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UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI The all-seeing eye in the seal of the University of Mississippi has looked unblinkingly upon the com- ings and goings of students at Ole Miss for more than a century. There is more to Ole Miss than can be seen by this or any other eye—the tradition, the honor, the spirit which separates Ole Miss from the mere factories for dissemination of knowledge. But to some extent the superficial happenings of a year help to make it a bit different from the years before and the years to come. We invite you to look through the eye of Ole Miss at the things, trivial and significant, that helped to make up the year 1965 at Ole Miss. 1965. . yEAR OF SURPRISE The rabbit habit, And her grandmother founded our chapter? Dean Rea just resigned! Go to hell rushees—Go to hell! Even the Lusitania got torpedoed. You can pick up COfo T-Shrits as you leave. She ' s at her best at Sardis. I ' m Buck Naked; Glad to have you back. Is that only the 200th bid? Eeeek! Lice! Just a small apartment party. I can ' t stand it! It ' s Jimmy Weatherly. My Wife is going out of town and uh .. . Please don ' t make me practice teach in Mound Bayou. Not Cerny again. Doug, how long, oh, how long? Trophy, Trophy—Rah! Rah! Rah! Rebels, Rebels—Ha, Ha, Ha. Why do they have to lose during my administration? If you think he can play football, just wait until you hear him sing! Now remember Diz, this is a dry state. 10,999 buttoned-down collars. Damn, she closed the blinds. I ' m going to have to get these damn glasses changed. Well, any port in a storm. Advanced Jigsaw Puzzle Making-609. What does he mean? How many ducks flew over the Mississippi River in 1906? never on the front row again. Concocked spirit. In Hoc Signo Vinces. Take a little sip of this. deary. Why isn ' t this man smiling? Number one what. The beginning of the end. Alright you, give me five. Did you get their " vital " qualifications? Walk over there! Turn around! And come back. And they said an army traveled on its stomach. Grrrr—I ' m a ranger. Just waif until your Sophomore slump. Let ' s all stand and sing " Rescue the Perishing. " " Everybody " was all wet! " Melissa, you go to hell! " The owl wouldn ' t permit me to do it. Splendor in the grass. You ' re just saying it because it ' s true. Would you want your sister to marry one? I ' m just bursting with enthusiasm. I haven ' t got on my what? But honey, this is our 17th date. Stick with me Baby and we ' ll go places—Viet Nam, Korea, .. . Every year at this time the Holy Rollers come Is the House Mother still looking? to town. I feel pretty. Yes, we take reservations. If the Easter Bunny can do it, so can I. Welcome back, alumni. Say maybe they could use a quarterback. Neither did the team. If you could only sing. Damn, it moved. After eating lunch. 20 pounds a minute. Spanish what? What do you mean all the dogs in the neighborhood have suddenly disappeared? But EVERYBODY wants me to sing " Tiny Sparrow! " Only one restroom in Fulton Chapel? What is that first name again, Miss Galore? eating at Kiamies ' again? The delegation from State arrives. Johnny Cash performs as a legend in his own time. Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs bring the Grand Ole Opry to campus. The New Christy Minstrels start second semester with a concert. The Lettermen return to Ole Miss for another successful performance. The Brothers Four enjoyed the performance as much as the audience. The Juliard Quartet performs for Artist Series. Dame Alicia Markova speaks at ODK-Mortar Board Forum. Dr. Rowse speaks at Convocation. The Village Singers entertain in Fulton Chapel. Dr. Clem Biniger speaks for the Committee of 100. Rubel Phillips speaks on behalf Barry Goldwater. We want panties! Never kiss a boy that wears braces! Get the damn chair off my hand. Yes, I am Miss University. We are the very best you SEE. Fledge? Only if I can be Miss America. Look, I ' m the one that brought you. Well, anybody can study. Look fellows, I finally got my wings. I ' ll never kiss HER again. Bah, Humbug! But what ' s upstairs? Two for the price of one. If he ' d only use Dial. " Shake your money-maker. " Well, the Romans did it. There ' ll be no dancing on the drinking floor. Here come the birds. Give me all you ' ve got! A bucket in hand is worth two under the bed. I ' d rather switch than fight! Roamin ' eyes. AWS undercover agent. Have you seen my drunk? This ' ll put hair on your chest. Freedom now. It ' s what ' s up front that counts. She ' s getting a new lease on life. Captain Marvel . . . (Sigh). For once, Katie serves herself. It ' s not my eyes; just those little words. Look, it ' s a meat in the library. What do you mean—more in ' 64? Thanks for the vote; here ' s your dollar. Gee, I ' m glad that cows can ' t fly. More O.K. the loser goes out with him. Heh, Heh, just a little fun, Mr. Nash. Who says that there is nothing to do in th dorm. This ought to last for the week-end. Hi honey, going down? Okay! Pick me up in 5 minutes. But I ' ve been red-shirted for 6 years. Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble. For this we get a scholarship? I dreamed I was head-majorette in my ... Another intricate maneuver by Ole Miss Band. The Governor changed the uniform again! You can ' t be serious, $5.00. I think this is his tree. " I ' m gonna make it. " I ' ve been drafted. Typical ASB dance. " Damn honey, it ' s already daylight. " Now look fellow, I like panties as well as anybody; however .. . Doctor, it ' s about that food at the cafeteria. Damn, that ' s cold. The ASB John—Corlew is the head. Everyone always enjoys the Chancellor ' s Tea. Now remember who to vote for tomorrow. They wouldn ' t let us use their pool. Don ' t ever touch me again! So what if it ' s not a Honda. I thought this was a DRY county. I ' ll teach you to date my pinee again. Now, all you have to do is pass the literacy fest. Panel, please pay attention—pictures of everyone will be made after the meeting. Get serious! The dirtiest picture in the book. ADMINISTRATION The Honorable Paul B. Johnson is the only per- son who has served as President of the Ole Miss student body and as governor of the state of Mississippi. Governor Johnson was born in Hattiesburg, the son of the late Governor Paul B. Johnson. He was educated in the public schools of Forrest County before completing his preparatory edu- cation at Columbia Miltary Academy. He then entered Ole Miss where he compiled an excellent record in both scholastic and extracurricular ac- tivities. While at Ole Miss he was tapped into Blue Key Honor Society and ODK Honorary Leadership Fraternity, selected as a member of the Hall of Fame, as well as serving as President of the Ole Miss student body. Governor Johnson received his Bachelor of Law Degree from Ole Miss and was admitted to the Bar in 1940. In 1959 he was elected Lieutenant Governor. In 1963 he was elected to the highest state office. The University of Mississippi is proud to claim Governor Paul B. Johnson as one of its finest graduates. Every action made by Governor Johnson brings greater praise to himself and greater pride to Ole Miss. PAUL B. JOHNSON J. D. WILLIAMS Since 1946, Chancellor Willams has been one of the most loved, respected and admired men in the history of the University of Mississippi. Chancellor Williams is a member of the on Colleges and Universities of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. From 1959 to 1961, Chancellor Williams was President of the State Universities Association and is now a member of its Executive The Chancellor has a very impressive record of accomplishments. He is a member of ODK, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, and Phi Delta Kappa, honorary educational fraternities. T hrough long and diligent efforts, Chancellor J. D. Williams has made the University of a truly fine educational plant. Every stu- dent who has attended Ole Miss during his as Chancellor will remember him as a friend always. Seated, Left to Right: Leon Lowry, E. R. Izard, W. D. Guest, T. D. Riddell, Mrs. Nan Sibley, Dr. Verner S. Holmes, President; S. R. Evans, J. N. Lipscomb, Dr. M. M. Roberts, I. L. Morgan, and Paul Haynes. Standing: T. N. Turner, George Yarborough, W. 0. Stone, and Dr. E. R. Jobe, Executive Secretary. A constitutional amendment gives the governor ' of the state of Mississippi, with the advice and con- sent of the Senate, power to appoint the Board of Trustees, which governs the state ' s institutions of higher learning. The Board consists of twelve men who serve terms of twelve years each. The Board of Trustees selects one of its members as its president and appoints the Chancellor as ex- ecutive head of the University. OR. W. ALTON BRYANT DR. CHARLES E. NOYES MR. GEORGE M. STREET MR. E. E. DAVIDSON DR. FRANKLIN E. MOAK Vice Chancellor Assistant Vice Chancellor Director of Development Business Manager Dean of Student Personnel First Row: Mr. Henry W. Bounds . . . Director of Food Services Mr. Hugh H. Clegg . . . . Assistant to the Chancellor Mr. Robert B. Ellis Registrar Second Row: Mr. Howard K. Faulkner Bursar Gen. Freeman Gober Assistant Registrar Mr. Harold E. Haney Purchasing Third Row: Dr. Vernon B. Harrison . . . Director and Physician of Student Health Service Mr. Tom S. Hines . . . Director of Student Activities Dr. Sylvester J. Hemleben Chairman of Publications Committee Fourth Row: Mr. Binford T. Nash . . . . Director of Men ' s Housing Dr. Katharine Rea Dean of Women Mr. Patrick D. Smith . . . Director of Public Information Fifth Row: Mr. Barnes Tatum Director of Public Safety Mr. John W. White Director of Physical Plant Mr. Joseph C. White Chief Accountant The College of Liberal Arts offers the undergradu- ate student knowledge and skills necessary for an effective life of service in the complex society of this time. Founded in 1848, the College presents a broad and comprehensive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities and in the physical, biological, and social sci ences. A Scholars Program has been instituted by the College of Liberal Arts to provide special instruc- tion for superior students. DEAN A. B. LEWIS Elma Meek Hall provides offices and modern laboratories for the of Home Economics and Music. The use of the library is vital to all liberal arts students. Microbiology Lab involves careful observations. Music majors spend untold hours of practi ce at the keyboard. The fourth oldest state-owned law school in the United States was established at the University in 1854 by an act of the state legislature. After completing a three-year program of study in the principles of jurisprudence, graduates are en- titled to practice in any court of the state without further examination. The school is accredited both by the Association of American Law Schools and by the American Bar Association. DEAN JOSHUA M. MORSE Lamar Hall houses the School of Law. Attorneys of the future study cases of the past in the Law Library. The prestige of the University Law School is due to its dedicated instructors. L. Q. C. Lamar—a man to look up to. Founded in 1900, the School of Engineering offers a program which is planned to serve the state of Mississippi in chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering. The school has been housed in Carrier Hall, with its air-conditioned classrooms and drafting rooms, which are sound-insulated from the laboratories, since 1954. The school is a member of the Engineering College Administrative Council, the Engineering College Council, and the Mississippi Manufacturers Association. DEAN KARL BRENKERT Carrier Hall was a gift of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Carrier for the School of Engineering. An engineer tackles a complicated problem with the slide rule. Pre-service and in-service training is offered to prospective teachers by the School of Education. Professional courses of study train teachers and ad- ministrators for their profession while various educa- tional services in the cultural institutions of the state are rendered. The school is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditations of Teacher Education and is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. DEAN SYLVESTER A. MOORHEAD The School of Education Building, opened in 1956, provides offices and classrooms for students and faculty. A professor educates the educators. Students meet P. E. requirements through tennis. With the aid of student teachers, a little girl learns to finger paint The University Medical Center houses the University Hospital, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing. Nursing students prepare for a vital future. Discovery is a daily event at the University Medical School. DEAN ROBERT Q. MARSTON At the University of Mississippi Medical Center are the Schools of Medicine and Nursing, graduate studies, training programs in medical technology, X-ray technology and medical record library science and the University Hospital. Full-time enrollment reached 611 this year. The Center ' s scientific re- search kept pace: outside grant support, a meaning- ful index, is nearly $3,000,000 a year. The Medical Center opened in 1955 and has shown phenomenal progress in its first decade. Hume Hall provides facilities for the School of Pharmacy and the Departments of Biology and Mathematics. DEAN CHARLES W. HARTMAN Special education and training necessary for the successful practice of pharmacy is offered by the School of Pharmacy created in 1908 by the Board of Trustees of the University. After two years of pre- professional courses, three years of specialized study lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science in The school is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education and belongs to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Pharmacy students prepare trial prescriptions to gain first-hand experience. Future druggists learn to think accurately and judge precisely. Typing students gain the knowledge and skills every businessman depends upon. An instructor informs his student of the latest job opportunities. Following its inception in 1917, the School of Commerce, housed in modern Conner Hall, has af- forded the University with a curriculum suited for both those who will own a business and those who will occupy responsible positions in administration and governmental units. Four degrees are offered through the School of Commerce: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Public Administration, of in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in It is a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. DEAN CLIVE F. DUNHAM Conner Hall provides modern air-conditioned classrooms and offices for the School of Business and Government. One hundred seven years after the first courses were offered at the graduate level, the University of Mississippi formally organized its Graduate School. From 1920, two decades passed before a definite program of graduate study with a minimum resi- dence requirements of one academic year was in augurated. The Graduate School co-operates and adminis- ters graduate study and research and holds member- ship in the Council of Graduate Schools of the United States and in the Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools. DEAN LEWIS NOBLES The Graduate Building is the center of advanced learning. A Graduate student finds peace and quiet in the seclusion offered by the library. The Museum of Art and Classical Archaeology, located in the Graduate contains an outstanding collection of Greek and Roman antiquities. The President ' s Cabinet Seated from Left to Right: Judy Coursey, Freddie Roberts, John Corlew, Katie Hester, Donnie Brock. Standing: Richard Wilcox, Marty Smira, Gary Roberson, Robert Hauberg, Frankie Lambert, Ron Cole, Jim Martin, Lew Powell. JOHN CORLEW President The Associated Student Body is supposedly the Ole Miss Student Government. It is, because it ' s composed of students. It isn ' t because it governs nothing. ASB President John Corlew ' s achievements were impressive: two fraternity brothers appointed to major posts; a school spirit campaign which push ed the football team to its worst season in years; an LSU Victory Train which didn ' t materialize—the victory or the train. Yet the Corlew administration must be ranked among the best. The failures were often due to stu- dent apathy. The ASB tried, through the of Academic Affairs and University and the mock election, to do more in areas of significance with which student policies were rarely concerned. TRAFFIC BOARD—Left to Right: Lynn Blackwell, Lindsey Harp, and Lucy Gerhart. ASB JUDICIAL COUNCIL—Left to Right: Justice Miller Holmes, Justice William Yates, Chief Justice Cy Faneca, Justice John Travis, and Justice Ed Snyder. First Row: E. Addleton, P. Barrett, C. Boggs, F. Bourn, S. Davis, K. Deepak, J. D bard. Second Row: D. Duncan, D. Evans, J. Ezell, L. Fox, M. J. Gilluly, B. Gottshall, C. Third Row: Sandra Hall, D. Jones, J. Jones, S. Keller, K. Kipp, A. Loper, B. Fourth Row: C. McGee, T. McRay, J. Maxey, J. Mayfield, R. Montjoy, P. Moore, E. Noble Fifth Row: F. Noset, W. Nunnery. B. Price, J. Ramey, J. Randle, G. Rawson, R. Renfro. Sixth Row: M. Ritchey, R. Roberts, N. R. S. Rush, A. Simmons, G. Sisco, L. Sihman. Seven Row: J. Smith. F. Sireed, J. Todaro, P. Townshend, H. Umpress, J. Walden, D. Wells. Row: J. Wexler, L. Yarbrough, A. Yates, E. Zoghby. Not Pictured: Phylis Acree, Don Barrett, Cecil Brown, Alva Brumfield, Anna Cox, Reuben Crestman, Beverly Cory, Ralph Hemphill, Susan Heyward, Russell Johnson, Samuel Larry Outlaw, Bo Roberts, Larkin Smith. The medium between the administration and the student body at the University of Mississippi is the Campus Senate. Charged with the responsibility of dealing with student affairs, the legislative body of the Associated Student Body has grown into an out- standing feature of campus activities. Freddie Roberts, Vice-President of the Student Body, serves as the presiding officer of the Senate. Hard work, intelligence, and leadership character- ize the senators who are elected to represent each of the Greek fraternities, dormitories, districts of Vet-Village, and the day students. FRED ROBERTS President Officers, Front Row, Left to Right: Brenda Rush, Fred Roberts, Katie Hester. Second Row: Bo Roberts, Gary Roberson, and Horace Lester. MISS JUDY COURSEY President Associated Women Students EXECUTIVE COUNCIL—Left to Right: Susan Thomas, Judicial Judi Treasurer; Martha Aldridge, Vice President; Judy The AWS, composed of every woman student on campus, is a self-governing organization, headed by an Executive Council of six officers elected by popu- lar vote and a Judicial Council composed of one ap- pointed representative from each class. From each girls ' residence hall is elected a House Council consisting of a president, secretary, treasurer, and two representatives from each floor. The Judicial Council is responsible for the enforcement of dormitory and sorority regulations. A Legislative Council, made up of dormitory and sorority house presidents and secretaries, formulates these regula- tions, subject to the approval of the D ean of Women. The President ' s Council, composed of the dormi- tory and sorority house presidents, meets once a week with the AWS President, Judy Coursey, to dis- cuss common problems. Coursey, President; Delores Smith, Executive Secretary; Betty Price, Judicial Chairman. PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL First Row: June Allen, Cheryl Bobbitt, Mary Chatman, Gail Garth, Dixie Hickman. Second Row: Fern Jones, Judy Judge, Hallie Kimbrough, Anne Marlow, Shirley Payne. Third Row: Joyce Ramay, Cecila Richardson, Dianne Shaffer, Betty Smith, Ann Sullivant. Massi Pachioni, Advertising Manager; and Griffin Harrell, Assistant Editor. MARSHALL BENNETT Editor-in-Chief FLOYD MELTON Business Manager Sealed: Sandy Bowen, Greek Editor; and Horace Lester, Organizations Editor. Stand- ing: Carol Sellers, Administration and Student Government Editor; Glenda Rawson, Class Editor; David Houston, Military Editor; and Don Barrett, Athletic Editor. It is not an easy task to edit the OLE MISS but it is an enjoyable one. It is a task which requires much imagination, coordination, and hard work. It is a task from which much satisfaction can be derived. Marshall Bennett moved up from Editorial in 1964 to Editor-in-chief of the 1965 OLE MISS. This year ' s effort has produced a bigger yearbook with a greater display of activities than ever before. We, the staff, feel that this has been a ful year. We have gained from the experience of putting out this yearbook. We sincerely hope that this yearbook will enhance your memory of the year 1964-1965. Marshall Bennett Floyd Melton Business Manager Griffin H. Harrell Assistant Carol Sellers Administration and Student Government Editor Glenda Rawson Class Editor Mary Chatman Features Editor Sandy Bowen Greek Editor Horace Lester . . . . ..... Organizations Editor Don Barrett Sports Editor David Houston Military Editor Buddy Stewart Chief Photographer Ron Edwards Chief Photographer Ray Hudson Photographer Mike Zalocusky Photographer Bill Clayton Photographer George Scrivener Photographer Chad Wood . . . . ....... Editorial Assistant Mike Malouf Editorial Assistant Shirley Bennett Editorial Assistant Genie Hardin Executive Secretary OLE MISS Photographers: Buddy Stewart, Ray Hudson, Mike Zalocusky, and Ron Edwards. Massie Pacchione Front Row, Left to Right: Griffin Harrell, Marshall Bennett, and David Houston. Second Row: Amelia Loper, Jane Simpson, Sandy Bowen, Glenda Rawson, Don Barrett, Carol Sellers, and Massi Pachioni. Third Row: George Scrivner, Bill Clayton, Horace Lester, and Chad Wood. ED WILLIAMS Editor JOE McCARTY Business Manager Ed Williams Editor Joe McCarty Business Manager Eric Streed Circulation Manager Gene Fair Executive Editor Nancy Mason Managing Editor Julie Smith, Jim Morgan Associate Editors Joe Lee, Bill Rochelle Associate Editors Jimmy Comer, Tommy Houston News Editors Beth Parks, Sandy Keffer News Editors Dolores Smith Society Editor Charles Overby Sports Editor Mike Wade Intramurals Steve Elkins . . . . . BUSINESS STAFF Dennis Voge, Jack Veazey Advertising David Manifold, Don Barron Circulation Gene Fair, Executive Editor, and Nancy Mason, Managing Editor. The outstanding achievernent of the Mississippian this year was having three different editors before Thanksgiving. The first, Kathrine Webb, withdrew from school because of illness. Billy Greer was then appointed interim editor. Greer kept the paper coming out until Ed Williams was chosen editor in a special elec- tion. Williams was elected editor less than two years after he was defeated in a race for the office by the largest margin in the history of campus politics. Run- ning unopposed, he received over 75 per cent of the votes, defeating Governor George Wallace and others. Associate Editors, Joe Lee, Julie Smith, Bill Rochelle, Katherine Webb, and Photographer Steve E lkins proof-read an edition of the mississipian A reporter interviews for a story. Front Row: Kay Dunlap. Ed Williams, Joe McCarty, Billy Greer, Nancy Mason, Gene Fair, Julie Smith. Second Row: Dick Wilcox, Jack Veazey, Virginia Brown, Joe Lee, Delores Smith, Danny Roy, Ted Hannah, Tom Houston, Jim Morgan. CONCERT COMMITTEE—Front Row: Ann Sullivan, Donna White, Anna Catherine Dunn, Diane Neff, Marty Bee, Judy Hemphill. Back Row: Bill Deterly, Johnny Keesee, Art Clark, Shelby Edwards, Glen Harwell, Jimmy Price. RAYNER GRAEBER Director of Social Affairs The ASB Department of Social Affairs is headed by Rayner Graeber and is one of the most vital de- partments in the operation of the ASB. It is this de- partment that selects and provides the for the student body. The Concert Committee sponsors and helps stage the appearances of such stars as the Brothers Four and Johnny Cash at Ole Miss. The outstanding movies brought to the student body are the work of the Movie Committee. The purpose of the Talent Night Committee is to stage Showboat Night which is for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund. Under the Dance Committee come such activities as the Homecoming Dance, Dixie Week Dance, and others. Entertainment assumes an important place in the lives of the University set, and the committees in the department work hard to get the very best avail- able for the Ole Miss student body. MISS UNIVERSITY PAGEANT—Griffin Harrell, Karen Clifford, Jim Martin, Jo Anne Shirley, and Donnie Brock. DANCE COMMITTEE—Seated, Left to Right: Louise Cromer, Anne Gatewood, Marjo Thorton, and Dea Duckworth. Standing: Monty Jones, Jesse Tutor, Louis Davitt, Johnny Easley, Howard Davis, and Frank Austin. MOVIE COMMITTEE—Seated, Left to Right: Elizabeth Carter, Jim White, Chairman; Berry Lannom, and Sandy Smith. Standing: BC McGhee, Sandy Chastz, Linda Grimes, and Parrish Taylor. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE—Seated: Linda Gibson, De Vane Fair, Ron Cole—Chairman, Jim Wheeler—Executive Assistant, Lou Ann Standing: Emil Pau, Anne Smith, Pat Cole, Adele Peresich, Kathy MacDonald, Joe Garrison. RON COLE Chairman Any ASB group needing publicity in any form turns to Ron Cole and his ASB Publicity This committee provides the campus and radio stations and the Mississippian with all ASB news releases. Special news from Ole Miss furnished for radio and television stations comes from this committee. Handbill design and distribution are also included in the duty of the Pbulicity Committee. The Calendar, the posters, and the display windows on campus are also kept by this group. " This Week at Ole Miss " and other news letters originate in this committee and are distributed on the cam pus and throughout the state to give the people of the state a closer look at the University and its activities. Travis, and Gene Taylor. SCHOOL SPIRIT COMMITTEE—Seated, Left to Right: Dianne Conner, Gary Roberson, and Carmen Roberson. Standing: Dick Glaze, Freddie GARY ROBERSON Chairman One of the busiest committees on campus this year has been the School Spirit Committee under the direction of chairman Gary Roberson. For first time competition has been held for the greatest display of school spirit throughout the seasons. Large silver trophies were awarded to the male and female groups who won this competition. For the greatest display of school spirit in one week, a color T.V. was given at the Ole Miss-State game this year. This committee is responsible for the distribution of Rebel flags at football games and has worked closely with the Megaphone and Cardinal Clubs enrich the school spirit at Ole Miss. Much of the great improvement in school spirt this year can be attributed to the work of this The Mississippi Law Journal is a legal periodical published four times each year by the Mississippi State Bar, the faculty, and the Students. The Editorial Board and Staff is composed of students in the School of Law chosen by the faculty for scholarship and ability in the field of legal writing. The student notes consist of carefully pre- pared criticisms of recent important decisions and of exhaustive comments upon selected legal problems. Seated, Left to Right: W. Thad Cochran Article Editor; Emmett Neil Young, Business Manager; John A. Travis, Ill Editor-in-Chief; Joe T. Dehmer, Jr., Research Editor; William M. Dye, Comment Editor; James W. Burgoon, Jr.. Casenote Editor. Standing: Tom Stewart Lee, Research Editor; Don Preston Lacy, Index and Review Editor; Alfred G. Nicols, Jr., Landman Teller, Jr., Robert Conrad Khayat, John G. Jr., William Frank Hagan, Arthur Earl Ray, Jr., A. Vincent Aleita Ann Sullivan, and James Shelby George. Not Pictured: Virgil G. Gillespie, Sam Dove Knowlton, Assistant Editor; Howard Owen Leach, Nick Mavar Jr., and Edward S. Nelson. Actual courtroom procedure is taught to law students by the ex- perience and training gained by participation in the Moot Court. The Moot Court Board, composed of students chosen on the basis of their scholastic record, is appointed by the faculty. Students par- ticipate in both trial and appellate work, interviewng clients and witnesses, preparing appellate briefs, and conducting courtroom arguments. One faculty member and two senior law students serve as justices in appellate cases while a well-known practicing usually sits as judge in trial cases. Seated, Left to Right: Dudley Bridgforth, Thomas Tenfelde, T. J. Gardener, Robert T. Mills, David C. Bramlette, John Wheeless, and Thomas J. O ' Beirne. Standing: William H. Barr, Jim B. Rogers, Josh Stevens, Charles M. Merkel, William G. Yates, Jr., E. Evan Davis, Jr., and David M. Smith. First Row: Lassie Cooke, Anne Tomlinson, Beverly Whitten, Martha Chadwick. Back Row: Bennett Chotard, Bunker Hill, Bubba McArthur, Al Brady. Ole Miss Cheerleaders lead the Rebels onto the field at L.S.U. The group responsible for the direction of athletic event support is the Ole Miss cheerleaders. This group is composed of eight members elected by the student body to serve for one year. Veteran cheer- leader Bubba McArthur is assisted by Lassie Cook, Anne Tomlinson, Beverly Whitten, Martha Ann Chadwick, Al Brady, Bunker Hill and Bennett These eight people lead the Rebels to victory and aid the student body in their attempts to display school spirit. They are assisted by the freshman cheerleaders who are selected by the varsity at the beginning of the school year. JOHNNY EASLEY Chairman The Elections Commission, under the leadership of Chairman Johnny Easley, is responsible for all campus elections. Composed of permanent mem- bers appointed by the ASB President and confirmed by the Senate, the commission was responsible for installing the present IBM system of voting which has subsequently been adopted by other state universities. A special feature conducted by the Commission this year was the mock presidential election. Seated, Left to Right: Marjo Thornton, Secretary; Johnny Easley, Chairman; Brenda Lokey, Auditor. Second Row: Sandy Bowen, Sara Catherine Jordan, Jan Harris, Jeannie Wiley, Jane Wilson, Mary Lynn Todaro, Peggy Bynum, Ann Marlowe, Ann Warren, Pam Vaughn. Third Row: Conley Cox, Jim Price, Jimmy Hawkins, Jerry Riddell, Bill Gil Martin. Unhappiness is rehearsing for the Parade of Favorites. Who ' s judging whom? Ole Miss coeds, representing both women ' s residential and sororities, annually participate in the Parade of Beauties sponsored by the Yearbook. As candidates for Beauty, the g irls are introduced to a panel of five distin- guished judges at a luncheon and at individual interviews. On the evening of the Parade, the Beauty candidates are presented formally to the student body, and ten of them are then selected by the judges to represent the traditional beauty at the University of Mississippi. Does she, or doesn ' t she? Backstage crew—efficiency plus. Contestants under scrutiny even during dinner. Ready, aim, fire! The Parade of Favorites and Beauties is an annual event of the University which is sponsored by the Ole Miss Held in the fall at Fulton Chapel, the Parade of 1965 was presented to the student body as a resemblance of the Broadway production of My Fair Lady. The sets, music, and entertainment were so coordinated as to give the audi- ence the sensation of viewing one of Broadway ' s best shows. " Henry Higgins " sets the stage for the Favorites. Charm, poise, beauty. For a moment, the stage is her world. The Top Ten. Cute, pert, popular. The 1965 Ole Miss Yearbook and Mr. Robert Alexander of Grenada, Mississippi, official photographer for the Features annual, very proudly present the top five Beauties of the University of Mississippi in their respective order. To match the loveliness of the Beauties the Yearbook chose Jackson ' s Mynelle Gardens as the setting for their individual portraits. The Governor ' s Mansion was then chosen to capture the radiance of the Beauties in a single pose. Miss Sheryl Lynne Saucier BEAUTY Miss Roseann Elizabeth Harwood BEAUTY MISS BARBARA Ann ALLEN BEAUTY Miss Cheryl Anne Haynie BEAUTY MSS Fleeta Elizabeth FOX Sally Scott Ellen O ' Neal Louise Cromer Amanda Brown Anne McCaslin Patsy Puckett Sally Holloman Jere Gibert Lassie Cooke Dee Dee Speakes Bobbie Straub Ole Miss coeds, representing both women ' s residential halls and sororities, annually participate in the Parade for Favorites sponsored by the Yearbook. As candidates for Favorite, the girls are introduced to the student body on the evening of the Parade. The students then elect ten of these coeds to represent some of the most popular girls at the University of Mississippi. Sherry Enochs Judy Coursey Martha Ann Chadwick Beverly Whitten Miss Judy Coursey Frankie Lambert MISS OLE MISS AND REBEL Miss Patricia Alice Puckett MISS UNIVERSITY Miss Marjorie Anne Moore homecoming queen Miss Cecelia Richardson REBELEE queen Miss Amanda Brown best dressed Miss Sharon Anne Jones PHARMACY QUEEN Miss Lassie Cooke DERBY DAY QUEEN Miss Carolyn Posey ENGINEERING QUEEN Marshall Goodloe Bennett Miss Kathryn Healy Hester Franklin Talley Lambert The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an Ole Miss student is to be selected to the Hall of Fame. Members of the Hall of Fame are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, loyalty, spirit, devotion, and service to the University. The selection is conducted in such a manner as to be entirely free from campus politics. A Committee established by the Campus Senate sends out requests for nominations to the persons holding the twelve most significant positions on the campus. Those students nominate twenty-four students to make the actual selection. The four students who are selected then vote for the six persons on the campus who they feel deserve this great honor. The six students who receive the greatest number of votes from the Committee are the students who are selected. This students chosen for the 1965 Hall of Fame are: Marshall Bennett, Editor of THE OLE MISS; Judy Coursey, President of the AWS; David Vice-President of Omicron Delta Kappa; Katie Hester, Secretary of the ASB; Frankie Lambert, President of the M Club; Ed Williams, Editor of The Mississippian. David Lee Guyton Miss Myra Judith Coursey Edwin Neel Williams HALL OF FAME — Left to Right: Katie Hester, Marshall Bennett, Ed Williams, Judy Coursey, David Guyton, Frankie First Row: A. J. Lee, R. T. Bennett, D. D. Jones, C. S. Boren, R. M. Todd, M. G. Bennett, C. R. Montgomery, J. T. Dehmer, W. M. Dye. Second Row: R. T. Bowen, D. A. Deline, H. A. Ladner, W. W. Sumrall, B. C. Jayne, A. D. Barnes, H. D. Brock, C. T. Faneca, C. C. Brown, D. B. Wilson, G. H. Blessey, L. F. Thurner. Third Row: S. D. Knowlton, A. G. Nichols, J. A. Travis, H. M. Love, B. V. Weathersby, E. N. Williams, R. S. Montjoy, J. M. O ' Neal, J. R. Moore, B. G. Keller, K. E. Smith, F. M. Melton, J. M. Riddell. H. M. Stroud. Fourth Row: C. M. Stone, J. G. Corlew, J. A. Peden, W. T. McGlathery, R. E. Hauberg, D. L. Guyton, R. C. Williams, H. P. Graham, J. L. Martin, M. H. Carter, W. E. Ellington, J. L. Barksdale, G. H. BergoId, L. E. Powell, M. P. Holmes, L. A. Blackwell. Not Pictured: S. Beach, T. Cochran, R. Khayat, F. Lambert, T. Lee, N. Mavar, A. G. Nichols, J. O ' Mara, D. Price, F. Roberts, R. Ross, C. Terney. Len Blackwell . David Guyton . . Mr. Tom Hines . . Rees Bowen . . . Mr. Roscoe Cross . Chartered at the University in 1936, Omicron Delta Kappa is a national organization which men for outstanding leadership and scholar- ship. Men are considered for their contributions to the University in the fields of scholarship, athletics, student government, publications and speech, music and dramatic arts. Membership in ODK is consid- ered the highest honor that a male can receive at Ole Miss. Primarily an honorary organization, Omicron Delta Kappa sponsors, in conjunction with Mortar Board, a forum series which brings nationally known to the campus. LEONARD BLACKWELL. President Air Force Major Ralph Barbour speaks on the crisis in Viet Nam at an ODK luncheon. Omicron Delta Kappa Officers Len Blackwell, David Guyton, and Rees Bowen. Mortar Board Officers Martha Aldridge, Ann McCully, Jimmie Sue Walker, and Betty Price. Belle Privette and Martha Aldridge publicize an ODK-Mortar Board Forum. MARTHA ALDRIDGE President Mimi Jones, Sally Kate Winters, and Betty Price participate in another ODK-Mortar Board activity: providing gifts for men and women of the Old Folks ' Home. Martha Aldridge . . . Jan Griffin Ann McCully . . Jimmie Sue Walker . Dorothy Duncan Jones K. H. Hosier, J. D. Hodge, C. Bobbitt, J. S. Walker, J. E. Downer. Second Row: N. Coursey, M. L. Jones. B. A. Price, S. L. P. Savage, A. Hemer. third Row: M. Aldridge, E. G. Lott, S. A. Jones, P. Q. Bynum. M. A. McCully. Not Pictured: R. K. Clegg, J. Griffin, D. D. Jones, M. Littlejohn, B. Privet:e, E. Sartor, S. Tutor. S. K. Winters. Mortar Board, a national honor society for senior women, was founded at Cornell University on 16, 1919. Its membership on the Ole Miss cam- pus consists of senior women who have proved them- selves outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and service to the University. In addition to being a means of recognition of achievement, Mortar Board attempts to utilize the capabilities of its members through service projects which meet the needs of the University community. PHI KAPPA PHI Frank A. Anderson, Ph.D.; Russell E. Aven, Ph.D.; Russell H. Barrett, Ph.D.; Joseph 0. Baylen, Ph.D.; Lewis C. Bell, Ph.D.; Lee N. Bolen, Ph.D.; W. Alton Bryant, Ph.D.; J. Allen Cabaniss, Ph.D.; Geneva B. Carroll, M.A.; Noel A. Childress, Ph.D.; Mary Cone, M.A.; Edward P. Connell, LL.B.; Victor A. Coulter, Ph.D.; Roscoe Cross, B.C.L.; E. Edward Davidson, M.B.A.; Mary N. DeShazo, M.S.; Mae E. Fortenberry, A.M.; George A. Garrett, Ph.D.; Gay Grundy Greve, M.A.; Evans B. Harrington, M.S.; Benjamin I. Harrison, Ph.D.; J. Sykes Hartin, Ph.D.; Charles E. Hartman, Ph.D.; David L. Hicks, B.A.; William T. Hicks, Ph.D.; Edward H. Hobbs, Ph.D.; Maeburn B. Huneycutt, Ph.D.; Mrs. Anita C. M.A.; Harriet J. Jackson, M.A.; Richard E. Keye, Ed.D.; Randolph G. Kinabrew, Ph.D.; Thomas H. Koehler, M.A.; Arthur B. Lewis, Ph.D ; Y. John McGaha, Ph.D.; Bennie B. McNew, Ph.D.; Annie E. Mills, M.L.S.; Henry R. Mitchell, Jr., M.A.; Ross E. Morrow, Ph.D.; Dorothea B. Morse, Robert Q. Marston, Ph.D.; Forrest W. Murphy, Ed.D.; Carl W. Nabors, M.M.A.; W. Lewis Nobles, Ph.D.; Charles E. Noyes, Ph.D.; Gerald S. Pierce, Ph.D.; Thomas M. Pullen, Ph.D.; Jerry F. Reed, B.S.; Leland F. Roy, Ph.D.; James W. Silver, Ph.D.; Alliston Slade, M.A.; William E. Strickland, Ph.D.; Samuel S. Talbert, Ph.D.; Tom J. Truss, Ph.D.; Gerald W. Walton, M.A.; John D. Williams, Ed.D.; William E. Wilson, Siephen Leeds Beach, George H. Bergold, Carolyn J. Bickerstaff, Mrs. Robert Ellis, Karl David Gottschalk, Hardy Poindexter Graham, David Lee Guyton, Jerry F. Hiers, Sarah G. Kelley, James W. Lewis, Robert J. Long, Nick A. Mavar, Charles Merkel, John Roger Moore, Andrea Jo Nelms, Patricia Ann Puckett, Arthur Earl Ray, Beverly Gwen Robinson, John A. Travis, Juliet Hart Walton, James E. Williams. Bennie B. McNew, Ph.D.; Leland Roy, Ph.D.; Tom J. Truss, Ph.D.; William E. Strickland, Ph.D. Leigh Brisco Allen, Ill, Law; James Love Barksdale, Business; Asit Kumar Bej, Graduate; James Oliver Bishop, Liberal Arts; Frederick Ross Cobb, Medicine; Claude Veazey DeShazo, Jr., Medicine; Joan Elaine Downer, Education; Raymond Carl Hill, Business; Miller Payne Holmes, Jr., Business; James Robert King, Education; Franklin Talley Lambert, Busi- ness; Margaret Ann McCully, Business; John Thomas Morris, Jr., Liberal Arts; Stirling Bacot Williams, Education; Wallace Henry Andrews, Jr., Liberal Arts; James Dickson Bomboy, Liberal Arts; Jerry Wayne Cannon, Liberal Arts; Melissa Jean Chambers, Liberal Arts; Patricia Crutchfield, Liberal Arts; Carlos R. Dollar, Engineering; Lee Pryor Foster, Liberal Arts; Sandra Lee Gray, Nursing; Harriet Lloyd Harper, Liberal Arts; Robert E. Hauberq, Liberal Arts; Cullum Jefferson Heard, Pharmacy; Kathryn Healy Hester, Liberal Arts: Ann Trauqhber Lucas, Medicine; Betty Creech Moss, Liberal Arts; Susan Jean Price, Liberal Arts; Belle Frances Privette, Liberal Arts; John Marion Riddell, Engineering; Betty Earle Ross, Nursing; Elizabeth Ann Sartor, Education; Elizabeth Ellen Seay, Liberal Arts; Robert Dee Thompson, Liberal Arts; David Eugene Ulmer, Medicine; Harry Albert Watson, Liberal Arts; Sally Kate Winters, Liberal Arts. Carolyn E. Anderson, Liberal Arts; Frances Ann Davidson, Liberal Arts; Anthony Earl Hale, Business; Guy Buchanan Harrell, Business; Rebecca Sue Harrell, Liberal Arts; Anna Evellyn Hemer, Liberal Arts; Jo Currie Dent Hodge, Liberal Arts; Michael Allan Horne, Liberal Arts; Daniel Clyde Hughes, Jr., Business; Heber A. Ladner, Liberal Arts; William Edward Lester, Liberal Arts; Edna Green Lott, Liberal Arts; George William Manifold, Liberal Arts; John Phillip Morrow, Engineering; Louis Edward McGuire, Graduate; John Barton McMullan, Liberal Arts; James Alton Peden, Jr., Liberal Arts; Guy Warren Pickle, Business; Ruth V. Mann Reed, Business; Margaret Louise Savage, Liberal Arts; Kendric Earl Smith, Liberal Arts. First Row: J. C. Custy, J. L. Ford, M. J. Daughton, K. A. Abraham, L. D. Hanberry, J. C. Johnson. Second Row: 0. G. Tillman, L. M. Justice, J. S. Watson, M. E. Ferguson, M. A. Martin, K. C. Clifford. Not Pictured: J. Adams, J. Cromwell, J. Kinard, S. Mullendore, C. Quin, K. Rich. Katherine Abraham Judi Adams . . . Maretta Martin . . Janet Ford . . . . Alpha Lambda Delta is the honorary organization for freshman women at the University. To be eligible for membership, a co-ed must maintain a 3.5 grade average throughout her freshman year. Initiation takes place at the beginning of a woman ' s sophomore year. Alpha Lambda Delta has set forth as its purposes the encouragement of superior scholastic attainment among freshman women and the promo- tion of a high standard of learning at Ole Miss. CWENS is a National Honorary Organization for sophomore women of which Mississippi Iota Chapter is a part. The purpose of CWENS is to promote scholarship and leadership among freshman and sophomore students and to render service to the University. Only ten per cent of all freshman women who have attained a 3.00 grade average and have been outstanding in campus activities are selected each year. Mary Ann Hancock Linda Hanberry . . Elizabeth Carter . Roy McRoskey . . Douglas Allen . . . First Row: L. D. Hanberry, S. L. Aust, J. Gibed-, J. C. Johnson. Second Row: R. L. McRoskey, S. E. Price, A. K. Abernathy, J. S. Watson, M. A. Hancock, J. L. Ford, B. Butterfield. Third Row: E. C. Carter, L. 0. Cooke, R. J. Cromwell, K. S. Rich, K. L. Clifford, J. L. Martin, N. Barlow. Fourth Row: K. A. Abraham, J. A. Adams, K. E. Everett, R. G. Ross, J. A. Singletary, M. D. Allen, M. A. Martin, M. C. McCulloch. Not Pictured: C. Carrington, J. Kinard, S. Wates. Jesse White . . Robert Guyton . . Eugene Fair . . . Walter Shackelford David Guyton . . Phi Eta Sigma, national honor society for fr esh- men, was founded to recognize superior scholastic achievement among first-year college students and to stimulate academic accomplishment on the campus. To be eligible for membership, a man must attain a 3.5 grade point average the first semester of his freshman year or an over-all 3.5 dur- ing his sophomore year for all preceding semesters. Striving to broaden the academic community ar the University by encouraging and recognizing su- perior scholarship, Phi Eta Sigma has maintained a notable record of outstanding intellectual among its members. Front Row: K. E. Smith, J. A. Peden, R. M. Todd, R. J. Joseph, R. A. Guyton, J. F. Arnett, W. M. Shackelford, C. C. Brown, J. S. Chase. Second Row: S. B. Williams, D. M. Williams, T. M. Wallace, R. L. Phillips, L. G. Bourland, N. P. Shappley, J. F. Sanders, A. L Corban. Third Row: L. E. Powell, J. P. Morrow, J. L. Barksdale, C. A. Ellis, D. L: Guyton, R. E. Hauberg, J. L. White, M. P. Holmes. Front Row: J. L Sauls, N. D. D. W. Houston, D. D. Jones, F. E. Bourn, T. R. D. L. Bryant. Second Row: H. W. Sebren, B. V. L. Weathersby, A. L Murphree, D. M. Boyd, W. C. Wood, B. R. Nichols, G. A. Stewart, F. G. Eubanks. Third Row: W. M. Aden, J. W. Barrett, H. A. Ladner, W. A. Scott, G. H. BergoId, Jr., J. W. Bolich, J. G. Corlew, A. F. JESSE WHITE President. The officers of Phi Eta Sigma are Jesse White, Robert Guyton, Walter Shackelford, and David Guyton, David Lucas (left) and Blair Beasley have an argument in " Sea Gull. " State Counselor Sorin, Blair Beasley, has a hear+ attack in the " Sea Gull. " At left, the Schoolmaster, Chris Garrison. Andy Rich and Kathy Johnson play a love scene in " Sea Gull. " The members of Alpha Psi Omega are: And y Rich, Jim Hurdle, Jerry Kellum, Bobby Butterfield, Murphy Jones, Hal Dilworth, David and Bob Regalbuto. The officers of Alpha Psi Omega are Jerry Kellum, Andy Rich, Blair Beasley, and Hal Dilworth. BLAIR BEASLEY President Blair Beasley . . Hal Dilworth . . Jerry Kellum . . Alpha Psi Omega was founded in 1925 as a na- tional honorary dramatic fraternity to recognize and reward all phases of student participation in college play production. This fraternity is the largest na- tional college organization in any departmental field, with 340 college chapters, and in excess of 1700 members. The Sponsor of the Financiers is the Mississippi Bankers Association, whose Officers are (from left) Nat. S. Rogers, President; C. A. Miller, Jr., Vice-President; and Orrick Metcalfe, Treasurer. The Officers of the Financiers Club are James B. Wolf, Jimmy Love, Ronnie Raney, H. Donald Estes, and Robert Farmigoni. JIM WOLF President James B. Wolf . Jimmy Love, Ill . Ronnie Raney . H. Donald Estes . . Robert Farmigoni . Each year the Financiers Club at the University of Mississippi takes on new significance for students interested in banking and finance. The Club was organized in the spring of 1961 with twenty-five charter members, and it is now com- posed of some sixty sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students. It is affiliated with the Chair of Banking, which is under the direction of Dr. Ben B. McNew and financially supported by Mississippi Bankers Association. The purposes of the Financiers Club are to bring successful financial executives to the University for speeches and lectures; to promote a closer fellow- ship among those students interested in banking and finance; to stimulate the study of various financial- institution practices; and to facilitate on-the-job training for banking students during the summer months. Special activities sponsored by the Financiers Club include a series of addresses by the officers of the Mississippi Bankers Association during the month of November, a Christmas dinner at the Oxford Country Club, and a visit each spring to the Bank Management Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. Front Row: G. L. Abraham, M. C. Sumners, J. L. McArthur, R. W. Fulton, W. B. Lipscomb, S. K. Dear. E. L. Holt, R. E. Young, J. S. Love, K. W. Gong, R. W. Hamill. Second Row: H. D. Estes, R. B. C. H. Holcomb, P. H. Johnson, J. H. Leeper, D. W. Houston, S. J. Abdalla, G. D. Walcott, J. M. Kinard, J. F. Lotterhos, R. E. R. E. Stewart, R. L. Dalton. Third Row: R. E. Raney, J. M. Showah, J. E. Veazey, G. B. Payne, F. F. Bourn, M. J. Keesee, Ill, C. H. Wood, M. E. Hodgson, R. S. Vaughan, J. B. Green, W. T. Shannon, J. A. Cole, E. D. Hodo, J. B. Wolf. Fourth Row: M. P. Holmes, B. B. McNew, F. G. Abney, S. N. Reese, S. D. Davis, J. D. Crow, A. D. Liollio, W. L. Nunnery, C. A. Cobb, M. C. Page, C. M. Black, R. B. Young, F. T. Lambert, S. C. Mims. Not Pictured: W. C. Dorsey, E. Hayward, W. V. Hutchcraft, W. Ligon, J. P. Little, F. C. Marchant, H. McCaslin, H. L. Nichols, B. L. Smith. The officers of the University Singers are (from left) Janie Clinton, Katie Hester, Diane Conner, Lucy Burt, Kendric Smith, and Kent Dear. A group of Singers practice with Dr. James Coleman, Director of the University Singers. JEANNE CROMWELL Miss Concert Singers Kent Dear Dianne Conner . . Kendric Smith . . . . Janie Clinton, Lucy Burt Katie Hester Bill Lipscomb . . . . Left to Right, Front Row: Susan Lomax, Karen Fancher, Janie Clinton, Diane Conner, Susan Sharpe, Sharon Green, Lila Ann Smith, Jill Watson, Lucy Burt, Amanda Brown, Anne Tomlinson, Helen Garrison, Virginia Hill, Katie Hester. Second Row: Dotti Johnson, Rita Fitchett, Evelyn Mitchell, Marlene Turner, Jane Bigger, Celia Maxey, Jo Ellen Nettles, Linda Steele, Jackie Ledbetter, Ave Hardin, Linda Jetton, Ann Brown. Third Row: Eunice Shields, Doris Coleman, Carmille McCullouch, Douglas Allen, Richie Turnipseed, Kenny Smith, Tom Cheers, Doug Price, Mac Price, Bill Lipscomb, Charles Caperton, Bruce Payne. Fourth Row: Wes Sebren, Bill White, Max Hipp, Troy Parkinson, John Dubard, Marler Stone, David Boyd, Bob Chann, Jimmy Hawkins, Micheal Richey, Bill Strawbridge, Baxter Irby. Davis Manning, Kent Dear, Scott Black. The University Singers composes the tour choir the University. The members are chosen by audition under the direction of Dr. James C. Coleman. The Singers perform for various campus functions as well as their own scheduled concerts. The group presents special performances fo r seasonal events, such as a special Christmas Cantata in December, and in the summer of 1964 sang by invitation at the New York World ' s Fair. Jan Crouch Wallace Heggie, Karen Clifford . . Jimmie Sue Walker, Jeanne Cromwell . Jim Ainsworth Wesley Foundation is an organization for students who have the Methodist religion as a preference. The aim of the Wesley Foundation is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of students by try- ing to create a greater personal relationship with God; and to strengthen ties with the church which assure full Christian maturity. JAN CROUCH Prayer is an essential part of every Wesley student ' s life. President The officers of Wesley Foundation are Jan Crouch, Jeanne Cromwell, Wallace Heggie, and Jim Ainsworth. First Row: Jim Ainsworth, Susan Alford, Frank Anderson, Cheryl Bobbit, Charlene Boggs, Bonnie Burns, Leon Burton, Bobby Canup. Second Row: Bob Chestnut. Bobby Childress, Jep Clemens, Karen Clifford, Mary Beth Cooper, Mary Bibb Cook, John Corlew Jeanne Cromwell. Third Row: Pam Davidson, Ruth Ann Davis, Jo Daniel, Janet Deere, Thomas John Doggett, Jim Elliott. Don Elmore. Fourth Row: Tiny Bess Evans, Nora Finklea, Nancy Katherine Foose, Kaye Sara Garner, Gibson, Barbara Harmon, Wallace Heggie, Fifth Row: Karen Henry, Warren Hiatt, Bill Hill, Cynthia Horn, Oliver Hord, Mike Legg, Bill Lipscomb, Rosemary Maxey. Sixth Row: Calico Maxwell, Bobby Mays, Carol Moody, Richard Moore. Kathy John McLaurin, Cathy Noah, Johnny Parker. Seventh Row: Pattie Paul. Bernard Puckett, Joyce Ramey, Glenda Rawson, Nori Sue Roberts Elizabeth Sartor, Robert Seymour. Eighth Row: Walter Shackleford, Chip Shappley, Susan Sharpe, Jody Shelton, Jane Simpson, Judi Simpson, Kitty Amy Jo Smith. Ninth Row: Jimmy Smith, Margaret Smith, Smith, Sally Thomas, Ken Tucker, Carole Walker, Jimmie Sue Walker, Clifford Webber. Tenth Row: Bob Barbara White, Sandra Williams, Sally Kate Carol Work Not Pictured: D. Abernathy, M. Arnold, D. Baley, G. Boyles, J. Boyles, J. Clark, F. Grove, J. Hammond, M. Harrison, B. Hill, B. Jones, A. Killingsworth. T. Leggett, C. Lister, D. Mize, J. Moore, E. Mulhearn, H. McAllister, I. Nelson, M. Peacock, J. Phiffer, S. Price, B. Privette, L. Rea, J. Rhodes, A. Russell, M. F. Scaloemer, B. Stone, E. Tabor, E. Tripp, H. Tripp, M. Tripp, T. Wallace. Pre-Med students maintaining a 3.00 average over three semes- ters may be awarded membership in Alpha Epsilon Delta. The objectives of the society are to encourage excellence in pre- medical work by furnishing a goal toward which the student may strive during the early semesters of his or her pre-medical career; to bind together similarly interested students; and to bridge the gap between the spirit of the pre-medical school and that of the School of Medicine. David Guyton . Jim Bishop . . . . Mimi Hummel . . Woodie Mason . Dr. Harley P. Tripp Front Row: N. C. Coursey, M. L. Hummell, F. A. Davidson, N. J. Harris, R. S. Harrell. Second Row: J. D. Bishop, R. L. Phillips, J. S. Chase, J. W. Bailey, F. M. Massey, W. P. Thompson. Third Row: G. W. T. D. Shaw, D. L. Guyton, R. A. Smith, W. L. Mason. : L. S. Baygents, W. J. Radler. David Campbell . George Buck . . William T. Gafford . Edwin T. Cofer . . . Dr, John Douglas . Students who wish to loin a service fraternity may become for membership in Alpha Phi Omega if they have been affiliated with Boy Scouts of America sometime during their life. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is service to the campus, com- munity, and nation. At Ole Miss the members serve as ushers many social events, sponsor rifle matches for Scouts, and operate the Alpha Phi Omega Student Book Exchange for students to sell their used textbooks. Front Row: W. Barkley, S. D. Harris, B. J. Canup, R. L. Scarbrough, A. A. Lacy, J. G. Douglas. Second Row: W. M. Shackelford, W. T. Gafford, J. C. Cox, G. S. Buck, J. P. Brown, W. G. Greer. Third Row: E T. Cofer, S. K. Cooper, J. Champion, D. H. Campbell, J. R. Austin. Not Pictured: J. V. Coggin, W. R. Davis, M. V. Tubbs, Toby M. The spirit of Alpha Sigma Sigma has more than accidental cor- respondence with the Anglo-Saxon, lower-case version of its name. If you have gotten in the way or fallen under the influence of one of its members, you grasp the point. Alpha Sigma Sigma ' s will nor suffer to be tread on, and when they are, they readily reveal the stratum of their personality that qualifies them for membership. Lest you dismiss Alpha Sigma Sigma with a laugh, be reminde d that the sixty-ninth section of Alpha Sigma Sigma ' s membership committee is scouring the campus for neophytes. If your normally equable personality has another, more untoward side, you are al- ready under consideration. Only a very disagreeable balling session stands between you and the nomination. Ben Everett John Corlew Cy Faneca Joe Cerney Tom Hines, Burns Tatum Seated: Gary Roberson, Bill Lipscomb, Doug Lewis, Floyd Melton, Heber Ladner, Rodney Mattina, Billy Nicholas. Standing: Will Denton, John Corlew, Griffin Harrell, Massi Pachonnie, Joe Cerney, Larry Higginbotham, Morris Spivey, Ralph Hemphill, Cy Faneca. Not Pic- tured: Jimmy Barksdale, Gerald Blessey, John Easley, Ben Everett, Lamar King, Larry Latham, Arthur McIntosh, Ben Mistillis, Sam Phillips, Claude Powell, Elliott Schlottman, Jack Townes, Jay Travis. John William Bolich . . Grover Lee Thomas . Carey Marvin Jackson . In 1957, a student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers received its charter on the Ole Miss campus. The purpose of the student chapter is to promote the professional development of students in chemical engineering. Furthermore, it endeavors to foster a professional spirit among its members and instills profes- sional pride in chemical engineering. The chapter ' s activities include lectures, movies, and the presentation of papers prepared by the members. Front Row: C. R. Dollar J. VV. Bolich, G. L. Thomas, C. M. Jackson, M. S. Carley. K. Deepal. Second Row: D. G. Salladay, R. R. Flowers, J. L. Taylor, R. S. Roberts, J. L. Dale. Third Row: H. A. Perry, F. H. Barber, M. Stringer, P. W. Hale. Not Pictured: G. Abraham, A. W. Alwani, W. Bounds, K. G. Hale, F. W. Jones, D. McAlister, J. G. R. A. Morman B. M. Pullen, M. H. Wade, C. T. White, W. Winstead, I. Yuan. The Alpha Theta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was chartered at Ole Miss in 1951. The members of this professional accounting fraternity are accounting majors who maintain an over-all 3.00 in that subject. The purposes of Beta Alpha Psi are to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession and to promote the study of accounting with a view toward securing the highest ethical ideals. Don Deline . . John Gary . . Raymond Hill Miller Holmes Front Row: R. T. Bowen, S. Parks, B. Lokey, R. Genin, C. A. Phillips. Second Row: C. F. Dunham, H. E. Peery, M. Davis, D. White, B. White, J. P. Quon. Third Row: F. M. Melton, A. E. Hale, R. C. Hill, D. A. Deline, A. Himelstein, J. F. Hiers. Fourth Row: D. C. Hughes, J. W. Gary, W. B. Regan, L. Powell, C. W. Nabors, J. D. J. Holmes, M. P. Holmes. Not Pictured: P. Brown, H. Daly, R. Dowdy, H. C. Herring, R. Jackson, F. Roberts, J. Cerney, W. W. Joor. Miller P. Holmes, Jr. Warren Guy Pickle . Carl W. Nabors . . The Ole Miss Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. Chapters of this honor society, the purpose of which is to encourage high scholarship and to foster high ideals in business, exist only in member institutions of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Eligibility is limited to the upper ten percent of the senior class and the upper four percent of the second-semester junior class. Front Row: C. F. Dunham, M. Davis, R. Genin, A. E. Ray, V. M. Reed, E. N. Waller, G. B. Harrell, H. E. Peery. Second Row: A. J. Lawrence, T. D. Crowson, D. H. McKinney, D. L. Russell, H. C. Herring, G. W. Pickle, R. C. Hill. Third Row: L. C. Bell, C. W. Nabors, J. Cerny, K. Morrison, M. B. Taylor, M. P. Holmes, J. L. Barksdale. Not Pictured: D. C. Hughes, F. T. Lambed, N. A. Mavar, F. F. Roberts, J. A. Travis, L. K. Brandt, E. E. Davidson, R. B. Ellis, W. S. Griffin, W. T. Hicks, B. B. McNew, K. Morrison, N. Williams. The Canterbury Association of the Episcopal Church provides the opportunity for students to develop their religious life in with their social and intellectual growth experienced in college life. Its Sunday programs consist of speakers, panels, films, and discussions. Thursday afternoons Episcopal students gather at the " Y " Building for a celebration of the Holy Communion. Canterbury offers the student a unique opportunity to learn of the best and latest thinking of the modern world. Jesse B. Taintor . . Middleton Wootten . Elaine Wootten . . Pamela Haworth . . The Officers of Canterbury Association are J. B. Taintor, M. L. Wootten, F. A. Wootten, P. M. Haworth, and F. A. Kersting. Johnny Easley Bill Allen . . . Buzzy Clayton In 1927 the Cardinal Club was organized as a sophomore service organization and has become infamous as a freshman disciplinary committee. Each year the Cardinal Club sponsors the traditional freshmen haircut, freshman roll call at pep rallies, and the building of a giant bonfire before Homecoming. The main purpose of the club is to instill in the freshman students enthusiastic spirit and love for Ole Miss. Front Row: F. W. Rushton, J. W. Arnold, S. F. Pielak, A. W. Rowan, H. E. Taylor, E. J. Easley, W. R. Allen. Second Row: S. R. Foster, A. E. Smith, N. G. Gill, W. A. Leatherman, S. M. Enrlich, W. E. Atkinson, J. C. Stewart. Not Pictured: B. Clayton, T. W. Barlow, C. Scott, B. Anthony. The Committee of 100, an organization of students of all faiths which represents all areas of the campus community, sponsors the Religious Emphasis Program at the University in bringing to the campus each month, except for the months which include examina- tion periods, a Religious Emphasis Speaker. These prominent speak- ers of different denominations and faiths are heard by students, faculty, and staff at convocations, in classrooms, and in discussion groups. All arrangements are the responsibility of the Committee of 100. Susan Meason, Bruce Jayne Mike Carter Ann Jones Bill Lipscomb Sharon Jones Front Row: J. S. Walker, J. Gibert, S. Meason, S. A. Jones, D. D. Jones, A. Jones, S. Price. Second Row: S. H. Green, M. R. Sherman, M. H. Carter, W. B. Lipscomb, B. C. Jayne, C. A. Phillips, J. L. Dale, A. R. Yates, J. G. Livingston. Bill Bailey Jimmy Love, Don Deline David Houston . . . Paul Johnson . . . . Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, the second-largest fraternity in the United States, was established at the in 1927. Membership is limited to men in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who meet the necessary scholastic requirements and unanimously pass the chapter, Delta Sigma Pi conducts programs with prominent speakers from the business world, and promotes discussions and films about im- portant topics of interest to commerce students. Front Row: D. L. Fruge, C. A. Phillips, D. W. Huston, S. K. Dear, E. L. Holt, P. H. Johnson, R. W. Bailey. Second Row: D. D. Jones, J. S. Love, R. E. Young, R. E. Nored, J. A. Perrault, A. E. Hale. Third Row: L. A. Thompson, M. J. Keesee, S. J. Abdalla, R. E. Parker, J. B. Green, D. A. Deline, M. F. Hodgson, W. D. White. Fourth Row: W. T. M. P. Holmes, L. E. Powell, F. E. Bourn, J. P. Fillaire, F. T. Lambert, F. M. Melton. Not Pictured: B. Hope, C. Hudson, G. Pickle, P. Johnson, J. Coggin, B. Roberts, V. Lucas. The Home Economics Club, founded at Ole Miss in 1938 is an organization composed of students majoring in Home Economics. The purpose of this organization is to bring members together and inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics. The University of Mississippi Home Economics Club is affiliated with the Mississippi Home Economics Association and the Home Economics Association, Judy Coursey . Kaye Browning . Marie Lipscomb Ruth Ann Gean . Kathy Hamberlin Front Row: B. A. G. Peresich, V. B. A. McNair, R. A. Gean, K. McGehee, M. E. Jones, H. S. Ramsey, J. R. Ramsey, N. K. Russell. Second Row: M. L. Wynne, S. E. Mosley, J. R. Meggs, P. S. Mixon, M. R. Floyd, S. K. Houston, C. Babers, F. S. Butler, P. R. Ward. Third Row: L. J. Collins, J. W. Wood, M. J. Coursey, B. L. McCollum, N. S. White, M. M. Lipscomb, K. E. Everett, C. K. Browning. Not Pic- tured: C. Anderson, B. A. Bailey, B. Beasley, M. Bilbo, C. Bowles, T. Brooks, L. Chisholm, J. Daughter, R. A. Davis, P. Duncan, N. J. C. Finch, A. Gillespie, K. Hamberlin, K. Hollis, J. Deeton, L. Lasseter, J. P. McInnis, J. Martin, C. Michaels, E. Mitchell. B. Mobley, M. Nesselrodt, H. Pillow, M. E. Powers, D. Ray, B. Roberts, L. Savoy, M. Seay, E. Shaw, J. Shelton, S. Stanley, P. Summers, K. M. A. Whitten, P. Windsor, J. A. Wright. Keith Howell . . . John Doggett . . Phil Poythress . . Joe Don McCorkle In the spring of 1959 the electrical engineering student society was organized on the Ole Miss campus. Membership includes all electrical engineering majors and all students who are majoring in related fields. The purpose of the society is to advance the theory and practice of electrical engineering and its allied fields. The organization at- tempts to assemble students with common interests while striving to instill pride in the fields of electricity and electronics. First Row: A. J. Lee, P. L. Poythress, J. B. Todaro, K. G. Howell, D. P. Hutchinson, K. J. Wiltshire, J. D. McCorkle. Second Row: C. R. McRae, E. S. Flinn, J. E. Doggett, J. P. Morrow, R. H. Godwin, V. Y. Walters, J. W. Clinton. Third Row: M. G. Harrison, W. C. Bowen, V. F. Boone, E. Eggeh, R. D. White, M. R. Sherman, S. F. Weston. Fourth Row: G. H. Boutwell, L. F. Thurner, U. W. Ford, W. L. Weathers, B. A. Coates, R. A. Herring. Since Kappa Psi, the first national Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternity, was reactivated at Ole Miss in 1947, its prestige has grown steadily on the Ole Miss campus as pharmacy students have realized its importance in their professional outlook. The men of Kappa Psi are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character, personality, and activities. They must strive to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the high ideals which are always displayed by the pharmaceutical Bobby Ray Morgan Robert E. Davis . Ralph T. Bourn, Jr. Leon Williams . Ron Edwards . . . First Row: P. H. McClellan, F. C. Watts, J. M. Caldwell, H. H. L. I. Fox, E. P. Denham, C. R. Nix, C. G. Vance. Second Row: R. L. Salmon, R. L. Mays, J. M. Lessley, S. C. Branton, R. D. O ' Neal, L. E. Holder, A. R. Hudson, C. E. Barnett, W. S. McKeithen, C. A. McKnight. Third Row: B. R. Turner, B. J. Barnett, W. W. Henderson, J. L. Hintor, G. R. Edwards, W. H. Wells, B. R. Morgan, H. L. Britton, R. T. Bourn, R. L. Ross. Fourth Row: R. S. Fealko, K. E. Ladner, C. D. Leggett, B. M. Rogers, R. E. Davis, T. M. Buster, G. H. Bergold, H. E. McCollum, J. A. Mann, J. L. Odom. Not pictured: J. J. Adams, H. Antwine, J. Arnold, E. Diket, W. Harlan, J. B. McCaskill, B. Parks, L. Williams, R. Maaya, D. Richardson, D. Koen. Diane Conner . . Carolyn Carrington Claire Allen . . The Megaphone Club is composed of a sophomore from each sorority and two independents. The purpose of the Megaphone Club is to foster school spirit at every activity on campus. The Club helps with the Welcome Rebel Party and encourages attendance at pep rallies and sports events. For the first time the Megaphone Club sponsored the selling of red and blue ribbons to freshman girls during Orientation Week. First Row: B. J. Latta, C. D. Cox, J. E. Reddock, L. D. Hanberry, J. A. Mitchell. Second Row: C. D. Conner, M. A. Waits, S. C. Chusty, S. C. Peeler, K. E. Everett. Not : C. Allen, C. Carrington, J. A. Poole, S. Schutz. The Ole Miss Y (YMCA-YWCA) is a non-denominational lay Christian organization. The Y provides programs concerning the Christian interpretations of various aspects of educational, social, international, and cultural issues. Special speakers, panel discussions, films, and drama are pr esented in regular weekly meetings. The Y Building offers recreational services, conference and meeting rooms, study areas, and social activities. Participation in the pro- gram of the Y is open to all students. Bobbie Straub, David Wilson . . Eva Farr, Miller Holmes . . . . Linda Marlin, Bobby Seibels . . Ann Biedenharn, Richard Brock First Row: S. Price, M. Smira, B. Straub, S. Aust, K. Weeks. Second Row: D. Bryant, N. Shappley, R. E. Seibeis, D. B. Wilson. Not Pictured: M. Holmes, R. Brock, E. Farr, L. Marlin, A. Biedenharn, B. Hunt, D. Feibleman. Clayton Joseph Swank . John Merritt Tipton . Elliot H. Loden Nicholas McLeod Harkins William Lyman Denton The Lamar Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was or- ganized in 1929 at the University of Mississippi and was named for L. 9. C. Lamar, one of Mississippi ' s leading statesmen of the past. Student chapters are located only in class-A law schools which are members of the Association of American Law Schools. Membership in this fraternity is obtained by those who fulfill the necessary scholarship and character qualifications. First Row: W. B. Swain, J. A. Dale, J. K. Vinson, C. L. Allred, C. J. Swank, P. N. Harkins, E. H. Loden, W. L. Denton, J. N. Corsale. Second Row: B. F. Brown, R. T. Bennett, J. T. Farr, W. E. Trusty, R. M. Acevedo. H. P. Hewes, T. J. O ' Beirne, W. G. Yates, R. T. Mills, N. S. Harper. Third Row: B. L. Fulghum, C. M. Stone, J. B. Tucker, D. M. Smith, G. K. Ellis, J. M. Tipton, R. D. Lee, J. E. Woods, J. T. Armstrong, H. D. Leach. Fourth Row: B. J. S. J. Waits, R. A. Niemann, W. D. Belk, R. A. Burke, J. L. Jeffries, G. H. Davidson, C. A. Ford, L. L. Lenoir, A. D. Shackelford, F. P. Durant. Not Pictured: J, W. Deese, R. A. DeMetz, W. W. Franklin, W. W. Geisenberger, K. P. Grantham, N. M. Harkins, C. W. Herr, A. N. Hopkins, D. L. Hunter, W. R. Jamieson, J. B. Jones, S. D. Knowlton, T. S. Lee, C. T. Lewis, J. H. Montgomery, J. W. Shelton, J. J. Stevens, J. M. Sumner, C. T. Terney, E. G. Tharpe, C. W. Viar. Students who are outstanding in the School of Pharmacy may join the Pharmaceutical fraternity, Phi Delta Chi, a national first established at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1833. The men in the chapter symbolize the twofold purpose of the fraternity: brotherhood and hard work. The high ideals of the pharmacy profession have been fostered through their good and cooperation. The group works together to keep these standards high. Joe Duckworth . Fred E. Jones . . Cecil Robertson Alfred Speed . Cullum Heard . First Row: D. E. Bozone, F. L. Renault, J. W. Eubanks, L. R. McCaffrey. Second Row: W. B. Thomason, H. M. Hunter, C. W. Geiselman, H. A. Sloan, B. A. Smith, J. W. Knotts, A. M. Speed, F .E. Jones. Third Row: G. H. Jue, E. Chu, J. H. Fischer, H. C. Robertson, W. J. Gibson , G. G. Hurst, W. H. Cave. Fourth Row: C. E. Lewis, B. R. Lea, W. C. Patton, R. H. Russell, J. J. Trenting, C. J. Heard, S. A. Pittman, L. Fornea, L. W. Smitherman. Not Pictured: W. Ballard, J. Duckworth, C. D. Horn, A. Kibble, D. M. Levi, C. Lewis, P. McCallister, W. R. Rucker, G. Saucier, L. Thompson, R. Wells, J. West, W. C. Patton, W. Gibson, L. Frazier. John Travis Dudley B. Bridgeforth . Joe T. Dehmer, Jr. . . William M. Dye . . . The oldest professional fraternity in the United States is Phi Delta Phi. International in scope , this legal fraternity established Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi at the University of Mississippi in 1927. The members are selected from those law students who have displayed the highest qualities of scholarship and character in their legal The purpose of the fraternity is to promote cultural and ethics in the legal profession. First Row: J. A. Travis, C. M. Merkel, J. T. Dehmer, W. M. Dye, W. W. Lamkin. Second Row: V. G. Gillespie, J. W. Burgoon, E. N. Young, A. E. Ray, J. G. Gourlay, T. B. Rogers. Third Row: L. J. Teller, A. G. Nichols, J. B. Persons, J. S. George, D. T. Webb, J. C. Wheeless. Fourth Row: R. L. Arnold, D. B. Bridgforth, A. V. Blackwell, D. R. Dunnaway, D. M. Magee, T. B. Tenfelde. Lambda Xi of Phi Mu Alpha National Music Fraternity was established by music students at Ole Miss on March 31, 1692. Dy namic in its growth, Lambda Xi has sought to advance the fra- ternity ' s goals of promoting music in America and encouraging loyalty to the alma mater. Its members have been active in all phases of music, and some have given individual recitals. Men students who have demonstrated achievement in music are eligible for John N. Jones . Jimmy Rochester David Boyd . . Wesley Sebren . Winnie Smith . . Front Row: J. N. Jones, C. D. Prange, S. H. Kay, M. D. Hipp, M. W. McGreggor, F. P. Strickland. Second Row: W. Smith, J. C. Rochester, F. W. Rishton, H. W. Sebren, J. Hamner, J. A. Brown. Third Row: S. Elkins, W. R. Taylor, J. P. Morrow, W. B. Lipscomb, S. H. Bailey, D. M. Boyd. Fourth Row: R. E. Wilkins, A. McGee, J. C. Clemens, E. E. Kroeker, J. Hill. Not Pictured: B. Donaldson, E. Beemon, T. Smith, J. Bell, W. Bryan, J. Davis, J. Dubard, B. Eavenson, J. Martin, A. Prince, J. Scrivener, R. Stalvey, B. Todd. A. J. Lee . . . . George Flinn . . John M. Riddell . John Doggett . . The Pi Beta Tau Association was formed at the University of Mississippi in the Spring of 1963 and has done much to create and develope a spirit of unity and activity among those in the fields of the engineering profession. It confers membership on undergraduates who have been distinguished by scholarship, exemplary character, personality, and practicality. Front Row: A. J. Lee, J. S. Flinn, J. L. Dale, M. S. Carley, C. M. C. R. Dollar. Second Row: C. R. McRae, F. H. Barbour, J. E. Doggett, J. W. Bolich, R. S. Roberts, J. W. Clinton. Third Row: J. M. Riddell, L. F. Thurner, T. T. Bean, V. Y. Wailers, V. F. Boon. Not Pictured: B. Lantrip, J. P. Morrow, C. S. Boren. Pi Sigma Epsilon, national fraternity in Marketing, Sales and Selling, was established at Ole Miss in 1963. Pi Sigma Epsilon requires that its members manifest an interest in the selling profession as a career, obtain the academic standing required for graduation, and show leadership qualities through participation in college activities. Its purpose is to create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a career. Massie C. Pacchione Pascal Townsend . Bill McGlathery . Robert Brenner . . R. Selby Downer . . Front Row: J. S. Love, G. T. Fugue, R. E. Young, J. B. Green, N. A. Feltenstein, R. W. Bailey, R. S. Brenner. Second Row: P. J. Townsend, W. B. Lipscomb, R. E. Nored, M. C. Pacchione, R. S. Downer, J. L. Martin. Third Row: L. A. Thompson, J. A. Perrault, G. B. Payne, J. A. Wood, W, T. McGlathery, F. E. Bourn, P. H. Johnson. Not Pictured: P. Armour, R. Babyak, B. Canup, J. Dedeaux, R. Eliis, E. Hayward, D. Holcomb, E. Holt, C. Hudson, J. Jabour, L. Michael, W. Pickering, T. Smith, T. Swalm, J, Wilkins. Dale L. Duckworth . Russell W. Calvert Philip L. Poythress . David H. Campbell The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an advanced cadet is the membership in the national society of Scabbard and Blade. Membership in this famous military organization is based on a person ' s display of high personal integrity, outstanding ability, good record, military interest, and active participation in other campus activities. Scabbard and Blade works to promote increased mutual understanding and a closer relationship among the three military departments. First Row: W. P. Phillips, S. H. Phillips, D. A. Deline, F. M. Irby, J. C. McCarty, W. C. Gunn. Second Row: G. C. Olson, E. L. Naro, J. L. Taylor, M. R. Sherman, W. J. Boggan, G. S. Roberson, R. W. Calvert, M. G. Bennett. Third Row: R. W. Brock, J. S. Oswald, F. H. Yoste, Ill, L. F. Higginbotham, W. N. Dalehite, D. H. Campbell, G. W. Lester, J. M. Riddle, J. S. Metz, D. L. Duckworth. Not Pictured: P. L. Poythress, R. V. Cobb, L. F. Thurner, R. Lilja, A. Parker, S. Schreiter. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary musical fraternity for women and is found on the campuses of leading colleges and throughout the United States. Membership in Sigma Alpha Iota is limited to women majoring or minoring in music, showing exceptional music ability, possessing a high scholastic rating, and who must be recommended by the faculty of the Department of Music. Barbara Barnett . Linda Steele . . . Dixie Hickman . . Janie Hammond Front Row: P. A. Leach, B. A. Barnett, M. V. Hill, K. A. Abraham. Second Row: C. D. Cox, C. B. Maxey, M. D. Allen, E. J. Wooten, L. A. Steele. Not Pictured: A. Brown, B. Burns, D. Chinn, J. Clinton, J. Deare, J. Hammond, D. Hickman, A. J. Smith, L. A. Smith, W. Smith, B. Straub, E. Turnage, B. L. Welford, S. Williams. Joe Lee . . Ed Williams Joe White . Ralph Hemphill Dr. S. S. Talbert The Ole Miss chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, Professional Society, was founded in 1963. Sigma Delta Chi is a worldwide organization of men engaged in every field of journalism. It is not an honorary, secret, or social organization. The purpose of the society is to promote high ideals in journalism, to attract able young men to the field, and to advance the cause of freedom of through the various fields of journalism. First Row: E. Williams, J. Lee, J. White, R. Hemphill .Second Row: B. Gunn, T. Hannah, B. Greer, T. Houston, D. Roy, G. Fair. Third Row: R. Wilcox, G. Denley, B. Rochelle, J. Corlew, S. Talbert. The Ole Miss Chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management endeavors to strengthen management education and further the growth of students by stimulating their thinking, their knowledge, and developing a better understanding of busi- ness and the free-enterprize system. Activities such as meetings, conferences, news bulletins, research projects, and community service give students an insight into the practice of the profession. Pat Raborn . . . Tom Jones . . . . Jim Crook . . . . Sammy Zeringue . First Row: M. A. Chrestman. S. Ridgeway, P. Byrd, L. Melikian, R. E. Nored. Second Row: P. Reborn, C. Wood, W. S. Jeter, A. D. Liollio, D. W. Houston. Third Row: T. F. Jones, C. S. Zering ue, J. A .Wood, J. C. Griese, P. H. Johnson. Not Pictured: J. Crook, J. Arledge, T. Brown, J. Cole, B. Moore, D. Watkins. Cheryl Bobbitt . . Starr Ray . . . Jane Allen . . . . Martha Austin . . Mary Lou Godbold The Student Education Association is a professional education organization with chartered chapters in accredited colleges and universities throughout the country. It has as its members students who plan to teach. Its programs, aimed at developing personal and professional growth and competence, include teaching films, practice-teacher panels, interviewing " know-how " discussions, and speakers from educational, as well as other, fields. First Row: Abernathy, Alexander, Alford, J. Allen, C. Allen, Archer, Atkinson, Bailey, Baine, Baker, Barbour, Barker, Barrett, Bell, Bernard, Berry, Bobbitt, Boney. Second Row: Booth, Bowles, Brittingham, Browning, Barks, Carlisle. Carrington, Carruth, Case, Cashion, Cassidy, Chadwick, Chandler, Chustz, Clark, Clayburn, Collier, Colvin. Third Row: Conwill, Cook, Cotner, Counce, Cox, Cresswell, Crisler, Cromwell, Cross, Crowder. Cuevas, C. Davis, R. Davis, S. Davis, V. Davis, Dean, Dean, Downer. Fourth Row: Dunn, B. Edwards, J. Edwards, S. Edwards, Elmore, Etter, M. Ferguson, R. Ferguson, Ford, French, Garrison, Garth, Gatlin, Gerrard, Gilluly, Gore, Gone, Graves. Fifth Row: Griffin, Haines, Hamberlin, Hammond, Hancock, Hardin, Harkins, Harris, Harwood, Hemphill, Hobart, Holstein, Horn, Houston, Hudson, Hughey, lngrassia, James. Sixth Row: Johnson, M. E. Jones, M. L. Jones, Judge, Kersting, Kinard, Kincaid, Lamar, Leach, Ledbetter, Leonard, Lewis, Lile, Lockley, Lundberg, Lynch, McCollum. Seventh Row: McConnell. McDonald, McGehee, McLaurin, McNeely, McNeil, Mack, Marshall, Mayfield, Meacham, Mellon, Marriott, Miles A. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, L. Mitchell, Moak, Mobley. Eighth Row: M. Montgomery, P. Moore, Morgan, Murphy, Nix, Noah, O ' Neil, Parker, Patton, Pauley, L. Payne, M. Payne, S. Payne, Peeler, Peteet, Phillips, Pipkin. Ninth Row: Raney, Ratcliff, Rawson, J. D. Ray, S. L. Ray, N. E. Reed, P. D. Reed, V. M. Reed, Reeves, Rich, Riggs, Rogers, Rowell, Russell, Rutherford, Saunders, Seay, Scarbrough. Tenth Row: Simmons, Simpson, Singletary, G. M. Singleton, J. W. Singleton, Sloas, K. A. Smith, L. L. Smith, M. B. Smith, R. H. Smith, V. M. Smith, Spinosa, Steele, Steijen, Stephens, A. R. Stewart, M. E. Stewart, Taylor. Eleventh Row: Thompson, Trapp, Treppendahl, Turley, Turnage, Umlauf, M. F. Walker, M. G. Walker, J. E. Walsh, V. M. Walsh, C. B. Watson, J. Watson, Watt, Webber, Wells, Welty, Welford, Wiley. Twelfth Row: Williams, R. L. Wilson, R. Wilson, Wooten, Wright, Wuestefeld, Wynne, Zinn. The University Christians, who meet for daily worship and devo- tion and provide a Christian environment for the students at the University of Mississippi, is composed primarily of members of the Church of Christ. This group came into existence in the spring of 1960 when a student center adjacent to the University was ac- quired. The center, which provides varied social activities as well as religious instruction and discussion, produces strong faith, creates lasting friendships, and prepares students for positions of responsibility in the church. Victor Frank Boone . Henry Ellard Johnson Martha Jane Reece . Susanne Yerby . . Don England . First Row: Stanley Edwin Barger, Victor Frank Boone, Nancy Carol Billy Mack Coleman, Rebecca Sue Harrell, Nancy Jane Kilpatrick. Second Row: Phil Maurice McAllister, Patricia S. Mixon, Michele Diane Mullen, Andrea Jo Nelms, Gary Keith Pettigrew, Martha Jane Reece. Third Row: David R. Thomas, Kathryn Ann Townsend, William L. Weathers. Not Pictured: Glinda Ellen Boone, J. Don England, Lynn Henry Ellard Johnson, Jr., James E. Mackey, James Basil Potts. Chester Allen Reaves, Lelia Ross, F. Douglas Shields, Lowell Wayne Taylor, Susanne Yerby. Dixie Hichman . . Jeannie Wylie . . . . Roy McRoskey . . . . Carolyn Billings . . . . Annabelle Hamachek The University Dancers is an organization designed to further the study of modern dance techniques and to give the members an opportunity to pursue compositional problems and to dancers for performance purposes. Tryouts for membership are held in the early fall, and selection is based on skill in dance and composition. The group works under the supervision of Miss Gene McCutchen, an assistant professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Front Row: Virginia Brown, Dea Duckworth, Dee Dee Speakes, Sara Catherine Jordan, Annabelle Hamachek, Diana Barger, Sandra Kay Abernethy, Dorothy Carter. Second Row: Carolyn Billings, Margot Jean Bilbo, Carol Cassidy, Jeanie Wiley, Shellye Stanley, Carter, Dixie Hickman. Third Row: Penny Bubeck, Amanda Brown, Martha McCaddon, Evan Lamar, Marianne McElroy, Donna Adams, Jan Singletary, Julia Hamilton, Cynthia Babers, Susan Miles. Not Pictured: Deane Allen, Camille Faure, Kathy Richardson. The Westminster Fellowship is an integral part of the total of the Presbyterian Church. Its activities, centering at House, consist of worship, fellowship, and service. The of Westminster Fellowship are to help each member have a personal, growing realtionship with Christ; to unify the students through Christian work and fellowship; and to develope a sense of churchmanship to the students at Ole Miss by being Christian witnesses. Marshall Sherman . Andy Phay . . . . Brenda Rush . . . Bill Garlic . . . First Row: E. V. Crowder, M. A. Schwartz, I. H. Graham, J. M. Zinn, B.L. Rush. Second Row: M. K. Payne, C. A. Booth, W. S. Garlic, F. A. Davidson, F. W. Brett, H. M. Ray. Third Row: A J. Phay, W. R. Millard, W. R. Preble, R. A. Herring, M. R. Sherman. Not Pictured: T. W. G. Byers, S. Elkins, G. Fair, K. Hollis, E. Henderson, L. Henderson, W. Hutchcraft, J. Lee, Ill, A. J. Lee, N. Linkroum, J. Madson, S. Payne, M. Ray, B. Roberts S. Sam, D. Stockton, B. Thompson, D. Wilson. Pat Baker . . Carol Sellers Lucie Larson Judy Simpson Pat Cole . . All girls participating in intramural sports that are conducted on the Ole Miss campus are members of the Women ' s Recreation Association. Founded at the University of Mississippi in 1926, the WRA is governed by a board of representatives from each and sorority that sponsors an intramural team. The purpose of the WRA is to provide leisure time sports activities for girls. Points are given to the winning teams and a trophy is presented. Front Row: R. L. Prince, A. S. Carothers, G. C. Bright, M. L. Newton K. A. Abraham, J. L. Ford. D. Love. Second Row: M. F. Schloemer, S. Cox, P. L. Cole, P. M. Haworth, L. E. Larson, C. A. Billings. Third Row: P. A. Baker, J. L. Nelson, C. K. Sellers, J. T. Simpson, B. L. Hankins. Not Pictured: A. Brown, C. Carrington, S. Clark, A. Crisler, V. Diffendarfer, L. Dunn, S. Fernan, A. Gentry, K. Hollis, J. Kinard N. Linkraum, M. Mellon, P. Moore, J. Peterson, J. Ramay, C. Richardson, R. A. Rutherford, K. Simpson, L. Smith, G. Wuestefeld, N. White, Whitten. First Row: S. E. Perkins, S. R. Snider, F. V. Jones, L. A. Marlin, V. M. Reed, J. S. Walker. Second Row: J. A. Adams, B. L. Hudson, R. K. Taylor, E. C. Carter, M. K. Henry. Third Row: M. A. McCully, P. E Grant, L. L. Stanfill, J. W. Wood. Not Pictured: B. Carson, B. Elder, M. Littlejohn, M. Rader, M. Ritchie, S. Ross, E. Shields, K. Thompson. Epsilon Gamma Epsilon emphasizes four phases of activity—the professional, the fraternal, the honorary, and the social. Its chief purpose is to promote the ideals of higher education in office administration which will contribute to the preparation of those in office occupations and in business teaching. Membership is based on character, leadership, and scholarship, and is limited to students in the Department of Office Administration. Fern Jones . . . Becky Fowler . . Sharon Snider . Elizabeth Carter . Stirling B. Williams, Jr. . Barbara J. Lester . James F. Rawls Binford T. Nash . . . Dr. John E. Phay . . First Row: D. Baley, M. E. Barrett, C. Bobbitt, J. S. E. Garner, C. A. Haynie. Second Row: E. D. Jones, K. S. Rich, S. V. Payne, J. F. Rawls, S. L. Ray, E. A. Sartor. Third Row: K. I. Tucker, J. S. Walker, S. B. Williams. Not Pictured: R. B. Ellis, H. F. Garrett, M. L. Godbold, B. J. Lester, B. T. Nash, J. E. Phay, E. E. Seay, D. J. Sturdivant, C. E. Walker. Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary education fraternity for men ana women, was founded in 1911 and established a chapter at Ole Miss in 1947. Kappa Delta Pi endeavors to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to edu- cation. The members of Kappa Delta Pi must be in the School of Education and maintain a " B " average in all courses taken at the University. Front Row: C. S. Roberts, R. K. Rowland, A. J. Nelms, D. B. Eubanks, J. Jue. Second Row: S. C. Ross, B. A. Hellums, S. A. Jones, M. P. Foster, J. E. Nettles, G. J. McGuire. Third Row: W. R. Hellums, M. J. Mullins, S. K. Beaver, C. Sorrells, M. B. Lewis, C. Underwood, P. Bynum. Not Pictured: M. Martin, S. Tutor, M. Wilborn. Andrea Nelms . . . Carmen Sorells . . Betty Hellums . . . Dianne Eubanks . . . Miss Alta Ray Gault Alpha Gamma of Kappa Epsilon, national pharmaceutical fraternity, was established at the University of Mississippi in 1960. Women in the School of Pharmacy who maintain a 2.00 grade average or above are eligible for membership. The purposes of Kappa Epsilon are to provide a closer understanding between the faculty and students of the School of Pharmacy; to unite women in the School of Pharmacy and provide a bond of friendship among them; to promote scholarship; and encourage high professional ethics. Phi Beta Lambda, a national fraternity of students in business, was at the University of Mississippi in March of 1960. Its members are selected by the organization on the basis of academic and leadership achievement. Phi Beta Lambda ' s puropse is to further the knowledge and understand- ing of the business world. This aim is carried out by holding the annual rush party and acting as host for the State Future Business Leaders of America Convention. Jimmie Sue Walker . . Linda Marlin, Frank Smith . Pat Cole . . . . . Ann McCully Front Row: J. L. Sherrill, W. J. Brewer, L. A. Marlin, R. C. Hardin, M. G. Pierce, T. B. Evans, J. S. Walker. Second Row: M. A. McCully, P. L. Cole, E. J. Russell, G. C. D. J. Prichard, L. R. McNutt. Third Row: J. A. Adams, L. L. Stanfill, J. S. Rhodes, E. L. Haney, G. L. Henderson, P. E. Grant, N. L. Harrison, B. A. Allen. Not Pictured: D. Brummett, C. Frith, A. Hamachek, C. Hale, S. Hall, J. Ledbetter M. Miller, J. Ramsay, F. Smith, B. F. Turner. Front Row: W. J. Brewer, L. A. Marlin, K. L. Lindhorst, V. M. Reed, J. Y. Maitre, J. S. Walker, P. G. Gathright. Second Row: M. A. McCully, D. J. Petkovsek, P. L. Cole, T. J. Prichard, F. V. Jones. Third Row: L. L. Stanfill, M. L. Gardner, B. F. Hudson. P. L. Acree, E. C. Carter, S. R. Ridgeway. Not Pictured: Judi Adams, Dianne Kay Thompson, Anita Dossett. Phi Gamma Nu is a professional commerce sorority and draws its mem- bers from the School of Commerce and Business Administration. The or- ganization selects members who have met requisite scholarship require. ments. The aims of Phi Gamma Nu are these: to further the interest of women students in the field of commerce; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to further interest in civic and professional enterprises. Anne McCully Fern Jones . . . Linda Marlin . Phyllis Acree Becky Fowler . Pat Baker Bobbi Halliday Gloria Bright Vicki Smith, Sammye Cox Front Row: A. C. Carothers, P. A. Baker, S. Cox, P. Love, D. A. Loyacono. Second Row: G. C. Bright, S. E. Rivers, M. W. Waters, J. T. Simpson, B. L. Hankins, G. L. Chapman. Third Row: K. Chaney, T. Powell, B. Smith, J. L. Nelson, S. R. Carruth, J. Harris. Not Pictured: J. Cole, B. J. Earnhart, L. Fitch, S. Green, B. Halliday, R. Hennessee, M. A. Horn, A. Mitchell, V. Smith, L. J. Wilson. The Women ' s Physical Education Majors ' Club was organized in 1963 and is composed of all women majoring or minoring in Physical Education. The purposes of the Club are to advance the standards of the physical education profession; co-operate with state and national education encourage greater social and professional cooperation among Health, Physical Education, and Recreation students, faculty and alumni; and stimulate interests in various fields of physical education. The Mississippians, a long-established organization at Ole Miss, was organized with two purposes in mind: entertainment for dancing or listening audiences, and musical training in the " Jazz " idiom for participants. The organization is strictly voluntary, and rehearsals are held after regular classes have been convened. Although membership is composed primarily of members of the Ole Miss band, it is at times augmented by other students and professors. Front Row: Dick Prange, Tenor Saxophone; Walter Johnson, Alto Bob Kelly, Alto Saxophone; Lamar Ferguson, Tenor Saxophone; Eddie Beemon, Baritone Saxophone; Ronald Thielman, Director, Second Row: Sarah Kelley, Piano; Ray Bumgardner, Guitar; Richard A. Williams, Trombone; John N. Jones, Trombone; Ed Kroeker, Trombone. Third Row: Jep Clemens, Bass; Tommy Brooks, Drums; Terry Barlow, Trumpet; Ed Jackson, Trumpet; Robert Wilkins, Trumpet. Claude M. (Tad) Smith, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. The Ole Miss coaching staff, one of the most successful ever assembled, has been a unique feature among coaching organizations. It not only has to its credit success in carrying out many winning sea sons, but also the logevity with which the group has held together at the University. Eight of its eleven members are graduates of the University of Coach John Howard Vaught, head coach since 1947, has become one of the most successful coaches in the history of collegiate football. Since Vaught ' s regime took over in 1947, they have ruled with 142 victories, 37 defeats, and ties. Vaught ' s record in the SEC is 77-26-8. The bowl record is 7-5. Assisting Vaught have been ten well-qualified Serving with him is Frank M. (Bruiser) Kinard, who is offensive line coach. He has been on the staff since 1948. Other assistants are James E. (Buster) defensive line coach, Ole Miss, 1937; Johnny Cain, offensive backfield coach, Alabama, 1933; John A. (Junie) Hovious, defensive backfield coach, Ole Miss, 1942; J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, assistant coach, Ole Miss, 1947; Ray S. Poole, assistant coach, Ole Miss, 1947; H. Dale, end coach, Ole Miss, 1950; Edward S. Crawford, assistant coach and basketball coach, Ole Miss, 1957; and Billy Mustin, 1950. Thomas K. Swayze, Ole Miss, 1933, is contact representative and baseball coach. Wesley (Doc) Knight, Springfield, 1935, is athletic trainer. Another Ole Miss graduate, Billy Sanders, class of 1952, is the equipment manager. John Howard Vaught, Head Coach of Intercollegiate Athletics. Jeff K. Hamm, Business Manager of Intercollegiate Athletics. John Reed Holly Assistant Director of the Intercollegiate Athletics. The Rebel Coaching Staff for 1964-1965, Left to Right, Kneeling: Wes (Doc) Knight, J. W. Tom K. Swayze, Robert W. Mustin, and Edward S. Crawford. Standing: James Poole, John L. Cain, John H. Vaught, Ray S. Frank Kinard, and Roland Dale. First Row: Bo Aldridge, Ray Bedingfield, Allen Brown, Brent Canton, Billy Clay, Doug Cunningham, Joe Dean, Mike Dennis, Rocky Fleming. Second Row: Ronnie Fowler, Lee Garner, Max Greenlee, Wayne Harris, James Harvey, Jimmy He:del, Roy Heidel, Stan Hindman, Charles Hinton. Third Row: Frank Kinard, Dave Jennings, Billy Carl Irwin, Frankie Lambert, Tommy Lucas, Tommy Luke, John Maddox, Rodney Mattina, Marvin McQueen. Fourth Row: Chuck Norman, Sammie Moses, Charlie Myers, James Mike Nelson, Joe Petty, John Richardson, Bobby Robinson, James Shows, Ken Smith. Fifth Row: Billy Sumrall, Steve James Thaxton, John Turner, Gerald Warfield, Jimmy Weatherly, Dave Wells, Joe Wilkins, Don Windham. Rebel Managers, Left to Right: Tommy Rice, Don Estes, Jack Townes, and Wes Arnold. These are our 1964 Rebels—brilliant at times, lackluster occasionally, praised and cussed, but al- ways loved. From heights of glory after the Memphis State game to depths of humility and despair after the Florida affair went Vaught ' s vaunted warriors. Gritting their teeth and digging in, the Rebs back into the limelight, recovering lost glory in the Tennessee rout. Then, suddenly, the light went out again as the Oktibbeha County Necks gained possession of the Golden Egg for the first time since 1946. Including the anti-climactic Bluebonnet Bowl, our record was 5-5-1. Every great team has an off year. First Row: Allen Brown—football: AP Defense All-American, Sporting News, All-American, Playboy Preseason All-American, All-SEC. Mike Dennis—football: First team All-SEC. Donnie Kessinger—baseball: All- SEC, NCAA District III, All-Star, NCA A All-American. basketball: third time All-SEC. Second Row: Tommy Keyes—baseball: All-SEC, NCAA District All-Star, 1964 U.S. Olympic Team. Glenn Lusk—baseball: All-SEC, NCAA District III All-Star. Richie Prine—baseball: All-SEC, NCAA District III All-Star. " It was a Mexican stand-off, " Spook Murphy later, " we lost the game but escaped with our lives. " Most of the fans wedged into Hemingway Stadium would agree the Tigers fared well in that bargain. With Jim Weatherly guiding an awesome offen- sive attack that gained 439 yards, and Bobby anchoring an airtight defense that allowed the Tigers to seep through for only 36 yards, the Rebels demonstrated spectacularly that they deserved their pre-season billing as the nation ' s Number I team. And in so vehemently avenging last year ' s 0-0 tie with Memphis State, the Rebs shattered the illusion that Shelby County had its own major football power. The inconquerable Rebs can relax and enjoy their breather against little Kentucky. Steve Terracin hauls one in. Allen Brown (80) and Billy Carl Irwin (87) stop Memphis cold. All-American Stan Hindman (67) teams with Jimmy Heidel (19) to bring down Kentucky halfback. Jimmy Weatherly throws for long gain. it didn ' t take long to see that the Spartan had come to Jackson to win, and this fact be- came more painfully obvious as the afternoon wore along. After the final whistle, about the only thing left of the ripped Rebels was teeth, hair, eyeballs, and some old press clippings. Perhaps the Rebels were caught napping, perhaps they were emotionally drained, but the major factor in the ' Cats ' 27-21 victory was the aerial of Norton to Kestner, which pierced the Rebel for 273 yards and three touchdowns. Ole Miss stayed in the running with pass to the frustrating final whistle, so the fans got their money ' s worth. The stellar performances of Tommy Luke and Rocky Fleming disspelled the gloom a bit, too. And the season ' s not over yet. Doug Cunningham (22) get helpful shove from Houston defender. Heidel steps high against the Cougars. The Rebels, stung to life, exhibited a bit of their potential greatness as they walloped the Houston Cougars before a homecoming crowd of 24,000. Sluggish in the first half, Johnny Reb roared back after intermission to hand the Cougars a 31-9 set- back. Mike Dennis put on a one-man show for the partisan crowd as he smashed and danced his way for 112 yards on the ground in 18 carries and hauled in six passes for 54 yards and a touchdown. The Rebel secondary demonstrated its ability to do a good job, limiting the Texans to just 84 air- yards. Now we know we ' ve got it when we want to use it. Rocky Fleming fights for possession. Once-mighty Mississippi limped back home from Gainesville with its football fortune and reputation its lowest ebb in many years. The 14-30 licking dealt the Rebels by Florida was the worst defeat for them since 1956; the Gators ' point total was the largest amassed against Ole Miss since the Maryland debacle of 1953. The rout was complete. Florida lead in ground yards gained, 210 to 80; in aerial yardage, 161-77; and in first downs, 20-8. There was a silver lining in the thunderhead, how- ever. Frank Lambert helped with his booming punts, averaging 49.5 yards in six kicks. Reserve Charlie Myers finally got his chance at the helm and performed beautifully. It ' s comforting to know he ' ll be back next year. Billy Sumrall and Bobby Robinson upend Florida runner as Ray (51) comes in to help. Mike Dennis spots his hole. Jimmy Heidel cracks Tulane line. The Rebels, staggered by twin SEC losses to and Florida, nailed down their first conference win with a 14-9 victory over gamey little Tulane. The Green Wave pulled a shocker early in the sec- ond quarter, jumping into a 3-0 lead on a 35-yard field goal. Our Rebels, stung into action, slashed back to score twice before half-time. One score followed a Weatherly-Dennis ground drive; the other came on a pass from Weatherly to Dave Wells. Both of Billy Carl ' s kicks were good, naturally. For the Greenies, quarterback East shone, the Rebel secondary with 13 aerials for 124 yards. Tulane fullback George Cortez was the leading ground gainer for the night with 75 yards. Our Jim Weatherly led the total offense, picking up nearly 200 yards. Weatherly turns the corner. Commodore defender hangs onto Doug Cunningham. Mike Dennis goes for another long gain. Johnny Vaught ' s Vikings were slapped about for about 55 minutes by the SEC ' s 97-lb. weakling, before finally getting fired up enough in the final minutes to tie the game. The Commodores, a 14-point underdog, took the lead midway in the second quarter, scoring on a 63- yard drive that covered ten plays. The Rebs mounted two drives, but both were stopped lust short of pay dirt. It took a 5I-yard pass from Weatherly to Wells to get across the goal line. Irwin kicked to tie the game. Weatherly completed 12 passes for 144 yards and ran for 32 more, raising his league-leading total to 879. Lambert held his rank as the nation ' s top punter, kicking five times for a 47.2 average. With 60,000 screaming Cajuns urging them on, LSU ' s valiant Tigers " went for two " Halloween and thus earned an I 1-10 victory over an equally valiant Ole Miss team. LSU scored first on a 33-yard field goal. Our Rebels, undaunted, jumped right back, scoring on a 3-yard run by Weatherly and a 28-yard field goal by Irwin that made the score I 0-3. The Tigers fought back late in the fourth quarter, scoring on a 19-yard pass. Trailing I 0-9, they elected to go-for-broke and passed for the two-point con- version. We lost by one point, but the Rebel players and fans alike could hold their heads high. If ever a team played its heart out, Ole Miss did that night. Frank Kinard administers a healthy stiff-arm to LSU tackler. Vigil from the sidelines. James Thaxton waves at camera as he assists James Mike Nelson in bringing down Tampa quarterback. Cunningham snatches a Charles Myers pass. Rebel fans got a peep at " next year ' s model " at Hemingway Stadium as the Ole Miss second unit glided to a 36-0 win over the Spartans of Tampa. Ten of the starting Rebel unit never left the bench as southpaw quarterback Charlie Myers guided the alternates to victory, completing eight passes for 192 yards and two touchdowns. Setback Doug scampered for 125 yards in 17 carries, leading the rushing department. Tampa capitalized on a loose Rebel secondary to complete 17 passes for 166 yards, but the rugged Ole Miss line kept the Spartans from mounting any serious offensive drives. The Rebels are now rested and in top physical condition, primed and ready for the titanic battle next Saturday in Knoxville. Mike Dennis scales Tennessee wall for first down. Dave Wells drives towards collision. The Heidel brokers corner Tennessee end after a pass reception. It had to happen. The slowly-burning fuse was bound to ignite the Rebel powderkeg sometime. It happened in Knoxville, blasting the Volunteers and the myth of the " Knoxville Jinx " sky-high simul- taneously. In their 30-0 romp, Ole Miss tied the all-time winning margin against Tennessee, salvaged much lost pride, and demonstrated conclusively that they can play championship football. The Rebels also earned an invitation to the Bluebonnet Bowl in Houston. Coach Vaught ' s boys excelled in all departments. The fantastic Mike Dennis ran for 75 yards, scored two touchdowns, and caught five passes for 50 yards. The hard-hitting line produced four Tennessee and the secondary allowed only two pass Cow College, here we come!! There isn ' t a lot that can be said about this game. Probably not one per cent of the student body can remember when A and M last beat Ole Miss. We completed four times as many passes as State, gained a hundred more yards, and made six more first downs. But, twist, turn, and reinterpret the statistics a thousand times, and a gray fact remains: they made more points. Mike Dennis made another fine showing, gaining 50 yards on the ground and 28 via two pass interceptions. But the offensive horses of Starkville, Rhoden and Granger, the alert Maroon defense, and the ever-present penalty flag tipped the scales toward the victory-starved farmboys. Yeah, but just wait till next year The sticky fingers of Rocky Fleming latch onto a Weatherly pass. Bobby Robinson tears his head off. Cunningham fights for a first down. Jerry Rhome, Tulsa ' s aerial artist, conspired with his rugged defensive linemen to spoil the Rebels ' record-breaking eighth straight journey to a major bowl as the Hurricanes downed the Rebels 14-7. Ole Miss, an point favorite, scored first on a 57-yard drive in the second quarter, with Weatherly going the final yard. We enjoyed the lead less than five minutes, however, as Rhome, using only one pass, directed a 72-yard surge to tie the score and then turned to the airlanes for the 74-yard drive in the third period that netted the go-ahead Rhome ' s stellar showing in completing 22 of 36 passes won for him the trophy as the game ' s Most Valuable Player. Weatherly passes for short yardage. Jerry Rhome, the Man with the Golden Arm. Gerald Warfield brings down Tulsa fullback. Dave Wells slings Tulsa back to the ground. The undefeated 1964 Freshman Football Team is, Front Row: Jim Haddock, Bruce Newell, Hank Shows, Joe Kelly, Cal Walker, Glenn Buller, Robert Garriques, Carl Pope, Mike Robbins, Ronnie Channell. Second Row: Chuck Skillman, John Walker, Billy Harthcock, Bob Bailey, Tommy James, Eddie Foster, Hugh Sheldon, Bobby Wade, Don Street, Jim Farmer. Third Row: James (Red) Hall, Eddie Barnett, Mike Magee, Troy Seals, Mac McClure, Dan Sartin, Benny Coward, Larry Whitener, Alan Bush, Bobby Hendrix, Jack Duckworth. Fourth Row: Reed Webb, Ricky Peterson, Jerry Murphy, Stan Sullivan, David Blackburn, Bill Kibe, Jimmy Sullivan, Bob Priester, Bobo Uzzle, Kelly Roberts, Mike Haik. The 1964 Baby Rebels pranced and danced to their first perfect season in a decade. In their victory Alabama 14-0, and State 9-0. Against the Tigers, fullback Bobby Wade and two fine-looking quarterbacks, Carroll Walker and Bruce Newell, led the offense that moved with precision and power. The first Rebel score came in the second period on a 23-yard throw from Walker to wingback Billy In the game ' s waning minutes Ole Miss guard Mike McClure intercepted a Tiger pass and ran for the 13 yards for the clinching T.D. A pair of dazzling touchdown passes by flashy little Carl Allen Pope carried the Ole Miss frosh to a 14-7 victory over Vanderbilt. The I 65-pound pranced 73 yards for the first score and 65 yards for the second. Pope and Carrol Walker provided the scoring punch for the Baby Rebs against Alabama. Ole Miss closed out its perfect season with a 9-0 victory over State. The Rebs dominated the entire game, picking up 12 first downs to State ' s three and 223 total yards to the Neck ' s 87. Although the Rebels were not quite as impressive this year as last year, they managed to give many of the better teams in the conference a rough way to go. The Rebels have been hindered most of the season with injuries to key players. The loss of All- Conference guard Donnie Kessinger through gradu- ation last year hurt the Rebs ' scoring punch, some of the younger players have come along fine in taking up the slack. The 1964-1965 Ole Miss Basketball Squad—First Row: Jack Turner, Sophomore, Paris, Ky.; Glenn Lusk, Junior, Muldraugh, Ky.; Richard Megginson, Sophomore, Tupelo, Miss.; Eddie Dunn, Junior, Atlanta, Ga.; Ronald Steinhardt, Senior, Ireland, Ind.; Mickey Williams, Junior, Pine Bluff, Mo. Second Row: Jack Gayden, Junior, Nashville, Tenn.; Spenser Schreiter, Junior, Forest Hill, Miss.; Jim Bobe, Junior, Rebel Basketball Coach Eddie Crawford. Vincennes, Ind.; Jim Robbins, Junior, New Albany, Miss.; Fred Stanley, Junior, Shubuta, Miss. Third Row: Bill Poland, Sophomore, Guthrie, Ky.; Charles Huffstatler, Junior, Ingomar, Miss.; Bob Kreilein, Senior, Jasper, Ind.; John Partridge, Junior, Anna, Ill.; Jim Moran, Sophomore, Miss. Jack Steinhardt blocks Tennessee field goal attempt. Glenn Lusk fires it to Huffstatler. Jim Robbins shoots against the Rebels. The Rebels have had to work quite a bit harder this season due to a height disadvantage. This dis- advantage often made it necessary for them to change their playing tactics at different times. This season was a rebuilding one for the Rebs, but they will have a full crop back for next year ' s team. John Partridge tries to slip around Auburn guard. Eddie Dunn shoots against Arkansas A M. Charles Huffstatler mixes it up with the Volunteers. First Row: Dave Presley, Tommy Morris, Eddie Brawley, Richie Perkins, Chet Bergalowski, Tommy Keyes, Billy Sumrall, Donnie Kessinger, Richard Almond. Second Row: Rodney Mattina, Bill Rogers, Jerry Rikard, Dennis Huffman, Glenn Lusk, Fred Roberts, Chuck Norman, Mickey Williams, Kenny Ryland. Third Row: Nathan Fisher, Ray Whitener, Richie Prine, Ron Peresich, Russell Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Jan Adelman, Bill Larry Higginbotham, Coach Tom Swayze. (Not pictured Bobby Boyd). The seventh-inning stretch. The 1964 Rebel Baseball Team was one of the finest in the school ' s history. The Reb baseballers captured the SEC Western Division Pennant, the overall SEC crown, the NCAA District Ill and participated in the College World Series. Ole Miss compiled an 11-1 record in Western Division play and defeated Auburn twice to win the over-all SEC title. Ole Miss defeated West Virginia and North Carolina twice to take the III crown at Gastonia, N.C. The Rebels lost to Southern California and Arizona State in the World Series at Omaha, Neb. The final record was 24-7. Leading batters for Ole Miss last year were Donnie Kessinger (All-America) at .432, Glenn Lusk (All SEC) at .358 and 31 RBI ' s, Tommy Keyes (All SEC) at .330, and Frend Roberts at .420 and 7 homeruns. In the pitching department, the big winners were SEC) at .330, and Fred Roberts at .420 and 7 and Larry Higginbotham at 5-I. In earned run average (ERA) the leaders were Johnson at 1.19, Bill McGlathery at 1.85, and Prine at 2.00. On to Omaha! Team congratulates a happy Larry Higginbotham after a home run. Kessinger beats the throw. Coach Tom swayze in a moment of thought. Yer OUT! Tommy Keyes demonstrates the split. We ' re number I! Freddie Roberts connects for a double. Lusk slides safely info third. Keyes tries again. Ole Miss Netmen on 1964 Team are, Left to Right: Fred Sandifer, Hap Woodson, Bill Hovious, Jerry Mason, Ellis Branch, Rick Billings, and Coach John L. Cain. Eleven matches and two tournaments served as competitive fare for the 1964 Rebel netmen. In Southeastern Conference action, the Ole Miss netmen engaged Vanderbilt, LSU, and Mississippi State. Ole Miss played host to this spring ' s SEC tournament as well as entering the Mississippi meet as State College. Members of the 1964 tennis squad were Rick Billings, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; Fred Sandifer, Greenwood; Jerry Mason, Meridian; Walter (Hap) Woodson, Key West, Florida; Bill Hovious, Oxford; Allen Yates, Shelby; and Rudolph (Twig) Branch. The complete schedule is marked with victories over Millsaps College and Mississippi College, and losses to Murry State, Vanderbilt, LSU, Mississippi State, Mississippi College, and Southwestern of Memphis. The Rebels finished fifth in the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament and eighth in SEC JOHN CAIN Coach The 1964 Track Team, Left to Right: Jimmy Heidel, Brent Caston, Dave Wells, Billy Clay, Jimmy Jones, and Mike McElhaney. The 1964 Golf Team Included, Front Row, Left to Right: Van Lee, Bobby Parker, Charles Graeber. Back Row: Bill Hovious, John Dement, Jimmy Whitten. The 1964 golf team, coached by Junie Hovious, posted a 5-4 mark, and in doing so played some excellent, if not consistent, golf .The good balance of the season ' s sixsome offers good hope for the future. In the Mississippi Intercollegiate tournament at Cleveland, Rebel No. I Jimmy Hoppen of La., lost a sudden-death play-off for the title, finishing with 137 for the 36 holes. The Rebels missed the team championship by two strokes, an of 563, three over par. In addition to their fine showing at Cleveland, the Rebel golfers scored victories over Southwestern, Arkansas State, Memphis State, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas State in a rematch. Other team members are Johnny Dement, Jimmy Whitten, Van Lee, Bobby Parker, and Charles Graeber. First Row: Jan Adleman, Boe Aldridge, Richard Almond, Ray Chet Bergalowski, Jim Bobe, Bobby Boyd, Eddie Brawley, Allen Brown, Brent Caston. Second Row: Billy Clay, Doug Cunningham, Joe Dean, John Dement, Mike Dennis, Eddie Dunn, Don Estes, Eddie Fisher, Rocky Fleming, Ronnie Fowler. Third Row: Lee Garner, Max Greenlee, Wayne Harris, James Harvey, Jimmy Heidel, Roy Heidel, Stan Charles Hinton, Owen Hovater, Charles Huffstatler. Fourth Row: Dave Jennings, Russell Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Donnie Kessinger, Bob Kreilein, Tommy Keyes, Frank Lambert, Jamie Little, Tommy Lucas. Fifth Row: Tommy Luke, Glenn Lusk, John Maddox, Bill McGlathery, Rodney Mattina, Marvin, McQueen, John Metz, Marvin Mims, Sammie Moses, Charles Myers. Sixth Row: James Mike Nelson, Chuck Norman, Bobby Parker, John Partridge, Ron Peresich, Joe Petty. Dave Presley, Richie Prine, Tommy Rice, Jerry Richardson. Seventh Row: Bobby Robinson, James Shows, Ken Smith, Ron Steinhardt, Billy Sumrall, Steve Terracin, Jim Thaxton, Jack Townes, John Turner, Gerald Warfield. Eighth Row: Jimmy Weatherly, Dave Wells, Joe Wilkins, Don Windham. FRANK LAMBERT 1965 " M " Club President Seated from Left to Right: Bob Kreilein, Frankie Lambert, and Billy Sumrall. Standing: Bobby Robinson, and Frank Kinard. Frank Lambert . Bob Kreilein . . . . Billy Sumrall . . Rodney Mattina . . Bobby Robinson Frank Kinard . . . JAN HARRIS 1965 " M " Club Sponsor The Ole Miss " M " Club of the University of Mississippi is of those men who have participated and lettered in one of the intercollegiate sports at the University. Only the members of the “M " Club are qualified to wear the Ole Miss which distinguishes these men as winners of the athletic award. The purpose of the Club is to promote sports and sportsmanship at the University. Its members assist in the recruiting of high-school athletes for the University. The " M“ Club ' s big project is the handling of the Spring football intra-squad game held each year in March. Their main social event is the annual Christmas party. This year they began a new project, the All-American which is sponsored by the " M " Club and its alumni. The Ole Miss Rebel Marching Band. The Rebelettes in action at LSU. The Ole Miss Marching Band traveled thousands of miles this year to help boost the Rebels. Ably directed by Mr. Lyle Babcock and his assistants, Ronald Thielman and Walter Johnson, the Band has appeared on national television more than any other college band this year. The band ' s showmanship has produced halftime shows to remember for a long time. Two of the most memorable performances were those at the Ole Miss-State game and the Ole Miss-Tulsa game at the Bluebo nnet Bowl. The Rebel Band starts off the year by leading thousands of yelling Ole Miss students to the town square for the Welcome Rebel Party. They also participate in the Oxford Christmas Parade. Truly, Mississippi has been made famous all over the world by the Rebel Band and the Rebelettes. THE REBELETTES— Virqinia Alexander, Brenda Rush, Donna Chinn, Alice Mitchell, Kathy Richardson, Shellye Stanley, Betty Carlisle, Burns, Barbara Ledbetter, Marilyn Ingram, Susan Miles, Nora Finklea, Becky Wilson, Fauncine Fairchild. THE REBEL BAND DIRECTORS—Seated: Lyle Babcock, Director. Ronald Thielman, Assistant Director, and Walter Johnson, Student Director. HELP! Johnny Gary comes in to break up the pass. Front Row: Claire Miller, Robert Baucomb, Frank Harrington, Ken Lackey, Greg Warren, and Tommy Ford. Back Row: Hal Solas, Bobby Parker, Alan Tidwell, Bud Moore, Steve Wester, and R. L. Funderburk. Joe Ezelk " snake-hops " away from Sigma Chi defenders. Ken Lackey, Intramural Council President. OFFICERS—Bud Moore, Bobby Parker, Hal Soles, end Ken Lackey. The Fraternity Intramural Council plans and di- rects all the intramural activities in which the social fraternities participate. The Council is made up of two members from each of the sixteen social on campus. Among the duties of the Council are arranging schedules, compiling of results, determining of eligibility of athletes, and interpretation of rules of all sports involved. The fraternity athletic season begins during the fall semester with touch football, which is probably the most hotly contested sport of all. During the remainder of the year the Greeks go out for bowling, softball, tennis, table tennis, and other sports. The fraternities are divided into two leagues for competition in term sports; then the league of that sport. Points are given for each victory in a major sport—basketball, football, softball—and for each over-all championship in a minor sport. At the end of the year the points are tabulated and the intramural championship trophy is awarded to the fraternity with the highest number of points. R. D. WILCOX Vice-President SAM P. CARTER Athletic Committee Representative WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN Director of Alumni Activities JAMES N. BUTLER Alumni Secretary C. WILLIAM PRICE Medical Alumni Secretary JACK W. BARKSDALE President The Alumni House was financed by contributions of the alumni of the University of Mississippi and a revenue bond issue which was presented to the on October 20, 1951. It was dedicated to the memory of those alumni and former students who gave their lives in the wars of their country. With the adjoining Mississippi Center for Continuation Study it has become a part of one of the most com- plete centers for adult education. Each fall during the football season the Alumni House becomes a center of activity as former of Mississippi students from all over the na- tion pour into Oxford to renew old friendships and cheer for the Rebel football team. New officers of the Alumni Association are in- stalled each year at the annual Homecoming foot- ball game. James Hugh Ray, Tupelo Jesse M. Elkin, Columbus 2 0. R. Smith, Jr., Corinth 3 District Two Dr. F. A. Anderson, University Charles S. Tindall, Greenville 2 W. E. Wilroy, Hernando 2 District Three Prescott A. Sherman, McComb Dan Shell, Jackson 2 Ted Russell, Yazoo City 2 Dist rict Four Archie McDonnell, Meridian Lester Williamson, Meridian 2 Joel G. Payne, Brandon 3 District Five J. Boyce Holleman, Wiggins Frank D. Montague, Hattiesburg 2 Raymond Brown, Pascagoula 3 Out-of-State G. Norman Simpson, Memphis Dr. W. D. Beacham, New Orleans Sam Mcllwain, Washington, D. C. George W. Bass, Memphis 3 James Ogden, Mobile 3 Kelly Clifford, Houston 3 Maurice Colly, Atlanta 3 Elbert Hodge, Birmingham 3 Ex Officio Members—Medical Dr. B. B. O ' Mara Biloxi Dr. W. E. Lotterhos Jackson Dr. Howard Nelso n Greenwood Dr. S. Lamar Bailey Kosciusko Dr. Frank Massengill Brookhaven Dr. James G. Thompson Jackson Lee Cossar, Leland Marion Smith, Natchez Miller P. Holmes, Yazoo City Pat D. Holcomb, Clarksdale Mrs. Lucy Thompson, Jackson Dr. James. L. Royals, Jackson Dr. Temple Ainsworth, Jackson Dr. Wendell B. Holmes, McComb Will Hickman, Oxford Otho S. Johnson, Jr., Jackson 2 Dr. Jay McDuffie, Nettleton 2 Clarence Morgan, Kosciusko 2 Dr. Sam S. Mounger, Greenwood 2 Guy Billups, Greenwood 2 W. E. Howard, Laurel 2 Mitchell Salloum, Jr., Gulfport 2 Paul McMullan, Newton 3 John Prewitt, Vicksburg 3 Rowland W. Heidelberg, Hattiesburg 3 William F. Winter, Jackson 3 Frank Potts, Jackson 3 Ex Officio Members William H. Barbour Yazoo City James T. Singley Meridian Orma R. Smith, Sr. Corinth Mitchell S. Salloum, Sr. Gulfport R. Baxter Wilson Jackson Chester H. Curtis Clarksdale Carl McKellar Columbus S. Lyle Bates Jackson Sam P. Carter Quitman Frank E. Everett Vicksburg Thompson McClellan West Point Otho R. Smith Meridian George Payne Cossar Charleston Harvey Lee Morrison Okolona Taylor H. McElroy Oxford David Cottrell Gulfport James McClure Sardis Dr. I. C. Knox Vicksburg Only 3,000 more hands, and I ' ll be through. What ' s for dessert? Can I sell you anything, Sir? He got what I wanted for Christmas. Only if we could. People that we ' re glad we ' re not. This place isn ' t so bad after all! But its only Halloween. I bet you tell all ' , Damn, I really did shoot him. What, no electric lights! Taking a short break to escape. First Row: Mary Rose Abernathy, Mary Ann Burks, Kathy Caldwell, Susan Carruth, Judy Coursey, Gail Ford. Second Row: Becky Fowler, Lucy Gerhart, Cheryl Susan Heyward, Dorothy Duncan Jones, Fern Jones. Third Row: Becky Lane, Brenda Lokey, Sally Evonne Mulline, Rome Polsgrove, Sally Price. Fourth Row: Cecilia Richardson, Jerry Riggs, Peggy Savage, Judy Sherrill, Susan Singleterry, Betty Smith. Fifth Row: Dianne Still, Bobbie Straub, Sherry Lane Taylor, Pam Vaughn, Ann Warren, Sally Kate Winters. Not Pictured: Becky Ferguson, Madeline Hagstrom, Edna Lott, Marjo Thornton. Pan-Hellenic Council officers make plans for the next year ' s rush week. MARY ANN BURKS President of Pan--Hellenic Council Seated: Mary Ann Burks, President; Sherry Lane Taylor, Secretary. Standing: Judy Coursey, Vice President; Sally Kate Winters, Treasurer. The Pan-Hellenic Council of the University of Mississippi is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Conference. Its purposes are to act as a governing body for all sororities and between sorority and non-sorority women. Always working for the good of the University, Pan- Hellenic strives to promote fine intellectual achievement and scholarship, to maintain high social standards, and to promote worthy projects on and off the campus. The council is composed of the presidents of each of the sororities and two additional representatives from each group. Each representative is elected by her own sorority. The officers of the council are selected on a rotation basis with each sorority having an officer of Pan-Hellenic at regu- lar intervals. The oldest secret sorority for co lege women, Alpha Delta Pi, was found- ed in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, the oldest women ' s college in the world. Delta Sigma Chapter came to the University of Mississippi in 1960, and has made vast progress since that time. Alpha Delta Pi ' s are active in lead- ership positions in various phases of University life. Joyce Ramay served as President of Isom Ha I, and Ginger Walsh as Treasurer of Hefley. Julie Smith served as President of the Journalistic fraternity and as associate editor of the Mississippian. The ADPi ' s point with pride to their three senators—Charlene Boggs, Joyce Ramay, and Julie Smith. The pin of Alpha Delta Pi (similar to their next door neighbor ' s) is shaped and bears clasped hands. The sorority colors, blue and white, and the vio ' et, its flowers, are an inspiration to the members to live up to the ideals stressed by the founders of the sorority-- " the trails of intellectual and moral worth, dignity of character, and propriety of deportment First Row: Virginia Louise Alexander, Virna Ruth Alexander, Carroll Suzanne Armour, Billi Ann Bailey, Elizabeth Ann Ballard, Brenda E. Barbee. Second Row: Lois Jean Bloch, Charlene C. Boggs, Cynthia Louise Brame, Julia Holmes Caldwell, Betty M. E. Carlisle, Sarah Lynn Cashion. Third Row: Jane Cranford, Linda Lee Dunn, Jo Carol Finch, Bonnie Jane Fleming, Gail Grace Ford, Sarah B. Franklin. Fourth Row: Margaret Ann Gibbens, Ida Hervey Graham, Marjorie L. Grinstead, Madeline Hagstrom, Nancy Jane Harris, Mary Virginia Hill. Fifth Row: Katherine Hollis, Karla Kaye Hubbard, Margaret Hayward Lea, Gloria Jea nette McGuire, Kathleen MacDonald, Elizabeth Hilda Mobley. Sixth Row: Janice C. Neill, Susan Lucretia Peeler, Tanya Jane Prichard, Joyce Anne Ramay, Jacqueline R. Ramsey, Dianne Jeanne Shaffer. Seventh Row: Julie Drew Smith, Linda Jane Smith, Joan Elaine Turner, Virginia Walsh, Emily Anne Warren. Not Pictured: Rebecca Ann Carson, Valarie Gail Prichard. Nu Beta Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was brought to the Ole Miss cam- pus in 1957, after its founding at Barnard College in 1897. From this be- ginning it has grown to include 61 collegiate chapters, 161 alumnae chap ters, and over 30,000 members in the United States and Cana da. The AOP ' s are noted, this year, for pledging the largest single group of rushees of any sorority, or any fraternity, except, naturally, Sigma Nu. This is due to the fact that over the summer they sold red and blue umbrellas over the state. This year the AOP ' s are represented by a Freshman Cheerleader Jane Riggs, Beta Theta Pi and Phi Kappa Theta sweethearts, Navy and Army sponsors, and the President of Panhellenic, Mary Ann Burks. Participation in such organizations as the Committee of 100, the Campus Senate, the Ole Miss Concert Singers, the University Dancers, Cwens, Mortar Board, and Alpha Lambda Delta have brought much distinction to Nu Beta. First Row: Barbara J. Alexander, Linda K. Atkins, Patricia Ann Baker, Margaret E. Barbee, Mary Elizabeth Barrett, Sondra Kathleen Beaver, Phyllis Janice Beckwith, Alice Mae Bellshot, Melanie Patricia Bernard. Second Row: Judith Mary Boney, Ann L. Bramwell, Mary Ann Burks, Margaret Alice Bynum, Carol Ann Carrington, Anna Kate Cox, Sammye Jane Cox, Ruth Ann Davis, Linda Virginia Dean. Third Row: Lani Lee Densing, Judith Susan East, Nancy Lee Ellis, Beverly F. Fairchild, Karen D. Fancher, Phyllis Eloise Grant, Sharon Hall Green, Dolores Dross Haig, Elinor Lynn Haney. Fourth Row: E. Elizabeth Henderson, Elba Jane Hogue, Marilyn Ruth Ingram, Anne Ingram, Linda Dorothy Ingrassia, Linda Louise Jacobs, Laura Mavis Justice, Virlinda Carol Kincaid, Gertrude Louise Klenner. Fifth Row: Lois B. Lafollette, Pamela Ann Leach, Treva Anne Leggett, Dorothy P. McInnis, Kai J. McMillan, Anne Marley, Mary Kathleen Marshall, Sylvia Lee Mayfield, Marilyn L. Mills. Sixth Row: Sherry Elaine Mills, Roberta Murphy, Jo Ellen Nettles, Virginia Ann Palmer, Patricia Ann Paul, Lucinda Lee Payne, Ethel Ann Pearson, Tommye Carlyn Peden, Martha Rives Phillips. Seventh Row: Rosemary Pierce, Rome Dobbs Carolyn Posey, Jan Elizabeth Reddock, Susan Ann Reed, Janet Sue Rhodes, Jane Allen Riggs, Jerry Ann Riggs, Nancy Lee Rogers. Eighth Row: Roberta Kay Rowland, Ruth Ann Rutherford, Sandra Fay Savoy, Mary Duran Scott, Mary Claire Cox Elizabeth Anne Smith, P. Smith, Daisy Diane Sullivan, Patricia A. Sumners. Ninth Row: Sandra Kaye Tutor, Susan Katherine Tutor, Rebecca E. Walker, Marcia Wanda West, Trudy Ann Wilkins, Elizabeth J. Wooten. Not Pictured: Daney Adeline Daniel. The wise old Owls of Chi Omega Fraternity first snubbed their way on campus in 1899 with the immigration of Tau Chapter, after having been founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas. Among the elite in Tau Chapter this year were Marjorie Moore, Queen; Anne Tomlinson, Varsity Cheerleader; and Beth Eichold, Freshman Cheerleader. Chi Omega is extremely proud of Jere Gibert and Sally Holloman, who were chosen favorites, and Sally Scott, an alternate beauty. Tau chapter also claims leaders in various organizations. Mary Ann Han cock served as President of Cwens, Melissa Pendleton as Commander of Angel Flight, and Carol Sellers as Vice-President of WRA. The entire campus applauded Tau Chapter this year for winning the School Spirit Trophy—their first trophy in ten years. Let us hope it will re- move the cobwebs left by past years. The gir ' s of Tau truly add glitter to the campus and shine brightly in the crown of Chi Omega. Row: Alice Kay Abernathy, Susan Priscilla Alford, Mary Douglas Allen, Anne Finlay Archer, Genevieve McBee Barbour, Josephine C. Borthwick, Sandra Bowen, Mary Elliott Brister, Sue Carole Brister. Second Row: Suzan Brown, Sara Louise Butler, Bonita Butterfield. Susan Rowe Ania 0. Chandler, Virginia A. Davis, Elizabeth M. Denham, Dianne Mann Dewees, Anna C. Dunn. Third Row: Brenda Sue Eaton, Mary E. Elizabeth Ann Eichold, Marylyn Page Ellis, Keren Ellen Everett, Nancy K. Foose, Nancy H. Garth, Lucy Sparrow Gerhart, Jere Gibert. Fourth Row: Lady Melinda Gilfoy, Miriam Susan Goza, Sarah Janet Hamilton, Mary Ann Hancock, Lou Ann Hartgraves, Margaret Ann Hobart, Katherine W. Hoffman, Sara King Holloman, Mary Launa Jonas. Fifth Row: Mary W. Kavanaugh, Carolyn Kerr, Jane Norvelle Lambdin, Marie McCabe Lipscomb, Amelia Catherine Loper, Helen Harvey Ludlam, Elizabeth Ann McConnell, Charlotte G. McGee, Jane K. Magruder. Sixth Row: Gwen Ann Mills. Marjorie Anne Moore, Janet Lee Nelson, Tabitha Flake Ogden, Lessley F. Oliver, Olivia Palmer, Melissa Ann Pendleton, Claire Ann Phelps, Amanda B. Povall. Seventh Row: Mary E. Powers, Cecilia Odile Quin, Sandra L. Riemann. Ross, Roberta Grace Ross, Suzanne Wells Sandifer, Elizabeth Lee Scott, Carol Kern Sellers, Cleta Gordon Shirley. Eighth Row: Jo Anne Shirley, Frances Caffy Martha A. Stansel, Mary Catherine Stephens, Mariette E. Stewart, Anne Lewis Sullivant, L. Taylor, Eleanor E. Thompson, Norma C. Thompson. Ninth Row: Vance McLean Thompson, Joy Moore Tindall, Anne B. Tomlinson, Beverly Marie Tumlinson, Carol Ann Turnipseed Ruth Lafon Walcott, Virginia lone Walker, Donna White, Roberta Moore Wilson, Jean Wyeth Wood. Not Pictured: Mary Janalee Keaton, Edna Green Lott, Regan A. Pendleton, Sally Scott. Delta Delta Delta, after its founding in 1888 at Boston University, has grown to over 106 active chapters in the U.S. and Canada. Chi Chapter, one of the first, was established at Ole Miss in 1904. This year there were many DDD ' S in the campus spotlight. At the Parade of Beauties and Favorites Barbara Allen and Fleeta Fox were selected while Lassie Cook, Patsy Puckett, and Dee Dee Speakes were chosen campus favorites. Lassie Cook served as a Varsity Cheerleader, and Patsy Puckett reigned as Miss University. Dorothy Duncan Jones was elected Secretary of the Senior Class. Their unique sorority pin is definitely symbolic. The famous pattern of the Crescent Moon and Stars is what they usually see on dates, the silver and gold are what they look for in their mates, and the blue is of their post-rush sentiment. The principal party attraction of the Tri Delta ' s are the astoundingly successful Faculty Teas, which adequately account for their position as the scholastic elite on sorority row. First Row: Mary Rose Abernethy, Judith Ann Adams, Barbara Ann Allen, Ramelle Eason Bell, Jane Jackson Bigger, Corinne Gaither Bowles, Bonnie B. Burns, Keith Shepherd Bush, Rita Proby Cabaniss. Second Row: Cynthia Louise Cain, Elizabeth Chapman Carter, Mary Karen Susan Stevens Clark, Janie Lyn Clinton, Frances Armelia Cooke, Leigh L. Davidson, Joan Downer, Sara Margaret Edwards. Third Row: Margaret Devane Fair, Carolyn B. Flagg, Fleeta E. Fox, Shelley Lee Fraser, Louise Michele Gardner, Janet Ann Griffin, Lynda Ann Grimes, Suzanne Haley, Barbara Harris. Fourth Row: Judy Lee Hemphill, Sandra Kay Houston, Corinne V. Johnson, Ann Bourdeaux Jones, Dorothy Duncan Jones, Margaret Elizabeth Jones, Sara Catherine Jordan, Beryl Dianne Kearney, Hallie E. Kimbrough. Fifth Row: Karen Dean Kipp, Christie June Lovell Martin, Rosemary Maxey, Mildred L. Meacham, Martha Clark Mellon, Mary R. Montgomery, Patricia Anne Moore, Mary Martha Morehead. Sixth Row: Lucy Lee Payne, Mary Louise Payne, Shirley V. Payne, Helen House Pilkinton, Helen D. Pillow, Joanna Poole, Margaret G. Powell, Patricia Alice Puckett, Marianna Robbins. Seventh Row: Barbara S. Ross, Joann Shelton, Carolyn S. Slade, Anne Gillespie Smith, Lillian Lee Smith, Rosa Hyatt Smith, Katie Dee Speak;, Dianne Stevens Still, Terry Ann Teasley. Eighth Row: Judy L. Townes, Caroline Gray Trabue, Vicki S. Vandevender, M. Vaughan, Garel Eason Veazey, M. Faye Walker, Mary Gail Walker, Patricia Ellen Walters, Susan Frances White. Ninth Row: Camille S. Wilkinson, Sandra Sandra Lee Wood. Not Pictured: Phyllis Louise Acree, Helen Frances Dunn, Martha McCauley Dunn, E. Laberge, Pamela Morrison. After more than fifty years, Delta Gamma Sorority, which was founded at the now defunct Lewis Girls ' School in Oxford, in 1874, moved one-half of a mile, from University Avenue to Sorority Row with a chapter Alpha Psi. The DG ' s are active in campus activities as they stress scholarship, lead- ership, and active participation in all facets of university life. This year Judy Coursey served as president of AWS and the Home Economics Club, as well as being chosen as campus favorite. Beverly Whitten, also a campus favorite, served as varsity cheerleader. The DG ' s were well represented in the Parade of Beauties with two alternate beauties, Amanda Brown and Ellen O ' Neal. Amanda also held the title of best-dressed coed on campus. According to " factual " rush literature published by the Delta Gam ' s, " each year " they celebrate " Founders Day " and ' ' go to church. " The anchor ' s jewel of ray serene, Delta Gamma—fit for a Queen! First Row: Katharine V. Armstrong, Carol Jeanne Bequette, Cheryl Bobbitt, Brenda Ann Boyce, Mary Amanda Brown, Cindy Kaye Browning, C. Campbell, Carolyn L. Lora Cynthia Cook. Second Row: Myra Judith Coursey, Nancy Carolyn Coursey, Rayner Jeanne Cromwell, Charlotte Ann Dossett, Saranne Feemster, Judy Wood Floyd, Rebecca Ann Fowler, Gayle Louise Garth, Susan K. Gill. Third Row: Mary Jane Gilluly, Patty Brander Graham, Sandra Nell Hall, Kaye Ellen Hankins, Regina Claud Hardin, Barbara Jeanne Harmon, Marilyn Frances Harris, Elizabeth P. Ramona C. Hennessee. Fourth Row: Carroll Jane Higgins, Pamela Ann Hotard, Jessie Y. Humphreys, Ann Hurst, Dorothy Fay Johnson, Carol Gay Jones, Leigh V. Robena Louise Kendrick, Jane E. Key. Fifth Row: Sandra Vermell Knight, Kathryn Evan Lamar, Elizabeth Anne Lane, Betty Boyd Leonard, Marianna Mary Carmille McCullouch, Margaret Ann McCully, Carolyn Ann McElwain, Roy Lanctot Sixth Row: Celia Banks Maxey, Judith Lynn Mosal, Sherry E. Mosley, Margaret Dianne Naff, Ella Jean Nelson, Ida Kathryn Nix, Catherine Adair Noah, Ellen Oneal, Adele Giles Peresich. Seventh Row: Sarah Evelyn Price, Mary Aileen Ratcliff, Mary Jo Riddell, Ethel Marie Ritchie, Elizabeth Ellen Seay, Martha Maynette Seay, Ann Ellen Shook, Catherine B. Simpson, Janet Allen Singletary. Eighth Row: Carol Lynne Smith, Carol Staggers, Dianna Steijen, Lynn Lovell Trappendahl, Karen Murraine Weeks, Mary Anne Westerfield, Marilyn D. White, Beverly Rebecca Whitten, Mary Montrie Wilborn. Ninth Row: Linda Frances Williams, Jane Tyler Wilson, Rebecca Leigh Wilson, Margaret Carol Work, Beth York. Not Pictured: Victoria Lee Bishop, Camille Nanette Faure, Julia Sullivan Hamilton, Pam Pickens, Nancy Carroll Pierce, Katharine Bledsoe Thimmes. The Rebels ' Number One Fan, often known as Kappa Delta Sorority, had its beginning at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. Alpha Mu Chapter has been extremely active on the Ole Miss campus since its arrival in 1927. Some of KD ' s most outstanding are O ' e Miss Roseann Harwood and Cheryl Haynie, and favorites Martha Ann Chadwick and Sherry Enochs. The Kappa Delta ' s were represented this year by Martha Ann Chadwick, Varsity Cheerleader, and Sherry Eno chs and Martha McCadden, Freshman Cheerleaders. Kappa Delta excels in scholarship and boasts members in various campus organizations. Diane Conner served as President of the Megaphone Club, Delores Smith as Secretary of the AWS, and Judi Simpson as Treasurer of the AWS. Afte r thirty-eight years of working diligently, the KD ' s gained probably one of their most important honors — a special award of Alpha Sigma Sigma. The sisters of Kappa Delta hold dear the ideals of their founders of faith, hope, and love and are united in loyalty to their col ors of emerald and pearl white and to the pure white rose. First Row: Kathryn P. Adams, Dianne L. Allen, Laurie Knox Anthony, Elsie Tyler Ball, Glenda Del Barker, Anna Margaret Bee, Letitia Mae Biedenharn, Mary Ann Biedenharn, Margot Jean Bilbo, Second Row: Sandra Lee Black, Lnda Barbour Boone, Linda Ann Bowling, Virginia Nell Brown, Beverly Sue Bufkin, Rachael Marion Butler, Sarah Caldwell, Jan Alyse Campbell, Meredith Davis Carpenter. Third Row: Susan Lee Case, Martha Ann Ann Carol Clark, Judy Carolyn Cobb, Joan Estella Colvin, Judith Ann Colvin, Cathy Diane Conner, Sheryl Clarke Enochs, Patricia Ruth Fisher. Fourth Row: Roane D. Forman, Elizabeth M. Foster, Shirley Ann Fratesi, Linda K. Gibson, Karen Anne Graham, Lou Hamberlin, Jan Harris, Elizabeth Harwood, Cheryl Anne Haynie. Fifth Row: Karen S. Henry, Mary Katherine Henry, Dixie Elise Hickman, Martha H. Hines, Peggy Ann Horne, G. Carol Hughey, Sandra Anne James, Judy Kay Judge, Susan Kees. Sixth Row: Patti Lynne Keye, Phyl Jane Kimball, Virginia Jean Kinard, Nancy Knotts, Rosemary Latimer, Jeanne Gail Livingston, Susan ' K. Lomax, Sharon Courtney Lynch, Martha Ann McCaddon. Seventh Row: Jacquelyn McClure, Sarah Weems McDonnell, Kay Frances McGehee, Georgia Mae McKenzie, Jean Yvonne Maitre, Toni Carol Malvezzi, Susan Jane Meason, Kathleen Joan Meyer, Judith Ann Mitchell. Eighth Row: Sue Powers Mitchell, Laura Sue Morgan, Ruth C. Mozingo, Mary Noel Nutt, Elizabeth Ann Parks, Margaret L. Patent, Johannah Magee Peterson, Sharon Lee Pipkin, Glenda Rawson. Ninth Row: Margaret Anne Riley, Jane Bingham Simpson, Julia Toy Simpson, Martha Frances Smira, Dolores Ann Smith, Linda Lee Stanfill, Gladys Jean Stogner, Sallie S. Thomas, Betty Diane West. Tenth Row: Marilyn Frances Whitaker, Margaret Diane Williams, Sally Kate Winters, Carole Ann Wislocki, Rose Robyn Withers, Martha K. Young. Not Pictured: Georgiana Gunter, Stella Gilleas Handy, Elizabeth M. Jones, Sandra K. King, Anna Claire Martin, Rebecca R. Paine, Melinda Wise. The " Golden Key " (to what, we know not) was brought to the University of Mississippi by Kappa Kappa Gamma in 1947, with the influx of Delta Rho Chapter. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. Kappas are active in every phase of the University. Some of the KKG ' s in the spotlight are Katie Hester, Secretary of the ASB; Sharon Jones, Pharmacy Queen; and Mary Chatman, Features Editor of the OLE MISS. Kappas were well represented in the Parade of Beauties and Favorites, at which time Bobbie Straub was elected a campus favorite; Louise Cromer was chosen an alternate beauty; and Sheryl Saucier became a top beauty. The girls of KKG boast members in Mortar Board, CWENS, Angel Flight, the Committee of 100, and religious organizations. Kappa ' s are also prominent in the social whirl and have acquired the sweethearts of KA, SPE, and Kappa Sig. The Kappa ' s are the proud possessors of a huge colonial mansion, better known as the Kappa Hilton. A familiar phrase heard during rush at the KKG house is " you can move in second semester. " The spirit of Kappa is expressed in their motto: " The mighty heart of our Kappa home is the culmination of efforts of many girls to live in har- mony and sisterly love. This is the tie that ties us all together ... " First Row: Jane Elizabeth Allen, Joan Claire Allen, Sandra Lee Aust, Katherine N. Barlow, Carolyn Ann Billings, Bettie M. Bowen, Jackie C. Calhoun, Linda Massey Case, Virginia Ann Second Row: Mary Leila Chatman, Susan Clayton, Karen Lynne Clifford, Shelia Jean Conant. Linda Lee Cotner, Peggy Ann Cresswell, Mildred Cromer, Virginia Portis Cross, Stephanie Sue Davis. Third Row: Mary May Dexter, Anita Kathryn Dossett, Nancy Carol Duncan, Patsy G. Duncan, Audrey Jane Ellzey, Nancy Lynn Fenstermacher, Rebecca Ferguson, Bonnie Kay Furnas, L. Garrett. Fourth Row: Gail Gillespie, Phyllis Merida Guest, Roberta Mae Halliday, Marcia Anne Hamm, Sheila Diane Hansen, Judith K. Harper, Pamela Marshall Kathryn Healy Hester, Diane E. Howell. Fifth Row: Mary Louise Hummel, Jean Johnson, Rosemary Johnson, Jennifer Helen Jones, Sharon Anne Jones, Elizabeth A. Kersting, Dorothy Duty Landry, Barbara Lane Brenda Leo Lokey. Sixth Row: Marguerite Griffin Lokey, Holly Anne McCreight, Marcia Ann Mildred C. McNeil, Carolyn C. Maxwell, Susan Grey Metcalf, Linda K. Miller, Jo Ann Moore, Jane McKeage Nall. Seventh Row: Suzanne L. Permenter, Barbara Lynn Ricau, Minnie K. Richardson, Sheryl L. Saucier, Susan Mann Sharpe, Katherine L. Shaw, Gail M. Jan Woods Singleton, Frances Holmes Smith. Eighth Row: Vicki Marche Smith, Barbara Fitch Straub, Kay Thompson, Linda Faye Vann, Jessyca Elisebeth Waldran, Barbara Joan Woodbury. Not Pictured: Pauline W. Addkison, Melissa Bell, Winifred A. Killingsworth, Marylyn J. Krider, Marguerite Olivia McCoy, Carmen Klotz Roberson, Cheryl Jo Welch. Alpha Delta Chapter of Phi Mu Sorority inaugurated itself into the Uni- versity ' s campus organizational life in 1924. This statement of fact is some- what questionable, in that fraternities and sororities were declared illegal in Mississippi—until several years after that date, namely, 1926. So it was that the sorority founded at Wesleyan College in Macon. Georgia, in 1852, became Ole Miss ' " illegal sorority. " Phi Mu ' s have campus cuties, representatives in Angel Flight, Navy and fraternity sweethearts. They are proud of their members in Board, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta, and scholastic organizations. Accepting the advice of an Economics 101 graduate, the Phi Mu ' s de- molished their former " castle " and they are presently building a new and bigger one. Phi Mu has an important place in each member ' s heart. The warm con- geniality that is always found in the Phi Mu house will forever provide won- derful memories to each girl who enters into the bond of sisterhood of Phi Mu. First Row: Martha Marie Anderson, Beverly Jean Brooks, Carol Evelyn Cassidy, Jeannie Lucinda Chisholm, Anita C. Clinton, Patricia Louise Cole, Anne M. Crisler. Second Row: Billie Joyce Earnheart, Judy Carol Elliott, Susan Gwendolyn Ellzey, Bonnie Eva Farr, Connie Ann Favret, Susan Louise French, Caroline C. Frith. Third Row: Barbara Ann Gatlin, Sally Jean Green, Carol W. Hale, Annabelle E. Hamachek, Mildred E. Hardin, Louise S. Harrison, Anna Evellyn Hemer. Fourth Row: Patricia A. Horne, Octavia E. Howard, Sara Christine Howard, Jane T. Hudson, Linda C. Lassetter. Jacquelyn J. Ledbetter, Janice Rae Lockley. Fifth Row: Jane Ellen Lundberg, Constance Marie McConnell, Janet Elise Charlotte Rita Mayo, Susan V. Miles, Marilyn N. Miller, Patricia Anne Moore. Sixth Row: W. Joy Morgan, Linda L. Mullen, Mary Evonne Mull en, Sandra Elaine Perkins, Marcia G. Pierce, Sharon Eyleen Robinson, Lelia J. Ross. Seventh Row: Mary M. Russell, Margaret Louise Savage, Judy L. Sherrill, Susan Brenda C. Snare, Shellye Edris Stanley, Jessie Roma Taylor, Rebecca Kay Taylor. Eighth Row: Edith Waits Turley, Mildred AIlene Waits, Jamie E. Walsh, Elizabeth Jane Ward, Jill Sharon Watson, Bette Karyn Welch, Leslie M. Jean Lee Wiley. Not Pictured: Lou Anne Ford, Patricia Lou Hyde, Velia Ann Mayer. The arrow of Pi Beta Phi was shot on the Ole Miss campus in October of 1961. Since that time Pi Phi has been well represented in all phases of campus life. Pi Phi, the first organization of college women with the aims and policies of a national fraternity, was founded at Monmouth College in Illinois in 1867. Gamma Chapter has maintained an excellent scholastic average since its debut at Ole Miss. This year Fern Jones served as AWS Judicial and Marianne McElroy was Lt. Commander of Angel Flight. The Pi Phi ' s eagerly participated in intramural sports, and Lucy Larson served as WRA Secretary this year. Each year since their arrival, the Pi Phi ' s have promised rushees a new chapter house to be completed " next year. " Pi Phi ' s remained true to their word this year with the appearance of their lovely new chapter home on Rebel Drive. First Row: Cynthia Olive Babers, Chandler F. Barham, Beverly Jean Biddy, Penny Bubeck, Candace Anne Carver, Sandra Lynn Chustz. Second Row: Connie Louise Cloar, Nancy Clo Evans, Linda L. Flowers, Martha Ross Floyd. Susan Patricia Heyward, Fern Virginia Jones. Third Row: Linda Kaye Jones, Lucie Ellen Terry J. Lever, Nancy Bauer Linkroum, Emily J. McCarty, Peggy McClure. Fourth Row: Marianne McElroy, Linda Adele Marlin, Judith Lucille Marlowe, Maretta Anne Martin, Janice A. Mauldin, ManeIle P. Maurras. Fifth Row: MarineII Moore, Maureen Y. Orourke, Patty Dee Pauley, Jan Doris Ray, Carolyn D. Ross, Sandra Wynn Smith. Sixth Row: Jacquelyn M. Stahlman, Pamela Vaughn, Mittie E. Welty, Claudia Ann Williams, Gale Joan Bonnie Gene Yearwood. Not Pictured: June Elizabeth Clark, Dennis C. Seuzeneau, Gail Jean Stewart, Helen Margaret Wood, Charlotte E. Zeta Tau Alpha arrived at Ole Miss in 1939, a short while before the outbreak of World War II, in the guise of Gamma Delta Chapter. The fraternity was founded on October 15, 1898, at Longwood College. The Zetas had to have a special act of the Virginia Legislature to make them legal. The college at which they were founded was located in a very appropriate town, Farmville. This is not symbolic. Zetas participate in various campus activities and organizations, such as WRA, the University Players, the University Singers, Sigma Alpha Iota, religious groups, Committee of 100, and many ASB committees. ZETA ' s can be found in CWENS, Mortar Board, and Alpha Lambda Delta. The girls of Zeta Tau Alpha are sisters of the crown, their colors are tur- quoise, blue, and silver. Zeta Tau Alpha has given to every girl who wears shield a heritage of lifelong privileges and friendships perpetuated beyond the period of college days— " Once a Zeta, always a Zeta. ' ' First Row: Katherine A. Abraham, Martha Jane Austin, Martha Jean Bailey, Susan E. Bennett, Margaret Olivia Browne, Helen L. Cooley, Mary Beth Cooper. Second Row: Kevin K. Diffley, Frances Kay Betty Joan Edwards, Carolyn Sue Edwards, Donna Ruth Else, Helen Ruth Eubanks, Margaret Ellen Ferguson. Third Row: Nora L. Finklea, Rita Joy Fitchett, Telena Kaye Foster, Edith A. Lillian D. Graham, Sara Beth Graves, Donna S. Hall. Fourth Row: Judith Ann Johnson, Patricia Jean Latta, Mary Margaret McClure, Linda Kay Miller, Alice Jeanette Mitchell, Lucy Evelyn Mitchell, Nancy L. Moak. Fifth Row: Carol L. Montgomery, Margaret J. Nesselrodt, Germaine Suzanne Vickie L. Parker, Doris C. Richardson, Sandy Sheffield, Susan Lane Singleterry. Sixth Row: Nancy C. Spears, Linda Ann Steele, Sherry Lane Taylor. Margaret Jo Thornton, Elizabeth Jan Tumasz, Ethelyne Turnage. Carol Ann Vance. Seventh Row: Lynn Elaine Wagner, Nellie Kaye Wall, Jan Elizabeth Wells, Peggy Ann Whitaker, Judith Lynn Jayne A. Wright. Not Pictured: Beverly Leigh Cory, Lila Ann JESS WHITE President of Interfraternity Council Lies, All Lies. The organization designed to regulate and govern the activities of all social fraternities on 1 he University campus is the Intra-Fraternity Council. The primary function of the IFC is to serve as a governing body of sixteen It is composed of two representatives chosen from each fraternity and is governed by four officers elected from the membership of the council itself. The council meets bi- monthly to discuss the mutual problems of the fraternity system. Throughout the coordination of activities, the Council attempts to unite the fraternities in a spirit of friendly brotherhood, to promote scholarship, to new fraternities and to develop existing chapters and individuals in the fraternity system. First Row: Buffy Beach, Dick Brock, Ned Buxton, Larry Cunningham, Johnny Easley, Joe Gex. Second Row: Yancy Gillespie, Robert Hauberg, Miller Holmes, Hardy Homich, Donnie Jones, Doug Lewis. Third Row: Bill McGehee, Nick Nichols, Bob Palma, Joe Perrault, Dan Rabinowitz, Bo Fourth Row: Bernard Shipp, Will Thompson. Dennis Voge, Jese White, Bruce Whyte, Allen Yates. Not Pictured: Gerald Abraham, Cecil Brown, Jim Crook, Bill Poland, Mickey Ryan, Morris Spivey, Jay Whalder. Left to Right: Donny Jones, Secretary; Larry Cunningham, Vice-President; Jess dick brock Treasurer. The year 1927 will forever be fatefully remembered by Ole Miss, for in that year, the " hairy-chested men " of Alpha Tau Omega established Delta Psi Chapter. Spirit and enthusiasm are shown by members participating in many activities. Johnny Easley served as chairman of ASB Elections and Bruce Jayne as President of the Senior Class. Unlike many of the other campus fraternities, they have instituted a " Hellish Help Week ' ' rather than a mere " Hell Week. " Under the auspices of " Good Samaritans " helping out their fellowman the ATO destruction crew moves to the scene of a nearby house, drives a few nails, saws a few boards and then departs. This endeavor is usually made in the interest of chapter publicity. This year the ATO ' s celebrated their one-hundredth year by electing a Centennial Queen who will represent them at the fraternity ' s national convention. MISS KAY NIX First Row: Kenneth Edward Aldridge, Curtis Proper Ayers III, Arthur D. Barnes, James H. Bennett Ill, Jerry Lee Blount, John Loyd Boling, Robert Bennett Boswell, Graham Gregory Boyd, Philip E. Brou Jr., David Anthony Buttross. Second Row: Jennings B. Camet Jr., David Hardin Campbell, Richard Butler Carothers, Thomas W. Cheairs Ill. James Dewitt Christy, William J. Clayton, Russell Victor Cobb Ill, Richard Lee Chambliss H. Collier, Tom S. Cooper. Third Row: Jess Grafton Dabbs, James Francis Daly, Thomas Peter Darras, Donnie Monroe Davis, Howard Quitman Davis, Jr., Fred Kevin Delph, Kenneth R. Dreher, Richard E. Ducker, Dale Duckworth, Christopher A. Dunn. Fourth Row: Everette John Easley, George Ronald Edwards, Harold M. Edwards, Jr., Lawrence H. Ellis, Jr. John M. Ford, Robert Price Funderburk, Larry Lloyd Grantham, William Lester Guy, David McWilliams Haraway, George Edward Hargraves. Fifth Row: James W. Herrington, Harold Ex Hill, Larry Eugene Holder, Clarence Lee Holley, William James Hunt, Edgar D. Ingels Ill, Bruce Cranford Jayne, Thad M. Jones, Jr., Charles Schemedes Jordan, Michael D. Sixth Row: Martin A. Kilpatrick, Robert P. John David Krause, William Larry Latham, Joseph Beauregard Lee Ill, John Tillman Lomax, Jr., Joseph Coffee McCarty, Harry Edward McCollum, Jr., Burchette S. McFarland, Rolf Wesley McHenry. Seventh Row: James Stewart MacDonald, David James Manifold, George William Manifold, John William Martin, Jack Lamar Mayfield, Jr., Ronald Albert Milner, Jon H. Moore, Charles Jimmy Mullins, Jonathon Michael Nash, Lawrence Hill Oneill. Eighth Row: Louis Wiley Parchman, Patric Parker, Troy Dean Parkison, Bob King Parks, Andrew John Phay, Weldon Patrick Phillips, Morris Pigott, Harris F. Powers, Jr., James Thomas Pryor, Jr., William Benjamin Regan. Ninth Row: Thomas Edwin Rester, John Albert Rice, Tony J. Rosetti, Jr., Frederick C. Schramm, Jr., John P. Scruggs, Ronald Victor Sekul, Edward Clarke Sims, Jr., Clinton Alexander Smith, Donald Meredith Smith, Jr., Thomas D. Smith. Tenth Row: James D. Stahlman, Johnny Clifton Stewart, William Eric Streed, Warren Taylor, Jr., Michael Byron Taylor, Cowles Horton Townes, Clyde W. Trevathan, Jack E. Veazey, Jr., Dennis Wayne Voge, Bargen Roy A. Von. Eleventh Row: Tommy R. Wallace, Robert Stephen Warren, William J. Webb, David G. Weir, Saxton A. Weir III, Kenneth W. Young. Not Pictured: Bubba Brown, John Dubard, Jon A. Jennings, Leland Armen Russell, Donald Ray Stacey, Walter B. Wood son Ill, Joseph W. Yarbrough, Jr., Robert A. Yarbrough. The most notable achievement of the Ole Miss Beta Theta Pi Chapter in recent years has been the completion of their new chapter home. Beta Theta Pi, the oldest major national fraternity, was founded in 1839 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Beta Beta chapter, which came to the University of Mississippi in 1879, is outstanding for its scholarship, alumni, and leadership in campus activities. In campus leadership positions are: Cy Faneca, Chairman of the Student Judicial Council; Robert Hauberg, President of Eta Sigma Phi and ASB Director of Academic Affairs; Lindsay Harp, Traffic Board Chairman; and Bill Lipscomb, Business Manager for the Concert Singers. The Beta ' s are noted for their outstanding scholastic ability, which, they fail to admit, is partially due to those after-hour chats with the professors. MISS SHERYL SAUCIER First Row: Thomas A. Alexander, Robert Spencer Brenner, James Tyson James Harvey Davis, S. Carter Dobbs, Jr., George Lee Dorrill. Second Row: Franklin Gibson Eubanks, Cyril T. Faneca, Jr., Charles M. Guess, Hale Harp, Robert E. Hauberq, Richard Joseph Joseph. Third Row: John Maxey Lippincott, William Beck Lipscomb, Marcus Love Ill, Edward Lewis McCool, Charles Paul Oscar Miller Ill. Fourth Row: John Wesley Morris, Ala n Linn Murphree, Lonnie Wilson Pearson, James Alton Peden, Jr., Robert Lewis Phillips, John B. Powell. Fifth Row: Clarence Dickens Prange, Hubert Powell Prewett, Howard Manfred Ray, Richard Andre Reecht, John Richard Reuter III, Fred Wallace Rushton, Jr. Sixth Row: John Thomas Schwent, Homer Wesley Sebren, Jr., Victor Taber, Pascal Judson Townsend, Harrol Wayne Umfress, Benjamin V. L. Weathersby. Seventh Row: Robert L. Weathersby, Charles John Weeks, Jr., Jesse Lamar White, Gary C. Whitener, Larry Whitener, James Elliott Williams. Not Pictured: James F. Anderson, Jr., Mike Paul William Johnson, Lloyd Kitchens, Mark Krauss, Frank Thomas Moore, Jr., Harry Albert Watson. Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was the first fraternity in the state of Mississippi and began terrorizing the University in its infancy. Since their influx as the first fraternity on campus, the DKE ' s have been trying to win the " Highest Per Capital Consumption " trophy. You can quit now, boys. The KA ' s just relinquished it. The importance of Delta Kappa Epsilon is partly reflected in the quality of its alumni. From Chi Chapter have come such notable persons as Henry Minor Faser, founder of the Ole Miss Pharmacy School, and Benjamin Lowry, Captain of the University Greys. Dekes are active in every phase of campus life. They have members in ODK, the Committee of 100, the Campus Senate, and various ASB com- mittees. The Deke house is the scene of many excellent parties throughout the year. These parties are held with handpicked chaperones, and cover any classification from a formal to a get-together. MISS CAROLINE TRABUE First Row: Lyman D. Aldrich, James K. Baddley, Jr., Nelson L. Barksdale, Jr., Jacob Bexter Barr, Jr., Peter Hickman Lloyd M. Baxter. Second Row: Joseph J. Casano, Renato P. Caseili, Jr., James R. Clay, Burton C. II, Robert H. Crump, Louis P. Davitt. Third Row: James Dominic Derose, Gregory Oliver Doiron, William D. Donald, Jr., Edgar M. Dunn, Jr., James Blair Etz, William Carl Gunn. Fourth Row: Patton B. Harrison, George C. Hayles, George Hardin Homich Jeffrey Edison Hood, Van Ellis Lee, Leonard C. McAfee, Jr. Fifth Row: Lloyd H. McClusky, William C. Jr., William Lucas McMullen, Jr., Sam Joseph Mavar, Jr., Frederic L. Miller. Sixth Row: Lynal Jay Owens, John Arthur Porter, Claude Harry Powell, Gene Ray, Henry E. Sanders, R. Lester Sargent, Jr., James Edward Sewell. Seventh Row: Lawton Terry Stevens, White, Leonard Albert Young. Not Pictured: William Lovell, Anthony, Henry Dennis Babers, William Whitten Allory J. Beesley, Robert Lee Bostick, Jr., Charles Raymond Edwin Phillips Embry, Benjamin Johnson Everett, Godfrey B. Stephen Roy Foster, Michael James Franco, Kenneth L. Gala, John S. Holmes, Jr., Mason W. Jr., Ivan Ernest Miles, Andrew J. Miller, Daniel T. Mitchell, Robert Marshall Owen, Steven Ray, Charles D. Walcott. Saint Anthony Hall, better known as Delta Psi Fraternity was founded at Columbia in New York in 1847. Eight years later Phi Chapter was at Ole Miss. The Delta Psi ' s, like every other campus fraternity, also claim a " first. " were the first fraternity in Mississippi to bui ' d a house, and from all outward appearances, they still occupy it. Brotherhood and individual excellence, academically and socially, are ever-present goals of Delta Psi. Among Delta Psi ' s alumni are former Hugh L. White, Speaker of the House Walter Sillers, and the late Judge Hemingway, for whom Hemingway Stadium was named. Their social calendar is filled with numerous parties, the highlight- of which is the annual Saints and Angels Ball. Phi Chapter, under the able leadership of an unknown individual better known on campus as " The Phantom, " added another year to their string of one hundred and ten at Ole Miss. First Row: Terrell Wayne Barlow, Robert Barton, Charles Sidney Boren, James Wilson Bridges, John Curtis Carr. Second Row: CuIlin Chambers, James Joseph Davidson, Carl F. Davis, George Y. Gillespie III, James Thomas Hedgepeth. Third Row: Winn Varnon Hutchcraft, Douglas Wayne Ingram, A. J. Lee, Waite Edward Ligon III, James M. McCay. Fourth Row: Joe Don McCorkle, James Edwin Mitchell, Hugh L. Nichols III, James Curtis Randle, Marvin L. Sanders. Fifth Row: Paul Vincent Staudte, Robert D. Tapp, Thomas Bernard Tenfelde, Toby Mack Wallace. William L. Weal hers. Sixth Row: Stephen Frederic Weston, L. Wootten III. Not Pictured: Joel Judson Ford, Harry R. Garner, Bryon Wanza Inmon, Wendell Phillip Mullins. The " Knights of Temperence, " often referred to as Kappa Alpha, are presently enjoying the absence of any form of probation. A group of Confederate soldiers, along with General Robert E. Lee as their spiritual father, banded themselves together under the name of Kappa Alpha Order on December 2, 1865. Being on the University of Mississippi campus since January 12, 1900, the KA ' s have produced leaders in all phases of campus life. Ken presided as President of the Intramural Council, Jimmy Sherrard served as Air Force ROTC Wing Commander, and Jim Martin claimed the honor of ASB Student Activities Director. KA, the aggregate of perpetual students, is entering its sixty-fifth year on the Ole Miss campus, and since the fearful granting of the charter they have accomplished many characteristics, most of which are unfortunate. Chivalry, honor, brotherhood, and hospitality—principles of the South and of the Kappa Alpha Order. MISS BETH FOSTER First Row: James Ervin Addleton, William Edward Atkinson, Robert A. Bailey, Robert Lloyd Beasley, Edward J. Bogen, Jr., Austin Randy Broome, Lucius P. Cook. Second Row: James Thomaso n Con, Jon A. Crocker, James E. Curtin, James Russell Dail, Herbert Emilie Dewees, Jr., Dennis Murphree Ford, Herbert V. Foreqqer. Third Row: Donald Edward Frey, Jr., Thomas Leo Frezell, William A. Gowan, Jr., Charles E. Harper, Robert M. Hearin, Edward Douglas Hodo, Thomas B. Kellum, Jr. Fourth Row: John Pigford Kirk, Paul K. Lackey, Jr., Joseph R. Lipscomb, Joseph Edward Lotterhos, Robert S. Lowery Ignatius S. Luckett, Jr., Clyde Fifth Row: Donald Reid McPherson II, Michael Thomason McRee, James Leland Martin, William M. Martin, Robert Joe Metz, Lattimore M. Mitcheal, Holt Montgomery. Sixth Row: Ed Davis Noble, Jr., John W. Noble, Richard Green Noble, B. Parsons, James Cecil John R. Powers, Jr., Harry S. Sanders. Seventh Row: Lawson Everett Sheldon, James Ed ward Sherrard, William Clyde Minor C. Summers, Jr., Steve Wayne Tarracin, Mitchell M. Thrower, Douglas Dwight Turner. Eighth Row: John C. Vandevender, Gerald Vernon. Not Pictured: Gerald Lynn Abraham, Albert B. Albritton, Jr., Thomas George Wirt Adams Beard, Jr., Henry Beneke Allen Brown, Jimmy Truett Carter, James Eastland, Peter Roger Generally, George Gregson, Wayne Stanley Harris, James Britton Harvey, Billy Carl Irwin, John Elmore Jayme III, Thomas Crawford Jones, Joseph Earl Kirkland Ill, Van Lemuel Lackey, John William Lowery, Frank Aubra Merchant, Samuel Stephens Moses, Jr., Daniel Joseph Nicholas, Charles Richard Norman, James E. Nowicki, Robert M. Owen, Martin G. Paschall, John D. Peet, William Lloyd Pursley, Charles Alfred Scott, Jr., Elson Raymond Smith, Jr., Pond Smith, Jr., Lawrence M. Spivey, Gary B. Taylor, Winfield S. Thompson, Jr., John Hoyt Williams, Don Wayne Windham. Kappa Sigma was founded five hundred and sixty-five years ago at the University of Bologna. It is rumored that Christopher Columbus was a Kappa Sig pledge but never made his grades. After waiting four hundred and sixty-nine years for their immigration papers to be approved, they arrived at the University of Virginia, from which they became numerous and fostered many chapters, among which was Delta Xi, established at the University of Mississippi in 1926. Kappa Sigmas boast many outstanding members on the Ole Miss " Colonel Rebel " Ronald Russell, ASB Treasurer Donnie Brock, and Campus Conservative editor Ben Edmundson contributed capable to the student body, while the entire Delta Xi chapter earned the School Spirit Trophy for their enthusiastic support of the Rebels through- out the football season. Claiming to have the best parties on campus, the Kappa Sigs have busy social calendar ranging from their Founders ' Day Banquet to the Ball in the Spring. MISS SHELIA HANSEN First Row: Vettra Glenn Alderson, Fred Vincent Alias, Harry Stiles Anderson, James A. Barrett, Jr., Pat Montgomery Barrett, Charles E. Brame, Henry Donnie Brock, Charles L. Brooks. Second Row: Ronny D. Brooks, Joel William Ill. Robert Thomas Carsley, Larry H. Chapman, Alvan E. Clark, Jr., Robin Owen Cotten, Alvin C. Cox, Jr.. Charles M. Daniel. Third Row: William Jackson Daniel, William Howard Dawson, Daniel M. Dean, Carl Eugene Drake, Bobby Dubois, Ben Garrett Edmonson, Eugene Fly, Joseph Edmund Fourth Row: Haley S. Gates, Joseph William Gex, Donald George Hall, Daniel J. Howard, Jimmy Smith Jackson, Ray Johnson, Ronald Earl Johnson, Roger Tilden Jones. Fifth Row: Joseph B. Kelly, Jimmy E. Keyes, Raymond Paul Leduc, Jean Francis Larroux, William B. Lemons , Larry Lisle Lewis, Charles V. McElwee Harry Smith McGehee. Sixth Row: John Warren McGehee, John W. McKellar, Milton Lane McKellar, James Turner McMahan, Frederic K. McNeel, Jr., John Richard Macy, Donald Grayson Martin, James Harold Mathis. Seventh Row: Roger Errol Mauzey, Wilmer Riddle Mills, George M. Moore, Jr., James Ray Nelson, Robert M. Newton II, Clayton H. Pederson, Joseph A. Jr., Lars Ole Phillips. Eighth Row: Robert Taft Renfro, William L. Reno, Jr., David C. Replogle, James W. Robertson, Ronald Truett Russell, John Ray Sartin, Jr., John Stewart Seabold, John Calvin Sheffield, Ninth Row: Clark Herbert Smith, Tom Storey, Richard K. Thiele, Larry Angelo Thompson, Thomas Lloyd Walters, Ted Owen Ware, Wren Carroll Way, Warren T. Whitmire, Jr., Jon Smith Williams. Not Pictured: Robert Lee Baucom, William Frank Clay, Charles David Coney, Bruce Dillingham, Jr., Donald Newsom Downer, Mitchell 0. Driskell, Jr., Gorden Ware Fleming, Charles Gates, Michael Graham, Skipper Graham, Sam Ervin Graves. Donal Williams Neukirch, Henry Keats Perrin, Thomas R. Robinson, Ronny Robertson, William A. Seiler, Jr., Eugene Smith, . Wise, J. ' ' Honor is theirs, every brother who wears a Phi Delta Theta pin. " Founded in 1848 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Phi Delta Theta has now grown to 123 chapters. Mississippi Alpha has produced leaders in every field of endeavor. Some of Phi ' s most outstanding are Bill McGlathery, President of the School of Business and Government; Gary Roberson, ASB Director of School Spi rit; Ford Bell, Treasurer of the Senior Class; Al Brady, Varsity Cheerleader; and Kyle Chandler, Freshman Cheerleader. Although the Phi ' s can ' t seem to win too many elections on campus, they seem to be snowing their national officers and have won the scholar- ship and founders ' trophies consecutively. The brothers manage to save a slim portion of their busy whirl for their social development. Night life at the Phi Delt house promises fun from " Moneymaker Parties " to the annual Blue and White Formal in the Spring. The highlight of Mississippi Alpha this year was the Ole Miss-State pep rally when they won the color television. It has been rumored that Brother Roberson eliminated all other organizations. The men of Phi Delta Theta are truly well rounded, and contribute greatly to fraternity life at Ole Miss. Not Pictured: Jimmy Abbott, William Mangrum Aden, James S. Armstrong, John Therrell Armstrong, Samuel Lyle Bates, Jr., Michael J. Boland, Arthur B. Clark III, Hugh Carter Clayton, William F. Clement, Jr., Lawrence Murray Coco, Mike Cooke, Albert P. Cottrell, James Hicks Delgadillo, John Ernest Dement, John Mason Denton, Warren Candler Dorset, Larry Dudley, James Shelby George, David Norman Gillis, William T. Hewitt, Paschal David Holcomb, Richard Porterfield Hull, Robert J. Johnson, Jr., Fenwick Stewart Lewis, Balfour McCabe Lipscomb. Robert Parker Lorentz, Bailey Hardy McBee, Grady Linn McCool, Jr., Larry Alan McCool, Wallace Edward McMillan, John Neville, Roger A. Norman, Jr., Chuck Rea, Bobby D. Robinson, Frederick R. Rogers, William Allen Scott, Richard Askew StovaII, Cooper Campbell Thurber. MISS BARBARA HARRIS First Row: John Rush Abbott, Sidney Jacob AbdaIla, Tom Abernathy, Holmes S. Adams, Coleman M. Allen, Jr., Richard Lloyd Arnold, Michael Mathias Baier, Robert William Bailey, William Ernest Baker, John William Barrett. Second Row: Fred L. Beard, Jr., William Dean Belk, Jr., Hudson Ford Bell, George H. Bergold, Jr., Carr Marion Black, Leonard A. Blackwell II, John Bolich, James B. Braden, Joe Alister Brady, Jr., James S. M. Third Row: Andrew G. Bumpas, Guy Hartwell Bumpas, Jr., Frederick W. Bush, C. Callender, Kirk Paxton Michael H. Carter, Jr., Kyle Chandler, Douglas E. Clark, Jr., Harold Nowlin Clark, Neal G. Fourth Row: Van C. Conaway, Jr., Chester H. Curtis, Steven Kent Dear, Walter Michael Dennis, Gus B. Denton, Love Fair, David Lee Cary Leon Fondern, Jr., Jackson Garner, Henry Martin III. Fifth Row: Stephen Jordan Glaze, John Green, William F. Hayes, Edwin Ford Hayman, James S. Hicks, G. Hill, Elbert C. Hodge, Jr., Edwin Love Holt, Paul Hayne Morris Johnson Keesee III. Sixth Row: Heber A. Ladner, John F. Laurenzi, Earle Floyd Lipscomb, Ernest B. Lipscomb Ill, John Thomas Longino III, James Sanford Love Ill, Henry Eugene McCaslin, Frank Logan Jr., William Clay McGehee. William T. McGlathery III. Seventh Row: Edward R. McGraw, Fred Mitchell Massey, Floyd M. Melton, Jr., H. Mounger, Jr., Thomas Dulaney Murry, George Rives Robert Eugene Nored, Joseph Frank Odom, William Ellis Omara, John W. Owen. Eighth Row: Robert E. Parker, Jr., Samuel H. Phillips, William R. Pool, James B. Portwood, Gary Sewell Roberson John William Robertson, Harvey T. Ross, Jr., Robert E. Russell, William 0. Rutledge III, John Sawyer. Ninth Row: David Eugene Shands, Thomas Edwin Shelton, Bernie Lynne Smith, Daniel B. Smith, Jr., Charles W. Steadman, Jr., William Wyatt Sumrall, Charlie Jones Swayze, Walter W. Thompson, William P. Thompson, Frederick Francis Travis. Tenth Row: John A. Travis Ill, John Hozie Turner, Jr., Stephen Wiley Vaught, George Dexter Walcott, Harvill E. Weller, Jr., Edwin R. Williams, Allen Richard Yates. Theta Kappa Phi and Phi Kappa united in September of 1958 to become the new national Catholic fraternity. In May of 1959 the Ole Miss Chapter proudly assumed the name of Mississippi Chi of Phi Kappa Theta. Chi chapter has endeavored to provide a complete education for the Catholic university man. This education, needless to say, goes beyond the scope of classroom activities. Academic excellence on campus is fostered among Phi Kappa Theta members and many have won academic scholarships. PKT ' s official flower is the red rose and the colors are red, silver, and gold. The members try to manifest a public spirit and lively interest in all that concerns the life and welfare of the school. MISS LAVERN BALL First Row: Robert Paul Cyr, Joseph Paul Arthur G. Foster, Ronald Hanna. Second Row: Douglas MacArthur Magee, Thomas McRay, Emory Miller, James Michael Moher. Third Row: David J. Mottley, Robert T. Palma, Pat Pasco, Franklin L. Renault. Fourth Row: Thomas Richardson, Edwin C. Schmitt, Frank Charles Smith, Harold 0. Smith. Fifth Row: Jay Elliott Wahlberg, Paul Francis Younqhans. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity was founded at Jefferson College in five years before their influx onto the Ole Miss campus in After donating their chapter personnel to the Confederacy at the out- break of war three years later, Mississippi Alpha was never quite the same again. The brothers under the shield of Phi Kappa Psi take an active part in various phases of college life such as Dixie Week, Homecoming, and Government. The Phi Psi ' s add to social life by staging numerous parties and dances throughout the year, the highlight of which is the Jacquemenot Rose Ball. The chapter promotes high ideals, scholarship, integrity and fraternal- ism among its closely knit group of members. Phi Psi ' s point with pride to Woodrow Wilson, a former Phi Psi, for whom a bridge was named near Jackson. MISS SUSAN WHITE First Row: George E. Abraham II, William E. Adams, Christian Allenburger Ill, William C. Apel, Bruce E. Atkinson, David Michael Biggs, Fred Exzell Bourn, Jr. Second Row: Dick Brock, Jack M. Browning, James E. Caldwell, Michael R. Carithers, Paul Martin Cook II, Jimmy G. Dedeaux, Dennis Albert Doyle. Third Row: George Dubois, Wallace David Frye, Harold F. Galatian, William Michael Green, Lloyd Eades Hogue, Orton H. Hogue, Jr. Richard Atherton Hutchins. Fourth Row: John Wayne Jabour, Edwin Leon Jackson, WiImer R. Jones, Frank J. Justice, Joseph T. Kolesar, William A Leatherman, Jr., Dale Conn Lingle. Fifth Row: Charles R. McMillan, Craig Alan MacKenzie, Michael James Malouf, George F. Mize, Edward Louis Naro, John S. Oswald II, Walter Herbert Palmer. Sixth Row: George W. Petering, Andrew Earl Prince, Jimmie Cecil Reed, Harry L. Sauce Ill, Francis A. Schurtz, Jr., Bernard Loring Shipp, William G. Shockley. Seventh Row: Harold Andrew Sloas, Jr., Vaughn Eugene Varnado, Michael Lloyd Womack, Johnny Bernard Wright. Not Pictured: Jack Barnett, Scott Ely, William Ralph Gulledge, Jr., Bob Herrin, Paul Tanner Purnell, John L. Spence. Six confederate officers founded the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in 1868 at the University of Virginia. In 1927, the shield and diamond was brought to Ole Miss resulting in Gamma Iota Chapter. The Pikes built a stately mansion in 1958, and are still busily depreciating it. Pike ' s have demonstrated their interest in school affairs this year by representatives in Scabbard and Blade, the Committee of 100, and in several varsity sports. Serving as President of the Junior Inter-Fraternity Council was Joe Schmelzer. Pi Kappa Alpha excels scholastically, and several Pikes were tapped by ODK. The Pike social season consists of several parties of reknown on campus. The Roman Ball, commonly known as the " orgy " ; the Playboy Party, and the Dream Girl Formal are annual Pike events. Pi Kappa Alpha is truly an alliance of men who have formed bonds that will carry throughout their lives. MISS ELLEN O ' NEAL First Row: Robert Johnson Allen, Chester W. Bergalowski, Jr., Henry S. Blumenthal III, George Carrington Boone, Ellis Branch, Eddie Eugene Brewley, Hess Raymond Brocato, Francis G. Burnett, James E. Carr. Second Row: William T. Cochran, Lee K. Conner, Gilford F. Dabbs III, William M. Dalehite, Jr., Glen Harris Davidson, Michael L. Davis, Arnold Douglas Dyre, Ned A. Feltenstein, Robert Douglas Gentry. Third Row: Newton Gregg Gill, Thomas E. Goodman, Sedgie F. Griffith, Jr., Francis D. Hall, Donald Daniel Hamachek, Jr., Robert H. Hardin, Bryan Brand Harper, John B. Harris, Joseph C. Hariley, Jr. Fourth Row: M. Paul Haynes, Jr., Cecil F. James Ray Herndon, Charles R. Herron III, Noble Owen Hovater, James K. Huff III, George Henry Jabour, Marcus C. Jennings III, James Howard Johnson. Fifth Row: William Vance Kirby, Cleveland Lee Landreth, Robert Edward Lee, Jr., William Stephen Loden, Charles A. Lynch, Roger D. McDaniel, Charles A. McIntosh, Jr., Dwight Uriel Francis C. Marshall, Jr. Sixth Row: John Caldwell Maxwell , John E. May III, Alfred Lamar Meador, Jr., Elvin Wayne Mills, Joseph Thomas Thomas Hanley Morris, Munson C. Neyland, Jr., Frederick M. Nosef, George W. Null. Seventh Row: William B. Profilet, Jr., Donald Lee Puckett, John Dallas Raines, Arthur Danny Richardson, James Dixon Roberts, William B. Rochelle, John C. Ross, Jr., Joseph J. Schmelzer Tommy Wayne Scott. Eighth Row: Robert Pickett Scruggs, William D. Seale, Gerald Ben Stephenson, Joe Lawrence Thompson, Frank White Thornhill, Jr., Richard Morgan Todd. Jack Armistead Townes, Jr., Albert Gayden Ward, James C. Walls, Jr. Ninth Row: Eddie Pounds White, Charles H. Wilkins, Feildinq L. Wright, William Elder Yoste, Ralph E. Young, Jr., Robert J. Young. Not Pictured: William Ray Bedingfield, John Blackburn, Cecil Brown, Thomas Jackson Couch, Julian Douglas Larry Wade Cunningham, Kenneth M. Heard, John A. Hudson, Jr., James E. Hurdle, Jr., Earnest Nelson Hutcheson, Mendal G. Kemp, Henry Laird, Barry Dwight Land, Garner Lester, Robert Keith Harvey McCrosky, William A. McGinnis, Jr., Stephen Wales Mike Showah, Larkin Smith Timothy Randolph Smith, Larry Wade Snow, Mitchell Richard Thomas, Robert N. Tibbetts, Segrest N. Wailes, George Girdner Watson, Rusty White, Flo Yoste. The lion ' s roar has been heard on the Ole Miss campus since 1866, one decade after Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of SAE ' s are found in every phase of campus life. Rayner Graeber served as ASB Director of Social Affairs this year. Miller Holmes, a member of ODK, also occupied a position on the Student Judicial Council. Gamma Chapter was well represented in scholastic honoraries, religious groups, and in all phases of varsity sports. Their red brick chapter house is the scene of numerous social affairs such as the Black and White Ball, and the Paddy Murphy party. SAE ' s partici- pate eagerly in these forms of entertainment for a good social life is most important to them. It is really shameful for the SAE ' s to permit their fraternity grounds, namely their lioness sentries, to mar the beauty of the Ole Miss campus. It seem:, they should at least keep them clean. First Row: David Edward Adams, Joel D. William Fenton Anderson, Milton Philip Armor, Ronald M. Aschermann, John M. Barbour, Hugh Oliver Bell, Jr., James Albert James P. Biedenharn, Thomas Wendell Boyle. Second Row: Andrew Gainey Branscome, Laurance N. Chandler Ill, Keith P. Clingman, T. S. Cooper, Winfred J. Davis, Jr., William Henry Deterly, Thomas A. Drake, Jr., D. Duke, John Pointer Estes, Harold E. Evans, Jr. Third Row: John P. Fatherree, Otis D. Felder, Wayne Lamar Felder, Tom Sledge Floyd, Claude Eugene Foote, Tommy S. Ford, Joseph S. Garzik, Jr., John Overton Gayden, Edmond J. Girot, Charles Smith Gore. Fourth Row: Rayner N. Graeber, James K. Gregory, James Edwin Hamilton, Jr., E. Harrison, Jr., Glenn Wesley Harwell, Harry Pringle Hewes, Raymond Eugene Himes, Jr., Frank C. Holmes Ill, Miller Payne Holmes, Jr., William Madison Hope. Fifth Row: Lee A. Hyde, J. C. James, Michael Eugene Johnson, Donald Drummond Jones, George S. Jones, Claud Leake Keirn, Clyde Douglas Kelso Ill, Robert Alexander Lane, Berry Laron Lannom, William Boyce Lee. Sixth Row: Charles R. Lemaster, Jr., Robert F. Lester, John R. Lewis, Tommy .J. Lindley, Hugh Marshall Love, Thomas Howard McCarley, William M. Leland McDivitt, Edgar Rigby Maupin, Norval George Seventh Row: John Stephen Metz, Gid Montjoy, Peter M. Mullikin, Jerrald Lee Nations, John L. Nelms, Charles L. Nelson, Thomas Leon Olson, Richard Neil, Ousley, Stephen Van Overby, Johnny H. Paslay. Eighth Row: Bill Pillow, James Edwin Prince, Jr., Robert Carroll Redd, Kerry D. Roby, Jerry Allen Ross. Alfred Wayne Rowan, Terry Adam Schad, Ben Seale, Donald F. Smith, James Edward Smith. Ninth Row: James Edwin Smith, Larry Gilbert Smith, Ralph Guy Smith, John B. Storment, Ill, Sherman Wesley Swaim, Robert Parrish Taylor, Jr., Van Harbert Temple, James E. Thomas, Jr., Rodney A. Thomas, William F. Thurmond, Jr. Tenth Row: Thomas Wickliffe Wade, Jimmy L. Ware, Homer A. Whittington, Jr., Neville R. Wichman, Charles Van Williams, Clyde H. Wilson, Jr., Jimmy W. Winter, James Everette Woods. Not Pictured: Charles Conner, Alan Davis Gary, William Frank Hagan, Guy B. Ed Hussey, James Dent May, Richard Curtis Mellon, Jr., Gerald Dewitt Mills, Connie Olson, Mack Price, James William Price, Jr., S. Sampson, Jr., Devereaux Smith, Fred C. Wallace. Eta chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity, known as the Standard Bearer of the South, was established at the University in The Sigma Chi ' s bear many honors, but perhaps the most unusual is that of being the only fraternity on campus which maintains segregation within its own house. The " Upstairs Group " meet in the Baptist Church with guidance, and the " Basement Crew " are meeting at Sardis, Johnny ' s or the Haba with a different form of spiritual guidance. Among the elite in campus politics are Marshall Bennett, editor of the OLE MISS; Freddy Roberts, ASB Vice-President; and David Guyton, Vice- President of ODK. They follow the Ole Miss tradition of participation in sports by having fourteen members in different Varsity sports. The Sigma Chi ' s attempted to enlarge upon their popularity and to add to those " little black books ' ' by introducing last Spring the Sigma Chi Derby Day. It consisted of competitive events in which all the sororities clashed for the coveted trophy. The men of Sigma Chi are steadfastly loyal to their fraternity and take their place high on the list of outstanding fraternal organizations on campus. Walter P. Aldridge, Billups S. Allen, Mike Baker, B. Bell, James Warren Cockrell, Daryl L. Cooper, David Darnell, Nathan D. Feibelman, III, Michael Leroy Galyean, Fred A. George, McCoy Lane Hamilton, Robert P. Kincade, Jr., Jimmy Frederick M. Logan, Gary Edmond Marsalis. Michael Arnie Carl V. Montgomery, Dudley Rook Moore, William Hall Poland, Thomas J. Prince, Thomas Irwin Rice, III Michael D. Robbins, Tommy Cade Rogers, Walter C. Simpson Jr., Floyd M. Sulser, Jr., Ronnie L. Wall. MISS MELISSA PENDLETON First Row: Jan G. Adelman, John H. Arnold, Jr., James H. Ashworth, James Bailey, James Love Barksdale, John Ward Barnes, Meredith A. Bass, Jr., Fred Allen Bell, Marshall Bennett. Second Row: Scott G. Black, Jr., David W. Robert H. Bostwick, Ill, Howard Brown, Jr., Richard Cohron Bryan, Jr.. Edward Earl John Dexter, Castle, James Chandler, Hollis Clifton Cheek. Third Row: Richard Orville Clark, George E. Coleman, Jr., Fred Chastain Cribbs, Thomas Eugene Cribbs, Henry Thorne Crosby, William H. Davis, Francis A. Debay, Strawford H. Dees, Ill, William Lyman Denton. Fourth Row: Merrill E. Diket, Jr., John Evan James David Duncan, Carroll Edward Dunn, Don Luis Fruge, John Wesley Gary, Ill, William Barry David Lee Guyton, Robert Allan Guyton. Fifth Row: Frank Whitaker Harrington, Joseph G. Hawkins, Roland W. Heidelberg, III Larry F. Higginbotham, Stanley Chatham Hindman, Kennon D. Hood, David Winston Houston, Ernwin Howard, Daniel Clyde Hughes, Jr. Sixth Row: Braxter Pleasant Irby, Russell A. Johnson. Robert T. Jones, Hilliard Earl Jordan, Jr., Richard L. Jordan, Robert C. Kelsey, John Major Horace Baxter Lester, Jr., T. McCool, Jr. Seventh Row: Alexander F. McKeigney, John McLaurin, Thomas Darrell John L. Maxey, Jr., Charles Michael Merkel, Thomas R. Robert Sabin Montjoy, John R. Moore, William Frank Moore, Jr. Eighth Row: John Randall Mott, Buford Coleman Murphree, Kenneth M. Murphree, William Richard Neelly, Michael Nelson, Phillip Burl Noble, James Benton O ' Neal, John W. Parker, E. Perry. Ninth Row: Fred G. Peyton, Louis M. Rawdon, Lent Irwin Rice, II, Fred F. Roberts, Jr., William Levi Rogers, Ill, A. Roper, Jr., Roderick S. Russ, III, Robert Pritchard Russell, Michael Evans Ryan. Tenth Row: Jeffrey Lloyd Sauls, Daniel McGehee Scarbrough, John G. Schaffer, Jr., Don Bacot Scott, Robert Emmet William Collins Spencer, C. Strawbridge, Anthony Thaxton, James Cairy Thaxton, Billy Buckley Trimble. Eleventh Row: Jesse B. Tutor, Jr., Ralph B. Vance, George Willis Vickery, Robert Barry Vickery, James Edwin Watkins, Kent Wells, Gerald Lafay White, Joseph T. Wilkins, Ill, William Wood, William Gully Yates Sigma Nu, one of the better " small " fraternities at Ole Miss, was installed on the campus in 1927 and has enjoyed a very active life on the University campus since that time. The men of Sigma Nu pride themselves in their powerful political ma- chine. It has been rumored that they receive campaign funds from the National Democratic Party to further exploit the prominent offices on the campus. This year saw John Corlew as President of the ASB, Bo Roberts as Pro Tern of the Campus Senate, and Don Deline as Vice President of the Senior Class. Other Sigma Nu ' s in campus activities included two and three freshman cheerleaders, ten campus senators, one member of the ASB cabinet, and five members of the Rebel football team. The motto of Sigma Nu is " to earnestly strive to meet a new brother every day. " Sigma Nu strives to develop the talents of individual members through a wide variety of activities. Year after year the SN ' s continue to rank among the finest of the Ole Miss fraternities. Not Pictured: Lane Allen. William Alston, Buell Barnett, Alan Bush, Charles Cobb, David Cobb, Eddie Gaines, Joseph Glenn, James Haddock, James Frank Hudson, Johnny Stark King, Willard Lape, Jr., James McRaney, Ronnie Melton, Raymond Mitchell, Chris Neal James Petty, Charles Ray. MISS MICKEY GARDNER First Row: Guthrie Abbott, Henry Allen, Allen, William BaIlentine Mills Barbee, Clifford Barnett, Don F. Stephen Beach, Ill, James James Bishop. Second Row: Richard Blackwell, Kimble Bolen, Reese Bowen, Ill, Barry Bridgeforth, Mendum Briscoe, Olin Brown, Jr., David Bryant, Thomas Buchanan, Thomas Buford, Gus Bynum. Third Row: Ralph Cameron, Jr., Gerald Bennett Chotard, Reuben Chrestman, Ill, Richard Clinton, James Coggin, Jr., Thomas Comer, John Corlew, Carroll Cotton, Roger Cox. Fourth Row: Thomas Crowson, Randy Crumbley, John Dale, Sam Dalton, III, Ralph Doves, John Davis, Sid Davis, Davis, Donald Deline, James Dukes. Fifth Row: Thomas Evans, Jr., Joe Ezell, Robert Farrar, Jr., George Flinn, Jr., Flowers, William Freeman, Jr., Robert Fulton, James Galloway Robert Galloway, William Gillis. Sixth Row: John Gilluly, William Gottshall, Jr., James Griffith, Benjamin Guider, Anthony Hale, Larry Hall, Robert Harding, Ronald Hardy, Griffin Harrell James Hawkins. Seventh Row: Wallace Heggie, Michael Herrington, Warren Hiatt, Jr., M. Hodge. son, Thomas Hodgson, John Jr., Frank Irby, James Jones, Robert Kerr, Donald Koen. eighth Row: Andy Lawhon, Michael James Leeper George Lester, Lewis, Henderson Lindsey, James Lindsey, Jr., Ray Long, Trent Lott, Van Lucas. Ninth Row: James McArthur, John McCarty, Michael McElhaney, Jr., Martin Jr., Charles McRae, Roy Manning, Jr., Dick Marchbanks, Mays, Russell Moore, John Therrell Moss. Tenth Row: Buddy Nichols, Robert Northern, William Nunnery, James O ' Neal, Alan Parker. Cary Phillips, Wade Presley, Bobby Price, Bernard Zeb Reeves, Ill. Eleventh Row: Ernest Reynolds, Jr., Michael Richey, Tally Riddell, Jr., Lloyd Eugene Danny Ray Roy, James Ronald Samuels, Walter Nathan Shappley, Ill, Albert Simmons. Twelfth Row: Gary Sisco, Witt Smith, Jr., Robert Smith, John Sneed, II, Edwin Snyder, I Terry Swalm, Jr., Alan Tidwell, John Townsend, Larry Underwood, Gilbert Vance. Thirteenth Row: Lewis Vance, Eddie Vandiver, Vincent, Michael Wade, Waldo, Steven Walker, Robert Wallace, Tommy Walman, Jan James Wheeler, Jr. Row: William White, Richar d Wilcox, Roy Williams, David Wilson, Jr., Jerry Young, John Young, James Milam. Mississippi Alpha of Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded after the turn of the century by twelve Divinity Students. Since that time, the SPE ' s have made rapid progress toward the other extreme. Through the efforts of the SPE alumni, the chapter purchased a house, which caught fire during the summer of 1959, but which the Fire Department accidently saved. Because of the fraternity ' s association with the American Heart and the badge which its members wear, Sig Eps enjoy true brother- hood which is expressed in this motto: is free and begins and ends with the Heart; we enjoy a true Brotherhood. " The Scholarship program in Sigma Phi Epsilon provides for awards to chapters and to individual members for their academic achievement. The Clifford B. Scott Key, for the highest average in each chapter, and the DuBach Award for the greatest scholastic improvement are among the awar ds which are presented each year. Miss Elizabeth Kersting First Row: Malcolm Lee Aldridge, Phillip Lynn Anthony. Elzey Joe Arledge, Jr., Frank S. Austin, James C. Barlow, James L. Beasley, Jr., Frank Berry, Second Row: Jerry Holmes Blount, Brian Bosse, James Ticer Brown, Jr., Milton Drummond Brown. Donald R. William Owen Burrow, G. Buxton, Ill, Norman Alexander Cannady. Third Row: Michael Adam Chrestman, Ronald Keith Cole, Don Crook, Jon Crook, Leonard Andrew Crosby. III, Robert Earl Davis, Jack Evans. Fourth Row: William M. Halfacre, William Betts Harlan, John Harper, David Berch Henry, P. Huggins, III, Robert A. Hunt, Eugene R. Jennings. Fifth Row: Thomas D. Kirschten, Robert Charles Lea, Charles Rodney McClelland, Everett A. McKnight, Jr., John C. Mabus, Larry Mars, John Henry Maynard. Sixth Row: Michael Leroy Meek, K. L. Melikian, Eugene T. Menz, Floyd E. Moore, Jr., Clarence E. Morgan, Ill, William L. Nicholas, Harold C. Noll, Jr. Seventh Row: Austin F. Parker, II, E. Pav, John L. Price, Dixon Leroy Pyles, William K. Richardson, James T. Riddle, Leslie Howard Siltman. Eighth Row: Stanford Jackson Smythe, Earl Alvin St. John, Jr., Daniel H. Turned, Edmund J. Walker, David B. Watkins, Thomas Stout Wilson, Michael Zalocusky. Not Pictured: John Edward Ashcraft, James Ticer Brown, Curtis E. Coker, Jr., James Lowry Crook, Walter Morrow Jr., James Hall, Gerald Lynn Jones, Charles G. Lagrone, Jr., Luke Lane. Julius L. Lotterhos, Harold Paul McAlister, Bill Moss, Pat Hutchinson Raborn, Douglas Arthur Whitenton, Joseph Edmund Winston. Four students at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana met on 26, 1897, and founded Sigma Pi Fraternity. The objectives of Sigma Pi are to establish a brotherhood of, and for, college men; to promote scholarship; to advance truth and justice; to diffuse culture; and to en- courage chivalry among men. Each year the Sigma Pi ' s have their share of orgies and other forms of social functions. Among their many and varied social functions they have open-houses, informal get-togethers, and their Orchid Ball, which is their spring formal. The Sigma Pi Fraternity pin is very symbolic, but non-members aren ' t supposed to know and members can ' t remember so their secret is safe. MISS DONNA FERGUSON First Row: Robert James Barrow, Robert Paul Broom, Tom A. Cothran, Jr., Charles G. Demarco, Thomas S. Denton. Second Row: Jerry Lynn Dover, James Allison Jerome Charles Griese, Jack Wade Hood, Kenne h R. Jackson. Third Row: Donald Ellis Lewis, Ocle Vernon Lewis, John A. McEvoy, Peter R. McWhorter, Clair H. Miller, Jr. Fourth Row: Ronald Alan Niemann, William P. O ' Sullivan, William Judson Palmer, II, Anthony J. Palukaitis, WiIliam Dee Pate. Roger L. Paulson. Row: Raymond M. PetitfeIs, Stanley Frederick Pielak, Gary Davis Platt, Larry Thomas Rogers, Glenn Ross Samford, Neil A. Tarpley. Sixth Row: Julius R. Taylor, Jr., Michael John Thole, Bruce Langdon Whyle, Byron H. Wilson. William Ernst Yelsik, Carl Samuel Zerinque. Not Pictured: William A. Brumbaugh, George Miller, Berton Frederick Mowers, Homer Stewart. From the small beginning of seven men who banded together to pre- serve a friendship has grown the present Fraternity of Phi Epsilon Pi. Since its founding on November 23, 1904, at the College of the City of New York, it has become an organization possessing thirty-eight active chap- ters, thirty-five alumni associations, and a total membership of over thir- teen thousand men. Since their establishment at Ole Miss in 1935, they have acquired a virtual monopoly on rush, a controlling delegation to the Hillel Foundation, and many other important accomplishments and activities. One of Phi Ep ' s most outstanding members obtained the distinction of being the only person known to make his first million off the profits of the Ole Miss annual, and several other " small " projects which paid off. After serving for two years as the Ole Miss number one he left for bigger and better things. Prominent alumni on the national scale are Joseph Altman, Mayor of City; Allen Rothenberg, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor; Reverend Dr. Jonah B. Wise, famed theologian; and Colonel Friedman, Chief of Army Signal Intelligence Service. Paul Harry Aron Alan P. Brucker Stephen Marc Ehrlich Douglas B. Lewis Daniel Rabinowitz Gerald Bernard Wexler Joe Schmelzer . Walter Thompson Bruce Atkinson . Shelby Edwards . This organization is composed of two pledges from each fraternity. These representatives are selected by their in- dividual pledge classes and serve for the entire year. The council is also composed of two representatives from the Senior Inter-Fraternity Council who are elected to serve as advisors of the Junior IFC for organizational purposes. The purpose of the Junior Inter-fraternity Council is to instill in its membership the principles of the fraternity sys- tem. Thus, it helps to unite the fraternities in a spirit of friendly brotherhood. In doing this, the representatives may give to their individual fraternities an incentive to improve standards, thereby cultivating a better environment where manhood may flourish. The council also acts as a service organization to carry out projects designated by the Senior Inter-Fraternity Council. Firs. Row: Bill Anderson, Paul Aron, Bruce Atkinson, Gerald Burnett. Second Row: Al Clark, George Coleman, David Duncan, Doug Ingram. Third Row: Rodney Jones, Doug Kelso, Jimmy Leeper, Larry Lewis. Fourth Row: Jimmy Lindsey, Mark Love, John McEvoy, Jack Mayfield. Fifth Row: Jim Moher, Richard Noble, John Powell, Johnnie Price. Sixth Row: Morgan Ray, Tom Richardson, Joe Schmelzer, Walter Thompson. Seventh Row: Dan Turnell, Toby Wallace, Byron Wilson. Not Pictured: Val Beesley, Alan Brucker, Art Clark, Shelby Edwards. The Department of Military Science, a unit of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, falls under the joint jurisdiction of the University of Mississippi and the Department of the Army. The Army R.O.T.C. prepares college men for positions of lead- ership and trains as junior officers those students who display the qualities of character, scholarship, and leadership necessary for an Officer in the Army of the United States. The four-year Army R.O.T.C. course leads to a commission as a Second Lieutenant in one of the fourteen branches of the United States Army. LIEUTENANT COLONEL RONALD H. RINGSRUD Professor of Military Science Major Major Major Captain Captain Benjamin John A. Max L. M. D. Don E. Hamilton Grubbs Waldrop Llewellyn Bates M. Sgt. M. Sgt. SFC SFC Sgt. Tom M. Newberry Clayton B. Claude C. Ernest R. Louie Curtis Johnson Holt Larimore Cox R.O.T.C. COLOR GUARD R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM The Brigade Staff is responsible for the weekly drill and conducts all activities of the Brigade. The Brigade Staff is selected on the basis of classroom and drill field performance both on the campus and at summer training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The " Colonel ' s Lady, " Miss Nancy Coursey, was selected by the Army R.O.T.C. Brigade to be the Brigade Sponsor for the year. The Colonel ' s Lady is selected for her intelligence, wit, charm, and per- sonality. Her duties include presiding over all of- ficial functions of the Brigade. LT. COL. JOHN M. RIDDELL Brigade Commander Lester Roberson Davis Bennett Lackey Maj. Garner W. Lester, Deputy Brigade Commander; Capt. Gary S. Roberson, Brigade Training Officer; Capt. Marshall G. Bennett, Brigade Adjutant; Lt. Howard Q. Davis, Asstistant Brigade Training Officer; Lt, P. K. Lackey, Assistant Brigade Adjutant. NANCY COURSEY Colonel ' s Lady BARBARA ELDER Sponsor Advisor MAJ. DAVID H. CAMPBELL Commander, 1st Battalion Deline Veazey Waldo Capt. Donald A. Deline, Battalion Exec. Officer; Lt. Jack E. Veazey, Battalion Training O fficer; Lt. Gregory R. Waldo, Adjutant. PATSY PUCKETT 1st Battalion Sponsor MAJ. RUSSELL W. CALVERT Commander, 2nd Battalion Irby Bell Wright Capt. Frank M. Irby, Battalion Executive Officer; Lt. Hudson F. Bell, Battalion Training Officer; Lt. Carl F. Wright, Battalion Adjutant. LASSIE COOKE Battalion Sponsor Prince Fairchild Davis Enochs Lt. Andrew E. Price, Band Commander; Fauncine Fairchild, Band Sponsor; Faye Davis, Drill Team Sponsor; Sherry Enochs, Counter Guerrilla Sponsor. CAPT. WILLIAM M. JO ANN SHIRLEY DALEHITE Company Sponsor Company Commander Drill Platoon First Row: Hawkins, Allen, O ' Daniel, Barlow, Moccia, McCarley, Guy. Second Row: Blumenthal, Johnson, Williams, Ott, Doiron. Third Row: Osborn, Miller, Galloway, Vandiver, Politan. Fourth Row: Kelley, Harper, Roberts, Baxter, Hedges, Richardson. Band First Row: Prince, McGee, Buel, Kroeker, Hicks, Parish, Murphree, Sanders. Second Row: Elkins, Huey, Hill, Edwards, Rushton, Dupree, Scrivener. Third Row: Armstrong, McLaurin, Cox, Lomax, Kay, Bridgforth, Slinkman. Fourth Row: Warren, Randle, Young, Taylor, Joseph, Chow, Counter Guerilla Platoon First Row: Dalehite, Campbell, Hill, Thaxton, Webber, Dreher, Weir, Maher, Hawkins. Second Row: Gereins. Kartchner, Moore, Byers, Sztraky, Rose, Wood, Holland, Williamson. Third Row: Hord, Strickland, Nester, Pope, Comer, Shockley, Guider, Randle, George. Fourth Row: Godwin, Lewis, Cheek, Peel, Hill, Dees, Gober, Ham, Hunt. F ifth Row: Young, Llewellyn, Kisner. Bailey Grantham Hurst Mitchell Phillips Lt. Robert W. Bailey, Platoon Leader; Lt. Larry T. Grantham, Platoon Leader; Lt. George G. Hurst, Platoon Leader; Lt. Henry R. Mitchell, Platoon Leader; Lt. Sam H. Phillips, Company Executive Officer. CAPT. CHRISTOPHER T. NEAL JO ANN SHIRLEY Company Commander Company Sponsor 1st Platoon First Row: Northern, Grantham, Thaxton, Baier, Thompson, Crook. Second Row: Lott, Briscoe, Wichman, Himes, Bomboy, Gober. Third Row: Ham. Gray, Russ, Dreher, Klingenbeck, Newberry. Fourth Row: Catoe, Waldrop, Pursley, Steen, Erichsen, Campbell. 2nd Platoon First Row: Mitchell, Fenstermacher, McArthur, Cerny, Wood, Second Row: Dempsey, Hayes, Jones, Adams, Moore, Horions. Third Row: Standlevich, Seymour, George, Kitchens, Moore, Deuschle. Fourth Row: McNeal, Brown, Cannan, Pang, Wasser, Kenney. 3rd Platoon First Row: Hurst, Rice, Not, Richard, Franks. Second Row: Fair, Coleman, Godwin, Smith, Clark. Third Row: Clayton, Ray, Coco, Fyfe, Olson. Fourth Row: Ray, Guider, Traughber, Miller, Allen, Weller. Kliesch Lippincott McRae Vaughan Lt. James B. Kliesch, Platoon Leader; Lt. John M. Lippincott, Platoon Leader; Lt. Michael T. Platoon Leader; Lt. Ronald S. Vaughan, Platoon Leader. CAPT. WILLIAM C. GUNN MARJORIE MOORE Company Commander Company Sponsor 1st Platoon First Row: Brett, Gunn, Lippincott, Young, Davis, Higginbotham. Second Row: Kelso, Barrett, Rose, Weir, Hill, Corner. Third Row: Shoemaker, Holland, Batts, Welber, Owen, Leatherman. Fourth Row: Martin, Shands, Praytor, Nutt, Griffin, Crook. Fifth Row: Sneed, Robinson, Dickey, Stewart, McGehee, Paulson. 2nd Platoon First Row: Vaughan, Lester, Lackey, Defenbaugh, Pope, Steadman. Second Row: Dunn, Paschall, Wixon, Wallace, Aron, Pruett. Third Row: Lester, Turnell, Teller, Mitchell, Cassady, Overby. Fourth Row: Murry, Clark, Rosetti, Bostwich. Williamson. 3rd Platoon First Row: McRee, Kliesch, Schaffer, McClelland, Bennett, Coleman. Second Row: Clement, Dabbe, Stavroff, Pittman, Chandler, Taylor. Third Row: Smith, Griffith, Webb, Schrbrough, Russell, Harvey. Fourth Row: Sneed, Cannada, Denley, Schnierle, Eastland, Love, Coggin Himelstein McCarty Murphree Wells Ryan Lt. James V. Coggin, Platoon Leader; Lt. Arnold Himelstein, Platoon Leader; Lt. Joseph C. Platoon Leader; Lt. Buford C. Murphree, Platoon Leader; Lt. William D. Wells, Platoon Leader; Lt. Michael E. Ryan, Company Executive Officer. CAPT. WAITE E. LIGON SALLY KATE WINTERS Company Commander Company Sponsor 1st Platoon First Row: Randal!, Ligon, Coggin, Nichols, Hipp. Second Row: Shackelford, Smythe, Spence, Inmon, Boland. Third Row: Eubanks, Weathersby, Barksdale, Sztraky, Salmon. Fourth Row: Beasley, Parker, Murphy, Johnson, Adams, Parker. 2nd Platoon First Row: McCarthy, Wells, Mallory, Swetland, Richardson. Second Row: Guild, Peet, McKnight, Wise, Taylor. Third Row: Wade, Serio, Barbour, Newton, Jones. 3rd Platoon First Row: Upchurch, Murphree, Abdalla, Hill, Williams, Berger. Second Row: McGavock, Higgins, Van Devender, Chatman, Dees, Third Row: Mitchell, Carithers, Noster, McPherson, Kartchner. Fourth Row: Keyes, Kerr, Smith, Singleton, Koehler. Arledge Heggie Longino Treuting Elxey J. Arledge, Platoon Leader: Lt. Wallace E. Heggie, Company Executive Officer; Lt. John T. Longino, Platoon Leader; Lt. John J. Treuting, Platoon Leader. CAPT. ROY W. TATE SALLY HOLLOMAN Company Commander Company Sponsor First Platoon First Row: Aldy, Tate, Heggie, Longino, Seibels, Taylor, Glicco. Second Row: Hill, Gottshall, Currie, Greer, Jennings, Black, Powers. Third Row: Howell. Franco, Casano, Porter, Hord, O ' Marra. Fourth Row: Scott, Henline, Austin, Smith, Carter, Wallace. Second Platoon First Row: McRee, Neely, Carr. Second Row: Sekul, Lewis, Gilbert, Marascalco, Sulser, Foster. Third Row: Mavar, Moran, Byers, Watts, Chestnut, Moore. Fourth Row: Barton, Coward, Castle, Chunn, Schmelzer, Shows. Third Platoon First Row: Arledge, Cribbs, Allen, Welch, Moher, Sasser. Second Row: Wheeler, Posh, Perry, Fulton, Evans, O ' Neill. Third Row: Cottrell, Boling, Hunt, Daves, Biedenharn. Fourth Row: Darnell, Terracin, Cochran, Peel, Davis. Crosby Hovator Melton Taintor Williams Mims Lt. Leonard A. Crosby, Platoon Leader; Lt. Noble 0. Hovator, Platoon Leader; Lt. Floyd M. Platoon Leader; Lf. Jesse B. Taintor, Platoon Leader; Lt. Stirling B. Williams, Platoon Leader; L. Marvin T. Mims, Company Executive Officer. CAPT. JOHN S. METZ MARTHA ANN CHADWICK Company Commander Company Sponsor First Row: Urbanek, Taintor, Wells, Jones, Perry, Mabus. Second Row: Horions, Brown, Hamner, Smith, Strasser, Neukirch. Third Row: Broussard, Hearin, Stone, Hussey, Loden, Kemp. Fourth Row: Swayze, White, Lane, Norman, Chapman, Cheek. Second Platoon First Row: Crosby, Melton, Pyles, Morris, Johnson. Second Row: Herndon, Haupin, Kitchens, Austin, Fisackerly. Third Row: Paul, Kothmann, Thomas, Brocato, Jennings. Fourth Row: Harthcock, Sadler, Apel, Vinson. Third Platoon First Row: Thurber, Pryor, Dyre, White, Clark, McFairlane. Second Row: Anderson, Smith, Pincura, Billings, Gercens, Pope. Thi rd Row: Ashworth, Strawbridge, Klepzig, Brandon, Kisner. U. Colonel Ronald Rinqsrud and Mrs. Ringsrud are received at the banquet by the Cadet officers. Cadet Colonel John Riddell escorts the Colonel ' s Lady, Miss Lassie Cooke under the arched sabers. The annual event honoring the Army ROTC mem- bers, sponsors, and their dates is the Military Ball. This year ' s theme was the Green and the Gold Bar. Before the Ball the senior cadets and sponsors at- tended a banquet. At the Ball the sponsors were presented by their commanders under the tradi- tional arch of the sabres. These Army R.O.T.C. Sponsors were presented at the Military Ball. Front Row: Martha Chadwick, Barbara Elder, Lassie Cooke, Faye Davis, Sally Winters. Back Row: Fleets Fox, Sherry Enochs, Fauncine Fairchild, Patys Puckett, Sally Holloman. The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University of Mississippi in June of 1946 for the purpose of training carefully selected young men for commissions as Ensigns in the United States Navy or as Second Lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps. The Department of the Navy pays for four full years of college for those who are enrolled as Students in the program. A student may become a Regular by passing nation-wide physical and scho lastic examinations. Ole Miss was chosen as one of fifty-one universities to participate in this program. CAPT. ROBERT W. SLYE Prof. of Naval Science LT. CDR. L. F. THURNER Batallion Commd. Dee Dee Lt. A. M. Lt. JG W. B. Ens. W. C. Ens. P. T. Speakes Parker James Stone Poythress Battalion Battalion Operations Battalion Supply Staff Sponsor Executive Officer Officer Adjutant Officer Lt. JG R. A. Lt. JG V. T. Elba CPO B. C. Mulles Walters Jane Hogue Jayne A Co. Executive B. Co. Executive Field Battalion Officer Officer Music Sponsor CPO JUDY COBB Battalion Sponson Ens. E. T. Naro, 1st Platoon Leader; Marie Ritchie, Platoon Sponsor; Ens. J. T. Taylor, 2nd Platoon Leader; Pam Womack, Platoon Sponsor. LT. F. W. JONES DIANE WEST Co. Commander Company Sponsor DRILL TEAM—First Row: Hodges, Tehan, Malbrough, Russell, Dunn, Hutchinson, Caloway, Gerlach. Second Row: Quigley, Dover, MacNeill, Booth, Roper. Third Row: Smith, Hogue, Doyle, Hill, Trevathan, Moody. 2nd PLATOON—First Row: Lewis, Maule, Waller, Nelson, Moore, Overheim, Andrukiewicz. Second Row: Thole, Webb, Scott, Benn, Bryan, Breath. Third Row: Dale, Bass, Preble, Herring, Schram, Harp. Ens. T. H. Idema, 1st Platoon Leader; Linda Gibson, Platoon Sponsor; Ens. J. S. Oswald, 2nd Leader; Margot Jean Bilbo, Platoon Sponsor; CPO J. S. MacDonald, Company CPO. LT. D. A. JONES CAROLE McKEOUN Company Commander Company Sponsor Is+ PLATOON—First Row: Sherman, Krause, Weeks, McCollum, Thiele, Clinton, Booker. Second Row: McRae, Thompson, Bush, Rabinowitz, Evans, Holler. Third Row: Orenduff, Rochelle, Saul, Gilder, Felder. 2nd PLATOON—First Row: Reecht, Elliott, Jackson, Elmore, Hudson, Peterson, Lilja. Second Row: Vizio Gill, Strojny. Third Row: Malline, Curtin, Brion, Olson, Powell. anchor and chain First Row: E. L. Naro, J. L. Taylor, P. L. Poythress, A. M. Parker, M. D. Quigley, W. J. Teham, M. R. Sherman. Second Row: J. R. Thompson, W. B. James, R. A. Williams, W. B. Rochelle, D. Rabinowitz, B. C. Jayne. Third Row: J. S. Oswald, L. W. Arnold, D. M. Williams, C. R. McRae, J. R. Madson, L. F. Thurner. navy First Row: Judy Cobb, Battalion Sponsor; Diane West, ' ' A ' ' Company; Marie Ritchie, " A " Company, 1st Platoon; Pam Womack, " A " Company, 2nd Platoon; Carole McKeown, " B " Company. Second Row: Linda Gibson, " B " Company, Ist Platoon; Margot Jean Bilbo, " B " Company, 2nd Platoon; Dee Dee Speakes, Staff Sponsor; Cindy Morrison, Anchor Chain Sponsor; Elba Jane Hogue, Field Music Sponsor. Major Captain Captain Captain Ralph E. Barbour Clark Everett, Jr. James P. Daley Dennis H. Ott T Sgt. T Sgf. A IC Charlie W. Wallace Sebron T. Holloway Ernest S. Smith, Jr. CADET LT. COLONEL JIM SHERRARD Wing Commander LT. COLONEL RALPH DOUGHERTY Professor of Air Science The Department of Air Science, a unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, falls under the joint jurisdiction of the University of and the Department of the Air Force. The Air Force R.O.T.C. pre- pares college men for positions of leadership and trains as junior officers those students who display the qualities of character, scholarship, and lead- ership necessary for an Officer in the Air Force of the United States. Cadet Major Cadet Major Cadet Major Cadet Captain W. J. Boggan D. L. Duckworth D. F. Oglesbee F. A. Schurtz Inspector Operations Personnel Material CADET MAJOR JAMES LITTLE Deputy Commander Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet Captain N. R. Holstein M. N. Zalocusky Alan Tidwell N. G. Metcalf Administration Information Comptroller Provost Marshall Robert Lee Baucom John Henrik Billing Richard William Brock John Alston Brown Milton Drummond Brown Don Arthur Burleson Russell Victor Cobb, Ill James Lowry Crook Winston Robert Davis Joseph Paul Fillare George Stratford Gennin George Hardin Homich Edward Joseph Horvath Edwin Coleman Humphreys, Ill Michael Lundie lemon Jimmie Smith Jackson James Street Kaigler James Ryan Moore John Randall Mott John Edward Olson Gary Alton Phillips Robert Roy Regalbuto Donald Preston Russell John August Valentour James Lipsey Whitten, Jr. James Wiley Winter Florian Henry Yoste, Ill Addleton Boyle Browning Buck Burleson Burrow Chesteen Dorill Dubard Ezell Garlic Gaston Graeber Henderson Land Lee MacDonald Marshall Miles Moore Palmore Phillips Price Reynolds Roberts Schreiter Shoemake Siegel St. John Thrower Walman Womack Woodcock First Row: Shoemaker, Zalocusky, Holstein, Brock, Schurtz, Yoste, Gennin. Second Row: Reynolds, Haigler, Boggan, Horvath, Whitten, Brown. Third Row: Crook, Holmes, Sherrard, Graeber, Fillare, Homick. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY First Row: Kay Abernethy, Mickie Gardner, Jere Gibert, Lou Ann Hargraves, Rose Ann Harwood. Row: Kathy Henry, Mariann McElroy, June Martin, Mickey Meacham, Melissa Pendleton. Third Row: Sue Singletary, Bobbie Straub, Beverly Whitten, Sandra Williams. Not Pictured: Tanya Pritchard. First Row: Guthrie T. Abbott Law I; Sigma Nu Thomas G. Abernethy, Jr. Okolona Law George E. Abraham, II Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi Robert Michael Acevedo Law 3 Second Row: Philip Ross Adams Graduate Jan G. Adelman Owensboro, Graduate; Sigma Chi Vettra Glenn Alderson Law 2; Kappa Sigma Donald V. Alexander Columbus, Law 2 Third Row: Charles Ronald Allen .Baton Rouge, Law I James Roberts Allen Law 2 Harry Angelacopoulos Athens, Graduate Harold Melville Antwine Pharmacy 5 Fourth Row: Richard Lloyd Arnold Law 3; Phi Delta Theta Wiliam L. Ashley Graduate Frank E. Bachkai S. Plainfield, Graduate Arthur D. Barnes Law I; Alpha Tau Omega Fifth Row: Wiliam Howard Barr Port Law 2 Pat Montgomery Barrett Law I; Kappa Sigma Stephen Leeds Beach Ill Law I; Sigma Nu Blair E. Beasley Jr. Raleigh, Graduate Sixth Row: Askit Kumar Jahorlal Bej Bombay 3, Graduate William Dean Belk, Jr. Law 3; Phi Delta Theta Richard Thomas Bennett Miami, Law 3 Arnold V. Blackwell Law 2 Kappa Sigma Seventh Row: Leonard A. Blackwell, II Law I; Phi Delta Theta Robert T. Blazier Knoxville, Graduate Gerald H. Blessey Law I Reese Tate Bowen, Ill Law 2; Sigma Nu Eighth Row: Billy Floyd Brown Law 3; Sigma Nu Jack Davis Brown Memphis, William L. Brunckhorst Bconomowoc, Graduate James W. Burgoon Law 2 First Row: Richard Anthony Burke New York, Law 2 David Anthony Buttross Law I Alpha Tau Omega James F. Cabell, Jr. Law I James E. Caldwell Law I ; Phi Kappa Psi Second Row: James Thomas Calhoun Graduate William C. Callender Law I ; Phi Delta Theta Jerry Wayne Cannon Graduate Gary Lee Carnathan Law I Third Row: John Curtis Carr Graduate; Delta Psi Joseph M. Cheruvelil Graduate Lan Yuh Yang Chuang Taipei, Graduate Vincent Tsungchien Chuang Kaohsiung, Graduate Fourth Row: Richard Orville Clark Law; Sigma Chi Floyd Martin Clay Graduate Rush M. Clements Rolling Law I Janie Lyn Clinton Dallas, Graduate; Delta Delta Delta Fifth Row: William T. Cochran Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Andrew Walker Coffey Graduate Mac Kelly Collins Yazoo L.A. Jerry R. Comeaux Baton Rouge, Law I Sixth Row: Philip T. Cornelius Graduate Anthony Phillip Correro Pharmacy 5 Joseph N. Corsale, Jr. Saratoga, Law 3 Anna Kate Cox Law I ; Alpha Omicron Pi Seventh Row: Edward E. Craig, Jr. Law I Louie Vivian Craig, Jr. Marks Law 2 Charles B. Cramer Mt. Holly, Graduate James W. Crisler Law I Eighth Row: Jon A. Crocker Law I ; Kappa Alpha Thomas Dewey Crowson Law I; Sigma Nu James E. Curtin Norfolk, Graduate; Kappa Alpha Gilford F. Dabbs, Ill Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha First Row: Edward J. Daigle New Orleans, James Albert Dale, III Columbus Law 2 Glen Harris Davidson Law 3; Pi Kappa Alpha Oscar E. Davis, Jr. Law I Second Row: Jon Jerome Daykin Graduate Jimmy G. Dedeaux Law I; Phi Kappa Psi Kul Deepak Rajastan, Graduate James Wheeler Deese Law 2 Third Row: Joseph Theodore Dehmer, Jr. Law 3 Dolores Delgadillo Earl L. Denney Jacksonville, Law I; Sigma Phi Epsilon Gary L. Densing Graduate Fourth Row: Gus B. Denton Law I; Phi Delta Theta William Lyman Denton Law 2; Sigma Chi James R. Devane Opp, Graduate William D. Donald, Jr. Pharmacy 5; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fifth Row: Thomas K. Donovan Graduate Phil Ray Dunnaway Ocean Law 2 Frederick P. Durant Dallas, Law 2 William M. Dye Law 3 Sixth Row: Roland Leon East Graduate Ben Garrett Edmonson Law I; Kappa Sigma William E. Ellington Law I Marvin E. Elliott Graduate Seventh Row: Guy Kenner Ellis Law 3 James Don England Graduate Gerald D. Ericson Sioux City, Graduate William H. Essary Graduate Eighth Row: Cyril T. Faneca, Jr. Law I; Beta Theta Pi Tah Houng Fine Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate Jimmy Blaine Fisher Law I Samuel Howard R. Fleming Graduate First Row: Cary Leon Fondern, Jr. Law I; Phi Delta Theta Cecil Atha Ford Law 2 Dennis Murphree Ford Law I; Kappa Alpha Mary Perry Ford Graduate Second Row: Arthur G. Foster Alexandria, Graduate; Phi Kappa Theta Renaldo Franceshi Aguirre, Puerto Law 3 Lannon D. Franklin Graduate Sarah E. Furr Graduate; Delta Delta Delta Third Row: Robert C. Galloway Law I; Sigma NI, Sam Hooper Gammill Law 2 Margaret K. Gartrell Law I Alexander B. Gates Law I Fourth Row: Robert Lawrence Genin, Jr. Bay St. Business John F. Gibson, Jr. Dermot, Law I Don Oliver Gleason Law I; Kappa Alpha John Grant Gourlay, Jr. Law 2 Fifth Row: William A. Gowan, Jr. Law I; Kappa Aipha Hardy P. Graham Union City, Graduate James Tyson Graham West Law I ; Alpha Tau Omega David M. Gray Graduate Sixth Row: James H. Gray Graduate: Kappa Sigma Jennie E. Gray Marion, Graduate Vasilios T. Grymanis Athens, Graduate Gretta H. Guyton Memphis, Graduate Seventh Row: Nicholas McLeod Haas Law 3 Madeline Hagstrom Pierson, Graduate; Alpha Delta Pi Bobby Wayne Hamblin Graduate Barbara Jean Hansen Grand Rapids, Graduate Eighth Row: Patrick Nicholas Harkins Law 2 Joseph C. Hartley, Jr. Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Lee Luther Hasseltine, Jr. L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha George C. Hayles Water Graduate; Delta Kappa Epsilon First Row: M. Paul Haynes, Jr. Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha Walter Carey Hearn Potts Graduate Scott Parker Hemleben Law I Walter Thomas Hendrix Law I Second Row: Samuel S. Henry Rocky Mount, Graduate Hartwell C. Herring, Ill Moss Graduate Harry Pringle Hewes Law 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jerry F. Fliers Shreveport, Graduate Third Row: Larry F. Higginbotham Memphis, Law I; Sigma Chi Law I; Phi Delta Theta Elbert C. Hodge, Jr. Oxford Ross A. Hodge Silver Law I Edward Douglas Hodo Graduate; Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: Robert A. Holder Graduate Alben Norris Hopkins Law 2 Ruth B. Hopkins Graduate Shih Siu Hsu Taiwan, China Fifth Row: Clyde G. Huggins, Jr. Law I Jessie Y. Humphreys Marianna, Graduate; Delta Gamma David R. Hunt Law I Dannye L. Hunter Law 3 Sixth Row: M. Michaelene Hylen Grand Rapids, Graduate John Wayne Jabour Phi Kappa Psi Harold Stephen Jackson New Law I Robert T. Jackson Law I Seventh Row: John Leonard Jeffries Law 3 Meighan G. Johnson Ocean Graduate Horace Perry Jones Graduate Ransom P. Jones, Ill Ocean Law I Eighth Row: Bipinder Kumar Kakkar Faridabad, Punjab, Graduate Pramod P. Karkhanis Bombay 28, Graduate Bernard G. Keller, Jr. Graduate James D. King Corning, Graduate First Row: James J. King Graduate Mary Louise King Dyersburg, Graduate; Chi Omega Ogwen Lamar King Pensacola, Law I Victor N. Kingery Graduate Second Row: James W. Kitchens Crystal Law I Luther A. Knight, Jr. Graduate Sam Dove Knowlton Law 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hiroo Kodama Hyoqo Prefecture, Graduate Third Row: Thomas Hume Koehler, Jr. Graduate Volker Markus Krauss Oberwinter, Law 2 Michael J. Kuria Loraine, Graduate Don Preston Lacy Law 2 Fourth Row: William W. Lamkin Yazoo Law 2 Howard Owen Leach Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Robert D. Lee Law 2 Thomas Stewart Lee Law 2 Fifth Row: Bobbye H. Legan Graduate Marshall Scottie Legan Graduate Larry Lee Lenoir Law 2 Barbara Joan Lester Graduate Sixth Row: Carl Edwin Lewis Pharmacy 5 Clayton Taylor Lewis Law 2 Douglas B. Lewis Law 2; Phi Epsilon Pi John William Lewis Pharmacy 5; Kappa Sigma Seventh Row: Ted F. Lewis Brownsville, Graduate Ernest B. Lipscomb, Ill Law 2; Phi Delta Theta Yuan Hu Liu Ping Tung, Taiwan, Graduate Edward Posey Lobrano, Jr. Law 3; Kappa Sigma Eighth Row: Elliot Loden Law 3 Chester Trent Lott Law 2; Sigma Nu Hugh Marshall Love Yazoo Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon William C. McClenahan Graduate; Kappa Alpha First Row: Robert E. McCormick Law I Michael A. McCready Monroe, Graduate Sandra Kay McElwee Haynesville, Graduate; Chi Omega Larry Allan McFarlane Fresno, Calif. Graduate Second Row: Larry Allan McFarlane Fresno, Graduate Linda Scott McGuire Graduate Robert L. McHaney, Jr. West Law 3 George Sidney Mclngvale Law I Third Row: Charles A. McIntosh, Jr. Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha William A. McMahen Law I Edward Reed Mack, Jr. tampa, Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega James E. Mackey Graduate Fourth Row: Douglas MacArthur Magee Law 2; Phi Kappa Theta George Mann Corning, Graduate Clyde H. Mathews Silver Graduate Nick Anthony Mavar, Jr. Law 2 Fifth Row: Arthur Cinclair May Law 2; Pi Kappa Alpha Charles Michael Merkel Law 2; Sigma Chi Emory Hubert Miller New Orleans, La. Law I Richard Louis Miller Law 3 Sixth Row: Robert Tillman Mills Moss Law 3 Carl Robert Montgomery Law 2; Sigma Chi Jene Williams Moore Benton, Graduate John R. Moore Holly Graduate; Sigma Chi Seventh Row: William H. Mounger, Jr. Law I; Phi Delta Theta Jerrald Lee Nations Law 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hugh L. Nichols, III Graduate; Delta Psi Ronald Alan Niemann Centralia, Law 2; Sigma Pi Eighth Row: Ed Davis Noble, Jr. Law 2; Kappa Alpha Phillip Burl Noble Graduate; Sigma Chi Darrell Wade Nolen Corning Graduate Arther Noriega, IV Miami, Graduate First Row: Barbara K. Novak Clifton, Graduate Thomas Joseph Obeirne Law 2 George A. Omas Graduate James Morris O ' Neal Graduate; Sigma Nu Second Row: John S. Oswald, II Syracuse, Business; Phi Kappa Psi Alvin Henry Overbeck Graduate Robert T. Palma Newark, L.A.; Phi Kappa Theta Robert D. Peel Long Law I Third Row: Felix E. Perry Law I; Sigma Chi James Brady Persons Law 2 Ellen Pfister Billings, Law 3 William Harden Pillow, Jr. Itta Graduate Fourth Row: James Wesley Pinson Graduate Narayanan Dasan Potti Vaikom Kerala, Graduate Douglas Bailey Price Graduate Joseph M. Price Gradua te Fifth Row: Benny Lee Pryor Law I Frieda Seu Quon Graduate John P. Quon Graduate William M. Rainey Law I Sixth Row: Thawat Raksil Washington, Graduate Edward C. Ratliff Graduate James Maynard Rawlinson Citronelle, Graduate JoAnn T. Reed Water Graduate Seventh Row: Johnie Newman Reese Graduate Harold W. Reid Law I William L. Reno, Jr. Pharmacy 5; Kappa Sigma Lige Homer Rich Stilwell, Graduate Eighth Row: Norma R. Robbins New Graduate Connie Matlock Roberts Malvern, Graduate Fred F. Roberts, Jr. Law I; Sigma Chi Frank A. Robertson Law 2 First Row: Sammie J. Robinson Graduate Tommy Bott Rogers Law 2 Elmo Avery Rollins, Jr. Law 3 Scotty Rester Rosetti Law 2; Kappa Alpha Second Row: John C. Ross, Jr. Law I ; Pi Kappa Alpha Lester L. Rowe, Jr. Memphis, Law I Danny Ray Roy Engineering; Sigma Nu Forrest D. Ruegger Law I Third Row: George Albert Rummel, Ill L.A. Stacy B. Russell Law I William 0. Rutledge, Ill New Law I Phi Delta Theta Lynda M. Salloum Graduate Fourth Row: Clyde F. Sartor, Jr. Water Graduate Elliott E. Schlottman, Jr. Law I ; Sigma Chi Robert Lee Seay Graduate Gene E. Sharp Chatsworth, Graduate Fifth Row: Edward Reese Sharpe Graduate James E. Shirley Yazoo Graduate Ben B. Smith Water Law I Daniel B. Smith, Jr. Law 2; Phi Delta Theta Sixth Row: David Michael Smith Law 2 Herman Guy Smith, Jr. Chiefland, Law I Sarah A. Smith Sheffield, Graduate Thomas D. Smith Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega Seventh Row: Prakash Somani Calcutta, Graduate Oris Lesly Stanton Graduate Rosemary C. Stechsuhlte Owosso, Graduate Rosemary C. Stephens Memphis, Graduate Eighth Row: Joseph Joshua Stevens, Jr. Law 2; Kappa Alpha Robert E. Stewart Graduate Sherry Donald Storey Graduate; Alpha Omicron Pi Thomas Barrett Storey, Jr. Law 2 First Row: Howard Mattox Stroud Law I Mei Quey Su Taiwan, Free Graduate Aleita A. Magee Sullivan Law 3 William Wyatt Sumrall Law I Phi Delta Theta Second Row: Walter B. Swain, Jr. Law I Clayton J. Swank, Ill Law 3 Chen-Nang Tai Hsin-chu, Graduate Robert D. Tapp Madisonville, Graduate; Delta Psi Third Row: Michael Byron Taylor Law I; Alpha Tau Omega Richard S. Taylor Hartford, Law I Landman J. Teller, Jr. Law 2 Thomas Bernard Tenfelde Grand Rapids, Law 2; Delta Psi Fourth Row: Tsu C. Ten Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate Champ Taylor Terney Law 3 Frank S. Thackston Law I David Dee Thomas Duck Law I Fifth Row: Ronald A. Thornton Pharmacy 5 William E. Thurmond, Jr. Law 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Merritt Tipton Law 3 Thomas E. Toney Law I Sixth Row: John A. Travis, III Law 3; Phi Delta Theta Billy Buckley Trimble Law I; Sigma Chi Eugene C. Tullos Law I Charles S. Vail Law I Seventh Row: Jimmy Lloyd Valentine Graduate Robert Barry Vickery Low I; Sigma Chi Kosta Nick Vlahos Law 2 Carole E. Walker Graduate Eighth Row: Edmund J. Walker Law 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon Vermon M. Wallace Graduate James R. Walsh Memphis, Law I Min Hue Wang Tainan, Taiwan, Graduate First Row: Robert E. Ward Bastrop, Graduate Ruth Olene Ward Bastrop, Graduate Donald Wayne Warfield Madison, Graduate Gerald M. Warren Law I Second Row: James C. Watkins Graduate Pat Harrison Watts, Jr. Law 2 Wren Carroll Way Law 2; Kappa Sigma David Thomas Webb, Jr. .Law 2 Third Row: Robert A. Weems Law I William S. Weems Law I Cheng H. Wen Taipei, Taiwan, Graduate Joseph T. Wilkins, Ill New Law I; Sigma Chi Fourth Row: James Elliott Williams Law 2; Beta Theta Pi Roy Capps Williams Law I; Sigma Nu James E. Williamson, Jr. Mississippi Law 2 Thomas Stout Wilson Arlington, Graduate; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fifth Row: Robert Wayne Witt Scottsville, Graduate Larry W. Wood Law I; Kappa Alpha Nancy L. Woo Graduate James Everette Woods Law 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sixth Row: Mu-Sheng Wu Kaohsiung, Formosa, Graduate William Gully Yates, Jr. Law 2; Sigma Chi Leonard Albert Young Law 3; Delta Kappa Epsilon Cheng Yuan Taiwan, Graduate Seventh Row: Doyle L. Pennington Graduate Larry Cunningham Law 3; Sigma Chi First Row: Mary Elizabeth Aaron Education Fred Gordon Abney Bay Business; Kappa Alpha Fred Larry Abraham Business John Jasper Adams Pharmacy 4 Second Row: Howard Smith Ainsworth Florence, Business Eddie Gene Akins Business Martha Jean Aldridge Hattiesburg L.A. Elizabeth J. Alexander Fulton Education Third Row: Ermalene A. Alexander L.A. Virna Ruth Alexander Rolling L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi Jane Elizabeth Allen Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma June Marie Allen L.A. Fourth Row: Lee Nash Allen Business Christian Allenburger, Ill L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Richard Marvin Almond Memphis, Business Carolyn E. Anderson Toone, L.A.; Chi Omega Fifth Row: Anne Finlay Archer Education; Ch i Omega Elzey Joe Arledge, Jr. Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon John Richard Arnold Yazoo Pharmacy 4 Richard Earl Atkins Business Sixth Row: Martha Jane Austin Memphis, Education; Zeta Tau Alpha Curtis Proper Ayers, Ill Holly Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega Robert G. Babyak Carmichaels, Business Robert A. Bailey Business; Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Robert William Bailey Memphis, Business; Phi Delta Theta Sam Harper Bailey Patricia Ann Baker Education; Alpha Omicron Pi William Ernest Baker Business; Phi Delta Theta Eighth Row: Annie Lavern Ball Education Elizabeth Ann Ballard L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi Genevieve McBee Barbour Yazoo Education; Chi Omega Varis Barenis Business First Row: James Love Barksdale Business; Sigma Chi John Ward Barnes Memphis, L.A.; Sigma Chi Barbara Ann Barnett Bay L.A. Clifford Edward J. Barnett Bay Pharmacy 4; Sigma Nu Second Row: James Robert Barr Business George R. Barrett Yazoo City Business Robert William Barton L.A.; Delta Psi Gary Franck Beaupre Gretna, L.A. Third Row: Fred Allen Bell Business; Sigma Chi Hudson Ford Bell Business; Phi Delta Theta Hugh Oliver Bell, Jr. Tampa, Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Josh Bowles Bell, Ill Business Fourth Row: Marshall Goodloe Bennett L.A.; Sigma Chi Carol Jeanne Bequette West L.A.; Delta Gamma George H. Bergold, Jr. Pharmacy 4; Phi Delta Theta Melanie Patricia Bernard Lakewood, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Fifth Row: Donna Ann Berry Education Donna Ann Berry Education Leonard Gene Bethards N. Miami, Engineering Mary Ann Biedenharn L.A.; Kappa Delta Sixth Row: Jane Jackson Bigger Marion, L.A.; Delta Delta Delta David Michael Biggs Murrayville, L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi John Henrik Billing Waumatosa, Business Juanita L. Billingsley Education Seventh Row: James Oliver Bishop West L.A.; Sigma Nu Carr Marion Black Business; Phi Delta Theta Aden Jack Blackledge, Jr. L.A. Jerry Holmes Blount L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Eighth Row: Cheryl Bobbitt Education; Delta Gamma William Joe Boggan Kimble Lee Bolen Business; Sigma Nu John William Bolich Engineering; Phi Delta Theta First Row: Judith Mary Boney Northfield, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Charles Sidney Boren Engineering; Delta Psi Douglas Brian Bosse Omaha, Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon Robert Bennett Boswell Business; Alpha Tau Omega Second Row: James Randolph Bounds L.A. Ralph Truitt Bourn Pharmacy 4 George Howard Boutwell Engineering Graham Gregory Boyd Yazoo L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Third Row: Jim Haber Boyd Glen L.A. Mary Dianne Boyd L.A. David Emmett Bozone, Jr. Pharmacy 4 Andrew Gainey Branscome L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fourth Row: James Clifton Branton Pharmacy 4 Sedley Cameron Branton Pharmacy 4 Robert Spencer Brenner Business; Beta Theta Pi Gloria C. Bright Education Fifth Row: William W. Brittingham Lewes, Education; Pi Kappa Alpha Howard Lynn Britton Pharmacy 4 Henry Donnie Brock L.A.; Kappa Sigma, Richard William Brock Hornell, L.A. Sixth Row: Ronny D. Brooks Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma Robert Paul Broom Campbell Business; Sigma Pi Ernest Eliot Brown, Ill Business James Ticer Brown, Jr. Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon Seventh Row: Mary Amanda Brown L.A.; Delta Gamma Milton Drummond Brown Kansas City, Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon William Howard Brown, Jr. New L.A.; Sigma Chi Cindy Kaye Browning L.A.; Delta Gamma Eighth Row: Douglas Albert Brownlee Pharmacy 4 Charles B. Brumley, Jr. L.A. Richard Cohron Bryan, Jr. Business; Sigma Chi George Sumner Buck, Ill Memphis, L.A. First Row: Guy Hartwell Bumpas, Jr. Business; Phi Delta Theta Mary Ann Burks Dyersburg, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Don Arthur Burleson Pt. Allegany, Business Josephine C. Burns Education Second Row: Carl Denton Bush Business Tony M. Buster Pharmacy 4 Sara Louise Butler L.A.; Chi Omega Margaret Alice Bynum Dermott, Pharmacy 4; Alpha Omicron Pi Third Row: James Larry Byrd Pharmacy 4 Robert Darryl Byrd L.A. Sarah Kathryn Caldwell L.A.; Kappa Delta Chester Morris Callahan Business Fourth Row: Diane B. Callender Business Eugene Joseph Calvasina Wilmington, L.A. Russell Warren Calvert Cupentino, L.A. David Hardin Campbell Memphis, L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Fifth Row: Gerald Kent Campbell Clearwater, Education Bobby Joe Canup Business George P. Caridakis L.A. Mark Steven Carley Engineering Sixth Row: Ann S. Carothers Education Wayne Obrian Carpenter L.A. William Manuel Carpenter Business; Kappa Alpha Michael H. Carter, Jr. Greenwood L.A.; Phi Delta Theta Seventh Row: Linda Massey Case Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sarah Lynn Cashion Education; Alpha Delta Pi Martha Ann Chadwick Education; Kappa Delta Leonard M. Chamberlin Eighth Row: Richard Cullin Chambers Ocean L.A.; Delta Psi Anita 0. Chandler West L.A.; Chi Omega James Walter Chandler Business; Sigma Chi John Cecil Chevis, Jr. Bay St Business First Row: John H. Chisholm, Jr. McCall L.A. Michael Adam Chrestman Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon Edwin Chu Pharmacy 4 Donald Merritt Clanton Education Second Row: Susan Stevens Clark Education; Delta Delta Delta Russell Victor Cobb, Ill Pharmacy 4; Alpha Tau Omega Thomas Ley Cockrell Education James Virgil Coggin, Jr. Business; Sigma Nu Third Row: Harold Sanford Cohen Business John Franklin Cole Pharmacy 4 Ronald Keith Cole Ft. Lauderdale, L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Jimmy Franklin Corner Education Fourth Row: Shelia Jean Conant Homewood, L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Cathy Diane Conner Ripley, L.A.; Kappa Delta Mary Bibb Cook West Pharmacy 4 Prudence McFadden Cook Education Fifth Row: John Gordon Corlew L.A.; Sigma Nu Nancy Carolyn Coursey L.A.; Delta Gamma Cecil Vester Cox, Jr. Business James Thomason Cox Whitehaven, L.A.; Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: Sidney Anderson Cox L.A. David E. Crawley, Ill Business Richard Langford Crenshaw Pharmacy 4 Fred Chastain Cribbs Pharmacy 4; Sigma Chi Seventh Row: Thomas Eugene Cribbs L.A.; Sigma Chi Theresa Lee Cromeans Henry Thorne Crosby L.A.; Sigma Chi Merrye Jan Crouch Education Eighth Row: John Dale Crow Elaine, Business Lloyd Anthony Cuevas Bay St. Education William M. Dalehite, Jr. L.A.. Pi Kappa Alpha Helen Elizabeth Daly Business First Row: Dorothy Ann Daniel Business Jo Adaire Daniel Education Lloyd Coppedge Daniel L.A. William Jackson Daniel L.A.; Kappa Sigma Second Row: Frances Ann Davidson L.A. Carl F. Davis Engineering; Delta Psi Carolyn Faye Davis Hardy, Education Donnie Monroe Davis Orlando, Business; Alpha Tau Omega Third Row: Howard Quitman Davis, Jr. L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Michael L. Davis Education; Pi Kappa Alpha Paula Davis Lexington, Education Robert Earl Davis Pharmacy 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fourth Row: Winston Robert Davis L.A. Linda Virginia Dean Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Michael Roy Dean Winter Park, Steven Kent Dear Business; Phi Delta Theta Fifth Row: James Davidson Deare Metairie, L.A. Suzanne M. Dedeaux Education Sandra Eileen Dediego Tampa, L.A. Inmond Louis Deen, Jr. Education Sixth Row: Ligia Pilar Delgadillo Managua, Business Donald Arthur Deline Business; Sigma Nu Fred Kevin Delph Bay St. Business; Alpha Tau Omega Ennis Paul Denham Pharmacy 4 Seventh Row: Herbert Emilie Dewees, Jr. L.A.; Kappa Alpha Oren William Dickins Business Merrill E. Diket, Jr. Pharmacy 4; Sigma Chi Hal Conn Dilworth, Jr. Bridgeton, Eighth Row: John Evan Doggett Engineering; Sigma Chi Carlos Ray Dollar Engineering James Harold Douglas Pharmacy 4 Lee Dell B. Dowdle Education First Row: Robert Wayne Dowdy Business Joan Elaine Downer Education; Delta Delta Delta Carl Eugene Drake Business; Kappa Sigma John Allen Dubard L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Second Row: Dale Lee Duckworth Business Joseph W. Duckworth, Jr. Pharmacy 4 Nancy Carol Duncan Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma Harold Eugene Dunn Ocean L.A. Third RoW: Robert Dennis Eavenson Education R. Lee Edmondson, Jr. Hattiesburg L.A. George Ronald Edwards Pharmacy 4; Alpha Tau Omega James S. Edwards L.A.; Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: Edwin Eggen Engineering John Carl Einhaus Pharmacy 4 Barbara Ann Elder Moss Business Elissa Ann Ellington L.A. Fifth Row: Joe I. Elliott, Jr. Water Education Susan Gwendolyn Ellzey Phi Mu Joseph David Elmore Education Donna Ruth Else Yazoo L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha Sixth Row: Herman Donald Estes Business Priscilla Gay Etter Fort Worth, Education Diane Breedlove Eubanks Pharmacy 4 James W. Eubanks, Jr. Pharmacy 4 Seventh Row: Donnie Herbert Evans L.A. Margaret Devane Fair L.A.; Delta Delta Delta John Thomas Faloon L.A. Jerry Dale Fancher Business Eighth Row: Bonnie Eva Farr Education; Phi Mu Saranne Feemster L.A.; Gamma Donna Mae Ferguson Poplar Bluff, L.A. Joseph Paul Fillare Allendale, Business; Phi Kappa Theta First Row: Christy Richards Finke Business Gerald Lee Fitzgerald L.A. George Shea Flinn, Jr. Memphis, Engineering; Sigma Nu Carroll Leslie Flowers Business; Sigma Nu Second Row: Charles Harry Flowers Business Martha Ross Floyd New Orleans, L.A.; Pi Beta Phi Tom Sledge Floyd Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Claude Eugene Foote L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Third Row: Ray Larry Fornea Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma James W. Fortner L.A.; Kappa Sigma Elizabeth M. Foster Education; Kappa Delta Patricia D. Fouche Yazoo City Education Fourth Row: Rebecca Ann Fowler Business; Delta Gamma Larry Irby Fox Pharmacy 4 Charles Carter Fraley, Jr. Business Sarah B. Franklin Pharmacy 4; Alpha Delta Pi Fifth Row: George Thomas Fuqua Business Bonnie Kay Furnas Elmhurst, L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Louise Michele Gardner Business; Delta Delta Delta Sarah Elizabeth Garner L.A. Sixth Row: Gayle Louise Garth Education; Delta Gamma John Wesley Gary, Ill Business; Sigma Chi Joseph S. Garzik, Jr. Southern Pines, L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Henry Martin Gastrell, Ill Engineering; Phi Delta Theta Seventh Row: Ruth Ann Gean Charles W. Geiselman, Jr. Pharmacy 4 John Francis Geisler Pittsburgh, Engineering George Stratford Gennin Eighth Row: Lucy Sparrow Gerhart L.A.; Chi Omega Jo Guyton Gerrard Eighth Row: William Jason Gibson Pharmacy 4 George Y. Gillespie, HI L.A.; Delta Psi First Row: Henri Etta Gillingham L.A. William Shelton Gillis Business; Sigma Nu Cole Brittain Gober Thomas W. Goldman, Jr. L.A. Second Row: Kung Woo Gong, Jr. Business Yvonne H. Gordon Education Miriam Susan Goza Education; Chi Omega Phyllis Eloise Grant Memphis, Business; Alpha Omicron Pi Third Row: Larry Lloyd Grantham Business; Alpha Tan Omega Janice Owen Graves Metairie, L.A. Jerry Thomas Graves McCrory, Business John Barrett Green Franklinton, Business; Phi Delta Theta Fourth Row: Janet Ann Griffin Education; Delta Delta Delta Robert L. Grobmyer Memphis, Education Floyd Abram Groves Kelseyville, L.A. William Carl Gunn Marianna, Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fifth Row: Gerald Goodwin Gunter Business Stuart T. Guttman Chicago, L.A. David Lee Guyton L.A.; Sigma Chi Dolores Dross Haig Milwaukee, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Sixth Row: William Andrew Hailey Business Anthony Earl Hale Business; Sigma Nu Suzanne Haley L.A.; Delta Delta Delta Billy Don Hall Memphis, Business Seventh Row: Donald George Hall Buffalo, L.A.; Kappa Sigma John Travis Hall Pharmacy 4 Robert Andrews Ham L.A. Donald Daniel Hamachek, Jr. Memphis, Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Eighth Row: Barbara Schmidt Hankins Education Kayle Ellen Hankins Education; Delta Gamma Ronald Vincent Hanna Donora, Business; Phi Kappa Theta Regina Claud Hardin Business; Delta Gamma First Row: Deborah Ann Harkins Marshall, Education William Betts Harlan Pharmacy 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon Lindsay Hale Harp Mayfield, Engineering; Beta Theta Pi Griffin Holmes Harrell Memphis, Business; Sigma Nu Second Row: Frank Whitaker Harrington Business; Sigma Chi Barbara Harris L.A.; Delta Delta Delta Jan Harris Education; Kappa Delta Marilyn Frances Harris St. Petersburg, Fla. Education; Delta Gamma Third Row: Nancy Jane Harris L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi Sandra Jane Harrison Jean Alice Hartley Education James C. Hartsfield, Jr. L.A. Fourth Row: Roseann Elizabeth Harwood Education; Kappa Delta Robert E. Hauberg Jackson L.A.; Beta Theta Pi Cullum Jefferson Heard Pharmacy 4 Patrick Richard Hecker Pharmacy 4 Fifth Row: Wallace Eugene Heggie Business; Sigma Nu Harry Bradley Heitzman L.A. Anna Evellyn Hemer L.A.; Phi Mu Willis Walley Henderson Pharmacy 4 Sixth Row: David Berch Henry Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon Taras John Herbowy Utica, Education Kathryn Healy Hester L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Billy John Hill Pensacola, Seventh Row: Raymond Carl Hill West Helena, Business Arnold Himelstein Business Ben Terry Hinton Business Joe Lloyd Hinton Pharmacy 4 Eighth Row: Jo Currie Dent Hodge Birmingham, L.A. Franklin Wayne Hodges Pharmacy 4 Michael Frederick Hodgson Yazoo Business Larry Eugene Holder Pharmacy 4; Alpha Tau Omega First Row: Clarence Lee Holley Olive Pharmacy 4; Alpha Tau Omega Miller Payne Holmes, Jr. Yazoo Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Norman Richard Holstein Miami, Education Edwin Love Holt Memphis. Business; Phi Delta Theta Second Row: George Hardin Homich Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon Jack Wade Hood Donaldsonville, L.A.; Sigma Pi Jeffrey Edison Hood Huntington, Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon Kay Carole Hood Business Third Row: William Clayton Hopper, Jr. Horn L.A. Carrol D. Horn, Jr. Pharmacy 4 Lynda Mcalpin Horn Education Edward Joseph Horvath Columbus L.A. Fourth Row: Sandra Kay Houston Education; Delta Delta Delta Noble Owen Hovater Tuscumbia, Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Ernest Ernwin Howard Business; Sigma Chi Keith Gordon Howell Engineering Fifth Row: Alcus Ray Hudson Pharmacy 4 Ann Broome L.A. Charles Albritton Hudson Hopkinsville, Business Daniel Clyde Hughes, Jr. Business; Sigma Chi Sixth Row: Edwin C. Humphreys, Ill Business Hervey M. Hunter Pharmacy 4 George Gibson Hurst Pharmacy 4 Winn Varnon Hutchcraft Paris, Business; Delta Psi Seventh Row: Thomas Hudson Idema Battle Creek, Business Marilyn Ruth Ingram Business; Alpha Omicron Pi Linda Dorothy Ingrassia Mississippi L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi Michael Lundie Inmon Engineering Eighth Row: Frank Melsheimer Irby L.A.. Sigma Nu Carey Marvin Jackson Engineering Edwin Leon Jackson Houston, L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Jimmy Smith Jackson Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma First Row: Jimmy Smith Jackson Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma Jesse Earl Jacobs Education Linda Jacobs Deland, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Sandra Anne James L.A.; Kappa Delta Second Row: William Byrd James L.A. Herbert M. Jameson Germantown, Business Bruce Cranford Jayne L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Walton Ray Jenkins Pharmacy 4 Third Row: Bennie Fant Johnson Business Dorothy Fay Johnson L.A.; Delta Gamma James Howard Johnson Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Kathleen Johnson Brownwood, Education Fourth Row: Martha Lynette Johnson L.A. Paul Hayne Johnson Business; phi Delta Theta Russell A. Johnson Tampa, Business; Sigma Chi Barbara Atherton Jones Education Fifth Row: David Allan Jones Williston, L.A. Dorothy Duncan Jones L.A.; Delta Delta Delta Emory Davis Jones Education Fern Virginia Jones Business; Pi Beta Phi Sixth Row: Frank Wilder Jones Engineering Fredric E. Jones Pharmacy 4 George E. Jones, Jr. West Pharmacy 4 James Vanoy Jones, Jr. Education Seventh Row: James William Jones, Ill .. Education Jennifer Helen Jones San Antonio, L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma John Nathaniel Jones L.A. Mary Launa Jones Education; Chi Omega Eighth Row: Roger Tilden Jones Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma Sydney Lundy Jones Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma Thomas Franklin Jones Business Albert Jue Pharmacy 4 First Row: George Henry Jue Pharmacy 4 James Streett Kaigler Business Sandra Rae Keifer Montgomery, L.A. James Harold Key L.A. Second Row: Claude Arthur Kibble Pharmacy 4 Martin A. Kilpatrick L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Phyl Jane Kimball Education; Kappa Delta Frank Manning Kinard, Jr. University Education Third Row: James Robert King Gideon, Education William Vance Kirby L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha James R. Kliesch Orange, L.A. James Wayne Knight Pharmacy 4 Fourth Row: Lenore C. Koehler Towson, L.A. Donald Franklin Koen Pharmacy 4; Sigma Nu Guy C. Kraus Pass L.A. Paul K. Lackey, Jr. Jackson L.A.; Kappa Alpha Fifth Row: Arthur Allen Lacy L.A. Claude Julius Ladner Engineering Heber A. Ladner L.A.; Phi Delta Theta Raymond Paul Laduc Utica, L.A.; Kappa Sigma Sixth Row: Kathryn Evan Lamar Lambert Education; Delta Gamma Ronald William Lamey Pharmacy 4 Elizabeth Anne Lane Education; Delta Gamma Jean Francis Larroux Bay St. L.A.; Kappa Sigma Seventh Row: Mary Jo Latham Business William Larry Latham Business; Alpha Tau Omega Rosemary Latimer L.A.; Kappa Delta Andy Paul Lawhon .. Business; Sigma Nu Eighth Row: Billy Ray Lea Pharmacy 4 Pamela Ann Leach Du Quoin, L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi A. J. Lee Engineering; Delta Psi Joseph Beauregard Lee, Ill Business; Alpha Tau Omega First Row: Robert Edward Lee, Jr. Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Van Ellis Lee Bastrop, Pharmacy 4; Delta Kappa Epsilon Treva Anne Leggett Memphis, L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi Betty Boyd Leonard Education; Delta Gamma Second Row: Jimmie Micajah Lessley Pharmacy 4 Garner Wallace Lester L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha William Edward Lester L.A. John Howell Lewis Holly Pharmacy 4 Third Row: Lynda Rhodes Lewis Education Waite Edward Ligon, Ill Business; Delta Psi John Stanley Lile Education Dale Conn Lingle Crystal Pharmacy 4; Phi Kappa Psi Fourth Row: Nancy Bauer Linkroum Coral Gables, L.A.; Pi Beta Phi Angelo Demetrios Liollio Business John Maxey Lippincott L.A.; Beta Theta Pi Earle Floyd Lipscomb L.A.; Phi Delta Theta Fifth Row: William Beck Lipscomb Business; Beta Theta Pi Jamie Ray Little Business Marianna Littlejohn West Business; Delta Gamma John David Lobue Hammond, L.A. Sixth Row: Brenda Leo Lokey Amarillo, Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma John Tillman Lomax, Jr. L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Betty J. Long Education John Thomas Longino, Ill Business; Phi Delta Theta Seventh Row: Ben Crawford Lott Pharmacy 4 Joseph Edward Lotterhos Crystal Business; Kappa Alpha Adele Robertha Love Education Van Alvin Lucas Business; Sigma Nu Eighth Row: Ignatius S. Luckett, Jr. L.A.; Kappa Alpha Phil Maurice McAllister Pharmacy 4 Jerry Charles McAnally L.A. Lewis Raymond McCaffrey Boque 4 First Row: Joseph Coffee McCarty L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Joe Barry McCaskill Pharmacy 4 Paul H. McClellan, Jr. Pharmacy 4 Peggy McClure Shreveport, Education; Pi Beta Phi Second Row: Barbara Lambert McCollum Education Harry Edward McCollum, Jr. Pharmacy 4; Alpha Tan Omega Joe Don McCorkle Engineering; Delta Psi Henry Allen McCrory Pharmacy 4 Third Row: Margaret Ann McCully Business; Delta Gamma Clarence Albert McDaniel Mississippi L.A. Frank Logan McDonald, Jr. L.A.; Phi Delta Theta Judith Gail McDonald Metairie, Education Fourth Row: Karen Lee McDonald Arlington, Education Paul McDonald, Jr. Arlington, Va. Education Sarah Weems McDonnell Business; Kappa Delta Marcia Ann McDuff L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Fifth Row: Carolyn Ann McElwain L.A.; Delta Gamma Connie Cross McElwain Engineering John Warren McGehee Pharmacy 4; Kappa Sigma William T. McGlathery, Ill Birmingham, Ala. Business; Phi Delta Theta Sixth Row: Corwin Lee McKay Cincinnati, Education Alexander F. McKeigney L.A.; Sigma Chi William S. McKeithen, II Pharmacy 4 William Lucas McMullen, Jr. L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Seventh Row: Coralee McNeely Education Thomas Darrell McNeese Business; Sigma Chi Hosea S. McNew, Jr. Business Donald Reid McPherson, II Williamsburg, L.A.; Kappa Alpha Eighth Row: Thomas Alan McRay Little Rock, Business Michael Thomason McRee Engineering; Kappa Alpha Ramzi Jubran Maaya Gate City, Pharmacy 4 James Stewart MacDonald Business; Alpha Tau Omega First Row: Craig Alan MacKenzie Leland, L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi William Percy Malone Pharmacy 4 George William Manifold L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega James Albert Mann Pharmacy 4 Second Row: Dick Hall Marchbanks Business; Sigma Nu Linda Adele Marlin Business; Pi Beta Phi Anne Lillian Marlow Memphis, Education Donald Grayson Martin Emporia, Kappa Sigma Third Row: Rodney Anthony Mattina Business Sam Joseph Mavar, Jr. Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon Jo Ann Maxcy Red Bay, Education John L. Maxey, Jr. New LA.; Sigma Chi Fourth Row: Robert Leslie Mays Pharmacy 4: Sigma N LI Alfred Lamar Meador, Jr. Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Susan Jane Meason L.A.; Kappa Delta Kachy Louie Melikian Indian Orchard, Business Fifth Row: Martha Clark Mellon Education; Delta Delta Delta Floyd M. Melton, Jr. Business; Phi Delta Theta Judith Anne Merriott Stamford, Education Norval George Metcalf Alexandria, Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sixth Row: John Stephen Metz Memphis, L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert Joe Metz Business; Kappa Alpha Lattimore M. Michael Business; Kappa Alpha Charles Davis Miles Seventh Row: William Richard Millard West L.A. Clair H. Miller, Jr. Bridgeton, Business; Sigma Pi Paul Oscar Miller, Ill Butler, Business; Beta Theta Pi Gwen Ann Mills L.A.; Chi Omega Eighth Row: Sherry Elaine Mills Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Ronald Albert Milner Dunmore, Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega Marvin Taylor Mims Business Samuel Cochran Mims, IV Itta Business First Row: James Clyde Mingee, Ill Business Carolyn E. Mitchell Paragould, L.A. Ronald Arthur Mitchell Pharmacy 4 Flo Jean Cobb Mixon Education Second Row: Terrence B. Mohr Englewood, Business Gerrard Wayne Monroe L.A. Mary R. Montgomery Education; Delta Delta Delta Thomas R. Montgomery Pharmacy 4; Sigma Chi Third Row: Floyd E. Moore, Jr. Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon James Ryan Moore L.A. Patricia Anne Moore Business; Delta Delta Delta William James Moore Clearwater, Fourth Row: Mary Martha Morehead Education; Delta Delta Delta Bettye Jean Morgan Engineering Bobby Ray Morgan Pharmacy 4 George Terrell Morgan Pharmacy 4 Fifth Row: Samuel Ross Morgan Business W. Joy Morgan Education; Phi Mu Medley Charroll Morris Education Thomas Dudley Morrow Calhoun Pharmacy 4 Sixth Row: John Therrell Moss Pharmacy 4; Sigma Nu John Randall Mott Pharmacy 4; Sigma Chi Mary Evonne Mullen Education; Phi Mu Buford Coleman Murphree Engineering; Sigma Chi Seventh Row: Roberta J. Murphy L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi William R. Murphy Henderson, Education James Lynn Murray Pharmacy 4 Edward Louis Naro Groton, L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Eighth Row: Jonathon Michael Nash North Little Rock, Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega Christopher Lagrone Neal L.A. George Rives Neblett L.A.; Phi Delta Theta Andrea Jo Nelms Pharmacy 4 First Row: Janet Lee Nelson Cincinnati, Education; Chi Omega Michael Leroy Nelson Business; Sigma Chi David George Neri St. Charles, Business Jo Ellen Nettles Pharmacy 4; Alpha Omicron Pi Second Row: Gerald Emmitt Newell Education William L. Nicholas Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon Charles Ray Nix Pharmacy 4 Ida Kathryn Nix L.A.; Delta Gamma Third Row: Catherine Adair Noah Education; Delta Gamma Lynne Diane Northup Tinley Pk., Education Frederick M. Nosef L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha Charles Richard Nute Education Fourth Row: David Francis Oglesbee Education John Edward Olson L.A. Clifton Earl Osborn Education Massie Charles Pacchione Glenside, Business Fifth Row: Elmer Carl Palm Monongahela, Engineering Walter Herbert Palmer Pharmacy 4; Phi Kappa Psi William Judson Palmer, II L.A.; Sigma Pi Alan Mixon Parker L.A.; Sigma Nu Sixth Row: Bob King Parks Pharmacy 4; Alpha Tau Omega Elizabeth Ann Parks L.A.; Kappa Delta Sandra B. Parks Business William B. Parsons New Orleans, Business; Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Patrick Joseph Pasco L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi William Dee Pate Hayti, Business; Sigma Pi Shantilal C. Patel Avidha, Gujarat, Engineering Patricia S. Patton Education Eighth Row: William Chester Patton Pharmacy 4 Joe Randol Patty L.A.; Kappa Sigma Patty Dee Pauley Pikeville, Education; Pi Beta Phi Lucy Lee Payne L.A.; Delta Delta Delta First Row: Shirley V. Payne Education; Delta Delta Delta Ethel Ann Pearson Jackson, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Johnny Burns Peebles Pharmacy 4 Jon Griffin Pennebaker Education Second Row: James William Pennington L.A. Ronald Giles Peresich Business George W. Petering Lake Wales, L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Dorothy Jean Petkovsek Business Third Row: Andrew John Phay L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Cary Alton Phillips Business; Sigma Nu Lars Ole Phillips Bay St. Engineering; Kappa Sigma Martha Rives Phillips Holly Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Fourth Row: Robert Lewis Phillips Newbern, L.A.; Beta Theta Pi Guy Warren Pickle Business Morris Edwin Pigott L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega James Thomas Pinkerton Pharmacy 4 Fifth Row: James Acye Pittman Pharmacy 4 Gary Davis Platt Kent, Education; Sigma Pi John L. Polizzi Business Carolyn Posey Business; Alpha Omicron Pi Sixth Row: Claude Harry Powell L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Philip Lamar Poythress Engineering Edward G. Prather L.A. Betty Ann Price L.A. Seventh Row: Susan Jean Price L.A. Andrew Earl Prince L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Patricia Joy Prince Union, L.A. William Richard Prine Richardson, Education Eighth Row: Belle Frances Privette Peggy Dian Q ualls Education Wilfred Joseph Radler, Jr. L.A. Harriett S. Ramsey L.A. First Row: Jacqueline R. Ramsey L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi George Marvin Randall Education Rebecca Breedlove Raney L.A. Ronnie Earl Raney Business Second Row: Jimmy Raper Business Mary Aileen Ratcliff Education; Delta Gamma James Frederick Rawls Memphis, Education Morgan Gene Ray Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon Third Row: Starr Leland Ray Washington, Education Martha Jane Reece Education Jimmie Cecil Reed L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Patricia Dianne Reed Education Fourth Row: Virginia Mann Reed Business Brenda Gale Reeves Education Robert Roy Regalbuto Boca Raton, Education; Sigma Pi William Benjamin Regan Business; Alpha Tau Omega Fifth Row: Franklin L. Renault Coral Gables, Fla. Pharmacy Phi Kappa Theta Robert Taft Renfro Education; Kappa Sigma Priscilla Gay Rette Burleson, L.A. Barbara Lynn Ricau Metairie, L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sixth Row: Dorothy Helen Rich L.A. Doris C. Richardson New L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha Gerald D. Riddell Engineering John Marion Riddell Engineering Seventh Row: Jerry Ann Riggs L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi Gerald Culley Rikard Olive Business John Norman Robbins New Pharmacy 4 Gary Sewell Roberson Business; Phi Delta Theta Eighth Row: Camille Shofner Roberts Pharmacy 4 Ronnie Spencer Roberts Engineering Hubert C. Robertson, Jr. Pharmacy 4 John William Robertson L.A.; Phi Delta Theta First Row: James C. Rochester, Jr. Thomas Earl Roden Kennett, L.A. Shannon E. Rodes Satellite Beach, L.A. Bennie Mack Rogers Pharmacy 4 Second Row: Charlotte Anne Rogers Orlando, Howell Wade Rogers L.A. Larry Thomas Rogers Savannah, L.A.; Sigma Pi Nancy Lee Rogers Michigan Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Third Row: William Levi Rogers, Ill New L.A.; Sigma Chi Richard Lee Ross Pharmacy 4 Sandra Chrestman Ross Pharmacy 4 Roberta Kay Rowland Pharmacy 4; Alpha Omicron Pi Fourth Row: Martin Cary Roy Education Wesley Benjamin Rozolsky L.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi Nancy K. Russell Richard Harold Russell Pharmacy 4 Fifth Row: Ruth Ann Rutherford Arlington, Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Micheal Evans Ryan Business; Sigma Chi Jack D. Sallis L.A. Glenn Ross Samford Steele, L.A.; Sigma Pi Sixth Row: Marvin L. Sanders Clinton, L.A.; Delta Psi Linda Raye Sanderson L.A. R. Lester Sargent, Jr. L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Elizabeth Ann Sartor Education Seventh Row: Margaret Louise Savage L.A.; Phi Mu Patricia D. Scarbrough Education Edwin C. Schmitt Alsip, Business; Phi Kappa Theta Spencer Louis Schreiter L.A. Eighth Row: Francis A. Schurtz, Jr. L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi Tommy Wayne Scott Memphis, L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha James Paul Scrivener Memphis, Business John Stewart Seabold Arlington, Business; Kappa Sigma First Row: Ben Williamson Seale Holly Pharmacy 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert A. Seale, Jr. Holly Pharmacy 4 Elizabeth Ellen Seay L.A.; Delta Gamma Dianne Jeanne Shaffer Hillsboro, Business; Alpha Delta Pi Second Row: Georg Bernard Shaw Pharmacy Harold Herman Sheffield Pharmacy 4 Sandy Sheffield Alexandria, L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha Robert Owen Shephard, Jr. Atlanta, L.A. Third Row: James Edward Sherrard L.A.; Kappa Alpha Judy L. Sherrill Business; Phi Mu Eunice Marie Shields Safford, Business Susan Shoemaker Education; Phi Mu Fourth Row: Bettye Carol Simmons L.A. Frances Caffy Simmons L.A.; Chi Omega Mary Claire Cox Simmons West Education; Alpha Omicron Pi V. Hugo Sims Oceanside, L.A. Fifth Row: Susan Lane Singleterry Acworth, L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha Harold Andrew Sloas, Jr. New Madrid, Mo. Pharmacy 4; Phi Kappa Psi Clark Herbert Smith Newcomerstown, Engineering; Kappa Sigma Devereux R. Smith Shreveport, Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sixth Row: Donald Meredith Smith, Jr. McMinnville, Tenn. Business; Alpha Tau Omega Frank Charles Smith Curundu, Canal Business; Phi Kappa Theta Jerry Claude Smith Union L.A. Julie Drew Smith Savannah, L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi Seventh Row: Kendric Earl Smith L.A. Kenneth Ozelle Smith Education Larry Gilbert Smith Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Martha Blanche Smith Education Eighth Row: Ralph Guy Smith Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sidney Lamar Smith, Jr. L.A. Vicki Marche Smith Yazoo Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma Larry Wayne Smitherman Montevallo, Pharmacy 4 First Row: Harley Ann Sneed Lafayette Education Edwin Arnold Snyder L.A.; Sigma Nu B. Carmen Sorrells Pleasant Pharmacy 4 Alfred Martin Speed Ocean Pharmacy 4 Second Row: Pat Gray Spencer Business Juel Wood Spiers, Jr. Business Frederick D. Spratlin Business James D. Stahlman Business; Alpha Tau Omega Third Row: Beverly Jean Stalnaker L.A. Paul Vincent Staudte Washington, Engineering; Delta Psi Dianna Steijen Education; Delta Gamma Ronald Lawrence Steinhart Ireland, Education Fourth Row: Bobbie Slay Stephens Education Marilyn Dale Stephens Education Gerald Ben Stephenson Pharmacy 4; Pi Kappa Alpha Lawton Terry Stevens Shreveport, L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fifth Row: Lee Hudson Still Education David Lee Stockton Rockville, Engineering Clyde Michael Stone Pharmacy 4 William Charles Stone Haverhill, L.A. Sixth Row: John B. Storment, Ill Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Edward Strange Memphis, Business Harry Joe Suber Pharmacy 4 Chat Sue L.A. Seventh Row: Minor C. Sumners, Jr. Business; Kappa Alpha Sherman Wesley Swalm Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Terry Stephen Swalm, Jr. Business; Sigma Nu Richard Harvey Sweat Education Eighth Row: Charles Edward Sykes Silver Spring, L.A.; Kappa Alpha Jesse Brooks Taintor L.A. Hardin Meadow Tate, Jr. L.A.; Sigma Nu Roy Wayne Tate First Row: Caroline L. Taylor Manchester, L.A.; Chi Omega James Lauvon Taylor, Jr. Memphis, Engineering Joe Howard Taylor Pharmacy 4 Marilyn Lewis Taylor Education Second Row: Sherry Lane Taylor Education; Zeta Tau Alpha James Cairy Thaxton Education; Sigma Chi Grover Lee Thomas Engineering William Buford Thomason Pharmacy 4 Third Row: Elizabeth Claire Thompson Millington, Business Thomas Lawrence Thompson Richmond, Pharmacy 4 Frank White Thornhill, Jr. Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha Lee Francis Thurner, Jr. New River, Engineering Fourth Row: Charles Francis Tibbetts Dover, Engineering Alan Dwight Tidwell Business; Sigma Nu Henry Eugene Todd L.A. Richard Morgan Todd L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha Fifth Row: Jack Armistead Townes, Jr. Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Kathryn Ann Townsend Education Pascal Judson Townsend Business; Beta Theta Pi Caroline Gray Trabue Nashville, L.A.; Delta Delta Delta Sixth Row: Eugene Thomas Trahan Engineering Chrystine G. Trapp Education Frederick Francis Travis L.A.; Phi Delta Theta John Joseph Treuting Pharmacy 4 Seventh Row: Constance W. Triplette Elkin, L.A. Mary Hunt Tschudy Crownsville, L.A. Kenneth Irby Tucker Education Beverly Marie Tumlinson West Point L.A.; Chi Omega Eighth Row: George Randall Tupman Education Gerald D. Turberville Business Bertram Rivers Turner Pharmacy 4 Jobey Turner Carundu Business First Row: Susan Katherine Tutor Pharmacy 4; Alpha Omicron Pi Harrol Wayne Umfress Pharmacy 4; Beta Theta Pi Jane Margaret Anne Umlauf Fairhope, Education Claire Blount Underwood San Antonio, Pharmacy 4 Second Row: delta Louise Upchurch Memphis, Education Oliver Lee Upchurch, Jr. L.A. Vaughn Eugene Varnado Business; Phi Kappa Psi Ronald Stewart Vaughan Business Third Row: Jack E. Veazey, Jr. Paris, Tenn. Business; Alpha Tau Omega Gerald Ernest Vernon Business; Kappa Alpha George Willis Vickery L.A.; Sigma Chi James Preston Vinson, Jr. Business Fourth Row: Michael Joseph Vizio Cucamonga, Business Michael Harrison Wade Engineering; Sigma Thomas Wickliffe Wade Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon George Dexter Walcott Business; Phi Delta Theta Fifth Row: Gregory Robert Waldo Aurora, L.A.; Sigma Nu Jimmie Sue Walker Business M. Faye Walker Education; Delta Delta Delta Tommye W. Walker Education Sixth Row: Victor Young Walters Hot Springs, Engineering Elizabeth Jane Ward Education; Phi Mu Peggy Ruth Ward L.A. Ted Owen Ware Baton Rouge, L.A.; Kappa Sigma Seventh Row: Robert Stephen Warren Tampa, L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega David B. Watkins Pahokee, Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon Mary Ann Watkins L.A. Thomas Henry Watkins L.A.; Sigma Nu Eighth Row: Nancy Grace Watt Education William L. Weathers Engineering; Delta Psi Elliott C. Webber, Jr. L.A. Carl Leslie Weeden New Education First Row: Betty Loice Welford Okolona L.A. Robert Lynn Wells Drew Pharmacy 4 William Douglas Wells Summit William Harold Wells Laurel Pharmacy 4 Second Row: James Kenneth West Charleston Pharmacy 4 Barbara Kaye White State Line L.A. Joseph Luther White Business Marilyn D. White Canton Education; Delta Gamma Third Row: Jesse C. Whittle Business Danny Edward Wideman Alexandria, Va. L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Amos Buford Wigginton, Jr. Yazoo City Pharmacy 4 Charles H. Wilkins Jackson Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Edward Wilkins Germantown, Tenn. Fourth Row: Ariel Etta Williams L.A. Edwin Neel Williams Hornersville, Mo. L.A. Leon Weir Williams Newton Pharmacy 4 Stirling Bacot Williams Memphis, Education Bobby Lee Wilson Pontotoc Business Fifth Row: Jerome W. Wilson, Jr. L.A.; Kappa Alpha Roberta Moore Wilson Education; Chi Omega Kenneth James Wiltshire Engineering Jimmy W. Winter Business; Sigma Epsilon Sally Kate Winters West L.A.; Kappa Delta Sixth Row: Carole Ann Wislocki Education; Kappa Delta James Brown Wolf Rockaway, N.J. Business Pamela Pane Womack Memphis, Claude Harrison Wood Business Jean Wyeth Wood Business; Chi Omega Seventh Row: Carl Franklin Wright Deland, Business Johnny Bernard Wright Horn Pharmacy 4; Phi Kappa Psi Mary Louise Wynne L.A. Larry Eugene Yarbrough L.A. Florian Henry Yoste Memphis, L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha Eighth Row: James Richard Young, Jr. Engineering John Richard Young L.A.; Sigma Nu Ralph E. Young, Jr. Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Michael Nelson Zalocusky L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Carl Samuel Zeringue New Orleans, Business; Sigma Pi First Row: • John Rush Abbott, West Point; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Sidney Jacob Abdalla, McComb; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Patricia D. Abernathy, Raymond; Educ. • Mary Rose Abernethy, Jackson; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • David Edward Adams, Senatobia; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • James Ervin Addleton, Greenville; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • Jimmy David Ainsworth, Harrisville; Pharmacy 3. • Susan Priscilla Alford, McComb; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Barbara Ann Allen, Yazoo City; Bus.; Delta Delta Delta. • Ghill Fosta Allen, Cleveland; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • Wilson Otis Allen, Canton; phar 3. • Ashok W. Alwani, Bombay, India; Engr. • Robert E. Ammon, Jr., Union; L.A. • Charles H. Anderson, Edward; Phar. 3. • Frank Andrew Anderson, Aberdeen; Bus. Fourth Row: • Milton Philip Armor, Amory; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Larry Wayne Arnold, Trezevant, Tennessee; Bus. • Ronald M. Aschermann, Rocky Ford, Colo.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha • John Roger Austin, Coldwater; L.A. • James K. Baddley, Jr., Water Valley; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fifth Row: • Dolly Sue Bailey, Oxford; Bus. • James Williams Bailey, Kosciusko; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Victor Glenn Bailey, Lambert; L.A. • Doris Ann Baley, Como; Educ. • Dwight Nicholas Ball, Gulfport; L.A. Sixth Row: • Elsie Tyler Ball, Tylertown; Educ. Kappa Delta. • Brenda E. Barbee, Hernando; Educ. Alpha Delta Pi. • Guntis Juris Barenis, Greenville; L.A. • Stanley Edwin Barger, Oxford; L.A. • Walter Don Barkley, Charleston; Bus. Seventh Row: • Jacob Dexter Barr, Jr., Jackson; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James A. Barrett, Jr., Cruger; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Mary Elizabeth Barrett, Gulfport; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Robert James Barrow, White Plains, N.Y.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. Eighth Row: • Christopher M. Bates, Vicksburg; Bus. • Theodore Thomas Bean, University; Engr. • John E. Beard, New Albany; Bus. • Elizabeth Pearce Beasley, Alexandria, La.; L.A. • Sondra Kathleen Beaver, Collierville, Tennessee; Phar 3.; Alpha Pi. Ninth Row: • Fred Edwin Beemon, Jr., Jackson; L.A. • Ramelle Eason Bell, Hernando; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Alice Mae Bellshot, ltta Bena; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Albert Bennett, Columbia, Tenn.; Phar. 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Thomas W. Bennett, Jr., Natchez; L.A. First: Row: • Chester W. Bergalowski, Jr., Laurel; Educ.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Rodney L. Bevill, Toccopola; Engr. • Letitia Mae Vicksburg; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Henry S. III, Falls Church, Va.; L.A..; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Edward J. Bogen, Jr., Greenville; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • Charlene C. Boggs, Jacksonville, Fla.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Clinton M. Bolton, Biloxi; L.A. • Martha Dell Bond, Miami, Fla.; Educ. • Victor Frank Boone, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. • Claire Ann Booth, Alexandria, Va.; Educ. Third Row: • Josephine C. Borthwick, Jackson; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Walter M. Bounds, Jr., Gulfport; Engr. • Fred Exzell Bourn, Jr., Mendenhall; Bus; Phi Kappa Psi. • John F. Bove, Phar. 3. • David Larry Bowen, Tupelo; Bus. Fourth Row: • Sandra Diane Bowen, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Claude P. Bowie, Jackson; Engr. • Corinne Gaither Bowles, Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Linda Ann Bowling, Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Thomas Wendell Boyle, Kansas City, Mo.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • Ann L. Bramwell, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Wesley Ellis Branch, Shelby; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Eddie Eugene Brawley, Earle, Arkansas; Engr.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Betty Ruth Brewer, Water Valley; Bus. • James Wilson Bridges, Wesson; Engr.; Delta Psi. Sixth Row: • John Joseph Brion, Miami, Florida; L.A. • Mary Elliott Brister, Yazoo City; Bus.; Chi Omega. • Beverly Jean Brooks, Jackson; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Toni Marie Brooks, Jackson; L.A. • Austin Randy Broome, Hazelhurst; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • James Kenneth Broussard, Philadelphia; Educ. • Douglas Colin Brown, Bruce; Bus. • John Alston Brown, Enterprise; L.A. • Olie Dame Brown, Jr., Aubry, Ark.; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Jackson M. Browning, Pensacola, Fla.; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. Eighth Row: • Edward Earl Bryant, Kosciusko; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Sarah Bryant, Derma; Educ. • Thomas A. Buford, Fayette; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Joel William Bunkley, Ill, University; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Gary Lee Burcham, Collinsville, Ill.; Phar. 3. Ninth Row: • John L. Burleson, Hialeah, Florida; Bus. • Margaret Ann Burnett, Belzoni; Educ. • Phillip C. Burnett, Hollandale; Bus. • Bobby W. Burns, Baldwyn; L.A. • William Owen Burrow, Oxford; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. First Row: • Lucy Craddock Burt, Grenada; Educ. • Walcie Leon Philadelphia; Educ. • Keith Shepherd Bush, Vicksburg; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Rachael Marion Butler, Natchez; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • G. Edward Buxton, Ill, Dallas, Texas; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Second Row: • Judith Lynne Cahill, Oxford; L.A. • Bobby Joe Cain, Phar. 3. • Albert Equene Cairns, Pottsville, Pa.; L.A. • Willie Frank Calder, Calhoun City; Phar. 3. • Johnny M. Caldwell, Forest; Phar. 3. Third Row: • Julia Holmes Caldwell, Indianola; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jackie C. Calhoun, Owensboro, Ky.; Educ. Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Milus Calvin Campbell, Jr., Stover; Phar. 3. • Charles Henry Caperton, DeKalb; L.A. • Richard Butler Carothers, Paris, Tenn.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • Cecil L. Carpenter, Jr., Sturgis; Engr. « Robert E. Ill, Byhalia; Bus. • Susan Rowe Carruth, Lewisville, Texas; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Robert Thomas Carsley, Canton; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • William Raymond Carter, Jackson; Educ. Fifth Row: • Barbara Elise Case, Fayette; Educ. • Virginia Ann Yazoo City; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Don Wood Chancellor, Macon; Bus. • Laurance N. Chandler, Ill, L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kay Chaney, Union; Educ. Sixth Row: • Gay Lynn Chapman, New Albany; Educ. • Jerry S. Chase, Stanton; L.A. • Gerald Wilborn Chatham, Hernando; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • William F. Chatham, Sardis; Educ. • Mary Leila Chatman, Picayune; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • Bobby W. Childress, Houston; Phar. 3. • James Dewitt Christy, Holly Springs; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Clarence H. Church, Weirton, W.Va.; Bus. • Charles Luper Clark, Prentiss; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Richard Cottrell Clark, Mobile, Ala.; L.A. Eighth Row: • E. Tolice Long Clayborne, West Helena, Ark.; Educ. • Nancy Carol Clayton, Jackson; L.A. • Jeptha Clark Clemens, Macon; L.A. • Neal G. Clement, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Diane M. Clements, Rolling Fork; Bus. Ninth Row: • John William Clinton, Bridgeport, Conn.; Engr. • Richard Bunton Clinton, New Albany; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Bobby A. Coates. Oxford; Engr. • James A. Cole, Jr., Natchez; Bus. • Jane A. Cole, New Albany; Educ. First Row: • Patricia Louise Cole, Fort Worth, Texas; Bus; Phi Mu. • Robert Gary Cole, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; L.A. • Richard Lee Coleman, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • H. Collier, Drew; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Warner J. Collier, Tupelo; Educ. Second Row: • Thomas Howard Corner, Booneville; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Van C. Conaway, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Paul Martin Cook, II, University; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi, • Frances Amelia Cooke, Grenada; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Patricia Dorina Cooke, Metairie, La.; Bus. Third Row: • Stephan Kitrick Cooper, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Alpha • Tom S. Cooper, Como; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robin Owen Cotten, Oxford; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Sandra Lucille Counce, Tupelo; Educ. • Myra Judith Coursey, L.A.; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • Robert 0. Covington, Key West, Fla.; Engr. • Frankie Lee Cox, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus. • Sammye Jane Cox, Jackson; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Leonard Andrew Crosby, Ill, New York, New York; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Randy Gary Crumbley, Laurel; L.A.; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • Cullen B. Curlee, Ill, Rienzi; Educ. • James Russell Dail, Sumner; Engr.; Kappa Alpha. • John Lipscomb Dale, Engr.; Sigma Nu. • James Francis Daly, Clearwater, Fla.; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Charles M. Daniel, Lexington; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: • Martha Jane Daughton, Oxford; L.A. • Della Davis, Educ. • James Harvey Davis, Carson; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Ruth Ann Davis, Batesville; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Virginia A. Davis, Jackson; Educ.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • William Bradshaw Davis, Gulfport; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Janet J. Deere, Metairie, La.; L.A. • Walter Michael Dennis, L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Lani Lee Densing, Oxford; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Henry Deterly, Natchez; L.A.; Sigma Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Louis Rivers Dickerson, Jr., Senatobia; Bus. • S. Carter Dobbs, Jr., Calhoun City; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Robert E. Donnell, Jr., Morton; Phar. 3. • George Lee Dorrill, Carthage; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Anita Kathryn Dossett, Jackson; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: • Charlotte Ann Dossett, Pascagoula; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Glenn Alvon Doty, Jackson; Phar. 3. • George Dubois, Brewster, New York; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Douglas Ratcliffe Duke, Natchez; L.A. • James David Duncan, Oxford; Engr.; Sigma Chi. First Row: • Carroll Edward Dunn, Atlanta, Ga.; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Linda Lee Dunn, Grand Junction, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Della Pi. • Mary Ann Dunn, Houston; L.A. • Billie Joyce Hernando; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Frances Kay Earthman, Oxford; Bus.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: • Everette John Easley, Pace; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • John A. Echols, University; Engr. • Betty Joan Edwards, New Madrid, Mo.; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Sara Margaret Jackson; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Stephen Marc Ehrlich, Tutwiler; Bus.; Phi Epsilon Pi. Third Row: • Barbara Jean Ellard, Houston; Educ. • Judy Carol Elliott, Crowder; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Thomas Franklin Elliott, Ellenwood, Ga.; L.A. • Clyde Allen Ellis, Lambert; L.A. • Nancy Lee Ellis, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • Audrey Jane Ellzey, Magnolia; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert R. Embry, Ill, Hernando; Engr. • James A. Estes, Houston; Phar. 3. • James Blair Etz, Elmhurst, Ill.; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Helen Ruth Eubanks, Joiner, Ark.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: • Jack Edward Evans, Laurel; Engr. • Thomas Charles Evans, Jr., McComb; Phar. 3; Sigma Nu. • Billy Tucker Ewing, Longview, Texas; Educ. • Joe Henry Ezell, Pascagoula; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Margaret Ann Ezell, Pascagoula; L.A. Sixth Row: • Robert Frank Farmigoni, Greenville; Bus. • Robert L. Farrar, Jr., Booneville; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • John P. Fatherree, Laurel; Bus.; Sigma Alpha. Epsilon. • Ronald S. Fealko, Phar. 3. • Alfred L. Felder, Summit; L.A. Seventh Row: • David Lee Fenstermacher, Vicksburg; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Joe Carroll Ferguson, Coldwater; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Kenneth J. Fernandez, Oxford; Educ. • David Dudley Field, Hampton, Va.; L.A. • Patricia Ruth Fisher, Greenwood; Educ.; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • James M. Fitzgerald, New Orleans, La.; L.A. • John E. Fletcher, Brookhaven; Educ. • Myron D. Floyd, Cantonment, Fla.; L.A. • Eugene McDowell Fly, Pascagoula; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Samuel R. Fooshee, New Albany, Educ. Ninth Row: • Susan M. Foote, Durant; L.A. • Gail Grace Ford, Fla.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Tommy S. Ford, Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Herbert V. Foregger, Hollywood, Fla.; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Wilson Jerome Foster, Jr., Biloxi; Bus. First Row: • Shelley Lee Fraser, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • William L. Freeman, Jr., Newton; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Thomas Leo Frezell, Mobile, Ala.; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Robert Wilton Fulton, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Robert Price Funderburk, Olive Branch; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • William Stewart Garlic, Anderson, Ind.; Educ. • Ernest Le Garner, Batesville; Educ. • Patricia L. Garrett, Ocean Springs; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Joseph Edmund Garrison, Corinth; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Chester Davis Jr., Columbus; L.A. Third Row: • Thomas Richard Gatlin, Walnut; Phar. 3. • John Overton Gayden, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Douglas Gentry, Meridian; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Lawrence Gerlach, Ellwood City, Pa.; Bus. • Joseph William Gex, Bay St. Louis; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • Jerry Quinton Gilder, Hattiesburg; Engr. • Mary Jane Gilluly, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Stephen Glaze, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Ronald H. University; Enqr. • Frank Bernard Goldman, Duck Hill; L.A. Fifth Row: • Charles Smith Gore, Bristol, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha • Elizabeth Ann Gore, Water Valley; Educ. • John Hammond Gower, Bloomfield, N. J.; Engr. • Rayner N. Yazoo City; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Ida Hervey Graham, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: • Judy Williams Graham, Oxford; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Karen Anne Graham, Gulfport; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Otis Jean Grayson, Mendenhall; Bus. • George W. Green, Ill, Benoit; Bus. • Sharon Hall Green, Miami, Fla.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Seventh Row: • William H. Green, Guntown; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • William Scott Greenwell, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • William Grady Greer, Charleston; Bus. • Jerome Charles Griese, Evansville, Ind.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Sedgie F. Griffith, Jr., L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Clinton Julian Grubbs, Tylertown; L.A. • John McQueen III, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Carol W. Hale, McComb; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Kenneth G. Hale, New Albany; Engr. • Paul W. Hale, Jr., Tupelo; Engr. Ninth Row: • Dwight Joseph Hall, West Chester, Pa.; Bus. • Francis D. Hall, Belzoni; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Roberta Mae Halliday, Wilmette, Ill.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Annabelle E. Hamachek, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Kathryn Lou Hamberlin, Greensburg, La.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. First Row: • James Edwin Hamilton, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sarah Janet Hamilton, New Albany; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Sara Jane Hammond, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • Ted S. Hannah, Lawrence; L.A. • Alan George Hansen, Midlothian, Ill.; Bus. Second Row: • David McWilliams Haraway, Olive Branch; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Bryan C. Harbour, Meridian; L.A. • Ave Evelyn Hardin, Oxford; L.A. • Barbara Holland Hardy, L.A.; Phi Mu. • Michael Wren Hardy, Canton; L.A. Third Row: • Barbara Jeanne Harmon, Oxford; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • John Wyatt Harper, Sumrall; L.A. • Rebecca Sue Harrell, Tremont; L.A. • John Carl Harrison, Florence; Phar. 3. • John Carl Harrison, Florence; Phar. 3. Fourth Row: • Patton B. Harrison, University; Engr.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Lou Ann Hartgraves, Clarksdale; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Scott Garner Hasler, Jr., Northridge, Calf.; L.A. • James Orville Hawkins, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Edwin Ford Amory; Bus.; Phi Delta Fifth Row: • Cheryl Anne Haynie, Mississippi City; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Baxter K. Hearn, Hattiesburg; L.A. • James Thomas Hedgepeth, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Psi. • Betty Ann Hellums, Oxford; Phar. 3. • Judy Lee Hemphill, Jackson; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: • Handley L. Henderson, Jr., Washington, D.C.; L.A. James Ray Herndon, Newton; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Arnold Jackie Herring, Winona; L.A. • Michael Herrington, Olive Branch; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Susan Patricia Heyward, Bogalusa, La.; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. Seventh Row: • Dixie Elise Hickman, Brookhaven; L.A. Kappa Delta. • John M. Higginbotham, Houston, Texas; L.A. • Lizabeth T. Highbaugh, Yazoo City; L.A. • Mary Virginia Hill, L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Roy Gene Hill, Water Valley; Bus. Eighth Row: • Stan ley Chatham Hindman, Newton; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Max Davis Hipp, Oxford; L.A. • Margaret Ann Hobart, Educ.; Chi Omega. • William C. Hodges, Bethesda; L.A. • Thomas G. Hodgson, Yazoo City; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Lloyd Fades Hogue, Benoit; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Charles Howard Holcomb, Oxford; Bus. • Marion David Holman, University; Engr. • William Madison Hope, Baton Rouge, La.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Nicholas D. House, Jackson; Phar. 3. First Row: • David Winston Houston, Aberdeen; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • John William Hovious, University; L.A. • James Milton Howell, Tupelo; L.A. • Karla Kaye Hubbard, Moberly, Mo.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jane T. Hudson, Gulfport; L.A.; Phi Mu. Second Row: • James K. Huff, III, Meridian; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Lynne Nash Huff, Hattiesburg; Educ. • Mary Louise Meridian; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Norman Dale Hurdle, Lamar; Bus. • Thomas Roland Hurdle, Taylor; Bus. Third Row: • James Allan Hurych, New Albany; Phar. 3. • Richard Atherton Hutchins, Annapolis, Md.; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Edgar D. Ingels, III, Jackson; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Douglas Wayne Ingram, Greenville; Educ.; Delta Psi. • Anne Ingram, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fourth Row: • Braxter Pleasant Irby, Grenada; Phar. 3; Sigma Chi. • Suzanne James, Dallas, Texas; L.A. • Rosemary Johnson, Gainesville, Fla.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jack L. Johnstone, Tupelo; Bus. • Ann Bourdeaux Jones, Picayune; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Donald Drummond Jones, McComb; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Harris W. Jones, Jr., Meridian; Bus. • James Harold Jones, Brandon; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Lester Willie Jones, Jr., Wiggins; L.A. • Margaret Elizabeth Jones, Waynesboro; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: • Sharon Anne Jones, Hartsville, Tenn.; Phar. 3; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Charles Schemedes Jordan, Columbia; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Hilliard Earl Jordan, Jr., Kosciusko; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Judy Kay Judge, Oxford; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Jessie Jue, Clarksdale; Phar. 3. Seventh Row: • Lilly Jue, Indianola; L.A. • John N. Kammon, Jr., N.J.; Educ. • Beryl Dianne Kearn ey, Money; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Susan Kees, Magee; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Morris Johnson Keesee, III, Lulu; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • Claud Leake Keirn, Greenwood; L.A.; Sigma Alpha • Kenneth Wayne Kelso, Tupelo; Bus. • Carolyn Reddoch Kerr, Gulfport; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Robert Lee Kerr, Olive Branch; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Elizabeth A. Kersting, Dallas, Texas; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: • Patti Lynne Keye, University; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Nancy Jane Kilpatrick, Booneville; Bus. • Hallie E. Kimbrough, City; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • George Michael Kinard, Jackson; Bus. • John Major Kinard, Oxford; Bus.; Sigma Chi. First Row: • Virlinda Carol Kincaid, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Pi. • Karen Dean Kipp, Dallas, Texas; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Douglas U. Kirk, Barrington, Ill.; L.A. • Gertrude Louise Klenner, Reidsville, N.C.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Thomas Knight, Oxford; Bus. Second Row: • Susan Elisabeth Knight, University; L.A. • Nancy Knotts, Sicily Island, La.; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • James Doran Knox, Trenton, Tenn.; L.A. • John David Krause, Arlington Hgts., Ill.; Engr; Alpha Tau Omega, • Kerby E. University; Phar. 3. Third Row: • Jane Norvelle Lambdin, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Aaron C. Lambert, Jr., Tupelo; Bus. • Dorothy Duty Landry, Alexandria, La.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Eddie N. La nkford, Greensboro, N.C.; L.A. • Bobby Bennett Lantrip, Oxford; Engr. Fourth Row: • Lucie Ellen Larson, Birmingham, Ala.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Margaret Hayward Lea, Oxford; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • James Hattox Leeper, Pontotoc; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Jerry Smith Legg, Jackson; Phar. 3. • Robert E. Leigh, III, Educ. Fifth Row: • Charles R. Lemaster, Jr., Richardson, Texas; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Betty J. Ball Lester, Jackson; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • George H. Lester, Batesville; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Horace Baxter Lester, Jr., Jackson; Engr.; Sigma Chi. • Donald Ellis Lewis, Columbus AFB; L.A.; Sigma Pi. Sixth Row: • McArthur Lewis, Lexington, Tenn.; Bus. • Ocie Vernon Lewis, Picayune; L.A.; Sigma Pi. • Robert Cushing Lewis, Monroe, La.; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Ralph Barry Lilja, Miami, Fla.: Bus. • Marie McCabe Lipscomb, Vicksburg; L.A.; Chi Oemqa. Seventh Row: • Jeanne Gail Livingston, Prentiss; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • M. Lofton, Woodville; Phar. 3. • Jerome Lee Lohrmann, Concord; L.A. • Susan K. Lomax, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Amelia Catherine Loper, Meridian; L.A.; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: • James Sanford Love, Ill, Jackson; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Marvin S. Lovelace, Houston; Bus. • Mary Judy Lowry, Corinth; Educ. • Helen Harvey Ludlam, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Tommy Junior Luke, Louisville; Educ. Ninth Row: • Russell Ray Lyle, Batesville; L.A. • Leonard C. McAfee, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Engr.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Marilyn Yarber McAnnally, Belmont; Educ. • James Leo McArthur, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Henry Eugene McCaslin, Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. First Row: • Dorsey H. McCay, Jr., Water Valley; Bus. • Jacquelyn McClure, Grenada; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Constance Marie McConnell, Fort Worth, Texas; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Michael J. McElhaney, Jr., Hattiesburg; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Marianne McElroy, Tupelo; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: • Charles V. McElwee, Magnolia; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Donald Francis McGavock, Gulfport; L.A. • Martin Hiram McGee, Jr., Jackson; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Harry Smith Clayton, Mo.; Engr.; Kappa Sigma. • Kay Frances McGehee, Magnolia; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • Phyllis Pope McGehee, Columbia; L.A. • James D. Edwards; L.A. • Charlotte E. McKay, Meridian; L.A. • Milton Lane McKellar, Clarksdale; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Georgia Mae McKenzie, Little Rock, Ark.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Dorothy C. McKeown, Meridian; L.A. • Dana Clifton Bruce; Bus. • William E. McClellan, Lexington; Phar. 3. • James Turner McMahan, Corinth; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Charles R. McMillan, Kosciusko; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: • Gerald Cleon McMillan, Baldwyn; Bus. • Vivian Ann Saucier; L.A. • Marvin Earl McQueen, Jr., Macon, Tenn.; Bus. • Charles Robert McRae, Miami, Fla.; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Roy Lanctot McCroskey, Pascagoula; L.A.; Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: • Harmon Mabry, Birmingham; L.A. • Donald Grant MacDonald, Baird, Texas; L.A. • Kathleen MacDonald, Oxford; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Frances C. Mack, Tampa, Fla.; Educ. • James Robert Madson, Tucson, Ariz.; L.A. Seventh Row: • Susan E. MaGee, Shreveport, La.; Educ. • Joseph J. Mallini, Mobile, Ala.; L.A. • Robert J. Marascalco, Grenada; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Anne Murray Marley, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Judith Lucille Marlowe, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. Eighth Row: • Larry Mars, Picayune; Phar. 3. • Francis C. Marshall, Jr., Mississippi City; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mary Kathleen Marshall, West Point; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • George Gilmore Martin, Vicksburg; L.A. • James Leland Martin, Bus.; Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • John William Martin, Grenada; Phar. 3; Alpha Tau Omega. • William Martin, Grenada; Phar. 3; Alpha Tau Omega. • William M. Martin, Jackson; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • Rita J. Mashburn, Morton; L.A. • David Van Ness Mason, Nokomis, Fla.; L.A. • Nancy Susan Mason, Pontotoc; L.A. First Row: • Fred Mitchell Massey, Tupelo; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Francis E. Maule, Ill, Norfolk, Va.; L.A. • Manelle P. Maurras, Fort Smith, Ark.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • John Caldwell Maxwell, Pickens; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • James A. May, Batesville; Phar. 3. Second Row: • Sylvia Lee Mayfield, Oxford; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Henry Maynard, Tupelo; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Mildred L. Meacham, Senatobia; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Thomas A. Meeks, Corinth; L.A. • Johnnie Ruth Meggs, Kosciusko; L.A. Third Row: • Eugene T. Menz, Arlington, Texas; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Carolyn Patricia Michaels, Clearwater, Fla.; L.A. • Robert C. Miller, Senatobia; Bus. • Elvin Wayne Mills, Laurel; Phar. 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Wilmer Riddle Mills, Zachary, La.; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • Charles Roy Mitchell, Batesville; L.A. • George F. Mize, Mississippi City; Bus.; Kappa Psi. • Rebecca Dianne Mize, Oxford; L.A. • Nancy L. Moak, Jackson; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Joseph Thomas Monsour, Jackson; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Gid Montjoy, Greenwood; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Sabin Montjoy, Greenwood; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Carol Moody, Springville, Tenn.; Phar. 3. • Billy Gene Moore, Calif.; L.A. • George M. Moore, Jr., Senatobia; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: • Marjorie Anne Moore, Rosedale; Educ.; Chi Omega. • John Wesley Morris, Greenwood; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Thomas Hanley Morris, Laurel; Phar. 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. • John Phillip Morrow, Long Beach; Engr. • William C. Moss, Bay Springs; Bus. Seventh Row: • James L. Mounce, Ecru; Bus. • Jennie L. Mounce, Pontotoc; Educ. • Ruth C. Mozingo, Jackson; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Michele Diane Mullen, Oxford; Educ. • Margaret Jane Meadville; Phar. 3. Eighth Row: • Margaret Dianne Naff, Birmingham, Ala.; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Jimmy Ray Nanney, Fulton; L.A. • David M. Neal, Jr., Vicksburg; Phar. 3. • William Richard Neelly, Grenada; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Janice C. Nell, Leland; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. Ninth Row: • Charles L. Nelson, McComb; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Munson C. Neyland, Jr., Jackson; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Buddy Raymond Nichols, McComb; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Robert Eugene Nored, Greenwood; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Thomas C. Null, Meridian; Bus. First Row: • William L. Nunnery, Meridian; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Elton Odom, Jr., Laurel; Bus. • Tabitha Flake Ogden, Mobile, Ala.; Educ.; Chi Omega. • James Leslie Oliphant, Water Valley; Bus. • James Benton Oneal, Greenwood; Bus.; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • Ronnie Dean O ' Neal, Wiggins; Phar. 3. • Rose Marie O ' Neill, Marks; Educ. • Jess Michael Orenduff, El Paso, Texas; L.A. • Lynal Jay Owens, Greenville; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Carl William Paden, Greenville; Bus.; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: • Patricia Olivia Palmer, Jackson; L.A.. Chi Omega. • E. Palmore, Ill, Cave City, Ky.; Bus. • Carolyn Pang, Greenville; Educ. • Charles R. Parker, Booneville; Phar. 3. • Fred F. Parker, If Jackson; Phar. 3. Fourth Row: • Robert E. Parker, Jr., Meridian; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Charles Buford Patton, Jackson; Bus. • Emil Pay, Jr., Sumrall; Phar. 3. • Lucinda Lee Payne, Clarksdale; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Mary Louise Payne, Bolton; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Earl Eugene Pearson, Jr., Batesville; Bus. • James Alton Peden, Jr., Jackson; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Jack Lee Pedersen, Warren, Pa.; L.A. • Clayton H. Pederson, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A.: Kappa Sigma. • Melissa Ann Pendleton, Covington, La.; Educ.; Chi Omega. Sixth Row: • Sharron M. Pennington, Oxford; Educ. • Joseph A. Jr., Metairie, La.; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Hal Avery Perry, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. • Margaret L. Peteet, Greenwood; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Bonnie White Petering, Oxford; Educ. Seventh Row: • William Clinton Peterson, Dade City, Fla.; Bus. • Gary Keith Pettigrew, Houston, Tex.; Bus. • Fred G. Peyton, Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Morris Clayton Phillips, Carthage: Bus. • Samuel H. Phillips, Fort Smith, Ark.; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • Virginia Anna Phillips, Laurel; L.A. • Weldon Patrick Phillips, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Rosemary Pierce, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Joanna Poole, Oxford; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Johnny Mellow Porteria, West Point; L.A. Ninth Row: • Lewis E. Powell, Dundee; Bus. • Margaret G. Powell, Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Wade David Presley, Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Hubert Powell Prewett, Pontotoc; Engr.; Beta Theta Pi. • Bobby Nolan Price, Tupelo; Bus.; Sigma Nu. First Row: • James Edwin Price, Jr., Amory; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Malcolm B. Price, Jr., Baton Rouge, La.; Bus. • Tanya Jane Prichard; Meadville; Bus.; Alpha Delta Pi. • George Prince, Natchez; Enqr. • William B. Profilet, Jr., Jackson; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • Milford Bernard Puckett, Magee; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Jack Jolly Pugh, Brooksville; Bus. • Dixon Leroy Pyles, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • N. Faye Quick, Florence, Ala.; Bus. • Michael Dennis Quigley, Davenport, Iowa; L.A. Third Row: • Walter Smith Radcliffe, Jackson; Enqr. • Joyce Anne Ramay, Annandale Va.; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jane Mellie Ramsey, Mt. Olive; Bus. • Louis M. Rawdon, Vicksburg; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Glenda Rawson, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Evelyn Diane Ray, Pontotoc; L.A. • Jonell Ray, Ark.; L.A. • James C. Read, Mt. Pleasant; Educ. • Martha G. Reddoch, Jackson; Bus. • Doris Redmon, Finger, Tenn.; L.A. Fifth Row: • Richard Andre Reecht, Crystal City, Mo.; Bus.; Beta Theta Pi. • Ina Jacquelyn Reese, Bruce; Educ. • John Reeves, Pascagoula; Phar. 3. • John Richard Reuter, Ill, New Orleans, La.; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi, • Aubrey Carl Reynolds. Gulfport; Bus. Sixth Row: • Calrence L. Rhodes, Laurel; Phar. 3. • Janet Sue Rhodes Batesville; Bus.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Lent Irwin Rice, II, Sumner; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Arthur Danny Richardson, Phar. 3; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Johnny Arthur Richardson, Pelahatchie; Educ. Seventh Row: • Thomas Jarrett Richardson, Kosciusko; Bus. • Sara Raney Ridgway, Jackson; Bus. • Margaret Anne Riley, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Ethel Marie Ritchie, Natchez; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • Sandra E. Rivers, Hickory; Educ. Eighth Row: • Delmer W. Roane, Tunica; Educ. • Marianna Robbins, Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • James Dixon Roberts, Shaw AFB, S.C.; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • John H. Roberts, II, Summit; Phar. 3. • Lloyd Eugene Roberts, Moss Point; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Sharon Eyleen Robinson, Picayune; L.A.; Phi Mu. • H. Robinson, Escatawpa; Bus. • Kerry D. Roby, Amory; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William B. Rochelle, Ripley, Tenn.; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Wendell Joseph Rose, Bruce; Enqr. First Row: • Alexandra Elizabeth Ross, Clarksdale; Bus.; Chi Omega. • Jerry M. Rowzee, Jackson; Educ. • Daniel Wright Roy, Oxford; Bus. • Brenda Lynn Rush, Hialeah, Fla.; L.A. • Truett Russell, Bay St. Louis; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • Robert C. Sanders, II, Springfield, Ohio; Engr. • John Ray Sartin, Jr., Tylertown; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Nancy Elaine Saunders, Newport News, Va.; L.A. • Terry Adam Schad, Peoria Heights, Ill.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John G. Schaffer, Jr., Vicksburg; Engr.; Sigma Chi. Third Row: • Lee H. Schilling, Jackson; Phar. 3. • Frank Joseph Jr., Vicksburg; Bus. • Fred Walter Schmidt, Gulfport: L.A. • Kenneth J. Schmidt, Cincinnati, Ohio; L.A. • C. Schramm, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • John Thomas Schwent, Helena, Ark.; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Elizabeth Lee Scott, Cincinnati, Ohio; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Mary Duran Scott, Brandon, Fla.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Robert Pickett Scruggs, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert Emmet Seibels, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • Martha K. Senter, Fulton; Educ. • Frances See, Greenville; Educ. • Timothy Dale Shaw, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • Lawson Everett Sheldon, Avon; Engr.; Kappa Alpha. • Thomas Shelton, Marks; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • Marshall R. Sherman, Killarney, Fla.; Engr. • Ronald Shinault, Somerville, Tenn.; Bus. • Bernard Loring Shipp, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Clete Gordon Shirley, Jackson; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Jo Anne Shirley, Indianola; L.A.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Samuel C. Shoemaker, Jr., Water Valley; Bus. • Kenneth E. Simmons, Fulton; Bus. • Catherine B. Simpson, Houston L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Julia Toy Simpson, Shaw; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Anne Gillespie Smith, Greenwood; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. Eighth Row: • Bernie Lynne Smith, Clarksdale; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Billy W. Smith, Corinth; Educ. • Clinton Alexander Smith, Columbia, Ala.; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Dolores Ann Smith, McComb; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Elizabeth Anne Smith, Bassfield; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Ninth Row: • G. Witt Smith, Jr., Steele, Mo.; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Harold Q. Smith, Curundu, Canal Zone; Bus.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Lillian Lee Smith, Greenwood; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Robert Allen Smith, Heidelberg; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Rosa Hyatt Smith, W. Memphis, Ark.; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. First Row: • Susan Gail Smith, Picayune; Bus. • Bill Sterling Smithson, Jackson; Bus. • Sharon Ruth Snider, Sarah; Bus. • James C. Sparkman, Jackson; Engr. • William Collins Spencer, Holly Springs; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • Linda Lee Stanfill, Grenada; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • Fred Edwin Stanley, Jr., Shubuta; Enqr. • Larry K. Stanley, Phar. 3. • Charles Odis Stanphill, Belmont; Bus. • James E. Stedman, Oxford; Phar. 3. Third Row: • Linda Ann Steele, Tutwiler; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Mar, Catherine Stephens, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Edward Arnold Steward, Hernando; L.A. • Amy R. Stewart, Educ. • Dianne Stevens Still, Blytheville, Ark.; Eden.; Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: • Earl Alvin St. John, Jr., Metairie, La.; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Barbara Fitch Straub, Warrington, Fla.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Drennon Strawbridge, Gibson; Enqr. • Eric Streed, Pascagoula; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega • Thelma Kathleen Stribling, Bruce; Educ, Fifth Row: • Charles D. Sullivan, Greenville; L.A. • Anne Lewis SuIli vant, Atlanta, Ga.; L.A.; Chi Omega • Jerry Lynn Vaiden; L.A. • Charlie Jones Swayze, Greenwood; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta, • Victor Edward Taber, Homestead, Fla.; Bus. Sixth Row: • William 0. Tankard, Nashville, Tenn.; Educ. • Edmund Warren Taylor, Jr., Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Pierce Taylor, Seattle, Wash.; L.A. • Michael Everette Taylor, Ft. Banning; L.A. • Robert Lee Taylor, Dosey; Engr. Seventh Row: • Van Harbert Temple, Meadville; L.A.; Sigma Alpha • Anthony Lavon Thaxton, Greenwood; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Michael John Thole, Smithtown, N.Y.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Carol Susan Thomas, Vicksburg; L.A. • Sheila Johnson Rolling Fork; L.A.; Phi Mu. Eighth Row: • Eleanor E. Thompson, Starkville; L.A.; Chi Omega. • James F. Thompson, Jr., Water Valley; Educ. • Joe Lawrence Laurel; Phar. 3; Kappa Alpha. • Joseph Robert Thompson, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • Kay Thompson, Holly Springs; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: • Larry Angelo Thompson, Clarksdale; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Vance McLean Thompson, Memphis, Tenn.; Eden.; Chi Omega. • William P. Thompson, Bentonia; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Margaret Jo Thornton, England, Ark.; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Roger Dale Thornton, Vaiden; Phar. 3. First Row: • Mitchell M. Thrower, Tampa, Fla.; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • John Ronald Tillman, Crystal Springs; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Opal Gail Tillman, Bruce; L.A. • Robert J. Tiner, McLain; L.A. • John Braxton Todaro, Biloxi; Engr. Second Row: • Anne B. Tomlinson, Laurel; L.A.; Chi Omega. • George W. Tomlinson, Pascagoula; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Brent Hill Traughber, Kentucky; Engr. • Janet Ayres Treppendahl, Woodville; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • William Baxter Tucker, Pontotoc; Educ. Third Row: • Carl Vander Turnage, Aberdeen; Bus. • Douglas Dwight Turner, Belzoni; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • John Hozie Turner, Jr., Jackson; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Cayce G. Vance, Hattiesburg; Phar. 3. • Pamela Vaughn, Birmingham, Ala.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: • Sandra Veazey, Coldwater; L.A. • William B. Vermillion, Bristol, Va.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Dennis Wayne Voge, Baton Rouge, La.; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Gerald Dennis Wages, Tupelo; Bus. • Lynn Elaine Wagner, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: • Jay Elliott Wahlberg, New Canaan, Conn.; Bus.; Phi Kappa Theta. • David Steven Walker, Heidelberg; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Mary Gail Walker, Jackson; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Rebecca E. Walker, Fulton; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Nellie Kaye Wall, Meridian; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • Samuel W. Waller, Jr., Oxford; Phar. 3. • Tommy Halton Walman, Beaumont; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Albert Gayden Ward, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Gerald Wayne Warfield, Gulfport; Educ. • Emily Anne Warren, Louisville, Ky.; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. Seventh Row: • Jerl W. Watkins, Jackson; L.A. • Bruce Paul Watson, Miss. City; L.A. • Freddy C. Watts, Sardis; Phar. 3. • Benjamin V. L. Weathersby, McComb; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Charles John Weeks, Jr., Memphis; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. Eighth Row: • Monica Louise Weigel, Atlanta, Ga.; Educ. • Robert R. Wellman, Cleveland, Ohio; Bus. • David Kent Wells, Ky.; Educ.; Sigma Chi. • Jan Elizabeth Wells, Waynesboro; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Steve C. Wells, L.A. Ninth Row: • Mattie E. Welty, Jackson; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. • Mary Anne Westerfield , Covington, Tenn.; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Jan 0. Westman, Des Plaines, III.; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Bernard Wexler, Greenwood; L.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi. • James Harvey Wheeler, Jr., Marion, Ark.; Bus.; Sigma Nu. First Row: • Alvie F. White, University; Educ. • Donald Alexander White, Jackson; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Donna White, West Point; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Eddie Pounds White, L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jesse Lamar White, Jackson; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: • Susan Carol White, Holly Springs; Bus. • Bruce Langdon Whyte, Oliverea, N.Y.; Educ.; Sigma Pi. • Patty Branch Goodman; Bus. • Mary Montrie Wilborn, Lambert; Phar. 3; Delta Gamma. • Richard Davis Wilcox, Laurel; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • Jean Lee Wiley, Cleveland; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Alice Marie Wilkes, Dyersburg, Tenn.; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Jack Brown Wilkins, Grenada; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Trudy Ann Wilkins, Biloxi; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sally W. Wilkins, Jackson; Educ. Fourth Row: • Charles Van Williams, Senatobia; L.A.; Sigma Alpha • David A. Williams, Bruce; Bus. • Kathy Williams, L.A. • Kay Williams, Grenada; L.A. • Leonard E. Pascagoula; Phar. 3. Fifth Row: • Michael Cluster Williams, Fisk, Mo.; Educ. • David Wilson, Jr., Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Ernest W. Goodman; L.A. • Herman S. Wilson, Senatobia; L.A. • Martin Bernard Wilson, Pennsauken, N.J.; L.A. Sixth Row: • Rebecca Leigh Wilson, Hopkinsville, Ky.; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Joseph F. Wing, Jonestown; Bus. • Michael Lloyd Womack, Hattiesburg; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • James Alford Wood, Tehran; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William Chadwick Wood, Carthage; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Seventh Row: • C. Wesley Woodcock, Jr., Haddonfield, N.J.; Bus. • L. Wootten, Ill, Pass Christian; L.A.; Delta Psi. • Mary F. Wright, Belmont; Educ. • Susan Bourland Wright, Amory; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Allen Richard Yates, Shelby; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • James Walter Yawn, Bogue Chitto; Bus. • William Ernst Yelsik, White Plains, N.Y.; Educ.; Sigma Pi. • Dennis Wayne Young, Drew; Bus. • Jerry Vernon Young, Oxford; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Martha K. Young, Greenwood; Educ.; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Paul Francis Younghans, Mountainside, N.J.; Bus.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Jane Marshall Zinn, Leland; Educ. First Row: • Frank Brian Abdo, Leland; L.A. • Alice Kay Abernethy, Okolona; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Katherine A. Abraham, L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Judith Ann Adams, Oxford; Bus.; Delta Delta Delta. • Lyman D. Aldrich, Washington; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • Thomas A. Alexander, Evansville, Ind.; Educ.; Beta Theta Pi. • Virginia Louise Alexander, Columbus, Ohio; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Dianne L. Allen, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Joan Claire Allen, Winona; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Mary Douglas Allen, Canton; L.A.; Chi Omega. Third Row: • Robert Johnson Allen, Belmont; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William Ragon Allen, Tupelo; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • George Alliston, Florence; Phar. 2. • Frank Andrew Anderson, Oxford; Engr. • Polly Chambers Anderson, Gloster; Bus. Fourth Row: • William Fenton Anderson, Yazoo City; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Dalton W. Anthony, Tupelo; L.A. • Laurie Knox Anthony, Greenville; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Phillip Lynn Birmingham, Ala.; Phar. 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • V. Armstrong, Tupelo; L.A.; Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: • John Frank Arnett, Oxford; L.A. • John W. Arnold, Jr., Grenada; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Paul Harry Aron, Monroe, La.; Phar. 3; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Peggy Marcelle Ashmore, Water Valley; Educ. • James H. Ashworth, Orange, Va.; Bus.; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • Edna Sue Atkinson, Batesville; L.A. • William Edward Pickens; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Sandra Lee Aust, San Francisco, Calif.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Tunell Backlund, Waveland; L.A. • Michael Mathias Baier, Meridian; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • Martha Jean Bailey, Steele, Mo.; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Martha Carol Ballard, Tupelo; L.A. • William F. Maben; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Clarence Q. Bannister, San Diego, Calif.; L.A. • Evelyn A. Barbour, Jackson; L.A. Eighth Row: • Diana June Barger, Tupelo; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Katherine N. Barlow, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Terrell Wayne Barlow, Hattiesburg; Engr.; Delta Psi. • John William Lexington; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Meredith A. Bass, Jr., Hazelhurst; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: • James L. Beasley, Jr., Sherman; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Robert Lloyd Beasley, Greenwood; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Phyllis Janice Beckwith, Carrollton; L. A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Anna Margaret Bee, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • John T. Bell, New Albany; L.A. First Row: • Charlie William Been, Jr., Carthage; Engr. • James H. Bennett, Ill, Meridian; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • James K. Bennett, New Albany; Educ.; Sigma Nu. • Joe Eddins Marks: Bus. • Frank Berry, II, Corinth; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Second Row: • Carolyn Ann Billings, Greenwood; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Harriet Nelson Binford, Tupelo; Educ. • Sandra Lee Black, Jackson; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Lois Jean Bloch, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Linda Barbour Boone, Laurel; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • James Pennington Borden, Ocean Springs; Engr. • Larry Glenn Bourland, Manila, Ark.; L.A. • Bettie M. Bowen; Engr.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • David Maurice Boyd, Jackson, L.A. • Joe Alister Brady, Jr., Jackson; L.A.. Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • Carolyn R. Brandt, Oxford, Educ. • Bettye Jane Braswell, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ. • Frank Whitty Bratt, Moss Point; L.A. • Wanda Jean Brewer, Oxford; Bus. • Barry Wilson Nesbit; L.A.; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • Sue Carole Brister, McComb; Bus.; Chi Omega. • Gerald K. Brown, Meridian; L.A. • Linda Josephine Brown, Bruce; L.A. • Marilyn L. Brown, New Orleans, La.; L.A. • Virginia Nell Brown, Jackson; Educ.; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • Margaret Olivia Browne, Oxford; Bus.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Samuel A. Brunetti, Miami, Fla.; L.A. • David Leland Bryant, University; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Frederick W. Bush, Helena, Ark.; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Elizabeth S. Butler, Coahoma; L.A.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Bonita Butterfield, Pascagoula; L.A. • Patricia Anne Byrd, New York, N.Y.; Bus. • Cynthia Louise Cain, Canton; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Ralph F. Cameron, Jr., Collins; L.A.: Sigma Nu. • Jennings B. Camet, Jr., Biloxi; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: • Norman Alexander Cannady, Meridian; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Bill Joe Cannan, Jackson; Bus. • Mary Carolyn Cannon, University; Educ. • Joann Therese Capparelle, Fla.; L.A. • Melanie W. Carlisle, Gainesville, Fla.; Educ. Ninth Row: • Carol Ann Carrington, West Memphis, Ark.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Carolyn L. Carrington, Collierville, Tenn.; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Dorothy Anne Carter, Hattiesburg; Educ. • Elizabeth Chapman Carter, Senatobia; Bus.; Delta Delta Delta. • Carol Evelyn Cassidy, La.; Educ.; Phi Mu. First Row: • John Dexter Castle, Houston; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • James Leroy Catt, Jr., Clinton; Bus. • Mary E. Cauthen, Canton; Bus. • Manche Bennett Chotard, Columbus; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Sammy Ming Chow, Clarksdale; Phar. 2. Second Row: • Reuben L. Chrestman, Ill, Helena, Ark.; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Anson Bobby Chunn, Jackson; Bus. • Sandra Lynn Chustz, Jackson; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. • Alvah E. Clark, Jr., Ocean Springs; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Ann Carol Clark, Hattiesburg; Educ.; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • Harold Nowlin Clark, West Point; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • James R. Clay, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A.; Delta Kappa • William J. Clayton, Sardis; Educ.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Burton C. Clemmer, II, Amarillo, Texas; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Karen Lynne Clifford, Houston, Texas; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • Judy Carolyn Cobb, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Edwin Tharp Cofer, Water Valley; L.A. • Billy Mack Denmark; L.A. • Doris K. Coleman, Pineville: Educ. • George E. Coleman, Jr., Corinth; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • William D. Coleman, Jr., Jackson; L.A. • Carolyn Collier, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • Judith Ann Colvin, Greenwood; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • Wayne Peter Comer, Clark, N.J.; L.A. • Charles Stockton Conner, Birmingham; Engr.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Johnny F. Conwill, Amory; Educ. • Lore Cynthia Cook, Fla.; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Lucius P. Cook, Tenn.; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Michael Dale Cooke, Tupelo; L.A. • Helen L. Cooley, Corpus Christi, Texas; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Seventh Row: • Alton Lee Corban, Jr., Bogue Chitto; Phar. 2. • Tom A. Cothran, Jr., Lexington; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Linda Lee Cotner, Proctor, Ark.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Clara Dean Cox, Charleston; Educ. • John C. Cox, Water Valley; L.A. Eighth Row: • Peggy Ann Cresswell, Satartia; Educ.; Kappa Kappa. Gamma • Rayner Jeanne Cromwell, Batesville; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Will Ray Crouch, Courtland; L.A. • Elizabeth Viola Crowder, Hot Springs, Ark.; Educ. • Larry Lamont L.A. Ninth Row: • Jane Catherine Custy, University; L.A. • James Joseph Davidson, Pottsville, Pa.; Engr.; Delta Psi. • John P. Davis, Corinth; Phar. 2; Sigma Nu. • Robert Sol Davis, Ala.; L.A. • Sidney Dewitt Davis, Mendenhall; Bus. First Row: • Stephanie Sue Davis, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Dianne Mann Dewees, Madison; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Carole L. Dexheimer, New Orleans, La.; L.A. • Gregory Oliver Doiron, Vicksburg; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Sally Ann Dougherty, Coldwater; L.A. Second Row: • Dennis Albert Doyle, Woodbridge, Va.; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Richard E. Ducker, Roxie; Phar. 2; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lois Jean Dunmire, Windber, Pa.; L.A. • Anna C. Dunn, Yazoo City; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Arnold Douglas Dyre, Grenada; Phar. 2; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • Brenda Sue Eaton. Sumrall; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Frederick F. Edmondson, Vardaman; Phar. 2. • Mary E. Edmonson, L.A.; Chi Omega. • James Carlton Elkins, Albany, Ga.; L.A. • James Allison Elliott, Holly Springs. Bus.; Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: • Richard W. Elliott, Jr., Oxford; Bus. • Marylyn Page Ellis, Huntsville, Ala.; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Carl S. Erichsen, Moss Point; L.A. • John Pointer Estes, Como; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Franklin Gibson Eubanks, Ruleville; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. Fifth Row: • Keren Ellen Everett, Greenwood; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Douglas L. Everitt, Waynesboro; Bus. • Eugene Love Fair, Louisville; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Beverly F. Fairchild, Crowell, Texas; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Linda Dearing Faneca, Harrisburg, Ark.; Educ. Sixth Row: • Connie Ann Favret, Ocean Springs; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Ned A. Feltenstein, Meridian; Bus.; PI Kappa Alpha. • Nancy Lynn Fenstermacher, Vicksburg; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Margaret Ellen Ferguson, Jackson; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Rebecca Ferguson, Dewitt, Ark.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • Sharon Cecille Fernan, Madison, Wisc.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Rita Joy Fitchett, Oxford; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bonnie Jane Fleming, Panama City, Fla.; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Stephen Spradley Foose, Oxford; Engr. • Larry Allen Force, Jackson; Bus. Eighth Row: • Janet Lynn Ford, Vicksburg; L.A. • Beverly Sue Forrest, Gulfport; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Marilyn Pauline Foster, Oxford: Phar. 2. • Robert W. Frasier, Ill, Meridian; L.A. • Shirley Ann Fratesi, Leland; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Susan Louise French, Pass Christian; Educ.; Phi Mu. Donald Edward Frey, Jr., Cleveland; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Caroline C. Frith, Tampa, Fla.; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Don Luis Fruge, Meridian; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Norman B. Fulton, Olive Branch; L.A. First Row: • Charles Watkins Fyfe, Lula; Bus. • William Thomas Water Valley; L.A. • Harold F. Galatian, Beachwood, N.J.; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Fredrick Khanshan Ganji, Ahwaz Iran; Engr. • Helen C. Garrison, Jackson; Educ.; Chi Omega. Second Row: • Hugh William Gates, III, University; Bus. • Frank G. Gay, Ripley; Bus. • Jere Gibert, Gunnison; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Carole E. Gifford, Rienzi; Bus. • Newton Gregg Gill, Engr.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • William Barry Gillespie, Greenwood; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Edmond J. Girot, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Educ.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John M. Glicco, Meridian; Bus. • Albert Leroy Godwin, Jr., Gulfport; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • William R. Jr.. Hobbs, N.M.; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • Joe Elijah Graves, Birmingham, Ala.; Educ. • Sally Jean Green, Pass Christian; L.A.; Phi Mu. • William Michael Green, Victoria, Texas; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • James K. Gregory, Nashville, Tenn.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Julius V. Griffith, Jr., Raleigh; Bus. Fifth Row: • Lynda Ann Grimes, Biloxi; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Merida Guest, Pass Christian; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert Allan Guyton, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • M. Haines, Marianna, Ark.; Educ. • Larry B. Hall, Jackson; Phar. 2; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • Sandra Nell Hall, Ocean Springs; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Sylvia Ann Hall, Oxford; Bus. • Linda Dawn Hanberry, Bus . • John W. Hancock, Scottsburq, Ind.; Phar. 2. • Mary Ann Hancock, Meridian; L.A.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Sheila Diane Hansen, Biloxi; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Bryan Brand Harper, Meridian; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Charles E. Harper, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Horace Wilson Harpole, Dyer, Tennessee; L.A. • Doris Moredock Harris, Oxford; Phar. 2. Eighth Row: • Sammie D. Harris, Dorsey; Bus. • Elizabeth P. Harrison, Greenville; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Louise S. Harrison, Ind.; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Glenn Wesley Harwell, luka; Phar. 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Ronnie Lawson Hathorn, Louisville; Phar. 2. Ninth Row: • Louis Franklin Haven, Ill, Forrest City, Ark.; Educ. Joseph G. Hawkins, Madisonville, Ky.; Engr.; Sigma Chi. Pamela Marshall Haworth, Jefferson, Texas; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Stephen Fred Hedges, Water Valley; Engr. • Roland W. Heidelberg, III, Hattiesburg; L.A.; Sigma Chi. First Row: • Winifred Ruth Hellums, Oxford; Phar. 2. • Robert Carl Helms, Cleveland; L.A. • Mary Katherine Henry, Birmingham, Ala.; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • Wayne Walker Herrington, L.A. • Beverly Merle Hester, Pontotoc; Educ. Second Row: • William Stewart Hester, Jackson; L.A. • James S. Hicks, Natchez; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Carroll Jane Higgins, New Orleans, La.; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Harold Ex Hill, L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • James M. Hill, Tupelo; L.A. Third Row: • Raymond Eugene Himes, Jr., Greenwood; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Douglas John Hodges, Bethesda, Maryland; Bus. • Hancel Holder, Richton; Educ. • Mary Ann Holliday, Jackson; Bus. • John G. Hollingsworth, Jr., Meadville; L.A.; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • Margaret Ann Horn, Corinth; L.A. • Pamela Ann Hotard, Metairie, La.; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Thomas Ford Houston, Pascagoula; L.A. • Octavia E. Howard, Jackson; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Sara Christine Howard, Duck Hill; L.A.; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • Diane E. Howell, Greenville; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Sue C. Hubbard, Jackson; Phar. 2. • Melvina Letitia Sumrall; Bus. • Robert E. Huey, Jr., Gulfport; Phar. 2. • G. Carol Hughey, Jonesboro, Ark.; Educ.; Kapa Delta. Sixth Row: • William James Hunt, Sardis; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Walter H. Isaacson, Crystal Lake, Ill.; L.A. • George Henry Jabour, Vicksburg; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Kenneth D. Tupelo; Bus. • M. Davoudzadeh Jamili, Kayvan St., Iran; Engr. Seventh Row: • James Albert Johnson, Tylertown; Educ. • Jean Chambless Johnson, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Judith Ann Johnson, McGehee, Ark.; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Marvin Carey Jones, West Point; Phar. 2. • Mary A. Jones, Byhalia; Educ. Eighth Row: • Robert T. Jones, Amory; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Tony Earnest Jones, Amory; L.A. • Mary Carolyn Jordan, Columbia; Educ. • Sara Catherine Jordan, Kosciusko; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Richard Joseph Joseph, Kosciusko; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • Leigh V. Josephson, Flossmoor, III., Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Betty Diamond Jue, Clarksdale; L.A. • Laura Mavis Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Mary W. Grenada; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Stratford Haman Kay, Pittsboro; L.A. First Row: • Thomas B. Kellum, Jr., Louise; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • James Calhoun Kelly, Jackson; Educ. • Glenn Larry Kerr, Jackson; Educ. • Michael D. Kershaw, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Virginia Jean Kinard, Jackson; Educ.; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Stanley Catherine King, Potts Camp; L.A. • John Pigford Kirk, Greenville; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • Thomas D. Kirschten, Greenwood; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Charles Stroud Knight, Mt. Olive; L.A. • Edwin Errol Kroeker, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; L.A. Third Row: • James A. Lane, Mendenhall; Phar. 2. • Robert Alexander Lane, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Berry Laron McMinnville, Tenn.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Patricia Jean Latta, Jackson; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Bobby Ray Lawson Oxford; Engr. Fourth Row: • William A. Leatherman, Jr., Robinsonville; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jacquelyn J. Ledbetter, Jackson; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Boyce Lee, Winona; Educ.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • B. Lemons, Ill, Winter Haven, Fla.; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Karen Ann Lewis, Bay St. Louis; L.A. Fifth Row: • Larry Lisle Lewis, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • William Irvin Lewis, Jackson; L.A. • Karen Louise Lindhorst, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus. • Joseph R. Lipscomb, Col umbus; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Bette B. Litchfield, Corinth; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • John Bunyan Lloyd, Jr., Long Beach; Bus. • James Robert Lockard, Ocean Springs; L.A. • John W. Locovare, Staten Island, N.Y.; L.A. • William Stephen Loden, Inverness; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Edward Richard Loeber, Verplanck, N.Y.; Educ. Seventh Row: • Marguerite Griffin Lokey, Amarillo, Texas; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Felice Lomangino, University; Engr. • Dan Wade Lomax, Waynesboro; L.A. • Paul Leonidus Long, Ark.; L.A. • William Washburn Lott, Columbus; L.A. Eighth Row: • Marlin Gerald Lowrimore, Laurel; Phar. 2. • Jane Ellen Lundberg, Grenada; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Sharon Courtney Lynch, Oxford; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Mary Margaret Corinth; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Lloyd H. McClusky, Ripley; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Ninth Row: • Elizabeth Ann McConnell, Tupelo; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Edward Lewis McCool, Grenada; Bus.; Beta Theta Pi. • Holly Anne McCreight, Meridian; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Mary Carmille McCullouch, Oxford; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Robert Charles McDaniel, Kennedy, Ala.; Educ. First Row: • Roger D. McDaniel, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Leland McDivitt, Amory; Phar. 2.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Burchette S. McFarland, Bolivar, Tenn.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • William C. McGehee, Jr., Natchez; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Gloria Jeanette McGuire, Jackson; Phar. 2.; Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row: • Nancy Holland McHaney, Henderson, Tenn.; L.A. • Charles A. McKnight, Jackson; Phar. 2. • Everett A. McKnight, Jr., Oakhills, Ala.; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • John Purves McLaurin, Oxford; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Christie McLennan, Houston, Texas; Educ.: Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • Barbara W. McMillen, Oxford; Educ. • Frederic K. Jr., Metairie, La.; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Joe Welda Columbia; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Mildred C. McNeil Mobile. Ala.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Robert Macaleese, Indianapolis, Ind.; L.A. Fourth Row: • Jane K. Magruder, McComb; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Hemant C. Maheshwari, Mirzapur, India; Engr. • Jean Yvonne Maitre, New Orleans, La.; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • Michael James Malouf, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Toni Carol Malvezzi Clarksdale; Bus.; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: • Judith Ann Marks, Booneville; L.A. • James G. Martin, Jr., Tupelo; L.A. • June Lovell Martin, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Maretta Anne Martin, Leakesville; Phar. 2: Pi Beta Phi. • Maurice Bryan Martin, Vardaman; Phar. 2. Sixth Row: • Elmer William Matthews, Scott; Educ. • Roger Errol Memphis, Tenn.; Engr.; Kappa Sigma. • Charlotte Rita Mayo, Ocean Springs; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Helen R. Meek, Educ. • Robert C. Mellon, Bolton; Bus. Seventh Row: • Susan Grey Metcalf, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Kathleen Joan Meyer. Springfield, Ill.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Barry Ivan Mickey, Urbana, Ill.; L.A. • Billy Maurice Miller, Pascagoula; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Frederic L. Miller, Shreveport, La.; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Linda K. Miller, Vincennes, Ind.; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Ray Shelby Miller, Jackson; Bus. • Alice Jeanette Mitchell, Kennett, Mo.; Educ.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • James Edwin Mitchell, Panama City; Educ.; Delta Ps:. • Judith Ann Mitchell, Grenada; Educ.; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Lucy Evelyn Mitchell, Panama City; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Sue Powers Mitchell, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Carol L. Montgomery, Decatur; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Holt Montgomery, Laurel; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Patricia Anne Moore, Winnsboro, La.; L.A.; Phi Mu. Fir st Row: • William Frank Moore, Jr., Byhalia; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • John Walton Morgan, III, Jackson; Bus. • Judith Lynn Mosal, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • David J. Mottley, Westfield, N.J.; Bus.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Charles Jimmy Mullins, McCall Creek; Phar. 2; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • Mary Patricia Mulville, Chevy Chase, Md.; Educ. • Alan Linn Murphree, Houston; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Thomas Dulaney Murry, Oxford; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Jane Nall, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Allen W. Neel, Lucedale; L.A. Third Row: • Herman Benjamin Nelken, Greenville; Bus. • James Hardin Nelson, Crystal Springs; Bus. • James Ray Nelson, luke; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Ronald Gene Newberry, Oxford; Engr. • Edwin Randolph Noble, Jr., Lorman; L.A. Fourth Row: • John W. Noble, Fayette; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • David R. Norman, Calhoun City; L.A. • Robert B. Northern, Jackson; Phar. 2; Sigma Nu. • William Mayhew Nunley, Carrollton; Bus. • Cheryl Ann Nutt, Crosse tt, Arkansas; L.A. Fifth Row: • Robert Edward Oakley, Bruce; L.A. • Joseph Frank Odom, Vicksburg; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Alicia Sue Odrago, Michigan; L.A. • Lessley F. Oliver, Grenada; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Maureen Y. Orourke, Brookhaven; Bus.; Pi Beta Phi. Sixth Row: • Richard Neil Ousley, Huntsville, Ala.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Eleanor Lynne Overby, Brandon; Bus. • Charles Raymond Owen, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. • Anthony J. Palukaitis, North Haledon, N.J.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Thomas James Parker, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Educ. Seventh Row: • Vickie L. Parker, Lucedale; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Burt L. Patterson, Jackson; Phar. 2. • James Cecil Patterson, Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • Rex Nelson Paul, Greenville; L.A. • Roger L. Paulson, Madison, Ind.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. Eighth Row: • Ida Joeann Pavlick, Amory; Educ. • Mary K. Payne, Educ. • Susan Lucretia Peeler, Amory; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sandra Elaine Perkins, Moss Point; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Suzanne L. Permenter, Greenville; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: • Charles D. Perry, Oxford; Educ. • Mary Ellen V. Phelps, Ntta Yuma; Educ. • Michael Rudd Phillips, Mississippi City; Phar. 2. • Stanley Frederick Pielak, Pascagoula; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Helen House Pilkinton, Columbus; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. First Row: • Helen D. Pillow, Itta Bena; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Rome Dabbs Polsgrove, Shannon; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Arthur Porter, Vicksburg; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Thelda M. Powell, Picayune; Educ. • Mary E. Powers, Lamont; L.A.; Chi Omega. Second Row: • Clarence Dickens Prange, Memphis, Ten.; Bus.; Beta Theta Pi. • Cealia Jane Price, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Hugh Gordon Price, Greenwood; Bus. • Sarah Evelyn Price, University; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • James Thomas Pryor, Jr., Oxford; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • Patricia Alice Puckett, Columbus; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Cecilia Odile Quin, Vicksburg; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Daniel Rabinowitz, Allentown, Pa.; Bus.; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Hussein Rachedi, Teheran, Iran; Engr. • John Dallas Raines, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • Edward W. Rampy, Water Valley; Bus. • Patricia Ann Randall, Gloster; L.A. • James Curtis Randle, Pontotoc; L.A.; Delta Psi. • Enid Anne Redding, Ocean Springs; L.A. • Jan Elizabeth Reddock, Stringer; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fifth Row: • John F. Reed, Jr., Fairfield, Conn.; Bus. • Larry W. Reed, Holly Springs; Bus. • Thomas Edwin Rester, Ackerman; Phar. 2; Alpha Tau Omega. • Ernest Darden Reynolds, Jr., Clinton; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Karen Sue Rich. Gulfport; Educ. Sixth Row: • Mary Jo Riddell, Biloxi; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • Nori Lee Riddle, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • Robert R. Roberts, Jr., Belzoni; Engr. • William Francis Roberts, Pascagoula; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Ronnie A. Robinson, Laurel; Bus. Seventh Row: • Mighan Ann Rockey, Tupelo; L.A. • Lelia J. Ross, Educ.; Phi Mu. • Roberta Grace Ross, Clarksdale; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Sandra Senter Ross, Oxford; Educ. • Alfred Wayne Rowan, Greenwood; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Mary Elaine Rowell, Morehouse, Missouri; Educ. • Fred Wallace Rushton, Jr., Tunica; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Robert Pritchard Russell, Oxford; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Harry S. Columbus; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • John Edgar Sanders, Kosciusko; Phar. 2. Ninth Row: • Nancy Ann Sandifer, Jackson; L.A. • James Kindred Saul, Hattiesburg; Bus. • Jeffrey lloyd Loyd Sauls, Tylertown; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • John Emery Sawyer, Ill, Cleveland; L.A. • Daniel McGehee Scarbrough, Meadville; L.A.; Sigma Chi. First Row: • Eugene R. Schnierle, Harrisburg, III.; Educ. • Marthadele A. Schwartz, Unionville, Mich.; L.A. • Barry Charles Scott, Louisville; L.A. • Don Bacot Scott, Hazlehurst; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Martha Maynette Seay, Oxford; L.A.; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • Homer Wesley Sebren, Jr., Jackson; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Ronald Victor Sekul, Biloxi; Phar. 2; Alpha Tau Omega. • Carol Kern Sellers, Mobile, Ala.; L.A.; Chi Omega. • James Edward Sewell, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Walter M. Shackelford, La Grange, Ga.; L.A.; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • David Eugene Shands, Tupelo; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Nathan P. Shappley, Ill, Gore Springs; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Evelyn Cole Shaw, Oxford; L.A. • John Calvin Sheffield, Helena, Ark.; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Carey C. Shelby, Bus. Fourth Row: • JoAnn Shelton, Dallas, Texas; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Vicki Ray Shope, Dalton, Ga.; L.A. • James Gary Sigler, Waynesboro; Bus. • Leslie Howard Siltman, Batesville; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jane Bingham Simpson, Shaw; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: • Jerry Lonn Sims, Meridian; L.A. • Janet Allen Singletary, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Gary Lee Sisco, Bolivar, Tenn.; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Martha Frances Smira, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • John Lowe Smith, Jackson; Educ. Sixth Row: • Karen Ann Smith, Laurel; Educ. • Linda Jane Smith, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sandra Wynn Smith, Ill.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • William Fielding Smith, Houston, Texas; L.A. • John Boswell Sneed, II, Gulfport; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • Marcia B. Spratlin, University; Bus. • Carol Staggers, West Point; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Jacquelyn M. Stahlman, Natchez; Bus.; Pi Beta Phi. • Marshall Hal Stanger, Las Vegas, Nev.; I .A. • Michael Steven Starnes, Oxford; Bus. Eighth Row: • Dianne Steel, Oxford; Bus. • Gary Allan Stewart, Prichard, Ala.; L.A. • H. F. Foster Stewart, Trussville, Ala.; Educ. • Johnny Clifton Stewart, Grenada; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • William C. Strawbridge, Aberdeen; Bus.; Sigma Chi, Ninth Row: • Frederick P. Strickland, Montevallo, Ala.; Bus. • Nona Kay Strickland, Hattiesburg; Phar. 2. • Carole Ann Storng, Biloxi; Educ. • Michael R. Swetland, Grenada: Educ. • Karen Taggart, Jackson; Bus. First Row: • Herman Eugene Haylor, Jr., Memphis; Bus. • Jessie Roma Taylor, Verona; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Leslie Edward Taylor, Jr., Vicksburg; Educ. • Rebecca Kay Taylor, Hazlehurst; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Robert Parrish Taylor. Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Secound Row: • Willard Roy Taylor, Trenton, Tenn.; L.A. • Terry Ann Alexandria, Virginia; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • William John Tehan, Ill, Rivera Beach, Maryland; Engr. • Gabriela Teichert, University; Educ. • Steve Wayne Terracin, Bus.; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • Joy Moore Tindall, Indianola; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Mary Lynn Todaro, Biloxi; Educ. • Cowles Horton Townes, Grenada; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lynn Lovell Treppendahl, Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Paul Trussell, Jr., Jackson; L.A. Fourth Row: • Elizabeth Jan Tumasz, Jackson; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Elizabeth S. Tumlinson, Jackson; L.A. • Edith Waits Turley, Leland; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Daniel H. Turnell, Jamestown, N.Y.; L.A.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Billy F. Turner, New Albany; Bus. Fifth Row: • John Herschel Turner, Sledge; Bus. • William Henry Turner, Aberdeen; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Carol Ann Turnipseed, Jackson; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Larry Don Underwood, Moore, L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Anne Melrose Urquart, Mobile Ala.; Educ. Sixth Row: • Margaret M. Vaughan, Canton; Educ.; Delia Delta Delta. • Robert Curtis Vaughan, Memphis. Tenn.; L.A. • Ganel Eason Veazey, Coldwater; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Michael Cooper Vinson, Jackson; Phar. 2. • Bergen Roy A. Von, Ohio; Bus. Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: • Mildred Allene Waits, Lealand; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Ruth Lafon Walcott, Greenville; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Jessyca Elisabeth Waldran, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • 011ie Jean Walker, Crowder; L.A. • Virginia l one Walker, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: • Ronald K. Wallace, Corinth; Bus. • Toby Mack Wallace, Shuqualak; L.A.; Delta Psi. • Douglas Carroll Walker, Engr. • Virginia Marianne Walsh, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Patricia Ellen Walters, Laurel; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. Ninth Row: • Clara B. Watson, Jackson; L.A. • Jill Sharon Watson, Educ.; Phi Mu. • Shirley Claire Watson, Mississippi City; L.A. • Nick Alan Webb, Oxford; Educ. • Luke E. Webber, Fernley, Nev.; Educ. First Row: • Karen Murraine Weeks, Greenwood; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • Betty Diane West, Monroe, Louisiana ; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Stephen Frederic Weston, Underhill, Vermont; Engr.; Delta Psi. • Marilyn Frances Whitaker, Tupelo; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Gerald La Fay White, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • James Albert White, Oxford; L.A .• James Wallace White, Eupora; L.A. • Nancy Sue White, Toccopola; L.A. • Susan Frances White, Metairie, La.; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • William D. White, Belen; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • Beverly Rebecca Whitten, Washington, D.C.; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Homer A. Whittington, Jr., Natchez; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Camille S. Wilkinson, Alexandria, Va.; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Judith Lynn Wilkinson, Shaw; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Claudia Ann Williams, Clarksdale; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. Fourth Row: • David Michael Williams, Wake Forest, N.C.; L.A. • Linda Frances Williams, West Point; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Richard Anthony Williams, North Little Rock, Ark.; L.A. • James R. Williamson, Illinois; L.A. • Burnice Neal Willis, University; Engr. Fifth Row: • David Baxter Wilson, Water Valley; Bus. • Hal Windham, Jr., Columbia; Educ. • Elizabeth J. Wooten, Jackson; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Elaine E. Wooten, Pass Christian; L.A. • Fielding L. Wright, Rolling Fork; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Jayne A. Wright, Kreole; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Albert Duke Yee, Leland; Phar. 2. • Beth York, Derma; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • Charles Merrill York, Elmgrove, Wisc.; Bus. • Elder Yoste, Memphis; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. First Row: • Holmes S. Adams, Greenville; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Kathryn P. Adams, Langley AFB, Va.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • William F. Adams, Mobile, Alabama; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Carroll Anne Ainsworth, Pascagoula, L.A. • Jay Henry Aizen, Philadelphia, Pa.; L.A. Second Row: • Janie C. Alderson, Oxford; Bus. • Kenneth Edward Biloxi; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Malcolm Lee Pope; Phar. I ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Barbara J. El Dorado, Ark.; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Joel D. Alexander, Vicksburg; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • Fred Vin cent Alias, Clarksdale; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • M. Allen, Jr., Lula; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Henry R. Allen, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Harry Stiles Anderson, Clarksdale; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Martha Marie Anderson, Lumberton; L.A.; Phi Mu. Fourth Row: • Thomas H. Anderson, Jr., Gulfport; L.A. • William C. Apel, Rapid City, S.D.; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Carroll Suzanne Armour, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Peggy Sue Arrington, Water Valley; Educ. • Linda K. Atkins, Eupora; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fifth Row: • Bruce F. Atkinson, Greenwood; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Frank S. Austin, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Eric K. Ayer, Chrisney, Ind.; L.A. • Juanita S. Babb, Bus. • Cynthia Olive Babers, Gainesville, Fla.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. Sixth Row: • Barbara Ann Bailey, Long Beach; Bus. • Billi Ann Bailey, Batesville; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Robert W. Bailey, L.A. • Margaret E. Baine, San Francisco; L.A. • E. Barbee, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Seventh Row: • Mills E. Barbee, Hernando; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • John M. Barbour, Yazoo City; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Chandler F. Barham, Oak Ridge, La.; L.A.: Pi Beta Phi. • Glenda Del Barker, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Nelson L. Barksdale, Jr., McLean, Va.; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Eighth Row: • James C. Barlow, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • George D. Barnett, Pine Bluff, Ark.: Engr. • Peter Hickman Barrett, Gulfport; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Don F. Pascagoula; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Sylvia Ann Barton, City; Bus. Ninth Row: • Sandra Marie Bassett, Bloomington, Ind.; L.A. • Allen G. Batts, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. • Lloyd M. Baxter, Ocean Springs; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Fred L. Beard, Jr., Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Susan E. Bennett, Bowling Green, Ky.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. First Row: • William Zane Berger, Lorain, Ohio; Bus. • Beverly Jean Biddy, Grenada; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • James P. Biedenharn, Vicksburg; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Margot Jean Bilbo, Picayune; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Charles David Billings, Jr., Helena, Ark.; Bus. Second Row: • Betty C. Birdwell, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A. • Barbara Ann Bishop, Oxford; Educ. • Scott G. Black, Jr., Oxford; Bus.: Sigma Chi. • Richard B. Blackwell, Mendenhall; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • William Anthony Bland, Maben; L.A. Third Row: • Tamalane A. Blessey, Biloxi; L.A. • Jerry Lee Blount, L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Loyd Boling, Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • David W. Bomboy, L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Eldridge Dean Bonds, Oxford; Educ. Fourth Row: • George Carrington Boone, Hattiesburg; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sharon Lynn Boone, Jackson, L.A. • William R. Borden, Ocean Springs; L.A. • Robert H. Bostwick, III, New Albany: L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Edna A. Bourgeois, Waveland: Educ. Fifth Row: • Brenda Ann Boyce, Brandon; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Howell Johnson Boyles, Calhoun City; L.A. • James B. Braden, Nashville, Tenn.; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Charles E. Brame, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Cynthia Louise Brame, L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: • James S. M. Brasfield, Meridian; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Donna Louise Brawley, Baton Rouge, La.; L.A. • Charles A. Breath, Ill, Bay St. Louis; L.A. • Maurice R. Brett, L.A. • Ronald D. Brewer, Waynesboro; Bus. Seventh Row: • James A. Brim, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • Mendum Dess Briscoe, Biloxi; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Hess Raymond Brocato, Jackson; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Cleve Brock, Ill, Tunica; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Charles L. Brooks, Jackson; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: • Philip E. Brou, Jr., Jackson; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robert T. Brougher, Tutwiler; L.A. • Kenneth B. Brown, Engr. • Suzan Brown, Jackson, L.A.; Chi Omega. • Alan P. Brucker, Greenwood; L.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi. Ninth Row: • Dianna Lynn Brummett, Oxford; Bus. • Rex H. Brunt, L.A. • John R. Bryan, San Francisco, Calif.; L.A. • Penny Bubeck, Meridian; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Thomas T. Laurel; L.A.; Sigma Nu. First Row: • Ward C. Buel, Germantown, Tenn.; Engr. • Beverly Sue Bufkin, Hazlehurst; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Andrew G. Bumpas. Jackson; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Francis G. Burnett, Meridian: L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Bonnie B. Burns, Caruthersville, Mo.; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Rosa R. Burns, Water Valley; Bus. • Donald R. Burrell, Picayune; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • George G. Byers, L.A. • Gus Ames Bynum, Hattiesburg; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Rita Proby Cabaniss, Jackson; Bus.; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • Carolyn D. Caldwell, Daleville; L.A. • James J. Caldwell, Tupelo; Bus. • Grover R. Caloway, McGehee, Ark.; Engr. • James McDonald Campbell, Stuttgart, Ark.; Bus. • Jan Alyse Campbell, Forrest City, Ark.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Virginia C. Campbell, Pontotoc; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Cecil M. Cannada, Jr., Edwards; L.A. • Michael R. Carithers, Meridian: Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Betty M. E. Carlisle, L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Meredith Davis Carpenter L.A.; Kappa Delta. Fifth ROW: • James E. Carr, Greenville; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Kirk Paxton Carter, Greenwood; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Candace Anne Carver, Dallas, Texas; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Joseph J. Casano, Gulfport; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Susan Lee Case. McComb; L.A.; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • Renato P. Caselli, Jr.. Nitta Yuma; L.A.; Delta Kappa • Mary Karen Caulfield. Greenville; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Kyle Chandler, West Point; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta • Linda J. Chaney, Nettleton; • Larry H. Chapman, Jackson: L.A.; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: • William Benjamin Chatman, Picayune; Bus. • Thomas W. Cheairs, Ill, Grenada; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Hollis Clifton Cheek. Kosciusko; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Robert W. Gadsden, Ala.; Engr. • Patricia D. Chinn, Marks; L.A. Eighth Row: • Jeannie Lucinda Chisholm, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Dorothy Ruth Clark, Pensacola, Fla.; L.A. • Douglas E. Clark, Jr., West Point; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Lacey C. Jr., West Helena, Ark.; L.A. • Susan Clayton, Tenn.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ninth Row: • Charles G. Clifford, Ill, Morton; Bus. • Keith P. Clingman. Glenview, Ill.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Anita C. Clinton, Monticello; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Connie Louise Cloar, Earle, Ark.; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. • F. Leeward Cofer, Oxford; Bus. First Row: • Marsha K. Cole, Candor, N.C.; L.A. • Homer D. Collins, Jackson; Bus. • Lillye Jane Coll ns, Apalachicola, Fla.; Educ. • Joan Estella Colvin, Greenwood; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • Gail Hanley Condon, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ. Second Row: • Lee K. Conner, Columbia; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Cooper, Fayette; Bus. • Mary Beth Cooper, Oxford; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Wanda Kay Cooper, Philadelphia; L.A. • Carroll L. Cotton, Nesbitt; Bus.; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • Alvin C. Cox, Jr., West Point; Phar. I; Kappa Sigma. • Roger D. Cox, Gulfport; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Jane Cranford, Missouri; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Buren R. Crawford, L.A. • Ethel J. Crawley, Kosciusko; Educ. Fourth Row: • Anne M. Crisler, Flora; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Mildred Louise Cromer, Osceola, Ark.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Don Crook, Dallas, Texas; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jon Crook, Dallas, Texas; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Virginia Portis Cross, Lepanto, Ark.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • Michael Avery Crouch, Pocahontas, Ark.; L.A. • Robert H. Crump, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James Tyson Currie, Jackson; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Chester H. Curtis, Clarksdale; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • William H. Curtis, Oxford; Bus. Sixth Row: • Robert Paul Cyr, Hartford, Conn.; Educ.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Jesse Grafton Dabbs, Egypt; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robert A. Dalton, McLean, Virginia; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Sam E. Dalton, Ill, Grenada; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Thomas Peter Darras, Grenada; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: • Ralph Lee Daves, Pascagoula; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Leigh L. Davidson, Aberdeen; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Pamela Sue Davidson, Jackson; L.A. • Charlotte A. Davis, Marks; Bus. • Philip Lee Davis, Jr., Nashville, Tenn.; Bus. Eighth Row: • William H. Davis, Corinth; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Winfred J. Davis, Jr., Columbia; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Louis P. Davitt, Memphis. Tenn.; Bus.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • William Howard Dawson, Okolona; Educ.; Kappa Sigma. • Daniel M. Dean, Greenville; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • Francis A. DeBay, Columbia; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • James Anthony Dees, Waynesboro; L.A. • James Gregory Dees, Gulfport; L.A. • Strawford H. Dees, Ill, Corinth; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Charles G. Demarco, Peterson, N.J.; L.A.; Sigma Pi. First Row: • Harriotte Craige DeMoss, rJ., Nashville, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Elizabeth M. Denham, Laurel; L.A.; Chi Omega. • George Timothy Denley, Coffeeville; L.A.; • Thomas S. Denton, Louisville, Ky.; L.A.; Sigma Pi. • James Dominic Derose, Plainfield, N.J.; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • James H. Deterly, Natchez; L.A. • Edwin John Deuschle, Tupelo; L.A. • Mary May Dexter, Selmer, Tenn.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Ronald Dickey, Texas City, Texas; L.A. • Vicki L. Diffendorfer, Biloxi; L.A. Third Row,: • Kevin K. Diffley; Mobile, Ala.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Susan L. Dike, New Orleans, La.; L.A. • Richard Lee Dillon, Jackson; L.A. • Marian Jane Dobbs, Smyrna, Ga.; L.A. • David Jay Donner, Woodbrige, N.J.; L.A. Fourth Row: • Janis N. Doolittle, Jackson; L.A. • Bobby Delain Douglas, Clarksdale; Bus. • Susan E. Dove, Jackson; Educ. • Jerry Lynn Dover, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Pi. • Danny Alton Drake Batesville; Engr. Fifth Row: • Thomas A. Drake, Jr., luka; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kenneth R. Dreher, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Bobby W. Dubois, Yazoo City; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Howard L. Duck, Jr., Humboldt, Tenn.; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Betty Dea Duckworth, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • Jack 0. Duckworth, Collins; Educ.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Ann E. Duffee, Grenada; Bus. • James 0. Dukes, Quitman; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Patsy G. Duncan, Tylertown; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Christopher A. Dunn, Montclair, N.J.; Bus.: Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: • Edgar M. Dunn, Jr., New Orleans, La.; L.A.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James Edward Dupree, Biloxi; L.A. • Marvin A. Earnheart, Tunica; L.A. • Judith Susan East, Oxford; Bus.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Theresa Anne Eavenson, Marks; Bus. Eighth Row: • Carolyn Sue Edwards, New Madrid, Mo.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Harold M. Edwards, Jr., Charleston, S.C.; Enqr.• Alpha Tau Omega. • Neva Sue Edwards, Summit; L.A. • Elizabeth Ann Eichold, Mobile, Ala.; L.A.; Chi Omega ° Stephen G. Elkins, Oxford; L.A. Ninth Row: • Bobby George Ellender, Gloster; Phar. I. • Lawrence H. Ellis, Jr., McComb; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Donald C. Elmore, Dillsburg, Pa.; L.A. • Sheryl Clarke Enochs, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Julie Ann Epps, Jackson, Tenn.; L.A. First Row: • Harold E. Evans, Jr., Clarksdale; Bus.; Sigma Alpha • Nancy Clo Evans, Mt. Sterling, Ky.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Steven Roy Evans, South Hadley; Engr. • Tiny Bess Evans, Winona; Bus. • Karen D. Fancher, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • Otis D. Felder, McGehee, Ark.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsiion. • Wayne Lamar Felder, Tylertown; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jo Carol Finch, Huntingdon, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Nora L. Finklea, Dexter, Mo.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Dorothy A. Firestone, Clarksdale; L.A. Third Row: • Edward Clifton Fisacherly, Pascagoula; Bus. • Linda Jane Fitch, Oxford; Educ. • Carolyn B. Flagg, Gulfport; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Linda L. Flowers, Earle, Ark.; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. • Richard R. Flowers, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. Fourth Row: • Judy Wood Floyd, Indianola; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Ann Floyd, Sardis; L.A. • Henry Edward Fly, McComb; L.A. • Austin M. Folk, Sheffield, Ill.; Educ. • Nancy K. Foose, Tchula; L.A.; Chi Omega. Fifth Row: • John M. Ford, Pascagoula; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Roane D. Forman, Natchez; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Telena Kaye Foster, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Myrna D. Fountain, Biloxi; L.A. • Diane M. Fowle, Jackson; Educ. Sixth Row: • Fleeta E. Fox, Pattison; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Susan F. Frieberger, Biloxi; L.A. • Sandra Joyce Fried, Indianola; L.A. • Leon B. Frishman, Natchez; L.A. • Wallace David Frye, Columbus; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: • Peter M. Fulton. Olive Branch; L.A. • Harold L. Galloway, Oxford; L.A. • James B. Galloway, Gulfport; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • William A. Ganann, Ackerman; Phar. I. • Prestiss W. Gandy, Hampton, Va.; L.A. Eighth Row: • Peggy L. Gardner, Nashville, Tenn.; L.A. • T. Lake Cormorant; Engr. • E. Jackson Garner, Grenada; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Nancy H. Garth, Athens, Ala.; Educ. Chi Omega. • Haley S. Gates, Jackson; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • Edith A. Gatewood, Mt. Sterling, Ky.; L.A.; Zeta Tau • Barbara Ann Gatlin, Jackson; Educ.; Phi Mu. • Nancy L. Gatlin, Myrtle; L.A. • Anita Louise Gentry, Florence, Ala.; L.A. • Margaret Ann Gibbens, New Orleans, La.; Educ.; Delta Pi. First Row: • Linda K. Gibson. Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Donald Lee Gilbert, Paducah, Ky.; Phar. I. • Lady Melinda Gilfoy, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Susan K. Gill, Biloxi; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Gail Gillespie, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • John Joseph Gilluly, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Donald F. Gober, Oxford; L.A. • Linda Jeanne Goettman, Laurel; L.A. • Thomas E. Goodman, Shelby; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Elizabeth F. Goodyear, Jackson; Educ. Third Row: • Lillian D. Graham, Centreville; Bus.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Patty Brander Graham, Biloxi; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • Sara Beth Graves, DeWitt, Ark.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bruce J. Gray, Jackson; L.A. • Donna Beth Gray, Pontotoc; Educ. Fourth Row: • James E. Griffith, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • F. Anita Grimes, Pascagoula; L.A. • Marjorie L. Grinstead, Mo.; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Charles M. Guess, L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • Benjamin Alfred Guider, Vicksburg; L.A.; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • George W. Guider, Jr., Vicksburg; L.A. • William Lester Guy, Jackson, Tenn.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • William M. Halfacre, Webb; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Cecie Anne Hall, Jackson; Bus. • Donna S. Hall, New Albany; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • George Flournoy Ham, Memphis. Tenn.; L.A. • Jimmy Lynn Hamilton, Houston; L.A. • William P. Hamilton, L.A. • Marcia Anne Hamm, Memphis. Tenn.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John F. Hamner, Starkville; L.A. Seventh Row: • Elinor Lynn Haney, Greenville; Bus.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Mildred E. Hardin, Greenwood; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Robert H. Hardin, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert K. Harding, Clarksdale; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Larry Jerome Hardy, Columbus; Engr. Eighth Row: • Ronald Keith Hardy, Charleston; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Thomas R. Hargett, Ripley, Tenn.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • George Edward Hargraves, Helena, Ark.; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Judith K. Harper, Laurel; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John B. Harris, Louisville; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • Edward E. Harrison, Jr., Amory; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Michael G. Harrison, Heidelberg; Engr. • Nancy Lynn Harrison, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus. • William F. Hayes, Bay, Wis.; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert M. Hearin, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. First Row: • Cecil F. Heidelberg, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • E. Elizabeth Henderson, Jackson, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Eugenia L. Henderson, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus. • Robert E. Hendrix, Jr., Hattiesburg; Engr. • Ramona C. Hennessee, Meridian: Educ.; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • James Robert Henry, Fairfax, Va.; Engr; Kappa Sigma. • Karen S. Henry, Darling, L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Robert A. Herring, Ill, University; Engr. • James W. Harrington, Phar. I Alpha Tau Omega. • Charles R. Herron, Ill, Meridian: Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Warren A. Hiatt, Jr., Magnolia; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Charles E. Hill, Jackson; L.A. • Milton G. Hill, Gulfport; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Martha H. Hines, Jackson; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Katherine W. Hoffman, Gulfport; L.A.: Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • Elba Jane Hogue, Scott; Bus.; Alpha Omicron Pi, • Orton H. Hogue, Jr., Carthage; Engr.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Margaret K. Holden, Sledge; L.A. • George R. Holland, Holly Springs; L.A. • Virginia Sue Holley, Pontotoc :Educ. Fifth Row: • Katherine . Hollis, Monroe, La.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sara King Holloman, Batesville; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Frank C. Holmes, Ill, Hernando; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kennon D. Hood, Amory; Bus.; Sigma Chi. • Oliver A. Hord, Jr., Jackson: Bus. Sixth Row: • Cynthia June Horn, Lucedale; L.A. • Patricia A. Horne, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Peggy Ann Horne, Newton; L.A. Kappa Delta. • Bradford W. Hovious, University; L.A. • Daniel J. Howard, Greenwood; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: • Winston D. Howell, Wilmer, Ala.; L.A. • Cleveland P. Huggins, Ill, Biloxi; Engr.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Byron Hughes, Marigold; Bus. • Robert A. Hunt, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Carolyn Ann Hurst, Tenn.; Educ.; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • Donald P. Hutchinson, Laurel; Engr. • Lee A. Hyde, Tenn.: Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sandra Kaye Idom, Jackson; Bus. • Newell Edward Inman, Marks; L.A. • R. Jackson, Winnfield, La.; L.A.; Sigma Pi Ninth Row: • Edward T. James, Jr., Natchez; L.A. • Eugene R. Jennings, Pensacola, Fla.; Engr.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Marcus C. Ill, Kosciusko; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Linda K. Jetton, Memphis. Tenn.; L.A. • Cheryl Dawn Johnson, Valley Park; L.A. First Row: • Connie S. Johnson, Oxford; Educ. • Corinne V. Johnson, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Lorraine Ann Johnson, Ft. Benning, Ga.; L.A. • Michael Eugene Johnson, Tunica; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Raymond A. Johnson, Mize; Bus. Second Row: • Ronald Earl Johnson, West Point; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • William P. Johnson, Meridian; Bus. • Phyllis Ann Johnston, Shubuta; Educ. • Carol Gay Jones, Jackson; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • George S. Jones, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • Linda Kaye Jones, Mobile, Ala.; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. • Thad M. Jones, Jr., Vicksburg; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Wilmer R. Jones, Crestview, Fla.; Bus.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Richard L. Jordan, Kosciusko; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Frank J. Justice, Vicksburg; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. Fourth Row: • Mary Diane Kelley, Covington. Tenn.; Educ. • Joseph B. Kelly, Frisco City, Ala.; L.A. • Robert C. Kelsey, Collierville, Tenn.; Educ.; Sigma Chi. • Clyde Douglas Kelso, Ill, Tern.; L.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Herman 0. Kemp, Oxford; Engr. Fifth Row: • Robena Louise Kendrick, Water Valley; Bus.; Delta Gamma. • Jane E. Key, Hartsville, Tenn.; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Jimmy E. Keyes, Laurel; Educ. • William E. Kibe, Columbus; Bus. • Donald G. Kitchens, Utica; L.A. Sixth Row: • Lloyd W. Kitchens, Jr., Crystal Springs; L.A. • William Floyd Klepzig, Abbeville; L.A. • Robert P. Klingenbeck, L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Marie Knapp, Fayette; L.A. • Sandra Vermell Knight, Greenwood; Bus.; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • Joseph T. Kolesar, University; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Garf Kothmann, Waveland; Educ.; Sigma. • Mary Katherine Krebs, Ocean Springs; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • George B. Kuykendall, Jr., Clarksdale; Bus. • Lois B. Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Eighth Row: • Cleveland Lee Landreth, Holly Springs; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Eric D. Langston, Bruce; L.A. • John William Vicksburg; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Wayne B. Larue, Jr., Tupelo; L.A. • Linda C. Lassetter, Hazlehurst; L.A.; Phi Mu. Ninth Row: • Ellis H. Latimer, III, Okolona; Engr.; Phi Delta Theta. • John F. Laurenzi, Clarksdale; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Patricia Anne Lawson, New Albany; L.A. • Michael S. Lawyer, Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Robert Charles Lea, Amarillo, Texas; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. First Row: • Barbara Lane Ledbetter, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Judith Ann Lee, Mississippi City; Educ. • H. Legg, Northport, Ala.; L.A. • George B. Leggett, Ill, Gulfport; L.A. • Carol Kay Lemons, Tupelo; L.A. Second Row: • Robert F. Lester, Yazoo City; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Terry J. Lever, Greenville; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • John R. Lewis, Amory; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Tommy J. Lindley, Brookhaven; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Henderson C. Lindsey, Gulfport; L.A.; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • James Lee Lindsey, Jr., Corint h; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Janice Rae Lockley, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Billy Joe Logan, Sarepta; Engr. • Ray N. Long, Ripley; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Paul C. C. Lou, Clarksdale; Phar. I. Fourth Row: • Marcus Love, Ill, Jackson; Bus.; Beta Theta Pi. • Linda Sanders Lovelace, Houston; L.A. • Robert S. Lowery, Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • Delia Ann Loyacono, Vicksburg; Educ. • Charles A. Lynch, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Richard D. McAlister, Tupelo; Engr. • William W. Jr., Mathiston; Engr. • Martha Ann McCaddon, L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Thomas Howard McCarley, Olive Branch; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William M. McCarson, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Emily J. McCarty, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • John McCarty, Magee; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • James M. McCay, Water Valley; Engr.; Delta Psi. • Charles Rodney McClelland, Alexandria, Va.; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Joseph K. Jr., Redlands; Bus. Seventh Row: • Robert T. McCool, Jr., Kosciusko; Phar. I ; Sigma Chi. • Evelyn A. McDill, Jackson; L.A. • Virginia L. McDonald, Baldwyn; L.A. • John A. McEvoy, Pitman, N.J.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • James Eckford McFarlane, Natchez; L.A. Eighth Row: • Charlotte G. McGee, Leland; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Clyde McGee, Leland; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Thomas Alan McGee, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; Engr. • William Clay McGehee, Cleveland; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Edward R. McGraw, Louisville; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row: • Marion W. McGreger, Tupelo; L.A. • Rolf Wesley Oxford; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Dorothy P. Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John W. McKellar, Clarksdale; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Janet Elise Greenwood; L.A.; Phi Mu. First Row: • Taylor Jeff McLeod, Sardis; L.A. • Michael Lee McMahan, Batesville; L.A. • Kai J. McMillan, Oxford; Bus.; Alpha Pi. • Helen F. McMurtray, Jackson; L.A. • Malcolm H. McPherson, Tupelo; Bus. Second Row: • Peter R. McWhorter, Englewood, N.J.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • John C. MaBus, Indianola; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • John Richard Macy, Laurel; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Dwight Uriel Maddox, Laurel; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Judy Pat MaGee, Tylertown; L.A. Third Row: • David James Manifold, University; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Roy Davis Manning, Jr., Jackson; Engr.; Sigma Nu. • Ethie Willette Mansell, Camden; L.A. • Frank P. Grenada; L.A. • Joan L. Martin, Florence; L.A. Fourth Row: • James Harold Mathis, Corinth; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Janice A. Mauldin, Pontotoc; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Edgar Maupin, Monroe; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Gerald M. Mavar, Biloxi; L.A. • Carolyn C. Maxwell, Drew; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • Celia Banks Maxey, Brandon; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Maxey, New Albany; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • John E. May, Ill, Biloxi; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jack Lamar Jr., Oxford; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Michael Leroy Meek, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Robert E. Metzger, Meridian; L.A. • Susan V. Miles, L.A.; Phi Mu. • Linda Kay Miller, Cotton Plant, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Marilyn N. Miller, Jennings, La.; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Riley D. Miller, Grenada; L.A. Seventh Row: • Marilyn L. Mills, Batesville; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sheila Lee Milner, Jackson; Bus. • Patricia S. Mixon, Drew; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Elizabeth Hilda Mobley, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Alpha Delta Pi. • James Michael Moher, Nashua, N. H.; L.A.; Phi Kappa Theta. Eighth Row: • Patsy A. Montgomery, North CarroIlton; Educ. • Ronald Leon Moody, Olive Branch; L.A. • Jo Ann Moore, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jon H. Moore, West Point; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Marinell Moore, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. Ninth Row: • Richard Lee Moore, Oxford; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Rodger Clay Moore, Pascagoula; L.A. • Russell L. Moore, Jr., Tenn.; L.A. • Clarence E. Morgan, Ill, Kosciusko; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Laura Sue Morgan, Oxford; Educ.; Kappa Delta. First Row: • Don C. Morris, Greenwood; Engr. • Cyntha G. Morrison, Edwards; Educ. • Sherry E. Mosley, Vicksburg; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Robert K. Moss, Meridian; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Suzanne P. Moulton, Byhalia; L.A. Second Row: • Patric:a Ann Muehlmann, Grenada; Educ. • Linda L. Mullen, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Peter M. Mullikin, Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kenneth M. Murphree, Tunica; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Thomas Jerome Murphy, Falls Church, Va.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • Charles V. Nealy, Jr., Elmendorf, AFB; L.A. • John L. Nelms, Brookhaven; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Ella Jean Nelson Corinth; Educ.; Delia Gamma. • Irwin H. Nelson, Poplarville; Engr. • Margaret J. Nesselrodt, Lilbourn, Mo.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: • Ronald Bruce Newell, Meridian; L.A. • Margaret L. Amory; L.A. • Robert M. Newton, II, Wiggins; Engr.; Kappa Sigma. • Richard Green Noble, Fayette; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Harold C. Noll, Jr., Gulfport; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fifth Row: • George W. Null, Meridian; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mary Noel Nutt, Vicksburg; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Jerry W. O ' Daniel, Arkabutla; L.A. • Millicent Odrago, Livonia, Mich.; L.A. • Thomas Leon Olson, Clarksdale; Engr.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • William Ellis O ' Mara, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Ellen O ' Neal, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Lawrence Hill O ' Neill, Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Suzanne Orander, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • William R. O ' Sullivan, Bloomfield, Conn.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. Seventh Row: • Stephen Van Overby, Clarksville, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • David C. Overheim, Camp Hill, Pa.; Enqr. • John W. Owen, Tunica; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Virginia Ann Palmer, Holly Grove, Ark.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Carolyn K. Palmertree, Vaiden; Phar. I. Eighth Row: • Josephine S. Pang, Marks; Educ.; • Louis Wiley Parchman, Clarksdale; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Paul M. Parish, Port Gibson; L.A. • Austin F. Parker, II, Kosciusko; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • John W. Parker, Shaw; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: • Patric Murray Parker, Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Troy Dean Parkison, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • John Pash, Girard, Ohio.; Educ. • Johnny H. Paslay, Sardis; Phar. I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Patricia Ann Paul, York, Pa.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. First Row: • John H. Paulsen, Chicago, III.; L.A. • Wilson Pearson, Jackson; Engr.; Beta Theta Pi. • Mary Grace Peck, L.A. • Tommye Carlyn Peden, Chatham; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi, • John W. Peel, Meridian; L.A. Second Row: • Adele Giles Peresich, Biloxi; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Magee Peterson, Vicksburg; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • Raymond M. Petitfils, Biloxi; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Claire Ann Phelps, Jackson; L.A.; Chi Omega. • Sylvia J. Phifer, luke; Edus. Third Row: • Marcia G. Pierce, Moss Point; Bus.; Phi Mu. • Paul G. Pincura, Loraine, Ohio; Bus. • Sharon Lee Tupelo; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • William H. Pittman, Jr., Jackson; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William R. Pool, Meridian; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • Willis Pope, Ill, Columbus; L.A. • James B. Portwood, Gulfport; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Amanda B. Povall, L.A.; Chi Omega. • Cecilia Lee Powder, Jackson; Bus. • John B. Powell, Quantico; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. Fifth Row: • Harris F. Powers, Jr., Greenwood; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • John R. Powers, Jr., Baton Rouge, La.; L.A.; Kappa Alpha. • Warren R. Preble, Chalmette, La.; Engr. • Bill R. Preece, University; L.A. • John L. Price, Vicksburg; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Robin Lee Prince, Union, N.J.; L.A. • Donald Lee Puckett, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Dennis E. Ramsey, Water Valley; Engr. • Richard Vance Randall, Meridian; Bus. • Howard Manfred Ray, Oxford; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. Seventh Row: • Jan Doris Ray, Earle, Ark.; Educ.; Pi Beta Phi. • John C. Ray, Water Valley; Bus. • William L. Rea, Blytheville, Ark.; L.A. • Robert Carroll Redd, Florence, Ala.; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Chester H. Redditt, Vicksburg; Bus.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: • Nancy E. Reed. Chicago, Ill.; Educ. • Susan Ann Reed, Jackson; Educ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Zeb F. Reeves, III, L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Johnna Ruth Reid, Paducah, Ky.; L.A. • David C. Replogle, West Pont; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. Ninth Row: • David R. Reynolds, St. Louis, Mo.; L.A. • John Albert Rice, Columbus; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Minnie K. Amite, La.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Thomas C. Richardson, Niagara Falls, N.Y.; L.A. • William K. Fort Smith; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. First Row: • Michael M. Richey, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Tally D. Riddle, Jr., Quitman; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • James T. Riddle, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Sandra L. Riemann; Educ.; Chi Omega. • Jane Allen Riggs, Greenwood; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Second Row: • Linda Sue Roberts, Nettleton; L.A. • James W. Robertson, Corinth; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • Linda Sue Rodgers, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ. • Herman A. Rogers, Jacksonville, Fla.; L.A. • William A. Roper, Jr., Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Chi. Third Row: • Tony J. Rosetti, Jr., Biloxi; Phar. I; Alpha Tau Omega. • Barbara S. Ross, Meridian; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Carolyn D. Ross, Jackson; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Harvey T. Ross, Jr., Clarksdale; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Jerry Allen Ross, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Roderick S. Russ, Ill, Jackson; L.A.; Sigma Chi. • Ann Russell, Ripley; L.A. • Effie Jane Russell, Pontotoc; Bus. • Mary M. Russell, Gulfport; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Robert E. Russell, Carthage; Engr.; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • James E. Salmon, Biloxi; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Ronald L. Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Henry E. Sanders, Hernando; Educ.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Suzanne Wells Sandifer, Greenwood; L.A.; Chi Omega. • James Thomas Sasser, Brookhaven; Phar. I ; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • Harry L. Sauce, III, Hampton; L.A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Sheryl L. Saucier, Evansville, Ind.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Sandra Fay Savoy, Jacksonville, Fla.; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Ronald Lee Scarbrough, Water Valley; L.A. • Mary F. Schloemer, Natchez; Bus. Seventh Row: • Joseph J. Schmelzer, Ill Jackson; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • George W. Scrivener, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A. • John P. Scruggs, Greenwood; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • William D. Seale, Jackson; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Clant M. Seay, Jr., Jackson; L.A. Eighth Row: • Charles Serio, Greenwood; L.A. • Robert B. Seymour, Biloxi; L.A. • Susan Mann Sharpe, Brownesville, Tenn.; Educ.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Katherine L. Shaw, Homer. La.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William G. Shockley, Vicksburg; L.A.; Phi Kppa Psi. Ninth Row: • Ann Ellen Shook, Charles ton; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • John H. Shows, Ovett; L.A. • Suzanne Simmons, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ. • W. Albert Simmons, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Richard J. Simoneaux, Birmingham, Ala.; L.A. First Row: • Patricia Lynne Simonetti, Marion, Ark.; L.A. • Edward Clarke Sims, Jr., Minter City; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Gail M. Singleton, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jan Woods Singleton, Jackson; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William H. Sipes, Jr., Jackson, Tenn.; L.A. Second Row: • Carolyn S. Slade, Gulfport; Educ.; Delta Delta Delta. • Barbara Lee Sloas, New Madrid, Mo.; Educ. • Amy Jo Smith, McLain; L.A. • Carol Lynne Smith, LaGrange Park, Ill.; Educ.; Delta Gamma. • Donald F. Smith, Batesvi lle; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • Frances Holmes Smith, Batesville; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • James Clarke Smith, Yazoo City; Bus. • James Edward Smith, Brownsville, Tenn.; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • James Edwin Smith; Magnolia; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Kathleen P. Smith, McMinnville, Tenn.; L.A.; Alpha Pi. Fourth Row: • Lester F. Smith, Jackson; L.A. • Margaret E. Smith, L.A. • Marilyn E. Smith, Durant; L.A. • Winnifred Smith, Meadville; L.A. • Stanford Jackson Smythe, Batesville; L.A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fifth Row: • Brenda C. Snare, Greenwood; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Ralph Sneed, Jackson; L.A. • Tara Somani, University; Phar. I. • Katie Dee Speaks, Benoit; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • Nancy C. Spears, Water Valley; Phar. I ; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • Charles Ross Spencer, Meridian: Bus. • Eva Nell Spinosa, Tutwiler; Educ. • James B. Spraberry, Oxford; L.A. • Shellye Edris Stanley, Shubuta; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Martha A. Stansel, Ruleville; L.A.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Charles W. Steadman, Jr., Jackson; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Martha Ann Stedman, Oxford; Educ. • Donald F. Steen, Pinola; L.A. • Marietta E. Stewart, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Chi Omega. • William Clyde Stewart, Okolona; Phar. I; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Gladys Jean Stogner, Tylertown; Bus.; Kappa Delta. • William H. Stone, Holly Grove, Ark.; L.A. • Theresa Nell Stovall, Oxford; L.A. • Eleanor Sue Stringer, Jackson; L.A. • Michael Alan Strojny, Hyattsville, Md.; Bus. Ninth Row: • Daisy Diane Sullivan, Laurel; Bus.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William S. Sullivan, Vicksburg; Educ. • Patricia A. Sumners, luke; L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Neil A. Tarpley, Hernando; L.A.; Sigma Pi. • Benona Jeanne Taylor, Jackson; Educ. First Row: • Julius R. Taylor, Jr., Charleston; L.A.; Sigma Pi. • Mary E. Taylor, Oxford; Bus. • Richard K. Thiele, Orlando, Fla.; Engr; Kappa Sigma. • David R. Thomas, Jackson; L.A. • James E. Thomas, Jr., luka; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • Richard M. Thomas, Long Beach; L.A. • Rodney A. Thomas, Clarksdale; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sallie S. Thomas, Senatobia; Educ.; Kappa Delta. • Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Oxford; Educ. • Norma C. Thompson, Memphis, Tenn.; Educ.; Chi Omega. Third Row: • Walter W. Thompson, Bentonis; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Vincie D. Thornton, Oxford; L.A. • Judy L. Townes, Grenada L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • John Herndon Townsend, Forest; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Ewing B. Traughber, Kentucky; Engr, Fourth Row: • Clyde W. Trevathan, Paducah, Ky.; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Cleta Su Tucker, Jackson; L.A. • Ethelyne Water Valley; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Guy Nicholson Turnbow, Oxford; Educ. • Joan Elaine Turner, Crystal Springs; L.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. Fifth Row: • Marlene E. Turner, Oxford; L.A. • Richie Turnipseed, Oxford; Bus. • Jesse B. Tutor, Jr., Meridian; Bus., Sigma Chi. • Sandra Kaye Tutor, Memphis, Tenn., L.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Carol Ann Vance, North Carrollton; L.A.; Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • Gilbert P. Vance, Grenada; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Lewis N. Vance, Hattiesburg; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Ralph B. Vance, L.A.; Sigma Chi. • John C. Vandevender, Jackson; Bus.; Kappa Alpha. • Vicki S. Vandevender, Meridian; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: • Eddie Bolton Vandiver, Tupelo; Bus.; Sigma Nu. • Linda Faye Vann, Pascagoula; Bus.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Wiley Vaught, Coahoma; Engr.; Phi Delta Theta. • Leonartd F. Vincent, Marks; L.A.; Sigma Nu. • Linda Dell Voss, Greenwood; Educ. Eighth Row: • William Clark Wadlington, Belzoni, Bus. • Russell G. Jackson; L.A. • Harrison C. Walker, Jr., Macon; L.A. • Joseph B. Walker, McComb; L.A. • Robert P. Wallace, Crawfordville, Ark.; Engr.; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Tommy R. Wallace, Jackson; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Anita K. Waller, Oxford; L.A. • Jamie E. Walsh, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Thomas Lloyd Walters, Laurel; L.A.; Kappa Sigma. • William C. Walters, Lambert; Engr. First Row: • Michael D. Ward, Jackson; Phar. I. • Jimmy L. Ware, Natchez; Bus.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Elaine C. Watkins, Waynesboro; Bus. • Gail Watkins, Houston; L.A. • James Edwin Watkins, Jackson; Bus.; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • James C. Watts, Jr., L.A.: Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert L. Weathersby, McComb; L.A.; Beta Theta Pi. • James W. Webb, Oxford; L.A. • John R. Webb, Meridian; Bus. • William J. Webb, Stanton, Ky.; Engr.; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • David G. Weir, Jackson; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Saxton A. Weir, Ill, Grenada; L.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Bette Karyn Welch, Greenville; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Robert C. Welch, Tocmsuba; Engr. • Harvill E. Weller, Jr., Vicksburg; L.A.; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • Marcia Wanda West, Knoxville, Tenn.; Phar. I ; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Leslie M. Westbrook, Jackson; L.A.; Phi Mu. • Linda Anne Westfall, Evansville, Ind.; Bus. • Peggy Ann Whitaker, Memphis, Tenn.; L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Robert L. Whitaker, Meridian; L.A. Fifth Row: • Charles T. White, Water Valley; Engr. • John E. White, Jr., Pinola; Phar. I. • Gary C. Whitener, Fredericktown, Mo.; Educ • Larry J. Whitener, Fredericktown, Mo.; Bus. • T. Whitmire. Jr., Fairfax; Engr. Sixth Row: • Mary Ann Whitten, Holly Springs; Educ. • Neville R. Wichman, Brookhaven; L.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Edwin R. Williams, McComb; Bus.; Phi Delta Theta. • Jon Smith Williams, Batesville; Bus.; Kappa Sigma. • Margaret Diane Williams, Pascagoula; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • Sandra Williams, Brandon; L.A.; Delta Delta. Seventh Row: • Gerald G. Will iamson, Meridian; L.A. • Evelyn R. Williford, Greenwood; L.A. • James R. Willis, Jr., Bruce; L.A. • Kenneth C. Willis, Bruce; Engr. • Byron H. Wilson, Perryville, Mo.; Bus.; Sigma Pi. • Clyde H. Wilson, Jr., Vicksburg; Bus ; Sig ma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Jane Tyler Wilson, Jackson; L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Rose Robyn Withers, Atlanta, Ga.; L.A.; Kappa Delta. • William Carl Wixon, Cruger; L.A. • Tommy D. Womack, Lake City, Ark.; Engr. • John W. Wong, Greenville; Phar. I. • Sandra Lee Wood, Cleveland; L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. Ninth Row: • Barbara Joan Woodbury, Pensacola, Fla.; L.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Delbert N. Woods, Taylor, La.; L.A. • Fred G. Wilson, Greenwood; Bus. • Margaret Carol Work, L.A.; Delta Gamma. • Lottie Virginia Wroten, Lambert; L.A. • Gale Joan Wuesterfeld, Meridian; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. Tenth Row: • Kathryn E. Yandell, Canton; L.A. • Bonnie Gene Yearwood, Shreveport, La.; L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. • Kenneth W. Young, Oxford; Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robert J. Young, Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Rodney W. Young, Mobile, Ala.; L.A. • Emile A. Zoghby, Mobile, Ala.; Bus. Jane Bingham Simpson Th ere was a slant of sunlight about her that you could never quite escape without finding that some of her shine rubbed off on you. She liked bright colors and happy people and being alive. She wore her heart on her sleeve and invited you, by her smile, to be her friend. And we accepted her offer and loved her. We, the Yearbook staff, affectionately present the 1965 OLE MISS in memoriam to Jane Bingham Simpson. A Aaron, Mary Elizabeth, 313 Abbott, Guthrie T., 273, 203 Abbott, John Rush, 261, 339 Abdalla, Sidney Jacob, 143, 157, 261, Abdo, Frank Brian, 356 Abernathy, Patricia D., 339 Abernethy, Alice Kay, 137, 175, 231, 35E Abernethy, Mary Rose, 222, 233, 339 Abernethy, Thomas G., Jr., 261, 302 Abney, Fred Gordon, 143, 313 Abraham, Fred Larry, 313 Abraham, George E., II, 151, 265, 302 Abraham, Katherine A., 137, 170, 177, 356 Acevedo, Robert Michael, 163, 302 Adams, David Edward, 269, 339 Adams, Holmes S., 261, 369 Adams, John Jasper, 160, 313 Adams, Judith Ann, 137, 178, 179, 233, Adams, Kathryn P., 237, 369 Adams, Philip Ross, 302 Adams, William F., 265, 369 Addleton, James Ervin, 257, 339 Adelman, Jan G., 271, 302 Ainsworth, Carroll Anne, 369 Ainsworth, Howard Smith, 313 Ainsworth, Jimmy David, 146, 147, 339 Aizen, Jay Henry, 369 Akins, Eddie Gene, 313 Alderson, Janie C., 369 Vettra Glenn, 259, 302 Lyman D., 253, 356 Aldridge, Kenneth Edward, 249, 3C9 Aldridge, Lee, 135, 275, 369 Aldridge, Martha Jean, 134, 135, 313 Alexander, Barbara J., 369 Alexander, Donald V., 303 Elizabeth J., 229, 313 Alexander, Ermalene A , 313 Alexander, Joel D., 269 369 Alexander, Thomas A., 251, 356 Alexander, Virginia Louise, 227, 356 Alexander, Virna Ruth, 227, 313 Alford susan 147 231, 339 Alias, Fred Vincent, 259, 369 Allen, Barbara Ann, 179, 233,339 Allen, Charles Ronald, 302 Allen, Coleman M. Jr. 261, 369 Allen, Dianne L., 237, 356 Allen, GUI Fosta 339 Al ' en, Henry R., 273, 369 James Roberts, 302 Jane Elizabeth, 173 239 313 Allen, Joan 161, 239, 356 Allen, June Marie 313 Lee Nash, 313 Allen, Mary Douglas, 137, 170, 231, 356 Allen, Robert Johnson, 267, 356 Allen, William Ragon. 155, 273, 356 Allen. Wilson Otis, 339 Allenburger, Christian, III, 265, 313 Alliston, George Barron, 355 Richard Marvin, 313 Alwani, Ashok W., 151, 339 Ammon, Robert E., Jr., 339 Anderson, Carolyn E., 136, 313 Anderson, Charles H., 339 Anderson, Frank Andrew, 136, 147, 339 Anderson, Frank Andrew, 356 Anderson, Harry Stiles, 259, 369 Anderson, Martha Marie, 241, 3b9 Anderson, Polly Chambers, 356 Thomas H., Jr., 369 Anderson, William Fenton, 269, 279, 35 Angelacopoulos, Harry, 302 Anthony, Dalton W., 356 Anthony, Laurie Knox, 237, 356 Anthony, Lynn, 275, 356 Antwine, Harold Melville 160, 302 Aped, William C., 265, 369 Archer, Anne Finlay, 231, 313 Arledge, Elzey Joe, Jr., 172, 275, 313 Armor, Milton Philip, 168, 269, 339 Armour, Carroll Suzanne, 227, 369 Armstrong, Katharine V., 235, 356 Arnett, John Frank, 138, 356 Arnold, John Richard, 271, 313 Arnold, John Y , Jr., 155, 356 Arnold, Larry Wayne, 339 Arnold, Richard Lloyd, 165, 269, 302 Aron, Paul Harry, 278, 279, 356 Arrington, Peggy Sue, 369 Aschermann, Ronald M., 269, 339 Ashley. William L., 302 Ashmore, Peggy Marcelle, 356 Ashworth, James H., 271, 356 Atkins, Linda K., 229, 369 Atkins, Richard Earl, 313 Atkinson, Bruce E., 265, 279, 369 Atkinson, Edna Sue, 356 Atkinson, Edward 155, 257, 35 Aust, Sandra Lee, 137, 162, 239, 356 Austin, Frank S., 275, 369 Austin, John Roger, 149, 339 Austin, Martha Jane, 173, 245, 313 Ayer, Eric K., 369 Ayers, Curtis Proper, III, 313 R Babb, Juanita S., 369 Sabers, Cynthia Olive, 158, 175, 243, 355 Babyak, Robert G., 168, 313 Bachkai, Frank E., 302 Backlund, Tunell Constance, 356 Baddley, James K , Jr., 253, 339 Baler, Michael Mathias, 261, 356 Bailey, Barbara Ann, 369 Bailey, B71i Ann, 227, 369 Bailey, Dolly Sue, 339 Bailey, James Williams, 148, 271, 339 Bailey, Martha Jean, 245, 356 Bailey, Robert A., 257, 313 Bailey, Robert W., 168, 313 Bailey, Robert William, 157, 261, 369 Bailey, Sam Harper, 166, 313 Bailey, Victor Glenn, 339 Baine, Margaret E., 369 Baker, Ann, 177, 180, 229, 313 Baker, William Ernest, 261, 313 Ba Doris Ann, 147, 178, 339 Ball, Annie Lavern, 313 Ball, Dwight Nicholas, 339 Ball, Elsie Tyler, 237, 339 Ballard, Elizabeth Ann, 227, 313 Ballard, Martha Carol, 356 Ballentine, William F., 273, 356 Bannister, Clarence Q., 356 Barbee, Brenda E., 227, 339 Barbee, Margaret E., 229, 369 Barbee, Mills E., 273, 369 Barbour, Evelyn A., 356 Barbour, Genevieve McBee, 231, 313 John M., 269. 369 Guntis Jun ' s, 339 Barenis, Varis, 313 Barger, Diana June, 175, 356 Barger, Stanley Edwin, 339 Barham, Chandler F., 243, 369 Barker, Dell, 237, 369 Barkley, Walter Don, 149, 339 Barksdale, James Love, 132, 136, 138, 153, 271, 314 Barksdale, Nelson L., Jr., 253, 369 Barlow, James C., 275, 369 Barlow. Katherine N., 137, 239, 356 Barlow, Marvin Glenn, 339 Barlow, Terrell Wayne, 155, 181, 254, Barnes, Arthur D., 132, 249, 302 Barnes, John Yard, 271, 314 Barnett, Barbara Ann 170, 314 Barnett, Clifford Edward J., 160, 273, Barnett, George D., 369 Barr, Jacob Dexter, Jr., 253, 339 Barr, James Robert, 314 Barr, William Howard, 302 Barrett, George R., 314 Barrett, James A., Jr., 259, 339 Barrett, John William, 139, 261, 356 Barrett, Pat Montgomery, 259, 302 Barrett, Mary Elizabeth, 178, 229, 339 Barrett. Peter Hickman, 253, 369 Barron, Don F., 273, 369 Barrow, Robert James, 277, 339 Barton, Robert William, 254, 314 Barton, Sylvia Ann, 369 Bass, Meredith A., Jr., 271, 356 Bassett. Sandra Marie, 369 Bates, Christopher M., 339 Batts, Allen G., 369 Baxter, Lloyd M., 253, 369 Beach, Stephens Leeds, III, 132, 136, 302 Bean, Theodore Thomas, 167, 339 Beard, Fred L., Jr, 261, 369 Beard, John E., 339 Beasley, Blair E., Jr., 140, 141. 302 Beasley, Elizabeth Pearce, 339 Beasley, James L., Jr., 275, 356 Beasley, Robert Lloyd, 257, 356 Beaupre, Gary Francis, 314 Beaver, Sondra 179, 229, 339 Beckwith, Phyllis Janice, 229, 356 Bee, Anna Margaret, 237, 356 Beemon, Fred Edwin, Jr., 166, 181, 339 Bej, Asit Kumar Jahorlal, 136, 302 Belk, William Dean, Jr., 163, 261, 302 Bell, Fred Allen, 271, 314 Bell, Hudson Ford, 261, 314 Bell, Hugh Oliver, Jr., 269, 314 Bell, John T., 356 ball Josh Bowles, III, 314 Bell, Ramelle Eason, 233, 339 Bellshot, Alice Mae, 229, 339 Bann, Charlie William, Jr., 357 Bennett, James Albert, 269, 339 Bennett, James H., III, 357 Bennett, James K., 273, 357 Bennett, Marshall Goodloe, 132, 169, 314 Bennett, Richard Thomas, 132, 163, 302 Bennett, Susan E., 245, 369 Bennett, Thomas W., Jr., 176, 339 Benson, Joe Eddins, 357 Bequette, Carol Jeanne, 235, 314 Bergalowski, Chester W. Jr., 267, 341 Berger, William Zane, 370 Bergo!d, George H., Jr., 136, 160, 261, 314 Bernard, Patricia, 229, 314 Berry Donna Ann, 314 Berry Donna Ann, 314 Berry, Frank, II, 275, 357 Bethards, Leonard Gene, 314 Bevill, Rodney L., 340 Biddy, Beverly Jean, 243, 370 James P. 269, 370 Biedenharn, Letitia Mae, 237, 340 Mary Ann, 162, 237, 314 Jane Jackson, 233, 314 Biggs, David Michael, 265, 314 Bilbo, Margot Jean, 175, 237, 370 Billing, John Henrik, 314 Billings, Carolyn Ann, 175, 177, 239, Billings, Charles David, Jr., 370 Billingsley, Juanita L., 314 Binford, Harriet Nelson, 357 Birdwell, Betty C., 370 Bishop, Barbara Ann, 370 Bishop, James Oliver, 136 148, 273, 3 Black Carr Marion, 143, 261, 314 Black, Sandra Lee, 237, 357 Black, Scott G., Jr., 271, 370 Blackledge, Aden Jack, Jr., 314 Blackwell, Arnold V., 165, 302 Blackwell, Leonard A , II, 132, 133, 26 Richard B , 273, 370 Bland, William Anthony, 370 Blazier, Robert T., 302 Blessey, Gerald H., 132, 150, 302 Tamalane A., 370 Bloch, Lois Jean, 227, 357 Blount, Jerry Holmes, 275, 314 Blount, Jerry Lee, 249, 370 B umenthal, Henry S., III, 267, 340 Bobbitt, Cheryl, 135, 147, 173, 178, 23 Bogen, Edward J., Jr., 257, 340 Boggan, William Joe, 169, 314 Boggs, Charlene C., 147, 227, 340 Kimble Lee, 273 314 Bolich, John William, 139, 151, 167 314 Boling, John Loyd, 249, 370 Bolton, Clinton M., 340 Bomboy, David W., 271, 370 Bond, Martha Dell, 340 Bonds, Eldridge Dean 370 Boney, Judith Mary, 229, 315 Boone, George Carrington, 267, 370 Boone, Linda Barbour, 237, 357 Boone, Sharon Lynn, 370 Boone, Victor Frank, 159, 167, 174, 3 Booth, Claire Ann, 176, 340 Borden, James Pennington Borden, 3 Borden William R., 370 Boren, Cha ries Sidney, 132, 254, Borthwick, Josephine C., 231, 340 Bosse, Douglas Brian, 275, 315 Bostwick, Robert H., III, 271, 370 Boswell, Robert Bennett, 143 3 Bounds, James Randolph, 315 Bounds, Walter M., Jr., 151, 340 Bourgeois, Edna A , 370 Bourland, Larry G ' enn, 138, 357 Bourn, Fred Exzell, Jr., 139, 143,168 340 Bourne, Ralph Truitt, 160, 315 Boutwell, George Howard, 159, 315 Bove, John F., 340 Bowen, Bettie M., 239, 357 Bowen, David Larry, 340 Bowen, Reese Tate, III, 132, 152 302 Bowen, Sandra Diane, 231, 340 Bowie, Claude P., 340 Bowles, Corinne Gaither, 233, 340 Bowling Linda Ann, 237, 340 Boyce, Brenda Ann, 235, 370 Boyd, David Maurice 139, 166, 357 Boyd, Graham Gregory, 315 Boyd, Jim Haber, 315 Boyd, Mary Dianne, 315 Boyle, Thomas Wendell, 340 Boyles, Howell Johnson, 147, 370 Bozone, David Emmett, Jr., 164, 315 Braden, James B., 261, 370 Brady, Joe Alister, Jr., 261, 357 Brame, Charles E., 259, 370 Brame, Cynthia Louise, 227, 370 Bramwell, Ann L. 229, 340 Branch, Ellis, 267, 340 Brandt, Carolyn R., 357 Branscome, Andrew Gainey, 269, 315 Branton, James Clifton, 315 Branton, Sedley Cameron, 160, 315 Brasfield, James S. M., 251, 370 Braswell, Bettye Jane, 357 Brett, Frank 176, 357 Brawley, Donna Louise, 370 Brawley, Eddie Eugene, 267, 340 Breath, Charles A III, 370 Brenner, Robert Spencer, 168, 251, 3 Brett, Maurice R., 370 Betty Ruth, 340 Brewer, Ronald D., 370 Brewer, Wasda Jean 179, 180, 357 Bridgforth, Barry Wilson 273, 357 Bridges, James Wilson 254, 340 Bright, Gloria C., 177, 315 Brimm, James A., 370 B. ion, John Joseph, 340 Briscoe, Mendum Dees, 273, 370 Brister, Mary Elliott, 231, 340 Brister, Sue Carole, 231, 357 Brittingham, William W., 315 Britton, Howard Lynn, 160, 315 Brocato, Hess Raymond, 267, 370 Brock, III, 370 Brock, Henry Donnie, 132, 259, 315 Brock, Richard 162, 169, 265, 315 Brooks, Beverly Jean, 241, 340 Brooks, Charles L., 259, 370 Brooks, Ronny D., 259, 315 Brooks, Toni Marie, 340 Broom, Robert Paul, 277, 315 Broome, Austin Randy, 257, 340 Brou, Philip E., Jr., 249, 370 Brougher, Robert T., 370 B oussard, James Kenneth 340 Brown, Billy Floyd, 152, 163, 302 Brown, Douglas Colin, 340 Brown, Ernest Eliot, III, 370 Brown, Gerald K., 357 Jack Davis, 302 Brown, James Ticer, Jr., 275, 315 Brown, John Alston, 166, 340 Brown, Kenneth B., 370 Brown, Linda Josephine, 357 Brown, Marilyn L., 357 Mary Amanda, 175, 177, 235, 315 Brown, Milton Drummond, 275, 315 Brown, Olie Dame, Jr., 273, 340 Brown, Suzan, 231, 370 Brown, Virginia Nell, 175, 237, 357 Brown, William Howard, Jr., 271, 315 Browne, Margaret 245, 357 Browning, Cindy Kaye, 158, 235, 315 Browning, Jack M., 265, 340 Borwnlee, Douglas Albert, 315 Brucker, Alan P., 278, 370 Brumley, Charles B., Jr., 315 Brummett, Dianna Lynn, 370 Brunckhorst, William L., 302 Brunetti, Samuel A., 357 Brunt, Rex H., 370 Bryan, John R., 370 Bryan, Richard Cohron, Jr., 271, 315 David 139, 162, 273, 357 Bryant, Edward Earl, 271, 340 Mildred Sarah, 340 Bubeck, Penny, 175, 243, 370 Buchanan, Thomas T., 273, 370 Buck, George Sumner, III, 149, 315 Buel Ward C., 371 Beverly Sue, 237, 371 Buford, Thomas A., 273, 340 Bumpas, Andrew G , 261 371 J Bumpas, Guy Hartwell, 261, 316 Bunkley, Joel III, 254, 340 Burcham, Gary Lee, 340 Burgoon, James W , 302 Burke, Richar d Anthony, 163, 165, 303 Burks, Mary Ann, 222, 229, 316 Burleson, Don Arthur, 316 Burleson, John L., 340 Burnett, Francis G., 267, 279, 371 Burnett, Margaret Ann, 340 Burnett, Phillip C., 340 Burns, Bobby W., 340 Burns, Bonnie B., 147, 233, 371 Burns, Josephine C., 316 Rosa R., 371 Burrell, Donald R., 275, 371 Burrow, William Owen, 275, 340 Burt, Lucy Craddock, 144, 145, 341 Burton, Walcie Leon, 147, 341 Bush, Carl Denton, 316 Bush, Frederick W., 261, 357 Bush, Keith Shepherd, 233, 341 Busier, Tony M., 160, 316 Butler, Elizabeth S., 158, 357 Butler, Rachel Marion 237, 341 Butler Sara Louise, 231, 316 Bonita, 137, 231, 357 David Anthony, 303 Buxton, G. Edward, 275, 341 Byers, George G., 176, 371 Gus Amen 273, 371 Bynum, Margaret Alice, 135, 179, 229, 316 James Larry, 316 Byrd, Patricia Anne, 172, 357 Byrd, Robert Darryl, 316 Cabaniss, Rita Proby, 233, 371 Cabell, James F., Jr., 303 Cahill, Judith Lynne, 341 Bobby Joe, 341 Cain, Cynthia Louise, 233, 357 Cairns, Albert Eugene, 341 Calder, Willie Frank, 341 Caldwell, Carolyn D., 371 Caldwell, James E., 303 James J., 265, 371 Caldwell, Johnny M., 160, 341 Caldwell, Julia Holmes, 227, 341 Caldwell, Sarah Kathryn, 222, 237, 316 Calhoun, Jackie C., 239, 341 Calhoun, James Thomas, 303 Callahan, Chester 316 Callender, Diane B., 316 Callender, William C., 261, 303 Caloway, Grover R., 371 Calvasina, Eugene Joseph, 316 Calvert, Russell Warren, 169, 316 Cameron, Ralph F., Jr., 273, 357 Carnet, Jennings B., Jr., 249, 357 Campbell, David Hardin, 149, 169, 316 Campbell, Gerald Kent, 316 Campbell, James McDonald, 371 Campbell, Jan Alyse, 237, 371 Campbell, Miles Calvin, Jr., 341 Campbell, Virginia C., 235, 371 Cannada, Cecil M., Jr., 371 Cannady, Norman Alexander, 275, 355 Cannan, Bill Joe, 357 Cannon, Jerry Wayne, 136, 303 Cannon, Mary Carolyn, 357 Canu p, Bobby Joe, 147, 149, 168, 318 Caperton, Charles Henry, 341 Capparelle, Joann Therese, 357 Caridakis, George P., 316 Carithers, Michael R., 265, 371 Carley, Mark Steven, 151, 167, 316 Carlisle, Betty M. E., 227, 371 Carlisle, Melanie W., 357 Carnathan, Gary Lee, 303 Carothers, Ann S., 177, 180, 316 Carothers, Richard 249, 341 Carpenter, Cecil L., Jr., 341 Carpenter, Meredith Davis, 237, 371 Carpenter, Wayne O ' Brian, 316 Carpenter, William Manuel, 316 Carr, James E., 267, 371 Carr, John Curtis, 254, 303 Carrington, Carol Ann, 229, 357 Carrington, Carolyn L., 137, 161, 177, 357 Carrington, Robert E., III, 341 Carruth, Susan Rowe, 180, 222, 231, 3: Carsley, Robert Thomas, 259, 341 Carter, Dorothy Anne, 175, 357 Carter, Elizabeth Chapman, 137, 175, 180, 233, 357 Carter, Kirk Paxton, 261, 371 Carter, Michael H., Jr., 132, 156, 261, Carter, William Raymond, 341 Carver, Candace Anne, 243, 371 Casano, Joseph J., 253, 371 Case, Barbara Elise, 341 Case, Linda Massey, 239, 316 Case, Susan Lee, 237, 371 Caselli, Renato P., Jr., 253, 371 Cashion, Sarah Lynn, 227, 316 Cassidy, Carol Evelyn, 175, 241, 357 Castle, John Dexter, 271, 358 Castleman, Virginia Ann, 239, 341 Catt, James Leroy, Jr., 358 Caulfield, Mary Karen, 233, 371 Cauthen, Mary E., 358 Chadwick, Martha Ann, 237, 316 Chamberlin, Leonard M., 316 Chambers, Richard Cullin, 254, 316 Chancellor, Don Wood, 341 Chandler, Anita 0., 231, 316 Chandler, James Walter, 271, 316 Chandler, Kyle, 261, 371 Chandler, Laurance N., 269, 341 Chaney, Kay, 180, 341 Chaney, Linda J., 371 Chapman, Gay Lynn, 180, 341 Chapman, Larry H., 259, 371 Chase, Jerry S., 138, 148, 341 Chatham, Gerald Wilborn, 273, 341 Chatham, William F., 341 Chatman, Mary Leila, 239, 341 Chatman, William Benjamin, 371 Cheairs, Thomas W., III, 249, 371 Cheek, Hollis Clif ton, 271, 371 Cheruvelil, Joseph M., 303 Chesnut, Robert W., 147, 371 Chevis, John Cecil, Jr., 316 Childress, Bobby W., 147, 341 Chinn, Patricia D., 371 Chisholm, John H. Jr., 317 Chisholm, Jeannie Lucinda, 371 Chotard, Manche Bennett, 273, 358 Chow, Sammy Ming, 358 Chrestman, Michael Adam, 275, 317 Chrestman, Reuben L., Ill, 273, 358 Christy, James Dewitt, 249, 341 Chu, Edwin, 164, 317 Chuang, Lan Yuh Yang, 303 Chuang, Vincent Tsungchien, 303 Chunn, Anson Bobby, 358 Church, Clarence H.. 341 Chustz, Sandra Lynn, 243, 358 Clanton, Donald Merritt, 317 Clark, Alvah E., Jr., 259, 279, 358 Clark, Ann Carol, 237, 358 Clark, Charles Luper, 341 Clark, Dorothy Ruth, 371 Clark, Douglas E., Jr., 261, 371 Clark, Harold Nowlin, 261, 358 Clark, Richard Cottrell, 271, 341 Clark, Richard Orville, 303 Clark, Susan Stevens, 177, 233, 317 Clay, Floyd Martin, 303 Clay, James R., 253, 358 Clayborne, E. Tolice Long, 341 Clayborne, Lacy C., Jr., 371 Clayton, Nancy Carol, 341 Clayton, Susan, 239, 371 Clayton, William J., 249, 358 Clemens, Jeptha Clark, 147, 181, 341 Clement, Neal G., 261, 341 Clements, Diane M., 341 Clements, Rush M., 303 Clemmer, Burton C., II, 253, 358 Clifford, Charles G., III, 371 Clifford, Karen Lynne, 137, 146, 147 358 Clingman, Keith P., 269, 371 Clinton, Anita C., 241, 371 Clinton, Janie Lyn, 144, 145, 233, 3( Clinton, John William, 159, 167, 341 Clinton, Richard Bunton, 273, 341 Cloar, Connie Louise, 243, 371 Coates, Bobby A., 159, 341 Cobb, Judy Carolyn, 358 Cobb, Russell Victor, III, 249, 317 Cochran, William T., 132, 303 Cockrell, Thomas Ley, 317 Cofer, Edwin Tharp, 149, 358 Cofer, F. Lenward, 371 Coffey, Andrew Walker, 303 Coggin, James Virgil, Jr., 149, 273, Cohen, Harold Sanford, 317 Cole, James A., Jr., 143, 341 Cole, Jane A., 341 Cole, John Franklin, 317 Cole, Marsha K., 372 Cole, Patricia Louise, 177, 179, 180, 342 Cole, Robert Gary, 342 Cole, Ronald Keith, 275, 317 Coleman, Billy Mack, 358 Coleman, Doris K., 358 Coleman, George. E., Jr. 271, 279, 3 Coleman, Richard Lee, 342 Coleman, William D., Jr., 358 Collier, Carolyn, 358 Collier, Chambliss H., 249, 342 Collier, Warner J., 342 Collins, Homer D., 372 Collins, Lillye Jane, 158, 372 Collins, Mac Kelly, 303 Colvin, Joan Estella, 237, 372 Colvin, Judith Ann, 237, 358 Comeaux, Jerry R., 303 Corner, Jimmy Franklin, 317 Corner, Thomas Howard, 273, 342 Comer, Wayne Peter, 358 Conant, Shelia Jean, 239, 317 Conaway, Van C., Jr., 261, 342 Condon, Gail Hanley, 372 Conner, Cathy Diane, 144, 145, 161 317 Conner, Charles Stockton, 269, 358 Conner, Lee K., 267, 372 Conwill, Johnny F., 358 Cook, Lora Cynthia, 235, 358 Cook, Lucius P., 257, 358 Cook, Mary Bibb, 147, 317 Cook, Paul Martin, II, 265, 342 Cook, Prudence McFadden, 317 Cooke, Frances Amelia, 137, 233, 3, Cooke, Michael Dale, 358 Cooke, Patricia Dorina, 342 Cooley, Helen L., 245, 358 Cooper, Charlyne, 372 Cooper, Mary Beth, 147, 245, 372 Cooper, Stephen Kitrick, 149, 249, 3 Cooper, Tom S., 269, 342 Cooper, Wanda Kay, 372 Corban, Alton Lee, Jr., 358 Corlew, John Gordon, 132, 139, 147 171, 273, 317 Cornelius, Philip T., 303 Correro, Anthony Phillip, 303 Corsale, Joseph N., Jr., 163, 303 Cothran, Tom A., Jr., 277, 358 Cotner, Linda Lee, 239, 358 Cotten, Robin Owen, 259. 342 Cotton, Carroll L., 273, 372 Counce, Sandra Lucille, 342 Coursey, Myra Judith, 158, 222, 235. Coursey, Nancy Carolyn, 135, 148, 23 Covington, Robert O., 342 Cox, Alvin C., Jr., 259, 372 Cox, Anna Kate, 229, 303 Cox, Cecil Vester, Jr., 317 Cox, Clara Dean, 161, 170, 358 Cox, Frankie Lee, 342 Cox, James Thomason, 257, 317 Cox, John C., 149, 358 Cox, Roger D., 273, 372 Cox, Sammye Jane, 177, 180, 229, 342 Cox, Sidney Anderson, 317 Craig, Edward E., Jr., 303 Craig, Louie Vivian, Jr., 303 Cramer, Cha rles B., 303 Cranford, Jane, 372 Crawford, Buren R., 372 Crawley, David E., III, 317 Crawley, Ethel J., 372 Crenshaw, Richard Langford, 317 Cresswell, Peggy Ann, 239, 358 Cribbs, Fred Chastain, 271, 317 Cribbs, Thomas Eugene, 271. 317 Crisler, Anne M., 177, 241, 372 Crisler, James W., 303 Crocker, Jon A., 257, 303 Cromeans, Theresa Lee, 317 Cromer, Mildred Louise, 239, 372 Cromwell, Rayner Jeanne, 137, 146, 235, 358 Crook, Don, 275, 372 Crook, Jon, 172, 275, 372 Crosby, Henry Thorne, 271, 317 Crosby, Leonard Andrew, III, 275, 3, Cross, Virginia Portis, 239, 372 Crouch, Merrye Jan, 146, 317 Crouch, Michael Avery, 372 Crouch, Will Ray, 358 Crow, John Dale, 143, 317 Crowder, Elizabeth Viola, 176, 358 Crowson, Thomas Dewey, 153, 273, 3 Crumbley, Randy Gary, 273, 342 Crump, Robert H, 253, 372 Cuevas, Lloyd Anthony, 317 Cunningham, Larry Lamont, 358 Curlee, Cullen B., III, 342 Currie, James Tyson, 251, 372 Curtin, James E., 257, 303 Curtis, Chester H., 261, 372 Curtis, William H., 372 Custy, Jane Catherine, 137, 358 Robert Paul, 262, 372 D Dabbs, Gilford F., III, 267, 303 Dabbs, Jesse Grafton, 249, 372 Daigle, Edward J., 304 Dail, James Russell, 257, 342 Dale, James Albert, III, 163, 304 Dale, John Lipscomb, 151, 156, 167, 342 Dalehite, William M., Jr., 169, 267, 3 Dalton, Robert A., 249, 372 Dalton, Sam E., III, 273, 372 Daly, Helen Elizabeth, 152, 317 Daly, James Francis, 249, 342 Daniel, Charles M., 259, 342 Daniel, Dorothy Ann, 318 Daniel, Jo Adaire, 147, 318 Daniel, Lloyd Coppedge, 318 Daniel, William Jackson, 259, 318 Darras, Thomas Peter, 249, 372 Draughton, Martha Jane, 137, 342 Daves, Ralph Lee, 273, 372 Davidson, Frances Ann, 136, 148, 17E Davidson, Glen Harris, 163, 267, 304 Davidson, James Joseph, 254, 358 Davidson, Leigh L., 233, 372 Davidson, Sue, 147, 372 Davis, Carl F., 254, 318 Davis, Carolyn Faye, 318 Davis, Charlotte A., 372 Davis, Della, 342 Davis, Donnie Monroe, 318 Davis, Howard Quitman, Jr., 249, 31 Davis, James Harvey, 251, 342 Davis, John P., 273, 358 Davis, Michael L., 267, 318 Davis, Paula, 318 Davis, Philip Lee, Jr., 372 Davis, Oscar E., Jr., 304 Davis, Robert Earl, 160, 275, 318 Davis, Robert Sol, 358 Davis, Ruth Ann, 147, 229, 342 Davis, Sidney Dewitt, 143, 273, 358 Davis, Stephanie Sue, 239, 359 Davis, Virginia A., 231, 342 Davis, William Bradshaw, 342 Davis, William H., 271, 372 Davis, Winfred J., Jr., 9, 26, 372 Davis, Winston Robert 149, 318 Davitt, Louis P., 253, 372 Dawson, William Howard, 259, 372 Daykin, Jon Jerome, 304 Dean, Daniel M., 259, 372 Dean, Linda Virginia, 229, 318 Dean, Michael Roy, 318 Dear, Steven Kent, 143, 144, 145, 157 318 Deare, James Davidson, 318 Deere, Janet J., 147, 342 Debay, Francis A., 271, 372 Dedeaux, Jimmy G., 168, 265, 304 Dedeaux, Suzanne M., 318 Dediego, Sandra Eileen, 318 Dean, lnmond Louis, Jr., 318 Deepak, Kul, 151, 304 Dees, James Anthony, 372 Dees, James Gregory, 372 Dees, H., III, 271, 372 Deese, James Wheeler, 163, 304 Dehmer, Joseph Theodore, Jr., 132, 304 Delgadillo, Dolores, 304 Delgadillo, Ligia Pilar, 318 Deline, Donald Arthur, 132, 152, 157 273, 318 Delph, Fred Kevin, 372 Demarco, Charles G., 277, 372 DeMoss, Hariotte Craige, Jr., 373 Denham, Elizabeth M., 231, 373 Denham, Ennis Paul, 160, 318 Denney, George Timothy, 171, 373 Denney, Earl L., 304 Dennis, Walter Michael, 261, 342 Densing, Gary L., 304 Densing, Lani Lee, 229, 342 Denton, Gus B., 261, 304 Denton, Thomas S., 147, 277, 373 Denton, William Lyman, 150, 163, 271, 304 Derose, James Dominic, 253, 373 Deterly, James H., 373 D eterly, William Henry 269, 342 Deuschle, Edwin John, 373 Devane, James R. 304 Dewees, Dianne Mann, 231, 359 Dewees, Herbert Emilie, Jr., 257, 318 Dexheimer, Carole L., 359 Dexter, Mary May, 239, 373 Dickerson, Louis Rivers, Jr., 342 Dickey, Ronald, 373 Dickins, Oren William, 318 Diffendorfer, Vicki L., 177, 373 Diffley, Kevin K., 245, 373 Dike, Susan L., 373 Diket, Merrill E., Jr., 160, 271, 318 Dillon, Richard Lee, 373 Dilworth, Hal Conn, Jr., 140, 141, 318 Dobbs, Marian Jane, 373 Dobbs, S. Carter, Jr., 251, 342 Doggett, John Evan 147. " 7 271, 318 Doiron, Gregory Oliver, 253, 373 Dollar, Carlos Ray, 151, 167, 318 Donald, William D., Jr., 253, 304 Donnell, Robert E., Jr., 342 Donner, David Jay, 373 Donovan, Thomas K., 304 Doolittle, Janis N., 373 Dorrill, George Lee, 251, 342 Dossett, Anita Kathryn, 342 Dossett, Charlotte Ann, 235, 342 Doty, Glenn Alvon, 342 Dougherty, Sally Ann, 359 Douglas, Bobby Delain, 373 Douglas, James Harold, 318 Dove, Susan E., 373 Dover, Jerry Lynn, 277, 373 Dowdle, Lee Dell 8., 318 Dowdy, Robert Wayne, 152, 319 Downer, Joan Elaine, 135, 136, 233, 319 Doyle, Dennis Albert 265, 359 Drake, Carl Eugene, 259, 319 Drake, Danny Alton, 373 Drake, Thomas A. Jr. 269 373 Dreher, Kenneth R., 249, 373 Dubard, John Allen, 166, 319 Dubois, Bobby W., 373 Dubois, George, 259, 342 Duck, Howard L., Jr., 373 Ducker, Richard E., 249, 359 Duckworth, Betty Dea, 175, 373 Duckworth, Dale Lee, 169, 249, 319 Duckworth, Jack 0., 373 Duckworth, Joseph W., Jr., 164, 319 Duffee, Ann E., 373 Duke, Douglas Ratcliffe, 269, 342 Dukes, James 0., 273, 373 Duncan, James David, 271, 279, 342 Duncan, Nancy Carol, 239, 319 Duncan, Patsy G., 239, 373 Dunmire, Lois Jean, 359 Dunn, Anna C. 231, 359 Dunn, Carroll Edward, 271, 343 Dunn, Christopher A., 249, 373 Dunn, Edgar M., Jr., 253, 373 Dunn, Harold Eugene, 319 Dunn, Linda Lee, 177, 227, 343 Dunn, Mary Ann, 343 Dunnaway, Phil Ray, 165, 304 Dupree, James Edward, 373 Durant, Frederick P., 163, 304 Dye, William M., 132, 165, 304 Dyre, Arnold Douglas, 267, 359 E Earnheart, Billie Joyce, 241, 343 Earnheart, Marvin A., 373 Earthman, Frances Kay, 245, 343 Easley, Everette John, 150, 243 East, Judith Susan, 229, 373 East, Leon Roland, 304 Eaton, Brenda Sue, 231, 359 Eavenson, Robert Dennis, 166, 319 Eavenson, Theresa Anne, 373 Echols, John A., 343 Edmondson, Frederick E. 359 Edmonson, Ben Garrett, 259, 304 Edmonson, Mary E., 231, 359 Edmonson, R. Lee, Jr., 319 Edwards, Betty Joan, 245, 343 Edwards, Carolyn Sue, 245, 373 Edwards, George Ronald, 160, 249, 319 Edwards, Harold M., Jr., 249, 373 Edwards, James S., 319 Edwards, Neva Sue, 373 Edwards, Sara Margaret, 233, 343 Eggen, Edwin, 159, 319 Ehrlich, Stephen Marc, 155, 278, 343 Eichold, Elizabeth Ann, 231, 373 Einhaus, John Carl, 319 Elder, Barbara Ann, 178, 319 Elkins, James Carlton, 359 Elkins, Stephen G., 166, 176, 373 Ellard, Barbara Jean, 343 Ellender, Bobby George, 373 Ellington, Elissa Ann, 319 Ellington, William E., 132, 304 Elliott, James Allison, 147, 277, 359 Elliott, Joe I., Jr., 319 Elliott, Jude Carol, 241, 343 Elliott, Marvin E., 304 Elliott, Richard W., Jr., 359 Elliott, Thomas Franklin, 343 Ellis, Clyde Allen, 138, 343 Ellis, Guy Kenner, 163, 304 Ellis, Lawrence H., Jr., 249, 373 Ellis, Marylyn Page, 231, 359 Ellis, Nancy Lee, 229, 343 Ellzey, Audrey Jane, 239, 343 Ellzey, Susan Gwendolyn, 241, 319 Elmore, Donald C., 373 Elmore, Joseph David, 147, 319 Else, Donna Ruth, 245, 319 Embry, Robert R., III, 343 England, James Don, 304 Enochs, Sheryl Clarke, 237, 373 Epps, Julie Ann, 373 Erichsen Carl 5., 359 Ericson, Gerald D., 304 Essary William H., 304 Estes, Herman Donald, 142, 143, 319 Estes, James A., 269, 343 Estes, John Pointer, 359 Etter, Priscilla Gay, 319 Etz, James Blair, 253, 343 Eubanks, Diane Breedlove, 179, 319 Eubanks, Franklin Gibson, 139, 251, 33 Eubanks, Helen Ruth, 245, 343 Eubanks, James W., Jr., 164, 319 Evans, Herbert, 319 Evans, Harold E., Jr., 269, 374 Evans, Jack Edward, 275, 343 Evans, Nancy Clo, 243, 374 Evans, Steven R oy, 374 Evans, Thomas Charles, Jr., 273, 343 Evans, Tiny Bess, 147, 179, 374 Everett, Keren Ellen, 137, 158, 161, 231, Everitt, Douglas L., 359 Ewing, Billy Tucker, 343 Ezell, Joe Henry, 273, 343 Ezell, Margaret Ann, 343 F Fair, Eugene Love, 138, 171, 176, 261, Fair, Margaret Devane, 233, 319 Fairchild, Beverly F., 229, 359 Faloon, John Thomas 319 Fancher, Jerry 319 Fancher, Karen D., 229, 374 Faneca, Cyril T., Jr., 132, 150, 251, 3 Faneca, Linda Dearing, 359 Farmigoni, Robert Frank, 142, 143, 343 Farr, Bonnie Eva, 162, 241, 319 Farrar, Robert L., 273, 343 Fatherree, John P., 269, 343 Favret, Connie Ann, 241, 359 Fealko, Ronald S., 160, 343 Feemster, 235, 319 Felder, Alfred L., 343 Felder, Otis D., 374 Felder, Wayne Lamar, 269, 374 Feltenstein, Ned A., 267, 359 Fenstermacher, David Lee, 168 3 Nancy Lynn, 239, 359 Ferguson, Donna Mae, 319 Ferguson, Joe Carroll. 343 Ferguson, Margaret Ellen, 137, 245, 3 Ferguson, Rebecca, 239, 359 Fernan, Sharon Cecille, 177, 359 Fernandez, Kenneth J., 343 Field, David Dudley, 343 Fillare, Joseph Paul, 157, 262, 319 Finch, Jo Carol, 227, 374 Fine, Tah Houng, 304 Finke, Christy Richards, 320 Finklea, Nora L. 147, 245, 374 Firestone, Dorothy A., 374 Fisacherly, Edward Clifton, 374 Fisher, Jimmy Blaine, 304 Fisher, Patricia Ruth, 237, 343 Fitch, Linda Jane, 374 Fitchett, Rita Joy, 245. 359 Fitzgerald, Gerald Lee 320 Fitzgerald, James M., 343 Flagg, Carolyn B., 233. 374 Fleming, Bonnie Jane, 227, 359 Fleming, Samuel Howard R., 304 Fletcher, John E., 343 Flinn, George Shea, Jr. 167, 273, 320 Flowers, Carroll Leslie, 273, 320 Flowers, Charles Harry, 320 Flowers, Linda L., 243 374 Flowers, Richard R., 151, 374 Floyd, Judy Wood, 235, 374 Floyd, Martha Ross, 158, 243. 320 Floyd, Myron D., 343 Floyd, Rebecca Ann, 374 Floyd, Tom Sledge, 269, 320 Fly, Eugene McDowell, 259, 343 Fly, Henry Edward, 374 Folk, Austin M., 374 Fondern, Cary Leon, Jr., 305 Foose, Nancy K., 231, 374 Foose, Stephen Spradley, 147, 359 Fooshee, Samuel R., 343 Foote, Claude Eugene, 269, 320 Foote, Susan M., 343 Force, Allen, 359 Ford, Cecil Atha, 163, 305 Ford, Dennis Murphree, 257, 305 Ford, Gail Grace, 222, 227, 343 Ford, Janet Lynn, 136, 137, 177, 359 Ford, John M., 159, 249, 374 Ford, Mary Perry, 305 Ford, Tommy S., 269, 343 Foregger, Herbert V., 257, 343 Forman, Roane D., 237, 374 Fornea, Ray Larry, 164, 320 Forrest, Beverly Sue, 359 Fortner, James W., 320 Foster, Arthur G., 305 Foster, Elizabeth M., 237, 320 Foster, Marilyn Pauline 179, 359 Foster, Telena Kaye, 147, 245, 374 Foster, Wilson Jerome, Jr., 262, 343 Fouche, Patricia D., 320 Myrna D., :374 Fowle, Diane M., 374 Fowler, Rebecca Ann, 178, 180, 222 320 Fox, Fleeta E., 233, 374 Fox, Larry Irby, 160, 320 Fraley, Charles Carter, Jr., 320 Franceshi, Renaldo, 305 Franklin, Lannon D., 305 Franklin, Sarah B., 227, 320 Fraser, Shelley Lee, 164, 223, 344 Frasier, Robert W., III, 359 Fratesi, Shirley Ann, 237, 359 Freeman, William L., Jr., 273, 344 Freiberger, Susan F., 374 French, Susan Louise, 241, 359 Frey, Donald Edward, Jr., 257, 359 Frezell, Thomas Leo, 257, 344 Fried, Sandra Joyce, 374 Frishman, Leon B., 374 Frith, Caroline C., 241, 359 Fruge, Don Luis, 157, 271, 359 Frye, Wallace David, 265, 374 Fulton, Norman B., 359 Fulton, Peter M. 374 Fulton, Robert Filton, 143, 273, 344 Funderburk, Robert Price, 163, 249, Fuqua, George Thomas, 168, 320 Furnas, Bonnie Kay, 239, 320 Furr, Sarah E., 305 Fyfe, Charles Watkins. 360 G Gafford, William Thomas, 149, 360 Galatian, Harold F., 265, 360 Galloway, Harold L., 374 Galloway, James B., 273, 374 Galloway, Robert C., 273 305 Gammill, Sam Hooper, 305 Ganann, William A., 374 Gandy, Prentiss 374 Ganji, Fredrick Khanshan, 360 Gardner, Louise Michele, 180, 233, 3; Gardner, Peggy L., 374 Gardner, Willie T., 374 Garlic, William Stewart, 176, 344 Garner, E. Jackson, 261, 374 Garner, Ernest Le, 1, 344 Garner, Sarah Elizabeth, 147, 320 Garrett, Patricia L., 239, 344 Garrison, He ' en C., 360 Garrison, Joseph Edmund, 259, 344 Garth, Gayle Louise, 235, 320 Garth, Nancy H., 231, 374 Gartrell, Margaret K., 305 Gary, John Wesley, III, 152, 271, 3 Garzik, Joseph S., Jr., 269, 320 Gaston, Chester Davis, Jr., 344 Gastrell, Henry Martin, III, 261, 320 Gates, Alexander B., 305 Gates, Haley S., 259, 374 Gates, Hugh William, III, 360 Gatewood, Edith A., 245, 374 Gatlin, Barbara Ann, 241, 374 Gatlin, Nancy L., 374 Gatlin, Thomas Richard, 344 Gay, Frank G., 360 Gayden, John Overton, 269, 344 Gean, Ruth Ann, 158, 320 Geiselman, Charles W., Jr., 164, 32 Geisler, John Francis, 320 Genin, Robert Lawrence, Jr., It Gennin, George Stratford, 320 Gentry, Anita Louise, 177, 374 Gentry, Robert Douglas, 267, 344 Gerhart, Lucy Sparrow, 222, 231, 32 Gerlach, Howard Lawrence, 344 Gerrard, Jo Guyton, 320 Gex, Joseph William, 259, 344 Gibbens, Margaret Ann, 227, 374 Gibert, Jere, 137, 156. 231, 360 Gibson, John F., Jr., 305 Gibson, Linda K., 147, 237, 375 Gibson, William Jason, 164, 320 Gifford, Carole E., 360 Gilbert, Donald Lee, 375 Gilder, Jerry Quinton, 344 Gilfoy, Lady Melinda, 231, 375 Gill, Newton Gregg, 155, 267, 360 Gill, Susan K., 235, 375 Gail, 239, 375 Gillespie, George Y., III, 254, 320 Gillespie, William Barry, 271, 360 Henri Etta, 321 Gillis, William Shelton, 273, 321 Gilluly, John Joseph, 273, 375 Gilluly, Mary Jane, 235, 344 Girot, Edmond J., 269, 360 Glaze, Stephen Jordan, 261, 344 Gleason, Don Oliver, 305 Glicco, John M., 360 Gober, Cole Brittain, 321 Gober, Donald F., 375 Godwin, Albert Leroy, Jr., 360 Godwin, Ronald H., 159, 344 Goettman, Linda Jeanne, 375 Goldman, Frank Bernard, 344 Goldman, Thomas W., Jr., 321 Gong, Kung Woo, Jr., 143, 321 Goodman, Thomas E., 267, 375 Goodyear, Elizabeth P., 375 Gordon, Yvonne H., 321 Gore, Charles Smith, 269, 344 Gore, Elizabeth Ann, 344 Gottshall, William R., Jr., 273, 360 Gourley, John Grant, Jr., 165, 305 Gowan, William A., Jr., 257, 305 Gower, John Hammond, 344 Goza, Miriam Susan, 231, 321 Graeber, Rayner N., 269, 344 Graham, Hardy P., 132, 136, 305 Graham, Ida Hervey, 176, 227, 344 Graham, James Tyson, 305 Graham, Judy Williams, 344 Graham, Karen Anne, 237, 344 Graham, Lillian D., 245, 375 Graham, Patty Brander, 235, 375 Grant, Phyllis Eloise, 178, 179, 229, 3: Grantham, Larry Lloyd, 249, 321 Graves, Janice Owen, 321 Graves, Jerry Thomas, 321 Graves, Joe Elijah, 360 Graves, Sara Beth, 245, 375 Gray, Bruce J., 375 Gray, David M., 305 Gray, Donna Beth, 375 Gray, James H., 305 Gray, Jennie E., 305 Grayson, Otis Jean, 344 Green, George W., III, 344 Green, John Barrett, 143, 157, 261, Green, Sally Jean, 241, 360 Green, Sharon Hall, 156, 229, 344 Green, William H., 344 Green, William Michael, 265, 360 Greenwell, William Scott, 344 Greer, William Grady, 149, 171, 344 Gregory, James K., 269, 360 Griese, Jerome Charles, 172 277, 344 Griffin Janet Ann, 135, 233, 321 Griffith, James E., 273, 3 5 Griffith, Julius V., Jr., 360 Griffith, Sedgie F., Jr., 267,344 Grimes, F. Anita, 375 Grimes, Lynda Ann, 233, 360 Grinstead, Marjorie L., 227, 375 Grobmyer, Robert L., 321 Groves, Floyd Abram, 147, 321 Grubbs, Clinton Julian, 344 Grymanis, Vasilios T., 305 Guess, Charles M., 251, 375 Guest, Phyllis Merida, 239, 360 Benjamin Alfred, 375 Guider, George W., Jr., 273, 375 Gunn, William Carl, 169, 171, 253, 321 Gunter, Gerald Goodwin, 321 Guttery, John McQueen, III, 344 Guttman, Stuart T., 321 Guy, William Lester, 249, 375 Guyton, David Lee, 132, 133, 136, 138, 148, 271, 321 Guyton, Gretta H. 305 Guyton, Robert Allan, 138, 139, 271, H Hans, Nicholas McLeod, 305 Hagstrom, Madeline, 227, 305 Haig, Dolores Dross, 229, 321 Halley, William Andrew, 321 Haines, Patricia M., 360 Hale, Anthony Earl, 136, 152, 157, 273, Hale, Carol W., 241, 344 3 Hale, Kenneth G., 151, 344 Hale, Paul W., Jr., 151, 344 Haley, Suzanne, 233, 321 Halfacre, William M., 2735, 375 Hall, Billy Don, 321 Hall, Cecie Anne, 375 Hall, George, 259, 321 Hall, Donna S., 245, 375 Hall, Dwight Joseph, 344 Hall, Francis D., 267, 344 Hall, John Travis, 321 Hall, Larry B., 273, 360 Hall, Sandra Nell, 235, 360 Hall. Sylvia Ann, 360 Halliday, Roberta Mae, 239, 344 Ham, George Flournoy, 375 Ham, Robert Andrews, 321 Hamachek, Annabelle E., 175, 241, 34, Hamachek, Donald Daniel, Jr., 267, 3 Hamberlin, Kathryn Lou, 158, 237, 344 Hamblin, Bobby Wayne, 305 Hamilton, James Edwin, Jr., 269, 345 Hamilton, Jimmy Lynn, 375 Hamilton, Sarah Janet, 231, 345 Hamilton, William P., 375 Hamm, Marcia Anne, 239, 375 Hammond, Sara Jane, 147, 170, 345 Hamner, John F., 166, 375 Hanberry, Linda Dawn, 137, 161, 360 Hancock, John W., 360 Hancock, Mary Ann, 137, 231, 360 Haney, Elinor Lynn, 179, 229, 375 Hankins, Barbara Schmidt, 321 Hankins, Kaye Ellen, 235, 321 Hanna, Ronald Vincent 262, 321 Hannah, Ted S., 171, 345 Hansen, Alan George, 345 Hansen, Barbara Jean, 305 Hansen, Sheila Diane, 239, 360 Haraway, David McWilliams, 345 Harbour, Bryan C., 345 Hardin, Ave Evelyn, 345 Hardin, Mildred E., 241, 375 Hardin, Regina Claud 179, 321 Hardin, Robert H., 267, 375 Harding, Robert K., 273, 375 Hardy, Barbara 345 Hardy, Larry Jerome, 375 Hardy, Michael Wren, 345 Hardy, Ronald Keith, 273, 375 Hargett, Thomas R., 249, 375 Hargraves, George 249, 375 Harkins, Dezorah Ann, 322 Harkins, Patrick Nicholas 163, 305 Harlan, Betts, 160, 275. 322 Harmon, Barbara Jeanne, 147, 235, 345 Harp, Lindsay Hale. 251, 322 Harper, Bryan Brand, 360 Harper, Charles E., 257, 360 Harper, John Wyatt, 275, 345 Harper, Judith K., 375 Harpole, Horace Wilson, 360 Harrell, Griffin Holmes 150, 273, 322 Harrell, Rebecca Sue. 136, 148, 345 Harrington, Frank Wh itaker, 271, 322 Harris, Barbara, 233, 322 Harris, Doris Moredock, 360 Harris, Jan, 180, 237, 322 Harris, John B., 267, 375 Harris, Marilyn Frances. 235, 322 Harris, Nancy Jane, 148, 227, 322 Harris, Sammie D., 149, 360 Harrison, Edward E., Jr.. 269. 375 Harrison, Elizabeth P., 235, 360 Harrison, John Carl, 345 Harrison, John Carl, 345 Louise S., 241, 360 Harrison, Michael G., 147, 159, 375 Harrison, Nancy Lynn, 179, 375 Harrison, Patton B., 253 345 Harrison, Sandra Jane, 322 Hartgraves, Lou Ann, 231, 345 Hartley, Jean Alice, 322 Hartley, Joseph C., Jr., 305 Hartsfield, James C., Jr„ 322 Harwell, Glenn Wesley, 269, 360 Harwood, Roseann Elizabeth, 237, 322 Hasler, Scott Garner, Jr., 345 Lee Luther, Jr., 305 Hathorn, Ronnie Lawson, 360 Robert E., 132 136, 138, 251, 322 Haven, Louis Franklin, III. 360 Hawkins, James Orville, 273, 345 Hawkins, Joseph G., 271, 360 Haworth, Marshall, 177, 239, 360 Hayes, William F., 261, 375 Hayles, George C., 253, 305 Hayman, Edwin Ford, 261, 345 Haynes, M. Paul, Jr., 306 Haynie, Cheryl Anne, 222, 237, 345 Heard, Cullum Jefferson, 164, 322 Hearin, Robert M., 257, 375 Hearn, Baxter K., 345 Hearn, Walter Carey, 306 Hecker, Patrick Richard, 322 Hedgepeth, James Thomas, 345 Hedges, Stephen Fred, 360 Wallace Eugene, 146, 147, 273, 322 Heidelberg, Cecil F., 267, 376 Heidelberg, Roland W., 271 360 Heitzman, Harry Bradley, 322 Hellums, Betty Ann, 179, 345 Hellums, Winifred Ruth, 179, 361 Helms, Robert Carl, 361 Hemer Anna Evellyn, 135, 136, 241, 322 Hemleben, Scott Parker, 306 Hemphill, Judy Lee, 233, 345 Henderson, E. Elizabeth, 229, 376 Henderson, Eugenia L., 179, 376 Henderson, Handley L., Jr., 345 Henderson, Willis Walley, 160, 322 Hendrix, Robert E., Jr,, 376 Hendrix, Walter Thomas, 306 Hennessee, Ramona C., 235, 376 Henry, David Berch, 275, 322 Henry, James Robert, 376 Henry, Karen S., 147, 237, 376 Henry, Mary Katherine, 178, 237, 361 Henry, Samuel S., 306 Herbowy, Taras John, 322 Herndon, James Ray 267, 345 Herring, Arnold Jackie, 345 Herring Hartwell C., III, 152, 153, 306 Herring, Robert A., III, 159, 176, 376 Herrington, James W., 249, 376 Herrington, Michael, 273, 345 Herrington, Wayne Walker, 361 Herron, Charles R., III, 267, 376 Hester, Beverly Merle, 361 Hester, Kathryn Healy, 135, 136, 144, 141 239, 322 Hester, William Stewart, 361 Hewes, Harry Pringle, 163, 269, 306 Heyward, Susan Patricia, 222, 243, 345 Hiatt, Warren A., Jr., 147, 273, 376 Hickman, Dixie Elise, 170, 175, 237, 345 Hicks, James S., 261, 361 Hiers, Jerry F., 136, 152, 306 Higginbotham, John M., 344 Higginbotham, Larry F., 150, 169, 271, 3( Higgins, Carroll Jane, 235, 361 Highbaugh, Lizabeth T., 345 Hill, Billy John, 147, 322 Hill, Charles E., 376 Hill, Harold Ex, 361 Hill, James M., 166, 361 Mary Virginia, 170, 227, 345 Hill, Milton G., 261, 376 Hill, Raymond Carl, 136, 152, 153, 322 Hill, Roy Gene, 345 Himelstein, Arnold, 152, 322 Himes, Raymond Eugene, Jr., 269, 361 Hindman, Stanley Chatham, 271, 345 Hines, Martha H., 237, 376 Hinton, Ben Terry, 322 Hinton, Joe Lloyd, 160, 322 Hipp, Max Davis, 166, 345 Hobart, Margaret Ann, 231, 345 Hodge, Elbert C., Jr., 306 Hodge, Jo Currie, Dent, 135, 322 Hodge, Ross A., 306 Hodges, Douglas John, 361 Hodges, Franklin Wayne, 322 Hodges, William C., 345 Hodgson, Michael Frederick, 143, 157, 27 322 Hodgson, Thomas G., 273, 345 Hodo, Edward Douglas, 143, 257, 306 Hoffman, Katherine W., 231, 376 Hogue, Elba Jane, 229, 376 Hogue, Lloyd Eades, 265, 345 Hogue, Orton H., Jr., 265, 376 Holcomb, Charles Howard, 143, 345 Holden, Margaret K., 376 Holder, Hancel, 361 Holder, Larry Eugene, 160, 322 Holder, Robert A., 306 Holland, George R., 376 Holley, Clarence Lee, 323 Holley, Virginia Sue, 376 Holliday, Mary Ann, 361 Hollingsworth, John G., Jr., 273, 361 Hollis, Kathrine 0., 176, 177, 227, 376 Holloman, Sara King, 231, 376 Holman, Marion David, 345 Holmes, Frank C., III, 269, 376 Holmes, Miller Payne, Jr., 132, 136, 14 152, 153, 154, 157, 162, 269, 323 Holstein, Norman Richard, 323 Holt, Edwin Love, 143, 157, 168, 261, 3 Homich, George Hardin, 253, 323 Hood, Jack Wade, 277, 323 Hood, Jeffrey Edison, 253, 323 Hood, Kay Carole, 323 Hood, Kennon D., 271, 376 Hope, William Madison, 269, 345 Hopkins, Alben Norris, 163, 306 Hopkins, Ruth B., 306 Hopper, William Clayton, Jr., 323 Hord, Oliver A., Jr., 147, 376 Horn, Carrol D., Jr., 164, 323 Horn, Cynthia June, 147, 376 Horn, Lynda McAlpin, 323 Horn, Margaret Ann, 361 Horne, Patricia A., 241, 376 Horne, Peggy Ann, 237, 376 Horvath, Edward Joseph, 323 Hotard, Pamela Ann, 235, 361 House, Nicholas D., 345 Houston, David Winston, 139, 143, 15 172, 271, 346 Houston, Sandra Kay, 158, 233, 323 Houston, Thomas Ford, 171, 361 Hovater, Noble Owen, 267, 323 Hovious, Bradford W., 376 Hovious, John William, 346 Howard, Daniel J., 259, 376 Howard, Ernest Ernwin, 271, 323 Howard, Octavia E., 241, 361 Howard, Sara Christine, 241, 361 Howell, Diane E. 239, 361 Howell, James Milton, 346 Howell, Keith Gordon 159, 323 Howell, Winston D., 376 Hsu, Shih Siu, 306 Hubbard, Karla Kaye, 227, 346 Hubbard, Sue C., 361 Hudson, Alcus Ray, 160, 323 Hudson, Ann Broome, 323 Hudson, Charlie Albritton, 168, 323 Hudson, Jane T., 241, 346 Hudson, Melvina Letitia, 361 Huey, Robert E., Jr., 361 Huff, James K., III, 267, 346 Huff, Lynne Nash, 346 Huggins, Cleveland P., III, 275, 376 Huggins, Clyde G., Jr., 306 Hughes, Byron William, 376 Hughes, Daniel Clyde, Jr., 136, 152, 271, 323 Hughey, G. Carol, 237, 361 Hummel, Mary Louise, 148, 239, 346 Humphreys, Edinw C., III, 323 Humphreys, Jessie Y., 235, 306 Hunt, David R., 306 Hunt, Robert A., 162, 275, 376 Hunt, William James, 249, 361 Hunter, Dannye L., 163, 306 Hunter, Hervey M., 164, 323 Hurdle, Norman Dale, 346 Hurdle, Thomas Roland, 346 Hurst, Carolyn Ann, 235, 376 Hurst, George Gibson, 164, 323 Hurych, James Allan, 346 Hutchcraft, Winn Varnon, 143, 176, 254, Hutchins, Richard Atherton, 265, 346 . Hutchinson, Donald P., 159, 376 Hyde, Lee A., 269, 376 Hylen, M. Michaelene, 306 Idema, Thomas Hudson, 323 Idom, Sandra Kaye, 376 Ingels, Edgar D., III, 249, 346 Ingram, Douglas Wayne, 254, 279, 346 Marilyn Ruth, 229, 323 Ingram, Mildred Anne, 229, 346 Linda Dorothy, 229, 323 Newell Edward, 376 Inmon, Lundie, 323 Irby, Braxter Pleasant, 271, 346 Irby, Frank Melsheimer, 169, 273, 323 Walter H., 361 J Jabour, George Henry, 267, 361 Jabour, John Wayne, 168, 265, 306 Jackson, Carey Marvin, 151, 167, 323 Jackson, Edwin Leon, 181, 265, 323 Jackson, Harold Stephen, 306 Jackson, Jimmy Smith 323 Jackson, Jimmy Smith, 259, 324 Jackson, Kenneth D., 361 Jackson, Kenneth R., 277, 376 Jackson, Robert T., 152, 306 Jacobs, Jesse Earl, 324 Jacobs, Linda Louise, 229, 324 James, Edward T., Jr., 376 James, Sandra Anne, 237, 324 James, Suzanne, 346 James, William Byrd, 324 Jameson, Herbert M., 324 Jamili, M. Davoudzadeh, 361 Jayne, Bruce Cranford, 132, 156, 249, Jeffries, John Leonard, 163, 306 Jenkins, Walton Ray, 324 Jennings, Eugene R., 275, 376 Jennings, Marcus C., III, 267, 376 Jetton, Linda K., 376 Johnson, Bennie Fant, 324 Johnson, Cheryl Dawn, 376 Johnson, Connie S., 233, 377 Johnson, Corinne V., 377 Johnson, Dorothy Fay, 235, 324 Johnson, James Albert, 361 Johnson, James Howard, 267, 324 Johnson, Jean Chambless, 137, 239, 36 Johnson, Judith Ann, 245, 361 Johnson, Kathleen, 140, 324 Johnson, Lorraine Ann, 377 Johnson, Martha Lynette, 324 Johnson, Meighan G., 306 Johnson, Michael Eugene, 269, 377 Johnson, Paul Hayne, 143, 157, 172, 324 Johnson. Raymond A., 259, 377 Johnson, Ronald Earl, 259, 377 Johnson, Rosemary, 239, 346 Johnson, Russell A., 324 Johnson, P. William, 181 377 Johnston, Phyllis Ann, 377 Johnstone, Jack L., 346 Jones, Ann Bourdeaux, 156, 233, 346 Jones, Barbara Atherton, 147, 324 Jones, Carol Gay, 235. 377 Jones, David Allan, 324 Jones, Donald Drummond, 132, 139, 157, 269, 346 Jones, Dorothy Duncan, 135, 222, 233, Jones, Emory Davis, 324 Jones, Fern Virginia, 159, 178, 180, 243, 324 Jones, Frank Wilder, 151, 324 Jones, Fredric E., 164, 324 Jones, George E., Jr., 324 Jones. George S., 269, 377 Jones, Harris W., Jr., 346 Jones, Horace Perry, 306 Jones, James Harold, 273, 346 Jones, James Vanoy, Jr., 324 Jones, James William, III, 324 Jones, Jennifer Helen, 239, 324 Jones, John Nathaniel, 166. 181, 324 Jones, Lester Willie, Jr., 346 Jones, Linda Kaye, 243, 377 Jones, Margaret Elizabeth, 158, 233, Jones, Marvin Carey, 361 Jones, Mary A., 361 Jones, Mary Launa, 133, 135, 231, 324 Jones, Ransom P., III, 306 Jones, Robert T., 271, 361 Jones, Roger Tilden, 259, 324 Jones, Sharon Anne, 135, 156, 179, 239, 34 Jones, Sydney Lundy, 324 Jones, Thard M., Jr., 249, 377 Jones, Thomas Franklin, 172, 324 Jones, Tony Earnest, 361 Jones, Wilmer R., 265, 279, 377 Jordan, Charles Schemedes, 249, 346 Jordan, Hilliard Earl, Jr., 271, 346 Jordan, Mary Carolyn, 361 Jordan, Richard L., 271, 377 Jordan, Sara Catherine, 175, 233, 361 Joseph, Richard Joseph, 138, 251, 361 Josephson, Leigh V.. 235. 361 Judge, Judy Kay, 237, 346 Joe, Albert, 324 Jue, Betty Diamond, 361 Jue, George Henry 164, 325 Jue, Jessie, 179, 346 Jue, Lilly, 346 Justice, Frank J., 265, 377 Justice, Laura Mavis, 137, 229, 361 K Kaigler, James Street, 325 Kakkar, Bipinder Kumar, 306 Kammon, John N., Jr., 346 Karkhanis, Pramod P., 306 Kavanaugh, Mary W., 231, 361 Kay, Stratford Haman, 166, 361 Kearney, Beryl Dianne, 233, 346 Kees, Susan, 237, 346 Keesee, Morris Johnson, III, 143, 157, 26 346 Keffer, Sandra Rae, 325 Keirn, Claud Leake, 269, 346 Keller, Bernard G., Jr., 132, 306 Kelley, Mary Diane, 377 Kellum, Thomas B., Jr., 257, 362 Kelly, James Calhoun, 362 Kelly, Joseph B., 181, 259, 377 Kelsey, Robert C., 271, 377 Kelso, Clyde Douglas, III, 269, 279, 377 Kelso, Kenneth Wayne, 346 Kemp, Herman 0., 377 Kendrick, Robena Louise, 235, 377 Kerr, Carolyn Reddoch, 231, 346 Kerr, Glenn Larry, 362 Kerr, Robert Lee, 273, 346 Kershaw, Michael D., 249, 362 Kersting, Eliza beth A., 154, 239, 346 Key, James Harold, 325 Key, Jane E., 235, 377 Keye, Patti Lynne, 237, 346 Keyes, Jimmy E., 259, 377 Kibble, Claude Arthur, 164, 325 Kibe, William E., 377 Kilpatrick, Martin A., 249, 325 Kilpatrick, Nancy Jane, 346 Kimball, Phyl Jane, 237, 325 Kimbrough, Hallie E., 233, 346 Kinard, Frank Manning, Jr., 325 Kinard, George Michael, 346 Kinard, John Major, 143. 271, 346 Kinard, Virginia Jean, 137, 177, 237,362 Kincaid, Virlinda Carol, 229, 347 King, James D., 306 King, James J., 307 King, James Robert, 136, 325 King, Mary Louise, 307 King, Ogwen Lamar, 150, 307 King, Stanley Catherine, 362 Kingery, Victor N., 307 Kipp, Karen Dean, 233, 347 Kirby. William Vance, 267, 325 Kirk, Douglas U., 257, 347 Kirk, John 362 Kirschten, Thomas D., 275, 362 Kitchens, Donald G., 377 Kitchens, James W., 307 Kitchens, Lloyd W., Jr., 377 Klenner, Gertrude Louise, 229, 347 William Floyd, 377 Kliesch, James R., 325 Klingenbeck, Robert P., 249, 377 Knapp, Marie, 377 Charles Stroud, 362 Knight, James Thomas, 347 Knight, James Wayne, 325 Knight, Luther A., Jr., 307 Knight, Sandra Vermeil, 235, 377 Knight. Susan Elisabeth, 347 Knotts, Nancy Ruthledge, 237, 347 Knowlton, Sam Dove, 132, 307 Knox, James Doran, 347 Kodama, Hiroo, 307 Koehler, Lenore C., 325 Koehler, Thomas Hume, Jr., 307 Koen, Donald 160, 273, 325 Kolesar, Joseph T., 265, 375 Kothmann, Gregory Garf. 377 Kraus. Guy C., 325 Krause, John David, 249 347 Krauss, Volker Markus, 307 Krebs, Mary Katherine, 377 Kroeker, Edwin Erroll, 166, 181, 362 Kurta, Michael J., 307 Kuykendall, George B., Jr., 377 L Lackey, Paul K., Jr., 257, 325 Lacy, Arthur Allen, 149, 325 Lacy, Don Preston, 307 Ladner, Claude Julius, 325 Ladner, Heber A., 132, 136, 139, 150, 261, 325 Ladner, Kerby E., 160, 347 Laduc, Raymond Paul, 259, 325 LaFollette, Lois B., 229, 377 Lamar, Kathryn Evan, 175, 235, 325 Lambdin, Jane Norvelle, 231, 347 Lambert, Aaron C., Jr., 347 Lamey, Ronald William, 325 Lamkin, William W., 165, 307 Landreth, Cleveland Lee, 267, 377 Landry, Dorothy Duty, 239, 347 Lane, Elizabeth Anne, 222, 235, 325 Lane, James A., 362 Lane, Robert Alexander, 269, 362 Langston, Eric D., 377 Lankford, Eddie N., 347 Lanom, Berry Laron, 269, 362 Lantrip, Bobby Bennett, 167, 347 Larroux, Jean Francis, 259, 325 Larson, John William, 377 Larson, Lucie Ellen, 177, 243, 347 Larue, Wayne B., Jr., 377 Lassetter, Linda C., 377 Latham, Mary Jo, 325 Latham, William Larry, 150, 249, 325 Latimer, Ellis H., III, 377 Latimer, Rosemary, 237, 325 Latta, Patricia Jean, 161, 245, 362 Laurenzi, John F., 261, 377 Lawhon, Andy Paul, 273, 325 Lawson, Bobby Ray, 362 Lawson, Patricia Anne, 377 Lawyer, Michael S., 273, 377 Lea, Billy Ray, 164, 325 Lea, Margaret Hayward, 227, 347 Lea, Robert Charles, 275, 377 Leach, Howard Owen, 307 Leach, Pamela Ann, 170, 229, 325 Leatherman, William A., Jr., 155. 265, 362 Ledbetter, Barbara Lane, 239, 378 Ledbetter, Jacquelyn J., 241, 362 Lee, A. J., 132, 159, 167, 176, 254, 325 Lee, Joseph Beauregard, III, 171, 176, 325 Lee, Judith Ann, 378 Lee, Robert D., 163, 307 Lee, Robert Edward, Jr., 267, 326 Lee, Thomas Stewart 132, 163, 307 Lee, Van Ellis, 253, 326 Lee, William Boyde 269. 362 Leeper, James Hallox, 143, 273, 279, 347 Legan, Bobbye H , 307 Legan, Marshall Scottie, 307 Jerry Smith, 347 Legg, Michael H . 147 378 Leggett, George B., III, 160, 378 Leggett, Treva Anne, 229, 326 Leigh, Robert E., III, 347 Lemaster, Charles R., Jr., 269, 347 Lemons, Carol Kay, 378 Lemons, William B., III, 259, 362 Lenoir, Larry Lee, 163, 307 Leonard, Betty Boyd, 235, 326 Lessley, Jimmie Macajah, 160, 326 Lester, Barbara Joan, 307 Lester, Betty J. Ball, 347 Lester, Garner Wallace, 169, 326 Lester, George H., 273, 347 Lester, Horace Baxter, Jr., 271, 347 Lester, Robert F., 269, 378 Lester, William Edward, 136, 326 Lever, Terry J.. 243, 378 Lewis, Carl Edwin, 164, 307 Lewis, Clayton Taylor, 163, 307 Lewis, Donald Ellis, 277, 347 Lewis, Douglas 8., 150. 278, 307 Lewis, John Howell, 326 Lewis, John R., 269, 378 Lewis, John William, 307 Lewis, Karen Ann, 362 Lewis, Larry Lisle, 259, 279, 362 Lewis, Lynda Rhodes, 326 Lewis. McArthur, 347 Lewis, Ocie Vernon, 277, 347 Lewis, Robert Cushing, 273, 347 Lewis, Ted P., 307 Lewis, William Irvin, 362 Ligon, Waite Edward. III, 143, 326 Lile, John Stanley, 326 Lilja, Ralph Barry, 347 Karen Louise, 180, 362 Lindley, Tommy J., 269, 378 Lindsey, Henderson C., 273, 378 Lindsey, James Lee, Jr., 273, 279, 378 Lingle, Dale Conn, 265, 326 Linkroum, Ba uer, 176 177 243 326 Liollio, Angelo Demetrios, 143, 172, 326 Lippincott, John Maxey, 251, 326 Lipscomb, Earle Floyd, 261, 326 Ernest B., III, 261, 307 Lipscomb, Joseph R., 257, 362 Lipscomb, Marie McCabe, 158, 231, 347 Lipscomb, William Beck, 143, 145, 147, 156, 158, 166, 168, 251, 326 Litchfield, Bette B., 362 Little, Jamie Ray, 326 Littlejohn, Marianna, 135, 178, 235, 326 Liu, Yuan Hu, 307 Livingston, Jeanne Gail, 156, 237, 347 Lloyd, John Bunyan, Jr., 362 Lobrano, Edward Posey, Jr., 307 Lobue, John David, 326 Lockard, James Robert, 362 Lockley, Janice Rae, 241, 378 Locovare, John W., 362 Loden, Elliot, 163, 267, 307 Loden, William Stephen, 362 Loeber, Edward Richard, 362 Lofton, Harvey M., 347 Logan, Billy Joe, 378 Lohrmann, Jerome Lee, 347 Lokey, Brenda Leo, 152, 222, 239, 326 Lokey, Marguerite Griffin, 239, 362 Lomangino, Felice, 362 Lomax, Dan Wade, 362 Lomax, John Tillman, Jr., 326 Lomax, Susan K., 237, 347 Long, Betty J., 326 Long, Paul Leonidus 362 Long, Ray N., 273, 378 Longino, John Thomas, III, 261, 326 Loper, Amelia Catherine, 231, 347 Lott, Ben Crawford, 326 Lott, Chester Trent, 273, 307 Lett. William Washburn, 3:2 Lotterhos, Joseph Edward, 143, 257, 325 Lou, Paul C. C , 378 Love, Adele Robertha, 326 Love, Hugh Marshall, 267 307 Love James Sanford, III, 142, 143, I, 168, 261, 347 Love, Marcus, III, 251 279 378 Lovelace, Linda Sanders, 378 Lovelace, Marvin S , 347 Lowery, Robert S., 257, 3 E Lowrimore, Marlin Gerald, 3 ' 2 Lowry, Mary Judy, 347 Loyacono, Delia Ann Lucas, Van Alvin, 273, 326 Luckett, Ignatius, Jr., 2.,,, 325 Ludlam. Helen Harvey, 231, 3,7 Luke, Tommy Junior, 347 Lundberg, Jane Ellen, 241, 302 Lyle, Russell Ray, 347 Lynch, Charles A., 267, 378 Lynch, Sharon Courtney, 237, 362 Mc McAfee, Leonard C., Jr., 253, 347 McAlister, Richard D., 151, 378 McAllister, Phil Maurice, 164, 326 McAnally, Jerry Charles, 326 McAnally, Marilyn Yarber, 347 McArthur, James Leo, 143, 273, 347 McBride, William W., Jr., 378 McCaddon, Martha Ann, 175, 237, 378 McCaffrey, Lewis Raymond, 164, 326 McCarley, Thomas Howard, 269, 378 McCarson, William M., 269, 378 McCarty, Emily J., 243, 378 McCarty, John Robert, 273, 378 McCarty, Joseph Coffee, 169, 327 McCaskill, Joe Barry, 160, 327 McCaslin, Henry, Eugene, 143, 261, 347 McCay, Dorsey H., Jr., 348 McCay, James M., 254, 378 McClellan, Paul H., Jr., 160, 327 McClelland, Charles Rodney, 275, 378 McClenahan, William C., 257, 307 McClure, Jacquelyn, 237, 348 McClure, Mary Margaret, 245, 362 McClure, 243, 327 McClusky, Lloyd H., 253, 362 McCollum, Barbara Lambert, 158, 327 McCollum, Harry Edward, Jr., 160, 24 327 McCollum, Joseph K., Jr.. 378 McConnell, Constance Marie. 241, 348 McConnell, Elizabeth Ann, 231. 362 McCool, Edward Lewis, 751. 362 McCool, Robert T., Jr. 271, 378 McCorkle, Joe Don, 159, 254, 327 McCormick, Robert E., 308 McCready, Michael A., 308 McCreight, Holly Anne, 239, 362 McCrory, Henry Allen, 327 McCullouch, Mary Carmille, 137, 235, 3 McCully, Margaret Ann, 134, 135, I: 178, 179, 180, 235, 327 McDaniel, Clarence Albert, 327 McDaniel, Robert Charles, 362 McDaniel, Roger D., 267, 363 McDill, Evelyn A., 378 McDivitt, Leland, 269, 363 McDonald, Frank Logan, Jr., 261, 327 McDonald, Judith Gail, 327 McDonald, Karen Lee, 327 McDonald, Paul, Jr., 327 McDonald, Virginia L., 378 McDonnell, Sarah Weems, 222, 237, 327 McDuff, Marcia Ann, 22I, 327 McElhaney, Michael J., Ir., 273, 348 McElroy, Marianne, 175, 243, 348 McElwain, Carolyn Ann, 235, 327 McElwain, Connie Cross, 327 McElwee, Charles V., 259, 348 McElwee, Sandra Kay, 308 McElvoy, John A., 277, 279, 378 McFarland, Burchette S., 249, 363 MsFarlane, James Eckford, 378 McFarlane, Larry Allan, 308 McFarlane, Larry Allan, 308 McGavock, Donald Francis, 348 McGee, Charlotte G., 231, 378 McGee, Clyde, 257, 378 McGee, Martin Hiram, Jr., 273, 348 McGee, Thomas Alan, 166, 378 McGehee, Harry Smith, 259, 348 McGehee, John Warren, 327 Kay Frances, 237, 348 McGehee, Phyllis Pope, 348 McGehee, William C., Jr., 253, 363 McGehee, Clay, 261, 378 McGlathery, William T., III, 132, 157, 261, 327 McGraw, Edward R., 261, 378 McGraw, James D., 348 McGreger, Marion W., 166, 378 McGuire, Gloria Jeanette 179, 227, 3i McGuire, Linda Scott, 308 McHaney Nancy Holland, 363 McHaney, Robert L , Jr , 308 McHanry, Rolf Wesley, 249, 378 McIngvale George Sidney. 308 McInnis, Dorothy P., 229, 378 Charles A., Jr. 150, 267, Charlotte E., 348 Corwin Lee. 327 McKeigney, Alexander F.. 139. 271, 32 McKeithen , William S., II. 160, 327 John W., 259. 378 Milton Lane, 2E9 348 Georgia Mae. 237, 348 McKeown, Dorothy C., 348 Dana Clifton 348 Charles A., 100, 251, 363 Everett A., Jr., 275, 363 Janet Elise, 241, 378 John Puri-es, 147, 271, 363 William E. 348 McLen nan Christie 233 363 McLeod, Taylor Jeff, 377 McMahan, Michael Lee, 379 McMahen, William A., 308 McMahan, James Turner, 348 McMillan, Charles R 265, 348 McMillan, Gerald Cleon, 179, 348 McMillan, Kai J., 229, 379 McMillen, Barbara W., 363 McMullen, William Lucas Jr., 253, 32 McMurtray, Helen F., 379 McNair, Vivian Ann, 158, 348 McNeel, Frederic K.. Jr., 259, 363 McNeely, Coralee, 327 McNeese, Joe Welda, 271, 363 McNeese, Thomas Darrell, 271, 327 McNeil, Mildred C., 239. 363 McNew, Hosea S., Jr., 327 McPherson, Donald Reid, 257, 327 McPherson, Malcolm H., 379 McQueen, Marvin Earl, Jr., 348 McRae, Charles Robert 159. 167, 273, McRay, Thomas Alan, 262, 327 McRee, Michael Thomason, 327 McRoskey, Roy Lanctot, 137. 175, 235, McWhorter, Peter R., 277 379 Maaya, Ramzi Jubran, 1E0, 327 Mabry, Harmon, 348 Mabus, John C., 275, 379 MaCaleese, Robert William, 363 MacDonald, Donald Grant, 348 MacDonald, James Stewart, 249, 327 MacDonald, Kathleen, 227, 348 Mack, Edward Reed, Jr., 308 Mack, Frances C., 348 Mackenzie, Craig Alan, 265, 328 Mackey, James E., 308 John Richard, 259, 379 Maddox, Dwight Uriel, 267, 379 Madson, James Robert, 176, 348 Magee, MacArthur, 165, 308 Magee, Judy Pat, 379 Magee, Susan E., 348 Magruder, Jane K., 231, 363 Maheshwari, Hemant C. 363 Maitre, Jean Yvonne, 180, 237, 363 Mallini, Joseph J., 348 Malone, William Percy, 328 Malouf, Michael James, 265, 363 Malvezzi, Toni Carol, 237, 363 Manifold, David James, 249, 379 Manifold, George William, 136, 148, 328 • Mann, George, 308 Mann, James Albert, 160, 328 Manning, Roy Davis, Jr., 273, 379 Mansell, Ethie Willette, 379 Marascalco, Frank P., 379 Marascalco, Robert J., 348 Marchbanks, Dick Hall, 273, 328 Marks, Judith Ann, 363 Marley, Anne Murray, 229, 348 Marlin Linda Adele, 159, 162, 179, 243, 328 Marlow, Anne Lillian, 328 Marlowe, Judith Lucille, 243, 348 Mars, Larry, 275, 348 Marshall, Francis C., Jr., 267, 348 Marshall. Mary Kathleen, 229, 348 Martin, Donald Grayson, 259, 328 Martin, George Gilmore, 248 Martin, James G., Jr., 363 Martin, James Leland, 132, 168, 257, Martin, Joan L., 379 Martin, John William, 249 348 Martin, June Lovell, 137, 233, 363 Martin, Maretta Anne, 137, 243, 363 Martin, Maurice Bryan, 363 Martin, William M., 257, 348 Mashburn, Rita J., 348 Mason, David Van Ness, 348 Mason, Nancy Susan, 348 Massey, Fred Mitchell 148, 261, 349 Mathews, Clyde H., 308 Mathis, James Harold, 259, 379 Matthews, Elmer William, 363 Mattina, Rodney Anthony, 150, 328 Mauldin, Janice A., 243, 379 Maule, Francis E., III, 349 Maupin, Edgar Rigby, 269, 379 Maurras, Manelle P., 243, 349 Mauzey, Roger Errol, 259, 363 Gerald M., 379 Mavar, Nick Anthony, Jr., 132, 136, 308 Mavar, Sam Joseph, Jr., 253, 328 Maxey, Jo Ann, 328 Maxwell, Carolyn C., 147, 239, 379 Maxey, Celia Banks, 170, 175, 235, 379 Maxey, John L., Jr., 271, 328 Maxey, Rosemary, 147, 233, 379 Maxwell, John Caldwell, 267, 349 May, Arthur Cinclair, 308 May, James A., 349 May. John E., III, 267, 379 Mayfield, Jack Lamar, Jr., 249, 279, 3: Mayfield, Sylvia Lee, 229, 349 Maynard John Henry, 275, 349 Mayo, Charlotte Rita, 241, 363 Mays Robert 147 1E0 273, 3: Meachma, Mildred L., 233, 349 Meador, Alfred Lamar, Jr., 267, 328 Meason, Susan Jane, 156, 237, 328 Meek, Helen R., 363 Meek, Michael Leroy, 275, 379 Meeks, Thomas A., 349 Meggs, Johnnie Ruth, 158, 349 Melikian, Kachy Louie, 172, 275, 328 Mellon, Martha Clark, 177, 233, 328 Mellon, Robert C., 363 Melton. Floyd M., Jr., 132, 150, 152, 261, 328 Menz, Eugene T., 275, 349 Merkel, Charles Michael, 136, 165, 271, Merriott, Judith Anne, 328 Metcalf, Norval 269, 328 Metcalf, Susan Grey, 239, 363 Metz, John Stephen, 169, 269, 328 Robert Joe, 257, 328 Metzger, Robert E., 379 Meyer, Kathleen Joan, 237, 363 Michael, Lattimore M., 168, 257, 328 Michaels, Carolyn Patricia, 349 Mickey. Barry Ivan, 363 Miles, Charles Davis, 328 Miles Susan V., 175, 241, 379 William Richard, 176, 328 Miller, Billy Maurice, 363 Miller, Clair H., Jr., 277, 328 Emory Hubert, 262, 308 Frederic L., 253, 363 Miller, Linda K., 239, 363 Linda Kay, 245, 379 Miller, Marilyn N., 241, 379 Miller, Paul Oscar, III, 251, 328 Miller, Ray Shelby, 363 Miller, Richard Louis, 308 Miller, Riley D., 379 Miller, Robert C., 349 Mills, Elvin Wayne, 267, 349 Mills, Gwen Ann, 231, 328 Mills, Marilyn L., 229, 379 Mills, Robert Tillman, 163, 308 Mills, Sherry Elaine, 229, 328 Mills, Wilmer Riddle, 259, 349 Milner, Ronald Albert, 249, 328 Milner, Sheila Lee, 379 Mims, Marvin Taylor, 328 Mims, Samuel Cochran, IV, 143, 328 Mingee, James Clyde, III, 329 Mitchell, Alice Jeanette, 245, 363 Mitchell, Carolyn E., 329 Mitchell, Charles Roy, 349 Mitchell, James Edwin, 254, 363 Mitchell, Judith Ann, 161, 237, 363 Mitchell, Lucy Evelyn, 245, 363 Mitchell, Ronald Arthur, 329 Mitchell. Sue Powers, 237. 363 Mixon, Flo Jean Cobb, 329 Mixon, Patricia S., 158, 379 Mice, George F., 265, 349 Mize, Rebecca Dianne, 147, 349 Moak, Nancy L., 245, 349 Mobley, Elizabeth Hilda, 227, 379 Moher, James Michael, 262, 279, 379 Mohr, Terrence 8., 329 Monroe, Gerrard Wayne, 329 Monsour, Josech Thomas, 267, 349 Montgomery, Carl Robert, 132, 308 Montgomery, Carol L., 245, 363 Montgomery, Holt, 257, 363 Montgomery, Mary R., 233, 329 Montgomery, Patsy A., 379 Montgomery, Thomas R., 139, 271, 329 Montioy, Gid, 269, 349 Montioy, Robert Sabin, 132, 271, 349 Moody, Carol, 147, 349 Moody, Rona ' d Leon, 379 Moore, Cene, 172, 349 Moore, Floyd E., Jr., 275, 329 Moore, George M., Jr., 259, 349 Moore, James Ryan, 329 Moore, Jene Williams, 308 Moore Jo Ann, 239, 379 Moor,e John R., 132, 136, 271, 309 Moore, Jon H., 249, 379 Moore, Marinell, 243, 379 Moore, Marjorie Anne, 231, 349 Moore, Anne, 233, 329 Moore, Patricia Anne, 177. 241, 363 Lee, 147 379 Moore, Rodger Clay, 379 Moore, Russell L., Jr., 273, 379 Moore, William Frank, Jr., 271, 364 Moore, William James, 329 Morehead, Mary Martha, 233, 329 Morgan, Bettye Jean, 329 Morgan, Bobby Ray, 160, 329 Morgan, Clarence E., III, 275, 379 Morgan, George Terrell, 329 Morgan, John Walton, III, 364 Morgan, Laura Sue, 237, 379 Morgan, Samuel Ross, 329 Morgan, W. Joy, 241, 329 Morris, Don C., 380 Morris, John Wesley, 251, 349 Morris, Medley Charroll, 329 Morris, Thomas Hanley, 267, 349 Morrison, Cynthia G., 380 Morrow, John Phillip, 136, 138, 159 166, 167, 349 Morrow, Thomas Dudley, 380 Mosal, Judith Lynn, 235, 364 Mosley, Sherry E., 158, 235, 380 Moss, John Therrell, 273, 329 Moss, Robert K., 380 Moss, William C., 349 Mott, John Randall, 271, 329 Mottley, David J., 262, 364 Moulton, Suzanne P., 380 Mounce, James L., 349 Mounce, Jennie L., 349 Mounger, William H., Jr., 261, 308 Mozingo, Ruth C., 237, 349 Muehlmann, Patricia Ann 380 Mullen, Linda L., 241, 3E0 Mary Evonne, 222. 241, 329 Mullen, Michele Diane, 349 Mullikin, Peter M., 269, 380 Mullins, Charles Jimmy, 249 364 Mullins, Margaret Jane, 179, 349 Melville, Mary Patricia, 364 Murphree, Alan Linn, 139, 251, 364 Murphree, Buford Coleman, 271. 329 Murphree, Kenneth M., 271, 380 Murphy, Robert J., 229, 329 Murphy, Thomas Jerome. 249, 383 Murphy, William R., 329 Murray, James Lynn, 329 Murry, Thomas Dulaney, 261, 364 N Neff, Margaret Dianne 235, 349 Nall, Jane McKeage, 239, 364 Nanney, Jimmy Ray, 349 Nero, Edward Louis, 169, 265, 329 Nash, Jonathon Michael, 249, 329 Nations, Jerrald Lee, 269, 308 Neal, Christopher Lagrone, 329 Neal, David M., Jr. 349 Nealy, Charles V., „Ir., 380 Neblett, George Rives, 261, 329 Neel, Allen W., 364 Neelly, Wiliam Richard, 271, 349 Neill, Janice C., 227, 349 Nelken, Herman Benjamin, 362 Nelms, Andrea Jo, 136, 179, 329 Nelms, John L., 269, 380 Nelson, Charles L., 269, 349 Nelson, Ella Jean, 235, 380 Nelson, Irwin H., 380 Nelson, James Hardin, 364 Nelson, James Ray, 259, 364 Nelson, Janet Lee, 177, , 330 Nelson Michael Leroy, 271, 330 Neri, David George, 330 Nesselrodt, Margaret J., 245, 380 Nettles, Jo Ellen, 179, 229, 330 Newberry, Ronald Gene, 364 Newell, Gerald Emmitt, 330 Newell, Ronald Bruce, 380 Newton, Margaret L„ 177. 380 Newton, Robert M., II, 259, 380 Neyland, Munson C., Jr., 267, 349 Nicholas, William L., 150, 257, 330 Nichols, Buddy Raymond, 139, 273, 349 Nichols, Hugh L., III, 143, 254, 308 Niemann, Ronald Alan, 163, 277, 308 Nix, Charles Ray, 160, 330 Nix, Ida Kathryn, 235, 330 Noah, Catherine Adair, 147, 235, 330 Noble, Ed Davis, Jr., 257, 308 Noble, Edwin Randolph, Jr., 364 Noble, John W., 257, 364 Noble, Phillip Burl, 271, 308 Noble, Richard Green, 257, 279, 380 Nolen, Darrell Wade, 308 Noll, Harold C., Jr., 375, 380 Nored, Robert Eugene, 157, 168, 172, : 349 Noriega, Arther, IV, 308 Norman, David R., 364 Northern, Robert B., 273, 364 Northup, Lynne Diane, 330 Nose!, Frederick M., 267, 330 Novak, Barbara K., 309 Null, George W., 267, 380 Null, Thomas C., 349 Nunley, William Mayhew, 364 Nunnery, William L., 143, 273, 350 Nute, Charles Richard, 330 Nutt, Cheryl Ann, 364 Nutt, Mary Noel, 237, 380 0 Oakley, Robert Edward, 364 Obeirne, Thomas Joseph, 163, 309 Odaniel, Jerry W. 380 Odom, Elton, Jr., W., Odom, Joseph Frank, 261, 364 Odrago, Alicia Sue. 364 Odrago, Millicent, 380 Ogden, Tabitha Flake, 231, 350 Oglesbee, David Francis, 330 Oliphant, James Leslie, 350 Oliver, Lessley F., 231, 364 Olson, John Edward, 330 Olson, Thomas Leon, 269, 380 Omara, William Ellis, 261, 380 Omas, George A., 309 O ' Neal, Ellen, 235, 380 O ' Neal, James Benton, 271, 350 O ' Neal, James Morris, 132, 273, 309 O ' Neal, Ronnie Dean, 160, 350 O ' Neill, Lawrence Hill, 249, 380 O ' Neill, Rose Marie, 350 Orander, Germaine Suzanne, 245, 380 Orenduff, Jess Michael, 350 O ' Rourke, Maureen Y., 243, 364 Osborn, Clifton Earl, 330 O ' Sullivan, William R., 277, 380 Oswald John S., II, 169, 265, 309 Ousley. Richard Neil, 269, 364 Overbeck, Alvin Henry, 309 Overby, Eleanor Lynne, 364 Overby, Stephen Van, 269, 380 Overheim, David C., 380 Owen, Charles Raymond, 364 Owen, John W., 261, 380 Owens, Lynal Jay, 253, 350 p Pacchione, Massie Charles, 150, 168, 331 Paden, Carl William, 350 Palm, Elmer Carl, 380 Palma, Robert T., 262, 309 Palmer, Patricia Olivia, 231, 350 Palmer, Virginia Ann, 229 380 Palmer, Walter Herbert, 265, 330 Palmer, Judson, II, 277, 330 Palmertree, Carolyn K., 380 Palmore, Reginald E., III, 350 Palukaitis, Anthony J., 277, 364 Pang, Carolyn, 350 Pang. Josephine S., 380 Parchman, Louis Wiley, 249, 380 Parish, Paul M., 380 Parker, Alan Mixon, 273, 330 Parker, Austin F. II, 275, 380 Pa rker, Charles F., 350 Parker, Fred F., II, 350 Parker, John W., 147, 271, 380 Parker, Patric Murray, 249, 380 Parker, Robert E., Jr., 157, 261, 350 Parker, Thomas James, 364 Parker, Vickie L., 245, 364 Parkison, Troy Dean, 249, 380 Parks, Bob King, 160, 330 Parks, Elizabeth Ann, 237, 330 Parks, Sandra B., 152, 330 Parsons, William B., 257, 330 Pasco, Patrick Joseph, 262, 330 Pash, John, 380 Paslay, Johnny H., 269, 380 Pate, William Dee, 277, 330 Patel, Shantilal C., 330 Patterson, Burt L., 364 Patterson, James Cecil, 257, 364 Patton, Charles Buford, 350 Patton, Patricia S., 330 Patton, William Chester, 164, 330 Patty, Joe Randol, 330 Paul, Patricia Ann, 229, 380 Paul, Rex Nelson, 364 Pauley, Patty Dee, 147, 243, 330 Paulsen, John H., 381 Paulson, Roger L., 277, 364 Emil, Jr. 275, 350 Pavlick, Ida Jr., 364 Payne, Lucinda Lee, 229, 350 Payne, Lucy Lee, 233. 330 Payne, Mary K., 176. 364 Payne, Mary Louise, 233, 350 Payne, Shirley V., 176, 233, 331 Pearson, Earl Eugene, Jr., 350 Pearson, Ethel Ann, 229, 331 Pearson, Lonnie Wilson, 251, 381 Peck, Mary Grace, 381 Peden, James Alton, Jr., 132, 136, 251, 350 Peden, Tommye Carlyn, 229, 381 Pedersen, Jack Lee, 350 Pederson, Clayton H., 259, 350 Peebles, Johnny Burns, 381 Peel, John W., 381 ' Peel, Robert D., 309 Peeler, Susan Lucretia, 161, 227, 3b4 Pendleton, Melissa Ann, 231, 350 Pennebaker, Jon Griffin, 331 Pennington, James William, 331 Pennington, Sharron M., 350 Peresich, Adele Giles, 158, 235, 381 Peresich, Ronald Giles, 331 Perkins, Sandra Elaine, 159, 241, 364 Permenter, Suzanne L., 239, 364 Perrault, Joseph A., Jr. 157, 168, 259 Perry, Charles D., 364 Perry, Felix E., 271, 309 Perry, Hal Avery, 151, 350 Persons, James Brady, 165, 309 Peteet, Margaret L., 237, 350 Petering, Bonnie White, 350 Petering, George W., 265, 331 Peterson, Johannah Magee, 177, 237, Peterson. William Clinton, 350 Petitfils, Raymond M., 277, 381 Petkovsek, Dorothy Jean, 180, 331 Pettigrew, Gary Keith, 350 Peyton, Fred G., 271, 350 Pfister, Ellen, 309 Phay, Andrew John, 176, 249, 331 Phelps, Claire Ann, 231, 381 Phelps, Mary Ellen V., 364 Phifer, Sylvia J., 381 Phillips, Cary Alton, 152, 156, 331 Phillips, Lars Ole, 259, 331 Phillips, Martha Rives, 229, 331 Phillips, Michael Rudd, 364 Phillips, Morris Clayton, 350 Phillips, Robert Lewis, 138, 148, 251, Phillips, Samuel H., 150, 169, 261 Phillips, Virginia Anna, 350 Phillips, Weldon Patrick, 169, 249, 3! Pickle, Guy Warren, 136, 153, 331 Pielak, Stanley Frederick, 155, 277, 36 Pierce, Marcia G., 179, 241, 350 Pierce, Rosemary, 229, 381 Pigott, Morris Edwin, 331 Pilkinton, Helen House, 233, 364 Pillow, Helen D., 233, 365 Pillow, William Harden, Jr., 269, 309 Pincura, Paul G., 381 Pinkerton, James Thomas, 331 Pinson, James Wesley, 309 Pipkin, Sharon Lee, 237, 381 Pittman, James Acye, 331 Pittman, William H., Jr., 381 Platt, Gary Davis, 277, 331 Polizzi, John L., 331 Polsgrove, Rome Dabbs, 222, 229, 36! Pool, William R., 261. 381 Poole, Joanna, 161, 233, 350 Pope, Willis, III, 381 Porter, John Arthur, 253, 365 Portera, Johnny Mellow, 350 Portwood, James B., 261, 381 Posey, Carolyn, 229, 331 Potti, Narayanan Dasan, 309 Povall, Amanda B., 231, 381 Powder, Cecilia Lee, 381 Powell, Claude Harry, 150, 253, 331 Powell, Lewis E., 132, 138, 152, 157, 351 Powell, Margaret G., 233, 350 Powell, John B., 251, 279, 381 Powell, Thelda M., 180, 365 Powers, Harris F., Jr., 249, 381 Powers, John R., Jr., 257, 381 Powers, Mary E., 231, 365 Poythress, Philip Lamar, 159. 169, 331 Prange, Clarence Dickens, 166, 181, 365 Prather, Edward G., 331 Preble, Warren R., 176, 381 Preece, Bill R., 381 Presley, Wade David, 273, 350 Prewett, Hubert Powell. 251, 350 Price, Betty Ann, 134, 135, 331 Price, Bobby Nolan, 273, 350 Price, Cealia Jane, 365 Price, Douglas Bailey, 132, 309 Price, Hugh Gordon, 365 Price, James Edwin, Jr., 269, 351 Price, John L., 275, 279, 381 Price, Joseph M., 309 Price, Malcolm B., Jr., 331 Price, Sarah Evelyn, 137, 222, 235, 365 Price, Susan Jean, 136, 331 Prichard, Tanya Jane, 179, 180, 227, 35 Prince, Andrew Earl, 166, 265. 331 Prince, George, 357 Prince, Patricia Joy, 331 Prince, Robin Lee, 177, 381 Prine, William Richard, 331 Privette, Belle Frances, 134, 135. 136, 3 Profilet, William B., Jr., 267, 351 Pryor, Benny Lee, 309 Pryor, James Thomas, Jr., 249, 365 Puckett, Donald Lee, 267, 381 Puckett, Milford Bernard, 147, 273, 35 Puckett, Patricia Alice, 233, 365 Pugh, Jack Jolly, 351 Pyles, Dixon Leroy, 275 351 9 Qualls, Peggy Dian, 331 Quick, N. Faye, 351 Quigley, Michael Dennis, 351 Quin, Cecilia Odile, 137, 231, 365 Quon, Frieda Seu, 309 Quon, John P., 152, 309 Rabinowitz, 278, 365 Rachedi, Hussein, 365 Radcliffe, Walter Smith, 351 Radler, Wilfred Joseph, Jr., 148, 331 Raines, John Dallas, 267, 365 Rainey, William M., 309 Raksil, Thawat, 309 Ramay, Joyce Anne, 177, 227, 351 Rampy, Edward W., 365 Ramsay, Jane Mellie, 351 Ramsey, Dennis E., 381 Ramsey, Harriett S., 158, 331 Ramsey, Jacqueline R. 158, 227, 332 Randall, George Marvin, 332 Randall, Patricia Ann, 365 Randall, Richard Vance, 381 Randle, James Curtis, 254, 365 Raney, Rebecca Breedlove, 143, 332 Raney, Ronnie Earl, 142, 332 Raper, Jimmy, 332 Ratcliff, Mary Aileen, 235, 332 Ratliff, Edward C., 309 Rawdon, Louis M., 271, 351 Rawlinson, James Maynard, 309 Rawls, James Frederick, 332 Rawson, Glenda, 147, 237, 351 Ray, Evelyn Diane, 351 Ray, Howard Manfred, 176, 251, 381 Ray, Jan Doris, 243, 381 Ray, John C., 381 Ray, Jonell, 351 Ray, Morgan Gene, 176, 253, 279, 332 Ray, Starr Leland, 173, 332 Rea, William L., 381 Read, James C., 351 Redd, Robert Carroll, 269, 381 Redding, Enid Anne, 365 Redditt, Chester H., 381 Reddock, Jan Elizabeth, 161, 229, 365 Reddoch, Martha G., 351 Redmon, Doris, 351 Reece, Martha Jane, 174, 332 Reecht, Richard Andre, 251, 351 Reed, Jimmie Cecil, 265, 332 Reed, Joann T., 309 Reed, John F., Jr., 365 Reed, Larry W., 365 Reed, Nancy E. 381 Reed, Patricia Dianne, 332 Reed, Virginia Mann, 153, 159, 180, 33; Reed, Susan Ann, 229, 381 Reese, Ina Jacquelyn, 351 Reese, Johnie Newman, 309 Reeves, Brenda Gale, 332 Reeves, John, 351 Reeves, Zeb F., III, 273, 381 Reid, Harold W., 309 Reid, Johnna Ruth, 381 Regalbuto, Robert Roy, 140. 332 Regan, William Benjamin, 152, 249, 332 Renault, Franklin L., 164, 262, 332 Renfro, Robert Taft, 259, 332 Reno, William L., Jr., 259, 309 Replogle, David C., 259, 381 Rester, Thomas Edwin, 365 Reuter, John Richard, III, 251, 351 Rette, Priscilla Gay, 332 Reynolds, Aubrey Carl, 351 Reynolds, David R., 381 Reynolds, Ernest Darden, Jr., 273, 365 Rhodes, Calrence L., 351 Rhodes, Janet Sue, 179, 229, 351 Ricau, Barbara Lynn, 239, 332 Rice, John Albert, 249, 381 Rice, Lent Irwin, 11, 271, 351 Rich, Dorothy Helen, 332 Rich, Karen Sue, 137, 365 Rich, Lige Homer, 309 Richardson, Arthur Danny, 160, 267, 351 Richardson, Doris C., 177, 222, 245, 332 Richardson, Johnny Arthur, 351 Richardson, Minnie K., 239, 381 Richardson, Thomas C., 262, 279, 381 Richardson, Thomas Jarrett, 351 Richardson, William K., 275, 381 Richey, Michael M., 273, 382 Riddell, Gerald D., 332 Riddell, John Marion, 132, 136, 167, 169, 332 Riddell, Mary Jo, 235, 365 Riddell, Tally D., Jr., 273, 382 Riddle, James T., 275. 382 Riddle, Nori Lee, 14 7, 172, 365 Ridgway, Sara Raney, 180, 351 Riemann, Sandra L., 231, 382 Riggs, Jane Allen, 229, 382 Riggs, Jerry Ann, 222, 229, 332 Rikard, Gerald Gulley, 332 Riley, Margaret Anne, 237, 351 Ritchie, Ethel Marie, 178, 235, 351 Rivers, Sandra E., 180, 351 Roane, Delmer W., 351 Robbins, John Norman, 332 Robbins, Marianna, 233, 351 Robbins, Norma R.. 309 Roberson, Gary Sewell, 150, 169, 261, 332 Roberts, Camille Shotner, 179, 332 Roberts, Connie Matlock, 309 Roberts, Fred F., Jr., 132, 152, 153, 271, 307 Roberts, James Dixon, 267, 351 Roberts, John H., II. 351 Roberts, Linda Sue, 147, 382 Roberts, Lloyd Eugene, 273, 351 Roberts, Robert R., Jr., 365 Roberts, Ronnie Spencer, 151, 167, 332 Roberts, William Francis, 365 Robertson, Frank A., 309 Robertson, Hubert C., Jr., 164, 332 Robertson, James W., 259, 332 Robertson, John William, 261. 382 Robinson, Ronnie A., 365 Robinson, Sammie J., 310 Robinson, Sharon Eyleen, 241, 351 Robinson, William H., 351 Roby, Kerry D., 269, 351 Rochelle,-William B., 171, 267, 351 Rochester, James C., Jr., 166, 333 Rockey, Mighan Ann, 365 Roden, Thomas Earl, 333 Rodes, Shannon E., 333 Rodgers, Linda Sue, 382 Rogers, Bennie Mack, 160, 333 Rogers, Charlotte Anne, 333 Rogers, Herman A., 382 Rogers, Howell Wade, 333 Rogers, Larry Thomas, 277, 333 Rogers, Nancy Lee, 229, 333 Rogers, Tommy Bott, 165, 310 Rogers, William Levi, III, 271, 333 Rollins, Elmo Avery, Jr., 310 Roper, William A., Jr., 271, 382 Rose, Wendell Joseph, 351 Rosetti, Scotty Rester, 310 Rosetti, Tony J., Jr., 249, 382 Ross, Alexandra Elizabeth, 231, 352 Ross, Barbara S., 233, 382 Ross, Carolyn D., 243, 382 Ross, Harvey T., Jr., 261, 382 Ross, Jerry Allen, 269, 382 Ross, John C., Jr., 310 Ross, Lelia J., 241, 365 Ross, Richard Lee, 132, 160, 333 Ross, Roberta Grace, 137, 231, 365 Ross, Sandra Chrestma n, 179, 333 Ross, Sandra Senter, 365 Rowan, Alfred Wayne, 155, 269, 365 Rowe, Lester L., Jr., 310 Rowell, Mary Elaine, 365 Rowland, Roberta Kay, 179, 229. 333 Rowzee, Jerry M., 352 Roy, Daniel Wright, 273, 352 Roy, Danny Ray, 171, 310 Roy, Martin Cary, 382 Rozolsky, Wesley Benjamin, 333 Ruegger, Forrest D., 310 Rummel, George Albert, Ill, 310 Rush, Brenda Lynn, 176, 352 Rushton, Fred Wallace, Jr., 155, 251, 365 Russ, Roderick S., III, 271, 382 Russell, Carlotte Ann, 382 Russell, Effie Jane, 179, 382 Russell, Mary M., 241, 382 Russell, Nancy K., 158, 333 Russell, Richard Harold, 164. 333 Russell, Robert E., 261, 382 Russell, Robert Pritchard, 271, 365 Russell, Ronald Truett, 259, 352 Russell, Stacy B., 310 Rutherford, Ruth Ann, 177. 229 333 Rutledge, William 0., III, 261, 310 Ryan, Michael Evans, 271, 333 S Sallis, Jack D., 333 Salloum, Lynda M., 310 Salmon, James E., 273, 382 Samford, Glenn Ross. 277, 333 Samuels, Ronald L., 273, 382 Sanders, Harry S., 257, 365 Sanders, Henry E., 253, 382 Sanders, John Edgar, 138, 365 Sanders, Marvin L., 254, 333 Sanders, Robert C., II, 352 Sanderson, Linda Raye, 333 Sandifer, Nancy Ann, 382 Sandifer, Suzanne Wells, 231, 365 Sargent, R. Lester, Jr., 253, 333 Sartin, John Ray, Jr., 259, 352 Sartor, Clyde F., Jr., 310 Sartor, Elizabeth Ann, 135, 136, 147, 33: Sasser, James Thomas, 249, 382 Sauce, Harry L., III, 265, 382 Saucier, Sheryl L., 239, 382 Saul, James Kindred. 365 Sauls, Jeffrey Lloyd, 139, 271, 365 Saunders, Nancy Elaine, 352 Savage, Margaret Louise, 135, 136, 2 241, 333 Savoy, Sandra Fay, 229, 382 Sawyer, John Emery, III, 261, 365 Scarbrough, Daniel McGehee, 271, 365 Scarbroug h, Patricia D., 333 Scarbrough, Donald Lee, 149, 382 Schad, Terry Adam, 269, 352 Schaffer, John G., Jr., 271, 352 Schilling, Lee H., 352 Schloemer, Mary F., 177, 382 Schlosser, Frank Joseph, Jr., 352 Schlottman, Elliott E., Jr., 150, 310 Schmelzer, Joseph J., III, 267, 279, 382 Schmidt, Fred Walter, 352 Schmidt, Kenneth J., 352 Schmittschmitt, Edwin C., 262, 333 Schnierle, Eugene R., 366 Schramm, Frederick C., Jr., 249, 352 Schreiter, Spencer Louis, 333 Schurtz, Francis A., Jr., 265, 333 Schwartz, Marthadele A., 176 366 Schwent, John Thomas, 251, 352 Scott, Barry Charles, 155, 366 Scott, Don Bacot, 271, 366 Scott, Elizabeth Lee, 231, 352 Scott, Mary Duran, 229, 352 Scott, Tommy Wayne, 267, 333 Scrivener, George W., 382 Scrivener, James Paul, 333 Scruggs, John P., 249, 382 Scruggs, Robert Pickett, 267, 352 Seabold, John Stewart, 259, 333 Seale, Ben Williamson, 269, 334 Seale, Robert A., Jr., 334 Seale, William D., 267, 382 Seay, Clant M., Jr., 382 Seay, Elizabeth Ellen, 136, 334 Seay, Martha Maynette, 235, 366 Seay, Robert Lee, 310 Sebren, Homer Wesley, Jr., 139, 162, 251, 366 Seibels, Robert Emmet, 162, 271, 352 Sekul, Ronald Victor, 366 Sellers, Carol Kern, 177, 231, 366 Senter, Martha K., 352 Serio, Charles, 382 Seu, Frances, 352 Sewell, James Edward, 253, 366 Seymour, Robert B., 147, 382 Shackelford, Walter M., 138, 139, 147, 273, 366 Shaffer, Dianne Jeanne, 227, 334 Shands, David Eugene, 261, 366 Shappley, Nathan P., III, 138, 147, 273, 366 Sharp, Gene E., 310 Sharpe, Edward Reese, 382 Sharpe, Susan Mann, 147, 239, 382 Shaw, Evelyn Cole, 366 Shaw, Georg Bernard, 382 Shaw, Katherine L., 239, 382 Shaw, Timothy Dale, 148, 352 Sheffield, Harold Herman, 160, 334 Sheffield, John Calvin, 259, 366 Sheffield, Sandy, 245, 334 Shelby. Carey C., 366 Sheldon, Lawson Everett, 257, 352 Shelton, Joann, 233, 366 Shelton, Thomas Edwin, 261, 352 Shephard, Robert Owen, Jr., 334 Sherman, Marshall R., 156, 159, 176, 352 Sherrard, James Edward, 257, 334 Sherrill, Judy L., 179, 222, 241, 334 Shields, Eunice Marie, 178, 334 Shinault, Ronald Nelson, 352 Shipp, Bernard Loring, 265, 352 Shirley, Clete Gordon, 231, 352 Shirley, James E., 310 Shirley, Jo Anne, 231, 352 Shockley, William G., 265, 382 Shoemake, Samuel C., Jr., 352 Shoemaker, Susan, 241, 334 Shook, Ann Ellen, 235, 382 Shope, Vicki Ray, 366 Shows, John H., 382 Sigler, James Gary, 366 Siltman, Leslie Howard, 275, 366 Simmons, Bettye Carol, 334 Simmons, Frances Caffy 231, 334 Simmons, Kenneth E., 352 Simmons, Mary Claire Cox, 229, 334 Simmons, Suzanne, 382 Simmons, W. Albert, 273, 382 Simoneaux, Richard J., 382 Simonetti, Patricia Lynne, 383 Simpson, Catherine B. 177, 235, 352 Simpson, Jane 147, 237, 36 Simpson, Julia Toy Simpson, 147, 177, 237, 352 Sims, Edward Clarke, Jr., 249, 383 Sims, Jerry Lonn, 366 Sims, V. Hugo, 334 Singletary, Janet Allen, 137, 175, 235, Singleterry, Susan Lane, 135, 222, 245, Singleton, Gail M., 2 39, 383 Singleton, Jan Woods, 239, 383 Sipes, William H., Jr., 383 Sisco, Gary Lee, 273, 366 Slade, Carolyn S., 233, 383 Sloas, Barbara Lee, 383 Sloas, Harold Andrew, Jr., 164, 265, 3: Smira, Martha Frances, 162, 237, 366 Smith, Amy Jo, 147, 383 Smith, Anne Gillespie, 233, 352 Smith, Ben B., 310 Smith, Bernie Lynne, 143, 261, 352 Smith, Carol Lynne, 235, 383 Smith, Billy W., 352 Smith, Clark Herbert, 259, 334 Smith, Clinton Alexander, 249, 352 Smith, Daniel B., Jr., 261, 310 Smith, David Michael, 310 Smith, Devereux, R., 269, 334 Smith, Dolores Ann, 237, 352 Smith, Donald F., 269, 383 Smith, Donald Meredith, Jr., 163, 334 Smith, Elizabeth Anne, 222, 229, 352 Smith, Frances Holmes, 239, 383 Smith, Frank Charles, 179, 262, 334 G. Witt, Jr., 273, 352 Smith, Harold Q., 262, 352 Smith, Herman Guy, Jr., 310 Smith, James Clarke, 383 Smith, James Edward, 269, 383 Smith, James Edwin, 269, 383 Smith, Jerry Claude, 334 Smith, John Lowe, 366 Smith, Julie Drew, 227, 334 Smith, Karen Ann, 366 Smith, Kathleen P., 229, 383 Smith, Kendric Earl, 132, 136, 138, 145, 334 Smith, Kenneth Ozelle, 334 Smith, Larry Gilbert, 269, 334 Smith, Lester F., 383 Smith, Lillian Lee, 233, 352 Smith, Linda Jane, 227, 366 Smith, Margaret E., 147, 383 Smith, Marilyn E., 383 Smith, Martha Blanche, 334 Smith, Ralph Guy, 269, 334 Smith, Robert Allen, 148, 273, 352 Smith, Rosa Hyatt, 233, 352 Smith, Sandra Wynn, 243, 366 Smith, Sarah A. Smith, 310 Smith, Sidney Lamar, Jr., 334 Smith, Susan Gail, 353 Smith, Thomas D., 166, 168, 249, 310 Smith, Vicki Marche, 239, 334 Smith, William Fielding, 366 Smith, Winnifred, 147, 162, 166, 383 Smitherman, Larry Wayne, 164, 334 Smithson, Bill Sterling, 353 Smythe, Stanford Jackson, 275, 363 Snare, Brenda C., 241, 383 Sneed, Harley Ann, 335 Sneed, John Boswell, II, 273, 366 Sneed, Ralph Elwood, 383 Snider, Sharon, Ruth, 159, 178, 353 Snyder, Edwin Arnold, 273, 335 Somani, Prakash, 310 Somani, Tara, 383 Sorrells, B. Carmen, 179, 335 Sparkman, James C.. 353 Speaks, Katie Dee, 175, 233, 383 Spears, Nancy C., 245, 383 Speed, Martin, 164, 335 Spencer, Charles Ross, 383 Spencer, Pat Gray, 335 Spencer, William Collins, 271, 353 Spiers, Juel Wood, Jr., 335 Spinosa, Eva Nell, 383 Spraberry, James B., 383 Spratlin, Frederick D., 335 Spratlin, Marcia B., 366 Staggers, Carol, 235, 366 Stahlman, Jacquelyn M., 243, 366 Stahlman, James D., 335 Stalnaker, Beverly Jean, 158, 335 Stanfill, Linda Lee, 178, 179, 180, 23. Stanger, Marshall Hal, 366 Stanley, Fred Edwin, Jr., 353 Stanley, Larry K., 353 Stanley, Shellye Edris, 175, 241, 383 Stanphill, Charles Odis, 353 Stansel, Martha A., 231, 383 Stanton, Oris Lesly, 310 Starnes, Michael Steve, 366 Staudte, Paul Vincent, 234, 335 Steadman, Charles W., Jr., 261, 383 Stechsuhlte, Rosemary C., 310 Stedman, James E., 353 Stedman, Martha Ann, 383 Steel, Dianne, 233, 366 Steele, Linda Ann, 170, 245, 353 Steen, Donald F., 383 Steijen, Dianna, 235, 335 Steinhart, Ronald Lawrence, 335 Stephens, Bobbie Slay, 335 Stephens, Marilyn Dale, 335 Stephens, Mary Catherine, 231, 353 Stephens, Rosemary C., 310 Stephenson, Gerald Ben, 267, 335 Stevens, Joseph Joshua, Jr., 163, 310 Stevens, Lawton Terry, 253, 335 Steward, Edward Arnold, 353 Stewart, Amy R., 353 Stewart, Gary Allan, 139, 366 Stewart, H. F. Foster, 366 Stewart, Johnny Clifton, 155, 249, 366 Stewart, Marlette E., 231, 383 Stewart, Robert E., 143, 310 Stewart, William Clyde, 257, 383 Still, Dianne Stevens, 222, 353 Still, Lee Hudson, 335 St. John, Earl Alvin, Jr., 275, 353 Stockton, David Lee, 140, 176, 335 Stogner, Gladys Jean, 237, 383 Stone, Clyde Michael, 132, 163, 335 Stone, William Charles, 335 Stone, William H., 383 Storey, Sherry Donald, 310 Storey, Thomas Barrett, Jr., 259, 310 Storment, John B., III, 269, 335 Stovall, Theresa Nell, 383 Strange, John Edward, 335 Straub, Barbara Fitch, 162, 222, 239, : Strawbridge, Drennon, 353 Strawbridge, William C., 271, 366 Streed, William Eric, 249, 353 Stribling, Thelma Kathleen, 353 Strickland, Frederick P., 166, 366 Strickland, Nona Kay, 366 Stringer, Eleanor Sue, 383 Strojny, Michael Alan, 383 Strong, Carole Ann, 366 Stroud, Howard Mattox, 132, 311 Su, Mei Quey, 311 Suber, Harry Joe, 335 Sue, Chat, 335 Sullivan, Aleita A. Magee, 311 Sullivan, Charles D., 353 Sullivan, Daisy Diane, 229, 383 Sullivan, William S., 383 Sullivant, Anne Lewis. 231, 353 Summerhill, Jerry Lynn, 353 Sumners, Minor C., Jr., 143, 257, 335 Sumners, Patricia A., 229, 383 Sumrall, William Wyatt, 132, 261, 311 Swain, Walter B., Jr., 163, 311 Swalm, Sherman Wesley, 269, 335 Swaim, Terry Stephen, Jr., 168, 273, 335 Swank, Clayton J., III, 163, 311 Swayze, Charlie Jones, 261, 353 Sweat, Richard Harvey, 335 Swetland, Michael R., 366 Sykes, Charles Edward, 335 Taber, Victor Edward, 353 Taggart, Karen Thompson, 366 Tab, Chen Nang, 311 Taintor, Jesse Brooks, 154, 335 Tankard, William 0., 353 Tapp, Robert D., 254, 311 Tarpley, Neil A., 277, 383 Tate, Hardin Meadow, Jr., 335 Tate, Roy Wayne, 335 Taylor, Benona Jeanne, 383 Taylor, Caroline L., 231, 336 Taylor, Edmund Warren, Jr., 249, 353 Taylor, Herman Eugene, Jr., 155, 367 Taylor, James Lauvon, Jr., 151, 169, 336 Taylor, Jessie Roma, 241, 367 Taylor, Joe Howard, 336 Taylor, John Pierce, 353 Taylor, Julius R., Jr., 277, 384 Taylor, Leslie Edward, Jr., 367 Taylor, Marilyn Lewis, 336 Taylor, Mary E., 384 Taylor, Michael Byron, 153, 311 Taylor, Michael Everette, 353 Taylor, Rebecca Kay, 178, 241, 367 Taylor, Richard S., 311 Taylor, Robert Lee, 353 Taylor, Robert Parrish, Jr., 269, 367 Taylor, Sherry Lane, 222, 245, 336 Taylor, Willard Roy, 166, 367 Teasley, Terry Ann, 233, 367 Tehan, William John, III, 367 Teichert, Gabriela, 367 Teller, Landman J., Jr., 165, 311 Temple, Van Harbert, 269, 353 Tenfelde, Thomas Bernard, 165, 254, 311 Ten, Tsu C., 311 Terney, Champ Taylor, 132, 163, 311 Terracin, Steve Wayne, 257, 367 Thackston, Frank S., 311 Thaxton, Anthony Lavon, 271, 353 Thaxton, James Cairy, 271, 336 Thiele, Richard K., 259, 384 Thole, Michael John, 277, 353 Thomas, Carol Susan, 353 Thomas, David Dee, 311 Thomas, David R., 384 Thomas, Grover Lee, 151, 336 Thomas, James E., Jr., 269, 384 Thomas, Richard M., 384 Thomas Rodney A., 269, 384 Thomas, Sallie S., 147, 237, 384 Thomason, Sheila Johnson, 353 Thomason, William Buford, 164, 336 Thompson, Eleanor E., 231, 353 Elizabeth Claire, 336 Thompson, James F., Jr., 353 Thompson, Joe Lawrence, 267, 333 Thompson, Joseph Robert, 353 Thompson, Kay, 178, 239, 353 Thompson, Larry Angelo, 157, 168, 259, 353 Thompson, Mary Elizabeth, 384 Thompson, Norma C., 231, 384 Thompson, Thomas Lawrence, 336 Thompson, Vance McLean, 231, 353 Thompson, Walter W., 261, 384 Thompson, William P., 148, 261, 3:3 Thornhill, Frank White, Jr., 267, 336 Thornton, Margaret Jo, 245, 353 Roger Dale, 353 Thornton, Ronald A., 311 Thornton, Vincie D., 384 Thrower, Mitchell M., 257, 354 Thurmond, William E., Jr., 269, 311 Thurner, Lee Francis, Jr., 132, 167, 336 Tibbetts, Charles Francis. 336 Tidwell, Alan Dwight, 273, 336 Tillman, John Ronald, 354 Opal Gail, 137, 354 Joy Moore, 231, 367 Tiner, Robert J., 354 John Merritt, 163, 311 Todaro, John 159, 354 Todaro, Mary Lynn, 367 Henry Eugene, 336 Todd, Richard Morgan, 132, 138, 267, 336 Tomlinscn, Anne B., 231, 354 Tomlinson, George W., 334 Toney, Thomas E., 311 Townes, Cowles Horton, 249, 367 Townes, Jack Armistead, Jr., 150, 267, 336 Townes, Judy L., 233, 384 Townsend, John Herndon, 273, 384 Townsend, Kathryn Ann, 334 Townsend, Pascal Judson, 168, 251, 334 Trabue, Caroline Gray, 233, 334 Trahan, Eugene Thomas, 334 Trapp, Chrystine G., 334 Traughber, Brent Hill, 354 Traughber, Ewing B., 384 Travis, Frederick Francis, 261, 336 Travis, John A., III, 132, 136, 150, 153, 165, 261, 311 Treppendahl, Janet Ayres, 354 Treppendahl, Lynn Lovell, 235, 367 Treuting, John Joseph, 336 Trevathan, Clyde W., 249, 384 Trimble, Billy Buckley, 271, 311 Triplette, Constance W., 336 Trussel, Paul, Jr., 367 Tschudy, Mary Hunt, 336 Tucker, Clelta Su, 383 Tucker, Kenneth Irby, 147, 336 Tucker, William Baxter, 354 Tullos, Eugene C., 311 Tumasz, Elizabeth Jan, 245, 367 Tumlinson, Beverly Marie, 231, 336 Tumlinson, Elizabeth S., 367 Tupman, George Randall, 336 Turberville, Gerald D., 336 Turley, Edith Waits, 241, 367 Turnage, Carl Vander, 354 Turnage, Ethelyne, 245, 384 Turnbow, Guy Nicholson, 384 Turnell, Daniel H., 275, 279, 367 Turner, Bertram Rivers, 160, 336 Turner, Billy F., 367 Turner, Douglas Dwight, 257, 354 Turner, Joan Elaine, 227, 384 Turner, Jobey, 336 Turner, John Herschel, 367 Turner, John Hozie, Jr., 261, 354 Turner, Marlene E., 384 Turner, William Henry, 367 Turnipseed, Carol Ann, 231, 367 Turnipseed, Richie, 384 Tutor, Jesse B., Jr., 271, 384 Tutor, Sandra 229, 384 Tutor, Susan Katherine, 135, 229. 337 Umfress, Harrol Wayne, 251, 337 Umlaut, Jane Margaret Anne, 337 Underwood, Claire Blount, 179, 337 Underwood, Larry Don, 273, 367 Upchurch, Aleita Louise, 337 Upchurch, Oliver Lee, Jr., 337 Urquhart, Anne Melrose, 367 Vail, Charles S., 3111 Valentine, Jimmy Lloyd, 311 Vance, Carol Ann, 245, 384 Vance, Cayce G., 354 Vance, Gilbert P., 273, 384 Vance, Lewis N., 273, 389 Vance, Ralph B., 271, 384 Vandevender, John C., 257, 384 Vandevender, Vicki S., 233, 384 Vandiver, Eddie Bolton, 273, 384 Vann, Linda Faye, 239, 384 Varnado, Vaughn Eugene, 265, 337 Vaughan, Margaret M., 233, 367 Vaughan, Robert Curtis, 367 Vaughan, Ronald Stewart, 143, 337 Vaughn, Pamela, 222, 243, 354 Vaught, Stephen Wiley, 261, 384 Veazey, Ganel Eason, 233, 367 Veazey, Jack E., Jr., 143, 249, 337 Veazey, Sandra, 354 Vermillion, William B., 354 Vernon, Gerald Ernest, 257, 337 Vickery, George Willis, 271, 337 Vickery, Robert Barry, 271, 311 Vincent, Leonard F , 273, 384 Vinson, James Preston, Jr., 337 Vinson. Michael Cooper, 367 Vizio, Michael Joseph, 337 Vlahos, Kosta Nick, 311 Voge Dennis Wayne 749 354 Von Bargen, Roy A., 249, 367 Voss, Linda Dell, 384 w Wade, Michael Harrison, 151, 273, 337 Wade, Thomas Wickliffe, 269, 337 Wadlington, William Clark, 384 Wages, Gerald Dennis, 354 Wagner, Lynn Elaine, 245, 354 Wahlbegr, Jay Elliott, 262, 354 Waits, Mildred Allene, 137, 161, 241, 367 Walcott, George Dexter, 143, 261, 337 Walcott, Ruth Lafon, 231, 367 Waldo, Robert, 273, 337 Waldran, Jessyca Elisebeth, 239, 367 Waldrop, kussell G., 384 Walker, Carole E., 147, 273, 311 Walker, David Steven, 354 Walker, Edmund J., 275, 311 Walker, Harrison C., Jr., 134, 384 Walker, Jimmie Sue, 135, 146, 147, I! 178, 179, 180, 337 Walker, Joseph B., 384 Walker, M. Faye, 233, 337 Walker, Mary Gail, 233, 354 Walker, Ollie Jean, 367 Walker, Rebecca E., 229, 354 Walker, Tommye W., 337 Walker Virginia lone, 231, 367 Wall, Nellie Kaye, 245, 354 Wallace, Robert P., 273, 384 Wallace, Ronald K., 367 Wallace, Toby Mack, 138, 149, 254, 2 367 Wallace, Tommy R., 249, 384 Wallace, Vernon M., 311 Waller, Anita K., 384 Waller, Douglas Carroll, 367 Waller, Samuel W., Jr., 354 Walman, Tom my Halton, 273, 354 Walsh, James R., 311 Walsh, Jamie E., 241, 384 Walsh, Virginia Marianne, 227, 367 Walters, Patricia Ellen, 233, 367 Walters, Thomas Lloyd, 259, 384 Walters, Victor Young, 159, 167, 337 Walters, William C., 384 Wang, Min Hue, 311 Ward, Albert Gayden, 267, 354 Ward, Elizabeth Jane, 241, 337 Ward, Michael D., 385 Ward, Peggy Ruth, 158, 337 Ward, Robert E., 312 Ward, Ruth Olene, 312 Ware, Jimmy L., 269, 385 Ware. Ted Owen, 259, 337 Warfield, Donald Wayne, 311 Warfield, Gerald Wayne, 354 Warren, Emily Anne, 222, 227, 354 Warren, Gerald M., 312 Warren, Robert Stephen, 337 Watkins, David B., 172, 275, 337 Watkins, Elaine C., 385 Watkins, Gail, 385 Watkins, James C., 312 Watkins, James Edwin, 271, 385 Watkins, Jerl W , 354 Watkins, Mary Ann, 337 Watkins, Thomas Henry, 337 Watson, Bruce Paul, 354 Watson, Clara B., 367 Watson, Ji ' l Sharon 137 241, 367 Watson, Shirley Claire, 385 Watt, Nancy Grace, 335 Watts, Freddy C , 160, 354 Watts, James C., Jr., 267, 385 Watts, Pat Harrison, Jr., 312 Wren Carroll, 259, 312 Weathers, William L., 159, 254, 337 Weathersby, Benjamin V. L., 132, 139, 354 Weathersby, Robert L., 395 Webb, David Thomas, Jr., 165, 312 Webb, James W., 385 Webb, John R., 385 Webb, Nick Alan, 367 Webb, William J., 249, 385 Webber, Elliott C.. Jr., 147, 3:35 Webber, Luke E., 365 Weeden, Carl Leslie, 335 Weeks, Charles John, Jr., 251, 354 Weeks, Karen Murraine, 162, 235, 368 Weems, Robert A., 311 Weems, William S., 311 Weigel, Monica Louise, 354 Weir, David G., 249, 385 Weir, Saxton A., Ill, 249, 385 Welch, Bette Karyn, 241, 385 Welch, Robert C., 385 Welford, Betty Loice, 338 Weller, Harvill E., Jr., 261, 385 Wellman, Robert R., 147, 354 Wells, David Kent, 271, 354 Wells, Jan Elizabeth. 245, 354 Wells, Robert Lynn, 164, 338 Wells, Steve C., 354 Wells, William Douglas, 338 Wells, William Harold, 160, 338 Welty, Mittie E., 243, 354 Wen, Cheng H., 312 West, Betty Diane, 237, 368 West, James Kenneth, 164, 338 West, Marcia Wanda, 229, 385 Westbrook, Leslie M., 241, 385 Westerfield, Mary Anne, 235, 354 Westfall, Linda Anne, 385 Westman, Jan 0., 273, 354 Weston, Stephen Frederic, 254, 368 Wexler, Gerald Bernard, 278, 354 Wheeler, James Harvey, Jr., 273, 354 Whitaker, Marilyn Frances, 237, 368 Whitaker, Peggy Ann, 245, 385 Whitaker, Robert L., 385 White, Alvie F., 355 White, Barbara Kaye, 147, 338 White, Charles T., 151, 385 White, Donald Alexander, 253, 355 White, Donna, 231, 355 White, Eddie Pounds, 267, 355 White, Gerald Lafay, 271, 368 White, James Albert, 368 White, James Wallace, 368 White, Jesse Lamar, 138, 139, 251, 355 White, John E., Jr., 385 White, Joseph Luther, 171, 338 White, Marilyn D., 235, 338 White, Nancy Sue, 158, 177, 368 White, Susan Carol, 233, 355 White, Susan Frances, 368 White, William D., 157, 273, 368 Whitener, Gary C., 251, 385 Whitener, Larry J., 251, 385 W hitmire, Warren T., Jr., 259, 385 Whitten, Beverly Rebecca, 235, 368 Whitten, Mary Ann, 177 Whittington, Homer A., Jr., 269, 368 Whittle, Jesse C., 338 Whyte, Bruce Langdon, 277, 355 Wichman, Neville R., 269, 385 Wideman, Danny Edward, 338 Wigqinton, Amos Buford, Jr., 338 Wigqinton, Patty Branch, 355 Wilborn, Mary Montrie, 235, 355 Wilcox, Richard Davis, 171. 273, 355 Wiley, Jean Lee, 175, 241, 355 Wilkes, Alice Marie, 355 Wilkins, Charles H., 338 Wilkins, Jack Brown, 355 Wilkins, Joseph T., III, 168, 271, 312 Wilkins, Trudy 229, 355 Wilkins, Robert Edward, 166, 181, 338 Wilkins, Sally W., 355 Wilkinson, Camille S., 233, 368 Wilkinson, Judith Lynn, 245, 368 Williams, Ariel Etta, 338 Williams, Charles Van, 269, 355 Williams, Claudia Ann, 243, 368 Williams, David A., 355 Williams, David Michael, 138, 368 Williams, Edwin Neel, 132, 338 Williams, Edwin R., 261, 385 Williams, James Elliott, 136, 251, 312 Williams, Jon Smith, 259, 385 Williams, Kathy, 355 Kay Williams, 355 Williams, Leon Weir, 160, 338 Williams, Leonard E., 355 Williams, Linda Frances, 235, 368 Williams, Margaret Diane, 237, 385 Williams, Michael Cluster, 355 Williams, Richard Anthony, 181, 368 Williams, Roy Capps, 132, 273, 312 Williams, Sandra, 147, 175, 233, 385 Williams, Stirling Bacot, 136, 138, 341 Williamson, Gerald G., 385 Williamson, James F., Jr., 312 Williamson, James R., 368 Williford, Evelyn R., 385 Willis, Burnice Neal, 368 Willis, James R., Jr., 385 Willis, Kenneth C., 385 Wilson, Bobby Lee, 338 Wilson, Byron H., 277, 279, 385 Wilson, Clyde H., Jr., 269, 385 Wilson, David Baxter, 368 Wilson, David Benjamin, Jr., 132, 162, 355 Wilson, Ernest W., 355 Wilson, Fred G., 385 Wilson, Herman S., 355 Wilson, Jane Tyler, 235, 385 Wilson, Jerome W., Jr., 338 Wilson, Martin_ Bernard, 355 Wilson, Rebecca Leigh, 235, 355 Wilson, Roberta Moore, 231, 338 Wilson, Thomas Stout, 275, 312 Wiltshire, Kenneth James, 159, 338 Windham, Hal, Jr., 368 Wing, Joseph F., 355 Winter, Jimmy W., 269, 338 Winters, Sally Kate, 134, 135, 136, 147, 222, 237, 338 Wislocki, Carole Ann, 237, 338 Withers. Rose Robyn, 237, 385 Witt, Robert Wayne, 312 Wixon, William Carl, 385 Wolf, James Brown, 142, 143. 338 Womack, Michael Lloyd, 355 Womack, Pamela Jane, 338 Womack, Tommy D 265, 385 John W., 385 Wood, Larry W., 312 Woo, Nancy L., 312 Wood, Claude Harrison. 143, 338 Wood, James Alford, 168, 172, 355 Wood. Jean Wyeth, 178, 231, 338 Wood, Sandra Lee, 233, 385 Wood, William Chadwick, 139, 172, 271, 355 Woodbury, Barbara Joan, 239, 385 Woodcock, C. Wesley, Jr., 355 Woods, Delbert N., 385 Woods, James Everette, 163, 269, 312 Wooten, Elizabeth J., 170, 229, 368 Wootten, Elaine E., 154, 368 Wootten, Middleton L., HI, 154, 254, 355 Work, Margaret Carol, 147, 235, 385 Wright, Carl Franklin, 338 Feilding L 267, 368 Wright, Jayne A., 245, 368 Wright, Johnny Bernard, 265, 338 Mary F., 355 Wright, Susan Bourland, 355 Wroten, Lottie Virginia, 385 Wu, Mu Sheng, 312 Wuestefeld, Gale Joan, 243, 385 Wynne, Mary Louise, 158, 338 Y Yandell, Kathryn E., 385 Yarbrough, Larry Eugene, 338 Yates, Allen Richard, 156, 261, 355 Yates, William Gully, Jr., 163, 271, 312 Yawn, James Walter, 355 Yearwood, Bonnie Gene, 243, 385 Yee, Albert Duke, 368 Yelsik, William Ernst, 277, 355 York, Beth, 235, 368 York, Charles Merrill, 368 Yoste, Florian Henry, 169, 338 Yoste, William Elder, 368 Young, Dennis Wayne, 355 Young, James Richard, Jr., 338 Young, Jerry Vernon, 273, 355 Young, John Richard, 273, 338 Young, Kenneth W., 385 Young, Leonard Albert, 253, 312 Young, Martha K., 237, 355 Young, Ralph E., Jr., 143, 157, 168, 267, 338 Young, Robert J., 267, 385 Young, Rodney W., 385 Younghans, Paul Francis, 262, 355 Yuan, Cheng, 151, 312 z Zalocusky, Michael 275, 338 Zeringue, Carl, 275, 336 Zinn, Jane, 353 Zoghby, Emile, 383

Suggestions in the University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) collection:

University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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