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PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI LEON LEWIS • EDITOR LENOX OGLESBY • BUSINESS MANAGER W irs117 , OXFORD, MISS. In this, the 1952 OLE Miss, it has been our purpose to create a yearbook which is truly representative of life at Ole Miss. Any attempt to fully record the history of the college year would be impossible; all that the OLE Miss, as the annual publication, can do is to endeavor to catch and portray the high spots of the many events which happen throughout the year. A college yearbook is often the only album one has of his school days; the only record of, perhaps, the most eventful years of his life. If this edition of the OLE Miss records the composite picture of the year in permanent form so that in the future it may be re-lived in the minds of all the students, we will be justly rewarded for our efforts. With the hope that in future years you will receive much enjoyment from this volume, we present the 1952 OLE MISS to the student body for whom it was created. mmm A m oisssiliessigo r •ADMINISTRATION OCLASSES •F EATURES FRATERNITIES ORGANIZATIONS eACTIVITIES ATHLETICS DVERTISEMENTS WAY. DOWN SOUTH IN MISSISSIPPI, THERE ' S A SPOT THAT EVER CALLS. WHERE AMONG THE HILLS ENFOLDED STAND OLD ALMA MATER ' S HALLS. WHERE THE TREES LIFT HIGH THEIR BRANCHES TO THE WHISPERING SOUTHERN BREEZE. THERE OLE MISS IS CALLING, CALLING TO OUR HEARTS FOND MEMORIES. ■ • 1111111111111 17:- r— rising A I r- ...1, i - r sum via Illni . LW Ili 14: 1 • .. No rrr 14 ,, ' " ' I. ' 11, Some things in life become more precious as we live with them. Your Ole Miss will probably be one of those things. Even though the editors have been engaged in what is referred to by some as a " labor of love, " for the most part, you think the annual is a costly book. This annual records the pictures, the events, the organizations, and the spirit of this year at the University of Mississippi. I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have the privilege of being permited to work here. My association with you has been most pleasant and worthwhile. As the years go by you will enjoy looking at this annual and recalling your experiences here— renewing your acquaintances with friends, and living over again those events which the years ahead will emboss with the highlights of reflection. Through the years, this message brings you hope, faith, inspiration, and best wishes. BOARD OF TRY. SITES MRS. JANIE RICE TAYLOR Jackson MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian R. D. MORROW Brandon MRS. HAZEL P. LEE Eupora J. W. BACKSTROM Leakesville H. G. CARPENTER Rolling Fork R. D. McLENDON Poplarville R. W. REED Tupelo 1. 0. EMMERICH McComb R. B. SMITH, JR Ripley R. N. HENLEY Macon PAUL H. BOWDRE Hernando H. M. IVY Meridian E. R. JOBE Jackson OUR CHANCELLOR J. D. WILLIAMS CARROLL W. NORTH Corr ptroner DEAN PETE KYLE McCARTER Dean of the University DEAN L, L. LOVE Dean of Students ESTELLA HEFLEY Dean of Women MALCOLM GUESS Dean of Men The University of Mississippi administrative organization is divided into four main divisions , with the head of each division being directly responsible to Chancellor Williams, The four divisions are the Academic Division, the Division of Student Personnel, the of the Financial Secretary, and the Division of the Comptroller. Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter, Dean of the University, coordinates the activities of the academic Division; Dr. L. L. Love, Dean of Students, is the head of the Division of Student Personnel; Mr. W. C. Trotter, Financial Secretary, is responsible for the collection, custody, and disbursement of all University funds; and Comptroller Carrol W. North has responsibility over all other fi- nancial matters of the University. Other members of the Ole Miss administration are Estella Hefley, Dean of Women; Robert Ellis, Acting Registrar; R. M. Guess, Dean of Men; Claude Smith, Director of Athletics; V. B. Harrison, Director of Student Health Service; Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of the Depart- ment of Intercollegiate Athletics; Marvin Black, Director of Public Relations; William S. Griffin, Alumni Secretary; J. S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; Fred C. Ford, Director of Per- sonnel; and John Vaught, Head Athletic Coach. More changes have come about during the four years under the present Administration than in the previous quarter-century. There have been many additions to the campus; among these are the new modern library with complete facilities, the new Alumni House of which we are all proud, and a large addition to Hemingway Stadium. The skillful and efficient manner in which the University is now run is a source of great pride to the students and alumni of Ole Miss as well as to the people of the State of Mississippi. ADMINISTRATION W. C. TROTTER Financial Secretary CLAUDE SMITH Director of Athletics DR. V. B. HARRISON Student Health Director JEFF HAMM Athletics Business Manager MARVIN M. BLACK Director of Public Relations WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN Alumni Secretary J. S. HARTIN Director of libraries ROBERT ELLIS Registrar FRED FORD Director of Personnel JOHN VAUGHT Head Coach THE JNIVERSITY S DEAN VICTOR A. COULTER DEAN ROBERT J. FARLEY DEAN FREDERIC H. KELLOGG Liberal Arts Law Engineering The University is divided into eight main schools each having a dean who is directly responsible to the Chancellor of the University. The Schools listed in their order of establishment at the University are: Liberal Arts, Law, En- gineering, Education, Pharmacy, Medicine, Commerce, and Graduate. DEAN FORREST W. MURPHY Education DEAN ELMER L. HAMMOND Pharmacy DEAN DAVID S. PANKRATZ Medicine DEAN CLIVE F. DUNHAM DEAN DUDLEY R. HUTCHERSON Commerce Graduate 13 QCCIVICI61@3 COUCIL FIRST ROW: Leigh Adkins, President, Medical School; Jack Bellan, President, Law School; Billy Berry, President, School of Commerce; Gene Bishop, Vice-Presi- dent, Associated Student Body; Matt Bonner, President, Engineering School; Wal- ter Coppedge, President, School of Liberal Arts; H. G. Everett, President, Phar- macy School. SECOND ROW: Henry Fonville, Treasurer, Associated Student Body; Jack Geary, President, Associated Student Body; Grace Jean Gillespie, President, Wom- en ' s Student Government Association; Zoot Jackson, President, Education School; Paul Pittman, Editor, The Mississippian; Kearney Spears, President, Graduate School; Cissy Westbrook, Secretary, Associated Student Body. 16 The United Nations has its Assembly, the President has his Cabinet and Old Miss has its Legislative Council. Composed of the four A.S.B. officers, the president of each School in the University, the Editor of the Mississippian, and the President of the W.S.G.A., the Council serves as an advisory body for the President and as a steering committee for student government. Devoting itself to furthering student interests and to the overall welfare of the University, the individual members of the Council point their efforts toward the promotion of a strong student government and the creation of an atmo sphere of progress and hospitality. HENRY FONVILLE, ASB Treasurer CISSY WESTBROOK, ASB Secretary 17 JACK GEARY, ASB President GENE BISHOP, !ISB Vice President GENE BISHOP CISSY WESTBROOK Speaker Secretary CHARLES ALLEN VICTOR VANCE Speaker, Protein Sergeant-at-Arcot THE CAMPUS SENATE FIRST ROW: Paul Amos, Bob J. E. Arnold, Ed Shirley Atkinson, Liz Ball, Bobby Berman. OND ROW: Frances Frazier, Ernest Green, Herbert Gregory, Frank Hammond, Bill Heard, Jackie Hewitt, Hoke Home. THIRD ROW: Luci Kreger, Rose Marie Leonard, Susan Lumpkin, Merle Johnny Louise Oliver, " Rusty " Owens. FOURTH ROW: Marshall Smith, Murray Ernest Spencer, Norman Sterner, Mary Jo Wade land, Harry Walker. The law making body of our student government, the Campus Senate serves not only as the nucleus of a strong student government, but answers the call for development of leadership and training in citizenship that our country is ever demanding. The Senate, with its representative membership, is composed of one mem- ber from each of the following: each section of each dormitory, each fra- ternity and sorority house, each district in Veterans ' Village, and a repre- sentative from the Chancellor ' s office, each division of the University, and from the Dean of each School. With its representative membership, the Senate controls all matters which are delegated to the student body by the administration, and sets the policy for all student body activities in order that they may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole, and to the credit of the University. FIRST ROW: Dow Byant, Janet Buford, Bob Julian Carroll, Bernie Ciazza, Bill Dickson, John Dutcher, Mary Exum, Peggy Fitts. SECOND ROW: George) Howell, Jim Ingram, Arthur Johnson, Otis Johnson, Bob Jones, Walbert Kaempter, King, Bobby Koestler, Jimmy Korndorffer. THIRD ROW: Gerry Pankratz, Jimmy Perabo, John: Per. kips, Paul Pittman, Jim Ramsey, Kathryn Ready, " Sugar " Salter, James Saul. FOURTH ROW: L. V. Sharp, Betty Wallace, Bill Watson, Randolph Dale Whittington, Marquis Wiginton , John Wilks, " Snooky " Williams, Jack Witchen, Louise Zeller. GRACE JEAN GILLESPIE CAROLYN KOTCHTITZKY JOAN STONE BETTY ANN MacDONALD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION JUDICIAL COUNCIL ELIZABETH BALL JIMMIE LAWSON CLAIRE GEISENBURGER SARAH RAYNOR If it is a question of coming in late at 11:30, too much noise in Ward or a Christmas party for Barnard, it is a matter for the women ' s Student Gov- ernment Association—for it is this particular phase of student government that is concerned with governing matters pertaining to women students on the campus. 20 W.S.G.A., which is composed of every woman student on the campus, is headed by an Executive Council of four officers and a Judicial Committee of four members elected by popular vote at the beginning of the year. Each dormitory elects a House Council composed of president, secretary and representatives from each floor. These councils, with the help of the Judicial Committee are responsible for the enforcement of dormitory and social regulations. These rules and regulations are subject to change by a Legislative Council which is made up of the dormitory presidents and sec- retaries. W.S.G.A. is represented on the A.S.B. Legislative Council by its president. W.S.G.A. at Ole Miss is a member of the Mississippi Association of Student Governments for Women and also of the Southern Association of Women ' s Student Governments. DORMITORY PRESIDENTS AMALINE CRAWFORD FRANCES FRASER ROSE MARIE LEONARD SUSAN LUMPKIN MARY JO STUART President, Isom Dorm President, Somerville President, Bernard President, Ward President, Ricks 21 JOHN ROBINSON Jssistant Editor and Photographer LENOX OGLESBY Business Manager LEON LEWIS Editor KATHRYN READY GLORIA OZEMENT T. E. MORTIMER FRANK POTTS SARAH MARGARET RAYNER JIMMY SHOEMAKER HARRIET DENHAM FRED BIRMINGHAM BARBARA DAVIS DOW BRYANT 22 How to grow old at twenty-one?—How to have ulcers at an early age? These questions were quickly answered after a few short months of work on the 1952 OLE Miss. It seems that no staff has ever come into office with com- plete knowledge of " how " to put a yearbook together, and the staff of the 1952 OLE Miss was certainly no exception. However, with the guidance of Buddy Shaw of the Benson Printing Company and Porter Dozier of the Shreveport Engraving Company the faltering steps of the workers were turned in the right direction and the book was soon ready for the presses. Leon Lewis acted as Editor and Lenox Oglesby performed the duties of Business Manager. John Robinson, as assistant Editor and photographer, contributed much toward the success of the book through many hours spent Left to right: Rayner, Ozment, Ready, Mortimer. Left to right: Shoemaker, Davis, Birmingham, Rogers. in the annual office and lugging the camera around the campus. Kathryn Ready richly deserves our thanks for doing a wonderful job as class editor. Without her help the class material would never have reached the printer. As a general editorial assistant, T. E. Mortimer gave much of his time toward the completion of the book. Our sincere thanks go to Sarah Margaret Rayner, Gloria Ozment, and Frank Potts for their helpful assistance on the OLE Miss. Jimmie Shoemaker very ably assisted Lenox Oglesby as assistant business manager. Duties of the business staff were performed by Fred Birmingham and Barbara Davis as advertising assistants, Dow Bryant as circulation man- ager, and Harriet Denham and Nancy Rogers as organization managers. All of these devoted a great deal of time toward the completion of this book. 23 H E GRATHAN BRIGANCE DICK GOLDHAIVIMER MARY EVELYN SMITH ELIZABETH NICHOLS ABE TAHIR PAUL Amos BEAU CARVILL LARRY FRANCK Left to right: Eddie Brignac, Business Manager; Paul Pittman, Editor; Harry ciger, Managing Editor. The Mississippian threw the book out the window in its news coverage as the campus sheet wound up its forty-first year of publication. With Paul Pittman at the helm, the paper went through a series of exclusive scoops, kidnappings, and finally a direct lawsuit brought about by the indignant action of the Law School football team. The " little Chicago Tribune " got an undercover interview from the four freshmen responsible for the dognapping of Bully Jr., Mississippi State ' s canine mascot. But a week later Rebel readers were shockd, to say the least, to see that a reliable source had intimated that Ann Gilpin, May Queen, would be kidnapped in retaliation. A month or so later the Mississippian uncovered a fix in the annual Murder Bowl between the lawyers and pharmacists. Following their defeat by the pill-rollers, the law gridsters filed a suit against the Ole Miss paper for $50,000—claiming their pride and integrity had been smashed. The Mississippian, which makes its bow every Friday evening, is cir- culated throughout the state, as well as being on the exchange list of almost every big college in the country. An additional 200 copies to Mississippi legislators boosted the paper ' s circulation mark to 2750. Harry Danciger was managing editor of the paper. Ed Brignac fiddled with the books and assumed the title of business manager. He was as- sisted by Paul Amos. Beau Carvill saw to it that the sheet was distributed, and Bob Boh hustled ads as advertising manager. Mary Evelyn Smith SS SS I PP-TAN ably filled the news editor post after her introduction to journalism via a Mississippi daily. Abe Tahir and Liz Nichols were co-feature editors. Dick Goldhammer was sports editor, and along with assistant Larry Franck they gave a running account of everything from varsity football to intramural ping- pong. Carolyn Kochtitzky was the picture editor. Mickey Aiken, Walt Larson, and Charlie Patrick comprised the re- mainder of the business side—with Aiken and Larson sharing circula- tion duties. Patrick was assistant ad manager. Editorial assistants, reporters to most, really did the leg work, covered the news and brought it in. These included: Martin Miazza, Herman Geschwing, John Way, Bill Shirley, Mary Elizabeth Tahir, Jo Garner, Ann Yates, Kacky Salmon, Lacy Martin, Charlotte Hess and Sara Murphy. The reporters with a flair for athletics included sports writers: Francis Napier, Charlie Bell, Steve Butler, Colleen Fly and again Mickey Aiken. Carl Mullican carried the very big title of " The Mississippian ' s Gov- ernmental Researchist. " 25 THE A. S. B. DANCE C 0 :IV VI T E_ H DANCE COMMITTEE Row: Robert L. Berman, Stewart Campbell, Tons Goggin. Second Row: S. K. Jones, Mary Ann Lee, Tom Porter. Third Row: Brooks Robertson, John Robinson. NOT PICTURED, Bob Looney. The ASB President appoints the Chairman of the ASB Dance Committee, who in turn selects the other members of his committee and the members of the Floor Committee. All selections for both the Dance and Floor Committees are subject to final approval by the ASB President. Dance Committee at Work The " Ilarrm " goes Wild FLOOR COMMITTEE Row: Ken Barfield, Jimmy Becker, Leo Brown, Rocky Byrd, Hank Herndon, Hal Hill. Second Row: Jim Korndorffer, Bob Leatherman, Bob Merryman, Henry Paris, Clarence Third Row: Fielding Robinson, Frank Riley, Silvio Spigalon, Billy Stitt, Edgar Timmons. The ASB Dance Committee is responsible for This year Woody Herman and his orchestra played bringing name bands to the campus, preparing for for the Ole Miss " Dixie Week " dance; Lionel the dances, and the conduct of the students that at- Hampton and company gave a concert on. tend the dances. ary 28; and Hal McIntyre and his orchestra played Dancing is an important part of the social life at for the mid-winters on. March 21. The ASB Dance Ole Miss, and each year we have the opportunity of Committee brought these top-flight national bands hearing some of the famous bands of the country. to the Ole Miss campus. Woody Herman for Dixie Week Dance Tickets for Two First Row: John A. Behan, Jr., Cary Bufkin, King Hayes Calicutt, W. E. Coleman, Albert A. Covington, Elwood Ed- wards, John B. French, G. E. Gleason. Second Row: Frank Hammond, C. G. Johnson, B. B. McClendon, James McClure, 1st Semester 2nd Semester Jr., Albert V. Miller, Ralph Pruett, Kenneth Watts, Harley A. Jr., Neil W. White. Chairman JOHN B. FRENCH WILLIAM F. COLEMAN Secretary JOHN A. BELLAN, JR. FRANK HAMMOND _moo J ' COURT BOARD The MOOT COURT board, composed of students of the School of Law and chosen by the faculty for their scholastic rec- ord, gives students experience in conducting themselves in actual courtroom practice and in the handling of general office matters. This board arranges cases, and students prepare briefs, argue ap- pellate cases and conduct trial cases. Advanced students, faculty members, and practicing lawyers and judges serve as judges. As- sociate Professor Walter Dunham, Jr., serves as faculty advisor to the Moot Court Board in appellate cases. Lafayette County Attorney Bramlette Roberts is the faculty advisor to the general practice division. MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL First Row: Robert Barber, Jack Bellan, Cary Bufkin, Hayes Callicutt, Curtis E. Coker, Bill Coleman, Earl Cruthirds, Thomas Douglas, Jack French, George Gleason. Second Row: Frank Hammond, B. B. McClendon, James McClure, Albert Miller, Shirley Norwood, Ralph Pruett, James Hugh Ray, Harley Weeks, Neil White, Nancy Woods. 1st Semester 2nd Semester Editor NANCY WOOD CARY BUFKIN Business Manager CURTIS COKER B. B. McCLENDON, JR. The Mississippi Law Journal, founded in 1928, is the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar; and it is published under the Bar ' s auspices by students of the School of Law of the Uni- versity of Mississippi. The Journal publishes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the State Bar, articles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments on recent decisions, reviews of cur- rent treatises on the general subject of Law, and other matters of interest to the legal profession. The staff members are as follows: Editors: Nancy Wood, Cary E. Bufkin; Business Managers: Cur- tis E. Coker, B. B. McClendon, Jr.; Note Editors: George Gleason, Shirley J. Norwood; Case Editors: K. Hayes Callicut, Charles Dean, Kelly McKoin; Book Review Editors: Shirley J. Norwood, Robert H. Hodges. PUBLIC A T ION L A W COC 0CIMI@5WMt WILLIAM ADAMS BETTY ATWOOD FRANK ALEXANDER DEN NIS BAKER JAMES ALLISON, JR. LOUIS BAI NE, JR. ROBERT ANDERSON HAROLD BARBER, JR. JACK GEARY President of ZI.S.B. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM R. ADAMS, Jackson; Graduate. • FRANK W. ALEXANDER, Long Beach; Law II; Miss. Law Journal. • JAMES W. ALLISON, JR., Jackson; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT A. ANDERSON, Gulfport; Law H. Second Row: • BETTY J. ATWOOD, Monticello; Graduate; Kappa Delta; Committee of 100; E.T.A., Secretary. • DENNIS M. BAKER, Pope; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta. • LOUIS G. BAINE, JR., Gloster; Law III; Kappa Sigma. • HAROLD R. BARBER, JR.; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Phi; Associate Editor of Law Journal. BELOW First Row: • JARE L. BARKLEY, Belzoni; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. • JOE P. BARNETT, Carthage; Law III. • JOHN R. BASKIN, Glen Allen; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOHN E. BAT, Cicero, Ill.; Law I; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club. • HARRY H. BEIL, Chicago, Ill.; Graduate; Phi Kappa Sigma. • DAN H. BELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOHN A. BELLAN, JR., Natchez; Law III; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board; Law Journal; President Law School Student Body. Second Row: • DONALD R . BERRY, Picayune; Med. II. • RICHARD P. BIRCHETT, Yazoo City; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; Phi Alpha Delta. • VICTOR R. BLAINE, Darling; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Delta. • JAMES E. BOOTH, Mathiston; Med. II; B.S.U. Council; Student A.M.A. • THOMAS T. BOS- WELL, New Albany; Graduate; Pi Kappa Phi; Eta Sigma Phi. • GEORGE W. BOUNDS, Bailey; Med. II. • BENNY F. BRADY, Lula; Law I; M. Club. JARE BARKLEY JOE BARNETT JOHN BASKIN JOHN BAT HARRY BEIL DAN BELL JOHN BEL LAN, JR. DONALD BERRY RICHARD BIRCHETT VICTOR BLAINE JAMES Boom THOMAS BOSWELL GEORGE BOUNDS BENNY BRADY r7 I e ?ROFESSIONAL iCHOOLS ABOVE First Row: • BARNEL T. BRAMLETT, Oxford; Law I; Alpha Tau Omega. • JULIAN BRAMLETT, Oxford; Med. I; Sigma Chi. • WILIAM H. BREWER, Booneville; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • LAWRENCE H. Tupelo; Med. II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • MARION H. BROWN, Lucedale; Med. • ROBERT W. BRUMFIELD, McComb; Law I; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • STANLEY BRUNT, McCool; Law II. Second Row: • ERMON H. BRYANT, Hattiesburg; Graduate. • JAMES W. BRYANT, McComb; Phi Chi; B.S.U. Council; Com- mittee of 100. • JOHN W. BRYANT, Holly Springs; Law II; Sigma Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • ARCHIE P. BUCKLEY, Edwards; Graduate. • CARY E, BUFKIN, Decatur; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Clairborne Society; Moot Board; Ass ' t. Editor, Mississippi Law Journal; Omicron Delta Kappa. • E. CLOVIS BULL, Reno, Nev.; Law II. • JAMES W. BURNS, University; Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT A. CADE, Lexington; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi. • K. HAYES CALLI- CUTT, New Albany; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • RICHARD Colum- bia; Med. II; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • ELMER CANFIELD, Purvis; Law I. • CHARLES D. CANNON, Bruce; Graduate; Pi Kappa Pi; Taylor Medal. • WILLIAM H. CARNES, Gulfport; Med. II; Phi Chi. • WALKER J. CARNEY, JR., Gloster; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • SAMUEL F. CARR, Leland; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student American Medical Association. • PETE H. CARRUBBA, Long Beach; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • WILLIAM M. CARTER, Water Valley; Graduate. • EDWARD L. CATES, Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Vice President, Law II. • JAMES T. CHAMPION, Jackson; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • ARTHUR M. CLARK, Ruleville; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega. • W. KELLY CLIFFORD, Boise, Idaho; Lase III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Advisor, 1948-49; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma, Treasurer 1950-51; Pi Kappa Pi, President 1951-52; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer 1950-51, President 1951-52; Phi Delta Phi, Magister 1951; Mississippi Law Journal, Business Manager 1950-51; Law School Honor Committee, 1951; President of Law School Junior Class, 1950-51; Beta Alpha Psi. ROBERT CADE HAYES CALL ICUTT RICHARD CAMPBELL ELMER CANFIELD CHARLES CAN NON WILLIAM CARNES WALKER CARNEY, JR. SAMUEL CARR PETE CARRUBBA WILLIAM CARTER EDWARD CATES JAMES CHAMPION ARTHUR CLARK KELLY CLIFFORD STANLEY BRUNT JAMES BURNS ROBERT BRUMFIELD CLOVIS BULL MARION BROWN CARY BUFKIN LAWRENCE BRISCO ARCHIE BUCKLEY WILLIAM BREWER JOHN BRYANT JULIAN BRAMLETT JAMES BRYANT - --- BARNEY BRAMLETT ERMON BRYANT GENE BISHOP ALTON COBB CURTIS COKER Vice-President of d.S.i1. MARTHA COOPER LAWRENCE COR BAN ABOVE First Row: • ALTON B. COBB, Camden; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student American Medical Association. • CURTIS E. COKER, New Albany; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Business Manager, Mississippi Law Journal. • WILLIAM F. COLE- MAN, West Point; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Phi Delta Phi. • BILLY T. COLLUM, Golden; Med. II; Phi Chi. Second Row: • MARTHA A. COOPER, Outwood, Ky.; Graduate; Delta Delta Delta. • LAWRENCE C. CORBAN, Ocean Springs; Law II; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE L. COTTINGHAM, JR., Greenville; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade. • ALBERT A. COVINGTON, Meridian; Law II; Sigma Chi. BELOW First Row: • FREDERICK G. COX, JR., Laurel; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta, Vice Just ice; Treasurer, Law School Student Body. • JOSEPH C. CRAWFORD, Houston, Texas; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • JOSEPH P. CRAWFORD, McComb; Med. II; Student American Medical Association. • EARL R. CRUTHIRDS, Big Creek; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta. • GEORGE G. CURRIE, Hattiesburg; Law I. • JAMES M, DABBS, Shannon; Med. II; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • JUSTIN J. DAVID, Woodville; Law III; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row: • JAMES L. DAVIS. JR., Louisville; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Aux.; Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard and Blade. • CHARLES N. DEAN. Holly Springs; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal. • ALBERT DICKENS, JR., Carthage; Law III. • DON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Med. I; Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Presi- dent; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • CHARLES M. DORROUGH, JR„ Ruleville; Med. II; Phi Chi. • THOMAS E. DOUGLAS, JR., West Point; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Associate Editor, Miss. Law Journal; Na- tional Moot Court Competition Team; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta; Rebelaires Dance Orch.; Weightlifting Club. • JOHN A. DURDEN, JR., Phoenix, Aria.; Graduate; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; B.S.U. WILLIAM COLEMAN BILLY COLLUM GEORGE COTTINGHAM ALBERT COVINGTON Air FREDERICK COX, JR. JAMES DAVIS, JR. JOSEPH C. CRAWFORD CHARLES DEAN JOSEPH P. CRAWFORD ALBERT DICKENS, JR. EARL CRUTHIRDS GEORGE CURRIE DON DISMUKES CHARLES DORROUGH, JR. JAMES DABBS THOMAS DOUGLAS, JR. JUSTIN DAVID JOHN DURDEN, JR. ELLIS FARRIS THOMAS GALLAGHER WALTER EPPES, JR. RICHARD FURR DAVID ELLIS JOHN FRENCH ROBERT ENDT ESTHER FUDGE BERNARD ELLIS CARL. FIELDS ABOVE ARTHUR EDWARDS, JR. MICKEY FARRIS EDMOND FAULKENBERRY ELWOOD EDWARDS JAMES GIBSON ROBERT GRAHAM JAMES GIFFIN BRELON GRANTHAM, JR. PARK GERDINE PAUL GRADY WILLIAM GARNER HILTON GILLESPIE JOHN GAUTIER VIRGINIA GILLESPIE RICHARD GEORGE. GEORGE GLEASON First Row: • ARTHUR M. EDWARDS, JR., New Albany; Law I; Delta Sigma Pi. • ELWOOD L. EDWARDS, Banner; Law I; Sigma Chi. • BERNARD H. ELLIS, Columbus; Med. I; Beta Beta Beta. • DAVID B. ELLIS, Cotton Plant; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. ENDT, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa • WALTER V. EPPES, JR., Meridian; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • ELLIS J. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: • MICKEY M. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Law I; Alpha Tau Omega. • EDMOND FAULKENBERRY, Gulfport; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • CARL V. FIELDS, Natchez; Med, II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Tail Mu; J.A.M,A. • JOHN B. FRENCH, Jackson; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Chairman, Moot Court Board; Law Journal, • ESTHER E. FUDGE, Oxford; Graduate. • RICHARD T. FURR, Aberdeen; Med. I; Alpha Tau Omega; Pershing Rifles; Y.M.C.A. • THOMAS J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia, Penn.; Graduate. BELOW Second Row: • THOMAS B. GAMBRELL, Summerland; Law II. • WILLIAM L. GARNER, Hernando; Med. II; Phi Chi; Stu- dent American Medical Association; Beta Beta Beta; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN D. GAUTIER, Gautier; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Men ' s Glee Club 1949-51. • RICHARD L. GEORGE, Macon; Graduate; Kappa Alpha. • PARK L. GERDINE, University; Med. II; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • JAMES A. GIBSON, Mendenhall; Med. II; J.A.M.A. • JAMES R. GIFFIN, Louisville; Graduate; Phi Chi. Second Row: • PATRICK H. GILL, JR., Puckett; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HILTON L. GILLESPIE, SuinraII; Med. I, • VIRGINIA GILLESPIE, Jackson; Graduate. • GEORGE E. Philadelphia; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Law Journal. • PAUL E. GRADY, Seminary; Lase • ROBERT M, GRAHAM, Meridian; Med. II; Phi Chi; Kappa Alpha; Student American Medical Association. • BRELON E. Jackson; Kappa Sigma; Law I; Delta Sigma Pi; Air Force Association Silver Medal. 4e PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS THOMAS GAMBRELL PATRICK GILL, JR. ERNEST GREENE ROBERT GRIFFIN HERBERT GREGORY EARL GRIMES THOMAS GRAVES, III PINK GRIFFIN JAMES GRIFFIN GEORGE GULLEY, JR. CISSY WESTBROOK Secretary of ,I.S.B. and Miss Ole Miss JAMES HARRIS EDWARD HILL, JR. JOHN HATCHER ROBERT HODGE WILLIAM HARRELD CLYDE HILL FRANK HAMMOND, JR. CYRUS HIGGS, JR. ABOVE First Row: • THOMAS C. GRAVES, III, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. • ERNEST H. GREENE, Simpsonville, S.C.; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Campus Senate. • HERBERT W. GREGORY, Calhoun City; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa; F.T.A. • JAMES C. GRIFFIN, Shannon; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Stu- dent American Medical Association. Second Row: • PINK C. GRIFFIN, New Albany; Law III. • ROBERT P. GRIFFIN, Gulfport; Med. II; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • EARL L. GRIMES, Carthage; Law II; Independents; Ole Miss Y. • GEORGE H. GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club. BELOW First Row: • LUNDY R. GUNN, Tutwiler; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Delta, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Presi- dent, Senior Law Class. • FRANK J. HAMMOND, JR., Moss Point; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Campus Senate. • WILLIAM E. HARRELD, Canton; Graduate; Beta Theta Pi; Sons of Confederate Veterans. • JAMES E. HARRIS, Hattiesburg; Med. I. • JOHN L. HATCHER, Scott; Law I; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Council; Scabbard and Blade; Beta Gamma Sigma. • HERSCHEL J. HENDRIX, Little Rock, Ark.; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi. • FELIX T. HENLEY, West Point; Med. II. Second Row: • GUSSIE R. HIGGINS, Jackson; Med. II; Student American Medical Association. • CYRUS H. HIGGS, JR., Greenville; Med. I. • CLYDE V. HILL, Greenwood; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa; Sigma Chi; U.B.E.A. • ED- WARD B. HILL, JR., Cleveland; Law III. • ROBERT H. HODGE, Oxford; Med. II;. Phi Chi.; Student American Medical Association. • LUCIEN R. HODGES, Wesson; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • ROBERT H. HODGES, Reform; Law II; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; Tau Kappa Alpha; Claiborne Law Journal; Weight Lifting Club. LUNDY GUNN GUSSIE HIGGINS HERSCHEL HENDRIX LUCIEN HODGES J FELIX HENLEY ROBERT HODGES JR. GEORGE HOFFMAN ALTON HOLLIS HOKE HORN II FRANK HOSAK HECTOR HOWARD GEORGE JR. REX HULSEY JOHN JABOUR ROBERT JABOUR VAN CE JENNINGS CECIL JOHNSON EDGAR JOHNSON, JR. WHITMAN MAN JOHNSON, JR. JOSEPH JOHNSTON ABOVE First Row: • GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta. • ALTON L. HOLLIS, Carthage; Law III. • HOKE I. HORNE, II, Norton, Va.; Law II; Sigma Nu; Campus Senate. • FRANK HOSAK, Lans- ford, Penn.; Law I; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club. • HECTOR S. HOWARD, Jackson; Med. II; Phi Chi. • GEORGE W. HOWELL, JR., Aberdeen; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mason; American Legion; President, Law II Class. • REX S. HULSEY, Hattiesburg; Med. I. Second Row: • JOHN E. JABOUR, Vicksburg; Lass II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT JABOUR, Vicksburg; Med. I; Phi Chi. • VANCE S. JENNINGS, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Delta Kappa. • CECIL G. JOHNSON, Yazoo City; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board. • EDGAR D. JOHNSON, JR. Long Beach; Med. I; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta. • WHITMAN B. JOHNSON, JR., Clarksdale; Med. I; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Cardinal Club; President, Liberal Arts 1950-51; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. • JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON, Oxford; Med. I; Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta; Scab- bard and Blade. PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS BELOW First Row: • ROBERT E. JONES, Brookhaven; Law II; Sigma Nu; Band; The Mississippian; Phi Alpha Delta; Campus Senate. • R. CLAIRE JORDAN, Jackson; Graduate; Phi Mu; Graduate Fellowship 1951-52. • W. LYNN JORDAN, Green- wood; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. • WILLIAM C. KELLUM, Tupelo; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Stu- dent American Medical Association. Sec. and Treasurer of Class. • George M. Kiepper, Memphis Tenn.; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT D. KIRK, JR., Tupelo; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • EDMUND KITTLEMAN, Greenville; Med. I. Second Row: • WILLIAM KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Med. I; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; I.F.C.; Newman Club; Scabbard and Blade. • JAMES G. KRESTENSEN, Gulf- port; Med. I; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • HERBERT A. KROEZE, JR., Jackson; Med. II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • OSCAR P. LaBARRE, Vicksburg; Law III; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM S. LAWSON, Tupelo; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega. • NEVILLE J. LEE. Hattiesburg; Law II. • FRANK L. LEGGETT, Brookhaven; Student American Medical Association. ROBERT JONES CLAIRE JORDAN LYNN JORDAN WILLIAM KELLUM GEORGE KIEPPER ROBERT KIRK, JR. EDMUND KITTLEMAN WILLIAM KORNDORFFER JAMES KRESTENSEN HERBERT KROEZE, JR. OSCAR LABARRE WILLIAM LAWSON NEVILLE LEE FRANK LEGGETT HENRY FONVILLE BILLIE LITTLE GERALD LITTLE HOWARD LONG WILLIAM LORANCE Treasurer of .1.S.B. and President of Y.M.C.,4. CAR . AWE BURWELL MCCLENDON JAMES MCCLURE, JR. AI.VIE MCCULLY ABOVE First Row: • BILLIE J. LITTLE, Jackson; Graduate; Phi Mu; Band. • GERALD M. LITTLE, Jackson; Med. II; Phi Chi; Stu- dent American Medical Association. • HOWARD D. LONG, Tupelo; Law II; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM G. LORANCE, Cleveland; Med. I; Beta Beta Beta. Second Row: • CARL R. LOVE, University; Med. II; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. • BURWELL McCLENDON, Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Secretary of Law School; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Distinguished Military Student; Business Manager, Mississippi Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Pershing Rifles; Arnold Air Society. • JAMES McCLURE, JR., Sardis; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • ALVIE C. McCULLY, Tupelo; Med. II; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Student American Medical Association. BELOW First Row: • MARY L. McDANIEL, Memphis, Tents.; Graduate; Chi Omega. • JOHN L. McGEE, JR., Louisville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta. • JOSEPH C. McGEHEE, Hattiesburg; Med.II. • GORDON S. McHENRY, McHenry; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student American Medical Association. • ROBERT A. McKEE, Bellefontaine; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • N. KELLY McKOIN, Bastrop, La.; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha; Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. • ABBEY W. MAGRUDER, Jackson; Law II; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • HELENA C. MAGRUDER, Starkville; Graduate; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Kappa Pi; University Players. • ROBERT S. MAJOR, JR., Jackson; Law I; Zeta Sigma. • THOMAS J. MALLETTE, Greenwood, Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta; A.S.B. Dance Committee Committee of 100. 1949-50. • DARWIN MAPLES, Tiger Branch; Law III. • WILLIAM E. MARSTON, University; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma. • AL- BERT L. MEENA, Clarksdale; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • JOHN B. MIDDLETON, JR., Bruce; Graduate. J MARY MCDAN EL JOHN MCGEE, JR. JOSEPH MCGEHEE GORDON MCHENRY ROBERT MCKEE KELLY MCKOIN ABBEY MAGRUDER, JR. HELENA MAGRUDER ROBERT MAJOR, JR. THOMAS MALLETTE DARWIN MAPLES WILLIAM MARSTON ALBERT MEENA JOHN MIDDLETON, JR. MILLER SHELBY MITCHELL BEN MOORE PETER MORISON JOHN MULHEARN EVERETTE MULLEN ARTHUR MURPHEY, JR. RAY MURPHY GEORGE NEVILLE, JR. CART, NICHOLS JAMES NICHOLS, JR. SHIRLEY NORWOOD HARVEY O ' CONOR LENOX OGLESBY yeie ?ROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS ABOVE First Row: • ALBERT V. MILLER, Picayune; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Law Journal; Vice Law III Class. • SHELBY W. MITCHELL, Wesson; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta; Student American Medical Association; President of Class. • BEN J. MOORE. Sardis; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • PETER MORISON, Abingdon, Va.; Graduate. • JOHN E. MULHEARN, Oxford; Law I; Pi Kappa Theta. • EVERETTE J. MULLEN, Clarksdale; Med. II; Phi Chi; President, Medical Student Body; Chairman, Honor Council; Student American Medical Association. • ARTHUR G. MURPHEY, JR., Macon; Law II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Univer- sity Chorus; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • J. RAY MURPHY, Gulfport; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi, Vice President; Claiborne Society, President; Pi Sigma Alpha; B.A. with Distinction; James W. Garner Fellowship in Political Science; Taylor Medals in Spanish and History; Omicron Delta Kappa. • GEORGE M. NEVILLE, JR.; Merdian; Med. II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • CARL G. NICHOLS, Rosedale; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; President, Student Ameri- can Medical Association. • JAMES L. JR., Alligator; Graduate; F.T.A., President. • SHIRLEY J. NOR- WOOD, Jackson; Law II; Delta Zeta; Law Journal. • HARVEY O ' CONNOR, Belzoni; Law II. • LENOX W. OGLESBY, Jackson; Law I; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Annual Staff, 1949-50; Business Manager, THE OLE MISS, 1951-52. BELOW First Row: • LOUISE OLIVER, Kosciusko; Graduate; Delta Gamma. • JOHN M. PATTERSON, Nettleton; Med. II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • MAX L. PHARR, Booneville; Med. II; Phi Chi; Student American Medical Association. • ROBERT B. PICKENS, JR., New Albany; Kappa Sigma. • CLAUDE L. PITTS, Waynesboro; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; President, University Players. • DIMITRI C. POLIZO, Greenville; Med. I; Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • WILLIAM T. POLK, Centreville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa, President. Second Row: • JAMES R. POWELL, Fulton; Med. I; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • RALPH D. PRUETT, JR., Brookhaven; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Court Board. • JESSE PUCKETT, Jackson; Law II; Lambda Chi Alpha; B.S.U.; Law Journal. • BILLIE H. PUTMAN, Calhoun; Med. I; Beta Beta Beta; Student American Medical Association. • JAMES RAMSEY, Vicksburg; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta; Campus Senate. • NORBRETTE RASBERRY, Meridian; Med. I. • JOHN E. RAWLS, Columbia; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student American Medical Association, LOUISE OLIVER JOHN PATTERSON MAX PHARR ROBERT PICKENS, JR. CLAUDE PITTS DIMITRI POLIZO WILLIAM POLK JAMES POWELL RALPH PRUETT, JR. JESSE PUCKETT BILLIE PUTNAM JAMES RAMSEY NORBRETTE RASBERRY JOHN RAWLS JAMES RAY DAN RHODES PETE RHYMES JACK RITTER FRANK RIVES RUDYARD ROB SON GEORGE ROGERS, JR JOHN ROGERS JOSE. ROMERO RICHARD SCHUSTER CHARLES SCRUGGS JEROME SHAW DONALD S MMO NS ALBERT SMITH H. ABOVE First Row: • JAMES H. RAY, Rienzi; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Journal. • DAN RHODES, Law III; • PETE H. RHYMES, Monticello; Graduate; Sigma Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club. • JACK L. RIT PER, Tupelo; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. • FRANK T. RIVES, Lena; Graduate. • RUDYARD B. ROBISON, Tupelo; Med. II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • GEORGE W. ROGERS, JR., Vicksburg; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rhodes Scholar; House of Representatives, Mississippi Legislature. Second Row: • JOHN H. Sylvavena; Law II; Kappa Sigma. • JOSE ROMERO, Lares, Puerto Rico; Graduate. • RICH- ARD E. SCHUSTER, State College; Med. I; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta. • CHARLES D. SCRUGGS, Biloxi; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi; Beta Beta; Student American Medical Association. • JEROME SHAW, Clarksdale; Law I. • DONALD 0. SIMMONS, Gulfport; Law III. • ALBERT S. SMITH, Washington, D.C.; Law II; Eta Sigma Phi. BELOW First Row: • FRED C. SMITH, Jackson; Graduate. • MARY L. SMITH, Oxford; Graduate. • WILLIAM L. SMITH, Oxford; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Club; Committee of 100. • KEARNEY D. SPEARS, Oxford; Graduate; Beta Beta Beta; President, Graduate School. • CHARLES C. SPENCE, Ellisville; Med. I. • SILVIO J. SPIGOLON, Chicago, III.; Graduate; Theta Kappa Phi; Chi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E.; Anchor and Chair; Newman Club. • HENRY D. STONE, Lambert; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Gamma Sigma; Persh- ing Rifles; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: • PEGGY STROUD, Louise; Graduate. • FOLLY STROUD, Louise; • FRED P. TALMADGE Monroe, N.Y.; Law III. JAMES C. TANNER, Waynesboro; Med. I; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • - MAN R. TAYLOR, Meridian; Law III; Phi Delta Phi. • RALPH L. TAYLOR, Marks; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega. • WALTER F. TAYLOR, Blue Mountain; Graduate. FRED SMITH MARY SMITH WILLIAM SM:TH KEARNEY SPEARS CHARLES SPENCE SILVIO SPIGOLON HENRY STONE PEGGY STROUD POLLY STROUD FRED TALMADGE JAMES TANNER HILLMAN TAYLOR RALPH TAYLOR WALTER TAYLOR DICK THOMAE ALLEN THOMPSON, JR. HARVEY TROUTMAN REBECCA TRUAX RALPH TURNER FORREST TUTOR JOHN VALENTINE ELVIN WAKHAM FRANK WALDEN FRED WALKER HARRY WALKER E. C. X ' Ann KENNETH WATTS EUGENE WEBB PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS ABOVE First Row: • DICK THOMAE, Fayette; Med. I. • ALLEN C, THOMPSON, JR., Jackson; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cheerleader, 1950-51. • HARVEY A. TROUTMAN, Orange, N.J.; Graduate; Gamma Sigma Epsilon.. • REBECCA S. TRUAX, Memphis, ' Tenn.; American Chemical Society. • RALPH J. TURNER, Ruleville; Graduate; Zeta Beta Tau; Band; University Players. • FORREST T. TUTOR, Randolph; Med. I. • JOHN W. VALENTINE, Cleveland; Law II. Second Row: • ELVIN J. WAKHAM, Grenada; Graduate. • FRANK W. WALDEN, Georgetown; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. • FRED H. WALKER. Gulfport; Med. II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; American Medical Association. • HARRY G. WALKER, Gulfport; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Secretary, Junior Class, Summer ' 51. • E. C. WARD, Shelby, Ease III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Tau Kappa Alpha, Vice President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice President; Interfraternity Council, President, 1950-51. • T. KENNETH WATTS, Meridian; Law II; Kappa Alpha. • EUGENE F. WEBB, Itta Bena; Med. I. BELOW First Row: • HARLEY A. WEEKS, JR., Meridian; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • NEIL W. WHITE, Gulfport; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • GWYN D, WHITTINGTON, Gloster; Law I; Campus Senate. • CHARLES D. JR., Yazco City; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. • DONALD W. WILLAMSON, Duffee; Law III. • CREIGHTON L. WILSON, Batesville; Med. I; Graduate Coun- cil; Council. • ROBERT A. WILSON, Piedmont, Ala.; Graduate. Second Row: • JACK M. WITCHEN, Pascagoula; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Student American Medical Association. • JUNE A. WOOD; New Albany; Mortar Board. • NANCY T. WOOD; Tupelo; Law III; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Law Journal; Debate Club. • TOM H. WOODROW, Jackson; Law I, • HOWARD G. WOODWARD, Shelby; Law I; Sigma Chi. • SAMUEL C. WOOLVIN, Meridian; Med. II; Phi Chi; American Medical Association. • ALVIN R. WRIGHT, Jacksan; Lass II; Kappa Sigma. HARLEY WEEKS, JR. NEU. WHITE GWYN WHITTINGTON CHARLES WILLIAMS, JR. DONALD WILLIAMSON CREIGHTON WILSON ROBERT WILSON JACK WITCHEN JUNE WOOD NANCY WOOD TOM Woonuow HOWARD WOODWARD SAMUEL. WOOLVIN ALVIN WRIGHT LEON LEWIS HENRY ABEL RICHARD ACK FRMA N BETTIE ADAMS JAMES ADAMS Editor of THE OLE MISS KATH YR N ADAMS ROBERT AGNEW CARNIE AJAMIAN, JR. CHARLES ALLEN ABOVE First Row: • HENRY TRAVIS ABEL, Duck Hill; Commerce. • RICHARD F. ACKERMAN, Wausaukee, Wis.; Education; Phi Kappa Psi; NROTC; Anchor and Chain; Editor; Intramural Council. • BETTIE JANE ADAMS, Cleveland, Ohio; Education. • JAMES L. ADAMS, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Advertising. Second Row: • KATHRYN ADAMS, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ROBERT E. AGNEW, Baldwyn; Commerce. • CARNIE AJAMIAN, JR., New York, N.Y.; Commerce. • CHARLES RAY ALLEN, Kossuth; Commerce; Tau Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • THEODORE WILLAM AMMON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Band. • PAUL FRANKLIN AMOS, Cleve- land; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Student Senate; Mississippian; Anchor and Chain; American Chemical Society. • JOSEPH FLYNT ARMSTRONG, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Pershing Rifles; Pre-Med. Club. • MARY VIRGINIA ASHMORE, Education. • JAMES NEWTON AZLIN, Leland; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • CLIFF L. BAILEY, University; Pharmacy. • JEAN BAILEY, Coffeeville; Education; Chi Omega. Second now: • WILLIAM P. BAILEY, JR., Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega, • ELIZABETH ANN BALL, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega; Council of Wesley Foundation; W.S.G.A.; Campus Senate. • LOUIS HARDY BALL, Jackson; Liberal • JOAN BARBOUR, Laurel; Lib eral Arts; Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President; Pan-Hellenic Council. • KENNETH Griffin, Ga.; Engineering. • HUBERT 0. BARLOW, Tylertown; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ELVIS 0. BARNARD, Springhill, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. THEODORE AMMON PAUL AMOS JOSEPH ARMSTRONG MARY ASHMORE JAMES AZLIN CLIFF BAILEY JEAN BAILEY WILLIAM BAILEY, JR. ELIZABETH BALL LOUIS BALL JOAN BARBOUR KENNETH BARFIELD Hu BERT BARLOW ELVIS BARNARD MILTON BARNHILL, GEORGE BASS JANET BAXTER MAX BEAVER DOROTHA BECK WILLIAM BECK HELEN BELL WILLIAM BELL BILLY BEN NETT J. D. BEN NETT JOSEPHINE BILLY BERRY WIDGIE BETHEA GENE BISHOP SE- N.10R CLASS ABOVE First Row: • MILTON R. BARNHILL, JR., Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE WILLIAM BASS, Gloster; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon. • JANET BAXTER, Clinton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; University Chorus. • MAX G. BEAVER, Joiner, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Marketing Club, Secretary, 49-50, 50-51; Men ' s Glee Club, 4 .49, 49-50; Student Senate, 50-51. • DOROTHA J. BECK Waynesboro; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pan-Hellenic Representative; WAA; YWCA. • WILLIAM SUMMERS Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Marketing Club. • HELEN HUDSON BELL, Holly Springs; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Gamma Nu. Second Row: • WILLIAM DALE BELL, Gunnison; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • BILLY G. BENNETT, Houlka; Education. • J. D. BENNETT, Thom; Education. • JOSEPHINE A. BENNETT, " {horn; Education. • BILLY E. BERRY. Braxton; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Epsilon Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Gamma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Kappa Pi. • WIDGIE BETHEA, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • GENE H. BISHOP, Forest; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Inter-fraternity Council; Vice President of ASB; President of Senate; Scabbard and Blade. BELOW First Row: • HOWARD M. BISHOP. Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM E. BLAIR, Hamilton; Liberal Arts. • SARAH A. BLOMQUIST, Port Gibson; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. • CAROLINE B. BOGARD, Rolling Fork; Education; Kappa Delta. • FRANCES E. BOLEN, Oxford; Education; Band. 1 0 ARTHUR W. BONDS, Iuka; Commerce. • LOUIS A. BONNELL, Henderson, Ky.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • J. MATTHEW BONNER, Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; President, Engineering School; Arnold Air Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.S.C.E.; A.S.M.E. • BETTYE L. BOWEN, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation; Phi Omicron; F.T.A. • FIELDEN A. BOWLIN, JR., Hickory Flat; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi. • ARNOLD L. BOYKIN, Greenville, Education. • CLYDE E. BRACKEN, Vicksburg; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Arnold Air Society; Canterbury Club. • F. E. BRASFIELD, JR., Edwards; Commerce, • EDMOND M. BRIGNAC, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Business Man- ager, Mississippian; Society of American Engineering; A.S.C.E. HOWARD BISHOP WILLIAM BLAIR SARAH BLOMQUIST CAROLINE BOGARD FRANCES BOLEN ARTHUR BONDS LOUIS BON NELL MATTHEW BONNER BETTYE. BOWEN FIELDEN BOWLIN, JR. ARNOLD BOYKIN CLYDE BRACKEN BRASFIELD, JR, EDMOND BRIGNAC LENOX OGLESBY Business Manager of THE OLE MISS SAMUEL BRITTON J. BROWN CALVIN BROWN, JR. KIRBY BRYANT LEO BROWN, JR. SARA BRYSON ELIZABETH BROWN JANET BUFORD ABOVE First Row: • SAMUEL D. BRITTON, West Monroe, La.; Pharmacy. • CALVIN W. BROWN, Greenville; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • G. LEO BROWN, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Anchor and Chain; Cabinet; of 100; Beta Gamma Sigma. • I, ELIZABETH BROWN, Greenwood; Education; Delta Zeta; W.A.A.; Westminster Fellowship; Sponsor, ROTC Band, 1948; Sponsor, NROTC, 1950; YWCA; Band, 48-49 ' , 50-51; Physical Education Majors Club; Orientation Com- mittee. Second Row: • J. D. BROWN, Good Hope, La.; Pharmacy. • KIRBY KNAPP BRYANT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Pred-Med. Club, President; Beta Beta Beta. • SARA ANN BRYSON, Tupelo; Education; Phi Mu. • V. JANET BUFORD, Oxford; Education; Delta Delta Delta. BELOW First Row: • CHARLES W. BULLOCK, Martin, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi. • CHARLES R. BURKLEY, Grenada; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi. • JOHN B. BURNETT, Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade, President. • CHESTER K. BURNHAM, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGIA A. BURROUS, West Point; Liberal. Arts; Chi Omega; Mississippian Staff. • CHARLES 12, BUR- ROW, Lyon; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CAROLYN F. BUTLER, Falls, Texas; Pharmacy; Inde- pendents; American Pharmaceutical Association; N.R.A. Second Row: • CHARLES BUTLER, Florence; Educations. • RONARD K. BYRD, Pascagoula; Commerce. • BILLYE R. CALD- WELL, Sardis; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club. • HENRY C. CALDWELI„ JR., Wal- nut Grove; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • NORRIS V. CALDWELL, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Chi, President, 1950; A.S.B. Dance Committee, 48-50; President, Education School, 1950; Lil Abner, 1950; Executive Council, 1949-50; Committee 100, 48-50. • LINDY T. CALLAHAN, Meridian; Education; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES R. CAMPBELL, Picayune; Engineering; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. CHARLES BULLOCK CHARLES BUTLER CHARLES BURKLEY RONARD BYRD JOHN BURNETT BILLYE CALDWELL CHESTER BURNHAM HENRY CALDWELL, JR. GEORGIA BURROUS NORRIS CALDWELL CHARLES BURROW LINDY CALLAHAN CAROLYN BUTLER CHARLES CAMPBELL DONALD CAMPBELL STEWART CAMPBELL EMMA CARR RICHARD CARRINGTON JUL IAN CARROLL , JR. JOHN CARR OLL CATHERINE CARTER PALMER CASEY ROBERT CAVE, JR. WILVA GEARLEY MARY CHRISTIAN CARROLL CHRISTOPHER SHANNON CLAYTON, JR. WILLIAM COFFEY ' , JR. SENIOR CLASS ABOVE First Row: • DONALD W. CAMPBELL, Buffalo, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • R. STEWART CAMPBELL, Dallas, Texas; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Correspondent, ' 48; Treasurer, ' 49; President, ' 50; I.F.C. ' 49; Chairman, A.S.B. Dance Com- mittee, ' 51; Student Faculty Committee on Social Affairs, ' 51; President, OLE MISS Club, ' 51. • EMMA CARR, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Y Cabinet; Home Economics Club. • RICHARD L. CARRINGTON, Collierville, Tenn.; Sigma Chi; Majors Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • F. JULIAN CARROLL, JR., Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; A.S.C.E.; Campus Senate. • JOHN H. CARROLL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Band; Glee Club; Campus Senate; Committee of 100. • CATHERINE A. CARTER, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Second Row: • PALMER C. CASEY, Los Angeles, Calif.; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT L. CAVE, JR., Washing- ton, D.C.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; I.F.C.; Phi Eta Sigma. • WILVA M. GEARLEY, Oxford; Education; Kappa Delia Pi. • MARY M. CHRISTIAN, Laurel; Education; Delta Delta. • CARROLL V. CHRISTOPHER, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Beta Beta. • SHANNON CLAY- TON, JR.; Ripley; Education. • WILLIAM W. COFFEY, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • JOHN L. COGGIN, Courtland; Liberal Arts. • ADA COHEN, Grenada; Commerce. • DONALD E. COLBERT, Trebloc; Commerce. • JAMES B. COLEMAN, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD F. COLLINS, Biloxi; Liberal • VAN F. CONEY, Greenville; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Club. • MARTHA A. COOK, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A. Second Row: • WILLIAM S. COOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Y.M.C.A.; Scabbard and Blade. • WALTER R. COPPEDGE, Rosedale; liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Y Cabinet, ' 51- ' 52; Treasurer, University Players, Secretary, Tarn Kappa Alpha; Debate Team; The Mississippian; President, School of Liberal Arts, 1951-52. • JAMES A. COOPER, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JERRY COOPER, Dunn, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • A. JOSEPH CORTE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • AMALINE CRAWFORD Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Committee of 100; Y Cabinet. • EMILY H. CRAWFORD, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. JOHN COGGIN ADA COHEN DONALD COLBERT JAMES COLEMAN RICHARD COLLINS VAN CONEY MARTHA COOK WILLIAM COOK WALTER COPPEDGE JAMES COOPER, JR. JERRY COOPER JOSEPH CORTE AMALINE CRAWFORD EMILY CRAWFORD JOHN " Mop " ROBINSON Photographer and Assistant Editor of THE OLE MISS OTHAR CRAWFORD KATHLEEN DELMAN HARRY DANCIGER HARRIET DENHAM HESSEL DAVISON QUIN DENSON, JR. CHARLES DECARLO VINCENT DEPAULA ABOVE First Row: • OTHAR CRAWFORD, McComb; Education. • HARRY C. DANCIGER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi; Sports Editor and Managing Editor of " The Mississippian, " Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice President, Lambda Sigma; President, Intramural Council; Freshman and Varsity Track; Alpha Phi Omega. • HESSEL L. DAVISON, Okla- homa City, Okla.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Anchor and Chain. • CHARLES J. DeCARLO, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • KATHLEEN DELMAN, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • HARRIET E. DENHAM, Hernando; Education; Delta Delta THE OLE MISS Staff; " The Mississippian " Staff. • QUIN DENSON, JR., Tuscola; Education. • VIN- CENT S. DQPAULA, Hammond, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. BELOW First Row: • GERALD JOSEPH DIAZ, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • JAMES DOYE DICKEY, Laurel; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Marketing Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • ROBERT ELLIS DICKINSON, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; Pershing Rifles. • WILLIAM SESSIONS DICKSON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Campus Senate; I.F.C. Dance • KINNIE DIVINE, Sharon; Education; W.A.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Physical Education; Majors Club, • JULIE DOUGLAS. Memphis, Term.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A.; Wesley Foundation Council; Orientation Committee. • LELAND SAGE DUDDLESTON, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Beta Beta Beta; I.F.C. Dance Committee. Second Row: • GUYNELL HAILEY DUNCAN, Preston; Education. • MOLAND V. DYKES, JR., McComb; Commerce. • VIRGINIA ANN ECHOLS, Flora; Education; Delta Zeta; W.A.A.; YWCA; F.T.A.; University Players. • JOHN WILLIAM ECKHART, III, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Commerce; Delta Psi; Anchor and Chain; Navy Rifle Team. • BETTY BROOK ECKLES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta. • JOSEPH B. ELLIOTT, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi. • WESLEY D. ETHEREDGE, Pleasant Hill, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. GERALD DIAZ GUYNELL DUNCAN JAMES DICKEY MOLAND DYKES, JR. ROBERT DICKINSON, JR. VIRGINIA ECHOLS WILLIAM DICKSON JOHN ECKHART, III KINNIE DIVINE BETTY ECKLES JULIE DOULAS JOSEPH ELLIOTT LELAND DUDDLESTON, JR. WESLEY ETHEREDGE t1 HARMON EVERETT, JR. HAROLD FAIR FRANK FARISS MARIAN NE FARMER CYRIL FAYARD DAISYE FERGUSON JERELENE FERRELL EDWARD FISHER HUGH FITLER, JR. PEGGY FITTS JOHN FLYNN WILLIAM FONG HENRY FON VILLE JOSEPH FORD ABOVE First Row: • HARMON GILES EVERETT, JR., Port Gibson; Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha; American Pharmaceutical Associa- President of Pharmacy School Rho Chi Society; Legislative Council. • HAROLD LLOYD FAIR, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Arnold Air Society. • FRANK CARL FARISS, Wuskogee, Okla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • MARI- ANNE FARMER, Norfolk, Va.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; University Players; Canterbury Club. • CYRIL V. FAYARD, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Chemical Engineering Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Arnold Air Society. • 0. DAISYE FERGUSON, Woodville; Kappa Delta. • JERELENE FERRELL, Batesville; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha, Second Row: • EDWARD HAROLD FISHER, Tallulah, La.; Education; Baptist Student Council, President; Future Teachers of America; Committee of 100, ' 49- ' 51; Continuation Committee; Orientation Committee. • HUGH JR., Vicks- burg; Engineering. • PEG GY FITTS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, President; Campus Senate; Claiborne Society. • JOHN JAMES FLYNN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club. • WILLIAM J. FONG, Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • HENRY POWELL FONVILLE, Belzoni; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Treasurer of ASB; President of OLE MISS " Y; " Delta Sigma Pi; Anchor and Chain; Student Supervisor of Social Affairs. • JOSEPH P. FORD, Brownfield; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. SENIOR CLASS BELOW First Row: • SANFORD T. FORD, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • W. BRUNER FORD, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; Society of American Engineers, President. • F. GERARD FOURNET, St. Martinville, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ERASMUS G. FOWLER, Fort Gaines, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi. • FRANCES FRAZER, Chattanooga, Term.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Eta Sigma Pi; Campus Senate, ' 51; Newman Club. • THOMAS H. FREELAND, III, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; NROTC Rifle Team; YMCA, International Relations Club, Anchor and Chain. • ROBERT AUBREY FRENCH, Byhalia; Engineer- ing; Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: • H. G. FULLER, Abbeville; Education; Claiborne • JIMMIE C. FULLILOVE, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Band; Rebelaires; Kappa Kappa Psi. • LaMONTE FULTON, Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • ELLEN H. FYFE, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Education; Delta Zeta; W.A.A.; YWCA; International Relations Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. • EDDARDO GAITAN-DURAN, Cucuta, Colombia; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; A.S.C.E. • CLARA FIELDS GALTNEY, Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha Theta. • JOHN DARRINGTON GANDY, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi; ASB Election " Mississippian " Staff; Committee of 100; Campus Serrate; Orientation Committee, SANFORD FORD BRUNER FORD GERARD FOURNET ERASMUS FOWLER FRANCES FRAZIER THOMAS FREELAND, III ROBERT FRENCH H. FULLER JIMMIE FULLILOVE LAMONTE FULTON ELLEN FYFE EDDARDO GAITAN -DURAN CLARA GALT N EY JOHN GANDY PAUL PITTMAN of the " Missi ssippian " MAXINE GARNER WILLIAM GARY JOHN GERDES DOROTHY GATLIN KLINE GILBERT JOHN GEARY GRACE GILLESPIE MONROE GENSERT II ABOVE First Row: • M. MAXINE GARNER, Oxford; Education; Band. • WILLIAM ATTERSON GARY, Terry; Engineering; Ameri- can Chemical Society. • DOROTHY J. GATLIN, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • JOHN H. GEARY, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; President of ASB; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Arnold Air Society; I.F.C., Vice President; Campus Senate, (Speaker—pro tern). Second Row: • MONROE J. GENSERT, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN RICHARD GERDES, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta; I.F.C.; Anchor and Chain. • KLINE GILBERT, Hollandale; Education; Phi Kappa Psi; M-Club. • GRACE JEAN GILLESPIE, Charleston; Education; Delta Delta Delta; W.S.G.A., President; YWCA, Secretary; Kappa Pi. BELOW First Row: • LUCILE GABBERT GIVENS, Senatobia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • GERALD JACK GLASS. Mawell, Ark.; Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Kappa Psi. • DAVID S. GOFORTH, Oxford; Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma; University Players. • THOMAS PATRICK GOGGIN, Somerville; Engineer ing; Phi Kappa Psi; A.S.B. Dance Committee; New- man Club; Anchor and Chain; Scabbard and Blade. • HASCHAL GOLDEN, JR., Looxahoma; Liberal Arts. • JOHN K. GORDON, Memphis, Tents.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Senate. • RICHARD HENRY GOULD, Ridgewood, N.J.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Anchor and Chain; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • ALBERT S. GRAEHLER, Jasper, Ind.; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; " M " Club; Phi Kappa Sigma. • SARA PAULINE GRAVES, Commerce; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; YWCA. • JOHN C. GRECO, Tickfaw, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • EWELL A. GRIFFON, Baton Rouge, La.; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha; American Pharmaceutical Association, • GEORGE GRIF- FON, Baton Rouge, La.; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ANNE GRIGSBY, Birming- ham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • KARL GERHARD GULLAKSEN, Oslo, Norway; Engineering; Independents; A.S.C.E. LUCILE GIVENS GERALD GLASS DAVID GOFORTH THOMAS GOGGIN HASCHAL GOLDEN, JR. JOHN GORDON RICHARD GOU LD ALBERT GRAEHLER SARA GRAVES JOHN GRECO EWELL GRIFFON GEORGE GRIFFON ANNE GRIGSBY KARL GULLAKSEN JO GUNN NELSON HALL WILLIAM HALL JAMES HAMILTON JOSEPHINE HAMILTON ALICE HAMMOND LLOYD HARDER CLARENCE HARDIN, JR. JABUS HARDIN MARILYN HARPER SYDNEY HARVEY CHRIS HENICK HENRY HERNDON, JR. JACQUELINE HEWITT Ae SENIOR CLASS ABOVE First Row: • JO B. GUNN, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • NELSON Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM 0. HALL, Oxford; Commerce. • JAMES E. HAMILTON, Vardaman; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPHINE HAMILTON, McComb; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALICE E. HAMMOND, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • LLOYD HARDER, Lindell, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • CLARENCE L. HARDIN, JR., Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Marketing Club. • JABUS L. HARDIN, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; YWCA. • MARILYN L. HARPER, Mangham, La.; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. • SYDNEY E. HARVEY, Greenville; Education. • H. CHRIS HENICK, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi. • HENRY N. HERNDON, JR., Wilmington, Del.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Anchor and Chain; Scabbard and Blade; Inter-Fraternity Council. • JACQUELINE J. HEWITT, Jackson; Education; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U. Executive Council. BELOW First Row: • B. ROYAL HICKEY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Inter-Fraternity Council; I.F.C. Dance Committee; Intramural Council; Captain, Rifle Team, 1948-50; Sigma Delta Psi. • ROBERT M. HIGBEE, Northfield, N.J.; Com- merce; Band; Anchor and Chain; Track; Alpha Phi Omega; Rifle Team. • DORIS E. HILL, Greenwood; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association; Rho Chi Society. • HAL E. HILL, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; A.S.B. Floor Committee; Secretary. Treasurer, Intramural Council. • WADE H. HILLIARD, JR„ Columbus; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha; Treasurer, Kappa Psi. • NELL E. HOBGOOD, Silver City; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Gamma Nu; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club. • MARJORIE A. HOLDER, Batesville; Education; Delta Gamma; Y Cabinet. Second Row: • JO H. HOLLAND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Phi Omicron; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A. • CHARLES D. HOLLANDER, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Y Cabinet; Pershing Rifles; Arnold Air Society; Vice President, Inter-Fraternity Council; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • GERALD HOLLINGSWORTH, Centreville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Y.M.C.A. • ALVA JO HOLLIS, Gartman; Education. • WILLIAM I. HOLLOWELL. JR., Cleveland; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALBERT L. HORN, Houston; Commerce. • ROSEMARY HOWIE, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A.; ROYAL HICKEY ROBERT HIGBEE DORIS HILL HAL HILL WADE HILLIARD, JR. NEI.L H000000 MARJORIE HOLDER .10 HOLLAND CHARLES HOLLANDER GERALD HOLLINGSWORTH ALVA HOLLIS WILLIAM HOT. I OWELL, JR. ALBERT HORN ROSEMARY HOWIE EDDIE BRIGNAC Scorr HUDDLESTON GRADY HUFF JOHN HUNT ALTON HUNTER Business Manager of the " Mississinpitin " HUSSEY JUNE IRBY MIKE ISOM, JR. JAMES JACKSON ABOVE First Row: • W. SCOTT HUDDLESTON, Lambert; Commerce. • GRADY R. HUFF, Pulaski; Pharmacy. • JOHN A. HUNT, Johnstown, Pa.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; " M " Club; Anchor and Chair; A.S.C.E.; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; A.S.B. Floor Committee. • ALTON L. HUNTER, Selmer, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • ROY J. HUSSEY, Abbeville; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha; Business Education Club. • JUNE C. IRBY, Batesville; Education; Phi Mu. • MIKE ISOM, Sunflower; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega, Scriber 1950-51, Treasurer 1951- 52; Delta Sigma Pi, Headmaste r, 1951-52; Beta Gama Sigma, Vice President, 1951-52; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President, 1951-52; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. • JAMES I. JACKSON, Iuka; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM H. JACKSON, Laurel; Education; Sigma Chi; " M " Club; President, Education School. • ANNE S. JAMES, Natchez; Education. • JOHN H. JAMES, Mowtrose; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta. • E. OTIS JOHNSON, JR., Glen Allan; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Anchor and Chain; Campus Senate. • MABLE JOHN- SON, Carthage; Commerce. • WALTER F. JOHNSON, Tiplersvil le; Commerce. • CATHERINE G. JOHNSTON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Lambda Sigma; Theta Sigma Phi; Campus Senate; Pan-Hellenic Model Pledge, 1951; News Editor, " Mississippian, " 1951. Second Row: • CHARLES D. JOHNSTON, Courtland; Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. • ANN E. JONES, Laurel; Educa- tion; Delta Delta Delta. • CAROL JONES, Port Sulphur, La.; Liberal Arts. • CHARLEY M. JONES, Schlater; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Business Education Club. • JULIAN F. JONES, Walnut Grove; Liberal • K. C. JONES, Leland; Commerce. • CHESTER J. KAMINSKI, New York, N. Y.; Engineering; American Chemical Society. WILLIAM JACKSON AN NE JAMES JOHN JAMES OTIS JOHNSON, JR. MABLE JOHNSON WALTER JOHNSON CATHERINE JOHNSTON CHARLES ANN JONES CAROL JONES CHARLEY JON ES JULIAN JONES K. JONES CHESTER KAMINSKI WILLIAM KATZ, JR. ARTHUR KELLER CAROLYN KEMP NORA KEMP SALLY KERSHAW CHAR LES KILDUFF CLICK KIMBALL HENRY KING LEO KIRK DOUGLAS KOGER FAITH KOGER ROBERT KOGER Louis KORFF OLIVER KREBS, JR. Jae SENIOR CLASS ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM KATZ, JR., Woodmere, N.Y.; Education. • ARTHUR F. KELLER, St. Albans, N.Y.; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; Advertising Club. • M. CAROLYN KEMP, Oxford; Education; Kappa Delta. • NORA E. KEMP, Kilmichael; Education; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • SALLY D. KERSHAW, Montgomery, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Eta Sigma Phi, President; Art Club; Y.W.C.A. • CHARLES E. KILDUFF, Brook- lyn, N.Y.; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; A.S.M.E.; Anchor and Chain. • G. CLICK KIMBALL, Statesville, N.C.; Commerce; Sigma Chi Second Row: • HENRY H. KING, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Rifle Team. • LEO KIRK, Elaine, Ark.; Education. • DOUGLAS M. KOGER, Jackson; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; American Chemical Society, President; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, President. • FAITH N. KOGER, Jackson; Education. • ROBERT L. KOGER, New York, N.Y.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • LOUIS J. KORFF, Jasper, Ind.; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma. • OLIVER J, KREBS, JR., Pascagoula; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Chi Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • LUCI J. KREGER, Roanoke, Va.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LUISE KUNZ, Herne, Germany; Liberal Arts. • ROY KUYRKENDALL, JR., McComb; Engineering; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Tau Chi; Pi Kappa Pi; Chi Epsilon, President; A.S.C.E.; A.S.M.E.; Associate Editor, Law Journal; Wesley Foundation. • KENNETH F. KUZENSKI, Allentown, Penn.; Liberal Arts; Tau Kappa Alpha, President; Debate Club. • JOSEPH J. LAWRENCE, Biloxi; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JIMMIE R. LAWSON, Raleigh; Commerce; Kappa Delta; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Y.W.C.A.; Orientation Committee; Junior Dean. • GEORGE M. LEE, Prentiss; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi. Second Row: • JAMES B. LEE, Water Valley; Commerce. • RAY A. LEMOINE, Cottonport, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • ROBERT B. LESLEY, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RUTH M. LEVERETTE, Senatobia; Commerce. • LEON E. LEWIS, Port Gibson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Om icron Delta Kappa; President, Kappa Alpha, 1951-52; Editor, 1952 OLE MISS; Scabbard and Blade; Captain, Pershing Rifles, 1950: Delta Sigma Pi; Committee of 100; Chairman, A.S.B.; Welcoming 1950; Editor, 1950 " M " Book. • MARY LITTLE, Monticello; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES S. LOCKE, Laurel; Commerce; Beta Alpha Psi. GEORGE LEE CHARLES LOCKE JIMMIE LAWSON MARY LITTLE JOSEPH LAWRENCE LEON LEWIS KENNETH KUZENSKI RUTH LEVERETTE ROY KUYRKENDALL, JR. ROBERT LESLEY LUCI KREGER JAMES LEE LUISE KUNZ RAY LEMOINE HARRY " Chigger " DANCIGER HARRY LOFLIN, JR. WESLEY LOMI NICK, JR. KELLY LOVE ELIZABETH LOVELESS Managing Editor of the " Mississippian " CHARLES LUNDY JOSEPH TILLMAN KERRY LYON MCALILLY ABOVE First Row: • HARRY L. LOFLIN, JR., Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Vice President, Engineering School; Scabbard and Blade; Anchor and Chain; American Chemical Society. • WESLEY R. LOMINICK, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Y.M.C.A.; I.F.C. • KELLY LOVE, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band, Vice President; Rebelaires. • ELIZABETH A. Booneville; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • CHARLES E . LUNDY, Greenville; Commerce. • JOSEPH T. TILLMAN, Newton; Pi Kappa Alpha. • KERRY N. LYON, Laurel; Education; Independent; Debate Club. • ROY D. McALILLY, Louisville; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • CLIFFORD R. McCLEASE, Courtland; Pharmacy. • GLEN A. McCOOL, Merigold; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band; Rebelairs; Chorus, • CAROLYN McCURDY, Pope; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board, Presi- dent; Y.W.C.A., Vice President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Cwens, President; Kappa Pi. • CHARLES R. Mc- DANIEL, Hayti, Mo.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi; Beta Beta Beta ; American Pharmaceutical Association; B.S.U.; Executive Council; Secretary of Pharmacy School, 1951-52. • CHARLES McDUFF, Austin, Texas; Liberal Ares. • HEWLETT F. McELROY, Natchez; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • RUBYE L. McFADDEN, Oxford; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. Second Row: • HAROLD H. McGEE, Biloxi; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • RALPH D. McGILL, Ripley; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi. • ROY L. McNEILL, Santa Monica, Calif.; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • J, Mc- WHORTER, Waynesboro; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Gamma Nu; Y.W.C.A. • JOSEPH A. MacINNIS, Virginia Beach, Va.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM B. MacMILLAN, New Orleans, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Chi. • EDGAR L. MAGEE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Delta Psi. CLIFFORD MCCLEASE GLEN MCCOOL CAROLYN MCCURDY CHARLES MCDANIEL CHARLES MCDUFF HEWLETT MCELROY RU BYE MCFADDEN HAROLD MCGEE RALPH MCGILL ROY MCNEILL BETTYE MCWHORTER JOSEPH MACIN NIS WILLIAM MACMILLAN EDGAR MAGEE, JR. WAY NE MILES EMILY MOORE ROBERT MILLER JAMES MORGAN JOHN MILLER RUSSELL MORAN JAMES MITCHELL FRANCES MORGAN GLYNN MIDDLETON BEN MOORE CHARLES MIDDLETON JEAN NE MONTGOMERY CONWAY MONCURE, JR. BOB MORRISON DOROTHY MALONE CHARLES MASSEY ROBERT MARRIAM HAROLD MAXWELL CESARE MARRONE BILLY MAY MICHAEL MARSHALL JARED MAYES, III MERLE MARTIN DAN MEADOR DAU VEEN MARTIN WILL MELSON SAN FORD MARVIN MARTIN MIAllA ABOVE First Row: • DOROTHY F. MALONE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Lambda Sigma; Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT R. MARRIAM, Watertown, ' N.Y.• Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; American Chemical Society. • CESARE C. MARRONE, Jersey City, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • MICHAEL M. MARSHALL, Clarksdale; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Anchor and Chain. • MERLE A. MARTIN, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Campus Senate. • W. DAUVEEN MARTIN, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. • SANFORD J. MARVIN, Spring Valley, N.Y.; Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel Foundation, Treasurer. Second Row: • CHARLES P. MASSEY, Pensacola, Fla.; Commerce. • HAROLD MAXWELL, Laurel; Commerce. • BILLY A. MAY, Decatur; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmecutical Association. • JARED D. III, Milton, Pa.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Chi Epsilon; Anchor and Chain. • DAN R. MEADOR, Lena; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. • WILL M. MELSON, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. • MARTIN E. MIAllA, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Lambda Sigma; " Mississippian " Staff. BELOW First Row: • CHARLES E. MIDDLETON, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GLYNN E. MIDDLETON, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • WAYNE R. MILES, Ethel; Engineering. • JOHN D. MILLER, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT A. MILLER, Clarksdale; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • JAMES D. MITCHELL, Hattiesburg; Liberal • E. CONWAY MONCURE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Anchor and Chain; Society for the Advancement of Management. Second Row: • JEANNE N. MONTGOMERY, Tunica; Education; Phi Mu. • BEN C. MOORE, Bay St. Louis; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • EMILY C. MOORE, Lucy, Tents.; Education; Band. • A. RUSSEL MORAN Ocean Springs; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; I.F.C. Dance Committee. • JAMES R. MORGAN, Blytheville, Ark; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association • L. FRANCES MORGAN, Sunflower; Liberal Arts; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club. • BOB MORRISON, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; President, Sigma Chi. i77-1e SENIOR CLASS KELLY CLIFFORD BOBBY MOSER JOYCE MURPHY WANDA MURRAY JOHN MUSE President of O.D.K. STIG MYLAN DER CARL NABORS MARY NASH EL BERT NELSON ABOVE First Row: • BOBBY JOE MOSER, Moorehead; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Beta Alpha Psi; ' I.F.C.• President, Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Council; Beta Gamma Sigma. • M. JOYCE MURPHY, Education; Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club; Canterbury Club; Y.W.C.A.; Megaphone Club. • 0. WANDA MURRAY, Wiggins; Education. • JOHN M. MUSE, Booneville; Pharmacy; Kappa Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. Second Row: • STIG J. MYLANDER, Long Island, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Anchor and Chain. • CARL W. NABORS, Water Valley; Commerce; Beta Gamma Sigma, President; Beta Alpha Psi. • MARY V. Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A.; University Chorus. • ELBERT B. NELSON, Cleveland; COM- metre; Phi Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT B. NELSON, Newton; Commerce; President, Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. • FRED H. NETTER- VILLE, Wilkinson; Commerce. • J. CHARLES NITKA, Woodhaven, N.Y.; Commerce. • PAUL T. NOTTING- HAM, Kingsport, Tenn.; Commerce. • MARTHA J. NORMENT, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts, • RAYMOND L. NOWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • CLAUDIA M. O ' CONOR, Belzoni; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MIGUEL ORIHUELA, Armory; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ROSEMARY OWEN, Louis- ville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Campus Senate; Vice Phi Mu; Majorette; Pan-Hellenic Council; Wesley Founda- tion; OLE MISS Staff; " Mississippian " Staff; Y.W.C.A. • MARQUIS 0. OWENS, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Secretary, Geological Society. • ROBERT E. OWENS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • HENRY PARIS, Lexington; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; Head Cheerleader; Cardinal Club; Pershing Rifles; A.S.B. Dance Committee; I.F.C. Dance Committee; I.F.C.; President, Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Committee of 100; Y.M.C.A.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Colonel Rebel. • JOHN L. PARIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; " M " Club; S.E.C. Spiked Shoe. • BARBARA PARKER, Vicksburg; L iberal Arts; Band. ROBERT NELSON FRED NETTERVILLE CHARLES NITKA PAUL NOTTINGHAM MARTHA NORMENT RAYMOND NOWELL CLAD DIA O ' Co NOR MIGUEL ORIHUELA ROSEMARY OWEN MARQUIS OWENS ROBERT OWENS, JR. HENRY PAR IS JOHN PARIS BARBARA PARKER JOE PARKS, JR. JENNETTE PERRY ROBERT PA TTERSON WILLIAM PERRY, JR. JO PEGRAM HENRY PHELPS THELMA 13ELHAM PAL PIEROCICH NITA PERCIVAL PAUL PITTMAN JOHN PERKINS PEGGY PLEASANTS WILLIAM PERKINS THOMAS PORTER, JR. ABOVE First Row: • JOE C. PARKS, JR., New Albany; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT H. PATTERSON, Louisville; Educa• Lion; Alpha Tau Omega. • JO A. PEGRAM, Tupelo; Education; Phi Mu. • THELMA L. PELHAM, Pascagoula; Commerce; Newman Club; Band; Business Education Club. • NITA E. PERCIVAL, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts. • JOHN B. PERKINS, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Campus Senate; I.F.C. • WILLIAM H. PERKINS, Darling; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • JENNETTE H. PERRY, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta. • WILLAM S. PERRY, JR., Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi. • H. HENRY PHELPS, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • E. PAL PIEROCICH, Gulfport; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • PAUL H. PITTMAN, Tylertown; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Editor, " Mississippian; " President, Lambda Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. • PEGGY B. PLEASANTS, Commerce; Fellowship; Women ' s Athletic Association; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • THOMAS E. PORTER, JR., Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, 1950, Treasurer, 1951; A.S.B. Dance Committee. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM M. PORTER, Lambert; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES M. PRICE, Prentiss; Liberal Arts; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. • CLARENCE J. PROFILET, Laurel; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • TONY P. PROVENZA, Greenville; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Beta Alpha Psi. • ELIZABETH C. PYLANT, Purvis; Delta Zeta; B.S.U.; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' s Athletic Association. • JAMES R. QUARLES, Gainesboro, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • JAMES L. RAGGIO, Scott, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi. Second Row: • MARSHALL C. RAMSEY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; I.F.C.; Y.M.C.A.; I.F.C. Dance Com- mittee; Men ' s Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Sons of Confederacy; Committee of 100; Classics Club. • SARAH M. RAYNER, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • KATHYRN READY; Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; OLE MISS Staff; Campus Senate; Home Economics Club; House Council of W.S.G.A.; Honor Council Committee of Y.W.C.A. • WALTER A. REAGAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Newman Club; Marketing Club; " M " Club. • JEFFIE N. REESE, Yardman; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE REEVES, JR., Tunica; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MARJORIE REEVES, Paris, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Gamma. SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM PORTER MARSHALL RAMSEY JAMES PRICE SARAH RAYNER CLARENCE PROFILET KATHRYN READY TONY PROVENZA WALTER REAGAN ELIZABETH PYLANT JEFFIE REESE JAMES QUARLES GEORGE REEVES, JR. JAMES RAGGIO MARJORIE REEVES BILLY BERRY President of Commerce School ROBERT RICHARDSON, JR. BILLY RENEROE FISHER RHYMES CHARLTON RICHARDSON WILLIAM RICHARDSON KENNETH ROBBINS ANNIE ROBERTS F. RICHARDSON ABOVE First Row: • BILLY V. RENFROE, Pensacola, Fla.; Commerce; M Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • FISHER A. RHYMES, Macon; Commerce; Phi Delta Inter-Fraternity Council; Editor, 1951, The Ole Miss; Executive Council; Editor, Press Bulletin; Lambda Sigma; Orientation • CHARLTON C. RICHARDSON, Grenada; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • F. M. RICHARDSON, Delta City; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi. Second Row: • ROBERT P. RICHARDSON, JR., Delta City; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM P. RICHARDSON, Deering, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Psi; Glee Club. • KENNETH G. ROBBINS, Oxford; Education; M Club; Varsity Basketball. • ANNIE F. ROBERTS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. BELOW First Row: • L. BROOKS ROBERTSON, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Masonic Club; Student-Faculty Committee on Social Affairs. • JOHN W. ROBINSON, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Assistant Editor, THE OLE MISS; A.S.B. Dance Committee. • MARY A. ROBINSON, Clarksdale; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A. • WALTER M. RUBY, JR., Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT K RUSHING, Jackson; Liberal Beta Theta Pi; Band; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Rebeiairs; Military Strident. • STANLEY RUSSELL, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • BETTIE J. RUTHERFORD, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Y.W.C.A.; Sigma Alpha Iota. Second Row: • T. JERRY RYAN, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID SALLEY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • JAMES SAI,LEY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • MEDORA L. SALTER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Gamma; Canterbury Club; Campus Senate. • WILLIAM H. SANDERS, Oxford; Education. • JAMES W. SAUL, Laurel; Engineering; President, Independents. • R. BERT SCOBEY, JR., Coffeyville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi, BROOKS ROBERTSON JERRY RYAN JOHN ROBINSON, JR, DAVID SALLEY MARY ROBINSON JAMES SALLEY WALTER RUBY, JR. MEDORA SALTER ROBERT RUSHING WILLIAM SANDERS STANLEY RUSSELL JAMES SAUL BETTIE. RUTHERFORD BERT SCOBEY, JR. I,. SHARP JANIS SHEFFIELD TROY SHEFFIELD EDWIN SHROPSHIRE LESLIE SHUMAKE CARL SIDEN ER MELVIN SINQUEFIELD GENIE SMITH GEORGE SMITH MARSHALL SMITH, JR. RICHARD SMITH, JR. CHARLES SNYDER NANCY SOWELL CHARLES SPEED ABOVE First Row: • L. V. SHARP, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Marketing Club; Campus Senate Y.M.C.A. • JANIS L. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • TROY E. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • EDWIN D. SHROP- SHIRE, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Inter-Fraternity Council. • LESLIE Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; M Club. • CARL F. SIDENER, Bainbridge, Ga.; Commerce. • MELVIN SINQUEFIELD, Laurel; Education. Second Row: • GENIE L. SMITH, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; University Chorus; Wesley Foundation; Girls ' Glee Club. • GEORGE K. SMITH, Hazelhurst; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • MARSHALL C. SMITH, JR., Hatties- burg; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association; Campus Senate. • RICHARD M. SMITH, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES B. SNYDER, Shreveport, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta; American Pharmaceutical Association. • NANCY J. SOWELL, Holly Springs; Education; Phi Mu. • CHARLES E. SPEED, Prentiss; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • LOUIS J. STAEHLE, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega. • JOSEPH W. STEPHENS, Canaan; Liberal Arts; Tau Kappa Alpha; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Scabbard and Blade. • GLYNN W. STEVENS, Summit; Engineering. • RAY H. Waveland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • JO ANN STONE, Moorhead; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; University Chorus; Home Economics Club; Secretary, W.S.G.A.; Phi Omicron. • VAN D. STONE, JR., Lambert; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • H. LLOYD STORMENT, Iuka; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MAXINE I. STORMANT, Iuka; Commerce. • R. GERALD STRAUGHAN, Biloxi; Pharmacy; B.S.U. Council; American Pharmaceutical Association, • WADE H. STRICKLAND, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Campus Senate; Y. Cabinet; Glee Club. • MARY J. STUART, Gulfport; Education; Delta Gamma; Campus Senate; House Council; W.S.G.A.; E.T.A.; Home Economics Club. • ROBERT M TAYLOR, Charlotte, N.C.; Liberal. Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Anchor and Chain; Eta Sigma Phi. • WALTER T. TAYLOR, Como; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CLEMENTINE THOMAS, Vicksburg; Commerce; Business Education Club; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Independent. SENIOR CLASS LOUIS STAEHLE IVIAXINE STORMENT JOSEPH STEPHENS GERALD STRAUGHAN GLYNN STEVENS WADE. STRICKLAND RAY STIEFFEL MARY STUART JO STONE ROBERT TAYLOR VAN STONE, JR. WALTER TAYLOR LLOYD STORMENT CLEMENTINE THOMAS IVAN THOMPSON, JR. THOMAS TUCKER MACK TIDWELL FRANK TURNER EDGAR TIMMONS WILBUR VA NRIRER DOROTHY WAITE LANELLE WELLS MAY WATKINS ROBERT WADE SARA WEBSTER ELLEN WADE MOZELLE WEBB JOHN VOLD H0 3SON WAKEFIELD RANDOLPH WESLEY CLAUD TINGLE, JR. BILLY VICK MARTHA WALLACE CARL WEST BOBBY TRAMEL ROBERT VICK JAMES THOMAS, JR. HOLLIS THOMPSON WILLIAM TROTT PATRICIA TROTTER ABOVE First Row: • JAMES E. THOMAS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HOLLIS C. THOMPSON, Gulf- port; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • IVAN C. THOMPSON, JR., Corinth; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Y.M.C.A. • MACK V. TIDWELL, Philadelphia; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDGAR J. TIMMONS, Cambridge, Md.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I nter-Fraternity Council. • CLAUD M. TINGLE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Marketing Club; Campus Senate. • BOBBY L. TRAMEL, Batesville; Engineering. Second Row: • WILLIAM R. TROTT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • PATRICIA TROTTER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Junior Dean; ' Y.W.C.A.• Home Economics Club. • THOMAS M. TUCKER, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANK TURNER, Philadelphia; Commerce; Delta Psi. • WILBUR H. Van RIPER, Oak Park, Ill.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • BILLY W. VICK, Batesville; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; A.S. M.E. • ROBERT L. VICK, Courtland; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi. BELOW First Row: • JOHN W. VOLD, Eau Claire, Wis.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; Anchor and Chain. • ELLEN WADE, University; Education; Delta Zeta; Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Historian, Delta Zeta; Treasurer, Mortar Board; CWENS; Historian, Kappa Delta Pi; President, 1948- ' 50, F.T.A.; Physical Education Major Club; Committee of 100; Vice-President, W.A.A.; Freshman Y Cabinet; Y.W.C.A.; President, 1950- ' 51, Pan-Hellenic Council; Orientation Committee; Faculty-Student Committee on Fraternities and Sororities and Social Affairs; All-Star Volleyball, 1949- ' 50; All-Star Softball, 1948- ' 49- ' 50. • ROBERT E. WADE, Rantoul, Ill.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Chi; American Pharmaceutical. Association. • DOROTHY M. WAITE, Columbus, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HOBSON, M. WAKEFIELD, Ripley, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band. • MARTHA C. WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Vice-President, University Players; President, W.A.A. • 0. EARL WARREN, Stonewall; Education. Second Row: • MAY E. WATKINS, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Economics Club. • MOZELLE WEBB, Sunflower; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club. • SARA 0. WEBSTER, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club; Y.W.C.A. • V. LaNELLE WELLS, Waynesboro; Liberal Tau Alpha; Secretary, Wesley Foundation; W.A.A.; Junior Dean. • G. RANDOLPH WESLEY, Ellisville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Zeta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Campus Senate. • CARL WEST, Amory; Education. • KATHERINE L. WESTBROOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; President, Delta Delta Delta; A.S.B., Secretary; Committee of 100; Treasurer, Mortar Board; Vice-President, 1950- ' 51, W.S.G.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, Campus Senate; Miss OLE MISS, 1951. EARL WARREN KATHERINE WESTBROOK JOHN WHITE. PAGE WHITE RICHARD WHITE EDWARD WHITTEN RICHARD WICKER, JR. IRENE WIGGINS SALLY WILKINSON CHARLES WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMS, JR. HAROLD WILLIAMS JACKIE WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS, JR, JOHN WILLIAMS JOHN T. WILLIAMS Ae SENIOR CLASS ABOVE First Row: • JOHN H. WHITE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. • PAGE V. WHITE, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Pi Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A. • RICHARD R. WHITE, Santa Monica, Calif.; Education; Sigma Nu. • EDWARD L. WHITTEN, Hernando; Commerce. • RICHARD F. WICKER, JR., Winborn; Liberal Alpha Phi Omega. • IRENE H. WIGGINS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Newman Club; Murder Bowl Queen, 1951. • SALLY A. Gunnison; Education; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A. Second Row: • CHARLES A. WILLIAMS, Wesson; Commerce; Marketing Club. • DAVID J. WILLIAMS, JR., McComb; Liberal Arts; President, Beta Beta Beta. • HAROLD G. WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Marketing Club; Dance Committee. • JACKIE M. WILLIAMS, Coahoma; Education. • JAMES B. WILLIAMS, JR., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Pershing Rifles; Westminster Fellowship; President, 1951- ' 52, Presbyterian Luncheon Club. • JOHN H. WILLIAMS, Laurel; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • JOHN T. WILLIAMS, Gloster; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • LAYTON M. WILLIAMS, Taylor; Commerce. • JAMES W. WILLIS, Horn Lake; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Pi; Pershing Rifles; I.F.C. Dance Committee; American Management Association. • SEK T. G. WING, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma. • VIRGINIA WING, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; CWENS; Y,W.C.A.; Canterbury Club. • ALICE WOO, Louise; Liberal Arts; Wesley Foundation. • J. W. WOOD, New Albany; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • MARY C. WOODRUFF, Yazoo City; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: • WILLIAM P. WOODWARD, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES T. YARBROUGH, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ANN YATES, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y.W.C.A.; " Mississip- pian " Staff. • MALCOLM T. YAWN, Fulton; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • WIRT A. YERGER, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Pi; Gamma Sigma; Distinguished Mili- tary Student; Chairman, 1952 Parade of Favorites; Treasure r, Kappa Alpha. • WILLIS E. YOUNG, JR., Crystal Springs; Commerce; Beta Alpha Psi. • A. LOUISE ZELLER, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. LAYTON WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIS SEK WING VIRGINIA WING ALICE WOO J. WOOD MARY WOODRUFF WILLIAM WOODWARD JAMES YARBROUGH ANN YATES MALCOLM YAWN WIRT YERGER, JR. WILLIS YOUNG, JR. LOUISE ZELLER Ole JUNIOR CLASS BELOW First Row: • DOUGLAS M. ABEL, Holly Springs; Education. • JEANNE ADAMS, DeKalb; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LEAMOND V. ALFORD, Houston; Education. • ROBERT W. APPLEWHITE, Haxelhurst; Pharmacy. • JOHN E. ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: • THOMAS E. ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • EDWARD L. AT- KINSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • SHIRLEY F. ATKINSON, Green- wood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BETTY A. BAILEY, Brooksville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOAN BAILEY, Coffeyville; Education; Chi Omega. BELOW First Row: • FAYE E. BAKER, Oford; Education. • FORREST L. BAKER, Clinton, Ark.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • CLIN- TON E. BANE, JR., Collins; Pharmacy. • JEANNE BARFOOT, Philadelphia; Education; Chi Omega. • EUGENE J. BARHAM, Earl, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • RUSSEI. R. BEAULIEU, Highstown, N.J.; Education. • SIDNEY F. BECK, JR., Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • MONTE BEE, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES A. BENNETT, Mathison; Commerce, Second Row: • ROBERT L. BERMAN, Lexington; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • DELBERT H. BEUMER, Holland, Indiana; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • FREDERICK D. BIRMINGHAM, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • OSCAR M. BLAKE, Forrest City, Ark.; Pharmacy. • REBECCA S. BLANTON, Paris, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BAPTIST F. BOETTO, Chicago, Ill.; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. • ROBERT E. BOOTH, Hollandale; Pharmacy. • T. J. BOWIE, Highpoint; Education. • ELI,IOTT R. JR., Vicksburg; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. 60 BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM D. BRANDON, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BILLY H. BRELAND, McLain; Commerce. • GEORGE A. BRENNER, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • JIM BRIDGES, Indianola; Commerce. • GRATHAN A. BRIGANCE, West Point; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • DOROTHY R. BROWN, Leland; Delta Delta Delta. • JOSEPH E. BROWN, Natchez; Liberal Arts.; Delta Psi. • EDWARD R. BRYON, JR., Thaxton; Education. • MARCUS L. BURKS, Senatobia; Engineering. Second Row: • WALLACE A. BURNS, Gulfport; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • B. F. BURNS, Edw.; Pharmacy. • JOE H. BYRD, Kingsport, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JAMES E, CAGLE, Purvis; Liberal Arts. • LEOPOLD CALDERON, San Salvador, El Salvador; Engineering. • ALBERT P. CALDWELL, Columbus; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES T. CALDWELL, Ripley, Tenn.; Education. • WILLIAM L. CALHOUN, Oxford; Edu- • IRVIN D. CALIFF, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. BELOW First Row: • PATTY E. CALLIHAN, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • JAMES B. CAMPBELL, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • SARA P. CAMPBELL, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • NORMAN F. CARNES, Jackson; Commerce. • NANCY A. CARPENTER, Marion, Ind.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. WALTER COPPEDGE President of Liberal ,4rts School Second Row: • CHARLES M. CARR, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN C. CARTER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARY L. CATLEDGE, Moorhead; Liberal Arts. • HENRY G. CHAPMAN, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • HARRIET J. CHASE, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. JUNIOR CLASS BELOW First Row: • PATRICK L. CHIPLEY, Dossville; Liberal Arts. • TINY J. CHIPLEY, Dossville; Education.. • MARVIN L. CHITTOM, Pontotoc; Commerce. • ROBERT G. CHRIS- TIANSEN, Birmingham, Ala.; Education. • BETSY E. COLE, Schlater; Education; Chi Omega. Second Row: • JAMES F. COLEMAN, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • HUGHBERT COLLIER, Ackerman; Commerce. • WILLIAM C. COOPER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • NANCY L. CORLEY, Biloxi; Education. • ETHELDRA F. COX, Macon; Lib- eral Arts; Delta Gamma. BELOW First Row: • JOHN A, CRAWFORD, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • KitiLER L. CRENSHAW, Crenshaw; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • FRANCIS W. CRISS, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRI- ETTA CROSBY, Crosby; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HAROLD C. CRUMP, Natchez; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CALVIN L. DAHNCKE, Effingham, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • L. STACY DAVIDSON, JR., Pope; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • KAYE DAVIS, Roanoke, Va.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FRANK R. DAY, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • JAMES A. DAY, Marks; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • BETTY J. DEES, Vancleave; Liberal Arts; Alpha CH Omega. • PEGGY J. DEES, Vancleave; Liberal Arts; Alpha Chi Omega. • MARY J. DELMAS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts • WILSON DILLARD, Itta Bena; Commerce. • JEWELL M. DORRIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARTHA A. DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • HINDMAN DOXEY, JR., Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ERNEST R. DUFF, Columbia; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. 62 BELOW First Row: • JOSEPH D. DUGAS, Scott, La.; Pharmacy. • JAMES B. DUKES, Pickens; Commerce. • WILLIAM P. DU- LANEY, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • JOHN W. DUTCHER, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • DORIS EASON, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES M. EDWARDS, Sunflower; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM J. EGAN, Pass Christian; Engineering. • JAMES W. ELLIOTT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • KELLY A. ELLIS, Sunflower; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • DOT EWELL, Dyer, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ERNEST W. FARRAR, JR., Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • BENJAMIN M. FEIGLER, Philipp; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VIRGINIA D. FINCH, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • C. EUGENE FINCHER, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • FREDDIE D. FISHER, Crowder; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT D. FITLEY, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • COLLEEN FLY, Belmont; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LAWRENCE J. FRANCK, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • BOBBYE FRANKS, Tupelo; Commerce. • TILDON 0. FUGITT, Starkville; Pharm acy. • BETTY J. FYFE, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • GARLAND E. GARNER, Bogalusa, La.; Pharmacy. • JOSEPHINE W. GARNER, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. WILLIAM " loot " JACKSON President of the Education School Second Row: • BOBBY D. GARRETT, Tchula; Commerce. • GEORGE GATTAS, Clarksdale; Com- merce. • TERRY C. GAUTIER, Gautier; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CLARE B. GEISENBERGER, Natchez; Education; Delta Gamma. • PHILLIP GEORGE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. JUNIOR CLASS BELOW BELOW First Row: • JOHN J. GILLILY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • M. ANN GILPIN, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • RICHARD A. GOLDHAMMER, Bronx, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JOHN B. GOODWIN, Como; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • THOMAS A. GOODWIN, III, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • MYLES W. GRAVES, Hazelhurst; Pharmacy. • CURTIS A, GREER, Potts Camp; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ERWIN W. GREGORY, Corinth; Commerce. • BEN- NY GRESHAM, Indianola; Pharmacy. • HOSEA A. GRISHAM, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. First Row: • ALYCE GROSSMAYER, Greenwood; Education; chi Omega. • HOWARD B. GRUBBS, Tylertown; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • JANICE L. GUNN, Walnut; Liberal Arts. • K. DUANE GUNN, Walnut; Pharmacy, • MARVIN L. HALE, JR., Yazoo City; Commerce. • BETTY L. HALL, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • PATTY A. HALL, Carthage; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES J. HALLBERG, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce. • JAMES M. HAMAKER, Isola; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • SALLY HAMPTON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM J. HANEGHAN, Bunker Hill, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • SIDNEY E. HANEY, Natchez; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • ISIS HANNA, Columbus; Com- merce. • PHILIP M. HARDIN, JR., Whitehaven, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • BETTY S. HARGUS, Marathon, Texas; Commerce. • JAMES K. HARRIS, Hayti, Mo.; Education. • WALTER C. HARRISON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM L. HARTMAN, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 64 BELOW First Row: • ARTHUR J. HAYES, University; Liberal Arts. • DENNIS G. HELM, Biloxi; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. • MARTHA L. HENDERSON, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • DIXIE A. HERVEY, Moorhead; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOY HERRON, Glendora; Education; Chi Omega. • CHARLOTTE L. HESS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BILLY HITT, York, Ala.; Education. • CYNTHIA M. HOGEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SHIRLEE I. HOLLAND, Amory; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • JOANN HOLLOWELL, Oxford; Commerce. • CLAUDIA L. HORN, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • PAUL C. HORN, Magee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM C. HOUSE, Greenville; Business; Sigma Chi. • H. RAY HOWELL, Brookhaven; Commerce. • WILLIAM P. HOWELL, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT G. HUFF, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. 0 JANE B. HUMPHRIES, Itta Berta; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MATTHEW M. HUSS, Baldwyn; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • WILEY C. HUTCHINS, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JAMES F. INGRAM, Birmingham, Ala.; Education. • JERRY ISHEE, Laurel; Pharmacy. • MYRA W. JACKSON, Golden; Liberal Arts. • MERTICE JETER, Memphis, Tents.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. GRACE JEAN GILLESPIE President :f 11 .S.G.J. Second Row: • ARTHUR B. JOHNSON, JR., Monroe, La.; Commerce. • SHAW JOHNSON, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ALBERT T. JONES, Oxford; Commerce. • ALFRED H. JONES, Jacksonville, Ala; Engineering. • BETTYE R. JONES, Potts Camp; Commerce. JUNIOR CL ASS BELOW First Row: • JIMMY H. JONES, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • JOHNNY R. JONES, Walnut Grove; Pharmacy. • EMILY M. JOULLIAN, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARY E. JOYNER, Yazoo City; Pharmacy. • THOMAS L. JOYNER, JR., Tupelo; Engineer- ing; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • MALCOLM F. JUSTICE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WALBERT W. KAEMPFER, Marks; Commerce. • KENNETH M. KELLY, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • BETTY J. KENNEDY, Greenwood; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ALICE KEYS, Sardis; Liberal Phi Mu. BELOW First Row: • LADYE J. KIMBROUGH, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ALLEN L. KING, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • GENE S. KIRK, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta. • DANIEL B. KNIGHT, JR., Tippo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • PATRICIA E. KNIGHT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta. • GEORGE L. KNISTER, Clintonville, Wis.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • ROBERT M. KOESTLER, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES R. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. BELOW Second Row: • ONNIE R. KOSKI, Kreole; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • FRANK A. LAGRONE, Baton Rouge, La.; Com- merce; Kappa Epsilon. • MARY J. LAIRD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ROBER T JR., Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • SCOTTY I,ANGE, Milwaukee, Wis.; Liberal Arts. • BETTY J. LANGSTON; Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • THELMA A. LARSON, San Diego, Calif.; Education; Chi Omega. • WALTER R. LARSON, Greenville; Commerce. • JAMES H. LEAR, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. 66 BELOW First Row: • JOSEPH V. LeBLANC, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MARIANNE LEE, Isola; Liberal Arts. • MARY ANN LEE, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • TONY G. LEE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM P. LEE, Water Valley; Engineering. • EDWIN L. LEGGETT, Dublin; Education; Sigma Nu. • JOHN T. LEVERETT, Grenada; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDMUND M, LEWCON, Uxbridge, Mass.; Commerce. • C. DAVID LIBBY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. Second. Row: • KENNETH C. LINDSEY, Booneville; Education. • E. SPIVEY LIPSEY. Dublin; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. • CLIFTON W. LITTLE, Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • DORA LEE LIVINGSTON, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • ROBERT L. LOGAN, Bruce; Pharmacy. • ROBERT R, LYNSKI, Ill.; Com. ' Tierce. • ROBERT L. LYON, JR., Pontotoc; Commerce. • LEE R. McCARTER, JR., Corinth; Pharmacy. • ELIZA- SETH C. McCARTHY, Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Delta. BELOW First Row: • ELINOR J. McCRONE, Vicksburg; Liberal Zeta. • DOUGLAS S. Mc- CULLY, Tupelo; Engineering. • JOHN R. McKenzie, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MAXINE McDANIEL, Dorsey; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS D. Mc- DOWELL, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. BELOW Second Row: • HELEN C. McEACHERN, Vaiden; Commerce. • JEANNE A. McGRAW, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • PATRICK A. McHUGH, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Kappa Sigma. • BILLY McINNIS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • MARY E. McKEEN, University; Liberal Arts. HENRY " Hank " HERNDON President of I.F.C. Ole BELOW JUNIOR CLASS First Row: • CECIL C. McKLEMURRY, Sumner; Liberal Arts. • MITCHELL E. McLAUGHLIN, JR., Aberdeen; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • PATRICIA C. McNEASE, Fayette, Ala.; Pharmacy; Delta Delta Delta. • HOWARD N. McNEIL, Mendenhall; Pharmacy. • JONNIE J. McWHORTER, Oxford; Commerce. Second Row: • JAMES E. MAGEE, Tylertown; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE R. MANOLY, Valley Cottage, N.Y.; Engineering. • LESTER M. MAPLES, JR., Oxford; Engineering. • JOHNNY A. MARASCALCO, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES H. MARTIN, Kokomo; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • CHRIS D. MARTIN, New Hartford, Mo.; Commerce. • LACY R. MARTIN, Holly Springs; Commerce. • JAMES MASK, Oxford; Education. • ZELMA A. MELVIN, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • J. ROBERT MERRY- MAN, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES W, MILEY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JEROME S. MILLER, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • TEDDY J. MILLETTE, Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • MARGARET P. MILLS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Second Row: • DOMENA MISTILIS, Oxford; Education; Delta Zeta. • DOROTHY MITCHELL, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CHARLES Ackerman; Education. • BRITT T. MOORE, Tiplersville; Commerce. • DANA C. MOORE, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • YANCY A. MOORE, JR., Nashville, Tenn.; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BESSIE B. MORGAN, Oxford; Liberal Chi Omega. • HARRY L. MORGAN, Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • MARY J. MORRIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. 68 BELOW First Row: • LIBBY R. MOUNGER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • PHILLIS E. MULLEN, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • GREELY R. NASH, Amory; Pharmacy. • BIDWELL B. NEAL, Paden; Pharmacy. • JAMES W. NEBLETT, Morgan City; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • HERBERT F. NELSON, Laurel; Commerce. • JOHN B. NELSON, Purvis; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • LESLIE NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DAVID S. NEWTON, Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • ISAAC A. NEWTON, Tylertown; Liberal Kappa Sigma. • DON M. NICHOLS Raleigh, Tenn.; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ELIZABETH NICHOLS, University; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MILFORD Q. NICHOLS, Baldwyn; Pharmacy. • J. ELMER NIX, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BUMOND NOBLE, Jackson; Commerce. • BILLIE C. NUNN, Abbeville; Liberal • TOMMYE A. NUNNALLY, Oxford; Liberal • JAMES D. OAKLEY, Lafayette, Tenn.; Pharmacy. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM 0, OAKMAN, Pantherburn; Commerce. • J. KENNEDY OATES, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • C. EUGENE ODOM, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES L. ODOM, Laurel; Pharmacy. • EDMOND A. ORY, Jackson; Commerce. BARBARA THOMPSON President of Y.W.C.A. Second Row: • BETTY M. OSWALT, Friars Point; Liberal Arts. • KARL J. OTT, Osyka; Edu- cation; Sigma Chi. • REGGIE D. OTT, Osyka; Commerce. • MARGARET C. OWEN, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM C. PANNELL, Blue Springs; Education. JUNIOR C ,ASS BELOW First Row: • CHARLES R. PATRICK, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • BILL B. PATTERSON, Kingsport, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MARY A. PATTON, Glendale, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JAMES L. PERABO, Tupelo; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICHARD A. PERKINS, George Air Force Base, Calif.; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. Second Row: • SALLY S. PERKINS, Brookhaven; Commerce; Chi Omega. • ERNEST C. PHILLIPS, Natchez; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • TOMMYE L. PHILLIPS Liberal Phi Mu. • EVERETT PIDGEON, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RUTH M. PIDGEON, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. e • BELOW First Row: • AGNEW PIPPIN, Greenville; Education; Chi Omega. • ROBERT D. PRESSLEY, Booneville; Education. • CHARLES 0. PRINDLE, Nyack, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARLES K. PRINGLE, Biloxi; Commerce. • WILLIAM T. PULLIAM, Ashland; Pharmacy. • IONA P. RAMEY, Port Washington, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JAMES M. RANDLE, Blue Liberal Arts. • JOANN RAY, Houston; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • MARGARET Tela, Honduras; Liberal Arts; Kappa Gamma Gamma. Second Row: • WILLIAM E. READY, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa. Alpha. • ROBERT S. REEVES, McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD H. REID, Louisville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • IRMA RICHARDSON, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOSEPH E. ROBERTS, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BILLIE F. ROBERTSON, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • JACK W. ROBERTSON, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WALTER H. ROSE, Augusta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • RALPH R. ROSS, Vincennes, Incl.; Education. 70 BELOW First Row: • MARION D. ROTEN, Ripley; Liberal • JACK D. RYDER, Beaumont, Texas; Commerce. • MARY K. SALMON, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Del ta. • ELINOR D. SANSON, Okolona; Education; Chi Omega. • EUGENE V. SCHOLLS, East Elmhurst, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • JOHN R. Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • BOBBY N. SELLERS, Desoto; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES SHAW, Hol- comb; Liberal Arts. • JAMES A. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • JAMES E. SLAY, Waynesboro; Education. • JAMES R. SMITH, Merigold; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • MAIDA H. SMITH, Jackson, Ala.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARY E. SMITH, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • SHIRLEY A. SMITH; Laurel; Liberal Arts. • WALLACE R. SMITH, Marietta; Engineering. • FLOY A. SNEED, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • GERALD R. SNEED, Thaxton; Education. • ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. BELOW First Row: • THOMAS H. SPENCER, Greenville; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN C. STAMM, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN E. STAMPS, JR., Collier- ville, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JEROME A. STENFTENAGEL, Jasper, Ind.; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOE K. Oxford; Liberal Arts. CAROLYN McCURDY President of Mortor Board Second Row: • W. FORREST STEVENS, Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DOLORES A. STEW- ART, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • RAY H. STEWART, Magee; Liberal Arts. • TOMMY K. STEWART, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • ELBERT R. STINSON, Forbus, Tenn.; Pharmacy. 111111111111111111111111 ainual•I 1111111111111111111•1111111111 1111•111111111.1111111111111111111111111111111 all1111111111111•1111111111milimill 11 11111111111,11111111MinMoll 111111111111111111111111111111N 1111111111111111•10MONIMMINta 111.111111111118 1 MINIMINIMII 11111111111.111•111111111110M1111011ms - " 414111111111111111111111111110111. I I 1 1110■11•1111•Me JUNIOR CLASS BELOW First Row: • HARVEY L. STIREWALT, Augusta, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROY STISHER, Kanului, Maui of Hawaii; Liberal Arts; DKE. • ROBERT STORM ENT, Iuka; Liberal Arts, • CHARLES R. STRAIN, Jackson; Liberal Delta Psi. • JAMES G. Macon; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • WILLIAM A. SWITZER, Columbus; Education. • ABE M. TAHIR, JR., Tchula; Commerce. • MINNIE C. TAYLOR, Holly Springs; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • FRANK C. THERRELL, Laurel; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • BARBARA THOMPSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BELOW First Row: • BENNETT D. THOMPSON, Newton; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • JAMES E. THORN, Belmont; Commerce, • RAY THORNTON, Crystal Springs; Commerce. • B OBBIE THROWER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • EVA H. TIGHE, Jackson; Chi Omega. • JANE TODD, Decatur; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • PATRICK TRACY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • DOROTHY J. Marks; Education. • MABEL L. TRANTHAM, Belzoni; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MARVIN TRAUTH, Gretna, La.; Commerce. • ROBERT G. TRAYLOR, Batesville; Commerce. • PERRIN TURNED, Marks; Liberal Arts. • ROUDET 0. TURNER, Richton; Engineering. BELOW First Row: • MAURICE F. TYLER, Drew; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • BETTY J. Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • VICTOR VANCE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BARBARA VERNON, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • LAMAR P. WADDELL, Sallis; Commerce. • MAX L. WALDROP, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JACQUELYN A. WALKER, Pascagoula; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GLEN C. WAR- REN, Pur vis; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • LEONARD WARREN, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. Second Row: • EUGENE R. WATTERS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • JOHN A. WATTS, III, Norfolk, Va.; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN R. WATTS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT Fl. WEAVER, Tupelo; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • BOBBY J. WELLS, Smithdale; Pharmacy. • RICHARD Hern- ando; Liberal Arts. • ANN P. WHITE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • EDWARD H. WILKINSON, Hernando; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • LOYS W. WILLEY, JR., Forest; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • BINFORD WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MALCOLM M. WILLIAMS, Stnithdale; Pharmacy. • PARHAM H, WILLIAMS, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROSA LEE WILLIAMS, Sardis; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SARA A. WILLIAMS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. H. G. " Keats " EVERETT President of Pharmacy School Second Row: • HOWARD D. WILLIAMSON, McCauley, Teas; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BARBARA A. WILSON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • N. ANN WOOD, Batesville; Education; Phi Mu. KINMAN WYNN, Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • WENNIE YUEN, Charleston; Pharmacy. SOPHOMORE CLASS BELOW First Row: • LEWIS M. ABERNATHY, Jonesboro, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MICHAEL T, AIKEN, Sardis; Liberal • JUDY R. ALDRICH, Michigan City; Education; Chi Omega. • GEORGE E. ALEXANDER, Greenville; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JO ANNE ALLRED, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • PATTY J. ANDERSON, Osceola, Ark.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • NANCY A. ARRINGTON, Hazelhurst; Liberal Arts. • FLORA L. BAIN, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • HUGH G. Jackson; Commerce. • THOMAS M. BALLENTINE, Sardis; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • JANICE L. BARKLEY, Belzoni; Education; Chi Omega. • BETTY J. BARLOW, Tylertown; Liberal Arts. • G. ROBERT BARNES, Jackson, Tents.; Education; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN R. BARR, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES B. BARRACK, Louise; Commerce. • JERRY B. BARRIER, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELDRID V. BAUCH, Knoxville, Tents.; Pharmacy. • ED BEATTY, Tiptonville, Tents.; Pharmacy. • JAMES A. BECKER, JR., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • CHARLIE H. BELL, Water Valley; Commerce. • PHINIS K. BETHANY, Macon; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT D. BICKERSTAFF, Mono, Ark.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • N. E. BLACKWELL, III, Planters- ville; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • NANCY R. BLAYLOCK, Big Creek; • DILLARD D. BOLLS, Macon; Commerce. • H. ERSKIN Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS C. BORING, JR., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JEANNINE BOUDREAUX, Bourg, La.; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • BETTY J. BOWEN, Jackson; Engineering; Phi Mu. • LUCAS G. BOYD, Batesville; Education. • WILLIAM R. BOYENS, New York, N. Y.; Engineering. • JAMIE C. BRADBERRY, Ackerman; Liberal Arts. • PEGGY J. BREWSTER, Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ANN L. BRONN, Natchez; Education; Kappa Delta. • PHILLIP W. BROOKS, Redlands, Calif.; Commerce. • DONALD T. BROWN, Clarksdale; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • JUANITA L. BROWN, Holly Springs; Commerce; Phi Mu. Second Row: • DOW BRYANT, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOE M. BUCHANAN, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi. • GUY H. BUMPAS, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CLOVIS S. BURCH, Fulton; Pharmacy. • BETTY BURGESS, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM J. BURNEY, West Point; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN W. BURRESS, Baldwyn; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM S. BUSH, Natchez; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • BILLY G. BUTLER, Oxford; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • STEVE H. BUTLER, III, Como; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • LOIS L. BYRD, Biloxi; Education. • LEROY L. CALDWELL, JR., Hollandale; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MARIANNE CALDWELL, Amory; Liberal Gamma. • RUSSELL H. CAN. NON, Bruce; Liberal Arts. JAMES HUGH RAY President of Law School Second Row: • A. FLETCHER CARRAWAY, Bassfield; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM A. CARROLL, JR., Sunset, La.; Pharmacy. • E. ANN CATCHINGS, Woodville; Edu- cation; Kappa Delta. • BETTY CHAIN, Olive Branch; Education. • BILL W. CHAPMAN, Memphis, Term.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SOPHOMORE CL ASS BELOW First Row: • MARTHA B. GLOWER, Clarksdale; Commerce; Chi Omega. • CHARLES H. COFFEY, Oxford; Commerce. • ROBERT E. COKER, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GERALD B. COLE, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARVIN L. COLEMAN, Greenville; Commerce. Second Row: • IKE J. COLLINS, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM COX, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta. • NANCY Indianola; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM H. CRAIG, JR., Raleigh, Tenn.; Education. • DON CRAN. FORD, Seminary; Pharmacy. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM G. CRENSHAW, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARGARET CROOK, Jack- son; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JAMES T. CUNNINGHAM, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • JACQUELINE CURRY, Philadephia; Education; Delta Gamma. • BARBARA R. DAVIS, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • JAMES R. DAVIS, JR., Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT DAVIS, Oxford; Education; Sigma Chi. • VAN DAVIS, Lula; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • RALPH D. DAVISON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • DIANE B. DEHMER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PETER L. DeRUITER, Macon; Liberal Arts. • JAMES DETTOR, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • BETTY DOTY, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • SARAH R. DOXEY, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM A. DUNAWAY, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • HOWARD G. DUVALL, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DOROTHY L. EASOM, Walnut Grove; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • KATHLEEN EAVENSON, Marks; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • MARY L. EDWARDS, Water Valley; Education. • BAXTER 0. ELLIOTT, Oxford; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • EUGENE D. ELLIS, Kosciusko; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY E. EXUM, Vaughan; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LINDA J. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • S. HARDY FARRIS, Clarksdale; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RUTH LYNN FERGESON, Greenwood; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MORRIS L. FERGUSON, McMinn- ville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • ANN E. FINCHER, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. Second Row: • PHILIP L. FITZGERALD, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • ERNEST G. FLORA, Shuqualak; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RALPH M. FORTENBERRY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • M. EUGENIA FRANKLIN, Oxford; Commerce. • MARGE J. FRASER, Columbus; Engineering; Delta Gamma. • MERLE C. FRASER, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ALICE L. FULLER, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Mu. • JIM B. FULLERJON, Warren, Ark.; Pharmacy. • BARBARA A. GALLOWAY, Oxford; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • WADE S. GARNER, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta • JAMES H. GAR- RETT, Beebe, Ark.; Liberal. Arts; Sigma Chi. • I.. HUNTER GATES, Jackson; Pharm- acy. • JOHN B. GATHRIGHT, JR:, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HENRY. PARIS • ANITA GAVIN, Stafford Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Head Cheerleader, and Colonel Rebel Second Row: • BARRY GERALD, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • HUNTER M. GHOLSON, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Theta. • FRANK L. GILES, Ripley; Commerce. • WANDA J. GOODMAN, Red Banks; Commerce; Phi Mu. • WEIDA J. GOODMAN. Red Banks; Commerce; Phi Mu. 4111=11iIMM1111■111,..., BELOW SOPHOMORE CL ASS First Row: • LLOYD E. GODWINE, Brookfield, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • RODNEY GRANGER, Columbus; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. • GRIZELDA GREEN, Fort Payne, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • FARRIS M. GREGORY, Greenwood; Commerce. • NARY C. GRIFFITH, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • MARY K. GRITTMAN, Drew; Education; Kappa Delta. • VAL R. GUILLOT, Thibadaux, La.; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARY A. GULLETT, Booneville; Education. • NORMAN J, HAIR, Andalusia, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES F. HALL, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • ANTHONY J. HALLIGAN, JR., Savannah, Ga.; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • GORDON V. HAMILTON, Oxford; Commerce. • ANDY D. HANS, Jackson; Commerce. • MARY C. HARE, Gary, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • GEORGE W. HARRIS, Franklin, Pa.; Education. • EDDIE F. Jackson; Commerce. • SARAH HARWELL, Tupelo; Liberal Chi Omega. • WILLIAM L. HEARD, JR., New Albany; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ANN M. HENSLEY, Blytheville, Ark.; Education; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • THOMAS C. HERREN, Paducah, Ky.; Engineering. • LEONARD HERRINGTON, JR., New Albany; Com- merce; Sigma Chi. • PARKER B. HIGDON, JR., Belzoni; Liberal Airs; Kappa Alpha. • MARILYN C. HILL, Woodville; Education; Kappa Delta. • DAVID S. HOLMES, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MINNIE R. HOOD, Philipp; Liberal Arts. • RALPH HUNT, Ala.; Education; Sigma Chi. • CLYDE 0. HURLBERT, Gulfport; Engineering. • JOHN C. HUTCHINSON, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce. 78 BELOW First Row: • GODFREY B. INGRAM, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DABNEY S. IRBY, JR.; Batesville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • NARAH T. JACKSON, Okolona; Liberal Arts. • WADE JACKSON, McMinnville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • RAYMOND L. Stuggart, Ark.; Education. • ROBERT JARVIS, Booneville; Education. • JOHN C. JASPER, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • FRANK D. JERNIGAN, Pensacola, Fla.; Education. • GEORGE P. JOHNSON, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: • NANCY T. JOHNSON, Henderson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • BOBY G. JONES, Vicksburg; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BURRUS E. JONES, Yazoo City; Commerce. • JAMES W. JONES. Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PAUL R. JONES, Jonesville, La.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • STEAVEN K. ONES, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Theta. • THOMAS R. JONES, Jackson; Commerce. • ZEB JONES, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JOAN JORDAN, Collins; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. BELOW First Row: • MARGIE L. JORDAN, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • OLIVIA W. KAIGLER, Clarksdale; Commerce; Chi Omega. • WILLIAM R. KEENE, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • A. J. KILPATRICK, Philadelphia; Education. • KENNETH KING, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN BURNETT Captain of Scabbard and Blade Second Row: • AL KIRK, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES R. KNIGHT, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES E. Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • WADE H. LaGRONE:, Vicksburg; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JEAN LAND , Clarks- dale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. SOPHOMORE CL ASS BELOW First Row: • WALTER C. LANGFORD, JR., Natchez; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICH- ARD W. LaROBADIERE, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JACK Q. LATHAM, Jackson; Pharmacy. • GERALD LAWRENCE, Jonesboro, Ark.; Education, • HENRY L. LAWS, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • ROBERTSON M. LEATHERMAN, Robinsonville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LLOYD LEE, Ocean Springs; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROSE M. LEONARD, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Gamma. • ARTHUR B. LEWIS, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • THOMAS E. JR., Clarksdale; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • HENRY LINTON, JR., Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Sigma. • PEGGY E. LITTLE, Hazelhurst; Education. • JAMES H. LOFTON, Brookhaven; Commerce. • MARY M. LOOPER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. • AGUSTIN LOPEZ, Hatillo, Puerto Rico; Liberal Arts. • BETTY LOWE, Glendora; Education; Chi Omega. • JOANNE G. LUCAS, Greenwood; Libral Arts; Chi Omega. • KATHRYN LYLE, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta. • I,ATRELLE D. LYON, Laurel; Education. Second Row: • TINKER W. McCARD1,E, Biloxi; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • TALBOT G. McCORMICK, Forest; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY C. McDERMOTT, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BEN K. McKAY, Pelahatchie; Education. • BOB L. McKINNEY, Corinth; Education. • DEAN R. McMILLAN, Water Valley; Engineering. • BETTY A. iVlacDONALD, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa • JAMES MAD- DUX, JR., Indianola; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT E. MAHER, Houston, Texas; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • MARGARET C. MAHONEY, Hot Springs National Ark.; Education; Delta Gamma. • CLAUDE D. MALONE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PETE MANGUM, Mayersville; Education. • JOHN S. MARASCALCO, Grenada; Pharmacy. • PAUL J. MARTIN, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MARY A. MASON, Houlka; Liberal Arts; Delta • JAMES R. MATTHEWS, Jackson, Tenn.; Education • JERRY L. MAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • HERBERT R. MEDLEY, Crestview, Fla.; Education. Second Row: • MARTHA ANN MILLER, Clarksdale; Commerce; Chi Omega. • DORIS E. MILLS, Chicago, Ill.; Education Zeta Tau Alpha. • CRAWFORD MIMS, Greenwood; Education. • DONALD A. MITCHELL, Grenada; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RICHARD H. MOHLER, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts. • JOE G. MONTGOMERY, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROY F. MOORE, Sledge; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • T. E. MORTIMER, Belonzi; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BETTY A. MORTON, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. BELOW First Row: • THEO A. MUIRHEAD, Canton; Education. • SARA A. MURPHEY, Macon; Lib- eral Arts. • EDWARD L. MURPHREE, Okolona; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. • SHERMAN L. MUTHS, Gulfport; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT P. MY- ERS, Magee; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. NANCY WOOD and CARY BUFKIN First and Second Semester Editors of the Mississippi Law Journal Second Row: • RUBY E. A. MYERS, Byhalia; Phi Mu. • JERRY NAGLE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • FRANCIS T. NAPIER, Picayune; Education; Sigma Chi. O SARAH K. NEWMAN, Oxford; • JEAN A. NICOLA, Vicksburg; Com- merce. ghe SOPHOMORE CL ASS BELOW First Row: • NORREL H. NOBLE, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN R. NOLEN, Jackson; Commerce. • BETTY J. NOSSER, Vicksburg; Education. • JOHN 0 . NOT- TINGHAM, Kingsport, Tenn.; Commerce. • ALICE C. O ' FERRALL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega, Second Row: • ADA L. OGLESBY, Chatham; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • DAVID B. ORAM, Burlington, Ontario, Canada; Commerce. • DENNIS H. OTT, Osyka; Education. • JOE OVERBEY, Houlka; Liberal Arts. • GLORIA J. OZMENT, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Edu- cation; Chi Omega. BELOW First Row: • DORIS B. PANNELL, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • RUSSELL E. PARDEE, Detroit, Mich.; Pharmacy. • IRBY M. PARK, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • EDD T. PARKER, New Albany; Commerce. • GENE M. PARKS, Senatobia; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • LEA C. PASLAY, Sardis; Education. • ROBERT L. PETERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES L. PETTIS, Oxford; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • GERALD C. PICKARD, Biloxi; Commerce. Second Row: • ELIZABETH A. PINKSTON, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • JOHNNY M. burg; Pharmacy. • RONNIE L. PITTMAN, Corinth; Commerce, • DAVID POINTER, Como; Commerce; Phi Delta • JAMES D. POLK, Algama; Pharmacy. • MARIANNE PREWITT, Bolivar, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • PATSY J. PRICE, Clarksdale; Liberal Airs. • HENRY L. PUGH, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • FRANK C. QUIN, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Theta. 82 BELOW First Row: • ROY H. RANDLE, Blue Mountain; Pharmacy. • BEN P. RAY, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN L. RAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • BOBBY JOE READY, Pensacola; Commerce. • JACK B. REED, Silver City; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • K. GWYN REED, Louisville; Education; Delta Gamma. • FRANK J. REILLY, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE L. RICKETTS, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ARLETA J. ROANE, Water Valley; Education. Second Row: • F. KATHRYN ROBERTSON, Oxford; Commerce. • DECY ROBINSON, Tupelo; Pharmacy. • E. SHAW ROBISON, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • FIELDING B. ROBINSON, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ARTHUR J. ROGERS, Gulfport; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • GERALD ROUX, Pass Christian; Com- merce; Beta Theta Pi. • HELEN D. SALMON, Evanston, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MILTON A. SCHULTZ, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi. • ROBERT C. SCOTT, Nyack, N.Y. • W. KELLY SCOTT, McKenzie, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • KENNETH C. SEAWRIGHT, New Albany; Education; Alpha Tau Omega_ • FRED R. SEELEY, III, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • TILDEN M. SHANAHAN, Greenville; Engineering; LEIGH ADKINS Phi Delta Theta. • MARY C. SHAW, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. President of Medical School Second Row: • JOE P. SHERMAN, Clarksdale; Commerce. • MILCORD E. SHIRLEY, West Point; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JAMES H. SHOEMAKER, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • B. ANN SLAYDEN, Holly Springs; Commerce; Delta Delta. • DOROTHY C. SMITH, Staunton, Va.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ole SOPHOMORE CL ASS BELOW First Row: • MARTHA J. SMITH, Newton; Liberal Arts. • MURRY S. SMITH, Carrollton; Educa- tion. • W. MARION SMITH, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • J. GORDON SMYTHE, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM L. SPIKES, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Second Row: • EDWARD STENFTENAGLE, Ind.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MARY L. STENNIS, Macon; I,iberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • RICHARD A. STEPHENS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • NORMAN G. STERNER, Akron, Ohio; Commerce. • ROLAND G. STETLER, JR., Dyersburg, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. S BELOW First Row: • NANNETTE, STEWART, Okolona; Pharmacy; Kappa Delta. • JOHN W. STITT, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT C. STRAUGHN, Pensacola, Fla.; Commerce. • EMILY R. STUBBS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CALLIE M. SWANGO, Como; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MARY E. TAHIR, Tchula; Commerce. • FRED L. TANNEHILL, Pineville, 1,a.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM H. Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JAMES D. TAYLOR, Gulfport; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • PATRICIA L. TAYLOR, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOHN W. TEAGUE, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • OSCAR F. TEMPLE, JR., Yazoo Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BETTY J. THOMAS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • EMILY THOMAS, Tupelo; Education; Chi Omega. • MURIEL C. THOMAS, Jackson; Commerce; Delta • SHIRLEY E. THOMAS, Leland; Commerce; Delta Zeta. • KATHRYN A. TODD, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CAROLYN TOLER, Jackson; Liberal Kappa Delta. 84 BELOW First Row: • WALTER C. TOWNSEND, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GABRIELLE TRONCHE-MACAIRE, Belfort, France; Liberal • GEORGE TRUETT, Jackson, Tenn.; Education. • JIMMY E. TURNER, Univer- sity; Commerce. • JO ANN TURNER, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • MARY A. TYSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega. • MARSHALL D. VANCE Forrest City, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • SHELTON B. VANCE, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Psi • MARTHA J. VAUGHN, Columbus; Education; Phi Mu. Second Row: • JOE VICKERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • EDWARD R. WALL, Newton; Liberal Arts. • BETTY K. WALLACE, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES H. WARD, Vardaman; Pharmacy. • CAROLYN A. WATKINS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • BILLY J. WATSON, Marks; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM A. WATSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineeri ng; Beta Theta Pi. • WALTER E. WATTS, JR., Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • TOMMY H. WEBB, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • DOROTHY B. WEEMS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • HOWARD A. WELTNER, Franklin, Pa.; Commerce. • ELI M. WHITAKER, Grenada; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES N. WHITE, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • GEORGE S. WHITE, Memphis. Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • TOMMY WHITE, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • MARTHA WIGLAMA, Gary, Ind.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT M. WILLIAMS, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • DAVID E. WILLIAMSON, Greenwood; Commerce. • PAUL D. WILLINGHAM, Tunica; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE R. WILSON, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • JAMES C. WILSON, JR., Columbus; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN H. WILSON, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • W. YERGER WILSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLAUDETTE WINDHAM, Heidelberg; Commerce. • ROBERT L. WOLD, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • PAUL N. WORTHINGTON, Corinth; Commerce. • ARNOLD L. YOUNG, Crystal Spr ings; Commerce. BELOW FRESHMAN CLASS " il II " S01111111 ° BELOW First Row: • ROBERT MICHAEL ACEVADO, Biloxi; Commerce. • COLLINS M. AKIN, Aber- deen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM AIKINS, Osgood, Ind.; Business. • JOHN W. ANDERSON, Magnolia; Pre-Pharmacy. • JOSEPH P. APPLETON, Osceola, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • AUSTIN H. APPLEWHITE, JR., Columbia; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • ANN L. ARMSTRONG, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts. • BILLIE R. ARMSTRONG, Tupelo; Education. • DAVID AU, Duncan; Liberal Arts. • NANCY L. BAGWELL, Oxford; Liberal Arts. First Row: • ROBERT I,. BAILEY, Sumner; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JANE A, BAKER, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES P. BALDWIN, Laurel; Engineering. • RICHARD W. BALL, Columbia; Business; Kappa Sigma. • SUZANNE BANCROFT, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • BOBBY J. BARBER, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • EDWIN J. BARNES, Clarksdale; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN G, BARNETT, Humboldt, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY BARTLETT, Beaumont, Texas; Arts; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • NOEL E. BATES, Attapulgus, Ga.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • ROBERT L. BECK, Clarksdale; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ALICE H, BELL, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PAUL R. BERRY, Jeffersonville, Ind.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARY L. BETTS, Holly Springs; Business. • THOMAS A. BICKERSTAFF, Oxford. • WILLIE W. BLACK, Westmiss; • MARGARET M. BLAKE, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BEDFORD BRADLEY, Clarksdale; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 86 BELOW First Row: • BETH C. BRADLEY, Bolivar, Education; Kappa Delta. • NORMA C. BRADSHAW, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JESSE W. BRASHER, JR., Jackson; Engineering. • RODGERS BRASHIER, Brookhaven; Busi- ness. • MRS. SYDNETTE BLAYLOCK, Oxford; Business. • EARNA L. BOYD, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta • CORNELIUS P. BROGAN, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.; Engineering. • JOE D. BROWN, Greenwood; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • LARRY C. BROWN, Summit; Physical Education. Second Row: • MARY ELIZABETH BROWN, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • ROY D. BROWN, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • MARGIE L. BUCHANAN, Oxford; Commerce. • JOE C. BUCKLEY, Biloxi; Pre-Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • HARRY E. BURROW, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • AMY S. BUTTS, Oxford; Commerce. • JEAN BYRD, Evanston, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta. • JAMES T. CANFIELD, Memphis, Tenn.; Busi- ness; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT A. CARROLL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • CAROLYN CASSIDY, Cawton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FRANCES M. CATCHINGS, Woodville; Education; Kappa • CAROLYN CAUSEY, Sardis; Education. • MARGARET L. CHAMBERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. STEWART CAMPBELL • ANN CHAPMAN, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. Chairman of Dance Committee Second Row: • ADRIAN B. CIAllA, D.C.; Commerce. • MARY H. CLIFT, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta • JOHN T. COBB, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • DIXIE L. COKER, New Albany; Business. • DAVID 0. COLE, Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. FRESHMAN C S BELOW First Row: • SYLVIA COLLINS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WALTER E. COLLINS, Shannon; Pharmacy. • WILLIE A. COAK, JR., Hickory Flat; Commerce. • SAM P. COOPER, JR., Itta Bena; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LEO W. COX, University; Commerce. Second Row: • JAMES CRISS, Grenada; Commerce. • BERMOND E. CROCKER, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD L. CROLL, Butler, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN P. CULPEPPER, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLARD L. CUMBERLAND, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. " OW ,tkv),I. " •4•),, 410iti BELOW First Row: • L. CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • GAIL CURRY, New Orleans, La.; Commerce; Kappa • RUFUS DALTON, Centreville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CLINTON A. DAVIS, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • MARTHA A. DAVIS, Greenwood; Education. • SYLVIA B. DAVIS, Tula; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • THOMAS D. DAVIS, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • WAYNE A. DAWSON, Magnolia; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM M. DAY, Inverness; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • JANE G. DEMAREST, Plainfield, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • GERALD E. DETTOR, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • JOHN C. DIAMOND, Clarksdale; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • BUTLER B. DiGILIO, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARVIN E. DOSS, Houston; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MILDRED M. Oxford; Engineering; Chi Omega. • LOUISE DUDLEY, Clarksdale; Liberal. Arts; Chi Omega. • GEORGE D. DUMBAUGH, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Commerce. • JOHN E. DUNLAP, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. 88 BELOW First Row: • JAMES T. DUNN, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANCES M. DuPRE, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CONSTANCE B. EARL, Port Sulphur, La.; Education. • CHARLES H. EASOM, Walnut Grove; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • BARBARA A. EDWARDS, Canton; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN M. EDWARDS, West Point; Education. • OLLIE H. EDWARDS, West Point; Liberal Arts. • HENRY L. ELDREDGE, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • BARBARA J. ELDRIDGE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • GEORGE W. ELLIOTT, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BETTYE H. ELLISON, Tunica; Liberal Arts. • ALFRED T. EUBANKS, Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ROBERT F. EVANS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • FRED F, FARMER, Jackson; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • BILLIE J. FERGUSON, Woodville; Education. • BENNY L. FERRELL, Oxford; Commerce. • SAMUEL J. FIELDER, Osceola, Ark.; Pharmacy. • JAMES B. FINCH, Iuka; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM M. FLOWERS, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • BENNETT S. FONG, Benoit; Liberal Arts. • KAY FORT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PEGGY J. FOSTER, Greenwood; Education; Independents. • GEORGE E. FOWLER, Rose Hill; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • BILLY J. FULLER, Oxford; Commerce. • CONNER D. FULTON, Mayersville; Com- merce. • MARY L. GILLIAM, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • SAMUEL T. GORE, Houston; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • DENNIS L. GRAHAM, Ben- tonia; Liberal Arts. PAT MASSEY President of M Club mil WIWI.. wal .••• --... 52 2 XI:WM. NW nrarair:., ellIVECR w IIIIII IIIIIIII NW_ IrOSMITI1711110 •11•XlIein:11111 " 1 S. WIN 1111111110. MI nn II 11 II 1 , se ammo ow Ma 0111M11111111 Mk...4r 11 111 irmallegal • ....,==,1-..E.c ,, II MI I= INN VW NM lea „7:-. ' MI iNi. OM ilall • : • IIIIMM MI MI OM AM MIMIIII • nun MI! MS I II OM IMAM " 11115 OM MIME IIMI MB lil. OM MI , • MIME MK MIME MI OM NM tit W I =MIMINIIMISIIIIII OM MI NM IMO 11=111011•1111MB ME MI MSS I riligliallia: INIMIMIIIIIIIM Me 1•411111 -.1 UM NM OW =MIMI NM NM MI MO -, . ' f., -. ' .. sg.a■miria:a111 7 :I: IUME MIMS MN MO :P.1.1.11.riumiailign ----- POILMESIE BELOW FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: • JAMES I. GRAVES, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JOSEPH V. A. GRECO, Tickfaw, La.; Liberal Arts. • JANICE GREENWAY, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • THERESA A. GRIMES, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PEGGY E. GULLICK, Oxford; Commerce. Second Row: • SYLVIA L. GUYTON, New Albany; Liberal Arts. • L. DAVID HALE, JR., West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • TOMMY A. HARRIS, Tunica; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ANN R. HASKINS, Malden, Mo.; Education; Kappa Delta. • MARY P. HAVEN, Pensacola, Fla.; Education. Ii " WO)) I f 001111(0 01%‘11111 BELOW First Row: • ROBERT A. HATCHER, Scott; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOSEPH W. HAYES, Farmhaven; Engineering. • GEORGE D. HIGHTOWER, Webb; Liberal • GEORGE H. HILL, Manhasset, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; • B. AUBERT HOLADAY, III, Louise; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • EUGENE HOLCOMBE, Coldwater; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • FRANCES W. HOLLOMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • E. PAUL. HOLLOWELL, Clarksdale; Liberal • RICHARD D. HOOKER, Long Beach; Commerce. Second Row: • PATSY R. HORNE, Gulfport; Education; Kappa • PEGGX HORTON, Clarksdale; Commerce. • JANE HOWELL, Starkville; Liberal Arts. • ILANETTE HUFF, Drew; Commerce; Phi Mu. • ROBERT J. HUSSEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT L. JENKINS, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • EDGAR L. JOE, Cleveland; Liberal Arts. • JOHN A. JOHNSON, Henderson, Tenn.; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • JOSEPHINE JOHNSON, Fort Worth, Texas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BELOW First Row: • CAROLYN JONES, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES E. JONES, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • C. JEFF JONES, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • LOWREY G. JONES, Grenada; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM V. JONES, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARGARET R. JORDAN, Education. • BOBBY FRANK KING, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • BILLY R. Oxford; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES W. KING, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. Second Row: • SAM F. LAMENSDORF, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JEANNE M. LARKIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BETTY LAWWILL, Lookout Mt., Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • SHIRLEY LEE, Lula; Commerce. • WALTER M. LEMKE, Corpus Christi, Texas; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • VINCEN E. LESTER, Batesville; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • L. BOYD LETCHER, Gulfport; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS G. LILLY, Charleston; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • LeROY F. LIZANA, Cuevas; Commerce. B ELOW First Row: • MAX D. LOWERY, Albertville, Ala.; Commerce. • SUSAN R. Mem- phis, Tenn.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • HAZEL W. McCAIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Tau Alpha. • PHILIPS R. McCARTY, Crosby; Engineering. • TVA MATT BONNER G. McCLUSKY, Ripley; Liberal Arts. President of Engineering School Second Row: • MARJORIE A. McCOY, Education. • JAMES R. McDOWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta • WILLIAM H. McGEE, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • ANN McINTYRE, Louisville; Education. • RUDY MALONE, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Ole FRESHMAN CLASS 0111 II. lllll Its 01011111 BELOW BELOW First Row: • ETHEL W. MALOY, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES MANDLY, Crown Point, Ind.; Engineering. • VICTOR M. MAUMUS, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • HELEN L. MAY, Oxford; Education. • ALTON E. MILAM, Batesville; Commerce. Second Row: • CHARLES D. MILLENDER, Okolona; Pharmacy. • JACK R. MILLIGAN, Oxford; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • GLYNN MITCHELL, Shreveport, La.; Liberal Arts. • ALVIN D. MONTGOMERY, Canton; Education, • MALCOLM S. MOORE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. 4 First Row: • THOMAS D. Long Beach; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROY B. MORAN, Greenwood; Commerce. • SAM V. MORSE; Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • CARL A. MULLEN, Ruleville; Liberal Arts. • NANCY C. MULLIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Delta Zeta. • PATSY A. MURPHY, Belzoni; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • PAUL B. MURPHY, Belzoni; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE M. NASIF, Vicksburg; Commerce. • ROBERT E. NEBLETT, Morgan City; Education; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • ROSEMARY S. NEILL, Leland; Education. • JIMMY L. NELSON, Oxford; Education. • GITA V. NERINGS, Horn Lake; Commerce. • MARTHA F. NICHOLAS, Oxford; Commerce. • ROBERT L. NIX, Winona; Liberal Arts. • CLAYTON J. OVERTON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • GERRY R. PANKRATZ, Oxford; Liberal • BETTY J. PARKS, Sherman; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BARBARA J. PHILLIPS, Artesia; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BELOW First Row: • NANCY C. PIERCE, Madison; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • DAVID L. PINSON, Tenn.; Engineering. • WALTER J. PIERRON, JR., Wisner, La.; Pharmacy. • J. FRANK POTTS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JIMMIE T. POWERS, Crystal Springs; Engineering. • ROY L. PRESSLEY, Henderson, Kentucky; Commerce. • CHARLES F. RAMSEY, Campbell, Mo.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • CYNTHIA RIVES, Louis- ville; Liberal Arts. • ELIZABETH A. ROARK, Valley; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MONA K. ROBBINS, Thaxton; Commerce. • ELIZABETH A. ROBINSON, Grenada; Commerce. • JOE C. West Point; Liberal Arts. • JANE A. ROGERS, Euclid, Ohio; Education; Kappa Delta. • BEVERLY A. ROSS, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • PATRICIA SAGE, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • MITCHELL M. SALLOUM, Gulfport; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DOYLE F. SCOTT, Oxford; Education, • LEON C. SCOTT, University; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • JANE M. SCRUGGS, Greenwood; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HARRY L. SEEGER, Fayette; Education. • WARREN B. SEELY, JR., Pascagoula; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. • DONNA J. SHARP, Grenada; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN- NY B. SHARP, Oxford; Commerce. CHRIS HENICK President, Ole Miss Band Second Row: • ROBERT F. SHIRLEY, West Point; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM A. SHIR- LEY, JR., Grenada; Engineering. • BERTIE SHORTRIDGE, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • CHARLES W. SHUMATE, Tiptonville, Tents.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES W. SHUMATE. Cincinnati, Ohio; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Ole FRESHMAN CLASS BELOW First Row: • MARVIN A. SIMMONS, Monticello; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT B. SIMS, Brandon; Commerce. • WILLIAM A. SIMS, Brandon; Commerce. • WILLIAM F. SLATER, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • EDWARD L. SMALL- WOOD, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • WILLIAM C. SMALLWOOD, JR., New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • EVA S. SMITH, Booneville; Education; Kappa Delta. • JEANNE M. SMITH, Webster Groves, Mo.; Commerce; Phi-Mu. • WAYNE SMITH, JR., Mattoon, Ill., Commerce; Sigma Chi. • DAVID L. SNEED, Ecru; Liberal Arts. III.t BELOW First Row: • ALFRED L. STEINDORFF, Jackson, Tents.; Engineering. • MARLENE B. STEELE, Gulfport; Education. • HAROLD C. STEVENS, Anguilla; Engineering. • BILLIE STOCKETT, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • RUTH E. STREETER, Bassett, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • GENE SULLIVAN, Jackson; Engineering. • JOHN N. SUMRALL, JR.. Laurel; Kappa Alpha. fit 0101111 Second Row: • GEORGE B. TAYLOR, Brooksville; Engineering. • ROBERT W. TAYLOR, Brooksville; Liberal Arts. • LIONEL G. THERIOT, St. Martinville, La.; Liberal Arts. • JOANN A. THOMAS, Beaumont, Texas; Liberal Delta Delta Delta. • JEAN THOMAS, Memphis, Tents.; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MELVIN M. THOMAS, JR., Hatties- burg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM B. THOMPSON, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN T. THORNTON, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • RODNEY F. TRIPLETT, Louisville; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JIM TUGGLE, Magee; Commerce, • STANLEY H. TURPIN, Greenwood; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SAMMY S. VINCI, St. Francisville, La.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. BARBARA J. WAGNER, Grenada; Commerce. • BILL M. WALKER, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • HARMON M. WALKER, JR., Holly Springs; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT E. WALTMAN, Pass Christian; Engineering. • EARL M. WATTS; Columbia; Education. Second Row: • JOHN D. WAY, Columbus, Ohio; Liberal Arts. • BILL G. WEBB, Corpus Christi, Texas; Education. • KYLE WELCH, Oxford; Commerce. • AMY C. WELLS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • C. L. WHEELER, Woodville; Liberal Arts. • LEONARD M. WHEELER, Olive Branch; Commerce. • MARGARET A. WHITE, Dallas, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN H. WHITWORTH, JR., Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARQUIS C. WIGINTON, JR., Hammond, La.; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: JOHNNY HARDIN Chairman, Judicial Council • JOHN W. WILKS, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ED H. WILLIFORD, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • AVEN B. WILLIAMS, Sledge; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CAROLE B. WILLIAMS, Greenwood; Education. • LEWIS E. WIL- LIAMS, Camden, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • MELVIN C. WILLIAMS, Monticello; Education. • RAY L. WOOCK, Lockport, Ill.; Engineering. • JAMES A. WOODS, Mt. Olive; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • SAM M. WOODWARD, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SYLVIA L. WOOTEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. II t 1 11 I ' N - IP% I 111 1; . Pee y ERRR, HONEY LOVELY GIRL FROM A LOVELY FAMILY DOGPATCHITES TRIAL BY JURY HAMS ALL COURT ROOM DIGNITARIES MAKE WAY FOLKS HIS HONOR AND FRIENDS 1 0) XUIC Q4 COLONEL GEORGE E. BENDER Professor of Military Science and Tactics THE ARMY R. O. T. C. The Infantry Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit was established as a department of the University in 1936. The unit is under the com- mand of Colonel George E. Bender, United States Military Academy, class of ' 27. The University of Mississippi is one of 365 educational institutions offering Army ROTC training with over 178,000 students enrolled. The Infantry ROTC is divided in two phases, the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. All students enrolled in the advanced course are paid a monthly allowance at the current rate of qoc per day. At- tendance to summer camp, Fort Benning, Ga., follows completion of the first year advanced course. There are various national military societies, whose active members WALTER LARSON MRS. WALTER LARSON Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor are selected from ROTC students, such as " The Pershing Rifles, " and " The Scabbard and Blade. " The annual Mili- tary Ball on Marth 14th was one of the major social events of the second semester. The Infantry ROTC Rifle Team participates annually in the William Randolph Hearst, Third Army Intercollegiate, and several Shoulder to Shoulder matches. There is also an opportunity afforded Army Battalion talented musicians to join the ROTC Band. Upon graduation from the University of Mississippi with the required number of hours in Military Science, each graduate receives a Reserve Commission in the United States Army. Distinguished Military Students may apply for a direct Regular Commission at the beginning of the senior year. Army Band 104 MRS. ROBERT BURKLEY Sponsor ROBERT BURKLEY Cadet Captain L. W. Oglesby, Cadet 1st Lt., Bn. S.4 Officer; 0. A. Crawford, Cadet 1st Lt., Company " A " Executive Officer; C. E. Middleton, Cadet 2nd Lt., Platoon Leader; J. S. Miller, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; C. M. Carr, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; E, R. Braun, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; H. M. Wakefield, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Platoon Leader; H. C. Henick, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; W. S. Perry, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; H. H. King, Cadet 2nd Lt., 1st Sergeant; F. W. Crum, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; W. P. Woodward, Cad et 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor. Drill in Manual of Arms COMPANY A Company A SENIORS C. W. Abel C. R. Burklev 0. A. Crawford W. B. McMillan J. S. Miller E. D. Braun L. Callahan F. W. Crum C. H. Mehrtens J. W. Salley R. M. Brown C. N. Carr C. E. Middleton W. P. Woodward JUNIORS J. F. Armstrong E. L. Cates L. J. Frank T. W. McCardle W. T. Townsend F. A. Bowlin F. R. Day W. H. Hitt R. R. Ross B. Watson J. T. Bridges M. R. Fairchild T. R. Jones R. A. Stephens T. K. Wynn SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN L. G. Boyd R. B. Granger J. A. Johnson T. H. Mitchell T. E. Spiers G. H. Bumpus M. L. Hale R. T. Keys R. P. Myers L. 0. Tate R. E. Coker G. W. Harris C. W. King F. L. Ott G. B. Taylor 0. L. Davis S. F. Hart B. Kitchens loe Overby R. W. Taylor J. E. Dunlap B. A. Holaday C. R. McDaniel W. E. Ready J. Tuggle R. F. Evans G. E. Hooper P. K. McKay H. L. Seeger K. Welch E. G. Flora R. L. Jenkins J. L. May G. Slay B. Wells , W. S. Garner L. M. Wheeler R. P. Birchett, Cadet Major, Bn. Executive Officer; Max Waldrop, Cadet 2nd Lt., Platoon Leader; H. G. Williams, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; B. Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; I. C. Thompson, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; M. F. Justice, Cadet 2nd Lt., lsr Sergeant; J. R, Stortnent, Cadet 2nd Lt., Platoon Leader; J. B. Williams, Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instructor; W. R. Coppedge, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; A. J. Graehler, Cadet lst Lt., Company " B " Executive Officer; B. V. Renfroe, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Platoon Leader; S, Goforth, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor, SENIORS A. L. Boykin W. R. Copedge E. A. Griffon B. V. Renfroe M. L. Waldrop H. C. Carvill D. S. Goforth W. F. Hand J. R. Storment H, G. Williams J. L. Childers J. A. Graehler W. R. Miles H. R. Turner J. B. Williams JUNIORS F. T. Alford C. L. Dahncke T. A. Goodwin H. F. Huggins R. Nolan R. L. Berman J. M. Dorris G. H. Hill C. J. Jones A. W. Tolar G. Brenner G. H. Gattas T. T. Holman B. G. Nagle C. E. West G. P. Cooper M. B. Williams SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN G. R. Barnes L. D. Hale C. L. Montgomery G. R. Pedgeon D. N. Sell., E. M. Beatty T. Harris G. M. Nasif R. J. Pohl I. W. Stewart W. W. Black G. D. Hightower R. E. Neblett J. D. Polk R. D. Taylor J. E. Brown J. I. Jackson J. E. Neely J. T. Powers B. D. Thompson W. L. Cumberland H. P. Jones R. L. Nix F. L. Quinn R. W. Westerman P. DeRuiter J. H. Lofton E. T. Parker G. C. Reeves R. L. Wold A. F. Ernish E. C. Mangum L. C. Paslev V. C. Seibel M. G. Wolfe HERMAN C. CARVILL MRS. HERMAN C. CARVILL Cadet Captain Sponsor COMPA B Company B Rifle Team 106 107 A. W. Bonds J. Dickey W. D. Brandon G. Griffon W. S. Cook T. W. Parkinson SENIORS T. E. Powell D. W. Sally V. Vance W. A. Reagan M. Tidwell R. E. Wade M. H. Trauth J. M. Williams Cadet Captain Sponsor SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN L. V. Alford W. H. Cox R. L. James J. R. Mathews J. B. Reed P. Baldwin C. N. Crull Edgar L, Joe Crawford Mims W. M. Semke R. R. Brashier T. D. Davie C. C. Lowery A. Montgomery R. H. Stieff ei D. T. Brown D. L. Dickerson C. R. McDuff T. A. Muirhead B. C. Straughn W. E. Cagle R. Estes W. H. McGee F. A. Netterville J. W. Teague J. T. Canfield D. M. Feldman D. A. McGraw J. V. Ott M. E. Williams R G. Christianson J. M. Hamaker Bob McKinney J. L. Perabo D. E. Williamson ARMY R.O.T.C. BAND R. K. Rushing W. S. Perry J. W. Teague Gene Holcombe M. Kelly H. M. Wakefield S. L. Presley J. B. W. C. Smallwood J. R. Davis I. C. Thompson H. C. Henick K. Bethany loe Elliot- D. S. Holmes B. L. Tramel H. Doxey E. L. Smallwood Oscar Blake Joe Buckley P. T. Nottingham F. McElroy Ted Webb R. D. Fitlet C. Gleaves P. C. Rodgers R. L. Beck L, E. Williams JUNIORS T. M. Ballentine R. M. J. F. Ingram M. M. SinquefielcJ. K. Oates C. D. Bryant H. E. Hill B. G. Nagel I. Stenftnagel Reggie Ott R. D. E. P. Hollowell W. F. Turner J. M. Reed Company C A. S. Condon, Cadet Captain, Bn. S-3 Officer; R. K. Rushing, Cadet Captain, Bn. Adjutant; R. F. Collins, Cadet 1st Lt., Bn. Asst. S-3 Officer; W. S. Cook, Cadet 1st Lt., Company " C " Executive Officer; J. E. Powell, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; M. V. Tidwell, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; W. D. Brandon, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; J. Dickey, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill A. W. Bonds, Cadet 2nd Lt., Platoon Leader; W. A. Reagan, Cadet 2nd Lt., Drill Instructor; J. M. Williams, Cadet 2nd Lt. Drill Instructor, First Platoon, Company C at Dress Right VICTOR VANCE EVA HUDSON TIGHE COMPANY C The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps, originally estab- lished at Ole Miss in 1946 as a part of the Army has evolved since 1947 into the present Department of Air Science and Tactics. The Department, with an Air Force staff of ten members, functions under the supervision of the University and of Headquarters 14th Air Force and directs the training of over three hundred students. The course of instruction, consisting of class work and drill offers training which is designed to develop in enrolled students the qualities of leadership and other attributes essential to the positions of responsi- bility they will necessarily occupy if called to service as an officer in the United States Air Force or its Reserve components. Air Science at Ole Miss offers the student during his first two years MAJOR HOYT A. JOLLY Professor of Science and Tactics THE AIR • GERALD ROUX GRACE JEAN GILLESPIE Cadet Colonel Group Sponsor in the Basic Course a series of subjects which will better acquaint him with the general function and mission of the Air Force. In the final two years, the Advanced Course, the student makes a choice of one of two types or options of training. The Administration and Logistics course is designed to train potential officers in the fields of Air Force Air Force Units Staff administration or in the various fields of logistics such as supply or transportation. The Flight Operations option, while offering no actual flight training, is a course of prep- aration for entrance into one of the Air Force schools for air crew officer members such as pilot, navigator-bombar- dier or observer. Emily Stubbs, Co-Sponsor of Group 108 PATSY MURPHY Sponsor ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel JUNIORS H. G. Crump W. G. Green W. W. Dillard F. F. Hosak R. A. Goldhammer T. C. Kelly SOPHOMORES N. E. Blackwell W. J. Burney D. D. Bolls T. H. Campbell W. H. Brandon R. A. Carroll FRESHMEN E. L. Boyd M. S. Clark W. R. Brown M. R. Clark L. G. Brown J. Cobb H. 0. Brunson D. 0. Cole H. E. Burrow W. E. Cottons C. M. Butler 3. 0. Connell E. W. Farrar J. B. Finch D. L. Fontaine D. L. Graham J. I. Graves S. H. Turpin J. E. Bate J. H. Byrd J. T. Caldwell E. F. Barber C. B. Barrack J. B. Barrier P. R, Berry R. M. Acevedo W. R. Akins J. W. Anderson D. Au R. L. Bailey J. E. Boone 0. R. Koski J. H. Lear G. H. Coffee G. B. Cole M. L. Coleman W. P. Dulaney 34TH A DRON Squadron B. B. McClendon, Cadet Lt. Col., Group Executive Officer; E. B. Nelson, Cadet Major, 34th Squadron Executive Officer; J. W. Robinson, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; L. V. Sharp, Cap- tain. Flight Leader; C. D. Hollander, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; C. F. Sidener, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; Henry Paris, Cadet Captain, Personnel Officer of Elq. Squadron; W. S. Beck, Cadet 2nd Lt.; M. 3. Gensert, Cadet 2nd Lt.; A. R. Moran, Cadet 2nd Lt.; H. L. Fair, Cadet Colonel, Commanding Officer of Air Group for 1st Semester. Squadron Guidon Bearers 109 JUNIORS C. K. Gary H. R. Howell W. H. Jackson W. Lee J. K. Harris W. C. Hutchins A. I,. King L. R. McCarter R. H. Hodges K. J. Ott SOPHOMORES G. G. Butler R. D. Davison G. H. Ea,om H. M. Goforth M, L. Carroll W. A. Dawson G. W. Elliott F, M. Gregory C. A. Cook J. C. Diamond T. H. Foard R. V. Guillott W. G. Crenshaw G. L. Dongieux M. S. Fraser J. F. Hall B. E. Crocker R. B. Douglas J. R. Germany A. L. Harrison T. T. Daugnerty R. E. Davis J. T. Dunn H. G. Duvall G. R. Gladney G. B. Jngt an, R. W. Innis FRESHMEN W. M. Day 0. H. Edwards F. P. Gregani W. B. Hill G. S. Detter B. 0. Elliott J. B. Gregg N. T. Kavanaugh J. S. Detter C. D. Fulton D. S. Hayes K. D. Lackey M. E. Doss J. W. Gaither J. M. Hamaker S. F. Lamensdorf S. T. Gore A. D. Hands SCOTT HUDDLESTON JEANNINE VAUGHN Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor G. J Mullis, Cadet Major, Group Adjutant; E. C. Ward, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; J. R. Scobey, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; C. K. Burnham, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; T. W. Ammon, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; C. R. Campbell, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; G. L. Cottingham, Cadet Lt. Col., Commanding Officer of Hq. Squadron; R. R. Morrison, Cadet 2nd Lt.; J. M. Price, Cadet 2nd Lt. 35TH SQUADRON Squadron Flight Leaders practice Eyes Right 110 H. L. Laws D. C. Leatherman A. P. Lewis H. Linton C. T. Lipe M. Mash S. K. Jones J. A. Kelly B. R. King G. M. Klepper R. M. Koestler R. W. La Robadiere JANE BAKER Sponsor JIM ELLIOTT Cadet Lt. Colonel JUNIORS G. C. Lawrence H. C. Maxwell R. S. Marson G. R. Nash J. E. Mask C. E. Odom SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN J. T. Maddux E. A. Morgan M. B. Mallette J. L. Nelson 1. A. H. C. Steven, D. R. McMillian M. M. Thomas J. E. Pidgeon J. W. Schoolfield J. C. Stamm C. D. Malone P. J. Martin T. G. McCormick H. R. Medley J. 0. Nottingham W. B. Thompson J. S. Trelkeld R. F. Triplett D. E. Walker A. Bendor J. B. Campbell L. S. Duddleston R. S. Hunt T. E. Jackson F. D. Jernnigan B. E. Jones C. E, Jones L. 0. Jones W. D. Koestler L. B. Letchet W. D. Lominick G. A. Lowery 36TH SQUADRON R. E. Dickenson, Cadet Captain, Group Supply Officer; C. J. Fayard, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; J. H. Gear y, Cadet Cap- tain, Flight Leader; R. N. Ervin, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; P. A. McHugh, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; C. G. Richard- son, Cadet 1st Asst. Flight Leader; W. T. Taylor. Cadet 2nd Le; T. P. Tracy, Cadet 2nd Lt.; P. V. Draughn, Cadet 2nd Lt. 36th Squadron Headquarters Squadron drills JUNIORS H. G. Bain C. A. Greer A. M. Tahir J. H. Wittjen J. M. Bee B. B. Neal L. P. Warren H. Woodward M. N. Farris J. R. Smith P. H. Williams SOPHOMORES E. L. Murphree E. M. Parks N. H. Noble G. C. Pickard D. H. Ott R. L. Pittman F. C. Ott D. Pointer C. J. Overton J. L. Ray I. M. Park G. L. Rickets FRESHMEN R. E. Neblett J. F. Potts 1. R. Patton J. C. Rodgers R. L. Peters R. E. Rutledge D. L. Pinson G. S. Saig W. R. Keene J. W. Miley H. W. Mims R. F. Moore C. P. Morganti T. E. Mortimer M. S. Moore T. D. Moore W. R. Morrow J. R. Myers F. B. Robinson J. W. Savage T. M. Shanahan C. W. Shumate F. M. Vaughan J. R. Watts M. N. Salloum W. B. Seely R. K. Wilson CLYDE BRACKEN Cadet Lt. Colonel MARY LITTLE Sponsor L. E. Lewis, Cadet Captain, Group Plans and Training Officer; W. J. Egan, Cadet Major, Executive Officer; J. J. Adams, Cadet Captain, Flight Leader; W. R. Ford, Flight Leader; C. L. Hardin, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; R. L. Taylor, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; J. C. Greco, Cadet 2nd Lt.; James B. Lee, Cadet 2nd Lt.; C. E. Lundy, Cadet 2nd Lt.; T. P. Provenza, Cadet 2nd Lt. 37TH SQUADRON 37th Squadron New Cadets are Orientated 112 L. W. Willey P. L. Whiteside E. M. Whittaker C. N. White W. H. Williams J. H. Wilson A. Young G. R. Williams M. C. Wilson S. M. Woodard A. Woods H. G. Chapman H. B. Grubbs T. J. Millette JUNIORS E. C. Phillips L. Staehle F. R. Seely F. C. Therrell J. Shoemaker G. C. Warren SOPHOMORES A. Berry J. P. Sherman W. F. Slater M. S. Smith W. M. Smith J. J. Spatofora J. E. Stamps J. W. Stitt W. A. Switzer 0. F. Temple G. W. Truett S. B. Vance 0. G. Walker D. A. Waller W. E. Watts T. H. Webb H. E. Patton G. W. Reatnes R. B. Sims W. A. Sims W. Smith D. L. Sneed L. J. Spencer J. N. Sumrall L. G. Therior FRESHMEN S. S. Vinci H. M. Walker W. M. Walker B. G. Webb J. W. Wilks BILLY COFFEY BETTY DOTY Cadet Lt. Colonel Sponsor 38TH SQUADRON H, C. Cadet Captain, Public Information Officer; E. L. Atkinson, Major, Executive Officer; Gene Bishop, Cadet Captain, Leader; J. B. Burnett, Cadet Captain, Leader; M. V. Dykes, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; J. Bonner, Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. Flight Leader; L. Semski, Cadet 2nd Lt.; G. K. Smith, Cadet 2nd Lt.; F. W. Walden, Cadet 2nd Lt.; J. W. Willis, Cadet 2nd Lt. 38th Squadron Air Force Rifle Team JOHN GERDES Battalion Commander In June, 1946, the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at Ole Miss with the purpose of training students for Naval careers. The home of Ole Miss ' N.R.O.T.C. unit is McCain Hall. In this building administrative duties and classwork are carried on. In Mc- Cain Hall are several technological teaching aids, including a replica of a main battery of a destroyer, and anti-aircraft and sonar equip- ment. With experienced Naval officers as instruc- tors and by use of visual education, and practical use of naval equipment, the N.R.O.T.C. student obtains an excellent understand- ing of the Navy and is qualified to proceed in a Naval career. During the summer periods, N.R.O.T.C. midshipment receive fur- ther practical experience through cruises. Three cruises arc made by SECOND SEMESTER BATTALION STAFF Left to right: Kilduff, Freeland, Byrd, Mayes, Leslie, Goggin. NAVI O. T. C. BETTY ANN McDONALD Battalion Sponsor regular midshipmen, and contract midshipmen are required to make one cruise. These cruises last about eight weeks and consist of either tours of foreign ports or aviation—amphibious operations indoc- trination. Midshipmen enrolled in Civil engineering or Marine Corps curriculum participate in a specialized summer program during one of the periods specified for a cruise. Cruises give midshipmen broader experience as well as educational advantages, and are quite popular among all the midshipmen. The Rifle Team of the Navy is under Marine Corps instruction, and enters competitive matches with other N.R.O.T.C. units throughout the United States. 114 H. N. HERNDON R. F. ACKERMAN C. F. KILDUFF I. L. COUCH H. L. LOFLIN Battalion Executive Officer Battalion Commanding Officer First Company Commander First Company Executive Officer Platoon Commander C. E. KILDUFF Company Commander I. L. COUCH Executive ()nicer H. L. DAVISON Chief Platoon Officer FIRST PLATOON R. K. Byrd, Platoon Commander ; K. F. Kuzenski, Guide ; F. C. Fariss, M.P.O. E. D. Bates J. W. Brasher, Jr. J. F. Coleman R. M. Harvey D. H. Beumer C. G. Brogan R. L. Croll B. A. Holaday E. R. Bickerstaff M. V. Brown E. D. Ellis Y. A. Moore H. E. Bonds, Jr. I. D. Califf F. F . Farmer S. L. Muths R. D. Bradford E. S. Camp J. J. Flynn A. J. Roger, B. C. Bradley A. B. Ciazza W. L. Haneghan W. K. Scott SECOND PLATOON H. L. Loftin, Platoon Commander ; P. H. Pittman, Guide ; D. W. Morrill, M.P.O. A. H. Applewhite E. B. Johnson P. R. McCarty F. J. Reilly J. W. Curran F. J. Kane R. E. Maher R. C. Scott G. D. Dumbaugh G. L. Knister C. R. Mandly W. A. Shirley, Jr. H. L. Eldredge K. F. Lange C. D. Martin J. W. Shumate S. H. Farris G. H. Leach C. J. Profilet R. G. Stetler R. H. Gould J. H. Lofton C. F. Ramsey R. S. Triplett J. R. Hunter BESSIE MORGAN Sponsor FIRST COMPANY First Company 115 G. L. BROWN R. L. CAVE E. H. GREENE S. I. MYLANDER J. W. ECKHART Battalion Operations Of firer Second Company Commander Second Company ExecutP, Platoon Commander Platoon Commander Officer JOANN ELDRIDGE Sponsor R. L. CAVE Company Commander E. H. GREENE Executive Officer J. L. HATCHER Chief Platoon Officer FIRST PLATOON S. J. Mylander, Platoon Commander ; E. C. Moncure, Guide; II. P. Fonville, J. W. Eckhart, Platoon Commander ; J. Ryan, Guide ; E. 0. Johnson, M.P.O. J. P. Appleton A. P. Caldwell M. A. Lewis 0. S. Sullivan J. E. Arnold G. E. Fowler C. D. Libby R. E. Waltman T. E. Arnold R. J. Hussey, Jr. P. G. Lilly W. A. Watson J. G. Barnett F. E. Lacey C. P. Moore R. L. Wook J. E. Brent, Jr. R. B. Lesley H. F. Nelson L. M. Abernathy 0. S. Johnson C. O. Prindle A. L. Stiendorff P. F. Amos J. R. Korndorffer K. C. Seawright J. S. Sullivan W. R. Boyens R. M. Leatherman M. E. Shirley W. N. Temple J. D. Brown T. 0. Lee H. W. Sill T. D. Way L. E. Goodwine J. L. Pettis, Jr. C. R. Smith R. H. Weaver J. W. Hayes J. C. Wilson SECOND PLATOON SECOND COMPANY Second Company 116 J. W. VOLD S. J. SPIGOLON J. D. MAYES B. W. VICK T. M. TUCKER Battalion Supply Officer Battalion Company Personnel Third Company Commander Third Company Executive Officer Platoon Commander Officer MARGE FRASER Sponsor J, D. MAYES Company Co in inaniler B. W. VICK Executive Officer M. M. MARSHALL Chief Platoon Officer FIRST PLATOON T. Mc. Tucker, Platoon Commander ; S. J. Sanford, Guide ; R. M. Taylor, M.P.O. E. J. Barnes W. A. Dunaway G. P. Johnson M. M. Shatzer J. A. Becker E. G. Fowler R. F. Looney R. F. Shirley T. A. Bickerstaff W. E. Gerber, Jr. T. D. McDowell J. D. Taylor P. W. Brooks K. Gilbert L. A. Mahoney S. H. Turpin L. L. Caldwell G. V. Hamilton J. R. Milligan H. D. Williamson C. A. Davis, Jr. SECOND PLATOON T. H. Freeland, Platoon Commander ; J. A. Hunt, Guide ; T. P. Goggin, E. R. Bowman R. A. Hatcher R. M. Leatherman N. G. Sterner M. E. Doss T. C. Herren J. G. Montgomery R. G. Stetler B. L. Ferrell C. 0. Hulbert J. W. Neblett J. S. Threlkeld R. 0. Hale E. V. Johnson J. B. Nelson M. F. Tyler A. J. Halligan H. A. LaMotte C. R. Patrick H. A. Weimer C. J. Hallberg P. D. Land H. L. Pugh E. H. Williford THIRD COMPANY Third Company 117 IR fl MISS OLE MISS CISSY WESTBROOK COLONEL REBEL HENRY PARIS THE OLE N ISS BEAUTIES z k 5 B ss SS+9 • --a s+PP ' JyyV3r 1452 ,,OP, W era 3.92. Pats Ann Ltttae uo. gar: ,alor Asl‘cer 5 - -91:°° m; e 10-55 How They Were Selected 11,X-11,1•1111.1.11 lb riArtiwirtalRiEl pea " tte5 IgOn v15.tOr 95 yS ,1155 ' David Brian of Warner Brothers Studios ranked the beauties. Miss Patsy Murphy 1iss Ann Gilpin Miss Mary Little Miss Jane Baker Miss Jackie Walker Kibler Crenshaw Jean Barfoot F A V 0 Betty Doty Margaret Crook Patsy Knight Betty Ann MacDonald Dora Lee Livingston Bessie Morgan Nancy Murray Sugar Salter Jo Ann Turner Callie Mae Swango Carolyn Watkins MAY QUEEN ANN GILPIN KELLY CLIFFORD JACK GEARY LEON LEWIS HENRY PARIS PAUL PITMAN CISSY WESTBROOK The Hall of Fame is OLE Miss ' most coveted honor. Membership is based on character, scholarship, constructive leadership, and contribution to the betterment of OLE Miss. It is the highest honor that can be awarded a Uni- versity student. Selection to the Hall of Fame is entirely divorced from all campus politics. A primary committee of eight students and eight faculty members chooses by secret ballot a nominating committee of twenty-five students, who in turn make their selections by secret ballot. Members of the 1952 Hall of Fame are: Kelly Clifford, Jack Geary, Leon Lewis, Henry Paris, Paul Pittman, and Cissy Westbrook. 134 HA LL ()F FAME WHO ' S YOUR DATE, ELEANOR? ALL READY FOR A BIG NIGHT EASY, BOY, EASY LOOK WHAT I FOUND 0 r .............::,..,1; if-r4S , fro‘ .. ' ' ' ' ' ,. 50 1 .. ,. ,........-.._.•..!,.....k.._, ...X.T.; .......; .. z.z..........„..-,.............„...,,,„„.......... ....... z ..-.._1-117.1:...Hr ' ' 1 j.:....:......,:: HERE TODAY . ...:„.....7.2.r.rtr....4.7.c.,„; vz,..... mo :r ....,--...,-.1,..-...........- 41......11..,_. ..: a.= , ro......„,....,..........,-,.....Aug ,.., IN ....... ,, .... " .:::....... ,.1: - 0.................1111...= irj 011 V.,•,....r...0.4.2..f ..„... ........... WS . „It; g I) lost.717...... .7:1111:::::::..•:. 1. IMMO ... _ _ . ..1 MO 1 Long I 7,77 : . . . .. ::::: ....... Ili ill .........7........, a ' . " . IfOra1 4111119 iev-.01, ..,..4vr.•.=-I., - ._. . A MINUTE EARLIER AND THEY ' D HAVE STILL BEEN ASLEEP ALL DRESSED UP AND NO WHERE TO GO 0 0 NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK IF PICTURES COULD Y TALK THAT LUCKY BED AND HE ' S GOT A YACHT AND CONVERTIBLE AND ... Y()UnD KH H Nol ASS MY GOD! A MOUSE GRILL 3-C IS OUR FAVORITE COURSE ITS CRAZY, POPS, CRAZY ROSES FOR THE QUEEN WE TIRED OF WALKING, SO-000 GOVERNOR WHITE AND HIS BOYS btiVERNUR-ELE WH GO HAMP GO! MAESTRO RUSHING LEADS THE CREW AT STATE DEPOSIT FIVE CENTS PULEEZE THE 1951 SWIMMING TEAM CHEERLEADERS—FRESHMEN, THAT IS Lid NUB AND HIS BOYS GUESS WHICH IS THE GIRL WIN A PRIZE 1 4 ,„ ..A H C nue:,ixc: 72 OLE MISS " M " CLUB OFFICERS PAT MASSEY President KEN BARFIELD Vice President HAROLD MAXWELL Secretary BENNY BRADY Treasurer MARVIN TRAUTH Sergeant-at-firms The M Club of the University of Mississippi is composed of those men who have lettered in one of the University ' s major intercollegiate sports: football, basketball, baseball, and track. It is the purpose of the M Club to recognize excellence in athletic ability and to promote the welfare of athletics on the campus. The main contribution of the M Club to the campus as a whole is the encouragement of that intangible but vital element—School Spirit. Besides fostering an interest in athletics and providing a common ground upon which those who have excelled in college athletics may meet, the M Club sponsors the annual " M Day " and the annual " M Club Dance " which traditionally follows one of the major football games played on the campus. 146 FIRST ROW: Ken Barfield Showboat Boykin Benny Brady George Brenner Rocky Byrd Tommie Caldwell SECOND ROW: Lindy Callahan Jimmy Childers Bobby Christiansen Wilson Dillard Kline Gilbert Al Graehler THIRD ROW: Ray Howell, Jr. John Hunt Jim Ingram Bobby Jabour Zoot Jackson Jimmy Lear FOURTH ROW: James Mask Pat Massey Harold Maxwell Cliff ' Mehrtens Teddy Millette Charles Montgomery FIFTH ROW: Karl Ott John Paris Walter Reagan Billy Renfroe Ken Robbins Ralph Ross SIXTH ROW: David Salley James Salley Leslie Shumake Melvin Sinquefield James Slay Jerome Stenftenagel SEVENTH ROW: Billy Switzer Marvin Trauth Bill Watson Carl West Richard Westerman NOT PICTURED: Andy Dugger J. D. Taggard 147 THE OLE JOHN H. VAUGHT Head Coach Five seasons ago John Vaught looked over his first Ole Miss football squad. Little did he know that he was destined to be the most successful of all Rebel football coaches. In the first two years, and 1948, he led his teams through the opposition like a torrent of wild fire. When the smoke cleared, Ole Miss had chalked up an S.E.C. crown and a second place position. When and 195o rolled around a gigantic remolding of the whole team stared Vaught in the face. Only lettermen were back to fill the positions left open by the graduating lettermen and only a few sophomores to call upon. The Rebels unable to get on the glory road in these two years drew eighth and eleventh places in the conference. Ole Miss was to end the season very close to the bottom in 1951; so said the experts. But the fire began again to burn and Coach Vaught had another terrific team. Although he didn ' t win the crown, he came through with a third place position. The experts call it luck but Mississippi called it their " Rebel Team. " Only time will tell what will come of the future, but he will give Ole Miss her winning teams. COACH JOHNNY VAUGHT OLE MISS UNDER JOHN VAUGHT 41 head Coach (1947-48-49-50-50 1948 1949 195o 1951 W L T PF PA Kentucky 14- 7 20- 7 0- 47 0- 27 21- 17 3 2 0 55 105 Florida 14- 6 14- 0 2 0 0 28 6 So. Carolina 33- 0 I 0 0 33 0 Vanderbilt 6- to 20- 7 27- 28 14- 20 20- 34 1 4 0 99 Tulane 27- 14 7- 20 20- 27 25- 6 2 2 0 79 67 Arkansas 14- 19 0 1 0 19 L.S. U. 20- 18 49- 7- 34 14- 6- 6 2 2 I 96 117 Tennessee 43- 13 16- 13 7- 35 0- 35 21- 46 2 3 0 142 Chattanooga 52- 0 34- 7 42- 27 20- 0 4 0 0 153 34 Miss. State 33- 34- 7 26- 0 27- 20 49- 7 5 0 0 169 48 T.C.U. 13- 9 27- 33 19- 7 2 I 0 59 49 Boston Col. 32- 13 25- 25 54- 0 34- 7 3 0 I 45 Memphis St. 40- 7 39- 7 12- 0 3 0 0 111 14 Auburn 40- 7 39- 2 o 0 79 21 Totals 226- 93 216-243 207-I81 254- 157 32 16 2 1202 786 Overall Results W-9 W-8 W-5 W-6 Ave. pts. per. game: L-2 L-1 L-5 L-5 L-3 OM-24.4 T- I T-r Opp.-x5.72 Southeastern Conference Results. W-6 W-6 W-z W-1 W-4 L-t L-1 L-4 L-5 L-z Totals: W-25 T-1 L-14 Finished in SEC First Second Eighth Eleventh Third T- 2 Coaches Cain, Hovious, Vaught, Kinard, Davidson and Poole. Center Bearty and Coach Kinard. MISS COACHING STAFF JOHN (HURRY) CAIN Backfield Coach John Cain, an Alabama All-American, is rated one of the all- time greats of Southern football. His pre-war coaching record at Southwestern Louisiana Institute almost equaled his playing career and at Ole Miss in his first season, as Backfield Coach, he helped to produce a Southeastern Conference championship team and to develop an All-American halfback in Charley Conerly. Cain began his coaching career as a backfield assistant at ' Barra. Two years later, in 1935, he began a two-year tenure as coach of the Sidney-Lanier high School team in Montgomery, Alabama. He spent five very successful years following 1937. He came to Ole Miss in June of 1947 where he has proven his ef- ficiency. 1. W. (WOBBLE) DAVIDSON Assistant Coach An instructor in the physical education and intramural sports departments, Wobble assists in coaching and scouting during the football season and helps with development of the freshmen. One of Ole Miss ' front-line footballers and leaders during the season of 1942, he spent the next two years in the Marine Corps only to return to his job in December of 1946. B. L. (COUNTRY) GRAHAM Assistant Coach The greatest of all Ole Miss basketball stars, the state ' s only collegiate All-American, Bonnie Lee (Country) Graham also ranked high as a football performer, lettering in 1936-38 at end. In basketball, Graham set 36 Southeastern conference scoring records during his 1936-38 era. He pioneered the one-handed pivot shot. Graham took over as Ole Miss basketball coach in December of the 1949-50 season. All total his teams won games while losing seven. JOHN A. ( JUNIE) HOVIOUS Freshman Coach John Hovious, known in Reb-town as Junie, holds down the job of Ole Miss Freshman Coach, trains the future stars of the varsity. His enthusiasm was surrounded by a background that includes both college and pro activity. Twice an All-Southern halfback, he was a key figure in an era of Rebel football that gave Ole Miss four of its greatest seasons, from 1938 through 1941. Hovious joined the Ole Miss staff in February of 1946 as Fresh- man Coach. He helped coach the hacks in 1946, was acting coach of the backs in the spring of and " 13 " team and Freshman Coach in 1946-47. FRANK M. (BRUISER) KINARD Line Coach Bruiser Kinard was the first All-American in the history of collegiate football in Mississippi, achieving this nation wide rec- ognition as a tackle in 1936 and 1937. It was with this background that he became line coach at Ole Miss in January of 1948. It was just ten years before that he bid farewell to the Rebel gridiron. Bruiser was christened with his nickname during his prep school days at Central High in Jackson, Miss. He was a sophomore when he moved to Jackson from Utica, Miss. It wasn ' t long after that he was given his title of the " Utica Bruiser. " Bruiser played eight years in the professional ranks, having it interrupted by the war for two years. WESLEY (DOC) KNIGHT Athletic Trainer Doc Knight has two jobs at Ole Miss: track coach and physical trainer. He graduated from Springfield College in 1935 with a B.S. degree in Health and Physical Education. Doc served as trainer, instructor in physical education, and as assistant track coach joining the Ole Miss staff four years ago. JAMES E. (BUSTER) POOLE End Coach Jim Poole, one of the greatest of all Ole Miss athletes, also rates as one of the greatest of all pro football players. He is remembered by many as the finest defensive end ever to play in the pro ranks. A Rebel end coach for the past four seasons, he has developed several of the finest ends ever to wear the Red and Blue. George Barner Poole, his younger brother, was All-American in 1947-48. In it was Jack Stribling who attained All-South- eastern honors, while in 195o Jack ' s little brother, Bill, took the same honors. Last year ' s star was Harold Maxwell who attained All-SEC laurels which makes one for five years straight. Buster ' s a good man with anybody ' s end. THOMAS SWAYZE Contact Man Thomas Swayze was one of the best pitchers ever to work for Ole Miss and in football he was a regular at right end for two seasons and a letterman for three. In pro baseball he was a win- ning pitcher for the Memphis Chicks of the Southern Association. Assisting with the baseball team in Reb-town, Swayze has come into partial command of the Ole Miss diamond crew and last spring handled the bulk of the coaching of the SEC ' s third-place team. FIRST ROW: CLAUDE SMITH, Director of Athletics; JEFF HAMM, Business Manager of Athletics; DR. T. A. BICKERSTAFF, Chairman, Athletic Committee. SECOND ROW: B. L. (Country) GRAHAM, Basketball Coach; BUSTER POOLE, End Coach; FRANK (Bruiser) KINARD, Line Coach. THIRD ROW: WOBBLE DAVISON, Assistant Freshman Coach; WESLEY KNIGHT, Trainer; JOHN CAIN, Backfield Coach. FOURTH ROW: ED STONE, Scout; Tom SWAYZE, Contact Man; JUNIE Hovious, Freshman Coach. ' RAY HOWELL, RE BILLY HITT, C OTHAR CRAWFORD, G " ROCKY " BYRD, QB CARL WEST, FB KLINE GILBERT, RT JIM INGRAM, C " WISSIE " DILLARD, LHB TOMMY CALDWELL, RG GEORGE BRENNER, FB D. OTT, RG ED LEWCON, QB PETE FB JAMES MASK, LE HAROLD MAXWELL, LE THE SQUAD No. Players Pos. Class Wt. Ht. tige Ltrs Home Town Byrd, Rocky QB Sen. 166 5 ' ro " 21 2 Pascagoula, Miss. Westerman, Dick RUB Junior 175 5 ' 10 " 20 1 Hernando, Miss. Lear, Jimmy QI3 Junior 172 5 ' II " 20 1 Memphis, Tenn. Muirhead, Allen RHB Frosh 165 5 ' 9 " 19 Canton, Miss. Smith, Murray C Soph. 220 20 Carrollton, Miss. Salley, James RIIB Sen. 175 5 ' r I " 23 I Kingsport, Miss. Lewcon, Ed QB Junior 185 6 ' r " 23 Uxbridge, Mass. McKay, Ben LG Soph. 594. 6 ' o " 18 Pelehatchie, Miss. Reed, Jack QB Soph. 175 6 ' s " 8 Silver City, Miss. Ready, Bobby J. RHB Soph. 175 5 ro 19 Warrington, Fla. Boykin, Showboat FB Sen. 190 5 ' 10 " 22 2 Greenville, Miss. Whiteside, Paul RHB Soph. 18o 6 ' 2 " 19 Jackson, Tenn. Matthews, James FB Soph. 195 6 ' o " 19 Jackson, Tenn. Coleman, Marvin RG Soph. 190 5 ' ro1 " zo Greenville, Miss. Ott, Reggie FB Junior 170 5 ' 8 " 21 Osyka, Miss. Lawrence, Gerald LHB Soph. 18o 6 ' o " 21 Jonesboro, Ark. Brenner, George FB Junior 173 5 ' 9 " 22 Memphis, Tenn. Pasley, Lea LHB Frosh 5 ' II " 19 Sardis, Miss. Mangum, Pete FB Soph. 198 6 ' o " 20 Rolling Fork, Miss. Craig, Buddy LHB Soph. 150 5 ' 8 " 19 Raleigh, ' Fenn. Kelly, James FB Soph. 190 6 ' , " 20 Clarksdale, Miss. Lofton, Harrel LHB Soph 175 5 ' 11 " 20 Brookhaven, Miss. West, Carl FB Sen. 214. 6 ' 2 " 21 r Amory, Miss Salley, David LHB Sen. 5 ' 11 " 23 I Kingsport, Tenn. Sharpe E Sen. 18o 6 ' o " New Albany, Miss. Dillard, Wilson LHB Junior 5 ' 10 " zo I Itta Bena, Miss. Callahan, Lindy HB Sen. 183 5 ' 10 " 22 2 Meridian, Miss. Hitt, Billy Junior 212 23 r York, Ala. CHARLES MONTGOMERY, LT HAROLD LOFTON, LHB JIMMY LEAR, QB DICK WESTERMAN, RHB ROBERT WOLD, RT KILPATRICK, FB " SHOWBOAT " BOYKIN, FB KEN BARFIELD, RT ED BEATTY, C LINDY CALLAHAN, LH BILL WATSON, LT BUD SLAY, RE FRANK JERNIGAN, LG ALLEN MUIRHEAD, HB TONY MIMS, RT JIM BRIDGES, LE ED PARKER, RE KNOX GARY, RG DILLARD BOLLS, C FRANK CRUM, LT HENRY LINTON, G MELVIN SINGUEFIELD, C LEA PASLAY, LHB BOB STRAUGHN, RG RAY THORNTON, RE MARVIN TRAUTH, LG Players Pos. Ingram, Jim Class Wt. Ht. z4ge Junior zoo 6 ' 2V2 " 20 I Birmingham, Ala. Linton, Henry Jr. Soph. 201 6 ' s " 19 Hattiesburg, Miss Sinquefield, Melvin C Sen. 212 6 ' 3 " 23 I Laurel, Miss. Granger, Rodney LT Soph. 201 6 ' 2 " 19 Columbus, Miss. McKinney, Bobby RT Frosh 205 6 ' r " 25 Corinth, Miss. Trauth, Marvin LG Junior 225 6 ' 3 " 19 x Gretna, La. Beatty, Ed Soph. 210 6 ' 2 " 19 Tiptonville, Tenn. Crum, Frank LT Sen. 210 6 ' 2 " 21 Pensacola, Fla. Bolls, Dillard Soph. 200 5 ' TO " 20 Macon, Miss. Gilbert, Kline RT Junior 212 6 ' 2 " 20 Hollandale, Miss. Crawford, Othar LG Sen. 195 6 ' o " 24 3 McComb, Miss. Watson, Bill LT Sen. 205 6 ' r " 21 2 Memphis, Tenn. Medley, Ray RG Soph. 5 ' 10 " r8 Crestview, Fla. Mims, Tony RT Soph. 215 6 ' 3 " 30 Birmingham, Ala. Mims, Crawford RG Soph. 195 s ' ro " 19 Greenwood, Miss. Morganti, Chas. LT Soph. 240 6 ' r " 21 Clarksdale, Miss. May, Jerry LG Soph. 208 19 Memphis, Tenn. Howell, Ray Jr. RE Junior 190 20 Brookhaven, Miss. Caldwell, Tommie RG Junior 202 19 I Ripley, Tenn. Bridges, Jim LE Soph. 190 6 ' 2 " 20 Indianola, Miss. Barfield, Ken RT Gary, Knox RG Straughn, Bob RG Sen. 220 22 Soph. 180 5 ' 11 " 20 Soph. 185 5 ' I 1 " 20 I Griffin, Ga. Memphis, Tenn. Pensacola, Fla. Thornton, Ray Truett, George Slay, James (Bud) Mask, James RE LE RE LE Junior Soph. Junior Junior 200 185 185 185 6`3V2 " 6 ' r " 6 ' 11A " 23 19 22 23 Crystal Springs, Miss. Jackson, Tenn. r Waynesboro, Miss. r Oxford, Miss. Ott, Dennis RG Soph. 190 6 ' r " 19 Osyka, Miss. Ray, John RE Soph. 190 21 Memphis, Tenn. Jernigan, Frank LG Soph. 200 5 ' 51 " 20 Pensacola, Fla. Parker, Edd Ttate RE Soph. 190 6 ' s J ' " 18 New Albany, Miss. Wold, Robert RT Soph. 201 6 ' 3 " 59 Biloxi, Miss. Williams, Horace LE Soph. 175 6 ' s " 19 Kosciusko, Miss. Montgomery, Chas. LT Junior 210 21 r Ackerman, Miss. Maxwell, Harold LE Sen. 195 5 ' 11 " 22 2 Laurel, Miss. No. Home Town Lirs. Rebs Re-Enact Bull Run Tigers Fall Under 32-0 Barrage By JOHN ROGERS Press-Scimitar Staff Writer Ole Miss took some of the uncertainty out of its Southeastern Conference football future last night as it stitched up a neat 32-0 triumph over Memphis State at Crump Stadium. The Rebels showed a smooth, workman like machine and they ' ll come along as the season progresses. Head Coach John Vaught shut- tled players in and out of the game in rapid order, especially in the last half, as he sought to get a line on just what ' s before the all- important contest with Kentucky at Oxford next Saturday after- noon. In all he used 46 men. Wilson Dillard counted two of the Rebel touchdowns and Dick Westerman, Jimmy Lear and Rocky Byrd squirted across for one each. Lear was able to connect on only two out of five placements attempts. The first nine minutes was a sturdy defensive battle. Then came the first—and final as far as State ' s chances of winning went—big blow. On a pitchout play, Byrd tossed brilliantly to Westerman and the fast halfback from Hernando, Miss., was away for 56 yards and the first Reb TD. That wrapped it up, but a lot more trimmings were yet to come. Two minutes later Lineback Jim. Ingram intercepted a Red Brewer pass on the State 32. A pitchout, Byrd to Lea Paslay of Sardis, Miss., was good for 20 yards. Two plays later Byrd squirmed over from the eight on a twisting drive. The kick was no good again. Wester- man almost got away for a 50-yard TD dash in the second, but was tripped up by the Tigers ' Gene Meadows on the three. That only postponed the inevitable, with Dillard dashing over. Lear ' s kick made it 19-0. Dillard did it again pretty quick like, evading most of the Tiger team as he scored from the 17. That left it 25-0 at half. Ole Miss ' final tally came in the early part of the fourth period, Lear taking the ball over on a quarterback sneak from the one. In the first half, Ole Miss gained 315 yards to State ' s minus 4. Overall, Ole Miss had 23 first downs to eight; made 464 yards rush- ing against 65. State tried 22 passes, hit on nine for 76 yards. OM tried eight, made two good for 18 yards. Standouts for the Rebs included Tackle Bill Watson of Memphis; End Harold Maxwell; Quarterback Lear who must have pleased Vaught with the way he performed, and Lindy Callahan, Dillard and Bags Brenner, the Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside from the fullback spot. Paslay also displayed fine form for a freshman. Brenner was particularly good. Ole Miss Nips Kentucky n Big ' thriller, 21 17 Rebels Surge in Fourth Period to Win By DAVID BLOOM Commercial Appeal Babe Parilli ' s one last, desperate pass dropped soddenly to the ground in the end zone Saturday and Ole Miss beat Kentucky 21-17 in a frenzied finish to a football stunner. The starless Rebels, checking the Southeastern Conference ' s star- of-stars a good part of the way, scored the decisive touchdown with six minutes to play. Then Parilli went to brilliant work, passed his way 79 yards up the field and on fourth down, with 20 seconds re- maining, threw what would have been the winning pass straight into the arms of Jim Proffitt, a tall end. Pete Mangum, symbolizing the valiance of the Ole Miss defense, jumped on Proffitt ' s back in a long leap, the ball rolled free on the turf and that was it. The 20,000 partisans in this stadium didn ' t go wild because they ' d been hysterical from the time Harry Jones kicked a field goal in the first period to give the Wildcats a 3-0 lead. From that time on prog- ress developed like this: Jim Slay, a lanky end, took a pass from Jimmy Lear for a touch- down and Lear kicked the extra point to make it Ole Miss 7, Ken- tucky 3, just as the first quarter ended. Tom Fillion of Kentucky tore off a 49-yard run around the right side to give Kentucky its first touchdown in the second period and Jones kicked the score to 10-7. The versatile Parrilli sneaked over from the one after an 80-yard advance in the third period and Jones kicked Kentucky to a 17-7 lead. Lear ducked through an opening on Kentucky ' s left side for a fourth period touchdown and kicked the extra point to make it 17- 14. The Rebs went 47 yards after recovering a fumble and Dick Wes- terman took the last 10 off the left side for the score. And when Lear kicked again it was 21-17—and that ' s the way it stayed. Yet a large part of the game was crowded into the last three minutes. Then, and only then, did Parilli reach the magnificent heights that stamp him an authentic All-American. The Babe hit Ed Hamilton first and he was on the Kentucky 42. He whipped to Proffitt. He was whacked by Slay for a loss, connected with Proffitt, with Cliff Lawson and with Lawson again, this time on the eight. First down, goal to go—and 45 seconds left. He threw wildly and Jack Reed of the Rebs almost had it. He pegged to Law- son at the right and another reaching Ole Miss arm dropped the ball. He bulleted again and Lawson caught it, but for no gain. And finally, he threw straight down the middle into Proffitt ' s middle and Proffitt, jogged by Mangum couldn ' t keep what he had. 153 Nu, Ole A Uss Defeats nvading Eag Rebels Win Third Straight By JOHN ROGERS, Press-Scimitar Staff Writer The Ole Miss Rebels rolled to their third consecutive football victory last night, crushing the Boston College Eagles, 34-7, at Crump Stadium as 8006 sweltering spectators watched. Pre-game reports were that the Eagles were much better this year than last. And they were—considerably. To be specific, they were seven points better on offense and 20 points better on defense than in 1950 when Ole Miss won, 54-0. However, that doesn ' t tell the entire story. For while Coach Johnny Vaught practically cleaned the bench in the second half as he let sub after sub play, it must be remembered that this year ' s Rebel team is far superior to last year ' s. Actually Boston College never was in the intersectional game as far as being a threat to win. Ole Miss was the master in every department, but if the Eagles had just managed to hang onto the ball a little better things could have been much closer. B-C fumbled 11 times, and Ole Miss came up with seven of them. Many of the bobbles halted Eagle drives, others led directly to Ole Miss touchdowns. That ' s the way Ole Miss scored first. End Ray Thornton covered an Eagle fumble on B-C ' s 28. Then Jimmy Lear, an exceptionally fine player, fired a brilliant pass to back Lea Paslay. Paslay made a catch on the two which brought the crowd to its feet and went on over. Lear kicked the first of four extra points he made in five attempts. A few minutes later the script repeated itself, end Harold Max- well recovering on B-C ' s 19. This time Lear passed to Dick Wester- man. Byrd took the ball over from the one early in the second quar- ter on a sneak. Maxwell came up with another Eagle bobble as the first half neared an end. With the ball on the 15, Ole Miss moved down to the eight and then Westerman carried it over for an un- surmountable halftime margin. With the Reb subs taking over, B-C played on even terms with Ole Miss thruout the second half. In fact the Eagles had a little the better of it, thanks to a sensational 85-yard runback of he open- ing kickoff by T. J. Sullivan. It was an excellent bit of gridiron magic as he had perfect down-the-field blocking and a pair of twinkling feet. Dick Zotti kicked the point after TD. Ole Miss struck back thru the air, Lear and end Ray Howell com- bining on a 52-yard pass play near the end of the third quarter. That was all the scoring as the contest turned into a rather dull and listless affair. WADE PASSES UPSET OLE MISS 34-20 Vanderbilt Scores 27 Points in 4th To Subdue Fighting Rebels By JOHN BIBB, TENNESSEAN Snorts Writer CRUMP STADIUM, Memphis—Piloted by their All-American Quarterback Bill Wade, Vanderbilt ' s Commodores set sail in the final period to upset previously undefeated Ole Miss, 34 to 20, in a dazzling see-saw finish before 20,000 fans here yesterday. The Commodores blasted across four touchdowns in the final period as Wade displayed calm determination and tip-top ability in leading the attack. Bill pitched 11 passes in the bitterly fought final period. He hit on seven of them. One was good to Roy Duncan for a touchdown and two others set up touchdowns. Just to put the clincher on his bril- liant afternoon ' s work, Wade trundled through the bewildered Ole Miss team without any blocking for a 16-yard scoring run after be- ing trapped attempting to pass. Bill ' s touchdown tied the count and Foster ' s extra put the Com- modores in front to stay. Another score by Foster and a thrilling 66-yard pass interception by Bob Farris, fancy Vandy linebacker, settled the issue for good. Farris grabbed a pass by Jimmy Lear after it was hit by End Bob Hines and galloped 66 yards as he pointe4. to teammates to take out. various pursuing Rebels. Vanderbilt ' s fundamental efforts were as good or better than against Alabama a week ago at home when they dumped the Tide in another upset. Blocks and tackles were terrific, and when in the second period Ole Miss ' Dick Westerman was carried from the field with a jaw injury, the Rebs began dishing out the roughest, toughest competi- tion Vandy has faced in years. It seemed as if the Rebs were ready to break Vandy ' s back, but the battling Goldmen were just as determined and whammed away for the remainder of the contest. Following on the heels of the Bama upset, the triumph here yesterday was even " sweeter. " The Rebs had previously dumped Kentucky and Boston college in their major contests and were a one to two touchdown choice against the Commodores. Vandy, in addition to showing tremendous offensive power, turned in top-notch defensive efforts except for the third period. Once again, as has been the case in the past. couple of Vandy- Rebel duels, fumbles played a tremendous role. The rebels dropped the ball eight times yesterday and wide-awake Commodores fell on seven of the bobbles. In 1949, the Rebs muffed six carries and Vandy got four. Last year Reb carriers fumbled nine times and five of them were picked up by Vanderbilt. Wade ' s statistical effort shows that he attempted 32 passes, a new high for the year. He completed 17 of them for 240 yards and had one interception. Two of the connections were for tallies. 155 Rebels Smite Tulane 25-6 Lear and Muirhead Star By DAVID BLOOM Staff Writer Ole Miss, on the rebound, all but knocked Tulane back to New Orleans this bright Saturday afternoon. The Green Wave was rolled over 25-6. Although the Rebels led only 6-0 at the half, there was never much doubt about the issue. This Ole Miss team, cracked 34-20 by Vanderbilt only last week, wantd a homecoming victory for 17,000 mighty badly—and played like it. The Rebels racked up a touchdown the first time they got their hand on the ball. With the fortunate aid of a penalty they staved off Tulane ' s bid to stay in the ball game in the second period, in the third quarter took charge with the decisive touchdown. The two in the fourth pleased the partisans mightily, but merely added to the decisiveness of the score. And Tu- lane ' s score, with only 52 seconds remaining, came in the nature of a gallant gesture. Allen Muirhead, the hardest running back on the field, scored the last two touchdowns to climax a great day. But Jimmy Lear, the T-thriller, was the man-most-responsible for the first two. His great pass to Bud Slay was the opening wedge. It produced a score in five minutes and 4 seconds. His fine running on keep plays in the third period provided the icer. And although, the junior from Greenwood, Miss., missed three of his four extra point tries, he can easily be for- given. Extra points didn ' t happen to be vital this day. The quarterbacking skill of Lear was really magnificent for the occasion. His conducting of the Rebs on a 94-yard touchdown jaunt at the start lacked no finesse. Starting at his six he sent Callahan into the line twice, kept the ball on an optional play and made a first down on the 19. He used Muirhead and Showboat Boykin on the ground for another first on his 33. Then, with the Tulane defense properly bunched, he sent Slay far down the field beyond three Tulane defenders and all by himself. And the ball he threw floated into the big end ' s hands as light as a feather. Charley Daigle and Les Kennedy could do no more than watch him run from the Tulane 40 to the goal. The Rebs gained nearly 100 yards more than the Wave-345 to 244• made exactly as many yards rushing as Tulane did all together. Of those running yards, Muirhead got 8, Lear 52. They got 17 first downs to Tulane ' s 12 and Dillard ' s punting was seven yards superior to McGee ' s on the average. But more important, they got the ball game—a fourth victory against one defeat. Had they played against Vanderbil as they did this Saturday they could have been as pur as the sunlight that bathed the field. Scant doubt about it. Miami Sinks Ole Miss 20-7 Rebels Take It on the Chin for Se cond Time By DICK GOLDHAMMKR The Mississippian Well, Ole Miss took it on the chin for the second time this season. The Rebs, as usual outplayed the opposition on the ground, but this week the passing fell down. Lear and Byrd between them threw ten passes without completing a single toss. Add the fact that three of the heaves fell into the hands of Miami defenders and you can see how poorly Ole Miss faired in the air. The running attack was great at times, but never could get going when down in Miami territory. Lindy Callahan ' s T.D. came in the last minute of play. All during the first half it looked as if the Rebs were going to take number five against one defeat. They continually penetrated the Hurricane line until they got inside the 30, then Miami stiffened. The Hurricane ' s scored with only 40 seconds of play remaining in the first half. After that the ball game might as well have been over. With the Rebs entrenched in fourth position in the conference, the Vaughtmen move into the final half of the season with four remaining tilts. All SEC foes. Ole Miss takes on L.S.U, Auburn, Tennessee, and after a week ' s rest the cow-college bunch from Stark- ville. All four teams will be tough, especially the Vols and win- hungry State. State is smarting after four long winless years and Slick Morton will have his men ready as never before. But before facing State, we have to tacke three rough squads. Of the three there is no question about which is tops—the Volunteers from Tennessee rate as the best team in the nation. Expert opinion say hat the only game that the Vols might have an outside chance of dropping is the Kentucky en- counter. The experts have been wrong twice this season. We hope that they will be again. At the start of the season, Auburn was merely considered a tune- up for the Tennessee tilt. How times change. The Plainsmen from Alabama Polytechnic Institute have come through in a lot better style than was predicted a the beginning of this year ' s football warfare. After a winless season, Auburn cleaned house. They got a new coach and gave out almost 150 football scholarships. This wasn ' t supposed to be their year, but it looks as if it may be. They opened the season beating Vandy, trampled little Wofford, and whipped Florida. They dropped a game to unbeate n Georgia Tech and then came back to trounce slipping Tulane 21-0. They could cause Johnny Vaugh and Company a bad afternoon. 157 Rebels-Tigers battle to 6-6 11)q, Lear ' s Pass to Boykin Good for Ole Miss Tally By HARRY MARTINEZ (Special to The Times-Picayune) Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, La., Nov. 3—LSU ' s Tigers battled to a 6-6 tie with the Ole Miss Rebels before a home-coming crowd of 39,000 in the cold here Saturday night. Two sensational plays in the third quarter accounted for all the scoring in the game which was stubbornly fought throughout. It was the 39th game between these traditional rivals since 1894 and the first game between the two to end in a tie. Leroy Labat, the boy from the sugarcane country near Reserve, La., made the Tigers ' touchdown on the most sensational open field run seen at Tiger Stadium this season. He climaxed a 78-yard drive. Taking the ball on the Rebels ' 28, Labat broke off left tackle, reversed his field, and made a brilliant run for the score. It wasn ' t long after the kick-off that Jimmy Lear brought the crowd to its feet. Tr, ball was on LSU ' s 46. Lear drew back to pass and as he did Showboat Boykin raced downfield, getting beyond the Tiger safety man, John Venable. He took in Lear ' s pass on the Tigers ' 10 and raced over for the tying touchdown. Each team missed the kick from placement. Both LSU and Ole Miss tried a field goal but missed. Labat ' s running in the second half was outstanding for the Tigers, although Jimmy Roshto and Chester Freeman did great work on offense. And Jim Barton ' s kicking was again a big factor. The Rebels ' offense picked up the second half with Lindy Callahan, Allen Muirhead and Lea Paslay doing fine work. Defensively, Jim Ingram did some excellent linebacking while the defensive work of Bud Slay and Carl West, together with a strong line made it difficult for the Tigers to score. The Tigers had chance after chance in the first half deep in the Rebels ' territory but the stout defense of Mississippi prevented them from going all the way. The Rebels threw a big scare into the Tigers in the fourth quar- ter, going from their own 23-yard line to the LSU seven where a fumble ruined their chances to score. Barton ' s quickkick was partially blocked by Crawford Mims and rolled to the LSU 45. The Rebels put on another drive to the Ti- gers ' 20. The Tigers put up a stout defense, so Ed Lewcon dropped back to the 35 and tried a field goal which failed. Score by quarters: Ole Miss 0 0 6 0-6 LSU 0 0 6 0-6 LSU scoring, touchdown, Labat. Ole Miss, touchdown, Boykin (pass from Lear). Ole Miss Blasts Akoiburn 3 9-1 4 Top Offensive and Defensive Game for Ole Miss By WAYNE THOMPSON Assistant Sports Editor Clarion-Ledger LADD MEMORIAL STADIUM, MOBILE, Nov. 10—Turning in one of their top offensive, and defensive too, games of the season, the Ole Miss Rebels defeated the Auburn Tigers 39-14 here this sunny Saturday afternoon. Official attendance announced as 21,972 saw the Rebels strike for a trio of fast touchdowns in the initial period and then go on to de- feat a scrappy and spirited Auburn eleven—and take third place in the Southeastern Conference behind Tennessee and Georgia Tech. No doubt about it, Ole Miss turned in their top performance of the 1951 season—both offensively and defensively with all the em- phasis on the ball-carrying side of the picture. In the opening seconds of play Lindy Callahan broke off left tackle to go 76-yards for the initial score; Callahan got the second on a run following a hand-off to Showboat Boykin and pitch-out to him; and Harold Maxwell got the third in the first period on a 41- yard pass from Jimmy Lear. Halftime saw Ole Miss leading still 19-0 and the Rebels used Jack- son High ' s famous " bounce " play in the third quarter for their fourth touchdown. On this, Boykin went from his own 46 to the Auburn 19, bounced the ball high in the air with Ray Howell recover- ing and going on over. Herman Howard sparked an. Auburn 73-yard drive in that same period by going over from his own 7-yard line while Ole Miss tallied another in the third period when Lear Climaxed a 97-yard drive (counting kick-off return) by running the final 36-yards for the touchdown. Both elevens, evenly matched in pregame estimates both in wire stories and in hotels downtown, scored in the final period. Homer Williams got Auburn ' s last score on a six yard drive early in the period while Lea Pasley, Ole Miss frosh, went over from the seven midway the same period. The Rebels, definitely, were " up " for the game and could give Ten- nessee trouble next week if in the same physical and mental state. On the extra-points, Ed Lewcon made two for four tries and Jim- my Lear one in one while Davis made both his good for Auburn. Statistically speaking, Ole Miss led in first downs 21-20; in rush- ing, 515 to 101; in passing Auburn led 202 to 108; Auburn attempted 29 and completed 17 while Ole Miss tried 9 and completed four ; Ole Miss intercepted 1 pass and the Auburn Tigers two; and on punt- ing, Ole Miss punted three for a 30.3 average and Spence of Auburn 38.6; and on penalties, Ole Miss was penalized 43 yards in five times and Auburn four times for 31. 159 Bowl Bound Tennessee Routs Ole Miss 46-21 Rebs Trail Only 19-14 After Two Periods, But Crumble When Vols Get Going By DAVID BLOOM Staff Writer HEMINGWAY STADIUM, OXFORD, Miss., Nov 17—Two of the best football teams in these United States walloped Ole Miss 46-21 Saturday afternoon. Both belong to the University of Tennessee. For a half it was a football game and the Rebel majority in a crowd of 30,000 began to take a firmer hold on the upset hope they ' d held for weeks. The optimism held through 13 minutes of the third period. Then Gen. Bob Neyland signalled his Vols into double time and the rout was on. Turns Into Slaughter Tennessee scored once in the waning minutes of the third period to put the game on ice (the spectators were already there). Ten- nessee scored three times in the fourth period and made the final game of a long series a simple slaughter. In the 60 minutes that got longer and longer for the outdone Rebels, Tennessee sent Dick Ernsberger over the line first, followed with the great Hank Lauricella and then let Herky Payne and Andy Kozar collect the other five. Kozar, who was the top running star of the game, gained 127 net yards from scrimmage. The 21 points represented the most Tennessee has yielded to an opponent this year and Ole Miss definitely made it a ball game for awhile. But the devastin.g pressure that Tennessee applied from the beginning told in the end. As Coach Johnny Vaught said, " Our boys played a hell of a ball game. " Tennessee simply had too much. Vols Grab 14-0 Lead It didn ' t look too much that way for a while. Tennessee had a 13-0 lead when Showboat Boykin tallied for the Rebs in the first period, a 19-7 lead when Boykin caught a touchdown pass in the second period. The Rebs ' last chance came with only seven seconds to go—and the game gone—when Jim Bridges took a pass from Lear. Lear kicked all three extra points—thus outdoing Rechichar, who got only three out of seven. The Rebels scored twice after taking kickoffs following Tennessee touchdowns—showing the spirit of this fired-up team. Both of the scores were engineered through the air—leading to Neyland ' s after- game comment that the Vol pass defense lacked a bit of finesse. But this vulnerability almost ceased after the half. Lear, who completed five of his first six throws, had trouble connecting with any after the Vol tightening process. Showboat Boykkt Pulverizes State 49-7 Difference Wasn ' t 42 Points, It Was Showboat Boykin By WALTER STEWART Commercial Nam al SCOTT FIELD, STARKVILLE, Miss., Dec. 1—From the first contusion, it was obvious that State was missing 220-pound tackle Billy Pyron. rather bitterly. The injured Pyron did not dress out and the guileful Vaught took stout advantage of the situation. Show- boat Boykin was all that anyone noticed, and when he steamed round the bend there was nothing much that Mississippi State could do about it as he scored seven touchdowns to shatter a distinguished Southeastern Conference record. And the absence of Pyron. was a stout factor in Showboat ' s huffing and puffing. William plays defensive left tackle and Boykin went through this post as though it was carpeted in red velvet. His first scoring bolt, and his sixth one, carried through the left side of the Rebel wall, but the other five were either inside or outside his right tackle--across the terrain habitually patroled. by the irritable Pyron. It seemed to us that the Bulldog left guard was seeking to com- pensate for the damaged Pyron by playing on the outside shoulder of the Ole Miss right guard. This left a gap up the middle and Ole Miss exploited it to the fullest. Boykin showed a tendency to pause while the Rebel guards (usually Knox Gary and Othar Crawford) and center Mel Sinquefield cleared a path up the middle with Sinque- field doing a murderous job of work on the line-backers. The exploits of Boykin touched us right in the gratitude, for four years ago we saw him play as a freshman and noted that he was the finest yearling back we had ever observed, but some of the pins came out of his ankles and he was far below his burning best for two seasons, and this day he sang his swan song in a basso-profundo which shook State to the solid base of its defenses and shattered this base. He carried the ball 14 times and seven were touchdowns—a batting average of .500 per cent, which is regarded as better than fair in this particular league. He averaged 13.5 yards on each of his numb- ing attacks and ran with a pitless detachment—the unhurried per- fection of a concert violinist running down a practice scale. Now we don ' t believe that there was 42 points difference between these ball clubs and the score was 49-7 the last time we looked. But there was one difference—a slashing one named Showboat Boykin, and he was all that mattered. 161 Lindsey jumping As the season unfolded, the Rebels learned there is no real substitute for height. But they found, too, that equal in importance are skill and speed and the lore that sound coaching brings. Given the one big man so vitally needed, Ole Miss might have pressed Kentucky for the SEC championship. As it was, it took injuries to a pair of mainsprings to prevent a claim for second-place honors. Coach Bonnie (Country) Graham ' s team finished fifth in the conference in pre-tournament standings. The meet itself was lagniappe, deciding nothing. Held since 1933 save for the washout of ' 35, it ' s to be abolished. Unbeaten Kentucky won the circuit title, almost a fore- gone conclusion, to be matter-of-factual, before the cam- Graehler up to score Jarvis shooting 1952 paign was launched—all this and the " Little Shaver, " too. ' Barna, Vanderbilt, and LSU tied for second place with nine victories and five defeats. The Reb record was eight and six. After a slow Ole Miss had won six of its last seven games when roughouse Florida put in an appearance on February 2. The Rebels copped that bout but in a fracas developed five minutes prior to the end.of the game, Guard Regular Ralph Ross was slugged and went out with a broken jaw. Mehrtens shooting Seated I to right) : Roy Pressley, Al Graehler, Cliff Mehrtens, Billy Renfroe, Eddie Stenftenagel, Walter Johnson, Ken Lindsey. Ken Robbins, Cob Jarvis, Jimmy Childers, Dugas Abernathy, Ralph Rots, Jerome Stenftenagel, Coach Graham. BASK TB ALL Ross missed the last nine games and it was immediately following the Florida exchange that Vanderbilt bumped the Rebs in a poorly-played reversal. A game later Jerome Stenftenagel, alternate regular at both forward posts, damaged a and missed the rest of the campaign. The Rebs figured to beat Vandy, and would have with Ross even on a mediocre night. They should have regard- less. The next late-season " crucial " was the Baton Rouge affair with LSU. The Tigers won that one 79-67. Again, Ross ' rebounding against the towering Bayou team, a deci- sive factor in an earlier 68-65 triumph, was the missing link. Beating both the Commodores and Tigers would have meant in the SEC and second place. Trimming either one would have brought a 9-5 finish and a tie for second. As it was, the Rebels compiled their best record since 1938. They won 15 games overall, losing Li. Inside the conference the victims were Mississippi State and Tulane in two-tilt series, plus single wins over Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Florida, and LSU. That lone decision past LSU and the first loss to ' Lucky were " extras " as far as league play was concerned—they didn ' t count. Georgia was beaten by 103-52, a new Ole Miss point record and the highest total ever registered against the Bulldogs. The Rebels scored over Tulane for the first post- war decisions in this rivalry, with the Greenies a one time basketball " cousin " State College was whipped in total series results for the first time since 1949 and the sixth time since SEC play was inaugurated in 1933. State ' s last series triumph came in ' 43, its series wins numbering four. The Georgia clubs were favorite foes, Tech going under by 94-64. It was the first cage win over Georgia U. since 1928, the first over Tech since ' 39. COACH B. L. (Country) GRAHAM Basketball Coach Childers scores Jarvis sinks a free throw In addition to Georgia, series point records were posted against Tech, Tulane in single and two-game totals; !Mis- sissippi College, ditto ; Birmingham-Southern, and Ala- bama. Also, a double winner ' s points in the State set topped 70 in both outings for the first time, at 77-62 and 73- 61. In another game that meant the difference between fifth and second place, Alabama won in an 80-79 scramble, the Crimsons emerging on top in the final six seconds after Capt. Kenny Robbins ' twin charity points had given the Rebels a 79-78 advantage with 23 seconds remaining. The OM score total represented the most points ever given up by a Tide team, win or lose. After belting Mississippi College in a 97-59 campaign inaugural, Ole Miss fell before Arkansas in Little Rock by 66-58, then swung a first-half haymaker at the Porkers to lead 45-27 at the rest turn in the game in Memphis. Averaging in height, Arkansas played control ball in the final two quarters and pulled that one out of the fire 68-66. Arkansas State was victimized 77-54, then LSU copped the first of three victories, 81-69, via the 4o-point firing of 6-9 Bob Pettit. Tulane was beaten 81-66 with tha Alabama scorefest following. The Rebs entered January action with a 3-4 record, shaded Arkansas State at Jonesboro by 64-62, then ran into Kentucky at its hottest in Owensboro and lost in a dismal 116-58 rout. That ignomious defeat served just one practical purpose. It fired the Rebs as nothing else could have, and until Ross and Stenftenagel went out, they were unpleasant company. Birmingham-Southern, 92-42; Georgia, and Mississippi State fell victim in a fast-breaking swirl, the Maroons after nine decisions without a loss. Tennessee broke the spell in Knoxville, 76-69, but Tech was bounced, Auburn was called to heel at 76-58, LSU was handled in Jackson, and Florida was overturned, 56-45, for its second loss in 14 games. The Vanderbilt slowdown showed in Nashville, was recorded as a 59-51 loss. Kentucky had to call on all its resources for a final-period push and an 81-61 triumph in Lexington, Mississippi College fell a second time, 85-64 ; Memphis State used ball control and home town officiating pressure-35 fouls were called on the Rebs—for a 47-42 win ; Tulane was beaten in New Orleans, 74-70; w on in Baton Rouge, 78-67 ; Spring Hill was tripped in Nat- chez, and Mississippi State lost on its home court to close out the regular campaign. In tourney action, Louisiana, State emerged with a 75-60 Ross scores against L.S.U. triumph after Ole Miss ran cold in the third quarter, scor- ing just six points. Overall, the Rebs averaged 72.6 points in regular sea- son combat to rank second behind Kentucky in the con- ference and among the nation ' s top 20 in team scoring. Individually, Capt. Robbins at forward and Al Graehler, the alternate captain at guard, earned second team All- Southeastern berths. Robert (Cob) Jarvis, elongated sophomore forward, posted 403 points to lead the squad in scoring. His was the first 400-plus total since Maxie McMullen ' s frosh year of ' 45. Robbins trailed with 371, leading in field goals with i54. One of the bright spots of the campaign was the superior all-court play of Guard Ken Lindsey, junior college grad- uate, who finished fast to rank third on the scorechart with 205 points. Graehler, key playmaker and spark plug, wound up with 204, a four-season total of 852. He percentaged at 38.8 on field goal firing for those four campaigns. Center Jim in the best of four good seasons, frosh and varsity, had 181 points; Ross finished with 157 in 17 games, a 9.2 average and Guard Cliff Mehrtens, an- other crack backcourt workman, had 105. Jarvis, Robbins, Childers, Graehler and Ross made up the most-used starting unit, with Lindsey, Mehrtens and Jerome Stenftenagel earning as much playing time. They were the basic " eight. " Guard Eddie Stenftenagel and Center Dugan Abernathy were first-line spares. Coach Graham lettered this tensome along with Walter Johnson, forward, and Billy Renfroe and Roy Lee Pressley, guards. Winding up college careers were Robbins, Graehler, Childers, Mehrtens, Johnson, and Renf roe. SCHEDULE Ole Miss.... Mississippi College 59; Campus Ole Miss.... 58; Arkansas 66; I,ittle Rock Ole Miss.... 66; Arkansas 68; I,ittle Rock Ole Miss.... Arkansas State Ole Miss.... 69;, Louisiana State 54 Campus ; Campu 81; Campus Ole Miss.... 8i ; Tulane 66; Campus Ole Miss 79; Alabama 8o; Campus Ole Miss.... 64; Arkansas State 62; Jonesboro Ole Miss 58; Kentucky 1 I 6 ; Owensboro Ole Miss 92 Birmingham-Southern 42; Campus Ole Miss....103; Georgia 52; Campus Ole Miss.... Mississippi State 62; Campus Ole Miss 69; Tennessee 76; Knoxville Ole Miss.... 94; Georgia Tech 64; Atlanta Ole Miss.... 76; Auburn 58; Campus Ole Miss 68; Louisiana State 65; Jackson Ole Miss.... 56; Florida s ampu ; 45 Ole Miss. .. . Sr; Vanderbilt Campus 59; Nashville Ole Miss.... 61; Kentucky 8r; Lexington Ole Miss.... 85; Mississippi College 64; Jackson Ole Miss 42; Memphis State 47; Memphis Ole Miss.... 74; Tulane 7o; New Orleans Ole Miss 67; Louisiana State 78; Baton Rouge Ole Miss.... 78; Spring Hill 64; Natchez Ole Miss.... Mississippi State 6i ; Starkville Ole Miss.... 6o; Louisiana State 78; Louisville Southeastern Conference Game Southeastern Tournament Game RIGHT, Top picture: Lindsey shoots a long one. Second picture: Jarvis scores again. Third picture: Graehler shows perfect form. Bottom picture: Graehler headed for Rebel goal. First row (left to right) : Jim Dupuy, Ken Farragut, Reggie Ott, George Scheider, Karl Ott, Harold Robert Christiansen, Flavitis Alfred. Second row: Bill Switzer, Jackie Poole, Robert Fletcher, Olin Briscoe, John Faggard, Lindy Callahan, Ed Lewcon, Mitchell McLaughlin. Third row: Ed Leggett (manager), Coach Tad Smith, Al Graehler, Leslie Shumake, Onnie Kortz, Rabbit Cook, Jackie McLemore, Coach Swayze. B A S E B A L Ole Miss finished third in the r95t Southeastern conference baseball race for its best showing in 22 years. Not since 1929, when that spring ' s array won 19 of 22 games, and eight of nine for championship laurels in the old Southern conference, has Ole Miss come up with as solid a season. Guided by Tommy Swayze and C. M. (Tad) Smith, head coach since 1932, the Rebs won 16 of 23 games, losing six and deadlocking one. They posted a to-.3-r record in league play, were bested only by Alabama in series results. Mississippi State, +-o; Tuble, 3-t ; and Louisiana State, 2-t, were series victims with ' llama ' s margin achieved with two wins to Ole Miss ' single decision and a tie. Outside the conference the Rebels whipped Illinois Wesleyan twice, won from North Illinois State, Delta State in a pair, broke even with Arkansas State and lost to Clarksdale of the Cotton States League. It was feared at the start of the season that mound strength would be the Rebs ' only real show of able hands. Seven regulars and two other squad reliables had graduated to riddle both the infield and outfield as well as the backstop staff, However, Swayze and Smith converted Karl Ott, a sophomore infielder, a catcher; shifted hurler George Scheider to first, worked two infield spares, Otho Kortz and Jackie McLemore, in at third and short, and eventually rounded the infield with Al Graehler at second. He ended as the regular with J. D. Faggard, lone infield letterman holdover, teaming at the keystone. It was one of the smoothest-working inner circles developed hereabouts in years. Jackie Poole in left field, Bobby Christiansen, a superlative field- ing soph in center, and letterman Bob Fletcher in right made up the picket line at the start with Les Shumake the lone utility per- former until spring football ' s close released Hal Maxwell, Lindy Callahan and Reggie Ott for service. Maxwell immediately supplied a lethal plate punch, ended with a .516 batting average. He, Fletcher, Poole anti Shumake took turns in left and right field. Christiansen was a fixture in center. The Rebs hit and fielded ably, especially in clutch situations, and the mound staff—Olin Briscoe, Jim Dupuy, Billy Switzer, Lea Left to right: Jimmy Dupuy, Ed Lewcon, Ken Farragut, Olen Briscoe, Leamond Alford, Billy Switzer. Left to right: Leslie Shumake, Jackie Poole, " Daylight " Fletcher, Reggie Ott, Harold Maxwell, Lindy Callahan, Bobby Christiansen. Left right: Olen Briscoe. Leamond Alford, Billy Switzer, Jimmy Dupuy, Ken Farragut, Ed Lewcon. E A S O.1 Alford and Ken Farragut—turned in an unbelievable 1.92 earned Delta State 6-o Campus Delta State run average. 4-0 Campus Alabama Briscoe won seven of eight games, posting a 1.36 era. Dupuy 5-6 Tuscaloosa Alabama had 5-2 and 1.7o, Switzer, and 2.15. Lewcon broke even in 3-3 Tuscaloosa Clarksdale two recorded games, Alford worked in relief and Farragut was 1-6 Clarksdale beaten in his lone start. Louisiana State 8-2 Campus Louisiana State Briscoe was the only member of the club to gain All-Southeastern 4-, Campus Tulane laurels although several others deserved recognition, particularly 7-4 Campus Scheider, Kortz and Dupuy. Tulane rain - Leading hitters were Maxwell, Kortz with .363, Scheider, .326; Louisiana State 5 6 Baton Rouge Poole, .288; Fletcher, .284 ; McLemore, .234; and Graehler, .231. Louisiana State rin T- Among the pitchers Dupuy had Briscoe, and Alford, ulane 5 4 New Orleans Tulane 3-5 New Orleans .25o. Tulane II-0 s At the season ' s end the Rebels had to bypass an invitation to Miss. State 6-2 New Orleans Starkville participate in the NCAA championships because of the ban on Miss. State 9-5 fourth-season players, a rule that would have sidelined Briscoe, Miss. State Campus 6-3 Dupuy, Kortz, Scheider, Fletcher and Poole. Miss. State 8-2 Campus Lettermen named were Karl Ott, catcher ; Briscoe, Dupuy and Double Headers Switzer, pitchers; Scheider, Graehler, Faggard, Kortz and Mc- Lemore, infielders, and Christiansen, Poole, Fletcher, Maxwell and Shumake, outfielders. Ed (Hot) I,eggett served as student manager. Al Graehler, Mitchell McLaughlin, Jackie McLemore, Otho Kortz, J. D. Faggard, George Scheider. RESULTS Illinois Wesleyan Campus Illinois Wesleyan 5-4 Campus Northern Ill. State 5-4 Campus Northern III. State rain Alabama 7-6 Campus Alabama o-4 Campus Arkansas State 3-7 Campus Arkansas State II-4 Campus Left to right, Sitting: John Paris, " Zoot " Jackson, Dick Westerman, John Hunt, Jimmy Lear. Kneeling: Andy Duggar, Ken Farragut, Kline Gilbert, Dixie Hollis, Marvin Trauth. Standing: Benny Brady, " D " Salley, Walter Reagan, Ralph Ross, Monroe Gensert, Jack Robertson. TR ACK The story of track results at Ole Miss in 1951 was, first of all, the story of John Paris, a slender middle-distance runner from Memphis. There have been faster, more talented trackmen in Rebtown than Paris, but few have been their number and not one has been as consistent in accomplishments. In team results, dual meet victories were posted past Mississippi State and Mississippi College, the Rebs were victimized by Ala- bama and Vanderbilt, ninth place was achieved in the Southeastern Conference Meet, and five points were scored in the Southern relays. It was Paris who set the pace. Yanked from additional races to ready in the 88o for the SEC Meet, he sped to a new school record—his second—in the two-lapper against Mississippi College, then broke his own standard for the second time by winning in the conference carnival. He ran a a :54.8 half-mile in the SEC Meet, erasing the record of :56.0 against Mississippi College, and 1:58.2 against Missis- sippi College in 1950. And that conference victory was the first first-place victory scored by a Reb participant in the history of the meet, back to I 9 3 3. High point in team battling for Coach Wesley (Doc) Knight ' s crew was the 67 3-63 3 win scored over State College. The issue was sealed in the javelin throw when Ralph Ross, with a throw of feet, eight inches, and Marvin Trauth, with 177 feet, three inches, came up with an 8-1 point edge to assure a winning mar- gin. The Reb spread then was State closing the gap in the last two events—broad jump and mile relay. Vandy was a narrow 68-63 winner in the season ' s first meet, and, oddly enough, the javelin points made the difference, the Commodores crowding home on top with first and second-place points. Alabama ' s defending SEC champs were easy conquerors, 104 - 25 , with Mississippi College going under by 85-45. Paris with five points, Ken Farragut with a 143 foot, two inch discus throw for fourth and two points; Trauth, fifth-place winner in the javelin with 184 feet, and Walt Reagan, who ran fifth in the mile, totaled the Rebs ' nine points in the SEC Meet. Farragut and the Salley Twins, ' D ' and `J ' , pole-vaulters, all of whom rounded out four seasons as track lettermen, were named . co-captains of the squad. Including individual scoring in the conference meet and southern relays, the season ' s points were counted by: Paris, 27; Trauth and Andy Dugger, Hurdles, 23 each; Farragut, 22; Reagan, 19; David Salley, 16 5 6; Benny Brady, two-mile, 16; Dick Westerman, sprints, 15; Jimmy Lear, sprints, and Ross, 54 each; William (Zoot) Jackson, 88o and mile, 13; James Salley, Kline Gilbert, weights, 6; John Hunt, 88o, 5; Dixie Hollis, hurdles, 4; Jack Robertson, broad jump, 4; George Brenner and Frank Crum, sprints, 1 each. The lettermen: Paris, Trauth, Dugger, Farragut, Reagan, ' D ' and Salley, Brady, Westerman, Lear, Hunt, Jackson and Hollis. RESULTS Vanderbilt 63-68 Campus Alabama 252 3-1o4V3 Tuscaloosa Miss, State 67V2-63V2 Campus Miss. College 85-45 Campus SEC Meet 9th-9 points Birmingham TOP PICTURE, left to right: Coach Knight, Ralph Ross, Marvin Trauth, Ken Farragut, BOTTOM PICTURE, left to right: John John Hunt, " Zoot " Jackson, Dixie Hollis. 169 ,F GO.1 1951 GOLF RESULTS Bradley U. 13-S Campus Wabash 16? -11 2 Campus Birmingham-Southern .17-1 Campus Southwestern 261 2 - 1 2 C mpus Southwestern 191 2-71,2 .. Memphis (Memphis C. C.) Memphis State 131 2 -4 Y., Cqmpus Memphis State 111 2 -6 1 2 .. Memphis (Memphis C. C.) lu Ole Miss served up another unbeaten season in golf, its third since World War II, its sixth in recorded campaigning. The 1951 turn for six Rebel shotmakers pro- duced victories over Bradley University of Peoria, III., 13-8; Wabash College of Craw- fordsville, Incl., ; Birmingham- Southern, 17-I ; Southwestern, and and Memphis State, 131 2-41 2 and 11 2-6 2. Charlie Allen, a fixture in the No. singles slot, was the most consistent of the Reb mashiemen and led in singles scoring with 18 of a possible 21 possible Nassau points. He won six of seven matches, dead- locking in the seventh. J. J. Lawrence, Billy Coffey and John Pegues alternated in the second, third and fourth-ranked berths with Fletcher Rosen- baum and Farley McElroy completing the six-man squad. in seven matches, Lawrence scored six victories, had points, while Coffey had 13V2 and five decisions. Pegues was unbeaten in five encounters with 131 2 of a possible 15 points. Rosenbaum won three of four, scoring to of t2 points, and McElroy was unbeaten and compiled an eight-of-nine point total. In juggling his squad and facing four, five and six-man teams, Coach Junie Ho- vious came up with seven doubles com- bines with and Pegues the most suc- cessful. They won four matches without de- feat while scoring to ' of t2, possible points. Allen and Lawrence teamed for three wins in four starts and nine of 12 points. The Rebels won 28 of 33 singles matches, tieing in one, and 13 of 16 doubles matches. Thc full point spread was 117 2-291A. Playing in ten tennis matches against seven opponents, the 1951 Ole Miss tennis team, directed by Coach J. W. Davidson, compiled its best record in several sea- by winning seven. The campaign ' s results, in order, showed Illinois State Normal; 1-8; Memphis State, 8-1 ; Birmingham-Southern, 2-7; South- western, 5-4; Sewanee, 1-8; Delta State, 6-3 ; Memphis State, 8-1 ; Southwestern, 7-2; Mississippi State, 6-3, 6-3. The Rebs placed third in team results in the Mississippi Inter-collegiate tournament with 12 points. Lettermen named were Clint Johnson, Thurston Sherman, Robert Jabour, Howard Bishop, Myron Arrington and Neil Rosen- baum. Additional participants were Bob Anderson and Al McGinnis. Competing in singles dueling in nine matches, Bishop was beaten once. Ar- rington won seven of ten matches, jabour five of nine, Rosenbaum four of nine, Sher- man four of ten and Johnson two of nine. Sherman and Johnson alternated in hand- ling most of the No. t and No. 2 singles assignments. The most successful tandem combines were Jabour and Sherman, 8-1 in results; Bishop and Arrington, 8-2; Anderson and Rosenbaum, 2-o, and Johnson and Rosen- baum, 4-z. Ill. State Normal 18 Memphis State 8-1 Birmingham-Southern 2---7 Southwestern ' 54 Sewanee 1-8 Delta State 6-3 1951 TENNIS RESULTS Campus Memphis State 8-1 Memphis Campus Southwestern Memphis 1 ' ampus Miss. State 6-3 Starkville Campus Miss. State 6-3 Campus Campus Miss. Intercollegiate Cleveland Tournament third, 12 points Jackson TENNIS Left to Right: Charlie Allen, J. J. Lawrence, John Peques, Farley McElroy, Fletcher Rosenbaum, Billy Coffey. Left to Right: Bobby Jabour, Howard Bishop, Neil Rosenbautn. THE 011,E MISS BAND The first half ends and the teams move off the field . . . a flash of red and blue and the sound of whistles catch the atten- tion of the crowd . . . A sparkling fanfare rents the air .. . and the show is under way. Yes, the Ole Miss Rebel Band takes the field once more to lift our spirits with a rabble- rousing rendition of " Forward Rebels " and then swell South- ern pride as they swing into the inimitable " Dixie, " changing formations with precision timing, moving from one side of the field to the other, saluting the opponents, and ending each stirring performance with the endearing st rains of " Alma Mater. " At home and away the Ole Miss Band is the symbol of the University as it spreads good will and lifts Rebel spirits everywhere. Under the capable direction of Mr. C. V. Magu- rean, assisted by Mr. Vance Jennings, the Rebel Band was always ready for a snappy half-time performance or a stirring pep rally. Do you remember the Freshman Bon-fire, the Homecoming parade with Governor White, and the night we burned General Neyland in effigy? Hunter Gholson led the Rebel band this year as head drum major, followed by twirler Shaw Robinson and seven charm- ing drum majorettes: Maxine Massey, Carolyn Toler, Billie Jean Little, Jeanine Vaughn, Anne McIntyre, Cynthia Rives, and Rosemary Owen. The band followed Rebel rooters to Memphis three times, all the way down to Mobile, and to Cow Collich as well as in Hemingway. Listen closely and you ' ll hear those strains again —do you remember " Are You From Dixie, " " My Truly, Truly Fair, " " Mr. Mississippi, " and always " Dixie. " Rebel Band on Parade. Bottom: Jimmy Perabo, Henry Paris, Betty Nosser, " Butch " Calif. Top : Betty Ann MacDonald, Bessie Morgan, Cynthia Hogan. CHEER LE A D E R S " From Peabody ' s Lobby to Whitey ' s Salon, we did the town last night. " It all began in Memphis with Memphis State, and from there to the 49 to 7 massacre of State it was a Hotty-Toddy Season. We won some, we lost some, but we cheered them all. The ' 52 Reb cheerleaders carried the Ra! Ra! through- out the south. They yelled so loud that Parilli couldn ' t tell if he was in Hemmingway stadium or the blue grass of Kentucky. The pep-rallies, bonfires, and games were as usual— the greatest of spirit—symbolic of OLE Miss. Henry Paris was head cheerleader for the group and was followed by Cynthia Hogan, Betty McDonald, Bes- sie Morgan, Betty Nosser, Jimmy Perabo, Harold Cashion, and Butch Calif. INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Standing, left to right: Campbell, Fortenberry, Rosenbaum, Bat, Farris. CAROLYN CHAIN Seated, left to right: Greer, Hill, Fowler, Danciger, Reeves, Moore. Intramural Queen OFFICERS HARRY DANCIGER President BOBBY REEVES Vice President HAL HILL Secretary-Treasurer The Intramural Council was formed in 1935, to provide extra-curricular athletic activities for students who do not participate in varsity sports. Intramural teams are formed from the fraternities, the independent organization, and An- chor and Chain. Teams are active in nearly all the major and minor sports prevalent in this section of the country. HARRY DANCIGER Phi Epsilon Pi JAMES CAMPBELL Kappa Alpha CURTIS A. GREER Delta Kappa Epsilon V. A. MOORE Pi Kappa Alpha NEIL ROSENBAUM Alpha Tau Omega MARSHALL SMITH Sigma Chi HAL HILL Sigma Nu MICKEY AIKEN Independents JOHN BAT Theta Kappa Phi BOBBY REEVES Phi Delta Theta GLEN WALKER Sigma Alpha Epsilon RAS FOWLER Kappa Sigma RALPH FORTENBERRY Beta Theta Pi FRANK FARISS Phi Kappa Psi DICK ACKERMAN Anchor and Chain ROYAL HICKEY Delta Psi DANCIGER REEVES HILL left to right: Ellen Wade, Martha Wallace, Coleen Fly. Standing, left Betty Nosser, Ann Donald. WO___. EN ' S A`IITEI The Women ' s Athletic Association was founded on the campus of the University of Mississnppi in 1926. The cardinal purpose of this organization is to offer to every woman in the University the opportunity of par- ticipating in a varied program of activities that can be used in leisure time in after-college years. ' T ON The officers of the Women ' s Athletic Association are: President, Martha Wallace; Vice-President, Ellen Wade; Secretary-Treasurer, Colleen Fly; Scrapbook Chairnin, Betty Ann MacDonald; Reporter, Betty " Boop " Nosser. OLE MISS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association seeks to promote beneficial and cordial rela- tions between the University and its alumni. All former students with two full semesters of attendance, as well as all graduates of the University, and all faculty and staff members who have served ten years or more, are eli- gible to membership in the association. The Alumni Office is responsible for planning Homecoming Day and for staging class reunions. Regional meetings of alumni are conducted under its sponsorship, for the purpose of acquainting the alumni with the University ' s objectives and needs. To keep alumni informed of Univer- sity activities, the Alumni Office publishes The Ole Miss Alumni Review, an illustrated magazine with various items of general interest and specific items about alumni. J. C. FAIR President Greenwood, Miss. BOARD OF DIRECTORS District THOMPSON McCLELLAN West Point, Miss. CARL McKELLAR Columbus, Miss. MARSHALL ADAMS Tupelo, Miss. District 2 BOB CARRIER Batesville, Miss. MRS. BAXTER ELLIOTT Oxford, Miss. District 4 DAVIS L. FAIR, JR. Louisville, Miss. R. C. STOVALL 0 kolona, Miss. District 5 SAM P. CARTER Ouilman, Miss. R. E. WILBOURNE Meridian, Miss. DR. JOE LEE SMITH Forest, Miss. District 3 JOHN DULANEY Tunica, Miss. District 6 N. C. BREWER, JR. Greenwood, Miss. L. 0. CROSBY, JR. Picayune, Miss. W. T. McKINNEY .4 nguilla, Miss. WALTER GEX, JR. Bay St. Louis, Miss. District 7 FRANK E. EVERETT Vicksburg, Miss. R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson, Miss. MRS. THOMAS W. CROCKETT Jackson, Miss. P. T. RUSSELL Yazoo City, Miss. 174 OTHO R. SMITH 0. BRITT ROGERS WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN Vice-President .4thLtic Committee Representative .41u ni Secretary Meridian, Miss. Tupelo, Miss. University, Miss. STATE-AT-LARGE WILLIAM MONGER Jackson, Miss. ROSS R. BARNETT Jackson, Miss. J. A. BLOUNT Charleston, Miss. ROY N. BOGGAN Tupelo, Miss. CARY STOVALL Corinth, Miss. W. C. TROTTER University, Miss. S. LYLE BATES Jackson, Miss. OUT-OF-STATE DR. J. HARLEY HARRIS Memphis, Tenn. MRS. MARY H. McCLAIN Washington, D.C. EX-OFFICIO REESE BICKERSTAFF Gulfport, Miss. GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR Charleston, Miss. DAVID COTTRELL Gulfport, Miss. D. L. FAIR Louisville, Miss. DR. H. M. FRASER Jackson, Miss. JUDGE JAMES A. FINLEY Tupelo, Miss. CARROLL GARTIN Laurel, Miss. JUDGE LEE D. HALL Columbia, Miss. DR. IKE C. KNOX Vicksburg, Miss. JUDGE JOHN W. KYLE Sardis, Miss. JUDGE G. GARLAND LYELL J ckson, Miss. GEORGE W. HEALY, JR. New Orleans, La. ROGER Q. SCOTT Pensacola, Fla. MEMBERS JAMES McCLURE Sardis, Miss. JUDGE TAYLOR I-I. McELROY Oxford, Miss. MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian, Miss. HARVEY LEE MORRISON Okolona, Miss. J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksdale, Miss. WALTER SILLERS Rosedale, Miss. ALFRED H. STONE Jackson, Miss. CURTIS M. SWANGO Sardis, Miss. MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS Jackson, Miss. GOVERNOR HUGH L. WHITE Columbia, Miss. W. T. WYNN Greenville, Miss. 175 (99@3 sr. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The local Pan Hellenic Council is a member of the among the different sororities and all the Greek letter National Pan-Hellenic Conference. It is composed of ganizations. Rules are passed to preserve the welfare of the presidents of each of the sororities here at Ole Miss the system. Pan Hellenic sets up rushing rules, limiting plus two representatives from each group. The officers of each sorority quota of girls to be pledged, regulating the outstanding organization are chosen by rotation The object of Pan Hellenic is to promote good will ding system, and cooperating with university authorities in general. • Fitst Row: Katherine Adams. Patty Anderson, Joan Barbour, Jean Beck, Nancy Carpe nter. Second Row: Martha Ann Cook, Jacqueline Curry, Kaye Ann Davis, Ellen Fyfe, Clare Geiscnbcrger. Third Row: Ann Gilpin, Weida Goodman, Shirlee Holland, Betty Ann MacDonald. No Pictures: Mary Ellen Exam, Cynthia Emily Joullain, Carolyn Kotchtitzky. 178 OFFICERS MARRY ELLEN EXUM President CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY Vice President CYNTHIA HOGAN S ecretary EMILY JOULLAIN Treasurer MARY ELLEN EXUM CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY First Row: Merle Martin, Margaret Mills. Second Row: Mary CYNTHIA HOGAN EMILY JOULLAIN Virginia Nash, Rosemary Owen. Third Row: Ellen Wade, Cissy Westbrook. MEMBERS KATHERINE ADAMS Chi Omega PATTY ANDERSON Zeta Tau Alpha JOAN BARBOUR Kappa Delta JEAN BECK Zeta Tau Alpha NANCY CARPENTER Kappa Kappa Gamma MARTHA ANN COOK Phi Mu JACQUELINE CURRY Delta Gamma KAYE ANN DAVIS Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY ELLEN EXUM Zeta Tau Alpha ELLEN FYFE Delta Zeta CLARE GEISENBERGER Delta Gamma ANN GILPIN Delta Delta Delta WEIDA GOODMAN Phi Mu CYNTHIA HOGAN Kappa Kappa Gamma SHIRLEY HOLLAND Delta Gamma EMILY JOULLAIN Delta Delta Delta CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY Kappa Delta BETTY ANN MacDONALD Kappa Delta MERLE MARTIN Delta Zeta MARGARET MILLS Chi Omega MARY VIRGINIA NASII Chi Omega ROSEMARY OWEN Phi Mu ELLEN WADE Delta Zeta CISSY WESTBROOK Delta Delta Delta 179 Founded in 1895 Established at Ole Miss in 1899 V117111- 14 trim Imo We were " shivering in our boots " when we first started walking down sorority row. The first house we came to was the Chi Omega house. Before we could knock on the door, someone yelled, " Pal, take off yore shoes a ' fore you dirty up the house. " After we shed our shoes, we were invited into the house, only to find that we were in the midst of a " Down to Earth Party. " The officers— Margaret Mills, Kathy Johnson, and Liz Ball—Favorite Bessie Morgan, and house mother Mrs. Aldrich made us feel right at home though; and in a few minutes we were laughing heartily. The mirror with the painted crack, the walls covered in newspapers, the girls dressed in blue jeans, the hill billy band, the sorority colors of cardinal and straw helped to add the true touch of realism to this delightful party. Favorites Callie Mae Swango and Jean Barfoot were seen among these mountain folk. We left with our carved miniature hill billy favor, still thinking of the amusing way they served the refreshments—in paper sacks. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Katherine Adams, Shirley Atkinson, Jean Bailey, Elizabeth Ann Ball, Jeanne Barfoot, Martha Bea Glower, Diane Dehmer. SECOND ROW: Alyce Grossmayer, Sarah Harwell, Joy Herron, Rose- mary Howie, Jane Boyd Humphries, Cathy Johnston, Betty Jean Langston. THIRD ROW: Tally Larsen, Mary Ann Lee, Margaret Mills, Dottie Mitchell, Bessie Morgan, Mary Virginia Nash, Alice O ' Ferrall, Gloria Oz- ment. FOURTH ROW: Sally Perkins, Agnew Pippin, Patricia Ramey, Kathryn Ready, Elinor Sansom, Callie Mae Swango, Eva Hudson Tighe, Lou Trantham. FIFTH ROW: Joan Bailey, Janice Barkley, Norma Bradshaw, Betsy Cole, Mildred Douglass, Louise Dudley, Ruth Lynn Fergeson, Ann Fincher. SIXTH ROW: Kay Fort, Dixie Hervey, Woodie Kaigler, Jane Laird, Dora Lee Livingston, Elizabeth Lowe, Joanne Lucas, Jeanne McGraw. SEVENTH ROW: Martha Ann Miller, Patsy Price, Bertie Shortridge, Mary Evelyn Smith, Jean Thomas, Sue Thomas, Joan Turner, Barbara Ann Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Frank Drummond, Nancy House. • • • • C H O M E G AN 181 Founded in 1888 Established at Ole Miss in 1926 II 1-a ■ ■ ■ ■ ))ELTA -LI A The next house was the freshly painted Tri Delta house. We quickly sur- veyed the grounds, noticing the three gables, seemingly symbolizing the three Greek letters. The haunting strain of " My Tri Deft Girl " was heard as we entered. President and Miss Ole Miss Cissy Westbrook greeted us and in turn intro- duced us to the other officers, Carolyn McCurdy, the President, of W.S.G.A. Grace Jean Gillespie, Sarah Graves, Pat McNeese, and Doris Eason. We were then ushered into the " Kingdom of the Sea. " The sea theme was very effectively carried out with painted murals of glittering mermaids, various fish, shells and sea weed covering the four walls. Hung from the ceiling was a tremendous fish net entangled with sea weed and all kinds of sea shells. The house fairly sparkled with the tints of silver, gold, and blue. Mermaids Irene Wiggins, Pat Trotter, and May Queen Ann Gilpin im- mediately came up beside us and we were entertained for the remainder of the time by King Poseidon Betty Eckles and his daughter, Nancy Johnson. At the climax of our entertaining visit, Persiden ' s treasure chest was opened and we received sea shell favors to remind us of our visit under the sea. As we left this charming house, the Sea Queens bid us bood-bye with " Don ' t try the others—Tri Delta! " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Widgie Bethea, Sarah Ann Blomquist, Janet Buford, Emma George Carr, Mollie Christian, Amaline Crawford, Harriet Denham. SECOND ROW: Betty Doty, Doris Eason, Betty Eckles, Marianne Farmer, Peggy Fitts, Grace Jean Gillespie, Ann Gilpin. THIRD ROW: Lucile Givens, Sara Graves, Grizelda Green, Nancy John- son, Ann Jones, Joann Jordan, Emily Joulian. FOURTH ROW: Patsy Knight, Carolyn McCurdy, Pat McNease, Libby Mounger, Joann Ray, Sara Margaret Rayner, Mary Ann Robinson. FIFTH ROW: Pat Trotter, Sara Webster, Cissy Westbrook, Irene Wig- gins, Ann Armstrong, Dorothy Brown, Jean Byrd. SIXTH ROW: Mary Helen Clift, Martha Ann Cooper, Kibler Crenshaw, Jane Demarest, Sarah Doxey, Josephine Garner, Carolyn Jones. SEVENTH ROW: Susan Lumpkin, Ann McCoy, Patsy Murphy, Ger- aldine Pankratz, Mary Katherine Salmon, Jo Ann Thomas, Betty Wallace, Margaret Ann White. Founded in 1852 Established at Ole Miss in 1926 I ■ ■ ■ Phi Mu was the next on our list. The house looked very beautiful and spacious, sitting on a hill amidst evergreen shrubs. We very cautiously knocked on the front door, only to hear President Martha Ann Cook ' s reassuring voice say, " Welcome to the Phi Mu Hotel. " We registered at the door and were then presented a key to our room where we were to be entertained by the Phi Mu actives. Campus favorite and Vice President " Rusty " Owen introduced us to the other officers, Ann Wood and Ginny Wing. We also met Chip Peeples, Campus Favorite Margaret Crook, Majorette Billie Jean Little and many other charming girls. A skit entitled " Phi Mu Through the Seasons " was presented. Later, make believe cocktails were served by very efficient twin waiters, Weida and Wanda Goodman. We left this house with a smile on our faces and a warm reassurance that we had made many new friends. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Betty Jean Bowen, Juanita Lucile Brown, Catherine A. Carter, Martha Ann Cook, Nancy Craig, Margaret E. Crook, Alyce Lynn Fuller. SECOND ROW: Wanda Joan Goodman, Weida Jean Goodman, June Catchings Irby, Jean N. Montgomery, Rubye Ann Myers, Rosemary R. Owen, Irma Richardson. 411, THIRD ROW: Nancy Jane Sowell, Emily Richards Stubbs, Ann Peyton White, Sally Ann Wilkerson, Ida Virginia Wing, Neta Ann Wood, Betty Ann Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Harriet J. Chase, Ilanette Huff, Margaret R. Jordan, Sara Alice Keys, Ann McIntyre, Mary Janice Morris, Bettye Ann Morton. FIFTH ROW: Rosemary S. Neill, Margaret Catherine Owen, Tommye Lu Phillips, Cynthia Rives, Jeanne M. Smith, Dolores Ann Stewart, Martha Jeannine Vaughn. NOT PICTURED: Bettye Rose Miller, Patricia A. Peoples. PHI MU 185 Founded in 1897 Established at Ole Miss in 1927 ■ IN ■ At the Kappa Delta " salon " we saw a style show which featured the very latest styles in fashionable French Originals. Kay Dee of Paree, Ann Grigsby, presented the show which featured models: Betty Ann McDonald, cheerleader and favorite, Carolyn Bogard, Mary Little, beauty, and Mertice Jeter, Miss University. While shopping around at ze beautifully decorated salon, we were brought up to date on ze latest fashions in hats, shoes, and jewelry. Amidst accented syllables and a green and white color scheme, we met President Joann Barbour, Vice President Carolyn Kochtitzky, Secretary Ann Sneed, and Treasurer Louise Zeller. We had a wonderful time at ze French Tea, and we hated to tell ze friendly Pariseans " A revoir. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Joan Barbour, Mary Bartlett, Caro Bogard, Beth Bradley, Grathan Brigance, Ann Bronn, Betty Burgess, Ann Catchings. SECOND ROW: Frances Catchings, Margaret Chambers, Sylvia Collins, Gail Curry, Barbara Davis, Joan Eldridge, Joyce Ferguson, Frances Frazier. THIRD ROW: Betty Jo Fyfe, Ann Grigsby, Mary Kathryn Grittman, Ann Haskins, Ann Hensley, Marilyn Hill, Jo Holland, Frances Holloman. FOURTH ROW: Patsy Horne, Mertice Jeter, Carolyn Kemp, Sally Ker- shaw, Carolyn Kochtitsky, Jeanne Larkin, Jimmie Lawson, Betty Lawwill. FIFTH ROW: Mary Little, Kathryn Lyle, Betty McCarthy, Betty Ann MacDonald, Zelma Melvin, Joyes Murphy, Elizabeth Nichols, Mariamne Prewitt. SIXTH ROW: Jane Rogers, Helen Salmon, Genie Smith, Sue Smith, Ann Sneed, Nanette Stewart, Bobbie Thrower, Louise Zeller. NOT PICTURED: Nancy Murray, Pat Regan, Barbara Terell. • • • DELTA•••• 187 LI Founded in 1873 Established at Ole Miss in 1936 The newly decorated Delta Gamma house looked lovely in the sorority colors of bronze, pink, and blue. As we reached the front door, it was magically opened by two little colored boys dressed as slaves of by-gone days. We then met the truly Southern officers: Shirley Holland, Clare Geisen- berger, Marjorie Holder, and Maryanna Bailey. Secretary of W.S.G.A. Jo Ann Riddell immediately took full responsi- bility of us and introduced us to June Kimbrough, Marjorie Reeves, and many others. The sorority song " Delta Gamma Dream Girl " furnished the background music for a very impressive skit based on the founding of Delta Gamma sorority. Seated on the winding staircase were lovely southern belles dressed in hoop skirts and organdy. We saw favorites Sugar Salter and Carolyn Wat- kins, Barnard House President Rose Marie Leonard, and Ricks President Jo Stewart. As we left the house, we were given the Delta Gamma flower, the cream rose. My, what a nice party! MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Jo Anne Allred, Marianne Caldwell, Jackie Curry, Dorothy Ewell, Marge Fraser, Clare Geisenberger. SECOND ROW: Sally Hampton, Mary Hare, Marjorie Holder, Shirlee Holland, Margie Jordan, June Kimbrough. THIRD ROW: Rose Marie Leonard, Peggy Mahoney, Ada Lee Oglesby, Elizabeth Ann Pinkston, Marjorie Reeves, Jo Ann Riddell. FOURTH ROW: Medora Salter, Mary Loudon Stennis, Mary Jo Stuart, Kathryn Todd, Carolyn Watkins, Etheldra Cox, Mary Lois Gilliam. FIFTH ROW: Sara Murphey, Gwyn Reid, Anne Robinson, Patricia Sage, Betty Unger, Barbara Vernon, Bobbye Wagner. NOT PICTURED: Marianna Bailey. 1 • II • N 189 AZ Founded in 1902 Established at Ole Miss in 1927 IN II II We were next transferred to the Orient at the Delta Zeta house. Peggy Pylant, dressed in an Oriental costume greeted us at the door, and presented us with hand painted fans. The dark interior smelled of jasmine incense, and we saw the faint outline of mats and low tables. As our eyes grew accustomed to the dim light we saw officers Merle Martin, Elizabeth Brown, Ellen Fyfe, and Ellen Norwood all dressed in the same style Oriental clothes. A pulse quickening silence prevailed as an old Chinese folk tale was being told by Ellen Wade. Next was an Oriental dance set to music by Elizabeth Brown and Merle Martin. As the program ended, we found ourselves feeling very mysterious. But we were soon brought back into reality as we found ourselves drinking spiced tea, laughing, and talking to Shirley Norwood, Book review editor of the Law Journal, and Elizabeth Brown, President of Westminster Fellowship. As we left, House Mother Mrs. A. C. McCorkle patted us on the back and we sadly bade the mysterious Orient good-bye. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Brown, Virginia Ann Echols, Ellen Fyfe, Jo Mc- Crone, Merle Martin. SECOND ROW: Domena Mistilis, Shirley Norwood, Elizabeth Pylant, Ellen Wade, Janice Greenway. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Harper, Adeline Mason, Nancy Mullin, Thelma Pelham, Nancy Pierce. FOURTH ROW: Marlene Steele, Bettye Thomas, Muriel Thomas, Shirley Thomas, Pal Pierocich. NOT PICTURED: Bettye Vasnalli. • • • Ill )ELTA ZETA•••• 191 Founded in 1898 Established at Ole Miss in 1939 ■ III ■ Our next party was properly entitled " The Gay Nineties. " Out on the terrace we saw bright red and white checked table cloths, lighted candles, pretzels, and Z.T.A. mugs filled to the brim with cool root beer. We were seated after meeting officers, Jean Beck, Julie Douglas, Coleen Fly and Martha Douglas. Patty Anderson and Dorothy Easom waved to us through the crowd. As Alice Williams began to play the piano, Jerelene Ferrell, who was com- ically dressed as a Negro, began to sing. After this, the barbershop quartet sang a number. Then a skit representing the different states during the gay nineties was presented. We had a great time and best of all, we had souvenir mugs with A.T.A. crests to remind us of these friendly girls and a wonderful time. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Patty Anderson, Jean Beck, Sylvia Davis, Julie Douglas, Martha Douglas. SECOND ROW: Dot Easom, Mary Ellen Exum, Jerelene Ferrell, Colleen Fly, Charlotte Hess, Nell Hobgood. THIRD ROW: Roy Jean Hussey, Hazel Wynne McCain, Bettye Mc- Whorter, Dorothy Malone, Doris Mills, Mary Ann Patton. FOURTH ROW: Corrine Taylor, Patsy Taylor, Martha Wallace, La- Nelle Wells, Alice Williams, Mary Catherine Woodruff. • • • • ZETA TAU ALPHA •••• 193 Founded in 1870 Established at Ole Miss in 1946 We next saw the campus ' s newest, the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. By now, we felt so lucky to be able to attend such a wonderful school, and have a chance to meet and be with such lovely girls. The Kappa house was alive and fairly bursting with South Sea Island beauties. After we entered and met Nancy Carpenter, Vice President Carol Christopher, Secretary Anita Gavin and House Mother Mrs. Boggess, we felt very much at home in this South Sea Island paradise. Against a background of palm trees, hula-hula girls, ukes and traditional blue leis, we heard a faint melody " Kappa Lullaby " hummed by Luci Kreger, Beauty Jackie Walker and Cheerleader Cynthia Hogan. After talking to Candy Davis and many other gracious hostesses, our time for visiting was over. We left with our blue leis as sourvenirs and a fresh memory of a truly wonderful day. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Jeanne Adams, Helen Bell, Peggy Brewster, Nancy Car- penter, Carroll Christopher, Henrietta Crosby. SECOND ROW: Kaye Ann Davis, Anita Gavin, Josephine Hamilton, Cynthia Hogan, Luci Kreger, Lloyd Lee, Mary Claire McDermott. THIRD ROW: Margaret Read, Dorothy C. Smith, Dottie Waite, Jackie Walker, May Watkins, Nancy Wood, Jane Baker. FOURTH ROW: Janet Baxter, Alice Bell, Peggy Blake, Carolyn Cassidy, Carolyn Chain, Martha Ann Davis, Frances Dupre. FIFTH ROW: Connie Earl, Barbara Edwards, Theresa Grimes, Josephine Johnson, Betty Jane Parks, Joan Phillips, Jane Scruggs. SIXTH ROW: Donna Sharp, Maida Smith, Joy Stockett, Jane Todd, Martha Wiglama, Rosa Lee Williams, Ann Yates. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Kincannon, Betty Jane Harper, Tish Skipwith. • • III • KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA • • • • 195 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL First Row: Gene Bishop, Bob Cave, Ike Collins, Van Davis. Second Row: Bill Dulaney, John Gerdes, Jack Hatcher, Wiley Third Row: Bill Korndorffer, Spivey Lipsey, Bob Moser, Jimmy Fourth Row: Henry Paris, Irby Park, " Moose " Ramsey, Ed Shroprhir::. 196 OFFICERS HANK HERNDON President CHARLIE HOLLANDER rice-President WES LOMINICK Secretary LARRY FRANCK Treasurer First Row: Ernest Spencer, Silvio Spigolon. Second Row: Ed Timmons, Victor Vance. Third Row: John Watts, Parham Williams. HENRY HERNDON WES LOMINICK CHARLIE HOLLANDER LARRY FRANCK MEMBERS GENE BISHOP Sigma Alpha Epsilon BOB CAVE Phi Kappa Psi IKE COLLINS Pi Kappa Alpha VAN DAVIS Alpha Tau Omega BILL DULANEY Delta Psi ROBERT ERWIN Delta Psi LARRY FRANCK Kappa Alpha BILL GERBER Kappa Sigma JOHN GERDES Phi Kappa Psi JACK HATCHER Sigma Chi HANK HERNDON Delta Kappa Epsilon CHARLIE HOLLANDER Phi Epsilon Pi WILEY HUTCHINS Sigma Nu BILL KORNDORFFER Alpha Tau Omega SPIVEY LIPSEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon WES LOMINICK Kappa Sigma BOB MOSER Beta Theta Pi JIMMY NEBLETT Sigma Chi HENRY PARIS Phi Epsilon Pi IRBY PARK Sigma Phi Epsilon " MOOSE " RAMSEY Phi Delta Theta ED SHROPSHIRE Sigma Nu EARNEST SPENSER Phi Delta Theta SILVIO SPIGOLON Theta Kappa Phi JIM STINGILY Pi Kappa Alpha BOBBY TAYLOR Delta Kappa Epsilon ED TIMMONS Sigma Phi Epsilon VICTOR VANCE Kappa Alpha JOHN WATTS Beta Theta Pi PARHAM WILLIAMS Delta Kappa Epsilon 197 E Founded in 1844 Established at Ole Miss in 1850 Led by who knows who . . Hank Herndon is IFC president, wheel in NROTC, and ODK . . . Harold Crump is Cardinal club prexy . . . Parham Williams is veep of the YMCA and scholastic leader . . . from the flagpole they fly banners of crimson and gold and celebrate 102 years on the Ole Miss campus . . . flowers and pansies and they sing " Phi Marching Song. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Noah E. Blackwell, Robert W. Brumfield, John Clay Carter, Palmer Casey, Van Coney, Charles J. DeCarlo. SECOND ROW: Leland S. Duddleston, Ernest G. Flora, James F. Hall, Henry Newton Herndon, Richard LaRobadiere, Robert B. Lesley. THIRD ROW: Roy L. McNeill, Alfred Russell Moran, James Lee Perabo, Ernest C. Phillips, Arthur J. Rogers, Robert C. Scott. FOURTH ROW: William Spikes, Edward H. Wilkinson, Parham H. Williams, Harry E. Burrow, John Thomas Cobb, Clinton A. Davis. FIFTH ROW: James Barry Finch, Rudolph V. Guillot, William Heard, James W. Jones, Frank A. LaGrone, Walter C. Langford. SIXTH ROW: Claude D. Malone, Joseph Frank Potts, Jack Robertson, James William Shumate, Roy Stisher, Harmon M. Walker. NOT PICTURED: James Hollis Lipsey, Robert E. Taylor, Wi lliam H. Anderson, Lloyd O ' Neil Tate. • II • • DELTA KAPPA EPSILON • • • • 199 Founded in 1847 Established at Ole Miss in 1855 ■ ■ ■ The shh-lah-h boys of fraternity row . . . officers are secret and no one knows when meetings are held . . . Royal Hickey is leader in intramural athletics . . . Gus Turner ' s convertible is fabulous . . . Edgar Magee left for the Army . . . they wear the colors azure and gold. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: James Thomas Bridges, Joseph E. Brown, Jr., Joseph M. Buchannan, William C. Cooper. SECOND ROW: Willard Cumberland, Elliam S. Dickson, William P. Dulaney, John W. Eckhart, III, Alfred T. Eubanks. THIRD ROW: Ernest W. Farrar, Jr., Melvin Flowers, B. Royal Hickey, Jr., Kenneth M. Kelly, Edgar L. Magee. FOURTH ROW: Milton A. Schultz, Charles R. Strain, Shelton B. Vance, Hobson M. Wakefield, Charles Neil White. NOT PICTURED: Hewitt R. Clarke, James R. Clinton, Robert N. Ervin, Lamar Harrison, John W. Savage, Jr., William F. Turner, Robert Young Wood, Jr. • • A 201 Founded in 1852 Established at Ole Miss in 1857 Tommy Graves leads the Sig Alph ' s and T. E. Porter watches the dough . . . province convention on Ole Miss campus this year . . . Bishop is ASB vice-president and ODK . . . E. C. Ward is vice-prexy of ODK Stewart Campbell guided the ASB Dance Committee . . . Wearers of old gold and royal purple . . . sing " Violets " . . . guard their lions. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Jerry B. Barrier, James A. Becker, Jr., John M. Bee, Gene H. Bishop, Thomas C. Boring, Jr., Gideon L. Brown, Jr., William J. Burney. SECOND ROW: Charles R. Burrow, Royal S. Campbell, William W. Chapman, John A. Crawford, Jr., William G. Crenshaw, Howard G. Duvall, Samuel H. Farris, Ben M. Feigler. THIRD ROW: John K. Gordon, Thomas C. Graves, III, George H. Gulley, Jr., Kenneth 0. King, George Klepper, Robertson M. Leatherman, Edward S. Lipsey, Harry Loflin. FOURTH ROW: Talbot G. McCormick, Jr., Mike M. Marshall, Joe G. Montgomery, Edward L. Murphree, John B. Perkins, Robert L. Peters, James E. Pidgeon, Jr., Thomas E. Porter, Jr. FIFTH ROW: Richard H. Reid, Lewis B. Robertson, George W. Rogers, Jr., Oscar F. Temple, Jr., James E. Thomas, Allen C. Thompson, Jr., E. C. Ward, Edwin J. Barnes. SIXTH ROW: John G. Barnett, Robert L. Beck, Bedford C. Bradley, James T. Canfield, Robert E. Coker, Sam P. Cooper, William M. Day, John B. Gathright, Jr. SEVENTH ROW: William L. Hartman, Godfrey B. Ingram, Donald A. Mitchell, Paul B. Murphy, Joseph E. Roberts, Stanley H. Turpin, Walter E. Watts, Jr., Eli Whitaker, Jr. NOT PICTURED: Thomas H. Campbell, III, Thomas Foard, David C. Leatherman, Mack A. Lewis, Jr., John P. Moore, R. E. Semmes, Jr., John Wade, Orlon G. Walker, Jr., Jack H. Wittjen, James E. Boone, William E. Cagle, John C. Connell, George E. Draper, Denny S. Hays, Philip D. Land, George R. Pidgeon, John C. Shannon, Ted J. Webb, William Y. Wilson. ■ • M SiGMA A LPHA INI • • • 207 4 B Founded in 1848 Established at Ole Miss in 1877 Church Snyder leads the wearers of the Sword and Shield and Machine Gun Miley tries to collect dues . . . Mother Silver supervises meals . . . Ghol- son is drum major and collects speech trophies . . . Lear directs the Rebel " T " . . . Looney headed " Dixie Week " committee . . . houseful of quacks and shysters . . . azure and argent . . . white carnation . . . singers of " Forty- Eight " ... painters of lions . . . those week-end house parties . . . Mallette and Spencer are ODK. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Bobby Barnes, Guy Bumpas, Bob Albert Caldwell, Charlie Carr, George Cottingham, Francis Criss, Wade Garner. SECOND ROW: Hunter Gholsom, Phil Harding, Shaw Johnson, S. K. Jones, Tom Joyner, Bobby Lake, Jimmy Lear. THIRD ROW: Tommy McDowell, Tommy Mallette, James Miley, Teddy Millette, Dana Moore, Norrell Noble, David Pointer, Marvin Porter, Mar- shall Ramsey. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Reeves, Fisher Rhymes, Dick Smith, Jimmy Smith, Marion. Smith, Charles Snyder, Ernest 0. Spencer, Van Stone. FIFTH ROW: Don Taylor, Walter Taylor, Tommy Tucker, Bob Wade, Johnny Watts, Bob Weaver, James Wilson, Kinman Wynn. SIXTH ROW: Larry Boyd, George Brenner, Bill Cox, Jim Criss, Jimmy Dunn. SEVENTH ROW: Fred Farmer, Harry Griffith, Tommy Harris, Bobby Hussey, Bobby Jenkins, Jack Johnson, Jimmy McDowell. EIGHTH ROW: Gene Parks, Frank Quinn, Tilden Shannahan, Don Smythe, Billy Stitt, Faser Triplett, Ed Williford. NOT PICTURED: Bill Brandon, Walter Green, Bob Gurney, Bob Looney, Frank Reynolds, Charles Synder, Gary Brent, Knox Gary, Gerald Gladney, Francis Hall, Carl Lipe, Pat Parkinson, Jack Reed, Bubber Spencer, Jimmy Threldkeld, Frank Tindall. PHI DELTA THETA ...N. 209 Founded in 1839 Established at Ole Miss in 1879 1947 OLE MISS. 33 HISS.STATE14 One of the early members of the Miami Triad . . . Bobby Joe Moser is prexy and J. W. Willis handles the gold . . . Gerald Roux commands A.F. R.O.T.C. and Henry Fonville is A.S.B. treasurer and YMCA head . . . Bob Rushing is treasurer of Scabbard and Blade . . . Arnold twins leads in scho- lastics . . . Hal Maxwell made all-SEC . . . baby pink and baby blue are their colors . . . sing " Loving Cup " and " My Beta Girl. " MEMBERS FIRST FIRST ROW: Joseph F. Armstrong, James Edward Arnold, Thomas Elwin Arnold, Sidney F. Back, Kirby Bryant. SECOND ROW: Calvin LaRue Dahncke, Henry P. Fonville, Ralph M. Fortenberry, William E. Harreld, George P. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Douglas M. Koger, Robert L. Koger, Harold L. Maxwell, Bobby Joe Moser, Stig J. Mylander, Baker Gerald Nagle. FOURTH ROW: Robert K. Rushing, Ivan C. Thompson, Jr., William A. Watson, John A. Watts, III, James B. Williams, James W. Willis. FIFTH ROW: Austin H. Applewhite, Jr., Donald Brown, Lowery Jones, Arthur Murphy, Gerald Roux, John R. Scobey. NOT PICTURED: Robert L. Andreae, Ira L. Couch, Robert L. Crawford, James P. Hooper, David B. Lyon, Carroll Crull. • 31 ■ • BETA ' THETA PI •wdi• 211 KA Founded in 1865 Established at Ole Miss in 1900 A bunch of wheels roll around the KA lodge. Leon Lewis is No. 1 (as the Robert E. Lee boys say it) , also annual editor, ODK, and Hall of Fame . . . Matt Bonner is No. II, leads Engineering School and is ODK . . . B. B. McClendon is No. III, is business manager of the Law Journal, is prexy of Phi Delta Phi and is another ODK man . . . Geary is ASB President, ODK and Hall of Fame . . . Williams is co-chairman of IFC Dance Committee . . . crimson and old gold . . . Old South Ball . . . sing " Kappa Alpha Rose. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Ed Alexander, Kye Bethany, Erskine Bonds, Matt Bonner, Chester Burnham, Lindy Callahan, Jim Campbell, Julian Carroll, Billy Coffey. SECOND ROW: Billy Cook, Ralph Davison, Jim Elliott, Joe Elliott, Gene Fincher, Larry Franck, Jack Geary, Monroe Gensert, Ewell Griffon, George Griffon. THIRD ROW: Jerry Hair, Nelson Hall, Wade Hilliard, Otis Johnson, Henry Laws, Leon Lewis, B. B. McClendon, Ben Moore, T. E. Mortimer, George Mullis. FOURTH ROW: Robert Owens, William Perry, Sam Presley, Bill Ready, Frank Reilly, Fielding Robinson, John Robinson, Jerry Ryan, Jack Stamm, Forrest Stevens. FIFTH ROW: Tommy Thompson, Victor Vance, Kenneth Watts, Tommy White, Binford Williams, Harold Williams, Wirt Yerger, LeRoy Caldwell, Robert Caroll, J. P. Culpepper. SIXTH ROW: George Elliott, Blake Higdon, Gene Holcombe, Ed Jones, Zeb Jones, Robert Koestler, James Ladner, Boyd Letcher, Tinker McCardle, James Magee. SEVENTH ROW: Sam Morse, Clayton Overton, Mitchell Sallourn, John Sumrall, Melvin Thomas, William Thompson, Claud Tingle, Tommy Webb, Gene Williams, James Woods. NOT PICTURED: Ed Barber, Paul Gerard, Pete Hand, Sam Hardison, Pete Lagrone, Ernest Magruder. • • • • KAPPA AI PHA • • • • 213 Founded in 1869 Established at Ole Miss in 1926 Paul Pittman is editor of " The Mississippian " and Hall of Fame . . . Ed Brignac is business manager of same . . . Kelly Clifford is president of ODK and is member of Hall of Fame . . . Pittman, Bennett and Coppedge are members of ODK . . . Coppedge also prexy of Liberal Arts . . . Chris Henick heads Reb band . . . wear the Star and Crescent ... Jimmy Sheffield is grand master and Eugene Barham handles the cash . . . winners of Homecoming trophy . . . sing " Kappa Sigma " . . . lilies of the valley. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: J. L. Adams, Edward Atkinson, Forest Baker, Eugene Bar- ham, Dick Barnhill, Bill Beck, Fred Birmingham, Bill Brewer, Eddie Brignac. SECOND ROW: Howard Bishop, Wally Burns, Beau. Carvill, Kelly Clif- ford, Walter Coppedge, Jimmy Davis, Ernest Duff, Erasmus Fowler, Jimmie Fullilove. THIRD ROW: David Goforth, Brelon Grantham, Howard Grubbs, Chris Henick, Paul Horn, Rudi Koski, Clifton Little, Henry Linton, Wesley Lomi- nick. FOURTH ROW: Kelly Love, Paul Martin, Pat McHugh, Bob Merryman, Charlie Middleton, John Miller, Harry Morgan, Isaac Newton, Carl Nichols. FIFTH ROW: Gene Odom, Joe Parks, Roy Pitts, Paul Pittman, Fred Seeley, Jimmy Sheffield, Jimmie Shoemaker, Bill Smith, Charlie Speed. SIXTH ROW: Louis Staehle, Roland Stetler, Ray Stieffel, Fred Tannehill, Frank Therrell, Pat Tracy, Dick Trott, Glenn Warren, Randolph Wesley, John White. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Willey, Charlie Williams, Jimmy Yarbrough, Mack Yawn, Robert Lloyd Bailey, Joe Buckley, Rufus Dalton, John Dunlap, Henry Eldredge, Baxter Elliott. EIGHTH ROW: Bo Holaday, Dan Knight, Billy Joe McInnis, Jack Milli- gan, Bobby Myers, Elmer Nix, Leighton Pettis, Harry Seeger, Favre Slater, Walter Townsend. NOT PICTURED: John Gregg, Charles Scott, Duane Smith, Sonny Wolfe, Richard Ball, Jim Bellmer, Al Burns, George Saig, Jack Simmons, Billy Temple, David Willingham. I • • • • KA l ' PA SIGMA...• 215 T Founded in 1865 Established at Ole Miss in 1927 The wearers of the Maltese Cross are led by Billy Berry in the President ' s chair and Mike Isom in the vault . . . Berry and Isom are both ODK .. . Rocky Byrd handles varsity quarterback chores and John Paris won the SEC 880 . Korndorffer ' s veep ... azure and gold ... white ... roses sing " Sweet- heart of ATO. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Billy E. Berry, Robert Bickerstaff, Victor R. Blaine, Clyde Bracken, Ronard Byrd, Arthur M. Clark. SECOND ROW: James Cooper, L. S. Davidson, Dan Davis, Merle Fraser Mike Isom, James Jackson. THIRD ROW: James Korndoffer, Bill Korndoffer, John Paris, Robert Patterson, Charles Prindle, Walter M. Ruby, Ken Seawright. FOURTH ROW: Robert Sellers, Maurice Tyler, Wilbur VanRiper, Charles Allen, Edwin Beatty, Paul Berry, Richard Croll. FIFTH ROW: James Davis, John Diamond, Charles H. Easom, Rodney Granger, William V. Jones, Eugene Lester, Thomas Moore. SIXTH ROW: Kenny Oates, Walter Rose, Warren Seely, Charles Shumate, Harvey Stirewalt, Ralph Taylor, Robert Williams. NOT PICTURED: Gus Brown, Neil Rosenbaum, Sam Gore, Richard Harvey, Barry Johnson, Robert Keys, Richard Van Riper. • • • • ALPHA TAU OMEGA MI • • • 217 Founded in 1869 Established at Ole Miss in 1927 Wiley Hutchins heads the Serpent crew and Dale Bell counts the coins .. . Goldhammer is sports editor of the paper . . . Halligan ' s the brain of the lodge . . . elaborate Homecoming design . . . John Burnett heads Scabbard and Blade . . . Jiggerhead Jones has the sharp wit . . . white rose . . . colors are black, gold, and white . . . sing the " White Star of Sigma Nu. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: T. W. Ammon, W. Dale Bell, John Burnett, William Bush, William Dunaway, Hal Freeland. SECOND ROW: Richard Goldhammer, James C. Griffin, Anthony Hali- gan, Hal Hill, Wiley Hutchins, Robert E. Jones. THIRD ROW: Lamar Leggett, Al MacInnis, Al Meena, Glenn Middleton, Sherman Muths, George Ricketts. FOURTH ROW: Milford Shirley, Ed. Shropshire, Bennett Dale Thomp- son, George White, Richard R. White, Bobby Joe Barber. FIFTH ROW: Joe Davis Brown, Jerry Cole, Freddie Fisher, Barry Gerald, James Graves, David Hale. SIXTH ROW: George Hightower, George Hill, Tommy Lilly, Jimmy Mad- dux, Robert Shirley, Lionel Theriot, Marshall Vance. NOT PICTURED: Jerry Bugbee, William Bugbee, Robert Lambert, Frank Ott, Joseph Treumper, William R. Blanchard, Bobby Bradford, Butler B. Digillio, William Gardner, Norman Harrison, Bob Mosely, Emile Ott, John Ott. ....SIGM A N E H 219 K A Founded in 1868 Established at Ole Miss in 1927 ■ ■ ■ - - re to Ft OLE MISS 27 TATE 20 ' SO Jim Quarles leads the garnet and gold boys . . . Al Moore keeps treasure books . . . Hardin is Judiciary Council chairman, also wears a beard . . . Ike Collins is the ladi es ' man . . . John Whitworth is honor pledge of the lily-of- the-valley group . . . Pete Mangum, George Truett, and Paul Whitesides are varsity grid standouts . . . sing " Dream Girl of Pi KA. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: John R. Barr, Douglas Brandon, Clifton D ow Bryant, Fletcher Carraway, Ike J. Collins, James D. Dickey, Jewell M. Dorris. SECOND ROW: Eugene D. Ellis, Thomas A. Goodwin, III, Clarence L. Hardin, Jr., Lee Hardin, Malcolm F. Justice, James R. Knight, Jr., Wade H. LaGrone, Jr. THIRD ROW: John T. Leverett, Jr., Joseph Tilman Lyle, Mitchell E. McLaughlin, Robert E. Maher, Ernest G. Mangum, Jerome S. Miller, E. Conway Moncure, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Yancy A. Moore, Elbert B. Nelson, Jr., William H. Perkins, H. Henry Phelps, Clarence J. Profilet, Jr., James R. Quarles, C. Chalmers Richardson. FIFTH ROW: William Kelly Scott, Thomas H. Spencer, Mack Van Tid- well, George W. Truett, Max Lee Waldrop, Thomas A. Bickerstaff, Jr., El- liot R. Bowman. SIXTH ROW: Billy Ragland King, John Robert McDade, Don Marvin Nichols, David L. Sneed, John H. Whitworth, Dale Williamson, John Howard Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Edward R. Braun, James Ray Stingily, Paul White- side, Robert W. Bishop, Eugene Earles, Paul R. Lanier, Ralph Marston, Marvin Parker Powell. .... PT KAPPA ALPHA .... 221 Founded in 1904 Established at Ole Miss in 1935 [I • • • The wheels of the campus . . . Henry Paris is Superior, head cheerleader, Colonel Rebel, and Hall of Fame . . . Chigger Danciger is managing editor of " The Mississippian " and prexy of Intramural Council . . . Charlie Hol- lander heads committees and is Judicial Council chairman . . . Berman is vice-president elect of the ASB and is quite a man around the campus .. . Paris, Danciger, Hollander, and Berman are ODK . . . Calif is cheer- leader . . . Lamensdorf and Feldman argue who ' s pledge president . . . purple and gold . . . " Dream Girl of Phi Ep Pi. " MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Bob Berman, Butch Califf, Harry Danciger. SECOND ROW: Charles Hollander, Sam Lamensdorf, Jack Marvin. THIRD ROW: Henry Paris, Leonard Warren. NOT PICTURED: David Feldman. ■ ■ ■ PH EPSILOI ■ H C1 ■ 223 THE A PHI FIRST ROW: Robert Acevedo, John Bat, Baptist Bo- etto, Joe Hayes. SECOND ROW: Dennis Helm, Frank Hosak, Robert Lynski, Richard Perkins, Silvio Spigolon. NOT PICTURED: Robert Brown, Tony Ernish, Frank Kane, Eugene Nieto. Founded in 1922 Established at Ole Miss in 1949 Eugene Nieto is President . . . Dennis Helm takes over when Nieto is away ... Anthony Ernish keeps the minutes and Joseph handles the dough . . . Richard Perkins trains the pledges . . . Silvio Spigolon is I.F.C. representative and also Scabbard and Blade ... Joseph Dolin watches the scholarship . . . John Bat represents the fraternity on Intramural Council and Frank Kane in I.F.C. . . . colors are red, gold, and silver . . . national flower is the colum- bine. • • • SIGMA PHI EPSILON 011111=1■111■1=1111141118a M111■11, M11111■1■ 11,111111111■111U1111111111111111111•11111111•1■111111•11111 OIL FIRST ROW: Joe Byrd, Sidney Haney, Rufus Keene, Walter Lemke, Robert R. Marriam. SECOND ROW: Leslie Newcomb, John Nottingham, Irby Park, Bill Patterson, Edgar J. Timmons. Founded in 1901 Established at Ole Miss in 1928 -0- Sid Haney rules as President . . . Irby Parks is comp- troller . . . and Bob Marriam is secretary . . . Irby Parks is I.F.C. representative . . . Chapter room is on third floor of Y.M.C.A. . . . colors are Purple and Red . . . Flowers are American Beauty roses and violets. OUGUDX3CX,OD@3 Clifford, Ward, Carbone, and Berry Forum Speaker, Guy Gabrielson OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa, leadership honor society for men, was founded. December 3, 1914, at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, and installed at the University of Mississippi in 1936. The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold: first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and inter- collegiate interest; third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Five Indispenable Qualifications for Membership: character, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals. Each year ODK sponsors a series of forums which are very helpful to students in keeping abreast of current affairs. In 1949 the members of ODK sponsored the foreign student fund and were instrumental in leading other campus groups to donate to this cause. This fund has been continued to the present time. OFFICERS W, KELLY CLIFFORD President E. C. WARD Vice-President BILLY E. BERRY Treasurer DR. GEORGE A. CARBONE Faculty Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS MR. PAUL BRANDES DR. GEORGE A. CARBONE MR. WILEY H. CRITZ MR. ROSCOE CROSS MR. JOHN H. FOX, JR. DEAN R. MALCOLM GUESS DR. HUEY B. IIOWERTON MR. EUGENE A. ROPER DR. JAMES W. SILVER Right First Row: Henry L. Adkins, John A. Bellan, Jr Robert L. Berman. Second Row: Billy E. Berry, Gene H. Bishop, Jordan M. Bonner. Third Row: Lawrence Briscoe, E. Bufkin, Norris V. Caldwell. Fouth Row: W. Kelly Clillord, Curtis E. Coker, Walter R. Coppedge. Fifth Row: Harry Danciger, John B. French, John H. Geary. Sixth Row: James C. Griffin, Lundy R. Gunn, John L. Henry N. Seventh Row: Charles Hollander, George W. Howell, Jr., Mike Isom, Jr., Whitman B. Johnson, Jr. Eighth Row: Roy C. Kuyrkendall, Jr., Leon Lewis, Burwell B. McClendon, Jr Thomas J. Mallette. Ninth Row: Robert R. Morrison, Jr., Ray Murphy, James W. Neblett, Carl G. Nichols. Tenth Row: Henry Paris, Paul H. Pittman, Ernest 0. Spencer, Jr., E. C. Ward. No Pictures: Robert L. Andress, Fred E. Bennett, J- Jack H. Burnham. Mortar Board is a national honorary society for senior women, established at the University of Mississippi in 1943. Selection for membership is one of the highest honors con- ferred upon women students, based upon outstanding per- sonality, scholarship, ability and leadership on the campus. The officers are: President, Carolyn McCurdy; Vice Presi- dent, Jacqueline Hewitt; Secretary, Ellen Wade; and Treasurer, Cissy Westbrook; Forum Representative, June Wood. First Row: Jacqueline Carolyn McCurdy. Second Row: Ellen Wade, Cissy Weshrook, June Wood. MORTAR BOARD First Row: Emma George Carr, Amaline Crawford, Zelma Melvin. Second Row: Dorothy Mitchell, Ada Lee Oglesby, Betty Jane Rutherford. Third Row: Jean Smith, Sara Alice Williams. No Picture: Billie Jane Rodgers. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS SARA ALICE WILLIAMS President BILLIE JANE RODGERS Vice-President EMMA GEORGE CARR Secretary ZELMA MELVIN Treasurer AMALINE CRAWFORD Chaplain Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary musical fra- ternity for women. Its purposes are to uphold the ideals of the musical profession. Membership is restricted to gradu- ate and undergraduate music students who meet require- ments in their music courses and are recommended by the faculty of the Department of Music. Alpha Omega chapter of the fraternity was formed at Ole Miss in 1939. PI KAPPA PI OFFICERS W. KELLY CLIFFORD President J. RAY MITRPHY Vice-President BILLY E. BERRY Secretary-Treasurer DR. J. ALLAN CABANISS Executive Secretary J. Allan Cabaniss Arthur C. Guyton Bernard G. Hamilton Evelyn Sue Haney FACULTY AND John S. Hartin Huey B. Howerton Harriet J. Jackson STAFF MEMBERS William L. Kennon Richard E. Keye, Jr. Pete Kyle McCarter John R. Smith FIRST ROW: John E. Arnold, Thomas E. Arnold, Billy E. Berry, Charles D. Cannon, W. Kelly Clifford. SECOND ROW: William J. Egan, Phillip George, Arthur J. Hayes, Whitman B. Johnson, Jr., Walbert Kaempier, Roy Kuyrkendall, Jr. THIRD ROW: J. Ray Murphy. James W. Neblett, Carl Nichols, Ernest 0. Spencer, Jr., Henry D. Stone, Parham H. Williams, Jr. NOT PICTURED: George N. Mitchell, HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC AVERAGES Pi Kappa Pi is an organization which upholds high ideals in scholastic work on the Ole Miss Campus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is the highest scholastic honor that may be attained at the University. The main require- ment for membership is a seventy per cent average of A ' s for two consecutive years. 231 PHI ETA. SIGMA OFFICERS PHILLIP W. BROOKS President MACK A. LEWIS Vice-President BAKER G. NAGLE Secretary WALBERT W. KAEMPFER Treasurer ARTHUR J. HAYES Historian GIDEON L. BROWN Senior Advisor ROBERT L. BERMAN Junior Advisor DEAN R. MALCOLM GUESS Faculty .4 visor FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Frank A. Anderson Mr. William V. George Dr. W. Alton Bryant Dr. Arthur C. Guyton Dr. Harry M. Campbell Dean R. Malcolm Guess Dr. J. Hector Currie Mr. Sykes Hartin Dr. George A. Carbone Dr. H. B. I-Iowerton, Sr. Prof. Richard E. Keye Dr. W. L. Kennon Dr. Leston L. Love Dr. Arthur B. Lewis Dr. P. K. McCarter Dr. John D. Williams FIRST ROW: John E. Arnold, Thomas E. Arnold, Robert L. Berman, Billy E. Berry, Noah Blackwell, Phillip ' W. Brooks, Gideon L. Joseph E. Brown, W. Kelly Clifford. SECOND ROW: Robert L. Cave, Justin J. David, Cyril J. Fayard, Phillip George, John R. Gerdes, Anthony J. Halligan, John L. Hatcher, Arthur J. Hayes, Henry N. Hern- don, Jr. THIRD ROW: Robert H. Hodges, Mike Isom, Jr., Walbert W. Kaempfer, William E. Korndorffer, Jr., Harry LofIn, Jr., B. B. McClendon, Jr., Joe G. Montgomery, J. Ray Murphy, Baker G. James W. Neblett. FOURTH ROW: Lenox W. Oglesby, Robert K. Rushing, Ernest 0. Spencer, Norman G. Sterner, Ray H. Stewart, John H. White, Parham H. Williams, James C. Wilson, Jr., Sek Wing , Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. NOT PICTURED: William F. Jones, Mack A. Lewis, James H. Lipsey, Jr., William M. Smith, Robert Y. Wood, George M. Wynne. FRESHMEN SCHOLASTIC Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary fraternity for freshmen. It has as its purpose the forwarding of scholastic ideals and achievements among fresh- man men. Requirements for membership are a 4.5 quality point average for either the first semester of college or for the entire first year of college work. 232 PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS K. HAYES CALLICUTT Maqister GEORGE E. GLEASON Exchequer RALPH D. PRUETT, JR, Clerk WILLIAM F. COLEMAN Historian FIRST ROW: Harold R. Barber, K. Hayes Callicutt, W. Kelly Clifford, William F. Coleman, Charles N. Dean, John B. French. SECOND ROW: John D. Gautier, George E. Gleason, Cecil G. Johnson, Oscar P. LaBarre, B. B. Clendon, Jr., James McClure, Jr. THIRD ROW: Kelly H. McKoin, Arthur Albert V. Miller, Ralph D. Pruett, Jr., Hillman R. Taylor, Harley A. Weeks, Jr., Neil W. White. NOT PICTURED: Alanzo D. Welch. Members of Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi, an honorary international legal fraternity, are chosen from those law students who have displayed the high- est qualities of scholarship and character in their legal training. The organiza- tion was formed at Ole Miss in 1927. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. 233 CARDINAL CLUB OFFICERS HAROLD C. CRUMP President MAURICE LYLE CARROLL Vice-President MICHAEL THOMAS AIKEN Secretary IKE JARRED COLLINS Treasurer FIRST ROW: Michael Thomas George E. Alexander, Robert D. Bickerstaff, Joe Marion Buchanan, William James Burney. SECOND ROW: Ike Jarred Collins, Harold Craft Crump, Robert Elmer Davis, Paul R. Jones, Jr., Sherman Lewis Moths, Henry Paris. ' THIRD ROW: Irby Moore Park, David Pointer, Robert Clinton Scott, James H. Shoemaker, William A. Watson, George R. Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Maurice Lyle Carroll. SOPHOMORE SERVICE ORGANIZATION The Cardinal Club, sophomore service organization at Ole Miss, was organized on the campus in and had as its primary purpose the entertainment of visiting athletic teams. The club, famous as the Freshman disciplinary committee, supervises the building of the annual Homecoming bonfire, acts as guide to numerous student and faculty conventions held on the campus, and helps to instill within freshmen students enthusiastic Ole Miss spirit and love of Ole Miss tradition. Evidences of the genuine service rendered by the Cardinal Club, both past and present, are the many worthwhile gifts and enduring monuments on the University of Mississippi campus. The membership of the Cardinal Club consists of outstanding sophomore men, one from each of the social fraternities and two from the student body at large. The president is selected from the preceding year ' s Cardinal Club and is a member of the Junior Class. Each year the members of the Cardinal Club select for their sponsor an attractive and popular sophomore coed; this year the honor was bestowed upon Miss Callie Mae Swango. 234 PHI ALPHA DELTA First Semester LUNDY REID GUNN Justice FREDERICK GARDNER COX, JR. Vice-Justice JOHN ALEXANDER BELLAN, JR. .. Clerk JAMES HUGH RAY Treasurer PETE HUMPHREY CARRUBBA . Marshall OFFICERS Second Sem ester JAMES H. RAY Justice PETE H. CARRUBBA Vice-Justice ED CATES Clerk DICK BIRCHETT Treasurer FRANK HAMMOND Marshall FIRST ROW: Dennis M. Baker, John R. Baskin, Dan H. Bell, John A. BeIlan, Jr., Richard P. Birchen, R. Blaine, Pete H. Carrubba. SECOND ROW: Edwin L. Cates, Curtis E. Coker, Aron S. Lawrence C. Corban, Jr., George L. Cottingham, Jr., Fredrick G. Cox, Jr., Earl R. Cruthirds, Thomas E. Douglas. THIRD ROW: Walter W. Eppes, Jr., Lundy Reid Gunn, Frank J. Hammond, George W. Howell, Robert E. Jones, W. Lynn Jordan, Robert A. McKee, Thomas J. Mallette. FOURTH ROW: Robert B. Pickens, James B. Ramsey, James H. Ray, Jack L. Ritter, Frank W. Walden, Harry G. Walker, Edwin C. Ward, Charles D. Williams, Jr. Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary legal fraternity, which seeks the promotion of fellowship and the fostering of the highest ideals of the legal profession. Those students in the School of Law who have attained the requisite scholastic and character qualifications are eligible for consideration as members. The local Lamar chapter was established in 1929 and was named for one of Mississippi ' s outstanding statesmen, L. Q. C. Lamar. 235 OFFICERS NANCY JOHNSTON President MARIANNE PREWITT Vice-President SARAH HARWELL Secretary JEAN NICOLA Treasurer Mississippi Iota of CWENS is composed of sophomore women selected for scholarship, leadership ability and par- ticipation in campus activities. CWENS promotes scholar- ship and leadership among coeds and renders service to the University. CWENS First Row: Margaret Crook. Wanda Goodman, Weida Goodman. Second Row: Sarah Harwell, Nancy Johnson, Betty MacDonald. Third Row: Jean Nicola, Betty Nosser, Mariamne Prewitt, First Row: Betty Jean Bowen, Marjorie Frazer, Barbara Galloway. Second Row: Nancy Johnson, Betty MacDonald, Phyllis Mullen. Third Row: Betty Oswalt, Mary Elizabeth Tahir. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS BETTY MacDONALD President MARY ELIZABETH TAIHR Secretary NANCY JOHNSON Treasurer MARJORIE FRAZIER Historian Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor at- tainable for freshman coeds. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to promote higher standards of living and learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshman women. PHI DELTA CHI OFFICERS ALTON L. HUNTER President WILLIAM J. FONG Vice-President MYLES W. GRAVES Secretary ROBERT E. WADE Treasurer JOSEPH P. FORD Chaplain RAY A. LEMOINE Master-at-firms JAMES L. RAGGIO Inner Guard FIRST ROW: Clinton E. Bane, Jr., Elvis 0. Barnard, Oscar M. Blake, J. D. Brown. Benjamin Burns, Jerry Cooper, Vincent S. DePaula, Joseph Dale Dugas. SECOND ROW: James M. Edwards, William J. Fong, Joseph P. Ford, ford T. Ford, Myles W. Graves, John C. Greco. Lloyd Harder, Alton L. Hunter. THIRD ROW: Ray A. Lemoine, Robert Lee Logan, Billy A. May, Dan R. Meador, Greely R. Nash, James R. Quarles, James L. Raggio, Robert E. Wade, Page V. White. NOT PICTURED: George P. Booth, Charles R. Pyle, Devon Slocum. Phi Delta Chi, a national professional pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded at the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, in the year 1883. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter was installed at Ole Miss in 1927, became in- active in 1929 and was reactivated on May 12, 1951. 237 KAPPA PSI OFFICERS FRED E. BENNETT, JR. Regent CECIL H. CALDWELL, JR, Vice Regent CHARLES W. BULLOCK Secretary WADE H. HILLIARD, JR. Treasurer VAN DORN STONE, JR. Historian GERALD JACK GLASS Chaplain DEAN E. L. HAMMOND Faculty Advisor FIRST ROW: James N. Azlin, Forrest L. Baker, Calvin W. Brown, Charles W. Bullock, Cecil H. Caldwell, Jr., James T. Cunningham, Gerald J. Diaz, Benjamin M. Feigler. SECOND ROW: Garland E. Garner, Gerald Jack Glass, Sidney E. Haney, Wade H. Hilliard, Jr., George Myron Lee, Lee Roy McCarter, Jr., Charles R. McDaniel, Howell N. McNeill. THIRD ROW: John Mount Muse, Milford Q. Nichols, Marshall C. Smith, Jr., Van Dorn Jr., Frank C. rell, Robert L. Vick, Glen Curtiss Warren, John Howard Williams, Malcolm M. Williams. NOT PICTURED: Jack D. Allen, Fred E. Bennett, Jr., John A. Brown, Fenwick Paul Laborde. ESTABLISHING HIGH IDEALS FOR PHARMACISTS Kappa Psi, first national Greek leter pharmaceutical fraternity, was found- ed December 5, 1879, at the College of Virginia. Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Psi reactivated on the Ole Miss campus in May, 1947, after some seventeen years of inactivity. Members are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character and personality. They are expected to exert their utmost ef- forts to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutical profession. 238 S. C. E. OFFICERS BRUNER FORD President J. W. WOOD Vice-President OLIVER J. KREBS, JR. Secretary GEORGE W. BASS Treasurer FIRST ROW: Ed. Alexander, Kenneth Barfield, George W. Bass, J. Matthew Bonner, R. Bowman, Jr., Edmond M. Brignac, Jr., F. Julian. Carroll, Harry G. Chapman, William J. Egan. SECOND ROW: Bruner Ford, A. French, Eduardo Gaitan-Duran, Karl G. Gullaksen, Charles D. Johnston, Alfred H. Jones, Charles E. Kilduff, Oliver J. Krebs, Jr., Roy C. Kuyrkendall. THIRD ROW: William P. Lee, Farley McElroy, Lester M. Maples, Jr., Jared D. Jr., Wayne R. Miles, Robert A. Miller, Edward L. Murphree, Jr., Clarence J. Rogers. FOURTH ROW: Thomas H. Spencer, Glen Wayne Stevens, John W. Teague, Bobby L. Tramel, Roudet 0. Turner, Billy Wayne Vick, Howard Dale Williamson, J. W. Wood, W. P. Woodward. NOT PICTURED: Bobby Boh, Jimmy L. Childers, Harold F. Huggins. THE NATION ' S OLDEST ENGINEERING SOCIETY The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest national engineer- ing society in the United States. It was instituted in 1852, for the purpose of advancing engineering and architectural knowledge and practice, main- taining a high professional standard among its members, encouraging fellow- ship between men of practical science, and establishing a " central point of reference and union for its members. " 239 PHI CHI OFFICERS JAMES C. GRIFFIN Presiding Senior SAMUEL F. CARR Presiding Junior BILLY T. COLLUM Secretary ALBERT L. MEENA Treasurer CHARLES M. DORROUGH Judge Ildfoocate JEFF MULLEN Chapter Editor MEDICAL CLASS II FIRST ROW: Jare Barkley, George Bounds, Richard Campbell, William Carnes, Billy T. Collum, Charles M. Dorrough, William Lee Garner, Robert M. Graham, James C. Griffin. SECOND ROW: Robert P. Griffin, Lucien Hodges, George Hoffman, Hector Howard, Herbert Kroeze, Maurice L. Meena, Carl Nichols, Max Pharr. THIRD ROW: David Scruggs, Fred H. Walker, Jack M. Witchen, MEDICAL CLASS I: Lawrence Brisco, James Bryant, Samuel Fred Carr, James M. Dobbs, James Giffin, Robert Hodge. FOURTH ROW: Robert D. Kirk, Jr., Carl Love, Alvin C. Cully, George Neville, John M. Patterson, Rudyard Robinson, Richard Henry D. Stone, Sam Woolvin. FIFTH ROW: PLEDGES, Don Dismukes, James Earl Harris, Robert Jabour, Edgar D. Johnson, B. Johnson, Jr., Joseph E. Johnston, William E. Korndorffer, James G. Krestensen, James Powell, Creighton L. Wilson, Jr. NOT PICTURED: George G. Armstrong, Leigh Atkins. PROMOTING THE HIGHEST IDEALS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION Phi. Chi international medical fraternity strives for the promotion of the highest ideals of the profession among the students in the many schools of medicine in which it has chapters. Theta Pi chapter was formed at Ole Miss on March 22, 1926. 240 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA OFFICERS WILLIAM T. POLK President WILLIAM C. KELLUM Vice-President ALTON B. COBB Treasurer JOHN E. RAWLS Corresponding Secretary GORDON S. McHENRY Recording Secretary SHELBY W. MITCHELL Marshall EDMUND FAULKENBERRY Warden JOHN L. McGEE Chaplain PATRICK H. GILL Historian FIRST ROW: James W. Allison, Marion H. Brown, James T. Champion, B. Cobb, Joseph P. Crawford, Bernard H. Ellis, Edmond Faulkenberry. SECOND ROW: Carl V. Fields, Patrick H. Gill, Hilton L. Gillespie, Felix T. Henley, Cyrus Henry Higgs, Rex Smith Hulsey, William C. Kellum. THIRD ROW: Edmond T. Kittleman, William G. Lorance, John Lawrence McGee, Gordon S. McHenry, Shelby W. Mitchell, Ben Junior Moore, D. Charles Polizo. FOURTH ROW: William T. Polk, James N. Rasberry, John Eldridge Rawls, Charles C. Spence, James C. Tanner, Dick Thomas, Forrest T. Tutor, Eugene F. Webb. NOT PICTURED: Lloyd G. Berrong, Hugh Jack Burnham, Ben Thomas Gregory, Warren Johnson. Alpha Kappa Kappa, International Medical Fraternity, was founded Sep- tember 29, 1888, at Dartmouth Medical College. Beta Sigma Chapter was installed on the Ole Miss Campus May 17, 1947. Its main purpose is to foster the advancement of the Medical Science, the fellowship of the brotherhood, and the mutual benefit of its members. 241 ABOVE: FIRST ROW: C. Ray Allen, J. Elwin Arnold, T. Edward Arn- old, John M. Bee, Bobby Berman, Billy E. Berry, Gene H. Bishop, F. A. Bowlin. SECOND ROW: F. E. Brasfield, G. Leo Brown, Robert Burkley, James Campbell, Charles Coffey, James L. Davis, Robert Dickin- son, Moland Van Dykes. THIRD ROW: Henry Fonville, Larry Franck, LaMonte Fulton, Jack Geary, Marvin Hale, Chris Henick, David Holmes, Bill House. FOURTH ROW: Mike Isom, Albert Jones, Walbert Kaempfer, Arthur Keller, Jim Korndorffer, Leon Lewis, Bobby Lyon, Ralph McGill. NOT PICTURED: Russell Clinton, Mack A. Lewis, Charles Locke. OPPOSITE PAGE: FIRST ROW: Joe Montgomery, Bobby Joe Moser, Bob Morrison, T. E. Mortimer. SECOND ROW: Carl Nabors, Billy Perry, Charles Pringle, Tony Provenza. THIRD ROW: Billy Renfroe, Gerald Roux, E. 0. Spencer, Jack Stamm, Abe M. Tahir, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Warren, John White, J. W. Willis, Kinman Wynn, Wirt A. Verger, Jr. LEFT: I,eft to right: Kaempfer, Jones, Tahir, Willis, Stamm, Horn, Brown, Provenza, Trumbull, and Berry. BOTTOM: Left to right: Headmaster Isom presents cup to Delta Sig Rose, Jo Ann Turner as alternate Maida Smith and Patsy Murphy look on. DELIA SIGMA PI OFFICERS MIKE ISOM, JR. President JACK STAMM Senior Warden LEO BROWN Junior Warden J. W. Willis Scribe TONY PROVENZA Treasurer ABE TAHIR, JR. Correspondent WALBERT KAEMPFER Historian ALBERT JONES Efficiency Contest Chairman W. P. TRUMBULL Faculty 4dvisor Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional commerce and business administration fraternity. Alpha Phi. Chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Mississippi in 927. Delta Sigma Pi is organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students, for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affilia- tion between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a high standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commer- cial welfare of the community. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is restricted to students of the School of Commerce and Business Administration who have met the necessary scho- lastic requirements and are approved by the fraternity. 243 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS January 1951—January 1952 FRED BENNETT President GERALD GLASS Vice-President PATRICIA McNEASE Secretary-Treasurer January 1952—January 1953 LEE ROY McCARTER, JR. President GLEN WARREN Vice-President ANN ARMSTRONG Secretary-Treasurer One hundred years ago the American Pharmaceutical Association was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and this year will celebrate its centennial at the annual national convention which will be held in August in the city of its birth. Membership in the student branch of this national organization is open to all students in the School of Pharmacy. Student members enjoy all priviliges of membership in the National Associa- tion except the right to vote on matters concerning the parent group. They have, however, a full voice in operating the affairs of the student branch. The Association promotes and encourages the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge and the maintenance of the high ethical standards of the Profession. Guest speakers are frequently invited to address meetings of the group, and student participation in the programs is encouraged. Left Page: FIRST Row: Ann Armstrong, James N. Azlin, Cliff Bailey, Forrest Baker, Hubert Barlow, Calvin W. Brown. SECOND Row: Archie P. Buckley, Charles Bullock, Carolyn Butler, John W. Burress, Cecil Caldwell, W. A. Carroll. THIRD Row: Jerry Cooper, Vincent Depaula, J. D. Dugas, Wm. J. Fong, Tildon O. Fugitt, Garland Garner. FOURTH Row: Gerald Glass, Joe Greco, Benny Gresham, Howard Grubbs, Duane Gunn, James Hamaker, Sidney Haney. NOT PICTURED: Fred Bennett, Patricia Dyees, Ben Figler, Charles Gleason, Mrs. Charles Gleason. Below: FIRST Row: Lloyd Harder, Wade Hilliard, Alton Hunter, Johnny Jones, Mary E. Joyner, Ray Lemo- ine. SECOND Row: Lee Roy McCarter, Jr., Charles Mc- Daniel, Patricia McNease, Howell N. McNeill, John Muse, Bob Myers. THIRD Row: Milford Q. Nichols, Russell E. Par- dee, Elmyra Pierocich, James Raggio, Marshall Smith, Ruth Streater, Frank Therrell. FOURTH Row: Glen Warren, Bobby Wells, C. L. Wheeler, Page White, John. Williams, Malcolm M. Williams, Wennie Yeun. NOT PICTURED: Neal McEachorn, A. L. Saunders. OFFICERS C. KUYRKENDALL, JR. President GEORGE W. BASS Vice-President CHARLES D. JOHNSTON Secretary OLIVER. J. KREBS, JR. Treasurer JARED D. MAYES, III Associate of the Transit FACULTY MEMBERS JOHN R. SMITH ANDREW B. HARGIS Prof. of Civil Eng. HONORARY MEMBERS HOWARD L. FURR DR. F. H. KELLOGG Dean of School of Eng. THOMAS W. STALLWORTH ...Chairman of Dept. of Civil Eng. ba 4 First Row: George W. Bass, James M. Bonner, Elliot R. Bowman, Jr. Second Row: Wallace A. Burns, Henry G. Chapman, William J. Egan. Third Row: Charles D. Johnston, Oliver J. Krebs, Jr., Roy C. Kuyrkendall, Jr., Jared D. Mayes, III. Row: William P. Lee, Clarence J. Profilet, Silvio J. Spigolon, Glynn W. Stevens. No Pictures: E. Chapple, Harold F. Huggins. Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering fra- ternity composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Engineering. Eligibility is based upon scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability. The purpose of Chi Epsilon is to form a close union, and a tie of friendship and brother- hood between those in the civil engineering profession who have shown marked ability and interest in the profession. Chi Epsilon was reorganized on the Ole Miss campus in 1949, having been inactive since 1943. CHI EPSILON First Row: Charles Ray Allen, W. Kelly Clifford, James L. Davis. Second Row: William C. House, Mike Isom, Jr., Charles S. Locke. Third Row: Ralph D. McGill, James W. Miley, Bobby Joe Moser. Fourth Row: Carl W. Nabors, Robert B. Nelson, Tony P. Provenza, Willis E. Young, Jr. No Pictures: Willis J. Pardoe, Charles E. Witt, J, BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS ROBERT B. NELSON President MIKE ISOM, JR. Vice-President WILLIS E. YOUNG, JR. Secretary BOBBY JOE MOSER Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS MR. JOSEPH CERNY MR. WENDELL P. MR. H. E. PEERY Beta Alpha Psi, National Honorary Accounting Frater- nity, was founded at the University of Illinois, February 12, 1919, and established at Ole Miss in 1951. Its purpose is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession. OFFICERS WALTER JOHNSON President JEAN NICOLA Vice-President NELL HOBGOOD Secretary MARY TAHIR Treasurer PEGGY PLEASANTS Historian Epsilon Gamma Epsilon is a professional educational organization. Its chief purpose is to promote ideals and concepts of higher education in the field of business educa- tion. Membership is based on character, initiative, and scholarship. EPSILON GAMMA EPSILO First Row: Jo Anne Allred, Eugene Bacham, Helen Bell, Billye Caldwell. Second Row: Linda Farris, Al Graehler, Sara Graves, Nell Hobgood. Third Row: Walter Johnson, Jimmie Lawson, Ruby Lee McFadden, Jean Nicola. Fourth Row: Peggy Pleasants, Billy Renfroe, Mary Clem Thomas, Sara Webster. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON OFFICERS CHARLES R. CAMPBELL, JR. Grand Alchemist HARRY L. LOFLIN Recorder JOSEPH TRUEMPER Visor JOHN A. DURDEN Sergeant-at-Arms DR. S. F. CLARK Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Frank A. Anderson Mr. Richard T. Keller Dr. S. F. Clark Mr. J. A. McKeen Dr .A. A. Dodge Dr. L. L. Sulya Dr. Adrian Gammil Dr. H. P. Miss B. S. Youngblood Gamma Sigma Epsilon is an honorary fraternity for students of chemistry. Membership is open to all students who have completed sixteen hours of chemistry with a B average, while maintaining a B average in the remainder of their scholastic work. In addition, there is selected each year from the sopho- more class one student who has not completed sixteen hours of chemistry, but shows evidence of doing so with the required B average. Faculty members and graduate students of good standing are also eligible for membership. First Row: Charles Bullock, Albert Caldwell, Charles R. Campbell, Don M. Dismukes. Second Row: John A. John Gerdes, Gerald Hollingsworth, William E. Korndorffer. Third Row: Joseph LeBlanc, Harry L. Loftin, Patricia McNease, James Neblett. Fourth Row: Joe K. Stephens, Joe W. Harvey Troutman, George R. Wesley. No Pictures: Frank Long, Cecil Kleinurry, , Joseph T. Truemper, John Turnage, Genevieve Williams. First Row: Billie Armstrong, Jo Atwood, Bettye L. Bowen, James W. Burns, Carolyn Causey. Second Row: Joella Chipley, Ada Cohen, Quinn Denson, Jr., Kinnie Divine, Harold Fisher. Third Row: Herbert W. Gregory, Earl L. Grimes, James K. Harris, Herschel Hen• drix, Jacquie Hewitt. Fourth Row: R. Claire Jordan, Helen McEachern, Rosemary Neill, L. Nichols, Jr.. Ken Seawright. Fifth Row: Ann Sneed, Peggy Stroud, Polly Stroud, Elvin J. Wakham, Odirh Earl Warren. No Pictures: George L. Dowd. I. B. Krause, Thomas D. Williams. OFFICERS JAMES L. NICHOLS, JR. President JAMES W. BURNS Vice-President BETTY JO ATWOOD Secretary HAROLD FISHER Treasurer BETTYE L. BOWEN Librarian-Historian The FTA Chapter is not just another college club. It brings to the student the motivating power of a lifelong purpose and a nationwide outlook. It is designed to develop ideals and power in the lives of its members; to enrich the spirit of college life; to advance the interest of the teaching profession; to promote the welfare of children; and to foster the education of all the people. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row: Travis Able, Arthur W. Bonds, Juanita Brown. Second Row: Billie Caldwell, Ada Cohen, Leo Cox, Wedia Goodman. Third Row: Wanda Goodman, Josephine Hamilton, Isis Hanna, Clyde Hill. Fourth Row: Nell Hobgood, Charlie Mac Jones, Helen McEachern, Clementine Thomas. No Pictures: Frank Reynolds.. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS ARTHUR W. BONDS President JOE M. McCULLOUCH Vice-President WANDA GOODMAN Secretary WEDIA GOODMAN Treasurer CHARLIE MAC JONES Reporter FACULTY MEMBERS DR. A. J. LAWRENCE Chairman of the Department of Office Administration and Business Education LYTLE C. FOWLER MISS EFFIE SUE McAMIS The Business Education Club was organized in October, 1947, to provide fellowship for business education students and assist in their welfare before and after their graduation. The club is open to any member of the faculty or student who is in- terested in business education. 1 OFFICERS JAMES SAUL President MICKEY AIKEN rice-President CLEMENTINE THOMAS Secretary JEAN NICOLA Reporter The Independent ' s Student Organization has long been an outstanding organization on the Ole Miss campus and has taken an active part in all student activities on the cam- pus. Membership is open to all students who are not af- filiated with one of the Greek organizations. The purpose of the group is to further the social life of the non-fraternity students. INDEPENDENTS First Row: George Bass, Paul Berry, Matt Bonner, Elliot Bowman, Ed Brignac, Julian Carrol. Second Row: Henry Chapman, Bill Fred Farmer, Bruner Ford, Tommy Goodwin, J. A. Hunt. Third Row: Clyde Hurlbert, Charles Kilduff, Oliver Krebs, Roy Kuyrkendall, Walter Langford, Bill Lee. Row: Farley McElroy, Charles Mandly, Lester Maples, Wayne Miles, David Pinson, Frank Potts. Fifth Row: Clarence Profilet, Frank Reilly, Gerald Roux, Silvio Spigolon, Al Steindorff, Wayne Stevens. Sixth Row: John Teague, Bobby Tramel, Billy Vick, Bill Watson, Dale Williamson, J. W. Wood. No Pictures: Robert L. Bob Boh, Ed Chappel, Jimmy Childers, Harold Huggins. vi,.411■1111 S A . M • E OFFICERS ROY C. KUYRKENDALI„ JR. President J. W. WOOD rice-President EDMOND M. BRIGNAC, JR. Secretary JOHN ROBERT BOH Treasurer T. W. STALLWORTH Faculty Adviser The Society of American Military Engineers is a national organization of those who are interested in military engineer- ing. A belief in national preparedness is the chief qualifica- tion for membership. The Society truly represents the mili- tary policy of the United States, which places its reliance in the civilian, rather than in the professional soldier. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in May, 1950. The Charter was presented by Rear Admiral Leo Otis Colbert, President of the National Organization. First Row: Mickey Aiken, Sue Bancroft, Carolyn Butler, Carolyn Causey, Carolyn Cunningham. Second Row: Donald Davis, Kennie Divine, Linda Farris, Peggy Foster, Earl Grimes. Third Row: Karl Gullaksen, Mary Pat Haven, Jane Howell, Leonora Kunz, Kerry Lyon. Fourth Row: Delton Lyon, Ethel Maley, Alton E. Milarn, Gita Nerings, Jean Nicola. Fifth Row: Betty Jean Nosser, James Frances Scott, Mary E. Tahir, Clementine Thomas, George R. Wilson. No Picture: Kay Gordon. First Row: Mickey Aiken, Leo Brown, Walter Coppedge. Second Row: Henry Fonville, Hunter Gohlson, Charles Hollander, K. Jones. Third Row: Jimmy Korndorffer, Robert Lesley, Wesley Lominick, Jr., Ed Ory. Fourth Row: Joe Rodgers, Ernest 0. Spencer, Jr., Wade Strickland, Parham Williams. The Y.M.C.A. was organized on the Ole Miss campus in 1868 in order to encourage wholesome Christian living. The Women ' s organization, the Y.W.C.A., was formed here in 1899. The Reverend Wiley H. Critz is general sec- retary of the Y.M.C.A., while Miss Lynda Ramey is gen- eral secretary for the women ' s group. The two organiza- tions provide the recreational equipment in the " Y " build- OFFICERS HENRY FONVILLE President PARHAM WILLIAMS Vice-President WESLEY LOMINICK, JR. Secretary ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR. Treasurer M. C . A . First Row: Emma George Carr, Amaline Crawford, Margaret Crook. Second Row: Jane Demarest, Mary Ellen Exum, Grace Jean Gillespie. Third Row: Marjorie Holder, Carolyn McCurdy, Mary Claire McDermott. Fourth Row: Margaret Mills, Nichols, Mary Elizabeth Tahir, Barbara Thompson. YT OFFICERS BARBARA THOMPSON President CAROLYN McCURDY Vice-President GRACE JEAN GILLESPIE Secretary AMAI,INE CRAWFORD Treasure r ing, sponsor broadcast of off-campus football games, and pay the expenses of the annual Religious Emphasis Week. During examination weeks, regular " coffee hours " are held in the " Y " building for the refreshment of the students. Funds for the " Y " come partly from an annual campus drive. Membership is on a voluntary basis, and each student at Ole Miss is eligible for membership. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL HAROLD FISHER President JOHN DURDEN Enlistment Vice-President JACQUELINE HEWITT Devotional Vice-President MARY ELIZABETH JOVNER Social Vice-President DOROTHY BROWN Secretary NORBRETTE RASBERRY Sunday School Director BETTY JEAN BOWEN Y Director JAMES BRYANT Training Union Director JAMES BOOTH Talent Director MISS BETTYE YOUNGBLOOD Faculty ildvisor MISS MARIAN LEAVELL Student Secretary DR. F. M. PURSER. Pastor Regular members of the Baptist Church, Sunday School, Training Union, or Young Women ' s Auxiliary, who are students in the University, comprise the Baptist Student Union. Purpose of the organization is to serve as a liaison between the church and the students. Dr. F. M. Purser, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Oxford, is advisor. Miss Marian Leaven is student secretary. BAPTIST STUDENT UNIOIN HILLEL FOUNDATION First Row: Bobby Berman, Irvin Calif, Ada Cohn. Second Row: Charlie Hollander, Sam Lamensdorl, Jack Marvin. Third Row: Henry Paris, Ralph Turner. No Pictures: Alvin Binder, David Feldman, Gilbert Person. OFFICERS IRVIN CALIFF President SAM Vice-President ADA COHN Secretary JACK MARVIN Treasurer at Old Miss. Sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s service organization, Hillel seeks to provide religious, cultural, and social information for its members, and to foster social opportunities among them. The Hillel Foundation is composed of jewish students OFFICERS PAUL PITTMAN President HARRY DANCIGER Vice-President DOT MALONE Secretary MARTIN MIAllA Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Gerald Forbes Mr. Marvin Black Col. Eldon Hoar Mr, Samuel S. Talbert Lambda Sigma is an honorary fraternity for journalism ma- jors and students interested in this field. Its purpose is to up- hold the highest standards of true journalism. In order to be initiated, a student must maintain a 4.0 quality point average in journalism and a 3.0 quality point average in non-journalism courses. Lambda Sigma sponsors the Mississippi Press Institute for high school publications, and conducts an annual convention for the Press Institute members. Lambda Sigma, with the Journ- alism Department, sponsors the annual Editor ' s Short Course for the editors of Mississippi and presents awards to meritorious editors throughout the state. Lambda Sigma also presents an award to the outstanding senior in Journalism each year. First Row: Gratham Brigance, Harry Danciger, Colleen Fly. Second Row: Dick Goldhammer, Charlotte Hess, Cathy Johnston. Third Row: Carolyn Kochtitzky, Dot Malone, Martin Miazza. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Nichols, Tommye Nunnally, Paul Pittman, Fisher Rhymes, No Picture: Jack Burrage. SIGMA First Row: John G. Barnett, William S. Beck, Baptist Boetto, Donald Second Row: Hughbert James Dickey, Robert Dickinson, Kelly Ellis, Erwin W. Gregory. Third Row: C. L. Hardin, Jr. J. L. Hardin, Eddie Faye Harwell, Arthur Keller, Jerome Miller. Fourth Row: Yancey A, Jr., Hiram H. Phelps, Walter Reagan, L. V. Sharp, Carl F. Sidener. Fifth Row: J. Williamson Stitt, Abe M. Tahir, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Tahir, Claud M. Tingle, Jr., Charles Williams. No Picture: Irene C. Smith, MARKETING CL CB OFFICERS ABE M. TAHIR, JR. President ARTHUR KELLER Vice-President C. L. HARDIN, JR. Secretary L. V. SHARP Treasurer ALLEN T. BLAIR Faculty !Id-visor The purpose of the Ole Miss Marketing Club is to foster the study of marketing and marketing principles; to assist students in preparing for a vocation in marketing; and to promote better student relations with businessmen in the field of marketing. All students interested in marketing are eligible for membership. The Ole Miss Marketing Club is affiliated with the Dixie Chapter of the American Marketing Association. 0; A 10[..z... „.... .. ......,.. ., ,..,...T.. 4.5,0 .J - -40 OFFICERS PEGGY FITTS President PAUL GRAHAM Vice-President SARAH ANN BLOMQUIST Secretary JACQUELINE HEWITT Treasurer ELLEN WADE Historian-Reporter DR. CECIL ROSS Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Sarah Blasingame Mary E. Moffatt Pearl Herod Dr. Blanche Tansil Vance S. Jennings Mrs. Robert Work Zeta Eta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the only one of its kind in Mississippi, was installed at Ole Miss in May, 1947. It is an honor society in education whose aim is to provide a national fraternity to advance the interest of Education as a profession. Membership is open to those students having a " B " average in the School of Education and possessing high quali- ties of character, initiative, and social responsibility. Motto of Kappa Delta Pi: KNOWLEDGE, DUTY, POWER. KAPPA DELTA PI First Row: Katherine Adams, Joan Barbour, Sarah Ann Blomquift, Dorothy Brown. Second Row: James Burns, Wilma Cearley, Kenny Devine, Guynell Duncan, Peggy Fitts. Third Row: Bobbye Franks, Grace Jean Gillespie, Herbert Gregory, Janice Gunn, Jacqueline Hewitt. Fourth Row: Alva Jo Hollis, Vance Jennings, Betty Langston, Dora Lee Livingston, Carolyn McCurdy. Fifth Row: Phyllis Mullen, Barbara Thompson, Jane Todd, Ellen Wade, Cissy Westbrook. No Pictures: Paul Graham, Id Krause, Dr. Cecil Ross, Earl Skinner. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS PHILLIP GEORGE President GLENN CARTER Vice-President JOE K. STEPHENS Treasurer DAVID B. LYONS Secretary DR. J. W. WARD Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. F. A. Anderson Dr. R. J. Nichols Mr. R. A. McGhee Dr. D. S. Pancratz Mr. J. A. McKeen Dr. J. W. Ward Alpha Epsilon Delta is a National Honorary Pre-Medical Society. The objects of the society are to encourage excellence in pre-medical work by furnishing a goal towards which the students may strive during the early semesters of his or her pre- medical career; to bind together the similarly interested stu- dents, and to bridge the gap between the spirit of the pre-medical school and that of the school of medicine. First Row: Joe E. Brown, Sonny Davidson, Ralph Fortenberry, Phillip George. Second Row: John J. Gilluly, Gerald Hollingsworth, Julian Jones, Henry Laws, Third Row: Joe LeBlanc, John A. Marascalo, Charles Martin, Cecil McKlemuriny, Fourth Row: Jerry Nagle, James Sheffield, Joe K. Stephens, Joe W. Stephens, George R. Wesley. No Picture: William Anderson. SCABBARD AND BLADE OFFICERS JOHN B. BURNETT Captain VICTOR V. VANCE Is! Lieutenant ROBERT K. RUSHING 2nd Lieutenant H. C. " BEAU " CARVILL 1st Sergeant FIRST ROW: Gene H. Bishop, G. Leo Brown, Robert Burkley, John B. H. C. Carvill, Robert L. Cave, William S. Cook. SECOND ROW: George Cottingham, John H. Geary, Thomas P. Goggin, Jack Hatcher, Henry N. Herndon, Leon E. Lewis, Jr., Harry L. Loflin, Burwell B. McClendon. THIRD ROW: Mike M. Marshall, Jared D. Mayes, Lenox W. Oglesby, Robert K. Rushing, Ernest 0. Spencer, Silvio J. Spigolon, L. Taylor, Victor V. Vance. NOT PICTURED: James L. Davis. National honorary military fraternity for advanced Air R.O.T.C., Army R.O.T.C., and N.R.O.T.C. students. Company " B " 8th Regiment, was founded at Ole Miss April 6, The PREAMBLE to the Constitution of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade reads: " Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, We, Cadet Officers in various Universities and Colleges conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this Constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American Universities and Colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. " 254 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS B. B. McCLENDON, JR. Commanding Officer HAROLD L. FAIR Executive ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR. Operations GEORGE L. COTTINGHAM, JR. Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES D. HOLLANDER Adjutant-Recorder CLYDE E. BRACKEN, JR. Public Information Officer First Row: Gene H. Bishop, J. Matthew Bonner, Clyde E. Bracken, John B. Burnett, George L. Cottingham, Jr. Second Row: Harold L. Fair, Cyril J. Fayard, John H. Geary, Charles Hollander, B. B. McClendon, Jr. Third Row: Robert R. Jr., George J. Mullis, Jr., Gerald Roux, Ernest 0. Spencer, Jr., Troy P. Tracy, Edwin C. Ward. The AL KEY SQUADRON of the Arnold Air Society was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1950. It is an honorary military fraternity which was organized to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of National Defense, to promote American Citizenship, and to create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets. 255 HOME ECON OMICS CLUB OFFICERS ANNIE F. ROBERTS President SARAH HARWELL rice-President JO HOLLAND Secretary BETTY L. BOWEN Treasurer FIRST ROW: Nancy Bagwell, Joan Bailey, Janice Barkley, Betty Jo Barlow, Alice Bell, Peggy Blake, Betty Bowen, Showboat Boykin, Betty Burgess, Nancy Carpenter, Rick Carrington, Catherine Carter. SECOND ROW: Betsy Cole, Martha Ann Cook, Jane Demarest, Louise Dudley, Josephine Garner, Anita Gavin, Ann Gilpin, Marilyn Harper, Sarah Harwell, Jo Holland, Jim Ingram, Myrtice Jerer. THIRD ROW: Joan Margie Jordan, Woodie Kaigler, Patsy Knight, Jane Laird, Betty Lawwill, Jo Ann Lucas, Maxine McDaniel, Jeanne McGraw, Dauveen Martin, Adeline Mason, Jim Matthews. FOURTH ROW: Ray Medley, Martha Ann Miller, Mary Janice Morris, Mary V. Nash, Margaret Owen, Jerry Pankratz, Betty Jane Parks, Patsy Sara Margaret Raynor, Kathryn Ready, Jo Ann Riddell, Annie F. Roberts. FIFTH ROW: Melvin Sinquefield, Dot Smith, Mary Evelyn Smith, Murray Smith, Delores Stewart, Pat Trotter, Perrin Turner, Betty Unger, May Watkins, Mozelle Webb, Amy Catherine Wells, Carl West, Barbara Ann Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Buddy Crain, Janie Davis. TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES IN HOME ECONOMICS The Home Ec Club was formed at Ole Miss in 1938, and its purpose is to bring the students of that department together and inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics as well as to promote clean, healthful, home life. The organization is open to any student who has had a course in the department or who is taking one. 256 BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS CARL W. NABORS President MIKE ISOM, JR. Vice-President MR. JAMES E. PARKS Secretary-Treasurer MR. JOSEPH E. CERNY Faculty Advisor FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Mr. Joseph Cerny Dr. C. F. Dunham Mr. Robert B. Ellis Mr. William S. Griffin Mr. Grady Guyton Miss Sue Haney Mr. Robert B. Highsaw Dr. A. J. Lawrence Dr. David McKinney Mrs. Gladys Morrison Dr. Karl Morrison Mr, James E. Parks Mr. Wendell P. Trumbull Mr. Ned Williams FIRST ROW: Billy E. Berry, Gideon L. Brown, Kelly Clifford, John Hatcher, Mike Isom, William E. Marston. SECOND ROW: Will M. Melson, Robert 12, Morrison, Bobby Joe Moser, Carl W. Nabors, Robert B. Nelson, John H. White, Wirt Yerger, Jr. TOP SCHOLASTIC BUSINESS STUDENTS Chapters of this scholastic society for business students are limited to those institutions which are members of the American Association of Col- legiate Schools of Business. Membership is made up of the upper ten per cent of the senior class, but some juniors may be elected during the last semester of the junior year. This society stands for the highest principles of scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies. 257 TAU KAPPA ALPHA AND THE DEBATE CLUB OFFICERS KENNETH KUZENSKI, TKA E. C. WARD, TKA RICHARD BIRCHETT, TKA WALTER COPPEDGE, TKA George Atwell Ray Allen, TKA Cary Bufkin Stanley Brunt Richard Ball Edward Cates William Dulaney Ernest Duff President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Merle Fraser Hunter Gholson Robert A. Hatcher Jack Hatcher, TKA Sam Hardison, TKA Robert Higbee Robert Hodges, TKA Kerry Lyon Wade LaGrone D. M. Maples, TKA Troy Nunis C. Roy Pitts, TKA Marion Roten W. Marion Smith Joe Stephens, TKA Fred Talmadge SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 1951-195 2 Oct. 13—Exhibition Debate with Memphis State in Memphis before High School Discussion In- stitute. Nov. 5-10—Tour of Illinois and Indiana, including exhibition debates with Northwestern, Purdue, Notre Dame, Indiana University, Illinois University, DePauw. Nov. 8-to—Alabama Discussion Tournament in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Nov. 30-Dec. —TKA Southern Debate Tournament, held on this campus. Nov. 30-Dec. .1—Fourth Mississippi Youth Congress, Jackson, Miss. Dec. 7-8—Millsaps Warm-Up Debate Tournament, Jackson, Miss. Dec. 14-15—Fla. Invitational Tournament, Gainesville, Fla. Jan. 5, is, 12—High School Debate Workshops at Oxford, Vicksburg, and Columbia, Mississippi, respectively. Feb. r7-r8—Deep South Conference, held on this campus. Feb. r9-2I—Intramural Speech Festival, held on this campus. Feb. 29-March 1—Magnolia Speech Festival, Columbus, Mississippi. March 16-20—Tour of Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, including exhibition debates with Baylor, University of Houston, University of Arkansas, S.L.I. March 22—West Point Eliminating Tournament, Macon, Georgia. April 1-4—Southern Speech Association Tournament and Congress, Jackson, Mississippi. April 16-18—Exhibition debates before Mississippi High Schools, including Columbus, Grenada, Pascagoula, Macon, Brookhaven, Hazelhurst, and others. 258 REBEL AIRES MEMBERS LARRY SEMSKI Trombone KELLY LOVE Trombone BOB RUSHING Trombone JIMMIE FULLILOVE Trumpet BILLY BUSH Trumpet BUTLER DI GILIO Trumpet VANCE JENNINGS Saxophone JOHN DI GILIO Saxophone BILL KATZ Saxophone GLEN McCOOL Saxophone TED AMMON Bass DICK GALLOWAY Piano Jrranyer DAVE ORAM Drums DIXIE HERVEY Vocalist LEADING CAMPUS ORCHESTRA 259 WESLEY FONT -DATION OFFICERS • BOB MERRYMAN President JOANN RAY Vice-President LANELLE WELLS Secretary EDWARD ARNOLD Co-Treasurer ELWIN ARNOLD Co-Treasurer BRINGING TOGETHER METHODIST STUDENTS The Wesley Foundation is an arm of the Methodist Church reaching to the college campuses. Its aim is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of students, On Sunday nights at 6:30 the group meets at the Church for supper, singing, and lectures. All student members of the Methodist Church are eligible for membership. 260 NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS BOB President WALTER WATTS Vice-President DIANE DEHMER Secretary BETTY THOMAS Treasurer REVEREND FATHER MICHAEL CAMPBELL Chaplain PROFESSOR ARTHUR B. Sponsor FIRST ROW: John Bat, James Becker, Wallace Burns, Ann Chapman, Angelo Corte, James Cunn ingham, Diane Dehmer, Kathleen Delmas, Mary Jane Delmas, Barbara Edwards. SECOND ROW: John Flynn, Thomas Gallacher, Jack Geary, Thomas Goggin, Josephine Hamilton, William Haneghan, George Harris, Joseph Hayes, Dennis Charlotte Hess. THIRD ROW: Frank Hosak, John Hunt, Emily JouBian, Robert Maher, Pat Massey, John Thelma Pelham, Richard Perkins, Clarence Profilet, Walter Reagan. FOURTH ROW: Silvio Spigolon, Louis Staehle, John Stamm, Marlene Steele, Ray Stieffel, Bob Straughn, Abe Tahir, Mary Elizabeth Betty Thomas, Walter Watts, Irene Wiggins. NOT PICTURED: Paul Baccaro, Anita Boney, Valerija Cernanskie, Anthony Ernish, Paul Gerard, Prank Greganti, Jackomine Luce, Joseph Maggie, Woody Regler, Lawrence Setnski, Russell Simons, John Spatafora, Edward Trammel, Marion Wolfe, Bettye Vassalli. HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. J. D. Williams Dean L. L. Love Dr. L. L. Sulya Dean R. M. Guess Dr. F. A. Simonelli Col. G. E. Bender Dean E. G. Hefley Miss B. R. Mazurek SOCIETY FOR CATHOLIC STUDENTS The Newman Club is a Catholic organization dedicated to the betterment of its members, to their social life, to the fellowship, and to the promotion of Catholic ideals on the campus. It provides Catholic students with spiritual, cultural, and educational activities. 261 ANCP:OR AND CITATN FIRST Row: Richard Ackerman, Paul Amos, Del Mandly, Christopher Martin, Jared Mayes, III. Beumer, Pat Brogan, Richard Croll, Hessel Davi- FOURTH Row: Conway Moncure, Jr., Stig My- son, John Echart, III. Lander, Charles Patrick, Kenneth Seawright, Jr., SECOND Row: Frank Fariss, Fred Farmer, John Alfred Steindorff, Gene Sullivan, Robert Taylor, Gerdes, Thomas Goggin, Richard Gould, Ernest John Way. Greene, William Haneghan. THIRD Row: Henry Herndon, Charles Kilduff, NOT PICTURED: Richard Harvey, Frank Kane, Tony Lee, David Libby, Philips McCarty, Robert Fred Lacey, George Leach, Steve Sanford. 262 OFFICERS RICHARD ACKERMAN President PAUL AMOS Vice-President HESSEL DAVISON Treasurer RICHARD GOULD Secretary JARED MAYES, III Sergeant-at-Arms The Anchor and Chain was established on the Ole Miss campus in the year 1947. Since its earliest days the primary function of the organization has been to promote esprit de corps in the Navy Unit. This end has been accomplished through the me- dium of social activities and an active intramural sports program. The Anchor and Chain has long been noted for the fine parties that are given in McCain Hall. One of the basic reasons that these parties are so suc- cessful is that all the members have a common bond of interest that can scarcely be matched by any other campus organization. Every member is a ELLEN WADE Sponsor best interest of all concerned to be interested in his ship-mate-to-be. Membership in the Anchor and Chain is limited to members of the N.R.O.T.C. battalion. This membership is based on both scholarship and per- sonal requirements. Work is now in progress to provide permanent club room facilities in the basement of Garland dormitory. By next year the Anchor and Chain fledgling Naval Officer, a position which will ma- should have a completely equipped meeting and terially affect each individual life. Thus it is to the lounging room for the use of all the members. 263 ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS ROBERT L. BERMAN President EDDIE BRIGNAC Vice-President BOB MERRYMAN Recording Secretary ELI WHITAKER Corresponding Secretary BOB HIGBEE Alumni Secretary JIM KORNDORFFER Treasurer DOW BRYANT Historian JIMMY KNIGHT Chairman of Advisory Committee DEAN MALCOLM GUESS and TOM BAILEY Faculty Advisors FIRST ROW: Mickey Aiken, Ed Alexander, Ed Atkinson, Robert L. Berman, Ed Brignac, Pat Brogan, Donald Brown, Dow Bryant, Harry Danciger. SECOND ROW: Hindman Doxey, William Dulaney, Fred Farmer, C. J. Fayard, Jack Geary, Dick Gould, Walter Harrison, Bill Hartman, Alvin Hatcher. THIRD ROW: Bob Higbee, Bobby Jones, Tommy Jones, Malcolm Justice, Jimmy Knight, Bill Koestler, Jimmy Korndorffer, Sam Philips McCarty. FOURTH ROW: John McDade, Jack Marvin, Bob Merryman, Lile Murphree, John Nieto, Henry Paris, Walter Pierron, Walter Rose, Bill Smallwood. FIFTH ROW: Ed Smallwood, Wayne Smith, Jr., Al Steindorff Leonard Warren, Walter Watts, Leonard Wheeler, Jr., Eli Whitaker, John Whitworth, Fenton Wicker. NOT PICTURED: Bob Bishop, Russell Clinton, David Feldman, Paul Lanier, Parker Powell. ADVANCED WORK IN SCOUTING Alpha Phi Omega, national honor fraternity, was founded at LaFayette College in 1925. Membership is composed of students who have distinguished themselves in scouting. The aims of this fraternity are: to develop friendship, to plan for extending leadership in worthwhile campus and community pro- jects, to develop plans for rendering service to our fellow man, and to create participating and understanding citzenry for our nation. 264 BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS DAVID J. WILLIAMS President LELAND SAGE DUDDLESTON rice-President EMILY MARGARET JOULLIAN Secretary GEORGE R. WESLEY Historian DR. F. M. HULL Sponsor FIRST ROW: J. Wesley Bryant, Kirby Bryant, Carroll V. Christopher, Leland S. Duddleston, Haschal Golden, Jr., James E. Hamilton, Alice Hammond. SECOND ROW: Emily M. Joullian, Joseph LeBlanc, Elinor J. McCrone, Charles McDaniel, Billy Joe McInnis, Cecil McKlemurry, Johnny A. Marascalco. THIRD ROW: Charles 0. Prindle, Pete Holden Rhymes, H. Rose, James Sheffield, Kearney Spears, Harvey L. George R. Wesley. FOURTH ROW: David J. Williams, Sek Wing, John A. Crawford, L. S. Davidson, Ralph M. Fortenberry, Kenneth 0. King, Isaac A. Newton, NOT PICTURED: Tom Anderson, John Blair, Glen A. Carter, Samuel H. Hardison, Robert K. Hubbard, Bill Jacobs, Edward E. Owen, George F. Smith, Joe Bill Stevens. HONORARY SOCIETY FOR BIOLOGISTS Beta Kappa chapter of Beta Beta Beta was established at Ole Miss in 1941. It is a National Honorary Fraternity for Biologists, and its members are carefully chosen for scholarship and scientific aptitude. The fraternity serves as a focal point of biology students on the campus. ES E T S SUMMER SESSK)N thE OF ss ssur Summer Session ©He yn4J1 Vho opportunity I. Complete your four year course in three years, 2. Pull up to or ahead of your classmates, 3. Take courses not scheduled in your present program, 4. Begin or work on a graduate degree. The Registrar wiii give ore man yoy the necessary forms. First Term . . . June 4-July 12 Second Term . . . July 14-August 21 0 • • • Serving, knowing, and growing with Oxford and Ole Miss, through 113 years. No wonder we regard it with pride, for only by giving quality and satisfaction could we have acquired the friends to help us achieve this record. With at lettJon Stephens Patterson Groceries, Fresh Meats Vegetables Frozen Foods SERVICE — We Give It QUALITY — We Have It Phone 304 So. Lamar St. Oxford, Miss. WADE STEPHENS EUGENE PATTERSON BLAYLOCK ' S DRUG STORE If You Don ' t Know Drugs—Know Your Pharmacist OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ORRIS FURNITURE CROSLEY HOME APPLIANCES SEWING MACHINES REPAIRS North Side of Square Phone 107 Oxford METTS BROS. HARDWARE Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Paints—Varnish—Enamels Phone 94 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI A D NEIG Oil WOME F rilypurli UIL ft El Dorado, Arkansas Makers of Naturalube Motor OH Knix-Knox and Ethyl Gasolines Heat Resisting Lubricants MAKES YOUR MOTOR PUUR LIKE KITTEN THE SOUTHLAND COMPANY A Mississippi Industry Main Offices, Yazoo City Refineries near Yazoo City and Laurel Refining over 150,000,000 gallons of Mississippi c rude oil into quality petroleum products annually COMMERCIAL STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES—OFFICE EQUIPMENT SOCIAL STATIONERY—SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS—FOUNTAIN PENS We are authorized by Parker and Sheaffer to repair their fountain pens and mechanical pencils. Agents for: Remington Office Typewriters and Complete filing systems, Smith-Corona Adding Machines, Remington-Rand Adding Machines, Corona, Royal, Remington, and Underwood Portable Typewriters. We are authorized by the manufacturers to re- pair all makes of typewriters. COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE THE OXFORD EAGLE " TRUSTED THOUSANDS OF TIMES EACH YEAR " GATHRIGHT-REED DR ' ( COMPANY The Rexall Store OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Whatever your budget . . . Mississippi ' s widest and finest collections of diamonds, famous watches, quality jewelry, Sterling silver, fine china and unusual gift ideas . . . with our Credit Department another customer service! When Your Heart Is In Your .. . It Will Come From- " THG SILVER STORGS SIPPI Jackson Vie4sbur3 NEW ' S DRUG STORE PHOTO SUPPLIES Two day film development service OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI CITY CLEANERS OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI THE OLE MISS DRIVE INN Where the Food Is Just Right OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI WE GRADUATED TOO! This year WESTBROOK graduated into a half tury of service. Yes! 50 years ago we set a ard in the manufacture of fixtures for Banks and Stores, and equipment for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias. This year we are proud to be among the graduating class of 1952. WESTBROOK FIXTURES in the Alumni House Snack Bar — " FIRST SINCE I902 " — WestLia:t MAIL16ffiligiV JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 1 P■k COMPLIMENTS OF FRAZIER COERS BOOK STORE Student Union Budding UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI PHARMACISTS in the Making . . The Pharmacist holds a responsible position in his community . . . and McKesson recognizes its responsibility to him for " when health is in the balance there can be no compromise with qual- ify. " The Progressive druggist who takes advantage of McKesson service is able to draw upon the collective " Know-how " of an organization ever alert to today ' s needs . . . the nationwide ex- perience of McKesson Robbins is at your com mand. McKESSON it ROBBINS INCORPORATED MEMPHIS DIVISION 109 South Second Street MEMPHIS I, TENNESSEE PLANTERS OIL MILL Manufacturers of COTTONSEED PRODUCTS Owned by MISSISSIPPI COTTONSEED PRODUCTS CO. GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Standard Oil dealers are never too busy to extend every court- esy and service that will make motoring more pleasant. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (KENTUCKY) LOANS OF EVERY TYPE HANDLED 25 Years of Continuous Service to Jackson and Vicinity White System 9f Jackson, Inc. BROKERS Lampton Building JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI J. HAROLD WHITE President RITZ THEATER Always catering to Ole Miss Students OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI MOVIES ARE BETTER THAN EVER ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S GREAT STORES We believe in Mississippi as the No. I State of opportunity and pledge anew our energies and resources in the common cause of building a bet- ter State in which to work and live. litkissisurin 1131. POWER C M PAN MISSISSIPPI POWF R COV IIPANY BILL LYLES FURNITURE T.V., Gas and Electrical Appliances West Side of Square OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI GOOD FOOD PLEASED GUESTS FOR JOAN Sexton CO. CHICAGO-LONG ISLAND CITY-PHILADELPHIA DALLAS-ATLANTA-PITTSBURGH-DETROIT-BOSTON THE OXFORD MOTOR COMPANY " YOUR DEALER " Phone 693 1009 Van Buren Ave. Oxford, Miss. The Home Is the Foundation of Our Civilization ... They Don ' t Have to Be Expensively Furnished FURNISHINGS AND DECORATIONS ARTHUR SEELBINDER, INC. 1517 Union Memphis, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF FAIRCHILD ' S RESTAURANT AND COTTAGES Incorporated In The Heart of Downtown Mississippi City GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI HUME ' S SHOES AND MEN ' S WEAR OXFORD LESLIE DRUG STORE Phone 69 WALGREEN AGENCY Free Campus Delivery OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI THE MA 1S1ON " Where Students Meet " Let Us Arrange Your Fraternity Or Sorority Banquet GOOD FOOD SERVED WELL Air Conditioned OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI J. AUBREY SEAY years of practical experience, the finest of photographic materials, painstaking care, and a sincere desire to make the " 52 " OLE MISS portray an interest and an artistry unsurpassed have been important factors in our efforts to portray for you Ole Miss and its students at their best. It is our hope that this volume of the OLE MISS will in no small measure merit your commendation because of our thought- ful and careful attention to every photographic detail in the composition of this book. Working with the staff and with the students on this important undertaking has for us been a genuine pleasure. LEIFIEL➢S 5TLDIE1 Official Portrait Photographers for the " 52 " OLE MISS All annual portrait negatives are kept in our files since 1934 to 1944, including ' 48, ' 51, and ' 52 also. You may order from these at your convenience. 2 FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU 1E11)14 fORCMOST IN APPAR-CL %nice-4144 1960 Union Avenue 145 South Main 41110101, 7 4k 4ri, JACKSON SAM FORTAS COMPANY Fine Furniture 175 N. Main and Popular MEMPHIS, TENN. WHI TWORTH GAS CO. BUTANE AND PROPANE GASES The Modern Fuel Beyond the Gas Mains MAIN OFFICE Oxford, Miss. Phone 555 BRANCH OFFICE Water Valley, Miss. Phone 330 great name athing 4PN AIRIIIII1ERSARY 43.2 " SUITS THE SOUTH " SALES SERVICE All Makes CONNELL BUICK CO. Phone 1489 Oxford, Mississippi ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS FROM FOUNDATION THROUGH ROOF SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 1200 Oxford, Miss. OXFORD FLORAL CO. " Flowers of Distinction " Serving Ole Miss Students for 27 Years. Phone 500 North Lamar COMPLIMENTS OF OXFORD OLESALE GROCERY, iNC. o MODERN KITCHEN • AIR CONDITIONED GRU N DY ' S CAFE AND DVNDNG ROOM OXFORD COMPLIMENTS OF STUDENT UNHON GUI OUR ADVERTISERS HAVE DEMONSTRATED THEIR CONFIDENCE AND GOODWILL BY INVESTING IN THE OLE MISS. LET US RECOMMEND THAT YOUR CONSTANT PATRONAGE RETURN TO THEM DWI DENDS WORTHY OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP. 11 1 F V !I NGS Akr DY J 0 LOUISIANA A Memorable Year • • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of the University of Mississippi for completion of another outstand- ing year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high- lights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1952 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the " Ole Miss. " We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. • • BENSON PRINTING COMPANY noniziete Xach alanufreirreinff NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE t ' 4

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