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vanderbilt 1 IIIIINFIRABLE HUGH WRITE 1i ER.7E111 M. ' II !..?1 I S B A II 13 ll F THUS TEES FOR INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Members whose terms expire May 7, 1964 PAUL H. BOWDRE Hernando CHARLES D. FAIR Louisville LaBauve Trustee (DeSoto County) Fourth Congressional District H. G. CARPENTER Rolling Fork R. W. REED Tupelo Third Congressional District Northern Supreme Court District R. B. SMITH, JR. Ripley Second Congressional District Members whose terms expire May 7, 1960 DAVID COTTREEL, JR. Gulfport R. D. MORROW Brandon Sixth Congressional District ..State-at-large.. R. D. McLENDON Poplarville MRS. JANIE RICE TAYLOR Jackson Southern Supreme Court District Central Supreme Court District Members whose terms expire May 7, 1956 J. 0. EMMERICH McComb H. M. IVY Meridian Seventh Congressional District ..State-at-large.. R. N. HENLEY Macon MARTIN V. B. MIHLER Meridian First Congressional District Fifth Congressional District OFFICERS OF THE BOARD H. M. IVY President E. R. JOBE Executive Secretary 11 CHANCELLOR JOHN D. WILLIAMS CILINLEILL._„ Twentieth Century society concerns itself more and more with recording facts and figures about the individual. It records his birth, the facts of his education, his medical history, his memberships in societies, political parties, and other organizations, his military service, and even his opinions on a diversity of tions. The University serves as one of the agencies which keeps records for you. Your grades, your ties, your health your degrees and honors—even your picture are on file at the University while you are a student, and most of this information will remain on file after you graduate. After you leave, the University will continue to be interested in you and will record the significant facts of your career. In the years to come most of you will find it helpful to make use of these records in the custody of the sity. These records, however, fail to reflect the varied and colorful experiences of your student days that have meant so much to you and which will mean even more as the years add vivid hues to the leaves of the tree of life as the autumn period approaches. The OLE MISS of 1954 captures for you the highlights of the year as you have lived it. It can never become a dry, half-forgotten statistical record, for its pictures of your friends, campus scenes, and ganizations, and its narratives in the student vocabulary of the day will bring you pleasant memories and will always renew for you the spirit of these days. It will become a volume in your library whose value will increase with each additional year. For each of you I wish a lifetime of pleasant and reward ing memories of your years at Ole Miss. This volume will serve to keep ever fresh these memories of things past. I shall be continually interested in you, in your career, and in your success as a good neigh bor, a responsible citizen of your community, and as a worthy American. ROBERT S. FARLEY School of Law VICTOR A. COULTER College of Liberal Arts ELMER L. HAMMOND School of Pharmacy CLIVE F. DUNHAM School of Commerce and Business Administration DAVID S. PANKRATZ School of Medicine FORREST W. MURPHY School of Education FREDERIC H. KELLOGG School of Engineering DUDLEY R. HUTCHERSON Graduate School N VETINI7 E I. S The University of Mississippi has progressed from a single college in 1848, the Col- lege of Liberal Arts, to its present size of seven schools and the one college. The schools in order of their founding are: The School of Law, 1854; the School of Engineering, 1900; The School of Education, 1903; The School of Medicine, 1903; The School of Pharmacy, 1908; The School of Business, 1917; and the Graduate School, 1927. Cer- tainly progress is a sign of future greatness, and due to the more than generous gift of Mr. Robert M. Carrier, formerly of Sardis and now a resident of the University, a $500,000 Engineering building is now being built. Although it will be a loss to our campus, we have pride in our new four year Medical School under construction in Jackson. The building contract calls for completion by December 15, 1954. A student at Ole Miss today has not only the opportunity of specializing in one of many fields, but he can also broaden his cultural outlook through the varied array of course offered in these eight departments. Under the able guidance of our Deans, Ole Miss looks for- ward to continued future expansion. L. L. LOVE W. ALTON BRYANT Dean of Students Acting Dean of the University CARROLL W. NORTH W. C. TROTTER Comptroller Financial Secretary ROBERT ELLIS J. S. HARTIN FRED FORD MARVIN BLACK DR. V. B. HARRISON Registrar Director of Libraries Director of Personnel Director of Public Relations Student Health Director 14 THE ADMINISTRATION The Academic Division, the Division of Student Personnel, the Office of the Financial Secretary, and the Division of the Comptroller con- stitute the administrative organization of the University of Mississippi. The head of each division is direcly responsible to Chancellor Williams. Dr. W. Alton Bryant, Acting Dean of the University, is the head of the Academic Division; Dean L. L. Love, Dean of Students, heads the Division of Student Personnel; Mr. W. C. Trotter, Financial Secretary, has the responsibility of collecting and the expenditure of all the funds of the University; Comptroller Carrol W. North is responsible for all other financial matters concerning the Univ ersity. Estella Hefley, Dean of Women; Robert Ellis, Acting Registrar; R. M. Guess, Dean of Men; Claude Smith, Director of Athletics; V. B. Harrison, Director of Student Health service; Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics; Marvin Black, Director of Public Relations; William S. Griffin, Alumni Secre- tary; J. S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; Fred C. Ford, Director of Personnel; and John Vaught, Head Athletic Coach are other bers of the administration of the University of Mississippi. R. MALCOLM GUESS Dean of Men ESTELLA HEFLEY Dean of Women WILLIAM GRIFFIN CLAUDE SMITH JEFF HAMM JOHN VAUGHT Alumni Secretary Director of Athletics Athletic Business Manager Head Coach 15 jq MERLE C. FRASER WALTER E. WATTS, JR. TOMMY R. JONES BETTY MacDONALD ASB President ASB Vice-president ASB Treasurer ASB Secretary THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL One of the three major divisions of the student administration at the University of Mississippi is the Legislative Council. The other two are the Asso- ciated Student Body president and the Campus Senate. The Legislative Council is composed of the A.S.B. president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, the presidents of the eight schools, the editor of The Mississippian, and the president of The Women ' s Student Government Association, all elected ficials. The Council serves as a sounding and advisory board for the president, and also as an originator of much of the legislation handled by the Senate. The individual members point their efforts toward further student control of campus affairs and strengthening the A.S.B. government organization. As a further duty they are called upon to uphold the spirit of friendliness and progress that is traditional here at Ole Miss. 18 ASB CABINET Left to right: Lyle Carroll, Marion Smith, Hunter Gholson, Merle Fraser, Jim Becker, Ernest Duff. Left to right: Pollye Franklin, WSGA President; Walter Watts, ASB Vice-preside nt; S. K. Jones, Commerce President; Sam Schniek, Graduate President; Betty MacDonald, ASB Secretary; Bob Sayle, Medical President; Merle Fraser, ASB President; George Hewes, attending for Law School; Fraser Triplett, Liberal Arts President; James Engineering President; Johnny Pittman, Pharmacy President; Tommy Jones, ASB Treasurer; Ken Seawright, Education President. First Row: Nancy Abernathy, Mickey Aiken, Jimmy Allen, John son, Bob John Barnett, Joan Barrett, John Bat, Bill Beck, Bob Beck. Second Row: Louis Blanchard, Bob Childres, Rosemary Collins, Sylvia Collins, Omar Craig, Tom Craig, Van Craig, Edward son, Charles Davis, Ralph Davison. Third Row: Joe Durrett, Alan Edgar, Joe Elliot, Laurin Fields, Les Fletcher, Doug Fontaine, Pollye Franklin, Pep Fuller, Bob Grant, Joe Greco. Fourth Row: Bob Hale, Dot Hansen, Alvin Hatcher, Ronald Hays, Nancy House, Charles Humphreys, David Isom, Bill F. Jackson, Paul Jones, Kay Kirkland. Fifth Row: George Klepper, Nancy Klindworth, Henry Kremer, Jack Lessenberry, Linda Martin, Adeline Shirley Maynard, G. T. Merrill, Lady Mockbee, Al Moore, Sixth Row: Jerry Morphis, Dan Johnny Palmer, Cleo Parker, Paul Parra, Frank Potts, Margie Ratliff, Fielding Robinson, Don Samuels, John Satterfield. Seventh Row: Warren Seeley, Donna Jean Wallace Sherwood, Milford Shirley, June Short, Bill Slay, Lloyd Spivey, Gilbert Stokes, Ruth Streeter, Jo Taylor. Eighth Row: Martha VanBibber, Julia Waits, Ronnie Waschka, John Way, Leon Wigginton, Nancy Williams, Jim Williams, James Wilson, Not Pictured: Jerry Ainsworth, Sonny Davison, David Oates, Charles Stanback. 70 EA11 11111S SENATE CAMPUS SENATE OFFICERS Left to right standing: Jack Lessenbe rry, George Klepper; seated: Walter Watts, Betty MacDonald. The Campus Senate, the law making body of our student government, is modeled after the Congress of the United States. The Campus Senate at Ole Miss was formed under the present ASB Constitution five years ago and has grown and developed into a powerful representative of the student body. The Senate ' s membership is composed of one member elected from each section of each dormitory, each fraternity and sorority house, each district in Veterans Village, two students residents of Oxford appointed by the Speaker, and a representative from the Chancellor ' s office, and from the Dean of each School. Through cooperation with the administration and the support of the students the Senate passes bills and resolutions setting up the policies for all student activities in order that they may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole, and to the credit of the University. The Campus Senate is a training ground for the student leaders who will someday be the leaders in our Democratic State and National Government. JUDICIAL COUNCIL Left to right: Wade Lagrone, George Gully, Wes Lominick, chairman; Al Binder, Margaret Crook. • POLLYE FRANKLIN JERRY PANKRATZ CAROLYN CAUSEY BETTY NOSSER President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer WOMEN ' S STUIENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION First Row: Nancy Abernathy, Louise Azlin, Gait Brewster, Laurin Second Row: Colleen Fly, Kay Horton, Taylor, Shirley Wagner, Carolyn Wilkins. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews. RESIDENCE HALL PRESIDENTS Bottom row left to right: Kay Horton Isom Hall; Pollye Franklin, President of U riversity, State and Regional WSGA; Carolyn Jo Taylor, Ricks Hall; Standing: Shirley Wagner, Somerville Hall; Laurin Fields, Barnard Hall; Carolyn Wilkins, Deaton Hall. OFFICERS POLLY FRANKLIN President GERRY PANCRATZ Vice-President CAROLYN CAUSEY Secretary BETTY NOSSER Treasurer The Women ' s Student Government tion is a self governing organization composed of every woman student of the campus. Its poses are to promote the activities of women students, to encourage scholarship, to uphold high social standards, and to further the ideals of the University. W.S.G.A. is headed by an Executive Council of four officers who are elected by popular vote in the spring of each year. Each dormitory elects a House Council posed of a president, a secretary, and two resentatives from each floor. The duties of these House Councils are to promote high social ards and to promote the observance of all versity regulations. The Legislative Council, which is responsible for rules and regulations, is guided by the ecutive Council and is composed of the tory presidents and secretaries. W.S.G.A. is represented on the A.S.B. lative Council by its president. W.S.G.A. at Ole Miss is a member of the Mississippi Association of Student Governments for Women and also of the Southern Intercollegiate Association of Women ' s Student Governments. 23 ote 1 NORRELL NOBLE Editor CHRIS MARTIN Managing Editor It was a crazy year, maybe your glimpse at the Ole Miss convinced you that it was too crazy. Be that as it may, we the staff of the 1954 edition feel that here in these pages you can always recall the days of ' 54 when you were one of the Rebels. It should bring more smiles than tears, but then if you like tears look at the Ole Miss—Maryland score. Left to right: Barbara Croom Anne Doty, Mary Ellen Moore, Joyce Nelson, Frank Potts. 24 First Row: ANNE DOTY Copy Editor JOE DURRETT Greek Editor THERESA GRIMES Class Editor GEORGE KNISTER Assistant to Business Manager ANN McINTYRE Greek Editor It was put together by Norrell Noble as editor. The little redhead who worried over your faces and names in the class section was Theresa Grimes. Her assistants were Alice McKee, Dot Walker, Mary Pat Haven, and Barbara Crum. The Greeks were written by members of local clans, Left to right: George Knister, Theresa Grimes, Croom Rivers, Mary Ellen Moore, Joyce Nelson, Hal Spragins, Joe Durrett. Second Row: DICK O ' FERRALL Assistant to the Editor FRANK POTTS Sports Editor BANKS SHEPHERD Photographer HAL SPRAGINS Assistant Business Manager MARTY WIGLAMA Snapshot Editor Ann McIntyre and Joe Durrett. After their months of research in theatre and book reviews, you be the judge as to the results. Photographically in this department Martha Maynard, Mary Ellen Moore, and Golda Jones " found them and put them there. ' Pictures, pictures, and more pictures make an annual, and Banks Shepherd took most of them as head photo- grapher. His able assistants were Johnny Pittman and Hal Spragins. The beauties were so capably done by Mr. George Ambrester of Tupelo. Sports editor Frank Potts covered athletic events throughout the South keeping up with the Rebels. Perhaps his most pleasing assignment was a compilation of a few All-American statistics on everybody ' s All-American, Crawford Mims. Martha Wiglama and Joyce Nelson mulled over the snapshots, got frantic trying to choose a few, wrote some wild captions, and you can see ' em about page 150. Money mad Martin, Chris that is, was our steadying in- fluence and was always echoing " it costs too much. " Ac- tually he was the business manager. Hal Spragins, when not taking snaps, was the assistant business manager. it for ' 54. We had fun compiling it, and we hope you will enjoy it through the years. 25 ELIZABETH NICHOLS Editor JIMMY AUTRY Managing Editor MICKEY AIKEN Business Manager THE 11 IISSISSIPP The presses down at the Oxford Eagle rolled off their forty-third year ' s worth of " Mississippians " during the term 1953-54, but this year with a new twist. For the third time in the history of said newspaper, a woman has been at the helm, namely Liz Nichols. " The Rebel ' s weekly newspaper, " which makes its bow every Friday evening, is circulated throughout Mississippi to alumni and to every four-year accredited high school, as well as to certain high schools in neighboring states and to an exchange list of many other colleges and universities. Jimmy " Punchline " Autry, the man who weekly tained his readers with columns on such subjects as men ' s clothes, women ' s makeup, and a sensational report on " The General Behavior of the Ole Miss Female, " very efficiently sat in the managing editor ' s chair and directed, under Miss Nichols, the intricate functions of the paper. Mickey Aiken, sometimes known as " The Golden Miser " sat in the little private office awarded to his dignity and scooped up the money with one hand as he wrote checks for fabulous sums with the other. The man with the twitching whip who was seen Wednes- day and Thursday nights at the " Mississippian " office ing the news staff to greater efforts was John Way, the news editor. Serving as John ' s Assistant through thick and thin was Jean Guyton. Mary Lou Butler held the exalted position of associate editor and was responsible for helping the rest of the editors get their pages made up. Jerry Bishop edited all sports copy and wrote " On The Left to Right: Ary Phillips Jan Berrier, Becky McCharen, Ben Jerry Bishop, Mary Lou Butler, Jimmy Autrey, Bill Liz Nichols. Limb " for the benefit of the Rebel grid squad and its numerous followers. As assistant sports editor was Irby Park. As co-feature editors the staff supported Ramond Burgin and Sara Murphey, and as society writers were Becky Mc- Charen and Ben Stevens. The man with the big black box who haunted the cam- 26 First Row: Second Row: JERRY BISHOP Sports Editor LACY MARTIN Advertising Manager RAMOND BURGIN Feature Editor SARA MURPHEY Feature Editor MARY LOU BUTLER Associate Editor IRBY PARK Assistant Sports Editor ROBERT E. GRANT Bookkeeper JESSE PHILLIPS Circulation Manager DICK HOOKER Photographer JOHN WAY News Editor pus with his twitching shutter finger and blinding flashbulbs was Dick Hooker, chief photographer deluxe. On the business side, Lacy Martin twisted arms and such in order to secure sufficient numbers of ads each week with Beck y McCharen as his assistant advertising manager. Jesse Phillips, circulation manager, saw that each and every Left to Right: Tommy Cobb, Pat Frazier, Jean Guyton, George McNeill, Bill Taylor. paper found its way to a reader, while Bob Grant kept the books. Hal Spragins was assistant business manager, Ed Noel, advertising photographer. Advertising assistants were Charlie Bell, Martha Van Bibber, John Malmo, Irby Park, Jesse Phillips, and Ernest Sparrow. Circulation assistants were Marlon Ryland, Walter Hurt, and Ray Mikell. George McNeil was A.S.B. Government Reporter, who covered ably the inner working of the campus senate. Other reporters, were Walter Hurt, Bob Phillips, Wallace Sherwood, Dot Hansen, Betty Sarter, Ary Phillips, Bonita Appleton, Connie Jenkins, and Jan Berrier. Those reporters who covered the sports angle were Frank Potts, Barney Eaton, Tommy Cobb, Bill Davis, and Steve Butler. Acting as bookkeeper was Bob Grant, and as typist for the business staff, Theresa Grimes. As ever, the " Mississippian " closed The 1954 school year with its hopes set on the All-America rating, one we feel that is well deserving. A. S. It PANCE UMI E7VE.E LYLE CARROLL GEORGE HEWES JACK LESSENBERRY The Chairman of the A.S.B. Dance Committee is appointed by the A.S.B. President. All bers of the Dance and Floor Committee are selected by the chairman and subject to final proval by the A.S.B. President. The A.S.B. Dance Committee is responsible for bringing name bands to the campus, preparing for dances, and for the conduct of the students who attend the dances. The Colonel ' s Party for Santa Dancing is an important part of the social life at Ole Miss, and each year we have the tunity of hearing some of the famous bands of the country. This year the Alabama Cavaliers played for Homecoming; Ray McKinley and his orchestra gave a concert and played for a dance on December 12. The A.S.B. Dance Committee brought these topflight bands to the Ole Miss campus. Mr. Mac is long gone 28 29 AL MOORE MAUDE SUGG PAULA PEMBLE ANN McINTYRE FRED TANNEHILL First Row: Billy Ross Brown, Carl Allen Edgar, B. Elliott. Second Row: Doug Fontaine, Doug Hodo, Huff, Hazel McCain. Third Row: George McNeill, Jane Marcum, Crawford Minis, Betty Nosser. Fourth Row: Paul Wally Billy Smith, Murray Smith. Not Pictured: Charles DeGilio, Jerry Easley, Buddy McCharen. First Row: Maurice Dentin, William P. Dulaney, Hunter M. Ghoison, George P. III, John Keeton. Second Row: George M. Klepper, Jr., J. David Orlansky, William F. Selph, W. Marion Smith, Irby Turner, Jr. Not Pictured: George Rogers. THE MOOT C O U R T BOARD OFFICERS BILL SELPH Chairman GEORGE ROGERS Secretary DAVID ORLANSKY Appellate Chairman MARION SMITH Assistant GEORGE P. HEWES, III Assistant JOHN KEETON Circuit Clerk JOHN DUNLANEY Assistant IRBY TURNER Assistant GEORGE KLEPPER Chancery Clerk MAURICE DANTIN Assistant HUNTER GHOLSON Assistant The Moot Court Board is composed of students of the school of Law chosen by the Faculty. This board gives students experience in conducting themselves in actual court- room practice and in the handling of general office matters. It arranges cases, and students prepare briefs, argue appellate cases and conduct trial cases. Advanced stu- dents, faculty members, and practicing lawyers and judges serve as judge. William P. Murphy serves as faculty advisor to the Moot Court Board in appellate cases. Bramlette Roberts is the faculty advisor to the g eneral practice division. 30 MISSISSIPPI LAW JELERNAL STAFF WILLIAM M. DEAVOURS Editor JAMES L. YOUNG Business Manager WILLIAM P. DULANEY Case Editor JOHN T. KEETON Case Editor STONE D. BAREFIELD Book Review Editor WILLIAM H. BECK, JR Book Review Editor ERNEST R. DUFF Book Review Editor J. DAVID ORLANSKY Book Review Editor ROBERT S. REEVES Book Review Editor W. MARION SMITH Book Review Editor ARTHUR B. CUSTY Faculty Advisor " The Mississippi Law Journal, " founded in 1928, is the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar, It is published four times a year by the students of the School of Law of the University of Mississippi. The Journal publishes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the State Bar, articles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments written by the students on recent decisions, reviews of current treatises on the general subject of Law, and other matters of interest to the legal profession. First Row: Stone D. William H. Beck, Jr., Alvin Binder, William William Dulaney. Second Row: Ernest R. Duff, John T. Keetton, J. David Orlansky, Robert S. Reeves, W. Marion Smith. Not Pictured: James L. Young, 31 1 MERLE FRASER Benjamin Acevedo Charles Allen William Allred Ansel Anderson, Jr. ASS President Thomas Anderson Paul Baccaro Thomas Arrington William Anderson ABOVE First Row: • BENJAMIN ACEVEDO, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; Law II. • CHARLES H. ALLEN, Pinola; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM W. ALLRED, Collins; Law I; Westminster Fellowship; Social Co-Chairman of Freshman Y. • ANSEL G. ANDERSON, JR., Vicksburg; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Row: • THOMAS J. ANDERSON, Ellisville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM J. ANDERSON, Meridian; Med. II; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS H. ARRINGTON, Jackson; Med. II; Phi Chi. • PAUL M. BACCARO, Rochester, New York; Graduate I; Sigma Alpha Eta. BELOW First Row: • LYNN E. BACOT, Holmesville; Graduate; Kappa Delta Epsilon; International Relations Club. Independents. • WILLIAM T. BAILEY, Lucedale; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha • FAYE E. BAKER, Oxford; Graduate; University Players; Sigma Alpha Eta. • BENJAMIN F. BANAHAN, Jackson; Med. I; Phi Chi. • EDWIN F. BARBER, Gulfport; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • STONE D. BAREFIELD, Hattiesburg; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. • JOHN E. BAT, Cicero, Illinois; Law III; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; Campus Senate; Intramural Council. Second Row: • SIDNEY F. BECK, JR., Cleveland; Law III; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM H, BECK, JR., Clarksdale; Law III, Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi, Campus Senate. • JAMES A. BECKER, JR. Brookhaven; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Claiborne Society; Director of Student Activities, 53-54. • JEFFERSON C. BELL, tesburg; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal. • JAMES A. Mathiston; Graduate; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club. • M. LIBBY BICKERSTAFF, Gulfport; Law I; Pi Sigma Alpha; Baptist Student Union; Executive Council; Concert Singers, 52. • ALVIN BINDER, Clarksdale; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Judicial Council, Vice-President; Hillel Foundation; Law Journal, Book Editor, Lynn Bacot Sidney Beck, Jr. William Bailey William Beck, Jr. Faye Baker James Becker, Jr. Benjamin Banahan Jefferson Bell Edwin Barber James Bennett Stone Barefield Libby Bickerstaff John Bat Alvin Binder 34 Richard Birchett Louis Blanchard Joseph Boone William Booth, Jr. Benny Brady Harold Brewer Samuel Britton Joseph Brown, Jr. William Brown, Jr. Kirby Bryant Joe Bullock Pearl Burch Leslie Burris Joe Byrd ABOVE First Row: • RICHARD P. BIRCHETT, Yazoo, City; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • LOUIS J. BLANCHARD, Senatobia; Graduate; Sigma Pi; Treasurer, Beta Alpha Psi; Campus Senate. • JOSEPH E. BOONE, Columbia; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Journal. • WILLIAM H. JR., Hollandale; Med. II; Phi Chi. • BENNY F. BRADY, Lula; Law III; M Club; Kappa Kappa Psi; Rebel Band. • HAROLD D. BREWER, Richton; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. • SAMUEL B. BRITTON, West Monroe, Louisiana; Graduate; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Psi. Second Row: • JOSEPH E. BROWN, JR., Natchez; Law II; Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. • WILLIAM A. BROWN, JR., Natchez; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. KIRBY K. BRYANT, Oxford: Med. II; Beta Theta Pi; Aloha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta; Pre Med Club. • JOE R. BULLOCK, Brandon; Law. • PEARL M. BURCH, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; Omicron. • LESLIE E. BURRIS, Smithdale; Graduate. • JOE H. BYRD, Kingsport, Tennessee; Graduate. BELOW First Row: • HENRY C. CALDWELL, JR., Walnut Grove; Graduate; Kappa Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • WILLIAM L. CALHOUN, Oxford; Graduate. • THOMAS H. Yazoo City; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NORMAN F. CARNES, Jackson; Graduate. • CHARLES M. CARR, Ocean Springs; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta. • GLENN A. CARTER, Magnolia; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • PATRICK L. CHIPLEY, Dossville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Row: • ALBERT F. CIOFFI, Ashland; Law III; Sigma Pi; Phi Alha Delta; University Players. • DOROTHY B. GLOWER, Gulfport; Law I; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WAYNE P. COCKRELL, West Point; Med. II; Theta Chi. • ROBERT E. COGHLAN, Philadelphia; Med. I. • HENRY B. COLE, West Point; Med. I; Sigma Chi; Phi C hi. • MARGARET J. COLLIER, Kewanee; Graduate. • EDWARD L. COOK, JR., Inverness; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Henry Caldwell, Jr. William Calhoun Albert Cioffi Dorothy Glower R Thomas Campbell Norman Carnes Charles Carr Glenn Carter Patrick Chipley Wayne Cockrell Robert Coghlan Henry Cole Margaret Collier Edward Cook, Jr. 35 WALTER WATTS ASB Vice-president Lewis Cook Lillian Cundiff ABOVE Omar Craig Anne Daniel Kibler Crenshaw Hunter Daniel Lois Cummings Maurice Dantin First Row: • LEWIS H. COOK, Columbia; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • OMAR D. CRAIG, Louisville; Law. • KIBLER C. CRENSHAW, Crenshaw; Graduate; Delta Delta Delta. • LOIS CUMMINGS, Tupelo; Graduate. Second Row: • LILLIAN C. CUNDIFF, Jackson, Tennessee; Graduate; Chi Omega; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Gamma Nu. • E. ANNE DANIEL, Natchez; Graduate; University Players. • HUNTER B. DANIEL, Jackson; Med. II; Phi Chi. • MAURICE DANTIN, Columbia; Law II; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • L. STACY DAVIDSON, JR., Pope; Med. I; Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • GEORGE W. DAVIS, JR., Tupelo; Med. I. • MARY RUTH DAVIS, Forest; Med. II. • POLLY A. DAVIS, Grenada; Graduate. • FRANK R. DAY, Aberdeen; Graduate; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM M. DEAVOURS, Laurel; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal Editor. • MELNA S. Clinton; Graduate. Second Row: • JACK F. de MAEYER, Mechelen, Belgium; Graduate. • PETER L. De RUITER, Macon; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM S. DICKSON, Aberdeen; Law III; Delta Psi. • JOSEPH D. University; Graduate; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; I.F.C. • ERNEST R. DUFF, Columbia; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Tau Kappa Alpha; A.S.B. Cabinet. • WILLIAM P. DULANEY, Tunica; Law II; Delta Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board, • JOHANNA K. EASLEY, McComb; Graduate. Stacy Davidson, Jr. George Jr. Mary Davis Polly Davis Frank Day William Deavours Melna DeLashmet Jack de Maeyer Peter De Ruiter William Dickson Joseph Dolin Ernest Duff William Dulaney Johanna Easley 36 Joseph Elliot+ David Ellis Robert Ervin Ignatius FaFinski Ernest Farrar Colleen Fly Elmer Fondren Ralph Fortenberry Jeannine Fraser Walter Gary David Galtney Phillip George Richard George Hunter Gholson ABOVE First Row: • JOSEPH B. ELLIOTT, Yazoo City; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID B. ELLIS, Cotton Plant; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT N. ERVIN, Jackson; Med. I. • IGNATIUS A. FaFINSKI, Dunkirk, New York; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • ERNEST W. FARRAR, JR., Crystal Law II; Delta Psi. • COLLEEN FLY, Belmont; Graduate; Zeta Tau Alpha; Mortar Board; Theta Sigma Phi; Lambda Sigma; Mississippian Staff. • ELMER L. FONDREN, Itta Bena; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • RALPH M, FORTENBERRY, Jackson; Med. I; Phi Chi; Beta Theta Pi. • JEANNINE V. FRASER, University Graduate; Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Pi. • WALTER H. Europa; Med. I; Phi Chi. • DAVID K. GALTNEY, Corinth; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta. • PHILLIP GEORGE, Vicksburg; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa. • RICHARD L. GEORGE, Macon; Med. II; Kappa Alpha. • HUNTER M. GHOLSON, Columbus; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Moot Court Board; Law Journal; Claiborne Society; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; University Players; I.F.C.; A.S.B. Cabinet; Campus Senate. BELOW First Row: • JOAN J. GILLULY, Greenwood; Med. I; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • THOMAS L. GOLDMAN, Meridian; Law I; Tau Kappa Alpha. • JEROME M. GOODMAN, keepsie, New York; Graduate; Phi Epsilon Pi. • WANDA J. GOODMAN, Red Banks; Graduate; Phi Mu; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma. • WEIDA J. GOODMAN, Red Banks; Graduate; Phi Mu; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma. • HERBERT W. GREGORY, Calhoun City; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta In. • HARRY C. GRIFFITH, Memphis, Tennessee; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha. Second Row: • JERRY B, GULLEDGE, Crystal Springs; Med. II; Phi Chi. • GEORGE H, GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; Moot Court Board; YMCA Cabinet; Phi Alpha Delta. • JAMES D. Okolona; Med. I; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • ROBERT G. HAIK, New Orleans, Louisiana; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma Chi. • MARVIN L. HALE, JR., Yazoo City; Law I; Scabbard and Blade; YMCA Cabinet; Campus Senate; Delta Sigma Pi, • CHARLES J. HALLBERG, JR., Vicksburg; Graduate; Beta Alpha Psi; Wesley Foundation; Delta Sigma Pi, • JAMES K. Steele, Missouri; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Canterbury Club. Joan Gilluly Thomas Goldman Jerry Gulledge George Gulley, Jr. Jerome Goodman James Hadley Wanda Goodman Robert Haik Weida Goodman Marvin Jr. Herbert Gregory Charles Hallberg, Jr. Harry Griffith James Harris " ' ter 0° ' 37 B ETTY MacDONALD Durward Harrison Jay Hedgepeth L. C. Henson George Hewes, Ill ASE Secretary William Hill Elizabeth Hilton Jere Hoar William Holloway ABOVE First Row: • DURWARD L. HARRISON, Calhoun City; Med. I; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. • JAY H. HEDGEPETH, Brookhaven; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • L. C. HENSON, Stewart; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GEORGE P. Ill, Jackson; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; cron Delta Kappa; Canterbury Club; Phi Alpha Delta; YMCA Cabinet; A.S.B. Dance Committee. Second Row: • WILLIAM E. HILL, Senatobia; Graduate. • ELIZABETH L. HILTON, Oxford; Graduate; Kappa Delta. • JERE R. HOAR, Oxford; Graduate; Alpha Gamma Rho. • WILLIAM B, HOLLOWAY, Anguilla; Graduate. BELOW First Row: • PAUL C. HORN, Magee; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM H. JACOBS, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JOHN H. JAMES, Montrose; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Blue Key; Beta Beta Beta. • HUGH R. JOHNSON, Columbia; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • 0. SHAW JR., dale; Graduate; Phi Delta Theta. • WADE H. JOHNSON, JR., Coffeeville; Graduate. • ALBERT S. JOHNSTONE, Carthage; Graduate, Second Row: • JOSEPH P. JONES, Oxford; Med I; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Xi. • JULIAN F. JONES. Walnut Grove; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • SAAD D. KANDEEL, Cairo, Egypt; Graduate. • BERWIND N. KAUFMANN, University; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JOHN T. KEETON, Grenada; Law II; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE M. KLEPPER, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Law III; Sigma. Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Arnold Air Society; Campus Senate. • DANIEL B. Tippo; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. Paul Horn William Jacobs John James Hugh Johnson Shaw Jr. Wade Johnson, Jr. Albert Johnston Joseph Jones Julian Jones Saad Kandeel Berwind Kaufmann John Keeton George Klepper, Jr. Daniel Knight 38 Wade Lagrone Robert Lake, Jr. Henry Laws, II Joseph LeBlanc Jack Lessenberry James Lipsey James Loden Wesley Lominick, Jr. Lenore Loving Travis Lunceford Dorothy McCormick Talbot McCormick, Jr. James McCoy Josephine McCrone ABOVE First Row: • WADE H. LAGRONE, Vicksburg; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Kappa Alpha; Judicial Council. • ROBERT H. LAKE, JR., Greenville; Law II; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRY L. LAWS, II, Columbus; Med. II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • JOSEPH V. LeBLANC, Greenwood; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • JACK L. LESSENBERRY, Little Rock, Arkansas; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Senate; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Alpha Delta. • JAMES H. LIPSEY, Brookhaven; Med. II; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES P. LODEN, Sardis; Graduate; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • WESLEY R. LOMINICK, JR., Vicksbu rg; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Judicial Council; Law Honor Council. • LENORE LOVING, West Point; Law I. • TRAVIS E. LUNCEFORD, Slate Spring; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; B.S.U. • DOROTHY E. McCORMICK, Walnut Grove; Graduate; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • TALBOT G. McCORMICK, JR., Forest; Med. I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • JAMES F. McCOY, Lake; Law I; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi. • E. JOSEPHINE McCRONE, Vicksburg; Graduate; Delta Zeta. BELOW First Row: • THOMAS F. McGEHEE, JR., Long Beach; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ERVIN McKAY, Gulfport; Law I; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Pi Kappa Pi. • CECIL McKLEMURRY, Sumner; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HUGH C. McLEOD, JR., Hattiesburg; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN M. JR., Lexington; Med II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Cardinal Club; Pershing Rifles. • LAUCH M. MAGRUDER, Memphis, Tennessee; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT S. MAJOR, JR., Jackson; Law III; Zeta Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. Second Row: • AUGUSTIN H. MANGUAL, San Sebastian, Puerto Rico; Law I. • JOHNNY A. MARASCALCO, Grenada; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • JAMES R. MARKETTE, Brookhaven; Med. I; Phi Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT R. MARRIAM, Abbeville; Graduate; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • CHARLES H. Kokomo; Med. I; Phi Chi. • CHRISTOPHER D. MARTIN, New Hartford, Missouri; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Anchor Chain; The Mississippian; The Ole Miss, Business Manager. • JAMES MILEY, Clarksdale; Graduate; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Arnold Air Society. Thomas McGehee, Jr. Ervin McKay Cecil McKlemurry Hugh McLeod, Jr. John McRae, Jr. Lauch Magruder Robert Major, Jr. Agustin Mangual Johnny Marascalco James Markette Robert Marriam Charles Martin Christopher Martin James Miley 39 TOMMY JONES ASB Treasurer John Miller John Moore Daniel Mitchell Steren Moore Robert Mitchell Willa Montgomery Sebastian Moore Yancey Moore, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • JOHN D. MILLER, Laurel; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • J. DANIEL MITCHELL, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • ROBERT A. MITCHELL, Walnut Grove; Med. II; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Chi; Sigma Nu. • WILLA J. MONTGOMERY, Summit; Graduate, Second Row: • JOHN W. MOORE, Hattiesburg; Med. I; Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. • STEREN L. MOORE, Brandon; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • W. SEBASTIAN MOORE, Jackson; Law III; Sigma Chi. • YANCEY A. MOORE, JR., Brentwood, Tennessee; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha; Campus Senate; A.S.B. Dance Committee. BELOW First Row: • JERRY Jackson; Med. II; Phi Chi. • DAVID S. Marks; Graduate; Sigma Chi. • ISAAC A. JR., Tylertown; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • ELIZABETH NICHOLS, University; Graduate; Kappa Delta; Mississippian Editor; Theta Sigma Phi; Claiborne Society. • JAMES E. NIX, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • JUDITH T. NOEL, West Point; Graduate; Phi Mu. • MARVIN 0. OATES, Bay Springs:, Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • GEORGE W. ODEN, Hattiesburg; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM B. O ' NEAL, Clarksdale; Law I. • WINSTON J. O ' NEAL, Saucier; Med. II; Phi Chi. • J. DAVID ORLANSKY, Drew; Law III; Zeta Beta Tau; Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • W. JOE OVERBY, Houlka; Law I; Pershing Rifle. • EDWARD E. OWEN, Blue Mountain; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • FRANCES C. PARKER, Memphis, Tennessee; Graduate; Alpha Xi Delta. Jerry Nagle David Newton Isaac Jr. Elizabeth Nichols James Nix Judith Noel Marvin Oates George Oden William O ' Neal Winston O ' Neal David Orlansky Joe Overby Edward Owen Frances Parker 40 Word Patton Tony Provenza John Pearson Betty Rasberry William Philp James Ratcliff James Pittman, Jr. Tulane Posey, Jr. Leon Ratliff Robert Reeves John Powell Pete Rymes Charles Pringle J. W. Richardson ABOVE First Row: • WORD B. PATTON, Como; Graduate; Sigma Chi. • JOHN M. PEARSON, Macon; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM A. PHILP, Jackson; Graduate. • JAMES C. PITTMAN, JR., Greenwood; Law II. • TULANE E. POSEY, JR., Tupelo; Law II; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN E. POWELL, Vardaman; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CHARLES K. PRINGLE, Biloxi; Law I; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Law Journal. Second Row: • TONY P. PROVENZA, Greenville; Law II; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alha Psi. • BETTY J. RASBERRY, Soso; Graduate. • JAMES C. RATCLIFF, Philadelphia; Med. II; Phi Chi. • LEON H. RATLIFF, Baldwin; Med, II; Phi Chi. • ROBERT S. REEVES, McComb; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Law Journal. • PETE H. RYMES, Monticello; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • J. W. RICHARDSON, Flora; Law I. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM L. RICHMOND, Summit; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. • GORDON L. ROARK, Louisiana; Law I. • JOSEPH E. ROBERTS, LeLand; Med. II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • WALTER H. ROSE, Augusta, Georgia; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARION D. ROTEN, Ripley; Law II. • HENRY L. ROTHSCHILD, Richmond, Virginia; Law I; Phi Epsilon Pi. • BOBBY L, SANDERS, Oxford; Graduate. Second Row: • ROBERT P. SAYLE, Tunica; Med. II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. • LORNA C. SCHIEK, Meridian; Graduate; Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Pi. • SAMUEL C. SCHIEK, University; Graduate; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Omega. • FRANK L. SCHMIDT, Bay St. Louis; Med. II; Phi Chi. • ROBERT E. SCRIBNER, Tupelo; Law II. • WILLIAM F. SELPH, Laurel; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cardinal Club; Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board. • LAWRENCE SEMSKI, Biloxi; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Rebelaires. William Richmond Gordon Roark Joseph Roberts Walter Rose Marion Roten Henry Rothschild Bobby Sanders Robert Sayle Lorna Schiek Samuel Schiek Frank Schmidt Robert Scribner William Selph Lawrence Semski 41 BOB SAYLE Hilda Sharp Thomas Sharp James Sheffield Milford Shirley Med School President Leslie Shumake Alton Sims Betty Smith Charles Smith ABOVE First Row: • HILDA H. SHARP, University; Graduate. • THOMAS E. SHARP, Robinsonville; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • JAMES A. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Cardinal • MILFORD E. SHIRLEY, West Point; Law I; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate; University Players. Second Row: • LESLIE B. SHUMAKE, Olive Branch; Med. II; Phi Chi; " M " Club. • ALTON W. SIMS, Little Rock, Arkansas; Graduate; Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; versity Players. • BETTY J. SMITH, Mobile, Alabama; Graduate. • CHARLES C. SMITH, Hattiesburg; Med, II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. BELOW First Row: • EARL H. Jackson; Med. I; Phi Chi. • GEORGE F. SMITH, Ocean, Springs; Med. II; Phi Chi. • MARY S. SMITH, Jackson; Graduate; Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Sigma Lambda; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. • W. MARION SMITH, Natchez; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Kappa Alpha. • JOHN R. STALLWORTH, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Law I. • DOROTHY V. nessee; Graduate; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • WILLIAM H. STENNIS, DeKalb; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JOE K. Oxford; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOSEPH W. STEPHENS, Canaan; Med. II; Phi Chi. • RAY H. STEWART, Magee; Graduate. • I. WAGNER STEWART, JR., Brookhaven; Graduate; Sigma Pi; Pershing Rifles. • HOLLIS C. THOMPSON, Gulfport; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Kappa Alpha. Earl Smith George Smith Mary Smith Marion Smith John Stallworth Dorothy Steindorff William Stennis, Jr. Joe K. Stephens Joseph Stephens Ray Stewart Wagner Stewart, Jr. Hollis Thompson 42 Robert Thompson Robert Trainor Henry Mills John Turnage Stirling Tighe Irby Turner, Jr. Mildred Topp John Vanden Bosch BILL SELPH Law School President ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT L. University; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HENRY MILLS, Hushpuckeha; Med. I; Phi Chi. • B. STIRLING TIGHE, Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • MILDRED S. TOPP, Greenwood; Graduate. Second Row: • ROBERT C. TRAINOR, Chicago, Illinois; Law I. • JOHN N. TURNAGE, Newhebron; Med. I. • IRBY TURNER, JR., Belzoni; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. • JOHN VANDEN BOSCH, JR., Jackson, Tennessee; Law II; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • ELMO L. WALKER, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GEORGE D. WARNER, JR., Cleveland; Law II; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Scabbard Blade. • ROBERT H. WEAVER, Tupelo; Law I; Phi Delta Theta; Debate Club. • GWYN D. WHITTINGTON, Gloster; Law III. • WILLIAM B. WHITE, Ripley; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • L. WILLIAM WILLEY, JR., Forest; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Second Row: ' • PARHAM H. WILLIAMS, JR., Lexington; Law III; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kapa; YMCA Cabinet; Hall of Fame; Phi Delta Phi. • SHIRLEY J. Jackson; Graduate. • CLARENCE D. WILSON, JR., Aberdeen; Graduate. • WILLIAM A. WILTSHIRE, Magnolia; Law I; Kapa Alpha. • ROBERT Y. WOOD, JR., Natchez; Law III; Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal Club. • WILLIAM S. YERGER, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Campus Senate; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard Blade. Elmo Parham Williams, Jr. William White Robert Wood, Jr. William Willey, Jr. William Yerger George Warner, Jr. Robert Weaver Gwyn Whittington Shirley Williams Clarence Wilson, Jr. William Wiltshire 43 SAM SCHNIEK Graduate School President Lewis Abernathy Howard Alford Michael Aiken James Allen Judith Aldrich Robert Applewhite George Alexander Billie Armstrong ABOVE: First Row: • LEWIS M. ABERNATHY, Jonesboro, Lommerce; Sigma Chi, " M " Club, Varsity Basketball. • MICHELL T. Sardis; Liberal Arts; Omicron Delta " Mississippian " Business Cardinal Club, YMCA net, Committee of 100, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramural Council, Orientation mittee. • JUDITH R. ALDRICH, Michigan City; Education. • GEORGE E. ALEXANDER, Greenville; Engineering; Kappa Alpha, Chi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Committee of 100, Cardinal Club, Inter-Fraternity Council. Second Row: • HOWARD E. ALFORD, Osyka; Education. • JAMES B. Carthage; Education; Future Teachers of Projection Club. • ROBERT W. APPLE- WHITE, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy,; Kappa Sigma. • BILLIE R. ARMSTRONG, pelo; Education; Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi , Committee of 100, Orientation Committee. BELOW: First Row: • HUGH G. BAIN, Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • EDWIN L. BAKER, Summit; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • BETTY J. BARLOW, Tylertown• Liberal Arts; Future Homemak ers of America. • GEORGE R. BARNES, Jackson, Tennessee; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES B. BARRACK, Louise; Commerce; " M " Club. • EDWIN M. BEATTY, JR., Tennessee; Pharmacy. • CHARLES H. BELL, Water Valley; Commerce; Lambda Kappa Alpha Mu, " Mississippian. " Second Row: • MARY L. BELL, Batesville; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers of America. • JAMES E. BELLMER, Sedolia; Commerce. • PHINIS K. BETHANY, Macon; Co mmerce; Kappa Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi. • ROBERT D. BICKERSTAFF, Moro. Arkansas; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • CLARKE D. BISHOP, Glendora; Education; " M " Club. • MELVIN B. BISHOP, Grenada; Commerce. • WILLIAM P. BLACK, Jackson; Commerce. Hugh Bain Edwin Baker Betty Barlow George Barnes Charles Barrack Edwin Beatty, Jr. Charles Bell Mary Bell James Bellmer Phinis Bethany Robert Bickerstaff Clarke Bishop Melvin Bishop William Black 44 N. E. Blackwell, Peggy Brewster Hugh Bohn Phillip Brooks Dillard Bolls Mary Brown H. Erskin Bonds Vivian Bryant Lucas Boyd Archie Buckley William Boyens Clovis Burch William Brandon, Jr. Betty Burgess ABOVE: First Row: • N. E. BLACKWELL, III, Plantersville; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilo.., Pi Kappa Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society. • HUGH D. BOHN, Gulfport; merce; Sigma Pi. • DILLARD D. BOLLS, Macon; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • H. ERSKIN BONDS, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. • LUCAS G. Batesville; Education. • WILLIAM R. BOYENS, New York, New York; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM H. BRANDON, JR., Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • PEGGY J. BREWSTER, West Point; Commerce; Kappa Kap pa Gamma. • PHILLIP W. BROOKS, Redlands, fornia; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. • MARY E. BROWN, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • VIVIAN M. BRYANT, Mount Olive; Liberal Arts; Nursing Club President, Westminster Fellowship Council. • ARCHIE P. BUCKLEY, Edwards; Pharmacy. • CLOCIS S BURCH, Fulton; Pharmacy. • BETTY BURGESS, wiler; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, Omicron Society. BELOW: First Row: • WILLIAM J. BURNEY, West Point; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cardinal Club. • JO A. BURNS, Oakland; Liberal Arts; Baptist Student Union. • JOHN W. BURRESS, Baldwyn; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, Rho Chi. • WILLIAM S. BUSH, Natchez; Commerce; Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Rebelaires Orchestra, Inter-Fraternity Council, University Chorus. • HAL W. BUSCHING, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Pi. • MARY L. BUTLER, Summit; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Theta Sigma " Mississippian, " Kap- pa Alpha Mu. • WILLIAM E. CAMPBELL, Hernando; Education; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • AUGUSTUS F, CARRAWAY, III, Bassfield; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi. • M. LYLE CARROLL, JR., Natchez; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, Committee of 100, Cardinal Club, Orientation Committee, President ' s Cabinet, A.S.B. Dance Committee. • WILLIAM A. CARROLL, JR., Richton; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • CHARLES S. CARRUTH, Summit; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha, Debate University Players. • ELIZABETH A. CATCHINGS, Woodville; Education; Kappa Delta. • ERNESTINE Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • J. RUSSELL CLINTON, Ill, Tunica; Commerce; Delta Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Committee of 100, Inter-Fraternity Council, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega. William Burney Jo Burns John Burress William Bush Hal Busching Mary Butler William Campbell Augustus Carraway, III Lyle Carroll, Jr. William Carroll, Jr. Charles Carruth Elizabeth Catchings Ernestine Chandler Russell Clinton, III 45 JOHNNY PITTMAN Pharmacy School President Charles Coffey, Jr. Scott Conway Gerald Cole George Covington Marvin Coleman James Collins Don Cranford William Crenshaw, Jr. ABOVE: First Row: • CHARLES H. COFFEY, JR., Oxford; Commerce; Pi Kappa Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Committee of 100. • GERALD COLE, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARVIN L. COLEMAN, Greenville; Commerce. • JAMES W. COLLINS, Holly Springs; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • SCOTT E. CONWAY, Blue Springs; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • GEORGE W. COVINGTON, Canton; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DON A, FORD, Seminary; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM G. CRENSHAW, JR., phis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW: First Row: • JIM M. CRISS, Grenada; Commerce. • MARGARET CROOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • RICHARD T. CURRAN, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • PHEBE L. CURRIE, Crawfordsville, Arkansas; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamm a. • JACK L. CULLEN, Oxford; Commerce. • JACKIE CURRY, Philadelphia; Education; Delta Gamma, President of Women ' s Athletic Association. • JIM T. Clarkton; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi, Second Row: • VIRGINIA A. DAVENPORT, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • EPHRAIM E. Oxford; Commerce; Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. • EDWARD E. DAVIS, Como; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT E. DAVIS, Oxford; Education; Sigma Chi. • RALPH D. DAVISON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha, Arnold Air Society, Campus Senate. • DOYLE V. DAY, Potts Camp; Commerce, • LOUISE A. DAY, Walls; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. Jim Criss Margaret Crook Richard Curran Phebe Currie Jack Cullen Jackie Curry Jim Daugherty Virginia Davenport Ephraim Davidson Edward Davis Robert Davis Ralph Davison Doyle Day Louis Day 46 Dewey Dearman, Jr. David Dessauer Hindman Doxey, Jr. William Dunaway Gene Sara Durbin Jewell Dorris Howard Duvall Betty Doty Patricia Dyess Gladys Eugene Ellis Mildred Douglas Dot Ewell ABOVE: First Row: • DEWEY S. DEARMAN, JR., Hattiesburg; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • DAVID J. DESSAUER, New Orleans, Louisiana; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • GENE L. Yazoo City; Commerce. • JEWELL M. DORRIS, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BETTY J. Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Pan- Orientation Committee, Committee of 100, YWCA Cabinet, AROTC Sponsor, Favorite. • GLADYS T. DOUGLAS, Batesville; Education. • MILDRED M. DOUGLAS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Second Row: • HINDMAN DOXEY, JR., Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM A. DUNAWAY, Pine Bluff, kansas; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • SARA DURBIN, Falkner; Commerce; Phi Gamma Nu, Business Education Club. • HOWARD G. DUVALL, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PATRICIA A. Detal; Pharmacy; Committee of Pill and Tile. • EUGENE D. ELLIS, Kosciusko; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. • DOT V. EWELL, Dyer, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. BELOW: First Row: • MARY E. EXUM, Vaughan; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA Cabinet, Campus Senate. • RUTH L. FERGESON, Greenwood; Commerce; Chi Omega. • ROBERT D. FITLER, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • LESLIE R. FLETCHER, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi, Cardinal Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Campus Senate. • ERNEST G. FLORA, Shuqualak; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • TOMMY H. Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • POLLYE F. FRANKLIN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega, YWCA Cabinet, Orientation Committee, Committee of 100. Second Row: • MARGE J. FRASER, Columbus; Engineering; Delta Gamma, Alpha Lambda Gamma Sigma Epsilon, borne Society. • MERLE C. FRASER, University; Education; Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Club, Persident of A.S.B. • JAMES 0. GABLE, Vardaman; Pharmacy; Rho Chi, Kappa Psi. • Barbara A. GALLOWAY, Oxford; Commerce. • JAMES GARRETT Beebe, Arkansas; merce; Sigma Chi. • OSCAR K. GARY, Germantown, Tennessee; Commerce; " M " Club. • LLOYD H. GATES, Jackson; Pharmacy; Delta Tau Delta. Mary Exum Marge Fraser Ruth Fergeson Merle Fraser Robert Fitler James Gable Leslie Fletcher Barbara Galloway Ernest Flora James Garrett Tommy Foard Oscar Gary Pollye Franklin Llyod Gates 47 S. K. JONES George Gattas John Germany, Jr. Luther Gilmer Lloyd Goodwine Commerce School President Robert Grant Edward Grauman Grizelda Green Walter Green, Jr. ABOVE: First Row: • GEORGE A. Clarksdale; Commerce. • JOHN R. GERMANY, JR., Shaw; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • LUTHER S. GILMER, Oxford; Law; Phi Alpha Delta. • LLOYD E. GOODWINE, Missouri; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • ROBERT E. GRANT, Detroit, Michigan; Commecre; Beta Alpha Psi, Campus Senate, " Mississippian. " • EDWARD GRAUMAN, Helena, Arkansas; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Inter-Fraternity Council, Hillel. • GRIZELDA GREEN, Fort Payne, Alabama; Education; Delta Delta Delta, Committee of 100, AFROTC Pan- Hellenic Council. • WALTER G. JR., Natchez; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. BELOW: First Row: • JOSEPH GREGORIO, Louisiana; Pharmacy. • MARY K. GRITTMAN, Drew; Education; Kappa Delta. • HOWARD B. Tylertown; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi. • SARA L. GUTHRIE, Pontotoc; Com- merce; Delta Gamma, Phi Gamma Nu. • ROBERT 0. HALE, Little Rock, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Wesley tion President, Committee of 100, Campus Senate, Anchor and DONALD B. HALL, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation. • JAMES F. HALL, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon, ternity Council, Second Row: • GORDON V. HAMILTON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ADLIA L. HARRISON, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Psi. • SAM F. HART, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Claibrone Society, University Players. • WILLIAM L. HARTMAN, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega. • EDDIE F. HARWELL, Jackson; Commerce. • SARAH HARWELL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, YWCA Cabinet, • BRUKE M. HERRON, Jackson, Tennessee; Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Joseph Gregorio Mary Grittman Howard Grubbs Sara Guthrie Robert Hale Donald Hall James Hall Gordon Hamilton Adlia Harrison Sam Hart William Hartman Eddie Harwell Sarah Harwell Bruise Herron 48 Murrell Hilton Thomas Jackson David Holmes Wade Jackson Ralph Holmes Robert Jarvis John Hubbard Frank Jernigan Godfrey Ingram Clarke Johnson H. Lee Ingram Mary Ingram George Johnson Walter Jr. ABOVE: First Row: • MURRELL W. Alexandria, Louisiana; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DAVID S. HOLMES, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade. • RALPH T. HOLMES, Stateville, North lina; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JOHN C. HUBBARD, Abbeville; Liberal Arts. • GODFREY B. INGRAM, Clarks- dale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • H. LEE INGRAM, Philadelphia; Commerce. • MARY F. INGRAM, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kapa Detla, Epsilon Gamma Phi Gamma Nu, Business Education Club. Second Row: • THOMAS W. JACKSON, New Albany; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • WADE JACKSON, McMinnville, Tennessee; Pharmacy. • ROBERT W. JARVIS, Booneville; Education; " M " Club President. • FRANK D. JERNIGAN, Pensa- Florida; Education. • CLARKE JOHNSON, Greenville; Pharmacy; Sigma Pi, University Players, Kappa Psi. • GEORGE EORGE P. JOHNSON, Pine Blug, Arkansas; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • WALTER L. JOHNSTON, JR., Yazoo City; Commerce. BELOW: First Row: • KATHRYN R. JONES, Oxford•, Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Phi Gamma Nu. • PAUL R. JONES, Girard, Louisiana; Commerce; Cardinal Club, Campus Senate. • STEAVEN K. JONES, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Delta Sigma Pi, YMCA Cabinet. • THOMAS R. JONES, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa A.S.B. Treasurer. • JOAN JORDAN, Collins; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT L. JORDAN, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • SARAH D. JORDAN, Holly Springs; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • JO L. JUMPER, Etta; Commerce; Business Education University Chorus, Wesley Foundation. • FRANCIS J. KANE, Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Anchor and Chain, Newman Club.. • KENNETH M. KELLY, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • W. W. Kerr, Olive Branch; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi. • BILLY R. KING, Oxford; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FANNIE J. KING, Pontotoc; Education; • ALBERT M, KIRK, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. Kathryn Jones Paul Jones Steaven Jones Thomas Jones Joan Jordan Robert Jordan Sarah Jordan Jo Jumper Francis Kane Kenneth Kelly W. W. Ker r Billy King Fannie King Albert Kirk 49 FASER TRIPLETT Liberal Arts President George Knister Beverly Land Ralph Kyte, Jr. Richard LaRobadiere Fred Lacey Gerald Lawrence Frank LaGrone Lloyd Lee ABOVE: First Row: • GEORGE L. KNISTER, Clintonville, Wisconsin; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, Anchor and Chain. • RALPH E. KYTE, JR., Elaine, Arkansas; Commerce. • FRED E. LACEY, Monroe, Louisiana; Commerce; Campus Scabbard and Blade, Anchor and Rifle Team. • FRANK L. Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • BEVERLY J. LAND, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD W. LaROBADIERE, Natchez; Liberal Arts. • GERALD C. LAWRENCE, Batesville, Arkansas; Education; Sigma Pi, University Players, Majors Club, Baptist Student Union. • LLOYD LEE, Ocean Springs; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, ettes. BELOW: First Row: • ARTHUR B. LEWIS, JR., University; Liberal Arts; Sigma Wesley Foundation, Committee of 100. • MACK A. LEWIS, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. • HENRY LINTON, JR., Hattiesburg; Education. • CARL T. LIPE, Vance; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HAROL J. LOFTON, Brookhaven; Commerce. • CARL C. Greenwood; Education. • JOANNE G. LUCAS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Second Row: • FRANCES R. McCHAREN, University; Commerce; Theta Sigma Phi, Committee of YMCA " Missis- sippian. " • MARY L, McCRARY, Byhalia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • DOUGLAS S. McCULLY, Tupelo; gineering. • BETTY A. MacDONALD, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Delta, A.S.B. Secretary, Westminster Fellowship, Mortar Board. • NEAL D. McEACHARN, Delhi, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • PAUL W. Mc- MULLAN, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JONNIE McWHORTER, Ackerman; Commerce. Arthur Lewis, Jr. Frances McCharen Mack Lewis, Jr. Mary McCrary Henry Linton, Jr. Douglas McCully Carl Lipe Betty MacDonald Harol Lofton Neal McEacharn Carl Paul McMullan Joanne Jonnie McWhorter Ernest Mangum M. Jane Marcum Paul Martin M. Adeline Mason James Matthews Felix Mestayer Crawford M ims John Mitchell Laurance Mize Joe Montgomery, Jr. Roy Moore Helen Morrison T. E. Mortimer Sara Murphey ABOVE: First Row: • ERNEST G. Lake Providence, Louisiana; Education. • M. JANE MARCUM, Jackson, Tennessee; Edu- cation; Chi Omega. • PAUL J. MARTIN, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • M. ADELINE Houlka; eral Arts; Delta Zeta, YWCA Cabinet. • JAMES R. MATTHEWS, Jackson, Tennessee; Education; Sigma Chi, " M " Club. • FELIX D, MESTAYER, New Iberia, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • CRAWFORD MIMS, Greenwood; Education. Second Row: • JOHN H. MITCHELL, Jackson; Libra! Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LAURANCE N. MIZE, Vicksburg; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOE G. MONTGOMERY, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi. • ROY F. Sledge; Commerce; Sigma Campus Senate. • HELEN E. MORRISON, Vicksburg; Liberal ' Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • T. E. MORTIMER, Belzoni; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, OLE MISS Editor, " M " Book Editor, YMCA Cabinet, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Pi, Committee of 100, entation Committee, Arnold Air Socity. • SARA MURPHEY, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, Theta Sigma Phi, Committee of 100, YWCA " Mississippian, " Pan-Hellenic Council, Campus Senate. BELOW: First Row: • EDWARD L. MURPHEE, Oklolona; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Epsilon. • SHERMAN L. JR., Gulfport; Commerce; Sigma Nu, Inter-Fraternity Council. • SARA K. MYERS, Mayersville; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARY E. NABORS, Batesville; Education. • JUNE M. NALTY, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • EASTMAN F. NAPIER, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi, University Players, " Mississippian, " Claiborne Society. • FRANK P. NELSON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • JIMMY L. NELSON, Oxford; Education. • GRACE Cleveland; Education; Phi Mu. • SARAH K. NEW- Oxford; Education. • NORRELL H. NOBLE, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT C. NOLAND, Memphis, emphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • JOHN R. NOLEN, Jackson; Commerce. • BETTY J. SER, Vicksburg; Education; Cheerleader, Campus Senate, Major ' s Club, Cwens. Edward Murphree Sherman Muths, Jr. Sara Myres Mary Nabors June Nalty Eastman Napier Frank Nelson Jimmy Nelson Grace Nemitz Sarah Newman Norrell Noble Robert Noland, Jr. John Nolen Betty Nosser JAMES WILSON Tommye Nunnally Alice O ' Ferrall Ada Oglesby Betty Orr Engineering School President Emile Ott Frank Ott Reggie Ott Gloria Ozment ABOVE: First Row: • TOMMYE A. NUNNALLY, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Lambda Sigma, Theta Sigma " Mississippian. " • ALICE O ' FERRALL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. A • DA L. OGLESBY, Chatham; Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Alpha Iota. • BETTY G. Como; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Second Row: • EMILE C. OTT, Osyka; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu, Arnold Air Society. • FRANK L. Osyka; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu, Kappa Psi. • REGGIE D. OTT, Osyka; Commerce; " M " Club. • GLORIA J. OZMENT, Dyersburg, Tennessee; tion; Chi Omega. BELOW: First Row: • GERRY R. PANKRATZ, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Sigma Alpha Iota, W.S.G.A. • BETTY J. PANZICA, Brookhaven; Education; Delta Sigma Alpha Eta, University Players. • IRBY M. PARK, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Delta Sigma, Lambda Sigma, " Mississippian, " University Players. • EDD T. PARKER, New Albany; Commerce. • EUGENE M. PARKS, Senatobia; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Delta Sigma. • BILL B. PATTERSON, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Committee of 100. • KOTZ A. PATTERSON, Ill, Oxford; Commerce. Second Row: • BARBARA J. PAYNE, Senatobia; Education. • ERNEST C. PAYNE, Searcy, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Debate Club. • JAMES L. PERABO, Tupelo; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade. • JESSE P. PHILLIPS, Grenada; Commerce; " Mississippian, " Lambda Sigma, Baptist Student Union. • JOE C. PHILLIPS, Guys, Tennessee; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • WALTER J. PIERRON, JR., Wisner, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Rho Chi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • MARITA M. PIGFORD, Lumberton; Commerce; Chi Omega; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. Gerry Pankratz Betty Panzica Irby Park Edd Parker Eugene Parks Bill Patterson Kotz Patterson, III Barbara Payne Ernest Payne James Perabo Jesse Phillips Joe Phillips Walter Pierron, Jr. Marita Pigford 52 Elizabeth Pinkston Johnny Pittman Ronnie Pittman Enola Porter Sam Presley L. C. Prestage, Jr. Jimmy Pulley Roy Randle Ben Ray E. Ann Ray Fred Ray William Ready Frank Reilly William Roberts ABOVE: First Row: • ELIZABETH A. PINKSTON, Jackson, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, University Players. • JOHNNY M. PITTMAN, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi. • RONNIE L. Corinth; Commerce; " M " Club. • ENOLA C. PORTER, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • SAM L. PRESLEY, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • L. C. PRESTAGE, JR., Fulton; Commerce; Alpha Delta Sigma. • JIMMY R. PULLEY, Pontotoc; Commerce. Second Row: • ROY H. Blue Mountain; Pharmacy. • BEN P. RAY, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • E. ANN RAY, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota. • FRED G. Eupora; Commerce; Beta Alpha Psi. • WILLIAM E. READY, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • FRANK J. REILLY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM K. ROBERTS, Canton; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. BELOW: First Row: • HELEN R. ROBERTSON, LeLand; Liberal Arts; Alpha Gamma University Chorus. • FIELDING B. ROB- INSON, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, Orientation OLE MISS, Campus Senate, A.S.B. Dance Com- mittee. • E. SHAW ROBISON, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu, Band, University Players, Kappa Kappa Psi. • ARTHUR J. JR., Gulfport; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Anchor and Chain. • RICHARD C. ROGERS, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Psi. • RALPH E. ROSS, Illinois; Education; " M " Club. • DAVID E. RUTLEDGE, Clarksd e; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: • PAUL M. RYAN, Pascagoula; Education; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES W. SAUL, Laurel; Engineering. • MARY L. SAUL, Laurel; Education. • JOHN W. SAVAGE, JR., Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Psi, Committee of 100, Fraternity Council. • BETTYE M. SCHNEIDER, Indiana; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pan-Hellenic. • DOYLE F. SCOTT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Eta. • LEON C. Hickory Flat; Liberal Arts. Helen Robertson Fielding Robinson E. Shaw Robison Arthur Rogers, Jr. Richard Rogers Ralph Ross David Rutledge Paul Ryan James Saul Mary Saul John Savage, Jr. Bettye Schneider Doyle Scott Leon Scott 53 KEN SEAWRIGHT Education School President Robert Scott Tilden Shanahan William Scott Pat Sharp Kenneth Seawright, Jr. Robert Sheffield Fred Seeley, Ill Joe Sherman ABOVE: First Row: • ROBERT C. SCOTT, Nyack, New York; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM K. SCOTT, McKenzie, Tennessee; Commerce. • KENNETH C. WRIGHT, JR., New Albany; Education; Alpha Tau Kappa Delta Pi, Westminster Fellowship, Anchor and YMCA Cabinet. • FRED R. SEELEY, III, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • TILDEN M. SHANAHAN, Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • PAT K. SHARP, University; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • ROBERT M. Dorsey; Liberal Arts. • JOE P. SHERMAN, Clarksdale; Commerce. BELOW: • JAMES H. SHOEMAKER, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • SANDRA C. SIMPSON, Sumner; Commerce; Kappa Delta, Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • ANN SLAYDEN, Holly Springs; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • BARBARA A. SMITH, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • CLYDI A. SMITH, Lake; Pharmacy; Sigma Pi. • MURRAY S. SMITH, Lexington; Education; University Chorus, ASB Dance Committee. • DAVID L. Ecru ; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JOHN J. SPATAFORA, Monroe, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Newman Club " Mississippian, " American Pharmaceutical Association. • LOUIS J. STAEHLE, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Newman Club. • ION A. Bethany; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD J. STENFTENAGEL, Jasper, Indiana; Commerce; Sigma Chi, " M " Club, Newman Club. • MARY L. STENNIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, University Chorus, University Players. • ROLAND G. STETLER, Dyersburg, Tennessee; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BENJAMIN M. STEVENS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha, " Mississippian. " James Shoemaker Sandra Simpson Ann Slayden Barbara Smith Clyde Smith Murray Smith David Sneed John Spatafora Louis Staehle Marion Steele Edward Stenftenagel Mary Stennis Roland Stetler Benjamin Stevens, Jr. 54 Dolores Stewart Billy Switzer Nannette Stewart Tommy Talley Meredith Stigler Fred Tannehill John Stitt Joan Tarzetti Clark Strain Charles Taylor Maude Sugg Don Taylor Callie Swango Nelda Taylor ABOVE: First Row: • EOLORES A. STEWART, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, Omicron. • NANNETTE STEWART, Okolona; Commerce. • MEREDITH STIGLER, Drew; Commerce; Kappa Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, Pan-Hellenic Council, " Y " net. • JOHN W. STITT, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Phi Omega, Committee of 100 • CLARK G. Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MAUDE L. SUGG, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi, Committee of 100, ASB Dance Committee, Westminster Fellowship, " Mississippian. " • CALLIE M. SWANGO, Como; Commerce; CM Omega. Second Row: • BILLY SWITZER, Columbus; Education; " M " Club. • TOMMY TALLEY, Paragould, Arkansas; Engineering; ican Society of Civil Engineers. • FRED L. TANNEHILL, Pineville, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma, ASB Dance Committee, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association. • JOAN T. TARZETTI, De Lisle; Commerce; dependents, Newman Club. • CHARLES W. TAYLOR, Corinth; Commerce. • DON TAYLOR, Gulfport; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • NELDA J. TAYLOR, Corinth; Liberal Arts. BELOW: First Row: • FRANK C. THERRELL, Laurel; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceutical Association. • CHARLES A. THOMAS, Picayun e; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • E. SUE THOMAS, Tupelo; Education; Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America. • LISA Hopkinsville, Kentucky; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HENRY G. TORJUSEN, Pascagoula; Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. • RODNEY FASER LETT, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta, Cheerleader, Phi Eta Sigma, Committee of Varsity Debate Team, Legislative Council. • MARSHALL D. Forrest City, Arkansas; Commerce; Sigma Nu, Second Row: • SHELTON B. VANCE, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Psi. • HARMON M. WALKER, JR., Holly Springs; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LUCY L. WALLACE, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, YWCA Council. • RONALD W. WASCHKA, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Campus Senate, Newman Club. • LYN A. WATKINS, Prairie Point; Liberal Arts; Delta Omicron, Orientation Committee. • WALTER E. WATTS, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Committee of 100, Alpha Phi Omega, Arnold Air Society. • HOWARD A. WELTNER, Franklin, Pennsylvania; Education; Anchor and Chain, Alpha Phi Omega, 111 • • • S ll Frank Therrell Shelton Vance Charles Harmon Jr. E. Sue Thomas Lucy Wallace Lisa Thornton Ronald Washka Henry Torjusen Carolyn Watkins Rodney Triplett Walter Watts Marshall Vance Howard Weltner 55 SARAH HARWELL Mortar Board President Betty Westerman Anne White ABOVE: Richard Westerman Charles White Eli Whitaker Leon Wigginton First Row: • BETTY BOWEN WESTERMAN, Jackson; Engineering; Phi Mu. • RICHARD WAYNE WESTERMAN, Hernando; Liberal Arts; " M " Club, Scabbard and Blade. • ELI MEREDITH WHITAKER, Grenada; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega. First Row: • DUBY J. WIGGINTON, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA Indiana; Education; Kappa Kappa O WIGGINTON, Baldwyn; Commerce. N. WHITE, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi, Inter-Fraternity Council. • LEON BELOW: Second Row: • ANNE C. WHITE, Osceola, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CHARLES Gamma. • CAROLYN WILKINS, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega, Claiborne Society. • WILLIAM H. LIAMS, Kosciusko; Education; Sigma Pi. • REBA F. Baldwyn; Liberal Arts. • JAMES WILSON, JR., Columbus; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Campus Senate. • JOHN H. WILSON, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. First Row: • SYLVIA D. WILSON, Tula; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha, Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, Phi Gamma Nu. • LOIS B. WOLD, Biloxi; Education; Phi Mu. • ROBERT L. Biloxi; Education. • JOE P. WYNN, Springhill, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • GENE A. YATES, Shelby; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • KATHRYN V. YERGER, son; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ARNOLD L. Crystal Springs; Commerce; Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi. Ruby Wigginton Sylvia Wilson Martha Wiglama Lois Wold Carolyn Wilkins Robert Wold William Williams Joe Wynn Reba Williamson Gene Yates James Wilson, Jr. Kathryn Yerger John Wilson Arnold Young 56 :e • ia tti ■ JAMES FREDERICK CLARK August 21, 1933—October 25, 1953 HAROLD HART DIXON, JR. June 6, 1934—December 23, 1953 JAMES HUGH GARRETT, JR. March 16, 1932—December 21, 1953 HUEY BLAIR HOWERTON, JR. June 15, 1921—November 24, 1953 First Row: • EMILY L. ADAMS, Macon; Commerce; Chi Omega. • JOE H. ADAMS, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Theta Xi. • WILLIAM R. AIKINS, Osgood, Indiana; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • COLLINS M. AKIN, Aberdeen; Education; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • HENRY L. ALLEN Paris, Tennessee; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • LETTYE R. Canton; Education; Kappa Delta. • ROBERT H. ALLEN, luka; Liberal Arts. • JOY ALLISON, Tippo; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • JOHN M. ALLRED, Collins; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • W. W. ALLRED, Union Church; Commerce. • BARBARA I. ANDERSON DeKalb; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. ANDERSON, Magnolia; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • RICHARD E. ANDERSON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • WILLIAM C. ANDERSON, North Carrollton; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES A. AUTRY, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • NANCY L. BAGWELL, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • JO A. BAKER, Oakland; Education. • ROBERT L. BAILEY, JR Sumner; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • SUZANNE BANCROFT, Tennessee; Liberal Arts, • EDWIN J. Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • JOHN G. BARNETT, Humboldt, Tennessee; Busine ss; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JERRY F. Mississippi City; Commerce. • NOE E. BATES, Attapulgus, Georgia; Commerce. • WILLIAM G. BEAVER, Jamestown, New York; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • ROBERT L. BECK, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon • ALICE H. BELL, Holly Springs; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES E. BELL, Pope; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT L. BENNETT, North Carrollton; Engineering. 58 First Row: • JAN R. BERRIER, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • MARY L. BETTS, Holly Springs; Commerce. • THOMAS A. versity; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GERALD B. BISHOP, Plantersville; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • WILLIS W. BLACK, West; Physical Education. • OTHA E. TON, Humboldt, Tennessee; Engineer. • EDGAR E. BOBO, delphia; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM B, Martin, Tennessee; Business. Third Row: • KATHERINE BONNEY, Laurel; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • CORNELIA M. BOSTICK, Greenvi:le; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JAMES E. BOONE, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CALVIN C. BOUDREAUX, Erath, Louisiana; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • CHARLIE D. BRACKEEN, Hickory; Education. • BEDFORD C. BRADLEY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NORMA C. BRADSHAW, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • RODGER R. BRASHIER, Jackson; Education. Fifth Row: • C. PATRICK BROGAN, Detroit, Michigan; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • FLOYD H. BROWN, Walnut; Commerce .• JOE D BROWN, Greenwood; Engineering. • WILLIAM C. BRUNSON, Rich; Commerce; Delta Psi. Sixth Row: • JOE C. BUCKLEY, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • DOE D. BUCY, Saltillo; Commerce. • CAROLYN A. BUFFALOE, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. • OLIVER M. BURCH, Holly, Springs; Pharmacy. Seventh Row: • STEVE H. BUTLER, III, Como; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES H. BURTON, Philadelphia; Commerce. • JEAN BYRD, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES E, CARPENTER, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. PARHAM WILLIAMS O.D.K. President First Row: • MARY T. CARNES, Shelby; Education; Chi Omega. • ROBERT A. CARROLL, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • M. FRANCES CATCHINGS, Woodville; Education; Kappa Delta. • BIRMA CATHEY, Tyro; Commerce. Second Row: • FRANCES E. CATHEY, Tyro; Education. • S. CAROLYN CAUSEY, Sardis; Education; Kappa Delta. • JAMES K. CHILD, Jackson; eral Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT D. CHILDRES, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • WILLIAM F. CHILDRES, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. • JIM F. CLARK, Fredericktown, Missouri; Liberal Arts. • JAYNE CLAYTON, Meridian; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN T. Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fourth Row: • TOMMYE J. COFIELD, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROBERT E. COKER, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DAVID 0. COLE, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES L. COLE, Columbus; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, Fifth Row: • SYLVIA E. COLLINS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta, • RUFUS M. CONLEE, Thaxton; Education. • JOHN 0. CONNELL, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ° MAX D. Bentonia; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sixth Row: • OTAVIO K. CORDEIRO, Ponte Nova, Brazil; Engineering. • CHARLES L. COTTINGHAM, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts. • ALLEN COX, III, Memphis Tennessee; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • LIAM H. JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • MOLLIE R. CRANFORD, Seminary; Education. • SUE S. SHAW, Booneville; Education; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD L. CROLL, Butler, Pennsylvania; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • CARROLL M. CRULL, Jackson; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. 60 First Row: • BARBARA CRUM, Jackson; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma • JOE C. CRUMBLEY, Laurel; Pharmacy. • MAIRAN DAILEY, Charleston; Commerce; Phi Mu. • RUFUS L. DALTON, Centerville; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • PEGGY J. DANDRIDGE, Senatobia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • PAUL W. DANIELS, Columbia; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES M. DARLING, Mineral Wells; Pharmacy. • WALLACE E. DAVENPORT, Little Rock, Arkansas; Commerce. Third Row: • CLINTON A. DAVIS, JR. Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS D. DAVIS, Batesville; Pharmacy. • WAYNE A. DAWSON, Magnolia; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM M. Inverness; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • ALICE C. DEEHAN, Kossuth; Commerce. • JANE G. DEMAREST, Plainfield, New Jersey; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES M. DETTOR, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • DAVID L. DICKERSON, Shannon; Education. Fifth Row: • BUTLER D. DiGILIO, Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MARVIN E. DOSS, Houston; Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANNE DOTY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES R DOUGLAS, Sontag; Commerce. Sixth Row: • RICHARD B. West Monroe, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • SUSANNE DUGGER, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARTHA C. DULANEY, Fulton; Commerce. • GEORGE D. DUMBAUGH, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. Seventh Row: • KATHRYN L. DUNCAN. Louisville; Liberal Arts; Beta Sigma Omicron. • CONSTANCE B. EARL, Port Sulphur, Louisiana; Edu- cation; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES H. EASOM, Walnut Grove; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • BARBARA A. EDWARDS, Canton; Commerce. BETT DOTY Miss Ole Miss First Row: • BAXTER 0. ELLIOTT, JR., Oxford; Kappa Sigma. • MELANIE S. ELLIOTT, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS W. ELLIOTT ' , Oxford; Engineering; Kappa • ROSS A. EPTING, Baldwyn; Commerce. Second Row: • ROBERT EVANS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Phi. • KENITH G. EXUM, Tchula; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GUY C. FAGGARD, Wade; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • PEGGY A. FERGUSON, Senatobia; Commerce; Chi Omega. Third Row: • PEGGY S. FERGUSON, Woodville; Education; Kappa Delta. • SIDNEY M. FIELDS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • JOE M. FLOYD, JR., Tunica; Education. • BENNETT S. FONG, Benoit; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • DOUGLASS L. FONTAINE, Way; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE E. FOWLER, Rose Hill; Liberal Arts. • CLIFFORD G. FOX, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • RUDOLPH FRANKS, Dorsey; Commerce. Fifth Row: • HERBERT D. FREEMAN, Alexandria, Louisiana; Pharmacy. • JOYCE N. Wyatte; Liberal Arts. • BILLY J. FULLER, Oxford; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • SUE F. GAINES, Fulton; Commerce. Sixth Row: • JIMMIE L. GAITHER, Ripley; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha, • BETTY B. GARNER, Crawfordsville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. • JAMES L. GARNER, JR., Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • BUDDY J. GARRAWAY, Gassfield; Commerce. Seventh Row: • NORMA E. GARRISON, Corinth; Education. • BARRY E. GERALD, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • KINLOCH GILL, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta, • HUGH M. GOFORTH, Oxford; Engineering. 62 First Row: • LAEL T. GOOCH, Toccopola; Education. • HAROLD G. WIN, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • ODIS R. GOODWIN, Sard:s; merce. • SAM T. GORE, Houst on; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • DENNIS L. GRAHAM, Bentonia; Education. • JESSE H. GRAHAM, JR., Meridian; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES I. GRAVES, Picayune; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JOSEPH V. GRECO, Tickfaw, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • THERESA A. GRIMES, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM A. GRIST, Randolph; Liberal • SYLVIi L. GUYTON, New Albany; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH A. HALE, tobia; Liberal Arts, Fourth Row: • W. NEIL HANEY, Jackson; Pharmacy. • KENNETH A. HARDIN Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM E, HARKEY, Sharon, nessee; Commerce, • GEORGE W. HARRIS, Franklin, Pennsylvania; Education. Fifth Row: • HUGH S. HARRIS, JR., Fayette; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • TOMMY A. HARRIS, Tunica; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ARD M. Newtonville, Massachusetts; Engineering; Alpl Tau Omega. • ROBERT A. HATCHER, Scott; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • MARY P. HAVEN, Pensacola, Florida; Commerce. • N. JOANN HAWKINS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • PATRICIA L. HAWKINS, ville, Missouri; Liberal Arts. • PHYLLIS HAWKINS, Moorevi.le, Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • JOSEPH W. HAYES, Farmhaven; Liberal Arts, • HOBART HECTOR, Clarksdale; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES H. HENDRICK, Covington, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JERRY E. HENDER SON, Waynesboro; Pharmacy. MICKEY AIKEN Colonel Rebel, " Mississippian " Business Manager First Row: • RICK S. HENDRICK. Covington, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LARRY E. HENSON, Memphis, Tennessee; neering; Kappa Sigma. • NORMA L. HERRING, Como; Commerce; Chi Omega. • PARKER B. HIGDON, Belzoni; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • GEORGE D. HIGHTOWER, Ill, Webb; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • GEORGE H. HILL, New York, New York; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • RALPH W. HOLCOMB, Cherry Valley, Afkansas; Commerce. • HOSEA E. HOLCOMBE. Coldwater; Commerce. Third Row: • MARGARET A. HOLMES, Tupelo; Education; Chi Omega. • METT P. Ellisville; Commerce. • NANCY B. LOWELL, Ellisville; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • JAMES H. HOMAN, JR., Shannon; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • RICHARD D. HOOKER, Long Beach; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • RICHARD L. HOPPER, Corinth; Commerce. • BERLIN A. HOWELL, Looxahoma; Education. • RHETA J. HOWELL, Wilmer, Alabam Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • WENDELL P. HOYLE, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM M. HUBBARD, Abbeville; Education. • ILLANETTE HUFF, Drew; Commerce; Phi Mu. • IRA B. HUMPHREY, Weir; Pharmacy. Sixth Row: • CHARLES M. HUNT, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • DOROTHY L. ISBELL, Shannon; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM E. JACKSON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • ROBERT L. JENKINS, Clarkdsale; merce; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • BOBBY E. JENNINGS, Lambert; Liberal Arts, • BOBBIE M. SON, Sardis; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOHN A. JOHNSON, II, Henderson, Tennessee; Engineering; Phi De lta The ' a. • GEORGE E. JONES, Canton; Liberal Arts. 64 First Row: • KERMIT V. JONES, JR., Booneville; Commerce. • LOWREY G. JONES, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM V. JONES, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM R. KEENE, Louisville: Liberal Arts. Second Row: • CLARENCE A. KENT, Golden; Liberal Arts. • RAUNO T. Helsinki, Finland; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WAL- TER G. KLEPZIG, Abbeville; Engineering. • WILLIAM D. KOESTLER, Greenville; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • ROBERT W. KRUTZ, JR., Belzoni; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • JACK LAMB, Oxford; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • SAM F. LAMENSDORF, JR., Rolling Fork; Commerce; Phi Epsilon • RALPH LANDRUM, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fourth Row: • FAYE R. LANHAM, Clarksdale; Arts; Kappa Delta. • LAURA M. LANSFORD, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT M. LAUDERDALE, Marks; Pharmacy. • D, LYNNE LAURENCE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • DAVID C. LEATHERMAN, Pineville, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RICHARD J. LEE, Hernando; Commerce; Dept Kappa Epsilon. • SHIRLEY LEE Lula; Education. • CHARLIE G. LINTON, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • JOHN W. LOCKETT, Thomastown; Pharmacy. • JOHN B. LOFLIN Jackson; Liberal • JAMES J. Louisville; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH F. LUIS!, Jersey City, New Jersey; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • JOSEPH T. Newton; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HAZEL W. McCAIN, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Tau Alpha. • RICHARD F. McCARTHY, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • PHILIPS R. McCARTY, Crosby; Commerce; Aipha Tau Omega. POLLYE FRANKLIN W.S.G.A. President First Row: • DORRIS V, McCORKLE, Oakland; Commerce. • ANN McCOY, Baltzer; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES R. McDOWELL, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM P. McFERRIN, Tennessee; Commerce. Second Row: • WILLIAM T. McGEHEE, Jackson; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • ALD A. McGRAW, Brandon: Commerce. • ANN McINTYRE, ville; Education; Phi Mu. • WANDA A. Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. Third Row: • BOB L. McKINNEY, Corinth; Education. • GRACE C, McKINNEY, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, • MARTIN W. II, Lauderdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • DEAN R. McMILLAN, Water Valley; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • CLAUDE E. McROBERTS, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha • JOSEPH A. MAGGIO, JR., Monroe, Louisiana; Pharmacy. • JOHN C. MAJURE, Meridian; Commerce. • WILLIAM E. Meridian; Commerce. Fifth Row: • JOHN R. MALMO, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLAUDE D. MALONE, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RUDY H. MALONE, Tesnessee; tion. • ETHEL W. MALOY, Pensacola, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • CHARLES R. MANDLY, Crown Indiana; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • RAYMOND M. MATHERS, Gulfport; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • FAIRY M. MATTOX, Myrtle; Education. • HELEN L, MAY, Oxford; Education. Seventh Row: • MARTHA A. MAYES, Conehatta; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA M. MAYNARD, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega .• RALPH G. CALFE, Cleveland; Liberal Arts. • JAMES H. Marks; Liberal Arts. First Row: • WYNDELL B. MOODY, Pascagoula; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • RY E. MOORE, Sebastopol; Pharmacy; Sigma Pi, • HARVEY J. MOORE, Long Beach; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JERRY M. MOORE, Illinois; Commerce; Sigma Pi. Second Row: • MALCOLM S. MOORE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • MARY E. MOORE, Harrisonburg, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ROBERT C. MOORE, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. • THOMAS D. MOORE, Long Beach; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: • F. ANN MOORMAN, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD A. MORGAN, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa • MARY A. MORGAN, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM R. MORROW, toc; Commerce. Fourth Row: • THEO A. MUIRHEAD, Canton; Liberal Arts. • NANCY C. Memphis, Tennessee; liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • ANNE C. MYER, Ellisville; Commerce; Phi Mu. • ADOLPHUS P. NANCE, Ripley; Education. Fifth Row: • ROBERT E. NEBLETT, Morgan City; Education; Sigma Chi. • JOE E. NEELY, Shannon; Education. • PAUL E. NEWMAN, Liberty; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • NANCY L. NEWMAN, Dyer, Ten-. nessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Sixth Row: • MARTHA F. NICHOLAS, Oxford; Commerce, • ROBERT L. NIX, Winona; Liberal Arts, • GEORGIA A. NOEL, Harperville; merce. • H. ELOWEEN OAKES, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Seventh Row: • GENE A. OGLETREE, Macon; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • JANE Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • JOSEPH OLIVER, Senatobia; Pharmacy. • DENNIS H. OTT, Osyka; Education. WES LOMINICK A.S.B. Judicial Council Chairman First Row: • JAMES R. PARDUE, Crowder; Commerce. • JOEL T. PARKER, Sunflower; Pharmacy. • BETTY J. PARKS, Sherman; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RAUL A. PASCUAL, Camagury, Cuba; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • LEA PASLAY, Sardis; Education. • JAMES R. PATTON, ville; Education. • PETER 0. PAXSON, Memphis, Tennessee; neering; Kappa Alpha. • PAULA E. PEMBLE, Shelby; Commerce; Chi Omega. Third Row: • ROBERT E. PHILLIPS, Union Tennessee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT W. PICKLE, Senatobia• Pharmacy. • JIMMY A. PIGFORD, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • RICHARD A. POLIZZI, New Orleans, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. Fourth Row: • JAMES D. POLK, Algoma; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • FRANK POTTS, Il l, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • EDWIN A. PRICE, Jayess; Pharmacy. • JOE R. PRICE, Blytheville; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • FRANK L. QUIN, McComb; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE B. QUINN, Greenwood; Commerce. • EUGENE E. RANDLE, Guntown; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARLES F. RAMSEY, Campbell, Missouri; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. Sixth Row: • MARJORIE B. RATLIFF, Belzoni; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES R. RAY, Russellville, Kentucky; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES RAY, Stuttgart, Arkansas; Education. • TOMMY L. RIGGINS, Martin, Tennessee; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega, Seventh Row: • DONALD T. RIGLER, Philadelphia; Engineering. • BE RNARD L. RILEY, Andalusia, Alabama; Commerce. • LAURA C. RIVERS, Ogden, Utah; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARY B. ROBINSON, Waterford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. 68 First Row: • ELIZABETH A. ROARK, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT P. ROGERS, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • JULIA A. ROSE, Augusta, Georgia; Education; Phi Mu. • SYLVIA W. ROSS, Memphis, Ten- nessee; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • LETA M. RUSH, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • SERGIO R. SAINZ, Camaguey, Cuba; Engineering. • MITCH M. SALLOUM, Gulfport; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DONALD B. SAMUELS, Brook- haven; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. Third Row: • JOHN C. SATTERFIELD, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • MARTHA E, SAUNDERS, Coldwater; Commerce. • DOE E. SCHIFERLI, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Liberal Arts. • JANE M. Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fourth Row: • WARREN B. SEELY, JR., Pascagoula; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • DONNA J. SHARP, Grenada; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHNNY B. SHARP, Oxford; Education; Sigma Pi. • THOMAS B. SHEPHERD, JR., Lexington; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • WALLACE J. Grenada; Commerce. • JAMES W SHUMATE, Los Angeles, California; Engineering; Dela Kappa Eps Ion; • CHARLES W. SHUMATE, Tiptonville, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN C. SIMMONS, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • ROBERT B. SIMS, Brandon; Commerce. • WILLIAM A. SIMS, Brandon; Commerce. • CHARLES E. SLEDGE, Sunflower; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA I. SMALL, Sontag; Liberal Arts. S eventh Row: • JAMES E. SORRELS, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ERNEST L, SPARROW, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. • EDWARD L. SMALLWOOD, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM C. SMALLWOOD, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. NANCY HOUSE Y.W.C.A. President First Row: • CHARLES R. Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ALFRED L. STEINDORFF, Jackson, Tennessee; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • BETTY G. STENNIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • HAROLD C. STEVENS, Anguilla; Commerce. Second Row: • EDNA S. STEWARD, Coldwater; Education. • MOODY L. STEWART, Pontotoc; Commerce. • GILBERT H. STOKES, New Albany; merce. • PATRICIA L. STOUT, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. Third Row: • RUTH E. Bassett, Arkansas; Pharmacy. • JOSEPH E. SULLENDER, Abbeville; Commerce. • THOMAS H. SULLIVAN Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE M. SWINDOLL, Calhoun City; Education. Fourth Row: • RAMON C. TATE, Lexington; Commerce. • GEORGE B. TAYLOR, Brooksville; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • JO ANN THOMAS Beaumont, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MELVIN M, THOMAS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • LEE V. THOMPSON, JR., Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM B. THOMPSON, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kapp: Alpha. • LILLIAN B. THORNTON, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • JOE TODD, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • BARBARA G. TRAINOR, Marks; Commerce. • DORIS M. TULPIN, Illinois; Education; Delta Gamma. • MARTHA E. VAN BIBBER, Scooba; Commerce; Chi Omega, • JAMES A. VENTRESS, Woodville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • BILL M. WALKER, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • PETTIS D. WALLEY, Richton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT E. WALTMAN, Pass Christian; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES H. WARD, Vardaman; Pharmacy. First Row: • JOHN D. Columbus, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • ANNA R. WELCH, Jackson; Engineering; Delta Zeta, • KYLE WELCH, Oxford; Education. • AMY C. WELLS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JAMES A. WEST, Horn Lake; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • LEONARD M. WHEELER, JR., Olive Branch; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN H. WHITWORTH, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DAVID L. WILES, Batesville; Commerce. Third Row: • JOHN W. WILKS, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CAROLE B. WILLIAMS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • GEORGE R. WILLIAMS, Vaiden; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES WILLIAMS, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • MADISON E. WILLIAMS, McGehee, Arkansas; Commerce. • W. HORACE WILLIAMS, Kosciusko; Education. • ED. H. WILLIFORD, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, • MELVIN C. WILSON, Monticello; Education. Fifth Row: • ROBERT K. WILSON, Oxford; Pharmacy. • BOBBY WIYGUL. Mooreville; Pharmacy. • RAY L. WOOCK, Lockport, Illinois; neering; Beta Theta Pi. • CHARLES D, WOODS, Bentonia; ing; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • SAM M. WOODWARD, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JIMMY V. Collins; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • DRED YOUNG, Bruce; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOHN A. ZAGONE, Monroe, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • INTA A. ZARINS, Crenshaw; Liberal Arts. GEORGE H EW ES Y.M.C.A. President, A.S.B. Dance Committee Chairman First Row: • ROBERT 0. ADAMS, Amory; Education. • KATHLEEN J. DRIDGE, Leland; Education; Chi Omega. • BETTE ALLEN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BRYANT M. ALLEN, Jackson; merce; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • DOROTHY R. Rosedale; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, • FRANK E. ALLEN, JR., Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VAUGHN S. ALLISTON, Florence; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES A. ALSTON, Macon; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • SIDNEY G. Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • SYLVIA E. ANDERSON, Gulfport; Education. • STANLEY F. APPLEBAUM, Hollandale; Pharmacy; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JEANNE W. ARNOLD, ville, Kentucky; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Fourth Row: • ROBERT D. ATKINS, Gibson, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM H. AUSTIN, JR., Lake Cormorant; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES E. AVARITT, III, Pine Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • LOUISE M. AZLIN, Leland; cation; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • KATHRYN Oxford; Commerce; Chi Omega. • OTIS G. Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • HENRY V. BARFIELD, Jackson; merce; Kappa Sigma. • JOAN C. BARRETT, Tupelo; Education. Sixth Row: • HILARY T. BARRIER, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha lon. • RAYBURN H. BATES, Picayune; Commerce. • DORIS BEAN, Blytheville, Arkansas; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • NATHANIEL 0. BEASLEY, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • WANDA J. BECKETT, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • BRUCE F. BEGOLE, Ypsilanti, Michigan; Liberal Arts. • ALBERT S. BELANGER, Morgan Louisiana; Liberal Arts. • SIDNEY R. Yazoo City; eral Arts; Phi Delta Theta. 72 First Row: • DAVID R. BILLINGSLEY, Tyro; Commerce. • EARL E. BLAIR, Pas- cagoula; Commerce. • MARY L. BOOTH Mathiston; Liberal Arts. • PATRICIA A. BOSWELL, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. Second Row: • HOWELL G. BOX, Corinth; Commerce; Sigma Chi, • HOWELL D. BOYD, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. • LAURA M. BOYER, Nabb, Indiana; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • THOMAS P. BRADY, JR., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Epsilon. Third Row: • STEPHEN A. BRAUN, Biloxi; Commerce. • KARL G. BRENT, JR., Brookhaven; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • LOTTIE Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • MARY S. Laurel; Educa- tion; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • TOMMY L. BROOKS, Tupelo; Commerce. • HAROLD A. BROOME, Batesville; Commerce. • MARJORIE A. BROWN, Greenwood; Lib- eral Arts; Delta Gamma. • SUZANNE A. Trumann, Ar- kansas; Commerce. Fifth Row: • MARY E. BRUCE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • LIL- LIAN F. BRUMFIELD, Inverness; Education; Chi Omega. • JAMES C. BULLARD, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • ALBERT M. BULLOCK, Meridian; Commerce. Sixth Row: • HAROLD R. BURCHAM, La Center, Kentucky; Engineering. • CE- CIL W. JR., Como; Education; Sigma Chi. • JOHN R. BURGIN, Starkville; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM J. BU- SAM, Greenwood; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. Seventh Row: • JAMES N. Meridian; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANNE B. Laurel; Education; Kappa Delta. • BENNY H. BUSH, Taylorsville; Pharmacy. • CLYDE M. BUTLER, JR., New Al- bany; Commerce; Sigma Chi, CONNIE EARL Pan Hellenic Council President First Row: • JAMES H. BUTLER, McComb; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS W. LER, Pontotoc; Commerce. • ERNEST C. CADDEN, JR., Amory; eral Arts. • ELEANOR CAHILL, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • CLAUDE W. CALDWELL, New Albany; Commerce. • DUNCAN B. CAMPBELL, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JEANNE M. CAMPBELL, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • VINCENT A. CARBONAR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Third Row: • TED E. CARLEY, Columbia; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MARY A. Como; Commerce. • SIDNEY H. CHAFFIN, Hayti, souri; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • RUTH CLELAND, Sardis; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • JIMMY L. CLEMENTS, Oxford; Pharmacy. • DAVID L. GER, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • LAURA G. CLOUD, Lula; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CARL R. COERS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • JOE E. COLEMAN, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • NETH COLLINS, Pittsboro; Liberal Arts. • ROSEMARY P. COLLINS, New Orleans, Louisiana; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • BARBARA A. COLLUMS, Bruce; Commerce. Sixth Row: • CHARLES W. CONNELL, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOE T. COOK, Columbia; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • TOM W. COOK, Como; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. COPE, Hollandale; merce; Beta Theta Pi. Seventh Row: • KENNETH E. Meadville; Pharmacy. • DAVID R. COUNTS, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BOBBY M. COX, West Point; Commerce. • THOMAS H. CRAIG, Houston; Commerce. 74 Firsf Row: • EDWARD S. CRAWFORD, Jackson, Tennessee; Education; Sigma CM. • WADE H. Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DAVID A. CROW, Senatobia; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LARRY H. CROWELL, JR., Gulfport; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • GERALD P. CRYSTAL, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • THOMAS A. CURREY, Amory; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ANN B. CURRY, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, • MARY P, DANIEL, Germantown, Tennessee; Commerce. Third Row: • MARGARET A. Myrtle; Delta Delta Delta. • DAVID A. Clarksdale; Commerce. • ROBERT G. DAVIS, Lula; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • DIANE D. DAWSON, son; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • HOWARD B. DAWSON, Magnolia; Pharmacy. • HERMAN E. DAY, Columbia; Education. • LINDA A. DeMETZ, Pass Christian; merce; Kappa Delta. • ETHEL S. Vicksburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Fifth Row: • MORRIS L. DENTON, Oxford; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES W. DeRUITER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • NANCY J. SON, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Mu. • CALEB DORTCH, Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: • MARION E. DORTCH, Paducah, Kentucky; Education. • CARL S. DOWNING, Oxford; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT G. DREWERY, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. • GENE H. DUBUISSON, Pascagoula; Education. Seventh Row: • CHARLES E. DUCK, Lexington; Education. • BESSIE N. DUDDLE- SION, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • BRADFORD J. DYE, nada; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha, • BARNEY E, EATON, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. RICHARD BALL Inter-Fraternity Council President First Row: • ALLAN G. EDGAR, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha • MARY L. EDWARDS New Madrid, Missouri; Commerce. • JAMES A. ELDER, Coldwater; Pharmacy. • BARBARA J. ELDRIDGE, phis, Tennessee; Commerce, Second Row: • MARY M. ELLIOTT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ARD B. ELLISON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • KERM II R. ESCUDIER, LaFayette; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • VIA M. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Independents. Third Row: • DAVID W. FAY, Springfield, Missouri; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • BENNY L. FERRELL, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES W. Batesville; Engineering. • BOBBY F. FISHER, Lexington; cation, Fourth Row: • ROBERT M. FLOYD , Booneville; Pharmacy. • CHARLES G. FORBES, JR., University; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM E. FORTENBERRY, Tylertown; Pharmacy. • CAROLYN D. FOSTER, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Fifth Row: • GIN FRASER, Columbus; Engineering; Delta Gamma. • PATRICK E. FRAZIER, La Jolla, California; Commerce. • MARY G. RICKSON, Sardis; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • ROGER P. FRIOU, Tupelo; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • N. SUE FULLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • IRVING L. FULLER, JR., Warwick, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DONALD L. GAINES, Fulton; Liberal Arts. • JAMES W. Pensacola, Florida; Engineering. Seventh Row: • JOHN S. Baldwyn; Commerce. • JAMES L. GARNER, McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE B. GARRETT, Beebe, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MARY L. GARRETT, Tchula; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. 76 First Row: • BOB GARRISON, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • SAMUEL GASTON, JR., Newton; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE H. GENT, mit; Pharmacy. • NORMAN L. New Albany; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • 0. STERLING Ill, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD R. GOEHE, Staunton, Illinois; Liberal Arts. • JANE A, GOODWIN, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • DON E. Meridian; Engineering. Third Row: • LOUIS W. GORENFLO, Biloxi; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • DONALD L. GORDON, Belzoni; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT E. GOSA, West Point; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOHN M. GOWDY, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Chi, Fourth Row: • EDMOND F. GRAVES, University; Engineering. • A. JEAN TON, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT E. HADLEY, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. • JACK P. HAGINS, JR., Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: • EMILY H. HALL, Leland; Education; Chi Omega. • B. LESLIE HAMMACK, Drew; Liberal Arts. • PERCY R. HANCOCK, Mize; merce. • GRAYDON B. HARDISTER, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; ing. Sixth Row: • Q. T. HARMON, Tupelo; Commerce. • WILLIAM C. HARMON, Como; Engineering. • ALFRED Y. HARPER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ROSA L. HARPER, Flora; Commerce; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • ROBERT C. Sunflower; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • GINIA M. HARRIS, Clarksdale; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • LA RUE E. HART, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering. • THOMAS I. HAW- KINS, Ruleville; Commerce. SUZANNE DUGGER Miss University, Miss Mississippi, alternate Miss America First Row: • JOHN E. HAYNES, Pascagoula; Pharmacy. • THOMAS W. DERSON, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • WILSON W. Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • J. HAYNES HESLEP, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • MURRAY E. HILL, Tunica; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • SUE A. HILL, Baraboo, Wisconsin; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BILLY F. HODGES, Toccopola; Engineering. • EDWARD D. HODO, Amory; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • HAZEL J. HOFFMAN, Taylor; Commerce. • EVERETTE A. LAND, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • LAMAR D. HOLMES, Winona; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES M. HOOD, Houlka; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • KATHERINE HOPKINS, Covington, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Delta. • JOHN A. HOUSTON, Cleveland; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM L. HUBBELL, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha lon. • RUSSELL E. HUDSON, JR., Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • JIM HUNT, Amarillo, Texas; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • TER H. HURT, Ill, Waynesboro; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JEANNINE HYDE, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • EVA F. JACKSON, Tiplersville; Commerce. Sixth Row: • LUTHER H. Pensacola, Florida; Education. • BETTY JOHNSON, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • HENRY F. JOHNSON, Canton; Commerce. • C. JEFF JONES, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. Seventh Row: • CHESTER G. JONES, Jackson; Pharmacy. • DAVID E. JONES, Oxford; Commerce. • GOLDA H. JONES, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • JEANNE H. JONES, Jackson; Liberal Arts. 78 First Row: • LOIS S. JONES, Oxford; Pharmacy. • BARRY B. JORDAN, ena, Arkansas; Sigma Chi. • RICHARD R. Flora; Libera Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES C. KERR, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering. Second Row: • ROBERT T. KEYS, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • BILLY R. KINARD, Jackson; Commerce. • NANCY L. KLINDWORTH, Arkansas; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • LEO C. KOESTLER, burg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • ROBERT H. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • HEN RY E. KREMER, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • L. CLYDE LaBELLA, Indianola; Commerce. • KENNETH D. LACKEY, Shannon; Education. Fourth Row: • ROBERT A. LADNER, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES L. Monticello; Pharmacy. • ALBERT LANGFORD, ton; Commerce. • LOGIER J. LEBLANC, Louisiana; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • BOBBY R. LEE, Poplarville; Pharmacy. • JAMES A. LEE, Prentiss; Pharmacy. • WALTER T. LEE, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering. • TOMMY E. LEMONS, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • GEORGE E. LEVINGS, III, Alexandria, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ALLIS R. LEVY, Oxford; Commerce. • BERTA M. LEWIS, New Madrid, Missouri; Education. • MARY F. LEWIS, University; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • ROBERT W. LEWIS, JR., Baton Louisiana; Pharmacy. • HUBERT S. Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • HUNTER L. LITTLE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES F. Durant; Liberal Arts. PAULA PEMBLE Homecoming Queen First Row: • JAMES F. LOWRIE, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • PAT LOWRY, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • BETTY A. LYLE, Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • THOMAS M. KILL, Jackson; Education. Second Row: • ROBERT A. McCOOL, Cleveland; Education. • DONALD E. DANIEL, Leland; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • BILLY B. McELROY, ton; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • RUSSELL J. McGEHEE, Lepanto, Arkansas; Engineering. Third Row: • ELODIE J. McGEE, Ruleville; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SAMUEL M. McKINNEY, Chatawa; Liberal Arts. • JAMES R. McLEMORE, Sledge; Commerce, • SAM McMANUS, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • JAMES M. McMULLAN, Newton; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BERT M. Shelby; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE A. McNEILL, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ERIC D. MALONE, Oxford; Engineering. Fifth Row: • MRS. ERIN C. MARTIN, Batesville; Education. • RUFUS E. TIN, Laurel; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • BERNARD MASSEY, ville; Liberal Arts. • CURTIS J, MATTHEWS, neering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • GEORGE T. MERRILL, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau ga. • BRUCE C. MAYER, Sands Point, New York; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • JOHN K. MILES, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES S. MITCHELL, JR., Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • SARA MITCHELL, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES F. Indianola; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DAN H. MOORE, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY C. Crowder; Liberal Arts, 80 First Row: • MARY J. MOORE, Amory; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ALD A. MORPHIS, Rolling Fork; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ERLY MORRIS, Amory; Commerce. • LAWRENCE B. MORRIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • HENRY H. MOUNGER, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • PEGGY MULLIN, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • JOHN S. MURPHEY, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • MARY A, MURPHREE, Okolona; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. Third Row: • DAN S. MURRELL, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • PAUL W. Pocahontas; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • SYBIL M. MUTHS, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOAN M. NELSON, Oxford; Commerce. Fourth Row: • M, JOYCE NELSON, Pennsylvania; Commerce. • W. DOWEY NEW, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • NANCY L. Holly Springs; Liberal Arts. • BOBBY C. ORSBURN, Blytheville, Arkansas; Pharmacy. Fifth Row: • JAMES A. OVERBY, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES W, PALMER, Dyersburg, Tennessee; Commerce. • JAMES PALMER, Cornith; Com- merce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN N. PALMER, Corinth; Commerce; Fhi Delta Theta. Sixth Row: • LaFRANCE PAPASAN, Etta; Liberal Arts. • JULIA 0. PARKS, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • PAUL G. New Orleans, Louisiana; Engineering. • HOUSTON PATTON, Tuscumbia, Alabama; Commerce. Seventh Row: • JIMMIE D. PAYNE, Searcy, Arkansas; Commerce. • JOHN R. PENDERGRASS, JR., Fort Indiana; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • NANCY D. PENNINGFON, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • FREDERICK E. PHILLIPS, Purvis; Commerce. ED WILLIFORD Head Cheerleader First Row: • CHARLES D. PIGOTT, JR., Tylertown; Pharmacy. • DARYL L. PINCH, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Commerce. • CLAUDE PINTARD, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • JOHN D. POLK, Polkville; macy. Second Row: • DORA E. PORTERA, West Point; Liberal Arts. • LUTHER R. ER, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. • WILLIAM L. Biloxi; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • NANCY M. POWERS, nessee; Liberal Arts. Third Row: • CHARLIE F. PRATT, Erwin, Tennessee; Pharmacy. • ROBERT J. PRIESTER, Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • DON J. PROEHL, Chicago, Illinois; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • NANCY P. RAMEY, Kansas City, Missouri; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Fourth Row: • JASPER J. RAMPOLLA, New York, New York; Pharmacy; Sigma Pi. • ADELAIDE Lexington; Education; Chi Omega. • JANE H. RAYBURN, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • RICHARD N. Picayune; Liberal Arts. Fifth Row: • ANN E. REED, Mississippi City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa ma. • SANDRA F. REED, Mississippi City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOSEPH REILLY, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LOUISE J. REYNOLDS, Union City, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Sixth Row: • CLARENCE L. RHODES, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • CHARLENE RICE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • RAYE F. RIGBY, Lambert; Education; Kappa Gamma. • CURTIS R. Perkinston; Pharmacy. Seventh Row: • ROBERT F. ROBINSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LLOYD W. ROSE, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RET E, ROSSER, Lafayette; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES • ROWSEY, JR., Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. 82 First Row: • ANN ROY, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • CAROLYN Abbeville; Commerce. • DAGGER R, RUDOLPH, Greenville; Education; Kappa Alpha. • BEA A. RUFF, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • MARLIN E. RYLAND, Gulfport; Commerce. • BERNARD W, SCHREIBER, Sioux Iowa; Commerce. • HARRY L. DER, Jonesville, Minnesota; Commerce. • WILLIAM S. SCOTT, Florida; Education; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Third Row: • ARCHIE L. SHEPHERD, Hollandale; Education. • JAMES A. SHEPHERD, Memphis, Tennessee; Education. • JUNE D. SHORT, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOHN D. LEY, Pachuta; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • JERRY C. SILER, Tennessee; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM D. SIMERVILLE, Atlanta, Georgia; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • HEBER S. SIMMONS, JR., Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JOHN R. SKATES, Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Fifth Row: • CARL E. SKINNER, Tupelo; Engineering. • FRANK C. SKUDER, New Jersey; Engineering. • WILLIAM C. SLAY, Jackson; Engineering. • SARA A. SMALLWOOD, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Gamma, Sixth Row: • NANCY M. SMITH, Pascagoula; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM L. SMITH, Jackson; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • ZANNE SNYDER, Kentucky; Commerce; Delta Delta ta. • HAL S. SPRAGINS, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • PAUL. Q. STAMPLEY, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts. • BILLY W. FORD, Marks; Engineering. • KATE T. STAPLETON, Cleveland; eral Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • HARDY R, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. FRANK REILLY Scabbard and Blade Captain First Row: • ROSEMARY STEPHENS, Como; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA J. ART, Pass Christian; Education; Kappa Delta. • JANETTA STRAIN, Tupelo; Education; Chi Omega. • THOMAS W. STRIBLING, Drew; Pharmacy. Second Row: • SHIRLEY A. Memphis, Tennessee; Education. • VINSON D. SULLIVAN, Mount Olive; Education. • JACQUELINE SURRATT, Kansas Missouri; Liberal Arts. • ALICE H. TANKERSLEY, ford; Commerce; Kappa Delta. Third Row: • MARY C. TANFANI, Leland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • LYN J. TAYLOR, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES E. TAYLOR, Clarksdale; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EULA C. TAYLOR, burg; Commerce; Phi Mu. Fourth Row: • WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, Columbus; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • LIONEL G. THERIOT, St. Martinville, Louisiana; Pharmacy. • CHARLES H. THOMAS, JR., Shuqualak; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BOBBY J. THOMPSON, Winona; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • ROSCOE M. THORNE, Jackson; Pharmacy. • CAROLYN D. THORNTON, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • STANTON W. TON, Jackson; Engineering. • VIC TILLEY, Indianola; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • DOROTHY A. West Hartford, Connecticut; Liberal Arts. • ANN TODD, Collins; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • KENNETH P. TOLER, Inverness; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NOEL K. TOLER, Inverness; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Seventh Row: • TERESA B. Holly Springs; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT H. TRUE, Cuevos; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • CLIFTON R. TUCKER, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • DUDLEY R. TURNER, Greenwood; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM T. TURNER, Belzoni; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • LIAM F. VALVIK, Tennessee; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • J ANIS F. VAUGHN, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ANTHONY S. VAllANA, Leland; Pharmacy. • RONALD C. VINES, West Virginia; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. First Row: • JULIA C. WAITS, Leland; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • EDWARD V. WARD, Yazoo City; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • ANTHONY M. REN, Columbus; Liberal Arts. Delta Psi. • TOMMY L. WATKINS, Macon; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • BILL G. WEBB, Corpus Christi, Texas; Education. • WADE P. WEBSTER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD WEISS, Clarksdale; Education. • DONALD H. Oxford; Education. Third Row: • ANN WELLER, Clarksdale; Commerce. • M. ANN LAND, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • THOMAS H. WHEELER, Coldwater; Pharmacy. • ARCHIE J. WHITE, Meridian; Education. Fourth Row: • JOHN H. McComb; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN M. Tunica; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • TRAVIS L. HEAD, Ecru; Pharmacy. • JAMES W. WHITTINGTON, Biloxi; neering. Fifh Row: • JAME S R. Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN C. WILLIAMS, Canton; Education. • R. HARTER WILLIAMS, versity; Education; Chi Omega. • CHARLES H. WILLIAMSON, Little Rock, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sixth Row: • ALICE G. WILLIFORD, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM E. ROY, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • HARRIET B, WILSON, Clarksdale; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • HERBERT W. WILSON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • J. DON WILSON, Aberdeen; Commerce. • ROBERT E. WINKLER, Tupelo; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • EUGENE G. JR., Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES C. WOODS, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • JESS B. WOODS, Indiana; ing; Alpha Tau Omega. Eighth Row: • ROBERT J. WORK, New Albany; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • RALPH E. YARKE, Giraro, Illinois; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa pha. • JACK YATES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM G. YELVERTON, Jackson; Commerce. • WILLIAM C. YOUNG, Tennessee; Engineering. COB JARVIS M Club President. First Row: • ELLIS N. ABDO, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • NANCY W. ABERNETHY, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • NATHAN D. Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta • BETTY ALDRIDGE, Winona; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Second Row: • BURNIE G. Houston; Commerce. • PATRIC M. SON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • BONITA M. APPLETON, Byhalia; Commerce. • ELIZABETH R. BACH, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • FRANK C, BAKER, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • JERRY BAKER, Brandon; Commerce. • VIRGINIA P. BAKER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta, • KAY E. BALTAR Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Fourth Row: • JULIA L. BANKS, Hernando; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • RIE L. BARGAS, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Delta • JAMES B. BARKLEY, Cotton Plant; Liberal Arts. • JACK W. BARKSDALE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • CHARLES C. BEALL, Batesville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ARD V. BEALL, Malden, Missouri; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • HARON N. Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES W. BELL, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Sixth Row: • MAE B, BEVILL, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. • IVAN F B INDER, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • CHARLES L. BLALACK, Drew; Commerce. • PATRICIA E. BLAND, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • NATE J. BOATNER, Rosedale; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LARRY 0. University; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • GARLAND BOYD, JR., Kosicusko; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta • JON R. BOYDEN, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. 86 First Row: • LYMAN P. BRADFORD, Biloxi; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BRUCE H. BRAD Y, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CALVIN C. BRISTER, Jackson; Eng:neering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VERNE A. BROOKS, Tennessee; Commerce. Second Row: • JANET BROWN, Natchez; Education; Kappa Delta. • SANDRA BROWN, Springfield, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • RIS L. BRYAN, Taylor; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • THOMAS B. BUCKLES. JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • LINDA L. BUNCH, Arkansas; Commerce. • CHARLES G. BURKE, JR., Natchez; Engineering. • BARBARA D. BYNUM, Dermott, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • FRITZ A. BYRUM, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • JIMMIE A. CAMP, Hamilton; Education; Phi Mu. • CARL 0. CAMPANY, Shelby; Commerce. • EMMETT E. CARADINE, West Point; Commerce. • JOSEPH CERNY, Oxford; Engineering; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • BELA J. CHAIN, JR., Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT W. CHATHAM, Wiggins; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN M. TIAN, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BARBARA CLAR Ture o; Commerce; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • MARGIE R. Union City, Tennessee; Education; Delta Gamma. • HARVEY P. COLE, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN A. COLETTA, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • BETTIE J. COLLINS, Indianola; Liberal Arts. Seventh Row: • FLOYD G. COLLINS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • DONALD W, COMER, Smithville; Liberal Arts. • KENNETH B. COOKSON, Ponca City, Oklahoma; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLIE W. COOPER, Bude; Liberal Arts. PHIL McCARTY Cardinal Club President First Row: • WENTWORTH H. CORLEY, Biloxi; Engineering. • GEORGE P. COSSAR, JR., Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • PAIGE J. COTHREN, Natchez; Liberal Arts. • JOHN R. COX, Corinth; merce. Second Row: • MOBLEY E. COX, JR., Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HARRIS V. CRAIG Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ORGA V. CRAIG, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. • JEMMIE N. CROCKER, houn City; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • JIM H. CRUCE, Poplar Bluff; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • MARY E. CRUMPTON, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta • LEWIS L. CULLEY, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • LENA C. CUNNINGHAM, West Arkansas; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • LESLIE C. Germantown, Tennessee; Commerce. • GEORGE H. DANIELS, Memphis, Tennessee; Arts. • BAR- BARA A. DAVES, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • GENE L. DAVIDSON, Pope; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifth Row: • CHARLES R. DAVIS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • HAY- WOOD S. DAVIS Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • MARTHA J. DAVIS, Oxford; Commerce. • GEORGE R. DAY, verness; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row: • JOHN E. DeCELL, Yazoo City; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • FRANK J. DELBRIDGE, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Eng:neering; Sigma Nu. • WALTER M. DENNY, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BILLY H. Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • KENNETH DRAPER, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • DOUGLAS W. DUBISSON, Pascagoula; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARLES M. DUNAGIN, Haitiesburg; Commerce. • JOHN A. DuPRE, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 88 First Row: • JULIA G. DURFEY. Canton; Commerce; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM E DURHAM, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOE B. DURRETT JR., Aliceville, Alabama; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • NANCIE C. ECHOLS, Flora; Education; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • LOUNETT EDMONDSON, Calhoun City; Commerce; Fhi Mu. • CHARLES W. ESTES, Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY EVANS, Canton; Commerce; Phi Mu. • STANLEY L. EVANS, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • ROBERT A. FANT, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • JAMES H. FARRIS, Caruthersville, Missouri; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • DELBERT W. FARMER, Benoit; Commerce. • LARRY D FARMER, Portageville, Missouri; Education. Fourth Row: • SAM S. FARRINGTON, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • EM- MA L. FAULKNER, Batesville; Commerce; Phi Mu. • SAMMY E. FELKER, Corinth; Pharmacy. • CAROLYN G. FERGUSON, DeWitt, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • GEORGANE FERGUSON Batesville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma, • JAMES V. FERGUSON. JR., Winona; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FRANKLIN FINLEY, Memphis, Corn- merce; Alpha Tau Omega. • IRA G. FISHER, Crowder; Liberal Art ; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • H ENLEY J. FLOOD, JR., Laurel; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • EDWIN E. FLOURNOY, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa A ' pha. • GEORGE W. FLOWERS, Winona; Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BILLY S. Obion, Tennessee; Education. Seventh Row: • BARBARA E. FOX, Port Gib:on; Education; Delta Delta. • THOMAS W. FREEMAN, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • JAMES R. FRENCH, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOAN K. FRENCH, Byhalia; Commerce; Phi Mu. LIZ NICHOLS " Mississippian " Editor First Row: • RAYMOND E. FUNDERBURK Millington, Tennessee; Education. • NANCY L. FURR, Wesson; Commerce. • FRANKLIN G. ICK, New York, New York; Liberal Arts. • JOHN L. GAINEY, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • STEPHEN L. GAMMILL, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES J. GARBO, Laurel; Education. • MOISES GARCIA, III, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Theta Kappa Phi. • JEANNICE M. GARRETT, Oxford; Commerce. Third Row: • MARTHA E. GARRETT, Oxford; Commerce. • JOE D. GENTRY, JR., Luxora, Arkansas; Commerce. • ROBERT E. GEORGE, Chicago, Illinois; Liberal Arts. • ETHEL L. Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Fourth Row: • NORMER L. GILL Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS M. GLASCO, Greenville; Commerce. • TED A. GOWDY, Canton; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DUDLEY C. Meridian; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: • PATSY GRAHAM, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • NANCY GRAVES, Webster Missouri; Liberal Arts. • BASIL P. GRAY, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • CARLOS B. GREER, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. Sixth Row: • JOHN K. GRESHAM, Indianola; Liberal Arts. • ANN S. HALE, Como; Education. • ELIZABETH A. HALL, Lambert; Commerce. • THEODORE B. HANNAH, North Little Rock, Arkansas; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row: • DOROTHY L. HANSEN Chicago, Illinois; Education, • LEON C. HARBIN, JR., Lake Providence Louisiana; Engineering. • LEONARD N. HARRIS, Missouri; Commerce. • ROBERT V. HARRISON, University; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 90 First Row: • JERRY M. HATCHER, Freeport, Florida; Engineering. • DORIS 0, HATLEY, Milan, Tennessee; Education. • JIMMIE G. HAYLES, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • RONALD M. HAYS, Beaver, Pennsylvania; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Second Row: • SANDRA S. HEATH, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • WILLIAM R. Missouri; Education. • DEAN W. HENRY, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • JACK A. HERRINTON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi, Third Row: • HOLMES K. HERRON, Glendora; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PATRICIA A. HEWLETT, Madison, New Jersey; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ROBERT G. HICKERSON, Atwood, Tennessee; Edu- cation. • MARION A. Forest Hill, Tennessee; Com- merce. Fourth Row: • FRANK S. HILL, Vicksburg; Engineering. • JAMES F. HILLIARD, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES H. HOLLOWAY, Clarksdale; Engineering. • HELEN HOLLOWELL, Greenville; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • MARGARET A. Louisiana; Commerce; Phi Mu. • J. BERNARD HORNE, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CARL M. HORTON, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • IRIS K. HORTON, Jackson, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • BETTY S. HOUGH, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. • RICHARD D. HUDGINS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES H. HUGGINS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • CHARLES H. HUMPHREY, JR., Tupelo; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. Seventh Row: • RANDALL K. HUNTER, Corpus Christi, Texas; Commerce. • SYLVIA HUNTER, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • WAYLAND D. INMAN, Bruce; Education. • DAVID L. Sunflower; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. JIMMY AUTREY " Mississippian " Managing Editor First Row: • LEYDA E. JAEN, Panama, Canal Zone; Commerce. • ROBERT E. JAMES, Clinton, Arkansas; Engineering. JAMES 0. JOHNSON, Tylertown; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • DALE C. JONES, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • WILLIAM W. JOOR, JR., Oxford; Education; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOSEPH C. JORDAN, Collins; Business; Kappa Sigma, • JOE E. JOSEPH, Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN L. JUNIKER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • CECIL G. KELLUM, Oxford; Engineering. • HAROLD D. KENDALL, McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • KATHERINE L. KENNEDY, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MILDRED A. KILPATRICK, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • KAY B. KIRKLAND, Cairo, Illinois; Education. • PAUL R. TEN, Illinois; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • RUDOLF G. KETTLITZ, JR., Waco, Texas; Engineering. • STEPHANIE Z. KLOTZ, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fifth Row: • NORRIS C. Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES A. KNOTT, Durant; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • JUDITH W. KOSKI, Moss Point; Education. • CHARLES H. KYSAR, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Sixth Row: • CAROL C. KYTE, Elaine, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ETHEL C. Vickburg; Commerce. • EDWARD E. LAIRD, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • SHIRLEY M. LAMBETH, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Seventh Row: • BILLY J. LANDRUM, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • OLD H. LANE, Prentiss; Liberal Arts. • JOHN D. Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi, • BEBE V. LARSEN, Tennessee; Education; Chi Omega. 92 First Row: • VIRGINIA A. LAVELLE, New Madrid, Missouri; Liberal Arts. • TRICIA A. LAWHON, Fort Worth, Texas; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • RALPH I. LAWSON, Little Rock, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • CATHERINE L. LeCROY, Boonevil e; Lberal Arts. Second Row: • ROGER C. LEWIS University; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET L. LILLY, Summit; Liberal Arts. • JO ANNE LOCKARD, McComb; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JIMMY H. LOCKE, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • FRANK B. LOTT, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PAUL LOUP, III, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Theta Kappa Phi. • WALTER S. LOVE, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD L. LOVELACE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fourth Row: • DONALD L. LYLES, Obion, Tennessee; Commerce. • PAUL D. McCONNELL, Pennsylvania; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • LAWRENCE R. McCOOL, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HOMER McDONOUGH, Oxford; Engineering. Fifth Row: • ROBERT J. McGEE, Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MARY V. McINNIS Vicksburg; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JZRRY D. McKASKEL, Natchez; Commerce. • HENRY E. McKAY, Canton; Commerce. Sixth Row: A. Belzoni; Commerce; Kappa Alpha • FRANK MALLETTE Benoit; Engineering. • OLLIE K. MALONE, Oxford; Commerce. • BARBARA J. MARSHALL, New Albany; cation; Delta Gamma. Seventh Row: • ALBERT J. MARTIN, New Orleans, Louisiana; Liberal Arts. • JAMES M. MARTIN, Onward; Liberal Arts. • LINDA MARTIN, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH L. MAXWELL, Drew; merce; Sigma Chi. CRAWFORD M I MS Many time All-American First Row: • SHIRLEY J. MAYNORD, Midwest City, Oklahoma; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JERRY L. MAYOR, Meridian; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MARIA S. MAYORGA, Managua, Central America; Liberal Arts. • CLARA R. MAYS, Water Valley; Commerce. Second Row: • LOUISE H. MEEK, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Delta • RAY S. MIKELL, McCool; Liberal Arts. • BOBBIE J. MILLING, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CLARENCE 0. MILSTEAD, Jackson, Tennessee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: • LADY M. MOCKBEE, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. • WILLIE L. MOFFETT, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • SUZIE MOFFITT, Pass Christian; Liberal Arts. • LOUISE M. MONTGOMERY, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. Fourth Row: • DORIS J, MOORE, Crowder; Commerce. • RICHARD C. MOORE, Jonesville, Louisiana; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • BEVERLY B. MORGAN, Memphis Tennessee; Commerce. • WALTER E. MULLEN, Tchula; Education. Fifth Row: • LUTHER M. NALL, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • EDMUND B. NANCE, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • JAMES W. NEWMAN, III, Learned; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LAWRENCE NICOLA, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. Sixth Row: • RAY J. NICHOLS, University; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • THOMAS A. NORMAN, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD C. O ' FERRALL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY N. OLIPHANT, Taylor; Education. Seventh Row: • PHILLIP D. O ' NEAL, Wichita, Kansas; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NANCY C. OSBORNE, Hayti; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alphi. • JIMMIE L. OTT, Morton; Pharmacy, • DAVID M. OWEN, port; Liberal Arts. 94 First Row: • BETTY J. OVERSTREET Oxford; Commerce. • DOLORES PARKER, Keiser, Arkansas; Commerce. • CARLTON F. PARSHALL, JR., Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • SAMUEL R. PATE, JR., Isola; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • RUSH A. PEACE, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • RALPH L. PEEPLES, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • THY J. PELAN, Pascagoula; Commerce. • ARY C. PHILLIPS, burg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • FORREST C. PHILLIPS, Purvis; Liberal Arts. • LACEY E. MAN, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. • OSCAR W. PONDER, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • MOPSY POWELL, Bartlett, Tennessee; Education. Fourth Row: • ROBERT F. POWERS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT B. PRATHER, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • WILL Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • JOHNNY PRISLOVSKY III, Stuttgart, Arkansas; Commerce. Fifth Row: • BETTY A. Saltillo; Liberal Arts. • PATRICIA PYLE, Meridian; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GEORGE N. RAINES, JR., Portsmouth, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PATSY A. RAMSEY, Hughes, Arkansas; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sixth Row: • SALE D. RANDLE, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT A. RANKIN, Johnson Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • A MARTIN RATCLIFFE, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • NORMA RAWLINGS, Mer;cl ' an; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Seventh Row: • MARILYN J. RAY, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • BILL T. REED, New Albany; Education. • JILL RHEA, see; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega, • JAMES W. RICE, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Chi. CHRIS MARTIN OLE MISS Business Manager First Row: • DONALD M. RICHARDSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN M. ROACH, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM R. ROBERTS, Jonesboro, Arkansas; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • KAY Batesville; Commerce. Second Row: • KATHRYN L. RODGERS, Germantown, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANNE H. ROGERS, Oaklawn, Illinois; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BARBARA N. Water Valley; Commerce. • DONALD R. ROGERS, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Third Row: • ALBERT D. Batesville; Liberal Arts. • SYLVIA S. RONSSEAU, DeWitt, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HUNTER ROUSSEL, JR., Columbus; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • WILBUR W. RUSSELL, JR., Oxord; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • JOHNNY A. SAMPOGNARO, Monroe, Louisiana; Liberal Arts. • D. FAY SANDERS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JOE L. SAVERY, Tupelo; Education. • GLORIA A. SAYERS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: • WILENNE SCOTT, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • LOUIS J. BERRY, Union City, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • LEE A. SHASSERE, Olive Branch; Liberal Art. • MINWE L. SHAW, Shelby; Commerce; Phi Mu. Sixth Row: • JOE ANN Byhalia; Liberal Arts. • MARY D. SHIPPEN, Osceola, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • VIVIAN RIDGE, Jackson; Commerce; Chi Omega. • BILLIE C. SIMMONS, Wiggins; Education; Phi Mu. Seventh Row: • JERRY A, SIMMONS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EMMA G. SMITH, Vicksburg; Engineering. • ORMA R. SMITH, JR., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • SELMA J. Houston; Education. 96 First Row: • ELDON K. SPARROW, Ridgecrest, California; Engineering. O BETTY SPIERS, Osceola, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • LLOYD G. SPIVEY, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WIRT M. STEED, Osceola Arkansas; Commerce. Second Row: • RALPH C. STEELE, West Arkansas; • ELIZA- BETH A. STEPHENS, Columbia; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA G. STE- PHENS, New Albany; Education; Kappa Delta. • DORIS J. STOCK- STILL, Picayune; Commerce; Phi Mu. Third Row: • JACK T. STOKES, Greenville; Engineering. • ALVIN P. STONE, Greenwood; • CAMILLE STONE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • DOROTHY E. Augusta, Arkansas; Edu- cation. Fourth Row: • H. JERRY STONE, McComb; Liberal Arts. • GRETCHEN N. STRAHLE, Illinois; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOAN SULLIVAN Drew; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS B. SUMRALL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row: • MARTIN Corinth; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • FRANCIS E. SWINDLE, Piave; Commerce. • GENE P. TATE, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • CAROL J, TAYLOR, Memphis, Tennessee; Com- merce; Kappa Delta. Sixth Row: • M. MAURICE TERRELL, Drew; Liberal Arts. • VERNON L. TERRELL, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • CHARLES 0, TERRY, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Kappa Sigma, • DALTON THOMAS, Newton; Education. Seventh Row: • CHARLES M. THURMAN, Prentiss; Liberal Arts. • ALMEIDA TODD, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • SYLVIA F. TOPP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Commerce. • ROBERT C. TRAVIS, Jack- son; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. NORRELL NOBLE OLE MISS Editor First Row. • GRAYDEN A. TUBB, Amory; Liberal Arts. • JAN A. TYLER, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Sigma • EUGENE S. VanCLEVE, ola; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM VANDENBOSCH, Jackson, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • JAMES E. VINSON, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • SHIRLEY A. WAGNER, Grenada; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT P. WAILES, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JEANETTE WAITS, Leland; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Third Row: • LEONARD G. Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD L. WAKEFIELD, Iowa Falls, Iowa; Engineering. • JAMES P. WALKER, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • DOROTHY R. WALKER, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. Fourth Row: • LEW WALLACE, JR., Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • HAZEL M. WALLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • SHIRLEY Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PATRICIA A. WARD, Greenville; eral Arts; Phi Mu. Fifth Row: • SHIRLEY L. WARD, Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DOROTHY D. WARREN, Oxford; Commerce. • DOLORES A. WATERS, Poplar Grove, Arkansas; Liberal • DAVID B. WEAVER, Grenada; Commerce. Sixth Row: • JOHN W. WEST New Albany; Education. • RENA J. Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • GEORGE D. BOURN, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SAMUEL J. WILDER, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • HUGH C. WILEY, Commerce. • SUSIE J. WILKINSON, Hernando; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MELBA K. LIAMS, Leakesville; Commerce. • WINTON E. WILLIAMS, McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. First Row: • HARRY L. WILLIAMS, JR., Corinth, Commerce; Sigma Chi. • NANCY C. Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM A. Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • DOROTHY F. WILSON, Osceola, Arkansas; Commerce; Phi Mu. Second Row: • HOWARD B. WILSON, JR., Vicksburg; Engineering. • MARY G. Jackson; Commerce; Chi Omega. • NANCY S. WILSON, DeWitt, Arkansas; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PEGGY S. WISE, Hughes, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Third Row: • ED B. WOOD, McCrory, Arkansas; Engineering. • JERRY P. WOOD, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JANET WOOTEN, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • BEN F. WORSHAM, Corinth; Engineering; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: • HEARD WYLIE, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RICHARD L. Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • MARK C. YERGER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN W. YOUNG, Oxford; Commerce. Those green Frosh slowing up the line Exam week or all play and no work 99 OFFICERS PARHAM WILLIAMS President HUNTER GHOLSON Vice-President DR. JOHN A. HOUSTON Secretary MICKEY AIKEN Treasurer ODK is the national honorary leadership fraternity for men at the University of Mississippi. Invitations for membership are extended twice each year to students and faculty who have been recognized for acter, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals. The Alpha Phi Circle was installed at Ole Miss in 1936. The original chapter, founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, had as its purposes: one, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for spicuous attainments along similar lines; two, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; and three, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. This year ODK has sponsored a series of forums which have been ful in keeping students informed about current affairs. Cafeteria food or the speaker? Treasurer Aiken makes a point 102 First Row: Michael T. Aiken, G. Edward Alexander, Jr., William H. Beck, Jr., N. E. Blackwell, Ill, E. Edward Davidson, Maurice Dantin, William M. Deavours, Ernest Duff. Second Row: Merle C. Fraser, Phillip George, Hunter M. Gholson, George H. Gulley, Jr., George P. Hewes, Ill, S. K. Jones, John T. Keeton, Wesley R. Lominick, Jr. Third Row: Henry Mills, T. E. Mortimer, Norrell H. Noble, James Perabo, William L. Richmond, William F. Se1ph, W. Marion Smith, R. Faser Triplett. Fourth Row: Irby Turner, Jr., George D. Warner, Jr., Walter E. Watts, Parham H. Williams, Jr., James C. Wilson, Jr., W. Swan Yerger, James L. Young, George M. Klepper. Not Pictured: George W, Rogers, ALPHA PHI CIRCLE OF I CB N it 1111 103 First Row: Hugh Bain, John Barnett, Robert Beck, Louis J. Blanchard, Dillard Bolls, Erskine Bonds, Phillip Brooks. Second Row: William J. Busam, William S. Bush, Sidney Chaffin, Russell Clinton, Charles Coffey, Willis Connell, Laurens H. Crowell. Third Row: Gene Dongieux, Caleb Dortch, Eugene Ellis, David Holmes, Charles Halberg, Alvin Hatcher, S. K. Jones, Jr., Mack Allen Lewis. Fourth Row: Chris Martin, Paul J. Martin, Joe Montgomery, T. F. Mortimer, John K. Miles, Robert Noland, Charles Pringle, Tony Provenza. Fifth Row: Eugene Randle, Mitchell Sailoum, Bill Smallwood, Ed Smallwood, I. W. Stewart, Herman Walker, Jr., Walter Watts, Arnold Young. Not Pictured: James Dunn, Albert Jones. 104 DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS CHARLES HALLBERG President PH 1 LLI P BROOKS Senior Vice-President DI LLARD BOLLS Junior Vice-President EUGENE ELLIS Secretary HUGH BAIN Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi, an international professional business fraternity, was Founded in 1907. The Alpha Phi chapter came to the University of sissippi in 1927. The Alpha Phi chapter works in close cooperation with the faculty of i he School of Commerce in order to bring about any changes which will make for a better understanding between business students and faculty. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is restricted to men in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who meet the necessary tic requirements and are approved by the faculty. Leff to right: Bill Kerr, Gene Ellis, Dillard Bolls, Mr. Williams, Charles Phil Brooks, Alvin Hatcher, Arnold Young. 105 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSUCIATIHN OFFICERS HOWARD GRUBBS President FRANK THERRELL Vice-President CLARKE JOHNSON Secretary GUS CARRAWAY Treasure r The student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1936. Its purposes are to advance pharmacy and pharmaceutical knowledge and practice, to main- tain a high professional standard among its members, to foster discus- sion among students of pharmacy, and to establish a central point of reference and union for its members. Any student enrolled in the School of Pharmacy is eligible for membership in the Association. First Row: Edwin L. Baker, Edwin M. Beatty, Jr., Albert S. Belanger, Archie P. Buckley, Clovis S. Burch, John W. Burress, Augustus F. Carraway, Ill, William A. Carroll, Scott Conway. Second Row: Don A. Cranford, Joe C. Crumbley, Charles M. Darling, Wayne Dawson, Patricia Ann Dyess, Bennett S. Fong, James 0. Gable, Jimmie L. Gaither, Hunter L. Gates, Jr. Third Row: Joseph V. A. Greco, Howard B. Grubbs, liam N. Haney, Jerry E. Henderson, William L. Hubbell, Ira B. Humphrey, I homas W. Jackson, Wade Jackson, Clarke Johnson. Fourth Row: David C. Leatherman, James A. Lee, Richard F. McCarthy, Neal D. McEacharn, Dean R. McMillan, eph A. Maggio, Jr., Harry E. Moore, Yancy A. Moore, Joseph G. Oliver, Fifth Row: James R. Pardue, Walter Pierron, Joe C. Phillips, Robert W. Pickle, Johnny Mack Pittman, Richard A. Polizzi, James D. Polk, Edwin Price, Frank L. Quinn. Sixth Row: Jasper J. Rompolla, Roy H. Randle, Tommy L. Riggins, Robert E. Rosser, Pat K. Sharp, John J. Spatafora, Clyde A. Smith, Ruth E. Streeter, Fred L. Tannehill. Seventh Row: Lionel G. Theriot, Frank C. Therrell, James A. Ward, James A. West, Thomas H. Wheeler, Robert J. Work, Joe P. Wynn. Not Pictured: James R. Blair, Robert B. Davis, James nagan, Charles R. Herrington, Virginia M. Frazier, William S. Mclniire, Charles Millender, Milton 0. Peacock, George 0. Roberts, Jr. 106 107 108 OFFICERS GEORGE KNISTER President PAT BROGAN Vice-President RICK HARVEY Secretary DICK ESCUDIER Treasurer JERRY MAYOR Sponsor Anchor and Chain, an organization composed completely of men of the Naval R.O.T.C. unit, has as its membership requirements both scholarship and personal attributes Since its founding in 1947 it has had as its primary purpose the promotion of esprit de corps in the Navy unit. It has achieved its goal through social activities and an active in- tramural program. Its members have a common bond of in- terest in their striving toward positions as Naval officers in the United States Navy. JERRY MAYOR First Row: John Allred, Charlie Avaritt; Jack Boyden; L. P. Bradford; Pat Brogan; W. H. Corley; Ken Cookson. Second Row: Calib Dortch; Bill Durham; Richard Escudier; Babby Greer; Bob Hale; Ted Hannah; Rick Harvey. Third Row: Ronnie Hays; F. S. Hill; Rudolf Kittlitz; George Knister; Ralph Lawson; Duncan McConnell; Bob Mandly. Fourth Row: Al Martin; Chris Martin; Bruce Meyers; Richard Moore; C. F. Parshall; Jim Rowsey; Al Steindorff. Fifth Row: Bob True; Dudley Turner; Bill Valvik; Dick Wakefield; Howard Weltner; S. J. Wilder; H. B. Wilson. Not Pictured: William Baddley; Wade Pharis. ANCHLII AND CHAIN 109 First Row: N. E. Blackwell, Dillard Bolls, William Brandon, William S. Bush, Tommy Howard Duvall. ond Row: Tommy Foard, Merle Fraser, S. K. Jones, George Klepper, Richard Claude D. Malone. Third Row: James W. Miley, T. E. Mortimer, Emile C. Ott Tilden M. Shanahan, William M. Smith, Walter E. Watts, Swan Yerger. Not Pictured: Ralph Davison. OFFICERS S. K. JONES Major SWAN YERGER Captain ED ALEXANDER First Lieutenant TILDEN SHANAHAN First Lieutenant RICHARD LaROBADIERE First Lieutenant The Al Key Squadron of the Arnold Air Society was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1950. It is an honorary military fraternity organized to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense, to promote American citizenship, and to create a close and more efficient relation- ship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps Cadets. AIR SIETY 110 First Row: George R. Barnes, Edwin M. Noah E. Blackwell, Dillard D. William R. Boyens, Phil W. Brooks. Second Row: Hal W. Busching, Merle C. Fraser, Marvin L. James F. Hall, David S. Holmes, Steven K. Jones, Fred E. Lacey. Third Row: Claude D. Malone, T. E. Mortimer, James L. Perabo, Frank Walter E. James Wilson, W. Swan Verger. OFFICERS 71:AP11.ARIE ANII BLADE FRANK REILLY Captain SWAN YERGER First Lieutenant HAL BUSCHING Second Lieutenant ED ALEXANDER First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military fraternity, is composed of ad- vanced students in the Air, Army, and Navy R.O.T.C. units. The local unit, Com- pany B, 8th Regiment, was founded at Ole Miss in 1940. The PREAMBLE to the Constitution of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade reads: " Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, we, Cadet Officers in various Uni- versities and Colleges conferring Baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this Constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American Universities and Colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. " 01 First Row: Carl S. Downing, Barney E. K. Richard Jr., Clifford G. Robert E. Gosa. Second Row: Hubert S. Lipscomb, Hunter L. Little, Philips R. McCarty, Paul W. Robert J. Priester. Third Row: Lloyd W. Rose, Dagger R. William C. Slay, Kenneth P. Toler, Anthony M. Warren, Not Pictured: Cecil Alvarez, Larry Crowell. OFFICERS PHIL McCARTY President KEN TOLER Vice-President CLIFF FOX Secretary LLOYD ROSE Treasurer The Cardinal Club is a service organization composed of sophomore men students. Organized in 1927, the Cardinal Club became known as a f reshman disciplinary committee, but its services to the University as a whole are numerous. The original purpose of the Cardinal Club was to entertain visiting athletic teams. This year the Cardinal Club supervised the building of the annual Homecoming Bonfire, acted as a guide for faculty and student conventions, and worked to instill the Ole Miss spirit and love of Ole Miss tradition into every freshman. The membership of this club is composed of one sophomore student of each of the social fraternities on the campus and two from the student body at large. 112 VA THE REBELAIRES LARRY SEMSKI Trombone—Business Manager DAVE ORAM Drums JIMMIE FULLILOVE Trumpet BUTLER DiGILIO Trumpet LAMAR FURGUSON Tenor Saxaphone JOHN DiGILIO Alto Saxaphone WICKY SPARKS Alto Saxophone BOB PRATHER Baritone Saxaphone DICK CALLOWAY Piano—Arranger BARBARA CASON Vocalist NOT PICTURED RALPH KNIGHT Bass 113 Firsf Row: Billie R. Armstrong, Nancy L. Bagwell, N. E. Ill, Charles H. Coffey, Jr., E. F.. Davidson. Second Row: Ernest Eugene D. Ellis, Wanda G. Goodman, Weida J. Goodman, John A. Johnson. Third Row: Gerry R. Pankratz, Charles K. Pringle, William C. Smallwood, Jr., John W. Parham H. Williams. Not Pictured: Frank P. Greganti. OFFICERS CHARLES H. COFFEY President EPH RAM E. DAVIDSON Vice-President EUGENE D. ELLIS Secretary WANDA J. GOODMAN Treasurer Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is the highest scholastic honor that can be attained at the University of Mississippi. Seventy per cent of A work for two consecutive years is required of men and women who are members. Pi Kappa Pi does not limit its membership to any one field. Any stu- dent in undergraduate work who meets its high standards is eligible for membership. PI hAPP PI li 114 1 First Row: Charles E. Bell, Phillip W. Brooks, Joseph E. Brown, N. E. Blackwell, III, Robert D. Childres, Charles W. Connell, Jr., Philip George. Second Row: Alfred Y. Harper, John H. Hector, Mack Allen James H. sey, Edwin B. Massey, Paul W. Murrill, Robert L. Nix. Third Row: Jerry C. Slier, Edward L. Smallwood, William C. Smallwood, Jr., Ray H. Stewart, Parham H. Williams, Jess B. Robert H. Korndoffer. Not Pictured: William L. Higgs, Dr. Alton W. Bryant, William V. George, Jr,, Dr. Arthur B. Lewis, Dr. Leston L. Love, Dr. John D. Williams, Dean Malcom R. Guess, Robert Ellis. PHI E T G A. OFFICERS ED SMALLWOOD President PAUL MURRILL Vice-President BOBBY KORNDORFFER Secretary ALFRED HARPER Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshmen, is composed of those men who make a 4.5 grade average for either of their freshman semesters. It holds as its purpose the promotion of schol- arship among freshmen. Dr. Frank A. Anderson Dr. W. Alton Bryant Dr. Harry M. Campbell Dr. J. Hector Currie FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Arthur C. Guyton Dr. Richard E. Keyo Dean R. Malcolm Guess Dr. Leston L. Love Mr. Sykes Fiartin Dr. Arthur B. Lewis Dr. H. B. Howerton Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter Dr. John D. Williams. 115 First Row: Sidney G. Alston, Ottis G. Ball, Charles E. Bell Edgar E. Bobo, Larry Bonds, Thomas B. Buckels, James H. Butler, William F. Childres. Second Row: David Clippinger, Max Cooper, Harris V. Craig, Gene Davidson, Charles Dettor, Kenneth D. Draper, Richard Ellison, James Ferguson, Jr. Third Row: George W. William A. Grist Orin S. Gillis, Ill, Hugh S. Harris, Jr., A. M. Kirk, Richard McCool, Dan S. Murrel, David Fourth Row: Samuel R. Pate, Loyd Rose, Vernon L. Terrell, Billy Thompson, Joe Todd, James Walker, Jr., James Williams, George R. Williams, A. J. Yates. Not Pictured: Henery T. Gunter, Robert Taylor. OFFICERS BILLY THOMPSON President CHARLES DETTOR Vice-President JAMES H. BUTLER Secretary LLOYD ROSE Treasurer ROBERT TAYLOR Reporter MAX COOPER Sergeant-at-arms DR. J. D. ROSS Faculty Advisor Pi Sigma was organized for pre-medical students with a common goal to the pursuit of knowledge pertinent to the study of medicine and to acquaint members with such problems as may arise during their pre- medical career. PI S 11; M 116 ALPHA hAPPII First Row: Ch arles H. Allen, Ansel G. Anderson, Thomas J. Anderson, Kirby K. Glenn A. Carter, Patrick L. Chipley, Lewis H. Cook. Second Row: David B. Ellis, Phillip George, L. C. Henson, John H. James, Julian F. Jones, James H. Lipsey, Travis E. Lunceford. Third Row: Thomas F. McGehee, Jr., Edward E. Owan, John E. Powell, Charles C. Smith, Joe K. Stephens, Robert L. Thompson, Elmo L. Walker. Fourth Row: William A. Brown, Jr., Peter De- Ruiter, Hugh C. McLeod, Steven L. Moore, George W. Oden, John M. William B. White. Not Pictured: Frank P. Greganti. Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa was installed at Ole Miss in 1947 after being founded in 1888 at Dartmouth Medical College. Its cardinal purpose is to foster the advancement of medical science, and further to encourage the fellowship of the brotherhood and the mutual benefit of its members. The Ole Miss president is Tom Anderson. 117 First Row: William J. Anderson, Jr , Thomas H. Arrington, Benjamin Banahan, William Booth, Wayne P. Cockrell, H. Byars Cole, Hunter Daniel, Litt eton Stacy Davidson, Ralph Fortenbeiry. Second Row: Walter H. Jerry Gulledge, James D. Hadley, Durwa d L. Paul Horn, William Jacobs, Hugh R. Johnson, Berwind N. Kauf- mann, Henry L. Laws. Third Row: Joseph LeBlanc, Talbot John M. McRae, Jr., John A. Marascalco, James R. Markette, Charles Martin, John D. Robert Tibbs, James D. Mitchel, Robert A. Mitchell. Fourth Row: John W. Moore, Baker G. Isaac A. Newton, Jr., James E. Nix, Winston O ' Neal, James Ratcliff, Pete R. Rhymes, Joseph E. Roberts, Robert P. Sayle, Frank L. Schmidt. Fifth Row: James A. Sheffield, Leslie B. Shumake, Earl H. Smith, George F. Smith, William H. Stennis, Jr., Joseph W. Stephens, Henry Mills, Jr., John Turnage, Loys W. Willey, Leon Ratliff. Not Pictured: George Armstrong, Jack W. Crowell, John J. Guilluly. The Theta Pi chapter of Phi Chi medical fraternity was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1927. The members are chosen from the incoming freshman class for intelligence and interest in medicine. Phi Chi ' s purpose is to promote a spirit of fellowship among the students of medical colleges. The local president is John Miller. PHI C H I 118 First Row: John W. Anderson, John W. Augustus F. Ill, William A. Carroll, Scott E. Conway, Don A. Cranford, Joe C. Crumbley, Wayne A. Dawson, James 0. Gable. Second Row: Joseph Howard B. Grubbs, William N. Haney, John E. Haynes, Ira B. Humphrey, Thomas Jackson, Clarke G. Richard F. McCarthy, Dean R. McMillan, Yancey A. Moore, Jr. Third Row: Joseph G. Oliver, Bobby C. Frank L. Ott, Joe C. Phillips, Robert W. Pickle, Johnny M. Pittman, Richard A. Polizzi, James D. Polk, Charlie F. Pratt, per J. Rampolla. Fourth Row: Tommy L. Riggins, Curtis R. Riley, Robert E. Rosser, Ill, Pat K. Sharp, Clyde A. Smith, Frank C. Therrell, Charles A. Thomas, James H. Ward, James A, West, Thomas H. Wheeler. Not Pictured: James H. Flanagan, William E. Webb. h A P S I Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Psi was reactivated on the Ole Miss cam- pus in May, 1947, after a seventeen year absence. Members are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character, and personality. They are expected to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutical profession. 119 First Row: G. E. Alexander, R. L. Bennett, R. D. Bickerstaff, N. E. 0. E. Blurton, W. R. Boyens, J. Brown, Second Row: J. N. Busby, W. M. Day, D. S. Dearman, W. G. Green, G. P. Johnson, J. A. Johnson, J. L. Third Row: D. S. McCully, E. L. Murphee, A. J. Rogers, J. W. Shumate, T. Talley, H. G. J. C. C. D. Woods. Not Pictured: A. H. Jones OFFICERS LYLE MURPHREE President DEWEY DEARMAN Vice-President J. A. JONES Secretary JACK RODGERS Treasurer The A.S.C.E. was organized for the purpose of advancing engineer- ing and arch itectural knowledge and practice, maintaining a high pro- fessional standard among its members, encouraging fellowship among men of the practical sciences, and establishing a point of union for its members. The A.S.C.E. is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. c.1. 120 First Row: Mickey Ed Alexander, Pat Brogan, Gus Russell Clinton, George Cossar, Dick Croll, John Delbridge, Walter Denny. Second Row: Charles Dettor, Hindman Doxey, Brad Dye, Dick Escudier, Gene key, Bill Hartman, Alvin Hatcher, Bobby Korndorffer, Jack Lessenberry. Third Row: Phil McCarty, Lile Murphee. David Owen, Walter Charles Ray, Walter Rose, Robert Rosser, Wallace Sherwood Bill Smallwood, Ed Smallwood. Fourth Row: Bill Smith, Louis Staehle, Al Steindorff, Bill Stitt, George Swindon, Walter Leonard Wheeler, Eli John Whitworth, Bob Work. Not Pictured: Bob Jimmy Victor Saig. OFFICERS A PHA. PHI [ ' ME NA BILLY STITT President AL STEINDORFF Vice-President ROBERT ROSSER Secretary DICK CROLL Treasurer MR. TOM BAILEY Advisor Alpha Phi Omega, national honorary fraternity, has as its aims to develop friendship, to plan for extending leadership in worthwhile cam- pus and community projects, to develop plans for rendering service to our fellow man, and to create participating and understanding citizenry for our nation. Membership is composed of students who have distin- guished themselves in scouting. 121 First Row: Mary Lou Butler, Frances R. McCharen, Sara Murphey, Elizabeth Nichols. Second Row: Maude L. Sugg, Martha E. VanBibber. OFFICERS SARA MURPHEY President ELIZABETH NICHOLS Vice-President MAUDE SUGG Secretary MARY LOU BUTLER Treasurer Beta Eta Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi was installed at the University in the fall of 1951-52. A national honorary and professional service ternity for women with a major in journalism, it has as its purpose to courage and develop the ideals of the journalistic profession among women of this field. THETA %liEllf PHI 122 First Row: Charles H. Coffey, Lillian C. Cundiff, E. Edward Davidson, Ernest R. Duff, Wanda J. Goodman, Weida J. Goodman. Second Row: Chris Martin, James W. Miley, Charles K. Arnold Young, Hugh Rain, Mack Allen Lewis. OFFICERS BETA NAVALA SIGMA E. E. DAVIDSON President E. R. DUFF Vice-President C. H. COFFEY Secretary Treasurer Chapters of this scholastic society for business students are limited to those institutions which are members of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Student membership is restricted to the upper ten per cent of the senior class. Members of the upper three per cent of the junior class may be elected during the last semester of the junior year. This society stands for the hi ghest principles of scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies. 123 124 UNIVERSITY CONCERT SINGERS OFFICERS BILLY BUSH President LILLIAN THORNTON Secretary The Concert Singers, Bruce Tolbert, director, has recently gained national recognition as one of the outstanding concert choral tions in the South. The concert engagements during the first semester include several out-of-town appearances in addition to a campus concert of Christmas seasonal music. The second semester includes a campus concert and an annual two-weeks spring tour. Standing left to right: Bob Travis, Bob Hale, Arthur Lewis, Will Power, Chris Martin. Seated: Mary Lewis, Pollye Franklin. OFFICERS WESLEY MUNVATIM BOB HALE President CHRIS MARTIN Vice-President MARY LEWIS Secretary TOMMY LILLY Treasurer MR. JOE EARL ELMORE Director The Wesley Foundation ministers to those students who are Metho- dists or whose church preference is Methodist, offering a program of discussion, study, worship, service, and recreation. Its aim is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of students. All members of the Methodist Church are eligible for membership. 125 First Row: Mickey Aiken, John Allred, Bob Bailey, Bob Carroll, Bob Childres, Maurice Dentin, Ed Davidson: Second Row: Bill Dulaney, George Marvin Hale, George S. K. Jones, John Keeton, Phil McCarty, T. E. Mortimer: Third Row: Henry Mounger, Dick O ' Ferrall, Bill Ready, John Savage, Ken Seawright, Parham Williams, Ed Williford, Swan Yerger. Not Pictured: Jimmy Sullivan. OFFICERS GEORGE HEWES President ED WILLIFORD Vice-President BOB CHILDRES Secretary S. K. JONES Treasurer GEORGE GULLEY Social Life BILL DULANEY Discussion Groups BOB BAILEY Religious Services SWAN YERGER Alumni Relations PARHAM WILLIAMS World University Service MARVIN HALE Building Services MAURICE DANTIN Chairman Committtee of 100 KEN SEAWRIGHT Conferences MICKEY AIKEN Advisor Sophomore Y T. E. MORTIMER Publicity BILL READY Recreation BOB CARROLL Campus Service JIMMY SULLIVAN Community Service JOHN KEETON Finance ED DAVIDSON Steering Committee Vet Village JOHN SAVAGE Discussion Group Vet Village JOHN ALLRED Music PHIL McCARTY President Junior Y HENRY MOUNGER President Sophomore Y DICK OTERRALL President Freshman Y DR. JOHN C. GULLEY Honorary Chairman Board of Directors BRYANT A. W. Chairman Board of Directors DR. . Faculty Treasurer DR A. B. LEWIS DEAN R. MALCOLM GUESS . . Acting Director of Religious Life and General Secretary of the Christian Associations Y. U. C. A. 126 First Row: Dot Clower, Jane Betty Bessie Duddleston, Sidney M. Fields, Pollye Franklin. Second Row: Sarah Mary Pat Haven, Nancy House, Becky McCharen, Mary Lewis McCrary, Ann McIntyre. Third Row: Sara Murphey, Gerry Meredith Stigler, Doris Tulpin, Martha VanBibber, Lucy Love Wallace. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews, Phoebe Monteith. OFFICERS . A . NANCY HOUSE President JANE DEMAREST Vice-President SARA MURPHEY Secretary POLLYE FRANKLIN Treasurer SARAH HARWELL Advisor Freshman Y BETTY DOTY Social Life ANN McINTYRE Discussion Groups. BECKY McCHAREN Recreation MEREDITH STIGLER Community Service GERRY PANKRATZ Campus Service LUCY LOVE WALLACE World University Service DOT GLOWER Building Service DORIS TULPIN Music MARY LEWIS McCRARY Religious Service LAUREN FIELDS Chairman Committee of 100 PHOEBE MONTEITH Conferences JANE DEMAREST Advisor Sophomore Y MARTHA VAN BIBBER Publicity MARY PAT HAVEN President Junior Y BESSIE DUDDLESTON President Sophomore Y NANCY ANDREWS President Freshman Y MRS. V. A. COULTER Honorary Chairman Advisors Board MRS. J. G. McMURRAY Chairman Advisors Board MISS LYNDA RAMEY . . Program Secretary of the Christian Association and Executive Director of the YWCA MRS. GAYLE C. BEANLAND Building Hostess and Advisor to Freshman Y 127 Left to right: Gene Hindman Doxey, Vivian Bryant, Norrell Noble, Mary Pai Haven, Charles Dethor, Laura Boyer, Pete DeRuiter, Sara Barry, Al Jones, Ed Williford, Ken Seawright. WESTMINSTER FELLWSHiP OFFICERS KENNETH SEAWRIGHT President MARY PAT HAVEN Vice-President LAURA BOYER Secretary ED WILLIFORD Treasurer MISS SARA BARRY Student Worker DR. JOHN K. JOHNSON Pastor Westminster Fellowship is open to any student at the University who wishes to donate his time and talents to a working church-sponsored organization. Its purpose is to help each member to have a personal, growing tionship with Christ; to develop a responsible sense of Churchmanship; to present a Christian Witness as viduals and as a group to the Ole Miss campus. EAN 11 II 71 Y E _I a OFFICERS BESSIE DUDDLESTON President DOUG FONTAINE Treasurer MISS EVELYN WAY Faculty Advisor The Canterbury Club is an organization of the pal Church which provides Episcopal students with the opportunity to continue their church work while at the University. The club meets every Sunday evening from 6:30 to 7:30, The programs vary from guest speakers to discussions to picnics and parties. Standing: Suzanne Bessie Duddleston, Doug Fontaine; seated: Larry McCool, Jane Demarest. 128 BAPTIST STUDENT UN N EXECUTIVE COUNCIL TRAVIS LUNCEFORD President JESSE PHILLIPS Enlistment Director WENDELL P. HOYLE Social Director MARY LIBBY BICKERSTAFF Devotional Director MARY LOUISE BELL Secretary POLLY DAVIS Y.W.A. Director MARY EVELYN NABORS B T.U. Director RUFUS DALTON Sunday School Director NICK ABDO Talent Director DR. LEWIS NOBLES Faculty Advisor DR. F. M. PURSER Pastor MARIAN LEAVELL Student Secretary The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to serve as an active link between the church and the students. Members are all students who are regular members of the Baptist Church, Sunday School, Training Union, or Young Women ' s Auxiliary. First Row: Nick Abdo, Mary Louise Mary Libby Bickerstaff. Second Row: Rufus Dalton, Polly Davis, Wendell Hoyle. Third Row: Travis Lunceford, Mary Evelyn Nabors, Jesse Phillips. First Row: Stanley Applebaum, Alvin Ivan Binder. Second Row: Edward Grau. man, Jerry Goodman, Sam Lamensdort. Third Row: Alice Levy, Henry Rothschild, Don Samuels, Alvin Stone. Not Pictured: Jerry Hytken. HILLEL FIUNIATf1N OFFICERS GERALD HYTKEN President DON SAM U ELS Treasurer ED GRAU MAN Secretary The Hillel Foundation is composed of Jewish students on the campus. This group is sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s se rvice organization. Hillel seeks to provide religious, cultural, and social environ- ment for its members, and to foster social opportunities among them. 129 PHA DELTA PHI OFFICERS EMMETT MARSTON Magister WILLIAM C. SMITH Exchequer JOHN VALENTINE Clerk BILL BREWER Historian Phi Delta Phi, an international legal fraternity, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. The Mayes Inn chapter was established at the University of Mississippi in 1927. Students in the School of Law who attain the scholastic and character standards of the fra- ternity are extended bids each year. Phi Delta Phi has as its purpose to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. First Row: Stone D. Barefield, William H. Beck, J. C. Bell, Alvin Binder. Second Row: Joseph Brown, William M. Deavours, William P. Dulaney, nest R. Duff. Third Row: David J. Orlansky, William L. Richmond, William F. Selph, Jr., William M. Parham H. Williams, Jr. Not Pictured: George W. Rogers, James L. Young. PHI ALPHA 11ELTA OFFICERS GEORGE CURRIE J utice WALKER CARNEY Vice-Justice GEORGE GULLEY Secretary JACK HOUGH Treasurer Named after one of Mississippi ' s outstanding men, the Lamar chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was installed at the University of Mississippi in 1929. Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary legal fraternity which seeks to mote fellowship and foster high ideals of the legal fession. Students in the School of Law who have attained the requisite scholastic and character qualifications are eligible for consideration as members. First Row: William T. Bailey, Richard Birchett, J. Eugene Charles M. Jr. Second Row: Al Cioffi, Maurice Dentin, L. A. Fafinski, Dave Galtney, George H. Gulley. Third Row: Jay H. Hedgepeth, George John Keeton, Jack Lessenberry, Bob Major. Fourth Row: Tulane Posey, Tony P. Provenza, Robert E. Reeves, Thomas E. Sharp, Hollis C. Thompson, Jr. Not Pictured: Luther Gilmer, Jim Harland, Robert M. Koestler, Edward L. Rucks, Allen Thompson. 130 Wv1 E N OFFICERS SYBIL MUTHS President LINDA DE METZ Vice-President SARA SMALLWOOD Secretary MARY ANN MORGAN Treasurer Owens is composed of sophomore women selected on the basis of scholarship, their ability as leaders, and ac- tive participation in campus activities. Only ten per cent of the women who have made a four point average dur- ing their freshman year are made members. The purpose of the Owens is to promote scholarship and leadership among co-eds and to render service to the University. First Row: Louise M. Azlin, Kathryn Bailey, Ruth Cleland, Ann B. Curry. ond Row: Linda A. DeMetz, Mary R. Mary A. Morgan, Sybil M. Muths. Third Row: Sara Ann Smallwood, Alice H. Tankersley, Janis F. Vaughn, Julia C. Waits, M. Ann Westmoreland. First Row: Laura M. Boyer, S. Ruth Cleland, Ann B. Curry, A. Jean Guyton. Second Row: Mary A. Morgan, Rosemary Stephens, Jacqueline Surratt, Alice H. Tankersley. Third Row: Janis F. Vaughn, M. Ann Westmoreland. ALPHA LAMPILI DELTA OFFICERS JACQUELINE SURATT President MARY ANN MORGAN Vice-President ALICE TANKERSLEY Secretary RUTH CLELAND Treasurer Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is limited only to those coeds that have made a 4.5 quality point average. This membership is the highest scholastic honor that can be attained by freshman women. The purposes of Alpha Lambda Delta are to promote higher standards of ing and learning and to encourage superior scholastic at- tainment among freshman women. 131 P H I ELTA OFFICERS ED BEATTY President BI DWELL NEAL Vice-President WALTER PI ER RON Secretary JAM ES EDWARDS Sergeant-at-Arms Phi Delta Chi, a national professional fraternity for outstanding students in the School of Pharmacy, was founded at the University of Mich igan. The University of Mississippi ' s Alpha Epsilon chapter was installed in 1927, became inactive in 1929, and was reorganized in May, 1951. First Row: Bennett S. Fong, Joe V. A. Greco, Jerry Henderson, David Leather- man. Second Row: Jce Neal McEacharn, Felix Mestayer, Harry Moore, Walter J. Pierron, Third Row: Frank Quin, John Spatafora, Fred Tannehill, Lionel Theriot, Joe Wynn. Not Pictured: Milton George Roberts. ALPHA EPSILIIIN DELTA OFFICERS JOHN WI LKS President M ELVI N FLOWERS Vice-President ROBERT W. TAYLOR Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta, honorary pre-medical fraternity, encourages excellence in pre-medical work by setting itive standards for the students to strive toward, by ing together the students with similar interests, and to bridge the gap between pre-medical work and Medical School. First Row: Charles Bell, Max Cooper, Charles Leslie Hammock. Second Row: Hugh Harris, Jr., Haynes Bobby E. Jennings, Robert Nix. Third Row: David Rutledge, Charles E. Jacqueline Surratt, John Wilks. Not Pictured: Ray ham. 132 KAPPA L P 11 1 mil OFFICERS DICK HOOKER President ED NOEL Vice-President WALLACE SHERWOOD Secretary-Treasurer Founded at Ole Miss in 1952, Psi chapter of Kappa Alpha Mu has as its aim the promotion of high standards in news photography. It also works toward better and more active publicity of Ole Miss. It is a national photo- journalistic fraternity. First Row: Jimmy Autry, Jerry Bishop, Dick Hooker. Second Row: Lacey Mar- tin, Jesse Phillips, Wally Sherwood. Third Row: Hal Spragins, John Way. First Row: Jimmy Autry, Jerry Bishop, Dick Hooker, George McNeill. Second Row: Lacy Martin, Jesse Phillips, Irby Park, Wallace Sherwood. Third Row: Hal Spragins, John Way. Not Pictured: Ed Noel, Patrick Frazier. LAMBIJA OFFICERS HAL SPRAGINS President ED NOEL Vice-President WALLACE SHERWOOD Secretary-Treasurer Lambda Sigma is an honorary fraternity for journalism majors. Its purpose is to uphold the highest standards of journalism. A 4.0 quality point average in journalism and a 3.0 overall average are requirements for initiation. The fraternity sponsors the Mississippi Press Institute for high school publications. In cooperation with the Journalism department it sponsors the Editors ' Short Course for newspaper editors throughout Mississippi. It presents awards to deserving editors and also one to the outstanding journalism senior each year. 133 P H I GAMMA NU OFFICERS MARY FRANCES INGRAM President LILLIAN CUNDIFF Vice-President ILLANETTE HUFF Secretary LaNELLE GUTHRIE Treasurer MISS EFFIE SUE McAMIS Faculty Sponsor Phi Gamma Nu, organized at Ole Miss in May, 1950, is a professional commerce sorority organized to further the interests of women students in the field of commerce and business administration; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to fur- ther interests in civic and professional enterprises. The membership is composed of women students in Com- merce who have met the scholastic requirements and been approved by the organization. First Row: Mary L. Betts, Lillian C. Cundiff, Sarah Durbin, Barbara A. way. Second Row: Wanda G. Goodman, Weida J. Goodman, Sara L. G uthrie, Nancy B. Hollowell. Third Row: Ilanette Huff, Mary F. Kathryn R. Jones, Sarah Ann Smallwood, Sylvia D. Wilson. BUSINESS EDUCATION 01.11 OFFICERS PAULA PEMBLE President BOBBIE GALLOWAY Vice-President SARA DURBIN Secretary MARTHA ELLEN SAUNDERS Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. J. Lawrence Miss Effie Sue McAmis Lytle C. Fowler Wilson T. Ashby Dr. Fronk Herndon Organized at Ole Miss in 1947, the Business Education Club provides fellowship for business education students and assists in their welfare before and after their ation. The club is open to any student or faculty ber interested in business education. First Row: Sue Cathey, Marian Dailey, Martha Dulaney, Sara Durbin, Barbara way. Second Row: Mary Pat Haven, Ralph Holcomb, Mary Frances Ingram, Bobbie Johnson, Jo Jumper. Third Row: Shirley Lee, Doris McCorkle, Johnnie McWhorter, Lady Marion Mockbee, Mary Ann Morgan. Fourth Row: Paula Pemble, Marjorie liff, Martha Saunders, Minnie Lou Shaw, Ann Weller. Not Pictured: Dr. A. J. Lawrence, Lytle C. Fowler, Miss Effie S. McAmis, Frank Herndon. 134 EPSILON GAMMA EPSILON OFFICERS KATHRYN JONES President MEREDITH STIGLER Vice-President MARY FRANCES INGRAM Secretary RICK HENDRICK Treasurer LYTLE C. FOWLER Faculty Sponsor Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, professional educational fra- ternity, is composed of students in education who meet the character and scholastic requirements. Its purpose is to promote ideals of higher education in the field of business education, First Row: Kathryn Mary L. Betts, Peggy J. Brewster, Linda A. DeMetz, Mary G. Federickson. Second Row: Barbara A. Galloway, Ilanette Huff, Mary F, Ingram, Kathryn R. Jones, Jonnie McWhorter. Third Row: Mary A. Morgan, Martha F. Nicholas, Marita M. Pigford, Paula E. Pemble, Nancy C. Penning - ton. Fourth Row: Ann Roy, Sandra C. Meredith Stigler, Alice H. Tankersley, Ann Weller. Not Pictured: Lillian Steele. First Row: Hugh G. Bain, J. Russel Clinton, Charels H. Coffey, Lillian C. Cundiff. ond Row: E. Edward Davidson, Ross A. Epting, Robert E. Grant, Charles J. Halberg, Jr. Third Row: Mack A. Lewis, Jr., James W. Miley, Joe G. Montgomery, Jr., Fred C. Ray. Fourth Row: Joan T. Tarzetti, Charles W. Taylor, Arnold L. Young, Louis J. Blanchard. BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS E. E. DAVIDSON President ARNOLD YOUNG Vice-President LILLIAN CUNDIFF Secretary LOUIS BLANCHARD Treasurer Founded at the University of Illinois, February 12, 1919, Beta Alpha Psi, national honorary accounting fraternity was established at Ole Miss in 1951. Its purpose is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession. Requirements for membership are advanced undergraduate work with a major in ac- counting and an overall B average in accounting. 135 PI VIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS ALTON SIMS President HARRY GRIFFITH Vice-President MARY LIBBY BICKERSTAFF Secretary-Treasurer DR. JOHN A. HOUSTON Faculty Advisor Pi Sigma Alpha, founded at the University of Missis- sippi in 1948, is composed of students in the study of Political Science. A requirement for membership is the maintenance of a B average in work in Political Science. First Row: M. Libby Bickerstaff, Albert F. Cioffi, Dorothy B. Clower, J. Mau- rice Dantin. Second Row: Hunter M. Gholson, Harry C. Griffith, Lenore Lov- ing, Marion D. Roten. Third Row: Alton W. Sims, W. Marion Smith, R. Fraser Triplett, Irby Turner, Jr. Not Pictured: E. R. Byron, Sr., George W. Rogers, Jr., John C. Sheffield. SIGMA ALPHA ETA OFFICERS BETTY JANE PANZICA President FRANCES SCOTT Vice-President FAYE BAKER Secretary ANN BROWN Treasurer Sigma Alpha Eta is art honorary professional organiza- tion consisting of students interested in the study of speech and hearing disorders. There are three degrees of membership. They are: I. Associate membership; 2. Key membership; and 3. Honor membership. First Row: Paul M. Baccaro, Faye E. Baker, Anne B. Bush, Ann McIntyre. Second G. Carolyn McKinney, Betty J. Panzica, E. Shaw Robison, Jr., D. Francis Scott, M. Tulpin. Third Row: Marjorie A. Brown, Nancie C. Echols, Jo Anne Lockard, L. Patricia L. Stout. Not Pictured: Ann Bronn. 136 HUME ECUIN MILS N, OFFICERS SYBIL MUTHS President JANE DEMAREST Vice-President MARY E. HINTON Secretary FRANCES PAPASAN Treasurer In order to bring women students together and inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics, as well as to promote clean, healthful, home life, the Home Economics Club was formed at Ole Miss in 1938. This organization is open to any woman student who has had a course in the department or who is taking one. First Row: Judy Aldrich, Kitty Aldridge, Dot Allen, Betty Jo Barlow, Joan Barrett, Ellen Bland, Jo Ann Burns. Second Row: Ernestine Laura Cloud, Sylvia Collins, Jane Demarest, Dot Ewell, Joyce Freeman, Mary Gar- rett. Third Row: Sarah Harwell, Joan Jordon, Pat Lowry, Adeline Mason, Sarah Nancy Mullin, Sybil Muths. Fourth Row: Katherine Myres, June Nalty, Eloween Mary Papasan, Betty Jane Parks, Enora Porter, A Jane Rayburn, Fifth Row: Ann Reed, Bea Ann Ruff, Delia Shippen, Dolores Stewart, Jan Strain, Jo Taylor, Ann Todd. Sixth Row: Julia Waits, Caorlyn Watkins, Ann Westmoreland, Carole Williams, Patricia Hawkins. Not Pic- tured: Dot Isbell. First Row: Pearl M. Burch, Betty Burgess, Sarah Harwell. Second Row: Delores A. art, Jo Ann A. Thomas, Carolyn Watkins. Not Pictured: Perrin Turner. t1 OFFICERS PERRIN TURNER President SARA HARWELL Vice-President BETTY BURGESS Secretary Treasurer Omicron is an honor society in home economics organ- ized at the University of Mississippi in 1948. Membership is based on scholarship and leadership abilities. Students must maintain a B average in home economics. N 137 First Row: N. E. Blackwell, Ill, Samuel B. Britton, Henry C. Caldwell, Second Row: Marge J. Charles R. Walter J. Pierron, Third Row: James C. Wilson, Jr. Not Pictured: Ken Hardcastle, James Harper, Bill Cartmell. GAMMA SIGMA E1 SILU1A OFFICERS HENRY CALDWELL President MARGE FRASER Secretary N. E. BLACKWELL Treasurer DR. HARLEY P. TRIPP Faculty Advisor This national honorary fraternity has as its purpose the promotion of scholarship and interest in chemistry. It re- quires a 4.5 average in chemistry and a 3.0 average in other wo rk for membership. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SLEETY OFFICERS JAMES WILSON President SAM BRITTON Vice-President N. E. BLACKWELL Secretary-Treasurer DR. S. F. CLARK Faculty Advisor The American Chemical Society here at the University of Mississippi is composed of students studying in the field of chemistry who have shown outstanding ability. The purpose of the organization is to promote a genuine professional spirit. First Row: N. E. Blackwell, Ill, Sam Britton, Henry Caldwell. Second Row: Ken Cookson, Rheta Howell, Rudy Kittlitz. Third Row: Bob Mandly, Peter Paxson, Betty James C. Wilson, Jr. Not Pictured: Joe Bill Cartmell, Ken Hardcastle, Harper, Shep McCaleb, Bob Sheffield, A. C. Thompson, Ken Whitten. 138 CHI EPSILON OFFICERS ED ALEXANDER President WAYNE MILES Vice-President WILLIAM BOYENS Secretary WALLACE BURNS Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Howard Lee Furr Dr. Frederic H. Kellogg Andrew B. Hargis Thomas W. Stallworth Chi Epsilon, national honorary civil engineering nity, is composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Engineering who have shown excellence in scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability. The fraternity has set as its purpose the formation of a closer union and tie of friendship among those in the civil engineering sion. Chi Epsilon was reorganized at Ole Miss in 1949, after six years of inactiveness. First Row: George E. Alexander, William R. Boyens, Edward L. Murphree. Second Row: C. Patrick Carroll M. Richard M. Harvey. Third Row: G. Patrick Johnson, John A. Johnson. Not Pictured: Mr. Howard L. Furr, Mr. A. B. Hargis, Dr. F. H. Kellog, Mr. T. W. Stallworth. First Row: Robert D. Bickerstaff, N. E. Blackwell, Ill, William R. Boyens. Second Row: C. Patrick Brogan, Richard Harvey, G. P. Johnson. Third Row: Charles R. Mandly, A. J. Rogers, Al Steindorff, James C. Wilson. S. A. M. E. OFFICERS BILL BOYENS President PETE BICKERSTAFF Vice-President RICK HARVEY Secretary-Treasurer T. W. STALLWORTH Faculty Advisor The Society of American Military Engineers is an ganization for those interested in military engineering. The principal requisite for membership is a belief in tional preparedness. It places its paramount reliance in the civilian rather than the professional soldier, which is a corollary of our national policy. 139 KAPPA rELT A P OFFICERS KEN SEAWRIGHT President DR. MARY C. PETTY Vice-President BILLIE RUTH ARMSTRONG Secretary KEN HARRIS Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi ' s membership is limited to those stu- dents in the School of Education who maintain an over- all B average in their education work and exemplify quali- ties of character, initiative, and responsibility. Its pur- pose is the provision of a national fraternity to advance the interests of education as a profession. First Row: James Allen, Billie Ruth Mary Louise Bell, Carolyn Causey. Second Row: Jeannine Fraser, Merle Bobbye Galloway, Her- bert Gregory. Third Row: Ken Harris, Jean Jane Marcum Mathews, Ken Seawright. Not Pictured: Sara Blasingame, John Sheffield, Dr. Peter Oliva, Dr. Mary C. Petty, Dr. John Phay, Dr. Cecil Ross, Dr. Blanche Tansil. First Row: Ruth Cleland, Ada Lee Oglesby, Second Row: Gerry Julia Parks. SI611 1A ALPHA JH]TA OFFICERS ADA LEE OGLESBY President RUTH CLELAND Vice-President ANN RAY Secretary JERRY PANKRATZ Treasurer JULIA PARKS Chaplain Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary musical fraternity for women, has as its purpose the upholding of the ideals of the music profession. Its membership is composed of graduate and undergraduate music students whose work in music fulfills specific In addition the members must be recommended by the faculty of the Department of Music. 140 ALPHA DELTA Si611 iA OFFICERS FRANK POTTS President IRBY PARKS Vice-President and Secretary ERNEST SPARROW Treasurer BILL McGEHEE Committee Chairman FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Gerald Forbes Ben Mitchell Dr. Samuel Talbert The George McLean Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma was founded here at Ole Miss in 1952. It is a national honorary advertising fraternity for men. Its purpose is the promotion of fellowship among students interested in a career in advertising. It further provides contact with professional advertising people, and membership auto- matically affiliates the student with the Advertising Fed- eration of America. First Caleb Dortch, William T. McGehee, Lacey Martin, James R. due. Second Row: Irby M. Park, Eugene M. Jesse Phillips, Frank J. Ill. Third Row: B. C. Prestage, Jr., Charles K. Pringle, John W. Stitt. Not Pictured: Ernest Sparrow. al•1011•7•1■ Standing, left to right: Marion Smith, Hunter Gholson, Dick Cron. Seated: Pollye Franklin, Ernest Duff. TAU liAPPA ALPHA DEBATE :11111 OFFICERS MARION SMITH President WADE LAGRONE Secretary BOB WEAVER Treasurer Tau Kappa Alpha and Debate Club, although separate organizations, are headed by the same officers. TKA is the National Forensic Society on the Ole Miss campus. Its members are taken from those who participate in the activities of the Debate Club. 141 ' ENT STIEENTS NnGANIZI.THIA OFFICERS BETTY NOSSER President LYNN WEST Vice-President ETHAL LAGRONE Secretary SYLVIA FARRIS Treasurer All students who are not affiliated with fraternities or sororities are eligible for membership in the ISO. The group offers to these students opportunities for social affairs and for fellowship throughout their college careers. Its aim is to promote leadership, scholarship, cooperation, and friendliness among its members. It is actively partici- pating in the activities of the regional and national or- ganization. First Row: Patricia E. Bland, Sylvia M. Farris, Kay Barbara Kirkland. Second Row: Ethel G. LaGrone, Linda Martin, Betty J. Nosser. Third Row: Mopsy Powell, Martha E. Saunders, Geraldine Trainor. Not Pictured: Jo Dora, ley Pullin, Grace Lindsey. First Row: Betty J. Doty, Pollye F. Franklin. Second Row: Sarah Betty Ann McDonald, Gerry R. Pankratz. Blinn]] OFFICERS SARAH HARWELL President POLLYE FRANKLIN Vice-President NANCY HOUSE Secretary GERRY PANCRATZ Treasurer BETTY DOTY Forum Representative BETTY McDONALD Reporter The Mortar Board was established at the University of Mississippi in 1943. It is a national honorary society for women. At the end of each year women of the junior class who possess the qualifications of excellence in schol- arship, leadership, and service are tapped for ship. 142 THERE ' S ROAST PIG TONIGHT MAD B013 1 A A A SOME PEOPLE ARE EASILY AMUSED THAT KIND OF TALK DARN, IT ' S NOT SPIKED WILL GET YOU NOWHERE HE MUST HAVE PROMISED THE PRESSURE ' S ON ' 1RYING TO INFLUENCE A VOTER I WONDER IF THEY VOTED FOR HER? M SHE ' S EASILY EMBARRASSED IF-- -ANA! • • tit -3 t Po- " rill Yo p ME SARDIS ON THE RIVERIA DID YOU SEE MARILYN MONROE LAST NIGHT? " WE ' RE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK " HER HAND WASN ' T GOOD ENOUGH TWO DIRECT HITS go OF 0111 I upinzosofirourooi At II ow— maw il!! THEY KNEW IT WAS BEING TAKEN arm illirom: ' 4 ......_,,,,,,.. --AT.. - .1....c ...t_tzim.;; ID. NM A NM aNX 7 111441:: law lig■ ■ ' I illittarallinew MITI NOM In aft I NI ..„0, ow FUN WHILE IT LASTED SURELY THEY ' RE NOT FROM OLE MISS r NOTHING LIKE A DUCK SUPPER WERE YOU THERE? 4 , . ' ,. 1; , - _.,. _ I. ' ' t • ' ' ' ,. 4 , • ... .- , -.040, " 0: • Ft : ' • AV a 1 . -).... , , • GET YOU SOME BLUE BLADES, SON A HOWL FOR THE WOLF GIRL LOOK AT THAT JACKASS RICHARD II, ACT III NIGHT MUST FALL, ACT III NIGHT MUS Al ACT II MICKEY AIKEN BETTY DOTY SUZANNE III GGER ROSE MARIE LEONARD w ii 1:r WEllE ELE E PARAMOUNT PICURTIRE0 CORPOIRATHON WEST COAST STUDIOS .... 5451 MARATHON STREET HOLLYWOOD 38, CALIF. • AM, 21 January 1954 Mr. Morrell Noble Editor-in-Chief Ole Miss University of Mississippi Box 1,58 University, Mississippi: Dear Mr. Noble: Beauty is not uncommon - but beauty plus character is rare. Over the years I have judged many beauty contests, but I have never been asked to select from a more interesting group of young ladies than this bouquet of American Beauties. You will see that I have written my choice in red on the back of each photograph. Incidentally, your photographer is to be congratulated - particularly in his pose of Miss Jerry Mayor. However, I did not allow this to influence me in my selection of her for first place. Miss Charlene Rice has a very interesting quality. There is a provocative challenge in her expression that has special appeal - in fact, this entire contest was most difficult to judge, but it was most pleasant. Please give my warmest greeti ngs to all forty of the original contestants. Sincerely, Cecil B. deMille CURRENT PRODUCTION " THE TEN COMMANDMENTS " CBdM-C 1 0 Ma VOP SpierJ Charlene trice Zove Wallace FAVhilIfES HELEN HOLLOWELL PAT PYLE BARBARA MARSHALL WRENNIE VEASEY BETTY MacDONALD GRETCHEN STRAHLE DOT WALKER MARY EVA CRUMPTON DOT ALLEN 1:liallW_ _ , lial NM UM APR EMS NM NI NM MO NM 111111111111111.11 um " MN MI Mak soINN NEM allat MINIII IMMO MIN El :id OW_ MIMI ONO 6:4711 NEM - ' vr. " .•,v, I ilIMI K. 04.... MB MIN FAV Li iTES ROSEMARY COLLINS ANN WESTMORELAND PAT SARA MURPHEY EMILY HALL JAN STRAIN MARY TANFANI ANNE COCHRAN ANN McINTYRE MINNIE LOU SHAW CAROLYN WATKINS THE 1954 HALL HP FAME MICKEY AIKEN Colonel Rebel MERLE FRASER Associated Student Body President GEORGE HEWES YMCA President CRAWFORD MIMS All-American Guard ELIZABETH NICHOLS Mississippian Editor WALTER WATTS Associated Student Body Vice-President Honor is a thing not lightly come by, and on our campus here at Ole Miss bership in the Hall of Fame is the highest degree of recognition that a student may attain. The members are chosen on the basis of character, scholarship, tive leadership, and contribution to the betterment of Ole Miss. Selection of members is on a level pletely separated from politics and tiality. A primary committee of eight ulty members and eight students chooses by secret ballot a committee of five students. These twenty-five then make their selections of six in secr et. The 1954 Hall of Fame members are: Mickey Aiken, Merle Fraser, George Hewes, Crawford Mims, Elizabeth ols, and Walter Watts. 174 I 175 TAD SMITH JOHN VAUGHT JEFF HAMM Director of Athletics Head Coach Business Manager of Athletics IUAEHES The seventh season for head Coach John Vaught produced seven victories, two losses, and a tie, a record in good standing with his previous years of giving Ole Miss its best football in history. The Rebel line coach, newly named to the All-American Hall of Fame, is former Ole Miss tackle Bruiser Kinard. It was his pleasure to coach our newest All-American Crawford Mims. Tutoring the ends is Buster Poole. Coach Buster has been our end coach for seven years. He has given the Rebels berths on All-SEC teams six of those years and seen his brother Barney make All-American honors in the fabulous combination of erly to Poole. The backfield coach, John Cain, has his position in the American roster also. He gained his recognition with the son Tide of Alabama. Here he showed his ability in helping to bring out the All-American in Charlie Conerly. Back to our native sons, backfield coach Junie Hovious, two time All-SEC shared in Rebel glory during the great seasons of ' 38, ' 39, ' 40, and ' 41. Baseball coach Tom Swayze is the Ole Miss contact man. He too formerly played football with the Red and Blue and pitched for the Memphis Chicks of the Southern Association. Doc Knight, athletic trainer, has qualified himself through work in the Eastern School of Physiotherapy and at Bellevue Hospital, both in New York City. Doc also coaches the Ole Miss track team. Freshman coaches are Wobble Davidson and Country ham. Coach Wobble also proctors the tennis team, and Graham the Ole Miss basketball team, and his two time All-SEC man, Cob Jarvis. JOHN CAIN Backfield Coach COUNTRY GRAHAM Basketball Coach WES KNIGHT Trainer BUSTER POOLE End Coach WOBBLE DAVISON Freshman Coach TOM SWAYZE Contact Man BRUISER KINARD Line Coach JUNIE HOVIOUS Freshman Coach ED STONE Scout 178 ULE MISS ALL-AMERICANS ALL-TIME ALL-AMERICAN FRANK " BRUISER " KINARD The magic words, All-American, have become mous with the state of Mississippi ' s first athelte to achieve such status, Bruiser Kinard. Bruiser was named can after the seasons of ' 36 and Often called the greatest tackle to come out of Dixie, Bruiser has become immortalized in football annals. This year he was named a charter member of the National Football Hall of Fame. He stands 6 ' I " , weighed 212 during his playing days, and ran the hundred in 10.4 dressed out, In his 1936 season he played 708 of a possible 720 minute. Perhaps his greatest tribute comes from his former Ole Miss coach, Ed Walker, who said, when Bruiser was named to Christy Walsh ' s all-time All-America Board team in 1949, " In my opinion Bruiser Kinard is the greatest man ever to play football. With his great physique, spirit, and love of the game, he has contributed much to the game. As a leader he is outstanding. " From his pro coach, Jock Sutherland of Brooklyn, these words, " Bruiser Kinard was a football player ' s football player. He was outstanding in every respect in every game he ever played. He was so strong and fast and versatile that he could excel at any position on the team ... Bruiser was a great tackle, a great competitor. I don ' t know of any lineman whose ability was so consistently rewarded by the unstinting praise of his teammates, opponents, and the spectators. " ALL-AMERICAN CRAWFORD MIMS Do you need a new watch? The Rebels ' latest edition to All-American standing, guard Crawford Mims, has won enough honor watches to open a jewelry store. He made the first team on ten major selections, was voted the ber three lineman in the nation, awarded the Jacobs trophy for the best blocker in the SEC, and received the most outstanding player award in the Miami North-South game. He has a record of seventy-eight consecutive starts during his high school and college Crawford stands 5 ' 10 " and weighs in at 200. Again I quote the All-American ' s coach. Coach John Vaught has said, ' ' Crawford Mims is a tremendous petitor and this factor together with unusual speed and ability, the knack of early play diagnosing, a keen sense of timing and love for football, makes him the ideal lineman. " From the critic ' s pen comes this Walter Stewart quote, ' ' Just in case you haven ' t been paying attention, that Crawford Mims is All-American as Thanksgiving turkey. This Ole Miss guard seems flawless to us. On Saturday last Vanderbilt punted four times, Crawford blocked half of them. This fellow plays what is known as a ' stunting fense. ' He stunts everyone who runs in his general rection. " Again the Ole Miss wishes to recognize an outstanding All-American in Crawford Mims. Best wishes to you from the 1954 staff. if M CLUB OFFICERS COB JARVIS President ED BEATTY Vice-President EDD TATE PARKER Secretary JACK REED Treasurer Membership in the Ole Miss M Club is limited to those men who have won varsity letters in one of the four major intercollegiate sports, ball, baseball, basketball, and track. The M Club recognizes outstanding athletic ability among those participating in varsity sports, and it ther promotes the interests of athletics on the campus. Socially the M Club sponsors " M " day and the M Club dance, usually held the day of an SEC game on the campus. 180 First Row: Dugan Abernathy, Bob Adams, Chuck Barrack, Ed Beatty, Earl Blair, Roger Brashier, Al Bullock, Dave Dickerson. Second Row: Knox Gary, George Harris, Robert Jarvis, Frank Jernigan, Billy Kinard, Henry Linton, Harol Lofton, Bob McCool. Third Row: Bobby McKinney, Ernest Mangum, Crawford Mims, Tom Moore, Allen Muirhead, Dennis Ott, John Palmer, Edd Tate Parker. Fourth Row: Lea Paslay, Jimmy Patton, Ronnei Pittman, Bennie Schrieber, Archie Shepard, Ed Steftenagel, Billy Switzer, Richard Weiss, Archie White. Not Pictured: Leamond Alford, Jerry Bynum, Don Goad, Raymond James, Karl Ott, Jack Reed. 181 IE A T T U LEEEIS 39 ALATTAN The Ole Miss Rebels, recovering from a shaky start, won their first game of the 1953 campaign by dropping Chattanooga 39-6. Rookie Eagle Day was the one to come off the bench, get the Rebels on their feet and victory bound. He completed 8 out of 14 passes for 174 yards and a touchdown. Doing more than their part were Lea Paslay and Harold Lofton. These boys added some records to the punting column that will be around for a long time. Harold lifted three for an average of fifty yards and Lea ' s boot went for 52 yards. Slick McCool tasted pay dirt twice going through the center of the line for both tallies. Pete gum was right behind with Lofton and Bobby McKinney rounding things off. Honorable mention goes to Crawford Mims, Archie Sheperd, Tiger Adams, Ray James, and Dave Dickerson. McCool on short gain. He scored two TDs in game. 60 BOB ADAMS Left End ED Center 182 EARL. BLAIR, Left Half EAGLE DAY, Quarterback Kentucky ' s Mills being stopped by Blair, 44, James, 65, and Mims, 62 REBELS 2? 14ENT1UCKY The Rebels, behind a great defensive line, turned possible defeat into a 22-6 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. Leading the backs, Slick McCool collected 93 yards and six points. Backing him up was Pete Mangum with 88 yards, Earl Blair, Eagle Day, and Houston Patton. Day and Patton accounted for the remaining two scores. Lea Pasley and Day combined to do the passing. Paslay completing two out of five, and Day connecting with three out of eight. ging these passes were Bob Drewry, Bob Childres, and Billy Kinard. Honorable mention goes to Ed Beatty, Crawford Mims, Bobby Kinney, Tiger Adams, and George Harris. ly T U K A B U 1121ELS AUBURN 13 Suffering their first defeat in two years, the Rebels ' string of 13 victories was broken 13-0 by an unyielding Plainsman team. The Rebs were not lacking in he roes, however, as a terrific line led by Crawford Mims, Tiger Adams, Ed Beatty, and Dennis Ott put on a dazzling defensive display in the rough clutches inside the ten yard line. Bob Childres picked up 9 yards on two tries to claim leading ground gainer; Houston Patton completed two passes out of four; Lea Paslay tossed one to Jimmy Patton that went for 49 yards and the play of the day; and Pete Mangum played a fine defensive game. Honorable mention goes to Harol Lofton, Bob Childres, and Eagle Day. Zampino makes Kentucky ' s lone tally in the 22-6 Rebel win • • -.14,1••■■•■■ww.e.-- • • 4. 11114111181 I •, !, 0 I !.1 DAVE DICKERSON, Right End BOB DREWRY, Left End 184 GEORGE HARRIS, Right End RAY JAMES, Left Guard Kinard, behind Day, 10, scores 6 of Rebel ' s 28 points in Vandy rout. Harris, 83, Mims, 62, Weiss, 78 REBELS 2fi VANIEIRMI,7 Routing the Vanderbilt Commodores 28-6, the Rebels broke a five year jinx before 20,000 Homecoming fans. The deciding factor in the game was Lea Paslay playing an all around terrific game. He completed six out of eight passes for 167 yards and a TD, picked up a total of 32 yards, intercepted a Vandy pass, re- turned a punt and a kick-off, and kicked an extra point to break into the scoring column. Earl Blair ran 53 yards after catching a pass from Paslay for one TD and later took the ball over from the I Harol Lofton helped out by toting the ball over from the 13 yard line. The other score came as a result of All-American Crawford Mims ' blocking two punts, one of which was recovered in the end-zone. Honorable mention goes to Bobby McKinney, Dave Dickerson, George Harris, Jimmy Patton, and Houston Patton for a fine game. NW. nEBELs 45 TIAANE 14 Outlasting, outplaying, and outclassing the Green Wave, the els chalked up their third SEC victory 45-14 in New Orleans. Sparking the Rebels in his debut of stardom, Jimmy Patton scored 26 points, intercepted a pass and ran it back 62 yards, and took one over from the 5, 7, and 20 yard stripes. To top it off he made two extra points. An additional tally came when Crawford Mims blocked a punt and George Harris fell on it for the six points. Earl Blair added one when he caught an Eagle Day pass and went 62 yards to the goal. Slick McCool accounted for the final TD with a 16 yard jaunt through center. Honorable mention goes to Bob Childres, Houston Patton, Lea Paslay, Harol Lofton, Paige Cothren, Bob Drewry, Dick Goehe, Jim Walters, Tiger Adams, and Buddy Alliston. Day to Harris pass. Linton, 72, Beatty, 54, James, 65, Weiss, 78, McCool, 26, Kinard, 31, Mims, 62 --wcie tat.,t,tkvzha .• • BILLY Right Half HENRY LINTON, Right Tackle 186 r EL s e3 AltiliANSAS HAROL LOFTON, Left Half BOB McCOOL, Fullback The Rebels, displaying a highly developed style of team work, sank Arkansas 28-0. Highlighting the game was a record breaking 87 yard TD run by Harol Lofton. Lea Paslay completed six out of nine passes for a 120 yard total and the final TD. Earl Blair getting off to a late start picked up 77 yards in quick fashion. Next was Slick McCool netting 53 yards. Crawford Mims was continually in the Arkansas backfield. Honorable mention goes to Billy Kinard, Eagle Day, Ed Beatty, Allen Muirhead, and Jimmy Patton. Blair nears pay dirt as Rebels take Tigers 27-16. Drewry, 81, Jimmy Patton, 43, McCool, 26 ft " uil REBELS ?71 N. U. 16 " Football troops of Mississippi ' s University reached murderous fensive maturity on this mildly-refrigerated Halloween evening, and Louisiana State was unfortunate enough to be playing the role of nocent bystander as the robust Rebels stormed across 433 smoking yards to win a highly spirited football game 27-16, " said Walter art about an important victory to the Rebels. Lea Paslay led the way with eight completed passes that netted 212 yards. The reception of the ends, Tiger Adams, Bob Drewry, and George Harris was deadly to the Tiger hide. Crawford Mims held his ground as he neared All-American fame. Holding the line with Crawford were Henry Linton, Dick Weiss, and Ray James. Honorable mention goes to Slick McCool, Harol Lofton, Jimmy Patton, Earl Blair, and Houston Patton. Jimmy Patton makes it 13-7 and immediately kicked extra point making it 14-7 BOB McKINNEY, Center PETE MANGUM, Fullback 188 ALLEN MUIRHEAD, Right Half DENNIS OTT, Left Tackle Blair adds yards to one of 4 successful Rebel marches. Walters, 79, Goehe, 71, Dubuisson, 51 Jernigan, 69. REBELS 40 N. TEXAS STATE Overcoming a seven point deficit, the Rebels took over the SEC offensive lead by surging to a 40-7 victory against North Texas State. Sparking the Rebel charge were quarterback Houston Patton and fullback Slick McCool. Patton broke loose for an 82 yard TD sprint and completed four passes for 75 yards and a TD. McCool picked up 97 yards. The bulk of the forward wall was Blackie Jernigan who bottled up every play that came his way. Backing him up were Henry Linton, Buddy Alliston, Ed Beatty, and Archie Sheperd. Honorable mention goes to Crawford Mims, Jimmy Patton, Harold Lofton, Earl Blair, Pete Mangum, Billy Kinard, Johnny Williams, Eagle Day, Dave Dickerson, Bob Drewry, George Harris, and Allen Muirhead. Ii T T E x A I 1 Y A 21.1EMELS In what seemed to be the end of the world, mighty Maryland mauled dismayed Mississippi 38-0. This defeat found greatness in a couple of Ole Miss linemen that might never have been fully recognized. Foremost in our minds is Henry Linton. One couldn ' t name a time this year that Linton ' s land play was surpassed. His blocking and tackling, to say nothing of his drive and desire to come back when sure defeat was evident, will always be remembered by loyal Ole Miss fans. Backing Henry up was Dick Weiss. Dick used a keenness and a ball know-how style that made him one of the best tackles in the conference. Crawford Mims passed the 100 mark in tackles in the process of tearing up the Maryland line. Honorable mention goes to George Harris, Bob Drewry, Slick Cool, Harol Lofton, and Billy Kinard. MARYLAND 3H Mangum gains 3 against Cow College LEA PASLEY, Quarterback JIMMY Left Half 190 ARCHIE SHEPHERD, Left Guard DICK WEISS, Left Tackle James stopping a Cow College advance. Linton, 72, Mims, 62, Blair, 44, Beatty, 54 PEBELS M15511SSIPPI STATE 7 The Rebels lost a 7 point lead to be tied by Mississippi State and have their SEC crown hopes shattered in the face of a beckoning Cotton Bowl. Pete Mangum played his best game at fullback picking up 74 yards on 13 tries. Right behind him was Slick McCool with 82 yards on 20 tries. Lea Paslay picked up 32 yards and averaged 53.6 yards on three punts, Harol lifted a 45 yard punt and netted 20 yards rushing. Earl Blair netted 15 yards and caught the only completed pass. Billy Kinard picked up 12 yards, and Eagle Day rolled up five. Honorable mention goes to Henry Linton and Ed Beatty. BAShETBALL 54 Coach Graham maps out a play The barnacle in basketball was the continual rough-drag of an injury ride the Rebels couldn ' t quite quit. Also, there was the usual case of scholarship signees making with the pen and ink, then violating agreements with a vault into er pastures. After mid-February, in good health, the Miss squad figured it was the second best in the Southeastern Conference. The sad part was, the Rebs weren ' t in shape to prove it. The three teams they wanted most to beat, Louisiana State, lane and Mississippi State, won the wind-up engagements because high-scoring Denver Brackeen was benched by a back injury and high-scoring Cob Jarvis was benched by a torn cartilage in his left Knee. Deprived of Brackeen, the center, and Jarvis, at guard or ward, the Rebels lost exactly half their scoring punch. Through its first 21 games, Ole Miss had collared 1587 points. Brackeen in 20 20 games and Jarvis in 18 had 441 and 353 for 794. That left 793 for the balance of the squad. The coach. Country Graham, figured at the start he ' d need the Riley shoots for two against Florida December games to smooth Rebel playmaking, and his estimate was on schedule until Brackeen caught the first kink in his back and vis sprained an ankle. Those incidents cost the Rebs a close finish with nationally-ranked Oklahoma A. M. and a final-game victory over Tulsa in the all-College tournament in Oklahoma City. Jarvis was at full speed by Arkansas in Memphis on January 5, a week after his accident. Brackeen didn ' t perform again from cember 20, until January 9 when the competitive occasion was bama. Jarvis lasted just nine more games before going cut again, this time in the February 9 situation with Memphis State. Brackeen, who hit full stride after the January 11 roughhouse with Auburn, carried through the February 22 game with Florida. The day games at the end—Tulane, LSU and Mississippi were the pivotal arguments the Rebs hoped to use to springboard into a final third place in the SEC. Three victories would have meant third place with a 10-4 league record. As it was, Ole Miss finished with 7-7 for sixth, in a tie with Tennessee. Such mention of Jarvis and Brackeen doesn ' t do justice to a Abernathy makes a freethrow in the Crimson Tide game 192 Front: Jerry Bynum, Jack Barksdale. Second row: Coach Graham, Joe Bernard Riley, Cobb Jarvis, Eddie Stenftenagel, Carl Lowry, manager. Third row: Jim Miller, Johnny Palmer, Duggan Wayland Inman, dale Darr. Fourth row: Denver Bracken, Rex Payne. dozen other able campaigners, particularly seniors Dugan Abernathy and Eddie Stenftenagel, sophomores Johnny Palmer and Jerry num, freshman Joe Gibbon, and Bernard Riley, a junior college transfer. There were others who aided in the season ' s development, all of them freshmen—Jack Barksdale and Tommy Kortz, guards; Wayland Inman, a forward, and James Miller, center. Of those who signed and didn ' t show, there was a 6-8 center from Seymour, Indiana, a 6-7 from Chicago who stopped off at ville; a junior college guard who finally took root at Missisisppi lege. With Jarvis, 1953 All-Southeastern and All-South (NCAA, trict Four) forward, and Stenftenagel at guard the lone holdover starters, Graham had work at hand from the start in building a new machine. He had in Brackeen the nation ' s No. I junior college performer, and All-American; another jaycee transfer in Riley, two Sophomore lettermen in Palmer and Bynum, a good outside shoemaker in nathy, and a half-dozen •frosh headed by Gibbon. At the start, Jarvis at forward, Brackeen in the middle and tenagel at guard were fixtures. Palmer and Abernathy alternated at forward with Cob, and Bynum and Riley in the other guard berth. Gibbon at forward and Barksdale at guard were the first frosh to draw playing time. Later, midway of the campaign, Graham paired Abernathy and Palmer at forwards and set Jarvis up in business as a guard, a switch that assembled the Rebs with good height balance; 6-5 and 6-5 at forwards, 6-4 at center, and 6-3 and 6-2 at guards. This was the lineup that performed without substitution in leading 193 unbeaten LSU through 59 minutes and 20 seconds in a 53-52 loss at Baton Rouge. After that struggle, small wonder Ole Miss was liked over the Tigers on Col. Rebel ' s court. There were eight home games—eight of 24—and the beating of Southwestern by 95-52 was achieved on the campus to inaugurate the campaign. Then followed a 118-82 win over Union at Jackson, Tenn., as a prelude to the first Birmingham Classic tournament. Graham ' s bunch lost by 72-68 to Alabama in the opening round, then humbled Georgia 87-73 for consolation laurels. Both Jarvis and Brackeen were named to the All-Tournament Team. At the All-College meet, defending champion Oklahoma A. M, led by only 26-22 at the half and by a slim six points with two utes remaining in the third period when Brackeen went out on fouls. Jarvis followed three minutes later because of the ankle sprain and the Okies won by 59-42. Without Jarvis, Furman was beaten a night later 88-78, but the win proved costly when Brackeen pulled a back muscle. He missed the 64-60 loss to Tulsa for the consolation crown, Jarvis returning for part-time service. Jarvis dumped in 34 points in the 89-76 loss to racehorse Arkansas in Memphis, Brackeen watching from the bench. The hungry Porkers, a good team, ended pre-conference action. From January 9 on, results were counted in SEC warfare. Graham took a page from the Oke Aggies ' deep-freeze book and called for a full-quarter stall in beating Alabama 62-60. The Rebs attempted only five shots in the final ten minutes, hitting on two and staying ahead with severs foul goals. Alabama led 30-29 at the half, and was tied 51-51 on Brackeen ' s last-second basket ten minutes later, then was pushed into excessive fouling when Jarvis and Stenftenagel hooks two nathy ran the score to 55-51 and the slow-down paid dividends to the game ' s end. ' Bama counted its last goal as the horn sounded. Auburn was big and rough and held to its early advantage, a matter of 11-2, halfway through the first quarter, to win 66-61 and end Ole Miss ' two-tilt home stay. On the road, Georgia Tech fell 80-71 at Atlanta and Vanderbilt was beaten 78-74 at Nashville. At that stage, the Rebels were 3-I in the conference for third place, tied with Tulane. And it was Tulane that ushered Ole Miss out of third, winning 84-77 in a battle that wasn ' t settled until the final two minutes when a narrow Wave advantage, the fouling that followed in attempts to corner the ball, and subsequent charity points ran out the Tulane margin. That accounting took place in New Orleans, the 53-52 loss to LSU developing two nights later, on February I, 85 miles upriver in Baton Rouge. The Tigers were outplayed and outmaneuvered despirte their win, the Rebel zone defense—introduced a year earlier tor none other than 6-9 Bob Pettit, LSU ace—holding the big center to 15 field goal shots, five goals and 15 points. Jarvis topped him with 17 as did Brackeen with 16. Mississippi State was beaten here 63-52 and through that game, a check of Jarvis ' varsity scoring revealed he had 1,259 points, ' the exact total compiled by Graham in 1936-37-28. Graham played in 76 college games, Jarvis had engaged in 64. It was Ole Miss ' 38th conference victory over the Maroons against 34 defeats. As for Jarvis, he needed a point to top All-America Graham ' s record and got a pair the first time he handled the ball in the 82-75 loss to Memphis State—at Memphis. He also was bumped by a Memphis player in going after a rebound and lamed his left leg—the knee—in landing. To all extents and purposes, that was the end of his college career. He added 23 in the game at Memphis, 16 against Tennessee, seven against Georgia, and eight against Florida for a new school record of 1,313. Kentucky at Lexington was next on the agenda and Kentucky won, 88-62, Brackeen scoring 26 points and Jarvis sitting on the bench. With Jarvis, the driver, the score would have been much, much closer. Confined to 48 shots, Ole Miss hit 22 for 45.8 per cent. Then followed the big rush, Tennessee going under at Knoxville 92-73, East Tennessee by 86-69 at Johnson City and Georgia by 80- 66 and Florida by 86-66 in home battles. Through those four engage- ments plus Kentucky, the Rebels averaged 43.7 per cent in their shooting. Although lame against both the Bulldogs and Gators, Jarvis fig- ured his knee was on the mend. He would be at full speed for Tu- lane and the rest. Brackeen was bounced to the floor and knocked out against Geor- gia, inside the last two minutes of action, but showed no signs of ill effects in scoring 29 points past Florida two nights later. Then Brackeen, it developed, had injured his back in the Georgia ex- change and Jarvis ' knee was placed in a cast. Their season had ended. 194 A Brackeen goal in the Georgia game Two for Brackeen against the Plainsmen Abernathy, Palmer, Stenftenagel, Gibbon, Rilet and Bynum stuck with Tulane, LSU and State from start to finish but there wasn ' t time to regroup and the defeats were recorded by 66-57, 76-53, 65-59. In addition to 7-7 inside the SEC, the overall count was 12- 12-50-50 on both sides of the ledger. In 20 games, Brackeen finished up with 441 points, a 22.1-point average. It was good for third in the conference scoring derby, be- hind Pettit and Kentucky ' s Cliff Hagan. His 49.2 per cent shooting average was second best. Jarvis, running third in league firing at 21.5 when injured, slipped to 19.6 with his 353 points in 18 starts. The No. 2 SEC marksman in 1953 with 557, he finished sixth. He was All-SEC for the second sea- son on all four teams selected. Brackeen, too, was All-Conference, a remarkable feat in a debut campaign. He was first-team on the coaches and players selections, was the No. 6 performer on the As- sociated and United Press squads. Kentucky ' s Hagan and Frank Ramsey, Pettit and Vanderbilt ' s Dan Finch were the only other AILSECers. Abernathy found an extra fuse late in the season, scoring 131 points in his last eight games to finish with 264 and an 11-point average. His season ' s high was 26 against Tennessee, his fastest pace the seven-of-seven goals he bucketed to start the Florida game off on the right key. Abernathy ' s late push sent him past Stenftenagel, who was the No. 3 musketman most of the year. Eddie, last of the Jasper, In., con- tingent, had 205 and 8.4 for the season. His top score total was the 20 points tallied against Furman. Bynum had 138 and 6.0, Palmer 133 and 5.5, Gibbon 109 and 5.5, and Riley 101 and 5.1. Their best single games produced 14, 16, 18, and 13-point totals. Jarvis set a new school mark when he hit for 37 points against Union. Brackeen tied Jarvis ' year-old school record in SEC action when he counted 31 against Georgia Tech. Brackeen ' s accuracy- 49.2 per cent—meant another new Reb record, topping Jarvis ' 47.8 of a year ago. He hit on 147 of 299 shots, Jarvis (in ' 53) on 204 of 427. There was a new team record in field goal accuracy, 38.7 per cent on 628 goals against 1,628 shots, good for 20th nationally. The aver- age of 17 fouls per game was fifth lowest nationally. Also, there was a new team record in free throw efficiency with 500 foul goals in 738 chances for 67.8 per cent. Brackeen ranked 24th nationally in field goal percentaging, Jarvis dropping out of the top 25 when he continued to perform after his injury. Abernathy led the team in foul goal percentages with 74.4 on 32 of 43, Stenftenagel trailing with 73.8 on 31 of 42. Brackeen scored 24 points or better in his first four games, going 24, 31, 27, 24, then finished with 21 or more points in his last six appearances, at 21, 26, 24, 25, 26, 29. And from that same game, he counted 297 points for 12 games for a 24.8-point average. All in all, it was a good season, Ole Miss moving from eighth to sixth in SEC standings. The only thing, without physical damage, it would have been much, much better. !ASKEW I-1 AL Two for the Plainsmen Front Row, Left to Right. Don Goad, Bernie Schreiber, Ronnie Pittman, Tab Turner, and Al Bullock. Second Row: Cecil Burford, Jimmy Matthews, Karl Ott, Billy Scott and Bobby Neblett. Third Row: Edd Tate Billy Switzer, Coach Swayze, Jack Reed and Cruck Barrack. All factors considered, Ole Miss turned up with a crack baseball team in 1953. Coach Tommy Swayze, in his third season at the Rebel helm, joined a mixture of seniors, juniors and freshmen for what was a formidable crew at season ' s end. The record, games won and lost, was 9-10 it was misleading. The Rebels beat Mississippi State twice in four games, and the Cow Herders were Western Champs in Southeastern Cnoference results. They won three of four from a good Tulane broke even with Vanderbilt. They were within a single strike of an even division ' Nil h Billy Switzer, pitcher. Alabama, ultimately losing three of four. They dropped the opener to Louisiana State by a single run, 10-9 in 11 innings. They lost the second of two at Baton Rouge, walloped the Tigers here 10-2, were rained out in the fourth encounter. There was Notre Dame in the first athletic competition against the Irish, and Irish luck ran up a 6-5 triumph, on just five hits to the Rebs ' dozen. In the other game against non-league competition, Illinois Weselyan was beaten 8-4 in the opening campus game. There were 15 lettermen, six of them freshmen. Half of the were pitchers. The other half occupied starting roles in the Swayze used Berrie Schreiber (.247) at second base, Al Bullock Karl Oft, catcher. ariminammillismmannatiousimmor arami•aum - zfier, 241011.1111 lia-11 " 11( ' • ' MN 11110Wilk Warman its,t, -t.att 1 OR MIL 11, Statallielailt ASEB (.273) at short and Ralph Woods (.231) at third. The rookie hurlers, all of whom drew starting assignments, were Dick Shelton (2-5), Archie White (2-0), Don Goad (3-1), plus lefty Cecil Burford (0-1). There were five senior lettermen: Karl Ott (.277), catcher; Bobby Christiansen (.264), center field; Lea Alford (2-2) and Billy Switzer (0-I) pitchers, and Ed Leggett (.250) utility infielder. The junior lettermen, numbering four: Jack Reed (.400), outfielder and first baseman; Cob Jarvis (.312), left fielder; Ronnie Pittman (.224), right fielder, and Chuck Barrack (.216), first sacker and relief catcher. Reed, who led the conference in hitting most of the season with a plus-.400 average, signed a contract with the Y. Yankees after the close of the season. In winning three of four Alabama took over with three big innings, scoring seven runs twice in the pair at Tuscaloosa and winning the third time, the first one here, with a six-run ninth. There were three one-run defeats elsewhere, to LSU, Notre Dame and State College. It was the third ' Barra bout that, more than any other game, por- trayed the hard-luck side of Rebel campaigning. It was a loss that rankled. Swayze ' s club was ahead by 5-2 into the ninth. Two Tidesmen were away and two were abroad, via an error and a hit, when Alford walked rival hurler Johnny Anderson on a 3-2 pitch. It was a knee-high curve that, splitting the plate, could have been rated a strike as well as a ball. A strike would have meant a 5-2 win, a 10-9 overall record, a 9-8 record in SEC results. As it was, the charity trip led into a rash of walks—six in all—plus and infield bobble to plate the six runs scored. In final standings, Ole Miss tied for third in Western Division standings with Alabama. Tulane had 8-7 for the Maroons 12-3 for first. They were beaten by Georgia in the championship playoff. The Rebels led off at Tulane, losing the opener 13-3, then riding back on White ' s relief pitching to even the series, 5-3. LSU won 10-9 and 10-6 games at Baton Rouge. In both games, the Tigers produced five-run innings. Opening at home, the Rebs played errorless ball in bouncing the Illinois nine, Goal pitching one-hit relief ball for Oh innings. They went the balloon route in losing to seven errors and nine walks setting up an advantage Ole Miss ' late rally couldn ' t overtake. Only one Irish run was earned. Reed doubled across the winning run to beat Tulane 4-3 in the first half of a campus twin bill, then squeezed across the deciding tally in the 5-4 afterpiece. Rain on April 6th forced the header set the next afternoon. Shelton was the first-game winner, going the route. Goad, again in relief, was the WP in the nine-inning nightcap, which had been slated for seven. Goad made ' it two straight when he again relieved Alford, thi s time against State, with the Rebs winning 11-3 with eight big runs in the eighth. Six a walk and two errors got the job done. The next afternoon Shelton was the victim by 2-I, giving up only six hits. A fluke homer was his undoing. Against LSU, Alford went the route for an easy 10-2 triumph, this one back at home after the Starkville invasion. There were no Reb errors. LSU furnished five, all costly, to hand lefty Benny McGargle the defeat. He walked four. Rain washed out the series finale. Then followed the pair at Tuscaloosa, Alabama winning 8-5 and 11-6. The first action against Vanderbilt in a number of years ended in a Ole Miss winning 2-0 on Alford ' s two-hitter and losing the second game 5-2. It was the second and last double header of the season, the second time rain had forced such. The Tide repeated its 8-5 win in the University Park set, then was bounced 10-2, this time with White and Burford hurling. White, who went the first eight innings, limited ' Barra to four hits. State went in the final series of the season by winning 5-I here behind lefty Curt Monroe ' s airtight mound work, but Swayze ' s bunch battled back in the last game to win 6-5, Shelton ' s fine relief pitching and Bullock ' s timely hitting in late innings making the difference. Proof of all-round excellence frequently is found in statistics and the era column told a pretty solid story for the Reb pitchers, Goad leading with 2.18 in innings. White had 2.52 in 25 innings, Shelton 2.94 in Switzer 3.18 in Alford 3.55 in 502 3, Burford 4.15 in and Jimmy Matthews 6.43 in 7. Reed led SEC hitters through most of the campaign, fell to an even .400 in the last games with State to tie for the crown, then lost out when Tennessee scheduled an extra pair of games after the season ' s scheduled ending and the Vols ' B. B. Hopkins finished with .414. Reed was hitting 4.26 into the final series. He was All- Southeastern and All-South (District 4, NCAA). Ott was Grade-A as a receiver, a timely hitter. Christiansen had no peers as a defensive performer in the outfield. His luck as a hitter was in reversing Wee Willie Keeler ' s famous " I hit ' em where they ain ' t ' ' adage all bad. Jarvis went without an error in left field, was a two-bagger specialist at bat. Pittman hit the long ball in sharing right field with Red. Schreiber and Bullock made up a well-knit keystone tandem, par- ticularly as frosh. Both hit with power, Barrack was equally proficient at first, Woods a hustler at third. The big loser was Switzer, a magnificent sophomore pitcher in 1951, who lame-armed his way through 1952 ' s battling, then faded even more last spring. He had enough elbow and shoulder kinks to sideline a half-dozen bone chips and bursitis among them. Alford, the big winner in ' 52, was another veteran handicapped last time around—for him—by a sore arm. It was, all in all, a fine Rebel nine, and had the season been longer, or without an overdose of the record would have matched the proficiency displayed. Dillard Bolls, catcher; Bill Scott, first base; Tab third base; Jimmy Patton, outfielder, and Billy Cooper, catcher, were other players seeing action in one or more games. SEASON ' S RESULTS Ole Miss 3; Tulane 13 Ole Miss 5; Tulane 3 Ole Miss 9. LSU 10 Ole Miss 6 LSU 10 Ole Miss 8; Illinois Wesleyan 4 Ole Miss 5; Notre Dame 6 Ole Miss 4; Tulane 3 Ole Miss 5. Tulane 4 Ole Miss I 1; Miss. State 3 Ole Miss I; Miss. State 2 Ole Miss 10; LSU 2 Ole Miss 5; Alabama 8 Ole Miss 6° Alabama I 1 Ole Miss 2; Vanderbilt 0 Ole Miss 2• Vanderbilt 5 Ole Miss 5; Alabama 8 Ole Miss 10; Alabama 2 Ole Miss 1; State 5 Ole Miss 6. Miss. State 5 Jack Reed, outfielder, first baseman. T fl h Results Firsts Seconds Thirds Fourths Versus TRAUTH TRU ETT Arkansas State . 67 -64 9 -45 6 -17 5 - 5 Union Southwestern . 981 2-401 2-20 11-55 8 -261 2 8 -16 I-I Vanderbilt . . . 5 -25 4 -1 I I0 - 92 3 Miss. State . . . . 4 5 -15 6 - 51 2 Miss. College . . . 7 -34 6 -18 8 - 71 2 Indicates number of ties. As per usual, there was individual excellence. Count on Doc Knight, the coach, for that. But it was a thinly-manned crew assembling with, probably more overall talent elsewhere on the campus than in ingway Stadium. Main man in the point mart was stocky Earl Blair, freshman sprinter, who ran the sprints ten times and won nine firsts and a second, plus a third in the broad jump against Mississippi College. His efforts accounted for 49 points. On the new record side, Marvin Trauth, husky football tackle, flipped the javelin 195 feet, inches to erase the 12-year-old standard of 192 feet, inches set by Bill Eubanks in 1941. Trauth was named the " Most Valuable Senior in Track for 1953. " His score total in the javelin, shot and discus was 40 points. BLAIR AND MUIRHEAD Trauth ' s record heave went in the record book against Mississippi State. Then, after approaching within an eighth of an inch of Mac Myers ' three-year-old high jump record of 6 feet, inches in the meet with Vandy, George Truett cleared the bar against Mississippi College for a second new school mark, going a measured 6 feet, inches. Jack Robertson trailed Trauth in scoring with 33 points in the 880 and broad jump, picking up six firsts and three thirds. Truett added 30. Others high on the point chart were Ed Martin, frosh hurdler, 26; Kline Gilbert, shot and discus, 25; Ralph Ross, javelin and high jump, 221 2: Tommy distance runner, 21; Marvin Watson, distance runner, 13; Ed Conley, pole vault, George Harris, pole vault, and Allen Muirhead, sprints, 8, Earning letters were Trauth, Blair, Truett, Robertson, Gilbert and Martin. YELVERTON Track in 1953 wasn ' t overly-productive in the matter of victories and defeats. Mississippi College won its first cinder decision in history, sippi State copped its third straight victory, and Vanderbilt made it five in a row for the three losses that followed two opening triumphs. As assembled, here ' s what took place: Under J. W. Davidson ' s able and painstaking direction, Ole Miss turned up with another upper-bracket result chart in compiling its 1953 tennis record. There was one draw, which the Rebels could have accepted as a victory; there was one loss which, figured on the same basis as the deadlock, would have been a win; and there were eight favorable decisions, three reversals and th even-up verdict for the full count. Playing mostly area schools, Ole Miss scored twice in twin matches with Union, Delta State and Millsaps and won single engagements from Wabash, a Crawfordsville, Ind., school, and Southwestern. The draw deal was staged with Memphis State, the defeats accepted by Illinois State Normal, South- western and Florida. Dual meet results, in order: Union-Jackson, Tenn. 9-0 Illinois State-Campus 4-4 Wabash-Campus 4-2 Delta State-Cleveland 7-2 Millsaps-Campus 8-1 Memphis State-Campus 3-3 Delta State-Campus 9-0 Southwestern-Memphis 9-0 Union-Campus 9-0 Memphis Rain Millsaps-Jackson 9-0 Southwestern-Campus 4-5 Florida-Campus 0-9 There were two other functions on the calendar, the Mississippi Intercol- legiate tournament in Hattiesburg and the Southeastern Conference tourna- ment in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The State meet crown went to Mississippi State, which counted 24 points. Mississippi Southern claimed 15, the Rebels 11 for third. Reb scoring was provided by Leighton Pettis of Oxford and Mitch Sal- loum of Gulfport, who advanced to the finals of the No. 1 doubles bracket; Bob Leatherman of Robinsonville, who topped the field in the No. 5 singles division; Jack Milligan of Oxford, finalist in the No. 4 singles; Pettis in No. I singles competition, and by Tommy Elliott of Oxford and Milligan, and Leatherman and Boyd Letcher of Gulfport in the No. 2 and No. 3 doubles. In the SEC meet, the Rebels picked up a pair of points for a tenth place tie. In the dual match battling, Pettis was No. 1 and paired with Salloum for No. I tandem action. Elliott was No. 2 most of the season, Salloum No. 3, Milligan No. 4, Bob Koestler of Vicksburg No. 5 and Letcher No. 6. Leath- erman, a 1952 regular, and Charles Williamson of Earle, Ark., entered com- petition late in the season. In match-play results, scoring was tabbed as follows: II victories and 4 defeats; Elliott, 10-5; Salloum, 14-1; Milligan, 7-8; Letcher, 10-I; Koestler, 8-3; Leatherman, 0-I, and Williamson, 0-I. Doubles Salloum, 13-2; Elliott-Milligan, 11-3; Letcher-Koestler, 9-I; man, 0-I. Lettermen named for the season were Pettis, Elliott, Salloum, Milligan, Koestler and Letcher. Ole Miss applied another coat of polish to its golf escutcheon in 1953, dealing with five victories and losing only twice in a rain-shortened cam- paign. Not as noteworthy as several all-winning seasons in the past, the record was nonetheless a good one, particularly since the squad boasted just one holdover letterman. That par-buster was Bedford Bradley of Clarksdale and he finished with two of the best competitive rounds of the year, an even-par 70 and a one- under 71 in the and 15-3 victories posted over Mississippi State. Those were the third and fourth consecutive postwar decisions past the Maroons, incidentally, with State fielding its first team since War II in 1952. Joining with Bradley as main men on the mashie line were Gene Odom of Sanatorium, Charles Gillis of Gulfport, and Willis Connell of Clarksdale. Other Rebels participating were Farley McElroy of Natchez, Jimmy Lear of Memphis and Jerry Barrier of Yazoo City. Neighboring Southwestern was victimized twice, by on both occa- sions, and Wabash was beaten Vanderbilt edged across ahead 91 2- 81 2 and Memphis State ' s outfit won in Memphis. The second engage- ment with the Memphis College was rained out here. In singles results, Connell led with six victories in seven matches. His point total was Bradley had 5-2 and 16-5, Odom 4-I and Gillis posted 3-4 and 101 -105 totals. McElroy was 1-0 and 3-0, Lear I-I and 2-4, and Barrier 0-I and 0-3 in points. In tandem play, Connell and Odom and Gillis and Connell went un- beaten in five matches, complete results showing: Connell-Odom, 3-0 and 8-I in points; Gillis-Connell, 2-0 and Bradley-Gillis, and 91 2-21 2; Bradley and Lear, 1-0 and 2-I; Bradley-McElroy, 1-0 and 3-0; Bradley-Connell, 0-I and 0-3; Gillis-Odom, 1-0 and 3-0; Connell-Barrier, 0-I and 1-2; Odom- Lear, 0-I and 1 2-21 2. The Vandy match was the corker and it was settled when the Commodores ' Lem Stevens halved the front nine with Gillis for the half-point in the No. 2 foursome that made the difference. Gillis was low for the afternoon with a one-over 73, Stevens winding up with 81. He and Odom paired for all 81 2 Reb points. McElroy was low against Southwestern with a two-over 74, here. Connell ' s 75 was the low round posted against Wabash, also on the Reb layout. After Vanderbilt, Connell had a seven-over 77 over the difficult Memphis CC course vx. Memphis State, Odom and Connell scoring 70 ' s vs. Southwestern on the same links. Bradley was low in the final matches with State, Connell and Gillis posting 79 ' s at Starkville and Odom a 72—even par—here in the last go-round. The Greenwood Invitational tournament closed Campaigning and Coach Junie Hovious was top Reb in that meet, tieing with Curtis Person, Tennessee open champion, for medalist honors with a one under 71. Others qualifying in championship play were Odom with a 75 and Connell and Lear with 76 ' s. Hovious reached the semifinals, Odom, Connell and Lear losing first-round matches Lear after a duel that carried to the 23rd hole. Lettermen named for the season were Bradley, Connell, Gillis, Odom, Lear and Barrier. TENNIS Rebel tennis men in action. Members of the tennis team are: Tommy Elliott, Bob Koestler, Bob Leatherman, Boyd Letcher, Jack Milligan, Leighton Pettis, Mitch Salloum and Buddy Williamson. Bedford Bradley and Willis Connell. Not pictured: Jerry Barrier, Charlie Gillis, Jimmy Lear and Gene Odam. ULF 199 Rebel band honors All American Kinard T H F L 1 1 I S A Under the direction of Mr. Lyle Babcock, the Rebel Band was on hand those many and excit- ing Saturday afternoons to rouse the spirits of Ole Miss followers and to provide half time en- tertainment for all spectators. A milestone in the band ' s history was an appearance on nation-wide TV the day of the Ole Miss-Arkansas game in Memphis. That game was one of four viewed across the country on October 24. The marching band was under the baton of drum major Jerry Easley. An added feature was the performance each week of the Rebelettes led by Babe Schiferli, former national twirling cham- pion. The solo twirling show of Mrs. Schiferli was an outstanding part of each half time activity. BABE SCHIFERLI Outstanding Rebel Twirler Let ' s have a little spirit. The year ' s first rally. CHEERLEADEAS Led by head cheerleader Ed Williford, the faithful eight; Anne Bush, Lottie Brent, Boop Nosser, Mary Tanfani, Brad Dye, Barney Eaton, and Faser Triplett, were always on hand when the Rebels made their appearance on the iron, even as far away as that hated College Park we remember seeing them. Their spirit never faltered whether it was a victory, one of those two defeats, or that terrible day in the yard down at Cow College when we nearly hit the double jackpot. Then you will remember the many pep rallies; the Peabody, the St. Charles, the Heidelberg, Fulton Chapel, and the pajama parade; they were always on hand to keep the spirit up, a more important part of the season than we realize, says Coach Vaught. Girls left to right: Mary Tanfani, Anne Rush, Boop Nosser, Lottie Brent. Boys left to right: Ed Williford, Brad Dye, Barney Eaton, Faser Triplett. MITCHELL SALLOUM KEN TOLER TOMMY HARRIS ROY MOORE President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer iiNTII AMUJ!1AL r It L Almost Blocked OFFICERS M ITCHELL SALLOUM President KEN TOLER Vice-President TOMMY HARRIS Secretary ROY MOORE Treasurer The Intramural Council was formed in 1935 to organize the athletic activities of male students not participating in varsity sports. The intramural teams come from the fif- teen social fraternities, the independents, and Anchor and Chain. Provision is made for teams in football, basketball, tennis, shuffleboard, horse shoes, ping gong, and swim- ming. Leff to right, front row: Bob Harold Graham, Mitchell Salloum, Charles Easom. Second row: Les Sam Lamensdorf, Larry Morris, Tommy Harris. Third row: John Satterfield, Ken Toler, Gene Wood, Roy Moore, Paul Ryan. First Row: Carolyn Causey, Jackie Curry, Carolyn Ferguson, Colleen Fly, Gin Fraser, Mary Garrett. Second Row: Sue Hill, Katherine Hopkins, Nancy Klindworth, Pat Lawhorn, Betty MacDonald, Ethel Maloy. Third Row: Betty Gloria Ozment, Margie Ratliff, Gerry Trainer, Julia Waits, Carolyn Wilkins. V) LEI N ' ATHLETIC What a backhand! OFFICERS JACKIE CURRY President BETTY MacDONALD Vice-President CAROLYN CAUSEY Secretary-Treasurer JULIA WAITS Historian Founded in 1926, the Women ' s Athletic Association is composed of all girls patricipating in intramural sports. The organization is governed by a board consisting of rep- resentatives from each sorority and the independent group. The purpose of the Association is to provide activities that the student may enjoy in her leisure time after her college years. 20 3 THOMPSON McCLELLAN FRANK E. EVERETT 0. BRITT ROGERS President Vice-president Athletic Committee Representative The Alumni Association was founded to foster and increase the love between the University and its alumni. All former students with two full semesters of attendance, all graduates of the University, and faculty and staff members who have been employed by the University for ten years or more are eligible to membership in the association. The Board of Directors consists of thirty bers of the association selected by the president, vice-president, and alumni secretary. These rectors are chosen as follows: three from each congressional district; eight from the large; and not more than four from outside the state, of this four one shall come from each of the cities Memphis, Tennessee, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The Alumni Office is responsible for planning Homecoming Day ceremonies, class reunions, gional meetings of alumni, and keeping records of known addresses of all the University alumni. The Alumni Office also publishes the OLE MISS ALUMNI REVIEW, an illustrated magazine with various items of general interest and special items about alumni. The Alumni Office also operates and manages the fully air-conditioned Alumni House ing thirty-four double hotel-type rooms with bath, conference rooms, auditorium, and snack bar. BOARD OF DIRECTORS District I ROY N. BOGGAN Tupelo, Mississippi CARL McKELLAR Columbus, Mississippi E. M. LIVINGSTON Louisville, Mississippi District 2 J. B. BELL Hernando, Mississippi ROBERT SMITH, Ill Ripley, Mississippi MRS. R. J. FARL EY University, Mississippi District 3 R. H. LAKE Greenville, Mississippi W. T. McKINNEY Anguilla, Mississippi N. C. BREWE R, JR Greenwood, Mississippi 204 THE PLE MISS ALUMNI ASSOCIATI1 OFFICERS THOMPSON McCLELLAN . . . West Point, Mississippi FRANK E. EVERETT Vice-President . . . Vicksburg, Mississippi 0. BRITT ROGERS Athletic Committee Tupelo, Mississippi WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN . . . . Alumni Secretary University, Mississippi JOHN R. HOLLEY . . Assistant Alumni Secretary University, Mississippi District 4 OUT-OF-STATE ALEX WILSON, SR Hazlehurst, Mississippi JAMIE WHITTEN Washington, D. C. STANFORD L. TERRY Vicksburg, Mississippi BEVERLY C. ADAMS New Orleans, Louisiana R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson, Mississippi DR. J. HARLEY HARRIS Memphis, Tennessee District 5 ROGER Q. SCOTT Pensacola, Florida SAM P. CARTER Quitman, Mississippi EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS H. C. ROBERTS Canton, Mississippi GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR Charleston, Mississippi DR. GEORGE LAMAR ARRINGTON Meriden, Mississippi DAVID COTTRELL Gulfport, Mississippi District 6 J. C. FAIR Greenwood, Mississippi MITCHELL SALLOUM Gulfport, Mississippi DR. H. M. FASER Jackson, Mississippi L. 0. CROSBY, JR Picayune, Mississippi JUDGE JAMES A. FINLEY Tupelo, Mississippi WILLIAM LAM PTON HARRY Columbia, Mississippi I. C. KNOX Vicksburg, Mississippi iN WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN JOHN R. HOLLEY Alumni Secretary Assistant Alumni Secretary STATE-AT-LARGE ROBERT BOBO, SR Clarksdale, Mississippi FOREST COOPER Indianola, Mississippi S. LYLE BATES Jackson, Mississippi THOMAS TURNER Belzoni, Mississippi R. C. STOVALL Columbus, Mississippi W. C. TROTTER University, Mississippi WILLIAM MOUNGER Jackson, Mississippi JIM BLOUNT Charleston, Mississippi JAMES McCLURE Sardis, Mississippi JUDGE TAYLOR H. McELROY Oxford, Mississippi MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian, Mississippi HARVEY LEE MORRISON Okolona, Mississippi J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksdale, Mississippi OTHO R. SMITH Meridian, Mississippi ALFRED STONE Jackson, Mississippi MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS Jackson, Mississippi W. T. WYNN Greenville, Mississippi 205 First Row: Laura Boyer, Sylvia Collins, Margaret Crook, Betty Doty, Connie Earl, Dot Ewell, Mary Ellen Exum, Carolyn Foster. Second Row: Grace Frederickson, Theresa Grimes, Ilanette Huff, Martha Maynard, Ann McCoy, Betty Ann McDonald, Ann McIntyre, Elloween Oakes, Alice aFerrall. Third Row: Cleo Parker, Mary Robinson, Betty Schneider, Sara Ann Smallwood, Meredith Stigler, Carolyn Watkins, Anna Ruth Welch, Martha Wiglama, Harter Williams. The local Pan-Hellenic Council is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Conference. It is composed of the presidents of each of the sororities and the president of the Stray Greek ganization here at Ole Miss as well as two representatives from each group. The officers of this outstanding organization are chosen by rotation. The object of Pan-Hellenic is to promote good will among the different sororities and all the Greek letter organizations. Rules are passed to preserve the welfare of the system. Pan-Hellenic sets up rushing rules, limiting each sorority to a quota of girls to be pledged, regulating the bidding system, and cooperating with University authorities in general. 208 OFFICERS CONNIE EARL President ANN McCOY Vice-President HARTER WILLIAMS Secretary ILANETTE HUFF Treasurer MEMBERS LAURA BOYER Zeta Tau Alpha SYLVIA COLLINS Kappa Delta MARGARET CROOK Phi Mu BETTY DOTY Delta Delta Delta CONNIE EARL Kappa Kappa Gamma DOT EWELL Delta Gamma MARY ELLEN EXUM Zeta Tau Alpha CAROLYN FOSTER Metoikoi GRACE FREDRICKSON Delta Delta Delta THERESA GRIMES Kappa Kappa Gamma ILANETTE HUFF Phi Mu MARTHA MAYNARD Chi Omega ANN McCOY Delta Delta Delta BETTY ANN MacDONALD Kappa Delta ANN McINTYRE Phi Mu ELLOWEEN OAKES Zeta Tau Alpha ALICE OTERRALL Chi Omega CLEO PARKER Metoikoi MARY ROBINSON Delta Delta Delta BETTY SCHNEIDER Kappa Kappa Gamma SARA ANN SMALLWOOD Delta Gamma MEREDITH STIGLER Kappa Delta CAROLYN WATKINS Delta Gamma ANNA RUTH WELCH Metoikoi MARTHA WIGLAMA Kappa Kappa Gamma HARTER WILLIAMS Chi Omega First Row: Connie Ann McCoy. Second Row: Harter Williams, Ilanette Huff. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 209 C H Act I has been a sell-out on our campus for 55 years, after a successful premiere at the University of sas 59 years ago. Alice O ' Ferrall directs, assisted by dred Murray Douglas, Sarah Harwell, and Joan Lucas, spectively. Pledges Jill Rhea and Jerry Mayor, who work with Freshman Y and Shirley Walne, Gwen Wilson, and Bebe Lawson, freshman cheerleaders, pull the curtains. First scene is a Mortar Board meeting with Sarah well presiding, Pollye Franklin presenting the program, and Nancy House calling the roll. House swaps chairs with Harwell, and the Y.W.C.A. is called to order. Pollye 1 A passes out campuses for remembrances, and the curtain is pulled to present scene II which consists of one-fifth of the final favorites—Emily Hall, Jan Strain, and beauties Jerry Mayor, Charlene Rice, and Paula Pemble. aFerrall is KA ' s choice, and she is sent roses. Pemble, who works with Y and ASB dance committee, is crowned ing Queen. This is the gentle hint to go home so we sing, " We ' re Rushing You, Chi Omega, " toss white carnations from the balcony, collect the cardinal and straw programs, and are guided out by Deaton ' s prexy, Carolyn Wilkins, 210 First Row: Bette Allen, Kathryn Bailey, Norma C. Bradshaw, Mildred M. Douglas, Ruth Lynn Fergeson, Peggy A. Ferguson, Pollye F. Franklin, Emily H. Hall, Sarah Harwell. Second Row: Norma Lee Herring, Margaret Anne Holmes, Nancy C. House, Joanne G. Lucas, Martha Maynard, June M. Nally, Alice C. O ' Ferrall, Jane O ' Keefe, Betty J. Orr. Third Row: Gloria Ozment, Paula E. Pemble, Marita M. Pigford, Charlene Y. Rice, Collie Mae Swango, Emily Sue Thomas, Martha E. VanBibber, Anne C. White, Carolyn Wilkins. Fourth Row: R. Harter Williams, Kathryn J. Aldridge, Joan C. Barrett, Lillian F. Brumfield, Barbara D. Bynum, Jeaninne Hyde, Golda H. Jones, Bebe V. Larsen, Jerry L. Mayor. Fifth Row: Mary Ellen Moore, Adelaide Ramsey, Laura Croorn Rivers, Jill Rhea, Mary Delia Shippen, Vivian F. Shortridge, Janetta Strain, Shirley Walne, Mary Gwen Wilson. Not Pictured: Elizabeth Lowe. 211 BE LTA VELTA DE 7 A Three D is nothing new on our campus, but a 50 year old act, presented as the original production at Boston Colleg.e 66 years ago. One of the D ' s stands for Doty —Miss Ole Miss of ' 54 and general manager of this filming. Assistant is Gee Gee Green. Continuity editor is Joan Jordan and Jane Demarest handles the Sales Department. They film a program for us of a pansy bed in the ter of Sorority Circle. The pansies come to life, and they are none other than their five favorites, Ann moreland, Mary Eva Crumpton, Rosemary Collins, Dot Walker, and Beauty, Betty Spiers . . . Freshmen leaders, Shirley Wagner, Patsy Graham; Varsity cheer- leader, Lottie Brent . . Mortar Board members, Doty, Pancratz . . . Pan-Hellenic veep, Ann McCoy . . . Cwens, Azlin, Pancratz, Demarest, Thomas, land; Alpha Lambda Delta, Westmoreland, Thomas, cratz; and Cardinal Club Sponsor, Murder Bowl Queen, and Sophomore Honor Girl, Ann Westmoreland. The Pikes chose a pansy for their dream girl from the bunch. My! what a lovely bouquet they make as Doty picks them and ties them with silver, gold, and blue. We feel like singing Alpha Theta Pi so we do. The moral of Act II is to go home and turn your TV sets to the Ole Miss DDD show! 212 1 First Row: Louise Azlin, Catherine Bonney, Lottie Brent, Jean Byrd, Rosemary Collins, Kibler Crenshaw, Jane Dema rest. Second Row: Betty Doty, Grace Fredrickson, Grizelda Green, Virginia Harris, Joan Jordan, Nancy Klindworth, Anne McCoy. Third Row: Mary Lewis McCrary, Gerry Pancratz, Nancy Pennington, Marjorie Ratliff, Mary Robinson, Ann Roy, Ann Slayden. Fourth Row: Jo Ann Thomas, Ann Todd, Ann land, Harriett Wilson, Virginia Baker, Julia Banks, Eleanor Cahill. Fifth Row: Jayne Clayton, Mary Eva Crumpton, Peggy Dandridge, Anne Darden, Ethel Sue Dent, Barbara Fox, Patsy Graham, Sara Mitchell. Sixth Row: Beverly Morgan, Mary Ann Murphree, Bea Ann Ruff, Betty Spiers, Camille Stone, Teresa Totten, Shirley Wagner, Dot Walker. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews, Dot Heidenreich. 213 PHI MU The third act of our production is a 103 year old leyan College script—shown here for 28 years. We pected such a one to be a bit " old southish " and sure ' nough the curtains opened showing a rose and white showboat, the " Phi Mu Castle. " Standing on deck were Captain Margaret Crook, First Mate Ann McIntyre, Communications Officer Julia Waits, and Purser Billie Ruth Armstrong. They threw the anchor to pledges on shore who insisted on a modern scene, so Lounette monson, Wing Sponsor of AROTC, zoomed over in her jet, dropping lighted flares on the water below and an aquatic event was underway. Swimming amid ress carnations were Favorites Minnie Lou Shaw, Dot Al- len, and Ann Mc, who works with Y, Dance Committee and Cwens . . . WAA officer and Cwens, Julia Waits . . . Pan-Hellenic Treasurer, Ilanette Huff— Jr. one, Emma Lou Faulkner . . . University Player Stars ney and Hewlett . . Alpha Lambda Delta Armstrong and Vaughn. We thought Crook had gotten all the hon- ors coming but this year she stars again—Judicial Council, Cwens, and ATO ' s choice. Sigma Nu ' s also chose a mermaid, as the curtain fell on Act Three. With all feet on land including ours, we applauded an encore and floated home, determined to practice our strokes. 214 First Row: Lydia E. Aldridge, Dorothy R. Allen, Billie R. Armstrong, Jeanne W. Arnold, Jimmy Anne Camp, bara Clarke, Margaret E. Crook, Marian Dailey. Second Row: Mary P. Daniel, Diane D. Dawson, Nancy J. Dickson, Julia G. Durfey, Louneht Edmondson, Mary Alice Evans, Emma Lou Faulkner, Joan K. French. Third Row: Mary L. Garrett, Patricia Ann Hewlett, garet A. Hoppen, Betty Sue Hough, Ilanette Huff, Carol C, Kyte, Shirley M. Lambeth, Lynn M. Laurence. Fourth Row: Ann McIntyre, G. Carolyn McKinney, Lady M. Mockbee, Ann C. Myer, Grace Nemitz, Minnie Lou Shaw, Billie C. Simmons, Mary Sue Smith. Fifth Row: Dolores A. Stewart, Elizabeth Ann Stephens, Doris J. Stockstill, Eula C. Taylor, Janis F. Vaughn, M. Jean- ette Waits, Julia C. Waits, Patricia A. Ward, Dorothy F. Wilson. [II 215 • hAPP A Act IX opened here 27 years ago after 57 years of success at Virginia State. First scene is the modernly dec- orated chapter room with Meredith Stigler in the light. Co-starring are Betty MacDonald, secretary of ASB and a Mortar Board Member, WAA officer; Betty Burgis, and Alice Tankersley. They all wear white roses and read Liz Nichols ' Mississippians as their creed, while the pledges shine their Home-coming Decoration Trophy. Action moves to the " double living room ' ' where Wrennie Veazey, Mary Tanfani, Ann Cochran, and Betty MacDonald receive favorite plaudits and Mary ine Grittman the Sigma Chi ' s praise. The rest of the chapter pretend to play football on the other side to keep Bush and Tanfani in good cheering voice. At the half, Marilyn Ray will be crowned Freshman ing Queen, and Betty Mac, M Club Sponsor. Cwens and Alpha Lambda Delta claim Morgan, Caus. ey, Tankersly and MacDonald for interest in studies as well—and we claim them all as an asset to Ole Miss. Cheers and cheers for years and years. 216 First Row: Lettye Ruth Allen, Kay Baltar, Marie Bargas, Doris Bean, Mary Brewster, Janet Brown, Sandra Brown, Betty Burgess. Second Row: Anne Bush, Ann Catchings, Frances ings, Carolyn Causey, Sylvia Collins, Virginia Davenport, Linda De Metz, Bessie Duddleston. Third Row: Peggy Sue Ferguson, Mary Kathryn Grittman, Marion Hildebrand, Kathryn Hopkins, Kay Horton, Kathy Kennedy, Jean Land, Faye Lanham, Louise LeCroy. Fourth Row: Betty Ann Lyle, Betty Ann MacDonald, Mary Ann Morgan, Enola Porter, Norma Rawlings, Marilyn Ray, Anne Rogers, Leta Rush, Gloria Sayers. Fifth Row: Sandra Simpson, Martha Glenn Stephens, Martha Stewart, Meredith Stigler, Mary Tanfani, Alice Tankersley, Carol Taylor, Rena Jean Whittington, Janet Wooten. Not Pictured: Ann Bronn, Ann Cochran, Faye Duke, nie Veazey. BELTA GAMMA Dot Ewell announces Act V and claims the script was written right here in Oxford 81 years ago. Introducing the 18 year old Ole Miss Run, she is prompted stage by Jackie Curry, WAA Prexy; Elizabeth Ann ston, and Ada Lee Oglesby, Sigma Alpha Iota Prexy. To the tune of " I Walked in a Garden, " with cream roses as the backdrop, Beauty Lucy Love Wallace and Favorites Carolyn Watkins, Sara Murphey, and Pat horn smile prettily in the first scene. They don ' t have to say anything. We buy tickets to next year ' s production. ever, Watkins announces their Rebelee Queen, who is not around for an encore. Sara Ann Smallwood, Ann Curry, and Mary Lewis, Cwens . . . Jean Guyton and Currey, Alpha Lambda Delta, star in the dramatic side of it with B. J. Panzica, of Sigma Alpha Eta, and Murph, who heads Theta Sigma Phi. In bronze, pink, and blue, the chapter adorns the stage for their closing scene and march triumphantly around, led by the pride of the Ole Miss Band, Barbara Marshall. Ewell acknowledges our applause and makes us leave. We wanted to see it again. 218 First Row: Margorie Ann Brown, Ann Curry, Jackie Curry, Mary Margaret Elliot, Dot Ewell, Gin Fraser, Marge Fraser. Second Row: Guthrie, Jean Guyton, Rose Harper, Betty Johnson, Mary Lewis, Sara Murphey, Ada Lee Oglesby. Third Row: Betty Jean Panzica, Julia Parks, Elizabeth Ann Pinkston, Ann Ray, Jane Rayburn, June Short, Sara Ann Smallwood, Mary Loudon Stennis. Fourth Row: Pat Stout, Doris Tulpin, Lucy Love Wallace, Carolyn Watkins, Nancy Abernathy, Suzanne Browne, Margie Cloar, Laura Cloud. Fifth Row: Nancie Echols, Jeannice Garrett, Larette Giles, Jimmy Grace Sylvia Hunter, Pat Lawhon, Jo Anne Lockard, Pat Lowry. Sixth Row: Barbara Marshall, Shirley Maynard, Louise Meek, Jackie Reynolds, Kay Robinson, Betty Stennis, meida Todd, Mildred Young. 219 111 A UAL A U P II The ZTA ' s naturally used a beautiful new white sion as their backdrop, and a housewarming was in order so we loudly applauded their addition to our campus. They ' ve been here 15 years, premiered 55 years ago at Longwood College, Virginia. Mary Ellen Exum is the architect and Hazel McCain, her advisor. Laura Boyer writes thank-you ' s to the alums and Carol Williams comes bounding up and down the aisle with a hat. As they build their house, a quiz show among the scholars is presented, the scholars being Carol Williams, Cwens, Laura Boyer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Coleen Fly, Mortar Board, and Barbara Daves, the straight A man. Bobby Milling gives one of her dramatic readings and Tommy Cofield sings. Last of all, the chapter puts the roof on 1 he house and sing to the top of it ' ' Pride of Our Hearts. " They paint the doors blue and grey and plant white violets along the sidewalk. All is completed and we are satisfied. tain until next year ... We ' ve got reserved seats to see it again. 220 221 Firs Row: Betty Bach, Mary Louise Bell, Laura Third Row: Bobbie Merle Johnson, Hazel Boyer, Jean Campbell, Tommye Jane Cofield. Cain, Ethel Malay, Bobbie Milling, Eloween Oakes. Second Row: Jemmie Nell Crocker, Barbara Daves, Mary Ellen Exum, Cohen Fly, Sandra Heath. Fourth Row: Nancy Osborne, Pat Ramsey, Kate Stapleton, Carole Williams, Betty Pyle, Mary wards, Elizabeth Hall. KAPPA liAPPA GAMMA Act VII, after 74 years in Illinois, continues its 8 year Ole Miss run for an appreciable audience. Marty lima directs the concert which is presented. We see from the programs that Alice Bell directs the matinees, istine Chandler writes their reviews, and Jane Scruggs handles the box office. Dressed in light and dark blue, they open with a laby, " but they couldn ' t put us to sleep. We were too anxious to hear the soloists: Pan-Hellenic Prexy Connie Earl and Jr. one, Heard Wylie . . . Cwens, Betty Jane Parks, Theresa Grimes, Sybil Muths. Favorites Helen Hol- lowell, Pat Pyle, and Gretchen Strahle , .. Alpha Lambda Delta, Jane Scruggs . . . Majorette Georgane Feguson, Freshman cheerleader—Dot Stone. They turned the lights down low and had that French atmosphere for the presentation of the fleur-de-lis to their fans . . . and that included all of us! We wanted to thank them for the flowers, songs, and a year ' s job well done, and we went back stage to tell them so. 222 First Row: Alice Bell, Peggy Brewster, Mary Lou Butler, Ernestine Chandler, Dot Clower, Barbara Crum, Phoebe Currie. Second Row: Anne Doty, Connie Earl, Carolyn Ferguson, Georgane Ferguson, Theresa Grimes, Sue Hill, Helen Hollowell. Third Row: Stephanie Klotz, Laura Lansford, Lloyd Lee, E. J. McGee, Mary Virginia McInnis, Suzie Moffitt, Sybil Muths, Betty Jane Parks. Fourth Row: Pat Pyle, Ann Reed, Kathy Rodgers, Sylvia Rousseau, Betty Schneider, Jane Scruggs, Donna Jean Sharp, Dot Stone. Fifth Row: Gretchen Strahle, Lisa Thornton, Shirley Ward, Marty Wiglama, Susie Wilkinson, Nancy Williams, Nancy Wilson, Heard Wylie. K 223 After many years of absence this, our last act, has been re-instated in our production. It made its re-appearance this year with a black and white background for a white camellia. It is unique in that its cast is composed of ' stray greeks, ' those sorority girls whose lodges are not active on the Ole Miss campus. Among the sororities ed are Delta Zeta, Beta Sigma Omicron, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Xi Delta, and Sigma Kappa. First Row: Kathryn Duncan, Carolyn Jo McCrone. Second Row: Nancy Mullin, Cleo Parker, Anna Ruth Welch. Not Pictured: Betty Thomas Busby, Domena Mistilis, Bernice B. Rice, Lillian D. Trumbull, Evelyn Lee Mary Elizabeth Williams, Blanch Tansil. It has as its purposes the maintenance of high nity life and interfraternity relations on the campus, thering intellectual accomplishments and sound ship, cooperation with the University administration in maintenance of high social standards, and the discussion of questions concerning the Ole Miss Greek world. Its officers are president, Cleo Parker; vice-president, Carolyn Foster; secretary, Nancy Mullin; and treasurer, Kathy Duncan. Nancy Mullin is also president of Eta ma Phi and treasurer of the Y.W.C.A. 224 11 JUNIN PANHELLENIC ' , ' UNCIL The local Junior Pan-Hellenic Council is a group composed of the pledge presidents and two representatives from each sorority pledge class. This is the first year that the Ole Miss pus has ever had a Junior Pan-Hellenic Council. The purpose of this organization is to prepare the pledges for more competent leadership in their future years in sorority life. The organization is controlled and operated in the same way as the Senior Pan-Hellenic Council with the exception of having two advisors: the advisor to the Senior Pan-Hellenic Council, Miss Jackson, and the ident of the Senior Pan-Hellenic Council, Connie Earl. First Row: Tommye Mary Eva Crumpton, Emma Lou Faulkner, garet Hoppen, Louise Meek. Second Row: Adelaide Ramsey, Marilyn Ray, Croom Rivers, Kay Robinson, Kate Stapleton. Third Row: Rena Jean tington, Susie Wilkinson, Nancy Williams, Heard Wylie. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews. 225 First Row: Dick Anderson, Richard Ball, Ramond Burgin, Billy Bush, Ted Carley, David Cole. Second Row: Bill Cox, Joe Dolin, Brad Dye, Barney Eaton, Dick Escudier, Pete berry. Third Row: Hunter Gholson Ed Grauman, Frank Hall, Hunter Little, Chris Martin, Paul Martin Fourth Row: Sherman Muths, Frank Reilly, Don Samuels, John Savage, Johnny Sharp, William L. Smith. Fifth Row: Billy Thompson, Bill Valvik, Walter Watts, Charles N. White, John Whitworth. Not Pictured: Cecil Avarez, Billy Ross Brown. 226 RICHARD BALL SHERMAN MUTHS President Vice President PAUL MARTIN FRANK REILLY Secretary Treasurer INTER-FRATERNITY Crnli11711 The Inter-Fraternity Council at Ole Miss is the govern- ing body for the fifteen social fraternities on the campus. The body is organized under a constitution approved by each of the member Greeks. The council is governed by a four-man slate; the president, the vice-president, the secretary, and the The membership is com- posed of two members from each fraternity elected by the fraternities themselves. The major function of the Council is to establish the rules for rush and to oversee rush week. Aside from this the Council does many voluntary acts when called upon by other organizations on the campus. In recent years, as a sign of progress, the Council has had each spring a workshop which is attended by the officers and selected members of each fraternity. Pre- siding over this workshop are nationally known represen- tatives from fraternity nationals. OFFICERS RICHARD BALL President SHERMAN MUTHS Vice-President PAUL MARTIN Secretary FRANK REILLY Treasurer MEMBERS DICK ANDERSON Sigma Pi CECIL AVAREZ Theta Kappa Phi RICHARD BALL Kappa Sigma BILLY ROSS BROWN Sigma Alpha Epsilon RAMOND BURGIN Beta Theta Pi BILLY BUSH Sigma Nu TED CARLEY Kappa Sigma D. 0. COLE Sigma Chi BILL COX Phi Delta Theta JOE DOLIN Theta Kappa Phi BRAD DYE Pi Kappa Alpha BARNEY EATON Delta Kappa Epsilon DICK ESCUDIER Alpha Tau Omega PETE FORTENBERRY Phi Kappa Psi HUNTER GHOLSON Phi Detla Theta ED GRAUMAN Phi Epsilon Pi FRANK HALL Delta Kappa Epsilon HUNTER LITTLE Sigma Chi CHRIS MARTIN Phi Kappa Psi PAUL MARTIN Kappa Sigma SHERMAN MUTHS Sigma Nu FRANK REILLY Kappa Alpha DON SAMUELS Phi Epsilon Pi JOHN SAVAGE Delta Psi JOHNNY SHARP Sigma Pi WILLIAM L. SMITH Beta Theta Pi BILLY THOMPSON Kappa Alpha BILL VALVIK Alpha Tau Omega WALTER WATTS Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHARLES N. WHITE Delta Psi JOHN WHITWORTH Pi Kappa Alpha 227 F irst Row: N. E. Blackwell, Clinton Davis, David Dessauer, Fourth Row: Larry Bonds, Tommy Cobb, Kenneth Barney Eaton, Ernest Flora, Frank Hall, Henry Kremer. son, Mobley Cox, Bobby Fisher, Steve Gammill, Bobby Harrison, Billy Joor. Second Row: Frank Lagrone, James Lipsey, Doris Malone, Jimmy Perabo, Arthur Rogers, Paul Ryan, Bob Scott. Third Row: Jim Shumate, Clark Strain, Harmon Walker, Parham Williams, C. H. Williamson, Sam Woodward, Jack Yates, Nate Boatner. Fifth Row: Richard Lee, Frank Lott, George Raines, Joseph Reilly, Don Richardson, Bill S cott, Charles Thomas, Dale Wilbourn. Not Pictured: Billy Cooper. 228 Ap 149, N`11%;z7 .t. Alm " 11ELTA The first printing of such a book to come off the presses, it was bound in 1844. It reached the Ole Miss Library in 1850. The characters are headed by Frank Hall, followed closely by Ernest Flora. Barney Eaton posts the price list, and Jack Rogers writes reviews. The dyes are blue, gold, and crimson and in its pages one reads that ham Williams is president of Omicron Delta pa; Barney Eaton is a Rebel cheer leader; N. E. Blackwell is " Vapor Trails " editor; and Paul Ryan is cadet commander of the Naval ROTC. 229 First Row: Bill Boyens, Tony Carbonar, Tim Daugherty, George Dumbaugh, Bob Mandly, Chris Martin. Second Row: Don Proehl, Chuck Ramsey, Bill Roberts, John Way, Duncan Campbell, William E. Fortenberry. Third Row: Bob Gosa, William A. Grist, Jim 0. Johnson, Paul Duncan McConnell, Charlie Pigott, Bob Priester, Jim A. West. Not Pictured: Harold Sill, Eugene Lumpkin, liam McNulty. (PK 11-1 230 P. SiGMA ALPHA EPSULIIN Entitled Gamma of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, it came from the University of Alabama to Ole Miss in 1866. A pair of lions were sent along to guard this copy. These lions were originally white, but sometimes they mysteriously turn purple and gold. Of course they are still a little smoky from the October fire, yet they still stand. This book is filled with all kinds of characters, but Bob Leatherman tops them all. His assistant is Bill Burney. Bob Coker is the treasurer, and John Barnett does the recording. Other characters clude Walter Watts, vice-president of the sociated Student Body and Speaker of the pus Senate; George Hewes, president of the Y.M.C.A.; George Gully, member of the Judicial Council; and Lyle Murphree, president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. 235 First Row: Lewis H. Allen, William H. Austin, Jr., George R. Barnes, Sidney R. Berry, William H. Brandon, Jr., Charles M. Carr, James L. Cole, C. Willis Connell, Allen Cox, William H. Cox, Jr. Second Row: Dewey S. Dearman, Jr., Carl S. Downing, Richard E. Ellison, Douglas L. Fontaine, Roger P. Friou, James L. Garner, John R. Germany, Jr., Hunter M. Ghol- son, Kinloch Gill, 0. Sterling Gillis, Ill. Third Row: Walter G. Green, Jr., Harry C. Griffith, Hugh S. Harris, Jr., Tommy A. Harris, Hobart Hector, Jr., Murray E. Hill, Robert L. Jenkins, John A. Johnson, Ill, 0. Shaw Johnson, Steaven K. Jones. Fourth Row: George L. Knister, Robert H. Lake, Jr., Ralph Landrum, Jr., Carl T. Lipe, James P. Loden, James R. McDowell, James W. Miley, Henry H. Mounger, Nor- rell H. Noble, James Y. Palmer, John N. Palmer. Fifth Row: Eugene M. Parks, Frank L. Quin, Robert S. Reeves, David E. Rutledge, Tilden M. Shanahan, Thomas B. Shepherd, Jr., Jerry C. Siler, William Simerville, W. Marion Smith, Hal S. Spragins, John W. Stitt. Sixth Row: James D. Taylor, William E. Taylor, R. Faser Triplett, Robert H. Weaver, Ed H. Williford, James C. Wilson, Jr., Gene A. Yates, Nathan D. Adams, William George Beaver, Joe B. Durett, Jr., J. Bernard Horne. Seventh Row: Harold D. Kendall, Lawrence R. McCool, Ray J. Nichols, Richard C. John M. Roach, John R. Skates, Eugene S. VanCleve, James P. Walker, Wade Paul Webster, Winton E. Williams, Garland Boyd, J r. Not Pictured: Jimmy Dunn, Wade Garner, Bernard Gau- tier, Frank Hall, Charlie Harlow, Bob Hussey, Teddy lette, David Palmer, Bud Pointer, Julius Ridgeway, John Carson, Tom Gunter, Lamar Gidden, Votie Holmes, Ken- neth Whittington. 236 PH! ' 1ELTA THETA Published at Miami University, the first edition came out in 1848. After several printings the 1877 copy came to Mississippi. Their volumes are bound in blue and white. Editor of this tion is Hunter Gholson with Norrell Noble as his assistant. List prices are given out by Jimmy Dunn and Harry Griffith records the stock bers. Mrs. Silver proofreads all copy, and ice is the local copy boy. On the board of lishers is Faser Triplett, Liberal Arts College ident; James Wilson, Engineering School dent; S. K. Jones, Commerce School president; Ed Williford, Head Cheerleader; Norrell Noble, OLE MISS editor; and Dick O ' Ferrall, Freshman Y president. Features of the Mississippi edition include the best pledge class Mississippi Alpha ever had (written by a pledge), and a completely remodeled second floor in the fraternity house. 237 First Row: William Anderson, John Ramond Bur- Third Row: Jack Latham Lamb, William Thomas gin, John Wesley Cope, James Hammond Cruce, McGehee, Jr., John Creighton Satterfield, Carroll Marshal l Crull, Thomas Arthur Currey. liam Lee Smith, Ronald Calles Vines, Robert Ed- Second Row: Haywood Stephen Davis, Morris ward Waltman, Ray Leon Woock. Lee Denton, Clifford G. Fox, Richard David Not Pictured: Andrew C. Fox, James Rhodes Hooker, George Patrick Johnson, Lowrey Jones. Hughes. BOO 238 BETA THETA Pi One of three editions to come out of Miami Rebel rifle team man; Clifford Fox, of Ohio, Beta Theta Pi left the presses in 1839. dent; John Burgin, secretary, and Mississippian It reached the Ole Miss best seller list in 1879, feature editor, and still has time to be a bound in pink and blue. The men stained with printers ' ink are Dick Hooker, president, and sity scholar; and John Satterfield, treasurer. 239 First Row: Ed Alexander, Ed Barber, Kye Bethany, Erskin Bonds, Hal Busching, Lyle Carroll, Bob Carroll, Sid fin. Second Row: Jimmy Child, Ralph Davison, Alfred per, Blake Higdon, Doug Hodo, Bill Koestler, Mickey Koestler, Bob Krutz. Third Row: Jim McMullan, Gene McRoberts, J. R. gomery, T. E. Mortimer, Pete Paxon, Frank Reilly, ing Robinson, Jim Rowsey, Peter Rudolph. Fourth Row: Mitchell Salloum, Melvin Thomas, Billy Thompson, H. C. Thompson, Dudley Turner, Irby Turner, Swan Yerger, Jack Barksdale, Bobby Chathum. Fifth Row: John Christian, Lewis Culley, Charlie Davis, Walter Denny, Billy DeWees, Jimmy Faris, Chick noy, Johnny Gainey, Bert Gaston. Sixth Row: N. L. Gill, Don Gorton, Barry Greer, Ted nah, Doug Hudgins, John Juniker, Robert Ladner, Ted Laird, R. I. Lawson. Seventh Row: Walter Love, Jerry Morphis, Oscar der, Ben Stevens, W. T. Turner, Preston Wailes, Lew lace, Dickie Yelverton, Mark Yerger. Not Pictured: Lomax Anderson, Leroy Caldwell, Bob Koestler, Billy Primos, Emery Strange, Ray Blasingame, Jim Collins, Harold Dixon, Rex Keown, Allen McClain, Hugh Thomas. 240 KAPPA ALPIIA Because of a disagreement with some Yankees, the Kappa Alpha was published as the first Southern volume at Washington and Lee in 1865. The old gold and blue Mississippi copy came out at the turn of the century. Authors of the ent chapter are Ed Alexander, No. 1; Ralph vison, No. 2; T. E. Mortimer, No. 3; Gene Roberts, No. 4; Fielding Robinson, No. 5; and Skeeter Caldwell, No. 6. Rather militarily ed their reporters are Frank Reilly, Captain of the Scabbard and Blade; Swan Yerger, president of the Arnold Air Society; and Hal Busching, Cadet lieutenant-colonel, and Battalion commander of the Army ROTC. 241 First Row: William R. Aikins, John M. Allred, Robert W. Applewhite, James A. Autry, Robert L. Bailey, Jr., ard W. Ball, Roy R. Brashier, Joe C. Buckley, Ted E. Carley, Wayne Cockrell. Second Row: Richard Curran, Rufus L. Dalton, Jr., Paul W. Daniels, J. Maurice Dantin, Butler B. Digilio, Ernest R. Duff, Baxter O. Elliott, Jr., Thomas W. Elliott, Howard B. Grubbs, Jerry Gulledge. Third Row: Donald Hall, Durwood Harrison, Wilson W. Henick, Larry Henson, Paul Horn, Richard Johnson, Daniel B. Knight, Jr., Henry Linton, Jr., Hubert S. Lipscomb, Wesley Lominick. Fourth Row: Richard F. McCarthy, Billy Bonds McElroy, Paul J. Martin, Raymond Mothers, John Miller, Edward A. Morgan, Elmer Nix, James Pigford, Tulane Posey, William L. Power. Fifth Row: Fred R. Seeley, James Sheffield, James H. Shoemaker, Louis John Staehle, Roland Stetler, Jr., Fred Tannehill, Frank C. Therrell, John Van den Bosch, John Milton White, Lays William Willey, Eugene G. Wood, Jr. Sixth Row: James Young, Bryant Allen, John W. son, Henry V. Barfield, Karl G. Brent, Jr., Harvey P. Cole, David R. Counts, Wayne A. Dawson, Herman Eagle Day, Stanley Evans, Sam S. Farrington. Seventh Row: Joseph C. Jordan, Billy Joe Landrum, Paul E. Newman, Carlton Parshall, Ary C. Phillips, Donald R. Rogers, Charles 0. Terry, Lee V. Thompson, Jr., William Van den Bosch, Edward Vanjon Ward, James R. Williams. Not Pictured: Jack R. Milligan, Claude Roy Pitts, James S. Sullivan, William N. Temple, Charles R. White, Marion R. Windham, Victor Saig, Nathaniel G. Troutt, Dandridge F. Walton, John R. Wates. 242 hAPPA SI5 Bound in scarlet, white, and green, Kappa Sig- ma was published at the University of Virginia in 1869. The first copy to reach Ole Miss came in 1926. The first five on their editorial board are Howard Grubbs, Grand Master; Paul Martin, Grand Procurator; Bob Bailey, Grand Master of Ceremonies; B. Elliot, Grand Scribe; and Dick McCarthy, Grand Treasurer. Cogs in the Ole Miss press world are Richard Ball, IFC President; Wes Lominick, Chairman of the ASB Judicial Council; Maurice Dantin, Co-Chairman of the Committee of 100; Howard Grubbs, President of American Pharmaceutical Association and Kappa Psi; John Miller, Phi Chi President; and Jimmy Autry, Mississippian Managing Editor. 243 First Row: Charles E. Avaritt, Edwin M. Beatty, Robert D. Bickerstaff, C. Patrick Brogan, Richard L. Croll, tleton S. Davidson, Charles M. Dettor, Caleb Dortch. Second Row: Charles H. Easom, K. Richard Escudier, Richard M. Harvey, Wendall P. Hoyle, William W. Kerr, Robert H. Korndorffer, Robert T. Keys, George T. rill, Laurence N. Mize. Thi rd Row: Phillips R. McCarty, Thomas D. Moore, liam D. New, Eugene E. Randle, Tommy L. Riggins, ter Rose, Robert E, Rosser, Kenneth C. Seawright, Warren B. Seely. Fourth Row: Charles W. Shumate, William F. Valvik, ard M. Wheeler, James T. Williams, Robert J. Work, Jess B. Woods, Ellis N. Abdo, Richard V. Beall, Haron N. giani. Fifth Row: Jon R. Boyden, Fritz A. Byrum, Floyd G. lins, Gene L. Davidson, Robert G. Davis, Franklin Finley, Ronald M. Hays, James F. Hilliard, Charles Humphrey. Sixth Row: Walter H. David L. Isom, William V. Jones, Joseph E. Joseph, Rauno T. Kivinen, Harvey J. Moore, Paul W. Murrill, Wilbur W. Russell, Louis J. berry. Not Pictured: Richard C. Reynolds. 244 ALPHA TAL EGA In 1865 Alpha Tau Omega at VMI became the first book published after the Civil War. Along with other volumes it came to Ole Miss in 1927 in an azure blue and gold package. Its editors are Worthy Master, Pat Brogan; Worthy Keeper of the Exchange, Walter Rose; Worthy Scribe, Bill Kerr; and Worthy Chaplain, Charles Shumate. The latter also serves as Social Chairman. sistant writers are Merle Fraser, president of the Associated Student Body; Ken Seawright, dent of the School of Education; Phil McCarty, president of the Cardinal Club; Dick Escudier, president of the Newman Club, and treasurer of Anchor and Chain; and Vaught ' s pivot man, Ed Beatty, covers the sports department. 245 First Row: Charles A. Alston, Thomas B. Buckles, Jr., liam S. Bush, Joseph Cerney, Ill, Gerald B. Cole, Joe E. Coleman, George P. Cossar, Jr., Lawrence H. Crowell, Jr., Frank J. Delbridge, Jr. Second Row: James W. DeRuiter, William A. Dunaway, David W. Fay, Ira G. Fisher, H. James Flood, James L. Garner, Barry Gerald, Basil Gray, Robert C. Harris. Third Row: George D. Hightower, Ill, George H. Hill, III, Ralph T. Holmes, Russell E. Hudson, Jr., James H. Huggins, Dale C. Jones, Roger C. Lewis, James H. Locke, Rufus E. Martin. Fourth Row: George A. McNeil, Jr., Bruce C. Meyer, William L. Moffette, Lawrence B. Morris, John S. phey, Jr., Dan S. Murrell, Sherman L. Muths, Jr., Frank P. Nelson, Gene A. Ogletree. Fifth Row: Edgar S. Robison, Hunter L. Roussel, Jr., ford E. Shirley, James E. Sorrels, Alfred L. Steindorff, Hardy R. Stennis, Thomas B. Sumrall, Gene P. Tate, tor A. Tilley, Jr. Sixth Row: Robert H. True, Marshall D. Vance, Samuel J. Wilder, Jr., William A. Williams, James C. Woods. Not Pictured: Charles I-1. Kyzar, Jr., Andrew M. Ratcliffe, Jerry T. Stockard. 246 SIGMA NU Another of VMI ' s pet publications is Sigma Nu which came into print in 1869. The Ole Miss print came out as Epsilon Xi in 1927 with the turn of fraternities to the campus. This edition has military titles. The Commander is Billy Bush; Lt. Commander is Gerald Cole; Chaplain is ford Shirley; Marshal is Sherman Muths; er is James Sorrels. Their illustrations are in black and gold. Associate writers are James Sorrels, winner of the scholarship key; Sherman Muths, vice-president of the IFC; and Billy Bush, dent of Kappa Kappa Psi, and student director of the University Chorus. They hold the cup for the 1953 homecoming decorations. 247 First Row: Albert Belanger, Alton Bickerstaff, James lard, Neville Busby, Gus Carraway, Charles Carruth, Bob Childres, Max Cooper. Second Row: Jewel Dorris, Eddie Doss, Richard Douglass, Brad Dye, Allan Edgar, Eugene Ellis, Wayne Estes, ith Exum. Third Row: Jay Ferguson, Laverne Goldman, Ted Gowdy, Dudley Graham, Harold Graham, Haynes Heslep, Don Holmes, Jim Hunt. Fourth Row: Tommy Jones, Billy King, Wade LaGrone, Till- man Lyle, Clarence Milstead, Johnny Mitchell, Al Moore, Marvin Oates. Fifth Row: Bob Philips, Johnny Pittman, Ben Ray, Bob Robinson, Lloyd Rose, Bill Selph, John Simmons, Charles Taylor. Sixth Row: Bobby Thompson, John White, John worth, John Wilson, Charles Woods, Ralph Yarke, John Zagone, Not Pictured: Ben Colvin, Saul Guice, Clint Holloman, Bruce Milne, Dan Moore, Tommy Pegram, Rosser Wall, Paul Whiteside, Don Gordan, Jim Gaither. TKa 248 PI Y APPA Back in 1927 the Ole Miss fraternity library purchased a garnet and gold covered book called Gamma Iota of Pi Kappa Alpha. Rumors are out that the University of Virginia sent it down this way. This book is filled with a variety of ters led by Tommy Jones. Lloyd Rose backs up everything that Tommy says and Allen Edgar is the minute man, while Haynes Heslep runs the financial business. Somewhere in this volume is a chapter that mentions men about the campus —Tommy Jones, treasurer of the Associated dent Body; Johnny Pittman, president of the School of Pharmacy; Brad Dye, Rebel leader; and Bob Childres, secretary of the Y.M.C.A. 249 THETA KAPPA. PHI Printed at Lehigh and bound at Penn State, they became a volume in 1922, and a very late edition came to our campus in 1951. The inks used were red, silver, and gold. The men who operate the Ole Miss presses are Joe Dolin, the number one man; Dick Polizzi, a close second as vice-president; John Bat, the pencil happy note taker; Bill Busom, the boy with the cash. First Row: John E. Bat, Joseph W. Busam, Joseph D. Dolin, Francis J. Kane. Second Row: Richard A. Otavio Cordeiro, David A. Davis, Robert F. Evans, III. Third Row: Moises Garcia, III, Joe Hayes, Paul F, Loup, III, Samuel M. McKinney, III, Lionel G. Theriot. Not Pictured: Cecil Alvarez, Herbert Stieffel, Richard Tho 250 SIGMA P1 Our latest edition, Beta Mu of Sigma Pi, rolled off the Ole Miss press in 1953 in a lavender and white binding. It was first published in 1897 at Vincennes, Indiana. The senior editor is Dick An- derson, and his sub is Clarke Johnson. The man who prints their greenbacks is Louis Blanchard, and Wagner Stewart handles the correspond- ence. Leading publishers are Alton Sims, Pi Sig- ma Alpha president; Albert Cioffi, Phi Alpha Delta vice-president; and Frank Potts, sports edi- tor of the OLE MISS. First Row: Richard E. Anderson, Louis J, Blanchard, Huge D. Bohn, Jr., Albert F. Cioffi, Guy C. Faggard, William E. Jr., Clarke G. Johnson, C. Lawrence. Second Row: Martin W. McKinnon, II, Johnny B. Alton W. Sims, Clyde A. I. Wagner Stewart, Jr., William H. Harry L. an, Billy J. Fuller. Third Row: Joe D. Gentry, Jr., Paul R. Kirschten, Jr., Harry E. Moore, Jerry M. Moore, Claude Pintard, J. Frank Jasper J. polla, George B. Taylor. Not Pictured: Richard H. Mohler, Jerry F. Ainsworth, Thomas L. Wolfle. 251 PHI EPSILON PI This edition came to Ole Miss in 1935, having been published in 1904 in our largest city, New York. They came out in a royal flourish with ors of purple and gold. Their Mississippi editor is Don Samuels, who delves in many campus mittees, chairmanning one for the Campus Senate. The man with notebook in hand and cash in his pockets is secretary-treasurer Edward Granumann, who also presides over Hillel tion. First Row: Ivan F. Binder, Gerald P. .Jerome Goodman, Edward Grauman, Second Row: Sam Lamensdorf, Donald Samuels, Alvin Stone, Henry Rothschild, 252 IIELTA PSI Many pieces of literature have unknown thors, and here at Ole Miss we have an edition of Delta Psi, printed in 1855, of which we know noth ing about the publisher, printer, or author. We do know that the first edition came out in 1847 at Columbia University in New York City. The preface tells us that the chapter here was the first fraternity in Mississippi to build a lodge. The illustrations are in azure, blue, and gold. A member of their board of editors is Mississippi ' s governor, the Honorable Hugh White. tors are John Savage, Y Cabinet; Bill Dulaney, Moot Court Board, and Law Journal; and Vernon Terrell, whose great-grandfather was a charter member of the local chapter. First Row: Joseph E. Brown, Jr., James R. William S. Willie m P. Dulaney, Robert N. Ervin, Ernest W. Farrar, Jr. Second Row: Leslie R. Fletcher, Adlia L. Kenneth M. Kelly George E. Levings, John W. Savage, Jr., Shelton B. Vance. Third Row: Anthony M. Warren, Charles Neil White, Robert Y. Wood, Jr., William C. Brunson, Richard C. Rogers, Vernon L. Terrell, Jr., William E. Wilroy, Jr. Not Pictured: Fred M. Key, Ray S. Taylor, Malcolm C. Wood, 1 253 I ARMY 11. El. T. C. Army Unit Staff The senior cadets returned from Summer Camp in Sep- tember to find their cadet unit reorganized into a talion of four companies and a Drum and Bugle Corps by the addition of Headquarters Company. However, the job of drilling the batta lion and developing a high degree of esprit de corps during the school year still fell directly on their shoulders. The cadet officers, ably led by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Busching, planned the weekly drill to achieve a well trained and spirited bat- LT. COLONEL F. V. HARRIS Professor of Military Science and Tactics talion. Overcoming the trials of rainy Thursdays and Freshmen with two left feet, the cadet officers produced the desired results for a successful Spring Ins pection, and, in the process, gained invaluable experience in ercising command and leadership technique. The Scabbard and Blade and Pershing Rifles, honor military societies, numbered many active members in the battalion. The annual Military Ball on April 10 was one of the social highlights of the second semester. The rifle team continued its participation in the William dolph Hearst and the Third Army Intercollegiate matches as well as several shoulder to shoulder and telegraphic matches. May, 1954, arrived with its graduation and sioning ceremonies to bring the total number of officers commissioned from the University of Mississippi since 1951 to 153 and to continue the important work of ing officers for both the regular and reserve components of the United States Army. The Battalion - _ l -•,_- ' ' -.. : . At cm, PK _ .osonimoniwin.,,,,,,,z„ . . in . ,issi ' amm airrlill:r71117-• " ' 7- MA arraINILMIIIIIIMIEWINM IIM MMEIMINIMINIM ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ..,...---= ,......,..= ' w " " ' w■.......m...............■— wwomw••. " " " " ' ' ' " r4,::N.-==.......... " ' ' " ' " " ' " " " ' " ' ' ' " " ' " " ' " . ' ' " ' " " ' ' - .,,,,,,,....o.wwwwwwwwiNIIINI..111110...... " ,,,,.. " ... " ' " " " . " " " .. " " ..... " . " ' " . " .. 1111111111•11 le .- re!....... -ak..,- 1. ,`C ' - ' 1 B A T T A L I II III S w A IF F HAL BUSCHING Cadet Lt. Colonel, Battalion Commander MRS. HAL BUSCHING Sponsor I. WAGNER STEWART Cadet Major, Executive Officer MARVIN HALE Cadet Major, S-3 Officer HAROL LOFTON Cadet S-I Officer JEWEL DORRIS Cadet S-2 Officer DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS B. CHAIN GILLESPIE W. MAY H. STENNIS W. COLLISON L. GWIN J. PALMER H. STONE H. DAY E. HODO RUSSELL J. ZAGONE B. GARRISON J. JONES J. SKATES Color Guard Rifle team HEADQUARTERS COMPANY JACK REED PAULA PEMBLE Cadet Captain, Company Commander Sponsor ROBERT FITLER FRAN ALLEIN JIMMY MATTHEWS Cadet Lt., Drum and Bugle Corps Drum and Bugle Corps Sponsor Cadet Lt. Platoon Lead er I st. Sgt. C. Lowry FIRST PLATOON THIRD PLATOON Cpl. D. Dickerson M Sgt. R. Simmons Sfc. P. Bethany Pfc. R. Begole Cpl. D. Crow Sfc. R. Brashier Pfc. Braumiller Cpl. L. Crowell Headquarters First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Cpl. S. Chaffin Pfc. W. Coole Pfc. A. Bullock A. Whittington Headquarters M Sgt. T. Mi,irhead Cpl. W. Rose First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Pfc. R. Nichols Pfc. A. Belanger Sfc. R. Coker Pfc. D. Campbell Cpl. A. Edgar Sfc. A. Cox R. Weiss Cpl. R. Goehe Pfc. J. Hilliard Pfc. R. Lovelace Pfc. J. Young Pfc. Crawford Pfc. J. Bynum Pfc. H. Payne Cpl. S. McManus Pfc. P. Cothren Cpl. B. Eaton Pfc. H. Holmes Pfc. J. Burgin Pfc. J. Palsay Cpl. J. Sorrels Pfc. C. Pratt Cpl. D. Gorton Pfc. B. Isom Pfc. W. Yelverton Pfc. C. Campany Headquarters Company .231VVIIII " ' " .:37.i5:77rxwalWa.:Igig rPiZArpV :iTa Aill .■ W. Kl f K . .•. .. 5■. ' " ::M:,•%0 -1..N.,■:b■•.0 ..■ ... 1 r=itaaav=dariAalAr.g.W.Iii-FAA=-=A..:i.....;..■..;...... WI ?Mil al . . MUM MI Milli Mid Mil r,MINI =NT " =1•111. ,JUKil ...,mimw-;-----.... " - ---- -- IMENNeWw••••■== It .7.744 . -...1164.111KKIKKK6.-• CIIMPAAY JIMMY PERABO PAT PYLE Cadet Captain, Company Commander Sponsor ERNEST FLORA BOBBY BARNES Cadet Lt., Executive Officer Cadet Lt., Platoon Leader TOMMY RUSSELL Cadet Lt., Platoon Leader 1st. Sgt. C. McRoberts FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Cpl. G. Levings M Sgt. J. Canfield Sfc. W. Davis Pfc. C. Davis Cpl. C. Harlow Sfc. J. Dunn Pfc. C. Dunagin Cpl. W. Hubbell Headquarters First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Cpl. S. Fielder Pfc. L. Jernigan Pfc. W. Cook, Jr. Pfc. J. Johnson Pfc. A. White M Sgt. C. Mims Sfc. R. Jenkins Pfc. L. Rogers Pfc. N. Adams Sfc. Lee Pfc. T. Kortz Cpl. J. McMullen Headquarters First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Cpl. W. Brown Cadet B. Kinard Pfc. S. Farrington Pfc. P. Rudolph L. Koestler Cpl. R. Hooker Pfc. J. Rice M Sgt. H. Holcombe Pfc. E, Laird Pfc. R. Adams G. Quinn Pfc. C. Ferguson Pfc. C. Kerr Cpl. C. Ferrell Cpl. E. Malone - -4- rte fill ARM 2M 011411 Va A _rmirrrommommmimm7 • " ERNEST MANGUM BETTY MacDONALD Cadet Captain, Company Commander Sponsor JERRY MOORE WALLACE ALLRED DAVID HOLMES Cadet Lt., Executive Officer Cadet Lt., Platoon Leader Cadet Lt., Platoon Leader 1st. Sgt. C. Dettor FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Headquarters Cpl. G. Merrill Pfc. D. Oates M Sgt. J. Neely M Sgt. P. Frazier Pfc. R. Lewis Pfc. R. Ellison Sfc. R. Neblett Pfc. J. Perkins Cpl. J. Rielly Headquarters First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Cpl. T. Spiers Pfc. C, Tipton Pfc. P. Anderson Pfc. F. Gaderick Pfc. F. Lott Pfc. J. Kreutz Pfc. R. Harrison M Sgt, J. Buckley Sfc. J. Norris Pfc. B. Massey Pfc. J. Bell Cpl, D. Murrell Pfc, T. McCaskill Pfc, J. Patton Sfc. J. Overby Pfc. R. McCool Cpl. W. Sims First Squad Second Squad Third Squad Pfc. W. Reid Pfc. E. Blair Pfc. J. Williams Pfc. J, Gable Pfc. A. Stone Pfc. J. Gainey Cpl. A. Harper Pfc. E. Schuh Pfc. J. Sampognare Company B NO 10 MI 11:6:WrgWIJK --1=41 MS a I IrifP.7:amair=7=123t.g.....%4111PEMLIGSM. ..4711!=a - wow ■■■ COMPANY C SAM HART CAROLYN BUFFALOE Cadet Captain, Company Commander Sponsor JOSEPH ELLIOT EDD TATE PARKER HOWARD PATTERSON Cadet Lt., Executive Officer Cadet Lt., Platoon Leader Cadet Lt., Platoon Leader ist. Sgt. J. Johnson FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Headquarters Headquarters Cpl. Mitchell M Sgt. J. Powers Cpl. W. Young M Sgt. E. Smallwood Sfc. V. Welch Pfc. C. Blalack Cpl. R S.- s First Squad G. Garrett Pfc. J. Shepherd Sfc. T. Sullivan Pfc. C. Burke Cpl. W. Turner Cpl. C. Wiikins First Squad Pfc. L. Wakefield Pfc. C. Duck Sfc. F. Quin Pfc. R. Travis Pfc. J. Blalack Second Squad Pfc. R. Thomas Pfc. J. McKaskel Second Squad Sfc. W. Davenport Pfc. T. Sumrall Pfc. Harris Pfc. J. Cerny Pfc. W. Smith Third Squad Third Squad Sfc. J. Mitchell Pfc. G. McNiell Sfc. L. Wheeler Pfc. D. Weaver Pfc. L. Harbin Pfc. M. Wood Pfc. E. Nance Pfc. W. Power Cpl. V. Sullivan Cpl. B. Fisher inualia244;iarisliacs!ar, inwilmritamer 06 RINN Insuamatammaifivraro ir7M■ mexar=une PE1111%7J1!AN RIFLES I. WAGNER STEWART CHARLES DETTOR Commanding Officer Executive Officer JACK JOHNSON GENE HOLCOMBE ED SMALLWOOD First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Company Clerk Pershing Rifles, honorary Military Society for members are chosen from the basic classes in outstanding students in Military Science, is rep- AROTC. This training helps prepare the resented on the Ole Miss campus by Company bers for leadership positions in their junior and H-4. Qualifications for membership are based on senior years and also for their future careers in ability in scholarship, leadership, and drill, and the United States Army. L. Wagner Stewart front. First Row: Dan Sidney Chaffin, C. A. Wilkins, Ed Wade Garner. Second Row: Sam Fielder, Donald Malone, Hooker, Laurens Crowell, Joe Overby, Leonard Wheeler. Third Row: Alfred Harper, Allan Edgar, Ramond Burgin, George Sam McManus, Gene combe. Fourth Row: Charlie Pratt, Dick Ellison, Barney Eaton, Charlie Charlie Dettor, Jack Johnson. A I H E 11 . [1 T LT. COLONEL HOYT A. JOLLY Professor of Air Science and Tactics. The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, origi- nally established at Ole Miss in 1946 as a part of the Army R.O.T.C., has evolved since 1947 into the present Department of Air Science and Tactics. The Department with an Air Force staff of ten members, functions under the supervision of the University and of Headquarters A.F.R.O.T.C., Air University Command. The course of instruction, consisting of class work and leadership laboratories, offers training which is designed to instruct the Cadet in all aspects of air power and its importance to the security of the nation and to develop in him those attributes essential in the Air Force Officer. During the first two years the academic work consists of a series of related subjects that can best be described Band as a course in air-age citizenship. In the final two years, the advanced course, stress is placed upon Air Force procedure and applied air tactics. All Cadets attend a six weeks summer camp between their Junior and Senior year. These camps are located at various regular Air Force bases. Cadets are afforded the opportunity to participate in orientation flights in late type military aircraft and to observe the application of principles learned in the classroom and leadership laboratory. Other activities in which A.F.R.O.T.C. Cadets may participate are: Cadet newspaper, Drill Team, Air Force Ball, Arnold Air Society, and Scabbard and Blade. Unit staff DILLARD BOLLS LOUNETT EDMONDSON W. SWAN YERGER KATHRYN YERGER Cadet Colonel, Commanding Officer Sponsor Cadet Colonel, Commanding Officer Sponsor 43I1TH WING MERLE FRASER PAUL MARTIN NOAH E. BLACKWELL Cadet Lt. Colonel, Cadet Major, Adjutant Cadet Major, PIO PO Executive Officer FRANK E. HALL JAMES W. MILEY GEORGE M. KLEPPER Cadet Lt. Colonel, Cadet Major, Adjutant Cadet Major, PIO PO Executive Officer 264 JAMES KELLEY Cadet Lt. Commanding Officer ANN COCHRAN Sponsor GIIHUP EMILE OTT Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer JAYNE CLAYTON Sponsor ARTHUR LEWIS CHARLES WHITE T. E. MORTIMER JOHN BAT ADLIA HARRISON BILL KING Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet First Lt. Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet First Lt. Executive Officer Adjutant PIO PO Executive Officer Adjutant PIO PO GODFREY INGRAM SHELTON VANCE FRANCIS NAPIER GENE PARKS RALPH DAVISON TOMMY CAMPBELL Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet Ist. Lt. Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Executive Officer Adjutant PIO PO Executive Officer Adjutant PIO PO S. K. JONES Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer LUCY LOVE WALLACE Sponsor GENE DONGIEUX Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer DOT HEIDENREICH Sponsor FIFTH 611111JP JOHN GERMANY CHARLENE RICE WALTER WATTS ROSEMARY COLLINS Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer Sponsor Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer Sponsor 3 ' r x SQUAI1116N WILLIAM SWITZER HOWARD DUVALL FRANK JERNIGAN HENRY LINTON TOMMY FOARD Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Cadet Ist. Lt. Executive Officer Flight Leader Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader BEN STEVENS BILL WILLIAMS RICHARD LaROBADIERE HUNTER GHOLSON Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Cadet 1st. Lt. Flight Leader Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader 34th Squadron M. L. Carroll J. L. Cole .1. H. Adams C. A. Alston W. H. Austin C. W. Caldwell T. Barber C. C. Beall • H. A. Beggiani H. L. Bryan B. H. Bush JUNIORS Charles Easom Bill Webb SOPHOMORES J. T. Cobb M. E. Cox J. P. Hagins R. R. Jost J. A. Lee FRESHMEN F. A. Byrum J. P. Carson J. M. Christian F. Cooper W. B. Colvin J. A. Cruce R. K. Wilson T. A. Lemons C. D. Millender J. T. Nelson J. C. Siler H. S. Davis G. R. Day W. H. Dewees K. D. Draper S. L. Evans EDWARD STENFTENAGEL BETTYE SCHNEIDER GERALD LAWRENCE BARBARA PAYNE Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer Sponsor Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer Sponsor 3 5TH S Ul IJ A HRH N ROY MOORE FRANK OTT TIM DAUGHERTY Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Cadet Major Filght Leader Asst. Flight Leader Executive Officer CHARLES COFFEY DENNIS OTT ROBERT NOLAND Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Flight Leader Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader S. T. Gore H. Barrier J. M. Gowdy D. E. Jones L. C. LaBella H. J. Flood T. W. Freeman S. L. Gammill J. D. Gentry R. E. George J. C. Gibbon JUNIORS J. D. Polk W. B. Seeley SOPHOMORES G. A. Morphis B. C. Orsburn J. N. Palmer F. E. Phillips J. Ridgeway FRESHMEN B. P. Gray H. T. Gunter D. Halley J. A. Herrington J. T. Hopkins R. Hudgind P. D. Willingham R. L. Rosser J. H. White W. R. R. J. Work G. 0. Inman R. B. Isom W. S. Jones J. E. Joseph Ralph Kouri 35th Squadron TILDEN SHANAHAN det Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer DOT ALLEN Sponsor CLAUDE MALONE Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer BESSIE DUDDLESTON Sponsor 3 6TH SQUA BRIJ N WES LOMINICK ROBERT DAVIS SHERMAN MUTHS GERALD PICKARD Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet Ist. Lt. Executive Officer Flight Leader Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader MARION SMITH HERBERT MEDLEY ROBERT CARROLL MARVIN COLEMAN Cadet 1st. Lt. Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Asst. Flight Leader Flight Leader Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader 36th Squadron J. M. Blayd V. S. Alliston R. D. Atkins H. Boyd H. R. Burcham A. H. Lane R. McGee A. M. McMullin W. P. McNulty R. W. Metzger J. L. Miller JUNIORS J. F. Potts J. A. Ventriss SOPHOMORES C. M. Butler T. Carley B. M. Cox W. Creekmore 0. S. Gillis FRESHMEN E. B. Morgan E. Mullen L. S. Myers P. D. O ' Neal J. A. Overby D. L. Pinch J. H. Wilson K. P. Toler N. K. Toler J. R. Williams J. C. Woods J. D. Polk L. R. Power D. R. Richardson D. R. Rogers Victor Saig E. Samuels MURRAY SMITH Cadet Li. Colonel, Commanding Officer ANN McINTYRE Sponsor BILL BRANDON Cadet Lt. Colonel, Commanding Officer CALLIE SWANGO Sponsor S U A 11 R U N ED BARBER TOM GOLDMAN BILL BURNEY EDWARD MURPHREE Cadet Major Cadet Captain Cadet Captain Cadet 1st. Lt. Executive Officer Flight Leader Flight Leader Asst. Flight Leader ARNOLD YOUNG Cadet Major Executive Officer DAVID DESSAUER Cadet 1st. Lt. Asst. Flight Leader RICHARD DOUGLAS Cadet 1st. Lt. Asst. Flight Leader W. H. Ccx T. L. Brooks J. L. Garner J. H. Graham B. L. Henderson M. Hill B. F. Hodges J. B. Sharp T. C. Smith F. Steele M. R. Swayze JUNIORS B. O. Elliott L. Jones SOPHOMORES J. M. Hood S. Kremer Albert Langford R. G. Metcalfe H. H. Mounger E. N. Patton FRESHMEN F. E. Swindle E. S. VanCleve J. R. Weidman G. R. Wesson M. C. Wilson R. J. Priester W. A. Primos P. Ryland W. T. Taylor W. T. Websier C. White W. A. Williams Florin Wittichen M. C. Yerger J. K. Zenl- 37th Squadron NAI L B. T. C. CAPTAIN R. L. NOLAN Professor of Naval Science The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps has been active at Ole Miss since June, 1946. Its purpose is the training of University students for future Naval careers. The training of the Cadets is in the hands of an perienced staff of Naval officers led by Captain R. L. Nolan. The students receive instruction in the classroom, by visual aid and through the practical use of Navy equipment. This work gives the student a thorough under- standing of the Navy. Practical experience is gained by the student through summer cruises. Regular midshipmen make three cruises during their college years, while the contract midshipmen make only one cruise. The cruises are for a period of eight weeks, and they consist of either tours of foreign ports or aviation-amphibious operations indoctrination. Midshipmen enrolled in Civil Engineering or Marine ence participate in a specialized summer program ing one of the cruise periods. Naval Unit Stall Color guard. Drum and bugle corps. PHIL BROOKS Executive Officer GEORGE JOHNSON Communications Officer TOM HERREN Operation Officer SHAW JOHNSON Supply Officer GENE ELLIS CPO FIRST SEMESTER APPOINTMENTS BATTALION STAFF PAUL RYAN NAN SMITH PHIL BROOKS 1st Semester Battalion Sponsor 2nd. Semester Battalion Commanding Officer Commanding Officer CHRIS Drum and Bugle Commanding Officer JAMES Drum and Bugle Executive Officer H. E. Bonds L. L. Caldwell J. R. Boyden L. P. Bradford W. H. Corley W. Durham D. W. Farmer C. B. Greer R. A. Hatcher W. W. Joor H. S. Lipscomb COLOR GUARD F. S. Reilly L. Woock F. B. Mallette A. J. Martin R. C. Moore J. A. Simmons E. K. Sparrow A. L. Steindorff S. J. Wilder J. B. Woods R. L. Yelverton DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS SECOND SEMESTER APPOINTMENTS JAMES WILSON Executive Officer BOB WEAVER Communications Officer GEORGE KNISTER Operation Officer BOB LEATHERMAN Supply Officer HAROLD SILL CPO FIB S T COMPANY JAMES WILSON JEANETTE MELTON Commanding Offcer Sponsor BOB SCOTT LLOYD GOODWINE Executive Officer CPO KELLY SCOTT BOB WEAVER 1st. Platoon Leader 2nd. Platoon Officer S. C. WILSON Company Commander R. C. SCOTT Executive Officer L. E. GOODWINE Chief Petty Officer FIRST PLATOON W. K. SCOTT Paltoon Leader C. R. BROGAN Guide L. ABERNATHY M.P.O. C. Bowens G. W. Estes P. W. Murrill J. E. Brent E. F. Graves S. W. Thornton J. A. Cain R. M. Harvey R. H. True K. B. Cookson S. W. Hayes R. E. Waltman J. Durrett R. G. Kittiltz SECOND PLATOON R. A. WEAVER Platoon Leader C. R. SMITH Guide J. G. MONTGOMERY M.P.O. J. M. Allred K. R. Escudier K. E. Seawright J. G. Barnett J. Lowrie T. 0. Selstad N. 0. Beasley R. C. OFerrall V. V. Tilley C. C. Brister C. F. Parshall W. F. Valvik J. D. Brown 0. W. Ponder .1. Whittington First Company LIZA THORNTON Sponsor ROBERT BICKERSTAFF Commanding Officer S ECOND COMPANY BOB LEATHERMAN Executive Officer WILLIAM BOYENS CPO R. D. BICKERSTAFF Company Commander R. M. LEATHERMAN Executive Officer W. BUYENS Chief Petty Officer FIRST PLATOON F. S. KANE Platoon Leader C. A. DAVIS Guide C. J. HALLBERG C. W. Connell D. J. Hemenway L, G. Spivey R. L. Croll R. I. Lawson T. S. Sullivan C. Dortch L. R. McCool R. C, Vines J. Hatcher C. R. Mandly R. L. Wakefield W. J. Pharr SECOND PLATOON F. E. LACEY Platoon Leader T. W. ELLIOT Guide J. TAYLOR M.P.O. J. W. Barksdale J. A. Dupree R. D. McConnell W. H. Baddley D. W. Fay C. W. Palmer B, C. Bradley R. M. Hays W. N. Temple F. J. Delbridge R. S. Hussey H. P. Wilson G. E. Jones SHAW JOHNSON 1st. Platoon Leader FRED LACEY 2nd. Platoon Leader Second Company T 11 E t111 1P ANY MILFORD SHIRLEY Commanding Offcer DORIS TULPIN Sponsor BOB HALE Executive Officer HAROLD SILL CPO A. J. ROGERS MACK ALLEN LEWIS I st. Platoon Leader 2nd. Platoon Leader M. S. SHIRLEY Company Commander R. 0. HALE Executive Officer H. W. STILL Chief Petty Officer FIRST PLATOON A. J. ROGERS Platoon Leader J. W. SHUMATE Guide J. H. BECKER M.P.O. N. E. Bates T. Hannah H. L. Roussel T. Bickerstaff W. C. Harmon W. D. Simmerville G. Boyd J. L. Juniker W. M. Steed B. H. Brady J. R. Milligan C. R, Tucker J. E. Carpenter C. F. Ramsey G. D. Wilburn SECOND PLATOON M, A. LEWIS Platoon Leader E. H. WILLIFORD Guide W. A. DUNAWAY M.P.O. C. E. Averitt R. K. Hunter S. T. Stokes V. A. Carbonar P. R. McCarty D. R. Turner S. Downing B. C. Meyer J, D. Way I. L. Fuller W, R. Roberts H. A. Weltner L. W Gorenflo C. Slay W. E. Williams F. S. Hill C. H. Williamson Third Company editOr o n Remember the night the Hamp was here? Remember the frantic cats who got carried away with the music? Do you know why? They were OLE MISS staff members who had just met their final deadline. They were giving vent to all those anxious minutes when pictures were being mailed to Shreveport at the last minute, copy to Nashville, everyone waiting for news from C. B. DeMille, whether the Favorites Parade would be a success, ning every page praying that there would be no mistakes, correcting the mistakes, and sending the material for re-working. These are the memories of the staff, the things that made the year a success for us. Now we offer our work to you, hoping you will approve our little green monster. It ' s yours, the things you did to make 1954 the wonderful year that it was are here for you in pictures and words serving as a perpetual minder. We cannot take all the credit. Our gratitude goes to Benson Printing Company, our patient and understanding publisher; The Shreveport graving Company, whose work speaks for itself; the Cofields, who complied with all our wild requests and did such good photographic work; to Dr. Getchell for his help with the Favorites Parade; to the Commercial Appeal; the Clarksdale Press Register; the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate; Mr. George Ambrester, our beauty photographer; Mr. C. B. DeMille, who ranked our beauties; to the Mississippian; Mr. Black and the Public Relations Department; and to each and everyone who complied with our many quests. We would also like to thank our advertisers for their support in meeting our budget, a necessary part of the publishing of the annual. We appreciate the opportunity you, the Student Body, have given us to produce the OLE MISS, and we hope it will be useful and enjoyable to you in the future. NORRELL NOBLE, Editor CHRIS MARTIN, Bus. Mgr.

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