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FIFTY-THREE T. E. MORTIMER Editor • JIMMIE SHOEMAKER Business Manager • PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY MISSISSIPPI NINETEEN HUNDRED PF mi A vi Ii HPOIEV 1! S A :3 4 W a MRS R I A S C ii A The OLE MISS records for you enough of the pictures, names, organizations, activities, and events to keep alive for you something of the character and spirit peculiar to this year 1952- 1953. From many points of view it has been one of the most outstanding. The establishment of the University Symphony, the opening of the Art Center, the beginning of an enriched program in the liberal arts, the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Carrier for a new engineering building, and the successes of the debate and football teams are indications of the growing signifi- cance of the University in a wide variety of fields and they are all identified with this year. As students you have made the year unusually successful by your loyalty and devotion to the University and by the fine cooperation you have given the faculty and the administration. The part that you have played in making this a memorable year in the University ' s history has been most significant. I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have the opportunity we have had to work together in building a greater University. You will enjoy looking at this annual and recalling your experiences here. Through the years, I hope that it will bring you hope, faith, and inspiration. My best wishes are with you always. 17 AD! ' i!1 ISTR AT ON ESTELLA HEFLEY Dean of Women MALCOLM GUESS Dean of Men The University of Mississippi administrative organization is divided into four main divisions, with the head of each division being directly responsible to Chancellor Williams. The four divisions are the Academic Division, the Division of Student Personnel, the Office of the Financial Secretary, and the Division of the Comptroller. Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter, Dean of the University, coordinates the activities of the Academic Division; Dr. L. L. Love, Dean of Students, is the head of the Division of Student Personnel; W. Trotter, Financial Secretary, is responsible for the collection, custody, and disbursement of all University funds; and Comptroller Carrol W. North has responsibility over all other financial matters of the University. Other members of the Ole Miss administration are Estella Hefley, Dean of Women; Robert Ellis, Acting Registrar; R. M. Guess, Dean of Men; Claude Smith, Director of Athletics; V. B. Harrison, Director of Student Health service; Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of the Department of collegiate Athletics; Marvin Black, Director of Public Relations; William S. Griffin, Alumni Secretary; J. S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; Fred C. Ford, Director of Personnel; and John Vaught, Head Athletic Coach. More changes have come about during the four years under the present Administration than in the previous quarter-century. There have been many additions to the campus; among these are the new modern library with complete facilities, the beautiful new girls ' dormitory, the new Alumni House of which we are all proud, and a large addition to Hemingway Stadium. The skillful and efficient manner in which the University is now run is a source of great pride to the students and alumni of Ole Miss as well as to the people of the State of Mississippi. ROBERT ELLIS J. S. HARTIN FRED FORD MARVIN BLACK DR. V. B. HARRISON WILLIAM GRIFFIN CLA Registrar Director of Libraries Director of Personnel Director of Public Relations Student Health Director Alumni ' Secretary Direct L. L. LOVE PETE KYLE McCARTER Dean of Students Dean of the University CARROLL W. NORTH W. C. TROTTER Comptroller Financial Secretary CLAUDE SMITH JEFF. HAMM JOHN VAUGHT Director of Athletics Athletics Business Manager Head Coach 19 E DE A DEAN VICTOR ALDINE COULTER DEAN ROBERT JOSEPH FARLEY Liberal Arts Law DEAN ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND DEAN DAVID SCHULTZ PANKRATZ Pharmacy Medicine [Hi F T V, 7 Y = ' " ' " ' ' • DEAN FREDERIC H. KELLOGG DEAN FORREST W. MURPHY Engineering Education DEAN CLIVE F. DUNHAM DEAN DUDLEY ROBERT HUTCHERSON Commerce Graduate gemossesemmanam—amossm.„ 11,, mon01114.M.4 17,1.1.a Left to right, sitting: Bob Looney, Betty Doty, Jim Jackson, Bill Egan, Norris Caldwell, Roy Pitts, Bob Berman, Jim McClure, Rose Marie Leonard, Victor Vance, Glenn Warren. Standing, left to right: Karl Ott, Bobby Jabour, Larry Franck. The United Nations has its Assembly, the Presi- for the President and as a steering committee for dent has his Cabinet, and Ole Miss has its tive Council. student government. Devoting itself to furthering student interests and to the overall welfare of the University, the Composed of the four A.S.B. officers, the dividual members of the Council point their efforts dent of each School in the University, the Editor of toward the promotion of a strong student the " Mississippian, " and the President of the ment and the creation of an atmosphere of W.S.G.A., the Council serves as an advisory body gress and hospitality. 24 1 ROY PITTS BOBBY BERMAN President of A.S.B. of A.S.B. BETTY DOTY JIM JACKSON Secretary of A.S.B. Treasurer of A.S.B. T E C v 7 E 11 THE 1 First Row, Left to Right: Bobby Berman, Betty Doty, Hunter Gholson. Second Row, Left to Right: Dabney Irby, Jim Jackson, George Howell First Row: Bill Aikens, Flavius Alford, Billie Ruth Armstrong, Louise Azlin, Dennis Baker, Richard Ball, Ed Barber, Joe Buckley, Joe Byrd, Tommy Caldwell, Davidson, Brad Dye, Marshall Dye. Second Row: Joe Elliott, Robert Erwin, Ben Feigler, Peggy Floyd, E. L. Fondren, Gene Gardner, Hunter Gholson, Tommy win, Harry Griffiths, Theresa Grimes, Frank Hall, Horace Harris, Arthur Hayes. Third Row: Dixie Hervey, Claudia Horn, Nancy House, Marian Howell, Hoyle, Dabney Irby, Janelle Jackson, Jim Jackson, S. K. Jones, Mickey Koestler, Kenny Kremer, Fred E. Lacey, Walter Larson. Fourth Row: Bob Leatherman, Ann Lee, Jack Lessenberry, Pat McNease, Bernard Massey, Al Moore, Sarah Murphy, Rosemary Neil, J. B. Nelson, Betty Nosser, Kenny Oates, Madeline Ed Tate Parker. Fifth Row: Gene Parks, Kurt Petry, Walter Milford Shirley, George Smith, Betty Thomas, Bobby Thrower, Dudley Turner, Lucy Love lace, Bob Waltman, Leonard Warren, Alice Williams, Richard Williams. Not Pictured: Al Binder, Robert Boh, Joe Cleveland, William Heard, George Bill Ritter, Claude Smith, Bill Watson. CAMPUS SE " I The law making body of our student government, the Campus Senate serves not only as the nucleus of a strong student government, but answers the call for development of leadership and training in citizenship that our country is ever demanding. The Senate, with its representative membership, is composed of one member from each of the following: each section of each dormitory, each fraternity and sorority house, each district in Veterans ' Village, and a representative from the Chancellor ' s office, each division of the University, and from the Dean of each School. With its representative membership, the Senate controls all matters which are delegated to the student body by the administration, and sets the policy for all student body activities in order that they may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole, and to the credit of the University. The Student Judicial Council consists of five students, four of whom are ap- pointed by the A.S.B. President and one elected from among the students. This council has jurisdiction to hear and decide all matters relative to the interpretations of the Constitution of the A.S.B. and any other laws passed by the Campus Senate. First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Kochtitzky, John Gautier, George Gulley. Second Row, Left to Right: Wesley Lominick, Emmit Marston STUDEN GOVER ME ' IT ASSOC AT 0 JUDICIAL COUNCIL MARGIE JORDAN DORIS EASON ALICE KEYES PHYLLIS MULLEN OFFICERS ROSE MARIE LEONARD President MARGARET CROOK Vice-President GERRY PANCRATZ Secretary SARA MURPHEY Treasurer W.S.G.A., which is composed of every woman student on the campus, is headed by an Executive Council of four officers and a Judicial Committee of four students elected by popular vote at the ning of the year. Each dormitory elects a House Council composed of a president, a secretary and repre sentatives from each floor. These councils, with the help of the cial Committee are responsible for the enforcement of dormitory and social regulations. These rules and regulations are subject to change by a Legislative Council which is made up of the dormitory presidents and secretaries. W.S.G.A. is represented on the A.S.B. Legislative Council by its president. W.S.G.A. at Ole Miss is a member of the Mississippi Association of Student Governments for Women and also of the Southern Association of Women ' s Student Governments. 28 OFFICERS ROSE MARIE LEONARD MARGARET CROOK GERRY PANCRATZ SARA MURPHEY Top row, left to right: Harriet Wilson, President, Ward; Elizabeth Bauman, President, Ricks; Mary E. Bickerstaff, Somerville; Barbara Galloway, President, Barnard. Bottom row: Jane Rayburn, Secretary, Ward; Billie Ruth Armstrong, President, Somerville; Mary Eugenia Hinton, Secretary, Ricks; Carolyn Causey, President, Eula Deaton. 29 Li T. E. MORTIMER Editor JIMMIE SHOEMAKER Business Manager During 1953, Course 3-F in Yearbook Management met seven days a week from 8 A. M. to 12 P. M. in the east wing of the Student Union Building. This course was broken down into such subheads as coffeeology, lack-of-sleep-itis and flunkitis, but we realized the time and effort were well spent when the book was finally finished, and we could view it in concrete form. We hope you will get a little enjoyment from this volume when, in the years to come, you look back and relive the events which occurred during 1952-53. Editorially, T. E. Mortimer supervised activities, and was ably assisted by such outstanding journalists as Weida and Wanda Goodman as class and copy editors respectively; Frank Potts, who was a " poor man ' s Walter Stewart " on sports; and Norrell Noble, who directed some good digs toward the Greeks. Babe Bauch and Banks Shepherd WANDA GOODMAN WEIDA GOODMAN FRANK POTTS JANE DEMAREST Copy Editor Class Editor Sports Editor Typist Photography Staff: Babe Bauch, Banks Shepherd, Fielding Robinson Left to right: Swan Yerger, Theresa Grimes, Eugene Barham were outstanding with the cameras, and also spent many weary hours in the darkroom. Many other photos in the book were the handiwork of Fielding Robinson, Owen Russell, Ed Laney, and Ralph Hutto. A great deal of brush pushing was done by Alice O ' Ferrall and Hazel McCain, who manufactured the art work. George " The Campus Commentary " Mullis wrote some crazy snap captions. Much whacking and pounding the typewriters was engineered by Jane Demarest. The money end was looked over by Jimmie Shoemaker, and the Assistant Coconut Counter was Billy Temple. Although you could hardly see her because she was built so low to the ground, Theresa Grimes was much in evidence as Organization Editor. Swan Yerger " got them out " as Circulation Manager. Our noble advertisers were called on in person by Clifton Little and Eugene Barham. NORRELL NOBLE THERESA GRIMES BILLY TEMPLE SWAN YERGER CLIFTON LITTLE EUGENE BARHAM Greek Editor Organization Editor Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager Advertising Assistant Advertising Assistant 31 plan The Rebels ' Weekly Newspaper 13, 1953 ce, Th plaqt on t: high( the t Th gives to th recei the Dr. I perm Dc dy to th are blood nd Ren Plal In 1 Concert Is Bloodmobile To Return For Campus Donors; Dean Cites Shortage The Red Cross bloodmobile will return to the campus for contributions to the blood bank on February 19, between 10 e a.m. and 4 p.m., according L. L. Love, dean of student d sonnel. " There is a terrific shortage of whole blood, quotas are not being met, and there is every indication. of RtPionPri LEFT TO RIGHT: LARRY FRANCK, EDITOR; ABE TAHIR, BUSINESS LIZ NICHOLS, MANAGING EDITOR. Wei , IJIIS.N1 01); Lec, of blood. " The fall in total McCorkel, and donations due partly to the faci that a: `the time of the last Hospitality drive we were in the middle of a flu epidemic, " the Dean tns MANAGER; n- d e of :n- al Ce at to us !e, al ch es he of n- e- e t nz thc. ma 18 n 15 p. Ion ' s - pints, g of 80.9. The 46 gave 24 pc, of 52.4. 1 percentage members givi Phi Epsilon h 42.8; Sigma C. Kappa Sigma, a ti Delta Theta, 35. Alpha, 34.8; Pi Kappa A 1.4. Phi Epsilon Pi, 33.-;. Delta Psi has a percentage of 31.8; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 28.3, and Theta Kappa Psi, 27.3. Among the sororities Kappa Delta has a percentage of 19.5 with a donation of 9 pints. Phi Mu has a percentage 18.8; ' Delta Zeta, 12.5; Delta Delta Delta, 08.8, and Kappa Kappa Gamma, 06.1. The rest of the sororities have not given any blood. bell Speak partm Watts, PI A School held or, accord chairm journall Ente edbyt Amon of the a SK contest. Prizes vc1.1 be awarded orndorffer„Tane De- Allen Barr, ' ams, Nancy John- lichael ' Campbell, McCracken, In- Elizabeth Nich- Lt. Col. Fred J.N.Lionat tercollegiate Bridge Tournament between February 19-21, are In spite of the tact that the University of Mississippi is of the leading institutions blood dontions, three-fourths of the student body have never giv- en blood. " ' We would like get some new donors„ " Dean especially among students. To r donors have been titute Two-Week Monday am sger, I Love 1 ippi Law ; Institute will .; of instruction and in a series of prac- brcement subjects Sunday. 1 and D. Scherck, t chairman of the a maximum of i will be admitted t. e this year, and k elf that number " been notified of their acceptance. At the same time, Chief Scherck said that owing to the GRATHAN BRIGANCE JIMMY AUTRY DICK GOLDHAMMER CHRIS MARTIN FRANCES NAPIER MARY LOU BUTLER MARY EVELYN SMITH MICKEY AIKEN JOE SCHOOLFIELD SCHOOLFIELD CHARLES PRINGLE LARRY FRANCK Editor 1 ABE TAHIR Business Manager LIZ NICHOLS Managing Editor it Starting its forty-second year of publication, the " Mississippian " jumped head-on into national politics backing Dwight D. Eisenhower for President of the United States. With an editorial by this year ' s top man, Larry Franck, the " little Chicago Tribune " backed President Eisenhower in the mock presi- dential election held on the campus. A couple of weeks later Rebel readers were shocked by huge head- lines on page one reading: " Student Shot In Grill. " It seems there was a slight difference of opinion on who should be president; but it was all a hoax, arranged with the " Mississippian " to create stu- dent interest in the election. " The Rebel ' s weekly newspaper, " which makes its bow every Friday evening, is circulated throughout Mississippi to alumni and to every four-year accredited high school, as well as to certain high schools in neighboring states and to an exchange list of many other colleges and universities. Liz Nichols, the fairer sex ' gift to journalism, sat ably in the manag- ing editor ' s seat, and Abe Tahir, claiming the title of business man- ager, rationed three-cent stamps and copy paper. Mr. Tahir, writing incognito, also honored the editorial staff with his column, " The Collegiate Nation. " Jimmy Autry, filling the post of news editor, made like a super copy-boy and could be seen daily following the editor through the Grill seeking news. The veterans of the staff, Dick Goldhammer, co-sports editor, and Grathan Brigance, society editor, again handled their posts com- petently, with Francis Napier as Goldhammer ' s co-editor. Mary Evelyn Smith, serving her second year on the sheet, rounded-up and wrote stories as feature editor. Joe Schoolfield, shutter-bug deluxe, assumed the position of photography editor. On the business side, Mary Lou Butler, a newspaperwoman on her own, hustled the ads as advertising manager. Mickey Aiken hold- ing the title of circulation manager, saw to it that the " Mississippian " was distributed to all the campus dormitories a nd houses. Advertising assistants were Charlie Pringle, Clinton Davis, Lacy Martin, and Bill McGehee, with Chris Martin, Richard Harvey, and Charlie Avariti claiming salaries as circulation assistants. John Way held the exalted title of A.S.B. government reporter. Other reporters, the ones who actually did the leg work, were Richard Hooker, Ramond Burgin, Colleen Fly, Carolyn Kochtitzky, Pat Stout, Jean Guyton, George McNeill, Lucy Love Wallace, Maude Sugg, Martin Miazza, Martha Stewart, John Malmo and Josephine Garner. Reporters with a flair for athletics included sports writers Oren Russell, C harlie Bell, and Bill Davis. Helping to keep the parties, teas and dances in the news were Sara Murphey and Becky McCharen. Using film and flashing bulbs at people were Oren Russell and James Kingsley. Always in the race for an All-American rating, the " Mississippian " closed the 1953 school year knowing it was as close as ever to the honor. 33 Ray Anthony for Mid-Winters " Young Man With A Horn " Rebops jive it up for Dixie Week dance. 34 Lee Duddleston William Dulaney Baxter Elliott Bob Looney David Newton Jack Reed A. S. B. DANCE C uil ITEE Richard Ball Irvin Califf Ernest G. Flora Wiley Hutchins Walter Watts Tommy Harris Victor Vance Hal Hill Max Waldrop Dick Gould Wade Strickland Jimmy Korndorffer Snooky Williams Frank Hall Faser Tripplett Byron Gathright Billy Stitt The ASB President appoints the Chairman of the ASB Dance Committee, who in turn selects the other members of his committee and the members of the Floor Committee. All selections for both the Dance and Floor Committee are sub- ject to final approval by the ASB President. The ASB Dance Committee is responsible for bringing name bands to the campus, preparing for the dances, and the conduct of the students that attend the dances. Dancing is an important part of the social life at Ole Miss, and each year we have the opportunity of hearing some of the famous bands of the coun- try. This year Doc Raymond and his Rebops played for the Ole Miss " Dixie Week " dance; Ray Anthony and his orchestra gave a concert and played for the Mid-Winters on February 20; and the Rebops again played for Rebelee on May 2. The ASB Dance Committee brought these top- flight national bands to the Ole Miss campus. S. K. Jones Rose Marie Leonard Bob Looney Jimmy Parabo Bunky Reid Fielding B. Robinson Jim Stingily 35 First Row: Frank W. Alexander, Albert A. Covington, Elwood Edwards, George Gulley, Betty Jane Long. Second Row: James McClure, George Rogers, William C. Smith, Thomas K. Watts. The MOOT COURT BOARD, composed of students of the School of Law and chosen by the faculty for their scholastic record, gives students ence in conducting themselves in actual courtroom practice and in the handling of general office matters. This board arranges cases, and students prepare briefs, argue appellate cases and conduct trial cases. Advanced students, faculty members, and practicing lawyers and judges serve as judges. Associate Professor Walter Dunham, Jr., serves as faculty advisor to the Moot Court Board in appellate cases. Lafayette County Attorney Bramlette Roberts is the faculty advisor to the general practice division. OFFICERS JAMES McCLURE THOMAS K. WATTS Chairman Secretary 36 STAFF ROBERT H. HODGES Editor FRANK W. ALEXANDER Business Manager ELWOOD EDWARDS Note Editor ALBERT A. COVINGTON Comment Editor THOMAS K. WATTS Comment Editor JESSE D. PUCKETT Book Review Editor Auk First Row: Frank W. Alexander, William Brewer, Albert A. Covington, Earl Cr George Currie, Gilford Dabbs, Elwood Edwards, Robert H. Hodges. Second Row: Jack B. Hough, George Betty Long, James Jr., Emmett Ma-ston, John Mulhearn, Arthur Murphey, Jr., Jesse D. Puckett, Third Row: George William C. Ernest 0. Spencer, Jr., William Ternoleton John W. Valentine, Thomas Kenneth James L. Young. The " Mississippi Law Journal, " founded in 1928, is the official publica- tion of the Mississippi State Bar; and it is published under the Bar ' s auspices by students of the School of Law of the University of Mississippi. The Jour- nal publishes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the State Bar, arti- cles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments on recent decisions, reviews of current treatises on the general subject of Law, and other of interest to the legal profession. 37 Frank Alexander Robert Andreae Robert Anderson Dennis Baker Lloyd Berrong Julian Bramlett Marion Brown James Bryant Clovis Bull Charles Burke Walker Carney, Jr. Charles Carter Howard Clark William Cleland ABOVE First Row: • FRANK W. ALEXANDER, Long Beach; Law III; Beta Kappa; Business Manager, Law Journal; Moot Court Board. Phi Delta Phi. • ROBERT LEE ANDREAE, Jackson; Med. II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • ROBERT A. ANDERSON, JR., Gulfport; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • DENNIS M. BAKER, Pope; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Campus Senate. • LLOYD G. BERRONG, Jackson; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JULIAN C. BRAMLETT, Oxford; Med. II; Phi Chi. • MARION H. BROWN, Lucedale; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Row: • JAMES W. BRYANT, McComb; Med. II; Phi Chi. • CLOVIS E. Reno, Nevada; Law III. • CHARLES W. BURKE, Ruleville; Law III; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. • WALKER J. CARNEY, JR., Gloster; Law III; Pi Kapp a Alpha. • CHARLES A. CARTER, Philadelphia; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Moot Court Board; Law Journal. • HOWARD D. CLARK, Richton; Med. II; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM 0. CLELAND, Sardis; Med. II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI PI W•• BELOW First Row: • LAWRENCE C. CORBAN, JR., Ocean Springs; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. • ALBERT COVINGTON, Meridian; Law III; Sigma Chi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • WILLIAM L. COX, JR., Drew; Med. II; Phi Chi. • EARL R. CRUTHIRDS, Big Creek; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Journal. Second Row: • GILFORD F. DABBS, JR., Philadelphia; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Journal; President, First Year Law Class, 1951-52. • WARREN B. DALE, Goodman; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES L. DAVIS, JR., Louisville; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Southern Collegiate Bridge Champion. • JOHN I. DAVIS, Utica; Med. II, Lawrence Corban, Jr. Albert Covington William Cox, Jr. Earl Cruthirds ROY PITTS Gilford Dabbs, Jr. Warren Dale James Davis, Jr. John Davis President of A.S.B. Bill Elrod Hilton Gillespie Horace Elmore James Geisler Bernard Ellis John Gautier Elwood Edwards Lloyd Gary Henry Durham, Jr. Cherie Friedman Arthur Edwards, Jr. Thomas Gambrell Don Dismukes Ellis Farris ABOVE First Row: • DON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Hermaean Literary Society; President, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; ASB Dance Committee; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • HENRY S. DURHAM, JR., Itta Bena; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ARTHUR M. EDWARDS, JR., New Albany; Law III; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Finalist, Moot Court Competition. • ELWOOD L. EDWARDS, Banner; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • BERNARD H. ELLIS, Columbus; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta. • HORACE L. ELMORE, State Line; Med. II; Alpha Kappa BILL B. ELROD, Holcomb; Med. II; Phi Chi. Second Row: • ELLIS J. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Law III. • CHERIE FRIEDMAN, Oxford; Med. II; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta. • THOMAS B. GAMBRELL, Summerland; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • LLOYD E. GARY, Eupora; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN D. GAUTIER, Gautier; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Chairman, Judicial Council; Debate Club. • JAMES W. GEISLER, Corinth; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • HILTON L. GILLESPIE, Sumrall; Med. II; President, Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. BELOW First Row: • BEN T. GREGORY, Okolona; Med. II; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES E. HARRIS, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • MADALYN P. HEIDELBERG, Taylor; Med. II. • JACK L. HERRING, Raymond; Med. II. • CYRUS H. HIGGS, JR., Greenville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT H. HODGES, Clinton, Louisiana; Law III; Sigma Chi; Mississippi Law Journal, Editor; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Claiborne Society; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Finalist, Moot Court Competition. • GERALD M. HOLLINGSWORTH, Centreville; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical Society; Student American Medical Association. Second Row: • GEORGE W. HOWELL, JR., Aberdeen; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Law Journal; American Legion; Cardinal Club; " M " Club; Mississippi Legislature, ' 40- ' 44, ' 48- ' 56. • REX S. HULSEY, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT JABOUR, Vicksburg; Med. II; Phi Chi; President, Medical School; Vice-President, " M " Club. • EDGAR D. JOHNSON, Long Beach; Med. II; Phi Chi. • WHITMAN B. JOHN- SON, Clarksdale; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Liberal Arts School, ' 50- ' 51; Cardinal Club. • JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON, Oxford; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM E. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Med. II. Ben Gregory George Howell, Jr. James Harris Rex Hulsey Madalyn Heidelberg Robert Jabour Jack Herring Edgar Johnson Cyrus Higgs, Jr. Whitman Johnson Robert Hodges Gerald Hollingsworth Joseph Johnston William Korndorffer Don Dismukes Ellis Farris Henry Durham, Jr. Cherie Friedman Arthur Edwards, Jr. Thomas Gambrell Elwood Edwards Lloyd Gary Bernard Ellis John Gautier Horace Elmore James Geisler Bill Elrod Hilton Gillespie ABOVE First Row: • DON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Hermaean Literary Society; President, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; ASB Dance Committee; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • HENRY S. DURHAM, JR., Itta Bena; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ARTHUR M. EDWARDS, JR., New Albany; Law III; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Finalist, Moot Court Competition. • ELWOOD L. EDWARDS, Banner; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • BERNARD H. ELLIS, Columbus; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta. • HORACE L. ELMORE, State Line; Med. II; Alpha Kappa BILL B. ELROD, Holcomb; Med. II; Phi Chi. Second Row: • ELLIS J. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Law III. • CHERIE FRIEDMAN, Oxford; Med. II; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta. • THOMAS B. GAMBRELL, Summerland; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • LLOYD E. GARY, Eupora; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN D. GAUTIER, Gautier; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Chairman, Judicial Council; Debate Club. • JAMES W. GEISLER, Corinth; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • HILTON L. GILLESPIE, Sumrall; Med. II; President, Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. BELOW First Row: • BEN T. GREGORY, Okolona; Med. II; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES E. HARRIS, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • MADALYN P. HEIDELBERG, Taylor; Med. II. • JACK L. HERRING, Raymond; Med. II. • CYRUS H. HIGGS, JR., Greenville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT H. HODGES, Clinton, Louisiana; Law III; Sigma Chi; Mississippi Law Journal, Editor; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Claiborne Society; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Finalist, Moot Court Competition. • GERALD M. HOLLINGSWORTH, Centreville; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical Society; Student American Medical Association, Second Row: • GEORGE W. HOWELL, JR., Aberdeen; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Law Journal; American Legion; Cardinal Club; " M " Club; Mississippi Legislature, ' 40- ' 44, ' 48- ' 56. • REX S. HULSEY, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT JABOUR, Vicksburg; Med. II; Phi Chi; President, Medical School; Vice-President, " M " Club. • EDGAR D. JOHNSON, Long Beach; Med. II; Phi Chi. • WHITMAN B. JOHN- SON, Clarksdale; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Liberal Arts School, ' 50- ' 51; Cardinal Club. • JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON, Oxford; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; Beta Seta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM E. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Med. 11. Ben Gregory George Howell, Jr. James Harris Rex Hulsey Madalyn Heidelberg Robert Jabour Jack Herring Edgar Johnson Cyrus Higgs, Jr. Whitman Johnson Robert Hodges Gerald Hollingsworth Joseph Johnston William Korndorffer James Krestensen Betty Long William Lorance James McClure, Jr. Thomas McGehee Thomas Mallette Fred Manning William Marston Robert Mitchell James Morgan John Mulhearn Arthur Murphey Harvey O ' Con..)r Dimitri Polizo ABOVE First Row: • JAMES G. KRESTENSEN, Gulfport; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • BETTY J. LONG, Meridian; Law III; Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Secretary, Law School. • WILLIAM G. LORANCE, Cleveland; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES McCLURE, JR., Sard is; Law III; Kappa Alpha; President, Phi Delta Phi; Chairman, Moot Court Board; Law Journal. • THOMAS F. McGEHEE, Long Beach; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student American Medical Association. • THOMAS J. MALLETTE, Greenwood; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Detla Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. • FRED J. MANNING, Gulfport; Law III. Second Row: • WILLIAM E. MARSTON, University; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Associate Editor, Mississippi Law Journal; President, Law I, Law II. • ROBERT A. MITCHELL, Walnut Grove; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES T. MORGAN, Marion; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • JOHN E. MULHEARN, Oxford; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Delta; Finalist. Moot Court Competition. • ARTHUR G. MURPHEY. Macon; Law III; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Canterbury Club; Law Journal; Executive Committee, Religious Emphasis Week. • HARVEY G. O ' CONOR, Belzoni; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta. • DIMITRI C. POLIZO, Greenville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. UNIVERSITY ' OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • JAMES R. POWELL, Fulton; Med. II; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Student American Medical Association. • JESSE D. PUCKETT, JR., Jackson; Law III; Lambda Chi Alpha; BSU; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Secretary, Treasurer, Law III; Law Journal. • JAMES N. RASBERRY, Meridian; Med, II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student American Medical Association; BSU. • ROBERT E. RAY, Guntown; Med. II; Alpha Kapp a Kappa. Second Row: • R. B. REEVES, JR., McComb; Law III; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta. • STANLEY C, RUSSELL, Pontotoc; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JAMES H. SATTERFIELD, Oxford; Med. II; Delta Tau Delta. • RICHARD E. SCHUSTER, State College; Med. II; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Carey Award in Anatomy, Mississippi Academy of Science. James Powell Jesse Puckett, Jr. James Rasberry Robert Ray BOBBY BERMAN R. B. Reeves, Jr. Stanley Russell James Satterfield Richard Schuster Vice-President of A.S.B. Richard Sharbrough Albert Smith Charles Smith Charles Spence Willie Stringer Howard Stubblefield James Tanner Dick Thomae Forrest Tutor Angel ValezPozo Norton Waterman Thomas Watts Eugene Webb Creighton Wilson, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • RICHARD F. SHARBROUGH, Holly Bluff; Med. II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • ALBERT B. SMITH, ton, D. C.; Law III; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. • CHARLES E. SMITH, Gattman; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student American Medical Association. • CHARLES C. SPENCE, Ellisville; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Secretary-Treasurer of Medical School. • WILLIE F. STRINGER, Sumrall; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HOWARD L. STUBBLEFIELD, Biloxi; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JAMES C. TANNER, Waynesboro; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: • DICK THOMAE, Fayette; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • FORREST T. TUTOR, Randolph; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Honor Council. • ANGEL F. VALEZPOZO, San Sebastian, Porto Rico; Law III. • NORTON G. WATERMAN, Jackson; Med. II. • THOMAS K. WATTS, Meridian; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Law Journal Staff. • EUGENE F. WEBB, Ufa Bena; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CREIGHTON L. WILSON, JR., Batesville; Med. II; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association; Graduate Council; Intramural Council; Wesley Foundation; " Mississippian " Staff; YMCA. BELOW First Row: • HOWARD G. WOODWARD, Shelby; Law III; Sigma Chi; Finalist, Moot Court Competition. • DAVID W. YOUNG, Greenwood; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. • ANSEL G. ANDERSON, JR., Vicksburg; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kapoa. • WILLIAM J. ANDERSON, Meridian; Med. I; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • THOMAS J. ANDERSON. Ellisville; Med. I. • THOMAS H. ARRINGTON, Jackson; Med. I; Phi Chi. • EDWARD L. ATKINSON, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Elections Committee; Orientation Committee. Second Row: • WILLIAM T. BAILEY, Lucedale; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. • STONE D. BAREFIELD, Hattiesburg; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN E. BAT, Cicero, Illinois; Law II; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; Intramural Council. • MARY J. BAXTER, Clinton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Concert Singers. • SIDNEY F. BECK, JR., Cleveland; Law II; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN M. BEE, Brookhaven; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. • JEFFERSON C. BELL, Hattiesburg; Law I; Sigma Chi. Howard Woodward William Bailey David Young Stone Barefield Ansel Anderson, Jr. John Bat William Anderson Mary Baxter Thomas Anderson Sidney Beck, Jr. Thomas Arrington John Bee Edward Atkinson Jefferson Bell France Bolen Joseph Boone Benny Brady William Brewer Edmond Brignac, Jr. Samuel Britton Robert Brumfield Kirby Bryant Henry Caldwell, Jr. Norris Caldwell Elmer Canfield Charles Carr, Jr, Patrick Chipley Albert Cloffi ABOVE First Row: • FRANCE E. BOLEN, Oxford; Graduate. • JOSEPH E. BOONE, Columbia; Law I. • BENNY F. BRADY, Lula; Graduate; Kappa Kappa Psi; Treasurer, " M " Club; President, Rebel Band. • WILLIAM H. BREWER, Booneville; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. • EDMOND M. BRIGNAC, JR., Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; Alpha Phi Omega; " Mississippian " Staff. • SAMUEL B. BRITTON, West Monroe, La.; Graduate. • ROBERT W. BRUMFIELD, McComb; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • KIRBY K. BRYANT, Oxford; Med. I; Beta Theta Pi. • HENRY C. JR., Walnut Grove; Graduate; Kappa Psi. • NORRIS V. CALDWELL, Tupelo; Graduate; Sigma Chi, President, ' 50, ' 51; Education School, President, ' 51; Graduate School, President, ' 52, ' 53; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • ELMER A. CANFIELD, Purvis; Law II. • CHARLES M. CARR, JR., Ocean Springs; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • PATRICK L. CHIPLEY, ville; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ALBERT F. CIOFFI, Ashland; Law II; Sigma Pi; University Players. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • WAYNE P. COCKRELL, West Point; Med. I; Phi Chi. • JOHN L. COGGIN, Courtland; Graduate, • GEORGE G. CURRIE, Hattiesburg; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta. • ELIZABETH A, DANIEL, Natchez; Graduate; University Players. Second Row: • WILLIAM M. DEAVOURS, Laurel; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta PH; Delta Sigma Pi. • LEO DeMARTIN, Collingswood, N. J.; Law I. • WILLIAM S. DICKSON, Aberdeen; Law II; Delta Psi; Campus Senate, ' 51- ' 52; Band; I.F.C. Dance Committee. • WILLIAM P. DULANEY, Tunica; Law I; Delta Psi; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterbury Club. I 1.■ Wayne Cockrell John Coggin George Currie Elizabeth Daniel BETTY DOTY William Deavours Leo DeMartin William Dickson William Dulaney Secretary of A.S.B. Joseph Elliott David Ellis Ernest Farrar. Jr. Clay File Edward Fisher Frances Frazier Thomas Gallagher David Gardner Philip George Richard George Hunter Gholson Richard Gould Breton Grantham, Jr. Thomas Graves, Ill ABOVE First Row: • JOSEPH B. ELLIOTT, Yazoo City; Law II; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID B. ELLIS, Cotton Plant; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ERNEST W. FARRAR, JR. Crystal Springs; Law I; Delta Psi. • CLAY L. FILE, Vicksburg; Graduate; Pi Kappa Pi; Newman Club. • EDWARD H. FISHER, Tallulah, La.; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa; Baptist Student Union, President; F.T.A. • FRANCES FRAZIER, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Graduate; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Eta Sigma Phi; Campus Senate; Committee of 100, ' 51. • THOMAS J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia, Penn.; Graduate; Newman Club; Research Assistant. Second Row: • DAVID B. GARDNER, McComb; Graduate; Sigma Nu. • PHILIP GEORGE, Vicksburg; Med. I; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • RICHARD L, GEORGE, Macon; Med. I. • HUNTER M. GHOLSON, Columbus; Law I; Phi Delta Theta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Campus Senate, • RICH- ARD H. GOULD, Ridgewood; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; ASB Dance Committee. • BRELON E. GRANTHAM, JR., Jackson; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Delta Sigma Pi. • THOMAS C. GRAVES, Ill, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • HERBERT W. GREGORY, Calhoun City; Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; Phi Delta Kappa. • GEORGE H. GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Moot Court Board Debate Club; Judicial Council. • ALICE E. HAMMOND, Oxford; Graduate. • ROY F. HARMON, JR., Houston Graduate. • L. C. HENSON, Stewart; Med, I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • VIRGINIA HERRERA, Heredia, Costa Rica Graduate. • GEORGE P. HEWES, Ill, Jackson; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club; " M " Club. Second Row: • PAUL C. HORN, Magee; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • JACK B. HOUGH, Jackson; Law II; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta. • JESSE HOWELL, JR., Tylertown; Graduate. • ROBERT G. HUFF, University; Law II; Clarborne Society. • MIKE ISOM, JR., Sunflower; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi, President, ' 52; Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President, ' 51, ' 52; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice-President, ' 51, ' 52; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer; Master Mason; Graduate Fellowship. • WILLIAM H. JACOBS, Hattiesburg; Phi Chi. • JOHN H. JAMES, Montrose; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Blue Key. Herbert Gregory Paul Horn George Gulley, Jr. Jack Hough Alice Hammond Jesse Howell, Jr. Roy Harmon, Jr. Robert Huff L. C. Henson Mike Isom, Jr. Virginia Herrera William Jacobs George Hewes, Ill John James Carol Jones Malcolm Justice William Kates, Jr. Berwind Kaufmann John Keeton Henry King Robert Koestler Florence Krause Ill Krause Henry Laws, Jr. Joseph LeBlanc, III Jack Lessenberry Sanford Levinqs Edmund Lewcon ABOVE First Row: • CAROL JONES, Port Sulphur, La.; Graduate. • MALCOLM P. JUSTICE, Jackson; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Orientation Committee, ' El. • WILLIAM H. KATES, JR., Winston-Salem, N. C.; Graduate. • BERWIND N. KAUFMANN, Oxford; Med I. • JOHN T. KEETON, Grenada; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRY H. KING, New Albany; Law I; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT M. KOESTLER, Vicksburg; Law I; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • FLORENCE P. KRAUSE, New Albany; Graduate; Kappa Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Pi Kappa Pi. • IRL B. KRAUSE, New Albany; Graduate; Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi. • HENRY L. LAWS, JR., Columbus; Med. I; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • JOSEPH U. LeBLANC, III, Greenwood; Med. I; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • JACK L. LESSENBERY, Little Rock, Ark.; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SANFORD H. LEVINGS, Moorhead; Law I. • EDMUND M. CON, Uxbridge, Mass.; Graduate. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI UJ BELOW First Row: • ANN C. LIPSEY, Clinton; Graduate. • JAMES H. LISPEY, Brookhaven; Med. I; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. • JAMES P. LODEN, Sardis; Graduate; Phi Delta Theta. • WESLEY R. LOMINICK, JR., Vicksburg; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; YMCA, Secretary; IFC; Orientation Committee. Second Row: • E. CONWAY McCRACKEN, Sardis; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOSEPHINE McCRONE, Vicksburg; Graduate; J Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Beta; W.A.A. • CHARLES R. McDUFF, Austin, Texas; Graduate. • JOHN M. McRAE, JR., Lexington; Med. I; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. Ann Lipsey E. McCracken James Lispey Josephine McCrone James Loden Charles McDuff Wesley Lominick, Jr. John McRae, Jr. JIM JACKSON Treasurer of A.S.B. John Maloney Robert Major, Jr. Barbara Maxwell Luther Medlin, Jr. Martin Miazza John Miller Daniel Mitchell Dana Moore Carl Na bors Fred Netterville Isaac Newton James Nix J. Orlansky Muriel Oulpe ABOVE First Row: • JOHN E. MALONEY, Miami, Ha.; Graduate. • ROBERT S. MAJOR, JR., Jackson; Law II; Zeta Sigma. • BARBARA F. MAXWELL, Laurel; Graduate. • LUTHER D. MEDLIN, JR., Clarksdale; Graduate. • MARTIN F. MIAllA, Gulfport; Graduate. • JOHN D. MILLER, Laurel; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • DANIEL MITCHELL, Hattiesburg; Med. I; Phi Chi. Second Row: • DANA C. MOORE, Shaw; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • CARL W. NABORS, Water Valley; Graduate; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Scholarship Award, Miss. Society of CPA ' s, ' 52; Graduate Fellowship, ' 52, ' 53; BBA with distinction, ' 52. • FRED H. NETTERVILLE, Wilkinson; Law I. • ISAAC A. NEWTON, Tylertown; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES E. NIX, Hattiesburg; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • J. DAVID ORLANSKY, Drew; Law I. • MURIEL W. OULPE, London, Gt. Britain; Graduate; Debate Club. BELOW First Row: • EDWARD E. OWEN, Blue Mountain; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIS J. PARDOE, Batesville; Graduate; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. • KURT PETRY, Dillingen Saar, France; Graduate. • ERNEST C. PHILLIPS, Natchez; Law I; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CLAUDE L. PITTS, Waynesboro; Law II; Kappa Sigma; A.S.B., President; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; University Players; Mississippi Intercollegiate Council, President. • TONY P. ENZA, Greenville; Law I; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice-President. • ROBERT J. REEVES, McComb; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • PETE H. RHYMES, Monticello; Graduate; Sigma Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • GEORGE W. ROGERS, JR., Vicksburg; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Debate Club. • ROBERT P. SAYLE, Tunica; Med. I; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Med. I, President. • LORNA C. SCHIEK, Meridian; Graduate; Phi Mu. • SAMUEL C. SCHIEK, Meridian; Graduate; Lambda Chi Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi L Phi Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega. • LAWRENCE SEM-. SKI, Biloxi; Law II; Phi Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band; Rebelaires. • JAMES A. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Cardinal Club, ' 50. Edward Owen Willis Pardoe Kurt Petry Ernest Phillips Claude Pitts Tony Provenza Robert Reeves Pete Rhymes George Rogers, Jr. Robert Sayle Lorna Schiek Samuel Schiek Lawrence Semski James Sheffield 47 William Smith William Templeton William Smith Fred Swaney Joseph Stephens John Valentine Jos Stephens William Trott Ray Stewart Robert Vick Ernest Spencer, Jr. William Stennis Allen Thompson, Jr. Hollis Thompson ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM C, SMITH, Jackson; Law II; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • WILLIAM L. SMITH, Crowley, La.; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club; NROTC Officer. • ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR., Jackson; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Kappa Pi; Law Journal. • WILLIAM H. STENNIS, DeKalb; Med. I. • JOE K. STEPHENS, Oxford; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • JOSEPH W. STEPHENS, Canaan; Med. I; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • RAY H. STEWART, Magee; Med. I; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row: • FRED E. SWANEY, Holly Springs; Law II. • WILLIAM P. TEMPLETON, Bemis, Tenn.; Law II. • ALLEN C. SON, JR., Jackson; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleader ' 50, ' 51. • HOLLIS C. THOMPSON, Gulfport; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • WILLIAM R. TROTT, Oxford; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Welcoming Committee, ' 51. • JOHN W. VALENTINE, Cleveland; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Law School Honor Council. • ROBERT L. VICK, Courtland; Graduate; Rho Chi; Kappa Psi. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • ODITH E. WARREN, Stonewall; Graduate; Future Teachers of America, President. • GWYN D. WHITTINGTON, Gloster; Law II. • EARL M. WILLIAMS, McComb; Graduate. • PARHAM H. WILLIAMS, Lexington; Law I; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Eta Sigma Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; YMCA, Presi- dent; Claiborne Society. Second Row: • ROBERT Y. WOOD, JR., Natchez; Law II; Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal Club. • TOM H. WOODROW, Jackson; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta. • CLARENCE N. YOUNG, Benoit; Law I; Lambda Chi Alpha. • JAMES L. YOUNG, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. J Own Odith Warren Gwyn Whittington Earl Williams Parham Williams LARRY FRANCK Robert Wood. Jr. Tom Woodrow Clarence Young James Young Editor of the " Mississippian " Cecil Abel Flavius Alford Leamond Alford Robert Applewhite John Arnold Thomas Arnold Shirley Atkinson Beverly Babb Paul Baccaro Betty Bailey Joan Bailey Faye Baker Forrest Baker Clinton Bane ABOVE First Row: • CECIL W. ABEL, Duck Hill; Commerce; Business Education Club. • FLAVIUS ALFORD, Houston; Education. • LEAMOND V. ALFORD, Houston; Education; " M " Club. • ROBERT APPLEWHITE, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN E. ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Wesley Foundation Council; Anchor and • THOMAS E. ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Wesley Foundation Council; Anchor and Chain. • SHIRLEY F. ATKINSON, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; " Y " Cabinet; Eta Sigma Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row: • BEVERLY A. BABB, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • PAUL M. BACCARO, Rochester, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. • BETTY ANN BAILEY, Brooksville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOAN BAILEY, Coffeeville; Education; CM Omega; F. T. A.; Home Economics Club; W.A.A. • FAYE E. BAKER, Oxford; Education. • FORREST L. BAKER, Clinton, Ark.; macy; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • CLINTON E. BANE, Collins; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • JEANNE BARFOOT, Philadelphia; Education; Chi Omega; Cheerleader, ' 49- ' 50; Favorite, ' 50- ' 51. • EUGENE J. BARHAM, Earle, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • ELDRID V, BAUCH, Knoxville, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association; OLE MISS, Photographer. • RUS- SELL R. BEAULIEU, Hightstown, N. J.; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row: • JAMES A. BENNETT, Mathiston; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club, Secretary. • ROB- ERT L. BERMAN, Lexington; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; Vice-President of A.S.B.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Sigma Pi. • DELBERT H. BEUMER, Holland, Indiana; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Anchor and Chain; Wesley Foundation; Y.M.C.A., Vice-President; Intramural Council. • OSCAR M. BLAKE, Forrest City, Ark.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. Jeanne Barfoot Eugene Barham Eldrid Bauch Russell Beaulieu T. E. MORTIMER James Bennett Robert Berman Del bert Beumer Oscar Blake Editor of the OLE MISS Louis Blanchard Jamie Bradberry Nancy Blaylock George Brenner Baptist Bonito Jim Bridges Lamar Boggan Grathan Brigance Robert Booth Dorothy Brown T. J. Bowie John Brown Elliott Bowman, Jr. J. D, Brown ABOVE First Row: • LOUIS J. BLANCHARD, Senatobia; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • NANCY R. BLAYLOCK, Big Creek; Education; B.S.U., Secretary; Independents. • BAPTIST F. BOETTO, Chicago, Illinois; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club. • LAMAR M. BOGGAN, Ecru: Commerce. • ROBERT E. BOOTH, Hollandale; Pharmacy. • T. J. BOWIE, Highpoint; Education. • ELLIOTT R. BOWMAN, JR., Vicksburg; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E. Second Row: • JAMIE C. BRADBERRY, Ackerman; Liberal Arts; Y.W.C.A. • GEORGE BRENNER, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • JIM T. BRIDGES, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi; " M " Club; " Varsity " Football. • GRATHAN A. BRIGANCE, West Point; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Lambda Sigma; Theta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board. • DOROTHY R. BROWN, Leland; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, President; B.S.U. Executive Council. • JOHN BROWN, luka; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • J. D. BROWN, Good Hope, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. BELOW First Row: • ANNA L. BURCH, Fulton; Liberal Arts. • MARCUS L. BURKS, JR., Senatobia; Engineering; Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation Council. • BENJAMIN F. BURNS, luka; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi. • WALLACE A. BURNS, Gulfport; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Chi Epsilon; A. 5, C. E.; Newman Club. • JOE H. BYRD, Kingsport, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Campus Senate; Debate Club. • ALBERT P. CALDWELL, JR., Columbus; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • TOMMIE CALDWELL, Ripley, Tenn.; Education. Second Row: • WILLIAM L. CALHOUN, Oxford; Education. • IRVIN D. CALIFF, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; Cheerleader, ' 51- ' 52, ' 52- ' 53. • JAMES B. CAMPBELL, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi. • RICHARD L. CARRINGTON, Collierville, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Chi; Majors Club. • JOHN C. CARTER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HENRY G. CHAPMAN, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. • HARRIET J. CHASE, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Anna William Calhoun Marcus Burks, Irvin Califf Benjamin Burns James Campbell Wallace Richard Carrington Joe Byrd John Carter Albert Caldwell, Jr. Henry Chapman Tommie Caldwell Harriet Chase Sarah Chatham Marvin Chittom Robert Christiansen Harriet Cockrell James Coleman Johnny Conner Gordon Cooper Hal Coppock Nancy Corley Etheldra Cox Nancy Craig Kibler Crenshaw Henrietta Crosby Harold Crump ABOVE First Row: • SARAH J. CHATHAM, Dorsey; Liberal Arts. • MARVIN L. CHITTOM, Pontotoc; Commerce. • ROBERT G. CHRISTIANSEN, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; " M " Club. • HARRIET C. COCKRELL, West Point; Education. • JAMES F. COLEMAN, Pittsburg, Pa.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; I. F. C. • JOHNNY M. CONNER, Indianola; Pharmacy; Phi Delia Chi. • GORDON P. COOPER, Lambert; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • HAL D. COPPOCK, Greenwood; Commerce, • NANCY L, CORLEY, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; University Players. o ETHELDRA F. COX, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delia Gamma; YWCA; Canterbury Club. • NANCY CRAIG, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, Chairman; Band; Westminster; YWCA; " Mississippian " staff; W. A. A. • KIBLER C. CRENSHAW, Crenshaw; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • HENRIETTA CROSBY, Crosby; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HAROLD C. CRUMP, Natchez; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Debate Club; YMCA Cabinet; Alpha Delta Sigma; Cardinal Club, Secretary, ' 51, President, ' 52. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ' 1 BELOW First Row: • LOIS CUMMINGS, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • LILLIAN C. CUNDIFF, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Chi Omega. • JAMES T. CUNNINGHAM, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, Treasurer. • JOHN W. CURRAN, Meridian; Engineering; Scabbard and Blade. Second Row: • CALVIN L. DAHNCKE, Effingham, III.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JANIE L. DAVIS, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; Omicron Honor Society, President. • KAYE A. DAVIS, Roanoke, Va.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panhellenic Council; OLE MISS staff. • BILLY G. DAY, Houston; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical As- sociation. Lois Cummings Lillian Cundiff James Cunningham John Curran JIMMIE SHOEMAKER Calvin Dahncke Janie Davis Kaye Davis Billy Day Business Manager of the OLE MISS Frank Day Dewey Dearman Marijane Delmas Margaret Denton John DiGilio Wilson Dillard Joseph Dolin Virginia Donovan Martha Douglas Leland Duddleston, Jr. Joseph Dugas Howard Duvall Jasper Dye Dorothy Easom ABOVE First Row: • FRANK R. DAY, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • DEWEY S. DEARMAN, Hattiesburg; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E. • MARIJANE DELMAS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Newman Club; Alpha Lambda Delta. • MARGARET R. DENTON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOHN W. DIGILIO, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Band; Mississippians; Symphony Orchestra. • WILSON DILLARD, Itta Bena; Education. • JOSEPH D. DOLIN, Oxford; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi; I.F.C.; Newman Club. Second Row: • VIRGINIA D. DONOVAN, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Sigma Tau; Kappa Delta Pi. • MARTHA A. DOUG- LAS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52, President, ' 52- ' 53; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; W.A.A.; Panhellenic Council. • LELAND S. DUDDLESTON, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club. • JOSEPH D. DUGAS, Scott, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical As- sociation; Newman Club. • HOWARD G. DUVALL, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JASPER M. DYE, Greenwood; Commerce; Sigma Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Campus Senate. • DOROTHY L. EASOM, Walnut Grove; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha; Business Education Club; Phi Gamma Nu; YWCA. BELOW First Row: • DORIS EASOM, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Home Economics Club; Judicial Council of W. S. G. A. • J. McDONALD EDWARDS, Sunflower; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • MARY L. EDWARDS, Water Valley; Education. • WILLIAM J. EGAN, Pass Christian; Engineering; President of Engineer- ing School; Chi Epsilon, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; Taylor Medal, 1951. • JAMES W. ELLIOTT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; President of Liberal Arts School; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Cardinal Club. • ROBERT N. ERVIN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • AUGUSTUS T. EVANS, Shuqualak; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: • BEN M. FEIGLER, Philipp; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Senate; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • MORRIS L. FERGUSON, McMinnville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • FREDDIE D. FISHER, Crowder; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • COLLEEN FLY, Belmont; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Mortar Board; W.A.A., President, ' 52- ' 53, Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52; Lambda Sigma, Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Theta Sigma Phi; Advertising Club; Panhellenic Council; Junior Dean; ASB Welcoming Committee; " Mississippian " staff. • LAWRENCE J. FRANCK, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; IFC, Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; " Mississippian, " Editor; Committee of 100; Newman Club. • BOBBYE J. FRANKS, Tupelo; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, President; Phi Gamma Nu; Kappa Delta Pi; YWCA, Treasurer; Junior Dean. • JEANNINE V, FRASER, Columbus; Education; Phi Mu. Doris Easom J. Edwards Mary Edwards William Egan James Elliott Robert Ervin Augustus Evans Ben Feigler Morris Ferguson Freddie Fisher Colleen Fly Lawrence Franck Bobbye Franks Jeannine Fraser 53 Merle Fraser Tildon Fugitt Betty Fyfe William Ft Gardner William I. Gardner George Garner Josephine Garner Bobby Garrett George Gattas Clare Geisenberger Kline Gilbert John Gilluly Richard Goldhammer Wanda Goodman ABOVE First Row: • MERLE C. FRASER, Columbus; Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Debate Club. • TILDON 0. FUGITT, Starkville; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BETTY JO FYFE, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; University Players; " Y " Cabinet; Orientation Committee; Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM H. GARDNER, McComb; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM I. GARDNER, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE M. GARNER, Grenada; merce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOSEPHINE W. GARNER, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Alpha Mu, President; " Y " Cabinet; Theta Sigma Phi; Lambda Sigma; " Mississippian " Staff. Second Row: • BOBBY D. GARRETT, Tchula; Commerce. • GEORGE A. GATTAS, Clarksdale; Commerce. • CLARE B. BERGER, Natchez; Education; Delta Gamma; W.A.A. • KLINE Hollandale; Education. • JOHN J. LULY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • RICHARD A. GOLDHAMMER, Bronx, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Lambda Sigma; Kappa Alpha Mu; " Mississippian " Staff. • WANDA J. GOODMAN, Red Banks; Commerce; Phi Mu; Business Education Club, President; Phi Gamma Nu, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; CWENS; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; OLE MISS Staff; Beta Gamma Sigma; Orientation Committee. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • WEIDA J. GOODMAN, Red Banks; Commerce; Phi Mu; Business Education Club, Vice-President; Phi Gamma Nu, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; CWEN S; OLE MISS Staff; Beta Gamma Sigma; Orienta- tion Committee. • THOMAS A. GOODWIN, III, Memphis; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E. • MYLES W. Hazelhurst; Pharmacy; Ph; Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • CURTIS A. GREER, Potts Camp; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Y.M.C.A.; Intramural Council. Second Row: • ERWIN W. GREGORY, Corinth; Commerce. • BENNY F. GRESHAM, Indianola; Liberal Arts. • KARL G. LAKSEN, Oslo, Norway; Engineering; Independents: A.S.C.E.; Y.M.C.A. • JANICE GUNN, Walnut; Liberal Arts; Independents; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer, Myles Graves Curtis Greer ABE TAHIR Karl Gullaksen Janice Gunn Business Manager of the " Mississippian " Weida Goodman Thomas Goodwin, III Erwin Gregory Benny Gresham I K. William Haneghan William Hacker Sidney Haney Marvin Hale Jabus Hardin Robert Hale Marilyn Harper Charles Hallberg, Jr. James Harris Sara Hampton Walter Harrison William Hand Arthur Hayes ABOVE First Row: • K. DUANE GUNN, Walnut; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM A. HACKER, Wichita Falls, Texas; Commerce. • MARVIN L. HALE, Yazoo City; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; " Y " Cabinet; Rifle Team; B.S.U. • ROBERT 0. HALE, Little Rock, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Anchor and Chain. • CHARLES J. HALLBERG, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce; Beta Alpha Psi; Anchor and Chain. • SARA LOU HAMPTON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM F. HAND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • WILLIAM J. HANEGHAN, Bunker Hill, Illinois; Liberal Arts; Anchor and Chain. • SIDNEY E. HANEY, Natchez; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Psi; Cardinal Club; American Pharmaceutical Association. • JABUS L. IN, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; YMCA; Marketing Club. • MARILYN L. HARPER, Mangham, Louisiana; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship; University Chorus; Campus Senate; Panhellenic Council. • JAMES K. HARRIS, Hayti, Missouri; Education; Future Teachers Association; Canterbury Club. • WALTER C. HARRISON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Csi; Wesley Foundation; A.P.O.; Band. • ARTHUR J. HAYES, sity; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi; President, Pi Kappa Pi; President, Claiborne Society; Phi Eta Sigma. BELOW First Row: • HORACE A. HARRIS, JR., Lambert; Commerce. • DENNIS G. HELM, Biloxi; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club. • MARTHA L. HENDERSON, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • JOY HERRON, Glendora; tion; Chi Omega. • DIXIE A. HERVEY, Moorhead; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HAL E. HILL, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Intramural Council. • BILLY HITT, York, Alabama; Education. Second Row: • TOMMY T. HOLMAN, Macon; Commerce. • MINNIE R. HOOD, Philipp; Liberal Arts. • CLAUDIA L. HORN, Nashville, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Campus Senate; Newman Club; Home Economics Club; Chorus. • FINLEY H. HORTON; Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM C. HOUSE; Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Canterbury Club; Committee of 100. • RAY HOWELL, Brookhaven; Commerce. • LIAM P. HOWELL, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Horace Harris, Jr. Tommy Holman Dennis Helm Minnie Hood Martha Henderson Claudia Horn Joy Herron Finley Horton Dixie Hervey William House Hal Hill Ray Howell Billy Hitt William Howell 55 Percy Hudson James Jackson Harold Huggins Anne James Jane Humphries Mertice Jeter Wiley Hutchins Arthur Johnson —.— Jim George Johnson Dabney Irby, Jr. Nancy Johnson Jerry 0. Johnson, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • PERCY C. HUDSON, Canton; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • HAROLD F. HUGGINS, Memphis; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; Pershing Rifles. • JANE B. HUMPHRIES, Ufa Bena; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; University Chorus; Y.W.C.A.; Junior Dean; Claiborne Society. • WILEY C. HUTCHINS, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Cardinal Club, President; Campus Senate; Inter-Fraternity Council; I.F.C. Dance Committee, Chairman; Committee of 100; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • JIM INGRAM, Birmingham, Alabama; Education. • DABNEY S. IRBY, JR., Batesville; Commerce; Sigma Chi; A.S.B. Welcoming Committee; Campus Senate; Delta Sigma Pi. • JERRY E. ISHEE, Laurel; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • JAMES 1. JACKSON, luka; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.B. Treasurer; Beta Alpha Psi; Legislative Council; Campus Senate, Sergeant-at-Arms; Pershing Rifles; I.F.C. Dance Committee; All IM Basketball; Steering Committee for Ole Miss Young Democrats. • ANNE S, JAMES, Natchez; Education; Pi Delta Epsilon. • MERTICE V. JETER, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club. • ARTHUR B. JOHNSON, Monroe, Louisiana; merce; Delta Sigma Pi. • GEORGE P. JOHNSON, Pine Arkansas; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • NANCY JOHNSON. Henderson, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; CWENS, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Sophomore Honor Girl; Ward Hall, President. • 0. SHAW JOHNSON, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; I.F.C., Treasurer; I.F.C. Dance Committee; Department Head of Student Affairs of A.S.B. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • ALBERT T. JONES, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • BETTY ROSE JONES. Potts Camo; Commerce. • MAR- GIE L. JORDAN, Columbus; Education; Delta Gamma, • EMILY M. JOULLIAN, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President. Second Row: • MARY E. JOYNER, Yazoo City; Pharmacy. • THOMAS L. JOYNER, JR., Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Psi, • WALBERT W. KAEMPFER, Marks; Commerce; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Campus Senate; Pi Sigma Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma; Taylor Medal. • KENNETH M, KELLY, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Albert Jones Betty Jones Margie Jordan Emily Joullian LIZ NICHOLS Mary Joyner Thomas Joyner, Jr. Walbert Kaempfer Kenneth Kelly Managing Editor of the " Mississippian " Thomas Kelly Betty Kennedy Sara Keys James Kingsley Daniel Knight, Jr. Patricia Knight Carolyn Kochtitzky James Korndorffer Onnie Koski Paul Lagrone, Jr. Robert Lake, Jr. Scotie Lange Walter Larson Jack Latham ABOVE First Row: • THOMAS C. KELLY, Memphis; Liberal Arts; I Oa Psi. • BETTY JANE KENNEDY, Greenwood; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. • SARA ALICE KEYS, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Wesley Council; University Players; Freshman " Y " Cabinet; Orientation Committee. • JAMES D. KINGSLEY, Tupelo; Commerce; Alpha Delta Sigma. • DANIEL B. KNIGHT, JR., Charleston; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • PATRICIA E. KNIGHT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delia; Home Economics Club. • CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Panhellenic; Theta Sigma Phi; Lambda Sigma; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • JAMES R. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Anchor and Chain; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • ONNIE R. KOSKI, Kreole; Liberal Aris; Kappa Sigma. • PAUL T. LAGRONE, JR., Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Dixie Day Committee. • ROBERT H. LAKE, JR., Green- ville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • SCOTIE LANGE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; I.F.C. Dance Committee; Blood Committee; Chorus; Executive Officer, NROTC Drum and Bugle Corps. • WALTER R. LAR- SON, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Pi; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade`; Distinguished Military Student; Com- mittee of 100; Campus Senate; University Players; " Mississippian " Staff; Canterbury Club. • JACK Q. LATHAM, Jackson; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. ∎_2,1 BELOW First Row: • JIMMY LEAR, Memphis; Commerce. • MARY ANN LEE, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega; A.S.B. Dance Com- mittee; Senate Committee Chairman. • TONY G. LEE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Battalion Commander, NROTC. • WILLIAM P. LEE, Water Valley; Engineering; Chi Epsilon; D.M.S.; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E. • EDWIN L. LEGGETT, Dublin; Education; Sigma Nu; Intramural Council; Vice-President of Physical Education Majors. • ROSE MARIE LEONARD, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; W.S.G.A., President. • DAVID LIBBY, Tennessee; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; University Chorus; Anchor and Chain. Second Row: • KENNETH C. LINDSEY, Booneville; Education. • EDWARD S. LIPSEY, Dublin: Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLIFTON W. LITTLE, Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • DORA LEE LIVINGSTON, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; Favorite; Miss University, ' 52. • ROBERT L. LOGAN, Bruce; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ROBERT F. LOONEY, JR., Memphis; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Freshman " Y, " Anchor and Chain; NROTC Scholarship; I.F.C. Dance Committee; American Chemical Society; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Chairman, Dixie Week; Homecoming Committee; President of Liberal Arts School. • ROBERT R. LYNSKI, Chicago, Illinois; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. Jimmy Lear Kenneth Lindsey Mary Lee Edward Lipsey Tony Lee Clifton Little William Lee Dora Livingston Edwin Leggett Robert Logan Rose Leonard Robert Looney, Jr. David Libby Robert Lynski 57 Robert Lyon, Jr. Lee McCarter, Jr. Elizabeth McCarthy John McDade Helen McEachern Hewlett McElroy Jeanne McGraw Billy McInnis Charles McKee James McKee Mitchell McLaughlin Patricia McNease Howell McNeill Jonnie McWorter ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT L. LYON, JR., Pontotoc; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Independents. • LEE R. McCARTER, JR., Corinth; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association; Arnold Air Society. • ELIZABETH C. Mc- CARTHY, Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Delta; Band. • JOHN R. McDADE, McKenzie, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. • HELEN C. McEACHERN, Vaiden; Commerce; Business Education Club; FTA, State and Chapter Secretary. • HEWLETT F. McELROY, Natchez; Commerce; S.A.M.E. • JEANNE A. McGRAW, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega; Pan-Hellenic Council; Newman Club; FTA, Secretary. Second Row: • BILLY J. McINNIS, Laurel; Liberal Kappa Sigma; Beta Beta Beta; University Concert Singers; Rebel Quartet. • CHARLES McKEE, Fulton; Liberal Arts. • JAMES G. McKEE, Greenville; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MITCHELL E. McLAUGHLIN, Aberdeen; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • PATRICIA C. McNEASE, Fayette, Alabama; Pharmacy; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board, President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Pi Kappa Pi. • HOWELL N. McNEILL, hall; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • JONNIE McWORTER, Ackerman; Commerce; Business Education Club. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • JAMES E. MAGEE, Tylertown; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ELIZABETH B. MAHER, Greenwood; Education; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship; W.A.A. • LEWIS A. MAHONEY, Hot Springs, Arkansas; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE R. MANOLY, Valley Cottage, New York; Liberal Arts; American Chemical Society. Second Row: • LESTER M. MAPLES, JR., Oxford; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E. • PEARL M. MARKHAM, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • RALPH S. MARSTON, Clinton; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES H. MARTIN, Kokomo; Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President. James Magee Elizabeth Maher Lewis Mahoney George Manoly VICTOR VANCE Lester Maples, Jr. Pearl Markham Ralph Marston Charles Martin President of Commerce School and President of I.F.C. Christopher Martin Lacy Martin Margie Martin James Mask Zelma Melvin John Merryman, Jr. Charles Middleton Wayne Miles James Miley Jerome Miller Alma Mistilis Charles Mitchell Dorothy Mitchell Charles Montgomery ABOVE First Row: • CHRISTOPHER D. MARTIN, New Hartford, Missouri; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi; Anchor and Chain; Wesley Foundation. • LACY R. MARTIN, Holly Springs; Commerce; Alpha Delta Sigma; Kappa Alpha Mu. • MARGIE MAE MARTIN, Macon; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; University Chorus. • JAMES MASK, Oxford; Education. • ZELMA ANN MELVIN, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; Chorus. • JOHN R. MERRYMAN, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; President of Wesley Foundation; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Committee of 100; Y.M.C.A.; Anchor and Chain; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • CHARLES E. MIDDLETON; Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa :Sigma. Second Row: • WAYNE R. MILES, Swifton; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • JAMES W. MILEY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Alpha Psi. • JEROME S. MILLER, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club; Marketing Club. • ALMA D. MISTILIS, Oxford; Education; Delta Zeta. • CHARLES F. MITCHELL, Walnut Grove; Liberal Arts. • DOROTHY B. MITCHELL, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Chorus, President. • CHARLES MONTGOMERY, Ackerman; Education. BELOW Firs+ Row: • RICHARD H. MONTGOMERY, Hattiesburg; Commerce. • BESSIE B. MORGAN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; CWENS; Panhellenic; Favorite; Cheerleader; University Players. • HARRY L. MORGAN, Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • MARY JANICE MORRIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, President. • BRITT T. MOORE, Tiplersville; Com- merce. • YANCY AL MOORE, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Intramural Council, Vice- President; Campus Senate; I.F.C. Dance Committee. • LIBBY R. MOUNGER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; University Chorus, Secretary; Girls Glee Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • PHYLLIS E. MULLEN, Paris, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Pi. • GEORGE J. MULLIS; Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society; " Mississippian " Staff. • GRLt ' ELY R. NASH, Amory; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BIDWELL B. NEAL, Paden; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • JAMES W. NEB- LETT, Morgan City; Engineering; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega. • HERBERT F. NELSON, Laurel; Commerce. • JOHN B. NELSON, Purvis; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Claiborne Society, Richard Montgomery Bessie Morgan Harry Morgan Mary Morris Britt Moore Yancy Moore, Jr. Libby Mounger Phyllis Mullen George Mullis Greely Nash Bidwell Neal James Neblett Herbert Nelson John Nelson 59 Harold Newcomb Leslie Newcomb David Newton Don Nichols Elizabeth Nichols Milford Nichols Tommye Nunnally James Oakley William Oakman J. Oates Madeline Occhipinti Carl Odom William O ' Donnell Edmund Ory ABOVE First Row: • HAROLD NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain; Engineering. • LESLIE NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts; B.S.U. • DAVID 5, NEWTON, Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi; I.F.C., B.M.C.; IFC Dance Committee; A.S.B. Floor tee. • DON M. NICHOLS, Raleigh, Tennessee; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MILFORD Q. NICHOLS, Baldwyn; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ELIZABETH NICHOLS, University; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Managing Editor, the " Mississippian. " • TOMMYE A. NUNNALLY, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Lambda Sigma; Theta Sigma Phi; Advertising Club; B.S.U. Council; " Mississippian " Staff; Y.W.C.A. Second Row: • JAMES D. OAKLEY, Lafayette, Tennessee; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • WILLIAM 0. MAN, Pantherburn; Commerce. • J. KENNEDY OATES, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Campus Senate; Rifle Team; Alpha Phi Omega. • MADELINE C. OCCHIPINTI, New Orleans, La.; Pharmacy; Campus Senate; W.A.A.; American Pharmaceutical Association. • CARL E. ODOM, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM F. O ' DONNELL, Nashville, Tennessee; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Psi; American tical Association. • EDMOND A. ORY, Jackson; Commerce; " Y " Cabinet. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MCA BELOW First Row: • JOANDA OSGOOD, Starkville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BETTY M. OSWALT, Friars Point; Liberal Arts; Alpha Lambda Delta. • KARK J. OTT, Osyka; Education; Sigma Chi; " M " Club; Executive Council. • H. JUSTIN OVILLE, Biloxi; Pharmacy. Second Row: • MARGARET C, OWEN, Charleston; Education; Phi Mu. • ROSEMARY R. Louisville; Liberal Arts; Band Majorette; " Mississippian " Staff; Campus Senate; Advertising Club; W.A.A. • WILLIAM C. PANNELL, JR., Blue Springs; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. • PATRICK W. PARKINSON, Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Joanda Osgood Betty Oswalt Kark Ott, Jr. H. Oville KARL OTT Margaret Owen Rosemary Owen William Pannell, J:. Patrick Parkinson President of Education School Charles Patrick Bill Patterson Mary Patton James Perabo Richard Perkins Gilbert Person Elmyra Pieroc:ch Sylvia Pippin Charles Prindle Charles Pringle Clarence Profilet William Pulliam Charles Pyle Patric ' a Ramey ABOVE First Row: • CHARLES R. PATRICK, Memphis; Liberal Arts. • BILL B. PATTERSON, Kingsport, Tennessee; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MARY ANN PATTON, Glendale, Missouri; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Wesley Foundation. • JAMES L. PERABO, Tupelo; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa. • RICHARD A. PERKINS, Norton Air Force Base, California; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club. • GILBERT H. PERSON, Lambert; Liberal Arts. • ELMYRA P. PIEROCICH, Gulfport; Pharmacy; Delta Zeta; American Pharmaceutical Association; W.A.A. Chairman. Second Row: • SYLVIA A. PIPPIN, Greenville; Education; Chi Omega; Favorite; Freshman Cheerleader; Scabbard and Blade Sponsor. • CHARLES 0. PRINDLE, Nyack, New York; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Phi Omega. • CHARLES K. PRINGLE, Biloxi; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Delta S igma. • CLARENCE PROFILET, Laurel; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; Band. • WILLIAM T. PULLIAM, Ashland; Pharmacy. • CHARLES R. PYLE, Saltillo; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • PA- TRICIA I. RAMEY, Kansas City; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Chorus; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Art Club, 1 BELOW First Row: • RAYMOND E. RAPE, Gulfport; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOANN RAY, Houston; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation, President; Committee of 100. • MARGARET READ, Tela, Honduras; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; W.A.A.; " Y. " • WILLIAM E. READY, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Swimming Team. • GEORGE C. REEVES, Tunica; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOLINA REICH, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Westminster Fellowship; Home Economics Club. • RICHARD H. REID, Louisville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • WILLIAM J. RISH, JR., Houston; Liberal Arts. • JACK W. ROBERTSON, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WALTER H. ROSE, Augusta, Georgia; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Historian; Intramural Council. • MARION D. ROTEN, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Debate Club. • OREN W. RUSSELL, Vicksburg; Commerce; President, Kappa Alpha Mu; Alpha Delta Sigma, Vice-President; University Concert Singers. • WILLIAM A. RUSSELL, Calhoun City; Commerce. • ELINOR D. SANSOM, Okolona; Education; Chi Omega. Raymond Rape Joann Ray Margaret Read William Ready George Reeves Jolina Reich Richard Reid William Rish, Jr. Jack Robertson Walter Rose Marion Roten Oren Russell William Russell Elinor Sansom 61 John Sawyer Reuben Scobey, Jr. Joseph Schoolfield Bobby Sellers Miles Shatter Charlene Shaw Marybec Shaw Maynard Shaw E. A. Shellnut, Jr. John Simmons, Jr. Alton Sims James Slay Maida Smith Martha Smith ABOVE First Row: • JOHN F. SAWYER, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Assistant Conductor of University Symphony; Band; Mississippians; Student Panel Music Department. • REUBEN B. SCOBEY, JR., Coffeeville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JOSEPH W. SCHOOLFIELD, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha Mu; Lambda Sigma; Photography Editor of " Mississippian. " • BOBBY N. SELLERS, DeSoto; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; I.F.C. • MILES M. SHATZER, Little Rock, Arkansas; Commerce; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Anchor and Chain. • CHARLENE M. SHAW, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • MARYBEC M. SHAW, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; Westminster Fellowship. Second Row: • MAYNARD D. SHAW, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Westminster Fellowship. • E. A. SHELLNUT, JR., Baldwyn; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN U. SIMMONS, JR., Gulfport; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALTON W. SIMS, Little Rock; Commerce; Sigma Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer; University Players. • JAMES SLAY, Waynesboro; Education. • MAIDA H. SMITH, Jackson, Alabama; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARTHA JEAN SMITH, Newton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer; Concert Singers, Secretary; " Mississippian " Staff; OLE MISS Staff. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI BELOW First Row: • MARY E. SMITH, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Lambda Sigma; " Mississippian " Staff. • PEGGY J. SMITH, Starkville; Education; Chi Omega. • SHIRLEY A. SMITH, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Band. • WAL- LACE R. SMITH, Marietta; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • WYATT M. SMITH, Tchula; Commerce. • THOMAS H. SPENCER, Jackson; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; American Society of Civil Engineers. • LOUIS J. STAEHLE, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; A.P.O.; Newman Club. • JOHN C. STAMM, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, No. II; Delta Sigma Pi, Head Master; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. Mary Smith Peggy Smith Shirley Smith Wallace Smith BILL EGAN Wyatt Smith Thomas Spencer Louis Staehle John Stamm, Jr. President of Engineering School Jerome Stenftenagel William Stephenson, Jr. William Stevens Wagner Stewart, Jr. Tommy Stewart James Stingily Elbert Stinson Harvey Stirewalt James Storment Clark Strain Wade Strickland William Switzer Abe Tahir, Jr. Frank Therrell ABOVE First Row: • JEROME A. STENFTENAGEL, Jasper, Indiana; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma; " M " Club; Varsity Basketball. • LIAM T. STEPHENSON, JR., Ackerman; Education. • WILLIAM F. STEVENS, Richton; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; A. D. S. • WAGNER I. STEWART, JR., Brookhaven; Engineering; Pershing Rifles. • TOMMY K. STEWART, Memphis; Commerce. • JAM ES R. STINGILY, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha, President; I. F. C., Vice-President; man of A.S.B. Dance Committee. • ELBERT R, STINSON, Forbus, Tennessee; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • HARVEY L. STIREWALT, Augusta, Georgia; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Beta Beta. • JAMES R. STORMENT, luka; Liberal Arts. • CLARK G. STRAIN, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WADE H. STRICKLAND, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • WILLIAM A. SWITZER, Columbus; Education; " M " Club. • ABE M. TAHIR, JR., Tchula; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Business Manager of " Mississippian " ; R.O.T.C.; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta Kappa. • FRANK C. THERRELL, Laurel; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. BELOW First Row: • BARBARA THOMPSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Y " Cabinet; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; CWENS. • BENNETT D. THOMPSON, Newton; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; American Pharmaceutical Association; Kappa Psi. • JAMES R. Crystal Springs; Education; " M " Club, Vice-President. • BOBBIE THROWER, son; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JANE TODD, Decatur, Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President of " Y " ; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; University Players. • DOROTHY J. TRAINER, Marks; Education. • BOBBY L. TRAMEL, Batesville; Engineeringi Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Society of American Engineers; Distinguished Military Student. Second Row: • MABEL L. TRANTHAM, Belzoni; Commerce; Chi Omega; Business Education Club. • MARVIN H. TRAUTH, Gretna, Louisiana; Education. • ROBERT G. TRAYLOR, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • EDWARD G. TREMMEL, Biloxi; Commerce; Newman Club. • ANNIE R. TROTT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Omicron. • JIMMY E. TURNER, University; Commerce. • PERRIN TURNER, Marks, Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. Barbara Thompson Bennett Thompson James Thornton Bobbie Thrower Jane Todd Dorothy Trainer Bobby Tramel Mabel Trantham Marvin Trauth Robert Traylor Edward Trammel Annie Trott Jimmy Turner Perrin Turner 63 Roudet Turner Victor Vance, Jr. Barbara Vernon Lamar Waddell Max Waldrop G:en Warren Leonard Warren Robert Weaver David Weinmann Bobby Wells Ann White Edward Wilkinson Lot ' s Willey, Jr. Jackie Williams ABOVE First Row: • ROUDET 0. TURNER, Richton; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • VICTOR VANCE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Commerce School, President; I.F.C., President; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Campus Senate; Legislative Council. • BARBARA A. VERNON, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • LAMAR P. WADDELL, Sallis; Commerce. • MAX L. WALDROP, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Business Education Club. • GLEN C. WARREN, Purvis; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Pharmacy School, President; American Pharmaceutical As- sociation, Vice-President; Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society; Welcoming Committee; B.S.U. Council. • LEONARD P. WARREN, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Campus Senate. Second Row: • ROBERT H. WEAVER, Tupelo; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Debate Club; I.F.C. • DAVID L. WEINMANN, Carriere; Liberal Arts; Lambda Sigma; B.S.U. • BOBBY J. WELLS, Smithdale; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association; B.S.U. • ANN P. WHITE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; University Players; Canterbury Club. • WARD H. WILKINSON, Hernando; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LOYS W. WILLEY, JR., Forest; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JACKIE M. WILLIAMS, Coahoma; Education; University Players. BELOW First Row: • MALCOLM M. WILLIAMS, Smithdale; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • MERRIL B. WILLIAMS, Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Captain; A.S.B. Floor Committee; I.F.C. Floor Com- mittee, Campus Senate. • SARA WILLIAMS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President; University Chorus; Campus Senate. • THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, Ocean Springs; Education. • HOWARD D. WILLIAMSON, Texas; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.S.; S.A.M.E., President. • CLYDE T. WILSON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arfs. Second Row: • CHARLES H. WINDHAM, JR., Mize; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JACK WITTJEN, Holly Springs Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Society. • ALICE L. WOO, Louise; Liberal Arts; Independents; Wesley Founda- tion; Y.W.C.A. • T. KINNAN WYNN, Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team; Canterbury Club. • GEORGE M. WYNNE, University; Liberal Arts; Pi Eta Sigma. Malcolm Williams Merril Williams Sara Williams St ' LU°,11 Howard Wi l!amson Clyde Wilson Charles Windham, Jr. Jack Wittien Alice Woo T. Wynn George Wynne 64 411 11- -01V4:94...51 MARYLAND JUNIOR FIRST ROW: LEWIS M. MICHAEL T. JUDY R, HOWARD E. ABERNATHY AIKEN ALDRICH ALFORD Jonesboro, Ark. Sardis Michigan City Osyka Commerce Liberal Arts Education Education Sigma Chi SECOND ROW: GEORGE E. HUGH G. FRANK EDWIN L. ALEXANDER BAIN BAIRD, JR. BAKER Greenville Jackson Greenville Summit Engineering Commerce Commerce Pharmacy Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma THIRD ROW: EDWIN F. JANICE L. BETTY JO GEORGE R. BARBER BARKLEY BARLOW BARNES Gulfport Belzoni Tylertown Jackson, Tenn. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Phi Delta Theta FOURTH ROW: CHARLES B. JERRY B. ALFRED H. EDWIN M. BARRACK BARRIER BARTLES BEATTY, JR. Louise Yazoo City Nashville, Tenn. Tiptonville, Tenn. Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Pharmacy Sigma Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Epsilon FIFTH ROW: JAMES A. CHARLIE H. MARY L, PHINIS K. BECKER, JR. BELL BELL BETHANY Brookhaven Water Valley Batesville Macon Liberal Arts Commerce Education Commerce Sigma Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Alpha Epsilon SIXTH ROW: GUY J. MARY L. ROBERT D. MELVIN B. BETH EA BICKERSTAFF BICKERSTAFF BISHOP Laurel Gulfport Moro, Ark. Grenada Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Commerce Alpha Tau Omega SEVENTH ROW: N. E. EVA N. DILLARD D. H. ERSKIN BLACKWELL BOGGAN BOLLS BONDS Plantersville Hickory Macon Laurel Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Delta Kappa Kappa Alpha Epsilon 66 CLASS NORRIS CALDWELL President of Graduate School FIRST ROW: JEANNINE L. BOUDREAUX Bourg, La. Liberal Arts JOHN W. BOWLI N Hickory Flat Liberal Arts Sigma Chi LUCAS G. BOYD Batesville Education WILLIAM R. BOYENS New York, N. Y. Engineering Phi Kappa Psi SECOND ROW: WILLIAM H. PEGGY J. PHILLIP W. ANN L. BRANDON, JR. BREWSTER BROOKS BRONN Clarksdale West Point Redlands, Calif. Natchez Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Education Phi Delta Theta Kappa Kappa Kappa Delta Gamma THIRD ROW: JOHN S. CLIFTON D. EDWARD ARCHIE P. BROWN BRYANT BRYON BUCKLEY New Orleans, La. Jackson Oxford Edwards Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Pharmacy Sigma Mu Pi Kappa Alpha FOURTH ROW: CLOVIS S. BETTY WILLIAM J. JO ANN BURCH BURGESS BURNEY BURNS Fulton Tutwiler West Point Oakland Pharmacy Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Kappa Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon FIFTH ROW: JOHN W. HARRY E. WILLIAM S. MARY LOU BURRESS BURROW, JR. BUSH BUTLER Baldwyn Gulfport Natchez Summit Pharmacy Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Delta Kappa Sigma Nu Kappa Kappa Epsilon Gamma SIXTH ROW: JERRY A. LOIS L LEOPOLDO LeROY L. BYARS BYRD CALDERON CALDWELL, JR. Senatobia Biloxi S. Salvador, Hollandale Liberal Arts Education El Salvador Commerce Sigma Pi Phi Mu Engineering Kappa Alpha SEVENTH ROW: ERNEST S. CAMP Weatherford, Texas Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Psi THOMAS H. CAMPBELL Yazoo City Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon RUSSELL H. AUGUSTUS F. CANNON CARRAWAY Bruce Bassfield Liberal Arts Pharmacy Pi Kappa Alpha 67 FIRST ROW: LYLE M. WILLIAM A. BETTY A. ELIZABETH A. CARROLL CARROLL, CASH CATCHINGS Natchez Richton Tulsa, Okla, Woodville Commerce Pharmacy Education Education Kappa Alpha Delta Gamma Kappa Delta SECOND ROW: ERNESTINE J. RUSSELL DOROTHY B. CHARLES H. CHANDLER CLINTON, III CLOWER COFFEY Clarksdale Tunica Gulfport Oxford Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Kappa Kappa Delta Psi Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma THIRD ROW: OLIVE J. GERALD B. MARVIN BILLY VAN COKER COLE COLEMAN COOPER Jackson Waynesboro Greenville Canton Education Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Chi Omega Sigma Nu FOURTH ROW: SCOTT E. GEORGE W. DON A, JOHN A. CONWAY COVINGTON CRANFORD CRAWFORD University Canton Seminary Louisville Pharmacy Engineering Pharmacy Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Epsilon FIFTH ROW: WILLIAM G. JIM M. MARGARET JACKIE CRENSHAW CRISS CROOK CURRY Memphis, Tenn. Grenada Jackson Philadelphia Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Education Sigma Alpha Phi Mu Delta Gamma Epsilon SIXTH ROW: TIM T, VIRGINIA A. EPHRAM E. STACY L. DAUGHERTY DAVENPORT DAVIDSON DAVIDSON, JR. Clarkton, Mo. Tupelo Oxford Pope Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Psi Kappa Delta Alpha Tau Omega SEVENTH ROW: OTHO LEE ROBERT E. SYLVIA B. VAN DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS, JR. Meridian Oxford Tula Lula Engineering Education Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Tau Omega 68 S JIM McCLURE President of Law School I FIRST ROW: RALPH D. DOYLE V. JAMES A. DIANE B. DAVISON DAY DAY DEHMER Greenville Potts Camp Marks Jackson Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Sigma Pi Sigma Chi Chi Omega SECOND ROW: JOHN H. PETER L. DAVID J. GENE L. DENT DeRUITER DESSAUER, JR. DONGIEUX New Orleans, La. Macon New Orleans, La. Yazoo City Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Beta Theta Pi Delta Kappa Epsilon THIRD ROW: JEWELL M. BETTY J. RICHARD B. MILDRED M. DORRIS DOTY DOUGLAS DOUGLASS Memphis, Tenn. Tupelo West Monroe, La. Oxford Education Education Pharmacy Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Omega FOURTH ROW: HINDMAN SARAH R. ERNEST R. WILLIAM A. DOXEY DOXEY DUFF DUNAWAY Holly Springs Holly Springs Columbia Pine Bluff, Ark. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Sigma Chi Delta Delta Delta Kappa Sigma Sigma Nu FIFTH ROW: SARA A. PATRICIA A. BAXTER 0. EUGENE D. DURBIN DYESS ELLIOTT, JR. ELLIS Falkner Petal Oxford Kosciusko Commerce Pharmacy Engineering Commerce Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha SIXTH ROW: KELLY A. DOT MARY E. LINDA ELLIS, JR. EWELL EXUM FARRIS Sunflower Dyer, Tenn. Vaughan Vicksburg Commerce Liberal Arts Education Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Della Gamma Zeta Tau Alpha SEVENTH ROW: CLARENCE I.. JAMES B. ROBERT ERNEST G. FERGUSON FINCH FITLER FLORA Weir luka Vicksburg Shugualak Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Delta Kappa Epsilon 69 1 R FIRST ROW: TOMMY H. WYATTE F. ELMER L. RALPH M. FOARD FOARD FONDREN FORTENBERRY Yazoo City Greenville Ma Bena Jackson Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Theta Pi Epsilon Epsilon SECOND ROW: POLLYE MARGE J. JAMES 0. BARBARA A. FRANKLIN GABLE GALLOWAY Moss Point Columbus Vardaman Oxford Education Engineering Pharmacy Commerce Chi Omega Delta Gamma THIRD ROW: WADE S. JAMES H. KNOX LLOYD H. GARNER GARRETT GARY GATES, JR. Grenada Beebe, Ark. Memphis, Tenn. Jackson Commerce Commerce Commerce Pharmacy Phi Delta Theta Sigma Chi Delta Tau Delta FOURTH ROW: JOHN B. BARRY JOHN R. ROBERT N. GATHRIGHT, JR. GERALD GERMANY, JR. GILLILAND Oxford Leland Shaw Sallis Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Pharmacy Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Sigma Nu Phi Delta Theta Epsilon FIFTH ROW: HUGH M. THOMAS L. ODIS R. LLOYD E. GOFORTH GOLDMAN GOODWIN GOODWINE Oxford Meridian Sardis Brookfield, Mo. Engineering Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha SIXTH ROW: ROBERT E. EDWARD GRIZELDA FRANK P, GRANT GRAUMAN GREEN GREGANTI Detroit, Michigan Helena, Ark. Fort Payne, Ala. Merigold Commerce Commerce Education Liberal Arts Phi Epsilon Pi Delta Delta Delta SEVENTH ROW: HARRY C. MARY K. HOWARD B, RUDOLPH V, GRIFFITH GRITTMAN GRUBBS GUILLOT Walls Drew Tylertown Thibodaux, La. Liberal Arts Education Pharmacy Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Sigma Delta Kappa Epsilon 70 CLASS BOB LOONEY President of Liberal Arts School FIRST ROW: SARA L. NORMAN J. FRANCIS E. JAMES F. GUTHRIE HAIR HALL HALL Pontotoc Andalusia, Ala. Greenville New Albany Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Delta Gamma Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Delta Kappa Epsilon SECOND ROW: ANTHONY J. GORDON V. MARY S. ADLIA L. HALLIGAN HAMILTON HARE HARRISON Savannah, Ga. Oxford Oxford Jackson Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Nu Delta Psi THIRD ROW: EDDIE F. SARAH R. THOMAS C. LEONARD HARWELL HARWELL HERREN HERRINGTON, JR Jackson Tupelo Paducah, Kentucky New Albany Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Chi Omega Sigma Chi FOURTH ROW: BUDDY B. PARKER B. MARY L. MARY E. HESTER HIGDON, JR. HILL HINTON Jackson Belzoni Water Valley Cleveland Liberal Arts Commerce Education Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Phi Mu FIFTH ROW: HAMPTON E. DAVID S. NANCY C. J. C. HOLLAND HOLMES HOUSE HUBBARD Jackson New Albany Cleveland Abbeville Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Chi Omega Sigma Chi Chi Omega SIXTH ROW: CLYDE 0. HOMER L. ETHYLENE WADE HURLBERT INGRAM JACKSON JACKSON Gulfport Philadelphia Booneville McMinnville, Tenn. Engineering Commerce Liberal Arts Pharmacy SEVENTH ROW: ANNE ROBERT W. FRANK CLARKE G. JACOLSON JARVIS JERNIGAN JOHNSON Memphis, Tenn. Booneville Pensacola, Fla. Greenville Liberal Arts Education Education Pharmacy Sigma Pi 71 FIRST ROW: HUGH R. WALTER ALFRED H. PAUL R, JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES JONES Columbia Yazoo City Jacksonville, Ala. Jonesville, La. Liberal Arts Commerce Engineering Commerce Kappa Sigma SECOND ROW: KATHRYN R. STEAVEN K. THOMAS R. JOAN JONES JONES JONES JORDAN Oxford Jackson Jackson Collins Commerce Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Delta THIRD ROW: ROBERT L. JO L. WILLIAM R. JAMES A. JORDAN JUMPER KEENE KELLY Kosciusko Etta Louisville Cla rksdale Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Education Sigma Phi Epsilon FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM W. CAROLYN C. BILLY R. ROBERT W. KERR KINCANNON KING KING Olive Branch Memphis, Tenn. Oxford Oxford Commerce Education Commerce Commerce Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma FIFTH ROW: ALBERT M. JAMES R. RALPH GEORGE L. KIRK KNIGHT, JR. KNIGHT KNISTER Tupelo Pontotoc Tupelo Clintonville, Wisc. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta SIXTH ROW: FRED E. FRANK A. WADE H. JEAN LACEY LaGRONE LaGRONE LAND Monroe, La, Baton Rouge, La. Vicksburg Clarksdale Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Delta Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: ED GERALD C. DAVID C. ROBERTSON M. LANEY LAWRENCE LEATHERMAN LEATHERMAN Martinez, Calif. Oxford Pineville. La, Robinsonville Education Education Pharmacy Liberal Arts Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Epsilon rp 72 S S BOBBY JABOUR President of Medical School FIRST ROW: LLOYD ARTHUR B. MACK ALLEN HENRY LEE LEWIS, JR. LEWIS, JR. LINTON, JR. Ocean Springs University Memphis, Tenn. Hattiesburg Education Liberal Arts Commerce Education Kappa Kappa Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Kappa Sigma Gamma Epsilon SECOND ROW: CARL T. HAROLD ELIZABETH CARL C. LIPE LOFTON LOWE LOWRY VANCE Brookhaven Glendora Greenwood Liberal Arts Commerce Education Engineering Phi Delta Theta Chi Omega THIRD ROW: JOANNE G. FRANCES R. TALBOT G. DOUGLAS S. LUCAS McCHAREN McCORMICK, JR. McDULLY Greenwood University Forest Tupelo Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Engineering Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Epsilon FIFTH ROW: BETTY A. JAMES T. MARTHA JOHN R. MacDONALD MADDUX, JR, MAGRUDER MALMO Memphis, Tenn, Indianola Itta Bena Memphis, Tenn. Education Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Kappa Delta Sigma Nu Kappa Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon SIXTH ROW: CLAUDE D. PETE DOUGLAS B. JOHN S. MALONE, JR. MANGUM MANNING MARASCALCO Oxford Rolling Fork Lyon Grenada Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: MARTHA J. JAMES R. PAUL J. MARY A. MARCUM MARKETTE MARTIN MASON Jackson, Tenn. Brookhaven Laurel Houlka Education Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Kappa Sigma Delta Zeta Epsilon FOURTH ROW: NEAL D. EDWARD M. BEN K. GAI E. McEACHARN McINTIRE McKAY McRAE Delhi, La. Ackerman Pelahatchie Hattiesburg Pharmacy Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta 73 E J 1 R FIRST ROW: FRANCES JERRY FELIX D. MARGARET 0. MAY MAY MESTAYER MICHEL Jackson Memphis, Tenn. New Iberia, La. Jackson Education Education Pharmacy Liberal Arts Chi Omega SECOND ROW: LEONARD C. CRAWFORD JOHN H. VIRGINIA P. MILLER MIMS MITCHELL MITCHELL Pototoc Greenwood Jackson Moss Point Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Omega THIRD ROW: LAURANCE N. RICHARD H. JOE G. CHARLES 0. MIZE MOHLER MONTGOMERY, MOORE Vicksburg Ocean Springs JR. Moselle Commerce Liberal Arts Clarksdale Pharmacy Alpha Tau Omega Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon FOURTH ROW: ROY F. ROBERT L. T. E. SARA MOORE MORRIS MORTMER MURPHEY Sledge Winona Belzoni Macon Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Gamma FIFTH ROW: EDWARD L, SHERMAN L. RUBYE ANN SARA K. MURPHREE MUTHS MYERS MYERS Okolona Gulfport Byhalia Mayersville Engineering Commerce Education Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Sigma Nu Phi Mu Delta Delta Delta Epsilon SIXTH ROW: MARY E. JUNE M. FRANCIS T. ROBERT E. NABORS NALTY NAPIER NEBLETT Batesville Brookhaven Picayune Morgan City Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Chi Omega Sigma Chi Sigma Chi SEVENTH ROW: NANCY G. ROSEMARY S. JIMMY L. SARAH K. NEELY NEILL NELSON NEWMAN Charleston Leland Oxford Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Education Phi Mu Phi Mu 74 CLASS GLEN WARREN President of Pharmacy School FIRST ROW: NORRELL H. JOHN R. BETTY J. JOHN 0. NOBLE NOLEN NOSSER NOTTINGHAM Grenada Jackson Vicksburg Kingsport, Tenn. Liberal Arts Commerce Education Commerce Phi Delta Theta Sigma Phi Epsilon SECOND ROW: ALICE C. ADA LEE GENE BETTY G. O ' FERRALL OGLESBY OGLETREE ORR Jackson Chatham Macon Como Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Pharmacy Liberal Arts Chi Omega Delta Gamma Chi Omega THIRD ROW: EMILE C. W. JOE BETTY J. JAMES R. OTT OVERBY PANZICA PARDUE Osyka Houlka Brookhaven Crowder Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Pharmacy Sigma Nu Delta Gamma FIFTH ROW: RAUL A. SARA V. BETTIE A. JAMES L. PASCUAL PATTON PEOPLES PETTIS Cigo de Avila, Cuba Jackson Liberal Arts Walnut Grove Liberal Arts Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma SIXTH ROW: JESSE P. JOE C. GERALD C. HAZEL D. PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PICKARD PICKENS Grenada Guys, Tenn. Biloxi Randolph Commerce Pharmacy Commerce Education SEVENTH ROW: WALTER J. MARITA M. ELIZABETH A. JOHNNY M. PIERRON, JR. PIGFORD PINKSTON PITTMAN Wisner, La. Lumberton Jackson, Tenn. Hattiesburg Pharmacy Commerce Liberal Arts Pharmacy Chi Omega Delta Gamma FOURTH ROW: RUSSELL E. IRBY M. EDD T. EUGENE M. PARDEE PARK PARKER PARKS Detroit, Mich. Memphis, Tenn. New Albany Senatobia Pharmacy Commerce Commerce Commerce Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Theta 75 II FIRST ROW: RONNIE L. JAMES D. ENOLA C, ERVIN W. PITTMAN POLK PORTER PRESTAGE Corinth Algoma Clarksdale Fulton Commerce Pharmacy Liberal Arts Commerce THIRD ROW: FRANK L. ROY H. BEN P. FRED G. QUIN RANDLE RAY RAY McComb Blue Mountain Pontotoc Eupora Pharmacy Pharmacy Commerce Commerce Phi Delta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha FOURTH ROW: ELIZABETH A. JACK FRANK .1, GEORGE W. RAY REED REILLY RHODES Pontotoc Silver City Jackson Cartersville, Ga. Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Engineering Delta Gamma Kappa Alpha FIFTH ROW: J. W. WILLIAM K. E. SHAW FIELDING B. RICHARDSON ROBERTS ROBISON, JR. ROBINSON Flora Canton Oxford Jackson Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Nu Kappa Alpha SIXTH ROW: ARTHUR J. BEVERLY A. DONALD R. DAVID E. ROGERS ROSS RUSHING RUTLEDGE Gulfport Yazoo City Iffa Bena Clarksdale Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Independents Phi Delta Theta Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: PAUL M. HELEN D. JOHN W. BETTY M. RYAN SALMON SAVAGE, JR. SCHNEIDER Pascagoula Evanston, Ill. Gulfport Jasper, Ind. Education Liberal Arts Commerce Education Kappa Delta Delta Psi Kappa Kappa Gamma SECOND ROW: L. C. MARIAMNE PATSY J. HENRY L. PRESTAGE, JR. PREWITT PRICE PUGH Fulton Bolivar, Tenn, Clarksdale Jackson Commerce Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Delta Chi Omega Phi Kappa Psi 76 CLASS JOHN GAUTIER Chairman of Judicial Council FIRST ROW: LEON C. ROBERT C. W. KELLY KENNETH C. SCOTT SCOTT SCOTT SEAWRIGHT, JR. Hickory Flat Nyack, N. Y. McKenzie, Tenn. New Albany Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Education Delta Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Epsilon SECOND ROW: TILDEN M. ROBERT M. JOE P. MILFORD E. SHANAHAN SHEFFIELD SHERMAN SHIRLEY Greenville Dorsey Clarksdale West Point Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Phi Delta Theta Sigma Nu THIRD ROW: JAMES H. SANDRA C. ANN BARBARA A. SHOEMAKER SIMPSON SLAYDEN SMITH Jackson Sumner Holly Springs Jackson Commerce Commerce Commerce Education Kappa Sigma Kappa Delta Delta Delta Delta Chi Omega FOURTH ROW: CLYDE A. GEORGE V. MURRAY W. MARION SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH Lake Jackson Lexington Natchez Pharmacy Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Sigma Pi Phi Delta Theta FIFTH ROW: DAVID L. DENNIS R. JOHN J. HARRY E. SNEED SPARKS SPATAFORA STANFORD Ecru Ripley Monroe, La. Luxora, Ark. Liberal Arts Education Pharmacy Commerce SEVENTH ROW: ROLAND G. BENJAMIN M. NANNETTE MEREDITH STETLER STEVENS, JR. STEWART STIGLER Dyersburg, Tani. Jackson Okolona Drew Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Kappa Delta SIXTH ROW: MARION A. EDWARD J. RICHARD A. MARY L. STEELE STENFTENAGEL STEPHENS STENNIS Bethany Jasper, Ind. Oxford Macon Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Delta Gamma 77 SECOND ROW: CALLIE MAE RONALD A. EDITH TOMMY SWANGO SWARTZ SWAYZE TALLEY Como Woodmere, N. Y. Corinth Paragould, Ark. Commerce Liberal Arts Education Engineering Chi Omega THIRD ROW: FRED L. BETTY JEAN CHARLES A. EMILY SUE TANNEHILL THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS Pineville, La. Jackson Picayune Tupelo Pharmacy Education Pharmacy Education Kappa Sigma Delta Zeta Chi Omega FOURTH ROW: MARION R. KATHRYN A. CAROLYN RUTH TINNIN TODD TOLER TOLSON Inverness Grenada Jackson Oxford Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Delta Gamma Kappa Delta FIFTH ROW: GEORGE W. JO ANN MARSHALL D. SHELTON B. TRUETT TURNER VANCE VANCE Jackson, Tenn. Yazoo City Forrest City, Ark. Batesville Education Education Commerce Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Sigma Nu Delta Psi SIXTH ROW: DOUGLAS R. HARMON M. EDWARD R. LUCY L. WAITE WALKER, WALL WALLACE Plattekill, N. Y. Holly Springs Newton Kosciusko Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Gamma Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: JAMES H. RONALD W. CAROLYN A. WARD WASCHKA WATKINS Vardaman Memphis, Tenn. Prairie Point Pharmacy Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Delta Gamma Epsilon FIRST ROW: JOHN W. EMERY J. MAUDE L. EDNA STITT STRANGE SUGG SULLIVAN Clarksdale Greenville Jackson Baldwyn Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Kappa Alpha Chi Omega J ' A I 0 R 78 CLASS GEORGE HOWELL President of O.D.K. FIRST ROW: BILLY J. VERNON L. WALTER E. TED J. WATSON WATSON WATTS WEBB Marks Quitman Brookhaven Kosciusko Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Epsilon SECOND ROW: DOROTHY B. HOWARD A. DICK ELI M. WEEMS WELTNER WESTERMAN WHITAKER Hattiesburg Franklin, Pa. Hernando Grenada Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Commerce Delta Delta Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon THIRD ROW: ANNE C. CHARLES N. GEORGE S. LEON WHITE WHITE WHITE WIGGINTON Osceola, Ark. Tunica Memphis, Tenn. Baldwyn Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Commerce Chi Omega Delta Psi Sigma Nu FOURTH ROW: RUBY J, MARTHA CAROLYN WILLIAM H. WIGGINTON WIGLAMA WI LK I NS WILLIAMS Baldwyn Gary, Indiana Yazoo City Koscuisko Liberal Arts Education Liberal Education Kappa Kappa Chi Omega Gamma FIFTH ROW: REBA F. GEORGE R. JAMES C. JAMES W. WILLIAMSON WILSON WILSON, JR. WILSON Baldwyn Batesville Columbus Richton Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Omega SIXTH ROW: JOHN H. ROBERT B. LOUIS J. ROBERT L. WILSON WILSON WISE WOLD Jackson Oxford Yazoo City Biloxi Commerce Engineering Liberal Arts Education Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha SEVENTH ROW: CHARLES D. WILLIAM S. ARNOLD L. WOODS YERGER YOUNG Bentonia Jackson Crystal Springs Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Kappa Alpha 79 1 E Fl RST ROW: ROBERT M. JOE H. COLLINS M. WILLIAM R. ACEVEDO ADAMS, JR. AKIN AIKINS Biloxi Charleston Aberdeen Osgood, Ind, Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Theta Xi Sigma Chi Kappa Sigma SECOND ROW: KATHRYN M. JOY JOHN M. JOHN W. ALFORD ALLISON ALLRED ANDERSON Hazlehurst Tippo Collins Magnolia Education Liberal Arts Commerce Pharmacy Kappa Delta Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Psi THIRD ROW: RICHARD E. BILLIE RUTH NANCY A. NANCY L, ANDERSON ARMSTRONG ARRINGTON BAGWELL Greenville Tupelo Hazlehurst Oxford Liberal Arts Education Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Pi Phi Mu FOURTH ROW: BOB L. JANE A, RICHARD W. SUZANNE BAILEY, JR. BAKER BALL BANCROFT Sumner McComb Columbia Memphis Commerce Education Commerce Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Kappa Sigma Garoma Epsilon Epsilon SIXTH ROW: ROBERT L. ALICE H, ROBERT L. MARY LLOYD BECK BELL BENNETT BETTS Clarksdale Holly Springs North Carrollton Holly Springs Commerce Education Engineering Commerce Sigma Alpha Kappa Kappa Epsilon Gamma SEVENTH ROW: THOMAS A. MARGARET A. GERALD B. WILLIS W. BICKERSTAFF, JR. BIRMINGHAM BISHOP BLACK Oxford Olive Branch Plantersville West Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Education Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Mu FIFTH ROW: BOBBY JOE EDWIN J. JOHN G. ROBERT G. BARBER BARNES BARNETT BARNETT Jackson, Tenn, Clarksdale Humboldt, Tenn. Oxford Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Phi Delta Theta 80 PAT McN EASE President of Mortar Board 81 FIRST ROW: MARGARET M. KATHERINE BEDFORD C. NORMA C. BLAKE BONNEY BRADLEY BRADSHAW Chattanooga, Tenn. Laurel Clarksdale Jackson Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Delta Delta Delta Sigma Alpha Chi Omega Gamma Epsilon SECOND ROW: RODGERS EDWARD J. PATRICK JOE D. BRASHIER BRENT, JR. BROGAN BROWN Jackson Pascagoula Grosse Point Farms, Greenwood Education Engineering Mich. Engineering Kappa Sigma Engineering Alpha Tau, Omega THIRD ROW: LARRY C. MARY E. VANDY WINSTON R. BROWN BROWN BROWN BRUCE Summit Water Valley Mount Pleasant, Etta Education Liberal Arts Texas Commerce Engineering FOURTH ROW: HAROLD 0. VIVIAN M. MARGIE L. OLGA B. BRUNSON, JR, BRYANT BUCHANAN BUCKLEY Meridian Mount Olive Oxford Enterprise Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Education Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta FIFTH ROW: JOE C. WILLIAM T. HAL W. BILLY G. BUCKLEY BURRUS BUSCHING BUTLER Biloxi Moorhead Jackson Oxford Pharmacy Commerce Commerce Commerce Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha SIXTH ROW: NANCY N. JEAN JAMES E. ROBERT A. BYNUM BYRD CARPENTER CARROLL Ellisville Meridian Santa Fe, Jackson Commerce Liberal Arts New Mexico Commerce Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Commerce Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma SEVENTH ROW: SARAH C. ROBERT D. RICHARD S. McKINLEY R. CAUSEY CHILDRES CHILDS CLARK Sardis Senatobia Keiser Richton Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Delta ICRE ROW: C Y HELEN LIFT Tupelo Commerce Delta Delta Delta SECOND ROW: JAMESW. C °L.LINS Holly Springs Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha THIRD ROW: mC) CRLLIE R. A D Seminary Education ROW: JOE C. o RUmBLEy Laurel Pharmacy Sigma FIFTH ROW: c D Vs I T. JR ° N A. Natchez Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Epsilon SIXTH ROW: M. ETTOR M Sardis Liberal Arts Ro ROBERT DREWRyG. Memphis Commerce JULIA A. GLOWER Sunflower Liberal A Phi Mu Arts SYLVIA E, C0 _ LL Ns Laurel Liberal Arts Kappa Delta BERM° CR -ND E. . Biloxi JOHN - pN P. EBBER, I Hattiesburg g Kappa Arts p Pa Alpha DAWSON Magnolia Pharmacy DDAVID icA Y I D L Shannon Education I-Ou IsE DUDLEY Clarksdale Liberal Chi tal Arts Omega ROBERT E. . Yazoo Comm Sigma EpsiloAnlloha MAX D. COOPER Bentonia Pi K Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha RICHARD L. CRoLL Butler. Penn. Liberal Alpha Arts a Tau Omega RUFUS L. DALTON Centreville Comm. Kappa Commerce p a Sigma WILLIAM M. DAY M Inverness Engineering Sigma ing Allph Epsilon Alpha E G GEORGEE D. Pitt BAUGH En Pittsburgh, Engineering Phi Kappa Psi DAVID 0 COLE West p LiberalPoint Sigma Arts Chi WILLIAM . H COX, JR. Jackson Liberal Phi D Arts Delta Theta M. M Jackson Engineering Theta P PAUL W. DANIELS Columbia Commerce " a Sigma JANE G. tA .ARE D ST Plainfield, N J. Delta Arts ' a Delta Delta KATHRYN DU ; NAN Liberal A Beta Arts et a Sigma BUTLER B DiGILIO Tupelo MARVIN CommerceOSS E. Ka merc Kappa sigma Houston LpiibeKral Arts Alpha 82 ROSE MARIE LEONARD President of W.S.G.A. FIRST ROW: JOHN E. JAMES T. CONSTANCE B. CHARLES H. DUNLAP DUNN EARL EASOM Batesville Clarksdale Port Sulphur, La. Walnut Grove Commerce Commerce Education Commerce Phi Delta Theta Kappa Kappa Alpha Tau Omega Gamma SECOND ROW: KATHLEEN BARBARA A. OLLIE H. THOMAS W. EAVENSON EDWARDS EDWARDS ELLIOTT Marks Canton West Point Oxford Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Engineering Kappa Kappa Kappa Sigma Gamma THIRD ROW: ROBERT F. KENITH G. GUY C. FRED F. EVANS EXUM FAGGARD FARMER Vicksburg Tchula Wade Jackson Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Pi Phi Delta Theta FOURTH ROW: EDWARD B. SAMUEL J. WILLIAM M. BENNETT S. FAULKNER FIELDER FLOWERS FONG Sardis Osceola, Ark. Brookhaven Benoit Engineering Pharmacy Liberal Arts Pharmacy FIFTH ROW: DOUGLASS L, KAY GEORGE E. BILLY J. FONTAINE FORT FOWLER FULLER Way Jackson Rose Hill Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Phi Delta Theta Chi Omega SIXTH ROW: LUTHER JAMES W. JIMMIE LEE H. BERNARD FRAZIER GAITHER, JR. GAITHER GAUTIER New Albany Pensacola, Fla. Ripley Pascagoula Commerce Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Phi Delt a Theta SEVENTH ROW: KINLOCH SHIRLEY L. MARY L. GLENDA GILL GILLESPIE GILLIAM GLENN Senatobia Meridian Union, Tenn. Corinth Liberal Arts Education Commerce Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Chi Omega 83 • FIRST ROW. DENNIS L. JAMES I. JOSEPH V. A. THERESA GRAHAM GRAVES GRECO A. GRIMES Bentonia Picayune Tickfaw, La. Vicksburg Education Commerce Pharmacy Commerce Sigma Nu Kappa Kappa Gamma SECOND ROW: SYLVIA L. JACK P. LOYCE D. WILLIAM E. GUYTON HAGINS HALE, JR. HARKEY New Albany Holly Springs West Point Sharon, Tenn. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Alpha Sigma Nu Epsilon THIRD ROW: BETTYE J. GEORGE TOMMY A. RICHARD M. HARPER HARRIS HARRIS HARVEY Newport, Ark. Franklin, Penn. Tunica Newtonville, Mass. Education Education Commerce Engineering Kappa Kappa Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Omega Gamma FOURTH ROW: SAM F. ROBERT A. JAMES G. MARY P. HART HATCHER NAUGHTON HAVEN Canton Scott Amory Pensacola, Fla. Liberal Arts Commerce Pharmacy Commerce Sigma Chi Sigma Chi FIFTH ROW: JOSEPH W. RICK S. JERRY E. NORMA L. HAYES HENDRICK HENDERSON HERRING Farmhaven Covington, Tenn. Waynesboro Como Engineering Commerce Pharmacy Commerce Sigma Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon SIXTH ROW: GEORGE D. GEORGE H. HOSEA E. FRANCES W. HIGHTOWER HILL HOLCOMBE HOLLOMAN Webb Manhasset, N. Y. Coldwater Memphis Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta SEVENTH ROW: EMMETT P. MARGARET A. B. A. JAMES H. HOLLOWELL HOLMES HOLADAY, III HOMA N, JR. Clarksdale Yazoo City Louise Shannon Commerce Education Commerce Liberal Arts Chi Omega Kappa Sigma SOPH ' M ,2 E 84 CL SS PARHAM WILLIAMS President of Y.M.C.A. 85 FIRST ROW: RICHARD D. PATSY R. WILLO D. JAMES W. HOOKER HORNE HORTON HOWELL Long Beach Gulfport West Helena, Ark. Corinth Commerce Education Commerce Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi Kappa Delta SECOND ROW: RHETA J. WENDELL P. ILANETTE HAROLD M. HOWELL HOYLE HUFF HUEY Wilmer, Ala. Gulfport Drew Pontotoc Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Pharmacy Delta Zeta Phi Mu THIRD ROW: ROBERT J. GERALD S. RAY ROBERT L. HUSSEY HYTKEN JAMES JENKINS Memphis Belzoni Stuttgart, Ark. Clarksdale Commerce Liberal Arts Education Commerce Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Delta Theta FOURTH ROW: BOBBY E. JO JOHN A. CAROLYN V. JENNINGS JOHNSON JOHNSON, JR. JONES Lambert Ft. Worth, Texas Henderson, Tenn. Jackson Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Education Kappa Kappa Phi Delta Theta Delta Delta Delta Gamma FIFTH ROW: GEORGE E. HOWARD P. J. WALKER JEFF JONES JONES JONES JONES Canton Sherard Holly Springs Memphis Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce SIXTH ROW: MARGARET R. WILLIAM D. CLARENCE A. BONNIE J. JORDAN KOESTLER KENT KEYES Stoneville Greenville Golden Gulfport Education Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Phi Mu Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta SEVENTH ROW: BOBBY F. FANNIE JEAN ROBERT W. KENNETH D. KING KING KRUTZ, JR. LACKEY Oxford Pontotoc Belzoni Shannon Liberal Arts Education Pharmacy Education Kappa Alpha FIRST ROW: RALPH L. RICHARD R. GEORGE H. L. BOYD LANDRUM LAWS LEACH LETCHER Jackson Columbus Magnolia, N. J. Gulfport Liberal Arts Pharmacy Engineering Commerce Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Psi Kappa Alpha SECOND ROW: THOMAS G. JULIA N. JAMES L. JOSEPH F. LILLY LIPSCOMB LOVORN LUIS( Charleston Greenville Louisville Jersey City, N. J. Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Chi Omega FOURTH ROW: ANN JAMES R. WILLIAM T. DON A. McCOY McDOWELL, JR, McGEHEE McGRAW Baltzer Memphis Canton Jackson Education Commerce Commerce Commerce Delta Delta Delta Phi Delta Theta FIFTH ROW: WILLIAM S. ANN BOBBY DEAN R, McINTIRE McINTYRE McKINNEY McM ILLAN Chester Louisville Corinth Water Valley Pharmacy Education Education Pharmacy Phi Mu SEVENTH ROW: JACK P. JAMES HELEN L. MARTHA M. MATHIS MATTHEWS MAY MAYNARD New Albany Jackson, Tenn. Oxford Clarksdale Pharmacy Education Education Sigma Pi Chi Omega THIRD ROW: JOSEPH T. HAZEL W. PHILIPS R. RICHARD F. LYLE McCAIN McCARTY McCARTHY Newton Memphis Crosby Hattiesburg Pharmacy Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Pharmacy Pi Kappa Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Sigma SIXTH ROW: JOSEPH A. RUDY H. ETHEL W. CHARLES R, MAGGIO, JR, MALONE MALOY MANDLY Monroe Memphis Pensacola, Fla. Crown Point, Ind. Pharmacy Education Liberal Arts Engineering Zeta Tau Alpha SEP OMORE 86 JANE TODD President of Y.W.C.A. FIRST ROW: RAY RALPH G. JACK R. WYNDELL B. MEDLEY METCALFE MILLIGAN MOODY Crestview, Fla. Cleveland Oxford Pascagoula Education Liberal Arts Engineering Commerce Kappa Sigma SECOND ROW: MALCOLM S. ROBERT C. THOMAS EDWARD A. MOORE MOORE MOORE MORGAN Tupelo Memphis Long Beach Oxford Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Commerce Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Sigma THIRD ROW: MARY A. NANCY C. JOHN D. ALLEN MORGAN MULLIN MURFF MUIRHEAD Oxford Memphis Baltimore, Md. Canton Education Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Kappa Delta Delta Zeta Phi Kappa Psi FOURTH ROW: HARRY E. PATSY A. JOE E. GITA V. MOORE MURPHY NEELY NERINGS Sebastopol Belzoni Shannon Horn Lake Pharmacy Commerce Education Commerce Delta Delta Delta FIFTH ROW: PAUL E. MARTHA F. H. ELOWEEN JANE NEWMAN NICHOLAS OAKES O ' KEEFE Liberty Oxford Oxford Clarksdale Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Education Zeta Tau Alpha Chi Omega SIXTH ROW: CARL J. JOSEPH G. DENNIS GERRY R. OLANDER OLIVER OTT PANKRATZ Jackson Hernando Osyka Oxford Pharmacy Pharmacy Education Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta SEVENTH ROW: BETTY JANE LEA C. JAMES R. DAVID H. PARKS PASLAY PATTON, JR. PEEL, JR. Sherman Sardis Greenville Greenwood Liberal Arts Education Education Education Kappa Kappa Gamma 87 11PNOMORE 1 FIRST ROW: PAULA FRANK JIMMIE T. ROBERT J. PEMBLE POTTS POWERS PRIESTER Shelby Memphis Crystal Springs Enterprise Commerce Commerce Engineering Commerce Chi Omega Delta Kappa Epsilon SECOND ROW: EDWIN A. JIMMY R. CHARLES F. HENRY L. PRICE PULLEY RAMSEY RANDALL Jayess Pontotoc Campbell, Mo. Meridian Pharmacy Commerce Engineering Commerce Phi Kappa Psi Kappa Alpha FIFTH ROW: LETA M. WILLIAM H. PATRICIA GEORGE S. RUSH RUSH SAGE SAIG Meridian Meridian Bruce Earle, Ark. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Kappa Delta Sigma Alpha Delta Gamma Kappa Sigma Epsilon SIXTH ROW: MITCHELL M. JOE V, DONALD B. JOHN C. SALLOUM SAMPOGNARO SAMUELS SATTERFIELD, JR. Gulfport Monroe, La. Brookhaven Jackson Commerce Pharmacy Commerce Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Beta Theta Pi SEVENTH ROW: FRANCES JANE M. HARRY L. WARREN B. SCOTT SCRUGGS SEEGER SEELY, JR, Oxford Greenwood Fayette Pascagoula Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Engineering Kappa Kappa Alpha Tau Omega Gamma THIRD ROW: EUGENE E. MARJORIE TOMMY L. ELIZABETH A. RANDLE RATLIFF RIGGINS ROARK Guntown Belzoni Martin, Tenn. Water Valley Commerce Commerce Pharmacy Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega Delta Delta Delta FOURTH ROW: MONA KAY GEORGE C. ANN MARY B. ROBBINS ROBERTS, JR. ROBINSON ROBINSON Thaxton Greenwood Grenada Waterford Commerce Pharmacy Commerce Commerce Phi Kappa Psi Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta 88 SNOOKIE WILLIAMS Captain of Scabbard and Blade FIRST ROW: JOHNNY B. PAT K. CHARLES L. ARCHIE L. SHARP SHARP SHARPE SHEPHERD Oxford La Follette, Tenn. Tupelo Hollandale Liberal Arts Pharmacy Engineering Education Sigma Pi SECOND ROW: THOMAS B. JEAN BERTIE CHARLES W. SHEPHERD, JR. SHIRLEY SHORTRIDGE SHUMATE Lexington Memphis Jackson Tiptonville, Tenn. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Chi Omega Alpha Tau Omega THIRD ROW: JAMES W. MARVIN A. ALICE E, DENNIS N. SHUMATE SIMMONS SIMROE SIMS Oakland, Calif. Monticello Arlington Heights, Camden, Ark. Engineering Commerce III. Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Kappa Sigma Education Epsilon FOURTH ROW: ROBERT B. WILLIAM A. CHARLES E. EDWARD L. SIMS SIMS SLEDGE SMALLWOOD Brandon Brandon Sunflower New Albany Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi FIFTH ROW: WILLIAM C. CHARLES R. EVA SUE BYRD C. SMALLWOOD SMITH SMITH SORRELLS, JR. New Albany Biloxi Booneville Greenville Commerce Liberal Arts Education Commerce Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha SIXTH ROW: JAMES E. LESLIE B. TIMMY E. HAL S. SORRELS SPENCER SPIERS SPRAGINS West Point Jackson Osceola Senatobia Commerce Commerce Education Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta SEVENTH ROW: CHARLES 0, ALFRED L. HAROLD GILBERT H, STANBACK STEINDORFF STEVENS STOKES Byhalia Jackson, Tenn, Anguilla New Albany Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Commerce Sigma Nu 8 9 1E S P 111 E FIRST ROW: PATRICIA L. RUTH E. ALICE H. GEORGE B. STOUT STREETER TANKERSLEY TAYLOR Jackson Bassett Oxford Brooksville Education Pharmacy Education Commerce Delta Gamma Kappa Delta SECOND ROW: ROBERT W. WILLIAM N. LIONEL G. JO ANN A. TAYLOR TEMPLE THERIOT THOMAS Brooksville Texarkana, Ark. Saint Martinville, Beaumont, Texas Liberal Arts Commerce La. Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta THIRD ROW: MELVIN WILLIAM B. FRANCIS M. FASER THOMAS THOMPSON TINDALL TRIPLETT Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Meridian Louisville Liberal Arts Liber al Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta FOURTH ROW: JAMES V. DORIS CHARLES E. HAROLD R. TUGGLE, JR. TULPIN TYLER VANN Magee Rochester, III. Batesville Syracuse, N. Y. Education Education Commerce Pharmacy Delta Gamma Phi Epsilon Pi FIFTH ROW: SAMMY S. BILL M. ROBERT F. JOHN D. VINCI WALKER WALTMAN WAY Woodville Aberdeen Pass Christian Columbus, Ohio Liberal Arts Commerce Engineering Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Beta Theta Pi Phi Kappa Psi SIXTH ROW: BILL G. WADE PAUL AMY C. WEBB WEBSTER WELLS Corpus Chr isti, Oxford Oxford Texas Engineering Liberal Arts Education Phi Delta Theta 90 CLASS ROBERT HODGES and FRANK ALEXANDER Editor and Business Manager of the Mississippi Law Journal FIRST ROW: JAMES A. LEONARD M. JOHN H. MARGARET ANN WEST WHEELER WHITE WHITE Guntown Olive Branch McComb Dallas, Texas Pharmacy Commerce Pharmacy Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Delta SECOND ROW: JOHN H. DAVID L. JOHN W. CAROLE B. WHITWORTH WILES WILKS WILLIAMS Pontotoc Whifeville, Tenn. Blytheville, Greenwood Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Zeta Tau Alpha FOURTH ROW: MELVIN C. ROBERT RAY BOBBY WILSON WILSON WINDHAM WIYGUL Monticello Oxford Mize Mooreville Education Pharmacy Liberal Arts Pharmacy Kappa Sigma FIFTH ROW: RAY L. WILLIAM H. SAM M. SYLVIA L. WOOCK WOOD WOODWARD WOOTEN Lockport, Illinois Red Bay, Ala. Oxford Memphis Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Epsilon SIXTH ROW: GENE A. JOHN A. YATES ZAGONE Shelby Monroe, La. Commerce Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta THIRD ROW: GEORGE R. LEWIS E. ED H. PAUL D, WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIFORD WILLINGHAM Vaiden Winnfield, La. Jackson Tunica Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Kappa Sigma 91 FRES M, 1 FIRST ROW: ROBERT 0. HUGH H. BETTE BRYANT M. ADAMS ALBRITTON ALLEN ALLEN Amory Gulfport Indianola Jackson Education Commerce Liberal Arts Engineering Kappa Sigma Chi Omega Kaopa Sigma SECOND ROW: FRANK E. VAUGHN S. CHARLES A. SIDNEY G. ALLEN, JR. ALLISTON ALSTON ALSTON Canton Florence Macon Jackson Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Epsilon THIRD ROW: BRUCE F. SCOTTYE A. JEAN W. MAX H. ANDERSON ANDREWS ARNOLD ARNOLD Beebe, Arkansas Oxford Louisville, Kentucky Sardis Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Phi Mu Sigma Nu FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM H. CHARLES E. LOUISE M. DONALD H. AUSTIN, JR. AVARITT, Ill AZLIN BABCOCK Lake Cormorant Pine Bluff, Arkansas Leland Morrisville, N Y. Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta Alpha Tau Omega Delta Delta Delta FIFTH ROW: KATHRYN FRANK C. FOREST C. BONNIE BAILEY BAKER BALL BARHAM Oxford Corinth Columbia Belzoni Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Education Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta SIXTH ROW: SAM R. NATHANIEL ALBERT S. LE1A E. BARRANCO BEASLEY BELANGER BELK Grenada Murfreesboro, Tenn. Morgan City, La. Holly Springs Commerce Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: CHARLES E. LEONARD F. SIDNEY R. EARL E. BELL BELLINGRATH BERRY BLAIR Pope Pine Arkansas Canton Pascagoula Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Chi Phi Delta Theta 92 CLASS JIM STINGILY Chairman of A.S.B. Dance Committee THIRD ROW: TOMMY L. HAROLD A. MARJORIE A. WILLIAM R. BROOKS BROOME BROWN BROWN Tupelo Batesville New Albany Oxford Commerce Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Delta Psi Delta Gamma Sigma Alpha Epsilon FOURTH ROW: JAMES C. ALBERT M. HAROLD R. CECIL W. BULLARD BULLOCK BURCHAM BURFORD, JR. Ripley Meridian Lacenter, Kentucky Como Liberal Arts Commerce Engineering Education Sigma Chi FIFTH ROW: CHARLES L. JAMES N. GERALD L. ANNE B. BURLESON BUSBY BUSH BUSH Greenwood Meridian Crystal Springs Laurel Education Engineering Education Education Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta SIXTH ROW: CLYDE M. JAMES H. JUDITH THOMAS W. BUTLER, JR. BUTLER BUTLER BUTLER New Albany McComb Batesville Pontotoc Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Kappa Delta SEVENTH ROW: JERRY CHESTER G. ERNEST C. CLAUDE W. BYNUM CADDAS CADDEN, JR. CALDWELL Corinth Martin, Tennessee Amory New Albany Education Pharmacy Liberal Arts Commerce FIRST ROW: JAMES R, ROBERT W. WILLIAM B. LAURA M. BLAIR BLUE BONDS BOYER Quitman Quitman Martin, Tennessee Nabb, Indiana Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Zeta Tau Alpha SECOND ROW: THOMAS P. STEPHEN A. LOTTIE E. ADONIS BRADY, JR. BRAUN BRENT BRIDGERS Brookhaven Biloxi Jackson Belzoni Liberal Arts Commerce Education Education Sigma Alpha Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Epsilon 93 FQESI1MAN FIRST ROW: DUNCAN B. JOHN B. VINCENT A. EDDIE E. CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CARBONAR CARDENAS Vicksburg De Kalb Philadelphia, Pa. Pensacola, Florida Commerce Liberal Arts Education Commerce Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi SECOND ROW: TED E. JOE M. PATSY A. SIDNEY H. CARLEY, JR. CAUTHEN, JR. CAVANAUGH CHAFFI N Columbia Lexington Oxford Hayti, Missouri Commerce Education Education Commerce Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha THIRD ROW: SHIRLEY R. DAVID L. ANNE R. CARL R, CLELAND CLIPPINGER COCHRAN COERS Sardis Kosciusko Corinth Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Delta FOURTH ROW: ROSE A. BARBARA A. JAMES P. CHARLES W. COLHOUN COLLUMS COLVIN CONNELL Holly Springs Bruce Centerville, Tenn, Clarksdale Education Commerce Commerce Commerce Delta Zeta Delta Kappa Phi Delta Theta Epsilon FIFTH ROW: JAMES L. JOE T. JOHN W. BOBBY M. CONNAWAY COOK COPE COX Forrest City, Ark. Columbia Hollandale West Point Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Kappa Sigma Beta Theta Pi SIXTH ROW: THOMAS H. EDWARD S. WADE H. ROBERT L. CRAIG CRAWFORD CREEKMORE CROOK Houston Jackson Jackson Ruleville Liberal Arts Education Commerce Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: DAVID A. LAURENS H. GERALD P. THOMAS A. CROW CROWELL, JR. CRYSTAL CURREY Senatobia Gulfport Jackson Amory Engineering Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Sigm a Alpha Sigma Nu Phi Epsilon Pi Epsilon 94 C 1. A S BENNY BRADY President of the Rebel Band FIRST ROW: ANN B. MARGARET A. CHARLES M. ROBERT G, CURRY DARDEN DARLING DAVIS Memphis Myrtle Mineral Wells Lula Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Pharmacy Liberal Arts Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Alpha Tau Omega SECOND ROW: HERMAN LINDA ANN MORRIS L. JAMES W. " EAGLE " DeMETZ DENTON DeRUITER DAY Pass Christian Oxford Macon Columbia Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Kappa Delta Beta Theta Pi THIRD ROW: NANCY J. HAROLD H. CALEB MARION E. DICKSON DIXON DORTCH DORTCH Greenwood Hattiesburg Jackson Paducah, Kentucky Commerce Commerce Commerce Education Phi Mu Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Omega FOURTH ROW: CARL S. GENE H. CHARLES E. DUDDLESTON DOWNING DUBUISSON DUCK BESSIE N. Oxford Pascagoula Lexington, Tenn. Oxford Engineering Education Education Education Phi Delta Theta Kappa Delta FIFTH ROW: BRADFORD J. BARNEY E. ALLAN G. A. ROY DYE EATON EDGAR EDGINGTON Grenada Gulfport Jackson Pine Arkansas Commerce Commerce Commerce Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi SIXTH ROW: HENRY L. MARY M. KERMIT R. CAROL B. ELDREDGE ELLIOTT ESCUDIER FAGAN Columbus Jackson LaFayette, La. Jackson Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Education Delta Gamma Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Delta SEVENTH ROW: SYLVIA M. GEORGE T. CHARLES W. BOBBY F. FARRIS FAVA FERRELL FISHER Vicksburg Pass Christian Batesville Lexington Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Education 95 FRESHMAN 0 I L 2 FIRST ROW: WILLIAM D. FRANCES G. PEGGY J. CHARLES G. FITTS FLEMING FLOYD FORBES Byhalia Falcon Snyder, Texas Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Delta Delta Delta Phi Kappa Psi Gamma SECOND ROW: WILLIAM E. CLIFFORD G. VIRGINIA T. VIRGINIA M. FORTENBERRY FOX FRASER FRAZIER Tylertown Oxford Columbus Beulah Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi Delta Gamma THIRD ROW: MARY G. ROGER P. IRVING L. N. SUE FREDRICKSON FRIOU FULLER, JR. FULLER Sardis Tupelo Hilton Village, Va. Oxford Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon FOURTH ROW: EDWARD A. GENE WOODROW E. JIM L FURR GADDIS GARDNER GARNER Tupelo Jackson Tupelo McComb Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Chi Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu Phi D elta Theta FIFTH ROW: GEORGE B. MARY L. WALTER J. VIRGINIA A. GARRETT GARRETT GARRIGA, JR. GARRISON Beebe, Ark. Tchula Gulfport Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Education Sigma Chi Phi Mu SIXTH ROW: JAMES M. RICHARD W. NORM AN L. ORRIN S. GIBBS GILBERT GILLESPIE GILLIS, Ill Greenwood Clarksdale New Albany Fayette Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Psi Phi Delta Theta SEVENTH ROW: RICHARD R. BILLY G. DON E. ROBERT E. GOEHE GOFF GORTON GOSA Staunton, Ill. Lester Belzoni West Point Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Commerce Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha 96 JIM INGRAM President of M Club FIRST ROW: JESSE SAMUEL E. GRAHAM, JR. GULLY Meridian Senatobia Commerce Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon ALFRED Y. HARPER Jackson Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha HOBART HECTOR, JR. Clarksdale Commerce Phi Delta Theta JOHN LEO HILL, III Webb Commerce Sigma Nu BILLY F. HODGES Toccopola Engineering KATHERINE HOPKINS Covington, Tenn, Liberal Arts Kappa Delta 97 SECOND ROW: EMILY H, HALL Leland Education Chi Omega THIRD ROW: CHARLIE D. HARLOW Clarksdale Commerce Phi Delta Theta FOURTH ROW: VIRGINIA M. HARRIS Clarksdale Education Delta Delta Delta FIFTH ROW: JOE W. HEWGLEY Rogers, Ark. Commerce SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM F. HINTON McComb Liberal Arts Sigma Nu SEVENTH ROW: J AMES M. HOOD Houlka Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon ANNE J. GUYTON Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts Delta Gamma ROSA LEE HARPER Flora Liberal Arts Delta Gamma WILSON W. HENICK Yazoo City Engineering Kappa Sigma MURRY E. HILL, JR. Tunica Commerce Phi Delta Theta EDWARD D. HODO Amory Liberal Arts Ka ppa Alpha WEBSTER B. HOPPERS, JR. Tunica Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha GLORIA J. HALEY Oxford Commerce GRAYDON B. HARDISTER Pine Bluff, Are. Engineering HUGH S. HARRIS, JR. Fayette Liberal Arts Phi Delta Theta J. HAYNES HESLEY Indianola Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha SUE ANN HILL Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma HAZEL J. HOFFMAN Taylor Commerce SARAH J. HORNE Taylor Commerce JAMES D. B. LESLIE HAMILTON HAMMACK Morgan City, La. Drew Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu FIRST ROW: MARION A. WILLIAM L. RUSSELL E. CHARLES M. HOWELL HUBBELL HUDSON, JR. HUNT Lucedale Baton Rouge, La. Columbus Tupelo Liberal Arts Pharmacy Liberal Arts Liberal Art s Alpha Tau Omega SECOND ROW: JIM JUNE C. DARRYL A. JANELLE J. HUNT HUNTER HURT JACKSON Amarillo, Texas Abbeville Jackson Waynesboro Commerce Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Omega THIRD ROW: EVA F. BETTY A. DAVID E. BILL T. JACKSON JOHNSON JONES JONES Tiplersville Senatobia Oxford University Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Delta Gamma Sigma Nu FOURTH ROW: JOSEPH W. BENJAMIN J. CHARLES C. BILLY R. KELLUM, JR. KERN KERR KINARD Tutwiler Louise Memphis, Tenn. Jackson Liberal Arts Commerce Engineering Commerce Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Omega FIFTH ROW: BILLY NANCY L. LEO C. ROBERT H. KINCADE KLINDWORTH KOESTLER KORNDORFFER Clarksdale Earle, Ark. Vicksburg Jackson Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Engineering Phi Delta Theta Delta Delta Delta Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Omega SIXTH ROW: HENRY E. LOUIS C. ROBERT LAURA M, KREMER LaBELLA LADNER LANSFORD Gulfport Indianola Jackson Laurel Commerce Commerce Commerce Liberal Arts Theta Kappa Phi Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Gamma SEVENTH ROW: JAMES P. JAMES A. DONALD B. THOMAS E. LARKIN LEE LEGGETT LEMONS Amory Prentiss Vicksburg Pontotoc Liberal Arts Pharmacy Engineering Commerce Theta Kappa Phi FRLS A 98 CL A BUTCH CALIFF Head Cheerleader FIRST ROW: MARY F, HUBERT S. HUNTER LEE BETTY A. LEWIS LIPSCOMB LITTLE LYLE Oxford Jackson Oxford Tupelo Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Delta Gamma Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Kappa Delta SECOND ROW: A. V. BILLY B. PAT R, JOE E. McDOWELL McELROY McGUIRE McKINSTRY Corinth Fulton Memphis Blue Mountain Commerce Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Kappa Sigma THIRD ROW: SAM JAMES M. ALBERT M. GEORGE A. McMANUS McMULLAN McMULLEN McNEILL Gulfport Newton Shelby Laurel Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma Epsilon FOURTH ROW: CLAUDE E, ERIC D. FRANCES GEORGE L. McROBERTS, JR, MALONE MARSHALL MARTI NEAU Jackson Oxford Memphis, Tenn. Olive Branch Commerce Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Sigma Nu FIFTH ROW: BERNARD THANKFULL A. JOHN T. CARRIE E. MASSEY MAY MEDLIN METTS Batesville Pine Bluff, Ark. Clarksdale Oxford Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Commerce Kappa Kappa Gamma SIXTH ROW: BRUCE C. WILLIAM C. CHARLES S. DAN H. MEYER MILNER, JR. MITCHELL, JR, MOORE Sands Point, N. Y. Yazoo City Moss Point Meridian Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: MARY C. GERALD A. BEVERLY LAWRENCE B, MOORE MORPHIS MORRIS MORRIS Crowder Rolling Fork Amory Macon Liberal Arts Engineering Commerce Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu 99 F E S M A 1 1 FIRST ROW: HENRY H. PEGGY JOHN S. PAUL W. MOUNGER MULLIN MURPHEY MURRILL Jackson Grenada Memphis, Tenn. Pocahontas Commerce Liberal Arts Comme rce Engineering Phi Delta Theta Kappa Delta Sigma Nu SECOND ROW: SYBIL M. JOAN M. M. JOYCE NANCY A. MUTHS NELSON NELSON NELSON Gulfport Oxford McKeesport, Penn. Clarksdale Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Commerce Kappa Kappa Delta Gamma Kappa Delia Gamma THIRD ROW: NANCY L. JAMES T. BILL Z. BOBBY C. NICHOLS OBERLE OGLETREE ORSBURN Holly Springs Water Valley Union Blytheville, Ark. Arts Engineering Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Nu FOURTH ROW: JOHN N. VESTER MARY L. BARBARA N. PALMER PANKEY, JR. PAPASAN PARKER Corinth McCrory, Ark. Etta Natchez Commerce Education Liberal Arts Commerce Fhi Delta Theta Chi Omega F:FTH ROW: GARY W. PEGGY S. JULIA ELDON H. PARKER PARKER PARKS PATTERSON Oxford Baton Rouge, La. New Albany Amory Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Delta Gamma Delta Gamma SIXTH ROW: EARNEST H. NANCY C. FREDERICK E. BOBBY PATTON PENNINGTON PHILLIPS PHILP Tuscumbia, Ala. Oxford Purvis Jackson Commerce Commerce Commerce Commerce Delta Delta Delta Phi Delta Theta SEVENTH ROW: CHARLES D. CLAUDE DORA E. LUTHER R. PIGOTT PINTARD, JR. PORTERA POWER Tylertown Natchez West Point Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Phi Delta TI-eta EIGHTH ROW: WILLIAM L. NANCY JANE H. ELI M. POWER RAMEY RAYBURN REA Biloxi Kansas City, Mo. Pontotoc Moss Point Commerce Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma Chi Omega SS FIRST ROW: ANN E. SANDRA F. JOSEPH M. WILLIAM L, REED REED REILLY RHODES Mississippi City Mississippi City Gulfport Yazoo City Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Commerce Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Sigma Alpha Gamma Gamma Epsilon SECOND ROW: CHARLENE Y. RAYE F. LEILA K. ROBERT P. RICE RIGBY ROBERTS ROGERS, JR. Jackson Lambert Canton Grenada Education Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma THIRD ROW: LLOYD W. BLANCHE R. ROBERT E. JAMES M. ROSE ROSS ROSSER ROWSEY, JR. Louisville Oxford Dunreath, La. Laurel Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha FOURTH ROW: ANN CAROLYN PETER R. JERRY ROY ROY RUDOLPH RUSHING Oxford Abbeville New Orleans, La. Cooter, Mo. Commerce Commerce Education Education Delta Delta Delta Kappa Alpha FIFTH ROW: DANIEL M. MARLIN E. JAMES M. JOAN E, RUSTIN RYLAND SAVERY, JR. SAVERY Laurel Gulfport Tupelo Tupelo Engineering Commerce Commerce Commerce Sigma Chi SIXTH ROW: JOE E. BERNARD W. JOHN H. JUNE D. SCHIFERLI SCHREIBER SHEA SHORT Oxford City, Iowa Hudson, Mass. Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Liberal Arts SEVENTH ROW: HEBER S. JOHN R. CARL E. WILLIAM C. SIMMONS SKATES SKINNER SLAY Tupelo Greenville Tupelo Jackson Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Engineering Engineering Sigma Chi Phi Delta Theta EIGHTH ROW: SARA A. BARBARA J. NANCY M. ROBERT A. SMALLWOOD SMITH SMITH SMITH Batesville Biloxi Pascagoula Inverness Commerce Arts Liberal Arts Education Delta Gamma Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma MARGARET CROOK Miss Ole Miss t T FRES AN 1, FIRST ROW: WILLIAM S. PAUL Q, BILLY W. LILLIAN E. SMYLIE, III STAMPLEY STANFORD STEELE Meridian Port Gibson Marks University Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Commerce Alpha Tau Omega SECOND ROW: HARDY R. ROSEMARY MARTHA J. THOMAS W. STENNIS STEPHENS STEWART STRIBLING Macon Como Pass Christian Drew Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Kappa Delta THIRD ROW: VINSON D. JACQUELINE PETER F. MARY C. SULLIVAN SURRATT SWALM TANFANI Mount Olive Red Bay, Ala. Brookhaven Leland Education Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts FOURTH ROW: CAROLYN J. EULA C. RAY S. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR Water Valley Vicksburg Greenville Columbus Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Commerce Phi Mu Delta Psi Phi Delta Theta FIFTH ROW: JAMES W, BILLY J. WILLIAM A. BOBBY J. TERRELL THAXTON THOMAS THOMPSON Pass Christian Columbia Osgood, Ind. Winona Engineering Engineering Commerce Pharmacy Pi Kappa Alpha SIXTH ROW: STANTON W. VIC V. PEGGY A. KENNETH P. THORNTON TILLEY TODD TOLER Jackson Indianola Collins Inverness Engineering Engineering Liberal Arts Commerce Sigma Nu Delta Delta Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon SEVENTH ROW: NOEL K. BARBARA G. ROBERT H. MAY G. TOLER TRAINOR TRUE TUCKER Inverness Marks Cuevas Humboldt, Tenn. Liberal Arts Commerce Engineering Education Sigma Alpha Delta Delta Delta Epsilon EIGHTH ROW: DAVID W. DUDLEY R. WILLIAM T. BERLTE R. TURNER TURNER TURNER UPTON, JR. Reading, Mass. Greenwood Belzoni Jackson Liberal Arts Engineering commerce Commerce Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha • C S JIMMY LEAR Colonel Rebel FIRST ROW: WILLIAM F. JANIS F. RONALD C, JAMES A, VALVIK VAUGHN VINES WAITERS Memphis Memphis Beckley, West Va. Columbus Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Education Alpha Tau Omega Phi Kappa Psi SECOND ROW: JULIA C. ANTHONY M. RICHARD ANN WAITS WARREN WEISS WELLER Leland Columbia Clarksdale Clarksdale Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Education Commerce Phi Mu THIRD ROW: MARION A. THOMAS H. ARCHIE J. HUGH C. WESTMORELAND WHEELER WHITE WILEY Batesville Coldwater Meridian Oxford Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta FOURTH ROW: CARMAN A. RONNIE L. ARCHIE E. JAMES R. WILKINS, JR. WILLETT WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Jackson Laurel Columbus Tupelo Engineering Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma SIXTH ROW: JOHN D, JO T. ROBERT E. EUGENE G. WILSON WINDHAM WINKLER WOOD Aberdeen Magee Tupelo Moss Point Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Commerce Liberal Arts Delta Psi Sigma Chi SEVENTH ROW: WILLIAM H. JAMES C. JESS B, ROBERT J. WOOD WOODS WOODS WORK New Albany McComb Gary, Ind. New Albany Engineering Liberal Arts Engineering Liberal Arts Sigma Nu Alpha Tau Omega EIGHTH ROW: WILLIAM C. YOUNG Memphis Engineering FIFTH ROW: JOHN C. RUTH H. CHARLES H, HARRIET B. WILLIAMS, JR. WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILSON Canton University Earle, Ark. Clarksdale Education Liberal Arts Delta Kappa Education Chi Omega Epsilon Delta Delta Delta John Vaught ' s six years as boss of Mississippi ' s football forces have guided the Rebels to their two greatest seasons. Moreover, in his campaigning under the Rebel banner, he has been the most successful of all other Ole Miss coaches. This year, Vaught ' s platoons went through unbeaten for the first time in Mississippi grid history, a matter of 58 seasons. And they climaxed that record by landing in the Sugar Bowl. Among the assistant coaches at Ole Miss, we find Frank ' ' Bruiser ' Kinard, the first All-American in the history of collegiate football in Mississippi. As end coach, there is James " Buster " Poole. Buster, in each of his six years as end coach, has given the Rebels a placement on the immortal All-Southeastern teams. In 1947-48, he coached All-American Barney Poole, his little brother. In the backfield as coach, we find John " Hurry " Cain. An Alabama All-American, he is recognized as one of the all-time greats of Southern football. In 1947, he helped produce a Southeastern ference championship team and to develop an All-American half-back in Charley Conerly. Another backfield coach is John " Junie " Hovious. Twice an Southeastern halfback, he was a key figure in an era of Rebel football that gave Ole Miss four of its greatest seasons, from 1938 through 1941. Mississippi ' s contact man is Thomas K. Swayze. With all his other chores he finds time to coach baseball. He was a former star in football at Ole Miss and a winning pitcher for the Memphis Chicks in the Southern Association. First Row: John Cain, Backfield Coach; Buster Poole, End Coach; Bruiser Kinard, Line Coach. Second Row: B. L. (Country) Graham, Basketball Coach; Wobble Davison, Freshman Coach; Junie Hovious, freshman Coach. Third Row: Wesley Trainer; Tom Swayze, Contact Man; Ed Stone, Scout. CLAUDE SMITH Director of Athletics JOHN VAUGHT Head Coach JEFF HAMM Business Manager of Athletics A MMIM116 ' ::: KLINE GILBERT Football Co-Captain JIM INGRAM Football Co-Captain Wesley ' ' Doc ' ' Knight is tagged as the Rebels ' athletic trainer. A graduate of Springfield College in 1935 with a B.S. degree in Health and Physical Education, his training since includes study at the Eastern School of Physiotherapy in New York City, Bellevue Hospital in New York, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. As freshmen coaches, there are J. W. " Wobble " son and B. L. " Country " Graham. These men have coached the freshmen to a record of six wins, two defeats, and one tie in the last three years. Not a bad record in anybody ' s book. ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Left to right (around table) Dean P. K. McCarter, Otho Smith, Claude Smith, D r. T. A. Bickerstaff, Chairman, Chancellor J. D. Williams, Jeff Hamm, Dean V. A. Coulter, Dean R. J. Farley, Roy Pitts, Britt Rogers. 6 I S s " m " 611k . First Row: Ed Beatty, Benny Brady, George Brenner, Jim Bridges, Tom Caldwell, Bobby Christiansen, Wissey Dillard, Knox Gary. Second Row: Kline Gilbert, Hitt, Ray Howell, Jim Ingram, Robert Jarvis, Blacky Jernigan, James Kelly, Jimmy Lear. Third Row: Ken Lindsey, Harold Lofton, Ernest Mangum, James Jerry May, Crawford Mims, Charles Montgomery, Tommy Moore. Fourth Row: Red Muirhead, Carl Ott, Ed Tate Lea Pasley, Ronnie Pittman, Jack Bud Slay, Eddy Stenftenagle. Fifth Row: Jerome Stenftenagle, Billy Switzer, Ray Thornton, Marvin Trauth, George Truett, Dick Westerman. Not Pictured: Lindy lahan, Jimmy Duprey, Pat Massey, Harold Maxwell, Charles Morganti, Reg gie Ott, Ralph Ross, Billy Sanders, Bill Carl West, Paul Whitesides. 114 113 OFFICERS JIM INGRAM President RAY THORNTON Vice President GEORGE BRENNER Secretary BENNY BRADY Treasurer JIM TOM BRIDGES Sergeant-At-Arms The ' ' M ' ' Club of the University of Mississippi is composed of those men who have lettered in one of the University ' s major intercollegiate sports: football, basketball, baseball, and track. It is the purpose of the " M " Club to recognize excellence in athletic ability and to promote the welfare of athletics on the campus. The main contribution of the " M " Club to the campus as a whole is the encouragement of that intangible but vital element—School Spirit. Besides fostering an interest in athletics and providing a common ground upon which those who have excelled in college athletics may meet, the " M " Club sponsors the annual " M Day ' ' and the annual " NA Club Dance, " which traditionally follows one of the major football games played on the campus. 115 EAGLE DAY, QB TOMMY SPIERS, QB JIMMY LEAR, QB JACK REED, S HAROL LOFTON, FB JIM MATTHEWS, FR JIMMY TUGGLE, FB GEORGE BRENNER, FR PETE MANGUM, FR JAMES KELLY, RH BOBBY McCOOL, FB EARL BLAIR, RH BILLY KINARD, RH DICK WESTERMAN, RH ALLEN MUIRHEAD, RH HORACE WILLIAMS, LH BOB CHILDRES, RH REGGIE OTT, RH LEA PASLAY, LH JIMMY PATTON, LH 116 CARTER BROWN, LH WILSON DILLARD, LH BILLY HITT, C ARCHIE SHEPHERD, C ED BEATTY, C DENNIS OTT, LG ROGERS BRASHIER, RG CRAWFORD MIMS, RG JERRY MAY, LG TOMMY CALDWELL, RG KNOX GARY, LG JIMMY POWERS, LG FRANK JERNIGAN, RG CHARLES MONTGOMERY, LT HENRY LINTON, RT BOBBY McKINNEY, RT MARVIN TRAUTH, LT RAY JAMES, RT DICK LT CHARLES MORGANTI, LT RAY HOWELL, RE JIM TOM BRIDGES, LE ROBERT ADAMS, RE GEORGE HARRIS, RE JAMES SLAY, LE JAMES MASK, LE BILLY YELVERTON, LE EDD TATE PARKER, RE DAVE DICKERSON, RE GEORGE TRUETT, LE 117 oicAp,i; islAS 1400rossit MISSISSIPPI 56 MEMPHIS STATE 6 Crump Stadium, Memphis, Tennessee. Entering the game a three-touch- down favorite, Ole Miss scored quickly and easily with a high and accurate pass from Jimmy Lear to Ray Howell. The second score coming late in the first quarter, required 62 yards of manipulating, including an interfer- ence penalty. It featured Wilson Dillard in a fine exhibition of running, climaxed by a I 6-yard jaunt. The third came in the second quarter, result- ing from passes by Lear and runs by Dillard, with Jim Matthews tallying. The next drive, totaling 70 yards, featured some running by Dillard and two fine catches by Jim Slay, the second netting six points. Jack Reed ' s sensational interception got No. 6 on its way. Running and catching by Allen Muirhead accounted for most of the distance, with " Mighty Mite " taking it over from the two. Jimmy Patton recovered a Tiger fumble to get the TD bound Rebels on the road again. Tommy Spires flipped a six-yard pass to Reggie Ott standing in the end zone. The first TD in the fourth quarter came after Spires had completed four straight passes to put the ball on the two. From there, Lofton took it over. Memphis State finally scored, but not until Lofton had ended an 80-yard advance with a 23-yard run for the score. State fought hard but just couldn ' t get enough power to take the Rebels. r O Ea MISSISSIPPI 13 KENTUCKY 13 Ole Miss, in a game that started out well but ended bitterly, let too many bad breaks get the best of them. The Rebs got off to a 13-0 lead, only to have the Wildcats tie the score in the last quarter. The first score started from the Ole Miss II. Lear ran for 18 and I 1 yards and passed to Wilson Dillard for 18 and 20 yards before Harol Lofton took it over from the eight. Again, in the third quarter, Lear ' s running and passing drove 45 yards to the five, where Dillard carried the ball across the goal line. The game went back and forth from here until in the fourth quarter, the Rebels fumbled a punt on the one-yard line. Larry Jones quickly took it over for the tally. Later, in the last three minutes of the game, Jones hurled a 64-yard scoring pass to Steve Meilinger which tied the game. During the game the Rebels had drives stopped on the six-inch line and on the 3-yard line. MISSISSIPPI 20 AUBURN 7 In a rugged defensive battle, the Rebels outlasted the Tigers to a 20-7 decision. Ole Miss got a break early in the game when Jim Mask blocked the first of 21 punts and recovered on the Auburn 7-yard strip. Within four plays, Jim Lear had scored, The Tigers were the next to score, just at the start of the second quarter, as a result of a pass from Dudley Spence to Lee Hayley. Five plays later, after a 17-yard run by Dillard, a pass from Lear to Bud Slay for 16 yards, and a 34-yard jaunt to the one by Allen Muirhead took it over. From this point the scoring was over until the last quarter when Lear got it started with a 32-yard pass to Dick Westerman. From the nine, Dillard took it over in two plays, making the final score 20-7. It was Ole Miss ' first conference win of the year. 4.„ 4-7,e 35c ftr U MISSISSIPPI 21 VANDERBILT 21 On a wet and dull day in Nashville, a favored Ole Miss ball team took the field to take on the Commodores of Vandy. The first half was mostly the Rebels ' . The big break came when Vandy fumbled and Billy Kinard recovered on Vandy ' s 19. Jimmy Lear, on the " keep " play, picked up 14, sent Red Muirhead off right tackle for 3 and Wilson Dillard through the left side for the score. Almost immediately, Vandy took the lead with Krietemeyer ' s three passes, covering 41 yards, and R. C. Allen ' s running, covering 36 of a 76-yard march. The Rebels, backed by two fine runs by Dillard netting 38 yards and an intercepted pass by Jim Ingram amounting to a 36-yard runback, scored twice in the second quarter. The Rebels, surrendering the second half to Vandy, saw the Commo- dores march 79 yards after the kickoff to have Krietemeyer score his second TD of the afternoon. The next score came in the fourth quarter when Krietemeyer scored from the three. For awhile, it looked as if it was going to end this way, but Crawford Mims saved the day when he blocked a Vandy punt out of the end zone to tie the score. DUDLEY FIELD, SATURDA OCrOgER I 952 - - 1 Top: Spence to Hayley for Auburn ' s lone touchdown Bottom: Westerman goes for 10 against Vanderbilt venit 25c inane Stadium -:- Oc ' l MISSISSIPPI 20 TULANE 14 Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana. A crowd of 38,000 saw Ole Miss give the Tulane Greenies a 20-14 licking. This margin could have been wider; but drives of 64, 74, and 78 yards without touchdowns tell part of the story of e pair of fumbles and a 15-yard penalty setback. Midway in the second period, Jimmy Lear pegged a short pass to Dick Westerman, who, behind terrific blocking, went all of 54 yards for the tally. Tulane, with this memory well in mind, hurled four complete passes, and a short run by Roy Bailey tied the score. The Rebels marched from their own 20 to the Wave ' s 2 where a fumble stopped short the attack. But, four plays later, the Rebels were on the move as Westerman took the ball off right tackle for two yards and the score. Backed by the fine defensive play of Jim Mask, the Rebels obtained the ball on Tulane ' s 38-yard line. Immediately, Lear took over, giving the ball to Wilson Dillard on five plays for the complete distance. The score: 20-7. It remained this way until the last play of the game when Bailey took it over from the two. MISSISSIPPI 34 ARKANSAS 7 Arkansas drew first blood after recovering a Rebel fumble on the Ole Miss 35. In three plays, the Razorbacks were on the one, and over. After the kickoff, Ole Miss was forced to punt, but when Marvin Trauth hit the Arkansas receiver, the ball was fumbled and recovered by Ole Miss on the 29. Wilson Dillard and Bags Brenner tore off eight yards each, and Ray Howell slipped into the end zone to take a touchdown pass from Jimmy Lear. From here it was all Ole Miss. Brenner trotted around right for 41 yards, and Dick Westerman scooted through left tackle for 12 and a TD. Right away, Lear threw a screen pass to Westerman that netted 41 yards to the eight. On the next play, Dillard took it across. Tommy Spires, quarterbacking the second half, meshed 72 yards to- gether with passes to George Harris, Jim Tom Bridges, Lea Paslay, and Red Muirhead. There were still 17 yards to go when Dillard and Muirhead combined for seven and Spires, on the " keep, " went for the final 10. The last TD came when Spires sailed a pass to Bridges making the score 34-7. The Pokers threatened again and again, but James Kelly intercepted three passes to void the attempts. MISSISSIPPI 28 LSU 0 Before 23,000 homecoming fans, Ole Miss opened one of its best games of the season. It all started when Jim Mask recovered a tiger fumble on the LSU 1 it. In four quick plays Harol Lofton took it over from the 4-yard line. Lear ' s kick was no good. A few minutes later, the Rebels got the ball and started a 67-yard drive. A pass from Jimmy Lear to Wilson Dillard netted 9; Lofton ' s sprint through the right side totaled 32; and a pitch out to Dick Westerman accounted for 19. Wnen the smoke cleared, the bail was on the two. On the next play Lofton scored and Lear converted. The second quarter went to Westerman and Mask. Westerman, on three plays, up a total of 66 yards and Mask tackled All Doggett behind the goal for two points. The third score came in the fourth quarter when Lea Paslay ran a punt back 26 yards. A combination of runs by Lofton, Dillard, and Westerman set up the third tally for Lofton. With a substantial lead, Tommy Spires took over the team. He heaved two straight passes to Ray Howell for a total of 62 yards. Then, from the forty with runs by Red Muirhead and Slick McCool, passes to Jim Tom Bridges and Muirhead, McCool took the ball over from the two. The final score; Ole Miss 28, LSU 0. 104 t MISSISSIPPI 6 HOUSTON 0 Ole Miss handed Houston a dose of their own medicine, a rugged de fense, while taking a 6-0 victory. The Cougars were worthy rivals, without a doubt, being the sixth-ranking club in the nation in defense. Before a crowd of 34,000 home-town fans, the Houstons never came close to scor- ing. The Rebels came up with four solid penetrations, being turned back from the Cougar 5-, 13-, and 16-yard lines. The score came after Jimmy Patton recovered a Cougar fumble on the Ole Miss 40. That charged the 60-yard march. A pass, Jimmy Lear to Bud Slay, netted 11 yards; a run by Harol Lofton, who cut up the middle for 12 yards; a pass, Lear to Dick Westerman, for 17 yards; and a pair of runs by Wilson Dillard totailng 11 yards. That left 9 yards for Lofton to make for the touchdown. From here on out, it was just back and forth as the game ended 6-0. The total Ole Miss yardage was 276 to 170 for Houston. Top: Lofton barrels across against Middle: Tiger back Juenke tastes Hemingway Bottom: Five of 24 yards for Dillard MISSISSIPPI 20 MISSISSIPPI STATE 14 Johnny Vaught, Rebel coach, kept his record clean as he made it six straight victories against the Mississippi State Maroons. In the first half, the Rebels moved at will. After six short plays, Jimmy Lear, Ole Miss ' Ail- American quarterback, started a 62-yard drive to pay dirt. Runs by Wilson Dillard, Allen Muirhead, Harol Lofton, and Lear accounted for the complete distance with Lear scoring. An intercepted pass by All-Southern Jimmy Patton got another push started from the Ole Miss 13. Four yards were netted by Lofton; 40 by Dillard; 16 by Muirhead; 10 by Dick Westerman; and 16 by Lear. Red Muirhead took it over from the 9. . In the third quarter, State moved 69 yards for their score. But the very first Ole Miss play from scrimmage, Harol Lofton cut off tackle for 77 yards and six points. After the kick-off, State moved down field 67 yards in a drive tha-+ netted them their second and final score of the afternoon. Wilson Dillard picked up 137 yards on the ground and threw two complete passes totaling 37 yards. These were the only passes Dillard had thrown all year. MISSISSIPPI 21 MARYLAND 14 Magnificent Mississippi Mauled Maryland: In the nation ' s biggest upset of the year, the Ole Miss Rebels, playing the No. I Defensive team in the nation, surprised all the experts by defeating the Terrapins. The Terps, after a scoreless first quarter, drew first blood. It started from the Ole Miss 45 and moved 8 yards in four plays. Maryland was preparing to kick when a penalty for delaying the game was called against the Rebels. Maryland, with this first down, went on to score. The Rebels, almost im- mediately, started an 83-yard drive. Runs by Dick Westerman, Jimmy Lea, Harol Lofton, and Wilson Dillard netted 28 of the yards. Passes from Lear to Westerman for 7 and 16 yards, and Lear to Ray Howell for 32 and the score, accounted for the distance. Immediately, Dick Nolan put Maryland back in front with a 90-yard kickoff return. The Rebels moved 76 yards to the Maryland 4 but time ran out and the drive stopped. The Rebels had drives stopped on the 3-yard and 1-foot line. However, the Rebels finally scored after a 41-yard drive, climaxed by Dillard ' s 3-yard plunge across the goal. Within a few minutes, " King " Lear had another drive moving. A pass from Lear to Bud Slay netted 46 yards to the 4-yard strip. On the next play, Dillard scored the touchdown that won the ball game and a bid to the Sugar Bowl. at. Top: Muirhead rides high against State Middle: Dillard across—Touchdown No. 2 over Bottom: Touchdown—Lear and Muirhead collaborate on a perfect split-T play O L E MISS 7 G EORGIA TECH 24 REBELS SUGAR BOWL D EBUT MARRED BY H EARTBREAKING DEFEAT Lear, 0i:bort, enc.! arguing over 0:e Miss second touchdown. Novice the posi:ion oF the ball. R222E2 BY filL ' ILIC( ' S In one of the most disappointing games ever to be viewed by a Rebel fan, Ole Miss, in their Sugar Bowl debut, lost to Georgia Tech, 24-7. The game was classified by many sports writers as having been badly officiated. Many loyal Ole Miss fans will always feel in their hearts that the Rebels should have won. Sparked by All-American Jimmy Lear, the Rebels got off to a seven-point lead in the first four minutes. Lea Pasley ran the opening kick-off back from the ten to the 43-yard line, where passes from Lear to Wilson Dillard for 10 and to Dick Westerman for 20 yards got the drive underway. Dillard carried for 15, Lear for 6, Harol Lofton for 4 more, and finally, Dillard, on two plays, took it over from the four. Lear made the kick. Before the quarter was half over, the Rebels were again at Tech ' s goal line. A penalty moved the ball from the two-yard line to the seven. On the next play Lear heaved a pass to Lofton netting six yards. There was a hand-off to Dillard and a pile-up on the goal line. When the smoke cleared the ball rested on the one-inch line. Had he gone over? The officials say no and the ball went over to Tech. It took the Yellow Jackets about ten minutes to score but it tied the game and not too many people were smiling. Things began to look better as the second quarter started. Dillard carried for 4, Lofton for 2, and Westerman got off on a 19-yard jaunt. On the next play Lear faded and tossed a pass to Lofton for 45 yards, but the Rebels were unable to score. After many plays and a field goal by Tech, the first half was over. In the third quarter, the Rebels were unable to get past the fifty. The Yellow Jackets scored once and made other try but it was stopped on the six. The Rebels made some last minute desperate tries in the final period but Tech was the only one to score. Ole Miss was stopped on the four- and six-yard lines by intercepted passes. Top: Wilson Dillard scoring touchdown for Ole Miss in first quarter Bottom: Dillard returning kickoff after Georgia Tech scored field goal Left to right: Front row: Jerome Stenftenagel, Eddie Stenftenagel, Ken Lindsey, Coach B. L. (Country) Graham, Jerry Bynum, Joe Hewgley, John Cope. Second row; Bill Thomas, Ralph Ross, Dugan Abernathy, Ronald Estes, John Paul Palmer, Robert (Cob) Jarvis. B A SKETB Basketball is a peculiar sport in that it is nine parts ability, nine parts hustle and nine parts height. Each ingredient is that important. Furnishing the prowess and the spark wasn ' t enough, as Ole Miss proved. There ' s always the need for the big man—and an experienced bench—and this year Johnny Reb had neither. Robert (Cob) Jarvis, the Rebels ' Dani Boone from Booneville, was a big man in the point mart, scoring 557 to ring down the year-old eastern conference record of 540, set by Kentucky ' s Cliff Hagan in 1952. The fact that Georgia ' s Zippy Morocco cornered 590 didn ' t take the shine from Jarvis ' efforts. But the Ole Miss team didn ' t get to shoot enough, not in the important battles. Nor were they able to match the rebound baskets scored against them. Country Graham, the coach, had a sizable chap in one corner but 6-7 Ronnie Estes lacked the savvy to get out, althought showing improvement through the campaign. And the frosh signed for September enrollment failed to show with Forrest Arnold of Puxico, Mo., stopping off at phis State, Jack Reed of Pine Bluff, Ark., migrating to Texas Tech, and Bob Huckaby of Bogue Chitto hanging his keds in a junior college locker. It was figured this threesome would help offset the loss via graduation 130 Jerome Stenftenagel, Captain, and Ann Cochran, Basketball Queen of Capt. Kenny Robbins, the shotmaker; most valuable player Al Graehler, the playmaker; speedy Cliff Mehrtens and center Jimmy Childers. They could have, to provide the bench strength needed when Capt. Jerome agel and Eddie Stenftenagel moved up for Robbins and Graehler. The overall record was 15 basketball victories against II defeats to match the 26-game spread of In conference results, however, it was five wins in 13 starts against eight wins, six losses and a fifth-place station a year ago. Toward the end, Graham cast Jarvis and Capt. tenagel, center Ralph Ross and guards Ed Stenftenagel and Ken Lindsey as a single unit and set up a porcupine zone defense for Florida and Mississippi State and the Rebs closed out with 64-61 and 62-46 upset decisions. Dugan Abernathy slipped in for a few last-period minutes against the Gators with this fivesome turning in an " iron man " win over the Maroons. The windup wins moved Ole Miss from 12th to a tie for seventh with State and Vanderbilt in final conference stand- ings. To better illustrate the " big man " theme, Graham ' s team was edged 67-66 here by LSU when a Tiger sub drew two foul-point chances in the final six seconds and scored on both. LSU was without the services of 6-9 Bob Pettit, its scoring ace, that night. Later, at Baton Rouge, the Bengals won the series ' capper 63-48 with Pettit counting 29 points. LSU shot 68 times at Baton Rouge to 49 for the Rebs. Estes shooting The squad would have been a consistent winner with a soft-shoed, backboard bouncer half as potent as the markable Pettit in the point column. It was a competent, well-drilled organization. It had a super star in Jarvis, and ample supplementary punch in Ross, who scored 343 points; Capt. Stenftenagel, who counted 273; Lindsey, with 246, and Eddie Stenftenagel, with 196. But in the important engagements, especially LSU, Tulane and Alabama, the ball belonged to someone else. The Rebs didn ' t have it enough. Abernathy made important contributions, scoring 120 points. Estes added 113, the four freshmen—John Paul Palmer, Jerry Bynum, John Cope and Bill Thomas-52, 35, 6 and 5 points as named. Graham set up several combines in an effort to utilize his squad to best advantage, playing Ross at guard, ward and center; Jarvis at forward and center, Ed tenagel at forward and guard, and Abernathy and Palmer at forward and center. Here ' s how the season was pieced together. December brought five victories in seven starts, Mississippi College, 90-64; Arkansas State, 100-80; Union, 96-55; Florence (Ala.) State, 1 11-92, and Arkansas State again, 78-68, fall- ing in pre-conference action. The crashes developed against scrawny East Tennessee State, 65-74, which show an incredible 71 per cent over a 12-minute span in the second half, and Arkansas ' towering Porkers, 72-104, who piled up most of their margin after Jarvis and Jerome Stenftenagel had fouled out. In the important Memphis Invitational tournament, the Jarvis scores against Tenn. 131 Rebels upset favored Arizona 75-70 with Jarvis scoring 28 points, then cornered Auburn in the title game, 55-55, with Jarvis on the sidelines. He had the flu. Ross plugged gap when he dropped in 27 points and the rest of the club played faultless ball. Then came the deluge, Tennessee at 81-71, Tulane, 77; LSU 57-66; Mississippi State, 73-60, and Alabama, 54, forcing Ole Miss off the plank in the first five SEC The January stretch ranged from Arizona to Alabama. The Rebs finished the meet in Memphis with a 7-2 record. Past ' Barra, it was 7-7. A lame leg forced Jarvis from this last tilt, one of two he missed, with the Tide pulling from a score deadlock to win in the final two minutes. The Rebels were stagnant- vs. the fast-breaking Vols, stuck with Tulane after a 0-10 start at 2:52 of the opening period, dropped that heartbreaker to LSU, outscored State in the first and second quarters, fell behind with a 9-27 point difference in the third, then played on even terms at 18-18 in the last ten minutes. February brought 11 games and seven victories with the decision over State College closing the campaign on Johnny Palmer sinks a long one. Stenfi-enagel shooting Lindsey shooting with Jarvis in for the rebound March 7. Florence again, this time an 82-48 victim, did as the starter. Georgia was beaten in Athens for the first time since 1928, 77-75. The Jonesboro (Ark.) All-Stars, re placement team for disbarred Kentucky, was topped by 93-89 at Jonesboro, and Georgia Tech was dropped ' 63 in the first campus dunking. Beaten 65-55 in the Memphis tourney, Auburn turned the tables on its own court, winning 72-65 despite 25 points by Jarvis, 19 by Ross and 17 by Capt. Stenftenagel. Birmingham-Southern fell 85-71 at Birmingham. Vandy hadn ' t been topped since December of ' 47, the 1947-48 campaign, but proved a choice plum in the Rebels ' last victory before In between, Memphis State was spry as a terrier in Memphis and won 72-65; Tulane made it two straight in New Orleans, 84-68, and LSU kept its slate clean. Then came Florida, in Gainesville, and State College here. Missing two games meant missing a new conference point record for Jarvis. As it was, he was in good shape for a closing bid after leading the league most of the cam- Jarvis jumping paign. But he counted only 21 points against Memphis State, Tulane held him to seven shots and 14 points, LSU turned the same trick, and he wrote in 16 points at Florida before adding 24 in the windup with State. Morocco was five points in front with two games to go, with 522 to Jarvis ' 517, but scored 38 at Tennessee and 30 at Florida, and that was that. Jarvis counted 204 field goals to barely miss the league record of 206, and 149 foul goals to top another, only Morocco emerged with more than 200 free-throw points for the difference in final totals. He set 14 new Reb records: Most Points Regular Season--557; Best Scoring Average 23.2 points; Most Field Goals-204; Most Foul Goals-- 49; Most Points Conference Games 244; Best Average Conference Games 18.8; Most Field Goals Conference Games-84; Most Foul Goals Conference Games 80; Most Field Goals One Game I6; Most Points One Game --36; Most Points Conference Game 31 (vs. Vanderbilt); Most Field Goal Attempts-427; Most Foul Goal Attempts --254; Best Shooting Percentage 47.8 per cent. Ross counted I I Foul points against Auburn in ment play to match a conference record in non-loop com- petition, with Jarvis ' 16 field goals against Florence tieing another non-loop-game Ross led the club in re- bounds with 230, another new Ole Miss mark, and his 343 points ranked him seventh in all-time Reb scoring since 1933, the 20-year SEC span. Capt. Stenftenagel contributed a remarkable 46.1 per cent in shooting efficiency and topped the free throw percentage column with 73.1. Lindsey led in fouls collected with 83 and the five-foul disqualifications with six. Jarvis was an almost unanimous choice on the four All- Southeastern teams chosen, was the first Reb to rate SEC since Ross deserved a rating no worse than sec- ond team All-Conference with Jerome Stenftenagel serving of the same recognition. Nine members of the I I-man squad were named to the letterman roster, Cope and Thomas winnings freshman numerals. Capt. Stenftenagel, who was elected late in the campaign; Ross and Lindsey, the defensive age, completed college eligibility tenures. That ' s the story, folks; glad you could be with us. 133 Left to right: Bobby Christiansen, Ronnie Pittman, Cob Jarvis. Seated: Ed Leggett; Left to right: Mitch McLaughlin, Al Graehler, Les make, Ken Lindsey, Jack Reed, Harold Maxwell, Jimmy Lear. BASEB Ole Miss ' 1952 baseball array broke exactly even in ing on seven opponents over a 20-game span. Measured by the optimism that permeated the campus training camp into the campaign ' s opening action, the season was not a success. And against Southeastern Con- ference foes, it leaned toward the one-sided in total sults, the report listing six victories against ten defeats. However, there were extenuating circumstances that couldn ' t be foreseen and were never brought under control. As it turned out, 1-he one victim in SEC plotting was Alabama, normally the main nemesis facing the baseballing Rebels. The Tide was tumbled in 5-4, 4-3 and 4-2 exchanges with rain wiping out the second of two tilts here. Coach Tommy Swayze drew reliable hurling from his sore-armed mound brigade in those two series but against Tulane, Louisiana State, Auburn and Mississippi State, Rebel riflemen seldom made it through nine full frames. That was the pitch—sore arms. The holdover sophomore ace of ' 51, Billy Switzer, played a leading role in this ing muscle " drama, but every member of the hill staff along with half of the regulars elsewhere stuck a hand in the pro- duction at one time or another. Switzer, Lea Alford, Ed Lewcon and Lefty Ralph Hunt, three vets and a swift-ball newcomer, figured to give Ole Miss a brand of hurling every bit as effective as the ture provided in ' 51 when Olin Briscoe, Jim Dupuy and Switzer helped compile a 1.92 earned run average. The Rebels started off auspiciously enough, meeting es- sential measurements in belting Memphis State in a pair, 6-2 there and 10-3 in the cam pus inaugural. Dates of those two engagements were March 26-27, and Arkansas State was a 6-1, 9-3 victim here on March 28-29. It was then that trouble started. The Rebels headed for Louisiana and promptly skidded against Tulane, 17-1 and ALL 15-4. And here ' s the most apt scene with which to illustrate the sore arm clutch. It turned up Vs. the Greenies in the second loss when Switzer, holding a 4-2 advantage a half-inning past six frames, lost his effectiveness and the Wave exp loded for five markers in the seventh and eight in an inning later. His picture developed in that manner all spring--six stanzas of sharp twirling, then a big inning when his throwing arm went lame. Ole Miss broke even with LSU in Baton Rouge, losing 6-I and winning 9-2. Thereafter, results turned up as lows: Alabama, 5-4, here; Auburn, 5-6 and 6-10 in Auburn; Alabama, 4-3 and 4-2 in Tuscaloosa; Tulane, 1-4 and 3-0, here; LSU, 5-6 and 5-8 here; Mississippi State, 1-14 and 9-5, here, and 0-7 at Starkville. It just wasn ' t the Rebel ' s year even though it was a smart- operating lineup that plied its trade, and Karl Ott behind the platter, Jack Reed on first and in the outfield, Al ler at second, Cob Jarvis in left field, Bobby Christiansen in center and Ronnie Pittman in right were among the South- eastern ' s better performers. In an effort to produce a winning combine, Coach Swayze juggled his batting order a dozen times and moved workmen from one slot to another from start to finish. ing the campaign, Reed at first, Graehler, Jimmy Lear and Les Shumake in the short field, Ken Lindsey and Shumake on third, Jarvis, Christiansen and Pittman in the outfield, and Ott were the regulars. On the All-Southeastern squad, Christiansen and Ott earned second-team berths. Lettermen named were Ott, Reed, Maxwell, Graehler, Shumake, Lear, Lindsey, Cob Jarvis, Christiansen, Pittman, Alford, Switzer, Lewcon and Dee Jarvis. 134 Left to right: Leamond Alford, Billy Switzer, Coach Tom Swayze, Karl Ott. Left to right: Ed Lewcon, Ralph Hunt, Robert Neblett, Billy Calhoun, Chuck Barrack, Dee Jarvis. RESULTS Ole Miss . . 6; Memphis State . . 2 . • . Memphis Ole Miss 6; Auburn . . . 10 • . . . Auburn Ole Miss • . 10; Memphis State . . 3 . • . Campus Ole Miss • 4; Alabama . . 3 . . Tuscaloosa Ole Miss • Ole Miss • . 6; Arkansas State . 9; Arkansas State . . . 1 . . 3 . •• . Campus . Campus Ole Miss • Ole Miss 4; Alabama 1; Tulane . . . 2 . . ... 4 . • • • Tuscaloosa Campus Ole Miss • . I ; Tulane ..... 17 . . New Orleans Ole Miss . 3; Tulane . .... 0 . . . Campus Ole Miss • . 4; Tulane ..... 15 . • New Orleans Ole Miss . 5; Louisiana State . . 8 . . . Campus Ole Miss • . I; Louisiana State . . 6 . • Baton Rouge Ole Miss . 5; Louisiana State . . 6 . . Campus Ole Miss . . 9; Louisiana State . . 2 . . Baton Rouge Ole Miss . 1; Mississippi State 14 . . . Campus Ole Miss • . 5; Alabama • . • 4 . • . Campus Ole Miss . 9; Mississippi State . 5 . . . Campus Ole Miss • . ; Alabama Rain . Campus Ole Miss . 0; Mississippi State . 7 . • • Starkville Ole Miss • . 5; Auburn . ... 6 . . . Auburn Ole Miss . ; Mississippi State Rain . • • Starkville Left to right: First row: Mitch McLaughlin, Leamond Alford, Bobby Christian sen, Ed Leggett, Ronnie Pittman, Karl Ott, Jimmy Lear, Harold Maxwell. ond row: Al Graehler, Ken Lindsey, Les Shumake, Jack Reed, Cob Jarvis, C Suck Barrack, Ed Lewcon, Dee Jarvis. Third row: Coach Tad Smith (Director of Athletics), Billy Calhoun, Billy Switzer, Coach Tom Swayze, Robert Neblett, Ralph Hunt. Left to right: Coach Wes Knight, Marvin Trauth, George Truett, Kline Gilbert. Left to right: John Paris, Tommy Moore, Benny Brady, Walter Reagan. TRACK As was expected, 1952 track developments were far from all-winning. In all four dual meets, it was no contest, despite excellent participation on the part of some several Rebels. In league duels Ole Miss was outdistanced by over- all team depth against average-to-good opposition, and the same held in reverse versus minor-loop foes. Long-striding Johnny Paris, kingpin of the Southeastern Conference ' s 880-yard runners in the 1951 SEC meet, was, the ablest of the Rebels and had he been measured against top-flight competition all spring, probably would have re- peated in his favorite race. As it was, he finished third to Tennessee ' s pair, Frank Albertson and Jim Reeder. Walt Regan turned in an excellent mile run in the SEC meet with a fourth-place finish to Alf Holmberg ' s new record time of 4:16.2. The Paris-Reagan collaboration for five points made up the Rebel total in league competition to tie the Rebels for tenth with Vanderbilt. In the Southern Relays, held in Birmingham in April, Ole Miss scored when Marvin Trauth and Ralph Ross ran 2-3 in the javelin event. An injury sidelined Trauth for the Con- ference meet in May. Track letters went to Trauth, Paris, Truett, Ross, Reed, Gilbert, Reagan, Brady, and Moore. RESULTS Ole Miss . . . 92 ; Arkansas State . 39 Ole Miss 48 ; Vanderbilt 83 Ole Miss Miss. State 752 3 Ole Miss . . . 91 ; Miss. College 40 Left to right: First Row: Bob Childres, Jack Reed, Jimmy George Truett, Walter Reagan, Allen Muirhead, Benny Brady, Marvin Trauth. Second row: Coach Wes Knight, John Paris, Tommy Moore, Archie Shepherd, George Harris, James Slay, Ralph Hunt. Third row: Joe Hayes, Zoot Jackson, Ralph Ross, Bill Sims, Bob Sims. ••=jjil ' WNW °M11 ••■••■■••••••■••Ir ites■rlammerawanuommom 10111.111.11 1■01IIIIIPM • MEMO IIMICNompqr1.111111111011 11=1111111110111110.... =M.N. .11:1111111.U......,,NWP.1.1r •-•• A t • - TE 11 A Is GULF Ole Miss enjoyed one of its busiest and best tennis sons in many a session in 1952. The Rebels, tutored by Coach J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, won ten of 13 matches in dual competition, losing only to Tennessee, the Southeastern Conference ' s No, 2 team; Illinois State, and Mississippi State College. The seasonal series with the Maroons was a standoff, Ole Miss copping the inaugural match, 5-4, and losing by the same score difference here. For other results, the Rebs beat Union, 8-1; Southwestern, 9-0; Southern College of Optometry twice by identical 7-2 scores; Delta State, 8-1 and 9-0; Memphis State, 6-3 and 5-4, and Tennessee School of Medicine, 9-0. A second match with Southwestern was voided by rain. The Vols won by 8-1, the Illini by 6-3. Including the five decisions scored at the close of the Ole Miss ' golfers last spring tacked four victories and a tie onto 1951 ' s unbeaten string of seven before meeting defeat. Alabama furnished that brake, but not before the Rebs had beaten the Tide here 14-13. The overall record posted was six victories, a tie, and two reversals. The chief victim was Mississippi State, back in tion after an I 1-year layoff. The Maroons were downed by 26-1 here and at Starkville. The top duel furnished developed in the deadlock recorded with derbilt over Nashville ' s championship Belle Meade course, a par 72 layout. Farley McElroy ' s one-under 71 and Bill Cagle ' s 72 fronted the Reb effort. Ole Miss edged Memphis State 14-13 at Memphis try Club but the Tigers showed up here with only four men and muscled their strength in so doing, winning 111 2-51 2 in the final team action of the campaign, Left to right: First row: Pat Brogan, Leyton Pettis, Neil Rosenbaum, Bob Leatherman. Second row: Coach Wobble Robert Anderson, Howard Left to right: Billy Coffey, J. J. Lawrence, Bobby Jones, Farley McElroy, Bishop, Mitchell Jack Milligan. Bedford Bradley, Coach Junie Hovious. 1951 campaign, Ole Miss won eight straight victories fore bowing to Illinois State. In tournament action, the Rebels tied with Mississippi College for second place in the state meet, scoring II points despite the fact two stays were unable to compete. In the Southeastern ence tourney, Mitch Salloum of Gulfport and Leighton Pettis of Oxford were outstanding in the Class C Doubles, advancing to the finals before losing at 6-1, 6-0 to Tulane ' s Collins and Amengual. Howard of Oxford, the squad ' s No. I singles former, missed the last five matches including the second exchange with Mississippi State when the Naval Air Corps issued a call. And Pettis, another ranking singles entrant, was sidelined for four matches by an eye infection. Pettis led in singles scoring with eight victories in nine encounters, losing only three of 19 sets. Bishop was on top in six of eight matches, winning 13 of 19 sets. Southwestern was an easy victim here to open the son, was topped in Memphis late in the spring, 13-5. The loss to ' Barna at Tuscaloosa was by 23-4. Entering the Greenwood Invitational Tournament, five squad members and Coach Junie Hovious qualified for championship play, Hovious with a two-over 74, J. rence of Biloxi with 76, Bedford Bradley of Clarksdale with 77, Billy Coffey of Jackson with 78 and Bill Cagle of dale with a playoff win at 79. Cagle won a pair of matches before bowing in the quarter-finals, topping Lawrence I -up in the first round despite Lawrence ' s hole-in-one. Coffey was another first-round winner, Bradley losing to Spec son, the tourney winner. Lawrence went on to win pionship consolation honors. In addition to McElroy, from Natchez, other members of the squad competing in dual matches were Bobby Jones of Brookhaven, P. C. Griffin of New Albany and Bill shaw of Memphis. McElroy had 80 in qualifying for the Greenwood meet with Harold Cashon of Jackson, Tenn., in an 82, 137 Rebel Band salutes " The Commercial Appeal. " THE OLE hISS 0 The 1952-53 edition of the Ole Miss Band under the the famous New Year ' s Day S ugar Bowl game, when the direction of Lyle Babcock and led by Jerry Easley, drum members unfurled a giant Rebel flag large enough to major, was one of the most outstanding groups in the cover the entire band as it marched before the huge school ' s history. The halftime performances engineered crowd. by Mr. Babcock and his followers were good enough to The Rebelettes, coached by Babe Schiferli, national keep the paying customers glued to their seats instead of going for the proverbial hot dogs and cokes. One of the most memorable of the band ' s shows was put on in Majorettes and Rebelettes twirling champion, added extra spectator appeal. These young ladies, attired in bright red uniforms and carrying large Rebel flags, did exceptional work in conjunction with the marching band. Band Council Oxford ' s " Welcome " dance Pop rally in Fulton Chapel Rain or shine, victory or defeat, on home field or visiting, these eight cheerleaders have helped carry the fighting Rebels through to their greatest son in history. A great deal of the success of the Rebel ' s Sugar Bowl team can be directly attributed to head cheerleader Butch Califf, Bessie Morgan, Boop Nosser, Betty Ann McDonald, Jo Ann ner, Kelly Scott, Ed Williford and Tommy Harris. Always encouraging the rooters and the team when the going was tough—always keeping up " the old pep ' ' , it may be truthfully said that seldom has Ole Miss seen such hard-working cheerleaders, loyal supporters or more able couriers of good will. CHEERLEADERS Bottom: Tommy Harris, Butch Calif, Ed Williford, Kelly Scott. Top: Bessie Morgan, hoop Nosser, Jo Ann Turner, Betty MacDonald. " COME ON,GANG ! " Intramural Football HAL HILL AL MOORE DEL BEUMER ED BARBER II AL CO C OFFICERS HALL HILL President AL MOORE Vice-President DEL BEUMER Secretary ED BARBER Treasurer The Intramural Council was formed in 1935, to provide extra-curricular athletic activities for students who do not participate in varsity sports. Intramural teams are formed from the fraternities, the independent ganization, and Anchor and Chain. Teams are active in nearly all the jor and minor sports prevalent in this section of the country. Left to right: First row: Forrest Baker, Al Moore, Del Beumer, Bob Leather man, Frank Hall, Ken Seawright. Second row: Hal Hill, Ed Barber, Jimmy Dunn, Ed Grauman, Harold Craig, Hewitt Clarke, Walter Rose, George Wilson, James Terrell. Left to right: Colleen Fly, Clare Geisenberger, Jackie Curry, Sue Bancroft OFFICERS COLLEEN FLY President CLARE GEISENBERGER Vice-President JACKIE CURRY Secretary-Treasurer PEGGY FLOYD ... ..... Scrapbook Chairman SUE BANCROFT Reporter The Women ' s Athletic Association was founded on the campus of the University of Mississippi in 1926. The cardinal purpose of this organization is to offer to every woman in the University the portunity of participating in a varied program of activities that can be used in leisure time in college years. 87 LETL1 ' , ASS7OATH,1 141 OLE MISS ALM The Alumni Association seeks to promote beneficial and cordial relations between the University and its alumni. All former students with two full semesters of attendance, as well as all graduates of the University, and all faculty and staff members who have served ten years or more, are gible to membership in the association. The Alumni Office is responsible for planning ing Day and for staging class reunions. Regional meetings of alumni are conducted under its sponsorship, for the pose of acquainting the alumni with the Universitys jectives and needs. To keep alumni informed of University activities, the Alumni Office publishes THE OLE MISS ALUMNI REVIEW, an illustrated magazine with various items of general interest and specific items about alumni. Also your association operates and manages the Alumni House. OFFICERS OTHO SMITH, President Meridian, Miss. THOMPSON McCLELLAN, Vice-President West Point, Miss. BRITT ROGERS, Athletic Committee Representative Tupelo, Miss. BILL GRIFFIN, Alumni Secretary University, Miss. BOARD OF DIRECTORS District I CARL McKELLAR Columbus, Mississippi E. M. LIVINGSTON Louisville, Mississippi MARSHALL ADAMS Tupelo, Mississippi District 2 ROBERT SMITH, Ill Ripley, Mississippi MRS. R. J. FARLEY University, Mississippi GERALD CHATHAM Hernando, Mississippi District 3 W. T. McKINNEY Anguilla, Mississippi N. C. BREWER, JR Greenwood, Mississippi EDWIN W. HOOKER Lexington, Mississippi ASSBCIATION District 4 FRANK E. EVERETT Vicksburg, Mississippi R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson, Mississippi G. H. BRANDON Natchez, Mississippi District 5 SAM P. CARTER Quitman, Mississippi H. C. ROBERTS Canton, Mississippi DR. JOE LEE SMITH Forest, Mississippi District 6 L. 0. CROSBY, JR Picayune, Mississippi WILLIAM LAMPTON HARRY Columbia, Mississippi STATE-AT-LARGE S. LYLE BATES Jackson, Mississippi THOMAS TURNER Belzoni, Mississippi R. C. STOVALL Columbus. Mississippi W. C. TROTTER University, Mississippi WILLIAM MOUNGER Jackson, Mississippi JIM BLOUNT Charleston, Mississippi BOB CARRIER Batesville, Mississippi REESE BICKERSTAFF Gulfport, Mississippi WALTER GEX, JR. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi OUT-OF-STATE DR. J. HARLEY HARRIS Memphis, Tennessee ROGER Q. SCOTT Pensacola, Florida MRS. MARY HARTSFIELD McCLAIN Washington, D. C. GEORGE W. HEALY, JR New Orleans, Louisiana EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR Charleston, Mississippi DAVID COTTRELL Gulfport, Mississippi J. C. FAIR Greenwood, Mississippi DR. H. M. FASER Jackson, Mississippi JUDGE JAMES A. FINLEY Tupelo, Mississippi DR. IKE C. KNOX Vicksburg, Mississippi JAMES McCLURE Sardis, Mississippi JUDGE TAYLOR H. McELROY Oxford, Mississippi MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian, Mississippi HARVEY LEE MORRISON Okolona, Mississippi J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksdale, Mississippi ALFRED H. STONE Jackson, Mississippi MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS Jackson, Mississippi W. T. WYNN Greenville, Mississippi ..., • - 4.1011-111 ' Four of the beauties at Midwinters Grand Finale at Parade of Behind the scenes at Parade of Favorites John Robert Powers of the Powers Modeling cy, New York City, ranked the beauties as Jane Baker, No. l; Dora Lee Livingston, No. Charlene Rice, No. 3; Lois Byrd, No. 4; and Murphy, No. 5. C allare_ roc)._ MISS OLE MISS oLectr COLONEL REBEL ANNE BUSH SYLVIA COLLINS MARGARET CROOK KIBLER CRENSHAW GIN FRASER DOT EWELL MARTHA HENDERSON MARY KATHRYN GRITTMAN JOAN JORDAN PATSY HORN ANN McINTYRE NANCY KLINDWORTH ( ! RUSTY OWEN BESSIE MORGAN KATHRYN TODD PAULA PEMBLE ` LUCY LOVE WALLACE JO ANN TURNER CAROLYN WATKINS HARRIET WILSON Zee Zivin,vton MISS UNIVERSITY ;lard Coot MAY QUEEN BOBBY BERMAN LARRY FRANCK GEORGE HOWELL JIMMY LEAR ROY PITTS PARHAM WILLIAMS The Hall of Fame is Ole Miss ' most coveted honor. Membership is based on character, scholarship, constructive leadership, and contribution to the terment of Ole Miss. It is the highest honor that can be awarded a sity student. Selection to the Hall of Fame is tirely divorced from all campus tics. A primary committee of eight students and eight faculty members chooses by secret ballot a nomination committee of twenty-five students, who in turn make their selections by secret ballot. Members of the 1953 Hall of Fame are: Bobby Berman, Larry Franck, George Howell, Jimmy Lear, Roy Pitts, and Parham Williams. T H E 1 9 5 3 F F A IA LADIES IN RETIREMENT 4411171 4t. 1 tvT ,117 •— " . THE MEDIUM " 1-t I. ' 4 ' t--ftr-4. Alta ..)-`11VI,S Itarc ED LANEY, PRESIDENT DICK ANDERSON, TREASURER HELEN SALMON, VICE PRESIDENT SUE RANCROFT, SECRETARY t THE ROYAL FAMILY THE MENAGERIE 21MXII I PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD ... 11 . _. - • . ? I r ,1-- i . t — . . ' •-• -• 41 ' - It•-• • -• WAVING GOOD-BY AT HARRY ' NOTHING ' S TOO GOOD FOR A GRAD COMIC CHARACTERS MIGHTY MOUTHS _ BOTTOMS UP 1j CALL OF THE WILD 41•11111111412w " , TURN OFF THE LIGHTS AND CALL THE LAW vit N 14: V. MOO 4 .601.,44.-04441.44., ' • .18ftrOt;itiv ' s N 4-.4( .1,, -4 . • . �_.,� r r,��� . � _ �� ._ LT. COLONEL FREDERICK V. HARRIS Professor of Military Science and Tactics Y The Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit was established as a department of the University in 1936. The unit is under the command of tenant Colonel Frederick V. Harris, Clemson lege, class of ' 38. The University of Mississippi is one of 365 educational institutions offering Army ROTC training with over 178,000 dents enrolled. The ROTC is divided in two phases, the Basic Course and the Advance Course. All students enrolled in the advanced course are paid a monthly allowance at the current rate of 90c per day. Attendance at a summer camp follows completion of the first year advanced course. There are various national military societies, whose active members are selected from ROTC students, such as " The Pershing Rifles, and " The Scabbard and Blade. " The annual Military Ball on February 27th was one of the major social events of the second semester. The ROTC Rifle Team participates annually in the William dolph Hearst, Third Army Intercollegiate, and Rifle Team Drum and Bugle Corps —riC161111—I 17M " 11111111■AmIllIM 1 61111•111•111 . IMMON■1111■111111•1111•111 siwoommismarsas 221111111panil■ 21■111111 WNW moll■Imar sernossimumm11111111111111.11111111111111111111•1111011■••■ Pi111111•11111110 1 mom H. F. Huggins, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; E, P. Hollowell, Cadet Major, S-3 Officer; E. L. Cates, Cadet Captain, S-I Officer; F. A. Bowlin, Cadet tain, S-2 Officer; J. R. Nolen, Cadet Captain, S-4 Officer; W. H. Hitt, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. S-I Officer; D. S. Dearman, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. 5-3 Officer. LARRY FRANCK JANE BAKER Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor Battalion Commander several Shoulder to Shoulder matches. There is also an opportunity afforded talented musicians to join the ROTC Band. Upon graduation from the University of sissippi with the required number of hours in itary Science, each graduate receives a Reserve Commission in the United States Army. guished Military Students may apply for a direct Regular Army Commission at the beginning of the senior year. Battalion NMI 31111111111141..___Nwirininisrumrammour • ' • BOBBY BERMAN Cadet Captain Company Commander ANN McINTYRE Sponsor CPMPA!1Y A T. K. WYNN Cadet 1st Lt. Exec. Officer J. K. OATES Cadet 1st Lt. Plt. Ldr. T. R. JONES Cadet 1st Lt. Plt. Ldr. H. E. HILL Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. W. E. HAND Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. J. F. ARMSTRONG Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. R. G. DREWRY Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. T. T. HOLMAN Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. R. H. STIEFFEL Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. R. H. Stieffel C. G. Strain SOPHOMORES C. C. Lowry B. L. McKinney J. H. Mitchell T. A. Muirhead R. L. Nix FRESHMEN J. L. Hill W. Kellum J. P. Loden J. P. Mathis T. M. McCaskill R. A. McCool S. P. McManus JUNIORS R. D. Fitler M. L. Hale C. R. McDuff J. E. Dunlap T. A. Harris D .S. Holmes J. I. Jackson J. A. Johnson C. E. Duck B. L. Ferrell S. J. Fielders B. R. Fisher N. L. Gillespie S. E. Gulley J. C. Hardy R. G. Traylor W. F. Turner R. L. Pittman F. L. Quin B. N. Sellers E. Smallwood T. J. Webb C. S. Mitchell R. W. 0Bryant J. M. Reilly T. C. Spiess W. R. Thomas C. A. Wilkins G. E. Barnes 0. L. Davis J. B, Elliott E. M. Beatty L. G, Boyd J. C. Buckley R. E. Coker C. N. Defter F. C. Ball M. C. Bailey J. R. Blair G. L. Bush W. B. Bynum J. H. Bynum C. W. Connell :=.,.......... ......s...............,,,...._, ----•—. .m...1■11111 M ■ ■=1MI.WM.Olf EM■M., MOIONOJIMMMIIIMMIIML " ' ' ' ' ..ZA.M■•■■■:=1W v........1....MI■lr.......,•■■•••=1 =,■=,,••■••■•••■■•■■•■■==mm.IM.a,••■■a.1■■••••••••••■••■•■..■ao===• .... ' " .................. . = .1.1Mm... ' .=■==1 MaMI =Mamma. wm.,..maa, M.•■•=.1.■.arm====ww...=.=..r...r........ ' ...7jra,w 1.,=.... , ‘ IMMINom l■Mmll■LI = ' 7 " . r.: ' = ' ' 1 " niiiiii■i .... .. . 7f.ii,.1 " ...r . r M Maimal■MWEIP ' ' ' ' ' ' :=FI=J FIMIMlf . MI■11 ■IMl .•■ a ImommmalMwm.w mnak xlMmm.. I .Mar. 4..M1==:,,,..=gm=ra -r_z__.- ..-:-.4.7--- Ommwm...■•■■■••Mm■.■wr ...... =El= EP III■mr ... ...1■01 .....,, ,=.,. ....4 ..:,.‘ •.1. . ,mss. lan■•= ....,..7er r.W.II■moi.ommummo1... ,..4.■+.7 ■•■. ....■.•......... i... .... • ..,.. (AMEN..., 7 ..........wra• ....a.. 0...... 0. ■■ AM NM osm.m.„ ••■•■bmpf •••■•• E m.....:0 m4.1 rer I;rireir.;p=...arkM;U " ' ' ' Iia ' aeeaW ' NE ' airariiSTNI " Vaswr=oir=.•IIr=mBD,-im=w=..I–n=wr=..r=w ' a;IT:-: from gm. aliffoim_i UNE% „RAW ireammuss ; Momm MO■la.M.... 1••■ IMMO • IMPEIMONEWM IMPO■ ■EEPA■E ■•=EEIMPMEEMP loom■■•w...••••••■IIIIIPMMN• IMMEle.11 POr•■=111MMINITIMINIPO■7 glMorM MOMMOMM MILIIIMMINPIPPOPIONINFONT BILL WATSON MARY JANICE MORRIS Cadet Captain Sponsor Company Commander JUNIORS F. ALFORD Cadet 1st Lt. Exec. Officer C. D. BRYANT Cadet 1st Lt. Plt. Ldr, T. A. GOODWIN Cadet 1st Lt. Plt. Ldr. J. F. INGRAM Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. J. A. STENFTENAGEL Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. H. F. McELROY Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. A. W. TOLAR Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. J. T. BRIDGES Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. J. E. PIDGEON Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. J. T. Bridges W. B. Bonds H. W. Busching L. V. Alford R. R. Brashier J. S, Brown C. L. Burleson A. Cox P. L. DeRuiter F. E. Allen B. F. Anderson A. S. Belanger E. E. Blair G. A. Boyd J. T. Cook W. H. Cook J. M. Doris B. A. Holliday J. S. Murphey R. Evans W. F. Foard J. B. Gathright H. E. Holcomb P. K. Bethany G. D. Hightower D. A. Crow A. G. Edgar R. P. Frieu R. R. Goehe D. E. Gorton A. Y. Harper G. W. Harris D. S, Holmes R. D. Ott E. T. Parker SOPHOMORES R. L. James B. J. Jernigan J. L. May D. A. McGraw C. Mims J. I. Powers FRESHMEN R. Hooker C. C. Kerr E. D. Malone G. T. Merrill J. M. McMullan R. F. Neblett J. A. Shepherd W. T. Stewart B. J. Wells C. P. Morganti W. C. Smallwood K. Welch L. E. Williams L. M. Wheeler J. R, Skates R. A. Smith W. S. Smith D. F. Taylor A. J. White M. C. Wood MIMI= 11M■sa WINAL=0, .0,.!=0■1miNIM■ Company B 71Millaw ■■••• ■•••■■•••■ ■•••■■■••• • ; =■-• AMM=111 •■■=r,■•■•• ==f••■■•••■•• 0 ........L.1, :==paw...1,...... ........■.a.....e.......e■. :..•■....,Vr=r=:=0 nor.r.....or. C .6■1, I :mamma ..m... " ' ==:11;2=1,■••■[1..00.1 •■•... amilso f■ ' ... " 7.r........j= (.,...IT:=Z=ri• ....row ...N... mill•■•■■=========1: " . ..... ,w--= •••=... %.1.-..--fv.•••-•==t- ..--z=:-.--=:n•-•:::=--.===:-...- !-=, tr.h.r.vaTt mmutzrarz:Tra.-. gr.:-.11m.-.—••:======-410 es --::-...--- =3= 1■11IMMI 1•■•■. =MIAMOI •■■■■■■ 11■■■■■ hitsa arrwaffnu alival■poimaffirmap imminippow.,■•••••.•■• Ram_ , valmgmerms swarm. isiewenumpsou p COMP A C RALPH ROSS ANN COCHRAN Cadet Captain Sponsor Company Commander M. B. WILLIAMS R. M. FORTENBERRY G. A. GATTAS Cadet 1st Lt. Cadet 1st Lt. Cadet 1st Lt. Exec. Officer Plt. Ldr. Pit. Ldr. G. BRENNER Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. R. G. TRAYLOR Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. C. E. WEST Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. H. DOXEY Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. B. J. WELLS Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. F. R. DAY Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. C. L. DAHNCKE Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instr. R. G. Christiansen C. Crull E. G. Flora R. L. Beck E. E. Cardenis W. H. Cox T. D. Davis D. L. Dickerson M. B. Bishop A. M. Bullock S. H. Chaffin R. S. Childs L. H. Crowell J. W. DeRuiter B. E. Eaton S. F. Hart C. J. Jones H. Lofton R. N. Estes H. G. Exum W. S. Garner L. D. Hale R. L. Jenkins C. W. Ferrell J. D. Hamilton C. D. Harlow J. W. Hewgley W. F. Hinton L. C. Koestler R. A. Ladner JUNIORS E. G. Mangum J. R. Matthews B. K. McKay SOPHOMORES H. P. Jones K. M. Kelly J. F. Luisi J. F. Neeley J. Overby FRESHMEN D. B. Manning W. C. Milner R. R. OlConner J. M. Pegues L. W. Rose V. W. Schreiber W. L. Smith S. M. McKinney F. H. Netterville W. F. Westerman L. C. Pasley R. L. Pressley J. C. Satterfield L. Wigginton R. L.. Wold H. R. Stennis V. D. Sullivan W. Turner G. H. Wright J. Zagone Company C 11111■1 1=11■W wg:a , - x- :■■• ' -ww=r. " ' " ' " iiftre..7251=a MENEMML •1111■11a1 MMII■ ■••■•••• ' " " " . ' . " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " . " - ' 1=-;:t " :7421..... " :r••■•••■■•=r0=7:.a. " 52:41, " .■ " . " .7==.7 " .. r■NMEj IN rm.go.ranO..1M■ammilf■IM I ■ 1 ■.: 111■111■1■:1■1111■1■Zr mmo•Nomma01■111■1■••••■•••••• ' ' ' .. " ' ' ' ■ ' =.7 " ::P:r=Z11=====•■■••%•=j:11■•■•■ •••■••■•=,==! !.......1:=Z7. " ' ' .... " Ir=2.71.0 " ea.....7....r.ra,............2PLIZ.L " ..=.M.; ......6.■,.. . ■■••••■ ,■. • .M...m‘...M.v.m., ...=.,..■,...■■•■, 1..,,, ■•••=g 40■1..,..11.11.1■1•••• .,1■41==:111■111•1W 1•1•■••■ r. " . ' FIAMI=i1r " . ' ,, ' ..... ' ' ' ..1•45•1 .0•° ' :n " ...4= . _ Mttlea _. ,,–,....---mr.,-,,,--=,-=-.:2=0.-„--,,-.=,...:::====:,=====.,::-...–..,.......,.....:„....,.........m.:.,..„..-....:-.:=,.......7„....,....:,4- ri....•=111•MMiaaritiaE7••71717:7771aMialWiSlar•■■••••■11■1■1701.17:,........1....T.r.:7„:=._..,....raraazi jh 411121Ljt , 31.1rusvi.a.Thm,AlimiNam nu an_ iffitimin CENI • ■IIMII IMMO I =1■■••1 .........N...• tim..._,P+rmap,.........vorl,Tw , ...,_. ._ ... • • mob ....Mil PENS 1G RIFLES CHARLES DETTOR GAIL GARRETT Commanding Officer Sponsor J. K. JOHNSON J. B. GATHRIGHT P. L. DeRUITER First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Company Clerk Company H-4, University of Mississippi, is an active company in the Society of Pershing Rifles on our campus. This is an Honorary Military Society open to outstanding students in Military Science. Members are chosen on the basis of their outstanding abilities in scholarship, leader- ship, and drill from the basic classes in R.O.T.C. This extra training prepares the men for key po- sitions in leadership in their junior and senior years in Military Science and opens the pathway to a successful career in the U. S. Army. Front row, left to right: C. M. Defter, J. A. Johnson, J. Overby, L. M. Wheel er, E. L. Smallwood, T. D. Davis, Second row, left to right: H. T. Holcombe, P. L. DeRuiter, W. C. Smallwood, R. L. Nix, J. B. Gathright. tol " -C : init=i=r4==i=;;=Z := rA areas 1111111111111111110111111111111IM Miii1111 tr.,,,NA mow it A a 15=5110155 5 mr.515.1■50 ael=11111•11•111115 INN INIIII5M11111■01 taaracra-4,--la santass MOW ' 1111115Wm h. flrr=t wargamem. 6 11511 11•1101111111M NNW 51■111.1•1r. " 111. P5O111.15111111111•545 amrfiamm THE MR LT. COLONEL HOYT A. JOLLY Professor of Air Science and Tactics The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, originally established at Ole Miss in 1946 as a part of the Army ROTC, has evolved since 1947 into the present Department of Air Science and Tactics. The Department, with an Air Force sta Ff of ten members, functions under the supervision of the University and of Headquarters AFROTC, Air University Command. This Department directs the training of over 300 students. The course of instruction, ing of class work and drill offers training which is designed to develop in enrolled students the qualities of leadership and other attributes sential to the positions of responsibility they will necessarily occupy if called to service as an cer in the United States Air Force or its Reserve components. Air Force Units Staff Air Science at Ole Miss offers the student during his first two years in the Basic Course a series of subjects which will better acquaint him with the general function and mission of the Air Force. In the final two years, the Advanced Course, the student makes a choice of one of two types of options of training. The traion and Logistics course is designed to train potential officers in the fields of Air Force ministration or in the various fields of logistics such as supply or transportation. The Flight erations option, while offering no actual flight training, is a course of preparation for entrance into one of the Air Force schools for air crew officer members such as pilot, bardier or observer. Band 430TH VIMIG G. C. WARREN Cadet Lt. Col. Executive Officer A. M. TAHIR Cadet Captain, PIO J. C. STAMM Cadet Major, Adjutant W. P. LEE Cadet Captain Personnel Officer JAMES B. CAMPBELL Cadet Colonel DORA LEE LIVINGSTON Sponsor FOUR GROUP R. L. MARSTON Cadet Major Executive Officer E. C. PHILLIPS Cadet Captain Adjutant R. H. HODGES Cadet 1st Lt. Personnel Officer T. C. KELLY Cadet Lt. Colonel BETTE ALLEN Sponsor FIFTH GRPOP G. R. NASH Cadet Major Executive Officer F. C. THERRELL Cadet Captain Adjuvant J. H. SHOEMAKER Cadet 1st Lt. Personnel Officer L. R. McCARTER Cadet Lt. Colonel CHARLENE RICE Sponsor 175 34th Squadron Rifle Team 3 4 fil S U A R JEANNE Sponsor MONTE BEE Cadet Lt. Colonel W. H. Austin H. T. Barrier T. L. Brooks H. R. Burcham J. N. Busby C. W. C. W. Caldwell T. C. Carley BAND R. D. Davison J. V. Greco B. B. Digilio T. I. Hawkins M. E. Doss W. W. Henick H. M. Gholson P. B. Higdon J. I. Graves W. B. Hill COLOR BEARERS B. R. King G. M. Klepper JUNIORS A. B. Lewis H. R. Medley W. R. Lominick J. W. Miley P. J. Martin SOPHOMORES B. J. Barber A. U. Bruson J. E. Boone B. G. Butler L. C. Brown FRESHMEN R. 0. Adams H. H. Albritton V. S. Allison C. A. Alston C. M. Akin G. E. Alexander J. A. Autry W. S. Bush E. C. Cadden W. H. Brandon P. Dulaney S. K. Jones D. C. Leatherman R. Aikens J. W. Anderson R. L. Bailey First Row: L. W. Willey, Cadet Major, Executive ficer, J. R. Smith, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader. ond Row: H. C. Maxwell, Cadet Captain, Flight er. L. P. Warren, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. Third Row: J. E. Bat, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. M. A. Howell R. G. Metcalfe L. B. Morris W. S. Smylie H. S. Spragins G. C. Lawrence R. F. Moore E. L. Murphree A. L. Young M. R. Clark D. 0. Cole J. 0. Connell P. 0. Carruth J. M. Cauthen R. L. Clowers J. C. Williams, Jr. 176 35th Squadron Sponsors 35T SQOADM First Row: W. G. Green, Cadet Major, Executive ficer, F. R. Sealy, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader. ond Row: P. H. Williams, Cadet Captain, Flight er, J. W. Schoolfield, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight er. Third Row: L. J. Staelie, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst, Flight Leader. KARL OTT ANN WESTMORELAND Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor R. E. Davis I. L. Goldman F. Hall J. Hall R. M. Acevedo B. F. Crocker W. N. Davis W. M. Day J. L. Connaway B. M. Cox E. S. Crawford W. H. Creekmore H. E. Day G, H. Dubuisson 177 JUNIORS A. L. Harrison C. D. Malone T. E. Mortimer G. C. Pickard SOPHOMORES J. T. Dunn C. H. Eason 0. H. Edwards FRESHMEN A. R. Edgington J. L. Garner W. J. Garriga R. B. Gaylord E. J. Stenftenagle W. A. Switzer G. W. Truett M. D. Vance G. C. Far-Nord E. W, Farrar W. D. Fly T. D. Moore J. M. Gibbs 0. S. Gillis D. W. Goad H. Griffith B. L. Henderson H. L. Little 36th Squadron Summer Camp 36TVV S 11 A!I JAMES HARRIS BESSIE MORGAN Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor JUNIORS First Row: B. B. Neal, Cadet Major, Executive cer; W. W. Dillard, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader. Second Row: C. R. Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; 0. R. Koski, Cadet 2nd Lt.. Asst. Flight Leader. Third Row: R. A. Goldhammer, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. G. L. Dongieux S. L. Muths F. T. Napier E. C. Ott W. R. Brown B. 0. Elliott D. L. Fontaine J. W. Gaither C. M. Butler G. B. Hardister J. H. Heslep B. F. Hodges R. E. Hudson L. H. Jernigan D. Pointer T. M. Shanahan W. M. Smith SOPHOMORES S. T. Gore F. P. Greganti R. W, Jarvis FRESHMEN D. E. Jones B. R. Kinard H. E. Kremer L. C. LaBelle B. M. Stevens S. B. Vance W. H. Williams W. S. Yercier W. D. Koestler K. D. Lackey L. B. Letcher J. P. Larkin J. A. Larson J. A. Lee B. B. McElroy E. B. Massey B. S. Scott 178 37th Squadron Field Trip T S First Row: H. G. Chapman, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; L. S. Duddleston, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader. Second Row: H. R. Howell, Cadet tain, Flight Leader; C. E. Odom, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. Third Row: W. C. Hutchins, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. JOE BYRD GRIZELDA GREEN Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor JUNIORS D. D. Bolls W. J. Burney R. A. Carroll J. R. Clinton C. H. Coffey J. T. Maddux J. D. Malmo D. R. McMillan M. S. Moore T. E. Lemons W. R. McMinn G. A. McNeill J. T. Medlin W. B. Moody 179 D. T. Dessauer T. T. Dougherty R. W. LaRobadiore L. N. Parks SOPHOMORES W. R. Morrow J. 0. Nottingham J. R. Patton J. D. Polk FRESHMEN G. A. Morphis J. L. Nelson B. Z. Ogletree B. C. Osburn P. B. Robinson C. W. Shumate W. E. Watts C. N . White G. S. Saig D. B. Samuels W. B. Seely S. M. Woodward J. N. Palmer E. H. Patton F. E. Phillips R. J. Work W. C. Young 38th Squadron Color Bearers 3 8 SQVAPRO JIMMY LEAR Cadet Lt. Colonel JO ANN LUCAS Sponsor First Row: T. J. Millette, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; H. G. Bain, Cadet Flight er. Second Row: J. T. Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; J. E. Mask, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. Third Row: A. Binder, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. JUNIORS R. B. Douglas J. A. Kelly M. C. Fraser H. Linton J. R. Germany D. H. Ott F. D. Jernigan P. L. Whiteside SOPHOMORES W. Sims J. S. Threldkeld L. J. Spencer R. F. Triplett L. 0. Theriot S. S. Vinci M. M. Thomas H. M. Walker FRESHMEN W. H. Rush N. K. Toler M. E. Ryland K. P. Toler J. C. Siler W. M. Walker W. C. Smith R. Weiss P. F. Swalm C. R. White W. E. Taylor J. H. White E. F. Barber J. E. Bat M. L Coleman W. G. Crenshaw J. F. Potts M. M. Salloum M. A. Simmons R. B. Sims L. R. Power W. A. Primps J. M. Ridgway W. L. Rhodes R. F. Robison R. E. Rosser 180 39th Squadron Drill Team First Row: H. C. Crump, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; 0. K. Gary, Cadet Captain, Flight er. Second Row: J. H. Wittjen, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; H. G. Woodward, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Flight Leader. Third Row: D. A. Hurt, Drill Team Leader. SQUA RAP HOWARD GRUBBS KATHERINE BONNEY Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor JUNIORS H. G. Duvall I. H. Foard SOPHOMORES W. R. Keen J. A. Maggio D. L. Sneed W. B. Thompson J. A. Walters B. G. Webb FRESHMEN H. H. Mounger P. R. Philp B. R. Upton J. R. Williams J. H. Wilson F. L. Ott M. S. Smith J. W. Wilks G. R. Williams P. D. Willingham Ivl. C. Wilson R. K. Wilson L. J. Wise R. E. Winkler J. C. Wood W. H. Wood L. C. Yawn B. G. Yelverton A. Binder N. E. Blackwell T. H. Campbell J. W. Bowlin H. E. Burrow M. L. Carroll J. T. Cobb W. A. Dawson G. B. Ingram L. G. Jones R. a Barnett H. H. Dixon C. P. Fair J. B. Finch D. A. Hurt W. H. LaGrone 181 M. M. SHATZER Second Semester Battalion Commander it A V CAPTAIN R. L. NOLAN Professor of Naval Science In June, 1946, the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at Ole Miss for the purpose of training dents for Naval careers. The home of Ole Miss ' N.R.O.T.C. unit is McCain Hall. In this building administrative duties and classwork are carried on. With experienced Naval officers as instructors and by use of visual education, and practical use of naval equipment, the N.R.O.T.C. student obtains an excellent understanding of the Navy. During the summer periods, N.R.O.T.C. midshipmen receive further practical experience through cruises. Three cruises are made by regular midshipmen, and contract midshipmen are required to make one cruise. These cruises last about eight weeks and consist of either tours of foreign ports or amphibious operations indoctrination. Midshipmen enrolled in Civil engineering or Marine Corps curriculum participate in a specialized summer program during one of the periods fied for a cruise. Cruises give midshipmen broader experience as well as educational advantages, and are quite popular among all the midshipmen. Semester Battalion Staff Drum and Bugle Corps JO BETH SHARP Battalion Sponsor First Company FIRST COMPANY A. 0. CALDWELL JO ANN TURNER Second Semester Sponsor Company Commander M. M. SHATZER Company Commander L. L. CALDWELL . . . Executive Officer P. W. BROOKS Chief Platoon Officer FIRST PLATOON C. J. Profilef, Platoon Commander; 0. S. Johnson, Guide; H. W. Still, M.P.O. L. L. Abernathy N. E. Bates T. A. Bickerstaff, Jr. J. M. Allred N. 0. Beasley H. E. Bonds, Jr. C. E. Avarift, Ill J. A. Becker, Jr. J. C. Bowers E. J. Barnes, Jr. L. F. Bellingrath W. R. Boyens J. G. Barnett, Jr. R. D. Bickerstaff B. C. Bradley S. R. Barranco J. F. Coleman SECOND PLATOON C. 0. Prindle, Platoon Commander; R. 0. Hale, Guide; E. D. Ellis, M.P.O. Second semester appointments: First Row: W. J. C. P. Brogan J. W. Cope C. Dorsch, Jr. Hanneghan, Co. Executive Officer; J. E. Arnold, Platoon Leader. Second Row: H. A. LaMotte, Pla- toon Leader; I. D. Califf, Bn. Executive Officer. M. V. Brown L. L. Caldwell, Jr. R. L. Croll C. A. Davis, Jr. C. S. Downing G. D. Dumbaugh Third Row: J. W. Bn. Operation Officer; E. S. Camp M. L. Denton L. E. Goodwine C. J. Profilet, Bn. Communication Officer. V. A. Carbonar D. W. Divine C. J. Hallberg, Jr. J. E. Carpenter R. C. Scott 183 Second Company C. R. PATRICK PAULA PEMBLE Second Semester Sponsor Company Commander I. D. CALIFF Company Commander E. R. BOWMAN Executive Officer H. F. NELSON . Chief Platoon Officer FIRST PLATOON E. S. Lipsey, Platoon Commander; R. M. Leatherman, Guide, A. J. Jr., M.P.O. B. S. Dye B. G. Goff J. W. Hayes T. W. Elliot L. W. Gorenflo M. E. Hill, Jr. K. R. Escudier, Jr. E. F. Graves, Jr. J. W. Howell C. G. Fox W. C. Harmon G. P. Johnson I. L. Fuller, Jr. R. M. Harvey F. J. Lane W. E. Gerber, Jr. F. E. Lacey, Jr. SECOND PLATOON R. H. Gould, Platoon Commander; J. G. Montgomery, Guide; W. A. M.P.O. R. J. Hussey, Jr. T. G. Lilly C. R. Mandly E. B. Johnson C. D. Libby P. R. McCarty G. E. Jones H. S. Lipscomb G. C. Meyer H. A. LaMotte J. F. Lowrie J. R. Milligan G. H. Leach C. F. Manley, Jr. J. D. Murff N. A. Lewis, Jr. P. W. Murrill SEC C OV.IW Second semester appointments: First Row: E. S. Lipsey, Co. Executive Officer; H. F. Nelson, toon Leader. Second Row: E. R. Bowman, Platoon Leader; R. F. Looney, Bn. Supply Officer. 184 Third Company THIRD COMPANY Second semester appointments: First Row: Y. A. Moore, Co. Executive Officer; T. E. Arnold, toon Leader. Second Row: T. D. McDowell, toon Leader; L. A. Mahoney, Bn. Chief Petty Officer. C. 0. PRINDLE POLLYE FRANKLIN Second Semester Sponsor Company Commander J. W. NEBLETT . . Company Commander H. D. WILLIAMSON Executive Officer J. B. NELSON Chief Platoon Officer FIRST PLATOON P. F. Amos, Platoon Commander; R. G. Stetler, Jr., Guide; J. C. Wilson, M.P.O. F. F. Farmer F. J. Reilly, Jr. J. W. Shumate T. D. McDowell G. W. Rhodes D. N. Sims V. P. Pankey P. M. Ryan W. C. Slay J. L. Pettis, Jr. K. C. Seawright, Jr. C. R. Smith H. L. Pugh J. H. Shea J. S. Sullivan C. F. Ramsey J. C. Wilson, Jr. SECOND PLATOON C. R. Patrick, Platoon Commander; R. H. Weaver, Guide; T. C. Herren, M.P.O. A. J. Rogers M. F. Tyler, Jr. R. E. Waltman M. C. Shirley D. W. Turner J. D. Way J. D. Taylor R. D. Turner W. P. Webster S. W. Thornton W. F. Valvir D. W. Weeks " V " Tilley R. C. Vines H. A. Weltner R. L. Wood R. H. True 185 CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY KANDY DAVIS PATSY KNIGHT JEANNE McGRAW The local Pan-Hellenic Council is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Conference. It is com- posed of the presidents of each of the sororities here at Ole Miss plus two representatives from each group. The officers of this outstanding organ- ization are chosen by rotation. The object of Pan-Hellenic is to promote good will among the different sororities and all the Greek letter organizations. Rules are passed to preserve the welfare of the system. Pan-Hellenic sets up rushing rules, limiting each sorority to a quota of girls to be pledged, regulating the bid- ding system, and cooperating with University au- thorities in general. OFFICERS CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY President KANDY DAVIS Vice-President PATSY KNIGHT Secretary JEANNE McGRAW Treasurer MEMBERS JACKIE CURRY Delta Gamma KANDY DAVIS Kappa Kappa Gamma BETTY DOTY Delta Delta Delta MARTHA DOUGLAS Zeta Tau Alpha CONNIE EARL Kappa Kappa Gamma COLLEEN FLY Zeta Tau Alpha FRANCES FRAZIER Kappa Delta MARILYN HARPER Delta Zeta FRANCES HOLLOMAN Kappa Delta PATSY KNIGHT Delta Delta Delta CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY Kappa Delta MARY ANN LEE Chi Omega HAZEL McCAIN Zeta Tau Alpha JEANNE McGRAW Chi Omega ANN McINTYRE Phi Mu BESSIE MORGAN Chi Omega MARY JANICE MORRIS Phi Mu NANCY MULLIN Delta Zeta SARA MURPHY Delta Gamma RUBYE ANN MYERS Phi Mu ANN SLAYDEN Delta Delta Delta BETTY THOMAS Delta Zeta BARBARA THOMPSON Kappa Kappa Gamma CAROLYN WATKINS Delta Gamma 188 1),A 1-HELLE C C First Row: Jackie Curry, Kandy Davis, Betty Doty, Martha Douglas, Connie Earl, Colleen Fly. Second Row: Frances Frazier, Marilyn Harper, Frances Holloman, Knight, Carolyn Kochtitzky, Mary Ann Lee. Third Row: Hazel McCain, Jeanne McGraw, Ann McIntyre, Bessie Morgan, Mary Janice Morris, Nancy Mullin. Fourth Row: Murphy, Ruby Ann Myers, Ann Slavden, Betty Thomas, Barbara Thompson, Carolyn Watkins. 189 Founded in 1895; Established at Ole Miss in 1899. Founded in Ozark hog country, April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas . . . chased a hog all the way to Ole Miss in 1899 and decided to stay . . . wear cardinal and straw, grow white carnations, and sing about Tawny Gray Owls . . . run by Mary Ann Lee with the help of Elinor Sansom, Shirley Atkinson record; the gab, while Joy Herron pleads for cash ... Mrs. Aldrich has the task of keeping up with all ... place five-win five: Bessie Morgan, Dora Lee Livingston, Jo Ann Turner, Charlene Rice, and Paula Pemble for Favorites .. . Beauties, two, Dora Lee Livingston and Charlene Rice ... boast a cup for Dixie Week float . Morgan again as “M“ Club sponsor ... Miss University and Miss sippi, Miss Livingston, I presume . . . Swango, Ramey, McGraw, Hervey, O ' Farrell, Bailey, Atkinson, and Barkley wear not one but two pins . .. our sympathy to the Kappa Sigmas, their big brothers . . . and to all the Rebels, it looks like they are here to stay. C !,1 E G First Row: Nell Elizabeth Allen, Shirle y Atkinson, Joan Bailey, Kathryn Bailey, Jeanne Barfoot, Janice Barkley, Norma Brad- Olive Coker, Lillian Cundiff, Diane Dehmer, Margaret. Ruth Denton, Mildred Douglass, Louise Dudley. Second Row: Polly Franklin, Kay Fort, Glenda Glenn, Emily Hall, Sarah Harwell, Norma Lee Herring, Joy Herron, Dixie Hervey, Hampton Holland, Margaret Anne Holmes, Nancy House, Jane Boyd Humphries, Mary Ann Lee. 190 Third Row: Elizabeth Lowe, Julia Dora Lee ston, Joanne Lucas, Jeanne McGraw, Jane Marcum, Frances May, Martha Mims Maynard, Dorothy Mitchell, Virginia chell, Bessie Burton June Nalty, Alice O ' Ferrall. Fourth Row: Jane O ' Keefe, Betty Jean Orr, Joannda Osgood, Barbara Nell Parker, Paula Pemble, Marita Pigford, Agnew Pip pin, Patsy Price, Nancy Ramey, Patricia Ramey, Charlene Rice, Elinor Sansom, Bertie Shortridge. Fifth Row: Barbara Smi+, Mary Evelyn Smith, Peggy Jo Smith, Callie Swango, Edith Swayze, Sue Thomas, Lou ham, Jo Ann Turner, Anne Conway White, Carolyn Wilkins, Harter Williams. Not Pictured: Lucille Adams, Elizabeth Baumann, Betsy Cole, Suzanne Dugger. 191 Founded in 1888; Established at Ole Miss in 1926. E Some Yankees started this one back in 1888 the night before Thanksgiving at Boston College and carpetbagged to Ole Miss in 1 926 ... You ' ve heard " Silver and Gold, " add blue, and you have their colors ... for a flower, the pansy ... sing Alpha Theta Phi .. . prexy, Doty; veep, Joan Ray; minutes by Emily Julian; bills paid by Jane Demarest . . . they sign out to Mrs. Pullin ... their favorites, five: Patsy Murphy, Kibler Crenshaw, Nancy Klindworth, Joan Jordan, and Harriett Wilson ... Patsy Murphy, a beauty too ... winners of Stunt Night, Rebelee, and coming float ... officers, they got ' ern all over the place , Mortar Board president, Pat McNease; YWCA treasurer, Jane Demarest; YWCA secretary, Nancy WSGA secretary, Jerry Pankratz; and the number one secretary, Betty Doty . . Joiners are ... in CWENS: Nancy Johnson, Jerry Pankratz, Jane Demarest, and Joann Thomas ... in Alpha Lambda Delta; Jerry Pankratz and Joann Thomas . .. Pinned at printing: Doty, Byrd, Westermoreland, and Cliff . . . for brothers, the Pikes .. . the stars and moon seem fairly permanent, and so do the Tri Deltas. First Row: Dot Brown, Jean Byrd, Mary Helen Cliff Kibler Crenshaw, Jane Demarest, Betty Doty, Sarah Doxey, Doris Eason, Josephine Garner, Grizelda Green. Second Row: Nancy Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Joan Jordan, Emily Joullian, Betty Jane Kennedy, Patsy T EREUTTE FILLER Fl DASH STEVES ONE CUP DOGGETT ONET5P ONE REBEL CHENN-P-ING 192 Knight, Ann McCoy, Pat McNease, Libby Mounger, Patsy Murphy. Third Row: Katherine Myers, Jerry Pankratz, Joan Ray, Ann Slayden, JoAnn Thomas, Dotty Weems, Margarer Ann White, Louise Azlin, Bonnie Barham, Kathrine Bonny. Fourth Row: Lottie Brent, Adonis Bridges, Ann Dar- den, Peggy Floyd, Grace Fredrickson, Shirley pie, Virginia Harris, Nancy Pennington, Margie Ratliff. Fifth Row: Mary Robinson, Ann Roy, Ann Todd, May Tucker, Ann Westmoreland, Harriet Wilson. 193 Founded in 1852; Established at Ole Miss in 1926. A pre-historic bunch founded before the war in 1852 at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia ... after 74 years of wandering they straggled into Ole Miss in 1926, holding high their rose and white banner, the enchantress carnation, and singing " Picture a Girl " . . . chapter wheels are Mary Janice Morris, president; Alice Keys, veep; Margaret Jordan, secretary; and Wanda and Weida Goodman, co-treasurers. Miss Goode checks the sign-out list ... the belles are Margaret Crook, Ann McIntyre, and Loi; ... Byrd fiew one step higher and was named a beauty ... CWENS seems to like ' em all, they do Ann McIntyre, the mans two, and Crook ... Alpha Lambda Delta claims Billie Ruth Armstrong . . . Crook stole Miss Ole Miss, May Queen, and WSGA Vice-President honors .. . Ann White, Weida Goodman, and Rosemary Neill sent cigars ... The KA ' s are their choice ... they are one hundred this year and planning many more days, I ' m sure ... First Row: Billie Ruth Armstrong, Jean Arnold, Betty Ann Bailey, Margaret Birmingham, Lois Byrd, Harriet Chase, Julia Ann Clower, Nancy Craig. Second Row: Margaret Crook, Nancy Dickson, Mary 194 Garrett, Wanda Goodman, Weida Goodman, Mary Eugenia Hinton, Ilanette Huff, Margaret Jordan. Third Row: Alice Keys, Ann McIntyre, Rebecca Mc- Charen, Margie Martin, Mary Janice Morris, Ruby Ann Myers, Nancy Neely, Rosemary Neill. Fourth Row: Margaret Owen, Rosemary Owen, Char- lene Shaw, Eula Taylor, Julia Waits, Ann White. Not Pictured: Patricia Peeples. Founded in 1897; Established at Ole Miss in 1927. From the obscurity of Farmville, Virginia, these gals raised their cry in 1897. . . the institution, Virginia State Normal, which probably hasn ' t been normal since the cry reached Oxford in 1927 and along with it came the colors green and white, the white rose, and the strains of " There is no Girl like a KD girl " ... Frances Frazier tops the list with Marianne Prewitt close hind ... since she can write, Carolyn Kochtitzky is secretary ... purse strings in the hands of Grathan Brigance ... they are ail Mrs. Coker ' s daughters , . they can win elections too ... Mar;113 Henderson, Ann Bush, Sylvia Collins, Mary Kathryn Grittman, and Patsy Horn for favorites: Betty MacDonald for cheerleader, and Liz Nichols for " Mississippian " managing editor: Carolyn Koch titzky for Pan-Hellenic prexy they like the honoraries, too ... CWENS: Carolyn Causey, Betty Mac, Prewitt, and Zelma Melvin ... Mortar Board: Carolyn Kochtitzky, Frances Frazier, and han Brigance ... Alpha Lambda Delta: Melvin, Betty Mac, and Causey ... fraternity pins to Prewitt, Duddleston, Salmon, Smith, and Grittman . . the SAEs are brothers . . . and we can hear their cry ... KAPPA DELTA First Row: Marie Alford, Grathan Brigance, Ann Bronn, Olga Buckley, Betty Burgess, Ann Bush, Judith Butler, Ann Catch- ings, Carolyn Causey, Ann Cochran. Second Row: Sylvia Collins, Virginia Davenport, Linda De- Bessie Duddleston, Carol Fagan, Frances Frazier, Betty 196 Jo Fyfe, Mary Kathryn Grittman, Martha Henderson, Fran- ces Holloman. Third Row: Katherine Hopkins, Patsy Horne, Mertice Jeter, Bonnie Jo Keyes, Carolyn Kochtitzky, Jean Land, Betty Ann Lyle, Betty Ann MacDonald, Elizabeth McCarthy, Martha Ma- gruder. Fourth Row: Frances Marshall, Zelma Ann Melvin, Mary Ann Morgan, Peggy Mullin, Nancy Ann Nelson, Elizabeth Nichols, Harianne Prewitt, Leta Rush, Helen Salmon, Sandra Simpson. Fifth Row: Bobbie Jean Smith, Sue Smith, Martha Jean Stew- art, Nanette Stewart, Meredith Stigler, Alice Tankersley, Caro- lyn Toler, Bobbie Thrower. Not Pictured: Beverly Billups. 197 Founded in 1873; Established at Ole Miss in 1936. bE GA MA This crew couldn ' t be avoided . . . they were founded at The Lewis School in Oxford in 1873 . . . but they didn ' t move out to the campus until 1936 . . . they are supposed to learn about bronze, pink, and blue; cream roses; the -Delta Gamma Dream ... if they don ' t they ask President Carolyn Watkins; veep Kathryn Todd; secretary, Margie Jordan; and treasurer, Margie Fraser ... Mrs. Carr gives their dates a hard time . . . ask ' em and they ' ll tell you that . , . Carolyn Watkins, Kathryn Todd, ginia Fraser, Lucy Love Wallace, and Dot Ewell are favorites .. Women students ' boss, Rosie Leonard, and their banker, Sara Murphy . . . honor girls are: CWENS, Pat Sage; and Alpha Lambda Delta, Marge Fraser WAA veep, Clare Geisenberger; secretary and treasurer, Jackie Currie ... pins for Watkins, son, and Cash . . . their trust is anchored in the Phi Dells .. . and their funds in that new house ... they ' ll be around paying for it for years to come ... First Row: Betty Ann Cash, Etheldra Cox, Jackie Cur- ry, Dot Ewell, Marge Fraser, Clare Geisenberger, Mary Lois Gilliam, Sara Hampton, Margie Jordan, Rose Marie Leonard. Second Row: Sara Murphy, Ada Lee Oglesby, Eliza- beth Ann Pinkston, Ann Robinson, Patricia Sage, Mary 198 Loudon Stennis, Kathryn Todd, Barbara Vernon, olyn Watkins, Marjorie Ann Brown. Third Row: Nancy Bynum, Ann Curry, Mary Margaret Elliott, Virginia Fraser, LaNelle Guthrie, Jean Guyton, Rosa Lee Harper, Betty Ann Johnson, Mary Lewis, Joyce Nelson. Fourth Row: Betty Jean Panzica, Peggy Parker, Julia Parks, Ann Ray, Jane Rayburn, Sara Ann Smallwood, Patricia Stout, Doris Tulpin, Lucy Love Wallace. Not Pictured: Norma Jean Crawford. 199 Founded in 1902; Established at Ole Miss in 1927. A true twentieth century limited, founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1902 ... boasts three living founders in Mrs. Alpha Hayes, Mrs. Mary Galbraith, and Mrs. Julia Collins .. . another group of Yankees in our midst in 1927 ... proved selves very industrious and built the first sorority house on the campus ... colors of old rose and vieux green . .. a little Irish with the Killarney rose . . sing of the " Dream Girl of Delta Zeta " ... in charge of things is Marilyn Harper ... first assistant is Domena Mistillis ... Betty Thomas is scribbler ... bills payable to Nancy Mullin ... Mrs. McCorkle keeps house ... congressional minded are Marilyn Harper and Betty Thomas as Campus Senate members . . . a brain is Rheta Howell who attends Ole Miss on scholarship . . . since they built first, we feel they are well grounded for many years ... 200 First Row: Marilyn Harper, Rheta Howell, Elizabeth Brown Maher, Ade- line Mason, Josephine McCrone. Second Row: Domena Mistilis, Nancy Mullin, Elmira Pierocich, Betty Thomas. 201 Founded in 1898; Established at Ole Miss in 1939. Not just founded but well founded in 1898 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia: they were chartered by the state of Virginia ... the only sorority enjoying such a distinction ... came to Ole Miss in 1939 ... they don turquoise blue and gray ... demurely praise the white violet ... sing of the of our Hearts " ... Martha Douglas wields the gavel . . . Alice Williams assists .. . Colleen Fly checks roll call . , . takes two to keep up with the finances, Mary Ellen Exum and Dot Easom . . they are Mrs. Cochran ' s charges ... the Navy likes ' ern: proof of the pudding, Hazel McCain is Anchor and Chain sponsor ... honors to Colleen Fly as a wearer of Board . . . again Fly as president of Womens Athletic Association . . . Carole Williams meets with CWENS . pins claimed by Easom and Williams .. so well founded, they remain a part of Ole Miss ... ZETA TAU First Row: Mary Louise Bell, Laura Boyer, Sylvia Davis, Martha Douglas, Dorothy Easom. 202 I I I 6 I 11 Second Row: Mary Ellen Exum, Colleen Fly, Hazel Third Row: Mary Ann Patton, Alice Williams, Carole McCain, Ethel Maley, Eloween Oakes. Williams. Founded in 1870; Established at Ole Miss in 1946. P The wearers of the golden key came into being at Monmouth College, Illinois, back in 1870 . . . hit Ole Miss with the post-war boom in 1947 ... made lots of noise with a big new house ... they couldn ' t decide, so they use light and dark blue ... flowers from France, the fleur-de-lis , .. sing a Kappa Lullaby . . . key chain held by Bo Thompson and, on occasions, Kandy Davis, Peggy Blake records, and Maggie Read collects ... held in tow by Mrs. Boggas .. . Jane Baker is a favorite and a beauty . . . Another Jane, called Todd heads the YWCA . . Todd and Thompson wear Mortar Boards .. . CWENS are Theresa Grimes and Betty Jean Parks . .. Jane Scruggs is Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Hellenic veep is Kandy Davis ... Sandra Reed sings for the aires . . . Maida Smith and Betty Schneider wear fraternity pins .. National thinks they manage their dough well so they gave them a cup . . and they all manage to keep in step with Colonel Rebel ... First Row: Janet Baxter, Alice Bell, Margaret Blake, Peggy Brewster, Mary Lou Butler, Hen Crosby, Kaye Ann Davis, Connie Earl. Second Row: Theresa Grimes, Bettye Jane Harper, 204 Jo Johnson, Carolynn Kincannon, Lloyd Lee, Betty Jane Parks, Maggie Read, Jane Scruggs. Third Row: Maida Smith, Barbara Thompson, Jane Todd, Martha Wiglama, Ernestine Chandler, Dorothy Clower, Gayle Fleming, Sue Hill. Fourth Row: Laura Lansford, Tankie May, Sybil Muths, Ann Reed, Sandra Reed, Raye Rigby, Bettye Schnei- der, Nan Smith, Not Pictured: Genie Lovings, Gloria Clark. 205 VICTOR VANCE JIM STINGILY ED ALEXANDER SHAW JOHNSON The University of Mississippi Inter-Fraternity Council Fraternity Council are becoming wider each year, it is not holds the unique position of serving as an administrative being accomplished through the voluntary assumption of body for the social Greek-letter fraternities on the campus. activities by the Council itself. Rather, however, the The existence of the Council is authorized by a constitu- mand has come from other organizations, recognizing the Lion which was ratified by each member-fraternity. The peculiar and favorable status of the Council. Council is headed by a president, a vice-president, a sec- The members of the Council are able to view their past retary, and a treasurer; the legislative portion of the record with satisfaction and are looking forward to a Council is composed of two representatives from each promising future of service to the student body. member-fraternity. Although the functions of the Inter- OFFICERS VICTOR VANCE President JIM STINGILY Vice-President ED ALEXANDER Secretary SHAW JOHNSON Treasurer MEMBERS ED ALEXANDER Kappa Alpha DICK ANDERSON Sigma Pi RICHARD BALL Kappa Sigma BOB BERMAN Phi Epsilon Pi BUTCH CALIFF Phi Epsilon Pi RUSSELL CLINTON Delta Psi JIM COLEMAN Phi Kappa Psi VAN DAVIS Alpha Tau Omega JOE DOLAN Theta Kappa Phi GUS EVANS Beta Theta Pi BILL GERBER Kappa Sigma FRANK HALL Delta Kappa Epsilon DICK HOOKER Beta Theta Pi WILEY HUTCHINS Sigma Nu SHAW JOHNSON Phi Delta Theta ED LANEY Sigma Nu GEORGE LEACH Phi Kappa Psi SPIVEY LIPSEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon SHERMAN MUTHS Sigma Nu WINDY NEWTON Sigma Chi IRBY PARK Sigma Phi Epsilon JIMMY PERABO Delta Kappa Epsilon RICHARD PERKINS Theta Kappa Phi FRANK REILLY Kappa Alpha BOBBY SELLERS Alpha Tau Omega JIM STINGILY Pi Kappa Alpha VICTOR VANCE Kappa Alpha WALTER WATTS Sigma Alpha Epsilon BOB WEAVER Phi Delta Theta CHARLES WHITE Delta Psi JOHN WHITWORTH Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN WILKES Sigma Chi 206 I fY NTERFRATER C111111q1CII First Row: Ed Alexander, Dick Anderson, Richard Bob Berman, Butch Calift, Russell Clinton, Jim Coleman. Second Row: Van Davis, Joe Dolan, Gus Evans, Frank Hall, Dick Hooker, Wiley Hutchins, Shaw Johnson. Third Row: Ed Laney, George Leach, Spivey Lipsey, Sherman Windy Newton, Irby Park, Jimmy Perabo, Fourth Row: Richard Perkins, Frank Reilly, Bobby Sellers, Jim Stingily, Victor Vance, Walter Watts, Bob Weaver, Charles White, John Whitworth. Not Pictured: Bill Gerber, John Wilkes. 207 Founded in 1844; Established at Ole Miss in 1850. Nobody knows who runs this bunch, maybe the girls, they have so many of their pins ... they dawned in 1844, came to Rebel land in 1850 . . . wave the blue, gold, and crimson . . . grow pansies . .. martially they sing " Phi Marching Song " . Williams presides over the Y . . . Perabo works for Pitts as Social Affairs chairman . . . Duddleston leads the Beta Beta Betas . . . they all work to keep Hall on the straight and narrow . . . they can ' t be exterminated, we ' ve tried .. First Row: N. E. Blackwell, Robert White Brumfield, Harry E. Burrow, John C. Carter, Harold C. Crump, Clinton A. Davis, Leland S. Duddleston, Ernest G. Flora. Second Row: Curtiss A. Greer, James Franklin Hail, James H. Lipsey, Claude D. Malone, James L. Perabo, 208 EPS Ernest C. Phillips, Jack W. Robertson, Arthur J. Rogers. Third Row: Robert Clinton Scott, James William mate, Clark G. Strain, Harmon M. Walker, Edward H. Wilkinson, Parham H. Williams, Sam M. ward, James P. Colvin. Fourth Row: David J. Dessauer, Rudolph Valentine Gullot, Frank A. LaGrone, Joseph Frank Potts, Charles Henry Williamson, Not Pictured: Richard LaRobadiere, William L. Spikes, William P. Woodward, John Thomas Cobb, Bill S. Scott. 209 Founded in 1847; Established at Ole Miss in 1855. T PSI So secretive we might just leave the page blank, but we did ciphon a few clues from ' ern. They were founded in 1847, and crept into Ole Miss in 1855... they boast the first lodge in Mississippi ... I don ' t think they even know who the officers are ... they wear azure, blue and gold ... in politics they do very well, numbering in their alums, Gov. Hugh White ... nobody can get pinned, maybe because there is a mystery behind their pins, maybe not . . . Jim Tom Bridges plays a little football, and so does Raymond James . . . we can ' t get anything on them, so we can ' t kick ' em out First Row: James I. Bridges, James R. Clinton, Ill, William S. Dickson, William P. Dulaney, Robert N. Er- vin, Ernest W. Farrar, Jr. Second Row: K. Maurice Kelly, Thomas C. Kelly, John 210 W. Savage, Jr., Shelton B. Vance, Charles N. White, Malcolm C. Wood. Third Row: Harold A. Broome, Raymond L. James, Ray S. Taylor, John D. Wilson. Not Pictured: Joseph M. Buchanan, Hewitt R. Clarke, Jr., A. Lamar Harrison, William D. Ritter, William F. Turner, George E. Lovings, Ill, Milton A. Schultz, ert Y. Wood. 211 Founded in 1852; Established at Ole Miss in 1857. P l ' IPP A Founded at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, they came out of the coal mines and migrated to Ole Miss in 1857 .. . foreman is J. B. Nelson; assistant, James Coleman; Boyens pays for equipment; and Daugherty keeps the records straight ... Christmas colors of red and green . . . red roses minus the coal dust . . . and they sing " Noble Fraternity " . • . scholars, they are lousy with ' ern, won scholarship cup since year one ... they think they are too smart to get rubbed out, and that, they are First Row: William R. Boyens, James F. Coleman, Tim- othy T. Dougherty, George D. Dumbaugh, Richard H. Gould, Kenneth L. Lange, George H. Leach. Second Row: C. David Libby, E. Conway McCracken, 212 213 thony C. Carbonar, Charles G . Forbes, Jr., H. Leroy Pugh, Ronald C. Vines, Ronnie L. Willett. Not Pictured: Douglas W. Divine, John M. Pegues, Jr. Vr C. Robert Mandly, Christopher D. Martin, John B. Nelson, Charles Ramsey, John D. Way. Third Row: Ernest S. Camp, Duncan B. Campbell, An- 111•M11111111111111111=11111111 Founded in 1855; Established at Ole Miss in 1857. The diaper was worn at Miami U ... this one came from the Stix in 1855, hit Ole Miss two years later . . • Maltese colors of blue and old gold . . , the white rose . . . everyone knows their famous song . .. they sing it to Miss Jo Ann Turner . . . give the other frats a scare in intramural sports . . . Herrington gives the orders ... Newton substitutes ... Neblitt is cashier .. . Wilks takes notes . . . Howell could be compared to Richeleau ... Caldwell heads Graduate School • .. Ott, Education School . . . we ' ve tried to head ' em off, but failed ... First Row: Lewis Abernathy, Del Beumer, Richard Carrington, D. 0. Cole, Robert Davis, Alan Day, Frank Day, Wilson Dillard, Hindman Doxey, Byrne Garrett, W. C. Harrison. Second Row: Sam Hary, Alvin Hatcher, Leonard Herrington, David Holmes, Bill House, Bill Howell, Dabney Irby, Al Kirk, Arthur Lewis, Lewis Mahoney, Roy Moore. 214 Third Row: Francis Napier, Jimmy Neblett, Davis Newton, Karl Fifth Row: Hugh Garrett, Hunter Little, Jim Lowrie, Robert Ott, Bert Scobey, Bill Smallwood, Ed Smallwood, Charles Smith, Neblett, Lea Paslay, Raymond Rape, Heber Simmons, Robert Eddie Stenftenagel, Wade Strictland, Sammy Vinci, Winkler, Fourth Row: Bill Walker, John Wilks, Sidney Aliston, Bruce Not Pictured: William Davis, Louis Gorenflo, Ralph Kyte, Jim Anderson, Len Bellingrath, Cecil Morris Butler, Gor- McFall, Charles Manly. don Cooper, Eddy Crawford, Roy Edgington, Ed Furr. 215 Founded in 1856; Established at Ole Miss in 1866. SIGMA AL A One of Mr. Ringling ' s lions got away and roared into Alabama University in 1856, scaring up Sigma Alpha Epsilon . • they ' ve been padding around here since 1866 ... the Royal lion must have his purple and gold . . . sniffs and sings about violets ... Gulley cracks the whip .. . Duvall tries . .. Campbell does the written work Montgomery handles the cash ... Lipsey runs the organizations for Pitts ... Watts gives out ribbons for IFC dance committee ... Monte Bee is second man in Scabbard and Blade ... the lions have been painted, blown up, and burned, but they are still here . .. so what ' s the use? ... First Row: Frank Allen, Edwin Barnes, John Barnett, Jerry Barrier, Nathaniel Beasley, Robert Beck, James Becker, Monte Bee, Bedford Bradley, Thomas Brady, Billy Ross Brown. Second Row—William Burney, Thomas Campbell, Robert er, John Crawford, Wade Creekmore, William Crenshaw, vid Crow, William Day, Howard Duvall, Ben Feigler, Tommy Foe rd. 216 ui Third Row: Buddy Fondren, Irvin Byron Gathright, Tom- my Graves, George Gulley, Sam Gulley, Jack Hagins, Rick Hendrick, Jimmy Hood, Bob Leatherman, David Leatherman. Fourth Row: Jack Lessenberry, Mack Allen Lewis, Spivey Lip- sey, Talbot McCormick, Murphy McMullen, John Malmo, Charles Mitchell, Joe Montgomery, Lyle Murphree, Richard Reid, Billy Rhodes. Fifth Row: Hack Rush, Ken Toler, Noel Toler, Ronnie Waschka, Walter Watts, Ted Webb, Eli Whitaker, Jack Wittjen. Not Pictured: Hilary Barrier, James Boone, Oscar Connell, William Hartman, Murrill Hilton, Ben Ingram, Everett Pidgeon, Oscar Temple, Louis Yawn. 217 Founded in 1848; Established at Ole Miss in 1877. 0) Miami of Ohio is still with us, in spite of 1848 when the sword and shield boys got together .. Ole Miss began its test in 1877. .. they like blue and white and sing " Phi Delta Theta for Aye " . .. Weaver is gavel happy, Shaw Johnson tries to be, Miley laughs when you ask for money, and Noble calls role ... Somehow Looney got to be Liberal Arts prexy ... Shaw Johnson carries a Student Affairs portfolio . . . Lear works for John Vaught ... Harris and Williford lead hotty totty . . . Philp leads Freshman Y . .. pledges almost number actives and Mrs. Silver outtalks them all . . . tried burning them out once, but they are still here ... First Row: Bob Barnes, Bill Brandon, Albert Caldwell, Charles Carr, Bill Cox, Jimmy Dunn, Fred Farmer, Doug Fontaine, George Garner, Wade Garner, Hunter Gholson, Harry fith, Frank Hall. Second Row:—Tommy Harris, Bob Hussey, Bob Jenkins, Jack Johnson, Shaw Johnson, S. K. Jones, Tom Joyner, George Kneister, Bob Lake, Jimmy James Loden, Bob Looney, Jim McDowell. Third Row: Bob Miley, Dana Moore, Norrell Noble, Pat Par- 218 F T kinson, Gene Parks, Frank Quin, Bob Reeves, Bubba Shanahan, Marion Smith, Ernest Spencer, Lesli e Spencer, Bill Stitt, Faser Triplett. Fourth Row: Bob Weaver, Ed Willford, James Kenman Wynn, Billy Austin, Bob Barnett, Sidney Berry, Willis Connell, Dewey Dearman, Carl Downing, Roger Friou, Jim Louis Garner, Bernard Gautier. Fifth Row: John Germany, Kinloch Gill, Sterling Gillis, Charles Harlow, Hugh Harris, Hobart Hector, Murray Hill, Billy Kin- code, Ralph Landrum, Carl Lipe, Henry Mounger, Johnny Palmer, Bobby Philp. Sixth Row: Luther Power, David Rutledge, Banks Shepherd, Ray Skates, Hal Spragins, Bill Taylor, Frank Tindall, Wade Paul Webster, Gene Yates. Not Pictured: Walter Green, Bob Gurney, Phil Harding, Tommy McDowell, Teddy Millette, Bud Pointer, Jimmy Smith, Don Taylor, Allen Cox, Propst Fair, Julius Ridgeway, Jerry Siler. 219 Founded in 1839; Established at Ole Miss in 1879. It was Miami of Ohio that felt the shock back in 1839 .. Ole Miss was smitten in 1879 . . . hues of pink and blue . . . boutonnieres of roses .. a chorus of " My Beta Girl " ... Gus Evans gives the orders, T. E. Arnold backs him up, Dick Hooker sits on the bosses ' knee, and both Arnolds make bank deposits Arnold and Arnold count cash for Delta Sigma Pi and Pi Kappa Pi, are veeps of Beta Gamma Sigma, and T. E. is secretary of Beta Alpha Psi . .. Andreae is ODK veep . . . Artie Murphy works for Law Journal . .. its great to keep ' em around, so we can all sing " We ' ll all go down and. . . First Row: Robert Lee Andreae, John Elwin Arnold, Thomas Edward Arnold, Sidney Franklin Beck, Carroll Marshall Crull. Second Row: Calvin Larue Dahncke, Augustus Tem- 220 P 1 ple Evans, Ralph Morgan Fortenberry, Richard David Hooker, Arthur Gage Murphey. Third Row: Robert Edward Waltman, John Wesley Cope, Morris Denton, Clifford Fox, John C. Satterfield, Jr. Not Pictured: Joseph Flynt Armstrong, George Pat- rick Johnson, Lowrey Gale Jones, Robert L. Koger, Collins Bailey, Ramond Burgin, William Smith. 221 ' 222 I P P Founded in 1865; Established at Ole Miss in 1900. Out of the ruins of the war, they came in 1865 at Wash- ington and Lee ... the first catastrophe of the twentieth century, they struck Ole Miss in 1900 . . . crimson and old gold, red roses, and " My Kappa Alpha Rose " are parts of their lore ... they can coun[: I. Jim Campbell; 2. Jack Stamm; 3. Victor Vance; 4. Ed Barber; 5. T. E. Mortimer; 6. Ed Alexander . . . the machine placed: Campbell, Arnold Air Society prexy; Stamm, Delta Sigma Pi prexy; Vance, IFC top man and Commerce School No. I ; Mortimer, OLE MISS Editor; Franck, " Mississippian " Editor; McClure, Law School proxy; Gautier, Judicial Council chairman; Howell, ODK prexy; Williams, Captain of Scabbard and Blade; and Alexander, IFC secretary entrenched like the Demos, take more than twenty years to root ' em out . First Row: Ed Alexander, Ed Barber, Kye Bethany, Erskine Bonds, Harold Bushing, Leroy Caldwell, Jim Campbell, Bob Carroll, J. P. Culpepper, Ralph Davidson, Jim Elliott, Joe Larry Franck. Second Row: Jerry Hair, William Hand, Blake Higdon, Bill Koestler, Bobby Koestler, Bob Pete Lagrone, Henry Laws, Boyd Letcher, James Magee, T. E. Mortimer, George Mullis, Bill Ready. Third Row: Frank Reilly, Fielding Robinson, Mitchell Salloum, Jack Stamm, Forrest Stevens, Melvin Thomas, Billy Thompson, Tommy Thompson, Victor Vance, Binford Williams, Gene Wil- liams, Louis Wise, Harold Brunson. Fourth Row: Lyle Carroll, Sidney Chaffin, James Collins, Har- old Dixon, Gene Gaddis, Don Gorton, Alfred Harper, Doug Hodo, Eugene Holcombe, Billy Kinard, Mickey Koestler, Rob- ert Ladner, Garland McKee. Fifth Row: James McMullan, Eugene McRoberts, Jerry Mor- phis, Lowry Randall, James Rowsey, Peter Rudolph, Byrd Sor- rells, Ben Stevens, Emery Strange, Dudley Turner, Tab Turner, Swan Yerger. Not Pictured: Lindy Callahan, Sam Presley, Ray Blasingame, James Childs, Billy Primos. 223 Founded in 1869; Established at Ole Miss in 1926, A us) First Row: Edward L. Atkinson, Robert Lloyd Bailey, Forest tleton Bailey, Richard Warren Ball, Eugene John Barham, ers R. Brashier, Bill Brewer, Edmond M. Brignac, Wallace Alvin Burns, Henry G. Chapman, Rufus L. Jimmie Davis, Butler B. DiGilio. Second Row: Earnest R. Duff, Baxter Orr Elliott, Jr., Tommy W. Breton Grantham, Howard B. Grubbs, Paul C. Horn, Finley H. Horton, Hugh R. Johnson, Daniel B. Knight, Onnie R. Koski, Clifton W. Little, Henry Linton, Wesley R. Lominick, Jr. The home of presidents sired this child . . . how far fetched can you get? ... never-the-less in 1869 at the University of Virginia, Kappa Sigma made its bow to society ... although before Gone With the Wind they chose scarlet, white, and green . a lily of the valley ... and a song called " Kappa Sigma " ... even though not a Virginian Eddie Brignac is president ... Middle- ton came in second . . Lominick answers letters .. . Little pays the bills . . . head man around these parts is Pitts . . . moneyman for the Ole Miss, Shoemaker ... top pill roller, Glenn Warren band prexy, . Dixie Week Chairman, Gerber . . . and they won Dixie Week float contest ... cause for investigation ... to no avail they ' ve got too much power ... 224 Third Row: Paul J. Martin, Richard F. McCarthy, John D. Mil- ler, Jack R. Milligan, Edward A. Morgan, Harry Morgan, Isaac A, Newton, James E. Nix, Carl E. Odom, James L. Pettis. Claude L. Pitts, James A. Sheffield, James H. Shoemaker. Fourth Row: Louis Staehle, Roland G. Stetler, Jr., Fred L. Tannehill, William N. Temple, Frank C. Therrell, Dick Trott, Glen C. Warren, Loys W. Willey, Jr., Paul D. Willingham, Hugh H. Albritton, Bryant M. Allen, John Allred, William R. Aikins. Fifth Row: Joe C. Buckley, Ted E. Carley, James E. Carpenter, Joe T. Cook Joe Crumbly, Paul W. Daniels, John W. DiGilio, Billy G. Goff, Wilson W. Henick, Bo A. Holaday, Benjamin J. Kern, Hubert S. Lipscomb, William C. Milner. Sixth Row: Billy Bond McElroy, Billy Joe McInnis, William L. Power, George S. Saig, Harry L. Seeger, Bill Webb, James R. Williams, Charles H. Windham, Marion R. Windham. Not Pictured: James A. Autry, Jimmie C. William E. Gerber, Fred R. Seeley, Ray Stieffel, George H. Caldwell, Jimmy S. Sullivan, Charles R. White. 225 Founded in 1865; Established at Ole Miss in 1927. Another war baby, founded at V.M.I. in 1865... came here with prosperity in 1927 . . . azure blue and gold . . . English no less with the white tea rose ... sing a " Sweetheart Song " . . . Worthy Master-Korndorffer . . . Worthy Chaplain-Davis . treasurer-Jackson .. . Scribe-Pringle ... Jackson has a corner on the treasury market with ASB post . . . Beatty wears an M . . . Seawright presides over Anchor and Chain . . . three Korndorffers give them a voting block . . . Jim K. is Delta Sigma Pi veep • . being off the row they should feel safe from destruction H) First Row: Ed Beatty, Robert D. BickerstafF, Pat Bro- gan, John A. Brown, Dick Croll, Littleton S. Davidson, Van Davis, Charles H. Eason, Merle Fraser, Richard Harvey, Jim Jackson, Bill Korndor-Ffer, Jim Korndorf- fer, Tom Moore, Charles J. Prindle, Walter Rose, Ken 226 Seawright, Warren B. Seely, Bobby Sellers, Charles Shumate. Third Row: Harvey Stirewalt, Jack Wilson, Charles Avaritt, Robert Davis, Caleb Dortch, Kermit Escudier, Darryl Hurt, Billy Wood Kerr, Charles Kerr, Bobby Korndorffer. Fourth Row: Philip McCarty, Laurance Mize, J. Ken- nedy Oates, Gene Randle, Robert Rosser, William Smylie, Leonard Wheeler, Richard Williams, Jess, Woods, Robert Work, William Valvick. Not Pictured: Robert T. Keys, Jack Bray, Arvis How- ell, Ted Merrill. 227 Foun ded in 1869; Established at Ole Miss in 1927. Along with reconstruction came the Nus in 1869 at V.M.I. . . . After marching through Georgia they hit Ole Miss in 1927 ... militaristic gold, black, and white ... war over the white rose ... Commander, Hutchins; Lt. Commander, Hill; Recorder, Gerald; and master, Halligan ... boost morale with " White Star of Sigma Nu ' ' . . . Goldhammer writes sports for the " Mississippian " .. Hill heads Intramurel Council . , • Rebel Band prexy is Bush . . , new is Mrs. Grinnel and that mammoth addition to the house . with such an establishment, the termites will take many years to pose of it , . , 1 First Row: William Bush, Gerald Cole, William Duna- way, Freddie Fisher, David Gardner, William Gardner, Barry Gerald, Richard Goldhammer, David Hale, An- tony Halligan. Second Row: George Hightower, George Hill, Hal Hill, Wiley Hutchins, Joe Johnston, Lamar Leggett, 228 ( Thomas Lilly, James Maddux, Robert Mitchell, J. I. Morgan. Third Row: Sherman Muths, Shaw Robinson, Milford Shirley, Marshall Vance, George White, Charles ston, Max Arnold, Billy Blue, Sidney Brown, Larry Crowell. Fourth Row: Gene Gardner, James Graves, Leslie Hammack, Leo Hill, Bill Hinton, Bill Jones, Joe Kellum, George McNeil, George Martineau, Bruce Meyer. Fifth Row: Larry Morris, John Murphy, Bill Ogletree, James Sorrels, Al Steindorf, Hardy Stennis, Vic Tilley, James Woods. Not Pictured: Dale Thompson. Founded in 1868; Established at Ole Miss in 1927. Cavaliers and cocktails from Virginia U got them gether in 1868 . . one dashed our way in 1927. . . gentlemanly garnate and gold . . . such proper lillies of the valley . . . render " Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha " for Miss Betty MacDonald . . . Stingily applies the pressure ... second valve is Whiteside . . . worth takes the letters ... Miller, the cash ... Bryant speaks for Alpha Phi Omega Stingley is ASB dance committee chairman and I FC veep Goodwin is ond in charge of Engineering School . . . Scott works out with the whisper yell . . . Reed and Mangum work out for Colonel Rebel on the gridiron . . . gentlemen are hard to snare, so well leave ' em in peace ... First Row: Babe Bauch, Alton Bickersta Ff, Elliott Bowman, Dow Bryant, A. Fletcher Carraway, Jewell Doris, Richard Douglass, Eugene Ellis, Kenneth Exum, Lavern Goldman, Tommy win, Jay Hardin. Second Row: Jimmy Knight, Wade Lagrone, Tilman Lyle, Mit. chell McLaughlin, Ernest Mangum, Ralph Marston, Jerry Miller, 230 p John Mitchell, Al Moore, Don Nichols, Clarence Profilet, Ben Ray. Third Row: Kelly Scott, Tommy Spencer, James R. Stingily, George Truett, Max Waldrop, John Whitworth, Dale son, Sam Alliston, Sam Barranco, Al Belanger, Melvin Bishop, Neville Busby. Fourth Row: Bob Childres, Max Cooper, Harold Craig, Bob Crook, Brad Dye, Allen Edgar, Kelly Ellis, Bill Fitts, Harold Graham, Jim Hamilton, Haynes Hesley, Webster Hopper. Fifth Row: Jim Hunt, Tommy Jones, Bill King, Jack McDaid, Dan Morris, Jack Reed, Loyd Rose, Charles Sledge, Bobby Thompson, John White, Buddy Wilson. Nott ' Pictured: Bob Bishop, James Dickey, Paul Whiteside, Jackie Hardy, Charles Taylor, Bill Yelverton. Founded in 1904; Established at Ole Miss in 1935. Time, 1904; place, City College of New York . . . the tragedy, Phi Ep was born ... Ole Miss got her share in 1935 . royal colors of purple and gold ... majestic white carnations . . . anthem of " Dream Girl of Phi Epsilon Pi " . . • Superior is Califf, pledge driver is Ber- man, money bags is Warren ... Berman is campus veep and runs the campus senate ... Califf tops the rah rahs as head cheerleader .. . they got the big head from winning the Phi Ep outstanding chapter in the nation last year with such a rep, we had better leave them around 232 P First Row: Bob Berman, Irvin Califf, Leonard Warren, Gerald Crystal, Edward Grauman. Second Row: Gerald Hytken, Donald Samuels, Ronald Swartz, Harold Vann. Not Pictured: Richard Wise. 233 Founded in 1922; Established at Ole Miss in 1949. 1ETA KAPPA PH MISSISSIPPI GAMMA CIRCLE It takes two to . . . make Theta Kappa Phi ... Greeks at Lehigh and Penn State combined their secrets and came up with this clan in 1922 .. . They became a part of Ole Miss in 1951 ... young and ? ... hues of red, silver, and gold ... a flower, the colombine ... and they sing to the " Theta Kappa Phi Girl " . . . head man of this ment is Dennis Helm . . . his Nixon is John Bat . , . Dolin instead of Dulles . • . Lynski runs their Fort Knox . . . too new for subversive activities so ... First Row: John Edward Bat, Joseph Donald Dolin, nis George Robert Richard Lynski. Second Row: Richard Albert Perkins, Robert Michael Acevedo, Baptist Frank Boetto, James Patrick Larkin. Third Row: Joseph Francis Luisi, Edward George mel. Not Pictured: Francis Joseph Kane, Cecil Richard rez, David Anthony Davis, Ramon Gray Gutierrez, uel Morgan McKinney, Richard Anthony Polizzi. 234 Founded in 1897; Established at Ole Miss in 1952. GM A PI ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Sounds like far away places . began to function at cennes in 1897 • . fresh as the dew, they hit the Rebels in 1952 ... blue bloods, they are with lavender and gold . • . and the lavender orchid a song for their heart of Sigma Pi " . . . Hail to the Chief is played for Anderson ... his understudy is Sims ... Hayes takes notes . and Stewart collects ... Hayes has enough brains for all, the proof of the pudding, President of Pi Kappa Pi and the Clairborne Society . Laney is working for an Oscar as University Players prexy . .. off to such a start our curiosity keeps us from violence ... First Row: Dick Anderson, Louis Blanchard, Marcus Burks, Jerry Byars, Al Cioffi, Doyle Day. Second Row: Marshall Dye, Guy Faggard, Arthur Hayes, Clark Johnson, Ed Laney, Walter Larson. Third Row: Jack Mathis, Johnny Sharp, Alton Simms, Clyde Smith, I. W. Stewart. Not Pictured: Bill Heard. 235 ALPHA PHI CIRCLE OF 0 k Ck ELTti K AP P First Row: Robert Andreae, Robert Lewis Berman, Norris Caldwell, liam J. Egan, Lawrence J. Franck, Hunter M. Gholson. Second Row: Robert H. Hodges, George W. Howell, Mike Isom, man B. Johnson, Walbert Kaempfer, Thomas John Mallatte. Third Row: James W. Neblett, James L. Perabo, Ernest 0. Spencer, ham Williams, James L. Young. Not Pictured: Fred Emmett Bennett, H. Jack Burnham, Joe Cleland. 238 Omicron Delta Kappa, leadership honor society for men, was founded December 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, and installed at the Univer- sity of Mississippi in 1936. The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold; first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organ- ization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Five Indispensable Qualifications for Membership: character, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals. Each year ODK sponsors a series of forums which are very helpful to students in keep- ing abreast of current affairs. In 1949 the members of ODK sponsored the Foreign Stu- dents Fund and were instrumental in leading other campus groups to donate to this cause. This fund has been continued to the present time. OFFICERS FACULTY MEMBERS Paul Brandes Dr. H. B. Howerton GEORGE W. HOWELL President Dr. Thomas Brooks Ralph Hutto BOB ANDREAE Vice-President Dr. George A. Carbone Jerry McCall Arthur B. Custy Dr. W. L. Nobels P.ARHAM WILLIAMS Treasurer John H. Fox, Jr. Dr. James Silver ARTHUR B. GUSTY Faculty Secretary Malcolm Guess Ui B T A 7 Mortar Board is a national honorary society for senior women, established at the University of Mississippi in 1943. Selection for membership is one of the highest honors conferred upon women students, based on outstanding personality, scholarship, ability, and leadership on the campus. The officers are: President, Pat McNease; Vice President, Carolyn Kochtitzky; Secre- tary, Coleen Fly; Treasurer, Jane Todd; Chapter Editor, Grathan Brigance; Forum Representative, Nancy Johnson. First Row: Grathan Brigance, Coleen Fly, Frances Fraser, Nancy Johnson. Second Row: Carolyn Kochtitzky, Pat McNease, Barbara Thompson, Jane Todd. 240 P 1 P A P OFFICERS ARTHUR J. HAYES President PHYLLIS MULLEN Vice-President PATRICIA C. McNEASE Secretary JOHN E. ARNOLD Co-Treasurer THOMAS E. ARNOLD Co-Treasurer DR. ALLEN CABANISS Executive Secretary J. Allan Cabaniss Arthur C. Guyton Bernard G. Hamilton Evelyn Sue Haney FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS John S. Hartin Huey B. Howerton Harriet J. Jackson William L. Kennon Richard E. Keye, Jr. Pete Kyle McCarter John R. Smith Pi Kappa Pi is an organization which upholds high ideals in scholastic work on the Ole Miss Campus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is the highest scholastic honor that may be attained at the University. The main requirement is a seventy per cent average of A ' s for two consecutive years. First Row: John E. Arnold, Thomas E. Shirley F. Atkinson, N. E. Blackwell, Ill, William J. Egan, Phillip George, Arthur J. Hayes. Second Row: bert W. Kaempfer, Florence P. Krause, Charles R. McDaniel, Patricia C. McN ease, Phyllis Mullen, James W. Neblett, Betty Mary Oswalt. Third Row: Willis James Pardoe, Charles K. Pringle, Ernest 0. Spencer, Parham H. Williams. Not Pictured: James E. Cagle, Alleen A. Wallace. 241 PHI LIA SIP OFFICERS FASER TRIPLETT President GEORGE DUNBAUGH Vice-President EPHRAIM E. DAVIDSON BYRON GAITHRIGHT Secretary WALBERT W. KAEMPFER Student Advisor DR. J. E. McCRACKEN Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Frank A. Anderson Mr. William V. George Dr. W. L. Kennon Dr. W. Alton Bryant Dr. Arthur C. Guyton Dr. Leston L. Love Dr. Harry M. Campbell Dean R. Malcolm Guess Dr. Arthur B. Lewis Dr. J. Hector Currie Mr. Sykes Hartin Dr, P. K. McCarter Dr. George A. Carbone Dr. H. B. Howerton, Sr. Dr. John D. Prof. Richard E. Keye Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary fraternity for freshmen. It has as its purpose the forwarding of scholastic ideals and achievements among fresh- men men. Requirements for membership are a 4.5 quality point average for either the first semester of college or for the entire first year of college work. First Row: John E. Arnold, Thomas E, Arnold, Robert L. Beck, Robert L. Berman, Noah E. Blackwell, Ill, Phillip W. Brooks, Richard L. Croll, Ephraim E. vidson, George Dumbaugh. Second Row: William M. Flowers, John B. Gathright, Jr., Phillip George, John J. Gilluly, Frank P. Greganti, Anthony J. gan, Arthur J. Hayes, Robert H. Hodges, Mike Isom. Third Row: Walbert W. Kaempfer, Mack A. Lewis, James H. Lipsey, Joe G. Montgomery, James Neblett, William M. Smith, Ernest 0. Spencer, Ray H. Stewart, Faser Triplett. Fourth Row: John W. Wilks, Parham H. Williams. James C. Wilson, M. Wynne. Not Pictured: Joseph E. Brown. 242 P OFFICERS JIM McCLURE Magister ELWOOD EDWARDS Exchequer ALBERT COVINGTON Clerk ARTHUR MURPHEY Historian Members of Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi, an honorary international legal fraternity, are chosen from those law students who have displayed the high- est qualities of scholarship and character in their legal training. The organ- ization was formed at Ole Miss in 1927. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. First Row: Frank Alexander, William Brewer, Albert Covington, William Deavours, Elwood Edwards, John Gautier. Second Row: Robert Hodges, James Clure, William Marston, Arthur Murphey, George Rogers, William Smith. Third Row: John Valentine, Kenneth Watts. Not Pictured: Alvin Binder. 243 CARD CLUB AL OFFICERS WILLIAM J, BURNEY President JACK MILLIGAN Vice-President GEORGE D. DUMBAUGH Secretary TOMMY LILLY Treasurer JOHN R. HOLLEY Faculty Advisor The Cardinal Club, sophomore service organization at Ole Miss, was organized on the campus in 1927, and had as its primary purpose the entertainment of visiting athletic teams. The club, famous as the Freshman disciplinary committee, supervises the building of the annual Homecoming bonfires, acts as guide to numerous student and faculty con- ventions held on the campus, and helps to instill within freshmen students enthusiastic Ole Miss spirit and love of Ole Miss tradition. Evidences of the genuine service rendered by the Cardinal Club, both past and pres- ent, are the many worthwhile gifts and enduring monuments on the University of Missis- sippi campus. The membership of the Cardinal Club consists of outstanding sophomore men, one from each of the social fraternities and two from the student body at large. The presi- dent is selected from the preceding year ' s Cardinal Club and is a member of the Junior Class. Each year the members of the Cardinal Club select for their sponsor an attractive and popular sophomore coed; this year the honor was bestowed upon Miss Patsy Murphy. First Row: Dick Anderson, Pat Brogan, William J. Burney, Harry E. Burrow, Jr., George David Dumbaugh, Fred Farmer. Second Row: Byron Gathright, Jr., Tommy Lilly, Jack Milligan, William B. Thompson, Bill Walker, Robert F. Waltman. Third Row: Leonard Moore Wheeler, John Whitworth, Jr. 244 T OFFICERS EARL CRUTHIRDS Justice LARRY CORBAN Vice-Justice JESSE PUCKETT Clerk HARVEY aCONOR Treasurer TOMMY MALLETTE Marshall Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary legal fraternity, which seeks the promotion of fellowship and the fostering of the highest ideals of the legal profession. Those students in the School of Law who have attained the requisite scholastic and character qualifications are eligible for considera- tion as members. The local Lamar chapter was established in 1929 and was named for one of Mississippi ' s outstanding statesmen, L. Q. C. Lamar. First Row: Robert A. Anderson, Dennis M. Baker, Charles W. Burke, Walker J. Carney, Charles A. Carter, Larry C. Corban, Earl R. Cruthirds, George G. Currie. Second Row: Gilford F. Dabbs, Arthur M. Edwards, Thomas B. Gambrell, Brelon E. Grantham, George Gulley, Jack B. Hough, George W. Howell, Tommy J. Mallette. Third Row: John E. Mulhearn, Harvey G. O ' Conner, Jesse D. Puckett, R. B. Reeves, Albert B. Smith, Ernest 0. Spencer, Hollis C. son, Thomas H. Woodrow. Not Pictured: Pablo Eguia. 245 CWEKS OFFICERS CAROLYN CAUSEY President GERRY PANKRATZ Vice-President PAT SAGE Secretary BETTY JANE PARKS Treasurer JANE DEMAREST Ritual Chairman Mississippi Iota of CWENS is composed of sophomore wo- men selected for scholarship, leadership ability, and participa- tion in campus activities. CWENS promotes scholarship and leadership among coeds and renders service to the University. First Row: Billie Ruth Armstrong, Nancy Bagwell, Carolyn Causey. Second Row: Gerry Pankratz, Frances Scott, Jane Scruggs. Third Row: Jo Ann Thomas. First Row: Sue Bancroft, Carolyn Causey, Jane Demarest. Second Row: Theresa Ann McIntyre, Gerry Pankratz. Third Row: Betty Jane Parks, Pat Sage, Jo Ann Thomas, Carole Williams. OFFICERS GERRY PANKRATZ President CAROLYN CAUSEY Vice-President NANCY BAGWELL Secretary JO ANN THOMAS Treasurer BILLIE RUTH ARMSTRONG Historian Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor able for freshmen coeds. The purpose of this organization is to promote higher standards of living and learning, and to courage superior scholastic attainment among freshman men. LAM27A DELTA PEI CHI OFFICERS BENJAMIN F. BURNS President CHARLES R. PYLE Vice-President H. J. OUILLE Secretary DALE J. DUGAS Treasurer Phi Delta Chi, a national professional fraternity for outstanding students in the School of Pharmacy, was founded at the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, in the year 1883. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter was installed at Ole Miss in 1927, became inactive in 1929, and was reactivated on May 12, 1951. First Row: Clinton E. Bane, E. V. Bauch, Ed. Beaty, Oscar M. Blake, J. D. Brown, Benjamin F. Burns, J. Dale Dugas, Second Row: Jim Edwards, Myles W. Graves, Joe Greco, P. C. Hudson, Jerry E. Ishee, Jack Latham, Robert Logan. Third Row: Neal McEacharan, Greely R. Nash, B. B. Neal, H. J. Ouille, W. J. Pierron, Charles R. Pyle. Not Pictured: M. 0. Peacock, W. L. Spikes, Ill, Joe Wynn. 247 OFFICERS MALCOLM M. WILLIAMS President FORREST L. BAKER Vice-President MILFORD Q. NICHOLS Secretary JAMES T. CUNNINGHAM Treasurer HOWELL N. McNEILL Historian GLENN C. WARREN Chaplain DEAN E. L. HAMMOND DR. J. L. VOIGT Advisers Kappa Psi, first national Greek letter pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded December 5, 1879, at the College of Virginia. Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Psi was reactivated on the Ole Miss campus in May, 1947, after some seventeen years of inactivity. Members are chosen in recognition for their scholastic standing, general ability, character, and personality. They are expected to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutical profession. First Row: Forrest L. Baker, John A. Brown, John W. Burress, Augustus F. Carrawar, Ill, William A. Carroll, Don A. Cranford, James T. Cunningham, Benjamin Feigler, Tildon 0. Fugitt. Second Row: James 0. Gable, Howard B. Grubbs, Duane D. Gunn, Sidney E. Haney, Clark Johnson, Lee Roy McCarter, Jr., Richard McCarthy, William S. McIntire, N. McNeill. Third Row: Milford Q. Nichols, William F. O ' Donnell, Joseph G. Oliver, Russell Pardee, Joe C. J. D. Polk, Tommy L. Riggins, Pat K. Sharp, Frank C. Therrell. Fourth Row: Dale B. Thompson, James H. Ward, Glenn C. Warren, Bobby Joe Wells, colm M. Williams, Edwin L. Baker, Joe C. Crumbly, James D. Oakley, Clyde A. Smith, Harold R. Vann. Not Pictured: Garland E. Garner, Thomas W. son, Frank L. Ott, Richard A. Polizzi. 248 AMERICA! S011,!ETY E C VIL UE(1 ' S OFFICERS J. R. BOH President BOB TRAMEL Vice-Pres ident WAYNE MYLES Secretary LESTER MAPLES Treasurer The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest national engineer- ing society in the United States. It was instituted in 1852, for the purpose of advancing engineering and architectural knowledge and practice, maintain- ing a high professional standard among its members, encouraging fellow- ship between men of the practical science, and establishing a " central point of reference and union for its members. " First Row: Ed Alexander, R. L. Bennett, R. D. Bickerstaff, E. Bowman, W. R. Boyens, E. M. Brignac, J. D. Brown, W A. Burns, H. G. Chapman. Second Row: C. M. Crull, Dewey George Dumbaugh, Bill Egan, Tommy Goodwin, Karl Gullaksen, R. Harvey, H. F. Huggins, G. P. Johnson. Third Row: A. H. Jones, Bobby Keys, W. P. Lee, Lester Maples, Jack Milligan, tile Murphee, Myles, J. T. Powers, C. J Profilet Fourth Row: A. J. Rogers, T. M. Shanahan, G. B. Bob R. Turner, George White, Dale Williamson. Not Pictured: Paul Amos, J. R. Boh, W. D. Oliver, Jim Taylor. 249 PHI OFFICERS CREIGHTON L, WILSON, JR Presiding Senior WILLIAM 0. CLELAND Presiding Junior WILLIAM E. KORNDORFFER Secretary RICHARD E. SCHUSTER Treasurer Phi Chi international medical fraternity strives for the promotion of the highest ideals of the profession among the students in the many schools of medicine in which it has chapters. Theta Pi chapter was formed at Ole Miss on March 22, 1926. First Row: Robert L. Andreae, Thomas H. Arrington, Julian C. Bramlett, Jam es W. Bryant, William O. Cleland, Wayne P. Cockrell, Billy Cox, John J. vis, Don E. Dismukes, Billy B. Elrod. Second Row: James Geisler, James E. Harris, Gerald M. Hollingsworth, Paul C. Horn, Robert Jabour, William H. cobs, Edgar D. Johnson, Whitman B. Johnson, Joseph E. Johnston, William E. Korndoffer. Third Row: James G. Krestensen, Joe LeBlanc, John M. John D. Miller, James D. Mitchell, Robert A. Mitchell, James T. Morgan, Isaac A, Newton, J. Elmer Nix, James R. Powell. Stanley Russell. Fourt Row: A. Newton, J. Elmer Nix, James R. Powell, Stanley Russell, Fourth Row: James H. Satterfield, Robert P. Richmond F. Scharbrough, Richard E. James A. Sheffield, William Hardy Stennis, Joseph W. Stephens, Ray H. Stewart, Howard L. Stubblefield, Creighton L. Wilson, David W. Young. Not George C. Armstrong. 250 ALPEIA (APPA KAPPA OFFICERS LAMAR GILLESPIE President TOM McGEHEE Vice-President CHARLES SMITH Treasurer FORREST TUTOR Recording Secretary LLOYD GARY Corresponding Secretary BERNIE ELLIS Marshal ELBERT RAY Warden WILLIE STRINGER Historian Alpha Kappa Kappa international medical fraternity was founded Sep- tember 29, 1888, at Dartmouth Medical College. Beta Sigma Chapter was installed on the Ole Miss Campus May 17, 1947. Its main purpose is to fos- +er the advancement of the Medical Science, the fellowship of the brother- hood, and the mutual benefit of its members. First Row: Glen Anderson, Tom Anderson, Lloyd Gordon Berrong, M. Harvard Brown, Patrick Chipley, Howard D. Clark, Warren B. Dale, Bubber Durham, Bernie Ellis. Second Row: Dave Ellis, William Elmore, Llyod E. Gary, Phillip George, Lamar Gillespie, Ben Gregory, L. C. Henson, Cyrus Henry Higgs, Rex Hulsey. Third Row: John James, Jim Lipsey, William G. Lorrance, Thomas Ford McGehee, Eugene Owens, Dimitri Polizo, James Norbette Rasberry, Robert Elbert Ray, Charles E. Smith. Fourth Row: Charles Spence, Joe K. Stephens, Willie Stringer, James Tanner, Dick Forrest Travis Tutor, Eugene Webb. Not Pictured: Jack Burnham, Warren Woodrow Johnson. 251 DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS JACK STAMM Head Master ABE TAHIR Senior Warden JIM KORNDORFFER Junior Warden BOBBY LYON Scribe T. E. and J. E. ARNOLD Treasurers CHARLES PRINGLE Correspondent HUGH BAIN Historian EUGENE ELLIS Efficiency Contest Chairman W. W. JOOR Faculty Advisor Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional commerce and business administration fraternity. Alpha Phi Chapter was established at the Univer- sity of Mississippi in 1927. Besides the regular social and professional activities of the fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi sponsors with the School of Commerce and Business istration weekly " Business Talks, " which are delivered by outstanding men in commerce; the annual Commerce Day, when the campus is visited by prominent men and women for talks and social activities with students; and the Rose Ball, at which time the " Rose of Deltasig, " Miss Rose Marie Leonard, was presented. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is restricted to men in the School of merce and Business Administration who meet the necessary scholastic re- quirements and are approved by the fraternity. First Row: J. E. Arnold, T. E. Arnold, Hugh Bain, Jerry Fourth Row: Joe Montgomery, T. E. Mortimer, Carl Na- Barrier, Bob Beck, Bobby Berman, Del Beumer, Erskine bors, Charles Pringle, Billy Smallwood, Eddie Sm allwood, Bonds, Phillip Brooks. Jack Stamm, Abe Tahir, Jr., Bob Traylor. Second Row: Jim Campbell, Russell Clinton, Charles Cof- Fifth Row: Victor Vance, Leonard Warren, Walter Waits, fey, Gene Dongieux, Eugene Ellis, Larry Franck, Marvin Kinman Wynn, Dillard Bolls, Dabney Irby, Bill Kerr, Chris Hale, Charles Hallberg, Alvin Hatcher. Martin. Third Row: David Holmes, Arthur Johnson, Albert Jones, Not Pictured: Bill Gerber, Bill House. S. K. Jones, Walter Kaempfer, Jim Korndorffer, Mack A. Lewis, Bobby Lyon, Bob Merryman. 253 AMERICA% PHARFACEU 0AL l7SS6i, OFFICERS LEE ROY McCARTER, JR President GLEN WARREN Vice-President WALTER J. PIERRON Secretary-Treasurer First Row: Edwin L. Baker, C. E. Bane, Eldrid Vale Bauch, Edwin M. Beatty, Jr., Albert S. Belanger, James Robert Blair, J. A. Brown, J. D. Brown, John Burress, Augustus F. Carraway, William A. Carroll, Johnny M. Conner, Scott Epting Conway, Don A. Cranford. Second Row: Joe Cook Crumbley, Joseph Dale Dugas, Charles Milton Darling, Robert Greer Davis, Wayne Dawson, Billy G. Day, Patricia Ann Dyess, Jimmie M. Edwards, Benjamin McKay Feigler, Morris Leighton guson, Bennett S. Fong, Virginia Merle Frazier, Tildon 0. Fugitt, James 0. Gable. Third Row: Jimmie Lee Gaither, Myles Winfield Graves, Joe V. A. Greco, Howard Grubbs, Duane Gunn, W. A. P. C. Hudson, Jerry E. lshee, Clarke Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Joyner, Jack Q. Latham, James A. Lee, Robert Lee Logan, Lee Roy McCarter, Jr. Fourth Row: Richard F. McCarthy, Neal McEacharn, William Sheron Intire, Dean Riley McMillan, Pat McNease, Joseph Maggio, Jr., Jack P. Mathis, Charles Moore, Harry E. Moore, Harry L. Greely Ray Nash, Milford Q. Nichols, James D. Oakley, William F. O ' Donnell. Fifth Row: Madeline Occhipinti, Joseph Gwin Oliver, H. Justin Ouille, Russell Pardee, James Robert Pardue, Pal Pierocich, Walter J. Pierron, Jr., Johnny M. Pittman, James D. Polk, Edwin Price, William T. Pulliam, Charles Ray Pyle, Frank Quin, Tommy L. Riggins. Sixth Row: George C. Roberts, Robert E. Joseph Vincent Sam- pognaro, John J. Spatafora, Elbert Ruth Streeter, Fred L. Tannehill, Frank Therrell, Dale Thompson, James Ward, James Thomas Wheeler, John H. White, Malcolm Williams, James Robert Work. Not Pictured: Jerry Earl, Charles Ray Herrington, Thomas W. Jackson, Jr., Richard A. Polizzi. 254 Membership in the student branch of this national organization is open to all students in the School of Pharmacy. Student members enjoy all privileges of membership in the National Association except the right to vote on ters concerning the parent group. They have, however, a full voice in ating the affairs of the student branch. The Association promotes and encourages the advancement of maceutical knowledge and the maintenance of the high ethical standards of the profession. Guest speakers are frequently invited to address meetings of the group, and student participation in the programs is encouraged. 255 1 CHI E P S N OFFICERS WILLIAM J. EAGEN President HENRY G. CHAPMAN Vice-President WILLIAM P. LEE Secretary BOBBY L. TRAMEL Treasurer ELIOTT R. BOWMAN, JR Associate Editor of the " Transit " FACULTY MEMBERS Howard Lee Furr Dr. Frederic H. Kellogg Andrew B. Hargis Thomas W. Stallworth Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering nity composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Engineer- ing. Eligibility is based upon scholarship, character, ity, and sociability. The purpose of Chi Epsilon is to form a close union, and a tie of friendship and brotherhood between those in the civil engineering profession who have shown marked ability and interest in the profession. Chi Epsilon was reorganized on the Ole Miss campus in 1949, having been in- active since 1943. First Row: George E. Alexander, Elliott Ruskin Jr., William R. Boyens, Wallace Alvin Burns. Second Row: Henry Gelpi Chapman, William John Egan, William Preston Lee, Wayne Robert Miles, Third Row: Edward Liles Murphree, Clarence J. Bobby Littel Tramel. First Row: Shirley Atkinson, James Cagle, William Dulaney. Second Row: Frances Frazier, Robert Hodges, Florence Krause. Third Row: Bill Smith, Pharam Williams. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. J. Allen Cabaniss Dr. Harry Campbell Dr. Hector Currie Miss Harriet Jackson Dr. Pete K. McCarter Dr. Doris Raymond Dr. D. M. Robinson Dr. Evelyn Way Dr. W. H. Willis Eta Sigma Phi is a national honorary classical fraternity for students engaged in the study of ancient languages. There are over forty chapters throughout the United States. Parham Williams, a freshman law student at the University, is the tional president. HSU M GA 1WA EPSILON OFFICERS BOBBYE FRANKS President MARGIE BUCHANAN Vice-President KATHRYN JONES Secretary JAMES BENNETT Treasurer WANDA GOODMAN Historian LYTLE C. FOWLER Faculty Sponsor Epsilon Gamma Epsilon is a professional educational organ- ization. Its chief purpose is to promote ideals and concepts of higher education in the field of business education. Member- ship is based on character, initiative, and scholarship. First Row: Dorothy Easom, Bobbye Franks, Barbara Galloway. Second Row: Wanda Goodman, Weida Goodman, I lanette Huff. Third Row: Kathryn Jones, Not Pictured: Peggy Brewster, Louise Trentham. First Row: Eugene Barham, James Bennett, Peggy Brewster, Ma rgie Buchanan. Second Row: Harriet Chase, Sylvia Davis, Linda Farris, Bobbye Franks. Third Row: Barbara Galloway, Wanda Goodman, Weida Goodman, I lanette Huff. Fourth Row: Kathryn Jones, Martha Face Nicholas. Not Pictured: Harold Maxwell. OFFICERS BARBARA GALLOWAY President BOBBYE FRANKS Vice-President WEIDA GOODMAN Secretary WANDA GOODMAN Treasurer EFFIE SUE McAMIS Faculty Sponsor IVA PUGH Sponsor Phi Gamma Nu is a professional commerce sorority organ- ized to further the interest of women students in the field of commerce and business administration; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to fur- ther interest in civic and professional enterprises. Membership is composed of women students in the School of Commerce who have met the necessary scholastic requirements and are approved by the organization. Phi Gamma Nu was organized on the University campus in May, 1950. PHI 7 ANI GM OFFICERS LACY MARTIN President OREN RUSSELL Vice-President DEL BEUM ER Secretary CHARLES PRINGLE Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS R. Selby Downer Ben Mitchell Dr. Gerald Forbes Dr. Samuel Talbert George McLean Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, a national honorary advertising fraternity for men, was organized on the Ole Miss campus in May, 1952. The Charter was presented in September, 1952, by Professor Milton E. Gross, national secre- tary. The purpose of Alpha Delta Sigma is to provide fellowship for students interested in advertising as a career, and to vide contact with professional advertising people. Becoming a member automatically affiliates the student with the tising Federation of America. IDEL S First Row: Del Beumer, Harold Crump, Jasper Dye, James Kingsley. Second Row: William McGehee, Lacy Martin, Martin Charles Potts. Third Row: Charles Pringle, Oren Russell, Joe Schoolfield. First Row: Cecil Abel, James Bennett, Sara Durbin, Dorothy Eason. Second Row: Grace Fredrickson, Wanda Goodman, Weida Goodman, Mari Pat Haven. Third Row: June Hunter, Joe Lane Jumper, Helen McEarchen, Johnnie McWhorter. Fsiurth Row: Sandra Simpson, Lou Trantham, Max Waldrop, Carolyn Wilkins. OFFICERS WANDA GOODMAN President WEIDA GOODMAN Vice-President JAMES BENNETT Secretary CECIL ABEL Treasurer MAX WALDROP Reporter DR. A. J. LAWRENCE Faculty Sponsor FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. J. Lawrence Chairman of the Department of Office Administration and Business Education Lytle C. Fowler Miss Effie Sue Frank Herndon The Business Education Club was organized in October, 1947, to provide fellowship for business education students and assist in their welfare before and after their graduation. The club is open to any member of the faculty or student who is interested in business education. BUSINESS MCATEI CLUB KAPPA fl_PV OFFICERS OREN RUSSELL President CHARLIE BELL Vice-President JOSEPHINE GARNER Secretary JIMMY KINGSLEY Treasurer Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Mu was formed on the Ole Miss campus in 1952. Kappa Alpha Mu is a national honorary photo-journalistic fraternity and serves to promote the highest standards of news photography. Psi chapter works also to publicize Ole Miss through photography. First Row: Robert Bickerstaff, Elliott Bowman, Bill Boyens, Pat Brogan, J. N. Busby. Second Row: Dewey Bill Egan, T. A. Goodwin, Karl Gullaksen, Richard Harvey. Third Row: Harold Huggins, Bill Lee, C. P. Mandly, Lester Maples, Wayne Miles, P. W. Murrill. Fourth Row: C. J. Profilet, Alfred dorit, Bobby Tramel, Bob Waltman, Dale Williamson, W. H. Wood. Not Pictured: Bobby Boh. First Row: Charlie Bell, Josephine Garner, Jimmy Kingsley. Second Row: Lacy Martin, Oren Russell, Joe Schoolfield. Not Pictured: Jimmy Autry. OFFICERS DALE WILLIAMSON President BILL LEE Vice-President ELLIOTT BOWMAN Secretary WAYNE MILES Treasurer T. W. STALLWORTH Faculty Adviser The Society of American Military Engineers is a national organization of those who are interested in military ing. A belief in national preparedness is the chief qualification for membership. The Society truly represents the military icy of the United States, which places its reliance in the ilian, rather than in the professional soldier. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in May, 1950. The Charter was ed by Rear Admiral Leo Otis Colbert, President of the tional Organization. A. M. E. M. C. OFFICERS PARHAM WILLIAMS President DEL BEUMER Vice-President WESLEY LOMINICK Secretary ED WILLIFORD Treasurer S. K. JONES Freshman " Y " T. E. MORTIMER World Relatedness BOB BAILEY Hospital Visitation MARVIN HALE Community Service MICKEY AIKEN Dormitory Discussion JIMMY AUTRY Publicity GEORGE HOWELL Finance ED ORY Arrangements BOBBY PHILP President, Freshman YMCA FASER TRI PLETT President, Sophomore YMCA DR. JOHN C. CULLEY Honorary Chairman, YMCA Board of Directors DR. W. A. BRYANT Chairman, YMCA Board of Directors DR. A. B. LEWIS Faculty Treasurer, YM-YWCA DEAN R. MALCOLM GUESS Acting Director of Religious Life and General Secretary of Christian Associations First Row: Mickey Bob Bailey, Del Beumer, Marvin Hale, George Howell. S. K. Jones. Second Row: Wesley Lominick, T. E. Mortimer, Ed Ory, Faser Triplett, Parham Williams, Ed Williford. Not Pictured: Jimmy Autry, Bobby Philp. 260 Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS JANE TODD President NANCY HOUSE Vice-President NANCY JOHNSON Secretary JANE DEMAREST Treasurer SARAH HARWELL Freshmen " Y " BETTY JO FYFE World Relatedness POLLY FRANKLIN Hospital Visitation LUCY LOVE WALLACE Community Service SHIRLEY ATKINSON Dormitory Discussion JOSEPHINE GARNER Publicity ELIZABETH NICHOLS Campus Affairs BARBARA THOMPSON HARTER WILLIAMS HAZEL McCAIN MRS. V. A. COULTER Honorary Chairman, Advisory Board MRS. J. G. McMURRAY Chairman, YWCA Advisory Board MISS LYNDA RAMEY . Program Secretary of the Christian Association and Executive Director the YWCA MRS. GAYLE C. BEANLAND Building Hostess and Adviser ho Freshman " Y” First Row: Shirley Atkinson, Jane Demarest, Polly Franklin, Betty Jo Fyfe, Josephine Garner, Sarah Harwell. Second Row: Nancy House, Nancy Johnson, Hazel McCain, Elizabeth Nichols, Barbara Thompson, Jane Tudd. Third Row: Lucy Love Wallace, Harter Williams 261 Study Groups President, Freshman YWCA President Sophomore YWCA A S GWA OFFICERS MARTIN M IAllA President DICK GOLDHAMMER Vice-President HAL SPRAGINS Secretary RICHARD HOOKER Treasurer Lambda Sigma is an honorary fraternity for journalism jors and students interested in this field. Its purpose is to hold the highest standards of true journalism. In order to be initiated, a student must maintain a 4.0 quality point average in journalism and a 3.0 quality point average in ism courses. Lambda Sigma sponsors the Mississippi Press Institute for high school publications, and conducts an annual convention for the Press Institute members. Lambda Sigma, with the Journalism Department, sponsors the annual Editor ' s Short Course for the editors of Mississippi and presents awards to meritorious editors throughout the state. Lambda Sigma also presents an award to the outstanding senior in Journalism each year. First Row: Charlie Bell, Gerald Larry Franck, Dick Goldhammer. Second Row: Richard David Hooker, George McNeill, John Malmo, Martin Miazza. Third Row: Jesse Phillips, Joe Hal Bill Taylor. Fourth Row: John Way. Not Pictured: Jimmy Bill Davis, Bill McGhee. First Row: Zelma Melvin, Dorothy Mitchell, Ada Lee Oglesby, Geraldine Second Row: Patricia Sage, Martha Jean Smith, Carolyn Toler, Alice liams, Third Row: Janet Ruth Cleland, Julia Parks, Ann Ray. OFFICERS ZELMA MELVIN President ALICE WILLIAMS Vice-President ADA LEE OGLESBY Secretary MARTHA JEAN SMITH Treasurer Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary musical fraternity for women. Its purposes are to uphold the ideals of the musical profession. Membership is restricted to graduate and under- graduate music students who meet requirements in their music courses and are recommended by the faculty of the ment of Music. Alpha Omega chapter of the fraternity was formed at Ole Miss in 1939. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA A KAPPA L 11 A 1 OFFICERS DOROTHY BROWN President HERBERT GREGORY Vice-President WEIDA GOODMAN Secretary JANICE GUNN Treasurer BOBBY FRANKS Historian DR. CECIL ROSS Faculty Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Sarah Blasingame Mary E. Moffatt Pearl Herod Dr. Blanch Tansil Vance S. Jennings Mrs. Robert Work Zeta Eta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the only one of its kind in Mississippi, was installed at Ole Miss in May, 1947. It is an honor society in education, whose aim is to provide a national fraternity to advance the interest of education as a profession. Membership is open to those students having a " B " average in the School of Education and possessing high qualities of character, initiative, and social responsibility. First Row: J. W. Bowlin, Harry Burrow, L. S. Davidson, Melvin Flowers. Second Row: Ralph Fortenberry, John J. Gilluly, Frank Greganti, Joe Johnston, Jr. Third Row: Henry Laws, Charles H. Martin, Walter Robert W. Taylor, John W. Wilks. Not Pictured: Lanelle Gafford, Peter De Ruiter. First Row: Shirley Atkinson, Russell Beaulieu, Dorothy Brown, Virginia Donovan. Second Row: Bobbye Franks, Wanda Goodman, Weida Goodman, Janice Gunn, Third Row: Herbert Gregory, Martha Henderson, Mrs. Anne S. Nancy Johnson. Fourth Row: Id Krause, William Pannell, Sam Schiek. Not Pictured: William Carter, George Dowd, Jo seph Jeffreys, Dorothea Rau. OFFICERS CHARLES H. MARTIN President L. S. DAVIDSON Vice-President FRANK GREGANTI Secretary MELVIN FLOWERS Treasurer WALTER ROSE Historian GENRY LAWS Editor DR. E. RENOLDS Advisor Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honorary pre-medical so- ciety. The objectives of the society are to encourage excel- lence in pre-medical work by furnishing a goal towards which the students may strive during the early semesters of his or her pre-medical career; to bind together the similarly inter- ested students, and to bridge the gap between the spirit of the pre-medical school and that of the School of Medicine. A1,1 " )!IA JLITA SCABBARD ANA BLADE OFFICERS MERRIL. BINFORD WILLIAMS Captain JOHN M. BEE 1st Lieutenant MILES M. SHATZER 2nd Lieutenant JOHN C. STAMM, JR 1st Sergeant Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military fraternity for advanced Air R. 0. T. C., Army R.O. T. C., and N. R. 0. T. C. students. Company " B, " 8th Regiment, was founded at Ole Miss, April 6, 1940. The PREAMBLE to the Constitution of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade reads: " Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, We, Cadet Officers in various Universities and leges conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this tion in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American sities and Colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. " First row: John M. Bee, Robert Lewis Berman, F. Bowlin, Jr., James Boyd Campbell, Edward L. Cates, N Henry G. Chapman. Second row: Ralph M. Forten- berry, Lawrence J, Franck, Curtis A. Greer, Robert H. Hodges, Edward Spivey Lipsey, James Ware Neblett. Third row: Clarence J. Profilet, Miles Morris Shatter, John Carter Stamm, Frank C. Therrell, Merril Binford Williams, Parham H. Williams, Jr., Kinman Wynn. 264 OFFICERS JAMES B. CAMPBELL Major JOHN M. BEE Executive Officer JOHN C. STAMM, JR Operations Officer PARHAM H. WILLIAMS Secretary-Treasurer The AL KEY SQUADRON of the Arnold Air Society was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1950. It is an honorary military fraternity which was organized to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense, to promote Ameri- can citizenship, and to create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets. First Row: John M. Bee, James B. Campbell, Curtis A. Greer, Howard B. Grubbs, Robert H. Hodges, Lee R. McCarter, Jr. Second Row: John C. Stamm, Jr., Abe M. Tahir, Jr., Frank C. Glenn C. Warren, Parham H. Williams, Jack H. Wittjen. R 265 1ETA APHA PSI OFFICERS WILLIS J. PARDOE President TONY P. PROVENZA Vice-President THOMAS E. ARNOLD Secretary MILES M. SHATZER Treasurer JOSEPH CERNY Faculty Vice-President CHARLES J. HALLBERG Program Chairman MIKE ISOM Publicity Chairman Beta Alpha Psi, a national honorary accounting fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois, February 12, 1919, and established at Ole Miss in 1951. Its purpose is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession. First Row: John E. Arnold, Thomas E. Arnold, Louis J. Blanchard, Lillian C. Cundiff, Charles J. Hallberg, William C. House, Mike Isom. Second Row: James I. Jackson, Mack A. Lewis, Jr., Robert L. Lyon, Jr., James W. Miley, Carl W. Nabors, Willis J. Pardoe, Tony P. Provenza. Third Row: Fred G. Ray, Miles M. Shatzer, Leonard P. Warren, Arnold L. Young. Not Pictured: Howard K. Faulkner. 266 B E T A SIGMA OFFICERS MILES M. SHATZER President JOHN E. ARNOLD Vice-President THOMAS E. ARNOLD Vice-President DR. DAVID McKINNEY Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Louis K. Brandt Mr. Joseph Cerny Dr. C. F. Dunham Mr. Robert B. Ellis Mr. William S. Griffin FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Mr. Grady Guyton Miss Sue Haney Mr. Robert B. Highsaw Dr. A. J. Lawrence Dr. David McKinney Mrs. Gladys Morrison Dr. Karl Morrison Mr. Wendell P. Trumbull Mr. Ned Williams Chapters of this scholastic society for business students are limited to those institutions which are members of the American Association of Col- legiate Schools of Business. Membership is made up of the upper ten per cent of the senior class, but some juniors may be elected during the last semester of the junior year. This society stands for the highest principles of scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies. First Row: John E. Arnold, Thomas E. Arnold, James B. Campbell, Charles Carter, Wanda J. Goodman, Weida J. Goodman, Mike Isom. Second Row: Walbert W. Kaempfer, William Marston, Carl Nabors, Willis Pardoe, Charles K. Pringle, Miles M. Shatzer. 267 KAPPA ALHIA AA DEBATE CLUB OFFICE RS ERNEST DUFF, TKA . . . President HUNTER GOLSON, TKA • . Secretary GEORGE GULLY Vice-President MARION SMITH, TKA . . • . Treasurer WADE LAGRONE . . . . . . Manager MEMBERS Joe Byrd Richard Croll Merle Fraser Muriel Oulpe Bob Barnett Bradford Dye Jesse Graham Roy Pitts, TKA Mary E. Bickerstaff Allan Edgar John Gautier Marion Roten Bob Childres Guy Faggard Bob Hodges, TKA George Rogers Dot Clower Roger Friou R. A. Hatcher Faser Triplett Lyle Carroll Irving Fuller Nancy House Bob Weaver Ed Cates Pollye Franklin Kerry Lyon Swan Yerger James Lowrie SCHEDULE OF EVENTS, 1952-53 Nov. 6-8—Alabama Discussion Tournament in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Dec. 5-6—Mississippi Youth Congress in Jackson, Miss. Dec. 5-6—TKA Regional Tournament in Baton Rouge, La. Dec. 12-I3—Millsaps Tournament in Jackson, Miss. Feb. 22-24—Intramural Speech Festival, including 3-day congress and exhibition debate with Purdue, held on this campus. Feb.—Tour of Ohio and Kentucky. Feb. I2-14—Spring Hill Tournament in Mobile, Ala. Mar. 6-7—Magnolia Festival in Columbus, Miss. Mar. 20-21—West Point Elimination Tournament in Macon, Ga. Mar. 30-Apr. 3—Southern Speech Association Tournament in Greenville, S. C. Apr. 23-25—TKA National, and exhibition debate at University of Nebraska. 268 RFAHALUS MEMBERS BOBBY HARRISON Saxophone GENE DONGIEUX Saxophone VANCE JENNINGS Saxophone Saxophone JOE CERNY JOHN DIGILIO Saxophone BUTLER DIGILIO Trumpet JIMMY FULLILOVE Trumpet BILLY RUSH Trumpet BILL BURNEY Trombone LARRY SEMSKI Trombone ED ALEXANDER Trombone DAVE ORAM Drums Piano and Arranger DICK CALLOWAY RALPH KNIGHT Bass BABE SCHIFERLI Vocalist 269 ISLEY F 11] I1 A iii OFFICERS JOANN RAY President ARTHUR LEWIS Vice-President CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY Secretary MARION SMITH Treasurer JANE TODD and DEL BEUMER Co-Program Chairmen MR. JOE EARL ELMORE Director The Wesley Foundation is an arm of the Methodist Church reaching to the college campuses. Its aim is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of students. On Sunday nights at 6:30 the group meets at the Church for supper, singing, and lectures. All student members of the Methodist Church are eligible for membership. 270 M A B OFFICERS REVEREND MICHAEL CAMPBELL Chaplain WALTER WATTS President DIANE DEHMER Vice-President BETTY THOMAS Secretary JIMMY KORNDOFFER Treasurer GEORGE HARRIS Sergeant at Arms BARBARA EDWARDS Social Chairman The Newman Club is a Catholic organization dedicated to the better- ment of its members, to their social life, to the fellowship, and to the promo- tion of Catholic ideals on the campus. It provides Catholic students with spiritual, cultural, and educational activities. First Row: John Bat, James Becker, Bob Boetto, Edmond Brignac, Wallace Burns, Diane Dehmer, Mary Jane Delmas, Joseph Dolin, Joseph Dugas, Barbara wards. Second Row: Richard Escudier, Robert Evans, Larry Franck, George Harris, Joseph Hayes, Dennis Helm, Virginia Herrera, Claudia Horn, James doffer, Robert Korndoffer. Third Row: William Korndoffer, Ed Lewcon, Jeanne McGraw, Margaret Michel, June Nalty, Joyce Nelson, Kurt Petry, Bettye der, Larry Semski, Mary Evelyn Smith. Fourth Row: Jack Stamm, Ed Stenftenagle, Betty Jean Thomas, Edward Tremmel, Ronald Waschka, Walter Watts. Not Pictured: Richard Curran, Francis Fralzer, Ann Clare Jacobson, Joseph Ka ne, Joseph Luisi, Pat Massey, Martin Miazza, Dennis Bob Perkins, Tony Provenza, Harold Sill, Barbara Jean Smith. 271 OFFICERS DOROTHY MITCHELL President LIBBY MOUNGER Vice-President The CONCERT SINGERS, now in its second year at Ole Miss, has be- come recognized as one of the outstanding concert choral organizations in the South. The concert engagements during the first semester include several out-of-town appearances in addition to a campus concert of Christmas seasonal music and participation in the annual Messiah per- formance. The second semester includes a campus concert in addition to an annual two-weeks spring tour. 272 T HET SIGMA P OFFICERS GRATHAN BRIGANCE President COLEEN FLY Secretary CAROLYN KOCHTITSKY Treasurer Beta Eta Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi received its charter at Ole Miss in April, 1952. An honorary and professional journalism fraternity for women, it has as its purpose to encourage and develop the ideals of the journalistic profession among women of this field. Membership is limited only to those women, who in college major in the field of journalism, or to those in the pro- fessional world, who are making journalism their profession. First Row: Grethen Brigance, Colleen Fly, Josephine Garner, Carolyn Kochtitzky. Second Row: Elizabeth Tommyc- Nunnally, Mary Smith. 273 AlCH1R ti 6 C I I Ik First Row: J. E. Arnold, Thomas Arnold, Charlie Avaritt, Nat Beasley, Del Beumer, Alton Bickerstaff, Pat Brogan, Vandy Brown, Tony Carbo- nar, Charles Connell, Dick Croll, Caleb Dortch, Carl Downing, Bradford Dye, Dickie Escudier, Fred Farmer. Second Row: Pep Fuller, Gene Goff, Bob Hale, Bill Haneghan, Rickey Harvey, Murray Hill, Tony Lee, George Leech, Hubert Lipscomb, Phil McCarty, Bob Mandly, Chris Martin, Bruce Meyer, Paul Murrill, Herb Nelson, Charles Patrick. Third Row: William Power, Chuck Ramsey, Jim Rowsey, Morris Shatzer, John Shea, Ken Seawright, Dennis Sims, Al Steindorff, Dudley Turner, Bill Valvik, Pete Vines, John Way, Ray Woock, Jess Woods. Not Pictured: Jim Bowers, Louis Gorenflo, Edgar Jones, James Lowrie, Jimmy Sullivan, Wade Webster. 274 OFFICERS KEN SEAWRIGHT President CHRIS MARTIN Vice-President DEL BEUMER Secretary PAT BROGAN Treasurer THOMAS ARNOLD Sergeant-at-Arms R. L. NOLAN, Capt. U.S N Commanding Officer J. G. GULLETTE, Lt. U.S N Advisor The Anchor and Chain was established on the Ole Miss campus in the year 1947. Since its earliest days the primary function of the organization has been to promote esprit de corps in the Navy Unit. This end has been accomplished through the medium of social activities and an active intramural sports program. The Anchor and Chain has long been noted for the fine parties that are given in Mc- Cain Hall. One of the basic reasons that these parties are so successful is that all mem- bers have a common bond of interest that can scarcely be matched by any other campus organization. Every member is a fledging Naval Officer, a position which will materially affect each individual life. Thus it is to the best interest of all concerned to be interested in his ship-mate-to-be. Membership in the Anchor and Chain is limited to members of the N.R.O.T.C. bat- talion. This membership is based on both scholarship and personal requirements. HAZEL McCA I N Sponsor 275 ALP1A PH: EMEGA OFFICERS DOW BRYANT President TOMMY JONES Vice-President WALTER ROSE Secretary JIMMY KNIGHT Treasurer DEAN MALCOLM GUESS Faculty Advisor TOM BAILEY Faculty Advisor Alpha Phi Omega, national honor fraternity, was founded at LaFayette College in 1925. Membership is composed of students who have distin- guished themselves in scouting. The aims of this fraternity are: to develop friendship, to plan for extending leadership in worthwhile campus and com- munity projects, to develop plans for rendering service to our fellow man, and to create participating and understanding citizenry for our nation. First Row: Ed Alexander, Bob Berman, Sidney Brown, Dow Bryant, Gus Carraway, Dick Croll, Charles Dettor, Dick Escudier. Second Row: Jim Garner, Tommy Jones, Jimmy Knight, Jimmy Korndoffer, Wade Lagrone, Kenny Oats, Walter Peron, Waiter Rose. Third Row: Robert Rosser, Bill Smith, Harvey Fred Walter Watts, Leonard Wheeler, Bob Work. 276 A OFFICERS ALBERT M. KIRK President WILLIAM B. THOMPSON Vice-President BETTIE PEOPLES Secretary CLELL MILLER Treasurer J. P. CULPEPPER Reporter DAN KNIGHT Sergeant at Arms Pi Sigma, organized at Ole Miss in 1952, has as its purposes to form an organization for pre-med students with a common goal to the pursuit of knowledge pertinent to the study of medicine, and to acquaint members with such problems as may arise during their pre-med career. The new organization was sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Delta, national pre- medical honor society. The only requirement for membership in Pi Sigma is to be duly enrolled as a pre-medical student at the University of Mississippi. First Row: Sidney Alston, Frank Baker, Charles E. Bell, Jimmy Bullard, James Butler, Jerry Byars, John Campbell, David Clippinger, Julia Anne Clower, Carl R. Coers, Max Cooper. Second Row: J. P. Culpepper, Jack Dent, Peter Louis DeRuiter, Kinloch Gill, Robert Gilliland, Sterling Gillis, John J. Gilluly, Leslie Hammock, Hugh Harris, Haynes Heslep, James Hood. Third Row: Wendell Hoyle, Bobby Jennings, Albert Murphy Kirk, Daniel B. Knight, Ralph Landrum, James Lovorn, Edward McIntire, Sam McManus, Jimmy Maddux, Charles H. Martin, Clell Miller. Fourth Row: Leslie Newcomb, Paul A. Pascual, Bettie Peo- ples, E. M. Rea, Loyd W. Rose, Charles Sledge, George Smith, David L. Sneed, Paul Stampley, Charles Standback Jacqueline Surratt. Fifth Row: Ray Taylor, Robert Taylor, William B. Thompson, Archie E. Williams, George R. Williams, George R. Wilson, Alice Lilly Woo. Not Pictured: H. B. Cole, Kenneth Col- lins, David Owen Cope, Thomas H. Craig, James DeRuiter, Joseph S. Gatlin, Henry L. Laws, Sam McKinney, Robe t L. Nix, Johnny Turnage, Zelma Upenicks. 277 ECP1M1CS UB OFFICERS SARAH HARWELL President DIANE DEHMER Vice-President BETTY JANE PARKS Secretary-Treasurer MRS. SARA K. GRANTHAM Sponsor In order to bring women students together and inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics, as well as to promote clean, healthful, home life, the Home Economics Club was formed at Ole Miss in 1938. This organization is open to any woman student who has had a course in the department or who is taking one. First Row: Beverly Babb, Nancy Bagwell, Janice Barkley, Betty Jo Barlow Peggy Blake, Katherine Bonney. Second Row: Jean Chatham, Ann Janie Davis, Diane Dehmer, Louise Dudley, Doris Eason. Third Row: Mary Garrett, Sarah Harwell, Mary Evelyn Hinton, Katherine Hopkins, Ilanette Huff, Joan Jordan. Fourth Row: Patsy Knight, Gae McRae, Pearl Markham, Nancy Mullin, Sybil Muths, June Nalty. Fifth Row: Betty Jane Parks, Jane Rayburn, Anne Reed Sandra Reed, Mary Robinson, Marion Steele. Sixth Row: Jo Taylor, Jo Ann Thomas, Ann Todd, Perrin Turner, Ann Westmoreland, Ruby Wigginton. Not Pictured: Jean Black, Kay Little, Daureen Martin, La France Popasan, Patsy Price. First Row: Betty Burgess, Janie Lamar Davis, Sarah Harwell. Second Row: Pearl Patsy Price, Annie Roberts Trott. Third Row: Perrin Turner. Not Pictured: Betty Eckles Griffin. [HI OFFICERS JANIE LAMAR DAVIS President SARAH HARWELL Vice-President PERRIN TURNER Secretary-Treasurer Omicron, an honor society in home economics, was organ- ized at the University of Mississippi in February, 1948. Mem- bership is based on scholarship and leadership abilities. Stu- dents must maintain a " B " average in home economics. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Blanche Tansil Sarah Knight Grantham ED WILLIFORD President HINDMAN DOXEY Vice-President MARY PAT HAVEN Secretary VIVIAN BRYANT Treasurer MISS SARA BARRY Student Worker DR. J. K. JOHNSON Pastor Westminster Fellowship is open to any student at the Uni- versity who wishes to donate his time and talents to a working, church-sponsored organization. Its purpose is to bring students to a further knowledge of Christ through study, work, and fel- This organization is sponsored by the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, WEMH FELLOWS ST [ First Row: L. S. Davidson, Lee Duddleston, Ralph M. Fortenb erry, Alice mond. Second Row: Emily Joullian, Elinor J. McCrone, Billy Joe McInnis, Isaac A. Newton. Third Row: Charles 0. Prindle, Pete H. Rhimes, Walter H. Rose, Harvey L. Stirewalt. OFFICERS WALTER ROSE President EMILY M. JOULLIAN Vice-President ALICE HAMMOND Secretary DR. F. M. HULL Sponsor Beta Kappa Chapter of Beta Beta Beta was established at Ole Miss in 1941. It is a national honorary fraternity for biol- ogists, and its members are carefully chosen for scholarship and scientific aptitude. The fraternity serves as a focal point for biology students on the campus. BETA BETA BETA OE DAPTIIST ST6DEFF EXECUTIVE COUNCIL HAROLD FISHER President DAVID WEINMANN Enlistment Vice-President BILLIE RUTH ARMSTRONG Social Vice-President DOROTHY BROWN Devotional Vice-President NANCY BLAYLOCK Secretary GERALD LAWRENCE Sunday School Representative JESSEE PHILLIPS Training Union Representative MARY LOUISE BELL Y.W.A. Representative LESLIE NEWCOMB Talent Chairman TOMMYE NUNNALLY Publicity Director DR. S. A. MOORHEAD Faculty Advisor DR. F. M. PURSER Pastor Advisor MISS MARIAN F. LEAVELL Student Secretary Regular members of the Baptist Church, Sunday School, Training Union, or Young Women ' s Auxiliary, who are students in the University, comprise the Baptist Student Union. Purpose of the organization is to serve as a liaison between the church and the students. Dr. F. M. Purser, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Oxford, is advisor. Miss Marian Leavell is student secretary. First Row: Billie Ruth Armstrong, Mary Louise Bell, Nancy Blaylock. Second Row: Dorothy Brown, Harold Fisher, Gerald Lawrence. Third Row: Leslie comb, Tommye Nunnally, Jesse Phillips, David Weinmann. First Row: Bob Berman, Irvin Califf, Gerald Edward Grauman. Second Row: Gerald Hytken, David Donald Ronnie Swartz. Third Row: Harold Vann, Leonard Warren. Not Pictured: Al Binder, Richard Weiss. OFFICERS AL BINDER President EDWARD GRAUMAN Vice-President IRVIN CALIFF Treasurer DONALD SAMUELS Secretary The Hillel Foundation is composed of Jewish students at Ole Miss. Sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s service organization, Hillel seeks to provide religious, cultural, and social information for its members, and to foster social opportunities among them. FOU DATIOW1 I . Begin your college program 2. Make up any deficiencies 3. Advance a whole class rank 4. Work on graduate courses and degrees PHARMACISTS in the Making . . The Pharmacist holds a responsible position in his community . . . and McKesson recognizes its responsibility to him for " when health is in the balance there can be no compromise with ity. " The Progressive druggist who takes advantage of McKesson service is able to draw upon the collective " Know-how " of an organization ever alert to today ' s needs . . . the nationwide perience of McKesson Robbins is at your com- mand. McKESSON ROBBINS INCORPORATED MEMPHIS DIVISION 109 South Second Street MEMPHIS I, TENNESSEE THE OXFORD MOTOR COMPANY " YOUR FORD DEALER " L. S. ANDERSON, Owner Phone 693 1009 Van Buren Ave. Oxford, Miss. ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S GREAT STORES LOANS OF EVERY TYPE HANDLED 25 Years of Continuous Service to Jackson and Vicinity White System of Jackson, inc. BROKERS Lampton Building JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI J. HAROLD WHITE President A CORDIAL WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT THE CASA In MESA HOTEL HAMMOND, LOUISIANA Mississippi Valley Gas Company A Good Citizen Serving Mississippi L ' I f -Th. F. 217-21 W. CAPITOL ST.. JACKSON I,MISSISSIPPI HOME FUN N ISHINGS " • - JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Jackson Vicksburg Whatever your budget . . . Mississippi ' s widest and finest collections of diamonds, famous watches, quality jewelry, Sterling silver, fine china and unusual gift ideas . . . with our Credit Department another customer service! SILVGR STORES When Your heart Is In Your ... It Will Conte roin- • COMMERCIAL STATIONERY • OFFICE SUPPLIES—OFFICE EQUIPMENT • SOCIAL STATIONERY—SCHOOL SUPPLIES • GREETING CARDS—FOUNTAIN PENS We are authorized by Parker and Sheaffer to repair their fountain pens and mechanical pencils. Agents for: Remington Office Typewriters and filing systems, Smith-Corona Adding Remington-Rand Additig Machines, Corona, Royal, Remington, and Portable Typewriters. We are authorized by the manufacturers to re- pair all makes of typewriters. COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE THE OXFORD EAGLE " TRUSTED THOUSANDS THOUSANDS OF TIMES EACH YEAR " GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Store OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI SHIA OF A CCU H OR I ,IOF UIL COMPOB 7 El Dorado, Arkansas Makers of Naturalube Motoi Oil Knix Knox and Ethyl Gasolines Heat Resisting Lubricants The Home Is the Foundation of Our Civilization They Don ' t Have to Be Expensively FURNISHINGS AND DECORATIONS ARTHUR SEELBINDER, INC. 1517 Union Memphis, Tennessee THE OLE MISS DRIVE INN Where the Food Is Just Right OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI CITY CLEANERS OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI GAS CO. BUTANE AND PROPANE GASES The Modern Fuel Beyond the Gas Mains MAIN OFFICE Oxford, Miss. Phone 555 BRANCH OFFICE Water Valley, Miss. Phone 330 A 6rat re iii elotOrg " SUITS THE SOUTH " STEVENS 1ARfr SCHAFFNER MARX Big Man on the Campus 221 East Capital Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI WHEN IN JACKSON STOP AT PRh 3 LOCATIONS No. I—CAPITOL STREET Across from Post Office No. 2 NORTH STATE Next to Baptist Hospital No. 3—PRIMOS ' GLASS KITCHEN Near Sears Roebuck and Company " B.M.O.C. chooses +hese threads " A Mississippi industry Salutes A Mississippi Institution For over 12 years the Southland Company has been a member of the select family of Mississippi industries processing Mississip- pi raw materials into finished products for use here at home as well as outside the Magnolia State. GASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS The potential of this great State is ited, and as future business and al men and women we urge you to use your talents here at home for the prosperity of yourselves as well as Mississippi. T 1E SOUTHLAND COMPANY Refineries at Yazoo City and Laurel, Miss. SOUTHLAND ETHYL COLLEGE CLOTHES NEW AND USED AND BOOKS ATHLETIC AND EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES CARL COERS FRAZIER AND COERS BOOK STORE Student Union Building UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI JABOUR BROS. HART SCHAFFNER, ARROW AND McGREGOR CLOTHING 1418 Washington Street VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI STAR CLEANERS Owned and Operated by I. P. CATLEDGE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI YII.ES FUR NHUR CO. DORIS and BILL LYLES T.V., GAS, AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES West Side of Square OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI any years of practical experience, the finest of photographic materials, painstaking care, and a sincere desire to make the " 53 " OLE MISS portray an interest and an artistry unsurpassed have been important factors in our efforts to portray for you Ole Miss and its students at their best. It is our hope that this volume of the OLE MISS will in no small measure merit your commendation because of our thought- ful and careful attention to every photographic detail in the composition of this book. Working with the staff and with the students on this important undertaking has for us been a genuine pleasure. CCIFIELLI ' S 5T.L_Litu Official Portrait Photographers for the " 53 " OLE MISS All annual portrait negatives are kept in our files since 1934 to 1911, including ' 48, ' 51, ' 52 and ' 53. You may order from these at your convenience. " SHINE " MORGAN FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS FROM FOUNDATION THROUGH ROOF SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 1200 Oxford, Miss. THE J. E. NEILSON COMPANY Established 1839 DEPARTMENT STORE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI FAMOUS FOR STYLE, QUALITY AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF BARHAM GIN CO. EARLE, ARKANSAS THE MANSION " Where Students Meet " Let Us Arrange Your Fraternity Or Sorority Banquet GOOD FOOD SERVED WELL Air Conditioned OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI J. AUBREY SEAY DOTY CO. SALES SERVICE 323 South Spring Street TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI HUME ' S SHOES AND HUME ' S MEN ' S WEAR OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 2 FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU 1„ ULALLIA W1:4 OII-GNIOST IN APPt,R4L Zlen lion 14 1460 Union Avenue 145 South Main MOPi luggage 111 WEST CAPITOL JACKSON PLANTERS Oft Mia. Manufacturers of COTTONSEED PRODUCTS Owned by MISSISSIPPI COTTONSEED PRODUCTS CO. GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI • MODERN KITCHEN • AIR CONDITIONED GRUNDY ' S CAFE AND DINING ROOM OXFORD GOOD FOOD roR PLEASEC GUESTS JOHN ,eXtiln co. CHICAGO-LONG ISLAND ' 7:HY-PHILADELPHIA PALLAS-ATLANTA-PITTSBURGH-DETROIT-BOSTON OUR ADVERTISERS HAVE DEMONSTRATED THEIR CONFIDENCE AND GOODWILL BY INVESTING IN THE OLE MISS. LET US RECOMMEND THAT YOUR CONSTANT PATRONAGE RETURN TO THEM DENDS WORTHY OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP. SHREVEPOR ENGRAVINGS 1 h r h T, ...- 1I ' 1 ' A -p ilj LOUISIANA ARE IPA BY 1 A Memorable Year • • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of the University of Mississippi for completion of another outstand- ing year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high lights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1953 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the " Ole Miss. " We have earnestly endeavored to I ulfill the confidence placed in us. • • BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Wonthide Xoch alanuirtetteility NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE CePtaiti Matt deo . GREAT—this year of preparing the 1953 OLE MISS for publication. Now that it is completed, we look back and wonder that the year could pass so fleetingly. But, it has been a wonderful experience. There has been the pleasant task of working with the finest staff in OLE MISS history; and then of great personal value were the contacts with those who inspired us in fulfilling our ideas. GREAT—the cooperation and assistance rendered by Buddy Shaw—his supervision of the printing of our 1953 OLE MISS; Jimmy Cobb and Ed Birchett—the engravings made by Shreveport Engraving Company speak for themselves; and George Ambrester—the beauty pictures were out- standing. GREAT—the many tedious hours spent, the excellent photographs, and very personal interest of Co lonel and Mrs. Cofield; the many services ren- dered by Billy Gates; the help in directing the Parade of Favorites given by Dr. C. M. Getchell; the photos supplied by " The Arkansas Democrat, " " The Times Picayune, ' ' " The Courier-Journal, " " The Nashville Banner, " and especially David Bloom of " The Commercial Appeal. " GREAT—creating a yearbook which we hope you will like. We used an informal theme, for that is essentially the way we thought of Ole Miss stu- dents. To a great student body and to a greater and expanding Ole Miss, we made our dedication and though this, our contribution, is of but a temporary nature, we sincerely believe that each of you will find a part which will apply to you. And so, we anticipate that now and in future years you will turn to your record of the year 1952-53 at Ole Miss and stop .. and revel in memories ... and find enjoyment. T. E. MORTIMER, Editor JIMMIE SHOEMAKER, Business Manager

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