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We dedicate the 1963 OLE MISS to the students of our University for it is because of their unfaltering trust in Ole Miss that the opportunity for an education still exists. WELCOME TO OLE MISS EVERYBODY SPEAKS We recall our year as one which contained almost all the experiences we could possibly endure. The quiet, peaceful way of life we had known was shattered by the contamination of the gentle Southern breeze with the sounds and smells of violence. But still in our minds are memories of those wonderful days given only to college students at Ole Miss. First came days of worrying, along with many sleepless nights, as bonds of brotherhood were formed. After careful searching and consideration, our trials and tribulations resulted in a bid. To some, this brought joy, to others, sorrow; to all, great hopes for the future. Af ter the ordeal of Rush we staggered into a new form of torment--Registration. Here was an interment from which there was little escape. The seemingly continuous, never-ending lines progressed slowly from table to table. And then, through the masses of delirious humanity came a small., wonderful gleam o f light--an opening to the outside. Desperately we hastened through that gateway to the world of off-campus tranquility. And then amidst ... one shot . . . one shell . . . one night . . . The morning revealed the aftermath of the terror. Time has erased the physical scars from the campus. But only through continued faith and effort by its students can Ole Miss proudly proclaim its traditions of Quality, Integrity, and Progress. We overcame our obstacles and began to rebuild. Our pep rallies became bigger, our football team the best, and our school spirit and unity the greatest. The tragedy became a tie that bound us closer together in salvaging what we could and planning for future days. The on-again, off-again Homecoming game was finaly held, and the immortal freshman Pajama Parade led us back toward a normal campus life. Football games, alumni, and parties placed Ole Miss back into its " high cotton era. " Striking out against the unrelenting tension of the early days, of school Ole Miss students released their frustrations through the revelries of Homecoming parties. Christmas arrived at last and with it thoughts of well-earned holidays. The Yuletide spirit was not forgotten at Ole Miss. Amid our festive celebrations and enthusiastic preparations for the long trips home we paused a moment to help everyone have a very happy and Merry Christmas. The next weeks brought deep thoughts and careful preparations for what would decide our status in the University--exams. Resolutely we prepared for the last days of the semester. Studying became contagious; we faced exams with utmost confidence. Here, as in Rush, some found joy, others sorrow--all hope for the future. The setting sun no longer symbolized the end of the day, but only displayed the great horizons of our future. Here, with education, do we guarantee America ' s heritage. ' Way down South in Mississippi, there ' s a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Mater ' s halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the Whispering Southern Breeze, There Ole Miss is calling calling to our heart ' s fond memories. Ole Miss ... a sound that shall ring in our hearts and memories for the rest of our lives. Ole Miss ... a name that will be written in history forever. Here is where our worldly life begins. Here is where we build forever. The University of Mississippi–nineteen hundred and sixty-three. administration ROSS R. BARNETT The Honorable Ross R. Barnett, a devoted and alumnus of the University of Mississippi, stands as a model of success wrought by hard work and dedication to principle. The son of a Confederate veteran, Governor Barnett was born on a small farm in Standing Pine where he later attended Leake County public schools. Graduated from Mississippi College, 1922, and the of Mississippi Law School, 1926, Governor Barnett began his law practice in Jackson and has since ascended to the highest office of the State of Mississippi. During the course of his administration our state has undergone per- haps the most trying difficulties that could be put upon a governor and a state. Our governor has brought the state through these trying times with a dignified perseverance. Not to be overshadowed by Governor Barnett ' s activities in the field of states ' rights are the many economic and industrial benefits brought to Mississippi with his aid. Ole Miss is proud of Governor Ross R. Barnett. DR. JOHN D. WILLIAMS The University of Mississippi is proud to have as its Chancellor, Dr. John D. Williams. The year 1962 has been the most challenging year for Dr. Williams of the sixteen he has spent at Ole Miss. He met this year with dignity, integrity and intelligence. . During the past few years Dr. Williams has served as President of the State Universities Association, and he is now serving as a member of the Executive Committee. He is Vice-President of the National Association of State and is a member of the Executive Committee. Among his other numerous activities, he is Vice-President of the Southern Regional Education Board and is chair- man of the Educational Plans and Policies Advisory Committee of the Southern Regional Education Board. He has attained state and national acclaim for his outstanding leadership in the educational field. Dr. John D. Williams, along with other University officials, has brought greatly increased educational oppor- tunities to the student and increased service to the people of Mississippi. Under such leadership, progress has been made at Ole Miss and progress will continue to be made. Composed of a group of dedicated Mississippians, the Board of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. This group, which is the governing body for the University, is made up of twelve members who are appointed for terms of twelve years, in groups of four each four years, one of whom is appointed from each Congres- sional District, one from each of the three Supreme Court Districts, and two from the State-at-Large. There are no ex-officio members. The Board of Trustees selects one of Left to Right: Thomas J. Tubb (Vice-President); W. 0. Stone; R. B. Smith, Jr.; E. Ray Izard; Ira L. Morgan; Dr. Verner S. Holmes; E. R. Jobe (Executive Secretary); Charles D. Faire Tally D. Riddell; Leonard Lowrey; M. M. Roberts; H. G. Carpenter; J. N. Lipscomb; S. R. Evans. its members as President of the Board and appoints th e Chancellor as executive head of the University. The new buildings and other expansions of our physical facilities are only a visible portion of the work done by this group, who give up a valuable portion of their time to help guide the educational program of our state. Dr. Charles F. Haywood Mr. Hugh H. Clegg Mr. E. E. Davidson Dr. L. L. Love Provost Director of Development Comptroller Dean of Student Personnel ADMINISTRATORS Mr. Marvin M. Black Director of Public Relations Mr. Henry W. Bounds Director of Food Services Mr. Robert B. Ellis Registrar Mr. Howard K. Faulkner Bursar Gen. Freeman Gober Assistant Registrar Mr. Harold E. Haney Purchasing Agent Dr. Vernon B. Harrison Director and Physician of Student Health Service Mr. Tom S. Hines Director of Student Activities Mr. Binford T. Nash Director of Men ' s Housing Dr. Charles E. Noyes . Chairman of Publications Committee Third Row: Dr. Katharine Rea Dean of Women Mr. Patrick D. Smith Director of University News Service Mr. Burnes Tatum Director of Public Safety Mr. John W. White Director of Physical Plant Mr. Joseph C. White Chief Accountant COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS The oldest school on the University campus is the College of Liberal Arts, being the only one contained in the original makeup at the time of opening in 1848. The College offers a broad and complete comprehensive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities and in the physical, biological and social sciences. The broad study program of the College of Liberal Arts is an end in itself in guiding students toward intellectual and civic competence, and serves as a point of departure for students entering law, medicine, theology and other professional fields; as well as for those who wish to participate in advanced study and research programs. A significant feature of this school is its Scholars Program which enables selected superior students to participate in advance class sections and to meet and have discussions with eminent faculty members and outstanding campus visitors. The Dean of the College is Dr. A. B. Lewis. Dean A. B. Lewis SCHOOL OF LAW A legislative enactment in 1854 established at that time the Department of Law, which later became the University ' s School of Law. The three-year program of study offers a thorough grounding in the principles of jurisdiction together with actual practice of legal procedures. This program also entitles its graduates to practice in any court of law in the state without further examination. An emphasis on Mississippi law and practice does not prevent students from becoming familiar with the American and Anglo-Saxon legal tradition as a whole. Along with the Mississippi State Bar Association the Law Schoo l publishes the Mississippi Law Journal. Two leading legal fraternities, Delta Phi and Phi Alpha Delta, have chapters on the campus. The school is accredited both by the Association of American Law Schools and the American Bar Association. The Dean of the school is Dr. Robert J. Farley. Dean Robert J. Farley Dean Frederic H. Kellogg SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Courses in Engineering were offered by the University at the time of the reopening of the school immediately following the close of the War Between the States. The School of Engineering was not officially organized until In 1903 appropriation by the Legislature enabled the School to introduce new courses and secure new equipment. The school, now housed in modern, well-equipped Carrier Hall, offers ample opportunity for progressive instruction and research in chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering. The University has also been chosen as one of the sites for installation and operation of one of the 125 world-wide Standard Seismic Stations. With the addition of this station, the School of Engineering will be able to offer instruction in geophysics. The Dean of the School of Engineering is Dr. Frederic H. Kellogg. Dean Sylvester A. Moorehead SCHOOL OF EDUCATION A broad liberal arts background combined with professional training gained in pre-service and in-service teaching programs on both the undergraduate and graduate levels is offered by the School of Education to the prospective teacher. In accordance with the desire of the school to keep up to date in all matters pertaining to education, new departments in Educational Research, Audio-Visual Education, and Counselor Education are maintained by the school as well as a Teacher Placement Bureau. The School has earned accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. The Dean of the School of Education is Dr. Sylvester A. Moorehead. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Ole Miss Medical center accepts responsibility for training, research, service, and leadership in the preservation of life and promotion of health for this and future generations. The School has its headquarters in Jackson at the University Medical Center which is composed of the University Hospital and the School of Medicine Building and was completed in 1955. The Jackson Veterans Administration Hospital, Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield and the Mississippi State Sanatorium at Sanatorium are affiliated with the Medical School and cooperate with its teaching program. With the use of these excellent facilities, a four-year program which leads to the Doctor of Medicine degree has been established. The school is fully approved by the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges. The Dean of the school is Dr. R. Q. Marston. Dr. W. Alton Bryant Vice-Chancellor Dean Robert Q. Marston SCHOOL OF PHARMACY In 1908 the School of Pharmacy opened at the University. This school provides thorough instruction for students who wish the special education and training necessary for the practice of pharmacy. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is conferred on those students who have successfully completed the five-year curriculum of the School. This covers two years of preparatory work, followed by three years of professional pharmacy courses. Students in this school make an annual trip under the direction of faculty members to visit well-known pharmaceutical and biological laboratories, where large-scale production of pharmaceuticals and allied products is demonstrated. The school is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. In the fall of 1963 the school will occupy new quarters in the Science Center, especially planned to meet the school ' s needs. The Dean of the school is Dr. Charles W. Hartman. Dean Charles W. Hartman Dean Clive F. Dunham SCHOOL OF COMMERCE For the first time since its inception in 1917, the School of Business and Government is now housed in its own building. Conner Hall, first occupied in 1961, is handsome, air-conditioned, and designed specifically to meet the needs and growth of the School of Commerce. The primary function of this school is to teach students the basic knowledge they will need for an administrative career in business or government, and to begin development of their proficiency in the application of such knowledge. The school is a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, which is the national accrediting agency in the field of business. Four degrees are available: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and Bachelor of Science in Journalism. The Dean of the School is Dr. Clive F. Dunham Dean Nobles GRADUATE SCHOOL As early as 1870 courses of graduate level were offered at the University. The school was officially established in 1927. The centers of the graduate studies are the Alexander L. B. Bondurant Graduate Building and the University library in which carrels are provided for the special use of each student. In addition to seminar rooms and auditoriums, these buildings house several special collections and libraries. There has been a steady increase in enrollment of students in this program since it was organized in 1927. In 1955 the University was authorized to develop doctoral programs in some fields which broadened the graduate studies considerably. The Dean of the school is Dr. Lewis Nobles. Well selected panel of judges questions contestants as Editor oversees. The culmination of hours and days of practice . . . two min- utes on stage. The University of Mississippi continues this year with the well-known tradition of harboring the South ' s most beautiful belles. Many of these young ladies are widely ac- claimed, and have been further honored by being selected as the top beauties of 1963. The OLE MISS features outstanding students on campus Miss Ole Miss and Colonel Rebel, noted leaders in vari- ous fields; the members of the Hall of Fame, Homecoming Queen, Rebelee Queen and Miss University, along with ten favorites selected at the Parade of Favorites and Beauties. Memories of our last rehearsal. Little onlooker has hopeful dreams for the future. Interviews give the judges a close look at: the beauty candidates. Nothing to do now but smile, and even this seems unbearable. This is work? Beauty candidates undergo tense moments as the judges make the final decisions. Beauties pause on location in Vicksburg for newspaper publicity. Judges carefully scrutinize contestants in interviews before Pageant. Select the favorite of your choice . . . on your IBM card, that is. Photographer Alexander shows secret technique. ' What, Me Worry ? Miss Margaret Ann Bird came to the sunny South from her hometown of Birmingham, Michigan. She is a senior major- ing in elementary education and is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Golfing, snow skiing, and tennis are listed as her favorite hobbies. Among her campus acti vities are Junior Panhellenic representative and a member of the Education Association. Miss Margaret Ann Bird Miss Jo Anne Shirley, who came to Ole Miss from Indianola, Mississippi, is a freshman majoring in art. Among her beauty titles are Miss Indianola, 1962, and Sunflower County Forestry Queen. Miss Shirley lists water skiing, drawing, golf, and dancing as favorite hobbies, and is a member of the Ole Miss " Y " and Wesley Foundation. She is a of Chi Omega Sorority. Miss Jo Ann Shirley Miss Judy Williams hails from her home in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Beauty titles for Miss Williams range from Water Queen, 1959 Forestry Queen, to Mississippi ' s Junior Miss 1962. She is a freshman in the school of liberal arts, majoring in home economics, and likes swimming, singing, and photography. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Miss Judy Williams Miss Penelope Celeste Pepple claims Cleveland, Mississippi, as her home town. Her beauty titles included Miss Cleveland of 1962 and Miss VFW. Miss Pepple, a senior majoring in French, enjoys skiing and bowling as hobbies. Her campus ac- tivities range from being an Army a member of CWENS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Tau, Eta Sigma Phi, and Phi Kappa Phi to singing with the Singers and playing French horn with the University Band. miss penelope pepple Miss Roseann Elizabeth Harwood, a sophomore from Gulfport, Mississippi, previously has held the titles of Miss Killeen, Texas, Miss Versality of Central Texas, and Miss Lake Belton, Texas. Her hobbies are water skiing, tennis, and swimming. Miss Harwood claims Kappa Delta as her sorority and included secre- tary of Angel Flight and a member of the Committee of 100 as campus activities. miss roseann harwood Miss Patricia Thompson Miss Renee Manning Miss Kay Butler Miss Gay Enchelmayer Miss Kay Karsten Miss Wanda Wilkerson Miss Jan West Miss Gayle Roberts Miss Barbara Gorin Miss Ann Tomlinson Miss Val Powell Miss Martha Chadwick Miss Jeanine Ogletree Miss Patsy Fisher Miss Jennifer Jones Miss Catherine Parsons MISS UNIVERSITY miss diane kylce HOMECOMING OUEEN Miss Martha Sue Orr REBELEE QUEEN Robin Reed Guy COLONEL REBEL and MISS OLE MISS Sidna Brower; Louis Burton Guy; Emma Clark Hairston; Douglas B. Lewis; Chester Trent Lott; John Francis Lynch, III. The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an Ole Miss student is to be selected to the Hall of Fame. of the Hall of Fame are chosen on the basis of scholarship, loyalty, spirit, devotion, and service to the University. The selection is conducted in such a manner as to be entirely free from campus politics. A Selection Committee established by the Campus Senate sends out requests for nominations to the persons holding the twelve most im- portant positions on the campus. Those students nominate twenty-four students to make the actual selection. The twenty-four students who are elected then vote for the six persons on the campus who they feel deserve this great honor. The six students who receive the greatest number of votes from the committee of twenty-four are the students who are selected. Those students chosen for the 1963 Hall of Fame are: Sidna Brower, Editor of The Mississippian; Louis Guy, Football All-SEC; Clark Hairston, President of AWS; Douglas B. Lewis, Editor of THE OLE MISS; Jack Lynch, Chairman-Student Judicial Council. R. B. WILSON, JR. President ASB CABINET—Left to Right: Gerald Blessey, Clark Hairston, Mike Carter, Ellis Nassour, Kim Johnson, Tom Cleveland, Dick Wilson, Gray Jackson, Sybil McRae, Ernest Thomas, Dick Todd, Betty Moss, Fred Moss. The President of the Associated Student Body this year is Dick Wilson. It is his duty to see that all phases and laws of the Constitution are carried out and to promote the general welfare of the students. Gray Jackson is Vice-President and serves as President of the Campus Senate. Sybil McRae, the Secretary, records the minutes of the Campus Senate. Treasurer Kim is responsible for all funds disbursed through student activities. The President appoints his cabinet, who help him in his executive duties. The cabinet consists of the ASB officers and nine members appointed by the president. The Judicial Council is composed of five members, one of which is elected by the student body to serve as chair- man. Jack Lynch coordinates the council as chairman this year. TRAFFIC BOARD—Left to Right: Lindsey Harp, Gaylen Robert, Sally Wilson. ASB JUDICIAL COUNCIL—Left to Right: Justice Charles Ray Davis, Justice Neal Biggers, Chief Justice John Francis Lynch, III, Justice Thomas Stennis, Justice Cecil Baron Jones, Jr. The Campus Senate is the legislative organ of the of Mississippi student body. The Senate controls all matters which are delegated to the student body by the administration, and sets the policies for all student body activities so that they may be conducted for the best inter- est of the student body as a whole. The Senate is composed of one member from each sec- tion of every dormitory, each fraternity and sorority house, each district in Vet Village, and two members are elected from the Oxford and commuting students. The Vice-President, Gary Jackson, and the Secretary, Sibyl McRae, of the Associated Student Body serve as President and Clerk of the Senate. The President Pro Tem , Champ Terney, and the Marshal, Flo Youste, are elected by the Senate. The Chaplain, Judith Thompson, and the Parliamentarian, Marshall Bennett, are appointed by the president. First Row: Lynn Abernathy, Martha Aldridge, James Barksdale, Ted Barnett, Bettye Bateman, Steve Beach, H. Stives Bennett, David Micheal Biggs, Charles Blackwell, Gerald Blessey, George B. Boyles, Amanda Brown, Peggy Brumfield, Rayburn Buntin, Becky Burns, Charles R obert Butterfield, Betty Buzard. Second Row: Bob John B. Clark, Judy Coursey, Randy Crumbley, Gilford Dabbs, Glen Davidson, Lloyd Elizabeth Deddens, Joyce Ebbing, Joe Ezell, Richard Field, Lewis R. Floyd, Shelley Fraser, Dan Fraser, John C. Freeman, Ben J. Gaines, William K. Gautier, Byron G. Hannah. Third Row: Thomas I. Dema, Janet Jobe, Dorothy Duncan Jones, Karen Kipp, Brad Lawrence, Fred Lentjes, Mary Sharp Lickford, John T. Lomax, Glenda Luke, Clyde Maxwell, John Maxwell, Archie Medley, Mike Michelbach, Donald Lewis Moak, George S. Monroe, Wayne Monroe, Robert S. Montjoy. Fourth Row: John Moore, Bill McGlathery, Worm Nicolas, Judy Ousley, Ann Payne, Bob Perry, William Pyle, Jimmie Pet Rieves, Jerry Ann Riggs, Charles Riter, Ann Rogers, Benjamin Rozolsky, David Seymore, Benny Smith, Julie Smith, Charlene Strickland. Fifth Row: Linda Taylor, Champ Terney, Ernest Thomas, Susan Thomas, Judith Thompson, Charles ToIlea, Cindy Vaughn, Robert Vickery, Tom Watkins, William Wells, Jim Wheeler, Linda White, Becky Wilson, Billy Ray Wilson, Bob Yelverton, Florian Yoste. OFFICERS, Front Row, Left to Right: Sybil McRae, Champ Tearney. Second Row: Marshall Bennett, Floran Youste. GRAY JACKSON Vice-President THE ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS First Row: Carolyn Anderson Sandra Procato Caroline Chapman Jill Davis Second Row: Caroline Easterby Jo Ann Hardin June Inman Sydney Johnston Third Row: Laura McLemore Joan McMillan Roberta Murphy Jeanine Ogletree Fourth Row: Mary Pegram Marsha Perry Martha Rea Ann Rogers Fifth Row: Gale Sinnott Miriam Wilson In wholehearted cooperation with the Dean of Women and all administrative officials, the AWS tries to coordinate all women ' s activities, create an environment for the pur- suit of excellence, and cultivate respect for the rules of conduct and for University policies. The Associated Students, composed of every woman student on campus, is a self-governing organization headed by an Executive Council of six officers, elected by popular vote and a Council composed of one appointed representative from each class. Each residence hall elects a House Council consisting of a president, secretary, treasurer, and two representatives from each floor. The Judicial Council, with the help of these officers, is responsible for the enforcement of dormi- tory and sorority regulations. A Legislative Council, made up of dormitory and sorority house presidents and secre- taries, formulates these regulations, subject to the approval of the Dean of Women. The President ' s Council, composed of the dormitory and sorority house presidents, meets once a week with the AWS President to discuss common prob- lems. The AWS is a member of the Mississippi Inter-Collegiate Association of Women Students. CLARK HAIRSTON, President Associated Women Students Clark Hairston ... Miriam Wilson . Jill Davis Sydney Johnston . Gale Sinnott Ann Rogers AWS OFFICERS—Front Row, Left to Right: Sydney Johnston, treasurer; Clark Hairston, president; Jill Davis, executive secretary. Second Row: Miriam Wilson, vice-president; Ann Rogers, judicial council secretary. Robert W. Bunnell, Jr., Assistant Editor; Wesley Godwin, Editor; William Nicholas, Assistant Editor. DOUGLAS B. LEWIS Editor-in-Chief Martha Hamilton, Class Editor; Beverly Young, Class Editor. Rose Clayton, Greek Editor; Carolyn Newman, Greek Editor. Griffin Harrell, Organizations Editor; Patti Ray, Organizations Editor. The task of editing the OLE MISS Yearbook is one which requires a great deal of imagination, coordination, and hard work. This year the editorial staff has operated under a system of co-editors, which gives the editor greater confidence and assurance that each section will meet its deadline. This is one of his greatest and wildest illusions of the year. Doug Lewis, who has just completed his second term as Editor-in-Chief of the OLE MISS and his second health rehabilitation, has indeed done a fine job in his efforts to give us a bigger and better yearbook. Of course, there were many days of frustration and disappointment in which the completion of the yearbook looked doubtful. There were days of turmoil and anxiety in the early fall which challenged the very future of our University—along with our salaries. But under the clouds of tear gas, and despite the clatter of helicopters and jeeps, the and strong-willed staff members were found hard at work! That is except the Editor, who chose to hibernate until the driving conditions became better on the campus. There were deadlines to meet, pictures to take, and ap- pointments to make. There was excitement and at the Parade of Favorites and Beauties. And, finally, there was that sigh of relief and our last cocktail party when all our efforts and ideas were packed up and sent to the printer. PHEW!! What a year! Damn!! What a party! It has been a wonderful experience for us, as staff mem- bers, to watch the steady development of the yearbook through this memorable year. It is our sincere hope that this issue of the OLE MISS will help to enhance your memory of the year 1962-1963. Robert Seawright, I.B.M. Editor; Sylvia Bradley, Executive Marshall Bennett, Copy Editor. Marion Black Sports Editor A. MITCHELL MALOUF Business Manager Douglas B. Lewis . Mitchell Malouf Caroline Easterby, Administration Student Government Editor; Richard Field, Administration Student Government Editor; John Gregory, Public Relations. William Gautier, Personnel Assistant; Patricia McMullen, Features Editor; William Mounger, Military Editor. Bob Bunnell William Nicholas Wes Godwin . . . . Sylvia Bradley Bob Seawright ... John Gregory Caroline Easterby Richard Field Martha Hamilton Beverly Young ... Marshall Bennett . Rose Clayton Carolyn Newman Bill Mounger Griffin Harrell Patti Ray Marion Black . Pat McMullan Tate Thigpen Bill Gautier Floyd Melton Sidna Brower . Ernest Thomas Jan Humber . . Ed Williams .. John Corlew Hal McClanahan Katherine Webb Betty Price, Ellis Nassour . . Ed Williams Spot. Bill Phinney Sports Ramon Himel, George Tomlinson . Carolyn Polk Dale Blair, Dicki Lee Read Montgomery SIDNA BOWER Editor-in-Chief Editor Brower and her associates look over a final edition of " The Mississippian. " Jimmy Liddell Tommy Ford, John Allen . Elvin Hilver The Mississippian continued for the fifty-second con- secutive year to report the news to the students of the of Mississippi, without censorship or control by any group other than its student editorial staff. Under Editor Sidna Brower, the paper entered its second year of publication as a daily Tuesday through Friday— newspaper. The Mississippian is printed on a new Fairchild " Color- King " press, installed in the Journalism Building shortly before school opened in September. On this press, the paper can be printed in black plus any other color. The year began with the Mississippian in the middle of the biggest news event in the nation the desegregation of Ole Miss. The staff gave first-hand coverage to the story, keeping students informed of the latest happenings. Editor Brower, through her calm and rational editorials, earned the respect of journalists throughout the nation. For her efforts she was awarded the Henry Taylor Internship Award, which entitles her to work on the staff of any Scripps-Howard paper in the nation for a year. Managing Editor Jan Humber attended to most of the details of putting the paper together, and wrote several highly-praised stories during the integration crisis. Business Manager Ernest Thomas fought a year-long battle to keep the editorial staff from running the paper completely into bankruptcy. ERNEST THOMAS Business Manager Mailing is one of the big jobs on any newspaper. JAN HUMBER Managing Editor ED WILLIAMS Managing Editor DANCE COMMITTEE—Front Row, Left to Right: Agnes Charliene Guiney, Nancy Coursey, Joyce Roussue. Second Row: Richard Chaffen, Griffin Harrell, Troy Mashburn. Ellis Nassour, Chairman; A.S.B. Social Affairs. DANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Griffin Harrell Agnes Banchetti ... . Richard Chaffin Charlene Guiney Troy Mashburn Mary Hall Pegram . . Joyce Rousseau Tom Smith Terry Northup .. Dicki Lee Joan Ebbing Taha Ghabbour . Weegie James . Ann Killingsworth Jimmy Milan Lynne Northup Nancy Pierce Louis Turner .... MOVIE COMMITTEE—Front Row: Ann Killingsworth, Dickie Lee, and Lynn Northup Back Row: Terry Northup, Joyce Ebbing, Jimmy Milam. The ASB Dance and Movie Committees are vital com- mittees in the operation of the ASB with the essential purpose of providing college-level entertainment for the Ole Miss students. The Dance Committee, headed by Griffin Harrell, has the official function of sponsoring all ASB Dances, street dances, and concerts. This ASB committee started of f a successful year with a concert by the " HIGHWAYMEN " who packed Fulton Chapel and another concert by " PETER, PAUL, AND MARY. " These were followed by many other big-name performances. The Movie Committee, for the past three years, had brought many outstanding productions to Ole Miss. Through very capable student leadership and interest from students, the motion pictures at Ole Miss have become a large part of student life. Entertainment, of course, assumes an important place in the lives of the University students, and these are striving for the best for all the students. L. F. Sams, Jr. J. Kearney Travis Tim Jones Alex Alston Harry L. Case ... Thomas Stennis . Arnold Gwin Carl Downing Robert K. Rushing The Mississippi Law Journal was established in 1928 as the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar. The journal is published four times yearly in March, May, October, and December under the auspices of the Bar and the University of Mississippi School of Law. The Editorial Board and Staff is composed of Students in the School of Law chosen by the faculty for scholarship and ability in the field of legal writing. Material printed in the Journal is composed of leading articles written by eminent lawyers throughout the country. A symposium issue, which deals with some phase of law, is usually published in August. Mr. Robert K. Rushing serves as faculty advisor for the Journal. First Row: Alex Alston, Harry Case, Carl Downing. Second Row: Richard Edmonson, Joe Gordon, Arnold Gwin. Third Row: Hemleben, Tim Jones, Fred Moss. Fourth Row: Sandy Sams, Lloyd Spivey, Thomas Stennis. Fifth Row: James Travis, Richard Wilson. Not Pictured: W. T, Cochran, P. T. Jones. The purpose of the Moot Court program is to familiarize students with the actual practice of Law in the State of Mississippi. It is formul ated and conducted so as to such a practice as closely as possible, and thus give students experience in following procedural rules as established by law in Mississippi and applying substantive law to a given factual situation. Accordingly, students in both trial and appellate work, interviewing clients First Row: Douglas Canning, James Herring, Robert Husband, Ted Jones, Paul Montgomery. Second Row: Doyle Moorehead, John Sullivan, Fred Walker, Scott Welch. and witnesses, preparing appellate briefs, and conducting courtroom arguments. Justices in appellate cases consist of one faculty member and two senior law students, and a well-known practicing attorney usually sits as judge in trial cases. The Chairman of the Moot Court Board is Robert Husband, and Professor Joel W. Bunkley serves as Faculty Advisor. The fun and relaxation of RUSH A brief escape The tranquil moments away from class Hasty decorations for a postponed Homecoming. Those wonderful, quiet parties. The Greeks were founded back in the days when no one knew any better. When you are a Greek you may have someone for your brother you wouldn ' t even consider hav- ing for a friend. This is a result of the biggest farce ever invented RUSH. It is described as the method by which the new college students are introduced to the joys of fraternity life. Rush is characterized by friendly smiles, pleasant handshakes, and " so-good-to-sec-you " greetings from people who have been up until three o ' clock in the morning and aren ' t friendly or pleasant and don ' t give a damn whether they see you or not. Some people have the Greeks of existing only for parties. This is not true. They also exist for pledge swaps, intramural sports, electioneering, stunt night, sing-song, and other such activities. The welcomed night of Pledging brings the worrying of RUSH to a close. Clasps of friendship Amusing parties relax and entice rushees The spirit of Christmas Well if this doesn ' t get them—they won ' t pledge. Uh— About these rush parties? The serenade of a pinnee. Left to Right: Rose Clayton, Ruby Kathryn Clegg, Martha Ellen Evans, Amanda Brown. Rose Clayton, President The Pan-Hellenic Council of the University of Mississippi is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Conference, which has organizations on the campuses of the leading colleges and universities in the United States. Its purposes are to act as a governing body for all sororities, and to further active cooperation and understanding among the sororities, between sorority and non-sorority women, and between the sororities and the University Always working for the good of the University, Pan- Hellenic strives to promote fine intellectual achievement and scholarship, to maintain high social standards, and to promote worthy projects on and off the campus. All concerning formal and informal rush are and enforced by this council. The council is composed of the presidents of each of the sororities and two additional representatives from each group. Each representative is elected by her own sorority. The officers of the council are selected on a rotation basis with each sorority having an officer of Pan-Hellenic at regular intervals. Rose Clayton Ruby Katherine Clegg Martha Ellen Evans . Amanda Brown First Row: Maryhardy Pays, Malvina Bridges, Amanda Brown, Kay Brown, Kay Butler, Rose Clayton, Ruby Clegg. Second Row: Charlotte Dreve, Donna Else, Kitty English, Martha Evans, Gerry Gooch, Sue Griffin, Annie Hearin. Third Row: Lyn Hopkins, Kay Johnson, Sydney Johnston, Carolyn Kerr, Carmen Klotz, Marianne Laberge, Linda Little. Fourth Row: Harriet Long, Lucille Longino, Sara Mieher, Alice Moody, Roberta Murphy, Carolyn Newman, Carolyn Polk. Fifth Row: Wanda Price, Penny Ray, Ann Rogers, Camille Sanders, Peggy Savage, Kate Williams. First Row: Gerald Abraham, Herbert Alexander, James Allen, Arthur Barnes, Stephen Beach, Mike Brucker, William Bullock. Second Row: John Carr, Thomas Castle, Jimmy Dedeaux, Bob Edwards, Lindsay Harp, Larry Higginbotham, Bruce Jayne. Third Row: John Johnson, Roger King, Clark Leonard, Douglas Lewis, Chester Lott, Julius Lotterhos, Hugh Love. Fourth Row: Robert Madeo, Dan Mathews, Ken Mayhall, George McMullan, John Moss, Patrick Pasco, Lars Phillips. Fifth Row: Bill Pyle, Bob Regalbuto, Sydney Smith, Lawrence Spivey. Left to Right, Front: Trent Lott, president; Lieb Lotterhoss, Back: George McMullan, treasurer; Dale Barnes, TRENT LOTT, President I.F.C. Trent Lott Kim Johnson Jimmy Dedeaux Bob Madeo The organization designed to regulate and govern the activities of all social fraternities on the University campus is the Inter-Fraternity Council. The primary function of the IFC is to serve as a governing body of the sixteen fraternities. It is composed of two representatives chosen from each fraternity and is governed by four officers elected from the membership of the council itself. The council meets bi-monthly to discuss the mutual problems of the fraternity system. Another duty of the council is carried out each year in the planning, setting up, and enforcing of rules for fraternity rush. Throughout the coordination of activities, the Council attempts to unite the fraternities in a spirit of friendly brotherhood, to promote scholarship, to encourage new fraternities and to develope existing chap- ters and individuals in the fraternity system. On September 11, 1865, three young Confederate decided to found an organization at Virginia Military Institute which would bring together in a permanent brotherhood the young men of the North and South. This organization is Alpha Tau Omega, the first Greek-letter fraternity after the War Between the States. The Delta Psi Chapter of the Taus was founded at Ole Miss in 1927 and has grown in both size and prestige each year. Spirit and enthusiasm are shown by members participating in many campus activities, such as student government, organizations, religious, honorary and professional groups. " No North, no South, no East, no West " is a motto of the 117 chapters of ATO, which instituted the policy of a Help-week instead of a Hell-week. This is an annual service project through which the local " hairy-chested " men, with the aid of one of the campus sororities, rebuild the home of a needy Lafayette county family. When spring has " sprung, " then it is off with the work clothes and on with the tux as the ATO ' s entertain with their spring formal, the major festivity on their social This year the ATO ' s are happily awaiting the completion of a new addition to their house. With the completion of this addition Alpha Tau Omega will be better able to en- joy and to further enhance the fulfillment of their many varied social activites. Miss Pat McInnes John Gregory . Allen Ford .. Dale Barnes Carson Avent Bill Bell, David Buttross, James Daly, Joe Graves, Jack Hannah, Elvin Hilyer, Rauion Himel, Martin Kilpatrick, Jimmy MacDonald, Nick Mavar, John Putman, Wayne Sanderson, Chuck Stone, Martin Taylor, Mike Taylor, John Thorburn, Jack Veazey. Phillips Abbott Buddy Adams Buck Atkins John Autry Bear Avent Curt Ayers Larvis Baker Billy Baker Dale Barnes Danny Bath Jim Bonner Bobby Boswell Greg Boyd Winfred Brown Dave Browne Jimmy Carnahan Dickie Corothers Buck Christy Gerald Clark Rusty Cobb Jerry Dantone Howard Davis James Day Dave Deterly Eddie Dozier Dale Duckworth Johnny Easley Ron Edwards Charles Floyd R. P. Funderburk Alan Ford John Freeman Allen Gaines C. D. Gaston Larry Grantham Gar Gregory Don Hall David Haraway Bruce Jayne Jon Jennings Don Johnson Frank Jones Charles Jordan Talmage Jordan Martin Kilpatrick John Kirkham Joe Lee Bob Lennon Johnny Lomax Bill Manifold Nick Mavar Phil McAllister Harry McCollum Prentiss C. McLaurin Fred McMillan Bart McMullan Jack Miller Virgil Minor Allan Mitchell Mike Nash Bob Parks Buddy Patterson Don Perry Andrew Phay Pat Phillips Phil Poovey Ben Regan Robert Saul Fred Schramm David Seymore Don Smith Tome Smith Cappy Stahlman James Stahlman Charles Stone Eric Streed Ed Taylor Mike Taylor Dennis Voge Bob Warren Charles Worsham One hundred and twenty-four years ago on August 8, 1839, the sparkle of the Beta Theta Pi diamond first ap- peared on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Beta Theta Pi is the oldest social fraternity to be founded as such and was the first member of the famed " Miami Triad. " There are now one hundred and one Beta Chapters in thirty-seven states and two provinces in Their membership has expanded so that now it totals 50,000. The diamond ' s rays fell on the University of Mississippi campus in 1879, when members of the now-extinct " Mystic Seven " were incorporated into Beta Theta Pi. Since then the diamond has been carried into every phase of campus activity by fraternal brothers and leaders. Beta ' s social calendar is filled throughout the year with all sorts of parties, including dances, outings and the Spring Formal, which is their social highlight of the year. Next year the Beta ' s will be at home in their newly con- structed modern house, which will house thirty-two mem- bers. The pink rose was chosen as the Beta ' s national dower, but the Beta Beta chapter at Ole Miss favors the magnolia. Betas everywhere proudly display the fraternity colors of pink and blue, and they all honor the dragon. The Founders considered the fraternity responsible for positive contributions to the primary functions of the and, therefore, under an obligation to encourage the most complete personal development of its members- intellectu ally, physically, and socially. Jack Lynch Frank Moore . Harrell Weathersby James Williams Frank Andrews, Drew Betterton, Phillip Bryant, Bill Fred Fortenberry, Gene Hock, M. D. Tate. Jimmy Anderson Larry Baygento Hans de Vries Hank Dobbs George Dorrill Ralph Elston Cy Faneca George Forbes Sid Gremillion Lindsay Harp Robert Hauberg Charles Ivy Paul Johnson Bill Lipscomb Jack Lynch Paul Miller Frank Moore John Morris Bill Paden James Peden Herbert Phillips Robert Phillips Bill Pyle Rick Reecht Dick Reuter George Swindoll Tuff y Townsend Harry Watson Ben Weathersby Harrell Weathersby Chuck Weeks Scotty Welch Jess White Jimmy Williams June 22, 1844, at Yale in Number 12 Old South Hall, 15 men founded Phi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon. The Dekes came to the University of Mississippi in 1850 where they established Chi Chapter. They were not only the first fraternity to be established on the campus of the two-year- old school, but also were the first one to be established in the State of Mississippi. The Dekes have expanded so that now 51 chapters honor the colors crimson, blue and gold and the rampant lion. Also the Dekes hold in reverence the black diamond, which is worn by every Deke active. The Dekes have produced many outstanding national leaders, which can be seen by the fact that they have more alumni in Who ' s Who than any other fraternity. Also in- cluded in their alumni group are two Presidents of the United States and such men as Cole Porter, John Foster Dulles, and J. P. Morgan. Throughout the nation the Dekes are known for their ability to have a good time and for giving the best parties. The Dekes on this campus are no exception. The fraternity especially looks forward to their Christmas Party and their Spring Formal. But party time is not the only occupation. During the year the Dekes sponsor various service projects, one of which is their Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The founding fathers established the fraternity to men for effectual living and for usefulness to the community. Each Deke member strives to live up to the standards set by the founding fathers and to inculcate a desire for the better things in life, in themselves and those around them. Miss Camille Sanders Jeff Troyka . . . David Hervey ... Clyde Mosier .. Ernest Thomas A. M. Allen, Bill Ballard, Bill Bolin, R. D. Brinegar, Pecky Furr, Kirk Grantham, Mike Hughes, Fred Lucas, Bill Matthews, Jim Norris, Skipper Owens, Claude Powell, George Reiss, Henry Lester Sargent, Larry Villanueva, Leonard Young. Buddy Aldrich Wayne Anderson Bill Anthony Dexter Barr Walter Carlton Charles Chambers Alan Clark Joel Davis Jack Downey Sandy Edwards Benny Everett Butch Gaia David Grant Billy Gunn Joins Hampton David Henderson David Hervey Hardy Homich Bobby Ray Jermyn Bill Kormeier Van Lee Clark Leonard Mason Lessley Dan Matthews Lenny McAfee George McInguale Bob McIntosh Bill McMullen Bill Morris Clyde Mosier John Perkins Newt Reynolds Pete Rosato Charles Schwarz King Schurtleff Ben Smith Steve Stevens Ernest Thomas Bill Tingle Chris Toney Jeff Troyka In 1847, at Columbia University in New York City, Delta Psi was founded. They started a chapter on the Ole Miss campus in 1855. Even through the Delta Psi ' s were the second fraternity established on the campus, they were first to erect a fraternity house at the University, and in the state, for that matter. Their fraternity colors of azure, blue and gold were brought with them and are used, whenever possible, for decoration. The fraternity is unique in that it does not disclose the names of its officers. This is just one phase of their concept of secrecy. They feel that this secrecy serves as a bond to unite the members of the fraternity. Another tradition of Delta Psi is that of not allowing the back of their pin to be seen. To protect against this, they are required to wear their pin at all times while they are an active member. One of the highlights of the year is when " The Saints Go Marchin In " is heard at the Delta Psi Spring Formal. The Delta Psi ' s have just recently started a new tradition when they renamed their formal the Saints and Angels Ball. In its years on the campus, Delta Psi has strived to make leaders of its men. To find evidence of their success, one needs only to look at the list of alumni in order to find the names of former Governor Hugh L. White, Representative Will Whittington, and Speaker of the House Walter Sillers. Hank Anglade, Robert W. Barton, James W. Bridges, Jr., H. Fleming, Harry Randolph Garner, Charles Edward Perkins, Thomas Miller Quinn. James M. Allen John C. Carr Carl Davis C. Albert Friedly William P. Gerred G. Y. Gillespie Winn V. Hutchcraft Waite E. Ligon W. P. Mullins Robert N. Pannell Thomas B. Tewfelde Gary D. Weale On December 21, 1865, a group of Confederate soldiers at Washington and Lee in Lexington, Virginia, banded themselves together under the name of Kappa Alpha The founders, under the leadership of James Ward Wood, chose as their flower the rose and as their colors crimson and old gold. Robert E. Lee, the spiritual father, is held in reverence by all KA ' s. The aim of the fraternity was to train young college men to cherish the southern ideal of character by honoring and protecting pure woman- hood, practicing courtesy and self-control and preferring self-respect to ill-gotten gain. Since the time of founding, the Kappa Alpha Order has expanded into over 83 active chapters, all below the Mason-Dixon Line, and has a membership of over 48,000 men. The Alpha Upsilon chapter was established on the of Mississippi campus on January 12, 1900. Since that time the Kappa Alpha ' s have produced leaders in all phases of campus life. Every spring the Kappa Alpha ' s get out their gray and sabers to be in full dress for their Old South Ball, which is one of the highlights of their social calendar. But while waiting for spring, they begin their fun with the Hayseed Party, Beachcomber Party, the Rose Ball and numerous get-togethers at their ante-bellum home. Miss Melinda Stewart . Morris Spivey . Bill Gowan Ed Noble . Ted Barnett Tom Anderson, Charles Alexander, Bob Bailey, josh Ralph Brockman, Harold Burdine, Joe Colingo, Jon Crocker, Otis Crocker, Ed Crump, Russ Dale, George Grayson, Billy Carl Irwin, Jony Jayme, Jim Kendall, Alan Lackey, Ken Lackey, Semmes Luckett, Byrd McIntyre, Alpheus McRae, Buddy Mock, Joe Mosley, Terry Pyron, Charles Bill Seale, Lawson Sheldon, John Shelton, Chester Smith, Mitch ' Ferrel, Bill Trusty, George Vincient, Jerry Vernon, Harry Wilson. Gerald Abraham Ted Addleton Cecil Allred Gordon Altenbern Ted Barnett Toney Baskin Joe Blythe Bob Boling R. E. Chaffin R. L. Chaffin Neal Cirlot Tom Crutcher James Curtin Herbert Dewees Henry Duperior Howard Dyer Doug Everitt John Gill Mack Gorton Bill Gowan Arnold Gwin Fred Haley Harry Herman Reuben Houston Jinx Jennings Cecil Jones Crawford Jones Bob Laird Albert Laws Joe Lotterhos Jack Lowery Jim Martin Billy Martin Hal McClanahan Dan McIntosh Buddy McIntyre Mike McHee Latti Michael John Mortimer Dennis Murphree John Nobel Ed Noble Bill O ' Brien Bobby Owen Bill Parsons Glenn Poole Charles Ray Tom. Ray Garves Rentro Anson Sheldon Ernest Shelton Jimmy Sherrard Newell Simrall Harvey Smallwood Ray Smith. Joe Speed Morris Spivey Dudley Stewart Robert Stockett Harry Strauss Gary Taylor Tommy Thames John Tomlinson Doug Turner Gary Weber Ben Wells Lewis Willburn Clyde Williams Gary Wilson Dick Wilson Robert Witty Fernie Wood Bob Wood KAPPA SIGMA Being founded in Italy at the University of Bologna in 1400, the Kappa Sigs proudly boast that they are " older than the United S tates " —a unique statement for a National fraternity. The fraternity came to the United States from Italy in 1869, and on December 10th of that year the first American chapter was organized at the University of The scarlet, white, and green of Kappa Sigma came to Ole Miss in 1926 and brought the lily of the valley to Delta Xi Chapter. It is now one of 129 chapters em- bracing 45 states and two Canadian provinces. In the thirty-seven years on campus, Kappa Sigma has been important in every activity and is justly proud of its campus reputation of having the best parties. Delta Xi enjoys a well-rounded social whirl each year with their Founders ' Day Banquet, Stardust Ball, Theme Party, Houseparties, and their underprivileged Children ' s Christmas Party. Kappa Sigma embodies the finest tradition of brother- hood and steadfast allegiance, characterized by Jefferson Davis, who in later life became a brother. The chapter has endowed the state and nation with Rhodes Scholars, a governor, and many competent business and professional men. This year the Kappa Sigmas have been busy with the plans for their new home. The Georgian structure will be located on Fraternity Row and will provide a new setting for their various activities. Miss Carol Lowe Dick Schwalje . Robert McGehee Jim Ratliff Jim Backstrom John Arrington, Charles H. Best, Albert Brignac, Allen R. Foster, Joseph Gex, Walter Gex, Bob Gilchrist, Gig Goodenou, Roger Googc, Bo Gordon, James Guyton, Hank Kline, Matt Lauter, Mike McGough, Mack Moore, Hugo Newcombe, Joe Perrault, Dees Redhead, Ronnie Russell, Charles Sessions, Shelby Smith, David Stevenson, Fred Wells, Don Williamson, George Wood. Mickie Adams Bob Albino Harry Alderson Glenn Alderson Herb Alexander William Alias Dick Arnold James Backstrom Fred Belk Stites Bennett David Bogan Burl Boykin Louie Boykin Ronny Brooks Buford Bryant Vernon Buie Bob Bunnell Bobby Carsley Rob Collins Robin Cotton Stanley Cygon Duck Dickson Don Downer Gene Drake Orvis Driskell Ben Edmonson Mack Edmonson Robert Hagler Joe Garrison Joe Bailey Don H all Charlie Henson Jimmy Jackson Lou Johnson Syd Jones Van Kees Jimmy Larroux Swede Lidstrom Robert Magee Dickie Magee Smith McGehee Robert McGehee Brent Nickle Hugh Palmer Lars Phillip Jim Ratliff Joe Roberts Jimmy Robinson Dick Schwalje John Seabold Dale Stogner Tommy Stone William Sturdevant John Tardy Fred Tate Larry Thompson Bill Vaughn Kenneth Walcott Bill Ward Law Jim Ware Ted Ware Jesse Whittle Henry Wigley Jim Willoughby On December 26 Phi Delta Theta completed one hun- dred fourteen years of uninterrupted existence. These years have performed a miracle of growth and achievement far beyond the fondest hopes of the first Phi ' s who gathered around Phi Delta Theta ' s altars. Little did they dream that one day the fraternity ' s chapters would be found in 48 states of the United States, in six provinces of Canada, and in Nova Scotia. The groundwork so carefully laid by the immortal six founders has resulted in 123 active chapters. Since its founding at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1848, more than 80,000 men have signed the Bond of Phi Delta Theta. Besides leading all other fraternities in the number of members selected as Rhodes Scholars and All-American football players, Phi Delta Theta has had prominent in every field of endeaver, including the Presidency of the United States. Since its founding on the Ole Miss in 1877, this chapter has maintained its high standards and produced many leaders at the University. For two consecutive years Mississippi Alpha of Phi Delta Theta was awarded the Founders ' Trophy which is given to the most outstanding Phi chapter in the nation. Selection is based on excellence in scholarship, service, and campus leadership. PDT also excels in social life, and entertains frequently with such events as the Ivy League Weekend, and various " Over the Hump " parties. An annual occasion is the Blue and White formal which is held in the Spring. The Phi Delt ' s claim as their national flower the white carnation. Miss Carolyn Coney . . . . Sydney Smith . Wayne Parker . . . Herbert Rogers Nick Nail Bill Bailey, Raymond Carter, Cary Cocke, Butch Cothern, Jimmy Cox, Kim Curry, Johnny Dement, Mike Dennis, Louis Field, David Fenstermacher, Tommy Garrott, Dick Glaze, Bobby Johnny Green, Louis Guy, David Holcomb, Edwin Holt, Jim Hudgins, Robert Johnson, Fred Kimbrell, Frank McDonald, Walter Merritt, Wayne Parker, Bob Pullen, Gary Roberson, Bobby Robinson, Bill Rutledge, Fred Sandifer, Ed Sisson, Larry Smith, Billy Sumrall, Charlie Swayze, Doug Tillery, Jim Turner, Doug Wills. Jimmy Abbott John Abbott Jake Abdalla Tom Abernethy Johnny Ainsworth Tom Anderson Forman Andry John Armstrong Robert Atkinson Ernie Baker Ford Bell Buddy Bergold Marion Black Len Blackwell John BoIich Billy Callender Mike Carter Woody Dabbs Jimmy Dale Warren Dorsey Tommy Doty George Everett C. A. Ford Henry Frazier Johnny Gammill Martin Gastrell Bill Gautier Jimmy George Steve Glaze J. C. Herring Cliff Hodge Jeff Hollingsworth Mike Horne Fred Hulett Paul Johnson Jerry Jones Johnny Keesee George Keith Fenwick Lewis Lip Lipscomb Johnny Longino Jimmy Love Barry Maddox Jerry Mason Mitch Massey Henry McCaslin Grady McCool Bill McGlathery George McMullan Floyd Melton Tommy Miller Van Moore Torn Morris Bill Mounger Nick Nail Rives Neblett Bobby Nored Bobby Parker Sam Phillips Crymes Pittman Johnny Robertson Herbert Rogers Joe Salloum Tom Shelton Sydney Smith John Snares Cassidy Sumrall Will Thompson John Todd Freddy Travis Dexter Walcott Bill Warfield Bill Williams Howard Williams Allen Yates On the twenty-third of November, 1904, at the College of the City of New York, the founding of Phi Epsilon Pi took place. The Founders established the fraternity with the purpose that the members stress first scholarship then extracurricular activities and fraternity. The organization has grown to its present membership of over 22,000 with 49 active chapters, and 45 alumni associations. With its main offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Phi Eps have chapters in all the leading universities. Alpha Sigma chapter came to Ole Miss on the 16th day of February, 1935, and has been active on the campus for twenty-two years, during which time Phi Ep has given . Maurice Perlstein .. Douglas B. Lewis .. Michael Brucker .... Roy I. Kaplan the University many campus leaders. Doug Lewis, a local Phi Ep, is now serving as Editor-in-chief of OLE MISS, the yearbook. Serving the nation as well as the Ole Miss campus, the Phi Eps claim as members of their fraternity such distinguished national figures as Joseph Altman, Mayor of Atlantic City, and Col. William Friedman, Chief of Army Signal Intelligence Service. Entertaining with various informal parties throughout the year, the Phi Eps highlight their social activities with a " bermud a " party at Rebelee. The Phi Eps ' colors are purple and gold, and the fraternity flower is the white carnation. Michael Brucker Darold Cohen Nathan Fisher David Grishman Roy Kaplan Doug Lewis Maurice Perlstein Wesley Rozolsky Marvin Smith Tommy Zivitz Phi Kappa Psi was founded at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania in 1852. Mississippi Alpha was established five years later, making the Phi Psi ' s one of the first at Ole Miss. The colors of the fraternity are Cardinal Red and Hunter Green, and the flower is the Jacqueminot Rose. There are sixty-two chapters throughout the United States joined together under the shield of Phi Kappa Psi. Activities on campus are not limited to the fraternity itself. The brothers take part in Dixie Week, Homecoming, Rebelee, student government, and other phases of campus life. A true sign that Phi Psi ' s are proud of their " Noble Fraternity " is shown at Christmas when the chapter helps to provide a bit of the Season ' s cheer for those less fortunate. The Phi Kappa Psi ' s at Ole Miss add to their college life by staging a number of informal parties and dances as well as the annual Jacqueminot Ball in the Spring. Realizing that all play makes a poor student, the Phi Psi ' s promote better scholarship among their members. Phi Kappa Psi has provided many leaders in government, commerce, sports, and the arts. The boys point with pride to Woodrow Wilson, who embodied the ideals of the Mississippi Alpha, after being in the Magnolia State over a century, has alumni in all sections of the state. Miss Virginia Hill . . . . Jimmy Dedeaux . Murrah Herndon . . . ..... Mike Biggs . . . . Brad Harrington Roger Fawcett, Paul Purnell, John Spence, Dwight Young. R. E. Branch, Ronnie Chamberlin, Marvin Cole, Billy Crockett, Gary Dye, Art Eidman, Richard Evers, Bill Flautt, Don Hamachek, Hugh Haralson, John Hudson, Billy Kirby, Vic Laurent, J. D. Lobue, Buddy Long, Harvey McCrosky, Don McNeely, Joe Bob Neill, W illiam Phillips, Bill Rogers, Pick Scruggs, Rowan Thompson, Frank Thornhill, Johnny Walker, George Abraham Christian Allenburger Jack Barnett Michael Biggs Fred Bourn Richard Brock Frank Bruce Don Buck Gary Buckler James Caldwell William Chatham Marty Cook David Crawley John Daniel Jimmy Dedeaux Marlin Dellinger George DuBois Scott Ely George Green William Greenwell Alan Hansen Brad Harrington Conley Hae Berlin Murrah Herndon Vick Hill Lloyd Hogue William Hopper John Jabour Herbert Jameson James Madson Roy McMillan John Mhoon Edward Mulhauser Edward Naro John Oswald Walter Palmer Reginald Palmore George Petering Andrew Prince Hillrie Quin Jimmie Reed Albert Rogero Sandy Schurtz Bernard Shipp Harold Sloas Nicholas Tableriou Richard Theilker Dexter Thompson Mac Whitaker Johnny Wright The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded on March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, by a group of six Confederate veterans. These men bound themselves together in a common cause with a comradeship cemented by the rigors of war and mutual devotion. Since that time Pi Kappa Alpha has steadily in- creased its membership and is now one of the five largest fraternities in the United States. The chapter on the Ole Miss campus was founded in 1927. Garnet and gold are the colors that were chosen by the six founders who also chose the lily of the valley as the fraternity flower. To insure that its members do not forget the primary aim of a social fraternity, the Gamma Iota chapter has its annual Dream Girl Ball at which they announce the identity of their sweetheart, the Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. Other parties for which they are well-known on the campus are the date suppers, informal dances, and parties for the Tri-Delts, their little sisters. The Pikes are vitally interested in school affairs, which is demonstrated by the fact that there is no position of leadership on the campus which a member of this has not filled at one time. A highly regarded member of the fraternity system, Pi Kappa Alpha is a solidly estab- lished brotherhood, with strong chapters in the best colleges and universities throughout the land. John R. Gunter Bill F. Bullock . . . Howard R. Hinds Arthur E. Ray George Alexander Fred Anderson John Blackledge Bill Brittingham Cecil Brown John Bryan Bill Bullock Dudley Carter Jerry Center Thad Cothran Tommy Eddy Graig Ranny Cross Robert Crowell Bill Dalehite Ted Dame Ray Earls Dean Gebhart Bob Gentry John Gunter Hardy Graham Bob Hamill Bill Haralson Joe Hartley Henry Haynes Paul Haynes James Herndon Howard Hinds Jon Hinson Homer Horton Sonny Huff Jake Hurdle Bill Ingram Ronny James Jimmy P. Johnson Jimmy Johnson Mendal Kemp Buck Ladner Robert E. Lee Garner Lester Bill Lovett Chester Marshall John Maxwell Al Meador Arthur McIntosh Ted Millice Jody Monsour Johnny Moss Munson Neyband Phil Patterson Bruce Payne Al Povall Bill Profilet Eustice Raines Arthur Ray John Ross Semmes Ross Dave Smith Bill Shoemaker Mike Showah Logan Slaughter Mike Taylor Tate Thigpen Dave Thomas Dick Todd Bob Weatherly Eddie White James Whitten Steve Wilkes David Wilson Hal Windham Hal Yoste Ralph Young Whaley Hall The first Southern fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama by a group of eight close confederates. Since that time it has grown to be the largest national college fraternity in the United States. SAE is noted for fostering the Council, establishing the first national leadership headquarters building, Levere Memorial Temple at Illinois. Gamma chapter was established at Ole Miss in 1866, by L. Q. C. Lamar. Since that time SAE ' s have always repre- sented Ole Miss in scholarship, leadership, and character. In just about every phase of campus life you are sure to find at least one, maybe several, SAE ' s. Purple and gold are the fraternity colors, and their song boasts of the fraternity flowers, violets. Despite all of the paint and blasting, Minerva ' s faithful attendents, the lions, are still perched on the SAE lawn looking solemn and unfazed. It has been rumored that the SAE ' s have parties, but no one is quite certain whether they are planned or just spontaneous outbursts celebrating the removal of an- other coat of paint. Every year the SAE ' s can be heard chanting " We ' ve all been workin ' on the chain gang " as they all don their stripes for the annual convict party. In the spring the cell mates become shipmates for the Shipwreck Party. ...Kim Johnson Roberson ..Terrol Varner ....Nick Hooke Jeppie Barbour, Jimmy Bennett, Watt Daniel, Tommy Ford, Charles Fraley, Lonnie Frazier, Tully Hall, Guy Harrell, William Hough, David Hurt, Lewis Lanier, James Dent May, Jim McCormick, Jerry Nations, Dannis Ray, David Sanders, Gwin Scott, Murray Stucker, Don Wiley. Hirsc hel Abbott Phil Armor Jimmy Baker Eddie Baker Butch Bond Andrew Branscome Cleve Brown. Jeff Burnham Bob Carpenter Nelson Cauthen Nick Chandler Bob Collins Wert Cooper Dub Crum Kenneth Daniel Kenny Dill Sledge Floyd Mike Foose Gene Foote Ronnie Franklin Benji Gaines Tony Gaines Charles Graeber Raner Graeber A. W. Greer Bill Hart Hudie Hawkins Durwood Herbert Franklin Holmes Miller Holmes Buddy Holmes Nick Hooke Charles Hooker Bill Hope Ed Howsam Frank Hunger Kim Johnson Don Jones Paul Jones Jerry Keenan Bill Lane Joe Lanoux Nat Lea Hugh Love Albert Linn Mo Mallette Tex Mason Ralph Mayfield Larry Megel John Metz Jerry Mills Gid Montjoy Jim Morgan Chuck Nelms Charles Nelson Connie Olson Clyde Owen Sans Owen Ben Pettis Jim Price Hill Roberson John Robilio Bill Sampson Jay Schwabe David Segrest Ronnie Larry Smith Ralph Smith Lloyd Spivy Jim. Sumner Sherman Swalm Ferrell Varner Ken Wallace Curtis Wilkie Ed Wilson Bill Young The founding of Sigma Chi Fraternity took place at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, during June, 1855. Sigma Chi was the third fraternity to be founded at Miami and completed at the famous " Miami Triad. " The fraternity was founded by seven men from different walks of life with different personalities, yet having the same high ideals. Since that humble beginning, one hundred and seven years ago, Sigma Chi, like its founders, has risen to success in many fields of endeavor. The Constantine Chapter of Sigma Chi was formed during the late part of the Civil War to perpetuate the fraternity in the South. This chapter has served as a model for chapters formed all over the world in times of war by many fraternities. Eta chapter, one of Sigma Chi ' s greatest, was estab- lished at the University in 1857, and since that time, has consistently produced its share of leaders in every phase of campus life. On the national scene are many well-known alumni, such as the award-winning creator of Steve Canyon, Milton Caniff. Sigma Chis also point with pride to Walter Schirra who piloted his Sigma Seven, named for the fraternity, around the globe four times. The men of Sigma Chi enjoy a gala social season high- lighted by such parties as the Redneck and Suppressed parties. They end the year with the Sweetheart Ball which is decorated with their colors of blue and gold and with their flower, the white rose. Miss Nancy Ann Kincade ... Jimmy Russell Bob Black . Richard Darnell .. Robert Jackson Bill Adams, Walter Aldridge, Bill Allen, Jimmy Bailey, Howard Brown, Phil Burnett, Johnny Castle, William Denton, Eddie Dunn, Frank Harrington, David Houston, Ernest Howard, James Long, Mike Mallory, John Maxey, Phillip Novle, Edwin Perry, Lent Rice, Freddy Roberts, Gorman Schaffer, Kenneth Smith, Tony Thaxton, George Vickery, Kenneth Williams. Jan Adelman Olen Akers Jerry Allen Mike Baker Jimmy Barksdale John Ward Barnes Marshall Bennett Bob Black Tommy Blue Jim Bomboy Ken Boone Lynn Boyer Johnny Bryan Richie Bryan Mike Cassidy Tommy Castle Don Chancellor Printess Charles Richard Clark Travis Clark Tom Cleveland Jimmy Cockrell Tom Coleman Fred Cribbs Tommy Cribbs Larry Cunningham Richard Darnell Paul Dent Ed Diket John Doggett Jim Draughn Bill Eckhardt Jimmy Estes Dave Forrester Mike Galyean Johnny Gary Wes Godwin Glen Grantham Dicky Guyton David Guyton Joel Hayden Bo Haywood Anthony Herrera Larry Higginbotham Jim Hitchcock Rayford Hudson Da n Hughes Braxter Irby Robert Jackson Gray Jackson Hal Jennings John D. Johnson Larry Johnson Russell Johnson G. N. Jones Jack Jones Jimmy Jones Hamp Jones Lee Jordan Hillard Jordan Jack Jordan Johnny Kinard Pat Kincade Tommy Lamar Billy Lamb Tommy Lamb Horace Lester Troy Mashburn Jake McInnis Alex McKeigney Tommy McNeese Charlie Merkel Tony Montgomery Robert Montjoy Rook Moore Roger Moore Bubba Morris Dick Neely Mike Nelson Nicky Nicols Dicky Nowell Parkerson Charlie Pendleton Tommy Prince Bobby Regan Tommy Rice Jim Rogers Tommy Rogers Bill Rogers Jimmy Russell Mickey Ryan Benny Smith Hubert Stephens Buck Stevens Rusty Sykes Landy Teller James Thaxton Buck Trimble David Vickery Barry Vickery Lucian Wadlington Bill Wardlaw David Wells Jo Jo Wilkins Kuhl Wolfe Bobby Worsham Billy Yates Bobby Yelverton Sigma Nu, originally known as the Legion of Honor, was founded January 1, 1869, at the Virginia Military Institute. Since its founding, Sigma Nu has grown into one of the nation ' s leading social fraternities with 127 chapters in 46 states and Canada, and a membership of over 70,000 brot hers united for the perpetuation of its fine purposes. Certainly fundamental in its growth are the aims which are expressed in the Sigma Nu Creed, " To believe in the life of love, to walk in the way of honor, to serve in the light of truth, this is the life, the way, the light of Sigma Nu. ... " Epsilon Xi chapter received its charter in 1927, and has enjoyed a very active life on the University campus since that time. Distinguished alumni include George Healey, Editor of the Times Picayune; George Payne Cossar, House of Representatives; and Baxter Wilson, of the Mississippi Power and Light Company. The many trophies held by the men of Sigma Nu show their prominence and participation in intramural and out- side activities. Also, the well-known Sigma Nu school spirit is unequalled by any other group. They have one of the largest, newest houses on the campus, equipped with an indoor swimming pool which is the envy of all the men. The " Snakes " enjoy an interesting variety of parties in- cluding their Roaring Twenties, Redneck, and parties, and the traditional White Star Ball, at which they proudly display their colors of gold, black, and white, and their flower, the white rose. Miss Bridget Maloney ....Trent Lott Jim Rueff ....Lane Allen . Jimmy Davis Guff Abbott, Charles Ballard, Johnny Barnett, Jimmy Bennett, Billy Brown, Marshall Criss, Charlie Elliott, Bob Galloway, Paul Klotz, Dale Lane, Dick Newman, Jimmy Petty, Bobby Price, Robert Earl Siedell, James Spear, Steve Swalm, Alan Tidwell, Bill Trahan, Steve Walker. Dick Adams Lane Allen Johnny Barnett Eddie Barnett Steve Beach Jim Bishop John Bounds Rees Bowen Sonny Boykin Dudley Bridgforth Sonny Brown Toni Brown Hume Bryant Johnny Carson Jesse Chase Gerald Chatham Robert Churchill Richard Clinton Allen Cobb Jimmy Coggin Tommy Corner Billy Cook John Corlew Tommy Crowson Randy Crumbley Johnny Dale Jimmy Davis John Davis Don Deline Jerry Dumas Bill Dunavant Bobby Edwards Guy Enchelmayer Joe Ezell John Farese Sonny Fli nn Carroll Flowes Bobby Foshee Bob Fulton Eddie Gaines Dewey Garner Dale Gibson Dobie Gillis Bobby Gramling Jule Griffith John Guttery William Hamill Gyln Hanberry John Hanberry Larry Hardy Jimmy Hawkins Wallace Reggie Mike Herrington David Hicks Don Hinton Mike Hodgson Larry Hollis Guy Hovis Robin Howard Frank Irby Roger Johnson Jimmy Jones Chester Kern Bob Kerr Donnie Kessinger Dinky Knight Willard Lape Andy Lawhorn George Lester Gordy Long Trent Lott Louis Lyons Dick Marchbanks Donnie Martin Bobby Mays Bubba McArthur Rich McDavitt Tommy McGar Mac McGee Joe Mellon Bobby Mellon Ray Mitchell Phillip Morris Larry Morris Chris Neal Buddy Nichols William Ogletree Jim O ' Neal Alan Parker Allen Pepper Richie Perkins Alton Phillips David Presley Bernard Puckett Stewart Ramsay Donnie Riley Gaylen Roberts Lloyd Roberts Jim Rueff Jack Simpson Robert Smith Witt Smith Ed Snyder Steve Stevenson Hardin Tate Champ Turney George Tomlinson Mike Wade Greg Waldo Billy Walker Tommy Walman Tom Watkins Jim Wheeler Dicky Wilcox David Wilson Sixty-two years ago at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia, twelve divinity students met once a week to share each other ' s company. From this brotherhood grew Sigma Phi Epsilon—The Fraternity with the Heart. " Brotherhood is free and begins and ends with the Heart; we enjoy a true brotherhood. " To develop the whole man is the goal they strive for, to make him a wholesome addition to society. Sigma Phi Epsilon achieves this by working closely with the Univer- sity and filling the social and spiritual needs of each member. The chapter is presently enjoying its thirty-fifth year at Ole Miss. It was installed on this campus in 1928 and in the subsequent years has graduated many important Among them are numerous national figures: legislators, planters, authors, educators, lawyers, and leaders in every field. Sigma Phi Epsilon is now the second-largest fraternity in the United States in number of chapters. There are 149 undergraduate chapters located in 45 of the states. Colors of the Sigma Phi Epsilons are purple and red; their flowers are violets and American Beauty Roses, which they display at the annual Queen of Hearts Ball held in the Spring. Other big social occasions are the French Apache, and Country parties. The Sigma Phi Epsilons serve the community and at the same time delight youngsters ' hearts with a Christmas Party for Underprivileged Children. Miss Nancy Vardaman .. Herbert M. Frackenpohl John W. Richardson Michael Zalcusky Elzey Joe Arledge Joe Arledge, William Averill. Cecil Cox, James Crook, Russell Gilley, Richard Farrell, Cecil Farrior, Roger Fitzgibbons, Norvin Forester, Victor Fortinberry, Harris Jones, Raymond King, Ben Mistilis, Michael Noble, Dixon Pyles, Louis Ragusa, John Richardson, Eddie Robertson, Larry Thompson, James Vardaman, Douglas Whitenton. John Ashcraft Jerry Blount Douglas Bosse David Bradley James Brown Milt Brown Michael Crestman Curtis Coker Robert Davis Raymond Drew Gene Edgeworth Herbert Frackenpohl Douglas Friend Onyx Garner Floyd Groves David Henry Julius Lotterhos Ken Mayhall John Maynard Kachy Melikian John Menz Floyd Moore William Nicholas Thomas Null Pat Raborn William Rawlings George Rigby Robert Thorne Edmund Walker Thomas Wilson Joseph Winston Michael Zalocusky Four students at Vincennes University, Vincennes, met on February 26, 1897, and founded Sigma Pi Fraternity. The objectives of Sigma Pi are to establish a brotherhood of, and for, college men; to promote scholar- ship; to advance truth and justice; to diffuse culture; and to encourage chivalry among men. Through a well-balanced program of social events and many other activities, Sigma Pi aims to make for better citizenship, prepare its members to cope with the problems of life, and instill within them an appreciation of life ' s real values. The Sigma Pi badge, symbolic in all respects, is a Greek cross of gold, bearing a raised oval of blue enamel with an emerald at its center between the Greek letters for Sigma and Pi. The arms of the Sigma Pi Greek-cross badge dis- play respectively a scroll, a balance, a wreath, and ten stars arranged as a triangle. The pledge button is purple, shaped like a shield, and bears a white Greek cross. National recognition seems to be one of Sigma Pi ' s no- table characteristics. A man such as Will Kipling, a well- known news correspondent in Washington, D.C., proves that Sigma Pi men are outstanding in all walks of life. Not forgetting their obligations to their fellow man, the Sigma Pi ' s through their service projects have become known as " big brothers " to local under- privileged children. To add a special lilt to their festive social events, the ten-year-old Beta Gamma Chapter engages in an Orchid Ball and a Shipwreck party. Their colors are lavendar and white, and the flower is the lavendar orchid. Miss Donna. Ruth Else ...Larry T. Rogers Roger T. King .. William J. Palmer .... Craig H. White Ronald Arbogast, Robert Broome, Chrisman Denton, John Hill, Paul Kersetter, Arthur Kramer, Guy Kraus, Tom May, Clair Miller, Terry Phillips, Robert Regalbuto, Charles Riter, John Thomas, Martin Wilson, Frank Worner. William Albert William Brumbaugh Allen W. Fredd, Jr. Robert M. Gannon Joseph H. Gough James M. Irland, Jr. John N. Kamman, Jr. Roger T. King O. Vernon Lewis William J. Palmer William (Dub) Pate Larry T. Rogers Charles Riter Guy A. Ward Bruce L. Whyte Craig H. Witte Phi Kappa Theta became the new national Catholic fraternity in September of 1958 by the merging of two smaller fraternities, Theta Kappa Phi and Phi Kappa. In May of 1959 this chapter, formerly Theta Kappa Phi, proudly assumed the name of Mississippi Chi of Phi Kappa Theta. In 1951, this chapter was established on the campus of the University of Mississippi. Since its foundation date, Chi has endeavored to provide a complete education for the Catholic university man by offering an organized spiritual, scholastic, and social life to its members. In accordance with the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity spirit, each member tries always to manifest a public spirit and lively interest in all that concerns the life and welfare of the school. Phi Kappa Theta ' s official flower is the red rose and its colors are red, gold, and cardinal purple. Miss Marsha Campbell Patrick Pasco . Rudolph Roy ... . Patrick De Jean . . Robert Rosser . First Row: Robert Connelly, Patrick De Jean, George Ferry, Gerald Foster. Second Row: Joseph Franceschi, James Frank, David Gray, Ronald Hanna. Third Row: Robert Madeo, Thomas McRay, Robert Palma, Patrick Pasco. Fourth Row: Franklin Renault, Rudolph Roy. Not Pictured: Robert Rosser. This organization is composed of two pledges from each fraternity. These representatives are selected by their individual pledge classes and serve for the entire year. The council is also composed of two representatives from the Senior Inter-Fraternity Council who are elected to serve as advisors of Junior IFC for organizational purposes. The purpose of the Junior Council is to instill in its the principles of the fraternity system. In doing this, the representatives may give to their individual fraternities an in- centive to improve standards, thereby cultivating a better environment where manhood may flourish. The council also acts as a service organization, carrying out projects designated by the Senior Inter- Fraternity Council. Jess White Beta Theta Pi Allen Yates Phi Delta Theta Ben Mistilis Sigma Phi Epsilon Mike Chrestman Sigma Phi Epsilon First Row: Cecil Brown, Mike Chrestman, Sandy Cohen, Don Donner. Second Row: Gerald Foster, Albert Friedly, Alan Hansen, Anthony Herrero. Third Row: Don Jones, Ed Ligon, Ken Mayhall, Ed Mulhauser. Fourth Row: Bob Palma, Jim Sumner, Bill Tingle, Pascal Fifth Row: Jesse White, Bruce Whyte, Allen Yates. Not Pictured: Bill Bolri, E. F. Easley, Dice Lennis, Buddy Long, Jim Martin, John Maxey, Ben Mistilis, Hugo Newcomb, Charlie Scott, R. P. Thunderbuck, Doug Wills. Alpha Delta Pi, as the first secret sisterhood for college women, celebrated its 100th anniversary of founding in 1951. Appropriately enough, the sorority had its birthplace at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, oldest women ' s college in the world, and the first of such institu- tions to grant academic degrees to women. From the day of its founding the sorority has been bound by t he that only girls could be taken into the membership who " may commend themselves for their intellectual and moral worth, dignity of character, and propriety of deportment. " Delta Sigma of Alpha Delta Pi came to the Ole Miss campus in 1960, and has made such progress since that time. They are proud of the fact that they, as members of a new chapter, are having the privilege of building the foundation on which other chapters will be established. Alpha Delta Pi has 105 collegiate chapters in leading colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada, and its total membership makes it one of the largest sororities in the National Pan-Hellenic. With headquarters now in Hefley Hall, the ADPi ' s are planning the construction of a chapter home in the very near future. Alpha Delta Pi ' s colors are blue and white, its flower is the violet, and its pin is diamond-shaped and bears clasped hands. Carolyn Kerr Linda Little . . . Beverly Robinson Lana Arthur Nancy Blackwell, Gary Lee Buffington, Lynn Cunningham, Fran Harness, Nancy Harris, Linda. Kite, Malinda Lowe, Prather Rona Rhine. Marlene Aldridge Virna Ruth Alexander Lana Arthur Ann Ballard Brenda Barbee Sigred Beck Jill Brasfield Judy Brecht Dotty Butler Julia Caldwell Becky Carson Barbara Cole Patty Dekreek Linda Dunn Carolyn Flowers Gail Ford Patty Godwin Kathy Hill Virginia Hill Karla Hubbard Nancy Ingle Janet Jobe Barbara Kalif Alva Lynn Kelley Margaret Kenney Carolyn Kerr Lili Kline Pat Lane Linda Little Kathy MacDonald Queedy Marshall Linda McCormick Judy McDonald Sharron McGonagill Phyllis McIntire Joan McMillan Bettye Mitchell Connie Monson Honey Neill Chunky Paschall Wanda Price Tanya Prichard Gail Prichard Jackie Ramsey Beverly Robinson Dianne Shaffer Julie Smith Joan Travers Toni Tuyt Lou Don Vigour Connie Sue Young On January 2, 1897, Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College of Columbia University, New York, by four college women. There are now 84 chapters which honor a Jacqueminot rose as their flower and cardinal red as their color. The sorority jewel is the ruby and the flag is a cardinal banner with the white letters A 0 Pi. The AOPi ' s are the only sorority that has entirely Greek symbolism. The colony was established on the campus in 1957 and was installed as the first chapter in Mississippi in 1958. The AOPi ' s have been busy establishing their standards in scholarship, character, integrity, and active campus participation. Their Rose Tea during rush begins the year of social activities which includes date suppers, record parties, spring picnics, and the Rose Ball. These many get-togethers all go toward instilling a closer feeling of friendship and loyalty among the girls of AOPi. In 1931, AOPi voted to support a social service depart- ment of the Frontier Nursing Service as a unified National Philanthropic Service. Locally, the AOPi ' s extend the philanthropy services by having a Christmas Party and Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children. Nu Beta chapter, now residing in Ricks Dormitory, is anxiously awaiting the completion of their permanent residence. The modern structure, which will be completed this year, will be the first home on the new sorority row and will house between 45 and 50 girls. Kay Brown .. Karen Dawson . . . . Linda Farris . . . . Belinda Hill Mary Ann Burks, Joni Chapman, Susan Cooley, Michelle Cooper, Sherry Ferrell, Pat Keister, Susie McGee, Polly Morrison, Shelia Stone, Martha Tate, Sandra Tribble. Najean Attebery Dixie Austin Pat Baker Betty Bardon Betty Barrett Sondra Beaver Alice Bellshot Melaine Bernard Dale Blair Judi Boney Ann Bramwell Kaye Brown Peggy Bynum Linda Caldwell Mary Cayce Joan Chapman Babs Chittom Ann Clark Anna Cox Mary Claire Cox Sammye Cox Mary Jim Cunningham Karen Dawson Sherry Donald Mary Driver Pat Ellison Martha Ellen Evans Linda Farris Charlotte Flynt Anne Ford Alice Ann Garner Carol Giffen Phyllis Grant Sharon Green Dolores Haig Linda Lee Harpole Hazel Harris Betsy Harper Henrich Belinda Hill Mildred Ingram Linda Ingrassia Linda Jacobs Martha Kerr Mary Anne Klenner Gutrude Klenner Jean Ann Lack Pamela Ann Leach Treva Anne Leggett Carol Lowe Lynn May Melle Mcllwaine Jane Miller Carla Mitchell Bobbie Murphy Beth Needham Cindy Payne Martha Phillips Rosemary Pierce Jerry Riggs Mary Robertson Patsy Robison Patsy Robinson Patsy Swinney Jane Taylor Kay Williams Ann Wilson Chi Omega was organized at the University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895, by five women students. They were assisted in planning their organization by Dr. Charles Richardson, Kappa Sigma, who, in consideration of this service, was made the sole honorary member. From the beginning, its membership has grown to include now over 80,000 women, the largest membership of any national sorority. Under strong national leadership, Chi Omega has spread through- out the country and recently installed its one-hundred- thirty-second active chapter. The underlying principles of Chi Omega ' s development are that it is a group of friends at the college level of that such a group stimulates creative abilities upon which the quality of a civilization depends; that such a group must aid in the preservation of the freedoms to the development of the individual; but that such individuals should balance intelligence by experience in the social setting of a group of friends. Along the party lines the Chi O ' s entertain with Banquets, Christmas parties, slumber parties, an formal, and numerous date suppers. They are also busy with plans for a new chapter house which is to be completed by the beginning of the ' 63 school year. The ideals of scholarship and service are held high, and Chi Omegas are justly proud of their members who have distinguished themselves in both campus and public life. The colors of cardinal and straw and the white carnation are familiar to all who wear the X-and-Horseshoe pin. Lucille Logino Sibyl McRae . Martha Hamilton . Margaret Countiss Beth Beall, Moppy Braden, Maggie Dew, Lucy Gerhart, Rose Koehler, Bryce Moore, Sandra Neely, Chuckles Parsons, Jane Peligren, Priscilla Perry, Gail Taylor, Betty Van Whittington, Wanda Wilkinson, Llewellyn Wood. Ann Archer Gen Barbour Julia Bell Ann Biles Marianna Black Jane Blackwell Sandy Bowen Sandra Bowles Malvina Bridges Mary Brister Ann Brock Jean Brockman Suzanne Brown Kitty Bryan Alexis Busby Allen Butler Barbara Butler Keturah Butler Boo Butler Amelia Carothers Susan Carruth Claudia Clark Rose Clayton Dot-t Coco Margaret Countiss Gigi Davis Linda Dilworth Caroline Easterby Stewart Fair Lady Margaret Fyfe Banky Godbold Susan Goza Martha Hamilton Janet Hamilton Sue Ellen Haber Jeanie Hobby Jerri Jeter Claudia Johnson Mimi Jones Stephanie Jordy Jan Keaton Judy Keenan Lynn Kerr Mary Louise King Linda Lackey Mary Ladner Marie Lipscomb Lucille Longino Amelia Loper Edna Lott Jan Maddox Carole McKeown Nickie McLaurin Kim McLean Gage McLendon Sibyl McRae Marjorie Moore Patsy Mullin Gan Nelson Judy Nelson Dotty Nichols Marty Nichols Tab Ogden Patty Palmer Melissa Pendleton Maria Powers Betty Pulliam Lucy Radcliff Merry Rea Carey Rivenbark Ann Rogers Sandra Ross Sylvia Ross Freddie Sandidge Lee Scott Lynn Scott Joanne Shaddock Jo Anne Shirley Anne Sullivant Caroline Taylor Judith Thompson Vance Thompson Anne Tomlinson Miriam Wilson Roberta Wilson Jean Wood In 1904 Chi chapter of Delta Delta Delta was established on the Ole Miss campus. The cresent moon and stars with the colors silver, gold, and blue were selected by the found- ers at Boston University in 1888. Since its founding Tri Delta has expanded into one of the largest of the 31 Panhellenic groups, with 105 chapters in the United States and Canada, and a membership of over 65,000 young women. The three D ' s in Tri Delt seem to have been the charm for Chi chapter. Or perhaps it is their sheer ingenuity and true sisterhood which have put them among the tops on Sorority row. The Tri Deltas are active and, as their honors prove, successful in every phase of campus life. The coeds start off the year by entertaining rushees with a Kiddie Party. Founders Day is celebrated during the Thanksgiving season and the Pine Party is enjoyed at Christmas. In the spring, alumnae return for the Pansy Breakfast, and the annual spring formal highlights the year ' s social activities. Delta Delta Delta is a sorority devoted to the principles of friendship, love, and sisterhood. Membership in Tri Delta carries with it the joy of high endeavor, and the pleasure of close associations which result in lifelong friendships. Gerry Gooch . . . . Helene Haskins ... Charleen Deaton .. Priscilla Martinier Linda Brown, Jan Davis, Charleen Deaton, Margaret Holmes, Nancy Ann Kincade, Mary Morehead, Pam Morrison, Adele McGowan, Susan Ottarson, Val Powell, Suzie Rau, Toni Roberson, Sandra Scarbrough, Mary Joy Solomon, Mary Kennon Thetford, Corinne Wiggins, Judy Williams. M. R. Abernethy Phyllis L. Acree Ethelyn Ames G. Anderson S. R. Armour J. J. Bigger C. A. Biglane E. D. Binford E. W. Burkitt R. Burns S. K. Burns K. S. Bush B. J. Butler B. J. Cannon C. W. Chapman J. L. Clinton C. Cole M. P. Crull S. Davidson J. E. Downer H. F. Dunn K. D. Fleming S. L. Frasser S. E. Furr L. M. Gardner C. W. Gooch B. J. Gorin P. M. Grant M. L. Gray S. Haley M. N. Hall H. L. Haskins J. L. Hemphill L. Hitt L. J. Humber M. D. Johnson A. Jones D. D. Jones S. E. Kimbrough K. D. Kipp E. M. Kroell M. Laberge M. S. Lickfold V. A. Love R. Manning P. B. Martiniere M. S. May L. L. Maynard V. McGugin M. R. Montgomery L. Moore P. Moore V. Mounger C. Newman H. Odom G. Ott L. L. Payne R. Phyfer J. Puckett M. Robbins L. Ruble S. Sanders W. Skipper M. Stewart D. Still P. Strauss M. Sullivan R. Taylor E. Terrell C. G. Trabue S. Trapp C. Y. Vaughn. J. Vaughn C. B. Walden M. L. Wall M. G. Walker T. M. Weaks R. Wilkerson M. Wilson M. L. Yarbrough In Oxford at the Lewis School in January, 1874, Delta Gamma was originally founded. The Alpha Psi chapter at Ole Miss was established in 1936. Delta Gammas every- where honor the cream-colored rose and wear the colors of bronze, pink, and blue. The fraternity has now expanded so that it includes 90 college chapters, 249 alumnae groups, and a total membership of 52,000 women. One of the out- standing features of the Ole Miss Delta Gamma Chapter is the Memorial House, which was dedicated to the Founders in 1938. Since then its size has been increased and a room added as a special memorial to the Founders. The Delta Gammas start off their social activities when they entertain the rushees with a Dreamland Party. the rest of the year, entertainment is provided with affairs such as date suppers, open houses, the annual Christmas dinner for campus hostesses, and the Christmas Dance. On March 15, the Delta Gammas celebrate Founder ' s Day with a banquet and group church attendance. the Delta Gammas have their Silver Tea, benefits from which are given to their foundation for Sight and Aid to the Blind. The girls who wear the golden anchor know that the true meaning of Delta Gamma runs far deeper than appearance. Delta Gamma is a sisterhood, bound closely together by ties of love and faith. That is the memory that lingers when college has ended. Kay Johnson Dottie Akin Ann Carr Porter . Bettye Carolyn Durrett Sally Brost, Glenda Brown, Barbara French, Kit Wheeler. Dotty K. Akin Pat Allen Caroly Anderson Carol Beguette Diane Bird Cheryl Bobbitt Marilyn Booth Sara Knox Bramtette Amanda Brown Kay Browning Susie Burgdorff Frances Burnett Sissy Cannady Judy Carringdon Heath Carter Carol Anne Chancellor Kay Chancellor Lynn Cook Judy Coursey Nancy Coursey Jane Crenshaw Pauline Darrington Suson Devall Ann Dossett Betty Carolyn Durrett Kitty English Mary Dana Faulk Camill Faure Sally Feemster Anne Fingle Rea Ford Lee Pryor Foster Becky Fowler Nancy Fredrickson Gayle Garth Tina Gates Sybil Gibbins Mary Jane Gilluly Martha Hill Goodman Linda Grant Clark Hairston Julia Hamilton Barbara Harmon Marilyn Harris Beverly Hildreth Lyn Hopkins Jessie Humphreys Kay Johnson Sidney Johnston Cassandra Jones Judy Josephson Kay Kasten Judy Klaus Diane Klyce Becky Lane Betty Sue Larkin Dicki Lee Betty Boyd Leonard Marianna Littlejohn Bridget Maloney Dannie Maxey Lorann Mays Ann McCully Lynn McCaa Carolyn McElwain Tippy Moody Betsy Murphy Diane Naff Susan Neely Kay Nix Cathy Noah Ann Paine Nancy Pierce Ann Carr Porter Carol Porter Mary Ratcliff Patty Ray Becky Reed Jimmie Pet Rieves Marie Ritchie Nancy Roberson Sara Frances Russell Elizabeth Seay Kitty Simpson Dianna Steijen Linda Lu Stone Bissy Thimmes Hicky Wallace Ann Waller Eleanor Watts Carla Weesner Becky Wilson Sally Wilson Nancy Wroten Four young college women at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, founded Kappa Delta on October 23, 1897. Today there are 100 chapters which hold in the white rose and the colors emerald and pearl white. The four primary objectives of Kappa Delta are sisterhood, scholarship, social interest, and service. These have been expanded and strengthened by many thousands of loyal college women who have formed their closest ties within its bonds and found self-expression in building its In the close relationships between Kappa Delta members and pledges today, they strive to meet sisterhood and scholarship ideals. Social activities are an important part of Kappa Delta. These girls entertain with date suppers, pledge parties, and informal dances. Most important, however, are the Spring Formal, Founders Day Banquet, and White Rose Banquet. Since 1921, National Kappa Delta has done extensive philanthropic service. Especially important is the help given to the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. On the local level Kappa Delta has done many social projects such as having a Christmas Party for under- privileged children and also sending a child to kindergarten each year. A Kappa Delta Lady is a composite of widely varying interests and talents in her attempt to strive for " that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " KD ' s are found in all religious, scholastic, and honorary organizations. Hardy Bays . . Peggy Keady . . . Sylvia Bradley Sylvia Dame Patsy Butler, Susie Davis, Dede Fisher, Rachael Fuller, Laura Haynes, Joy Hovis, Kay Jones, Peggy Keady, Suzanne Lamar, Scarlotte Morgan, Rosalyn Moser, Judy Penn, Libby Roe, Jo Carole Rogers, Marlene Wilson, Leslie Wilsford, Melinda Wise. Mary Adams Julia Bailey Elsie Tyler Ball Mary Ann Barr Hardy Bays Linda Bowling Sylvia Bradley Lucy Burt Marion Butler Cathy Caldwell Ann Dow Caruthers Martha Ann Chadwick Carolyn. Coney Diane Conner Alice Daly Sylvia Dame Jane Dollahite Penny Dunaway Sister Etheridge Patsy Fisher Harolyn Ford Alice French Janice Gibson Anne Graham Stephanie Gratz Sue Griffin Sandra Hale Kathy Hamberlin Harriet Harper Jan Harris Anne Hart Rose Ann Harwood Sandra Hawk Cherry Haynie Laurie Hearin Mary Hewes Dixie Hickman Karen Hoellen Ann Jackson Elizabeth Judge Judy Judge Susan Kees Karol Jean Keye Patty King Betty Lamar Rose Mary Latimer Gail Livingston Dianne Luster Bea Mackey Jenny Mann Butchie Mize Jackie McClure Reba McCullouch Sally McDonnell Georgia McKenzie Susan Meason Itosie Morrison Beth Munn Patsy Munn Mimi Murphree Betsy Murphy Kay Murphy Roz Neilson Judy Ousley Caroline Patton Mary Hall Pegrain Patty Pehl Jane Pope Delores Prevost Glenda Rawson Betsy Roberts Lucie Robertson Judy Simpson Patsy Smith Linda Spain Tricia Thompson Inez Varnado Katherin Warren Jan West Suzanne Wilson Sally Kate Winters Carole Wislocki Beverly Young Easily recognized by their golden key, the wearers of the light and dark blue arrived at Ole Miss sixteen years ago to establish Delta Rho Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. It was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, by four women students who aspired to a Greek-letter " like the Men ' s. " October 13, the date of their first group appearance in the college chapel, is observed as Founder ' s Day. Kappa Kappa Gamma has expanded now to include 86 collegiate chapters. Throughout the year the chapter keeps busy with various social activities, such as teas for their housemother, open houses for pledges, as well as various date suppers and fraternity banquets. At Christmas they make an annual event of the Faculty Tea and a party for underprivileged children. At the present time Kappas are anxiously watching on the new wing to their already large and lovely home. Its completion will make their house the most ample on the campus, housing 40 members. However, they believe that it is only a skeleton of something intangible and much more valuable. " The mighty heart of our Kappa home is the culmination of efforts of many girls to live in harmony and sisterly love. This is the force which ties us all together .... " Kappa pays homage to their colors, light and dark blue; their flowers, the fleur-de-lis; and their jewel, the sapphire, all of which are displayed at their spring formal, the yearly social calendar. ...Charlotte Dreve . . Sherry Moore Joan Ebbing .. Carolyn Carlton Margie Bird, Margaret DeVord, Elizabeth Dexter, Betsy Ann Durrett, Susie Hathorne, Kay Knight, Betsy North, Brown Pickering, Barbara Ricau, Vicki Thomas, Betty Ann Thompson. Polly Addkison Ja ne Allen Betty Jane Ball Anna Marie Barnes Ann Benham Sarah Benham Emilysam Bramlett Sidna Brower Nancy Buchanan Barbara Buehl Johnnie Britt Cain Carolyn Carlton Linda Case Virginia Castleman Mary Chatman Joanne Chenault Carole Coffee Mary Collins Muffet Criner Annis Cross Perry DeLoach Charlotte Drene Joan Ebbing Joyce Ebbing Jane Ellzey Judy Ellzey Judy Florian Bonnie Furmas Cindy Grantham Roberta Halliday Elizabeth Harper Kathrin Hester Mary Holliday Becky Hughes Marylouise Hummel Jennifer Jones Julie Jones Nan Kaiser Elizabeth Kersting Ann Kildingsworth Carmen Klotz Olivia Littlefield Brenda Lokey Marjorie McCarson Olivia McCoy Marcia McDuff Pat McInnis Patricia McMullan Sherry Moore Mary Lou Pace Martha Sue Patterson Martha Quinn Nancy Radcliff Martha Rea Camille Sanders Nancy Sklar Suzanno Smith Vicki Smith Margaret Spiars Carol Stevens Barbara Straub Kay Thompson Katherine Webb Harriett Widmer Phi Mu was founded as the Philomathean Society at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852, thus becoming the second-oldest sorority in the The Alpha Delta chapter was established on Rebel territory in 1924, the third sorority to come to the Ole Miss campus. Phi Mu excels in social activities on the Ole Miss campus. They have many open houses, date suppers, dances, the Founder ' s Day Banquet, and Faculty Teas. Another im- portant function of the Phi Mu ' s that has special meaning during the Holiday Season is the dinner that they serve in honor of foreign students on campus. By doing this, the Phi Mu ' s create an excellent contribution toward increas- ing a greater understanding between Ole Miss students and our foreign students. These represent just a few of the events that flourish at the Phi Mu House throughout the year. The women of Phi Mu have always held a ranking on the University campus, participating in every available to women students as their honors reveal. Looking ahead to the increasing enrollment at Ole Miss, the Phi Mu ' s are making big plans for the enlargement of their house at the top of sorority row. The Castle, as always, will provide a spacious home away from home for the future members of their sorority. Phi Mu holds an important spot in each member ' s heart. The warm congeniality that is always found in the Phi Mu Castle will forever provide moments of wonderful memories to each girl that enters into the band of womanhood of Phi Mu. Carolyn Polk Gale Sinnott .. Charlene Guiney .... Jo Ann Hardin Fran Addington, Martha Sue Bethshares, Sydney Cason, Eva Farr, Linda Fite, Betty Haraway, Faye Holland, Louise McKinnon, Nikki Roth, Carmen Selby, Paula Kay Smith, Harriet Williams. Betty Allen Sara Allen Carol Anderson Beth Anderson Randy Anderson Kathy Baer Agnes Banchetti Linda Kay Blackwell Marcia Blackwell Beverly Brooks Joann Catignani Nancy Clayton Ruby Katherine Clegg Pat Cole Jill Davis Dianne Deuchle Billie Joyce Earnheart Jo Edmondson Barbara Ellard Lou Anne Ford Amanda Gardner Gail Gilbert Charlene Guiney Annabell Hamachek Ann Hardin Jo Ann Hardin Donna Hathcoat Anna Heiner Carolyn Henderson Pat Higgins Sally Hinsch Pat Hyde June Inman Mildred Ann James Lenoire Jones Mary Margaret Lindsey Robbie Lindsey Glenda Luke Kathy Mathes Velia Mayer Louise McKinnon Fairy Ann Meurrier Evonne Mullen Faye Murfee Becky Nettles Nancy Norris Eleanor Nunnery Lynda Palmer Diane Perry Carolyn Polk Jane Polk Beverly Pugh Betsy Rankin Sharon Robinson Carolyn Sasser Peggy Savage Judy Sherrill Susan Shoemaker Suezann Shults Gale Sinnott Carolyn Smith Brenda Stewart Dale Taylor Linda Taylor Nancy Thomas Nancy Jo Vardaman Carol Waits Jane Ward Janice Wetzler Jeanie Wiley Kitty Williams Diane Williams Lona Williams Myra Carter Sandra Laughter On April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, the first organization of college women with the aims and policies of a national fraternity was founded. This sorority was Pi Beta Phi. Presently, the sorority has over one hundred active chapters located at the leading colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, and has nearly three hundred alumnae clubs, and over sixty-five thousand initiated members, active and in good standing. In 1912 a settlement School was started in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which now offers unequaled educational for those in the mountain community. With the establishment of the school, Pi Beta Phi was the first Greek-letter organization to have a national philanthropy. Pi Beta Phi made its debut on the Ole Miss campus in October, 1961. The sorority was officially installed during the middle of March by Mrs. William Mansfield of St. Louis, Missouri, National President, and its first pledges were initiated as active members. Pi Beta Phi is not an organization of mere social aims, but has stronger purposes the development of fine and qualities of leadership, the promotion of worthy scholarship, and service to others. The pin of Pi Phi is in the shape of an arrow which is ever pointing upward as a symbol of their high ideals. The Pi Phi ' s have chosen the colors wine and silver blue and hold the wine-colored carnation as their own. ....Sara Mieher Sally Hines Jane Steele ...Sandra Smith Linda Lou Evans, Martha Floyd, Laura McEachern, Lynn Morris, Sandra Smith, Priscilla. Whitman, Gail Wright. Sylvia Abernethy Nancy Boyd June Clark Linda Eib Susan Heyward Sally Hines Fern Jones Mary Knight Lucie Larso Jitney Ligon Loydale Ligon Harriet Long Judy Marlowe Peggy McClure Marianne McElroy Patricia McGehee Sara Mieher Rosalyn Perry Penny Ray Jane Steele Pam Vaughn Harriette Wicks Helen Wood Zeta Tau Alpha is one of the first Virginia-born for women. On October 15, 1898, nine of the daughters of southern families banded together to forge the first link in a chain that now binds more than 30,000 loyal women together. Zeta Tau Alpha was not only the first woman ' s fraternity to be chartered in the state of Virginia, but it was also the first ever to be chartered by a special act of the ZTA became international in 1929 with the of Beta Rho chapter at the University of Gamma Delta came to Ole Miss in 1939 bringing along its flower, the white violet, and the colors of steel gray and turquoise blue. The Zeta ' s are especially happy this year because of the complete remodeling of their chapter house, and the add- ing of a new wing to enlarge its capacity. Completion will enable them to entertain at many more social functions, such as the annual formal and numerous informal get- togethers. Zeta Tau Alpha gives to every girl who wears the shield a heritage of lifelong privileges and friendships perpetuated beyond the period of college days " Once a Zeta, always a Zeta. " The aim of Zeta Tau Alpha, that of SERVICE, is one of vision, for today no one lives fully who lives Zeta ' s principles of service to its own membership, to those outside the fraternity, and to the community, is manifest in its many scholarships, philanthropic and war- service programs. Zeta Tau Alpha is more than a sorority; it is a way of life. .... Gay Moody Rita Bailey . Carol Cheshire . Sue Singleterry Janice Brower, Amy Kelley, Barbara Robinson, Susanne Singleton. Claudette Ashley Martha Austin Theresa Baggett Rita Bailey Sarah Bailey Bettye Bateman Pat Bates Susie Bates Mary Bennett Kay Butler Marsha Campbell Carol Chesire Rose Childress Lou Cooley Jean Davenport Pat Dees Jane Dennis Rosie Eberle Donna Ruth Else Carolyn Evans Jeanie Goodman Judy Hudson Margaret Johnson Paula Hudson Jo Ann Leach Mary Anne Lee Lonna Lightbody Wendy Maddock Mary Nelle Massey Pat McInnes Laura Lynn McLemore Anne McWeeny Audrey Mills Gay Moody Sandi Moore Jeanine Ogletree Dartha Powers Nancy Preston Barbara Quinn Lynda Raspberry Robin Reed Sandra Schillinger Judy Simms Susan Singleterry Sandra Sowell Ronnie Speed Linda Diane Stone Marjo Thornton Lynn Wagner Tali Ward Carolyn Wells Jan Wells Linda White The University of Mississippi coaching staff which has been termed a unique feature is also possibly the most team of specialists in the world of amateur sports today. Together they have accumulated 130 victories against 31 defeats and seven ties in 16 seasons, in with 190 games won while suffering 195 losses and 19 ties in Ole Miss ' previous 53 years of gridiron Before the John Vaught family of coaches came to the University there were absolutely no Southeastern football titles at Ole Miss. Now there are five which is more than any other Southeastern Conference team can outrightly claim. Another factor that helps in unifying the staff is that all but two of the present staff are Ole Miss graduates. The staff is composed of head coach John H. Vaught; assistant coaches: Frank M. (Bruiser) Kinard, James E. (Buster) Poole, John Cain, John A. ( Junie) Hovious, J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, Thomas K. Swayze, Ray Poole, Dale, and Edward S. Crawford. The trainer is Wesley I. (Doc) Knight, and the equipment manager is W. H. (Billy) Sanders. On the administrative end are the Faculty Chairman of Athletics, Dr. T. A. Bickerstaff; the Director of Athletics, C. M. (Tad) Smith; Business Manager of Athletics, Jeff K. Hamm; Assistant Director of Athletics, John Reed Holley; and Director of Athletics Publicity and Publications, Billy Gates. Head coaches of the other sports are Edward S. basketball; T. K. Swayze, baseball; Wesley I. Knight, track; John A. Hovious, golf; and John Cain, tennis. The Rebel coaching staff and some of the trophies of past seasons. The coaches are , from left to right: Kneeling—Wes (Doc) Knight and John Cain. Standing—John Hovious, Frank Kinard, J. W. Ray S. Poole, John H. Vaught, Tom K. Swayze, Roland Dale, and James Poole. Claude M. (Tad) Smith, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Jeff K. Hamm, Business Manager of Athletics John Reed Holley, Assistant Director of Intercollegiate Athletics John H. Vaught, Head Coach Frank Kinard gets his block as Jim Weatherly prepares to pass, Louis Guy gets tripped up before being smothered. January 1, 1963—After completion of their first and untied season in 70 years of football at the University of Mississippi, the Ole Miss Rebels overwhelmed a scrappy bunch of Arkansas Razorbacks to emerge a 17-13 victor in the 29th annual Sugar Bowl Classic. Although Ole Miss statistically led in practically every category the outcome remained in doubt until defensive linebacker Fred Kimbrall picked off an Arkansas pass with a little more than a minute remaining in the game. Ole Miss went ahead in the game on a 30-yard field goal by Billy Carl Irwin. Later in the first period Arkansas came back to put three points on the board, also by a field goal. The Rebels, showing once again their ability and in the game, resurged in a minute and forty seconds to score on a 33-yard pass play from Glynn Griffing to Louis Guy and Billy Carl Irwin again did the kicking to put the score up to 10-3. A Reb fumble on their own eighteen set up an Arkansas touchdown early in the second half. One more time the Rebels came back to score. Griffing threw twice to Guy, ran three times and Ole Miss was in control a third and final time. That touchdown march covered eighty yards in only ten plays. Only another Arkansas field goal early in the fourth period helped to keep the pressure on the Rebs until the closing minutes. Offensive and defensive standouts were numerous but players such as Glynn Griffing, Bobby Robinson, Jim Dunaway, Dave Jennings, Louis Guy, and Kenny Dill will be remembered for their individual performances. Chuck Morris goes into the air to grab a pass. Glynn Griffing rolls out looking for a receiver. Chuck Morris prepares to gather in a Glynn Griffing pass. Glynn Grilling picks up yards with Perry Lee Dunn leading the interference. SUGAR BOWL ARKANSAS Perry Lee Dunn and Chuck Morris go into the air to break up a Razorback drive. Front Row, Left to Right: 10—Perry Lee Dunn, FB, Natchez; 12 —Jim Weatherly, QB, Pontotoc: 15—Glynn Griffing, QB. Culkin; 16—Bobby Boyd, QB, Tylertown; 19—Jimmy Heidel, QB, Yazoo City; 20—Buddy Crosby, WB, Laurel; 21—Dave Jennings, TB, Ripley, Tenn.; 22—Larry Smith, WB, Jackson; 23—Chuck Morris, TB, Gulfport; 24 Biloxi; 31—Charles holm, WB, Jackson. Second Row: 32—Louis Guy, WB, McComb; 33—Larry Johnson, WB, Forest; 34—John Champion, TB, 36—Mitch Terrell, TB, Indianola; 41—Buck Randall, FB, Greenwood; 42—Fred Roberts, FB, Morton; 43—Doug Tillery, FB, Laurel; 44—Frank Kinard, Jr., FB, Oxford; 50—Kenny Dill, C, West Point; 52—Robert Upchurch, C, Jackson; 54—Richard Ross, C, Henderson, Tenn.; 60—Sam Owen, LG, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Look Chuck, I ' ve got a better idea .. . 61—Fred Kimbrell, LG, Natchez; 63—Gordon Aden, RG, Indianola; 64—Rodney Mattina, LG, Biloxi; 65—Don Windham, RG, Mayersvillc. Third Row: 67—Don Dickson, RG, Parsons, Tenn,; 68—Bobby Robinson, LG, McComb; 69—Tommy Lucas, RG, 70—Cecil Ford, RT, Taylorsville; 71—Joe Dean, LT, Ala.; 72—Bo Aldridge, RT, Greenwood; 73—Whaley Hall, LT, Trussville, Ala.; 76—Jim Roberts, LT, Yazoo City; 78—Jim Dunaway, RT, Columbia; 81—Reed Davis, LE, Morton; 83—Lewis Lanter, RE, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; 84—Joe Petty, LE, Meridian; 86— Wes Sullivan, LE, Mendenhall; 87—Billy Carl Irwin, LE, Redwood; 88—Billy Champion, LE, Charleston; 89—Woody Dabbs, RE, Clarksdale; 90—Frank Lambert, LE, Hattiesburg. Mississippi ' s 1962 football achievements were many, chief among them a perfect-record campaign. Never be- fore—not in 70 years and 63 seasons—had a Johnny Reb team gone without a gridiron blemish of some description. The 9-0-0 story included the first perfect Southeastern Conference record (6-0-0) and with it Ole Miss ' fifth SEC championship. It was a year the Rebels could count as their most rewarding in history. Advancing from seventh to second in the National Poll Derby, the weekly ratings sponsored by the Associated Press and United Press International, the Rebs finished third in both ballot boxes, and also received a third-place finish in the voting for the Grantland Rice award. October practice conditions were far from normal. games were banned until the November 10 meeting with little Chattanooga. Rain did all but shelve the 20 skirmish with Tulane and hampered operations against Tennessee. The big game on which so much hinged, the traditional battle with LSU, was again a top Baton Rouge feature. There were two All-Americas in quarterback Glynn Griffing and tackle Jim Dunaway, and a third in guard Don Dickson. The Rebs ranked first in total defense, allowing 142.2 yards a game, and again (for the 10th time since 1943) led the SEC in total offense with 364.4 yards a game, finishing fourth nationally in this category. It was a season notable for the contributions made by sophomores, with more rookies playing and more rookies in responsible roles than at any time in the recent past. Woody Dabbs (89) moves in to help Chuck Morris (23) tame a Glynn Griffing (15) cuts loose for his first touchdown pass of 1962. Tiger. September 22, 1962—Ole Miss ' 1962 season unfolded with a 21-7 victory over fighting Memphis State University. A five-yard pass from Griffing to Morris resulted in the first Rebel score. After stopping the Tiger offense, Ole Miss began a touchdown march from their own 44. A series of carries and passes with Griffing, Morris, Jennings, and Dunn the yardage netted another T.D. Sullivan ' s kick was good again. The Rebels came back after the Tigers moved 88 yards to score. Their matchless display of power netted a third T.D. for a 21-7 final score. Louis Guy cuts left for a short gainer. September 29, 1962 The University of Kentucky showing all the determination that could be offered to any team, scored a moral victory the night they traveled to Jackson to play the Ole Miss Rebels. Although Kentucky was held to a net four yards rushing, their passing combination, Woohim to Hutchinson, poised a potential threat all night. Even considering this, the Rebels continued to maintain their increasing success. A. J. Holloway (30) finds running tough as he meets Tom Hutchinson (80). Jim Roberts (76) comes up to help Dave Jennings (21) get past Wildcat defender Ken Bocard (23). Glynn Griffing eludes a would-be tackler as he rolls out around the right end. Ole Miss ' pass defense held Kentucky to 123 yards which was excellent considering their thirteen of completions. Ole Miss finished the night with 329 total net yards as compared to 132 yards for Kentucky. The only two scores for Ole Miss came on a four-yard run by Glynn Griffing and a six-yard run by A. J. Wes Sullivan converted for both extra points. Tailback Dave Jennings (21) cuts betwen two Cougars for a 13-yard gainer. " Squirrel " Griffing (15) connects for an 18-yard completion to Allen Brown (80). October 6, 1961—Playing before a transplanted Homecoming crowd of only 18,000 loyal Rebel fans, Ole Miss rolled over rival Houston 40-7 for the tenth time in as many tries. Senior quarterback Glynn Griffing and senior wing- back Louis Guy teamed up for three aerial touchdowns to give the Rebels a 21-0 halftime lead over the Texans. End Wes Sullivan contributed all three extra points. After the crowning of Miss Diane Klyce as the 1962 Homecoming Queen, the Rebels returned to complete their devastation. Griffing ' s 22-yard scoring pass to end Reed Davis tied a S.E.C. record set by a past Rebel, Charley Conerly, for the most aerial touchdowns scored in a single game. Fullback Fred Roberts ripped off 13 yards late in the third quarter for the fifth score. Future pitch and catch combination quarterback Jim Weatherly and end Allen Brown got together for the final score of the game with a 27-yard pass from the sophomore quarterback. Other standouts in the game were fullback Perry Lee Dunn who carried nine times for 54 yards. End Woody Dabbs, tackles Waley Hall and Jim Dunaway, and guards Bobby Robinson Don Dickson provided a core for the unyielding Rebel defense. Weatherly rolls out to throw another strike. Hoddy Toddy . . . October 20, 1962—Playing at Memorial Stadium in Jackson for the third straight weekend, the Ole Miss Rebels remained undefeated with a 21-0 victory over Tulane. Although the Rebels were strong pre-game favorites, the weather became an equalizer, as it did seven years before when Tulane staged an upset. Ole Miss backs, who depend on their remarkable speed, were virtually slowed to a walk by the insistent rain. It provided snore opposition to Griffing ' s passing than the Tulane defense. Ole Miss could not start a sustained drive until just be- fore the half. Hundreds of fans were leaving when pass interference against Tulane made it first and ten Ole Miss at the Green Wave fifteen. Griffing wasted little time in passing to end Woody Dabbs for the initial score. In the third quarter, the same combination of a pass-in- terference call and a Griffing-to-Dabbs pass made the score 14-0. Jim Weatherly ' s pass early in the fourth period the Rebel scoring. Griffing to Dabbs nets 6 more points. All for Ole Miss, stand up and holler. Jim Roberts (76) leads the way for Jim Weatherly (12). Buck Randall (41) dives over from the one-yard line to add another six points. Jim Weatherly (12) leaves a Vandy man behind as he skirts right end. October 27, 1962 As Vanderbilt Coach Art Guepe stated after the end of the game, " the Rebels simply had too much speed for us. " That was the consensual opinion of all who witnessed the traditional massacre of the Commodores. Ole Miss scored the first time they moved the ball in the first quarter and extinguished any other Vanderbilt hopes in the second quarter with a three-touchdown barrage. The second half started quickly with the Rebels moving the ball on the ground and grinding out yardage although not scoring. The final Ole Miss touchdown came on a two-yard plunge by Jim Weatherly to bring the score to 35-0 in favor of the Rebs. Vanderbilt, although playing better than the final score indicates, could not match the power, speed, and depth of the winning Rebels. November 3, 1962—The place was Tiger Stadium, deep in the heart of Louisiana. Our purpose— " Beat the Tigers. " That is just what we did. Ole Miss had not won a game in Tiger Stadium since 1956. But this was 1962 and the Rebels had power plus. Completely dominating play in every phase of action, Ole Miss rolled up an overwhelming 393 yards in total offense as compared to a meager 107 total yards for L.S.U. A. J. Holloway, Louis Guy, and Wes Sullivan demoralized the Tigers with two touchdowns and a field goal. The impact of these scores will long be remembered by every fan and most assuredly by those who called the Rebels " Tiger Meat. " A deciding factor was Glynn Griffing ' s running and passing. The accurate ball-handler had been held back all season to make sure he sustained no damaging injuries. It was not the same at L.S.U. Grilling, playing probably one of the best games in his collegiate career, ran and passed Ole Miss up and down the field with the fury of an tornado. Praise could not be too high for any Ole Miss participant. Every player took his task and performed to his utmost abilities. In a game which was dedicated to " Doc " Knight, the Ole Miss trainer, a better outcome could not have been asked for by him or Coach Vaught and his staff. Louis Guy takes in a halfback pass from Chuck Morris. Wes Sullivan adds three points with a field goal. A picture that is worth a thousand words. Louis Guy goes into the Tiger end-zone after receiving a Griffing pass. Louis Guy (32) picks up a few more yards. Ole Miss collected a record 31 first downs and 545 yards by land and air in adding Chattanooga to its 1962 collection, 52-7. In their first campus game of the season, the Rebels were out front by 37-7 after two quarters with a total of 15 backs carrying 69 times for 454 land yards and four passers five of nine attempts for 91. Infantry touchdown went to Louis Guy, wingback Larry Johnson, fullback Frank Kinard, Buck Randall, Chuck Mor ris and quarterback Bobby Boyd. Glynn Griffing, who completed four of four passes, targeted Dave Jennings for 32 yards and the touchdown behind Johnson ' s six points. Scoring marches covered 56, 39, 78, 39, 68, 31 and 58 yards. The Mocs contributed two safeties to the Rebel cause. The 1962 win over Chattanooga gave the Rebels a nine- to-one edge in the series which began in 1945. Their lone touchdown in the game marked the first time since 1953 that they have scored on the Rebs. Kenny Dill (50) and Bo Aldridge (72) race to cut off a Moccasin. Jim Weatherly (12) pitches out to Chuck Morris (23). A Vol defender tries to break up a Rebel pass to Chuck Morris (23). Glynn Griffing (15) prepares another one. Glynn Griffing (15) clips off yardage as Richard Ross (54) comes up to help. TENNESSEE November 17, 1962—In a game that started out to be a rout by the Rebels, Ole Miss almost came out on the losing end. Only a 52-yard run by Chuck Morris, a 100- yard return of an intercepted pass by Louis Guy, and Glynn Griffing ' s passing kept the Rebels on top. Tailback Chuck Morris took the opening kickoff and raced 52 yards to set up the first touchdown, with Louis Guy carrying a Glynn Griffing pass over for the score. Chuck Morris converted for the extra point. Then for almost two quarters the Rebels had their hands full in containing a fired-up Vol team. Penalities, rain, and determined defensive play by both teams kept the game on a seesaw basis. Louis Guy brought a halt to this when he intercepted a Mallon Faircloth pass three yards deep in his own end zone and raced 100 yards for another six points. The fourth quarter started with Ole Miss taking over on a punt and going 54 yards in ten plays for their third and final score. Tennessee ' s desire for victory was demonstrated by their " Fighting " for their lone score of the game late in the final period. An early Mississippi State touchdown and Ole Miss ' s sluggish attack served to turn the Rebel finale into anything save the predicted walkaway victory. A Mississippi State pass to the Ole Miss three set up the " Necks ' " first touchdown early in the first period. From there the Rebels had to battle to the last second of the game to emerge a victor. An extra point attempt by State that was blocked by Jim Roberts, a t ouchdown by Louis Guy, and a beautifully play by Sophomore quarterback Jim Weatherly gave Ole Miss its well-earned victory. Bill Carl Irwin gave the Rebs their only extra point on his kick. The victory gave the Rebs their first undefeated season, a sixth bowl trip to New Orleans, a fifth Southeastern Conference title, and their sixth bowl game in as many years. Bobby Robinson (68) gives protection as Glynn Griffing out. Louis Guy (32) and Perry Lee Dunn (10) providing secondary defense. An unidentified Rebel " wrecks a neck. " Jim Dunaway—RT—All-America: U.P.I. (1); N.E.A. Service (1); Sporting News (1); Sports Illustrated (1; Time Magazine (1); New York Daily News (1) ; CBS (1); Boston Record- American, (1); American Football Coaches (2). All-Southeastern Conference: U.P.I. (1); Associated Press (2). Glynn Griffing—QB--All-America: Football Writers of America—Look Magazine (1) ; N.E.A. Service (2); Associated Press (2); Sporting News (3). All-South eastern Conference: Press (1); U.P.I. (1). Don Dickson—RG—All-America: U.P.I. (HM); Associated Press (HM); N.E.A. (HM). All- Southeastern Conference: Associated Press (1); U.P.I. (2). Woody Dabbs—RE—All-America: Sporting News (3); U.P.I. (HM). Chuck Morris—TB—All-America: N.E.A. (HM). All-Southeastern Conference: Press (3). Louis Guy—WB—All-Southeastern Conference: Associated Press (3); U.P.I. (3). Allen Brown—RE—Sophomore Conference: Associated Press ( 1 ) ; Atlanta Constitution (1) . Donnie Kessinger—All-Southeastern Conference --Basketball: Coaches Association (1); Press (2) ; U.P.I. (2); All-Southeastern- Baseball: Associated Press; U.P.I. Robert Siedell—All-Southeastern Conference-- Baseball: Western Division (1). Front Row, Left to Right: Jerry Stubblefield, QB, Fulton; Mike Dennis, TB, Jackson; Ronnie Fowler, LE, Vicksburg; George Brint (no longer with squad); James Bennett, LG, New Albany; M ax Grennlee, RT, Sumner; Wilmer Mills, C, Zachary, La.; John FB, Morton; Ken Broussard, RG, Philadelphia; James Shows, LT, Mendenhall; Chet Bergalowski (no longer with squad). Second Row: Brent Gaston, QB, Liberty; Dudley Mutziger, LT, Natchez; Larry Kirk, RT, Bentonia; Bill Ewing, RG, Longview, Texas; Lee Garner, FB, Batesville; Raymond Carter, LG, Tupelo; Tommy Murphree, WB, Seminary; James Wright, C. Oxford; Tillman, TB, Crystal Springs; Jimmy Carter, LT, Forest Hill; Jim Therrell, RG, Philadelphia. Third Row: Joe Malone, FB, Jackson; John Owens, LT, Longview, Texas; John Turner, C; Jackson; Mike McElhaney, RE, Hattiesburg; Marvin Freeman, WB, Lambert; Tommy Luke, WB, Louisville; Fred Womack, LG, Mendelhall; Fred Neal (no longer with squad); Bill Clay, TB, Jackson; Marvin McQueen, RE, Macon, Tenn.; Eddie Hill, RT, Natchez. Back Row: Chuck Norman, WB, Crystal Springs; Ronald Scarborough, RE, Pascagoula; Dave Houston, LG, Aberdeen; Cooper, QB, Florence; Quinby Morgan, WB, Greenville; Jule Griffith, LT, Charlotte, N.C.; Mackie McKissack, QB, Petal; Warfield, LE, Gulfport; Ricky Fayard, LE, Biloxi; Dave Wells, TB, Madisonville, Ky.; Jim Price, C, Amory. The Ole Miss freshmen played only two games this year. They played the L.S.U. freshmen in their first game and lost 13-0. Their second game was supposed to be with Vanderbilt but it was rained out. In their third game they played their traditional foe, the Mississippi State freshmen, and lost 14-0. Although they get some experience playing football on the college level for the first time, it certainly does not the type of playing they will later do no the varsity squad. Their freshman year is spent largely in changing from the single standouts that they were during high school to the polished team players they will be during their three years. It has been the marvel of many a Rebel supporter to watch the freshmen fumble and make mistakes one year and then turn around the next succeeding years and turn out to be one of the best collections of players anywhere. The Rebel freshmen fought for three quarters in their game with Mississippi State ' s freshmen before they allowed a touchdown. Then the bottom fell out and the State fresh- men scored another touchdown. Freshman tailback Mike Dennis led the attack on the State Bullpups with eight attempts rushing for a total of 41 yards gained. Wingback Billy Clay and fullback Joe Malone contributed 29 and 13 yards, respectively, to help carry the rushing attack. Mississippi State started things by kicking off to the Ole Miss three where it was returned to their 23 by Wells. Mike Dennis gained three, then Brent Caston was thrown for a seven-yard loss. One incomplete pass forced the Rebs to punt with. Jerry Stubblefield getting away a timely 63-yard punt. From then until the last of the third quarter neither team could keep the ball on a sustained drive. Ole Miss was on the State eight-yard line when there was a fumble and State quickly covered it. After the ball changed sides one more time, following another Ole Miss fumble, State quickly marched 66 yards for their first score. On the following kickoff Dennis took the ball on his own 14 and returned it to his 34. There he fumbled and State recovered. Six plays later State had scored again to give them added insurance. Time ran out on the Rebels and they still had failed to score. Although they did not win either of the two games they played, both of them showed the talents of future Ole Miss greats. The Ole Miss band, under the direction of Mr. Lyle Babcock, participated in numerous activities during the 1962-63 year. Among their activities were the performances at half- time at Ole Miss football games, the Sugar Bowl, and in the production " Kiss Me Kate. " The band is composed of four parts, all of which perform for different groups during the year. They are the Band, the Rebelettes, the Concert Band, and the Mississippians. Student leaders of the band are Bill Echardt, Drum Myra Carter, Head Majorette and choreographer; Walter Johnson, student leader; Robert Wilkins, equipment manager; John Jones and Jane Hamon, Librarians. One of the most unusual features of the season was the use of a rare instrument called a Schelmeinen which is a brass wind instrument from Germany. Students from the University High School in Oxford and Notre Dame High School in Biloxi joined the Rebel Band to perform on campus and at the Sugar Bowl game with the rare instruments. They were used in conjunction with the band ' s of the foreign students attending the Uni versity. The Rebel band and Rebelettes at half-time at the Sugar Bowl. The University of Mississippi Rebel Marching Band. THE OLE MISS REBELETTES—Left to Right, Front Row: Linda White, Faye Quick, Becky Burns, Melinda Stewart, Carolyn Posey, Linda Stone, Dianne Perry, Back Row: Linda Tompkins, Claudette Ashley, Betsy Henrick, Kit Wheeler, Sherry Miller, Becky Wilson, Betty Allen, and Myra Carter. THE OLE MISS CHEERLEADERS—Left to Right, Front Row: Jan West, Wanda Wilkenson, Carmen Klotz, Diane Klyce. Back Row: Bill Dunnavant, Troy Mashburn, Herb Alexander, John and Marshall Bennett. The outstanding Ole Miss Rebelettes, led by the lovely Myra Carter, completed another successful year of half- time spectaculars. Mississippi has been made famous all over the world by the Rebelettes ' intricate performances with the Ole Miss Rebel Band. One of the highlights of the season was the half-time show over nationwide television at the Sugar Bowl classic in New Orleans. Choreography for the group is done by head Rebelette Myra Carter. The Rebelettes practice untiringly for each show and gain well-deserved recognition for the talented exhibitions. Last year the group traveled with the Rebel Band on a concert tour to the principal cities in Mississippi such as Jackson, Greenwood, and Tupelo. The talented young have covered many miles this year to boost the Rebels. The Rebelettes ' outstanding showmanship has produced shows to remember for a long time. This group will con- tinue to be a memorable attraction for Ole Miss fans each year. The Rebelettes leading the parade in Jackson. THE 1962-1963 OLE MISS BASKETBALL SQUAD—Left to Right, Front Row: Mel Edmonds (42), G., Sr., Brookhaven; El Edmonds (41), F-G, Sr., Brookhaven; Donnie Kessinger (23), G, Jr., Forrest City, Ark: Ronald Steinhart (14), G, So., Ireland, Ind.; Mickey Williams (25), G (no longer with squad). Back Row: Jim Bobe (34), F, So., Vincennes, Ind.; Marshall Criss (35), F, So., Memphis; Bob Kreilein (44)., F, So., Jasper, Ind.; Harry Johnson (45), F, So., Gulfport; Hardy Graham (21), F, Jr., Union City, Tenn.; Bill Bolton (22), F-C, Sr., Lenoir City, Tenn.; Ron (32), C, Jr., Denver, Colo, Donnie Kessinger takes a jump shot for two points. The University of Mississippi ' s 1962 basketball team poised the biggest threat of any team in the S.E.C. dur- ing the last season. Although not winning more games than they lost, they continually put more powerful teams to a test of their ability. Hopes for a new colosseum at Ole Miss in future years have brought about an increase in the amount of em- phasis placed on basketball at the University. Coach Eddie Crawford ' s initial season as coach of the Reb roundballers started in a dismall failure then progressed to a point of surprisingly notable success. The Rebel defense gets set to rebound. Mel Edmonds drives in for a layup. " You ' re blind referee, I never touched him! " Paced by the hottest shooting pair of guards in the conference the Rebs gained support from their followers and went into their season final with a respectable 5-4 won-lost record for the second half of the year ' s series. During the first half of the season the Rebels dropped twelve successive games after winning their first two home games. The Rebs beat Arkansas A M and by scores of 74-60 and 78-64 respectively. Then games were dropped to Louisiana Tech 73-81, Centenary 68-82, Arkansas 60-90, Louisiana Tech 64-68, Memphis State 62-70, Tennessee Tech 71-81, E. Tennessee State 53-61, Alabama 76-80, Auburn 44-79, Georgia 71-73, Vanderbilt 72-79, and Mississippi State 64-78. In the February 2 series inaugural with Tulane, the Rebs led from start to finish and won 92-84 with Donnie Kessinger setting two new school records for the most field made (22 for 28) and the most points scored in a single game (49) . Louisiana State was more determined but fell 60-48 before a hot scoring second half in which the Rebs out- distanced the Tigers by a 37-19 margin. In subsequent action, Ole Miss chased Kentucky to the wi re before losing 75-69 in Jackson ' s new colosseum, beat Tennessee on campus 85-78 and dropped a 76-63 road game to Georgia. After defending conference Mississippi State fell to Florida by a 21 point margin, the Rebs followed up to defeat the Gators 72-63 with All-S.E.C. guard Donnie Kessinger pouring in 30 points, 20 in the second half. The victory, which was the first Reb win in Gainesville since 1953, balanced accounts for last winter ' s turnabout on campus, a last second 63-62 loss, for Florida ' s first campus win since 1949. If you don ' t get out of my way I ' m gonna .. . BASKETBALL Donnie shoots for two as the crowd goes wild. Mel gets set to take two. Bill Bolton reaches that extra inch for the tip. THE 1962 REBEL BASEBALL TEAM—First Row: Rayburn Whitener, Richie Perkins, Robert Siedell, George Frank, Randy Pleasant, Charles Merkle, James Spear, Jerry Jones. Second Row: Carey Grantham, Tony Massi, Dennis Huffman, Donnie Kessinger, Jimmy Cox, Billy Lamb, A. G. Nichols, David Finley, Larry Swain. THIRD ROW: Nathan Fisher, Fred Roberts, Jan Adleman, Robert Witty, Doug Elmore, Larry Higginbotham, Bill Atkins, Tommy Farley, and Coach Tom Swayze. The 1962 Rebs won 15 of 25 games over-all but, with a rebuilt lineup, finished below .500 in Conference results for the first time in nine years, since 1953, posting a 6-9 record. Mississippi State, the SEC Western Division claimed a series edge for the first time in four years and Alabama for the first time in six years. Kessinger led the team at bat with a .402 average, in stolen bases with nine; in runs batted in with 15. He three doubles, three triples and three home runs. The only other hitter over .300 was Lamb, who finished with .306. Elmore ' s .292 average was third high. Roberts led in extra-base blows with three home runs, three triples and three doubles. Farley led in two-base blows with five and collected three triples. Among letterman pitchers, Siedell ' s earned-run average of 2.04 was best. His won-lost record was 7-5. He worked 88 innings, giving up 59 hits, 20 earned runs, fanning 75 and walking 27. Higginbotham ' s totals were 2.52 and 4-3. He worked 57 innings, gave up 42 hits, earned 16 runs, fanned 40 and issued 25 walks. Adelman ' s ERA was 2.79 in 29 innings. In winning two of three decisions, he allowed 18 hits, nine earned runs, fanned 33 and walked 23. There were three shutout decisions, Siedell beating 1-0 with a no-hitter May 1, Higginbotham limiting Tulane to two singles in a 4-0 win April 7, and Adelman pitching hitless ball at Illinois Wesleyan for five innings in a darkness-abbreviated game March 23. That score was The Rebs ' 15-10 record was good for second place in over-all SEC Western Division standings. In Conference results they finish ed fourth. Ole Miss Netmen on the 1962 Team are, Front Row: Donnie Walker and Sidney Smith. Back Row: Jerry Mason, Fred Sandifier, Ernest (Lip) Lipscomb and Mike Mills. Senior tennis letterman Sidney Smith at practice. The University of Mississippi ' s tennis team finished its 1962 season with an eighth-place tie with Mississippi State in the Southeastern Conference tournament held at Tennessee. The Rebel netmen played a sixteen-game regular-season schedule plus two tournaments, the SEC, and the Intercollegiate, in which the Rebs collected sixteen points and a second-place finish. The Ole Miss men took three of their last four matches to finish the regular season with a 6-10 won-lost record, including a 2-5 mark in play. Coach Johnny Cain ' s 1962 team was composed of Donnie Walker, Mike Mills, seniors; Earnest (Lip) Lipscomb and Sidney Smith, juniors; and Jerry Mason, Joe Salloum, and Fred Sandifier, sophomores. Left to Right: Larry Smith, Chico Taylor, Mel Edmonds, El Edmonds in the blocks. The University of Mississippi track team of 1962, al- though participating in only four meets, made a fine of itself. The Rebel cindermen received a seventh-place finish at the Memphis Relays, a third place at the L.S.U. Invitational Meet, an eighth place in the SEC Meet in Baton Rouge, and participated in the Southwest Relays. In the SEC Meet the Rebel 440 relay team received a fourth-place finish, while Larry Smith finished third in the 440-yard dash. Mel Edmonds picked up a fifth place in the 220-yard dash. In the field events, Jim Dunaway picked up a third place with a 52-foot toss in the shot-put. Rebel freshmen also gave promise of things to come when they combined their talents to pick up first-place finishes in the high jump, 440-yard relay, and 220-yard dash. Members of the varsity squad who received letters were Mel Edmonds, Louis Guy, Chuck Morris, Larry Smith, and Jim Dunaway. Freshman participants were David Jennings, J. W. Jones, Jimmy Heidell, and Clinton Taylor. Ole Miss " M " Club members relax in the " M " Club room at Miller Hall. Woody Dabbs, President of 1962-63 " M " Club Miss Wanda Wilkinson, 1963 " M " Club Sponsor Woody Dabbs Mel Edmonds Larry Smith Leo Johnson Buddy Crosby El Edmonds Wanda Wilkinson . The Ole Miss " M " Club of the University of Mississippi is composed of those men who have participated and let- tered in one of the intercollegiate sports at the University. The sports in which a participant may receive a letter are: football, basketball, baseball, track, and tennis. Only the members of the " M " Club are qualified to wear the Ole Miss " M, " which distinguishes these men as win- ners of the athletic award. The purpose of the club is to promote sports and at the University. Its members assist in the of high-school athletes for the University. The " M " Club ' s big project is the handling of the Spring football intra-squad game held each year during March. Another phase of the club ' s activities are the social events they sponsor during the year. Their main social event is the annual Christmas party. First Row: Jan Adelman, Sterling Bo Aldridge, Bill Bolton, Bobby Boyd, Allen Brown, Billy Champion. Second Row: Buddy Crosby, Woody Dabbs, Ron Davidson, Reed Davis, Joe Dean, Don Dickson, Kenny Dill. Third Row: James Dunaway, Perry Lee Dunn, E. L. Edmonds Mel C. A. Ford, George Frank, Robert Genin. Fourth Row: Charles Graeber, Hardy Glynn Griffing, Louis Guy, Whaley Hall, Larry Higginbotham, A. J. Holloway. Fifth Row: Dennis Huffman, David Larry Leo Johnson, Jerry Jones, Donnie Kessinger, Fred Kimbrell, Frank Kinard. Sixth Row: Bill Lamb, Frank Lambert, Lewis Lanter, Fred Lentjes, Earnest Lipscomb, Tommy Jerry Mason. Seventh Row: Rodney Mattina, Charles Chuck Morris, Hugh Sam Owen, Joe Petty, Travis Powell. Eighth Row: Buck Randall, Freddy Roberts, James Roberts, Bobby Richard Ross, Robert Siedel, Harvey Smallwood. Ninth Row: Sydney Smith, Billy Sumrall, Wesley Sullivan, Mitchell Doug Tillery, Robert Jimmy Weatherly. Tenth Row: Wicky White, Joe Wilkins, Don Windham. Not Pictured: Tommy Farley, Billy Carl Irwin, Richie Perkins, Joe Fred Sandifer, Larry Smith, Jimmy Whitten. First Row: William Brumbaugh, Jerry Dantone, Robert Davis, Raymond Drew, Julian Edwards, Nathan Fisher, Lindsay Harp, Joe Hartley. Second Row: Lee Jordan, George Keith, James Latti Michael, Corkey Perlstein, John Seabold, John Simpson, Harold Sloas. Semmes Ross . . Corky Perlstein . Paul Dent Sandy Edwards . SEMMES ROSS President The Fraternity Intramural Council plans and directs all the intramural activities in which the social fraternities participate. The Council is made up of two members from each of the sixteen social fraternities on campus. Among the duties of the Council are the arranging of schedules, of results, determining of eligibility of athletes, and interpretation of rules of all the sports involved. The fraternity athletic season begins during the fall semester with touch football, which is probably the most hotly contested intramural sport of all. During the of the year the Greeks go out for basketball, softball, tennis, table tennis, and other sports. The fraternities are divided into two leagues for in the team sports, then the league champions meet in a game to determine the over-all championship of that sport. Points are given for each victory in a major sport—basketball, football, softball and for each over-all championship in a minor sport. At the end of the year the points are tabulated and the intramural championship trophy is awarded to the fraternity with the highest total number of points. The " snake " varsity demonstrates for their substitutes on the side- lines at right. " Excellent " placement of the ball for the kickoff by an unidentified player. It ' s rumored Ole Miss will start recruiting from the intramural leagues this year. Team uniforms are always the envy of other players The Alumni House was financed by contributions of the alumni of the University of Mississippi and a revenue bond issue which was presented to the University on October 20, 1951. It was dedicated to the memory of those alumni and former students who gave their lives in wars of their country. With the adjoining Mississippi Center for Study it has become a part of one of the most complete centers for adult education in the South. Each fall during the football season the Alumni House becomes a center of activity as former University of students from all over the nation pour into Oxford to renew old friendships and cheer for the Rebel football team. New officers of the Alumni Association are installed each year at the annual Homecoming football game. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION James T. Singley, Meridian . William Barbour, Yazoo City . Thomas N. Turner, Belzoni . William S. Griffin, Oxford . James N. Butler, University .. C. William Price, Jackson . John Clark Love, Kosciusko W. H. Cutcliff, Amory Jackson D. Doty, Pontotoc District 2 William 0. Semmes, Grenada John E. Aldridge, Winona Hugh Clayton, New Albany District 3 Edward J. Bogen, Greenville Neil H. Block, Dundee Norman C. Brewer, Jr., Greenwood... District 4 William F. McGehee, Vicksburg J. W. Barksdale, Jr., Jackson Tom P. Brady, Brookhaven District 5 Dr. Earl E. Laird, Union Fred Rogers, Meridian Wylie Kees, Magee District 6 L. 0. Crosby, Picayune Gaston Hewes, Gulfport Dr. B. B. O ' Mara, Biloxi JOHN T. SINGLEY President Mrs. Walter Grifiey, Jr., Jackson... R. Pearce Phillips, Brookhaven R. Brent Forman, Natchez Fred B. Smith, Ripley Dr. Howard A. Nelson, Greenwood Dr. T. E. Wilsn, Jr., Jackson Dr. W. E. Lotterhos, Jackson John H. Mitchell, Starkville Dr. W. E. Caldwell, Baldwyn... A. Conley Cox, West Point ..... Karl J. Ott, Osyka Cullen Bedwell, Cleveland Carroll Kemp, Hazlehurst Billy H. Quinn, Vicksburg OUT-OF-STATE Dr. C. Ferrell Vaner, Memphis Dr. John E. Ray, New Orleans Fred M. Glass, New York Robert I. Schwartz, Birmingham William H. Barbour, Vice-President; William S. Griffin, Director of Alumni Activities; James N. Butler, Alumni Secretary. LT. COLONEL WHITNEY D. STUART PMS T Major Charles L. Butler, Major Benjamin Hamilton, Major William G. Carter, Captain Max L. Waldrop, M.Sgt. Clayton B. Johnson, M.Sgt. Tom M. Newberry, SFC Claude D. Holt, SFC Joseph E. Bowden, SFC Marion W. Garrison, SFC Ernest R. Larimore, Sgt. Louie Curtis Cox. The Department of Military Science and Tactics, which is a unit of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, falls under the joint jurisdiction of the University and the Department of the Army. Its design is to prepare college students for positions of leadership and to train as junior officers those students who display the needed character and high quality of a United States Army officer. The training is aimed particularly at the Army Reserve com- ponents. The University R.O.T.C. program is divided into two distinct phases. The Basic Course is the preliminary step to the Advanced Course, which accepts those students who show promise of military development. The Advanced Course graduate may apply for a regular Army commis- sion as a Second Lieutenant in one of the fourteen branches of the Army Reserve. R.O.T.C. Color Guard R.O.T.C. Rifle Team CADET LT. COLONEL WILLIAM G. ECKHARDT GAYLE ROBERTS Battle Group Commander The Colonel ' s Lady The Group Staff is selected on the b asis of classroom and drill field performance on the campus and summer camp performance at Fort Benning, Georgia. They are responsible for conducting the weekly drill. The Colonel ' s Lady, Gayle Roberts, was selected by the BARBARA ELDER Staff Sponser Army R.O.T.C. Cadet Group to be their Group Sponsor for 1962-63. Official duties include presiding over Armed Forces Day and the Annual Military Ball and leading the Grand March under an arch of sabers. First Row: Cadet Major James B. Day, Group Executive Officer; Cadet 1st Lt. Joe S. Mellon, Group S1; Cadet Captain Albert B. Lum, Group S2. Second Row: Cadet Major James F. Russell, Group S3; Cadet Captain Joseph A. Blythe, Group S4; Cadet 1st Lt. William A. Pepper, Group S5. ARMY BAND First Squad: Huff, Jackson, Funderberk, Chase, Neelly, Edwards, Morrow, Ervin, Baldwin. Second Squad: Schrivener, Abdalla, Rochester, Ray, Donaldson, Horne, Hartwell, Payne, Stampley, Jones. Third Squad: Shaw, Hodge, Moreland, Mallory, Taintor, Lippincott, White, Umfress. Fourth Squad: Bryan, Montjoy, Ligon, Armor, Johnson, Baker, Prince, Beemon, Dunn, Young. ARMY DRILL TEAM First Squad: Riddell, Crosty, Ellis, Doty, Daly. Second Squad: Henry, Tate, Frazzer, Gunn, Osborne, Yates. Third Squad: Nelson, Mason, Schneider, Montjoy, Hoaberlin. Fourth Squad: Campbell, Phillips, Dalehite, Hawkins, Harper, Cobb. ARMY RANGER UNIT First Row: Johnson, Bolton, Pyles, Barnes, Hughes, Thorburn, Sweat, Coleman, Williams. Second Row: Nash, Wells, Ayers, Hauberg, Carlson, Cole, Neal, Browne, Braun. Third Row: Campbell, Segrest, Hobbs, Averill, Hood, Knight, Price, Boatright, Morris. Fourth Row: Hawkins, Green, Mallory, Riddell, Love, Phinney, Thornhill, Arledge. First Row: J. H. Hanberry, Band Platoon Leader; J. E. Allen, Drill Platoon Leader; P. H. Izard, Counter-Insurgency Platoon Leader. Second Row: Sandra. Scarbrough, Band Sponsor; Jan West, Drill Platoon Sponsor; Ann Tomlinson, Counter-Insurgency Unit Sponsor. W. G. YATES Company Commander BONNIE BUCK Sponsor FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Williams, Restarick, Pruett, Thompson, Shoemarker, Parker, Ryan, Sampson. Second Squad: Mitchell, Dewees, Box, Brown, Dement, Trueting, Cole, Mavan Third Squad: McGlathery, Barber, Stahlman, Carley, Downey, Pettigrew, Michael. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Love, Russell, McKeigney, McClanahan, Morris, Smith, Peresich, Seprest. Second Squad: Howard, Fulton, Kinard, Sweat, Thaxton, Riter, McGavock, Smith. Third Squad: Lester, Austin, McLaughlin, Caster, Taylor, Vernon, Clemons. THIRD PLATOON First Squad: Abraham, Garner, Smith, Lamb, Waldo, Cofer, Thompson. Second Squad: Ely, Brock, Rice, Waller, Martin. Third Squad: Praxtor, Lackey, Morris, Green, Barton, Massey. C. E. HAYWOOD Company DIANE BIRD Company Sponsor H. O. Leach, Executive Officer; S. A. Lackcy, First Platoon Leader; D. H. Guyton, Second Platoon Leader; L. J. Teller, Third Platoon Leader. FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Nabors, Hovius, Cole, Ayers, Davis, Phinney, Dabbs, Morris. Second Squad: Godwin, Bolin, Floyd, Spiers, Carter, Nelms, Pender, Love. Third Squad: Bennett, Bourn, Murphree, Lester, Cockrell, Criss, Haley, Martin. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Galloway, Allenburger, Wilson, Morris, Lomax, Powell, Neblett. Second Squad: Haynes, Bell, Richardson, Todaro, Arledge. Third Squad: Latham, Biggs, Smith, McArthur, Gerrad, Walker. THIRD PLATOON First Squad: Ray, Hauberg, Taylor, Thornhill, Scott, Grantham, Himelstein. Second Squad: Herring, Boatright, Daniel, Nichols, Barnes, Radcliffe. Third Squad: Averill, Taylor, Sanderson, Giles, Kerr, Morris, Nelson. N. L. Nail, Executive Officer; H. M. Smallwood, First Platoon Leader; P. R. Googe, Second Platoon Leader; C. M. Cassidy, Third Platoon Leader. R. E. CHAFFIN Company Commander MARJORIE MOORE Company Sponsor FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Moses, Mills, Turner, Sumrall, Kreilein, Nelson, Greenlee, Stenhart, Yawn. Second Squad: Mims, Brossard, Champion, Roberts, McQueen, Warren, Freeman, Mascagni, Metz. Third Squad: Harrison, Caston, Therrell, Bennett, Prime, Warfield, Hudson, SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Aldridge, Tupman, McKissack, Huffman, Garner, Morgan, Billings, Wells. Second Squad: Whitner, Wright, Carter, Keyes, Richardson, Hovater, Bergalowski. Third Squad: Heidel, Lambert, Hoppen, Kirk, Owns, Hindman, Yewing. THIRD PLATOON First Squad: Wilkins, Brown, Johnson, Smith, Cobb, Partridge, Huffstatler. Second Squad: Tillery, Weatherly, Houston, Jones, Fowler, McElhaney, Heidel, Murphree. Third Squad: Estes, Cash, Malone, Jones, Luke, Shows, Windham, Neal. L. L. JOHNSON Company Commander NANCY COURSEY Company Sponsor S. W. Owen, Executive Officer; C. M. Merkel, First Platoon Leader; G. R. Frank, Second Platoon Leader; M. W. McWeeny, Third Platoon Leader. FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Heggie, Blount, Norris, Wells, Blessey, Davis, Mellon. Second Squad: McIntosh, Grishman, Abbott, Carter, Kelso, Lester, Grantham. Third Squad: Green, McCaslin, Portera, Hood, Hogue, Chanell, Howell. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Moss, Friedly, Mulhauser, Holmes, Davis, Long, Bolon, Ladner. Second Squad: Anderson, Tucei, Ladner, Knight, Hope, Mitchell. Third Squad: Long, Gentry, Hobbs, Melikian, Wright, Neri, Ramsay. THIRD PLATOON First Squad: Gramling, Flaherty, Turnage, Johnson, Bomboy, Bounds. Second Squad: Ross, Young, Dane, Johnson, Henning, Vaughan. Third Squad: Neal, Corner, Palmore, Nikening, O ' Brien, Baker. D. 0. Scharr, Executive Officer; R. M. Nowell, First Platoon Leader; Draughn, Third Platoon Leader. V. D. GUNTER Company Commander KIT WHEELER Company Sponsor FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Bailey, Roberson, Braun, Walcott, Collier, Cross, Kendall, Schaffer. Second Squad: Swayze, Herrington, Willoughby, Westmoreland, Brown, Irby, Plyes. Third Squad: Cribbs, Mallory, Coleman, Burleson, Kinard, Abbott, Bryan. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Meador, Scruggs, McRee, Dorsey, McBee, Hasler. Second Squad: Hall, Jordan, Allen, Martin, Jamison, Tomlinson. Third Squad: Hughes, Kemp, Dunmire, Mason, Field. THIRD PLATOON First Squad: Cleveland, Shepard, Irby, Regan, Steward, Haralson, Wells, Martin. Second Squad: Phay, Cauthen, Baygents, Kuehl, Carlson, Seibels. Third Squad: Sirley, Jordan, Hailey, Lawhon, Overby, Griffith. S. A. SMITH Company Commander THOMPSON Company Sponsor S. J. Cygon, Executive Officer; R. W. Brockman, First Platoon Leader; G. L. Hovis, Second Platoon Leader; R. H. Darnell, Third Platoon Leader. TAYLOR, McCOY, IDEMA, THURNER Navy Color Guard CAPTAIN RICHARD G. TOUART PNS T The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was at Ole Miss in June, 1946, for the purpose of carefully screened and selected young men for as Ensign in the United States Navy, or Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. In order to augment the United States Naval Academy in graduating officers for these two services, Ole Miss, along with fifty- one other colleges and universities, was chosen to partici- pate in this program. As well as studying professional Naval and Marine subjects, N.R.O.T.C. students pursue their major field of study. CADET CAPTAIN C. R. SANTA SHERRY MILLER Battalion Commander Battalion Sponsor ROBERT MADEO R. M. STRICKLAND WILLIAM ROBERTS W. H. WILLIAMS Battalion Executive Officer Battalion Operations Officer Battalion Supply Officer Battalion Adjutant FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Frank, Peterson, Pasco, Arnold, Standte, Bennett, Parsons, Kosler. Second Squad: Church, Audry, Kase, Harris, Ohmeis, Stone, Babers, Milner. Third Squad: Naro, Drake, McCarty, Noble, Craig, Griffin, Sanders, Hill. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Cross, Elliott, Graham, Cooper, McRae. Second Squad: Olson, Barfield, Brion, Warner, Thole. Third Squad: Ratliff, Sherman, Valentine, White, Adams. G. D. WEALE Company Commander SANDY MCELWEE Company Commander G. E. Rigby, Executive Officer; R. P. Tatum, Chief Petty Officer; W. B. Cooper, Second Platoon Leader. FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Thompson, Lilja, Bethards, McGee, Kaffie, Caldwell. Second Squad: Kaup, Lewis, Maule, Hudson, Bridges, Gautier. Third Squad: Miller, Chanin, Kamman, Pullen, Higginbotham. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Spooner, Cassaday, Poythress, Cook, Madson. Second Squad: Richardson, Andrukiewicy, Weeks, Phillips. Third Squad: Taylor, Roberts, Germany, Moore, Vizio. David Sconiers, Executive Officer; R. J. Roy, Chief Petty Officer; B. C. Lamb, First Platoon Leader; R. W. Saul, Second Platoon Leader. C. L. ACTIS Company Commander MARSHA CAMPBELL Company Sponsor FIRST PLATOON First Squad: Gay, Hansen, Driskell, Dale, James, James, Mildred Ann James. Second Squad: Brayil, Schrarnm, Reecht, Rueff, Bounds. Third Squad: Gastrell, Evans, Harrison, Jayne, Gleason. SECOND PLATOON First Squad: Cameron, Curtin, Cuchens, Card Wislocki. Second Squad: Woodson, Garthea, Walters, Krause. Third Squad: Edwards, Gamard, Ostwald, Gilder. S. It. WITT Company Commander CHARLANN PASCHALL Company Sponsor J. A. Gaines, Executive Officer; Mitchell Mitchell, Chief Petty Officer; J. M. Allen, First Platoon Leader; Philip Heidinger, Second Platoon Leader. For the purpose of selecting and training potential officers for the Air Force, the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, through both regular class study and leadership laboratory exercises, has been in progress at Ole Miss since 1947. The Department of Air Science consists of four officers and three airmen. Supervised by the University and Air Force R.O.T.C. Headquarters, they conduct the Air Science course of study which is divided into two phases, Basic and Advanced Air Science. The first two years of academic study are devoted to air- power and its importance to the security of the nation. In the final two years, in the Advanced Course, stress is placed upon Air Force procedures and development of leaderhip and communication abilities. LT. COLONEL D. S. CANNING MAJOR E. W. MILLER CAPTAIN J. R. BAILEY CAPTAIN D. F. KING S SGT. J. W. COCHRAN T SGT. C. L. ROUUSE T SGT. HERBERT JOBE W. F. BULLOCK. W. H. BAKER Deputy Commander Operations Officer CADET LT. COLONEL T. F. STONE DIANE KLYCE Wing Commander Wing Sponsor C. S. EDMONSON H. G. LOVELADY J. L. LOTTERHOS Wing Personnel Officer Wing Inspector Wing Material Officer GAYLEN C. ROBERTS 431st Group Commander JOHN F. KIRKHAM BEVERLY YOUNG 432nd Group Commander 432nd Group Sponsor JIMMY P. ROBERTS KAY KARSTEN 433rd Group Commander 433rd Group Sponsor ALPHA FLIGHT First Element: Doggett, Atkins, Farrior, Second Element: Dorrill, Roberts, Miles, Dubard. Third Element: Tidwell, Carsely, Downer, White. Fourth. Element: Hudson, Gober, Edwards, Smith, L. C. Fifth Element: Charles, Russell, Gaines, Buntin. Sixth Element: Rozolsky, Herbert, Rogers, Campbell. Seventh Element: Abbott, Lesley, Turnage, Johnson. Eighth Element: Robbins, Dunn, Smith, J. E. BRAVO FLIGHT First Element: Bryant, Jones, R. L. Second Hearn, Jones, J. N., Roy, Brown, J. H. Third Element: Schurtz, Pugh, Hamachek, Robinson. Fourth Element: Shinualt, Christy, Stalvey, Bailey, Fifth Element: Butterfield, Cole, McKeithen, Johnson. Sixth Element: Shields, McMullen, Farrar, Fortenberry. Seventh Bailey, Jones, E. D., Catoe, Davis. Eighth Element: Hinman, Jordan, Miller, Brown, 0. D. Jerry P. Allen, Alpha Flight Commander; David L. Bradley, Bravo Flight Commander. PAUL W. KLOTZ Squadron Commander LYNN YARBROUGH Squadron Sponsor CHARLIE FLIGHT First Element: Melton, Denton, Blackledge, Myers, Thompson, McKay. Second Element: Ward, Paden, Gayden, Fulton, Womack, Third Element: Buckler, Beharrel, Church, Reynolds. Fourth Element: Nicholas, Reuter, Stephenson, Morley, Harris. Fifth Element: Wages, Campbell, Schwent, Miller, McGehee. DELTA FLIGHT First Element: Homich, Dilworth, Devries, Gennin, Twiehaus. Second Element: Bell, Wright, Wiedmen. Third Element: Schultze, Hall, Perkins. Fourth Element: Britton, Roberts, Horvath, Kilpatrick. Fifth Element: Buck, Snyder, Francheschi, McIntosh. Sixth Element: Tableriou, Sims, Brittingham. HUGH B. BRYANT Squadron Commander ROSE CLAYTON Squadron Sponsor David L. Whitley, Charlie Flight Commander; John C. Gammill, Delta Flight Commander. ECHO FLIGHT First Element: Holcomb, Townes, Gillespie, Norman, Chancellor, Buttross. Second Element: Morris, Dobbs, Rayner, Harrison, Crumbaugh, Presley. Third Element: Reed, Roberts, Wood, Wills, Smith. Fourth Element: Warren, Turner, Stanley, Aldrich, Dennis. Fifth Element: Rikard, Ball. FOXTROT FLIGHT First Element: Barksdale, Duncan, Smith, Quinn, McAfee. Second Element: Gaston, Scott, Bullard, Barnett. Third Element: Carter, Brown, Jones, Walman. Fourth Element: McRaney, Rankin, McDaniel, Summers. Fifth Billing, Mingee, Weatherby, Moreton. James F. Anderson, Foxtrot Flight Commander; William A. Pyle, Echo Flight Commander. HENRY E. HOOKE Squadron Commander CARMEN KLOTZ Squadron Sponsor GOLF FLIGHT First Element: Lee, Marshall, Abbott, Lewis. Second Element: Fauver, Cotten, Strickland, Burnett. Third Element: Wilcox, Clements, Force, Nelson. Fourth Element: Moore, Gilley, Jones, Mullins, Fifth Element: Palmer. HOTEL FLIGHT First Element: Hudgins, Garlic, Seale, Bland, Fitzgerald, Phillips. Second Element: Holmes, Carothers, Liles, Scarborough, Wade, McNelley. Third Element: Fayard, Atkins, Olson, Kaigler, Cooper. Fourth Element: Stubblefield, Wilson, Tillman, Roberts, Greer. Fifth Element: Guyton. ROBERT L. LANE Squadron Commander GLENDA LUKE Squadron Sponsor Nathaniel W. Lea, Golf Flight Commander; Guy B. Harrell, Hotel Flight Commander. JUOLIETT FLIGHT First Element: Metcalf, Taylor, Lessley, Null, Geiselman, Graeber. Second Element: Tollison, Quinn, Searcy, Keesee, Gates. Third Element: Brock, Jones, Purdo, Hughes, Harper. Fourth Element: Ford, Perrault, Fillare, Brown, Fifth Element: Heidinger, Kline, Boutwell, Brumbaugh. INDIA FLIGHT First Element: Yoste , Robertson, Mays, Ballew, Lowrange. Second Element: Cranston, Hunter, Ezell, Bray, McGonagill. Third Element: Wright, Carmichael, Bradford, Morris, Crumbley. Fourth Element: Liberto, Farese, Noble, Bookout, Boren. Buddy Patterson, India Flight Commander; Robert M. Gannon, Juliet Flight Commander. ROBERT W. ATKINSON Squadron Commander ROSEANN HARWOOD Squadron Sponsor KILO FLIGHT First Element: Kickman, Monger, Blackburn, Brown, Hurdle. Second Element: Vickery, Monroe, Mills. Third Element: Gower, Mitchell, Peden, Martin. Fourth Element: Sartin, Robertson, Seymore. Fifth Watkins, Fleming, Still. LIMA FLIGHT First Element: Gober, Bounds, Foster, Buxton, Kramer, Zalocusky. Second Element: McIntyre, Palmer, Newcomb, Rosato. Third Element: Inmon, Moore, Lile, Stevenson. Fourth Element: Laurent, Schulte, Lorentz, Maxwell. Fifth Element: Lee, Boykin, Watson, Matthews. BILLY F. BROWN Squadron Commander MICKI GARDNER Squadron Sponsor James F. Caldwell, Kilo Flight Commander; Ronald V. Hanna, Lima Flight Commander. MIKE FLIGHT First Element: Wallace, Brooks, Denning, Eason. Haraway. Willoughby. Second Element: Smith, W. A., Robertson, Parker, Smith, B. G. Third Element: Cvengros, Weatherly, Mitchell, Howell, Fourth Element: Longino, Schreiter, Price, Hollis, Thorne. Fifth Element: Thomas, Baker, Burham, Waller, Miller. Sixth Element: Phillips, Danks, Lacy, Cummings. NOVEMBER FLIGHT First Element: Berg, McCardle, McKay, Moore, Flowers, Lumpkin. Second Lape, Holstein, Chin, Beneke, Glaze, Hollingsworth. Third Element: Hall, Sanders, Morgan, Maynard, Easley, Smith, R. A. Fourth Element: Hudson, Foote, Crowell, Smith, K. E., Long, Sells. Fifth Element: Hansen, Chatham, Profilet, Connelly, Enchelmayer. Servetus P. Cro ckett, Mike Flight Commander; Phillip E. Roberts, November Flight Commander. BILLY B. TRIMBLE Squadron Commander LYNN COOK Squadron Sponsor OSCAR FLIGHT First Element: Moore, Cole, McCaffrey, Smith, Elliott, Barger. Second Element: Ingram, Brawley, Thomas, Shipp. Third Element: McCool, Salladay, Carson, Grant, Wheeler. Fourth Element: Wall, Puckett, Stephenson, Lusk, Fox. Fifth Element: Gillis, McCrosky. PAPA FLIGHT First Element: Davis, MacDonald, Boyles, Darnell, Burleson, Brown. Second Element: Himel, Edwards, Rogers, Nix, Bogan, Gex. Third Walker, D. S., Wootten, White, Jameson, Squires. Fourth Element: Maddox, Grubbs, King, Hough, Hedgepeth. Fifth Element: Phillips, Veazey, Bridges, Colay. Sixth Element: Sue. David M. Nichols, Oscar Flight Commander; James H. Sledge, Papa Flight Commander. WALTER E. SHETTLEMOI Squadron Commander MELONIE BENARD Squadron Sponsor QUEBEC FLIGHT First Element: Bounds, Steed, Duckworth, Clinton, Robinson. Second Element: Young, Carrington, Hill, Swalm, Toney. Third Element: Buie, Horn, Dean Chrisholm, Brucker. Fourth Element: Miller, Marlar, Burge, Guyton, Stokes. Fifth Element: Stringer, Nail, Spratlin, Defibaugh. ROMEO FLIGHT First Element: Larroux, Oglesbee, Copeland, Hill, Hennington, Calder. Second Element: Jue Cohen, Everitt, McKibben, Bennett, Nute. Third Element: Murray, Barenis, McCay, Neal. Fourth Element: McFarlane, Worsham, Reed. Fifth Element: Baker, Schad, Delevett. Kieth G. Howell, Quebec Flight Commander; John W. King, Romeo Flight. Commander. THOMAS L. STENNIS Squadron Commander MARTHA REA Squadron Sponsor SIERRA FLIGHT First Element: Boyd, Mils, Harris, Shoemake, Roden, Hughes. Second Element: Fortner, Shelton, Beaupre, Folk, Knobles. Third Element: Laduc, Mohr. Cobb, Graves, Griffith. Fourth Element: Garmon, Jones, Voge, Bedingfield. TANGO FLIGHT First Element: Crawley, Rogers, Hodge, Worthy, Barr, Hupp. Second Element: Atkins, Winter, Young, J. R., Swalm, Seabold. Third Element: Moroni, Phillips, M. C., Buck, Chatham. Fourth Element: Hinton, Young, T. W., Pulliam, Philips, L. 0., Broyles. Fifth Element: Carroll, Russell. ORVILLE G. ROBERTSON Squadron Commander MYRA CARTER Squadron Sponsor Phillip B. Noble, Sierra Flight Commander; Gardiner S. Adams, Tango Flight Commander. The Arnold Air Society was founded at the University of Cincinnati in 1947 and is the youngest honorary professional military organization in the United States. Its membership consists of outstanding cadets in Advanced Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps at 168 colleges and universities. The Al Key Squadron was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1950. It has as its objective to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense; to American citizenship; and to create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadets. Arnold Air Society ' s motto is indicative of the group ' s aims: The Warrior Who Cultivates His Mind Polishes His Arms. First Row: T. F. Stone, J. D. Johnson, Joe Mims, J. L. Lotterhos, A. H. Bryant, G. C. Roberts, J. F. Kirkham. Second Row: B. F. Brown, W. E. Shettlemore, O. G. Robertson, J. F. Geisler, S. P. Crockett, R. F. Carpenter, J. C. Gammill. Third Row: J. D. Barton, W. A. Pyle, N. W. Lea, J. H. Rader, L. E. Sutton, J. H. Sledge, J. W. King. Fourth Row: R. V. Hanna, P. E. Roberts, J. F. Anderson, D. L. Whitley, P. B. Noble, Gary L. Densing, D. L. Bradley. Fifth Row: H. B. Bryant, J. W. Ford, J. F. Caldwell. Not Pictured: Billy Baker, Hugh Loveland, J. P. Roberts, Nick Hooke, Bruch Trimble, Jimmy Allen, G. B. Harrell, O. K. G. Havell, D. A. Butross. First Row: Melanie Bernard, Helen Bickerstaff, Kay Butler, Myra Carter, Lynn Cook, Rose Clayton, Amanda Gardner. Second Row: Micki Gardner, Roseann Harwood, Paula Hudson, Kay Karsten, Carmen, Klotz, Diane Klyce, Linda Little. Third Row: Glenda Luk e, Pat McInnis, Martha Rea, Patsy Robinson, Harriet Wicks, Lynn Yarbrough, Beverly Young. Angel Flight, a sister auxiliary of the Arnold Air Society, began its second year at the University by being chosen as Area C-2 Headquarters. Members are selected from applications to a special board on the basis of scholarship and participation in extra- curricular activties. The various activities of Angel Flight include represent- ing the University as official hostess for conventions, assist- ing in projects with the Arnold Air Society, drilling with Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadets, participating in parades, and entertaining Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadets during inclement weather schedules and at Christmas. Each Thursday when meetings are held the members wear their official electric blue uniforms. The officers hold the honorary rank of the corresponding officers of the Arnold Air Society. Air Force Sponsors are selected from members of the Angel Flight. Miriam Wilson .. Beverly Young . . . . Amanda Gardner Martha Rea Rose Clayton MIRIAM WILSON Area Commander Diane Klyce Glenda Luke Roseann Harwood Lynn Cook Lynn Yarbrough .. Paul Hudson Carmen Klotz - ODK members work late at night arranging for the different programs. Mr. Tom Harvey, President. Buffy and Jimmy look over plans for the coming year. Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University in the fall of 1914. It came to the Ole Miss campus in February of 1936 and has since become the outstanding honorary organization for men at the University. In order for a man to be considered for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, he must have a total of 20 or more points. A man receives points for the following five activities: Scholarship, Athletics, Student Government, and Speech, Music and Dramatic Arts. Omicron Delta Kappa also restricts its membership to only 2% of the male student body. Although Omicron Delta Kappa is primarily an honorary organization, it performs many services to the University and. its students. The principal project is the forum series, sponsored in conjunction with Mortar Board, which brings nationally and internationally known figures to the campus to speak on pertinent topics. Another service of Omicron Delta Kappa is its Foreign Scholarship Fund which is awarded to one of the foreign students on campus who meets certain standards and who is in need of financial assistance. .. William T. Jones . Thomas C. Harvey .... Robert B. Ellis .. Richard C. Santa Roscue Cross First Row: Harry L. Case, Travis H. Clark, William Cochran, Thomas Coleman, Carl Downing, William Eckhardt. Second Row: William Jones, Fred Lentjes, John Lynch, Gaylen Roberts, James Russell, Lucius Sams. Third Row: Richard Santa, Allen Smith, Lloyd Spivey, John Travis, Dick Wilson. Not Pictured: John Gunter, Hicks, Jerry Reed. Mortar Board, a national honor society for senior women, was founded at Cornell on February 16, 1918, when four local honor sororities banded together with the purpose of promoting University loyalty, advancing the spirit of and service in University women, maintaining and encouraging leadership, and stimulating and developing the finest type of college women. At Ole Miss, Mortar Board continually maintains the high ideals set forth by its founders. Each spring, Mortar Board re-evaluates these ideals, then, on Honor Day in Fulton Chapel, taps new members accordingly. Throughout the year, Mortar Board joins with Omicron Delta Kappa in sponsoring the Omicron Delta Kappa- Mortar Board Forums. These forums bring to the campus famous people who speak on pertinent sub- jects. This past year; Mortar Board, under the leadership of President Miriam Wilson, has been more active than ever. .. Miriam Wilson Gerry Gooch Sally Wilson . Diane Deuschle Kay Brown .. Sammie Bramlett First Row: Rita Anderson, Emily Bramlett, Kay Brown, Rose Sylvia Dame, Karen Dawson. Second Row: Bettye Durrett, Gerry Gooch, Jan Humber, Sibyl McRae, Louise Moore, Amye Sansom. Third Row: Gale Sinnot, Judith Thompson, Miriam Wilson. Not Pictured: Diane Deuschle; Sara Wilson. One of the major projects for the Mortar Board is the selling of calendars. Miss Miriam Wilson, President. The schedule is made up for coming year. Left to Right, First Row: Mildred Ann James, Diane Conner, Vicky Love, Brenda Barbee, Jessie Humphrey. Second Row: Susan Katherine Webb, Brenda Lokey, Jane Biggers, June Clark, Edna Lott. The Megaphone Club is composed of a member from each of the ten sororities and one independent. The mem- bers are elected by their respective sorority or dormitory. Each member is required to be a sophomore, with the exception of the president who is a junior. The officers of the Megaphone Club are elected by the members of the club. The purpose of the Megaphone Club is to foster school spirit at every activity held on the Ole Miss campus. The club members encourage attendance at pep rallies, and basketball games, A.S.B. dances, and other school-sponsored affairs. In order to promote attendance at these school activities, posters and handbills are on the campus. School spirit has been en- couraged by various methods such as the selling of pom pom sticks at football games and the distribution of horns at games. The Megaphone Club works hand in hand with the Cardinal Club, a men ' s sophomore service club. Together, the two clubs sponsored the annual Welcome Rebel party, and other similar activities. This year for the first time, the Megaphone Club each member with outfits which were worn to activities and on a certain week-clay. Vicki Love Jane Biggers Diane Conner .. Jessie Yancy Humphries In 1927 the Cardinal Club was organized as a sophomore service organization. The primary purpose of the club at that time was to entertain visiting athletic teams. The club served as a welcoming committee for the athletic depart- ment here at Ole Miss. Since then the Cardinal Club has become infamous as a freshman disciplinary committee. Freshmen are orientated with the traditional freshman which is sponsored by this group. Each year the Cardinal Club sponsors the building of a giant bonfire the night before the Homecoming game. The main purpose of the club now is to instill in the freshmen students en- thusiastic spirit and love for Ole Miss. The club sponsors freshman roll call to ensure the freshmen attendance at all pep rallies and like functions. The membership of the club is composed of one repre- sentative from each fraternity and two from the student body at large. The president is elected from the preceding year ' s Cardinal Club. He is a member of the junior class who has shown particular enthusiasm in the Cardinal Club during his sophomore year. The president plans the activi- ties for the year with the help of the other officers. School spirit and freshman orientation are greatly fostered by this First Row, Left to Right: Bob Rosser, John Corlew, Jeff Bennie Razosky, Jimmy Reed. Second Row: Lattie Michael, Dale Duckworth, Yancy Gillespie, John Sebo, Joe Arledge. Third organization. The Cardinal Club group are the most school-spirit boosters and members can be easily recognized at pep rallies and oth er functions by their Ole Miss sweaters. Ed Perry . Dale Duckworth .... John Corlew . .Yancy Gallespy Row: Sam Mavar, Robert Shepard, Dick Todd, David Oglesbee, Ed Perry. .. Bob Bowman Ray Ayers ... Gail Sinnott . . . Barbrae Cole . Carole Walker .. John Doggett Ole Miss has many organizations of a religious nature for her student body. Among the largest is the Wesley Foundation, an organization for students who have the Methodist religion as a preference. The aim of the Wesley Foundation is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of students by trying to create a greater personal relationship with God; and to strengthen ties with the church, made in youth, which assure full Christian maturity. Activities of the Wesley Foundation include discussion groups, studies, worship, fellowship and recreation. On Sundays, students have many different types of religious activities at their disposal. Monday through Friday from 1 to 1:20 p.m. the group presents " Pause for Power, " a time of devotion, on the third floor of the " Y " building. Friday at 7:00 a.m. there is a Bible Study group planned by a council which represents the group. First Row: Rita Louise Anderson, Ray Ayers, Cheryl Bobbitt, Sammy Bramlett, William Bullard, Kay Burns, Barbara Allyn Cole, Carol Ann Conklin, Billy Cook, John Gordon Corlew. Second Row: Nancy Coursey, Robert Cross, Jr., John Doggett, Barbara Elder, Ralph Ellis, Wayne Geiselman, Sara Hammond, Barbara Harmon, Katie Hester, Paula Hudson. Third Row: Carolyn Kerr, Bill Glenda Luke, Virginia MacDonald, Marian Peacock, Wanda Price, Belle Privette, Gaylen Roberts, Ann Rogers, William Rogers. Fourth Row: Richard Ross, Elizabeth Ann Sartor, David Orwin Scharr, Judy Simpson, Gale Sinnot, Donna Sutton, Robert Harley Tripp, Randall Wall, Carole Walker. Fifth Row: Jimmie Sue Walker, Katherine Webb, Clifford Webber, Ariel Williams, Lila Jo Wilson, Sally Kate Winters, Connie Sue Young. Not Pictured: Barry Glenn, Wallace E. Heggie, Robert Mays, Glenda Rawson, Larry Smith, Lee Tate. The purposes of the University Players of the University of Mississippi arc " to perform as the working organization of the University Theatre, assisting the theatre staff in all practical ways in the productions of the theatre; to foster those activities which will lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of theatre and its rewards; and to on the part of its members varied participation in the theatrical activities of the University. " This year the officers of the organization have been: Sherry Moore, President; Christian Garrison, Vice-President; Margaret Spiars, Secretary; Carol Anderson, and Robert Canon and Andrew Ritch, members of the executive council. Among the productions contributed to by players in 1962 were Hedda Gabler, South Pacific, Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen, The Chairs, The Maids, Trifles, The Damask Drum, One Day More, Trista, Saint Joan, and The Seven Year Itch. Players work in every phase of production. They bor- row, buy, rent, and keep up with costumes, properties, and furniture. They study outside of class to be able to apply make-up and create sound effects; they publicize build and paint sets, and of course they act in the plays. Sherri Moore .. Christian Garrison Margaret Spies Jean Winsomwe David Ball Louis Guy .. George McMullan Diane Perry Pre-Med students who have maintained a 4.5 average over two consecutive semesters may be awarded in Alpha Epsilon Delta. A student who has maintained a 5.0 average after one semester may be pledged. Alpha Epsilon Delta was founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa„ Alabama, in 1926. At present there are over ten thousand members in the sixty-one active chapters in colleges and universities throughout the United States. The objectives of the society are to encourage excellence in pre-medical work by furnishing a goal toward which the student may strive during the early semesters of his or her pre-medical career; to bind together similarly interested students; and to bridge the gap between the spirit of the pre-medical school and that of the School of First Row: Raymond Albert Alford, David Alford Ball, Leonard Ball, Bob Bowman, Lynn Brown Boyer, James Britt. Second Row: Gretta Guyton, Ledon Langston, Albert Laws, Fred Lee McMillan, George McMullan, John Bart McMullan. Third Row: Robert McRaney, Dianne Perry, Thomas Randle, Archie Spraybery, Harriett Tinsley. Not Pictured: Dick Hall Marchbanks; Larry Sauls; Robert Thompson; David Wells. First Row: George Abraham, Larry Arnold, Curt Ayers, Forrest Barber, John Bolich, Charles Boren, William Cameron, Mark Carley, Larry Carruth, Fred Delph. Second. Row: Carlos Dollar, Jack Dunwoody, Henry Gastrell, Robert Geske, George Gibson, Charles Hanson, George Harrison, Rowland Hawkins, Henry Haynes, John D. Johnson. Third Row: Frank Jones, Jimmy W. Jones, Charles Jordan, Ernest Lipscomb, Glenn Lusk, John Lynch, Joe Magee, Allen McLain, Richard Mellon, John R. Miller. Fourth Row: Arl Van Moore, Wendell Mullins, Gaylord Olson, Patel, Lars Phillips, Archie Pratt, George Prince, George Rigby, Richard Santa, Clark Smith. Fifth Row: Fred Stanley, Darryl Stowart, James Taylor, Gerald Tucker, Mike Wade, Wagner, Micheal Zalocusky. Not Pictured: Rayner Garber; John Herring; Harvey McCrosky; Charles Stone; Harley Tripp, On Ole Miss ' campus in 1957 a student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers received its char- ter. It was decided, after a close inspection of the University as a whole, with special emphasis on the Department of Chemical Engineering, that Ole Miss was fully qualified to have a chapter. The purpose of the student chapter is to promote the professional development of students in engineering. Furthermore, it endeavors to foster a professional spirit among its members and instills pride in chemical engineering. The chapter ' s include lectures, movies, and the presentation of papers prepared by the members. In this way the club works to achieve its goal, as well as broaden the scope of chemical engineering for its members. Frank Thornhill Curtis P. Ayers .. Henrey M. Gastrell J C. Herring Travis Halford . . . . Tom S. Anderson Pat McMullen . Rodger Cunningham First Row: Harry Alderson, William Alias, Tom S. Anderson, Richard Duke Arnold, Ted Barnett, Henry Bennett, Burl J. Boykin, Lorenzo J. Boykin, Vernon J. Buie. Second Row: Robert Bunnell, Robert Owen Cotton, Joel Vernon Davis, Arthur Dickson, Dickie Fenstermacher, Harolyn Ford, Dale Gray Griffith, Travis E. Byron Hannah. Third Row: Brad C. Harrington, David Henderson, Lisa Marilyn Mattox, James Hitchcock, Charles Parker Hooker, John Wayne Jabour, Jerry Lee Jones, German Eubank Jordan, Billy Gravette Lamb. Fourth Row: William Edward Lane The Ole Miss Chapter of the American Marketing was established for the first time last year at the University of Mississippi. The membership is composed of students who are majoring in the field of business. The purpose of the association is to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing research so the business student will be more thoroughly prepared for his profession. The chapter here on campus is continually striving to contribute to the improvement of the teaching of market- ing. Its members endeavor to further the public under- standing and appreciation of marketing problems by pro- moting friendly relations between students, faculty, and businessmen. Many times during the year the American Marketing Association invites businessmen from various places to fulfill speaking engagements on campus. These businessmen discuss many problems in the marketing world and encourage the students to further their knowledge in business education. Members of this association entertain these guest speakers during their visit here at the university. Edward Lane, James Edgar Larson, Frank Joseph Malta, James Ivan Mayer, Pat McInnis, Patricia McMullan, Audrey Robert M. Owen, Ben McCulio Pettis. Fifth Row: Don Knox Phillips, William Phinney, William Rawlings, Frank T. Richardson, Philip Ernest Roberts, John Peter Robilio, John Richard Schwalje, John S. Simpson, Hugh I. Stahlman. Sixth Row: Tommy F. Stone, Richard Vandermark, William Williams, James Williamson, Robert W. Witty, Harmon R. Yarber. Not Pictured: Whaley Hall, Ben Robin Howard, Nick Nail. First Row: Robert Ray Austin, Ray Rolland Ayers, Theodore T. Bean, Lee Thomas Burch, Hans Devries, Clyde J. Downey, Bobby Edwards, Jimmy Fox. Second Row: Thomas Alvin Gaither, Bill Gautier, Stephen Glaze, John M. Howard, E. A. Jaen, Frank E. Johnson, Fred William Lentjes, Horace Lester. Third Row: Robert M. Lurie, Bertha V. Mcllwain, James McLaughlin, Johnny Moss, Buford Coleman Murphee, James Charles Newman, Clyde Owen, Student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers provide the opportunity for the beginnings of associations. All students in the Department of Civil Engineering are welcome to attend some of the meetings but membership is open only to juniors and seniors in this department. Membership in the chapter assures that con- tacts can be made with the technical and professional prog- ress of civil engineering and with the leaders who are responsible for such progress. Also very important, offers the chance to take part in the constructive activities carried on by future leaders of the profession. The American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter supplements regular class meetings and laboratory work and is the only agency that can relate the professional of the students. Marion Perry. Fourth Row: Terry Van Rankin, Louis D. Rash, Joseph M. Roberts, Alva H. Rutledge, David Orwin Scharr, Sidney L. Smith, Jr., Julius V. Spann, David Lee Stockton. Fifth Row: Chester Lee Tate, Donald L. Urbani, Kam Leung Wai, Joe D. Warrington, Gwin Winter, William G. Yates, William Elisha York, Kenneth Young. Not Pictured: Gordon Freeny, Gene Hale, Earl Wardlaw. Gene Hale Billy Yates Joe Warrington Leslie Fossen . . . . Marion Perryl Joe Blurton .. Tom Cleveland . Bo Haywood Jill Davis . . . . Allen Pepper Spiritual growth on the campus, along with mental and cultural developments through church-related programs and activities, is offered by the Baptist Student Union. The BSU serves as a connecting link between the campus and the church for Baptist students and for those of Baptist preference. The BSU Councils are elected annually by members of the organization. It is the responsibility of the council to contact and enlist Baptist students who would be interested in participating in the program of the BSU. It is also the Council ' s duty to coordinate the Baptist program with that of other campus religious organizations. Each year the Ole Miss BSU sends a delegation to the State BSU Convention. It sponsors short devotionals each week day at noon which are conducted by the students themselves. Prayer dates are considered an important part of the BSU. Various mission projects are also undertaken by this group. All of these projects are open to Christian students of all denominations. First Row: Tom Cleveland, Jill Davis, Diane Deuschle, Jeanine Ogletree. Second Row: Larry Sauls, Kenny Smith, Phil Tracy, Bill Yates. Not Pictured: Bo Haywood, David Hicks, Laura Lynn McLemore, Bonnie Miles, Allen Pepper, Louis Turner. The Alpha Theta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was on the Ole Miss campus in 1951. This professional accounting fraternity requires that its members be majors in accounting, enrolled in advanced undergraduate work, and maintain an over-all 4.0 in that subject. The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi, as stated in its is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession; to promote the study of accountin g with a view toward securing the highest ethical ideals; to act as a medium between professional men, in- structors, students, and others who arc interested in the development of the study of profession of accountancy; and to develop high moral, professional, and scholastic standards in its members. ..Rees Tate Bowen Douglas Reed .. Robert Strickland Walker Tucei Guy Hovis ...Tommy Crowson Carl Nabors . . . Nick Anthoney Marvar Mrs. Sarah Lu Boling Left to Right, First Row: Dean Clive Dunham, Sarah Lou Boling, Karen Dawson. Second Row: Dr. Louis Bell, Nick Mavar, Jr. The Ole Miss chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was in 1944. This national scholastic honor society is for men and women in the schools of commerce and business administration. To be eligible for membership, seniors must be in the upper 10% of their class and have an over-all grade-point of 4.2. Second-semester juniors with high scholastic standing are also eligible. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage high scholarship and to foster high ideals in business. Chapters of this honor society are established only in institutions which are members of the American Association of Schools of Business. Left to Right, First Row: John Gunter, Joyce Ebbing, Cecil Jones, Ann Rodgers, Sylvia Dame, Tommy Castle, Allen Pepper. Second Row: Billy Yates, Kathryn Clegg, Martha Hamilton, Sarah Eva Furr, Beverly Young, Herb Alexander, Buffy Beach, Herbert Rogers. The Religious Emphasis program at Ole Miss is by the Committee of One Hundred a cross section of the University community. This group of students, staff, faculty, directors and chaplains of student religious groups, and Oxford ministers sponsors a series of Religious Emphasis Speakers throughout the year. Through meetings in fraternity and sorority houses, classrooms as well as in convocations and other areas on the campus, students are given the opportunity of hearing these leaders in the field of religion. Through student leaders anti interests of faculty mem- bers, the Committee has accomplished many of the great ends it desires. Ole Miss is greatly indebted to the persons who strive to give us a wider view of religious opinions through the year. .. Cecil B. Jones ... Ann Rodgers . Tommy Castle Joyce Ebbing ... John Gunter ...Sylvia Dame Tom Cleveland Gaylen Roberts Sibyl McRae Jeanine Ogletree . Laura Lynn McLemore Ronnie Franklin .. Gaylen Cooper Rob erts Mr. James C. Coleman directs the Concert Singers on the Ole Miss campus. The Singers perform for various campus functions as well as their own scheduled concerts. This group also entertains for seasonal events such as The Messiah at Christmas. The touring choral group works for blend and precision in each of their performances. In addition to striving for these traits, the singers try to attain an over-all choral musicianship. They have earned a well- deserved reputation for a fine singing group through their efforts. The students and faculty alike have applauded the group for its fine singing. Everyone looks forward to each performance given by these fine musicians. Last year was highlighted by the Spring tour to New Orleans, Louisiana. The group represented the University at the National Association of Music Teachers Convention. There they helped to gain recognition for Ole Miss in the field of music. Left to Right, First Row: Jan Griffin, Janie Chilton, Sara Carla Roberts, Dianne Conner, Lura Nail, Harriet Harper, Amanda Brown, Inez Varnado, Laura Lynn McLemore, Mary Lou Paid, Sue Chancellor, Katie Hester. Second Row: Billy Horn, John Dubard, Hayes Ianisoi, Larry Smith, Ann Harpin, Linda Palmer, Jennie Ogletree, Babe Chif ton, Jack Gill, Bruce Payne, Tom Cleveland. Third Row: Max Hipp, Semner Ross, Robert Cross, David Hicks, Ronnie Franklin, Trent Lott, Jimmy Hudgines, Jim Willoughby, Kendric Smith, Allan Pepper. First Row: Sara Knox Bramlette, Amanda Brown, Barbara Jane Buck, Janie Lynn Clinton, Nancy Coursey, Joan Elaine Downer, Penny Dunnaway, Sara Ann Feemster. Second Row: Louise M. Gardner, Harriet Harper, Kathryn Hester, Mary Johnson, Kay Lynn Karsten, Carmen Klotz, Marianna Littlejohn, Edna Lott. Third Row: Virginia Mann, Velia Ann Mayer, Linda Elizabeth McCormick, Linda Palmer, Shirley Payne, Betty Ann Price, Belle Privette, Martha Rea. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Sartor, Peggy Savage, Elizabeth Seay, Katherine Webb, Jan West, Sally Kate Winters. Not Pictured: Ruby Clegg, Carol Cole, Carolyn Kerr, Harriet Tinsley. CWENS is a National Honorary Organization for women of which Mississippi Iota Chapter is a part. At the time of the National CWENS Convention in of 1962, which was attended by two Iota Chapter delegates, there were 135 chapters. The purpose of CWENS is to promote scholarship and leadership among the coeds and to render service to the University. To qualify for membership a girl must have been outstanding in leadership in campus activities as well as proficient in her studies her freshman year. Only ten per cent of all freshman women who have attained a 4.00 grade average are selected each year to wear the insignia of CWENS. CWENS try to develop cultural interest by entertaining guest speakers at their weekly meeting. This year they served Ole Miss by ushering at all Committee of convocations. Janie Clinton Mickie Gardner . Sara Knox Bramlette Edna Lott . ...Sarah Lu Boling Nancy Sawyers Carole Walker . Amye Sue Sansome Mickie Gardner First Row: Sarah Flowers Boling, Keturah B. Butler, Judy Ann Dow Caruthers, Jean B. Davenport, Barbara Ann Elder, Kay Fleming. Second Row: Carolyn Dixon Flowers, Becky Ann Fowler, Louise M. Gardner, Christine Murphree Gates, Barbara Faye Goodin, Elizabeth Ann Gordon, Linda Jean Harper. Third Men and women in office administration may become affiliated with Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. This honorary was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1951. It is incorporated in Mississippi and became a national organization last year. Epsilon Gamma Epsilon emphasizes four phases of ac- tivity—the professional, the fraternal, the honorary, and the social. Its chief purpose is to promote the ideals and concepts of higher education in office administration which will contribute to the preparation of men and women for office occupations and for teaching in the field of business education. The activities of the fraternity enable its members to become acquainted with leaders in the fields of business and business education and to become aware of current developments, standards, practices, and routines of Membership in the organization is based on character, leadership, and scholarship. It is limited to students in the department of Office Administration and Business Education who are specializing in secretarial science, office management, and business education. Row: Charlotte Johnson, Ivy Jean Littlejohn, Narianna Littlejohn, Patricia Dair Lovorn, Sally McDonnell, Patsy Moore, Evelyn Marie Murphy. Fourth Row: Vicki Reid, Anye Sue Sansom, Nancy Janice Marie Wetzler, Connie Sue Young. Not Pictured: Caren Dawson, Nancy Fredrickson, Willard Lape, Carol Walker. Left to Right, First Row: Hamp Jones, Mary Lou Mashburn, Herbert Rogers. Second Row: Jerry Center, B. F. Heath, G. J. Prince, Jay Hartly, Dale Stogner, New Sing Chin. Third Row: Robert Stockett, Wesley Adams, Dick Guyton, Richard Chaffin, George McClintock, Charles Collins. Fourth Row: Tom Tenfelde, Robert Laird, Gray Jackson, Cecil Ford, John Mortimer. The Financiers was organized in the spring of 1959 on the Ole Miss campus. The organization is composed of those students majoring in the field of Banking and Finance. The club is sponsored by the University of Mississippi Chair of Banking, under the direction of Dr. Ben B. McNew, and the Mississippi Bankers Association. The purposes of the Financiers are to bring together stu- dents of banking and finance for a closer fellowship and the interchange of ideas, to foster a better understanding of the responsibilities of financial institutions to the local and national economics, to bring to the students a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of financial executives, and to afford the banking and finance students an opportunity to meet and hear individuals who are suc- cessful in the various financial fields. Various leading Mississippi bankers have spoken to the group on the different specialized functions of banking activities during the past year. The group meets every other Tuesday at 4:15 in the Commons Room of Conner Hall. The public is cordially invited to attend and partici- pate in all discussions. Hamp Jones Herbert Rodgers ... Mary Lou Mashburn Kay Johnson . . . Carolyn Anderson Paula Jo Travers Harriet Wicks .. Miss Helen Hawkins The Mississippi Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association are affiliated with the University of Mississippi Home Economics Club. The club was founded on the university campus in 1938. The purpose of this organization is to bring members together and inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics, and to promote clean, healthful homemaking. Students majoring in Home Economics may join the Home Economics Club. It enables them to learn what other members are accomplishing in Mississippi and in the United States in this field. The club offers great opportunities for those who arc interested in learning the modern tech- niques of Home Economics. A national program is set up at the beginning of each year. The points of this program are sent to the various clubs throughout the United States. At the Home Eco- nomics meetings, held the first Monday of each month, the members work to carry out these points and to obtain the high standards which are set up by the club here at Ole Miss. First Row: Loris Aldridge, Carolyn Anderson, Janellen Baker, Carol Bequette, Jane Bigger, Kaye Browning, Joanne Clark, Judy Coursey. Second Row: Jane Crenshaw, Sherry Donald, Kitty English, Ruth Ann Jean, Joye Gooch, Jeanie Goodman, Kathy Hamberlain, Carolyn Henderson. Third Row: Kay Humphreys, Claudia Johnson, Kay Johnson, Kay Jones, Patricia Ann Jones, Rosemary Latimer, Judy Latting, Janey Ligon. Fourth Row: Olivia Littlefield, Margie Malone, Sharon McGonagill, Phyllis McIntyre, Laura Lynn McLemore, Joan. McMillan, Jane Miller, Carolyne Morgan. Fifth Row: Rosalene Morrison, Kay Murphy, Carol Phillips, Beverly Stalnaker, Linda Gail Westmoreland. Not Pictured: Mary Collins. Left to Right, First Row: John Doggett, Philip Poythress, Edwin Eggen, Martin Wilson, Jimmy Lankford, Powell Shoemaker. Second Row: A. J. Lee, Jack Evans, Victor Walters, Keith Howell, Lee Thurner, Victor Boone, Jeff Troyka, Ken McCoy, Bobby Gramling. In the spring of 1959 the Electrical Engineering Student Society was organized on the Ole Miss campus. includes all electrical engineering majors and all stu- dents who are majoring in related fields. The purpose of the society is to advance the theory and practice of electrical engineering and its allied fields. The organization attempts to assemble students with common interests while striving to instill pride in the fields of and electronics. Monthly meetings are held for the reading and open discussion of professional publications, technical films, and other matter which are appro- priate for an organization interested in subjects of such a technical nature. This year, the Electrical Engineering Student Society is in the process of becoming associated with the Institute of Radio Engineers. The society will be able to become more closely associated with other organizations of this type as soon as the School of Electrical Engineering is accredited by the national organization. Third Row: James Hudnall, John Morrow, Sonny Flynn, Mike McRce, Jimmy Barton, Joe F. Thomason, John Gunter, Bob Boling, Lindsy Harp, John Ford, George Bowfwell. . . . James Hudall .. Joe Thomason . Lee Thurner Bob Boling Alan Ford Jim Mayer . Mike McWeeney Bill Rawlings In 1961 the Ole Miss Sport Judo Club was founded on the University Campus. The purpose of this organization is to promote good sportsmanship on the campus and to better the inter-collegiate relationships through in Sport Judo. The club takes many trips to schools with similar to compete in Judo. The students on the Ole Miss campus who are interested in Judo can become ac- quainted with different techniques used by other Judo enthusiasts by engaging in friendly competition with these schools. The Ole Miss Judo Sport Club has met in contest with the University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University, Ohio State and the University of Louisville. Although the Judo Club is a relatively new organization on the campus, the students have shown much enthusiasm over the club. A great deal of excitement is created as the Judo Club begins another year of competition. The instructor of the Sport Judo Club, Hibu Ko, ably assists the students in the techniques of this unusual sport. Left to Right, First Row: Bubba Morris, Randy Garner, Vice- President; Jim Mayer, President; Ranny Day, Mike McWeeny. Second Row: Richard Squires, Bill Rawlings, Secretary-Treasurer; Raiford Pittman, Richard Vandemark, Ron Cole, John A. Howard. Not Pictured: Cary Beane. First Row: John Adams, Lonnie Dalton, Robert Davis, Sidney Dedeaux. Second Row: David Deterly, Charles Doherty, John James Magee. Third Row: Bob Parks, Charles Strahan, Charles Voss. Not Pictured: Dewey Duane Garner, Pat Graves, Hudson. The first national Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternity to be founded was Kappa Psi. The founding took place on December 5, 1879, at the College of Virginia. Later a chapter was established on the campus of the University of Mississippi and remained active until around 1930, when it went inactive. Some seventeen years later in May, 1947, the Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Psi was reactivated. Since that time its prestige has grown steadily on the Ole Miss campus as pharmacy students have realized its in their professional outlook. The men of Kappa Psi are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character, personality, and activities. Members of this organization have been recognized as outstanding students at the university. They must strive to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the high ideals which are always displayed by the pharmaceutical profession. David A. Deterly Sidney J. Dedeaux . . . Fred S. Fortenberry . Carl Gorden Anderson Charles J. Voss Tommy Castle Ray Ayers ...Herbert Rodgers .. Stephen L. Beach First Row: Tommy Castle, Sally Wilson, Ray Ayers, Herbert Rogers. Second Row: Barbara Quin, Steve Beach, Sammie Bramlett. Not " Religion and Life are one and the same, or neither is anything, " believes the University Christian Association. It strives in many ways to unite a campus of natural social and academic into a real com- munity based upon a common ground: that of believers in God. Its purposes can be easily discovered in the many types of activities within the organization ' s program. These activities are carried out through the joint YMCA- YWCA. The " Y " meets every Monday evening in its own building for worship, study, fellowship and service. Films and visiting lecturers to the campus are often highlights of these informative and inspiring meetings. The heart of the " Y " is the Cabinet which is composed of student leaders who direct the Y-sponsored activities. These functions include convocations, retreats, stunt night, and countless other projects in cooperation with other campus groups. The Ole Miss " Y " is definitely an asset to our campus and should be commended for fostering such a fine Christian spirit among the students. Pictured: Peggy Keady. First Row: Charlie Ashford, Thomas Bishop, Harry Case, Howard Dyer, Cecil Edmundson, Joseph Gordon, Walter Grantham. Second Row: James Herring, Charles Ivy, G. N. Jones, P. T. Jones, Ted Jones, Luther Latham, Betrand Mouron. Third Row: Hunter Bobby Perry, John. Roach, Donald Roth, Sandy Sams, Arthur Sanders, Ernest Schroeder. Fourth Row: Chester Senf, Herbert The Lamar Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was organized in 1929 at the University of Mississippi. The fraternity was named for L. Q. C. Lamar, one of Mississippi ' s leading statesmen of the past. Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was first established in Chicago, Illinois, in November of 1902. It is a national organization composed of seventy-five student chapters and thirty alumni chapters. Student chapters are located only in class-A law schools which are members of the of American Law Schools. It is a great attribute for a university to have a chapter of Phi Alpha Delta lo- cated on its campus. Membership in this fraternity is obtained by those who fulfill the necessary scholarship and character Phi Alpha Delta keeps the standards of the chapter high by strictly examining the record of each student who seeks membership in the Organization. It is a primary function of the fraternity to foster friendship, cooperation, and a high code of professional ethics among its many thousands of brothers throughout the nations. Stelly, Tommy Stennis, Harry Strauss, Don Walsh, Dick Wilson. Not Pictured: Charles Anderson, Daniel Anderson, John Blaylock, Eldon Bolton, James Buckley, John Coalter, Robert Criss, John Eaves, Walter Gex, Oscar Jordan, Billy Legg, Myron McBryde, Melvin Mitchell, Richard Morton, William Rouse, Ernest Shelton, Hugh Smith, Raymond Swartzfager, Fred Walker. .... James H. Herring ... Myron H. McBride Donald H. Roth Bobby G. Perry . . . . Howard Dyer, III .. Calvin C. Brister . . . Charles Moniot Barry Glenn Mills Powell .. Billy Williamson The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Delta Chi was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1927. Two years later, in 1929, the fraternity became inactive and was not reactivated until 1951. Students who are outstanding in the School of Pharmacy may join the pharmaceutical Phi Delta Chi. It is a national fraternity which was first established at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1833. The men in the chapter symbolize the two-fold purpose of the fraternity: brotherhood and hard work. The high ideals of the pharmacy profession have been fostered through their good fellowship and cooperation. The group works together to keep these standards high. Although books, pills, powders, and labs occupy a great part of their time, the men also participate in social The Phi Delta Chis hold various social functions the year which prove that work and play can be successfully. First Row: Thomas Abernathy, Thomas Brown, Fay Dong, John Downs, William Gibson, Carrol Horn. Second Row: Bobby Howell, George Jue, Arthur Kibble, Dennis Landry, John Lobue, Robert McGehee. Third Row: Jimmy Mitchell, Charles Moniot, Thomas Neal, Terry Raley, George Robinson, Alfred Speed. Fourth Row: Boyce Taylor, John Treuting, Wallace Vance, Robert Wells, Charles Wilkinson. Not Pictured: Gerald Allen, John Bond, Calvin Brister, Wayne Geiselman, Edwin Ghu, William Williamson. First Row: Alex Alston, William Cochran, C. R. Davis, Carl Donald Downs, Richard Edmonson. Second Row: Arnold Gwin, Sylvester Hemleben, Robert Husband, William Jones, Paul Doyle Moorhead. Third Row: Fred Moss, Robert Lloyd Spivey, John Sullivan, James Travis, Walter Welch. Fourth Row: Neil White, Charles Wilbanks. The oldest professional fraternity in the United States is Phi Delta Phi. International in scope, this legal fraternity is one of the enduring institutions among honorary which exist today. Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi was formed at the University of Mississippi in 1927. The mem- bers are selected from those law students who have dis- played the highest qualities of scholarship and character in their legal training. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal pro- fession. Participation in Phi Delta Phi ' s activities offers the earnest law student unmatched opportunities for an early awareness of the practical legal problems and techniques not emphasized in the curriculum, as well as helpful guid- ance to a more general understanding of the profession for which he is studying to be a member. ..... C. S. Downing ..D. W. Williamson N B. Biggers .... W. T. Cochran Fred M. Sandifer Tate Thigpen John G. Corlew .. Jefferson Hollingsworth Phi Eta Sigma is the national honor society for and sophomore men. To be eligible for membership, a man must have a 4.5 grade point average the first semes- ter of his freshman year or he must have this average any time his sophomore year regardless of whether he met the requirements his freshman year. Among its projects to advance scholarship among fresh- men are: the publication of " How to Study " pamphlets for freshman orientation, providing scholarship experts to speak during orientation, and compiling a file of available tutors in different subjects for freshmen. The fraternity ' s sole aim is to encourage high among freshmen. Under the fine leadership of Fred Sandifer and with the help of such outstanding mem- bers as John Corlew and Jimmy Barksdale, Phi Eta Sigma accomplished this goal by increasing the over-all average of the freshmen men. First Row: Tommy Arnold, William Artner, Ray Ayers, David Ball, jimmy Barksdale, George Bergold, Oliver Billingslea, William Bolich, James Bomboy. Second Row: Bob Bowman, William Cameron, Mike Carter, John Corlew, Bill Eckhardt, John David Edmonson, Thomas Alvin Gaither, Harl David Gottschalk, Hardy Graham. Third Row: Bobby Gramling, David Guyton, Robert Hauberg, Henry Haynes, David Hicks, Jeff Hollingsworth, Miller Holmes, Jr., Michael Allan Horne, Bruce Jayne, Fourth Row: John Nolen Kirkham, Jr., Brad Lawrence, Albert Laws, Hugh Love, Robert McRaney, Jr., Thomas Montgomery, John Roger Moore, John Thomas Morris, Robert Lee Oakman, III. Fifth Row: John Rankin, James Roy Ratcliff, Arthur Earl Ray, Jr., James Russell, Richard Russell, Richard Santa, Larry Jay Sauls, Kendric Earl Smith, Sidney Smith. Sixth Row: Jimmy Lloyd Solomon, James Gates Thigpen, Richard Todd, Charles Charles Lee Wilkinson, James Williams, Bill Williams. Not Pictured: John Gunter, James Kilpatrick, Robert Phillips, Robert Thompson, Benjamin Grey, David Wells, James Willoughby. MEMBERS OF THE HONORARY SOCIETY OF PHI KAPPA PHI Frank A. Anderson, Ph.D. Russell E. Aven, M.A. Russell Hunter Barrett, Ph.D. Lewis C. Ball, Ph. D. W. Alton Bryant, Ph.D. J. Allen Cabaniss, Ph.D. Noel A. Childress, Ph.D. Samuel Friend Clark, Ph.D. Mary Cone, M.A. Victor Aldine Coulter, Ph. D. E. E. Davidson, M.B.A. Mary Neill DeShazo, M.S. Mae E. Fortenberry, A.M. Arthur Clifton Guyton, M.D. Paul G. Hahn, Ph. D. Evans B. Harrington, M.A. John Sykes Hartin, Ph.D. Charles W. Hartman, Ph.D. Charles F. Haywood, Ph.D. William T. Hicks, Ph.D. Edward H. Hobbs, Ph.D. Franklin P. Howard, B.A. Harriet Jackson, M.A. Sarah Combs Kelly, B.M. Richard E. Keye, Ed.D. Randolph G. Kinabrew, Ph.D. Robert Lee King, B.A. A. B. Lewis. Ph.D. Robert Q. Marston, M.D., B.Sc. Y. T. McGaha, Ph. D. Rebecca L. Moreton, M.A. Dorothea B. Morse, Ph.D. Forrest Windsor Murphey, Ed.D. William Lewis Nobles, Ph.D. Joe Donald Pegram, M.A. Terry Franklin Reed, B.S. Roy D. Sheffield, Ph.D. Samuel Corwin Simmons, M.A. Alliston Slade, M.A. Samuel S. Talbert, Ph.D. Gerald Wayne Walton, M.A. John Davis Williams, Ed.D., LL.D. William Hailey Willis, Ph.D. Geneva Barr Carroll Thomas Allen Coleman Norma P. Collins Ann Morris Connell Christine V. Covington Robert E. Davis John David Edmondson Frances Grant Ellis Waurene Weatherly Going Gay Grundy Greve Brother Leo Marion Harvey Mary Alice Heard David Lynn Hicks Tames Melvin Hudnall David 0. Johnston William T. Tones Robert Tames Long Alfred E. Moreton William Franklin Mullen Charles A. Murphy Wells Edward Nutt Gerald Swetnam Pierce Lucius F. Sams C. Richard Santa Sydney Allen Smith George William Sutton Toe Frank Thomason John A. Travis Forrest Ward Underwood Elizabeth Lacey Walters Charles Lee Lilkinson Betty Frances Wilson John D. Alexander Frank John Bardecki John Robin Bradley Mary Allene Carlisle ..... Rebecca Ellen Cox Sylvia Frances Dame Larry Hale Day Bettye Carolyn Durrett William George Eckhardt Victoria Franklin Fielden Jordan Wade Friedel Gerry Wood Gooch Elizabeth Ann Griffith John Thomas Grissom Richard Durell Hall Mamie Brooke Hamilton Charles Douglas Hinds Frances Lott Kirby John Nolen Kirkham William Lewis William McArn McKell Robert Lee Oakman, III Olon Edward Ray • • James Franklin Russell Harold Albert Schwandt Gary Dean Weale James Elliott Williams Sarah Lu Flowers Boling Thomas Tucker Bradshaw George W. Buffaloe, IV Dorothy Jane Cameron john Benton Clark Edward Robert Daley Joe William Dollar Charles M. Edmondson Lillian Edwards Mary Evelyn Edwards Dewey Duane Garner John Herbert Hogue, Jr. Mary Eloise Ladner James Homer Leigh, Jr. Nick Anthony Mavar Annie Elizabeth Mills Frank Morgan, Jr. Theodore Elmer Newark Bonnie Lynn Ogle Richard Wayne Parsons Penelope C. Pepple John William Richardson Martha Saunders Robinson Brother L. Charles Roe Vernon LaGrange Terrell, Jr. Clifton C. Thompson, Jr. Beatrice Mayhall Timmons Harriet Nancy Tinsley Allen Dan Howery James Kearney Travis, Jr. . . Binford T. Nash Walter J. Gex . .. Ernest Schroeder . Mrs. Travis Vance . . Mrs. James Dale Mr. Binford T. Nash, Director of Men ' s Housing, sets high standards for the students who are Dormitory A student who wishes to become a Dorm Manager is required to apply before the academic year begins. His record must be carefully considered before he is accepted. A Dorm Manager must have at least a 3.5 average and many extracurricular activities. Mr. Nash feels that Dormitory Managers must set an example for the men students. They are expected to hold themselves above riotous conduct and negligence. By rais- ing these standards Mr. Nash hopes to provide more com- petent and enthusiastic Dormitory Manager and, therefore, offer a better life for students in the dorm. Dormitory Managers lead a hectic life. They should be admired for upholding the standards set for them while still devoting much of their time and energy for the of the men students here at Ole Miss. First Row: Raymond Alford, Gerald Allen, Leonard Ball, III, Len Blackwell, James Bonner, James Britt, Thomas Butler, James Day. Second Row: John Eaves, Fred Ford, James Geuder, Don Hall, Travis Hickman, David Hicks, John Lynch, James Kilpatrick. Third Row: Shelton Kinkade, Fred Lentjes, Allen McCreight, William McLain, Jimmy Mitchell, Donald Moak, George Monroe, Alfred Nicols. Fourth Row: Richard Nowell, Terry Rankin, Authur Sanders, Richard Santa, Larry Sauls, John Simpson, Harvey Smallwood, Sandy Steckler. Fifth Row: Boyce Taylor, James Ware, James Williams, William Yates. Not Pictured: Dewy Garner, Mack Gorton, Hunter Nevbert, Edmond Phillips. First Row: W. H. Baker, J. B. Day, W. E. Eckhardt, P. B. Googe, V. D. Gunter. Second Row: D. H. Guyton, H. E. Hook, P. H. lizard, J. D. Johnson, L. L. Johnson. Third Row: B. G. Lamb, H. The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an military cadet is membership in the national society of Scabbard and Blade. Membership in this famous military organization is based on a person ' s display of high personal integrity, outstanding leadership ability, good scholastic record, military interest, and active participation in other campus activities. Scabbard and Blade works constantly to promote mutual understanding and a closer relationship among the three military departments on the Ole Miss campus. This group also seeks to develop fully the qualities of efficient and capable officers necessary for strong and able armed forces. Company " B " , Eighth segment, was founded on the University of Mississippi campus in 1940. G. Lovelady, J. Mims, J. P. Roberts, B. B. Trimble. Not Pictured: Jcptha F. Barbour, Jerry C. Dumas, Homer H. Graham, John F. Lynch, James M. McCormick, James L. Rueff, James F. Russell. .. Walter Shettlemore Homer Trammel Don Phillips Barnett Serio First Row: Tom S. Anderson, Charles Wayne Akin, James Larvis Baker, Harry Barnett, Charles Neil Davis, Robert L. Flagler, Travis E. Halford. Second Row: Byron Hannah, Harry Richard Herman, James Hitchcock, Wilson Eugene Hodge, Charles Parker Hooker, J. Carroll Ivy, Jack Lee Jones. Third Row: Jack B. Jordan, James The Ole Miss Chapter of the Society for the of Management endeavors to strengthen education and further the growth of students by stimulating their thinking, widening their knowledge, and developing a better understanding of business and the free- enterprise system. basic objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter: (1) to bring closer together executives in business and students preparing to go into bushiness; (2) to serve as as effective medium for the exchange and distribution of information on problems, policies and methods of industry and management; and (3) to provide students with the opportunity of participation in organizing, planning, direct- ing and controlling the activities of an organization to the promotion and advancement of the art and science of management. Activities such as meetings, con- ferences, news bulletins and research projects and com- munity service give students an insight into the practice of the management profession. T. Leeper, Craig MacKennie, James Ivan Mayer, Van Norwood Oliphant, Don Knox Phillips, William Phinney. Fourth Row: Thomas Ray, Charles Riter, Homer Trammell. Not Pictured: John S. McIntyre, Thomas D. Moore. First Row: Jane E. Allen, Suzanne Armour, Betty Jane Ball, Leah Claire Ball, Mary Ann Barr, Maryhardy Bays, Linda Black, Marianna Black, Cheryl Bobbitt, Emilysam Whitten Bramlett. Second Row: Sara Knox Bramlett, Beverly Brooks, Kitty Bryan, Sarah Kay Burns, Kay Dean Butler, Carol Chesire, Janie Lun Clinton, Allyn Cole, Mary Louise Collins, Carolyn Coney. Third Row: Linda Dilworth, Mary Dong, Bettye Durrett, Joan Ebbing, Joyce Ebbing, Barbara Elder, Jane Ellzey, Camile Faure, Gail Grace Ford, William Gambrell. Fourth Row: Gail Gilbert, Martha Carolyn Anne Hadley, Sandra Hale, Jo Ann Hardin, Lillian Humber, Jerri L. Jeter, Kay Johnson, Mary Luana Jones, Linda Joy Lackey. Fifth Row: Mary Lindsey, Linda Holly Little, Olivia Littlefield, Ann McCully, Patricia McInnes, Alice Gay Moody, Veronica Mounger, Mimi Murphree, Catherine Noah, Ann Paine. Sixth Row: Carol Phillips, Martha Phillips. First Row: Emily Jane Pope, Bettylc Pulliam, Nancy Radcliffe, Mary Ratcliff, Eleanor Skipper, Elizabeth Smith, Linda Steele, Diana Steijen. Second Row: Nancy Thomas, Judith Thompson, Tricia Thompson, Inez Varnado, Jane Vaughn, Carol Waits, Mary Hicks Wallace, Mary Gail Walker, Rosalye Wilkerson. Not Mary Bennett, Heath Carter, June Clark, Judy Ellzey, Sandi Moore, Evonne Mullen, Maria Powers, Judy Sherril, Suzanne Smith, Jane Steele, Linda White. Students in colleges and universities who plan to enter the teaching profession are eligible to affiliate with the National Education Association. The SEA is a professional organization with chartered chapters in accredited colleges and universities throughout the country. The state educational association is closely associated with this organization and at various times dur- ing the year members of the state association speak to the SEA. Through this association the student gains an under- standing of the history of education. The ethics and pro- gram of the teaching profession are also extensively studied. The Student National Education Association aims at the development of personal growth and professional competences. Linda Little Hickey Wallace . Sarah Knox Bramlette ... Betsey Rankin Martha Rea . . . . Sybil McRae Carol Porter Betty Allan . . . . Betsey Hulsey . . . Vicki Thomas Three years ago in September of 1960 eight talented young ladies under the supervision of Miss Dibba Butler formed a new organization for campus entertainment which has come to be known as The University Dancers. This young group of hard-working dancers has watched its membership grow to approximately 26 dance artists. The University Dancers specialize in the techniques of modern dance, although they have performed compositions in other dance fields on requested occasions. In its three years of existence, this dancing group has become extremely popular on the Ole Miss campus and has performed for numerous campus organizations, such as the Faculty Tea, a Spring Recital, a Christmas Party and the University Players big production. Some of the special performances this group has put on include the half time performance in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, last year, and a half-hour television in Memphis this year. Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulsey, a second-year dancer from El Paso, Texas, said this about The University Dancers: " Skill, talent and exhausting practice sessions have elevated this group to the position of one of the most outstanding campus entertainments, thereby adding another artistic to Ole Miss culture. " Left to Right, First Row: Betty Allen, Betsy Hulsey, Vicki Love, Jeanie Wiley, Amanda Brown, Sheri Miller, Carmen Klotz, Dianne Naff. Second Row: Pat Hyde, Patsy Mullen, Louise McKinnon, Betsy Rankin, Maggie Bea, Elisibeth Fuson, Jennifer Jones, Judy Keenan, Chuchles Parsons, Carole Lowe, Martha Rea. Left to Right, First Row: Gerry Gooch, Joan Ebbing, Carol Payne, Shirley Payne, Jane Marshall, Susan Johnson, Judy Gardner. Second Raw: Oliver Billingsly, Bob McRaney, Jane Allen, Bobby Straub, Brenda Rush, Betsy Hulry, Bill McCreny, Bill Garlic, Marshall The Westminster Fellowship is an integral part of the total fellowship of the Presbyterian Church. Its calling is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the academic Its mission is to present the truth of the Christian faith amid conflicting viewpoints on the campus, to witness to the redeeming work of Jesus Christ and to help students recognize their responsibilities to God. The Westminster Fellowship has a varied program of worship, study, fellowship and service encompassing a wide range of interests. WF activities center at Westminster House which is located on University Avenue across from the Mary Buie Museum. The advisory and counselor is Reverend Clifford A. McKay, Jr., the Presbyterian Uni- versity Pastor. The Presbyterian. Church of Oxford sponsors the West- minister Fellowship. Membership is primarily composed of Presbyterian students; but is open to any student at the University who wishes to donate his time and talents to a working, church-sponsored organization. The purpose of the Westminister fellowship is three-fold: to help each member have a personal, growing with Christ; to unify the students through Christian work, study, and fellowship; to develop a responsible sense of churchmanship to the students of Ole Miss by present- ing Christian witness as individuals and as a group. Through the year this group undertakes various projects to better the atmosphere on the University campus and to help anyone who needs help. Christmas is an especially rewarding time for the members as boxes are sent to the Shurman. Third Row: John Garrott, Andrew Phay, Lamar, John Kirkham, Charles Bratt, Johnny Armstrong, Bobby Oakman, Bill Eckhardt. needy and a party is given for the underprivileged children in the Oxford area. Westminister Fellowship meets for a program each Sunday night. These programs are inspirational and beneficial to all who attend. At the beginning of each year members of the Westminister Fellowship invite all students to at- tend these programs and urge them to participate while residing at Ole Miss. Bill Eckhardt James Dodds . Nancy Linkstrom Bob McRaney Agnes Banchetti Patricia Magee ...Carolyn Anderson .. Susanne Samuelson All girls participating in the intramural sports activities that are conducted on the Ole Miss campus are members of the Women ' s Recreational Association. The WRA was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1926 and the importance of this organization has increased since that time. It is governed by a board of representatives from each dormitory and sorority that sponsors a team in any of the intramural sports. The purpose of the WRA is to provide various activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and ping-pong for girls at the University of Mississippi to enjoy during their leisure time. A sensation is stirred up by awarding points to the winning groups. These points are added up and the group with the greatest number of points wins a trophy. First Row: Betty Allen, Emma Anderson, Agnes Banchetti, Joan Chapman, Patricia Cole, Sara Feemster. Second Row: Mary Ferris, Melinda Foster, Suzanne Haley, Betsy Hulsey, Lou Lanson, Littlejohn. Third Row: Lisa Mattox, Barbara Murphy, Anye Sansum, Donna Sutton. Not Pictured: Ann Benham, Stephanie Jordy, Sandra Moore, Diane Shaffer, Tab Ogdon, Margaret Spiars, Harriet Wicks. First Row: Jim Bonner, Tommy Castle, Richard Chaffin, Tom Cleveland, Tommy Coleman, Bobby Collins, John Corlew. Second Row: Bill Eckhart, John Ellis, Dickie Fenstermacher, John Gregory, Bill Jennings, Cecil Jones, Brad Lawrence. Third Row: Doug Lewis, Jack Lynch, Arthur McIntosh, Mitchell Malouf, George Monroe, Ellis Nassour, William Nicholas. Fourth Row: Charlie Pendleton, J. P. Roberts, Joe Rubert, Walter Shettlemore, Tommy Stennis, Tommy Stone, Dick Wilson. ...Douglas B. Lewis .J P. Roberts .. Charlie Pendleton Ellis Nassour Tom Hines Walter Hurt It ' t healthy to release your hatreds in an occasional burst of temper. So, fellow students, take out your darts and tack this page to the wall. For the second year in a row, the Ole Miss presents those people you would most like to see fall off a cliff—the Brothers and Pledge Class of Alpha Sigma Sigma. Alpha Sigs are friendly, reserved, loyal, and pleasant—to each other. The rest of us just don ' t seem to understand them—we are repulsed. ASS social events in- clude a formal date supper at Dirty Charlie ' s and a game between actives and pledges, entitled " The Toilet Bowl. " The pledges got flushed 69 to 0. The losers picked up the tab for an evening of fun and refreshments at the Hole-in-the-Wall. Here are the ASS ' s of 1963—Fire Away! First Row: Anne Biles, Carol Cole, Pat Crutchfield, Elaine Downer, Harriet Harper, Katie Hester. Second Row: Linda Ivy, Mary Deshazo Johnson, Velia Ann Mayen, Sharon Inez Mitchell, Shirley Payne, Betty Ann Price. Third Raw: Belle Privette, Peggy Savage, Elizabeth Seay, Stella Teichert Not Pictured: Edna Lott, Virginia Mann. The honorary scholastic organization of the Ole Miss campus for freshmen women is Alpha Lambda Delta. To be eligible for membership, a woman stu- dent must maintain a 4.5 average throughout her freshman year. The freshmen coeds who keep this average are initiated at the beginning of their sophomore year. There can be no failing grades on the records of Alpha Lambda Delta. The rigid requirements set up for membership make it in- deed an honor to be asked to join. Alpha Lambda Delta has set forth as its pur- poses the encouragement of superior scholastic at- tainment among freshmen women and the pro- motion of a high standard of learning at " Ole Miss. " ....Shirley Payne . Margaret Savage Caole Cole Katie Hester Velia Mayer First Row, Left to Right: Gary E. Kase, Bobby Canup, Allen Lacy, President Winston Davis, Major C. L. Butler, Faculty Advisor. Second Row: Richard F. Wilham, James V. Coggin, Jr., David Campbell, Ben Kitchens, Stephen Beach, Roger P. Tatum, Terry D. Heaps, Frank T. Flowers. Students who wish to join a service fraternity for the nation, community, and campus may affiliated with Alpha Phi Omega. This is a national organization founded at Lafayette Easton, Pennsylviania, in 1925. Alpha Phi Omega was established at the of Mississippi on May 2, 1948. To be eligi- ble for membership, a student must have affiliated with the Boy Scouts sometime during his life. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is manifested on the Ole Miss campus in various ways. The mem- bers serve as ushers at many social events, sponsor annual rifle matches for high school students, and operate the University Book Exchange. Alpha Phi Omega is also very active during Rebelle as they are responsible for " The Ugliest Man on Campus " contest. The students are charged a penny a vote and the money goes to various service projects for the Oxford Arthur Raey Terry Heapes . Richard F. Williams First Row: William Hurt Baker, Gerald B. Clark, James Baston Day, Richard M. Farrell, Carroll Flowers, John Allon Gaines. Second Row: John F. Geisler, Michael Lundie Inmon, John Wallace King, Claude J. Ladner, Fred W. Lentjes, Victor M. Morgan. Third Row: Wendell P. Mullins, Johnathan M. Nash, Elmer Carl Palm, James R. Ratliff, Robert W. Saul, Jr., Phillip Dale Tracy, Harley A. Tripp. Not Pictured: Alfred Hume Bryant, Roger Carl Johnson, Ralph Mayfield. On November 15, 1954, the Mechanical Club, which was later to become the Society of Mechanical Engineers, was founded. This organization, open to all engineering students, sophomores or above, who are majoring in engineering, has the primary purpose of promoting better relations among the students and to keep students abreast of the latest develop- ments in the engineering field. Meetings are held, at which time technical movies are shown, various industrial speakers are presented, and faculty present papers. The Mechanical Engineering Department of the University has recently been accredited. Thus the Mechanical Engineers Club became associated with the American Society of Mechanical and is now one of its student chapters. James B. Day Wiliam H. Baker James R. Ratliff Michael Nash First Row: June Brimager, Judy Carrington, Barbara Elder, Carolyn Flowers, Nancy Fredrickson, Christine Gates. Second Row: Patsy Ellen Glass, May Dean Goldsby, Charlotte Johnson, Sara Ann Johnson, Lilly Faye Jue, Lin Fay Jue. Third Row: Patricia Dair Lovorn, Joan Kay Riddick, Scottye Rotenberry, Strickland, Nancy Lee Veazey. Not Pictured: Margaret Ann McCully, Carole Elizabeth Walker. In October of 1947 the Business Education Club was organized on the campus of the University of Mississippi. This club is the unifying force for the many students and faculty on the campus who are interested in business education. Through this or- ganization they can get to know each other better and have more opportunities to discuss subjects of mutual interest. The club also provides excellent opportunities for students to become personal friends of many of the faculty members since they meet because of common interests. Because it was felt that the benefits are just as great to a " C " stu- dent as an " A " student, membership is not based on grade averages, but is extended to all students and faculty members who are interested in education. Nancy Fredricks ..Marianna Littlejohn Carolyn Flowers June Brimager The Episcopal Church sponsors the Canterbury Club for Episcopal students. It provides students with opportunities to develop their religious beliefs more fully and to continue their church work while on the campus of the University. The club meets each Sunday evening as well as Thursday evening. On Sunday various programs consisting of speak- ers, panels, films, recreation, and group discussions are held. Thursday nights the members meet and eat together at what is known as the Supper Club. There, religious topics are discussed by the stu- dents on their own level. This gives each Episcopal student an opportunity to express and discuss his beliefs. Each year the Canterbury Club sponsors various social events such as shrimp suppers. It does a deal of work among the around the University. . Stephen L. Beach Dusty Lacy .. Cindy Grantham ....Miller Holmes First Row: Ray Ayers, Marion Perry, Terry Rankin. Second Row: William Yates. Not Pictured: Joe D. Warrington. Civil Engineering is a field that requires relationship with fellow engineers. Chi Epsilon is the national fraternity on the Ole Miss campus that provides the opportunity for the enhancement of this necessity. The purpose of Chi Epsilon is to form a closer union and bonds of friendship among civil- engineering professionals. To be eligible for membership, a person must be a junior or a senior in the School of Engineering. He must also show excellence in scholarship, char- acter, personality, and practicality. This year marks the twelfth year of the of Mississippi Chapter of Chi Epsilon. This year, as in the past years, the fraternity has done touch to create and develop a spirit of unity and activity among those in the civil engineering pro- fession. .. Ray R. Ayers Don Peery Billy Yates . . Terry Rankid The Church of Christ has, on the campus, an organization for students of that religion. The name of the organization is the University It is a fellowship at Ole Miss for students who are striving to reproduce ancient New Christianity in the Twentieth century. These members of the Church of Christ meet daily on campus for devotionals and weekly Bible study as a supplement to the program of worship and to the Oxford Church of Christ. A new Student Center adjoining the campus is now being used to aid the spiritual growth and development of the students. Left to Right, Front Row: James Leigh, Jan Warner, Yvonne Holly, Andrea Nelms, Bonnie Ogle, Lelia Ross, Michele Muller. Second Row: Lynn Ross, James Taylor, Phil McAllister, Johnny Richardson, James Wright. . . James Leigh ....Lynn Ross ...Bonnie Ogle . Chester Reaves First Row: Hirschel Abbott, Robert Albino, James Backstrom, Burl Boykin, Richard Chaffin, Thomas Crowson. Second Row: Bobby Dalton, Alford Eubanks, Cecil F ord, Larry Johnson, Albert Lum, Nick Mavar. Third Row: Nick Nail, Arthur Ray, William Roberts, Herbert Rogers, Stanford Ross, John Schwalje, Siegfried Witt. Not Pictured: Olen Akers, David Guyton. The second-largest professional fraternity in the United States is Delta Sigma Pi. It was founded at New York University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, on November 7, 1907. Alpha Phi Chapter was established at the of Mississippi in 1927. Membership is limited to men in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who meet the necessary scholastic requirements and unanimously pass the chapter. Delta Sigma Pi sponsors tours of leading in- dustries, conducts programs with prominent speak- ers from the business world, and promotes dis- cussions and films about important topics of inter- est to commerce students. Albert Lum ...Richard Chaffin . . Richard Schwalje ...Herbert Rogers Arthur Ray First Row: Agnes Banchetti, Micky Gardner, Barbara Goodin, Ann Gordon, Frank Herndon. Second Row: Ann Jackson, Pat Lavorn, Scarlotte Morgan, Ann Neilson, Gary Bunnels. Third. Row: Nahtoma Sanderson, Amye Sansom, Nancy Sprayberry, Connie Young. Not Pictured: Albert Lum, Mary Elizabeth Turner, James Louis Rueff. Phi Beta Lambda, organized on the University of Mississippi campus in March of 1960, is a national fraternity for students in business. The members include students in the School of and Government, who have been selected by the organization and who meet the necessary aca- demic and leadership requirements. The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to further the knowledge and understanding of the business world. It seeks to develop, strengthen, and en- courage those who will become the future business leaders of America. It is an honorary, professional, and social that has a variety of programs and activities. During the year, the chapter has its annual rush party, takes various field trips, listens to well-known business speakers, and acts as host for the state Future Business Leaders of America Convention held here at the University of Mississippi. Albert Lum .. Agnes Banchetti .. Mickie Gardner .... Linda Harper First Row: Joan Bennett, Keturah Butler, Ann Dow Caruthers, Nancy Mickie Gardner. Second Row: Ruby Godbold, Barbara Goodwin, ivy Jean Littlejohn, Evelyn Marie Murphy, Vicki Reid. Third Row: Margaret Sutherlin, Carole Elizabeth Walker, Janice Marie Wetzler. Not Pictured: Karen Dawson, Mary Elizabeth Ethridge, Ruth Mann. In May of 1950 Phi Gamma Nu was organized on the campus of the University of Mississippi. It is a professional commerce sorority. The members are women students in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who have met the necessary scholastic requirements, and who are approved by the members of the organization. It was organized to further the interest of women students in the field of commerce and business administration; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to further interest in civic and professional enter- prises. Various programs are presented at different meetings of Phi Gamma Nu to help add to the members ' knowledge of business facts and figures. ..Evelyn Murphy Janice Wetzler ...Karen Dawson ....Ivy Littlejohn First Row, Left to Right: Charles W. Hartman, Joseph Sam, Raymond J. Bennett, Bernard G. Keller, Jr., Durell Hall, Richard Dorris. Second Row: Mickey C. Smith, A. A. Dodge, Mrs. W. W. Johnson, Mrs. Marian Gieger, Gladys Jue, C. Eugene Watkins, Vincent Lopez. Third Row: Dr. M. Boots, Dr. L. Nobles, Calvin C. Brister, J. Barry Glenn, Jr., John D. Edmondson, Charles Wilkinson, E. L. Hammond. Not Pictured: Alta Ray, W. W. Johnson, E. S. Brenton, Mary Hudson, R. A. Magarian, Robert Lybrand, Charles M. Darling. -The fundamental objective of Rho Chi is to promote higher scholarship and to advance the pharmaceutical sciences through research. This chapter of Rho Chi was founded at the University of Mississippi in the spring of 1962. Although it is a new organization, this pharma- ceutical fraternity has taken it ' s place among the other organizations of its kind on the " Ole Miss " campus. Rho Chi takes its members from the in the School of Pharmacy. To be eligible for membership in this organization, a student must have a 4.00 average, or better in his courses. If he makes the grades necessary for initiation, he may be tapped for membership on Tap Day in Fulton Chapel, in an impressive C. E. Warkins R L. Dorris A A. Dodge A V. Lopez ...E. L. Hammond First Row: Amanda Brown, Carol Conklin, Liz Deddens, Bettye C. Durrett, Gerry Gooch, Carolyn Kerr. Second Row: Sarah Kimbrough, Jan Maddox, Mayme Malouf, Lura Nail, Jeanine Ogletree, Beverly Robinson. Third Row: Sara Russell, Kitty Skeen, Betty Welford, Barbara Woodruff. Not Pictured: Sue Chancellor, Babs Chitton, Rose Mary Minnihan, Inez Varnado, Pat Walston. Membership in Sigma Alpha Iota is limited to those graduate and undergraduate music students who meet the requirements. They must be major- ing or minoring in music, show exceptional ability, and possess a high scholastic rating. In addition to this, the students must be recommended by the faculty of the Department of Music. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary musical frater- nity for women and it is found on the campuses of leading colleges and universities of the United States. Whenever famous musicians visit the university, they are met by members of Sigma Alpha Iota and are shown around the campus. Many times this group has the distinct privilege of having private meetings with these outstanding figures in the musical world. This gives them an opportunity for personal instruction and advice that they would not ordinarily have had. Carolyn Kerr Sara Russell Betty Durrett Carol Conklin .. Beverly Robinson First Row: JoAnn Abelein Oxford Cecil C. Abels Flora Thomas A. Abernathy Shannon Richard H. Adams Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Nu Second Row: Roy Daniel Adams Oxford Gulabrai G. Advani Bomba, India Humayun Akhtar Karachi, Pakistan Robert C. Albino Waterbury, Conn.; Kappa Sigma Third Row: Leigh Briscoe Allen Port Gibson Cecil Louie Allred, Hazlehurst; Kappa Alpha Alex A. Alston, Jr. Hollandale Don H. Anderson University Fourth Row: Charlie R. Ashford, Starkville Jamie P. Aycock Memphis, Tenn. Theresa Ann Baggett Monroeville, Ala.; Zeta Tau Alpha Irvin Clayton Baker New Albany Fifth Row: Joe Charles Barbee Bruce Alfred Leist Barfield St. Martinville, La. Don J. Barras St. Martinville, La. Thomas Cary Beane Tupelo Sixth Row: Frederick M. Belk, Jr. Holly Springs; Kappa Sigma Richard Thomas Bennett Clinton Neal B. Biggers Corinth Thomas V. Bishop New Albany Seventh Row: Charles Gray Blackwell Ellisville Charles D. Blanton, Jr. Kings Mountain, N.C. Iv Walter J. Blesscy Biloxi James Luther Bonner Tillatoba; Alpha Tau Omega Eighth Row: Nancy Alice Boyd Anna, ill.; Pi Beta Phi J. C. Branton Columbia Charles B. Bratt Moss Point Dudley B. Bridgforth, Jr. Nesbit; Sigma Nu First Row: June E. Brimager Clarkton, Mo. Maxie Gene Brown Meridian Thomas Ray Brown Jackson; Sigma Nu Nancy Louise Buchana Columbia; Kappa Kappa Gamma Second Row: Janice Gail Burns Lumberton James E. Canter Oxford Wanda Loomis Carpenter Oxford Harry L. Case, Jr. Oxford; Phi Delta Theta Third Row: Marcy F. Cayce Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Mary Lou Caver Pascagoula Shiu Chuen Chan University Hattie Sue Chancellor Jackson Fourth Row: Benjamin Teh Kung Chen Taihan, Free China Gerald B. Clark Olive Branch; Alpha Tau Omega Travis H. Clark, Jr. Morgan City; Sigma Chi Robert Earl Cleveland University Fifth Row: John Willis Coalter Tunica William T. Cochran Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Thomas Allen Coleman Ackerman; Sigma Chi Robert Smith Collins New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Sixth Row: Robert Walter Collins University; Kappa Sigma Mary Wallace Crocker Dublin Robert E. Crowe Oxford; Phi Delta Theta Larry Wade Cunningham Booneville; Sigma Chi Seventh Row: Willis Norwood Dabbs Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Lonnie Coleman Dalton Corinth John L. Daniel Oxford; Phi Kappa Psi Charles Milton Darling Mineral Wells Eighth Row: Charles R. Davis Canton Glen Harris Davidson Ecru; Pi Kappa Alpha Henry S. Davis, Jr. Sandersville James Wilbur Davis Pleasant Grove; Sigma Nu First Row: Randall E. Day, Jr. Hazlehurst; Pi Kappa Alpha Sidney James Dedeaux Raleigh Joseph T. Dehmer, Jr. Jackson Patrick K. De jean Pascagoula; Phi Kappa Theta Second Row: Clarence Charles Densing Oxford Charles L. Doherty St. Francisville, La. Fay Chong Doug University Carl S. Downing Oxford Third Row: Donald Ray Downs Glen Ronald Grant Durso Marquand, Mo. R. Sam Duvall Business Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Howard Dyer, III Oxford; Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: John Arthur Eaves Louisville John David Edmondson Calhoun City Richard Mack Edmonson Magee; Kappa Sigma Cecil Scott Edmundson Oxford Fifth Row: Ralph B. Elston Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Beta Theta Pi Alfred Thomas Eubanks Business Crystal Springs Bettye Jane Farmer Benoit S. H. R. Fleming Vardaman Sixth Row: Billy R. Folkes Seminary Richard D. Foxworth Foxworth Renaldo Francesch Aguirre, Puerto Rico Thomas W. Francis, Jr. Shannon Seventh Row: Henry A. Frazer Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta Billy Lynn Fulgham Drew Edward Ray Gaines Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Nu Thomas E. Garmon Clarksdale Eighth Row: Dewey Duane Garner Raleigh; Sigma Nu Charles W. Garraway Brooklyn; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John L. Gary Cleveland James V. Geuder Rochester, N.Y. First Row: William J. Gibson West Point John B. Glenn, Jr. Brooksville Hampton Wingfield Glover Philadelphia Joseph D. Gordon Liberty Second Row: Bonnie Lynn Grantham Oxford Charles S. Grantham, Jr. Lambert Walter Edwin Grantham, II Lambert Pat Henry Graves, Jr. Jackson Third Row: R. G. Greely Oxford Sidney Roger Gremillion Gulfport; Beta Theta Pi Gay Grundy Greve Memphis, ' Fenn.; Chi Omega Roy Arnold Grisham Oxford Fourth Row: James L. Gullett Tuscumbia, Ala. William Sidney Guy Ruth Arnold Fredrick Gwin Natchez; Kappa Alpha Bobby Wayne Hamblin Booneville Fifth Row: Warren M. Hankins Salem, Va. James K. Herring Canton; Phi Delta Theta Myrle Richards Hemleben New Iberia, La.; Kappa Delta Sylvester John Hemleben Lafayette, La. Sixth Row: Sumpter H. Henderson Vero Beach, Fla. Willis Walley Henderson Richton Travis Gerald Hickman Wiggins Robert M. Hill, Jr. Gulfport Seventh Row: James Robert Hobgood Picayune June Carroll Hock Anchorage, Alaska Reuben Kidd Houston, Jr. Bay Springs; Kappa Alpha Bobby B. Howell Kilmichael Eighth Row: Prentice Lucille Howell Oxford Rayford R. Hudson, III Jackson; Sigma Chi Frank W. Hunker Winona; Sigma Alpha Epsilon James W. Hunt Jackson First Row: Dannye Lee Hunter Morton Robert E. Husband Laurel Florence H. Ives Canton Charles Milton Ivy Bruce; Beta Theta Pi Second Row: Edgardo A. Jaen Santon Domingo, Panama John L. Jefferies Laurel Connie Sue Johnson University Henry E. Johnson, Jr. Loretto, Tenn. Third Row: William L. Johnson University Gladstone N. Jones, Jr. Waynesboro; Sigma Chi Harry Jones Oxford John Edwin Jones McCool Fourth Row: Paul Tudor Jones Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ted L. Jones Montgomery, La William T. Jones McComb; Phi Delta Theta Bill J. Jordan Columbus Fifth Row: Gladys Jue, Clarksdale W. Van Kees, Jr. Magee; Kappa Sigma Dennis M. Landry, Jr. . Biloxi Luther G. Latham Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: Herman Lee Lazarus McComb Van Ellis Lee Bastrop, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Robert L. Lennon Hattiesburg; Alpha Tau Omega Edward P. Lobrano Centreville Seventh Row: Miles H. Lovelace Memphis, Tenn. William Thornton Magruder Bluefield, W.Va. Al Mann Pope Wm. Eugene Mathews Birmingham, Ala. Eighth Row: Charles Joseph May Pascagoula Maria S. Mayorga Managua, Nicaragua Phil Maurice McAllister Oxford; Alpha Tau Omega Allen H. McCreight Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha First Row: John McGavack, Jr. Leonia, N.J. Robert Cullen McGehee Columbia; Kappa Sigma Robert L. McHaney, Jr. West Point Dan A. McIntosh, III Mendenhall; Kappa Alpha Second Row: John S. McIntyre, Jr. Keswick, Va.; Kappa Alpha William 0. McLain Brandon Robert Louis McPhail Calhoun City Edwin E. Meek University Third Row: Jose Luis Mendez San Sebastian, P.R. Jesus S. Menendez Murray, Ky. Luciano Mcschino Cranston, R.I. Rose Mary Minihan Lafayette, La. Fourth Row: Donald Lewis Moak Jackson Charles Leon Moniot Biloxi Paul Montgomery, Jr. University Thomas David Moore Oxford Fifth Row: Doyle Benton Moorhead University; Sigma Nu Frank Morgan Oxford Charles A. Morris San Antonio, Texas Fred E. Moss Jackson Sixth Row: Bertrand D. Mouron, Jr. Santa Ana, Calif. James Robert Mozingo, Jr. Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Joseph B. Murphey Sumner Hunter Stevens Neubert Okolona Seventh Row: John Thomas Noblin Oxford Judith Tubb Noel West Point James M. Oneal McComb; Sigma Nit Paul Edward Osborne Eubank, Ky. Eighth Row: Yong Sook Park Seoul, Korea Clarence S. Parrish Oxford Joan Eubanks Parrish Oxford William S. Payne Twin Lake, Mich. First Row: Charles S. Pendleton New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi B obby G. Perry Horn Lake Ellen Louise Pfister Oxford Edmund J. Phillips, Jr. Quitman Second Row: Herbert S. Phillips, Jr. Holly Springs; Beta Theta Pi Harmon B. Pierce Pierce, Tenn. Raidford L. Pittman Como; Pi Kappa Alpha James B. Potts, Jr. Oxford Third Row: Victor B. Pringle, Jr. Biloxi Philip Bruce Purifoy Texarkana, Ark. Thomas Mitchell Purnell Natchez Terry James Raley Biloxi Fourth Row: Jerry F. Reed Pinebluff, Ark. Shonie Newman Reese Jackson Grover C. Richards Oxford Mildred Ware Richards Oxford Fifth Row: Brent Alan Richardson Mississippi City Sidney Marie Rickman Columbus Donnie Dean Riley Quitman; Sigma Nu John G. Roach, Jr. McComb; Phi Delta Theta Sixth Row: Jerry Dean Robertson Vian, Okla. John Allen Robertson Ruleville Kenneth B. Robertson Pascagoula; Pi Kappa Alpha George Robert Robinson Whitfield Seventh Row: Patricia Ann Robinson Batesville; Alpha Omicron Pi Elmo Avery Rollins, Jr. Summit Donald H. Roth Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Glenn Marion Russum Greenwood Eighth Row: Lucius F. Sams, Jr. West Point Arthur Raye Sanders Brooksville Harold J. Schneider Laurel Ernest R. Schroeder Pascagoula; Sigma Chi First Row: Robert Daniel Seawright Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Chester G. Senf Jacksonville, Fla. Harold H. Sheffield Fulton Ernest L. Shelton, III Jackson; Kappa Alpha Second Row: Stanley Stein Sherman Greenville Manharlal K. Sheth Bombay, India Samuel C. Simmons Sioux Falls, S.D. Taylor B. Smith Booneville Third Row: Thomas Carter Snapp Bristol, Tenn. Lloyd G. Spivey, Jr. Canton; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jimmy H. Stanton Cleveland Sanford Richard Steckler Biloxi Fourth Row: James Southworth Steen Cleveland Herbert James Stelly Oxford Thomas L. Stennis, II De Kalb Hubert D. Stephens, III New Albany; Sigma Chi Fifth Row: Jacob Lee Stewart, Sr. Statesville, N.C. Harry Clarence Strauss Jackson; Kappa Alpha Patricia S. Strauss Jackson; Delta Delta Delta John C. Sullivan, Jr. University; Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: William Banker Sullivan Mobile, Ala. George Mitchell Swindoll Calhoun City; Beta Theta Pi Tze Min Tan Taichung City, China Chester Lee Tate, Jr. Fowlkes, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Boyce Arnold Taylor Ocean Springs Joe Howard Taylor Lucedale Chu Yang Teng Chang Hua, Formosa Champ T. Terney Greenville; Sigma Nu Eighth Row: Sister M. Alanop Thomas Grand Rapids, Mich. Russell D. Thompson Jackson Charles A. Tollett Crossville, Tenn. Richard L. Townsend Flora First Row: James K. Travis, Jr. Hattiesburg John A. Travis, III McComb; Phi Delta Theta Clarence Tucker Oiltrough, Ark. Travis Thomas Vance Vicksburg Second Row: Wallace Ray Vance Union Lawrence A. Villanueva Tampa, Fla. Charles J. Voss Picayune Samuel J. Waits Bell, Fla. Third Row: William Estes Wallace Laurel Donald Edwin Walsh Gloster Nancy S. Walsh Picayune Patricia May Walston Nashville, N.C. Fourth Row: James W. Ware Baton Rouge, La. Ben 0. Weeks Memphis, Tenn. Walter Scott Welch, III Vicksburg; Beta Theta Pi Neil Ware White, Jr. Gulfport; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fifth Row: William Rodney White Summertown, Tenn. D. Jene Whitecotton Hattiesburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Charles R. Wilbanks Kossuth Lewis Arthur Wilburn Baytown, Texas; Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: William Jackson Wiley Cleveland Charles Lee Wilkinson Meadville Helen L. Williams Lepanto, Ark. Kenneth Charles Williams Jersey, Ark. Seventh Row: Betty F. Wilson Oxford James M. Wilson Cleveland Richard B. Wilson, Jr. Jackson; Kappa Alpha Robert W. Witt Scottsville, Ky. Eighth Row: William C. Wiygul Nettleton Marcella Ames Yeates Eldorado, Ark. Helen Turner Young Oxford John E. Ellis Vicksburg First Row: Herman Carl Abelein Denver, Colo. Lynn D. Abernethy Oxford Mary Gillespie Adams Raymond; Kappa Delta Murray Cecil Adams Belmont Second Row: John Edward Ainsworth Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Olen S. Akers Jackson; Sigma Chi Vettra Glenn Alderson Oxford; Kappa Sigma Franklin B. Aldridge Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Third Row: Geraldine M. Aldy Hernando Thomas M. Alewine Brandon George A. Alexander Picayune; Pi Kappa Alpha Raymond Albert Alford Greenville Fourth Row: William A. Alias Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma Betty Allen Moorhead; Phi Mu Gerald White Allen Brandon James M. Allen Jackson; Delta Psi Fifth Row: Therrell Lane Allen, Jr. Jackson; Sigma Nu Fred Alvin Anderson, III Gloster; Pi Kappa Alpha Louis T. Anderson, III Shuqualak Rita Louise Anderson Bolton Sixth Row: Tom S. Anderson Birmingham, Ala; Phi Delta Theta Harold Melville Antwine Jackson John T. Armstrong Hazlehurst; Phi Delta Theta Lana Jane Arthur Vicksburg; Alpha Delta Pi Seventh Row: William George Artner Chicago, Ill. Robert Wilson Atkinson, Jr. Drew; Phi Delta Theta Dixie Inez Austin Dundee; Alpha Omicron Pi Fairy Loucille Austin Doddsville Eighth Row: John C. Autry Columbia; Alpha tau Omega Carolyn Jean Auwarter Jackson Paul W. Avaltroni Shelby Joseph Carson Avent, Jr. Moss Point; Alpha Tau Omega First Row: Ray Rolland Ayers Biloxi Sarah Ellen Bailey Marks; Zeta Tau Alpha James Clay Baker Courtland William Hurt Baker Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Second Row: Leonard D. Ball Gulfport William F. Barkley Ripley Harry T. Barnett, Jr. Alexandria, Va.; Kappa Alpha Mary Ann Barr Jackson; Kappa Delta Third Row: Robert Wayne Bates Pass Christian Daniel White Bath Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega Robert Stephens Baures St. Petersburg, Fla. Mary Hardy Bays Grenada; Kappa Delta Fourth Row: Linda M. Belk Holly Springs Sarah R. Benham Monticello; Kappa Kappa Gamma Henry Stites Bennett Mayfield, Ky.; Kappa Sigma Joan Mildred Bennett Riverside, Ill. Fifth Row: Herbert L. Batman Memphis, Tenn. Marianna Black Spartanburg, S .C.; Chi Omega Robert Rowland Black Oxford; Sigma Chi Linda Kay Black Morton: Phi Mu Sixth Row: Len Blackwell Lucedale; Phi Delta Theta Dale Elaine Blair Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Tim E. Blue, Jr. Jackson; Sigma Chi Joseph Alfred Blythe, III Jackson; Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Robert H. Boling, Jr. University; Kappa Alpha Sarah Flowers Boling Brookhaven Edward B. Bond Silver City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Harold R. Bowen Grenada Eighth Row: Rees Tate Bowen, III Laurel; Sigma Nu James Richard Bowers Oxford Jack D. Bowles Tupelo Sandra P. Bowles Isola; Chi Omega First Row: Burl J. Boykin University; Kappa Sigma Thurman L. Boykin, Jr. Columbus; Sigma Nu Emilysam Whitten Bramlett Batesville; Kappa Kappa Gamma John E. Brecht Cincinnati, Ohio Second Row: Judith Ann Brecht Cincinnati, Ohio; Alpha Delta Pi. Malvina Anne Bridges Winterville; Chi Omega James C. Britt Gore Springs Linda Kay Brodnax Biloxi Third Row: Sidna Brower Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Joseph Paul Brown Jackson Kaye Frances Brown Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi J. Walter Brown, Jr. Natchez Fourth Row: David P. Browne Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Tau Omega Hugh Buford Bryant Oxford; Kappa Sigma Virginia W. Bryant Corinth George W. Buffaloe Oxford Fifth Row: William Francis Bullock Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Dorothy Allen Butler Greenville; Chi Omega Evalyn W. Burkitt Corinth; Delta Delta Delta Judith Elizabeth Burnett Hollandale Sixth Row: Sarah Kay Burns Caruthersville, Mo.; Delta Delta Delta Barbara Ruth Butler Jonestown; Chi Omega Kay Dean Butler Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha Thomas Albert Butler Wiggins Seventh Row: Edith Linda Caldwell New Orleans, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi William Coleman Callender Columbia; Phi Delta Theta Dorothy Jane Cameron Laurel; Chi Omega Joan Campbell Grenada Eighth Row: Marsha Musette Campbell Pensacola, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Ann Cannady Meridian; Delta Gamma Robert Morris Canon Sardis Mary Allow Carlisie Vicksburg First Row: Amelia Beattie Carothers Greenwood; Chi Omega Dorothy E. Carroll Oxford Larry Leon Carruth McComb Myra Carter Jackson Second Row: Charles Michael Cassidy Bogalusa, La.; Sigma Chi Thomas L. Castle Houston; Sigma Chi Richard E. Chaffin Caruthersville, Mo.; Kappa Alpha Ida Kay Chancellor Macon; Delta Gamma Third Row: James Truman Channel Kosciusko Caroline W. Chapman Biloxi; Delta Delta Delta William Harvey Childers New Albany Molly Rose Childress Blytheville, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha Fourth Row: New Sing Chin, Jr. Drew Alan Olsen Clark Gulfport; Delta Kappa Epsilon John B. Clark Taylorsville John Calhoun Clark Greenwood Fifth Row: Joseph William Clark Louisville Richard 0. Clark Iuka; Sigma Chi Rose Clayton New Albany; Chi Omega George Grady Clement Amory Sixth Row: Raymond Spencer Clift Tupelo; Phi Delta Theta Dorothy Whittington Coco Alexandria, La.; Chi Omega Evelyn Carole Coffey Hot Springs, Ark.; Kappa Kappa Gamm Charles Glenn Collins Winona Seventh Row: William Wert Cooper, Jr. Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Margaret P. Countiss New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega Louie V. Craig Marks Eighth Row: Glenn Wesson Crocker, Jr. Bruce Thomas Dewey Crowson, Batesville; Sigma Nu Mary Jim Cunningham Marks; Alpha Omicron Pi Stanley John Cygon Boonton, N.J.; Kappa Sigma First Row: Mary Gail Dabney Memphis, Tenn. James Albert Dale, III Columbus Bobby Dwain Dalton Oxford Sylvia Frances Dame Jackson; Kappa Delta Second Row: Kenneth L. R. Daniel, Jr. Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Richard Hamlin Darnell Minter City; Sigma Chi Pauline G. Darrington Yazoo City; Delta Gamma Jean B. Davenport Meridian; Zeta Tau Alpha Third Row: Sylvia Dixye Davidson Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Bobbye B. Davis Batesville Joel Vernon Davis Hernando; Delta Kappa Epsilon Karen Elizabeth Dawson Vicksburg; Alpha Omicron Pi Fourth Row: James Batson Day Wiggins; Alpha Tau Omega James W. Debuys Bay St. Louis Lloyd Elizabeth Deddens Hattiesburg Patricia Ann Dees Lauderdale; Zeta Tau Alpha Fifth Row: James W. Deese Greenville May Perry Deloach Greenwood; Kappa Kappa Gamma Paul A. Dent Meridian; Sigma Chi David A. Deterly Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega Sixth Row: Diane Janet Deuschle Tupelo; Phi Mu Arthur D. Dickson Parsons, Tenn.; Kappa Sigma Linda Dilworth Shelby; Chi Omega Walter Terry Donaldson Pontotoc Seventh Row: Mary Dong Drew Thomas Smith Doty, Jr. Lucedale; Phi Delta Theta John William Downs Ft. Campbell, Ky. Roderick V. Draper Eighth Row: James Batson Draughn Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi Charlotte Lee Dreve Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Jerry Campbell Dumas Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Nu Phil Ray Dunnaway Ocean Springs First Row: Bettye Carolyn Durrett Philadelphia; Delta Gamma Charles James Eadie Dracut, Mass. Verda Anna Eadie Oxford Katharine C. Eakin Jackson Second Row: Mary Carolina Easterby Vicksburg; Chi Omega George Dixon Easterling Hamlet, N.C. Rosie Eberle El Dorado, Ark.; Eta Tau Alpha William G. Eckhardt State College; Sigma Chi Third Row: Julian H. Edwards, Jr. Hernando; Delta Kappa Epsilon Nancy Ann Ellis Caledonia Martha Ellen Evans Quitman; Alpha Omicron Pi Richard M. Farrell Hopedale, Mass.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fourth Row: Linda Jean Farris Clarksdale; Alpha Omicro n Pi Marilyn Fenstermacher Rosedale; Chi Omega Richard H. Fenstermacher Vicksburg; Phi Delta Theta Emuel M. Ferrell Jackson Fifth Row: Marilyn Janet Fe rrell Batesville Yvonne Ferrell Ashland George J. Ferry Waveland; Phi Kappa Theta Anne Palmer Finger Byhalia; Delta Gamma Sixth Row: Zcb Felder Fitzgerald McComb Robert L. Hagler Chicago, Ill.; Kappa Sigma Kay Dennis Fleming Columbus; Delta Delta Delta Carolyn Dixon Flowers Okolona; Alpha Delta Pi Seventh Row: Roger Leo Folk Sheffield, Ill. George Forbes Oxford; Beta Theta Pi Bessie Louise Ford Charleston Cecil Atha Ford Taylorsville; Phi Delta Theta Eighth Row: Fred Alan Ford Vicksburg; Alpha Tau Omega Harolyn J. Ford Taylorsville; Kappa Delta David B. Forrester Wilmette, Ill.; Sigma Chi Mary Elaine Fortenberry Norfolk, Va. First Row: Leslie Julian Fossen Glenwood, Minn. Herbert M. Frackenpohl Plainfield, N.J.; Sigma Phi Epsilon George R. Frank Chattanooga, Tenn. Gordon Boyd Freeny Vicksburg; Sigma Nu Second Row: John Allen Gaines Kingsport, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega Tony Gaines Iuka; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frank Elwin Gammill Union Church Alice Ann Garner Ripley, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Third Row: Norman A. Garrison, II Corinth James Shelby George Monticello; Phi Delta Theta George Dale Gibson McComb; Sigma Nu John W. Gill, Jr. Temple, Texas; Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: Petsy Ellen Glass Vicksburg Ruby Bankston Godbold Tunca; Chi Omega Mary Virginia Godfrey Meridian Gerry Wood Gooch Pontotoc; Delta Delta Delta Fifth Row: Lanny Lee Gooch Toccopola Barbara Faye Goodin Houston, Texas Elizabeth Ann Gordon Nettleton Martha W. Gordon Florence Sixth Row: Linda Bond Grant Biloxi; Delta Gamma John Garvin Gregory Tupelo; Alpha Tau Omega Glenn Clifton Griffin Baldwyn Dale G. Griffith, Jr. Prentiss Seventh Row: John Richmond Gunter Marks; Pi Kappa Alpha David Hudson Guyton, Jr. Blue Mountain; Sigma Chi Sue Ellen Haber Port Arthur, Texas; Chi Omega Joel Watkins Haden Dallas, Texas; Sigma Chi Eighth Row: Emma Clark Hairston Columbus; Delta Gamma Gene Perry Hale Vicksburg Sandra Pearl Hale Tupelo; Kappa Delta Travis E. Halford Jackson First Row: Don Clark Hall Louisville; Alpha Tau Omega Janet H. Hall Greenville W. Whaley Hall Trussville, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha William E. Hamill Philadelphia; Sigma Nu Second Row: John H. Hanbery Greenville; Sigma Nu Byron G. Hannah Marks Katherine Thomas Hannah Marks Charles R. Hanson Memphis, Tenn. Third Row: Jo Ann Hardin Minter City; Phi Mu Billy W. Harp Vero Beach, Fla. Vida Hazel Harris Sledge; Alpha Omicron Pi James M. Harrison Jackson Fourth Row: Joseph Cullen Hartley, Jr. Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Jimmy Earl Hataway Jackson Rowland S. Hawkins Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charles Edward Haywood Tupelo; Sigma Chi Fifth Row: Annie Laurie Hearin Jackson; Kappa Delta Bedford F. Heath, Jr. Winona Philip Heidinger Pittsburgh, Pa. David Manning Henderson Marvell, Ark.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Sixth Row: Charles G. Henson Meridian; Kappa Sigma Marjorie Ann Herberger Columbia Frank Murrah Herndon Columbus; Phi Kappa Psi Leslie David Hervey, Jr. Moorhead; Delta Kappa Epsilon Seventh Row: David Lynn Hicks Waynesboro; Sigma Nu Leonard H. Higginbotham Fresno, Calif. Belinda Jane Hill Brandon; Alpha Omicron Pi Vick Hill Boyle; Phi Kappa Psi Eighth Row: Howard R. Hinds Brookhaven; Pi Kapa Alpha Sally Ann Hinsch Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Mu Betty Anne Hinson Grenada; Zeta Tau Alpha James Walter Hitchcock New Orleans, La.; Sigma Chi First Row: Glenda Hodges Calhoun City Karen Lee Hoellen Glenview, Ill.; Kappa Delta Barbara Holden Poplarville; Alpha Delta Pi Peggy Yvonne Holley Fulton Second Row: A. J. Holloway Ocean Springs Henry E. Hooke Utica; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charles Parker Hookel Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Thomas Davis Hopkins Forest Third Row: Guy Lee Hovis, Jr. Tupelo; Sigma Nu Ben Robin Howard Jackson; Sigma Nu John M. Howard Covington, Tenn. James Melvin Hudnall Meridian Fourth Row: Ronald E. Hughey Clarksdale Lillian J. Humber Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta Joe Hussey Oxford Jennie Lee Hyde Senatobia Fifth Row: Micharlene 0. P. Hylen Oxford Linda Lee Ineichen Rayville, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi J. Carroll Ivy Belmont Phillips H. Izard, Jr. Fulton Sixth Row: George Ann Jackson Coldwater; Kappa Delta Joe Reid Jackson Tupelo Sterling Gray Jackson Jackson; Sigma Chi Ronald Walter James Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Clarence H. Jameson Alameda, Calif. Randolph L. Jennings Pleasant Grove William F. Jennings Vicksburg; Kappa Alpha Bobby Ray Jernyn Handsboro; Delta Kappa Epsilon Eighth Row: Janet D. Jobe Ft. McPherson, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi Carolyn Kay Johnson Senatobia; Delta Gamma Charlotte Q. Johnson Water Valley John D. Johnson University; Sigma Chi First Row: Larry Leo Johnson Forest; Sigma Chi Susan Garth Johnson Senatobia; Alpha Omicron Pi Carolyn Lenoir Jones Flora; Phi Mu Catherine Grace Jones Vicksburg Second Row: Cecil Baron Jones, Jr. Columbus; Kappa Alpha Jack Lee Jones Amory; Sigma Chi Jerry Lee Jones McComb; Phi Delta Theta Jimmy Wayne Jones Drew; Sigma Chi Third Row: Julie Jones Port Sulphur, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Patricia Ann Jones McMinnville, Tenn. Thomas R. Jones Saltillo; Pi Kappa Alpha William Hamp Jones Jackson; Sigma Chi Fourth Row: Jack B. Jordan Kosciusko; Sigma Chi Judy Ann Josephson Flossmoor, Ill.; Delta Gamma Elizabeth Anne Judge Oxford; Kappa Delta Lin Fay Jue Indianola Fifth Row: Nan Kathryn Kaiser Louisville, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Harry Morris Kaplan Pickens Roy Irving Kaplan Pickens; Phi Epsilon Pi George Curtis Keith Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Sixth Row: Virginia H. Kennedy Pontotoc Joseph Chester Kern Jackson; Sigma Nu Martha Elizabeth Kerr Alexandria, Va.; Alpha Omicron Pi James William Kilpatrick Noxapater Seventh Row: Kathryn Compton Kimble Vicksburg John Lee King Oxford Mary Louise King Dyersburg, Tenn.; Chi Omega Frank S. Kinkade Shelby Eighth Row: John Nolen Kirkham, Jr. Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega jean Ann Lack Pk. Ridge, Ill.; Alpha Omicron Pi Linda Joy Lackey Forest; Chi Omega Arthur Allen Lacy Laurel First Row: Mary Eloise Ladner Jackson; Chi Omega Kay Rockett Laird Jackson; Chi Omega Robert Myers Laird Brandon; Kappa Alpha Thomas Eugene Lamar New Albany; Sigma Chi Second Row: Billy Grauette Lamb Marked Tree, Ark.; Sigma Chi Nancy Germany Lane Waterford Patricia Ann Lane Monticello; Alpha Delta Pi William Edward Lane Jackson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Third Row: Jimmy G. Lankford Clarksdale Lewis Lanter Oak Ridge, Tenn. Walter Charles Larry Oxford James Edgar Larson Water Valley Fourth Row: Joseph Brooks Latham Hernando M. Bradley Lawrence New Haven, Conn. Albert H. Laws Columbus; Kappa Alpha Howard Owen Leach Carthage; Pi Kappa Alpha Fifth Row: Robert Dale Lee Natchez Fred William Lentjes Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Clayton Taylor Lewis Philadelphia Douglas B. Lewis Vicksburg; Phi Epsilon Pi Sixth Row: John Mallory Lewis Batesville Robert Louis Leydon Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Richard E. Lidstrom Chicago, Ill.; Kappa Sigma Priscilla Liles Bruce Seventh Row: Mary Margaret Lindsey Laurel; Phi Mu Ernest B. Lipscomb Vicksburg; Phi Delta Theta Jerry Lynn Little Raleigh; Alpha Delta Pi Linda Holly Little Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi Eighth Row: Ivy Jean Littlejohn Blue Springs May Loe Lula Martha Carolyn Logan Isola Lucille W. Longino Jonestown; Chi Omega First Row: Chester Trent Lott Pascagoula; Sigma Nu Julius L. Lotterhos Crystal Springs; Sigma Phi Epsilon ' William Lee Lovett Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Patricia Dair Lovorn Louisville Second Row: Carol Clark Lowe Tupelo; Alpha Omcron Pi Albert Brady Lum Port Gibson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Francis Lynch, III Memphis, Tenn.; Beta Theta Pi Richard Stephen Machtolff Douglas, Ariz. Third Row: Jan Melinda Maddox Mayfield, Ky.; Chi Omega Robert A. Madeo Babylon, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Theta Joe Phillip Magee Tylertown Richard Wilson Magee Magee; Kappa Sigma Fourth Row: Margie Joyce Malone Water V alley A. Mitchell Malouf Greenwood Frank Joseph Malta Brookhaven; Phi Delta Theta William F. Mann University Fifth Row: Eleanor Jane Marshall Paducah, Ky. Newton Hall Martin, Jr. Oxford Mary Lou Mashburn Jackson Lisa Marilyn Mattox Verona Sixth Row: Nick Mavar, Jr. Biloxi; Alpha Tau Omega Ken Taylor Mayhal Belmont; Sigma Phi Epsilon Lucie Lee Maynard Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta George T. McClintock, Jr. Holly Bluff; Pi Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Billy Q. McCord Pittsboro Reba Elizabeth McCullouch Louisville; Kappa Delta John Small McDougal Winona Thomas Bryan McGar Ripley; Sigma No Eighth Row: Mary Patricia McGehee Jackson; Pi Beta Phi Patricia Ellen McInnes N. Little Rock, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha Charles A. McIntosh, Jr. Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha Phyllis Lynne McIntyre Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi First Row: Allen Gray McLain Jackson Prentiss C. McLaurin Greenwood; Alpha Tau Omega Fred Lee McMillan, Jr. Carthage; Alpha Tau Omega Joan Constance McMillan Massapequa, N.Y.; Alpha Delta Pi Second Row: Patricia McMullan Hattiesburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sibyl McRae Lexington; Chi Omega Anne Webster McWeeny Oxford; Zeta Tau Alpha Lawrence Alven Megel, Jr. University; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Third Row: Joe Smith Mellon, Jr. Bolton; Sigma Nu Charles M. Merkel Leland; Sigma Chi Fairy Ann Meurrier Hughes, Ark.; Phi Mu Edwin U. Miles Bruce Fourth Row: Donald S. Miller, Jr. Vicksburg Joe Mims, Jr. Drew Virgil A. Minor Clarksdale; Alpha Tau Omega Carla Mitchell Poplarville; Alpha Omicron Pi Fifth Row: Jimmy Ray Mitchell Ashland Margaret Nell Mitchell Madison Mitchell Allan Mitchell Arlington Hgts., Ill.; Alpha Tau Omega George S. Monroe Newton; Pi Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: Alice Gay Moody Hollandale; Zeta Tau Alpha Margaret Tipton Moody Huntsville, Ala.; Delta Gamma D. Rook Moore, III Byhalia; Sigma Chi Louise Moore Senatobia; Delta Delta Delta Seventh Ro w: Robert Wendell Moore Oxford Sherry Ann Moore Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Scarlotte Morgan Sunflower; Kappa Delta Victor M. Morgan Oxford Eighth Row: Rosalene Morrison Utica; Kappa Delta John A. Mortimer, Jr. Belzoni; Kappa Alpha Clyde Roger Mosier Clarksdale; Delta Kappa Epsilon Berton F. Mowers Aberdeen First Row: Evelyn Marie Murphy Flora Nick L. Nail, Jr. Horn Lake; Phi Delta Theta Thomas Ellis Neal Morton Rosalyn Neilson Oxford; Kappa Delta Second Row: Theodore Elmer Newark Winter Pk., Fla. William Loughran Nicholas Raymond; Sigma Phi Epsilon Alfred G. Nicols, Jr. Morton; Sigma Chi Anna Eleanor Nichols Water Valley Third Row: Terry E. Nor thup Tinley Park, Ill. Charles Henry Noss State College, Pa. Richard M. Nowell Philadelphia; Sigma Chi Robert Lee Oakman, III Clarksdale Fourth Row: Thomas Joseph Obeirne Natchez William Clay Ogletree McComb; Sigma Nu Van Norwood Oliphant Portland, Tenn. George A. Omas Biloxi Fifth Row: John S. Oswald, II Syracuse, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Psi Harriet F. Outlaw Guntown Samuel W. Owen Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsiloi Robert W. Paine Kennett, Mo. Sixth Row: William Dee Pate Hayti, Mo.; Sigma Pi Jo Ann Payne Brandon Mary Hall Pegram Tupelo; Kappa Delta William Allen Pepper, Jr. Belzoni; Sigma Nu Seventh Row: Eugene Adam Peresich, III Biloxi Marion M. Perry Philadelphia; Alpha Tau Omega Ben M. Pettis Oxford; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Don Knox Phillips Brookhaven; Pi Kappa Alpha Eighth Row: Betty Dean Pifer Russellville, Ala. Crymes George Pittman Mobile, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta Joyce Roye Plunkett Pontotoc Carolyn Polk Jackson; Phi Mu First Row: E. Jane Pope Batesville; Kappa Delta Ann Carr Porter Clarksdalc; Delta Gamma Allie S. Povall, Jr. Lexington; Pi Kappa Alpha Travis A. Powell Yazoo City Second Row: Dartha Lill Powers Somerville, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha Maria Hilliard Powers Lamont; Chi Omega Archie L. Pratt, Jr. Kosciusko Roy D. Prestage Water Valley Third Row: Nancy Jean Preston Metuchen, N.J.; Zeta Tau Alpha George L. Price Greenwood Thomas J. Prince, Jr. Macon; Sigma Chi Donald J. Proehl Chicago, Ill.; Phi Kappa Psi Fourth Row: Jon A. Purifoy Helena, Ark. Barbara Ann Quinn Greenville; Zeta Tau Alpha Eustice Grady Raines Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Terry Van Rankin Little Rock, Ark. Fifth Row: Louis D. Rash Gautier Edward Carl Ratliff Clinton William James Rawlings Rochester, N.Y.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Arthur Earl Ray, Jr. Tuscumbia, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha Sixth Row: Charles M. Ray Oxford; Kappa Alpha Robin Ann Reed Ft. Ripley, Kan.; Zeta Tau Alpha Franklin Louis Renault Coral Gables, Fla.; Phi Kappa Theta Graves Lee Renfro Harrodsburg, Ky.; Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Frank T. Richardson, III Mooresville, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta Albert V. Richmond, Jr. Lake Cormorant George E. Rigby, Jr. Livingston, N.J.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Billy Gordon Roaten Tupelo Eighth Row: William H. Roberson Minter City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gaylen Cooper Roberts Pascagoula; Sigma Nu Jimmy Price Roberts University Samuel Howard Roberts New Albany First Row: William Jackson Roberts Memphis, Tenn. Mary Lawton Robertson Gulfport; Alpha Omicron Pi Orville G. Robertson Batesville John Peter Robilio Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Second Row: Patsy Lou Robinson Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Sammie Joel Robinson Fulton James Caldwell Rogers Frankfort, Ky.; Sigma Chi John. Curlee Ross, Jr. Corinth; Pi Kappa Alpha Third Row: Richard Douglas Ross Jackson, Tenn. Stanford Lynn Ross Oxford Donald P. Roten Ripley Rudolph J. Roy, Jr. Jackson; Phi Kappa Theta Fourth Row: Avis Lynne Ruble West Point; Delta Delta Delta James Louis Reuff McComb; Sigma Nu George A. Rummel, III Columbus James Gary Runnels New Albany Fifth. Row: James F. Russell Jackson; Sigma Chi Linda Lou Russell Thaxton Jane W. Ruth Lambert Glenn Alison Rutherford Memphis, Tenn. Sixth Row: Alva H. Rutledge West Monroe, La. Lydia Mary Salloum Gulfport M. Nahtoma Sanderson Fulton Freddie Karen Sandidge Memphis, Tenn.; Chi Omega Seventh Row: Anye Sue Sansom Water Valley C. Richard Santa Whitemarsh, Md. Jessie Carolyn Sasser Brookhaven; Phi Mu Robert W. Saul, Jr. Hattiesburg; Alpha Tau Omega Eighth Row: Jane Saxton Benton David Orwin Scharr Ocean Springs Sandra Lee Schillinger Alexandria, Va.; Zeta Tau Alpha Jay A. Schwabe, III New Orleans, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon First Row: John Richard Schwalje Metuchen, N.J.; Kappa Sigma David J. Sconyers Vienna, Va. Lynn H. Scott Cincinnati, Ohio; Chi Omega Peggy Selby Charleston Second Row: Bill Seth Elkton, Md. Frieda Seu Greenville Edward Reese Sharpe Nesbitt Don W. Sheffield Dorsey Third Row: Lily Ruth Shoemake Water Valley John S. Simpson Houston; Sigma Nu James Robert Sims Pittsboro Gale Sinnott Eldorado, Ark.; Phi Mu Fourth Row: Scotty W. Skinner Belmont Betty Slater Coahoma Jack C. Slay Crystal Springs Harvy Myers Smallwood Laurel; Kappa Alpha Fifth Row: Cecil 0. Smith Jackson Dennis Edward Smith University Elizabeth Patricia Smith McComb; Kappa Delta Kathy Ellen Smith McComb Sixth Row: Marvin Herbert Smith New Orleans, La.; Phi Epsilon Pi Morgan Hollinger Smith York, Pa. Roy Lamar Smith Benton Sue Frances S mith Eutaw, Ala. Seventh Row: Sydney Allen Smith Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Elizabeth Snellings Bruce Carol Jane Snider Sarah Jimmy L. Soloman Cleveland Eighth Row: Sandra Ann Sowell Olive Branch; Zeta Tau Alpha James Wilson Speck Blue Springs V. Lynne Speed Enterprise, Ala.; Zeta Tau Alpha Lawrence Morris Spivey Jackson; Kappa Alpha First Row: Hugh I. Stablman, III Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega William Lee Stevens N. Carrolton; Sigma Chi R. Darryl Stewart Liberty Robert Nicholas Stockett Jackson; Kappa Alpha Second Row: William Dale Stogner Terry; Kappa Sigma Charles Glenn Stone Monticello, Ark.; Alpha Tau Omega Tommy F. Stone Little Rock, Ark.; Kappa Sigma Thomas E. Stout, Jr. Pascagoula Third Row: Charles I. Stratmann Crystal City, Mo. Robert M. Strickland Memphis, Tenn. Patricia Lee Swinney Greenville; Alpha Omicron Pi James B. Sykes, Jr. Mendenhall; Sigma Chi Fourth Row: J. Barry Talbert Yazoo City John C. Tardy Helena, Ark.; Kappa Sigma Frederick G. Tate Arlington, Va.; Kappa Sigma Roger Perry Tatum Anchorage, Ky. Fifth Row: Ruth Anne Taylor Gulfport; Delta Delta Delta Landman J. Teller Vicksburg; Sigma Chi Thomas Bernard Tenfelde Grand Rapids, Mich.; Delta Psi Ellen Adine Terrell Columbia; Delta Delta Delta Sixth Row: Betty Ann Thompson Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma James C. Thompson Oxford S. Judith Thompson Jackson; Chi Omega Robert M. Thorne Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha Seventh Row: Wm. C. Tompkins, Jr. Greenville Phillip Dale Tracy Gladewater, Texas William D. Trahan Oxford Susan Trapp Tuscumbia, Ala.; Delta Delta Delta Eighth Row: Billy Buckley Trimble Ruleville; Sigma Chi Jeff James Troyka Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Gerald L. Tucker Oxford Mary Elizabeth Turner Bruce First Row: Robert E. Turner, Jr. Wickliffe, Ky. Richard Ezra Vandemark Memphis, Tenn. Inez Merrill Varnado Corinth; Kappa Delta William H. Vaughn, Jr. Jackson; Kappa Sigma Second Row: Nancy Lee Veazey Coldwater Lou Don Vigour Gulfport; Alpha Delta Pi Mailande Martin Vise Chi Omega Robert F. Von Allmen Aberdeen Third Row: Kenneth M. Walcott, Jr. Hollandale; Kappa Sigma Carolyn Bryant Walden Humboldt, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta Charles Thomas Wallace Horn Lake Mary Hicks Wallace Union City, Tenn.; Delta Gamma Fourth Row: Ann Crawford Waller Gulfport; Delta Gamma David Lynn Walker Shreveport, La. Edmund J. Walker Biloxi; Sigma Phi Epsilon Lewis H. Walker Jackson Fifth Row: Tali Helms Ward St. Petersburg, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha Earl W. Wardlaw, Jr. Vicksburg; Sigma Chi Joe D. Warrington Lambert Gary Dean Weale Elmira, N.Y.; Delta Psi Sixth Row: Cleveland Gray Wabber, Jr. Charlottesville, Va.; Kappa Alpha Robert P. Webster Oxford David Edward Weeks Yazoo City James Lowe Weir Newton Seventh Row: Al Dean. Wells, III Water Valley Nina Carolyn Wells Waynesboro Jancie Marie Wetzler Somerville, Tenn.; Phi Mu Earl H. Wheat Charleston; Pi Kappa Alpha Eighth Row: Henry Albert Wigley, Jr. Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma Henry F. Wilbourn Water Valley Rosalye Wilkerson Vicksburg; Delta Delta Delta George Stephen Wilkes Shaw; Pi Kappa Alpha First Row: Curtis Carter Wilkie Summit; Sigma Alpha Epsilon W. Howard William Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta Thaxton James E. Williams Osyka; Beta Theta Pi Second Row: Wanda June Williams James Ellis Williamson, Jr. Mississippi City Linda Layne Williford Greenwood Third Row: Billy Ray Wilson Hayti, Mo. Elizabeth Ann Wilson Picayune; Alpha Omicron Pi Gary Wayne Wilson Kansas City, Mo.; Kappa Alpha Fourth Row: Miriam Owen Wilson Jackson; Chi Omega Sarah Elizabeth Wilson Jackson; Delta Gamma Thomas S. Wilson Arlington, Va.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fifth Row: Siegrfried R. Witt Manassas, Va. Robert W. Witty Vicksburg; Kappa Alpha Polly Anne Wiygul Okolona; Chi Omega Sixth Row: George H. Wolfe Columbia; Sigma Chi Nancy Rogers Wood Fulton Robert H. Worsham Corinth; Sigma Chi Seventh Row: R. Harmon Yarber Red Bay, Ala. Thomas Davis Yarborough Gulfport Jerrel K. Yates Taylorsville Eighth Row: William G. Yates, Jr. Philadelphia; Sigma Chi Robert Ware Yelverton Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi William Elisha York Batesville Ninth Row: Connie Sue Young Booneville; Alpha Delta Pi Robert Buchanan Young Fayetteville, Tenn. Robert J. Young, Jr. West Point First Row: • Hirschel T. Abbott, Jr., Commerce; Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • George E. Abdo, Jr., Greenville. • Sylvia Nelle Abernethy, L. A.; Oxford; Pi Beta Phi. • Thomas G. Abernethy, Jr., Commerce; Okolona; Phi Delta Theta. • Betty Jean Ables, Education; Meridian. Second Row: • George Ellis Abraham, II, Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • Barbara Ann Adams, L. A.; Ackerman. • G ardner S. Adams, Jr., Commerce; Bogalusa, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Gordon R. Adams, L. A.; Richmond. • John J. Adams, Pharmacy; Vardaman. Third Row: • Mickie Arnold Adams, Commerce; Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma. • Philip Ross Adams, L. A.; Marks. • Jan G. Adelman, Commerce; Owensboro, Ky.; Sigma Chi. • Charles Wayne Akin, Commerce; Michigan City. • Dorothy K. Akin, Education; Jackson; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • Eddie G. Akins, L. A.; Canton. • William F. Education; Fair Lawn, N.J.; Sigma Pi. • Harry G. Alderson, Commerce; Oxford; Kappa Sigma. • Loris M. Aldridge, L. A.; New Albany; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jerry Arthur Alexander, Commerce; Meridian. Fifth Row: • Jerry P. Allen, Commerce; Kosciusko; Sigma Chi. • John Edward Allen, Commerce; Corinth. • John Neville Allen, Commerce; Laurel. • Roy Patton Allen, Commerce; Belmont. • Gordon A. Altenbern, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Claudia K. Ambrose, L. A.; Roselle Pk., N.J. • Ethelyn Ames, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Delta Delta • Carol Anne Anderson, L. A.; Batesville; Phi Mu. • Emma Carolyn Anderson, L. A.; Ripley; Delta Gamma. • Everette Wayne Anderson, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Seventh Row: • James F. Anderson, L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Larry Ellis Anderson, Pharmacy; Laurel. • Mary Carolyn Anderson, L. A.; Miami, Fla. • Sigrid Elizabeth Andre, Education; Vicksburg; Chi Omega. • Lindsay Joe Anglin, Commerce; Bruce. Eighth Row: • Suzanne Read Armour, Education; Kingsport, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta. • Austin A. Arnold, Sardis. • Richard Duke Arnold, Commerce; Franklin, Ky.; Kappa Sigma. • Tommy Arnold, L. A.; Memph is, Tenn. • Albert Dyer Atkinson, Commerce; Houston. Ninth Row: • Najean Attebery, L. A.; Metairie, La.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Joseph G. Austin, Commerce; Lake Cormorant. • Robert Ray Austin, Engineering; Memphis, Tenn. • Nancy Awad, L. A.; Jackson. • Curtis P. Ayers, Engineering; Holly Springs; Alpha Tau Omega. First Row: • Robert Jay Babyak, Commerce; Carmichaels, Pa. • James W. Backstrom, Commerce; Leakesville; Kappa Sigma. • Rita Ann Bailey, L. A.; Steele, Mo.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • James Larvis, Commerce; Corinth; Alpha Tau Omega. • Janellen Baker, L. A.; Dyer, Tenn. Second Row: • David Alford Ball, L. A.; Columbia. • Leah Claire Ball, Education; New Orleans, La. • Agnes Marie Banchetti, Commerce; Vicksburg; Phi Mu. • Betty Lou Bardin, L. A.; A. Jackson; Alpha Pi. • Charlie H. Barfield, L. A.; Oxford. Third Row: • Elizabeth Vincent Barks, L. A.; Chattanooga, Tenn. • Anna Marie Barnes, L. A.; Columbia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Arthur D. Barnes, L. A.; Pascagoula; Alpha Tau Omega. • Clifford E. Barnett, Jr., Pharmacy; Bay Springs; Sigma Nu. • Jack Barnett, Commerce; Gulfport; Phi Kappa Psi. Fourth Row: • Jimmie Don Barton, Engineering; Calhoun City. • M. Patricia Bates, L. A.; Natchez; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Stephen Leeds Beach, III, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Gary F. Beaupre, L. A.; New Orleans, La. • Rebecca Jane Bell, Education; Vicksburg. Fifth Row: • George H. Bergold, Jr., Pharmacy; McComb; Phi Delta Theta. • Leonard Gene Bethards, N. Miami, Fla. • Robert John Bickel, Edu- cation; Ft. Wayne, Ind. • Helen Sue Bickerstaff, Education; Moro, Ark. • Joyce Marie Bickerstaff, Education; Batesville. Sixth Row: • Anne Fairfax Biles, L. A.; Sumner; Chi Omega. • Oliver F. Billingslea, L. A.; Canton. • Frances Diane Binford, Commerce; Tupelo; Delta Delta Delta. • Carr Marion Black, Commerce; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • H. Jane Blackwell, Education; Lucedale; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Harry Ronald Bledsoe, L. A.; Okla. City, Okla. • Gerald Henry Blessey, L. A.; Biloxi. • Carol Ann Bloch, Commerce; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. • Nancy Blue, L. A.; Ocean Springs. • James Elgan Bolen, Jr., Education; Clarksdale. Eighth Row: • John William Bolich, Engineering; Wadsworth, Ohio; Phi Delta Theta. • George Vincent Bolton, Education; Camp Hill, Pa. • John M. Bond, Ocean Springs. • Kenneth Crosby Boone, L. A.; Kosciusko; Sigma Chi. • Marilyn Anne Boothe, L. A.; Metairie, La.; Delta Gamma. Ninth Row: • Douglas B. Bosse, L. A.; Omaha, Neb.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Ralph Truitt Bourn, Pharmacy; Jackson. ° Robert P. Bowman, L. A.; Stoneville. • Sidney N. Boyd, Jr., Commerce; Ripley. • Lynn Brown Boyer, L. A.; Oxford; Sigma Chi. First Row: • David E. Bozone, Pharmacy; Kosciusko. • David Lynn Bradley, Commerce; Pleasanton, Kan.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Sylvia Lee Bradley, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Delta. • James Clifton Branton, Pharmacy; Columbia. • Sedley C. Branton, Pharmacy; Columbia. Second Row: • Hugh Edward Brazil, Commerce; Tarboro, N.C. • Olivi a Ann Brock, L. A.; McComb; Chi Omega. • James Ticer Brown, Jr. L. A.; Ripley; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • William C. Brown, Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William C. Brown, L. A.; Rosedale. Third Row: • John Robert Bryan, Commerce; Belzoni; Sigma Chi. • Kitty Bryan, Education; West Point; Chi Omega. • Alfred Hume Bryant, Engineering; Sigma Nu. • Joan A. Bryant, Education; Valley. • Edith Barton Bryson, Commerce; Sheffield, Ala. Fourth Row: • James Travis Buckley, Law; Collins. • Robert William Bunnel, Commerce; Fayetteville, N.Y.; Kappa Sigma. • Lee Thomas Burch, Engineering; Fulton. • Raymond F. Burk, L. A.; Kosciusko. • Frances E. Barnett, L. A.; Union City, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: • Alexis K. Busby, L. A.; McComb; Chi Omega. • Tony M. Buster, Pharmacy; Heidelberg. • Barbara Joyce Butler, L. A.; Alligator; Delta Delta Delta. • Dorothy Ann Butler, L. A.; Mullica Hill, N.J.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Keturah B. Butler, Commerce; Belen; Chi Omega. Sixth Row: • James Larry Byrd, Pharmacy; Ashland. • Britt Cain, L. A.; Oxford; Kappa Kappa • James Eugene Caldwell, Commerce; Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jimmy D. Caldwell, Education; J Amory. • William E. Cameron, Jr., Engineering; Oakmont, Pa. Seventh Row: • Annette Seay Campbell, Education; Laurel. • William R. Cannady, Commerce; Meridian. • Jerry W. Cannon, L. A.; Batesville. • George P. L. A.; Volos, Greece. • Carolyn Hall Carlton, Sumner; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Eighth Row: • Walter Wells Carlton, Commerce; Greenville; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Ann S. Carothers, Educa- tion; Walnut. • Robert F. Carpenter, L. A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • John Curtis Carr, L. A.; Greenwood; Delta Psi. • Judy Lindley Carrington, Commerce; Collierville, Tenn., Delta Gamma. Ninth Row: • Gerald Hickey Center, Commerce; Clearwater, Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Richard Lee Chaffin, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Charles R. Chambers, Pharmacy; Gulfport; Delta Kappa • Jesse M. Chase, Jr., Commerce; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Vernon A. Chase, L. A.; Oxford. First Row: • S. Caroline Cheshire, Education; Nashville, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Babs Chitton, L. A.; Water Valley; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Lena Bing Choo, Pharmacy; Clarksdale. • Michael Adam Crestman, Commerce; Crowder; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Sylvia Faith Chrestman, L. A.; Batesville. Second Row: • Edwin Chu, Pharmacy; Greenville. • Robert Churchill, Commerce; Oxford; Sigma Nu. • Anne Reedy Clark, Education; Ocean Springs; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Joanne E. Clark, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • June Elizabeth Clark, Education; Tuscumbia, Ala.; Pi Beta Phi. Third Row: • Thomas Franklin Cleveland, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Chi. • Joyce Lynn Cobb, Commerce; Sardis. • Curtis Edward Coker, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Barbara Allyn Cole, Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • Carol Cole, L. A.; Philadelphia; Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: • Carole Leonard Collins, L. A.; University. • Mary Louise Collins, L. A.; Nashville, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; • Joyce Garlene Condra, Commerce; Franklin, La. • Carolyn Elizabeth Coney, Education; Magnolia; Kappa Delta. • Billy H. Cook, Education; Ripley; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • Thomas J. Couch, L. A.; Tuscumbia, Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Anna Kate Cox, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Betty Jean Cox, L. A.; Baldwyn. • Trina Cox, Education; Wilmington, Del. • Edward E. Craig, Jr., Commerce; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Farra Jane Crenshaw, L. A.; Union City, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • Richard Langford Crenshaw, Pharmacy; Oxford. • Fred C. Cribbs, Pharmacy; Sumner; Sigma Chi. • James R. Crockett, Jackson. • Annis E. Cross, Education; Ark; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • R. F. Cross, Commerce; Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert C. Cross, Jr., L. A.; Lakeland, Fla. • Bryan Charles Crum, Commerce; Port Gibson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • William Thomas Crutcher, Commerce; Nesbitt; Kappa Alpha. • Lloyd Anthony Cuevas, Education; Bay St. Louis. Eighth Row: • James E. Curtin, L. A.; Norfolk, Va.; Kappa Alpha. • Shirley Sinclair Curtis, Education; • Martha Cutcliff, L. A.; Amory. • Gilford Fortner Dabbs, III, Commerce; Quitman. • Ruth Alice Daly, Education; Opelousas, La.; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • Carl Brown Daniel, Education; Houlka. • Jerry B. Dantone, Commerce; Clarksdale; Alpha Tau Omega. • Carl F. Davis, L. A.; Raymond. • Charles Neil Davis, Commerce; Ashland. • Curtis Reed Davis, Commerce; Morton. First Row: • Jill Davis, L. A.; Wiggins; Phi Mu. • Katie Ernst Davis, L. A.; Sandersville. • Robert Earl Davis, Pharmacy; Jackson; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jimmy Glen Dedeaux, Commerce; Gulfport; Phi Kappa Psi. • Paul E. Deering, L. A.; Lewiston, N.Y. Second Row: • Mirna J. Delgadillo, L. A.; Managua, Nicaragua. • Marlin C. Dellinger, L. A.; York, Pa.; Phi Psi. • Ennis Paul Denham, Sr. Pharmacy; Laurel. • Ronald Wayne Dennis, L. A.; • Gary Lane Densing, Education; Oxford. Third Row: • Merrill Edward Diket, Jr., Pharmacy; Canton; Sigma Chi. • Kenneth D. Dill, Commerce; West Point; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sherry Ann Donald, Education; DeSoto; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Gene Drake, Commerce; Vicksburg; Kappa Sigma. • Raymond M. Drew, Commerce; Lisbon Falls, Maine; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Mitchell 0. Driskell, Jr., Commerce; Dublin, Ga.; Kappa Sigma. • Jan William Ducan, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • William A. Dunavant, Educa- tion; Millington, Tenn.; Sigma Nu. • Henry A. Duperier, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Ray Clarke Earls, Commerce; Steele, Mo.; Pi Alpha. Fifth Row: • Nellanne Earthman, Commerce; Little Rock, Ark. • William W. East, L. A.; Meridian. • Joan Ebbing, Education; Oxford; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Joyce Ramey Ebbing, Education; Oxford; Kappa Gamma. • Alma J. Edmondson, L. A.; Vardaman; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • Ben G. Edmonson, L. A.; Magee; Kappa Sigma. • George R. Edwards, Pharmacy; Summit; Alpha Tau Omega. • Henry Banks Edwards, Jr., Commerce; Houston, Texas. • Henry Cornelius Pharmacy; Richton. • Robert D. Edwards, Commerce; Tupelo; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • Lem Frank Eldridge, L. A.; Santa Barbara, Calif. • Ruth Brand Ellard, Education; Pittsboro. • Ellis, Commerce Batesville. • Patricia Ann L. A.; Meridian; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Kitty Darnall English, L. A.; Coral Gables, Fla.; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • George Edward Ervin, L. A.; Finger, Tenn. • James K. Estes, L. A.; Oxford; Sigma Chi. • Larry E. Eubank, Education; Tupelo. • Carolyn Asenath Evans, L. A.; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • George A. Everett, Jr., L. A.; Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta. Ninth Row: • Peter C Everett, Commerce; Jackson. • William Michael Ewton, L. A.; Amarillo, Texas. • Stewart Lyons Fair, L. A.; Louisville; Chi Omega. • John Thomas Faloon, L. A.; Fishkill, N.Y. • Cy Thomas Faneca, Jr. L. A.; Handsboro; Beta Theta Pi. First Row: • Richard J. Field, Commerce; Vicksburg. • Nathan Scott Fisher, Commerce; Baton Rouge, La.; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Judy B. Florian, Education; Vicksburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Charles K. Floyd, Jr. Commerce; Meridian; Alpha Tau Omega. • Lewis Rowan Floyd, III, Commerce; University. Second Row: • Sara Charlotte Flynt, Education; Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Bobby Lynn Fooshee, Commerce; Corinth; Sigma Nu. • Dennis M. Ford, Commerce; Jackson. • John Warren Ford, Engineering; Laurel. • Lou Anne Ford, L. A.; Crystal Springs; Phi Mu. Third Row: • Arthur Gerald Foster, L. A.; Forest Hgts., Md.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Larry Irby Fox, Pharmacy; Buckatunna. • Ronnie A. Franklin, Commerce; Oxford; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Allen William Fredd, Jr., Commerce; Oxford, Pa.; Sigma Pi. • John C. Freedman, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • Bobbye Jean French, L. A.; Opelousas, La.; Chi Omega. • Jean L. Fridge, L. A.; Magnolia. • Lady Margaret Fyfe, L. A.; Lula; Chi Omega. • Thomas Alvin Gaither, Engineering; Perry Hall, Md. • Michael L. Galyean, Commerce; Corinth; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • Judith Ann Gamard, L. A.; Pass Christian. • William R. Gambrell, Jr., Education; Houston. • Johnny C. Gammill, Commerce; Eupora; Phi Delta Theta. • D. Wayne Gann, Education; Dorsey. • Robert M. Gannon, L. A.; Doylestown, Pa.; Sigma Pi. Sixth Row: • Amanda Carter Gardner, Education; Booneville; Phi Mu. • Christine Murphree Gates, Commerce; University; Delta Gamma. • Marvin J. Gay, Little Rock, Ark. • Leland D. Gebhart, Jr., L. A.; Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • David Melvin Geer, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. Seventh Row: • John F. Geisler, Engineering; Carnegie, Pa. • Robert L. Genin, Jr., Commerce; Bay St. Louis. • William Paul Gerred, L. A.; Oxford; Delta Psi. • Taha Ghabbour, Engineering; Damascus, Syria. • Janice Catherine Gibson, Education; Jackson; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • Rosalyn Ann Gillespie, L. A.; Laurel; Chi • S. Elizabeth Gillis, L. A.; New Orleans, La. • Patty Jo Godwin, L. A.; Festus, Mo.; Alpha Pi. • Wesley Edward Godwin, Commerce; Sigma Chi. • May Dean Goldsby, Commerce; Ocean Springs. Ninth Row: • Kung Woo Gong Jr., Commerce; Boyle. • Lydia joye Gooch, L. A.; New Albany. • Jeanie L. A.; Imboden, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Thomas O. Gore, L. A.; Water Valley. • Walter Mack Gorton, L. A.; Belzoni; Kappa Alpha. First Row: • Karl David Gottschalk, L. A.; Bay St. Louis. • Joseph Henry Gough, L. A.; Lexington Pk., Md.; Sigma Pi. • Eugene B. Goulding, Commerce; Edmore, Mich.; • William A. Gowan, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Chas. Lewis Graeber, Commerce; Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • Hardy P. Graham, L. A.; Union City, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mitchell D. Graham, Pharmacy; Stringer. • Robert E. Gramling, Jr., Merigold; Sigma Nu. • Phyllis Miller Grant, L. A.; Grenada; Delta Delta Delta. • Cindy Grantham, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: • Virginia Ann Graves, Education; Jackson. ° David M. Gray, L. A.; Lexington Pk., Md.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Charles Ray Grayson, L. A.; A. • Bobby Gene Green, Commerce; Belmont. • Richard Oscar Greene, L. A.; Dexter, N.M. Fourth Row: • Sue Ellen Griffin, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Delta. • Alyce Charlene Guiney, L. A.; Vicksburg; Phi Mu. • Victoria Guion, Education; Bentonia. • Gretta Holt Guyton, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Martha Jane Hale, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. Fifth Row: • Billy Don Hall, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. • Karon Brown Hall, L. A.; Canton. • Mary Neal Hall, Education; Canton; Delta Delta Delta. • Martha Hamilton, L. A.; Jackson; Chi Omega. • Glyn William Hanbery, Commerce; Greenville; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • Ronald V. Hanna, Commerce; Donora, Pa.; Phi Kappa Theta. ° Hugh H. Haralson, L. A.; Forest. • Nan P. Harbour, L. A.; Philadelphia. • Ann Hardin, Education; Greenwood; Phi Mu. • Dianne Hardin, Education; Meridian. Seventh Row: • Larry Curtis Hardy, L. A.; Charleston; Sigma Nu. • Lindsay Hale Harp, Engineering; Mayfield, Ky.; Beta Theta Pi. • Linda Jean Harper, Gulfport. • Linda Lee Harpole, Education; Dyer, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Brad C. Commerce; Syracuse, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Psi. Eighth Row: • Samuel Buford Harris, Commerce; Madison. • George C. Harrison, Jr., Engineering; Dyersburg, Tenn. • Judith Anne Hartwell, Commerce; • Helene Louise Haskins, Education; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • George Carlton Hayles, L. A.; Water Valley. Ninth Row: • Henry William Haynes, Engineering; Lumberton; Pi Kappa Alpha. • M. Paul Haynes, Jr., Baldwyn; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Terry Heaps, L. A.; Kewanee, Ill. • Cullum J. Heard, Pharmacy; Biloxi. • Harry R. Herman, Commerce; Metairie, La.; Kappa Alpha. First Row: • J. B. Herrin, Commerce; Clarksdale. • Cushman Herring, Commerce; Moss Point. • Mary H. Hewes, Education; Gulfport; Kappa Delta. • Larry Ford Higginbotham, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Chi. • Anna Beverly Hildreth, L. A.; Hazelhurst; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • John Charles Hill, L. A.; Jackson. • Sally Moore Hines, L. A.; A. Oxford; Pi Beta Phi. • Jon Clifton Hinson, L. A.; Tylertown; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Ben Terry Hinton, Commerce; Greenwood. • Les Hitt, Education; Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • Jeanie E. Hobby, L. A.; Raleigh, N.C.; Chi Omega. • Larry Eugene Holder, Pharmacy; Port Lavaca, Texas. • Dale Patricia Holloway, L. A.; Ocean Springs. • Rudolph Henry Holmes, Canton; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sidney G. Holmes, L. A.; Waynesboro. Fourth Row: • Jack Wade Hood, L. A.; Donaldsonville, La. • Judy Carol Hooker, Education; Memphis, Tenn. • Lyn Hopkins, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Gamma. • Carrol D. Horn, Pharmacy; University. • Thomas Homer Horton, L. A.; Grenada; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Keith G. Howell, Engineering; Hattiesburg. • Dennis Lee Huffman, Commerce; Jackson. • Frederick H. Hulett, L. A.; Meridian; Phi Delta Theta. • Gloria Gayle Hunt, Education; Aberdeen. • Michael Hunter, Pharmacy; Lucedale. Sixth Row: • Robert Dean Hyde, Pharmacy; Laurel. • June Annrae Inman, Education; Memphis, Tenn. Phi Mu. • James M. Irland, Jr., L. A.; Dalton; Sigma Pi. • Linda Ray Ivy, L. A.; Calhoun City. • John Wayne Jabour, Commerce; Vicksburg; Phi Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: • Robert Thomas Jackson, Commerce; Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi. • Linda Louise Jacobs, Deland, Fla.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William B. James, L. A.; Grenada. • John Thomas Jenkins, Commerce; Clarksdale. • Jerri L. Jeter, Jackson; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: • Frank Edwin Johnson, Engineering; Falls Church, Va. • Gary W. Johnson, L. A.; Tupelo. • John K. Johnson, Jr., L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sydney Carolyn Johnston, Education; Carthage; Delta Gamma. • Cassandra Jones, L. A.; Inverness; Delta Gamma. Ninth Row: • David Allan Jones, Engineering; Williston, Fla. • Frank W. Jones, Engineering; Meridian; Alpha Tau Omega. • George E. Jones, Jr., Pharmacy; West Point. • Hal Trotter Jones, Commerce; Flora. • Kathleen R. Jones, L. A.; Natchez. First Row: • Sydney Lundy Jones, Pharmacy; Starkville; Sigma. • Ted Jones, Law; Jackson, Tenn. • Ida Reb ecca Joplin, L. A.; Laurel. • German Eubank Jordan, Commerce; Vicksburg. • H. Lee Jordan, Commerce; Cleveland; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • Stephanie Alethia jordy, Education; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • Barbara Adgia Kalif, L. A.; Pass Christian; Alpha Delta Pi. • Virginia M. Kane, L. A.; Alexandria, Va. • Judith Carolyn Keenan, Education; Dallas, Texas; Chi Omega • Alva Lynne Kelley, Education; Hayti, Mo.; Alpha Delta Pi. Third Row: • J. L. Kellum, Pharmacy; Oxfor d. • Margaret R. Kenney, L. A.; Coldwater; Alpha Delta Pi. • Carolyn Lee Kerr, L. A.; Aubrey, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Donald E. Kessinger, Commerce; Forrest City, Ark.; Sigma Nu. • Karol Jean Keye, Education; University; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • C. Arthur Kibble, Pharmacy; Oxford. • Sarah Elizabeth Kimbrough, L. A.; Morgan City; Delta Delta Delta. • Frank M. Kinard, Jr., Commerce; Oxford. • John Wallace King, Engineering; • Ogwen Lamar King, Commerce; Pensacola, Fla. Fifth Row: • Roger Terry Kiny, Commerce; Maldon, Mo.; Sigma Pi. • Mary Anne Klenner, L. A.; Reidsville, N.C.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Diane Klyce, L. A.; Sardis; Delta Gamma. • David Arthur Knight, L. A.; University. • Donald F. Koen, Pharmacy; Richton. Sixth Row: • William M. Kondor, L. A.; Lackawanna, N.Y. • Guy Charleton Krays, L. A.; Pass Christian. • James Martin Kurts, L. A.; Oxford. • Earl Lee Laird, L. A.; Union, Pi Kappa Alpha. • Carolyn Elizabeth Lamar, Education; New Albany; Kappa Delta. Seventh Row: • Thomas L. Lamb, Commerce; Shaw; Sigma Chi. • Ledon Langston, L. A.; Ellisvillc. • M. Lenora Langston, Education; Oxford. • Joe Hudson Lanoux, L. A.; Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Lou Larson, Education; Water Valley. Eighth Row: • Sue Larson, Education; Water Valley. • Billy Ray Lea, Pharmacy; Jackson. • Nathaniel Wilson Lea, Commerce; Minter City; Sigma Alpha • Joseph B. Lee, III, Commerce; Grenada; Alpha Tau Omega. • James T. Leeper, Oxford. Ninth Row: • Clark S. Leonard, Commerce; Winona; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Mary P. Lewis, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Mary Sharp Lickford, Education; Grenada; Delta Delta Delta. • Angelo D. Liollio, Greenwood. • Olivia Wain Littlefield, L. A.; Selmer, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. First Row: • Jacqueline E. Lobrano, L. A.; Centerville. • John David Lobue, Pharmacy; Hammond, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Harriet McGee Long, L. A.; Tupelo; Pi Beta Phi. • Hugh Marshall Love, L. A.; Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Vicky Ann Love, L. A.; Kosciusko; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Glenda J. Luke, L. A.; Louisville; Phi Mu. • Robert M. Lurie, Engineering; Havelock, N.C. • Louis Clayton Lyons, Commerce; Gulfport; Sigma Nu. • Craig Alan Mackenzie, L. A.; Birmingham, Mich. • James Robert Magee, Pharmacy; Magee; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • Kaffie E. Mallette, Education; Indianola. • Bridget Louise Maloney, Commerce; Jackson; Delta Gamma. • Priscilla B. Martiniere, L. A.; Biloxi; Delta Delta Delta. • Troy L. Mashburn, Jackson; Sigma Chi. • Jerry Gordon Mason, L. A.; Meridian; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • Mary Nelle Massey, Education; Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Dan Robbins Mathews, Commerce; Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Rodney Anthony Mattina, Commerce; Biloxi. • Catherine Maxey, L. A.; Brandon; Delta • Clyde E. Maxwell, Jr., Pharmacy; Fifth Row: • James W. Maxwell, L. A.; Ruleville. • Lynn May, Education; Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Mary Sue May, L. A.; Biloxi; Delta Delta Delta. • James Ivan Mayer, Commerce; Helena, Ark. • Ralph Powell Mayfield, Engineering; Coldwater; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Bari Lynn McCaa, Commerce; Port Gibson; Delta Gamma. • Hal H. H. McClanahaw, III, L. A.; Columbus; Kappa Alpha. • Peggy McClure, Shreveport, La.; Pi Beta Phi. • Charles K. McCoy, Engineering; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sandra Jayne McCoy, Commerce; Pontotoc. Seventh Row: • Richard Charles McDavitt, Commerce; Aurora, Ill.; Sigma Nu. • Paul McDonald, Jr., Education; Arlington, Va. • Sandra Kay McElwee, L. A.; Haynesville, La. • John W. McGehee, Pharmacy; Columbia. • George S. McIngvale, Commerce; Hernando; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Eighth Row: • D. C. McInnis, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi. • Pat McInnis, Commerce; Collins; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Louise Rae McKinnon, L. A.; Gulfport; Phi Mu. • William T. McLarty, Engineering; • Maxine C. McLaurin, L. A.; Jackson; Chi Omega. Ninth Row: • Lenore Kimbrough McLean, L. A.; Greenwood; Chi Omega. • Laura Lynn McLemore, L. A.; Hazlehurst; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Carol Ann McMinn, Education; Batesville. • George K. McMullan, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • John Barton McMullan, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega. First Row: • Thomas Alan McRay, Commerce; Chicago, Ill.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Alfred Lamar Meador, Commerce; Gulfport; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Archie Gene Medley, L. A.; Nettleton. • John Lee Menz, Arlington, Texas; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Joe Metz, Commerce; Clearwater, Fla. Second Row: • Sara Jane Mieher, Education; Jackson; Pi Beta Phi. • Bonnie Bell Miles, L. A.; Grenada. • Jane Ethel Miller, L. A.; Atlanta, Ga.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John Roger Miller, Engineering; Enterprise. • Reveland Miller, Education; Amory. Third Row: • Richard Lamar Mills, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. • Samuel Cochran Mims, IV, Commerce; Itta Bena. • Charles Paul Mixon, Commerce; Valley. • Flo Cobb Mixon, L. A.; Lambert. • Arl Van Moore, Jr., Engineering; Pine Bluff, Ark.; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • Frank Thomas Moore, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • James Gary Moore, Commerce; • Sandra Elaine Moore, Education; Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • George T. Morgan, Pharmacy; Columbia. • Joe Glen Morgan, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. Fifth Row: • James Phillip Morris, Commerce; New Albany; Sigma Nu. • William Howard Morris, Commerce; Jackson; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • William Thomas Morris, Commerce; Amory; Sigma Chi. • Beatriz Victoria Moscoso, L. A.; Panama City, Panama. • Mary Rosaland Moser, Pharmacy; luka; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • Betty Crcech Moss, L. A.; Eau Gallie, Fla. • John Charles Moss, Engineering; Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • John T. Moss, Pharmacy; Laurel. • Veronica Mounger, Education; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • William Harris Mounger, Jr., Commerce; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • Patsy Anne Mullin, L. A.; Greenwood; Chi • Wendell Phillip Mullins, Engineering; Delta Psi. • Patricia Munn, Education; Leland; Kappa Delta. • Betsy Murphey, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • Mimi Murphree, Education; Shelby; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • Barbara Kay Murphy, L. A.; University. • Louise Murphy, L. A.; Coldwater; Kappa Delta. • Marilyn Dortch Murphy, Education; University. • Jonathon M. Nash, Engineering; N. Rock, Ark.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Ellis M. Nassour, Commerce; Vicksburg. Ninth Row: • Bonnie Beth Needham, L. A.; F t. Worth, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Margaret S. Neeley, Education; New Albany; Delta Gamma. • Gan Nelson, L. A.; Greenwood; Chi Omega. • Judith Ann Nelson, L. A.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chi Omega. • Jerry E. Newell, Education; Meridian. First Row: • Carolyn Puryear Newman, Education; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • James C. Newman, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. • Munson Cole Neyland, Commerce; jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Martha H. Nichols, L. A.; Swiftown; Chi Omega. • Brent R. Nickle, Commerce; Batesville; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • Jerry Ruth Nix, L. A.; Pontotoc. • Ed Davis Noble, Commerce; Fayette; Kappa Alpha. • Nancy Ann Norris, L. A.; Houston, Texas; Phi Mu. • Eleanor E. Nunnery, L. A.; Arcola; Phi Mu. • James Morris Odaniel, Commerce; Coldwater. Third Row: • Honey Odom, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Delta Delta Delta. • Joe H. Odom, Jr., L. A.; Kosciusko. • Johnney L. Odom, Pharmacy; Ellisville. • Patricia Dale Odom, Education; Batesville. • Jerry Leon Oglesby, L. A.; Stewart. Fourth Row: • Jeanine Ogletree, Education; Ellisville; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Gaylord Conrad Olson, Engineering; Clarksciale, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • E. Lanny L. A.; Baldwyn. • Clyde Wilkerson, Owen, Jr., Commerce; Covington, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Mary Evelyn Owen, L. A.; Pontotoc. Fifth Row: • Robert M. Owen, Commerce; Pine Bluff, Ark.; Kappa Alpha. • Mary Lou Pace, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Ann Faulkner Paine, Education; Humboldt, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • Elmer Carl Palm, Engineering; Monongahela, Pa. • Robert Thomas Palma, L. A.; Newark, N. J.; Phi Kappa Theta. Sixth Row: • Walter H. Palmer, L. A.; Meridian; Phi Kappa Psi. • Robert Nelson Pannell, Commerce; Tupelo; Delta Psi. • Jimmy Royce Parkerson, L. A.; Sigma Chi. • Mary Kay Parker, Education; New Albany. • Bob King Parks, Pharmacy; Philadelphia; Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: • Richard Wayne Parsons, L. A.; Hattiesburg, • Charlann Paschall, L. A.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Patrick J. Pasco, L. A.; Newark, N.J.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Shantilal C. Patel, Avidha, India. • Aubrey B. Patterson, Jr., Commerce; Oxford; Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: • Phillip Lane Patterson, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mary Caroline Patton, Florence, Ala.; Kappa Delta. • John C. Patty, L. A.; Long Beach, Calif. • Gilbert Bruce Payne, Commerce; Olive Branch; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Ann Pearson, Education; Tyronza, Ark. Ninth Row: • Patricia Ann Pehl, L. A.; Greenville; Kappa Delta. • Doyle L. Pennington, Commerce; Tupelo. • Pennelope Celeste Pepple, L. A.; Cleveland. • E. Perkins, Commerce; Middletown, Ohio; elta Kappa Epsilon. • Richie E. Perkins, Commerce; Moss Point; Sigma Nu. First Row: : • Maurice Charles Perlstein, Commerce; Chicago, Ill.; Phi Epsilon Pi • F. Edwin Perry, L. A.; • Mary Dianne Perry, L. A.; Corinth; Phi Mu. • George D. Person, L. A.; Water Valley. • William F. Phinney, Commerce; Hampton, Va. Second Row: • Ruby Marmon Phyfer, Education; New Albany; Delta Delta Delta. • Mary Anne Pike, Education; Water Valley. • James T. Pinkerton, L. A.; Bucatunna. • Lee Polizzi, Commerce; Amory. • Margaret F. Pollard, L. A.; Lexington, Va. Third Row: • Anthony Pongett, Commerce; Shelby. • Robert B. Pool, Education; Hernando. • Joe John Portera, L. A.; West Point. • June Annette Powell, L. A.; Independence. • Deloris Adell Prevost, L. A.; Boyle; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • john David Price, Commerce; Booneville. • Wanda J. Price, L. A.; Amory; Alpha Delta Pi. • William Arnold Pyle, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Theta Pi. • Martha Ellen Quinn, L. A.; Henderson, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John Paul Quon, Commerce; Moorhead. Fifth Row: • Lucy L. Radcliff, L. A.; Mobile, Ala.; Chi Omega. • Nancy Radcliffe, Education; Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Paula Banks Rainey, Columbia, Tenn. • Thomas A. Randle, L. A.; University. • Elizabeth May Rankin, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • James Roy Ratliff, Engineering; Louisville, Ky.; Kappa Sigma. • Patricia E. Ray, Education; Ala.; Delta Gamma. • Penny Ray, L. A.; Grenada; Pi Beta Phi. • Thomas B. Ray, Altanta, Ga.; Kappa Alpha. • Merrilyn K. Rea, L. A.; Meridian; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Charles Edwin Reaves, L. A.; Meridian. • Beth Jean Rebelsky, L. A.; Moville, Iowa. • Margaret R. Reed, L. A.; Jackson, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • Robert R. Regalbuto, Commerce; Oxford. • Vicki Reid, Commerce; Oxford. Eighth Row: • Newt Rowan Reynolds, Commerce; Charleston, S. C.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Jo Thomas I. Rice, Commerce; Summer; Sigma Chi. • Joan Kay Commerce; Steele, Mo. • Bunny Rimmer, L. A.; Wiggins. • Stephen Wales Rimmer, Commerce; Madison; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • Carey G. Rivenbark, L. A.; New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. • Joseph M. Roberts, Engineering; Nashville, Tenn.; Kappa Sigma. • Pama Lou Roberts, L. A.; Oxford. • Phillip Ernest Roberts, Commerce; Amory. • Thomas Glover Roberts, Commerce; Gulfport. First Row: • Hubert Cecil Robertson, Pharmacy, Perkinston. • Lucie Patton Robertson, L. A.; Greenville; Kappa Delta. • Beverly Gwen Robinson, L. A.; Stuttgart, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Albert L. Rogero, Jr., Clearwater, Fla.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Ann Spencer Rogers, L. A.; New Albany; Chi Omega. Second Row: • Herbert G. Rogers, III, Commerce; New Albany; Phi Delta Theta. • Larry Thomas Rogers, L. A.; Savannah, Tenn.; Sigma Pi. • Allan Semmes Ross, Jr., Commerce; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sylvia Patterson Ross, Education; Clarksdale. • Marilyn Joyce Rousseau, Commerce; Tupelo. Third Row: • Roberta Kay Rowland, Pharmacy; Baldwyn. • Burlson G. Ruffin, Pharmacy; Laurel. • Marcus Leroy Rush, III, L. A.; Meridian. • Richard H. Russell, Pharmacy; Pontotoc. • Robert Larry Commerce; Pontotoc. Fourth Row: • Sara Frances Russell, L. A.; Paducah, Ky.; Delta Gamma. • Joe N. Salloum, Commerce; Gulfport; Phi Delta Theta. • Camille Sanders, L. A.; Lepanto, Ark. • Fred Louis Sanders, L. A.; Potts Camp. • Mary L. Sanders, Education; Oxford. Fifth Row: • Thomas Douglas Sartor, Commerce; Oxford. • Glenn James Saucier, Pharmacy; Biloxi. • Larry Jay Sauls, L. A.; Tylertown. • Nancy Kathryn Schilling, L. A.; Zachary, La. • John Craig Commerce; St. Louis, Mo. Sixth Row: • William Milton Schroeder, Commerce; Ala. • Betty May Scott, Education; Houston. • Joanne Shaddock, Education; Rosedale; Chi Omega. • Mary Taylor Shaw, L. A.; Oxford. • Anson H. Sheldon, Jr., Commerce; Avon; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • William Millard Shoemaker, L. A.; Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • J. Mike Showah, Engineering; Hollandale; Pi Kappa Alpha. • H. Suezann Shults, Education; McComb; Phi Mu. • W. King Shurtleff, Commerce; Greenwood; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Bell N. Simrall, III, Commerce; Redwood; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Linda Louise Singer, L. A.; Clearwater, Fla. ° Betty Gail Skinner, Education; Oxford. • Eleanor Wynn Skipper, Education; Columbia; Delta Delta Delta. • Nancy Louise Sklar, L. A.; Drew; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Logan Allen Slaughter, L.A.; Little Rock, Ark.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • James Harold Sledge, Commerce; Cleveland. • Harold Andrew Sloas, Pharmacy; New Madrid, Mo.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Ben Barrett Smith, Water Valley; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Emmitt D. Smith, Commerce; Magee. • Hugh Virden Smith, Law; University. First Row: • James Frank Smith, Commerce; Batesville. • Larry Gilbert Smith, Commerce; McComb; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Martha M. Smith, L. A.; Laurel. • Ralph Gay Smith, Education; Greenwood; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Suzanne Michau Smith, L. A.; Tampa, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • Tom Smith, Commerce; Oxford; Alpha Tau Omega. • Larry W. Smitherman, L. A.; Montwalle, Ala. • Vinda Alice Spain, Education; Grenada; Kappa Delta. • Glynda Larue Speck, L. A.; Blue Springs. • Alfred Martin Speed, Pharmacy; Ocean Springs. Third Row: • Carl D. Spencer, Commerce; Vardaman. • Joe Liston Speed, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Margaret Ray Spiars, Education; Greenville; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Nancy Anne Spraberry, Commerce; Oxford. • Archie Pa trick Sprabery, L. A.; Fulton. Fourth Row: • Sally Marie Springer, Education; Birmingham, Ala. • Jane Patterson Steele, Education; Lexington, Ky.; Pi Beta Phi. • Katie E. Steele, Education; Holcomb. • Marilyn Dale Stephens, L. A.; Oxford. • Ronald H. Stephenson, Pharmacy; Columbia. Fifth Row: • Carol R. Stevens, Education; Tutwiler; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • I. Dudley Stewart, L. A.; Fayette; Kappa Alpha. • Milinda Rivers Stewart, Gulfport; Delta Delta Delta. • David Lee Stockton, Engineering; Rockville, Mo. • Charles W. Strahan, Pharmacy; Picayune. Sixth Row: • John Edward Strange, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Patricia C. Strawbridge, L. A.; Pontotoc. • Charlene Strickland, Education; Memphis, Tenn. • James Franklin Stuart, Hattiesburg. • Dorothy Jane Sturdivant, L. A.; Minter City. Seventh Row: • John C. Snares, L. A.; Greenville; Phi Delta Theta. • Minor Cobb Sumners, Commerce; • Hiram Casscdy Sumrall, L. A.; Coral Gables, Fla.; Phi Delta Theta. • Marquerit M. Sutherlin, Commerce; Heidelberg. • Larry Eston Sutton, Engineering; Bruce. Eighth Row: • Carole Lee Tackett, L. A.; Tupelo. • Hardin M. Tate, Jr., L. A.; Booneville; Sigma Nu. • Caroline Lindsey Taylor, L. A.; Manchester, Ga.; Chi Omega. • Jane Elizabeth Taylor, Education; D.C.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Linda Dell Taylor, Education; Hazlehurst; Phi Mu. Ninth Row: • Marilyn Lewis Taylor, Education; Pope. • Michael Byron Taylor, Commerce; Oxford; Alpha Tau Omega. • John H. Thames, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • James C. Thaxton, Education; Greenwood; Sigma Chi. • Richard William Thielker, L. A.; Wantagh, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Psi. First Row: • David Dee Thomas, Commerce; Duck Hill; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Ernest George Thomas, Commerce; Vicksburg; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James Wooten Thomas, L. A.; Oxford. • Nancy Jean Thomas, Education; Jackson; Phi Mu. • Elizabeth Claire Thompson, Commerce; Millington, Tenn. Second Row: • Robert Dee Thompson, L. A.; Minden, La. • Thomas L. Thompson, Pharmacy; Richmond, Va. • N. Harriett Tinsley, L. A.; Russellville, Ala. • John G. Todd, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • Anne Justin Touart, Education; University. Third Row: • Gail Elaine Trammell, Education; Kokomo, Ind. • Homer Conrad Trammell, Commerce; Laurel. • Frederick F. Travis, L. A.; McComb; Phi Delta Theta. • Faytema Jane Treloar, Education; Water Valley. • John Joseph Trcuting, Pharmacy; Biloxi. Fourth Row: • Harley A. Tripp, Engineering; Oxford. • Clyde Tubb, Education; Amory. • Bertram Rivers Turner, Pharmacy; Clarksdale. • Claire Blount Underwood, Pharmacy; Scott AFB, Ill. • Claude F. Varner, Jr., L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • Cynthia Yandell Vaughn, L. A.; Yazoo City; Delta Delta Delta. • Jane Vaughn, L. A.; Canton; Delta Delta Delta. • Vivian E. Veazey, Education; Coldwater. • Robert Barry Vickery, Commerce; Houston; Sigma Chi. • Lucian R. Wallington, L. A.; Belzoni; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • Edward Wagner, Engineering; Deerpark, N.Y. • Mary Katherine Wait, Commerce Oxford. • Carol Waits, Education; Leland; Phi Mu. • Billy Y. Walker, Commerce; Dyersburg, Tenn.; Sigma Nu. • Carole Elizabeth Walker, Commerce; Seventh Row: • Fred H. Walker, Law; Oxford. • Harriet June Walker, Education; Independence. • William Henry Wardlaw, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Sigma. • William Pollock Warfield, L. A.; Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta. • Freddy Layne Washington, L. A.; Marmaduke, Ark. Eighth Row: • Jane Ann Watson, L. A.; Chicago, Ill. • Charles H. Weathersby, Jr., L. A.; McComb; Beta Theta Pi. • Elliott Webber, Jr., L. A.; Houston. • John F. Weeden, Education; New Albany. • David Morelle Wells, L. A.; Crystal Springs; Sigma Chi. Ninth Row: • Robert L. Wells, Pharmacy, Drew. • William Harold Wells, Pharmacy; Laurel. • Sandra Elaine West, L. A.; Walnut. • Linda Gail Westmoreland, L. A.; Houlka. • Linda White, Education; Barnsdall, Okla.; Zeta Tau Alpha. First Row: • Rayburn S. Whitener, Education; Hayti, Mo.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • James L. Whitten, Jr., L. A.; Columbus; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jesse C. Whittie, Jr., Commerce; Tunica; Kappa Sigma. • Lois Harriette Wicks, L. A.; Alligator; Pi Beta Phi. Second Row: • Harriet Shafor Widmer, L. A.; Dayton, Ohio; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Don Charles Wiley, Jr., Commerce; Lafayette, La. • Joseph T. Wilkins, III, Commerce; New Albany; Sigma Chi. • Edwin N. Williams, L. A.; Hornersville, Mo. Third Row: • Kate Eason Williams, L. A.; Benoit; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Kitty Williams, Education; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Mu. • Larry Joe Williams, Commerce; New Albany. • Leon W. Williams, Pharmacy; Newton. Fourth Row: • William A. Williams, III, Commerce; McComb; Phi Delta Theta. • James Ed Willoughby, L. A.; Meridian; Kappa Sigma. • David Thomas Wilson, L. A.; Louisville; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Meredith Wilson, Education; Sardis; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • Joseph Edmund Winston, L. A.; Arlington, Va.; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. • Claude ff. Wood, Commerce; Greenwood. ° Barbara Louise Woodruff, L. A.; Westfield, N.J. • Jerry Dean Worsham, Education; Horn Lake. Sixth Row: • Nancy Lee Wroten, Commerce; New Orleans, La.; Delta Gamma. • Mary Lynn Yarbrough, L. A.; Shreveport, La.; Delta Delta Delta. • Beverly Sue Young; L. A.; Ellisville; Kappa Delta. • Kenneth Neal Young, Engineering; Batesville. First Row: • Gerald Lynn Abraham, L. A.; Greenville; Kappa Alpha. • Phyllis Louise Acree, Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • Polly Addkeson, Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Gordon G. Aden, L. A.; Indianola. • Howard Smith Ainsworth, L. A.; Terre Haute, Ind. Second Row: • Lyman D. Aldrich, Education; Washington; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Martha Jean Aldridge, L. A.; Hattiesburg. • Herbert R. Alexander, Jr., L. A.; Metairie, La.; Kappa Sigma. • Viruce Ruth Alexander, L. A.; Roling Fork; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jane E. Allen, Education; Winona; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: • June Marie Allen, L. A.; Meridian. • Patricia Nell Allen, Education; Senatobia; Delta Gamma. • Christian A. Alenburger, L. A.; Gulfport; Phi Kappa Psi. • Richard M. Almond, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. • Charles M. Anderson, ; Oxford. Fourth Row: • Randy Anderton, Education; Cowan, Tenn.; Phi Mu. • William L. Anthony, Commerce; Greenville; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Anne Finlay Archer, L. A.; Greenville; Chi Omega. • Carol Claudette Ashley, L. A.; Honea Path, S.C.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Martha Jane Austin, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: • Betty Carol Bailey, Pharmacy; Lexington, Tenn. • Julia Elizabeth Bailey, L. A.; Natchez, Kappa Delta. • Patricia Ann Baker, L. A.; Pascagoula; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sherry Lynn Baker, L. A.; Pontotoc. • William Ernest Baker, Commerce; Indianola; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • Walter Edward Balcer, McComb; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Elizabeth Ann Ballard, L. A.; Tupelo; Alpha Delta Pi. • Brenda Elizabeth Barbee, Commerce; Hernando; Alpha Delta Pi. • Forrest H. Barber, Engineering; Baldwyn. • Genevieve McBee Barbour, L. A.; Yazoo City; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Varis Barenis, Commerce; Greenville. • James Love Barksdale, Commerce; Jackson; Sigma Chi. • John Ward Barnes, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Chi. • James Robert Barr, L. A.; Akron, Ind. • William R. Bedingfield, L. A.; Pontotoc. Eighth Row: • Carol Jeanne Beguette, L. A.; West Point; Delta Gamma. • Hudson Ford Bell, Commerce; Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta. • Julia Parker Bell, L. A.; Alexandria, Va.; Chi Omega. • Marshal Goodloe Bennett, L. A.; Tchula; Sigma Chi. • Robert Lester Berg, L. A.; Massapequa, N.Y. Ninth Row: • Melaine P. Bernard, Education; Lakewood, Ohio; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Donna Ann Berry, Education; Picayune. • Suzanne Marie Bettencourt , Education; Waco, Texas. • Jane J. Bigger, L. A.; Marion, Ark.; Delta Delta Delta. • David Michael Biggs, L. A.; Murrayville, Ill.; Phi Kappa Psi. First Row: • John Rik Billing, Commerce; Wauwatosa, Wis. • James 0. Bishop, L. A.; West Point; Sigma Nu. • Jerry Holmes Blount, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Wiliam Joe Boggan, L. A.; • James D. Bomboy, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • Charles Sidney Boren, Engineering; Marietta. • Robert B. Boswell, Commerce; Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega. • James Randolph Bounds, L. A.; Water Valley. • John Wade Bounds, L. A.; Oxford; Sigma Nu. • Graham G. Boyd, L. A.; Yazoo City; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • Sara Knox Bramlette, L. A.; Woodville; Delta Gamma. • Andrew Gainey Branscome, L. A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Margaret Ann Bridges, L. A.; Belzoni. • Gloria Claire Bright, Education; Pascagoula. • Howard Lynn Britton, Pharmacy; Laurel. Fourth Row: • Wiliam W. Brittingham, L. A.; Lewes, Del.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Sandra A. Brocato, Commerce; • Richard Wiliam Brock, L. A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jean Louise Brockman, Education; Jackson; Chi Omega. • Ronny D. Brooks, Pharmacy; Magee; Kappa Sigma. Fifth Row: • Amanda Brown, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Gamma. • Jim Herb Brown, Engineering; Popular Bluff, Mo. • Milton D. Brown, Commerce; Kansas City, Mo.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Cindy Kaye Browning, L. A.; Pontotoc; Delta Gamma. • Frank A. Bruce, L. A.; Iuka; Phi Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • Michael Brucker, L. A.; Greenwood; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Peggy Jane Brumfield, Education; Shreveport, La. • Richard C. Bryan, Jr., L. A.; Belzoni; Sigma Chi. • George Sumner Buck, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • P. Rayburn Buntin, Commerce; Oakland. Seventh Row: • Don A. Burleson, Commerce; Pt. Allegany, Pa. • Sara Louise Butler, L. A.; Jonestown; Chi Omega. • Charles R. Butterfield, L. A.; Pascagoula. • Betty Seward Buzard, L. A.; Moss Point; Chi Omega. • Peggy Bynum, Pharmacy; Dermott, Ark.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: • Richard Victor Calvasina, Commerce; Del. • David Hardin Campbell, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Barbara Ann Cannon, Commerce; Monroe, La.; Delta Delta Delta. • Glenda Carroll Canterbury, L. A.; Jackson. • Mark Steven Carley, Engineering; Hattiesburg. Ninth Row: • James R. Carnahan, L. A.; Clarksdale; Alpha Tau Omega. • Barbara Ann Carr, L. A.; Louin. • Rebecca Ann Carson, Commerce; Halls, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Michael H. Carter, Jr., L. A.; Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta. • Ann Dow Caruthers, Commerce; Greenwood; Kappa Delta. First Row: • Linda Massey Case, L. A.; Brookhaven; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Libby Cash, Jr., Education; Memphis, Tenn. • Nelson R. Cauthen, L. A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Rebecca B. Center, L. A.; Clearwater, Fla. • Martha Ann Chadwick, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Joan Chapman, L. A.; Rogers, Ark.; Alpha Pi. • Prentiess L. Charles, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Chi. • John Cecil Chevis, Jr., Engineering; Bay St. Louis. • Clarence Church, Commerce; Weirton, W. Va. • Wayne Durward Church, Monson, Mass. Third Row: • Claudia Ann Clark, Commerce; Jackson; Chi Omega. • Ruby K. Clegg, L. A.; University; Phi Mu. • Janie Lyn Clinton, L. A.; Dallas, Texas; Delta Delta Delta. • Russell Victor Cobb, Clinton, Okla. A.F.B.; Alpha Tau Omega. • James Virgil Coggin, Jr., Commerce; Corinth; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • Harold S. Cohen, Commerce; Clarksdale; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Charles Rex Cole, L. A.; Monticello, Ark. • Robert Lane Coley, Commerce; W. Palm Beach, Fla. • Carol Ann Conklin, Education; Miami, Fla. • Diane Conner, L. A.; Ripley, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: • Lynn Allen Cook, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • John Gordon Corlew, L. A.; Pascagoula; Sigma Nu. • Arlin Cossar, L. A.; Leland. • Eugene Ray Coulson, L.A.; Oxford. • Nancy Carolyn Coursey, L. A.; Raleigh; Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: • Mary Claire Cox, Education; West Point; Alpha Omicron Pi. • David E. Crawley, III, Commerce; Kosciusko; Phi Kappa Psi. • Thomas Eugene Cribbs, L. A.; Sumner; Sigma Chi. • Virginia Perry Crider, Commerce; Jackson. • Theresa Lee Cromeans, L. A.; Belmont. Seventh Row: • Madelane Putnam Crull, L. A.; Winona; Delta Delta De lta. • Particia Crutchfield, L. A.; • Ann Shelby Cunningham, L. A.; Marks. • • Rome David Babbs, Commerce; Aberdeen. • Wiliam Moore Dalehite, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • Helen Elizabeth Daly, L. A.; Grenada. • Thomas Elliott Dame, Commerce; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Richard Browne Danks, L. A.; Jackson. • Kay Darr, Education; Seneca, Mo. • Howard Q. Davis, Jr., L. A.; Indianola; Alpha Tau Omega. Ninth Row: • Winston Robert Davis, L. A.; Jackson. • Linda Virginia Dean, Education; W. Memphis, Ark. • Micheal Roy Dean, L. A.; Winter Pk., Fla. • Patricia Kay Dekreek, Education; Desplaines, Ill.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Ligia P. Delgadillo, Commerce; Managua, Nicaragua. First Row: • Donald A. Deline, Commerce; Pascagoula; Sigma Nu. • Fred Kevin Delph, Engineering; Bay St. Louis. • Susan Elizabeth Devall, Commerce; Gulfport; Delta Gamma. • Herbert E. Dewees, L. A.; Meridian; Kappa Alpha. • Hal Conn Jr., L. A.; Metairie, La. Second Row: • John Evan Doggett, Engineering; Tupelo; Sigma Chi. • Jane Evlyn Dollahite, L. A.; Lake Kappa Delta. • Carlos Ray Dollar, Magee. • Joan Elaine Downer, Education; Oxford; Delta Delta Delta. • Dale Lee Duckworth, Commerce; Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • Penny Corine Dunaway, L. A.; McComb; Kappa Delta. • Georgia Kay Dunlap, L. A.; Oxford. • Harold E. Dunn, L. A.; Ocean Springs. • Linda Ann Eib, Education; Chester, Va.; Pi Beta Phi. • Barbara Ann Elder, Commerce; Moss Point. Fourth Row: • Charles M. Elliott, L. A.; Norristown, Pa. • Ralph Francis Ellis, Commerce; Norristown, Pa. • Donna Ruth Else, L. A.; Yazoo City; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Jean Gay Enchelmayer, Education; Ill. • Herman Donald Estes, Commerce; Natchez. Fifth Row: • Mary Elizabeth Etheridge, Commerce; Greenville; Kappa Delta. • Gay Etter, Commerce; Fort Worth, Texas. • Benjamin Johnson Everett, L. A.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Mary Christean Faulk, Education; Fort Worth, Texas. • Diane Mayes Fedric, L. A.; Grenada. Sixth Row: • Sara Anne Feemster, L. A.; Tupelo; Delta Gamma. • Mary Ann Ferris, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Joseph Paul Fillare, Commerce; Allendale, N.J. • George Shea Flinn, Jr., Engineering; Tenn.; Sigma Nu. • Carroll L. Flowers, Meadvile; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • Tom Sledge Floyd, Commerce; Como; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert M. Foose, L. A.; Tchula; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Claude Eugene Foote, L. A.; Iuka; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Marie Ford, L. A.; Pascagoula; Delta Gamma. • Lee Pryor Foster, L. A.; Columbus; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • Melinda Catherine Foster, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Becky Ann Fowler, Commerce; Jackson; Delta Gamma. • James L. Frank, Education; Flint, Mich.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Sara Blanche Franklin, Pharmacy; Union. • Dan L. Frazer, Education; Alexandria, Va.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ninth Row: • Nancy A. Fredrickson, Commerce; Sardis; Delta Gamma. • Carolyn Smith Freeny, L. A.; Carthage. • Douglas Scott Friend, Commerce; Peoria, Ill.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Bonnie Kay Furnas, L. A.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Sarah Eva Furr, Education; Pontotoc; Delta Delta Delta. • Elizabeth Gail Fuson, L. A.; New Orleans, La. • William Gerald Gaia, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Benji Mac Gaines, L. A.; Iuka; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Judith Lee Gardner, L. A.; Jackson. • Louise M. Gardner, Commerce; Senatobia; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Nola Kaye Gardner, Commerce; Oxford. • Gynelle Garrett, Commerce; Grenada. • Gayle Louise Garth, Education; Jackson; Delta Gamma. • John Wesley Gary, III, Commerce; Eupora; Sigma Chi. • Henry Martin Gastrell, Engineering; Vicksburg; Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: • Sebele Kyle Gates, L. A.; Natchez. • Ruth Ann Gean, L. A.; Oxford. • Charles W. Geiselman, Jr., Pharmacy; Greenwood. • George S. Gennin, L. A.; Tylertown. • Jo Guyton Gerrard, Education; Marks. Fourth Row: • Sybil Pettus Gibbons, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • Carol K. Giffen, Education; Clarksdale; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Allen Giles, L. A.; Jackson. • George Y. Gillespie, III, L. A.; Greenwood; Delta Psi. • William Shelton Gillis, L. A.; Batesville; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • Janet E. Gould, L. A.; Holy Springs. • M. Susan Goza, L. A.; Rosedale; Chi Omega. • David Lawrence Grant, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Larry Lloyd Grantham, Commerce; Grenada; Alpha Tau Omega. • Stephanie Jo Gratz, L. A.; Oxford; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • Jerry Thomas Graves, Engineering; McCrory, Ark. • Martha Lynn Gray, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • Nancy Jane Gray, L. A.; Bay St. Louis; Chi Omega. Flloyd A. Groves, L. A.: Kelseyville, Calif.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • James M. Gullett, Commerce; Elizabethtown, Ill. Seventh Row: • William Carl Gunn, L. A.; Marianna, Fla.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • John M. Guttery, L. A.; Tenn.; Sigma Nu. • David Lee Guyton, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Chi. • Carolyn Anne Hadley, Rutherford, Tenn. • Dolores Dross Haig. L. A.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: • Andy Hailey, Commerce; Crowder. • Joe Halley, Commerce; Selmer, Tenn.; Kappa Sigma. • Suzanne Haley, L. A.; Columbus; Delta Delta Delta. • Donald George Hall, L. A.; Buffalo, N.Y. • Robert Ham, L. A.; University. Ninth Row: • Bob Hamill, Commerce; Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Nancy Marie Hanna, L. A.; Victoria, Texas. • Harriet Loyd Harper, L. A.; Batesville; Kappa Delta. • Randall D. Harper, Commerce; Caruthersville, Mo. • Griffin H. Harrell, Memphis, Tenn. First Row: • Jan Harris, Education; Vicksburg; Kappa Delta. • Marilyn Frances Harris, L. A.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Delta Gamma. • Phillip Gerald Harris, Commerce; Bentonia. • Wayne Stanley Harris, Commerce; Clarksdale. • Robert Lynn Harrison, Education; Florence. • William A. Hart, L. A.; Wauwatosa, Wis.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Roseann E. Harwood, Education; Gulfport; Kappa Delta. • Donna J. Hathcote, Commerce; Amory; Phi Mu. • Robert E. Hauberg, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Sandra Ann Hawk, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • Wallace E. Heggie, Commerce; Batesville; Sigma Nu. • James B. Heidel, L. A.; Yazoo City. • Carolyn Jane Henderson, L. A.; Mer Rouge, La.; Phi Mu. • David Berch Henry, Pharmacy; Gulfport; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Durwood D. Herbert, Pharmacy; North Carrollton; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Taras John Herbowy, Education; Utica, N.Y. Anthony J. Herrera, L. A.; Wiggins; Sigma Chi. • John Charles Herring, Engineering; Jackson. • Kathrin Healy Hester, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Billy John Hill, L. A.; Pensacola, Fla. Fifth Row: • Helen K. Hill, Education; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Raymond Carl Hill, Commerce; West Helena, Ark. • Arnold Himelstein, Moorhead; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Lawrence Lee Hinman, L. A.; Gulfport. • Donald E. Hinton, L. A.; Pascagoula; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • Elbert C. Hodge, Jr., Commerce; Birmingham, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta. • John W. Hodge, Jr., Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Wilson Eugene Hodge, Commerce; Laurel. • Michael F. Hodgson, Commerce; Picayune; Sigma Nu. • Charles Howard Holcomb, Comme rce; Oxford. Seventh Row: • Jeff Hollingsworth, L. A.; Meridian; Phi Delta Theta. • Marion David Holman, Engineering; • John Franklin Holmes, Commerce; Tunica; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Miller P. Holmes, Jr., Commerce; Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Norman Richard Holstein, Education; Miami, Fla. Eighth Row: • George Hardin Homich, Commerce; Tinker A.F.B., Okla.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Frank Ellis Hood, Commerce; Clinton; Pi Kappa Alpha. • William C. Hopper, Jr., L.A.; Horn Lake; Phi Kappa Psi. • Michael All Horne, L. A.; Gulfport; Phi Delta Theta. • Edward Joseph Horvath, L. A.; Columbus; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • Carroll Walker Hudson, L. A.; Columbus. • Charlie A. Hudson, Commerce; Hopkinsville, Ky. • Hannis Herndon Hudson, Commerce; • Paula G. Hudson, L. A.; Hosstow, La.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Stephanie Jean Hudson, Education; Memphis, Tenn. First Row: • Daniel Clyde Hughes, Commerce; Macon; Sigma Chi. • Elizabeth Anne Hulsey, L. A.; N. Syracuse, N.Y. • Jessie Yancey Humphreys, L. A.; Marianna, Ark.; Delta Gamma. • Sandra Gayle Humphreys, L. A.; Pacagoula. • Leslie B. Hunter, L. A.; Grenada. Second Row: • Jesse K. Hurdle, Commerce; Holly Springs; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Winn Varnom Hutchcraft, Paris, Ky. • T homas H. Idema, Commerce; Battle Creek, Mich. • Nancy Ingle, Education; Columbia, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Linda D. Ingrassia, L. A.; Mississippi City; Alpha Omicron Pi. Third Row: • Michael Lundie Inmon, Engineering; Oxford. • Frank M. Irby, L. A.; Vicksburg; Sigma Nu. • Conrad John Jaburg, L. A.; W. Palm Beach, Fla. • Jimmy Smith Jackson, Pharmacy; Canton; Kappa Sigma. • Martha Ann Jackson, Education; Oxford. Fourth Row: • Mildred Ann James, Education; Natchez; Phi Mu. • Herbert M. Jameson, Commerce; Ind.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Billy G. Janous, Education; Belzoni. • Bruce C. Jayne, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega. • Dorothy Louise Jenkins, L. A.; Oxford. Fifth Row: • Harold C. Jennings, L. A.; Tutwiler; Sigma Chi. • Claudia Dit Johnson, L. A.; Grenada; Chi Omega. • Donald Gene Johnson, L. A.; Gulfport; Alpha Tau Omega. • james H. Johnson, Laurel; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Lon C. Johnson, L. A.; Canton; Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: • Margaret Johnson, Education; Greenwood. • Mary Deshazo Johnson, L. A.; Oxford; Delta Delta Delta. • Roger Carl Johnson, Engineering; Tenn.; Sigma Nu. • Russell A. Johnson, L. A.; Tampa, Fla. • Sara Ann Johnson, Education; Water Valley. Seventh Row: • Dorothy Duncan Jones, L. A.; Inverness; Delta Delta Delta. • Fredric E. Jones, Pharmacy; • John N. Jones, L. A.; Tupelo. • Mary Launa Jones, Education; Clarksdale; Chi Omega. • Sarah Sudbeck Jones, L. A.; Lexington. Eighth Row: • Henry Hunter Jordan, Jr., Commerce; • George FL Jue, Pharmacy; Clarksdale. • James S. Kaigler, Commerce; Clarksdale. • John Newman Kamman, Jr., L. A.; Gibbstown, N.J.; Sigma Pi. • Kay Lynne Karsten, Education; Kennett, Mo.; Delta Gamma. Ninth Row: • Jerry Pepper Keenan, Commerce; Rolla, Mo.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sandra Rae Keifer, L. A.; Montgomery, Ala. • Mendal Gene Kemp, Education; Carthage; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Martin A. Kilpatrick, L. A.; Hollandale; Alpha Tau Omega. • Robert P. Kincade, Jr., L. A.; Clarksdale; Sigma Chi. First Row: • Ben E. Kitchens, L. A.; Iuka. • Carmen Susan Klotz, L. A.; McComb; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John Douglas Koehler, Education; Cocoa Beach, Fla. • William C. Kormeier, Commerce; Austin, Texas; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Marianne Laberge, L. A.; Laurel; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Jack Brooks Lacy, L. A.; Canton. • Claude Ladner, Engineering; Gulfport; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Becky Lane, L. A.; Wiggins; Delta Gamma. • Willard Odas Lape, Commerce; Owensboro, Ky.; Sigma Nu. • Jean F. Larroux, L. A.; Bay St. Louis; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • Rosemary Latimer, L. A.; Okalona; Kappa • Andy Paul Lawhon, Commerce; Tupelo; Nu. • Pamela Ann Leach, Commerce; Du Quoin, Ill.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • A. J. Lee. Aberdeen. • Clement Lee, Engineering; Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fourth Row: • Dicki C. Lee, L. A.; Oxford; Delta Gamma. ° Robert E. Lee, Commerce; Laurel; Pi Kappa Alpha. o Treva Anne Leggett, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Betty Boyd Leonard, L. A.; Kosciusko; Delta Gamma. • Herman M. Lesley, Jr., Pharmacy; New Albany. Fifth Row: • Mason W. Lessley, Pharmacy; Woodville; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Garner Wallace Lester, L. A.; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Waite Edward Ligon, III, Commerce; Clarksdale; Delta Psi. • John Lile, L. A.; Amory. • Robbie L. Lindsey, L. A.; Laurel; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • Nancy Linkroum, L. A.; Coral Gables, Fla. • John Maxey Lippincott, L. A.; Grenada. • William Beck Lipscomb, Commerce; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Jamie Ray Little, Commerce; Jackson. • Marianna Littlejohn, Commerce; West Point; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • Brenda Leo Lokey, L. A.; Amarillo, Texas.; Kappa Gamma. • John Thomas Longino, Commerce; Jonestown; Phi Delta Theta. • Edna Green Lott, L. A.; Greenwood; Chi Omega. • Dell Love, L. A.; Florence. • john W. Lowery, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: o Dianne Luster, Education; Dyersburg, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. • Donald Francis McGavock, L. A.; Gulfport. • Bea Mackey, L. A.; Oxford; Kappa Delta. • James Barry Maddox, L. A.; Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta. • Amanda Harriet Malcolm, L. A.; Atlanta, Ga. Ninth Row: • James Elmore Mallette, Jr., L. A.; Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Mayme Faye Malouf, L. A.; Greenwood. • Stuart Lovell Manley, L. A.; La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Ruth Virginia Mann, Commerce; Belmont; Kappa Delta. • Renee Commerce; Greenville; Delta Delta Delta. First Row: • Dick Hall Marchbanks, Commerce; Oxford; Sigma Nu. • Linda Adele Marlin, Education; Dorsey. • Mary K. Marshall, L. A.; Bastrop, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Harriet Reid Martin, Education: St. Simons Is., Ga. • William Miley Martin, ; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • Sam J. Mavar, Commerce; Biloxi. • Patricia Jo Maxwell, L. A.; Caledonia. • Velia Ann Mayen, L. A.; Waynesboro; Phi Mu. • Robert L. Mays, L. A.; Ripley; Sigma Nu. • Bailey H. McBee, Commerce; Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: • Larry R. McCardle, L. A.; New Albany. • Edward McCollum, L. A.; Clinton; Alpha Tau Omega. • Linda Elizabeth McCormick, L. A.; Forest; Alpha Delta Pi. • Marguerite Olivia L. A.; Tutwiler. • Willette L. McCracken, Commerce; Hernando. Fourth Row: • Clarence A. McDaniel, L. A.; Mississippi City. • Judith Gail McDonald, Education; Metairie; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sally Weems McDonnell, Commerce; Hazlehurst; Kapp a Delta. • Marcia Ann McDuff, Hattiesburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Carolyn Ann McElwain, L. A.; Falkner; Delta Gamma. Fifth Row: • William T. McGlathery, III, Commerce; Mountain Brook, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta. • Virginia Fite McGugin, L. A.; Nashville, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta. • James Byrd McIntyre, Commerce; Va. • Corwin Lee McKay, Education; Ohio. • William S. McKeithen, II, Philadelphia. Sixth Row: • Dan Wilson McKinnon, L. A.; Ripley. • M. Gage McLendon, Education; Quitman; Chi Omega. • Thomas Darrell McNeese, Commerce; Sigma Chi. • Robert T. McRaney, L. A.; Picayune. • Michael T. McRee, Engineering; Greenville; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • Susan Jane Meason, L. A.; Kappa Delta. • Kachy L. Melikian, Commerce; Ind. Mass.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Floyd M. Jr., Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta. • N. George Metcalf, Commerce; Alexandria, Va. • John S. Metz, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Lattimore M. Michael, Commerce; Rosedale; Kappa Alpha. • Mike R. Michelbach, L. A.; Alexandria, Va. • James Alton Milam, Commerce; Charleston. • Anita Jo Miller, L. A.; Belzoni. ° Paul Oscar Miller, III, Commerce; Butler, Ala.; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • Sharron Lee Miller, L. A.; Rockville, Md. • Carl Theodore Millice, Commerce; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Audrey Lucille Mills, Commerce; Hagerstown, Md.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Gerald D. Mills, Commerce; Shreveport, La.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Ronald Albert Milner, A.; Dunmore, Pa. First Row: • T. Marvin Mims, Commerce; Greenwood. ° Bettye Mitchell, L. A.; Paragould, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Henry Raymond Mitchell, Commerce; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Sharon Inez Mitchell, Tupelo. • William Albert Mitchell, Hampton, S.C. Second Row: • Sidney Louise Mize, L. A.; Brookhaven; Kappa Delta. • John W. Mohler, III, Commerce; Peoria, Ill. • Thomas R. Montgomery, Pharmacy; Bruce: Sigma Chi. • Floyd E. Moore, Commerce; Pascagoula; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Jimmy Ryan Moore, L. A.; Pascagoula. Third Row: • John Roger Moore, L. A.; Holly Springs; Sigma Chi. • Patsy Moore, Commerce; Senatobia; Delta Delta Delta. • John Thomas Morris, L. A.; Phi Delta Theta. • Thomas J. Mullins, L. A.; Meadville. • Elizabeth Anne Munn, L. A.; Leland; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Buford Coleman Murphree, L. A.; Tunica. • Dennis H. Murphree, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Betsy A. Murphy, L. A.; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Delta. • Roberta Jean Murphy, L. A.; Dover, Del.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • William Ruie Murphy, L. A.; Henderson, Ky. Fifth Row: • James Lynn Murray, Pharmacy; Meadville. • Charles Edward Nabors, Graduate; Greenville. • Lura G. Nail, L. A.; Grenada. • Edward Louis Naro, L. A.; Fiskeville, R.I.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Christopher L. Neal, L. A.; Clarksdale; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • Edward Murray Neal, Commerce; Kosciusko. • George Rives Neblett, L. A.; Shelby; Phi Delta Theta. • James M. Nelson, Commerce; Pascagoula. • Michael Leroy Nelson, Commerce; Kosciusko; Sigma Chi. • Dorthy Nettles Nichols, L. A.; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • Ida K. Nix, Commerce; Sardis; Delta Gamma. • Catherine Adair Noah, Education; Kosciusko; Delta Gamma. • Lynne Diane Northup, Tinley Park, Ill. • Charles R. Nute, Shaw. • William Edwin Obrien, L. A.; Belzoni; Kappa Alpha. Eigh th Row: • David F. Oglesbee, L. A.; Pascagoula. • Curtis Wayne Oglesby, Commerce; Stewart. • John Olson, L. A.; Amory. • Judith Rochelle L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. • Janice Olita Owen, L. A.; Metairie, La. Ninth Row: • Massie Charles Pacchione, Commerce; Glenside, Pa. • Emory H. Palmer, Commerce; Dublin, Ga.; Kappa Sigma. • Lynda Jean Palmer, L. A.; Dermitt, Ark.; Phi Mu. • William J. Palmer, L. A.; Pascagoula; Sigma Pi. • Alan Mixon Parker, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Sigma Nu. First Row: • William Brock Parsons, Commerce; New La.; Kappa Alpha. • Dinesbhai C. Patel, Engineering; Broach, India. • Lucy Lee Payne, L. A.; Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta. • Shirley Virginia Payne, L. A.; Brandon; Delta Delta Delta. • Tina Pepper, L. A.; Grenada. Second Row: • Ronald Giles Peresich, Commerce; Biloxi. • Catherine Perpich, L. A.; N. Miami Beach, Fla. • Marsha Rosalyn Perry, Education; Grenada; Pi Beta Phi. • George W. Petering, L. A.; Lake Wales, Fla.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Dorothy Jean Petkovsek, L. A.; Natchez. Third Row: • Thomas J. Pettey, Commerce; Medirian. • John Phay, L. A.; University; Alpha Tau Omega. • Carol Jean Phillips, L. A.; Dayton, Ohio. • Cary Alton Phillips, Commerce; Vicksburg; Nu. • Lars Ole Phillips, Engineering; Bay St. Louis; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • Robert Lewis Phillips, L. A.; Newbern, Tenn.; Beta Theta Pi. • Marilyn Ann Piccatto, Education; Memphis, Tenn. • Guy Warren Pickle, Commerce; Amory. • Nancy Carroll Pierce, L. A.; Vicksburg; Delta Gamma. • Mary Evelyn Pittman, Commerce; Chatham. Fifth Row: • Phil G. Poovey, Jr. Engineering; Tie Plant; Alpha Tau Omega. • Judieth Evelyn Port, Monroe, La.; Phi Mu. • Martha Carol L. A.; Port Gibson; Delta Gamma. • Carolyn Posey, Commerce; Tupelo. • Philip Lamar Engineering; Meridian. Sixth Row: • Betty Ann Price, L. A.; Greenville, • James W. Price, Jr. L. A.; dxford; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Johnny W. Price, Commerce; Vicksburg. • Valarie Gail Prichard, L. A.; Meadville; Alpha Delta Pi. • Andrew E. Prince, L. A.; San Francisco, Calif.; Phi Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: • Belle Frances Privette, L. A.; Jackson. • Beverly S. Pugh, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Mu. • Hillrie M. Quin, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. • David F. Quinn, L. A.; Walnut. • Pat H. Commerce; darlisle, Ark.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Eighth Row: • Ronnie Earl Raney, Commerce; Charleston. • John P. Rankin, Engineering; Natchez. • Lynda Lee Raspberry, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Mary Aileen Ratc liff, Education; Liberty; Delta Gamma. • Starr Leland Ray, Education; Edgewater Park. Ninth Row: • George A. Rayner, L. A.; Gulfport. • Martha Rea, L. A.; Clinton; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Cecil Reed, L. A.; Leland; Phi Kappa Psi. • John Franklin Reed, Jr. Commerce; Fairfield, Conn. • William Ben Regan, L. A.; Magnolia; Alpha Tau Omega. First Row: • Dorothy Helen Rich, L. A.; Chatham. • Jerry Ann Riggs, L. A.; Carrollton; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Gerald Colley Rikard, Commerce; Olive Branch. • Charles B. Riter, Commerce; Providence, R.I.; Sigma Pi. • Betsy Roberts, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • Eugene Edwin Roberts, Education; Natchez. • Gayle Diane Roberts, L. A.; Natchez. • Gerald M. Robertson, L. A.; Hattiesburg. • John William Robertson, L. A.; Meridian; Phi Delta Theta. • Leroy Taylor Robertson, Commerce; Jackson. Third Row: • John Norman Robbins, L. A.; New Albany. • James C. Rochester, L. A.; Byhalia. • Howell Wade Rogers, L. A.; Lamar. • Tommy C. Rogers, Commerce; Laurel; Sigma Chi. • William Levi Rogers, L. A.; New Albany; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • Richard Lee Ross, Pharmacy; Woodland • C. Ross, Pharmacy; Houlka. • Scottye C. Commerce; Mendenhall. • Patricia Ann Rowland, Education; Gadsden, Ala. • Wesley B. Rozolsky, L. A.; Natchez; Phi Episilon Pi. Fifth Row: • Donald P. Russell, L. A.; Rantoul, Ill. • Evans Ryan, Commerce; Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi. • Linda Raye Sanderson, L. A.; Vardaman. • Elizabeth Ann Sartor, Education; Pachuta. Peggy Savage, L. A.; Oxford; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • Patricia D. Scarbrough, Education; Vardaman. • Charles Willard Schroeder, Commerce; New York, N.Y. • Francis A. Schurtz, Jr. L. A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Charles Albert Schwartz, Commerce; Greenville; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Mary Ann Scott, L. A.; Houston. Seventh Row: • James Paul Scrivener, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • John Stewart Seabold, Commerce; Huntingdon Valley, Pa.; Kappa Sigma. • William Henry Searfus, L. A.; Oxford. • Elizabeth Ellen Seay, L. A.; Oxford; Delta Gamma. • James David Seymore, L. A.; Blytheville, Ark.; Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: • Dianne Jeanne Shaffer, Commerce; Hillsboro, Ohio; Alpha Delta Pi. • Robert O. Shephard, Jr., L. A.; Atlanta, Ga. • James E. Sherrard, L. A.; Indianola; Kappa Alpha. • Ray S. Shimrak, Commerce; Metuchen, N.J. • Camille Rutledge Shofner, Pharmacy; Isola. Ninth Row: • Judy Simms, L. A.; Long Beach, Zeta Tau Alpha. • V. Hugo Sims, L. A.; Pascagoula. • Susan Lane Singleterry, L. A.; Acworth, Ga.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Kitty Reeve Skeen, L. A.; Clintwood, Va. • Clark H. Smith, Engineering; Newcomerstown, Ohio. First Row: • Corolin Smith, Education; Ruleville; Phi Mu. • James E. Smith, Jr., Commerce; Oxford. • Julie D. Smith, L. A.; Savannah, Ga.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Kendric Earl Smith, L. A.; Meridian. • 0. Smith, Education; Richton. Second Row: • Lawrence C. Smith, L. A.; Florence, Ala. • Blanche Smith, L. A.; Jackson. • Sidney L. Smith, Jr., Engineering; Gulfport. • Vickie Marche Smith, L. A.; Yazoo City, Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Waymon Andrew Smith, Engineering; Jackson, Tenn. Third Row: • Edwin Arnold Snyder, L. A.; Eupora; Sigma Nu. • Juel Wood Spices, Commerce; Picayune. • D. Spratlin, Commerce; Bruce. • Beverly Jean Stalnaker, L. A.; Aberdeen. • Dianna Steijen, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • Gary Ben Stephenson, L. A.; Toccoa, Ga. • Lawton Terry Stevens, Jr., Shreveport, La.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Lee Hudson Still, Commerce; Batesville. • William Charles Stone, L. A.; Haverhill, Mass. • Mary Jean Stroud, L. A.; Tupelo. Fifth Row: • Mary Sue Sturges, Commerce; Meridian. • William H. Sturtevant, L. A.; Clearwater, Fla.; Kappa Sigma. • John H. Sumners, L.A.; Booneville. • Sherman W. Swalm, L.A.; Brookhaven; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Richard Harvey Sweat, L.A.; Corinth. Sixth Row: • Nicholas Jay Tableriou, Commerce; Chicago, Ill.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jesse Brooks Taintor, L.A.; Webb. • James Lauvon Taylor, Jr., Engineering; Memphis, Tenn. • Stella Teichert, L. A.; University. • James Tate Thigpen, L. A.; Picayune; Pi Kappa Âlpha. Seventh Row: • Katharine B. Thimmes, L. A.; Greenwood; Delta Gamma. • Robert S. Thomas, Engineering; Chevy Chase, Md. • Tricia E. Thompson, Commerce; Pascagoula; Kappa Delta. • Richard Morgan Todd, L. A.; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert Scott Tomlinson, L. A.; Laurel. Eighth Row: • Pascol J. Townsend, III, Commerce; Drew; Beta Theta Pi. • Jack A. Townes, Jr., Commerce; Grenada. • Caroline Gray Trabue, Commerce; Nashville, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta. • Delmer Trimble, L. A.; Oxford. • Jane Margaret Umlauf, L. A.; Bay St. Louis. Ninth Row: • Paul E. Van Houten, L. A.; De Valls Bluff, Ark. • James Hubert Vardaman, Commerce; Athens, Ga. • Nancy Jo Vardaman, Commerce; Meridian; Phi Mu. • Ronald S. Vaughan, Commerce; Grenada. • Michael J. Vizio, Commerce; Cucamonga, Calif. First Row: • Michael H. Wade, Engineering; Jackson; Sigma Nu. Kam Leung Wai, Engineering; Shatin, N.J. • George Dexter Walcott, Commerce; Hollandale; Phi Delta Theta. • Mary Nell Walden, Commerce; Booneville. • Gregory Robert Waldo, L. A.; Aurora, Ill.; Sigma Nu. • Randall B. Wall, L. A.; Calhoun City. Second Row: • David Swepston Wallace, Commerce; Ark. • Frances Reives Wallace, Education; Marion, Ark. • Kenneth Goodwin Wallace, Jackson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Friend B. Walker, Jr., L. A.; Taylorsville. • Victor Young Walters, Engineering; Hot Springs, Ark. • Ted Owen Ware, L. A.; Baton Rouge, La.; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • Janice Kay Warner, L. A.; Laurel. • Katharine N. Warren, L. A.; Natchez; Kappa Delta. • Robert Stephen Warren, L. A.; Tampa, Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Tom Watkins, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Harry Albert Watson, Jr., L. A.; Florence; Beta Theta Pi. • Nancy Grace Watt, Education; Oxford. Fourth Row: • Eleanor V. Watts, L. A.; Ocean Springs; Delta Gamma. • Trudy Margaret Weaks, Commerce; Sikeston, Mo.; Delta Delta Delta. • James Dexter Weatherly, Education; Pontotoc. • Katherine H. Webb, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Betty Loice Welford, L. A.; Okolona. • Ben Grey Wells, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • Jana Lee West, Commerce; Monroe, La.; Kappa Delta. • Cecil M. Whitaker, Jr., Commerce; Corinth; Phi Kappa Psi. • Ben W. White, Commerce Jackson. • Dan Edward Wideman, L. A.; Alexandria, Va. • Bonnie Kathryn Wilbourn, Oxford. • Vicki Lynn Wilkes, L. A.; Atlanta, Ga. Sixth Row: • Robert Edward Wilkins, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Ariel Etta. William, Commerce; Tampa, Fla. • Lona Lee Williams, L. A.; Ackerman; Phi Mu. • Stirling B. Williams, Jr., Education; Memphis, Tenn. • Lila Jo Wilson, Education; Kennett, Mo. • Roberta Moore Wilson, Education; Senatobia; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: o Suzanne Wilson, L. A.; Vicksburg; Kappa Delta. • Sally Kate Winters, L. A.; West Point; Kappa Delta. • Craig Hess Witte, L. A.; Bloomington, Ill.; Sigma Pi. • James B. Wolf, L. A.; Rockaway, N.J. • Helen Margaret Wood, L. A.; Decatur, Ala.; Pi Beta Phi. • Jean Wyeth Wood, Commerce; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: o Linda Joan Wood, L. A.; Glasgow, Ky. • Johnny Bernard Wright, Pharmacy; Horn Lake; Phi Kappa Psi. Brenda Joyce Yarbrough, L. A.; • Florian Henry Yoste, III, Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Donnie F. Young, Amory. • James Richard Young, Bruce. Ninth Row: • John Richard Young, L. A.; Corinth. • Ralph E. Young, Commerce; Meridian; Pi Kappa Michael N. Zalocusky, Engineering; Biloxi; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Henry Donnie Brock, L. A.; Lexington. • Barbara Jane Buck, L. A.; San Calif.; Delta Delta Delta. • George R. Tupman, Education; Indianola. First Row: • Jimmy D. Abbott, L. A.; Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta. • John Rush Abbott, Commerce; West Point; Phi Delta Theta. • Walter Phillips Abbott, Commerce; Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega. • Sidney Jacob Abdalla, Commerce; McComb; Phi Delta Theta. • Mary Rose Abernethy, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • James E. Addleton, Commerce; Greenville; Alpha. • Jimmy David Ainsworth, Pharmacy; Harrisville. • Lee Nash Allen, L. A.; Tupelo. • Rebbecca Jean Allen, Commerce; Meridian. • Sara Neal Allen, Commerce; Tuscaloosa, Ala; Phi Mu. Third Row: • Ginger Anderson, Education; Shreveport, La.; Delta Delta Delta. • Sarah Elizabeth Anderson, L. A.; Batesville; Phi Mu. • Stephen S. Andrukiewicz, L. A.; Stephentown, N.Y. • George Forman Andry, L. A.; New Orleans, La.; Phi Delta Theta. • Milton P. Armor, L. A.; Amory; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Larry W. Arnold, Engineering; Trezevant, Term. • William Henry Arnold, L. A.; Oxford. • John Edward Ashcraft, L. A.; Greenwood; Sigma Phi • Howard C. Atkins, Engineering; Earle, Ark. • Carroll B. Atkins, Jr., Shreveport, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • Katherine Elizabeth Baer, Education; .Bogalusa, La.; Phi Mu. • Dolly Sue Bailey, Education; Oxford. • James William Bailey, L. A.; Kosciusko. • Sam Harper Bailey, L. A.; Marks. • Victor Glenn Bailey, L. A.; Lambert. Sixth Row: • David M. Baker, L. A.; Webb; Sigma Chi. • James H. Baker, Commerce; Amory; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Larry Grayson Baldwin, Commerce; Jackson. • Betty Jane Ball, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Dwight N. Ball, L. A.; Gulfport. Seventh Row: • Elsie Tyler Ball, L. A.; Tylertown; Kappa Delta. • Guntis Barenis, L. A.; Greenville. • Bueu J. L. A.; Bay Springs; Sigma Nu. • Jacob Barr, Commerce; Jackson; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Mary Elizabeth Barrett, L. A.; Gulfport; Alpha Omicron Pi. Eighth Row: • Lajuana Jo Barton, L. A.; Calhoun City. • Toney William Baskin, L. A.; Ruston, La.; Kappa Alpha. • Bettye Cora Bateman, L. A.; Marathon, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Suzanne Bates, L. A.; Eldorado, Ark. • Larry Spencer Baygents, Pharmacy; Soso; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • Theodore Thomas Bean, Engineering; E. St. Louis, Ill. • Sondra K. Beaver, Pharmacy; Collierville, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Sigrid Beck, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Claude A. Bell, Commerce; Kosciusko. • Alice Mae Bellshot, L. A.; Itta Bena; Alpha Omicron Pi. First Row: • Ann Evelyn Benham, L. A.; Monticello; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Mary C. Bennett, Education; Sarasota, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Chester W. Commerce; Laurel. • Anne Bickerstaff, Pharmacy; Biloxi. • Charlotte Ann Biglane, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • Karen Diane Bird, L. A.; Sikeston, Mo.; Delta Gamma. • Nancy Lee Bisbee, L. A.; Flossmoor, Ill. • Judy Carolyn Bishop, Education; Columbia. • John P. Blackledge, L. A.; Laurel; Pi Kappa • Marcia Lou Blackwell, Education; Hattiesburg; Phi Mu. Third Row: • Dan L. Bland, L. A.; Natchez. • Cheryl Bobbitt, Education; Rome; Delta Gamma. • James David Brogan, L. A.; Jackson; Kappa Sigma. • John Bolin, III, L. A.; Huntsville, Ala. • Clinton M. Bolton, L. A.; Biloxi. Fourth Row: • Clair Eileen Bonds, L. A.; Abbeville. • Judi Mary Boney, Education; Northfield, N.J.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Claire A. Booth, Education; Va. • Walter Mason Bounds, Jr., Gulfport. • Fred Exzell Bourn, Commerce; Mendenhall; Phi Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: • Charles R. Boutwell, Commerce; Pascagoula. • Sandra Diane Bowen, L. A.; Jackson; Chi Omega. • Linda Ann Bowling, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Delta. • David A. Box, L. A.; Houlka. • Lorenzo James Boykin, Commerce; University; Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: • George Ball Boyles, Jr., L. A.; Calhoun City. • Judy Kay Boyll, L. A.; Meridian. • Robert Lewis Bradford, Pharmacy; Jackson. • Ann L. Bramwell, L. A.; Nashville, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Jill Brasfield, Commerce; Lorman; Alpha Delta Pi. Seventh Row: • Bobby Joe Bridges, Education; Memphis, Tenn. • James Wilson Bridbes, Jr., Engineering; New La. • Calvin C. Brister, Pharmacy; Jackson. • Mary Elliott Brister, L. A.; Yazoo City; Chi Omega. • Beverly Brooks Brooks, Education; Jack. son; Phi Mu. Eighth Row: • Claire Regina Brophy, L. A.; Greenville. • Cecil Charles Brown, Jr., L. A.; Meridian; Pi Kappa • Douglas C. Brown, L. A.; Bruce. • John Brown, L. A.; Enterprise. • Olie D. Brown, Jr., Aubrey, Ark.; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Suzanne Brown, L. A.; Meridian; Chi Omega. • Winfred Earl Brown, L. A.; Grenada; Alpha Tau Omega. • William A. Brumbaugh, L. A.; Va.; Sigma Pi. • John Thomas Bryan, L. A.; Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Mildred Bryant, L. A.; Derna. First Row: • Joseph D. Buck, L. A.; New Orleans, La.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Gary Velle Buckler, L. A.; Biloxi; Phi Kappa Psi. • Barbara Beth Buehl, L. A.; Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Vernon J. Buie, Commerce; Little Rock, Ark.; Kappa Sigma. • William R. Bullard, L. A.; Oxford. Second Row: • Susie Burgdorff, Commerce; Jackson; Delta Gamma. • Robert J. Burnham, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Epsilon. • Rebecca Burns, L. A.; Caruthersville, Mo.; Delta Delta Delta. • Lucy Craddock Burt, L. A.; Grenada; Kappa Delta. • Keith Shepherd Bush, L. A.; Vicksburg; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • Rachael Marion Butler, L .A.; Natchez; Kappa Delta. • Syndey Ann Byrd, L. A.; Hattiesburg. • Julia Holmes Caldwell, Education; Indianola; Delta Pi. • Kathy Caldwell, L. A.; Marks; Kappa Delta. • Charles Louis Campassi, L. A.; Clarksdale. Fourth Row: • Milus Calvin Campbell, Pharmacy; Stover. • Richard B. Carothers, Commerce; Paris, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Susan Rowe Carruth, Metairie, La.; Chi Omega. • Robert Thomas Carsley, L. A.; Canton; Kappa Sigma. • Johnny L. Carson, L. A.; Batesville; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • Dudley H. Carter, L. A.; Columbus; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Elizabeth Heath Carter, Education; Mo.; Delta Gamma. • Virginia Ann Castelman, Commerce; Yazoo City, Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JoAnn Catignani, Education; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Mu. • Earl Van Doen Catoe, L. A.; Webb. Sixth Row: • Carol Anne Chancellor, Commerce; Macon; Gamma. • Don Wood Chancellor, L. A.; Macon; Sigma Chi. • Laurance N. Chandler, L. A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Jerry S. Chase, L. A.; Jackson. • Margaret May Chase, Education; Fla. Seventh Row: • Gerald W. Chatman, Commerce; Hernando; Sigma Nu. • Mary Leila Chatman, L. A.; Picayune; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William Franklin L. A.; Sidon; Phi Kappa Psi. • Joanne Eileen Chenault, L. A.; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Kappa • Jimmy Chin, Engineering; Drew. Eighth Row: • James D. Christy, Commerce; Holly Springs; Alpha Tau Omega. • Neal Wade Cirlot, Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Joyce Carole Clapper, L. A.; Lawrenceburg, Ind. • Nancy Kay Clayton, Education; Natchitoches, La.; Phi Mu. • Gerald W. Cl emons, Commerce; Oxford. Ninth Row: • John William Clinton, Engineering; Bridgeport, Conn. • Richard Bunton Clinton, L. A.; New Sigma Nu. • Charles Allen Cobb, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Nu. • Clifford B. Cobb. Commerce; Lambert. • James Warren Cockrell, Commerce; Macon; Sigma Chi. First Row: • James A. Cole, Commerce; Natchez. • Patrica Louise Cole, L. A.; Ft. Worth, Texas; Phi Mu. • Richard Lee Coleman, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. • Linda Joyce Combest, L. A.; Moss Point. • Thomas Howard Corner, Jr. Booneville; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • Robert Edward Connelly, Engineering; Tenn.; Phi Kappa Theta. • Paul M. Cook, II, Engineering; University; Phi Kappa Psi. • Helen Louise Cooley, L. A.; Houston, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Forrest Lamar Cooper, Jr., Cooper; Florence. • Larry Joe Copeland, L. A.; Jackson. Third Row: • Robin Owen Cotten, Engineering; Oxford; Sigma. • Myra Judith Coursey, L. A.; Raleigh; Delta Gamma. • Sammye Jane Cox, Commerce; Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Jonathan Drewery Craig, L. A.; Ft. Amador, Canal Zone. • Philip Edwin Cranston, L. A.; Leland. Fourth Row: • Mary J. Crawford, Commerce; Water Valley. • Muffet Criner, L. A.; Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Leonard Andrew Crosby, III, L. A.; Aberdeen. • Robert W. Crowell, L. A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Randy Gary Crumbley, L. A.; Laurel; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • Edward Hull Crump, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Victor Henry Cuchens, Jr., Engineering; Defuniak Springs, Fla. • Susan Cummings, Education; • James Y. Dale, L. A.; Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta. • John Lipscomb Dale, L. A.; Brandon; Nu. Sixth Row: • Bonnie Jones Darling, Education; Byhalia. ° Dorothy K. Dathes, L. A.; Orlando, Fla.; Phi Mu. • Della Davis, Education; Fayette. • Elizabeth G. Davis, L. A.; Ocala, Fla.; Chi Omega. • Jimmy Davis, L. A.; Louisville. Seventh Row: • John P. Davis, Pharmacy; Corinth; Sigma Nu. • Leonard B. Davis, Jr., L. A.; Buckatunna. • John Ernest Dement, Commerce; Meridian. • Charles Ellis Deming, L. A.; Bolivar, Tenn. • Frances Jane Dennis, L. A.; Jackson; Zeta Tau Alpha. Eighth Row: • Lani Lee Densing, L. A.; Oxford. • Thomas L. Crumbaugh, L. A.; Frankfort, Ky. • Hans Devries, Engineering; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Steve Dierker, Commerce; Vicksburg. • Carter Dobbs, Jr., L. A.; Calhoun City; Beta Theta Pi. Ninth Row: • William Spencer Donaldson, Commerce; • George Lee Dorrill, L. A.; Carthage; Beta Theta Pi. • Warren C. Dorsey, Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • Charlotte Ann Dossett, L. A.; Pascagoula; Delta Gamma. • Glenn A. Doty, Pharmacy; Jackson. First Row: • Don Newsom Downer, L. A.; Lexington; Kappa Sigma. • Clyde Jackson Downey, Engineering; Falls Church, Va.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Paul Edwin Dozier, Jr., L. A.; Winter Pk., Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Arthur John Dratnol, L. A.; Tenn. • J. Michael Drenduff, L. A.; El Paso, Texas. Second Row: • Mary Wynette Driver, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • John A. Dubard, L. A.; • George J. Dubois, L. A.; Brewster, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Helen Frances Dunn, Education; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • Jimmy Rogers Dunn, Commerce; Oxford. Third Row: • Linda Lee Dunn, Education; Grand Junction, Tenn.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Jack Alan Dunwoody, Engineering; Yazoo City. • Billie Soyce Earnheart, Education; Hernando; Phi Mu. • Everette John Easley, L. A.; Pace; Alpha Tau Omega. • H. Gene Edgeworth, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Fourth Row: • Betty Joan Edwards, L. A.; New Madrid, Mo. • Barbara Jean Ellard, Education; Houston; Phi Mu. • Thomas Franklin Elliott, L. A.; Conley, Ga. • Clyde Allen Ellis, L. A.; Lambert. • Jane Ellzey, L. A.; Magnolia; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • Judy Ellzey, Education; Magnolia; Kappa Gamma. • James Scott Ely, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. • Guy Enchelmayer, Education; Ill.; Sigma Nu. • Jack Bradley Ervin, Memphis, Tenn. • Jack Edward Evans, Engineering; N. Springfield, Va. Sixth Row: • Dou glas L. Everitt, L. A.; Waynesboro; Kappa Alpha. • Joe H. Ezell, Commerce; Pascagoula; Nu. • Margaret Ann Ezell, L. A.; Pascagoula. • John Booth Farese, L. A.; Ashland; Sigma Nu. • Robert Cecil Farrar, L. A.; Macon. Seventh Row: • Mary Dana Faulk, Education; Inverness; Delta Gamma. • Camile Nanette Faure, Education; Flossmore, Ill.; Delta Gamma. • Cecil W. Fauver, Pontotoc. • Melvin F. Fayard, L. A.; Biloxi. • Alfred Lee Felder, L. A.; Summit. Eighth Row: • David Dudley Field, L. A.; Hampton, Va. • Gladys Findley, Education; Houston. • Patricia Ruth Fisher, Commerce; Greenwood; Kappa Delta. • James Michael Fitzegerald, Commerce; New La. • Charles Harry Flowers, Commerce; Mattson. Ninth Row: • Austin M. Folk, Education; Sheffield, Ill. • Donald F. Folk, Education; Sheffield, Ill. • R. P. Fonderburk, L. A.; Olive Branch; Alpha Tau Omega. • Larry Allen Force, Commerce; Jackson. • Anne Louise Ford, L. A.; Gulfport; Alpha Omicron Pi. First Row: • Gail Grace Ford, Education; Orlando, Fla.; Delta Pi. • Eugene Victor Fortinberry, L. A.; Monticello. • Wilson Jerome Foster, Jr., Biloxi. • Jimmy Charles Fox, Engineering; Holly Springs. • Joseph Lee Francochi, L. A.; Donora, Pa.; Phi Kappa Theta. Second Row: • Shelly Lee Fraser, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Delta. • Alice Dale French, Education; Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. • C. Albert Friedly, L. A.; San Diego, Calif.; Delta Psi. • Robert NV. Fulton, Commerce; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Beulah Marie Garner, L. A.; Magee. Third Row: • Onyx P. Garner, Jr., L. A.; Hot Springs, Ark.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Patricia Lorita Garrett, N. Little Rock, Ark. • Joseph Edmond Garrison, L. A.; Corinth; Kappa Sigma. • Chester D. Gaston, Jr., L. A.; Columbus; Alpha Tau Omega. • Charles G. Gates, L. A.; Jackson. Fourth Row: • William Kirten Gautier, Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • John Overton Gayden, L. A.; Nashville, Tenn. • Robert D. Gentry, Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Robert L. Geske, Engineering; Clayton, Mo. • Gene P. Gibson, Pharmacy; Itta Bena. Fifth Row: • Gail Gilbert, L. A.; Carbondale, Ill.; Phi Mu. • Carolyn Gillis, L. A.; Fayette. • Mary Jane L. A.; A. Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. • Stephen Jordan Glaze, Engineering; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • Ronald Howard Godwin, Engineering; Madeira, Ohio. Sixth Row: • Edith W. Goetschius, L. A.; Oxford. ° Frank Bernard Goldman, L. A.; Duck Hill. • Martha Hill Goodwin, L. A.; Port Gibson; Delta Gamma. • Barbara Jessie Gorin, Education; Winnitka, Ill.; Delta Delta Delta. • Raner N. Graeber, Engineering; Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • Karen Anne Graham, L. A.; Gulfport; Kappa Delta. • Phyllis E. Grant, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Glen Earl Grantham, L. A.; Wiggins; Sigma Chi. • Finley Graves, L. A.; Crystal Springs. • Shirley Lucille Gray, L. A.; Charleston. Eighth Row: • George W. Green, III, L. A.; Benoit; Phi Kappa Psi. • Sharon Hall Green, L. A.; Miami, Fla.; Omicron Pi. • William Scott Greenwell, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. • Alfred Walter Greer, Commerce; Jackson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Julius Virgil Griffith, Commerce; Charlotte, N.C.; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Sedgie Ford Griffith, Jr., L. A.; Columbia. • David B. Grishman, L. A.; Biloxi; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Shannon Gandy Grisham, Education; West Point. • Clinton Julian Grubbs, L. A.; Tylertown. • Deitra Elaine Grubbs, Education; Elizabeth, N.J. First Row: • Fred M. Haley, Jr., Commerce; Columbus; Kappa Alpha. • Cherry Hall; L. A.; Belzoni. • Claude Tully Hall, Commerce; Memphis, Tenn. • Roberta Mae Halliday, Education; Wilmette, Ill.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Annabelle Ellen Hamachek, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Mu. Second Row: • Kathryn Lou Hamberlin, L. A.; Greensburg, La. o Julia Sullivan Hamilton, L. A.; Greenwood; Gamma. • Patricia Lee Hamilton, Pharmacy; Richard City, Ten n. • Sarah Janet Hamilton, L. A.; New Albany; Chi Omega. • Sara Jane Hammond, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. Third Row: • john James Hampton, III, L. A.; Spartanburg, S.C.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Alan George Hansen, L. A.; Blue Island, Ill.; Phi Kappa Psi. Earl H. Hansen, Commerce; Crystal Lake, Ill. • Willis C. Haralson, L. A.; Forest; Pi Kappa Alpha. • David M. Haraway, L. A.; Olive Branch; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: o Barbara Jeanne Harmon, L. A.; Oxford; Delta Gamma. • Elizabeth Harper, L. A.; Pensacola, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • John W. Harper, L. A.; Sumrall. • Wilkie Nile Harrington, L. A.; Yazoo City. • Barbara Ann Harris, L. A.; Jackson. Fifth Row: • Jeweldean Harris, Commerce; Bruce. ° John Robert Harris, III, Commerce; Betonia. • Nancy Jane Harris, L. A.; Tupelo. • Ronald D. Harris, L. A.; Steele, Mo. • John Carl Harrison, L. A.; Florence. Sixth Row: • Sandra Jane Harrison, L. A.; Bruce. • Anne Wright Hart, Education; Franklin, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. • Jean Alice Hartley, Education; Jackson. • James 0. Hawkins, Engineering; Jackson; Nu. • Cheryl Anne Haynie, Education; Biloxi; Kappa Delta. Seventh Row: • Conley H. Heaberlin, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. • James Thomas Hedgepeth, L. A.; Jackson. • Betty Ann Hellums, Pharmacy; Oxford. • Anna Evellyn Hemer, L. A.; Biloxi; Phi Mu. • Judy Lee Hempill, Education; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. Eighth Row: • Pamela Jean Henderson, L. A.; Harvell, Ark. • Betsy Harper Henrich, L. A.; Lexington; Alpha Omicron Pi. • James Ray Herndon, L. A.; Newton; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Michael Herrington, L. A.; Olive Branch; Sigma Nu. • Susan Patricia Heyward, Education; Bogalusa, La.; Pi Beta Phi. Ninth Row: • Dixie Elis Hickman, L. A.; Brookhaven; Kappa Delta. • John M. Higginbotham, L. A.; Houston, Texas. • Patricia Day Hi ggins, Education; Tenn.; Phi Mu. • Bonnie Lee Hightower, L. A.; Hattiesburg. • Mary Virginia Hill, L. A.; Vicksburg. First Row: • Max Davis Hipp, L. A.; Oxford. • William Clark Hodges, L. A.; Bethesda, Md. • Lloyd Eades Hogue, L. A.; Benoit; Phi Kappa Psi. • Mary Ann Holliday, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Jay Lawrence Hollis, L. A.; Carthage; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • Clara Anita Hollowell, Commerce; Oxford. • Herbie Hutson Holmes, L. A.; Yazoo City. • Kay Carole Hood, Commerce; Jackson. • William M. Hope, Commerce; Macon, Ga.; Sigma Alpha • James M. Howell, L. A.; Tupelo. Third Row: • Edwin Earl Howsam, L. A.; Denver, Colo.; Alpha Epsilon. • Karla Kaye Hubbard, Moberly, Mo.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Judy Carole Hudson, L. A.; Marks; Zeta Tau Alpha. • James Knox Huff, III, Commerce; Meridian; Pi kappa Alpha. • Becky Ann Hughes, L. A.; Savannah, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • Marcia Ann Hughes, L. A.; Ripley, Tenn. • Marylouise Hummel, L. A.; Meridian; Kappa Gamma. • Kay Humphreys, L. A.; Humboldt, Tenn. • Patricia Lou Hyde, L. A.; Ocean Springs; Phi Mu. • Mildred Anne Ingram, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi. Fifth Row: • William C. Ingram, Commerce; Stuttgart, Ark.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Braxter P. Irby, Pharmacy; Grenada; Sigma Chi. • Vivian D. Ivy, Education; Dalton, Mass. • Suzanne James, Commerce; Dallas, Texas. • Jon A. Jennings, L. A.; Berwyn, Ill.; Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • Jimmy P. Johnson, Commerce; Jackson; Pi Alpha. • Paul Hayne Johnson, Commerce; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • Paul William Johnson, L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Ann B. Jones, L. A.; Columbus; Delta Delta Delta. • Donald D. Jones, Commerce; McComb; Sigma Alpha Seventh Row: • Emory Davis Jones, Education; Iuka. • Fern Virginia Jones, commerce; Grenada; Pi Beta Phi. • Harris W. Jones, L. A.; Meridian. • James Jones, L. A.; Brandon; Sigma Nu. • Jennifer Helen Jones, L. A.; San Antonio, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Eighth Row: • Robert Louis Jones, Engineering; Jackson. ° Sharon Anne Jones, Pharmacy; Hartsville, Tenn. • Thomas Crawford Jones, Engineering; Boyle; Kappa Alpha. • Charles S. Jordan, Engineering; Columbia; Alpha Tau Omega. • Hillard Earl L. A.; Kosciusko; Sigma Chi. Ninth Ro w: • Talmage Harry Jordan, Engineering; Columbia; Alpha Tau Omega. • Judy Kay Judge, Education; Oxford; Kappa Delta. • Jessie Jue, Pharmacy; Clarksdale. • Lilly Faye Jue, Commerce; • Mary J. Keaton, L. A. Corinth; Chi Omega. First Row: • Susan Kees, L. A.; Magee; Kappa Delta. • Morris J. Keesee, III, Commerce; Lula; Phi Delta • Kenneth Wayne Kelso, Commerce; Tupelo, • Carolyn Reddoch Kerr, L. A.; Gulfport; Chi Omega. • Robert Lee Kerr, L. A.; Olive Branch; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • Elizabeth Anne Kersting, Commerce; Dallas, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Judith Hall Kiaus, Education; Macon; Delta Gamma. • Ann Education; Port Arthur, Texas; Kappa Gamma. • George M. Kinard, Commerce; Jackson. • John M. Kinard, Commerce; Oxford; Sigma Chi. Third Row: • Martha Amy King, L. A.; Oxford. • Patricia King, L. A.; A. McKenzie, Tenn.; Kappa Delta. • Karen Dean Kipp, Education; Dallas, Texas; Delta Delta Delta. • Larry Dale Kirk, L. A.; Bentonia. • Patsy Chet Kiszka, L. A.; Rolling Fork. Fourth Row: • Gutrude Louise Klenser, L. A.; Reidsville, N.C.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Adrienne Lili Kline, L. A.; Atlanta, Ga. • Clayton Stephen Knight, L. A.; Franklinton; La.; Sigma Nu. • Mary Hoover Knight, I,. A.; Madisonville, Ky.; Pi Beta Phi. • Susan Elizabeth Knight, L. A.; University. Fifth Row: • Elise Marie Kroell, Pharmacy; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta. • Julia Mayfield Lamar, Grenada. • Betty Sue Larkin, Commerce; Blytheville, Ark.; Delta Gamma. • Lucie Ellen L. A.; Birmingham, Ala.; Pi Beta Phi. • Judith Ann Latting, L. A.; Meridian. Sixth Row: • Sandra Diane Laughter, L. A.; Batesville. Jo Ann Leach, Commerce; Hobbs, N.M.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Sydney Lynn Leblanc, L. A.; Donaldsonville, La.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Mary Anne Lee, L. A.; Nashville, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Ronald W. Lee, L. A.; West Hempstead, N.Y. Seventh Row: • George Harden Lester, Commerce; Batesville; Sigm a Nu. • Horace Baxter Lester, Jr., Jackson; Sigma Chi. • Fenwick Stewart Lewis, Engineering; Liberty; Phi Delta Theta. • 0. Lewis, L. A.; Picayune; Sigma Pi. • Lonna Lee Lightbody, L. A.; Houston, Texas; Zeta Tau Alpha. Eighth Row: • Janey Pauline Ligon, L. A.; Evansville, Ind.; Pi Beta Phi. • Loydale Griffin Ligon, Commerce; Miami, Fla. • Ralph Barry Lilja, Engineering; Miami, Fla. • Marie M. Lipscomb, L. A.; Chi Omega. • Jeanne G. Livingston, L. A.; Prentiss; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • John T. Lomax, Jr., L. A.; Waynesboro; Alpha Tau Omega. • Clifford Durwood Long, Jr., L. A.; Shelby. • Gordon Edward Long, Commerce; Gulfport; Sigma Nu. • Marylyn Ann Long, L. A.; Tenn. • Amelia Catherine Loper, Commerce; Meridian; Chi Omega. First Row: • Robert Parker Lorentz, L. A.; Des Plaines, Ill. • Joseph E. Lotterhos, L. A.; Crystal Springs; Kappa Alpha. • James S. Love, III, Commerce; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • Bill Carr Lowrance, L. A.; New Albany. • Glenn Louis Lusk, Muldraugh, Ky. Second Row: • K. Virginia MacDonald, L. A.; Oxford; Alpha Delta Pi. • James R. Madson, L. A.; Tucson, Ariz.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Wendy Jayne Maddock, L. A.; Miami, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • George William Manifold, L. A.; Oxford ; Alpha Tau Omega. • Margaret Pope Mann, L. A.; Pope. Third Row: • Joseph Thomas Mansour, Commerce; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Judith Lucille Marlowe, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi. • Francis C. Jr., Commerce; Mississippi City; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Claude Donald Martin, Commerce; Sigma Nu. • Gil Martin, L. A.; Fourth Row: • James L. Martin, Commerce; Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • John William Martin, Jr., L. A.; Grenada. • David Van Ness Mason, L. A.; Nokomis, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Nancy S. Mason, Com- merce; Pontotoc. • Woodie Lynn Mason, L. A.; Pascagoula. Fifth Row: • Fred M. Massey, Commerce; Tupelo; Phi Delta Theta. • William Archie Matthews, L. A.; Marks. • John Caldwell Maxwell, L. A.; Pickens; Pi Alpha. • John H. Maynard, L. A.; Tupelo; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Lorann Mays, L. A.; E l Paso, Texas; Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: • Leonard C. McAfee, Jr., Engineering; Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • James Leo L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Joseph C. L. A.; Jackson. • Henry Eugene Commerce; Rosedale; Phi Delta Theta. • Marjorie E. McCarson, Education; Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • Jacquelyn McClure, Education; Grenada; Delta. • Grady Lynn McCool, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Delta Theta. • Margaret Ann McCully, Dc Kalb; Delta Gamma. • Ardith Deann McDavitt, Commerce; Aurora, Ill. • Michael J. McElbaney, Jr., Engineering; Hattiesburg. Eighth Row: • Marianne McElroy, L. A.; Tupelo; Pi Beta Phi. • Martin McGee, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Harry Smith McGehee, Engineering; Clayton, Mo.; Kappa Sigma. • Sharron L. McGonagill, Oxford; Alpha Delta Pi. • Bertha V. Engineering; Alexandria, Va.; Alpha Pi. Ninth Row: • Robert Joseph McIntosh, L. A.; Clarksdale; Kappa Epsilon. • Alexander F. McKeigney, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Chi. • Georgia Mae L. A.; Little Rock, Ark.; Kappa Delta. • Dorothy Carole McKeown, L. A.; Meridian; Chi Omega. • Dana Clifton McKibben, Commerce; Bruce. First Row: • James G. McLaughlin, Engineering; Oxford. • Charles R. McMillan, Commerce; Kosciusko; Phi Kappa Psi. • William L. McMullen, Jr., Engineering; Brookhaven; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Marvin Earl McQueen, Commerce; Macon, Tenn. • Charles Robert McRae, Engineering, Miami, Fla. Second Row: • Richard Curtis Mellon, Engineering; Nashville, Tenn. • Robert Clark Mellon, Commerce; Bolton; Sigma Nu. • John Colton Mhoon, L. A.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Charles Davis Miles, L. A.; Columbus. • Jack Jordan Miller, Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • Thomas D. Miller, L. A.; Louisville; Phi Delta Theta. • Elvin W. Mills, Pharmacy; Laurel. ° Charles Roy Mitchell, L. A.; Batesville. • Rebecca Dianne Mize, L. A.; Oxford. • Gerrard Wayne Monroe, L. A.; Quitman. Fourth Row: • Constance Ann Monson, L. A.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi. • Mary Read Montgomery, L. A.; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • Gid Montjoy L. A.; Greenwood; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert S. Montjoy L. A.; Greenwood; Sigma Chi. • Barbara Kay Moore, L. A.; Calhoun City. Fifth Row: • Laura Lynne Moore, Education; Memphis, Tenn. • Majorie Anne Moore, L. A.; Rosedale; Chi • Charles Wilton Moreland, Commerce; • Carolyne V. Morgan, L. A.; Amory. • L. James Morgan, L. A.; Miami, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • John Wesley Morris, L. A.; Greenwood; Beta Theta Pi. • Larry L. Morris, Commerce; New Albany; Sigma Nu. • Robert Morris, L. A.; Jackson. • Thomas Hanley Morris, L. A.; Laurel. • John Phillip Morrow, Engineering; Gulfport. Seventh Row: • Mary Jolene Moss, Education; Greenville, S.C. • Edward Grove Mulhayser, L. A.; Greenville; Phi Kappa Psi. • Mary Evonne Mullen, Education; Jackson; Phi Mu. • Shelia Kathryn Mullendore, Education; Sheffield, Ala. • Margaret Jane Mullins, Pharmacy; Meadville. Eighth Row: • Faye Murfee, L. A.; Biloxi; Phi Mu. • James Loyal Murphy, L. A.; Lucedale. • Bobby Ray L. A.; Magee. • Genie Myers, L. A.; • Margaret D. Naff, L. A.; Birmingham, Ala.; Delta Gamma. Ninth Row: • W. Richard Neelly, L. A.; Grenada; Sigma Chi. • Janice Colguitt Neill, L. A.; Leland; Alpha Pi. • Charles M. Nelms, Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Charles Leslie Nelson, L. A.; McComb; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Rebecca E. Nettles, L. A.; Brookhaven; Phi Mu. First Row: • Buddy R. Nichols, L. A.; McComb; Sigma Nu. • John W. Noble, L.A.; Fayette; Kappa Alpha. • Robert E. Nored, Commerce; Greenwood; Phi Theta. • Chuch Norman, L. A.; Crystal Springs. • William Glyn Norris, Pharmacy; Oxford. Second Row: • Thomas Calvin Null, Commerce; Meridian; Phi Epsilon. • Tab Ogden, Education; Mobile, Ala.; Chi Omega. • Robert Frank Osborn, Commerce; Culver, Ind. • Michael Van Oswalt, L. A.; Oxford. • Georgia Ellis Ott, Education; Osyka; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • J. T. Ownby, L. A.; Oxford. • Carl Wm. Paden, Commerce; Greenville; Beta Theta Pi. • Patricia Olivia Palmer, L. A.; Jackson; Chi Omega. • E. Palmore, Commerce; Cave City, Ky.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Carolyn Pang, Education; Fourth Row: • Robert E. Parker, Jr., Commerce; Meridian; Phi Delta Theta. • John D. Partridge, Commerce; Anna, Ill. • Martha Sue Patterson, L. A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Lucinda Lee Payne, Education; Clarksdale; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Marian Joyce Peacock, Education; Oxford. Fifth Row: • James Alton Peden, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Jack Lee Pedersen, Engineering; Pa. • Melissa Ann Pendleton, L. A.; La. • Gray Keith Pettigrew, Commerce; Houston, Texas. • Martha Rives Phillips, L. A.; Holly Springs; Alpha Omicron Pi. Sixth Row: • Sam H. Phillips, Commerce; Ft. Smith, Ark.; Phi Delta Theta. • Weldon Patrick Phillips, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega. • Rosemary Pierce, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Glenn Paul Poiencot, Engineering; Houma, La. • Jane Hill Polk, L. A.; Nashville, Tenn.; Phi Mu. Seventh Row: • Otis Glenn Poole, Commerce; Greenville; Kappa Alpha. • David Presley, Commerce; Oxford; Sigma Nu. • Hubert Powell Prewett, Engineering; Pontotoc. • James Edwin Price, Jr.; Commerce; Amory. • Libby Price, L. A.; Lonoke, Ark. Eighth Row: • Tanya Jane Prichard, L. A.; Meadville; Alpha Delta Pi. • George Price, Engineering; Natchez • Judy Pritchard, L. A.; Charleston. • William B. Profilet, Jr., L. A.; Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. • M. Bernard Puckett, L. A.; Magee; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • Jack Jolly Pugh, L. A.; Brooksville; • Bettye Leigh Pulliam, L. A.; Hattiesburg; Chi Omega. • Faye Quick, Commerce; Florence, Ala. • Terry Radcliffe, Education; Jackson. • Edward Whitson Rampy, Engineering; Water Valley. First Row: • Stewart Holm .Ramsay, L. A.; Pascagoula; Sigma Nu. • Harriett Shirley Ramsey, L. A.; Laurel. • Jacqueline. R. Ramsey, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Delta Pi. • Glenda Lynn Rawson, Education; Jackson; Kappa Delta. • Mary Ann Ray, L. A.; Tupelo. Second Row: • Richard Andre Reecht, Commerce; Crystal City; Beta Theta Pi. • Bobby Parker Regan, Engineering; Wiggins; Sigma Chi. • John R. Renter, III, L. A.; New Orleans, La.; Beta Theta Pi. • Aubrey Carl Reynolds, L. A.; Gulfport. • Thomas J. Richardson, Commerce; Kosciusko. Third Row: • Sara Ridgeway, L. A.; Jackson. • Jimmie Pet Rieves, L. A.; Marion, Ark.; Delta Gamma. • Marie Ritchie, Commerce; Natchez; Delta Gamma. • Marianna Robbins, Commerce; Edwards; Delta Delta Delta. • Nancy Hill Roberson, L. A.; Lyon; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • Lloyd Eugene Robert s, Commerce; Moss Point; Sigma Nu. • Herschel Edgar Robertson, Merigold. • Jimmy Burrell Robinson, Jackson; Kappa Sigma. • Sharon Eyleen Robinson, L. A.; Picayune; Phi Mu. • William Robinson, Engineering; Escatawpa. Fifth Row: • William Byron Rochelle, L. A.; Ripley, Tenn. • Edith Gayle Rogers, L. A.; Hattiesburg. • Rogers, L. A.; Newport, Ark. • Margaret E. Rolison, L. A.; Quitman. • Peter Rosato, III, Engineering; Okolona; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sixth Row: • Sandra Elizabeth Ross, Commerce; Clarksdale; Chi Omega. • Gail Frances Rothchild, Commerce; Oxford. • Danny W. Roy, L. A.; Oxford. • Brenda Lynn Rush, L. A.; Hialeah, Fla. • Sandra Ruth Russell, Commerce; Holly Springs. Seventh Row. • Ruth Ann Rutherford, Education; Arlington, Tenn. • Sallie Lynn Samons, Education; Joiner, Ark. • William S. Sampson, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Sandra Sue Sanders, Education; Meridian; Delta Delta Delta. • Jimmy Dale L. A.; Houston. Eighth Row: • John Ray Sartin, Jr., Tylertown; • Nancy Elaine Saunders, L. A.; Newport News, Va. • Scarbrough, L. A.; Meadville; Delta Delta • Terry Adam Schad, Commerce; Peoria Heights Ill. • Frederick A. Schneider, Engineering; Jackson. Ninth Row: • Frederick C. Schramm, Jr., Engineering; Jacksonville, Fla.; Alpha Tau Omega; • Spencer Louis Schreiter, L. A.; • John Thomas Schwent, L. A.; Crystal City, Mo.; • Elizabeth Lee Scott, L. A.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chi Omega. • Robert P. Scruggs, III, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. First Row: • David H. Segrest, L. A.; Port Gibson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Emmet Seibels, L. A.; Jackson; • Frances Seu, Education; Greenville. • Timothy Dale Shaw, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Thomas Edwin Shelton, L. A.; Marks; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • Marshall Robert Sherman, Engineering; Kil- larney, Fla. • Judy Lynn Sherrill, Commerce; Mc- Comb; Phi Mu. • Ronald N. Shinault, Commerce; Somerville, Tenn. • Bernard Loring Shipp, L. A.; Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi. • Jo Anne Shirley, L. A.; Indianola; Chi Omega. Third Row: • Samuel C. Shoemaker, Jr., Commerce; Water Valley. ° Susan Shoemaker, L. A.; Meridian; Phi Mu. • Nita Diane Sidelinger, Commerce; Prince- ton, Ind. • Catherine B. Simpson, L. A.; Houston; Delta Gamma. • Julia Toy Simpson, L. A.; Shaw; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • Benny G. Smith, Commerce; Magee; Sigma Chi. • Dave Reid Smith, Commerce; Meridian; Pi Kap- pa Alpha. • Donald M. Smith, L. A.; McMinnville, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Elizabeth Anne Smith, L. A.; Bassfield. • Elson Raymond Smith, Com- merce; Viero Beach, Fla.; Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • James Roland Smith, L. A.; Arthur, Ill.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Robert Allen Smith, L. A.; Hei- delberg; Sigma Nu. • Witt Smith, Jr., Engineering; Steele, Mo.; Sigma Nu. • Sharon Ruth Snider, Commerce; Sarah. • Julius V. Spann, Engineering; Tupelo. Sixth Row: • James Devereaux Stahlman, Commerce; Nat- chez; Alpha Tau Omega. • Richard Lawrence Stal- vey, Commerce; Albany, Ga. • Richard U. Stamp- ley, III, Pharmacy; Olive Branch. • Fred Edwin Stanley, Jr. Engineering; Shubuta. • Linda Ann Steele, Education; Tutwiler. Seventh Row: • Robert S. Stevenson, L. A.; Winter Pk., Fla.; Sigma Nu. • Brenda Stewart, Commerce; Tusca- loosa, Ala.; Phi Mu. • Dianne S. Still, L. A.; Blytheville, Ark.; Delta Delta Delta. • Linda Diane Stone, Commerce; Chatham; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Linda Lu Stone, Education; Union City, Tenn.; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • Barbara F. Straub, L. A.; Seattle, Wash.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • William Eric Streed, L. A.; Montgomery, Ala.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thelma Kathleen Stribling, Education; Bruce. • Alfred Ed- win Strickland, Commerce; Rolling Fork. • Mar- jorie Alice Sullivan, L. A.; Eau Claire, Wis.; Delta Delta Delta. Ninth Row: • Anne Lewis Sullivant, L. A.; Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega. • Jim C. Sumner, L. A.; Winona; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Lynda Cheryl Sumrall, L. A.; Sumrall. • Donna Dean Sutton, L. A.; Gulfport. • Charlotte Anne Taintor, L. A.; Webb. First Row: • Edmund Warren Taylor, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega. • Elizabeth Dale Taylor, L. A.; Phi Mu. • Gary Buchanan Taylor, Jackson; Kappa Alpha. • Michael E. L. A.; Grenada; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Rachael Valeria Teasler, Commerce; Vermilion, Ohio. Second Row: • Michael John Thole, L. A.; Smithtown, N.Y. • Carol Susan Thomas, L. A.; Vicksburg. • Dexter M. Thompson, Jr., L. A.; Chadds Ford, Pa.; Phi Kappa Psi. • Joseph Robert Thompson, L. A.; Memphis, ' Fenn. • Kay Thompson, Commerce; Holly Springs; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Third Row: • Larry A. Thompson, Commerce; Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma. • Vance McLean Thompson, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Chi Omega. • William P. Thompson, L. A.; Bentonia; Phi Delta Theta. • Robert C. Thorne, Commerce; Trenton, Tenn.; Sigma Phi Epsilon • Margaret Jo Thornton, L. A.; England, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: • Mitchell M. Thrower, Commerce; Tampa, Fla. • John R. Tillman, Pharmacy; Crystal Springs. • William Duncan Tingle, L. A.; Lancaster, Pa.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • R. Stiles Tomasko, L. A.; Glen Ridge, N. J. • Anne B. Tomlinson, L. A.; Laurel; Chi Omega. Fifth Row: • George William Tomlinson, Commerce; Sigma Nu. • John Jager Tomlinson, Laurel; Kappa Alpha. • Linda Lee L. A.; Ft. Pierce Fla. • Chris James Toney, Commerce; Amory: Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Joan Helena Travers, L. A.; Bethesda Md.; Alpha Delta Pi. Sixth Row: • Douglas D. Turner, L. A.; Belzoni, Kappa Alpha. • Susan K. Tutor, Pharmacy; Meridian. • Linda Antoinette Tuyt, L. A.; Jackson; Alpha Delta Pi. • Sarah Louise Tyler, Commerce; Winter Park, Fla. • Hal Ulindham, Jr., Columbia; Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • Harrol W. Umfress, Pharmacy; Pontotoc. • Aleita Louise Upchurch, Education; Memphis, Tenn • Donald L. Urbani, Engineering; Oxford. • Carmen Silvia Valdivieso, L. A.; Cochabamba, Bolivia. • Sally Jean Van Tilburg, Commerce; Ft. Pierce, Fla. Eighth Row: • Pamela Vaughn, L. A.; Hinsdale, Ill. • David J. Venn, Engineering; Detroit, Mich. • John W. Vestal, Commerce; Prospect Heights, Ill. • David Ray Vickery, L. A.; Houston; Sigma Chi. • Billie Jean Vines, L. A.; Oxford. Ninth Row: • Dennis W. Voge, Commerce; Baton Rouge, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Gerald Dennis Wages, Tupelo. • Lynn E. Wagner, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • David Steven Walker, L. A.; Heidelberg. • Jimmie Sue Walker, Oxford. First Row: • Mary Gail Walker, Education; Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • J. Larkin Wall, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. • Mary Lynn Wall, Education; Miami, Fla; Delta Delta Delta. • Douglas C. Waller, Oxford. • Samuel W. Waller, Jr., Pharmacy; Oxford: • Tommy Halton Walman, L. A.; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • Guy Aurdoch Ward, L. A.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Sigma pi. • Jane Elizabeth Ward, Commerce; Jackson; Phi Mu. • Emily Anne Warren, L. A.;, Louisville, Ky. • Bobby Frank Weatherly, Commerce; Clinton; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Benjamin V. L. Weathersby, L. A.; M cComb; Beta Theta Pi. • Charles J. Weeks, L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. Third Row: • Jerry Edward Weeks, Engineering; Oxford. • Carla Lee Weesner, Education; Miami Shores, Fla.; Delta Gamma. • Sandra Kay Welch, L. A.; Toomsuba. • David Kent Wells, Commerce; Madisonville, Ky. • Jan Elizabeth Wells, L. A.; Waynesboro; Zeta Tau Alpha. • James Harvey Wheeler, L. A.; Marion Ark.; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • Alvie F. White, Education; Oxford. • Bonnie Kay White, Education; Oxford. • Donald A. White, Commerce; Jackson. • Eddie P. White, L. A.; Booneville; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Jesse L. White, L. A.; Jackson; Beta Theta Pi. • Susan Carol White, L. A.; Holy Springs. Fifth Row: • Bruce L. Whyte, L. A.; Oliverea, N.Y.; Sigma Pi. • Richard Davis Wilcox, L. A.; Laurel; Sigma Nn. • William Paul Wilcox, L. A.; Greenville. • Jean Lee Wiley, L. A.; Cleveland; Phi Mu. • M. Wilkening, L. A.; Buckley, Il. • Clyde W. Williams, L. A.; Sedalia, Mo.; Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • Kathy Williams, L. A.; Amory. • Kay Williams, L. A.; Amory. • Linnie Diane Williams, Brookhaven; Phi Mu. • Becky L. Wilson, L. A.; Hopkinsville, Ky.; Delta Gamma. • David B. Wilson, L. A.; Jackson; Sigma Nu. • Edward Robert Wilson, L. A.; Sardis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • Martin B. Wilson, Engineering; Pennsauken, N.J. • Marshall Jean Wilt, L. A.; Tupelo. • Gwin D. Winter, Engineering; Bruce. • Carole Ann Wislocki, Education; Vicksburg; Kappa Delta. • Michael L. Womach, L. A.; Hattiesburg. • Pamela Jane Womack, L. A.; Memphis, Tenn. Eighth Row: • Fernie Wood, Commerce; Natchez; Kappa Alpha. • Robert Evans Woods, L. A.; New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha. • W. Browne Woodson, Alexandria, Va. • Middleton L. Wootten, III, L. A.; Pass Christian. • Charles Andrew Worsham, L. A.; Shreveport, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. • Thomas Haley Worthy, Commerce; Oxford. Ninth Row: • Allen Richard Yates, L. A.; Shelby; Phi Delta Theta. • James Walter Yawn, Commerce; • Desira Dawn Young, L. A.; Kettering, Ohio. • Thomas William Young, L. A.; Columbia, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Carla Marie L. A.; Cleveland; Delta Delta Delta. • R. P. Funderburk, L. A.; Olive Branch; Alpha Tau Omega. MARY VIRGINIA GODFREY Her zest for living exemplified her Christian life of God first, others second, and self last. " Tootsie " was a rare individual who will be long remembered for her love and devotion to her work and her fellow man. Her life is one which brought smiles of happiness and joy to each who came in contact with her Virginia ' s memory will radiate in our hearts forever. ..... . " Its not how long you live, but how well you live. UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA HENRY W. BOUNDS Director Would you open your trunk please? Traditional. In my spare time I work for the University Barber Shop. This Rebel really got welcomed. I ' ll take LSU and six. Shoot what? Miss It! No wonder they hit a power line! Young man on the way up. Yankee Go Home! Harvard vs. Yale. Let ' s talk Mississippi. U. S. 1, Mississippi 0. I don ' t know, I just don ' t know. What do you mean, registration ' s closed? Kiamie got through! Now, let me say this about that. After studying this with great vigah . Thank goodness I don ' t play the piccolo. Which I.D. card? No! those panty raids! To the victors go the spoils. Momma told me there ' d be days like this. Whadda mean we lost the game? Who put this trash in my box? A bill from Johnny ' s? Why don ' t I get six hundred letters a day? They ' re getting tough about those downs. I vote wet. I thought it would all come out in the wash. You throw a brick and I ' ll hit you with my umbrella. Playmate of the month .. . Father? I ' m not even married! Under the spreading Christmas tree the village drunk sits. It was this way, Dean .. . Take me to your Chancellor. The line-up! It ' s such a comfort to take a bus .. . How do you spell " Buck? " Bonnie ' s replacement ... What do you mean, you ' ve run out of clothes? I say marry me now. Midnight in Moscow. The Brower Boys. You make me sick! Once upon a time .. . Photo by Francis Gary Powers. The library gets put to its best use. Abbott, Hirschel T. Jr., 111, 247 Abbott, Jimmy D., 103, 312 Abbott, John Rush, 103, 312 Abbott, Walter Phillips, 91, 312 Abdalla, Sidney Jacob, 103, 312 Abdo, George E. Jr., 281 Abelein, Joann, 252 Abels, Cecil C., 252 Abernethy, Mary Rose, 129, 312 Abernethy, Lynn D., 261 Abernethy, Sylvia Nelle, 139, 21 Abernethy, Thomas A., 232, 252 Abernethy, Thomas G. Jr., 103, Ables, Betty Jean, 281 Abraham, George Ellis II, 107, 9 281 Abraham, Gerald Lynn, 298 Acree, Phyllis Louis, 129, 289 Adams, Barbara Ann, 281 Adams, Gardner S. 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Jr., 115, 283 Chase, Margaret May, 314 Chase, Vernon A., 283 Chatman, Gerald W., 115, 107, 314 Chatman, Mary Leila, 135, 314 Chatham, William Franklin, 314 Chen, Benjamin Teh-Kung, 253 Chenault, Joanne Eileen, 135, 314 Cheshire, S. Caroline, 141, 239, 284 Chevis, John Cecil Jr., 300 Childers, William Harvey, 264 Childress, Molly Rose, 141, 264 , Chin, Jimmy, 314 Chin, New Sing Jr., 264 Chitton, Babs, 125, 222, 249, 284 Choo, Lena Bing, 284 Chrestman, Michael Adam, 117, 28 Chrestman, Sylvia Faith, 284 Christy, James D., 91, 314 Chu, Edwin, 284 Church, Clarence, 300 Church, Wayne Durward, 245, 300 Churchill, Robert, 115, 284 Cirlot, Neal Wade, 99, 314 Clapper, Joyce Carole, 314 Clark, Alan Olsen, 95, 264 Clark, Anne Reedy, 125, 284 Clark, Claudia Ann, 127, 300 Clark, Gerald B., 91, 245, 253 Clark, Joanne E., 226, 284 Clark, John B., 264 Clark, John Calhoun, 264 Clark, Joseph William, 264 ( Clark, June Elizabeth, 139, 284 Clark, Richard 0., 113, 264 Clark, Travis H. 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R. Jr., 111, 265 Danks, Richard Browne, 300 Dantone, Jerry B., 91, 170, Darling, Bonnie Jones, 315 Darling, Charles Milton, 253 Darnell, Richard Hamlin, 113, 265 Darr, Carolyn Kay, 300 Darrington, Pauline G., 131, 265 Dathes, Dorothy K., 315 Davenport, Jean B., 141, 224, 248, 26. Davidson, Sylvia Dixye, 129, 265 Davis, Bobbye B., 265 Davis, Carl F., 97, 284 Davis, Charles Neil, 238, 248, 284 Davis, Charles R., 232, 253 Davis, Curtis Reed, 284 Davis, Della, 315 Davis, Elizabeth G., 127, 315 Davidson, Glen Harris, 253 Davis, Henry S. Jr., 253 Davis, Howard Q. Jr., 91, 300 Davis, James Wilbur, 115, 247, 253 Davis, Jill, 137, 218, 222, 285 Davis, Jimmy, 219, 315 Davis, Joel Vernon, 95, 216, 265 Davis, John P., 115, 315 , Davis, Katie Ernest, 285 Davis, Leonard B. Jr., 315 Davis, Robert Earl, 117, 170, 229, 285 Davis, Winston Robert, 300 Dawson, Karen Elizabeth; 206, 22( 224, 125, 248, 265 Day, James Batson, 91, 236, 237, 245, 265 Day, Randall E. Jr., 254 Dean, Linda Virginia, 300 Dean, Michael Roy, 300 Debuys, James W., 265 Deddens, Lloyd Elizabeth, 222, 249, 265 Dedeaux, Jimmy Glen, 107, 285 Dedeaux, Sidney James, 229, 254 Dee, Patricia Ann, 141, 265 Deese, James W., 265 Deering, Paul E., 285 Dehmer, Joseph T. Jr., 254 De Jean, Patrick K., 120, 254 Dekreek, Patricia Kay, 123, 300 Delgadillo, Mirna J., 285 Delgadillo, Ligia P., 300 Deline, Donald A., 115, 301 Dellinger, Marlin C., 107, 285 Deloach, May Perry, 135, 265 Delph, Fred Kevin, 215, 301 Dement, John Ernest, 315 Deming, Charles Ellis, 315 Denham, Ennis Paul Sr., 285 Dennis, Frances Jane, 141, 315 Dennis, Ronald Wayne, 285 Densing, Clarence Charles, 254 Densing, Gary Lane, 285 Densing, Lani Lee, 315 Dent, Paul A., 113, 265 Deterly, David A., 91, 229, 265 Deuschle, Diane Janet, 137, 218, 265 Devall, Susan Elizabeth, 131, 301 Devries, Hans, 93, 217, 315 Dewees, Herbert E., 99, 301 Dickson, Arthur D., 101, 216, 265 Dierker, Steve Douglas, 315 Diket, Merrill Edward Jr., 113, 285 Dill, Kenneth D., 111, 285 Dilworth, Hal Conn Jr., 301 Dilworth, Linda, 127, 265 Dobbs, Carter Jr., 93, 315 Doggett, John Evan, 113, 301 Dollahite, Jane Evlyn, 133, 301 Doherty, Charles L., 229, 254 Dollar, Carlos Ray, 215, 301 Donald, Sherry Ann, 125, 226, 285 Donaldson, Walter Terry, 216, 265 Donaldson, William Spencer, 315 Dong, Fay Chong, 232, 254 Dong, Mary, 239, 265 Dorrill, George Lee, 93, 315 Dorsey, Warren C., 103, 315 Dossett, Charlotte Ann, 131, 315 Doty, Glenn A., 315 Doty, Thomas Smith Jr., 222, 103, 265 Downer, Don Newsom, 101, 316 Downer, Joan Elaine, 129, 223, 244, 301 Downey, Clyde Jackson, 95, 217, 316 Downing, Carl S., 205, 232, 254 Downs, Donald Ray, 232, 254 Downs, John William, 232, 265 Dozier, Paul Edwin Jr., 91, 316 Drake, Gene, 101, 285 Dratnol, Arthur John, 316 Draper, Roderick V., 265 Draughn, James Batson Jr., 113, 265 Drenduff, J. Michael, 316 Drove, Charlotte Lee, 135, 265 Drew, Raymond M., 117, 170, 285 Driskell, Mitchell 0. Jr., 101, 285 Driver, Mary Wynette, 125, 316 Dubard, John A., 222, 316 Doubois, George J., 107, 316 Ducan, Jan Wiliam, 285 Duckworth, Dale Lee, 91, 301 Dumas, Jerry Campbell, 115, 237, 265 Dunavant, William A., 115, 285 Dunaway, Penny Conine, 133, 223, 301 Dunlap, Georgia Kay, 301 Dunn, Harold E., 301 Dunn, Helen Frances, 129, 316 Dunn, Jimmy Rogers, 316 Dunn, Linda Lee, 123, 316 Dunnaway, Phil Ray, 265 Dunwoody, Jack Alan, 215, 316 Duperier, Henry A., 99, 285 Durrett, Bettye Carolyn, 131, 206, 210, 239, 249, 266 Durso, Ronald Grant, 254 Duvall, R. Sam, 254 Dyer, Howard III, 99, 254 E Eadie, Charles James, 266 Eadie, Verda Anna, 266 Eakin, Katharine C., 266 Earnheart, Billie Soyce, 137, 316 Earls, Ray Clarke, 109, 285 Earthman, Nellanne, 224, 248, 285 Easley, Everette John, 91, 316 East, William W., 285 Easterby, Mary Caroline, 127, 266 Easterling, George Dixon, 266 Eaves, John Arthur, 236, 254 Ebbing, Joan, 135, 239, 285 Ebbing, Joyce Ramey, 135, 239, 285 Eberle, Rosie, 141, 266 Eckhardt, William G., 113, 205, 2 237, 266 Edgeworth, H. Gene, 11.7, 316 Edmondson, Alma J., 137, 285 Edmonson, Ben G., 101, 285 Edmondson, John David, 229, 234, ; Edmonson, Richard Mack, 101, 232, ; Edmundson, Cecil Scott, 254 Edwards, Betty Joan, 316 Edwards, George R., 91, 285 Edwards, Henry Banks Jr., 285 Edwards, Henry Cornelius, 285 Edwards, Robert D., 115, 217, 285 Edwards, Julian H. Jr., 95, 170, 266 Eib, Linda Ann, 139, 301 Elder, Barbara Ann, 137, 210, 224, 2 245, 301 Eldridge, Lem Frank, 285 Ellard, Barbara Jean, 316 Ellard, Ruth Brand, 285 Elliott, Charles M., 301 Elliott, Thomas Franklin, 316 Ellis, John E., 260 Ellis, Nancy Ann, 266 Ellis, Clyde Allen, 316 Ellis, Ralph Francis, 210, 301 Ellis, Randy, 285 Ellison, Patricia Ann, 125, 285 Ellzey, Jane, 135, 239, 316 Ellzey, Judy, 135, 316 Else, Donna Ruth, 141, 301 Elston, Ralph B., 93, 254 Ely, James Scott, 107, 316 Enchelmayer, Jean Gay, 301 Enchelmayer, Guy, 115, 316 English, Kitty Darnall , 226, 131, 281 Ervin, George Edward, 285 Ervin, Jack Bradley, 316 Estes, Herman Donald, 301 Estes, James K., 113, 285 Etheridge, Mary Elizabeth, 133, 2 301 Etter, Gay, 301 Eubanks, Alfred Thomas, 219, 247, 1 Eubank, Larry E., 285 Evans, Carolyn Asenath, 141, 285 Evans, Jack Edward, 316 Evans, Martha Ellen, 125, 266 Everett, Benjamin Johnson, 95, 30: Everitt, Douglas L., 99, 316 Everett, George A. Jr., 103, 285 Everett, Peter C., 285 Ewton, William Michael, 285 Ezell, Joe H., 115, 316 Ezell, Margaret Ann, 316 F Fair, Stewart Lyons, 127, 285 Faloon, John Thomas, 285 Faneca, Cy Thomas Jr., 93, 285 Farese, John Booth, 115, 316 Farmer, Bettye Jane, 254 Farrar, Robert Cecil, 316 Farrell, Richard M., 245, 266 Farris, Linda Jean, 125, 266 Faulk, Mary Christean, 301. Faulk, Mary Dana, 131, 316 Faure, Camile Nanette, 131, 239, 311 Fauver, Cecil W., 316 Fayard, Melvin F., 316 Fedric, Diane Mayes, 301 Feemster, Sara Anne, 131, 223, 244, Felder, Alfred Lee, 316 Fenstermacher, Marilyn, 127, 266 Fenstermacher, Richard H., 216, 261 Ferrell, Emuel M., 266 Ferrell, Marilyn Janet, 266 Ferrell, Yvonne, 266 Ferris, Mary Ann, 244, 301 Ferry, George J., 120, 266 Field, David Dudley, 316 Field, Richard J., 286 Fillare, Joseph Paul, 301 Findley, Gladys, 316 Finger, Anne Palmer, 131, 266 Fisher, Nathan Scott, 105, 170, 285 Fisher, Patricia Ruth, 133, 316 Fitzegerald, James Michael, 316 Fitzgerald, Zeb Felder, 266 Flagler, Robert L., 101, 238, 266 Fleming, Kay Dennis, 224, 129, 266 Fleming, S. H. R., 254 Flinn, George Shea Jr., 115, 301 Florian, Judy B., 135, 285 Flowers, Carolyn Dixon, 123, 224, 2 248, 266 Flowers, Carroll L., 115, 245, 301 Flowers, Charles Harry, 316 Floyd, Charles K. Jr., 91, 286 Floyd, Lewis Rowan III, 286 Floyd, Tom Sledge, 111, 301 Flynt, Sara Charlotte, 125, 286 Folk, Austin M., 316 Folk, Donald F., 316 Folk, Roger Leo, 266 Folkes, Billy R., 254 Fonderburk, R. P., 91 Foose, Robert M., 111, 301 Fooshee, Bobby Lynn, 115, 286 Foote, Claude Eugene, 111, 301 Forbes, George, 93, 266 Force, Larry Allen, 316 Ford, Anne Louise, 125, 316 Ford, Bessie Louise, 266 Ford, Cecil Atha, 103, 247, 266 Ford, Dennis M., 286 Ford, Fred Alan, 91, 236, 266 Ford, Gail Grace, 123, 239, 317 Ford, Harolyn J., 133, 216, 266 Ford, John Warren, 286 Ford, Lou Anne, 137, 286 Ford, Marie, 131, 301 Forrester, David B., 113, 266 Fortenberry, Mary Elaine, 266 Fortinberry, Eugene Victor, 317 Fossen, Leslie Julian, 217, 267 Foster, Arthur Gerald, 120, 286 Foster, Lee Pryor, 131. 301 Foster, Melinda Catherine, 242, 301 Foster, Wilson Jerome Jr., 317 Fowler, Becky Ann, 131, 224, 301 Fox, Jimmy Charles, 217, 317 Fox, Larry Irby, 286 Foxworth, Richard D., 254 Frackenpohl, Herbert M., 117, 267 Francesch, Renaldo, 254 Francis, Thomas W. Jr., 254 Francochi, Joseph Lee, 120, 317 Frank, George R., 267 Frank, James L., 120, 301 Franklin, Ronnie A., 111, 222, 286 Franklin, Sara Blanche, 301 Fraser, Shelly Lee, 129, 317 Frazer, Dan L., 301 Frazer, Henry A., 103, 254 Fredd, Allen William Jr., 119, 286 Fredrickson, Nancy A., 131, 224, 2 248, 301 Freeman, John C., 91, 286 Freeny, Carolyn Smith, 301 Freeny, Gordon Boyd, 267 French, Alice Dale, 133, 317 French, Bobbye Jean, 127, 286 Fridge, Jean L., 286 Friedly, C. Albert, 97, 317 Friend, Douglas Scott, 117, 301 Fulgham, Billy Lynn, 254 Fulton, Robert W., 115, 317 Funderburk, R. P., 327 Furnas, Bonnie Kay, 135, 301 Furr, Sarah Eva, 129, 301 Fuson, Elizabeth Gail, 302 Fyfe, Lady Margaret, 127, 286 G Gaia, William Gerald, 95, 302 Gaines, Benji Mac, 111, 302 Gaines, Edward Ray, 115, 254 Gaines, John Allen, 91, 245, 267 Gaines, Tony, 111, 267 Gaither, Thomas Alvin, 217, 234, 286 Galyean, Michael L., 113, 286 Gamard, Judith Ann, 286 Gambrell, William R. Jr., 239, 286 Gammill, Frank Elwin, 267 Gammill, Johnny C., 103, 286 Gann, D. Wayne, 286 Gannon, Robert M., 119, 286 Gardner, Amanda Carter, 137, 201, 1: Gardner, Judith Lee, 302 Gardner, Louise M., 129, 201, 223, 2 248, 302 Gardner, Nola Kaye, 302 Garmon, Thomas E., 254 Garner, Alice Ann, 125, 267 Garner, Beulah Marie, 317 Garner, Dewey Duane, 115, 254 Garner, Onyx P, Jr., 117, 317 Garraway, Charles W., 254 Garrett, Gynelle, 302 Garrett, Patricia Lorita, 317 Garrison, Joseph Edmond, 101., 317 Garrison, Norman A. II, 267 Garth, Gayle Louise, 131, 302 Gary, John L., 254 Gary, John Wesley III, 113, 302 Gaston, Chester D. Jr., 91, 317 Gastrell, Henry Martin, 103, 215, 30 Gates, Christine Murphree, 131, 1 245, 286 Gates, Charles G., 317 Gates, Sebelle Kyle, 302 Gautier, William Kirten, 103, 217, Gay, Marvin J., 286 Gayden, John Overton, 317 Gean, Ruth Ann, 226, 302 Gebhart, Leland D. Jr., 109 286 Geer, David Melvin, 286 Geiselman, Charles W. Jr., 302 Geisler, John F., 245, 286 Genin, Robert L. Jr., 286 Gennin, George S., 302 Gentry, Robert D., 109, 317 George, James Shelby, 103, 267 Gerrard, Jo Guyton, 302 Gerred, William Paul, 97, 286 Geske, Robert L., 215, 317 Geuder, James V., 236, 254 Ghabbour, Taha, 286 Gibbons, Sybil Pettus, 131, 302 Gibson, Gene P., 317 Gibson, George Dale, 115, 215, 267 Gibson, Janice Catherine, 133, 286 Gibson, William J., 232, 255 Giffen, Carol K., 125, 302 Gilbert, Gail, 137, 239, 317 Giles, William Allen, 302 Gill, John W. Jr., 99, 267 Gillespie, George Y. III, 97, 302 Gillespie, Rosalyn Ann, 127, 286 Gillis, Carolyn, 317 Gilluly, Mary Jane, 131, 317 Gillis, S. Elizabeth, 286 Gillis, William Shelton, 115, 302 Glass, Petsy Ellen, 245, 267 Glaze, Stephen Jordan, 103, 217, 31 ' Glenn, John B. Jr., 232, 255 Glover, Hampton Wingfield, 255 Godbold, Ruby Bankston, 127, 248, ; Godfrey, Mary Virginia, 267 Godwin, Patty Jo, 123, 286 Godwin, Rona ld Howard, 317 Godwin, Wesley Edward, 113, 286 Goetschius, Edith W., 317 Goldman, Frank Bernard, 317 Goldsbv, May Dean, 245, 286 Gong. Rung Woo Jr., 286 Gooch, Gerry Wood, 129, 206, 249, Gooch, Lanny Lee, 267 Gooch, Joye, 226, 286 Goodin, Barbara Faye, 224, 245, 2 267 Goodman. Jeanie, 141. 226, 286 Goodwin, Martha Hill, 131, 239. 31 ' Gordon, Elizabeth Ann, 224, 245, 2 267 Gordon, Joseph D., 255 Gordon, Martha W.. 267 Gore, Thomas 0., 286 Gorin, Barbara Jessie, 129, 317 Gorton, Walter Mack, 99, 286 Gottschalk, Karl David, 234. 287 Gough, Joseph Henry, 119, 287 Gould, Janet E., 302 Goulding, Eugene B., 287 Gowan, William A., 99, 287 Goza, M. Susan, 127, 302 Graeber, Chas. Lewis, 111, 287 Graeber, Raner N., 111, 317 Graham, Hardy P., 109, 234, 287 Graham, Karen Anne, 133, 317 Graham, Mitchell D., 287 Gramling, Robert E. Jr., 115, 234, 21 Grant, David Lawrence, 95, 302 Grant, Linda Bond, 131, 219, 267 Grant, Phillis E., 125, 317 Grant, Phyllis Miller, 129, 287 Grantham, Bonnie Lynn, 255 Grantham, Charles S. Jr., 255 Grantham, Cindy, 135, 287 Grantham, Glen Earl, 113, 317 Grantham, Larry Lloyd, 91, 302 Grantham, Walter Edwin II, 255 Gratz, Stephanie Jo, 133, 302 Graves, Finley, 317 Graves, Jerry Thomas, 302 Graves, Pat Henry Jr., 255 Greely, R. G., 255 Graves, Virginia Ann, 287 Gray, David M., 120, 287 Gray, Martha Lynn, 129, 302 Gray, Nancy Jane, 127, 302 Gray, Shirley Lucille, 317 Grayson, Charles Ray, 287 Green, Bobby Gene, 287 Green, George W. HI, 107, 317 Green, Sharon Hall, 125, 317 Greene, Richard Oscar, 287 Greenwell, William Scott, 107. 317 Greer, Alfred Walter, 111. 317 Gregory, John Garvin, 91, 267 Gremillyion, Sidney Roger, 93, 255 Greve, Gay Grundy, 127, 255 Griffin, Glenn Clifton, 267 Griffin, Sue Ellen, 133, 287 Griffith, Dale G. Jr., 216, 267 Griffith, Julius Virgil, 115. 317 Griffith, Sedgie Ford Jr., 317 Grishman, David B., 105, 317 Grisham, Roy Anrold, 255 Grisham, Shannon Gandy, 317 Groves, Flloyd A., 117, 302 Grubbs, Clinton Julian, 317 Grubbs, Deitra Elaine, 317 Guiney, Alyce Charlene, 137, 287 Guion, Victoria, 287 Gullett, James L., 255 Gullett, James M., 302 Gunn, William Carl, 95, 302 Gunter, John Richmond, 109, 267 Guttery, John M., 115, 302 Guy, William Sidney, 255 Guyton, David Hudson Jr., 113, 237, 247, 267 Guyton, David Lee, 113, 234, 302 Guyton, Gretta Holt, 214, 287 Gwin, Arnold Fredrick, 99, 232, 255 Haber, Sue Ellen, 127, 267 Haden, Joel Watkins, 113, 267 Hadley, Carolyn Anne, 239, 302 Haig, Dolores Dross, 125, 302 Hailey, Andy, 302 Halley, Joe, 101, 302 Hairston, Emma Clark, 131, 267 Hale, Gene Perry, 267 Hale, Martha Jane, 287 Hale, Sandra Pearl, 133, 239, 267 Haley, Fred M. Jr., 99, 318 Haley, Suzanne, 129, 242, 302 Halford, Travis E., 216, 238, 267 Hall, Billy Don, 287 Hall, Cherry, 318 Hall, Claude Tully, 318 Hall, Don Clark, 91, 236. 268 Hall, Donald George, 302 Hall, Janet H., 268 Hall, Karon Brown, 287 Hall, Mary Neal, 129, 287 Hall, W. Whaley, 109, 268 Halliday, Roberta Mae, 135, 318 Ham, Robert, 302 Hamachek, Annabelle Ellen, 137, 318 Hamberlin, Kathryn Lou, 226, 318 Hamblin, Bobby Wayne, 255 Hamill, Bob, 109, 302 Hamill, William E., 115, 268 Hamilton, Julia Sullivan, 131, 318 Hamilton, Martha, 127, 287 Hamilton, Patricia Lee, 318 Hamilton, Sarah Janet, 127, 318 Hammon, Sara Jane, 210, 318 Hampton, John James 95, 318 Hanbery, Glyn William, 115, 219, 287 Hanbery, John H., 115, 268 Hankins, Warren M., 255 Hanna, Nancy Marie, 302 Hanna, Ronald V., 120, 287 Hannah, Byron G., 216, 238, 268 Hannah, Katherine Thomas, 268 Hansen, Alan George, 107, 318 Hansen, Earl H., 318 Hanson, Charles R., 215, 268 Haralson, Hugh H., 287 Haralson, Willis C., 109, 318 Haraway, David M., 91, 318 Harbour, Nan P., 287 Hardin, Ann, 137, 222, 287 Hardin, Dianne, 287 Hardin, Jo Ann, 137, 239. 268 Hardy, Larry Curtis, 115, 287 Harmon, Barbara Jeanne, 131, 210, 318 Harp, Billy W., 222, 268 Harp, Lindsay Hale, 93, 170, 287 Harper, Elizabeth, 135, 318 Harper, Harriet Loyd, 133, 222, 223, 302 Harper, John W., 318 Harper, Linda Jean, 224, 287 Harper, Randall D., 302 Harpole, Linda Lee, 125, 287 Harrell, Griffin H , 302 Harrington, Brad C., 107, 216, 287 Harrington, Wilkie Nile, 318 Harris, Barbara Ann, 129, 318 Harris, Jan, 133, 303 Harris, Jeweldean, 318 Harris, John Robert III, 318 Harris, Marilyn Frances, 131, 303 Harris, Nancy Jane, 318 Harris, Phillip Gerald, 303 Harris, Ronald D., 318 Harris, Samuel Buford, 287 Harris, Vida Hazel, 125, 268 Harris, Wayne Stanley, 303 Harrison, George C. Jr., 215, 287 Harrison, James M., 268 Harrison, John Carl, 318 Harrison, Robert Lynn, 303 Harrison, Sandra Jane, 318 Hart, Anne Wright, 133, 318 Hart, William A., 111, 303 Hartley, Jean Alice, 318 Hartley, Joseph Cullen Jr., 109, 11 268 Hartwell, Judith Anne, 287 Harwood, Roseann E., 133, 201, 303 Haskins, Helene Louise, 129, 287 Hataway, Jimmy Earl, 268 Hathcote, Donna J., 137, 303 Hauberg, Robert E. Jr., 93, 234, 303 Hawk, Sandra Ann, 133, 303 Hawkins, James 0., 115, 318 Hawkins, Rowland S., 111, 215, 268 Hayles, George Carlton, 287 Haynes, Henry William, 109, 215, 2: 287 Haynes, M. Paul Jr., 103, 287 Haynie, Cheryl Anne, 133, 318 Haywood, Charles Edward, 113, 268 Heaberlin, Conley H., 107, 318 Heaps, Terry Donovan, 287 Heard, Cullum J., 287 Hearin, Annie Laurie, 133, 268 Heath, Bedford F. Jr., 2C3 Hedgepeth, James Thomas, 318 Heggie, Wallace E., 115, 303 Heidel, James B., 303 Heidinger, Philip, 268 Hellums, Betty Ann, 318 Heiner, Anna Evellyn, 137, 318 Hemleben, Myrle Richards, 255 Hemleben, Sylvester John, 232, 255 Himpill, Judy Lee, 129, 318 Henderson, Carolyn Jane, 137, 226, 2 Henderson, David Manning, 95, 2: 268 Henderson, Pamela Jean, 318 Henderson, Sumpter H., 255 Henderson, Willis Walley, 255 Henrich, Betsy Harper, 125, 318 Henry, David Berch, 117, 303 Henson, Charles G., 101, 268 Herberger, Marjorie Ann, 268 Herbert, Durwood D., 111, 303 Herbowy, Taras John, 303 Herman, Harry R., 99, 238, 287 Herndon, Frank Murrah, 107, 245, 2, 268 Herndon, James Ray, 109, 318 Herrera, Anthony J., 113, 303 Herrin, J. B., 288 Herring, Hartwell Cushman, 288 Herring, James K., 255 Herring, John Charles, 303 Herrington, Michael, 115, 318 Hervey, Leslie David Jr., 95, 268 Hester, Kathrin Healy, 135, 210, 2 223, 244, 303 Hewes, Mary H., 133, 288 Heyward, Susan Patricia, 139, 318 Hickman, Dixie Ells, 133, 318 Hickman, Travis Gerald, 236, 255 Hicks, David Lynn, 115, 222, 231, 2, 268 Higginbotham, John M., 318 Higginbotham, Larry Ford, 113, 288 Hildreth, Anna Beverly, 131, 288 Higginbotham, Leonard H., 268 Higgins, Patricia Day, 137, 318 Hightower, Bonnie Lee, 318 Hill, Belinda Jane, 125, 268 Hill, Billy John, 303 Hill, Helen K., 123, 303 Hill, John Charles, 288 Hill, Mary Virginia, 123, 318 Hill, Raymond Carl, 303 Hill, Robert M. Jr., 255 Hill, Vick, 107, 222, 268 Himelstein, Arnold, 303 Hinds, Howard R., 109, 268 Hines, Sally Moore, 139, 288 Hinman, Lawrence Lee, 303 Hinsch, Sally Ann, 137, 223, 268 Hinson, Betty Anne, 268 Hinson, Jon Clifton, 109, 288 Hinton, Ben Terry, 288 Hinton, Donald E., 115, 303 Hipp, Max Davis, 317 Hitchcock, James Walter, 113, 21 268 Hitt, Les, 129, 288 Hobby, Jeanie E., 127, 288 Hobgood, James Robert, 255 Hock, June Carroll, 255 Hodge, Elbert C. Jr., 103, 303 Hodge, John W. Jr., 303 Hodge, Wilson Eugene, 238, 303 Hodges, Glenda, 269 Hodges, William Clark, 319 Hodgson, Michael F., 115, 303 Hoellen, Karen Lee, 133, 269 Hogue, Lloyd Eades, 107, 319 Holcomb, Charles Howard, 303 Holden, Barbara, 269 Holder, Larry Eugene, 288 Holley, Peggy Yvonne, 269 Holliday, Mary Ann, 135, 319 Hollingsworth, Jeff, 103, 234, 30: Hollis, Jay Lawrence, 115, 319 Holloway, A. J., 269 Holloway, Dale Patricia, 288 Hollowell, Clara Anita, 319 Holman, Marion David, 303 Holmes, Herbie Hutson, 319 Holmes, John Franklin, 111, 30: Holmes, Miller P. Jr., 111, 234, Holmes, Rudolph Henry, 111, 28: Holmes, Sidney G., 288 Holstein, Norman Richard, 303 Homich, George Hardin, 95, 302 Hood, Frank Ellis, 303 Hood, Jack Wade, 288 Hood, Kay Carole, 319 Hooke, Henry E., 111, 237, 269 Hookel, Charles Parker, 111, 211 269 Hooker, Judy Carol, 288 Hope, William M., 111, 319 Hopkins, Lynn, 131, 288 Hopkins, Thomas Davis, 269 Hopper, William C. Jr., 107, 303 Horn, Carrol D., 232, 288 Horne, Michael Allan, 103, 234, Horton, Thomas Homer, 109, 28: Horvath, Edward Joseph, 303 Houston, Reuben Kidd Jr., 99, 25 Hovis, Guy Lee Jr., 115, 219, 26 ' Howard, Ben Robin, 115, 269 Howard, John M., 217, 269 Howell, Bobby B., 232, 255 Howell, James M., 319 Howell, Keith G., 288 Howell, Prentice Lucille, 255 Howsam, Edwin Earl, 111, 319 Hubbard, Karla Kaye, 123, 319 Hudnall, James Melvin, 269 Hudson, Carroll Walker, 303 Hudson, Charlie A., 303 Hudson, Hannis Herndon, 303 Hudson, Judy Carole, 141, 319 Hudson, Paula G., 141, 201, 210, Hudson, Rayford R. III, 113. 255 Hudson, Stephanie Jean, 303 Huff, James Knox III, 109, 319 Huffman, Dennis Lee, 288 Hughes, Becky Ann, 135, 319 Hughes, Daniel Clyde, 113, 304 Hughes, Marcia Ann, 319 Hughey, Ronald E., 269 Hulett, Frederick H., 103, 288 Hulsey, Elizabeth Anne, 242, 30 Humber, Lillian J., 129, 206, 231 Hummel, Marylouise, 135, 319 Humphreys, Jessie Yancey, 131, Humphreys, Kay, 226, 319 Humphreys, Sandra Gayle, 304 Hunger, Frank W., 111, 255 Hunt, Gloria Gayle, 288 Hunt, James W., 255 Hunter, Dannye Lee, 256 Hunter, Leslie B. Jr., 304 Hunter, Michael, 288 Hurdle, Jesse K. Jr., 109, 304 Husband, Robert E., 232, 256 Hussey, Joe, 269 Hutchcraft, Winn Varnom, 97, Hyde, Patricia Lou, 137, 319 Hyde, Jennie Lee, 269 Hyde, Robert Dean, 288 Hylen, Micharlene 0. P., 269 Idema, Thomas H., 304 Ineichen, Linda Lee, 269 Ingle, Nancy, 123, 304 Ingram, Mildred Anne, 125, 319 Ingram, William C., 109, 319 Ingrassia, Linda D., 125, 304 Inman, June Annrae, 137, 288 , Inmon, Michael Lundie, 245, 304 Irby, Braxter P., 113, 319 Irby, Frank M., 115, 304 Irland, James M. Jr., 119, 288 Ives, Florence H., 256 Ivy, Charles Milton, 93, 256 Ivy, J. Carroll, 238, 269 Ivy, Linda Ray, 244, 288 Ivy, Vivian D., 319 Izard, Phillips H. Jr., 237, 269 J Jabour, John Wayne, 107, 216, 283 Jaburg, Conrad John, 304 Jackson, George Ann, 133, 248, 269 Jackson, Jimmy Smith, 101, 304 Jackson, Joe Reid, 269 Jackson, Martha Ann, 304 Jackson, Robert Thomas, 113, 288 Jackson, Sterling Gray, 113, 269 Jacobs, Linda Louise, 133, 288 Jaen, Edgardo A., 217, 256 James, Mildred Ann, 137, 222, 249, James, Ronald Walter, 109, 269 James, Suzanne, 319 James, William B., 288 Jameson, Clarence H., 222, 269 Jameson, Herbert M., 107, 304 Janous, Billy G., 304 Jayne, Bruce C., 91, 234, 304 Jenkins, Dorothy Louise, 304 Jeffries, John L., 256 Jennings, Harold C., 113, 304 Jenkins, John Thomas, 288 Jennings, Jon A., 91, 319 Jennings, Randolph L., 269 Jennings, William F., 99, 269 Jernyn, Bobby Ray, 95, 269 Jeter, Jerri L., 127, 239, 288 Jobe, Janet D., 123, 269 Johnson, Carolyn Kay, 131, 226, 2 245, 248, 269 Johnson, Charlotte Q., 224, 245, 261 Johnson, Claudia Dit, 127, 226, 304 Johnson, Connie Sue. 256 Johnson, Donald Gene, 91, 304 Johnson, Frank Edwin, 217, 288 Johnson, Gary W., 288 Johnson, Henry E. Jr., 256 Johnson, James H., 109, 304 Johnson, Jimmy P., 319 Johnson, John D., 113, 215, 237, 261 Johnson, John K. Jr., 111, 288 Johnson, Larry Leo, 113, 237, 247, 271 Johnson, Lon C., 101, 304 Johnson, Margaret, 141, 304 Johnson, Mary Deshazo, 129, 223, 2 304 Johnson, Paul Hayne, 103, 319 Johnson, Paul William, 93, 319 Johnson, Roger Carl, 115, 304 Johnson, Russell A., 113, 304 Johnson, Sara Ann, 304 Johnson, Susan Garth, 270 Johnson, William L., 256 Johnston, Sydney Carolyn, 131, 288 Jones, Ann B., 129, 319 Jones, Carolyn Lenoir, 137, 270 Jones, Cassandra, 131, 222, 288 Jones, Catherine Grace, 270 Jones, Cecil Baron Jr., 99, 270 Jones, David Allan, 288 Jones, Donald D., 111, 319 Jones, Dorothy Duncan, 129, 304 Jones, Emory Davis, 319 Jones, Fern Virginia, 139, 319 Jones, Frank W., 91, 215, 288 Jones, Fredric E., 304 Jones, George E. Jr., 288 Jones, Gladstone N. Jr., 113, 256 Jones, Hal Trotter, 288 Jones, Harris W., 319 Jones, Harry, 256 Jones, Jack Lee, 113, 238, 256, 270 Jones, James Harold, 115, 319 Jones, Jennifer Helen, 135, 319 Jones, Jerry Lee, 103, 216, 270 Jones, Jimmy Wayne, 113, 215, 270 Jones, John Edwin, 256 John N., 304 Jones, Julie, 135, 270 Jones, Kathleen R., 226, 288 Jones, Mary Launa, 127, 239, 304 Jones, Patricia Ann, 226, 270 Jones, Paul Tudor, 111, 256 Jones, Robert Louis, 319 Jones, Sarah Sudbeck, 304 Jones, Sharon Anne, 319 Jones, Sydney Lundy, 101, 289 Jones, Thomas Crawford, 99, 319 Jones, Ted, 289 Jones, Ted L., 256 Jones, Thomas R., 270 Jones, William Hamp, 113, 270 Jones, William T., 103, 205, 232, 256 Joplin, Ioa Rebecca, 289 Jordan, Bill J., 256 Jordan, Charles S., 91, 215, 319 Jordan, German Eubank, 216, 289 Jordan, H. Lee, 113, 170, 289 Jordan, Henry Hunter Jr., 304 Jordan, Hillard Earl, 113, 319 Jordan, Jack B., 113, 238, 270 Jordan, Talmage Harry, 91, 319 Jordy, Stephanie Alethia, 127, 289 Josephson, Judy Ann, 131, 270 Judge, Elizabeth Anne, 133, 270 Judge, Judy Kay, 133, 319 Jue, George H., 232, 304 Jue, Gladys, 256 Jue, Jessie, 319 Jue, Lilly Faye, 245, 319 Jue, Lin Fay, 245, 270 Kaigler, James S., 304 Kaiser, Nan Kathryn, 135, 270 Kalif, Barbara Adgia, 123, 289 Kamman, John Newman Jr., 119, 334 Kane, Virginia M., 289 Kaplan, Harry Morris, 270 Kaplan, Ro y Irving, 105, 270 Karsten, Kay Lynn, 131, 201, 223, 304 Keaton, Mary J., 127, 319 Keenan, Jerry Pepper, 111, 304 Keenan, Judith Carolyn, 127, 289 Kees, Susan, 133, 320 Kees, W. Van Jr., 101, 256 Keesee, Morris J. III, 103, 320 Keifer, Sandra Rae, 304 Keith, George Curtis, 103, 170, 270 Kelley, Alva Lynne, 123, 289 Kellum, J. L., 289 Kelso, Kenneth Wayne, 320 Kemp, Mendal Gene, 109, 304 Kennedy, Virginia H., 270 Kenney, Margaret R., 123, 289 Kern, Joseph Chester, 115, 270 Kerr, Carolyn Lee, 123, 210, 223, 249, 289 Kerr, Carolyn Reddoch, 127, 320 Kerr, Martha Elizabeth, 270 Kerr, Robert Lee, 115, 320 Kersting, Elizabeth Anne, 135, 320 Kessinger, Donald E., 115, 289 Kcye, Karol Jean, 133, 289 Klaus, Judith Hall, 131, 320 , Kibble, C. Arthur, 232, 289 Killingsworth, Ann, 135, 320 Kilpatrick, James William, 236, 270 Kilpatrick, Martin A., 91, 304 Kimble, Kathryn Compton, 270 Kimbrough, Sarah Elizabeth, 129, 249, 289 Kinard, Frank M. Jr., 289 Kinard, George M., 113, 245, 320 Kinard, John M., 320 King, John Lee, 270 King, John Wallace, 245, 289 King, Martha Amy, 320 King, Mary Louise, 127, 270 King, Ogwen Lamar, 289 King, Patricia, 133, 320 Kinkade, Frank S., 236, 270 Kincade, Robert P. Jr., 113, 304 Kiny, Roger Terry, 119, 289 Kipp, Karen Dean, 129, 320 Kirk, Larry Dale, 320 Kirkham, John Nolen Jr., 91, 234, 270 Kiszka, Patsy Chet, 320 Kitchens, Ben E., 305 Klenner, Mary Anne, 289 Klenser, Gutrude Louise, 320 Kline, Adrienne Lili, 123, 320 Klotz, Carmen Susan, 135, 201, 223, 305 Klyce, Diane, 131, 201, 289 Knight, Clayton Stephen, 115, 320 Knight, David Arthur, 289 Knight, Mary Hoover, 139, 320 Knight, Susan Elizabeth, 320 Koehler, John Douglas, 305 Koen, Donald F., 289 Kondor, William M., 289 Kormeier, William C., 95, 305 Guy Carleton, 289 Kroell, Elise Marie, 129, 320 Kurts, James Martin, 289 Laberge, Marianne, 129, 305 Lack, Jean Ann, 270 Lackey, Linda Joy, 127, 239, 270 Lacy, Arthur Allen, 270 Lacy, Jack Brooks, 305 Ladner, Claude Julius, 109, 245, 1- Ladner, Mary Eloise, 127, 271 Laird, Earl Lee, 289 Laird, Kay Rockett, 127, 271 Laird, Robert Myers, 99, 271 Lamar, Carolyn Elizabeth, 133, Lamar, Julia Mayfield, 320 Lamar, Thomas Eugene, 113, 271 Lamb, Billy Grauette, 113, 216, 23 Lamb, Thomas L., 113, 289 Landry, Dennis M. Jr., 232, 256 Lane, Becky, 131, 305 Lane, Nancy Germany, 271 Lane, Patricia Ann, 123, 271 Lane, William Edward, 111, 216, Langston, Ledon, 214, 289 Langston, M. Lenora, 289 Lankford, Jimmy G., 271 Lanoux, Joe Hudson, 111, 289 Lanter, Lewis, 271 Lape, Willard Odas, 115, 305 Larkin, Betty Sue, 131, 320 Larroux, Jean F., 101, 305 Larry, Walter Charles, 271 Larson, James Edgar, 216, 271 Larson, Lou, 289 Larson, Lucie Ellen, 139, 222, 24; Larson, Sue, 289 Latham, Joseph Brooks, 271 Latham, Luther G., 256 Latimer, Rosemary, 133, 226, 305 Latting, Judith Ann, 226, 320 Laughter, Sandra Diane, 320 Lawhon, Andy Paul, 115, 305 Lawrence, M. Bradley, 234, 271 Laws, Albert H., 99, 214, 234, 271 Lazarus, Herman Lee, 256 Lea. Billy Ray, 289 Lea, Nathaniel Wilson, 111, 289 Leach, Howard Owen, 271 Leach, Jo Ann, 141, 320 Leach, Pamela Ann, 305 Leblanc, Sydney Lynn, 320 Lee, A. J., 305 Lee, Clement, 305 Lee, Dicki C., 131, 305 Lee, Joseph B. III, 91, 289 Lee, Mary Anne, 141, 320 Lee, Robert Dale, 271 Lee, Robert E. 109, 305 Lee, Ronald W., 320 Lee, Van Ellis, 95, 256 Leeper, James T., 238, 289 Leggett, Treva Anne, 305 Lennon, Robert L., 91, 256 Lentjes, Fred William, 201, 217, 245 271 Leonard, Betty Boyd, 131, 305 Leonard, Clark S., 95, 289 Lesley, Herman M. Jr., 305 Lessley, Mason W., 95, 305 Lester, Garner Wallace, 109, 305 Lester, George Harden, 115, 320 Lester, Horace Baxter Jr., 113, 21 ' Lewis, Clayton Taylor, 271 Lewis, Douglas B., 105, 271 Lewis, Fenwick Stewart, 103, 320 Lewis, John Mallory, 217, 271 Lewis, Mary P., 289 Lewis, 0. Vernon, 119, 320 Leydon, Robert Louis, 271 Lickfold, Mary Sharp, 129, 289 Lidstrom, Richard E., 101, 271 Lightbody, Lonna Lee, 141, 320 Ligon, Janey Pauline, 139, 226, 3 Ligon, Loydale Griffin, 139, 320 Ligon, Waite Edward III, 97, 305 Lile, John Stanley, 305 Liles, Priscilla, 271 Lilja, Ralph Barry, 320 Lindsey, Mary Margaret, 137, 231 Lindsey, Robbie L., 137, 305 Linkroum, Nancy 305 Liollio, Angelo D., 289 Lippincott, John Maxey, 305 Lipscomb, Ernest B., 103, 215, 2 ' Lipscomb, Marie M., 127, 320 Lipscomb, William Beck, 93, 210 305 Little, Jamie Ray, 305 Little, Jerry Lynn, 271 Little, Linda Holly, 201, 239, 271 Littlefield, Olivia Wain, 135, 226 289 Littlejohn, Ivey Jean, 224, 248, 271 Littlejohn, Marianna, 131, 223, 242, 245, 305 Livingston, Jeanne G., 133, 320 Lobrano, Edward P., 256 Lobrano, Jacqueline E., 290 Lobue, John David, 109, 232, 290 Loe, May, 245, 271 Logan, Martha Carolyn, 271 Lokey, Brenda Leo, 135, 305 Lomax, John T. Jr., 91, 320 Long, Clifford Durwood Jr., 320 Long, Gordon Edward, 115, 320 Long, Harriet McGee, 139, 290 Long, Marilyn Ann, 320 Longino, John Thomas, 103, 305 Longino, Lucille W., 127, 271 Loper, Amelia Catherine, 127, 320 Lorentz, Robert Parker, 321 Lott, Chester Trent, 115, 222, 272 Lott, Edna Green, 127, 223, 305 Lotterhos, Joseph E., 99, 321 Lotterhos, Julius L., 9, 117, 272 Love, Dell, 305 Love, Hugh Marshall, 111, 234, 290 Love, James S. HI, 103, 321 Love, Vicky Ann, 129, 290 Lovelace, Miles H., 256 Lovett, William Lee, 109, 272 Lovorn, Patricia Dair, 224, 245, 272 Lowe, Carol Clark, 272 Lowery, John W., 99, 305 Lowrance, Bill Carr, 321 Luke, Glenda J., 137, 201, 210, 29C Lum, Albert Brady, 111, 247, 248, Lurie, Robert 111., 217, 290 Lusk, Glenn Louis, 215, 321 Luster, Dianne, 133, 305 Lynch, John Francis III, 93, 205, ' 237, 272 Lyons, Louis Clayton, 115, 290 M MacDonald, K. Virginia, 123, 210, MacGavock, Donald Francis, 305 Machtolff, Richard Stephen, 272 MacKenzie, Craig Alan, 238, 290 Mackey, Bea, 123, 305 Maddox, James Barry, 103. 305 Maddox, Jan Melinda, 127, 249, 27 Maddock, Wendy Jayne, 141, 321 Madeo, Robert A., 120, 272 Madson, James R., 107, 321 Magee, James Robert, 101, 229, 290 Magee, Joe Phillip, 215, 272 Magee, Richard Wilson, 101, 272 Magruder, William Thornton, 256 Mann, Al, 256 Malcolm, Amanda Harriet, 305 Mallette, James Elmore Jr., 111, 1 305 Mallette, Kaffie E., 290 Malone, Margie Joyce, 226, 272 Maloney, Bridget Louise, 131, 290 Malouf, A. Mitchell, 272 Malouf, Mayme Faye, 249, 305 Malta, Frank Joseph, 216, 272 Manifold, George William, 91, 321 Manley, Stuart Lovell, 305 Mann, Margaret Pope, 321 Mann, Ruth Virginia, 133, 223, 248, Mann, William F., 272 Manning, Renee, 129, 305 Mansour, Joseph Thomas, 109, 321 Marchbanks, Dick Hall, 115, 306 Marlin, Linda Adele, 306 Marlowe, Judith Lucille, 139, 321 Martiniere, Priscilla B., 129, 290 Marshall, Eleanor Jane, 272 Marshall, Mary K., 123, 306 Marshall, Francis C. Jr., 109, 321 Martin, Claude Donald, 115, 321 Martin, Gil, 321 Martin, Harriet Reid, 306 Martin, James L., 99, 321 Martin, Newton Hall Jr., 272 Martin, John William Jr., 321 Martin, William Miley, 99, 306 Mashburn, Mary Lou, 272 Mashburn, Troy L., 113, 290 Mason, David Van Ness, 111, 321 Mason, Jerry Gordon, 103, 290 Mason, Nancy S., 321 Mason, Woodie Lynn, 321 Massey, Fred M., 321 Massey, Mary Nelle, 141, 290 Mathews, Dan Robbins, 95, 290 Mathews, Wm. Eugene, 321 Matthews, William Archie, 256 Mattina, Rodney Anthony, 290 Mattox, Lisa Marilyn, 242, 272 Mavar, Nick Jr., 91, 219, 220, ; Mavar, Sam J., 306 Maxey, Dannie Catherine, 131, Maxwell, Clyde E. Jr., 290 Maxwell, James W., 290 Maxwell, John Caldwell, 109, Maxwell, Patricia Jo, 306 May, Charles Joseph, 256 May, Lynn, 290 May, Mary Sue, 127, 290 Mayen, Velia Ann, 137, 223, 306 Mayer, James Ivan, 216, 238, 2 Mayfield, Ralph Powell, 111, 2 Mayhall, Ken Taylor, 117, 272 Maynard, John H., 117, 321 Maynard, Lucie Lee, 129, 272 Mayorga, Maria S., 256 Mays, Lorann, 131, 321 Mays, Robert L., 115, 306 McAfee, Leonard C. Jr., 95, 321 McAllister, Phil Maurice, 91, 2 McArthur, James Leo, 115, 321 McBee, Bailey H., 306 McCaa, Bari Lynn, 131, 290 McCardle, Larry R., 306 MacCarty, Joseph C. III, 321 McCaslin, Henry Eugene, 103, McCarson, Marjorie E., 135, a McClanahaw, Hal H. H. HI, 92 McClintock, George T. Jr., 272 McClure, Jacquelyn, 133, 321 McClure, Peggy, 139, 290 McCollum, Harry Edward, 91, McCool, Grady Lynn, 103, 321 McCord, Billy Q., 272 McCormick, Linda Elizabeth, 1 306 McCoy, Charles K., 290 McCoy, Marguerite Olivia, 135, McCoy, Sandra Jayne, 290 McCracken, Willette L., 306 McCreight, Allen H., 236, 256 McCullouch, Reba Elizabeth. 1 McCully, Margaret Ann, 131, 2; 321 McDaniel, Clarence A., 306 McDavitt, Ardeth Deann, 321 McDavitt, Richard Charles, 115 McDonald, Judith Gail, 123, 306 McDonald, Paul Jr., 290 McDonnell, Sally Weems, 133, 2 McDougal, John Small, 272 McDuff, Marcia Ann, 135, 306 McElbaney, Michael J. Jr., 321 McElroy, Marianne, 139, 321 McElwain, Carolyn Ann, 131, 31 McElwee, Sandra Kay, 290 McGar, Thomas Bryan, 115, 21 McGavack, John Jr., 257 McGee, Martin, 115, 321 McGehee, Hary Smith, 101, 321 McGehee, John W., 290 McGehee, Mary Patricia, 139, 2 McGehee, Robert Cullen, 101, 2 McGlathery, William T. III, 103 McGonagill, Sharron L., 123, 2 McGugin, Virginia Fite, 129, 306 McHaney, Robert L. Jr., 257 McIlwain, Bertha V., 217, 321 McIngvale, George S., 95, 290 McInnes, Patricia Ellen, 141, 21 272 McInnis, D. C., 113, 290 McInnis, Pat, 135, 201, 248, 290 McIntosh, Charles A. Jr., 109, McIntosh, Dan A. III, 99, 257 McIntosh, Robert Joseph, 95, a McIntyre, James Byrd, 306 McIntyre, John S. Jr., 99, 257 McIntyre, Phyllis Lynn, 123, 22 McKay, Corwin Lee, 306 McKeigney, Alexander F., 113, McKeithen, William S. II, 306 McKenzie, Georgia Mae, 133, a McKeown, Dorothy Carole, 127, McKibben, Dana Clifton, 321 McKinnon, Dan Wilson, 306 McKinnon, Louise Rae, 137, 290 McLain, Allen Gray, 215, 273 McLain, William 0., 236, 257 McLarty, William T., 290 McLaughlin, James G., 217, 3F McLaurin, Maxine C., 127, 223, McLaurin, Prentiss C., 91, 273 McLean, Lenore Kimbrough, 12 McLemore, Laura Lynn, 141, 2; 290 McLendon, M. Gage, 127, 306 McMillan, Charles R., 107, 322 McMillan, Fred Lee Jr., 91, 214, 273 McMillan, Joan Constance, 123, 226, 273 McMinn, Carol Ann, 290 McMullan, George K. Jr., 103, 214, 290 McMullan, John Barton Jr., 91, 214, 290 McMullan, Patricia, 135, 216, 248, 273 McMullen, William L. Jr., 95, 322 McNeese, Thomas Darrell, 113, 306 McPhail, Robert Louis, 257 McQueen, Marvin Earl, 322 McRae, Charles Robert, 322 McRae, Sibyl, 127, 206, 222, 249, 273 McRaney, Robert T. Jr., 214, 234, 306 McRay, Thomas Alan, 120, 291 McRee, Michael T., 99, 306 McWeeny, Anne Webster, 141, 273 Meador, Alfred Lamar, 109, 291 Meason, Susan Jane, 133, 306 Medley, Archie Gene, 291 Meek, Edwin E., 257 Megel, Lawrence Alven Jr., 111, 273 Melikian, Kachy L., 117, 306 Mellon, Joe Smith Jr., 115, 273 Mellon, Richard Curtis, 322 Mellon, Robert Clark, 115, 215, 322 Melton, Floyd M. Jr., 103, 306 Mendez, Jose Luis, 257 Menendez, Jesus S., 257 Menz, John Lee, 117, 291 Merkel, Charles M., 113, 273 Meschino, Luciano, 257 Metcalf, N. George, 306 Metz, John S., 111, 306 Metz, Robert Joe, 245, 291 Meurrier, Fairy Ann, 137, 273 Mhoon, John Colton, 107, 322 Michael, Lattimore M. 99, 170, 306 Michelbach, Mike J. 306 Mieher, Sara Jane, 139, 291 Milam, James Alton, 306 Miles, Bonnie Bell, 291 Miles, Charles Davis, 322 Miles, Edwin U., 273 Miller, Anita Jo, 306 Miller, Donald S. Jr., 273 Miller, Jack Jordan, 91, 322 Miller, Jane Ethel, 226, 291 Miller, John Roger, 215, 291 Miller, Paul Oscar III, 93, 306 Miller, Reveland, 291 Miller, Sharron Lee, 306 Miller, Thomas D., 103, 322 Millice, Carl Theodore, 109, 306 Mills, Audrey Lucille, 141, 216, 306 Mills, Elvin W., 322 Mills, Gerald D., 111, 306 Mills, Richard Lamar, 291 Milner, Ronald Albert, 306 Mims, Joe Jr., 237, 273 Mims, Samuel Cochran IV, 291 Mims, T. Marvin, 307 Minihan, Rose Mary, 249, 257 Minor, Virgil A., 91, 273 Mitchell, Bettye, 123, 307 Mitchell, Carla, 222, 273 Mitchell, Charles Roy, 322 Mitchell, Henry Raymond, 115, 307 Mitchell, Jimmy Ray, 232, 236, 273 Mitchell, Margaret Nell, 273 Mitchell, Mitchell Allan, 91, 273 Mitchell, Sharon Inez, 244, 307 Mitchell, William Albert, 307 Mixon, Charles Paul, 291 Mixon, Flo Cobb, 291 Mize, Rebecca Dianne, 322 Mize, Sidney Louise, 133, 307 Moak, Donald Lewis, 236, 257 Mohler, John W. 307 Moniot, Charles Leon, 232, 257 Monroe, George S., 236, 273 Monroe, Gerrard Wayne, 322 Monson, Constance Ann, 123, 322 Montgomery, Mary Read, 129, 322 Montgomery, Paul Jr., 232, 257 Montgomery, Thomas R., 113, 234, 337 Montjoy, Gid, 111, 322 Montjoy, Robert S., 113, 322 Moody, Alice Gay, 239, 273 Moody, Margaret Tipton, 131, 273 Moore, Ari Van Jr., 103, 215, 291 Moore, Barbara Kay, 322 Moore, D. Rook III, 113, 273 Moore, Floyd E., 117, 307 Moore, Frank Thomas Jr., 93, 291 Moore, James Gary, 291 Moore, Jimmy Ryan, 307 Moore, John Roger, 113, 234, 307 Moore, Laura Lynne, 322 Moore, Louise, 129, 206, 273 Moore, Majorie Anne, 127, 322 Moore, Patsy, 129, 224, 307 Moore, Robert Wendell, 273 Moore, Sandra Elaine, 141, 242, 29 ' Moore, Sherry Ann, 135, 273 Moore, Thomas David, 257 Moreland, Charles Wilton, 322 Moorhead, Doyle Benton, 232, 257 Morgan, Carolyne V., 226, 322 Morgan, Frank Jr., 257 Morgan, George T., 291 Morgan, Joe Glen, 291 Morgan, L. James, 111, 322 Morgan, Scarlotte, 248, 273 Morgan, Victor M., 245. 273 Morris, Charles A. 257 Morris, James Phillip, 115, 291 Morris, John Thomas, 103, 234, 30 ' Morris, John Wesley, 93, 322 Morris, Larry L., 115, 322 Morris, Robert, 322 Morris, Thomas Hanley, 322 Morris, ' William Howard, 95, 291 Morris, William Thomas, 113, 291 Morrison, Rosalene, 133, 226, 273 Morrow, John Phillip, 322 Mortimer, John A. Jr., 99, 273 Moscoso, Beatriz Victoria, 291. Moser, Mary Rosaland, 291 Mosier, Clyde Roger, 95, 273 Moss, Betty Creech, 291 Moss, Fred E., 232, 257 Moss, John Charles, 109, 217, 291 Moss, John T., 291 Moss, Mary Jolene, 322 Mounger, Veronica, 129, 239, 291 Mounger, William Harris, Jr., 103, Mouron, Bertrand D. Jr., 257 Mowers, Berton F., 273 Mozingo, James Robert Jr., 257 Edward Grove, 107, 3: Mullen, Mary Evonne, 137, 322 Mullendore, Shelia Kathryn, 322 Mullin, Patsy Anne, 127, 291 Mullins, Margaret Jane, 322 Mullins, Thomas J., 307 Mullins, Wendell Phillip, 97, 215, 291 Munn, Elizabeth Anne, 133, 307 Munn, Patricia, 133, 291 Murfee, Faye, 137, 322 Murphey, Betsy, 131, 291 Murphey, Joseph B., 257 Murphree, Buford Coleman, 217, Murphree, Dennis H., 99, 307 Murphree, Mimi, 133, 239, 291 Murphy, Barbara Kay, 291 Murphy, Betsy A., 133, 307 Murphy, Evelyn Marie, 224, 248, 2 ' Murphy, James Loyal, 322 Murphy, Katherine Louise, 133, 291 Murphy, Marilyn Dortch, 291. Murphy, Roberta Jean, 307 Murphy, William Ruie, 307 Murray, James Lynn, 307 Myers, Bobby Ray, 322 Myers, Genie, 322 N Nabors, Charles Edward, 307 Naff, Margaret D., 131, 322 Nail, Lura G., 222, 249, 307 Nail, Nick L. Jr., 103, 247, 274 Naro, Edward Louis, 107, 307 Nash, Jonathon M., 91, 245, 291 Nassour, Ellis M., 291 Neal, Christopher L., 115, 307 Neal, Edward Murray, 307 Neal, Thomas Ellis, 232, 274 Neblett, George Rives, 103, 307 Needham, Bonnie Beth, 291 Neely, Margaret S., 131, 291 Neelly, W. Richard, 113, 322 Neill, Janice Colguitt, 123, 322 Neilson, Rosalyn, 133, 222, 224, 2411, Nelms, Charles M., Ill, 322 Nelson, Charles Leslie, 111, 322 Nelson, Gan, 127, 291 Nelson, James M., 307 Nelson, Judith Ann, 127, 291 Nelson, Michael Leroy, 113, 301 ' Nettles, Rebecca E., 137, 322 Neubert, Hunter Stevens, 257 Newark, Theodore Elmer, 274 Newell, Jerry E., 291 Newman, Carolyn Puryear, 129, 29 Newman, James C. Jr., 217, 292 Neyland, Munson Cole, 109, 292 Nicholas, William Loughran, Nicols, Alfred G. Jr., 113, 231 Nichols, Anna Eleanor, 274 Nichols, Buddy R., 115, 323 Nichols, Dorthy Nettles, 127, Nichols, Martha H., 127, 292 Nickle, Brent R., 101, 292 Nix, Ida K., 121, 307 Nix, Jerry Ruth, 292 Noah, Catherine Adair, 131, 2: Noble, Ed Davis, 99, 292 Noblin, John Thomas, 257 Noble, John W., 99, 323 Noel, Judith Tubb, 257 Nored, Robert E., 103, 323 Norman, Chuch, 323 Norris, Nancy Ann, 137, 292 Norris, William Glyn, 323 Northup, Lynne Diane, 307 Northup, Terry E., 239, 274 Noss, Charles Henry, 274 Nowell, Richard M., 113, 236, Null, Thomas Calvin, 117, 32 Nunnery, Eleanor E., 137, 29 Nute, Charles R., 307 0 Oakman, Robert Lee III, 232 Obeirne, Thomas Joseph, 27, OBrien, William Edwin, 99, 3 ODaniel, James Morris, 292 Odom, Honey, 129, 292 Odom, Joe H. Jr., 292 Odom, Johnney L., 292 Odom, Patricia Dale, 292 Ogden, Tab, 127, 242, 323 Oglesbee, David F., 307 Oglesby, Curtis Wayne, 307 Oglesby, Jerry Leon, 292 Ogletree, Jeanine, 141, 222, 2z Ogletree, William Clay, 115, Oliphant, Van Norwood, 238, Olson, Gaylord Conrad, 111, Olson, John Edward, 307 Omas, George A., 274 Oneal, James M., 115, 257 Osborne, Paul Edward, 257 Osborne, Robert Frank, 245, 3 Oswald, John S. II, 107, 274 Oswalt, Michael Van, 323 Ott, Georgia Ellis, 129, 323 Ousley, Judith Rochelle, 133, Outlaw, E. Lanny, 292 Outlaw, Harriet F., 274 Owen, Clyde Wilkerson Jr., 292 Owen, Janice Olita, 307 Owen, Mary Evelyn, 292 Owen, Robert M., 99, 292 Owen, Samuel W., 111, 274 Ownby, J. T., 323 Pacchione, Massie Charles, Pace, Mary Lou, 135, 222, 292 Paden, Carl Wm., 93, 323 Paine, Ann Faulkner, 131, a Paine, Robert W., 274 Palm, Elmer Carl, 245, 292 Palma, Robert Thomas, 120, 2 Palmer, Emory H., 101, 307 Palmer, Lynda Jean, 137, 222 Palmer, Patricia Olivia, 127, Palmer, Walter H., 107, 292 Palmer, William J., 119, 307 Palmore, Regnald E. III, 107, Pang, Carolyn, 323 Pannell, Robert Nelson, 97, 2 Parkerson, Jimmy Royce, 113 Park, Yong Sook, 257 Parker, Alan Mixon, 115, 307 Parker, Mary Kay, 292 Parker, Robert E. Jr., 103, 32 Parks, Bob King, 91, 229, 292 Parrish, Clarence S., 257 Parrish, Joan Eubanks, 257 Parsons, Richard Wayne, 292 Parsons, William Brock, 99, Partridge, John D., 323 Paschall, Charlann, 123, 222, Pasco, Patrick J., 120, 292 Pate, William Dee, 119, 274 Patel, Dinesbhai C., 215, 308 Patel, Shantilal C., 292 Patterson, Aubrey B. Jr., 91, Patterson, Martha Sue, 135, 3 Patterson, Phillip Lane, 109, 2 Patton, Mary Caroline, 133, 21 Patty, John C., 292 Payne, Gilbert Bruce, 109, 29 Payne, Jo Ann, 129, 274 Payne, Lucinda Lee, 323 Payne, Lucy Lee, 129, 308 Payne, Shirley Virginia, 129, 223, 308 Payne, William S., 25 7 Peacock, Marian Joyce, 210, 323 Pearson, Ann, 292 Peden, James Alton Jr., 93, 323 Pedersen, Jack Lee, 323 Pegram, Mary Hall, 133, 248, 274 Pehl, Patricia Ann, 133, 292 Pendleton, Charles S., 113, 258 Pendleton, Melissa Ann, 127, 323 Pennington, Doyle L., 292 Pepper, Tina, 308 Pepper, William Allen Jr., 115, 222, Pepple, Penelope Celeste, 222, 292 Peresich, Eugene Adam III, 274 Peresich, Ronald Giles, 308 Perkins, John E., 95, 292 Perkins, Richie E., 115, 292 Perpich, Catherine, 308 Perry, Bobby G., 258 Perry, Marsha Rosalyn, 139, 308 Perlstein, Maurice Charles, 105, 293 Perry, F. Edwin, 293 Perry, Mary Dianne, 137, 214, 293 Perry, Marion M., 91, 217, 246, 274 Person, George D., 293 Petering, George W., 107, 308 Petkovsek, Dorothy Jean, 308 Pettey, Thomas J., 308 Pettigrew, Gray Keith, 323 Pettis, Ben M., 111, 216. 274 Pfister, Ellen Louise, 258 Phay, Andrew John, 91, 308 Phillips, Carol Jean, 226, 239, 308 Phillips, Cary Alton, 115, 308 Phillips, Don Knox, 216, 238, 274 Phillips, Edmund J. Jr., 258 Phillips, Herbert S. Jr., 93, 258 Phillips, Lars Ole, 101, 215, 308 Phillips, Martha Rives, 239, 323 Phillips, Robert Lewis, 93, 308 Phillips, Sam H., 103, 323 Phillips, Weldon Patrick, 91, 323 Phinney, William F., 216, 238, 29: Phyfer, Ruby Marmon, 129, 293 Piccatto, Marilyn Ann, 308 Pickle, Guy Warren, 308 Pierce, Harmon B., 258 Pierce, Nancy Carroll, 131, 308 Pierce, Rosemary, 323 Pifer, Betty Dean, 274 Pike, Mary Anne, 293 Pinkerton, James T., 293 Pittman, Crymes George, 103, 274 Pittman, Mary Evelyn, 308 Pittman, Raidford L., 258 Plunkett, Joyce Roye, 274 Poiencot, Glenn Paul. 245, 323 Polk, Carolyn, 137, 274 Polk, Jane Hill, 137, 323 Polizzi, Lee, 293 Pollard, Margaret F., 293 Pongett, Anthony, 293 Pool, Robert B., 293 Poole, Otis Glenn, 99, 323 Poovey, Phil G. Jr., 91, 245, 308 Pope, E. Jane, 133, 239, 275 Port, Judieth Evelyn, 308 Porter, Ann Carr, 131, 275 ' Porter, Martha Carol, 131, 308 Portera, Joe ,John, 293 Posey, Carolyn, 308 Potts, James B. Jr., 258 Povall, Allie S. Jr., 109, 275 Powell, June Annette, 293 Powell, Travis A., 275 Powers, Dartha Lill, 141, 275 Powers, Maria Hilliard, 127, 275 Poythress, Philip Lamar, 308 Pratt, Archie L. Jr., 215, 275 Presley, David, 115, 323 Prestage, Roy D., 275 Preston, Nancy Jean, 141, 275 Prevost, Debris Adell, 133, 293 Prewett, Hubert Powell, 245, 323 Price, Betty Ann, 223, 244, 308 Price, George L., 275 Price, James Edwin Jr., 323 Price, James W. Jr., 111, 308 Price, John David, 293 Price, Johnny W., 308 Price, Libby, 323 Price, Wanda J., 123, 210, 293 Prichard, Tanya Jane, 123, 323 Prichard, Valarie Gail, 308 Prince, Andrew E., 107, 308 Prince, George, 215, 323 Prince, Thomas J. Jr., 113, 247, 2P Pringle, Victor B. Jr., 258 Privette, Belle Frances, 210, 223, 244, 308 Proehl, Donald J., 107, 275 Profilet, William B. Jr., 109, 323 Puckett, M. Bernard, 115, 323 Pugh, Beverly S., 137, 245, 308 Pugh, Jack Jolly, 323 Pulliam, Bettye Leigh, 127, 239, 323 Purifoy, Jon A., 275 Purifoy, Philip Bruce, 258 Purnell, Thomas Mitchell, 258 Pyle, William Arnold, 93, 293 Quick, Faye, 323 Quin, Hillrie M., 107, 308 Quinn, Barbara Ann, 141, 275 Quinn, David F., 308 Quinn, Martha Ellen, 135, 293 Quon, John Paul, 293 Raborn, Pat H., 117, 308 RadCliff, Lucy L., 127, 293 Radcliffe, Nancy, 135, 239, 293 Radcliffe, Terry, 245, 323 Raines, Eustice Grady, 109, 275 Rainey, Paula Banks, 293 Raley, Terry James, 232, 258 Rampy, Edward Whitson, 245, 323 Ramsay, Stewart Holm, 115, 324 Ramsey, Harriett Shirley, 324 Ramsey, Jacqueline R., 123, 324 Randle, Thomas A., 214, 293 Raney, Ronnie Earl, 308 Rankin, Elizabeth May, 137, 293 Rankin, John P., 234, 308 Rankin, Terry Van, 217, 236, 246, 275 Rash, Louis D., 217, 275 Raspberry, Lynda Lee, 141, 308 Ratcliff, Mary Aileen, 131, 239, 308 Ratliff, Edward Carl, 275 Ratliff, James Roy, 101, 234, 245, 293 Rawlings, William James, 117, 216, 275 Rawson, Glenda Lynn, 133, 324 Ray, Arthur Earl Jr., 109, 219, 220, 234, 247, 275 Ray, Charles M., 99, 275 Ray, Mary Ann, 324 Ray, Patricia E., 131, 293 Ray, Penny, 139, 293 Ray, Starr Leland, 308 Ray, Thomas B., 99, 238, 293 Rayner, George A., 308 Rea, Martha, 135, 201, 223, 308 Rea, Merrilyn K., 127, 293 Reaves, Charles Edwin, 293 Rebelsky, Beth Jean, 293 Reecht, Richard Andre, 93, 324 Reed, Jerry F., 258 Reed, Jimmie Cecil, 107, 308 Reed, John Franklin Jr., 308 Reed, Margaret R., 131, 293 Reed, Robin Ann, 141, 275 Reese, Shonie Newman, 258 Regalbuto, Robert R., 293 Regan, Bobby Parker, 113, 324 Regan, William Ben, 91, 308 Reid, Vicki, 224, 248, 293 Renault, Franklin Louis, 120, 275 Renter, John R. III, 93, 324 Renfro, Graves Lee, 99, 275 Reynolds, Aubrey Carl, 324 Reynolds, Newt Rowan, 95, 293 Rice, Jo Thomas I., 113, 293 Rich, Dorothy Helen, 309 Richards, Grover C., 258 Richards, Mildred Ware, 258 Richardson, Brent Alan, 258 Richardson, Frank T. III, 216, 275 Richardson, Thomas J., 324 Richmond, Albert V. Jr., 275 Rickman, Sidney Marie, 258 Riddick, Joan Kay, 245, 293 Ridgeway, Sara, 22, 324 Rieves, Jimmie Pet, 131, 324 Rigby, George E. Jr., 117, 215, 275 Riggs, Jerry Ann, 309 Rikard, Gerald Colley, 309 Riley, Donnie Dean, 115, 258 Rimmer, Bunny, 222, 293 Rimmer, Stephen Wales, 109, 293 Ritchie, Marie, 131, 324 Riter, Charles B., 238, 309 Rivenbark, Carey G., 127, 293 Roach, John G. Jr., 258 Roaten, Billy Gordon, 275 Robbins, John Norman, 309 Robbins, Marianna, 129, 324 Roberson, Nancy Hill, 131, 324 Roberson, William H., 111, 274 Roberts, Betsy, 133, 309 Roberts, Eugene Edwin, 309 Roberts, Gayle Diane, 309 Roberts, Gaylen Cooper, 115, 205 210, 275 Roberts, Jimmy Price, 237, 275 Roberts, Joseph M., 101, 217, 29: Roberts, Lloyd Eugene, 115, 324 Roberts, Pama Lou, 293 Roberts, Phillip Ernest, 216, 293 Roberts, Samuel Howard, 275 Roberts, Thomas Glover, 293 Roberts, William Jackson, 274, 27 Robertson, Gerald M., 309 Robertson, Herschel Edgar, 324 Robertson, Hubert Cecil, 294 Robertson, Jerry Dean, 258 Robertson, John Allen, 258 Robertson, John William, 103, 309 Robertson, Kenneth B., 258 Robertson, Leroy Taylor, 309 Robertson, Lucie Patton, 133, 29, Robertson, Mary Lawton, 276 Robertson, Orville G., 276 Robilio, John Peter, 111, 216, 271 Robinson, Beverly Gwen, 123, 249 Robinson, George Robert, 232, 25 Robinson, Jimmy Burrell, 101, 32 Robinson, Patricia Ann, 201, 268 Robinson, Patsy Lou, 276 Robinson, Sammie Joel, 276 Robinson, Sharon Eyleen, 137, 32, Robinson, William Henry, 324 Rochelle, William Byron, 324 Rochester, James C., 309 Rogero, Albert L. Jr., 107, 245, 2l Rogers, Ann Spencer, 127, 210, 29, Rogers, Edith Gayle, 324 Rogers, Herbert G. III, 103, 294 Rogers, Howell Wade, 309 Rogers, James Caldwell, 113, 271 Rogers, Larry Thomas, 119, 294 Rogers, Rosanne, 324 Rogers, Tommy C., 113, 309 Rogers, William Levi, 113, 210, 31 Rolison, Margaret E., 324 Rollins, Elmo Avery Jr., 258 Rosato, Peter III, 95, 324 Ross, Allan Semmes Jr., 109, 222, Ross, John Curlee Jr., 109, 276 Ross, Richard Douglas, 210, 309 Ross, Richard Lee, 276 Ross, Sandra C., 309 Ross, Sandra Elizabeth, 127, 324 Ross, Stanford Lynn, 247, 276 Ross, Sylvia Patterson, 127, 294 Roten, Donald P., 276 Rotenberry, Scottye C., 245, 309 Roth, Donald H., 258 Rothchild, Gail Frances, 324 Rousseau, Marilyn Joyce, 294 Rowland, Patricia Ann, 309 Rowland, Roberta Kay, 294 Roy, Danny W., 324 Roy, Rudolph J. Jr., 120, 276 Rozolsky, Wesley B., 105, 309 Ruble, Avis Lynne, 129, 276 Rueff, James Louis, 115, 237, 271 Ruffin, Burlson G., 294 Rummel, George A. III, 276 Runnels, James Gary, 248, 276 Rush, Brenda Lynn, 324 Rush, Marcus Leroy III, 294 Russell, Donald P., 309 Russum, Glenn Marion, 258 Russell, James F., 113, 205, 231, 276 Russell, Linda Lou, 276 Russell, Richard H., 234, 294 Russell, Robert Larry, 294 Russell, Sandra Ruth, 131, 324 Russell, Sara Frances, 222, 249, 21 Ruth, Jane W., 276 Rutherford, Glenn Alison, 276 Rutherford, Ruth Ann. 324 Rutledge, Alva H., 217, 276 Ryan, Michael Evans, 113, 309 S Salloum, Joe N., 103, 294 . Salloum, Lydia Mary, 276 Samons, Sallie Lynn, 324 Sampson, William S., 111, 324 Sams, Lucius F. Jr., 205, 258 Sanders, Arthur Raye, 236, 258 Sanders, Camille, 135, 294 Sanders, Fred Louis, 294 Sanders, Mary L., 294 Sanders, Sandra Sue, 129, 324 Sanderson, Linda Raye, 309 Sanderson, M. Nahtoma, 248, 276 Sandridge, Freddie Karen, 127, 2 Sansom, Anye Sue, 206, 224, 242 248, 276 Santa, C. Richard, 205, 215, 222, 236, 276 Sartain, Jimmy Dale, 324 Sartin, John Ray Jr., 324 Sartor, Elizabeth Ann, 210, 223, 3 Sartor, Thomas Douglas, 294 Sasser, Jessie Carolyn, 137, 276 Saucier, Glenn James, 294 Saul, Robert W. Jr., 91, 245, 276 Sauls, Larry Jay, 218, 234, 236, 2! Saunders, Nancy Elaine, 324 Savage, Peggy, 137, 223, 244, 309 Saxton, Jane, 276 Scarbrough, Patricia D., 309 Scarbrough, Sandra, 324 Schad, Terry Adam, 324 Scharr, David Orwin, 210, 217, 2 ' Schilling, Nancy Kathryn, 294 Schillinger, Sandra Lee, 141, 276 Schneider, Frederick A., 324 Schneider, Harold J., 258 Schnieders, John Craig, 294 Schramm, Frederick C. Jr., 91, 31 Scheiter, Spencer Louis, 324 Schroeder, Charles Willard, 309 Schroeder, Ernest R., 258 Schroeder, William Milton, 294 Schurtz, Francis A. Jr., 107, 309 Schwabe, Jay A. III, 111, 276 Schwalje, John Richard, 101, 216, 277 Schwarz, Charles Albert, 95, 309 Schwent, John Thomas, 324 Sconyers, David J., 277 Scott, Betty May, 294 Scott, Elizabeth Lee, 127, 324 Scott, Mary Ann, 309 Scott, Lynn H., 127, 277 Scrivener, James Paul, 309 Scruggs, Robert P. III, 324 Seabold, John Stewart, 101, 170, Searfus, William Henry, 309 Seawright, Robert Daniel, 259 Seay, Elizabeth Ellen, 131, 223, 309 Segrest, David H., 111, 325 Seibels, Robert Emmet, 325 Selby, Pegy, 277 Senf, Chester G., 259 Seth, Bill, 277 Seu, Frances, 325 Seu, Frieda, 277 Seymore, James David, 91, 309 Shaddock, Joanne, 127, 294 Shaffer, Dianne Jeanne, 123, 242, Sharpe, Edward Reese, 277 Shaw, Mary Taylor, 294 Shaw, Timothy Dale, 325 Sheffield, Don W., 236, 277 Sheffield, Harold H., 259 Sheldon, Anson H. Jr., 99, 294 Shelton, Ernest L. III, 99, 259 Shelton, Thomas Edwin, 103, 325 Shephard, Robert 0. Jr., 309 Sherman, Marshall Robert, 325 Sherman, Stanley Stein, 259 Sherrard, James E., 99, 309 Sherrill, Judy Lynn, 137, 325 Sheth, Manharlal K., 259 Shimrak, Ray S., 309 Shinault, Ronald N., 325 Shipp, Bernard Loring, 107, 325 Shirley, Jo Anne, 127, 325 Shoemake, Lily Ruth, 276 Shoemaker, Samuel C. Jr., 325 Shoemaker, Susan, 137, 325 Shoemaker, William Millard, 109 Shofner, Camille Rutledge, 309 Showah, J. Mike, 109, 294 Shults, H. Suezann, 137, 294 Shurtleff, W. King, 95, 294 Sidelinger, Nita Diane, 325 Simms, Judy, 141, 309 Simmons, Samuel C., 259 Simpson, Catherine B., 131, 325 Simpson, John S., 115, 170, 216, 277 Julia Toy, 133, 210, 325 Simrall, Bell N. III, 99, 294 Sims, James Robert, 277 Sims, V. Hugo, 309 Singletrry, Susan Lane, 141, 309 Singer, Linda Louise, 294 Sinnott, Gale, 137, 206, 210, 277 Skeen, Kitty Reeve, 249, 309 Skinner, Betty Gail, 294 Skinner, Scotty W., 129, 277 Skipper, Eleanor Wynn, 239, 294 Sklar, Nancy Louise, 135, 294 Slater, Betty, 277 Slaughter, Logan Allen, 109, 294 Slay, Jack C., 277 Sledge, James Harold, 294 Sloas, Harold Andrew, 107, 170, 25 Smallwood, Harvy Myers, 99, 236, Smith, Ben Barrett, 95, 294 Smith, Benny G., 113, 325 Smith, Cecil 0., 277 Smith, Clark H., 215, 309 Smith, Corolin, 137, 310 Smith, Dave Reid, 109, 325 Smith, Dennis Edward, 277 Smith, Donald M., 91, 325 Smith, Elizabeth Anne, 325 Smith, Elizabeth Patricia, 133, 239, Smith, Elson Raymond, 99, 325 Smith, Emmitt D., 294 Smith, Hugh Virden, 294 Smith, Jack Lawrence, 259 Smith, James E. Jr., 310 Smith, James Frank, 295 Smith, James Roland, 111, 325 Smith, Julie D., 123, 310 Smith, Kathy Ellen, 277 Smith, Kendric Earl, 234, 310 Smith, Kenneth 0., 218, 310 Smith, Larry Gilbert, 111, 295 Smith, Lawrence C., 222, 310 Smith, Martha Blanche, 310 Smith, Martha M., 295 Smith, Marvin Herbert, 105, 277 Smith, Morgan Hollinger, 277 Smith, Ralph Gay, 111, 295 Smith, Robert Allen, 115, 325 Smith, Roy Lamar, 277 Smith, Sue Frances, 277 Smith, Suzanne Michau, 135, 295 Smith, Sidney L. Jr., 217, 310 Smith, Sydney Allen, 103, 205, 234, 277 Smith, Taylor B., 259 Smith, Tom, 91, 295 Smith, Vicki Marche, 135, 310 Smith, Waymon Andrew, 310 Smith, Witt Jr., 115, 325 Smitherman, Larry W., 295 Snapp, Thomas Carter, 259 Snellings, Elizabeth, 277 Snider, Carol Jane, 277 Snider, Sharon Ruth, 325 Snyder, Edwin Arnold, 115, 310 Soloman, Jimmy L., 234, 277 Sowell, Sandra Ann, 141, 277 Spain, Vinda Alice, 133, 295 Spann, Julius V., 217, 325 Speck, Glynda Larue, 295 Speck, James Wilson, 277 Speed, Alfred Martin, 232, 295 Speed, Joe Liston, 99, 295 Speed, V. Lynne, 141, 277 Spencer, Carl D., 295 Spiars, Margaret Ray, 135, 242, 295 Spiers, Juel Wood, 310 Spivey, Lawrence Morris, 99, 277 Spivey, Lloyd G. Jr., 111, 205, 232, Spraberry, Nancy Anne, 224, 248, 29 Sprabery, Archie Patrick, 214, 295 Spratlin, Frederick D., 310 Springer, Sally Marie, 245, 248, 295 Stablman, Hugh I. III, 91, 216, 278 Stahlman, James Devereaux, 91, 325 Stalnaker, Beverly Jean, 226, 310 Stalvey, Richard Lawrence, 325 Stampley, Richard U. III, 325 Stanley, Fred Edwin Jr., 215, 325 Stanton, Jimmy H., 259 Steckler, Sanford Richard, 236, 259 Steele, Jane Patterson, 139, 295 Steele, Katie E., 295 Steele, Linda Ann, 222, 239, 325 Steen, James Southworth, 259 Steijen, Dianna, 131, 239, 310 Stelly, Herbert James, 259 Stennis, Thomas L. II, 259 Stephens, Hubert D. III, 113, 259 Stephens, Marilyn Dale, 295 Stephenson, Gary Ben, 310 Stephenson, Ronald H., 295 Stevens, Carol R., 135, 239, 295 Stevens, Lawton Terry Jr., 95, 310 Stevens, William Lee, 113, 278 Stevenson, Robert S., 115, 325 Stewart, Brenda, 137, 325 Stewart, I. Dudley, 99, 295 Stewart, Jacob Lee Sr., 259 Stewart, Milinda Rivers, 129, 295 Stewart, R. Darryl, 215, 278 Still, Dianne S., 129, 325 Still, Lee Hudson, 310 Stockett, Robert Nicholas, 99, 278 Stockton, David Lee, 217, 295 Stogner, William Dale, 101, 278 Stone, Charles Glenn, 91, 278 Stone, Linda Diane, 141, 325 Stone, Linda Lu, 151, 325 Stone, Tommy F., 101, 216, 278 Stone, William Charles, 310 Stout, Thomas E. Jr., 278 Strahan, Charles W., 229, 295 Strange, John Edward, 295 Stratmann, Charles I., 278 Straub, Barbara F., 135, 325 Strauss, Harry Clarence, 99, 259 Strauss, Patricia S., 259 Strawbridge, Patricia C., 129, 295 Streed, William Eric, 91, 325 Stribling, Thelma Kathleen, 325 Strickland, Alfred Edwin, 325 Strickland, Charlene, 245, 295 Strickland, Robert M., 219, 278 Stroud, Mary Jean, 310 Stuart, James Franklin, 295 Sturdivant, Dorothy Jane, 295 Sturges, Mary Sue, 310 Sturtevant, William H., 101, 310 Suares, John C., 103, 295 Sullivan, John C. Jr., 232, 259 Sullivan, Marjorie Alice, 129, 325 Sullivan, William Banker, 259 Sullivant, Anne Lewis, 127, 325 Sumner, Jim C., 111, 325 Sumners, John H., 310 Sumners, Minor Cobb, 295 Sumrall, Hiram Cassedy, 103, 295 Sumrall, Lynda Cheryl, 325 Sutherlin, Marauerit M., 248, 295 Sutton, Donna Dean, 210, 325 Sutton, Larry Eston, 295 Swalm, Sherman W., 111, 310 Sweat, Rich ard Harvey, 310 Swindoll, George Mitchell, 93, 259 Swinney, Patricia Lee, 278 Sykes, James B. Jr., 113, 278 Tableriou, Nicholas Jay, 107, 310 Tackett, Carole Lee, 295 Taintor, Charlotte Anne, 325 Taintor, Jesse Brooks, 310 Talbert, J. Barry, 278 Tan, Tze Min, 259 Tardy, John C., 101, 278 Tate, Chester Lee Jr., 217, 259 Tate, Frederick G., 101, 278 Tate, Hardin . Jr., 115, 295 Tatum, Roger Perry, 278 Taylor, Boyce Arnold, 232, 236, 259 Taylor, Caroline Lindsey, 127, 295 Taylor, Edmund Warren, 91, 326 Taylor, Elizabeth Dale, 137, 326 Taylor, Gary Buchanan, 99, 326 Taylor, James Lauvon Jr., 215, 310 Taylor, Jane Elizabeth, 295 Taylor, Joe How ard, 259 Taylor, Linda Del, 295 Taylor, Marilyn Lewis, 295 Taylor, Michael Byron, 91, 295 Taylor, Michael E., 109, 326 Taylor, Ruth Anne, 129, 278 Teasler, Rachael Valeria, 326 Teichert, Stella, 244, 310 Teller, Landman J., 113, 278 Tenfelde, Thomas Bernard, 97, 278 Teng, Chu-Yang, 259 Terney, Champ T., 115, 259 Terrell, Ellen Adine, 129, 278 Thames, John H., 99, 295 Thaxton, James C., 113, 295 Thielker, Richard William, 107, 295 Thigpen, James Tate, 109, 234, 310 Thimmes, Katharine B., 131, 310 Thole, Michael John, 326 Thomas, Carol Susan, 326 Thomas, David Dee, 109, 296 Thomas, Ernest George, 95, 296 Thomas, James Wooten, 296 Thomas, Nancy Jean, 137, 239, 296 Thomas, Robert S., 310 Thomas, Sister M. Alanop, 259 Thompson, Betty Ann, 278 Thompson, Dexter M. Jr., 107, 326 Thompson, Elizabeth Claire, 296 Thompson, James C., 278 Thompson, Joseph Robert, 326 Thompson, Kay, 135, 326 Thompson, Larry A., 101, 326 Thompson, Robert Dee, 296 Thompson, Russell D., 259 Thompson, S. Judith, 127, 206, 239, 2 Thompson, Thomas L., 296 Thompson, Tricia E., 133, 239, 310 Thompson, Vance McLean, 127, 326 Thompson, William P., 103, 326 Thorne, Robert C., 117, 326 Thorne, Robert M., 278 Thornton, Margaret Jo, 141, 326 Thrower, Mitchell M., 326 Tillman, John R., 326 Tingle, William Duncan, 95, 326 Tinsley, N. Harriett, 214, 222, 223, 2 Todd, John G., 103, 296 Todd, Richard Morgan, 109, 234, 310 Tollett, Charles A., 259 Tomasko, R. Stiles, 326 Tomlinso, Anne B., 127, 326 T omlinson, George William 115, 326 Tomlinson, John Jager, 99, 326 Tomlinson, Robert Scott. 310 Tompkins, Linda Lee, 326 Tompkins, Wm. C. Jr., 278 Toney, Chris James, 95, 326 Touart, Anne Justin, 296 Townes, Jack A. Jr., 310 Townsehd, Pascol J. III, 93, 310 Townsend, Richard L., 219, 259 Trabue, Caroline Gray, 129, 310 Tracy, Phillip Dale, 218, 245, 278 Trahan, William D., 278 Trammell, Gail Elaine, 296 Trammell, Homer Conrad, 238, 296 Trapp, Susan, 129, 278 Travers, Joan Helena, 123, 326 Travis, Frederick F., 103, 296 Travis, James K. Jr., 232, 260 Travis, John A. III, 205, 247, 260 Treloar, Faytema Jane, 296 Treuting, John Joseph, 232, 296 Trimble, Billy Buckley, 1.13, 237, 2 ' Trimble, Delmer, 310 Tripp, Harley A., 210, 245, 296 Troyka, Jeff James, 95, 278 Tubb, Hershell Clyde, 296 Tucker, Gerald L., 215, 278 Tucker, Clarence, 260 Tupman, George R., 311 Turner, Bertram Rivers, 296 Turner, Douglas D., 99, 326 Turner, Mary Elizabeth, 248, 278 Turner, Robert E. Jr., 279 Tutor, Susan K., 326 Tuyt, Linda Antoinette, 123, 326 Tyler, Sarah Louise, 326 U Ulindham, Hal Jr., 109, 326 Umfress, Harrol W., 326 Umlaut, Jane Margaret, 310 Underwood, Claire Blount, 296 Upchurch, Aleita Louise, 326 Urbani, Donald L., 217, 326 V Valdivieso, Carmen Silvia, 326 Vance, Travis Thomas, 260 Vance, Wallace Ray, 232, 260 Vandemark, Richard Ezra, 216, 279 Van Houten, Paul E., 310 Van Tilburg, Sally Jean, 326 Vardaman, James Hubert, 310 Vardaman, Nancy Jo, 137, 310 Varnado, Inex Merrill, 133, 239, 24 279 Varner, Claude F. Jr., 111, 296 Vaughan, Cynthia Yandell, 129, 296 Vaughan, Ronald 5., 310 Vaughn, Jane, 129, 239, 296 Vaughn, Pamela, 326 Vaughn, William H. Jr., 101, 279 Veazey, Nancy Lee, 245, 279 Veazey, Vivian E., 296 Venn, David J., 326 Vestal, John W., 326 Vickery, David Ray, 113, 326 Vickery, Robert Barry, 113, 296 Vigour, Lou Don, 123, 279 Villanueva, Lawrence A., 260 Vines, Billie Jean, 326 Vise, Mailande Martin, 127, 279 Vizio, Michael J., 310 Voge, Dennis W., 91, 326 Von Allmen, Robert F., 279 Voss, Charles J., 229, 260 Wade, Michael H., 115, 215, 311 Wadlington, Lucian R., 113, 296 Wages, Gerald Dennis, 326 Wagner, Edward, 215, 296 Wagner, Lynn E., 141, 326 Wai, Kam Leung, 217, 311 Wait, Mary Katherine, 296 Waits, Carol, 137, 239, 296 Waits, Samuel J., 260 Walcott, George Dexter, 103, 311 Walcott, Kenneth M. Jr., 101, 279 Walden, Carolyn Bryant, 239, 271 Walden, Mary Nell, 129, 311 Waldo, Gregory Robert, 115, 311 Walker, David Steven, 326 Walker, Jimmie Sue, 210, 326 Wall, Randall B., 210, 311 Wallace, Charles Thomas, 279 Wallace, David Sweptston, 311 Wallace, Frances Rieves, 311 Wallace, Kenneth Goodwin, 111, 3 Wallace, Mary Hicks, 131, 239, 279 Wallace, William Estes, 260 Waller, Ann Crowford, 131, 279 Walker, Mary Gail, 129, 239, 327 Wall, J. Larkin, 327 Walker, Billy Y., 115, 296 Walker, Carole Elizabeth, 210, 224, 248, 296 Walker, David Lynn, 279 Wall, Mary Lynn, 129, 327 Walker, Edmund J., 117, 279 Walker, Fred H., 296 Walker, Friend B. Jr., 311 Walker, Harriet June, 296 Walker, Lewis H. Jr., 279 Waller, Douglas C., 327 Waller, Samuel W. Jr., 327 Walman, Tommy Halton, 115, 327 Walsh, Donald Edwin, 260 Walsh, Nancy S., 260 Walston, Patricia May, 249, 260 Walters, Victor Young, 311 Ward, Guy Aurdoch, 119, 327 Ward, Jane Elizabeth, 137, 327 Ward, Tali Helms, 141, 279 Wardlaw, Earl W. Jr., 113, 279 Wardlaw, William Henry, 101, 291 Ware, James W., 101, 236, 260 Ware, Ted Owen, 101, 311 Warfield, William Pollock, 103, 29 Warner, Janice Kay, 311 Warren, Emily Anne, 327 Warren, Katharine N., 133, 311 Warren, Robert Stephen, 91, 311 Warrington, Joe D., 217, 246, 279 Washington, Freddy Layne, 296 Watkins, Tom, 115, 311 Watson, Harry Albert Jr., 93, 311 Watson, Jane Ann, 296 Watt, Nancy Grace, 311 Watts, Eleanor V., 131, 311 Weaks, Trudy Margaret, 129, 248, Weale, Gary Dean, 97, 279 Weatherly, Bobby Frank, 109, 327 Weatherly, James Dexter, 311 Weathersby, Benjamin V. L., 93, 32 Weathersby, Charles H. Jr., 93, 234, Webb, Katherine H., 135, 222, 223, 311 Webber, Cleveland Gray Jr., 99, 271 Webber, Elliott Jr. 210, 296 Webster, Robert P., 279 Weeden, John F., 296 Weeks, Ben 0., 260 Weeks, Charles J., 93, 327 Weeks, David Edward, 222, 279 Weeks, Jerry Edward, 327 Weesner, Carla Lee, 131, 327 Weir, James Lowe, 279 Welch, Sandra Kay, 327 Welch, Walter Scott III, 93, 232, 260 Welford, Betty Loice, 222, 249, 311 Wells, Al Dean III, 279 Wells, Ben Grey, 99, 311 Wells, David Kent, 327 Wells, David Morelle, 113, 296 Wells, Jan Elizabeth, 141, 327 Wells, Nina Carolyn, 141, 279 Wells, Robert L., 232, 296 Wells, William Harold, 296 West, Jana Lee, 133, 223, 311 West, Sandra Elaine, 296 Westmoreland, Linda Gail, 226, 296 Wetzler, Janice Marie, 137, 224, 24 248, 279 Wheat, Earl H., 279 Wheeler, James Harvey, 115, 327 Whitaker, Cecil M. Jr., 107, 311 White, Alvie F., 327 White, Ben W., 311 White, Bonnie Kay, 327 White, Donald A., 327 White, Eddie P., 109, 327 White, Jesse L., 93, 327 White, Linda, 141, 296 White, Neil Ware Jr., 232, 260 White, Susan Carol, 327 White, William Rodney, 260 Whitecotton, D. Jene, 260 Whitener, Rayburn S., 297 Whitten, James L. Jr., 109, 297 Whittie, Jesse C. Jr., 101, 297 Whyte, Bruce L., 119, 327 Wicks, Lois Harriette, 139, 201, 297 Wideman, Dan Edward, 311 Widmer, Harriet Shafor, 135, 297 Wigley, Henry Albert Jr., 101, 279 Wilbanks, Charles R., 232, 260 Wilbourn, Bonnie Kathryn, 311 Wilbourn, Henry F., 219, 279 Wilburn, Lewis Arthur, 99, 260 Wilcox, Richard Davis, 115, 327 Wilcox, William Paul, 327 Wiley, Don Charles Jr., 297 Wiley, Jean Lee, 137, 327 Wiley, William Jackson, 260 Wilkening, Kenneth M., 327 Wilkerson, Rosalye, 129, 239, 279 Wilkes, George Stephen, 109, 279 Wilkes, Vicki Lynn, 311 Wilkie, Curtis Carter, 111, 280 Wilkins, Joseph T. III, 113, 297 Wilkins, Robert Edward, 311 Wilkinson, Charles Lee, 232, 234, 26 William, W. Howard, 103, 280 Williams, Arid Etta, 210, 311 Williams, Clyde W., 99, 327 Williams, Edwin N., 297 Williams, Helen L., 260 Williams, James E., 234, 236, 280 Williams, Kate Eason, 297 Williams, Kathy, 327 Williams, Kay, 327 Williams, Kenneth Charles, 260 Williams, Kitty, 137, 297 Williams, Larry Joe, 297 Williams, Leon W., 297 Williams, Linnie Diane, 137, 327 Williams, Lona Lee, 137, 226, 311 Williams, Stirling B. Jr., 311 Williams, Wanda June, 280 Williams, William A. III, 103, 216, 2:: 297 Williamson, James Ellis Jr., 216, 280 Williford, Linda Layne, 280 Willoughby, James Ed, 93, 101, 222, 297 Wilson, Becky, 131, 327 Willson, Betty F., 260 Wilson, Billy Ray, 280 Wilson, David B., 115, 327 Wilson, David Thomas, 109, 297 Wilson, Edward Robert, 111, 327 Wilson, Elizabeth Ann, 280 Wilson, Gary Wayne, 99, 280 Wilson, James M., 260 Wilson, Lila Jo, 311 Wilson, Martin B., 327 Wilson, Meredith, 129, 297 Wilson, Miriam Owen, 127, 201, 206, 280 Wilson, Richard B. Jr., 99, 205, 260 Wilson, Roberta More, 127, 311 Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth, 131, 280 Wilson, Suzanne, 133, 311 Wilson, Thomas S., 117, 280 Wilt, Marshall Jean, 327 Winston, Joseph Edmund, 117, 297 Winter, Gwin D., 217, 327 Winters, Sally Kate, 133, 223, 311 Wislocki, Carole Ann, 133, 327 Witt, Robert W., 260 Witt, Siegfried R., 247, 280 Witte, Craig Hess, 119, 311 Witty, Robert W., 99, 216, 280 Wiygul, Polly Anne, 127, 280 Wiygul, William C., 260 Wolf, James B., 311 Wolfe, George H., 113, 280 Womach, Michael L., 327 Womack, Pamela Jane, 327 Wood, Claude H., 297 Wood, Fernie, 99, 327 Wood, Helen Margaret, 139, 311 Wood, Jean Wyeth, 127, 311 Wood, Linda Joan, 311 Wood, Nancy Rogers, 280 Wood, Robert Evans, 99, 327 Woodruff, Barbara Louise, 247, 297 Woodson, W. Browne, 327 Wootten, Middleton L. III, 327 Worsham, Charles Andrew, 91, 327 Worsham, Jerry Dean, 297 Worsham, Robert H., 113, 280 Worthy, Thomas Haley, 327 Wright, Johnny Bernard, 107, 311 Wroten, Nancy Lee, 131, 297 Y Yarber, R. Harmon, 216, 280 Yarborough, Thomas Davis, 280 Yarbrough, Brenda Joyce, 311 Yarbrough, Mary Lynn, 129, 201, 297 Yates, Allen Richard, 103, 327 Yates, Jerrel K., 280 Yates, William G. Jr., 113, 217, 218, 236, 246, 280 Yawn, James Walter, 327 Yeates, Marcella Ames, 260 Yelverton, Robert Ware, 113, 280 York, William Elisha, 217, 280 Yoste, Florian Henry III, 109, 311 Young, Beverly Sue, 133, 201, 297 Young, Connie Sue, 123, 210, 224, 245, 248, 280 Young, Desira Dawn, 327 Young, Donnie F., 311 Young, Helen Turner, 260 Young, James Richard, 311 Young, John Richard, 311 Young, Kenneth Neal, 217, 297 Young, Ralph E. Jr., 109, 311 Young, Robert Buchanan, 280 Young, Robert J. Jr., 280 Young, Thomas William, 111, 327 Zalocusky, Michael N., 117, 215, 311 WM t1V Nietirali3SC.4txMAFOX :Mitt VICAW4t AVAREIC

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