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Administration Activities Features Military Athletics Greeks Organizations Classes Advertisements Retrospect HAROLD R. SIMMONS, JR., EDITOR • ALVIN C. SMITH, Volume 67 . . . is a composite. It is a com- posite of mental, physical and spiritual activities, each tak- ing its own distinct position to complete the cycle of stu- dent life. It is the dawn which awakens the students and sends them forth into the masses of eager and curious people with a driving deter- mination to attain their indi- vidual measures of success. They come, with a thous- and expectations. They stay, with a thousand hopes. They leave, with a thousand memo- ries. And somewhere along the way, each has pasted so carefully in his mental scrap- book, those countless souvenirs that will someday remind him of the world of his university. as its academic and student life. It depicts the various aspects of Ole Miss prosperity and bears a rich testimony to its history and heritage. With the deep consecration of the institution to its students, it displays all the qualities of integrity that are fitting to such a place of higher learning. With the stately Lyceum as the center, the other structures join in to complete the spokes of the wheel. The geology building, the Y, the ancient residences long since converted into classroom space are ever-present as reminders of generations gone before, while the Graduate Building finds its special place for lasting memories. Newer, but no less symbolic of tradition, are the Engineering Building, the Commerce Building, and Meek Hall. They too occupy one of the spokes and contribute to the facilitation of a better learn- ing environment. New buildings in the past few years have been cropping up like mushrooms, with greater demands being placed on the university by increased enrollment and a growing curriculum. Decoration has been sacrificed to function; Greek revival has given way to " factory Yet, the Ole Miss campus has avoided any semblance of a hodge-podge effect through the beauty of its greatest physical features---the rolling hills and magnificent trees, the picturesque season- al panorama bringing new loveliness each year to the natural setting which, above all else, makes Ole Miss look like on solid ground, with years of tradition and integrity to sub- stantiate its worthy claims. With founders who were able to foresee the potential which was later to become one of the most respected and applauded institutions in the nation, the Univer- sity of Mississippi is able to point with pride to its offerings, and especially to those pertaining directly to academic standings. It seeks to present a diversified and broadening curriculum, enabling its students to find for themselves what is more appro- priate and meaningful for their own demands. The College of Liberal Arts has designed its program to provide students with a wider scope of intellectual acquaintance, while the School of Law thrives on the realization that it is instilling within its students the fundamental codes by which the nation has been made great. The School of Engineering sends forth the opportunity for one of the most promising careers in today ' s world, and the School of Education is based on the desire to give its majors the necessary understanding for their selected professions. The School of Medicine is able to offer the complete program in its accredited courses, and the School of Pharmacy with its facilities endows the future pharmacists with the vast scope of learning for this specialized study. With an eye for the increasing job opportunities in the field, the School of Commerce and Business Administration makes possible instruction courses r ang- ing from secretarial science to public relations, and the Graduate School advances the individual ' s learning into deeper concentration on his major work. With cooperation, with much deliberation, and with a keen insight into the students ' needs, these blocks have been carefully laid in the foundation of the University in order to serve the student and to aid him in meeting the evergrowing demands of the world in which he will live. The mortar by which they are held together is the determination of the administration, the fac- ulty, and the student body to push ever onward toward new heights and to achieve, finally, the complete educational knowl- edge which is the very essence of successful careers. amalgamation of all the various ingredients which compose their thousands of contrasting backgrounds. The comparatively short time when their lives merge and run along the same path serves as a vast melting pot which combines their difference in opinions, their diversity in interests, and their variation in perspectives. In their four years at the University, all the elemental of these people seem to be cast aside, and all eyes focus toward one ultimate aim---a unified effort to prepare for the future. During the time when they become the life of Ole Miss and Ole Miss becomes their life, the deep chasm between their worlds closes and pulls them closer together, binding them with common ties and mutual respect. With education as the universal target, the many viewfinders are still toward their own individual goals---each student plotting his strategy and planning his course in order to aim straight and reach his mark. Through persistent endeavors toward the edu- cational aspect, they seek to ignite the flames of learning on the college level, and through their constant associations, they strive to achieve a more complete conception of a successful life in modern society. The people of the University demand of it enlightenment, understanding and knowledge. They give to it their ideas, their time and their devotion. They defend it to others; they decry its faults to themselves; and they assume its traditions as their rightful heritage. world of the University looks ... and in that future, it expects to find an ever-increasing program of progress. It expects to reach its goals for the of student welfare and to set new goals, always seeking to find more applicable techniques in which to provide its people with a superior environment for learning. The world of the university looks forward with great to more days of Ole Miss success. It reviews the past with satisfaction, it lives the present with enthusiasm, and it strives ever into the future with hope and determination to maintain the vast integrity that symbolizes the world of the university. This section of the OLE Miss rec- ognizes the outstanding completion of another year through the efforts of our officials on the state and local level. These individuals are responsible for coordinating the activities of the eight schools—col- lectively the core of Ole Miss. Each unit continues to better the facili- ties for its students, and, as a re- sult, makes the whole stronger. Honorable Ross R. Barnett Governor of Mississippi The Honorable Ross R. Barnett is another illustrious of Ole Miss to grace the Governor ' s chair. He has long been an ardent supporter of his Alma Mater and is a true son of the Old South. Governor Barnett ' s devotion to State ' s Rights is known not only in the South, but throughout the nation. One of the highlights of the first year of his administration was increased emphasis on industrialization with more job op- portunities to the youth of our beloved state. Also of note is the Governor ' s dedication toward bettering educational oppor- tunities for young Mississippians. For these many reasons, he is a loyal son of Ole Miss. The Chancellor of the University Doctor John D. Williams Chancellor John D. Williams has provided a type of lead- ership which has caused Ole Miss to become a true Since he assumed his position here in 1946, the University has broadened its intellectual perspective, has expanded its physical facilities, and has originated a unique program of continuing education. The quality of the faculty has improved, tenure has been established, and an atmosphere of learning has been attained. The enrollment has increased steadily and Ole Miss has be- come the focal point for a majority of high school students in this region. The continuing educational program has re- sulted in the Continuation Center with its related facilities. Almost every profession, business, and trade utilize these annually with the result that the University has become an instrument of service to the business and professional world. Dr. Williams ' gracious manner, his devotion to Ole Miss, to Mississippi, and to the nation, his charming and winsome personality, and his willingness to speak in every nook and cranny of the state have endeared him to all who know him. He is an indefatigable ' worker, an able administrator, an scholar, and, above all, a Christian gentleman. Thomas J. Tubb, Vice President; W. Stone; R. B. Smith, Jr.; E. Ray Izard; Ira L. Morgan; Dr. Verner S. Holmes; E. R. Jobe, Executive Charles D. Fair, President; Tally D. Riddell; Leon Lowery; M. M. Roberts; H. G. Carpenter; J. N. Lipscomb; S. R. Evans. OFFICERS CHARLES D. FAIR President THOMAS J. TUBB Vice-President E. R. JOBE Executive Secretary MEMBERS OF THE BOARD S. R. EVANS LEON LOWREY DR. VERNER S. HOLMES IRA L. MORGAN E. RAY IZARD TALLY D. RIDDLE H. G. CARPENTER R. B. SMITH J. N. LIPSCOMB W. 0. STONE M. M. ROBERTS The Board of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Learning is composed of a group of dedicated Mississippians who are willing to give up much of their valuable time to help guide the educational program of their state. The students of the University do not often get a chance to meet any of the mem- bers of the Board personally, but each one of us is constantly aware of the work that they have done and are doing in our behalf. The new buildings that are being constructed all around us and the other expansions in the physical facilities of the are only a few of the many ways that we are reminded of their work. The most important manifestation of their faith in us students and our ability to think for ourselves came this past year. The action that the Board took in standing behind the faculty and the staff of the University is far more im- portant and is needed a great deal more than a million new buildings; for without the freedom to think and grow intel- lectually, the University would not be able to dignify its name and there would be no need for buildings of any kind. The students of the University are proud that we have such a Board of Trustees leading us. DR. CHARLES F. HAYWOOD A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Working with the deans of the instructional subdi- visions and with the Director of the University is one of Dr. Haywood ' s major duties as Provost. He also coor- dinates the work of the various units of the Academic Division in matters of academic policy and faculty ad- ministration, and in the absence of the Chancellor serves as chief administrative officer of the University. MR. HUGH H. CLEGG B A. LL.B., LL.D. By directing the Department of Development and serv- ing in a staff capacity as Assistant to the Chancellor, Hugh H. Clegg ' s major responsibilities arc separated into three principal fields; public relations, news service, and development. His immediate concern, however, is with the furthering of the services, resources, assets, and standing of the University. Much of the work of the Office of Development is accomplished through twelve committees of outstanding Mississippians and these com- mittees are coordinated by the Director. MR. E. E. DAVIDSON B.B.A., M.B.A., C.P.A. Mr. E. E. Davidson, Comptroller, assists in the prepa- ration of the University budget and reports periodically on financial matters to the Chancellor. He oversees the Department of Food Services, including the cafeteria and grill; Purchasing Department; Accounting Department, which receipts and classifies income, prepares the payroll, and keeps records; Bursar ' s Office, which receives student fees and collects accounts; Department of Personnel, in- cluding faculty and staff; University Laundry; and main- tenance of physical plant and grounds. DR. L. L. LOVE B.S., M.S., Ph.D. As Dean of the Division of Student Personnel, Dr. L. L. Love supervises the work of the Dean of Women, Director of Placement and Financial Aids, Director of Men ' s Housing, Student Councellors, Director of Public Safety, Registrar, Director of the Student Health Service, and Director of Religious Life. Eight years ago Dr. Love was instrumental in organizing the Counselling Service, which helps students, individually, with educational, and personality problems. DR. CHARLES F. HAYWOOD Provost MR. HUGH H. CLEGG Director of Development DR. L. L. LOVE Dean of Student Personnel MR. E. E. DAVIDSON Comptroller CLIVE F. DUNHAM School of Commerce SYLVESTER A. MOOREHEAD School of Education SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Dean Clive F. Dunham holds the degrees of B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, and in addition he has ac- quired a C.P.A. in Illinois and in Mississippi. Dean since 1950, he has proved of valuable assistance to all commerce and business administration students. During his administration, many impor- tant improvements have been made in the curriculum. Due to the increased prestige, enrollment has doubled, thus creating the need for the new Commerce Building which will be in use during the summer session. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Dean Sylvester A. Moorehead has earned the degrees of A.B. from Colorado State College and Ph.D. from Stanford University. At the present time he is Acting Dean of the School of Education. This department is constantly revising its curriculum to offer the most progressive techniques of the teaching profession. As an ex- ample, it maintains departments in Educational Research, Audio- Visual Education, and Counsellor Education, as well as a Teacher Placement Bureau. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Dean Frederic H. Kellogg holds a G.E. from Colorado School of Mines, an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He has served as Dean since 1950 and has been instrumental in improving and expanding the curriculum and facilities of his school. The Mechanical, the Chemical, and the Geological de- partments have been accredited, and the Electrical Engineering Department has been added in the past eleven years. These com- ponent departments are housed in modern, Carrier Hall, which was built in 1954. GRADUATE SCHOOL Dean William Lewis Nobles has acquired a B.S. in Pharmacy, an M.S. from Ole Miss, and a Ph.D. from the University of Appointed Dean in 1961, he has offered enthusiasm and new ideas for improvement and expansion for the benefit of the graduate students. There has been a steady increase in enrollment of stu- dents in this program since it was organized in 1927. Centers of study are the Bondurant Graduate Building and the University Library, in which carrels are provided for each student ' s special use. In addition to seminar rooms and auditoriums, these buildings house several special collections and libraries. FREDERIC H. KELLOGG School of Engineering WILLIAM L. NOBLES Graduate School SCHOOL OF LAW Dean Robert J. Farley holds a B.A. and an LL.B. from Ole Miss in addition to a J.S.D. from Yale University. Dean Farley is an institution in himself, the alter pater of most Mississippi lawyers. The School of Law is the fourth oldest state-owned law school in the United States. Com- pletion of its three-year program entitles its graduates to practice in any court of law of the state without further examination. The Law School under Dean Farley ' s lead- ership has come to be recognized as one of the best. SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS Dean A. B. Lewis holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Ole Miss ; also a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. Under his strict guidance, the broad study program of the college is an end in itself, and also serves as a point of departure for students entering law, medicine, theology, and other professional fields ; as well as for those who wish to par- ticipate. in advanced study, Dean Lewis was also instru- mental in initiating the University Scholars program to provide special instruction and encouragement for superior students. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Dean David S. Pancratz having obtained the degrees of B.A., M.A., Ph.D., and M.D., has fathered the four-year University of Mississippi Medical School in Jackson to national and inter-national prominence. The Medical was completed in 1955, and consists of the eight-story, 335 patient bed, University Hospital and School of Building. Besides the four year course, the school pro- vides instruction for graduate degrees in the medical sciences, and a training program in Medical and X-ray Dean Pancratz has resigned his post to assume an association with a new neurological psychiatric unit in Memphis in 1961. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Dean Elmer L. Hammond is the recipient of the de- grees of P.H.C., B.S., and M.S. from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. Dean Hammond, since 1928, has made important changes in the curriculum, improving and exte nding it from a three to a five-year program. Its graduates are eligible for examina- tion to practice pharmacy in any state. Up-to-date facili- ties provide students with a knowledge of the latest devel- opments in their field. ROBERT J. FARLEY School of Law A. B. LEWIS School of Liberal Arts DAVID S. PANCRATZ School of Medicine EL M ER L. HAMMOND School of Pharmacy . . . at Ole Miss include almost every phase of campus life political , military, social, and aesthetic. By participating in these activities, the student enters a stimulating atmosphere conducive to growth and . He receives an insight into improved relations with others by cultivating an unselfish desire to create a more perfect environment in which to live, work, and play. DOUGLAS ABRAHAM ASB President ASB President ' s Cabinet. Left to Right: Jean Rawson, Jim Bonner, Ralph Gilbert, Jim Yelverton, Joan Jeffrey, Charles Ray Davis, Doug Abraham, Howard Boone, Ralph Brockman, Luther McDougal, Nancy Reese, Jim Roberts. The Associated Student Body Government is headed by President Douglas Abraham. It is his duty to see that all laws of the Constitution are carried out and to promote the gen- eral welfare of all. The vice-president is Jim Yelverton, who serves as the of the Senate. Jean Rawson, the secretary, records the minutes of the Campus Senate meetings, and Howard Boone, as treasurer, keeps account of all funds disbursed through stu- dent activities. OFFICERS DOUGLAS ABRAHAM President JIM YELVERTON Vice-President JEAN RAWSON Secretary HOWARD BOONE Treasurer ASB Officers. Seated: Jean Rawson, Doug Abraham, President. Jim Yelverton, Vice President; Howard Boone, Treasurer. The president appoints his cabinet, who help him in his ex- ecutive duties. The Judicial Council has one elected member to serve as chairman. The others are appointed by the of the ASB. The Student Judicial Council is the University ' s Supreme Court, consisting of five students. This council has the to hear and decide all matters relative to the of the ASB Constitution and to determine the con- stitutionality of any laws that are passed by the Campus The Judicial Council also serves in a disciplinary capacity. Student Judicial Council. Left to Right: Charles Brewer, Chairman Bill Nobles, Tom Hill. Standing: Tim Jones, John Whitworth. FIRST Row: Jim Aiken, William Baker, Frances Bass, Charles Blackwell, Samuel Bowen, Sonny Boykin. SECOND Row: Sidna Brower, Billy Brown, Johnny Bryan, David Buttross, John Caffery, Nancy Caldwell. THIRD Row: Richard Chambers, Tommy Coleman, Anna Cox, Douglas Daniel, Lundy Daniel, Tommy Doty. FOURTH Row: Bonnie Dugger, Charles Bobby Edwards, Pat Ellis, Cary Fondren, John Frame. FIFTH Row: Shirley Garey, Maggie Grantham, Carolyn Haig, Reita Hall, Martha Hamilton, Larry Higgenbotham. SIXTH Row: Vick Hill, Meade Hufford, Roy Kennington, Kay Lamb, Anne Langford, Brad Lawrence. SEVENTH Row: Lynn Long, Trent Lott, Bill Lovett, Carol Lowe, George McMullan, McWhorter. EIGHTH Row: Clyde Maxwell, John Neill, Billy Neville, Thomas Patterson, Susan Pfersdorff, Rae Ragsdale. NINTH Row: James Rankin, Olen Ray, Dan Rogers, Herbert Rogers, Henry J. Sanders, Schur. TENTH Row: Lynn Scott, Carolyn Shamis, Harold Simmons, Chuck Sorenson, Jim Speed, Sally Spier. ELEVENTH Row: Buddy Stroud, Susie Taylor, Frank Thornhill, Tip Tipton, Barbara Nancy Wall. TWELFTH Row: Sarah Wells, Lewis Wilburn, Dick Wilson, Shirley Wood. NOT PICTURED: Lynn Abernethy, Lana Arthur, Will Denton, Ken Ellis, Willia m Guy, Charlie Hartman, Don Higdon, Bill Ingram, Peggy Keady, Bob Madero, Sibyl McRae, Lynn Robert Quinnely, Lynn Rogers, Jimmy Taylor, Henry Watson. The Campus Senate is the legislative body for the University students. This body controls all matters which are delegated to the student body by the ad- ministration, and sets the policies for all student body activities so that they may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole. The Senate is composed of one member from each section of every dormi- tory, each fraternity and sorority house, each district in Vet Village, two mem- bers from the Oxford students, and the presidents of each of the seven schools at the University. The Chancellor, the Provost, the Dean of the Division of Student the Comptroller, the Dean of each school or their representatives, and a representative of the Oxford Chamber of Commerce also serve as members of the Senate. The vice-president, Jim Yelverton, and the secretary, Jean Rawson, of the Associated Student Body serve as president and clerk of the senate. The Pro-Tem, Dick Wilson, and the Marshall, Sonny Boykin, are elected by the Senate. The Chaplain and the Parliamentarian are appointed by the JIM YELVERTON President of the Senate Senate Officers. Seated Left to Right: Sonny Boykin, Jean Rawson, Jim Yelverton, Dick Wilson. OFFICERS JIM YELVERTON President DICK WILSON President-pro-tem JEAN RAWSON Clerk SONNY BOYKIN Marshall JEANIE. JONES President, WSGA The Women ' s Student Government Association is a self-governing composed of every woman student on the campus. It is headed by an Executive Council composed of one appointed representative from each class. The Womans ' Student Government Association works in whole-hearted cooperation with the Dean of Women, and all administrative officials to enforce the ob- servance of all University policies and regulations. A House Council is elected in each dormitory. These councils, composed of a president, secretary-treasurer, and two elected representatives from each of the floors in the dormitory, with the help of the Judicial Council, are responsi- ble for the enforcement of dormitory and social regulations. These rules are subject to change, with the approval of the Dean of Women, by a Legislative Council made up of dormitory and sorority house presidents and secretaries. The President ' s Council, composed of dormitory and sorority house presidents, meets once a week with the WSGA President to discuss common problems. The Womens ' Student Government at Ole Miss is a member of the Inter-Collegiate Association of Student Governments and also of the Inter-Collegiate Association of Women Students. WSGA OFficers: Kay Mounger, Ann Ford, Nancy Reese, Betty Jane Farmer. OFFICERS JEANNIE JONES President NANCY REESE Vice-President BETTY JANE FARMER Secretary ANN FORD Treasurer FIRST Row: Abby Beeson, Margo Bostwick, Pierce SECOND Row: Betty Jane Farmer, Ann Ford, Tina Gates. THIRD Row: Bonnie Gulledge, Susan Jones, Kay Lamb. FOURTH Row: Kay Mounger, Nona Parker, Carolyn Ready. FIFTH Row: Nancy Reese, Pat Sample, Beverly Swaim. SIXTH Row: Susie Taylor. NOT PICTURED: Judy Burnett, Mary Carter, Gwynn Lee Herrington, Linda Loveless, Dianne Mock, Suzanne Samuelson, Judy Wilkins. Doug Lewis, Rose Clayton, Pat McMullan, Preston Myers, Jimmie Robertson. Harold Simmons, Editor Top: Patty Ray, Bill Mounger, Martha Fant. Bottom: Sherry Moore, Susan Pfersdorf. Many are the worries that beset the editor and staff of the 1961 OLE Miss from its beginning to its completion. Trouble began as early as October when the photographers arrived to make the class pictures. Naturally most of the students had forgotten about the appointments which they had made during registration and, in spite of repeated re- minders via the campus radio, loudspeaker, and newspaper, proceeded to wait until the last week. The mob scene that ensued on the third floor of the Y Building resulted in the editor receiving several very nasty letters. Next on the headache list is the Parade of Favorites. Since no one on the staff had ever put on a pageant of this sort before, it was really an experience for all. Adding to the problems was the fact that a new method for selecting the beauties was being tried. (Five judges were chosen for this purpose instead of the old method of a secret student committee and a movie star.) As it turned out, this system was so satis- factory that a bill was put through the Campus Senate establishing it as the standard procedure for years to come. However, shortly after the Parade someone pointed an accusing finger at the annual staff and in came the second barrage of vicious letters. The remainder of the year is a tale of rushing to take pictures and write copy, and of staving up all night before deadlines. The older staff members were used to these chores and the newer ones caught on fast. By working together as a team, they were able to overcome the obstacles and produce the yearbook. Without this team there would have been no OLE Miss. And the editor? Well, he has a good case of stomach ulcers but is very glad it ' s all over. Sam Duvall, Laszlo Hege, Toxey Hall Al Smith, Business Manager HAROLD SIMMONS Editor-in-Chief TOXEY HALL Assistant Editor ROSE CLAYTON .. University and Student Government Editor PRESTON MYERS Features Editor SAM DUVALL Military Editor JIMMIE ROBERTSON Athletics Editor PAT McMULLAN Greeks and Organizations Editor DOUG LEWIS Class Editor LASZLO HEGE Photographic Editor SUSAN MOOREHEAD Copy MICKIE ALFORD Copy DON KEITH Copy BILL MOUNGER Assistant Class Editor PATTY RAY Assistant Class Editor MARTHA FANT Secretary SHERRY MOORE Secretary SUSAN PFERSDORF Secretary AL SMITH Business Manager RAY CHANDLER Assistant Business Manager BILLY NEVILLE Advertising Manager NOEL FERGUSON Assistant Advertising Manager Mickie Alford, Don Keith Billy Neville, Ray Chandler, Noel Ferguson MAC DALE LARRY SPEAKES BILL BARTON Editor Associate Editor Managing Editor Under the worried visage of Editor Mac Dale, The wheezed through its 50th consecutive year of publication on the Ole Miss Campus. Due to unforseen printing handicaps, Editor Dale was forced to adopt the motto " Better Late Than Never " for a goodly portion of the year. Associate Editor Larry Speakes and Managing Editor Bill Barton supplied the chicken wire which held the whole operation together, while such incidentals as the payroll and expenses were placed in the tight fists of Business Manager Bobby Massengill. Editors Barton, Philips, and Dale proof first copy of the Assistant Editor Paul Gray let off steam via his weekly column, while Jimmie Robertson belted out numerous and pungent editorials, Assistant Managing Editor Don Keith gath- ered information; News Editor Jim Roberts rode herd over a group of skittish freshman reporters, aided immeasurably by Robin Reed; and Barbara Bentz and Cindi Karer shared honors as Society Editor. John Gregory took care of the features, while Tommy Alewine used a velvet glove on anyone with money enough to purchase an advertisement. Al Doty aided Massengill in the matters of high finance. Sam Duvall had the thankless job of photographing the cuties and other events of news value, while Al Atkinson contributed the cartoons which dressed up the editorial page. Circulation Manager Joe Coleman was in charge of directing the finished product into the hands of breathless students. These, plus many, many more, made up the staff of The Mississippian. Bobby Massengill, Business Manager MISSISSIPPIAN STAFF MAC DALE Editor-in-Chief LARRY SPEAKS Associate Editor BILL BARTON Managing Editor BOBBY MASSENGILL Business Manager JIMMIE ROBERTSON Assistant Editor PAUL CRAY Assistant Editor DON KEITH Assistant Managing Editor JIM ROBERTS News Editor Feature Editor John Gregory interviews Ole Miss Favorite, Sharon Thompson for a feature article. ROBIN REED Assistant News Editor CINDI KARER Society Editor JOHN GREGORY Feature Editor TOMMY ALEWINE Advertising Manager AL DOTY Assistant Advertising Manager JOE COLEMAN Circulation Manager AL ATKINSON Cartoonist SAM DUVALL Photographer One of the years most outstanding performances featured the Brothers Four. Left to right, Standing: Hardy Stennis, Gwin Scott, Al Smith, Jim Sherman, Meade Hufford. Seated: Martha Wade, Chairman Hugh Sally Holcomb. The A.S.B. Dance Commitee was chosen by Doug Abraham, President of the A.S.B., and Hugh Lovelady, chairman of the committee. This group is organized to take care of several areas— " booking of the bands, " welcoming, publicity, ticket sales, chaperones, and other incorporated services. It is the responsibility of the committee to sponsor all A.S.B. dances, street dances, and concerts. This committee works in conjunction with the other schools in the state through the aid of the Mississippi Inter-Collegiate Dance Committee. By working together, and artists series can be offered throughout the state, thus cutting down on the agents fees. It is by this method that such celebrities as the Kingston Trio, Joni James, and Bo Diddley have appeared at Ole Miss in recent years. To start the series of concerts for this year, the Brothers Four appeared in October and Dave Gardner in November. The Cumberland Three entertained in Fulton Chapel. Popular recording star, Dodie Stevens, thrilled students during the Bob Hope Show. Ole Miss students enjoyed dances after two home football games. Danny White and the Cavaliers played for the Dance, following the L.S.U. clash, and the Down- beats played after the Chattanooga game. They also furnished the music for the street dances after pep rallies. The spring semester saw at Ole Miss the most outstanding performance in many years. After long negotiations, Chairman Lovelady and his committee were able to secure world-famous comedian, Bob Hope, for a campus show. The veteran per- former, along with singer Dodie Stevens, entertained for two hours before a capacity crowd of over 3,000. It will be a long time before Ole Miss stops talking about this most memorable of evenings. To comedian Bob Hope ... " Thanks for the memories. " Entertainment, of course, assumes an important place in the lives of all Ole Miss students, and the dance committee strives to provide the best for the students. The Down Beats played for pre-game street dance. Brother Dave strikes again. Robert G. Barnett John Robin Bradley C. Willis Connell, Jr. Edward P. Connell John A. Crawford John Clark Love Luther Love McDougal Don K. Marcus John E. Mulhearn, Jr. Charles W. Pickering Holleman Raney Walker L. Watters John H. Whitworth Not Pictured: Charles Brocato, Raymond L. Brown, William A. Jack H. Cheatham, William H. Cox, Jr., Lucien C. Gwin, Alfred E. Moreton, Ben H. Stone, Robert C. Travis. The Mississippi Law Journal was established in 1928 as the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar. The Journal is published four times yearly in March, May, October, and December. A symposium issue is usually published in August which deals with some phase of Mississippi law. The Editorial Boa rd and. Staff is composed of students in the School of Law chosen by the faculty for scholarship and ability in the field of legal writing. Material printed in the Journal is composed of leading arti- cles written by eminent lawyers throughout the country. of the Editorial Board and Staff also prepare student articles which contain a discussion of recent decisions and other matters of interest to the legal profession. Professor Arthur B. Custy serves as faculty advisor for the Mississippi Law Journal. C. WILLIS CONNELL, JR. Editor EDWARD P. CONNELL Business Manager- JOHN H. WHITWORTH Assistant Editor JOHN E. MULHEARN Comment Editor ALFRED E. MORETON Casenote Editor ROBERT C. TRAVIS Article Editor WALKER WATTERS Index and Review Editor First Row: Robert G. Barnett, John Robin C. Willis Connell, Jr., Edward P. Connell. Second Row: John A. Crawford, Darryl A. Hurt, John Clark Love, Luther Love McDougal. Third Row: Don K. Marcus, John F. Mulhearn, Charles W. Pickering, Hollaman Raney. Fourth Row: Walker L. Watters, John H. White, John H. Whitworth. Not Pictured: Douglas Strickland Canning, William M. Champion, Jack H. William H. Co x, Kirby Max Graves, Lucien Gwin, Robert Lanier, Alfred E. Moreton, Sam Scott, Ben H. Stone, Robert C. Travis, Winton E. Williams, The members of the Moot Court Board are chosen from those students in the School of Law who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship and leadership ability. It is the func- tion of the Board, under the direction of the Chairman, who is selected annually by the faculty, to conduct the moot court program in a proper and efficient manner. CHARLES W. PICKERING Chairman ROBERT G. BARNETT Appellate Chairman WILLIAM M. CHAMPION Chancery Chairman JOHN H. WHITE Circuit Chairman WILLIAM H. COX Justice of the Peace Chairman BEN H. STONE Facts Committee Chairman SAM SCOTT Clerk The purpose of the moot court program is to familiarize students with the actual practice of law in the courts of It is formulated and conducted so as to stimulate such a practice as closely as possible, and thus give students ex- perience in (1) following procedural rules as established by law in Mississippi, and; (2) applying substantive law to a given factual situation. Accordingly, students participate in both trial and appellate work, including interviewing clients and witnesses, preparing appellate briefs, and conducting courtroom arguments. Justices in appellate cases consist of one faculty member and two senior law students, and a well-known practicing attorney usually sits as judge in trial cases. The Chairman of the Moot Court Board is Charles W. Pickering, and Professor William P. Murphy serves as Advisor. Valuable experience is gained through participation in the University Players. Members of the " Players " relax for a few minutes backstage. Helen Cassell, the star of " Medea, " is shown during the play ' s most dramatic moment. On stage with the student production of " Dear Brutus. " OFFICERS ANDY RITCH President PAT SAMPLE Vice-President JON KEADY Treasurer LINDA JOHNSON Corresponding Secretary LINDA BLAKELY Recording Secretary The University Players, under the direction of Dr. Charles M. Getchell and sponsored by the Speech Department, has established an outstanding record of drama work. Finishing the 1960 season with Clare Booth ' s " The Women, " The University Players completed a very successful year. The first play of the 1961 session was Robinson Jeffers ' adaption of " Medea, " the famed Greek tragedy. Directed by Dr. Getchell, this play was followed by the fantasy " Dear Brutus " by James M. Barrie, under the direction of Miss Ann Daniel. Announced for production in December by the student di- rectors ' group were six one-act plays to be presented in the Fine Arts Center. Included in this series were August " Miss Julie " , Tennessee Williams ' " Portrait of a and " Father Noah " by Geoffrey Whitworth. Other plays directed by this group were " The Monkey ' s Paw " , " The Chess Game " , and " Hello Out There " . This year was certainly a success both in the selection of plays and in the polished productions. Even rain could not keep the crowds from attending a performance by the " Players. " According to tradition, the OLE Miss features some of the love- liest girls in the land. This year is no exception. Not only are we featuring girls and a gentleman who have won fame on our cam- pus but they have also won na- tional acclaim. We feature Miss Ole Miss, our ideal southern belle, full of love for her school; Colonel Rebel, the enbodiement of a Southern the five girls chosen as most beautiful on our campus; the five alter nate beauties; ten of the favorites on campus; members of the Hall of Fame; Homecoming Queen; Rebelee Queen; and Miss University who represents us in the Mississippi pageant. As added attractions this year we are featuring Miss Mississippi and the Maid of Cotton. This year for the first time the beauties were selected by a panel of five judges who ranked the contestants on beauty, charm, and poise. The judges were Maurice Thompson, Vice President of Lamar Life Broadcasting Company and program director for station WLBT in Jackson; Mrs. Dewitt Hicks, head of the Personal Appearance Department at M.S.C.W. and affiliate of the John Robert Powers ' Modeling Schools; Mr. Norman E. Shaw, past editor of the OLE Miss and a representative of Benson Printing Co.; Mrs. John V. Miss America of 1947 from Memphis, Tennessee; and Dr. Charles M. Getchell, Chairman of the Speech Depart- ment here at the University. On the afternoon of the Parade of Favorites and Beauties a reception. was given by the OLE Miss at which time the judges met the contestants. In the evening during the parade all of the beauties were presented and the number was nar- rowed down to ten. These ten were then presented and five of them were chosen to be the top beauties. The order of rank of these five remained a secret until the publication of this yearbook. Many and varied were the topics of as beauties and judges got A tense moment ... who are the top five? During the change of scenery the audience was entertained by Joan Jeffrey and Guy Hovis, two of our very talented stu- dents. The Downbeats supplied the background music throughout the Parade, as the lovely young ladies were escorted across the stage by Warner Alford, Arthur Doty, Charles Correia, and Walker Watters. Fulton Chapel overflowed on that night in November. Between-acts entertainment added to the enjoyment of the program. Lovely to look at. The ten semi-finalists on stage together. Miss Kay Burns Miss Kay Burns came down the river to Ole Miss from Missouri, and rightly so as she was chosen Miss Mississippi River. Among her other titles are Queen of the American Royal in Kansas City, Missouri State Fair Queen, American Legion Fair Queen, National Catfish Derby Queen, National Cotton Picking Queen and Queen of the Naval Relief Carnival. in. Millington, Tennessee. This Rebelette is a home economics major and a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Miss Rita Wilson The titles of Miss Rita Wilson of Humboldt, Tennessee, read like a well planned dinner. She has been National Catfish Queen, National Sweet Corn Queen, Miss Okra and to top it off Strawberry Festival Princess. She has been Miss Humboldt twice and a runner-up to Miss Tennessee and was chosen Miss Channel Five and Colonel ' s Lady. This pretty speech major led the parade as Drum Majorette and was first alternate to Miss of America. She is a of Kappa. Kappa Gamma Sorority. 50 Miss Pat Chadwick Miss Pat Chadwick represents her city by being Miss Jackson and her state by being first alternate in the Miss Mississippi pageant. Co- incidentally she was also Junior Miss Jackson and first alternate in the Junior Miss Mississippi con- test. She is the group sponsor of the Air Force, a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and a music edu- cation major. 52 Miss Sandra Scarbrough The charming Miss Sandra ably represented Mississippi as Miss Hospitality. She her hometown of Meadville well as Miss Franklin County and Forestry Queen. She plans to have a double major in English and Political Science. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. 54 Miss Ann Adams This Honor Roll student was also a University Scholar and is a member of Mortar Board, honorary service, leadership, and scholarship organization. Miss Ann Adams showed her leadership ability by be- ing President of Hefley Dormitory and on the President ' s Council. She was a University Modern. Dancer and a Campus Senator. This out- standing girl graduated in January and is now in graduate school studying psychology. She is a mem- ber of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. MISS MARY MOORE CRAIGE MISS ANN KLAUS MISS BECKY HUEY MISS MARTHA LOVELACE MISS PAT SAMPLE MISS SALLY SAYLE MISS LINDA DILWORTH MISS MARY JO ODEN MISS AMY PERMENTER MISS HELEN MAY MISS DIANE KLICE MISS LYNN ROGERS MISS SUSAN SADLER MISS LORRAINE FORBES MISS MIRIAM WILSON Colonel Rebel JAKE GIBBS and LOU SCHMELZER Miss Ole Miss Miss Mississippi MISS PAT McRANEY Miss Huddy Jones REBELEE QUEEN HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Martha Lovelace Miss Patty Povall MISS UNIVERSITY Miss Linda Lackey MAID OF COTTON The highest honor that can be bestowed upon an Ole Miss student is to be selected to the Hall of Fame. Members of the Hall of Fame are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, loyalty, spirit, devotion, and service to the University. The selection is conducted in such a manner as to be en- tirely free from campus politics. A selection committee estab- lished by the Campus Senate sends out requests for nomina- tions to the persons holding the 12 most important positions on the campus. Those persons nominate twenty-four students to make the actual selection. The twenty-four students who are elected then vote for the six students on the campus whom they feel deserve this great honor. The six students who receive the greatest number of votes from the committee of twenty-four are the ones who are selected. Those chosen for membership in the 1961 Hall of Fame are: Jim Yelverton, Vice President of the Associated Student Body; Jean Rawson, Secretary of the Associated Student Body; Bill Nobles, Chairman of the Judicial Council and Past Vice of the Associated Student Body; Jake Gibbs, Colonel Rebel and Football and Baseball All American; Dean Copeland, Cadet Battle Group Commander of the Army ROTC and Rhodes Scholar; and Douglas Abraham, President of the Associated Student Body. Hall of Fame JIM YELVERTON JEAN RAWSON BILL NOBLES Front row: Bill Nobles, Jean Back row: Douglas Abraham, Jake Gibbs, Dean Copeland, Jim Yelverton. JAKE GIBBS DEAN COPELAND DOUGLAS ABRAHAM They stand out on Thursdays .. . the green of the Army, the light and dark blue of the Air Force and Navy . . . shined shoes on every foot . .. brass straight and hair cut . . . but Thursdays are not the only day they serve . . there are summer camps and cruises, classes during the week, and base visitations on the .. . and then when gradua- tion day arrives, a commission .. . and fulfillment of a four year desire. Parade in Review Through ROTC here at Ole Miss the students are taught leadership as well as the ability to carry out orders. ROTC is required of all students during their freshman and. years and they may elect to continue their military if they so desire. McCain Hall, home of the Navy ROTC LT. COL. C. A. NEAL First Row: Maj, 0. Buys, Maj. R. Ives, Maj. Whitney D. Stuart. Second Row: Capt. Charles L. Butler, M. Sgt. Horace L. M. Sgt. Tom M. Newberry. Third Row: M. Sgt. James P. Patterson, SFC James T. Morris, Sgt. Louie C. Cox. Under the joint jurisdiction of the University and the of the Army, the Department of Military Science and Tactics is a unit of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps. Its mission is to prepare college students who have the qualities essential to their progressive and continued develop- ment as officers in the United States Army, particularly in the Reserve components. Upon completing the Basic Course, Army ROTC students may take the Advanced Course leading to a commission of Second Lieutenant, United States Army Reserve. In addition, distinguished military graduates may apply for a Regular Army commission. Army ROTC cadets have the opportunity to participate in the following extra-curricular activities: Scabbard and Blade, Officer ' s Club, Rifle Team, and ROTC Band. ROTC Color Guard Army ROTC Group Staff The Colonel ' s Lady, Rita Wilson, was selected by the Army ROTC Cadet Group to be their Group Sponsor for 1961. Official duties include presiding over Armed Forces Day and the Annual Military Ball and leading the Grand March un- der an arch of sabers. Company sponsors selected by the in- dividual companies were as follows: COMPANY SPONSORS PENNY PEPPLE Headquarters Company LYNN RODGERS A Company HICKY WALLACE B Company BETH BEALL C Company PAM LINGER D Company KAY RIDDLE E Company RITA WILSON The Colonel ' s Lady The Group Staff is selected on the basis of classroom and drill field performance on the campus and summer camp per- formance at Fort Benning, Georgia. They are responsible for conducting the weekly drill. ASSIGNMENT CADET DRILL GROUP Group Commanding Officer MS IV Group Executive Officer MS IV Group S-1 MS IV Group S-2 MS IV Group S-3 MS IV Operations Clerk MS I Group S-4 MS IV Sergeant Major MS III F. D. Copeland L. G. Goodwin R. E. Russell P. T. Harrison W. L. Blessey C. E. EDWARDS A. W. DOTY Band Commander Drill Team Commander BAND PLATOON Drum Major MS IV Edwards, C. E. 2d I,t. Asst. Dram Major MS III Stringer, Q. E. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Dent, P. A. Sgt. MS II Hicks, D.L., Pfc MS I Abraham, G. E., Pvt. MS II Yelverton, R. W., Pic MS II Morton, W. J., Pfc MS II Crocker, G. W., Pic MS I Walker, L. L., Pvt. MS I Allen, J. N., Pvt. MS II Graves, J. 0., Pfc MS I Shurtleff, W. K., MS I Duncan, J. B., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS I Shoemaker, W. M. Pvt. MS I Parks, B. K., Pvt. MS I Ray, A. E., Pvt. MS II Humphrey, J. D., Pfc MS I Treuting, J. J., Pvt. MS I Murphy, R. T., Pvt. MS I McMullan, J. B., Pet. MS I Thorburn, J. E., Pvt. MS I Ayers, C. P., Pvt. MS I Thornhill, F. W., Pvt. MS II Smith, J. L., Pfc 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS I Dye, T. G. Pvt. MS H Comstock, R. L., Pfc MS I Ballard, W. C., Pvt. MS I Barnett, C. E., Pvt. MS II Cox, W. P., Pfc MS I Mims, S. C., Pvt. MS I Wells, W. H., Pvt. MS II Crisler, J. W., Pfc MS II Hanbery, J. H., Pfc MS I J. M., Pvt. MS I Payne, G. B., Pvt. MS II Lewis, J. M., Pfc MS II Hudson, W. T., Pfc 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS I Stephenson, R. H. Pvt. MS I Tolleson, E. A., Pvt. MS I Schwan, J. A., Pvt. MS I Gerred, W. P., Pvt. MS I McLaurin, P. C., Pvt. MS I Piper, C. B., Pvt. MS II Malouf, A. M., Plc MS I Liollio, A. D., Pvt. MS I Dalton, L. C., Pvt. MS I Roberts, P. E., Pvt. MS I Earls, R. C., Pvt. MS II Yates, W. G., Pfc MS II Jones, Jack L., Pfc PENNY PEPPLE Headquarters Company Sponsor DRILL PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Doty, A. W 2c1 Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Adams, B. R. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Smith, T. L. Sgt. MS II Dill, K. D., Cpl. MS I Landrum, W. W., Pvt. MS II Hooke, H. E., Cpl. MS I Keenan, J. P., Pvt. MS I Smith, R. L., Pvt. MS II Chaffin, R. E., Sgt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Sanders, H. J. Sgt. MS II Edmonds, J. E. Sgt. MS I Dann, P. L., Pvt. MS I Kimbrell, F. F., Pvt. MS II Guy, L. B., Pfc MS I Mattina, R. A., Pvt. MS II Jones, J. L., Pfc 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Johnson, L. L. Sgt. MS II Avent, J. C., Sgt. MS I Aldridge, W. P., Pvt. MS I Upchurch, R. K., Pvt. MS II Kelly, D. G., Cpl. MS I Caldwell, J. B., Pvt. MS I Chisholm, C. P., Pvt. Squad Sad. Ldr. MS II Schwabe, A. J. Sgt. MS II Sullivan, L. W., Cpl. MS I Morgan, S. R., Pvt MS I Norquist, J. W., Pvt. MS II Edmonds, J. M., Cpl. MS I Davis, C. R., Pvt. MS I Wilkins, J. T., Pvt. R. S. Edwards, J. B. Russell, J. F. Jones 2ND PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Jones, J. F. 2d L Platoon Sergeant MS III Lawrence, G. M. M Sg 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Brown, R. A. SFC MS II Aiken, J. W., Cpl. MS I Tyrone, E. F., Pvt. MS I Rich, B M., Pvt. MS I Carpenter, R. F., Pvt. MS II Sykes, J. B., Cpl. MS I Givens, R. H., MS I Easley, C. R., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Boling, R. H. SFC MS II Lackey, S. A., Cpl. MS I Slaughter, L. A., Pvt. MS I Hart, J P., Pvt. MS I Barnett, H. T., Pvt. MS II Veazey, E. A., Cpl. MS II Barnes, R. E., MS I Alias, W. A., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS I Paine, R. W. Sgt. MS I Sheldon, A. H., Pvt. MS I Ray, M. D., Pvt. MS I McInnis, D. C., Pvt. MS I Schroeder, W. M., Pvt. MS II Murton, J. B., Cpl. MS I Burdine, F. R., MS II Magee, R. M., Cpl. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Lewis, D. B. Sgt. MS II Alderson, V. G., Cpl. MS I Finley, D., Pvt. MS I McGraw, R. Y., Pvt. MS I Ward, W. H., Pvt. MS I McGehee, J. W., Pvt. . 3RD PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Mitchell, J. T. 2d I Platoon Sergeant MS III Sample, C. R. M. S, 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Chit, R. S. SFC MS II Day, J. 13., Cpl. MS I Meador, A. L., Pvt. MS I Lamb. T. L., Pvt. MS I Mayer, J. 1., Pvt. MS II Hughes, M. W., Cpl. MS I Leonard, C. S., MS I Moseley, W. A., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. . MS II Mellon. J. S. Sgt. MS II Brunt, G. T., Cpl. MS 1 Warner, H. S., Pvt. MS I Sutural, H. C., Pvt. MS I Dalton, B. D., Pvt. MS I Edwards, R. D., Pvt. MS I Sparks, G. E., MS I Jones, H. T., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Boykin. T. L. Sgt. MS II Povall, A. S., Cpl. MS I Morris. W. ' I ' ., Pvt. MS I Dale, M. S., Pvt. MS I Bryan, J. R., Pvt. MS II Nail, N. L., Cpl. MS I Gorton, W. M., MS 1 Welsher, E. C., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Binder, J. A. Sgt. MS I Brummett, D. W., Pvt. MS I Lee, J. P., Pvt. MS I Rutledge, W. 0., Pvt. MS I Hartsfield C., Pvt. MS II Laws, A. H., Cpl. MS I Vaught, J. H., Pvt. Commander MS IV Todaro, A. J. Captain Executive Officer MS IV Edwards, R. S. 1st Lt. First Sergeant MS III Barbour, J. F. 1st Sgt. Guidon Bearer MS I S mith, T. S. Pvt. 1ST PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Russell, J. B. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Harriss, E. C. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Brasfield, S. H. SFC MS II Bourn, T. C., Cpl. MS I Hollowell, T. L., Pvt. MS I Garrott, T. C., MS I :Abernethy, T. G., Pvt. MS II Williams, K. W., Cpl. MS I Holmes, J. N., Pvt. MS I MacKenzie, C. A., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Draughn, J. B. Sgt. MS I Merrill, M. F. Pvt. MS II Dunaway, J. K., Cpl. MS I Warfield, W. P., Pvt. MS I Travis, F. F., Pvt. MS I Godwin, W. E., Pvt. MS I Carroll, W. R., MS II Haden, J. W., Pic 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Wright, W. E. Sgt. MS II Lane, W. E., Cpl. MS I Sandifer, F. M., Pvt. MS I Peresich, E. R., Pvt. MS I Rutherford, G. A., Pvt. MS II Walker, E. J., Cpl. MS I Vittitow, K. M., Pvt. MS I Marshall, T. L., Pvt. MS I Gwin, W. R., Pvt. MS I Floyd, C. K., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr MS II Liddell, J. W. Sgt. MS II Champion, W. L., Cpl. MS II Jones, W. H., Cpl. MS I Williams, G. C., Pvt. MS I Rogers, H. G., Pvt. MS II Ross, S. L., Pfc MS II Abdo, G. E., Plc MS II Henry, C. P., Pfc MS I Mashburn, T. L., Pvt. C. H. Reese, W. T. Jones, J. D. Britton, A. C. Cooley, J. D. Porter 1ST PLATOON Commander MS IV Reece, C. H. Captain Executive Officer MS IV Jones, W. T. 1st Lt. First Sergeant MS III Boone, H. E. 1st Sgt. Guidon Bearer MS II Frank, G. R. PFC Platoon Leader MS IV Britton, J. D. Platoon Sergeant MS III Holmes, W. D. M. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Frame, J. T. SFC MS II Couch, T. , Cpl. MS II Baddley, J. K., Cpl. MS I Williams, W. A., Pvt. MS I Higginbotham, L. F ' ., MS I Lucas, T. E., Pvt. MS II A. G., Pfc Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Smith, D. R. Sgt. MS I Criss, M. W., Pvt. MS I Purnell, T. M., Pvt. MS I Watson, H. B., Pvt. MS I Russell, R. H., Pvt. MS I Kelso, B. B., Pvt. MS II Mock, W. H., Pfc MS I Hinton, C. R., Pvt. MS I Rounds, W. L., Pvt. MS I Love, H. NI., Pvt. Sqd. Ldr. MS II Haywood, C. E. Sgt. 3rd Squad MS II Suares, J. C., Cpl. MS I Worsham, J. D., Pvt. MS I Watkins, D. B., Pvt. MS I Sisson, E. B., Pvt. MS II Stamper, S. W., Cpl. MS I Welch, K. W., MS I Scola, R. ., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Vandevender, C. L. Sgt. MS II Craig, L. V., Cpl. MS II Bell, J. B., Pfc MS I Tillery, D. W., Pvt. MS I Fanner, H. D., Pvt. MS II Steuernagel, R. J., Cpl. MS II Abel, M. G., Pfc MS I Pegram, C. H., Pvt. MS I Adams, M. C., Pvt. H ICKY WALLACE Ii Company Sponsor 2ND PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Cooley, A. C. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Frazer, W. H. NI Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Wilford, N. B. SFC MS II Wilkinson, C. L., Cpl. MS II Chinni, G. D., Cpl. MS II Hancock, G. L., Pfc MS I Brown, D. W., Pvt. MS I Whitenton, D. A., Pvt. MS I Huffman, D. L., Pvt. MS I Salloum, J. N., Pvt. MS II Barnes, John T., Pfc 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II bard, P. H. Sgt. MS II McClintock, G. T., Cpl. MS I Hooke, B. M.„ Pvt. MS II Rogers, S. J., Pfc MS I Boyd, R. C., Pvt. MS II Murray, H. C., Cpl. MS I Mathews, D. R., MS I Sumrall, W. W., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Anderson, F. A. Sgt. MS II Rabies, E. G., Cpl. MS II Story, A. L., Pfc MS I Perkins, R. E., Pvt. MS I Johnson, B. W., Pvt. MS I Marshall, R. R., Pvt. MS I Garrison, N. A., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Wilkins, C. H. Sgt. MS II Cassidy, C. , Cpl. MS II Potts, W. A., Cpl. MS II Hudson, R. R., Pfc MS I Mounger, S. G., Pvt. MS I Smith, R. G., Pvt. MS I Jordan, H. L., Pvt. MS I Terrell, J. NI., Pvt. MS I Chapman, P. R., Pvt. PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Porter, J. D. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Tucker, G. L. M Sgt. 1st Squad Ldr. MS III De nton, J. R. SFC MS TI Hurst, W., Cpl. MS I Weathersby, C. H., Pvt. MS I Roberts, F. F., . MS I Moss, J. C., Pvt. MS I Hanbery, G. W., Pvt. MS,I Whinier, R. S., MS I Roberts, J. H., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II McIntosh, C. A. Sgt. MS II Grantham, K. P., Cpl. MS II Owings, F. B., Cpl. MS I West, L W., Pvt. MS I Jackson, R. T., Pvt. MS I Swain, W. L., Pvt. MS I Robinson, B. D., MS I McAlexander, G. T., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Guyton, D. H. Sgt. MS II Prince, T. J., Cpl. MS II Wardlaw, E. W., Cpl. MS I Smith, T. D., Pvt. MS I Parker, C. NI., Pvt. MS I Stigler, W. G. Pvt. MS II Barnes, J. T., MS I Smith, E. D., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Russell, J. F. Sgt. MS II Merkel, C. , Cpl. MS I Leeper, J. T., Pvt. MS Aden, G. G., Pvt. MS I May, D. Pvt. MS I Minor, J. L., Pvt. MS I Scharr, D. 0., Pfc F. R. Halbert, W. F. Roberts, D. E. Harrison, R. C. Wilkerson, R. V. Massengill BETH BEAU. C Company Sponsor 2ND PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Wilkerson, R. C. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Maxwell, Clyde M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Seawright, R. D. SFC MS II Darnell, R. H., Cpl. MS I Wadlington, L. R., Pvt. MS I Vickery, R. B., Pvt. MS I Abbott, G. T., Pvt. MS I Thaxton, J. C., Pvt. MS I Todd, J. C., MS II Clark, J. C., Cpl. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Ferris, D. M. SFC MS I Anderson. C. M., Pvt. MS II Lane, R. D. Pfc MS I Sohm, J. J., Pvt. MS I Abbott, G. T., Pvt. MS I Newton, J. Pvt. MS I Thomas, L. N., MS I Selman, J. E., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Davidson, G. H. Sgt. MS I Willoughby, J. E., Pvt. MS II Johnson, J. G., Cpl. MS I Wilson, D. T., Pvt. MS I Beach, S. L., Pvt. MS II Siedel, R. E., Pfc MS I Kinard, F. M., MS I Anderson, E. W., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Pepper, W. A. Sgt. MS II Varner, J. W., Cpl. MS I Murray, R. P., Pvt. MS II Fenstermacher, R. F MS II Kinnebrew, W. L., Pfc MS I Witty, R. W., Pvt. Pfc MS II Wood, J. W., Cpl. MS I Garrett, R. L., Pvt. 3RD PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Massengill, R. V. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Travis, J. A. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Wilford, D. S. SFC MS II Lanter, L. F., Cpl. MS I Hodges, T. S., Pvt. MS I Whitten, J. L., Pvt. MS I Hartley, J. C., Pvt. MS II Hovis, G. L., Cpl. MS I McMullan, G. K., Pet 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Austin, J. G. Sgt. MS II Jordan, J. B., Cpl. MS I Thames, J. H., Pvt. MS Arnold, H. T. Pvt. MS II Channell, J. T., Pfc MS I Strickland, V. V., Pvt. MS I Ammons, N. E.. Pvt. MS II Williams, R. B., Cpl. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Forrester, D. B. Sgt. MS II Lee, E. H., Cpl. MS II Lacy, A. A., Pfc MS I Jordan, J. T., Pvt. MS I Prewitt, F. D., Pvt. MS II Lamar, T. E., Cpl. MS I Hurt, D. H., MS I Blessey, G. H., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Jackson, S. G. Sgt. MS I Showah, J. M., Pvt. MS I Randall, R. L., Pvt. MS I Hoppen, J. E., Pvt. MS I Slayden, J. W. V., Pvt. MS II Weeks, D. E., Cpl. MS I Perry, F. E., Pvt. 1ST PLATOON Commander MS IV Halbert, F. R Captain Executive Officer MS IV Roberts, W. F. 1st Lt. First Sergeant MS III Singleton, R. S. 1st Sgt. Guidon Bearer MS II Owen, S. W. PFC Platoon Leader MS IV Harrison, D. E. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Cathey, J. A. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Davis, P. T. SFC MS II Kaye, D. A., Cpl. MS I Acree, J. J., Pvt. MS I Pigott, M. E., Pvt. MS I Harrington, W. B., Pvt. MS II Stockett, R. N., Cpl. MS I Amis, W. R., Pvt. MS I Wallace, D. S., Pvt. MS I Randall, G. M., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Nowell, R. M. Sgt. MS II Agnew, L. B., Cpl. MS I Ross, A. S., Pvt. MS I Robinson. E. R., Pvt. MS I BergoId, G. H., Pvt. MS II Nester, D. R., Pfc MS I Sanders, W. B., Pvt. MS I Magee, J. R., Pvt. MS I Reed, J. M., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Simpson, J. S. Sgt. MS II Ford, C. A., Cpl. MS I Kessinger, D. E., Pvt. MS I Williams, E. N., Pvt. MS I Black, C. M., Pvt. MS II Austin, B. L., Cpl. MS I Barnett, J. H., Pvt. MS I Williams, J. A., Pvt. MS I Dean, W. J., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Blythe, J. A. Sgt. MS II Malouf, A. J., Cpl. MS I Alexander. K. C., Pvt. MS I Rice, T I., Pvt. MS I Mounger, W. H., Pvt. MS I Massi, A. R., Pvt. MS II Ford, F. A., Pfc MS I Adelman, J. G., Pvt. MS I McIntyre, D. F., Pvt. E. E. Schneider, L. F. Sams, G. B. Clark, W. E. Godbold 1ST PLATOON Commander MS IV Schneider, E. E. Captain Executive Officer MS IV Sams, L. F. 1st Lt. First Sergeant MS III Alford, S. K. 1st Sgt. Guidon Bearer MS II Hall, W. W. PFC Platoon Leader MS IV Clark, G. B. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Kretschmar, M. S. MI Sgt. 1st Squad Sad. Ldr. MS III Denton, G. B. SEC MS II Eckhardt, W. G., Cpl. MS I Boone, K. C., Pvt. MS I Crow, J. D., Pvt. MS I Cardwell, J. R., Pvt. MS II Mize, G. F., Cpl. MS II Herndon, F. N., Plc MS I Wood, J. L., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Miller, D. S. SFC MS II Spivey, L. M., Cpl. MS I Gowan, W. A., Pvt. MS I Backstrom, J. W., Pvt. MS II Stevens, W. L., Cpl. MS I Zimmerman, D. B., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Berliner, A. E. Sgt. MS II Bunnell, R. W., Cpl. MS I Crum, B. C., Pvt. MS II Avaltroni, P. W., Cpl. MS I Mullins, W. P., Pvt. MS I Broom, R. P., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Keith, G. C. Sgt. MS II Haik, E. M., Cpl. MS I Nicholas, J. T., Pvt. MS I Regan, L. D., Pvt. MS I Shelton, J. W., Pvt. MS I Parker, R. W., Pvt. MS I Crouch, J. L., Pvt. MS II Alexander, R. W., Cpl. PAM LINGER D Company Sponsor Platoon Leader MS IV Chiles, B. B. 2c1 Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS II Borne, R. R M Sgt. 1st Squad Sryd. Ldr. MS III Riley, M SFC MS II Mortimer, J. A., Cpl. MS II Kinkade, F. S., Pfc. MS I Owen, C. W., Pvt. MS I Connaway, J. M., Pvt. MS II Collins, R. L., Cpl. MS I Field, R. L., Pvt. MS I Chambers, C. R.., Pvt. MS I Cox, J. L., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Shellnut, T. C. SFC MS II Ramsey, R. C., Cpl. MS I Bolick, J. W.. Pvt. MS I Prewitt, R. K. Pvt. MS I Bell, F. A., Pvt. MS II Openshaw, W., Cpl. MS I Boyd, H., Pvt. MS I Churchill, R., Pvt. MS I ' Washington, F. L., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II McCraney, W. T. Sgt. MS II Hull, F. M., Cpl. MS I Crocker, E. W., Pvt. MS I Shea, J F. Pvt. MS I Chase, J. M., Pvt. MS I Mullen, W. E., Pvt. MS II N., Pic MS II Kelly, Plc 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Smith, S. A. Sgt. MS II Lovelace, E. D., Cpl. MS I Dabbs, G. F., Pvt. MS I Gates, R. G., Pvt. MS I Brown, J. V., Pvt. MS I Dunavant, W. A., Pvt. MS I Cottrell, D., MS II T. L., Cpl. 3RD PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Godbold. W. E. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Smith, D. B. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Robertson, J. L. SFC MS II Schlesinger, B., Cpl. MS I Cable, T. M., Pvt. MS I Bell, J V., Pvt. MS I Furr, D. P., Pvt. MS II Tompkins, W. C., Cpl. MS I Taylor, D. J., MS I Brown, W. C., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Lum, A. 13. Sgt. MS I Rayborn, J., Pfc MS I Nelson, J. R. Pvt. MS I Dedeaux, J. G., Pvt. MS I Gammill, F. E., Pvt. MS H Smallwood, R., L., Cpl. MS I Crockett, J. R., Pvt. MS I Bright, C. L., Pvt. ' 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Edwards, J. H. Sgt. MS II Haley, R. A., Cpl. MS I Donald, W. D., Pvt. MS I Deese, J. W., Pvt. MS I Newell, G. E., Pvt. MS II Hooper, R. I., Cpl. MS I Dober, D. K., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Smallwood, H. M. Sgt. MS II Allen, R. P., Cpl. MS I McArthur, A. H., Pvt. MS I Clark, H. L., Pvt. MS I Price, J. D., Pvt. MS I Carlton, W. W., Pvt. MS I Bell, J. T., Pvt. K. G. Weems, C. A. Miller, M. Speakes, R. A. Watts, W. J. Duncan KAY RIDDLE E Company Sponsor 2ND PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Watts, R. A. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III O ' Mara, J. W. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Lott, C. L. SFC MS II Howard, B. R., Cpl. MS I Nix, J. P., Pvt. MS I Smith, W. H., Pvt. MS I Dement, J. W., Pvt. MS I Morrow, T. D., Pvt. MS I Haynes, M. P., Pvt. MS II Ready, D. C., Cpl. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Brister, T. S. SFC MS II Leach, H. 0., Cpl. MS I Mason, J. G., Pvt. MS I Gleason D. 0., Pvt. MS I Sparks, D. R., Pvt. MS II Montgomery, J. H., MS I Spencer, C. D., Pvt. CpL MS I Stone, C. R., Pvt. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Brockman, R. W. Sgt. MS II Peery, D. W., Cpl. MS I Edmonson, R. L., Pvt. MS I Crambrell, W. R., Pvt. MS I Gramling, R. E., Pvt. MS II George, J. M., Cpl. MS I Hall, R. D., MS I Lyoyns, L. C., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Grantham, S. R. Sgt. MS II Ladner, L. L., Cpl. MS I Portera, J. J., Pvt. MS I Horn, C. D., Pvt. MS I Hinds, H. R., Pvt. MS II Scrivener, F. E., Cpl. MS I Taylor, M. A., MS I Teague, J. T., Pvt. 3RD PLATOON Platoon Leader MS IV Duncan, W. J. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Ellis, W. R. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III McRae, A. H. SFC MS II Machtolff, R. S., Cpl. MS I Ashley,. L., Pvt. MS I Gong, K. W., Pvt. MS I Owen, R. M., Pvt. MS II Northup, T. E., Cpl. MS I Littlefield, G. W., MS I Craeber, C. L., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. MS II Laird, R. M. Sgt. MS II Wilson, H. M., Cpl. MS I Wardlaw, B. M., Pvt. MS I Wilson, J. W., Pvt. MS I Hewes, F. S., Pvt. MS II Castle, T. L., Cpl. MS I Herring, II C., Pvt. MS II Mitchell, J. R., Pfc 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Teller, L. J. Sgt. MS II Crawford , B. C., Cpl. MS I Herman, H. R., Pvt. MS I Holleman, F. C., Pvt. MS I Johansen, 0. W., Pvt. MS II Cupp, H. A., Cp!. MS I Kendall, H. M., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Turner, L. H. Sgt. MS II Perry, M. M. Cpl. MS I Higdon, D. F., Pvt. MS I Schmaltz, W. E., Pvt. MS I Calloway, R. C., Pvt. MS II Lowry, J. E., Cpl. MS I Lott, D. P., MS I Kitchell, J. R., Pvt. 1ST PLATOON Commander MS IV Weems, K. G. Captain Executive Officer MS IV Miller, C. A. 1st Lt. First Sergeant MS III Coleman, T. A 1st Sgt. Guidon Bearer MS II Bolton, W. D. PFC Platoon Leader MS IV Speakcs, L. M. 2d Lt. Platoon Sergeant MS III Clark, J. W. M Sgt. 1st Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Hall, T. SFC MS II Fendley, F. B., Pfc MS I Cleveland, T. F., Pvt. MS I Edmonson, B. G., Pvt. MS I Nichols, D. M., Pvt. MS II Lewis, L. 0., Cpl. MS I Herrington, J. D., MS I Miller, R. B., Pvt. 2nd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS III Stevens, E. H. SFC MS II Smith, K. W., Cpl. MS I King, 0. L., Pvt. MS I Morris, W. H., Pvt. MS I Hammond, R. M., Pvt. MS I Graeber, J. L., Pvt. MS I Jones, T., Pvt. MS II Long, W. L., Cpl. 3rd Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II Mavar, N. A. Sgt. MS II Thielker, R. W., Cpl. MS I Long, J. W., Pvt. MS I Haffffey, C. P., Pvt. MS I Higdon, J. M., Pvt. MS II Edwards, I. H., Cpl. MS I Moore, W. S., Pvt. MS I Humphreys, C. 0., Pvt. 4th Squad Sqd. Ldr. MS II McRoberts, M. L. Sgt. MS II Wolfe, G. H., Cpl. MS I McMurtray, W., Pvt. MS I McGaugh, Pvt. MS II Coffield, T. R., Plc MS II Bolen, J. E., Cpl. MS I Garrett, S. W., MS I Heinze, J. 0., Pvt. Capt. F. N. Howe NROTC Color Guard The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was at Ole Miss in June, 1946, for the purpose of training care- fully screened and selected young men for commissions as Ensign in the United States Navy, or Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. In order to augment the United States Naval Academy in graduating for these two services, Ole Miss, along with fifty-one other colleges and universities was chosen to participate in this program. As well studying professional Naval and Marine subjects, NROTC students pursue their selected major field of endeavor. The regular staff of the NROTC unit FIRST PLATOON Boland W. P. Gill, J. W. Castalona, M. A. Nash, J. M. Moore, A. V. Yates, J. W. Moore, A. B. Spooner, C. A. Actis, C. L. Hagen, H. W. Drew, R. M. Baxter, J. B. Jones, D. A. Sorrenson, C. R. Gay, M. J. Hudson, H. H. Jameson, C. H. Rathburn, W. M. Edwards, H. B. Frazier, L. V. Pasco, P. J. Jewell, T. M. Heidinger, P. Lovett, W. L. Edwards, D. M. Matheidas, J. R. Madeo, R. Perry, L. B. Shelby Grantham, Battalion Sponsor The Midshipman, in addition to studying at the University, spends approximately eight weeks each summer on a training cruise in order to gain practical experience on active duty. Upon graduation, the newly commissioned officers will go to assignment aboard ship, flight school, or bases all over the world. The Drill Team J. P. Bailey M. W. Sims D. H. Anderson L. Lipscomb J. R. Wood F. S. Coffey T. A. Hill, T. D. Bounds, J. K. Nickolas, W. W. Denton. C. 0. HILL, T. A. X. 0. BOUNDS, T. D. CPO HERBERT, B. W. HELEN MAY A Company Sponsor Platoon Leader NICKOLAS, J. K. Platoon MPG PRESSLEY, J. L. Guide GEDRIS, J. R. SQUAD 1 SQUAD 2 SQUAD 3 Edwards, R. L. Barton, B. C. Cofer, R. H. Ruff, J. L. Santa, C. R. Decker, S. S. Killough, G. A. Moore, F. T. Driskell, M. 0. Laurie, R. Harrison, G. C. Jones, F. W. Weale, G. D. Gannon, R. M. Lynch, J. F. Krosp, J. C. Heaps, T. D. Allen, J. M. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader DENTON, W. W. Platoon MPG ROACH, J. A. Guide R. S. SQUAD 1 SQUAD 2 SQUAD 3 Graham, H. H. Sherman, J. L. Roberts, W. J. Bethards, L. G. Rankin, T. V. Graham, H. P. Lipscomb, E. B. Will, S. R. Ruffini, J. P. Olsen, G. N. Palm, E. C. Gaither, T. Dodds, J. H. ' Naval Science Students L. W. Dunnaway, R. B. Briscoe, J. Owen. M. S. Nickell. E. E. Fava. C. 0 DUNNAWAY, L. W. X. 0. BRISCOE, R. B. CPO OWEN, J. T. Margaret Dooley Bell, B Company Sponsor FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader NICKELL, M. S. Platoon MPO GOWER, R. E. Guide TATUM, R. P. SQUAD 1 SQUAD 2 SQUAD 3 Burke, C. R. Wilson, N. C. Sherwitzki, W. G. Saul, R. W. Cooper, W. B. Rigby, G. E. Miller, J. R. Scott, B. L. Murphy, M. A. Jaglinski, S. T. Harp, L. H. Cameron, W. E. Brazil, H. E. Williams, N. W. Taylor, C. M. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader F. E. Platoon MPO INGRAM, W. H. Guide McCRAW, T. K. SQUAD 1 SQUAD 2 SQUAD 3 Jones, T. L. Miller, T. L. Cole, C. E. Kirschtcn, T. D. Cross, R. C. Rush, M. L. Williams, W. H. Storrs, K. H. Ratliff, J. R. Weber, G. G. Tyson, W. D. Schwab, R. A. Neill, R. H. Naval Science Students R. F. Mitchell, P. E. Greene, F. M. Freemen, J. W. L. Lewis, P. A. Connors. C. 0. MITCHELL, R. F. X. 0. GREENE, P. E. CPO FREEMAN, F. M. FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader LEWIS, J. W. L. Platoon MPO CHAPMAN, A. C. Guide FAIRFIELD, R. E. SQUAD 1 SQUAD 2 SQUAD 3 Tatum, W. T. Hartman, C. W. O ' Neil, J. E. Lankford, J. G. Underwood, C. 0. Johnson, D. W. Richardson, J. W. Daniel, D. M. Seman, P. M. Jones, G. L. McCoy, C. K. Olson, G. C. Strickland, R. M. Frazier, L. V. Brasher, W. J. Folk, R. L. SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader CONNORS, P. A. Platoon MPO DENNIS, M. R. Guide COON, D. W. SQUAD 1 SQUAD 2 SQUAD 3 Pennington, R. A. Urice, R. M. Blackwell, L. G. Clement, G. G. Manly, C. A. Frazier, J. D. Shaw, E. E. Sartoris, J. R. Farrell, R. M. Fontaine, W. B. Pickering, R. K. Mitchell, M. A. Sconyers, D. J. Gaines, J. F. A. Naval Science Students To meet the challenge of the increasing de- mand for personnel trained as engineers and sci- entists to cope with the problems and complexi- ties of modern day warfare, the Navy Department established the Navy Enlisted Scientific Program. This program was established here at the University the fall semester 1958, and is designed to provide a college education leading to a baccalaureate degree to Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel that possess outstanding quali- fications. Upon completion of four years of study in the broad fields of science and engineering these enlisted students will be eligible for a com- mission in the Navy or Marine Corps. The Five Term College Training Program was initiated in 1945 by the Secretary of the Navy. Its purpose is to provide commissioned officers of the Regular Navy in the rank of Lieutenant Commander and below with the opportunity to receive academic training equivalent to five terms of College- level education. Officers assigned to the program will receive an education equal to that given to officers who are graduates of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. After these officers completion of their present studies here, they will return to duty assignments within the Naval on ships and stations, both in this country and overseas. MAJ. DOUGLAS S CANNING AFROTC Drill Team For the purpose of selecting and training potential officers for the Air. Force, the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, through both regular class study and leadership labo- ratory exercises, has been in progress at Ole Miss since 1947. The Department of Air Science consist of four officers and three airmen. Supervised by the University and Air Force ROTC Headquarters, they conduct the Air Science course of study which is divided into two phases, Basic and Advanced Air Science. The first two years of academic study are devoted to air- power and its importance to the security of the nation. In the final two years, in the advanced course, stress is placed upon Air Force procedures and development of leadership and communication abilities. First Row: Capt. James R. Briley, Capt. Jay M. Russell, Capt. D. L. King. Second Row: T Sgt. Curtis L. Rouse, T Sgt. Herbert Jobe, A I c Thomas E. Shive GROUP SPONSORS MISS PAT CHADWICK Wing Sponsor MISS MIRIAM WILSON 34th Sqd. Sponsor MISS GLENDA LUKE 35th Sqd. Sponsor MISS DIANE KLYCE 36th Sqd. Sponsor MISS ANN BILES 37th Sqd. Sponsor MISS SHARON THOMPSON Band Sponsor MISS PAT McINNIS Arnold Air Society Sponsor PAT CHADWICK Wing Sponsor G. L. LEWIS SHARON THOMPSON Band Commander Band Sponsor The senior cadets who are selected for pilot training are given 36 hours of flying training at the University-Oxford Airport. All cadets are offered the opportunity to participate in orientation flights in late- type military aircraft and to observe the application of principles learned in the classroom and leadership laboratory. In addition, all advanced cadets attend a four week summer training unit at a regular Air Force Base. First Row: H. F. Garrett, R. F. Second Row: J. W. Ware, R. L Pass. Third Row: E. B. Lanier, T. M. The AFROTC Band R. C. Williams, K. W. Cargile, .1. M. McCormick, G. E. Hignett, E. M. Ferrell. MIRIAM WILSON Squadron Sponsor " A " FLIGHT Baker, J. E. Harris, H. V. Ramey, H. E. Barszczewski, T. R. Hartly, E. V. Ripper, T. D. Belote, J. B. Hinton, B. T. Roberts, G. C. Bennett, S. H. Johnson, E. E. Roberts, J. P. Buffaloe, G. W. Kraus, G. C. Roberts, P. J. Burman, R. P. MeEwen, J. C. Sikes, E. N. Champion, T. G. McLarty, Smith, B. B. Clark, R. 0. W. R., Jr. Smith, L. G. Cohen, R. McRay, T. A. Speck, J. W. Crockett, S. P. Madison, J. G. Sutton, L. E. Ellis, G. K. Mandlebaum, Tardy, J. C. Fortenberry, H. V. D. A. Thompson, W. T. Geer, D. M. Nickle, B. R. Toulme, W. E. Hamill, W. E. Omas, G. A. Varner, C. F. Haraway, M. M. Peyton, D. T. Whittington, C. C. Harrell, G. B. Pyle W. A. Wilkes, T. E., Jr. " B " FLIGHT Adams, L., Jr. Fortenberry, Mullins, J. P. Anderson, J. F., Jr. Frensley, C. H. Neyland, M. C. Arrington, J. H. Garmon, 0. L. O ' Beirne, T. J. Bainbridge, K. W. Givens, J. A. Orr, C. E. Bates, B. L. Goulding, E. B. Robertson, 0. G . Baures, R. S. Gray, S. T. Sargent, R. L. Bruen, E. E. Griffin, T. L. Seiler, W. A. Buntin, J. L. Hall, B. D. Shewmake, B. Caldwell, J. E. Hana, R. V. Tripp, H. A. Chin, N., Jr. Hargraves, J. L. Wilbanks, J. V. Christensen, D. N. Harris, S. B. Wilbourn, S. L. Everett, G. A. Jones, G. E. Wynne, J. C. Fonda, D. M. Kellum, J. L. A. L. C. E. Anderson, B. F. Case, D. L. Perkins, P. H. Kaigler. GLENDA LUKE Squadron Sponsor " C " FLIGHT Armstrong, J. T. Hillman, D. E. Parchman, H. M. Bailey, S. L. Holmes, K. M. Patterson, P. L. Beckham, R. N. Hough, W. T. Patterson, M. D. Bullock, W. F. Harrington, B. C. Parten, H. G. Buster, T. M. James, F. 0. Reiley, K. Denley, W. H. Johnson, F. Rouse, R. J. Edmondson, C. M. King, J. W. Sledge, J. H. Ford, A. E. Knight, D. A. Spraberry, A. P. Ford, J. W. Martin, E. L. Smith, M. S. Framco, A. A. Martin, J. T. Thompson, R. D. Fritts, E. Megel, L. A. Troyka, J. J. Gaines, 0. T. Neal, A. B. Wells, D. M. Gazelle, H. J. Oglesby, J. L. Wright, J. J. Hackett, J. Ostler, J. S. Weeks, C. R. Hamilton, E. F. Overton, C. D. " D " FLIGHT Altenborn, G. A. Gill, G. M. Polizzi, J. L. Ball, D. A. Glaze, R. S. Pongetti, A. Bates, W. H. House, N. C . Ray, M. D. Brown, I. P. Joyner, W. G. Scroggins, B. J. Caldwell, C. A. Kenwright, G. B. Simmons, W. E. Davis, W. L., Jr. King, R. L. Smith, D. L. Davidson, R. M. Kirkland, J. N. Stone, F. G. Dearman, H. B. Klotz, C. W. Thomas, E. G. Edwards, A. T. MacDonald, J. S. Tipton, J. M. Easterling, L. P. Miley, R. G. Wardlaw, W. H. Fleming, T. R. Minor, V. A. Washington, J. R. Genin, R. L. Oakman, R. L. Woodward, J. J. George, J. S. Phillips, W. L. Woods, W. A. K. H. Ruby, L. A. Rather, T. B. Mc.Car, R. S. Collins, J. M. Caffery. DIANE KLYCE Squadron Sponsor " E " FLIGHT Abraham, R. S. Grenn, J. C. Owen, J. P. Adams, W. W. Haralson, H. H. Pettis, B. M. Allen, S. C. Hardy, W. L. Pickering, F. J. Atkins, J. K. Holley, C. L. Quon, J. P. Barton, J. D. Hopkins, T. D. Ramsey, T. L. Brown, B. F. Howell, M. R. Riley, L. A. Bumstead, M. Jones, C. B. Rogers, J. C. Chu, E. Kern. J. C. Rosmand, C. R. Coleman, D. L. Kirkland, C. T. Ryan. T. F. Duff, R. K. Kusmirak, W. M. Samford, G. R. Edomson, G. M. Lanham, R. L. Sotorey, T. B. Fleming, E. Langston, L. D. Taylor, J. H. Fisher, E. H. Lee, J. B. Tate, H. M. Fortenberry, F. S. Lowe, C. H. Warrington, J. D. Gaminill, J. C. Moore, D. 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Smith, D. L. Buford, P. W. King, J. L. Starr, J. W. Campbell, W. G. Lane, D. L. Stribling, C. E. Cocke, C. H. Mayo, J. M. Stroud, W. F. Crabtree, C. C. McRae, J. M. Thompson, J. E. Dantone, J. B. Mitchell, R. M. Trahan, M. F. Draper, R. V. Morris, J. E. Walton, L. S. Edwards, B. D. Mutzi, M. V. Wells, R. L. Fulmer, N. P. McDonald, F. L. Westerfield, C. W. Gaudet, E. L. Palmer, J. E. Winter, J. W. Glen, J. R. Pratt, A. L. Goodhart, J. G. " H " FLIGHT Adams, M. Green, J. M. Roberts, E. E. Ainsworth, H. S. Harper, R. D. Roten, D. P. Baker, J. L. Haynes, H. W. Runnels, J. G. Bath, D. W. Holladay, R. F. Sessions, C. E. Brown, E. E. Holliday, G. N. Sneed, J. C. Busby, J. W. Holley, L. B. Speed, J. L. Buttross, D. A. Holmes, R. Summers, M. C. Clements, J. G. Johnson, J. K. Tate, H. M. Crocker, J. A. Lea, N. W. Terney, P. B. Davis, R. E. McIngvale, G. S. Thomas, J. J. Donaldson, W. T. McNamara, P. A. Thompson, W. R. Edmondson, J. P. Mayhall, K. T. Turner, J. R. Farr, W. F. Montgomery, E. Williams, J. E. Freeman, J. C. Pagach, K. A. Young, L. L. Gatlin, E. H. Perkerson, J. R. IVERSITY STUDENT GATE Athletics . . . are a constant source of pride and prestige at Ole Miss. As Missis- sippi ' s good will ambassadors to the nation, these rugged combatants have displayed char- acter, poise, and ability to the ever-critical public --- and the public has accepted them as its representatives, loyal to the high traditions of American society. Truly the Rebels are a part of Ole Miss, just as Ole Miss is a part of them. All America Jake Gibbs checked the opposition defensive alignments. The year 1960 was one of many memories for Colonel Rebel. The Colonel ' s basketball entry for the ' 59- ' 60 cam- paign scored the comeback of the year, vaulting from last to fourth in the tough SEC. Then in baseball the nine riflemen of Coach Tom Swayze literally swamped all opposition and posted a 17 game winning streak en route to a 22-3 record, a second straight conference title, and the number five rating in the nation. But this was only the beginning. Pre-season polls placed the Colonel ' s gridiron entry in the number two slot at the starting gate. Houston ' s helpless succumbed and the AP said NUMBER ONE. fell and we were still riding high with the AP and just a notch shy in the UPI. Memphis State almost brought dis- aster, and both wire services decided to think it over again. Then Vandy ' s Commodore sank, and everybody had us NUMBER ONE. However, we let Tulane score too much, and the next week we were back to second. After Arkansas, still second. LSU ' s Tigers invaded for Homecoming, and one would have thought it was their Homecoming as they stopped the Colonel with a draw. Down to number six. The Colonel didn ' t give up. Chattanooga brought us back to fourth, and Tennessee up to second. The crushing of Cow College was not convincing enough so we closed the regular season number two in the AP, number three in the UPI. It was 1961 before we finally convinced ' em. The Colonel romped and rolled all over Sugar Bowl Stadium until nobody could be in doubt. Several days later we received a telegram from the Football Writers Associatio n of America. It read: " YOU ' RE NUMBER ONE! " THE 1960 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS: From left to right, front row- Jake Gibbs, Giynn Griffing, Doug Elmore, Chico Taylor, George Blair, Chuck Morris, A. J. Holloway. Second Row—Bobby Crespino, Louis Guy, Johnny Robinson, Frank Halbert, Arthur Doty, Billy Ray Adams, Charles Laird, James Anderson. Third Row—Reggie Robertson, Alen Green, Billy Maxwell, Richard Warner Alford, Treva Bolin, Billy Ray Jones, Don Dickson. Fourth Row—Wayne Terry Lamar, Richard Price, Charlie Ferrill, Bill Basham, Jerry Brown, Rush McKay, Jim Roberts, Bob Benton. Fifth Row—Jim Dunaway, Joe Robertson, Jerry Daniels, Johnny Brewer, Ralph Smith, Bo Ball, Wes Sullivan, Billy Champion, Woody Dabbs, Top Row—Don Sheffield, manager; Bill Keyes, manager. Homecoming found nationwide television cameras in Hemingway. The UPI hangs high. The occasion and the scene, the crowds and the team—all combined to say WE ' RE NUMBER ONE! The Crescent City may not soon forget the latest invasion of the mighty Colonel, but the memory of the wise old Owl will undoubtedly linger for many years. The crafty fowl from Rice was intent on proving the superiority of his intellect. In- stead he was forced to wing his way home muttering some- thing like, " It wasn ' t fair. He had a gun and I didn ' t. " The Rifleman started it all at the first and cleaned up the mess at the end, being voted the battle ' s most valuable soldier for his efforts. The first one took just three minutes as the Rifleman led the Colonel ' s troups through 65 yards of enemy terrain and their first entry into pay dirt. Then the Owl took to flight and found that battle up there was much more profitable, much less bloody, than that on the ground. Winged in the arm early in the fourth by the wild shooting Owl, the Colonel got down to serious business, and riding the backs of Doty and the Hoss the Rifleman scored again, infantry style. The FWAA thought we were NUMBER ONE; so did we. Who needs the UPI and AP anyway? Halfback Bobby Crespino, having just received a pass from quarterback Jake Gibbs, heads downfield for a sizable gain. Taking to the air once more, Gibbs fires a strike to halfback George Blair for eleven yards and a first down against the Owls. The Outstanding Player Award winner for his day ' s work, All-American Gibbs was just too much for upstart Rice. The Rebel reserves showed little concern as the Colonel drove his forces downfield. The battle almost completed, Head Coach John Vaught prepared to send end Ralph Smith into the game with some new defensive strategy. Gibbs was just too much for upstart Rice. Fourteen years ago a young man from Texas arrived on the Ole Miss campus and assumed the job of head football coach. Today Johnny Vaught ranks as the number two football coach in the nation. His Rebel elevens have won 106 games, lost only 27 and tied seven. Seven times in the last nine years Coach Vaught has led his Rebels into post-season bowl competition. No other team in the nation can match that record. His teams have con- sistently been among the top ten in the nation, climaxing with the 1960 winner of the Grantland Rice Trophy as the nation ' s number one team. Teamwork has been a trademark not only of Coach Vaught ' s squads, but also with his coaching staff. No other university can boast such a capable staff of assistants as is found at Ole Miss. Coach Vaught ' s assistants include Bruiser Kinard, Buster Poole, John Cain, Junie Hovious, Wobble Davidson, Tom Swayze, Ray Poole, Roland Dale, Country Graham_ and Doc Knight. JOHN H. VAUGHT Head Coach THE OLE MISS COACHING STAFF: Left to right, front row—Frank (Bruiser) Kinard, John (Junie) Hovious, John H. Vaught, Tom K. Swayze, Jim (Busier) Poole. Back row —Wes (Doc) Knight, John (Hurry) Cain, Ray S. Poole B. L. (Country) Graham, Dale, J. W. (Wobble) Davidson. Handling the administrative chores for the University of Intercollegiate Athletics are a pair of veterans who have been at Ole Miss for a combined total of more than sixty years. Claude M. (Tad) Smith became Athletic Director on February 1, 1946, and has served continuously and with distinction in that post ever since. As athletic " boss " his foresight and planning have be en instrumental in the steady develop- ment of Rebel athletic prestige, in building good will for the University, and in the expansion of its athletic physical plant. Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of Intercollegiate Athletics, has been a University official for 36 years. He became Business Manager in Februar y of 1946 when the Ole Miss athletic staff was reorganized. He is a recent former president of the Southeastern Conference Business Managers Association. CLAUDE M. (TAD) SMITH Director of Intercollegiate Athletics JEFF K. HAMM Business Manager of Athletics Kneeling: Susan Sadler, Hicky Wallace, Amy Permenter, Beth Beall. Standing: Guy Hovis, Al PovaII, Sammy Alford, Ron Edwards. Rebel managers were, left to right: Don Sheffield, Jerry Stigler, Hugh Murray and Bill Keyes JAMES ANDERSON Football, All-SEC Second Team BOB BENTON DENNY BLUMQUIST JOHNNY BREWER Football, All-SEC Baseball, All-SEC Secon d Team Football, All-America Second Team Third Team; All-Sec First Team JAKE GIBBS Football, All-America, First Team; SEC First Team; Baseball, All-America, First Team; First Team. JAMIE HOWELL BILLY RAY JONES ROBERT KHAYAT BOBBY KILPATRICK Baseball, All SEC, F rst Team Baseball, All-SEC Second Team Baseball, All-SEC Second Team Baseball, All-SEC Second Team JACK WATERS RICHARD PRICE Basketball, All-America KEN NETHERLAND Football, All-America,Honorable Mention Honorable Mention LARRY WILLIAMS Baseball, All-SEC Second Team All-SEC, First Team All-SEC First Team Baseball, All-SEC First Team OLE MISS FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD, 1960: From left fo right, front row-Perkins (19), Terrell (25), Norquist (43), Finley (23), Kelso (24), Smith (30), Caldwell (80), Huffman (19), Tillery (35), Sumrall (20), Roberts (40), (41), Boyd (16), Rayborn (32). Second row- Pegram (88), Hagen (63), Upchurch (50), Cothren (64), Hinton (60), Neil (68), Brown (86), Worsham (67), Aden (62), Chisholm (33), Randall (31), Dunn (10), Trahan (42), Kinard (34), Thaxton (78). Top row--Davis (85), Salloum (65), Robinson (76), McIntyre (73), Lucas (82), Smith (51), Farmer (77), Shearer (53), Kimbrell (61), Aldridge (71), Hough (75), Wilkins (81). Dean (87), Parker (84), Chapman (83). Colonel Rebel must have been smiling in 1960 when he watched his freshmen in action , for despite the fact that the record was only two wins against one defeat this year ' s frosh squad displayed a gridiron ' potential not seen since Franklin, Terrell, Kirk Co. were first year men. There were countless standouts during the year, and as soon as Coach John Vaught has had a chance to instill his magic called teamwork into them the Colonel might well be NUMBER ONE again-maybe even when these boys are juniors. The spooks of L.S.U. ' s Tiger Stadium, those which have haunted Colonel Rebel on so many occasions, were present again when the Colonel ' s frosh invaded on October 15 to open his three game schedule. The Tiger won 17-13, but not without extending forth a maximum effort in the final quarter. The Tiger took the advantage in the opening period when Durwood Thomas split the upright with a 20-yard field goal. However, the Colonel mounted his boss and came charging back, and the fabled Perry Lee Dunn scored from four yards out. Frank Kinard converted and the Colonel led 7-3 at half- time. In the third period it was Dunn again as this time he hurled a 20-yard strike to end Joe Wilkins for six more. The extra point attempt failed, but the Colonel still led 13-3. The fourth quarter was a nightmare as the Tiger used his magic wand to push over a pair of touchdowns. The Colonel lost this time, but these troops will have three more tries. The Colonel ' s yearlings really came of age against freshmen Commodores, and with Dunn Co. again leading the way the Commies fell 31-14. Robert Upchurch and Bobby Chapman started it off by tackling the Vandy quarterback in the end zone for a safety, and moments later Dunn scored from three yards out to give the Colonel a 9-0 advantage at intermission. Fullback Freddie Roberts was the leg man on the next scoring thrust, his two yard plunge running the count to 16-0. However, the Vandy frosh came charging back and marched 68 yards to narrow the margin to 16-8. The Colonel nevel flinched and in the next few moments Dunn supplied both the infantry and the artillery en route to the last two touchdowns of the runaway. End Dennis Brown was on the receiving end of a 41-yard jump pass for the first, and Dunn himself scored the second from four yards out. Then Cow College decided to try its luck, which as usual ran short. Dunn supplied the spark and Roberts and Buck Randall the man power as the Colonel closed the season on a winning note, 12-6. The victory had a peculiar significance. Not since 1956 had the Colonel stopped Mississippi State in frosh competition, but still the Cow Boys have been helpless when they reached varsity status. Who knows, if Coach John brings his boys along as he usually does, by 1963 the Colonel may see to it that Scott Field be permanently retired to the soil bank. The frosh drove 71 yards for their first touchdown only moments after the opening gun, with the big blow coming on a 50-yard strike from Dunn to Randall. Roberts drove down to the four, and Dunn struck pay dirt from that point. In the third period the Colonel sent his charges once again into the heart of enemy territory, and in twelve plays had again snatched a spot in the ' Necks ' end zone when Roberts dove in from a yard out. The standouts of the year were too numerous to mention here, but their names will undobutedly dot the sports pages for several years to come. Dunn and Bobby Boyd were top notch quarterbacks; Mitchell Terrell, Randall, and Roberts, top flight ball carriers. In the line there were Upchurch, Charles Hinton, Joe Salloum, Bo Aldridge, Bobby Robinson, Chapman, Brown, and countless others. OLE MISS 0 7 14 21 • 42 HOUSTON 0 0 0 0 • 0 It all started innocently enough, but before this warm September evening ended Colonel Rebel had proven to Houston ' s Cougar, as well as a large portion of the rest of the nation, that he was NUMBER ONE. Jake Gibbs, the Rifleman, drew first blood and then struck twice more as the Colonel skinned the Cougar alive. Understudies Elmore and Griffing also contributed point-making passes in the aerial bom- bardment. Rugged sophomore Woody Dabbs was on the receiving end twice, while Hoss Anderson, George Blair, Big Jawn Brewer, and Wes Sullivan each accepted one scoring toss from the Colonel ' s three marksmen. It ' s a pity the UPI couldn ' t have been there. Having received a Gibbs-launched aerial, Bobby Crespino (31) sprinted downfield for a sizable gain. Ralph Smith (82) and Bob Benton (77) left the field quite content after the massacre of Houston. Ole Miss cheerleader Guy Hovis cut loose with a " Hotty Toddy " as the Rebels poured it on. Houston The game in the bag Bob Benton (77), Jerry Brown (74), Richard Price (69), and Ralph Smith (82) were given a breather by Coach Vaught. Kentucky OLE MISS 0 7 7 7 • 21 KENTUCKY 0 0 0 6 • 6 Spurred on by the Associated Press rating as the NUM- BER ONE team in the nation, Colonel Rebel turned loose his sharp-shooters on Kentucky ' s helpless Wildcats, and after it was all over ole Colonel had completed his second assignment and launched the SEC championship special. Rifleman Gibbs increased his stock with the All-American folks by scoring a pair of touchdowns while Doug Elmore added the clincher in the final period. Battling on the neutral turf of Memphis ' Crump Stadium, the Colonel treated his followers to an evening of delight marred only by the fact that the sneeky Wildcats broke the Rebel string of 17 consecutive quarters without yielding a touchdown. The UPI again was unimpressed. Left End Jerry Daniels (80) stopped a Kentucky back with a bruising tackle. Halfback George Blair (22) was already thinking about next week ' s game after another Rebel victory. Memphis State Fullback Reggie Robertson (45) took careful aim before slamming this Memphis State ball carrier to the turf. OLE MISS 7 12 0 12 • 31 MEMPHIS STATE 14 0 6 0 • 20 Maybe it was just the monotony of tackling a member of the feline kingdom for the third straight week, but something definitely was wrong with Colonel Rebel up at Memphis this night. In fact, for three quarters Memphis State ' s lightly- regarded Tiger gave the Colonel pure hell! The Rifleman kept the Colonel ' s forces in line for three quarters, counting scores on a six yard spring and a pair of aerials taken in by long, lanky Bobby Crespino. Finally, in the fourth period Hoss Anderson and Arthur Doty struck pay dirt to pull the battle out of the fire. The whole evening was truly amazing. Most people had long since forgotten the last time a team scored as many as 20 points against the Rebels, but it ' s not likely that they ' ll forget this one. We knew we were still NUMBER ONE, but the AP and the UPI had their doubts. The cheerleaders leading the way, Coach Johnny Vaught ushered his Rebels on to the field for another victory. Having broken into the sec- ondary quarterback Doug (19) gained valuable yardage against the upstart ' Tigers. OLE MISS 12 14 0 0 • 26 VANDERBILT 0 0 0 0 • 0 Colonel Rebel had learned his lesson well the week before and lost no time in sending the Commodore ' s battleship straight to the bottom. The Colonel ' s blitzkrieg moved with precision and power and the poor Admiral was hardly able to fire a shot. First it was Blair. Then the Hoss struck twice, and finally Doty scored another hit for good measure. The second half proved to be little more than a good scrim- mage session as the Colonel exhausted his personnel resources. It seemed almost as if General John was thinking about 1961 already. On the whole, it was mighty pleasing to the Colonel to see his troops performing like this. In fact they did the job so well that even the UPI boys agreed that we were NUMBER ONE. Defensive specialist Chico Taylor (21), having intercepted a Commodore aerial, eluded a would-be tackler and sped downfield. Fullback James (Hoss) Anderson (42) sped past the oncharging defenders to the Commodore ten yard line. Tackle Joe Robertson (79) con- clusively proved to the Vanderbilt faithful that the best pass defense is a hard-charging line. Vanderbilt All-SEC end Johnny Brewer (81) received the first of three Gibbs- thrown touchdown passes against Tulane. Tulane OLE MISS TULANE The Wave was rugged for a few moments, just enough to make Colonel Rebel angry. Boasting boldly that it would engulf the Colonel and his forces prior to battle, Tulane ' s Green Wave, for some reason or another, was mighty quiet after the evening became history. As far as the point-making went, it was all the Rifleman and Big fawn as this pair of All Star candidates placed three touchdowns on the scoreboard. Monday morning comment: Damn the AP and the UPI! Halfback Johnny Robinson (33) swung wide around Tulane ' s left flank for important yardage. Reaching high in the air quarterback Glynn Griffing (15) intercepted a Green Wave aerial. Allen Green for President!!!! Need we say more? OLE MISS 0 0 7 3 0 10 ARKANSAS 0 7 0 0 ° 7 Ole Colonel Rebel was almost late for dinner this late evening, and the carefully prepared Arkansas pork almost escaped the Colonel ' s carving knife. The Colonel kept every- one waiting until the last play of the game before he un- sheathed his saber and slashed the upstart Razorback into submission. The Hog drew first blood in the second period and even had the Colonel fretting a bit as the intermission arrived with the pork seven points to the good. Then in a brief flash the Colonel converted his magnificent potential energy into kinetic and, via Gibbs-to-Smith, the count was even. From then on the story is legend. Some say it was wide; others that it wa s perfect. Still others even contend that he did it twice. Not even the record books contain all the facts. But one thing is certain: the memory of Allen Green will linger forever above the field. By the middle of the next week, the AP and the UPI were definitely getting on everyone ' s nerves. Arkansas Streaking to evade the out- stretched arms of a would-be Jake Gibbs (12) picked up another Rebel first down. All American Jake Gibbs (12) threaded a path through the rugged Razorback terrain. OLE MISS 0 0 3 3 • 6 LSU 0 0 0 6 • 6 The Tigers had just enough of their witches ' brew left over from Halloween, 1959, to make it a horrible Homecoming, 1960, for Colonel Rebel. In fact, if it hadn ' t been for the services of Mr. Green, the Colonel ' s day would have been downright nightmarish. Playing on Hemingway sod and before a national television audience, the Colonel wanted very badly to make a good show- ing for the old grads, but the Bayou Bengal had other ideas. The result: a scoreless first half and a lot of anxiety on the part of the Rebel faithful. Green did it once in the third period and people felt a little better. Then the bomb dropped. The Tiger snarled and roared, and after it was over he had driven 70 yards for a 6-3 ad- vantage. Gibbs and Green did their best at the end, but somehow it didn ' t really seem to matter. Maybe the AP and the UPI were right. Fullback Billy Ray Adams (40) found the traffic extremely heavy against the Bengals. Guiding the Rebels on their last minute comeback, Jake Gibbs (12) fired a perfect strike to his favorile target, Bobby Crespino. It was anybody ' s ball as the pigskin fell loose from the arms of halfback Louis Guy (32). OLE MISS 7 22 8 8 • 45 CHATTANOOGA 0 0 0 0. 0 The Hoss started it off in the first period and before it was all over it seemed as if the whole team had joined in. Sullivan, Elmore, and Dabbs scored in the second quarter, and it was obvious to all that the Colonel was sharpening his weapons for the next week ' s action. Then in the second half little A. J. Holloway had the show to as he scored both of the Rebel touchdowns to bring the total to 45. The Colonel was mighty, but the AP and the UPI failed to take note. Sophomore flash A. J. Holloway ripped through the ' Nooga line for an eight yard gain. After an easy afternoon against the Moccasins, Johnny Brewer (81) gladly signed autographs for Rebel fans. Quarterback Doug Elmore (19) studied the Chattanooga defenses as he barked out Chattanooga Re bel End Jerry Daniels (80) closed in on a Tennessee ball carrier after the Rebs ' final kickoff. OLE MISS 7 3 0 14 • 24 TENNESSEE 0 3 0 0 • 3 Never in history had Colonel Rebel survived an invasion of Shields-Watkins turf—not until 1960, that is. The Hoss struck from the second in the first period, but the Vols came back with a field goal. Then the MAN Green countered with a three-pointer of his own, and it was 10-3 at the half. There was no mercy in the Colonel ' s heart this day. Then in the final round the Hoss ran 43 yards on the " play of the week, " and Gibbs and Crespino teamed up to complete the route. It ' s a pity the AP and the UPI couldn ' t have watched this one on television. Fullback Hoss Anderson (42), a stadout all season, riped through the Vol defense for twelve yards and another first down. Driving closer and closer toward pay dirt, Jake Gibbs (12) sprinted through the Tennessee secondary on the Rebs ' first touchdown drive. Tennessee Mississippi State Tackle Rush McKay (75) literally dove over two would-be blockers to stop the Cow College ball carrier. Jake Gibbs (12) was brought down hard by the State forward wall but not before he had gained seven yards. OLE MISS 0 14 21 0 0 35 MISS. STATE 0 0 7 2 • 9 When Missouri fell, Colonel Rebel should have been named NUMBER ONE. Our friends up North, however, were not of the same opinion. Thus we had but one recourse: to Wreck The ' Necks in such a manner that no one could possibly doubt our claim to the throne. And Wreck The ' Necks We Did! The poor Maroons really tried, but the ruthless Colonel Rebel unleashed his wrath and sent the Bullpups yowling all the way back to Starkville. The massacre started in the second when Big Jawn snared a shot from the Rifleman for ten yards and the score. Moments later Crespino duplicated the feat. Gibbs, Sullivan, and Adams each scored in the third. The helpless ' Necks began to wish they had spent the day in bed. As for the AP and the UPI, . . . Well, they won ' t let us say such things here. Playing his best game of the year, sophomore Louis Guy picked up thirteen yards against the ' Necks. Basketball It was one of those lean years for Colonel Rebel ' s ambitious round ball participants as, the dominating force within the Southeastern Conference in football and baseball, ole Reb fell to the bottom of the heap for the second time in the la st three years. Most of the folks that are supposed to know said that the Colonel should do more than hold his own in the rough and ready SEC—before all the shouting began, that is. The cre- dentials were there--the league ' s number two scorer the year before, a pair of outstanding rebounders, plus a couple of fast moving backcourt men. Senior forward Jack Waters, a refugee in Mississippi from Madison, Ind., topped all pointmakers for the year with al- most 500 points scored at the rate of approximately twenty per game. Center Sterling Ainsworth, a junior, scored at the rate of thirteen points an outing, while Bill White averaged almost eleven. Southeast Louisiana College invaded Oxford for the sea- son ' s opener and probably wished they had stayed at home as the Colonel had his buckshot popping to the tune of 81-56. Another five from the Cajun country bit the dust next as the Colonel quickly put the axe to Loyola ' s thoughts of a victory in Oxford, 79-69. Then the Colonel made his first tactical error in trying to take on another state and found that despite the fact that they don ' t wear shoes ' til they ' re twenty-one in Arkansas, they do know how to play basketball. The results: Arkansas State Indians 59, Colonel Rebel 53; Arkansas Razorbacks 77, Colonel Rebel 71. However, when the Indians tried to press Coach B. L. (Country) Graham chatted with forward Jack Waters, two times All-SEC and three years the Rebs ' top scorer. Jack Waters prepared to sink one of his favorite jump shots. Anxiety registers on the face of an Ole Miss player, as teammate drives for the rebound. their luck at Oxford, the Colonel was ready and won 86-47. Then Loyola wanted a rematch at New Orleans and won it 64-60. During the Christmas Holidays the Colonel vacationed in the Gulf-South Tournament in Shreveport, La., finishing a strong second behind South Carolina. The Colonel stopped Georgetown in the opening round 78-73 and then reached the finals by beating Middle Tennessee 64-62. The next night the Gamecocks were a little too tough and took the title 85-79. League warfare began in the neighboring state of Alabama, THE 1960-61 OLE MISS BASKETBALL TEAM: From left to right, front row—Tommy Washington, Larry Wagster, Jack Waters, Bobby Second row—Mel Edmonds, Tom Farley, Manager Carl Crider, Bill Bolton, El Edmonds. Top row—Ron Davidson, Sterling Ainsworth, Coach B. L. (Country) Graham Bill White, Danny Caldwell. Sterling Ainesworth swished the net with his specialty, a hook shot. Jack Waters worked to elude an L.S.U. defender. but the host teams weren ' t too neighborly to Colonel Rebel as Alabama won 80-54 and Auburn came out on top 51-40. But then the Colonel retreated to Oxford and really fooled some folks. Georgia Tech brought in the fabled Roger Kaiser on Saturday night, but saw him held to his lowest total of the season, ten points, and the Colonel won 59-57. Then at the time among the nation ' s ten top teams, stumbled in on Monday and out the next day after taking a 74-72 licking. Dead Week found the Colonel swimming his way through the mud (?) to get to Cow College, and dead the Colonel was when he finally got there, losing 63-40. Memphis State was challenged during exam week, but with three key players riding the bench with injuries the 88-61 Tiger triumph was hardly surprising to anyone. Then the Cajuns invaded and all hell broke loose. It had been over a year since the Colonel had dropped a major sport event in Oxford, but Tulane spoiled the dream and the Colonel ran for cover before the 90-67 Green Wave offensive. L.S.U. made it two in a row, winning 75-69 after the Colonel had led up until the last ten minutes. Adolph Rupp ' s Wildcats from Kentucky lived up to their name in Jackson, taking the Colonel ' s hide by a 74-60 count. But once the Colonel got back to Oxford, he made a stand and knocked off invading Tennessee 57-55. After that the Colonel took to traveling again, but it took four stops before a mark could be made in the victory column. At Athens, the Georgia Bulldogs ran scared all the way but managed to win 73-69. Florida ' s Gators waited until overtime before finally edging by 81-77. Then it was Tulane and how the Wave roared. The margin of victory-87-71. Finally at L.S.U. the Colonel got a few breaks. Behind 31-22 at intermission, the Colonel came hack on to the floor and left with a 48-46 victory and a thoroughly annoyed pack of Cajuns yelping helplessly. And after the finale with Cow College, all you could hear the Colonel saying was, " Wait ' till next year. " Bill White ' s charity toss swished the net for another score. Bill White battled with an L.S.U. player for a rebound. Jack Waters sank a free throw against Sophomore El Edmonds scored another one pointer against the Tigers. El Edmonds scored two points despite the efforts of an enemy guard. Jack Waters fielded a loose ball and threw it out of trouble. Colonel Rebel, who formerly achieved his athletic solely from his achievements on the gridiron, found a new fulltime contributor to sports fame in the spring of 1960 as the Ole Miss baseball team performed with such power and precision that even Johnny Vaught must have been a little jealous. Fifth place in the national Associated Press poll, a second straight Southeastern Conference championship, and a 22-3 won-lost record—these were only a few of the many accom- plishments of Colonel Rebel on the diamond. And for all any- one knows, he might have been Number One in the nation had he been given the chance. The highlight of the season was the magnificent 17 game winning streak put together by Coach Tom Swayze ' s charges in the middle of the season. For a while it seemed as if the Colonel was never going to lose again. All three of the defeats sustained by the squad were in off-campus games. A pair of one-sided victories over Delta State (14-5, 13-4) opened the season for the defending SEC champs. The only thing good about the road trip which followed was the fact that the Rebel winning streak was begun. First the Colonel ' s rifles were silenced by Southeast Louisiana 15-4 and then by L.S.U. 5-4 in 12 innings. On the next day L.S.U. was beaten 5-3 and from that point on the story is legend. Two games with Tulane were rained out. Then Colonel re- grouped his forces and returned to Oxford to knock off invad- ing Illinois Wesleyan 8-7 and 13-1 in a double header. L.S.U. Kilpatrick, the Thief, stole sec- ond in the playoffs with Flor- ida. All America Jake Gibbs slid into third with a triple against Cow College. Two time All-SEC moundman Larry Williams fired a strike past an LSU batter. THE 1960 SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS: Top row— Don Sheffield, manager: William Darnell, assistant coach and manager; Tom Farley, Billy Ray Jones, Don Porter, Ken Netherland, Dan Jordan, Robert Khayat, Coach Tom Swayze, Bill Keyes, manager. Second row— Hugh Poland, Frank Halbert, Jake Gibbs, Doug Elmore, Chuck Tuohey, Gerald Clark, Larry Williams, Billy Atkins, Jamie Howell. Bottom row— Bob Ragan, Tommy Climer, Carey Grantham, Denny Blumquist, Randy Pleasant, Charles McGee, Bobby Kilpatrick. Jamie Howell heads for home as the Rebs routed Florida in the opener of the SEC playoff. Coach of the champs, Tom Swayze. The late innings usually found Coach Swayze yawning, the reserves taking it easy. Gibbs rounded third and head- ed for home. followed with a trip to the Colonel ' s home grounds, but the Tiger soon wished that he had stayed at home, losing 7-0 and 13-2. Next it was Mississippi State ' s turn and poor ol ' Cow hardly even scratched as the Rebels won 8-0 and 14-1, limiting State to only four singles for the two games. Second place Alabama then invaded for a series that was to decide the winner of the Western Division, SEC title. After a hardfought opener, in which the Rebels won by only the slight margin of 3-0, the Colonel turned on the heat and sent the White Elephants back to Tuscaloosa with a 10-4 spank- ing. A pair of 13-2 victories over. Tulane completed the long home stand. The following weeke nd the Colonel invaded Alabama and wrapped up the title for keeps by stopping the Crimson Tide 8-2 in both games of the two game series. Memphis State fell 10-5 at Memphis as the streak reached 14 games. Then came the invasion of Vanderbilt and two more Rebel victories, 10-0 and 16-0. A 6-2 win over Memphis State brought the total to 17 in a row. Just how the Cow College crew did it, nobody will ever know. But the ' Necks just went wild in Starkville and wal- loped the Colonel and his forces 18-4 in a seven inning contest. Though still a little dazed, the Reb edged by 4-3 in the eight inning nightcap. The playoff with Florida for the Southeastern Conference championship followed. In the opener played in Gainesville, the Colonel spotted his opponent a 7-5 lead in the fifth inning, but then came roaring back to win handily 15-7. The second and concluding game of the series, played at Oxford, was a contest only for a short time. Colonel Rebel emerged with a 6-1 victory, the SEC title, and the obligation to represent the SEC in the NCAA Tournament. However, a certain group with a warped sense of Southern Patriotism, said NO. Base stealing champ Bobby Kilpatrick swiped another against Alabama. A very familiar sight in spring, 1960: another Rebel trotting across the plate. As for the standouts of the season, there were many. Third baseman Jake Gibbs, better known to Rebel gridiron followers as The Rifleman, led the team in hitting with a .424 mark, in hits with 42, in doubles with 10, in RBI ' s with 32, and in total bases with 65. For his efforts he was named to the Associated Press All America squad. Larry Williams, Denny Bomquist, and Don Porter were the three outstanding moundsmen in the conference. Williams (7-2), named All-SEC for the second straight year, posted a 1.80 earned run average and led the team with 80 strike outs in 70 innings. Blomquist and Porter were both 7-0 for the season. Catcher Robert Khayat, and outfielders Billy Ray Jones and Jamie Howell joined Gibbs and Williams on the Al-SEC nine. Blomquist, first baseman Ken Netherland, and shortstop Bobby Kilpatrick were on the second team. Leading hitters were Chuck Tuohey, .425; Gibbs, .424; Blomquist, .406; Tom Farley, .400; Kilpatrick, .382; Khayat, .326; Doug Elmore, .313; Howell, .304; Jones, .281; and Netherland, .253. Jones led the team in home runs with five. All star catcher Robert Khayat connected for a two base hit against Tulane. Although track and field is not participated in on as large a scale as some of the other sports at Ole Miss, the Rebel cinder men produced several outstanding performances during the 1960 spring season. Coach Wes (Doc) Knight served as tutor for the Ole Miss thinclads. The Rebels took part in four meets during the season, opening with the Memphis Relays, followed by the Southwestern Relays at Lafayette, La., the AAU Meet in Baton Rouge, and the Southeastern Conference Meet at Gainesville, Ha. George Blair and Bobby Franklin handled the chores in the sprint division-100 and 220 yard dashes. The 440 yard relay team consisted of Chuck Morris, Buddy Crosby, Franklin, and Blair. The 880 yard relay team was composed of Chico Taylor, Bobby Crespino, Morris, and Crosby. Pat Patterson entered the broad jump and javelin throw events. As a whole the freshman we re more outstanding than the varsity. Jim Dunaway was the SEC frosh champion in the shot put with a heave of 48 ' . He also finished second in the discus throw. The 440 yard relay team (Louis Guy, Mel Edmonds, El Edmonds, and Larry Smith) set a freshman-junior college division record in the relays with a 43.15 second performance. The 880 yard relay team (Jimmy Hollingsworth, Edmonds, and Smith) set a meet standard with a 1:29.6 time at Memphis. Sprint man George Blair prepared for a warm- up in the 100 yard dash. THE 1960 TRACK AND FIELD SQUAD: From left to right front row— Jimmy Hollingsworth (Fr.), El Edmonds (Fr.), Louis Guy (Fr.), Mel Edmonds (Fr.), Larry Smith (Fr.). Back row—Coach Wes (Doc) Knight, Buddy Crosby, Chico Taylor, Bobby Crespino, Chuck Morris, George Blair, Bobby Franklin. Not pictured—Jim Dunaway (Fr.). THE 1960 REBEL TENNIS SQUAD—Left to right: Front row—Assistant Coach Buddy Williamson, Donnie Walker, Milton Scarborough, Carl Aron, Dick Newberg. Back row—Milburn Price, Gordon Anderson, Mike Mills, Head Coach John Cain. Tennis Sophomore Donnie Walker, playing number three singles and on the number one doubles team, is being counted upon by Coach Cain for service in future years. Colonel Rebel ' s performance on the tennis courts in 1960 was a most successful one, despite the fact that the top three players from the previous year had been lost from the squad by graduation. Coach John Cain, serving as net mentor for the fourth straight year, was ably assisted by Coach Buddy Williamson in guiding the squad to a record of eight victories and five defeats. Sharing the spot as the number one singles performer were a pair of seniors, Milburn Price and Dick Newberg. Both played outstanding te nnis on occasions. The squad opened with three straight victories, downing 9-0, Alabama 9-0, and DePauw 5-4. Then arch-rival Mississippi State defeated the Rebels by a 7-0 score. Following this the Rebs defeated Concordia 7-0, Southwestern 7-2, and the Jackson Recreation Department before dropping a pair of 3-6 decisions to Vanderbilt and L.S.U. In the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament the Rebels finished second behind Mississippi State. This was followed by a 7-2 victory over Southwestern, a 2-6 loss to Mississippi State, a 7-2 win over and a 0-9 loss to Florida. In the SEC Tournament the Rebels finished ninth ahead of Auburn, L.S.U., and Kentucky. Squad members were Milburn Price (8-4), Dick Newberg (5-6) , Donnie Walker (7-6) , Gordon Anderson (7-2), Milton Scarborough (6- 7) , Carl Aron (10-3) , and Mike Mills (1-3) . MISS TRICIA ANN MONTEITH M Club Sponsor OFFICERS WARNER ALFORD President FRANK HALBERT Vice President JOHNNY MITCHELL Secretary TOMMY WASHINGTON Treasurer FRED LENTJES Historian BILL KEYES Sergeant-at-arms The M Club, now for over fifty years the symbol of ath- letics achievement at Ole Miss, has for its purpose the promo- tion of sportsmanship and the encouragement of school spirit. The blue M on the red field is emblematic of success in one of the six major sports in which University athletes take part---football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and golf. As a result of being an exclusive organization, other require- ments besides athletic prowess may be, and often are imposed on its members, viz. initiation! Campus eyes look forward each year to M Club initiation days, when the plights of candidates bring chuckles even from the stearnest educators. First Row: Billy Ray Adams, Warner Alford, James Anderson, Warren Ball, Bill Basham, Bob Benton, George Blair, Treva Bolin, Johnny Brewer, Jerry Brown, Billy Champion. Second Row: Bobby Crespino, Jim Dunaway, Arthur Doty, Donald Dickson, Jerry Daniels, Woody Dabbs, Doug Elmore, Charles Fer rill, Jake Gibbs, Allen Green, Glynn Griffing. Third Row: Louis Guy, Frank A. J. Holloway, Billy Ray Jones, Bill Keyes, Bobby Kilpatrick, Charles Laird, Wayne Terry Lamar, Fred Lentjes, Jack Turner, Rush McKay. Fourth Row: Mike Mills, Johnny Mitchell, Charles Morris, Ken Netherland, Dick Newberg, Randy Pleasant, Don Porter, Ken Powell, Richard Price, Jim Roberts, Joe Robertson. Fifth Row: Johnny Robinson, Ross, Wes Sullivan, Charles Taylor, Charles Touhey, Larry Wagster, Donnie Walker, Tommy Washington, Jack Waters, Tommy White. " M Club Initiate Rush McKay was far more interested in the pursuits of university life than all others. Each year the M Club sponsors the annual M Club dance, which is held sometime during the football season. Also during the season, an annual M Club Day is held at which time the club alumni are invited to return to the campus as honorary guests. To wind up the social activities, the M Club has a final party after the spring initiation of members. A pair of " M " Clubbers checked for mail from their girl (?) friends. Beautiful majorettes capture the eyes of many. The Ole Miss Marching Band played an important part in boosting the Rebels to their number one position. The familiar strains of the Rebel Fight Song were heard from the lobby of the Peabody to Bourbon Street, and served to lift many a heart in periods when the Rebels lagged. Highlighting the season were performances over nation-wide television at the Homecoming Game against LSU and the Sugar. Bowl, where the band presented a pre-game performance as well as the usual half-time show. Famed Rebel Band entertained football fans with its tremendous halftime performances. Drum Majorette, Rita Wilson, added beauty to the Rebel Band ' s halftime performances. The University of Mississippi Rebel Marching Band Under the direction of Mr. Lyle Babcock, the Ole Miss Band enjoyed a highly rewarding season. Heading the list of activities was the production of the musical, " Carousel, " done with the cooperation of the Speech Department and the Players. A concert on April 13, featured two movements from the " Scheherazade Suite, " the " Symphonic Suite and " March With Trumpets. " Organized this year was a new Stage (or Dance) Band to be known as the Mississippians. This group had the honor of playing at the Civil War Centennial Ball in Jackson on March 28, and later in the spring performed a concert on the campus in Fulton Chapel. Symphonic Band Long hours of practice result in achievements for the Symphonic Band. OFFICERS JUDY TROTT President MARY KATIE GILLIS Vice President LAURIE HIRD Secretary CAROLYN CURTIS Treasurer JUDY TROTT President First Row: Judy Brecht, Carolyn Curtis, Sandra Debby Jean Davenport. Second Row: Carol Drake, Mary Katie Gillis, Betty Ross Graves, Laurie Hird. Third Row: Carolyn Jones, Pat King, Carolyn McGuire, Jo McMahon. Fourth Row: Dee Martin, Sue Moore, Ann Rogers, Jamie Grace Shannon. Fifth Row: Jo Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Trott, Claire Underwood. Sixth Row: Carolyn Walden. Not Pictured: Violet Collins, Peggy Keady, Kay Knight, Ann McCloud, Toni Newsom, Paula Rainey. The Women ' s Recreation Association was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1926. It is composed of all girls participating in the intramural sports activities that are con- ducted on the Ole Miss campus. The organization is governed by a board of representatives from each organization that sponsors a team in any of the independent groups. This group has as its purpose the provision of activities that girls at the University of Mississippi can enjoy in their leisure time. A sensation is stirred up by awarding points to the win- ning teams in each event. At the end of the year the points are added up and the group with the greatest number of points wins a trophy. Training in the art of fencing was also available to Ole Miss coeds. Women ' s Recreation Association Competition was r ugged and furious in the girls ' intramural volleyball league. Ole Miss coeds recreated life on the farm in their lessons in square dancing. Intramural volleyball was hotly contested between the Ole Miss fraternities. Intramural Sports Council Tommy Horne, standout lineman in the league, closes in on Sigma Chi ' s Roy Braswell in the title game won by the KA s, 21-15. KA ' s Ralph Brockman and Sigma Chi ' s Jimmy Fitchett (20) strain for a way- ward pass in the championship football game. OFFICERS DICK NEWBERG President CARL ARON Vice President JIMMY FITCHETT Secretary GLYNN SIMPSON Treasurer DICK NEWBERG President First Row: Lloyd Arnold, Carl Aron, George Black. Second Row: Bruce Chiles, George Ferry, Richard Johnson. Third Row: Bill Lovett, Dick Newberg, John Schneiders. Fourth Row: Ronel Urice. Not Pictured: Val Cuthbert, Sandy Jimmy Fitchett, Philip Mullins, Earl Schneider, Glynn Simpson, Clyde Underwood. The Intramural Sports Council, founded at the University of Mississippi in 1935, is composed of students representing various groups on campus—social fraternities, boys ' dormi- tories, organizations, etc.—that participate in the intramural program here at Ole Miss. It is their job to organize and carry out the various intramural programs that are conducted on. campus. They set up the rules and regulations regarding the eligibility of students to participate and the other necessary regulations. Because of the number of groups participating in the intra- mural program, leagues have to be set up for the various sports and playoffs are necessary to determine the campus champions. Points are given to the winners and runners-up of the various sports. In addition, each team receives a certain num- ber of points for winning a game in a major sport—touch football, volleyball, basketball, and soft ball. At the end of the year the points are totaled, and the team having the great- est number of points receives a trophy. If a group wins the trophy for three years in a row, it gets to retire the trophy. The Alumni House was financed by contributions of alumni of the University of Mississippi and a revenue bond issue was presented to the University on October 20, 1951. It was dedi- cated to the memory of those alumni and former students who gave their lives in wars of their country. With the adjoining Mississippi Center for Continuation Study it has become a part of one of the most complete adult education centers of the South. Each fall during the football season the Aumni House is a center of bustling activity as former Ole Miss students pour into Oxford from the four corners of the South. New officers are installed at the Homecoming Game each year. The Alumni Association OFFICERS MITCHELL E. SALLOUM GULFPORT President ORMA R. SMITH CORINTH Vice President THOMAS N. TURNER BELZONI Athletic Committee Representative WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN UNIVERSITY Director of Alumni Activities JOHN REED HOLLEY OXFORD Alumni Secretary C. WILLIAM PRICE JACKSON Medical Alumni Secretary MITCHELL S. SALLOUM President ORMA R. SMITH WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN JOHN REED HOLLEY Vice-President Director of Alumni Alumni Activities District One Frank Worsham Corinth 1 John Clark Love, Kosciusko . 2 W. H. Cutcliff, Amory 3 District Two L. A. Smith, Jr., Holly Springs Billy Semmes, Grenada 3 John E. Aldridge, Winona 3 District Three Frank 0. Crosthwait, Drew Edward J. Bogen, Greenville . 2 Neil Block, Dundee 3 District Four William Barbour, Yazoo City . William F. McGehee, Vicksburg .3 J. W. Barksdale, Jr., Jackson . .3 Dis trict Five James T. Singley, Meridian 1 Joe A. McFarland, Bay Springs Dr. Earl E. Laird, Union 3 District Six Dan M. Russell, Jr., Bay St. Louis . 1 L. 0. Crosby, Picayune 2 Gaston Hewes, Gulfport 3 President of the Medical Alumni President of the Nurses ' Alumnae Association. State-at-Large Dr. E. E. Ellis, Laurel 1 Dr. Robert E. Shands, New Albany Mrs. Carilynn Causey, Lexington 1 R. Pearce Phillips, Brookhaven 2 R. Brent Forman, Natchez . 2 Fred B. Smith, Ripley 2 Dr. Howard A. Nels on, Greenwood 2 Dr. Thomas E. Wilson, Jr., Jackson 2 Dr. W. E. Lotterhos, Jackson . 2 John Mitchell, Starkville 2 Dr. W. E. Caldwell, Baldwyn . . 3 A. Conley Cox, West Point . . . 3 Karl Jackson Ott, Osyka 3 Carroll Kemp, Hazlehurst . .3 Out-of-State Thomas S. McWhorter, Jr., Birmingham 1 Sam D. Mcllwain, Washington, D. C. 1 Dr. C. Ferrell Varner, Memphis, Tenn. 2 Dr. John E. Ray, New Orleans, La. 2 PAST PRESIDENTS CHESTER H. CURTIS Clarksdale CARL McKELLAR Columbus S. LYLE BATES Jackson SAM P. CARTER Quitman FRANK E. EVERETT Vicksburg THOMPSON McCLELLAN West Point OTHO R. SMITH Meridian J. C. FAIR Greenwood GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR Charleston HARVEY LEE MORRISON Okolona JUDGE TAYLOR H. McELROY Oxford DAVID COTTRELL Gulfport J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksd ale JAMES McCLURE Sardis DR. I. C. KNOX Vicksburg MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson Rush Week, so aptly named, is a time of serious decisions which are a prelude to a way of life during and even after college years. The still " high school " freshman pledge is aided and guided by his group in the metamorphosis into a " college man " or woman. Both independence and co-operation must be learned, and with the assumption of fraternity or sorority ob- ligations the student also assumes greater obligations to him- self and to the university. Abilities and enthusiasms are ex- panded and utilized in the many and varied contributions which Ole Miss ' nine sororities and sixteen fraternities make to the panorama of campus and community activity. The (Greeks Behind smiling faces lie undecided minds. Two young men take the initial step towards becoming active fraternity members. If at times the duties of a pledge seem irksome The man behind the scenes, Mr. Tom Hines, keeps Greek life running smoothly. Good food offers an opportunity for fellowship. All night work—Welcome Alums! Spring ... and Sardis Rewards of fraternity membership are many. Though this realization may grow dim in the wee small hours of the rainy morning when the homecoming decorations are half done, or the band is late for the Spring Formal, or the campaign ban- ner sags sadly after a dozen attempts to hang it straight; there always come the wonderful moments when the party ' s rolling or the ballots and the Candidate are in. The good brother who pins your best girl and the sister who loses your favorite sweater redeem themselves by the very assurance that they ' re there, win or lose, to recover together or rejoice together. The graduating senior leaves with a sense of the gain of numerous friendships and pleasan t times, and of regretfulness at the loss of the satisfying experiences enjoyed within the bonds of a true fraternal spirit. Faculty Tea—an opportunity for student and professor to become better acquainted. " Twas the night before Christmas " ... on fraternity row. After getting pinned ... the thrill of a serenade, Is it the " U.T. " ? Pan-Hellenic Council Nona Parker goes over forthcoming sorority events with Miss Waites. Hard-working Pan-Hellenic members contemplate plans for sorority rush. OFFICERS NONA PARKER President SARA JANE BANKS Vice President MARTHA LOVELACE Secretary KAY SCHILLINGER Treasurer The Pan-Hellenic Council of the University of Mississippi is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Conference. Its purpose is to further active cooperation and understanding among the sororities, non-sorority women, and the University. The Pan-Hellenic Council strives to promote fine intellec- tual achievement and scholarship, to maintain high social standards, and to promote worthy projects on the campus. It sets up the methods concerning the rushing of girls each year, limiting the number to be pledged by each sorority and regu- lating the system by which bids are issued. The council is composed of the presidents and two repre- sentatives elected from each sorority. The officers of the coun- cil are selected on a rotation system with each sorority having an officer. Pan-Hellenic also sends a copy of the rush rules to prospective women stude nts. First Row: Sara Jane Banks, Barbara Becknell, Judy Brecht. Second Row: Kay Brown, Nancy Buchanan, Mary Lou Ellis. Third Row: Martha Ellen Evans, Ann Ford, Gwynne Lee Harrington. Fourth Row: Becky Huey, Linda Johnson, Libby Lake. Fifth Row: Deane Lemon, Martha Jeanelle Maxwell. Sixth Row: Teresa Nona Parker, Jean Rawson. Seventh Row: Robin Reed, Sally Ann Roberts, Kay Schillenger. Eighth Row: Lou Schmelzer, Carol Spight, Story. Ninth Row: Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Thompson. Not Pictured: Martha Hubbard, Jordan, Judy Wilkins, Anne Williams, Lacy Wright. OFFICERS BOB RUSSELL President LUTHER ALDRIDGE Vice President PAUL GRAY Secretary RALPH GILBERT Treasurer The Inter-Fraternity Council is an organization designed to regulate and govern the activities of all social fraterniti es on the University campus. The main duty of the council is car- ried out each year in the planning, setting up, and enforcing of rules for fraternity rush. Through the coordination of activities, the Inter-Fraternity Council tends to unite the fra- ternities in a spirit of friendly brotherhood. It is composed of two representatives from each fraternity. Each representative is chosen by the fraternity of which he is a member. The Council is governed by four officers elected from the membership by the council itself. First Row: Luther Aldridge, A. M. Allen, David Anderson, Richard Chambers. Second Row: Van East, Dick Farrell, Allen Ford, Lamar Gatewood. Third Row: Ralph Gilbert, Homer Graham, Neville Herbert, Nick Hooke. Fourth Row: Jimmy Jones, Roy Kaplan, Ed Lobrano, John Lynch. - Fifth Row: Tom McCraw, Peyton Moncrief, A. W. Rosenthal, Bob Russell. Sixth Row: Gwin Scott, Danny Soares, Charles Sorenson, Tommy Stroud. Seventh Row: Warren Todd, Ronel Urice, Not Pictured: Fred Bordelon, Steve Decker, Paul Gray, Bill Keeton, Gerald Livington, Robert Bob Stegall. Inter-Fraternity Bobby Russell—President of IFC. The officers of IFC meet to coordinate fraternity The Junior Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of pledges from each of the sororities on the Ole Miss campus. It is an organization similar in structure and objectives to the Senior Pan-Hellenic Council and helps to familiarize the pledges with fraternity life. Two representatives and the president of each pledge class compose the council. The officers are chosen for Junior Pan-Hellenic on the same rotation basis as the Senior Pan-Hellenic. Throughout the year, the Junior Pan-Hellenic has several projects. Among these are: the model pledge cups, charity projects, and monetary projects. Miss Julia Waits is the ad- visor, assisted by Nona Parker, Senior Pan-Hellenic president. OFFICERS BROOKE HAMILTON President LISA COLE Vice President MARTHA FANT Secretary NANCY NORRIS Treasurer First Row: Nancy Adams, Judy Alford, Susan Barry. Second Row: Bearden, Sylvia Bradley, Carolyn Carlton. Third Row: Judy Lisa Cole, Carolyn Coney. Fourth Row: Martha Fant, Marty Gilliam, Linda Golden. Fifth Row: Courtney Hammond, Brook Hamilton, Evelyn Klaus. Sixth Row: Diane Klyce, Wanda Lewis, Linwood Liddle. Seventh Row: Nancy Norris, Judy Prescott Shannon Rodes. Eighth Row: Cindy Vaughn, Martha Wade, Kate Williams. Not Pictured: Polly Mary Lou Pace, Kay Tyson, Jo Vowels, Montie Walker, Missy Welch, Molly Winslow. The Junior Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of two pledges from each fraternity. These representatives are selected by their individual pledge classes and serve for the entire year. The Council is also composed of a representative from the Senior Inter-Fraternity Council who is elected to serve as presi- dent of the Junior. IFC for organizational purposes. The purpose of the Junior IFC is to instill in its member- ship the principles of the fraternity system. In doing this, the representatives may give to their individual fraternities an in- centive to improve its standards, thereby cultivating a better environment where manhood may flourish. The Council also acts as a service organization, carrying out projects designated by the Senior IFC. OFFICERS RONNIE FRANKLIN President TOM CLEVELAND Vice President ERNEST THOMAS Secretary-Treasurer First Row: Charles Best, David Buttross, Tom Cleveland. Second Row: George Dearborne, Gene Ford, Curtis Frensley. Third Row: Pecky Furr, Tommy Garrot, George Hartman. Fourth Row: Robert Jackson, Angelo Liollio, Louis Lyons. Fifth Row: Bob Marshall, Charles Westerfield, Thomas McRay. Sixth Row: David Peyton, Corky Pearlstein, Steve Prince. Seventh Row: George McMullan. Not Pictured: Ronnie Franklin, Jonny Frasier, Bill Gowan, Ernest Thomas, Patrick Pasco, Joe Alex Rice, Mike Taylor, Bill Walker, Pete Watts, Gary Weale, David Wilson. Alpha Delta Pi Being the newest sorority on the university campus has not hindered the diligent ADPi ' s. Having been formally installed only this year, the ADPi ' s already boast of a Mortar Board member, Barbara Kerr. To keep the chapter informed on campus politics Lana Arthur serves as a campus senator; and Lacy Wright holds the chapter " on Key " as president of a music fraternity. Helping others seems to unfold immediately as one of the ADPi goals, as they sponsored a foreign child in Korea as part of a project to aid underprivileged children. The Ole Miss campus proudly welcomes this new sorority, with its al- ready growing record of outstanding achievements, to its other social fra- ternities. OFFICERS LACY WRIGHT President SHARON THOMPSON Vice President BARBARA KERR Secretary ELAINE VINCI Treasurer Lana Jane Arthur Terry Jo Bankhead Barbara Berry Vivia Nell Best Judy Brecht Gary Lee Buffington Sunny Callaway Paulette Chavers Barbara Cole Carol Drake Susanna Ferguson Melinda Gard Marty Gilliam Judy Gilmore Patty Godwin Deannie Goff Lydia Goss June Hightower Judy Hooker Pat Johnson Barbara Kalif Alva Lynn Kelley Margaret Kenny Barbara Kerr Carolyn Kerr Lynn Kunkel Linda Little Edwina McCarley Karen McDonald Phyllis Mclntrye Joan McMillan Wanda Price Beverly Robinson Sharon Thompson Elaine Vinci Missy Walsh Mary Ann Windham MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Nancy Blackwell Nancy Blue Judy Burnett Page Douglas Carol Drake Phoebe Evans Wilma Garvin Margie Herberger Janet Jobe Lynn Kunkel Jerry Lynn Little Taddy Morrison Lou Don Vigour Jo Vowels Lacy Wright Alpha Omicron Pi " We won, " was the cry which burst forth from so many frantic AOPi ' s as the chapter took first place in Homecoming decorations this fall. Ever since their first appearance on the Ole Miss campus in 1957, the AOPi ' s have steadily cultivated fine scholastic students with Karen Kay Segerson, and Diane Boyle, members of CWENS and Alpha Lambda Delta; and Pat Elison, Melba Walder, Martha Tate, and Sheila Stone participating in the Scholars program. The Nu Beta Chapter of AOPi has also graced the realm of " show business " through its two Ole Miss Rebelettes, Carolyn Henry and Bonnie Ferguson, and its talented member of University Players, Barbara Becnel. The AOPi ' s appear to have just cause to choose as their flower the Jacqueminot rose, for " Only a rose " seems to be the perfect phrase to describe the lovely Pat Simple, an Ole Miss beauty, and the vivacious Janell Mayo, the chapter ' s " Lady of the Lake. " Nu Beta ' s outstanding social event, its annual " Big-Little Sister " party, supplies the perfect note on which to end a profitable year. OFFICERS BARBARA BECNEL President PAT SAMPLE Vice President SUZY PARENT Secretary SHARA QUACKENBOSS Treasurer Dixie Austin Martha Baker Betty Bardin Barbara Bechel Beverly Biggs Dale Blair Betsey Brougher Kaye Brown Judy Busby Linda Caldwell Susan Cato Babs Chittom Anna Cox Sheila Crouch Linda Davis Karen Dawson Susan DeWeese Sherry Ann Donald Ann Duncan Marguerite Dunn Jo Francis Edwards Pat Ellison Martha Ellen Evans Sara Lou Fair Betty Jane Farmer Linda Farris Bonnie Ferguson Sara Gravenhorst Hazel Harris Carolyn Henry Judy Hnilo Linda Jacobs Gloria Jennings Pat King Tamma Lehmann Dixie Lewis Jo Ella Lewis Wanda Lewis Carol Lowe Susie McGee Janelle Mayo Jane Miller Polly Morrison Sandra Nichols Eleanor Osteen Suzy Parent Linda Price Sarah Quackenboss La Kita Rickly Marilyn Rowsey Pat Sample Suzanne Slover Dale Smith Glenda Stevens Sheila Stone Patsy Swinney Martha Tate Jane Taylor Sandra Tribble Melba Walker Elise Webb Kate Williams Jean Williamson Ann Wilson Betty Francis Wilson Barbara Louise Woodruff Mary Ellen Wright Phyllis Wright Carolyn Voyles MEMBERS Not Pictured: Violet Collins Harriet Lewis Minada Overby Kay Segerson Tempe Walker Kay Whitmore Chi Omega Chi Omegas became the " House of Beauties " this year as six Chi 0 members received beauty honors. Miriam Wilson and Linda Dilworth, campus favorites; Martha Homecoming Queen and an Ole Miss beauty; Patty Povall, Miss University; Huddy Jones, Rebelee Queen; and Linda Lackey, Maid of Cotton, were the reigning queens of Tau Chapter. Spreading the " seeds of wisdom " in the Chi 0 house were the acti ve members of CWENS, Mary Carter, Linda Lackey, Rose Clayton, and Lynn Scott; Alpha Lambda Delta member, jane Harmon; and Lou Schmelzer, Margaret Love Gathright, Gail Abernathy, Martha Lovelace, Teresa McAlister, Preston Myers, and Judy Lynn, Mortar Board Tau Chapter ' s charity project was their party for underprivileged which highlighted their Christmas season. Then it was on with the guise of " Party Dolls " as the Chi Os planned and decorated for their annual spring formal—the prominent event up the Chi 0 social agenda. OFFICERS TERESA McALISTER President BETH KOEHLER Vice President KAY SWAYZE Secretary PRESTON MYERS Treasurer Gail Abernathy Beth Beall Barbara Bonner Kathryn Brewer Nancy Clark Brewer Malvian Bridges Marty Burns Suzy Butler Amelia Carothers Rose Clayton Margaret Countiss Kay Crosthwait Betty Dolton Margaret Gathright Mary Katie Gillis Barbara Hardin Jane Harmon Mimi Hines Sally Holcomb Gerry Holmes Beth Koehler Carolyn Koehler Rose Koehler Linda Lackey Anne Langford Emily Lee Lucille Longino Martha Lovelace Judy Lynn Teresa McAlister Mollie McAmis Missy McGiveran Sibyl McRae Jacque Martin Lyrda Meade Cathie Miller Nancy Mize Susan Morehead Preston Myers Jo Ann Noble Pattie Peace Patsy Peterson Ann Powell Jean Powell Pattie Pova ll Anna Reed Nancy Reese Mary Ricketts Lou Schmelzer Lynn Scott Lynn Smith Carol Spig ht Linda Stevens Kay Swayze Merl Taylor Shirley Wood Judy Alford Susan Barry Anne Biles Keturah Butler Linda Dilworth Martha Fant Martha Hamilton Jerri Jeter Stephanie Jordy Judy Keenen Phyllis Milner Patsy Mullin Nick McLaurin Lynn Pennington Priscilla Perry Carey Rivenbark Joanne Shaddock Nancy Van Eaton Montie Walker Wanda Wilkinson Miriam Wilson Marian Fay Collum Susan Day Gay Grieve Jackie Jeter Marie Keesee Mary Louise King Ann Moore Kay Rockett Mary Helen Rutledge Bethany Stockett Judy Ware Polly Anne Borden Bobbie Lou Brettell Mary Carter Anne Darrington Banky Godbold Ann McCloud Dianne Mock Lynn Worley Alexis Busby Margaret Denton Gan Nelson delta delta delta " Oh! They call it that good ole mountain dew,” is the phrase that came rollicking through the Tri Delt house as their traditional " Hobo " pledge party got underway. The above was indeed a gay occasion, but the " DDD ' s " have their serious moments too. Rae Ragsdale, secretary of the Committee of 100, and Nan Davidson and Love Henick, other members of this committee, are ample proof that the Tri Delts balance their work and pleasure. Donna Bess Bailey, Lynn Ruble, and Jerry Gooch, members of CWENS, also do their share in keeping the scales on an equal level. Chi Chapter ' s girls may look like " hobos " one minute, but they can be beauties in another. Verifying this statement are Kay Burns and Sandra Scarbrough, two of Ole Miss ' s top five beauties; and Mary Jo Oden and Sally Sayle, campus favorites. Even with all of their many campus activities, the Tri Delts still do not forget their " old folks at home. " The chapter annually entertains their mothers with a " Pansy " breakfast in the spring--an appropriate event to complete the chapter ' s social calendar. OFFICERS LIBBY LAKE President NAN DAVIDSON Vice President RAE RAGSDALE Secretary JOYCE DUNN Treasurer Frances Allen Ethelyn Ames Donna Bailey Sara Jane Banks Jamie Berry Diane Binford Adele Blackburn Margo Bostwick Gloria Boyd Belle Fair Brown Kay Burns Penny Carr Caroline Chapman Elise Cole Suzanne Crosby Paulette Crum Sandra Dabbs Nan Davidson Charlene Deaton Margene Dement Joyce Dunn Ann Fails Emma Flautt Kay Fleming Lucille Flohr Neva Glover Linda Golden Gerry Gooch Martha Grant Jean Hale Neal Hall Love Henick Ann Herrington Margaret Holmes Phelan Houston Barbie LaBerge Libby Lake Kay Lewis Vicky Love Joy McLure Betty Martin Priscilla Martiniere Mary Sue May Rosemary Milstead Veronica Moungor Mary Jo Oden Catherine Orsborn Kay Parker Jo Ann Payne Rosalyn Phyfer Rae Ragsdale Bea Pierce Susie Rau Cynthia Rhymes Linda Rice Linda Ritter Toni Roberson Lynn Roble Sandra Scarborough Patricia Sheldon Wynn Skipper Melinda Stewart Marilyn Story Carolyn Summers Elizabeth Taylor Becky Terry Virginia Thurber Sara Thurber Mary Kennon Thetford Ann Tutwiler Cindy Vaughn Martha Wade Virginia Walker Carolyn Walden Ann West Cythia Dunn Carolyn Haga Helene Haskins Les Hitt Lacey McLaurin Mimsy Metcalfe Patricia Nabors Sally Sayle Patricia Stamm Susan Stewart Louanne Thomas Evalyn Kay Whitten whilten Rosalie Wilkerson Lynn Yarbrough Delta Gamma Proudly claiming themselves as the Mother Chapter of their national sorority, the Alpha Psi " Delta Gams " are ever striving to keep themselves a worthy " parent " of the sorority ' s other 87 chapters. Kay Mounger, president of Mortar Board, along with Jill Anthony, Nan Ford, Sara Kay Lockard, and Judy Trott, other members of this honorary organization, serve as stable " anchors " in aiding their sorority to maintain its founding principles. Exemplifying that beauty and friendliness are invariably present on the Ole Miss campus, Ann Klaus possesses the title of Ole Miss beauty, while Hicky Wallace reigns as Engineering Queen, and Diane Klyce and Susan Sadler host Campus Favorite titles. To cheer the chapter on in its ventures are its two varsity cheerleaders, Susan Sadler and Hicky Wallace, and its freshman cheerleader, Judy Carrington. The Delta Gammas round out their year with their annual service project of presenting gifts to the blind children in connection with the fraternity project of Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. OFFICERS NAN FORD President PENNY TUMBLESON Vice President KAY MOUNGER Secretary CAROLYN BICKERSTAFF Treasurer Dottie Akin Carolyn Anderson Jill Anthony True Bailey Frances Bass Nancy Bass Jennifer Beat Abbie Beeson Nancy Bennett Mary Jane Berry Carolyn Bickerstaff Virginia Booth Nancy Brewer Sissy Bridgforth Joyce Burg Cooka Burnett Susie Cadle Sissy Cannady Patty Canning Judy Carrington Kay Chancellor Kitty Cook Jane Crenshaw Pauline Darrington Betty Durrett Ann Ford Emelda Frieberger Linda Grant Kay Gulkey Clark Hairston Courtney Hammond Beverly Hildreth Nannette Holcomb Lynn Hopkins Emily Hudspeth Sherry Hutson Linda Johnson Sydney Johnston Judy Josephson Ann Klaus Evelyn Klaus Diane Klyce Vicki LeDuke Diane Lemon Sara Kay Lockhard Betty Bean Mabry Rose Matthews Dannie Maxey Lynn McCaa Susan McCaa Penny McElroy Martha Miller Kaye Mitchell Tippy Moody Kay Mounger Susan Neeiy Susie Pelham Anne Carr Porter Patty Ray Becky Reed Sara Russell Susan Sadler Beverly Sanders Sylvia Scyster Jamie Grace Shannon Bennie Jean Smyth Willa Smythe Honey Toney Carri Towle Judy Trott Jenny Tumbleson Hicky Wallace Jan Wallace Sara Wells Nanci White Sally Wilson Mary Boone Wingfield Nancy Wroten Lady Margaret Boyce Tina Gates Laurie Hird Suanne Holland Kay Johnson Toni Newsom Pam Roberts Carol Shannon Shirley Smith Pam Willis Kappa Kappa Deltas spent the year enthusiastically watching an architect ' s dreams come true as their new house developed from blue prints to a home in reality. Trying to give the contractor advice on how to speed up his construc- tion, an effort which resulted only in a delightful distraction for the work- ers, (and who can blame the workers with such " Lovelies to look at?! " ) were the anxious but exquisite Pat McRaney, Miss Mississippi; the gracious Pat Chadwick, Miss Jackson; the charming Becky Huey, an Ole Miss beauty; and Elizabeth Ann Judge, the lovely Miss Oxford. Alpha Mu became quite politically minded this year with Kay Lamb, Sylvia Dame, Peggy Keadv, Bonnie Dugger, and Rita Hall serving as campus senators and Jean Rawson holding the position of Secretary of the Student Body. And who knows? Maybe these enchanting politicians with the assistance of the beguiling ways of the chapter ' s favorites, Lorraine Forbes and Helen May, will pass a bill demanding that " all new sorority houses be completed in one semester. " It ' s an idea. Surely would save active head- aches! OFFICERS JEAN RAWSON President JIMMIE FILES Vice President BEVERLY ZELLER Secretary KAY LAMB Treasurer Linda Aldrich Kay Anderson Mary Ann Barr Maryhardy Bays Dooley Bell Suzanne Boushe Sylvia Lee Bradley Barbara Brandon Louise Ann Burris Susan Butler Robin Carruth Pat Chadwick Betty Clark Mary Pat Coley Carolyn Coney Sylvia Frances Dame Louise Davis Cathy Downing Bonnie Dugger Carol Flake Pattie Bess Fly Lorraine Forbes Linda Faye Fulcher Janice Gibson Jane Gilpin Sandra Hale Reita Hall Laura Haynes Jeannette Hegwood Sally Henderson Anne Marie Hicks Karen Hoellen Rita Hornsby Rebecca Ann Huey Ann Jackson Annice Raye Jernigan Elizabeth Ann Judge Cindy Karer Kay Lamb Marmion Loving Pat McRaney Tricia Montieth Rosalene Morrison Dale Munn Mimi Murphree Rosalyn Neilson Mary Hall Pegrarn Mickey Pooley Jane Pope Nancy Potts Judy Prescott Jane Ramsey Jean Rawson Bessie Sarphie Carolyn Sarphie Sandra Shook Shan Simpson Linda Spain Sue Stowers Virginia Templeton Perry Thickens Beth TreppendahI Inez Varnado Polly Vordenbaumen Nicki Walker Margaret Ann Westbrook Judy Wilkins Marlene Wilson Beverly Young Beverly Zeller Jimmie Files Carolyn Ford Judy Har rington Juanita Herrington Jean Hicks Peggy Ann Keady Lynn Ketchings Patricia Kay McKay Jo Karen McMahon Helen May Patsy Munn Pat Platte Linda Pope Kay Puddephatt Patsy Smith Nancy Tarbutton Janet Vaughan Jeffry Whitaker Leslie Wilsford Kappa Kappa Gamma " Company Halt " command the military minded Kappas as they usher a Kappa " first " onto the Ole Miss Campus. Rita Wilson, the Colonel ' s Lady; Pat McInnis, Air Force R.O.T.C. Sponsor over ten southern uni- versities; and Shelby Grantham, Navy Battalion R.O.T.C. Sponsor, prove Delta. Rho Chapter the first to capture the top three R.O.T.C. Sponsor titles in one season. To make sure that the chapter maintains its scholarship as well as its campus activities is the versatile Janell Maxwell, member of Mortar Board. Delta Rho is proud of her two class secretaries Johnette Walker, senior, and Mary Lou Pace, freshman; Sidna Brower, member of " The Staff, and Pat McMullan, one of the annual staff editors, bring in the news " hot off the presses. " " A pretty girl is like a melody, " and Rita Wilson, one of the Ole Miss top five beauties; Mary Lou Pace, Miss Hattiesburg; Amy Permenter, campus favorite and varsity cheerleader, and Nona Parker, Pike Dream Girl, seem to create quite a symphony in the Kappa House. With the aims of promoting better student-faculty relations, the Kappa highlighted their year with a Faculty Tea during the Christmas season. OFFICERS JANELL MAXWELL President MARTHA SANDERS Vice President JACKIE FORE Secretary MICKIE ALFORD Treasurer Mickie Alford Pat Armstrong Sarah Benham Gay Bivins Barbara Borum Patricia Boyd Sidna Brower Sammy Bramlett Nancy Buchanan Jane Butler Johnnie Britt Cain Gloria Camp Carolyn Carlton Gwin Clayton Mary Collins Connie Cummings Peggy Joy Dale Betsy Donaldson Shotsie Dreve Joan Ebbing Joyce Ebbing Elaine Edwards Marilu Ellis Linda Ely Nancy Ferguson Betty Fincher Jackie Fore Cindy Grantham Maggie Grantham Shelby Grantham Gail Grout Brooke Hamilton Joy Hammond Judy Halsell Susie Hathorn Jan Henderson Judy Hitchings Judy Huddleston Mathilde Janvier Julie Jones Mary Ann Jones Nan Kaiser Linwood Liddle Olivia Littlefield Sandra McCaffrey JoAnne McFarland Lyle McLellan Mary Anthony McLemore Pat McMullan Jannell Maxwell Sherry Moore Marian Nail Betsy North Mary Lou Pace . Nona Parker Carol Payne Gay Peacock Amy Permenter Judy Perry Anne Phillips Judy Quinn Carolyn Ready Judy Reed Dewitt Rush Camille Sanders Martha Sanders Susan Shipp Alice Simmons Nancy Sklar Suzanne Smith Lee Solomon Sandy Southern Margaret Spiars Jo Smith Stephens Carol Stevens Faye Stidham Sue Stringer Ann Stuart Beverly Swaim Barbara Tennyson Betty Ann Thompson Ann Treadway Dot Turnage Johnette Walker Nancy Wall Lynn Ware Rita Wilson Ruth Wilson Nancy Radcliffe Phi Mu OFFICERS SALLY ANN ROBERTS President SHERRY CROOK Vice President KAY SCHILLINGER Secretary BARBARA BENTZ Treasurer " Comment allez-vous, mademoiselle, " possibly was heard at the Phi Mu ' s Christmas party for foreign students. This notable event is the chapter ' s contribution toward creating greater understanding between Ole Miss stu- dents and their foreign guests. Supplying the campus with information on the social events of all or- ganizations as well as of their own Alpha Delta Chapter are Barbara Bentz, Society Editor of " The Mississippian, " and Gail Sinnott, Assistant Society Editor. To add style and good looks to the Alpha Delta Chapter, Lynn Rogers copped a favorite title; Martha Sue Orr and Diane Perry were chosen Ole Miss Rebelettes; and Sally Hinch reigned as Anchor and Chain Sponsor. Betty Ross Graves, president of the Women ' s Recreation Association, keeps the Phi Mus " on their toes " for sports events; while the Committee of 100 members, Jane Teas, Gail Sinnott, and Peggy Hossfield, work with the Ole Miss " Y " in promoting a more rewarding and stimulating spiritual life for the university students. Nancy Adams Carol Anderson Brenda Andress Agnes Banchetti Sharon Berland Dorothy Jean Bearden Melba Jean Beasley Barbara Benz Margie Beutel Ann Blanchard Sonia Buffington Dee Burns Sara Bur row Carolyn Carter Jo Carrol Jane Cathev Anita Coe Sherry Crook Monty Davis Emilie Delph Josephine Edmondson Linda Fite Janet French Carolyn Gallaspy Betty Ross Graves Charlene Guiney Ann Hardin Jo Ann Hardin Gwynne Lee Harrington Carolyn Hawks Sally Hinsch Peggy Hossfeld June Inman Lenoir Jones Bette Killingsworth Laney Lemons Mary Margaret Lindsey Glenda Luke Judy Lum Judy Lundberg Betty Madding Jane McClatchey Sandee Miller Sylvia Murphy Lee Murray Linda Lee Normand Nancy Norris Martha Sue Orr Patti Page Lynn Pennebaker Jane Phenix Carolyn Polk Mary Margaret Purser Betsy Rankin Sally Ann Roberts Joan Rogers Barbara Sanders Carolynn Sasser Nancy Schilling Kay Schillinger Sandra Schulz Gale Sinnott Sally Spier Ann Sutherlin Jane Teas Nancy Thomas Diane Thompson Janice Wetzler Jenny White Ann Williams Kitty Williams Rebecca Williams Jerilyn Williamson Elizabeth Ann Willey Sandra Winders Carolyn Camp Judy Gamard Linda Gatlin Louise Lake Diane Perry Etta Dee Rials Lynn Rogers Suezann Schults Jeannette Smith Kaye Stockton Carol Waits Molly Winslow Zeta Tau Alpha " Sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart, " is the tune probably hummed in the Zeta house, for the ZTA ' s boast of fraternity sweethearts this year— Robin Reed, Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Betty Bloom, of Alpha Tau Omega. Combining her beauty with her musical talent, Ann Adams became an Ole Miss Rebelette and one of the campus ' s top five beauties. Beauty is present but scholarship is not forgotten, as Mortar Board claims two Zetas, Ann Adams and Susan McRay, as members, and CWENS selects Lynn Steed and Robin Reed as members with Robin Reed being elected president of this sophomore honorary organization. The Zetas completed their chapter program this season with a party for the underprivileged children. OFFICERS ELEANOR JORDAN President MARTHA HUBBARD Vice President LINDA ALLEN Secretary PATRICIA ENDT Treasurer Ann Adams Linda Allen Rita Ann Bailey Sara Bailey Betty Bloom Shirley Broadhead Janice Brower Kay Butler Carole Cameron Judy Chambers Rose Childress Ginger Christman Kay Cooke Trudys Curlee Betty Curd Jean Davenport Pat Dees Roslyn Eberle Sue Ervin Neal Foust Judy Haag Alice Herin Gerry Hunt Carolyn Jayne McGuire Patricia McInnes Susan McKay Mary Nelle Massey Leda Moon Sandra Elaine Moore Bobby Jo Moses Brenda New Marian Jeanine Ogletree Susan Pfersdorff Patricia Pigott Robin Reed Wanda Reid Shannon Elizabeth Rodes Susan Rosulek Sandy Schillinger Carolyn Teresa Shamis Lynn Steed Pat Stuart Barbara Tuminello Elizabeth Wilkins Leah Britton Williams Mary Ellen Woodburn Carol Cramer Patricia Endt Carolyn Evans Martha Hubbard Eleanor Jordan Amy Kelley Mary Kay Kiamie Linda Loveless Carolyn Lunday Sallye McCracken Lois Mailfald Lynn Mailfald Margaret Mize Susanne Samuelson Jane White Alpha Tau Omega It ' s " do good to your neighbor " time at the ATO house when the ATO ' s launch into their Help Week program. This is an annual service project through which the ATO ' s, with the aid of one of the campus sororities, help those local people who are less fortunate. With Bill Nobles, Judicial Council Chairman, and Bobby Russell, of IFC, interpreting the " rules " of campus life to the fraternity, Jimmy Bailey and Harley Garrett, Commanders of R.O.T.C. units, hold Delta Psi Chapter to the " letter of the law. " Making certain that all university students, as well as the ATO ' s, are informed of all campus " escapades " is Mac Dale, Editor of " The When spring has " sprung, " then it ' s off with the work clothes and on with the tux as the ATO ' s entertain with their spring formal, the major festivity on their social calendar. OFFICERS BILL NOBLES President ANCEL TIPTON Vice President GUY CONWAY Secretary CHARLES EDWARDS Treasurer Gardner Adams John Ames John Autry Carson Avent Curtis Ayes Jim Bailey Larvis Baker Dale Barnes Danny Bath Bill Bell Jim Bonner Jimmy Brown George Buffaloe Ray Burk Tony Buster David Buttross Tim Cable Charlie Caldwell Charlie Calhoun Bruce Chiles Gerald Clark Guy Conway Mac Dale Doug Daniel Charles Edwards Scott Edwards Charles Floyd Allen Gaines John Green Fred Hight Frank Hull Tom Newell Frank Jones Jimmy Jones John Kirkham Jimmy Liddell Bob Mace Bart McMullen Mitch Miller Virgil Minor Allan Mitchell Don Perry Lee Polizzi Larry Pressley Bobby Russell Robert Saul Lee Shaffer Bev Smith Caffy Stahlman Charles Stone Bill Tatum Mike Taylor Tommy Teague Tip Tipton Ed Tyrone Art Chapman Ted Cunningham Dave Deterly Boyd Edwards Felder Fitzgerald Alan Ford John Freeman Harley Garrett J. R. Gentry Don Gleason Roger Gower Joe Graves Johnny Gregory Don Hall Marty Haraway Skipper Holly Kenny Holmes Joe Lee Greg Littlefield Jimmy MacDonald Mac MacLaurin Fred McMillan Neil Manly Nick Mavar Earl Mullen Mike Nash Bill Nobles Bob Parks Buddy Patterson Lawrence Payne Ed Pigott Jim Price Thorny Ramsey Joe Roberts David Smith Tommy Smith John Thorburn Harley Tripp Bob Washington James Williamson Bill Wright Martin Taylor Frank Andrews Philip D. Bryant John Connaway William Cooper Beta Theta Pi OFFICERS M. D. TATE President SAM DAVIS Vice President PEYTON MONCRIEF Secretary FRANKIE SANDERSON Treasurer One of three fraternities founded at Miami University in. Oxford, Ohio, the Betas proudly claim recognition as a member of the Miami Triad. Making scholarship one of their major fraternity aims, the Betas now have Bill Pyle and Harold Weathersby participating in the University Scholars program. Peyton Moncrief and Phillip Bryant, Committee of 100 members, find it their responsibility to assist the University in promoting religious empha- sis on the Ole Miss campus, while Bill Cooper, Cardinal Club representa- tive, and Jack Lynch, IFC member, work toward achieving greater school spirit among the university students. Winding up the year, the Betas go strictly " Bohem " at their spring Bohemian Party—the social highlight of the year. Sam Davis Bob Franks Charles Ivy Mackey Kendall Joe Labella Jack Lynch Peyton Moncrief Bill Pyle Frankie Sanderson Harry Widdifield Mack Wofford Leslie Casaday Ralph Elston Phil Heidinger Gene Hock Ralph Hunt Lowry Jones Tommy Stewart George Swindoll M. D. Tate Clyde Underwood James Waiters Harrell Weathersby " Let ' s have a party, " demand the " perpetual-partying " Dekes as they hit the Ole Miss campus for a new year. But " party time " is not the only occupation of the Dekes; there is a " work time " too. Ernest Thomas, President of the Freshman Class, and Dick Newburg, President of the Intramural Council, are excellent ex- amples of the conscientious workers in the Deke Chapter. Informing the chapter of political events are John Caffery, campus senator, and Luther McDougal, member of the Law Journal Staff and the Moot Court Board. The Dekes annually complete their fraternity projects with their party for underprivileged children. OFFICERS RAMS AY KING President DENNIS CANADA Vice President BILL HEFLEY Secretary BOBBY JERMYN Treasurer Delta Kappa Epsilon A. M. Allen Terry Anthony Dan Ballard Steve Ballard Everett Beelman Roger Brinegar John Burrow John Caffery Dennis Canada Billy Donald Sandy Edwards Pecky Furr George Cafford John Goodhart Mike Hail David Henderson David Hervey Colly Hicks Glenn Holliday Jimmy Hoppen Mike Hughs Bobby Jermyn Clark Leonard Len Long Micky McAuther George Mclngvale Bill McMurtray James Martin Dan Mathews Sammy Mims Bill Morris F. D. Morrison John Morvant Clyde Mosier Andy Naugle Dick Newberg Hal Parchman Lester Sargent Ed Shaw King .Shurtleff Ben Smith Bill Smith Stafford Smith Tommy Stroud Bennie Taylor Ed Turner George Vance Billy West Mike Wilson Jackie Adams Wayne Anderson James Baddley Charles Chambers Joel Davis Kirk Grantham Bill Hefley Ramsay King Buddy Mackey James Owens Ruffus Perewitt Can Rogers Billy Schmaltz Jacky Slayden Ernest Thomas Earnest Thomas Benny Turnage C. H. Williamson Leonard Young Delta Psi " Oh when the Saints go marchin ' in, " may possibly be a tune heard at the Delta Psi spring formal this year as the Delta Psis establish a new tradition in renaming their formal the Saints and Angels Ball. " Activity-wise " the Delta Psis represent themselves in numerous campus organizations with Neville Herbert, an IFC member; Gary Weale, a cam- pus senator; and James Allen, Cardinal Club member. Keeping the fraternity " caught up " on the latest developments in science seems to fall on the shoulders of Enrique Anglade, an active mem- ber of the pharmaceutical fraternity. James M. Allen Enrique Anglade John H. Arrington John C. Carr Richard C. Chambers James A. Cooper Henry J. Endt H. Edward Fleming Joel J. Ford William P. Gerred Felix J. Guillory Samuel B. Harris Neville C. Herbert Hannis H. Hudson Bobby W. Johnson Robert R. Marshall Thomas D. Mayfie!d James Philip Mullins James H. Sledge Gary D. Weal° James M. Allen William W. Landrum Dean A. Mandlebaum Robert G. Milley Wendell Phillip Mullins William C. Rabb Philip A. Reynolds Richard C. Stone Kappa Order Having the distinction of being the only Southern fraternity, the " Southern Gentlemen " of Kappa Alpha display the traditional hospitality of the " Colonial South. " Greeting the university guests with the typically Southern, " Good Suh, " is the task of Doug Abraham, ASB President. Working closely with Doug to keep the campus government progressing smoothly is Dick Wilson, President Pro-Tem of the Campus Senate, and Ralph member of the President ' s Cabinet. Jimmie Robertson, Assitant Editor of " The Mississippian " and Sports Editor of the OLE MISS, and Paul Gray, also an Assistant Editor of The Mississippian, find it their duty to hold all the Ole Miss " Rebel Rousin ' " news before the public. Then after a hard day ' s work on the Ole Miss campus, it ' s " honeysuckle and Mint Julep " time for the KA " Colonels " as they escort their lovely " Southern Belles " to their exquisite social event—the Old South Ball. OFFICERS WAYNE BARKER President TOM HEDERMAN Vice President PAUL GRAY Secretary JIMMIE ROBERTSON Treasurer Kenneth Alexander Hugh Coyt Bailey Warren Noble Bal. Joseph Wayne Barker Harry Theodore Barnett Joseph Alfred Blythe Ill Robert Higdon Boling, Jr. Robert Bratton Joseph Ross Colingo Robert Crespino James Dement Walter Mack Gorton Shelby Duke Goza Paul Edward Gray David Gunter Hodo Roy George Kennington Robert Myers Laird Alpheus McRae, Jr. John Victor Manatis Ed Davis Noble David Bardwell Sayle James Elliot Seale, Jr. Charles C. Taylor, Jr. Jack Spencer Turner Richard Wilson, Jr. Charles Alexander Gordon Alan Altenbern Fred Calvin Bordelon Joseph Daniel Britton Ralph Brockman, Jr. William Gerard Campbell Richard Emmitt Chaffin Joseph Gordon Clement William Morgan Davenport Henry Anthony Duperier Robert Lawrence Edmonson Charles Bailey Ferri Jr. David Max Fonda William Alexander Gowan Glynn Grilling Fred Hartman, Jr. Thomas Hederman, Ill Harry Richard Herman Donald F. Higdon Richard Fairfield Holladay Thomas Gaston Horne, Jr. Irvin Meade Hufford, Jr. George Barrow Jackson James Calvin Johnson, Jr. Samuel Allen Lackey Albert Henley Laws Lee MacDonald Lipscomb Everett Dewitt Lovelace Ward McCraney, Jr. James Bartley McGehee, Jr. John McIntyre, Jr. Wiley Hunter Mock, Jr. James Carroll Newton Charles Marcus Ray Roger Paul Rhodes Joseph Alexander Rice James Lawton Robertson Earl Edward Schneider, Jr. Anson Sheldon, Jr. John William Shelton Bobby Joe Shewmake Bell Newell Simrall, Ill Harvey Myers Smallwood Harry Leslie Smith, Jr. Lemuel Augustus Smith, Ill Lawrence Morris Spivey Issac Dudley Stewart Robert Stockett, Jr. Mitchell Terrell John Herschel Thames, Jr. Donald Lewis Walker Henry Barnes Watson Cleveland Webber, Jr. Lewis Wilburn James Aubrey Williams Harry McCoy Wilson Robert Wilkes Witty Kappa Sigma Being founded in Italy in 1400, the Kappa Sigs proudly boast that they are " older than the United States " --a unique statement for a national fraternity. " If the AOPi ' s can do it, so can we, " said the Kappa Sigs as they put up their homecoming decorations this fall. And by seizing first place with their decorations, they did! Delta Xi Chapter ' s Robert Hightower keeps the A.I.Ch.E. treasury books in balance, as Jim Ware contributes his talents to serving the Air Force R.O.T.C. Always outstanding in their social activities, the Kappa Sigs entertain with numerous informal parties during the year, but the pride of all their social functions is their Stardust Ball held each Spring. OFFICERS BOB ROY President ALEC WATTS Vice President ROBERT HIGHTOWER Secretary MIKE SINNOTT Treasurer Glen Alderson William Alias Jimmy Backstrom Robert Barnes Bill Basham Charles Henry Best Larry Bishop George Black Jimmy Cathey Jimmy Crisler Milton Cuevas Danny Cygon Lee Davis Claude DeLoach John Downer Van East Ben Edmonson Henry Edwards Pete Flexer Allen Foster 0. L. Garmon Charles Henson Robert Hightower Joby King Vincent LaBella Ed Lobrano George Lynch Richard Magee Alex Malouf Jimmy McCoy John McGehee Jerry Newell Ronald Pass Bob Roy Kieran Rudy Tom Ryan Charles Sessions Tommy Stone Gene Stribbling John Tardy Gerald Warren Jim Ware Alec Watts Rudy Weber Joe Weller Mickey Adams Harry Alderson John Baldwin Ray Beck Roland Bell Pat Black Johnny Brewer Inmond Deen Jimmy Fast Richard Edmonson John Frazier Walter Gex Roger Googe Ronny Hammond Jerry Harrington Carroll Horn Larry Hyman Van Kees Terry Keeter Mike Kellogg Jimmy Kitchell Johnny Long James Magee Robert McGehee David McGough Phil McNamara Jim McQueen Billy Mac Morgan Gus Nash Brent Nichols David Odle Harry Ragar Joe Roberts Richard Schwalje Billy Shults Mike Sinnott Shelby Smith Ed Stephens Larry Stevens David Stevenson Tom Storey Gary Sullivan Fred Tate Richard Truly Bill Ware hi Delta Theta " It ' s finally done, " cheered the Phi Delts as they moved into their long- awaited new chapter house at No. 1, Fraternity Row. Introducing their new " mansion " to the campus in true collegiate fashion, the Phi ' s entertained in the early spring with an " Ivy-League Weekend " full of parties. Even though busy this past fall making preparations for their new fraternity house, the Phi Delts did not forget their obligations to their university organizations. Ample proof of this are Dean Copeland, who serves as Treasurer of ODK and Commander of the Army R.O.T.C., Bobby Massengill, President of the School of Commerce and Business Manager of Mississippian, and Jim O ' Mara, Vice-President of the Senior On the national level, Mississippi Alpha does equally well. They have ranked first in scholarship for three consecutive years and were chosen most outstanding chapter in the nation. Civic minded, the Phi ' s also sponsor an annual Community Service Project. Last year ' s project was the construction of a playground in Oxford. OFFICERS DEAN COPELAND President WILL DENTON Vice President JOHNNY BLACK Treasurer JACK EWING Secretary Tommy Abernethy Johnny Ainsworth Warner Alford Johnny Armstrong Lloyd Arnold Robert Atkinson Gerry Austin Dean Belk Buddy Bergold Marion Black Johnny Black John Bolich Walter Boone Steve Brasfield Ed Carruth Raymond Clift Roy Collins Dean Copeland Butch Cothren David Cottrell Kim Curry Willis Dabbs Gus Denton Will Denton Al Doty Tommy Doty Larry Dunaway Stewart Easterby Dicky Fenstermacher Davis Field Louis Field Bobby Fischer Cary Fondren C. A. Ford Henry Frazer Harry Frazer Johnny Gammill Lyndle Garrett Jommy Garrott Ralph Gilbert Billy Godbold Bobby Grantham Toxey Hall Walter Jones Jimmy Keeton George Keith Ronnie LeMay Fred Lentjes Larry Lewis Jerry Mason Bobby Massengill George McMullan Mike Mills Streety Minor Van Moore Butch Morgan Bill Mounqer Billy Neville Jimmy O ' Mara Jimmy Patty Wayne Parker Keith Riley Miles Riley Herbert Rogers Bill Rutledge Henry J. Sanders Harold Simmons Tom Singley Briggs Smith Sydney Smith John Suares Cassedy Sumrall John Todd Warren Todd Freddie Travis Louie Walker Bill Williams Stewart Williford Billy Brown Williford Sammy Alford Billy Callendar Jack Cheatham Cary Cocke John Crawford Charles Durrett Frank Elgin Jack Ewing Jimmy George Louis Guy Jimmy Hall Jimmy Herring Frank Holloman Joe House Bill Ingram Tim Jones Pope Kelly Lee Lott Martin McRoberts Tolly Murff Nick Nail Tom Naugle Dick Nichol Vic Pringle True Redd Andy Ritch Bobby Robinson Jo Jo Salloum Fred Sandifer Ed Sisson Jay Travis Bill Warfield Howard Williams Since coming to the campus four years before the Civil War, Mississippi Alpha of Phi Psi, has produced a number of outstanding leaders on the university campus. Luther Aldridge, Vice-President of IFC, and John Daniel, member of the Committee of 100, keep the chapter informed on campus and frater- nity functions; while Dick Gabrel, President of the Chemistry Club, makes sure that no " unusual explosions " issue forth from Fraternity Row; and Tommy Murray represents his chapter in Beta Alpha Psi. The Phi Psis greet spring in true fraternity fashion with their outstand- ing social activity for the year--the fraternity formal. OFFICERS LUTHER ALDRIDGE President RON URICE Vice President RICHARD THIELKER Secretary Phi Kappa Psi Luther Aldridge James Caldwell . John Daniel George P. Dearborn Jimmy Dedeaux David Lee Ethridge Dick Gabriel Robert Gannon Murrah Herndon Craig MacKenzie George Mize Thomas Murrah David T. Peyton Cary Runnels Bill Tyson Ron Urice Ken Vittitow Bill Wallace George E. Abraham Jack Barnett John Hargraves James V. Hill Douglas Kaye Paul T. Purnell Dick Robinson Walter Shettlemore Richard Thielker Pi Kappa Alpha " When in Rome, do as the Romans do, " advocate the Pikes as they " transplanted Rome " onto the Ole Miss campus with their annual Roman Ball. These hearty " Romans " set out to " conquer " the university and became represented in every men ' s honorary group, and leading the attack was Jake Gibbs, 1961 Colonel Rebel and All-American football and baseball star. To make sure that Ole Miss finances remain balanced, the students elected the Army R.O.T.C. Superior Cadet, Howard Boone, to the posi- tion of Treasurer of the A.S.B. Keeping the Pike " warriors " in shape were Wade Sims, President of Anchor and Chain; John Whitworth, Editor of the Mississippi Law Journal; Tom McGraw, President of the Cardinal Club; and Al Povall, varsity cheerleader. In the spring with Nona Parker reigning as 1960-61 Dream Girl, the Pi KA ' s truly became " Roman royalty " at their Pi KA Dream Girl Ball, the crowning event of their social calendar. OFFICERS WADE SIMS President ROBERT WILKERSON Vice President STEVE WHITAKER Secretary JIM SPEED Treasurer George Alexander Wayne Alexander Frank Aldridge Fred Anderson Tommy Baddley Howard Boone Tom Brister Richard Brown Billy Bullock Dell Clark Ranny Cross Glen Davidson Billy Dearman Jimmy Dunc an Ray Earls John Frame Frank Freeman Bill Flautt Lamar Gatewood Hardy Graham John Gunter Randall Harper Joe Hartley Paul Haynes Billy Wayne Herbert Eddie Howard Lamar Howard Art Hughes Bill Jones German Jordan John Kelly Carroll Kemp Bill Lovett Jimmy Lovett Hubert McAlexander Tom McCraw George McClintock Willard McDonald Joe Montgomery Sam Mounger Wayne Myers Munson Neyland Jerry Olsen Neil O ' Neil Phil Patterson Brucie Payne Harry Petrie Al Povall Frank Prewitt Arthur Ray David Robinson John Ross Bob Seawright Tommy Shellnut Jim Sherman Wade Sims Logan Slaughter Jim Speed Herbert Thigpen Bob Thorne Frank Thornhill Larry Wagster Earl Wheat Rayburn Whitner Bob Wilkerson Norman Wilson Lamar Bailey James Bell Jerry Bell Jerry Brown Bill Crockett Sam Duvall Billy Ellis Charles Ellis Ken Ellis Richard Evers Jake Gibbs Billy Haney Ocie Harris Hinkey Haynes Ted Heddleston Howard Hines Butch Hyde Howard Owen Leach John Paul Lee Jack Love Ken McCoy Al McCreight Joe Meadows Johnny Miller Johnny Moss Buster Pickering Tommy Pigford William Ritcher Semmes Ross Joel Sartoris Bill Shoemaker Buddy Strickland Emerson Stringer Lee Take Ted Thompson Rowan Thompson David Wilson Sigma Alpha Epsilon " We ' ve all been a workin ' on the chain gang, " chant the SAE ' s at their annual Convict Party, as Hugh Lovelady, chairman of the ASB Dance Committee, keeps the " cons " in step. Maintaining " strict discipline " over the " inmates " is Gibbs Goodwin, Major in the R.O.T.C.; while Jerry Adams, President of the Freshman and Sophomore YMCA and Ronnie Franklin, President of the Junior IFC, strive to create group cooperation among the men. The finance situation of the SAE " pen " is well handled by Joe Latham, Treasurer of the " Y " ; John Dickenson, member of Beta Alpha Psi; and Al Smith, Treasurer of ADS and Business Manager of the Ole Miss an- nual. Being rather unique " prisoners, " the only " punishment " to which the SAE ' s " sentence " themselves is to serve their university through such or- ganizations as the YMCA, the Cardinal Club, and the IFC; and, of course, to defend their lions. OFFICERS GIBBS GOODWIN President AL SMITH Vice President TAD TROWBRIDGE Secretary JOHN DICKINSON Treasurer Jim Aiken Josh Bell Bill Blair Butch Bond Cleve Brown Charles Cole Wert Cooper Dub Crum Val Cuthbert Conway Dabney John Dickinson Kenny Dill Noel Ferguson Buddy Fleming Tony Gaines John Graeber Bill Gwin Lyttleton Harris Hudie Hawkins Ben Hooke Nick Hooke Bill Hough Kim Johnson Bobby Jones Jerre Jordan Jerry Keenan Carl Kirkland Bill Lane Nat Lea Hugh Love Hugh Lovelady Albert Lum Lee Marshall Ralph Mayfield Sam Owens Ben Pettis Randy Randall Gwin Scott Bubba Seale Al Smith Joe Sohm Tad Trowbridge Ferrell Varner Howard Warner Pete Watts Jimmy Wilkes Thurston Wilkes Harold Wilson Jimmy Winter Larry Witt Billy Wood Johnny Wynne Jerry Adams Frank Allen Jeppie Barbour Joe Belote David Blackwell Bob Carpenter Bob Collins Bob Cooke Jennings Cox Ken Daniel Hugh Edwards Mitch Ellett Robert Ellis Ronnie Franklin Lonnie Frazier Virgil Gillespie Gibbs Goodwin Charlie Graeber Guy Harrell Tommy Hodges Buddy Holmes Charlie Hooker Floyd James Ted Jones Jock Laird Lewis Lanter Joe Latham Cunliff McBee Ed McGuire Jim McCormick Larry Megel Robert Miller Billy Moore Dubs Mounger Ruffner Murray Jerry Nations Clyde Owens Paul Plauche Merritt Powell Bill Rathburne Jay Schwabe George Shadoock Bill Star Bud Strong Murry Stucker Jerry Wilson Sigma Chi The Sigma Chis appear to have formed a " presidents ' club " this year as many members copped this high honor in campus organizations. Just to mention a few: Frank Halbert, President of the School Charles Davis, President of the School of Liberal Arts; David President of the Ole Miss Band; were some of the gavel-wielders at the Sigma Chi house. Politics seem to " make the chapter go ' round " with Charles Davis on the A.S.B. President ' s Cabinet; Jim Yelverton, Vice-President of the A.S.B. The political minded Chis, however, are never " without a song " as dem- onstrated by their delightful campus serenades. To highlight their social season, the Sigma Chis entertain with their eagerly anticipated Sigma Chi Formal at which they crown their Sweetheart, " the girl of their dreams. " OFFICERS CHARLES RAY DAVIS President HARDY MYERS Vice President GLENN PENNINGTON Secretary SAM LANGSTON Treasurer Wesley Adams George Allen Jerry Allen Bobby Joe Alston David Ande rson James Anderson Al Atkinson Tommy Austin Fred Allen Bell Virgil Bigham Bobby Black Kenneth Boone Roy Braswell Mike Cassidy Roger Clark Tommy Coleman Pat Connors Larry Cunningham Matt Dale, Jr. Charles Ray Davis Art Doty Jim Draughn Phil Duncan Bill Eckhart Jimmy Estes Doug Ferris Jimmy Fitchett David Forrester Wesley Godwin Dickie Guyton Joel Haden Bill Hand Bob Hand Billy Hardin Don Harper James Hartsfield Rayford Hudson Gray Jackson John Dee Johnson Hamp Jones G. N. Jones, Jr. Jack Jordon Billy Lamb Tommy Lamb Sam Langston Leighton Lewis Leon McCullouch Dickie McGee Dickie McGraw D. C. McInnis Troy Mashburn Charles Merkel C. A. Miller Rook Moore William Morris Hardy Myers John Neil Buck Newman Phil Noble Dickie Nowell Jimmy Parkerson Glenn Pennington Jimmy Perkins Don Porter Alec Rather Tommy Rice Sam Rickman Thad Rudd Bedford Russell Jimmy Russell Kenneth Smith Joe Stephens Charles Tanner Buck Trimble Vaughan Billy Wardlaw John Weathersby Tommy Whitaker Joe Wilkins Ken Williams Max Williams Don Willis William Witt Jim Yelverton Ralph Adams Lacy Biles Eddie Blackburn Larry Blackwell Tom E. Blue, Jr. Lynn Boyer Johnny Bryan Johnny Bryant Charles Burke Frank Burkitt Tommy Castle Richard Clark David Coleman Richard Darnell Paul Dent Joe Denton John Doss Doug Elmore Alan Futvoye Eddie Gatlin Heywood Green Frank Halbert Charles Hall Bo Heywood Robert Jackson Jack Jones Jesse Jones Jimmy Jones Bill Keeton Tommy Lamar Wayne Terry Lamar Johnny Mitchell Ed Neely Nick Nichols Francis Owings Edwin Perry Randy Pleasant John David Price Tommy Prince Rogers Milton Scarborough Ross Smith Buck Stevens Jody Stevens Gerald Stigler Steve Stubbs Rusty Sykes Landy Teller Jake Terrill James Traxton Charles Touhey Robert Upchurch Don Vaughan Lucian Wadlington David Wells George Wolfe Doug Wood Billy Yates Bobby Yelverton Don Zimmerman sigma u " Roddy Toddy " and a good " Razoo " are the cries which shriek through the Sigma Nu house as Ron Edwards and Guy Hovis, varsity cheerleaders, warm up to lead the Old Miss Rebels on to victory. Along the social lines, " variety is the spice of life " for the Sigma Nus. Engaging in quite an unusual whirlwind of parties, the Sigma Nus may be seen bopping at the Convict Party; Charlestoning at the Roaring Party, calypsoing at the Beachcomber Party, " hoedowning " it at the Red Neck Party, and genteely waltzing at the White Star Ball. Unusual parties, however, are not the only achievements of the Sigma Nus. Under the leadership of Roy Williams and Rob Brisco, the Epsilon Xi Chapter annually observes an Underprivileged Children ' s Day, and at the present time the Sigma Nus are sending an underprivileged child through school. OFFICERS JOE BURNETT President ROY WILLIAMS Vice President BILL EUBANKS Secretary AL DAVIS Treasurer Guff Abbott Dick Adams Lynn Adkins Lane Allen Norman Ammons Bill Ballad Steve Beach Charles Bennett Bob Boehn Tom Bounds Sonney Boykin Jerry Brasher Dudley Bridqeforth Bob Briscoe Larry Brown Hume Bryant Joe Burnett Don Carr Jesse Chase Jimmy Clinton Jimmy Colville Dave Coon John Cossar Dave Davidson Al Davis Jimmy Davis Jerry Dumas Bill Dunavant Ron Edwards Don Farlow Bobby Fooshee Bob Galloway Jack Gordy Homer Graham James Greene Larry Hardy Fred Hewes Curtis Hill Terry Hinton Guy Hovis Robin Howard Bill Keyes Glenn Killouqh Cecil Krosp Ernest Lane Greq Lawrence Bill Leqq Tommy Lester Trent Lott Louis Lyons Joe Mitch McElwain Tommy McGar Jim McLeod Earl Martin Joe Mellon Dick Newman Allen Pepper Larry Riley John Ritchie Gaylen Roberts Jim Rueff Butch Sample Spud Samuelson George Smith Hardin Tate Philip Terney Billy Walker Charles Westerfield Buddy Williams Bennett York Billy Ray Adams Dick Allen Charles Ballard Eddie Barnett Frank Bassett Bill Bates Reese Bowen Jackie Bowen Thomas Brown Joe Camp Bill Cossar Marshall Criss Gilford Dabbs Robert Edwards Bill Eubank Bill Farr William Hamill Phil Harrison Harold Hudson Oscar Johansen Russell Kearney Chester Kern Dale Lane John Little Gerald Livingston James Moorman Richard Perkins Tommy Reaves Johnny Reed Bryan Rich Jack Sewell Glynne Simpson Jim Sneed James Spear Buddy Stroud Roy Williams Billy Woods " Ahoy there, Matey, the Sigma Phi Epsilon " Pirates " appear on the Ole Miss horizon, " may possibly have been the statement of a university student in 1928 as Mississippi Alpha Chapter formally " landed " on the campus. Hoisting the old pirate flag, is Sam Kirschten, member of Skull and Crossbones, an honor society within the chapter; and making certain that all of the campus " crews " work together is Dick Farrell, prominent Inter- fraternity Council worker. Through Chuck Sorenson, A.S.B. committee member and campus sena- tor, the Sig Eps, kee p in close contact with the written " law " of the " high seas. " Sharing their " treasure " with those less fortunate, the SPE ' s annually give a party for the underprivileged children of the Lafayette County area. Then later, in keeping with their " sea tradition, " the Sig Eps crown their social activities with a Hawaiian Luau. OFFICERS DAVID RAYBURN President RICHARD FARRELL Vice President ROBERT HOBBS Secretary EDMUND WALKER Treasurer Sigma epsilon Keith Bainbridge Jim H. Boyd David L. Bradley Malcolm P. Glower Kenneth L. Cox Glenn Wesson Crocker David K. Dober Raymond Drew James M. Ferguson Curtiss Hugh Frensley Rene Garcia William Betts Harlan Robert M. Hobbs Richard Johnson Thomas Leon Jones Robert Keeling Thomas Davis Kirschten David Lane David Lawrence Angelo Liollio Emory Mullins Curtiss Lee Nabors David Reborn John Richardson George Rigby Hector Ruano Elwyn Segrest Charles Sorensen Edward Thornton Hans Tischner Edmund Walker David Watkins James Williamson Clay Wispell Bobby Davis William Ervin Richard Farrell William Hardy Gerald Lynn Jones Sam Kirschten Ronnie McGaugh Anthony Massi Mike Murphy William Nicholas Richard Orr William Rawlings Richard Scola Sanford Stecker James Wells Joseph Winston Billy Chestang Addison E. Ford George A. Hartman Sigma Pi OFFICERS DICK. MITCHELL President BOBBY STEGALL Vice President CHARLES HARTMAN Secretary GLEN SAMFORD Treasurer National recognition seems to be one of Sigma Pi ' s notable character- istics. Such men as Will Kipling, a notable news correspondent of D.C., and the Governor of the State of New Mexico prove that Sigma Pi men are outstanding in all walks of life. Not forgetting their obligations to their fellow man, the Sigma Pis through their service projects have become affectionately known as " big brothers " to local underprivileged children. To add a special lilt to their festival social events, the eight year old Beta Gamma Chapter engages in an Orchid Ball and a Shipwreck Party. Jerry D. Mask Ted W. Plunk Larry T. Rogers Glen R. Samford John C. Schnieders Danny C. Soares Glen F. Turner Eddie G. Akins Joseph F. Hackett Charles W. Hartman Richard F. Mitchell Sam W. O ' Neal Hershall E. Shelton Robert L. Stegall Bob J. Steuernagel phi epsilon pi W. ROSENTHAL President MORRIS SCHUR Vice President ROY KAPLAN Secretary LEONARD LURIE Treasurer Carl Aron Nathan Fisher Roy Kaplan Douglas Lewis Leonard Lurie Maurice Perlstein A. W. Rosenthal Morris Schur Earl Salomon Not Pictured: Leonard Kaye " There ' s been some changes made, " proudly exclaimed the Phi Epsilon Pis as they returned to school this fall and witnessed the remodeling of their fraternity house. Serving the nation, as well as the Ole Miss campus, the Phi Eps claim as members of their fraternity such distinguished national figures as Altman, Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Col. William Freidman, Chief of Army Signal Intelligence Service. Locally, Morris Schur, Air Force R.O.T.C. officer, helps keep the chapter well in hand; while Carl Aron, member of the Intramural plans the Phi Ep sports activities. " Yell louder, " is the phrase that may be heard reverberating through the Phi Ep house, as Doug Lewis, Cardinal Club member and Class of the Ole Miss annual, endeavors to boost " school spirit " on the university campus. Entertaining with various informal parties throughout the year, the Phi Eps highlight their social activities with a " bermuda " party at Rebelee. Phi kappa Growing out of a merger of Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Pi, the Phi Kappa Theta Roman Catholic fraternity arrived on the Ole Miss campus in 1949. Since Chi Chapter is of a religious nature, as well as of a social one, it endeavors to strengthen the spiritual well-being of its members and the entire university through promoting religious emphasis on the campus. In claiming John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, as one of its fraternity members, the Sigma Pis have just cause to be extremely proud of their membership. ROBERT MADEO President GEORGE FERRY Vice President RUDY ROY Secretary STEVEN DECKER Treasurer Stephen Decker George Ferry Thomas McRay Not Pictured: Michael Castellano Robert A. Madio Patrick Pasco Rudolph Roy Life at Ole Miss is made more complete because of the many and varied organizations. Each student may develop and enlighten himself through participation in one or more of these groups, with their opportunities for increasing knowl- edge and friendships. The intangi- ble benefits received from such as- sociations greatly aid the student in later life. Mortar Board First Row: Gail Abernathy, Ann Adams, Jill Anthony, Susan Butler. Row: Emma Flautt, Ann Ford, Margaret Love Gathright, Barbara Kerr. Third Row: Libby Lake, Sara Kay Lockard, Martha Lovelace, Judy Lynn. Fourth Row: Teresa McAlister, Susan McKay, Janell Maxwell, Kay Mounger. Fifth Row: Preston Myers, Bessie Sarphie, Lou Schmelzer, Judy Trott. OFFICERS KAY MOUNGER President PRESTON MYERS Vice-President SUSAN McKAY Secretary BARBARA KERR Treasurer EMMA FLAUTT Editor LOU SCHMELZER Forum Representative The honor of membership in Mortar Board has come to symbolize an outstanding contribu- tion to the Ole Miss campus in the field of schol- arship, leadership, and service. Each spring Board re-evaluates its own contributions and standards, then, on Honors Day in Fulton Chapel, taps new members according to its high- est ideals. Mortar Board is more than an hon- orary organization, however. The campus situa- tion is constantly studied, and service is rendered when needed. Mortar Board joins with ODK in sponsoring the ODK-Mortar Board Forum series which continues throughout the year. They invite inter- nationally famous persons to speak on pertinent subjects. Honors Day is also under their super- vision. OFFICERS CHARLES W. PICKERING President ROBERT G. BARNETT Vice-President FLOYD DEAN COPELAND Treasurer Officers Dean Copeland Charles Pickering, and Paul Gray plan ODK activities. ODK-Mortar Board Forum presented celebrated British Columnist, Muggeridge, as one of its featured speakers. CHARLES PICKERING President Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a male student at the University of Mississippi. The members are chosen on the basis of leadership which they have exhibited as well as certain moral and intellectual standards set up by the circle. To be considered for membership in ODK, a person must be in the upper one-third of his class, scholastically. Membership must include only two per cent of the total male enrollment and mus t be apportioned among the five phases into which ODK divides college life. Those phases are: (1) Scholarship, (2) Athletics, (3) Student Government, (4) Publications, and (5) Speech, Music, and Dramatic Arts. Although primarily an honorary organization, ODK performs many services to the University and its students. The principal project is the forum series, sponsored in conjunction with Mortar Board, which brings nationally and internationally known figures to the campus to speak on pertinent topics. Another service of ODK is its Foreign Fund which is awarded to one of the foreign students on cam- pus who meets certain standards and who is deemed to need financial assistance. First Row: George Douglas Abraham, Robert G. Barnett, William R. Boone, Floyd Dean Copeland, E. P. Connell, John A. Crawford. Second Row: Jerry Norwood Crout, Charles Ray Davis, William T. Jones, Dan P. Jordan, John Clark Love, Jr., William Hardy Myers. Third Row: Charles W. Earl Soloman, Larry Speakes, Arthur Charles Tanner, James N. Yelverton. Not Pictured: Harley F. Garrett, Jr., Paul Edward Gray, James H. William B. Nobles, Jr., Lucius F. Sams, W. Dwain Simpson. First Row: Murray Adams, Judy Alford, Warner Alford, Lana Arthur, Donna Bess Bailey, Rita Bailey, Ann Biles, Eddie Blackburn, Howard Boone, Bob Bowman. Second Row: Sammie Bramlett, Frances Burnett Robert Bratton, Sandra Bullard, Kay Burns, Mary Carlisle, Tom Childs, New Sing Chin, Jr., Barbara Cole, Jane Collins. Third Row: Carolyn Margaret Countiss, Carl Crider, Jr., Suzan DeWeese, Carol Drake, Ray Earls, Jo F. Edwards, Pat Ellis, James Ewing, Jr., Betty J. Farmer. Fourth Row: Fred Faulkner, Patti Fly, John Frame, Lady Margaret Fyfe, Bob Galloway, Robert Gannon, Barry Glenn, Dorothy Graves, Gretta Guyton, Nancy Hatley. Fifth Row: Love Henick, Carolyn Henry, Frank Hull, Gerry Hunt, Ann Hutchins, Carolyn James, Jackie Jeter, Jerri Jeter, Dan Jordan, Cathy Jones. Sixth Row: Kathy Jones, Carolyn Kerr, Ann Langford, Tamma Lehmann, James Liddell, Phillis McIntyre, Jane Miller, Sherry Moore, Rosalene Morrison, James O ' Mara. Seventh Row: Jenna Kay Porter, James Price, Jane Ramsey, Jonell Ray, Carolyn Ready, Sam Rickman, Gaylen Roberts, Ann Rogers, Ginger Rothchild, David Scharr. Eighth Row: Lou Schmelzer. Bob Seawright, Elizabeth Sims, Gail Sinnott, Sandy Southern, Sandra Sowell, Kay Swayze, Charles Tanner, Robert Dee Thompson, Frank Thornhill. Ninth Row: Carole Walker, Nancy Wall, Clifford Webber, Bruce Whitsitt, Carolyn White, Ned Wilford, Alexine Wilkerson, Jean Williamson, Ruth Wilson, James Yelverton, Beverly Zeller. Seated: Nancy Wall, Ginger Lamb McNaughton, Gerry Hunt, Elizabeth Simms, Jean Williamson. Standing: Harry Arnold, John Daniels, Charles Tanner, Gaylen Roberts, Ray Ayers, Frank Hull. CHARLES TANNER President CAYLEN ROBERTS 1st Vice-President NANCY WALL 2nd Vice-President ELIZABETH SIMS Recording Secretary GERRY HUNT Corresponding Secretary RAY AYERS Treasurer REV. DON ANDERSON Director to Students The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Church at work on the University campus. As a local unit of the National Methodist Student Movement (which is affiliated with the World and National Student Christian Federation) it strives to interpret the purpose and emphases of this national or- ganization; thereby becoming a witness to the Christian faith in word and action on the Ole Miss campus. Through the Wesley Foundation a student is offered the opportunity of growing into Christian maturity, of wor- shiping God and of expressing his Christian committment through service in its total program. The Wesley Foundation provides a Christian criteria for an evaluation of the endeavor. Finally, the job of the Wesley Foundation, as a part of the body of Christ, is to strengthen, broaden and deepen the Christian faith which a college freshman brings with him to the University. It attempts to prepare the student for responsi- ble churchmanship, provide him with wholesome Christian fel- lowship, meet his spiritual needs in time of crisis and help him to find his place as a member of society with the realization that every vocation has the potential of becoming a Christian vocation. Retreats add additional inspiration to college students ' lives. OFFICERS JERRY HUFF President ROBERT HIGHTOWER Treasurer WELLS NUTT Secretary DICK SANTA Assistant Treasurer The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Student Chapter, received its charter on the Old Miss Campus in 1957. After a close inspection of the University as a whole, but with special emphasis on the Department of Chemical it was decided that this university was qualified to have a chapter. The purpose of the student chapter is to pro- mote the professional development of students of chemical en- gineering. Furthermore, it endeavors to foster a professional spirit among its members and instill a professional pride in chemical engineering. The activities of the chapter include lectures, movies, and the presentation of papers prepared by the members. In this way the club works to achieve its goal. First Row: Ashton Barefoot, Carl Bradow, Steve Brasfield, Winfred F. Carter, Floyd Cleveland, Fred Coffey, Billy Joe Duncan, J. H. Edwards. Second Row: George Ferry, Millard French, George Gafford, Duke Goza, Daniel Harrison, Rowland Hawkins, Robert Hightower, Hubert Huddleston. Third Row: Jimmy Jones, Barbara Kerr, Ernest Lipscomo, James Lucas, Gray McLain, William McLarty, Kenneth Metcalfe, Melvin Mitchell. Fourth Row: Van Moore, Phillip Noble, Wells Nutt, Dick Santa, Howard Schoggen, Edward Spencer, Frank Thornhill, Louis Turner. Not Pictured: Ralph Adams, Therell Lane Allen, John Barnes, John Bolich, Theodore Dickerson, Howard Ferguson, Bobby Grantham, Henry Haynes, Ben Howell, Jerry Huff, William Ingram, Thomas Kirschten, Robert Lloyd, Gerald Tucker, Jack Lynch, David McEachern, Bill Nobles, Tony Pongetti, Roy Prestage, Harry Reed, Warland Simmons, Gerald Tucker, Edward Wagner, Claude Willoughby. Student chapters of the American Society of Civil provide the opportunity for the beginnings of profes- sional associations. Membership is open to all juniors and seniors in the Department of Civil Engineering, but all stu- dents in the department are welcome to attend some of the meetings. Membership in a chapter assures that contacts can be made with the technical and professional progress of civil engineering and with the leaders who are responsible for such progress. Even more important, membership offers the chance to take part in the constructive activities carried on by future leaders of the profession. The student chapter supplements regular class meetings and laboratory work and is the only agency that can relate the professional development of stu- dents to the achievements of the American Society of Civil Engineers. OFFICERS PAT DAVIS President BOB WARNER Vice-President DAVID M. VICK Secretary MICHAEL DASOVICH Treasurer First Row: William Ashley, W. T. Banks, Eddie Boatwright, Howard Boone, Thomas Bounds, Wayne Caldwell, Charles Calhoun, Raul Edward R. Daley, Michael Dasovich. Second Row: Kim Davis, Pat Davis, Stewart Easterby, Leslie Fossen, Robert Frank, Glynn Gabbert, Rene Garcia, Ralph Gilbert, Issam Haddad, Larry Johnson. Third Row: Brad Jordan, Robert T. Joyce, Billy Key, Leo Kinney, Sam Kirschten, Billy Lee, Fred Lentjes, John Lewis, Jimmy MacNaughton, Herman Ovagimyam. Fourth Row: Don Perry, Edward Perry, Jerry Provence, Alec Rather, Bobby Redding, Richard Rhea, David Scharr, Marvin Sims, Charles Springs, Lee Tate. Fifth Row: M. D. Tate, Henry Turner, Edward Veazey, Bob Warner, James L. Watts, Julius Wilbanks, Billy Williford, Billy Yates. Not Pictured: Byron Austin, Ray Ayers, Pat Black, Joe Blurton, Thomas Brewer, Donald Dye, Bobby Edwards, Wilbert Ellis, Jack Fowler, John Fried, Fred Ganji, Nelson Gonyaw, Gene P. Hall, Clifford Houlder, John Howard, Robert Johnson, Robert Lane, Richard Lyons, Ronny McIver, Clyde Porter, Michael Queyja, Hershel Shelton, James Spence, Tommy Stewart, James Taylor, Charles Vandevender, James Varner, David Vick, Earl Wardlaw, Joe Warrington, Jack Woolfolk, John Wright. OFFICERS B. A. HOLADAY, III Chairman JAMES N. BUSBY Vice-Chairman R. E. MARTIN Secretary CARL L. ASHMORE Treasurer The American Society of Mechanical Engineers was foun- ded on the University campus as the Mechanical Engineers Club on 15 November 1954. The organization is open to all engineering students, sophomores or above, who are majoring in mechanical engineering. The purpose of the club is to pro- mote better relations among the students and to keep students abreast of the latest developments in the engineering field. Meetings are held at which technical movies are shown, various industrial speakers are presented, and faculty members present papers. The Mechanical Engineering Department of the University has recently been accredited. Thus the Mechanical Engineers Club has become associated with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and is now one of its student chapters. First Row: W. H. Baker, R. H. Bradley, B. J. Bray, R. A. Brown, A. A. H. Bryant, J. N. Busby. Second Row: J. T. Channell, G. B. Clark, K. D. Coates, C. E. Cole, J. B. Day, R. M. Farrell. Third Row: B. A. Holaday, G. T. Hoover, C. M. Miller, V. A. Minor, W. H. O ' Bryant, R. V. Phillips. Fourth Row: T. E. Reaves, S. L. Ross, R. W. Saul, L. K. Shaffer, P. D. Tracey, H. A. Wigley, W. Williams. Not Pictured: H. G. Arnold, C. L. Asmore, R. R. Clarke, B. C. Collier, S. P. Crockett, H. F. Garrett, A. L. Green, W. K. Joe, C. D. Laird, J. Lankford, R. E. Martin, C. F. Parshall, R. A. Pennington, S. M. Smith, G. E. Torrey, R. N. White. Anchor and Chain was organized at the University of in 1947. Since its earliest days the primary function of this organization has been to promote, " esprit de corps " in the Naval ROTC Unit through meetings, social activities, and an active intramural participation. The programs at the meet- ings usually include a guest speaker from some phase of Naval or Marine service. Toward the close of the year, Anchor and Chain tries to acquaint the members who are going on cruise in the summer with the various aspects, requirements, and other matters of interest of each cruise. The members are held closely together because of one common interest—becoming an officer in the United States Navy. OFFICERS M. WADE SIMS President JAMES P. BAILEY Vice-President CHARLES R. BURKE Secretary JAMES L. SHERMAN Treasurer RICHARD SANTA Sergeant at Arms W. H. INGRAM Program Chairman First Row: R. B. Brisco, James Bailey, Jack Lynch, J. A. Roach. Second Row: Richard Santa, Richard Schwab, M. Wade Sims. Not Pictured: Charles Burke, William Cameron, M. R. Dennis, Tom Gaither, Terry D. Heaps, W. H. Ingram, J C. Krosp, R. A. Madeo, John Matheidias, Ken McCoy, Johnny Miller, Tim Miller, Gerald Olsen, Pat Pasco, R. J. Roy, Joel Sartoris, Robert Saul, James Sherman. OFFICERS ROY C. WILLIAMS Squadron Commander ROSS A. HODGE Executive Officer GEORGE L. LEWIS Operations Officer JAMES W. WARE Comptroller HARLEY F. GARRETT Chaplain THOMAS M. HEADERMAN Information Officer The Arnold Air Society, founded at the University of in 1947, is the youngest of the national honorary mili- tary organizations in the United States. Its membership con- sists of those cadets in advanced Air Reserve Officers Corps who meet certain academic and military aptitude requirements. The Al Key Squadron was charted at the University of Mis- sissippi in 1950. It has as its objective to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense; to promote American citizen- ship; and to create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets. First Row: Charles, Anderson, Kenneth Cargile, Bert Case, Jerry Dumas, Cary Fondren, Thomas Hederman, Second Row: Harley Garrett, Allan Green, Neville Herbert, Gary Hignett, George Lewis, James Perkins. Third Row: Lytle A. Rather, Rex Sanderson, Morris Schur, James Ware, Roy Williams. Beta Alpha Psi is a national accounting fraternity. The chapter at Ole Miss was chartered in 1951. To become a mem- ber, a person must be enrolled in advanced undergraduate work, be a major in accounting, and have an overall average of 4.0 in accounting. The goal is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession to promote the study of accountancy and its highest ethical standards; to act as a medium between professional men, instructors, students, and others who are interested in the development of the study or profession of accountancy; and to develop high moral, schol- astic, and professional attainments in its members. OFFICERS CHESTER COURTNEY President TOM SHIVE Vice-President WALTER BLESSEY Secretary CARLYLE CRUTCHFIELD Treasurer AUBREY HAYES Program Chairman JOSEPH CERNY Faculty Vice-President First Row: Frank Adams, Luther Aldridge, Walter Blessey, Bill Boone. Second Row: Al Davis, John Dickinson, Ernest Fava, John Mathia. Not Pictured: Chester Courtney, Carlyle Crutchfield, Peyton Dickinson, Aubry Hayes, Jim McGehee, Tom Shive. OFFICERS CARLYLE S. CRUTCHFIELD, JR. President JANELL MAXWELL Vice-President JOSEPH CERNY Faculty Secretary-Treasurer Beta Gamma Sigma is a scholastic society for business stu- dents in schools that are members of the American. Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Members of Beta Gamma Sigma are students with high scholarship in the School of Commerce. To be eligible for membership, seni ors must be in the upper ten per cent of their class and must have accomplished a grade average of not less than 4.2. Second semester juniors with ex- ceptionally high scholastic standing are also eligible. This so- ciety stands for the highest principles of studies and has as its purpose the promotion of interest and scholarship in the Commerce School. First Row: Luther Aldridge, William R. Boone, Van Kees. Second Row: Loy G. Martin, Janell Maxwell. Not Pictured: Carlyle S. Crutchfield, Jr., Rhuel Peyton Dickinson. The Cardinal Club, a sophomore service organization at Ole Miss, was organized on the campus in 1927, and has as its primary purpose the entertaining of visiting athletic teams. Since then the Club has become famous as a freshman dis- ciplinary committee. Each year the Cardinal Club sponsors the building of a giant bonfire the night before the Homecoming game. The main purpose of the Cardinal Club now, is to in- still in the freshmen students enthusiastic spirit and love for Ole Miss. They make certain that the freshmen attend all pep rallies and like functions. The membership of the club is composed of one representa- tive from each fraternity and two from the student body at large. The president is elected from the preceding year ' s Cardinal Club and is a member of the junior class. OFFICERS TOM McCRAW President MEADS HUFFORD Vice-President ALLEN PEPPER Secretary DICK SCHWALJE Treasurer First Row: Jimmy Allen, Bobby Black, Bill Bullock, Bill Cooper. Second Row: Nick Hooke, Meads Hufford, Doug Lewis, Tom McCraw. Third Row: Martin McRoberts Allen Pepper, George Rigby, Glen Sanford. Pictured: Sandy Edwards, Johnny Gregory, Dick Schwalje. OFFICERS QUINTON HOWARD DICKERSON President LEWIS CARROLL CASE Vice-President STANFORD LYNN ROSS Secretary MARY ELLEN WRIGHT Treasurer University Christians is a fellowship at Ole Miss for stu- dents who are striving to reproduce ancient New Testament Christianity in the twentieth century. These members of the Church of Christ meet on the campus for daily devotionals and weekly Bible study as a supplement to the program of worship and edification of the Oxford Church of Christ. As an aid to the spiritual growth and development of the stu- dents, a new Student Center adjoining the campus is now be- ing used. First Row: Virginia Stuart Booth, Walter Scott Chapuis, Robert Shannon Day, Quinton Howard Dickerson, Emma Lou Hume. Second Row: James Francis Morgan, Patricia Louise Nabors, Dorris Minada Overby, Chester Allen Reaves, Thomas Edison Reaves. Third Row: David Elmer Ross, Stanford Lynn Ross, Marian Kay Segerson, Mary Ellen Wright. Not Pictured: Paul T. Ayers, Lewis Carroll Case, Billy Charles Crawford, Ray S. House, Arthur Scott Hume, Charles William Richmond, Lelia Ross, Glenn Ross Samford, Billy Joe Scroggins, Errol Jeanette Smith, Freddy Layne Washington, Tommy George Washington, William Rodney White, Charles Max Young. The Electrical Engineering Student Society of the of Mississippi was organized during the Spring of 1959. Membership includes all electrical engineering majors and students in related fields. The purpose of the society is to ad- vance the theory and practice of electrical engineering and its allied fields. The organization attempts to assemble students with common interests while striving to instill pride in the fields of electricity and electronics. Monthly meetings are held for the reading and discussion of professional publications, discussions, technical films, and other matters which may be appropriate for the fulfillment of its objectives. The Electrical Engineering Student Society is in the process of becoming as- sociated with the Institute of Radio Engineers. OFFICERS CURTIS STINSON President KENNETH HOLDER Vice-President PAUL LELKO Secretary BOB DOUGLAS Treasurer First Row: Frances Bass, Robert L. Boling, Rufus Cofer, Fred Ford, Gordon Freeny, John Gill. Second Row: H. C. Greer, James Krosp, Richard Litimer, Paul Lelko, A. W. Rosenthal, Richard Ross. Third Row: Roland Samuelson, Richard Schwab, James Sherman, Curtis Stinson, William Stogner, Chesley Tucker, Ronel Urice. Not Pictured: Vernon K. Brown, Cayson Burton, Tommy Champion, Bill Culpepper, Bob Douglas, Roger Gower, Kenneth Holder, James Hudnall, Lee Lipscomb, Charles McCoy, Anthony Muzzie, Jack Wood. OFFICERS MARY FRANCES HUMPHRIES President SANDRA DABBS Vice-President ALEX WILKERSON Secretary BILLIE FAYE MOSS Treasurer MINADA OVERBY Historian Epsilon Gamma Epsilon emphasizes four phases of activ- ity—the professional, the fraternal, the honorary, and the so- cial. Its chief purpose is to promote the ideals and concepts of higher education in office administration which will contribute to the preparation of men and women for office occupations and for teaching in the field of business education. The activities of the fraternity enable its members to become acquainted with leaders in the fields of business and business education and to become aware of current developments, standards, practices, and routines of business. Membership in the organization is based on character, lead- ership, and scholarship. It is limited to students enrolled in the department of Office Administration and Business who are specializing in secretarial science, office manage- ment, and business education. First Row: Gloria Boyd, Nancy Brewer, Penny Carr, Wilva Crowson, Sandra Dobbs, Marjorie Douglas. Second Row: Katherine Gardner, Gwynne Harrington, Emily Hudspeth, Patricia Huggins, Mary Frances Humphries, Margaret Malone. Third Row: Dee Martin, Mary McLemore, Sylvia Murphy, Minada Overby, Nona Parker, Sally Ann Roberts. Fourth Row: Joan Rogers, Fredean Stone, Ronald L. Toulouse, Alex Wilkerson, Shirley Wood. Not Pictured: Suzanne Braddock, Bobbie Lou Brettell, Betty Dalton, Patricia Endt, Sally M. Foshee, Lois Mailfald, Billie Faye Moss Becky Terry, Virginia Walker. The University of Mississippi Home Economics Club on the campus is affiliated with the Mississippi Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association. The club was founded on the university campus in 1938. The purpose of this organization is to bring together and inform the members of the opportunities in the field of home eco- nomics, and to promote clean, healthful homemaking. A national program is set up at the beginning of each year. The points of this program are sent to the various clubs throughout the United States. At the meetings, held the first Monday of each month, the members work to carry out these points and to obtain the standards set up by the club here at Ole Miss. OFFICERS SHIRLEY BROADHEAD President CATHIE MILLER Vice-President ZONA DELL LYONS Secretary-Treasurer MARTHA HUBBARD Reporter First Row: Linda Allen, Carolyn Anderson, Aileen Boyd, Shirley Kay Burns, Trudy Curlee, Tommie Dixon. Second Row: Janet Edrington, Dorothy Edwards, Sue Erwin, Elinor Gerred, Dorothy Graves, Ann Herrington, Betty Jamison. Third Row: Kay Johnson, Kay Lamb, Judy Lundberg, Zona Dell Lyons, Rose Matthews, Joan McMillan, Cathie Miller. Fourth Row: Jane Miller, Janie Montgomery, Brenda New, Paula Smith, Esther Soloman, Bethany Stockett, Harriette Wicks, Beverly Zeller. Not Pictured: Patty Bell, Sara Bounds, Diane Enchelmayer, Tinky Hancock, Martha Hubbard, Loreta Jacobson, Francis Lanier, Linda Jean Powell, Betty Renfroe, Sandra Stigler, Jane White. OFFICERS JOHN M. WHITE Regent WHITNEY J. MONTGOMERY Vice-Regent LEWIS H. DANIEL Secretary CLAUDE FOSTER Treasurer BOBBY L. ADAMS Historian PHILIP MANSFIELD Chaplain The first national Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternity to be founded was Kappa Psi. The founding took place on 5, 1879, at the College of Virginia. Later a chapter was established on the campus of the University of Mississippi and remained active until around 1930, when it went inactive. Some seventeen years later in May, 1947, the Beta Rho chap- ter of Kappa Psi was re-activated. Since that time its prestige has grown steadily on the Ole Miss campus. Members are chosen in recognition of their scholastic stand- ing, general ability, character, and personality. They are ex- pected to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutical profession. First Row: Bobby L. Adams, Carl Gordon Anderson, Virgil Lee Bigham, Lavelle Camp, John Frank Chappell, Harry R. Collins, Guy Tate Conway, Lewis H. Daniel. Second Row: George H. Edmonson, Jr., Joel J. Ford, Claude Foster, Dale Griffith, Jr., Carl Wayne Hamilton, Rayford R. Hudson, III, Ira Charles Jones, Donald E. Lewis. Third Row: John R. Little, Joseph Lobue, Jr., Willard McDonald. Philip Mansfield, Martin Marshall, Steve E. Montgomery, Whitney J. Montgomery, Talmage Nelson. Fourth Row: W. Mack Osborn, Ted Wayne Plunk, James Stanley Price, Robert Read, III, Samuel B. Rickman, Frank Russell, Orien Lavan Shettles, Robert Thomas Whitaker, John M. White. Not Pictured: John J. Adams, J. Homer Boutwell, Jr., Hugh L. Cole, David A. Deterly, Jr., John David Edmondson, Homer Henderson, Rodney Joyner, Robert D. Lane, Jerry Willis Lott, Edward Magarian, Bill May, Donald T. Scoggin, Arthur L. Vaughan, Jr., Harry S. White, Wayne Williams, Thomas Willingham, Buford Douglas Wood, Jr. In March of 1960 a group of interested students and fac- ulty members of the University of Mississippi School of heard a program concerning the formation of a stu- dent chapter of the Mississippi Society of Professional (MSPE) at Ole Miss presented by three members of the Mississippi Society of Professional Engineers. These interested students drafted and circulated a petition for charter. The petition was presented to the State Chapter of the MSPE at their July, 1960, meeting in Biloxi and ap- proved unanimously by the State Board of Directors. Thus the Ole Miss Chapter of MSPE became a reality. The objective of the student chapter is to provide a pro- gram of professional development and orientation of the en- gineering students. The Ole Miss Chapter makes up its membership from the entire School of Enginee ring. OFFICERS CECIL PAT DAVIS President ROBERT FRANK Vice-President (Chemical BILLY WOODROW KEY ..Vice-President (Civil Department) RICHARD S. LATIMER . Vice-President (Electrical Department) CHARLES E. BRASWELL Vice-President (Geological Department) RAYMOND H. BRADLEY Vice-President (Mechanical Department) KENNETH M. HOLDER Secretary-Treasurer Cecil Pat Davis, President; Billy Woodrow Key, Vice-President; S. Latimer, Vice-President; Raymond H. Bradley, Vice-President. Not Pictured: Robert Frank, Vice-President; Charles E. Braswell, Vice- President; Kenneth M. Holder, Secretary-Treasurer. OFFICERS THOMAS A. HILL President LOU SCHMELZER President JAMES W. O ' MARA Vice-President NANCY WALL Vice-President FRANK R. HALBERT Secretary JOY MCLURE Secretary JOE L. LATHAM Treasurer PIERCE DAGGETT Treasurer " Religion and Life are one and the same, or neither is any- thing, " believes the University Christian Association. It strives in many ways to unite a campus of natural fragmentation— both social and academic—into a real community based upon a common ground: that of believers in God. Its purposes can easily be discovered in the many types of activities within the organization ' s program. These activities are carried out through the joint YMCA- YWCA. The " Y " meets every Monday evening in its own building for worship, study, fellowship and service. The heart of the " Y " is the Cabinet, student leaders who direct Y-spon- sored activities—convocations, retreats, stunt night, and count- less other projects in cooperation with other campus groups. First Row: Pierce Daggett, Thomas A. Hill, Joy McLure. Second Row: James W. O ' Mara, Lou Schmelzer, Nancy Wall. Not Pictured: Frank R. Halbert, Joe L. Latham. Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was established in Chicago, Illinois, in November of 1902. The fraternity is a national or- ganization composed of seventy-five student chapters and thirty alumni chapters. Student chapters are located only in class A law schools which are members of the Association of American Law Schools. The Lamar Chapter, organized in 1929, at the University of Mississippi, was named for L. Q. C. Lamar, one of Mississippi ' s leading statesmen of the past. Membership is obtained by fulfilling necessary scholarship and character qualifications. It is a primary function of the fraternity to foster friendship, cooperation, and a high code of professional ethics among its many thousands of brothers throughout the nation. OFFICERS STUART ROBINSON President RALPH LAWSON Vice-President THAD LEGGETT Secretary WES WATKINS Treasurer LOUIE RUFFIN Marshall First Row: Hubert Boykin, Lawrence Chandler, John Fox, Bob Gilder, Norman Gillespie, James Gore, Lee Hamberlin. Second Row: Arthur Huggins, Ralph Johnson, E. Grady Jolly, Ralph Lawson, Ronald Buddy McRaney, Woodrow McWhorter. Third Row: Breed Mounger, William S. Mullins, Danny O ' Beirne, Edgar O ' Neill, Ralph Peeples, James Phyfer, Robert Prather. Fourth Row: Jack Riley, A. H. Ritter, Stuart Robinson, Louie ' Ruffin, Earl Solomon, Wes Watkins, Carroll White. Not Pictured: Douglas Abraham, Herbert Bauch, Gerald Braddock, Charles Brewer, James Cahill, Frank Carlton, George Dulin, Bob Elliott, Charles Flowers, Jim Louis Garner, Dennis Goldman, Max Graves, John Holloman, Jones Hoskins, Ben Jones, Robert Lanier, Thad Leggett, Henry Mounger, Ron Oldenburg, Erwin Ward, James Welch, Sonny Wilroy. OFFICERS C. WILLIS CONNELL, JR Magister WALKER L. WATTERS Exchequer ROBERT G. BARNETT Clerk JOHN H. WHITWORTH, JR. Historian Phi Delta Phi is the oldest professional fraternity in the United States. International in scope, this legal fraternity is one of the enduring institutions among honorary fraternities which exist today. Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi was formed at the University of Mississippi in 1927. The members are selected from those law students who have displayed the high- est qualities of scholarship and character in their legal train- ing. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. Participation in Phi Delta Phi ' s activities offers the earnest law student unmatched opportunities for an early awareness of the practical legal problems and techniques not emphasized in the curriculum, as well as helpful guidance to a more gen- eral understanding of the profession for which he is studying to be a member. First Row: Robert G. Barnett, Bruce H. Brady, John R. Bradley, Edward P. Connell, C. Willis Connell, Jr., John A. Crawford. Second Row: John A. Evans, James J. Hill, Ill, Darryl A. Hurt, William B. Jones, Michael L. Keleher, John C. Love. Third Row: Donald K. Marcus, Luther L. John E. Mulhearn, Jr., Charles Pickering, Jack H. Pittman, Hollman M. Raney. Fourth Row: Charles D. Thomas, Robert C. Travis, Walker L. Wafters, John H. White, Jr., John H. Whitworth, Jr. Not Pictured: Charles L. Borcato, Raymond L. Brown, William M. Champion, John H. Cheatham, William H. Cox, Justin L. Cox, Lucien C. Gwin, William D. Holmes, Alfred E. Moreton, Samuel E, Scott, Toxey H. Scott, Ben H. Stone, Winton E. Williams. Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary society for freshman men who acquire a quality point ratio of 4.5 or more for the first semester of their freshman year, and for those sophomores who obtained the required average at any time during their sophomore year whenever they might not have succeeded in qualifying the year before as a freshman. Among the scholar- ship projects, high on the list of Phi Eta Sigma are: providing " How to Study " pamphlets for the freshmen orientation brochures; providing scholarship experts to speak during ori- entation; and compiling a file of available tutors in different subjects for freshmen. The fraternity ' s sole aim is to encour- age high scholarship among the freshmen. OFFICERS TOM SINGLEY President DON HARPER Vice-President JIM RUSSELL Secretary BILL ECKHARDT Treasurer HARDY MYERS Senior Advisor First Row: Johnny Black, Bill Boone, Howard Boone, James Brown, Rufus Cofer, Fred Coffey, Joe Coleman, Tom Coleman, Dean Copeland. Second Row: John Crawford, Jerry Crout, Phil Duncan, Bill Eckhardt, George Gafford, Ralph Gilbert, John Gunter, Roy Gunter, Don Harper. Third Row: Robert Hightower, Walter Jones, John Kirkham, Sam Billy Lee, John Clark Love, Tom McCraw, Charles Matthews, Bill Morton. Fourth Row: Hardy Myers, Wells Nutt, Bobby Oakman, Glenn Pennington, Jerry Reed, Bobby Russell, Gerard Russo, Charles Santa, Tom Singley. Fifth Row: Sydney Smith, Jimmy Solomon, Charles Tanner, Joe Thomason, Warren Todd. Not Pictured: Sammy Alford, Harry Arnold, Ray Ayers, Bill Callender, Kenneth Cargile, John Edmonson, Edwin Ervin, Harley Garrett, Tim Jones, Bill Keeton, James Kilpatrick, Albert Laws, Bill Nobles; Robert Phay, Jim Price, Sandy Sams, Bobby Shewmake, Ernest White, Charles Wilkinson, James Williams. OFFICERS N. D. DUNNAN President JIM BAILEY Vice-President BILLY SHULTS Secretary EARL SCHNEIDER Treasurer The Ole Miss Student Chapter, Society for the of Management was organized in February, 1957, and is affiliated with the National S.A.M. organization. S.A.M. is the recognized national professional organization of manage- ment in industry, commerce, government, and education, and the pioneer in management philosophy. The Ole Miss Chapter endeavors to strengthen management education and further the growth of students by stimulating their thinking, widen- ing their knowledge, and developing a better understanding of business and the free enterprise system. First Row: Frank Adams, James Adams, Howard Alford, Frank Andrews, Jim Bailey, Jeff Barefield, Carles Benton Brett, James Carroll, Hamlet Carter. Second Row: Robert Carter, James Albert Cathey, John Clark, Ike Jarrell Collins, Massimo A. d ' Amassa, Will Denton, William Dillon, Thomas Dixon, Morris Calvin Drees. Third Row: William Dunavant, N. D. Dunnan, William Harry Frazer, John Arthur Fulford, Lake Gibbes Goodwin, C. K. Hicks, Allen Brent Hobbs, Bennie Wade Johnston, Greg Mavar Lawrence. Fourth Row: Billy Legg, Chester Trent Lott, Robert Parker McConnell, Alpheus Holland McRae, George Mize, F. D. William Neville, Linda Lee Normand, Frederick William Pathmann. Fifth Row: Harold Edwin Ricketts, Miles Riley, W. J. Ross, Lou Daniel Shing, John Travis, Ernest Wakham, John Weathersby, William Brown Williford. Not Pictured: John Allen, John Neville Allen, Francis Cullicut, Norma Jean Fooshee, James Erwin Huffstatlon, Ronald Joyner, Henry Mackey Kendall, John Mathis, Lawrence Howard Payne, Thomas Peaster, Earl Sch neider, Walter Shettlemore, Billy Shults, William Wallace, Carles Max Young. The Student National Education Association is a profes- sional organization with chartered chapters all over the coun- try, designed for college and university students who plan to enter the teaching profession. A member of the Student National Education Association is also automatically a member of the state educational association. The Student National Education. Association aims at the development of personal growth and professional competences. Through the association the student gains an understanding of the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. OFFICERS PRESTON MYERS President MARLENE WILSON Vice-President KAYE BROWN Secretary-Treasurer First Row: Helen Affeld, Frances Allen, Sarah Bailey, Loretta Bennett, Vivia Best, Betsy Braugher, Kaye Brown, Nancy Buchanan, Sonia Jane Ellen Collins, Carolyn Coney, Sherry Crook. Second Row: Susan DeWeese, Linda Dilworth, Marguerite Dunn, Betty Durrett, Betty Jane Farmer, Linda Farris, Linda Golden. Martha Grant, Sara Gravenharst, Virginia Greene, Sandra Hale, Joy Hammond. Third Row: Hazel Harris, Sally Henderson, Love Henick, Anne Herrington, Eleanor House, Polly Hunter, Ann Hutchins, June Inman, Linda Jacobs, Patricia Johnson, Carolyn Le Noir Jones, Nancy Knight. Fourth Row: Linda Little, Jacque Martin, Mollie Allen McAmis, Jo Ann McFarland, Preston Myers, Patricia Nabors, Eleanor Osteen, Patsy Peterson, Susan Polatty, Nancy Potts, Linda Price, Sarah Quackenboss. Fifth Row: Judy Quinn, Jane Ramsey, Jo Ann Smith, Sandra Sowell, Lynn Steed, Beta Stigler, Fredean Stone, Carolyn Summers, Jane Teas, Virginia Thurber, Ann Treadway. Lou Don Vigour. Sixth Row: Hicky Wallace, Ann West, Rebecca Marlene Wilson. Not Pictured: Carolyn Brown, Judy Busby, Pat Dacus, Jackie Jore, Linda Johnson, Robert King, DeWitt Rush, Eleanor Smith. Phi Kappa Phi Founded, University of Maine, 1897 Eighty Active Chapters THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER Honoring the Highest Scholarship FACULTY AND STAFF FRANK A. ANDERSON, PH.D. MAE E. FORTENBERRY, A.M. A. B. LEWIS, PH.D. RUSSELL E. AVEN, M.A. PAUL G. HAHN, B.A. Y. J. MCG AHA, LEWIS C. BELL, PH.D. JOHN SYKES HARTIN, PH.D. DOROTHEA B. MORSE, PH.D. W. ALTON BRYANT, PH.D. CHARLES F. HAYWOOD, PH.D. ROY D. SHEFFIELD, PH.D. J. ALLEN CABANISS, PH.D. WILLIAM T. HICKS, PH.D. ALLISTON SLADE, M.A. NOEL A. CHILDRESS, PH.D. FRANKLIN P. HOWARD, B.A. SAMUEL S. TALBERT, PH.D. E. E. DAVIDSON, M.B.A. RICHARD E. KEYE, ED.D. JOHN DAVIS WILLIAMS, ED.D., MARY NEILL DESHAZO, M.S. LL.D. STUDENT MEMBERS KATHRYN FRIERSON BENDALL STE WART DOUGLAS EASTERBY KAY DAVIS MOUNGER WILLIAM ROY BOONE WILLIAM KENNETH HOLDITCH WILLIAM BURA NOBLES, JR. WILLIAM MCLAIN CAU S EY HUBERT TED HUDDLESTON JR. WELLS EDWARD NUTT SARAH GRACE COMBS BYRON JERRY LEE HUFF CHARLES WILLIS PICKERING MARY CONE MARY FRANCES HUMPHRIES WILBURN DWAIN SIMPSON CHARLES WILLIS CONNELL WILLIAM TIMOTHY JONES BETTE BAIRD TILLY JOHN ADAM CRAWFORD JAMES WALLER LAMBUTH LEWIS GERALDINE BOEHM JOHN CLARK LOVE, JR. Elected March, 1960 Faculty RUSSELL HUNTER BARRETT, PH.D. DUDLEY ROBERT HUTCHERSON, PH.D., D. LIT. SAMUEL FRIEND CLARK, PH.D. FORREST WINDSOR MURPHY, ED.D. VICTOR ALDINE COULTER, PH.D. WILLIAM LEWIS NOBLES, PH.D. RICHARD MALCOLM GUESS, M.A., LL.D. WILLIAM HAILEY WILLIS, PH.D. ARTHUR CLIFTON GUYTON, M.D. Deceased September 2, 1960 Students JOHN LOUIS BLACK, JR. Liberal Arts MARTHA EARLY LOVELACE Education MAR J ORIE ELIZABETH BLOODWORTH . . Liberal Arts DONALD KLINE MARCUS Law KAREN GALE BURFORD Liberal Arts LOY GENE MARTIN Commerce FRANK J. BUTLER, JR. Liberal Arts ALFRED E. MORETON, III Law EDWARD PEACOCK CONNELL Law W. HARDY MYERS, JR. Liberal Arts FLOYD DEAN COPELAND Liberal Arts JAMES REUBEN PRICE Liberal Arts JERRY NORWOOD CROUT Liberal Arts PATRICK HUGH SCANLON Law FLOYD MILLARD DAVIS Liberal Arts ART HUR CHARLES TANNER Liberal Arts RH U EL P. DICKINSON Graduate ROBERT CECIL TRAVIS Law PAUL EDWARD GRAY Liberal Arts RICHARD EDWARD VAN HOUTEN Commerce NANCY HUFF GRIFFIN Liberal Arts WINTON EDWIN WILLIAMS Law WILLIAM HERSHELL. LEE Engineering Elected January, 1961 FRANK LENRICH ADAMS Commerce PENELOPE MOORE Graduate LINDA BUCKNER ALDRICH Education MILLIE THEUS NICHOLS Liberal Arts CLAUDE JACK BLACKBURN Medicine ROBERT EDMUND PHAY HAROLD E. BROWN . . Education (B.A.E., May 1960) Liberal Arts (B.A., May 1960) RODNEY CARL DALGO Liberal Arts HARRY PORTER, JR. Medicine MARGARET GATHRIGHT DENMAN Liberal Arts E. J. PRICE, JR. Liberal Arts ROBERT LANGE ELLIOTT Medicine WALTER HENRY ROSE Medicine WILLIAM CLYDE GILCHRIST Graduate LUCIUS FEATHERSTON SAMS, JR. Liberal Arts NAOMI RUTH GILLIAM Nursing HOWARD LEON SCHOGGEN Engineering BARBARA UNGER GOFF Medicine FRANK WILSON SHARBROUGH Medicine MARTHA KATHRYN GRANT Liberal Arts ALICE DOUGLAS SCHRIVER Graduate PETER BOTSFORD HENDERSON Medicine DOLORES THOMAS SMITH Graduate HARRIET J. JACKSON Faculty RUTH GUYTON SMITH Graduate ROBERT JAMES LONG Graduate JAMES E. SORRELS Graduate MARY JOE LOVE . Graduate WILLIAM RAY WILSON Graduate JAMES ROBERT MAYFIELD Medicine MARGARET MCKEE WORLEY Graduate OFFICERS BOBBY RUSSELL President GARRETT FALLS Vice-President TAD TROWBRIDGE Secretary AL SMITH Treasurer The George McLean Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma was founded here at the University of Mississippi in 1952 It is a national honorary advertising fraternity for men. Its purpose is the promotion of fellowship among students interested in a career in advertising. It further provides contact with professional advertising people, and mem- bership automatically affiliates the student with the Federation of America. First Row: Bob Massengill, Bobby Russell. Second Row: Al Smith, Tad Not Pictured: Garrett Falls, Joe Finley, Budgie Meek. First Row: James Anderson, Brooks Allison, Walter Boone, Ed Carruth. Second Row: Glenn Pennington, Tom Singley, George Smith. Not Pictured: Billy Callender, Phil Duncan, James Jones, Bill Keeton, Jimmy Patty, Leonus Shedd, Jack Thornton. OFFICERS GLENN PENNINGTON President BROOKS ALLISON Vice-President BILLY CALENDAR Secretary ED CARRUTH Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for pre- med students who have maintained a 4.5 average over two consecutive semesters. A student who has maintained a 5.0 average after one semester may be pledged. It was founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, in 1926. At present there are over ten thousand members in the sixty-one active chapters in colleges and universities throughout the United States. The objectives of the society are to encourage excel- lence in pre-medical work by furnishing a goal toward which the students may strive during the early semesters of his or her pre-medical career; to bind together the similar interested students; and to bridge the gap be- tween the spirit of the pre-medical school and that of the School of Medicine. First Row: Donna Bess Bailey, Dianne Boyll, Sylvia Dame, Karen Dawson, Gerry Gooch, Jane Harmon. Second Row: Nancy Little, Rosalene Morrison, Betty Dean Pifer, Lynne Ruble, Kay Segerson, Sylvia Scyster. Third Row: Jamie Grace Shannon, Gale Sinnott, Linda Streeter, Jane Taylor, Penny Tumbleson, Margaret Ann Westbrook. Not Pictured: Cynthia Dunn, Jane Mildred Hawkins, June Hightower, Judy McGehee. OFFICERS LYNNE RUBLE President SYLVIA DAME Vice-President MARGARET ANN WESTBROOK ... .Secretary Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor attainable for freshman coeds at Ole Miss. The purpose of this organization is to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning; and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshman women in our in- stitution of higher learning. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary society with chapters at universities all over the United States. To be eligible for membership, a woman student must maintain a 4.5 average throughout her freshman year. The freshman coeds who do so are initiated at the end of their freshman year and are active during their sopho- more year. There can be no failing grades on the records of members of Alpha Lambda Delta. The rigid require- ments set up for membership make it indeed an honor to be asked to join. First Row: Lynn Adkins, Bobby Alston, Lloyd Arnold, Warren Ball, Donald Banks, John Bishop, George Black. Second Row: Charles G. Blackwell, Thomas B. Blair, Rob Briscoe, Bill N. Carlisle, Robert Crespino, Lundy W. Daniel, Will W. Denton. Third Row: Alvon H. Doty, Jr., Larry Dunaway, Ron Edwards, Cary L. Fondren, William W. Ford, Lamar W. Gatewood, Jr., Charles R. Guyton. Fourth Row: James C. Harris, Robert M. Hobbs, William E. Jimmy B. Lovett, John Allen Roach, David Sayle, Lou Daniel Shing. Fifth Row: Al Smith, Bruce Smythe, Charles C. Taylor, Jr., William Wallace, John Weathersby, George R. Winfield. Not Pictured: B. Jay Barrier, Kent Best, Joe Camp, Bill F. Cossar, Milton J. Cuevas, Charles Ferri John A. Gantt, Walter J. Gex, Heywood Green, Ray House, Jessee F. Jones, James W. Lang, Jimmy L. McDonald, Rudy V. Monty, Everette Roane, Leon K. Shaifer, Glynne Simpson, Barry Strawn, Wallace P. Whiteaker, Bernard J. Wolfe. OFFICERS LLOYD ARNOLD President WILL W. DENTON Vice-President BILL N. CARLISLE Secretary RAY HOUSE Treasurer • The Ole Miss Chapter of the American Marketing Association was established for the first time this year at the University of Mississippi with the membership composed of students majoring in the field of Business. The pur- pose of the Ole Miss Chapter is to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing, and to improve the methods and techniques of marketing research. This chapter is continually striving to contribute to the im- provement of the teaching of marketing and to further the public understanding and appreciation of marketing problems by promoting friendly relations between stu- dents, faculty, and businessmen. Numerous businessmen are invited to the campus to fulfill speaking engagements throughout the year. OFFICERS ROBERT G. BARNETT President WILL DENTON Promotional Vice-President JANELL MAXWELL Secretary The Baptist Student Union serves as a connecting link between the campus and the church for Baptist students and for those of Baptist preference. It offers an oppor- tunity for spiritual growth on the campus along with mental and cultural developments through church-related programs and activities. The BSU Councils which are elected annually have the responsibility of contacting and enlisting, in the various activities, and to co-ordinate the Baptist program with that of other campus religious or- ganizations. Each year the Ole Miss BSU sends a delegation to the State BSU Convention. It sponsors short devotionals each week day at noon which are conducted by the stu- dents themselves. Prayer dates are considered an impor- tant part of the BSU. Various mission projects are also undertaken. First Row: Robert G. Barnett, Will Denton, Janeil Maxwell, Nona Parker. Second Row: Nan Davidson, Judy Quinn, George C. Pittman, Arthur Third Row: Alec Watts, John Gunter, Sylvia Dame, Carolyn Bickerstaff, Preston Myers. Not Pictured: Milton Scarborough, Bill Ingram. OFFICERS KAY MOUNGER President TOM HARVEY Vice-President MARY ANTHONY McLEMORE Secretary CLARK HAIRSTON Treasurer The Canterbury Club is an organization of the Church for Episcopal students. It provides students with opportunities to develop their religious beliefs more fully and to continue their church work while on the campus of the University. The Club meets each Sunday evening as well as Thursday evening. On Sunday various programs consisting of speakers, panels, films, recreation, and group discussions are held. Thursday nights the mem- bers meet and eat together at what is known as the Club. There, religious topics are discussed by the students on their own level. This gives each. Episcopal student an opportunity to express and discuss his beliefs. Each year the Canterbury Club sponsors various social events such as shrimp suppers. It does a great deal of work among the needy around the University. Kay Mounger, Mary Anthony McLemore, Clark Hairston. Not Pictured: Tom Harvey. First Row: Edward R. Daley. Michael A. Dasovich, Cecil P. Davis. Second Row: William H. Lee. Wade M. Sims. Not Pictured: Jack Fowler, Ronny M. McIver, Jack Woolfolk. OFFICERS MICHAEL A. DASOVICH President JACK FOWLER Vice-President EDWARD R. DALEY Secretary-Treasurer Chi Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity for civil engineers. Its purpose is to form a closer union and bond of friendship and loyalty among those now preparing for and those now in the civil engineering profession. Eligibility for membership in Chi Epsilon is determined by excellence shown in scholarship, character, personality, practicality, and sociability. Juniors and seniors in the School of Engineering are the only persons eligible. This year marks the twelfth successive year of the Ole Miss Chapter of Chi Epsilon since its organization. It was inactive for six years before it was reorganized in 1949. Since its reorganization, Chi Epsilon has done a great deal towards creating a spirit of unity among those in the civil engineering profession. It is a goal for under- classmen in civil engineering to work toward. First Row: Donna Bess Bailey, Mary Jane Berry, Dianne BoyII, Sidna Brower, Rose Clayton, Sylvia Dame, Karen Dawson. Second Row: Marilu Ellis, Lorraine Forbes. Gerry Wood Gooch, Jane Harmon, Clark Sally Ann Hinsch, Linda Lackey. Third Row: Diane Lemon, Robin Reed, Lynn Ruble, Susan Sadler, Lynn Scott, Sylvia Scyster, Kay Segerson. Fourth Row: Jamie Grace Shannon, Gale Sinnott, Lynn Steed, Jane Colston Taylor, Penny Tumbleson, Margaret Ann Westbrook. Not Pictured: Mary Carter, Rita Wilson. OFFICERS ROBIN REED President GALE SINNOTT Vice-President • SIDNA BROWER Secretary MARGARET ANN WESTBROOK Treasurer Mississippi Iota Chapter of CWENS is an honorary organization for sophomore women. To be eligible for membership, the student must be outstanding in leader- ship and participation in campus activities as well as in the maintenance of an excellent grade point average. This organization is a goal toward which all freshmen women students work. It encourages a student to be well-rounded. Scholarship is not the ultimate goal of CWENS. Only ten per-cent of the freshman women who make a 4.0 average are asked to become members of CWENS. It emphasizes the importance of being active in all phases of college life in addition to making good grades. CWENS encourages a girl to be aware of all activities around her. She is made to realize the importance of good grooming, refined manners, and broad interests. OFFICERS CHARLES RAY DAVIS President TOM COLEMAN Vice-President BARBARA HARTWICK Recording Secretary BETTYE FARMER Correspondence Secretary JOHN BALDWIN Treasurer Eta Sigma Phi is the national honorary fraternity on the campus of the University of Mississippi for students of tile classics. With over forty chapters throughout the United States, it is a growing fraternity in a field where recognition on a campus is often overlooked. To become a member, a student must show a high degree of pro- ficiency in either Latin or Greek. He must make a mini- mum of " B " in any advanced Latin or Greek course. It is the purpose of Eta Sigma Phi to create and main- tain an interest in the study of the classical languages. To be recognized for outstanding work in this field is a great honor at the University of Mississippi. Membership is a goal for students of classics, and thus encourages them to do well in their studies. First Row: John K. Baldwin, Larry Brown, Tom Coleman, Alfred Corey. Second Row: Charles Ray Davis, Bettye Farmer, Charles R. Hand, William L. Hand. Third Row: John Clark Love, Penny McElroy, Woodrow McWhorter, Peyton Moncrief, John Roach. Not Pictured: Dean Belk, Jack Biggers, Barbara Lucius Sams. Carl Aron, Stanley Baker, Joe Martin Erber, Nathan Fisher, Roy Kaplan. Second Row: Phil Kline, Doug Lewis, Leonard Lurie, A. W. Rosenthal, Morris Schur. Third Row: Norman Silverblatt, Earl Solomon, Ester Solomon, David Stone. OFFICERS LEONARD LURIE President ROY KAPLAN Vice-President MORRIS SCHUR Secretary A. W. ROSENTHAL Treasurer Hillel, which is one of 200 foundations at universities and colleges in the United States and foreign countries, provides Jewish students of the University of Mississippi with personal counseling, plus services for all needs such as culture, religion, and social activities. The foundation on this campus is sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s service organization. In all phases of its work, Hillel seeks to relate the stu- dent to his historical and cultural group. It resensitizes him to the meaning and beauty of his tradition, and it acquaints him with current developments in Jewish life, while equipping him with skills to help maintain and de- velop Jewish life as a dynamic cultural and social process. The common interests of all Hillel members make it a very worthwhile, enjoyable, and progressive group. First Row: Virginia S. Booth, Sandra Catledge, Mary Lou Cover, Claudette Dugger. Second Row: Betty Fincher, Mary H. Hudson, Emma Lou Home, Jo Ann Polk. Not Pictured: Virginia Lamb MacNaughton. OFFICERS CLAUDETTE President BETTY FINCHER Vice-President SANDRA CATLEDGE Secretary MARY H. HUDSON Treasurer Kappa Epsilon is a national fraternity for women in pharmacy which may be established in a college that is a member in good standing of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and has been accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education with Class A or Class B rating. The Ole Miss chapter was organized in February, 1959, as the Jo Johnson Club— in honor of Mrs. Jo Johnson, professor of pharmaceutical botany and very active member of the APhA in our state—and will become affiliated this spring. Its purposes are: to advance scholarship among women students of pharmacy; to foster a professional consciousness; and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship of its members. First Row: Sylvia Abernethy, Rose Clayton, Carol Coffey, Suzan DeWeese. Second Row: Phelan Houston, Mickey Poo!ey, Dartha Lil Poweres, Sandra Schulz. Third Row: Honey Toney. Not Pictured: Judy Floyd, Sue Ellen Griffin Kay Riddle, Jo Vowels, Ann Williams. OFFICERS ROSE CLAYTON President HONEY TONEY Vice-President SYLVIA ABERNETHY Secretary MICKEY POOLEY Treasurer The Megaphone Club is composed of a member from each of the eight sororities and five dormitories. The members are elected by their respective sorority or dormi- tory. The officers of the Megaphone Club are elected by thirteen members of the club. The purpose of the Megaphone Club is to foster school spirit at every activity held on the Ole Miss campus. The club members encourage attendance at pep rallies, foot- ball and basketball games, A.S.B. dances, and other school sponsored affairs. In order to promote attendance at these school activities, posters and handbills are dis- tributed on the campus. School spirit has been encouraged by various methods such as the selling of porn porn sticks at football games and the burning of effigies at bonfires. OFFICERS WILVA E. CRAWSON President BILLIE FAYE MOSS Vice-President EVELYN MARIE MURPHY Secretary LINDA FAYE FULCHER. Treasurer Phi Gamma Nu is a professional commerce sorority. It was organized on the campus of the University of in May of 1950. The members are women stu- dents in the School of Commerce and Business who have met the necessary scholastic re- quirements, and who are approved by the members of the organization. It was organized to further the interest of women stu- dents in the field of commerce and business administra- tion; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to further interest in civic and professional enterprises. Various programs are presented at the different meet- ings to help add to the members ' knowledge of business facts and figures. First Row: Ellen Penelope Carr, Wilva E. Crowson, Karen Dawson, Linda Cloud Fite. Second Row: Patti Bess Fly, Linda Faye Fulcher, Elsie Gardner, Evelyn Marie Murphy. Third Row: Patsy Bell Pittman, Amy Sue Turner, Shirley Gilma Wood. Not Pictured: Bobbie Lou Brettell, Mary Carter, Mary Hollowell, Billie Faye Moss, Cecilia Phillips, Lynn Rice. First Row: D. Anderson, R. Briscoe, F. D. Copeland, L. W. Dunaway, E. F. Fava. Second Row: C. Fondren, H. Garrett, F. A. Halbert, T. A. Hill, L. Lewis. Third Row: C. H. J. B. Russell, M. W. Sims. OFFICERS E. E. FAVA President J, T. RITCHIE Vice-President T. A. HILL Secretary R. BRISCOE Treasurer Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military fraternity for students in advanced Army, Air, and Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, who have attained cer- tain academic and military qualifications. Company " B " 8th Regiment, was founded at the University of in 1940. The Scabbard and Blade was organized in order to unite in close relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to preserve and de- velop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare members as educated men to take a more ac- tive part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of their communities; and, above all, to spread in- telligent information concerning the military requirements of this country. First Row: Jane Berry, Sarah Grace Combs. Second Row: Polly Hunter, Rae Ragsdale. Not Pictured: Jane Montgomery, Lacy Wright. OFFICERS LACY WRIGHT President RAE RAGSDALE Vice-President JANE BERRY Secretary JANE MONTGOMERY Treasurer Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary musical fra- ternity for women which is found on the campuses of the leading colleges and universities of the United States. Membership is limited to those graduate and undergradu- ate music students who meet the requirements. They must be majoring or minoring in music, show exceptional musi- cal ability, and possess a high scholastic rating. In addi- tion to this the students must be recommended by the faculty of the Department of Music. Whenever famous musicians visit the campus, they are met by members of Sigma Alpha Iota and are shown around the campus. Many times this group has the dis- tinct privilege of having private meetings with these out- standing figures in the musical world. This gives them an opportunity for personal instruction and advice that they would not ordinarily have had. First Row: Bob Barnett, Tom Coleman, Charles Ray Davis, Betty Farmer. Second Row: Roy Gunter, Bill McLain, Hardy Myers, Charles Pickering. Third Row: Freddie Travis, Harrell Weathersby. Not Pictured: Howard Owen Leach, Linda Mabus. OFFICERS ROY GUNTER President HOWARD ()WEN LEACH Vice-President LINDA MABUS Secretary-Treasurer Tau Kappa Alpha is the honorary forensic fraternity at the University of Mississippi. The active membership of the chapter is composed of students and faculty mem- bers of the University who have been duly elected and initiated for participation in the University ' s program of forensics or other phases of original speech. To be eligi- ble for active membership in the chapter, a student must be engaged in his second year of participation in the University ' s program, unless his forensic activity was be- gun in his senior year in high school, in which case, the first year of participation will be acceptable. He must also rank in the upper thirty-five percent of his class scholastically. OFFICERS EMMA FLAUTT President ELEANOR JORDAN Vice-President BARBARA BENTZ Secretary JEAN WILLIAMSON Treasurer Theta Sigma Phi is a national honorary and profes- sional fraternity for women in journalism. With chap- ters at most of the leading colleges and universities in the United States, Beta Eta Chapter was added as the chap- ter at the University of Mississippi in April of 1952. To become a member, a female student must major in and maintain a 4.0 average or better in that field. Any woman in the journalistic professional world is eligi- ble for membership. Journalism students are recognized for their work in their junior year. Recognition from this group serves as an incentive for underclassmen to do their best work. After the goal has been attained, the member works to develop the ideals of the journalistic profession among women of this field. First Row: Barbara Bentz, Sidna Brower, Emma Flautt, Beckie Huey. Second Row: Gale Sinnott, Julia File Taylor, Jean Williamson. Not Pictured: Eleanor Jordan. OFFICERS JOY M cLURE President JUDY LYNN Vice-President MARTHA SANDERS Secretary BILLY BROWN WILLIFORD Treasurer Westminster Fellowship is sponsored by the Church of Oxford. Membership is primarily com- posed of Presbyterian students; but is open to any student at the University who wishes to donate his time and tal- ents to a working, church sponsored organization. Its purpose is to help each member to have a personal, growing relationship with Christ; to unify students through Christian study, work, and fellowship; to develop a responsible sense of Churchmanship; to present Witness as individuals and as a group to the Ole Miss Student body. Various projects are undertaken by this group to bet- ter the atmosphere on the University campus and to help anyone who needs help. Boxes are sent to the needy and other such efforts are put forth. Westminster Fellowship meets for a program each Sunday night. First Row: Jo McLure, Judy Lynn. Second Row: Martha Sanders, Billy Brown Williford. Studying does not come eas y in the Classes at Ole Miss are as many and varied as the people who attend them, and avenues of learning lead to almost any field of endeavor that the student might wish to pursue. Courses are offered ranging from the technical skills of engineering to the aesthetic beauty of art, and supplementing this is a library where both students and faculty may find abundant material on the subjects of their choice. Students spend quiet evenings in prepara- tion for classes. A design students puts the finishing touches to a project. Some prefer to study in their rooms or in the library, others seek out the quiet atmosphere of a deserted classroom or even a bench in the grove. Some spend hours in preparation for each day ' s classes, others wait until exam week and cram. Regardless of study habits, however, each student is aware of the importance of learning, and each benefits in some way by his stay at the University. The Iasi class of the week. New language lab aids students in class conversation. Study break with study date. .. and then there are final exams. No thinking problem here. There are times when an occasional student dozes, as the daily routine becomes monotonous. There are times when it seems that the classes will never end and the weekend will never arrive, but, after the fun is over, the good student will always return with renewed vigor to the task of preparing for what lies ahead—a transition from the world of the university to the world that lies beyond. The power of concentration. In silent anxiety, students look for the result. George Douglas Abraham Greenville; Kappa Alpha David B. Alexander Oxford John Warner Alford McComb; Phi Delta Theta Charles Thomas Anderson Gulfport; Kappa Alpha Jane Brown Anderson Bardwell, Ky. Guy Lane Arbuthnot Clinton Ray Douglas Baldwin Laurel Robert Glenn Barnett Hattisburg Charles C. Beall Batesville; Sigma Chi Richard Hamilton Beckham Amory William Dean Belk, Jr. Clarksdale Charles DeWitt Blanton, Jr. Kings Mountain, N. C. James F. Bodman Hattisburg; Phi Kappa Tau Robert May Boehm, Jr. Laurel; Sigma Nu William Roy Boone Kosciusko; Sigma Chi Hubert J. Boykin Cleveland John Robin Bradley Inverness Bruce Holmes Brady Brookhaven; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Thomas Pickens Brady, Jr. Brookhaven Bettye Carolyn Brasfield Meridian; Kappa Kappa Gamma Norman Leroy Breland Picayune Charles Alexander Brewer University Billy G. Bridges Jackson Ida Sue Bridwell Cynthiana, Ky. Frank Lutz Bristes, Jr. Yazoo City; Pi Kappa Alpha Jane Marshall Brister Poplarville Charles Lawrence Brocato Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Robert Larry Brown Sanatorium; Sigma Nu Norma Patrick Burrell Goodman James Edward Cahill Senatobia; Phi Delta Theta Frank Carlton Greenville; Alpha Tau Omega Hamlet Robinson Carter Pontotoc Harry L. Case, Jr. Oxford; Phi Delta Theta William McLain Causey Shelby; Kappa Alpha George Archie Chancellor, Jr. Hattiesburg Robert Walter Coccins Maben; Kappa Sigma Sarah Grace Combs Arcadia, Fla.; Kappa Delta Ann Morris Connell Clarksdale; Chi Omega C. Willis Connell, Jr. Clarksdale Alfred Eugene Corey Meridian Charles Anthony Correia New Bedford, Mass. Christine Vianna Covington Goodman Bobby Mac Cox West Point Justin Lamar Cox Oxford; Kappa Alpha John Adam Crawford Jackson Polly Ann Crosthwait Drew David Loxley Davidson University; Sigma Nu Alvin Douglas Davis Jackson; Sigma Nu Carolyn Phillips Dean Corinth James P. Dean Corinth William T. Denman, III McComb Martha Jane Dennis Louisville, Ky. Neville Deon Dunnan Garden City, Kansas G. Jyles Eaves Louisville Richard Mack Edmonson Magee; Kappa. Sigma Ralph B. Elston Fort Wayne, Ind.; Beta Theta Pi John Arlen Evans Mississippi City Phineas Derryl Evans Biloxi James M. Ewing, Jr. Cleveland; Sigma Chi M ark Thomas Finch Gulfport Hugh Craig Forshner Greenwood; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mary Neal Foust Wynne, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha John P. Fox Oxford; Pi Kappa Alpha James Louis Garner, Jr. McComb; Phi Delta Theta Robert Gatlin Gilder Vardaman Norman Lathaire Gillespie New Albany Aubrey Vastine Godwin Forest Home, Ala. James Simms Gore Houston; Delta Kappa Epsilon Kirby Max Graves, Jr. Roxie James L. Gullett Tuscumbia Ala. William Sidney Guy Summit (Mary) Melinda Gwin Indianola; Chi Omega Lee Virden Hamberlin Oxford; Phi Delta Theta (Mrs.) Joanne Varner Hawks University John Keith Henry Union Billy J. Herndon Aberdeen Elizabeth Brown Herrington Oxford James J. Hill, Okolona James Dewey Hood Randolph Arthur Eugene Huggins Quitman Mary Frances Humphries Itta Bena Rolfe Lanier Hunt, Jr. Eupora Darryl Alden Hurt Jackson Eugene Taylor Jackman Oxford Ralph Stuart Johnson University E. Grady Jolly, Jr. Louisville Lena Mac Jolly Myrtle William Bryan Jones Aberdeen William Timothy Jones McComb; Phi Delta Theta Bill I. Jordan Columbus Daniel P. Jordan Philadelphia; Sigma Chi John Leslie Juniker University W. Van Kees, Jr. Magee; Kappa Sigma Michael L. Keleher Albuquerque, N. M.; Sigma Chi Billy W. Keyes Laurel; Sigma Nu John Rayburn King Malden, Mo.; Sigma. Chi Dempsey G. Knight, Jr. Meridian Hibu Ko Higashinari-Ku, Osaka, Japan Ralph Ivy Lawson Oxford; Kappa Alpha Thomas William Lester Laurel; Sigma Nu John Clark Love Kosciusko; Sigma Chi (Mrs.) Elsie Hart Lyon Canton G. Gordin Lyon Tchula Luther Love McDougal Oxford Edwin Payne McKaskel Cleveland; Lambda Chi Alpha Ronald Keith McLaughlin Vicksburg Thomas Morgan McNeely, Jr. Natchez George Thomas McPherson Meridian Clyde C. McRaney, Jr. Picayune; Pi Kappa Alpha Woodrow K. McWhorter Helena, Arkansas Oscar Powell Mackey, III Oxford; Delta Kappa Epsilon Donald Kline Marcus Vicksburg Fallon 0. Mason Oxford James Cal Mayo Louisville Joseph Robert Meadows Quitman; Pi Kappa Alpha Norma Jean Merritt Jackson Ralph Guy Metcalfe Cleveland Myron A. Methvin Minter City Herbert Kirkland Moore, Jr. Sardis; Phi Delta Theta Martha Marion Moore Woodville Dot Moseley Hopkinsville, Kentucky Carolyn Yvonne Moss Tchula Breed 0. Mounger Lylestown; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Henry Hartfield Mounger Oxford E. L. Mullins Kingsport, Tennessee John E. Mulhearn, Jr. Natchez William S. Mullins, III Prairie Point; Kappa Alpha Phillip A. Murphy Vandalia, Illinois Thomas Odis Murrah Parchman Andrew Kincannon Nangle West Point William Richard Newman Jackson; Sigma Chi Danny O ' Beirne Natchez Edgar L. O ' Neill, Jr. Pineville, Louisiana Herman Serkis Ovagimyan Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey Young Sook Park Seoul, Korea Ralph Lawrence Peeples Coffeeville; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Margaret Spivey Person Water Valley Harry Wesley Petrie Memphis, Tennessee, Pi Kappa A Edmund Julius Phillips Quitman James A. Phyfer New Albany; Kappa Sigma Charles W. Pickering Taylorville; Sigma Chi George Clemons Pittman Decatur, Georgia Jack Homer Pittman Oxford; Pi Kappa Alpha Milton Henley Pittman Hattiesburg Victor Boyd Pringle, Jr. Biloxi; Phi Delta Theta Joe Poppenhcimer Memphis Robert Brooks Prother West Point Hollaman Martin Raney Greenville James Everette Rankin Clinton Thomas Jackson Riley Hattiesburg William Harold Risher, Jr. Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha A. H. Ritter, Jr, Amory John Morris Roach McComb; Phi Delta Theta James V. Robinson, Jr. Laurel John Stuart Robinson Jackson William D. Rowell Pine Bluff, Arkansas Louie Frederick Ruffin New Augusta Donald B. Ruiz Hattiesburg Arthur Raye Sanders Brooksville Thomas Banks Shepherd Lexington; Phi Delta Theta Wilburn Dwain Simpson Jackson David Watson Sloan Fort Smith, Arkansas Albert Tyler Smith Moorestown, New Jersey Eleanor Ann Smith Moorestown, New Jersey Hugh Virden Smith, Jr. Montgomery, Alabama Earl Sievers Solomon, Jr. Greenville; Phi Epsilon Pi Sylvia Allan Spears Oxford jimmy Howard Stanton Cleveland Alonzo Holmes Sturgeon Woodville John Calhoun Sullivan, Jr. Jackson George William Sutton London, Kentucky George Mitchell Swindon Calhoun City; Beta Theta Pi Monroe David Tate, II Picayune; Beta Theta Pi Bennie Cole Taylor Water Valley; Delta Kappa. Epsilon Consuelo Del Valle Teichert University Jerry 0. Terry Brandon Charles Donald Thomas Collins James Kearney Travis, Jr. Hattiesburg Robert Cecil Travis Oxford Farrest Ward Underwood Baldwyn Gerald Wayne Walsrop Randolph Myrna Flo Wallace Coldwater James A. Walter Columbus; Beta Theta Pi Joseph Wesley Watkins, III Baird Walker Ledyard Watters Vicksburg Carroll Eugene White Moorhead John Harris White, Jr. McComb; Pi Kappa Alpha Sue Lawson White Gillsburg Bruce Lowell Whitsitt Abingdon, Illinois Jo hn Harvey Whitworth, Jr. Pontotoc; Pi Kappa Alpha William Jackson Wiley Cleveland Samuel H. Wilkins Stonewall; Alpha Tau Omega Bailey Robert Williams Corinth; Sigma Chi William E. Wilroy, Jr. Hernando; Delta Psi Clay Wispell Las Vegas, Nevada; Sigma Phi Epsilon Robert W. Witt Scottsville, Kentucky Margaret Gail Abernethy Okolona; Chi Omega Ann Carolyn Adams Marks; Zeta Tau Alpha Bobby Lester Adams Winona Frank ' ,enrich Adams Greenville Melvin Lynn Adkins Tupelo; Sigma Nu Helen Caroline Affeld Chicago, Illinois Mary Ann Albright Dayton, Ohio Linda Buckner Aldrich Natchez; Kappa Delta Luther H. Aldridge New Albany; Phi Kappa Psi Howard W. Alford McComb Don L. Alldredge Colorado Springs, Colorado Coy Ann Allen Vancleave George Marshall Allen, Jr. Amory; Sigma Chi William Henry Allen, Jr. Tupelo; Kappa Alpha Bobby Joe Alston Jackson; Sigma Chi John Turner Ames, Jr. Hattiesburg; Alpha Tau Omega John Charles Ammons Port Gibson David H. Anderson Jackson; Sigma Chi James Noble Anderson Jackson; Sigma Chi Enrique Anglade Guayama, Puerto Rico; Delta Psi Jill Anthony Jackson; Delta Gamma Richard Lloyd Arnold Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Carl Weis Aron Monroe, Louisiana; Phi Epsilon Pi Earnest Howard Austin Pontotoc Thomas Sedell Austin, Jr. Greenwood; Sigma Chi Hugh Coyt Bailey Jackson James P. Bailey, Jr. Paducah, Kentucky; Alpha Tau Omega Joan Brady Bailey Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Martha Elizabeth Baker Coldwater; Alpha Omicron Pi Modena Martin Baldwin Laurel Warren Noble Ball Fayette; Kappa Alpha Dan Thomas Ballard Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon George Donald Banks Amory Jeptha Fowlkes Barbour, III. Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ashton Lee Barefoot Montrose Joseph Wayne Barker Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Alpha Charles Edward Barranco Greenwood William Earl Basham Paducah, Kentucky; Kappa Sigma Jennifer Buford Beall Batesville; Delta Gamma Leon Jackson Beck, Jr. Holly Springs Barbara Jane Becnel New Orleans, Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi Gerald S. Bcibers Ripley Margaret Dooley Bell Vicksburg; Kappa Delta Nancy B. Bennett Louisville; Delta Gamma Barbara Mae Bentz Houston; Phi Mu Jack Daniel Berry Prentiss Edward Wyly Bigger Marion, Arkansas John Larry Bishop Oxford; Kappa Sigma George Edward Black Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma John Louis Black, Jr. Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Edward Prater Blackburn Decatur; Sigma Chi Robert Alvin Blackmon Greenville; Phi Delta Theta Charles Gray Blackwell Laurel Thomas Brownlee Blair Jackson; Kappa Alpha Lynda Vernelle Blakely Sardis Mary Ann Blanchard New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Mu Walter J. Blessey Biloxi Eddie Clark Boatwright Holly Springs Eldon L. Bolton Biloxi James Luther Bonner Tillatoba; Alpha Tau Omega Walter Thomas Boone Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Virginia Stuart Booth Hollandale; Delta Gamma Margo Bostwick New Albany; Delta Delta Delta Thomas D. Bounds, Jr. Oxford Aubrey Dale Boutwell Laurel Raymond H. Bradley Bearden, Arkansas Carl Wade Bradow Memphis, Tennessee Stephen Hodge Brasfield Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Roy Bailey Braswell Kosciusko; Sigma Chi Robert Bratton Oxford; Kappa Alpha. Billie J. Bray Water Valley Nancy Clarke Brewer Booneville; Chi Omega Robert Beverly Briscoe Biloxi; Sigma Nu Mary Irene Bristow Tupelo Shirley Faye Broadhead Meridian; Zeta Tau Alpha Beverly Brown Brown Panther Burn Gerald Wayne Brown Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha Auda E. Buchanan Niantic Connecticut Dale Hattox Bullets Fayette John Phillip Burrow Gulfport; Delta Kappa Epsilon James H. Busby Meridian Joel Floyd Butler Jackson Mary Susan Butler Natchez; Kappa Delta Nedra Jane Butler Falkner; Kappa Kappa Gamma Suzanne E. Butler Jonestown; Chi Omega Frances Vira Caillouet Greenville Charles A. Calhoun Oxford Gloria Marian Camp Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Dennis A. Canada, Jr. Goldwater; Delta Kappa Epsilon Billy Norman Carlisle New Albany Donald Gary Carr Arlington Heights, Illinois; Sigma Nu Robin Dare Carruth McComb; Kappa Delta Winifred Frank Carter, Jr. Grenada Sandra R. Catledge Eupora Richard Cullen Chambers Ocean Delta Psi Lawrence Earl Chandler Oxford Arthur C. Chapman Tampa, Florida; Alpha Tau Omega Walter Scott Chapuis Grenada Emmett B. Chiles, III Joiner, Arkansas; Alpha Tau Omega Pearl Louise Chu Greenville Betty Elizabeth Clark Mason, Tennessee; Kappa Delta Gerald Barnett Clark Olive Branch; Alpha Tau Omega John W. Clark Oxford Floyd Clinton Cleveland Summit Keith Delane Coates Toccopola Mary Judith Cobb Keo, Arkansas Anita Faye Coe Lambert; Phi Mu Fred Simms Coffey Oxford Joseph Dale Coleman Picayune Mary Pat Coley Tupelo; Kappa Delta Joe R. Colingo Jackson; Kappa Alpha Harry R. Collins Indianola Ike jarred Collins Rolling Fork; Pi Kappa Alpha Jane Ellen Collins Atlanta, Georgia Robert Smith Collins New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Edward Peacock Connell Clarksdale Patrick Anthony Connors Newport News, Virginia; Sigma Chi Guy Tate Conway Itta Bena; Alpha Tau Omega Donald B. Cook Meridian Floyd Dean Copeland Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Ellis J. Corkern Tylertown John Thompson Cossar Charleston; Sigma Nu Dal M. Covington Ripley Robert Crespino Greenville Sherry Ross Crook Long Beach, California; Phi Mu Jerry Norwood Grout Clarksdale Wilva Eugzenc Crowson Oxford Milton Joseph Cuevas Bay St. Louis; Kappa Sigma Theodore Harding Cunningham Lewis town, Pennsylvania Trudys Diane Curlee Rienzi; Zeta Tau Alpha Carolyn Celeste Curtis Shreveport, Louisiana Val Sanford Cuthbert Lake Village, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pierce E. Daggett West Point Arun Kumar Dalal Calcutta, India Malcolm S. Dale Monticello; Alpha Tau Omega Edward R. Daley Batesville Massimo A. d ' Ammassa Naples, Italy John L. Daniel Memphis, Tennessee Lewis Howard Daniel Memphis, Tennessee Lundy Webb Daniel Raleigh Biswendra Narayan Dasgupta Calcutta, India Michael Anthony Dasovich Chicago, Illinois Nan Davidson Grenada; Delta Delta Delta Cecil Pat Davis Ashland Charles Ray Davis Canton; Sigma Chi Dudley Russell Davis, Jr. Houlka Jack Roy Davis Oxford Kimbrough Davis Jackson Sam Ragland Davis Whitehaven, Tennessee; Beta Theta Pi Claude L. DeLoach, Jr. Little Rock, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma Oran Leon DeLoach Greenville William W. Denton Shelby; Phi Delta Theta John Herbert Dickinson Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon William L. Dillon Hernando J. W. Dilmore Magee Tommie L. Dixon Taylorsville Betty Dolton Jackson; Chi Omega Alvon H. Doty, Jr. Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Arthur Warren Doty Jackson; Sigma Chi Marjorie Metts Douglass Etta Morries Calvin Drees Oxford Claudette Dugger Batesville Lawrence W. Dunaway Hollandale; Phi Delta Theta Anne Jane Duncan Ripley; Alpha Omicron Pi Billy Joe Duncan Oxford Joyce Marie Dunn Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta Walter Manning Earley, Jr. Reading, Massachusetts Van Phillip East, Jr. Oxford; Kappa Sigma Stewart Douglas Easterby Vicksburg George Hampton Edmonson, Jr. Magee; Kappa Alpha Janet Ann Edrington Paragould, Arkansas Charles Edward Edwards Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Donald Ray Edwards Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Jo Edwards Water Valley Robert Scott Edwards Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Ron Lloyd Edwards Ainsworth, Iowa; Sigma Nu Billy Webb Elkins Laurel Charles G. Ellis Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha John Edward Ellis Vicksburg Diane Katherine Enchelmayer Glencoe, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi Henry Joseph Endt, Jr. Ocean Springs; Delta Psi Sue Ellen Ervin Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha Marvin Harvey Farris Dorsey Ernest Edward Fava Shelby Nancy Ferguson DeWitt, Arkansas Robert Davis Field Centerville; Phi Delta Theta Betty Frances Pincher Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Robert H. Fisher Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Delta Theta James A. Fichett, Jr. Oxford; Sigma Chi Emma Flautt Tutwiler; Delta Delta Delta Russell E. Fleming Natchez Cary L. Fondren Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Marion Lloyd Ford Batesville R. Ann Ford Pascagoula; Delta Gamma William Watkins Ford Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Jackie Fore Gulfport; Kappa Kappa Gamma Claude W. Foster Brookhaven James B. Foster Wynne, Arkansas Frank Marshall Freeman, Jr. Memphis, Tennessee; Pi Kappa Alpha Millard Lee French Water Valley Arthur W. Frierson Oxford John Arthur Fulford Arlington, Virginia Rudolph Silas Fulton Louise R. G. Gabbart University Edmund Dickinson Gabriel Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi George Louis Gafford Water Valley; Delta Kappa Epsilon Dale Eugene Gallagher Natchez Elsie Katherine Gardner Oxford Thomas Leo Garrett, Jr. Camden, Arkansas Lamar Wilson Gatewood Forest; Pi Kappa Alpha Margaret Love Gathright Oxford; Chi Omega Mary Katie Gillis McComb; Chi Omega Gwynne Middleton Gladden Shelby William Earl Godbold Tunica; Phi Delta Theta Lake Gibbes Goodwin Utica; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Shelby Duke Goza Rosedale; Kappa Alpha Martha Grant Grenada; Delta Delta Delta Charles Scott Grantham, Jr. Lambert Shelby Smith Grantham Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Betty Ross Graves Mer Roughe, Louisiana; Phi Mu Paul Edward Gray Laurel; Kappa Alpha Paul Edward Greene High Point, North Carolina Virginia Lee Greene Las Vegas, Nevada Homer C. Greer University Keno Roy Gunter Greenville William Bibb Gurley Dorsey Charles Richard Guyton Tupelo; Sigma Chi Thomas Zane Hale Pontotoc Carl Wayne Hamilton Vardaman Alice Joy Hammond Houston, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma Charles Robert Hand Philadelphia; Sigma Chi William L. Hand Philadelphia Bill Helms Hannaford Oxford Barbara Adams Hardin Macon; Chi Omega Judith Viola Harrington Jackson; Kappa Delta James Clarence Harris Corinth Daniel Earl Harrison Tiplersville James E. Harwell, Jr. Meridian Louis Ralph Havens Calhoun City Cas Edgar Heath Grenada Jerome Dean Heltz Reserve, Louisiana Sally Carter Henderson Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Delta Billy Wayne Herbert North Carollton; Pi Kappa Alpha Ann Marie Hicks Natchez; Kappa Delta Colquitt Keeling Hicks Oxford; Delta Kappa Epsilon Jessee Robert Hightower Itta Bena; Kappa Sigma Thomas Alfred Hill Gulfport Winifred Curtis Hill Oxford; Sigma Nu Robert Michael Hobbs West Memphis, Arkansas; Sigma Phi Epsilon Gene Hock Anchorage, Alaska; Beta Theta Pi Ross Allen Hodge Greenville Curtis Edwin Hodges Ackerman David G. Hodo Amory; Kappa Alpha Aubert B. Holaday, III Louise Sally King Holcomb Clarksdale; Chi Omega George Taylor Hoover Wibrentwood, New York Homer Lamar Howard Winona; Pi Kappa Alpha Hubert T. Huddleston Summit; Pi Kappa Alpha Martha Ann Huddleston Tchula; Kappa Delta Mary H. Hudson Canton Rebecca Ann Huey Pontotoc; Kappa Delta Bobby Joe Huff Corinth Geraldine Hunt Grenada; Zeta Tau Alpha Polly Jane Hunter Mantee Ann Garrott Hutchins Inverness; Kappa Delta Willard Benjamin Inman Flora Charles D. Jackson Como Howard C. Jameson West Point Joan Jeffrey Wagoner, Oklahoma; Alpha Omicron Pi Lilyan Ling Joe Cleveland R. Linda Johnson Baldwyn; Delta Gamma Bennie Wade Johnston Nettleton Bennie Susan Jones Logan, West Virginia Dewitt Jones, Jr, Ripley Eugenia Lewis Jones Vicksburg Ira Charles Jones Carthage Richard H. Jones, Jr. Clarksdale William Kelly Jones Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha Brad B. Jordan Helena, Arkansas Cynthia Anne Karer Laurel; Kappa Delta Harold D. Kay Iuka Russell F. Kearney, Jr. Money; Sigma Nu Verginia Marie Keesee Lula; Chi Omega James Edward Keeton Columbus; Phi Delta Theta Louis D. Keller Hahnville, Louisiana Carroll A. Kemp, Jr. Hazlehurst; Pi Kappa Alpha Barbara Ann Kerr Aubrey, Arkansas; Alpha. Delta Pi Billy Woodrow Key Batesville Patricia Ann King Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Leo Allen Kinney, Jr. Clarksdale Ann S. Klaus Macon; Delta Gamma Philip Jerome Kline Anguilla Beth Koehler Robinsonville; Chi Omega Carolyn Elizabeth Koehler Robinsonville; Chi Omega Joseph Andrew Labella Indianola; Beta Theta Pi Vincent Paul Labella Indianola; Kappa Sigma Barbara Jane LaBerge Laurel; Delta Delta Delta E. Louise Lake Aberdeen; Phi Mu Libby Lake Grenada; Delta Delta Delta Richard Singer Latimer Kingsport, Tennessee; Phi Delta Theta John Richard Laws Columbus; Kappa Alpha William Hershall Lee Natchez Billy J. Legg Oxford; Sigma Nu George Leighton Lewis Oxford John Robert Little Raleigh; Sigma Nu Joseph Lobue, Jr. Hammond, Louisiana Sara Kay Lockard McComb; Delta Gamma James Eugene Long Shannon Martha Early Lovelace Indianola Hugh Greer Lovelady Decatur, Arkansas Jimmy Britt Lovett Forest; Pi Kappa Alpha Donald Wayne Lowe Memphis, Tennessee Joseph D. Lowe Water Valley James Walter Lucas Jackson Mervyn Leonard Lurie Clarksdale; Phi Epsilon Pi Aileen Douglass Lynch Chicago, Illinois L. George Lynch Oxford; Kappa Sigma Julia Catherine Lynn Jackson; Chi Omega Zona Dale Lyons New Albany Hubert H. McAlexander, Jr. Holly Springs; Pi Kappa Alpha Teresa Ellen McAlister Mississippi City; Chi Omega Mollie Allen McAmis Corinth; Chi Omega James Neal McCallum Greenville Robert Parker McConnell Yazoo City Jack McCormick Bruce Jo Ann McFarland Bay Springs; Kappa Kappa Gamma Charles E. McGee, Jr. Dallas, Texas; Sigma Chi Susan Patricia McKay Jackson; Zeta Tau Alpha James Norman McLeod Jackson; Sigma Nu Donna Joy McLure Laurel; Delta Delta Delta Kenneth Lowell McMillan Oxford Patricia Ann McRaney McComb; Kappa Delta James Clopton McRee Greenville Jimmy Victor MacNaughton Falls Church, Virginia James H. Madison, Jr. Fayette Philip Eugene Mansfield Hattiesburg Jacqueline Martin Tupelo; Chi Omega Loy G. Martin Water Valley Rufus E. Martin Laurel Robert Virgil Mass engill Brookhaven; Phi Delta Theta James Hamilton Mathews, Jr. Greenville John T. Mattin Oxford J anell Maxwell Drew; Kappa Kappa Gamma Thomas Dewitt Mayfield Slidell, Louisiana; Delta Psi Linda Lee Mead Natchez; Chi Omega James Kenneth Metcalfe Memphis, Tennessee C. A. Miller, III Greenwood Conley Mitchell Miller, Jr. Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Tau Omega Don D. Miller Columbus George Soller Miller Princeton Indiana Kermit Carol Miller Bay St. Louis Melbourne Miller, Jr. Oxford Melvin Lavern Mitchell Batesville Nancy Ray Mize Jackson; Chi Omega Whitney Johnson Montgomery McComb Leda Merril Moon Meridian; Zeta Tau Alpha Carol Sue Moore Morton Joseph Gary Moore Carthage Paul Lane Moore Carthage Sheldon Lamar Morgan, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana; Phi Delta Theta Frank David Morrison Oxford; Delta Kappa Epsilon Kay Davis Mounger Greenwood: Delta Gamma Mary Preston Myers Jackson; Chi Omega W. Hardy Myers, Jr. McClowd, California; Sigma Chi Marian Tonnar Nail Horn Lake; Kappa Kappa Gamma Thomas Calvert Naugle New Orleans, Louisiana Edwin Clyde Neely, III Grenada: Sigma Chi Rich ard Charles Newberg Ludington, Michigan Millie Theus Nichols Greenville Sandra Kaye Nichols Chattanooga, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Wells Edward Nutt Crossett Willis Mack Osborn Carthage Dorris Minada Overby Brandon; Alpha Omicron Pi Suzanne E. Parent Mequon, Wisconsin; Alpha Omicron Pi Gloria Elizabeth Parks Newberry, South Carolina Ronald Irvin Pass Water Valley; Kappa Sigma Bernie Jenay Patch . New Orleans, Louisiana Fred. W. Pathmann Hot Springs, Arkansas Edward Belk Perry Grenada Patricia Lee Peterson Belen Jimmy Owen Phifer Mantachie Robert Verner Phillips Baldwin Rosalyn Hall Phyfer New Albany; Delta Delta Ralph Ellis Pigott Tylertown Ted Wayne Plunk Bruce; Sigma Pi Jo Ann Polk Prentiss James Don Porter Zephyrhill, Florida; Sigma Chi Barbara Ann Powell Senatobia; Chi Omega Jean Elizabeth Powell Coldwater; Chi Omega Betty Siltman Pratt Batesville Larry J. Pratt Pope Linda Claire P rice Meadville.; Alpha Omicron Pi Jerry Gene Provence New Albany Janet Rae Ragsdale Canton; Delta Delta Delta Nancy Jane Ramsey Greenwood; Kappa Delta Jean Rawson Jackson; Kappa Delta Robert H. Read, III Paulding Carolyn Gay Ready Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Thomas Edison Reaves, Jr. Shelby; Sigma Nu Nancy Carter Reese New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega Wanda Ann Reid Pittsboro; Zeta Tau Alpha Joseph Richard Rhea Memphis, Tennessee Linda Celine Rice Tillar, Arkansas; Delta Delta Delta Vernon L. Richards Greenwood Mary Fairlie Ricketts Jackson; Chi Omega John Thomas Ritchie Natchez; Sigma Nu John Allen Roach Philadelphia, Pa. John Warren Robinson Meridian Joan H. Rogers Moss Point; Phi Mu A. W. Rosenthal Rolling Fork; Phi Epsilon Pi William James Ross Meridian Marilyn Holmes Rowsey Courtland; Alpha Omicron Pi James Robert Roy Helena, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma Kieran F. Rudy Jackson; Kappa Sigma Charles Edwin Russell Memphis, Tennessee John Bedford Russell Jackson; Sigma Chi Robert Eugene Russell Oxford; Alpha Tau Omega Gerard W. Russo Oxford Barbara Elizabeth Saab Canton Patricia Wade Sample Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi Martha Ann Sanders Gulfport; Kappa Kappa Gamma Rex Franklin Sanderson Houston; Beta Theta Pi Bessie Kathryn Sarphie McComb; Kappa Delta Carolyn Sarphie McComb; Kappa Delta David B. Sayle Charleston; Kappa Alpha Lou Schilling er Hernando; Phi Mu Lewellyn Lee Schmelzer Jackson; Ch i Omega Howard Leon Schoggen Sarah Robert Daniel Seawright Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Virgil Elwyn Segrest Port Gibson; Sigma Pi Epsilon Lou Daniel Shing Sandra Ranson Shook Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Delta Harold Ralston Simmons, Jr. Clarksdale Phi Delta Theta Marvin Wade Sims Meridian: Pi Kappa Alpha Rufus Clayton Small Oxford Agnes Maxine Smith Fulton Alvin Curtis Smith Brookhaven; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bev Eugene Smith Oxford; Alpha Tan Omega Catherine M. Smith Water Valley Dennis Edward Smith Laurel Jo Ann Smith Ft. McClellan, Alabama William Augustus Smith Holly Springs; Kappa Alpha William Clinton Smith Oxford; Delta Kappa Epsilon Bruce L. Smythe Blytheville, Arkansas Esther Scheinberg Solomon Greenville Larry Melvin Speaks Merigold; Kappa Sigma James Thomas Speed Carthage; Pi Kappa Alpha Edward Spencer, Jr. Hernando Carol Lindsey Spight Tupelo; Chi Omega Charles David Springs Sikeston, Missouri Curtis A. Stinson Drew; Kappa Delta Darla Gayle Still Steele, Missouri Curtis A. Stinson University Thomas Richard St. Martin Leplace, Louisiana Marilyn Ann Story Charleston, Missouri; Delta Delta Delta. Leland Roy Stouter Palmer, Nebraska Martin Kirby Stringfellow Lucedale Kay Swayze Oxford; Chi Omega Arthur Charles Tanner New Albany; Sigma Chi Chester Lee Tate, Jr. Fowlkes, Tennessee; Pi Kappa Alpha Charles Campbell Taylor, Jr. Jackson; Kappa Alpha Julia Fite Taylor Water Valley Rebecca Ann Taylor Crawfordsville, Arkansas Richard Cortez Tedford Marks Beth Treppendahl Woodville; Kappa Delta Helen Perry Thickens Laurel; Kappa Delta Robert Maney Thompson Manchester, Connecticut Edward William Thornton Madisonville, Kentucky Sara Thurber Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Ancel Cramer Tipton, Jr. Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega Billy W. Todd Thaxton Ronald Linwood Toulouse Augusta, Maine Carri Jean Towle Flossmoor, Illinois; Delta Gamma Judith Davis Trott Oxford; Delta Gamma Adam S. Trowbridge, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilor James V. ' Tuggle, Jr. Vicksburg Jack Spencer Turner Belzoni; Kappa Alpha Edward Lane Upton Carthage Barbara Gay Vaughn Water Valley Marvin Eugene Vernon Jackson Larry Wade Wagster Malden, Missouri Johnette Lurline Walker Pascagoula; Kappa Kappa Gamma Nicki Evalyn Walker Jackson; Kappa Delta Virginia Ann Walker Meridian; Delta Delta Delta William Howard Wallace Coldwater; Phi Kappa Psi James Waller Ware Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma Robert Lee Warner University Gerald Martin Warren Purvis; Kappa Sigma Billy E. Warrington Lambert James Lester Watts Etta R. Alec Watts Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma John McDonald Weathersby Lexington; Sigma Chi Kelley George Weems, Jr. Biloxi Joe C. Weller Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma William Thompson West Tupelo James Gerald Wheat Durant Elene Eleanor Wheeler Chicago, Illinois W. Clark Wherritt Laurel Hugh Stephen Whitaker Charleston; Pi Kappa Alpha Bill Dyke White Toccopola John Milton White Wiggins Margaret White Jonesboro, Arkansas; Alpha Omicron Pi Nanci Corolega White Jonesboro, Arkansas; Delta Gamma Harry Wilbur Widdifield Laurel; Beta Theta Pi Robert Crump Wilkerson, III Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha James S. Wilkes Dyersburg, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Elizabeth Ann Willey Forest; Phi Mu Max Warren Williams Corinth; Sigma Chi Rebecca Williams Walnut; Phi Mu James Stewart Williford McComb; Phi Delta Theta William Brown Williford Jackson Donald Jo Willis Mendenhall; Sigma Chi Edwin Gregory Willis Putchogue, New York; Pi Kappa Alpha Fred A. Wilson Barlow, Kentucky Richard Baxter Wilson, Jr. Jackson; Kappa Alpha George R. Winfield Horn Lake Mary Boone Wingfield Pasadena, California; Delta Gamma Vance Witt Blue Mountain John Richard Wood Greenwood Shirley G. Wood Brookhaven; Chi Omega Vernelle Thompson Woods Holly Springs ames Newton Yelverton Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi Richard Lee York Oxford Robert James Young, Jr. West Point James L. Adams Iuka Richard H. Adams Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Nu Sterling Kurvis Ainsworth Meridian Robert Carmine Albino Waterbury, Connecticut Geraldine M. Aldy Byhalia George Anthony Alexander Picayune; Pi Kappa Alpha Helen Elizabeth Alford Vicksburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma Alonzo Monroe Allen Moorhead Frances Lorraine Allen Yazoo City; Delta Delta Delta Gerald White Allen Brandon Linda Faye Allen Walnut Grove; Zeta Tau Alpha Nancy Charlotte Allen Carthage Sara Turner Allen Tupelo; Kappa Delta Archie Brooks Allison Greenville Brenda Elizabeth Andress Biloxi; Phi Mu Frank H. Andrews Vicksburg; Beta Theta Pi Louie Terry Anthony West Point; Delta Kappa Epsilon Patty Armstrong Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Harry Glenn Arnold Oxford Al Reed Atkinson Fordyce, Arkansas; Sigma Chi Loretta Jewel Austin Pontotoc Margaret Goodell Baker Memphis, Tennessee - Stanley Fred Baker Ruleville John Kent Baldwin Magee; Kappa Sigma Alley Stephen Ballard Hernado Joe Charles Barbee Bruce Jeff S. Barefield Hollandale Hugh Allen Barkley Clarksdale Lauralee Mildred Barron Memphis, Tennessee Margaret H. Bass Tupelo Curtis Larry Beard Jackson James W. Beazley Forrest City, Arkansas Raymond Louis Beck McGehee, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma Abbie Louise Beeson Brookhaven; Delta Gamma William Hewes Bell Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Charles Edward Bennett Tunica; Sigma Nu Joan Mildred Bennett Riverside, Illinois James Fred Benson Sarah Jamie Brent Berry Laurel; Delta Delta Delta Carolyn J. Bickerstaff Oxford; Delta Gamma Martha Vonda Bickerstaff Tishomingo Beverly Louise Biggs Natchez; Alpha Omicron Pi Virgil Lee Bigham Leland; Sigma Chi Jerome Addison Bishop Mendenhall Emily Gay Bivins Shreveport, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma David Morris Blackwell Summit; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Geneva Janette Blair Hamilton Brenda S. Blanton Ellijay, Georgia Robert H. Boling Er Brookhaven; Kappa Alpha Barbara Ann Bonner Memphis, Tennessee; Chi Omega Howard Ellis Boone Er Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Aubrey Lindon Boren Mantachie Robert Rome Bourne Columbia Samuel Jackson Bowen Tupelo; Sigma Nu Aileen Minyard Boyd Itta Bena Gloria Boyd Dundee; Delta Delta Delta Patricia Motlow Boyd Lexington; Kappa Kappa Gamma Donald Oroon Bradley Biloxi Barbara Gerard Brandon Natchez; Kappa Delta Charles E. Braswell Er Shaw Charles Benton Bratt Moss Point Kathryn Henderson Brewer Greenwood; Chi Omega Dudley Black Bridgforth Olive Branch; Sigma Nu Thomas Stanley Bristcr Petal; Pi Kappa Alpha Constance Jane Britt Winter Garden, Florida Belle Fair Brown Louisville; Delta Delta Delta James A. Brown Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Richard Allen Brown Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha L. Thelton Bryant Jackson Phillip Davis Bryant Oxford; Beta Theta Pi Nancy Louise Buchanan Columbia; Kappa Kappa Gamma Betty Brown Buckley Guthrie, Kentucky Richard B. Buffington Oxford Joyce Blaine Burg Redhio, Pennsylvania; Delta Gamma William Joseph Burnett Charleston; Sigma Nu Lou Anne Burris Shelby; Kappa Delta Edward L. Buckner Longview, Texas Charles Russell Burke Jackson; Sigma Chi Virginia M. Butler Pontotoc John Glenn Buxbaum Greenville Susan Cadle Indianapolis, Indiana; Delta Gamma John M. Caffery Harrodsburg, Kentucky; Delta Kappa Epsilo Marjorie Caine Chattanooga, Tennessee Danny Zane Caldwell Bruce Linda D. Caldwell Little Rock, Arkansas Nancy Ann Caldwell Cary, Illinois; Delta Delta. Delta - Wayne O. Caldwell Booneville Sunny Callaway Sheridan, Arkansas Lavelle B. Camp Hattiesburg Robert Franklin Canada Coldwater; Delta Kappa Epsilon Patricia Beth Canning Oxford; Delta Gamma Lorenzia Dwayne Canup Tremont Raul Cardenas Quito, Ecuador, South America Thelma Louise Cardwell Jackson Ellen Penelope Carr Belzoni; Delta Delta Delta James Alton Carroll Lexington Christian H. Carruth Clarksdale Edward Lester Carruth Summit; Phi Delta Theta Robert L. Carter Como Leslie Neal Casaday Memphis, Tennessee; Beta Theta Pi James Albert Cathey Vicksburg; Kappa Sigma Beverley Joye Catledge Eupora John Frank Chappell Seminary Billy Ray Chestang Hattiesburg Molly Rose Childress Blytheville, Arkansas; Zeta Tau Alpha Ginger A. Christman Oxford; Zeta Tau Alpha Joseph William Clark Louisville Roger Travis Clark Iuka; Sigma Chi Raymond Spencer Clift Tupelo; Phi Delta Theta Malcolm Parker Glower Biloxi; Sigma Phi Epsilon Rufus Huell Cofer Oxford Charles Elder Cole Columbus; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Elisabeth Jane Cole Philadelph ia; Delta Delta Delta Ronald John Cole Cortu, New York Thomas Allen Coleman Ackerman Marilyn Kay Cooke Marvelle, Arkansas; Zeta Tau Alpha Arden C. Cooley Dorsey David William Coon Mississippi City; Sigma Nu James Alvin Cooper Charleston James Arthur Cooper Longbeach; Delta Psi Jane Annette Cosby Courtland Charles Franklin Cowley Tupelo Jennings Cox Columbus; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kenneth Leon Cox Lake City, Florida; Sigma Phi Epsilon Suzanne Mayers Crosby Greenville; Delta Delta Delta Kay Crosthwait Drew; Chi Omega Paulette Crum Biloxi; Delta Delta Delta Lloyd Anthony Cuevas Bay St. Louis Constance Lee Cummings Clarion, Pennsylvania; Kappa Kappa Gamma Larry Wade Cunningham Booneville; Sigma Chi Stanley J. Cygon Boonton, New Jersey; Kappa Sigma Helen Sandra Dabbs Aberdeen; Delta Delta Delta Mary Betsy Dabbs Scooba Willis Norwood Dabbs Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Henry Samuel Davis, Jr. Sandersville James Wilbur Davis Pleasant Grove; Sigma Nu John Ray Davis Pelahatchie Linda J. Davis White Hall, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi Paul Thomas Davis Jackson Robert Neal Davis Booneville Martin A. Dean R. R. Valatie, New York Stephen Sidney Decker Gretna, Louisiana; Phi Kappa Theta Lloyd Elizabeth Deddens Jackson Sidney James Dedeaux Raleigh Patricia Ann Dees La uderdale; Zeta Tau Alpha Emilie Ellen Delph Bay St. Louis; Phi Mu Gus Blanchard Denton Shelby; Phi Delta Theta Elliott Scovell Dix Lockport, New York Thomas Vinson Dixon Senatobia Fay Chong Dong Drew Marvin Prentiss Dossett Picayune Thomas S. Doty, Jr. Lucedale; Phi Delta Theta Bob Douglas Oxford John Gelston Downer Lexington; Kappa Sigma Kathy Crosson Downing Laurel; Kappa Delta William Horace Draper Memphis, Tennessee Jerry Campbell Dumas Memphis, Tennessee Philip Edwin Duncan Tylertown; Sigma Chi Frederick Parker Durant Dallas, Texas Charles Bruce Durrett Aliceville, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta Roselyn Ann Eberle El Dorado , Arkansas; Zeta Tau Alpha Boyd M. Edwards Eupora; Alpha Tau Omega Hildred Anne Elmore Ellisville David Lee Ethridge Vicksburg Alfred Lee Eubanks Lucedale Bettye Jane Farmer Benoit; Alpha Omicron Pi Richard M. Farrell Hopedale, Massachusetts; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fred Dailey Faulkner Batesville Joseph Charles Feduccia Cleveland Donald C. Ferguson Corinth James M. Ferguson Ripley; Sigma Phi Epsilon Emuel Mooney Ferrell Jackson Doug M. Ferris Macon; Sigma Chi Joel Peter Flexer Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa. Sigma Patti Fly Summit; Kappa Delta Roger Leo Folk Sheffield, Illinois Joel Judson Ford Water Valley; Delta Psi Allen R. Foster Louisville Robert Haile Frank Vicksburg; Beta Theta Pi Lannon Demar Franklin Denmark Henry Alexander Frazer Montgomery, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta William Harry Frazer Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Gordon Boyd Freeny Vicksburg; Sigma Nu Linda Faye Fulcher Yazoo City; Kappa Delta Anson F. Fullington Hazlehurst Tom Fulton, Jr. Lyon Freidoon Ganji Ahwaz, Iran George Henry Garbark Pittsburgh, Penn. Rene Garcia Caracas, Venezuela; Sigma Phi Epsilon Walter W. Garner Grenada Joseph Robert Gedris Aliquippa, Pennsylvania; Sigma Nu Chung Lin Gee Ruleville Franklin A. Gennin Tylertown Elinor Jeanette Gerred Oxford Gene Paul Gibson Itta Bena Ralph W. Gilbert Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Sandra Sue Giles Kosciusko Martha Jane Gilpin Tupelo; Kappa Delta Mary Ann Gipson Philadelphia Neva Louise Glover Philadelphia; Delta Delta Delta Linda Lee Golden Canton; Delta Delta Delta Homer Hall Graham, Jr. Gulfport; Sigma Nu Joel Carey Grantham Crystal Springs Dorothy Ann Graves McCrory, Arkansas Dale Gray Griffith, Jr. Prentiss Herman Lyles Grigsby Bentonia Michael Sebastian Guercio Leland Bonnie Sue Gulledge Bruce James Eddie Hall Golden Toxey Hall Canton; Phi Delta Theta Judith Grace Halsell Forth Worth, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma David Rich Hamill Meridian Brooke Hamilton Greenwood; Kappa Kappa Gamma James R. Hamilton, Jr. Commerce, Texas Suzanne Hancock Ethelsville, Alabama William Helm Hardin Duncan; Sigma Chi Gwynne Lee Harrington Aberdeen; Phi Mu Lyttleton T. Harris Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Carolyn Jeanette Hawks Coldwater; Phi Mu James Edear Haynes Blytheville, Arkansas David Manning Henderson Marvell, Arkansas; Delta Kappa Epsilon Lillian Love Henick Yazoo City; Delta Delta Delta Carolyn Sue Henry Senatobia; Alpha Omicron Pi Charles Gerald Henson Meridian; Kappa Sigma Neville Clinton Herbert Biloxi; Delta Psi Alice Elizabeth Herin Edwards; Zeta Tau Alpha Gail Herring Moss Point; Kappa Kappa Gamma Anne Elizabeth Herrington New Albany; Delta Delta Delta Leslie David Hervey Moorhead; Delta Kappa Epsilon Travis Gerald Hickman Wiggins Jean Hicks Natchez; Kappa Delta Vick Hill Boyle; Phi Kappa Psi Yvonne Hillman Kreole Matelyn Floyd Hines Rochelle Park, New Jersey; Chi Omega Laurie Brown Hird St. Cloud, Minnesota; Delta Gamma Judith E. Hnilo Clarendon Hills, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi Allen B. Hobbs New Albany James William Hodges Durant Nannette Holcomb Fulton; Delta Gamma Suanne Holland Philadelphia; Delta Gamma Charles Parker Hooker Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jennie. Howell Mize Judith Ann Huddleston Tupelo; Kappa Kappa Gamma Jo Ann Hudson Cleveland Emily Carole Hudspeth Olive Branch; Delta Gamma Patricia Ann Huggins Oxford J. Arthur Hughes Forth Worth, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Earl Hulgan Batesville Emma Lou Hume Santa Fe, Tennessee James Ernest Hurdle Philadelphia Charles Milton Ivy Bruce; Beta Theta Pi Mary Ruth Jackson Tremont Alton Ramon Ridgeland Clarence H. Jameson Garden Grove, California Betty Sue Jamison Marmaduke, Arkansas John Leonard Jeffries Laurel Randolph Lusk Jennings Pleasant Grove Bobby Ray Jermyn Gulfport Annice Raye Jernigan New Albany; Kappa Delta Jackie Jeter Jackson; Chi Omega Richard M. Johnson McGehee, Arkansas; Sigma Phi Epsilon Walter W. Johnson Greenwood Alice Pilkington Jones Tuscumbia, Alabama; Kappa Kappa Gamma Gladston Nathaniel Jones, Jr. Waynesboro James Harvey Jones Columbia; Alpha Tau Omega Jimmy Wayne Jones Drew; Sigma Chi Kathryn C. Jones Potts Camp Robert Major Jones McComb; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Thomas L. Jones University; Sigma Phi Epsilon Robert Taylor Joyce Greenville Percy H. Kaigler Clarksdale Margaret Lillian Keirn Greenwood Donald Lee Keith Booneville Pope Kelly Brookhaven; Phi Delta Theta Roy George Kennington Jackson; Kappa Alpha James Harold Key Batesville Joseph Aaron King Germantown, Tennessee; Kappa Sigma Sam Gwin Kirschten Greenwood; Sigma Phi Epsilon Evelyn C. Klaus Macon; Delta Gamma Kay Lamb Shaw; Kappa Delta Ernest Lane Greenville; Sigma Nu Sime Lott Langston, Jr. Shaw; Sigma Chi Oliver A. Latil Ocean Springs E. Lynn Latimer Tennessee Greg Mavar Lawrence Biloxi; Sigma Nu William Earl Ledbetter New Albany Vicki Ann LeDuke Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Gamma Emily Melene Lee Jackson; Chi Omega Paul Lelko Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania Ronnie Eugene LeMay Greenville; Phi Delta Theta Fred William Lentjes Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta Dixie Joy Lewis Drew; Alpha Omicron Pi Donald Edward Lewis Foxworth Kay H. Lewis Tullahoma, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta Charles ' Edwin Liles Houlka Edward Posey Lobrano Centreville Vernon B. Lockhart Forrest City, Arkansas Helen Patricia Lowery Jackson Ronald E. McAnally Dennis R. Dale McBride Durant Barbara Jane McClatchy Red Banks; Phi Mu Frank McCloskey Carthage Thomas K. McCraw Florence, Alabama; Pi Kappa Alpha Leon McCullouch Oxford; Sigma Chi Beverly Ann McDonald Preston Willard S. McDonald Forest; Pi Kappa Alpha Nancy Penelope McElroy Natchez; Delta Gamma Thomas Bryan McGar Ripley; Sigma Nu Joe Earl McGuffee New Hebron Patricia Kay McKay Magnolia; Kappa Delta Joe Prichard McKee Friars Point Allen Gray McLain Jackson William 0. McLain Brandon Ellen Lyle McLellan Meridian; Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Anthony McLemore Meridian; Kappa Kappa Gamma Roland Taylor McPhail Calhoun City James Mihon McQueen Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kappa Sigma Alpheus Holland McRae, Jr. Laurel; Kappa Alpha William J. McVeigh Waycross, Georgia Robert Brandt Mace .. Indianapolis, Indiana; Alpha Tau Omega James Kent MaeKinlay Calgary, Alberta, Canada Virginia L. MacNaughton Oxford Margaret Rose Malone Oxford John Victor Manatis Spartanburg, South Carolina; Kappa Alpha Martin Marshall Vicksburg Elzie Dee Martin Water Valey Martha Jane Martin Jackson Robert Lee Martin Kernsville, North Carolina Rose Virginia Mathews Greenwood; Delta Gamma Charles Eugene Matthews, Jr. Oxford Clyde Edwin Maxwell, Jr. Columbus Charles Joseph May Pascagoula Sandra Lee Mayo Louisville Mary Ann Medlin Little Rock, Arkansas Mary Catharine Miller Jackson; Chi Omega Timothy Lee Miller Port Jefferson, New York Micajah Sturdivant Mills Glendora; Phi Delta Theta Sarah Phyllis Milner Gulfport; Chi Omega A. Kaye Mitchell Paragerild, Arkansas; Delta Gamma Edgar Allen Mixon Heidelberg William B. Mize Jackson Peyton Moncrief DeWitt, Arkansas; Beta Theta Pi . Buddy Ross Montgomery Pontotoc Jane Cleveland Montgomery Greenwood; Kappa Delta William Robert Montgomery Como Anne Leigh Moore Whitehaven, Tennessee; Chi Omega Susan Virginia Morehead Jackson; Chi Omega Charles Alan Morris San Antonio, Texas; Pi Kappa Alpha Bob Hugh Morrisson Etta John Derwood Morvant New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon Billie Faye Moss Oxford Joe Donald Moss Laurel Dale Munn Leland; Kappa Delta Bobbie Murchison Waterford Sylvia Christine Murphy Indianola; Phi Mu Patricia Louise Nabors Columbus; Delta Delta Delta Nick Lyman Nail Horn Lake; Phi Delta Theta Robert Earl Nash Devon, Pennsylvania William Thomas Neely Jackson John Ewing Neill Greenwood; Sigma Chi Talmage Nelson Jayess William Neville McComb; Phi Delta Theta Richard Ferris Newman Cleveland; Sigma Nu Cora Ann Newsom Potts Camp; Delta Gamma Tommie Lou Nix Scooba Joe Ann Noble Fayette; Chi Omega Nancy Norris Clarksdale William Henry O ' Bryant University Glenn Ray Olsen Clintonville, Wisconsin James Wright O ' Mara Jackson; Phi Delta Theta J. Neil O ' Neill Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Martha Sue Orr Lewisburg, Tennessee; Phi Mu Jo Lynn Parker Philadelphia Mary Winona Parker Meridian Harrell Eugene Patterson Anniston, Alabama; Phi Delta Theta Thomas A. Patterson Senatobia James Walter Patty, Jr. Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Lillian Patricia Peace West Point; Chi Omega Linda Louise Peacock Jackson Velma Lynn Pennebaker Edwards; Phi Mu Bobbye Lynne Pennington Ackerman; Chi Omega Dewey Glenn Pennington Ackerma; Sigma Chi William F. Percival Grenada James Herring Perkins Brookhaven; Sigma Chi Amy Julia Permenter Greenville; Kappa Kappa Gamma Jenna Kay Porter Como Patrieia Lillian Povall Lexington; Chi Omega Joseph Larry Pressley Aberdeen James Stanley Price West Point Jerdon Dean Provence New Albany Sarah Buckingham Quackenboss Greenwood; Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Judith Quinn Prentiss; Kappa Kappa Gamma David H. Raborn, Jr. Carlisle, Arkansas; Sigma Phi Epsilon Terry James Raley Biloxi Lytle Alexander Rather Holly Springs; Sigma Chi Olen Edward Ray Hernando Sammie Lynn Reardon Smithdale Chester Allen Reaves Oxford Bobby Riley Redding Oxford Jerry Franklin Reed Pine Bluff, Arkansas Judy Gladys Reed Uion Church; Kappa Kappa Gamma Linda Gayle Reed Lexington Ann Crawford Rhea Somerville, Tennessee Cynthia Willis Rhymes Louisville; Delta Delta Delta Harold Edwin Ricketts Booneville Laketa Marie Rickly Memphis, Tennessee Sam B. Rickman Hartsville, Tennessee; Sigma Chi Miles Riley, Jr. Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Ruth Hepburn Rivers Owenslow, Kentucky Adelaide Lyon Robbins Mayfield, Kentucky James Leonard Roberson, Jr. Houston Sally Ann Roberts Greenwood David Drew R. Robinson Waterford; Pi Kappa Alpha E. Janette Rogers Water Valley Leonard G. Rogers University Paul Daniel Rogers Crystal Springs David Elmer Ross Oxford Richard D. Ross Jackson, Tennessee Joseph Oscar Rubert Germantown, Tennessee Thad B. Rudd Plymouth, Indiana; Sigma Chi Nell DeWitt Rush Decatur, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma Frank N. Russell Oxford Mary Helen Rutledge Clarksdale; Chi Omega Eleanor Elizabeth Salveson Greenwood Charles R. Sample Plantersville; Sigma Nu Roland William Samuelson Gardena, California; Sigma Nu Martha Ruth Sansom Water Valley Naney Rose Sawyers Dayton, Tennessee Wilheln Glen Scherwitzki Mastic, New York Harold James Schneider Laurel Morris Jerome Schur Lexington; Phi Epsilon Pi Don T. Scoggin Ellisville Gwin Chalmers Scott Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon James Elliott Seale Laurel; Kappa Alpha William H. Scale Holly Springs; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leland K. Shaffer, Jr. Nanuet, New York; Alpha Tau Omega Douglas L. Sharpe New Orleans, Louisiana Don W. Sheffield Dorsey Patricia Ann Sheldon Avon; Delta Delta Delta Thomas Cochran Shellnut Baldwyn; Pi Kappa Alpha James Lee Sherman Nashville, Tennessee; Pi Kappa Alpha Stanley Stein Sherman Greenville Orien Lavan Shettles Ecru Frances Ann Simpson Greenwood; Kappa Delta Florence Elizabeth Sims Ralph Stuart Singleton, Jr. Jackson Thomas R. Singley Meridian; Phi Delta Theta Carey Charles Smith McComb Daniel Briggs Smith Meridian; Phi Delta Theta Jewell George Smith Heidelberg; Sigma Nu Jimmie Claude Smith Meadville Lucille Lynette Smith Tupelo; Chi Omega Ralph Allon Smith Brookhaven Bennie Jean Smyth Louisville; Delta Gamma Willa Cox Smythe Batesville; Delta Gamma Robert L. Snyder Dorisife, Pennsylvania Daniel Charles Soares Biloxi; Sigma Pi Charles Raymond Sorensen Milford, Connecticut Sally Seott Spier Bastrop, Louisiana; Phi Mu Anne Heard Stallworth Meridian Carrie Serena Starnes Denmark Mary Ann Steele Oxford Joseph Cullen Stennett Jackson Billy Myrl Stephens Tupelo Edwin Sydney Stephens Columbia, Missouri; Kappa Sigma Linda Louise Stephens Jackson; Chi Omega Bethany Matilda Stoekett Jackson; Chi Omega David Eugene Stone Greenwood Grace Fredean Stone Sledge Tommy F. Stone Little Rock, Arkansas; Kappa Sigma Beverly Sue Stowers Natchez; Kappa Delta Ray Clark Strange Brookhaven Cosper Eugene Stribling Tullahoma; Kappa Sigma Frances Busby Stroud Etta Thomas Andrew Stroud Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Elizabeth Ann Stuart Memphis, Tennessee William Ernest Sugg Tupelo Leonard J. Sullivan Meadville Corolyn Meriwether Summers Nesbit; Delta Delta Delta Gerry Ann Tarver Greenville William T. Tatum Meridian; Alpha Tau Omega Ellen Meriwether Taylor Clarksdale; Chi Omega Jane Colston Taylor Tupelo Samuel Taylor Courtland Dottie Annette Teasler Senatobia William W. Terry LaPlace, Louisiana James Herbert Thigpen Pop_ larville Sharon Louise Thompson Houston, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi Robert M. Thorne Meridian Johnnie Gay Tinsley Vicksburg Hans Tischner Arlington, Massachusetts; Sigma Phi Epsilon Warren Allen Todd Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Philip D. Traey Gladewater, Texas John A. Travis McComb; Phi Delta Theta Ann Treadway Little Rock, Arkansas; Kappa Kappa Gamma Charles Francis Tuohey Medina, New York; Sigma Chi Dorothy Dimple Turnage Newton; Kappa Kappa Gamma Amy Sue Turner Sledge Henry Edward Turner Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Kappa Epsilon Gerald Gwin Tyler Bruce Mark Raymond Ungerer Williamsville, New York Ronel M. Urice Del City, Oklahoma; Phi Kappa Psi Mary Anna Usus Springfield, Illinois George T. Vance West Point; Delta Kappa Epsilon Constance Blaine Vinci St. Francisville, Louisiana Martha Kennen Wade Greenwood; Delta Delta Delta Ernest C. Wakham Grenada Betty Sherron Waldrop Thaxton Nancy Ann Wall Calhoun City; Kappa Kappa Gamma Judith Serviah Ware Jackson; Chi Omega Herbert Sherley Watson Earle, Arkansas Mary Frances Watson Jackson Peter Lutken Watts Brookhaven; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Elise Nancy Webb New Orleans. Louisiana; Alpha Omicron Pi Anne Porter Webster Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha Courtenaye Cabell Weeks Yazoo City Jack Jordan Wellborn Silver Creek James Madison Wells, Jr, Blue Mountain; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sarah Price Wells Jackson; Delta Gamma Vivian Ann West Canton; Delta Delta Delta Robert Thomas Whitaker Tupelo; Sigma Chi Lewis A. Wilburn Baytown, Texas; Kappa Alpha Ned B. Wilford Forrest City, Arkansas Alexine Wilkerson Franklin, Tennessee; Delta Delta Delta William Thomas Wilkins Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma James Ellis Williamson Mississippi City; Sigma Phi Epsilon Jean Christine Williamson Oxford; Alpha Omicron Pi Jerilyn Faye Williamson Bastrop, Louisiana; Phi Mu William Lee Williamson Vicksburg Thomas Earl Willingham Grenada Betty Frances Wilson Oxford; Alpha Omicron Pi James Miehael Wilson Laurel; Delta Kappa Epsilon Norman Cook Wilson, Jr. Columbus; Pi Kappa Alpha Ruth Elizabeth Wilson Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma , Eugene Pearson Windham, Jr. Rolling Fork George Wayne Winter Clarksdale Lawrence Verne Witt, Jr. Columbus; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Billy Clinton Wood Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ralph Barnard Wood Dorsey Mary Ellen Woodburn University; Zeta Tan Alpha Joseph Wayne Woodman Birmingham, Alabama Larry Lee Wozeneroft Lucedale Mary Ellen Wright Oxford; Alpha Omicron Pi Bennett Van York Derma; Sigma Nu Charles Max Young Corinth Leonard Albert Young Greenwood; Delta Kappa Epsilon William A. Young Crystal Springs Fredericka C. Zeller Hazlehurst; Kappa Delta Donald Wright Abel Holly Springs George Ellis Abdo Greenville Jesse R. Adams, Jr. Oxford; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mickie Arnold Adams Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma Murray Cecil Adams Belmont William Wesley Adams Blytheville; Sigma Chi Lee B. Agnew, Jr. Jackson Jim Wilson Aiken Senatobia; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Edward Ainsworth Jackson; Phi Delta Theta James Edgar Albin Goodman Vettra Glenn Anderson Oxford; Kappa Sigma Franklin Baroner Aldridge Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Thomas Michael Alewine, Jr. Brandon; Alpha Tau Omega m Thomas Alexander, Jr. Corinth Robert Wayne Alexander Grenada Raymond Albert Alford Greenville William Anthony Alias Clarksdale; Kappa Sigma James Milton Allen Jackson; Delta Psi Lane Allen Jackson, Sigma Nu Roy Patton Allen Belmont Sidney Clayton Allen Bellefontaine William Robert Amis Virginia, Minnesota Audrey Larna Amos Gulfport Carl Gordon Anderson Bardwell, Kentucky Charles Edward Anderson Shreveport, Louisiana Fred Alvin Anderson Oxford; Pi Kappa Alpha Helen Kay Anderson Jackson; Kappa Delta John Therrell Armstrong, Jr. Oxford; Phi Delta Theta Denny Arnold Edmonton, Canada Lana Jane Arthur Vicksburg; Alpha Delta Pi William Lawrence Ashley Clinton Robert Wilson Atkinson, Jr. Drew; Phi Delta Theta Dixie Inez Austin Dundee; Alpha Omicron Pi John Coston Autry Columbia; Alpha Tau Omega Carolyn Jean Auwarter Jackson Paul W. Avaltroni Shelby Joseph Carson Avent, Jr. University; Alpha Tau Omega James Knox Baddley Water Valley; Delta Kappa Epsilon Donna Bess Bailey Coffeeville; Delta Delta Delta Sarah Ellen Bailey Marks: Zeta Tau Alpha William Hurt Baker, Jr. Jackson; Alpha Tau Omega Claude Wallaee Ball Columbia Leonard D. Ball Gulfport Sara Jane Banks Newton; Delta Delta Delta William Tillman Banks Philadelphia Robert Ethridge Barnes Magee; Kappa Sigma Harry Theodore Barnett Alexandria, Virginia; Kappa Alpha Mary Ann Barr Jackson; Kappa Delta Danny W. Bath Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega Robert Stephens Baures St. Petersburg, Florida James Bailey Baxter Marion; Pi Kappa Alpha Jane Elizabeth Baxter Lumberton Hardy Bays Grenada; Kappa Delta Beth Beall Lexington; Chi Omega Robert: Nelson Beckham Amory Josh B. Bell Hernando; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Douglas L. Bendle Moline, Illinois Sarah Randolph Benham Monticello; Kappa Kappa Gamma Loretta I. Bennett Crenshaw Alfred Eugene Berliner Somerville, New Jersey Mary Jane Berry Columbia; Delta Gamma Charles Henry Best Osyka; Kappa Sigma Vivia Nell Best Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Delta Pi Margie Lou Beutel Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Mu James William Bingham Guntown Robert R. Black Oxford; Sigma Chi Dale Elaine Blair Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi William Key Blair Columbus; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Starr Donna Blonde Miami, Florida Betty Anita Bloom Gulfport; Zeta Tau Alpha Joe Alfred Blythe Jackson; Kappa Alpha James Elgan Bolen, Jr. Clarksdale Edward " Butch " Bond Silver City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Susan Deas Boone Laurel Tommy C. Bourn Jackson Rees Tate Bowen Laurel; Sigma Nu Sharon Otheal Boyd Jackson Thurman L. Boykin Cleveland; Sigma Nu Barbara Dianne Boyll Meridian; Alpha Omicron Pi Emilysam Whitten Bramlett Batesville; Kappa Kappa Gamma Judith Ann Brecht Cincinnati, Ohio; Alpha Delta Pi Nancy Cla ire Brewer Tupelo; Delta Gamma Malvina Anne Bridges Winterville; Chi Omega Margaret Dee Bridgforth Nesbit; Delta Gamma Roger Dean Brinegar Water Valley; Delta Kappa Epsilon Calvin C. Brister Jackson James C. Britt Gore Springs Linda Kay Brodnax Biloxi Judith LaNelle Brooks Memphis, Tennessee Elizabeth Claire Brougher Sardis; Alpha Omicron Pi Sidna Brower Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Billy Floyd Brown Charleston John Walter Brown Natchez Kaye Frances Brown Memphis, TeTnnessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Gwynne Taylor Brunt, Jr. Jacksonville, Florida Alfred Hume Bryant Jackson; Sigma Nu Jenny Warriner Bryant Corinth Gary Lee Buffington Tuscumbia, Alabama Sandra Bullard Oxford William Francis Bullock Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Robert William Bunnell, Jr. Fayetteville, New York Janice Gail Burns Lumberton Martha Martin Burns Hillhouse; Chi Omega Sarah Kay Burns Caruthersville, Missouri; Delta Delta Delta Sara Whitehurst Burrow Gulfport; Phi Mu Judy Lynn Busby Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Kay Dean Butler Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha Thomas Albert Butler Wiggins Edith Linda Caldwell Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Camille Claire Callaway Memphis, Tennessee iris Joan Campbell Grenada Mary Ann Cannady Meridian; Delta Gamma John Ross Cardwell Water Valley Michael Edward Cargile Picayune Mary Allene Carlisle Vicksburg Amelia Beattie Carothers Greenwood Myra J. Carter Tupelo Charles Mike Cassidy Bogalusa Susan W. Cato Jackson, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron P1 Mary Lou Cauer Pascagoula Patricia Glynn Chadwick Jackson; Kappa Delta Richard Emmitt Caruthersville, Missouri; Kappa Alpha Ida Kay Chancellor Macon; Delta Gamma James Truman Channell Kosciusko Caroline Wallaee Chapman Biloxi; Delta Delta Delta George Darrell Chunn Batesville Richard Orville Clark Iuka; Sigma Chi Rose Clayton New Albany; Chi Omega George Grady Clement Amory Tom R. Coffield Laurel Curtis Edward Coker, Jr. Jackson Roy Leslie Collins Cleveland; Phi Delta Theta Marian Fay Collums Tupelo; Chi Omega Robert Lowery Comstock Brown Summit, North Carolina Kitty Ann Cook Avalon; Delta Gamma William Burt Cooper, Jr. Paducah, Kentucky; Beta Theta Pi William Wert Cooper, Jr. Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Catherine Quay Cory Shreveport, Louisiana James Phillip Cothren McComb; Phi Delta Theta Thomas Miller Couch Marion Hal Willard Council Memphis. Tennessee Margaret Paterson Countiss New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega William Poston Cox Memphis, Tennessee Louie V. Craig Marks James Walter Crisler Jackson; Kappa Sigma Glenn Wesson Crocker, Jr. Bruce; Sigma Phi Epsilon Thomas Dewey Crowson Batesville Jonna Lynne Cullen Jackson Howard Allen Cupp Memphis, Tennessee Kim Curry Eupora; Phi Delta Theta Cooper Elijah Curtis, Jr. Winona J. Conway Dabney Gulfport Mary Gail Dabney Memphis, Tennessee Peggy Joy Dale Prentiss; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sylvia Frances Dame Jackson; Kappa Delta Richard Hamlin Darnell Minter City; Sigma Chi Pauline Gilruth Darrington Yazoo City; Delta Gamma Jean Barnett Davenport Meridian; Zeta Tau Alpha Glen Davidson Ecru; Pi Kappa Alpha Ronald McKay Davidson Denver, Colorado Betty Ann Davis Oxford Joel Vernon Davis Hernando; Delta Kappa Epsilon Karen Elizabeth Dawson Vicksburg; Alpha Omicron Pi James Batson Day Wiggins Robert Shannon Day Philadelphia Susan Sanders Day Clarksdale; Chi Omega Charleen Deaton Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Victor M. Delgadillo Managua, Nicaragua Margene Ann Dement Meridian: Delta Delta Delta Clarence Charles Densing Oxford Paul Augustus Dent Meridian; Sigma Chi Suzan De Weese Philadelphia; Alpha Omicron Pi Quinton Howard Dickerson, Jr. Petal Kenneth D. Dill West Point; Sigma Alpha Epsilon James Hardin Dodds Jackson William Duncan Donald, Jr. Moorhead; Delta Kappa Epsilon Betty Jane Donaldson Brookhaven; Kappa Kappa Gamma Walter Terry Donaldson Pontotoc Richard Leslie Dorris Oxford Roderick V. Draper Batesville James Batson Draughn, Jr. Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi Charlotte Lee Dreve Memphis Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma James Kenneth Dunaway Columbia Marguerite Elizabeth Dunn Rossville Tennessee Bettye Carolyn Durrett Philadelphia; Delta Gamma Katharine Charlton Eakin Jackson William George Eckhardt State College; Sigma Chi Dorothy Leigh Edwards New Madrid Missouri Jo Frances Edwards Brandon; Alpha Omicron Pi Julian Hill Edwards, Jr. Hernando; Delta Kappa Epsilon Charles Milton Edmondson Crowder John David Edmondson Calhoun City Marilu Ellis Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Patricia Ann Ellis Port Gibson Blanche Evelyn Eskridge Greenwood Jim K. Estes Oxford; Sigma Chi Martha Ellen Evans Quitman; Alpha Omicron Pi Sherry Ann Falls Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta Martha Maynard Fant Sardis; Chi Omega Linda Jean Farris Clarksdale; Alpha Omicron Pi Richard FL Fenstermacher Vicksburg; Phi Delta Theta Noel F. Ferguson Forrest City, Ark. Yvonne Ferrell Ashland George Joseph. Ferry Waveland; Phi Kappa Psi Eugene Henry Fisher Leland Linda Cloud Fite Water Valley; Phi Mu Carol Flake Jackson, Tenn.; Kappa Delta William Frierson Flavit Tutwiler; Kappa Alpha Kay Dennis Fleming Columbus; Delta Delta Delta Lillian Lueille Flohr Vicksburg; Delta Delta Delta Lorraine Loris Forbes Laurel; Kappa Delta Bess Hurley Ford Vicksburg Bessie Louise Ford Charleston Cecil Atha Ford Taylorsville; Phi Delta Theta Fred Alan Ford Vicksburg; Alpha Tau Omega Dave B. Forrester Wilmette, Ill.; Sigma Chi Leslie Julian Fossen Brooten, Minn. Herman Wade Fortenberry Tylertown John Turner Frame Steele, Mo.; Pi Kappa Alpha Thomas Wallaee Francis Shannon George Richard Frank Chattanooga, Tenn. Edward Owens Fritts Union City, Term.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Allen Gaines Kingsport, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega 0. Turner Gaines Iuka; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frank E. Gammill Union Church Alan C. Gard Springville, Iowa Tommy Garner Ripley, Tenn. Wilma Louise Garvin Newton; Alpha Delta Pi John Gregory Gassaway Saltillo Robert Grafton Gates Mendenhall Jimmy M. George Jackson John Walter Gill, Jr. Vicksburg; Kappa Alpha Martha Ann Gilliam Dallas, Tex.; Alpha Delta Pi John Barry Glenn, Jr. Brooksville Mary Virginia Godfrey Meridian Gerry Wood Gooch Pontotoc; Delta Delta Delta Barbara Faye Goodin Houston, Tex. Dorothy Ruth Graft Rolling Fork Linda Bond Grant Biloxi; Delta Gamma Kirk P. Grantham Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Samuel Robert Grantham Clarksdale; Phi Kappa Psi Samuel T. Gray New Augusta Anne Green Jackson James Martin Greene Byhalia; Sigma Nu Julia Ann Greene Booneville Gay Grundy Greve Memphis, Tenn.; Chi Omega Gail Elizabeth Grout Miami, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Felix John Guillory, Jr. Natchez; Delta Psi John R. Gunter Marks; Pi Kappa Alpha David Hudson Guyton, Jr. Blue Mountain; Sigma Chi Issam Haddad Amman, Jordan Joel Watkins Haden Dallas, Tex.; Sigma Chi Emile Michael Haik Long Beach; Delta Kappa Epsilon Emma Clark Hairston Columbus; Delta Gamma Jolene Halbert Inverness Eleanor Jean Hale Canton; Delta Delta Delta Sandra Pearl Hale Tupelo; Kappa Delta Ronald Austin Haley Tupelo Billy Don Hall Memphis, Tenn. Don Clark Hall Louisville; Alpha Tau Omega Richard Durell Hall Nettleton W. Whaley Hall Trussville, Ala. William E. Hamill Philadelphia; Sigma Nu Eugene Forrest Hamilton Olive Braneh Courtney Anne Hammond Magnolia; Delta Gamma John Howard Hanbery Greenville Nell Fall Handly Nashville. Tenn. Larry Curtis Hardy Charleston; Sigma Nu Jo Ann Hardin Greenwood; Phi Mu Jane Hall Harmon Atlanta, Ga.; Chi Omega Billy Wayne Harp Vero Beach, Fla. Donald Ray Harper Greenwood; Sigma Chi Bradley C. Harrington Syracuse, New York Vida Hazel Harris Sledge; Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Ann Harris Tupelo Everitt C. Harriss, University Susan Cooper Hathorn Hattiesburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma Rowland S. Hawkins Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Laura Bennett Haynes Columbia, Tenn.; Kappa Delta Charles Edward Haywood Tupelo; Sigma Chi Laszlo Hege University Frank Murrah Herndon Columbus; Phi Kappa Psi Juan Dean Herrington Jackson David Lynn Hicks Magee June Carroll Hightower Eupora; Alpha Delta Pi Charles Douglas Hinds Oxford Sally Ann Hinsch Shreveport, La.; Phi Mu Karen Lee Hoellen Glenview, Ill.; Kappa Delta Margaret Beverly Holmes Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Martha Gerald Holmes Tuniea; Chi Omega Sidney G. Holmes Waynesboro Connie Joe Hontzas Jackson Henry Nick Hooke Utica; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Thomas Davis Hopkins Forest; Alpha Tau Omega Peggy lean Hossfeld Vicksburg; Phi Mu Robbie Dee Horn Houston Eleanor Ruth House Mineral Wells Mary Phelan Houston Grenada; Delta Delta Delta Guy Lee Hovis, Jr. Tupelo; Sigma Nu Ben Robin Howard Jackson; Sigma Nu Catherine Mary Jean Howell Jackson Mack Ray Howell Amory William Thomas Hudson Rayford Raleigh Hudson Jackson; Sigma Chi I. Meade Hufford Alexandria, Va.; Kappa Alpha Ronald Erwin Hughey Clarksdale Michael Warren Willis Hughes Jackson Frank Montgomery Hull University; Alpha Tua Omega Joe Stephen Hussey Tupelo Linda Lee Ineichen Rayville, La. Florence Hill Ives Canton Georgia Ann Jackson Coldwater; Kappa Delta Sterling Gray Jackson Jackson; Sigma Chi Mathikde Leonard Janvier New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma William Franklin Jennings Vicksburg; Kappa Alpha Carolyn Kay Johnson Senatobia; Delta Gamma Charlotte Quay Johnson Water Valley Charlotte Virginia Johnson Senatobia Jerry Garlyn Johnson Grenada John Dee Johnson University: Sigma Chi Larry Leo Johnson Forest Carolyn LeNoir Jones Flora; Phi Mu Jerry Lee Jones McComb; Phi Delta Theta Patricia Ann Jones McMinnville, Tenn. Walter Robert Jones Inverness; Phi Delta Theta William Hamp Jones Jackson; Sigma Chi Jack Brown Jordon Kosciusko; Sigma Chi Judy Ann Josephson Flossmoor, Ill.; Delta Gamma Elizabeth Ann Judge Oxford; Kappa Delta Lin Fay Jue Indianola Nan Kathryn Kaiser Louisville, Ky.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Stephanie Teresa Kalil McComb Roy Irving Kaplan Pickens; Phi Epsilon Pi Robert Austin Keeling Vicksburg; Sigma Phi Epsilon George Curtis Keith Jackson; Phi Delta Theta John Roberts Kelly Morton; Pi Kappa Alpha Gordon Bailey Kenwright Chatham Joseph Chester Kern Jackson; Sigma Nu Barbara Nell King Oxford Joe Buddy King Philadelphia Mary Louise King Dyersburg, Tenn.; Chi Omega Carl Turner Kirkland Union, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Nolen Kirkham, Jr. Jackson; Alpha Tan Omega Frank Shelton Kinkade Shelby Wanda Rose Koehler Robinsonville; Chi Omega Barbara Lynn Kunkel Midlothian, Ill.; Alpha Delta Pi Jean Ann Lack Cleveland Linda Joy Lackey Forest; Chi Omega Arthur Allen Lacy Laurel Robert Myers Laird Brandon; Kappa Alpha Billy Gravette Lamb Amory; Sigma Chi Rabian Dale Lane Jackson; Nu William Edward Lane Jackson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Anne Langford Meridian; Chi Omega Dave Raymond Lawrence Biloxi; Sigma Phi Epsilon Edgar Harrell Lee, Jr. Greenville Diane F. Lemon Ocean Springs; Delta Gamma Douglas Bazsinsky Lewis Vicksburg; Phi Epsilon Pi John Mallory Lewis Batesville Larry O ' Keefe Lewis Farrell; Phi Delta Theta James Wallace Liddell New Albany; Alpha Tau Omega Mary Margaret Lindsey Laurel Ernest B. Lipscomb Vicksburg Linoa Holly Little Daytona Beach, Fla.; Alpha Delta Pi Nancy Myron Little Laurel Ivy Jean Littlejohn Blue Springs Dorothy Lucille Long Braggadocio William Lynn Long Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Lucille Wiloford Longino Jonestown; Chi Omega Chester Trent Lott Pascagoula; Sigma Nu William Lee Lovett Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Marmion Loving West Point; Kappa Delta Carol Clark Lowe Tupelo; Alpha Omicron Pi Albert Brady Lum Port Gibson; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Judy I. Lum Vicksburg; Phi Mu Judy Ann Lundberg Grenada; Phi Mu John Francis Lynch, III Memphis, Tenn.; Beta Theta Pi Sara Ann McCaa Port Gibson; Delta Gamma Sandra Faye McCaffrey Brookhaven; Kappa Kappa Gamma George Thomas McClintock Holly Bluff; Pi Kappa Alpha Joe Mitch McElwain Falkner; Sigma Nu John Cecil MeEwen, Jr. Oxford Missy McGivaren Clarksdale; Chi Omega Charles Arthur MeIntosh, Jr. Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha John Sharpless McIntyre, Jr. Keswick, Va.; Kappa Alpha Phyllis Lynne McIntyre Oxford Allison Coring McKay Brookhaven Jo Karen McMahon Abbeville; Kappa Delta Joan Constance McMillan Massapegva., New York Patricia Anne MeMullan Hattiesburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma Martin Lanier McRoberts Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Richard Stephen Maehtolff Florence Riehard Milton Magee Magee; Kappa Sigma Alex John Malouf Greenwood Alfred Mitchell Malouf Greenwood James Thomas Martin Houston; Delta Kappa Epsilon Mary Elizabeth Martin Vicksburg; Delta Delta Delta Mary Lou Mashburn Jackson John Ronald Matheidas, Jr, Dallas, Texas Nick A. Mavar. Biloxi; Alpha Tau Omega Ken Taylor Mayhall Belmont Myra Janelle Mayo Water Valley; Alpha Omicron Pi Joe Smith Mellon, Jr, Bolton; Sigma Nu Charles M. Merkel Leland; Sigma Chi Robert Gerald Miley Brinkley, Ark.; Delta Psi Martha Mae Miller Wellesley, Mass.; Delta Gamma - Rosemary Milstead Jackson, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta Joe Mims Drew Virgil A. Minor Clarksdale; Alpha Tau Omega Jimmy Ray Mitehell Ashland Mitchell Allan Mitchell Glencoe, Ill.; Alpha Tau Omega George F. Mize Mississippi City; Phi Kappa Psi Joseph Harold Montgomery Lumberton; Pi Kappa Alpha Steve E: Montgomery Port Gibson Tricia Ann Monteith Oakland; Kappa Delta Margaret Tipton Moody Dyersburg, Tenn.; Delta Gamma Dudley Rook Moore Byhalia; Sigma Chi Sherry Ann Moore Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Samuel Ross Morgan Biloxi Rosalenc Morrison Utica; Kappa Delta John Arthur Mortimer, Jr. Belzoni; Kappa Alpha William Joel Morton Memphis, Tenn. Bobby Joe Moses Yazoo City; Zeta Tau Alpha Clyde Rober Mosier Clarksdale; Delta Kappa Epsilon Evelyn Maine Murphy Flora Hugh C. Murray Meadville Rosalyn Neilson Oxford; Kappa Delta Brenda Beryl New Oxford; Zeta Tau Alpha William Loughran Nicholas Raymond; Sigma Phi Epsilon Alfred George Nicols, Jr. Morton; Sigma Chi Sandra Janice Nichols Olive Branch Philip B. Noble Jackson; Sigma Chi Elizabeth Anne North Kenilworth, Ill.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Terry E. Northup Tinley Park, Ill. Riehard Morrow Nowell Philadelphia; Sigma Chi Robert Lee Oakman, III Clarksdale Mary Jo Oden Blytheville, Ark.; Delta Delta. Delta Donna Jaycee Olive Corinth Gerald Norman Olsen Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha George A. Omas Biloxi; Sigma Phi Epsilon John Wilson Openshaw Laurel; Sigma Nu Catherine Baton Orsborn Greenwood; Delta Delta Delta Eleanor Ann Osteen Collierville, Tenn.; Alpha Omieron Pi Charles David Overton Batesville Sam W. Owen Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kenneth A. Pagach Ramsey, New Jersey Robert Walker Paine Kennett, Missouri; Pi Kappa. Alpha Mary Kay Parker Meridian; Delta Delta Delta Jo Ann Payne Brandon; Delta Delta Delta Gloria Gay Peacock Water Valley; Kappa Kappa Gamma Donald Wayne Peery Memphis, Tenn. Mary Hall Pegram Kappa Delta William Allen Pepper, Jr. Belzoni; Sigma Nu Judy Enrich Perry Marked Tree, Ark.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Luther Bernard Perry Foley, Ala. Marion McDonald Perry Philadelphia; Alpha Tau Omega Ben M. Pettis Oxford; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jane Phenix Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Mu Ann Lovelace Phillips Eupora; Kappa Kappa Gamma W. Louis Phillips Holly Springs Bea Viola Pierce Grenada; Delta Delta Delta Betty Dean Pifer Russellville, Ala. Patsy Bell Pittman Water Valley Cecila Louise Pitts Oxford Carolyn Polk Jackson; Phi Mu Michael Carol Pooley Jackson; Kappa Delta Anne Carr Porter Clarksdale; Delta Gamma Edith Carol Posey Jackson Nancy Mai Potts Owensboro, Ky.; Kappa Delta Allie Stuart Povall, Jr. Lexington; Pi Kappa Alpha Dartha Lill Powers Somerville, Tenn.; Zeta T au Alpha Archie L. Pratt, Jr. Leachville, Ark. George Lucas Price Greenwood Eustice Grady Raines Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Herbert Elmer Ramey Waynesboro Mary Louise Randall Gloster Suzanne Gretchen Rau Jackson; Delta Delta Delta True Redd Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Delta Theta Anna Reed Jackson; Chi Omega Douglas K Reed Greenville Robin Ann Reed Caracas, Venezuela; Zeta Tau Alpha George E. Rigby, Jr. Livingston, N. J.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Larry Arnold Riley Quitman; Sigma Nu Van Keith Riley Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Linda Loyd Ritter Nashville, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta Gayber Cooper Roberts Pascagoula; Sigma Nu Sarah Katherine Roberts Brookhaven William Jackson Roberts Memphis, Tenn. Patricia Lou Robinson Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Rita Kay Rockett Jackson; Chi Omega Stanford Lynn Ross Oxford Donald Perrin Roten Ripley Rudolph John Roy, Jr. Jackson; Phi Kappa Theta Hector Rene Ruano Guatemala City, Guatemala; Sigma Phi Epsil Lynne Ruble West Point; Delta Delta. Delta James Louis Rueff McComb; Sigma Nu James Gray Runnels New Albany James Franklin Russell Jackson; Sigma Chi Richard H. Russell Pontotoc Toni Frank Ryan Crystal Lake, Ill.; Kappa Sigma Susan L. Sadler New Orleans, La.; Delta Gamma Glenn Ross Samford Steele, Mo.; Sigma Pi Henry J. Sanders, III McComb; Phi Delta Theta Richard. C. Santa White Marsh, Maryland Ralph Lester Sargent, Jr. Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Robert William Saul, Jr. Hattiesburg ; Alpha Tau Omega Sandra Scarbrough Meadville; Delta Delta Delta David Orwin Scharr Ocean Springs Sandra Lee Schillinger Alexandria, Va.; Zeta Tau Alpha Lynn Scott Cincinnati, Ohio; Chi Omega Francis Edward Scrivener, Jr. Memphis, Tenn. Sylvia Ann Scyster Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Gamma Marian Kay Segerson Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Charles E Sessions Woodville; Kappa Sigma Jamie Grace Shannon New Albany; Delta Gamma Emmett Edwin Shaw Springfield, Tenn.; Delta Kappa Epsilon Edgar Neal Sikes Cleveland Norman Ira Silverblatt Drew John S. Simpson, II Houston; Sigma Nu Gale Sinnott El Dorado, Ark. Jack C. Slay Crystal Springs Suzanne Slover Memphis, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Cecil Otto Smith Jackson Dale Elizabeth Smith Jackson, Tenn.; Alpha Omicron Pi Howard M. Smith Calhoun City Joseph Lee Smith Blytheville, Ark. Kenneth Wayne Smith Tupelo; Sigma Chi Paula Kay Smith Picayune Sydney Allen Smith, III Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Wilson Haywood Smith Brookhaven Elizabeth Snellings Bruce John Joe Sohm Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jimmy Lloyd Solomon Freer, Texas Lesslee Joy Solomon Coral Gables, Fla.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sandra Deane Southern Caruthersville, Mo.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sandra Ann Sowell Olive Branch James Wilson Speck Blue Springs S. W. Stamper Paducah, Ky. Mary Lynn Steed Greenville; Zeta Tau Alpha William Dale Stogner Terry Charles Glenn Stone Monticello, Ark.; Alpha Tau Omega Kenneth Harold Storrs Nashville, Tenn. Albert Loebe Story Charleston, Mo. Linda Catherine Streeter Memphis, Tenn, Robert Merrill Strickland, Jr. Memphis, Tenn. Sue Stringer Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma William F. Stroud, III Mt. Olive; Sigma Nu Linda Cole Sturgeon Louisville, Ky. John Covington Snares Greenville Beverly Swaim Pine Bluff, Arkansas John Charles Tardy Helena, Ark.; Kappa Sigma Roger Perry Tatum Anchorage, Ky. Boyce Arnold Taylor Ocean Springs Elizabeth Taylor Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Jane Elizabeth Teas Memphis, Tenn.; Phi Mu Virginia McKeluey Templeton Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Delta Barbara Tennyson Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Kappa Gamma Becky Terry Grenada; Delta Delta Delta Larry Nelson Thomas Morton Joe F. Thomason Parchman Diane Thompson Water Valley; Phi Mu Thomas L. Thompson Richmond, Va. John Merritt Tipton Natchez William Charles Tompkins, Jr. Greenville Honey Toney Meridian; Delta Gamma Billy Buckley Trimble Ruleville; Sigma Chi Jeff James Troyka Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Penny Lee Tumbleson Oxford; Delta Gamma Barbara Ann Tuminello Clarksdale; Zeta Tau Alpha Glen Franklin Turner Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Pi Louis Hampton Turner, III McComb Ann Elizabeth Tutwiler Memphis, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta Richard Ezra Vandemark Memphis, Tennessee Inez Merrill Varnado Corinth Edward Adair Veazey Senatobia Loudon Vigour Gulfport Carolyn Bryant Walden Humboldt, Tenn.; Delta Delta Delta Edmund Jarette Walker Biloxi; Sigma Phi Epsilon Mary Hicks Wallace Union City, Tenn.; Delta Gamma Sondra Jan Wallace Hazti; Delta Gamma William Henry Wardlaw Jackson Sara Love Warren Brookhaven Joe David Warrington Lambert Richard Leon Warrington Lambert Gray Dean Weale Elmira, N. Y.; Delta Psi David Edward Weeks Yazoo City Nina Carolyn Wells Waynesboro William Harold Wells Laurel Margaret Ann Westbrook Jackson; Kappa Delta Janice Marie Wetzler Somerville, Tennessee; Phi Mu Earl Harvey Wheat Enid; Pi Kappa Alpha Virginia Lynn White Dundee; Phi Mu Charles Clifford Whittington Pensacola, Fla. Henry Albert Wigley Clarksdale; Delta Kappa Epsilon Rosalye Wilkerson Vicksburg; Delta Delta Delta Thurston E. Wilkes, Jr. Picayune; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mary Judith Wilkins Memphis, Tenn.; Kappa Delta Charles Lee Wilkinson Meadville Kenneth Weaver Williams Corinth; Sigma Chi Ruth Ann Williams Brookhaven William Howard Williams, Jr. Montgomery, Ala.; Phi Delta Theta Catherine Marlene Wilson Vicksburg; Kappa Delta Elizabeth Ann Wilson Picayune; Alpha Omicron Pi Miriam Owen Wilson Jackson; Chi Omega Rita L. Wilson Humboldt, Tenn.; Kappa. Kappa Gamma Sarah Elizabeth Wilson Jackson; Delta. Gamma Linda May Wing Jonestown Robert Wilkes Witty Vicksburg Connie Mack Wofford Parkin, Ark.; Beta Theta Pi Claudia Elizabeth Woods Jackson John J. Woodward, Jr. Louisville Johnny Wynne Pine Bluff, Ark.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon William Gully Yates, Jr. Philadelphia; Sigma Chi Robert Lee Young Montgomery, Ala. Guff Turner Abbott Jackson; Sigma Nu Hirschel Theron Abbott Clarksdale Sylvia Nelle Abernethy Oxford Thomas G. Abernethy Okolona Ralph Sumner Abraham Vicksburg Gardner S. Adams Bogalusa, Louisiana Nancy Jean Adams Memphis, Tennessee; Phi. Mu Philip Ross Adams Marks Jan Griffith Adelman Owensboro, Kentucky Dorothy Kennedy Akin Jackson; Delta Gamma Kenneth Conwell Alexander Greenville; Kappa Alpha Judy Ione Alford McComb; Chi Omega Jerry P. Allen Kosciusko John Neville Allen Laurel Claudia Kathryn Ambrose Roselle Park, New Jersey Ethelyn Ames Hattiesburg; Delta Delta Delta Norman Ellis Ammons Port Gibson; Sigma Nu Carol Anne Anderson Batesville; Phi Mu Emma Carolyn Anderson Ripley; Delta Gamma Linda Kay Arfstrom Rockford, Illinois; Zeta Tau Alpha Austin Alan Arnold Sardis John Hodge Arrington Wichita Falls, Texas; Delta Psi William George Artner Chicago, Illinois Jimmy Kay Atkins Kentucky Albert Oyer Atkinson Houston Najean Sue Attebery Metairie, Louisiana Joseph Gerard Austin Lade Cormorant; Phi Delta Theta Robert Ray Austin Memphis, Tennessee Curtis P. Ayers Holly Springs; Alpha Tau Omega James W. Backstrom Leadesville; Kappa Sigma Joan Kay Baddley Water Valley William Thomas Baddley Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Katrina True Bailey Kosciusko; Delta Gamma Rita Ann Bailey Holland; Zeta Tau Alpha Keith W. Bainbridge Chicago, Illinois; Sigma Phi Epsilon James Larvis Baker Corinth; Alpha Tau Omega Janellen Baker Dyer, Tennessee David Alford Ball Columbia Charles ' A. Ballard Jackson Elizabeth Ann Ballard Tupelo William Clay Ballard Aberdeen; Sigma Nu Agnes Marie Banchetti Vicksburg; Phi Mu Terry Jo Bankhead Kennett, Missouri; Alpha Delta Pi Betty Lou Bardin Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi Sharon Lynn Barland Port Gibson; Phi Mu Arthur Dale Barnes Pascagoula; Alpha Tau Omega Clifford Edward Barnett Bay Springs; Sigma Nu Susan Padgitt Barry Jackson; Chi Omega Jimmie Don Barton Calhoun City Frances Monroe Bass Nashville , Tennessee; Delta Gamma Nancy B. Bass Hazlehurst; Delta Gamma Betty Carolyn Baughman Laurel Stephen Leeds Beach Jackson; Sigma Nu Dorothy Jean Bearden Summit; Phi Mu Melba Jean Beasley West Monroe, Louisiana; Phi Mu Everett Walsh Beelman New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fred Allen Bell Kosciusko; Sigma Chi George H. Bergold, Jr. McComb; Phi Delta Theta Barbara Temple Berry Washington, D. C.; Alpha Delta Pi Leonard Gene Bethards Quantico, Virginia Anne Fairfax Biles Sumner; Chi Omega Frances Diane Binford Tupelo; Delta Delta Delta Carr Marion Black Jackson; Phi Delta Theta T. Adele Blackburn Vicksburg; Delta Delta Delta Gerald Henry Blessey Biloxi John William Bolich Wadsworth, Ohio; Phi Delta Theta Sarah Lu Boling Brookhaven Kenneth Crosby Boone Kosciusko; Sigma Chi Marilyn Anne Boothe Laurel Barbara Scott Borum Rossville, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma William Lawrence Bounds Meridian Kate Suzanne Boushe Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Delta George Howard Boutwell Laurel Robert Pelton Bowman Stoneville Jim Haber Boyd Glen Allen; Sigma Phi Epsilon David Lynn Bradley Pleasanton, Kansas; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sylvia Lee Bradley Jackson; Kappa Delta James Clifton Branton Columbia Sedley Cameron Branton Columbia Jerry William Brasher Jackson, Tennessee; Sigma Nu Hugh Edward Brazil Tarboro, North Carolina Charles Larry Bright Tylertown Robert Paul Broom Campbell, Missouri Janice Brower Lambert; Zeta Tau Alpha Isaac Walton Perry Brown Jackson James Ticer Brown Ripley Valmore Brown Stuart, Florida Karon Louise Brown Canton William Cleve Brown Senatobia John Robert Bryan Belzoni; Sigma Chi Paula Kate Bryant Oxford George Washington Buffaloe Oxford; Alpha Tau Omega Carol Buffington Magee Sonia L. Buffington Canton; Phi Mu Fletcher Robinson Burdine Amory Raymond Franklin Burk Kosciusko; Alpha Tau Omega Frances Burnett Union City, Tennessee; Delta Gamma Diane Dee Burris Gulfport; Phi Mu Tony M. Buster Heidelberg; Alpha Tau Omega Keturah Belle Butler Belen; Chi Omega David Anthony Buttross Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega Timothy M. Cable Louisville, Kentucky Johnnie Britt Cain Oxford; Kappa Kappa Gamma Buford Leo Caldwell Oxford Charles Anderson Caldwell Amory James E. Caldwell Jackson; Phi Kappa Psi Carole Joanne Cameron Tulsa, Oklahoma; Zeta Tau Alpha William Ellwood Comeron, Jr. Oakmont, Pennsylvania Annette Seay Campbell Laurel Jerry Wayne Cannon Batesville Carolyn Hall Carbon Sumner; Kappa Kappa Gamma Walter Wells Carlton Greenville Mary Dianne Carpenter Memphis, Tennessee Robert F. Carpenter Greenwood John Curtis Carr Greenwood; Delta Psi Judy Lindley Carrington Collierville, Tennessee; Delta Gamma Mary Jo Carroll Whitehaven, Tennessee; Phi Mu Wilburn Ray Carroll Grenada Rebecca Jane Carruth Summit Carolyn Ann Carter Clarksville, Tennessee; Phi Mu Jane A. Cathey Vicksburg; Phi Mu Charles Raymond Chambers Gulfport; Delta Kappa Epsilon Judy Ann Chambers Evanston, Illinois; Zeta Tau Alpha Anne Champion Leesburg, Florida Jesse M. Chase, Jr. Jackson; Sigma Nu Kaye Paulette Chavers Canton; Alpha Delta Pi Sara Caroline Cheshire Nashville, Tennessee Marilyn Janice Childs Memphis, Tennessee Thomas Everett Childs, Jr. Eupora New-Sing Chin, Jr. Drew Sherry Faye Chism Hughes, Arkansas Louise Babette Chittom Water Valley Lena Bing Choo Clarksdale Hilda Grace Clark Gulfport Horace LaDell Clark Port Gibson; Pi Kappa Alpha Joanne Eathen Clark Oxford Joanna Gwin Clayton Covington, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamma Thomas Franklin Cleveland, Jr. Jackson; Sigma Chi James K. Clinton New Albany Joyce Lynn Cobb Sardis Holly Ashby Cochrane Nashville, Tennessee Evelyn Carole Coffey Hot Springs, Arkansas Barbara Allyn Cole Oxford Mary Louise Collins Nashville, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma James Caroll Colville Pascagoula; Sigma Nu Joyce Garlene Condra Franklin, Louisiana Carolyn Elizabeth Coney Magnolia; Kappa Delta John Marshall Connaway Helena, Arkansas; Beta Theta Pi David Cottrell Gulfport Anna Kate Cox Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Moore Craige Columbia, Tennessee Farra Jane Crenshaw Union City, Tennessee; Delta Gamma Janice Gail Cresson Memphis, Tennessee Carl Edward Crider Weiner, Arkansas Marshall Wallace Criss Memphis, Tennessee Elvis Wayne Crocker Calhoun City James Rupert Crockett Jackson Ransom F. Cross, Jr. Meridian; Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Clinton Cross, Jr. Lakeland, Florida Kathryn Anne Croswell Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Joseph Leroy Crouch, Jr. Tupelo Sheila Elizabeth Crouch McMinnville, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Bryan Charles Crum Port Gibson; Sigma Alpha Betty Day Curd Madison, Wisconsin; Zeta Tau Alpha Gifford Fortner Dabbs, III Quitman; Sigma Nu Madison Sylvester Dale Greenwood; Sigma Chi Bobby Dwain Dalton Oxford Lonnie Coleman Dalton Corinth Douglas McArthur Daniel Albany , Georgia; Alpha Tau Omega A. Jill Davis Wiggins Grace Montjoy Davis Greenwood; Phi Mu Mary Louise Davis McComb Walter Lee Davis, Jr. Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Sigma George Peyton Dearborn Ventnor, New jersey; Phi Kappa Psi Henry Burkett Dearman Carthage; Pi Kappa Alpha jimmy Glen Dedeaux Gulfport; Phi Kappa Psi James Wheeler Deese Greenville James Washington Dement, III Vicksburg; Kappa Alpha Linda Dilworth Shelby; Chi Omega David Kern Dober Little Rock, Arkansas; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sherry Ann Donald DeSoto Thomas J. Dowdle Carthage Carl Drake Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Delta Pi Raymond Michael Drew LisBon Falls, Maine; Sigma Phi Epsilon Mitchell Orvis Jr. Dublin, Georgia Bonnie Sue Dugger Greenville; Kappa Delta William Akin Dunavant Millington, Tennessee, James Baldwin Duncan, Jr. Itta, Bena; Pi Kappa Alpha Ray Clarke Earls Steele, Missouri; Pi Kappa Alpha Carl Ray Easley Clarksdale Larry Byron Easterling Pontotoc Joan Ramey Ebbing Oxford; Kappa Kappa Gamma Joyce Ramey Ebbing Oxford; Kappa Kappa Gamma Alma Josephine Edmondson Vardaman; Phi Mu Ben Garrett Edmonson Magee C. Elaine Edwards Monticello, Arkansas; Kappa Kappa Gamma Henry Banks Edwards, Jr. Houston, Texas Robert Dallas Edwards Tupelo; Sigma Nu Hiram (Randy) Ellis Batesville Patricia Ann Ellison Meridian Lynda Ely Parchman; Kappa Kappa Gamma Joe Martin Erber Greenwood Nancy Estes Nashville, Tennessee Ruby Turner Etheredge Jackson George Alexander Everett, Jr. Greenwood; Phi Delta Theta Sally Fair Somerville, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Don Farlow Jackon; Sigma Nu Jane Franklin Fatheree Laurel Bonnie Elizabeth Ferguson Batesville; Alpha Omicron Pi Susanna Ferguson Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi Robert Louis Field Centreville Nathan Scott Fisher Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Phi Epsilon Pi Edward Fleming Greenwood; Delta Psi V. Raymond Fleming Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Charles Kamper Floyd Meridian; Alpha Tau Omega Sara Charlotte Flynt Jackson Bobby Brown Fooshee Corinth; Sigma Nu Addison Eugene Ford Petal; Sigma Pi John Warren Ford Laurel George Steven Forrester Oxford Fred Smith Fortenberry Carthage Rebecca Ann Fowler Houston Angelo A. Franco Vicksburg Emelda Lou Freiberger Biloxi; Delta Gamma Janet Louise French Pass Christian; Phi Mu Curtiss Hugh Frensley, Jr. Tupelo; Sigma Phi Epsilon Donald Paul Furr Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Lady Margaret Fyfe Lula Thomas A. Gaither Fullerton, Maryland Carolyn Gallaspy West Monroe, Louisiana; Phi Mu Robert Charles Galloway Gulfport; Sigma Nu William Robert Gambrell, Jr. Houston Johnny C. Gammill, Jr. Eupora; Phi Delta Theta Robert McLean Gannon Doylestown, Pennsylvania Malinda Winston Gard Houston, Texas; Alpha. Delta Pi Shirley Kay Garey West Hartford, Connecticut Ollie Lorance Garmon Marks Robert Lyndle Garrett Jackson: Phi Delta Theta Norman Asa Garrison, Jr. Corinth , Thomas Calvin Garrott Greenwood Christine M. Gates Oxford; Delta Gamma Marvin Joseph Gay Little Rock, Arkansas Harlan Joseph Gazelle Shelby David Melvin Geer Memphis, Tennessee Robert L. Genin Bay St. Louis James Shelby George Monticello; Phi Delta Theta William Paul Gerred Oxford; Delta Psi Janice Catherine Gibson Jackson; Kappa Delta S. Elizabeth Gillis New Orleans, Louisiana Judy Ann Gilmore Mexico City, Mexico James Alfred Givens Birmingham, Alabama Richard S. Glaze Jackson Patricia Jo Godwin Festus, Missouri Wesley Edward Godwin Jackson; Sigma Chi Deanie Goff Brandenburg, Kentucky; Alpha Delta Pi Kung Woo Gong, Jr. Boyle Jon Gregg Goodhart Gulfport; Delta Kappa Epsilon jack Ray Gordy Laurel; Sigma Nu Walter Mack Gorton Belzoni; Kappa Alpha Lydia Ann Goss Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Karl David Gottschalk Bay St. Louis Eugene Bridges Goulding Edmore, Michigan John Lawrence Graeber Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hardy Poindexter Graham Union City, Tennessee Robert Eosalle Gramling Merigold Cindy Grantham Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Margaret Bracy Grantham Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sarah Jean Graenhorst Ef fingham, Illinois; Alpha Omicron Pi John C. Green Omaha, Nebraska Polly Sarah Green Jackson Barbara Ann Gregory Jackson Sidney Roger Gremillion Gulfport Aly ce Charlene Guiney Vicksburg; Phi Mu Victoria Augusta Guion Bentonia Kay Frances Gulley Delta Gamma Gretta Holt Guyton Memphis, Tennessee William Rayford Gwin Indianola; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Judy Hagg Meridian: Zeta Tau Alpha Charles Patrick Haffey Lexington Celeta Ann Haffield Vero Beach, Florida Caroline Vivian Haig Milwaukee, Wisconsin Martha Jane Hale Memphis, Tennessee Jess Lee Haley Clarksdale Mary Neal Hall Canton; Delta Delta Delta Reita Rawson Hall Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Kappa Delta Martha L. Hamilton Jackson; Chi Omega Patricia Mae Hamilton Pontotoc Hugh H. Haralson, III Forest Ann Hardin Greenwood William Betts Harlan Jackson; Sigma Phi Epsilon Lindsay Hale Harp Mayfield, Kentucky Randall Delbert Harper Caruthersville, Missouri; Pi Kappa Alpha Linda Lee Harpole Dyer, Tennessee Guy B. Harrell Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon William Burney Harrington Aberdeen Samuel Buford Harris Madison; Delta Psi Joe Phillip Hart Brookhaven Joseph Cullen Hartley Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha George A. Hartman Foley, Alabama; Sigma Pi James C. Hartsfield Oxford; Sigma Chi Julia Anna Harvey New Orleans, Louisiana Carolyn Joy Hassell Jackson, Tennessee Nancy Marilyn Hatley Whitehaven, Tennessee M. Paul Haynes, Jr. Baldwyn; Pi Kappa Alpha Terry Donowan Heaps Kewanee, Illinois Frances Jeanette Hegwood Jackson; Kappa Delta Jan Carolyn Henderson Selmer, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Fred Hewes Gulfport; Sigma Nu Larry Ford Higginbothom Memphis, Tennessee Fred Thompson Hight Leakesville; Alpha Tau Omega Anna Beverly Hildreth Hazlehurst; Delta. Gamma Howard R. Hinds Greenville; Pi Kappa Alpha Sally Moore Hines University Ben Terry Hinton Greenwood; Sigma Nu Judy Ann Hitchings Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Larry Brent Holley Booneville Glynn Noland Holliday Fayette Margaret Rose Hollingsworth Lake Dale Patricia Holloway Ocean Springs Thomas Linder Hollowell Oxford Ben McCallie Hooke Utica; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Judy Carol Hooker Memphis, Tennessee; Alpha Delta Pi Lyn Hopkins Jackson; Delta Gamma James Edward Hoppen Bogalusa, Louisiana; Delta Kappa Epsilon Rita Jean Hornsby Bolivar, Tennessee; Kappa. Delta William James Hough Atlanta, Georgia Edward Bailey Howard Winona; Pi Kappa Alpha Benny Thomas Howell Banner Keith Gordon Howell Laurel Hannis Herndon Hudson Waynesboro; Delta Psi Sherry Hutson Memphis, Tennessee; Delta Gamma June Annrae Inman Memphis, Tennessee; Phi Mu Robert Thomas Jackson Hattiesburg; Sigma Chi Linda Louise Jacobs DeLand, Florida; Alpha Omicron Pi Dorothy Maria Jacobsen Roselle, Illinois Carolyn Ruth James Charleston Ronald Walter James Jackson Mildred Cornelia Jamison Marks Gloria Jennings Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi Jerri Jeter Jackson; Chi Omega Thomas Michael Jewell South Bend, Indiana Bobby Wayne Johnson Crosby Erdith Eugene Johnson Fulton John Kimbrough Johnson, Jr. Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Patricia Ann Johnson Ventnor City, New Jersey; Alpha Delta Pi Sydney Carolyn Johnston Carthage Brenda Kay Joiner Crawfordsville, Arkansas Catherine Grace Jones Vicksburg David Allan Jones Williston, Florida Dor Marie Jones Grenada Frank Wilder Jones Bonita Gerald Lynn Jones Jaekson; Sigma Phi Epsilon Hal Trotter Jones Flora; Pi Kappa Alpha Julie Jones Port Sulphur, Louisiana; Kappa Kappa Gamm Mary Ann Jones Mayfield, Kentucky; Kappa Kappa Gamma German Eubank Jordan Vicksburg; Pi Kappa Alpha Jerre Trabue Jordan Halls, Tennessee Stephanie Alethia Jordy New Orleans, Louisiana; Chi Omega Barbara Adgia Kalif Pass Christian Virginia Morse Kane Alexandria, Virginia Jerry Pepper Keenan West Point Judith Carolyn Keenan Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Chi Omega Diane Kellett Memphis, Tennessee Alva Lynne Kelley Hayti, Missouri; Alpha Delta. Pi Glenda Mai Kemp Memphis, Tennessee Henry Mackey Kendall Jackson; Beta Theta Pi Margaret R. Kenney Coldwater; Alpha Delta Pi Carolyn Lee Kerr Aubrey, Arkansas; Alpha Delta Pi Donald E. Kessinger Forrest City, Arkansas Karol Jean Keye University Bette Kathryn Killingsworth Franklinton, Louisiana; Phi Mu Glen Alan Killough Gulfport; Sigma Nu O ' Gwen Lamar King Pensacola, Florida Mary Anne Klenner Reidsville, North Carolina Carey Webb Klotz Jackson Diane Klyce Sardis; Delta Gamma Nancy Ethel Knight Tupelo James Cecil Krosp Millington, Tennessee Thomas Lafayette Lamb Shaw; Sigma Chi David L. Lane Jackson LeDon Langston Columbia M. Lenora Langston Oxford M. Bradley Lawrence New Haven, Connecticut Nathaniel Wilson Lea Minter City John Paul Lee Carthage; Pi Kappa Alpha May Lee Lula James Thomas Leeper Oxford Tamma Faye Lehmann Fayette Laney Jane Lemons Pontotoc; Phi Mu Clark Saxon Leonard Winona; Delta Kappa Epsilon Jo Ella Lewis Picayune; Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Patricia Lewis Memphis, Tennessee Wanda Cil Lewis Maben; Alpha Omicron Pi Frances Linwood Liddle Jackson; Kappa Kappa Gamma Angelo Demetrios Liollio Greenwood; Sigma Phi Epsilon Olivia Wain Littlefield Selmer, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Jacqueline Elizabeth Lobrano Centerville Guy Beauregard Logan, Jr. West Monroe, Louisiana Did Perkin Lott, III Isola Hugh Marshall Love Yazoo City; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Victoria Ann Love Kosciusko; Delta. Delta Delta Charles Hulon Lowe Foxworth Glenda Joyce Luke Louisville; Phi Mu Louis Clayton Lyons Gulfport; Sigma Nu Arthur Hills McArthur Jackson; Delta Kappa Epsilon Bari Lynn McCaa Port Gibson Margaret Edwina McCarley Greenwood; Alpha Delta Pi James Lee McCoy Oxford; Kappa Sigma Karen Lee McDonald Arlington, Virginia; Alpha Delta Pi Sarah Ann McGee New Orleans, Louisiana John Warren McGehee Columbia Carolyn Jayne McGuire Memphis; Zeta Tau Alpha Richard Yoe McGraw Louisville George Sidney McIngvale Hernando; Delta Kappa Epsilon Patricia Ellen McInnes Blytheville, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha D. C. McInnis Hattiesburg Intz Anne McKeever Bellaire, Tex. William Theron McLarty Oxford Maxine (Nicki) Coleman McLaurin Jackson; Chi Omega Laura Lynn McLemore Hazlehurst Joy Elaine McMillan Kosciusko George Knox McMullan, Jr. Jackson; Phi Delta Theta John Barton McMullan, Jr. Meridian; Alpha Tau Omega Bill McMurtray Jackson Sibyl McRae Lexington; Chi Omega Thomas Alan McRay Chicago, Ill. Betty Bean Mabry Okolona; Delta Gamma Ruby Dixon Mabus Indianola Craig Alan MacKenzie Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Phi Kappa Psi Betty Lou Madding Paducah, Ky.; Phi Mu Margie Joyce Malone Water Valley Robert Ragan Marshall Greenwood; Delta Psi Thomas Lee Marshall Memphis Earl L. Martin Memphis Thomas Lindsey Martin Charleston Priscilla Byrne Martiniere Laurel; Delta Delta Delta Troy L. Mashburn Jackson; Sigma Chi Jerry Dale Mask Jackson; Sigma Pi Jerry Gordon Mason Meridian; Phi Delta Theta Mary Nelle Massey Memphis; Zeta Tau Alpha Dan Robbins Mathews Tupelo; Delta Kappa Epsilon Rodney Anthony Mattina Biloxi Dannie Catherine Maxey Brandon; Delta Gamma Mary Sue May Biloxi; Delta Delta Delta Ralph Powell Mayfield Coldwater; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alfred Lamar Meador, Jr. Gulfport Marvin Francis Mevrill Smithfield, Me. Bonnie Bell Miles Grenada Jane E. Miller Atlanta, Ga. John Roger Miller Enterprise; Pi Kappa Alpha Sandee Jeane Miller Jackson; Phi Mu Sam Cochran Mims Itta Bena James Longstreet Minor Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Ronald Meredith Mitchell Forest Arl Van Moore, Jr. Pine Bluff, Ark; Phi Delta Theta Frank Thomas Moore, Jr. Jackson Mary Sue Moore Calhoun City Nancy Elizabeth Moore Calhoun City Sandra Elaine Moore Blytheville, Ark.; Zeta Tau Alpha James Francis Morgan Hattiesburg Edward D. Morris San Antonio, Tex. William Howard Morris, Jr. Jackson William Thomas Morris Amory; Sigma Chi Maxine Pauline (Polly) Morrison Oxford; Alpha Omicron Pi William Archie Moseley Sardis Sam Gwin Mounger Greenwood; Pi Kappa Alpha Veronica Mounger Jackson; Delta Delta Delta William Harris Mounger Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Patsy Anne Mullin Greenwood; Chi Omega James Philip Mullins Greenwood Mimi Murphree Shelby; Kappa Delta Marilyn Dortch Murphy University Lee Murray Atlanta, Ga.; Phi Mu Morris Vincent Mutzi Shaw Carl Wayne Myers Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Curtis Lee Nabors Hingham, Mass.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Ellis Michael Nassour Vicksburg Anderson Bailey Neal Jackson Margaret Susan Neely New Albany; Delta Gamma Betty Lynn Nelson North Miami, Fla. Jerry Newell Meridian; Kappa Sigma Munson Cole Neyland Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha Ed Davis Noble Fayette; Kappa Alpha Linda Lee Normand Bay St. Louis; Phi Mu Nancy Ann Norris Houston, Tex.; Phi Mu Jerry Leon Oglesby Stewart Jeanine Ogletree Ellisville; Zeta Tau Alpha Ronald Glenn Osborne University James Stark Ostler Dallas, Tex. James P. Owen New Albany Robert M. Owen Pine Bluff, Ark. Mary Lou Pace Hattiesburg; Kappa Kappa Gamma Patti Pace Whitehaven, Tenn.; Phi Mu Hal Miller Parchman Clarksdale; Delta Kappa Epsilon Gerald Thomas Parker Oxford Richard Wayne Parker Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Jimmy Royce Parkerson Greenwood; Sigma Chi Harold Grant Parten Jackson Phillip Lane Patterson Memphis; Pi Kappa Alpha Mary Caroline Patton Florence, Ala. Gilbert Bruce Payne, Jr. Olive Branch; Pi Kappa Alpha Martha Carroll Payne Moss Point; Kappa Kappa Gamma Ann Pearson Tyronza, Ark. Barbara Ann Pelham Pascagoula Charles George Perkins Macon Maurice Charles Perlstrin, Jr. Chicago, Ill.; Phi Epsilon Pi Priscilla Botts Perry Tunica; Chi Omega David Thomas Peyton Vicksburg; Phi Kappa Psi Susan Gale Pfersdorff Caracas, Ven.; Zeta Tau Alpha Audria Patricia Pigott Meridian; Zeta Tau Alpha Charles Bryan Piper Memphis, Tenn. Linda Louern Pitcher Pascagoula Susan PoLatty Clinton John LaRoy Polizzi Amory Emily Jane Pope Batesville; Kappa Delta Judy Rae Prescott Memphis; Kappa Delta Frank Dudley Prewitt Vaiden; Pi Kappa Alpha John David Price Booneville; Sigma Chi Wanda Jeanne Price Amory; Alpha Delta Pi Steven Barry Prince Great Neck, N. Y. Thomas Mitchell Purnell Natchez Mary Margaret Purser Guntersville, Ala.; Phi Mu William Arnold Pyle Jackson; Beta Theta Pi John Paul Quon Moorhead Clara Jean Rainer Jackson Randy Lee Randall Brookhaven; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Thomas A. Randle New Albany Betsy Rankin Jackson; Phi Mu Arthur Earl Ray, Jr. Tuscumbia, Ala. Jonell Ray Leachville, Ark. Mike Dudley Ray Wetumpka, Ala. Patricia Elena Ray Jackson; Delta Gamma John M. Reed Jackson Margaret Rebecca (Becky) Reed Jackson, Tenn.; Delta Gamma Louie Dalton Regan Columbia Betty Ann Reifers Okolona Thomas Irwin Rice, Jr. Sumner; Sigma Chi john William Richardson Birmingham, Ala.; Sigma Phi Epsilon Nancy Witt Richey Sherman Carey Gadsden Rivenbark New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega Toni Roberson Clarksdale; Delta Delta Delta Eugene Edwin Rolierts Natchez Phillip Ernest Roberts Amory Lucie Patton Robertson Greenville; Kappa Delta Beverly Gwen Robinson Stuttgart, Ark.; Alpha Delta Pi Shannon Elizabeth Rodes Melbourne, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha Ann Spencer Rogers New Albany Herbert Graham Rogers New Albany; Phi Delta Theta Larry Thomas Rogers Savannah, Tenn.; Sigma Pi Allan Semmes Ross, Jr. Jackson; Pi Kappa Alpha. John Curlee Ross, Jr. Corinth Susan Rosulek Crystal Lake, Illinois; Zeta Tau Alpha Virginia Ann Rothchild Oxford Marcus Leroy Rush, III Sara Frances Russell Paducah, Kentucky; Delta Gamma William Ormsby Rutledge New Albany; Phi Delta Theta Barbara Frances Sanders Magee; Phi Mu Beverly Day Sanders Carthage; Delta Gamma Camille Sanders Lepanto, Arkansas Mary LaVerne Sanders Oxford Jessie Carolyn Sasser Brookhaven; Phi Mu Larry Jay Sauls Tylertown Nancy Kathryn Schilling Zachary, Louisiana; Phi Mu John Craig Schnieders Marianna, Arkansas; Sigma Pi William Milton Schroeder Wetumpka, Alabama Sandra Jane Schulz Nashville, Tennessee; Phi Mu Richard Alvin Shwab Columbia, South Carolina Joanne Shaddock Rosedale; Chi Omega Carolyn Teresa Shamis McComb; Zeta Tau Alpha Martha Susan Shipp Gulfport; Kappa Kappa Gamma John Mike Showah ............ I Hollandale Hattie Suezann Shults McComb; Phi Mu Wayne King Shurtleff Greenwood Alice Faye Simmons Humboldt, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Warland Eugene Simmons Tylertown Eleanor Wynn Skipper Columbia; Delta Delta Delta Nancy Louise Sklar Drew; Kappa Kappa Gamma Logan A. Slaughter Little Rock, Arkansas; Pi Kappa Alpha James Harold Sledge Cleveland; Delta Psi Ben Barrett Smith Water Valley; Delta Kappa Epsilon Dan Ray Smith West Point; Delta Kappa Epsilon James Frank Smith Batesville Larry Gilbert Smith McCo mb Stafford M. Smith Baton Rouge, Louisiana Suzanne Michau Smith Tampa, Florida; Kappa Kappa Gamma Terry Sanford Smith Clarksdale Linda Alice Spain Grenada; Kappa Delta Daniel Rowe Sparks Forest Glynda LaRue Speck Blue Springs Margaret Ray Spiars Greenville; Kappa Kappa Gamma Archie Patrick Sprabery Fulton Nancy Anne Sprabcrry Oxford Hugh Isaach Stahlman, III Natchez; Alpha Tau Omega Martha Leota Stearns Baton Rouge, Louisiana Charlotte Louise Steel Oxford Marilyn Dale Stephens Oxford Ronald Horace Stephenson Columbia Carol Ruth Stevens Tutwiler; Kappa Kappa Gamma Glenda Clarke Stevens Jackson; Alpha Omicron Pi Melinda Rivers Stewart Gulfport; Delta Delta Delta Faye Weathersby Stidham Memphis, Tennessee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Sheila Werlein Stone Vicksburg; Alpha Omicron Pi Charlene Strickland Memphis Patricia Ann Stuart Jackson; Zeta Tau Alpha Hiram Cassedy Sumrall Coral Gables, Florida; Phi Delta Theta William Wyatt Sumrall Laurel Marguerite McAnn Sutherlin Heidelberg; Phi Mu Larry Eston Sutton Bruce Patricia Lee Swinney Greenville; Alpha Omicron Pi Hardin Meadow Tate Booneville Martha Elizabeth Tate Fowlkes, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Glenn William Taylor Daytona Beach, Florida Jane Elizabeth Taylor Washington, D. C.; Alpha Omicron Pi Michael Byron Taylor Oxford Susan Grey Taylor Jefferson, Texas John Thomas Teague Rawling, Wyoming; Alpha Tau Omega Philip Baird Terney Greenville; Sigma Nu Mary Kennon Thetford Memphis; Delta Delta Delta Ernest George Thomas Vicksburg; Delta Kappa Epsilon Nancy Jean Thomas Jackson; Phi Mu Betty Ann Thompson Memphis; Kappa Kappa Gamma Robert Dee Thompson Minden, Louisiana Frank White Thornhill, Jr. Columbia: Pi Kappa Alpha Virginia Thurber Jackson; Delta Delta Delta Douglas Walter Tillery Laurel Harriett Tinsley Russellville, Alabama John Gaulding Todd Jackson; Phi Delta Theta Michael Frank Trahan Orange, Texas Homer Conrad Trammell Laurel Frederick Francis Travis McComb: Phi Delta Theta John Joseph Treuting Biloxi Sandra L ou Tribble Memphis; Alpha Omicron Pi Barbara Adair Tucker Oxford Chesley Powell Tucker Pine Bluff, Arkansas Edward Farrar Tyrone Prentiss; Alpha Tau Omega William David Tyson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phi Kappa Psi Claire Blount Underwood Scott AFB, Illinois Nancy Lucille Van Eaton Bellaire, Texas; Chi Omega Claude Ferrell Varner, Jr. Memphis, Tennessee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cynthia Yandell Vaughan Yazoo City; Delta Delta Delta Nora Jane Vaughn Canton Lemma G. Vernon Jackson Robert Barry Vickery Houston Kenneth McKenzie Vittitow DeWitt, Arkansas Polly B. Yordenbaumen Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kappa Delta Carolyn Jean Voyles Walnut Lucian Ray Wadlington Belzoni; Sigma Chi Carol Irene Waits Leland; Phi Mu Bill York Walker Dyersburg, Tennessee; Sigma Nu Carole Elizabeth. Walker Oxford Louie L. Walker Minter City; Phi Delta Theta Melba Jean Walker Nashville, Tennessee; Alpha Omicron Pi Ruth Montgomery Walker Tribbett; Chi Omega David S. Wallace Crawfordsville, Arkansas Melba Rae Walsh Texarkana, Texas; Alpha Delta Pi Lynne Mary Ware Fort Worth, Texas; Kappa Kappa Gamma Howard Stuart Warner, II Vicksburg; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Freddy Layne Washington Marmaduke, Arkansas David Broughton Watkins, Jr. Pahokee, Florida; Sigma Phi Epsilon Charles Harrell Weathersby McComb; Beta Theta Pi Charles Rudolph Weber Jackson; Kappa Sigma Elliott Clifford Weber, Jr. Houston Charles R. Weeks Holly Springs Laura Dene Weems Truman, Arkansas David Morelle Wells Jackson; Sigma Chi Robert Lynn Wells Drew Lewis ' William West Jackson; Delta Kappa Epsilon Charles Wilcox Westerfield Savannah, Georgia; Sigma Nu Linda Gail Westmoreland Houlka Jeffry Katherine Whitaker Grenada; Kappa Delta Carolyn White Jackson Doris Eleanor White Batesville Rayburn Stokes Whitener Hayti, Missouri; Pi Kappa Alpha Lois Harriette Wicks Alligator Julius Vandy Wilbanks Monticello, Arkansas Elizabeth Tucker Wilkins Washington, D. C.; Zeta Tau Alpha Joseph Tyson Wilkins, III New Albany; Sigma Chi Wanda DeWeese Wilkinson Jackson; Chi Omega Herald Glen Willard Eglin A.F.B., Florida Edwin N. Williams Hornersville, Missouri George Clark Williams Quitman; Sigma Nu Kate Eason Williams Benoit; Alpha Omicron Pi Kitty Williams Nashville; Phi Mu Leah Britton Williams Lindale, Georgia; Zeta Tau Alpha William Atkins Williams, III McComb; Phi Delta Theta Lester Harold Wilson Brookhaven; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sandra Winders Jackson; Phi Mu Mary Ann Windham Columbia Jimmy W. Winter Clarksdale; Sigma Alpha Epsilon William Johnson Witt Jackson; Sigma Chi Jimmy Lurlan Wood Dorsey Barbara Louise Woodruff Westfield, New Jersey; Alpha Omicron Pi Phyllis Long Wright Midland, Texas; Alpha Omicron Pi Nancy Lee Wroten New Orleans, Louisiana; Delta Gamma Beverly Sue Young Ellisville; Kappa Delta Back at school a week early, the Greeks organize their rush propaganda. Confused rushees listen to speech after speech after speech. Will if never be over? Yes, I ' m a rushee. Even IBM couldn ' t eliminate the confusion of registration! I ' m sorry, but all the social dancing classes are full. The city of Oxford entertained students with its annual street dance on the town square. Bonfires blazed outside Miller Hall as the Rebels prepared for a fight. Hoddy toddy! Pep Rallies Freshmen get in the spirit of things at the pajama parade. Yes, I ' m in the Cardinal Club. Ya-a-a-a —Rebels! A thunderous roar greets the Rebels as they come on the field. Give ' em Hell, Sammy! Who ' s that nut with the sunglasses on? Look at Amy! Some of the more energetic freshmen joined in the foot race around " Union Loop. " Prior to Homecoming . . Day " Be careful with those eggs, girls. Even the " Meats " joined in the fracas with an egg-throwing battle. A lovely young co-ed leads the law school parade. Has anyone seen Miss Belk ' s wig? Law School Pep Rally The more conscientious students were routed out of the library for participation in the big rally. The residents of " Women ' s Terrace turned out in force. Homecoming Queen, Martha Lovelace, reigns over half-time activities. " Mama " in action. After-game refreshments ... Welcome Alumni. Ouch! that tickles! The Dean and faculty were in attendance. Queen Sharon Thompson and her court. Murder bowl Hey, Joe—how about two on-the-rocks? Everyone participated in pre-game warm-up. Cheerleaders take advantage of the facilities. Outstanding students, Susan Moorehead, Dick Wilson, David Hicks, and Charles Matthews, represented Ole Miss on the G.E. College Bowl over nation-wide TV. Throughout the year political forums, plays, and concerts provided stu- dents with an opportunity to broaden themselves. The University Chorus gave several concerts throughout the year. The University Galleries in the Fine Art Center contained exhibits in almost every field of art--painting, graphics, sculpture, and ceramics. Members of the cast rehearse for the student production of the musical, " Carousel, " presented in Fulton Chapel during the month of March. Peals of laughter could be heard coming from the gymnasium on the night of April 5, as Bob Hope entertained before a packed house. Peter Arnot, famed puppeteer, gave performances of Marlowe ' s " Dr. Faustus " and Aristophanes ' " The Birds. " The political rally afforded candidates an opportunity to present their platforms to the students. Howard and Daniel. Anxious students crowded into the Lyceum in order to vote. Friends, Romans, and Countrymen ... Is it the KKK? Elvis? That lean and hungry look. The beauty of if all! Introducing a new fad at Ole Miss—the bicycle. Date suppers are an important part of fraternity and sorority social life. Umm yes Well, I don ' t care if you do want to dance! There were times when we really let our hair down. Say, what are you boys looking for? Don ' t you boys know this is a dry state? Some of us were lucky! Basking in the Sardis Sun ... Rebelee! Wine, women, and wild, wild parties!

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