: • Robert T. Jackson, Hattiesburg; Law 3. • Laksh Jalaja, I, University; liberal Arts. • Ronnie Lee James, Stamps, Ark.; Graduate 1. • Karamat A. Javaid, I, Kamoke Gujr; 5. • James P. Jernberg, Jr., Sumner; Law 1. NINTH ROW: • Jean Chambless Johnson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Will Johnston, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; 2. • Dewitt Russell Jones, Pascagoula; Law 1. • Emory Davis Jones, Iuka; Graduate 1. • Hal Trotter Jones, Flora; Graduate 1. FIRST ROW: • John Nathaniel Jones, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • Roy Glenn Josey, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Julian Andre Katz, Hattiesburg, Law 1. • Malcolm Price Keown, Chattanooga, Tenn.; 1. • James H. Key, Batesville; Graduate 1. SECOND ROW: • Martin A. Kilpatrick, Hollandale; Law 1; Alpha Tau Omega. • Henry Hughes King, New Albany; Law 2; Sigma Chi. • Mary Louise King, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Graduate 2; Chi Omega. • James W. Kitchens, Crystal Springs; Law 2. • Volker Markus Krauss, Oberwinter, Germany; 1. THIRD ROW: • Melanie B. Ladner, University; Graduate 1; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Paul Anthony Lambert, University; Graduate 1. • Ronald William Lamey, Leakesville; Pharmacy 5. • David Henry Lankford, Huntingdon, Tenn.; Graduate 1. • Billy Ray Lea, Oxford; Pharmacy 5. FOURTH ROW: • Howard Owen Leach, Carthage; Law 3. • James Larry Lee, Jackson; Law I. • Robert D. Lee, Natchez; Law 3. • Bobbye H. Legan, University; Graduate 1. • Marshall Scottie Legan, Louisville; Graduate 2. FIFTH ROW: • Stanley I. Lejeune, University; Graduate 2. • Jimmie Micajah Lessley, Woodville; Pharmacy 5. • Clayton Taylor Lewis, Philadelphia; Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Douglas B. Lewis, Vicksburg; Law 3; Phi Epsilon Pi. • James W. L. Lewis. University; Graduate 2. SIXTH ROW: • Lear Allen Lewis, Fallon, Nev.; Graduate 1. • Ted P. Lewis, Brownsville, Tenn.; Graduate 1. • Jiann Tsyh Lin, Taiwan, China; Graduate 1. • John Maxey Lippincott, Scobey; Graduate 1; Beta Theta Pi. • William Beck Lipscomb, Jackson; Law 1; Beta Theta Pi. SEVENTH ROW: • Chester Trent Lott, Pascagoula; Law 1; Sigma Nu. • Julius L. Lotterhos, III, University; Graduate 1; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Charles H. McCoach, Mansfield, Mo.; Graduate I. • Barbara Lambert McCollum, Clinton; Graduate 1. • Harry Edward McCollum, Jr., Clinton; Pharmacy 5; Alpha Tau Omega. EIGHTH ROW: • Henry Allen McCrory, Montrose; Pharmacy 5. • Larry Joseph McCulloch, Nashville, Tenn.; Graduate 1. • Larry Allan McFarlane, University; Graduate 2. • Jerry Lynn McHan, Mineral Bluff; Graduate 1. • George Sidney Hernando; Law 2. NINTH ROW: • Charles A. McIntosh, Jr., Meridian; Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William S. McKeithen, II, Philadelphia; Pharmacy 5. • James Gray McLemore, Jr., Oxford; Law 3. • William L. McMullen, Jr., Brookhaven; Graduate 1; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Boyd Leland McPhail, Jackson; Graduate 1. FIRST ROW: • Ramzi Jubran Maaya, Gate City; Pharmacy 5. • P. A. Govinda Malya, Cochin Kerala; Graduate 2. • George William Manifold, University; Graduate 1; Alpha Tau Omega. • Nick Anthony Mavar, Jr., Biloxi; Law 3. • John Lewis Maxey, New Albany; Law 1; Sigma Chi. SECOND ROW: • Arthur Cinclair May, Meridian; Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Charles Michael Merkel, Montgomery; Law 3; Sigma Chi. • John S. Metz, Vicksburg; Graduate 1; Sigma Alpha • Emory Hubert Miller, New Orleans, La.; Law 2. • Jack Alan Miller, Lake City, Fla.; Graduate 1. THIRD ROW: • John Ulrich Miller, III, Oxford; Law 3; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Paul 0. Miller, III, Butler, Ala.; Law 1; Beta Theta Pi. • Robert Hill Milner, Jr., Gulfport; Law 2. • J. Longstreet Minor, III, Jackson; Graduate 1. • Andrew J. Mirabole, Tampa, Fla.; Law 1. FOURTH ROW: • Donald Lewis Moak, Jackson; Graduate 2. • George Smiley Monroe, II, Newton; Law 2. • Carl Robert Canton; Law 3; Sigma Chi. • Clarence C. N. Carrollton; Graduate 1. • Joseph Harold Montgomery, Lumberton; Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: • Samuel Arthur Montgomery, Jackson; Law 2. • Thomas R. Montgomery, Bruce; Pharmacy 5; Sigma Chi. • Frank Thomas Moore, Jr., Jackson; Law 2; Beta Theta Pi. • James Ryan Moore, Pascagoula; Graduate 1. • Julian Edward Pass Christian; Pharmacy 5. SIXTH ROW: • Royce L. B. Morris, University; Graduate 1. • Thomas Dudley Morrow, Calhoun City; Pharmacy 5. • William H. Mounger, Jr., Jackson; Law 3; Phi Delta Theta. • James R. Mozingo, Jr., Oxford; Graduate 4. • Sunil Kumar Mukherjee, University; Graduate SEVENTH ROW: • Dan Stewart Murrell, Oxford; Law 1. • Patricia H. Murrell, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Jo Ellen Nettles, Brandon; Pharmacy Alpha Omicron Pi. • Gary Thomas Newton, Senatobia; iberal Arts. • Aubrey E. Nichols, Columbus; Law 2. EIGHTH ROW: • James W. Omara, Jackson; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. • James Morris Oneal, McComb; Graduate 1; Sigma Nu. • Walter Herbert Palmer, Meridian; Pharmacy 5; Phi Kappa Psi. • William Judson Palmer, Pascagoula; Law 1; Sigma Pi. • Warren P. Paizer, Oxford; Law 1. NINTH ROW: • Mahendraprasad K. Pandya, University; Graduate 1. • Howard S. Paradise, Jackman Station; Graduate 1. • Patricia S. Patton, University; Graduate 1. • William Chester Patton, University; Pharmacy 5. • Johnny Burns Peebles, Pharmacy 5. FIRST ROW: • John David Pennebaker, N ew Albany; Law 1; Sigma Chi. • James W. Pennington, Sumner; Law 1. • Chaichana Phayakvichien, Bangkok, Thailand; Graduate 1. • Stephen Robert Pieschel, Affton, Mo.; Graduate 1. • Roy Wesley Pike, Pascagoula; Law 1. SECOND ROW: • James Thomas Pinkerton, Buc katunna, Pharmacy 5. • James Wesley Pinson, University; Graduate 2. • Crymes George Pittman, Mobile, Ala.; Law 3; Phi Delta Theta. • James Acye Pittman, Kosciusko; Pharmacy 5. • June A. Plummer, University; Graduate I. THIRD ROW: • Narayanan Dasan Potti, Vaikom Kerala; Graduate 2. • Andrew E. Prince, University; Graduate 1; Phi Kappa Psi. • William M. Rainey, Macon, Ga.; Law 2. • Thawat Raksil, Bangkok, Thailand; Graduate 1. • Lawrence Allen Ray, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate 1. FOURTH ROW: • Virginia M. Reed, University; Graduate 1. • Sohnie Reese, Jackson; Law 1. • Allen Bradley Reeves, Nashville, Tenn.; Graduate 1. • Patricia Baker Reeves, Pascagoula; Graduate 1; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Benjamin Regan, Magnolia; Law 1; Alpha Tau Omega. FIFTH ROW: • Robert Taft Renfro, Batesville; Law 1; Kappa Sigma. • William M. Richardson, Jr., Morton; Law 1. • Jerry Ann Riggs, Greenwood; Graduate 1; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Stanley Riley, Malone, N.Y.; Graduate 1. • John Norman Robbins, New Albany; Pharmacy 5. SIXTH ROW: • Alfred Bonner Roberson, New Bern; Graduate 1. • Thomas Glover Roberts, Gulfport; Law 3. • Frank Allen Robertson, University; Law 3. • John William Robertson, Meridian; Graduate 1; Phi Delta Theta. • Bobby D. Robinson, McComb; Law 1; Phi Delta Theta. SEVENTH ROW: • Laura Alice Robinson, Sulligent, Ala.; Graduate 2. • James C. Rochester, Jr., Byhalia; Law 1. • Howell Wade Rogers, University; Graduate 1. • Tommy Bott Rogers, Collins; Law 3. • Sandra Chrestman Ross, Houlka; 5. EIGHTH ROW: • Lester L. Rowe, Jr., Oxford; Law 2. • Wesley Benjamin Rozolsky, Natchez; Graduate I; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Forrest D. Ruegger, Arcola; Law 2. • Dixie Kay Russell, Oxford; Graduat e 1. • Stacy B. Russell, Tupelo; Law 2. NINTH ROW: • William 0. Rutledge, III, New Albany; Law 2; Phi Delta Theta. • Farid Sadik, University; Graduate 1. • Elliott E. Schlottman, Jr., University; Law 2; Sigma Chi. • Duane N. Schluter, Janesville, Wis.; Graduate I. • Joseph Arthur Scott, Springfield, Ky.; Graduate 1. FIRST ROW: • John Stewart Seabold, Huntingdon Valley; Law 1; Kappa Sigma. • Samuel B. Serio, Jr., Natchez; Law 3; Sigma Nu. • Allan D. Shackelford, Oxford; Law 3. • Howard G. Sheldon, Jr., Virginia; Law 1, • Larry Charles Skelton, Corinth; 1. SECOND ROW: • Harold Andrew Sloas, Jr„ New Madrid; Pharmacy 5; Phi Kappa Psi. • Ben B. Smith, Water Valley; Law 2. • Bryan Craig Smith, Mountain Lakes; Graduate 1. • David Michael Smith, Oxford; Law 3. • Eddie Charles Smith, Friars Point; Graduate 1. THIRD ROW: • Rosanne Rogers Smith, Newport, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • Thomas Dillard Smith, University; Graduate 2; Alpha Tau Omega. • Edwin A. Snyder, Eupora; Law 1; Sigma Nu. • Om Prakash Somani, Mirzapur U.; Graduate 1. • Alfred Martin Speed, Oxford; Pharmacy 5. FOURTH ROW: • James Thomas Speed, Oxford; Law 1; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Kay Pickhard Speed, Oxford; Graduate 1. • Sanford R. Steckler, Biloxi; Law 3. • Rosemary C. Stephens, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate 2. • Joseph Joshua Stevens, Jr., Macon, Ga.; Law 3; Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: • Thomas Barrett Storey, Jr., Oxford; Law 3; Kappa Sigma. • Howard Mattox Stroud, Hattiesburg; Law 3. • Mei Quey Su, Taiwan, Free; Graduate 1. • Harry Joe Suber, Batesville; Pharmacy 5. • Chat Sue Clarksdale; Law 1. SIXTH ROW: • Minor C. Sumners, Jr., Jackson; Law 1; Kappa Alpha. • Charles Edward Sykes, Silver Spring; Law 1; Kappa Alpha. • Newton Van Tabor, Winona; Law 1. • Chen-Nang Tai, Hain Chu; Graduate 1. • Jesse Brooks Taintor, Webb; Graduate 1. SEVENTH SOW: • John Robert Taylor, Oxford; Law 1. • Michael Byron Taylor, Oxford; Law 2; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thomas Bernard Tenfelde, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Law 3; Delta Psi. • Tsu Chi Tenq, Taipei, Taiwan; Graduate 1. • Charles Patrick Tharp, Oxford; Graduate 2. EIGHTH ROW: • David Dee Thomas, Duck Hill; Law 2. • William E. Thurmond, Jr., Lexington; Law 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jack A. Townes, Jr., Grenada; Graduate 1; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Joseph Tramontana, New Orleans, La.; Graduate 1. • Frederick F. Travis, Jackson; Graduate 1; Phi Delta Theta. NINTH ROW: • Constance W. Triplette, Elkin, N.C.; Law 1. • Harley Arvid Tripp, University; Graduate 1. • Kun San Tsai, Taiwan, China; Graduate 1. • Bobby Joe Tucker, Jonesboro, Ark.; Graduate 1. • Eugene C. Tullos, Raleigh; Law 2. FIRST ROW: • Susan Katherine Tutor, Meridian; Pharmacy 5; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Robert K. Upchurch, Oxford; Law 2. • Charles S. Vail, Booneville; Law 2. • Chester Vanderzee, University; Graduate 1. • Dennis W. Vaughan, Texarkana, Ark.; Graduate 1. SECOND ROW: • Robert Barry Vickery, Houston; Law 2; Sigma Chi. • Kosta Nick Vlahos, Biloxi; Law 3. • James E. Voyles, Ky.; Graduate 1. • James H. Walker, Cleveland; Law 1. • Thomas Grady Wallace, Columbus; Law 1; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • James R. Walsh, University; Law 2. • Betty Jane Walton, Union; Graduate 1. • Gerald Martin Warren, University; Law 2. • Rodger Downing Wasson, Greenville; Law 1. • Harry Albert Watson, Jr., Florence; Graduate 1. FOURTH ROW: • Wren Carroll Way, University; Law 3; Kappa Sigma. • Sterling W. Weaver, Oxford; Graduate 2. • Elliott C. Jr., Houston; Graduate 1. • John Q. West, III, Sardis; Graduate 1. • Joseph Luther White, Oxford; Graduate 1. FIFTH ROW: • Joseph T. Wilkins, III, New Albany; Law 2. • Samuel Houston Wilkins, University; Law 2; Alpha Tau Omega. • Edward M. Williams, Moorefield, W. Va.; Graduate 1. • Roy Capps Williams, Pascagoula; Law 2; Sigma Chi. • Stirling B. Williams, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate 1. SIXTH ROW: • James E. Williamson, Jr., Mississippi City; Law 3. • Robert Danley Wilson, Toccopola; Graduate 4. • Johnny Bernard Wright Horn Lake; Pharmacy 5; Phi Kappa Psi. • Thomas D. Yarbrough, Gulfport; Law 1. • John W. Yeates, Pope; Graduate 2. SEVENTH ROW: • Donnie Frank Young, Amory; Law 1. • I-Cheng Yuan Taiwan, China; Graduate 1. FIRST ROW: • George Gilster Abbott, West Point; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Alice Kay Abernethy, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Patricia Lynn Abernethy, Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Jackson H. Ables, III, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Kathy Abraham, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Katherine A. Abraham, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. SECOND ROW: • Robert M. Abraham, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Gregory Neal Adams, Terry; Pharmacy; Junior. • Holmes S. Adams, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Judith Ann Adams, Oxford; Business; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Linda Nell Adams, Macon, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • William F. Adams, Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. THIRD ROW: • George G. Ahern, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Carroll Anne Ainsworth, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Jay Henry Aizen, Philadelphia, Penn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Patrick Louis Albano, Crystal City; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Dennis Carl Aldridge, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Kenneth Aldridge, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. FOURTH ROW: • Malcolm Lee Aldridge, Pope; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Barbara J. Alexander, El Dorado; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Joel D. Alexander, Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Thomas A. Alexander, Evansville, Ind.; Education; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • Virginia Louise Alexander, Columbus, Ohio; Education; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. • Terrell Lee Algood, Louisville; Pharmacy; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. FIFTH ROW: • Fred Vincent Alias, Clarksdale; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Ghill Fosta Allen, Cleveland; Business; Junior. • Henry R. Allen, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • John S. Allen, III, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mary Douglas Allen, State College; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Millard R. Allen, Jr., Toomsuba; Liberal Arts; Sophomores. SIXTH ROW: • Nora Anne Allen, Belmont; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert J. Allen, III, Indianola; Business Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Johnson Allen, Belmont; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sylvia Ann Allen, Magee; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Thomas Wayne Allen, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Thomas Wilsford Allen, Lula; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. SEVENTH ROW: • William Ragon Allen, Tupelo; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. • John Samuel Allison, Olive Branch; Business; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • George Barron Alliston, Florence; Education; Junior. • Nancy Jean Ailman, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Terre Elizabeth Allred, Montgomery, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • James H. Aloway, Abbeville; Engineering; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • Mildred Jeanne Alsbrooks, Augusta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Steven Dennis Ammann, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Annette Anderson, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Charton R. Anderson, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Christopher S. Anderson. Hyde Park; Business; Freshman; Sigma Pi. • George Edward Anderson, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Sophomore. NINTH ROW: • Harry Stiles Anderson, Clarksdale; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • John G. Anderson, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Martha Marie Anderson, Lumberton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Mary Lee Anderson, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Thomas H. Anderson, Tr., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Thomas J. H. Anderson, II, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. TENTH ROW: • Virginia Louise Anderson, University; Liberal Arts; • Julie Dawn Anderton, Cowan, Tenn.; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Robert Ross Andrews, Natchez; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • William J. Andrukiewicz, New York, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nicholas J. Angelozzi, Jr., Baltimore, Md.; Business; Junior. • Dalton Tupelo; Education; Junior. FIRST ROW: • Donald A. Anthony, Humbolt, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; • James Hansel Anthony, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Laurie Knox Anthony, Greenville; Business; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Phillip Lynn Anthony, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Ethel Erwin Archer, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • James S. Armstrong, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW: • James Raphael Arnett, Oxford; Engineering; Freshman. • John Frank Arnett, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Paul Harry Aron, Monroe, La.; Pharmacy; Junior. • Peggy Sue Arrington, Water Valley; Education; Sophomore. • Warren Russell Asher, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Daniel B. Ashlin, Tarpon Springs, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Junior. THIRD ROW: • Linda ' K. Atkins, Eupora; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Bruce E. Atkinson, Greenwood; I.iberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • William Edward Atkinson, Pickens; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Sandra Lee Aust, Elgin AFB; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Frank S. Austin, Memphis. Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Martha Ann Austin, Winona; Freshman. FOURTH ROW: • Donald Webster Aven, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Ronald Allen Aven, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Patricia Sue Avent, Oxford; Business; Freshman. • Doris Ann Avery, Independence; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Elizabeth Avery, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Eric K. Ayer, Chrisney, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore, FIFTH ROW: • Juanita S. Babb, Oxford; Business; Sophomore. • Cynthia Olive Babers, Gainesville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Victor E. Babin, III, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Tunell Constance Backlund, Waveland; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Michael Mathias Baier, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Barbara Ann Bailey, Business; Sophomore. SIXTH ROW: • Martha Jean Bailey, Steele, Missouri; Education; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Pamela Evelyn Bailey, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Phillip Jason Bailey, Clearwater, Fla.; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Robert James Bailey, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Robert W. Bailey, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Verna Ann Bailey, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Jimmy E. Baker Ft. Pierce, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Linda Dorothy Baker, Pascagoula; Education; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Helen Ann Ball, Jackson; Liberal Arts: Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William David Ball, Starkville; Business; Sophomore. • William F. Ballentine, Maben; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Clarence Q. Bannister, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. EIGHTH ROW: • Margaret E. Barbee, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Mills E. Barbee, Hernando; Business; Sophomore. • Caroline Eliza Barbour, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Haley Reeves Barbour, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Otis Rey Bardwell, McComb; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Diane June Barger, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Junior; Pi Mu. NINTH ROW: • Chandler F. Barham, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Robert David Barham, Business; Junior. • Woodrow Wilson Barham, Jr., Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Billie Joy Barhanovich, Biloxi; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Glenda Del Barker, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Bryan Barksdale, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Lhi. TENTH ROW: • Nelson L. Barksdale, Jr., Charlottesville, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Terrell Wayne Barlow, Biloxi; Business; Junior; Delta Psi. • Cleston Barnes, Engineering; Junior. • Hazel Ann Barnes, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • John Alan Barnes, Shreveport, La.; Business; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Reginald Eugene Barnes, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FIRST ROW: • Buell Johnston Barnett, Bay Springs; Pharmacy; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Eddie L. Barnett, Booneville; Business; • Lee Gordon Barnett, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • William E. Barnwell, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • James A. Barrett, Jr., Cruger; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Sigma. • John William Barrett, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW: • Thomas H. Barrett, Gulfport; Business; Sophomore. • James Douglass Barton, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Joseph E. Bass, Montgomery, Ala.; Engineering; • Meredith A. Bass, Hazelhurst; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Michael C. Bass, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Bettye E. Batson, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. THIRD ROW: • Larry Spencer Baygents, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • James L. Baylen, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Fred L. Beard, Jr., Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Joyce W. Beard, Myrtle; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Robert Lloyd Beasley, Greenwood; Business; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Anita Beatty, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. FOURTH ROW: • Harry Bartton Beatty, Jr., Falls Church, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • David William Beckwith, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Phyllis Janice Beckwith, Carrollton; Education; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Philip Bruce Bedient, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Anna Margaret Bee, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Alan Blakely Bell, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • James Kenneth Bell, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Bruce James Bellande, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Roy Walter Benbow, Wheeling, Ill.; Business; Freshman. • Benny Wayne Bender, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Michael Grant Benefiel, Paducah, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Barbara Lane Beneke, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SIXTH ROW: • Henry Beneke, III, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Danny Ray Benjamin, Thaxton; Business; Junior. • Charlie William Benn, Jr., Carthage; Engineering; Junior. • Bonnie Louise Bennett, Oxford; Business; • John Edward Bennett, Savannah, Ga.; Engineering; Freshman. • Susan E. Bennett, Bowling Green, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: • Joe Eddins Benson, Marks; Business; Junior. • Jerry Daniel Berch, Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert John Berg, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Connie Sue Berry, Columbia, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Eugene Sexton Berry, New Hebron; Business; Freshman. • Frank Berry, II, Corinth; Education; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. EIGHTH ROW: • James Lampton Berry, Jr., Columbia; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Martin Leroy Berry, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Charlotte L. Berryman, Southaven; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Edwin Moore Best, Drew; Engineering; Freshman. • Emily Sue Betz, McComb; Pharmacy; Junior. • Helen Claudia Bickley, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. NINTH ROW: • Arlen Kirk Biddle, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Beverly Jean Biddy, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Lois Joy Biggs, Jackson; Business; Kappa Delta. • Margot Jean Bilbo, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Charles David Billings, Jr., Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Harriet Nelson Binford, Tupelo; Education; Junior. TENTH ROW: • Thomas C. C. Birchett, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Betty C. Birdwell, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delia Gamma. • Barbara Ann Bishop, Oxford; Education; Junior. • Laura Cheryl Bishop, Crystal Springs; Business; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Henry H. Black, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Sandra Lee Black, Jackson; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. FIRST ROW: • F. Matthew Blaine, Lutherville, Md.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William Anthony Bland, Maben; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Ramona Gayle Blanton, Hughes, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Terry Robert Bleed, Rockford, Ill.; Business; Freshman. • Leland Adam Blehm, Virginia Bch., Va.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Tamalane A. Blessey, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. SECOND ROW: • Samuel Robert Bliga, Waterbury, Conn.; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Lois Jean Bloch, Ft. Lauderdale; Education; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jim Crighton Blough, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Penny Ann Blue, Clifton, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Phyllis Faithe Boatner, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Gordon Jerome Bogen, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • Wendell Davidson Boggs, Jenkins, Ky.; Pharmacy; • Thomas J. Bogue, III, Hollandale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • John David Bolen, Booneville; Education; Junior. • John Loyd Boling, Brookhaven; Engineering; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Beverly Anthony Bolton, Millington, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Walter T. Bolton, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FOURTH ROW: • Ann Davis Bomboy, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • David W. Bomboy, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • William Bond, St. Peters. burg, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Eldridge Dean Bonds, Oxford; Education; Freshman. • Frank C. Boone, Jr., Meridian; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Sharon Lynn Boone, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FIFTH ROW: • William Elliott Boone, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • John Robert Booth, Greenville; Engineering; Freshman. • Larry Thomas Boozer, Amory; Pharmacy; Freshman. • James Pennington Borden, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Mary Diane Borthwick, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Robert H. Bostwick, III, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. SIXTH ROW: • John Edward Botto, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; • John Thomas Bottom, III, Vicksburg; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Lillian H. S. Botts, Smithville; Education; Junior. • John Wade Bounds, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Edna A. Bourgeois, Waveland; Sophomore. • Lesa Craig Bowden, Snyder, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SEVENTH ROW: • Bettie Margaret Bowen, Grenada; Engineering; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • James B. Bowen, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Thet a. • Roy Glenn Bowen, Eupora; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nancy Lynn Bowling, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Delta. • David A. Box, Houlka; Engineering; Freshman. • Brenda Ann Boyce, Brandon; Education; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. EIGHTH ROW: • David Maurice Boyd, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Robert Dunleigh Boyd, Saucier; Liberal Arts; Junior. • John Herbert Boydstun, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Emmett George Boyles, III, Ruleville; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Howell Johnson Boyles, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William Steven Bozeman, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. NINTH ROW: • Gayle Dana Brackett, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; • James B. Braden, Nashville, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore. • Anne Patton Bradley, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Patricia Anne Bradley, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Joe Alister Brady, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Betty Jean Brame, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Charles Ellis Brame, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Wesley Ellis Branch, Shelby; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Anna C. Branham, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Frank Whitty Bratt, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Margaret Bunny Bratton, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Charles A. Breath, III, Bay St. Louis; Education; Sophomore. FIRST ROW: • Joseph M. Breland, Wiggins; Liberal Arts; junior. • Michael James Brent, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Business; • Gail Elizabeth Brenkert, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman. Carol Ann Brenner, Cleveland; Education; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Maurice R. Brett, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Wanda Jean Brewer, Oxford; Business; Junior. SECOND ROW: • Alexander R. Breyer, Falls Church; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • James A. Brim, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • Carl Harvey Brinkman, Pascagoula; Business; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. • Elizabeth Ann Briscoe, Oxford; Education; Sophomore. • Mendum Dees Briscoe, Biloxi; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Benjamin Borden Brister, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. THIRD ROW: • Isabella N. Britton, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Hess Raymond Brocato, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Beverly Jo AFB; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Beverly Nell Brooks, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Thomas J. Brooks, III, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Judith Dianne Broom, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FOURTH ROW: • Austin Randy Brcome, Hazlehurst; Business; Junior; Alpha. • Albert Earl Brosius, Jr., Darby, Pa.; Freshman. • Robert T. Brougher, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gerald K. Brown, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior. • James Lee Brown, Grenada. • Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. James Stuart Brown, Mississippi City; Engineering; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Kenneth B. Brown, Perkinston; Engineering; Sophomore. • Mae Elizabeth Brown, Memphis, Term.; Liberal Arts; • Randy Brown, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Suzan Brown, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Thomas W. Brown, Jr., Calhoun City; Business; Junior. • Virginia Nell Brown, Jackson; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. SIXTH ROW: • William Van Brown, Houston, Texas; Business; Freshman. • Dianna Lynn Brummett, Oxford; Business; • Mary Carolyn Bruno, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Rex H. Brunt, Louisville; Liberal Arts; • John R. Ryan, FPO San; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • David Leland Bryant, University; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. SEVENTH ROW: • Frankie Elizabeth Bryant, Moselle; Liberal Arts; • Joan B. Bryant, Water Valley; Education; Junior. • William P. Bryson, Tupelo; Pharmacy; Junior. • Elizabeth Anne Buchholz, Dade City; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Mu. • Jo Lane Buckner, Clarksdale; Education; Freshman. • Janice Bullard, Oxford; Business; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • Mascle Sparks Bullard, Booneville; Liberal Arts; • Glenn W. Bullen, Fayette; Business; Sophomore. • Brian A. Burchfield, Kosciusko; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Robert F. Burdine, Fulton; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Charles Burhorn, Amory; Education; Junior. • Patrick Francis Burke, San Diego, Calif.; Engineering; Freshman. NINTH ROW: • Robert Day Burke, Greenville; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Charles R. Burnett, Jr., Hollandale; Business; Junior. • Francis Gerald Burnett, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Phillip C. Burnett, Business; Junior. • David L. Burnham, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Barbara Anne Burns, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Bonnie B. Burns, Caruthersville, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Rosa R. Burns, Water Valley; Business; Sophomore. • Donald R. Burrell, Picayune; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsion. Susan Jane Burson, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Franklin Gail Burton, Philadelphia; Education; Junior. • James Daniel Burton, Portageville, Mo.; Business; Freshman, FIRST ROW: • Virginia Lois Busby, Hattiesburg; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Larry Davis Bussey, Kentucky; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Elizabeth S. Butler, Coahoma; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • George Wayne Butler, Ripley; Education; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Herbert Mark Butler, Jackson; Liberal Arts; • Bonita Butterfield, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: • George G. Byers, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gus Ames Bynum, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Harold Joseph Byrd, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Patricia Anne Byrd, New York, N.Y.; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Rita Proby Cabaniss, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • V. Michael Calandro, Reserve, La.; Business; junior. THIRD ROW: • Carolyn ' D. Caldwell, Daleville; Liberal Arts; • Martha C. Caldwell, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Mu. • Pamela Brevard Caldwell, Marks; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Ione T. W. Calhoon, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Norman John Calhoun, Farmingdale, La.; Business; Junior; Phi Kappa Theta. • Thomas L. Callicut, Jr., Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FOURTH ROW: • Grover R. Caloway, McGehee, Ark.; Business; • Linda Kay Calvert, Gulfport; Education; Phi Mu. • Celeste Campassi, Clarksdale; Business; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Gerard Willett Campbell, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • James McDonald Campbell, Stuttgart, Ark.; Business; Sophomore. • Jan Alyse Campbell, Forrest City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. FIFTH ROW: • Milus Calvin Campbell, Jr., Stover; Pharmacy; Junior. • Virginia C. Campbell, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Joseph Ed Canizaro, Jr., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Bill Joe Cannon, Jackson; Business; Junior. • Glenn Dale Cannon, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Mary Carolyn Cannon, Education; Junior. SIXTH ROW: • Patricia Ann Canty, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Edgar Lee Caples, Jackson; Engineering; Freshman. • Ronald Estes Cardwell, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman. • Michael R. Carithers, Meridian; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Bettye M. E. Carlisle, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • Carolyn Sue Carnahan, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. SEVENTH ROW: • Edwin B. Carpenter, Jr., Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Terry Carol Carpenter, Corinth; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • James E. Carr, Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • John Robert Carr, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Philip James Carrey, Welland, Ont.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Theta. • Carolyn L. Carrington, Collierville, Tenn.; Junior; Delta Gamma. EIGHTH ROW: • Sammy Jacob Carroll, Greenville; Liberal Arts; • Nancy Jeanne Carruth, Lewisville, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Cary Gray Carter, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Elizabeth Carter, Senatobia; Business; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Kirk Paxton Carter, Greenwood; Business; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Terry Alan Carter, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; NINTH ROW: • William A. Carter, Shannon; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Susan Lee Case, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Ronald C. Cashin, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Business; Freshman; Sigma Pi. • Carol Evelyn Cassidy, Bogalusa, La.; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. • Henry F. Castle, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Freshman. • James Leroy Catt, Jr., Clinton; Business; Junior. TENTH ROW: • Mary E. Cauthen, Canton; Business; Junior. • Jefferson Pat Chadwick, Walnut Grove; Engineering; Freshman. • William Michael Chaffin, Caruthersville, Mo.; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • George L. Chamberlain, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Louis Rodney Chamblee, Raymond; Education; Freshman. • Cynthia Louise Chapman, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. FIRST ROW: • Larry H. Chapman, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Jamie O ' Brien Charbonnet, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • James B. Cheatham, Coral Gables, Fla.; Business; Junior. • Ramona S. Chenault, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Van Joseph Cheramie, Cut Off; Education; Freshman. • Robert W. Chesnut, Gadsden, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. SECOND ROW: • Mimi Elizabeth Chilcutt, Kosciusko; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Bobby W. Childress, Houston; Pharmacy; Junior. • Charlene Frances Chiles, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Patricia D. Chinn, Marks; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Elsie C. Chisholm, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Lee Hampton Choate, Brentwood, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THIRD ROW: • Hyong Kil Choe, San Rafael, Calif.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Manche Bennett Chotard, Columbus; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Sallye Laye Chow, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; • Sammy Ming Chow, Clarksdale; Pharmacy; Junior. • Deane Chrestman, West Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Reuben L. Chrestman, III, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. FOURTH ROW: • Samuel D. Christ, Jr., Sardis; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Shu Hong Chu, Naha, Okinawa; Engineering; Junior. • Anson Bobby Chunn, Jackson; Business; Junior. • Clifton B. Chunn, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Sandra Lynn Chustz, Jackson; Education; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Alvah E. Clark, Jr., Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: • Ann Carol Clark, Hattiesburg; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Arthur B. Clarke, III, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Harold Nowlin Clark, West Point; Business; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Katie Louise Clark, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Sandra Jo Clark, Drew; Education; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Wanda Dawn Clark, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Lee Oliver Clarke, Noxapater; Business; Freshman. • Donald Bain Clary, Lawrenceville, Va.; Education; Junior. • James R. Clay, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Susan Clayton, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kapa Gamma. • William J. Sardis; Education; Junior; Alpha Tu Omega. • Karen Lynn Clifford, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SEVENTH ROW: • William G. Clifton, Booneville; Engineering; Junior. • William Hart Cline, Holly Springs; Pharmacy; Freshman; Deta Kappa Epsilon. • Keith P. Clingman, Glenview, Ill.; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Connie Louise Cloar, Earle; Education; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Charles Randall Cloud, Clinton; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Karen Ruth Cloutman, Nederland, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: • Lynne Coates, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • David Louis Cobb, Stuttgart, Ark.; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. • James Dennis Cobb, Blue Springs; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Judy Carolyn Cobb, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Nina Clair Cobb, Sardis; Business; Junior. • Wanda Nell Cobb, Leesburg, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. NINTH ROW: • John Stephen Cockerham, Gunnison; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Susan Beattie Cockrell, Macon, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Janice R. Coers, I, Oxford; Education; • F. Lenward Cofer, Oxford; Business; Junior. • Mikel Lee Coffey, Etta; Business; Junior. • Frederick Rea Coggin, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. TENTH ROW: • Rickey F. Coker, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Sharon Fincher Coker, Gadsden, Ala.; Education; Freshman. • Marsha K. Cole, Candor, N.C.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gail Jean Coleman, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Michael Wallace Coleman, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • William D. Coleman, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. FIRST ROW: • Harry Sherman Collins, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Homer D. Collins, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Lillye Jane Collins, Apalachicola, Fla.; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • Joan Estella Colvin, Greenwood; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Judith Ann Colvin, Greenwood; Business; Junior; Kappa Delta. • John Richard Comer, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. SECOND ROW: • Wayne Peter Comer, Clark, N.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Gail Hanley Condon, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • William Patrick Condon, Greenville; Freshman. • Forrest Mobley Conley, Jr., Beaumont, Texas; Business; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lee K. Conner, Columbia; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • John Joseph Cook, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta, THIRD ROW: • Robert Timothy Cook, Beaumont, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Frances Amelia Cooke, Grenada; Education; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Gaines Lassabe Cook, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Michael Dale Cooke, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Margaret Ann Coon, Alexandria, La.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • David Rudell Cooper, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FOURTH ROW: • Mary Beth Cooper, Oxford; Business; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Alton Lee Corban, Jr., Bogue Chitto; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • E. Suzanne Corretti, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Freddie Sue Cosby, Bessemer; Education; • Tom A. Cothran, Jr., Lexington; Business; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Carroll L. Cotton, Nesbitt; Business; Sigma Nu. FIFTH ROW: • Charles Ray Counce, Iuka; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Louie Bilbo Courtney, Sumrall; Pharmacy; Junior. • Alvin Conley Cox, Jr., West Point; Pharmacy; Sophomore; Ka ppa Sigma. • Clara Dean Cox, Charleston; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. • John C. Cox, Water Education; Junior. • Roger D. Cox, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. SIXTH ROW: • William Glenn Cox, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Ann Elizabeth Craft, Jackson; Business; • Neta Joy Craig, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; • Sarah Gaye Craig, Terre Haute, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robbie Joyce Crain, Myrtle; Business; Freshman. • Janelle Spring Hill; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: • Philip Edwin Cranston, Leland; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Psi. • Buren H. Crawford, Vardaman; Liberal Arts; • Ethel J. Crawley, Kosciusko; Education; • Jerry Lee Crocker, Calhoun City; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Clay McAmis Crockett, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Rayner Jeanne Cromwell, Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. EIGHTH ROW: • Jon Crook, Dallas, Texas; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Anne B. Crosby, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Carla Cecilia Cross, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Virginia Portis Cross, Lepanto, Ark.; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa • Mary Alfreda Crouch, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Michael Avery Crouch, Pocahontas, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. NINTH ROW: • Donald W. Crowder, Ackerman; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Elizabeth Viola Crowder, Hot Ark.; Education; Junior. James M. Crumpton, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nelson Redic. Cruthirds, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Lehman J. Cuevas, Gulfport; Business; Junior. • Ferman Dan Cumberland, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Leonard 0. Cummings, Jr., Pheba; Pharmacy; Junior. • James Emmitt Cunningham, Tchula; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • James M. Currie, Pass Christian; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • James Tyson Currie, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Patricia Ann Curry, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Dutch Dabbs, Quitman; Business; Freshman. FIRST ROW: • Dale Galbraith Dalton, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Sam E. Dalton, III, Grenada; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Ronald Lee Darby, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Frances Louise Darden, Oxford; Pharmacy; Freshman; Alpha Delia Pi. • David Stephen Darnell, Minter City; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Richard C. Dougherty, Tupelo; Education; Sophomore. SECOND ROW: • William D. Davenport, Jr., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • James Joseph Davidson, Pottsville, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Psi. • Leigh L. Aberdeen; Libera Arts; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Gene Leigh Davies, Valpariso, Fla.; Business; Junior. • Elizabeth Ann Davis, Kinston, N.C. Education; Freshman. • John P. Davis, Corinth; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. THIRD ROW: • Karen Davis, Brentwood, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Martha Elizabeth Davis, Malden, Mo.; Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Martha Louise Davis, Oxford; Education; Freshman. • Philip Lee Davis, Jr., Nashville, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Sallie Rinehart Davis, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Stephanie Sue Davis, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FOURTH ROW: • William Hull Davis, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Winfred J. Davis, Jr., Oxford; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William Howard Dawson, Okolona; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Janet J. Deare, Metairie, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Frank A. Debay, Columbia; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • William Ronnie Deberry, Bolivar, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Larry Couch Decker, Henderson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Robert Emile Decoux, McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Linda Sue Deener, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Don Alfred Dees, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • James Gregory Dees, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Strawford H. Dees, III, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. SIXTH ROW: • John Lewis Deitrich, Harrisburg, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Dorothy Linda Deloteus, Bowling Green; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Dale Dematteo, Va.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Elizabeth M. Denham, Laurel; Education; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • George Timothy Denley, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Harriette Lee Denley, Charleston; Business; Freshman. • James Hamilton Denley. Coffeev ille; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • Kent William Densing, Oxford; Engineering; Freshman. • Chrisman Roberts Denton, Tyaonza, Ark.; Business; Junior. • Thomas S. Denton, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • James P. Derossitt, III, Forrest City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Edwin John Deuschle, Tupelo; Business; EIGHTH ROW: • Dianne Mann Dewees, Madison; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Roy 0. Dewelles, Los Angeles, Calif.; Sophomore. • Mary May Dexter, Selmer, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Richard E. Dial, N. Little; Business; Sophomore. • Sherryl Ann Dickerson, University; Education; Sophomore. • Karen Lee Dickey, Water Valley; Education; Junior. NINTH ROW: • Ronald Dickey, Texas City, Texas; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Kevin K. Diffley, Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Virgil David Dillon, Lexington; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Carroll K. Dilworth, Jr., Hernando; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Forre st Dines, Jr., Lincolnshire, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Bruce Hubert Dixon, Carthage; Pharmacy; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Carman Ray Dixon, Jr., Terry; Business; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • William Henry Dodd, Stewart; Sophomore. • Jack Robinson Dodson, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Gregory Oliver Doiron, Vicksburg; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • John Alfred Donald, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William S. Donaldson, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Junior. FIRST ROW: • Martha Doran, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman. Delta • Daniel Richard Dorsey, Dalton, Ga.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • James Arthur Doss, Oxford; Business; Junior. • Sarah Frances Arnold Doss, Oxford; Business; • Glenn Alvon Doty, Jackson; Pharmacy; Junior. • Michele Mary Dougherty, Oxford; Education; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Patricia M. Dougherty, University; Education; • Sandra J. Dougherty, Oxford; Business; Junior. • Susan E. Dove, Jackson; Education; Sophomore. • Jerry Lynn Dover, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Pi. • Sammy Steve Dowdy, New Albany; Education; Junior. • Linda C. Downing, Baton Rcuge, La.; Education; Sophomore. THIRD ROW: • Dennis Albert Doyle, Woodbridge Va.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Kappa Psi. • Clara Frances Drake, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. Danny Alton Drake, Batesville; Engineering; Sophomore. • Kenneth R. Dreher, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Timothy Dressler, Lucedale; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Ronald Edwin Driver, Turrell, Ark.; Engineering; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: • Joseph Clint Droke, Jr., Corinth; Business; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Bobby W. Dubois, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Howard L. Duck, Jr., Humboldt, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Charles R. Dudley, Natchez; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Lawrence Morgan Dudley, Jr., Meridian; Business; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Ann E. Duffee, Grenada; Business; Sophomore. FIFTH ROW: • Douglas Ratcliffe Duke, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Mary Louise Duke, Natchez; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Ronald Bowen Duke, Houston, Texas; Business; Sophomore. • Tommy Duke, West Point; Business; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • James . Dukes, Quitman; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • William T. Dumas, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. SIXTH ROW: a Eugenia Dianne Duncan. Amory; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Patsy G. Duncan, Tylertown; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Lois Jean Dunmire, Windber, Pa.; Education; Junior. • Beatrice Marshall Dunn, Albany, Ga.; Education; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. Christopher A. Dunn, Montclair, N.J.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Theta. • Edgar M. Dunn, Jr., New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SEVENTH ROW: • Nancy Jeanne Dunn, Atlanta, Ga.; Education; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • James Edward Dupree, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. 0 Martha Allen Duvall, Mantachie; Education; Junior. • Arnold Douglas Dyre, Grenada; Pharmacy; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Larry Byron Easterling, Pontotoc; Engineering; Junior. • Peggy Diann Easterling, Ecru; Liberal Arts; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • • Catherine April L. Eatman, Oxford; Liberal Arts; • Brenda Sue Eaton, Sumrall; Education; Junior; Chi Omega. • Theresa Anne Eavenson, Marks; Business; Phi Mu. • John A Echols, University; Engineering; Junior. • Robert M. Edgar, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Frederick E. Edmondson, Vardaman; Junior. NINTH ROW: • Susan Gilda Edmondson, Vardaman; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Sandra Kay Edrington, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Carolyn Sue Edwards, New Madrid; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Harold M. Edwards, Jr., Charleston, S.C.; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • James R. Edwards, Jr., Byhalia; Freshman. • Wanda Jean Edwards, Oxford; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Elizabeth Ann Eichold, Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Stephen G. Elkins, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William Leon Ellard, Pittsboro; Junior. • James Allison Elliott, Drew; Education; Junior. • Larry W. Ellis, Durant; Pharmacy; Junior. • H. Ellis, Jr., McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. FIRST ROW: • Marylyn Page Ellis, Huntsville, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Michael Edward Ellis, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Sarabeth W. Ellis, Lexington; Education; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Vicki Ann Ellis, Knoxville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Cecil Lynn Ellison, Houston; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Harold H. Ellison, III, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Kappa Theta. SECOND ROW: • Betty Lee Elmore, Oxford; Education; Freshman. • Donald C. Elmore, Dillsburg, Pa.; Engineering; Sophomore. • Patricia Faye Elmore, Duncan; Education; Junior. • Robert L. England, III, Gallatin, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Charles Michael English, Erie, Pa.; Business; • Joe McAdams Enoch, Henderson, Tenn.; Business; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Sheryl Clarke Enochs, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Julie Ann Epps, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Jennifer Estes, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • John Pointer Estes, Como; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John Charles Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Franklin Gibson Eubanks, Ruleville; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. FOURTH ROW: • Mary Alice Eubanks, Ruleville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Donna Lenoir Evans, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Nancy Clo Evans, Mt. Sterling; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Shirley Anne Evans, Grenada; Education; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • S tephen Roy Evans Jackson; Engineering; Sophomore. • Tiny Bess Evans, Winona; Business; Sophomore. FIFTH ROW: • Karen Ellen Everett, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Douglas L. Everitt, Waynesboro; Business; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Robert Evertz, Lakewood, N.J.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore, • David Ewing, Teaneck, N.J.; Business; Freshman. • Julian W. Fagan, III, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Russell Dunham Fagan, Wakulla Springs, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Davis Love Fair, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Elizabeth Love Fair, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Eugene Love Fair, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Fauncine Fairchild, Crowell, Texas; Education; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Arthur Reeves Faurey, III, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Helen Elizabeth Fant, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. SEVENTH ROW: • Bruce Carver Farnsworth, Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Pi. • Michael J. Farrell, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Theta. • George Thomas Farris, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Louis E. Farris, Jr., Charleston; Engineer. ing; Junior. • Linda Farrish, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Kenneth Wayne Faulkner, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. EIGHTH ROW: • Sandra Kay Faulkner, Toomsuba; Education; Junior. • Thomas Lee Faulkner, Coronado; Education; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Connie Ann Ocean Springs; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. • Kathleen Mona Fealhaber, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • David McCune Fedric, Grenada; Engineering; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Nathan D. Feibelman, III, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. NINTH ROW: • James Gary Felder, University; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Phillip Feldman, II, Newton; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Donald K. Fellows, Jr., Hammond, La.; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Nancy Lynn Fenstermacher, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Kelly W. Ferguson, Blue Springs; Liberal Arts; • Margaret Ellen Ferguson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. TENTH ROW: • John Perrin Ferris, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Margaret McKay Ferris, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • John Foster Fields, Tiptonville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Joe Clark Files, Ackerman; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Jo Carol Finch, Huntingdon, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • Nora L. Finklea, Dexter, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. FIRST ROW: • Anne Teresa Finuf, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts; • Dorothy A. Firestone, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts: Sophomore. • Bessie Leona Fisher, Sledge; Education; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. • Lora beth Fisher, Lapel, Ind.; Freshmen; Alpha Delta Pi. • Rita Joy Fitchett, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Katharine Broadwell Flagg, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delia Delta Delta. SECOND ROW: • Larry K. Flanary, Benham, Ky.; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Martha Jane Flautt, Swan Lake; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Bonnie Jane Fleming, Panama City; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. • Martha Amy Fletcher, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Fred Rusher Flinn, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • James L. Flippin, Coldwater; Engineering; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Carol Beth Flournoy, Newport News; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Linda L. Flowers, Earle, Ark.; Education; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Judy Wood Floyd, Indianola; Education; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Rebecca Ann Floyd, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Henry Edward Fly, McComb; Business; Sophomore. • Nazith Foheladeh, Damascus, Syria; Engineering; Freshman. FOURTH ROW: • Mary Diane Fontenot, Hollandale; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nancy K. Foose, Tchula; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Dorothy Lynn Ford, Meridian; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. • James David Ford, Kennett, Mo.; Business; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Janet Lynn Ford, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Joseph M. Ford, Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. FIFTH ROW: • Luetta Wunderle Ford, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Margaret Rose Ford, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Miriam Smith Ford, University; Education; Junior. • David M. Fore, Hollandale; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Roane D. Forman, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • William Charles Forrest, Fairhope, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. SIXTH ROW: • Sabrina Gay Fortinberry, Water Valley; Education; Junior. • Rodger Allen Foshee, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Marilyn Pauline Foster, Oxford; Pharmacy; Junior. • Ralph Davis Foster, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Telena Kaye Foster, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bettye R. Fountain., McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Kenneth B. Fowler, III, Kosciusko; Business; Freshman. • Claude Leroy Fox, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert Lyle France, Forrest City; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Barbara Ellen Frank, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Education; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Aline Corinne Franklin, Coffeeville; Business; Freshman. • GeeGee Franklin, Montverde, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • • Robert W. Frasier, III, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Shirley Ann Fratesi, Leland; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Katherine Lea Frazer, Clarksdale; Education; Junior; Chi Omega. • Brenda Margaret Frazier, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Frankie D. Frazier, Ala.; Education; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Gerald Bennett Frazier, University; Engineering; Junior. NINTH ROW: • Robert Q. Frederic, Pascagoula; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Patrick Thomas Freel, Cincinnati, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Freshman. Dale Perkins Freiler, Amite, La.; Education; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John Larry French, Long Beach; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Susan Louise French, Pass Christian; Junior; Phi Mu. • Esther Rose Frishman, Natchez; Education; Freshman. ' TENTH ROW: • Leon B. Frishman, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. Don Luis Fruge, Meridian; Business; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Wallace David Frye, Columbus; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Helen Robinson Fulcher, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Margaret Diane Fuller, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Nancy Fay Fuller, Oxford; Education; Junior. FIRST ROW: • Robert Henry Fuller, Coral Gables, Fla.; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Peter M. Fulton, Olive Branch; Business; Sophomore. • Charles Francis Furr, Pontotoc; Business; Freshman. • Charles Watkins Fyfe, Lula; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • William Thomas Gafford, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Wiliam Percy Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. SECOND ROW: • Harold L. Galloway, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • James Elra Gamblin, Meridian; Education; Junior. • Fredrick Khanshan Ganji, Ahwaz, Iran; Engineering; Junior. • Marjorie Judith Gann, Iuka; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Peggy L. Gardner, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; • John Clarence Garner, New Hebron; Liberal Arts; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Gaynell Garrison, Miami, Fla.; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • William P. Garth, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • William Carroll Gartin, Jr., Laurel; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Allen Woods Gary, Mendenhall; Pharmacy; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Hugh William Gates, III, University; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Edith A. Gatewood, Mt. Sterling; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. FOURTH ROW: • Leonard B. Gatewood, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nancy L. Gatlin, Myrtle; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Frank G. Gay, Ripley; Business; Junior. • Joe Thomas Gay, Falkner; Business; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Joseph H. T. Gayden, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Anita Louise Gentry, Florence, Ala.; Business; Sophomore. FIFTH ROW: • Hershell Owen George, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William Walker George, McComb; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Margaret Ann Gibbens, New Orleans, La.; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • Linda K. Gibson, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • William J. Gilder, Jr., Vardaman; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Alice Katherine Gill, Oxford; Business; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Homer Hal Gill, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Susan K. Gill, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Gail Gillespie, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Edwin Gregory Gilluly, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Roberta Jane Gilly, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mary Jane Gitter, Omaha, Neb.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. SEVENTH ROW: • Wilma Jean Glover, Dundee; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Donald F. Gober, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Janice Faye Gober, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nelda Lynn Gober, Oxford; Education; Freshman. • Linda Jeanne Goettman, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gayle Lovette Golden, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. EIGHTH ROW: • Alan Barry Goldstein, Providence, R.I.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Maurice Joseph Gole, Marks; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Thomas Edward Goodman, Shelby; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Charles M. Gordon, McComb; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Susan Gayle Gordon, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Elizabeth Ann Gore, Water Valley; Education; Junior. NINTH ROW; • Robert Andrew Gorman, Woodhaven, N.J.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Kappa Theta. • Larry Wayne Goudelock, Blue Mountain; Business; Junior. • Jimmy George Gouras, Panama City, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Ardis Elizabeth Goza, Magnolia; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Lawrence Cary Graeber, Yazoo City; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Richard Newell Graham, Union City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. TENTH ROW: • Ruth Elizabeth Gramling, Merigold; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Charles R. Grantham, Grenada; Business; Freshman. • John L. Grantham, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Sam Ervin Graves, Okalona; Business; Junior; Kappa Sigma. • Brenda Lee Gray, University; Business; Freshman. • Donna Beth Gray, Pontotoc; Education; Sophomore. FIRST ROW: • Susan Elizabeth Gray, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Constance Ann Greco, Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Charley Wade Green, Jr., Booneville; Business; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Stephen Murdock Greenhaw, Wheeler; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Sally Jean Green, Long Beach; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. • William B. Greene, Jr., Laurel; Liberal Arts; Junior. SECOND ROW: • Susan Taco Griese, Evansville, Ind.; Liberal Arts; • Joseph P. Griffin, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • James E. Griffin, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • F. Anita Grimes, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • George Grimes, Guntown; Engineering; Junior. • Lynda Ann Grimes, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. THIRD ROW: • Carl H. Grissom, Russellville, Ala; Liberal Arts; • James Neal Grissom, Russellville, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William J. Griwach, Crystal City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Patricia Louise Guest, Pass Christian; Education; Freshman; Kappa Kappa • Phyllis Merida Guest, Pass Christian; Education; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • George W. Guider, Jr., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: • Susan M. Guilbert, Collins; Business; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Donald C Guild, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Lawrence Cary Gunn, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • William Lester Guy, Jackson, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Richard Guyton, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Michael Hardin Guyton, Blue Mountain; Business; Sigma Chi. FIFTH ROW: • Robert Allan Guyton, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • John D. Habes, Jr., Rochester, N.Y.; Business; Junior. • John Hadad, III, Vicksburg; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha • James W. Haddock, Philadelphia; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Andrea Kay Haerb, Hattiesburg; Business; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Susan Raquel Haig, Milwaukee, Wis.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Charles Thomas Haile, Natchez; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sidney Webster Haining, Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Helen Grace Halbert, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Daisy D. Sullivan Hale, Laurel; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William M. Halfacre, Webb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Brenda Zelle Hall, Greenville; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. SEVENTH ROW: • Cecie Anne Hall, Jackson; Business; Sophomore. • Francis Drake Hall, Belzoni; Business; Junior. • H enderson S. Hall, Jr., Jackson; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Holly Augusta Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Larry McDonad Hall, Prentiss; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Laura Ann Hall, New Albany; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. EIGHTH ROW: • Linda Sue Hall, University; Education; Sophomore. • Slyvia Ann Hall, Oxford; Business; Junior. • James E. Hamilton, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jimmy Lynn Hamilton, Houston; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Lelia Rale Hamilton, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa • Linda Lee Hamilton, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. NINTH ROW: • McCoy Lane Hamilton, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • William B. Hamilton, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • William P. Hamilton, Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Marcia Anne Hamm, Oxford; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Mary Ann Hammett, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Barbara Kay Hammond, Kosciusko; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. TENTH ROW; • Linda Dawn Hanberry, Laurel; Business; Junior. • John W. Hancock, Scottsburg, Ind.; Pharmacy; Junior. • F. Hand, III, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Elinor Lynn Haney, Greenville; Business; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Martha Clyde Haney, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Patricia Jane Hanks, Hardin, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIRST ROW: • Jerry F. Haralson, Forest; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sally Diane Hardaway, Oxford; Business; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Gerald Larson Hardin, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Mildred E. Hardin, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Barbara Lee Harding, Ho Ho; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Gregory Malone Hardy, Sumner; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. SECOND ROW: e Larry Jerome Hardy, Columbus; Business; Sophomore. • Michele Leigh Hargis, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; • Geor ge Edward Hargraves, Helena, Ark.; Sophomore. • John Lee Hargraves, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Erik Gore Harkey, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Bryan Brand Harper, Meridian; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: e Charles E. Harper, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Judith K. Harper, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Virginia Trotter Harper, Laurel; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Brooks Jared Harral, Moorestown, N.J.; Liberal Arts; • Richard C. Harrell, Pelahatchie; Pharmacy; • Kenneth Dale Harrelson, Houston; Pharmacy; Freshman. FOURTH ROW: O Carolyn Ann Harris, Amory; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jerry Michael Harris, Camden, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Olga Holloway Harris, El Dorado, Ark.; Business; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Stephen Alan Harris, Providence, R.I.; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Elizabeth P. Harrison, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Gamma. • John Carl Harrison, Florence; Pharmacy; Junior. FIFTH ROW: • Michael G. Harrison, Heidelberg; Engineering; • Nancy Lynn Harrison, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore. • Jean Tucker Hart, Gulfport; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Martha E. Harlin, University; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • John W. Hartshorn, Manchester N.: Education; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jerold Keith Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. SIXTH ROW: • Hugh Miller Hartzog, Meridian; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • John Elliot Harvey, Water Valley; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Mary Jane Harvey, Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Randy Lee Harvey, Forest; Business; Sophomore. • Stephen L. Hastings, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Freshman. Brock Alan Hattox, Ecru; Engineering; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Thomas Eugene Hawk, Jackson; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Harold Wayne Hawkins, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Joseph G. Hawkins, Madisonville, Ky.; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Pamela Marshall Haworth, Texas; Education; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Henry Thomas Hayden, Caruthersville, Mo.; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • William F. Hayes, Whitefish Bay; Business; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. EIGHTH ROW: • Ronald Stephen Hayles, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert M. Hearin, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Willard Wade Hearn, Tiptonville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Stephen Fred Hedges, Water Valley; Engineering; Junior. • Winifred Ruth Hellums, Oxford; Pharmacy; Junior. • David Curtis Henderson, Gaylesville, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. NINTH ROW: • E. Elizabeth Henderson, Jackson, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Eugenia L. Henderson, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • James Dewey Henderson, Bridgeton, Mo.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • John H. Henderson, Oxford; Sophomore. • Robert E. Hendrix, Jr., Hattiesburg; Engineering; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Robert Howard Hendrix, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Ramona Carolyn Hennessee, Meridian; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Karen S. Henry, Darling; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Mary Katherine Henry, Ala.; Business; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Patricia Louise Henry, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Samuel Victor Henry, Pontotoc; Business; Freshman. • Elizabeth G. Hensley, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. FIRST ROW: • Buford Shands Henson, Courtland; Liberal Arts; Junior. • John Pittman Henson, Itta Bena; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • David Jed Herring, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert A. Herring, III, University; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • George Alois Hertl, Flushing, N.Y.; Education; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Judy Gail Hester, Moulton, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. SECOND ROW: • Larry Alan Hester, Tupelo; Business; Junior. • Paul Vernon Hester, West Point; Pharmacy; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • William E. Hester, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • William Stewart Hester, Jackson; Junior. • Warren A Hiatt, Jr., Magnolia; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Frederick Gantt Hickman, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: • Shelah Paulette Hicks, Gulfport; Business; Sophomore. • Alvin F. Higgins, III, Gretna, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Carole Ann Higgins, West Point; Pharmacy; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Carroll Jane Higgins, New Orleans, La.; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Charles E. Hill, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore • Deidra Leigh Hill, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore, FOURTH ROW: • Harold Ex Hill, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lu Alice Hill, Brandon; Business; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Martha Lou Hill, Boyle; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Milton Gayle Hill, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Nancy Clara Hill, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Wesley Harold Hill, West Monroe; Business; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. FIFTH ROW: • William Randolph Hillier, Middletown, Del.; Business; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Rosemary Hillman, Union; Education; Junior. • Kennard Avery Hillyer, Jacksonville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Raymond Eugene Himes, Jr., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Alpha • Steve Hamilton Hindman, Newton; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Anne Elizabeth Hines, Ashland; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. SIXTH ROW: • Sally Hines, Vicksburg; Education; Freshman. • Phil Richard Hinton, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Judy Bryan Hobby, Raleigh, N.C.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. Donna Sue Hobson, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Douglas John Hodges, Bethesda, Md.; ' Business; Junior. • Ray Wilson Hodges, Jr., Ripley; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. SEVENTH ROW: • Margaret Lynn Hoeflin, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Katherine W. Hoffman, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Ralph Williams Hoffman, Melrose, III.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert Murry Hogan, Engineering; Freshman. • Elba Jane Hogue, Scott; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Orton H. Hogue, Jr., Carthage; Engineering; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. EIGHTH ROW: • Robert David Hogue, Walnut Grove; Pharmacy; • Teresta Carol Hogue, Carthage; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Barry Wayne Holcomb, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Margaret K. Holden, Sledge; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Hancel Holder, Richton; Junior. • George R. Holland, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. NINTH ROW: • James H. Holland, McEwen, Tenn.; Business; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Kathryn E. Holland, Tyronza, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Reginald Leon Holley, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Katherine . Hollis, Monroe, La.; Education; Sophomore. • Sara King Holloman, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Clara Louise Holloway, Randolph; Liberal Arts; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Kenneth C. Hollweg, Kansas City; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Frank Clarke Holmes, III, Hernando; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John B. Holmes, Jr., Clarksdale, Engineering; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Laura Ann Holt, Orlando, Fla.; Engineering; Freshman. • George R. Honea, Magnolia; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Kennon D. Hood, Amory; Education; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. FIRST ROW: • William Wyche Hooker, Lexington; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Janet Hoover, Olive Branch; Education; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Oliver H. Hopkins, Jr., Forest; Business; Junior. • Charles L. Hooper, Jackson; Freshman. • Oliver A. Hord, Jr., Hattiesburg; Business; Sophomore. • Margaret Ann Horn, Corinth; Education; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. SECOND ROW: • Charles Henry Home, Newton; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Patricia A. Horne, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Oliver M. Hornsby, Jr., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Carolyn Lee Horrell, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Rogers Clark Horton, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • William Lloyd Houp, Hollandale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: • Jimmie Lee Houser, Paducah, Ky.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thomas Ford Houston, Liberal Arts; Junior. • Allen Lee Hovious, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Elizabeth Leigh Howard, Laurel; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Diane E. Howell, Greenville; Education; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Pamela Lynn Howell, Greenville; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FOURTH ROW: • John S. Howett, IT, Indianapolis, Ind.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • Ruel R. Huddleston, Jr., Marked Tree; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Kenneth W. Hudson, Myrtle; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Mary Jane Hudson, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Robert E. Huey, Jr., Gulfport; Pharmacy; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jimmy Ray Huggins, Corinth; Engineering; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: • Byron William Hughes, Merigold; Liberal Arts; • Carson McLain Hughes, Charleston; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Cynthia Jane Hughes, Mission, Kansas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Paul James Hughes, Jr., Greenwood; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • John H. Hunsicker, Jr., Water Valley; Engineering; Freshman. • Beverly Hunt, Manhattan; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Robert A. Hunt, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William James Hunt, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. • Nancy Carole Hurdle, Lamar; Business; Freshman. • Leland Hunt, Jr., Blue Springs; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Edwin Conant Hussey, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • David Allen Hutchinson, Falls Church, Va.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Donald P. Hutchinson, Laurel; Engineering; Sophomore. • Lee A. Hyde, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sandra Kaye Idom, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Newell Edward Inman, Marks; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William Lewis Izard, Fulton; Business; Sophomore. • George Henry Jabour, Vicksburg; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: • Darius Ray Jackson, Aberdeen; Engineering; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Kenneth R. Jackson, Winnfield, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Pi. • Randall Woodruff Jacobs, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Richard D. Jacobs, III, Milwaukee, Wis.; Business; Sophomore. • Douglas Richard Jacobson, Northhaven, Conn.; Business; Freshman. • Edward T. James, Jr., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. NINTH ROW: • Newton Ward James, McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Dorothy Delle Jameson, Germantown, Tenn.; Education; Freshman. • Kerry Layne Jenkins, Pontotoc; Education; Junior. • Eugene R. Jennings, Kosciusko; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Judith Louise Jens, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Sylvia Ann Jessee, Amory; Education; Junior. TENTH ROW: • Linda K. Jetton, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Aileen Ada Johnson, Water Valley; Education; Freshman. • Charles F. Johnson, III, Vicksburg; Engineering; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Cheryl Dawn Johnson, Valley Park; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Corinne V. Johnson. Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Costa Marie Johnson, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma, FIRST ROW: • Dwight Allyn Johnson, Golden; Engineering; Junior. • James Albert Johnson, Tylertown; Education; Junior. • James Harper Johnson, Amory; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • James Polk Johnson, Jackson; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James R. Johnson, III, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John D. Johnson, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Larry Kenneth Johnson, Savannah, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Lynne Rice Johnson, Madisonville, Ky.; Business; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Michael Eugene Johnson, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Ronald Earl Johnson, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Ronald V. Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Ronnie Edwin Johnson, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: • William P. Johnson, Meridian; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Willis H. Jolly, Jr., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Buren Lynn Jones, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Carol Gay Jones, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Dwight Boozer Jones, Greenwood Springs; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Joyce O ' Neal Jones, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: • Larry Joe Jones, Meridian; Business; Junior. • Lauranne Jones, Kennett, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta • Lester Willie Jones, Jr., Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Linda Kaye Jones, Mobile, Ala.; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • Marvin Carey Jones, West Point; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Maury Lynn Jones, Courtland; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. FIFTH ROW: • Nelda B. Jones, Shubuta; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Percy Coleman Jones, Prentiss; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert Eugene Jones, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert T. Jones, Amory; Business; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Thad M. Jones, Jr., Vicksburg; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thomas L. Jones, Jr., Batesville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Tony Earnest Jones, Amory; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Wilmer R. Jones, Crestview, Fla.; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Dorothy Helen Joor, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Charlie Tinnon Jordan, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mary Carolyn Jordan, Columbia; Education; Junior. • Richard L. Jordan, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. SEVENTH ROW: • Sandra Ann Jordan, Union; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Sara Catherine Jordan, Kosciusko; Education; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Tony Thadeus Jordan, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Lawrence W. Joseph, Bryan, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Pi. • Richard Joseph Joseph, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • Leigh V. Josephson, Flossmoor, Ill.; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. EIGHTH ROW: • David B. joslin, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Junior. • Betty Diamond Jue, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Helen Jue, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Truman Jue, Indianola; Business; Sophomore. • Laura Mavis Justice, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Philip H. Kahn, Jr., Vicksburg; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. NINTH ROW: • Percy. H. Kaigler, Clarksdale; Business; Junior. • Robert Eugene Kappus, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Mary W. Kavanaugh, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Stratford H. Kay, Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Pi. • Priscilla Jean Keck, Benton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Ginny Lee Keen, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. TENTH ROW: • William H. Keener, Jr., Kirkwood, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Charlotte Ann Keeton, Morton; Business; Alpha Delta Pi. • Samuel Martin Keith, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert Elwood Keller, Bolivar, Tenn.; Engineering; Freshman. • Kathryn K. Kelley, Madisonville, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Mary Diane Kelley, Covington, Tenn.; Education; Freshman. FIRST ROW: • Betty Jane Kellum, Louise; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • James Calhoun Kelly, Jackson; Education; Junior. • James Winling Kelly, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Joseph B. Kelly, Frisco City; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Michael Louis Kelly, Vicksburg; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Myrtle Paula Kelly, Taylorsville; Education; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Robert C. Kelsey, Collierville, Tenn.; Business; • Clyde Douglas Kelso, Ill, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Albert C. Kemp. Cleveland; Business; Freshman. • Herman Kemp. Oxford; Engineering; Sophomore. • Robena Louise Water Valley; Business; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. Basil Thompson Kennedy Waveland; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. THIRD ROW: • Frank F. Kennedy, Aberdeen; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Martin Edward Kennedy, Silver City; Engineering; Freshman • Timothy James Kenney, Lakeland, Fla.; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Lawrence W. Kern, Jackson; Business; Junior • Glenn Larry Kerr, Jackson; Education; Junior. • Katherine Allison Kerr, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. FOURTH ROW: • Linda Lee Kershaw, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; • Michael D. Kershaw, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; junior Alpha Tau Omega. • Jimmy E. Keyes, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Sandra Kay Kidd, Cedartown, Ga.; Education; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Billy Dan Kilgore, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Virginia Jean Kinard, Jackson; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. FIFTH ROW: • Ray Thomas King, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Pi Alpha. • Ralph Earl Kirkland, Ellisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mary Kay Kirkpatrick, Tyler, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Thomas D. Kirschten, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; junior. • Kaye F. Kisner, Water Valley; Education; Freshman. • Clarice Ann Kitchens, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Junior. SIXTH ROW: • Donald Gilbert Kitchens, Corinth; Pharmacy; • Lloyd W. Kitchens, Jr., Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • William Floyd Klepzig, Abbeville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Charles Stroud Knight, Mt. Olive; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Sandra Vermeil Knight, Greenwood; Business; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Margaret Ann Kccsis, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi, SEVENTH ROW: • Joseph T. Kolesar, University; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi • Ronald Leslie Koon, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Gregory Garf Kothmann, Bay St. Louis; Education; Sophomore. 0 Diana Dean Kraus, Pass Christian; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mary Katherine Krebs, Ocean Springs; Education; Sophomore. • Joseph L. Kreller, Jr., New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • Frank R. Kuhn, Pease AFB; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • George B. Kuykendall, Jr., Oxford; Business; Sophomore. • Thomas M. Kwasniewski, Louisville; Freshman. • Noble Weir Kyle, II, Durant; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Patricia E. Laberge, Laurel; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Van Lemuel Lackey, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. NINTH ROW: • Susan Elizabeth Ladner, Lumberton; Liberal Arts; • Louis Biggs Lafollette, Jackson; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William M. Lafortune, Tulsa, Okla.; Business; Junior. • Terry Anne Laher, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Jesse Smylie Laird, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Aaron C. Lambert, Jr., Tupelo; Business; Junior. TENTH ROW: • William Mark Lamberth, Corinth; Pharmacy; • James Patrick Lamphron, Willingboro, N.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Linda L. Lancaster, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • David Lawrence Landskov, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Ruth Diane Lane, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • James E. Langmesser, Chicago, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. FIRST ROW: • Margaret Ellen Laps Owensboro, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Florence, Cannon Larson, Friars Point; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Wayne B. Larue, Jr., Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Daniel J. Lasky, Calgary Alberta, Can.; Business; Sophomore • Linda C. Lassetter, Hazlehurst; Business; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Ellis H. Latimer, III, Okolena; Engineering; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW: • Patricia Jean Latta, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. • William L. Lavallee, Columbia, Ala.; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Brenton M. Lavers, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Bobby Ray Lawson, Oxford; Engineering; Junior. • Michael S. Lawyer, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • David Nelson Layland, Blue Island; Business; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Robert Charles Lea, Amarillo, Texas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Marilyn Faye Leach, Hobbs, N.; Business; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William A. Leatherman, Jr., Robinsonville; Business; Junior; Phi Kappa Psi. • Dinah Luise Leavitt, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi. Beta Phi. • Barbara Lane Ledbetter, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jacquelyn J. Ledbetter, Jackson; Business; Junior; Phi Mu. FOURTH ROW • Linda Lane Ledbetter, Yazoo City; Education; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Robert S. Lee, Myrtle; Education; Junior. • Aristide F. Lef eve, Jr., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • James Ronald Lefler, Stuttgart, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Barbara Elaine Leggett, Oxford; Engineering; Freshman. • Donald Mitchell Leggett, Ellisville; Engineering; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Carol Kay Lemons, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Robert F. Lester, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Terry J. Lever, Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Sidney Marie Levy, Montgomery, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. • Charles Eugene Lewis, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Connie Lewis, Moscow, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. SIXTH ROW: • John Frank Lewis, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • John R. Lewis, Amory; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Leo Spencer Lewis, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Margaret Jane Lewis, Liberty; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Marie Lewis. Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Martha Lynn Lewis, Houma, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SEVENTH ROW: • Robert E. Lewis, Jr., Meridian; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Sandra Lee Lewis, Alexandria, Va.; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Frank Peter Liberto, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Melanie Allen Ligon, Grenada; Education; Freshman. • Arnold Lindley, Berlin, N.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Dan Ashford Lindsay, Greenville; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: • Eddie Kyle Lindsey, Booneville; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Henderson C. Lindsey, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Joseph R. Lipscomb, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Bette B. Litchfield, Corinth; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Charles M. Little, Pontotoc; Business; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Gerald A. Little, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Junior. NINTH ROW: • Dan Louis Livingston, Pensacola, Fla.; Education; • Charles D. Llano, Takoma Pk.; Liberal Arts; a John Bunyan Lloyd, Jr., Long Beach; Business; Junior. • James Robert Lockard, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Janice Rae Lockley, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Walter David Loden, New Albany; Education; Junior. TENTH ROW ' : • Marguerite Griffin Lokey, Amarillo, Texas; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Dan Wade Lomax, Liberal Arts; Junior. • Chad Dixson Long, Akron, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Ray N. Long, Ripley; Business; Sophomore. • Wesley Longino, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Billy H. Lott, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. FIRST ROW: • William Washburn Lott, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Paul C. Lou, Clarksdale; Pharmacy; • Carla Lee Love, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Craig Love, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Marcus Love, III, Jackson; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Dewitt Marshall Lovelace, Indianola; Liberal. Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: • Linda Sanders Lovelace, Houston; Liberal Arts; • Marvin S. Lovelace, Houston; Business; Junior. • Cornelius F. Lovelady, University; Education; Sophomore. • Barbara E. Lovell, McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Carolyn Zoe Lowery, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Mack Lamar Lowery, Jackson; Engineering; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • Marlin Gerald Lowrimore, Laurel; Pharmacy; Junior. • James Howard Lowry, Folsom, La.; Engineering; • Anthony R. Lowstuter, Jr., Arlington, Va.; Business; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • David Alan Lucas, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Linda Kay Luke, Jackson; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Thomas Mitchell Luke, Philadelphia; Liberal. Arts; Freshman; Delta Psi. FOURTH ROW: • Jane Ellen Lundberg, Grenada; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. • Hollis Eugene Lunsford, New York, N.Y.; Freshman. • David M. Laurie, Havelock, N.C.; Business; Sophomore. • Dwight Keith Luter, Tylertown; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Harry Robert Lyall, Clinton; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Kenneth E. Lyda, Birmingham, Ala.; Pharmacy; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Charles A. Lynch, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sharon Courtney Lynch, Oxford; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Edward Joseph Lyon, Olive Branch; Engineering; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Betty B. McAlexander, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Richard D. McAlister, Tupelo; Engineering; Sophomore. • Brodie Wayne McAlpin, Corinth; Pharmacy; Junior. SIXTH ROW: • Faye Lois Page McAlpin, University; Business; • William W. McBride, Jr., Mathiston; Engineering; Sophomore. • Barbara McCaa, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Jim E. McCain, III, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Thomas G. McCarley, Jr., Baldwyn; Liberal Arts; Junior. • James M. McCay, Sardis; Engineering; Sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: • Joseph K. McCollum, Jr., Long Beach; Business; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Elizabeth Ann McConnell, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • Edward Lewis McCool, Grenada; Business; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • Larry Alan McCool, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • William Floyd McCormack, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Charlotte Ann McCoy, Knoxville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • David Glenn McCoy, Bolivar, Tenn.; Engineering; • Dorothy Susan McCoy, Hughes, Ark.; Education; Freshman. • James Arthur McCraw, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Holly Anne McCreight, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Edward Terence McCullar Batesville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. J. Duncan McDuff, Hattiesburg; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. NINTH ROW: • Kay McDuffie, Nettleton; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Margaret C. McDuffie, Nettleton; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta • Kathryn McElroy, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Burchette S. Bolivar, Tenn.; Business; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. • Tames Eckford McFarlane, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Timothy Powell McGahey, Leland. • Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. TENTH ROW: • Shaun Bernard McGarry, Largo, Fla.; Business; • Clyde McGee, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Debora Diane McGee, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Freshman. • Hassell Lynn McGee, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Thomas Alan McGee, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • James Vernon McGehee, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIRST ROW: • William C. McGehee, Jr., Natchez; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Edward R. McGraw, Louisville; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Marion. W. Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gloria Jeanette McGuire, Jackson; Pharmacy; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. • James Edward McGuire, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nancy Holland McHaney, Henderson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior. SECOND ROW: • Rolf Wesley McHenry, Oxford; Engineering; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Riley M. McIlwain, Jr., Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Juanita E. H. McInqvale, Liberal Arts; Sophomore • Jamie Carolyn McInnis, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Floyd H. McIntyre, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Virginia Ruth McIntyre, Hazlehurst; Business; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. THIRD ROW: • Otto McKay, Jr., Brandon; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Michael Treloar McKee, Coffeeville; Freshman. • Susan Leigh McKeen, Corinth; Sophomore. • Thomas R. McKibbens, Jr., Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Charles A. McKnight, Jackson; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Janet Elise McLaurin, Greenwood; Education; Sophomore; Phi Mu. FOURTH ROW: • John Purves McLaurin, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Taylor Jeff McLeod, Sardis; Business; • Michael Lee McMahan, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Kai McMilan, Oxford; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Wallace Edward McMillan, Jackson; Business; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • Charles R. McMurchy, Jr., Fayette; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: • Helen F. McMurtray, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Joseph Leray McNamara, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Suzainne Frederick McNeil, Batesville; Business; Junior. • Malcolm H. McPherson, Tupelo; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Stephanie Ann Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gerald Lee McRaney, Long Beach; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Roy Lanctot McRoskey, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts, Junior; Delta Gamma. • Martha Toy Mabry, Taylorsville; Business; Junior. • John C. Mabus, Indianola; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Dwight Uriel Maddox, Laurel; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Judy Pat Magee, Tylertown; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Jane K. Magruder, McComb; Liberal. Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. SEVENTH ROW: • James C. Mallette, Indianola; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Samuel A. Malone, Oxford; Business; Freshman. • Winford Ann Malone, Oxford; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Michael James Malouf, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Kappa Psi. • Thomas H. Malouf, Jackson; Business: Freshman. • Jeanella F. Malvezzi, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. EIGHTH ROW: • William Kermit Mandrell, Paragould, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Charles Geoffrey Mangin, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • David James University; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • A. Katherine Mann, Belmont; Business; Kappa Delta. • Roy Davis Manning, Jr., Jackson; Engineering; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Emily Faulk Mansel, Oxford; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. NINTH ROW: • Ethie Willette Mansell, Camden; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Fr ank P. Marascalco, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William D. Marion, Houlka; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Fred Walley Marks, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Judith Ann Marks, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Jerry Lafayette Marlar, Oak Ridge; Business; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. TENTH ROW: • Mary Marodis, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert Barnes Marshall, West Point; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Anna Claire Martin, Senatobia; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Hollis F. Martin, Red Bay; Engineering; Junior. • James Gilbert Martin, Grenada; Pharmacy; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Joan L. Martin, Florence; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FIRST ROW: • William Stephen Martin, Delhi, La.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Judith B. Marx, Scarsdale, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Kenneth J. Mascari, Miami, Fla.; Education; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Leon W. III, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Martha Ann Mason, Greenville; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Judith Lynn Massengale, Clinton; Education; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. SECOND ROW: • Sidney E. Matheney, Meridian; Pharmacy; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Edwin William Mattox, Verona; Business; Junior. • Byrd P. Mauldin, Jr., Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Janice A. Mauldin, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Olin B. Mauldin, Jr., McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Gerald M. Mavar, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. THIRD ROW: • Carolyn C. Maxwell, Drew; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jack Lamar Mayfield, jr., Oxford; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Charlotte Rita Mayo, Ocean Springs; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. • John Hearn Mays, Cincinnati, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Michael Edward Means, Charlotte, N.C.; Education; Junior. • Helen R. Meek, University; Education; Junior. FOURTH ROW: • Mary Sheridan Meek, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Maryann Theresa Melillo, Trenton, N.J.; Education; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Martha Melton, Greenwood; Education; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • William H. Melton, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Edwin H. Merriman, Jr., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Sally Ann Metzar, Johnson City; Sophomore. FIFTH ROW: • Robert E. Metzger, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Janet Meyer, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior; Chi Omega. • John Ruskin Meyer, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Johnnie Micele, Mississippi City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Danny Ray Migues, Biloxi; Business; Freshman. • John Benjamin Milam, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. SIXTH ROW: • Mary Ann Miles, Lumberton; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Susan V. Miles, Lumberton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Bonnie Aqualynn Millen, Drew; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Billy Maurice Miller, Pascagoula; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Donald Lee Miller, Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Frederic L. Miller, Shreveport, La.; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. SEVENTH ROW: • James Howard Miller, Berea, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Larry Gene Miller, Heidelberg; Sophomore. • Marianne Miller, Cotton Plant; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Marilyn N. Miller, Jennings, La.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Ray Shelby Miller, Jackson; Business; Junior. Katherine Milner, Gulfport; Education; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • Martha Anne Milstead, Okolona; Business; Sophomore. • Alice Jeanette Mitchell, Knennett, Mo.; Education; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Geoffery C. Mitchell, Glasgow, Ky.; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • James Edwin Mitchell, Panama City; Education; Junior; Delta Psi. • Sue Powers Mitchell, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Larry Edward Mixon, Drew; Engineering; Freshman. NINTH ROW: • Patricia S. Mixon, Drew; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Kyle Dean Mize, Oxford; Business; Junior. • Jane Ann Moak, Brookhaven; Business; Freshman. • Frank R. Molpus, Louisville, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Larry K. Montgomery, Pontotoc; Engineering; Sophomore. • Linda Gail Montgomery, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Patsy A. Montgomery, North Carrollton; Education; Sophomore. • Richard Paul Montgomery, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Carol Moody, Paris, Tenn.; Pharmacy; junior. • Ronald Leon Moody, Olive Branch; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Pi. • Betty B. Moore, Education; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Carol Ann Moore, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FIRST ROW: • Jo Ann Moore, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Johnny Moore, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Margaret Lucile Moore, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Marinell Moore, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • McPherson D. Moore, Pine Bluff; Engineering; Freshman; Phi. Delta Theta. • Patricia Anne Moore, Winnsboro, La.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Mu. SECOND ROW: Paul M Moore, Jr., Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Robert Lee Moore, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Rodger Clay Moore, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William Frank Moore, Jr., Business; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Thomas V. Moreland, Jr., Philip; Education; Sophomore. • John Gayden Morgan, McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THIRD ROW: • Laura Sue Morgan, Oxford; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Don C. Morris. Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Donald William Morris, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • George Downing Morris, University; Engineering; Junior. • Kenneth Loy Morris, Kosciusko; Pharmacy; Junior. • Pamela Ruth Morris, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. FOURTH ROW: • Thomas Hanley Morris, Laurel; Pharmacy; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Cynthia G. Morrison, Xenia, Ohio; Education; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Harvey Lee Morrison, Jr., Okolona; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Judith Lynn Mosal, Jackson; Business; Junior; Delta • Gerald B. Moses, Yazoo City; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Mike E. Moses, Jr., Vicksburg; Pharmacy; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. FIFTH ROW: • Sherry E. Mosley, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Robert K. Moss, Meridian; Engineering; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William C. Moss, Bay Springs; Business; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Charles L. Mougey, Sardis; Education; Junior. • Randall John Moye, Coral Gables, Fla.; Business; Freshman • Peter M. Mullikin, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SIXTH ROW: • Charles Jimmy Mullins McCall Creek; Business; Alpha Tau Omega • Margaret Jane Mullins, Pharmacy; Junior. • Sheila Dell Murchison, Como; Education; Sophomore. • Alan Linn Murphree, Houston; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • Mary C. Murphy, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa • Linda Kay Murrah, West Point; Education; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. SEVENTH ROW: • James Lynn Murray, Meadville; Pharmacy; Junior. • Thomas Dulaney Murry, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • William Milton Myers, Raleigh; Freshman. • Jane McKeage Nall, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William P. Naron, Jackson; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Charles Neale, Arlington, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: • Charles V. Nealy, Jr., Anchorage, Alaska; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Jeanne Kay Necaise, Pass Christian; Business; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • Kathryne Leigh Neill, Greenwood; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Martha Bryant Neilson, Oxford; Liberal Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Charles Merritte Nelms, Brookhaven; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John L. Nelms, Brookhaven; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NINTH ROW: • Irwin H. Nelson, Poplarville; Engineering; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • James Hardin Nelson, Crystal Springs; Business; Junior. • Robert Lynn Nelson, Greenville; Sophomore. • James S. Netherton, Doraville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • John Beard Neville, McComb; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Morris Newcomb, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts; Junior. TENTH ROW: • Catherine Ann Newton, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Hugh Patrick Newton, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Margaret L. Newton, Amory; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Vera Diane Nix, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Edwin Randolph Noble, Jr., Lorman; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Judith K. Noble, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIRST ROW: • Richard Green Noble, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Sandra Jeanne Noel, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman. • Linda Lee Noll, Mississippi City; Education; Freshman. • Roger A. Norman, Jr., New Albany; Engineering; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • William E. Norman, Houston; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Samuel Griffin Norquist, Yazoo City; Business; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SECOND ROW: • Walter V. Northcross, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Robert Earl Northern, Jackson; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Betty Lynette Nowlin, West Education; Freshman. • Vicki Ann Nuckolls, Toone, Tenn.; Education; Freshman. • George W. Null, Meridian; Business; Sophomore. • Roger H. Nunley, Fayette; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. THIRD ROW: • William Mayhew Nunley, Carrollton; Business; Junior. • John R. Nunnery, Jr., Meridian; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert Edward Oakley, Bruce; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Jerry Dennis Oakman, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • John Michael O ' Connor, Canal Winchester; Business; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Jerry W. O ' Daniel, Arkabutla; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: • Alicia Sue O ' Drago, Livonia, Mich.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Millicent O ' Drago, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Walter Page Ogden, Natchez; Education; Freshman. • Ernest G. Oliver, Jr., Oxford; Pharmacy; Freshman. • John W. Oliver, Portsmouth, Ohio; Education; Sophomore. • Carl Jacob Olsen, Niagara Falls, N.Y.; Business; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Margaret Lynn Olson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Thomas Leon Olson, Clarksdale; Sophomore. • William Ellis O ' Mara, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Ellen O ' Neal, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • O ' Neal, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Delta • Germaine Suzanne Orander, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. SIXTH ROW: • Maureen Y. O ' Rourke, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. • George N. Orr, Jr., Bastrop, Ia.; Business; Sophomore. • William R. Orton, Caruthersville, Mo.; Freshman. • Richard Neil Ousley, Huntsville, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Charles Lewis Overby, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Charles Owen, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Junior. SEVENTH ROW: • Bruce Leslie Page, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Virginia Ann Palmer, Holly Grove; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Anthony J. Palukaittis, No Haledon; Business; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Josephine S. Pang, Marks; Education; Sophomore. • Raymond Pang, Marks; Business; Junior. • Judith Lynn Corinth; Liberal Arts; Junior. EIGHTH ROW: • Ruth Ann Papasan, Etta; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Louis Wiley Parchman, Clarksdale; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Billy Ralph Paris, Clarksdale; Education; Junior. • Paul Merrel Parish, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Cynthia Kaye Parker, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Fred F. Parker, II, Jackson; Pharmacy; Junior. NINTH ROW: • John W. Parker, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Patric Murray Parker, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thomas James Parker, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Education; Junior. • Tina Sue Parker, Fairhope, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Vickie L. Parker, Lucedale; Education; Junior. • Troy Dean Parkison, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. TENTH ROW: • James Ronald Parrish, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Martin G. Paschall, Bradford, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • John Pash, Youngstown, Ohio; Education; Sophomore. • Ronald Harrison Patch, Houston; Engineering; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Billie Jane Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Eugene M. Patterson, Hollandale; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIRST ROW: • Russell S. Patterson, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Charles B. Patton, Jackson; Business; Junior. • Jerry L. Patton, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Patricia Diane Patton, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Freshman. • Mary Elizabeth Paul, Greenville; Education; Freshman. • Patricia Ann Paul, York, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. SECOND ROW: • John H. Paulsen, Chicago, Ill.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Theta. • Roger L. Paulson, Madison, Ind.; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Joel G. Payne, Jr., Brandon; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Patricia Ann Payne, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • Edward P. Peacock, III, Clarksdale; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Martha Ellen Peacock, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • David A. Peaks, Somerville, Tenn.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lonnie Wilson Pearson, Jackson; Engineering; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Mary Grace Peck, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Tommye Carlyn Peden, Chatham; Education; Sophomore. • Robert H. Pedersen, Lucedale; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Joe Frank Peeler, Jr., Amory; Engineering; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FOURTH ROW: • Susan Lucretia Peeler, Amory; Education; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. • Helen Elyse Peeples, Marks; Business; Junior. • George Les Lee Pegram, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Charles Robert Pennebaker, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Luther Ronnie Penny, Alexandria, La.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Sigma. • John R. Pepper, III, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: • Adele Giles Peresich, Biloxi; Business; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Judith Lee Permenter, Ripley; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Suzanne L. Permenter, Education; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Alan Walter Perry, Philadelphia; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Charles D. Perry, Oxford; Education; Junior. • Marion F. Perry, Tunica; Education; Junior. SIXTH ROW: • Mary Suzanne Perry, Tunica; Education; Junior; Chi Omega. • Robert Euel Perry, Jackson; Liberal Arts; • Michael Sink Person, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Christopher E. Persson, Shrub Oak, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Pi. • Portia Anne Peteet, Greenwood; Education; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • William Hugh Peters, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. SEVENTH ROW: • Johannah Magee Peterson, Vicksburg; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Richard L. Peterson, Jr., Greenville; Engineering; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Rebecca Ann Phay, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Eugene J. Phelan, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Sylvia J. Phifer, luka; Education; Sophomore. • James Coney Phillips, Magnolia; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. EIGHTH ROW: • Martha Carolyn Phillips, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Michael Rudd Phillips, Mississippi City; Pharmacy; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Richard Taylor Phillips, Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Thomas K. Phillips, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Harry Anthony Piazza, Jr., Vicksburg; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Julius A. Piazza, Vicksburg; Pharmacy; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. NINTH ROW: • Stanley ' Frederick Pielak, Pascagoula; Business; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Charles Michael Pierce, Water Valley; Junior. • Judy Coral Pierce, Vicksburg; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Ronald Del Pierce, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Helen D. Pillow, Itta Bena; Liberal Arts; junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Paul G. Pincura, Lorain, Ohio; Business; Sophomore. TENTH ROW: • Sharon Lee Pipkin, Tupelo; Education; Sophomore; Delta. • James Ross Pitcock, Pope; Engineering; • Florian Herbert Ploch, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Martha Anne Plumlee, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore. • William Hall Poland, Guthrie, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • M. Polatty, Jr., Clinton; Engineering; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. FIRST ROW: • Gary Wayne Politan, Indianapolis, Ind.; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • William R. Pool, Meridian; Business; Sophomore; Phi Delia Theta. o William Timothy Pcole, Columbia; Business: Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Willis Pope, III, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Joseph Ned Potter, Montgomery, Ala.; Engineering; Freshman. • Cullen Vogel Potts, Corinth; Business; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Donald Cochran Potts, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Amanda B. Povall, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Cecilia Lee Powder, Somers; Education; Sophomore. • John B. Powell, Quantico, Va.; Business; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Mary Selden Powell, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Virginia Alice Powell, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma, THIRD ROW: • Harris F. Powers, Jr., Greenwood; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • John R. Powers, Jr., Baton Rouge; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Lawrence Earl Pratt, Ruleville; Pharmacy; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • William Joseph Pray, Takoma Park; Education; Junior. • Warren R. Preble, Chalmette, La.; Engineering; • Bill R. Preece, University; Liberal Arts; Junior. FOURTH ROW: • Blair Preston, Bristol, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore. • Adelbert W. Price, Jr., Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. John L. Price Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon • Sarah Evelyn Price, University; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Sidney Keith Price, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mellicent L. Prichard, Inverness; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. FIFTH ROW: • James Aleck Primos, Jr., Jackson; Business; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. James Larry Provence, New Albany; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Richard Alan Pugh, Memphis. Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Jerrill Rowena Pullen, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Catherine Purnell, Vincennes, Ind.; Liberal Arts; • Merry Elizabeth Purvis, Oxford; Business; Sopho- more. SIXTH ROW: • Blaine E. Pynkala, Conemaugh, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • Thomas George Quaka, Jackson; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Lea Quarm, Rolling Fork; Education; Junior. • Charles P. Quarterman, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Joseph Marvin Quin, Vicksburg; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Patricia Anne Quinn, Nashville, Tenn.; Business; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Tim Alford Quinn, Jr.; Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Pauline Quon, Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Daniel Rabinowitz, Pa.; Business; Junior; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Julia Mae Raburn, Guntown; Education; Junior. • Hussein Rachedi, Teheran, Iran; Engineering; Junior. • Phyllis Ann Raiford, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. EIGHTH ROW: • John Dallas Raines, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Jeanne Patricia Ramey, Alexandria, Va.; Education; • Jane Mollie Ramsay, Mt. Olive; Business; Junior. • Dennis E. Ramsey, Water Valley; Engineering; • Laurin Norbert Ramsey, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Kathryn Nan Randall, Gloster; Liberal Arts; Freshman. NINTH ROW: • Patricia Ann Randall, Gloster; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Richard Vance Randall, Meridian; Business; Sophomore. • James Curtis Randle, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Psi. • Jan Doris Ray, Earle, Ark.; Education; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • John C. Ray, Water Valley; Business; • Julienne Grey Ray, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. TENTH ROW: • Sarah Mary Ray, Ft. Worth; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Steven Ray, N. Little; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Susan Gilbert Ray, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William S. Ray, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Thomas Alan Rea, New York, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Sandra Lee Reagan, Oxford; Education; Sophomore; Chi Omega. FIRST ROW: • Robert Carroll Redd, Florence, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Chester H. Redditt, Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Janet Reddoch, Stringer; Education; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John F. Reed, Jr., University; Business; Junior. • Susan Ann Reed, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Ramona Jo Reese, Bruce; Education; SECOND ROW: • Carol. Lynn Reeves, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; • Cathy Addine Reeves, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Billy Joe Regal, Marks; Junior. • Chippy Dean Reid, Mobile, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Elizabeth Ann Reno, Hazlehurst; Education; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Thomas Edwin Rester, Ackerman; Pharmacy; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. THIRD ROW: • Robert Ken Revere, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Gilbert L. Rhoades, Jr., Corinth; Engineering; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Anna Catherine Rhoads, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Richard Earl Rhoden, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • John 0. Rhodes, Houston; Business; Junior. • Rollin Sloan Rhodes, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. FOURTH ROW: • John Albert Rice, Columbus; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robert White Rich, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Wylie Edward Richards, Jr., Jackson; Business; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Charles Lamar Brookhaven; Engineering; Freshman. • James Arnold Richardson, Jackson; Pharmacy; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Mary Linda Richardson, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Business; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Minnie Kathy Richardson, Amite, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Paula Kay Richardson, Portageville, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Robert Danny Richardson, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Thomas C. Richardson, University; Education; Sophomore. • Tally D. Riddell, Jr., Quitman; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Sandra L. Riemann, Gulfport; Education; Sophomore; Chi Omega. SIXTH ROW: • Jane Allen Riggs, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sheila Ann Riley, Water Valley; Business; Freshman. • Suzanne Patricia Riley, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sarah Sue Ritchey, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Robert C. Robb, III, Vicksburg; Engineering; • Michael D. Robbins, New Albany; Education; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. SEVENTH ROW: • Michael Wood Roberdeau, Randolph AFB, Va.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Darryel Lee Roberds, Liberal Arts; Junior. • John Larry Roberts, Louisville; Business; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Linda Sue Roberts, Nettleton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. • Lon Sherman Roberts, Douglasville, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William Francis Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. EIGHTH ROW: • Herschel E. Robertson, II, Merigold; Business; • Lura Jean Robertson, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore. • Patricia Ann Robertson, Corinth; Education; Freshman. • Richard T. Robertson, Jr., St. Petersburg; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • David Wayne Canton; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Kenneth E. Robinson, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Junior. NINTH ROW: • Ronnie A. Robinson, Laurel; Business; Junior. • Manuel Hernan Rodriguez, San Jose, Calif.; Business; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • David E. Rogers, New Albany; Engineering; Freshman. • Elizabeth S. Rogers, West Terre Haute, Ind.; Education; Freshman; Alpha Delta Pi. • A. Rogers, University; Engineering; Junior. • William A. Roper, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. TENTH ROW: • Jimmie W. Rose, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Kenneth FL Rose, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Virginia Lea Rose, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Wendell Joseph Rose, Bruce; Junior. • Willard P. Rose, Jr., Shelby; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Barbara Susan Ross, Meridian; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. FIRST ROW: • Joe R. Ross, Jr., Benoit; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Patricia Yvonne Ross, Oxford; Business; Freshman. • Richard Lee Ross, University; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Letitia Lee Rotenberry, Mendenhall; Liberall Arts; Freshman. • Mary Elaine Rowell, Morehouse, Mo.; Education; Junior. • William W. Roland, Jr., Oxford; Engineering; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Betty Lynn Rowzee, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • David Walter Ruch, Munford, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Edward L. Ruffin, Jr., Garden City; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Don Lowery Rushing, Petal; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. • Roderick S. Russ, III, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: • William Burdette Russ, Jackson; Liberal Arts: Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Effie Jane Russell, Pontotoc; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert E. Russell, Carthage; Engineering; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert Pritchard Russell, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Donna Lane Rutledge, Pontotoc; Education; Junior. • James Clay Rutledge, Sarasota, Fla.; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. FOURTH ROW: • Dewey Grant Sadka, Meridian; Business; Freshman. • William H. Sadler, III, Vicksburg; Engineering; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Philip Carter Salladay, Bethesda, Md.; Business; Freshman. • Robert R. Sally, Rochester, N.Y.; Business; Junior; Phi Kappa Theta. • James E. Salmon, Bi loxi; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Robert L. Salmon, Sardis; Pharmacy; Junior. FIFTH ROW: • John Wood Sample, Plantersville; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Ronald L. Samuels, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Harry S. Sanders, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Henry E. Sanders, Hernando; Business; Sophomore; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Jane Ross Sanders, Maben; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Richard Stanley Sanders, Houston, Texas; Business; junior. SIXTH ROW: • Dudley D. Sandifer, III, Crystal Springs; Pharmacy; Junior. • Susanne Wells Sandifer, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Charles Edwin New Albany; Business; Junior. • Bolivar, Tenn.; Business; Sophomore. • Claude L. Satchfield, Jr., Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • James Kindred Saul, Hattiesburg; Business; Junior. SEVENTH ROW: • Jeffrey Lloyd Sauls, Tylertown; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Linda Sue Sayle, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Daniel McGehee Scarbrough, Meadville; Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Sherry Deane Scarbrough, Meadville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Mary F. Schloemer, Natchez; Business; Sophomore. • Michael F. Schlosser, Vicksburg; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. EIGHTH ROW: • Bonnie Jean Schluter, University; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Joseph J. Schmelzer, III, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Andrew F. Schmidt, Pensacola, Fla.; Freshman. • Eugene R. Schnierle, Harrisburg, Ill.; Education; Junior. Marthadele E. Schwartz, Unionville, Mich.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Eric Campbell Schweitzer, Avondale Estates; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. NINTH ROW: • Don Bacot Scott, Hazlehurst; Business; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Joseph Thomas Scott, Hazlehurst; Business; Sigma Chi. • Kathleen Dixon Scott, Cincinnati, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Sally Scott, Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • William Allen Scott, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Delta Theta. • George W. Scrivener, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; TENTH ROW: • John P. Scruggs, Greenwood; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Richard Furlow Scruggs, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert E. Scudamore, Natchez; Business; Freshman. • Clant M. Seay, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Martha Maynette Seay, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta • Homer Wesley Sebren, Junior. • Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Theta Pi. FIRST ROW: • Janis Lynn Seefeld, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Ronald Victor Sekul, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Owen Murphy Selby, Huntsville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Carol Kern Sellers, Mobile, Ala.; Education; Junior; Chi Omega. • Dennis C. Seuzeneau, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Junior; Beta Phi. • Charles B. Sexson, Indianapolis, Ind.; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: • Randolph Lee Sexson, Indianapolis, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Richard H. Sexson, Indianapolis, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Robert B. Seymour, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; • John S. Shackelford, Nesbitt; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Virginia F. Shackelford, LaGrange, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Jimmy Dale Shaffer, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. THIRD ROW: • John Michael Shanahan, Vicksburg; Business; • Barbara Jean Shannon, Oxford; Business; Junior. • Nathan P. Shappley, III, Gore Spring; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Susan Mann Sharpe, Brownsville, Tenn.; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jo Ann Shaw, Oxford; Education; Freshman. • Katherine L. Shaw, Homer, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FOURTH ROW: • Wallace E. Sheely, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Bonnie Jean Shelton, Tchula; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • David C. Shelton, Columbus; Pharmacy; Junior. • Gregory Bryant Shelton, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Business; Freshman. • Lynn Curtis Shields, West Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Margaret Ann Shields, Smithville; Education; Junior. FIFTH ROW: • Felix Marion Shipp, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; • Connie C. Shirley, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Ann Ellen Shook, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma • Vicki Ray Shope, Dalton, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • John H. Shows, Ovett; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Robert Meredith Shows, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Alicia Gene Shrader, Mississippi City; Education; Freshman. • Pamela jay Shultz, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • James Gary Sigler, Waynesboro; Business; Junior. • Warren Robert Sigman, West Palm; Engineering; Freshman. • Leslie Howard Siltman, Batesville; Business; junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Curtis Daniel Simmons, Jr., Osyka; Pharmacy; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Joan Marie Simmons, Magnolia; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • W. Albert Simmons, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Wayne C. Simmons, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • William B. Simmons, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Alpha. • Lillian Marie Simon, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Michael Stubbs Simon, Pontotoc; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. EIGHTH ROW: • Richard J. Simoneaux, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Patricia Lynne Simonetti, Marion, Ark.; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Laura Rice Simpson, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Delta. • Tommy T. Ashland; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Edward Clarke Sims, Jr., Minter City; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Jerry Lonn Sims, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior. NINTH ROW: • William David Sims, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Janet Allen Singletary, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Gail M. Singleton, Collins; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jan Woods Singleton, Collins; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Dan H. Singley, Jr., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Sherrill Camden Sinnott, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. TENTH ROW: • William H. Sipes, Jr., Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Gary Lee Sisco, Bolivar, Tenn.; Engineering; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Jimmie Dee Sisk, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Charles Gary Sisson, Mayfield, Ky.; Pharmacy; Junior. • Peter V. Skrmetta, Biloxi; Business; Freshman. • Carolyn S. Slade, Gulfport; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. FIRST ROW: • Phyllis Caroline Slayden, Holly Springs; Education; Sophomore. • Mary Floy Sledge, Ashland, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William Troy Sloan, Jackson; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Barbara Lee Sloas, New Madrid; Education; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Martha Frances Smira, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Delta. • Amy Jo Smith, McLain; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Delta Pi. SECOND ROW: • Archie Eugene Smith, Centreville; Engineering; Junior; Kappa Sigma. • Audrey E. Smith, Philadelphia; Education; Junior. • Barbara Ann Smith, Oxford; Business; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bennett E. Smith, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Donald F. Smith, Batesville; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Edwin Rodney Smith, Newport, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Emily Jane Smith, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Frances Holmes Smith, Batesville; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • James Clarke Smith, Yazoo City; Business; Sophomore. • James Thomas Smith, Jr., Louisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Jean Moseley Smith, Greenfield, Tenn.; Education; Freshman. • Joseph Philip Smith, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior. FOURTH ROW: • Judy Mae Smith, Meadville; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Julaine Smith, Rockmart, Ga.; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Lester F. Smith, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Lila Ann Smith, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Linda Ann Smith, West Memphis, Ark.; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Linda Lynne Smith, Port Arthur, Texas; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. FIFTH ROW: • Lymuel Phain Smith, Jackson; Business; Freshman. • Margaret E. Smith, Meadville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Marilyn E. Smith, Durant; Education; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Maureen Smith, McComb; Liberal Arts; • Mervyn P. Smith, Jr., Winona; Liberal Arts; • Sandra Lee Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. SIXTH ROW: • Sandra Wynn Smith, Barrington, Ill.; Business; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. • Sarah Ann Smith, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore, • Timothy Randolph Smith, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Walter Emerson Smith, Portageville, Mo.; Business; Freshman. • Winnifred Smith, Meadville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Jimmie Lee Smithey, New Albany; Education; Junior. SEVENTH ROW: • Cynthia Smithwick, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nancy Collier Smythe, Greenville; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Stanford Jackson Smythe, Batesville; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Brenda C. Snare, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • John Boswell Sneed, II, Gulfport; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Mary Frances Sneed, Thaxton; Education; Junior. EIGHTH ROW: • Ralph Elwood Sneed, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Larry Wade Snow, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Tara Somani, Mirzapur, India; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Michael G. Soper, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. • Edwin A. Sory, Isola; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Sigma. • Katie Dee Speakes, Benoit; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. NINTH ROW: • Jimmy Randolph Spears, Ellisville; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • Arlin Curtis Spence, Abbeville; Business; Sophomore. • Brenda Lou S pence, Abbeville; Business; Freshman. • Charles Ross Spencer, Meridian; Business; Sophomore. • Jackie Neal Spencer, Vardaman; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Susan Spiceland, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. TENTH ROW: • Karen Lois Spinning, McComb; Education; Freshman. • Eva Nell Spinosa, Tutwiler; Education; Sophomore. • John Corbin Spoo, Jr., Louisville, Ky.; Education; Freshman. • James B. Spraberry, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • James N. Squires, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. • Donald Ray Stacey, Mobile, Ala.; Engineering; Junior; Alpha Tau Omega. FIRST ROW: • Richard Guy Stacy, Jackson; Pharmacy; Junior. • Joseph N. Staehling, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Roger Mack Stafford, Pontotoc; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa • Carol Staggers, West Point; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Jacquelyn M. Stahlman, Natchez; Business; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. • Dorothy Lynn Stallworth, Pascagoula; Business; Freshman; Kappa Delta. SECOND ROW: • John E. Stambaugh, Jr., St. Petersburg, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Hugh W. Stencil, III, Drew; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Marshall Hal Stanger, University; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Larry K. Stanley, Waynesboro; Pharmacy; Junior. • Shellye Edris Stanley, Shubuta; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Martha A. Stansel, Ruleville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. THIRD ROW: • David M. Stark, Jackson; Pharmacy; Junior. • Michael Steve Starnes, Oxford; Business; Sophomore. • Walter Harold Starr, Jr., Greenville; Engineering; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • James Ronald Staten, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Georgia Ann Stater, Memphis, Tenn.; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Charles W. Jr., Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. FOURTH ROW: • Dianne Steel, Oxford; Business; Junior. • Gerald L. Steele, University; Engineering; Junior; Phi Kappa Psi. • John Philip Steele, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Harry C. Steelman, III, New Castle; Engineering; Freshman. • Donald F. Steen, Pinola; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Sandra Lynn Stegall, Flora; Business; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. FIFTH ROW: • Robert Joseph Steiger, Staten Island, N.Y.; Business; Freshman; Phi Kappa Theta. • Linda Kay Steinmetz, Mo.; Business; Freshman. • Janet W. Stevens, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John M. Stevens, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Nora Terry Stevens, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • Richard Hugh Stevens, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Business; Junior. SIXTH ROW: • Bradford M. Stewart, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. • Gary Allan Stewart, Prichard, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Marlette E. Stewart, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Michael A. Stipher, Indianapolis, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Margaret L. Stockwell, Jackson; Education; Junior. • Cynthia Carol Stodghill, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Nancy L. Stodghill, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Gladys Jean Stogner, Tylertown; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Clayade Randel Stokes, University; Junior. • Harry Truman Stokes, Rolling Fork; Junior. • David Coe Stone, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Junior; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Miriam . Stone, Meridian; Education; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. EIGHTH ROW: • Sandra Ellis Stone, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Thomas Alan Storey, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Theresa Nell Stovall, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • William C. Strawbridge, Aberdeen; Business; Junior; Sigma Chi. • Jerry Curtis Streetman, Durant; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Stephen R. Strelecki, Whitehouse, N.J.; Business; Freshman. NINTH ROW: • Patricia D. Strickland, Itta Bena; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Tommy A. Strickland, Ft. Leonard; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Eleanor Sue Stringer, Jackson; Education; Sophomore. • Michael Alan Strojny, Hyattsville, Md.; Business; Sophomore. • Suzanne Norton Stroud, Liberal Arts; Junior. • Clarke Wesley Stuckey, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. TENTH ROW: • Lamar Carlton Sudduth, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • George G. Suder, Cincinnati, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Charles J. Sullivan, Andalusia, Ala.; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Jema Lin Sullivan, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mildred H. Sullivan, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. • William S. Sullivan, Vicksburg; Education; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. FIRST ROW: • Carl B. Summer, Jackson; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Patricia A. Sumners, Iuka; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Ellis Sumners, Liberal Arts; Junior. • Jane H. Sutherland, Canton; Education; Fresh man; Chi Omega. • Mary E. Sutherland, New Albany; Education; Junior. • Sam Dewey Swor, Alexandria, Va.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Larry Stephen Tabor, McCool; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Michael John Talbert, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Peggy Ann Talbot, Dublin; Education; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Laura Verene Tanner, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Susan Jane Tanner, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Thomas Clingman Tate, Fowlkes Tenn.; Engineering; Freshman; Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • William Carruth Tate, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Rose Mary Tatum, Oxford; Business; Freshman. • Beverly White Taylor, Fort Banning, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Harold Greg Taylor, Lucedale; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Herman Eugene Taylor, Jr., Marks; Business; Junior. • John Leo Taylor, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Kappa Theta. FOURTH ROW: • Larry Carl Taylor, Columbus; Business; Freshman. • Lowell Wayne Taylor, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Lynn Alsup Taylor, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Mary Margaret Taylor, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Memrie Claire Taylor, Business; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Patrick Arnold Taylor, McGuire APB; Liberal Arts; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Robert Parrish Taylor, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Tames A. Teasley, Kosciusko; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Terry Ann Teasley, Alexandria, Va.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • William John Tehan, III, Rivera Beach; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Carlos Teichart, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Sandra Lee Temple, Omaha, Neb.; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. SIXTH ROW: • Steve Wayne Terracin, Greenville; Education; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Marilyn Sue Terrell, Prentiss; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • David R. Thomas, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Dixie Lynn Thomas, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Dolores Maria Thomas, Jackson; Education; Freshman. • Gail Thomas, Gainesville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. SEVENTH ROW: • Gretchen D. Thomas, Glencoe, Ill.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Sallie S. Thomas, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • William David Thomas, Vicksburg; Business; Freshman. • Charles Douglas Thompson, West Memphis. Ark., Engineering; Freshman. • David Allen Thompson, Pascagoula; Business; Freshman. • Florence E. Thompson, Drew; Education; Junior. EIGHTH ROW: • Gary Norris Thompson, Amory; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Norma C. Thompson, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega. • Norman S. Thompson, Tr., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Patricia Irene Thompson, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Walter W. Thompson, Bentonia; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. • Frederick C. Thornton, Hagerstown, Md.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. NINTH ROW: • Vincie D. Thornton, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Junior. • India Sykes Throop, Water Valley; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Robert Campbell Thurber, Mobile, Ala.; Business; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. • Chris K. Thygesen, Jr., Biloxi; Engineering; Freshman. • John Lee Tidwell, Jr., Laurel; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Robert L . Tillman, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. • Liberal Arts; Junior. TENTH ROW: • Brent Bollinger Tinnin. Missouri; Business; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William Lee Tippitt, Hernando; Freshman. • James Benny Todd, Tupelo; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jerry Eugene Todd, Coldwater; Education; Junior. • William Richard Todd, Amory; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Linda Lee Tompkins, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; Education; Sophomore. FIRST ROW: • Lana Maureen Toney, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Dennis Casler Tool, Biloxi; Business; Freshman. • David Delano Tootle, Gulfport; Business; Sophomore. • Richard Vincent Torrance, Jackson; Sophomore. • Karen T. Touart, Mobile; Education; Sophomore. • Judy L. Townes, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. SECOND ROW: • John Herndon Townsend, Forest; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • Frank Williams Trapp, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Ewing Berkley Traughber, Kentucky; Engineering; Sophomore. • Lynn Lovell Treppendahl, Woodville; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Clyde W. Trevathan, Paducah, Ky.; Business; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Judith Louise Trim, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. THIRD ROW: • Theodore J. Triplett, Santa Ana, Calif.; Liberal Arts; • Walter Michael Troop, Madisonville, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Leroy E. Troop, III, Carrollton, Ohio; Engineering; Freshman; Sigma Pi. • William C. Trotter, III, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Charlsie Faye Trussell, Jackson; Freshman. • Edmond Allen Tubbs, Sarasota, Fla.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. FOURTH ROW: • Robert Mark Tucei, Biloxi; Business; Freshman. • Jack Grady Tucker, Jr., Paris, Ky.; Education; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Fay Montgomery Tullos, Pace; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. • Mary Lena Tumasz, Jackson; Education; Freshman. • Stanley Earl Tupman, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Clifford P. Turk, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Kappa Psi. FIFTH ROW: • Edith Waits Turley, Leland; Education; Junior; Phi Mu. • Daniel Henning Turnell, Jamestown, N.Y.; Education; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Bettye Bittel Turner, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Douglas Dwight Turner, Belzoni; Business; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Marlene E. Turner, Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Sally Ann Turner, Belzoni; Education; Freshman. SIXTH ROW: • Sally Belle Turner, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; • Stella Ross Turner, Yazoo City; Education; Junior. • William W. Turner, Jr., Ruleville; Business; Freshman. • Mary Lee Tussey, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Business; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Richard Scott Tuteur, Batesville; Freshman. • Jesse B. Tutor, Jr., Meridian; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. SEVENTH ROW: • Michael Warren Twibell, Laurel; Business; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Patricia Ann Tynes, Biloxi; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Lonnie Carrol Umberger, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Bobby Wayne Underwood, Baldwyn; Business; Freshman. • Larry Don Underwood, Moore, Okla.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Charlotte Elizabeth Upton, Camden, Ark.; Business; Junior; Phi Mu. EIGHTH ROW: • Carol Sanders Vail, Booneville; Education; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Clifton Carnell Valentine, Lamar; Engineering; Junior. • Carol Ann Vance; North Carrollton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Lewis N. Vance, Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Ralph B. Vance, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • John C. Vandevender, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. NINTH ROW: • Vicki S. Vandevender, Meridian; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Eddie Bolton Vandiver, Tupelo; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Marjorie L. Vanfosson, Crowley, La.; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Fred Joe Vann, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Linda Faye Vann, Pascagoula; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Thomas P. Vannoppen, Jr., Madison, N.C.; Liberal Arts; Junior. TENTH ROW: • Ronald Vanostenbridge, Hawthorne, N.J.; Engineering; Freshman; Sigma Pi. • George Castner Vassallo, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Stephen Vassallo, Nashville, Tenn.; Business; Freshman. • Albert Glenn Vasser, Ky ; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Margaret M. Vaughan, Canton; Education; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Stephen Wiley Vaught, Coahoma; Business; Sophomore; Phi Delta Theta. FIRST ROW: • Ganel Eason Veazey. Coldwater; Education; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Mary Oliver Veazey, Coldwater; Education; Junior. • Wyman Lee Vick, Fayette, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Glendy Burke Vickery, Gulfport; Arts; Freshman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Leonard F. Vincent, Marks; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Nu. • Frankie Davis Vines, Haleyville, Ala.; Pharmacy; Sophomore. SECOND ROW: • Michael Cooper Vinson, Jackson; Pharmacy; • William Robbins Voorhies, Indianapolis, Ind.; Business; Freshman. • Elaine Lucille Wadleigh, Lanham, Md.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Ellen Wailes, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Waits, University; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Mildred Allene Waits, University; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Mu. THIRD ROW: • William Burnell Waits, Jr., Leland; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • Ruth Lafon Walcott, Greenville; Junior; Chi Omega. • Jessyca Elizabeth Waldran, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Kappa • Linda Gail Waldrip, Forest; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Sandra Elizabeth Waldron, Columbus; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Russell G. Waldrop, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: • Charles H. Walker, Morganton, N.C.; Business; Junior. • Harrison C. Walker, Jr., Macon; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Helen Kay Walker, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. • Irvin C. Wal ker, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Joseph B. Walker, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Joseph P. Walker, Jr., Jackson; Education; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: • Mary Anne Walker, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Patricia Anne Walker, Clarksdale; Education; Junior; Chi Omega. • Rebecca Ann Walker, Corinth; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Robert Homer Walker, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sally Jean Walker, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Education; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Susan Lee Walker, Scott AFB; Education; Freshman; Pi Beta Phi. SIXTH ROW: • John Marshall Wall, Savannah, Ga.; Business, Freshman; Sigma Pi. • Fred C. Wallace, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert P. Wallace, Crawfordsville, Ark.; Engineering; Sophomore. • Ronald K. Wallace, Corinth; Business; Junior; Sigma Alpha • Toby Mack Wallace, Shuqualak; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Anita K. Waller, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: • Robert Warren Waller, Lake Wales; Liberal Arts; Junior. • James H. Wallis, Jr., Biloxi; Business; Freshman. • John 0. Wallis, Jr., Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Cecile Nugent Walsh, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Jamie E. Walsh, Jackson; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Virginia Marianne Walsh, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Education; Junior; Alpha Delta Pi. EIGHTH ROW: • Terry James Walters, Independence, Va.; Pharmacy; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thomas Lloyd Waters, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Annette Irene Ward, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Brenda Mae Ward, Marked Tree; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Charlie F. Ward, Jr., Etta; Liberal Arts; • Martha Jane Ward, Cleveland; Education; Pi Beta Phi. NINTH ROW: • Michael Hailey Ward, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Billie Joyce Ware, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Jimmy L. Ware, Natchez; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Marilyn Margaret Ware. Jackson; Business; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Robert E. Waring, Vicksburg; Business; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Leonard William Warner, Baldwinsville, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. TENTH ROW: • Donald Wilson Warnick. Houston; Pharmacy; Freshman. • James William Warren, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • Mary Warren, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Gamma. • Richard B. Warriner, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Paul Wesley Warrington, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Lawrence D. Wasser, Robbinsville, N.J.; Education; Phi Kappa Theta. FIRST ROW: • James Edwin Watkins, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Chi. • Sandra Marie Watkins, Little Rock, Ark.; Business; Junior; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Clara B. Watson, Jackson; Education; Junior. • Ernest Watson, III, Moss Point; Business; Sophomore. • Jill Sharon Watson, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Junior; Phi Mu. • Judy P. Watson, Etta; Liberal Arts; Freshman. SECOND ROW: • Pamela Case Watson, Princeton, Ind.; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Walter F. Watters, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Dwight M. Watts, Jr., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • Freddy C. Watts, Sardis; Pharmacy; Junior. • Judith Mae Watts, Kosciusko; Education; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Robert Eugene Watts, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Nora Sue Weatherall. Pontotoc; Business; Junior. • David Albert Weathers, Columbus; Pharmacy; Freshman. • Robert L. Weathersby, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. • Diane Weaver, Utica; Business; • James W. Webb, Oxford; Liberal Arts; • John Robert Webb, Meridian; Business; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: • William J. Webb, Stanton, Ky.; Engineering; Sophomore; Alpha Tau Omega. • Karen Murraine Weeks, Greenwood; Business; Junior; Delta Gamma. • James Sol Weems, Jr., Columbia; Business; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • Milton Weems, Ellisville; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Philip Weinberg, McComb; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • David G. Weir, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. FIFTH ROW: • Paul Burl Welch, Laurel; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Elsie Grace Wells, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mary Pillow Wells, Delray Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Mary Alice Welty, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Chi Omega. • Billy Don West, Union; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • David Roy West, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Junior. SIXTH ROW: • Edward H. West, Batesville; Engineering; Sophomore. • Judith Lynn West, Waynesboro; Pharmacy; Sophomore; Chi Omega. • Leslie M. Westbrook, Jackson; Education; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Stephen Frederic Weston, Underhill, Vermont; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Psi. • Thomas W. Whartenby, Jr., Towson, Md.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. • Joan Douglas Wherry, Cleevland; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: • Peggy Ann Whitaker Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Robert L. Whitaker, Liberal Arts; Junior. • Alvie F. White, University; Education; Junior. • Charles T. White, Water Valley; Sophomore. • George Knox White, Gulfport; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Gerald Lafay White, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Chi. EIGHTH ROW: • Jackie Lamar White, Decatur, Ala.; Business; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • James Oden White, Carthage; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • John E. White, Jr., Pinola; Sophomore. • Marilyn Jean White, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Martha Kaye White, Jonesboro, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Nancy M. White, Hernando; Education; Junior. NINTH ROW: • Nancy Sue White, Toccopola; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Robert Thomas White, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Susan Frances White, Metairie, La.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Delta Delta Delta. • William D. White, Belen; Business; Junior; Sigma Nu. • Aurelia W. Whitener, Fredericktown, Mo.; Education; Freshman • Gary C. Whitener, Mo.; Education; Sophomore; Beta Theta Pi. TENTH RO W: • Barry Leslie Whites, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. • Clarence H. Whiteside, Durant; Junior. • Davis A. Whitfield, III, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Junior; Kappa Alpha. • Suzanne Dayton Whitlock, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Bettye B. Whitten, Nesbit; Education; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. • Beverly Rebecca Whitten, Washington, D.C.; Arts; Junior; Delta Gamma. FIRST ROW: • Mary Ann Whitten, Holly Springs; Education; • Eric Russell Wigley, New York, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Mary Montrie Wilborn, Lambert; Pharmacy; Junior; Delta Gamma. • Virginia Helen Wiley, Water Liberal Arts; Freshman. Camille S. Wilkinson, March AFB; Liberal Arts; junior; Delta Delta Delta. • Cathy Wilkinson, Alexandria; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Delta Delta Delta. SECOND ROW: • Charles A. Wilkinson, Aliceville, Ala.; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • Judith Lynn Wilkinson, Shaw; Business; Junior; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Amzie Thomas Philadelphia; Business; Freshman; Sigma Nu. • B. Frank Williams, III, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Claudia Ann Williams, Clarksdale; Education; Junior; Pi Beta Phi. • Donald Reed Williams, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Freshman. THIRD ROW: • Edwin R. Williams, McComb; Business; Sophomore. • Ford Smith Williams, Hablehurst; Liberal Arts; Junior. Helen Powell Williams, Benoit; Education; Freshman; Delta. James R. Williams, Jr., New Albany; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • John Burton Williams, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Chi. • John Hoyt Williams, Jackson; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: • John Perry Williams, Jr., Jackson; Business; Freshman; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Larry F. Williams, Houston; Freshman. • Louise Anne Williams, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy; Freshman; Delta Gamma. e Margaret Diane Williams, Pascagoula; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Delta. Richard Anthony Williams, North Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Robert Larry Williams, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: • Rosemarie Williams, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Sandra Williams, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Delta Delta. 0 Sue Crawford Williams, Hamilton; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Evelyn R. Williford, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • James R. Willis, Jr., Bruce; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Kenneth C. Willis, Bruce; Sophomore. SIXTH ROW: • Melanie Anne Willis, Lake Village; Liberal Arts; • Edward Bruce Williston, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • Clyde H. Wilson, Jr., Vicksburg; Business; Sophomore; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Fred G. Wilson, Greenwood; Business; Sophomore. • George Tully Wilson, Baysprings; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • James Richard Wilson, University; Engineering; Junior. SEVENTH ROW: • James Thomas Wilson, Mobile, Ala.; Education; Junior. • Jane Tyler Wilson, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Jean Claire Wilson, Oxford; Liberal Arts; • Sonja June Wilson, San Antonio, Texas; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Alfred Wilson, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Business; Freshman. • Judith M. Wimberly, Oxford; Education; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: • Anita Sue Windsor, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. Philip Richard Wirt, Dade City, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • David B. Wisenberg, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • William Temple Withers, Jackson; Business; Freshman. • Jane May Meridian; Education; Junior; Chi Omega. Joseph B. Witty, Jr., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Delta Theta. NINTH ROW: • James Allen Wiygul, Amory; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jimmy Lynn Wolfe, Grenada; Pharmacy; Freshman; Alpha Tau Omega. • John W. Wong, Greenville; Pharmacy; Sophomore. • Donald F. Wood, Ellisville; Business; Sophomore; Kappa Sigma. • Malcolm L. Wood, Jr , Chevy Chase, Md.; Liberal Arts; Junior. Barbara Joan Woodbury, Pensacola, Fla.; Education; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. TENTH ROW: • Martha Lynn Woodruff, Batesville; Education; Junior. • James Clark Woods, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Beta Theta Pi. • Janet Mae Woodward, Oxford; Business; Sophomore. • Bobby Ray Wooley, Eunice, N.M.; Freshman. • Elizabeth J. Wooten, Jackson; Education; Junior; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Elaine E. Wootten, Pass Christian; Education; Junior. FIRST ROW: • Margaret Carol Work, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Delta Gamma. • Patricia Ann Worley, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Freshman. • Judith Ann Worner, Rochester, N.Y.; Business; Junior. • Frank A. Worner, III, Rochester, N.Y.; Engineer. ing; Junior; Sigma Pi. • Adrian William Wright, Kreole; Business; Freshman. • George E. Wright, Jackson; Freshman; Pi Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: • Jane A. Wright, Kreole; Liberal Arts; Junior. • Richard H. Wright, Water Valley; Business; Freshman. • Lottie Virginia Wroten, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Gale Joan Wuestefeid, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Pi Beta Phi. • Matthew J. Wunsch, Woodbury, N.Y.; Freshman; Phi Kappa Theta. • Dennis Edward Wynn, Danville, Ind.; Business; Junior; Phi Kappa Psi. THIRD ROW: • Ronald Alan Yancis, Rochester, N.Y.; Business; Junior; Phi Kappa Psi. • Kathryn E. Yandell, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Phi Mu. • Bonnie Gene Yearwood, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts; Sophomore. • Albert Duke Yee, Leland; Pharmacy; Junior. • Nicholas Hovey K. Yokum, New Orleans, La.; Engineering; Freshman; Delta Kappa • Beth York, Derma; Education; Junior; Delta Gamma. FOURTH ROW: • William Elder Yoste, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Junior; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Frances Marian Young, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Mu. • Lanora Jane Young, Jackson; Education; Freshman; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Robert J. Young, Meridian; Business; Sophomore; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Rodney W. Young, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; • Arthur Martin Zeidman, Cranston, R.I.; Liberal Arts; Freshman; Phi Beta Phi. FIFTH ROW: • Michael Alois Ziliak, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Junior; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Lynn L. Zimmermann, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sophomore; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Ernile A. Zoghby, Mobile, Ala.; Business; Sophomore; Phi Kappa Psi. I have planned this page from the beginning and protected it through the revisions in the book ' s layout for the purpose of stating anything that I feel should be included in this year ' s record. Editing the OLE MISS is a long task that takes one into every phase of campus life and every department of University Administration. To do a good job requires a staff that is loyal, depend- able, and industrious; a student body that cooperates, and people who produce and accept nothing but the best. There are four people who fit into this last and I want to tell you about them. One is Irving Lloyd. He grew up in the Bronx, played right halfback for Columbia University, spent thirteen months as a prisoner of war in Korea, and is now the leading authority on yearbook photography in the United States. He spent a week at Ole Miss in taking pictures and working with our photo- graphers. On learning we needed more pictures, he came back again in February, although he claimed he needed to pay Steve and Angelo $4.00 he owed them. It ' s a good thing he didn ' t owe Kiamie; Kiamie would have gone after him. Seriously, Mr. Lloyd gave his best and did far more than was expected to help a better OLE MISS. Bob Alexander of Grenada has been the offcial photographer for the Ole Miss beauties for almost ten years. This year I asked Bob to take the entire section in color. I told him I wanted perfect color, and because of reproduction problems, there could be no retouch- ing. He accepted the challenge and spent many hours of his own time in planning and taking these beautiful pictures. A former Editor of the OLE MISS, Buddy Shaw is Vice President of Benson Printing Company, Inc. of Nashville, the firm that has printed the OLE MISS for over fifty years. Because he wanted to see Ole Miss put out a really good book, Buddy extended his patience and cooperation further than someone in his position should. The only one of the four directly connected with the University is Tony Ross, Assistant Director of the Center. For eight months Tony worked on a series of computer programs which not only compiled ninety per cent of the identification in this book, but were so versatile that any information that was needed by the staff could be obtained quickly and easily. Of course, these four are not all those to whom 1 owe thanks. But these gave much of their time and used all of their ability; without their contribution, this year- book would not have been possible. The Editor Administration Air Force Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Psi Om ega Alpha Sigma Sigma Alpha Tau Omega Alumni Association American Institute of Chemical Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers . American Society of Mechanical Engineers Anchor and Chain Angel Flight Army ROTC Arnold Air Society Associated Student Body Associated Women Students . Athletics B Baptist Student Union . Beta Alpha Psi .. Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Theta Pi C Campus Senate Cardinal Club Cheerleaders College of Liberal Arts .. Committee of 100 CWENS D Debate Team Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma .. Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Psi Delta Sigma Pi E Elections Commission Epsilon Gamma Epsilon F Financiers G Gamma Beta Phi Graduate School . H Hall of Fame Home Economics Club ..... I Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Interfraternity Council Intramural Council .. Junior Interfraternity Council Judicial Council K Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Kappa Gamma .. Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma Megaphone Club Mississippi Law Journal Mississippian Moot Court Board Mortar Board N Navy ROTC Newman Club 0 Ole Miss Band Ole Miss " M " Club Ole Miss Y Ole Miss Yearbook Omicron Delta Kappa p Panhellenic Council Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Lambda Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Theta Phi Eta Sigma Phi Gamma Nu Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Theta Phi Mu Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Physical Education Majors Club Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Tau . Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Epsilon S Scabbard and Blade School of Business and Government School of Education School of Engineering . School of Law . . ... School of Medicine School of Pharmacy Sigma Alpha Epsilon ... Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Student Education Association U University Christians University Concert Singers University Dancers .. WCBH Wesley Foundation Westminster Fellowship Who ' s Who Among. Students in American Universities and Colleges . Women ' s Recreation Association Zeta Tau Alpha Aaron, Deanna Lorraine, Abbott, George Gilster, 179, 306 Abbott, Guthrie T., 83, III Abbott, James Deloach, 70, 179 Abbott, John Rush, 179 Abdalla, Gerald Moses, 179, 201 Abdalla, Sidney Jacob, 97, 121, 179, 206 Abdo, Frank Brian, Abdo, George Ellis Jr., Abernathy, Patricia D., 275 Abernethy, Alice Kay, 149, 214, 306 Abernethy, Mary Rose, 151, 275 Abernethy, Patricia Lynn, 149, 306 Ables, Jackson H., III, 189, 306 Abney, Fred Gordon, 120, 175, 275 Abraham, George E., II, 181 Abraham, Gerald Lynn, Abraham, Kathy, 112, 135, 147, 306 Abraham, Katherine A., 75, 112, 142, 163, 306 Abraham, Mary V. Hill, Abraham, Robert M., 185, 202, 306 Acree, Joseph J. Jr., 275 Acree, Sidney Wayne, 191 Adams, Chester Braswell, Adams, David Edward, 187 Adams, Gregory Neal, 125, 305 Adams, Holmes S., 103, 119, 164, 179, 202 306 Adams, James Ferris, 189 Adams, Jesse R. Jr., Adams, Judith Ann, 74, 98, 110, 139, 188, 306 Adams, Kathryn P., 155 Adams, Linda Nell, 149, 306 Adams, Martha L., Adams, Philip Ross, 73, 297 Adams, Suzanne Skeen, Adams, William F.. 306 Adams, William S. Jr., 185 Addleton, James Ervin, 94, 175, 275 Aden, William Mangum, 103, 179 Adsit, Fred William, 275 Advani, Shyam B., Ahern, George G., 306 Ainsworth, Carroll Anne, 306 Ainsworth, Jimmy David, 134, 275 Aizen, Jay Henry, 306 Akers, James Milton, 275 Akers, Jesse Murray, 83, III, 297 Akers, Terrell Walter, Akins, Eddie Gene, 73, 139, 275 Albano, Patrick Louis, 122, 129, 169, 306 Alderson, Harry Gayle, Alderson, Janie C., Alderson, Vettra Glenn, Aldrich, Lyman D., Aldridge, Dennis Carl, 1b7, 306 Aldridge, Kenneth Edward, 167, 306 Aldridge, Malcolm Lee, 193, 306 Aldy, Ronnie Jay, Alexander, Barbara J., 147, 306 Alexander, Bebe Clinton, Alexander, Donald V., Alexander, James Robert, 205 Alexander, Janet Ann, Alexander, Joel D.. 187, 204, 306 Alexander, Stacy M. 161 Alexander, Thomas A., 169, 306 Alexander, Louise, 145, 306 Alford, John W., Alford, Susan Priscilla, 149, 275 Algood, Terrel Lee, 169, 202, 306 Alias, Fred Vincent, 130 ,I77, 30b Allen, Barbara Ann. 53 151, 275 Allen, Billups S. 189, 200, 203 Allen, Deane, Allen, Dianne L., Allen, Don Randall, 169, 297 Allen, Ghill Fosta, 306 Allen, Henry R., 191, 306 Allen, Herman Lee, Allen, James Roberts, 297 Allen, Joan Claire, 157 Allen, John Neville, 139 Allen, John S. , 185, 306 Allen, Lee Nash, 204 Allen, Mary Douglas, 112, 149, 306 Allen, Millard R. Jr., 306 Allen, Nora Anne, 135, 161, 305 Allen, Robert J.. III, 306 Allen, Robert Johnson, 185, 306 Allen, Robert Newton, 187 Allen, Sylvia Ann, 163, 306 Allen, Thomas Wayne, 202, 306 Allen, Thomas Wilsford, 129, 179, 3C6 Allen, William Rayon, 191, 202, 306 Allen, Wilson Otis, Allenburger, Christian III, 181 Allenburger, Linda Marie, 151 Allison, John Samuel, 139, 167, 306 Alliston, George Barron, 306 Allman, Nancy Jean, 306 Allred, Terre Elizabeth, 157, 306 Almond, Richard Marvin, 237 Aloway, James H., 306 Alsbrooks, Mildred Jeanne, 147, 306 Alwani, Ashok W., Ammann, Steven Dennis, 181, 202, 306 Ammon, Robert E. Jr., 200, 202, 275 Anderson, Annette, 306 Anderson, Carolyn E., Anderson, Charles H., 211, 275 Anderson, Charlton R., 73, 189, 203, 306 Anderson, Christopher S., 195, 306 Anderson, Frank Andrew, 135, 209, 275 Anderson, Fred Alvin III, I 1 I, 185, 297 Anderson, Gary Allen, 202 Anderson, George Edward, 306 Anderson, Harry Stiles, 69, 73, 130, 177, 3 Anderson, James F., 107, 169, 297 Anderson, John G., 193, 211, 306 Anderson, Joseph M. Smoot, Anderson, Martha Marie, 75, 159, 306 Anderson, Mary L. Tuthill, Anderson, Mary Lee, 155, 306 Anderson, Maurine Thorn, Anderson, Patricia Ann, Anderson, Reuben Vincent, Anderson, Thomas H. Jr., 306 Anderson, Thomas J. H. II, 189, 202, 305 Anderson, Louise, 116, 306 Anderson, William Fenton, Anderton, Julie Dawn, 159, 306 Andrews, Frank H. III, 130, 169 Andrews, Robert Ross, 139, 181, 211, 306 Andrews, Wallace H. Jr., Andrukiewicz, Stephen S., 211, 275 Andrukiewicz. William J., 202, 306 Angelacopoulos, Harry, 138, 297 Angelozzi, Nicholas J. Jr., 306 Anthony, Dalton W., 306 Anthony, Donald A., 307 Anthony, James Hansel, 307 Anthony, Laurie Knox, 155, 307 Anthony, Phillip Lynn, 193, 307 Anthony, William L. Jr., Antwine, Harold Melville, Aparajithan, Lalitha, 297 Archer, Ethel Erwin, 149, 307 Ard, David Robert, Armor, Milton Philip, Armour, Thomas George, 109, 175, 275 Armstrong, James S., 103, 136, 139, 179, 201, 307 Arnett, John Frank, 92, 103, 307 Arnold, Betty Jo, Arnold, George Michael, Arnold, John W. Jr., 189, 218 Arnold, Larry Wayne, 94, 209, 212, 216, 275 Aron, Paul Harry, 67, 203, 307 Arrington, Peggy Sue, 307 Aschermann, Ronald M., 97, 130, 187, 275 Ash, Sarah Madden, 123 Ashcraft, John Edward, Asher, Warren Russell, 171, 202, 307 Ashley, Ronald Francis, Ashlin, Daniel B., 307 Ashmore, Peggy Marcelle, 275 Ashworth, James H., 189, 205, 275 Atkins, Linda K., 126, 147, 307 Atkinson, Bruce E., 103, 116, 128, 181, 307 Atkinson, Clinton Ashley, Atkinson, Frances Ann, Atkinson, William Edward, 117, 175, 307 Atkinson, William Samuel, Atwood, Jack D., 181 Aust, Sandra Lee, 74, 88, 110, 116, 118, 128, 143, 157, 307 Austin, Byron L., Austin, Frank B., Austin, Frank S., 193, 202, 307 Austin, John Roger, 275 Austin, Martha Ann, 307 Austin, William Ernest, 202 Austin, William Tony, 297 Aven, Donald Webster, 307 Aven, Ronald Allen, 307 Avant, Patricia Sue. 307 Avery, Doris Ann, 307 Avery, Elizabeth, 161, 307 Awad, Nancy, Ayer, Eric K., 307 Ayers, Curtis P., Ill, 138, 167, 297 B Babb, Juanita S., 139, 307 Babcock, Charlza Lynn, Babers, Cynthia Olive, 133, 161, 307 Babers. Henry Dennis, 115, 171, 211, 212, 216, 275 Babin, Victor E. III, 307 Bachkai, Frank E.. Backlund, Tunell Constance, 307 Backstrom, James Walton, Ill Baddley, James K. Jr., Baddour, Bettye Jane, 275 Baddour, Paul M., Bafna, Kailash Mal, 297 Baier, Joseph L. Jr., Baier, Michael Mathias, 179, 205, 240, 242 307 Bailey, Barbara Ann, 110, 139, 307 Bailey, Elizabeth Jean, 126, 209 Bailey, Glynda Taylor, Bailey, James Walter, 202 Bailey, Martha Jean, 163, 307 Bailey, Pamela Evelyn, 159, 307 Bailey, Phillip Jason, 177, 307 Bailey, Robert James, 189, 307 Bailey, Robert W., 179, 307 Bailey, Robert William, Bailey, Sam Harper, 129, 275 Bailey, Sanford L. Jr., Bailey, Verna Ann, 307 Bailey, Victor Glenn, 202, 275 Baine, James E., 136, 297 Baker, Bill Russell, Baker, David M., 189 Baker, Douglas T., Baker, Harold Eugene, Baker, James A., 201 Baker, Jimmy E., 129, 307 Baker, Linda Dorothy, 140, 147, 307 Baker, Mary Anne, Baker, William, Baldwin, James R., 136, 275 Baldwin, Maudine Riley, Ball, Dwight Nicholas, Ball, Elsie Tyler, 155. 275 Ball, Helen Ann, 157, 307 Ball, William David, 307 Ballard, George C., Ballard, Jan Gallaspy, Ballard, Martha Carol, Ballard, William W., 171 ,297 Ballentine, William F., 77, 191 Bannister, Clarence Q., 307 Barbee, Brenda E., 145, 275 Barbee, Margaret E., 147, 307 Barbee, Mills E., 307 Barber, Myra Q., Barbour, Caroline Eliza, 151, 307 Barbour, Haley Reeves, 187, 307 Barbour, Wiley J., Barbour, William Henry Jr., 82, III, 29 Bardwell, Otis Rey, 179, 202, 307 Barefield, Bennie Lee, Barenis, Guntis Juris, 275 Barenis, Varis, 297 Barfield, Timothy Robert, 201 Barger, Diana June, 128, 133, 159, 307, Barger, Stanley Edwin, 275 Barham, Chandler F., 161, 307 Barham, Robert David, 307 Barham, Woodrow Wilson Jr., 307 Barhanovich, Billie Joy, 139, 163, 307 Barker, Glenda Del, 155, 307 Barkley, Walter Don, 94, 95 Barksdale, Bryan, 189, 202, 307 Barskdale, Nelson L. Jr., 171, 307 Barlow, Terrell Wayne, 173, 209, 307 Barmettler, Henry Harvey, Barnes, Cleston, 307 Barnes, George Neil, Barnes, Hazel Ann, 116, 307 Barnes, John Alan, 139, 167, 307 Barnes, Linda Jean B., Barnes, Reginald Eugene, 187, 202, 307 Barnes, Thomas T., 189, 202 Barnett, Buell Johnston, 125, 191, 308 Barnett, Eddie L., 308 Barnett, George D., Barnett, Jack, 181 Barnett, Lee Gordon, 189, 308 Barnette, Carol Jean, Barnhart, Burton Lee, Barnwell, William E., 308 Barr, Jacob Dexter Jr., 120, 171, 275 Barr, William Howard, 82, III Barranco, Joe Anthony, Barrett, James A. Jr., 177, 214, 308 Barrett, John William, 73, 78, 103, 179 Barrett, Mary Elizabeth, 110, 147, 275 Barrett, Pat Montgomery. III, 177, 297 Barrett, Peter Hickman, 202 Barrett, Thomas H., 308 Barrow, Mary Frances, Barrow, Richard Craig, Barrow, Robert James, 195, 276 Bartley, Paul E. Jr., Barton, James Douglass, 122, 308 Barton, Jimmie Don, 202 Barton, Robert William, 173, 205, 297 Baschap, Karin Noelle, Basham, Lillian Webb, Basham, William E., 93, 297 Bass, Joseph E., 181, 211, 308 Bass, Meredith A. Jr., 189, 308 Bass, Michael C., 202, 308 Bates, Christopher M., 276 Bates, Donald E., Bates, Grady William, 202 Bates, Samuel Lyle Jr., 179, 214, 215 Bath, Daniel W. Jr., Bath, Joan Chapman, Batson, Bettye E., 155, 308 Batts, Allen G., 202 Baxter, Lloyd M., Baygents, Larry Spencer, 92, 169, 308 Baylen, James L., 129, 181, 201, 308 Beach, Stephen Leeds, III, 101, 105, II 191, 297 Beadle, John Edward, Bean, Theodore Thomas, 106, 138 Beane, Elizabeth B., Beard, Fred L. Jr., 97, 103, 130, 189, 24 308 Beard, Gabrielle B., Beard, James A., 297 Beard, Joyce W., 309 Bearden, Thomas Howard, 84, 201 Beasley, James L. Jr., Beasley. Robert Lloyd, 66, 69, 175, 204, 308 Beatty, Anita Mayhew, 145, 308 Beatty, Harry Bartton Jr., 308 Beauchamp, Jeffery Hunt, Beaver, Sondra Kathleen, 75, 147 Becker, Charles A. Jr., Beckwith, David William, 177, 202, 308 Beckwith, Phyllis Janice, 73, 143, 147, 308 Bedient, Philip Bruce, 308 Bedingfield, William Ray, 130, 185, 219, 243 Bee, Anna Margaret, 155, 308 Beemon, Fred Edwin Jr., 129, 276 Beesley, Valory Green, 139, 276 Beharrell, Richard Alan, 239, 243, 276 Bej, Asit Kumar Jahorlal, 105, 297 Bell, Alan Blakely, 202, 308 Bell, Claude A., Bell, James Kenneth, 308 Bell, Jerry Dean, 297 Bell, John T., 129, 132 Bell, Josh B. Jr., 276 Bell, Linda Lois, Bell, Ralph B., 189 Bell, Ramelle Eason, 151, 276 Bellamy, Malcolm E. Jr., 211 Bellande, Bruce James, 202, 308 Bellshot, Alice Mae, 98 105, 147, 276 Benbow, Roy Walter, 308 Bender, Benny Wayne, 189, 202, 308 Benefiel, Michael Grant, 202. 308 Benekf, Barbara Lane, 157, 308 Beneke, Henry III, 175, 202, 308 Beneke, Richard U., 171, 202 Benjamin, Danny Ray, 308 Benn, Charlie William Jr., 211, 308 Bennett, Bonnie Louise, 139, 308 Bennett, James Albert, 191 Bennett, James K., 237 Bennett, John Edward, 308 Bennett, Marshall G. Jr., 78, 88, 101, 189, 297 Bennett, Shirley Anne, Bennett, Susan E., 126, 163, 308 Benson, Joe Eddins, 308 Benson, William A. IV, Berch, Jerry Daniel, 140, 308 Berg, Robert John, 201, 308 Bergalowski, Chester W. Jr., 185, 237, 243, 276 Berliner, Alfred Eugene, 276 Berry, Connie Sue, 84, 119, 123, 145, 308 Berry, Eugene Sexton, 202, 308 Berry, Frank II, 193, 308 Berry, James Lampton Jr., 169, 201, 308 Berry, Martin Leroy, 308 Berryman, Charlotte L., 132, 308 Best, Edwin Moore, 202, 308 Betz, Emily Sue, 308 Bevill, Rodney L., 115, 276 Bhutani, Rajindar Kumar, Bickham, Tommy Wayne, Bickley, Helen Claudia, 147, 308 Biddle, Arlen Kirk, 202, 308 Biddy, Beverly Jean, 161, 308 Biedenharn, Letitia Mae, 75, 155, 276 Biggers, Boyce M., 276 Biggs, Lois Joy, 155, 308 Bilbo, Margot Jean, 123, 133, 155, 210, 308 Biles, George L. Jr., Biles, Philip K., Billett, Nancy Jane, Billings, Charles David Jr., 103, 309 Binford, Harriet Nelson, 308 Bing, William Wayne, Bingham, James W., Birchett, Thomas C. C., 187, 202, 308 Birdwell, Betty C., 153, 308 Bishop, Barbara Ann, 308 Bishop, Clinton J. Jr., Bishop, Laura Cheryl, 139, 155, 308 Bishop, Victoria Lee, 153, 276 Bisland, Cornelia Eliz, Black, Clifford D., Black, Harry Lamar, 69, 77 Black, Henry H., 179, 202, 308 Black, Lillian Shaw, Black, Sandra Lee, 308 Black, Scott G. Jr., 189, 241 Black, William E. III, Blackburn, James D., 219 Blackwell, Arnold V. 83, III, 297 Blackwell, Leonard A. II, 71, 83, 101, 109 III, 179, 297 Blackwell, Mary Ladner, Blackwell, Richard B., Blaine, F. Matthew, 193, 309 Blair, Beverly J., 145 Blair, George Leroy, 297 Blalack, Bill Edward, 276 Bland, Gennie Louise, Bland, William Anthony, 103, 169, 309 Blanton, Ramona Gayle, 163, 309 Bleed, Te rry Robert, 309 Blehm, Leland Adam, 309 Blessey, Gerald H., 82, 88, 101, 107, 109, III, 297 Blessey, Tamalane A., 133, 309 DEE ' S RESTAURANT Try a Famous Deeburger and Shake Soon Highway No. 6 East SOFT SPRAY CAR WASH " The best place for a car wash " OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 349 • COLLEGE CLOTHES AND • ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CARL COERS • NEW AND USED BOOKS AND • SCHOOL SUPPLIES UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE " The Students ' Store—Where Your Dollar Buys More " ELLIOT LUMBER COMPANY Offering Students a Complete Line of Supplies For Fraternity or Dormitory Projects OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS " Famous for H-s 24 hour Service " 350 Bliga, Samuel Robert, 171, 211, 309 Bloch, Lois Jean. 145, 309 Blough, Jim Crighton, 189, 202, 309 Blount, Jerry Holmes, 193, 297 Blount, Joseph L., Blue, Penny Ann, 309 Blumenthal, Henry L. III, 185, 206, 276 Blumer, Thomas John, Boatner, Phyllis Faithe, 163, 309 Boatright, Ross N. Jr., Bobbs, William Henry, 171, 202 Bobe, James William, Boettcher, Bonnie Marie, Bogen, Edward J. Jr., Bogen, Eugene Michael, Bogen, Gordon Jerome, 73, 175, 202, 309 Boggan, Patricia Lynn, 151 Boggs, Charlene C., 145, 276 Boggs, Wendell Davidson, 309 Bogue, Thomas J. III, 189, 309 Boland, Michael J., 103, 179, 202 Boland, Nell Ann, Bolen, Charles Richard, Bolen, John David, 309 Bolen, Modine Day, Bolin, James Wayne, Boling, John Loyd, 115, 167, 202, 309 Bolton, Beverly Anthony, 155, 309 Bolton, Clinton McKellar, 276 Bolton, Walter T., 202, 309 tomboy, Ann Davis, 155, 309 Bomboy, David W., 103, 189, 202, 309 Bond, Martha Dell, 157. 276 Bond, William, 189, 309 Bond, William, 189, 309 348 Bonds, Eldridge Dean, 309 Bonfield, Alfred M., Booher, David L. 211 Booker, Thomas L., Boone, Frank C. Jr., 202, 309 Boone, Sharon Lynn, 157, 309 Boone, Victor Frank, 106, 124, 140, 276 Boone, William Elliott, 309 Booth, Claire Ann, 136, 276 Booth, John Robert, 201, 309 Booth, Joseph M.. 127, 210 Booth, Linwood Hall, Boozer, Larry Thomas, 309 Borden, James Pennington, 309 Boren, Charles S., 101, 106. 173 Borthwick, Jo Claire, 149, 276 Borthwick, Mary Diane, 149, 309 Bossle, Paul Courtney, Bostwick, Robert H. III, 117, 189, 202, 30 ' Botto, John Edward, 175, 202, 309 Boyd, Robert Charles, 104 Boyd, Robert Dunleigh, 136, 309 Boydstun, John Herbert, 185, 309 Boyle, Thomas Wendell, Boyles, Emmett George III, 171, 309 Boyles, George Ball Jr., Boyles, Howell Johnson, 135, 309 Bozeman, William Steven, 69, 211, 309 Bozone, David Emmett Jr., 104 Brackett, Gayle Dana, 309 Braddock, Emma Marie, Braden, James B., 309 Bradham, Thomas W., Bradley, Anne Patton, 149, 309 Bradley, Gerald W., 276 Bradley, Milton Lavell, Bradley, Patricia Anne, 79, 155, 309 Bradley, Robert Lee, Brady, Dan Hill, Brady, Joe Mister Jr., 179, 309 Brame, Betty Jean. 309 Brame, Charles Ellis, 309 Brame, Cynthia Louise, Bramlett, Janie Maria, Bramwell, Ann L. 147. 276 Branch, Wesley Ellis, 185, 309 Branham, Anna C., 155, 309 Brasfield, James S. M., 179 Bratt, Frank Whitty, 136, 309 Bratton, Margarett Bunny, 309 Bottom, John Thomas III, 69, 189, 202, 3C Botts, Lillian H. S., 309 Bounds, George L. Jr., 297 Bounds, Joel Elwyn, Bounds, John Wade, 309 Bounds, Walter M. Jr., 138, 211 Bourgeois, Edna A., 127, 309 Bourland, Larry Glenn, 103, 122 Bourn, Fred Exzell Jr., 76, 88, 94, 95, 97, 101, 103, 109, 121, 122, 130, 181, 276 Bourn, Joe Ray, Bove, John F. Bowden, Lesa Craig, 157, 309 Bowditch, Pamela Ellen, Bowen, Bettie Margaret, 138, 157, 309 Bowen, David Larry. 276 Bowen, James B. Jr., 179, 309 Bowen, Rees Tate III, 88, 94, 101, III, 19 297 Bowen, Roy Glenn, 309 Bowen, Sandra Diane, 78, 98, 149, 276 Bowie, Claude Penn Jr., 276 Bowles, Corinne Gaither, 151, 276 Bowling, Linda Ann, 110, 155, 276 Bowling, Nancy Lynn, 155, 309 Box, Dan Hargett, Box, David A., 138, 309 Box, Simeon Alexander, Boyce, Brenda Ann, 96, 153, 309 Boyd, David Maurice, 70, 92, 101, 10: 132, 309 Boyd, Judy Elizabeth, 149 Braun, Louis E., 202 Brawley, Donna Louise, Brawley, Eddie Eugene, 138, 185, 243, Brawley, Gwendolyn Marie. Brawner, Arlin B., Brawner, Jerry Wayne, Brawner, Rebecca Nash. Breath, Charles A. III, 114, 211, 309 Breazeale, Elmo H. Jr., Breazeale, Raymond E., 185 Breland, James Thompson, Breland, Joseph M., 310 Breland, Norman Leroy, 297 Brenkert, Gail Elizabeth, 310 Brennan, John J. Jr., Brenner, Carol Ann, 159, 310 Brent, Michael James, 201, 310 Brett, Maurice R., 116, 310 Brewer, Aubrey Horace, 297 Brewer, Betty Ruth, 139, 276 Brewer, Dennis Craig, 139 Brewer, Wanda Jean, 110, 310 Breyer, Alexander R., 310 Bridges, James Wilson, 173, 211, 277 Bridges, Kenneth Daniel, Bridgforth, Barry Wilson. 191 Bringham, Norma Lee. 151 Brigtsen, Norman C. Jr., Brim, James A., 181, 310 Brinkman, Carl Harvey, 167, 310 Briscoe, Elizabeth Ann, 310 Briscoe, Mendum Dees, 310 Briscoe, Robert E. Brister, Benjamin Borden, 181, 196, 3 Brister, Sue Carole, 149 Britt. Sam G., Brittingham, William W. 277 Britton, Howard Lynn, 125, 297 Britton, Isabella N., 147, 310 Broach, Robert E., Broadway, Mary L. Wynne, Brocato, Hess Raymod, 185, 202, 310 Brock, Ethel M. Ritchie, Brock, Henry Donnie, 66, 101. 177, 29 Brock, Richard William, 164, 181, 29i Brockman, Elizabeth Ann, 132 Brooks, Beverly Jean, 159, 277 Brooks, Beverly Jo, 310 Brooks, Beverly Nell, 123, 153, 310 Brooks, Charles L., Brooks, Thomas J. III, 310 Brooks, Toni Marie, 277 Broom, Judith Dianne, 157, 310 Broom, William E., Broome, Austin Randy, 175, 310 Broome, Robert H., 297 Brosius, Albert Earl Jr., 209, 310 Brougher, Robert T., 212, 310 Broussard, James Kenneth, 204, 243, : Brown, Cecil Charles Jr., 66, 67, 69, 101, 103, 109, 185, 277 Brown, Douglas Colin, 277 Brown, Gerald K., 310 Brown, Jack Davis, Brown, Jacqueline F., Brown, James C., Brown, James Lee, 189, 310 Brown, James Stuart, 310 Brown, John A., 297 Brown, John E., 210 Brown , Joseph Paul, Brown, Kenneth B, 103, 202, 310 Brown, Mae Elizabeth, 147, 310 Brown, Marilyn L., 73. 159, 277 Brown, Randy, 189, 202, 310 Brown, Susan, 149, 310 Brown, Thomas W. Jr., 310 Brown, Virginia Nell, 81, 133, 155, 31 Brown, William C. Jr., Brown, William H. Jr., 109, 297 Brown, William Van. 310 Brown, Winfred Earl, Browne, David Powell, Browne, Margaret Olivia, 163, 277 Browning, Jack M., 181, 214, 215 Brownlee, Douglas Albert, 297 Brucker, Alan P.. Brumbaugh, William A. 130, 195, 27 Brumfield, Henry M., 191, 202 Brumley, Charles B. Jr., 277 Brummett, Dianna Lynn. 109, 116, 13 ' Bruno, Mary Carolyn, 60, 77, 151, 201 310 Brunson, Robert Ryan, 179 Brunt, Rex H., 310 Bryan, John R., 209, 310 Bryan, John T. Jr., 185 Bryan, Richard Cohron Jr., 130, 189, Bryant, David Leland, 101, 103, 118, 191, 310 Bryant, Edward Earl, 189, 277 Bryant, Frankie Elizabeth, 310 Bryant, Joan A., 310 Bryant, Mildred Sarah, 277 Bryant, Phillip Davis, 297 Bryson, James Robert, Bryson, William P. 310 Buchanan, James P., Buchholz, Elizabeth Anne, 137, 159, 3 Buck, George Sumner III, 84, 114, 27 Buckler, Gary Valle, Buckles, Donald Edward, 297 Buckles, Wanda Tracy, Buckley, Lawrence F., 297 Buckley, Thomas Michael, Buckner, Jo Lane, 161, 310 Buffaloe, Cynthia H., Buffaloe, George W. IV., Buffaloe, Scott Collins, Buford, Catherine M. Buford, Thomas A., 191, 277 Bullard, Galye D., 202 Bullard, Janice, 135, 139, 310 Bullard, Mascle Sparks, 310 Bullard, Pamela Ann, Bullard, William R., Bullen, Glenn W. 310 Bullock, John H. Jr., Bundy, William T. Jr.. Bunkley, Joel William III, Buntin, Anna Jane, Buntin, Jerry Lofton, Burcham, Gary Lee, 297 Burchfield, Brian A., 310 Burdine, Robert F., 310 Burgoon, James W., 83, 88, 101, III, Burhorn Charles, 232, 310 Burk, John S. Jr., Burke, James Robert, Burke, Patrick Francis, 310 Burke, Richard Anthony, III, 297 Burke, Robert Day, 175. 202, 310 Burks, James Alton 138 140 Burleson, John L.. 97, 214 Burnett, Charles R. Jr., 120, 130, 310 Burnett, Francis Gerald, 164, 185, 31( Burnett, Ann, 277 Burnett, Phillip C., 130, 310 Burnette, Richard Brian, 202 Burnham, David L., 187, 310 Burnham, Robert Jefferson Burns, Barbara Anne, 139, 310 Burns, Bobby W., Burns, Bonnie B.. 133. 135 151, 310 Burns, Rosa R., 110, 139. 310 Burns. Virginia L. McDonald, Burrell, Donald R., 193, 310 Burress, Susan R., Burrow, Ann Roy, Burrow, William Owen. 193 214, 215, Burson, Susan Jane, 147, 310 Burst, Robert Amel. Burt, Lucy 132, 277 Burton, Franklin Gail, 310 Burton, James Daniel, 310 Burton, Walcie Leon, 277 Busby, Patricia Ann, Busby Virginia Lois, 153, 311 Buse, Tommy Sims, Bush, Alan L., 219, 243 Bush, Frederick W., 179. 211 Bush, Keith Shepherd, 151 Bussey Larry Davis, 167, 311 Butler, Elizabeth S., 73, 123. 134, 149, Butler, George Wayne, 140, 181, 311 Butler, Herbert Mark, 311 Butler, James N. Butler, Rachael Marion. Butterfield, Bonita, 67, 93, 133, 149, .3 Butterfield, Charles R., Buxton, G. Edward III, 164, 193, 277 Byers, Ellis S., Beers, George G., 136, 201, 311 Bynum, Gus Ames, 73, 191, 311 Byrd, Darryl. 277 Byrd, Harold Joseph. 311 Byrd, Patricia Anne, 163, 311 C Cabaniss, Rita Proby, 126, 151, 311 Cahill, Judith Lynne, Cahill. Stephen Allen, Cain. Bobby Joe, 277 Cain, Cynthia Louise, 151 Cain, Richard Lee. Calandro, V. Michael, 311 Calder, Willie Frank, Caldwell, Carolyn D., 109, 311 Caldwell, G. . Caldwell James E. 181, 298 Caldwell. Johnny E., 277 Caldwell, Julia Holmes. 145 277 Caldwell, Martha C.. 109 159 311 Caldwell, Pamela Brevard, 155, 311 Caldwell, William Clay, Calhoon, lone T. W., 132 155, 311 Calhoun. Jackie C., 157, 277 Calhoun. Norman John, 139, 183, 191 Calhoun, Ronnie E., Callahan. Elaine Barron, Callahan, Louis L. Jr., Callender. William C., 103, III, 179 Callicutt. Edwina H., Callicutt, Thomas L. Jr., 311 Caloway, Grover R., 116, 210, 212, 31 Calvasina, Eugene J., 298 Calvert, Linda Kay, 135, 159, 311 Calvin, John Henry Jr., 277 Calvin, Sharon Lyn, Cameron, Ralph F. Jr., 191 Camire, George Dennis, 169 Campassi, Celeste, 159, 311 Campassi, Charles L., 202 Campbell, Andrew Colin, 187 Campbell, Gerald Kent, 277 Campbell, Gerard Willett, 187, 311 Campbell, James McDonald, 97, 130, 202, 311 Campbell, Jan Alyse, 73, 96, 155, 214, 311 Campbell, Jonathan A., Campbell, Leslie Curtis, 298 Campbell, Milus Calvin Jr., 129, 214, 215, 311 Campbell, Ronald W., 202 Campbell, Virginia C., 153, 311 Canizaro, Joseph Ed Jr., 177, 311 Cannan, Bill Joe, 130, 311 Cannon, Glenn Dale, 191, 311 Cannon, Jerry Wayne, Cannon, Mary Carolyn, 311 Cannon, Raybon Carroll, Canty, Patricia Ann, 153, 311 Canup, Johnnie Fae Caperton, Charles Henry, 132, 277 Caples, Edgar Lee, 115, 311 Capparelle, Joann Therese, Cardwell, Ronald Estes, 202, 311 Carey, John Edward, Carithers, Michael R., 130, 181, 202, 311 Carleton, Reese M., Carlisle, Betty M. E., 109, 119, 145, 311 Carlisle, John D., 191 Carlisle, William T.. 179, 218 Carnahan, Carolyn Sue, 122, 147, 311 Carnahan, James Roy, Carnahan, Linda K. Mullens Carnahan, Virginia Read, Carnathan, Gary Lee, 82, III, 298 Carothers, Richard Butler, 167, 277 Carpenter, Cassell C., Carpenter, Cecil L. Jr., 277 Carpenter, Edwin B. Jr., 175, 311 Carpenter, Ira W. Jr., 169, 202 Carpenter, Meredith Davis, 73, 155 Carpenter, Mildred Mayo, Carpenter, Roxie, Carpenter, Terry Carol, 191, 311 Carpenter, Wayne Obrian, 277 Carr, Forrest L., Carr, James E., 185, 202, 311 Carr, John Robert, 311 Carrey, Philip James, 183. 311 Carrington, Carolyn L., 70, 126, 153, 311 Carrington, Robert E. III, Carroll, Dorothy E., Carroll, Geneva B., Carroll, Sammy Jacob, 201, 311 Carruth, Nancy Jeanne, 149, 311 Carruth, Susan Rowe, 75, 93, 143, 149, 278 Carsley, Robert Thomas, 177, 278 Carson, Johnny Lee, 278 Carter, Cary Gray, 185, 311 Carter, Dorothy Anne, 133 Carter, Elizabeth Chapman, 74, 110, 139, 151, 311 Carter, Eugene M., Carter, Jimmy Truett, 104, 175, 243, 27B Carter, Kirk Paxton. 179, 311 Carter, Terry Alan, 203, 311 Carter, William A., 311 Carter, William Raymond, 278 Case, Barbara Elise, 278 Case, John Stringer, 191 Case, Susan Lee 96, 155, 311 Caselli, Renato P. Jr., Cashin, Ronald C., 195, 311 Cason, William Hamilton, Cassaday, Michael M., Cassidy, Carol Evelyn, 133, 159, 311 Castle, Henry F., 311 Caston, Lester Bramlette. 219, 243 Catt, James Leroy Jr., 214, 311 Caudill, Becky Marie, Cauthen, Mary E., 110, 139, 311 Cave, William Hershel) Jr., Cayce, Charles T., Cerny. Jan Edwin, Chadwick Jefferson Pat, 138 311 Chaffin, William Michael, 175, 202, 311 Chaki. John J. 298 Chamberlain, George L., 189, 202, 311 Chamberlin, Leonard Martin, Chambers, Charles Raymond, Chambers, Mary A. Jones, Chambers, Richard Cullin, 173, 278 Chamblee, Louis Rodney, 311 Champion, John Powell, Chancellor, Don Wood, 130, 278 Chandler, James Walter, 189, 278 Chandler, Kathleen Gore, 136, 298 Chandler, Kyle, 117, 130, 179, 202 Chandler Laurance N. Ill, Chaney Chandler, 137, 140, 278 Chang, Hung Chih, 298 Chapman, Cynthia Louise, 140, 151, 311 Chapman, Diana Carolyn, 298 Chapman, Gay Lynn 135, 278 Chapman, Larry H., 177, 312 Charbonnet, Jamie Obrien, 177, 312 Chatham, Gerald Wilborn, 191 Chatham, James Edward, Chatham, William F., Chatman, Mary Leila. 74, 78, 157, 278 Cheairs, Thomas W. III, Cheatham, James B., 312 Cheeseman, Donald F. Jr., Chenault, Ramona S., 312 Cheramie, Van Joseph, 127, 202, 312 Cheruvelil, Joseph M., 298 Chesnut, Robert W., 135, 202, 312 Chesteen, John Row, Chevis, Sidney Albert, Chilcutt, Mimi Elizabeth, 153, 312 Childers, Laney Dixon, 298 Childress, Bobby W., 134, 312 Chiles. Charlene Frances, 116, 163, 312 Chinn, Patricia D., 96. 312 Chisholm, Elsie C., 312 Chisholm, John H., Choate, Lee Hampton, 187, 312 Choe, Hyong Kul. 312 Chotard, Manche Bennett, 70, 191, 312 Chow, Sallye Laye, 312 Chow, Sammy Ming, 312 Chrestman, Deane, 149, 312 Chrestman, Reuben L. III, 73, 164, 191, Christ, Samuel D. Jr., 129, 312 Christ, Samuel David, Christy, James Dewitt, 167, 278 Chu, Shu Hong, 312 Chuang, Lan Yuh Yang Chuang, Vincent Tsungchien, Chunn, Anson Bobby, 130, 312 Chunn, Clifton B. Jr., 312 Church, Clarence H., 73, 278 Churchill, Robert, Chustz, Sandra Lynn, 161, 312 Cissna, Volney J. Jr., Clagett, William Raymond, 202 Clark, Alvah E. Jr., 177, 312 Clark, Ann Carol, 76, 155, 312 Clark, Arthur B. III, 179, 312 Clark, Barbara Ruth, 137 Clark, Charles Luper, 191, 202, 278 Clark, Claude V. Jr., Clark, Douglas E. Jr., 179, 203 Clark, Harold Nowlin, 179, 202, 312 Clark, John Calhoun Jr., Clark, Katie Louise, 312 Clark, Lowell Wayne, 202 Clark, Richard Orville, 189, 298 Clark, Orville, Richard, 189, 298 Clark, Sandra Jo, 157, 312 Clark, Thomas Alexander, Clark, Wanda Dawn, 312 Clarke, Lee Oliver, 122, 312 Clary, Donald Bain, 140, 312 Clause, Clifton John, Clay, James R., 171, 312 Clay, William Frank. 219, 241, 243, 250 Clayton, Gordon G. Jr., Clayton, Hugh Carter. 70, 117, 179, 205, Clayton, Susan, 137, 157, 312 Clayton, William J., 79, 167, 312 Clemens, Jeptha Clark, 129, 135, 278 Clement, Neal G., Clement, William F. Jr., 202 Clements, Diane M., Coffey, Eleanor R. House, Clements, Rush M. Clemmer, Burton C. II, Clifford, Karen Lynne, 66, 74, 75, 135, 15 312 Clifton. William G., 312 Cline, William Hart, 171, 202 ,312 Clingman, Keith P., 97, 130, 187, 312 Clinton, Anita C., 159 Clinton, John William, 103, 106. 124, 278 Clinton, Richard Bunton, 115, 191 Cloar, Connie Louise, 161, 312 Cloud, Charles Randall, 191, 196, 312 Cloutman, Karen Ruth, 163, 312 Coates, Bobby A., 124, 278 Coates. Lynne, 133, 159, 209, 312 Cobb, Charles Allen. 120. 278 Cobb, David Louis. 191, 312 Cobb, James Dennis, 312 Cobb, Judy Carolyn, 51. 143, 155, 312 Cobb, Nina Clair, 135, 312 Cobb, Russell Victor I11, Cobb, Wanda Nell. 159, 312 Cochran, Hunter Kelsey Jr., Cockerham, John Stephen, 312 Cockrell, James Warren, 189 Cockrell, Susan Beattie, 122, 136, 312 Coers, Janice R. 1, 312 Cofer, Edwin Tharp, 73, 84, 107, 114, Cofer, F. Lenward, 312 Coffey, Bland Dodds, 278 Coffey, Janice Dine, 278 Coffey, Larry Eugene, 298 Coffey, Mikel Lee. 312 Coggin, Frederick Rea, 114, 191, 202, 31: Coggin, James V. Jr., 191, 298 Cohen, Judith Ann, Coker, Ann B. Parker, Coker, Curtis E. Jr., Coker, Edwin Raymond, Coker, Rickey F., 177, 312 Coker, Sam Wallace, 298 Coker, Sharon Fincher, 312 Cole, Jane A., Cole, John Franklin, 88, 278 Cole, Marsha K., 312 Cole, Patricia Louise, 98, 159, 192, 278 Cole, Robert Gary. 70 Cole, Ronald K., 107, 193, 298 Coleman, Billy Mack, 278 Coleman, David Lee, Coleman, Gail Jean, 312 Coleman, George E. Jr., Coleman, Gwyneth Jane, Coleman, Michael Wallace, 189, 312 Coleman, Richard Lee, 94, 167, 203, 278 Coleman, William D. Jr., 167, 201, 312 Collier, Carolyn, Collier, Chambliss Hayden, 130, 167, 278 Collier, Terry Lee, 202 Collier, Warner J., 278 Collins, Graham W., Collins, Harry Sherman, 181, 313 Collins, Homer D., 313 Collins, Lillye Jane, 116, 122, 123, 145, 313 Collins, Mac Kelly, 298 Colvin, Joan Estella, 96, 126, 155, 313 Colvin, Judith Ann, 110, 137, 155, 313 Combs, Carolyn B.. 298 Combs, Clyde M. Jr., 110, 298 Comer, John Richard, 191, 204, 313 Comer, Thomas Howard, 122, 191, 278 Comer, Wayne Peter, 204, 313 Commer, Linda, 278 Conaway, Van C. Jr., 179 Condon, Gail Hanley. 159, 313 Condon, William Patrick, 201, 313 Conley, Forrest Mobley Jr., 139, 167, 206, 313 Connaway, John M., Connell, Mary Ann, Conner, Lee K., 130, 185, 202, 313 Conner, Raymond M., 298 Contes, William Jerry, Conwill, Johnny F., Cook, Billy Herschel, Cook, Hallie Gail. Cook, John Joseph, 179, 202, 313 Cook, Lucius P., 175, 279 Cook, Mary Bibb, 75 Cook, Paul Martin II, 298 Cook, Prudence McFadden, 279 Cook, Robert Timothy, 189, 313 Cook, Thomas Archie, Cooke, Frances Amelia, 58, 61, 74, 77, 151 199, 207, 313 Cooke, Gaines Lassabe, 189, 313 Cooke, Michael Dale, 179, 313 Cooke, Patricia Dorina, 110 Cooley Helen L., 163 Coon, Malcolm Stephen, Coon, Margaret Ann, 313 Cooper, Daryl L., 189 Cooper, David Rudell, 313 Cooper, Floyd Martin, Cooper, Mary Belle J.. Cooper. Mary Beth, 135, 163, 313 Cooper, Virginia Ann, Coppenrath, Gerald R., Corban, Alton Lee Jr., 103, 185, 313 Cormier, Donna, M., 279 Cormier, Joseph E., 298 Cornelius, Philip T., Correro, Anthony Phillip, Correro, Sam Philip, 279 Corretti, E. Suzanne, 147, 313 Cosby, Freddie Sue, 313 Cothran, Tom A. Jr., 164, 195, 201, 313 Cothren, James P., 179, 298 Cotner, Linda Lee, 157, 279 Cotten, Robin Owen, 120, 177, 298 Cotton, Carroll L., 130, 191, 313 Cottrell, Albert P., Counce, Charles Ray, 139, 187, 202, 313 Counce, Sandra Lucille, 279 Courtney, Louie Bilbo, 313 Covington, Robert 0., Coward, Charles B.. 189, 203, 219 Cox, Alvin Conley Jr.. 177, 313 Cox, Anna Kate, 73, 107, 147, 298 Cox, Cecil Vester Jr., 279 Cox, Clara Dean, 75, 112, 155, 313 Cox, Frankie Lee, 120, 279 Cox, Gary C., Cox, George Butler Jr., 114 Cox, James Thomason, Cox, John C., 114, 313 Cox, Martha Diane, 49, 56, 279 Cox, Roger D., 79, 191. 313 Cox, Sammye Jane, 137, 140, 279 Cox. Sidney Anderson, 191, 279 Cox, Sidney Anderson, Cox, William Glenn, 175, 313 Craft, Ann Elizabeth, 68, 313 Craig, Clarence R. Jr., 201 Craig, Jonathan Drewery, Craig, Louie Vivian Jr., 298 Craig, Neta Joy, 313 Craig, Sarah Gaye, 157, 313 Crain, Robbie Joyce, 313 Crain, William J., 211 Crampton, Roy Ellis III, 298 Crane, Michael Ray. Cranford, Janelle, 145, 313 Cranston, Philip Edwin, 173, 313 Craven, Bobby E.. 298 Crawford, Buren R., 313 Crawford, Crispen L., Jr., Crawley, David E. III, Crawley, Ethel J., 313 Creekmore, Wade H. Jr., 83, III, 298 Cresswell, Peggy Ann, 157, 279 Crews, Nancy L., 93 Cribbs, Fred Chastain, 189, 279 Cribbs, Thomas Eugene, Crider, John Bellamy, Criswell, Victoria F., Crocker, Jerry Lee, 129, 313 Crockett, Clay McAmis, 169, 202, 313 Cromer, Mildred Louise, Cromwell. Rayner Jeanne, 56, 73, 75, 13 153, 313 Crook, Jon, 73, 193, 202, 313 Crosby, Anne B. 313 Crosby, Henry Thorne, 240 Crosby, Howard Miller, 298 Crosby, James R. Jr., 298 Crosby, Leonard Andrew, III, 279 Crosno, Cheryl Kay, Cross, Carla Cecilia. 145. 313 Cross, Virginia Portis, 157, 313 Crouch, Charles David, 298 Crouch, Mary Alfreda, 123, 313 Crouch, Michael Avery, 209, 313 Crow, Barbara M., Crow, Edward Jennings Jr., Crowder, Donald W., 313 Crowder, Elizabeth Viola, 136, 313 Crowson, Myra J. Coursey, 88, 98, 123, 279 Crowson, Thomas Dewey. 94 ,95, 191, 291 Crumbley, Randy Gary, 191, 279 Crumpton, James M. 313 Cruthirds, Nelson Redic, 177, 201, 313 Cuevas, Lehman J.. 313 Cumberland, Ferman Dan, 313 Cummings, Leonard 0. Jr., 313 Cummings, Walter Morrow Jr., Cummins, Marmaud Jo Cunningham, Charles W., Cunningham, Irven Edwin, 201 Cunningham, James Emmitt, 179, 313 Cunningham, Julian Douglas, 70, 185, 21 243 Cunningham, Larry Lamont, 73, 103, 164 185, 214, 215 Cupit, Thomas Lapell. Curet, Leslie Albert, 206 Curran, James Michael III, Currie, James M.. 203 313 James Tyson 73, 103, 119, 164, Curry, Burnice W. III, Curry, Patricia Ann, 147, 313 Curtin, James E., 175 Curtis, Mary M.. Curtis, William H., Custy, Jane Catherine, 92, 279 Dabbs, Gilford F. III, 185, 298 Dabbs, James Dutch, 313 Dail, James Russell, Dale, James Albert III ,111, 298 Dale, John Lipscomb, 89, 101, 106, 118, 191, 216, 279 Daley Howard Lee, 125, 279 Shirley W., Dalton, Dale Galbraith, 123, 149, 314 Dalton, Sam E. III, 314 Daly. James Francis, 167 Daniel, Charles M., Daniel, Daney Adeline, Daniel, Lloyd Coppedge, Daniel, Robert Cecil, Daniel, Watt Henry III, Daniel. William Jackson, 177. 279 Dannaway, Jan Charles, 237, 243 Darby, Ronald Lee 201 314 Darby, Richard Price, 203 Darden, Frances Louise, 145, 314 Darling, Charles Milton, 298 Darnell, David Stephen, 79, 81, 189, 203, 314 Daugherty, Richard C., 314 Daughton, Martha Jane. 123 .163, 279 Davenport, William D. Jr., 193, 201, 314 Davenport, William E., Daves, Ralph Lee, 191, 202 Davidson, James Joseph, 173, 314 Davidson, Jean Gay, Davidson, Leigh L., 96, 151, 314 Davidson, Mary A. H., Davies. Gene Leigh. 314 Davis, Carl F. Jr., 173 Davis, Charles Patton, 189, 279 Davis, Curtis Reed, Davis, Della, 279 Davis, Diana Dowd, 110, 279 Davis, Drucilla Joan, Davis, Elizabeth Ann, 314 Davis, Errett Evan Jr., 82, III, 298 Davis, Floyd M. Jr., 83. 298 Davis, Howard Q. Jr., 167, 298 Davis, James Harvey, 92, 122, 129, 169, 279 Davis, Jeff Vernon, Davis, John P., 191, 314 Davis, Karen 147, 314 Davis, Leonard B. Jr., 205 Davis, Martha Elizabeth, 77, 153, 314 Davis, Martha Louise, 314 Davis, Michael L., 185 Davis, Oscar E. Jr., III, 298 Davis, Philip Lee Jr., 202, 314 Davis, Robert Sol, Davis, Sallie Rinehart, 153, 314 Davis, Sidney Dewitt, Davis, Stephanie Sue, 157, 314 Davis, Virginia A., 149, 279 Davis, William Bradshaw, Davis William Hull, 189, 314 Davis, Winfred J. Jr., 187, 314 Davis, Winston Robert, 114, 298 Devitt, Louis P., Dawes, James Walter, 129, 211 Daws, Arthur F. Jr., Dawson, William Howard, 177, 203, 314 Day, Clyde Eric, II, 179 Day, David Lawson, Day, Hugh G., Dean, Daniel M.. 203 Dean, Michael Roy, Dean, Robert Caldwell, Dear, Robert T., Deere, James Davidson, Deare, Janet J., 112, 132, 314 Deaton, David Lee, 138 Debay, Frank A., 76, 78, 120, 128, 130, 136, 189, 314 Deberry, Wiliam Ronnie, 202, 314 Decker, Larry Couch, 314 Decoux, Robert Emile, 191, 203, 314 Deem, John Allen Jr., 129 Deener, Linda Sue, 79, 157, 314 Dees, Don Alfred, 140, 205, 314 Dees, James Gregory, 203, 314 Dees, Strawford H. III, 189, 201, 314 Defenbaugh, William Rich, Defore. Woodrow Wilson Jr., 201 Deitrich, John Lewis, 185, 203, 314 Delgadillo, James Hicks, 179 Deline, Donald Arthur, 101 Deluca, Brenda K.. Deloteus, Dorothy Linda, 314 Dematteo, Dale, 147, 314 Dement, John Ernest, 179, 239 Demetriou, Charles A., Demoss, Hariotte Craige Jr., 84 Demoville, Elizabeth W., Dempsey, James D., 203 Denham, Earl Lamar, 201 Denham, Elizabeth M., 149, 314 Denham, Woodrow Wilson Jr., Denley, Flavia Peeples, Denley, George Timothy, 203, 314 Denley, Harriette Lee, 314 Denley, James Hamilton, 169, 203, 314 Denley, Rosemary F., Denley, Tommy Lynn, Denney, Earl L., III, 193, 298 Dennis, Walter Michael, 179, 219, 241, 243, 250 Densing, Kent William, 314 Densing, Lani Lee, 147, 279 Denton, Chrisman Roberts, 314 Denton, Thomas S., 314 Derossitt, James P., III, 187, 196, 314 Deterly, James H., Deterly, William Henry, 187, 279 Deuschle, Edwin John, 203, 314 Dewees, Dianne Mann. 149, 314 Dewees, Herbert E., 175, 298 Dewelles, Roy 0., 314 Dexter, Mary May, 126, 137, 157, 314 . Dial, Richard E., 314 Dickerson, James Luther, Dickerson, Louis Rivers Jr., 279 Dickerson, Sherryl Ann, 314 Dickey, Karen Lee, 314 Dickey, Ronald, 201, 314 Dickson, Doris Ann, Dickson, Kenneth Patton, Diffley. Kevin K., 137, 163, 314 Dillingham, Bruce Jr., 219, 243 Dillon, Virgil David, 314 Dillon, Willard M. Jr., Dilworth, Carroll K. Jr., 171, 203, 314 Dilworth, Hal Conn Jr., Dines, Forrest Jr., 314 Dixon, Bruce Hubert, 185, 314 Dixon, Carman Ray Jr., 167, 201, 314 Dobbs, S. Carter Jr., 169, 279 Dodd, William Henry. 314 Dodson, Jack Robinson, 177, 314 Doiron, Gregory Oliver, 171, 204, 246, 314 Dolan, Peggy Ann, Doles, Maury Auval, Donald, Cleveland Jr., 279 Donald, John Alfred, 210, 314 Donald, William D. Jr., 171, 279 Donaldson, William S., 129, 314 Donnell, Robert E. Jr., 70, 280 OF BILOXI-GULFPORT 92 WEST BEACH BOULEVARD BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI 39530 When on the Beautiful Gulf Coast Stay at Holiday Inn Any Holiday Inn—Free Reservations by Holidex REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. GENTRY MOTEL Highway 6 West Oxford, Mississippi E. W. BRITTINGHAM, Your Host Telephone 234-3611 CALLAWAY ' S " On the Square " Oxford, Mississippi " Style Store Of The Coast " 353 W. BELK SONS " Your Friendly Dealer " On South Lamar Service Locations to Serve the Great and Crewing Coast! MEMBER FDIC THE GULFPORT GLASS CORPORATION Bottle Manufacturers Gulfport, Mississippi " See what you buy—buy in Glass " Phone UN 3-2474 Bryan Brothers Packing Co. West Point, Mississippi Reeds Drug Store OXFORD OLDEST DRUG STORE " Since I923 " Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year 354 Donovan, James E., Donovan, Thomas K., Doolittle, Jerry Alan, Doran, Martha, 315 Dorrill, George Lee, 169, 280 Dorris, Peggy Rae, Dorsey, Daniel R ichard, 177, 203, 315 Dorsey, Warren Candler, 120, 179, 280 Doss, James Arthur, 139, 315 Doss, Sarah Frances Arnold, 139, 315 Dossett, Anita Kathryn, 157 280 Dossett, James K., 298 Doty, Glenn Alvon, 104, 315 Dougherty, Michele Mary, 315 Dougherty, Patricia M., 315 Dougherty, Ralph Edwin, Dougherty, Sally Ann, Dougherty, Sandra J., 139, 315 Douglas, Sandra Kay, Dove, Susan E., 315 Dover, Jerry Lynn, 117, 195, 210, 315 Dowdy, Charles Wayne, 299 Dowdy, Larry Harlan, Dowdy, Sammy Steve, 315 Downer, Anne M. Kuzmitz, Downer, Donald Newsom, Downer, Robert Selby, Downing, Linda C.. 315 Downs, Lynne Carol, Doyle, Dennis Albert 181, 210, 315 Doyle, Richard James, 299 Doyle, Sidney Eugene, Dozier, Ronald Giles, 201 Drake, Carl Eugene, 177, 299 Drake, Clara Frances, 161, 315 Drake, Danny Alton, 138, 315 Drake, Thomas A. Jr., Dreher, Kenneth R., 73, 167, 204, 315 Dressler, John Timothy, 315 Driver, Ronald Edwin, 138, 315 Droke, Joseph Clint Jr., 315 Jerry Harold, 84, 203 Drude, Kathleen Ann, Dubard, John Allen, 73, 129, 132, 167, 214, 280 Dubois, Bobby W., 177. 315 Dubois, George, 73, 181, 280 Duck, Andrew Watson, 185 Durk, Howard L. Jr., 315 Ducker, Richard E., 167 Duckworth, Dale Lee, 94, 101, 167, 299 Dudley, Charles R., 125, 315 Dudley. Lawrence Morgan Jr., 79, 97, 120, 179, 315 Duffee, Ann E., 139, 315 Dagger, William W., Duke, Douglas Ratcliffe, 187 315 Duke, Mary Louise, 67, 149, 315 Duke, Ronald Bowen, 315 Duke, Tommy, 181, 202, 315 Dukes, James 0., 117, 128, 191, 315 Dumas, William T. Jr., 191, 315 Duncan, Capitola Horton, Duncan, Eric Thompson, Duncan, Eugenia Dianne, 79, 123, 153, 315 Duncan, Melissa W.. 299 Duncan, Nancy Carol, 157, 242, 280 Duncan, Patsy G., 315 Dunlap, Lynn Hawkins, 108 Dunmire, David Lee Dunmire, Lois Jean, 315 Dunn, Beatrice Marshall, 161, 315 Dunn, Carroll Edward, 189, 205, 243, 280 Dunn, Charles Tillman, 210, 232 Dunn, Christopher A., 183, 315 Dunn, Edgar M. Jr., 171, 315 Dunn, Elmer Kenneth Jr., Dunn, Harold Eugene, Dunn, Helen Frances, 151, 280 Dunn, Linda Lee, 75, 110, 145, 280 Dunn, Martha McCauley, Dunn, Mary Ann, 280 Dunn, Nancy Jeanne, 151, 315 Dunn, Richard Minta, Dunnam, Richard Eugene, 191 Dunnaway, Phil Ray, 82, III, 299 Dupree, Henry S., Dupree, James Edward, 169, 202, 315 Duvall, Marcel Rovene, Duvall, Martha Allen, 315 Dye, Charles Edward, Dye, Travis Earl, Dykes, Jewell K. Jr., 203 218 Dyre, Arnold Douglas, 185, 315 E Earnest, James Eluin, 299 Earnheart, Billie Joyce, 159, 280 Earthman, Frances Kay, 163, 280 Easley, Everette John, 109, 164, 167, 280 Eason, Jo Ann L., Eason, Thomas R. East, William Jeff, 299 Easterling, Larry Byron, 124, 315 Easterling, Peggy Diann, 123, 315 Easterling, Sherrill W. Eastland, James Donald, Eatman, Catherine April L., 315 Eaton, Brenda Sue, 137, 140, 149, 315 Eavenson, Theresa Anne, 139, 159, 315 Echols, John A., 124, 315 Edgar, Robert M., 132. 175, 315 Edmonson, Ben Garrett, 177, 299 Edmondson, Frederick E., 315 Edmondson, Susan Gilda, 159, 315 Edmonson, Mary E., 69. 79, 149, 203, 207 Edmonson, R. Lee, 73, 299 Edrington, Sandra Kay, 315 Edwards, Betty Joan, 163, 280 Edwards, Bobby Joe, Edwards, Carolyn Sue, 73. 163, 315 Edwards, Edna Janice, 299 Edwards, George Ronald, 79, 125, 167, 280 Edwards, Harold D., 211, 280 Edwards, Harold M. Jr., 167, 315 Edwards, Henry Alfred, Edwards, James R. Jr., 315 Edwards, Judith Clark. 299 Edwards, Larry Wendell, 203 Edwards, Marilyn T., Edwards, Neva Sue, Edwards, Royce D., 203 Edwards, Sara Margaret, 73, 230 Edwards, Wanda Jean, 315 Edwards, William H., Egizii, Carol, 123 Ehrlich, Stephen Marc, 214, 280 Eichold, Elizabeth Ann, 60, 73, 149, 214, 31 Eiland, Sally Marie H.. Einhaus, John Carl, 104, 280 Elkins, Stephen G., 81, 108, 129, 201, 315 Elkins, James Carlton, Elkins, G., 81, 108, 129, 201, 315 Ellard, Barbara Jean, 159, 280, Ellard, William Leon, 315 Eller, Robert Douglas, 299 Ellington, William E., 82. 101, Ill, 299 Elliott, James Allison, 135, 315 Elliott, Joe Ingram Jr., Elliott, Richard W. Jr., 214 Elliott, Thomas Franklin, 280 Elliott, Walter Mac, 206 Ellis, John Clyde, Ellis, Larry W., 315 Ellis, Lawrence H. Jr., 167, 315 Ellis, Marcus Daniel Jr., 201 Ellis, Marylyn Page, 149, 316 Ellis, Michael Edward, 73, 191, 316 Ellis, Sarabeth W., 149, 316 Ellis, Vicki Ann, 159, 316 Ellison, Cecil Lynn, 203, 316 Ellison, Harold H. III, 183, 316 Ellzey, Audrey Jane, 157, 280 Elmore, Betty Lee, 316 Elmore, Donald C., 210, 212, 316 Elmore, Joseph David, 299 Elmore, Patricia Faye, 316 Elston, Madelane Crull, Embrey, Robert R. III, 138, 280 Embry, Edwin Phillips, Embry, Janice Phillips. 133 Embry, Ralph F. Jr., 116 Enchelmayer, Ernest Guy, 280 England, Floy Lynn England, James Don, England, Robert L. III, 189 316 English, Charles Michael, 195 316 Enoch, Joe McAdams, 203, 316 Enochs, Sheryl Clarke, 61, 77, 155, 204, 207 316 Epps, Julie Ann, 109, 316 Estes, James A., 280 Estes, Jennifer, 151, 316 Estes, John Pointer, 120, 187 316 Estes, Rosemary Inez, Etheriedge, John Charles, 191, 316 Etz, James Blair, 130, 139, 171, 280 Eubank, William L. Jr., 101 Eubanks Franklin Gibson, 73, 103, 116, 316 Eubanks, Helen Ruth, 163, 280 Eubanks, Mary Alice, 116, 316 Evans, Donna Lenoir, 316 Evans, Donnie H., 299 Evans, James Wade, 140 Evans, Nancy Clo, 126, 161, 316 Evans, Shirley Anne. 161, 316 Evans, Steven Roy, 138, 211, 316 Evans, Thomas Charles Jr., 191, 280 Evans, Tiny Bess. 122, 316 Everett, Keren Ellen, 73. 123, 149, 316 Everitt, Douglas L., 175, 316 Evertz, Robert, 316 Ewing, Billy Tucker, 280 Ewing, David, 203, 316 Ezell, Joe Henry, F Fagan, Julian W. , 116, 316 Fagan, Russell Dunham. 316 Fair, Davis Love. 179, 316 Fair, Elizabeth Love. 151, 316 Fair, Eugene Love, 80, 87, 89, 101, 103, 108 109, 136, 179, 316 Fair, John Stewart. 185 Fair, Margaret Devane, 151, 280 Fairchild, Fauncine, 147, 200, 207, 316 Faurey, Arthur Reeves III, 187, 203, 316 Fancher, Jerry Dale, Fancher, Karen D., Faneca, Cyril T. Jr., 71, 101, 109, 169 Fanning, William J., 206 Fant, Helen Elizabeth, 149, 316 Farber, Charles Bradshaw, 73, 189 Farmer, James J., 219, 241 Earned, James Sidney, Farnsworth, Bruce Carver, 195, 211 ,316 Farrar, Glenn Evan, 203 Farrar, Robert L. Jr., 191 Farrell, Michael J., 183, 203, 316 Farris, George Thomas, 171, 316 Farris, Louis E. Jr., 316 Farrish, Linda, 163, 316 Fatherree, Courtenay C., Fatherree, John P., Faughn, Jerry S., Faulhaber, Gretchen, 56, 155 Faulkner, Kenneth Wayne, 181 Faulkner, Sandra Kay, 316 Faulkner, Thomas Lee, 195, 316 Faulkner, Vivian Eileen, Faure, Camille Nannette, 153 Faust, James S., Favret, Connie Ann, 159, 316 Fealhaber, Kathleen Mona, 316 Fealko, Ronald S., Fedric, David McCune. 138 167, 203 316 Feibelman, Nathan D. III, 103, 316 Felder, Alfred L., 240, 243, 280 Felder, James Gary, 316 Feldman, Phillip II, 316 Fellows, Donald K. Jr., 171, 201, 316 Feltenstein, Ned A., 130, 185 Fenstermacher, David Lee, 179, 203 Fenstermacher, Nancy Lynn, 157, 316 Ferguson, Burmon Bob, Ferguson, Gordon J., Ferguson, Joe Carroll, 281 Ferguson, Julian Y., Ferguson, Kelly W., 316 Ferguson, Margaret Ellen, 137, 143, 163, 316 Ferguson, Rebecca, 157 Fernandez, Kenneth J., 281 Ferrell, Patricia E. B., Ferris, Constance B., Ferris, Eugene B. III, Ferris, John Perrin, 187, 316 Ferris, Margaret McKay, 155, 210, 316 Field, David Dudley, Fields, John Foster, 132, 191, 316 Figg, Milton Hunt, Files, Glenn, Files, Joe Clark, 316 Fillare, Annie Lavern Ball, Finch, Jo Carol, 139, 145, 316 Findley, Jerome Justin, 299 Finklea, Nora L., 96, 112, 135, 163, 211, 316 Finuf, Anne Teresa, 317 Firestone, Dorothy A., 317 Fisher, Bessie Leona, 84, 137, 161, 317 Fisher, Jimmy Blaine, 11 I, 167, 299 Fisher, Lorabeth, 145, 317 Fisher, Patricia Ruth, 155, 281 Fisher, Rosemary Latimer, 155, 299 Fisher, William R., Fitchett, Rita Joy, 116, 132, 317 Fitzgerald, Gerald Lee, Flagg, Katharine Broadwell, 151, 317 Flagler, Robert Loomis, Flagler, Stephanie E., Flanagan, Carolyn Picker, Flanagan, Waitus Malcolm, Flanary, Larry K., 185, 317 Flautt, Martha Jane, 149, 317 Fleming, Bonnie Jane, 145, 317 Fleming, George M., 83, III, 299 Fleming, Gorden Ware, 219, 237, 243 Fletcher, John E., 281 Fletcher, Martha Amy, 317 Fletcher, Mary Catherine, Flinn, Fred Rusher, 191, 201, 317 Flippin, James L., 138, 203, 317 Flournoy, Carol Beth, 317 Flowers, Charles Harry, Flowers, Linda L., 143, 161, 317 Floyd, Dan W., Floyd, Jason H. Jr., Floyd, Judy Wood, 126, 153, 317 Floyd, Kenneth Bolton, Floyd, Rebecca Ann, 96, 317 Floyd, Tom Sledge, Fly, Henry Edward, 317 Foheladeh, Nazih, 317 Folk, Donald F., 140, 281 Fondern, Cary Leon Jr., 179, 299 Fondren, Mack Wayne, Fontenot, Mary Diane, 317 Foose, Jonathan Edward, 187 Foose, Nancy K., 96, 135, 149, 317 Foose, Stephen Spradley, 106, 138, 281 Fooshee, Samuel R., 281 Ford, Carl Dexter, Ford, Cecil Atha, III, 299 Ford, Dennis Murphree, Ford, Dorothy Lynn, 112, 317 Ford, Ebb James, 127, 206 Ford, Gail Grace, 145, 281 Ford, James David, 169, 317 Ford, Janet Lynn, 70, 75, 317 Ford, Joseph M., 69, 171, 317 Ford, Luetta Wunderle, 317 ' Ford, Margaret Rose, 153, 317 Ford, Marie L., Ford, Dianne Perry, 299 Ford, Miriam Smith, 317 For d, Tommy S., 66, 67, 97, 187, 246, 281 Fore, David M., 185, 317 Foregger, Elizabeth Tumasz, Foregger, Herbert V., Forman, Michael Roy, Forman, Richard Lamar, 191 Forman, Roane D., 155, 317 Fornea, Ray Larry, Forrest, William Charles, 185, 317 Fortier, Robert F., Fortinberry, Sabrina Gay, 317 Fortner, James W., 177, 281 Foshee, Rodger Allen, 203, 317 Foster, Arthur G., 183, 299 Foster, Edward Lee, 185 Foster, Marilyn Pauline, 317 Foster, Ralph Davis, 317 Foster, Stephen Roy, 171 Foster, Telena Kaye, 109, 163, 317 Foster, Wilson Jerome Jr., 136, 281 Fountain, Bettye R., 116, 122, 317 Fountain, Myrna D., Fowler, Barbara Jean, Fowler, Charles 0. Jr., 73, 299 Fowler, Kenneth B. III, 317 Fowler, Mary Anita, Fowler, Ronald F. 130, 219, 243 Fowler, William F., Fox, Claude Leroy, 203, 317 Fox, Fleeta E., 151, 202, 207 Fox, Gary Lee, Fox, Maybelle Corinne, Frame, Jesse Stewart Jr., 179, 219, 243 France, Robert Lyle, 114, 317 Franco, Michael James, Frank, Barbara Ellen, 145, 317 Frank, Julian Park, Frank, Samuel Martin, 203 Franklin, Aline Corinne, 317 Franklin, Geegee, 317 Franklin, Sarah B., 145, 299 Franklin, William Webster, Frasier, Robert W., III, 92, 103, 317 Fratesi, Shirley Ann, 123, 317 Frazer, Katherine Lea, 149, 317 Frazier, Brenda Margaret, 317 Frazier, Frankie D., 147, 317 Frazier, Gerald Bennett, 115, 317 Frederic, Robert Q., 171, 317 Frederick, James Leo Jr., Frederick, Louis Fred, Freel, Patrick Thomas, 209, 317 Freeman, David B. III, 210 Freeman, William L. Jr., Freiler, Dale Perkins, 157, 317 French, Carolyn Sue, 299 French, Chryl Rose, French, John Larry, 77, 191, 317 French, Susan Louise, 159, 317 French, William B. Jr., Frey, Donald Edward Jr., Frezell, Thomas Leo, 175, 281 Frias, Numa R., Frishman, Esther Rose, 317 Frishman, Leon B., 218, 317 Fruge, Don Luis, 94, 97, 120, 130, 189, 243, 317 Frye, Allen H., Frye, Wallace David, 117, 130, 181, 317 Fuchs, Joseph Paul, Fulcher, Helen Robinson, 317 Fuller, Billy Jean, Fuller, Margaret Diane, 149, 317 Fuller, Nancy Fay, 317 Fuller, Robert Henry, 187, 202, 318 Fulton, Norman B., 103, 281 Fulton, Peter M., 318 Fulton, Robert Wilton, 120, 191 Fulton, Silas, 299 Funderburk, Billy J., 82, II 1 Funderburk, Robert Price, 167, 281 Furr, Charles Francis, 201, 318 Fyfe, Charles Watkins, 318 G Gable, David Lee, 299 Gafford, William Thomas, 114, 318 Gaines, Mollie Anne, Gaither, James Ernest, Galbreath, William Percy, 177, 318 Galloway, Harold L., 318 Galloway, Bettye H., Galloway Robert C., 83, 101, III, 191, 299 Gamble, William Ellis, 299 Gamblin, James Elra, 318 Gammill, Sam Hooper, Genii, Fredrick Khanshan, 124, 318 Gann, Marjorie Judith, 318 Gardino, Jo Anne, 163 Gardner, June Sneed, Gardner, Peggy L., 318 Gardner, Thomas Joseph, 82, III Garlic, William Stewart, 107, 136, 214, 215, 281 Garner, E. Jackson, 179 Garner, Ernest Le I, 219, 243 Garner, Harry R., 299 Garner, John Clarence, 318 Garner, Olon Leander, 299 Garner, Sarah Elizabeth, 110, 135, 299 Garrett, Patricia L., Garrigues, Robert M., Garrison, Gaynell, 163, 318 Garrison, Joseph Edmund, 69 Garth, William P. Jr., 69, 132 79, 203, 3 Gartin, William Carroll Jr., 187, 318 Gary, Alan Davis, Gary, Allen Woods, 181, 318 Gary, John W. III, 94, 95, 299 Gaston, Chester Davis Jr., 214, 216, 281 Gates, Alexander B., III, 299 Gates, Charles G., 177, 281 Gates, Haley S., Gates, Hugh William III, 187, 318 Gates, Mary Adelaide, Gatewood, Edith A., 163, 318 Gatewood, Leonard B., 116, 206, 318 Gatewood, Mary W., Gatlin, Nancy L.. 318 Gatlin, Thomas Richard, 299 Gay, Carolynn E., 155 Gay, Frank G., 130, 318 Gay, Joe Thomas, 193, 201, 318 Gayden, John Overton, 92 G ayden, Joseph H. T., 187 ,203, 318 Gear, Charles R., III Geisenberger, Sam III, Geisler, John Francis, Genin, John Lee, Genie, Robert Lawrence Jr., 95 Gennin, George Stratford, Gentry, Anita Louise, 318 Gentry, Harriet E.. 143, 145, 299 Gentry, Kenneth, 203 Gentry, Murray Jr., 140 Gentry, Robert Douglas, 185, 281 George, Hershell Owen, 185, 318 George, James Shelby, 83, III, 179, 299 George, Mary, George, William Walker, 318 Gercens, Janis, 203 Gerlach, Howard Lawrence, 210, 216, 281 Gex, Joseph William, 120, 164 Giadrosich, Ronald B., 201 Gibbens, Margaret Ann, 126, 142, 145, 315 Gibbs, Reagan P., 299 Gibson, Billy Van, Gibson, Charles David, Gibson, Charles E. III, Gibson, John F. Jr., 111 Gibson, Linda K., 155, 212, 318 Gibson. Susan E. Knight, Gifford, Carole E., 281 Gilbert, Donald Lee, 203 Gilbert, James D,. Gilder, Jerry Quinton, 138, 211 Gilder, William J. Jr., 318 Gilfoy, James Robert, Gilfoy, Lady Melinda, 149 Gill, Alice Katherine, 318 Gill, Homer Hal, 136, 181, 203, 318 Gill, Kinloch Jr., 299 Gill, Newton Gregg, 106 138, 185, 211 Gill, Susan K., 69, 153, 318 Gillespie, Gail, 157. 318 Gillespie, George Y. III, 173 Gillespie, William Barry, 189 Gillingham Henri Etta, Gillis, David Norman, 179 Gillis, Rose Peters, Gillis. William Shelton, 191, 281 Gilluly, Edwin Gregory, 191, 203, 318 Gilluly, John Joseph, 191 Gilly, Roberta Jane, 318 Girard, Charles John, 101, 299 Gitter, Mary Jane, 161, 318 Gladney, James Lee, 169, 209 Glass, Wanda L. W., Glaze, Stephen Jordan, 179, 281 G ledhill, John William, 203 Glen, Lester R., Glenn, James Allen, 187, 206 Glenn, Linda Louise, 137, 140 Glover, Wilma Jean, 159, 318 Gober, Donald F., 103, 201, 318 Gober, Janice Faye, 318 Gober, Nelda Lynn, 318 Godbold, John Richard, Godwin, Chauncey R. Jr., 179, 203 Godwin, Ronald H., 124, 281 Godwin, Shirley Ann, Goettman, Linda Jeanne, 135, 137, 318 Goggans, Claudia Michele, Golden, Gayle Lovette, 149, 318 Goldman, Frank Bernard, 281 Goldman, Thomas W. Jr., 299 Goldstein, Alan Barry, 201, 318 Gole, Maurice Joseph, 318 Gooch, Charles E., Goodin, Gayle, 299 Goodman, Thomas Edward, 203, 318 Gordon, Charles M., 171, 203, 318 Gordon, Susan Gayle, 69, 153, 318 Gore, Charles Smith, Gore, Elizabeth Ann. 318 Gore, Thomas 0. III, 120, 299 Gorman, Michael M., 300 Gorman, Robert Andrew, 164, 183, 318 Gorum, Larry Austin, 300 Gottshall, Gay, 76, 126 Gottshall, William R. Jr., 66, 70, 109, 120 191, 206 Goudelock, Larry Wayne, 318 Gouras, Jimmy George, 318 Gourlay, John Grant Jr., 83, III Gowan, William A. Jr., 175, 300 Gower, John Hammond. 115, 171, 281 Goza, Ardis Elizabeth, 126, 155, 318 Graeber, Jewell Younger, Graeber, Lawrence Cary, 187, 318 Graeber, Rayner N., 71, 187, 214, 215, 281 Graff, Eugenia Gaillard, Gragson, W. George, Graham, Ida Hervey, 93, 136, 145, 281 Graham, James Tyson, Graham, J erry Michael, Graham, Karen Anne, 155 Graham, Laurie Louise, 151 Graham, Lillian D., 163 Graham, Michael Francis, 219 Graham, Richard Newell, 185, 212, 318 Graham, Sarah Charlene B., Gramling, Ruth Elizabeth, 135, 147, 318 Grant, Jimmy Wayne, 203 Grantham, Charles R., 139, 167, 203, 318 Grantham, Damaris Dodson, Grantham, John L., 73, 179, 318 Grantham, Kirk Pinkerton, Grantham, Margaret B., Grantham, Stanley D., Graves, Fniley, 281 Graves, Joe Elijah, 219, 243 Graves, Robert W., 69, 189, 203 Graves, Sam Ervin, 177, 318 Graves, Sara Beth, Gray, Brenda Lee, 82, 318 Gray, Bruce J., 203 Gray, David M., Gray, Donna Beth, 318 Gray, Robert David, Gray, Susan Elizabeth, 137, 145, 319 Grayson, Otis Jean, 94, 281 Greathouse, Gary Quinn, 73, 191 Greco, Constance Ann, 319 Green, Charley Wade Jr., 193, 319 Green, George W. III, 120, 175, 281 Green, Jamie Carl, Greenhaw, Stephen Murdock, 319 Green, Sally Jean, 137, 140. 159, 319 Green, Sharon Hall, 118, 147, 281 Green, William T., 300 Greene, William B. Jr., 319 Greenlee, Max Harold, Greenwell, William Scott, 281 Greer, Alfred W., 282 Greer, Betty J., Greer, George A., 203 Greer, William Grady, 108 Gregory, James K., 187 Gregory, Lanny Lee, Gregory, Nancy Faith, Griese, Jerome Charles, 130, 195, 282 Griese, Susan Jaco, 319 Griffin, Erwin Cason, 193, 282 Griffin, Jim G., 189 Griffin, Joe C., 282 Griffin, Joseph P., 69, 179, 205, 319 Griffith, Glenn S., III, 203 Griffith, James E., 191, 203, 319 Griffith, Julius V. Jr., Griffith, Sedgie F. Jr., 185, 203 Grimes, F. Anita, 116, 157, 209, 319 Grimes, George, 319 Grimes, Lynda Ann, 137, 151, 319 Grimes, Robert Lawson, Grinstead, Marjorie L., Grissom, Carl H., 129, 201, 319 Grissom, James Neal, 129, 319 Griwach, William J., 169, 319 Grove, Fred William Jr., 282 Grubbs, Clinton Julian, 282 Grubbs, Clinton Julian, Grubbs, John A., Guest, Patricia Louise, 157, 319 Guest, Phyllis Merida, 140, 157, 319 Guider, George W. Jr., 319 Guilbert, Susan M., 159, 319 Guild, Donald C., 203, 319 Gulledge, William Ralph Jr., 181 Gunn, Lawrence Cary, 181, 203, 319 Gunn, Virginia C., Gunter, Gerald Goodwin, 107, 282 Gurner, Betty Evans, Guttman, Stuart T., Guy, William Lester, 167, 319 Guyton, Charles L., Guyton, Gretta H., 300 Guyton, John Richard, 135, 189, 319 Guyton, Michael Hardin, 319 Guyton, Patricia Anne, 157 Guyton, Robert Allan, 92, 102, 103, 189, 311 H Habes, John D. Jr., 183, 196, 319 Hadad, John III, 175, 203, 319 Haddock, James W., 191, 219, 243, 319 Haerb, Andrea Kay, 147, 319 Haerb, Andrea Kay, Hagerman, Carolyn F., 155 Hahn, John Allen, 211 Haig, Susan Raquel, 319 Haik, Joseph M., 219, 243 Haile, Charles Thomas, 187, 319 Haining, Sidney Webster, 175, 319 Haining, Walton Dacus, Halbert, Helen Grace, 319 Hale, Anthony Earl, 94, 95, 101, 105, 19 300 Hale, Carol W., 139, 282 Hale, Daisy D. Sullivan, 109, 147, 319 Hale, Gerald Lamar, Hale, Kenneth G., 106, 138, 282 Hale, Paul W. Jr., 138, 282 Haley, Evelyn Carol, 282 Haley, Hamilton York, 125 Halfacre, William M., 319 Hall, Brenda Zelle, 159, 319 Hall, Cecie Anne, 319 Hall, David Jeffrey, Hall, Donna S., Hall, Dwight Joseph, 187, 282 Hail, Francis Drake, 319 Hall, Henderson S. Jr. 175, 203, 319 Hall, Holly Augusta, 153, 319 Hall, Jeanne Gee, 282 Hall, John Travis, 282 Hall, Larry McDonald, 319 Hall, Laura Ann, 155, 319 Hall, Linda Sue, 319 Hall, Sandra Nell, 153, 174 Hail, Sylvia Ann, 319 Halliday. Roberta Mae, 157 Haltom, Joan Thomas, 300 Hamachek, Annabelle Ellen, 133, 159, 2 Hamberlin, Kathy, 155, 282 Hamblin, Bobby Carroll, 282 Hamill, Robert W., 185, 300 Hamilton, James E. Jr., 92, 187, 319 Hamilton, Jimmy Lynn, 189, 319 Hamilton, Julia Sullivan, 153, 282 Hamilton, Lelia Dale, 136, 157, 319 Hamilton, Linda Lee, 159, 319 Hamilton, McCoy Lane, 189, 319 Hamilton, Patricia Lee, 282 Hamilton, Sarah Janet, 143, 149, 282 Hamilton, William B., 191, 319 Hamilton, William P., 319 Hamm, Marcia Anne, 157, 319 Hammett, Mary Ann, 319 Hammond, Barbara Kay, 153, 319 Hammond, Sara Jane, 98, 112, 135, 282 Hanberry, Linda Dawn, , 139, 319 Hanbury, Marshall Earl, 282 Hancock, John W., 125, 319 Hancock, Mary Ann, 66, 67, 72, 74, 87, £ 98, 149, 282 Hancock, Robert L.. 191 Hancock, William R., 201 Hand, Benjamin F. III, 175, 319 Han d, James K., Hand, Noah S. Jr., 300 Haney, Earnest Burdette, 203 Haney, Elinor Lynn, , 139, 147, 319 Haney, Martha Clyde, 149, 319 Hanks, Patricia Jane, 319 Hannah, Ted S., Hansen, Alan George, 171, 282 Haralson, Hugh H. III Haralson, Jerry F., 320 Haraway, David McWilliams, 167, 282 Haraway, Maury Martin, Harbour, Bryan C., 282 Hardaway, Sally Diane, 139, 159, 320 Hardin, Ave Evelyn, 132, 282 Hardin, Gerald Larson, 193, 320 Hardin, Gerald Larson, Hardin, Mildred E., 159, 320 Hardin, Robert H., 185 Harding, Barbara Lee, 137, 320 Hardister, Edward L., 211 Hardy, Barbara Holland, 282 Hardy, Gregory Malone. 177, 209, 320 Hardy, Larry Jerome, 320 Hardy, Ronald Keith, Hardy, Wayne Lafayette, Hargett, James G., Hargis, Michele Leigh, 320 Hargraves, George Edward, 117, 138, 16 320 Hargraves, John Lee, 320 Harkey, Erik Gore, 191, 320 Harlan, William Betts, 89 Harmon, Barbara Jeanne, 105, 112, 135, 282 Harmon, Lena Garrison, Harness, Emily Ann, Harper, Addie Elizabeth, 157, 282 Harper, Bryan Brand, 120, 185, 320 Harper, Charles E. Jr., 70, 136, 175, 320 Harper, John Wyatt, 193, 282 Harper, Judith K., 96, 109, 157, 320 Harper, Virginia Trotter, 153, 320 Harpole, Horace Wilson, Harral, Brooks Jared, 210, 320 Harrell, Diana Gale, Harrell, Griffin Holmes, 79, 109, 191 Harrell, Richard C., 201, 320 Harrelson, Kenneth Dale, 203, 320 Harrigill, Alan Howard, Harrington, Frank Whitaker, Harris, Barbara, 75, 98, 151, 178, 282 Harris, Carolyn Ann, 122, 145, 32C Harris, Doris Moredock, Harris, Jerry Michael, 169, 320 Harris, John R. III, 201, 283 Harris, Nancy Jane, 145, 283 Harris, Olga Holloway, 161, 320 Harris, Robert E., Harris, Roger Dean, 283 Harris, Sammie D., 211, 283 Harris, Stephen Alan, 171, 320 Harris, Wayne Stanley, Harrison, Edward E. Jr., 187 Harrison, Elizabeth P., 153, 320 Harrison, Glen D., 203 Harrison, John Carl, 320 Harrison, Luther Avent, Harrison, Michael G., 124, 135, 320 Harrison, Nancy Lynn, 110, 139, 320 Harrison, Patton B., 106, 138, 171, 283 Hart, Jean Tucker, 159, 320 Hart, Larry G., Hartgraves, Lou Ann, 79, 89, 98, 149, 283 Harthcock, Billy H., 204, 219, 241 Hartin, Martha E., 127, 320 Hartley, Jean Alice, 283 Joseph C. Jr., , 300 Hartsfield, James C. Jr., 283 Hartshorn, John W., 193, 320 Hartwell, Jerold Keith, 211, 320 Hartwell, Michael Ralph, 283 Hartzog, H ugh Miller, 179, 320 Harvey, James Britton, 219, 243, 250 Harvey, John Elliot, 189, 320 Harvey, Mary Jane, 126, 163, 320 Harvey, Randy Lee, 203, 232, 320 Harvey, William B., 83, III Harwell, Glenn Wesley, 187 Harwell, James E. Jr., Haskins, Patricia K., Hasler, Scott Garner Jr., 237, 243 Hastings, Jack Marie, 283 Hastings, Stephen L., 211, 320 Hataway, Jimmy Earl, Hatcher, Thomas N., Hathorn, Ronnie Lawson, Hatton, Brock Alan, 138, 320 Haugland, Clifford, Haven, Louis Franklin III, 187, 237 Hawk, Thomas Eugene, 181, 203, 320 Hawkins, Harold Wayne, 201, 320 Hawkins, James Orville, 114, 191, 199, 200, 207, 216, 283 Hawkins, Joseph G., 189, 320 Hawkins, Mary Kennard, Haworth, Pamela Marshall, 157, 320 Hayden, Henry Thomas, 125, 320 Hayes, William F., 179, 204, 320 Hayles, Ronald Stephen, 185, 203, 320 Hayman, Edwin Ford, 179 Haynes, M. Paul Jr., Ill, 130, 185, 300 Haynes, Michael Claud, Heaberlin, Conley H. Jr., 283 Heard, James Glenn, Hearin, Robert M., 175, 204, 320 Hearn, Baxter K., 283 Hearn, Walter Cary, Hearn, Willard Wade, 175, 203, 320 Hearne, Frank Thompson, Heaton, Timothy Blair, 300 Hedgepeth, James Thomas, 173, 283 Hedges, Stephen Fred, 124, 320 Heidel, James Byrnes, 191, 219, 241, 243 Heidel, Roy E. 243 Heidelberg, Alida Jane, Heidelberg, Cecil F., Heidelberg, Roland W. III, 189, 205 Heinrich, William Carl, 283 Hellums, Betty Ann, 283 Hellums, Winfred Ruth, 320 Helms, Robert Carl, Hemleben, Scott Parker, 83, III, 300 Hemphill, Judy Lee, 151 Hemphill, Ralph W. Jr., 66, 67, 84, 89, 108, 109, 300 Henderson, David Curtis, 202, 320 Henderson, E. Elizabeth, 147, 320 Henderson, Eugenia L., 136, 139, 145, 320 Henderson, Handley L. Jr., 84, 283 Henderson, James Dewey, 181, 320 Henderson, John H., 320 Henderson, Ose Fenn, 300 Henderson, Sharon E., Hendrix, Robert E. Jr., 177, 219, 320 Hendrix, Robert Howard, 203, 243, 320 Hendrix, Walter Thomas, III, 300 Henley, Edward Leslie, 138, 283 Hennessee, Ramona Carolyn, 140, 153, 320 Henry, Goly Rice, 191, 203 Henry, James Robert, 209 Henry, Karen S., 155, 320 Henry, Mary Katherine, 110, 118, 155, 214, 320 Henry, Merrilyn Edith, Henry, Patricia Louise, 70, 76, 123, 320 Henry, Robert Hiram, Henry, Samuel Victor, 320 Hensley, Elizabeth G., 73, 123, 145, 320 Henson, Buford Shands, 321 The most beautiful RESORT on the Mississippi Gulf Coast HOTEL AND MOTEL The Coast ' s largest swimming pool ... white sand beach ... two fine restaurants . . . two lounges conveniently located on the beach within easy walking distance of all Coast recreations—boating fishing—sightseeing .. luxurious hotel and motel rooms ... complete convention facilities. For rates, literature, or reservations, Write, or phone BUENA VISTA on Highway 90 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Phone ID 2-5511 • Teletype Biloxi 163 357 Steve and Angelo ' s Restaurant • Prompt Service • Friendly Atmosphere • Delicious Meals OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI PETTIS CIGAR COMPANY (Wholesale) Tobacco, Candies, and Cigars OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI DUVALL ' S MENS SHOP " Catering to Ole Miss Students, not lust selling to them " • Botany 500 Mens Suits • Bostonian Shoes • Gant Shirts The J. E. Neilson Co. In Oxford Since 1839 DEPARTMENT STORE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI FAMOUS FOR STYLE, QUALITY, AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE 358 Henson, John Pittman, 187, 321 Herard, Claude D., 203 Herin, Alice Elizabeth, Herkner, David Alan, 203 Herndon, James Ray, 206, 283 Herring, Alice F., Herring, Arnold Jackie, 66, 70, 114, 283 Herring, David Jed, 205, 321 Herring, Frank B., Herring, Robert A. III, 114, 124, 136, 181, 212, 321 Herring, Ronald Luther, 179 Herrington, Betty D. West, Herrington, Michael, Herrington, Wayne Walker, 119, 283 Herron, Charles R. III, 185 Hertl, George Alois, 195, 321 Hester, John Finch, Hester, John William, Hester, Judy Gail, 116, 163, 321 Hester, Larry Alan, 321 Hester, Paul Vernon, 177, 203, 321 Hester, Raymond B., Hester, William E., 189, 203, 321 Hester, William Stewart, 70, 84, 321 Hewes, Frederick Searle, Hewitt, Joseph D., 129, 169, 201 Hewitt, William Haley, Hewitt, William T., Heyward, Susan Patricia, 73, 143, 161, 283 Hiatt, Warren A. Jr., 103, 191, 321 Hickman, Dixie Elise, 98, 112, 133, 155, 283 Hickman, Frederick Gantt, 69, 189, 203, 321 Hicks, James S., 92, 136, 179, 283 Hicks, Shelah Paulette, 321 Hicks, Virginia Gayle, Hickson, Denese, Higginbotham, John M., 209, 216 Higgins, Alvin F. III, 321 Higgins, Carole Ann, 161, 321 Higgins, Carroll Jane, 153, 321 Highbaugh, Lizabeth T., 283 Hilburn, Lafayette B., 11 I, 300 Hill, Billy John, 107, 283 Hill, Carol Ann, Hill, Charles E., 321 Hill, Deidra Leigh, 321 Hill, Harold Ex, 167, 321 Hill, James M., Hill, John Charles, 129, 201, 283 Hill, Joseph E., Hill, Lu Alice, 73, 116, 139, 147, 321 Hill, Martha Lou, 321 Hill, Milton Gayle, 203, 321 Hill, Nancy Clara, 149, 321 Hill, Robert Leroy Jr., Hill, Roy Gene, Hill, Wesley Harold, 181, 203, 321 Hill, William Boyd, Hillier, William Randolph, 193, 321 Hillman, Rosemary, 321 Hillyer, Kennard Avery, 201, 321 Raymond Eugene Jr., 187, 321 Hindman, Stanley Chatham, 89, 92, 101, 189, 219, 243, 250 Hindman, Steve Hamilton, 321 Hines, Anne Elizabeth, 147, 321 Hines, Leo Elgin, Hines, Martha H., 155 Hines, Sally, 321 Hines, Sally Moore, Hinson, Jon Clifton, Hinton, Ben Terry, 283 Hinton, Charles Richard, 219, 243 Hinton, Joseph Lloyd, Hinton, Phil Richard, 181, 203, 321 Hipp, Max Davis, 129, 132, 202, 283 Hitt, Thomas R., Hoagland, William M. Jr., Hobart, Margaret Ann, 149 Hobby, Judy Bryan, 149, 321 Hobby, Robert Julius Jr., 203 Hobson, Donna Sue, 321 Hodge, Elbert C. Jr., 83, III, 179, 300 Hodge, Jo Dent, 105, 300 Hodge, John Wm. Jr., Hodges, Douglas John, 135, 214, 321 Hodges, Franklin Wayne, 300 Hodges, Ray Wilson Jr., 185, 321 Hodges, William C., 210 Hodgson, Pamela Haynes, 155 Hodo, Edward D. Sr., 97, 120, 175, 300 Hoefflin, Margaret Lynn, 123, 321 Hoffman, Katherine W., 321 Hoffman, Ralph Williams, 203, 321 Hoffman, Wayne Warren, Hogan, Robert Murry, 138, 321 Hoggatt, Allen B., Hogue, Elba Jane, 147, 211, 321 Hogue, Lloyd Eades, 181 Hogue, Orton H. Jr., 181, 321 Hogue, Robert David, 321 Hogue, Teresa Carol, 123, 159, 321 Holcomb, Barry Wayne, 189, 321 Holcomb, Charles Howard, Holcombe, James Lawson, Holden, Margaret K., 321 Holder, Betty Arnold, 283 Holder, Hancel, 321 Holder, Robert A., 93, 300 Holderfield, George Dennis, Holland, George R., 204, 321 Holland, James H., 321 Holland, Kathryn E., 321 Holley, Clarence Lee, 167, 300 Holley, Hillman Johnson, Holley, Reginald Leon, 138, 171, 321 Holley, Virginia Sue, Hollingsworth, John G. Jr., 138, 191 Hollinseed, James E., Hollis, Jay Lawrence, Hollis, Jerry Edward, Hollis, Katherine 0., 123, 136, 321 Holloman, Sara King, 61, 68, 77, 79, 14 200, 207, 321 Holloway, Clara Louise, 122, 321 Holloway, Genora S., Hollowell, Shirley D., Hollweg, Kenneth C., 321 Holman, Gene Merritt, Holman, Marion David, 138, 283 Holmes, Don Miller, 201 Holmes, Frank Clarke III, 187, 321 Holmes, Helen Holmes, John B. Jr., 138, 17 7, 321 Holmes, John Franklin, Holmes, Sidney Gerald, 300 Holstein, Norman R., 300 Holt, Edwin Love, Holt, Laura Ann, 321 Honea, George R., 321 Hood, Donald F., 93 Hood, Jeffrey Edison, Hood, Kay Carole, 166, 283 Hood, Kennon D., 189, 321 Hood, Louise Ware, Hood, Richard Wayne, Hooker, William Wyche, 179, 322 Hoover, Janet, 77, 155, 209, 322 Hope, William Madison, 94, 97, 130, II 284 Hopkins, Oliver H. Jr., 139, 322 Hoppen, James Edward, 239, 284 Hopper, Charles L., 322 Hopper, Donald L., 300 Hopper, William Clayton Jr., 181 Hord, Oliver A. Jr., 135, 201, 322 Horn, Cynthia June, 122, 133 Horn, Margaret Ann, 75, 145, 322 Hornbuckle, Bruce Paul, Horne, Charles Henry, 201, 322 Horne, Patricia A., 76, 96, 126, 133, 159 322 Horner, Edwin Kent, Hornsby, Oliver M. Jr., 187, 204, 322 Horrell, Carolyn Lee, 139, 157, 322 Horton, Jerry Smith, Horton, Patricia Jan, Horton, Rogers Clark, 175, 322 Houp, William Lloyd, 189, 322 House, Ary Robinson, House, Nicholas D., 284 Houser, Jimmie Lee, 138, 167, 322 Houston, David Winston, 94, 95, 97, 103, 120, 189, 284 Houston, Sandra Kay, 123, 151, 284 Houston, Thomas Ford, 80, 108, 322 Hovater, Noble Owen, Hovious, Allen Lee, 191, 201, 322 Hovious, Bradford W. 191, 204, 232 Hovious, John William, 202, 240, 243, 2 Howard, Elizabeth Leigh, 153, 322 Howard, Ernest E. III, Howard, Ronald Mack, 138, 204 Howell, Diane E., 157, 322 Howell, James Milton, 284 Howell, Jamie W., Howell, Jerry Taylor, Howell, Lewis Alvin, Howell, Pamela Lynn, 157, 322 Howell, Winston D., Howett, John S. II, 169, 204, 322 Huddleston, Ruel R. Jr., 177, 322 Hudson, Alcus Ray, 125, 300 Hudson, Ewell Spencer, Hudson, Frank W., 211 Hudson, Gloria Dale, Hudson, Jane T., 284 Hudson, Kenneth W., 322 Hudson, Martha Marcella, Hudson, Mary Jane, 147, 322 Hudson, Porter Jr., 300 Hudson, Rebecca Ann. 300 Huey, Robert E. Jr., 185, 322 Huffman, Dlila Hoylene, 110, 284 Huffstatler, Charlie Neal, 237, 243 Hufft, Edward F. II, Huggins, Cleveland P. III, Huggins, Clyde G. Jr., 201 Huggins, Jimmy Ray, 177, 204, 322 Hughes, Byron Williams, 322 Hughes, Carson McLain, 73, 191, 322 Hughes, Cynthia Jane, 161, 322 Hughes, Paul James Jr., 322 Hummel, Mary Louise, 92, 157, 284 Humphreys, Edwin C. III, 284 Huneycutt, Benjamin D., Hunsaker, Frank G., 203 Hunsicker, John H. Jr., 114, 124, 209, 3: Hunt, Beverly, 322 Hunt, David R., 83, III, 300 Hunt, Robert A., 193, 204, 322 Hunt, William James, 167, 322 Hunter, Hervy Michael, 104, 300 Hunter, William K., 204 Hurdle, James E. Jr., 93 Hurdle, Nancy Carole, 322 Hurdle, Norman Dale, Hurdle, Thomas Roland, Hurt, Leland Jr., 116, 204, 322 Hurych, James Allan, Hussey, Edwin Conant, 187, 322 Hutchins, Richard Atherton, 130, 136 Hutchinson, David Allen, 322 Hutchinson, Donald P., 103, 124, 181, 322 Hux, James Dewitt, 284 Hyde, Lee A., 117, 187, 322 Hyman, Lawre nce L., Idom, Sandra Kaye, 139, 147, 322 Edgar D. 120 Virginia Seaton, Ingram, Annelle M., 284 Ingram, Carroll H., 3L0 Ingram, Karen Joyce, Ingram, Marilyn Kuth, 147, 284 William Cade, 214, z15, 284 Newell Edward, 322 Byron W., 204 Inmon, Michael Lundie, 115 Bobby N., 300 Irby, Braxter Pleasant, 189, 202, 284 Izard, William Lewis, 81, 32Z J Jabour, George Henry, 185, 322 Jabour, John Wayne, 181, Jackson, Darius Ray, 73, 185, 204, 322 Jackson, Edwin Leon, 129, 181, 3U0 Jackson, Harold Stephen, Jackson, Jimmy Smith, Jackson, Kenneth R., 195, 211, 322 Jackson, Robert T., 94, 300 Jackson, Ronald Alan, 201 Jacobie, Roy E. Jr. Jacobs, Henry Madison Jr., Jacobs, Ralph Jr., 202 Jacobs, Randall Woodruff, 171, 322 Jacobs, Richard D. III, 322 Jacobson, Douglas Richard, 204, 322 Jalaja, Laksh I, 300 James, Edward T. Jr., 189, 219, 241, 243, 322 James, George W. Jr., James, John Caller, 187 James, Newton Ward, 175, 322 James, Ronnie Lee, 300 James, Ronnie Lee, James, Suzanne, 284 Jameson, Dorothy Della, 322 Jameson, Herbert M., Jam,son, James William, 284 Jamison, Mary Edna, Javaid, Karamat A. I, 300 Jenkins, Kerry Layne, 322 Jenkins, Walton Ray, 284 Jennings, David Sullivan, 237, 243 Jennings, Eugene R., 193, 203, 322 Jennings, Jon A., Jennings, Louis M., Jens, Judith Louise, 133, 136, 137, 153, 322 Jernberg, James P. Jr., 300 Jessee, Sylvia Ann, 322 Jeter, Richard Lee, Jeter, Wilson S., Jetton, Linda K., 157, 322 Jewart, Rita Diane, Joe, William, Johnson, Aileen Ada, 322 Johnson, Bowen Charleston, Johnson, Charles F. III, 138, 167, 204, 322 Johnson, Cheryl Dawn, 147, 322 Johnson, Connie S., Johnson, Corinne V., 151, 205, 207, 322 Johnson, Costa Marie, 157, 322 Johnson, Donna Marie, Johnson, Dorothy Fay, Johnson, Dwight Allyn, 124, 323 Johnson, George Lewis, 204 Johnson, Henry E. Jr., Johnson, James Albert, 323 Johnson, James B., 204, 215 Johnson, James Harper, 189, 204, 323 Johnson, James Polk, 171, 323 Johnson, James R. III, 187, 214, 323 Johnson, Jean Chambless, 98, 110, 157, 300 Johnson, John D., 323 Johnson, Judith Ann, Johnson, Katherine R., Johnson, Kathleen Dabney, 49 Johnson, Larry Kenneth, 193, 323 Johnson, Lynne Rice, 139, 161, 323 Johnson, Martha L., Johnson, Meighan G., Johnson, Michael Eugene, 187, 204, 323 Johnson, Paul Hayne, 80, 94, 97, 120, 130, 179, 203, 216, 284, 296 Johnson, Paul William, 67, 71, 89, 101, 169 Johnson, Peter Burch, Johnson, Robert Eugene, Johnson, Robert Joseph Jr., 179, 284 Johnson, Roger Carl, 115, 193, 284 Johnson, Ronald Earl, 177, 323 Johnson, Ronald V., 189, 323 Johnson, Ronnie Edwin, 189, 204, 323 Johnson, Ronny Carl, 204 Johnson, Russell A., 237, 243 Johnson, Russell Clark, Johnson, Walter W. Jr., Johnson, William P., 97, 103, 130, 191, 323 Johnson, William W. Jr., 204 Johnson, William Welborn, 120 Johnston, Larry Drake, Johnston, Will Jr., 300 Johnston, William M., Johnstone, Jack L., 284 Joiner, Lloyd Howe, Jolly, Willis H. Jr., 171, 323 Jones, Bobbye Marie, Jones, Buren Lynn, 323 Jones, Carol Gay, 133, 137, 139, 153, 323 Jones, Charles W., 204 Jones, Dewitt Russell, 300 Jones, Donald Drummond, 89, 94, 95, 100, 103, 164, 187, 199, 207, 216, 284 Jones, Dwight Boozer, 171, 323 Jones, Emory Davis, 110, 300 Jones, Fern V., Jones, George Shelton, Jones, Hal Trotter, 300 Jones, Harris W. Jr., Jones, James Harold, 191, 243 Jones, James Vanoy Jr., 243 Jones, James William III, 241 Jones, June Don, Jones, John Nathaniel, 129, 301 Jones, Joyce Oneil, 323 Jones, Larry Joe, 214, 215, 323 Jones, Lauranne, 123, 153, 323 Jones, Lester Willie Jr., 103, 122, 323 Jones, Linda Kaye, 161, 323 Jones, Lonny Hughes, 204 Jones, Macie Vaughan, Jones, Margaret Elizabeth, 151, 284 Jones, Marvin Carey, 323 Jones, Maury Lynn, 153, 323 Jones, Nelda B., 163, 323 Jones, Percy Coleman, 204, 323 Jones, Ransom P. III, Jones, Robert Eugene, 187, 323 Jones, Robert Linn, Jones, Robert Ned, Jones, Robert T., 189, 323 Jones, Roger Tilden, Jones, Sharon Anne, 118, 143, 157, 284 Jones, Steve R., Jones, Thad M. Jr., 167, 204, 323 Jones, Thomas Crawford, 175, 284 Jones, Thomas L. Jr., 323 Jones, Tony Earnest, 129, 323 Jones, William M. 11, 93 Jones, Wilmer R., 185, 323 Joor, Dorothy Helen, 132, 159, 323 Jordan, Charles F. III, Jordan, Charles Schemedes, Jordan, Charlie Tinnon, 323 Jordan, Emily Yates, Jordan, Henry H. Jr., Jordan, Hilliard Earl Jr., 103, 105, 189, 284 Jordan, Mary Carolyn, 323 Jordan, Richard L., 103, 189, 323 Jordan, Ronald Edward, Jordan, Sandra Ann, 323 Jordan, Sara Catherine, 76, 151, 323 Jordan, Tony Thadeus, 129, 201, 323 Joseph, Lawrence W., 195, 204, 323 Joseph, Richard Joseph, 92, 103, 169, 323 Josephson, Leigh V., 143, 153, 323 Josey, Alice Marie. Josey, Roy Glenn, 301 Joslin, David B., 323 Joyner, Guy Jerry, 138 Joyner, William P., 83, II 1 Judge, Judy Kay, 155, 284 Jue, Albert, Jue, Betty Diamond, 123, 323 Jue, George Henry, 104, 284 Jue, Helen, 323 Jue, Jessie, 284 Jue, Truman, 204, 323 Justice, Frank J., 181 Justice, Laura Mavis, 92, 147, 323 K Kahn, Philip H. Jr., 185, 323 Kaigler, James Streett, 285 Kaigler, Percy H. II, 323 Kamman, John N. Jr., 195, 285 Kane, Stephen P., Kappus, Robert Eugene, 187, 323 Karkhanis, Pramod P., Katrishen, Robert Joseph, Katz, Julian Andre, 130, 301 Kavanaugh, Mary W., 149, 323 Kay, Stratford H., 129, 195, 323 Kearney, Beryl Dianne, 151, 285 Keck, Priscilla Jean, 323 Keel, Robert Edward, Keen, Ginny Lee, 323 Keener, William H. Jr., 214, 215, 323 Kees, Susan, 107, 143, 155, 285 Keesee, Morris Johnson III, 97, 120, 179, 285 Keeton, Charlotte Ann, 139, 145, 323 Keirn, Dolores Haig, Keith, Samuel Martin, 185, 323 Keller, Robert Elwood, 201, 323 Kelley, James Wesley Jr., Kelley, Kathryn K., 112, 323 Kelley, Mary Diane, 323 Kelley, Mary Kathleen, Kellum, Betty Jane, 155, 324 Kellum, Jerrol Lynn, 93 Kellum, Thomas B. Jr., Kelly, Huey James, 204 Kelly, James Calhoun, 201, 324 Kelly, James Winling, 171, 201, 324 Kelly, Joseph B., 177, 324 Kelly, Michael Louis, 204, 324 Kelly, Myrtle Paula, 324 Kelly, Robert John, Kelly, William Jimmie, 285 Kelsey, Robert C., 204. 324 Kelso, Clyde Douglas III, 187, 324 Kelso, Kenneth Wayne, 285 Kelty, Nancy Ann, Kemp, Albert C. III, 324 Kemp, Herman 0., 124, 324 Kemp, Kenneth W., 129, 204 Kemp, Mendel G., Kendrick, Robena Louise, 68, 70, 110, 153, 324 Kennedy, Basil 177, 324 Kennedy, Frank F.. 189, 324 Kennedy, Martin Edward, 324 Kennedy, Thomas Graddy III, Kenney, Timothy James, 138, 169, 210, 324 Keown. Malcolm Price, 301 Kern, Lawrence W. 324 Kerr, Carolyn Reddoch, 149, 285 Kerr, Glenn Larry, 324 Kerr, Katherine Allison, 149, 324 Kerr, John Lewis, 202 Kerr, Patricia Louise, Kerr, Robert Lee, 191 Kershaw, Linda Lee, 324 Kershaw, Michael D., 167 214, 215, 324 Kersting, Elizabeth A., 157, 285 Kessinger, Carolyn C., Kessinger, Donald E., Key, James H., 301 Key, Jane E., Keye, Patti Lynne, 155 Keyes, Jimmy E., 177, 219, 243, 324 Khanna, Pran Nath. Khayat, Margaret Denton, Khayat, Robert C., 83, III Kibble Claude Arthur, 104 Kibe, William E., 219, 241 Kidd, Sandra Kay. 145. 324 Kiley, James William. 204 Kilgore, Billy Dan 324 Kilgore, Jimmie Katherine, Killingsworth, Winifred A., 157, 285 Kilpatrick, Johnny Max, Kilpatrick, Martin A., 167 301 Kilpatrick. Nancy Jane, 94, 140 Kimbrell, Alcide Reid, Kimbrough, Hallie E., 112, 151, 285 Kinard, Michael, 285 Kinard, John Major, 121, 164 189, 285 Kinard, Virginia Jean, 155. 324 Kincade, Robert P. Jr.. 189 Kincaid, Virlinda Carol, 147, 285 King, Faye H.. King, Henry Hughes 301 King, Mary Louise, 301 King, Ogwen Lamar, King, Ray Thomas, 185, 324 King, Stark Hark, 191 King. William T., Kipp. Karen Dean, 79, 143, 151, 285 Kirchhof, Morris M., Kirk, Douglas U., Kirk, John Pigford 204 Kirk. Susan Shattuck, 151 Kirkland, Earl III, Kirkland. Ralph Earl, 324 Kirkpatrick. Mary Kay. 151, 324 Kirschten, Thomas D., 324 Kisner, F.. 324 Kitchens, Clarice Ann, 58, 324 Kitchens, Donald G. 169 Kitchens, Donald Gilbert, 169, 204, 324 Kitchens, James W. 301 Kitchens, Lloyd W. ., 69, 92, 169, 204, 324 Klenner, Gertrude Louise, 105 147, 285 Klepzig, William Floyd, 205, 324 Klingen, Maura E., Klingenbeck, Robert P., 167, 205 Knight, Aubrey K., Knight, Charles Stroud, 324 Kniaht, Elbert Leslie, Knight, Gene Charles, Knight, James Wayne, 285 Knight, Luther A. Jr., Knight, Sandra Vermeil, 110, 136, 139, 153, 324 Knight, Wesley Allan, Knotts, Jerry Wayne, Knotts, Nancy Ruthledge, 285 Knox, James Doran, 285 Koch, Karen K., Kocsis, Margaret Ann, 147, 324 Koehler, Alexander S. J., 201 Kolesar, Joseph T., 181, 324 Koon, Ronald Leslie, 324 Kothmann, Gregory Garf, 324 Kozachyn, Anna Marie, Kratz, Lawrence A., Kraus, Diana Dean, 324 Kraus, Guy C., Krause, John David, 167, 211 Krauss, Volker Markus, 101, III, 301 Krebs, Mary Katherine, 324 Kreilein, Robert Lee, 243 Kreller, Joseph L. Jr., 127, 324 Kretschmar, Malcolm S. Jr., Kreutz, Zoe Schiller, Krogstad, Larry Kenneth, Krohn, Robert Glenn, Kuester, Carl Edwin, 211 Kuhn, Frank R., 181, 204, 324 Kuykendall, George B. Jr., 204, 324 Kwasniewski, Thomas M., 324 Kyle, Noble Weir II, 132, 185, 324 L Labens, Malcolm Howard, Laberge, Patricia E., 151, 324 Lacey, Ruth W., Lackey, Henry L., Lackey, Van Lemuel, 175, 205, 324 Lacy, Don Preston, 83, III Ladner, Claude Julius, 115, 285 Ladner, Kerby E., Ladner, Melanie B., 147, 301 Ladner, Susan Elizabeth, 116, 324 Leduc, Raymond Paul, Lafollette, Louis Biggs, 147, 324 Lafortune, William M., 324 Laher, Terry Anne, 122, 324 Lail, Thomas A. Jr., Laird, Henry Gray, 185, 214 Laird, Jesse Smylie, 324 Lamar, Kathryn Evan, 135, 153, 285 Lamar, Thomas Eugene, Lamb, Rufus N. Jr., Lambdin, Jane Norvelle, 68, 98, 107, 149, 285 Lambert, Aaron C. Jr., 237, 324 Lambert, Paul Anthony, 130, 243, 301 Lamberth, William Mark, 324 Lamey, Ronald William, 301 Lamphron, James Patrick, 210, 324 Lampton, Helene T., Lancaster, Linda L., 324 Land, Barry Dwight, 185 Landreth, Cleveland Lee, Landry, Dorothy Duty, 98, 157, 285 Landskov, David Lawrence, 135, 324 Lane, Ruth Diane, 324 Langmesser, James E., 169, 204, 324 Langston, Willard F., Lankford, David Henry, 301 Lankford, Eddie N., Lankford, Lynda T., 285 Lantrip, Bobby Bennett, 106. 124, 285 Lape, Margaret Ellen, 157, 325 Lape, Willard 0. Jr., Larroux, Michael Paul, Larson, Florence Cannon, 151, 325 Larson, Lucie Ellen, 75, 118, 161, 285 Larue, Wayne B. Jr., 177, 325 Lasky, Daniel J., 204, 325 Lassetter, Linda C., 159, 325 Latimer, Ellis H. III, 179, 325 Latta, Patricia Jean, 163, 325 Laughlin, James Richard Jr., 189 Laurenzi, John F., Lavallee, William L., 124, 167, 196, 325 Lavers, Brenton M., 171, 325 Law, Carol Jackson, Law, Cylian S., Lawson, Bobby Ray, 325 Lawson, Patricia Anne, Lawyer, Michael S., 130, 191, 325 Leyland, David Nelson, 325 Lea, Billy Ray, 301 Lea, Robert Charles, 164, 193, 325 Leach, Howard Owen, 83, 107, III, 301 Leach, Marilyn Faye, 126, 157, 325 Leach, Pamela Ann, 112, 147, 285 Leatherman, William A. Jr., 181, 203, 325 Leavitt, Dinah Luise, 161, 325 Ledbetter, Barbara Lane, 127, 133, 157, 325 Ledbetter, Jacquelyn J., 139, 159, 325 Ledbetter, Linda Lane, 73, 151, 325 Lee, Brenda Carol, Lee, James Larry, 301 Lee, John Wincie, Lee, Judith Ann, Lee, Mary Anne, 163, 285 Lee, Nancy Pauline, 145 Lee, Robert D., III, 301 Lee, Robert Edward Jr., Lee, Robert S., 325 Lee, Ronald Wayne, 285 Lee, Ruth S., Lee, Sandra Elizabeth, Lee, Thomas Drayton, Leeper, James Hattox, 120, 285 Leeper, James Thomas, Lefeve, Aristide F. Jr., 179, 325 Lefler, James Ronald, 325 Legan, Bobbye H., 301 Legan, Marshall Scottie, 301 Legg, Jerry Smith, 285 Legg, Michael H., Leggett, Barbara Elaine, 136, 138, 325 Leggett, Charles D., 125, 285 Leggett, Donald Mitchell, 325 Lehman, Kimble Ray, 204 Leigh, Robert E. III, 286 Lejeune, Stanley J., 301 Lemaster, Carol Lynne, 161 Lemaster, Charles R. Jr., 97, 130, 187, 286 Lemeilleur, Charles R. Jr.. Lemons, Carol Kay, 159, 325 Lemons, William B. III, Lemus, Joseph Jr., Leppic, Teri Ann. Lesley, Herman McCurry Jr., Lessley, Jimmie Micajah, 125, 301 Lessley, Mason W. Jr., Lester, George H., 120, 191, 202, 286 Lester, Horace Baxter Jr.. 69, 72, 78, 87, 90, 101, 109, 138, 189, 200, 207, 216, 286 Lester, Robert F., 187, 325 Lever, Terry J., 161, 325 Levy, Sidney Marie, 139, 161, 325 Lewis, Charles Eugene, 325 Lewis, Clayton Taylor, 82, III, 185, 301 Lewis, Connie, 159, 325 Lewis, Donald Ellis, Lewis, Douglas B., 109, 301 Lewis, Eugene W. Jr., Lewis, Fenwick Stewart, Lewis, James W. L., 105, 301 Lewis, Jane Edele, Lewis, John Frank, 195, 204, 325 Lewis, John Howell, 211, 286 Lewis, John R. 187, 325 Lewis, John Randolph, Lewis, Jon Richard, 191 Lewis, Laddy Russell, 201 Lewis, Larry Lisle, Lewis, Lear Allen, 301 Lewis, Leo Spencer, 325 Lewis, Margaret Jane, 119, 153, 325 Lewis, Marie, 127, 145, 325 Lewis, Martha Lynn, 157, 325 Lewis, Mary Ratcliff, Lewis, McArthur, 286 Lewis, Robert Barry, 212 Lewis, Robert Cushing, 191. 211, 286 Lewis, Robert E. Jr., 169. 325 Lewis, Sandra Lee, 161, 325 Lewis, Ted P., 301 Lewis, William Irvin, Liberto, Frank Peter, 204, 325 Ligon, Melanie Allen, 325 Lilja, Ralph Barry, 181, 208, 216, 286 Lilly, John Perry, 191 Lin, Jiann Tsyh, 301 Lindley, Arnold, 325 Lindsay, Dan Ashford, 175, 204, 325 Lindsey, Eddie Kyle, 201, 325 Lindsey, Henderson C., 191, 325 Lindsey, James Lee Jr., 77, 103, 191 Lingle, Dale Conn, 181 Lingle, Ethelyne Turnage, Lippincott, John Maxey, 107, 169, 301 Lipscomb, Balfour McCabe, 179, 240 Lipscomb, Earle Floyd, Lipscomb, Joseph R., 175, 325 Lipscomb, Marie McCabe, 123, 149, 286 Lipscomb, William Beck, 109, 120, 132, 169, 301 Lister, Charlotte Ann, 286 Litchfield, Bette B., 325 Little, Charles M., 169, 204, 325 Little, Gerald A., 325 Litton, Peggy Scott, 151 Livingston, Dan Louis, 325 Livingston, Jeanne Gail, 98, 143, 155, 286 Llano, Charles D., 325 Llewellyn, Marvin David, Lloyd, John Bunyan Jr., 325 Lloyd, Mary C., Lloyd, Robert Cecil, 138 Lobue, John David, Lockard, James Robert, 92, 325 Locke, Claude Polk, Lockley, Janice Rae, 123, 159, 325 Locovare, John W., Loden, Walter David, 325 Lodwick, Margaret H., Loe, Justin B., 204 Loeber, Edward Richard, Lofton, Harvey M., 286 Logan, Billy Joe, 138 Logan, Frederick M., 204 Lohrmann, Jerome Lee, 107, 286 Lohrmann, Judy Carol, Lokey, Marguerite Griffin, 157, 325 Lomangino, Felice, 138 Lomax, Dan Wade, 325 Lomax, John Tillman Jr., 167, 286 Lomax, Susan K., 155, 286 Long, Chad Dixson, 325 Long, Clifford D. Jr., Long, Gordon Edward, 191 Long, Jeffrey Arvin, 204 Long, Paul Leonidus, Long. Ray N., 325 Longfield, Craig N. Longino, Wesley, 171, 325 Loper, Amelia Catherine, 149 Lopez, Antonio Vincent, Lorentz, Robert Parker, 179, 286 Lott, Ben Crawford, 286 Lott, Billy H. Jr., 181, 325 Lott, Chester Trent, 191, 301 Lott, Thomas Truitt, Lott, William Washburn, 175. 326 Lotterhos, Joseph Edward, 120, 175, 286 Lotterhos, Julius L. III, 193, 301 Lou, Paul C., 326 Love, Adele Robertha, 137, 140, 286 Love, Carla Lee, 326 Love, Carm en Selby, Love, Craig, 179, 326 Love, Hugh Marshall, 101, III Love, James Sanford III, 69, 90, 101, 121, 130, 179, 286 Love, Judith, Love, Marcus, Ill. 97, 130, 169, 705. 326 Lovelace, Dewitt Marshall, 175, 326 Lovelace, Linda Sanders, 122, 326 Lovelace, Marvin S., 326 Lovelady, Cornelius F., 326 Lovelady, George T., Loveladv, Robert L. Lovell, Barbara E., 326 Lowe, Franklin C., Lowery, Carolyn Zoe, 153, 326 Lowery, John William, Lowery, Mack Lamar, 185, 211, 326 Lowrance, Howard David, Lowrimore, Marlin Gerald, 125, 326 Lowry, James Howard, 211, 326 Lowry, William Edward, Lowstuter, Anthony R. Jr., 181, 326, Loyacono, Delia Ann, Lucas, David Alan, 114, 136, 326 Lucas, John 0. Jr., Lucas, Thomas Edwin, 219, 243 Luckett, Ignatius S. Jr., 109, 175, 286 Ludlam, Helen Harvey, 149, 286 Luke, Linda Kay, 155, 326 Luke, Thomas Mitchell, 173 211 243, 326 Luke, Tommy Junior, 219, 241. 286 Lundberg, Jane Ellen, 75, 143, 159. 326 Lunsford, Hollis Eugene, 136, 138, 211, 326 Lurie, David M., 73 326 Lusk, Glenn Louis. 232, 243 Luter, Dwight Keith, 189, 204, 326 Luts, Heino A., Lutz, Margaret Elizabeth, Lyall, Harry Robert, 129, 201, 326 Lybrand, Robert A.. Lyda, Kenneth E., 326 Lynch, Charles A., 117, 185 326 Lynch, Sharon Courtney, 155 326 Lyon, Edward Joseph, 191, 200, 204, 326 Lyons, Dianne, McAfee, Leonard C. Jr., 171 McAlexander, Betty B., 151, 326 McAlexander, Hubert Horton. McAlister, Harold Paul, 135, 193, 286 McAlister, Richard D., 135, 138, 326 McAlpin, Brodie Wayne, 140 326 McAlpin, Faye Lois Page, 139, 140, 376 McArthur, James Leo, 97 121, 201, 207, 216 McBee. Bailey Hardy, 179, 286 McBride, William W. Jr., 326 McBryde. Laura Greer, McCaa, Barbara, 326 McCaffrey, Lewis 124 McCaffrey, Stanley A., McCain, Jim E. III, 187, 326 McCarley, Thomas G. Jr., 326 McCarley, Thomas H. III, McCarty, Emily J., McCarty, John Robert, 191 6 Vogue Mach L. McCarty, Joseph Coffee, 80, 108, 286 McCarty, Leroy P. Jr., McCary. Arthur Dale, McCaslin, Henry Eugene, 120 179 McCay, Dorsey H. Jr., 120, 286 McCay James M., 326 McClaflin, Robert L., McClanahan, James Lee, McClelland, Charles Rodney, 204 McClure, Jacquelyn, 155, 286 McClure, Wayne Leroy Jr., 219, 243 McClusky, Lloyd H., McCoach, Charles H., 301 McCollum, Barbara Lambert, 301 McCollum, Harry Edward Jr., 125, 167, 301 McCollum, Joseph K. Jr., 130, 169, 211, 326 McConnell, Constance Marie, 286 McConnell, Elizabeth Ann, 73, 149, 326 McCool, Edward Lewis, 130, 169, 214, 326 McCool, Grady Lin Jr., 179 McCool, Larry Alan, 179, 326 McCool, Robert T. Jr., McCorkle, James L. Jr., THE BANK OF OXFORD Friendly Convenient Competent Service MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. Oxford, Mississippi " The Second Oldest Bank in Mississippi " University Avenue Branch On the Square Kream Kup Drive Inn " Famous for its 19c Hamburgers 1802 University Avenue Phone 234-1131 Owens Ltd. of Oxford " Clothes for the college man " 1004 VAN BUREN 234-2152 " When looking for the finest in jewelry, look no farther than Elliotts " ELLIOT ' S JEWELRY STORE " On the Square In Oxford " • Watch Repairs • Wedding Gifts • Silverware • Rings 361 Blaylock ' s Drug Store • Prescriptions • Cosmetics • Supplies OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI K ' S Bar-B-Q House and Delicatessen " For the best Bar—B—Q in Oxford, give K ' s a try. They serve the finest. " Highway 6 West OSFORD, MISS. Baker ' s Dress Shop " Where the well-dressed Co-ed buys her Wardrobe " 210 South Lamar Oxford, Mississippi . . . Come As You Are! on the beach between Biloxi and Gulfport plenty of free parking. No trip to the Golden Gulf South can be complete without a visit to Edgewater Plaza. OPEN ' TIL 9 P.M. MON., THURS., FRI. McCorkle, Joe Don, 173 McCormack, William Floyd, 326 McCormick, Robert E., McCoy, Charlotte Ann, 326 McCoy, David Glenn, 326 McCoy, Dorothy Susan, 326 McCraney, James Arthur, McCraw, James Arthur, 326 McCreight, Holly Anne, 157, 326 McCrory, Henry Allen, 301 McCrosky, Harvey Alexander, 138, 185 McCullar, Edward Terence, 211, 326 McCullar, Jacqueline M., McCulloch, Larry Joseph, 301 McCullouch, Mary Carmille, 132, 153 McCune, Sam M., McDaniel, Clarence Albert, 286 McDivitt, Leland, 187 McDonald, Frank L., McDonald, Michael Tilford, McDonald: Millie Ann Z., 132 McDonough, Marvel B., McDuff, J. Duncan, 189, 204, 326 McDuffie, Kay, 132, 135, 326 McDuffie, Margaret C., 153, 326 McElhaney, Michael J. Jr., 115, 191, 206, 207, 216, 241 McElroy, Kathryn, 326 McElveen, Ernest G., 191, 211 McElwain, Connie Cross, 115 McElwee, James Ware, McElwee, Sandra Kay, McFarland, Burchette S., 167, 326 McFarlane, James Eckford, 103, 135, 205, 326 McFarlane, Larry Allan, 301 McGahey, Samuel Oscar, McGahey, Timothy Powell, 175, 204, 326 McGarry, Shaun Bernard, 326 McGaughy, Charles D., 286 McGavock, Donald Fran cis, 200, 207 McGee, Charlotte G., McGee, Clyde, 175, 326 McGee, Debora Diane, 326 McGee, Hassell Lynn, 123, 163, 326 McGee, Martin Hiram Jr., 115, 191, 243 McGee, Thomas Alan, 129, 201, 326 McGehee, Harry Smith, Mc Gehee, James Vernon, 326 McGehee, Kay Frances, 155, 286 McGehee, William C. Jr., 73, 130, 164, 17 203, 327 McGinley, Sarah M.. McGinnis, William A. Jr., McGlamery, Benny Lee, McGlothlin, Elizabeth Jane, 163 McGonagill, Fred Allen, McGough, Michael D.. McGraw, Edward R., 185, 327 McGraw, James D., 92, 287 McGreger, Judith K.. McGreger, Marion W., 129, 327 McGuire, Gloria Jeanette, 145, 327 McGuire, James Edward, 204, 327 McGuire, Linda Scott, McGuire, Louis Edward, McGuire, Susan Klara, McGuire, William C., McHan, Jerry Lynn, 301 McHaney, Nancy Holland, 327 McHenry, John K., McHenry, Rolf Wesley, 138, 167, 327 Mcllwain Riley B. Jr., 327 Mcllwain, Zelma Ann, Mcingvale, George Sidney, 111, 301 Mclngvale, Juanita E. H., 327 McInnis, Ellis W. III, 189 McInnis, Jamie Carolyn, 327 McIntosh, Charles A. Jr., 185, 301 McIntyre, Floyd H., 169, 196, 327 McIntyre, Virginia Ruth, 67, 151, 327 ' McKay, Charlotte E., McKay, Corwin Lee, McKay, Otto Jr., 185, 327 McKee, Jimmie Fern, McKee, Michael Treloar, 327 McKeen, Susan Leigh, 327 McKeithen, William S. H, 125, 301 McKellar-, John W., McKellar, Milton Lane, 177, 218, 243, 287 McKenzie, Georgia Mae, 155 287 McKibben, Dana Clifton, 287 McKibbens, Thomas R. Jr., 116, 327 McKinney, Samuel M. HI, McKnight, Charles A., 327 McKnight, Daniel Thomas, 201 McLarty, Edwin Murry, McLarty, Ronald Curtiss, McLarty, Willie Faye, McLaughlin, James G., 138 McLaurin, Janet Elise, 159, 327 McLaurin, John Purves, 77, 92, 135, 189, 203, 327 McLean, George Hite, McLellan, William E. McLellan, William Edward, 287 McLemore, James Gray Jr., 301 McLeod, Charles E., McLeod, Maretta A. Martin, McLeod, Taylor Jeff, 327 McLeod, Thomas R., 204 McMahan, James Turner, 177, 287 McMahan, Michael Lee, 327 McMillan, Charles R., 181 McMillan, Gerald Cleon, 139, 287 McMillan, Harold Leon, McMillan, John Terry, 287 McMillan, Kai J., 147, 327 McMillan, Wallace Edward, 120, 179, 327 McMillen, Larry W., 81 McMinn, Joan Porter, McMullen, William L. Jr., 171, 301 Mc Murchy, Charles R. Jr., 175, 327 McMurtray, Helen F., 123, 327 McNair, Vivian Ann, 287 McNamara, Joseph Leray, 69, 179, 209, 327 McNeely, William H., 201, 204 McNeil, Suzainne Frederick, 139, 327 McPhail, Boyd Leland, 301 McPhail, John M., McPherson, Malcolm H., 204, 327 McPherson, Stephanie Ann, 327 McQueen, Barbara Ann, McQueen, Marvin Earl Jr., 130, 219, 243, 287 McRae, Charles Robert, 106, 124, 191, 210, 216, 287 McRaney, Gerald Lee, 327 McRee, James Clopton, McRee, Michael Thomason, 124, 175, 287 McRoskey, Roy Lanctot, 142, 153, 327 McTague, Kenneth Edward, Maaya, Ramzi Jubran, 125, 302 Mabry, Harmon 1, 287 Mabry, Martha Toy, 327 Mabry, Paul Davis, Mabus, John C., 193, 201, 327 MacAleese, Robert William, 287 MacConnell, John Malcolm, MacDonald, Donald Grant, 214, 287 MacDonald, Duncan D., MacDonald, Kathleen, 145, 287 Mack, Edward Reed Jr., Mack, Frances C., MacKenzie, Craig Alan, 181 Mackey, James E., 140 Mackrill, Dennis Floyd, Macvaugh, Gilbert S. Jr., Macy, John Richard, Maddox, Dwight Uriel, 185, 327 Maddox, John Cullen, 219, 243 Madison, Melinda, Madison, Stewart M., Madsen, James Robert, 112, 209, 212, 287 Magarian, Robert A., Magee, Judy Pat, 109, 327 Magee, Robert M., 219 Magers, Rebecca M., Maqinnis, George Henry Magruder, Jane K., 69, 76, 149, 327 Maheshwari, Hemant C., 287 Mature, Tommye Lou, Malat, Dagmar 1, 287 Malbrough, Oliver Joseph, 210 Mallette, James C., 171, 204, 327 Mallini, Joseph J., 211, 287 Mallory, Michael Arnie, 199, 207, 216 Malone, Samuel A., 135, 204, 327 Malone, Winford Ann, 135, 159, 327 Maloney, Robert E., Malouf, Michael James, 70, 127, 181, 327 Malouf, Thomas H., 127, 327 Malvezzi, Jeanella F., 155, 327 Malvezzi, Toni Carol, 155 Malya, P. A. Govinda, 302 Mandrell, William Kermit, 201, 204, 327 Mangin, Charles Geoffrey, 167, 327 Manier, Cynthia Hatcher, Manifold, David James, 167, 327 Manifold, George William, 103, 105, 167,, 302 Mann, A. Katherine, 116, 139, 155, 327 Mann, Elizabeth Nell, Manning, Roy Davis Jr., 73, 103, 132, 138, 191, 327 Manning, Susan Anne, Mannle, Henry Walter, Mansel, Emily Faulk, 327 Mansell, Ethie Willette, 73, 159, 327 Manton, Charles F., Maples, Ernest G. Jr., Marascalco, Frank P., 204, 327 Marascalco, Robert J., Marchant, Frank Aubra, 120 Margolis, Sander Paul, Marion, William D., 327 Marks, Fred Walley, 193 Marks, Judith Ann, 327 Marlar, Jerry Lafayette, 185, 214, 215, 327 Marler, Arthur G., Marley, Anne Murray, 93, 147, 287 Marlowe, Judith Lucille, 161, 287 Marodis, Mary, 327 Marsalis, Gary Edmond, 189 Marsalis, Wilton Lowell, 189 Marshall, Beverly Forrest, Marshall, Francis C. Jr., 214, 215 Marshall, Judith M., Marshall, Robert Barnes, 179, 204, 327 Martin, Anna Claire, 155, 327 Martin, Claude Donald, Martin, George Gilmore, 67, 73, 107, 287 Martin, Hollis F., 327 Martin, James G. Jr., 129, 139, 287 Martin, James Gilbert, 136, 167, 327 Martin, James Leland, 66, 87, 90, 97, 101, 109, 130, 175, 287 Martin, Jimmy Dean, Martin, Joan L., 123, 327 Martin, John William, Martin, Leslie Dee, Martin, Otis K. Jr., 129, 201 Martin, William M., Martin, William Stephen, 187, 328, Martindale, Larry P., 232 Marvel, Dennis Cruce, 106 Marx, Judith B., 328 Mascari, Kenneth J., 328 Mashburn, Julia R., Mashburn, Leon W. HI, 187, 328 Mason, Cornelia P., Mason, David Van Ness, 201, 287 Mason, Martha Ann, 328 Mason, Nancy Susan, Massaro, Diana Lynn, Massengale, Judith Lynn, 153, 328 Massey, Fred Mitchell, 92, 179, 287 Matheney, Sidney E., 328 Mathes, Dorothy Katherine, 123, 287 Mathews, Calvin T., 287 Mathews, Merla Sue, Mathias, Vernon Bryan, 200 Mathis, James Harold, Matson, Lois Carolyn, Matthews, Elmer William, 219, 243 Mattox, Edwin William, 328 Mauldin, Byrd P. Jr., 204, 328 Mauldin, Janice A., 161, 328 Mauldin, Olin B. Jr., 189, 328 Maule, Francis E., Ill, 211, 287 Maupin, Edgar Rigby, Maurras, Manelle P., 161, 287 Mauzey, Roger Errol, 115 Mavar, Gerald M., 167, 205, 328 Nick Anthony Jr., 83, 95, 101, 105, III, 302 Saw J. Jr., Maxey, Celia Banks, 96, 133, 153 Maxey, Frances B., Maxey, John Lewis, 71, 189, 302 Maxey, Mary K., Maxey„ Rosemary, 151 Maxey, William L. Maxwell, Carolyn C., 76, 96, 109, 135, 143, 157, 328 Maxwell, John Caldwell, 185 May, Arthur Cinclair, 185, 302 May, Frank Alien, III May, James A., Mayfield, Jack Lamar Jr., 114, 167, 328 Mayfield, Mariglyn N., Mayfield, Sylvia Lee, 147, 287 Maynard, Gary Ford, 204 Maynard, John Henry, 193, 288 Mayo, Charlotte Rita, 159, 328 Mays, John Hearn, 328 Meacham, Mildred L., 151, 214, 288 Means, Michael Edward, 328 Meek, Edwin E., Meek, Helen R., 328 Meek, Mary Sheridan, 149, 328 Meeks, Earl Louis, Meeks, Gerald Wilson, Meeks, Janis Shirey, 149 Megel, Nancy F., 288 Megginson, Mary J. Haydock, Megginson, Richard Allen, Meggs, Johnnie Ruth, 288 Melikian, Kachy Louie, 130 193, 288 Melillo, Maryann Theresa, 163, 328 Mellen, Laurence Y., Mellon, Richard Curtis Jr., 187 Melton, Martha, 136, 151, 328 Melvin, Byron Wallace, Menkis, Harvey R., Menz, Thomas, 130 193, 288 Merkel, Charles Michael, 103, 105, III, 189, 302 Merriman, Edwin H. Jr., 181, 211, 328 Metts, Nancy K., Metz, John S 67, 187. 302 Metzar, Sally Ann, 328 Metzger, Robert E., 328 Meyer, Janet, 149, 328 John Ruskin, 169, 328 Meyer, Kathleen Joan, Micele, Johnnie, 133. 159, 201, 207, 328 Michaels, Carolyn Patricia, Mickey, Barry Ivan, 288 Migues, Danny Ray, 204, 328 Milam, John Benjamin, 191, 204, 328 Milam, Kenneth E., 49, 179, 288 Miles, Ivan Ernest, Miles, Mary Ann, 133, 328 Miles, Susan V., 133, 159, 328 Milikin, Lindsay Baker, Millard, William Richard, 288 Millen, Bonnie Aqualynn, 161, 328 Mliler, Andrew J., Miller, Billy Maurice, 191, 328 Miller, Clair H. Jr., Miller, Donald Lee, 171, 204, 328 Miller, Edward Joseph, Miller, Emma Roselle, Miller, Emory Hubert, 302 Miller, Frederic L., 171, 328 Miller, Jack Alan, 302 Miller, James Howard, 191, 328 Miller, Jane Louise, 137 Miller, John Ulrich HI, 171, 302 Miller, John W., 288 Miller, Joseph Linfield, Miller, Larry Gene, 328 Miller, Marianne, 56, 328 Miller, Marilyn N., 139, 159, 328 Miller, Paul 0. , 169, 302 Miller, Ray Shelby, 94, 130. 328 Miller, Suzanne Armour, 288 Miller, William E. H, Mills, Elvin Wayne, Mills, Gerald Dewitt, Mills, Gwen Ann, Mills, Marilyn L., Millstein, Sam Jr., Milner, Katherine, 70, 328 Milner, Robert Hill Jr., 302 Milner, Ronald Albert, 115 Milner, William Kent, Milstead, Don Michael, Milstead, Martha Anne, 328 Mims, Marvin Taylor, Mingee, James Clyde, Minor, J. Longstreet HI, 302 Mirabole, Andrew J., 302 Miskelly, Lou Ann, Mistilis, Ben Arthur, 109 Mitchell, Alice Jeanette, 131, 140, 163, 328 Mitchell, Daniel T., Mitchell, Donald Chester, Mitchell, Geoffery C., 175, 204, 328 Mitchell, Geri Anne, 139, 288 Mitchell, James Edwin, 173, 201, 328 Mitchell, Judith Ann, 155 Mitchell, Sue Powers, 155, 328 Mixon, Charles Paul, Mixon, Larry Edward, 124, 204, 328 Mixon, Patricia S. 96, 109, 122, 140, 328 Mize, Kyle Dean, S. Moak, Donald Lewis, 302 Moak, Jane Ann, 328 Moak, Nancy L., 163, 288 Mock, Wiley Hunter Jr., Molpus, Frank R., 175, 202, 328 Monaghan, Linda Kay, Monk, Virginia Anne, 288 Monroe, George Smiley H, 73, 107, 1 1 1, 302 Monroe, Gerrard Wayne, 288 Monson, Constance Ann, Monsour, Joseph Thomas, 130, 185, 288 Montgomery, Carl Robert, 101, III, 189, 302 Montgomery, Clarence C., 132, 302 Montgomery, Joseph Harold, 111, 185, 302 Montgomery, Larry K., 138, 328 Montgomery, Linda Gail, 328 Montgomery, Mary Roberta, Montgomery, Patsy A., 122, 132, 328 Montgomery, Richard Paul, 181, 201, 328 Montgomery, Samuel Arthur, 302 Montgomery, Thomas R., 103, 189, 302 Montjoy, Gid, 67, 187, 288 Montjoy, Robert Sabin, 68, 72, 79, 90, 101, 107, 109, 119, 189, 288, 296 Carol, 135, 328 Moody, Ronald Leon, 195, 210, 328 Moore, Barbara Goodin, Moore, Barbara Kay, 110, 288 Moore, Betty B., 157, 328 Moore, Billy Gene, 288 Moore, Carol Ann, 136, 328 Moore, Deborah Louise, Moore, Donna Sue, Moore, Dudley Rook, 189 Moore, Frank Thomas Jr., 83, 101, 107, 169, 302 Moore, George M. Jr., Moore, James Grafton Jr., Moore, James Ryan, 112, 302 • Moore, Jo Ann, 157, 329 Moore, Johnny, 329 Moore, Margaret Lucile, 157, 329 Moore, Marinell, 109, 161, 329 Moore, McPherson D., 138, 179, 204, 329 Moore, Milton Marion, Moore, Minnie Lenora L., Moore, Patricia Ann, 159, 329 Moore, Paul M. Jr., 169, 329 Moore, Robert Lee, 177, 329 Moore, Robert Wayne, 204 Moore, Rodger Clay, 204, 329 Moore, Russell L. Jr., 205 Moore, William Frank Jr., 120, 189, 203, 329 Moorhead, Rodney Aaron, 201 Moran, James Bradley, 232 Moreland, Thomas V. Jr., 329 Moreton, Julian Edward, 302, Morgan, Anna Virginia, Morgan, Clarence E. HI, 185 Morgan, John Gayden, 187, 204, 329 Morgan, John Walton III, Morgan, Laura Sue, 96, 155, 329 Morgan, Leger James Jr., Morgan, Shirley Olivia, Morgan, Sidney G., 104 Morrill, Barbara Park, Morris, Don C., 329 Morris, Donald William, 181, 329 Morris, George Downing, 329 Morris, Geraldine Bell, Morris, John Ellis, Morris, John Wesley, 169, 206 Morris, Kenneth Loy, 329 Morris, Larry Lynn, Morris, Medley Charroll, Morris, Pamela Ruth, 163, 329 Morris, Royce L. B., 302 Morris, Susan Athena, Morris, Thomas Hanley, 185, 237, 329 Morrison, Cynthia G., 79, 161, 208, 329 Morrison, Harvey Lee Jr., 187, 204, 329 Morrow, George C. Morrow, James E. III Morrow, John Phillip, 90, 101, 103, 105, 106, 124, 129, 288 Morrow, Thomas Dudley, 125, 302 Mosel, Judith Lynn, 153, 329 Moses, Gerald B., 175, 329 Moses, Mike E. Jr., 171, 204, 329 Moses, Samuel Stephens Jr., Mosley, Sherry E., 123, 153, 329 Moss, Gerald J., Moss, John Therrell, Moss, Robert K., 185, 329 Moss, William C., 193, 329 Mott, John Randall, 189, 214, 215 Mougey, Charles L., 329 Mounce, James L., 288 Mounce, Jennie L., 288 Mounger, Whitman Davis, 185, 205 Mounger, William H. Jr., III, 179, 302 Moye, Randall John, 205, 329 Mozingo, James R. Jr., 90, 302 Mozingo, Ruth C., Muehlmann, Patricia Ann, Mukherjee, Sunil Kumar, 302 Mulcahy, Kathleen M., Mullen, Michele Diane, 140, 288 Mullikin, Peter M., 187, 204, 329 Mullins, Charles Jimmy, 167, 329 Mullins, Cynthia Maria, Mullins, Jane Gordon, Mullins, Margaret Jane, 329 Mullins, Max Raymond, Munn, Robert A., 205 Murchison, Sheila Dell, 329 Murphree, Alan Linn, 71, 92, 101, 103, I 164, 169, 329 Murphree, Buford Coleman, I36, 189, 2 Murphree, Kenneth M., 189, 206 Murphree, Neil Metts, 203 Murphy, Allen Lee, Murphy, Andrew M. N., Murphy, James Loyal, Murphy. Jerry W., 204, 219 Murphy, Mary C., 157, 329 Murphy, Michael Charles, 191, 205 Murrah, Linda Kay 151, 329 Murray, James Linn, 329 Murrell, Dan Stewart, 302 Murrell, Patricia H., 302 Mu rry, Thomas Dulaney, 179, 202, 216, : Muse, Edward Grady, Musgrave, Joseph Robert, Mutzi, Morris Vincent, Myers, Charles William, 109, 219, 243 Myers, William Milton, 205, 329 Mysing, Mary Victoria, N Nabors, Carl Warren, Naff, Margaret Dianne, 67, 133, 153, 28 Nagel, Philip Anthony, 205 Nail, Armanda Lou, Nail, James Herman, Nall, Jane McKeage, 157, 329 Nanney, Jimmy Ray, 288 Napier, Edgar C., Naron, William P., 329 Nash, Jonathon Michael, 115, 167, 288 Neal, Anderson Bailey, Neal, David M. Jr., 288 Neal, Lamar Brown, Neal, Lois Helen, Neale, Charles Alexander, 73, 185, 329 Nealy, Charles V. Jr., 329 Neblett, George R., Necaise, Jeanne Kaye 161, 329 Neel, Allen W., Neel, Tommy Edward, Neelly, William Richard, 189, 204, 207, Neill, Janice C., 145, 288 Neill, Kathryne Leigh, 136, 159, 329 Neilson, Martha Bryant, 155, 329 Nejam, Elaine Salemy, Nelms, Charles Merritte, 187, 329 Nelms, John L., 187, 329 Nelson, Charles L., 97, 187, 289 Nelson, Irwin H., 185, 211, 329 Nelson, James Hardin, 73. 97, 130, 329 Nelson, James Michael, 219, 243, 289 Nelson, Nick Dwight, Nelson, Robert Lynn, 329 Nelson, Travis Marcel, Neri, David George, 193 Nester, Daniel M., 201 Netherton, James 5., 116, 205, 329 Nettles, Jo Ellen, 116, 147, 302 Neukirch, Donal Williams, Neville, John Beard, 120, 130, 179, 329 Newberry, Ronald Gene, 115 Newcomb, Morris, 329 Newell, Charles P. Jr., Newell, Ronald Bruce, 179, 219, 243 Newton, Catherine Ann, 329 Newton, David Simpson, Newton, Gary Thomas, 302 Newton, Hugh Patrick, 177, 201, 329 Newton, Margaret L., 122, 137, 329 Newton, Robert M. II, 205 Neyband, Diane Louise, Neyland, Munson C. Jr., 120 Nicholas, Daniel Joseph, Nichols, Aubrey E., 82, 101, 105, III, 302 Nichols. Buddy Raymond 101, 103, 191, 200, 207, 216, 289 Nichols, Martha Myers, Nichols, Thomas T., 205 Nickles, Lance Reed, Nix, Vera Diane, 153, 329 Noble, Edwin Randolph Jr,. 175, 206, 329 Noble, John W., 175, 289 Noble, Judith K., 163, 329 Noble, Richard Green, 117, 175, 330 Noe, George H., 83, III Noel, Sandra Jeanne, 330 Noll, Harold C. Jr., 205 Noll, Linda Lee, 131, 330 Nored, Robert Eugene, 130, 179, 289 Norman, Charles Richard, 219, 237, 243 Norman, Roger A. Jr., 138, 179, 205, 330 Norman, William E., 330 Norquist, Samuel Griffin, 187, 330 Northcross, Walter V., 175, 202, 330 Northern, Robert Earl, 330 Northington, Michael, Nosef, Frederick M., 289 Novak, Barbara K., 132 Nowell, Elmer Jefferson, 175, 289 Nowlin, Betty Lynette, 330 Noyes, Ruthie M., Nuckolls, Vicki Ann, 123, 330 Nudelman, Ronald, Null, Ann M., Null, George W., 330 Null, Thomas C., 289 Nunley, Roger H., 139, 171, 330 Nunley, William Mayhew, 330 Nunnery, John R. Jr., 179, 330 Nunnery, William L., 79, 120, 191, 289 Nate, Arthur Eugene, Nute, Charles Richard, 289 Nutt, David Hugh, 81 Nyquist, Joel T., 0 Oakley, Robert Edward, 330 Oakley, William K., 205 Oakman, Jerry Dennis, 136, 169, 330 Oconnor, John Michael, 177, 330 Odaniel, Jerry W., 330 Odom, Elton Jr., 289 Odom, Joseph Frank, 179 Odrago, Alicia Sue, 330 Odrago, Millicent, 330 Ogden, Tabitha Flake, 149, 289 Ogden, Walter Page, 206, 330 Oglesbee, David Francis, Olbert, Francis G., Oliver Ernest G. Jr., 330 Oliver, John W., 205, 330 Olsen, Carl Jacob, 330 Olson, Margaret Lynn, 151, 330 Olson, Thomas Leon, 124, 205, 330 Omara, James W., 83, 100, 1 II, 179, 302 Omara, William Ellis, 103, 179, 205, 330 Oneal, Ellen, 96, 153, 184, 214, 330 Oneal, James Benton, 120, 189, 289 Oneal, James Morris, 191, 302 Oneal, Kathleen, 133, 153, 330 Oneal, Ronnie Dean, 125, 205 Oneill, Lawrence Hill, Oneill, Rose Marie ,98, 110, 131, 135, 289 Orander, Germaine Suzanne, 137, 163, 330 Orourke, Maureen Y., 123, 161, 330 Orr, George N. Jr., 330 Orton, Willie mR., 330 Osborn, Robert Frank, 202, 289 Osborn, William H., Osborne, Paul Edward, Ott, Carrie E., Ott, Dennis Haggerty, Ousley, Richard Neil, 187, 330 Overby, Charles Lewis, 81, 108, 116, 330 Overly, Fred Charles, Overstreet, Michael H., Owen, Charles Raymond, 124, 330 Owen, Clyde W. Jr., Owen, Frank Larue, Owen, Harry Dale Jr., 130 Owen, John W., 205 Owen, Michael Fitts, Owen, Patty Pettus, Owen, Robert Lea, 205 Owens, Vashti W., Pace, Casey Culpeper, 205 Paden, Carl William, Page, Bruce Leslie, 185, 330 Page, George Allen, Page, Mickey Cortez, 120 Palmer, Patricia Olivia, 149, 176, 289 Palmer, Virginia Ann, 147, 330 Palmer, Walter Herbert, 181, 302 Palmer, William Judson, 195, 302 Palmertree, Johnny Dale, Palmore, Reginald E. III, 289 Palukaitis, Anthony J., 164, 195, 330 Palzer, Warren P., 302 Pandya, Mahendraprasad K., 302 Pang, Carolyn, 289 Pang, Josephine S., 330 Pang, Raymond, 330 Pannell, Billy H., 289 Pannell, Judith Lynn, 330 Papasan, Ruth Ann. 123, 330 Paradise, Howard S., 302 Parchman, Louis Wiley, 130, 167, 330 Parham, Frances Marion, Paris, Billy Ralph, 129, 330 Parish, Paul Merrel, 67, 69, 73, 103, 201, 330 Parish, Willie Raymond, 205 Park, Yong Chin, Parker, Charles R., 104 Parker, Cynthia Kaye, 330 Parker, Fred F. II, 330 Parker, John Robert, 205 Parker, John W., 189, 205, 330 Parker, Patric Murray, 167, 201, 241, 330 Parker, Richard Wayne, Parker, Robert E. Jr., 69, 97, 120, 179, 239, 243, 246, 289 Parker, Ruby Mills, Parker, Susan, 155 Parker, Thomas James, 330 Parker, Tina Sue, 330 Parker, Vickie L., 330 Parkes, James C. Jr., 232 Parkison, Troy Dean, 167, 330 Parks, Larry D., Parrish, James Ronald, 330 Partridge, John D., 232, 243 Paschall, Martin G., 49, 109, 175, 203, 330 Pash, John, 205, 330 Pas-lay, Johnny H., Patch, Ronald Harrison, 189, 205, 330 Patterson, Billie Jane, 163, 330 Patterson, Burt L., Patterson, Eugene M., 330 Patterson, Russell S., 129, 132, 331 Patterson, Thomas A., Patton, Charles B., 331 Patton, Jerry L., 122, 205, 331 Patton, Patricia Diane, 331 Patton, Patricia S., 302 Patton, William Chester, 104, 302 Paul, Mary Elizabeth, 331 Paul, Patricia Ann, 147, 331 Paul, Rex Nelson, Paulsen, John H., 183, 331 Paulson. Roger L., 195, 331 Emil Jr., Pavlick, Ida Joeann, 78 Payne, Joel G. Jr., 189, 205, 331 Payne, Mary, 67, 75, 79, 153, 289 Payne, Mary Louise, 137, 151, 289 Payne, Patricia Ann, 122, 145, 331 Peacock, Edward P. III, 122, 179, 205, 331 Peacock, Martha Ellen, 135, 331 Peaks, David A., 167, 331 Pearson, Earl Eugene Jr., 97, 289 Pearson, Lonnie Wilson, 103, 122, 124, 169, 331 Peck, Mary Grace, 116, 331 Peddle, Frank Shull Jr., Peden, James Alton Jr., 101, 103, 105, 107, 169, 289 Peden, Tommye Carlyn, 331 Pedersen, Jack Lee, 84, 289 Pedersen, Robert H., 201, 331 Peebles, Johnny Burns, 302 Peel, Robert D., Peeler, Joe Frank Jr., 138, 187, 331 Peeler, Susan Lucretia, 143, 145, 331 Peeples, Helen Elyse, 331 Pegram, George Les Lee, 185, 205, 331 Pendleton, Melissa Ann, 56, 149, 214, 289 Charles Robert, 189, 201, 331 Pennebaker, John David, 189, 303 Pennebaker, Jon Griffin, 289 Pennington, Doris Baley, 98, 289 Pennington, James W., 303 Penny, Luther Ronnie, 177, 214, 237, 331 Peoples, Jerry Lee, Pepin, John Joseph, Pepper, John R. , 175, 331 Peresich, Adele Giles, 69, 73, 153, 331 Peresich, Ronald Giles, 237, 243, 289 Perkins, Linda Kay, Perkins, Richie Earl, Permenter, Judith Lee, 62, 77, 153, 209, 331 Permenter, Suzanne L., 157, 331 Perrault, Joseph A. Jr., 97, 130, 177, 289 Perry, Alan Walter, 73, 189, 196, 201, 331 Perry, Charles D., 331 Perry, Felix E., Perry, Hal Avery, 138, 289 Perry, Mar ion F., 331 Perry, Mary Suzanne, 149, 331 Perry, Robert Euel, 201, 331 Person, Joy Elizabeth, Person, Michael Sink, 179, 331 Persson, Christopher E., 195, 205, 331 Petchul, Winifred Lynn, Peteet, Margaret Lynne, 112, 155, 289 Peteet, Portia Anne, 155, 331 Petering, Bonnie White, 290 Petering, George Wilfred, 181, 290 Peters, William Hugh, 185, 331 Peterson, Johannah Magee, 155, 331 Peterson, Richard L. Jr., 169, 201, 331 Peterson, William Clinton, 211, 290 Petrea, James B., Pettigrew, Gary Keith, 140, 290 Peyton, Fred G., 97, 120, 130, 189, 290 Phay, Rebecca Ann, 136, 157, 331 Phayakvichien, Chaichana, 303 Phelan, Eugene J. Jr., 169, 205, 331 Phelps, Claire Ann, 149 Phelps, Judith Ann, Phifer, Jimmy Owen, Philfer, Sylvia J., 135, 331 Phillips, James Coney, 189, 331 Phillips, Martha Carolyn, 74, 331 Phillips, Michael Rudd, 185, 205, 331 Phillips, Morris Clayton, 290 Phillips, Ray C., Phillips, Richard Taylor, 185, 201, 331 Phillips, Samuel H., 109, 179 Phillips, Susan Brent, 149 Phillips, Thomas K., 191, 331 Phillips, Thomas Melton, Phillips, Virginia Anna, 92 Phillips, Weldon Patrick, 167, 214, 290 Piazza, Harry Anthony Jr., 175, 331 Piazza, Julius A., 185, 205, 331 Pielak, Stanley Frederick, 73, 195, 204, 246, 331 Pierce, Charles Micheal, 331 Pierce, Judy Coral, 136, 153, 331 Pierce, Marcia G., Pierce, Nancy Carroll, Pierce, Ronald Del, 331 Perce, Rosemary, 147, 290 Pieschel, Stephen Robert, 303 Pike, Roy Wesley, 303 Pike, Terrell Ann, Pillow, Helen D., 123, 151, 331 Pincura, Paul G., 206, 331 Pinkerton, James Thomas, 104, 303 Pinson, James Wesley, 105, 303 Pipkin, Sharon Lee, 155, 214, 331 Pitcock, James Ross, 331 Pittman, Crymes George, 179, 303 Pittman, James Acye, 104, 303 Platt, Gary Davis, Ploch, Florian Herbert, 169, 196, 205, 331 Plumlee, Martha Anne, 331 Plummer, June A., 303 Poiencot, Glenn Paul, 106 115, 290 Poland, William Hall, 189, 232, 243, 331 Polatty, James M. Jr., 171, 201, 331 Politan, Gary Wayne, 171, 332 Pool, William R., 66, 69, 97, 103, 179, 332 Poole, Joanne, 151 Poole, William Timothy, 189, 205, 332 Pope, Carl A., 204, 219, 243 Pope, Grady Don, Pope. Sarah Elizabeth, Pope, Willis III, 169, 206, 332 Porter, John Arthur, 92 Porter, Judith Crownover, 290 Porter, Kelly Wayne, Porter, Robert M. Jr., Portera, Johnny Mellow, Potter, Joseph Ned, 138, 210, 332 Potti, Narayanan Dasan, 303 Potts, Cullen Vogel, 332 Potts, Donald Cochran, 185, 204, 332 Potts, Hugh Swinton Jr., Potts, William Henry, 290 Povall, Amanda B., 96, 149, 332 Powder, Cecilia Lee, 332 Powell, Claude Harry. 109, 171, 290 Powell, John B., 169, 211, 332 Powell, Lewis E., 95, 97, 103, 109 Powell, Margaret G., 151, 290 Powell, Mary Selden, 151, 332 Powell, Minor Merritt, 187, 290 Powell, Nancy Carolyn, Powell, Virginia Alice, 153, 332 Powers, Harris F. Jr., 167, 246, 332 Powers, John R. Jr., 164, 175, 332 Powers, Mary E., 123, 149 Prange, Clarence Dickens, 129, 169 Prange, Karen Lindhorst, 139 Pratt, Lawrence Earl, 177, 205, 332 Pray, William Joseph, 332 Praytor, Michael Walon, Praytor, Robert Ernest, Preble, Warren R., 138, 211, 332 Preece, Bill R., 332 Presley, Wade David, 237 Preston, Blair, 332 Prewett, Hubert Powell, 115, 169, 290 Welcome to Your City of Oxford City of Oxford Electric Company 365 READY-MIXED CONCRETE CONCRETE CONTRACTING CONCRETE PIPE DEPENDABLE SERVICE GUARANTEED QUALITY Estimates Gladly Given Dial VI 2-6312 Industrial Rd. TUPELO, MISS. C 17 BEACON DRIVE INN RESTAURANT Jumping Fresh Catfish Best Po-Boy Sandwiches In Oxford Phone 234-5041 Here ' s a new way of buying gasoline that ' s more than the cat ' s meow. Your engine will purr its very best, while you save money. Now from one pump Lion Octane- Blended Gasoline comes in five different grades at five different prices. It gives you exactly the grade of gasoline that fits your car best ... and can save up to 3¢ on every gallon you buy. What, you may ask, is behind this new idea for buying gasoline? Every resource of the giant Monsanto family ... of which Lion Oil Company is a member. Re- search laboratories, oil fields here and abroad, huge refineries and chemical plants, plus more than 3500 Lion people. Look to Lion ... major producer of gasolines, lubricants, asphalts and more than 150 other petrol- eum products for the individual, for industry and agriculture. Lion Oil Company, Hydrocar bons and Polymers Division, Monsanto Company, El Dorado, Ark. 366 Price, Adelbert W. Jr., 171, 332 Price, Bobby Nolan, 130, 191, 290 Price, Connie Laine, 155 Price, Hugh Gordon, 167 Price, James Jr., 67. 187, 214, 290 Price, John L., 117, 193, 332 Price, Johnny Andrew, 205, 215 Price, Malcolm B. Jr., Price, Sarah Evelyn, 118. 131, 135, 153, 332 Price, Sidney Keith, 201, 332 Price, Willie Wilson, Prichard, Mellicent L., 151, 332 Prichard, Valarie Gail, Priede, Nelson Joseph, Primos, James Aleck Jr., 177, 201, 332 Prince, Andrew E., 129, 181, 303 Prince, George, 124, 290 Prince, Thomas J., Prine. William Richard, 237 Pringle, Ralph Wood. Probst. Charlie Hamilton, Provence, James Larry, 191, 332 Pryor, James Thomas Jr., 94, 97, 167, 206 Puckett, Donald Lee, 185, 205 Puckett, John Thomas, Puckett. M. Bernard Jr., 101, 128, 164, 191, 290, 295 Puckett, Milford Bernard, Pugh, Jack Jolly, 210 Pugh, Joseph Tunney, Pugh, Richard Alan, 169. 205, 332 Pullen, Jerrill Rowena, 153, 332 Pulliam. Anthony Ward, Evans Linton III. 187 Catherine, 332 Purnell, Paul Tanner, 181 Purvis, Merry Elizabeth, 116, 139, 332 Pyles, Dixon Leroy, 204 Pynkala, Blaine E., 195, 332 Quaka, Thomas George, 177, 332 Quarm, Lea, 332 Quarterman, Charles P., 332 Queyja, Michael Thomas, 290 Quigley, Michael Dennis, 210 Quin, Cecilia Odile, 149 Quin. Joseph Marvin, 189, 205, 332 Donald Lee, Quinn. Patricia Anne, 332 Quinn, Tims Alford Jr., 187, 332 Quon, Pauline, 122, 332 R Raab, Karl Herbert, Rabinowitz, Daniel, 164, 209, 212, 332 Raburn, Julia Mae, 332 Rachedi, Hussein, 124, 332 Radcliffe, Walter Smith, Raiford, Phyllis Ann, 147, 332 Raines, John Dallas, 332 Rainey, Ernestine W., Rainey, William M., 83, III, 303 Raksil, Thawat, 303 Ramay, Joy ce Anne, 73, 137, 145, 290 Ramey, Jeanne Patricia, 322 Rampy, Edward W., 290 Ramsay, Jane Mellie, 110 139, 332 Ramsey. Dennis E., 205, 332 Ramsey, Harriett S., 290 Ramsey, Jacqueline R., 145 Laurin Norbert, 177, 332 Randall, Deborah Agnes, Randall, George Marvin, Randall, Kathryn Nan, 332 Randall, Patricia Ann, 127, 332 Randall, Richard Vance, 97, 120, 130, 332 Randle, Coleete Phillips, Randle, James Curtis, 114, 164, 173, 332 Raney, Ronnie Earl, Ratcliff, Clyde, Ill Rawdon, Louis M. 189 Rawlinson, Mary M., Rawson, Glenda, 73, 79, 90, 135, 142, 155, 290 Ray, Arthur Earl Jr., 83, 95, Ray, Charles Edward, 290 Ray, Howard Manfred, 117, 136, 169 Ray. Jan Doris, 161, 332 Ray, John C., 332 Ray, Jonell, 84, 290 Ray, Julienne Grey, 161, 332 Ray, Lawrence Allen, 303 Ray, Mary Murphy, Ray, Morgan Gene, 115, 171, 290 Ray, Sarah Mary, 153, 332 Ray, Steven, 171, 332 Ray, Susan Gilbert, 332 Ray, William S., 114, 332 Rea, Charles E., 179 Rea, Thomas Alan, 332 Rea, William L., Read, James C., 290 Reagan, Sandra Lee, 332 Reagan, Seth David, Real, Edward H., Redd, Robert Carroll, 187, 333 Reddick, Thomas Leonard 110 Redditt, Chester H., 97, 120, 130, 181, 333 Reddoch, Janet Elizabeth. 147 , 333 Reddoch, Martha G., 290 Redmon, Doris, 93, 98, 290 Reecht Richard Andre, 169, 214, 215 Reed, John F. Jr., 97, 130, 333 Reed, Larry W., Reed, Nancy E., Reed. Susan Ann, 76, 147, 333 Reed, Virginia M., 95, 303 Reese, lea Jacquelyn, Reese, John B., Reese, Ramona Jo, 333 Reese, Regina, Reese, Sohnie Newman 116. 303 Reeves, Allen Bradley. 110, 303 Reeves, Carol Lynn, 140, 333 Reeves, Cathy Addine, 155, 333 Reeves, John, 104, 290 Reeves, Patricia Baker, 147, 303 Reeves, Zeb F. III, 191 Regalbuto, Robert Roy, 93 Regan, William Benjamin, 94, 167, 303 Regel, Billy Joe, 125, 333 Reid, Chippy Dean, 169, 211, 333 Reiner, Mary Jane, Renfro, Robert Taft, 73, 109, 177, 303 Reno, Elizabeth Ann, 157, 331 Reno, William L. Jr., 177, 2-,0 Rester, Thomas Edwin, 167 333 Reuter, John Richard III, 169 Revere, Robert Ken, 191, 205, 333 Reynolds, Aubrey Carl. 291 Reynolds, Ernest Darden Jr., 191 Rhoades, Gilbert L. Jr., 189 333 Rhoads, Anna Catherine, 157 323 Rhoden, Richard Earl, 169, 333 Rhodes, Clarence L., Rhodes, John 0., 120, 333 Rhodes, Rollin Sloan, 177, 201, 212, 333 Rice, Joe Alex, Rice, John Albert, 167, 333 Rice, Lent Irwin II, 189, 203, 237 Rice, Leo Edward, Rice, Thomas Irwin III, 243 Rich, Dorothy Helen, 291 Rich, Karen Sue, 90, 98, 110, 116. 131, 291 Rich, Robert White, 122, 205, 333 Richard, Darwin L., 130 Richard, Ellen Marie, Richards, Vernon L. II. Richards, Wylie Edward Jr., 205, 3 ' 3 Richardson, Arthur Danny, 84, 185, 291 Richardson, Charles Lamar, 124, 205, 333 Richardson, James Arnold, 181, 201, 333 Richardson, Jerry Dean, 219, 243 Richardson, Johnny Arthur 219, 243, 291 Richardson, Mary Linda 333 Richardson, Minnie Kathy, 96, 109, 133, 157, 333 Richards on, Paula Kay, 159. 353 Richardson, Robert Danny 333 Richardson, Thomas C. 201, 333 Richardson, Thomas Jarrett, 291 Richardson, William K., Richardson, William M. Jr. 303 Richey, Charles Stewart, 132 Richey, Jean Rand, Richey, Michael M., Richey, Virginia Dale, 291 Riddell, Mary Jo, 153 Riddell, Tally D. Jr., 130. 191. 333 Ridgway, Sara Raney, 132 139 Riemann, Sandra L., 149, 333 Riggs, Jane Allen, 143, 147, 333 Riggs, Jerry Ann, 147. 303 Riley, John Stanley, 303 Riley, Margaret Anne, 155, 291 Riley. Sheila Ann, 333 Riley, Suzanne Patricia, 147, 333 Ritchey, Sarah Sue, 123, 161, 333 Ritchie, Charles L., 181, 196 Rivers, Sandra E., 137, 140, 291 Roane, Delmer ., Roane, E. W. Robb. Robert C. III, 81, 205, 333 Robbins, James F., Robbins, Janet G.. Robbins, John Norman, 73, 125, 303 Robbins, Marianna, 151 Robbins, Michael D., 189, 333 Robbins, Nathaniel V. III, 93 Roberdeau, Michael Wood, 189,333 Roberds, Darryel Lee, 333 Roberson, Alfred Bonner 303 Roberson, Pamela P., 137, 149 Roberson, William H., Roberts, Elizabeth L., 136 Roberts, Frederick F. Jr., 95, III Roberts John H. II, 205. 291 Roberts, John Larry, 139, 167, 201, 333 Roberts, Kelly Wayne, 219 Roberts, Linda Sue, 122, 137, 145, 333 Roberts, Lloyd Eugene, 66, 72, 97, 109, 191, 211, 291 Roberts, Lon Sherman, 185, 333 Roberts, Nick B. Jr., 73, 84 Roberts, Robert Lee Jr., Roberts, Ronnie Spencer, 106, 138, 291 Roberts, Thomas Glover, 303 Roberts, William Francis. 191, 204, 333 Robertson, Frank Allen, 303 Robertson, Herschel E. II, 214, 333 Robertson, James W., Robertson, John William, 179, 303 Robertson, Lura Jean, 333 Robertson, Patricia Ann, 333 Robertson, Richard T. Jr., 169, 214, 215, 333 Robertson, William T. Jr., 189 Robinson, Beverly G., Robinson, Bobby D., 179, 303 Robinson, David Wayne, 177, 205, 333 Robinson, Yerger, 179 Robinson, George H. Jr., Robinson, Gloria Jean, 159 Robinson, Kenneth E., 125, 333 Robinson, Laura Alice, 303 Robinson, Ronnie A., 333 Robinson, Sammie J., Robinson, Sharon 159, 291 Robinson, William Dick, Robison, Corrine Berthay, Robison, Lawrence S. Roby, Kerry D., 187, 291 Rochelle, William B., 108, 122, 185, 207, 212. 291 Rochester, James C. Jr., 129, 303 Rodriguez, Brenda Lee, 55, 157 Rodriguez, Manuel Hernan, 167, 333 Rogers, Bennie Mack, 125 Rogers, Charlotte Anne, 291 Rogers, David E., 333 Rogers, Elizabeth S., 145 333 Rogers, Frederick R., 179, 205 Rogers. Herman A., 124, 333 Rogers. Howell Wade, 303 Rocers, Tommy Bott, 82, III, 303 Rogers, Warren K., 189 Rogers, William Levi III, 237 Rogers, William Linville, Romines, Kenneth Mitchell, Roper, John Clyde, Roper, William A. Jr., 189, 210, 212, 333 Rose, Jimmie W., 333 Rose, Kenneth H., 206. 333 Rose, Virginia Lea, 153, 333 Rose, Wendell Joseph 124, 2C5, 333 Rose, Willard P. Jr., 185, 205, 333 Rosella, Patrick 0., Rosetti, Scotty Rester, Ross, Alexandra Elizabeth, Ross, Barbara Susan, 151, 333 Ross, Carolyn D., 140 Ross, Harvey T. Jr., Ross, Joe R. Jr., 77, 191, 201, 334 Ross, Joe Sexton, Ross, John C. Jr., Ross, Patricia Yvonne, 334 Ross, Richard Lee, 334 Ross, Roberta Grace, 71, 149 Ross. Sandra Chrestman, 303 Ross, Tony Alan, 79 Rotenberry, Letitia Lee, 133, 334 Rotstein, Ronald Davis, Rowan, Alfred Wayne 187 Rowe, Lester L. Jr., 303 Rowell, Mary Elaine, 334 Rowland, William W. Jr., 334 Rowzee, Betty Lynn, 126, 133, 153, 214, 334 Rowzee, Jerry M., 291 Roy, Daniel Wright 84, 291 Roy, Danny Ray, 138, 191, 291 Roy, Martin Cary, Rozolsky, Wesley Benjamin, 303 Ruch, David Walter, 181, 334 Rucinski, Charles J., Rucker, Ernest William Jr., Ruddock, David Harold, Ruegger, Carolyn Joyce, Ruegger, Forrest D., 303 Ruffin, Edward L. Jr., 334 Rush, Brenda Lynn, 136, 291 Rushing, Don Lowery, 334 Rushton, Fred Wallace Jr., 122, 129, 169, 205, 334 Russ, Roderick S. III, 120, 189, 206, 334 Russ, William Burdette, 189, 205, 334 Russell. Barbara T., Russell, Dixie Kay, 303 Russell, Donald Preston, Russell, Effie Jane, 96, 109, 110, 139, 157, 334 Russell, Geoffrey Kent, Russell, Leland Armen, 97 Russell, Lois Jean, Russell, Mary M., Russell, Robert D., 211, 291 Russell, Robert E.. 124, 179, 201, 334 Russell, Robert Pritchard, 92, 103, 189, 334 Russell, Robert Sidney, Russell, Ronald Truett, Russell, Stacy B., 303 Rutledge, Donna Lane, 334 Rutledge, James Clay. 179, 334 Rutledge, William 0. 1:1 179, 303 Ryland, Kenneth Verne, 291 S Sadik, Farid, 303 Sadka, Dewey Grant, 205, 334 Sadler, William H. III, 177 Salerno, Ronald Charles, 204 Salladay, David Gray, 138, 291 Salladay, Philip Carter, 205, 334 Sallis, Jack Dale, Sally, Robert R. 130, 183, 334 Salmon, James E.. 206, 334 Salmon, Robert L., 334 Samons, Sallie Lynn, 291 Sample, John Wood, 191, 334 Samuels, Ronald L. 122, 130, 191, 334 Sanders Harry S., 175, 334 Sanders, Henry E. 164, 171, 334 Sanders, Jane Ross, 334 Sanders, John Edgar, 103, 104 Sanders, Marjorie Ann, Sanders, Marvin L., 173, 209 Sanders, Richard Stanley, 334 Sanders, Robert C. II, 291 Sanders, Robert D., Sanders. Vicki Irene, 133 Sanders, Wynn Stratton, Sandifer, Dudley D. III, 334 Susanne Wells, 149, 334 Sanford, Paula Elizabeth, Sappington, Charles Edwin, 334 Sartin, Daniel M. 206. 219, 243 Sartin, John Ray Jr., 177, 214, 2,5, 291 Sartor, Clyde F. Jr., Sasser, James Thomas, 206 Sasser, Thomas Lee, 334 Satchfield, Claude L. Jr., 175, 334 Sauce, Harry L. III, 181 Saul, James Kindred, 219, 241, 243, 334 Sauls, Jeffrey Lloyd, 68, 92 103, 189, 334 Saunders, Nancy Elaine 291 Saunders, William R., 205 Sawyer, John Emery III, Sayle Linda Sue, 136, 334 Scafide, John A., Scafidel, Jimmy Ray, Scales, Roy William, Scarbrough, Daniel McGehee, 92, 103, 189, 334 Scarbrough, Sherry Deane, 126, 149, 334 Schad, Terry Adam, 187, 239, 243, 291 Schaffer, John Gorman Jr., 138, 189, 200, 291 Schilling, Lee H., 116, 291 Schloemer, Mary F., 135, 334 Schlosser, Michael F., 175, 334 Schlottman, Elliott E. Jr., 109, 303 Schluter, Bonnie Jean, 334 Schluter, Duane N., 303 Schmelzer, Joseph J. III, 334 Schmidt, Andrew F., 334 Schmidt, Fred Walter, Schmidt, Kenneth J., Schmittou, Russell Glenn, Schmittschmitt, Edwin C., 130, 183, 291 Schneidewind, Carol S., Schneidewind, Gilbert P., Schnierle, Eugene R. 334 Schock, Timothy Richard, 73 Schramm, Frederick C. Jr., 94, 167, 211, 291 Schreiter, Spencer Louis, 167, 214, 215, 216, 292 Schuetter, Ronald Lee, Schultze, Charlotte R., Schulte, Emil F. III, 93 Schultze, Harold Walter, Schurtz, Francis A. Jr., 181 Schwartz, Marthadele A., 136, 137, 334 Schweitzer, Eric Campbell, 191, 334 Schwent, John Thomas, 169, 292 Scott, Barry Charles, Scott, Cela Lee, 151 Scott, Don Bacot, 66, 68, 101, 109, 118, 128, 189, 210, 333 Scott, Elizabeth Lee, 149, 292 Scott, Joseph Arthur, 303 Scott, Joseph Thoma s, 189, 205, 334 Scott, Julian Frazier, Scott, Kathleen Dixon, 149, 334 Scott, Mary Duran, 137, 140, 147, 292 Scott, Sally, 81, 149, 334 Scott, William Allen, 103, 179, 334 Scrivener, George W., 201, 334 Scruggs, Glenn Darrell, 191 Scruggs, John P., 167, 200, 206, 334 Scruggs, Richard Furlow, 187, 210, 334 Scruggs, Robert Pickett, 103, 185, 292 Scudamore, Robert E., 334 Seabold, John Stewart, 177, 304 Seale, Ben Williamson, Searcy, Danny Lee, Seay, Clant M. Jr., 73, 334 Seay, Martha Maynette, 123, 153, 334 Sebren, Homer Wesley Jr., 101, 103, 129, 169, 334 Seefeld, Janis Lynn, 159, 335 Seibels, Robert Emmet, 68, 78, 91, 101, 118, 128, 189, 200, 207, 216, 292 Sekul, Ronald Victor, 335 Selby, Owen Murphy, 335 Sellers, Carol Kern, 78, 143, 149, 335 Serio, Samuel B. Jr., 304 Setser, Frederick Leo, Settoon, Gordon Kemp, Seu, Frances, 131, 292 Seuzeneau, Dennis C., 335 Sewell, James Edward, 171 Season, Charles B., 185, 335 Season, Randolph Lee, 171, 205, 335 Sexson, Richard H., 171, 335 Seymour, Robert B., 206, 335 Shackelford, Allan D., III, 304 Shackelford, John S., 171, 196, 201, 335 Shackelford, Virginia F., 335 Shackelford, Walter M., 103, 191 Shaddinger, Marye Jeanne, Shaffer, James G., 201 Shaffer, Jimmy Dale, 181, 335 Shaheen, Daniel R., Shanahan, John Michael, 335 Shands, David Eugene, Shands, Rodney Edward, 179, 205 Shannon, Barbara Jean, 335 Shappley, Nathan P. III, 92, 103, 191. 335 Sharpe, Susan Mann, 96, 132, 137, 157, 335 Shaw, Betty J., 147, 292 Shaw, Evelyn Cole, Shaw, George Bernard, Shaw, Irving V. Jr., Shaw, Jo Ann, 136, 335 Shaw, Katherine L., 96, 119 128, 157, 335 Shaw, Timothy Dale, 92, 292 Sheely, Wallace E., 189, 335 Sheffield, John Calvin, 214 Sheffield, Richard W., 93 Sheffield, William A. Jr. 205 Sheldon, Howard G. Jr., 304 Sheila burger, Edna Avent, Shelton, Bonnie Jean, 79, 157, 335 Shelton, David C., 104, 335 Shelton, Gregory Bryant, 201, 335 Shelton, Hugh Allen, 185, 206 Shelton, Joann, 123, 128, 151, 292 Shelton, John William, I 1 1 Shelton, Thomas Edwin, 179, 292 Sherard, Mary S., 159 Sherman, Marshall R., 118, 124, 136, 211, 216, 292 Sherrill, Judy L., 159 Shields, Bonnie C., Shields, Lynn Curtis, 335 Shields, Margaret Ann, 335 Shinault, Ronald Nelson, 292 Shipp, Bernard Loring, 92, 164, 181, 292 Shipp, Felix Marion, 209, 335 Shirley, Cleta Gordon, 149, 292 Shirley, Connie C., 149, 335 Shivel, Larry Carter, Shivers, Billie Rae, Shockley, William Gray, Shoemake, Samuel C. Jr., 214, 215, 216, 292 Shoemaker, Powell III, 204, 292 Shoemaker, Susan, 159, 292 Shook, Ann Ellen, 72. 153, 335 Shope, Vicki Ray, 335 Shores, Richard James, Shovlin, Gerald V., Shows, Henry N., Shows, James Larry, 219, 243 Shows, John H., 103, 201, 335 Shows, Robert Meredith, 335 Shrader, Alicia Gene, 335 Shultz, Pamela Jay, 136, 159, 335 Shultz, Patricia Dianne, Shuttleworth, Sally, 98, 123, 133, 149 Siegel, Albert Aaron, 214, 215 Sigler, James Gary, 335 Sigman, Warren Robert, 205, 335 Siltman, Leslie Howard, 193, 214, 335 Simmons, Curtis Daniel Jr., 335 Simmons, Joan Marie, 133, 157, 335 Simmons, Kenneth E., 94, 292 Simmons, Linda Dianne, Simmons, Sandra Marie, 292 Simmons, W. Albert, 97, 103, 122, 130, 191 335 Simmons, Wayne C., 335 Simmons, William B., 175, 335 Simon, Lillian Marie, 335 Simon, Michael Stubbs, 177, 205, 335 Simoneaux, Richard J., 335 Sirnonetti, Patricia Lynne, 159, 335 Simonson, Rita Jean, Simpson, Catherine B., 143, 153 292 Simpson, Julia Toy, 91, 137, 140, 155, 292, 296 Simpson, Laura Rice, 60, 79, 135, 214, 335 Simpson, Tommie Moorman, Simpson, Tommy T., 140, 335 Simpson, Walter C. Jr., 200, 205 Sims, Edward Clarke Jr., 335 Sims, Jerry Lonn, 335 Sims, John M., 83, III Sims, William David Jr., 79, 189, 295,335 Singletary, Janet Allen, 76, 133, 143, 153, 335 Singleton, Gail M., 157, 335 Singleton, Jan Woods, 96, 128, 157, 335 Singleton, Venitia P., Singleton, William N., 206 Singley, Dan H. Jr., 179, 335 Singley, Ruth Eleanor, Sinnott, Sherrill Camden, 157, 335 Sipe s, William H. Jr., 167, 201, 335 Sisco, Gary Lee, 68, 122, 138, 191, 335 Sisk, Jimmie Dee, 153, 335 Sisson, Charles Gary, 125, 335 Sistrunk, Harold McCay, Sizemore, Finley H., Skelton, Larry Charles, 304 Skillman, Charles V., 219 Skrmetta, Peter V., 335 Slack, Cheryl Gay, Slade, Carolyn S., 151, 335 Slaughter, Beverly, 151 Slaughter, Richard M., Slay, Jack C., Slayden, Phyllis Caroline, 336 Sledge, Mary Floy, 157, 336 Sloan, William Troy, 136, 187, 336 Sloas, Barbara Lee, 159, 336 Sloas, Harold Andrew Jr., 104, 136, 181, 246, 304 Smallwood, Robert L., Smira, Martha Frances, 118. 155, 336 Smith, Alice I. Barnhart, Smith, Amy Jo, 112, 135, 145, 336 Smith, Anne 151, 292 Smith, Archie Eugene, 106, 124, 177, 336 Smith, Audrey E., 140, 336 Smith, Barbara Ann, 73, 139, 163, 336 Smith, Ben Alan, Smith, Ben B., 82, III, 304 Smith, Bennett E. Jr., 336 Smith, Bernie Lynne, 120, 179, 292 Smith, Betty Mabry, Smith, Billy W., 292 Smith, Bryan Craig, 210, 304 Smith, Carol Lynne, Smith, Carolyn S. V., Smith, Clark Herbert, Smith, Clifford Meritt, Smith, Clinton Alexander, 167, 292 Smith, Daniel B. Jr., Smith, David Michael, 82, III, 304 Smith, Devereux R., 187 Smith, Dolores Ann, 79, 91, 99, 155 Smith, Donald F., 187, 336 Smith, Donald Meredith Jr., 206 Smith. Eddie Charles, 304 Smith. Edwin Rodney, 336 Smith, Elizabeth Anne, 135, 137, 147, 292 Smith, Elson Raymond Jr., 164, 175, 292 Smith, Emily Jane, 161, 336 Smith, Ernest S. Jr., Smith, Frances Holmes, 96, 136, 157, 336 Smith, Frances Watts, Smith, G. Witt Jr., 191, 292 Smith, Herman Guy Jr., 82 Smith, James Clarke, 336 Smith, James M., 205 Smith, James Thomas Jr., 189, 336 Smith. Jane Ray, Smith, Jean Moseley, 136, 336 Smith, John Lowe, 214 Smith, Joseph Philip, 336 Smith, Judy Mae, 336 Smith, Julaine, 159, 336 Smith, Kathleen P., Smith, Kenneth Ozelle, 219, 243 292 Smith, Lawrence Clifford, 129, 132, 292 Smith, Lawrence G., 179, 205 Smith, Lester F., 185, 206, 336 Smith, Lila Ann, 49, 112, 116, 123 163, 336 Smith, Lillian Lee, 151, 292 Smith, Linda Ann, 151, 336 Smith, Linda Lynne, 153, 336 Smith, Lymuel Phain, 336 Smith, Margaret E., 336 Smith, Marilyn E., 133, 153, 336 Smith, Martha Phillips, Smith, Maureen, 336 Mervyn P. Jr., 206, 336 Smith, Michael Bartlett, Smith, Patricia Eloise, Smith, Rosa Hyatt, 151, 293 Smith, Rosanne Rogers, 304 Smith, Roy Clifford, Smith, Sandra Lee, 159, 336 Smith, Sandra Wynn, 161, 336 Smith, Sarah Ann, 336 Smith, Shelby B. Jr., Smith, Sidney Lamar Jr., 293 Smith, Susan Gail, Smith, Susan H., Smith, Thomas Dillard, 167, 201, 304 Smith, Thomas Greene, Smith, Timothy Randolph 185, 336 Smith, Walter Emerson, 336 Smith, Winnifred, 96, 112, 135, 336 Smitherman, Larry Wayne, 104, 293 Smithey, Jimmie Lee, 336 Smithson, Bill Sterling, Smithwick, Cynthia, 336 Smythe, Nancy Collier, 137, 140, 155, 336 Smythe. Stanford Jackson, 193, 206, 336 Snare, Brenda C., 159, 336 Sneed, John Boswell II, 84, 191, 336 Sneed, Mary Frances, 336 Sneed, Ralph Elwood, 185, 206, 336 Snider, Sharon Ruth, 110, 293 Snow, Larry Wade, 185, 205, 336 Snow, William Q. Jr., Snuggs, Wayne Martin, Snyder, Edwin A., 71, 191, 304 Snyder, Robert Barry, Solomons, Everett T., Solomons, William E., Somani, Om Prakash, 304 Somani, Tara, 336 Soper, Michael G., 181, 205, 336 Sory, Edwin A., 177, 336 Spann, Julius Velton, 293 Sparkman, J. Christopher, 293 Speakes, Katie Dee, 96, 133, 151, 211, 336 Spears, Jimmy Randolph, 177, 202, 336 Spears, Nancy C., Speed, Alfred Martin, 104, 304 Speed, James Thomas, 120, 185, 304 Speed, Kay Pickard, 304 Spence, Arlin Curtis, 206, 336 Spence, Brenda Lou, 336 Spencer, Charles Ross, 336 Spencer, Jackie Neal, 201, 336 Spencer, Robert F., Spencer, William Collins, 189, 204, 293 Spiceland, Susan, 163, 336 Spigner, Glendon Ray, Spinner, Richard Lee, Spinning, Karen Lois, 336 Eva Nell, 336 Spoo. John Corbin Jr., 336 Spraberry, James B., 167, 336 Spraqins, Joyce Roy, Spragins, Ruth S., Springer, Avery M. Jr., Homer Lee, 201 Squires James N., 175, 336 Srum, Armand G., Stacey Charles Coy, 187, 206 Stacey, Donald Ray, 114, 167, 214 215, 336 Stacy, Archie Jackson 179, 205 Stacy, Donald Reagan, 115 Stacy, Richard Guy. 337 Joseph N., 337 Stafford, Roger Mack. 171, 205, 337 Staggers, Carol, 153, 337 Stahl, Helen Margaret, Stahlman, Jacquelyn M., 94, 139, 337 Stahlman, James D., 167, 293 Stainback, Frank P. III, Dorothy Lynn, 155, 337 Stalvey Richard L., 293 Stambaugh, John E. Jr., 205, 337 Stencil, Hugh W. Ill, 122, 189, 337 Stanger,-Marshall Hal, 337 Stanley, Fred Edwin Jr., 293 Stanley, Larry K., 337 Stanley, Shellye 123, 133, 159, 337 Walter V., 201 Stanphill, Charles Odis, 139, 293 Stansel, Martha A., 96, 128, 149, 337 Stark, David M., 337 Starmann, Richard G., 201 Starnes, Michael Steve, 337 Starr, Walter Harold Jr., 175, 205, 337 James 129, 140, 337 Staler. Georgia Ann, 147, 337 Staudte, Paul 173, 209 Stavroff, Stephen J.. 202 Charles W. Jr., 179, 206, 337 Sanford R., 304 Stedman, James E., 293 Stedman, Martha Ann, Dianne, 110, 127, 337 Steele, Gerald L., 181. 337 Steele, John Philip, 187, 337 Steele, Linda Ann, 112, 163. 293 Steelman, Harry C., 201, 337 Steen, Donald F., 206, 337 Steen, James S., Steen, Louis Samuel, 201 Stefani, Joann Helen, Stegall, Sandra Lynn, 197, 337 Steiger, Robert Joseph, 183 Steinhart, Ronald L., Steinmetz, Linda Kay, 337 Stephens, Martha M., Stephens, Mary Catherine, 149, 293 Stephens, Rosemary C., 304 Stephenson, Catherine C., Stephenson, Frederic W., Stephenson, Gerald Ben, 185 Stevens, Dale Joseph, Stevens, Janet W., 157, 337 Stevens, John M., 175, 337 Stevens, Joseph Joshua Jr., 82, 175, 304 Stevens, Mona Lynn, Stevens, Nora Terry, 161, 337 Stevens, Richard Hugh, 337 Stevenson, Albert Pace, Steward, Edward Arnold, 293 Stewart, Amy R., Stewart, Bradford M., 175, 206, 337 Stewart, Fonda Lee, Stewart, Gary Allan, 103, 122, 337 Stewart, H. F. Foster, 219 Stewart, Johnny Clifton, Stewart, Mariette E., 149, 337 Still, Lee Hudson, Still, Mary Jane, Stipher, Michael A., 127, 337 StJohn, Earl Alvin Jr., 130, 193, 293 Cohn L. Jr., 181 John D., Stockwell, Margaret L., 337 Stodqhill, Cynthia Carol, 337 Stodqhill, Nancy L., 337 Stogner, Gladys Jean, 155, 337 Stokes, Clayade Randel, 337 Stokes, Harry Truman, 337 Stone. David Coe, 171, 337 Stone Miriam 0., 151, 337 Stone, Sandra Ellis, 163, 337 Storey, Thomas Alan, 193, 337 Storey, Thomas Barrett Jr., 114, 177, 304 Storment, John B. III, 187, 293 Stott, Sheila, Stovall, Richard Askew, 179, 214, 215 Stovall, Theresa Nell, 116, 337 Strange, John Edward, Stratton, Stacy, Straub, Barbara Fitch, 59, 62, 112, 136, 157, 214, 293 Strawbridge, Drennon, 293 Strawbridge, William C., 132, 189, 206, 337 Streed, William Eric, 115, 167, 293 Street, Donald E. 219, 241, 243 Streetman, Jerry Curtis, 337 Strelecki, Stephen R., 211, 337 Stribling, Bobbie Buchanan, Stribling, Thelma Kathleen, Strickland, Frederick P., 129 Strickland, Patricia D., 147, 337 Strickland, Tommy A., 337 Stringer, Eleanor Sue, 133, 337 Stringer, Harold, Stringer, Maurice Jr. ,106, 138, 293 Strojny, Michael Alan, 211, 337 Strong, Carole Ann, Stroud, Howard Mutton, 82, 101,, 309 Stroud, Suzanne Norton. 123, 337 Stubblefield, Gerald M. Jr., 243 Stuckey, Clarke Wesley, 177, 337 Su, Mei Quey, 304 Saber. Harry Joe, 304 Sudduth, Lamar Carlton, 129, 201, 337 Suder. George G., 337 Sue, Chat, 73, 107, 304 Sullivan, Charles J., 177, 219, 337 Sullivan, Jema Lin, 337 Sullivan, Jerry Glenn, Sullivan, Alice, 123, 151, 293 Sullivan, Mildred H., 133, 161, 337 Sullivan, Robert R., 293 Sullivan, William S., 73, 167, 196, 337 Sullivant, Anne Lewis, 149, 293 Sulser, Floyd M. Jr., 189, 206 Summer, Carl B., 185, 338 Summerhill, Jerry Lynn, Sumners, Minor C. Jr., 175, 304 Sumners, Patricia A., 116, 147, 338 Sumners, William Ellis, 338 Sumrall, William Wyatt, 101, 237 Surratt, Benny Joe Sutcliffe, Barbara Gay, Sutherland, Jane H., 149, 214, 338 Sutherland, Mary E., 338 Swain, William D. Jr. Swaim, Sherman Wesley, Swalm, Terry S. Jr., Swann, Albert Henry, Swann, Carolyn Hart, Swarthout, Richard Lee, Swayze, Charlie Jones, 120, 179, 206 Sweat, Richard Harvey, Swetland, Michael R., 189, 219, 243 Swift, Richard Neal, 214 Swor, Sam Dewey, 206, 338 Swords, Bobby Sharron, Sykes, Charles Edward, 175, 304 Sykes, Eugenia L., Sykes, Ila Willmetta, Taber, Victor Edward, 169, 293 Tabor, Larry Stephen, 338 Tabor, Netwon Van, 304 Tabor, Noel Eugene, Taggart, Karen Thompson, Tai, Chen-Nang, 304 Taintor, Jesse Brooks, 304 Talbert, Michael John, 338 Talbot, Peggy Ann, 149, 338 Tankard, William 0., 140, 293 Tannehill, Jack Rhea, Tanner, Laura Verene, 163, 338 Tanner, Susan Jane, 147, 338 Tanyas, Vasile William, Tapp, Charlotte V., Tapp Robert D. 173 Tarelli, Richard D., Tate, Thomas Clingman, 138, 175, 206, 338 Tate, William Carruth, 181, 20b, 338 Tatum, Rose Mary, 139, 338 Taylor, Benona Jeanne, Taylor, Betty, Beverly White, 338 Taylor, Dianna Teen, Taylor, Dixie Elizabeth, Taylor, Edmund Warren Jr., 167 Taylor, Gary B., 202 Taylor, Harold Greg, 189, 338 Taylor, Herman Eugene Jr., 117, 206, 338 Taylor, James M. Taylor, James N. M. Jr., Taylor, Jessie Roma, 159, 293 Taylor, Joe Howard, Taylor, John Leo, 183, 338 Taylor, John Pierce, 293 Taylor, John Robert, 304 Taylor, Kenneth K., Taylor, Larry Carl, 338 Taylor, Leslie Edward Jr., 219, 243 Taylor, Lowell Wayne, 140. 338 Taylor, Lynn Alsup, 149, 338 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, Taylor, Mary Margaret, 153, 338 Taylor, Memrie Claire, 151, 33B Taylor, Michael Byron, 83, 94, 95, III, 167, 304 Taylor, Michael Everette, 95, 199, 207, 216, 293 Taylor, Patrick Arnold, 206, 338 Taylor, Peter Griffen, Taylor, Richard S., 129 Taylor, Robert Lee, Taylor, Robert Parrish Jr., 187, 338 Taylor, Ronald Walter, Taylor, Terry Norman, Taylor, Willard Roy, Tays, Virginia M., 75, 135, 159, 293 Teasley, James A., 185, 338 Teasley, Terry Ann, 151, 338 Teaster, Tommy D., Teel, Georgiana Gifford, Teel, Robert W. Jr., Tehan, William John III, 127, 210, 212, 338 Teichart, Carlos, 129, 338 Teichert, Consuelo D. Teichert, Gaby, 112, i93 Teller, Barry Joseph, 189 Temple, Davis Littleton, Temple, Louis Chapman, Temple, Sandra Lee, 163, 338 Temple, Van Harbert, 92, 164, 187, 293 Tenfelde, Thomas Bernard, 82, III, 173, 304 Teng, Tsu Chi, 138, 304 Terney, Lynda P., 83 Terney, Philip Baird, Terracin, Steve Wayne, 175, 219, 243, 338 Terrell, Marilyn Sue, 338 T erry, William Harris, Thackston, Frank 5., 83, 1 II Thames, Jon Paul, Tharp, Charles Patrick, 304 Thaxton, Anthony Lavon, 189, 205, 294 Theurkauf, Susan Jane, Thole, Michael John, 195 Thomas, Carol Susan, 63, 66, 74, 87, 91, 9 294 Thomas, David Dee, Ill, 167, 304 Thomas, David R., 122, 140, 338 Thomas, Dick R. II, Thomas, Dixie Lynn, 133, 159, 338 Thomas, Dolores Maria, 70, 126, 127, 338 Thomas, Donnis Moore, Thomas, Gail, 161, 338 Thomas, Gretchen D., 140, 157, 338 Thomas, James L., 214 Thomas, James Robert, Thomas, Mitchell Richard, 185 Thomas, Robert Wesley, Thomas, Sallie S., 78, 96, 135, 155, 338 Thomas, William David, 206, 33 8 Thomas, William Ronald, Thompson, Arthur W. III, Thompson, Charles Douglas, 338 Thompson, David Allen, 338 Thompson, Florence E., 338 Thompson, Gary Norris, 338 Thompson, Greg Salter, 201 Thompson, James F. Jr., 294 Thompson, Joe Lawrence, 125, 185, 294 Thompson, Joe Lawrence, Thompson, Joseph Robert, 209, 216, 294 Thompson, Kay, 110, 157, 294 Thompson, Larry Angelo, 73, 97, 120, 130, 177, 294 Thompson, Larry Victor, Thompson, Luther M. Thompson, Michael 0., Thompson, Norma C., 126, 149, 338 Thompson, Norman S. Jr., 338 Thompson, Patricia Irene, 126, 151, 338 Thompson, Thomas Lawrence. Thompson, Vance McLean, 149, 294 Thompson, Walter Rowan. 79 Thompson, Walter W., 179, 206, 338 Thompson, W., Thompson, Winfield S. Jr., Thornton, Frederick C., 193, 338 Thornton, Lether Jr., Thornton, Margaret Jo, 76, 143, 163, 294 Thornton, Roger Dale, 294 Thornton, Ronald A., 294 Thornton, Vincie D., 338 Thrasher, Wilkes T., Throop, India Sykes, 153, 338 Thrower, George Frazer, Thrower, Mitchell M., 175, 214, 294 Thurber, Cooper Campbell, 179, 294 Thurber, Robert Campbell, 179, 338 Thurmond, William E. Jr., 304 Thygesen, Chris K. Jr., 338 Tibbetts, Robert N., Tidwell, John Lee Jr., 338 Tillman, Jimmy M., Tillman, John Ronald, 122, 130, 185 Tillman, Nancy Lucretia, Tillman, Opal Gail, Tillman, Robert L. Jr., 243, 338 Tindall, Joy Moore, 149 Tinnin, Brent Bollinger, 129, 193, 338 Tinsley, Calvin W., Tippitt, William Lee, 135, 138, 206, 338 Todaro, John Braxton, 73, 124, 294 Todd, Henry Eugene, Todd, James Benny, 129, 193, 338 Todd, Janice Sue, Todd, Jerry Eugene, 338 Todd, William Richard, 201, 338 Tomlinson, Anne B., 149 Tomlinson, George W., 191 Tomlinson, Robert Scott, Tompkins, Linda Lee, 338 Toney, Lana Maureen, 163, 339 Toney, Thomas Ellwood, Tool, Dennis Casler, 339 Toole, Benjamin F., Toole, Mary Tom, Tootle, David Del ano, 84, 114, 136, 339 Torok, Cheryl Joan, Torrance, Richard Vincent, 339 Touart, Karen T., 339 Townes, Cowles Horton, 167 Townes, Jack A. Jr., 73, 109, 185, 218, 243, 304 Townes, Judy L., 136, 151, 339 Townsend, Freddy, Townsend, John Herndon, 132, 191, 339 Trahan, Eugene Thomas, 138, 294 Tramontana, Joseph, 304 Trapp, Frank Williams, 191, 339 Traughber, Brent Hill, 138, 294 Traughber, Ewing Berkley, 103, 138, 206, 339 Travis, Frederick F., 179, 304 Traylor, Carwell W. Jr., 125 Trenda, William H., Treppendahl, Janet Ayres, 294 Treppendahl, Lynn Lovell, 123, 153, 190, 339 1 resting, John Joseph, 104 Trevathan, Clyde W., 76, 117, 167, 211, 339 Trim, Judith Louise, 147, 339 Triplett, Theodore J., 339 Triplette, Constance W., 304 Tripp, Esther Marie, 135, 136, 294 Tripp, Harley Arvid, 135, 304 Tripp, Martha Sue, Troop, Walter Michael. 189, 196, 206, 339 Tropp, Leroy E. III, 195, 206, 339 Trotter, William C. III, 119, 187, 339 True, William R., 185 Truly, Richard Marion Jr., Trussell, Charlsie Faye, 339 Trussell, Paul Jr., 214 Trusty, William E., Tsai Kun San, 304 Tubbs, Edmond Allen, 181, 339 Tubbs, Vernon M., Tucei, Robert Mark, 206, 339 Tucker, Bobby Joe. 304 Tucker, Jack Grady Jr., 185, 339 Tucker, James B., 1 II Tullos, Calvin Lamar, Tullos, Eugene C., 82, III, 304 Tullos, Fay Montgomery, 155, 339 Tumasz, Mary Lena, 339 Tupman, Stanley Earl, 206, 339 Turan, Carolyn W., Turk, Clifford P., 181, 339 Turley, Edith Waits. 159, 339 Turnage. Smith McRae, 206 Turnell, Daniel Henning, 193, 339 Turner, Bettye Bittel, 339 Turner, Billy F., 120, 294 Turner, Douglas Dwight, 175, 339 Turner. Jesse R., Turner, John Herschel, 130 Turner, John Hozie Jr., 120, 179, 294 Turner, Ken Harper, Turner, Marlene E.. 116, 132, 339 Turner, Sally Ann, 135, 339 Turner, Sally Belle, 137, 339 Turner, Stella Ross, 339 Turner, William Henry, 206 Turner. William W. Jr., 175, 214, 339 Turnipseed, Carol Ann, 149 Tussey Mary Lee, 126, 147, 339 Tuteur, Richard Scott, 339 Tutor, Jesse B. Jr., 97, 103, 130. 189, 339 Tutor, Susan Katherine, 143, 147, 305 Tuttle, Jerry Frank, Twibell, Michael Warren, 185, 196, 339 Tyler, Frances L.. Paul R., 294 Tynes, Patricia Ann, 153, 339 U Umberger, Lonnie Carrel, 169, 201, 339 Umfress, Harrol Wayne. 294 Underwood, Bobby Wayne, 135, 206, 339 Underwood, Larry Don, 92, 191, 339 Upchurch, Aleita Louise, Upchurch, Robert K., 83, III, 305 Upton, Charlotte Elizabeth, 159, 339 Urbanek, James Eugene. 219, 243, 250 Urbani, Donald Louis, 106, 138 Uzzle, Robert H., 191 V Vail, Beth Hawkins, 294 Vail, Carol Sanders, 135, 149, 339 Vail, Charles S., 305 Valecka, Gail Lee, 147 Valentine, Clarene C., Va ' entine, Clifton Carnell, 138, 339 Valentine, Jimmie Lloyd, Valle, Edwin, 138 Vance, Bernard, 206 Vance, Carol Ann, 163, 339 Vance, Cayce G., 125 Vance, Lewis N., 339 Vance, Ralph B., 73, 118, 128, 164, 189, 33 ' Vanderzee, Chester, 305 Vandevender, John C., 175, 205, 339 Vandevender, Vicki S., 136, 151, 339 Vandiver, Eddie Bolton, 191, 201, 339 Vanfosson, Marjorie L., 163, 339 Vann, Fred Joe, 177, 206, 339 Vann, Linda Faye, 62, 96, 116, 157, 339 Vannoppen, Thomas P. Jr., 339 Vanostenbridge, Ronald, 195, 339 Vanslyke, J. B. Jr., Vardaman, James Hubert, 294 Varnado, Vaughn Eugene, 181, 294 Vassallo, George Castner, 84, 339 Vassallo, Stephen, 339 Vasser, Albert Glenn, 206, 339 Vaughan, Dennis W., 305 Vaughan, Earl N., Vaughan, Margaret M., 151, 339 Vaughan, Robert Curtis, 219, 243 Vaughn, Pamela, 143, 161, 294 Vaught, John Howard II, Vaught, Stephen 179, 339 Veazey, Ganel Eason, 151, 214, 340 Veasey, Mary Oliver, 340 Veazey, Sandra, Vegod, Thomas Franklin, 201 Velotas, Nickey W., Vermillion, William B., 294 Vernon, Gerald Ernest, Vick, Wyman Lee, 340 Vickery, Dorothy R. Clark, 109 Vickery, George Willis, 201 Vickery, Glendy Burke, 193, 340 Villanueva, Glenn Frank, Villanueva, Lawrence A., Vincent, Leonard F., 191, 340 Vines, Frankie Davis, 340 Vinson, Michael Cooper, 340 Vizio, Michael Joseph, 210, 294 Vlahos, Kosta Nick, 305 Voge, Dennis Wayne, 80, 164, 167, 294 Voigt, Wayne Clarence, Vonbargen, Roy A., 120 Vonderhaar, John Raymond, Voorhies, William Robbins, 129, 201, 340 Voyadjakis, Vassilios E., Voyles, James E., 305 Wade, Betty Jan, Wade, Don Allan. Wade, Michael Harrison, 191 Wade, Robert M.. 203, 219, 243 Wade Thomas Wickliffe, Wade. William Earl, Wadleigh, Elaine Lucille, 340 Wages, Gerald Dennis, 294 Wagner, Lynn Elaine, 135, 143, 163, 294 Wahlbera, Jay Elliott, 164 Wailes, Ellen, 147, 340 Waits, James A.. Waits. John Anderson, 169, 206, 340 Mildred Allene, 143, 159, 340 Waits, William Burnell Jr., 191, 340 Wakham, Elvin James, Walcott, Charles D. III, Walcott, Ruth Lafon, 149, 340 Walden, Donald E., Waldon, Ellie Hugh, 201 Waldren, Jessyca Elizabeth, 73, 78, 79, 157, 340 Waldrip, Linda Gail, 340 Waldron, David W.. 185, 206 Waldron, Sandra Elizabeth, 340 Waldrop, Max Lee, Waldrop Russell G., 203, 340 Walker, Charles H., 340 Walker, David Steven, Walker, Edmund J.. Walker, Harrison C. Jr., 219, 243, 340 Walker, Helen Kay, 136, 151, 340 Walker, Irvin C. Jr.. 340 Walker, James H., 305 Walker, Jimmie Sue, 91, 95 Walker, Joseph B., 73, 116, 181, 340 Walker, Joseph George, 205 Walker, Joseph P. Jr., 340 Walker, Mary Anne, 132, 340 Walker, Mary Gail, 151, 295 Walker, Patricia Anne, 340 Walker, Rebecca Ann, 151, 340 Walker, Rebecca E., 295 Walker, Robert Homer, 187, 340 Walker, Sally Jean, 153, 340 Walker, Susan Lee, 161, 340 Walker, William R., Wall, Benjamin Dilworth, Wall, John Marshall, 195, 209, 340 Wall. Nellie Kaye, 163, 295 Wall, Robert M., Wall. Ronnie L., 189, 232 Wallace, Fred C., 73, 187, 340 Wallace, Michael Alan, Wallace, Robert David, Wallace, Robert P., 84, 340 Wallace, Ronald K., 187, 340 Thomas Grady, 185, 305 Wallace, Toby Mack 101, 103, 134, 199, 216, 340 Waller, Anita K., 116, 340 Waller, Carroll, Waller, Margaret Willard, Waller, Robert H., 212 Waller, Robert Warren, 212, 340 Samuel W. Jr., 295 Wallis, James H. Jr., 340 Wallis John 0. Jr., 177, 206, 340 Walman Tommy 69. 72, 97, 191 Walsh, Cecile Nugent, 133, 159, 340 Walsh, James R., III, 305 Jamie E., 159, 340 Virginia Marianne, 131, 145, 340 John H., Walters, Patricia Ellen, 151 Walters, Terry James, 167, 340 Walters, Thomas Lloyd 177, 200, 202, 340 Walton. Betty Jane, 305 Wang, Raymond C. T., Ward, Albert Gayden, 185, 295 Ward, Annette Irene, 340 Ward Brenda Mae, 163, 340 Ward. Charlie F. Jr., 73, 116, 340 Ward, James Henry, Ward. Martha Jane, 161, 340 Ward, Michael D.. Ward, Michael Halley. 171. 206, 340 Ware, Billie Joyce, 135. 340 Ware, Jimmy L., 187, 340 Ware, Marilyn Margaret, 159, 340 Ware. Ted Owen Gerald Wayne, 219, 243, 295 Waring, Robert E., 177, 206, 340 Warner Howard Stuart II, Warner, Leonard William, 340 Warnick, Donald Wilson, 206, 340 Warren, Emily Anne, 76, 143, 145, 295 Warren, Gerald Martin, 305 Warren, James William, 181, 206, 340 Warren, Mary J., 153, 340 Warriner, Richard B., 69, 77, 177 205, 340 Warrington, Paul Wesley, 201, 340 Washburn, William N., Wasser, Lawrence D., 183, 201, 340 Wasson, Rodger Downing, 305 Waters, Clyde Hilton, Waters, James Edward, Watkins, Fred Singleton, 205 Watkins, Gail, 133 Watkins, James C., 191, 206 Watkins, James Caldwell, 79 Watkins, James Edwin, 97, 130, 189, 341 Watkins, Jed W., 295 Watkins Sandra Marie, 139, 157, 341 Watson, Bruce Paul, 295 Watson, Clara B., 341 Watson, Dan Elliotte, Watson, Edna Sue Atkinson, 131 Watson, Ernest III, 341 Watson, George Girdner, 185 Watson, Harry Albert Jr., 101, 103, 105, 305 Watson. James William Jr.. Watson, Jill Sharon, 110, 159, 341 Watson, Judy P., 341 Watson, Marvin P., Watson, Pamela Case, 133, 157, 341 Watson, Shirley Claire Watt, Nancy Grace, 295 Watters, Walter F., 193, 341 Watts, Dwight M. Jr., 191, 341 Watts, Freddy C., 341 Watts James C. Jr. 185, 205 Watts, Judith Mae, 54, 151, 214, 341 Watts, Pat Harrison Jr., Watts, Robert Eugene. 185, 341 Way, Wren Carroll, 82, III, 177, 305 Weatherall. Nora Sue, 341 Weatherford, Barbara E., Weatherly James Dexter, David Albert, 206, 341 Weathers William L., 173 Weathersby. Beniamin V. L., 66, 69, 101, 103, 105, 169, 295 Weathersby, Robert L., 169, 202, 341 Weaver, Diane, 139, 341 Weaver, Sterling W., 305 Webb, James W., 167, 241, 341 Webb, John Robert, 202, 237, 341 Webb, Reed S., 219 Webb, Thomas Lytle, Webb, William J., 138, 167, 206, 341 Webber, Elliott C. Jr., 135, 305 Webster, Joseph C., 191 Weeden, John F., 295 Weeks, Charles John Jr., 169 Weeks, Karen Murraine, 110, 153, 341 Weems, James Sol Jr., 189, 206, 341 Weems, Milton 341 Weems, Robert A., 83, 101, III Weems, William S., 111 Weir, David G., 201, 341 Welch, James W., Welch, Kenneth Wade, 295 Welch, Leonard Smith, 206 Welch, Paul Burl, 341 Weller, Harvill E. Jr., 179, 206 Wells, David Kent, 63. 91, 101, 189, 203, 207, 216, 219, 242, 295 Wells, Elsie Grace, 341 Wells, Jerry Bruce, Wells, Mary Pillow, 341 Wells, Rebecca E., Wells, Steve C., Welty, Mary Alice, 149, 341 Welty, Mittie E., 161 West, Billy Don, 341 West, David Roy, 341 West, Edward H., 341 West, Hugh Donald, 214 West, John Q. III, 305 West, Judith Lynne, 341 West. Larry Joseph, 129 Westbrook, Leslie M., 96, 159, 341 Wester, Warren G., Westerfield, Mary Anne, 153, 295 Weston, Stephen Frederic, 173, 341 Wexler, Gerald B., Whartenby, Thomas W. Jr., 181, 341 Wheeler, James Harvey Jr., 191, 204, 295 Wherry, Joan Douglas, 341 Whitacre, Paul Fred, Whitaker, Peggy Ann 163, 341 Whitaker, Robert L., 129, 341 White, Alvie F., 341 White, Barbara Kaye, 123 White, Charles T., 114, 200, 206, 341 White, Donald Alexander. 171, 295 White, Donna, 98, 149, 295 White, George Knox, 171, 206, 341 White, Gerald Lafay, 69, 189, 206, 341 White Jackie Lamar, 70, 175, 341 White, James Oden, 169, 341 White, James Wallace, 295 White, Jesse Lamar, 91, 101, 103, 105, 109, 169, 295 White, John E. Jr.. 201. 206, 341 White Joseph Luther, 108, 305 White, Marilyn D., 153 While, Marilyn Jean, 341 White, Martha Kaye, 341 White, Michael Avon, White, Nancy M., 137 341 White, Nancy Sue, 123, 136, 341 White, Robert Dale, White, Robert Lewis, White, Robert N., White, Robert Thomas, 341 White, Susan Carol, 81, 295 White, Susan Frances, 143, 151, 341 White. William D., 94, 191, 341 Whitener, Aurelia W., 129, 341 Whitener, Gary C., 169, 341 Whitener, Larry J., 169, 241 Whites, Leslie, 177, 341 Whiteside, Clarence H., 341 Whiteside, Robert Ellis, Whitfield, Davis A. III, 175, 205, 341 Whitley, Jack Rabun, 295 Whitlock, Mary Beth, 159, 295 Whitlock, Suzanne Dayton, 133, 136, 159, 341 Whitmore, John Kenneth, Whitten, Bettye B., 151, 341, Whitten, Beverly Rebecca, 61, 77, 153, 214, 341 Whitten, Mary Ann, 126, 342 James Walker, Whyte, Bruce Langdon, Wicker, Thomas Leroy, Wideman, Danny Edward, Wigginton, Amos Buford Jr., Wigginton, Patty Branch, 95, 295 Wigley, Eric Russell, 206, 342 Wilbanks, Mari Jane C., Wilborn, Mary Montrie, 153, 3 42 Wilcox, Albert Louis, Wilcox, Richard Davis, 108, 191, 295 Wilcox, Michael James, Wiley, Jean Lee, 98, 133, 143, 159, 295 Wiley, Virginia Helen, 342 Wilkerson, Claire J., Wilkes, Alice Marie, Wilkes, Randell Lester, Wilkes, Rodney 206 Wilkey, Deborah Gail, 137 Jack Brown Wilkins, Joseph T. III, 305 Wilkins, Samuel Houston, 83, 167, 305 Wilkins, Trudy Ann, 147, 295 Wilkinson, Camille S., 151, 342 Wilkinson, Cathy, 133, 151, 342 Wilkinson, Charles A., 167, 342 Wilkinson, Emma Kate, Wilkinson, Judith Lynn, 137, 163, 342 Williams, Amzie Thomas, 191, 342 Williams, B. Frank III, 342 Williams, Charles Van, 187, 237, 243 Claudia Ann, 161, 342 Williams, David A., 103, 212 Wi ' liams, David Michael, 201 Williams, Dean Lorin, Donald Reed. 342 Edward M., 305 Edwin R., 201, 342 Williams, Elizabeth Fuson, 112 Ford Smith, 93, 132. 136, 342 Helen Powell, 155, 342 Williams, James R. Jr., 189, 342 Williams, John Burton, 189. 203, 342 John Daniel, 206 Williams, John Hoyt, 73, 175, 206, 342 John Perry Jr., 171, 342 Jon Smith, 117 Kathy, 105, 112, 295 Williams, Kay, 110, 295 Williams, Larry F., 206, 342 Williams, Leonard E., Williams, Louise Anne, 136, 153, 342 Williams, Margaret Diane, 155, 342 Williams, Merrell Jr., Williams, Michael Cluster, 212, 232, 237 Williams, Nila Qualls, Williams, Polly F., Richard Anthony, 129, 342 Williams, Robert Edwin Jr., Williams, Robert 177 ,342 Williams, Robert Lee, Williams, Rochelle, Williams, Rosemarie, 342 Williams, Roy Capps, 83, 101, III, 189, 305 Williams, Sandra, 151, 214, 342 Williams, Sue Crawford, 342 Williams, Seth Ward Jr., Williams, Stirling B. Jr., 69, 91, 101, 105, 110, 305 Williams, Thomas Edward, 206 Williams, Wiley T. Jr., 206 Williams, Zenora E. R., Williamson, James E. Jr., 305 Williford, Doxie Kent, Williford, Evelyn R., 123, 159, 342 Willis, Burnice Neal, Willis, James R. Jr., 108, 114, 342 Willis, Kenneth C., 342 Willis, Melanie Anne, 342 Williston, Edward Bruce, 167, 342 Wilson, Barry Lee, Wilson, Clyde H. Jr., 187, 342 Wilson, Connie Nell, Wilson, David Baxter, Wilson, David Thomas, Wilson, Edward Robert Jr., Wilson, Frank Howell, 196 Wilson, Fred G., 97, 342 Wilson, George Tully, 342 Wilson, James Richard, 342 Wilson, James S. Jr., 295 Wilson, James Thomas, 342 Wilson, Jane Tyler, 96, 128, 133, 153, 342 Wilson, Jean Claire, 342 Wilson, Robert Benton, Wilson, Martin Bernard, 295 Wilson, Rebecca Leigh, 296 Wilson, Robert Danley 305 Wilson, Sonja June, 147, 342 Wilson, William Alfred, 342 Wimberly, J. Rush III, Wimberly, Judith M., 342 Windham, Collins F., Windham, Don Wayne, Windham, Hal Jr., Windsor, Anita Sue, 116, 159, 342 Jimmy Lynn, 167, 206, 342 Womack, Michael Lloyd, 181, 296 Windsor, John Ronald, Windsor, Patricia Jobe, 296 Wing, Joseph F., 84, 130, 296 Winstead, Larry Allen, Winstead, Samuel Norris, 138, 296 Wirt, Philip Richard, 169, 342 Wise, Beverly Hester, Wiseman, Robert C. Jr., 296 Wisenberq, David B., 206, 342 Withers, Rose Robyn, Withers, William Temple, 210, 342 Witherspoon, Jane May, 149, 342 Witt, Robert Wayne, Witte, Craig Hess, 117, 195, 296 Witty, Joseph B. Jr., 179, 201, 342 Wixon, William Carl, Wiygul, James Allen, 187, 206, 342 Wolcott, Avon Frances, Wolfe, Jimmy Lynn, 167, 342 Womack, Michael Lloyd, 181, 296 Wong. John W., 342 Wood, Donald F., 177, 201, 342 Wood, James Alford, 120 Wood, Malcolm L. Jr., 342 Wood, Robert Evans, Wood, Robert Floyd, Wood, Sandra Lee, 151 Wood, William Chadwick, 78, 92, 103, 189, 296 Woodbury, Barbara Joan, 52, 157, 210, 342 Woodcock, C. Wesley Jr., 214, 215, 296 Woodruff, James N., Woodruff, Martha Lynn, 140, 342 Woodruff, William Robert, Woods, James Clark, 135, 169, 342 Woods, James Everette, 130 Woodson, Walter B. 211, 240 Woodward, Janet Mae, 139, 342 Woody, Roy Houston III, 202 Wooley, Bobby Ray, 206, 342 Woolly, Janis Sue, 147 Wooten, Elizabeth J., 112, 147, 342 Wootten, Elaine E., 342 Wootten, Middleton L. III, 107, 164, 173, 296 Work, Margaret Carol, 74, 96, 109, 135, 153, 343... Worley, Patricia Ann, 116, 343 Worner, Judith Ann, 343 Worner, Frank A. , 195, 343 Worthy, Lucinda Payne, Worthy, Thomas H., Wowk, Nadia Vera. Wright, Adrian William, 209, 343 Wright, Barry Lynn, 189 Wright, Carl Frank, Wright, Clyne W., Wright, David Ellis, 206 Wright, George E., 185, 206, 343 Wright, Jayne A., 343 Wright, Johnny Bernard, 181, 305 Wright, Mary Fisher, Wright, Richard H., 343 Wroten, Lottie Virginia, 343 Wuestefeld, Gale Joan, 137, 161, 343 Wunsch, Matthew J., 114, 115, 127, 183, 343 Wynkoop, Terry Lee, 201 Wynn, Dennis Edward, 120, 130, 181, 343 Y Yancis, Ronald Alan, 130, 181, 343 Yancy, Jacquelyn Dee, Yandell, Kathryn E., 128, 159, 343 Yarbrough, David Clinton, Yarbrough, Joseph W. Jr., Yarbrough, Larry Eugene, 296 Yarbrough, Robert A., Yarbrough, Thomas D., 305 Yates, Allen Richard, 92, 101, 109, 118, 164, 179, 296 Yawn, James Walter, 130, 237, 243, 250, 296 Yearwood, Bonnie Gene, 343 Yeates, John W., 105, 305 Yeats, Fred T., Yee, Albert Duke, 343 Yelsik, William Ernst, 195, 296 Yerby, Susanne, Yokum, Nicholas Hovey K., 171, 206, 343 York, Beth, 153, 343 York, Charles Merrill, Yoste, William Elder, 77, 185, 214, 215, 343 Young, Dennis Wayne, Young, Donnie Frank, 305 Young, Dwight L. 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