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The 1956 OLE MISS Editor • Banks Shepherd Business Manager Marlin Ryland Published at Oxford, Mississippi by the student body of the University of Mississippi Reiniember the night iife 1111101111611 at Ole Miss 411111111111111.111111111111111. The night Brings a dream to all Sessions in +he grill Trips to the hardroad Week-end dances Name bands And a little culture in the C a A times A good night kiss before The house mother pulls you in Contacts and friendships A vital part of that education Formed and strengthened In many ways By many people And many things In the class rooms And dorms And, of course The grill Even elections And the politicians Add their flavor Here at Ole Miss where Everyone speaks And the classes we attended Classes and studies reason we ' re here " The ones you slept through Dreaded Enjoyed Your knack for getting all eight o ' clocks Burning the midnight oil Labs all afternoon Research papers That D Trig you tried to forget All prerequisites for that Diploma =mar ammo, {gip oar c=mmo! amok. lapowel, INIM INEBEW N2222k axamiai. Kmaai unizmaimanamdilisamqw40 iszecamomoonamoosamoram? Praw772442412224■2222221, Emmmatoosawmpooramoom T maramm.,0.-looamoom-loam -anamoo, mom qiiNNOW 4o 2 I lime 2222 822 a 2 ... last a 1121211.2 if X ,O 22 11222411.01211 WU X .-412110 11121124422.22a222mmil44 Amilifill nnnnn nalmialinalart :flimilinS2411111111124411 as Aimill12211112124122 M lip nnnnn iv • illniammi■ Clftlism.m4 • na ma ffelll nnnnn a ?42112112 AWN lerrarn am is ■ s asts And atiVetics = p. tletrtig rtilt 1111111111111111,111111ft.,,Pui ' mpag pin Iiits • ' e- ' e , - ;CP4 w • A.,44 " 14 ' . ' 1r 4. tt, r tfrX, And our Rush Week Plenty of smiles and handshakes Balling sessions and Big decisions Date suppers and Weekend parties The one blowout with all the trimmings Midnight serenades To the girl who got his pin Meetings every Wednesday night Utmost secrecy Working together, playing together; In between, growing closer together Forming ties that can never be broken And the general !life 1. Student Activities 2. Features 3. Classes 4. Athletics 5. Organizations 6. Fraternities 7. R.O.T.C. E C H A DR. JOHV IAMS Memories have a way of growing sweeter and more precious with age. Campus life is so full and busy that few have the time and the facilities to gather pictures, names, events, and information that will mean so much in reviewing and refreshing memories of the glowing days of youth at the University of Mississippi. This OLE MISS does it for you. As part of the record I want each of you to know that I have enjoyed in full measure my association with you. We fervently hope you will keep in to uch with your Alma Mater throughout the years. Our interest is with you always. J. D. WILLIA Chancellor MS 22 G iJ . P. C I iftlk AN BOARD OF T R (J) IA A OFFICERS OF THE BOARD HORACE MACAULAY IVY President EUCLID RAY JOBE Executive Secretary Members whose terms expire May 7, 1964 PAUL H, BOWDRE Hernando CHARLES DICKSON FAIR Louisville LaBauve Trustee (Desoto County) Fourth Congressional District HARRY G. CARPENTER Rolling Fork ROBERT W. REED Tupelo Third Congressional District Northern Supreme Court District ROBERT B. SMITH, JR Ripley Second Congressional District Members whose terms expire May 7, 1960 DAVID COTTRELL, JR. Gulfport ROBER D. MORROW Brandon Sixth Congressional District State-at-Large REECE D. McLENDON . Poplarville MRS. JANIE RICE TAYLOR Jackson Southern Supreme Court District Central Supreme Court District Members whose terms expire May 7, 1956 JAMES OLIVER EMMERICH McComb HORACE MACAULAY IVY Meridian Seventh Congressional District State-at-Large ROBERT N. HENLEY . . . Macon MARTIN VAN BUREN MILLER .. Meridian First Congressional District Fifth Congressional District THOMAS JEFFERSON TUBB West Point First Congressional District 23 THE CULLEGE AL ARTS VICTOR A. COULTER Dear of the College of Liberal erts The College of Liberal Arts is the oldest school on the University of Mississippi ' s campus, being the only one contained in the original make-up of the University at the time of its opening in 1848. At its foundation the College of Liberal Arts offered: mental and moral philosophy, logic, belles-lettres, political economy and international law, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, botany, geology, mineralogy, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and French. Since its establishment, the College of Liberal Arts has widened its scope to meet the changing needs of its students. Many of the departments have divided to become more efficient—the department of belles-lettres has become de- partments of English and History. This academic department of the University, founded with the school under Presi- dent George Frederick Holmes, is now the College of Liberal Arts under the direction of Dean Victor Aldine Coulter. THE SCH© (0) Id., 0 F M i ROBERT J. FARLEY Dean of the School of Law The School of Law, first the Department of Law, was established by a legislative enactment in 1854. The first incumbent of the newly formed " Chair of Law and Gov- ernmental Science " was William F. Sterns. The department of Law was, of course, closed in 1861. When it was reopened in 1867, it was headed by that famous Mis- sissippian, L. Q. C. Lamar. At present, Robert J. Farley is Dean of the School of Law. When the school was first opened, the defined course o f study for the Bachelor of Law degree was composed of two sessions ten months in length, and the Socratic method of instruction was employed. In 1909 the length of the courses was changed, thus taking two sessions of nine months to graduate. At present a program of study in the School of Law is designed to take the student six full semesters. In 1857 by enactment of the legislature the conferring of the Degree of the Bachelor of Law was made sufficient proof of knowledge of the law to obtain for the holder a license to practice law in the courts of Mississippi. SCHOOL OF ENGHINIEERIVI FREDERIC H. KELLOGG Dean of the School of Engineering Though the Scho ol of Engineering was not organized as such until 1900, courses in Engineering were offered by the University at the time of the reopening of the school immediately after the close of the War Between the States. A department of physics, astronomy, and civil engineering was organized in 1865. In 1867 the first two were combined leaving the civil engineering as a separate department, or school, in the Academic Department. After the School of Engineering was begun in 1900, there followed various depart. mental changes which were necessary to consolidate the departments. Since 1903 when the legislature made its first appropriation, many more large sums of money have been given for new equipment, and recently Mr. Bob Carrier gave the University its new Engineering Building. With Dr. Frederick H. Kellogg as its Dean, the School of Engineering today offers an integrated program of four, five, and six year curricula, parts of which are tied in with the department of chemistry, the School of Commerce and Business Administra tion, and with the department of geology. S C H OOP, C AT I 0 RI FORREST W. MURPHY Dean of Education This school was organized in 1903. However prior to this time there had been a chair of Pedagogy which was established in 1893. The annual catalogue shows progress and growth in this department which led to the creation of the school itself. The first Dean of the School of Education was J. G. Deupree. In 1908 the Dean started the extensive task of developing the high school system of the state in connection with and with the cooperation of the General Education Board. This work added to the Dean ' s title of Professor of Psychology, the title of Professor of Secondary Education. Since this time the School of Education has developed along two lines: it has graduated students with the high standards necessary in the teaching field and it has developed with the Public School System of Mississippi and expanded so as to best serve and improve it. The School of Education is now headed by Dean Forrest W. Murphy. SCHOOV OF 1AEDliCINE DAVID S. PANKRATZ Dean of the School of Medicine The School of Medicine was founded by a special act of the Board of Trustees in 1903. It embraced only the first two years of the regular four year course. It met with much difficulty during the first years of its early existence; not only because of inade- quate facilities and quarters, but also because of opposition of physicians throughout the state to a medical school away from a large city. These difficulties were overcome in a very few years, and recently every dream came true when the new Medical School in Jackson was completed. This new building has the best in all types of facilities and quarters. The course of study has been lengthened to include the complete course of four years and the enrollment has increased as stu- dents take advantage of this school. David S. Pankratz is the Dean of the School of Medicine. SCHOOL ' OF PHAVV CY ELMER L. HAMMOND Dean of the School of Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy was established at the University in July, 1908. For the first session, there were fifteen applications; a gratifying number considering the depart- ment had been opened only two months prior to registration. The Pharmacy School began to experience its largest period of expansion with the erection of the Chemistry and Pharmacy Building in 1923. Prior to this time, the depart- ment had been operating in inadequate, overcrowded quarters, which made improve- ment and expansion practically impossible. With the acquisition of this new building the department was able to increase the number of laboratories and install improved equipment. Under the guidance of Dean Elmer L. Hammon d, the School of Pharmacy has be- come one of the finer Pharmacy schools in the South, SCHOOL OF CO 6,1h1, AND BUSINESS ADLdUSTRATIOVI CLIVE F. DUNHAM Dean of the School of Commerce and Business Administration The School of Commerce and Business Administration was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1917. In the beginning a general course was offered in banking, trans- portation, and merchandising; while not attempting to differentiate in these separate subjects. The group of courses also included the subjects of political science, economies, shorthand, and typing, accounting and filing. These subjects were covered in sixteen courses. Today over six times as many courses are offered in the business school. The School of Commerce and Business Administration has since its founding expe- rienced the largest growth of any of the University ' s departments. This school ' s enroll- ment toady is second only to that of the College of Liberal Arts. Dr. Clive F. Dunham is the Dean of the School of Commerce and Business Administra- tion. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL DUDLEY R. HUTCHERSON Dean of the Graduate School Although honorary M.A. Degrees were conferred on distinguished graduates from 1848 and 1870, and courses of graduate level were offered from 1870 on, the Grad- uate School was not established as a school with its own Dean until 1927. A definite program of graduate study with minimum residence requirements of one academic year was set up in 1890, and fellowships began to be awarded. Before the official establishment of the school in 1927, graduate work was done under the direc- tion of the general faculty acting through a graduate committee; but the Board of Trustees elected a Dean charged with the responsibility of this work. The Graduate School, with its center of studies being the Alexander L. Bondurant Graduate Building, is headed by Dean Dudley R. Hutcherson. DR. W. ALTON BRYANT Provost MR. CARROLL B. NORTH Comptroller DR. L. L. LOVE Dean of the Division of Student Personnel MR. W. C. TROTTER Financial Secretary A 7 0 N HUGH H. CLEGG Director of Development ESTELLA G. HEFLEY Dean of Women R. MALCOLM GUESS Dean of Men Emeritus DR. V. B. HARRISON Director of the Student Health Service The administration of the University is divided into three main divisions, with the heads of each division being responsible directly to Chancellor Williams. Dr. W. Alton Bryant, Provost of the University, works with faculty members and department chairmen in co- ordinating the operations of the academic division. Dr. L. L. Love, Dean of Students, heads the Division of Student Personnel, working with the directors of the departments therein, and serves as chief counselor and disciplinary authority for all students. In the financial division, Mr. W. C. Trotter, Financial Secretary, receives and expends all money. Mr. Carroll North, Comptroller, is in charge of accounting and budgeting of funds and directs the maintenance of buildings and facilities. Other members of the University of Mississippi ad- ministration are Mr. Hugh Clegg, Director of Develop- ment; Miss Estella Hefley, Dean of Women; Mr. Mal- colm Guess, Dean of Men Emeritus; Dr. V. B. Harrison, Student Health Director; Mr. Robert Ellis, Registrar; Mr. Tom S. Hines, Director of Student Activities; Mr. J. S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; Mr. Marvin Black, Director of Public Relations; Mr. J. W. Webb, Director of Personnel; Mr. William Griffin, Alumni Secretary; Mr. Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of Athletics; Mr. John Vaught, Head Coach; Mr. Claude Smith, Direc- tor of Athletics. It has been under this administration that the Uni- versity of Mississippi has progressed and expanded in the field of higher learning. Indeed it is an admin- istration of which the students and alumni can be justly proud. CLAUDE M. SMITH Athletics Director JOHN H. VAUGHT Head Coach JEFF K. HAMM Athletics Business Manager WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN Alumni Secretary JAMES W. WEBB Director of Personnel ROBERT B. ELLIS TOM HINES JOHN S. HARTIN Registrar Director of Student Activities Director of the Libraries, In U) 0 0 a) a a 0 -a 0 I JIMMY CHILD President of A.S.B. The Associated Student Body Government is headed by President Jimmy Child. It is his duty to see that all laws of the Constitution are carried out and to promote the general welfare of the students. The vice-president is Bob True, who serves as the President of the Senate. Dot Allen, the Secretary, records the meetings of the Campus Senate meetings, and Doug Hudgins, as Treas- urer, keeps account of all funds disbursed through student MI activities. The president appoints his cabinet who help him in his executive duties. The Judicial Council has one elected mem- ber to serve as Chairman. The others are appointed by the President of the ASB. The Student Judicial Council is a po ' man ' s Supreme Court, consisting of five students, one of which is elected by the stu- dents to serve as Chairman and the other four are appointed by the ASB President. This Council has the jurisdiction to hear and decide all matters relative to the interpretations of the ASB Constitution and to determine the constitution- ality of any laws that are passed by the Campus Senate. The Judicial Council also serves in a disciplinary capacity. Doug Hudgins, Treasurer; Dot Allen, Secretary; Bob True, Vice-President; Jimmy Child, President. ASSOCIATED Si JDENIT BODY GOW[ERNMENT 36 ASB Cabinet—Jim Rowsey, Brad Dye, Jim Child, George McNeil, Bob Travis. Not tured: Jimmy Walker. Judicial Council—Willis Connell, Milton Case, Don Samuels, Cliff Fox, Gene McRoberts. 37 BOB TRUE Speaker of fhe Senate A P S The Campus Senate is the legislative body for the Univer- sity of Mississippi. This body, which was formed seven years ago under the Constitution of the ASB, controls all matters which are delegated to the student body by the Adminis- tration and sets the policies for all student body activities in order that they may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as whole. The Senate is composed of one member from each section of every dormitory, each fraternity and sorority house, each district in the Veterans Village, two members from the Ox- ford students, and the president of each of the seven schools at the University. The Chancellor, the Provost, the Dean of the Division of Student Personnel, the Comptroller, the Dean of each school or their representatives, and a representative of the Oxford Chamber of Commerce also serve as members of the ASB Campus Senate. The President of the Senate is Bob True and the Secretary is Dot Allen, both of whom are elected by the student body. The President Protem is Charles Carruth, and the Sergeant- at-Arms is John Miles. These two officers are elected by the Campus Senate. The President appoints the Parliamentarian, Don Samuels and the Chaplain, Chip Marble. e ' ) Officers: Bob True, Speaker; Dot Allen, Secretary; Charles Carruth, President Pro Temp.; John Miles, Sergeant-at-Arms. First Row: Raymond Jerry Adkins, Cynthia Bentz, Ruth Billing, Tom Brady, Horace Buzhadt, Claude Caldwell, Charles Carruth, Lidah Casey, Dot Cockerham. Second Row: Hollis Curl, David Davis, Joann Eldridge, Tom- my Elliott, Bill Elmore, John Farrel, Pete Fortenberry, John Franco, Billy Gardner, Bob Garraway. Third Row: Neil Gregory, Mike Haas, Alfred Y. Harper, Bobbie Harris, Ronald W. Hough, Carolyn Jaquith, Freeman Johnson, Pudney Joiner, Bill Kitto, Logier LeBlanc. Fourth Row: Shirley Landrum, Harry D. Lane, Richard J. Lee, Roger Lewis, Ramon Lomba, Bradley McGee, Mary V. McInnis, Bill McLaughlin, James McLemore, Nona Mahaffey. Fifth Row: Bill Mallery, Chip Marble, Irvin Martin, Bernard Massey, Jimmy Mathis, Lamar Maxwell, Carol Meek, John Miles, Ray Mikell, Carl 0. Morris. Sixth Row: Dan Murrell, Paul Murrill, Peggy Neely, Jack Par- sons, Ralph Peeples, Jan Priester, Bob Pritchard, Jasper Ram- polio, Bill Ready, Gary Reames. Seventh Row: Alisa Tate Reed, Jimmy Ritchie, John Morris Roach, Jesse Rogers, William Russell, Don Samuels, Wally Sherwood, Nona Short, George Slade, Earl Solomon. Eighth Row: Buzzy Solomon, Raymond Speck, Paul Stampley, Floy Stone, Paula Stribling, Camille Sutton, Russell D. Thomp- son, Julia Waits, Dot Walker, Jesse Woods, Josephine Zeller. Not Pictured: Tom Berry, Jerry Eskridge, Bob Neblett, Wal- ter Redden, John Salter, Ginger Smith, William Lee Smith, Wirt Steed, Marcus Stokes, Joseph White, John Woodard. 39 WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERN A I First Row: Alice Barnes, Fannie Brumfield, Gen Barry Casey, Sylvia Elias. Second Row: Carolyn Hallberg, Martha Dale Johnston, Sallye Kersh, Kay Kirkland. Third Row: Pat Lary, Lady Mockbee, Mary Sue Neill, Nancy Stone. Fourth Row: Mary Ann Strong, Jan Wilcox, gusta Wilson, Sue Wong. 40 OFFICERS FRANCES BRUMFIELD President KAY KIRKLAND Vice-President LADY MOCKBEE Secretary SYLVIA ELIAS Treasurer W.S.G.A., composed of every woman student on the campus, is headed by an Executive Council of four officers and a Judicial Committee of four students elected by popular vote at the beginning of the school year. Each dormitory elects a House Council composed of a president, a secretary, and representatives from each of the floors in the dormitory. These coun- cils, with the help of the Judicial Council, are re- sponsible for the enforcement of dormitory and social regulations. These rules and regulations are KAY KIRKLAND Vice President of WSGA up of dormitory presidents and secretaries. And of course, the approval of the Dean of Women. The Women ' s Student Government Association at Ole Miss is a member of the Mississippi Associa- tion of Student Governments for Women and also of the Southern Association of Women ' s Student subject to change by a Legislative Council made Governments. AiSOCIA 710N MARLIN RYLAND Business Manager BANKS SHEPHERD Editor T H 5 6 E BILLY HICKS TOM HINES MARY VIRGINIA McINNIS PEGGY NEELY LEE DAVIS THAMES Copy Editor Greek Editor Class Editor Class Editor Photographer 42 First Row: Tom Hines, Mary Virginia McInnis, Jamie Stillions, Mary Ann Murphree, Laura Sharpe, Lee Davis Thames. Second Row: Bo Humphrey, Bill Holmes, Bill Hicks. Not pictured: Nancy Andrews, Peggy Neely. The ball began rolling way back in August up in Nash- ville when Editor Joe Durrett made up the dummy for the 1956 OLE MISS with the help of Buddy Shaw. The ball rolled too fast for Joe and Banks Shepherd, a repeat editor, took the reins to bring the book in to the finish line. Helping with the task of getting out a year book were Peggy Neely and Mary Virginia McInnis, who did the proof reading of the class section and much of the sorting of the pictures for the classes. Tom Hines and Nancy Andrews were the poets of the Greek section. All of the copy that went into the printers was typed up by Billy " Speed Demon ' ' Hicks. At any time of the year one could see Lee Davis " Freddy Flashbulb " Thames carrying camera, flash bulbs, exposure meter, and tripod to all parts of the campus to take some picture for the annual. Helping to hinder the progress of the annual were Ed Wilburn Hooker and Kinloch Gill, who made up the set back crew. Also lending a hand in this slowing down process was Mary Ann " Nuisance " Murphree who worried the editor day and night. Over in the business side of the annual, Business Man- ager Marlin Ryland had as his right-hand woman, Laura Sharpe who wheedled ads out of the merchants in the area. It was these two who had the unpleasant task of filling the pages of the organizations section. Next year ' s Business Manager-to-be Charles Humphrey ably assisted this money mad crew in their financial worries. All in all, the job was a pleasant one and now as I sit here in Nashville writing this copy, I am in hopes that you, the reader, will enjoy the book as much as we, the staff, have enjoyed publishing the 1956 OLE MISS. 43 Mississippian Staff at Work Jean Guyton, Managing Editor; Mary Booth, Business Manager; Wallace Sherwood, Editor. 44 THE MISSISSIPPIAN, The Rebel ' s weekly news-sheet, is thrust into the hands of the students every Friday except when the press refuses to print on Fridays. Then it may be Saturday or even Sunday. If the last edition of the paper rolls off the press as sched- uled this year, THE MISSISSIPPIAN will wind up forty-five years of existence. This forty-fifth year has been no unevent- ful cne as editorial stands were boldly taken on controversial issues, the nation was scooped with the news of the death of the Rebels ' beloved " Blind Jim, " and the staff tallied yellow poll sheets until midnight was long past. Wallace Sherwood, the number one man on the staff was the recipient of hot ' n ' mild letters to the editor which landed in Box 186. Jean Guyton, second in command, barely man- aged to pound out a column each Tuesday and did likewise with the editing lab on Wednesday nights. Panny Flautt assisted Editor Sherwood and racked her brain for five-letter words to fit into headlines. News Editor Walter Hurt (WHH3) cracked the whip over the poor hard-working freshmen reporters and staff writers, while Betty Bach and Earl Solomon filled the inside pages with the social and sports accounts. Bonita Appleton set the campus record for interviews during her reign as feature ed- itor. Bill Ray and Don Thompson also contributed feature- wise. Betty Garner assisted Hurt first semester with Amy Bagwell and Boone Shelton taking over second go-round. Bernard Massey covered the theatre. Society writers were Diane Schroeder and Peggy Evans. Sports helpers were Travis Stall- worth, Dick Kice, and Bill Shellhammer. Charles Forbes snapped the shutter for campus cuties and other pix. The business staff took all year to get settled as a staff. Bob Quinnelly led off as business manager and then turned the combination of the safe over to Neal Gregory. Third time is charm, so Mary Booth took the post the second semester and rationed out the copy paper for the remainder of the year. Booth hounded the merchants for ads the first semester before switching jobs with Gregory the second term. Jimmy Johnston and Charles Scott aided and abetted the business manager. Joanne Falls and Billy Joor assisted with the ad selling and W. H. Corley helped circulate. THE MISSISSIPPIAN circulates on the campus, throughout the state, to college newspaper staffs, and to anyone else who will cough up the dollar subscription rates. Circulation Manager Ray Mikell handled the stencil cutting, mailing and distributing. WALLACE SHERWOOD NEAL GREGORY JEAN GUYTON Editor Business Manager Managing Editor MISSISSIPP I AN 45 Four Freshmen Four Rebels ASB DANCE COM N First Row: Joe Cerny, Jo Eldridge, Jeannice Garreft, Margaret Houston. Second Row: Mary Sidney Johnson, Dale Jones, Billy Russell, Gayle Wey, Tom Hines, Not Pictured: Larry McCool. 46 Stan Kenton Plays in the Chapel The Associated Student Body Dance Committee Committee has done a fine job in providing plays a very important role in the life of every Ole tainment for the students. Before Christmas, they Miss student. We here at Ole Miss feel that all brought such well known stars as Stan Kenton and work and no play makes Colonel Rebel a dull stu- The Four Freshmen to the campus for concerts. dent. With Billy Russell as Chairman, the Dance These stars and others like them were well received Kenton talks with Chairman Russell and date at Ole Miss, playing to standing room only. In addition to bringing famous celebrities in the entertainment world to the campus, it is the duty of the Dance Committee to decorate for all of the ASB dance and to provide a representative at all campus wide dances to help out where needed. The ASB President appoints the Chairman of the Dance Committee. It is the Chairman who, in turn, selects the other members of the Dance Committee. First Row: William D. Adams, Edward L. Atkinson, Clyde E. Bracken, Kenneth E. Britt, Harvey S. Buck. Second Row: George Milton Case, W. S. (Jack) Fine, Harry C. Griffith, Robert A. Pritchard, Scott Tennyson, Malcolm Yawn. Not Pictured: Bernard H. Gautier. in COJRT BOA OFFICERS The Moot Court Board is composed of students MALCOLM T. YAWN Chairman of the Board of the School of Law who are chosen by the faculty HARRY C. GRIFFITH Secretary for their scholastic record. This board gives the EDWARD L. ATKINSON Appellate Chairman students excellent experience in conducting them- BERNARD H. GAUTIER Assistant selves in actual court room procedure and in the ROBERT A. PRITCHARD Circuit Clerk handling of general office work. The Board arranges G. MILTON CASE Assistant cases for the students to try. Students prepare HARVEY S. BUCK Chancery Clerk briefs, argue appellate cases, and conduct trial W. S. FINE Assistant cases. The judge in the trials are advanced students, CLYDE E. BRACKEN J P. Chairman faculty members, and practicing lawyers and judges. SCOTT TENNYSON Sheriff In appellate cases, Professor Joel W. Bunkley serves WILLIAM D. ADAMS Co-Chairman of Facts as faculty advisor while Bramlett Roberts is the fac- KENNETH E. BRITT Co-Chairman of Facts ulty advisor to the general practice division. 48 First Row: William D. Adams, Edward L. Atkinson, Harvey S. Buck, Richard H. Carlisle, H. Nolen Fancher. Second Row: Harry C. Griffith, Robert A. Pritchard, Jess B. Rogers, John A. Welsch, Malcolm T. Yawn. No° Pictured: Josephine P. Johnson, Nathaniel G. Trout Douglas C. Wynn. MISSiSSIPPI LAW JOURNAL The " Mississippi Law Journal, " the official publica- tion of the Mississippi State Bar, was established in 1928. It is published four times a year under the Bar ' s auspices by the students of the School of Law of the University of Mississippi. The Editorial Staff is composed of students who also write some of the articles, but most of the ma- terial is written by jurymen from all parts of the country. The ' ' Law Journal " reviews outstanding litigations as well as current treatises on the general subject of law. It publishes the proceedings of the annual meet- ing of the Mississippi State Bar Association, arti- cles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments written by the students on recent deci- sions, and other matters of interest to the legal pro- fession. STAFF HARRY C. GRIFFITH Editor H. NOLEN FANCHER Business Manager MALCOLM T. YAWN Case Editor DOUGLAS C. WYNN Case Editor JOHN A. WELSCH Comment Editor HARVEY S. BUCK Book Review Editor ROBERT A. PRITCHARD Index Editor RICHARD H. CARLISLE Index Editor NATHANIEL G. TROUTT Associate Editor JOSEPHINE P. JOHNSON Associate Editor WILLIAM D. ADAMS Associate Editor EDWARD L. ATKINSON JESS B. ROGERS 49 4.• 0 w a 111 0 V r Colonel Rehei Friendliness ... Personality . . . Love for Ole Miss . . . School Spirit . . . these are the qualifications for the University of Mississippi ' s highest electoral honor. This year the titles went to Shirley Wagner of Grenada and Buddy Alliston of Florence. Shirley has been head cheerleader for two years and a campus favorite representing Delta Delta Delta for three years. This year she is Vice-President of the Women ' s Recrea- tional Association. As everyone knows, Buddy played football for the SEC champs, the Ole Miss Rebels. He received all SEC recognition playing guard and was selected as the outstanding line- man in The Rebels ' 14-13 win over TCU in the Cotton Bowl classic. On the campus Buddy holds the position of Vice-President of the Ole Miss Y and is a member of the M Club. The two are outstanding students and are well-deserving of their titles ,Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss. 5 - 5 4 PARADE 0 MARY ANN MOBLEY BETSY BEALL EMILY HALL MARY BROWN HOW THEY ViiglittL SELECTED JOYCE ROY The Beauties for the OLE MISS are selected from the forty candidates in the Parade of Favorites. Twenty-five girls are selected by an audience vote at the Parade of Favorites. From these twenty-five girls, a secret committee of students picks five girls to be Featured as Beauties in the annual. Pictures of these five are then sent to some nationally known person to be ranked one through five. This year, Bing Crosby ranked the Beauties one through three. They are in order of ranking by Mr. Crosby— Mary Ann Mobley, Betsy Beall and Emily Hall. Portraits by J. R. Cofield Anti 7-1jObleV d�,��� J�,«(� Jiatt gown )ovce Roy DOT ALLEN PAT McMURRAY BONNIE MARKLE ELIZABETH JUSTICE FAVOR llTES GIN CASEY CAROL CAVIN MARY SIDNEY JOHNSON VONDA FREEMAN DOT WALKER PEGGY MULLIN MARY MARGARET STEWART LAURA CLOUD 1111111k...„ MARGARET HOPPEN SHIRLEY WAGNER BARBARA MARSHALL ALICE CAROL DODSON k--:AVORIJTES ALICE ANN BOLLING. KAY HORTON SHARON SMITH IRVING FULLER BOB TRUE WILLIS CONNELL WALLACE SHERWOOD JIM CHILD DON SAMUELS 68 TH HALL OF The highest honor that can be bestowed on a student at the University of Mississippi is to be se- lected as a member of the Hall of Fame. The six members that are selected for this honor are chosen on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, and contribution to the promotion and betterment of Ole Miss. This honor is done in a manner which is sup- posedly free from politics. A secret committee of eight students and eight faculty members choose twenty five students who in turn pick the Hall of Fame. All selections are done by secret ballot. The persons selected to this honor for I 956 are Jimmy Child, Willis Connell, Irving Fuller, Don Samuels, Wally Sherwood, and Bob True. Left to Right: Willis Connell, Bob True, Wally Sherwood, Jim Child, Don Samuels. Not Pictured: Irving Fuller. 69 • MN w 0 a U -E 0 0 V mom t PROFESSIONALS First Row: • ROBERT E. ADAMS, Memphis, Tenn.• Graduate; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Ameri- can Chemical Society. • WILLIAM D. ADAMS, Hattiesburg; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. • JOHN M. ALLRED, Collins; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Y Cabinet; Tau Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship. Second Row: • KARIM A. AMIR, HiIla, Iraq; Graduate; Alpha Chi Sigma; Iragian Scholar. • EDWARD L. ATKINSON, JR.. Jackson; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Miss. Law Journal; Moot Court Board; President of Law II. • DORRANCE AULTMAN, Sumrall; Law; Phi Alpha Delta; Campus Senate; Com- mittee of 100; Vice-President Law III. Third Row: • ALBERT S. BELANGER, Morgan City, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • D. CARL BLACK, JR., Drew, Graduate; Graduate Fellowship. • DOROTHY W. BLACKWELL, Plantersville; Education. Fourth Row: • N. E. BLACKWELL, III, Plantersville; Graduate; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pi Kappa Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • CORNELIA M. BOSTICK, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CLYDE E. BRACKEN, JR., Vicksburg; Law II; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • WOODROW W. BRAND, JR., Houston; Law I. • RODGERS BRASHIER, Jackson; Kappa Sigma; M Club. • KENNETH M. BRITT, Jackson; Law i. Sixth Row: • RENE L. BROUSSARD, New Iberia, La.; Pharmacy. • MARY E. BROWN, Water Valley; Graduate; Univ. Players; Claiborne So. • HARVEY S. BUCK, Tchula; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Book Review Editor; Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Pres. Sr. Class. Seventh Row: • JOE C. BUCKLEY, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; YMCA; ASB Dance Committee; Kappa Kappa Psi. • JOE. D. BUCY, Saltillo; Business. • HUGH BURFORD, Greenwood; Graduate; NISA; Theta Nu Sigma. Eighth Row: • ROGER L. BURFORD, Independence; Graduate; Delta Sigma Pi. • WILLIAM J. BUSAM, Greenwood; Graduate; Theta Kappa Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club. • BENNY H. BUSH, Taylorsville; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. 72 First Row: • ANNIE M. BYRD, Elizabethtown, N.C.; Liberal Arts; Assistantship in Theory. • NATIE P. CARAWAY, Meridian; Law I; Delta Psi. • RICHARD H. CARLISLE, Water Valley; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Miss. Law Jounral; Campus Senate. Second Row: • GEORGE M. CASE, Canton; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Student Judicial Council; Moot Court Board; Treasurer LSSB. • FRANCIS D. CERNIGLIA, Greenwood; Liberal Arts, • SIDNEY H. CHAFFIN, Hayti, Mo.; Law; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • JAMES K. CHILD, JR., Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Pres. A.S.B.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Miss. Law Journal; Pi Sigma Alpha. • JOHN S. CLARK, Waynesboro; Law I. • ROBERT K. COIT, Meridian; Law II. Fourth Row: • DAVID 0. COLE, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • RICHARD F. COLLINS, Biloxi; Graduate. • LESTER S. COOK, Natchez; Law II. Fifth Row: • KENNETH E. CORBAN, Meadville; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • JIM M. CRISS, Grenada; Law; Phi Alpha Delta. • EDWARD J. CURRIE, JR., Hattiesburg; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta. Sixth Row: • LESLIE C. DANIEL, JR., Germantown, Tenn.; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES B. DAVIS, Poplarville; Graduate. • THOMAS D. DAVIS, Batesville; Pharmacy. Seventh Row: • HOWARD B. DAWSON, Magnolia; Pharmacy. • LOUIS A. DEMOS, Vicksburg; Law III; Lambda Chi Alpha. • EUGENE I. DREHER, Morgan City, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. Eighth Row: • JACK F. DUNBAR, Jackson; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. • LAWRENCE F. EDWARDS, Louisville; Graduate. • JAMES A. ELDER, Coldwater; Pharmacy; Delta Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. PROFESS ' ONALS 73 PROFESSIONALS First Row: • JAMES B. EVERETT, Decatur; Law III. • JESSIE MAY EVERETT, Philadelphia; Graduate; Bus. Educ, Club; Delta Pi Epsilon. • HENRY N. FANCHER, Canton; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: • ANTHONY T. FARESE, Ashland; Law. • JOHN R. FARRELL, Meridian; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • MARCOS FELICIANO, Isabela, P.R.; Phi Alpha Delta. Third Row: • SAMUEL JAMES FIELDER, Osceola, Ark.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • JACK FINE, Tulsa, Okla.; Law II; Phi 1Delta Phi. • ANN F. FOREMAN, Gulfport; Graduate. Fourth Row: • SHELDON L. FOREMAN, Gulfport; Law II; Acacia. • JOHN L. FORTENBERRY, Sumrall; Educ. • WILLIAM E. FORTENBERRY, Tylertown; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi; Campus Senate American Pharmaceutical Assoc.; Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: • ROBERT M. FLOYD, Bonneville; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • BOBBY J. GARRAWAY, Bassfield; Law II; Campus Senate. • GEORGE H. GENT, Summit; Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • JESSE H. GRAHAM, Meridian; Law Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARRY C. GRIFFITH, Memphis, Tenn.; Law; Phi Delta Theta; Miss. Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • MICHAEL D. HAAS, Bay St. Louis; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • HURST M. HALL, Toccopola; Graduate; M Club. • MILTON R. HALL, Vicksburg; Graduate. • PERCY R. HANCOCK, Mize; Graduate; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi. Eighth Row: • ALTON H. HARVEY, McComb; Law I. • JOHN L. HATCHER, Scott; Law II; Sigma Chi. • JOHN E. HAYNES, Pascagoula; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharamceutical Assoc. 74 A HIS S First Row: • HOBART, HECTOR, Clarksdale; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • GILBERT F. HEINBAUGH, Oxford; Law; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOE W. HOBBS, Jackson; Law; Phi Alpha Delta; N Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • WILLIAM H. HOLLAND, JR., Vicksburg; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. • JOHN B. HOOKER, Edward s; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM L. HUBBELL, Baton Rouge, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Assoc. Third Row: • FLAVOUS L. HUTCHINSON, Tupelo; Graduate. • EDWARD 0. JOHNSON, JR., Glen Allan; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Y Cabinet; Vice-Justice Southern Dist. Phi Alpha Delta; Sec. Law School; Committee of 100. • DANIEL L. JAMES, Jackson; Graduate; Lambda Chi Alpha, Fourth Row: • MALCOLM F. JUSTICE, Jackson; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EVELYN H. KELLOW, Baghdad, Iraq; Liberal Arts. • HENRY H. KING, New Albany; Law II; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • EDMUND T. KITTLEMAN, Greenville; Graduate; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, • JAMES L. LAMBERT, Monticello; Pharmacy. • LOGIER J. LEBLANC, Erath, La.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Assoc.; Campus Senate; Newman Club. Sixth Row: • NORVELL E. LEDBETTER, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Chi Beta Phi; American Chemical Soc.; Masonite Industrial Fellowship. • BOBBY R. LEE, Poplarville; Pharmacy. • JAMES A. LEE, Prentiss; Pharmacy. Seventh Row: • RICHARD J. LEE, Hernando; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM H. LISTON, Kilmichael; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RAMON A. LOMBA, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Law II;; Theta Kappa Phi. Eighth Row: • DAUGHDRILL. L. LOVAN, Ky.; Pharmacy. • DONALD E. McDANIEL, Leland; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceut ical Assoc. • JOHN L. McDAVID, Macon; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. 75 I) ROFESSHONA First Row: • JAMES F. McKENZIE, Hattiesburg; Law; Kappa Alpha. • CLAUDE E. McROBERTS, JR., Jackson; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM B. MANSELL, Carthage; Graduate; Business Educ. Club. Second Row: • MARTIN MARSHALL, Puckett; Graduate. • RAYMOND B. MAY, Vicksburg; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARTHA A. MAYES, Conehatta• Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi: Claiborne Soc. Third Row: • CHARLES D. MILLENDER, Okolona; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • DANA C. MOORE, JR., Shaw; Law II; Phi Delta Theta. • ALFRED R. MORAN, Ocean Springs; Law III; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fourth Row: • FRANK MORGAN, JR., Kosciusko; Graduate; Graduate Assistant in English. • NANCY C. MULLIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate; Delta Zeta; Pres. Senior YWCA; Vice Co-Chairman Committee of 100; Efa Sigma Phi; Pi Kappa Pi. • JIRO NAKAZAWA, Japan; Graduate. Fifth Row: • JIMMY L. NELSON,Oxford, Education. • LESLIE NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain; Graduate; Debate Club; BSU. • MALCOLM S. NICHOLS, Rosedale; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. Sixth Row: • BOBBY G. O ' BARR, Houston; Law • NORIKO OKA, Tokyo, Japan; Graduate. • BOB C. ORSBURN, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc.; Rho Chi. Seventh Row: • JOEL T. PARKER, Sunflower; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • JACK PARSONS, Wiggins, Law II. • GERALD S. PIERCE, Ardmore, Okla.; Graduate. Eighth Row: • CHARLES D. PIGOTT, JR., Tylertown; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi; American Phar- maceutical Assoc., Kappa Psi. • HOMER H. POWELL, Collins; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc.; YMCA. • CHARLIE: F. PRETT, Tenn Phatmacy• Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. 76 PROFESSIONALS First Row: • JOHN L. PRICHARD, Starkville; Law; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT A. PRITCHARD, Harriston• Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Pres. Law School; Justice of P.A.D.; Moot Court Board; Miss. Law Journal; Legislative Coun cil. • JASPER J. RAMPOLLA, New York, N.Y.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi; Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Assoc. Second Row: • ROBERT A. RANKIN, Johnson City, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Phar- maceutical Assoc. • JULIUS T. REYNOLDS, Jackson; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Sigma Alpha. • WILLIAM E. READY, Meridian; Law; Kappa Alpha; P.A.D.; Committee of 100; Campus Senate; Village Steering Committee. Third Row: • W. BURDETTE RICHARDSON, Philadelphia; Law. • FRANK A. RILEY, Tupelo; Law II; P.A.D.; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JESS B. ROGERS, Shelby; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Campus Senate. Fourth Row: • ROBERT E. ROSSER, Lafayette, La.; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Psi; Committee of 100; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • WILLIAM A. RUSSELL, Calhoun City; Graduate; Sigma Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • DONALD B. SAMUELS, Brookhaven; Law II; Phi Epsilon Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa. Fifth Row: • SYLVIA 0. SANFORD, Philadelphia; Law II; Kappa Delta. • LYILE BOONE SHELTON, JR., Ripley; Graduate; Committee of 100. • WALLACE J. SHERWOOD, JR., Grenada; Graduate; Canterbury Club; Editor " Mississippian, " Committee of 100; Vice-Pres.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Legislative Coun- cil; Kappa Alpha Mu; Lambda Sigma. Sixth Row: • DEWEY H. SIFFORD, Marianna, Ark.; Graduate. • THOMAS S. SIMS, Centreville; Graduate. • DAVID R. SMITH, Poplarville; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • EUGENE W. SMITH, Forrest City, Ark.; Graduate. • JAMES C. SMITH, JR., Graduate. • MARTIN T. SMITH, Poplarville; Law; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR., Jackson; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. • STEPHEN C. STRINGFELLOW, Pascagoula; Law I. • HARRIS SULLIVAN, Hattiesburg; Law; Kappa Alpha. 77 PROFESSIONALS First Row: • WALTER T. TAYLOR, Como; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • SCOTT TENNYSON, Columbus; Law I. • LIONEL G. THERIOT, St. Martinville, La.• Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association; Newman Club. Second Row: • BOBBY B. THOMPSON, Sporeton, Ga.; Graduate. • BOBBY J. THOMPSON, Winona; Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Psi; Y; Campus Senate; American Pharmaceutical ASSOC. • LE[ V. Meridian; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • ROSCOE M. THORNE, Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • MARION F. TOMS, Collins; Law; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. o EDWARD G. TREMMEL, Biloxi; Law I; Theta Kappa Phi. Fourth Row: • ELVA L. TRUSSELL, Vicksburg; Graduate. • ANTHONY S. VAllANA, Leland; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assoc.; YMCA; Newman Club. • WILLIAM H. WALLACE, Graduate; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Committee of 100. Fifth Row: • EDWARD V. WARD, Yazoo City; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; YMCA; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • ERWIN C. WARD, Starkville; Law I. • DARTHON V. WELLS, Benton, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • JOHN A. WELSCH, University; Law; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal. • JOHN H. WHITE, McComb; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALBERT D. WHITTEN, Cascilla; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Seventh Row: • EDWARD L. WHITTEN, Hernando; Law. o JAMES C. WOODS, McComb; ;Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Scabbard Blade; Arnold Air Society; Pharmacy School President. • ROBERT J. WORK, New Albany; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Psi; Committee of 100; Orientation Committee; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. Eighth Row: • MALCOLM T. YAWN, Fulton; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Miss. Law Chairman Moot Court Board. • JOHN A. ZALONE, Monroe, La.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; American Pharma- ceutical Assoc.; Phi Delta Chi; YMCA. • B. ETHLYNE JACKSON, Ark.; School of Nursing. • BEVERLY ANN ROSS, Yazoo City; School of Nursing. 78 S ENIORS First Row: • ROBERT 0. ADAMS, Amory; Education; M Club. • BETTE ALLEN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Claiborne Society; Orienta- tion Committee. • DOROTHY R. ALLEN, Rosedale; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; ASB Secretary, Favorite. Second Row: • VAUGHN S. ALLISTON, Florence; Business; M Club; YMCA. • CECIL R. ALVAREZ, Ashland; Engineering; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; ASME; IFC; Cardinal Club. • LAWRENCE A. ASHLEY, JR., Clinton; Engineering; ASCE; Chi Epsilon. Third Row: • ROBERT D. ATKINS, Gibson, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SHIRLEY A. ATKINSON, Houston; Education; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM H. AUSTIN, Lake Cormorant; Business; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • CHARLES E. AVARITT, III, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • KATHRYN BAILEY, Oxford; Commerce; Chi Omega; CWENS; Campus Senate. • MARGARET L. BAILEY, Grenada; Comemrce; Delta Gamma; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Gamma Nu. Fifth Row: • AUSTIN F. BARBOUR, Indianola; Business; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES H. BARINEAU, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • J. HARRY BARKLEY, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • E. DWIGHT BASSETT, Philadelphia; Business; Delta Gamma; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • DORIS BEAN, Blytheville, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • NATHANIEL 0. BEASLEY, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Anchor and Chain; ASME; Vice President, Recorder, Pledge Trainer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • SONDRA J. BECK, Sikeston, Mo.; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Assistant Drum Major; Favorite 1955, ROTC Sponsor; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl of 1955; First Alternate, Miss University; YWCA. • THOMAS D. BERRY, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Campus Senate; Debate Club. • DAVID R. BILLINGSLEY, Waterford; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi. Eighth Row: • DRUE D. BIRMINGHAM, Olive Branch; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • EARL BLAIR, Pascagoula; Commerce; M Club. • BERNICE WHITE, University; Liberal Arts. 79 SENIORS First Row: • MARY L. BOOTH, Mathiston; Liberal Arts; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; " Y " Cabinet; Committee of 100; Orientation Committee; —30— Club; University Chorus; Ole Miss Sextette; University Players; " Mississippian " Staff; Honor Roll. • PATRICIA A. BOSWELL, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • HOWELL D. BOYD, Blytheville, Ark.• Liberal Arts; Acacia; President, Art Club; University Players; Eta Sigma Phi; —30-- Club; Beta Sigma Chi. Second Row: • THOMAS P. BRADY, JR., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice President, Alpha Phi Omega; President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY S. BREWSTER, Laurel; Education; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Eta. • ROBERT V. BRICKELL, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • SARA S. BROOME, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Gamma; Secretary, Mortar Board; CWENS; Secretary Pan Hellenic, Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Phi Gamma Nu; Business Education Club; University Chorus; YWCA. • SHIRLEY S. BROWN, luka• Education; Kappa Delta; Cheerleader 55-56; Rebelee Committee; Welcoming Committee; Homecoming Committee; Favorite 55; Physical Education Club; Women ' s Recreation Association; High School Day Committee. • WILLIAM J. BROWN, JR., Fayette; Business. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM R. BROWN, Oxford; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SUZANNE A. BROWN, Trumann, Ark.; Commerce; Delta Gamma; YWCA; Com- mittee of 100; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club; Wesley Foundation. • L. FRANCES BRUMFIELD, Inverness; Education; Chi Omega; President of WSGA; Vice President of Mortar Board; Vice President of Pan Hellenic; Vice President of WRA; Kappa Delta Pi; Co-Chairman of Committee of 100; Sorority Rush Chairman; Welcoming Committee; Vice President of ETA; Dixie Week Committee; Finance Drive. Fifth Row: • JAMES C. BULLARD, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HAROLD R. BURCHAM, Burnsville; Engineering; ASME. • CECIL. W. BURFORD, JR., Como; Education; Sigma Chi; M Club; Committee of 100. Sixth Row: e RAMOND BURGIN, Starkville; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; President of University Players; University Chorus; Lambda Sigma; —30— Club; Liberal Arts Executive Committee; Beta Sigma Chi. e ANN B. BUSH, Laurel; Kappa Delta; Liberal Arts. e JAMES H. BUTLER, Smithdale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: • JERRY H. BYNUM, Corinth; Education; Secretary and Treasurer of M Club. • JO BETH BYRD, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Claiborne Society. • ERNEST C. CADDEN, Amory; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Rebel Band President and Assistant Director; Treasurer of Sigma Nu; University Scholars; Honor Roll. Eighth Row: • ELEANOR CAHILL, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CLAUDE W. CALDWELL, New Albany; Business; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Campus Senate. • V. ANTHONY CARBONAR, Philadelphia, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. 80 SEN!ORS First Row: • LESSIE P. CAROTHERS, Taylor; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. • CARTHA J. CARPENTER, Birmingham, Ala.• Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES S. CARRUTH, Summit; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; Tau Alpha President; Sigma Alpha Eta; University Players, Vice President; Campus Senate; Committee of 100: President Pro Tempore of Campus Senate; Liberal Arts Execu- tive Committee; Wesley Foundation, President; Wesley Foundation Supper Club; President Pro Tempore, Congress of Human Relations; Southern Speech Association; President Pro Tempore, Mississippi Youth Congress; Executive Council, University Players. Second Row: • KELLY M. CARTER, Tyro; Commerce; Sigma Pi; Alumni Secretary; Alpha Delta Sigma. • LUTHER M. CASTLEBERRY, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Band. • LAURA G. CLOUD, Lula; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Welcoming Committee; Dixie Week Committee; Favorite, 1953-54, 1954-55, 1955-56; Cheerleader, 1954-55, 1955-56. Third Row: • ERNEST 0. COCHRAN, JR., Corinth; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • MARTENE E. COLEMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta. • C. WILLIS CONNELL, JR., Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Kappa Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President; Beta Gamma Sigma, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade, Captain; Phi Delta Theta, President; Committee of 100; Student Judicial Council; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President. Fourth Row: • JOHN W. COPE, Hollandale; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • THOMAS H. CRAIG, Houston; Business; Delta Sigma Pi. • EDWARD S. CRAWFORD, Jackson, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Chi; " M " Club, President, 1955; Football 1952-55; Track 1955; Baseball 1952-55; Basketball 1955; School Spirit Committee. Fifth Row: • HARVEY CROMWELL, Oxford; Education; Debate Club, Vice President; Sigma Alpha Eta, Vice President. • JAMES L. CROWE, Trimble, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LAURENS H. CROWELL, JR., Gulfport; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Inter-fraternity Council; Delta Sigma Pi. Sixth Row: • GERALD P. CRYSTAL, Jackson; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi; Committee of 100; Hillel Foundation; YMCA. • ANN B. CURRY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Mortar Board, President; Pi Kappa Pi; YWCA, Vice President; University Players, Corresponding Secretary; French Government Prize; Taylor Medal in Spanish; Committee of 100. • CLINTON A. DAVIS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Seventh Row: • DAVID A. DAVIS, Clarksdale; Business; Campus Senate; Newman Club. • DAVID R. DAVIS, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Westminster Fellowship, President; Synod Council of Westminster Fellowship; Committee of 100; " Y " Cabinet. • HERMAN EAGLE DAY, Columbia; Education; " M " Club. Eighth Row: • JAMES I. DEATON, Belmont; Liberal Arts. • JAMES W. DERITTER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • A. D. DICKSON, Picayune; Liberal Arts. • JOSE CHEQUER, Vicosa-Minas, Brazil; Engineering. 81 SENIORS First Row: • NANCY J. DICKSON, Jackson; Business; Phi Mu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Phi Gamma Nu. • ELIZABETH DICKSON, Aberdeen; Education; Delta Gamma. • CALEB DORTCH, JR., Jackson; Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Delta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; YMCA, Secretary; Committee of 100; Orienta- tion and Welcoming Committee. Second Row: • MARION E. DORTCH, Paducah, Ky.; Education. • CARL S. DOWNING, Oxford; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Chi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; American Society of Chemical Engineers. • BOB DREWRY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. Third Row: • GENE DUBISSON, Pascagoula; Education. • SARA N. DuVALL, Mantachie; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; Orientation Committee. • BRADFORD J. DYE, JR., Grenada; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha, President; As- sociated Student Body, Treasurer; ASB President ' s Cabinet 1955, 1956; Interfraternity Council, Chairman. Fourth Row: • TOMMY R. EADS, Hazelton, Ind.;; Business.. • BARNEY E. EATON, Gulfport; Commerce. • ALLEN G. EDGAR, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles. Fifth Row: • MARY L. EDWARDS, New Madrid, Mo.; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha;; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Phi Gamma Nu; Beta Alpha Psi. • B. JOANN ELDRIDGE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Campus Senate; ASB Dance Committee; University Players. • JACK B. ELLIOT, Blytheville, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • MARY M. ELLIOT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA. • THOMAS W. ELLIOTT, Oxford; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; American Society of Chemical Engineers; Dixie Week; Campus Senate. • BETSY Q. EMERSON, Hernando; Education; Future Teachers Association; BSU; Independents. Seventh Row: • RICHARD ESCUDIER, Lafayette, La.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega, President; Interiraternity Council, President, 1954-55; Cardinal Club; Newman Club, Vice President. • JAMES M. EWING, JR., Wesson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation, President; YMCA; University Players; Orientation; Committee of 100. • BETTY ANNE FANT, Sardis; Commerce; Chi Omega; YMCA, President; Pan Hellenic; Secretary of Chi Omega; C ommittee of 100; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. Eighth Row: • DURWARD L. FANT, West Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts. • SYLVIA M. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Independents; Freshman Cheer- leader; University Players; Orientation Committee; Welcoming Committee; WCBH Staff; Committee of 100; Women ' s Recreation Association; Independents, Treasurer, President. • DAVID W. FAY, Springfield, Mo.; Business; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi. 82 SENIORS Firs+ Row: • EDWARD A. FERRELL, Oxford Commerce. • CHARLES C. FINCH, Pope; Business. • BOBBY FISHER, Lexington; Education; M Club. Second Row: • W. MALCOLM FLANAGAN, Oxford; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. • LATHAN F. FRANKLIN, Denmark; Education. • PATRICK E. FRAZIER, Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Alpha Mu; Alpha Delta Sigma; Lambda Sigma. Third Row: • ROY FREEMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Civil Engineering; Alpha Tau Omegs; Ameri- can Society of Chemical Engineers. • JOAN K. FRENCH, Byhalia; Commerce; Phi Mu; Phi Gamma Nu, President; Pledge Director; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; WRA Council; Committee of 100; Wesley Foun- dation; YWCA-Freshman Advisor, Secretary; Intramural Queen. • REUBEN A. FRIEND, Blytheville, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • ROGER P.. FRIOU, Tupelo; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Eta Sigma. • IRVING L. FULLER, JR., Warwick, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Presi- dent ODK; President Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President Debate Club; Tau Kappa Alpha; YMCA Cabinet; Winner Southern Regional Debate. • N. SUE FULLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. Fifth Row: • GERALD A. GAFFORD, Etta; Liberal Arts. • BETTY BUCK GARNER, Crawfordsv:Ile, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Y Cabinet; Committee of 100; Theta Sigma Phi. • JAMES L. GARNER, JR., McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • MARY L. GARRETT, Tchula• Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundaron; Home Econom:cs Club. • MALCOLM McLEOD GARRETSON, Leakesville; Engineering. • ROY L. GARRISON, Meridian; Education; M Club. Seventh Row: • KINLOCH GILL, JR., Senatobia• Medicine; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD GOEHE, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • RICHMOND N. GORE, Hernando; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • LOUIS WILLIAM GORENFLO, Biloxi; Business; Sigma Chi. • THOMAS M. GREGORY, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • A. JEAN GUYTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Mortar Board; Pi Kappa Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; 30 Club; " Mississippian, " Managing Editor. 83 SENIORS First Row: • PAUL M. HABIG, Jackson; Commerce; American Marketing Association. • EMILY H. HALL, Leland; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Claiborne Society; Welcom- ing and Orientation Committee. • PHILIP M. HARDING, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Pirates. Second Row: • CHARLIE DUNN HARLOW, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ALFRED Y. HARPER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ANN B. HARRIS, Sunflower; Education. Third Row: • BONNIE LYNN HARRIS, Wardell, Mo.; Education; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT CHARLES HARRIS, Sunflower; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate. • OWEN WESTON HARRISON, Blytheville, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Commit- tee of 100. Fourth Row: • KARL W. HATTEN, Perkinston; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS I .HAWKINS, Ruleville; Commerce. • BOBBY LYNN HENDERSON, Water Valley; Commerce. Fifth Row: • THOMAS WILLIAM HENDERSON, Lucedale; Commerce. • WILSON WILLIAM HENICK, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • NANCY RUTH HERRON, Batesville; Commerce; Business Education Club; Future Teachers of America. Sixth Row: • FRANKLIN D. HILL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; French Club. • MURRAY E. HILL, Tunica; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • SUE ANN HILL, Baraboo, Wis.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM B .HILL, Houston; Liberal Arts; AFROTC. • BILLY FRANK HODGES, Toccopola; Engineering; ASME, CAP. • E. ALLAN HOLLAND, Philadelphia; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • JAMES H. HOMAN, JR., Shannon; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; APO. • LOUIE B. HOOP, JR., Castilla; Commerce. • RUSSELL E. HUDSON, Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Nu. 84 SENIORS First Row: • JAMES M. HUNT, Amarillo, Texas; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; YMCA; Wesley Foundation. • RANDALL K. HUNTER, Oxford; Commerce. • WALTER H. HURT, III; Waynesboro; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Y Cabinet; News Editor " Mississippian " ; Kappa Alpha Mu; Lambda Sigma. Second Row: • EVA FRANCES JACKSON, Tiplersville; Commerce. • LEYDA ELENA JAEN, Panama City, Panama; Commerce. • FRANCES LEAH JERNIGAN, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta; Wesleyans; Eta Sigma Phi. Third Row: • BETTY ANN JOHNSON, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota, President; Committee of 100; University Chorus. • BOBBY GORDON JONES, Vicksburg; Commerce; VFW; Campus Senate. • GOLDA H. Clarksdale• Education; Chi Omega; Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi; President Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • WALTER L. JONES, Union; Commerce. • ZEB JONES, Jackson; Comme rce. • HENRY FREEMAN JOHNSON, Canton; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. Fifth Row: • MILFORD R. KELLEY, Tupelo: Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN L. KENNEDY, Holly Springs; Commerce; State Representative; American Legion; Vet ' s Club. • JOHN K. KIMBALL, Greenwood; Commerce. Sixth Row: • BILLY KINARD, Jackson; Education. • RALPH M. KNIGHT, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; President Chemical Engineering Society. Seventh Row: • HENRY E. KREMER, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LOUIS C. LABELLA, Indianola; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Arnold Air Society; Campus Senate; Orientation Committee; Rebel Band. • PAUL T. LAGRONE, JR., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM R. LAMB, Oxford; Commerce. • JOHN D. LANE, Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WALTER T. LEE, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. 85 S E I 0 R S First Row: • BERTA MARIE LEWIS, New Madrid, Mo.; Education; Newman Club; Committee of 100. • MARY FRANCES LEWIS, University; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; CWENS; Rebel Band; Wesley Foundation. • HENRY E. LEWIS. Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • JOHN WILLIAM LEWIS, Crystal Springs; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RAMON CLYDE LOTT, Tylertown; Liberal Arts. o JAMES F. LOWRIE, Memphis, Tenn; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Alpha Beta Psi. Third Row: • JOSEPH FRANCIS LUISI, Jersey City, N.J.; Liberal Arts, o CHARLES ALAN McCHAREN, University; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Beta Alpha Psi. • BILLY BONDS McELROY, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • RUSSELL JOHN McGEHEE, Lepanto, Ark.; Engineering; ASME. • GERALD C. McKIE, Jackson; Commerce. • SAMUEL M. McKINNEY, III; Chatawa; Liberal Arts; VFW; Newman Club; Debate Club; Claiborne Society. Fifth Row: • BILL SANDERS McLAUGHLIN, Oxford; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Campus Senate. • JAMES RO BERT McLEMORE, Sledge; Commerce; Chi Nu; Beta Alpha Psi; Campus Senate. • GEORGE A. McNEILL, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Sigma Chi; Pi Sigma Alpha; 30 Club; Lambda Sigma; C ' man ASB Pubilicity; News Editor " Mississippian. " Sixth Row: • WILLIAM P. McNULTY, Chicago, III.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • ROBER A. MAGARIAN, East St. Louis, III.; Liberal Arts; VFW. • FREELAND HARRIS MAGRUDER. JR., Itta Bena; Commerce; Kappa Alpha . Seventh Row: • ERIC D. MALONE, Oxford; Commerce. • EDWIN BERNARD MASSEY, JR., Batesville; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Campus Senate; Vice President University Players; Liberal Arts President; Pershing R.fles. • JAMES W. MATHIS, Lena; Com merce; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate; Debate Club. Eighth Row: • CURTIS JOSEPH MATTHEWS, Robinsonville; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASME. • ELSIE J. MAYNARD, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • TERRY WILSON MEDLIN, Caruthersville, Mo.; Liberal Arts. ROTC. 86 87 P R 0 F ESS 0 M ALS First Row: • J. RODGERS MENZIES, JR., Dyersburg, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE T. MERRILL, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; IFC; Persh- ing Rifles. • MARILYN MERRINS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • BRUCE CHARLES MEYER, Sands Point, N.Y.; Engineering; Sigma Nu; Anchor and Chain, President. • JOHN K. MILES Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; President, School of Commerce; President, Delta Sigma Pi; Campus Senate; Legislative Council; Y Cabinet; Committee of 100; Wesley Foundation; Orientation Committee. • L. CLELL MILLER, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Rebel Band. Third Row: • SARA F. MITCHELL, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • LOUISE MOSS MONTGOMERY, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • WYNDELL B. MOODY, Pascagoula; Commerce. Fourth Row: • HARVEY J. MOORE, Long Beach, Calif.; Liberal Arts; Wesley Foundation; Com- mittee of 100. • MARY CAROLYN MOORE, Crowder; Liberal Arts; University Players. • ROBERT C. MOORE, Holly Springs; Commerce. Fifth Row: • CHARLES FRED MORGAN, JR., Mendenhall; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GERALD A. MORPHIS, Rolling Fork; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; University Players; Debate Club; YMCA; Wesley Club; Radio station announcer. • LAWRENCE B. MORRIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • KARL FREDERICK MORRISON, University; Liberal Arts; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Claiborne Society; Odom Prize; Bryan Medal; Taylor Medal. • HENRY H. MOUNGER, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • PEGGY MULLIN, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Welcome Committee; Majorette; Rebel Band; Favorite; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Seventh Row: • DAN S. MURRELL, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate; Pershing Rifles; Pi Sigma; Orientation. • MARY ANN MURPHREE, Okolona; Commerce; Delta Delia Delta; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Campus Favorite; Business Education Club; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. • PAUL WHITFIELD MURRILL, Pochahontas; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Presi- dent School of Engineering; Bat. Cdr. of NROTC; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical Society; Chemical Engineer ' s Club; Artist Series Committee; Anchor and Chain. Eighth Row: • JANET RUTH NABORS, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Phi Mu Secretary; SA1; Welcoming Committee. • ANTHENOR DA COSTA NAVARRO, Brazil; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; Theta Kappa Phi, Treasurer. • ROBERT E. NEBLETT, Morgan City; Education; Sigma Chi; M Club; Campus Senate. SENIORS First Row: • WILLIAM DOWEY NEW, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ALBERT SIDNEY NEWTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Arnold Air Society Secretary and Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade; Group Commander of AFROTC. • RICHARD JOSEPH O ' BRIEN, Northampton, Mass.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Manager WCBH; University Players; Newman Club. Second Row: • LENNIE M. OGLESBY, Meadville; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; BSU; Committee of 100. • ANNE F. O ' NEAL, Drew; Education; Chi Omega; FTA; YWCA. • SALLY KAY O ' QUINN, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • JAMES A. OVERBY, Bruce; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • DAVID McINTOSH OWEN, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; BSU President; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Sigma. • JOHN NORRIS PALMER, Corinth; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; M Club; Campus Senate, Fourth Row: • GARY WILLIAM PARKER, Oxford; Commerce. • MARJORIE MARIE PARKS, Booneville; Commerce; Phi Gamma Nu; Beta Alpha Psi. • BETTY H. PARSONS, Wiggins; Education. Fifth Row: • HOUSTON PATTON, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Commerce. • PETER 0. PAXSON, Memphis; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; American Chemical Society; Chemical Engineering Society. • DAVID H. PEEL, JR., Greenwood; Commerce. Sixth Row: • MARGARET B. PEPPER, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • JAMES B. PETREA, Batesville; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Vice President Business Education Club. • FREDERICK E. PHILLIPS, Purvis; Commerce. Seventh Row: • P. ROBERT PHILP, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Presid ent of YMCA; Committee of 100. • DONALD S. PICHITINO, Houston, Texas; Commerce; Debate Club; Canterbury Club. • MIKE POPE, Pascagoula; Education. Eighth Row: • CHARLES L. POTTS, Potts Camp; Education. • WILLIAM L. POWER, Biloxi; Education; Kappa Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Ole Miss. Y; Scabbard and Blade; Committee of IOC; ASB Dance Committee. • WILLIAM A. PRIMOS, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. 88 Firs+ Row: • ROBERT H. PROPST, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • JACK C. PROVINE, University; Business. • JOHN W. PUCKETT, Hattiesburg; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; ASCE. Second Row: • DAISYE LOVE RAINER, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • NANCY P. RAMEY, Kansas City, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Rebel Band; University Symphony Orchestra; Rebellee Committee; Presser Foundation Scholarship. • SALE D. RANDLE, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Kappa. Third Row: • JANE H. RAYBURN, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Past Presdient Delta Gamma; Home Ec Club; Committee of 100; Orientation Committee. • GARY W. REAMES, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Campus Senate. • JOSEPH M. REILLY, Gulfport; Business. Fourth Row: • CHARLENE RICE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Committee of 100; Welcom- ing Committee; Beauty 1954, 1953. • JULIUS M. RIDGEWAY, Jackson;; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • LAWRENCE D. RILEY, JR., Dorsey; Engineering. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM E. RILEY, Kosciusko;; Business. • ROBERT P. ROGERS, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • HUNTER L. ROUSSEL, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • JAMES M. ROWSEY, JR., Laurel; Business; Kappa Alpha; ASB Cabinet; Orienta- tion Committee; Anchor and Chain. • BEA ANN RUFF, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta; President, Tri Delta. • DONALD R. RUSHING, Ma Bena; Education. Seventh Row: • MARLIN E. RYLAND, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Business Manager of the OLE MISS • GLORIA A. SAYERS, Natchez; Education; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • CARL R. SCOTT, Meridian; Business. • LEX B. SCOTT, Hickory Flat; Business. • WILENNE SCOTT, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. SEN ORS 89 SENIORS First Row: • DOYLE W. SEAL, Conehatta; Business. • BERNARD W. SCHREIBER, Sioux City, Iowa;; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; M Club. • ROBERT S. SHAW, Oxford; Business. Second Row: • THOMAS BANKS SHEPHERD, JR., Lexington; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; 1953 Rebel Band; Elections Committee 1954, 1955, Chairman 1956; OLE MISS Staff 1953, 1954, Editor 1955, 1956; 30 Club, 1952, 1953; " Mississippian " ; All Grill Team. • NELL SHIELDS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • GORDON W. SHOEMAKER, Mendenhall; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • SALLY A. SHORT, Sardis; Business; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; YWCA. • CHARLES W. SHUMATE, Tiptonville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JERRY SILER, Henderson, Tenn.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Chi Epsilon. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM D. SIMMERVILLE, Atlanta, Ga.; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Canterbury Club; Varsity Track Team; Committee of 100. • J. RAY SKATES, Greenville; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • CARL E. SKINNER, Tupelo; Engineering; ASCE; Chi Epsilon. Fifth Row: • FRANK C. SKUDER, Riverside, N.J.; Engineering; Theta Kappa Phi; ASCE; New- man Club. • MARGARET G. SMITH, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM C. SLAY, Jackson; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Chemical Engi- neers Club; American Chemical Society; Cardinal Club; Committee of 100. Sixth Row: • SYLVIA SMITH, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Westminster Fellow- ship; 1955 OLE MISS; Dixie Week Committee. • JAMES E. SORRELS, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Debate Club;; Orientation Committee; Scabbard and Blade; Inte rfraternity Council. • HAL, S. SPRAGINS, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Lambda Sigma; Kappa Alpha Mu; Alpha Delta Sigma. Seventh Row: • BETH N. SPRINGER, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Vice President of Future Teach- ers of America. • PAUL Q. STAMPLEY, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts;; Phi Kappa Psi; Interfraternity Council; Campus Senate. • KATE T. STAPLETON, Cleveland; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA. Eighth Row: • ROSEMARY STEPHENS, Como; Liberal Arts; Alpha Lambda Delta; University Scholars. • LADYE CLYDE STEWART, Okolona; Education; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM C. STEVENSON, Corinth; Commerce; Sigma Chi; All Grill Team. 90 SENIOR First Row: • JAMIE L. STILLIONS, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi YWCA; 30 Club; " Mississippian " ' 55; 1955 OLE MISS Staff. • WILLIAM L. STOCKTON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • BILL STOKES, Preston; Education. Second Row: o CAMILLE STONE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Home Economics Club. • FLOY L. STONE, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Eta; Campus Senate; Junior Pan Hellenic; Committee of 100. • OLLFREDO SUCRE, Caracas, Venezuela; Civil Engineering. Third Row: • ALICE H. TANKERSLY, Oxford; Business; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Business Education Club, President; Phi Gamma Nu; Pi Kappa Pi; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sig ma. • CAROLYN J. TAYLOR, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Omicron; University Players; Mortar Board. • WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, Columbia; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • IRMA L. THACKER, St. Louis, Mo.; Education. e FRANCES E. THOMPSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; University Players; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Alpha Eta; Rebellee Committee; Canterbury Club. • JACK W. THRIFT, Tupelo; Business: Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • VIC TILLEY, Indianola; Engineering; Sigma Nu; ASCE. • ORRIN H. TOMLINSON, Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. TRUE, Gulfport; Engineering; Sigma Nu; ASB Vice President; NROTC; Scholarship; Newman Club. Sixth Row: O ALVIN H. TUBB, Amory; Business. e DUDLEY R. TURNER, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Wesley Foundation; Campus Senate; YMCA; University Scholars; Anchor and Chain; Committee of 100. • FRANCES L. UPCHURCH, Louisville; Education; University Chorus. Seventh Row: • ANN C. UZZELLE, Glen Allen; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Pi Sigma Alpha. o MARTAIN VANZONT, JR., Holly Springs; Commerce; Business Education Club. o JANIS VAUGHN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; CWENS; Mortar Board. Eighth Row: O JULIA C. WAITS, Leland; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; WRA, President; Home Economic Club; Mortar Board; CWENS; Committee of 100; Orientation Committee. YWCA. • DOYLE H. WALDROP, JR , Newton; Liberal Arts. • JAMES A. WALTERS, Columbus; Education; M Club. O JACK W. WARRON, Pontotoc; Business. 91 SENIORS First Row: • NATALIE F. WATSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts, • OSIE G. WATSON, Greenville; Business; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM A. WATSON, Natchez; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: • WADE P. WEBSTER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD WEISS, Clarksdale• Education M. Club. • KY LE WELCH, Oxford; Education. Third Row: • M. ANN WESTMORELAND, Batesville; Liberal Arts; ;Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; Home Ec Club. • ARCHIE J. WHITE, Meridian; Education; M Club. • JOHN M. WHITE, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Campus Senate. Fourth Row: • LAURA C. BLAIR, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM D. WHITTEN, Charleston; Education. • JAMES W. WHITTINGTON, Biloxi; Engineering. Fifth Row: • HUGH C. WILEY, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • CHARLES H. WILLIAMSON, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ALICE G. WILLIFORD, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Claiborne Society. Sixth Row: • JAMES R. WILLIAMS, Tupelo; Business; Kappa Sigma. o WILLIAM E. WILROY, JR., Hernando; Commerce; Delta Psi; Intramural Council; Orientation Committee. • GEORGE R. WILSON, Batesville; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • JANE A. WILSON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Committee of 100; YWCA; Jr. Pan Hellenic. • MARY L. WILSON, Senatobia; Education; BSU; YWA; Honor Roll. o ROBERT K. WILSON, Oxford; Business. Eighth Row: • ROBERT E. WINKLER, Tupelo; Commerce. • BETTYE B. WOODRUFF, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Ec Club; Future Teachers of America. • JESS B. WOODS, Gary, Ind.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical Society; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Chemical Engineering Club. • KENNETH L. WOOTEN, Lena; Education; Sigma Alpha Eta; University Players. 92 N (0) 1:,Dv First Row: • ELLIS NICK ABDO, III, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • RAYMOND ABRAHAM, Clarksdale; Commerce. • JERRY R. AD- KINS, Richton; Liberal Arts. • BETTY ALDRIDGE, Winona; Commerce; PH Mu. Second Row: O L. ADRIAN ANDERS, Jackson; Commerce. 0 ANNE ANDERSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • BONITA M. AP- PLETON, Byhalia; Liberal Arts. • JAMES EDWARD ASHMORE, Blythe- ville, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • ELIZABETH R. BACH, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JERRY BAKER, Brandon; Commerce. • JACK BARKSDALE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS G. BARRETT, Vicksburg; Com- merce. Fourth Row: • DOROTHY MAE BARTON, Corinth; Commerce; Kappa Delta. o CHARLES C. BEALL, Batesville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM V. BEAN, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • JAMES W. BELL, Jackson; Com- merce; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • M. BERYL BEVILL, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • KYE BETHANY, Macon; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • LINDA BLACK, Canton; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CHARLES L. BLALACK, Drew; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • OTHO EDWARD BLURRON, Humboldt, Tenn.; Engineering. • NEAL B. BIGGERS, JR., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MARY S. BILLING, Wauwatosa, Wis.; Liberal Arts. • RUTH LUCILLE BILLING, Milwaukee, Wis.; Education. Seventh Row: O IVAN FRANK BINDER, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi 7:psilon Pi. o LARRY 0. BONDS, McCondy; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. O WANDA J. BOSTICK, Golden; Liberal Arts. • GARLAND BOYD, JR., Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • JAMES A. BOYD, Kosciusko; Engineering. • JON R. BOYDEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • BRUCE H. BRADY, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARGARET ANN BRICKELL, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. 94 J N 0 RS First Row: • MIRIAM JANE BROWER, Calhoun CitY• Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CLYDE E. BROWN, Bardwell, Ky.; Pharmacy. 0 JANET BROWN, Natchez; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • LOWERY C. BROWN, Summit; Education. Second Row: • MARY A. BROWN, Jackson Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARY M. BRUMFIELD, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • LINDA J. BRUNSON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOE M. BUCHANAN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Third Row: • THOMAS B. BUCKLES, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • W. CAROLYN BURCH, Fulton; Commerce. • MARVIN BURCHFIELD, Ethel; Commerce. • CHARLES G. JR., Natchez; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • BILL B. BURNHAM, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WIL- LIAM W BUSH, Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ANN ELIZA- BETH BUSSELL, West Helena, Ark.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FRITZ A. BYRUM, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • BETTY M. BYNUM, Shannon; Liberal Arts; PH Mu. • WILLIAM P. CALLICOTT, Oxford; Commerce. • GLENN S. CALVERT, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering • BENNETT McLEAN CAMPBELL, Waynesboro, Va.; Commerce. Sixth Row: • JOSEPH D. CAMPBELL, JR., Butler, Ala.; Education. • WILLIAM H. CAROTHERS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWIN L. CARDWELL, Pittsboro• Commerce. • RITA CARR, Tupelo; Com- merce; Kappa Delta. Seventh Row: • JOHN P. CARSON, Columbus; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JAC- QUELYN G. Calhoun City; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CAROL ANN CAVIN, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOSEPH CERNY, III, Oxford; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Eighth Row: • ELLA RAY CHACEY, Milton, N.C.; Education. • BELA J. CHAIN, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT W. CHATHAM, Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT D. CHiLDRES, DeKalb; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. 95 1J) N R S First Row: • JOHN M. CHRISTIAN, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES E. CLARK, Richton; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET B. CLOWER, Gulfport; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DOT JEAN COCKERHAM, Manila, Ark.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: • WILLIAM H. COLLISON, JR., Bald Knob, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIE H. COOPER, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • WENTWORTH HENRY CORLEY, Biloxi; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • GEORGE P. COSSAR, JR., Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • PAIGE CO THREN, Natchez; Commerce. • GRACE N. COVINGTON, Mark; Education. • J. CARMON COWART, Jackson; Pharmacy. • HARRIS VANN CRAIG, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • ORGA V. CRAIG, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. • ALVIN WILLIAM CRAIN, Tylertown; Pharmacy. • JAMES A. CREEKMORE, DeKalb; Pharmacy. • CHARLES N. CRENSHAW, Lawrence; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • JEMMIE NELL CROCKER, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CARILYNN CROSEN, Carriere• Liberal Arts. • ROBERT McLEAN CRUMP, JR., Memphis; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • LEWIS L. CULLEY, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • ROBERT S. CURBO, Memphis; Commerce. • BARBARA ANN DAVES, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MINOR L. DAVIDSON, JR., Memphis; Engineering. • HAYWOOD S. DAVIS, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Commerce; Beta Theta Phi. Seventh Row: • ROBERT G. DAVIS, Lula; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • GEORGE R. DAY, Inverness; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • REBA C. DEATON, Belmont; Education. • BYRON G. DeFRIES, Redwood Falls, Minn.; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • MARINA L. DELGADILLO, Managua, Nicaragua; Pharmacy. • JACK- IE deMANGE, Charleston; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • S. GALE DENLEY, Bruce; Commerce. • WALTER M. DENNY, Jackson; Com- merce; Kappa Alpha. 96 JUNIORS First Row: • LURLENE DILL, Amory; Commerce. • SALVATORE DiNITTO, Rochester, N.Y.; Engineering. • LOUISE DIXON, Vaughan; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JAMES F. DODDS, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • EARNEST L. DORROUGH, Ruleville• Commerce. • JOAN G. DOUGLAS, Tupelo; Commerce; Zeta TaJ Alpha. • KENNETH D. DRAPER, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES DUCK, Lexington, Tenn.; Education. Third Row: • JAMES K. DUKES, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES M. JUNAGIN, Hattiesburg; Commerce. • NAN DUNKLIN, Charleston; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN A. DuPRE, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM E. DURHAM, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOSEPH B. DURRETT, Aliceville, Ala.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • NANCIE CAROL ECHOLS, Flora; Education; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM C. EIKNER, JR., Clifton Springs, N.Y.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • EVA S. ELLZEY, Water Valley; Education. • LEATH D. ELMORE, Winona; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM 0. ELMORE, Grenada; Commerce. • CLYDE L. ERWIN, Blue Springs; Commerce. Sixth Row: • WALLACE EARL ERWIN, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • KERRY M. EZELL, Sharon, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • ELIZABETH FALLS, Webb; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOANN FALLS, Webb; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM E. FARLOW, Jackson; Pharmacy. • DELBERT W. FARMER, Benoit; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • SAM S. FARRINGTON, Jackson; Commerce. • MARY ALICE FEEMSTER, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Della Gamma. Eighth Row: • IRWIN R. FELDMAN, Booneville; Education. • WILLIAM D. FITTS, Byhalia; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • PANNY FLAUTT, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARGARET ANN FLETCHER, Columbus; Commerce; Chi Omega. inorwmown manowsimmisni■mmt imp= 97 N I 0 s First Row: • ROBERT L. FLINN, Hernando; Education. • HENLY JAMES FLOOD, JR., Laurel; Business; Sigma Nu. • JAMES ROBERT FLOWERS, Cold- water; Pharmacy. • CHARLES GERALD FORBES, JR., University; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MATTHEW THOMAS FORD, JR., Laurel; Business. • ROSS LEE FRANKS, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; • THOMAS WARREN FREEMAN, Grenada; Engineering. • ERNEST RUTLEDGE FULLINGTON, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy. Third Row: • NANCY LOUELLA PURR, Wesson; Commerce; Phi Mu. • JERRY HUGH FUTRELL, Sterlington, La.; Pharmacy. • JOHN CLIFTON GABLE, West Point; Business; Sigma Chi. • JOHNNY L. GAINEY, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • ROSA DIANA GAMBILL, Sheffield, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • ARCADIO GARCIA, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Pharmacy. • BILLY WAYNE GARD- NER, Crenshaw; Engineering. • AQUILES GARCIA, Caracas, Vene- zuela; Commerce. Fifth Row: • JEANNICE MARIE GARRETT, University; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • BOB GARRISON, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • JAMES DAVID GASS- AWAY, Saltillo; Engineering. • JOE DUNN GENTRY, JR., West Memphis, Ark.; Physical Education. Sixth Row: • JOSEPH CHARLES GIBBON, Hickory; Education. • LARETTE GILES, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOHN RAY GIPSON, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • V. LYNN GLASGOW, Amory; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • JOHN DOUGLAS GLASS, Newbern, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM QUINTARD GLASS, JR., Newbern, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HELEN P. GODAT, Crossett, Ark.; Liberal Arts;; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • STEPHEN LANE GAMMILL, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Eighth Row: • H. RAYMOND GOODMAN, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE KEITH GOWANS, Fort Worth, Texas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • PATSY GRAHAM, Gulfport; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • LeROY GREEN, Tupelo; Education. 98 First Row: • ALVA GENE GREENE, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • CARLOS BARRETT GREER, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • MISSIE GRIFFITH, Prentiss; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PATRICIA GRIFFITH, Prentiss; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • JOHN W. GRISHAM, New Albany; Education. • LOUISE L. GROVES, Laurel; Business. • WORD HENDERSON GUILD, Wiggins; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANN S. HALE, Como; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • ELIZABETH ANNE HALL, Lambert; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CAROLYN LOUISE HALLBERG, Vicksburg; Education. • LEE VIR- DEN HAMBERLIN, Senatobia; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES C. HAMMOND, Clinton; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fourth Row: • THEODORE B. HANNAH, Little Rock, Ark.; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • DOROTHY LOUISE HANSEN. Chicago, III.; Education. • LEON CALDWELL HARBIN, JR., Lake Providence, La.; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LEONARD NORMAN HARRIS, Wardell, Mo.; Commerce. Fifth Row: • CHARLIE ELLIS HARRISON, Clinton; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOAN HARRISON, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • JERRY MALDON HATCHER, Freeport, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • SANDRA SUSAN HEATH, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • JOE DENNIS HARRINGTON, Ackerman; Liberal Arts. • HOLMES KUYKENDALL HERRON, Glendora; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROYAL B. HICKEY, Jackson; Pharmacy; Delta Psi. • CAROLYN HICKS, Preston; Nursing. Seventh Row: • FRANK SMITH HILL, Vicksburg; Engineering. • MAX LEE HILL, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • H. W. HOLLEMAN, Pickens; Pharmacy • MARGARET ALICE HOPPEN, Bogalusa, La.; Commerce; Phi Mu. Eighth Row: • HELEN KAY HOERHAMMER, Greenwood; Commerce. • HELEN WARD HOLLOWELL, Greenville; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EUGENE O ' NEAL HOOVER, Olive Branch; Pharmacy. • I. KAY HORTON, Jackson, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. ID) 99 JUNIORS First Row: • JAMES R. HORTON, Guntown• Liberal Arts. • BETTY SUE HOUGH, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. • MARGARET W. HOUSTON, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • RAYMOND K. HUGHEY, Clarksdale; Commerce. Second Row: • JOANN HULETT, Meridian; Commerce. • CHARLES H. HUMPH- REY, Tupelo; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • SYLVIA T. HUNTER, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta ' Gamma. • JOHN C. HUTCHINSON, III, Vicksburg; Commerce. Third Row: • ROBERT L. JOHNS, Stuart, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha. • MARY SIDNEY JOHNSON, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. • SIDNEY A. JOHNSON, Macon; Liberal Arts. • JAMES 0. JOHNSON, Biloxi; Commerce. Fourth Row: • HELEN F. JOINER, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • DALE C. JONES, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • GEORGE E. JONES, JR., Vicksburg; Pharmacy. • L. C. JONES, Greenwood Springs; Engineering. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM F. JONES, Greenwood; Commerce. • JOSEPH C. JOR- DAN, Collins; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • OSCAR ROBERT JORDAN, Ocean Springs; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JOE E. JOSEPH, Jackson; Commerce. Sixth Row: • H. DICKEY KENDALL, McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • RIADH M. KHADHIRI, Iraq; Commerce; Theta Chi. • ANNICE JEAN KIDD, Holly Springs; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • M. ALEESE KILPATRICK, Memphis; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • JOHN E. KIMBROUGH, Coffeeville; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • KENNETH D. KINCHEN, Hornersville, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOAN KINNARD, Shannon; Education. • KAY B. KIRKLAND, Cairo, Ill.; Education; Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • RUDOLF G. KITTLITZ, JR., Waco, Texas; Engineering. • STEPH- ANIE Z. KLOTZ, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • NORRIS C. KNIGHT, JR., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES A. KNOTT, Durant;Engineering; Sigma Chi. JUNIORS First Row: • EDWARD E. LAIRD, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JENNIE SCOTT LAKE, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • EDWARD LEE LANHAM, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • LAURA ALICE LANTRIP, Eupora; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • JAMES P. LARKIN, Amory; Commerce. • RALPH I. LAWSON, Little Rock. Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • PAUL L. LEE, Saltillo; Commerce. • CATHERINE LOUISE LeCROY, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta, Third Row: • E. DON LEECH, Tremont; Commerce. • ELIZABETH M. LEIGH, Monroe, La.; Education; Phi Mu. • ROBERT W. LEWIS, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. • ROGER C. LEWIS, Uni- versity; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • WAYNE A. LINDSEY, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • WADE H. LINDSEY, Booneville; Education. • JO ANNE LOCKARD, McComb; Education; Delta Gamma. • THOMAS M. LUFFMAN, University; Commerce. Fifth Row: • SHIRLEY LUMPKIN, Tupelo; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • ERNEST C LUMPKIN, Nicholson; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • JACI(IE Mc- CARVER, Ecru; Education. • BARBARA JEAN McCLENAHAN, Indian- ola; Education; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • HOMER R. McDONOUGH, Oxford; Engineering. • MARTHA B. McGee, Gunnison; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • MARY VIRGINIA McINNIS, Vicksburg; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • H. EARL McKAY, JR., Canton; Commerce. Seventh Row: • S. ALLEN McLAIN, JR., Belzoni; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • FRANK MALLETTE, Benoit; Engineering. • FRANK B. MANNING, New Al- bany; Commerce. • BARBARA JANE MARSHALL, New Albany; Edu- cation: Delta Gamma. Eighth Row: • HARRY W. MARSHALL, Wynne, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • CHESTER W. MASTERSON, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • JACK P. MATHIS, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOSEPH L. MAX- WELL, JR., Drew; Commerce; Sigma Chi. 101 First Row: • JOHN F. MAY, Jackson; Engineering. • MARIA MAYORGA, Managua, Nicaragua; Liberal Arts. • REX WAYNE METZGER, Blythe- ville, Ark.• Liberal Arts. • RAY S. MIKELL, McCool; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • HUBERT MILLS, Oxford; Commerce. • STEVE MISTILIS, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • PAUL S. MITCHELL, Louisville; Com- merce; Phi Delta Theta. • LADY M. MOCKBEE, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. Third Row: • DOROTHY MOFFETT, Stonewall; Liberal Arts. • SUZIE MOFFITT, Pass Christian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BILLY Q. MONT- GOMERY, Pontotoc; Pharmacy. • BESS HALL MOORE, Jackson; Edu- cation; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • CHARLES E. MOORE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD C. MOORE, Jonesville, La.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • CARL 0. MORRIS, Eupora; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • NORMAN L. MORRIS, Gulfport; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • SAM V. MORSE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • RUFUS F. MORTON, Oxford; Education. • F. JUNE MUELLER, Stringer; Com- merce. • WALTER E. MULLEN, Tchula; Education. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM G. MUNN, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts. • EDMUND B. NANEE, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • PEGGY ANN NEELY, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES R. NEWKIRK, Jackson; Engineering. Seventh Row: • JAMES W. NEWMAN, Oxford; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MIRIAM H. NEWMAN, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • DUTCH M. NICH- OLS, Olive Branch; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • TOMMY A. NORMAN, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • SYLVIA ANN NUNNERY, Arcola; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • THOMAS LEE OLIVER, Jackson, Tenn.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • EDWIN R. ORR, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BILLY T. O ' QUINN, Magnolia; Pharmacy. 102 First Row: • SAMUEL B. OWENS, Blytheville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • DUR- AN M. PALMERTREE, Poplar Creek; Liberal Arts. • DYRAL Q. PARKER, Oxford; Engineering. • JAMES W. PARHAM, Newport; Commerce. Second Row: • LYNNICE PARKER, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta. • JO ANN PATTON, Baldwyn; Education. • WILLIAM P. PATTY, Meridian; Engi- neering. • MARY CLYDE PAYNE, Nettleton; Commerce. Third Row: • LADY RACHEL PEELER, Kosciusko; Commerce; Chi Omega. • RALPH L. PEEPLES, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PABLO 0. PEREZ, Puerto Rico; Pharmacy. • VIRGINIA ANN PETER, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • ARY C. PHILLIPS, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • BILLY B. PHILLIPS, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • FORREST C. PHIL- LIPS, Purvis; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JOE G. PHILLIPS, Olive Branch; Commerce; Delta Psi. Fifth Row: • LACEY E. PITTMAN, Kosciusko; Commerce. • OSCAR W. PONDER, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • DORA ELIZABETH PORTERA, Wesi Point; Education. • MOPSY POWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Sixth Row: • EDWILL A. PRICE, Behtonia; Pharmacy. • WALTER P. PRINCE, Philadelphia; Engineering. 0 CAROLYN LEE PROVINE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • SYLVIA JANE PUGH, Bay Springs; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • JIMMY QUALLS, Kingsport, Tenn.; Ptarmacy. • JIMMY D. QUIN, Tylertown; Engineering. • CLIFTON JACK RAMSEY, Vicksburg; Com- merce. • JOANN T. REED, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • LEO G. REED, Water Valley; Business. • JOE C. REES, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • JAMES W. RICE, JR., Memphis; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MARY M. RICE, Franklin, Tenn.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. 103 J LUJ r First Row: • JOHN M. ROACH, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM R. ROBERTS, Jonesboro, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JAMES S. ROBERTSON, Booneville; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • JER- OLD P. ROBINSON, Nesbitt; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • KATHRYN L. RODGERS, Germantown, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANNE H. ROGERS, Oak Lawn, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BARBARA N. ROGERS, Water Valley; Commerce. • LEE HARTWELL ROGERS, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Third Row: I, DOYLE L. RUSSELL, Pontotoc; Commerce. • WILBUR W. RUSSELL, Oxford; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN A. SAMPOGNARO, Monroe, La.; Pharmacy. • EUGENIA C. SANDLING, Liberty; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • CLAUDIA C. SANFORD, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • EDDIE L. SCHUH, Bruce; Pharmacy; Delta Psi. CHARLES C. SCOTT, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES L. SEAWRIGHT, JR., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • NANCY SHARP, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • MINNIE LOU SHAW, Shelby; Education; Phi Mu. • JOE ANN SHEARER, Byhalia; Liberal Arts. • BILLY W. SHELTON, Tupelo; Commerce. Sixth Row: • BILLIE CLARK SIMMONS, Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JERRY A. SIMMONS, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES A. SISSON, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM E. SKELTON, Corinth; Commerce. Seventh Row: • FRED G. SMITH, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • J. ARMISTEAD SMITH, Madison, Wis.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ORMA R. SMITH, JR., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROLAND A. SOLD- INIE, Waveland; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • T. SUZANNE SPALDING, Sheffield, Ala.; Pharmacy. • BILLY G. SPEARS, Thaxton; Education. • LLOYD G. SPIVEY, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WIRT NI. STEED, Osceola, Ark.; Com- merce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 104 JUNUORS First Row: • ELIZABETH ANN STEPHENS, University; Liberal Arts. • LAVERNE STEWART, Sarepta; Education. • JOE E. STEWART, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • HERBERT L. STIEFFEL, Bay St. Louis; Commerce. Second Row: • ALVIN P. STONE, Greenwood; Engineering; Phi Epsilon Pi. • GOR- DON H. STONE, Red Banks; Commerce. • JERRY STONE, McComb; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA ANN STONE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • NANCY RUTH STONE, Coffeeville; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM S. STONE, Baldwyn; Commerce. • GUYNELL STRONG, Meadville; Liberal Arts. • JEAN SULLIVAN, Drew; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • RANDELL G. SULLIVAN, Jackson; Pharmacy. • THOMAS B. SUM- RALL, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • NELL JO SURRETTE, Water Valley; Education. • CHARLES E. SWEENEY, luka; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • GENE P. TATE, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • LOUIS C. TEMPLE, Cleveland; Engineering. • OSCAR F. TEMPLE, JR., Yazoo City; Commerce. • VERNON LaGRANGE TERRELL, Columbia; Lib- eral Arts; Delta Psi. Sixth Row: • JAMES H. THORNTON, Sardis; Engineering. • JOHN A. TREAD- WAY, Cockrom; Liberal Arts. • SHIRLEY THRELDKELD, Tupelo; Edu- cation; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM R. TINDALL, Tupelo; Commerce. Seventh Row: • CHARLES B. TOHILL, Batesville; Education. • JUDY TOLER, Jack- son; Education; Chi Omega. • VALDA ELLEN TOLLE, Derma; Edu- cation. • NATHAN F. TOUPS, Wapolsonville, La.; Pharmacy. Eighth Row: • ROBERT C. TRAVIS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES W. TUBB, Amory; Commerce. • JAN A. TYLER, Kosciusko; Engineer- ing; Sigma Chi. • JOHNNY R. UPSON, JR., Walnut Grove; Pharmacy. 105 1JO AS First Row: • ARLUE E. USRY, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • JOHN C. VANCE, Amory; Commerce. • RUSSELL HENRY VIAU, Davison, Mich.; Liberal Arts. • JAMES E. VINSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Second Row: • MIYOKO VRUSHIHARA, Tokyo; Liberal Arts. • EUGENE M. WAD- DEY, luka; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JEANETTE WAITS, Leland;) Liberal Arts. • OSCAR E. WALL, JR., Newton; Engineering. Third Row: • SHIRLEY ANN WAGNER, Grenada; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • LEONARD G. WAKEFIELD, Ripley; Pharmacy. • CECIL F. WALKER, JR., Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DOT R. WALKER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: • JAMES P. WALKER, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WIL- LIAM L. WALKER, Hornlake; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • JEAN WALL, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • ALLEN A. WALKER, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • LEW WALLACE, JR., Laurel; Commerce. • ERNEST N. WALLER, Oxford; Commerce. • HAZEL M. WALLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • BILLY WANSLEY, Meridian; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • GRACE ANN WALTERS, Sumner; Commerce; Phi Mu. • CHARLES F. WALTON, Duncan; Commerce. • JOSEPH WESLEY WATKINS, III; Baird; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DAVID P. WEAVER, Gren- ada; Commerce. Seventh Row: • MAX H. WEATHERSBY, Florence; Liberal Arts. • BETTY WEBB, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • SANDRA ANN WEBB, Natchez; Education; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM B. WEBBER, Biloxi; Commerce. 106 First Row: • JAMES R. WEIDMAN, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM C. Welch, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • MELVIN H. WELLS, Pontotoc; Educa- tion. • CLARENCE L. WHEELER, Woodville; Pharmacy. Second Row: • MARILU WHITESIDE, Cotton Plant, Ark.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • RENA JEAN WHITTINGTON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • LYNN WIDDIFIELD, Riverside, Ill.; Education; Chi Omega. • SAMUEL J. WILDER, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • SUSIE J. WILKINSON, Hernando; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ARCHIE E. WILLIAMS, Columbus; Pharmacy. • GLORIA ANN WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • HARRY LEE WILLIAMS, JR., Corinth; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • MALCOLM D. WILLIAMS, JR., Meridian; Liberal Arts. • NANCY C. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • NANCY H. WILLIAMS, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • WIL- LIAM A. WILLIAMS, Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • BETTYE LOU WINDHAM, Bay Springs; Education. • BUDDY WIT- TICHEN, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES NEIL WOODRUFF, Bonneville; Commerce. • JAMES D. WOODS, Brook- haven; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • JAMES L. WOODS, JR., Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BEN FRANK WORSHAM, Corinth; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • HEARD WYLIE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LOUIS C. YAWN, Fulton; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • BILLY YELVERTON, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. YOUNG, Oxford; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. 107 SOPHOMORES First Row: • JOHN F. ALEXANDER, Union; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JOHN A. ALLEN, Silver Creek; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • CHARLES W. ANDERSON, Jacksonville, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • JAN ANDERSON, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. Second Row: • THOR ANDERSON, Lubbuck, Texas; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • DAVID W. ARNOLD, Dundee; Engineering• Beta Theta Pi. • PHILIP J. AQUINO, JR., Caruthersville, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LOUNETT ASHCRAFT, Calhoun City; Commerce; Phi Mu. Third Row: • RICHARD T. ASHMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • SHIRLEY G. AUSTIN, Springville; Liberal Arts. • WALTER IVY AUSTIN, Grenada; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • ADA ANN BRADLEY, Water Valley; Education. Fourth Row: • CHARLES A. BAGGETT, Jackson; Education. • AMY CLAIRE BAG- WELL, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • JOHN M. BAILEY, Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN E. BAILLIS, Cleveland, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • HORACE WILLIAM BAKER, Wapello, Iowa; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • KAY BALL, Fayette; Education; Chi Omega. • VIRGINIA S. BARKER, Shreveport, La.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • DON BARKLEY, Belzoni; Commerce. Sixth Row: • EDDIE E. BARLOW, Natchez; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT M. BARNER, Greenwood; Commerce. • ALICE BARNES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • LOU ANN BASS, Lula; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Seventh Row: • HOBART H. BEALE, Martin, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • HENRY W. BELANGER, Morgan City, La.; Pharmacy; Theta Chi. • BETTY J. BENNETT, Trenton, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JAMES D. BENNETT, JR., Louise; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • RAMEY C. BENNETT, Mathiston; Commerce; Delta Psi. • BILLY D. BENOIST, Coffeeville; Commerce. • CYNTHIA BENTZ, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • BILLY 0. BERBERETTE, Yazoo City; Pharmacy. 108 SOPHOMORES First Row: • JOHN HUBERT BERTELS, Cheektowaga, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • E. PATRICIA BIGGS, Sanatorium; Arts; Kappa Delta. • GEORGE W. B ILBO, JR., Brooklyn; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • DAR- RELL N. BLAYLOCK, Oxford; Pharmacy. Second Row: • HAROLD J. BLESSITT, Shaw; Liberal Arts. • JAMES E. BODAMER, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • W. A. BOLICK, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • MOLLY BOONE, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • TOM F. BONNER, JR., Tillatoba; Engineering. • KATHERINE JANE BOSTICK, Greenville; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MARY ANN BOST- WICK, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • EDWARD L. BOURDIN, Pass Christian, Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • RUDY PETER BOURGEOIS, Raceland, La.; Pharmacy. • MARILYN A. BOWERS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. BOYD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY H. BRAMLETT, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • MARGARET R. BRASHEAR, Kingsport, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • LINDA LOU BRICKELL, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • PAUL E. BROADHEAD, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES L. BROCATO, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • ROBERT D. BROUSSARD, Greenville; Commerce. • CLEMENTINE BROWN, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • JANE BROWN, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA S. BROWN, Hughes, Ark.; Education; Phi Mu. Seventh Row: • RANDALL M. BROWN, Corinth; Commerce. • RAYMOND L. BROWN, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT M. BUCHAN- AN, Columbia; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • MARK W. BURDETTE, Meri- dian; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM S. BURTON, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLOTTE A. BUSH, Ovett• Pharmacy. • BILLY G. BUTLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. BUTLER, Jackson; Commerce. 109 SOPHOMORES First Row: • BOBBIE JEAN BYRD, Ark.; Education; Phi Mu. • WAYNE 0. CALDWELL, Booneville; Engineering. • MARGARET ANNE CAR- PENTER, Forest; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM C. CARROLL, Jackson; Com- merce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • LIDAH L. CASEY, Franklin, Tenn.; Education; Delta Gamma. • NANCY J. CASON, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; Delta Gamma. • JEANNETTE CATLEDGE, Mathiston; Liberal Arts. • FERNANDO CAVALCANTI, Rio de Janeiro; Engineering; Theta Kappa Phi. Third Row: • EONE G. CHATHAM, Hernando; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • PATRICIA CHISM, Nettleton; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ALAN BRUCE CLARK, Carthrige; Commerce. • DONALD R. CLARK, Preston; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • CHARLES S. CLAY, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM R. CLEMENTS, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT A. CLIFFT, Wynne, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • KERIN N. COFFEY, Kansas City, Mo.; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • PAUL E. COKER, University; Liberal Arts. • JANE E. COLEMAN: Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • VERNON S. COLLINS, Cleveland; Education. • DON W. COMER, Amory; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM L. COOPER, Rayville, La.; Pharmacy. • JOHN F. COS- MICH, JR., Biloxi; Pharmacy. • JOSEPH M. CORRIGAN, Meridian; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • BENJAMIN G. COUTO FILHO, Braz I; Engineering. Seventh Row: • BILL S. COX, Jonesboro, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • LEE ROY COX, Potts Camp; Education. • DAVID R. COX, Greenville; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • OLIVETTF. S. CRAIG, Como; Commerce. Eighth Row: • PAULINE CRENSHAW, Neshoba; Liberal Arts. • OTT ' S B. CROCK- ER, Bruce; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • FRANK 0. CROSTHWAIT, JR., Drew; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • DORTHA J. CROUTHERS, Sikes- ton, Mo.; Liberal Arts; D elta Delta Delta. • ROBERT E. CROWE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. no SOPHOMORES First Row: • M. HOLLIS CURL, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • MARGARET ANNE CURTIS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES C. DALE, Columbia; Engineering. • ANGIE DAMUTH, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • RICHARD A. DARLING, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • CULLIE E. DAVIDSON, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID L. DAVIDSON, Pahoma Park, Md.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • DONNA M. DAVIDSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • GENE D. DAVIDSON, Waynesboro, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • DON DAVIS, luka; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MARTHA J. DAVIS, Oxford; Com- merce. • EDWARD J. DEASE, JR., Columbus; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • JOHN A. DeCELL, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • DOT- TIE L. DEMENT, Birmingham, Ala.; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • C. A. DeNAPOLI, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • RUSSELL K. DEN- NINGTON, Charleston; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • JAMES S. DETTOR, Sardis; Commerce. • GUY BRYAN DEWEES, Pocahontas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • NORMA JANE DICKSON, Oxford; Commerce. • BETTY SUE DISMU,sES, Gallatin, Tenn.; Educa- tion; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • MELVIN H. DONALD, Shubuta; Pharmacy. • LUCY LEE DONALD- SON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • GERALD L. DUNAWAY, Greenville; Commerce. • SHIRLEY ANN DUNFORD, Wetumpka, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Seventh Row: • J. BERLYN EDWARDS, Noxapater; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • BILLY EDWARDS, Helena, Ark.; Engineering. • C. MIMS EDWARDS, Jack- son; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CLYDE B. EDWARDS, JR., Canton; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Row: • SYLVIA E. ELIAS, Osceola, Ark.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROY C. ELIFF, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM W. ELLIOTT, IV, Jackson; Liberal Arts;; Sigma Nu. 111 SOPHOIAORES First Row: • ARDEN A. ELLISE, Greenville; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLENE S. ELLIS, Miami, Ind.; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM J. ESTES, Tupelo; Commerce. • PEGGY EVANS, Grenada; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • LUCY EWING, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • PEGGY M. FAIRES, Corinth; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT A. FANT, West Monroe, La.; Pharmacy. • GUY R. FARMER, Shannon; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • LAWRENCE FARRINGTON, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • DEAN FAULKNER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HOLLIS LEE FELTS, JR., Jackson; Commerce. • CHARLES J. FERRY, JR., Waveland; Commerce. Fourth Row: • GEORGE W. FLOWERS, Winona; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELIZABETH T. FORRESTER, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JACK G. FORSHNER, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GORDON B. FREENY, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • ROBERT M. FREENY, Carthage; Liberal Arts. • KATHRYN H. FRIERSON, Oxford; Commerce. • MARY L. FRIERSON, Oxford; Edu- cation. • N. HELEN FULLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • JO ANNE FULMER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JOE JEFF FULMER, Jackson; Commerce. • ROY ALLEN GALLO- WAY, Oxford; Commerce. • THOMAS J. GARDNER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Seventh Row: • MARTIN LEE GERICKE, Gooding, Idaho; Commerce. • PHYLLIS ANN GIBBS, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • JACK E. GILBERT, Dryden, Va.; Commerce. • GERRY GIVENS ,Jackson; Commerce; Chi Omega. Eighth Row: • FRANK L. GODDARD, Dentin, Fla.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GERARD F. GOLDEN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • C. DENNIS GOLDMAN, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANN FAISON GORDON, Alexandria, Va.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 112 SOPHOMORES First Row: • JIM S. GORE, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOE R. GRADY, Union; Commerce; Delta Psi. • JIMMIE GRAHAM, Moorhead; Engineering. • BILLY E. GRAVES, JR., Winona; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • DICK GRAY, West Helena, Ark.; Education. • MARY ELLEN GREENLEE, Ripley, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT A. GREENLEE, Hermanville• Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LYNN GREER, New Albany; Education. Third Row: • C. O ' NEAL GREGORY, JR., Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT P. GUYTON, Blue Mountain; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JEANNE LOUISE GREENE, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Della Delta Delta. • JUDITH L. HALL, Meridian; Education. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM F. HALLBERG, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES D. HAMMOND, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • LILLIAN K. HAND, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CHARLES B. HARGROVE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • ARCHIE D. HARMON, University; Commerce. • BETTY ANN HARRELL, Wynne, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CURTIS L. HARRINGTON, Houston; Liberal Arts. • FRANCES E. HARRIS, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • AUDREY FAYE HART, Picayune; Liberal Arts. • ROBBIE NELL HARTLEY, Grenada; Education. • GARNIE RAY HATCH, Hope, Ark.; Education. • GERALD D. HAWKINS, Columbus; Pharmacy. Seventh Row: • HARRY E. HAWKINS, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARTHA A. HAYWOOD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • D. PATRICK HEAD, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • WIL- LIAM B. HENLEY, Prairie; Education. Eighth Row: • FLOYD G. HENDERSON, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • DUDLEY R. HERRINGTON, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • GENE HICKERSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • BARBARA ANNE HILL, Brownsville, Tenn.; Commerce. 113 PHOMORES First Row: • JAMES A. HILL, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • TOM S. HINES, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRY B. HITT, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JUNE E. HOFFMAN, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • RICHARD C. HOGAN, Skokie, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Phi. • JAN E. HOLMES, Newton; Liberal Kappa Kappa Gamma. • J. CLAY HOLLIDAY, McComb; Pharmacy. • LOCKIE B. HOLMES, Tunica; Commerce; Chi Omega. Third Row: • HAL F. HOLTZ, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • B. KAYE HOOKER, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • MARJORIE L. HOOP, Castilla; Education. • JEAN MARIE HORNER, Amory; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fourth Row: • ROBERT J. HORNSBY, Bolivar, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • RONALD W. HOUGH, Lovers Park, Ill.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • JANE HUDSON, Coldwater; Pharmacy; Delta Delta Delta. • WIL- LIAM N. HUFF, Taylorsville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • ROBERT P. HUGHES, Drexel Hill, Pa.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • ARTHUR S. HUME, Santa Fe, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • FRANK W. HUNGER, Winona; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES F. HUTCHISON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • JAMES P. INZINA, Bastrop, La.; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. • CECIL A. IRVINE, Greenville; Commerce. • KATHRYN H. ISBELL, Shannon; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE B. JACKSON, Laurel; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM V. JAMES, Beaver Dam, Ky.; Pharmacy. • WOODROW C. JAMES, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • CAROLYN T. JAQUITH, Natchez; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • CATHERINE T. JAQUITH, Natchez; Commerce; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • LILLY JOE, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM K. JOE, Lula; Engineering. • GUS A. JOHNSON, Greenville; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY LOU JOHNSON, Water Valley; Education; Phi Mu. 114 SOPHOMORES First Row: • WILLIAM V. JOHNSTON, Sioux City, Iowa; Commerce. • MYRNA NELLE JOLLY, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • FRANK H. JONES, Richton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • PAUL M. JONES, Okolona; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • WARD QUE JUE, Indianola; Commerce. • 0. ANNE JUMPER, Leland; Liberal Arts. • B. NOWLIN KEENER, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES R. KEENAN, Humboldt, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • GERALD E. KEES, Brookhaven; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BOBBY P. KEITH, Picayune; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • MICHAEL F. KER- NAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • SALLYE JANE KERSH, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • JOHN C. KIHN, Crystal Springs; Pharmacy. • HOLDEN V. KIN- CANNON, Hazlehurst; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BETTY LOU KING, Batesville; Education. • EARLE L. KITTS, JR., Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • CHARLES E. KLING, Kosciusko; Commerce. • BILLY VAN KNIGHT, Mt. Olive; Pharmacy. • BETSY LACEY, Drew; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HARRY D. LANE, Union; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • AGNES F. LARY, Germantown, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • LOUISE S. LAWRENCE, Oxford; Commerce. • JIMMY S. LAWSON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE M. LEACH, Greenville; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • MARTHA L. LEE, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • BILL J. LEGG, University; Liberal Arts; • JOHNNY B. LEVENS, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD B. LEWIS, Marianna, Ark.; Commerce. Eighth Row: • WILL LEWIS, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES A. LESEMANN, Gallatin, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • H. Mc- MILLAN LINDSEY, Walnut Ridge, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JO ANN LINK, Oxford; Commerce. • PATRICIA M. LINN, Bates- ville; Commerce. 115 SOPP0 10RES First Row: • NETTIE TAYLOR LIVINGSTON, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • JAMES H. LOCKE, Ripley; Pharmacy. • ALVIS L. LODEN, New Albany; Pharmacy. • MIMI LOMAX, Laurel; Education; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • SANDRA LYNN LOMINICK, Vicksburg; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • KENT LOVELACE, Indianola; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT A. LOWREY, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH LOU, Clarksdale; Engineering. Third Row: • GRACE E. LYON, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • LEMUEL L. MAGEE, Tylertown; Pharmacy. • OSCAR D. MOORE, Union; Phar- macy. • B. JOAN RILEY, Sarasota, Fla.; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • SARAH ANN MAHAFFEY, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM PENRY MALLERY, III, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • WILLENE MANSELL, Camden; Education; Phi Mu. • ALFRED C. MARBLE, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • IRVIN L. MARTIN, JR., Meridian; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GLENN E. MAYFIELD, Bogalusa, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Pi. • ALICE MEALS, Paris, Tenn.; Education. • JAMES E. METEER, JR., Union Church; Commerce. Sixth Row: • MARY E. MEETER, Union Church; Commerce. • JOHN A. MILLER, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • RALPH R. MILLS, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JIMMY W. MIMS, Greenwood; Edu- cation. Seventh Row: • ANNE LOUIS MITCHELL, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • PREN- TISS R. MITCHELL (Mrs.), Gulfport; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • LUCY S. MOBLEY, Prentiss; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD JOHN MONSOUR, Vicksburg; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • E. LOWRY MOORE, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • F. HAMMOND MOORE, Duck Hill; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JAMES W. Sardis; Commerce. • JOHN P. MOORE, Louisville; Commerce. 116 SCOPE First Row: • MARTIN D. MOORE, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM R. MOORMAN, Huntsville, Ala.; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SAMUEL A. MOREHEAD, Tylertown, Education. • JERRY R. MOSE- LEY, Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • THOMAS C. MOSS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. e WILLIAM F. MULLEN, Tchula; Liberal Arts. • MERRY E. McCLURKIN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • WILBO_ RNE F. McCULLOUGH, Hattiesburg; Engineering. Third Row: • WALTER A. McCOOL, Grenada; Commerce. • FLOYD C. McCRORY, Montrose; Pharmacy. • DOYLE W. McCULLY, Tupelo; Engineering. • WILLIAM H. McGREGER, Thaxton; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • JOHN H. McGUIRK, Chicago, Ill.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • JERRY McKASKEL, Natchez; Education. • BETTYE C. McKELVY, Helena, Ark.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT E. Mc- LAUGHLIN, Shreveport, La.; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • HELEN M. McPHERSON, Marks; Liberal Arts. • PATRICK E. Mc- NARNY, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JEAN J. NAIL, Horn Lake; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RUFE G. NEEL, Lucedale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • MARYSUE NEIL, Greenwood; Education. • ALLEN W. NELSON, Crystal Springs; Pharmacy. • ANN NEMITZ, Cleveland; Education; Phi Mu. • PEGGY G. NEW, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • RACHEL E. NEWELL, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • BARBARA E. NEWMAN, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ANNA M. NICKELSON, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. • EMILY SUE HORS- WORTHY, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. Eighth Row: • GAYE OAKLEY, Booneville; Education; Kappa Delta. • PHILLIP D. O ' NEAL, Kansas City, Mo.; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM P. O ' Quin, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • C. CLIF- TON PAGE, Summit; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. 117 118 SOPHO nORES First Row: • JOSEPH P. PAPALIA, Ebensburg, Pa.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • EVELYN A. PARKER, Plantersville; Liberal Arts. • KATHRYN H. PATTON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • HERBERT R. PEARCE, Clin- ton; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • BARBARA L. PEEL, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOE D. PEGRAM, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • RAYMOND M. PELATOW- SKI, She lton, Conn.; Commerce. • NANCY JO PENDERGRASS, Cleve- land, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • JANE PENNY, Malden, Mo.; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • CHAR- LOTTE B. PETERSON, Hughes, Ark.; Commerce. • HUBERT F. PIL- GRIM, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MONROE POINTER, Como; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: a JEANETTE G. POWE, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES W. PRICE, Columbia; Commerce. • W. G. PRiCE, Austin, Texas; Commerce. • ELEANOR R. PROCTOR, Wynne, Ark.; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. Fifth Row: • FRANCES PROFILET, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BILLY R. PRUETT, Sidon; Liberal Arts. • MARY S. QUON, Moorhead; Liberal Arts. • GLENN E. RATCLIFF, Mangham, La.; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • JOSIE M. RATCLIFF, Lucedale; Education. • MAE L. RAY, Ponto- toc; Education; Delta Gamma. • S. ANGLEA RAYBURN, Pontotoc; Education; Delta Gamma. • LEROY REED, JR., Belzoni; Engineering. Seventh Row: • NANCY JANE REED, Gulfport; Commerce; Chi Omega. • JOHN T. REED, JR., Dekalb; Pharmacy. • JON REEVES, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • BETTY ANNE REID, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Eighth Row: • ALICE G. RHODES, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • DONALD L. RICH, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • TED A. RICHARDSON, Brookhaven;; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LOUIS E. RIDGEWAY, Jackson; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. SOPHOMORES First Row: • MARY M. ROACH, Shreveport, La.; Engineering. • ANNE T. ROSE, Boyle; Commerce; Phi Mu. • PERRY F. ROSENBAUM, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • KERMIT L. RUSHING, luka; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • ARTHUR M. SALOMON, Jonestown; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JACQUELYN R. SANDERSON, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOHN W. SANSING, Union; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT G. SANSOM, Okolona• Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: • ANNA K. SAVERY, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • GEORGE N. SHACKLEFORD, Canton; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM A. SCHELLHAMMER, Warren, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • EDWARD R. SCHOFIELD, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. Fourth Row: • HELEN D. SCHROEDER, Marked Tree, Ark.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ALBERT T. SCOTT, Birmingham, Ala.; Engineering. • CHARLES R. SCOTT, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • GORDON A. SCOPER, Pass Christian; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • BARBARA J. SEELY, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • EDWARD R. SHARPE, Memphis, T enn.; Education. • MARY ANNE SHELTON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • HAROLD A. SHORT, Winnsboro, La.; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • JAMES F. SHORT, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • NONA J. SHOR1, Brownsville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE H. SLADE, Greenville; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • BEN T. SMITH, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Seventh Row: • BILLY R. SMITH, Tylertown• Pharmacy. • CARLTON L. SMITH, University; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • CHARLENE R. SMITH, New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EARL SOLOMON, JR., Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. Eighth Row: • RAYMOND W. SPECK, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • TREADWELL H. SPENCER, University; Pharmacy. • SAM SPITALE, JR., Amite, Le.; Pharmacy. • NANCY STALLINGS, Jackson; Educa- tion; Kappa Delta. 119 120 SOPHOMORES First Row: • CLARENCE L. STANFORD, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LINDA L. STEVENS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BOB- BY H. STEWART, Oxford; Commerce. • CHARLES R. STEWART, Piggott, Ark.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • ROBERT M. STEWART, Piggott, Ark.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN J. STOLT, Pocahontas, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • JERRY C. STONE, Ethel; Commerce. • DELMAR D. STOVER, Red Banks; Engineering. Third Row: • LINDA W. STREET, Ripley; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • EVELYN R. STROBEL, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • HENRY C. STUBBS, Rosedale; Pharmacy. • JOHN M. SULLIVAN, Indianola; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • LEA C. SUNDERLAND, Whitehaven• Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CAMILLE A. SUTTON, Grenada; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • CARL V. TANNER, Citronelle, Ala.; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM G. TANSIL, Sharon, Tenn.; Engineering. Fifth Row: • BILLY TEMPLETON, Utica; Education. • CLINTON C. TERRALL, Cairo, III.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • LEE DAVIS THAMES, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY B. THICKENS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Greenville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • DUDLEY E. THOMAS, Greenwood; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • JEAN THOMSON, Humboldt, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • JANICE L. THRIFT, Dothan, Ala.; Commerce. Seventh Row: • ANN B. TIDWELL, Portageville, Mo.; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ALEXANDER M. TODD, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MARY SUE TODD, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. • SYLVIA F. TOPP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • JIM A. TORREY, Meadville; Liberal Arts. • R. FRED Trexler, Mem- phis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ERNEST 0. TUCKER, Pensacola, Fla.; Engineering. • MICHAEL J. VERNER, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JAMES F. VINES, Oxford; Engineering. SOPHOMO E S First Row: • TRUDY WALLINGFORD, Gallatin, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT L. WALTERS, Lucedale• Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • SAN- FORD D. WARD, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Commerce. • JACK D. WAR- REN, Shaw; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MARJORIE C. WATERS, Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • WIL- LIAM L. WATT, Oxford; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • NORMAN WEATHERSBY, JR., Lexington; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CAROL B. WEBSTER, Oxford; Education. Third Row: • SANDRA L. WESSON, Saltillo• Education. • RONALD L. WEST, Laurel; Pharmacy. • JOHN B. WEVER, Humboldt, Tenn.; Business. • EDITH G. WEY, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta. Fourth Row: • ELSIE M. WHITE, Water Valley; Education; Phi Mu. • MARGARET A. WHITTINGTON, New Albany; ;Commerce; Delta Gamma. • MARY E. WIER, Senatobia; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MARY 0. WILHOIT, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • MARY ALICE WILEY, Natchez; Liberal Arts. • DON N. WILLIAMS, Drew; Commerce. • FRANCES J. WILLIAMS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • IRMA R. WILLIAMS, Meridian; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • JOE A. WILLIAMS, Bolivar, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ROB- ERT M. WILLIAMS, Millington, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • AU- GUSTA K. WILSON, Hazlehurst; Liberal A-ts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES L. WILSON, Batesville; Education. Seventh Row: • JO ANN WILSON, Moro, Ark.; Liberal Aris• Zeta Tau Alpha. • BERYL WINDHAM, Ruleville; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM L. WIN- NINGHAM, Livingston; Liberal Arts. • LOWELL WINSTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • CLAY WISPELL, Los Angeles, Calif.; Engineering. • GLEN WOOD, JR., Jackson; Engineering. • MARCIA E. YATES, Jackson; Commerce; Chi Omega. • HAZEL A. ZANOLA, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOSEPHINE E. ZELLER, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. 121 FRES IIMEN First Row: • GEORGE D. ABRAHAM, Greenville; Civil Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • BETTY J. ADAMS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • SUE A. AIKINS, Osgood, Ind.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT H. ALEXANDER, Greenville; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • ALLISON L. ALDRICH, Michigan City: Liberal Arts. • LUCY V. ANDERSON, Fulton, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JO A. ASHLEY, Osceola, Ark.; Education. • JIMMIE C. AUSTIN, Spring Hills; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • JUDITH J. ANDERSON, Malden, Mo.; Education; Kappa Delta. • MADELINE J. APPLEWHITE, Columbia; Commerce; Phi Mu. • CHARLES E. ANDERTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JIM T. ATHERTON, Mound City, III.; Commerce Fourth Row: • CHARLES T. ANDERSON, Gulfport; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DICK G. ALLEN, Pascagoula; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • GUT L. ARBUTHNOT, Ill, Clinton; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • LUIS E. BAEO, Puerto Rico; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • CHARLES H. BAGWELL, Oxford; Engineering. • ANN BAILEY, Memphis; Commerce; Chi Omega. • BETTY M. BANKS, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM J. BANKS, Brownsville, Tenn.; Commerce. Sixth Row: • WALTER R. BARKER, Hazlehurst; Engineering. • ROBERT C. BARKER, Humboldt, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • THOMAS G. BARKSDALE, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES W. BARNETTE, Biloxi; Engineering. Seventh Row: • JOHN B. BARRACK, Louise; Commerce. • MALCOLM D. BAXTER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BETSY D. BEALL, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • JAMES M. BECK, Cleveland, Commerce. Eighth Row: • RICHARD H. BECKHAM, Amory; Liberal Arts. • RODNEY BELL, Mena, Ark.; Engineering. • GENE L. BENNETT, North Carrollton; Engineering. • LELAND K. BERKLEY, Camp LeJeune, North Carolina; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 122 F E S . 1,; First Row: • PHIL HUNTER BERRY, JR., Laurel; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS LEWIS BERRY, San Antonio, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RALPH DALE BERRYHILL, Plantersville; Pharmacy. • BARBARA BILLINGSLEY, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Second Row: • JOHN LARRY BISHOP, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • EV- ALYN GAY BIKEL, Henning, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RONALD PERCY BLACK, Morton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. • MARK WAYNE BLACKBURN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Third Row: • MANYA KAYE BLANKENSHIP, Blytheville, Ark.; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • NEIL BRYAN BLOUNT, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Alpha Tau Omega. • LEE NAPIER BOLEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • ALICE ANNE BOLLING, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • THOMAS MARION BOOTH, New Hebron; Liberal Arts. • TED BOZEMAN, Jayess; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD HOLDER BOUNDS, Oxford; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM NEWELL BRAB- SION, Bovina; Engineering. Fifth Row: • GERALD ELLIOTT BRADDOCK, Ripley; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • LOUIS KOHL BRANDT, Oxford; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • DEXTER ARNO BRANSCOME, III, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HARRY WILLIAM BRITT, JR., Sardis; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • HOBSON DARNEY BROCK, Jis., McComb; Liberal Arts. • JIMMIE NELL BROCK, Tylertown; Liberal Arts. • FLOYD CONALD BROWN- ELL, Greenville; Commerce. • BETTY BRYANT, Newborn, Tenn.; Lib- eral Arts. Seventh Row: • PATSY JUANITA BRYANT, oxford; Commerce. • MARY EMILY BUCHANAN, Wilson, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CHARLES W. BURNS, Canton; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARTIN LOM- BARD BURNS, Hillhouse; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Eighth Row: • CLARK TRENT BURRELL, Durant; Commerce. • JOHN WADE BURROW, West Memphis, Ark.; Commerce. • HORACE EMERSON BUZHARDT, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWARD FRANK BUTLER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. 123 FRESHMEN First Row: • LUCY BRETT CAMPBELL, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES MAURICE CALDWELL, Trussville, Ala.; Education. • LAU- REN BRADLEY CALLICOTT, Clarksdale1; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • CAREY WALTON CAMPBELL, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • DENNIS A. CANADA, JR., Coldwater; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SUE ANN CANDISH, Augusta, Ark.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GARY LEE CARRE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHRIS H. CARRUTH, Clarksdale; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • HATTIE MARIE CARTER, Natchez; Business; Phi Mu. • JOHN MINER CARUTHERS, Crenshaw; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • GEN BARRY CASEY, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN DALLAS CATE, Little Rock, Ark.; Engineering. Fourth Row: • GLORIA CATLEDGE, Mathiston; Liberal Arts. • MARY HEN- RIETTA CERNY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • NANCY CAROLYN CHAM- BERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • JAMES E. CHAMPION, JR., Whitehaven, Tenn.; Business. Fifth Row: • DONNIS SCHILLING CHANEY, Greenville; Education; Phi Mu. • ROBERT LEE CHILES, JR., Osceola, Ark.: Engineering. • RICHARD D. CHOTARD, Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • BENJAMIN ELIAS CLAYTON, III, McComb; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: a LINDA GAIL CLAYTON, Senath, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT CHARLES CLINGAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WILLIAM THAD COCHRAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JULIUS MARVIN COLLUM, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • ALFRED EUGENE COREY, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • ANTHONY PHILLIP CORRERO, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • PATRICIA CLAIRE COUSINS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ARTHUR ROB- ERT CRAIG, Nesbit; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • JAMES HIRAM CREEKMORE. Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. • EVA CATHERINE CRISS, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ANTHONY CHARLES CUICCHI, Shaw; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • DICK N. DALTON, Whitehaven, Tenn.• Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. 124 First Row: • JAMES EDWARD DAVIS, Laurel; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JESSE THEO DAVIS, JR., Corinth; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • JOHN W. DAVIS, Oxford; Commerce. • PAUL SPURGEON DAVIS, Tupelo; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • RILEY ARRINGTON DAVIS, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Al- pha. • ROBERTA H. DAVIS, Oxford; Education; Kappa Delta. • TOMMY EDWARD DAY, Opp, Ala.; Business. • KAY deMANGE, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Third Row: • PAULA HANNAH DeMYER, Fulton, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Al- pha. • DENMAN TAYLOR DENLEY, Paynes; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • LYNNE GAIL DeWEESE, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • SHIRLEY DeWEES, Jackson; Commerce. Fourth Row: • MAX ROYCE DICKERSON, Shannon; Business. • MARJORIE ANN DICKEY, Hazel Green, Ala.; Education; Chi Omega. • CARRIE LEE DISMUKES, Gallatin, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • DAVID EUBANKS DODD, Sallis; Commerce. Fifth Row: • ALICE CAROL DODSON, Jackson; Education; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. • JAMES A. DORSETT, Lucedale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARY ANN DOTY, Tupelo; Education) Delta Delta Delta. • LAMAR CHARLES DOUGLAS, Hazlehurst• Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • ALLAN PERCY DURFEY, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. • WILLIAM ROBERT DYER, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • FRANK ASHLEY EAKIN, Thornton; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • LARRY WARREN EAVES, West Memphis, Ark.; Education. Seventh Row: • LOU ERVILINE EDENS, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CAR- OLYN EDWARDS, Great Neck, New York; Commerce. • JEAN EDWARDS, Water Valley; Education. • JAMES ALLEN ELLIOTT, Ox- ford; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. Eighth Row: • BUENA LEE ENGLISH, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gam- ma. RICHARD LARRY EUBANK, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Chi. • MERRI ANGELA EVANS, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ROBERT B. EUBANKS, Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts. 125 FRES LA E N First Row: • GEORGE EDWARD FALLS, JR., Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • FRED DAILEY FAULKNER, Batesville; Engineering. • DE- LORES ANN FAYARD, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • HELEN ELIZABETH FELTON, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • EUGENE BROOKE FERRIS, Ill, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • SUSAN ROBERTA FICHTENGER, Roanoke, Va.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HERBERT JOHN FISCHER, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GUY HENRY FISHER, Winona; Engineering. Third Row: BILLIE LOUISE FLANAGAN, Batesville; Commerce; Phi Mu. • JAMES HAROLD FLEMING, Sidon; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • SARA ANN FLEMING, Philadelphia; Education; Delta Gamma. • FLAVY CHARLES FLOWERS, Marianna, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM ELLIS FONDREN, Greenville; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM WATKINS FORD, III, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN EDWARD FORSYTHE, Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN JOSEPH FRANCO, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • CELIA PAYNE FRANCIS, Natchez; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • CAROLE ELAINE, FREEMAN, Neely; Pharmacy. • DEXTER SIDNEY FREEMAN, Jackson; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • VONDA LEE FREEMAN, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: • DONALD GLENN FRITCHIE, Slidell; Engineering. • LUTHER HAR- RISON FULCHER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BAR- BARA JEAN FURNESS, Raymond; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • SUE GALLOWAY, Milan, Tenn.; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. Seventh Row: • JAMES R. GALYEA, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CAROL ANN CAUTHIER, Alexandria, Va.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BETTYE GENTRY, Little Rock, Ark.; Business; Chi Omega. • FRANK JOHN GERRED, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • JOHN A. GOLDHAMMAR, New York, N.Y.; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • JOE RICE GOODWIN, Philadelphia; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • MARIE O ' NEAL GORE, Hernando; Education. • BETTYE SUE GORMAN, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. 126 F S H First Row: • NEAL GRANTHAM, Clarksdale; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • TOMMY H. GRAY, Winona; Engineering. • HART D . GREEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • GEORGE R. GREENLEE, Hermanville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • GEORGE H. GREGORY, Birmingham, Ala.; Commerce. • GLENN LEE GRIFFITH, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA KAY GRITT- MAN, Drew; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • MARY MELINDA GWIN, Indian- ola; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Third Row: • VAN DYKE HAGAMAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM G. HAIRSTON, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • KAY HALEY, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • DAWN F. HALL, Keiser, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • JAMES E. HALL, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • VIRGINIA HALL, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS H. HAM- ILTON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HANSEL LEE HAMMACK, Natchez; Engineering. Fifth Row: • FRED R. HANSEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • KAY HARAWAY, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM S. HARBIN, Lake Providence, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • DONALD H. HARBOUR, West Memphis, Ark.; Commerce. Sixth Row: • BARBARA D. HARPOLE, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. • DOUGLAS F. HARRINGTON, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • DONNA RAE HARVEY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • LESTER E. HATCHER, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • HAZEL JOYCE HATHORN, Durant; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • CAS EDGAR HEATH, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • HOL- COMB HECTOR, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • THOMAS H. HEDGEPETH, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • HOYLE STEVE HESTER, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM S. HICKS, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • PAUL A. HIGDON, Belzoni; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JUNE T. HILL, Houston; Commerce. 127 FRESEILALIN First Row: • LEONARD A. HILL, Manhasset, New York; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • WEBSTER J. HILL, JR., Como; Engineering. • CAROLYN 0. HITT- SON, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JOHN E. HOAR, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • MORRIS C. HODGES, Amory; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES H. HOLDER, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • SARA BETH HOLLAND, Phila- delphia; Commerce; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM N. HOLLIDAY, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row: • JOHN H. HOLLOMAN, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BILL. M. HOLMES, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ED WILBURN HOOKER, JR., Lexington; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • W. BRIGGS HOPSON, JR., Delhi, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fourth Row: • BEN T. HOWELL, Wilmer, Ala.; Engineering. • PAUL W. HUD- SON, Oxford; Education. • BRUCE G. HUGHES, Meridian;; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDGAR A. HUGHES, Long Beach; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • PATRICIA HUME, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • ARLENE H. HURTIG, Leland; Liberal Arts. • MOLLY JANE INGRAM, Augusta, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WINFORD W. IRVIN, Oxford; Commerce. Sixth Row: • WARREN D. JENKINS, Washington, D.C.; Education. • WILLIAM LEE JENKINS, Bruce; Engineering. • CHARLES D. JOHNSON, Golden; Liberal Arts. • ARCHIE L. JOHNSTON, JR., Corinth; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • MARTHA DALE JOHNSTON, Okolona; Liberal Arts. • E. GRADY JOLLY, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JOSEPH R. JONES, High Point, N.C.; Education. • HERBERT B. JORDAN, JR., Louisville; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • ELIZABETH V. JUSTICE, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • WIL- LIAM C. KEADY, Greenville; Engineering. • JOY C. KEATING, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JACK H. KEENAN, Humboldt, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 128 ESPAAEN First Row: • GEORGE W. KELLEY, Conshohocken, Pa.; Commerce. • SIMON C. KEMP, Hazlehurst; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BILLY W. KEYES, Laurel; Commerce. • RICHARD S. KICE, Los Angeles, Calif.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • CARMON E. KING, JR., Water Valley; Engineering. • EDWARD M. KING, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MONEE N. KIRVEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CLYDE W. KITTO, Baton Rouge, La.; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • ROBERT T. KNIGHT, Taylorsville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EUGENIA KRUTZ, Belzoni; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • MONA H. LAFERRIERE,New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARY LOUISE LAND, DeKalb; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • W. LOUISE LAND, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • SHIRLEY ANN LANDRUM, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES F. LANGFORD, Water Valley, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JOAN M. LANG- FORD, Springfield, Ill.; Education. Fifth Row: • JAMES L. LANDRY, Jennings, La.; Liberal Arts. • JOHN M. LANIER, McComb; Liberal Arts. • SHIRLEY LARSON, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS E. LAUGHLIN, Crenshaw; Commerce. Sixth Row: • JACK LAWS, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • BETTYE N. LEECH, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts;; Delta Gamma. • HECTOR H. LEON, Guatemala; Engineering. • THOMAS W. LESTER, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • BOBBY F. LINTON, Niceville, Fla.; Engineering. • ELIZABETH ANNE LITTLE, New Orleans, La.; Education; Phi Mu. • BETTY JO LLOYD, Mc- Comb; Liberal Arts. • FRANCES S. LLOYD, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Eighth Row: • ROBERT JAMES LONG, North Little Rock, Ark.; Commerce. • GEORGE T. LOVELADY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • LOIS LUSK, Aberdeen; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALBERT W. LYLE, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. 129 FRESHMEN First Row: • PATRICIA J. LYLE, Flora; Education. • R. GAIL McCLANAHAN, Springfield, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • EULA FAYE Mc- CLENHAN, Morton; Education; Kappa Deita. • WILLIAM D. McCOY, Mallenn, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: McCORKLE, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Delta. • SYLVIA A. McDANIEL, Leland; Commerce. • SLATER E. Mc- EACHERN, Lucedale• Engineering. • STANLEY D. McEACHERN, Delhi, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Third Row: • GEORGE W. McKELLAR, Columbus; Engineering. • TOMMYE LOU McMILLION, McComb; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • PAT Mc- MURRY, Oxford; Education; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM B. McREE; Eupora; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • MARY ALICE McWATERS, Blytheville, Ark.; Education. • JOE MACIONE, Arcola; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • DONNA MAE MACLIN, Somerville, Tenn.; Education. • MILTON R. MADDOX, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • NONA MAHAFFEY, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOAN H. MALONE, Darling; Commerce. • BARBARA L. MANNING, Sardis; Education. • LARRY T. MANUAL, Biloxi; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • LOUIS E. MAPP, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BONNIE L. MARKLE, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GEORGE A. MARLOWE, Memp,.is, Tenn.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JIMMY MARSHALL, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • Kay Marshall, Jonesboro, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • A. JAMES MARTIN, Jackson; Business; Delta Psi. • ALBERT T. MASON, Lambert; Commerce. • WILLIAM B. MAY, Amory; Liberal Arts. Eighth Row: • OTTIS TERRY MEADOWS, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Koppa Epsilon. • EDGAR C. MEDLIN, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. • CAROL D. MEEK, Greenville; Education; Delta Gamma. • JAMES H. MELVIN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. 130 FRESHMEN First Row: • ANDRES Z. MERCADO, Managua, Nicaragua; Pharmacy. • CAR- OLE MILAM, Charleston; Business; Phi Mu. • MARY E. MILLER, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • ROBERT V. MILLER, Lake Charles, La.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • PRENTISS R. Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE L. MITCHELL, Ruleville• Commerce. • WILLIAM B. MIXON, Jackson; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARY ANN MOBLEY, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Third Row: • ELTON MONTGOMERY, Pontotoc; Commerce. • EDNA MOODY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • MARETTA MOORE, Marianna, Fla.; Commerce; • ROY MOORE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • VICTOR MORGAN, Denmark; Engineering. • DON MORRIS, Jones- town; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES MORRIS, Jackson; Phar- macy; Kappa Alpha, • JEAN MORRISON, Grenada; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • VINCE MULLEN, Tutwiler• Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MAX MURPHY, Greenwood Springs; Engineering. • PATRICIA MURRAY, Pascaguola; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • DOROTHY MYERS, Calhoun City; Commerce. Sixth Row: • HARPER R. MYRES, Glen Allen; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • DUDLIE A. NEVENER, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • HARDY PEP- PER NORTH; Yazoo City; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • HENRY G. ORSBORN, JR., Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • JAMES NELSON OSBURN, Piggott, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • SOUTHWORTH A. OVEUTT• Tupelo; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS DIXIE OWEN, Brownsville, Tenn.; Com- merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • W. CRAWFORD OWEN, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: • RALPH SEER OWINGS, JR., Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM N. PALMER, Tampa, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • DONNA YVONNE PALMERTREE, Batesville; Commerce. • SAM PARKS PAR- ISH, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. 131 FRESH I ' , ;, IE First Row: • JAMES WALLACE PARK, Forest; ;Commerce. • CORNELIA W. PARKER, New Albany; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • GEORGE EARL PARKER, Pascagoula; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • PATRICIA ALICE PARTLOW, Blytheville, Ark.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • FRANK M. PATTY, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE PRESTON PEEPLES, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce. • CHARLES R. PENN, Blytheville, Ark.; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • JAMES STEWART PERSON, JR., Water Valley; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • BARBARA KENT PHILLIPS, Eupora; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALLAN SWAYZE PHILP, Jackson; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • HUGH BYRNE PHYFER, JR., New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM R. PIPES, Jonesboro, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: • LOUIS ISAAC PIGOTT Magnolia; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES AU- GUSTUS PITCHER, Pascagoula; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • RAIFORD LEE PITTMAN, Como; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT ALLEN POSEGAY, Slidell, La.; Engineering. Fifth Row: • ELMORE POVALL, Lexington; Liberal Arts;; Kappa Sigma. • HAMILTON POWELL, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • BETTY JANE PRICE, Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • PATRICIA ANN PRICE, Pass Christian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sixth Row: • JANICE M. PRIESTER, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES DAVID PRITCHARD, Memphis, Tenn.• Liberal Arts. • ISOM PUGH, JR., Holly Bluff; Commerce. • JAMES E. PURVIS, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • BILLY WAYNE RALPH, Brownsville, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DON DAVIDSON RAMSEY, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDWIN STAFFORD RANDALL, Pascagoula; Engineer- ing; Sigma Pi Epsilon. • JACKIE DEANNA RA NDALL, Pascagoula; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. Eighth Row: • RITA MAXINE RANDALL, Gloster; Liberal Arts. • HOLLAMAN MARTIN RANEY, Greenville; Civil Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • ARTHUR B. REAGAN, Mauchport, Ind ; Liberal Arts. • MARJORIA ETOYLE REAMES, Batesville; Education; Delta Delta Delta. 132 FRESHM N First Row: • ALISA TATE REED, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MUR- RY WAYNE RIALES, Como; Engineering. • JACK VAUGHAN RICE, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JIMMY WALTON RITCHIE, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • A. H. RITTER, JR., Amory; Engineering. • BILLY ALLEN RITTMAN; Stuttgart, Ark.; Business. MARGIE ROACH, Ashland; Commerce. • DAVID ROBBINS, Shannon; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • DON WILSON RODGERS, West Memphis, Ark.; Education. • JAMES LEE ROEBUCK, Kosciusko; Engineering. • RICHARD ALAN ROEDER, Piggott, Ark; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOE JACK ROSS, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • JOYCE. ROY, Oxford; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES MON- ROE RUSSELL, Laurel; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • MIRIAN SUSAN RUPPEL, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • NANCY EVELYN RUTH, Lambert; Engineering. Fifth Row: • JAMES H. SAMS, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BILLIE JOE SANDERS, El Campo, Texas; Engineering. • KENNETH SANDERS, Silver Creek; Engineering, • LOUIS C. SCHEIDER, Clarksdale; Educa- tion. Sixth Row: • ROY SCHEIDER, Clarksdale; Commerce. • J. PAUL SCHUMANN, Nashville, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • WALTER STANLEY SCOTT, Lucedale• Engineering. • HENRY KEITH SCROGGIN, Jones- boro, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • ANN PRENTICE SEAY, Blytheville, Ark.; Education. • LAURA LOU SHARPE, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • HERMAN ALEX SHIELDS, JR., Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • PAULA JO SHOEMAKE, Newton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Eighth Row: • JAMES FRANCIS SILVER, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • WIL- BURN DWAIN SIMPSON, Jackson; Engineering, • JUNE KATHLYN SINGLETARY, Meridian; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BILL HICKS SISTRUNK, Parchman; Liberal Arts. • JOHN HARDAGE SKIPPER, Columbia; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. 133 FRES7 11 E N First Row: • JO DALE SLADE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JOHN WILLIAM SLEDGE, Rolling Fork; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • FAISON HEATHMAN SMITH, Greenwood• Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FLORA VIRGINIA SMITH, Meridian; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JAMES E. SMITH, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • KEITH T. SMITH, Petal; Engineering. • SHARON GAINES SMITH, New Or- leans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JESSE OTHO SNOWDEN, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • HERMAN N. SOLOMON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JAMES WILSON SPARKS, Oxford; Education. • ERNEST GILM SPIVEY, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • GROVES STALL- WORTH, JR., Pascagoula; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Fourth Row: • ROBERT JOSEPH STEBBINS, Atlanta, Ga.; Business; Theta Kappa Phi. • MARY MARGARET STEWART, Okolona; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • JAMES EARL STINSON, Tylertown• Engineering. • JAMES MYRON STOCKTON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Fifth Row: • ANNA LILA STONE, Beaumont, Tex.; Liberal Arts, • ALLYNE MARIE STONE, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • JOHN BURGESS STONE, Coffeeville; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PAULA ANN STRIBLING, Jack- son; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • MARY ANN STRONG, Louisville; Liberal Chi Omega. • JOHN MORELL SUMNER, Winona; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DON E. TAYLOR, Macon, Tenn.; Commerce. • MARY FOY TAYLOR, Eupora; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seventh Row: • TOMMY FARRELL TAYLOR, Jackson; Business • DECKER LEWIS TERRY, Greenville; Engineering. • RUSSELL DOUGLAS THOMPSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ROBERT FULTON THOMPSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Eighth Row: • ATTWOOD FRED THORNTON, Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • LUCY CAROLINE THORNTON, Versailles, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES MARTIN TOMLINSON, JR., Pascagoula; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM LEROY TOMLINSON, Walnut; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Ninth Row: • BURNICE A. TREVILION, Port Gibson; Physical Education. • AR- THUR TERRENCE TRIPPE, Gadsden, Ala.; Engineering. • JANE CAR- ROLL TURK, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ELDON DAVID TWEDDLE, Delhi, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SANDRA BEA TYLER, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 134 FRESHMEN First Row: • ALBERT BALDWIN TYNES, Jackson; Engineering; Delta Psi. • PHIL H. UPTON, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • L. KAY UNDERWOOD, Oxford; Education. • CAROLYN FLORENCE VALENTOUR, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • DOROTHY LAVERN WAITS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • BERNARD BOYLSTON WALKER, JR., Pascagoula; Business; Sigma Nu. • J. CHARLIE WALKER, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD KENNETH WALKER, Laurel; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • DONALD LOFTON WARE, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • GWEN- DLYN KATHERINE WARREN, University; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES LEON WATSON, Greenwood; Commerce. • WILLIAM H. WATSON, Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • HOWARD WEINBERG, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Engineering; Phi Epsilon Pi. • BETTY LYNNE WEISS, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM CALVIN WELLS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ISABELLE SMITH WELSHANS, Rosedale; Business; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • SARA JANE WESTMORELAND, Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BOBBY VARNELL WHITAKER, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • GAIL LEE WHITSITT, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • MARY SUZANNE WILBOURN, Somerville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • JANICE ELAINE WILCOX, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES RICHARD WILKERSON, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JANE WILLIAMSON, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • •GRACIE ANN ' WILLINGHAM, Drew; Education. Seventh Row: • ROSEMARY WILLIS, Haleyville, Ala.; Education. • T. H. SPENCE WILTON, Washington, D.C.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • SUE JEAN WONG, Greenville; Liberal Arts. U JOHN W. WOODARD, Bexley; Engineering. Eighth Row: • MARGARET LEE WOODMANSEE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • IRWIN HOWARD WOODS, Montreal, Que- bec; Liberal Arts. • M. C. WOOLEY, JR., West Monroe, La.. Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CHUCK MILLER WORTHY, University; Engi- neering; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ninth Row: • BETTY MAUREEN WRIGHT, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • WILLIAM DENNIS WRIGHT, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • EMMETT NEIL YOUNG, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES WHITFIELD YUILL, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 135 JIMMY CHILD President of the ASS BOB TRUE Vice-President of the ASB DOT ALLEN DOUG HUDGINS Secretary of the ASS Treasurer of the ASB DON SAMUELS Chairman of the Judicial Council SHIRLEY WAGNER and WES WATKINS Head Cheerleaders JO ELDRIDGE Secretary to the President CAMP LEE DAVIS THAMES Annual Photographer WHEELS 0 THE BANKS SHEPHERD and MARLIN RYLAND Editor and Business Manager of the Ole Miss JAMES CARY WOODS WALTER REDDEN President of the Pharmacy School President of the School of Education MARY BOOTH Second Semester Business Manager of " The Mississippian " WALLACE SHERWOOD Editor of " The Mississippian " JEAN GUYTON Managing Editor of " The Mississippian " C A P JOHN MILES President of the Commerce School BETTY ANN FANT President of the YWCA ANN CURRY President of Mortar Board BERNARD MASSEY BOBBY PHILP President of School of Liberal Arts President of the YMCA BUDDY ALLISTON Colonel Rebel JOHN McDAVID President of the School of Law PAUL MURRILL President of the School of Engineering r r J zun WILLIS CONNELL President of Scabbard and Blade NEAL GREGORY First Semester Business Manager of The Mississippian IRVING " PEP " FULLER President of ODK KATHY ROGERS National College Queen FRANK LaGRONE He graduated S 1 r L ID SH I RLEY WAGNER Miss Ole Miss EMILY HALL Miss Hospitality JESS WOODS Rhodes Scholar WE CAGED HIM THE BAND ON CAPITOL at Ja on HOTTY TOTTY I-HE UNE " BULLET " CRAWFORD THR Cat AMPPTVT= WE COULDN ' T ALL HAVE DATES WE HAD BETTER SEATS, TOO • il, 4 - 4 4, • • • • , 4 4 4 • • • ' . • • . . , • , • ' - • • 0 r, • . 1 Et r . , • , 4 ,% ' f• 4 ., • , 4. ., 4 • • ' • . • t • • • . ' i 4 .41 ' • • . • • .a . 1 ••• ° • • a C i ' . . $ ' . i 3 ' I I 1111 . . • • • $ , $ a • I • . 4 . • I • • • • ,. . • $ . $ • • • I • • e • .I, 41, . ,.._. . , . • • At • a • • a . 0 YOU ' LL NEVER WALK ALONE A DESERVING REWARD MR. AND MISS JITTERBUG HEY BUDDY, WANT A HOT TIP? MAY THIS FAD BE SHORT-LIVED asisiosai, AWOL; DO YOU REAL! ' ( I IAVE TW( A MOTLEY CR i WO PEAS IN A----P61D I 000, THAT TICKLES IR a 4V1).C. HEY BUDDY, WANT A HOT TIP? MAY THIS FAD BE SHORT-L1VED THE ASB ELECTIONS COMMITTEE TALLYING THE VOTES JAll )2097 Scompom A ! ' Prrsidel ' 1 " [111-111NEf- RAY MIKELLS TIME ,V.; YOURS AS ASS VEEP SPIVEY Exatss; A S B sec, ;E, ' WEAVER 1.4 Tv? " " W1.1111110 ,S 10 11111 ■ 1.14111 Mmalft " " Vr141111121:17 1i111011.11t 1.4111Virailly maw 446 eat AIM 4111.1,4 Im het - I - oor 111111101ffitrItro.417,4:14.411Vzi. Nolera... " sm. Ulm MN mos ummis " " ` " ' " ' a 10,,,,,,11116111 111111111iteN■1011111111116 or oorootrolaireme mos. " " " " ow. Wt. 140■11,1141,,t .. " . " 4 " . " 1 " " - Itonaroomot00000, ' 0. Urra 1.111011 11181.1 nu. , Ills sot 111111111 1■11111111116111•11. -..1111111. 61.1.111111611114041111117011 W.44 11101111141.100110•11110111 , semi ourr 1 ..1111111111■1111 rag T1.11111 .,111111.11 1111111:1.11.111111.1111111,111115.7... Warr rot io• , o.o rue aoortiolltit WM MMUS ' • NO, moo,,roo,„ U torratamstowarogorwr sartaiMmooltriroamawr asso 6.- Ma NM , 4111 a alle al awrsorM101010411111 VION ova wiser X..-7,,,or or ,•-• THESE ARE POLL WATCHERS? • IS TRAY AHEAD, BRYAN? THOSE PHI DELIS START RUSHING EARLY 1 OH, MY ACHING HEAD BORED, IELEN? I ' LL TAKE MINE STRAIGHT SOME PEOPLE JUST CAN ' SPELL • 0 0 a a 0 0 0 V 410 h:etics TO CO OUARTf 44. BA.. IN DAUM , 4 . ,..h.......„...24:1: ,..... _.., .N.... ., 7! -------. - .. - •2 ,.: f .... ki ,. " ' " _,....„......... .. „..........7,;;.--.77, ' " ,:---- ' --- - ' 4 " " ' ' " " •41- ' " ' RIM 41, pawl . Left to Right: " Bruiser " Kinard, John Cain, Wabble Davidson, John Vaught, Buster Poole, Ray Poole, Junie Hovius. !HE (- OACHIN S BONNIE L GRAHAM WES KNIGHT RAY POOLE TOM SWAYZE Basketball Coach Athletic Trainer Assistant Coach Contact Man and Baseball Coach Head Coach John Vaught has become the most successful of all Ole Miss football coaches. This year he added another successful season to his fine record, as he coached the Rebels to nine wins, one loss, and a victory in the Cotton Bowl over TCU. Under Coach Vaught the Rebels have achieved returns in the past nine years (1947-1955) which have been bested by only seven teams in the country. The Rebels ' offensive line is coached by Bruiser Kinard, who be- came the state ' s first All-American in 1936-37. He was All-Pro tackle in 1938-40-41-44 with Brooklyn and in 1946 with the New York Yankees. He is a charter member (one of 32) of the National Foot- ball Hall of Fame, and in 1950 was chosen Ole Miss ' greatest all-time athlete. Coach Buster Poole was another all-time great at Ole Miss in 1934-37. Selected as an all-Pro end with the N.Y. Giants in 1946, he is rated by many critics as the best defensive wingman ever to play pro football. After his great 1946 season he came to Ole Miss as end coach and began tutoring the defensive line in 1951. Backfield Coach Junie Hovious was named to the all-time All Southeastern Conference team in 1943. Returning to Ole Miss in 1946, he assisted in coaching the backs, and coached the freshman and “13 " teams until 1951 when he was made defensive backfield coach. Hovious also coaches the varsity golf team. Backfield Coach Johnny Cain is a product of the University of Alabama. An All-American in 1933, he played a part in the defeat of Washington State in the Rose Bowl in 1930. Coach Cain was made a member of the staff in 1947. Freshman Coach Wobble Davidson, co-captain of the 1941 Ole Miss football team, has compiled one of the most outstanding " B” team and freshman coaching records in the country. From the second of three games in 1951 through the first two games in 1955, the Rebel juniors ' went unbeaten through 13 engagements, winning twelve and tying one. His overall record is 12-2-1. With a background that includes a dozen years of college and professional football, Ray Poole returned to Ole Miss last May as an assistant coach and scout. A 1946 All-Southeastern end in his last season with the Rebels, he went on to star for the New York Giants for six seasons, where he was all-pro, and then transferred to Montreal in the Canadian League for several seasons where he was selected to be on the league ' s all-star team. As the ahtletic department ' s official contact representative, Tom Swayze is one of its most valuable staffers. He was one of Ole Miss ' finest all-round athletes during the thirties, playing end in football in and left-handed baseball pitcher in 1931- In addition, Swayze is also baseball coach. Doc Knight came to Ole Miss in 1947 as trainer and track coach. A trainer is usually concerned only with getting the team in good physical condition, but Doc is also famous for keeping the boys in the right frame of mind by his writings posted on their locker doors. Coach Country Graham serves as a scout and assistant freshman coach during the football months, but his main calling is coachnig Rebel basketball. Coach Graham lettered in football at end in and became Mississippi ' s first All-American basketball player. During his era, he set 36 Southeastern Conference scoring records, some of which still stand. CLAUDE M. SMITH JOHN H. VAUGHT JEFF K. HAMM Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Head Coach Business Manager of Intercollegiate Athletics 161 OLE MISS 1 M CLUB OFFICERS EDDIE CRAWFORD President EARL BLAIR Vice-President JERRY BYNUM Secretary Treasurer RICHARD WEISS Sergeant-at-Arms The M Club of the University of Mississippi is composed of those men who have lettered in one of the University ' s major intercollegiate sports, which are football, basketball, baseball, and track. The purpose of the M Club is to promote excellence in athletic ability and to promote the general welfare of ath- letics on the Ole Miss campus. Only the members of the M Club are qualified to wear the Ole Miss " M, " which distinguishes these men as winners of the athletic award. Each year the M Club sponsors the annual M Club dance which is held sometime during the football season. Also during the season, an annual M Club Day is held at which time the club alumni are invited to return to the campus and be honorary guests. To wind up the social activities, the M Club has a final party after initiation of the spring members. EDDIE CRAWFORD President of the " M Club " iss 162 Firs+ Row: Buddy Allison, Jerry Baker, Jack Barksdale, Earl Blair, Rogers Brashier, Carter Brown. Second Row: Charles Burke, Jerry Bynum, Buddy Chain, Paige Cothren, Eddie Craw- ford, Eagle Day. Third Row: Bob Drewry, Gene Dubuisson, Bob Fisher, John Gainey, Buddy Garrison, Joe Gibbon. Fourth Row: Dick Goehe, Leon Harbin, Billy Kinard, Earl McKay, Bobby Neblitt, John Palmer, Houston Patton. Fifth Row: Bernard Schreiber, Bill Stokes, Jerry Stone, Richard Weiss, Archie White, Buddy Wittichen, Billy Yelverton. Not Pictured: John Blalack, Don Goad, Wayland Inman, Robert Jarvis, Jim Miller, Allen Muirhead, John Paris, Bill Scott, Richard Shelton, Johnny Williams. ISSIPPI 163 Paige Cothren Voted Back of the Week SOUTHEASTER CHA A PIONS Prior to 1955, only Louisiana State in 1935-36 and Georgia Tech in 1943-44 had linked together successive Southeastern Conference football championships — un- shared titles, that is. And the Johnny Rebs, by virtue of their championships in 1954-55, now are members of this exclusive company. Moreover, they reign as unofficial Dixie Champions by virtue of their stirring 14-13 Cotton Bowl victory over Texas Christian, the Southwest Conference champion. The records posted were identical-9-1 overall and 5-I in SEC results—through the 1954-55 campaigns. Both defeats were by single touchdowns, 0-6 to Arkansas in ' 54 in a game ruled as official in Conference play to register the necessary six games for championship eligibility; and 14-21 to Kentucky in ' 55. Elsewhere, the Rebels scored twin victories over Mis- sissippi State, Vanderbilt, Tulane and Louisiana State, a single win over Georgia and divided with Kentucky in SEC results; they broke even with Arkansas over the span, won two games each from Houston, North Texas and Memphis State, a single game from Villanova. Ole Miss now owns three SEC titles-1947, 1954, 1955. EAGLE DAY All-SEC, First Team INS and UP PAIGE COTHREN All-American, INS Second Team All-SEC, First Team INS and AP BUDDY ALLISTON GENE DUBUISSON All SEC, Second Team INS and AP All SEC, Second Team INS and AP BILLY KINARD All-SEC, Third Team Al ' 165 OLE P ' ,11ISS 14-TCU 13 • OLE MISS 14-TCU 13 It was fourth and three at the Texas Christian 46 and Ole Miss was on the short end of a 13-7 scoreboard reading in the 20th Cotton Bowl classic. Time also was a factor—just over six minutes remaining to be consumed by the clock. So there was an Eagle Day pass in the flat to Paige Cothren and Cothren hoofed for 13 yards to extend the Rebel lifeline. Billy Lott rammed for three, then Day retreated for a pass, found the airlanes guarded and tucked the ball away for a personal trip to the goal. He squirmed through several crevaces of daylight, was finally brought to rest at the TCU 5. From that point Lott blazed a path wide across the Rebel right side and tallied the points that upped Ole Miss to 13-13. Cothren followed with a perfect placement— " And, boy, was I scared I might miss it, " he told later—and the Rebs were ahead to say, 14-13, with four minutes and 22 seconds of playing time remaining. TCU led 7-0 by scoring late in the opening period. It was a 72-yard drive culminated by Jimmy Swink ' s I-yard plunge at left tackle. Harold Pollard added the extra point. Eddie Crawford promptly raced 59 yards for a Rebel touchdown that was voided by penalty, and then it was Swink ' s turn again and he upped the Horned Frogs total to 13 with a remarkable 39-yard run. It was at this point that a penalty wiped out Pollard ' s placement point. Trying again from the 17, he missed. Four plays later the Rebs were back in business. From the kickoff return to their 34, they traveled 66 yards on Day ' s passes to Billy Kinard and Earl Blair, good for 42, a 21-yard advance up trap alley by Cothren, and his culminating 3-yard plunge at left tackle. He kicked the point for 13-7. Time ran out on the red-hot Rebels at the half—they were knocking on the Froggie goal from 7-yards out. And TCU twice threatened after intermission. But there was no more scoring until the final stanza when Ole Miss again drove 66 yards for the tieing and winning points. The Frogs—the Southwest Conference champions—had been favored by 7 points. But the Rebs provided the lone upset of the Jan. 2 bowl afternoon. They were a gallant bunch as they stormed back frcm a deficit. And the victory earned for them the unofficial title of Dixie Champions. Day was named the game ' s Outstanding Back with Guard Buddy Alliston named the Outstanding Lineman. Alliston later was elected permanent captain of the team with Center Gene Dubuisson elected alternate captain. BUDDY ALLISTON Most Outstanding Lineman Eagle Day on a roll out pass OLE MUSS 14-TCU 13 ® OLE PAISS 14-TCU 13 • OLE MSS 14-TCU 13 Coach Poole in a tense moment Coach Vaught on the sidelines Kathy Rodgers, Miss College Queen, is presented at the Cotton Bowl. rTON CHALPIO.J I Cothren kicks the game w inning point .21111P° EAGLE DAY Most outstanding back MI. Olt IS Si • INAVIS sat.. .i.os • OLE MISS 26 GEORGIA 13 First Downs Times Rush Net Yards Ole Miss 16 38 93 Georgia 13 37 III Passes Attempted . 21 12 Passes Completed • 14 7 Yards Passes 201 175 Number of Punts . . 5 7 Punting Average . . 43.6 39.4 Fumbles Lost 2-0 0-0 Yards Penalized . 53 35 Final Score 26 13 Kinard pulls one in as the Rebels march through Georgia JERRY BAKER DON BARKLEY EARL BLAIR Fullback Halfback 168 JOHN BLALACK GAYLE BOWMAN RAYMOND BROWN Quarterback Halfback Quarterback Ole Miss Kentucky First Downs 10 12 Times Rush 38 51 Net Yards 169 186 Passes Attempted 14 11 Passes Completed 4 5 Yards Passes 70 80 Number of Punts . 6 7 Punting Average . 40.2 38.0 Fumbles Lost 1-1 0-0 Yards Penalized . 70 85 Final Score 14 21 OLE MISS 14 KENTUCKY 21 Ace Drewry picks up some yards and a few players CHARLES BURKE EDDIE CRAWFORD BOB DREWRY End Halfback End OLE MISS 3 3 N. TEXAS STATE 0 Ore Miss Norfh Texas Sfafe First Downs 12 10 Times Rush 45 42 Net Yards 182 212 Passes Attempted • 11 12 Passes Completed • 5 3 Yards Passes 104 47 Number of Punts 5 5 Punting Average • 37.0 33.4 Fumbles Lost 2-0 3-2 Yards Penalized 10 32 Final Score 33 Eagle Day on end run Ole Miss CHARLES DUCK Guard Vanderbilt First Downs 19 15 Times Rush 52 37 Net Yards 213 124 Passes Attempted 7 23 Passes Completed 3 8 Yards Passes 23 118 Number of Punts 4 4 Punting Average 44.0 36.3 Fumbles Lost 3-2 1-1 Yards Penalized 40 52 Final Score 13 0 BOBBY FISHER DICK GOEHE End Tackle OLE MISS 13 0 Lott on his way to second ID against Vandy WILLIAM OTTIS HURST Fullback Ole Miss Tulane First Downs . 16 13 Times Rush 46 48 Net Yards 220 162 Passes Attempted • 17 11 Passes Completed • 6 4 Yards Passes 168 104 Number of Punts . 5 7 Punting Average . 44.4 37.3 Fumbles Lost 4-3 3-1 Yards Penalized . 89 65 Final Score 27 13 GENE HICKERSON EARL HUFF Tackle Tackle OLE MISS 27 TULANE 13 Blalack skids into the end zone Ole Miss LEON HARBIN End Arkansas First Downs 22 14 Times Rush 58 43 Net Yards 263 176 Passes Attempted 15 11 Passes Completed 7 6 Yards Passes 112 67 Number of Punts . 4 8 Punting Average . 32.8 34.4 Fumbles Lost 4-3 3-I Yards Penalized 130 55 Final Score 17 7 BILLY LOTT JERRY McKASKEL Halfback Halfback OLE MISS 17 ARKANSAS 7 The Rebels rack up some yardage against State EARL McKAY HOUSTON PATTON BILLY PRUETT Guard Halfback Center OLE MISS LA. STATE 29 26 Ole Miss LSU First Downs 11 17 Times Rush 42 40 Net Yards III 75 Passes Attempt ed • • 17 33 Passes Completed • • 10 17 Yards Passes 151 197 Number of Punts . • • 7 6 Punting Average . • • 35.7 40.8 Fumbles Lost 6-3 2-1 Yards Penalized 46 45 Final Score 29 26 Kinard gets into the secondary for extra yards Ole Miss LEROY REED Halfback Memphis State First Downs 22 19 Times Rush 50 46 Net Yards 394 232 Passes Attempted 7 23 Passes Completed 3 8 Yards Passes 78 86 Number of Punts . 2 5 Punting Average • 43.5 31.4 Fumbles Lost 5-2 3-I Yards Penalized . 40 90 Final Scores 39 6 JOHN STOLT JERRY STONE Guard Center OLIN MISS 39 MEMPHIS STATE 6 Cothren, Fisher, and Alliston about to smother a Kentucky back WAYNE WEST Tackle Ole Miss Houston First Downs 17 18 Times Rush 47 42 Net Yards 319 179 Passes Attempted • II 21 Passes Completed • 5 10 Yards Passes 75 156 Number of Punts . 3 2 Punting Average . . 20.0 45.0 Fumbles Lost 2-0 4-1 Yards Penalized . 35 10 Final Score 27 11 JACKIE SIMPSON RICHARD WEISS Guard Tackle OLE MISS 27 HOUSTON 11 " E. B. " Blair on an end run 01111111111=11111111•11111111111■ .soli Ole Miss DON WILLIAMS End Mississippi State First Downs 20 9 Times Rush 55 34 Net Yards 311 137 Passes Attempted 17 8 Passes Completed 7 3 Yards Passes 120 40 Number of Punts . . 3 5 Punting Average . . 36.7 37.4 Fumbles Lost 0-0 8-5 Yards Penalized 55 40 Final Score 26 0 11111M11■•■ JIM BILLY YELVERTON Tackle 26 JOHN WILLIAMS Guard OLE MISS MISS. STATE Paige Cothren on one of his jaunts against Cow College Jerry Bynum, Captain, and Coach Graham 0 There was the game with Eastern Kentucky, top-seeded in the yearly Blue-Gray tournament in Montgomery. It was the first-round show for both teams, No. I (Eastern) vs. No. 4 (Ole Miss) in tourney pairings. Final score; Ole Miss 95, Eastern Kentucky 92. The date: December 16, 1955. Two months and a week later, Eastern rang up one of the season ' s big upsets when it decisioned nationally-ranked Louisville, a team which later emerged as the National Invitation Tournament champion, So, winning in such fast company in December, how come the Rebels couldn ' t scramble with the best in their own Southeastern con- ference? From Vanderbilt on January 14 through Tennessee on February 13, Ole Miss hoopsters dropped eight straight games. How come? Overall, they won II of 24 names including six at the start, all in December, and four of their last six. Inside the SEC there were only four of 14 games in the victory ledger. Reb troubles didn ' t start the evening of December 17 in the Blue-Gray meet finals. But that was their first defeat. Ahead 41-39 at the half, they simply ran out of gas against a much taller team —the Texas Longhorns—losing 86-72. They had buried too much energy in the defeat of Eastern. Leading off with Arkansas State in a return game at Jonesboro, then the SEC on the campus with Alabama and Auburn, the Rebels looked for successful entry into January compe ' ition and might have had it had not a Christmas vacation flu bug sidelined ace marksman Joe Gibbon and a lame leg affected the of Capt. Jerry Bynum, seasoned guard starter. Those were the first of six injury and Ailment factors which affected Rebel results through the rest of the campaign. Gibbon and Bynum were used sparingly against Arkansas State, a 78-71 winner on Jan. 4 and this was the same Arkansas club Ole Miss had 95-79 earlier. Gibbon injured a finger on his shooting hand—the left one— the evening of January 6. Alabama ' s Tide invaded the next night and won a 69-65 battle with Gibbon scoring only seven points. Two nights later against Auburn he counted 36 in a 76-69 Ole Miss triumph. ' Barra, it should be mentioned, won 14 straight SEC games to un- seat Kentucky as the 1956 SEC champion. It was never closer to defeat in league action than in its bout with the Rebs. Bobby Williams sinks one for the Rebels Joe Gibbon on a push shot BASKETBALL A heavy cold affected Capt. Bynum ' s play in early January games Gibbon later missed participation against Arkansas and Mississippi State in mid-season because of an arm injury. Bobby Thacker, a promising sophomore forward, was a scholastic victim at mid-term. And a sprained ankle put soph guard Bobby Williams, a late-season regular, on the sidelines for the last four games. At the start, Coach Bonnie Graham believed that his squad, basic- ally a rebuilt aggregation with sophomore reinforcements, had to move out at full speed and maintain its early momentum if it was to be successful. This objective was achieved. The Rebs were rolling at the start. They impressed in knocking off Howard, 113-62; the powerful Meri- dian Stars, 88-84; David Lipscomb, 109-78; Arkansas State, 95-79, and Howard again, 108-74, into the tourney inaugural with Eastern Kentucky. What developed thereafter shouldn ' t have, particularly not to the Rebels who have been victimized frequently by injuries in recent years. They ' ve more than had their share and this year ' s bench wasn ' t deep enough in experience to take the inroads. The Rebels lost games they could have won. They came back to play good, sound basketball but were seldom with their early-season strut. Part of the momentum, the pcise that Graham had instilled at the start was lost with the games that were lost. After Auburn, Graham ' s squad gave Vanderbilt ' s nationally-ranked lineup a full-court run for its money before bowing 86-73 at Nashville, almost the same score by which the Commodores later were to down Kentucky. There was an inept performance against Georgia Tech in a 79-58 loss at Atlanta. Playing without Gibbon, Ole Miss was beaten by Arkansas ' tower- ing team in Memphis. 85-69. in a battle that was exceedingly close for 34 minutes. Again without Gibbon, Ole Miss lost a 100-79 game on the campus to basket-hot Mississippi State. The loss to Tulane in New Orleans—by 93-82--was closer than the score indicated. Gibbon returned to count 32 points. Louisiana State by 100-76 and Kentucky by 88-49 buried the Rebs in action at Baton Rouge and Lexington. Tennessee pulled one out of the fire in the late minute at Knox- ville, 65-63, but 51 per cent accuracy from the floor paid dividends at Johnson City when Ole Miss cracked its loss-run, 72-69, against East Tennessee. The Rebs fired up and walloped Georgia by 105-65 and Florida at 90-77, both on the home court. And Tulane was outplayed, was outscored from the floor, 34 First Row: Billy Stokes, Bobby Williams, Jerry Bynum, Wade Lindsey, Garnie Hatch, Bobby Robinson. Second Row: Carter Brown, Jim Hunt, Carlton Garner, Jim Miller, Wayland Inman, Joe Gibbon. JERRY BYNUM CARTER BROWN CARLTON GARNER JOE GIBBON GARN I E HATCH JIM HUNT OLE MISS BASKETBALL Lindsey lays up a trip shot for two points field goals to 32. But the Wave, fouled only 13 limes in New Orleans, drew only a dozen at Ole Miss. The difference in free-throw points counted heavily. Tulane winning 83-81. LSU was spanked 81-70 in the last home game of the year and State College won the annual cage series for the first time since 1943 by taking the campaign finale, 82-74 at Starkville. Minus the graduate All-American center, Denver Brackeen, and his 27.2-point average; ' with at least five rookies scheduled for important roles, and with the Rebs giving away backboard height to one and all, it wasn ' t figured they would emerge as a championship contender. In good health, however; with team unity in full force throughout the three-month season, there would have been a half-dozen more victories, a half-dozen fewer losses. The 11-13 record would have been respectable at 17-7. At season ' s end, Gibbon was rated the best snot in the SEC, was a second team All-SEC selection. He scored 489 points in 22 games for a 22.2-point average. His single-game highs were 36 points against Auburn, 34 against Georgia, 32 against Florida, Tulane and David Lipscomb. Gibbon ' s point total was the fourth-highest ever recorded by a Rebel player. He ranked third in SEC average-scoring per game for the campaign, was high on the national chart. Also, his percentage in field goal firing was a remarkable 44.1 per cent. Capt. Bynum, one of the very best at his guard post in the Con- ference, averaged 16.6 points a game with a total of 398 in 24 outings. He was a driving, all-court performer, a fine leader. Scorewise, his best games ' were Howard, 29 points; Van- derbilt, 26; Eastern Kentucky, 25; East Tennessee, 24; Florida, 23, and Tulane, 22 and 21. He was voted a berth on the Blue-Gray tournament all-star team. He percentaged at 42.6 in field goal accuracy. Early and late, Wade Lindsey, a itatior college transfer and ex-GI playing a guard role, was an accurate cutcourt shooter, finishing with 9.3 points a game. Bobby Robinson, a forward who averaged 6.9 points a game; Bobby Williams, 6.1, a guard, and Carlton Garner, 5.9, a forward, were the most productive of the sophomores. Centers James Miller, tallest of the Rebs at 6-5, and Wayland Inman and senior guard Bill Stokes made important contributions through the campaign. Inman, who averaged 6.8 points a game, tied a Conference record and established a new school mark when he tallied 17 free-throw points (17 of 19) against Eastern Kentucky. Miller averaged 4.5 points a game. Coach Graham awarded letters to Gibbon, Robinson and Garner, forwards; Inman and Miller, centers, and Capt. Bynum, Lindsey, Williams and Stokes, guards. Other Rebs participating, all sopho- more forwards, were Carter Brown, Jimmy Hunt and Bobby Thacker. 180 WAYLAND INMAN WADE LINDSEY JIM MILLER BOBBY ROBINSON BILLY STOKES BOBBY WILLIAMS Big Joe tallies for Ole Miss ›At= ,41„, Left to Right, First Row: Bela Chain, Delbert Farmer, Billy Kinard, Bobby Jenkins, Joe Gibbon, Bob Neblett, Cecil Jerry Bynum, Coach Tom Swayze. Second Row: Buddy Garrison, Rush Peace, Dick Shelton, Eagle Day, Archie Whit e, Dick Brock, John Lee Gainey. Third Row: Don Goad, Eddie Crawford, Buddy Wittichen, Pepper Thomas, Bernie Schreiber, Dave Dickerson, Bill Scott. AS rl BALL The boys who throw the strikes BASEBALL RESULTS Ole Miss I• Tulane 0 Ole Miss 6• L.S.U. 2 Ole Miss 16• L.S.U. 3 Ole Miss 13 ' N. Illinois 4 Ole Miss 4. N. Illinois 0 Ole Miss l• Alabama 3 Ole Miss 7• Wheaton 2 Ole Miss 10• Wheaton I Ole Miss 9• L.S.U. 3 Ole Miss 5• L.S.U.3 Ole Miss 8• Arkansas State I Ole Miss 1 I Arkansas State I Ole Miss 10 ' Alabama 5 Ole Miss I • Alabama 8 Ole Miss 4 ' Mississippi State 5 Ole Miss 4 Mississippi State 2 Ole Miss State 4 Ole Miss 10 ' Mississippi State 4 The Rebel infield As the season developed, it turned out that the most important games of the 1955 baseball campaign were the games the Rebels did not get to play, or complete. From the standpoint of victories against defeats, it was the most successful Ole Miss season since 1929. That year ' s Reb array won 19 of 22 games, capturing the champion- ship in the original Southern Conference. The 1955 Rebs, who did not haul down a title, won 16 of 19 games. In Southeastern conference play the record was 10 vic- tories and three defeats. It was a second-best record all across the board. Coach Tommy Swayze ' s " gang " trailed Kinard, Crawford and Dickerson, fly-chasers Alabama to the wire for the SEC Western Division crown and in overall standings. Alabama went on to whip Georgia, 2-0 in games, in the East-West championship playoffs. The game that levered the Western title in ' Bama ' s direction was the second of two at Tuscaloosa, after the Rebels had evened series results at 1-1 with a 10-5 de- cision. John Paul Anderson, a lefthander, ushered the Rebs out of the title chase by hurling a five-hitter for an 8-I Tide triumph. The win put Alabama ' s final record at 12-2, a half-game over the best the Rebs could have achieved even with a four-game sweep over Mississippi State. That was the most crucial of the 19 games played, but only because the weatherman impeded Ole Miss progress early in the season. The bare results may serve as the best explanation: Delta State, two games cancelled, rain; Tulane, 1-0; Tu- lane, cancelled, cold weather; LSU, 6-2, 16-3; Tulane, 10-0; Tulane, cancelled after innings, darkness; Kansas State, cancelled, rain; Northern Illinois, 13-4, 4-0; Alabama, 1-3; Alabama, cancelled, rain; Wheaton, 7-2, 10-I; LSU, 9-3, 5-3; Arkansas State, 8-1; II-1; Alabama, 10-5, 1-8; Mis- sissippi State, 4-5, 4-2, 9-4, 10-4. Losing the second of four games with Tulane (to the weatherman) in New Orleans was bad enough, but the one that hurt was the last of the series here when darkness rubbed out a 4-0 Rebel lead after innings. That one was cast as the nightcap of a rain-forced twin bill, a pair of seven-inning games. Then, the team figured to do no worse than break even here with Alabama, after dropping the series inaugural 3-I. But rain cost Ole Miss that chance. So, the games that weren ' t played were vital. The Rebs ran out of games —not out of victories. It should be mentioned that the Rebels led Kansas State 5-0 after an inning before that one was wiped off the slate. They were a great college team all the way, largely a sophomore-junior lineup. Under Swayze ' s attentive coach- ing, there was a 2.20 earned run average as compiled by six pitchers, a team hitting mark of .286. Bernie Schreiber, who repeated as the All-Southeastern second baseman, led the club in hitting with .354. He teamed with Pepper Thomas, a crack shortstop, to form the best keystone pair in the SEC. Other infield regulars were Bill Scott at first base, Buddy Garrison and Rush Peace at third. The outfield mainstays were Billy Kinard in left field and Eddie Crawford in center. Dave Dickerson and John Lee Gainey divided time in right field. The catchers, both sophomores, were Buddy Chain and Jerry Bynum. The front-line pitchers (won-lost records and earned run averages in parenthesis) were Buddy Wittiche n (5-0, 2.79); Archie White (3-0, 2.36); Lefty Joe Gibbon (1-0, 2.38); Don Goad (3-1, 1.71); Eagle Day (3-1, 1.66), and Dick Shelton (I -1 , 2.87). Dick Brock at first base, Bobby Jenkins in a general util- ity role, and Bob Neblett, a senior pitcher, were other Rebs participating during the campaign. After Schreiber, leading hitters were Gainey, .333; Scott, .316; Brock, .308; Kinard, .302; Thomas, .290; By- num, .269; Peace, .263; Chain, .255; Dickerson, .250, and Crawford, .247. Among the pitchers, Shelton hit .500, Gibbon, .400, and White .294. Crawford led in stolen bases with eight, Scott and Thomas in two baggers with six, Schreiber in triples with three, Thomas in home runs with two, and Schreiber and Scott in runs batted in with 14 each. 183 TRACK !I N 19 5 5 Usually, when the Rebels have jet speed in the sprints and shorter cinder runs, they lack team balance in the distance races. And when there are able milers, half-milers and related runners, the dash men are only mediocre. Such was the case in 1955—little team balance with the sprinters the hot-foot runners; only, ineligibility and in- juries played a role to wipe out practically every A-1 cin- der threat before the campaign was opened. Field event competitors come and go, but ineligibility made inroads even in this direction in limiting ' 55 rewards. The story is best told by dual meet results, with Coach Wes (Doc) Knight ' s squad winning only one of four events: Memphis State, Vanderbilt, 30-90; Mississippi State, and Arkansas State, 81-54. The Rebs who were there included Joe Hayes, hurdles, 24 points; Jimmy Patton, sprints and javelin, Charles Burke, weights, 19; Bruce Brady, broad jump, 15; John Wallace Blalock, javelin, 14; Dick Weiss, weights, I I ; Ray Funderburk, 440 and discus, 9; Bill Simerville, pole vault, 9; Denver Brackeen, high jump, 9; Marvin Watson, mile and two-mile, 8; Jimmy Collins, javelin and 880, 7; Earl Blair, sprints, 5; Jerry McKaskel, sprints, 3; Eddie Crawford, sprints, 2, and Gene Dubuisson, shot, I. Among the Rebs who were not there: Blair, after the First meet, who led the team in scoring in 1953; Billy Yel- verton, sprints and weights, who led the team in scoring in 1954; Johnny Barber, Southern Relays 100-yard winner in 1953, and Red Muirhead, letterman sprinter. 184 0 R SP Lui ccj O (-1 GOLF With the compus golf course being revised and refur- bished, Ole Miss played an abbreviated match schedule in 1955. The emphasis was on tournament play and the Johnny Rebels did right well in this category, retaining their title in the State Intercollegiate meet over the Jack- son Country Club course. There was one campus encounter, the Rebels whipping Western Illinois State 15-6 in Nassau scoring. In Memphis, the Rebs dropped a encounter to Memphis State and topped Southwestern 10-8, both encounters over the Colonial C.C. layout. In the state meet Lewis Culley of Jackson retained his individual championship with medal rounds of 69-67-136, six under par. Bedford Bradley of Clarksdale had 69-76-- 145 for second place; Bob Travis of Jackson had 71-75- 146 for third, and Willis Conne ' l of Clarksdale went 74- 76-150 to share fourth with John Gilliland of Mississippi State. The Rebs ' aggregated 577 strokes to lead Millsaps with 618, Mississippi Southern with 626 and State College with 636. The Rebs made a representative showing in the South- ern Intercollegiate tournament and in the Greenwood In- vitational, and Culley and Travis qualified for title play in the NCAA meet at Knoxville. Culley advanced to the finals of the State Amateur tournament, losing 1-up in 36 hoiles to Eddie Merrins of Meridian. Bill Hamilton, a Naval officer, participated in match play. TENNIS A third-place finish in the yearly State intercollegiate Tournament and three victories in ten matches featured Ole Miss tennis action in 1955. The Rebels broke eve n in matches with Southwestern, 2-7 and 5-4, and Memphis State, 4-5 and 6-3, and spanked Alabama by 8-I. They lost encounters with Auburn, 2-7; Florida, 0-9; Milsaps, 2-7 and 3-6, and Vanderbilt, 0-9. Exhibition matches were won by the Jacksonville, Fla., Tennis Club, 5-4, and Jacksonville Navy, 9-0. Tommy Elliott of Oxford, Buddy Williamson of Little Rock and Leighton Pettis, when he could secure leave from medical studies, shared No. I singles assignments. Jack Milligan of Oxford, Wayne Dawson of Magnolia, George Day of Inverness and Hunter Little of Grenada were other Rebels participating. Singles results scored by the squad, coached by J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, follow: Elliott, 3-7; Williamson, 5-5; Pettis, 4-2; Milligan, 4-4; Dawson, 2-8; Little, 1-5; Day, 2-7. The Rebs scored nine points in the state tournament, Wil- liiamson and Day advancing to the finals of the second flight doubles. 185 L E SS B A )) The Ole Miss band, under the direction of Mr. Lyle Babcock, proved this year to be one of the best groups that the University has produced. Johnny Hoar, signal drum major, and Sondra Beck, assistant drum major, led the band during the halftime shows. This year the Rebel band displayed its marching abil- ity in executing difficult precision drills. Aided by the Rebelttes, the band ' s halftime performances were both colorful and imaginative. Perhaps the best show was given at the Cotton Bowl when the giant rebel fl ag was again displayed. The band will aways be remembered for adding school spirit and color at parades, pep rallies, and football games. Firs Row: Kay Ball, Dorris Bean, Sis Brown, Lucy Donaldson, Sylvia Elias, Sylvia Farris, Betsy Forrester. Second Row: Joan French, Joyce Hathorn, Lockie Holmes, Joan Kinard, Kay Horton Jo Ann Lockard, Barbara Marshall. Third Row: Angela Rayburn, Billie Clark Simmons, Linda Street, Caroline Thornton, Shirley Wagner, Julia Waits. CI fi I C 1 1 4- -, LH. (,:j-)( " -) ' ?) 6 Nf IN The Women ' s Recreation Association, founded in 1926, is composed of all girls participating in intramural sports. The organization is governed by aboard of representatives from each sorority and the independent group. The pur- pose of the organization is to provide activities that the Lett TO Kignt: tseriyn Edwards, Kay Horton, Lowry Moore, Laura Cloud, Wes Watkins, Shirley Wagner, Bobby Glint, Sis Brown, LEADERS OFFICERS JULIA WAITS Presideni. SHIRLEY Vice-President " Hotly Totty " —this famous Rebel yell was led through- out the football season by the Ole Miss cheerleaders. The eight cheerleaders, headed by Shirley Wagner, were all- important in instilling school spirit in the Ole Miss student The High School Day Pep Rally body. Always doing their best, the cheerleaders helped bring praise to the University. At Memphis, Oxford, or Dallas—wherever they went, " the loyal eight " made Rebel spirits brighter. Freshmen Cheerleaders RALPH PEEPLES Treasurer The Intramural,Council was formed at the University of Mississippi in 1935. The purpose of the Council was to organize the athletic activities of male students who were not participating in varsity sports. The intra- mural teams include teams from the social fraternities, the independent, and Anchor and Chain. The Intra- mural sports schedule include football, basketball, soft- ball, tennis, shuffleboard, horse shoes, ping gong, and golf. Each year the team with the most points for the year gets its name on the Intramural Trophy, and the team may have possession of the trophy for a year. Row: Kay Ball, Dorris Bean, Sis Brown, Lucy Donaldson, Sylvia Elias, Sylvia Farris, Betsy Forrester. Second Row: Joan French, Joyce Hathorn, Lockie Holmes, Joan Kinard, Kay Horton Kinard, Jo Ann Lockard, Barbara Marshall. Third Row: Angela Rayburn, Billie Clark Simmons, Linda Street, Caroline Thornton, Shirley Wagner, Julia Waits. W (() ,; ,1 N :-11,, I I] , A I I - —a OFFICERS JULIA WAITS President SHIRLEY WAGNER ' Vice-President KAY HORTON Secretary Treasurer BARBARA MARSHALL Historian The Women ' s Recreation Association, founded in 1926, is composed of all girls participating in intramural sports. The organization is governed by aboard of representatives from each sorority and the independent group. The pur- pose of the organization is to provide activities that the student may enjoy in her leisure time after her college years at Ole Miss. Right: 0. BRITT ROGERS Tupelo Athletic Committee Representative WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN University Alumni Secretary JOHN R. HOLLEY University Assistant Alumni Secretary Left: SAM P. CARTER Quitman President S. LYLE BATES Jackson Vice-President ALUMN ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS ALEX WILSON, SR Hazlehurst, Mississippi District i DR. JAMES GRANT THOMPSON Jackson, Mississippi ORMA SMITH Corinth, Mississippi GEORGE HOWELL Aberdeen, Mississippi District 5 ROY N. BOGGAN Tupelo, Mississippi BILLY NEVILLE Meridian, Mississippi DR. SANFORD LAMAR BAILEY Kosciusko, Mississippi ARCHIE HEMPHILL Forest, Mississippi DR. GEORGE LAMAR ARRINGTON Meridian, Mississippi District 2 DR. WALTER D. GUNN Quitman, Mississippi LESLIE DARDEN New Albany, Mississippi DR. WILBUR M. ABERNETHY Oxford, Mississippi District 6 J. E. BELL Hernando, Mississippi RUBEN WILCOX Laurel, Mississippi DR. ASHFORD H. LITTLE Oxford, Mississippi ARNY RHODEN Columbia, Mississippi MITCHELL SALLOUM Gulfport, Mississippi District 3 DR. B. B. O ' MARA Biloxi, Mississippi CLAUDE A. " BUD " MOORE Lexington, Mississippi JOHL LEVECK Benoit, Mississippi R. H. LAKE Greenville, Mississippi STATE AT LARGE DR. A. A. ADEN Indianola, Mississippi TED RUSSELL Yazoo City, Mississippi FRED ANDERSON Gloster, Mississippi District 4 FRANK FAIR Louisville, Mississippi R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson, Mississippi RAYBURNE FRASER Columbus, Mississippi WILL S. WELLS Jackson, Mississippi CHESTER CURTIS Clarksdale, Mississippi R. MALCOLM GUESS University, Mississippi ROBERT BOBO, SR. Clarksdale, Mississippi FOREST COOPER Indianola, Mississippi OUT-OF STATE GEORGE H. HILL, JR New York, New York DR. C. FERRELL VARNER Memphis, Tennessee JAMIE L. WHITTEN Washington, D.C. BEVERLY C. ADAMS New Orleans, Louisiana EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS FRANK E. EVERETT Vicksburg, Mississippi GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR Charleston, Mississippi DAVID COTTRELL Gulfport, Mississippi J. C. FAIR Greenwood, Mississippi DR. H. M. FASER Jackson, Mississippi JAMES McCLURE Sardis, Mississippi JUDGE TAYLOR H. McELROY Oxford, Mississippi MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian, Mississippi HARVEY LEE MORRISON Okolona, Mississippi OTHO R. SMITH Meridian, Mississippi THOMPSON McCLELLAN West Point, Mississippi J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksdale, Mississippi W. T. WYNN Greenville, Mississippi I. C. KNOX Vicksburg, Mississippi Coach Vaught receives the Cotton Bowl Trophy 101P Piti PAP _ tAU K IAA A " I PI 51 5CABBAni KAPrm GAM BETA GA ALPHA U PHI E ' Pi k MORT4 OMICRON WED ' on k1440 Pill ?Ail O 16 1 C O N DELTA KAPPA ALPHA PHI CIRCLE OFFICERS IRVIN " PEP " FULLER President WILLIS CONNELL Vice-President PAUL MURRILL Treasurer ROBERT B. ELLIS Faculty Secretary ODK is the national honorary leadership fraternity for men at the University of Mississippi. Invitations for membership are extended twice each year to students and faculty who have been recognized for character, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals. The Alpha Phi Circle was installed at Ole Miss in 1936. The original chapter, founded at Washington and Lee Uni- versity in 1914, had as its purposes: one, to recognize men who had attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous at- tainments along similar lines; two, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and inter- collegiate interest; and three, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. This year ODK has sponsored a series of forums which have been helpful in keeping students informed about cur- rent affairs. 194 First Row: Nick Abdo, N. E. Blackwell, Milton Case, Second Row: Carl S. Downing, Caleb Dortch, Jack James K. Child, Robert Childress, Charles Willis Dunbar, Joe Durrett, Jimmy Ewing, Pep Fuller, Harry Connell, Larry Crowell. Griffith. Third Row: Jack Hatcher, William H. Holland, Jr., Fourth Row: Bob Pritchard, Don Samu els, Sammy Edward E. Laird, George McNeill, Claude E. Mc- Smith, Jim Sorrells, Bob Travis, Bob True, Jess B. Roberts, John Miles, Paul Murrill. Woods. Not Pictured: Clifford Fox. 195 DELTA SGAAA P1 OFFICERS LARRY CROWELL President WILLIS CONNELL Vice-President CALEB DORTCH Junior Vice-President CHARLES BEALL Secretary SIDNEY NEWTON Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional commerce and business administration fraternity. Alpha Phi chapter was established at the University of Mississippi in 1927. The Alpha Phi Chapter works in close cooperation with the faculty of the School of Commerce in order to bring about any changes which will make for better feeling between the faculty and the business students. Each year the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity together with the School of Commerce and Business Administration sponsors an annual Commerce Day. Toward the end of the year Delta Sigma Pi holds its annual Rose Ball; it is at that time that the ' ' Rose of Delta Sigma Pi " is presented. Membership in this honorary fraternity is limited to men in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who meet the necessary scholastic requirements and the ap- proval of the faculty. 196 First Row: Charles H. Barineau, Jack Barksdale, Charles Beall, James W. Bell, Roland Billingsley, W. Ross Brown, Roger Burford, Sid Chaffin. Second Row: Billy Collison, Willis Connell, Larry Crowell, Leslie Daniel, George Day, Walter Denny, James F. Dodds, Caleb Dortch. Third Row: Delbert Farmer, David Fay, John Gable, Ray Hancock, Floyd Henderson, Charles Humphrey, Dickey Kendall, Clyde Labella. Fourth Row: Ted Laird, John Miles, Ralph Mills, Paul Mitchell, Carl 0. Morris, Sidney Newton, William E. Riley, Doyle L. Russell. Fifth Row: Marlin E. Ryland, John M. Sullivan, Wes Watkins, Hugh Wiley, Harry Lee Williams, John Young. Not Pictured: Everett Caradine, Ed Connell, Harold Craig, Doug Hudgins, Jim McMullin, Harry Schroe- der. 197 american pharmaceutical SOCIETY OFFICERS JOHN HAYNES President JASPER RAMPOLLA Vice-President IRA B. HUMPHREY Secretary MILTON FLOYD Secretary WILLIAM E. FARLOW Treasurer The student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1936. Its purposes are to advance pharmacy and its knowledge and practice, to main- tain a high professional standard among its mem- bers, to foster discussion among the students of Parmacy, and to establish a central point of refer- ence and union for its members. Any student en- rolled in the School of Pharmacy is eligible for mem- bership in the Association. First Row: Hobart H. Beal, Albert S. Belanger, Henry W. Belanger, Phinis Kye Bethany, Darrell N. Blaylock, Edward L. Bourdine, Rudy P. Bourgeois, Rene L. Broussard. Second Row: Clyde Brown, Robert M. Buchanan, Benny H. Bush, Charlotte Anne Bush, Kenneth Corban, John F. Cos- mich, Jr., Carmon Cowart, Alvin W. Crain. Third Row: Thomas D. Davis, Howard B. Dawson, Marina Del- gadillo, E. I. Dreher, Jr., James A. Elder, William E. Farlow, James Fielder, James R. Flowers. Fourth Row: Robert M. Floyd, William E. Fortenberry, Jerry H. Futrell, George H. Gent, James David Hammond, John E. Haynes, Royal Hickey, Max Lee Hill. Fifth Row: Joseph Holiday, H. W. Holleman, Eugene 0. Hoover, William L. Hubbell, Arthur Hume, George E. Jones, Billy V. Knight, James L. Lambert. Sixth Row: Harry Lane, Logier LeBlanc, James A. Lee, Don- ald E. McDaniel, William H. McGreger, Robert F. McLaugh- lin, Leroy Magee, Charles D. Millender. Seventh Row: Billy Q. Montgomery, Oscar D. Moore, Norman L. Morris, Billy T. O ' Quinn, Bobby C. Orsburn, Joel T. Parker, Pablo Perez, Charles D. Pigott, Jr. Eighth Row: Homer H. Powell, Charlie F. Pratt, Jimmy Qualls, Jasper J. Rampolla, Robert A. Rankin, Donald L. Rich, Joan Riley, James Sidney Robertson. Ninth Row: Robert Rosser, Johnny A. Sampognaro, Eddie Schuh, Gordon Scoper, Billy Ray Smith, Suzanne Spalding, Treadwell Spencer, Randell Sullivan. Tenth Row: Carl 0. Tanner, Lionel G. Theriot, Bobby Joe Thompson, Roscoe M. Thorne, Nathan Toups, Anthony S. Vazzanna, L. Gordon Wakefield. Eleventh Row: E. Vanjon Ward, Clarence L. Wheeler, Archie E. Williams, James C. Woods, James D. Woods, Robert J. Work, John A. Zagone. Not Pictured: Dean R. Daigneault, Carolyn Ferguson, John D. Laws, Leggett Lovan, James Maner, Walter D. Smith, James 0. Tapp. 198 MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS ANN CURRY President FANNIE BRUMFIELD Vice-President SARA S. BROOME Secretary ALICE TANKERSLEY Treasurer JEAN GUYTON Reporter JULIA WAITS Forum Reporter Mortar Board is an honorary society for senior women, This society was established at the Univer- sity of Mississippi in 1943. Selection for membership is one cf the highest honors conferred upon women students at the University of Mississippi. Member- ship is based on outstanding personality, scholarship, ability, and leadership on the campus. At the end of each year women of the junior class who possess these qualities are tapped for membership. 200 PI KAPPA Pr First Row: John W. Barksdale, N. E. Blackwell, Mary Lynn OFFICERS Booth, Lillian Frances Brumfield, Joseph Cerny, Ill, Charles Willis Connell, Ann Blake Curry. JESS B. WOODS Second Row: Jeannice Garrett, James Gassaway, Jean Anne Guyton, Alfred Y. Harper, E. E. Laird, Nancy Mullin, Paul ANN WESTMORELAND Murrill. Third Row: Jerry Siler, E. 0. Spencer, Ann Westmoreland, ALFRED Y. HARPER Secretary and Susie Wilkinson, Jess B. Woods, Heard Wy lie. Not Pictured: Luther Atwell, Lois Jones. Pi Kappa Pi is an organization which upholds the high ideals in scholastic work on the Ole Miss cam- pus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is the highest schol- astic honor that may be attained at the University. Pi Kappa Pi does not limit its membership to any one field. Any student in undergraduate work who main- tains seventy per cent " A ' work over a period of two years is eligible for membership. 201 OFFICERS EDWARD LAIRD President WOODY TRAVIS Vice-President LEE DAVIS THAMES Secretary BRYAN DEWEES Treasurer DR. CHARLES E. ELTON Faculty Advisor First Row: Ellis Nick Abdo, Jack W. Barksdale, Fritz A. Byrum, Joseph Cerny, Jr., Robert D. Children, Charles Willis Connell, David R. Cox, Harris Van Craig, Leslie C. Daniel. Second Row: Walter N. Denny, Guy Bryan Dewees, Kenneth Dean Draper, Roger P. Friou, Alfred Y. Harper, John Hobert Hector, Jr., Tom S. Hines, Woodrow C. James, Earle Leland Kitts. Third Row: Robert H. Korndorffer, Edward E. Laird, Edwin Bernard Massey, Ralph Riecker Mills, William R. Moorman, Karl F. Morrison, Walter E. Mullen, Paul W. Murrill, David M. Owen. Fourth Row: Samuel B. Owens, Joe G. Phillips, Wilbur W. Russell, Jerry C. Slier, Orma R. (Sammy) Smith, Lee Davis Thames, Ernest N. Waller, Jess Brooks Woods. FACULTY MEMBERS DR. FRANK A. ANDERSON DR. W. ALTON BRYANT DR. HARRY M. CAMPBELL DR. J. HECTOR CURRIE DR. GEORGE A. CARBONE DR. ARTHUR C. GUYTON DEAN R. MALCOLM GUESS MR. SYKES HARTEN DR. H. B. HOWERTON DR. RICHARD E. KEYE DR. L. L. LOVE DR. ARTHUR B. LEWIS MR. GEORGE STREET DR. JOHN D. WILLIAMS Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary fraternity for freshmen. It has as its purpose the forwarding of scholastic ideals and achievements among freshmen men. Requirements for membership is a 4.5 grade average either for the first semester or for the first year of college work. 202 OA PSI First Row: Darrell N. Blaylock, Kenneth E. Corban, John F. Cosmich, William Farlow, James R. Flowers, Milton Floyd, George H. Gent, James D. Hammond. Second Row: John E. Haynes, Dudley R. Herrington, Royal Hickey, H. W. Holleman, William James, Bobby Lee, Donald E. McDaniel, Billy O. Montgomery. Third Row: Bobby C. Orsburn, Charlie Pigott, Homer Powell, Charlie F. Pratt, Jasper J. Rampolla, Robert Rankin, Donald L. Rich, James S. Robertson. Fourth Row: Robert E. Rosser, Bobby Thompson, Roscoe M. Thorne, Anthony S. Vazzana, Leonard G. Wakefield, Edward V. Ward, James R. Weidman, Bill Winningham. Not Pictured: John R. McDade. OFFICERS JASPER RAM POLLA Regent JOHN E. HAYNES Vice-Regent WILLIAM FARLOW Secretary GEORGE GENT Treasurer Kappa Psi was the first national Greek letter phar- maceutical fraternity. It was founded December 5, 1879, at the College of Virginia. Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Psi was reactivated on the Ole Miss campus in 1947. Members are chosen in recognition for their schol- astic standing, general ability, character, and per- sonality. They are expected to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the ideals of their profession. 203 ANCHOR AN IA N OFFICERS BRUCE MEYER President JAMES BODAMER Vice-President DICK MOORE Secretary RUDY KITTLITZ Treasurer First Row: Lane Arbuthnot, Walter Austin, Dick Ashman, C. A. Baggett, Rodney Bell, James Bodamer, Wentworth Corley, Dick Dalton. Second Row: Richard Darling, George Gowans, Barry Greer, Ted Hannah, Dick Hogan, Ed Hooker, Gerald Kees, Bobby Keith. Third Row: Rudy Kittlitz, Bill Kitto, Ralph Lawson, Bruce Meyer, Dick Moore, James Person, Ed Randall, Bob Sansom, Herman Tillman. Not Pictured: Dave Davidson, W. V. Davis, Frank Gerred, Jimmy Small- wood, Jim Simpson. The Anchor and Chain was established at the University of Mississippi in 1947. Since its earliest days the primary function of the organization has been to promote ESPRIT DE CORPS in the Naval unit. This has been accomplished by social activities and an active intramural program. All of its members are held closely together because of one common interest, and that is, becoming a Naval officer in the United States Navy. 204 SCABBARD AND BLADE First Row: William Ross Brown, Claude W. Caldwell, Charles Willis Connell, James L. Crowe, Larry H. Crowell, Caleb Dortch, Carl S. Downing. Second Row: Allan G. Edgar, Irving L. Fuller, James L. Gar- ner, Alfred Y. Harper, L. Boyd Letcher, Paul Murrill, Jim M. McMullan. Third Row: Albert S. Newton, Will L. Power, Marlin E. Ry- land, James E. Sorrels, Henry S. Spragins, Jess B. Woods, James C. Woods. Not Pictured: Bobby Philip. OFFICERS CHARLES WILLIS CONNELL President WILLIAM ROSS BROWN Vice-President CALEB DORTCH Secretary JAMES L. GARNER Treasurer Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military fra- ternity for advanced Air ROTC, Army ROTC, and Naval ROTC students. Company " 13, " 8th Regiment, was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1940. The PREAMBLE to the Constitution of the National So- ciety of Scabbard and Blade reads: " Believing that military se rvice is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens. We, Cadet Officers in various Universities and Colleges con- terring baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this Constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American Universities and Col- leges; to preserve and devlop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men, to take a more active part, and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent information con- cerning the military requirements of our country. " 205 1011t SOCETY OFFICERS HAL SPRAGINS, Ill Squadron Commander MARLIN RYLAND Executive Officer SID NEWTON Operations Officer and Treasurer CLAUDE CALDWELL Adjutant Recorder CLYDE LABELLA Publication Officer C. ROYAL WHITE Public Relations Officer First. Row: Vaughn Alliston, Charles Beale, Claude Caldwell, Lewis Culley, Walter Denny, Jimmy Dodds. Second Row: Jim Louis Garner, Charles Humphrey, Clyde Labella, B. B. McElroy, Sid Newton, Marlin Ryland. Third Row: Hal Spragins, III, C. Royal White, James C. Woods, Roger Lewis. The AI Key Squadron of the Arnold Air Society was chartered at the University in 1950. It is an hon- orary military fraternity organized to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national de- fense, to promote American citizenship, and to create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps Cadets. 206 PASTELS BILLY RUSSELL Leader JOHN DIGILIO Alto Saxophone DALE JONES Tenor Saxophone BILLY COLE Tenor Saxophone CHRIS KOLIVAS Baritone Saxophone BILL JCOR Trumpet WOODY JAMES Trumpet BUTLER DIGILLO Trumpet JIMMY FERGUSON Trombone ANDREW FOX Piano RALFH KNIGHT Bass HOWARD JENNINGS Drums 207 BETA GAMMA SIGt1A OFFICERS WILLIS CONNELL President JOE BUSAM Vice-President CALEB DORTCH Treasurer DR. CLIVE N. DUNHAM Secretary First Row: Joe Busam, Willis Connell, Caleb Dortch. Second Row: Alice Tankersly, William Wallace. Not Pictured: C. N. Dunham, Dean; Mrs. Mona K. Wells. Chapters of this scholastic society for business students are limited to those institutions which are members of the American Association of Collegiate School of Business. Membership is made up of the upper ten per cent of the senior class and from the upper three per cent of the junior class during the last of their spring semester. This society stands for the highest principles of scholarship and accom- plishment in the field of business studies. 208 PH First Row: Betty Aldridge, Margaret Bailey, Dwight Bassett, Sara Small- wood Broome, Janet Brown, Suzanne Browne, Jacquelyn Carter, Dottie Dement. Second Row: Nancy Dickson, Nan Dunklin, Mary Lou Edwards, Betty Anne Fant, Joan French, Kathryn Frierson, Nancy Furr, Barbara Hill. Third Row: Kay Hooker, Betty Sue Hough, Patricia Linn, Lady Mockbee, Susie Wilkinson Moran, Mary Ann Murphree, Marjorie Parks, Lady Peeler. Fourth Row: Jane Penny, Sally Short, Alice Tankersley, Ann Tidwell, Jean Wall, Mary Trude Wallingford, Marcia Yates. Not Pictured: Wanda McCharen, Marilyn McElroy. OFFICERS NANCY FURR President SALLY SHORT Vice-President JANET BROWN Secretary MARGARET BAILEY Treasurer BETTY ALDRIDGE Scribe JOAN FRENCH Pledge Director MISS EFFIE SUE McAMIS Advisor Phi Gamma Nu, organized at the University of Mississippi in May, 1950, is a professional commerce sorority organized to further the interests of women students in the field of commerce and business ad- ministration; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to further inter- ests in civic and professional enterprises. The mem- bership is composed of women in the School of Commerce who have met the necessary schola stic requirements and approval of the organization. 209 CA CH OFFICERS BILLY O ' QUIN President CLARENCE WHEELER Vice-President ALBERT BELANGER Secretary RENE BROUSSARD Treasure- First Row: Hobart Beale, Albert Belanger, Henry Belanger, Rudy P. Bourgeois, Rene Broussard, Clyde Brown, Carmen Cowart, Alvin Crain, Edward Deese. Second Row: Eugene Dreher, Jerry Futrell, Eugene Hoover, Paul Jones, Harry D. Lane, Alvis Loden, Leroy Magee, Glen E. Mayfield, Norman Morris. Third Row: Billy O ' Quin, Pablo Perez, Glenn Retcliff, Kermit Rushing, Jr., Johnny Sanpognaro, Eddie Schuh, Harold A. Short, Ben T. Smith, Billy R. Smith. Fourth Row: Treadwell Spencer, Sam Spitele, Jr., Henry Stubbs, Randell Sullivan, Lionel Theriot, Nathan Toups, Johnny Upton, Clarence Wheel- er, James D. Woods, John Zaclone. Not Pictured: Dean Daigneault, William S. Davis, John C. Kihn, James 0. Maner, Douglas Manson, Frank Priest, Jr., Larry W. Seal, Daniel B. Tadlock, James Tapp. Phi Delta Chi, a national professional fraternity for outstanding students in the School of Pharmacy, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter was installed at Ole Miss in 1927. Two years later the fraternity became in- active. In 1951, Phi Delta Chi was reactivated on the Ole Miss campus. Its purpose is to maintain and further the high ideals of the pharmaceutical pro- fession. 210 EPSILON GAMMA EPSILON First Row: Betty Aldridge, Kathryn Bailey, Dwight Bassett, Doris Bean, Sara Smallwood Broome, Janet Brown, Suzanne Browne, Jackie de Mange, Dottie Dement. Second Row: Nancy Jane Dickson, Norma Jane Dickson, Nan Dunklin, Mary Lou Edwards, Betty Ann Fant, Joan French, Nancy Furr, Norman Harris, Kay Hooker. Third Row: Betty Sue Hough, Jo Ann Hulett, Elizabeth Lacy, Jo Ann Link, Lady Mockbee, Mary Ann Murphee, Lady Peeler, Jane Penny, James Petrea. Fourth Row: Nancy Jane Reed, Sally Short, Camille Sutton, Alice Tankersley, Ann Tidwell, Jean Wall, Mary Wallingford, Marcia Yates. Not Pictured: Marilyn McElroy, Joan Reaves, Jo Ann Vines, Winnie Welch. OFFICERS SARA S. BROOME President WINNIE WELCH Vice-President CAM I LLE SUTTON Secretary NANCY JANE DICKSON Treasurer LYTLE C. FOWLER Faculty Sponsor Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, a professional educa- tional fraternity, is composed of students in educa- tion who meet the character and scholastic require- ments. Its purpose is to promote ideals of higher education in the field of business education. 211 WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS First Row: Kye Bethany, Charles Carruth, Eone Chatham, JIMMY EWING President WILENNE SCOTT Vice-President EONE CHATHAM Secretary BILL WALLACE Treasurer Dot Cockerham, David Cox, Skip Daniel. Second Row: Jimmy Ewing, Adrienne Haywood, Jan Holmes, Archie Johnston, Leland Kitts, Mary Lewis. Third Row: John Miles, Mary Ann Mobley, Will Power, Wil- enne Scott, Mary Ann Strong, Dudley Turner, Bill Wallace. The Wesley Foundation ministers to those stu- dents who are Methodists or whose church prefer- ence is Methodist, offering a program of discussion, study, worship, service, and recreation. Its aim is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of stu- dents. All members of the Methodist Church are eligible for membership. 212 OLE MISS " Y " First Row: Buddy Alliston, Eone Chatham, Ann Curry, Caleb Dortch, Bettye Anne Fant, Joan French. Second Row: Tom Hines, Jr., John Holloman, Bobby Philp, Mary Ann Strong, Bob Travis, Jean Wall. YMCA OFFICERS BOBBY PHILP President BUDDY ALLISTON Vice-President CALEB DORTCH Secretary BOB TRAVIS Treasurer YWCA OFFICERS BETTY ANN FANT President ANN CURRY Vice-President JOAN FRENCH Secretary JEAN WALL Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A. Skip Daniel Program Judy Toler Will Power Worship Nancy Andrews Walter Hurt Publicity Mary Lynn Booth John Miles . . Campus Comm unity Affairs . . Dot Cockerham Bob Drewry Building Service Betty Garner " Pep " Fuller World Re latedness Nan Dunklin Otis Johnson State Wide Radio . . Margaret Houston Sonny Spivey Social Committee Nancy Stone Dick O ' Ferrall Freshman Adviser Bess Moore Sammy Smith Dormitory Discussion John Allred Public Affairs Nancy Williams Lamar Maxwell Boy ' s Work Tom Hines, Jr. . . . Sophomore " Y " President . • . Eone Chatham John Holoman . . . Freshman " Y " President . • Mary Ann Strong The " Y " is a fellowship of students and faculty united by a determination to understand the will and purpose of the God we worship and seek to serve. They strive to make the ideals of Jesus effec- tive in personality and society through a growing knowledge of His life and teachings. 213 HALEL FOUNDA !Oh OFFICERS GERALD P. CRYSTAL President EARL SOLOMAN Vice-President IVAN F. BINDER Secretary DONALD SAMUELS Treasurer MRS. IRVING HANDLIN Social Chairman DR, ALEXANDER KLINE Rabbi First Row: Ivan Binder, Gerald P. Crystal, Irwin Feldman, Arliene Hurtiq, Arthur Salomon. Second Row. Earl Soloman, Herman Soloman, Alvin Stone, Howard Weinberg, Irving Woods, Donald B. Samuels. Not Pictured: Bernard Danzig, Earl Grober, Myron Resneck. The Hillel Foundation is composed of Jewish stu- dents at Ole Miss. Sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s service organization, Hillel seeks to provide religious, cultural, and social information for its members, and to foster social opportunities among them. 214 NEWAAAN First Row: Raymond Abraham, Cecil Alvarez, Rudy Bourgeois, Robert OFFICERS Doty Broussard, Joe Busam, Fernando Cavalcani, Patricia Cousins, David Davis, Dottie Dement, Camille Denapoli. CLIFF PAGE President Second Row: Dick Escudier, Penny Flautt, Betsy Forrester, Jerry Golden, Mary Ellen Greenlee, Mike Haas, Kay Haley, Dick Hogan, Jimmy Inzina, FRED BARKLEY Vice-President Mona Laferriere. BETSY FORRESTER Secretary The Newman Club is a Catholic organization dedi- cated to the betterment of its members, to their social life, to the fellowship, and to the promotion of Catholic ideals on the campus. It provides Catho- lic students with spiritual, cultural, and educational activities. Third Row: Berta Lewis, Ramon Lomba, Robert Long, Joseph Luisi, Sam McKinney, Edgar Medlin, Gene Morrison, Tony Navarro, Dick DOTTIE DEMENT Treasurer O ' Brien, Cliff Page. Fourth Row: Ray Pelaiowski, Dora Portera, Franny Profilet, Rita Randall, REVEREND JAMES BRETT Chaplain Mary Margaret Roach, Alan Roeder, Sam Spitele, Lionel Theriot, Bob True, John Welsch, Rochelle Williams. Not Pictured: Fred Barkley, Alberto Brago, Charles Burke, Eddie Garcia, Tom Hawko, Charles Morgant, Tom Shea, Jimmy Sherman. 215 STUDENT CHAPTER OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS BOB WALTMAN President OTHO DAVIS Vice-President LARRY HENSON Secretary and Treasurer First Row: Cecil R. Alvarez, Nathaniel 0. Beasley, Harold R. Burcham, Glenn S. Calvert, Salvatore DiNitto, Thomas W. Freeman. Second Row: Billy Wayne Gardner, James D. Gassaway, Vershel L. Glasgow, Leon Caldwell Harbin, Billy Frank Hodges, Russell J. McGehee, Curtis Joseph Matthews. Third Row: John ,F. May, Bruce C. Meyer, Dyral Q. Parker, William P. Patty, Wilbur W. Russell, Jr., Alvin Paul Stone, William A. Watson. Not Pictured: Alberto L. Braga, William S. Cooke, Clifton Stevens, William Cody Harmon, Maynard D. Shaw, George S. White. The student chapter of Mechanical Engineers was founded at Ole Miss on November 15, 1954. Its purpose is to promote interest in the field of Me- chanical Engineering students. Requirement for membership is to be a sophomore in the School of Engineering. 216 CHEMICAL ENGININri[ING SOCIETY First Row: James Boyd, Joe Cerny, Jose Chequer, Richard Darling, Joe Durrett, Bill Fondren, Max Garretson. Second Row: Frank Hill, Ben T. Howell, Bob Hughes, William Jenkins, Herbert B. Jordan, Carman E. King, Rudy Kittlitz. Third Row: Robert H. Korndorffer, Eugene Ledbetter, Bill Moorman, Paul Murrill, Pete Paxson, Walter Prince, David Lawrence Riley. Fourth Row: Allen Roeder, Nancy Evelyn Ruth, Billy Sanders, William C. Slay, Keith Smith, Ed Wall, Jess Woods. Not Pictured: Luther A. Atwell, Bill Hendrix, Bill Keith, Mike Parham, W. C. Thompson. OFFICERS ROBERT KORNDORFFER President RUDY KITTLITZ Secretary JESS B. WOODS Treasurer JOE DURRETT Assistant Treasurer DR. L. L. ROY Faculty Advisor The American Chemical Engineering Society here at the University of Mississippi is composed of stu- dents studying in the field of chemical engineering who have shown outstanding ability. The purpose of the organization is to promote a genuine profession- al spirit. 217 TAU KAPPA ALPHA Ak!k {0) I)) AwrE OFFICERS CHARLES CARRUTH President HARVEY CROMWELL Vice-President JOHN ALFRED Vice-President ANN HALE Secretary and Treasurer First Row: Thomas D. Berry, Jr., Dexter A. Branscome, III, Charles S. Carruth, Bob Childres, Harvey Cromwell, Jr., James Dukes. Second Row: Herb Fischer, Ann Hale, George Leach, Jo Ann McCorkle, Sam McKinney, Bill Mallery. Third Row: Jim Mathis, Jerry Morphis, Paul Murrill, Leslie Newcomb, Frank Pilgrim, Fred Trexler, Jr., Gracie Willing- ham. Not Pictured: Marlene Timmermann, Ronnie Timmons. Tau Kappa Alpha and Debate Club, although sep- arate organizations, are headed by the same offi- cers. TKA is the National Forensic Society on the Ole Miss campus. Its members are taken from those who participate in the activities of the Debate Club. 218 ALPHA EPSILOPM o.)NI OFFICERS KENNETH DRAPER President LEE ROGERS Vice-President FRITZ BYRUM Secretary The Alpha Epsilon Delta organization is composed of stu- dents who are studying premedicine. Qualification for mem- bership is a 4.5 average for two consecutive semesters. First Row: William Wansley, Fritz Byrum, Kenneth Draper, Norris C. Knight. Second Row: R. G. Magarian, Lee Rogers, William A. Russell. Not Pictured: Johnny Heard. Firs; Row: Charles W. Anderson, William Bean, John Bertels, Mark Blackburn, W. A. Bol,ck, Ted Bozeman, Hobson Brock, Carey Cambell, Margaret Carpenter, N. Clingan. Second Row: Julius Collum, Anthony Correro, Charles N. Crenshaw, Ottis Crocker, M. Hollis Curl, Bryan Dewees, Jim Dorsett, Leath Elmore, Guy Farmer, Betty Sue Goreman. Third Row: Jim Galyean, Dyke Hugo- man, Virginia Hall, Lester Hatcher, Joe Herrington, Charles Hargrove, Br ggs W. Hopson, Jerry Hornsby, Edgar Hughes. Fourth Row: Kathryn Isbell, Charles D. Johnson, Sidney A. Johnson, Edward L. Lanham, Rufe Neel, Peggy Neely, Edwin R. Orr, Crawford Owen, Ralph Owning. Fifth Row: James Overby, Duran R. Palmertree, Herbert D. Pearce, Betty Jane Price, Charles Pricha-d, Rita Randall, Alice Rhodes, W,Iliam A. Russell, John H. Sams. Sixth Row: John W. Sensing, Banks Shepherd, Fred James Smith, Herman Solomons, Russell D. Thompson, Edward Walker, Max Weathersby, Jimmy Woods. Not Pictured: Bobby Baxter, Paul T. Case, Julius Cruse, Robert M. Steve Gammill, Henry Irby, Jim McClellan, Wilma Ann Mitchell, Phillip Rueff, John Dudley Robbins, Horace Satcher, James West. P L A OFFICERS WILLIAM A. RUSSELL President BRYAN DEWEES Vice-President WILMA ANN MITCHELL Secretary-Treasurer Pi Sigma, organized al- 0,e Miss in 1952, has a.; its pur- poses to form an organization for pre-med students with a common goal to the pursuit of knowledge pertinent to the study of medicine, and to acquaint members with such prob- lems as may arise during their pre-med career. The new organization was sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Delta, national pre-medical honor society. The only require- ment for membership in Pi Sigma is to be duly enrolled as a pre-medical student at the University of Mississippi. 219 CWENS OFFICERS JAN HOLMES President SYLVIA ELIAS Vice-President BETTYE McKELVY Secretary DOTTIE DEMENT Treasurer The Mississippi Iota Chapter of CWENS is composed of sophomore women selected for scholarship, leadership, and participation in campus activities. Only ten per cent of the freshmen women who made a four point average are made members of CWENS . The purpose of the CWENS is to pro- mote scholarship and leadership among coeds and render service to the University. First Row: Alice Barnes, Betty Bynum, Eone Chatham, Dottie Dement. Second Row: Sylvia Elias, Jeanne Greene, Jan Sallye Kersh. Third Row: Betty McKelvy, Jean Nail, Ann Nem,tz, Camille Sutton, Augusta Wilson. Not Pictured: Wima Ann Mitchell. First Row: Cynthia Bentz, Kathryn Frierson, Sallye Kersh, Patricia Linn. Second Row: Bettye McKelvy, Evelyn Parker, Nona Short, Rena Jean Whittington, Frances Jean . Not Pictured: Wilma Ann Mitchell. ALPHA LA IA DELTA OFI=ICERS BEITYE McKELVY President FRANCES JEAN WILLIAMS Vice-President SALLYE KERSH Secretary CYNTHIA BENTZ Treasurer EVELYN PARKER Historian Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor that can be attained by freshmen women at the University. It is open only to the coeds that have maintained a 4.5 grade point average during their freshman year. The purpose of the organization is to promote higher standards of living and learning to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the freshmen women. 220 ,t1 ,(1() ` M11:-I I OFFICERS DAVID R. DAVIS President A. J. MARTIN Vice-President SYLVIA SMITH Secretary BOB HUGHES Treasurer SUE TODD Faith Commission BOB BUCHANAN Witness Commission WILLIAM WALKER Outreach Commission BERNARD HOOKER Fellowship Commission SIDNEY SHAW Fellowship Commission MARGARET ANNE CURTISS Service Commission DAN COIT Presbyterian Eating Meeting President JUNE HOLTZENDORFF Presbyterian Campus Christian Life Director Westminster Fellowship is open to any student at the University who wishes to donate his time and talents to a working church-sponsored organization. Its purpose is to help each member to have a personal, growing relationship with Christ; to de velop a responsible sense of Churchmanship; to present Christian Witness as individuals and as a group to the Ole Miss campus. First Row: Bob Buchanan, Dan Coil, Margaret Anne Curtiss, David R. Davis. Second Row: Bernard Hooker, A. J. Martin, Sidney Shaw, Sylvia Smith. Third Row: Sue Todd, William Walker. Not Pictured: June Holtzendorff, Dick O ' Ferrall. 0 II ID 7 :,_ BETA All, OFFICERS BILL WALLACE President ROLAND BI LLI NGSLEY Vice-President ROBERT WALKER Secretary RAY HANCOCK Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi is a national fraternity for accounting stu- dents. It was chartered on the University campus in 1951. Requirements for membership are advanced undergraduate work with a major in accounting and an overall average of " B " in accounting. First Row: Margaret L. Bailey, David Roland Billingsly, William Joseph Busam, Mary Louise Edwards. Second Row: Roger Patteson Friou, Percy Ray Hancock, James Lowrie, Charles McCharen. Third Row: Gary Parker, Marjorie Parks, William H. Wallace. Not Pictured: O. T. Harmon, Wilbourn Little, Claude Nixon, Jr., Robert D. Walker. 221 P P11 P H A 10) OFFICERS ROBERT PRITCHARD Justice OTIS JOHNSON Vice Justice EDWARD CURRIE Clerk MALCOLM YAWN Treasurer CLYDE BRACKEN Marshal Named after one of Mississippi ' s outstanding statesmen, the Lamar Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was installed at Ole Miss in 1929. Phi Alpha Delta is an honorary national legal fraternity which seeks to promote fellowship and to foster high ideals of the legal profession. Students in the School of Law who have attained the necessary scholastic and char- acter qualifications are eligible for consideration as mem- bers. First Row: Edward Atkinson, Jr., Dorrance Aultman, Clyde Bracken, Harvey Buck, Edward J. Currie, Jr., Jim McRae Criss. Second Row: Mardos Crespo, Sheldon Leroy Foreman, Michael D. Haas, John Leslie Hatcher, Joe Weems Hobbs, Otis Johnson. Third Row: Malcolm Justice, Ramon Lomba, John Land McDavid, Dana Clifton Moore, Jr., Jack Parsons, Robert Allred Pritchard. Fourth Row: William Emmett Ready, Julius Turner Reynolds, Jr., Frank Allen Riley, Ernest 0. Spencer, Jr., Marion Frederick Toms, Jr., Malcolm T. Yawn. Not Pictured: Edward Grauman, Marvin Oliver Oates, Richard Clayton Rogers, Bill Wright. P H u 11 First Row: W. D. Adams, Richard Carlisle, Milton Case, J. K. Child, Jr. Second Row: L. S. Cook, Jr., H. N. Fancher, W. S. Fine, H. C. Griffith. Third Row: J. B. Rogers, J. A. Welsch, Jr. Not Pictured: Bernard Gautier, D. C. Wynn. OFFICERS J. B. ROGERS Magister MILTON CASE Exchequer W. S. FINE Clerk J. A. WELSCH, JR Historian Phi Delta Phi, an international legal fraternity, was found- ed at the University of Michigan in 1869. The Mayes Inn Chapter was established at the University of Mississippi in 1927. Students in the School of Law who attain the schol- astic and character standards of the fraternity are extended bids to become members each year. Phi Delta Phi has as its purpose to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. 222 THETA SAGAA,A OFFICERS JEAN GUYTON President BON ITA APPLETON Vice-President STEPHANIE KLOTZ Secretary BETTY BACH Treasurer Theta Sigma Phi is an honorary and professional fraternity for women journalism majors. Beta Eta Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi was installed on the Ole Miss campus in 1952. Its purpose is to encourage and develop the ideals of the journalistic profession among women in this field. First Row: Bonita Appleton, Betty Bach, Mary Booth, Ann Flautt. Second Row: Betty Garner, Jean Guyton, Stephanie Klotz, Sally O ' Quinn. A II © OFFICERS BOBBY WORK President TOM BRADY Vice-President ROBERT ROSSAR Secretary GEORGE COSSAR Treasurer TOM BAILEY Advisor Alpha Phi Omega, national honor fraternity, was founded at Lafayette College in 1925. Membership is composed of men who have excelled in scouting. The purposes of the fraternity are to develop friendship, to plan for extending leadership in worthwhile campus and community projects, to develop plans for rendering service to our fellow man, and to create participating and understanding citizenry for our nation. First Row: Tom Brady, George Cossar, M. Hollis Curl, Berlyn Edwards. Second Row: Bill Elliot, Dick Escudier, Jim Gore, Bobby Korndoffer. Third Row: George Marlow, Dan Murrell, Robert Rosser, Bobby Work, Jim Yuill. Not Pictured: Punkie Ellis, Jim Moorman. 223 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENGIINEEr1111G OFFICERS VIC TILLEY President THOMAS W. ELLIOTT Vice-President LAWRENCE A. ASHLEY, JR Secretary FRANK SKUDER Treasurer The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. It was founded in 1852 for the purpose of advancing engineering and architectural knowledge and practice, maintaining a high professional standard among its members, encouraging fellowship between men of the practical science, and estab- lishing a " central point of reference and union for its mem- bers. " First Row: Lawrence A. Ashley, Jr., Otha E. Blurton, Charles Burke, Wentworth H. Corley, Jr., Carl S. Downing. Second Row: Thomas W. Elliott, Roy Freeman, Jr., Theodore B. Hannah, Charles Allen Knott, Frank Mallette, James R. kirk, Jr. Third Row: John William Puckett, Carl E. Skinner, Frank C. Skuder, Alfredo Sucre, Vic Tilley, Ben Frank Worsham. Not Pictured: Jimmy Childers, Edgard() Andres Jaen, Dilipkumar Parikh, John Paris, Jimmie T. Powers, Charles V. Prouty, James Simpson, Herman Tillman. Row: Bettye Aldridge, Sara Ann Broome, Janet Brown, Suzanne Browne, Carolyn Burch, Rita Carr, Jackie Carter, Lurlene Dill. Second Row: Nan Dunklin, Jessie Everett, Billie Flanagan, Katherine Frierson, Nancy Herron, Sara Beth Holland, Eugenia Krutz, Louise Lawrence. Third Row: William Mansell, Carol Milam, Lady Mockbee, June Mueller, Mary Ann Murphree, Donna Palmertree, Mary Clyde Payne, James Petrea. Fourth Row: Margie Mary Margaret Stewart, Camille Sutton, Alice Tankersley, Ann Tidwell, Grace Walters, Rose- mary Willis, Martain Vanzant. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews, Mrs. Ella Ray Chasey, Mrs. Sue Chapman LaCava, Jimmy Pulley, Kay Wells, BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS ALICE TANKERSLEY President JAMES PETREA Vice President KATHERINE FRIERSON Secretary SARA ANN BROOME Treasurer The Business Education Club was organized in October, 1947, to provide fellowship for business education students and to assist in their welfare before and after their gradua- tion. The club is open to any member of the faculty or stu- dent body who is interested in business education. 224 PI SIGMA ALPKA OFFICERS JAMES SORRELLS President ANN UZZELLE Secretary DR. HOBBS Sponsor Pi Sigma Alpha was established at the University of Mis- sissippi in 1948. This organization is composed of students engaged in the study of Political Science. Requirement for membership is the maintainment of a B average in the de- partment of Political Science. First Row: Sidney Chaffin, James Child, Bob Childres, George McNeil. Second Row: Julius T. Reynolds, Silvia Sanford, James E. Sorrells, Ann Uzzelle. Not Pictured: Norman Gillespie, Claude Pintard, Marshall Stamper. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS JULIA WAITS President BILLIE CLARK SIMMONS Vice-President GLORIA WILLIAMS Secretary CAMILLE STONE Treasurer MISS HAWKINS Advisor The Home Economics Club was formed at the University of Mississippi in 1938. The purpose of this organization is to bring toget her and inform members of the opportunities in the field of home economics, as well as to promote clean, healthful, home life. The Home Economics Club is open to any woman student who has had a course, or is taking a course in the Home Economics Department. First Row: Linda Black, Marilyn Bowers, Linda Brunson, Betty Bynum, Lessie Carothers. Second Row: Mary Garrett, Phil Gibbs, Maria Mayorga, Miriam Newman, Jane Rayburn. Third Row: Billie Clark Simmons, Camille Stone, Lou Thacker, Julia Waits, Gloria Williams. 225 GAk% rhAA SIGMA EPSILON! OFFICERS N. E. BLACKWELL President ROBERT SHEFFIELD Vice-President JOE CERNY Secretary JESS B. WOODS Treasurer This national honorary fraternity has as its purpose the promotion of scholarship and interest in chemistry. The fra- ternity requires a 4.5 average in chemistry and a 3.0 average in all other work for admission to this fraternity. First Row: Robert Adams, Noah E. Blackwell, Joseph Cerny, Mary M. Elliott. Second Row: Ed Kittleman, Bob Korndoffer, Eugene Ledbetter, Paul Third Row: Dewey Sifford, Jess B. Woods. Not Pictured: Luther Atwell, Caesar Garavelli, Phil Wier, Robert Sheffield. First Row: Fannie Mary Margaret Elliot, Malcolm Flanagan. Second Row: Jean Guyton, Golda Jones, Martha Mayes, Eugene Not Pictured: Woodrow Clark, Dr. A. J. Laurence, Wanda Goodman McCharen, Dr. McMurray, Dean Forrest Murphry, Dr. Mary Clare Petty, Dr. John Phay, John Sheffield, Dr. Blanche Tansil, Mrs. Robert Work, Dr. Haley Worthy. KAPPA DELTA PII OFFICERS MALCOLM FLANAGAN President DR. BLANCHE TANSIL Vice-President MARY M. ELLIOT . . - . ........ Secretary GOLDA JONES Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi has its membership limited to those stu- dents who maintain a B average in the School of Education. Kappa Delta Pi ' s membership is limited to those students in the School of Education who maintain a B average in their education work and exemplify qualities of character, initia- tive, and responsibility. Its purpose is the provision of a national fraternity to advance the interests of education as a profession. 226 CHi EPSILON OFFICERS JERRY SILER President EUGENE SKINNER Vice-President JULIUS RIDGWAY Secretary-Treasurer Chi Epsilon, national honorary civil engineering fraternity, is composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Engi- neering who have shown excellence in scholarship, character, practicality, and socialibility. The fraternity has set as its purpose the formation of a closer union and tie of friendship among those in the civil engineering profession. The Ole Miss Chapter of Chi Epsilon was reorganized here in 1949, after six years of being inactive. First Row: Lawrence A. Ashley, Carl S. Downing, Julius M. Ridgway. Second Row: Jerry C. Siler, Eugene Skinner. SIGMA ALPHA 1107A OFFICERS BETTY ANN JOHNSON President NANCY RAMEY Vice-President JANET NABORS Secretary CAROL CAVIN Treasurer BERIL BEVILL Chaplain Sigma Alpha Iota is an honorary musical fraternity for women. Its membership is composed of women in graduate and undergraduate school whose work in music fulfills the requirements of the organization. It has as its purpose the upholding of ideals of 1-he music profession. First Row: Beril Bevil, Miriam Brower, Carol Cavin, Betty Ann Johnson. Second Row: Ann Mitchell, Janet Nabors, Evelyn Parker, Nancy Ramey. 227 CAIVAL.:1A)61 CLY)I OFFICERS MARY LOU LAND President DOROTHY WAITS Vice-President LUCY MOBLEY Secretary-Treasurer HELLON BRAMLETT Historian MISS CLARA EADLER Faculty Advisor Any student enrolled in the Department of Nursing is eligible for membership. The purpose of the organization is to foster friendship among students and faculty of the Depart- ment of Nursing, to promote professional interests and stud- ies, to develop leadership among nursing students, and to interpret nursing to other students and the general public. First Row: Betty Adams, Bernice White, HeIlon Bramlett, Jemmie Nell Brock. Second Row: Pauline Crenshaw, Mary Lou Land, Betty Jo Lloyd, Lucy Mobley. Third Row: Rachael Newell, Paula Stribling, Dorothy Waits, Laura Blair. Not Pictured: Sara Barbara, Luella Dodge, Eadler, ETA SII(.1 Lin I:1 First Row: Howell Boyd, John Farrell, Alfred Harper, Alton H. Harvey. Second Row: Tom Hines, Jr., Ed Kittleman, Karl Morrison, Nancy Mullin. Third Row: William O ' Quinn, Nona Short, Raymond W. Speck, Jr. Not Pictured: Tom Jolly. OFFICERS KARL MORRISON President BILL O ' QUINN Vice-President NONA SHORT Recording Secretary RAYMOND SPECK Corresponding Secretary TOM HINES Treasurer ALFRED HARPER Reporter Eta Sigma Phi is a nationally recognized honorary frater- nity. Students who show a high degree of efficiency in Latin and Greek are eligible to membership in this fraternity. 228 KAPPA ALPHA MU OFFICERS WALTER HURT President BOONE SHELTON Vice-President MARY LYNN BOOTH Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Alpha Mu is a national photographic fraternity and was founded at Ole Miss in 1952. Psi Chapter has as its aim to promote high standards in news photography. Kappa Alpha Mu also works to promote the University through photographic publicity. First Row: Mary Lynn Booth, David Cox, Sylvia Farris, Charles Forbes. Second Row: Patrick Frazier, Jean Guyton, Walter Hurt, Sally O ' Quin. Third Row: Boone Shelton, Wallace Sherwood, Herman Solomon, William Taylor. Not Pictured: Richard Hooker, Walt Thatcher. CARDINAL CLUB OFFICERS ORMA R. SMITH, JR President CHARLES R. STEWART Vice-President EARL S. SOLOMAN Secretary ROBERT P. GUYTON Treasurer The Cardinal Club, a sophomore service organization at Ole Miss, was organized on the campus in 1927, and had as its primary purpose the entertaining of visiting athletic teams. Since then, the Club has become famous as a freshman dis- ciplinary committee. Each year the Cardinal Club sponsors the building of a giant bonfire the night before the Home- coming game. The main purpose of the Cardinal Club is to instill in the freshman students enthusiastic spirit and love for Ole Miss. The membership of the Club is composed of one represen- tative from each fraternity and two from the study body at large. The president is elected from the preceding year ' s Cardinal Club and is a member of the Class. Firsi Row: Mark W. Burdette, Robert A. Clifft, Frank 0, Crosthwait, Edward J. Dease, Jr., C. Dennis Goldman. Second Row: Robert P. Guyton, Frank W. Hunger, Bobby P. Keith, Homer M. Lindsey, Alfred C. Marble, Jr. Third Row: William R. Moorman, Earl S. Soloman, Charles R. Stewart, Orma R. Smith, Joseph R. Grady. 229 First Row: Nick Abdo, Bonita Appleton, Joan Harrison, Audrey Hart, Frank Jones. Second Row: Ray Mikell, Carl Morris, David Owen, Mae Ray, Bob Stewart, ih.rd Row: Billy Welch, Miss Marian LeaveII, Dr. Lewis Nobles, Dr. James E. Southerland. Not Pictured: Pat Elliott, " Bicky " Wilson. BAPTISE ' STUDENT WilEKOVI OFFICERS DAVID OWEN RAY MIKELL Enlistment Vice-President BILLY WELCH Social Vice-President AUDREY HART Devotional MAE RAY CARL MORRIS . Sunday School Director FRANK JONES Training Union Director BONITA APPLETON Talent “BICKY“ WILSON n JOAN HARRISON Extension BOB STEWART Publicity Transportation PAT ELLIOTT Enlistment in Housing NICK ABDO DR. LEWIS NOBLES Mississippi BSU Council Fa culty-Advisor DR. JAMES E. SOUTHERLAND Pastor Advisor MISS MARIAN LEAVELL Baptist Student Director As a connecting link between the campus and the church, the Baptist Student Union offers spiritual growth and de- velopment through the activities of the church program. The BSU Councils, elected annually, have the responsibility of planning the activities for Baptist students and harmoniz- ing this program with that of other campus religious organ- izations. First Row: Allison Aldrich, Leland Berkley, Gay Bixel, Molly Boone, Margaret Brashear, Newell Brabston, Mary Brown, William Ross Brown, Jr., Bradley Calli- coil, Richard Chotard, Jr. Second Row: Olivette Craig, Clinton Davis, Bryan Dewees, Percy Durfrey, Charles Forbes, Jr., Ray Goodman, Richard Greenlee, Emily Ha ll, Bonnie Lynn Harris, W. G. Hairston, Jr. Third Row: Hobart Hector, Holcomb Hector, Sue Hill, June Hoffman, John Walter Hurt, Bob Jones, Bill Jones, Nowlin Keener, Jennie Scott Lake. Fourth Row: Libby Leigh, A. J. Martin, Alfred Marble, Carol Meek, Suzie Moffitt, Bess Moore, Peggy Neely, Anne O ' Neal, Bill O ' Quinn. Fifth Row: Edwin Frank Orr, Don Pichitino, Louis Jr., Hamilton Powell, Joe Curtis Rees, Susie Ruppel, Claudia Sanford, Jim Seawright, Bill Simerville. Sixth Row: Charles Sisson, Wallace Sherwood, George Slade, Lloyd Spivey, Clinton Terrell, III Lee Davis Thames, Mary Beatrice Thickens, Isabelle Welshans, Janice Wilcox. Not Pictured: James Creekmore, Richard Hamberlin, Norman Harris, Helen Francis Joiner, Jim McClellan, Larry McCool, Steve McNair, Mr. John Norris, Mrs. John Norris, Dave Oates, Dudley Robbins, Robert Stockett, Jr., Fred Trexler, Russ Veaux. CLUB OFFICERS LLOYD SPIVEY President BESS MOORE Vice-President The Canterbury Club is an organization of the Episcopal Church which provides Episcopal students with the oppor- tunity to continue their church work while at the University. The Club meets every Sunday evening. The programs vary from guest speakers and discussions to parties. 230 ALPFIP HELTA SIGMA OFFICERS CALEB DORTCH President WALLY SHERWOOD Vice-President JOE BROWN Secretary The George McLean Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma was founded here at Ole Miss in 1952. It is a national fraternity for men. Its purpose is the promotion of fellowship among students interested in an advertising career. It further pro- vides contact with professional advertising people and mem- bership automatically affiliates one with the Advertising Fed- eration of America. First Row: William J. Brown, Caleb Dortch, Pat Frazier, Rodgers Menzies, Wally Sherwood. Second Row: Hal Spragins, Arlue Usry, Kelly M. Carter, Paul ley, Carl Morris. Third Row: Walter Hurt, Charles Tubbs, Ellie Don Leech, Donald Thompson. Not Pictured: Royce Isom, First Row: Mary Booth, Howell Boyd, Raymond Burgin, Tony Carbonar. Second Row: Panny Flautt, Jean Guyton, Ary Phillips, Bill Shellhammer. Third Row: Banks Shepherd, Bill Smith, Hal Spragins, Not Pictured: Dick Hooker. OLE MISS 30 OFFICERS GEORGE McNEIL President TONY CARBONAR Vice-President HAI_ BOYD Secretary RAMON BURGIN Treasurer The Ole Miss —30----Club was founded at the University of Mississippi on October 6, 1954. It has as its purpose to better campus relations in regard to their internal workings and to their coordinating of students and student govern- ment. Requirements for membership are one semester work on a campus publication and a 3.00 grade average. 231 •.- 0 0 0 0 " First Row: Betty Bennet, Gate Brewster, Ce.rol Cavin, Pat Chism, Laura Cloud, Jemmie Nell Crocker. Second Row: Barbara Daves, Dottie Dement, Lucy Ewing, Betty Ann Fact, Jeanne Greene. Jan Holmes. Third Row: Sylvia Hunter, Mary Sidney Johnson, Golda Jones, Jean McClenahan, Bess Moore, Bea Ann Ruff. Fourth Row: Billie Clark Simmons, Ann Tidwell, Judy Toler, Dot Walker, Susie Wilkinson, Gloria Williams, Heard Wylie. PanHellenic Tea OFFICERS BESS MOORE President CAROL CAVIN Vice-President GLORIA WILLIAMS Secretary JIMMIE CROCKER Treasurer The Council, a member of the National Panhellenic Confer- ence, is composed of the presidents of each of the sororities plus two representatives from each sorority. The officers are chosen by rotation. The object of Panhellenic is to promote good will among the different sororities and all the Greek letter organizations. Rules are passed to pre- serve the of the system. Panhellenic sets up the rushing rules, limits the quota of girls to be pledged, controls the bidding system, and co- opera I-es wish the University officials. BESS MOORE CAROL CAVIN GLORIA WILLIAMS JIMMIE NELL CROCKER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 235 CHI OMEGA First Row: Betty Allen, Ann Bailey, Kathryn Bailey, Kay Ball, Alice Barnes, Alice Ann Bolling, Jane Bostick, Clementine Brown, Mary Brown. Second Row: Fannie Brumfield, Ann Dickey, Elizabeth Falls, Joan Falls, Betty Ann Fant, Dean Faulkner, Ann Fletcher, Betty Gentry, Gerry Givens. Third Row: Melinda Gwinn, Emily Hall, Kathleen Hand, Lockie Holmes, Golda Jones, Elizabeth Justice, Mary Ann Mobley, Bess Moore, Ann Nunnery. Fourth Row: Ann O ' Neal, Lady Peeler, Margaret Pepper, Virginia Peter, Carolyn Provine, Daisy Love Rainer, Nancy Ramey, Alisa Tate Reed, Nancy Jane Reed. Fifth Row: Charlene Rice, Floy Stone, Mary Ann Strong, Judy Toler, Lynn Widdifield, Mary Elizabeth Wier, Nancy Williams, Jane Allen Wilson, Marcia Yates. Not Pictured: Dorothy Carr, Prudence Darrington. TAU CHAPTER OFFICERS GOLDA JONES President CHARLENE RICE Vice-President BETTY ANN FANT Secretary KATHRYN BAI LEY Treasurer This marks the 57th year The Chi Omegas have been here. To make this year among the best They chosen these girl+fsad the rest: p! Golda the president ' s chair It ' s Charlene Rice not Betty Fant just hof While Katherine Bailey takes the Foil. Beauties Mobley, Brown, and Hall Gain the praises of us all. Fannie Brumfield and Bess Moore Hold top campus posts galore. Two cute favorites, Justice and Bolling, Help to keep the old " tong " rolling. DELTA DELTA DELTA First Row: Betty Banks, Virginia Barker, Lou Ann Bass, Sondra Beck, Eone Chatham, Patricia Cousins, Jeanne Crouthers, Lynne Gail DeWeese. Second Row: Mary Ann Doty, Nan Dunklin, Peggy Evans, Peggy Faires, Ann Flauft, Celia Francis, Patsy Graham, Jeanne Greene. Third Row: Katherine Haley, Joyce Hathorn, Adrienne Haywood, Jane Hudson, Eugenia Krutz, Shirley Ann Landrum, Agnes Lary, Merry McClurkin. Fourth Row: Marilyn Merrins, Sara Mitchell, Mary Ann Murphree, Mary Sue Neill, Barbara Newman, Emily Sue Norsworthy, Patricia Partlow, Marjorie Reames, Betty Ann Reid. Fifth Row: Joyce Roy, Bea Ann Ruff, Anna Katherine Savery, Nell Shields, Sally Short, Sylvia Smith, Nancy Stone, Linda Street, Shirley Wagner. Sixth Row: Dot Walker, Jean Wall, Betty Webb, Ann Westmoreland, Janice Wilcox, fiances Jean Williams, Jane Williamson, Augusta Wilson, Camille Stone. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews, Pat Lary, Jo Love. CHI CHAPTER 238 OFFICERS BEA ANN RUFF President SHIRLEY WAGNER Vice-President BETTY WEBB Secretary ELENOR COHILL Secretary JEAN WALL Treasurer NANCY ANDREWS Treasurer And is helped by co-treasurer, Jean Wall. In the list of favorite you will see That Walker and ner belong They have a beaut they point to withijoy, Whose name, it seems, is Joyce Roy. A girl about whom the Tri-Belts can brag Is Miss Ole Miss who is often called " Wag. To lead in upho Bea Ann R The secon While letter y Webb anci Cahill. Nancy Andrews collects rom them a PHI MU First Row: Betty Aldridge, Dorothy Ruth Allen, Jan Anderson, Jill Applewhite, Lounett Ashcraft, Barbara Billingsley, Linda Black, Martha Brown, Emily Buchanan. Second Row: Betty Bynum, Bobbie Jean Byrd, Jimmie Ann Camp, Carol Ann Cavin, Hattie Carter, Donnis Chaney, Nancy Jane Dickson, Betty Sue Dismukes, Louise Dixon. Third Row: Carrie Lee Dismukes, Merri Evans, Lucy Ewing, Billie Flanagan, John French, Nancy Furr, Mary Lucille Garrett, Martha Kay Grittman, Kay Haraway, Barbara Harpole. Fourth Row: Sara Beth Holland, Margaret Alice Hoppen, Betty Sue Hough, Mary Louise Johnson, Mary Sydney Johnson, Martha Dale Johnston, Carol Keating, Elizabeth Leigh, Betsy Ann Little, Donna Maclin. Fifth Row: Nona Mahaffy, Willene Mansell, Martha Bradley McGee, Carole Milam, Ann Mitchell, Lady Mockbee, Janet Nabors, Ann Nemitz, Kay Patton, Ann Rose. Sixth Row: Minnie Lou Shaw, Billie Clark Simmons, Paula Ann Stribling, Frances Thompson, Sue Todd, Jan Vaughn, Julia Waits, Grace Walters, Isabelle Welshans, Elsie White. Not Pictured: Jimmie Ann Camp, Marjorie Koehler. ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER 240 OFFICERS BILLIE CLARK SIMMONS President DOT ALLEN Vice-President JANET NABORS Secretary LINDA BLACK Secretary MARY GARRETT Treasurer LADY MOCKBEE Treasurer Simmons, as pr$1 heads the list While Vice-President Allen ' s there to assist. Black and Nabors re the secs While A Jobk at the ho indicate („3 Their Home s classed first rate. Allen records forTtheAL. ' fB And these were their favorites, as you can see: Such lovelies as Johnson, Little, and Allen Margaret Hoppen and Carol Cavin. Garrett write the checks. KAPPA DELTA First Row: Judy Anderson, Dot Barton, Doris Bean, Patricia Biggs, Molly Boone, Mary Ann Bostwick, Mary Brewster, Janet Brown, Shirley Sue Brown. Second Row: Anne Bush, Lucy Brett Campbell, Rita Carr, Nancy Chambers, Janet Coleman, Margaret Ann Curtis, Bobbie Davis, Dottie Dement, Erviline Edens. Third Row: Barbara Furness, Frances Harris, Kay Horton, Kay Hoker, Pat Hume, Carolyn Jaquith, Catherine Jaquith, Frances Jernigan, Sallye Kersh. Fourth Row: Louise Land, Louise Lecroy Mimi Lomax, Gail McClanahan, Faye McClenahan, Jean Mc- Clenahan, Peggy Neely, Gay Oakley, Lynnice Parker. Fifth Row: Jane Penny, Betty Jane Price, Jan Priester, Frances Profilet, Gloria Sayers, Mary Anne Shelton, Paula Shoemake, Jo Dale Slade, Nancy Stallings. Sixth Row: Linda Stevens, Ladye Clyde Stewart, Mary Margaret Stewart, Alice Tankersley, Mary Bea Thickens, Jean Thomson, Marjorie Waters, Rena Jean Whittington, Josephine Zeller. Not Pictured: Helen Buford, Martha Gautier. ALPHA MU CHAPTER 242 OFFICERS GATE BREWSTER President KAY HORTON Vice-President LADYE CLYDE STEWART Secretary JANET BROWN Treasurer Brewster and Horton lead them all And Ladye Ckes roll call. . , , ' tinq oe found B At t Lead the c iss. A favorite am q ueen. K 0 The night the favorites were elected Mary Stewart was selected. These KD ' s are guile all right— These wears of the green and white. DELTA GAMMA First Row: Lucy Anderson, Shirley Atkinson, Margaret Bailey, Dwight Bassett, Betsy Beale, Betty Bennett, Sara Ann Broome, Mimi Brower. Second Row: Suzanne Browne, Linda Brickell, Mary Moore Brumfield, Nancy Cason, Linda Clayton, Laura Cloud, Ann Curry, Jackie deMange. Third Row: Kay deMange, Elizabeth Dickson, Nancie Echols, Mary Margaret Elliott, Buena Lee English, Mary Alice Feemster, Sara Ann Fleming, Vonda Freeman. Fourth Row: Jeannice Garrett, Larette Giles, Mary Ellen Greenlee, Jean Guyton, Margaret Houston, Sylvia Hunter, Betty Ann Johnson, Kay Kirkland, Bettye Neal Leech. Fifth Row: Mary Lewis, Jo Anne Lockard, Shirley Lumpkin, Grace Lyon, Barbara Marshall, Kay Marshall. Pat McMurray, Carol Meek, Cornelia Parker. Sixth Row: Mae Louise Ray, Angela Rayburn, Jane Rayburn, Camille Sutton, Shirley Threldkeld, Carolyn Valentojr, Trudy Wallingford, Anne Whittington, Gloria Williams. Not Pictured: Pat Irby, June Short. ALPHA PSV CHAPTER 244 OFFICERS SYLVIA HUNTER President KAY KIRKLAND Vice-President JUNE SHORT Secretary LIZ DICKSON Secretary JEANNICE GARRETT Treasurer MARGARET BAILEY Treasurer In Oxford, eighty-three years ago, DG was founded, as you all know. Hunter ' s the one they ' ve placed in charge Of executive duties, small and large. Kay Kirkland, Vice-President, is the one Elected to help her get the work done. Short and Dickson are the scribes, White Bailey and Garrett collect the tithes. At we listen to Laura yell And stare at their beauty, Betsy Beall. MacMurray, Freeman, Marshall, and Cloud Are favorites of which they all can be proud. ZETA TAU ALPHA First Row: Betty Bach, Manya Blankenship, Linda Brunson, Jackie Carter, Pat Chism, GAMMA DELTA Dot Cockerham, Catherine Criss. Second Row: Jemmie Nell Crocker, Barbara Daves, Lucy Donaldson, Joan Douglas, CHAPTER Shirley Dunford, Paula De Meyer, Mary Lou Edwards. Third Row: Sylvia Elias, Sue Galloway, Elizabeth Hall, Sandra Heath, Jeanne Horner, Myrna Jolly, Annice Kidd. Fourth Row: Tommye Lou McMillion, Patsy Murray, Barbara Peel, Eleanor Proctor, Jackie Randle, Jackie Sanderson, Jean Seely, Laura Lou Sharpe. Fifth Row: June Singletary, Kate Stapleton, Martha Ann Stone, Ann Tidwell, Diana Schroeder, Joann Wilson, Betty Wright, Hazel Zanola. 246 OFFICERS BARBARA DAVES President BETTY BACH Vice-President SANDRA HEATH Secretary JEMMIE CROCKER Treasurer JACKIE CARTER Treasurer re To direct the girls and chapter affairs rbara ' Daves has all the Cares. oh is. large and she does 6;10 u ,t,s ' ably assisted by Betty To do the tecretary ' s chore Is Sandra Heath who writes letters galore. Crocker and Carter passe hat, Care for the money and such as that. Elias has campus duties enough While majorette Dunford struts her stuff. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA First Row: Sue Ann Aikins, Leland Berkley, Gaye Bixel, Anne Bussell, Sue Ann Candlish, Joni Carpenter, Gen Barry Casey, Margaret Glower, Alice Carol Dodson. Second Row: Sue Fichtenger, Betsy Forrester, Carol Gauthier, Helen Godat, Faison Gordon, Missie Griffith, Patsy Griffith, Betty Ann Harrell, Sue Hill. Third Row: June Hoffman, Helen Hollowell, Jan Holmes, Molly Ingram, Stephanie Klotz, Betsy Lacey, Mona Laferriere, Laura Lantrip, Sandra Lominick. Fourth Row: Lois Lusk, Jo Ann McCorkle, Mary Virginia McInnis, Bettye McKelvy, Bonnie Markle, Suzie Moffitt, Peggy Mullin, Jean Nail, Barbara Phillips. Fifth Row: Pat Price, Katherine Rodgers, Susie Ruppel, Charlene Smith, Sharon Smith, Lea Sunderland, Mary Foy Taylor, Caroline Thornton, Jane Turk. Sixth Row: Sandra Tyler, Bettye Weiss, Sara Jane Westmoreland, Susie Wilkinson, Nancy Williams, Peggy Woodmansee, Betty Woodruff, Heard Wylie. Not Pictured: Carolyn Brewster, Connie Earl, Carolyn Ferguson, Nora Jane Reagan, Diane Smith. DELTA RHO CHAPTER 248 OFFICERS HEARD WYLIE President NANCY WILLIAMS Vice-President BETSY FORRESTER Secretary JOAN NAIL Treasurer Look in on a meeting and you will see Secretary o.rester keeps up with the mail While the purse strings are held by reasurer Nail. With many. honors is Jan Imes see.., And Rodgers is National College Queen. In the Favorites ' Parade these Kappas do sparkle: Casey, Mullin, Smith, Dodson, and Markle. takes over as Kappa Q e n.Bee. A will bring into view, Nancy Williams who ' s i helpng out t er;;;;; JUNIOR PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS MARY ANN STRONG President DONNIS CHANEY Vice-President VONDA FREEMAN Secretary BARBARA PEEL Treasurer The Junior Panhellenic Council is composed of the pledge presidents and two representatives from each sorority pledge class. The purpose of this organization is to prepare the pledges for more competent leadership in their future years in sorority life. The organization is patterned like the senior Panhellenic with the exception of having two advisors; Miss Jackson, advisor to the senior Pan- hellenic Council, and the president of the senior Pan- hellenic Council, Bess Moore. Left to Right: Donnis Chaney, Mary Ann Strong, Vonda Freeman. First Row: Sue Atkins, Ann Bailey, Betsy Beall, Lucy Campbell, Gen B. Casey, Donnis Chaney, Mary Ann Doty, Joan Douglas. Second Row: Peggy Evans, Mary Alice Feemster, Ann Fletcher, Vonda Freeman, Betty Ann Harrell, Sephanie Lloyd, Donna Maclin, Patricia McMurray. Third Row: Barbara Peel, Jan Priester, Laura Lou Sharpe, Paula Stribling, Mary Ann Strong, Mary Bea Thickens, Jan Wilcox. 250 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS LARRY CROWELL President BILLY ROSS BROWN Vice-President TED LAI RD Secretary SAMMY SMITH Treasurer The IFC Council at Ole Miss is the governing body for all of the social fraternities on the University campus. The Council is governed by four officers elected from the Council. The IFC is composed of two representatives from each of the social fraternities. These members are selected by the fraternities of which they are a member. The major function of the Council is to set up and enforce rules for fraternity rush. First Row: Cecil Alvarez, Ross Brown, Frank Charles Dunigan, Bra d Dye, Al Elder. Second Row: Hal Holtz, Ted Laird, Dick Lee, Jim Lesemann, Will Lewis, Glenn Mayfield. Third Row: Ted Merrell, Lowery Moore, Bill Moo rmon, Will Powers, Don Samuels, Bill Shellhammer. Fourth Row: Sammy Smith, Earl Soloman, Lloyd Spivey, Paul Stampley, Robert Stewart, Vernon Terrell, Lionel Theriot, Not Pictured: Dick Anderson, Duncan Campbell, Ed Doug Hudgins, Dan Walton. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON First Row: Malcom Baxter, Tom Berry, Larry Bonds, Dennis Canada, Clinton Davis, Barney Eaton. Second Row: Dexter S. Freeman, Jim Gore, Leon C. Harbin, W. Stowe Harbin, Charles Harrison, Harry Hawkins. Third Row: Briggs Hopson, Henry Kremer, Richard (Dick) Lee, George Marlowe, Terry Meadows, Stan McEacharn, Russell Moran. Fourth Row: William R. Moorman, Southworth (Buddy) Orcutt, Frank Riley, Wirt Steed, Eldon (Skippy) Tweddle, Charles Williamson, Arden Ellise. Not Pictured: Richard Buford, Macon Callicott, Tom T. Courty, Mobley Cox, Richard Hamberlin, Pat Harrison, William W. Joor, Nowlin Kenner, Duddley Robbins, Britt Rogers, Jack Tyson, Malcom Wood. CHI CHAPTER 254 OFFICERS DICK LEE President HENRY KREMER Vice-President CHARLIE HARRISON Secretary LARRY BONDS Treasurer One hundred and five years of Delta Kappa Ep- silon is a hellova lot of Delta Kappa Epsilon. .. . They ' ve weathered the years of well, however, with the helNf " Chi Marching Song ' and an occasional downy stein of ale. Henry Kremer s scribbles and L Dick Lee gives the orders and . Charlie Harrison holds the purse strings. ... Buddy Williamson, " ' the little millionaire, " holds varsity tennis team, while Harbin workers . N. E. worker presides over a Epsilon and Barney Eaton is around to boost morale (?) ... They sing a dirty song about the Phi Delts next door... . DELTA PS I First Row: Ramey C. Bennett, Joe M. Buchanan, Natie P. Carraway, Charles S. Clay, James Albert Elder. Second Row: Billy Wayne Gardner, Joe Dunn Gentry, Jr., Joseph R. Grady, B. Royal Hickey, Jr., A. J. Martin. Third Row: Joe G. Phillips, Edward L. Schuh, Vernon LaGrange Terrell, IV, Russell D. Thompson, Albert Baldwin Tynes. Fourth Row: Osie E. Watson, William C. Wells, IV, William E. Wilroy, colm Dewey Williams, Jr. Not Pictured: Ray Harshman, Richard C. Rogers, Floyd John Joseph Sherman, Jr. P H I CH APTER 256 HEAR THIS, HEAR THIS, we have siphoned these facts from the organization we have reason to believe is known as Delta Psi. . . . They origi- nated in 1847 before sneaking into Ole Miss in 1855. . . We drew a complete blank when we asked for their officers, but did learn that twice- governor of Mississippi Hugh White is a brother secret-keeper.... They had a big time celebrating their centennial last fall. . . . We ' re told they wear their pins at all times and when unclad hold their pins in their mouths. . . . Food for thought—How would a Delta Psi eat in a nudist colony? PHI KAPPA PSI First Row: Vincent A. Carbonar, Don W. Corner, M. Hollis Curl, Samuel J. Fielder, William E. Fortenberry. Second Row: Max L. Hill, Freeman Johnson, Bobby P. Keith, Eugene E. Lumpkin, John H. McGuirk. Third Row: William P. McNulty, Joseph R. Papalia, Charles D. Pigott, Paul Schumann, Paul Q. Stampley, Jerry C. Stone. Not Pictured: Duncan B. Campbell, Chester Martin, James Ray, James R. Simpson, Herman Tillman, Peter B. Thompson. ALPHA CHAPTER 258 OFFICERS BOB TRAVIS Consul BUDDY McCHAREN Pro-Consul CHARLES BEALL Annotator JAMES BELL Quaester Ringleader Travi ' S koreiMhapter meetings on the golf course, while McCharen caddies. . . . Charlie Beall keeps score and Jim Bell collects the winnings. mands the Air Force ROTC, while Sammy Smith supervises ' ' Be Mean To Freshmen Week " as Car- . dinal Club pre ;y. . . ' John Miles and Professor Walter Reddin pilot the:Schools of Commerce and Educ respectfully), assisted by Deans Dunham and Murptry- . . Eddie Craw- ford makes touchdowns and leads the " M " Club- bers, while Mouse Stevenson has a good time... . . . . They pulled into Ole Mis something about a $weetheai- 1857 chanting . Newton corn- SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON First Row: Robert D. Atkins, Robert Lrowe Barker, Nat Beasley, Ronald Block, Bruce H. Brady, Tom P. Brady, Dexter Arno Branscome III, William R. Brown, Martin Lombard Burns. Second Row: Chris Carruth, James H. Creekmore, George R. Day, John A. Dupree, Allan Percy Durfley, William E. Durham, Wallace E. Erwin, Clyde B. Edwards, Jack Forshner. Third Row: R. A. Friend, Irving L. Fuller, William Graves, John D. Glass, William Q. Glass, Richard Greenlee, Robert Greenlee, Holmes K. Herron, John Eldon Hoar, William Newton Holliday. Fourth Row: William Davis McCalip Holmes, William L. Hubbell, William Huff, Frank H. Hunger, Jack H. Keenan, James R. Kerman, Edward Moody King, Ill, Norris C. Knight, Jr., Robert Knight, Joe Matthews. Fifth Row: George McKellar, Bryant McBee, Charley Medlin, James H. Newman, Thomas Owens, Frank M. Patty, Jr., Charlie Pritchard, Ralph L. Peeples, Billy Wayne Ralph, Ted Richardson. Sixth Row: George N. Shackelford, Jerry B. Simmons, Faison Heathman Smith, Lloyd Spivey, John B. Stone, John Sumner, Wes Watkins, James Richard Wilkerson, Jr., Emmett Neil Young, James Whitfield Not Pictured: Hilary T. Barrier, Jr., Herron Bond, Elmo Bradley, George Wayne Brandon, John A. Cain, Wade H. Creekmore, Chester Moore Dixon, Jr., Robert Lindsay Gilliam, Ill, Breed Monger, James H. Neeld, David Oates, Pat Peay, Wade Pharis, William Cooper Smith, John B. Snowden, Jack Stockett, Robed Lewis Stockett, Jr. GAMMA CHAPTER 262 OFFICERS TOM BRADY President NAT BEASLEY JIMMY KEENAN BOB ATKINS This bunch lions an.V t ' faked their claim here around I ' ,The are pl st?)----F,,urple and gold (Sing a song about Brady cra(ks ,i- and Beasley . , the roll and A. 141 -.1:$.--P-...i. collect dues. . is prVident of ODI:!rnd had d Vice-President Secretary Treasurer if yice. a heavtn Sonny Spivey Can- terbury Ross a on the IFC. if . . . and ley Watki s ' i, r - They have a n 6 0 e- toff , and spend a fortune on paint remover. ... The ye been known to have some pretty good parties. .. PHI DELTA THETA First Row: William Hoyite Austin, James Harry B,arkley, Eddie Evauqhn Barlow, Mark vvayne Blackburn, Edward Holder Bounds, Garland Boyd, John Wood Boyd, Louis K. Brandt, Charles Lawrence Brocato, Mark Wogan Burdette, William Spurlin Burton. Second Row: Horace F. Buzhardt, Lauren Bradley Callicott, Willi,am Hamilton Carothers, John Prentice Carson, Julius Marvin Collum, Charles Willis Connell, Joseph Michael Cor rigan, Robert McLean Crump, Jr., Leslie Carlisle Daniel, John Ashland Decell, Carl Seldon Downing. Third Row: Joseph Brantley Durrett, Jr., Frank Ashley Eakin, Charles Mims Edwards. George Edward Falls, William E. Fondren, William Watkins Ford, Roger Patterson Friou, Jr., Luther Harrison Fulcher, Jr., James Louis Garner, Melvin M. Grantham, Van Dyke Hagaman. Fourth Row: Lee Virden Hamberlin, Charles Dunn H,arlow, Dumah Patrick Head, Hobart Hector, Jr., P. Holcomb Hector, William Sandifer Hicks, Murray Ewing Hill, Tom Spight Hines, John Holliday Holloman, Ed Wilburn Hooker, Robert P. Hughes, Charles Frances= Hutchinson. Fifth Row: George Bartlett e Jackson, Jr., E. Grady Jolly, Herbert Brodnax Jr., Harold Dickey Kendall, Wil- liam Lewis, Jr., Kent Lovelace, William Douglass McCoy, Milton Roland Maddox, Ralph Riecker Mills, Paul Stanley Mitchel, Roy Anderson Moore, Henry Hartfield Mounger. Sixth Row: Harper R. Myres, Ed Orr, Henry G. Orsborn, John Norris Palmer, Allan Swayze Philip, Percy Robert Philip, Hollaman Martin Raney, Julius Mosel Ridgway, Louis Ernest Ridgway, John Morris Roach, James Henry Sams, Robert Gunn Sansom. Seventh Row: Thomas Banks Shepherd, Jerry Curtis Siler, William Daniel Simerville, Charles Augustus Sisson, John Ray Skates, Henry S. Spragins, William E. Taylor, Clinton C, Terrell, Lee Davis Thames, James Phenix Walker, Jr., Wade Paul Webster, Norman Weathersby. Not Pictured: Nathan Pankey Adams, Edward Jennings Crow, Roy Schilling Ellzey, William E. Jr., Henry DeVotie Holmes, Jr., George Lewis, Lawrence Richard Steve D. McNair, Richard Carter O ' Ferrall, Jr., Reginald E. Thompson. ALPHA CHAPTER 264 OFFICERS WILLIS CONNELL President HENRY MOUNGER Vice President HOBART HECTOR Secretary JIM LOUIS GARNER Treasurer This outfit anchored at Ole Mississippi in 1877 and couldn ' t be exterminated. .. . Connell wields the big stick and Henry Mounger backs him up... . " Roadrunner " Hector takes everything down in true legal style, while Treasurer Garner is well fixed after a year of cool, steady, graft. . . . Shepherd made a repeat performance as OLE MISS editor.... Jerry Siler heads Chi Epsilon while Spragins does the same with the Arnold Air Society. . . . They ' ve got the " Y " monopolized with Philp as the big boy, fol- lowed by sophomore and freshman prexys, Hines and Holloman. ... Connell manages to stay busy as Commander of Scabbard and Blade, Chairman of the Committee of 100, President of Beta Gamma Sigma, and Vice-President of ()DK. . These char- acters carry dangerous weapons in their pins, and their pledge manual contains a chapter on sword- play. . . If you ask ' ern they ' ll tell you why she wears their pin, and have been known to come out with " Phi Delta Theta for Aye. " . BETA THETA P1 First Row: Thor Anderson, David Arnold, Walter Austin, Rodney Bell, Raymond Burgin, John Caruthers. Second Row: John Wesley Cope, Steve Davis, Ross Franks, Ron Hough, Clyde LaBella, Joe Macione. Third Row: Bernard Massey, Dick Moore, Phil O ' Neal, Ary Phillips, Bill Schellhammer, Eddie Schofield. Fourth Row: George Slade, Bill Smith, Carlton Smith, Bill Walker, Bob Walters, Bill Watson. Not Pictured: Cliff Fox. BETA BETA CHAPTER 266 OFFICERS BILL WATSON President CLIFF FOX Vice-President DICK MOORE Secretary JOHN COPE Treasurer Rebel land hasn ' t been the same since this bunch hit the campus in 1879. . . . Watson directs this production, and is assisted by Cliff Fox.... Moore does the paper work, and Cope is the financier.. Raymond Burgin emotes with the University Play- ers and doubles as their president. . . . Liberal Arts Prexy is Bernard Massey. . . . Watson leads the ASME and Dick Hooker guides the " 30 " Club.. .. They lean toward pink and blue and have been around too long to do much about. . . . KAPPA ALPHA ORDER First Row: Douglas Abraham, Robert Alexander, Jack Barksdale, Thomas Barksdale, James Bennett, Phillip Berry, Kye Bethany, William Carroll, Sidney Chaffin. Second Row: James K. Child, John Christian, Robert Clifft, Ottis Crocker, Lewis Culley, Cullie Davidson, Walter Denny, Edward Forsythe, Joe Jeff Fulmer. Third Row: John Gainey, Barry Greer, William Hallberg, Ted Hannah, Alfred Y. Harper, Paul A. Higdon, Dudley Herrington, Gerry Kees, Pete Lagrone. Fourth Row: Edward E. Laird, Jack Laws, Ralph Ivy Lawson, Ezell Lewis, Albert Lyle, Harris Magruder, Lewis E. Mapp, Harry Marshall, James Melvin. Fifth Row: Roger Menzies, Prentiss Mitchell, James Morris, Samuel B. Morse, Allan McLain, Gene Mc- Roberts, Peter 0. Paxson, William Pipes, William A. Primos, James Rowsey. Sixth Row: Bernie Schreiber, Charles Scott, Keith Scroggins, Alexander Shields, Alexander M. Todd, Dudley Turner, Charles Walker, Felton Walker, Florine 0. Wittic hen, Robert Chatham. Not Pictured: George Arington, Phillip Brown, Maxie Cupit, Charles Davis, Edward Dorgan, James Irl Graves, Douglas Hudgins, Leo C. Koestler, Boyd Letcher, James McMullen, Edward Pascoes, Charles Pitts, Peter Rudolph, Harvey Wright. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER 268 OFFICERS MICKEY KOESTLER No I ALFRED HARPER No 2 DUDLEY TURNER No 3 ALAN McLAIN No 4 They ' ve been here since the turn of the century. Ill tier call . The Ole many Hanaber SB and Treas- urer HudgTn ' s, Rob :tiff+ is too rah rah for w Laird heads up Phi Eta Sigma, nes to altention, Sonny presides over the Intro- They b prone to like crimson " Kappa Alpha Ros1.. Lewis Culley has a habit Of- witerig golf tournaments, and the intellectual grill hound Pete Legrone writes let- ters to the editor.... . . . Koestler pb hits. .. . D guards He Harper pinch and McLain apter of Tam- )0- Harper ca Bennett dAtes, and mural and d sin KAPPA SIGMA First Row: John Allred, Ed Anderton, John Bailey, Austin Barbour, Larry Bishop, Rogers Brashier, Joe Buckley, Billy Bush. Second Row: Jimmy Butler, Rodney Clements, Bill Cox, Jimmy Elliott, Tommy Elliott, Tommy Gardner, Wilson Hennick, Henry Hitt. Third Row: Joseph Jordon, Pete Kincannon, Mack Lindsey, B. B. McElroy, Steve Mistilis, Fred Morgan, Don Lee Morris, Malcome Nichols. Fourth Row: Hardy North, Thomas L. Oliver, Bill O ' Quin, Forrest Phillips, Elmore Povall, Will Power, Bill Puckett, Gary Reams. Fifth Row: John Skipper, Jimmy Smith, Lee Thompson, Vanjon Ward, Bill Watson, James Robert Williams, Jimmy Woods, M. C. Wooley. Not Pictured: Carl Corner, Aubrey Edleman, David Goforth, Calvin McElreath, Billy Mac Morgan, Ed Morgan, Anthony Papa, Bob Pollard, Don Schiesz, D uane Smith, Winbourne Sullivan, Dan Walton, Mil- ton White, Royal White, John Williams. DE LTA XI CHAPTER MOM NM= MOM , ice ' X 1MM IT Mir A111011111M 270 OFFICERS DAN WALTON Grand Master JAMES WILLIAMS Grand Procurator WILL POWER Grand Scribe ROYAL WHITE Grand Treasurer tennis... .me work as been know to around the I when not John Allred away.. the campus in This aggregat 1926, singing ' ' Kap for some unknown reason. . . . Walton I ack and is followed by James Williams. .. . Will Power writes letters and Royal White collects.... Tommy Elliott is sec- ond man SCE and also playA mean game of veeping for Tau hey hold the trophy for their s ight and defy anyone to take it ALPHA TAU OMEGA First Row: Ellis Nick Abdo, Ill, Guy Lane Arbuthnot, Ill, Richard Townsend Ashman, Charles Bagwell, Drue Dunlap Birmingham, Neil Bryan Blount, James Edward Bodamer, Jon Robert Boyden, Charles Glynn Burke, Jr. Second Row: Charles Winston Burns, Gary Lee Carre, Bella J. Chain, Jr., Wentworth Henry Corley, Jr., David Ronald Cox, Robert Curbo, Dick Newton Dalton, Robert Grey Davis, Caleb Dortch, Jr. Third Row: Roy Carroll Eliff, Kermit Richard Escudier, Roy Freeman, Jr., Robert Freeney, Chellis O ' Neal Gregory, Fred Ralph Hansen, Jr., Charles Benton Hargrove, Earle Leland Kitts, Robert Haskell Korndorffer. Fourth Row: Alfred Clark Marble, Jr., George Theodore Merrill, Robert Virgil Miller, William Bernard Mixon, Jr., Paul Whitfield Murrill, Milton Dutch Nichols, Bobby Cordell Orsburn, James Allen Overby, Walter Crawford Owen. Fifth Row: Richard Alan Roede, Robert Erskine Rosser, III, Wilbur Woodson Russell, William Cardwell Slay, John William Sledge, Jr., Charles Rex Stewart, Robert Max Stewart, Charles Edward Sweeney. Sixth Row: Dudley Thomas, William Thomas, Jr., Attwood Fred Thornton, Eugene Morris Waddey, Wil- liam Lester Watt, Jess Brooks Woods, Robert Jones Work, John Wesley Young, Jr. Not Pictured: Elbert Marion (Sonny) Jones, Charles Clyde Kerr, James Arden Larson, Easton Parks Lebo. DELTA PSI CHAPTER 272 OFFICERS DICK ESCUDIER Worthy Master TED MERRILL Worthy Chaplain NICK ABDO Worthy Scribe BOB KORNDOFFER Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer The brains of the campus.,. . . A trusting bunch, they let Escudier hold the reihs, and allow Ted Mer- rill the second spot. . . Abdo writes about the meetings, and Korndoffer collects the tithes. . . . Since their Ole Miss debut in 1927 they ' ve warbled " Sweetheart of ATO " and favored blue and gold. . . Battalion Commander Paul Murrill the gung-ho midshipmen, and rules the Engineering School as well.. Bob -Work runs:Alpha Phi Omega and Jess the scholar ' s. ' Scholar, does the same with Pi Korndoffe presides over the Chemical Engineering Club, and Chain plays a little baseball. . . . Russell le 8 the Pastels and chairmans the ASB Dance Committee. . . . They explain Chip Marble as an ATO grandson and let it go at that. . . . SIGMA NU First Row: John Alexander, John Allen, Dick Allen, Pony Baker, Hobart Beale, John Bertels, Gerald Braddock, Tommy Buckles, Ernest Cadden, Joe Cerny, Richard Cho-hard. Second Row: Ken Corban, George Cossar, Larry Crowell, Dave Davidson, Bud Davis, Paul Denman Denley, Jim DeRuiter, Am Dorsett, Berlyn Edwards, Bill Eikner. Third Row: Bill Elliott, Bob Elliott, Kerry Ezzell, David Fay, H. J. Flood, Gordon Freeny, Lynn Glasgow, John Goldhammer, Bill Hairston, Doug Harrington, Cas Heath. Fourth Row: Leonard Hill, Hal Holtz, Russ Hudson, Woody James, Archie Johnston, Dale John Kimbrough, Bill Jim Lesemann, Tommy Lester, Roger Lewis. Fifth Row: George McNeill, Bill Mallery, Larry Manuel, Jimmy Marshall, Jim Mathis, Bruce Meyer, Ham Moore, Larry Morris, Jerry Moseley, Vince Mullen, Dan Murrell. Sixth Row: Rufe Neel, Earl Parker, Charles Pitcher, Jimmy Ritchie, Hunter Roussel, Jimmy Russell, Gordon Shoemaker, Jim Silver, Joe Snowden, Jim Sorrels, Gilmer Spivey, Travis Stallworth. Seventh Row: John Sullivan, Gene Tate, Vic Tilley, Butch Tomlinson, Bob True, Phil Upton, Mike Verner, Berna rd Walker, Pap Williams, Jobe Wilder, Spence Wilton, William Wright. Not Pictured: George Hill, Jim Moorman. EPSILON XI CHAPTER 274 OFFICERS JIM DeRUITER Commander RUSSELL HUDSON Lieutenant Commander GEORGE COSSAR Recorder ERNEST CADDIN Treasurer They wear and sing about a " White Star. " . . k 7 7 put up with TeX as top and Hudson ,f, his assistant. . . . Secretarial es are done by George Cossar.... Ernest Caddin pinches pennies. . . . A long list of dignitaries includes [: b True, ASB Veep; Bruce Meyer, Anchor and Chai ' vrexy; and Larry who doubles up as president of -- " I the Interfrater C ncil and of e fa Sigma Pi. . . . Sorrells ld Tilley rup Pi Si Alpha ) A.S.C.E.... George Hill, " the th e ' , " has Hollywood connections and Berlyn Edwards leads cheers. . . . The Serpent Brigade makes a yearly specialty of taking the honors at Rebelee and use only quality paint on the SAE lions. . . . PI KAPPA ALPHA First Row: Joe Aquino, John Baillis, Paul Broadhead, James Bullard, Bill Burnham, Carey Campbell, Charles Carruth, Bob Childress. Second Row: Thad Cochran, James Crowe, Riley Davis, Jack Dunbar, Brad Dye, Allan Edgar, Jackie Estes, Guy Farmer. Third Row: Herbert Fisher, Billy Fitts, Frank Goddard, Dennis Goldman, Ray Goodman, Harold Graham, Michael Haas, Allan Holland. Fourth Row: Herman Homan, Bruce Hughes, James Hunt, Gus Johnson, Malcom Justice, Charles Kemp, Michael Kernan, Ken Kinchen, Bill Listen. Fifth Row: Irvin Martin, Raymond May, Bill McLaughlin, Richard Monsour, Lowery Moore, Jerry Morphis, Frank Pilgrim, Don Ramsey David Robbins. Sixth Row: Perry Rosenbaum, David Smith, Martin Smith, Clarence Stanford, Bob Thompson, John Charles Worthy, Louis Yawn, John Zagone. Pictured: Bill Branch, Bill Cadow, James Gibbs, Bob Maloy, James McCellan, Mitchell Mc- Laughlin, Marvin Oates, Rosser Wall. GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER 276 OFFICERS ALLAN EDGAR President JIM BULLARD Vice-President JIM CROWE Secretary DENNIS GOLDMAN Treasurer When no one was looking they settled here in ... Battalion CO (let Crow4 is the big man in e Dream Girl of that is Allan Edgar for en he is not the to Jim " The MAN, Beard " Bullard. . . Crowe " records the goings-on. 1927. .. . Their Pi Kappa Apb. NN, garnet and gold. leadership and . . Soidman collects pennies. . . . Lowrey Moore is one of the ' Hotty Toffy Carruth takes charge of the Date ..,„Club and serves as t P -fie of th rpus Senate. the Army ROTC. . .. and the Paul Johnson flag still flies in Brad Dye ' s THETA KAPPA PHI OFFICERS LIONEL THERIOT President FRANK SKUDER Vice-President CECIL ALVAREZ Secretary TONY NAVARRO Treasurer This bunch of frat men came to the campus in the year 1949. . . First started out in the northern part of these United States somewhere in the wilds of Penn ' s woods in 1922 . . . Popping the whip over on their row is Lionel Theriot . . . Frank Skuder is always standing behind him in his duties .. . Copies of the minutes can be found in the possession of Cecil Alvarez . . . All bills for the fraternity may be addressed to Tony Navarro . . . These gentlemen grow colombines out in their garden ... Have been heard et one time or another singing about their " Theta Kappa Phi Dream Girl " . .. Skuder collects the dues for the ASCE . . . While Rene Broussard does the same for the APhA . Cliff Page and Fred Barkley hold the top positions in the Newman Club. First Row: Cecil Alvarez, Rene Broussard, William J. Busam, Richard Hogan, James Inzina. Second Row: Robert Lewis, Ramon Lomba, Robert Long, Anthenor Navarro, Carliton Page. Third Row: Ray Pelatowski, Frank Skuder, Robert Stebbins, Lionel Theriot. Not Pictured: Fred Barkley, Jose E. Garcia, Thomas Hawko. 278 SIGMA PI OFFICERS DICK ANDERSON President BILL RUSSELL Vice-President CARL. MORRIS Secretary ARLUE USRY Treasurer The infant of the campus joined the Mississippi Greeks in 1952, but have already sunk in too deep for us to uproot ' em. . . . Anderson operates from the president ' s chair which is filled in his absence by Bill Russell. . . . Morris writes letters, and Usry knows where the money ' s buried. . . . Morris and Moore are wheels around the BSU office and Morris works on the Committee of 100. . . . Dick Anderson is their grille houride extraordinaire. . . . They tune up for the " Sweetheart of Sigma Pi " ... give their chicks nothing but orchids, and want everything painted lavender and gold. . . First Row: Kelly M. Carter, Floyd G. Henderson, Glen E. Mayfield, Carl 0. Morris. Second Row: Joe C. Rees, William A. Russell, Arlue E. Usry. Not Pictured: Richard E. Anderson. 279 PHI EPSILON P1 OFFICERS DON SAMUELS President ED GRAUMAN Vice-President EARL SOLOMAN Secretary JERRY CRYSTAL Treasurer The Phi Eps were around for 31 years before they found Ole Miss in 1935.... Samuels is the big wheel, any way you look at it. . .. Besides his fraternal duties, he chairmans the Judicial Council, and is the Veep for the Committee of 100. . . . Grauman backs him up as vice president, and Crystal balances the books. . . . Soloman reads the minutes, and writes sports for ' ' The Mississip- pian. " ... They are inclined toward purple and gold, and harmonize on " Phi Ep for Aye. " ... If the party gets good enough they come out with " Phi Ep Drinking Song. " ... First Row: Ivan Binder, Jerry Crystal, Irwin Feldman, Arthur Salomon. Second Row: Don Samuels, Earl Solomon, Jr., Herman (Buzzy) Solomon, Alvin Stone, Howard Weinberg. Not Pictured: Bernard Danzig, Ed Grauman. 280 Ii I t_ I Lieut. Col. Howard K. Welch P.M.S. T. THE ARMY ROTC Junior Cadets who attended summer camp in 1955 were a well indoctrinated group of Cadet officers for the Cadet Corps this year after six full weeks of training at Fort Benning. The Junior Class went to summer camp with a nine-hour day training schedule in mind, but this illusion quickly vanished when training hours began at the unheard of hours of four and five in the morning and ran into the late hours of the night. After adjustment to the unusual routine, the class finished summer camp with a well rounded knowledge of the operational procedures carried on within the various branches of the Army. The Cadet officers, ably led by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jim Crowe were faced with the task of commanding a battalion that had greatly increased in size. This task was simplied, however, by the overall effort put forth by the Cadets in the battalion to make this year ' s unit one of the best in the Army ROTC at the University. A result of this was a very successful spring inspection. The Scabbard and Blade and Pershing Rifles, military honor societies, numbered many active members within the battalion. Members of the Senior Class and Scab- bard and Blade formed a precision drill squad for the first time this year. The squad, part of a platoon composed of Army, Navy, and Air Force Cadets, will represent the University in military drill competitions in the future. The Rifle Team continued its partici- pation in the Hearst and the Third Army Rifle Matches as well as several shoulder to shoulder and telegraphic matches. Unit Staff Color Guard Battalion Staff ALFRED Y. HARPER Cadet Major, 5-3 DAN S. MURRILL Cadet First Lieutenant, 5-2 NORMAN L. GILLESPIE Cadet First Lieutenant Drum and Bugle Corps Leader H. T. BARRIER Caret First Lieutenant, Athletic Officer and Assistant PIO JOHN R. SKATES Cadet First Lieutenant, S-I LAURENS H. CROWELL Cadet Captain, 5-4 JIM SORRELS Cadet Major Executive Officer JAMES L. CROWE Commanding Officer Cadet Lieutenant Colonel SYLVIA SMITH Sponsor BATTA DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS J. R. Grady, J. W. Moorman, J. M. Stockton, W. A. Smith, R. D. Thompson, W. S. Scott, C. W. Campbell, J. R. Galyean, S. McFachern, C. D. Pritchard, W. James, W. C. Keady, E. B. Ferris, J. 0. Snowden, W. D. Wright, F. M. Patty, W. B. McRee, H. P. North, H. L. Hammack, G. W. Arrington. PERSHING RIFLES DRILL PLATOON Platoon Leader, A. Y. Harper, R, P. Guyton, L. D. Thames, M. V. Crain, C. V. Tanner, A. J. Martin, L. A. Hill, A. L. Johnston, G. L. Carre, J. E. Smith, D. A. Branscome, M. F. Kerner, R. S. Kice, C. Wispell, B. V. Whitaker, F. D. Faulkner, S. A. McGuffee, T. S. Hines, W. D. Jenkins, T. L. Berry, D. Brown, J. H. Melvin, H. Myres, L. F. Bace, E. Montgomery, Brandon. H A L I R S 1111)ANY ALLEN G. EDGAR Cadet Captain Company Commander SONDRA BECK Sponsor DUNCAN B. CAMPBELL Cadet First Lieutenant Executive Officer GEORGE HILL Cadet First Lieutenant Platoon Leader SIDNEY H. CHAFFIN Cadet First Lieutenant Platoon Leader FIRST PLATOON ALLEN G. EDGAR Captain Duncan B. Campbell D. E. Dodd B. J. Chain J. Smith J. W. Boyd E. E. Barlow G. H. Hill M. G. Parish T. W. Medlin F. Banks H. E. Hawkins R. N. White W. S. Cooke R. J. Long W. Lewis Q. R. Ivy H. B. Wright C. Gregory J. I. Graves G. E. Falls P. B. Harrison W. W. Ford J. B. Barrack C. G. Garrett J. Neely J. A. King SECOND PLATOON S. H. Chaffin R. E. Crowe J. F. Kimbrough W. J. Hill B. N. Keener E. P. Lebo W. W. Russell 0. B. Rogers W. V. Johnston W. D. Simpson I. L. Martin H. J. Stone E. J. Smith T. C. Moss R. D. Chotard G. E. Mayfield H. Churchwell R. D. Peay Oswalt M. N. Kirven J. W. Young R. E. Poval W. E. Bradley W. S. Hicks 1)) 7 ,: RICHARD D. HOOKER BONNIE HOOKER Cadet Captain Sponsor Company Commander BARNEY E. EATON ERIC D. MALONE CHARLES C. KERR Cadet First Lieutenant Cadet First Lieutenant Cadet First Lieutenant Executive Officer Platoon Leader Platoon Leader FIRST PLATOON Captain C. B. Hargrove J. D. Hammond J. A. Goldhammer H. D. Stevens R. Scheider R. L. Gilliam K. M. Ezell W. H. Mallery P. M. Jones R. H. Beckham C. G. Cowan F. M. Jones P. J. Coleman E. A. Hughes SECOND PLATOON C. C. Kerr M. 0. Parham R. L. Peeples C. M. Tomlinson C. H. Richardson R. L. Lollar E. L. Dorrough R. B. Thompson C. F. Hutchison J. W. Newman E. L. Moore J. M. Corrigan G. N. Nellos J. J. Stott C. F. Anderton L. T. Manuel J. W. Barnette R. B. Davis R. L. Stockett J. J. Spears E. L. Talbot W. W. Irvin W. Parks J. C. Walker G. G. Morgan RICHARD D. HOOKER Barney E. Eaton J. W. Rice C. E. Mims E. D. Malone B. R. Kinard J. K. Dukes L. C. Reed R. M. Freeny A. W. Lyle D. C. Altenbern D. L. Ware R. S. Owings D. W. Taylor J. L. Durst C. L. Brocato COMP I Y WILLIAM R. BROWN LYNN WIDDIFIELD Cadet Captain Sponsor Company Commander JAMES R. McMULLAN G. T. MERRILL Cadet First Lieutenant Cadet First Lieutenant Executive Officer Platoon Leader FIRST PLATOON WILLIAM R. BROWN James R. McMullan L. C. Harbin M. W. Burdette G. T. Merrill N. P. Adams R. C. Eliff E. B. Massey G. B. Jackson H. M. Graham H. Solomon W. Davis W. L. Jenkins L. E. Reynolds D. P. Head W. C. Thomas SECOND P. R. Philip J. W. Bell J. L. Short A. P. Stone R. M. Pelatowski W. Q. Ale F. D. Brownell J. E. Purvis J. E. West A. 0. Cuicchi H. S. Hester J. H. McGuirk Captain P. J. Aquino D. E. Randolph C. P. Penn J. W. Ritchie W. C. Wells A. M. Cupit R. C. Clingan A. W. Crain G. G. Medlin P. E. McNarny J. J. Woodard J. C. Kihn H. G. Orsborn W. K. Joe PLATOON C. A. Denapoli B. E. Brewer C. K. Partridge B. Rader M. Grantham W. A. Cauthen L. D. Winston J. W. Mims J. F. Champion A. R. Craig J. E. Stewart J. M. Caldwell COMPANY C WALTER T. LEE Cadet Captain Company Commander LEO C. KO ESTLER W. L. POWER Cadet First Lientenant Cadet First Lieutenant Executive Officer Platoon Leader FIRST PLATOON WALTER T. LEE Captain L. C. Koestler W. J. Banks J. D. McKaskel E. M. King S. L. Farrington M. W. Riales W. L. Power J. E. Hoar R. Travis H. B. Phyfer W. G. Tansil 0. R. Jordan L. G. Wakefield D. R. Herrington B. E. Templeton A. A. Ellise R. A. Moore W. W. Nickerson B. S. Cox W. T. Caldwell J. B. Robbins C. E. King N. W. Ogden J. E. Hearn R. T. Gray R. M. Moffitt W. B. Henley SECOND PLATOON P. R. Rudolph M. L. Burns J. Cerny G. W. Kelley R. A. Cliffi J. 0. Cavin E. B. Nance R. H. Alexander A. M. Todd A. M. Ratcliffe J. F. Bennett C. G. Burke A. M. Salomon R. M. Buchanan J. A. Hill E. S. Solomon B. J. Bowman W. B. O ' Quin C. B. Gilliland K. T. Smith J. W. Blalack G. A. Marlowe J. R. Keenan J. F. Langford 7 AUL FORCE ROI (( The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, orig- inally established at Ole Miss in 1946 as a part of the Army ROTC, has evolved since 1947 into the present Department of Air Science. The Department with an Air Force staff of nine members, functions under the super- vision of the University and of Headquarters AFROTC, Air University Command. The course of instruction, consisting of class work and leadership laboratories, offers training which is designed to instruct the Cadet in all aspects of air power and its importance to the security of the nation and to develop in him those attributes essential in the Air .Force Officer. During the first two years, the academic work consists of a series of related subjects that can best be described as a course in air-age citizenship. In the final two years, the advanced course, stress is placed upon Air Force pro- cedure and applied air tactics. All Cadets attend a four week summer camp between their Junior and Senior year. These camps are located at various regular Air Force bases. Cadets are afforded the opportunity to participate in orientation flights in late type military aircraft and to observe the application of principles learned in the classroom and leadership labora- tory. Lt. Colonel George E. Homich Professor of Air Science Color Guard Unit Staff 291 4 3 Oth GROUP SIDNEY NEWTON GERRY GIVENS Group Commander Sponsor JAMES L. GARNER CLAUDE W. CALDWELL BILLY B. McELROY Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Cadet Major Cadet Captain Group Executive Officer Group Adjutant Group Personnel Officer AIR FORCE BAIM BOBBY L. HENDERSON ALEESE KILPATRICK Band Officer Sponsor Cadet Captain R, A. Davis, J. A, Dorsett, W. J. Estes, H. J. Fisher, T. H. Fulcher, C. D. Goldman, B. E. Graves, T. H. Gray, H. D. Green, D. F. Harrington, M. C. Hodges, B. G. Hughes, H. E. Irby, J. H. Kennan, R. C. Lewis, Jr., B. 0. Mounger, T. A. Richardson, J. J. Ross, J. F. Silver, B. T. Smith, R. W. Speck, Jr., J. A. Williams. 34th SQUADRON HAL S. SPRAGINS JOYCE ROY Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor 34th Squadron Commander VAUGHN S. ALLISON Cadet Major Executive Officer ROY FREEMAN Cadet Captain A Flight Leader for the 34th Squadron C. ROYAL WHITE Cadet Captain B Flight Leader G. D. Abraham, B. P. Allen, C. T. Anderson, J. J. Atherton, J. M. Bailey, M. J. Bailey, R. C. Barker, W. D. Barkley, M. D. Baxter, J. R. Bell, J. C. Bell, J. D, Bennett, R. Bennett, J. H. Bertels, W. B. Biggar+, G. W. Bilbo, J. L. Bishop, M. W. Blackburn, L. M. Bolen, T. F. Bonner, T. M. Booth, E. H. Bounds, T. Bozeman, A. H. Britt, H. W. Britt, J. V. Brocato, H. D. Brock, P. B. Brown, R. L. Brown, R. D. Broussard, C. T. Burrell, J. W. Burrow, W. S. Burton, W. W. Bush, E. F. Butler, H. E. Buzhardt, W. 0. Caldwell, D. A. Canada, W. C. Carroll, H. L. Case, D. T. Cham- pion, W. R. Clements, F. R. Hansen, J. M. Collum, C. L. Combs, C. C. Corner, H. Cooper, A. P. Correro, J. H. Creekmore, 0. B. Crocker, F. Crosthwait, E. J, Crow, J. M. Cruse, G. B. Cullen, B. H. Hanzig, J. W. Davis, J. T. Davis, J. E. Davis, G. D. Davidson, C. E. Davidson, T. E. Day, E. J. Deese, J. A. DeCell, R. Dickerson, A. P. Durtsy, W. B. Dyyer, L. W. Eaves, F. H. Eakin, A. H. Edleman, C. B. Edwards, C. M. Edwards, E. G. Ellis, R. S. Ellzey, R. L. Eubank, G. Farmer, G. Fisher, C. Flowers, J. H. Fleming, William W. Ford, M. Ford, J. Forshner, E. orsythe, D. Freeman, G. Freeny. 293 MARLIN RYLAND SUSIE SPALDING Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor Company Commander MURRAY HILL Cadet Major Executive Officer L. CLYDE LaBELLA Cadet Captain " A " Flight Leader BILLY F. HODGES Cadet Captain " B " Flight Leader D. S. Freeman, D. G. Fritchie, L. H. Fulcher, C. Garner, R. A. Giardina, J. M. Gibbs, J. R. Gipson, J. R. Goodwin, J. S. Gore, G. R. Greenlee, G. H. Gregory, G. L. Griffith E. Grober, V. D. Hagaman, J. E. Hall, T. H. Hamilton, D. H. Harbour, G. Hatch, L. E. Hatcher, T. J. Hawko, C. E. Heath, J. L. Hickman, P. A. Higdon, W. E, Holcomb, W. N. Holliday, J, H. Holloman, H. Holtz, W. B. Hopson, B. T, Howell, W. M. Huff, J. D. Hunt, J. P. Inzina, C. A. Irvine, F. H. Jones, W. W. Joor, D. D. Johnson, E. G. H. B. Jordan, J. H. Kemp, S. C. Kemp, B. W. Keyes, H. V. Kincannon, E. Kling, W. E. LaMastus, J. R. Laws, J. S. Lawson, T. W. Lester, F. J. Lee, R. B. Lewis, H. M. Lindsey, F. A. Love, G. T. Lovelady, J. Macione, M. R. Maddox, L. L. Mangum, L. E. Mapp, C. D. Martin, W. R. Massey, W. B. May, J. V. McClellan, W. F. McCollough, F. C. McCrory, S. D. McEachern, C. P. McElreath, C. E. McElroy, 0. T. Meadows, R. V. Miller, R. R. Mills, R. J. onsour, F. H. Moore, M, D. Moore, W. F. Mullen, R. G. Neel. 294 36th SQUADRON LEROY B. LETCHER MARY ANN MOBLEY Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor Company Commander JAMES C. WOODS WILLIAM B. HILL HENRY H. MOUNGER Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Executive Officer " A " Flight Leader " B " Flight Leader K. E. Lovelace, B. M. Morgan, D. L. Morris, J .T. Morris, J. R. Moseley, B. 0. Mounger, V. S. Mullen, K. A. Olive, S. A. Orcutt, J. N. Osburn, T. D. Owen, E. R. Pascoe, J. D. Pegram, A. S. Philip, A. L. Phillips, L. I. Pigott, W. R. Pipes, C. A. Pitcher, R. L. Pollard, R. A. Posegay, B. R. Pruett, I. Pugh, B. W. Ralph, D. 0. Ramsey, S. L. Reed, J .A. Reeves, J. V. Rice, A. H. Ritter, B. A. Rittman, W. R. Roberts, W. D. D. W. Rodgers, J. H. Sams, D. F. Schiesz, W. E. Schiesz, . R. Schofield, E. R. Schofield, H. K. Scoggin, C. I. Stanford, J. A. Stockett, D. R. Stubbs, H. C. Stubbs, J. J. Fulmer, F. J. Sherman, H. A. Shields, C. E. Shill, J. F. Silver, W. Sistrunk, J. H. Sk:pper, B. C. Smith, .J. W. Spears, R. J. Speed, E. G. R. J. Stebbins, S. J. Stigler, J. B. Stone, J. M. Sullivan, P. H. Sullivan, J. M. Sumner, D. E. Taylor, T. F. Taylor, D. L. Terry, R. E. Thacker, J. Thompson, R. F. Thompson, R. Thompson, A. F. Thornton, G. Thurber, J. A. Torrey, R. F. Trexler, P. H. Upton, C. F. Walker, J. C. Walker, W. H. Watson, N. Weathersby, H. Weinberg, R. L. West, J. Jr., D. Williams, J. 0. Williams, R. M. Williams, J. L. Woods, J. W. Yuil. 295 NA IA 707C The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was estab- lished at Ole Mks in June, 1946. It is located in McCain Hall, which is named for the late Admiral John S. McCain, an Ole Miss Alumnus. The purpose of the NROTC is the training of Ole Miss students for future Naval Careers. NROTC students are classified as either regular- or contract midshipmen. Reg- ular midshipmen are under a navy subsidized scholarship during their four years in college. These students are se- lected by nationwide competitive examinations. Upon re- ceiving their degrees, physically qualified students receive commissions as Ensigns in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. All officers thus commissioned must serve three years on active duty. After this period, those officers desiring to make the Navy a career may request such duty, and if selected, are placed in the same status with all other Naval Officers. If at the end of this period they desire to leave the active service, they are commis- sioned in the Naval Reserve. Contract students join the Navy unit in school to which they have already been admitted and are subject to the same physical and mental qualifications as the regular stu- dents. During their third and fourth years of college these students are paid an allowance for subsistence and, upon graduation, are given commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps Reserve. C. W. MUSGRAVE Captain, P.N.S. The Unit Staff The Color Guard The Drum and Bugle Corps PAUL W. MURRILL BETTY BENNETT Midshipman Captain Sponsor Battalion Commander BRUCE C. MEYER IRVING L. FULLER CARL S. DOWNING NATHANIEL 0. BEASLEY RICHARD J. O ' BRIEN Midshipman Commander Midshipman Midshipman Midshipman Lieutenant Midshipman CPO Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Supply Officer Chief Petty Officer Operation Officer Communications Officer JIM ROWSEY Midshipman Lieutenant Drum and Bugle Corps Commander 1-_, ' AL10% STAFF 297 flIST CO , ' , JIM F. LOWRIE ANN BUSSELL Midshipman Lieutenant Commander Sponsor Company Commander CALEB DORTCH K. R. ESCUDIER JOHN M. ALLRED J. W. WHITTINGTON Midshipman Lieutenant Midshipman CPO Midshipman Ensign Midshipman Ensign Executive Officer Chief Petty Officer Platoon Commander Platoon Commander FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Platoon Commander Midn ENS ALLRED, J. M. Platoon Commander Midn ENS WHITTINGTON, J. W. Platoon MPO Midn CPO HATCHER, J. M. Platoon MPO Midn CPO CAIN, J. A. Platoon Guide Midn P01 BOYD, G., JR. Platoon Guide Midn P01 HANNAH, T. B. Midn P02 HUFF, W. E. Squad Leader Midn P02 VERNER, M. J. Midn P02 ASHMAN, R. T. Squad Leader Midn P02 O ' FERRALL, R. C., JR. P02 TUCKER, C. R., JR. Squad Leader Midn P02 HUGHES, R. P. Squad Leader Scuad Leader Squad Leader ROBERT H. TRUE SHIRLEY LANDRUM Midshipman Lieutenant Commander Sponsor Company Commander WILLIAM D. SIMMERVILLE Midshipman Lieutenant Executive Officer WILLIAM C. SLAY Midshipman CPO Company Chief Petty Officer WILLIS CONNELL Midshipman Ensign Platoon Commander LOUIS W. GORENFLO Midshipman Ensign Platoon Commander FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Platoon Commander Midn ENS CONNELL, C. W., JR. Platoon Commander Midn ENS GORENFLO, L.W. Platoon MPO Midn CPO PHARIS, W. J. Platoon MPO Midn CPO FAY, D. W. Platoon Guide Midn POI WILLIAMSON, C. H. Platoon Guide Midn POI HILL, F. S., JR. Squad Leader Midn P02 STEWART, R. M. Squad Leader Midn P02 BAKER, H. W. Squad Leader Midn P02 BODAMER, J. E. Squad Leader Midn P02 HOUGH, R. W. Squad Leader Midn P02 KITTS, E. L., JR. Squad Leader Midn P02 JOHNS, R. L. THI:D COGIPANY CLIFFORD G. FOX DEAN FAULKNER Midshipman Lieutenant Commander Sponsor Company Commander V. A. CARBONAR Midshipman Lieutenant Executive Officer DUDLEY R. TURNER Midshipman CPO Chief Petty Officer JESS B. WOODS Mids hipman Ensign Platoon Commander C. E. AVARITT Midshipman Ensign Platoon Commander FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Platoon Commander Midn ENS WOODS, J. B., JR. Platoon Commander Midn Ens AVARITT, C. E., Ill Platoon MPO Midn CPO FARMER, D. W. Platoon MPO Midn CPO CORLEY, W. H., JR. Platoon Guide Midn P01 LAWSON, R. I. Platoon Gude Midn P01 BOYDEN, J. R. Squad Leader Midn P02 MOORE, R. C. Squad Leader Midn P02 AUSTIN, W. I. Squad Leader Midn P02 MALLETTE, FRANK Squad Leader Midn P02 ELLIOTT, W. W., IV. Squad Leader Midn P02 HOGAN, R. C. Squad Leader Midn P02 CLARK, D. R. CRAZYCARD CAT AL REALLY HARD AT WORK it r.4 741 1 AL MIK I STILL SAY THAT BOOK IS NOT OVERDUE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO SLEEP IN CLASS GRILLHOUND EXTRAORDINARY IHE JOKE WASN ' T FUNNY WHY SO Dhk ;l 1 1 k I ), MIMS? REMEMBER? 11 DO THEY HAVE CURB SERVICE? SOME RAH RAH FROSH 1 4,„1-ame. " At y PEANUT-3. , WATCH U5 SW THE PRIZE WINNER HOLD THAT POSE dr MI This THE FINGER OF SUSPICION POINTS TO YOU A DEVIL OF A PICTURE DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD LET THEM IN THE CLASS? THE THINKER WHOOPS! KEEP ON, YOU ' LL GET IT RIGHT I COULDN ' T HAVE DONE BETTER MYSELF IT IS ABOUT TI I WISH I HAD AN AIR CONDITIONER PUT THOSE FLO ' 2401101000iiirialittiWA __100000000000000000000 pk_010000000000000000000 _1000 U0000000 OOOOO 00 0 r4qr 0000000 OOOOO 0 000000000000 0 Cal 0000 0 ON .Ili NNW VIIIMIIMINIk- gm. .1111111111% . 1111111•111111•4 1111111111111111111MOM 1111r■Al..r. NIFINIMINN 11•1111■11t 4100.10111111. emall. " 1 " .. " 10.011.7 111111N111111111111111M MINIMMIONINNIONI ....00.10t- e■1114111111- ....111111114. 110111010110.1111, allIMMISOMML IME, ROSSER. I ' LL RUN YOU IF YOU PLAY IT THE UNIVERSITY PLAYERS THE CAINE MUTINY PRIDE AND PREJUDICE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE BERNARDA ALBA BERNARDA ALBA

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