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THE NINETEEN FIFTY-ONE EDIT I ON VOLUME FIFTY-SEVEN OF THE FISHER RHYMES • EDITOR HAL BREWER • BUS. MANAGER White columns, stately and staunch. Lazy clouds. Culture, grace of an old south ever fresh in our hearts. Friendliness, our lasting goal. Spirit, our reputation. Hills enfolded by majestic trees freshened by rain and moon. Sacred for worship, a challenge for minds. Fond memories, Gay with parties, exciting with rallies. The taste of self government. Physical developement, decisions, lasting friendship. Ultimately collegiate. Insignificance developed to a deserved, pride. A chance to experiment and learn. Colonel Rebel, blind Jim, Confederate flags. Symbols of our southern heritage. A II of these are our Ole Miss, • ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FRATERNITIES ediCeition A gentleman. Dignity, kindness, understanding wisdom. t Ttmost integrity. Fatherliness. Untiring interest in Ole Miss men and women. An inspiration to every young man. Strong in character, sincere in friendship. An honor to know, a privilege to be associated with. Those distinctive qualities which few men possess. Experienced age yet in step with youth. Respectfully, we dedicate this book to our dean of men, Richard Malcolm Guess. BOARD OF TRUSTEES MRS. JANIE TAYLOR Jackson MR. H. M. IVEY Meridian MR. R. D. MORROW Brandon MR. MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian MR. J. W. BACKSTROM Leakesville MR. H. G. CARPENTER Rolling Folk MRS. HAZEL PERRY LEE Eupora MR. R. W. REED Tupelo MR. J. 0. EMMERICH McComb .MR. R. B. SMITH, JR. Ripley MR. R. N. HENLEY Macon MR, PAUL H. BOWDRE Hernando DR. E. R. JOBE Jackson 16 a n c e tio r Williamo Kentucky traditionally produces thoroughbreds. Ken- tucky produced Chancellor J. D. Williams. Things equal to the same thing or equal things are equal to each other. Since Dr. Williams pulled up stakes at Marshall Col- lege, Huntington, West Virginia, to come to the Univer- sity in 1946, he has boosted the University of Mississippi into the national educational picture through his contin- ued participation in such organizations as the American Council on Education and the Board of Control for Southern Regional Education. He was, until a few months ago, president of the De- partment of Higher Education of the National Commit- tee on Public Relations for the NEA. That he is well qualified for the latter post is demon- strated daily by his ' ' open door policy " which admits students to hi s office for whatever complaint they wish to register, despite the press of business which never seems to disturb his usually personable and smiling ap- pearance. He takes a keen interest in the personal prob- lems of every student on the campus, an interest supple- mented by experiences gained in having a ' teen-ager around the house—his daughter, Ruth Harter, whose popularity at the University High School keeps the Chan- cellor ' s residence constantly a-clatter with ' teen-tinnabu- lotions. Less than 50, Chancellor Williams is a young man for his job. That youth is reflected in his think ing on the future of the University, a great future in which he has complete faith. Evidence of that faith is displayed con- cretely in a 25-year plan for the University which has been drawn up during his administration and which has even now begun to materialize. Tangible signs of the program being made along those lines are the new $1,250,000 library which is just being finished; a new radio-band building; three recently built men ' s dormitories and one girl ' s dormitory now under construction; not to overlook the improvements in the landscaping of the campus. He also is the man who first permitted students to dance in the new grill; who had this gathering spot that once was the old Armory renovated for that very pur- pose. The balance wheel in the Chancellor ' s heavy schedule is his wife, by all way of thinking the First Lady of the campus, who shares his dreams and his problems—and his company, what with a travel-luncheon-speaking-office schedule that manages to keep him away from home a great many hours of each day. However, her own activi- ties and her home keep her busy enough, and she is in fact, " Mrs. University, " Ole Miss ' Dolly Madison. Chancellor Williams envisions a state university for Mississippi which one day will have a minimum of 5,000 students and which will serve the state to the fullest ex- tent in its every need. It will take more than a war and pestilence to frustrate the accomplishment of that vision. " The University of Mississippi was founded and built on honesty, " he once told a group of alumni, " and that foundation will be preserved so long as the University emphasizes the quality of its instruction, guarantees the quality of its students. " This is Dr. Williams ' pledge to the State of Mississippi, to the University of Mississippi. That he will never violate that pledge there is no doubt. The University of Mississippi administrative organization is divided into four main divisions, with the head of each division being directly responsible to Chancellor Williams. The four divisions are the Academic Division, the Division of Student Personnel, the Office of the Financial Secretary, and the Division of the Comptroller. Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter, Dean of the University, coordinates the activities of the Academic Division; Dr. L. L. Love, as Dean of Students, is the head of the Division of Student Personnel; Mr. W. C. Trotter, as Financial Secretary, is re- sponsible for the collection, custody, and disbursement of all University funds; and Comptroller Carrol W. North has responsibility over all other financial mat- ters of the University. Other members of the Ole Miss administration are Estella Hafley, Dean of Women; Robert Ellis, Acting Registrar; R. M. Guess, Dean of Men; Claude CARROLL W. NORTH Comptroller MALCOLM GUESS Dean of Men ROBERT ELLIS ESTELLA G. HEFLEY Acting Registrar Dean of Women 11 WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN Alumni Secretary MARVIN M. BLACK Director of Public Relations FRED C. FORD Director of Personnel DEAN L. L. LOVE Dean of Students 19 W. C. TROTTER Financial Secretary JOHNNY VAUGHT Head Coach CLAUDE M. SMITH Director of Athletics JEFF K. HAMM Athletics Business Manager J. S. HARTIN Director of Libraries DR. E. V. HARRISON Student Health Director DR. ALFRED HUME Chancellor Emeritus ru Smith, Director of Athletics; V. B. Harrison, Director of Student Health Service; Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics; Marvin Black, Director of Public Relations; William S. Griffin, Alumni Secretary; J. S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; Fred C. Ford, Director of Personnel, and John Vaught, Head Athletic Coach. Dr. Alfred Hume served as Chancellor Emeritus until his death late in 1950. Under the present administration, more changes have come about during the last four years than in the previous quarter-century. There have been many additions to the campus; and the inner-workings of the University have been co- ordinated to a fine degree. The skillful and efficient manner in which the Uni- versity is now run is a source of great pride to the students and alumni of Ole Miss as well as to the people of the State of Mississippi. DEAN PETE K. McCARTER Dean of the university RTS LIBERA.L ARTS LIBERAL .P:RTS DEAN VICTOR A. COULTER Liberal Arts DEAN DUDLEY R. HUTCHERSON Graduate DEAN ROBERT J. FARLEY Law DEAN ELMER L. HAMMOND Pharmacy DEAN CLIVE F. DUNHAM Business DEAN FREDERIC H. KELLOGG DEAN FOREST W. MURPHY DEAN DAVID S. PANKRATZ Engineering Education Medicine 21 Return of the " Charleston " and Ukulele. the Rage—Peroxided Hair, Beards for Dixie Day. A Crowd in the Grill, Post Office at Ten, Comments on the Bulletin Board. Cramming for Test. " Rat Races " at the Gym on Saturday Night. Name Bands. Football Weekends. Holidays. Sadie Hawkins. " Good-Night Irene. " Do You Remember All These and Our Other 1:nitrid-tib41 155 ippian Sotlia Hawkins Day Fr Big Rate, SA:1r(..4,1 The United Nations has its assembly, the President has his cabinet, and Ole Miss has ' UM 1,1 Semski, McClain, Bethay, Bramuchi its Executive Council. This council is a part of the Associated Student Body and is composed of four A.S.B. officers, the president of each school in the University, the editors of the two major campus publications, a representative of the " M " Club, and a member of the band. The Executive Council is the final word in our student government and stands ready to render service to any student member of the University of Mississippi. The Council devotes itself to furthering student interests, among which was Dixie 24 1 Morrison, Krebs, Rhymes, Dentin, Coward, Johnson Deupree, Caldwell Week last fall. The Council hopes this typically Southern event, with all the color of the Confederacy, Southern belle hoops, grey uniforms with savers and colored sashes, and the resounding Rebel yells will be- come a tradition of our Ole Miss. 25 First Row: Charles Abraham, Betty Adams, Charles Allen, Dennis Baker, Ed Batte, Ben Box, Janet Bu- ford. Second Row: Albert Caldwell, Don Caskey, Lou Chandler, Herbert Denton, LaneIle Gafford, Ernest Green, James Green, Proby Griffin. Third Row: Benny Greshman, Joyce Haggard, Ben Harrison, Marvin Harvey, Jack Hai-cher, Bit Hunter, Wiley Hutchins, Bob Koger. Fourth Row: Rudy Koski, Ken Kuzenski, Troy Lambert, Dan McElroy, Stanford Morse, Ed Tye Nielson, Jason Niles, Alice Pettis. Fifth Row: Sam Presley, Mildred Primos, Jim Quarles, Henry Redmond, Tom Roberts, Sugar Salter, James Seale, Ginger Seal, Ralph Simmons. Sixth Row: Victor Smith, June Sneed, Forrest Stevens, Abe Tahir, Jim Taylor, John Underwood, James Waring, Barbara Warley, Tracy White. Not Pictured: Paul Brandis, Dr. Alton Bryant, Dr. H arry Campbell, Tom Crews, Dr. Farley Robert, Paul Hardman, Nancy Johnson, Otis Johnson, Dr. F. A. Kellog, Tommy Lewis, Lannie Northcott, Dr. Leston Love, Dr. Pete K. McCarter, Dr. J. G. McMurray, Fred McQuen, Marsin Monney, Dr. D. S. Pank- ratz, James Parks, Ned Poole, Wayne Stevens, Norman Sterner, Hassel Smith, Dr. J. D. Williams. 26 CAMPUS SENATE The heads of our country have long felt the lack of training in leadership available to college students. The Campus Senate is Ole Miss ' answer to the problem. It is a branch of the A.S.B., created this year to give a larger number of students the chance to serve as leaders of the college commu- nity. The Senate manages all elections and other student functions, and passes laws related to the students ' activities. The membership is composed of one representative from each of the fraternity and sorority houses, from each section of the men ' s dormitories; one representative from each of the schools, usually the deans; and one representative from the Chancellor ' s office and the veterans. At least half of the members are changed each semester to train as many leaders as possible for the coming era. " BABE " PEARSON Speaker JACK GEARY . . . Speaker Protem FRANCIS FIELDS . . . Secretary JACK GANDY . . . Sergeant-at-arms -WOMEN ' S S UDE: The Dormitory Council, composed of the house presidents and two representatives from each floor of the dormitory, works in co-operation with the W.S.G.A. to enforce its dormitory regula- tions. Dormitory councils meet once a week, and there are specified house meetings during the year called by the president. The house president is elected by the dormitory and is automatically a member of the Executive Council. When the boys sometimes wonder, after call- ing their girls, why the girls can ' t leave the dorm; and the girls find their hopes for an evening of fun shattered by a messy room, the first thing that comes to mind is—the W.S.G.A. The Women ' s Student Government Associa- tion, comprised of the Legislative Council and the Executive Council, governs all matters concerning the conduct of women students in their campus life. THE DORMITORY COUNCIL Standing: Primos, Adams, Johnson—Seated: Pettis, White 28 MENT ASSOCIATION GOVERN JANET EDGERTON SISSY WESTBROOK ANN LUM MARY JANE ENOCH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Popular vote elects the Legislative Council to make the rules and the Executive Council to act judicially. The latter is composed of four officers and sorority house presidents, and the former is composed of representatives from each women ' s dormitory and the Executive Council. The W.S.G.A. operates under an honor system in regard to social rules and regulations. The rules are few and reasonable and may be changed by student petition. The Ole Miss Association is a member of the National Intercollegiate Association of Women Students and of the Mississippi Intercollegiate Women ' s Student Government Associations. The Officers of W.S.G.A. 29 THE First Row RALPH E. SIMMONS Assistant Editor LENOX OGLESBY SARA MARGRET RAYNER Assistant Class Editor VIVIAN SWEAT OLIVIA LEWIS Class Editor LILIAN SWEAT ELIZABETH ANDERSON Copy Editor KATHRYN READY BIT HUNTER Sports Editor JIMMY SHOEMAKE Second Row Assistant Business Manager Advertisement Assistant Advertisement Assistant Organization Manage r Circulation Manager 1951 OLE MISS Ten, twenty, maybe fifty years from now you ' ll take a trip in time back to the scenes and memories of 1950 and 1951. We hope this an- nual will clearly bring back your experiences during a most colorful year at Ole Miss. Here on these pages we ' ve tried to record more pictorial- ly than ever before all the events of the year. From the thrill and excite- ment of a pep rally to the quietness of the library, you ' ll find it here; you, your friends, life on our Southern campus. May it be that our ef- forts have captured for you the favorite memories of your college. career. The credit for the success of this book goes to the staff, which has worked diligently and faithfully. We have tried to accurately show Ole Miss and her sons and daughters not less, not equal, but greater than they have ever been shown before. Special thanks goes to Ralph Simmons, who remained at Ole Miss during the Christmas holidays to help meet the deadlines. Also Olivia Lewis, Elizabeth Anderson, and the Sweat twins worked hard and faithfully through the year. Besides the editors and managers of various parts of the book there were many others that were a great help, like Ben Harrison, who was in charge of the Parade of Favorites and served as an assistant editor; George Peters, J. R. Savage, Oscar Parson, and Francis Criss for help with pictures; Jo Ruth Ragan, Anne Reed, and Emily Shelton for many hours in the office. Others that should be recognized for the fulfill- ment of this yearbook are: Sidney McNeil, Abe Tahir, Pat Johnson, " Penut " Luckett, John Nieto, Jack Rhymes, Janet Buford, Betty Ever- ett, Paul Pittman, Alyce Grossmayer, Ann Grigsby, Jean Gale, and Katherine Ann Pickens. FISHER RHYMES—Editor HAL BREWER—Business Manager 31 The MiQsippian 30,000 FANS TO BE HERE FOR ANNUAL CLASSIC CaiswsSerale Ole Miss To Meet Miss. State WJICorsier For ' Golden Egg ' Tomorrow leabulietag zall Oes Slikfilers Art triodes For PintCourse PUB LISHED EACH STAFF ABOVE, First Row: HARRY DANCIGER Sports Editor ELIZABETH POLK First Semester Society Editor CATHY JOHNSTON Second Semester Society Editor DICK GOLDHAMMER. Feature Editor ALBIN KREBS, Editor ED HOWELL, First Semester Business Manager PAUL PITTMAN, Managing Editor 32 Second Row: PAUL AMOS Advertising Manager GAY ANDERSON Circulation Manager EDMOND BRIGNAC Assistant Busi ness Manager GORDON MACAULEY Second Semester Business Manager The Mississippian, under the editorship of Albin Krebs, wound up a turbulent fortieth year of publication this semes- ter. The Rebels ' weekly newspaper, which rolls off the presses every Friday, is circulated on the campus and throughout the state. The paper aims at covering the campus news, entering controversies advisedly and otherwise, and amusing the stu- dents whenever the opportunity presents itself. Managing editor of the paper was Paul Pittman. Ed Howell was the carpetbagging business manager of the sheet; and Gordon MacCauley, another yankee, was Howell ' s assistant. Beau Carvill as news editor, Elizabeth Polk as society ed itor, WEEK BY THE STUDENT BODY Dick Goldhammer as features editor, and Abe Tahir as exchange editor saw the news safely in the paper by sometime early every Friday morn- ing. Harry " Chigger " Danciger and Bobby Jones, as co-sports editors, filled inside pages with foot- ball, basketball, track, baseball, volleyball, swim- ming, tennis, intramurals, and otherwise. William Sebastian Moore, sports writer extraor- dinary, was made famous by his now-legendery " Scabini Story " ; and Ben Knight, a correspondent for a top mid-south daily, helped sit out the mid- night watch. Eddie Brignac, aided by Paul Amos, Bobby Boh and Sonny Temple, hounded Oxford merchants for ads; Gaylord Anderson, Willie Wyatt, and Ginger Seal circulated the papers on Friday after- noons. ASB President Maurice Dentin wrote a weekly column for the paper; Hillman Taylor and Walter Coppedge were occasional column contributors. Editorial assistants who did much of the dirty work included Cathy Johnston, Rudy Gandy, Mary Elizabeth Tahir, Dot Malone, Bettye Jack- son, Ernest Duff, Kay Ann Davis, Emily Shelton, Jack Burrage, Tommye Nunnally, Grathan Brig- ante, Charlotte Hess, Bob Whipple, Joe Young, and Rae Sparks. Snooping around for sports news were sports reporters Colleen Fly, Bob Berman, John Gandy, Larry Franck, Bob Campion, and John Ray. THE MISSISSIPPIAN 33 moot court board The Moot Court board, composed of students of the School of Law and chosen by the faculty for their scholastic record, gives students experience in conducting themselves in actual courtroom practice and in the handling of general office matters. This board arranges cases, and students prepare briefs, argue appellate cases and conduct trial cases. Advanced students, faculty members, and practicing lawyers and judges serve as judges. Pro- fessor Joel W. Bunkley serves as the faculty advisor to the Moot Court board in appellate cases. Lafayette County Attorney Bramlette Roberts is the faculty advisor to the general practice division. EXPERIENCE FOR COURTROOM 34 OFFICIAL BAR PUBLICATION The Mississippi Law Journal, founded in 1928, is the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar; and it is published under the Bar ' s auspices by students of the School of Law of the University of Mississippi. The Journal publishes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the State Bar, articles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments on recent decisions, reviews of current treatises on the general subject of Law, and other matters of interest to the legal profession. STAFF TOM CREWS Editor FRANCIS B. STEVENS Business Manager W. KELLY CLIFFORD Assistant Business Manager ANCIL L. COX, JR. Note Editor R. O. ARRINGTON, JR. Legislation Editor WILLIAM F. GOODMAN, JR . Case Editor JOHN W. DULANEY, JR. Case Editor CLINTON G. HERRING Book Review and Index Editor eaw )ourrIcti THE ASB President Dantin and Tex Beneke " Sadie ' s Serenade " Colonel Rebel has chosen a few of his more social-minded students to be in charge of all student-body dances. This A.S.B. Dance Committee is responsible for bringing name bands to the campus, preparing for the dances, and the conduct of the students that attend the dances. Dancing is an important part of the social life at Ole Miss and each year we have the opportunity of hearing some of the famous bands of the country. This year Tex Beneke and his orchestra played for the mid-winters. Five officers compose the Executive Committee and are also members of the Faculty-Student Committee Governing Social Affairs. The Execu- tive Committee in turn appoints a floor committee which supervises the Student Body dance. 36 DANCE COMMITTEE First Row: Amos, Bishop, Byrd, Childers, Couch, Darnell, Emmich, Evans, Farris. Second Row: Goggins, Griffin, Hollander, Johnson, Lambert, LeaveII, Little, Little, Mallette. Third Row: Maxwell, Paris, Robertson, Savage, Scholls, Semski, Smith. " Shot-Gun Boggie " " Bring Back The Thrill " 37 ma Coffee and Donuts in the Grill. Eight O ' Clocks in the Temporary Classroom Buildings, Brrrr. Good Grades or the Army. It Was Harder This Year. Burning the Midnight Oil Before Exams. The Classes You Cut, Slept Through, Enjoyed. Labs All Evening. Grading on the Curve. Term Papers. Maybe You Don ' t Recall That " D " in Lit. But Some Things You Won ' t Forget About Our e b tz =� LCD MAURICE DANTIN James Abston Marshall Allen, Jr. Victor Applewhite Richard Arrington, Jr. President of ASS. James Barlow Sterling Batte, Jr. William Beanland Bradley Berry ABOVE First Row: • JAMES P. ABSTON, Crandall; Law III; Sigma Pi. • MARSHALL B. ALLEN, JR., Gulfport; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Kappa Sigma. • ICTOR Bassfield; Med. II; Phi Chi. • RICHARD 0. ARRINGTON, JR., Hazlehurst; Law III; Delta Psi; Phi Aloha Delta. Second Row: • JAMES B. BARLOW, Wesson; Med. II; Phi Chi. • STERLING A. BATTE, JR., West Point; Med. II; Phi Chi; President, Medical School Student Body. • WILLIAM G. BEANLAND, Oxford; Law III; Delta Psi; Cardinal Club; Track; Band; Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee. • BRADLEY D. BERRY, Ocean Springs; Med. II; President, Alpha Kappa Kappa; Theta Kappa; Inter-fraternity Council; Honor Council. BELOW First Row: • HULLON L. BLACKWELL, Taylorsville; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • AUSTIN P. BOGGAN, Hick- ory; Med. II; Phi Chi. • ROBERT A. BRIDGES, University; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board. • CHARLES A. CARTER, Philadelphia; Law Ill; Phi A:ha Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. • LOUIS S. CHATHAM, Vicksburg; Med. II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • JAMES L. CLEMONS, Law. • WILLIAM E. COCHRAN, Kosciusko; Med.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Row: • CLARENCE H. CONNER, Indianola; Med; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Chi Beta Phi. • ANCIL L. COX, JR., Shaw; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma Phi; Miss. Law Journal; Moot Court Board. • BEN L. CAWFORD, Tylertown; Phi Chi. • GEORGE W. CUTRER, Magnolia; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • DAVE W. DOGAN, JR., Grenada; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILFORD C. DOSS, JR., Houston; Med.; Phi Chit. • FRANK Jackson; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Hullon Blackwell Clarence Conner Austin Boggan Ancil Cox, Jr. Robert Bridges Ben Crawford Charles Carter George Cutrer Louis Chatham Dave Doga ' n, Jr. James Clemons Wilford Doss, Jr. William Cochran Frank Dowd Jesse Eavenson John Fox John Frazier Harold Fuller William Goodman, Jr. Martha Goss John Gregg Lonnie Griffith Marvin Harvey Hector Harrell William Haymes Thomas Hill James Holloway Angus Holmes ABOVE First Row: • JESSE W. EAVENSON, Marks; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court; S. C. V. • JOHN H. FOX , Oxford; Law III; Beta Theta Pi; ODK; ASB Dance Chairman; Scabbard and Blade. • JOHN T. Crawford; Med. II; Phi Chi. • HAROLD B. FULLER, Osyka; Law. • WILLIAM F. GOODMAN, JR., Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha; ODK; Phi Delta Phi, • MARTHA F. GOSS, University; Med. II; Beta Beta Beta; B.A. • JOHN E. GREGG, Taylorsville; Law; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court. Second Row: • LON ' NIE E. GRIFFITH, Prentiss; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; B. S. U. Council; Mississippi Law Journal. • MAR- VIN V. HARVEY, Tylertown; Med. II; Alpha Kappa • HECTOR P. HARRELL, Carthage; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM D. HAYNES, Memphis, Tenn.; Law 111; S. A. E.; ODK; Phi Alpha Delta. • THOMAS C. HILL, Corinth; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES P. HOLLOWAY, Brookhaven; Med.; Sigma Nu; Phi Phi Eta Eigma; Rho Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Psi. • ANGUS E. HOLMES, Yazoo City; Med.; Phi Chi. James Horton Florian Jabour Robert Hurt John Laird Joseph Hurst Thomas Jenkins Elridge Huffman Billie James BELOW First Row: • JAMES W. HORTON, Jackson; Med. II; S. A. E.; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. • ELRIDGE C. HUFFMAN, New Castle, Virginia; Law, Phi Alpha Delta. • JOSEPH L. HURST, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • ROBERT N. HURT, Louisville; Med.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Second Row: • FLORIAN E. JABOUR, Vicksburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • BILLIE L. JAMES, Montrose; Med. II; Phi Chi. • THOMAS D. JENKINS, Water Valley; Law III; A. T. O.; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer of ASB; IFC Dance Chairman; Committee of 100; Vice-President of 1.F.C.; Honor Roll. • JOHN R. LAIRD, Union; Med.; Phi Chi; Sigma Nu. " BABE " PEARSON Jerome Leavell Jack Leigh Steve Leist Mitchell Lundy Vice-President of ASB. James McClure, Jr. Wesley McFarland Barry Mclntos Mabry McMillan ABOVE First Row: • JEROME F. LEAVELL, Oxford; Law III; SAE; ASB Dance Committee; Committee of 100; IFC Dance Com- mittee; Classical Club. • JACK P. LEIGH, Meridian; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • STEVE C. LEIST, Vicksburg; Med.; AKK. • MITCHELL M. LUNDY, Philadelphia; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta. Second Row: • JAMES McCLURE, JR., Sardis; Law; KA. • WESLEY L. McFARLAND, Natchez; Med. II; Phi Chi. • BAR- RY P. McINTOS, Hernando; Med. II; DKE; Phi Chi. • MARRY S. McMILLAN, Water Valley; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. BELOW First Row: • VOSS McRANEY, Ocean Springs; Med. II; Phi Chi. 0 SIDNEY B. MAJURE, Newton; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • ERNEST G. MARTIN, JR., Jackson; Law III; SAE. • ANDREW K. MARTINO- LICH, JR., Bay St. Louis; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; AED. • HAROLD W. MELVIN, Laurel; Law III; Sigma Pi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Letterman in track ' 48; Cheerleader ' 48. • OTIS C. MITCHELL, Wesson; Med. II; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GEORGE E. MORSE, Pass Christian; Law III; KA. Second Row: • STANFORD E. MORSE, Pass Christian; Law III; KA. • EVERETTE J. JR., Clarksdale; Med. II; Phi Chi; Class President; Vice-Pres. of Med. School. • WILLIAM M. PACE, luka; Law III; Beta Theta Pi. • RUBEL L. PHILLIPS, Kossuth; Law; Phi Alpha Delta; Law School President. • SAMUEL IRA PITTMAN, JR., Coffeeville; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha. Delta. 0 GEORGE M. QUIN, Summit; Law; Phi Alpha Delta. • BASIL C. RANKIN, Nettleton; Law. Voss McRaney, Jr. Stanford Morse Sidney Maiure Everette Mullen, Jr. Ernest Martin, Jr. William Pace Andrew Marfinolich, Jr. Rubel Phillips Harold Melvin Samuel Pittman, Jr. Otis Mitchell George Quin George Morse Basil Rankin Robert Ritter Thomas Roberts Andrew Scott John Simmons Gather Runnels Stephen Schillig Carl Smith, Jr. Charles M. Smith Robert Rouse Melvin Rowland Boyce Skinner Bennett Smith John Rayburn, Jr. Edward Schmidt ABOVE First Row: • JOHN A. RAYBURN, JR., Pontotoc; Law III. • ROBERT M. RITTE-R, Belden; Med. II; Phi Chi. • THOMAS GEORGE ROBERTS, Montrose; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. • ROBERT M. ROUSE, Meridian; Med. II; AKK. • MELVIN L. ROWLAND, Tupelo; Law III. • GATHER 0. RUNNELS, Mize; Med. II; Phi Chi. • STEPHEN SCHILLING, Leland; Med. II; Phi Chi. Second Row: • EDWARD Sontag; Med. II; AKK. • ANDREW S. SCOTT, Laurel; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha. • JOHN SIMMONS, Gulfport; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BOYCE W. SKINNER, Tu- pelo; Med. II; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • BENNETT E. SMITH, Weir; Law III; ODK. • CARL A. JR., Elliott; Med. II; Phi Chi. CHARLES M. SMITH, Greenville; Med, II; Phi Chi; Kappa Sigma. Charles R. Smith Robert Snyder Floyd Smith Dalton Spears Richard Smith Dan Sutherland George Smith, Jr. Roby Stegall BELOW First Row: • CHARLES R. SMITH, Ruleville• Med. II; Phi Chi; Alpha Tau Omega. • FLOYD P. SMITH, Jackson; Law III; M Club; Vice-President of the Law School; Phi Alpha Delta; • GEORGE R. SMITH, JR., Pass Chris- tian; Law III. • RICHARD S. SMITH, Tupelo; Law III; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • ROBERT S. SNYDER, Clinton; Med. II; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Scabbard and Blade. • DAL- TON E. SPJARS, Oxford; Med. II. • ROBY L. STEGALL, Forest; Law III. • AN G. SUTHERLAND, Hatties- burg; Law III. JEAN SAIN Treasurer of ASB Miss Ole Miss. Raymon Tipton Clinton Wallace ABOVE First Row: Robert Touchstone Reginald White Howard Trimble Buford Wilkerson Robert Tyson Lester Willis • RAYMON E. TIPTON, Lucedale; Med. II; Phi Chi; ATO. • ROBERT N. TOUCHSTONE, Meridian; Med. II; Phi Chi. • HOWARD B. TRIMBLE, Jackson; Law; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • ROB- ERT E. TYSON, Holly Springs; Med. II. Second Row: • CLINTON E. WALLACE, Yazoo City; Med.; Phi Chi. • REGINALD P. Meridian; Med. II; Phi Chi; ATO. • BUFORD H. WILKERSON, Gulfport; Med.; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • LESTER C. WILLIS, Edin- burg; Med. II; AKK. BELOW First Row: • WALLACE WOOTEN, Shelby; Law III; DKE. • JESSE L. YANCY, JR., Bruce, Law III. JIMMY B. ZACH- ARY, Houlka; Med.; Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Pi. • HENRY L. ADKINS, Greenville; Med. I; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT A. ANDERSON, JR., Gulfport; Law I. • JAMES S. ATTALYA, Picayune; Grad.; Chi Ep- silon; Phi Eta Sigma. • RUSSELL E. AVEN, Water Valley; Grad. Second Row: • ROY G. AYLES, Oxford; Comm. • J. CHARLES Greenville; Law I; Sigma Pi. • LOUIS G. BAINE, Gloster; Law II; Kappa Sigma. • DENNIS MURPHREE BAKER, Pope; Law I. • ERNEST A. BALLBACH, Nurnberg, Germany; Grad. • HAROLD R. BARBER, JR., Gulfport; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JARE BARKLEY, Belzoni; Med. I; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. Wallace Wooten Roy Ayles Jesse Yancy, Jr. J. Charles Azar Jimmy Zachary Louis Baine, Jr. Henry Adkins Dennis Baker Robert Anderson, Jr. Ernst Ballbach James Attalya Harold Barber, Jr. Russell Aven Jare Barkley Joe Barnett Margaret Barton William Beck, Jr. Dan Bell John Bellan, Jr. Louie Bishop Victor Blaine John Blair Thomas Boswell George Bounds Martha Bowman Julian Bramlett James Bre ' nt Norman Brown ABOVE First Row: • JOE P. BARNETT, Carthage, Miss.; Law • MARGARET E. BARTON, West Point; Grad. • WILLIAM H. JR., Clarksdale; Law I; Sigma Chi. • DAN H. CELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Law II. • JOHN A. BEL- LAN, JR., Natchez; Law II; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta. • LOUIE M. BISHOP, Wanyesboro; Law II. • VIC- TOR R. BLAINE, Darling; Law II; ATO. Second Row: • JOHN R. BLAIR, Hattiesburg; Biology. • THOMAS T. BOSWELL, New Albany; Graduate; Pi Kappa Phi; Eta Sigma Phi; Canterberry Club. • GEORGE W. BOUNDS, Bailey; Med. • MARTHA V. BOWMAN, Amory; Graduate. • JULIAN C. BRAMLETT, Oxford; Graduate; Sigma Chi. • JAMES F. BRENT, Biloxi; Education; Kappa Kappa Psi. • NORMAN BROWN, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate. BELOW First Row: • RICHARD D. BROWN, Louisville, Ky.; Education. • JAMES W. BRYANT, McComb; Med.; B.S.U. • JOHN W. BRYANT, Holly Springs; Law Sigma Pi; Beta Beta Beta. 0 CARY E. BUFKIN, Decatur; Law; President of Claiborne Society. Second Row: • MILLARD M. BUSH, Hattiesburg; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Mississippi Law Journal; Rebelairs. • ERWIN CAFFEY, Winona; Business. • PATRICK R. CAINE, East Pgh., Pennsyl- vania; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Anchor and Chain. • HUGH R. CALDWELL, Como; Graduate. James Bryant Erwin Gaffey Richar d D. Brown Millard Bush John Bryant Patrick Caine Cary Bufkin Hugh Caldwell CHARLOTTE COWARD Secretary of ASB. King Callicutt Barbara Cason William Campbell Edward Cates William Carnes, Jr. Raymonde Clarke Pete Carrubba Kelly Clifford AE3OVE First Row: • KING H. CALLICUTT, New Albany; Law II. • WILLIAM R. CAMPBELL, Columbia; Medicine. • WIL- LIAM H. CARNES, JR., Gulfporf; Medicine. 0 PETE H. CARRUBBA, Long Beach; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta; BBA. Second Row: • BARBARA J. CASON, Tenn.; Speech; Kapp] Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Eta; Tau Kappa Al- pha; University Players; ASB Dance Committee. • EDWARD L. CATES, Jackson; Law I; KA. • RAYMONDE A. CLARKE, A rgos, Ind.; Law. • KELLY CLIFFORD, Boise, Idaho; Law II; Kappa Sigma; ODK; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Miss. Law Journal; Mississippians; Presi- dent of Junior Class of Law School. BELOW First Row: • CURTIS E. COKER, Oxford; Law. • WILLIAM F. COLEMAN, West Point; Law II. • BILLY T. COLLUM, Golden; Medicine; Phi Chi. • LAWRENCE C. CORBAN, JR., Biloxi; Law; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE L. COT- TINGHAM, JR., Greenville; Law II; Phi Delta Theta. 0 IRMA A. COVARRUBIAS, Oruro, Bolivia; Pharmacy. • JOSEPH C. CRAWFORD, Shreveport, La.; Law; KA. Second Row: • EMMETT N. CREEKMORE, DeKalb; Education. • EDWARD A. JR., Hattiesburg; Law I; PI Kap- pa Alpha. • ALVA A. DEVAULT, Hornersville, Missouri; Education; Phi Delta Kappa. • JUSTIN J. DAVID, Woodville; Law; Phi Eta Sigma. • WILLIAM M. DAVID, Oxford; Grad. • JAMES R. DAVIS, Columbia; Law II; Lambda Chi Alpha. 0 PAUL R. DAVIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate; American Chemical Society. Curtis Coker Emmett Creekmore William Coleman Edward Currie, Jr. Billy Collum Alva Davault Lawrence Corban, Jr. George Cottingham, Jr. Justin David William David Irma Covarrubias James Davis Joseph Crawford Paul Davis William Dukes Ethel Eskridge John Dulaney Warren Forsythe Don Dismukes John Durden, Jr. Betty Drury Walter Eppes, Jr. Albert Dickens, Jr. James Dunavant Robert Donald Robert Effinger, Jr. Thomas Douglas, Jr. George Ellis Thomas Gambrell Lloyd Gary John French William Garner ABOVE First Row: • ALBERT N. DICKENS, JR., Carthage; Law II. • DON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Pres. of Herm Lit. Society; Treas. of Kappa Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical Society. • ROBERT H. DONALD, Louisville; Medicine; Phi Chi; AED, Beta Beta Beta; Cardinal Club; Phi Eta Sigma. • THOMAS E. DOUGLAS, JR., West Point; Law II; Sigma Chi; Rebelaires; Dance Orchestra. • BETTY J. DRUR Y, Brookhaven; Medicine; ZTA; Beta Beta Beta; WAA; YWCA; Sec.-Treas. of Med. Class. • WILLIAM F. DUKES, Hattiesburg; Law II; Phi Alpha Delta; Scabbara and Blade. JOHN W. DULANEY, Tunica; Law II; Delta Psi; Moot Ct. Board; Miss. Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: • JAMES D. DUNAVANT, Memphis; Graduate. • JOHN A. DURDEN, JR., Phoenix, Arizona; Graduate. • ROBERT C. EFFINGER, Oxford; Delta Psi; Scabbard and Blade. • GEORGE R. ELLIS, Waynesboro; Medicine; Phi Chi; Sigma Nu. • WALTER W. EPPES, JR., Meridian; Law; Kappa Alpha. • ETHEL C. ESK- RIDGE, Charleston; Graduate. • WARREN J. FORSYTHE, Madrid, N.Y.; Law. BELOW First Row: • JOHN B. FRENCH, Jackscn; Law; Moot Ct. Board; Phi Delta Phi. • THOMAS B. GAMBRELL, Summer- Idnd; Law. • JOHN D. GANDY, Jackson; Law; Phi Kappa Psi; Glee Club; Campus Senate; Orientation Comm. • RUDOLPH B. GANDY, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Journalism, Lambda Sigma; " Mississipian. " Second Row: • WILLIAM L. GARNER, Hernando; Medicine; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. • LLOYD E. GARY, Eupora; Graduate. 0 JOHN D. GAUTIER, Gautier; Law I; KA; Glee Club. • DANIEL P. GHOL- SON, Holly Springs; Grad.; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta; Beta Beta Leta. John Gandy John Gautier Rudy Gandy Daniel Gholson JACK McCLAIN Robert Gieger Joe Gillespie George Gleason James Golmon President of Graduate School. Robert Graham Ben Gregory James Griffin, Jr. P. C. Griffin ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT B. GIEGER, Hattiesburg; Grad.; Chorus; ACS; Chess Club. • JOE I. GILLESPIE, Oxford; Law II; Delta Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal. • GEORGE E. GLEASON, Philadelphia; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; Moot Ct. Board. • JAMES H. Roxie; Graduate. Second Row: • ROBERT M. GRAHAM, Meridian; Medicine; KA. • BEN T. GREGORY, Okolona; Medicine; ATO; AKK. • JAMES C. GRIFFIN, JR., Shannon; Medicine; Sigma Phi Chi. • P. C. GRIFFIN, New Albany, Law. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT P. GRIFFIN, Gulfport; Phi Chi. 0 EARL L. GRIMES, Carthage; Law; Independents; Ole Miss Y; BSU; Pres. Freshman Law Class. • LUNDY REID, Tutwiler; Law II; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha. • RAYFORD B, GUSTAFSON, Waynesboro; Geology; Sigma Nu; Vice-Pres. Texas A. M. Geology Club; Pet. Eng. Club. Univ. of Okla. Pet. Eng. Club; Texas A. M. Society of Discussion Debate; Miss. Geological Society; AAPG. • HURST M. HALL, University; " M " Club. • FRANK J. HAMMOND, JR., Moss Point; Law II. • ;THERESE HANDROENKER, Munich, Germany; Education. Second Row: • SAMUEL H. HARDISON, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate; KA; Tau Kappa Alpha; BBB; Debate Club; German Club. 0 ALFRED W. HARDY, Canton; Law; Beta Theta Pi; BBA. • CLIFFORD T. HARMON, Stafford, Virginia; Psychology; Phi Kappa Psi. • JAMES E. HARRIS, Blytheville, Ark.; Education. • JOSEPH B. HAW- KINS, Raleigh; Law 11;150; Tau Kappa Alpha. • JAY H. HEDGEPETH, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts; SAE; Pres. of Eta Sigma Phi; Vice-Pres. of Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Team. • HERSCHEL J. HENDRIX, Little Rock, Ark.; Graduate; Phi Delta Kappa. Robert Griffin Earl Grimes Lundy Reid Rayford Gustayson Hurst Hall Frank Hammond, Jr. Therese Handroenker Samuel Hardison Alfred Hardy, Jr. Clifford Harmon James Harris Joseph Hawkins Jay Hedgepeth Herschel Hendrix Felix Henley Bill Hoffman Harris Henley Alton Hollis Lore Hermann Orville Hornbeck Forrest Hettinger Hoke Hoene, II Cyde Hill Lawrence Hunt, Jr. Robert Hodge Hector Howard Lucien Hodges Huldah Howell ABOVE First Row: • FELIX T. HENLEY, West Point; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • HARRIS B. HENLEY, Hazlehurst; Law II; Delta Psi. • LORE HERMANN, Nevenburg, Germany; Graduale. • FORREST A. HETTINGER, Memphis, Tenn.; Chemistry. • CLYDE V. HILL, Greenwood; Graduate. • ROBERT H. Oxford; Medicine. • LU- CIEN R. HODGES, Wesson; Medicine; Phi Chi. Second Row: • GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Hattiesburg; Medicine; Phi Delta Theta. • ALTON L. HOLLIS, Carthage; Law. • ORVILLE L. HORNBECK, Senath, Mo.; Graduate. • HOKE I. HORNE II, Norton, Va.; Law II; Sigma Nu. • LAWRENCE T. HUNT, JR., McComb; Business; ATO; • HECTOR S. HOWARD; Jackson; Medicine; Phi Chi. • HULDA C. HOWELL, Biloxi; Education; KD; Editor " Mississippian " ' 45- ' 46; Y Cabinet ' 45- ' 46, ' 49- ' 50; Pres. Westminster Fellowship; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; ASS ' Executive Council ' 45- ' 46. Mays Hunter Robert Jones John Jabour Irvin Kelly, Jr. Cecil Johnson Oscar LaBarre Edgar Johnson Alfred Lane BELOW First Row: • MAYS " BIT " HUNTER, Macon; Education; MA; Campus Senate; M Club; University Players; Sports Editor " Ole Miss " ' 47, ' 51; Sports Editor " Mississippian " ' 48; President of Education School 1948; Executive Council ' 48; ASB President ' 48. • JOHN E. JABOUR, Vicksburg; Law; Pi Kappa Alpha. . • CECIL G. JOHNSON, Yazoo City; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Ct. Board. • EDGAR D. JOHNSON, Long Beach; Graduate; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: • ROBERT E. JONES, Brookhaven; Law; Sigma Nu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pershing Rifles; Co-Sports Editor of " Mississippian " . • IRVIN L. KELLY, JR., ' ascagoula; Law. • OSCAR P. LaBARRE, Vicksburg; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. • ALFRED D. LANE, Mendenhall; Graduate; Beta Beta Beta, BOB MORRISON Wilbur Latham James Lee Gerald Little Fernando Loden President of Commerce School. Morris Lovelady George Lucas Tracy Lusk Willette Lyon ABOVE First Row: • WILBUR D. LATHAM, Jackson; Medicine; Phi Chi. • JAMES WALTER LEE, Forest; Graduate. • GER- ALD M. LITTLE, Jackson; Medicine; Phi. Chi. • FERNANDO W. LODEN, Sardis; Business. Second Row: • MORRIS C. LOVELADY, Oxford; Engineering. • GEORGE L. Columbus; Law; Barrister ' s Club; Phi Alpha Delta. • TRACY W. LUSK, Hazlehurst; Grad.; ASCE; Chi Epsilon. • WILLETTE E. LYON, Mem- phis, Tenn.; Chemistry; Theta Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma. BELOW First Row: • LEROY J. McBRIDE, Jackson; Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi • JERRY C. McCALL, Oxford; Math; DKE; ODK; Vice-Pres. Pi Kappa Pi; Chi Epsilon; IFC; ASCE; Grad. Instructor in Math; Student Director of Social Affairs; Debate Club. • THOMAS S. McCAY, Utica; Medicine; Phi Chi. • BUXWELL B. McCLENDON, JR., Jackson; Law; KA; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifies. • CONWAY McCRACKEN, Sardis; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Bus, Mgr. Ole Miss " M " Book; Pres, Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Bus Educ. Club; Committee of 100; Y Cabinet. • JOHN L. McGEE, Louisville; Graduate; Beta Beta Beta. • GORDON S. McHENRY, McHenry; Medicine. Second Row: • ROBERT A. Bellefontaine; Law. • CURT W. McKEWEN, Jackson; Law; Marketing Club; Debate Club; Wesley Foundation. • NEWTON K. McKOIN, Bastrop, La.; Law; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JACK McLAIN, Jackson; Graduate; President of BSU and Graduate School. • EUGENE F. McELROY, Elizabeth; Liberal Arts, • EDWARD L. Kosciusko; History. • HELEN E. MAGEE, Oxford; Graduate. Leroy McBride Robert McKee Jerry McCall Curt McKewen Thomas McCay Newton McKoin Buxwell McClendon, Jr. Conway McCracken Jack McLain Eugene McLeroy JoHn McGee Edward McMillan Gordon McHenry Helen Magee Snooshum Maples Jerry Mayo Albert Meena Maria Meurer Albert Miller Earl Moody John Moody Ben Moore Jasper Moore W. Sebastian Moore James Morgan Duncan Morrill Raymond NIL. OV Carl Newton ABOVE First Row: • SNOOSHUM MAPLES, Tiger Branch; Law. • JERRY MAYO, Pocahontas; Grad.; Beta Sigma Omicron; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical Society. • ALBERT L. MEENA, Clarksdale; Med. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi • MARIA G. MEURER, Frankfurt, Germany; Grad. • ALBERT V. MILLER, Picayune; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal. • EARL MOODY, Louisville; Grad. • JOHN MARTIN MOODY, Semi- nary; Law II. Second Row: • BEN J. MOORE, Sardis; Med I. • JASPER D. MOORE, Sebastopol; Delta Kappa Kappa. • W. SEBAS- TIAN MOORE, Jackson; Law II; Sigma Chi; Veteran ' s Club; Marketing Club; Y.M.C.A.; Cardinal Club, ' 47- ' 48; Student Representative; Recreational Council ' 49- ' 50; President, Intramural Council ' 49- ' 50; The Missis- sippian Staff, ' 50- ' 51; The OLE MISS Staff ' 50- ' 51; BBA ' 50. • JAMES THOMAS MORGAN, Marion; Grad.; Sigma Nu. • DUNCAN E. MORRILL, San California; Grad.; Phi Eta Sigma. • RAYMOND MUROV, Meridian; Graduate. • CARL H. NEWTON, Senath, Missouri; Graduate. Paul Newton Oliver Oates, Jr. Shirley Norwood Walter Ott Jack Nicola Carl Olsdn Carl Nichols, Jr. Celal Oktay BELOW First Row: • PAUL M. NEWTON, Wiggins; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Hall of Fame ' 48; Managing Editor, " Mississippian " ' 46- ' 47; Editor, " Mississippian " ' 47- ' 48; ODK President ' 50- ' 51; Pi Kappa Pi Pres. ' 46- ' 48; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; IFC ' 46- ' 48; Delegate, Miss. Intercollegiate Council ' 46- ' 48; President of Kappa Sigma ' 46- ' 48; Co-Editor, Ole Miss " M " Book ' 43; Executive Council ' 47- ' 4B. • CARL G. NICHOLS, JR., Rosedale; Medicine; Kappa Sigma; ODK; Pi Kappa Pi. • JACK F. NICOLA, Vicksburg; Graduate. • SHIRLEY J. NORWOOD, Jackson; Law; Delta Zeta. Second Row: • OLIVER M. OATES JR., Bay Springs; Law; Pi Kappa Alpha; YMCA. • CELAL M. OKTAY, Istanbul, Tur- key; Chemical Engr. • CARL I. OLSON, Arkadelphia, Ark.; History; Graduate Fellow in History. • WAL- TER H. OTT, Osyka; Psychology. -41•11111112L,111.411111 HENRY PARIS Head Cheerleader. Thomas Pearson Clarence Potts Max Pharr Horace Proctor George Polhemus William Polk Ralph Pruett, Jr. Billie Putman ABOVE First Row: • THOMAS H. PEARSON, Clarksdale; Law II; Beta Theta Pi: Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-Pres. ASB; Executive Council; M Club; Varsity Football. • MAX L. PHA RR, Booneville; Med.; Phi Chi. • GEORGE W. POLHEMUS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi. • WILLIAM T. PO LK, Centreville; Medicine. Second Row: • CLARENCE H. POTTS, Memphis, Tenn.; .raduate; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Kappa Pi President; Vice-Pres. of Engr. School; Pres. of Chi Epsilon. • HORACE PROCTIR, Walnut; Graduate. • RALPH D. PRUETT, JR., Brookhaven; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Miss. Law Journal. • BILLIE H. PUTNAM, Calhoun City; Medicine; Beta Beta Beta. BELOW First Row: • JAMES B. RAMSEY, Vicksburg; Law. • DOROTHEA RAV, Germany; Graduate. • JOHN E. RAWLS, Columbia; Medicine; AKK. • LOPIS R. REDDITT, Carrollton; Graduate. • ROBERT C. REED- ER, Memphis; Med.; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; BBB. • R. B. Reeves, Jr., McComb; Law II; Sigma Nu; M Club; Phi Alpha Delta. • CHARLES G .REYNOLDS, Fairfax, Ala.; Law; Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau KA; Lambda Sigma Chi; Debate. Second Row: • OTHO D. RHODES, Hattiesburg; Law. • JACK L. RITTER, Tupelo; Law II; Sigma Chi. • BUFORD RIVES, Tuscola; Biology. • JOHN H. ROGERS, Sylvavena; Law; Kappa Sigma. • ARTHUR T. ROST, Kemp- ten-Aug, Germany; Graduate. • HUGH G. ROWLAND, Louisville; Law II. • GEORGE M. RYAN, Bay Springs; Medicine; Phi Chi. James Ramsey Otho Rhodes Dorothea Ray Jack Ritter John Rawls Buford Rives Louis Redditt John Rogers Robert Reeder Arthur Rost R. B. Reeves, Jr. Hugh Rowland Charles Reynolds George Ryan William Scott Mary Simpson Charles Scruggs William Selph, Jr. Alliston Slade Albert Smith James Shipton Donald Simmons John Spangler Mary Sparkman Ralph Simmons Elbert Simpson, Jr. Billy Stephens Lawrence Stewart ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM I. SCOTT, Oxford; Business; Society for the Advancement of Management. • CHARLES D. SCRUGGS, Biloxi; Medicine I; Sigma Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM F. SELPH, JR., Laurel; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cardinal Club ' 47; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Law Journal Board; I.F.C. Dance Committee; ASB Election Committee. • JAMES M. SHIPTON, Hayti, Mo.; Graduate. • DONALD 0. SIM- MONS, Gulfport; Law II. • RALPH E. SIMMONS, Medidian; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sons of Confed- erate Veterans; Assistant Editor of ' 51 OLE MISS; IFC Dance Committee; Campus Senate. • ELBERT F. SIMPSON, JR., Sardis; Chemistry; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • MARY A. SIMPSON, Ruleville; Psychology. • ALLISTON SLADE, Oxford; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Kappa Phi Eta Sigma. • ALBERT B. SMITH, Washington, D.C.; Law I; Eta Sigma Phi. • JOHN D. SPANGLER, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • MARY K. SPARKMAN, Jackson; Graduate; Sponsor of Anchor and Chain Navy Club; Committee of " 100 " ; $500 Graduate Scholarship. • BILLY W. STEPHENS, Ox- ford; Graduate; Delta Sigma Pi; Band; Flying Rebels; Kappa Kappa Psi; Wesley Foundation; Independents. • LAWRENCE L. STEWART, Nesbitt; Graduate. BELOW First Row: • W. DAVID STINSON, JR., Memphis; Law II; Delta Psi. 0 RUSSELL A. STOKES, Preston; Mathematics. • FRED P. TALMADGE, Monroe; New York; Law I. • BOWMAN S. TIGHE, Jackson; Law II; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • FRANCIS M. TKACIK, Tarentum, Penna.; Graduate; American Chemical Society. 0 GLENN A. TOMLIN- SON, Gulfport; Graduate; Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi; Pres. Campus Credit Union. • ROBERT B. TOWNES, JR., Grenada; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Beta Beta. • HARVEY A. TROUTMAN, East Orange, New Jersey; Graduate; ACS. David Stinson, Jr. Russell Stokes Fred Talmadge Bowman Tighe Francis Tkacik Glenn Tomlinson Robert Townes, Jr. Harvey Troutman Rebecca Truay Joseph Truemper John Underwood Harry Walker E. C. Ward Dorothy VanDeventer George Welch Charles VanWinkle Buford Wells Fred Walker John Werner John Valentine Thomas Watts Harley Weeks, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • REBECCA SUE TRUAY, Memphis; Graduate; ACS. JOSEPH T. TRUEMPER, Memphis; Graduate; Sigma Nu; NIewman Club. • JOHN 0. Tishomingo; Education. • JOHN W. VALENTINE, Cleveland; Law I. 0 DOROTHY H. VAN DEVENDER, Preston; Nursing • CHARLES D. VAN WINKLE, Ocean Springs; Graduate; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • FRED H. WALKER, Gulfport; Medicine; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • HARRY G. WALKER, Gulfport; Law I; Kappa Aloha. • E. C. WARD, Shelby; Law; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pres. IFC; ODK; TKA. 0 THOMAS K. Meridian; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • HARLEY A. WEEKS, JR., Meridian; Law I. • GEORGE B. WELCH, ' law Augusta; Med. I; Phi Chi. • BUFORD E. WELLS, Memphis; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Boxing Team; Dance Band. • JOHN R. WERNER, Rye, N.Y.; Biology; Beta Theta Pi. BELOW First Row: • BENNIE WILHELM, Steele, Mo.; Graduate • CATHERINE WILHELM, Steele, Mo.; Graduate. • CHARLES D. JR. Yazoo City; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. • DUKE WIL- LIAMS, JR., Yazoo City; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. • VEOLA G. WILLIAMS, Pocahuntas; Grad. Chemistry; ACS. • GORDON L. WILLS, Memphis; Graduate; ATO; BBB; Newman Club; German Club. • BOBBY WILSON, Piedmont, Ala.; Graduate. Second Row: • CREIGHTON L. WILSON, JR., Batesville; Graduate; Independents; BA and MA. • JACK M. WITCHEN, Pascagoula; Medicine; Phi Chi. 0 BOBBIE L. WOLFE, Duncan; Graduate; Chi Omega. • NANCY T. WOOD, Tupelo Law II; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Pix; Debate Club; Tau Kappa Alpha. • TAL- BERT T. YEAGER, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. 0 FRANK M. YOUNGBLOOD, Glen Allen; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; International Relations Club. • ROBERT R. McRANEY, Col- lins; Law III. • GEORGE E. PEACOCK, Mendenhall; Law III; Fhi Delta Phi. 1 Bednie Wilhelm Catherine Wilhelm Charles Williams, Jr. Duke Williams, Jr. Veola Williams Gordon Wills Bobby Wilson Creighton Wilson, Jr. Jack Witchen Bobbie Wolfe Nancy Wood Talbert Yeager, Jr. Frank Youngblood Robert McRaney George Peacoc " MR. T " OF LAW SCHOOL IN THIS CASE DEAN FARLE ' Y HAS THE EVIDENCE It; KiIIRDER BOWL QUEEN, CLARA VAN LEMAIRE, AND RUBEL PHILLIPS LOOKS LIKE THE WINNER GOT IT WORST IN THE END ' ,— ALBIN KREBS Editor of the " Mississippian " Betty Aby Donald Aiken Charles Abraham Gloria Adcock Elizabeth Adams Bill Aldridge Betty Adams Betty Akin ABOVE First Row: • CHARLES H. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; Business; Independents; Beta Gamma Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi. • BETTY JEAN ABY, Vicksburg; Education; Delta Zeta; " Y " Cabinet. • BETTY ADAMS MACON; Business. • ELIZ- ABETH M. ADAMS, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • GLORIA A. ADCOCK, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega; Freshman Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader; Sec- retary and Treasurer of W.A.A. ' 50- ' 51; " Y " Student Housing Committee ' 50. • DONALD W. AKIN, Sardis, Liberal Arts. • BETTY L. AKIN, Jackson, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Home Economics Club. • BILL ALDRIDGE, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; YMCA; IFC Dance Committee; Marketing Club. BELOW First Row: • PHIL B. ALEXANDER, Amory; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Pharmaceutical Association; Kap- pa Psi; Committee of " MO " . • CAROLYN W. ALGEE, Tiptonville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; President of Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Art Club. • BARBARA R. ALLEN, Gulfport; Lib- eral Arts. • CLYDE L. ALLEN, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • CHARLIE B. ALLEN, Ill, Rosedale; Business; Kappa Alpha. • MILDRED R. ALLEN, Long Beach; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Iota. • WALTER L. ALLEN, Louis- ville; Commerce. Second Row: • WILLIAM A. ALLEN, Puckett; • GAYLORD L. Woods ' ock, Illinois; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma; The Mississippin. • JAMS T. ANDERSON, Water Valley; Business; Kappa Alpha. • RO- BERTA C. ANDERSON, Port Gibson; Education; Delta Delta Delta • ROBERT L. ANDREAE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Cardinal Club; YMCA; IFC; Glee Club. • JOSEPH F. ARMSTRONG, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Pershing Rifles; Pre. Med. Club. • CAROLD K. ARNOLD, Port Gibson; Pharmacy Phil Alexander William Allen Carolyn Algee Gaylord Anderson Barbara Allen James Anderson Clyde Allen Roberta Anderson Charlie Allen Robert Andreae Mildred Allen Joseph Armstrong Walter Allen Carold Arnold Myron Arrington Carlos Baco Ruth Baird Hall Baldridge Ralph Barber B. Temple Barnard J. D. Barksdale Virginia Barrett Ben Barringer, Jr. Linda Battle Arthur Beasley Wilson Beavers Jefferson Bell John Bethay ABOVE First Row: • MYRON L. ARRINGTON, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal Club. • CARLOS J. BACO, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • RUTH L. BAIRD, Marks; Liberal Arts; Gamma; Sigma Epsilon. • V. HALL BALDRIDGE, Tennessee; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RALPH A. BARBER, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering; Sigma Chi: • B. TEMPLE BAR- NARD, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • J. D. BARSDALE, Union Church; Commerce. Second Row: • VIRGINIA A. BARRETT, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Economics Club; YMCA. • BEN BARRINGER, JR., Marks; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • LINDA A. BATTLE, Tupelo; Education; Alpha Delta Pi. • ARTHUR L. BEASLEY, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy. • WILSON F. BEAVERS, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JEFFERSON C. BELL, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOHN D. BETHAY, Fulton; Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Kappa Psi; President Pharmacy School; American Pharmaceutical Association; Ex- ecutive Council. BELOW First Row: • HAROLD J. BLACKLEDGE, Laurel; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • WILMER L. BLACKMAN, Crystal Springs; Commerce; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club. • RUPERT M. BLAKELY, Little Rock, Arkansas; Pharmacy. • DEWEY B. Houston; Education. Second Row: • OMEGA C. BLANTON, Houston; Commerce. 0 JACK L. BOBO. Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; 0 LOUIS A. BONNELL, Hend•rson Kentucky; Liberal Arts. 0 WILLIAM H. BOOTH, JR.. Hollan- dale; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; American Pharmaceutical Association. Harold Blackledge Wilmer Blackman Rupert Blakely Dewey Blanton Omega Blanton Jack Bobo Louis Bonnell William Booth, Jr. ED HOWELL First Semester Business Manager of " Mississippian " Jesse Boutwell Benjamin Box Martha Bowie James Boyd Kenneth Bowles Bruce Bradley ABOVE First Row: • JESSE H. BOUTWELL, Laurel; Pharmacy; Independents; American Pharmaceutical Association. • MAR- THA A. BOWIE, Durant; Education; Phi. Mu. • KENNETH BOWLES, Alma, Georgia; Education; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade. Second Row: • BENJAMIN E. BOX, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • JAMES E. BOYD, Prentiss; Pharmacy; Band. • BRUCE BRADLEY, Laurel; Education; Beta Theta Pi. BELOW First Row: • JOSEPH WILSON BRADLEY, Nashville, Tennessee; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BARNIE T. Oxford; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. 0 JAMES E, BRAMUCHI, Shelby; Engi- neering; Alpha Kappa Iota; A.S.C.E.; President Engineering School; Executive Council. • BETTY J. BRAN- DON, Gurfoort; Liberal Arts. • EARL B. BRASHIER, Rookhaven; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Marketing Club. • HERBIN P. BREAUX, New Iberia, Louisiana; Pharmacy. • JACK T. BREAZEAL, El Arkansas; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • HAROLD D. BREWER, Richton; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Business Manager 1951 OLE MISS; ODK; Presi- dent some,: can hham.aceutical Association; Mississippian Staff ' 49- ' 50; 5 NI: A U lb net ' 48- ' 50. • J. WILLIAM BRONFELD, New York, New York; Education; Sigma Alpha Eta; Alpha Phi Omega; Mississippi Association On Crime and Delinquency; Ole Miss Band; Mississippian; University Players; Hono- rum Snookorum. • BARBARA BROOCK, Pascaguola; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A,: Glee Club; Cho- rus; Physical Education Major ' s Club. • LEES BROOME, Ocean Grove, New Jersey; Engineering. 0 MAR- THA K. BROUGHER, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Vice-President ' 49- ' 50; Junior Dean; W.S.G.A.; Dormitory Somerville; President; NROTC Battalion Sponsor 1948. • WALTER L. BROWN, JR., Ludlow; Business. • W. JOE BROWN, JR., Fayette; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Joseph Bradley Barnie Bramlett James Bramuchi Betty Brandon Earl Brashier Herbin Breaux Jack Breazeal Harold Brewer William Bronfeld Barbara Broock Lees Broome Martha Brougher Walter Brown, Jr. Joe Brown, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM M. Shanon; Liberal Arts. • CLYDE E BROYLES, JR., Johnson Tennessee; Phar- macy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • STANLEY BRUNT, McCool; Education. • BURCHFIELD BULLOCK, LaFollette, Tennessee; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation; I.F.C. • CELIA B. BUNTIN, Gulfport; Education; Delta Gamma; Pan Hellenic Council; Cheerlead- er; Secretary of Delta Gamma Sorority. • CLIFFORD C. BURGESS, De nt on ia Education; Phi Kappa Psi. • HILL M. BURGESS, Tutwiler; Commerce. Second Row: • WILLIAM R. BURKE, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering; A.S.C.E.; A.F.R.O.T.C. • ED R. BURKITT, Cor- inth; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • AGNES E. BURROWS, West Point; Education; Chi Omega. • SUEZETTE BUEHLER, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; President Phi Mu; Mortar Board; Cwens; Pan Hellenic Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Iota Omicron. • CLINTON Y. BUTLER, Oxford; Commerce, Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT A. CADE, Lexington; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha;; Delta Sigma Pi. • BILLYE R. CALDWELL ,Sardis; Business; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Vice-President of Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Secretary Business Education Club. BELOW First Row: • HENRY P. CALDWELL, Charleston; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ELEANOR R. Senatobia: Business. • WILLIAM EDWARD CAMPBELL, Hernando; Education; Sigma Chi; YMCA. • ROBERT F. CAM- PION, JR., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Anchor and Chain. Second Row: • CHARLES D. CANNON, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • BEVEPLYE Shelby; Education; Chi Omega, • WALKER J. CARNEY, Gloster; Liberal Pi Kappa Alpha. • ARCHIE F. CARR, Magee; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Drum Major ' 48- ' 49; Band ' 47- ' 49. Henry Caldwell Eleanor Callicott Charles Cannon Beverlye Carnes William Campbell Robert Campion, Jr. Walker Carney Archie Carr Will Brown William Burke Clyde Broyles, Jr. Ed. Burkitt Stanley Brunt Agnes Burrows Burchfield Bullock Suezette Buehler Celia Buntin Clinton Butler Clifford Burgess Robert Cade Hill Burgess Billye Caldwell PAUL PITTMAN John Carrigan Shafer Case, Jr. Donald Caskey Jo Casteel Managing Editor of the " Mississippian " Jane Caughran John Chalk Mary Chandler Mark Chaney ABOVE First Row: • JOHN W. CARRIGAN, Jackson; Commerce. • SHAFER D. CASE, JR., Jackson; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Rebel Band; Mississippian Orchestra; A.S.C.E. • DONALD L. CASKEY, Gregory, Michigan; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • JO A. CASTEEL, Sanatorium; C ommerce; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Gamma Nu; Kappa Delta Pi; Business Education Club. Second Row: • JANE M. CAUGHRAN, Tupelo; Business; Kappa Delta; Epsilon Gamma; Epsilon; Business Education Club. • JOHN A. CHALK, Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha; Intramural Council. • MARY L. Jack- son; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; French Club; Art Ciub. • MARK J. CHANEY, Bovina; Education; Art Club. BELOW First Row: • ERNEST E. CHAPPLE, JR., Birmingham, Alabama; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • SAMUEL LOWELL CHES- SER, Columbus; Engineering. • DONALD 1. CHILDERS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Engineering; Delta Psi; Anchor and Chain; A.S.C.E.; Scabbard and Blade; Men ' s Glee Club; Navy Rifle Team; Alpha Pi Omega; Quarterdeck; Wesley Foundation; Committee of " 100 " . • THOMAS T. CHISHOLM, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • GRAHAM W. CHRISTIAN, Laurel; commerce; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi. • DAVID F. CHRISTOPHER, Nettleton; Education. • LeROY HERMAN CLAY, Louisville; Pharmacy. Second Row: • ERNEST 0. COCHRAN, Corinth; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES A. COFFEY, Oxford; Commerce. • AMY J. COLE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • NORMA C. COLEMAN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Vice-President Delta Delta Delta, ' 50- ' 51; Home Economics Club ' 47- ' 51; President ' 49- ' 50; Committee of " 100 " ' 48- ' 49; W.A.A., ' 48- ' 51; YMCA, ' 48- ' 51; Pix, ' 49- ' 51; Mississippian Staff, ' 48- ' 49; OLE MISS Staff, ' 48- ' 49; B.S.U., ' 50- ' 51. • RAUL A. COLON, Barceloneta, Puerta Rico; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. • WILLIAM W. COMBS, JR., Inverness; Liberal Arts; 0.D.X.; Pi Kappa Pi; Men ' s Glee Club; President ' 49- ' 50; " Y " Cabinet; Phi Eta Sigma. 0 ELLEN A. CONDON, Leland; Liberal Arts. Ernest Chapple, Jr. Ernest Cochran Samuel Chesser James Coffey Donald Childers Amy Cole Thomas Chisholm Norma Coleman Graham Christian Raul Colon David Christopher William Combs, Jr. Leroy Clay Ellen Condon Van Coney Nettie Crocke r Joanne Cox James Daggett Albert Covington Elaine Curry Robert Cox Martha Dahymple Charles Costner John Cunningham Charlotte Coward Mau rice Dantin Walter Costilow Arthur Cunningham Carolyn Davis Robert Davis Clifton Davis James Darnell Harry Davis Louis Day James Davis James Day ABOVE First Row: • VAN FRANKIN CONEY, Greenville; Business; DKE; Canterbury Club. • WALTER T. COSTILOW, Gre- nada; Business; Beta Gamma Sigma; Kappa Kappa Psi; Accounting Club. • CHARLES L. COSTNER, Ban- ner; Engineer. • ALBERT A. COVINGTON, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; S.C.V. • JOANNE COX, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; University Players. • ROBERT I. COX, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; University Band. • CHAROTTE A. COWARD, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Pres. of Delta Delta Delta; Sec. of A.S.BS.; Sec. of Mortar Board; Favorite ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Co-Chairman of R.E.W.; Pres. of Alpha Lambda Delta; Cwens; Y Cabinet; Murder Bowl Queen; Junior Dean. Second Row: • NETTIE R. CROCKER, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ARTHUR West Point; Business; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; OLE MISS Swimming team. • JOHN R. CUNNINGHAM, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ELAINE A CURRY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Canterbury Club. • JAMES E. DAGGETT, Pascagoula; Education. • MARTHA A. DAHYMPLE, Amory; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MAURICE DANTIN, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Pres. of A.S.B.; ODK; Taylor Medal; Treasurer of YMCA; President of Alpha Phi Omega; President of Fresh- men; Chairman of Brett Jackson Memorial Drive. BELOW First Row: • CAROLYN E. DAVIS, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu; Panhellenic. • CLIFTON B DAVIS, Terry; Liberal Arts. • HARRY L. Moss Point; Education; M Club. • JAMES L. DAVIS, Louisville; Business; Kappa Sig- ma; ROTC; Art Club. Second Row: • ROBERT EATON DAVIS, Magnolia; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JAMES E. DARNELL, Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • LOUIS A. DAY, Walls; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES M. DAY, Inverness; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. REBELS True to the Worthy Cause. Val Dayton Joy Doolittle Eugene Debow W. R. Dority Joseph Anthony John Dottley Herbert Denton John Drake ABOVE First Row: • VAL S. Oxford; Pharmacy. • EUGENE DEBOW, Fulton; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • JOSEPH ANTHONY, Newburgh, New York; Education; Theta Kappa Phi. • HERBERT L. DENTON, Tupelo; Business; DKE; Senate. Second Row: • JOY A. DOOLITTLE, Eupora; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • W. R. DORITY, Stonewall; Business; ATO. • JOHN DOTTLEY, MsGehee, Ark.; Education. • JOHN T. DRAKE, Greenwood; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM M. DUBARD; Commerce. • ANDRAL F. DUGGER, JR., Picayune; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; " M " Club. • MARTHA E. DULANEY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Historian; Phi Gamma Nu; Business Education Club. • ROBERT H. DUNLAP, Batesville; Business; Kappa Sigma; N.R.O.T.C. • DAVID W. DUNN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Photography Editor of 1949 OLE MISS; Band ' 46- ' 50; Kappa Kappa Psi; Lambda Sigma; Flying Rebels ' 46- ' 47; Mississippian Staff. • ED- WARD M. DUNN, Picayune; Business; Sigma Chi. • JAMES R. Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; " M " Club; Executive Council; Physical Education Club. Second Row: • WILLIAM R. EASON, Manassas, Georgia; Liberal Arts. • MARY ANN EDGE, Amory; Education; Delta Zeta; Reporter of W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Physical Education Club; Secretary of Delta Zeta; B.S.U. • JANET EDGERTON, Meridian; School of Education; Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Phi; W.S.G.A.; Executive Coun- cil. • GEORGE IRA EDMONDSON, Calhoun City; Pharmacy. • BILL B. ELROD, Holcomb; Liberal Arts. • JEANE EMBREY, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Delta; Accounting Club. • JOHN 0. EMMERICH, JR., Mc- Comb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; T.K.A.; Debate Team; Managing Editor, " Mississippian " ' 48- ' 49, William Dubard William Eason Andral Dugger, Jr. Mary Edge Martha Dulaney Janet Edgerton Robert Dunlap George Edmondson David Dunn Bill Elrod Edward Dunn Jeane Embrey James Dupuy John Emmerich, Jr. Robert Endt Sack Ferguson Wesley Etheredge Dorothy Felds Sue Exum Jimmie Fields Henry Fancher Frances Fields William Farley Dorothy Files George Farr, Jr. John Fitsko spJed Aerwi Dean Fleming ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT H. ENDT, Ocean Spring; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WESLEY D. ETHEREDGE, Converse, Louisiana; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • SUE VIRGINIA EXUM, Vaughan; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi. • HENRY N. FANCHER, Canton; Business; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi, • WILLIAM S. FARLEY, Cordova Tenn.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Society for Advancement of Management. • GEORGE K. FARR, JR., Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. • MICKEY FARRIS, Vicksburg; Commerce; ATO; ASB Dance Committee; University Players; IFC Dance Committee. Second Row: • SACK G. FERGUSON, Meridian; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association; Wesley Foundation. • DOROTHY FIELDS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; r.elta Delta Delta; Canterbury Club; Chemistry Club. • JIM- MIE FIELDS, Jasper, Alabama; Education. 0 FRANCES LEE Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Lambda Sigma. • DOROTHY E. FILES, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Independents. • JOHN FITSKO, Ambridge, Pa.; Business. • DEAN FLEMING, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma. BELOW First Row: • LESLIE REID FLETCHER, Indianola; Business; Delta Psi; Cardinal Club; Alpha Phi Omega; IMC; IFC. • ROBERT J. FLETCHER, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Education. • HOWARD CURTIS FLOYD, Booneville; Phar- macy. • JOHN F. FLY, Gibson, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. Second Row: • WILLIAM L. FORTENBERRY, Columbia; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; Am. Pharm. Association. • CHARLES FOSTER, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Canterbury Club. • ERASMUS G. FOW- LER, Fort Ga.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi. • CHARLES LEE FRAZIER, Oxford; Engineering; ASCE. Leslie Fletcher Fobert Fletcher Howard Floyd John Fly William Fortenberry Charles Foster, Jr. Erasmus Fowler Charles Frazier JOHN DOTTLEY Outstanding Athlete and Colonel Rebel. Lloyd Frederick Jean Gale Wendell Fry Joseph Gatlin Eugene Furness Harriet Geisenberger Lanelle Gafford William Ghett ABOVE First Row: • LLOYD FREDERICK, Greenvill,-• Co—rmerce. • WENDELL CHAUNCEY FRY, Newbern, Tennessee; Eno.- neering. • EUGENE M. FURNESS, Kilmichaul; Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Business Education Club. • LA- NELLE GUYTON GAFFO RD, Gallaway, Tennessee; Pharmacy; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Chi; Pres. Woman ' s Athletic Assn.; Pan Hellenic Council. Second Row: • JEAN GALE, Pocahontas; Education; Delta Gamma; P. E. Majors Club; W.A.A.; " Y " , Favorite 1950; Can- terbury Club; Ole Miss Staff. • JOSEPH SARAN GATLIN, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • HARRIET SHIELDS GEISENBERGER, Natche7; Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma; Mortar Board; Secretary of A.S.B.; Cwens; Favorites ' 49- ' 50. • WILLIAM HENRY GHETT, Canton; Business; Phi Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • ALTO N KEITH GILBERT, Panama City, Florida; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Anchor and Chain. • THOMAS JOSEPH GILL, Puckett; Pharmacy; Baptist Student Union; Amer. Ph. Association. • JACQUELINE GLASS, Tennessee; Education; Chi Omega. • E. J. GODDARD, JR., Smithville; education. • JERRY EDWARD GOLMON, Vicksburg; Commerce. • ROSIE GONG, Duncan; Commerce; Business Educ. Club; Sec. of Baptist Student Union; Kappa Delta Pi. • JAMES BENNETT GOODWIN, Trezevant, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JOHN E. GORE, Newton; Pharmacy; A. PH. Association; State Ph. Association. • ROBERT JOHN GRADY, Englewood, Fla., Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Anchor and Chain; Chi Epsilon; Treas. of Engineering School. • THOMAS CLARK GRAVES III, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELMORE DOUGLASS GREAVES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • CLELL J. Booneville; Pharmacy; Kap- pa Psi; A. Ph. Ass ' n. • ELINOR R. GREEN, Grenada; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Favorite ' 48- ' 49, ' 49- ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi; Beauty 1950; May Queen ' 50; " Y " , " M " Club Sponsor; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Rose of Delta Siama Pi. • CHARLES WILLIAM GREENE, Starkville; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; Kappa Psi; Pharm. Fraternity. Alton Gilbert Thomas Gill Jacqueline Glass E. J. Goddard, Jr. Jerry Golmon Rosie Gong James Goodwin John Gore Robert Grady Thomas Graves, III Elmore Greaves CIeII Green Elinor Green Charles Greene Dora Greene Thomas Guion Ernest Greene James Greene Walter Gurley Bobbie Haddon Phillip Greener Georgia Gresham Polly Hager Joyce Haggard Prory Griffin Jo Grisham John Hall Evelyn Haney ABOVE First Row: • DORA ELLEN GREENE, Holly Springs; Education; Delia Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. • ERNEST HUFF GREENE, Simpsonville, S.C.; Phi Kappa Psi; Orientation Comm.; Anchor and Chain; Campus Senate. • JAMES ROBERT GREENE, Starkville; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • PHILLIP LIANE GREEN- ER, Forest; Pharmacy. • GEORGIA ANN GRESHAM, Indianola; Education; Chi Omega W.A.A. • PRORY LEE GRIFFIN, Quentin; Pharmacy. • JO ANN GRISHAM, luka; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: • THOMAS WARBURTON GUION, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha; Lambda Sigma; Camera Club. • WALTER PINKNEY GUR LEY, Hickory, N.C.; Liberal Arts. • BOBBIE SUE HADDON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • POLLY HAGER, Nashville, Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Pan-Hellenic Council; W.A.A. • JOYCE LUCILLE HAGGARD, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega; W.S.G.A.; Student Senate • JOHN ALLEN HALL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EVELYN SUE Ox- ford; Business; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Gamma Nu; Beta Gamma Sigma; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Alpha Lamba Delta; Cwens; Committee of ifl; University Players. BELOW First Row: • JOHN CALVIN HANNAH, JR., Marks; Business; Sigma Chi. • EDWARD S. HANRAHAN, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Anchor and Chain; Men ' s Glee Club; A.S.C. • BETTY MARIE HANSEN, Amory; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ALBERT HARDER, Linden, Tenn.; Pharmacy A, Ph. Assn, Second Row: • CHARLES McCONVILL HARDIE, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; A.S.C.E. • PAUL LEWIS HAR- DIMAN, Pulaski, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Independent; A. Ph. Assn. • LOUIS WAYNE HARMON, JR., Oxford; Business. • BOYD E. HARPER, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Anchor and Chain; Scabbard and Blade. John Hannah, Jr. Edward Hanrahan Betty Hansen Albert Harder Charles Hardie Paul Hardiman Louis Harmon, Jr. Boyd Harper TOM CREWS Editor of the " Mississippi Law Journal " Grady Harper Asa Hatch Iva Harris William Haywood, Jr. James Harris James Hays Be ' n Harrison Earl Heberer ABOVE First Row: • GRADY PAT HARPER, Isola; Education. • IVA NELL HARRIS, Greenwood Springs; Commerce; Bus. Ed. Club; Wesley Foundation. • JAMES E. HARRIS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • BEN L. HARRISON, Truman, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Phi Omega; Pres. Scabbard and Blade; Asst. Ed. OLE MISS; Cam- pus Senate; Orientation Comm.; Co-Chairman Homecoming Comm.; Rebelee ' 49; Bus. Mgr. Mississippians. Second Row: • ASA ELLIOTTT HATCH, Greenwood; Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. • WILLIAM THOMAS HAY- WOOD, JR., Jackson; Commerce. • JAMES C. HAYS, Philadelphia; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; A. Ph. Assn. • EARL GEORGE HEBERER, Edwardsville, Illinois; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • MARION GLENN HELGASON, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Newman Club; W.A.A.; V.-Pres. K.D.; Y.M.C.A. • ORVILLE HELTON. Newsite; Education. • REBECCA WILLIAMS HENLEY, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • E. B. HENSON, Corinth; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. • BETTY JEHANE1 HERLIAY, Waveland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Sect. of Newman Club, ' 48- ' 49; Y.W.C.A.; A.W.A.A.; Com. of 100; Sect. of Kappa Delta ' 49; Debate Club. • JACK L. HERRING, Raymond; Liberal Arts; Sigma Inter-Fraternity Council. • JAMES HARVEY HERRING, Greenville; Business; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • B. ROYAL HICKEY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Sect. of Sigma Delta Psi; Capt. Rifle Team; I.F.C. Dance Committee; Y.M.C.A. • CYRUS HENRY HIGGS, JR, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • DORIS ELIZA- BETH HILL, Greenwood; Pharmacy; A. Ph. Assn. • WILLIAM EVAN HILL, Como; Liberal Arts. • GERALD HINTEREGGER, Wer, Austria; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM HAYES HINTON, Wiggins; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • PRENTIS E. HOLDER, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. Marion Helgason Royal Hickey Orville Helton Cyrus Higgs, Jr. Rebecca Henley Doris Hill E. B. Henson William Hill Betty Herliay Gerald Hinteregger Jack Herring William Hinton James Herring Prentis Holder Charles Hollis William Hudspeth W. B. Holloway Catherine Huggins Joyce Hollingsworth James Howell Robert Holmes Harry Hungerford, Jr. Glyn Hollingsworth Edward Howell John Holley, Jr. Gerald Hopkins Robert Holt Robert Hudson ABOVE First Row: •JOHN ERNEST HOLLEY, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; • GLYN E. HOLLINGSWORTH, Big Creek; Busi- ness; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Bus. Ed. Club Pres.; Second Vice-Pres. B.S.U. Council. • VIRGINIA JOYCE HOLLINGSWORTH, Kosciusko; Education; Phi Mu. • CHARLES DIX HOLLIS, Biloxi; Education; Sigma Chi; " M " Club; • W. B. HOLLOWAY, Anawilla; Commerce. • ROBERT CLIFTON HOLMES, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT LEWIS HOLT, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. Second Row: • LLOUD GERALD HOPKINS, Walnut; Pharmacy; A, Ph. Ass ' n. • EDWARD 0. HOWELL, Woodstock, III.; Business, Phi Kappa Sigma; Bus. Manager Mississippian, ' 50- ' 51; Delta Sigma Pi. • JAMES EDWIN HOWELL, Rome, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Beta Beta Beta; " Y " Cabinet; Ole Miss M.A.C.D. • WILLIAM HOWARD HUDSPETH, Ashland; Liberal Arts. • CATHERINE MARZELLE HUGGINS, Quitman; Education; Delta Gamma; V.-Pres. W.A.A.; Pan-Hellenic Council; P.E. Majors Club. • HARRY BURCHARD HUNGER- FORD, JR., Jonestown; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; A.S.C.E.; Ole Miss Band ' 47- ' 48, • ROBERT HENRY HUDSON, Aberdeen; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • SARAH WALLACE HURST, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; A. Ph. Ass ' n.; I.S.A.. • EDWARD IRWIN HYTKEN, Belzoni; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Mu; A. Ph. Assn. • ROBERT JABOUR, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; " M ' ' Club. • JOAN GREEN JAMES, Columbia; Education. Second Row: • GRACE MARIE JENKINS, Red Banks; Liberal Arts; Independents; Sect. Executive Committee. • CLINT JOHNSON, Pascagoula; Business; Pi Kappa Psi; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club: Cardinal Club ' 49; Varsity Tennis, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50. • WHITMAN BENEDICT JOHNSON, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal Club; Beta Beta Beta; Pi Kappa Pi; Pres. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. College of Liberal Arts; A.S.B. Dance Comm.; Orientation Committee, ' 50- ' 51. • CHARLES DONALD JOHNSTON, Courtland; Engineering; A.S.C.E. Sarah Hurst Grace Jenkins Edward Hytken Clint Johnson Robert Jabour Whitman Johnson Joan James Charles Johnston Alice Joiner Homer Joiner Albert Jones Charley Jones Read BIT HUNTER ' S sports in this annual Grover Jones Andrew Jumper Thos. Keeling John Kelahan ABOVE First Row: • ALICE JOINER, Lookout Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega; Westminster Fellowship. • E. HOMER JOINER, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • ALBERT P. JONES, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • CHARLEY MAC Hollandale; Education; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • GROVER C. JONES, Co ' quiff, Ga.; Liberal Arts; • ANDREW A. JUMPER, Darling; Liberal Arfs. • THOS. ED KEELING, Shelbyville, Tenn ; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Sigma. • JOHN A. KELAHAN, Edwardsville, Ill.; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • RAYMOND L. KELLUM, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Pi. • WILLIAM C. KELLUM, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • HENRY R. KENNEDY, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES C. KETTE, Vicksburg; Pharmacy; A.PH.A. • JAMES C. KINCANNON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; SAE. • GEORGE H. KIRKLAND, Greenwood; Engr.; DKE; American ' S ociety of Civil Engineers; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade. • SARAH V. KNIGHT, Taylorsville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Home Ec. Club; Y Cabinet. Second Row: • OTHO T. KORTZ, JR., III.; Education. • BETTY ANN KRAMER, Memphis, Tenn.; Business;. Kap- pa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer KKG; President Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club. • ALBIN J. KREBS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Editor, the Mississippian ' 50- ' 51; Managing Editor ' 49- ' 50; President Lambda Sigma ' 50- ' 51; ODK; Executive Council. • ALEXANDER J. KULJIS, Biloxi; Pharmacy; A. Ph.A.; Newman Club. • MACK LACK, Mize; Liberal Arts. • HARDY L. LuCOOK, JR., Memphis, Engn. • ANDREW P. LAGRONE, Cleveland; Business. Raymond Kellum Otho Kortz, Jr. William Kellum Betty Kramer Henry Kennedy Albin Krebs Charles Kette Alexander Kuljis James I incannon Mack Lack George Kirkland Hardy LaCook, Jr. Sarah Knight Andrew Lagrone Bill Lee Veto Ligon Lionel Lester Ellis Lindsey Troy Lambert Olivia Lewis Virginia Lee Linda Lindley Neville Lee Roy Lindsay, Jr. William Lawson Daniel Lewman Kathleen Lawson Robert Levy Billie Little Augustus Logue, Jr. Robert A. Little Carl Love Robert L. Little Samuel Love William Little Richard Lowe ABOVE First Row: • TROY N. LAMBERT, Amory; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Campus Senate; ASB Dance Committee; Interfra- fernity Dance Committee. • KATHLEEN S. LAWSON, Tupelo; Education. • WILLIAM S. LAWSON, Mem- phis, Tenn.; Law II; ATO. • BILL H. LEE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • NEVILLE H Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • VIRGINIA F. LEE, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pan-Hellenic Council; Pan- Hellenic Treas. ' 50- ' 51; WAA; YWCA; University Players; Orientation Committee. • LIONEL E. LESTER, Ya- zoo City; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Second Row: • OLIVIA LEWIS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT E. LEVY, Seattle, Wash.; Law; L.L.B. • DANIEL 0. LEWMAN, Summit; Pharmacy. • VETO B. LIGON, Corinth; Engineering. • ROY S. LINDSAY, JR., New La.; Liberal Arts; SAE. • LINDA R. LINDLEY, Macon; Education; Delta Gamma. • ELLIS C. LINDSEY, Moss Point; Business; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • BILLIE JEAN LITTLE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Majorette. 0 ROBERT A. LITTLE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT LOUIS LITTLE, Monticello; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; ASB Floor Committee. • WILLIAM B. LITTLE, New Albany; Commerce; PiKA; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • AUGUSTUS A. LOGUE, JR., Clinton; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi; Kappa Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. Ph. A.; Newman Club; Campus Senate. • CARL R. LOVE, University; Liberal Arts; ATO. • SAMUEL L. LOVE, Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; A. Ph. A. • RICHARD W. LOWE, Westfield, N.J.; Engr.; Pi Kappa Phi; ASCE. E. C. WARD President of I.F.C. Carol Lowry Ann Lum Edwin Lowry William Lyons Betty Lucus Sudie McCool Elizabeth Luckett Emmett McDaniel ABOVE First Row: • CAROL F. LOWRY, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Commerce; University Chorus. • EDWIN L. LOWRY, Philadel- phia; Education; Sigma Nu. • BETTY V. LUCAS, Hattiesburg; Education; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi. • ELIZABETH J. LUCKETT, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. Second Row: • ANN L. LUM, Natchez; Business; Chi Omega; Mortar Board Pres. 1950; Phi Gamma Nu Vice-Pres. 1950; WSGA Secretary 1950; YWCA Treasurer 1950; Rose of Delta Sigma Pi, 1950. • WILLIAM B. LYONS, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; SCV. • SUDIE A. McCOOL, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • EMMETT E. McDANIEL, Tremont; Engr. BELOW First Row: • MARY L. McDANIEL, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega; Epsilon Gamma Epsi lon. • ANNA W. McDONALD, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Mississippian staff; WAA; YWCA; University Chorus; Home Ec. Club. • JOHN D. McELROY, Fulton; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; A. Ph. A.; Campus Senate; YMCA. • FRED W. McEWEN, Jackson; Pharmacy. • CHARLES R. McFADDEN, Rosedale; Business, Kappa Sigma. • GARTH 0. McGAHEY, Calhoun City; Engineering; ASCE. • CHARLES C. Mc- GILL, Lewisville, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Gamma Tau Rho. Second Row: • GLADYS E. McGAUGHY, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta; YWCA; FTA. • EDWARD F. McKEE, Picay- une; Business. • JOSEPH D. McKENZIE, Hattiesburg; Pherm. • WILLIAM T. McKINNEY, JR., Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Treasurer of Rebel Band, ' 48, ' 49; Treasurer of Kappa Kappa Psi, ' 50, ' 51; Treasurer of PDT, ' 50- ' 51; 41st AGF Band; Freshman Executive Council; President of Freshman YWCA, ' 47- ' 48; Scabbard and Blade. • ROBERT E. McJUNKIN, Houlka; Liberal Arts. • M. JOAN McLELLAN, Co- lumbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; WAA; Pan-Hellenic Council. • THEODORE J. McLEMORE, Meridian; Business; KA; " M " Club. Mary McDaniel Anna McDonald John McElroy Fred McEwen Charles McFadden Garth McGahey Charles McGill Gladys McGaughy Edward McKee Joseph McKenzie William McKinney, Jr. Robert McJunkin Joan McLellan Theodore McLemore James McManus, Jr. Martha McMullan Sidney McNeil Ruth McRee Bernard Macaluso Gorden Maculay Mary McCall Emile Maffei Edgar Magee, Jr. Abbey Magruder James Maher, Jr. Ann Major Doris Major Mary Major ABOVE First Row: • JAMES HOLLIS McMANUS, JR., Gulfport; Engineering. • MARTHA ANN McMULLEN, Newton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mississippian Staff; Art Club; W.A.A. • SIDNEY L. McNEIL, Decatur; Educa- tion; Beta Meta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Mississippi Staff; Ole Miss Staff. • RUTH L. McREE, Eupora; Educa- tion; Kappa Delta; E.T.A.; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. • BERNARD T. MACALUSO, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Business; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; Marketing Club. • CORDEN L. MACULEY, Oakhurst, N.J.; Business; Phi Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Ass ' t Business Manager of Mississippi. • MARY FORREST Oxford; Music; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pres. of Sigma Alpha Iota; Sec. of Kappa Kappa Gamma; Music School Stu- dent Panel; Artist Series Committee. Second Row: • EMILE MAFFEI, Hammond, La.; Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. • EDGAR L. MAGEE, JR., Jackson; Business; Delta Psi; • ABBEY W. MAGRUDER, Jackson; Commerce; KA; Delta Sigma Pi; Society for the Advancement of Management. • JAMES E. MAHER, JR., Portland, Ore.; Education; Anchor and Chain. • ANN P. MAJOR, Anderson, S.C.; Liberal Arts; D.G. • DORIS J. MAJOR, Jackson; Educ.; Phi Mu; K.D.P. • MARY R. MAJOR, Willimantic, Conn.; Educ.; I.S.A. BELOW First Row: • JIMMIE MANNING, Jackson; Commerce; KA; I.F.C. • RALPH G. MARLER, Cliftonville; Commerce; Society for the Advancement of Management. • CLARICE MASHDURN, Raymond; Educ.; D.G. • OSWALD B. MAllANTI, Grand Ark.; Pharmacy. Second Row: • GEORGE MELICHAR, Forrest; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Intramural Council; Cardinal Club. • FRANCES L. MELSHEIMAR, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta Newman Club; Mississippian Staff; Treasurer Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.A. • ADA LULENE MELTON, Inverness Education; Tri Delta. • HARVEY V. MELTZER, Jackson; Pharmacy; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Chi; Hillel Foundation; President ' 50- ' 51 Jimmie Manning Ralph Marler Clarice Mashdurn Oswald Mazzanti George Melichar Frances Melsheimar Ada Melton Harvey Meltzer PAUL NEWTON President of O.D.K. Patricia Melvin Charles Miller Peggy Melvin Coyne Miller, Jr. John Middleton, Jr. John Mitchell Billie Miller Ben Moore ABOVE First Row: • PATRICIA JEAN MELVIN, Laurel; Education; Band ' 47- ' 51; B.S.U. Council ' 48- ' 49; Home Economics Club. • PEGGY JOYCE MELVIN, Laurel; Education; Band ' 47- ' 51; B.S.U. Council ' 48- ' 49; Y.W.C.A.; Home Eco- nomics Club • JOHN B. MIDDLETON, JR., Bruce; Liberal Arts. • BILLIE RUTH MILLER, Lucedale; Lib- eral Arts; Phi Mu; Y Cabinet; WAA; Home Economics Club; B.S.U.; W.S.G.A. Second Row: • CHARES W. MILLER, Porterville; Liberal Ails. • COYCE C. MILLER, JR., Natchez; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C. • JOHN H. MITCHELL, Grenada; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Marketing Club; 0.M.; Y.M.C. A.; I.F.C.; Dance Committee ' 47- ' 48; Treasurer and President of Phi Delta Theta. • BEN C. MOORE, Bay St. Louis; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • GEORGE S. MORI, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma; Sigma Pi; Student Marketing Club. • RAMO- NA DIANE MORIARTY, Ten n.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • DEAN MORRIS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Sec. Y.W.C.A. • VENN H. MORROW, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • LEWIS B. MORROW, JR., Hernando; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ROLAND D. MURPHY, Hope, Ark.; Engineering; Anchor and Chain; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Foundation. • SHIRLEY A. MURRAH, Corinth; Education; Chi Omega. Second Row: • ROBERT T. MYERS, JR., Hattiesburg; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; A.S.C.E. • JULIAN A. Jack- son; Pharmacy; American Phar. Assoc. • MELVIN C. NAIL, Eupora; Business. • BETTY NEAL, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Tri Delta. • ED T. NEILSON, JR., Lexington; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MERLE L., NELSON, luka; Education. • PURVIS E. NELSON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. George Mori Robert Myers, Jr. Ramona Moriarty Julian Nagle Dean Morris Melvin Nail Venn Morrow Betty Neal Lewis Morrow, Jr. Ed Neilson, Jr. R oland Murphy Merle Nelson Shirley Murrah Purvis Nelson Eula Newton James Nuckolls, Ill Charlye Nichols Hazel Oakes James Nickels Ruby Oakes James Nichols, Jr. Theresa Odom Robert Nick William O ' Donnell Jason Niles Lenox Oglesby Everett Nolen James Ogletree ABOVE First Row: • EULA W. NEWTON, Senath, Missouri; Tducation. • CHARLYE E. NICHOLS Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JAMES F. NICKELS, Kingsport, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JAMES L. NICHOLS, JR., Alligator; Education; Committee of 100, ' 48- ' 49; University Chess Club, ' 48- ' 49; Wesley Foundation ' 49. ' 50, ' 51; F.T.A. ' 50- ' 51. • ROBERT W. NICK, Tomahaw, Wisconsin; Business. • JASON A. NILES, Kosciusko; Phar- macy; Pi Kappa Alpha; American Pharm. Assn. 0 EVERETT W. NOLEN, Jackson; Pharmacy. Second Row: O JAMES T. NUCKOLLS, III, Columbus, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Psi Omega. 0 HAZEL M. Oxford; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • RUBY JEAN OAKES, Hollandale; Education; Phi Mu; Home Ec. Club; " Y. " 0 THERESA ANN ODOM, Cleveland; Education; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM F. O ' DONNELL, Nashville, Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon; A. Ph. A. 0 LENOX W. OGLESBY, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Eta ' Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. 0 JAMES E. OGLETREE, Union; Business; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Inter- fraternity Council. BELOW First Row: • TOMMY ORR, Paducah, Ky.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Psi; Treas. A.Ph.A. 0 PATRICIA Hattiesburg; Education; Tri Delta. • DONALD F. FLUSHING, New York; Com- merce; Theta Kappa Phi. 0 OSCAR T. PARSONS, Water ' alley; Liberal Arts; Lambda Sigma. Second Row: • WORD B. PATTON, Como; Business; Sigma Chi. • MARGARET C. PEAGLER, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu.• FRANK S. PEDDLE, Drexel Hill, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JAMES T. PEDDY, JR., Henderson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. Patricia Pack Margaret Peagler Donald Flushing Frank Peddle Oscar Parsons James Peddy, Jr. Tommy Orr Word Patton REMEMBER? Our Sunny South. Mary Peeples John Pegues George Pence Lillian Pettis James Phelps William Phillips Kathrine Pickens Hamilton Pierce ABOVE First Row: • MARY E. PEEPLES, Rosedale; Business; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Business Education Club. • JOHN T. Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE 0. PENCE, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LILLIAN ALICE PETTIS, Reno, Nevada; Education; Pi Beta Phi; Pres. Ricks, Houce Coun- cil; W.S.G.A., Exec. Council; Y.W.C.A.; Student Senate, ' 50- ' 51. Second Row: • JAMES C. PHELPS, Lexington; Comm. • WILLIAM HAYWOOD PHILLIPS Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Del- ta Theta. • KATHERINE ANN PICKENS, New Albany; Education; Tri Delta; Wesley Council; Committee of " 100; " W.A.A.; Mississippian, THE OLE MISS. • HAMILTON PIERCE, Newton, Comm. BELOW First Row: • ALBERT W. PIGOTT, JR., Pensacola, Florida; Comm. Tau Omega. • RICHARD N. PLETCHER, Berwyn, III.; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. • ELIZABETH ANN POLK, Columbia; Education, Tri Delta; Pres. of YWCA; Mississippian Staff, Society Editor; WAA; Council. • EUGENE B. POLK, Mt. Olive; Pharm. A.Ph.A. • LES- LIE S. POOLE, Gloster; Educ. • FAY POPE, Lucedale; Home Ec. Club. • JOHN E. POWELL, Vardaman; Liberal Arts; Rifle Team; R.O.T.C. Second Row: • JOHN W. PRADOS, Spring Hill, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Newman Club; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Pershing Rifles; Chemical Engineering Society. • ERNEST C. PRESTON, Picayune; Pharmacy. • GUS A. PRIMOS, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • MARY JANE PROWELL, Lyon; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Pres. of Barnard Hall; Taylor Award in Sociology ' 50; Junior Dean. • H. BARTON PUR- SELL, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Alpha Eta; " Y " Council. • JO RUTH RAGAN, Edwards, Mississippi; Education; Chi Omega; YWCA; WAA. • JOHN WILLIAM RAGLAND, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. Albert Pigott, Jr. Richard Fletcher Elizabeth Polk Eugene Polk Leslie Poole Fay Pope John Powell John Prados Ernest Preston Gus Primos Mary Prowell Barton Pursell Jo Ragan John Ragland Louis Ramsey David Randle Gus Rappange John Ray Henry Redmond Roy Reed, Jr. Glinrich Reinstrom Frank Reynolds Martha Reynolds William Reynolds Fisher Rhymes Jack Rhymes Pete Rhymes Joe Richard ABOVE First Row: • LOUIS HERBERT RAMSEY, Pontotoc; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A.; Independents. • DAVID DEAN RANDLE, Po- cahontas, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma. GUS B. RAPPANGE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JOHN WRIGHT RAY, Carrollton; Liberal Arts. • HENRY G. REDMOND, Canton; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • ROY JAMES REED, JR., Manchester, Tenn.; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. • GL1NRICH R. REINSTROM, Munich, Germany; Lib- eral Arts; Independents. Second Row: • FRANK ALLISON REYNOLDS, McComb; Business; Phi Delta Theta; University Players; Varsity Track; " M " Club. • MARTHA JEAN REYNOLDS, Holly Springs; Business; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Gamma; NU. • WIL- LIAM R. Ridgefield Park, N.J.; Business; Theta Kappa Phi; Marketing Club; Newman Club. • FISHER AMES RHYMES, Macon; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Lambda Sigma; lnterfraternity Council; Exec- utive Council; Editor ' 51 Annual; Sons of Confederate Veterans; Orientation Committee. • JACK L. RHYMES, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; President Classics Club, ' 50; Band, ' 48, ' 49; Commander James Longstreet Camp No. 1200, Sons of Confederate Veterans, ' 49, ' 50; Chess Club, ' 49; Masonic Club; Canterbury Club.. • PETE HOLDEN RHYMES, Monticello; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Sons of Confederate Veterans. • JOE AN- TON RICHARD, Tupelo; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. BELOW First Row: • J. W. RICHARDSON, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT L. RILEY, Dorsey; Business; • THOMAS M. RITCHIE, Newton; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta. • JACK D. Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • JAMES RANDOLPH ROBERTS, Senatorium; Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha; Debate Club. • PAUL C. RODGERS, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Nu. • SUE C. RODGERS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT ROLLIN University; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President, ' 50, President, ' 51. • J. W. Richardson, Jr. Robert Riley Thomas Ritchie Jack Rivers James Roberts Paul Rodgers Sue Rogers Robert Roper LARRY SEMSKI President of the Rebel Band. Neil Rosenbaum Samuel Rosenbaum Prentiss Russell Richard Russum Walter Ruby Carolyn Russell Jean Sain James Savage ABOVE First Row: • NEIL ROSENBAUM, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • SAMUEL FLETCHER ROSENBAUM, Meridian; Liberal Arts; ATO. • WALTER M. RUBY, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; ATO. • CAROLYN M. RUSSELL, Corinth; Education; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • PRENTISS H. RUSSELL, Golden; Pharm. • RICHARD E. RUSSUM, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma; Band, ' 47- ' 51; Kappa Kappa Psi; Mississippians, ' 47- ' 48. • JEAN SAIN, Holly Grove; Education; Kappa Delta; Treas. AO ASB; Vice-Pres. WSGA, ' 49; Sec. WAA, ' 49; Pres. KD, ' 50; Mortar Board; Committee of 100: • JAMES R. SAVAGE, West Point; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. BELOW First Row: • VANN E. SAVAGE, Hopewell; Liberal Arts. a MICHAEL A. SCANLON, Jackson; Education. • CELCIL H. SCARBROUGH, Fluker, La.; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. • GEORGE H. SCHEIDER, Clarksdale; Education; M Club. • ELLIOTT E. Vicksburg; Comm. Sigma Chi. • CURTIS D. SCOTT, Forest; Education. • R.E. SEMMES, Memphis, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • LAWRENCE SEMSKI, Biloxi; Business; Psi Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pres. Band; Pres. of Kappa Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Executive Council; Manager of Rebelairs• Dance Comm. • MAYNARD D. SHAW, Ox- ford; Liberal Arts. • THURSTON H. SHERMAN, Birmingham, Ala.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. 0 NAN CY M. SHIPP, Belzoni; Education; ZTA. • JACK L. SHORT, Harrisburg; Business; Anchor and Chain; Delta Sigma Phi. 0 PATRICIA A. SHORT, El Dorado, Ark.; Comm. Chi Omega. • DELMAR L. SIMMONS, Jack- son; Liberal Arts; Glee Club; Quartet; ASB Dance Social Affairs Comm.; Interfraternity Dance Comm.; Freshman " Y " Comm. Vann Savage Lawrence Semski Michael Scanlon Maynard Shaw Cecil Scarbrough Thurston Sherman George Scheider Nancy Shipp Elliott Schlottman Jack Short Curtis Scott Patricia Short R. E. Semmes Delmar Simmons Ray Stieffel James Strange John Stewart, Jr. Henry Stowers Mary Smith Jessie Starnes June Sneed Jessie Stewart William Smith James Steele Duane Smith Silvio Spigolon Richard Singley Kearney Spears David Singletary Everett Sparkman Joseph Smith Arthur Stanford, Jr. John Stovall, Jr. Howard Stringfellow Martha Stone Bill Stribling ABOVE Firs+ Row: • DAVID H. SINGLETARY, Jackson; Comm. Delta Sigma Phi. • RICHARD A. SINGLEY, Greenfield, Mass.; Business; Phi Eta Sigma; Anchor and Chain. • DUANE W. SMITH, Tylertown; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOSEPH K. SMITH, Ripley; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. • MARY M. SMITH, Oxford; Education. • WILLIAM L. SMITH, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Pres. of Canterbury Club. • JUNE B. SNEED, Ecru; Com- merce; Delta Delta Zeta; Pres. DZ; WAA; Sec. Freshman " Y " , ' 48- ' 49; Committee of " 100 " ; YWCA; Pin; BSU; Pan-Hellenic Council; Bus. Ed. Club; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. Second Row: • EVERETT E. SPARKMAN, Florence; Business. • KEARNEY D. SPEARS, Oxford; Education; Beta Beta Beta. • SILVIO J. SPIGOLON, Chicago, III.; Engr.; Theta Kappa Phi; ASCE; Anchor and Chain; Chi Epsilon. • ARTHUR L. STANFORD, JR., Ripley; Education. • JESSIE O. STARNES, Hornsey, Tenn.; En- gineering. • JAMES ' T. STEELE, Shugualak; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha; A.Ph.A. • JESSIE MAY STEWART, Philadelphia; Comm, Business Education Club; Sec. Wesley Foundation. BELOW First Row: • JOHN D. STEWART, JR., Greenwood; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; ASCE. • RAY H. STIEFFEL, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Newman Club. • MARTHA L. STONE, Baton Rouge, La.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN ASKEW STOVALL, JR., Greenville; Liberal Arts; SAE. Second Row: • HENRY L. STOWERS, Kilmichael; Pharmacy; ATO; Pres., Rho Chi, 50; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Historian, Kappa Psi ' 50, Pres., A.Ph.A. • JAMES B. STRANGE, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MAJURE B. STRIBLING, Buchanan, Georgia; Education. 0 HOWARD STRINGFELLOW, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. M Club; Chi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E. WHIT JOHNSON President of the College •f Liberal Arts. H. N. Stuart Gilbert Strode, Jr. Edward Sullivan Sis Sullivan Jane Suddarth Thomas Suddarth Lillian Sweat Vivien Sweat ABOVE First Row: • H. N. STUART, Walnut Grove; Business. • GILBERT P. STRODE, JR., Olive Branch; Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JANE K. SUDDARTH, Portageville, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS N. SUDDARTH, Oxford; Business. Second Row: • EDWARD L. SULLIVAN, Indiana; Business; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Anchor and Chain. • SIS SULLIVAN, Clarksdale; Comm.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LILLIAN E. SWEAT, Corinth; Bus; Chi Omega; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • VIVIEN D. SWEAT, Corinth; Bus.; Chi Omega; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • ALVIN L. SYLVEST, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • LILLIAN L. TANKBRSLEY, Oxfords Education; Delta Gamma. • RICHARD C. TAPP, Baldwyn; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Assoc. • JAMES E. TAYLOR, Jackson; Engr.; KA; ASCE. • ROBERT L. TAYLOR, Gulfport; Business; DKE; IFC. • WALTER F. TAYLOR, JR., Blue Mountain; Lib. Art. • WILLIAM R. TAYLOR, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Educa- tion; Phi Kappa Psi; Pres. Phi Kappa Psi; IFC Dance Committee. Second Row: • DOT TERRY, Yazoo City; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BETTY THOMAS, Greenville; Education; Chi Omega. • JOAN C. THOMAS, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Zeta; WAA; Business Education Club; YWCA; FTA; Secretary Newman Club. • LANNESE M. THOMPSON, Arcola; Education; Kappa Delta; Cam- pus Favorite ' 49- ' 50; YWCA; Wesley Foundation Council; WAA; Home Economics Club. • CAMERON ' L. TILL, Jackson; Engr.; KA; ASCE. • EDGAR J. TIMMONS, Cambridge, Maryland; Engr.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • VERNON J. TIREY, Vicksburg; Business; Men ' s Glee Club; Vice-Pres. Presbyterian Luncheon Club; West- minster Fellowship Treas. Sylvest Dot Terry Lillian Tankersley Betty Thomas Richard Tapp Joan Thomas James Taylor Lannese Thompson Robert Taylor Cameron Till Walter Taylor, Jr. Edgar Timmons William Taylor Vernon Tirey Wendell Tomes Aristide Ton John Townsend Lonnie Truell Wilbur VanRiper Harold Vaughn Billy Vick Robert Vick Charles Vielbig Emma Vinson William Vinson Henry Walker, Jr. John Walker Joanne Walsh ABOVE First Row: • WENDELL M. TOMES, Bowling Green, Ky.; Pharm. • ARISTIDE E. TON, Gulfport; Education; Sigma Chi. • JOHN S. TOWNSEND, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LONNIE C. TRUELL, Maben; Phar- macy; APh,A. • WILBUR H. VAN RIPER, River Rorest, III.; Engr.; ATO; NROTC. • HAROLD C. VAUGHN, West Point; Liberal Arts. • BILLY W. VICK, Batesville; Engr.; ASCE. Second Row: • ROBERT L. VICK, Courtland; Pharmacy. • CHARLES F. VIELBIG, Kansas City, Mo.; Business; Society for the Advancement of Management. • ERMA R. VINSON, Puckett; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon, • WILLIAM D. VINSON, Tupelo; Business. • HENRY A. WALKER, JR., Waynesboro; Lib. Arts. • JOHN B. WALKER, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JOANNE WALSH, Memphis; Lib. Arts; Alpha Omega Pi. Jimmy Walters Donnell Warlick James Waring Thaddeus Watkins Mary Waring Harlan Watts Barbara Warley Eugene Webb BELOW First Row: • JIMMY V. WALTERS, D ' Lo• Business; YMCA. • JAMES L. WARING, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Alpha. • MARY FRANCIS WARING, Vicksburg; Education; Chi Omega. • BARBARA J. WARLEY, Columbia; Ed- ucation; Kappa Delta; WAA; Sec. Pan-Hellenic Council; Treas. Canterbury Club; Mississippian Staff ' 48, ' 49; Student Senate; YMCA; Home Economics Club; Student-Faculty Committee on Sororities and Fraternities. Second Row: • DONNELL E. Oxford; Engr.; ASCE. • THADDEUS E. WATKINS, Philadelphia; Education: Pi Kappa Alpha; IFC. • HARLAN C. WATTS, Memphis; Engr. • EUGENE F. WEBB, Itta Bena; Liberal Arts. Johnie Westmoreland Richa rd White Bertram White Robert Whitten Bon White Curtis Whittington Ella White William Wicker Grace White Miles Wilkerson James White Ann Williams James White Carl Williams ABOVE First Row: • JOHNIE B. WESTMORELAND, Taylorsville; Lib. Arts. • BERTRAM WHITE, Bronx N.Y.; Commerce; uni- versity Players; Hillel Organization; UMMA. • BON C. WHITE, Decaturville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • ELLA N, WHITE, McComb; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Majorette Ole Miss Band. • GRACE B. WHITE, Rosedale; Lib. Arts; Phi Mu. • JAMES W. Grenada; Business; KA; M Club. • JAMES W. WHITE, Amory; Engr.; American Chemical Society. Second Row: • RICHARD R. WHITE, Santa Monica, Calif.; Education; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT M. WHITTEN, JR., Oxford; Commerce. • CURTIS C. WHITTINGTON, Greenwood; Lib, Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha. • WILLIAM W. WICKER, Winborn; Lib. Arts. • MILES R. WILKERSON Amory; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • ANN D. WIL- LIAMS, Birmingham, Ala.; Education. • CARL J. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. BELOW First Row: • DAVID J. WILLIAMS, JR., McComb; Liberal Arts. 0 ONYS 0. WILLIAMS, Gloster; Business. • WAL- TON S. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi .Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi. • OWEN K. WILLIAMSON, Vicksburg; Business; Pi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; IFC; Taylor Medal. 0 VERA V. WILLIS, Yaioo City; Liberal Arts; YWCA. • S. PETE WILSON, Wiggins; Busi- ness; Kappa Sigma. 0 WILLIAM D. WINN, Laurel; Engineering; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; ACE; AICE; BSU. Second Row: • JACK K. WOLVERTON, Sebastopol; Pharmacy; Phi Epsilon. • JUNE A. WOOD, New Albany; Ed- ucation. • PAUL WORTHY, Tenn.; Education. 0 PATSY L. WRIGHT, Hollandale; Lib. Arts; Phi Mu; Sigma Alpha Iota. C ROBERT M. YERGER, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE B. YORK, Philadelphia; Business. • MARGARET L. ZDERARD, Memphis, Tenn.; Lib. Arts; Delta Gamma; Home Ec Club. David Williams, Jr. Jack Wolverton Onys Williams June Wood Walton Williams Paul Worthy Owen Williamson Patsy Wright Vera Willis Robert Yerger Pete Wilson George York William Winn Margaret Zderard 111040‘, ' 1 411 4N, BUT I TAKE BIRD-CALLS ATEIGHT HERE GOES MY WEEKENDS IN MEMPHIS IT WAS GONNA BE SIMPLE Richard Ackerman James Adams Kathryn Adams Carolyn Alford Charles Allen Jack Allen Theodore Ammon Paul Amos Elizabeth Anderson Carnig Aiamian, Jr. Thomas Armstrong William Arnett Yvonne Arnold Julia Arras Jean Bailey Marianna Bailey William Bailey J. P. Baker ABOVE First Row: • RICHARD F. ACKERMAN, Wausaukee, Wisconsin; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. • JAMES L. ADAMS, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • KATHRYN ADAMS, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CAROLYN ALFORD, Haile- hurst; Education; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES R. Kossuth; Business. • JACK D. ALLEN, Magee; Pharmacy. • THEODORE W. AMMON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • PAUL F. AMOS, Cleveland, Ohio; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ELIZABETH ANDERSON, Sumner; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Second Row: • CARNIG AJAMIAN, JR., New York, New York; Commerce. • THOMAS K. ARMSTRONG, Natchez; Liberal Arts; SAE. • WILLIAM H. ARNETT, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • YVONNE C. ARNOLD, luka; Education; Kappa Delta. • JULIA M. ARRAS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JEAN BAILEY, Coffeeville; Education; Chi Omega. • MARIANNA BAILEY, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM P. BAILEY, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • J. P. BAKER, Oxford; Business. BELOW First Row: • ELIZABETH ANN BALL, Yazoo City; Education; Cni Omega. • KENNETH N. Hampton, Ga.; Engi- neers. • JAMES H. BARKLEY, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HUBERT 0. BARLOW, Tylertown; Phar- macy. • ELVIS 0. BARNARD, Springhill, La.; Pharmacy. Second Row: • MILTON R. BARNHILL, JR., Charleston; Business; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE W. Gloster; Engineering. • JOHN E. BATT, Cicero, Illinois; Business; Theta Kappa Phi. • GLORIA BATSON, Indianola; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • EDWIN A. BATTE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Elizabeth Ball Kenneth Barfield Harry Barkley Hubert Barlow Elvis Barnard Milton Barnhill, Jr. George Bass John Bat Gloria Batson Edwin Batte 82 Widgie Bethea Richard Birchett Clark Bishop Ge ' ne Bishop Howard Bishop Wendell Black Jane Blair William Blair Sarah Bloomguist ABOVE First Row: • MAX G. BEAVER, Joiner, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • DOROTHA J. BECK, Waynesboro; Education; ZTA. • WILLIAM S. BECK, Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HELEN H. BELL, Holly Springs; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM D. BELL, Gunnison; Lib. Arts; Sigma Nu. • VINCENT BELLIPANI, JR., Centre- ville; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BILLY BENNETT, Vardaman; Education. • FRED E. BENNETT, JR., West Mon- roe, La.; Pharmacy. • BILLY E. BERRY, Braxton; Commerce; ATO. Second Row: • WIDGIE BETHEA, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • RICHARD P. BIRCHETT, Yazoo City; Lib. Arts; KA. • CLARK D. BISHOP, Drew; Education. • GENE H. BISHOP, Forest; Business; SAE. • HOWARD M. BISHOP, Oxford; Business; Kappa Sigma. • WENDELL P. BLACK, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JANE D. BLAIR, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM E. Hamilton; Liberal Arts. • SARAH A. BLOOMQUIST, Port Gibson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. BELOW First Row: • EDGAR E. BOBO, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • REX R. BOGGAN, Memphis; Education. • CAROLINE B. BO- GARD, Rolling Fork; Education; Kappa Delta. • JOHN R. BOH, Bay St. Louis; Engr.; Kappa Sigma. • FRANCES E. BOLEN, Oxford; Education. • J. MATTHEW BONNER, Meridian; Engr.; KA. • AETNA C. BOOTH, Hollandale; Pharmacy. • DOROTHY A. BOURGEOIS, Jackson; Lib. Arts; Chi Omega. • BETTYE L. BOWEN, Sardis; Lib. Arts. Second Row: • FIELDEN A. BOWLIN, JR., Hickory Flat; Business; Sigma Chi. • ARNOLD L. BOYKIN, Greenville; Education. • CLYDE E. BRACKEN, Vicksburg; Business; ATO. • EDWARD BRA UN, Ocean Springs; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BENNY F. BRADY, Lula; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD E. BRANDENBURG, Memphis; Education. • PAT BRANDON, Natchez; Education; Chi Omega. • EDMOND M. BRIGNAC, JR., Bay St. Louis; Engr.; Kappa Sigma. • SAMUEL B. BRITTON, West La.; Pharmacy. Edgar Bobo Rex Boggan Caroline Bogard John Boh Frances Bolen Matthew Bonner Aetna Booth Dorothy Bourgeois Bettye Bowen Fielden Bowlin, Jr. Arnold Boykin Clyde Bracken Edward Braun Benny Brady Edward Brandenburg Pat Brandon Edmond Brignac, Jr. Samuel Britton Vincent Bellipani, Jr. Billy Bennett Max Beaver Dorotha Beck William Beck Helen Bell William Bell Fred Bennett, Jr. Billy Berry I 83 Kirby Bryant Henry Buck, Jr. Iva Brown Marion Brown Janet Buford Charles Bullock Robert Brown Harold Bryant Evelyn Burke Bob Burkley John Burnett Georgia Burrous Chester Burnham James Burns Margie Burns Wallace Burns Albert Butler ABOVE First Row: • GIDEON L. BROWN, Jackson; Business; SAE. • IVA E. BROWN, Greenwood; Education; Delta Zeta. • MA- RION H. BROWN, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT M. BROWN, Savannah, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Phi. • HAROLD V. BRYANT, New Albany; Business. • KIRBY K. BRYANT Oxford; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • HENRY K. BUCK, JR., Memphis; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • V. JANET BUFORD, Oxford; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES W. BULLOCK, Martin, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. Second Row: • EVELYN M. BURKS, Lyhalia; Business; Phi Mu. • CHARLES R. BURKLEY, Grenada; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN B. BURNETT, Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • GEORGIA A. BURROUS, West Point; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. CHESTER K. BURNHAM, Jackson; Business; KA. • JAMES W, BURNS, Saltillo; Education. • MAR- GIE A. BURNS, Potts Camp; Education. • WALLACE A. BURNS, Gulfport; Engr. • ALBERT C. BUTLER, Florence; Education. BELOW First Row: • CAROLYN F. BUTLER, Wichita Falls, Texas; Pharmacy. • RONARLD K, BYRD, Pascagoula; Business; ATO. • UR- SULA M. BYRD, Biloxi; Education. • HENRY C. CALDWELL, Walnut Grove; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • NORRIS V. CALDWELL, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • LINDY T. CALLAHAN, Meridian; Education; KA. • CHARLES R. CAMPBELL, JR., Picayune; Engr. DONALD W. CAMPBELL, Buffalo, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • ROYAL S. CAMPBELL, Dallas, Texas; Commerce; SAE. • DOODLE CARLISLE, Tupelo; Engr.; DKE. Carolyn Butler Ronard Byrd Ursula Byrd Henry Caldwell, Jr. Norris Caldwell Lindy Callahan Charles Campbell, Jr. Donald Campbell Royal Campbell Doodle Carlisle 84 Charles Carmichael Nancy Carpenter Emma Carr Richard Carrington Julian Carroll, Jr. John Carroll Jane Carruth Catherine Carter Herman Carvill Robert Cave, Jr. Eddie Caveness, Jr. Wilva Cearley Boyd Champion Mollie Christian Carroll Christopher Shannon Clayton, Jr. William Coffey, Jr. John Coggin, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • CHARLES L. CARMICHAEL, Crystal Springs, Liberal Arts. • NANCY A. CARPENTER, Marion, Ind.; Educa- tion; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • EMMA C. CARR, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • RICHARD L. CAR- RINGTON, Collierville, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Chi. • F. JULIAN CARROLL, JR., Jackson; Engr.; KA. • JOHN H. CARROLL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES P. CARRUTH, Kokomo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • CATHERINE A. CARTER, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Ph i Mul. • HERMAN C. CARVILL, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • ROBERT L. CAVE, JR., D.C.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • EDDIE W. CAVENESS, JR., Marietta; Pharmacy. • M. CEARLEY, Education. • BOYD G. CHAMPION, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi.. • MOLLIE CHRISTIAN, Laurel; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • CARROLL V. CHRISTOPHER, Nash- ville, Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SHANNON CLAYTON, JR., Ripley; Education. • WILLIAM W. COFFEY, JR., Jackson; Business; KA. • JOHN L. COGGIN, JR., Courtland; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • ADA COHEN, Grenada; Commerce. • HARRY P. COLLINS, Oxford; Engineering. • RICHARD F. COLLINS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM R. COLLINS, Myrtle; Commerce. • STELLA C. CONNELL, Clarksdale; Educa- tion; Chi Omega. • MARTHA A. COOK, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Phi. Mu. • JERRY COOPER, Dunn, La.; Pharmacy. • MARY A. Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • WALTER R. COPPEDGE, Rosedale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. SECOND ROW: • ANGELO J. CORTE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • IRA L. COUCH, Omaha, Nebr.; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • OWEN E. COX, Talladega, Ala.; Business. • EDWARD S. CRACRAFT, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • AMALINE CRAWFORD, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • EMILY H. CRAWFORD, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • JAMES M. CRAWFORD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • OTHAR A. CRAWFORD, JR., Mc- Comb; Education. • FRANK W. CRUM, Pensacola, Fla.; Commerce. Ada Cohen Harry Collins Richard Collins William Collins Stella Connell Martha Cook Jerry Cooper Mary Cooper Walter Coppedge Angelo Corte Ira Couch Owen Cox Edward Cracraft Amaline Crawford Emily Crawford James Crawford Othar Crawford, Jr. Frank Crum 85 John Curran Danny Currie Harry Danciger Darby Edward Davis Shirley Davis William Davis Hessel Davidson Charles DeCarlo Jessie Delmas Louise DeLoach Harriet Denham Quin Denson, Jr. Mary Denton Vincent DePaula Gerald Diaz James Dickey Robert Dickinson, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • JOHN W. CURRAN, Meridian; Engr. • DANNY M. CURRIE, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • HAR- RY C. DANCIGER, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. • MARY D. DARBY, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ED- WARD E. Como; Liberal Arts; ATO. • SHIRLEY E. DAVIS, Moss Point; Education. • WILLIAM G. DA- VIS, Louisville; Commerce. • HESSEL L. DAVISON, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Engr.; Phi Kappa Psi. • CHARLES J. DeCARLO, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; Commerce. Second Row: •JESSIE K. DELMAS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • LOUISE S.DeLOACH, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • HARRIET E. DENHAM, Hernando; Education; nlia Delta Delta. • QUIN DENSON, JR., Tuscola; Education. • MARY E. DENTON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • VINCENT S. DePAULA, Hammond La.; Pharmacy. • GERALD J. DIAZ, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • JAMES D. DICKEY, Laurel; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT E. DICKINSON, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM S. DICKSON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • KINNIE DIVINE, Sharon; Education. • WALTER E. DONNELL, Pelahatchee; Liberal Arts. • JULIE DOUGLAS, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • FRANK T. DRUMMOND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. Second Row: • LELAND S. DUDDLESTON, Oxford; Liberal Arts; DKE. • MOLAND V. DYKES, JR., McComb; Commerce. • JOHN W. EADES, JR., Vaiden; Business. • STELLOISE W. EADES, Vaiden; Business. • VIRGINIA A. ECHOLS, Flora; Education; Delta Zeta. William Dickson Kinnie Divine Walter Donnell Julie Douglas Frank Drummond Leland Duddlestdn Moland Dykes, Jr. John Eades, Jr. Stelloise Eades Virginia Echols 86 John Eckhart Roy Eddins Joseph Elliott Augustus Evans Betty Everett Harmon Everett, Jr. Anne Ewbank John Faggard Harold Fair Marianne Farmer Cyril Fayard Jack Ferguson Daisye Ferguson Samuel Field, Jr. Edward Fisher Milton Fairchild Durward Fant Frank Fariss ABOVE First Row: • JOHN W. ECKHART, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Commerce; Delta Psi. • ROY W. EDDINS, Vaiden; Commerce. • JOSEPH B. ELLIOTT, Yazoo City; Commerce; KA. • AUGUSTUS T. Shuqualak; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • BETTY Q. EVERETT, Vicksburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • HARMON G. EVERETT, JR., Hermanville; Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha. • ANNE M. EWBANK, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN D. FAGGARD, Pascagoula; Education. • HAROLD L. FAIR, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MILTON R. FAIRCHILD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; KA. • DURWARD L. FANT, West Monroe, La.; Liberal Arts. • FRANK C. FARISS, Muskogee, Okla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • MARIANNE FARMER, Norfolk, Va.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CYRIL J. FAYARD, Bay St. Louis; Engr. • JACK E. FERGUSON, St. Francis- ville, La.; Pharmacy. • DAISYE Woodville; Education; Kappa Delta • SAMUEL E. Field, JR., Cen- treville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWARD H. FISHER, Tallulah, La.; Education. BELOW First Row: • HUGH B. FITLER, Vicksburg; Engineering. • PEGGY FITTS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN J. FLYNN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM J. FONG, Cleveland; Pharmacy. • HENRY P. FONVILLE, Belzoni; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • BETH FORD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOSEPH P. FORD, Brownfield; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM B. FORD, Jackson; Engineering; KA. .0 LULA C. FORGEY, Mason, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: • F. GERARD FOURNET, St. Martinsville, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • THOMAS H. FREELAND III, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT A. FRENCH, Byhalia; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • H. G. FULLER, Abbeville; Education. • JIMMIE C. FULLILOVE, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • LaMONTE FULTON, Louisville; Business. • EL- LEN FYFE, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • EDUARDO GAITAN-DURA, Cucut a, Colombia, South America; En- gineering; Pi Kappa Phi. • WAIDE J. GALLE, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Hugh Fitler Peggy Fitts John Fl William Fong Henry Fonville Beth Ford Joseph Ford William Ford Lula Forgery Gerard Fournet Thomas Freeland, Ill Robert French H. G. Fuller Jimmie Fullilove LaMonte Fulton Ellen Fyfe Eduardo Gaitan-Dura Waide Galle 87 Bert Gamble Brent Gann George Garner Margaret Garner William vary Darthy Gatlin John Geary James Geisler Monroe Gensert 5 ' Joh ' ' , Gerdes Kline Gilbert Grace Gillespie Lucile Givens David Goforth Thomas Goggin Haschal Golden, Jr. Richard Gould Ted Gradolf ABOVE First Row: • BERT M. GAMBLE, Jackson; Engr.; Beta Theta Pi. • BRENT L. GANN, Vicksburg; Commerce. • GEORGE M. GARNER, Grenaaa; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • MARGARET M. GARNER, Oxford; Education. • WILLIAM A. GARY, Terry; Engl. • DARTHY J. GATLIN, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • JOHN H. GEARY, Vicksburg; Com- merce; KA. • JAMES W. Corinth; Liberal Arts. • MONROE GENSERT, Meridian; Commerce; KA. Second Row: • JOHN R. GERDES, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • KLINE GILBERT, Hollandale; Liberal Arts. • GRACE J. GILLESPIE, Charleston; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • LUCILE G. Senatobia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • DAVID S. GOFORTH, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • THOMAS P. GOGGIN, Somerville, Mass.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • HASCHAL GOLDEN, JR., Loovahoma; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD H. GOULD, Ridgewood, New Jersey; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • TED T. GRADOLF, Chicago, Ill.; Education. BELOW First Row: • ALBERT J. GRAEHLER, Jasper, Indiana; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ANNIE S. GRANT, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • BRELON E. JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • SARA P. GRAVES, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • WESLEY H. GRAY, Prentiss; Commerce. Second Row: • PEYTON C. Jackson; Business; KA. • JOHN C. GRECO, Tickfaw, La.; Pharmacy. • HILDA J. GREEN, Marianna, Ark; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JONELLE W. GREEN, Jackson; Delta Delta Delta. • WIL- LIAM L. GREENOE, JR., Philipp; Commerce. Albert Graehler Annie Grant Breton Grantham, Jr. Sara Graves Wesley Gray Peyton Greaves John Greco Hilda Green Jonclle Green William Greenoe, Jr. 88 Everett Griffin George Griffith Ewell Griffin George Griffon Anne Grigsby Karl Gullaksen William Hall Catherine Hamilton Josephine Hamilton James Hamilton Alice Hammond Viktor Hampel Joseph Hancock William Haney Lloyd Harder Jacqueline Hardy John Harnett Marilyn Harper ABOVE First Row: • EVERETT D. GRIFFIN, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE GUY GRIFFITH, Rolling Fork; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EWELL A. GRIFFON, Baton Rouge, La.; Pharmacy; KA. • GEORGE G. GRIFFON, Baton Rouge, La.; Pharmacy; KA. • ANNE GRISBY, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; KD. • KARL G. GULLAKSEN, Norway; Engineering. • WILLIAM N. HALL, Meridian; Business; KA. • CATHERINE P, HAMILTON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOSEPHINE HAMILTON, McComb; Commerce; KKG. Second Row: • JAMES E. Vardaman; Liberal Arts. • ALICE E. HAMMOND, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • VIKTOR E. HAMPEL, Hersfeld, Germany; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH D. HANCOCK, Nettleton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM N. HANEY, Jackson; Pharmacy. • LLOYD HARDER, Linden, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JACQUELINE M. HARDY, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts. • JOHN P. HARNETT, East Orange, N.J.; Business. • MARILYN L. HARPER, Mangham La.; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • GRANVILLE W. HART, Booneville; Education. • SYDNEY E. HARVEY, Greenville; Education. • WILLY HAS- ENFUSS, Buechenau, Germany; Liberal Arts. • JOHN L. HATCHER, Scott; Business; Sigma Chi. • JEANNETTE Y. HENDRIX, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • HENRY C. HENICK ,Yazoo City; Business; Kappa Sigma. • HENRY N. HERNDON, JR., Wilmington, Delaware; Liberal Arts; DKE. • JACQUELINE J. HEWITT, Jackson; Education. • ROBERT M. HIGBEE, Northfield, N.J.; Business. Second Row: • BETTYE L. HIGDON, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HAL E. HILL, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WADE H. HILLIARD, Columbus; Pharmacy; KA. • FRANCES HILTON, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • NELL E. HOBGOOD, Silver City; Business; ZTA. • MARJORIE A. HOLDER, Batesville; Education; Delta Gamma. • JO H. HOLLAND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; KD. • CHARLES D. HOLLANDER, Vicksburg; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • GERALD M. HOLLINGSWORTH, Centreville, Engr. Granville Hart Sydney Harvey Willy Hasenfuss John Hatcher Jeannette Hendrix Henry Henick Henry Herndon, Jr. Jacqueline Hewitt Robert Higbee Bettye Higdon Hal Hill Wade Hilliard Frances Hilton Nell Hobgood Marjorie Holder Jo Holland Charles Hollander Gerald Hollingsworth 89 Alva Hollis Tommy Holman Lynn Holloway William Hollowell, Jr. Mary Holmes Ralph Holmes Albert Horn Frank Hosak Morgan Hovis Helen Howard William Howell Rosemary Howie Scott Huddleston John HuInt Alton Hunter Roy Hussey June Irby Marshall Isabel! ABOVE First Row: • ALVA JO HOLLIS, Gattman; Education. • TOMMY T. HOLMAN, Macon; Business. • LYNN HOLLOWAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi. Mu. • WILLIAM I. JR., Cleveland; Business; Pi KA. • MARY M. HOLMES, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • RALPH T. Statesville, N.C.; Business; Sigma Nu. • ALBERT L. HORN, Houston; Business. • FRANK F. HOSAK, Lansford, Penn.; Business; Theta Kappa Phi. • MORGAN F. HOVIS, Anguilla; Business. Second Row: • HELEN HOWARD, Jackson; Education. • WILLIAM ' P. HOWELL, Clarksdale; Business; Sigma Chi. • ROSE- MARY HOWIE, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • SCOTT HUDDLESON, Lambert; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOHN A. HUNT, Johnstown, Pa.; Engr.; Phi Kappa Psi. • ALTON L. HUNTER, Selmer, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • ROY J. HUSSEY, Abbeville; Business; ZTA. • JUNE C. IRBY, Batesville; Education; Phi Mu. • MARSHALL H. ISABELL, Boonville; Education. BELOW First Row: • MIKE ISOM, JR., Sunflower; Business; ATO. • JAMES I. luka; Liberal Arts; ATO. • WILLIAM H. JACKSON, Laurel; Education;; Sigma Chi. • EDWARD 0. JOHNSON, Glen Allan; Business; KA. • MABLE C. JOHNSON, Carthage; Commerce. Second Row: • WALTER F. JOHNSON, Tiplersville; Business. • CATHERINE G. JOHNSTON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CLARENCE R. JOLLY, JR., Prentiss; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANN E. JONES, Laurel; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ANN E. JONES, Nashville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. Mike Isom, Jr. James Jackson William Jackson Edward Johnson Mable Johnson Walter Johnson Catherine Johnston Clarence Jolly, Jr. Ann Jones Ann Jones 90 Ben Jones Julian Jones Chester Kaminski William Katz, Jr. Donald Keen Arthur Keller Carolyn Kemp Charles Kildoff Click Kimball Henry King Russell Knight Douglas Koger Faith Koger Robert Koger Oliver Krebs Louis Korff William Korndorffer Luci Kreger ABOVE First Row: • BEN D. JONES, Amory; Education; Pi Kappa Phi. • JULIAN F. JONES, Walnut Grove; Liberal Arts. • CHES- TER J. KAMIMSKI, New York, N.Y.; Engineering. • WILLIAM KATZ, JR., Woodmere, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • DON- ALD E. KEEN, Winnsboro, La.; Pharmacy. • ARTHUR F. KELLER, St. Albans, N.Y.; Business. • CAROLYN KEMP, Oxford; Education; KD. • CHARLES KILDOFF, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Engr. • CLICK KIMBALL, Statesville, N.C.; Business; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • HENRY H. KING, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • RUSSELL C. KNIGHT, Slate Springs; Liberal Arts. • DOUGLAS M. KOGER, New York, N.Y.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • FAITH N. Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT L. KOGER, New York, N.Y.; Engr.; Beta Theta Pi. • OLIVER J. KREBS, Pascagoula; Engr. • LOUIS J. KORFF, Jasper, Indiana; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM E. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Lib- eral Arts; ATO. • LUCI J. KREGER, Roanoke, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BELOW First Row: • ROY C. KUYRKENDALL, JR., McComb; Engr. • KENNETH F. KUZENSKI, Allentown, Penna.; Liberal Arts. • PAUL T. LAGRONE, JR., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Commerce; KA. • WILLIAM S. LANGLEY, Ill.; Business. • JOSEPH J. LAWRENCE, Biloxi; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. JIMMIE R. LAWSON, Raleigh; Business; KJ. • GEORGE M. LEE, Prentiss; Pharmacy. • JAMES B. LEE, Water Valley; Business. • ROBERT B. LESLEY, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; DKE. Second Row: • RUTH M. LEVERETTE, Senatobia; Commerce. • EDMUND M. LEWCON, Uxbridge: Commerce. 0 LEON E. LEWIS, Port Gibson; Business; KA. • KATHERINE L. LITTLE, Wesson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARY LIT- TLE, Monticello; Liberal Arts; KD. • CHARLES S LOCKE, Laurel; Commerce. • JAMES P. LODEN, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • HARRY L. LOFLIN, JR., Jackson; Engr.; SAE. • EDWARD M. LOGGINS, W;nona; Business; Sigma Chi. Roy Kuyrkendall, Jr. Kenneth Kuzenski Paul Lagrone, Jr. William Langley Joseph Lawrence Jimmie Lawson George Lee James Lee Robert Lesley Ruth Leverette Edmund Lewcoin Leon Lewis Katherine Little Mary Little Charles Locke James Loden Harry Loflin, Jr. Edward Loggins 91 Wesley Lominick, ar. Joe Long Dale Love Elizabeth Loveless Joan Lovell Charles Lundy Monroe Lustbader David Lyon Roy McAlilly Glen McCool Joe McCullouch Carolyn McCurdy Charles McDaniel John McDavid James McDonald Rubye McFadden Harold McGee Ervin McKay ABOVE First Row: 41 WESLEY R. LOMINICK, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOE L. LING, Saltillo; Pharmacy. • DALE k. LOVE, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • ELIZABETH A. Booneville; Liberal Arts • JOAN LOVELL, Brook- haven; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CHARLES E. LUNDY, Greenville; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • MONROE J. LUSTBADER, Newark, N.J.; Business. • DAVID B. LYON, University; Liberal Arts. • ROY D. McALILLY, Louis ville; Liberal Arts. S econd Row: • GLEN A. McCOOL, Merigold; Liberal Arts. • JOE D. McCULLOUCH, Louisville; Business. • CAROLYN Mc- CURDY POPE; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES R. McDANIEL, Hayti, Missouri; Pharmacy. • JOHN L. McDAVID, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES M. McDONALD, Hattiesburg; Business. • RUBYE L. Mc- FADDEN, Oxford; Commerce. • HAROLD H. McGEE, Biloxi; Engr. • ERVIN G. McKAY, Gulfport; Business; ATO. BELOW First Row: • JAMES G. McKEE, Greenville; Business. • JERRY J. Union City, N.J.; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Phi. • JOHN H. McMANUS, Tylertown; Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha. • JOHN MURRELL McRAE, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BETTYE J. McWHORTER, Waynesboro; Business; ZTA Second Row: • WILLIAM B. MacMILLAN, Puesta Libertador Dominica ' Republic; Pharm.; Sigma Chi. • THOMAS J. MAL. LETTE, Greenwood; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • DOROTHY F. MALONE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • CESARE C. MARRONE, Jersey City, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT R. MARRIAM, Watertown, N.Y.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Ep- silon. James McKee Jerry McMahon John McManus John McRae Bettye McWhorter William MacMillan Thomas Mallette Dorothy Malone Cesare Marrone Robert Marriam 92 Michael Marshall William Marston Merle Martin Pat Martin Charles Massey Harold Maxwell Billy May Jared Mayes, III Edward Mayo Dan Meador Phyllis Meek Cliff Mehrtens Will Melson Upham Meriwether Martin Miazza Charles Middleton Glynn Middleton John Miller ABOVE First Row: • MICHAEL M. MARSHALL, Clarksdale; Engineering; SAE. • WILLIAM E. MARSTON, Nashville, Tenn.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MERLE A. Fayette; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • PAT S .MARTIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES P. MASSEY, Pensacola, Fla.; Business. • HAROLD MAXWELL, Laurel; Com- merce. • BILLY ALLEN MAY, Decatur; Pharmacy. • JARED D. MAYES III, Milton, Penna.; Engr.; Phi Kappa Psi, • EDWARD J. MAYO, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • DAN R. MEADOR, Lena; Pharm. • PHYLLIS A. MEEK, Long Beach; Liberal Arts. • CLIFF N. MEHRTENS, Cull- man, Ala.; Education. • WILL M. MELSON, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • UPHAM S. MERI- WETHER, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts. • MARTIN F. MIAllA, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES E. MIDDLE- TON, Yazoo City; Business; Kappa Sigma. • GLYNN E.-MIDDLETON, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • JOHN D. MILLER, Laurel; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • MARYBEC MILLER, Webster Groves, Missouri; Arts. • VAYNE R. MILES, Swiftown; Engr. • LAURANCE N. MIZE, Vicksburg; Business; ATO. • EDWIN C. MONCURE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Pi KA. • JEAN N. MONT- GOMERY, Tunica; Education;; Phi Mu. • BRUNSON D. MOORE, Wesson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • EARL A. MOORE, JR., Duck Hill; Business. • EMILY C. MOORE, Lucy, Tenn.; Education. • ALFRED R. MORAN, Ocean Springs; Commerce; DKE. Second Row: • FRED C. MORGAN, Mendelhall; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES R. MORGAN, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy. • LA FRANCES MORGAN, Sunflower; Liberal Arts. • DEWEY C. MORRIS ,JR., New Augusta; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BOB MORRISON, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • BOBBY JOE MOSER, Moorhead; Com- merce; Beta Theta Pi • EMMETT MOUCHETT, Anguilla; Liberal Arts. • RAY MURPHY, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOYCE MURPHY, University; Education; KD, Marybec Miller Vayne Miles Laurance Mize Edwin Moncure, Jr. Jean Montgomery Brunson Moore Earl Moore, Jr. Emily Moore Alfred Moran Fred Morgan James Morgan Frances Morgan Dewey Morris, Jr. Bob Morrison Bobby Moser Emmett Mouchett Ray Murphy Joyce Murphy 93 Elbert Nelson Virginia Nelson Fred Netterville Eugene Nieto Ouida Murray John Muse Stig Mylander Mary Nash Vandyke Neill Martha Norment Paul Nottingham Raymond Nowell Billie Nunn M. D. S. Orihuela Marquis O ' N Owens Robert Owens, Jr. Rosemary Owen Henry Paris ABOVE First Row: • OUIDA W. MURRAY, Wiggins; Education; Delta Gamma. • JOHN M. MUSE, Booneville; Pharmacy. • STIG J. MYLANDER, Floral Park, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • MARY V. NASH, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega • VANDYKE NEILL, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ELBERT B. NELSON, Cleveland; Business; Pi KA. • VIRGINIA L. NELSON, Glen Allan; Business. • FRED H. NETTERVILLE, Wilkinson; Business. • EUGENE J. NIETO, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Business. Second Row: • MARTHA J. NORMENT, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • PAUL T. Kingsport, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Chi. • RAYMOND L. NOWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Engr. • BILLIE C. NUNN, Abbeville; Liberal Arts. • MIGUEL DELOS SANTOS ORIHUELA, Amory; Pharmacy. • MARQUIS O ' N. OWENS, Fulton. • ROBERT E. OWENS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Business; KA. • ROSEMARY R. OWEN, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • HENRY PARIS, Lexington; Commerce; Phi Epslion Pi. BELOW First Row: • JOHN L. PARIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; ATO. • BARBARA A. PARKER, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • FRAN- CES M. PARKER, Sunflower; Liberal Arts. • SAM D. Meridian; Business; KA. • JOE C. JR., New Albany; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • ARTHUR J. PARSONS, Canton; Business; Delta Psi. • KOTZ A. PATTERSON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. PATTERSON, Louisville; Liberal Arts; ATO. • JOE A. PAVICH, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • THELMA L. PEUHAM, Pascagoula; Commerce; Delta Zeta. John Paris Barbara Parker Frances Parker Sam Parker Joe Parks, Jr. Arthur Parsons Koh Patterson Robert Patterson Joe Pavich Thelma Pelham 94 Eloise Percival Rudolph Perkins William Perkins William Perry Paul Peterson William Pevey, Jr. Hiram Phelps Richard Pickens Elymra Pierocich Paul Pittman Charles Pitts Claude Pitts Norman Polk James Porter Thomas Porter, Jr. Marvin Porter Homer Powell Roy Prestage ABOVE First Row: • ELOISE PERCIVAL, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts. • RUDOLPH K. PERKINS, Lake Placid, N.Y.; Business. • WILLIAM H. PERKINS, Darling; Business; PiKA. 0 WILLIAM S. PERRY, JR., Yazoo City; Business; KA. • PAUL K. PETERSON, Wesson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM E. PEVEY, JR., Laurel; Business. • HIRAM H. Jackson; Engr.; Pi KA. • RICHARD R. New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ELMYRA P. PIEROCICH, Gulfport; Pharmacy. Second Row: • PAUL H. PITTMAN, Tylertown• Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES R. PITTS, Sikeston, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • CLAUDE L. PITTS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • NORMAN W. POLK, McNeil, Ark.; Engineer- ing; Sigma Pi. • JAMES H. PORTER, Vicksburg; Business; SAE. • THOMAS E. PORTER, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; SAE. • WILLIAM M. PORTER, Lambert; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • HOMER H. POWELL, Collins; Phar- macy. • ROY M. PRESTAGE, Fulton; Business. BELOW First Row: • JAMES M. PRICE, Prentiss; Liberal Arts. • MILDRED PRIMOS, Jackson; Business; Chi Omega. • CLARENCE J. Laurel, Engr.; Pi KA. • ROBERT H. Columbus; Liberal Arts. • ELIZABETH C. PYLANT, Purvis; Education; Delta Zeta. • JAMES R. QUARLES, Gainesboro, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES L. REGGIO, Scott, La.; Pharm.; Theta Kappa Phi. • MARSHALL C. RAMSEY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • RAYMOND E. RAPE, Gulfport; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • KATHRYN C. READY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • WALTER R. REAGAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • JEFF N. REESE, Vardaman; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE C. REEVES, Tunica; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MARJORIE REEVES, Paris, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • MARTHA H. REID, Corinth; Education; Chi Omega. • BILLY V. RENFROE, Fla.; Commerce. • GEORGE RENSHAW, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLTON C. RICHARDSON, Grenada; Pharmacy; Pi KA. James Reggio Clarence Profilet Robert Propst Elizabeth Pylant James Quarles Marshall Ramsey Raymdnd Rape James Price Mildred Primos Kathryn Ready Walter Reagan Jeff Reese George Reeves Marjorie Reeves Martha Reid Billy Renfroe George Renshaw Charlton Richardson 95 Malowe Richardson William Richardson Nellie Riley Kenneth Robbins Lewis Robertson Harry Robinson, Jr. John Robinson, Jr. Mary Robinson Billie Rodgers Barnes Romi ' ne, Jr. Patrick Roper T. J. Rowell Robert Rushing Stanley Russell Jerry Ryan David Salley James Salley Medora Salter ABOVE First Row: • MALOWE RICHARDSON, Delta City; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. • WILLIAM P. RICHARDSON, Deering, Missouri; Liberal Arts. • NELLIE J. RILEY, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; ZTA. • KENNETH G. ROBBINS, Oxford; Education. • LEWIS B. ROBERTSON, Jackson; Business; SAE. • HARRY LEE ROBINSON, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN W. ROBINSON, JR., Jackson; Business; KA. • MARY A. ROBINSON, Clarksdale; Educa- tion; Delta Delta Delta. • BILLIE J. RODGERS, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • BARNES H. ROMINE, JR., Greenville; Business. • PATRICK E. Hazlehurst; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • T. J. ROWELL, Gloster; Engr.; • ROBERT K. RUSHING, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • STANLEY C. RUSSELL, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • T. JERRY RYAN, Jackson; Business; KA. • DAVID W. SALLEY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • JAMES W. SALLEY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • MEDORA L. SALTER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. BELOW First Row: • JAMES W. SAUL, Laurel; Engr. • ERVIN E. SAYLE, JR., Coffeeville; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • VIRGINIA SEAL, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; KKG. • JAMES H. SEALE, Batesville; Commerce. • MURIEL H. SEAY, Mem- phis, Tenn.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • PEGGY J. SEWELL, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; KD. • L. V. SHARP, New Albany; Business; Sigma Chi. • ARCHIE T. SHAW, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD H. SHAWBLOSKY, Greenville; Education; Sigma Pi. • ROBERT M. Dorsey; Liberal Arts. James Saul Ervin Sayle, Jr. Virginia Seal James Seale Mureil Seay Peggy Sewell L. V. Sharp Archie Shaw Edward Shawblosky Robert Sheffield 96 Troy Sheffield Edwin Shropshire Leslie Shumake Carl Sidener Melvin Singuefield Devon Slocam Billie Smith Genie Smith Imogene Smith Marshall Smith Sarah Smith Victor Smith William Smith, Jr. Gerald Sneed Charles Snyder Nancy Sowell Rae Sparks Charles Speed ABOVE First Row: • TROY E. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • EDWIN D. SHROPSHIRE, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • LESLIE B. SHUMAKE, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. • CARL F. SIDENER, Bainbridge, Ga.; Commerce. • MEL- VIN M. SINGUEFIELD, Laurel; Eaucation. • DEVON SLOCAM, Bogalusa, La.; Pharmacy. • BILLIE G. SMITH, Chicago, III.; Commerce. • GENIE SMITH, Booneville; Liberal Arts; KD. • IMOGENE B. SMITH, Jackson; Phar- macy; KD. Second Row: • MARSHALL C. SMITH, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • SARAH K. SMITH, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • SARAH K. SMITH, Jackson; Education. • VICTOR P. SMITH, Hazlehursf: Commerce; Delta Psi. • WIL- LIAM C. SMITH, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts. • GERALD R. SNEED, Thaxton; Education. • CHARLES B. SNYDER, Shreveport, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta. • NANCY J. SOWELL, Holly Springs; Phi Mu. • RAE D. SPARKS, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES E. SPEED, Prentiss; Business; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • LOUIS J. STAEHLE, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ANNE L. STANFORD, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • EDWIN H. STEELE, Morgan City; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • JOSEPH W. STEPHENS, Canaan; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM T. STEPHENSON, Engr. • LLOYD STORMONT, luka; Liberal Arts. • MAXINE I. luka; Business. • CHARLES R. STRAIN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • RICHARD G. STRAUGHAN, Biloxi; Pharmacy. Second Row: • WADE H. STRICKLAND, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM C. STRONG, Memphis, Tenn.; Edu- cation. • MARY JO STUART, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JAMES E. SULLIVAN, Sylvarena; Engi- neering. • JAMES G. SULLIVAN, Macon; Business; KA. • PATRICIA E. TAYLOR, Evergreen; Commerce; ZTA. • ROBERT M. TAYLOR, Charlotte, N.C.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • WALTER T. TAYLOR, Como; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • DICK THOMAE, Fayette: Liberal Arts. Louis Staehle Anne Stanford Edwin Steele Joseph Stephens William Stephenson, Jr. Lloyd Storment Maxine Storment Charles Strain Richard Straughan Wade Strickland William Strong Mary Stuart James E. Sullivan James G. Sullivan Patricia Taylor 97 Robert Taylor Walter Taylor Dick Thomae Alan Thompson Allen Thompson Jr. Hollis Thompson Ivan Thompson Jr. Clem Thomas Oscar Thomas Liston Thomasson Elwood Thornton Mack Tidwell Claud Tingle Jr. Henry Torjusen Bonnie Townsend Bobby Tramel Judith Tubb Homer Tucker Thomas Tucker William Turner Forrest Tutor ABOVE First Row: • CLEM THOMAS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • OSCAR L. Fayette, Ala.; Education. • LISTON L. THOM- ASSON, DeKalb; Business. • ALAN B. THOMPSON, Long Beach; Education. • ALLEN C. THOMPSON, JR., Jack- son; Business; SAE. • HOLLIS C. THOMPSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; KA. • IVAN C. THOMPSON, JR., Cor- inth; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • ELWOOD W. THORNTON, Sherman; Liberal Arts. • MACK V. TIDWELL, Phila- delphia; Liberal Arts; Pi KA. Second Row: • CLAUDE M. TINGLE, JR., Jackson; Commerce. • HENRY G. TORJUSEN, Pascagoula; Engr. • BONNIE J. TOWNSEND, Sunflower; Education; ZTA. • BOBBY L. TRAMEL, Batesville; Engineering. • JUDITH TUBB, West Point; Liberal Arts; Phi MU. • HOMER R. TUCKER, Fulton; Education. • THOMAS M. TUCKER, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM F. TURNER, Philadelphia; Business; Delta Psi. • FORREST T. TUTOR, Randolph; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • SARA C. VINEYARD, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; KD. • JOHN W. VOLD, Eau Claire, Wis.; Engr.; Phi Kappa Psi. • ELLEN WADE, University; Education; Delta ' Zeta. • DOROTHFY M. WAITE, Glenview, Ill.; Liberal Arts; KKG. • HOBSON M. WAKEFIELD, Ripley, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Second Row: • MARTHA C. WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; ZTA. • CHARLES W. WALTON, Little Rock, Ark.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • MAY E. WATKINS, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • BILL E. WATSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • WILLIAM A. WEBB, Philadelphia; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sara Vineyard John Vold Ellen Wade Dorothy Waite Hobson Wakefield Martha Wallace Charles Walton May Watkins Bill Watson William Webb 98 Sara Webster Vivian Wells George Wesley Carl West Katherine Tracy White John White Irene Wiggins Mary W iley Sally Wilkinson Charles Williams Harold Williams James Williams Jr. Jackie Williams Layton Williams James Willis Clyde Wilson Ida Wing ABOVE First Row: • SARA 0. WEBSf ER, Oxford; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • VIVIAN L, WELLS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; ZTA. • GEORGE R. WESLEY, Ellisviile; Liberal Arts. • CARL E. WEST, Amory; Education. • KATHERINE L. WEST- BROOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • TRACY ANN WHITE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JOHN H. WHITE, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • IRENE H. WIGGINS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARY E. WILEY, West Point; Commerce. Second Row: • SALLY A. WILKINSON, Waxhaw; Education; Phi Mu. 0 CHARLES A. WILLIAMS, Wesson; Commerce. • HAROLD G. WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Business; KA. • JAMES B. WILLIAMS, JR., Morgan City; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JACKIE M. WILLIAMS, Coahoma; Liberal Arts. • LAYTON M. WILLIAMS, University; Commerce. • JAMES H. WILLIS, Horn Lake; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • CLYDE THOMPSON WILSON, Aber- deen; Liberal Arts. • IDA V. KING, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. BELOW First Row: • SEK T. G. WING, Shaw; Liberal Arts. • JACK H. WITTJEN, Holly Springs; Business; SAE. • J. W. WOOD, WARD, Oxford; Engineering; DKE. • D. KATHERINE WRIGHT, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES T. YARBROUGH, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • MALCOLM T. YAWN, Fulton; Commerce.; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • WIRT A. YERGER, JR., Jackson; Business; KA. • SIDNEY D. YORK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; SAE. • CARL R. YOUNG, Tupelo; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIS E. YOUNG, JR., Crystal Springs; Business. • HE RBERT P. ZSCHOKKE, St. Paul, Minnesota; Engr. • JIMMY L. CHILDERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. Sek Wing Jack Wittjen J. W. Wood William Woodward Katherine Wright James Yarbrough Malcolm Yawn Wirt Verger Jr. Sidney York Carl Young Willis Young Jr. Herbert Zschokke Jimmy Childers 99 Frances Abraham Jeanne Adams Jane Alexander Flavius Alford Leamond Alford Robert Allred Jr. John Arnold Thomas Arnold Jeanne Ashburn fl( Clinton Bane Austin Barbour Joan Barbour Faye Baker Forrest Baker Paul Baccaro John Bagwell Jr. Edward Atkinson James Azlin ABOVE First Row: • FRANCES L. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; Commerce. • JEANNE ADAMS, DeKalb, Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JANE C. ALEXANDER, Arcola; Business; Kappa Delta. • FLAVIUS Houston; Education. • LEA- MOND ALFORD, Houston; Education. • ROBERT HENRY ALLRED, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN ELWIN ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce. • THOMAS ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce; Anchor and Chain; Phi Eta Sigma. • S. JEANNE ASHBURN, Jackson; Business. Second Row: • EDWARD Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; APO; Pershing Rifles. • JAMES NEWTON AZLIN, Leland; Pharmacy. • PAUL MICHEL BACCARO, Rochester, N.Y.; Liberal Arts. • JOHN M. BAGWELL, JR., Louis- ville; Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. • FAYE EVELYN BAKER, Oxford; Education. • FORREST L. BAKER, Clinton, Arkansas; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • CLINTON E. University; Pharmacy. • AUSTIN FOWLKES BARBOUR, Indianola; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JOAN BARBOUR, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. BELOW First Row: • JEANNE BARFOOT, Philadelphia; Education; Chi Omega; Cheerleader. • EUGENE JOHN BARHAM, Earle, Arkansas; Business; Kappa Sigma. • EDWARD RUSH BARRETT, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Liberal Arts. • RUDOLPH Maplewood, N.J.; Liberal Arts. • SIDNEY F. BECK, JR., Liberal Arts; Newman Club. Rudolph Barxell Sidney Beck Jr. Jeanne Barfoot Eugene Barham Edward Barrett Second Row: • JOHN MONCRIEF BEE, Brookhaven; Business; SAE. • GEORGE E. Tyronza Business; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN E. BELL, JR., Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ALICE HENRY BEM US, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT LEWIS BERMAN, Lexington; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. George Belay John Bell Jr. Alice Bemus Robert Berman 100 Peggy Bennett James Bennett Bernice Berdon Fred Birmingham Katherine Boatner Baptist Boetto Arthur Bonds Richard Boney Joe Boone Robert Booth HARRIETT GEISENBERGER Queen of the Natchez Pilgrimage. ABOVE First Row: • PEGGY ANN BENNETT, Greenville; Education. • JAMES AMZI BENNETT, Mathiston; Liberal Arts. • BERNICE MAE BERDON, Natchez; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FRED D. BIRMINGHAM, Jackson, Tennessee; Lib- eral Arts; Kappa Sigma. • KATHERINE CHAMBERLAIN BOATNER, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • BAPTIST F. BOETTO, Chicago, Illinois; Commerce; Theta Kaopi Phi. • ARTHUR W. BONDS, luka• Commerce. • RICHARD F. BONEY, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. • JOE F. BOONE, Grenada; Business. • ROBERT E. BOOTH, Hollandale; Pharmacy. BELOW First Row: • ELLIOTT R. BOWMAN, JR., Vicksburg; Engineering. • BETTY A. BRAME, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM D. BRANDON, Jackson; Business. • BILLY H. BRELAND, McLain; Commerce. • GEORGE BRENNER Memphis, Tennessee; Commerce. • JIM T. BRIDGES, Indianola; Business; Delta Psi. • GRATHAN A. BRIGANCE, West Point; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD L. BROCK, Greenfield, Tennessee; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. • CALVIN W. BROWN, Greenville; Pharmacy. Second Row: • JOSEPH E. BROWN, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • J. D. BROWN, Good Louisiana; Pharmacy. • NANCY B. BRUCE, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kuppa Gamma. • CARLTON T. BURNETTE, Chat- tanooga, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • ZENOBIA H. BURNS, Saltillo; Liberal Arts. • TAYLOR D. CAFFEY, Duck Hill; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ROSEMAY CAIN, Oxford; Business. 110 ALBERT P. Columbus; Engineer- ing; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES T. CALDWELL, Ripley, Tennessee; Education. Elliott Bowman Jr. Betty Brame William Brandon Billy Breland George Brenner Jim Bridges Grathan Brigance Richard Brock Calvin Brown Joseph Brown Jr. J. D. Brown Nancy Br-Lice Carlton Burnette Zenobia Burns Taylor Caffey Rosemary Cain Albert Caldwell James Caldwell ran Irvin Calif Philip Capuaho Norman Carnes J. B. Carpenter Charles Carr Glenn Carter John Carter Henry Chapman Patrick Chipley Wayne Clayton William Cook Shirley Cope Raleigh Clement Jimmie Coldren James Coleman Wanda Combest Muriel Cooper William Cooper ABOVE First Row: • WAYNE L. CLAYTON, Sikeston, Missouri; Commerce. • PHILIP J. CAPUAHO, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • NORMAN F. CARNES, Jackson; Business. • J. B. CARPENTER, Tennessee; Commerce; SAE. • CHARLES M. CARR, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • GLENN A. CARTER, Magnolia; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma. • JOHN C. CARTER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • HENRY G. CHAPMAN, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • PATRICK L. CHIPLEY, Dossville; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • IRVIN D. CALIFF, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • RALEIGH S. CLEMENT, Crystal Springs; Pharmacy. • JIMMIE F. COLDREN, Parrin, Arkansas; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES F. COLEMAN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Engineering. • WANDA H. COMBEST, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM S. COOK, Jackson ; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • MURIEL A. COOPER, Oxford; Education. • WILLIAM C. COOPER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • SHIRLEY A. Malden, Missouri; Business. BELOW First Row: • NORFLEET S. CRAIG, Como; Liberal Arts. • FRANCIS W. CRISS, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRIETTA CROSBY, Crosby; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HAROLD C. CRUMP, Natchez; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ALAN K. DANIEL, JR., Tutwiler; Business. Second Row: • HUNTER B. DANIEL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • KAYE A. DAVIS, Roanoke, Virginia; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT E. DAVIS, Oxford; Education. • BILLY GEORGE DAY, Houston; Pharmacy. • FRANK R. DAY, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Norfleet Craig Francis Criss Jr. Henrietta Crosby Harold Crump Alan Daniel Jr. Hunter Daniel Kaye Davis Robert Davis silly Day Frank Day 102 Dewey Dearman Jr. William DeBoe Mary Delmans John DiGilio W. Diller Jewell Dorris Martha Douglas Peggy Driver Joseph Dugas Doris Eason BEN HARRISON President of Scabbard and Blade. ABOVE First Row: • DEWEY S. DEARMAN, JR., Hattiesburg; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM C. DeBOE, Elaine, Arkansas; Education; Sigma Chi. • MARY J. Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. DiGILIO, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • W. WILSON DILLAR, Ufa Bena; Commerce; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • JEWELL M. DORRIS, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARTHA A. DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • PEGGY J. DRIVER, Osceola, Arkansas; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOSEPH D. DUGAS, Scott, Louisiana; Pharmacy. • DORIS EASON, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delia. BELOW First Row: • BETTY B. ECKLES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES M. EDWARDS, Sunflower; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM J. EGAN, Fass Engineering. • JAMES W. ELLIOTT, Jackson; Liberal Arts: Alpha. • HELEN R. ELLIS, Sunflower; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • KELLY A. ELLIS, Sunflower; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha • ROBERT N. Vicksburg; Commerce: Phi Epsilon Pi. • MARY J. ENOCHS, Fernwood; Engineering; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT N. ERVIN, Hazelhurst; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Second Row: • ELINOR G. EURE, Hattiesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • BEN M. FEIGLER, Philipp; Pharmacy; Sigma, Alpha Epsilon. • JERELENE L. FERRELL, Batesville; Commerce. • FREDDIE D. FISHER, Crowder, Liberal Arts. • ROBEP.T DONALD FITLER, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • NORYENE FLANAGAN, Pit ' sboro; Commerce; Delta Gam- ma. • COLLEEN FLY, Belmont; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • EFFIE M. FOSTER, Mattoon, Illinois; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • LAWRENCE J. FRANCK, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Alpha. Betty Eckles James Edwards William Egan James Elliott Helen Ellis Kelly Ellis Robert Emmich Mary Enochs Robert Ervin Elinor Eure Ben Feigler Jerlene Ferrell Freddie Fisher Robert Fitler Noryene Flanagan Colleen Fly Effie Foster Lawrence Franck 103 William Franklin Frances Frazier Ronald Fraser Pat Gainey Mary Gale Knox Gary Rosemary Gaston Adrien Gautier Terry Gautier Clare Geisenberger Phillip George Charles Gibbs Billy Gill Mildred Gilpin Richard Goldhammer Thomas Goodwin III Gloria Graham John Grant ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM B. FRANKLIN, Oxford; Business. • FRANCES FRAZIER, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • RONALD N. FRASER, Boonville; Pharmacy. • PAT GAINEY, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • MARY GALE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • KNOX GARY, Memphis, Tennessee; Business. • GAS- TON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ADRIEN C. GAUTIER, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • TERRY C. GAUTIER, Gautier; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • CLARE B. GEISENBERGER, Natchez; Education; Delta Gamma. • PHILLIP GEORGE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES W. GIBBS, Lau ens, South Carolina; Liberal Arts. • BILLY L. GILL, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • MILDRED A GILPIN, Tupelo, Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delia. • RICHARD A. GOLDHAMMER, New York; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • THOMAS A. GOODWIN, Ill, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GLORIA J. GRAHAM, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JOHN TAYLOR GRANT, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. BELOW First Row: • MARTHA L. GRANTHAM, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta. • MYLES W. GRAVES, Hazelhurst; Pharmacy. • PEG- GY A. GREEN, Marianna, Arkansas; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CURTIS A. GREER, Potts Camp; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BENNY FRANK GRESHAM, Hollandale; Pharmacy. Second Row: • ELBERT L. GRIFFIN, Pontotoc; Business. • JEAN GRIFFITH, Lonnie; Mantee; Liberal Arts. • LESLIE A. GROSS- Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • HARRY E. Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES J. GUNTER, SoSo; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. Martha Grantham Myles Graves Peggy Green Curtis Greer Benny Gresham Elbert Griffin Jean Griffith Alyce G ' rossmayer Harry Gulledge James Gunter 104 GEARY, WARD, AMOS, IFC Officers Marvin Hale Robert Hale William Hall Charles Hallberg Jr. Sally Hampton William Hand William Haneghan Sidney Haney Clarence Hardin Jr. Jabus Hardin ABOVE First Row: • MARVIN L. HALE, Yazoo City; Business. • ROBERT OWEN HALE, Little Rock, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. • WIL- LIAM 0. HALL, Oxford; Commerce. • CHARLES J. HALLBERG, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce. • SALLY HAMPTON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • WILLIAM F. HAND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM J. HANEGHAN, Bunker Hill, Illinois; Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha. • SIDNEY E. HANEY, Natchez; Pharmacy: Sigma Phi Epsilon. • CLARENCE L. HARDIN, JR., Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JABUS L. HARDIN, Pontotoc; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • PHILIP M. HARDING, JR., Tennessee; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • DURWOOD L. HARRISON, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • LOUIE V. Marks; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WALTER C. HARRISON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • FELIX E. HART, JR., McComb; Liberal Arts. • DANIEL HARVEY, Oclean Springs; Engineering. • REID A. HARWELL, Statesville, North Carolina; Business, Pi Kappa Alpha. • ARTHUR J. HAYES, University; Liberal Arts. • JOAN M. HEDMAN, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • DENNIS G. HELM, Biloxi; Business; Theta Kappa Phi. • DICK D. HENDRIX, Helena, Arkansas; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JOY HERRON, Glendora; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • WILLIAM H. HITT Yorn, Alabama; Education. • ROBERT H. HODGES, Clinton, Louisiana; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CYNTHIA M. HOGAN, Memphis, Ten- nessee, Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SHIRLEE I. HOLLAND, Amory; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOANN HOLLOWELL, Oxford; Commerce. • JOHN H. HONEYCUTT, Grenada; Business, Philip Harding Jr. Durward Harrison Louie Harrison Walter Harrison Felix Hart Jr. Daniel Harvey Reid Harwell Arthur Hayes Joan Hedman William Hitt Robert Hodges Cynthia Hogan Shirlee Holland Joann Hollowell John Honeycutt Dennis Halm Dick Hendrix Joy Herron 105 Claudia Horn Paul Horn Finley Horton Harold House William House Hubert Howell Ira Humphrey William Humphrey Wiley Hutchins James Ingram Carrol Jarvis Raymond Jarvis Omeera Jasper Mertice Jeter Harriette Johnson Shaw Johnson Jr. Alfred Jones Carol Jones ABOVE First Row: • CLAUDIA L. HORN, Nashville, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • PAUL C. HORN, Magee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • FINLEY H. HORTON, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • HAROLD E. HOUSE, Vance; Liberal Arts. • WIL- LIAM C. HOUSE, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • HUBERT R. HOWELL, Brookhaven; Business. • IRA B. HUMPHREY, Weir; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM R. HUMPHREY, Parkin, Arkansas; Education. • WILEY C. HUTCHINS, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • JAMES F. INGRAM, Birmingham, Alabama; Physical Education. • CARROL E. JARVIS, Booneville, Liberal Arts. • RAYMOND E. JARVIS, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • OMEERA A. JASPER, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • MERTICE V. JETER, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • HARRIETTE JOHNSON, Columbia, Tennessee; Edu- cation Delta Delta Delta. • ONEY S. JOHNSON, JR., Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • ALFRED H. JONES, Jacksonville, Alabama; Engineering. • CAROL JONES, Port Sulphur, Louisiana; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • JIMMY E. Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • K. C. JONES, Leland; Commerce. • EMILY M. JOULLIAN, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARY E. JOYNER, Yazoo City; Pharmacy. • THOMAS L. JOYNER, JR., Tupelo; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • MALCOLM F. JUSTICE, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NORA E. KEMP, Kilmichael• Education. • SALLY D. KERSHAW, Montgomery, Alabama; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES D. KINGSLEY, Essex Falls, New Jersey; Commerce. • BEN KNIGHT, Cherokee, Alabama; Business. Jimmy Jones K. C. Jones Emily Joullian Mary Joyner Thomas Joyner Jr. Malcolm Justice Nora Kemp Sally Kershaw James Kingsley Ben Knight 106 The Sadie Hawkins Committee. Patricia Knight Carolyn Kochtitzky James Korndorffer Onnie Koski Fenwick Laborde Robert Lake Jr. Homer LaMotte Thomas Langston Walter Larson James Lear ABOVE First Row: • PATRICIA E. KNIGHT, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • CAROLYN KOCHTITZKY. Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES R. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • ONNIE R. KOSKI, Kreole; Liberal Arts. • FEN WICK P. LABORDE, Louisville; Pharmacy. Second Row: • ROBERT H. LAKE, JR., Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HOMER ALTON LaMOTTE, College Station, Texas; Engineering. • THOMAS E. LANGSTON, Littleton, Alabama; Physical Eduction. • WALTER R. LARSON, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Pi. • JAMES H. LEAR, Greenwood; Business; Phi Delta Theta. BELOW First Row: • JOSEPH V. LE BLANC, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MARY A. LEE, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • TONY G. LEE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM P. LEE, Water Valley; Engineering. • EDWIN L. LEGGETT, Dublin; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • CLARA V. LE MAIRE, Columbia; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • ROSE M. LEONARD, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOHN T. LEVERETTE, Grenada; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DAVID LIBBY, Kingsport, Tennessee; Engineering. Second Row: • DAVID M. LIGHTCAP, Yazoo City; Business. • EDWARD S. LIPSEY, Dublin; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLIFTON W. LITTLE, Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT L. LOGAN, Bruce; Pharmacy. • ROBERT F. LO ONEY, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • ELIZABETH A. LOVELADY, Oxford; Business. • ROBERT LESLIE LYON, Pontotoc; Business. • LEE R. McCARTER, JR., Corinth; Pharmacy; Beta Theta Pi. • ELIZA- BETH C. McCARTHY, Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Delta. Joseph LeBlanc Mary Lee Tony Lee William Lee Edwin Leggett Clara LeMaire Rose Leonard John Leverette David Libby David Lightcap Edward Lipsey Clifton Little Robert Logan Robert Looney Jr. Elizabeth Lovelady Robert Lyon Lee McCarter Jr. Elizabeth McCarthy 107 Josephine McCrone Douglas McCully John McDade Thomas McDowell Annette McGee Ralph McGill Marvin McGraw Patrick McHugh Cecil McKlemurry Jarlath McLaughlin Mitchell McLaughlin Jr. Mary McLeod Patricia McNease Howell McNeill Jonnie McWhorter James Magee Lewis Mahoney George Martoly ABOVE First Row: • JOSEPHINE E. McCRONE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • DOUGLAS S. McCULLY, Tupelo; Engineering. • JOHN ROBERT McDADE, McKenzie, Tennessee. • THOMAS DUDLEY McDOWELL, McComb; Phi Delta Theta. • ANNETTE McGEE, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • RALPH DUNCAN McGILL, Ripley; Commerce. • MAR- VIN P. McGRAW, Hickery Flat; Liberal Arts. • PATRICK A. McHUGH, Memphis, Tennessee; Co mmerce; Kappa Sigma. • CECIL CEDRIC McKLEMURRY, Sumner; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JARLATH G. McLAUGHLIN, Peru, Indiana; Business; Personnel Management Club. 0 MITCHELL EDWARD Mc• LAUGHLIN, JR., Aberdeen; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY ANN McLEOD, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • PATRICIA C. McNEASE, Fayette, Alabama; • HOWELL N. McNEILL, Mendenhall; Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. • JONNIE P. McWHORTER, Oxford; Education. • JAMES E. MAGEE, Tylertown; Business; Kap- pa Alpha. • LEWIS A. MAHONEY, Hot Springs, Arkansas; Engineering; Sigma Chi. 0 GEORGE R. MANOLY, Valley Cottage, N.Y.; Engineering; Independents. BELOW First Row: • JOHNNY A. MARASCALCO, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • G. BENOIST MARSHALL,. Alexandria, Louisiana; Busi- ness; SAE. • JAMES BRYAN MARTIN, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • SANFORD J. MARVIN, Spring Valley, N.Y.; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JAMES E. MASK, Oxford; Education. Johnny Marascalco G. Marshall James Mask James Martin Sanford Marvin John Merryman Jr. -James Miley • Bette Miller Zelma Melvin Second Row: • ZELMA ANN MELVIN, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JOHN R. MERRYMAN, JR., Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES W. MILEY, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delte Theta. • BEITE R. MILLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JERONE S. MILLER, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. 108 Charles Montgomery Dana Moore Yancey Moore George Moseley Libby Mounger Harry Morgan Rufus Morton Bessie Morgan Teddy Millette Margaret Mills Summer Art School on the Coast. ABOVE First Row: • TEDDY J. MILLETTE, Greenville; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • MARGARET P. MILLS, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Chi Omega. • CHARLES L. MONTGOMERY, Ackerman; Education. • DANA C. MOORE, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • YANCEY A. MOORE, Nashville, Tennessee; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • BESSIE B. MORGAN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HARRY L. MORGAN, Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • RUFUS F. MORTON, Nyack, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Independents. • GEOGE W. MOSELEY, Memphis, Tennessee; Business; ATO. • LIBBY R. MOUNGER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. BELOW First Row: • GEORGE J. MULLIS, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • NANCY J. MURRY, Wynne, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WINSTON H. MURPHREE, Okolona; Business; f hi Delta Theta. di CARL W. NABORS, Water Val- ley; Business. • ROBERT F. NANCE, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GREELY R. NASH, Amory; Pharmacy. • BIDWELL B. NEAL, Paden; Pharmacy. • PEGGY J. NEAL, Oxford; Business; Kappa Delta. • JAMES W. NEB- LETT, Morgan City; Engineering; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • HERBERT F. NELSON, Laurel; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. • DAVID S. NEWTON, Marks; Business; Sigma Chi. • ISAAC A. NEWTON, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • POULA NEWTON, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Delta. • MILFORD Q. NICHOLS, Baldwyn; Pharmacy. 0 BUMOND B, NOBLE, Jackson; Commerce. • JACK M. NORRIS, Meridian; Business. • PETE J. NOSSER, Vicksburg; Business; Independents. • TOMMYE A. NUMMALLY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. George Mullis Nancy Murry Winston Murphree Carl Nabors Robert Nance Greely Nash Bidwell Neal Peggy Neal James Neblett Herbert Nelson David Newton Isaac Newton Paula Newton Milford Nichols Bumond Noble Jack Norris Pete Nosser Tommye Nummally 109 James Oakley Carl Odom Charles Odom Theodore Ogden Pat O ' Malley Edwin Orr Edmond Ory Karl Ott Reggie Ott Billy Parham James Parham John Parker Robert Partlow Charles Patrick Mary Patton Patricia Peeples James Perabo Marilyn Perkins ABOVE First Row: • JAMES D. OAKLEY, Lafayette, T ennessee; Pharmacy. • CARL E. ODOM, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES L. ODOM, Laurel; Pharmacy. • THEODORE 0. Natchez; Business. • PAT W. O ' MALLEY, Little Rock, Arkansas; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • EDWIN R. ORR, Grenada; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ED- MOND A. ORY, Jackson; Commerce. • KARL J. OTT, Osyka; Education. • REGGIE D. OTT, Osyka; Business. Second Row: • BILLY G. PARHAM, Grenada; Business. • JAMES W. PARHAM, Shelby; Commerce. • JOHN M. PARKER, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT R. PARTLOW, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES R. PATRICK, Memphis, Ten- nessee; Liberal Arts. • MARY A. PATON, Glendale, Missouri; Commerce; ZTA. • PATRICIA A. PEEPLES5, Coffeeville; Business; Phi Mu. • JAMES L. PERABO, Tupelo; Business; DKE. • MARILYN PERKIN, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. BELOW First Row: • RICHAD A. PERKINS, Riverside, California; Business; Theta Kappa Phi. • SALLY S. PERKINS, Brookhaven; Edu- cation; Chi Omega. • ERNEST C. PHILLIPS, Natchez; Commerce; DKE. • KATERINE E. PIAllA, Vicksburg; Lib- eral Arts. • J. EVERETT PIDGEON, Memphis, Tennessee; Business; SAE. Second Row: • RUTH MARY PIDGEON, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; KKG. • SYLVIA AGNEW PIPPIN, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ENOLA C. PORTER, Clarksdale; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • SAM L. PRESLEY, Jack- son; Business; KA. • CHARLES 0. PRINDLE, Nyack, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; ATO. Richard Perkins Sally Perkins Ernest Phillips Katharine Piazza J. Pidgeon Ruth Pidgeon Sylvia Pippin Enola Porter Sam Presley Charles Prindle 110 Charles Pringle Sarah Provenza Tony Provenza lona Ramey Dorothy Ra msay Jo Randle Joann Ray Sarah Rayner Margaret Read Walter Redden NORRIS CALDWELL President of Education School. ABOVE First Row: • CHARLES K. PRINGLE, Biloxi; Business. SARAH C. PROVENZA, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • TONY P. PRO- VENZA, Greenville; Business. • IONA P. RAMEY, Port Washington, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • DOROTHY R. RAMSEY, Cleveland; Education; Phi Mu. Second Row: • JO A. RANDLE, Memphis; Liberal Arts; ZTA. • JOANN RAY, Houston; Education. • SARAH M. RAYNER, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • MARGARET READ, Fele Honduras; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WALTER S. REDDEN, Pace; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT S. REEVES, McComb; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • PATRICIA REGEN, Blytheville, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD H. REID, Louisville; Business; SAE. 0 IRMA RICHARDSON, Belzonia; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • BETTY ANN ROACH, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa DtIta. 0 ANNIE R. ROBERTS, Oxford, Liberal Arts. • JACK W. ROBERTSON, Jackson; Business; DKE. • MARTHA ROBERTSON, Wy nne, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. Kappa Delta. • SAMUEL A. ROLFE, Eupora; Business; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • RALPH R. ROSS, Vincennes Indiana; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma. • MARION D. ROTEN, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • EDUARDO RUIZQUITOS, San Salvador, Central America; Pharmacy. • JACK DOVWOOD RYDER, Beaumont, Texas; Business. • ELINOR D. SANSOM, Okoloma; Education; Chi Omega. • EUGENE V. SCHOLLS, New York, N.Y.; Commerce. • JOHN R. SCOBEY, Sweetwater, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • BETTYE E. SCRUGGS, Biloxi; Education. • BOBBY N. SELLER, Desota; Commerce; ATO. Robert Reeves Patricia Regan Richard Reid Irma Richardson Betty Roach Annie Roberts Jack Robertson Martha Robertson Samuel Rolfe Eugene Scholls John Scobey Jack Ryder Elinor Sansom Bettye Scruggs Bobby Seller Marion Roten Eduardo RuizQuitos 111 William Shackelfore Leon Sharp Miles Shatter Martha Shaw James Sheffield Joe Sherman Dorothy Simmons James Slay Barbara Smith Clyde Smith James Smith Patty Smith Richard Smith Jr. Floye Sneed Byrd Sorrells Ernest Spencer Jr. Thomas Spencer Jo hn Stamm Jr. ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM R. SHACKELFORE, Belmont; Pharmacy. • LEON V. SHARP, New Albany; Commerce. • MILES M. Fort Smith, Arkansas; Business. • MARTHA J. SHAW, Batesville; Commerce; Chi Omega. • JAMES A. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOE P. SHERMAN, Clarksdale; Business. • DOROTHY M. SIMMONS, lite Bena; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES E. SLAY, Waynesboro; Education, • BARBARA SMITH, Chicago, Ill., Liberal Arts. Second Row: • CLYDE A. SMITH, Lake; Pharmacy. 0 JAMES R. SMITH, Merigold; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • PATTY A. SMITH, Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD M. SMITH, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • FLOYE A. SNEED, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • BYRD C. SORRELLS, Greenville; Business. • ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR., Jackson; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • THOMAS H. SPENCER, Greenville; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN C. STAMM, JR., Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • DIXIE M. STEELE, Bruce; Commerce. 0 JOE K. STEPHENS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD A. STEPHENS, Oxford; Liberal Aris. • JEROME A. STENFTENACEL, Jasper, Indiana; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM FORREST STEVENS, Richton; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • TOMMY K. STEWART, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineer. • JAMES R. STINGILY, Jackson, Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ELBERT R. STINSON, Forbus, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • CLARK G. STRAIN, Turelo; Liberal Arts; DKE. • BOB C. STRAUGHN, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts. Dixie Steele Joe Stephens Richard Stephens Jerome Stenftenacel William Stevens Tommy Stewart James Stingily Elbert Stinson Clark Strain Bob Straughn 112 SEBASTIAN need we say MOORE Jack Strayham Wallace Sullivan Abe Tahir Jr. Frank Therrell Sue Thigpen Barbara Thompson Bennett Thompson N. Thompson Ray Thornton Jary Thrower ABOVE First Row: • JACK B. STRAYHAM, Biloxi; Business. • WALLACE E. SULLIVAN, Hartford, Conn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ABE M. TAHIR, JR., Tchula; Commerce. • FRANK C. THERRELL, Laurel; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • SUE THIGPEN, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Second Row: • BARBARA THOMPSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BENNETT D. THOMPSON, Newton; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu, • N. LOU THOMPSON, Oxford; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • RAY THORNTON, Crystal Springs; Education. • JARY B. THROWER, Jackson; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • EVA H. TIGHE, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • RUTH TOLSON, Oxford; Education. • MABLE LOU THAN- THAM, Belzoni; Business; Chi Omega. • PATRICIA TROTTER, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • TROY P. TRACY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MARVIN H. TRAUTH, Gretna, La., Business. • ROBERT G. TRAYLOR, Batesville; Commerce. • EDWARD G. TEMMEL, Biloxi; Business. • WILLIAM R. TROTT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • ERNEST 0. TUCKER, Holly Bluff; Engineer. • JOE L. rip_Los„lacks,n; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • VICTOR VANCE, JR., Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES G. VICK, Batesville; Engineer. • NATHAN N. WADE, Blytheville, Ark.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MAX L. WALDROP, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALLEN A. WALKER, Aberdeen; Business; Sigma Chi. • JACKIE A. WALKER, Pascagoula; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GLEN C. WARREN, Purvis; Pharmacy. Eva Tighe Ruth Tolson Mable.Trantham Patricia Trotter Troy Tracy Marvin Trauth Robert Traylor Edward Tremmel William Trott Ernest Tucker Joe Tullos Victor Vance Jr. James Vick Nathan Wade Max Waldrop Allen Walker Jackie Walker Glen Warren 113 Leonard Warren Jr. Joyce Wasson Gloria Watson Vernon Watson John Watts Eugene Wafters Peggie Weaver Robert Weaver Bobby Wells Richard Westerman Robert Whipple Ann White Florence White Page White Edward Wilkinson Binford Williams John Williams Parham Williams Jr. ABOVE First Row: • LEONARD P. WARREN, JR., Vicksburg; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JOYCE WASSON, Clarksdale; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • GLORIA B. WATSON, Nashville, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Delta. • VERNON L. WATSON. Quitman; Liberal Arts. • JOHN RICHARD WATTS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • EUGENE R. WAITERS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • PEGGIE WEAVER, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. WEAVER, Tupelo; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • BOBBY J. WELLS, Smithdale; Pharmacy. Second Row: • RICHARD W. WESTERMAN, Hernando; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT B. WHIPPLE, Mankato, Minn.; Education. • ANN P. WHITE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • FLORENCE A. WHITE, Holly Springs; Education; Phi Mu.! • PAGE V. WHITE, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Phi. • EDWARD H. WILKINSON, Hernando; Com- merce; DKE. • BINFORD " SNOOKY " WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Business; KA. • JOHN T. WILLIAMS, Gloster; Business. • PARHAM H. WILLIAMS, JR., Lexington; Liberal Arts; DKE. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT 0. WILLIAMS, Lexington, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • R. XANDRA WILLIAMS, Ox ford; Edu- cation; Delta Delta Delta. • SARA A. WILLIAMS, Morgan City; Liberal Arts. • HOWARD D. WILLIAMSON, McCamey, Texas; Engineer. • LOYS W. WILLEY, JR., Forest; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Robert Williams R. Williams Sara Williams Howard Williamson Loys W:Iley Jr. Second Row: • HUGHEY SHANNON WILLIFORD, JR., Jackson; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • W. YERGER WILSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; SAE. • L. SHIP WISE, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; KA. • MARION J. WOLFE, Bay St. Louis; Com- merce; Kappa Sigma. • SARA J. WOMACK, Woodland; Liberal Arts. Shannon Williford Jr. W. Wilson L. Wise Marion Wolfe Sara Womack 114 Alice Woo Ann Wood Robert Wood Jr. Mary Woodruff Thad Wynn Ralph Yarke Joe Young Wennie Yuen William Zeanah Alice Zeller JIM BRAMUCHI President of Engineering School. ABOVE First Row: • ALICE LIL WOO, Louise; Liberal Arts. • ANN WOOD, Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ROBERT Y. WOOD, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • MARY C. WOODRUFF, Yazoo City; Business • THAD KINMAN WYNN. Greenville; Business; Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: • RALPH E. YARKE, Girard, III.; Business. • JOE E. YOUNG, Philadelphia; Eu:iness; Sigma Nu. • WENNIE W. YUEN, Charleston; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM T. ZEANAH, Meridian; Commerce. • ALICE L. ZELLER, Hazelhurst; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. 115 Lewis Abernathy A. Adams Michael Aiken Judy Aldrich Joe Alford Jo Allred Patty Anderson Charlie Armstrong Nancy Arrington Betty Ates Mary Ayres Hugh Bain Judy Ball Gene Barkley Betty Barlow Charles Barrack Patricia Barrett James Becker ABOVE First Row: • LEWIS M. ABERNATHY, Jonesboro, Ark.; Business; Sigma Chi. • A. BUCK ADAMS, Macon; Education. • MICHAEL T. AIKEN, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • JUDY ALDRICH, Michigan City; Education; Chi Omega. • JOE H. ALFORD, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • JO ANNE ALLRED, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • PATTY ANDERSON, Osceola, Ark.; Education; ZTA. • CHARLIE H. ARMSTRONG, Chattanooga, Tenn; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • NANCY ARRINGTON, Hazelhurst; Commerce. Second Row: • BETTY ATES, Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts. • MARY AYRES, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • HUGH G. BAIN, Jackson; Business. • JUDY BALL, Fort Worth, Texas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GENE A. BARKLEY, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BETTY BARLOW, Tylertown; Liberal • CHARLES B. BARRACK, Louise; Business. • PATRICIA BARRETT, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES A. BECKER, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; SAE. BELOW First Row: • CHARLIE H. BELL, Water Valley; Commerce. • ALAN BERRY, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ROBERT D. BICKERSTAFF, Moro, Ark.; Engineering; ATO. • N. E. BLACKWELL, III, Plantersville; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN C. BOGGAN, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • THOMAS C. BORING, J., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; SAE. • BETTY BOWEN, Jackson; Engineering. • LUCAS G. BOYD, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM R. BOYENS, New York, New York; Engineering. • JOHN S. BOYETT, Moss Point; Education; Kappa Sigma. Charlie Bell Alan Berry Robert Bickerstaff N. E. Blackwell III John Boggan Thomas Boring Jr. Betty Bowen Lucas Boyd William Boynes John Boyett 116 Peggy Brewster Ann Bronn Juanita Brown Dow Bryant Joe Buchanan Richard Buford William Burney Robert Burns William Bush Robert Butler Jr. ELIZABETH POLK President of YWCA ABOVE First Row: • PEGGY BREWSTER, West Point; Commerce. • ANN BRONN, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JUANITA BROWN, Holly Springs; Business; Phi Mu. • DOW BRYANT, Jackson; Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOE M. BUCHANAN, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi. Second Row: • RICHARD L. BUFORD, Holly Springs; Business; DKE. • WILLIAM J. BURNEY, West Point; Education; SAE. • ROBERT W. BURNS, Drew; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM S. BUSH, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT A. BUTLER, JR., Sardis; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • GUY H. BUMPAS, Jackson; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • LOIS BYRD, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; ZTA. • MARIANNE CALDWELL, Amory; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • PATTY CALLIHAN, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS H. CAMPBELL, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; SAE. • RUSSELL H. CANNON, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • M. LYLE CARROLL, Natchez; Education; DKE. • WILLIAM A. CARROLL, JR., Sunset, La.; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS CASCIO, Leland; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • FANNY SUE CAUTHEN, Natchez; Commerce. • WILLIAM W. CHAPMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. • MARVIAL L. CHITTOM, Pontotoc; Commerce. • SYBIL CLARKE, Meridian; Commerce. • ANN CLINKSCALES, Greenville; Education. • JAMES R. CLINTON, Ill, Tunica; Business; Delta Psi. • CHARLES H. COF- FEE, Oxford; Commerce. • DAVID W. COLBERT, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JERRY B. COLE, Waynes- boro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. M. Carroll Marianne Caldwell Patty Callihan Thomas Campbell Russell Cannon William Carroll Jr. Thomas Cascio Guy Bumpas Lois Byrd Fanny Cauthen William Chapman Marvial Chittom Sybil Clarke Ann Clinkscales James Clinton III Charles Coffey David Colbert Jerry Cole 117 Patricia Coleman Ike Collins Tommy Cook Nancy Craig John Crawford Lillie Crawford William Crenshaw Harvey Cromwell Jr. Margaret Crook James Cunningham Jacqueline Curry Tim Daugherty L. Davidson Jr. Otho Davis Van Davis Jr. James Day James Dettor Jr. Ted Dority ABOVE First Row: • PATRICIA COLEMAN, Oxford; Commerce. • IKE J. COLLINS, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • TOMMY W. COOK, Como; Liberal Arts. • NANCY CRAIG, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOHN A. CRAWFORD, Louisville; Liberal Arts; SAE. • LILLIE CRAWFORD, Danville, Ark.; Commerce. • WILLIAM G. CRENSHAW, Memphis; Business; SAE. • HARVEY CROMWELL, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; ATO. • MARGARET CROOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Second Row: • JAMES T. CUNNINGHAM, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • JACQUELINE CURRY, Philadelphia; Education; Delta Gamma. • TIM T. DAUGHERTY, Clarkton, Missouri; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • L. STACY DAVIDSON, JR., Pope; Lib- eral Arts. • OTHO L. DAVIS, Meridian; Engineering. • VAN DAVIS, JR., Lula; Liberal Arts. • JAMES A. DAY, Marks, Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES S. DETTOR, JR., Sardis; Liberal Arts. • TED R. DORITY, Stonewall; Physical Education. BELOW First Row: • BOB DORR, Meridian; Commerce; KA. • BETTY DOTY, Tupelo; Education. • ERNEST DUFF, Columbia; Corn. merce; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM P. DULANEY, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • CHARLES E. DURRETT, Eldora- do, Ark.; Engineering. Second Row: • HOWARD G. DUVALL, Oxford; Liberal Arts; SAE. • DOROTHY L. EASOM, Walnut Grove; Commerce; ZTA. • MARY EDWARDS. Water Valley; Education. • ROBERT M. EDWARDS, Clarksdale; Business, • EUGENE D. EL- LIS, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. Bob Dorr Betty Doty Ernest Duff William Dulaney Charles Durrett Howard Duvall Dorothy Eason Mary Edwards Robert Edwards Eugene Ellis 118 Milton Emfinger Dorothy Ewell Mary Exum Linda Farris Samuel Farris Virginia Finch John Flanagan Jr. Ernest Flora Sarah Fondren Melvin Ford WALTER COPPEDGE President of YMCA. ABOVE First Row: • MILTON 0. EMFINGER, Vicksburg; Engineering. • DOROTHY V. EWELL, Dyer, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gam- ma. • MARY EXUM, Vaughan; Education; ZTA. • LINDA FARRIS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • SAMUEL H. FARRIS, Clarksdale; Engineering; SAE. Second Row: • VIRGINIA D. FINCH, Batesville; Liberal Arts. • JOHN T. FLANAGAN, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; KA. • ERNEST G. FLORA, Shuqualak; Liberal Arts; DKE. • SARAH FONDREN, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • MELVIN L. FORD, Brandon; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • ZENI FOWLER, Sommerville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • EUGENIA FRANKLIN, Oxford; Commerce. • MARJORIE FRASER, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • TILDON 0. FUGITT, Starkville; Pharmacy. • ALICE L. FUL- LER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ELLA FULMER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • BARBARA GALLOWOY, Oxford; Business. • WADE S. GARNER, Grenada; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANCES GAVIN, Stafford Springs; Education. Second Row: • HUNTER M. GHOLSON, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANK L. GILES, Ripley; Business. • GARY T. GILMORE, Bay St. Louis; Commerce; KA. • SHIRLEY GOOCH, State College; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. • WANDA GOODMAN, Red Banks; Commerce; Phi Mu. • WEIDA GOODMAN, Red Banks; Commerce; Phi Mu. • LLOYD E. GOODWINE, Brookfield, Mo.; Engineering. • ROBERT L. GRAY, JR.; Alexander, La.; Pharmacy; DKE. • GRIZELDA GREEN, Fort Payne, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Zeni Fowler Eugenia Franklin Marjorie Fraser Tildon Fugitt Alice Fuller Ella Fulmer Barbara Galloway Wade Garner Frances Gavin Hunter Gholson Frank Giles Gary Gilmore S hirley Gooch Wanda Goodman Weida Goodman Lloyd Goodwine Robert Gray Jr. Grizelda Green 119 Robert Greene Farris Gregory Howard Grubbs Gladys Gustafson Norman Hair Betty Hall Anthony Halligan Jr. Gordon Hamilton Patsy Hardin Mary Hare Sarah Harwell William Heard Charles Hendricks Jr. Thomas Herren Charlotte Hess Billie Hickman Avron Hirsh Mary Hoerhammer ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT L. GREENE, Baldwin; Liberal Arts. • FARRIS M. GREGORY, Greenwood; Business. • HOWARD B. GRUBBS, Tylertown; Liberal Arts. • GLADYS J. GUSTAFSON, Waynesboro; Commerce; ZTA. • NORMAN J. HAIR, Andalusia, Ala.; Liberal Arts; KA. • BETTY L. HALL, Sardis; Commerce. • ANTHONY J. HALLIGAN, JR., Savannah, Ga.; Engineering; SN. • GORDON V. HAMILTON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • PATSY J. HARDIN, Oxford; Business. Second Row: • MARY C. HARE, Gary, Ind.; Liberal Arts. • SARAH RUTH HARWELL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM LEE HEARD, New A lbany; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • CHARLES EDGAR HENDRICKS, JR., Jackson; Business. • THOMAS C. HERREN, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Engr. • CHARLOTTE L. HESS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BIL- LIE JEAN HICKMAN, McComb; Education; Delta Gamma. • AVRON MILTON HIRSH, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. •.MARY ANN HOERHAMMER, Greenwood; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • JANE EVELYN HOLLOWAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • DAVID S. HOLMES, New Albany; Busi. ness; Sigma Chi. • CLYDE 0. HURLBERT, Gulfport; Engr. • MATTHEW M. HUSS, Baldwyn; Comm. • WILLIAM A. JABOUR, Vicksburg; Engineering. Second Row: • BETTY E. JACKSON, Rosedale; Comm.; Phi Mu. • MARY G. JaQUITH, Natchez; Comm.; Kappa Delta. • E. F. JOHNSON, Weir; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE P. JOHNSON, Pine Bluff; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • NANCY THOMAS JOHNSON, Henderson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. Jane Holloway David Holmes Clyde Hulbert Matthew Huss William Jabour Betty Jackson Mary Jaquith E. F. Johnson George Johnson Nancy Johnson 120 Sydney Johnson Albert Jones Bobbie Jordan Margie Jordan Bobby Jones Zeb Jones Thomas Jones Steaven Jones Paul Jones Burrus Jones Liz Nichols, Lauritz Melchior, Mrs. Melchior, Maurice Dantin ABOVE First Row: • SYDNEY F. JOHNSON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ALBERT T. JONES, Oxford; Commerce. • BOBBY G. JONES, Vicksburg; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; • BURRUS E. JONES, Yazoo City; Business. • PAUL R. JONES, Jonesville, La.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: • STEAVEN K. JONES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • THOMAS R. JONES, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ZEB JONES, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • BOBBIE J. JORDAN, Collins; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARGIE L. JORDAN, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. BELOW First Row: • WALBERT W. KAEMPFER, Marks; Business; • DAN T. KEEL, JR., Florence; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FLOYD L. KELLY, Clarksdale; Education. • JAMES A. KELLY, Clarksdale; Business. • L. JUNE KIMBROUGH, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CAROLYNN C. KINCANNON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOHN S. KING, Fayette; Engineering. • KENNETH 0. KING, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • AL M. KIRK, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JAMES R. KNIGHT, JR., Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; ?i Kappa Alpha. • RALPH E. KYTE, JR., Elaine, Ark.; Business; Sigma Chi. • WADE H. LaGRONE, Vicksburg; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD W. LaROBADIERE, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JACK Q. LATHAM, Jackson; Pharmacy. • KENNETH J. LAVERGNE, Ope- lousas, La.; Liberal Arts. • DAVID C. LEATHERMAN, Pineville, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT- SON M. LEATHERMAN, Robinsonville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LLOYD LEE, Ocean Springs; Educa- tion; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Walbert Kaempfer Dan Keel Jr. Floyd Kelly James Kelly L. Kimbrough Carolynn Kincannon John King Kenneth King Al Kirk James Knight Jr. Ralph Kyte Jr. Wade LaGrone Richard LaRobadiere Jack Latham Kenneth Lavergne David Leatherman Robertson Leatherman Lloyd Lee 12A Arthur Lewis Jr. Mack Lewis Jr. Henry Linton Jr. Carl Lipe Mary Looper Agustin Lopez Ted Lumpkin Ernye Lyle Robert Lynski Allen McAden Tinrer McCardle Sarah McCormack Talbot McCormick Mary McDermott Robert McDonald George McGinnis Robert McIntyre Mary McKean ABOVE First Row: • ARTHUR B. LEWIS, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MACK A. LEWIS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HENRY LINTON, JR., Hattiesburg; Education. • CARL T. LIPE, Vance; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY M. LOOPER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. • AGUSTIN LOPEZ, Hatillo, Puerto Rico; Pharmacy. • TED H. LUMPKIN, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ERNYE K. LYLE, Tupelo; Education. • ROBERT R. LYNSKI, Chicago, Ill.; Commerce. Second Row: • ALLEN V. McADEN, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • TINRER W. McCARDLE, Jackson; Engines eering; Kappa Alpha. • SARAH A. McCORMACK, Holly Springs; Commerce. • TALBOT G. McCORMICK, Forest; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY C. McDERMOTT, Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT A. McDONALD, Purvis; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE M. McGINNIS, Rondo, Ark.; Business; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT N. McINTYRE, Great Neck, N.Y.; Engineering. • MARY E. McKEEN, University; Liberal Arts. BE1_OW First Row: • GERALD C. McKIE, Jackson; Business. • BETTY A. McDONALD, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MARGARET C. MAHONEY, Hot Springs National Park, Ark.; Education; Delta Gamma. • ERNEST G. MANGUM, Rolling Fork; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN S. MARASCALCO, Grenada; Pharmacy. Second Row: • ADAIR H. MARSHALL, Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • PAUL J. MARTIN, Laurel; Business. • GLORIA MARVIN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Business. • VALERIA M. MASSEY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • ENID J. MESTIER, Ocean Springs; Education; Phi Mu. Gerald McKie Betty MacDonald Margaret Mahoney Ernest Mangum John Marascalco Adair Marshall Paul Martin Gloria Marvin Valeria Massey Enid Mestier 122 General Moore During Dixie Day Donald Mitchell William M:tchell Jr. Joe Montgomery Charles Moore Gloria Moore Roy Moore T. E. Mortimer Edward Murphree Sherman Muths Jr. Rubye Myers ABOVE First Row: • DONALD A. MITCHELL, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM MITCHELL, JR., Sardis; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOE G. MONTGOMERY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES 0. MOORE, Moselle; Liberal Arts. • GLORIA G. MOORE, Oxford; Commerce. Second Row: • ROY F. MOORE, Sledge; Business; Sigma Chi. • T. E. MORTIMER, Belzoni; Business; Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD L. MURPHREE, Okolona; Engineering; Sigma Alpha E=psilon. • SHERMAN L. MUTHS, JR.; Gulfport; Business; Sig- ma Nu. • RUBYE A. MYERS, Byhalia; Education. BELOW First Row: • BAKER G. NAGLE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JACKIE S. NEWSOM, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SARAH K. NEWMAN, Oxford; Education. • JEAN NICOLA, Vicksburg: Commerce. • MARY E. NICHOLS, Ox- ford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JOHN R. NOLEN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES G. NOR- MAN, Corinth; Business. • BETTY J. NOSSER, Vicksburg; Education. • ADA L. OGLESBY, Chatham; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. Second Row: • DAVID B. ORAM, Burlington, Ontario, Canada; Business. • BETTY M. OSWALT, Friars Point; Liberal Arts. • GLORIA J. OZMENT, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • RUSSELL E. PARDEE, Detroit, Mich..; Phar- macy. • GERALD C. PICKARD, Biloxi; Commerce. • ELIZABETH A. PINKSTON, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • DAVID POINTER, Como; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • DAVID PONGETTI, Shelby; Liberal Arts. • SHERLEY POOLE, Gloster; Liberal Arts. Baker Nagle Jackie Newsom Sarah Newman Jean Nicola Mary Nichols John Nolen James Norman Betty Nosser Ada Oglesby David Oram Betty Oswalt Gloria Ozment Russell Pardee Gerald Pickard Elizabeth Pinkston David Pointer David Pongetti Sherley Poole 123 Marianne Prewitt Carolyn Purvis Rex Queen Ben Ray William Ready Paula Reed Norma Frank Reilly George Ricketts Arthur Rogers David Ross Frank Rooso Gerald Roux Vernon Russell Joseph Sadol Helen Salmon James Savery Joan Savery ABOVE First Row: • MARIANNE PREWITT, Bolivar, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CAROLYN B. PURVIS, Oxford; Commerce. ,• REX L. QUEEN, Natchez; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BEN P. RAY, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. •.WILLIAM E. READY, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • PAULA A. REED, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • NORMA L. REEVES, Tunica; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • FRANK J. REILLY, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE L. RICKETTS, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Second Row: • ARTHUR J. ROGERS, Gulfport; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • DAVID E. ROSS, Oxford; Commerce. • FRANK S. ROOSO, Woodville; Business. • GERALD ROUX, Christian; Business. • VERNON E. RUSSELL, Lafay- ette Springs; Commerce. • JOSEPH S. SADOL, Vicksburg; Engineering. • HELEN D. SALMON, Evanston, III.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES M. SAVERY, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Chi. • JOAN E. SAVERY, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. BELOW First Row: • ROBERT C. SCOTT, Nyack, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • W. KELLY SCOTT, McKenzie, Tenn.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FRED R. SEELEY, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • MARY A. SEMMES, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • TILDEN M. SHANAHAN, Greenville; Engineering. Second Row: • JOHN C. SHANNON, Fredericktown, Mo.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT S. SHAW, Oxford; Liberal Arts.. • EMILY A. SHELTON, Columbia, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Mu. • MILFORD R. SHIRLEY, West Point; Business; Sigma Nu. • JAMES H. SHOEMAKER, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. Robert Scott Kelly Scott Fred Seeley Mary Semmes Tilden Shanahan John Shannon Robert Shaw Emily Shelton Milford Shirley James Shoemaker 124 Beatryce Slayden Charles Smith Dorothy Smith Dorothy J. Smith Clair Sinquefield Ernest Smith George Smith Martha Smith William Spratlin Edward Stemftenagel Tommy Mallette, President of A.S.B. Dance Committee, and Jerry Leavell ABOVE First Row: • CLAIR M. SINQUEFIELD, Laurel; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BEATRYCE A. SLAYDEN, Holly Springs; Educa- tion; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES C. SMITH, Boyle; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; • DOROTHY C. SMITH, Stanton, Va.. Commerce. • DOROTHY J. SMITH, Tunica; Commerce, Second Row: • ERNEST H. SMITH, Elkins, West Virginia; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE V. SMITH, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA J. SMITH, Newton; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM A. SPRATLIN, Vardaman; Business. • EDWARD J. STEMFTENAGEL, Jasper, Ind.; Business. BELOW First Row: • MARY L. STENNIS, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • NORMAN G. STERNER, Akron, Ohio; Commerce. • LEHRUE STEVENS, Lake Charles, La.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM C. STEVENSON, JR., Cor- inth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi, • RAY H. STEWART, Magee; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. STITT, Clarksdale; Libera! Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JOE D. STRAWBRIDGE, McCool; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • DOROTHY W. STREA- TER, Rosedale; Education. • EMILY R. STUBBS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Second Row: • SAMUEL C. SULLIVAN, Osceola, Ark.; Pharmacy. • MARY E. TAHIR, Tchula; Commerce. • WILLIAM H. TATE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JAMES D. TAYLOR, Gulfport; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • PATRICIA L. TAYLOR„ Charleston; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JOHN W. TEAGUE, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • OS- CAR F. TEMPLE, JR., Yazoo City; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BETTY G. THOMAS, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • MURIEL C. THOMAS, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Zeta. Mary Stennis Norman Sterner Lehrue Stevens William Stevenson Jr. Ray Stewart John Stitt Joe Strawbridge Dorothy Streeter Emily Stubbs Samuel Sullivan Mary Tahir William Tate James Taylor Patricia Taylor John Teague Oscar Temple Jr. Betty Thomas Muriel Thomas 125 Kathryn Todd George Truett Jimmy Turner Mary Tyson John Underwood Richard Van Riper Ramon Vazquez James Ventress Joe Vickers Donald Waller Orlon Walker Jr. Dottie Warner Carolyn Watkins Thomas Webb Eli Whitaker Betty White Charles White Shoffner White ABOVE First Row: • KATHRYN A. TODD, Grenada; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • GEORGE W. TRUETT, Jackson, Tenn.; Education. • JIMMY E. TURNER, Oxford; Business. • MARY A. TYSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega. • JOHN R. UNDERWOOD, Red Bay, Ala.; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD B. VAN RIPER, River Forest, III.; Business; Alpha Tau, Omega. • RAMON A. VAZQUEZ, Hatillo, Puerto Rico; Pharmacy. • JAMES A. VENTRESS, Woodville; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOE T. VICKERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. Second Row: • DONALD A. WALLER, Oxford; Commerce. • ORLON G. WALKER, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Al. pha Epsilon. • DOTTIE WARNER, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • CAROLYN A. WATKINS, Prairie Point; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma • THOMAS H. WEBB, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ELI M. WHITAKER, Grenada; Business; Sigma Epsilon. • BETTY J. WHITE, Fayette; Commerce. • CHARLES N. WHITE, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • SHOFFNER T. WHITE, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM B. WHiTE, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • BARBARA WILKERSON, Amory; Liberal Arts. • ETHEL M. WIL. KI NS, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Delta, • ARCHIE E. WILLIAMS, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. •.LOUIS M. WILLIAMS, Prentiss; Business. Second Row: • ROBERT M. WILLIAMS, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS, Kosciusko: Edo- cation. • GEORGE R. WILSON, University; Liberal Arts. • JAMES C. WILSON, JR., Colombus; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES L. WILSON, Sardis; Education. William White Barbara Wilkerson Ethel Wilkins Archie Williams Louis Williams Robert Williams William Williams George Wilson James Wilson Jr. James Wilson 126 Thomas Wilson Iris Windham Forest Wofford Arnold Young Byrd Scores at Vandy ABOVE First Row: • THOMAS E. WILSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • INIS C. WINDHAM, Heidelberg; Commerce. Second Row: • FORREST C. WOFFORD, Woodland; Liberal Arts. • ARNOLD L. YOUNG, Crystal Springs; Business. " And I had Just Gotten a Toni " Freshmen Orientation " I knew I had seen you before " 127 MIL HERE ' S YOUR PEPSI SHUFFLING ALONG " IT HERE THAT . • 7 47va.16,. FOR THE SAKE OF THE FOLKS A BUNCH OF THE GIRLS WERE WHOOPING IT UP WATCH THOSE HANDS FOLKS PARTNER I ' LL TAKE SIX OF THOSE AND OUR OF... THE FARMER ' S Another War??? Marching, Training, Preparing. Local Draft Boards ... Egad. Were You Deferred ... 2A, I A-P. A Hundred Boys Left School. Early Exams. Congress and its Laws. A Vital Part of Ole Miss This Year Was Our ort! H E UNITS LT. COLONEL GEORGE E. BENDER MAJOR HOYT A. JOLLY The Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps became a department of University in 1936. Since that time it has grown steadily, and at present it has a membership of approximately five hundred men. Last year the unit was divided into two divisions, the Air R.O.T.C. and the Army R.O. T.C. The Air division is commanded by Major Hoyt A. Jolly; the Army by Lt. Colonel George E. Bender. Due to the present world situation, R.O.T.C. units on college campuses have become a major part of the United States military preparedness program. The outstanding social event, the Military Ball, was given February 16. One of the highlights of the ball was the tapping of members for Scab- bard and Blade. Army Unit Air Force Unit JOSEPH W. STEPHENS Battalion Commanding Officer URSULA BYRD Battalion Sponsor B. E. GRANTHAM Commanding Officer SARAH KNIGHT Group Sponsor Battalion Staff Group Staff COMPANY A ALBERT-BUTLER MARY LITTLE Cadet Captain Sponsor William D. Brandon Edward R, Braun Charles R. Burkley Lindy T. Callahan Jimmy L. Childers Walter R. Coppedge Frank W. Crum Charlie H. Armstrong Robert L. Berman Clifton D. Bryant Frank R. Day Leamond V. Alford George R. Barnes Edwin M, Jr. Lucas G. Boyd Charles H. Coffey Joseph B. Elliott Robert D. Fitler Ernest G, Flora JUNIORS David S. Goforth Albert J. Graehler William F. Hand Jabus L. Hardin Ma lcolm F. Justice Henry H. King Thomas H. Lane SOPHOMORES Jewell A. Dorris Hindman Doxey, Jr. Pleasant Z. Jones Thomas R. Jones FRESHMEN Ernest G. Mangum Charles R. McDaniel Richard J. Miller Alvin D. Montgomery Theo A. Muirhead Eugene M. Parks William E. Ready John B. Reed Walter R. Larson Paul T. Nottingham Lenox W. Oglesby Paul C. Rodgers David W. Salley James W. Salley Mack V. Tidwell George R. Manolay Baker G. Nagle John R. Nolen Frank L. Ott Wallace R. Smith Sam Spitele, A. Ray H. Stieffel Clark G. Strain Tom W. Tate James L. Wilson Robert L. Wold Marion J. Wolfe John Aldridge, Cadet Ist Lt., Platoon Leader; Bill Perkins, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. P latoon Leader; Donn Taylor, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Platoon Leader; Louis Korff, Cadet 1st Lt., Executive Officer; James L. Hyde, Cadet Major, Bn. Executive Officer; J. 0. Emmerich, Cadet Capt., Bn. Adjutant; Bill Haney, Cadet MSgt., Sergeant Major. Infantry Rifle Team Dress Right, Dress for Company A WILLIAM KORNDORFFER ELLA MAE FULMER Cadet Captain Sponsor COMPANY B Richard P. Birchett Arthur W. Bonds Arnold L. Boykin Charles M. Carr Richard F. Collins Aaron S. Condon William S. Cook Flavius T. Alford Fielden A. Bowlin Calvin L. Dahncke Milton R. Fairchild Oscar M. Blake Donald T. Brown Guy H. Bumpas Otho L. Davis John D. Foster Wade S. Garner James E. Glass Rodney B. Granger JUNIORS Othar A. Crawford, Jr. James L. Davis, Jr. James D. Dickey Durward L. Fant George C. Griffon Henry C. Henick, Jr. John F. O ' Hara John E. Powell SOPHOMORES Lawrence J. Franck Hal E. Hill Wiley C. Hutchins Edmund M. Lewcon Charles L. Scott FRESHMEN Marvin L. Hale, Jr. David S. Holmes James I. Jackson Howard P. Jones James R. Matthews Ben K. McKay John V. Ott Billy V, Renfroe James R. Stormant Oscar L. Thomas Marvin H. Traugh Max L. Waldrop Robert 0. Williams William P. Woodward Albert W. Tolar Carl E. West Merril B. Williams Thad K. Wynn Edd T. Parker George C. Reeves Tommie M. Shackle Robert C. Straughn John W, Teague William R. Trott Richard Westerman Tommie E. Wood Ralph Barber, Cadet 1st Lt., Platoon Leader; Charles Costner, Cadet 1st Sgt., First Sergeant; James Hooper, Cadet 1st Platoon Leader; Joseph Lawrence, Cadet 1st Lt., Platoon Leader; William Marston, Cadet 1st Lt., Executive Officer; Word Patton, Cadet 1st Lt., Platoon Leader; Claude Tingle, Cadet 1st Lt., Platoon Leader. The Band Attention for Company B COMPANY C Herman C. Carvill Ewell A. Griffon Darwin M. Maples Clifton H. Mehrtens Charles E. Middleton Wayne R. Miles Joseph F. Armstrong Edward R. Barrett Dewey S. Dearman, Jr. Ralph Fortenberry Thomas A. Goodwin Duval G. Breland Taylor D. Caffey George W. Harris Raymond L. James Paul R. Jones, Jr. Claude L. Kohler James R. Matthews JUNIORS Jerome S. Miller Billy G. Parham Sam L. Presley Walter A. Reagan Robert K. Rushing Ivan C. Thompson, Jr. Bobby L, Tramel SOPHOMORES William H. Hitt Tommy T. Holman James F. Ingram William S. Perry, Jr. Ralph R. Ross Willis S. Rutland FRESHMEN Jerry L. May Charles R. McDuff Bob L. McKinney Fred Netterville Lea C. Paslay James L. Perabo Richard J. Rittman Victor Vance Jr. Robert E. Wade Hobson M. Wakefield Harold G. Williams Jackie M. Williams James Williams, Jr. Melvin Sinquefield Jerome A. Stenftenapel Walter C. Townsend William F. Turner Bill E. Watson Frank J. Schlotter Bobby N. Sellers William Stevenson Robert G. Traylor Bobby J. Wells Madison E. Williams Davia E. Williamson BEN L. HARRISON Cadet Captain CAROLYN ALGEE Sponsor Carnig Ajamin, Cadet 2nd Lt., Asst. Platoon Leader; Louis Day, Cadet 1st Lt., Platoon Leader; John Gandy, Cadet 1st Sgt., First Sergeant; Bobby Moser, Cadet 1st Lt., Executive Ofiicer; Everett Nolen, Cadet 1st Lt., Platoon Leader; Alvin Sylvest, Cadet Ist Lt., Platoon Leader; Robert Cadet 1st Lt., Asst. 5-3; Benny Brady, Cadet Ist Lt., Asst. S-3. Drilling Company C in March 3 h SQUADRON G. L. Cottingham, Jr. R. G. Dickinson V. Dykes R. N. Ervin J. L. Adams W. S. Beck G. H. Bishop J. M. Bonner R. G. Christianson D. R. Cobble H. C. Crump W. C. DeBoe R. H. Hodges JUNIORS C. E. Bracken H. K. Buck, Jr. C. H. Burnham W. W. Coffey SOPHOMORES J. T. Bridges J. E. Brown J. P. Caldwell H. G. Chapman H. G. Bain J. M. Bee J. E. Bell F. D. Birmingham G. Brenner W. Chapman H, R. Clark J. R. Clinton C. Cook J. B. Cole T. T. Daugherty R. E. Davis R. D. Davison J. F. Hall FRESHMEN W. H. Brandon A. Bryant J. M. Buchanan R. L. Buford J. Burney W. A. Buskirk Billie Butler T. H. Campbell M. L. Carroll G. E. Alexander E. F. Barber C. B. Barrack J. B. Barrier A. Berry N. E. Blackwell D. D. Bolls T. C. Boring J. L. Boyett MARY HARE Sponsor J. H. WHITE Cadet Lieutenant Colonel G. H. Kirkland, Executive Officer, Cadet Lt. Col.; W. R. Burke, Cadet Major; J. W. Saul. Cadet Captain; J. E. Bramuchi, Cadet 1st Lt.; T. J. Dean, 1st Lt.; L. L. Fredericks, 1st Lt.; E. T. Neilson, 1st, Lt.; A. J. Krebs, 2 ' nd Lt.; E. C. Lindsey, 2nd Lt. Air Rifle Team Air Color Guard 35t h SQUADRON H. L. Fair W. B. Ford T. B. Gambrel! W. W. Dillard R. N. Emmich K. Gary SOPHOMORES W. G. Green T. C. Kelly C. A. Greer T. C. LaGrone R. A. GoldhammerJ. H. Lear J. J. Gunter W. P. Lee J. T. Leverette T. J. Milette J. W. Schoolfield JUNIORS J. H. Geary L. E. Lewis R. C. Perkins C. S. Gleaves B. B. McClendon J. M. Price 0. J. Krebs A. R. Moran T. P. Provenza J. Robinson W. F. DUKES MAYBELLE DUKES Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor FRESHMEN W. S. Bush W. P. Dulaney F. E. Hall. Ill B. E. Jones M. L. Coleman H. G. Duvall W. L. Heard S. K. Jones N. S. Craig R. M. Edwards F. H. Horton W. R. Keene W. H. Craig H, M. Goforth R. S. Hunt J. A. Kelly J. A. Crawford A. W. Graning R. W. Jarvis E, L. Leggett G. Crenshaw F. M. Gregory F. D. Jernigan A. B. Lewis, Jr. F. W. Criss N. J. Hair W. F. Johnson J. E. Magee V. J. Tirey, Cadet Major; P. E. Grady, Cadet Captain; D. A. Singletary, Cadet Captain; C. D. Bishop, Cadet 1st Lt.; J. T. Harnett, 1st Lt.; A. E. Hatch, 1st Lt.; W. A. Yerger, 1st Lt.; H. P. Caldwell, 2nd Lt.; F. A. Polk, 2nd Lt.; T. J. Stevens, 2nd Lt. Part of the 35th Squadron Air Color Barriers T. W. CROCKETT CLARA VAN LEMAIRE Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor 3 6t h SQUADRON L. Semski C. F. Sidene.- G. K. Smith L. S. Duddleston P. N. Gerard H. B. Grubbs V. F. Nosey H. R. Howell J. E. Mask C. P. Massey H. L. Maxwell T. W. McCardle L. R. McCarter H. L. McElroy E. C. Ward H. S. Williford J. W. Willis C. L. Montgomery C. E. Odom J. E. Pidgeon JUNIORS L. V. Sharp R. L. Taylor E. 0. Spencer W. T. Taylor C. R. Strain F. W. Walden J. W. Wood SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN H. M. Gholson R. W. LaRobadiereC. D. Malone, Jr. R. L. Gray G. 0. Lawrence T. McCormick E. F. Johnson H. L. Laws G. M. McGinnis A. J. Kilpatrick D. C. Leatherman H. R. Medley B. R. King I. E. Lewis J. B. Miley K. 0. King H. Linton J. W. Miley R. E. Kyte C. P. Lipe C. Mims H. Mims C. P. Morganti J. 0. Nottingham D. Pongetti J. R. Ray G. L. Ricketts C. Rogers C. G. Herring, Cadet Maor, Adjutant; J. W. Prados, Cadet Captain, Personnel Officer; C. E. Vielbig, Cadet Captain, Supply Officer; E. G. McKay, Cadet Major; F. J. Carroll, Cadet Captain; J. W. Ragland, Cadet Captain; W. A. Burns, Cadet 1st Lt.; G. W. Christian, Cadet 1st Lt.; .1. H. Hedgepeth, Cadet 1st Lt.; R. W. Lowe, Cadet 1st Lt. On the Field New Recruits 3 7t h SQUADRON JUNIORS T. W. Ammon C. R. Campbell W. S. Egan C. V. Fayard E. L. Atkinson H. C. Danciger R. W. Eddins M. J. Gensert J. B. Burnett P. V. Draughn J W. Elliott J. C. Greco C. L. Hardin SOPHOMORES E. L. Cates B. B. Neal B. B. Patterson F. R. Seeley R. Morton B. Noble E. C. Phillips H. L. Sims G. R. Nash K. J. Ott C. K. Pringle J. K. Shoemaker R. D. Ott J. W. Robertson FRESHMEN R. W. Burns T. P. Oliphant J. M. Ran- ' le 1. M. Shanahan A. H. Marshall D. H. Ott B. J. Ready J. C. Shannon T. J. Martin H. Parker F. B. Robinson J. P. Sherman D. A. Mitchell G. C. Pickard J. L. Rogers W. L. Slater R. L. Moore R. L. Pittman J. W. Savage R. M. Smith T. E. Mortimer D. Pointer T. Scott W. M. Smith E. L. Murphree R. L. Queen C. G. Sellers E. H. Sugg H. H. PHELPS BETTY EVERETTE Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor T. E. Porter, Cadet Major; D. M. Koger, Cadet Captain; G. L. Lucas, Captain; J. A. Chalk, Cadet 1st Lt.; D. F. Christopher, 1st Lt.; T. G. Roberts, 1st Lt.; J. S. Stewart, 1st Lt.; S. L. McNeil, Cadet 2nd Lt.; G. 0. Pence, 2nd Lt. ■ 38th SQU ADRON SOPHOMORES L. J. Staehle J. C. Stamm J. E. Stamps W. F. Stevens F. C. Therrell J. W. Wahl FRESHMEN G. W. Truett J. R. Underwood S. B. Vance A. Ventress J. T. Vickers 0. G. Walker D. A. Weller J. R. Watts T. H. Webb H. H. Noble M. Smith V. P. Smith E. Steftenagle J. W. Stitt W. A. Switzer A. M. Tahir, Jr. 0. F. Temple E. M. Whitaker C. N. White S. T. White T. L. Whiteside R. M, Williams W. H. Williams W. Y. Wilson A. L. Young J. A. Byrd J. B. Campbell W. H. Jackson H. Newcomb J. R. Smith G. C. Warren L. P. Warren L. W. Willey P. H. Williams J. H. Wittjen JUNIORS D. C. Morris R. R. Morrison G. J. Mullis E. B. Nelson H. Paris C. G. Richardson G, Roux J. R. Scobey T. P. Tracy DORIS BATTE Sponsor C. D. Hollander W. S. Huddleston J. B. Lee C. E. Lundy P. A. McHugh EDWIN BATTE Cadet Lieutenant Colonel L. R. Fletcher, Cadet Major; R. G. Marler, Cadet Captain; J. E. Captain; R. J. Fletcher, Cadet 1st Lt.; H. L. Davis, 1st Lt.; E. H. Timmons, 1st Lt.; G. S. Mori, Cadet 2nd Lt.; W. D. Winn, 2nd Lt.; S. D. Case, 2nd Lt. Tapping of Scabbard and Blade The Ball In June, 1946, the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at Ole Miss with the purpose of training students for Naval careers. The home of Ole Miss ' N.R.O.T.C. unit is McCain Hall. In this building administrative duties and classwork are carried on. In McCain Hall are several technological teaching aids, including a replica of a main battery of a destroyer, and anti-aircraft and sonar equipment. With experienced Naval Officers as instructors and by use of visual education, and practical use of naval equipment, the N.R.O.T.C. student obtains an excellent understanding of the Navy and is qualified to proceed in a Naval career. There are two types of N.R.O.T.C. students, regular and contract midshipmen. Regular are chosen by compeitive national examination, and attend school under subsidized Navy scholarships. Regular students upon re- ceiving their degrees are commissioned Ensign or 2nd Lieutenant in the Navy or Marine Corps respectively. These officers are required to serve two years on active duty, and after this period may either choose the Navy as a career, or be commissioned in the Naval Reserve. Contract midshipment enroll in the N.R.O.T.C. at the schools to which they have already been admitted, and during their third and fourth years are paid allowance ' s for subsistence. Upon graduating, contract midshipmen are commissioned in either the Naval Reserve or the Ma- rine Corps Reserve. During the summer periods, N.R.O.T.C. midshipmen receive further practical experience through cruises. Three W. R. D. NICKELSON Captain cruises are made by regular midshipmen, and contract midshipmen are required to make one cruise. These cruises last about eight weeks and consist of either tours of foreign ports or aviation—amphibious operations in- doctrination. Midshipmen enrolled in Civil engineering or Marine Corps curriculum participate in a specialized summer program during one of the periods specified for AV AL R. O. T. C. Regular Unit Staff Snap 1 KATHRINE SPARKMAN Battalion Sponsor Battalion Staff a cruise. Cruises give midshipmen broader experience as well as educational advantages, and are quite popular among all the midshipmen. The Rifle Team of the Navy unit is under Marine Corps instruction, and enters competitive matches with other N.R.O.T.C. units throughout the United States. Besides the N.R.O.T.C., there is maintained a " Five term " Student Officer program under the supervision of the unit. The " Five termer " which is the popular name given the Student Naval Officer who receives his commission before receiving his degree, is on full active duty and is sent to the University for a maximum of five semesters of academics toward completing his degree. BATTALION STAFF The Color Guard The Navy Ball 147 FIRST COMPANY JACKIE WALKER Sponsor Rifle Team Left to Right: Jack Kelehan, Midshipman C.P.O.; Dick Singley, Midshipman Lt.; Wilber Van Riper, Midshipman Ensign; Harvey Midshipman Lt. Com- mander; Don Childers, Midshipman Captain. First Company SECOND COMc- MEG HOLMES Sponsor Lett to Right: Herb Zschokke. Midshipman C.P.O.; Winston Cornelius, Midship- man C.P.O.; Romine Dunlap, Midshipman Ensign; Keith Gilbert, Midshipman Lt. Commander; Boyd Harper, Midshipman Lt. Commander. Drum and Bugle Corps. Second Company 149 THIRD COMPANY JEAN MELVIN Sponsor Drill Team Left to Right: George Peters, Midshipman C.P.O.; Glen Tomlinson, Midship- man Ensign; Bob Werner, Midshipman Lt. (ig.); Miles Wilkerson, Midshipman Ensign; Jim Maher, Midshipman Lt. Commander. Third Company 150 Item OPIaM ALFRED HUIVIE December I , 1866 - December 25, 1950 Doctor Hume came to the University as Professor of Mathematics in September, 1890. With the exception of two years (1930-1932) Doctor Hume devoted the rest of his life to the University. He served as Dean of the College of Liberal Ark (1905-1920); Vice.Chancellor (1905-1924); Acting Chancellor (1906-1907; 1942-1943); Chancellor (1924-1930; 1932-1935); and as Chancellor Emeritus (1935-1950). At the time of his death Doctor Hume was Chancellor Emeritus and Pro- fessor of Mathematics, having relinquished the chairmanship of the Department of Mathematics in 1947. The death of Doctor Hume marks the end of an era in the history of the University, but his influence upon her future will be lasting. His successful efforts to build the University toward true greatness were firmly based upon the foundation stones of sound scholarship, effi- cient teaching, and wise and sympathetic administration. The consid- erable accomplishments of his long life were leavened by character, integrity, and Christian conduct. ANCH J , The Anchor and Chain society was established on the Ole Miss campus in the year 1947. The purpose of the club is to furnish social activities for the Naval R.O.T.C. midshipmen. Membership in the organization is open only to N.R.O.T.C. midshipmen. This membership is based on schol- arship and personal requirements. BELOW, RIGHT: First Row: Richard Ackerman, Paul Amos, John Arnold, Thomas Arnold. Second Row: Frank Farriss, Hal Freeland, Alton Gilbert, Thomas Godgin. Third Row: John Kelahan, Charles Kilduff, James Korn- dorffer, Ken Kuzenski. Fourth Row: Charles Patrick, Paul Pittman, Arthur Rogers, Pat Roper. MARY JO STUART Sponsor OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Pete Bickerstaff, William Boyens, Pat Caine, Robert Campion, John Carrigan, Don Caskey, James Coleman, Robert Cave, Samuel Chesser, Don Childers, John Curran, Hassel Davison, John Eckhart. Second Row: Richard Gould, Robert Grady, Ernest. Greene, Daniel Harvey, Robert Hale, A. J. Halligan, Boyd Harper, Robert Higbee, William Hanegan, Henry Hern- don, G. V. Hamilton, John Hunt, Otis Johnson. Third Row: Horner LaMotte, Tony Lee, Bob Looney, Spi- vey Lipsey, James Maher, M. M. Marshall, J. D. Mayes, H. J. Meltzer, Robert Merryman, Edwin Moncure, Al Moore, Sherman Muths, James Neblett. Fourth Row: A. S. Scott, Bob Scott, Silvio Spigolon, M. M. Schatzer, Jack Short, Richard Singley, William Smith, Har- lin Smith, Ed Sullivan, Don Taylor, Glen Tomlinson, J. W. Vold, W. A. Watson, Herbert Zschokke. 152 A 1 D C 11 A 1 ACTIVES Richard Ackerman Thomas Freeland Kenneth Kuzenski George Peters Paul Amos Alton Gilbert Bob Looney Paul Pittman John Arnold Thomas Goggin Spivey Lipsey Owen Reynolds Thomas Arnold Richard Gould James Maher Patrick Roper David Bates Robert Grady M. M. Marshall Stephen Sanford Pat Caine Ernest Greene J. D. Mayes A. S. Scott Robert Campion Boyd Harper H. J. Meltzer Jack Short John Carrigan William Hanegan Robert Merryman M. M. Schatzer Donald Caskey Earl Heberer Edwin Moncure Richard Singley Robert Cave Henry Herndon Al Moore William Smith Samuel Chesser Arthur Hooper David Morrill Silvio Spigolon Donald Childers John Hunt R. M. Murphy Edward Sullivan ✓inston Cornelius E. S. Hanrahann Stig Mylander R. M. Taylor John Curran John Kelahan James Neblett Glen Tomlinson Hessel Davison Charles Kilduff Harlan Northcott J. W. Vold John Eckhart James Korndorffer Charles Patrick Herbert P. Zschokke Frank Fariss ASSOCIATES R. D. Bickerstaff A. J. Halligan Arthur Rogers Don Taylor William Boyens Otis Johnson Robert Scott Tony Lee James Coleman Horner LaMotte Harlin Smith Robert Higbee Daniel Harvey Sherman Muths W. A. Watson G. V. Hamilton Robert Hale 153 One Thousand Southern Belles. Magnolia-Scented Memories. Delicate Charm. The Rustle of Hoop-Skirts and Lace. Winsome Smiles. The Beauty of Southern Women. These Things Make Up Our eCeth t daey MISS OLE MISS AND COLONEL REBEL HOW Early in the first semester THE OLE MISS sponsored a Parade of Favorites, consisting of forty-eight lovely young ladies. From this group the student body chose twenty-five to represent the favorite girls on our campus. Then in turn a secret committee picked five whom they consid- ered the most beautiful at Ole Miss. With the help of Gene Roper and through Jerry Foley of Early Maxwell Associates we ar- ranged for Bob Hope to rank these girls in order of beauty. Mr. Hope chose Jonelle Green of Jackson as number one beauty. Clara Van Le- Maire of Columbia was named second highest, Jackie Walker of Pascagoula was third, Jeanne Smith of Tunica was fourth, and Billie Jean Hick- man of McComb was fifth. Bob Hope fondle Green Number THEY WERE SELECTED Clara Van Le II%Lire Jackie Walker Number 2 Number 3 Jeanne Smith Billie Jean Hickman Number 4 Number 5 Bean tin 1. LSS UNIVERSLI. Wzettivi eYinci leeil MAY QUEEN " •■•• ••-•4- " ,•-• • • • •- • riellif YeeY,Itthye �a��ie ��a��;P a Celia Buntin Betty Doty 1S " Tis " Flanagan Ann Gilpin Ella Mae Fulmer Harriett Geirenberger Ymith Xtkie eCeantY-inetyt [oyce Hollingsworth Betty Higdon Nang Murray Betty MacDonald Bessie Morgan FAVORITES ' Baby Dot " Streater Anne Reed Vivian Sweat Lillian Sweat Lannese Thompson Membership in the Hall of Fame is based on character, scholarship, constructive leadership, and contribution to the betterment of Ole Miss. The highest honor that can be awarded a Uni- versity student, Hall of Fame, is sponsored by " The Mississippian " on a basis entirely free from campus politics. A primary committee of twelve students and faculty members chose by secret ballot a nomi- nating committee of twenty-five students, who in turn made their selections by secret ballot. Members of the 1951 Hall of Fame are: Hal Brewer, Charlotte Coward, Maurice Dantin, J. 0. Emmerich, Jean Sain, and Albin Krebs. 172 HALL OF FAME NA A SECOND WATERLOO NIMAILIL •-• • ' ..46. • 14.71.% •, " ' . " " " " 6 lity0POiNt• Virlyt • • • . t . 4 TRAFFIC STOPPERS Ho CAME To I ?.,,INT HEAVEN HELL BENT FER HEAVEN I FEEL SO STRANGE IN THE SPRING • PLAYING HOOKIE ON A FIELD TRIP THAT OLE MEMPHIS SHUFFLE FINE TIME WAS HAD BY ALL CRAZY RHYTHM EVERYBODY IS IN THIS ACT Peabody in Memphis, French Quarters in New Orleans. Homecoming With Boston College, Open House. Pep Rallies, Flags, the Band, Cheerleaders. The Season ' s Greatest Thriller, Beat State!! Go! Go! Go! Hotty Toffy, Knit One, Purl Two. Dottley, Farragut, Vaught. Great Men, Great Memories Fill Our P1w THE OLE MISS " M " C HUB Active membership in the Ole Miss " M " Club is composed of letter men of the major sports, football, baseball, basketball, and track. On our campus this is one of the highest honors that can be paid to an athlete. " Daylight " Fletcher is president of the organization and is aided by Jimmy Dupey, treasurer; Bobby Jabour, secretary; and Bill Stribling, sergeant-at-arms. The majority of men in the " M " Club lettered in football. Members letter- ing in baseball are: J. D. Howard Stringfellow, Olin Brisco, George Scheider, Hugh Caldwell, Bobby Wilson, Jimmy Dupey, Rabbit Cook, and Jackie McLemore. Track lettermen consist of: Bit Hunter, Walter Reagan, Dixie Hollis, Zoot Jackson, Frank Reynolds, Andy Dugger, Hurst Hall, John Hunt, and Benny Brady. In the field of basketball men who made letters and the " M " Club are: Al Graehler, Cliff Mehrtens, R. B. Reeves, Don Smith, and Jimmy Childers. Members not pictured are: Olin Brisco, Hugh Caldwell, James Caldwell, Rabbit Cook, Ken Farragut, R. B. Reeves, and Don Smith. 11M® MIN ■ 182 First Row: Ken Barfield Clark Bishop Rex Reed Bogan Bruce Bradley Benny Brady George Brenner Laverne Boykin Second Row: Rocky Byrd Lindy Callahan Jimmy Childers Owen Cox Otha r Crawford Harrry Davis Wilson Dillard Third Row: John Dottley Andy Duggers Jimmy Dupey James Faggard Daylight Fletcher Kline Gilber. Al Graehler Fourth Row: Hurst Hall Scrappy Hart Dixie Hollis Ray Howell John Hunt Bit Hunter Jim Ingram Fifth Row: Bobby Jabour Jackson Jimmy Lear James Mask Pat Massey Harold Maxwell Jackie McLemore Sixth Row: Cliff Merthens Teddy Millette Charles Montgomery John Paris Babe Pearson Walter Reagan Frank Reynolds Seventh Row: Rab Rogers David Salley James Salley George Scheider Melvin Sinquefield James Slay Bill Stribling Eighth Row: Howard Stringfellow Marvin Trauth Bill Watson Carl West Richard Westerman Bobby Wilson Carl Young 183 Umpire watches for foul play as Dillard boots 1HIS IS COLONEL REBEL ' S STORY " Several years back I got the wild idea that good football players made good coaches. It looked to me like that if a guy is good enough to make an All American team then he knows a little about the game. With this in mind I went out and beat the bushes and came up with the remarkable group of gentlemen which make up my coaching staff. First I ' d like to introduce my right hand man, Johnny Vaught. Johnny hails from the Lone Star State and his grandfather was a Colonel in General Hood ' s famed Texas Brigade that fought so gallantly at Chancel- lorville and Gettysburg. Yessir Johnny is a man who is endowed with the spirit of the great State of Texas and the Confederate States of America. Vaught, in his college days as you all know was an All American Guard at TCU and was Captain of the team his Senior year. That boy is a fine football coach and has got leader- ship he ain ' t never used yet. For four years now he has whipped the hell outa that Maroon Bulldog down at CLAUDE SMITH JEFF HAMM B. L. (COUNTRY) GRAHAM BUSTER POOLE FRANK (BRUISER) KINARD Director of Athletics Business Ma ' nager of Athletics Basketball Coach End Coach Line Coach WESLEY KNIGHT TOM SWAYZE JUNIE HOVIOUS WOBBLE DAVISON ED STONE Trainer Contact Man Freshman Coach Assistant Freshman Coach Scout A Tv ER (CA N COACHING STAFF I JOHNNY H. VAUGHT Head Coach JOHN CAIN Backfield Coach DR. T. A. BICKERSTAFF Chairman, Athletic Committee state and has raised our football standards so high that no other team in the State is in our class. Well, after I signed up John I got to speculating on a line c oach. Why not hire the best lineman in the his- tory of football? It took me just 16 seconds to figure out who that could be. So I wired one of my favorite boys, Big Bruiser Kinard, to come on home. At the time Bruiser was bashing in Yankee heads up there in the old Dutch city of New Amsterdam. He immediately hopped on the nearest Dog Sled and was at my side in 24 hours. ' Bruiser ' I said, ' I need me a good end Coach, have you seen old Buster Poole lately? " ' ' Boss, I saw him last week, but he ' s just wasted away to nothing from worrying. " his trouble? " " Well sir, you know he ' s been playing pro ball with a bunch of the Giants up north, but they ain ' t letting him play and more cause the Republicans claim he ' s putting too many voters outa commission. " Well I sent another wire singing towards the cold wastelands of the north and the next morning Buster stood outside my door. He did look kinda bad, his weight had dropped down to a measely 347 and he didn ' t look like he was no biggern 7 feet tall. I now had me three All Americans and all I needed was one of them All American backfielders to round out my staff. Digging out my scrapbook of former Southern stars I came across a picture of a little fellow who used to play for Alabama. He didn ' t weigh but around 150 pounds, but he was dynamite with a football in his hand. Wallace Wade, his old coach called him the perfect backfield man. I remembered that he was left handed, but some folks thought his left arm was a rifle, and that he had wings on his feet. His name was Johnny Cain but Bama admirers soon changed that to Hurry Cain after they ' d seen him run. So I signed him up and that made four All Americans and all natural born citizens of the Confederacy. I ' d almost forgotten about basketball when I happened to an old clipping about ten years old telling about the almost unbelievable exploits of our only All American basketeer, Bonnie Lee " Country " Graham. I immediately sent a message to him down there at Ellisville JC to grab the fastest horse available and come on back home. I needed one of them Go Between Contact boys so I gave the job to that good looking per- sonable young baseball star I used to have, Tom Swayze of Moss Point. Junie Hovious and Wobble Davidson, Rebel heroes from the days of the Golden Era back in 1938, ' 39 and ' 40 were already on my staff. Junie does a fine job of molding all of them All Big Eighters, All Staters, and All Americas into football players. Wobble helps him out and doubles in brass as Heap Big Scout. Old Wes Knight is the only Yankee on my staff, but man he does a job. He ' s just about the workingest white man I ever saw. He ' s a very fine track coach and as a trainer he ' s the best in the country. Jeff Hamn, Tadpole Smith and Ed Stone are three other graduates who ' ve stuck around after finishing up a glorious athletic career. Jeff issues out tickets, while Tad coaches the baseballers and is overall athletic director. Ed is a scout and handles all the intrumural athletics. 185 OLE MISS 39 MEMPHIS STATE 7 Thornton comes in for the kill. ' ' Ah, it was very nice of Mister Crump to invite us up to his city to open up our great ' 50 season against the very vaunted football players of Memphis State. I remember my first visit to Crumptown, then known as Memphis, with my old school buddy, Nathan Bedford Forrest. One night Bedford and I were returning to his home after a little light entertainment when we came upon a group of Klu Klux Klanners whipping a few nigger boys right where the Peabody Hotel now stands. We drew our sabers and soon put the several dozen white hooded rascals to rout. One of the little cullered boys was blind, so I bundled him up and brought him back to Oxford and named him Jim, and I must say he ' s been one of my most devoted followers ever since. Well, the folks up on the bluff thought they had a team, and it was pretty fair, but when my boys in gray got through with them they had to call their mothers in to identify them. As usual, Mister Crump and I were reclining in his special box, with a portable mint julep bar. I became so enthused with the play of my boys and the ingredients of the Juleps until I ordered Johnny to sweep the bench the second half. Crump and I began to have a little argument about the merits of STATISTICS O.M. M.S. Total First Downs 23 5 Net Yards Rushing 412 70 Passes Attempted 10 18 Passes Completed 5 3 Net Yards Passing 81 40 Passed Intercepted by . 0 0 Average Punt 31 5 33.6 Yards Lost from Penalties 90 68 186 BRUCE BRADLEY, LH DAVID SALLY, LH JAMES SALLY, RH LINDY CALLAHAN, RH my stellar fullback from Arkansas, John Kayo Dott,ey. I contended that John could carry sixteen men on his back for ten yards while Crump held out for only fifteen. Naturally I won the bet, which was five household slaves, for John got very enthused in the fourth quarter and took a wrong turn and upset most of the patrons in M section as he stopped off at ' he press box to light Stewart ' s cigar. Ed gingerly picked a cleat out of his left shculder and paid me off. Well, the game got a little boring for me with all of my boys taking turns running up and down the field with the ball. Growing a little tired of it all, Ed and I fell to discussing plans of establishing toil gates along the Mason and Dixon Line and charging a small fee to all Un-naturalized Confederates who wished to partake of the joys and pleasures of the Sunny South. Along about this time an enchanting young singing star named Kay Starr stopped by the box to say hello, for I was a great friend of her grandmother Belle. Belle was a mightly good looker in her day, and she ' d just as soon drill a man between his eyes as look at him. After the game we motored down town in one of chose new-fangled contraptions that old Henry Ford pushed off on unsuspecting humanity. That was as smooth a riding Model T as I ever rode in and didn ' t take us but three days and four hours to make +he Creel room, and the only fatalities were three old ladies and two babies who happened to get in the way. Post game festivities were underway at the Peabody as we arrived, and with the help of one of them new little blonde Majorettes it didn ' t take the old Colonel long to get acclimated. But as usual there was a dark side to our trip as the festivities were a little too much for several of the mere rabid rooters. CAPT. Itl FARRAGUT Confer Maxwell snags it for a T.D. KEN BARFIELD, LT TEDDY MILLETTE, RH JIMMY LEAR, QB PAT MASSEY, LH ALTERNATE CAPTAIN JOHN DOTTLEY Fullback " I tell you I was kinda leery of going way up there in the northern part of Kentucky to play Bear Bryant ' s Wildcats. We ain ' t never got a very good reception up there. They may call themselves Kentucky Colonels, but I can tell you right now I didn ' t see any kinfolk up there. Besides, I never could tell whether they was on our side or the Yankees ' in the war. I ' d heard a lot about this little quarterback they called " Kentucky Babe " Pari I went out and looked him up, and if he ' s a southerner, then I was born in the wilds of North Siberia. It ' s rumored that Vito took lessons from Houdini on the art of handling spheroids and, once you ' ve seen him work, it seems quite Considering the blasting we took from them last year, I think my lads did quite well holding the score to 27-0. With a little luck and less of Dominic Fucci ' s kicking we ' d of scored. Long John, our " Big Train, " was awful hard to stop that night, but Wildcats Fucci and Bob Gain managed to do that on several occasions. One of the highlights of the long horrible night was when Kentucky ' s much publicized fullback, Bill Leskovar, tried to steamroller over Showboat Boykin. The crash was recorded on seismograph machines at Harvard University as a minor earthquake. Showboat got up rubbing his shoulder; Leskovar came back to life several hours later at Mercy hospital doing a good of a cuckoo bird announcing twelve o ' clock. On the way home we stopped in some little village in the part of Kentucky. I got out and took a look around. I noticed a rather large statue of a soldier down the street and upon getting closer I recognized it to be a member of the CSA. Tears filled my eyes as I read inscription— " Dedicated to the brave men of th e 1st Mississippi Rifles who so bravely lost their lives protecting our town from the invading barbaric tribes from the north. " I made the bus driver detour a little and come back by the way of Shiloh to show my boys the site tvlidette gets surrounded. OLE MISS 0 KENTUCKY 2,7 Big Train crashes the middle. of the bloodiest baffle fought during the entire wa r. Outnumbered seven to one, our brave Commander, Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, led us against the foe. Johnston had three mounts shot from under him and, strong as he was, he finally collapsed with numerous bullet wounds and saber cuts. We won the battle but we lost one of the most beloved leaders and many thousands of boys in Gray. The Uni- versity Grays played a major part in driving the dirty Yanks back, and many a former scholar and gentleman fell gloriously, defending the hallowed ground of his forefathers. It was during this battle that the building now serving the Law school as the Law Journal Office was converted into a hospital to take care of our many casualties. The dear, brave women of the University met the emergency head-on, and never were injured heroes better taken care of. STATISTICS C.M. ' lucky Total First Downs 10 16 Net Yards Rushing 179 224 Passes Attempted 14 9 Passes Completed 2 5 Net Yards Passing 22 88 Passes Intercepted by . I 4 Average Punt 37 0 43.4 Yards Lost from Penalties 48 75 189 OLE MISS 54 BOSTON COLLEGE Dottley fakes a pass from Byrd and heads for home. " I told Johnny that the reason we lost the Kentucky game was be- cause the boys weren ' t used to all that cold Yankee weather and that them tobacco raisers slipped a blue ball in on us so ' s we couldn ' t tell it from the grass. Well, my Rebels had done had a little taste of Yankee inhospitality, so we made ready to do a little Yankee entertaining on the following Saturday when Them fellows from Boston brought their beans and tea down to have a little party. Well, sir, we nearly tore them New England boys to shreds--I ain ' t never seen the likes since Bull Run. Man, we passed that ball, we ran it, sat on it, and worst of all we rammed it down their throats. Gad, it was worse than a stampede of cows I was once in down at Cow College. My little man, Johnny Dottley, hurled himself into the fray with such power and determination that it brought to my mind the day old Jeb Stuart went bustin ' into the enemy heads off and skulls all over the place. We didn ' t let him play in the second half for fear that he ' d get tired and wouldn ' t be able to come to practice the next week. Long John lugged the ball twelve times and picked up a measly 182 yards. My Rebels outgained BC in every field and ran up 589 yards just rushing the ball to BC ' s total of 210. We whupped them worse than anybody else ever had and, thank STATISTICS S.C. Total First Downs 17 14 Net Yards Rushing 429 Passes Attempted 16 28 Passes Completed 6 5 Net Yards Passing 160 99 Passes Intercepted by . . 6 4 Average Punt 40.0 37.3 Yards Lost from Penalties . 118 10 190 CARL WEST, FB OTHAR CRAWFORD, LG TOM LANGSTON, LT CLARK BISHOP, RE goodness, it was on Homecoming day with about 15,000 people strewn about in the stands. This was one day that little Rocky Byrd could do no wrong. I could ' ve sworn one time that he faked that ball to every man on his own team—to three BC men—and then a quick hand-off to a soda pop vendor up in the stands who immediately raced for a score. The first of several hundred touchdowns went like this: Kayo took a pitchout from Byrd, feinted to his right, cut back to his left, and headed for home, using two BC players ' faces as a spring-board as he blazed across the scrimmage line. Kayo likes To run over people, and when he broke into the clear, he just naturally slowed up to let another unsuspecting -ictim get in his way, but this time BC was ready and twenty-seven of them jumped him on the thirty-Two yard line and the play came to an end. On the next play, while twenty-two eyes watched John, Teddy Millette dropped back and threw the ball to Maxwell in the end zone. The referee had to call +o the Boston boys to let them know the play was over— They were still watching Dottley. Seven of my little boys shared in the afternoon ' s scoring, with Trigger Boy Thompson leading the parade with two markers. I told Johnny and Tad after the game That it was a mistake to ever schedule them Yankees—they ain ' t never beat us. Course I did feel kinda sorry about one of my lads by the name of Eddie Lewcon, a star on my Rinkey Dink team (them ' s the boys that whip the varsity all week long). You see, Ed hails from some little village out of Boston, and it was sorta like kicking the home folks in the teeth. Weil, I give the boys Sunday off after their fine showing and they showed up Monday all fat and out cf shape after laying around all week-end, and I could see that I was going to have my work cut out to whip them Vanderbilters the next Saturday. ROCKY BYRD Quarterback Sally in a romp for a score. JIM INGRAM, LG ED BRANDENBURG, QB SHOWBOAT BOYKIN, RH JERRY MAY, LG Well, sir, the next Saturday found the old Colonel and my young charges paying another little trip to Andrew Jack ' s old home town, Fort Nash (called by some of the young folk—Nashville). If old Andy could ' ve seen the Colonel riding down the streets that Sattiday morning in that no-top car with them pretty all around me, it ain ' t a doubt in my mind but what he ' d of shot me deader ' n a damn. I re- member when we was a fighting them Creek Injuns down in Floridy one of them big bucks hit Andy in the head with a canoe and it didn ' t even faze him—and ever since then he ' s been called Old Hickory Head. That afternoon I took the boys out to my old buddy ' s school, Commodore Vandy. The Commodore always was a nice little boy—I remember I give him a good conduct medal when he was in my Boy Scout Troop for learning to tie knots bettern anyone else. I knew he ' d make good in the Navy. I ' d been hearing a lot about this great undefeated football team sparked by them still greater All-Americans, Bill Wade and Bucky Curtis. I didn ' t worry about them, though, for I just turned Daylight Fletcher loose on Wade and gave Bud Slay orders to ride Curtis ' s neck all day. I swow I thought Bud and Daylight would kill them po ' All Americans before the day was over. But them slippery cusses slipped a couple of sleepers in on us named Terry Fails and Jim Tabor, who scored twice on my stalwart line. But that ain ' t what beat us—it wart just pure downright luck, the kinda them dad-blamed Tennesseans always have. One thing I never could figure out was how in the world we ever lost the War Between the States with Tennessee on our side. Well the score was 20-14, but I still say we beat them or at least we could have if we hadn ' t thrown the ball away so many times. In our first four games we fumbled eighteen times and it began to look like the boys were forgetting that you play the game with a ball. However, we didn ' t do all the fumbling up there in Nashville, for our first TD came on a Vandy bobble. It was in the first quarter when we gained BILL STRIBLING Right End They get no gain against the Rebs. OLE MISS 14 VANDERBILT 20 Dottley gels plenty of blocking on this play. the possession and Kayo and Showboat Boykin took turns giving free rides down the field to tired Commies, and finally Dottley recovered Boykin ' s slippance over the goal. The Commodores vaulted back with a well-mixed passing and run- ning offensive and tied up the contest when fullback Jim Tabor sprinted over and McCarter converted. In the second quarter the Nashville boys reached our one-yard line and after three tries they bulled over to take the lead. Long John and Boykin came roaring back down the field, and it looked like we ' d rest with a lead at half time, but somebody turned thumbs and we lost the ball. Most disheartening, but immediately after my short nap and mint julep during the half, I became happy again as Daylight blasted Wade in a very ungentlemanly fashion, causing him to fumble, and the same recovered by Daylight. Rocky then slipped over and we went ahead by the talented toe of James Lear 14-13. But this Tabor guy came right back and scored the winning marker and they beat us 20-14. But if it is any consolation (and that ' s something I need plenty of these days) we led in the statistics, in first downs 21-13 and rushing yardage 328 to 128. Another long dreary ride back to Oxford. STATISTICS Total First Downs Net Yards Rushing O.M. 21 328 Vandy 13 128 Passes Attempted 3 12 Passes Completed 0 6 Net Yards Passing 0 126 Passes Intercepted by 0 I Average Punt 40 5 44.3 Yards Lost from Penalties 35 40 193 OLE WA SS 2 TULANE 27 You find the ball. New Orleans, land of dreams. That ' s what they told us when we left Oxford for the game with Tulane and that ' s what we was telling them when we got back. Most of us went down Friday and some of us didn ' t get back ' till after Christmas vacation, ' cause that place really rocked. You know how Colonel Rebel loves a party. I found out long ago that the best way to enjoy yourself on a football trip is to separate the game and the party, so if you lose the game you can go out and win the party, and that ' s what we had to do in New Orleans. I took this little gal that I had met in Dan ' s International the night before to the game. Her name was Kalantan and she did a dance there +hat made strong men buckle at the knees and cocksure wives develop inferiority complexes they never got over. My boys just wasn ' t up for that game. They had played hard ball against Kentucky only to lose, and then they had played great ball against a red-hot Vandy team and lost on a fluke. The smart money was giving us twenty points, and for a while I thought they was right. They threw a couple of long passes to George Kinek that put us thirteen points behind at the half, but Wilson Dillard scored after a Byrd-to-Stribling pass brought the ball down to the one-foot line. Do you know what them transplanted Yankees did then? They came STATISTICS O.M. Tulane Total First Downs 9 18 Net Yards Rushing 104 239 Passes Attempted 10 19 Passes Completed 5 8 Net Yards Passing 67 109 Passes Intercepted by 1 0 Average Punt 38 9 40.1 Yards Lost from Penalties . 5 43 194 HARRY DAVIS, RH JAMES MASK, LE MARVIN TRAUTH, RT right back and scored two more times. The fourth quarte r was all Ole Miss as Byrd threw Hal Maxwell a pass that set it up for Dillard again and then seconds later threw him another that he carried all the way. We had a chance to tie it up then but Father Time ran out on us and we lost a good ' un. But just like I said, you got to go out then and show them New Orleans folks how to whip it up, and there ain ' t no better at it than a bunch of my Rebels in a wet state. After that night, the Louisiana Legislature seriously considered making the state dry again. Me and this Kalantan gal went along with the crowd to all the spots. We made the woman at Pat O ' Brien ' s Bar play -Dixie " every other piece and then went to the " Famous Door " where Sharkey whipped us up some real Dixieland Jazz. I ain ' t seen the like since Harding was President. They had a gal at Prima ' s 500 Club named June Allen that had a talent that just ain ' t fitten to tell in this here annual. It involved twirlin ' two in opposite directions at the same time. That ' s about all I can tell. All in all, ii was the best party New Orleans seen since General Butler had the town under siege. I bet some of them folks would have traded us for the yellow fever epidemic, and Sunday morning I would have traded my head for a mosquito ' s. That Kalantan was some gal! HAROLD MAXWELL Left End Stribling puts the Rebels ahead by six. SCRAPPY HART, LH FLAVIUS ALFORD, FB OWEN COX, LG I didn ' t worry much about this TCU game. It had been years since a team in Texas had beaten us, and besides we never lost in Memphis. So I just sat back and enjoyed the ride up, thinking about that Julep bar in Mr. Crump ' s box. Just as we were pulling into Holly Springs, the bus developed a ruptured tire. Tommy Langston, Dynamite Farragut and Kayo picked the end of the bus up while a couple of freshmen fixed the flat. While this was going on, I took a quick look around town. I came upon a right familiar house, and I suddenly recognized it to be the one the dastardly Gen. Grant left his wife in for two years. That was a rather interesting story. It seems that Grant and his army were very intent on cap- turing Vicksburg and he promised his wife that she could visit him in the Bluff city for Christmas, but a few delays cropped up and two years later the old boy was still sitting in the swamps along the Yazoo River. What, with his wife sitting around nagging, and our army beating hell out of him at every turn, there was only one way out, and he took it. Yes, sir, that ' s the true story of how U. S. Grant gained ' such true affection for the bottle. We arrived at the stadium without further mishap. Right before the game I had a great brain storm; since the Horned Frogs would naturally watch Dottley very closely, then the thing to do was to throw the ball, that is, if we could. Well we could and did to the tune of a 19-7 victory. The Horned Frogs concentrated on stopping Mr. Dottley and they did. That is, they stopped him about as well as it can be done; he gained but fifty-seven yards in seventeen rushing attempts. The rest of the rushing committee could add but twenty-nine more. Then Rock Byrd took to the passing game like a regular Don Juan and completed half of sixteen tries for 186 air yards. Scrappy Hart even got in the act, completing two more for forty-one three footers. Them fugitives from Texas scored first when a guy by the name of Dexter Basinger passed and ran over the left side for a marker and Guy led us 7-0. Roaring right back, my Rebels scratched on a mag- BILL WATSON Left Guard A clear track for the big train. OLE MISS 19 C. ri 7 Anybody want to play a little bridge? nificent Byrd-Stribling pass play that covered sixty-seven yards. This was the fourth longest scoring pass in Ole Miss history, and I might add that even Conerly and Poole couldn ' t have looked any better. I got another brain wave about then and sent word down to John to let Rocky toss the ball to Dottley. They ' d never think that he would receive a pass. Sometimes I ' m even awed by my own brain. It worked like Ex-lax and we ended up with another TD. I thought I ' d seen everything, but I was wrong, for right before the half Big Bill Watson caused me to spill mint juleps all over Miss 0 11ie Pope, whom I was escorting to the game. Ever see a bull in a china shop? Well, that ' s just how Bill looked as he gathered in a Frog pass on their thirty yard line and started toward the vicinity of the end zone. He looked like a cross between a ballerina and a IC locomotive. He started to his left, changed his mind, took a right turn at Nash- ville, skirted Chicago and slid home safe at the Polo Grounds with six points and a 19-7 victory in his hip pocket. STATISTICS O.M. T.C.U. Total First Downs 13 15 Net Yards Rushing 81 179 Passes Attempted 21 26 Passes Completed 10 9 Net Yards Passing 227 112 Passes Intercepted by . 2 1 Average Punt 26.9 42.0 Yards Lost from Penalties . 46 20 197 OLE MISS 4 S. U. 4 C) Down and out. Wasn ' t that T.C.U. game a beauty? I thought we were set for sure and took off for Baton Rouge in high cotton. They sot me down right there in the middle of the student section and, lordy, was there some drinking done! Of course, you know how old Colonel Rebel is, and I had me seven or eight mint juleps mixed up in a Clorox bottle to en- joy the game. But for once, I wished I ' d a had a hot toddy. It was forty-seven degrees cold down there and I had to snuggle up to that sweet little bayou thing I had with me to fight that blowin ' wind. Well, I had no sooner got my rear adjusted to that concrete stadium when some L.S.U. back named Baggett went fifty-six yards for a touchdown. But my boys come right back to tie it up when Rocky kept a-throwin ' to Stribling and Maxwell until we was all set and Lauderdale County ' s own Linday Callahan took it right over. A second later them L.S.U. boys got another score while Lindy was scoring again and he was ready to enjoy the half time festivities with a 14-13 lead. Eeverybody was happy and a slappin ' each other on the back when (lo and behold!) we had the ball on fourth down with about an inch to go on our own forty yard line. Everybody was hollering to give it to K.O. when from the bench a young man strode with instructions to kick the ball and give it to them swamp-rat rascals. No sooner than we had kicked, than this boy Baggett took it STATISTICS L.S.U. Total First Downs 17 16 Net Yards Rushing 108 304 Passes Attempted 26 16 Passes Completed 13 6 Net Yards Passing 178 109 Passes Intercepted by . 0 5 Average Punt 31 6 35.0 Yards Lost from Penalties 25 42 198 MELVIN SINQUEFIELD, C THEODORE VLAHOS, RG RAY THORNTON, RE and went all the way to put us on the Yankee end of a 20-14 game. I wondered if that Baggett boy ' s first name wasn ' t Carpet. I really don ' t care nothing about talking about the second half. The main reason was because I didn ' t see it. I took that little ole Bayou thing off with me in disgust when we up and give that Baggett thing a chance to beat us. I went all over town looking for my old buddy, General Beauregard. You know he is from Louisiana and I was with him when the University Grays was at Chancellorsville and I really took a shine to him. He wasn ' t in, though, and they told me he was down in the quarters, so I give up on him. He always was a cutter. The next morning I got a-holt of one of them scandal sheets down in Baton Rouge and found out what happened. They ended up beating us 40-14. They ain ' t never beat us worse than that but one time. I kinda wished for a moment that I could have that memory of the game two years before this ' un when Bobby Oswalt kicked seven extra points as we humiliated the fire out of them rats. Maybe we needed Jack Odom to take off Baggett ' s pants like he took off Tittle ' s that time when Roach was a finishin ' . Anyhow, they beat us and they outplayed us all the way thet second half. Them backs were a spinnin ' and a twistin ' like them Carpet-baggers done when +he Klan got after ' em. Our boys did have some bright spots, however. Rocky was throwin ' them spot passes to Stribling by the dozens and he come out of that game with a mighty respectable pitchin ' average. That eight-man line them Louisiana boys was a-using kept my boy Kayo bottled up pretty badly, and he didn ' t get a chance to show them Baton Rouge folks how he could run like he did the past three seasons. But you can bet we will be remembering the score next year and we ' ll see if we can ' t let Jimmy Lear see if he can ' t kick seven extra points like Oswalt did. BOB FLETCHER Left End Three Rebs hit him. NED SUTTLE, C TOM CALDWELL, RG RAB RODGERS, FB " About the only thing I can say for game was that I got so cold it took an acetylene torch to bring the part of me I was sitting on back to life. For awhile there, the way those ' Nooga boys were holding us, I thought they ' d brought Lookout Mountain along with them. That first half was as black a day as Appomattox. Gad, ii reminded me of one wet November afternoon back in 1946 when some grammar school called Louisiana Tech slipped by us with a victory. That was the day my julep supply was depleted and I ended up at the Vets club that night to get my needed energy. I had a couple of Sophomores on the squad from down in cotton country around Greenwood who ' d been looking pretty good, so I turned them loose in the second half. Dillard and " King " Lear passed and ran for two TD ' s in the second half to save their old Colonel from further disgrace. I had as my guest for the game a very famous personage. Major Amos Alonzo Hoople had flown in that morning from the wilds of outer Mongolia to spend the week-end with me. To tell you the truth, the way the game was going, his incessant chattering, and the vanishing act my juleps were doing put me in a rather foul mood. Doing one of the dirtiest acts I ' d ever committed, I called Memphis Ed Bran- denburg and Jack Odom over to entertain the Major. Then I stole quietly over to the seat I always have reserved between Blind Jim and his deaf brother and watched the rest of the game. A few minutes later there was a great disturbance down in my box, and I saw Hoople being carried from the game by four policemen. He was waving his arms and screaming madly. Ed and Jack were busy dividing the remains of the juleps. In the last few minutes of the game I got a very great thrill as I saw that Johnny was sending in my famous “Scabini“ team. A brilliant bunch of performers. These boys are without peers as athletic per- formers here at Ole Miss. Why, them " Rinkey Dinks " were much better than the varsity, doing most of their training out on the practice field rather than in the Grill. These young footballers are very versa- WILSON DILLARD Right Halfback Completed pass. OLE MISS 20 CHATTANOOGA 3 While thousands cheered. tile, being able to run from most any formation—single wing, regula- tion T, split T, flying wedge, wild goose or what have you. Tadpole and I had gathered all the high school stars from miles around to watch our great team operate, in hopes of signing a few boys to contracts. We also had several hundred prep bands cluttering up the campus all day, but they put on a brilliant performance during the half. Speaking of bands, why, we had the finest aggregation up here this year since Sousa ' s day. Bobby Kingsbury, the band leader, did a commendable job, waving his baton at just the right time and prancing around like a new born colt. Looking at the schedule, I noticed where we were to journey way up to Knoxville, Tenn., next Saturday. I figgered we might be able to take them, but I knew that if we could we ' d have to do it by ourselves, ' cause a Neyland team never beat themselves. STATISTICS O.M. ' Nooga Total First Downs 18 6 Net Yards Rushing 245 118 Passes Attempted 17 14 Passes Completed 7 2 Net Yards Passing 120 23 Passes Intercepted by . 2 0 Average Punt 36 8 33.1 Yards Lost from Penalties . 24 5 201 OLE MISS 0 TENNESSEE 35 Dillard picks up fifteen. 202 -Gad, but that was a horrible afternoon I spent at Knoxville watch- ing one of my former Second Lts., Bobby Neyland, wham the daylights outa us. Man, I felt lowern a snake, about like Crump after the last election in Memphis. Knoxville is the most elusive city I ' ve ever tried to find—and I ain ' t never seen so many hillbillies in my life. I ran outa Juleps out in the midst of some of them woods so far from civilization that they had to pump daylight out to them every morning, It so hap- pened that it was Saturday night and all the mooneyed boys were in town. You know them fellows can ' t see ' cept at night-time. Well, at first one of them squint eyed little rascals thought I was making eyes at his girl (who looked like she ' d run about seventy-seventh in a beauty contest won by Lena the Hyena). He poked a shotgun in my face that had barrels that were first cousins to a cannon, and I felt the fiery jaws of hell singeing my whiskers. I finally made him see that all I wanted was a little something for my throat. Now I wish I ' d have just let him shoot me, for he pulled a jug off of his shoulder and of- fered it to me. At first it was okey, tasted a little like old paint and lysol, but then it hi+ me. I swow that stuff must have been a mixture of DDT, ant killer, and the potent part of the Hydrogen bomb. I took off for Knoxville under my own power, feeling like Barney Oldfield on the salt flats. I crawled into the Stadium just ten minutes before game- STATISTICS Total First Downs Net Yards Rushing O.M. 13 193 Tenn. 9 236 Passes Attempted 7 8 Passe s Completed 3 4 Net Yards Passing 18 33 Passes Intercepted by . 0 2 Average Punt 42 3 42.7 Yards Lost from Penalties 5 3 KLINE GILBERT, RG FRANK CRUM, RT CHARLES MONTGOMERY, LT time, and I managed to let Johnny know that he ' d have to run the team by himself that day. Doc Knight laid me down by the bench and tried to stop my face muscles from twitching. When I came to, we were behind 20-0 and the half wasn ' t up yet, Gad, it was worse than Fredericks- burg; ail I could see was orange jerseys beating the hell outs my pore little boys in gray. I arose form my grave, and, had it not been for th e quickwittedness of Buster and Bruiser in grabbing me, I would have hurled myself into the fray and undoubtedly would have injured several of Neyland ' s players. I did the next best thing, however, for I ordered big John Dottley into the breach of battle to back up our broken and battered line. The boy had the heart of a lion, the strength of Samson, and the courage of Harry Truman facing the 82nd Congress. Again and again he hurled himself at the thousands of Volun- teers who were blocking his way, but it was all in vain, for Neyland ordered his legions to take to the air. Yes, it was mostly just old Kayo out there getting all of the tackles and blasting holes in the line with his bruised and battered body. Immediately after the game I awarded him the Confederate Medal of Honor, and I might add this was only the fifth time this Honor had ever been bestowed upon a man. Other honored gentlemen were myself, Gen. Lee, Thec. G. Bilbo, John Rankin, Huey Long, and Hermann Talmadge. What a season! Even the whipping I knew we ' d give State wasn ' t going to help me get my self respect back any too well. REX REED BOGGAN Right Tackle Rebels make goal-line stand. GEORGE BRENNER, FB DILLY HITT, C ED LEWCON, QB BABE PEARSON CARL YOUNG Left Tackle Right Guard " Johnny Vaught was a little discouraged over the way the team seemed to be incapable of whipping a Southeastern team. We ' d beaten every outsider, but, as far as Confer- ence standings were concerned, our only consolation was that Auburn was still in the League. We knew we ' d get one conference win, however, for we still had to play Mississippi State. Now State is okay for boys and girls who like cows, chickens, and that sorta thing, but, when it comes to com- paring them with us, they are not even in our class in any- thing. I think the last time State managed to defeat us was when Millard Fillmore was serving as President. I just heard the other day about the horrible accident they had down there at Cow College. It seems that some of the boys were out in front of the girls ' dorm practicing their hog calling, and several dozen young ladies were rather critically injured rushing for the front door. My boys did everything right that day against State— they even blocked and tackled. Why, even Dottley got blockers, and the Big Train reeled off 119 yards to go over the 1000 mark for the second consecutive season, and tying the two year mark of 1321 set by Tulane ' s Eddie Price. State had a little fellow named Branch quarterbacking them, and the first time Dynamite hit him he screamed like Margaret Truman reaching for high C. Cooley, Rushing, and Stewart of the Maroons are all fine ball carriers, but they just didn ' t have enough to take my inspired Rebels. Right before the game I sat the boys down and told them a story—a story of courage, of determination, and of bravery beyond description. I told them of the stormy night battle that took place in the wilderness of the Appalachian Farragut closses in. OLE MISS 27 MISS. STATE 20 The close of a season and and a perfect game. mountains known as the Battle of Antietam. Our army had its back to the wall. The Blue Bellies had us surrounded on three sides and on the other side was a mountain. General Lee called us all together, " Gentlemen it looks like this is it. We ' ll just have to surrender. " ' ' No, no, General, we can whip them, " cried a dashing young man whom I recognized as Jeb Stuart, one of the wildest fightin ' mavericks in any man ' s army. " General, " said Jeb, ' ' Let me take my men and scale that mountain, and I ' ll bring them around and hit them devils in the back. " " I–Immm, might work, Jeb, " said Lee, ' ' if we can just hold them off long enough. " A big giant stood up called Stonewall Jackson. " Don ' t worry, General, we ' ll hold them. " " Git going, Jeb; we ' ll give you six hours. " Well, Stuart took his men and did the impossible; he climbed that mountain and outflanked the greatest army the north could muster. At daybreak we heard Jeb ' s Rebel yell as he led his men into a charge that made Tennyson ' s Light Brigade Charge look like child- play. At the same time Stonewall let them have it with the cavalry. The Yanks just couldn ' t stand it and broke their ranks, screaming for mercy. And we were able to continue fighting for two more years. My boys just sat there, and then without a word they filed out of the dressing room and proceeded to pound hell outa State. Dottley crashed the middle like Stonewall, and Byrd outflanked them with passes much the same way as the Jeb Stuart of that rainy night at the Antietam. STATISTICS M.S. Total First 15 13 Net Yards Rushing 219 195 Passes Attempted II 13 Passes Completed 8 4 Net Yards Passing 140 57 Passes Intercepted by . . I 0 Average Punt 35 0 39.2 Yards Lost from Penalties . 58 30 205 ASKETBA L 9 5 ( First Row: Al Graehler, Ken Robbins, Lon Korff, Cliff Mehrtens, Coach " Country " Graham. Second Row: R. B. Reeves, Dimp Stenftenogle, Jim Childers, Bill Renfroe. Third Row: Manager Ken Bowles, Walter Johnson, Don Smith, and Ralph Ross. My Ole Miss Rebels started our 1950-51 basketball season in fine style. In their first eight games, they won six and lost two. Both losses were close, hard-fought games. Then injuries and Lady Luck turned against us. Cliff Mehrtens was bothered with a knee injury which kept him out of the last twelve games. Al Graehler sprained his ankle, Jim Childers twisted his knee and ankle, Don Smith was bothered with an arm infection, and R. B. Reeves received his call from the Army, and I don ' t mean the Confederate one. What followed was something that should happen only to General Sherman. Our Rebs just couldn ' t win for losing. We lost games by anywhere from two points to forty- seven points. The 47 point loss came at the hands of the best team in the country—Kentucky. I think those Ken- tucky people traded their long rifles for long basketball players. They had one boy that was over seven feet tall and he controlled the backboards like the State ' s Rights Party controlled Mississippi. We got back into sweet old victory land at the ex- pense of Mississippi College. After that, we were a new team. R. B. got his deferment, Al Graehler recovered his speed, and Don Smith started really hitting. The sweetest victories were revenge games with Florida State and Cow College. Our string ran out in the S.E.C. tournament. This was 206 Childers Winds Up. Reeves makes a free shot. the first year the official champion was chosen by the season ' s record and not the tournament. We won from Alabama, but caught a red-hot L.S.U. team in the quar- ter-finals to lose by five points. The leading scorer for the Rebels was Ken Robbins with a season ' s total of 269 points. He averaged 11.3 points a game and was our free shot leader. He scored 70 per cent of his gift tosses. He ' s a six foot, two incher who could be an All S.E.C. forward next year. Forward R. B. Reeves, our only senior, missed three of our games, but managed to sink 266 points during the season for a 13 point average. This figure led the team. He also led the team in field goal shooting with a 38.8 percentage. Center Don Smith was the next highest scorer with 219 points in 24 games. This six foot, seven giant was a small man in comparison with the centers he had to face all year, but he was a scrapper and carried the team during the latter part of the season. Little Al Graehler, the captain of our team, was the sparkplug at guard who inspired our players to turn in some fine efforts. This little five foot, nine incher was a demon at stealing the ball and was the playmaker of the team. He was a scorer himself and plunked in 213 points during the season for a 9.0 game average. He also was conspicuous in the personal foul department, getting 9.0 for the year and fouling out ten times. Guard Ralph Ross, our sophomore sensation, set a new record at Ole Miss when he pumped in 27 points against Cow College to lead his team to a 95-60 victory. This six foot three speedster was a demon on rebounds and specialized in driving lay-ups. Memphis Jim Childers started off the year as first- team center and was a hustler all the way. His six foot three frame couldn ' t compete with 7 foot Bill Spivey and six foot, eleven Toar Hester, so he was moved to guard, where he showed fine hustle and team play. He was a rebounder deluxe. Jerome Steftenagel was a sophomore forward who showed us plenty of promise. He was recovering from a broken leg received in freshman ball during the major part of the season, but he seemed to have regained his old speed and should be more than ready for the 1951-52 season. Cliff Mehrtens was the man who could have turned at least six of our losses into wins if he had not been injured. He tore a cartilege in practice right before the Florida trip and was out for the rest of the season. He should be ready to finish out his fine career here next season in a strong bid for his old guard position. Smitty sinks a long one. Top: Robbins makes a break for the basket. Above: Ballet basketball. RESULTS Ole Miss 80; Miss. College . 45 Ole Miss 89; Southwestern . 30 Ole Miss 65; Auburn 61 Ole Miss 67• Alabama 61 Ole Miss 62; Tulane 72 Ole Miss 72• Louisiana State 62 Ole Miss 35• Arkansas 45 Ole Miss 46; Arkansas 41 Ole Miss 41; Georgia 59 Ole Miss 58; Florida 69 Ole Miss 58; Florida State 63 Ole Miss 63; Vanderbilt 70 Ole Miss 67; Miss. State 71 Ole Miss 59• Georgia Tech 73 Ole Miss 39 Kentucky 86 Ole Miss 65• Tennessee 67 Ole Miss 80; Miss. College 50 Ole Miss 79• Florida State 75 Ole Miss 69• Louisiana State 48 Ole Miss 50 Tulane 64 Ole Miss 70 Spring Hill 69 Ole Miss 95; Miss. State 60 Ole Miss 44• Alabama 42 Ole Miss 57 Louisiana State C.2 Southeastern conference tournament game. Billy Renfroe, Walter Johnson, and Louis Korff were the reserves who showed me the most promise. Johnson ways a transfer from Booneville, and was a member of their national finalist team the year before. Korff was one of the six Jasper, Indiana, boys who played basketball at Ole Miss. Renfroe was a long-shot boy who should make a strong bid on next year ' s team. He started the final game at guard against State. Coach Country Graham scheduled the toughest 24 games an Ole Miss team has ever faced. Kentucky, Vandy, Tulane, and Arkansas were national powers. Alabama fin- ished second in the S.E.C. ratings, and Vandy won the tournament. Among the outstanding players we faced this year were Herb Hargett of State, Mel Peyton of Tulane, Dave Kardokus and Al Weiss of Vandy, Bob Meador and Tom It rolled in for the Rebels. 208 Dean of L.S.U., Tom Sullivan of Alabama, Toar Hester of Arkan,sas, Bob Schloss of Georgia, Doug Atkins of Tennessee, and Bill Spivey, Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey, Bill Watson, and Walt Hirsch of Kentucky. We had a great freshman team this year, and these boys should make great players for my Rebels. We ' ve had only one All-American basketball player at Ole Miss —Country Graham—but freshman Cob Jarvis might well change all that. He averaged twenty points a game and is a faker, driver, rebounder, and ball-handler all piled into one man. He ' s six feet three inches tall and we are going to hear plenty more about this boy. Duke Aber- nathy is a six foot, five inch forward who should play a lot of ball next year. He averaged 19 points a game as a freshman and is ready now for varsity duty. Eddie Stef- tenagel is a fine guard who might be a year away, but no more. Footballer Dick Rittman is a fine center who will probably be converted into a guard. Taking the bitter with the sweet, we had a good season this year. It wasn ' t long on victories nor was it long on defeats. I think now would be as good a time as any to say Ole Colonel Rebel has changed his mind a little about his old saying that the only good Yankee is a dead Yankee. These Indiana and Pennsylvania boys made themselves right at home here in Rebel-land, and I want them to know that we ' re mighty glad to have ' ern. Childers in a stretch. A fight for it. Robbins helps Smitty put it in. 209 Yes, Suh, things were really good for Colonel Rebel fast spring. Me and all the students used to go out to Sardis, and sometimes we ' d stroll out in the grove a basking in the sun, but I ' m telling you that none of us did nothing but watch baseball when Tad Smith and Tom Swayze took their Rebels out for an afternoon of knock- ing that ball around. We won eleven games and lost only six, and the ones we lost were to mighty tough opponents. We had four games that we would surely have won rained out on us, and we beat two professional teams. We had two real sho ' nuff stars on the team. They were Bobby Wilson and Olin Briscoe. That Bobby Wilson in seventeen games hit for a .412 percentage, banged out four home runs in a mighty big park, and on top of that led the team in runs batted in with twenty and in runs scored with twenty. Besides that, he was captain of the team and knew no equal in throwing that ball in from right field. Right after the season he went against old Colonel Rebel ' s advice and signed up with them Cincinnati Reds, which any fool can plainly see is a Yankee outfit. He should have done like Tom Swayze and signed up with the Chicks in Memphistown. My boy Olin Briscoe was a real pitcher. He started seevn of our seventeen games and never got knocked out of the box even once. He won five of them games, too. He struck out fifty-four men in sixty-three innings and only walked twenty-one. He gave up just twelve hon- est runs for a 1.90 earned run average. We had some other mighty good pitchers. Jimmy Du- puy was the next hardest worker, pitching twenty-four innings. He won two games for us and struck out thirteen men. George Scheider pitched twenty-three innings and was our control pitcher. He only walked six men all year. Tommy Tharp was another dandy for us. In over seven- teen innings, he gave up just ten hits and only five runs Kneeling: Sonny White, Jackie McLemore, Buddy Garrison. Standing: Otho Kortz, " Sleepy " Cauldwell, James Kelly. RESULTS Ole Miss 17° Pensacola Navy 4 Ole Miss Ole Miss 2; Miss. Southern . I Ole Miss Ole Miss 20. Meridian Peps 8 Ole Miss Ole Miss 6. Clarksdale Planters 3 Ole Miss Ole Miss 2; Ilinois Wesleyan 5 Ole Miss Ole Miss 6; Delta State 4 Ole Miss Ole Miss 15• Delta State 8 Ole Miss Ole Miss 15; Alabama 3 Ole Miss Ole Miss .... 5; Miss. State n7.) 0; Alabama 9 9; Tulane 4 13; Tulane 6 4; Miss. State 5 3; Miss. State 2 I; Alabama 15 6; Alabama 1 4; Miss. State 6 for a 2.60 earned run average. Hank Bullock, a real bean- pole fireballer, got in only three games all year but he won two of them for a .667 percentage. Buddy Garrison and Ken Farragut were our relief pitchers. They were about as different as day and night. Buddy stood five-eight and Ken stood six-four. Ken played a little football too. We really had one mo ' slugging outfield. I already told you about Wilson. Well, Cooter Faggard was the left fielder and he could really give it a ride. He hit .357 and didn ' t make an error all year. Daylight Fletcher played center field and was our clean-up man. He batted in fifteen runs in seventeen games and was our left-hand power-hitter. Also in the outfield were George Hewes, Hal Rogers, Lindy Calahan, and Hal Maxwell. Lindy was our sopho- more ace and hit .353. Colonel Rebel ' s pride was our catching staff. Rabbit Coach Tad Smith and two of his players Cook was our regular catcher and they just didn ' t steal on my boy Rabbit. He was a power hitter, too. He hit .318 and batted in and scored fourteen runs. Our other catcher, Bob Hammitt, would have done an awful lot of playing if Rabbit hadn ' t been so good. We had a snappy infield led by Sleepy Caldwell, a slugging first sacker if there ever was one. He hit a round .300 and scored an even twelve runs in our seve n- teen games. He led the infield in fielding, too. Our third sacker, Maurice Kelly, threw out thirty-one men and pu another thirty-four out himself in the few games wt! played. He scored fifteen runs and batted in eleven more from the number two posi tion in the batting order. Cooter ' s brother, Snag Faggard, played second base for us, and he was a fancy den if I ever saw one. He could hit in the clutch too, and he murdered State pitch- ing. Our other double-play boy, Sonny White, played every inning at short-stop and was our lead-off man. Right-Fielder Wilson BASEBALL SEASON Pitcher Briscoe 211 T Brady, Jackson, Paris, Regan, Bradley I ' ve been trying for years to get Tad and Johnny to give a few more scholarships for the track team. We ' ve been using leftovers from football and basketball long enough. Coach Wes Knight is one of the finest track coaches in the country, but like General Lee he ' s got to have something to work with. Two of my boys broke existing school records last spring. Mac Myers threw himself over a cross-bar six feet one and one-half inches high to wipe out Red Jack- son ' s record performance back in 1937. John Paris from Memphis clipped three tenths of a seocnd off of Chaester Curtiss ' s old 880 mark set way back in 1933. Ken Farragut, Mac Myers, Don Blanchard and my mile relay team scored points in the annual SEC meet in Birmingham and we finished in tenth place. RESULTS Ole Miss . 91 ; Southwestern 35 Ole Miss . Vanderbilt 661 2 Ole Miss . 39 ; Alabama 87 Ole Miss 551 2; Miss. State . . . . 751 2 Ole Miss . 97 ; Miss. College . . . 29 SEC Meet 10th (9 1-5 Pts.) 212 SWIMMING jtM Left to Right, Seated: Salter, Wicker, Kelly, Dutcher, Downard, Marlowe. Standing: Cunningham, Loggins, Holmes, Bradley, Felder. The first swimming team sponsored by the University was organized by Coach Gordon Bennett in the summer of 1950. Its members were outstanding in the meets they attended in Clarksdale, Greenville, and Jackson, in addition to the two meets held at the University swimming pool. Points were given toward a letter for awards won, and " Sugar " Salter took the lead with 61 1-6 points. Margie Burns an J " Bubba " Hurst took the gold medal of first place in diving at the State meet. Other members who won awards and letters are: ' ' Skip ' ' Dutcher, Arthur Cun- ningham, J. T. Downard, Bob Kelly, Dione Moriority, Ed Loggins, David Lyons, Jan Marlowe, and James Rhodes, manager. The highlight of the season was the " Wot-a-Show, presented by the -Ole Miss " Splash Club. " The Ole Miss Racqueteers ended the 1950 season with seven wins and seven losses. They attended the SEC tourney at Nashville where our boys made a fine showing. These six men were exceptionally good tennis players and made a splendid record for themselves. Not pictured with the team is Bobby Jabour. First Row: Shipley, Bishop. Second Row: Johnson, Dulin, Sherman. TENNIS T H E E JV 3 A N 4I Cy U) Rebel Band at Vandy The famous Rebel band in their flashy red Kingsberry deserves much credit for a splendid and blue uniforms brought praise to Ole Miss job in directing our band. We ' ll always 1 from every place they visited. Recognized as one ber the 1950-51 band for dozens of splendid of the most outstanding musical organizations of performances and those barn fires, pep rallies, the South, they boosted Ole Miss faithfully on " Forward Rebels, " Dixie, " " Are You From and away from our campus. Drum Major Bobby Dixie, " and also " Good Night, Irene. " 214 Never on those crisp Autumn nights or Satur- day afternoons did Old Miss lack spirit. Under the leadership of Henry Paris our cheerleaders carried the fighting Rebel spirit wherever the team played. Through victory and defeat, wher- ever a crowd gathered our eight boosters man- aged to keep the " old pep " high. It may be truthfully said that seldom has Ole Miss had such hard-working cheerleaders, loyal supporters, or more able couriers of good will than Henry Paris, Jean Barfoot, " Tis " Flanagan, Celia Buntin, Mary Frances Warring, John McRae, Wade Strickland, and Allen Thompson. Also the freshmen squad had their cheerleaders who were exceptionally good this year. They fol- lowed the freshmen team on many trips and won scores of friends for Ole Miss. Boosting the fresh- men were: Betty McDonald, Mariamna Prewitt, Anne Reed, Jean Nicola, Eli Whitaker, Larue Stevens, Lyle Carrol, and Tommy White. THE PLACE WHERE EVERYONE SPEAKS McRae Flanagan, Strickland, Waring, Paris, Buntin, Thompson, and Barfoot Our Freshmen Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS JOHN BURNETT, President ARISTIDE TON, Vice-President HARRY DANCIGER, Secretary-Treasurer INTRAMURAL COUNCIL The Intramural Council was formed in 1935, to provide extra-curricular athletic activities for students who do not participate in varsity sports. In- tramural teams are formed from the fraternities, the independent organiza- tion, and the Anchor and Chain, an organization for NROTC students. Teams are active in nearly all the major and minor sports prevalent in this section of the country. COUNCIL MEMBERS TOM COGGIN Anchor and Chain ERWIN McKAY Alpha Tau Omega BOBBY MOSER Beta Theta Pi CURTIS GREER Delta Kappa Epsilon LESLIE FLETCHER Delta Psi PETE NOSSER Independents OTHO KORTZ Independent Huskies JOHN CHALK Kappa Alpha FRED MORGAN Kappa Sigma ELLIOTT HATCH Lester Hall BOBBY REEVES Phi Delta Theta BOB CAMPION Phi Kappa Psi HARRY DANCIGER Phi Epsilon Pi MAX WALDROP Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN BEE Sigma Alpha Epsilon ARISTIDE TON Sigma Chi JOHN BURNETT Sigma Nu JACK WOLVERTON Sigma Phi Epsilon EDWARD SHAWBLOSKY Sigma Pi JOHN BAT Phi Kappa Psi 216 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOC ATIOi The Women ' s Athletic Association was found- ed on the campus of the University of Mississippi in 1926. The cardinal purpose of this organiza- tion is to offer to every woman in the University the opportunity of participating in a varied pro- gram of activities that can be used in leisure time in after-college years. The officers of the Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation are: President, Lanelle Gafford; Vice- President, Catherine Huggins; Secretary-Treas- urer, Ann Adcock; Reporter, Mary Ann Edge; Scrapbook Chairman, Elizab eth Polk. Seated: Polk, Huggins Gafford, Standing: Cragin, Adcock, Gentry, Edge. WE DROPPED IN TO KILL FOUR HOURS •■• WHERE ' S MY GOVERNMENT CHECK? ti WE DON ' T DRINK THE COFFEE-JUST COME TO TALK CAN BREAK " PARDON, SUH? " I TEX BENEKE NOV 1 Okik4 140%NX k.N.711.11 41% I REMEMBER THOSE MIDNIGHT SNACKS 1 INN LOOKIE, LOOKIE, WHO GOT SOME OF THE ROVING KIND 1 SOUTHERN BELLES AND TELEPHONE -NS 141 TAKE IT FROM ME KID BUT WAIT, I ' M A SOPHOMORE WHERE IS GENERAL MOORE? VW Za VSN WHAT A NiGHT t SHE GOT A M.R.S. DEGREE EVEN THE PROFS LIKE PICNICS One Big Dance. Favors for Your Dates. L That Costume Party. Rush Week, Pledging, Initiation. Meetings Every Wednesday Night. Candle Light and Secrecy. Brothers, Sisters. The Decision. Friendships and Oddities That Made 1, t•N C 2 P A N - First Row: Carolyn Algee, Jean Beck. Second Row: Suzette Buehler, Celia Buntin. Third Row: Charlotte Coward, Carolyn Davis. Fourth Row: Lanelle Gafford, Joy Graham. First Row: Ellen Wade, Barbara Warley Second Row: Virginia Lee, Lanelle Gafford OFFICERS ELLEN WADE President LANELLE GAFFORD Vice-President BARBARA WARLEY Secretary VIRGINIA LEE Treasurer MEMBERS CAROLYN ALGEE Chi Omega JEAN BECK Zeta Tau Alpha CELIA BUNTIN Delta Gamma CHARLOTTE COWARD Delta Delta Delta CAROLYN DAVIS Phi Mu LANELLE GAFFORD Zeta Tau Alpha JOY GRAHAM Kappa Delta POLLY HAGER Delta Gamma BETTY HIGDON Chi Omega CYNTHIA HOGAN Kappa Kappa Gamma CATHERINE HUGGINS Delta Gamma VIRGINIA LEE Kappa Kappa Gamma JOAN McLELLAND Kappa Kappa Gamma MURIEL MARTIN Delta Zeta ELIZABETH POLK Delta Delta Delta NELLIE JEAN RILEY Zeta Tau Alpha JEAN SAIN Kappa Delta JUNE SNEED Delta Zeta JUDY TUBB Phi Mu BARBARA WARLEY Kappa Delta ELLEN WADE Delta Zeta ELLA WHITE Delta Delta Delta SUZETTE BUEHLER Phi Mu ELIZABETH LUCKETT Chi Omega The local Pan Hellenic Council is a member of the Na- tional Pan-Hellenic Conference. It is composed of the presidents of each of the sororities here a t Ole Miss plus two representatives from each group. The officers of the outstanding organization are chosen by rotation. The object of Pan Hellenic is to promote good will among the different sororities and all the Greek letter organizations. Rules are passed to preserve the welfare of the system. Pan Hellenic set up rushing rules, limiting each sorority quota of girls to be pledged, regulating bidding system, and cooperating with university authori- ties in general. 228 HELLENIC COUNCIL Most are surprised to find just what businesslike organizations sororities are. Not only are they efficiently run within, but Pan-Hellenic, a board composed of the sorority presidents, two representatives from each sorority, and having a rotating presidency, sets up rules and regulations to promote harmony among the Greek letter or- ganizations. To this end rushing rules, limiting quotas of pledges, regulating the bidding system, and cooperating generally with the campus au- thorities, are followed for the mutual benefit of all sororities. First Row: Polly Hager, Betty Higdon, Cynthia Hogan, Catherine Huggins, Virginia Lee. We ' re a rushee only once in our lives but we ' ll never forget that one time. Although some of the numerous parties become a whirling blue of smiles, cookies, and introductions, others remain distinct, a symbol of the happy friendliness we found immediately at Ole Miss. Pretending we are rushees again, in the follow- ing pages let ' s go to the Circle, clutching that new black hat with one gloved hand and a sched- ule of the parties in the other, and relive that most wonderful party in each house. Second Row: Elizabeth Luckett, Joan McLellan, Merle Martin, Elizabeth Polk, Nellie Jean Riley. Third Row: Jean Sain, June Sneed, Judy Tubb, Barbara Warley, Ellen Wade, Ella White. The first rush party we went to was at the Chi 0 house. Immediately after stepping inside we heard " Step right up, folks! The greatest little show on earth! " The barker ' s familiar cry stopped us short at the X and horseshoe. Chi Omega ' s col- ors, cardinal and straw, suited their Carnival perfectly, and we couldn ' t help laughing at the gayety of the clowns, fortune tellers, ice-cream cones, pop corn, and side show. Somewhere were the officers: President Carolyn Algee and the rest of the leaders, Jo Ruth Ragan, Ann Lum, Vivian Sweat, were well hid- den in the jolly crowd of circus folk. I recognized some of the campus favorites there like Jean Barfoot, Betty Higdon, and Bessie Morgan. Among the white carnations and circus decora- tions I noticed Ann Adcock, Penut Luckett, Jean Bailey, and Agnew Pippin. It was a wonderful party and we left with a clown-sucker name tag and a smile, remembering the mustached artist and paper-clothed chorus line. MEMBERS First Row: Ann Adcock, Carolyn Algee, Julia Aaras, Jean Bar- foot, Adrienne Bourgeois, Beverly Carnes, Stella Connell, Betty Dentin, Jackie Glass. Second Row: Georgia Anne G,-esham, Joyce Haggard, Kather- ine Hamilton, Joy Herron, Bettye Higdon, Rosemary Howie, Alice Joiner, Joan Lovell, Betty Lucas. Third Row: Elizabeth Luckett, Ann Lum, Sudie Ann McCool, Mary Louise McDaniels, Margaret Mills, Bessie Morgan, Dean Morris, Shirley Murrah, Charlye Nichols. Fourth Row: Sally Perkins, Agnew Pippin, Mary Jane Prowell, Jo Ruth Ragan, Katherine Ready, Martha Jane Shaw, Pat Short, Lillian Sweat, Vivien Sweat. Fifth Row: Betty Thomas, Lou Trantham, Mary Frances Waring, Bobbie Wolfe, PLEDGES Katherine Adams, Judith Aldrich, Elizabeth Anderson, Jean Bailey, Elizabeth Ann Ball, Pat Brandon.. Sixth Row: Agnes Burrous, Georgia Ann Burrous, Mary Ann Cooper, Louise Deloach, Frank Drummond, Pat Gainey, Alyce Grossmayer, Sarah Harwell, Mary Ann Hoerhammer, Catherine Johnston. Seventh Row: Mary Ann Lee, Katherine Little, Mary Virginia Nash, Gloria Ozment, Mildred Primos, Patricia Ramey, Martha Houston Reid, Elinor Sanson, Eva Tighe, Mary Ann Tyson. C I u a FOUNDED IN 1895 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1899 The next party was at the Tri Delta house. I felt we should have worn a bathing suit when we first walked in but it was more fun than any swimming party could be. I even felt inclined to brush seaweed aside when we entered the Tri Delt Kingdom Beneath the Sea. Fish, plants, and sea net floated on the silver, blue, and gold tinted walls. In fact everything but their flower, the pansy. The surprising thing was to find the officers, Char- lotte Coward, Teenie Coleman, Caroline McCurdy, Joan Cox, and Sara Graves, walking over to greet us. " Y " president, Liz Polk, and W.S.G.A. president, Janet Edgerton, were there. Also two of the campus beauties, Jonelle Green and Clara Van LeMaire were there. I saw many mermaids such as Elinor Green, Ella White, and Sissy Westbrook. Everyone had so much fun that we hated to leave all the queens of the sea. MEMBERS First Row: Christine Anderson, Gloria Batson, Sarah Blomquist, Janet Buford, Emma George Carr, Molly Christian, Christine Coleman, Charlotte Coward, Joanne Cox. Second Row: Amaline Crowford, Harriet Denham, Joy Doo- little, Janet Edgerton, Gai Eure, Marianne Farmer, Dorothy Fields, Peggy Fitts, Sarah Graves, Dora Ellen Green. Third Row: Elinor Green, Jonelle Green, Sue Haney, Betty Han- sen, Ann Jones, Clara Van LeMaire, Olivia Lewis, Carolyn Mc- C urdy, Zulene Melton, Betty Neil. Fourth Row: Van Dyke Neil, Pat Pack, Kathryn Pickens, Elizabeth Polk, Jean Reynolds, Marianne Robinson, Sara Rogers, Sue Rogers, Dorothy Simmons, Nancy Lou Thompson. Fifth Row: Sara Webster, Lanier Westbrook, Ella White, Xandra Williams, PLEDGES Widgie Bethea, Patricia Carruth, Ann Clink- scales, Betty Doty, Doris Eason, Betty Eckles. Sixth Row: Betty Everett, Grace Jean Gillespie, Ann Gilpin, Lu- cille Givens, Grizelda Green, Jeannette Hendrix, Harriette Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Joan Jordan, Emily Joullain. Seventh Row: Libby Mounger, Patricia McNease, Enola Porter, Joann Ray, Sara Margaret Rayner, Helen Seay, Ann Slayden, Sue Thigpen, Pat Trotter, Irene Wiggins. (DI FOUNDED IN 1888 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1926 At the Phi Mu party we saw a fashion parade. There was every style of dress from the hoop-skirt vogue to today ' s chic styles. The show was as lovely as their flower, the enchantress carnation, as were the officer-models, Suzette Buehler, June Erby, Ann Odom, Billie Ruth Miller and Daty White, who smiled at us as they rustled past in dresses of by-gone days. Softly the strains of " My Phi Mu Lady " were heard amidst the glows of their rose and white colors. Joyce Hollingsworth, Miss Mississippi of ' 48, and " Rusty " Owens looked cute in gowns of yesteryear. One of the twirlers of the band, Billie Jean Little, was there with Sally Wilkinson and Lou Chandler. This party was worlds of fun, just like the rest had been. MEMBERS First Row: Ann Bowie, Suezette Buehler, Evelyn Burks, Lou Chandler, Martha Ann Cook, Carolyn Davis, Annie Sue Grant, Second Row: Joyce Hollingsworth, Lynn Hollaway, June Irby, Billie Jean Little, Billie Ruth Miller, Ann Odom, Rosemary Owen, Third Row: Patricia Peeples, Irma Richardson, Judy Tubb, Ann White. Grace White, Sally Wilkinson, Ann Wood, Paisy Wright, Fourth Row: PLEDGES Betty Bowen, Juanita Brown, Catherine Carter, Nancy Craig, Margaret Crook, Alice Fuller, Ella Mao Fulmer, Wanda Goodman. Fifth Row: Weida Goodman, Jane Holloway, Bettye Jackson„ Annette McGee, Enid Joan Mestier, Bette Rose Miller, Jean; Montgomery, Rubye Ann Myers. Sixth Row: Virginia Nelson, Jean Oakes, Charlene Peagler, Dor- othy Ramsey, Anne Reed, Emily Shelton, Nancy Sowell, Emily Stubbs. m u FOUNDED IN 1852 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1926 The interior of the green and white Kappa Delta house looked for all the world like a fashionable French dress shop. Stylishly draped dummies graced strategic points of the room and the piano was almost hidden under an arrangement of the latest word in hats. " Mademoiselles. " The accented syllables put everyone in a European mood, and the elite French Tea was underway. The quaint Old-World spell was not broken even later when the very-American officers: Jean Sain, Fronia Helgeson, Louise Zeller, Betty Herlihy, and Frances Melshimer mingled with the rushees. We heard " A KD Girl " and smelled the scent of white roses. Three of the campus favorites, Carolyn Alford, Nancy Murry, and Lannese Thompson, waved at us in the crowd. Martha Robertson and Patty Smith also helped make the party gay. MEMBERS First Row: Jane Alexander, Carolyn Alford, Bonnie Arnold, Caro- line Bogard, Betty Ann Brame, Jane Caugran, Jeane Embrey, Daisy Frances Frazier. Second Row: Joy Graham, Martha Lou Grantham, Ann Grigsby, Bobbie Sue Haddon, Marion Hegason, Betty Herlihy, Jo Hol- land, Sally Kershaw, Sarah Knight. Third Row: Caroline Kochtitzky, Betty McCarthy, Gladys Mc- Gaughy, Ruthie McCree, Diane Moriority, ,Frances Melsheimer, Joyes Murphy, Nancy Murray, Paula Newton. Fourth Row: Marilyn Perkins, Betty Roach, Martha Robertson, Jean Sain, Patsy Smith, Ann Sneed, Lannese Thompson, Carlin Vinyard, Gloria Watson. Fifth Row: Louise Zeller, PLEDGES Joan Barbour, Ann Bronn, Adrian Gautier, Rebecca Henley, Geneva Jaquith, Mertice Je- ter, Carolyn Kemp. Sixth Row: Jimmie Lawson, Mary Little, Kathryn Lyle, Betty Ann MacDonald, Ann McLeod, Zelma Melvin, Peggy Neal, Elizabeth Nichols. Seventh Row: Mariame Prewitt, Patricia Regan, Helen Salmon, Joan Savery, Genie Smith, Peggy Sewell, Bobbie Thrower, Ethel Wilkins. ppa de] FOUNDED IN 1897 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 " Who ' s your friend? " It was a speak-easy and the bouncer peeping through the door couldn ' t have been a Delta Gamma. Inside there were dice tables, roulette wheels, and best of all, free money to gamble with. The chorus girls and bar-f lies added much atmosphere to the smoky night club, and president Polly Haaga, vice president " Sugar " Salter, secretary Celia Buntin, and treasurer Ann McDonald had been transformed into gamblers and bartenders. " Tis " Flanagan, an Ole Miss favorite and cheerleader, hung on the bar along with Linda Lindley and Mary Jo Stuart. Another favorite, Harriet Geisenberger, hand- ed out cigarettes as Jean Gale, Catherine Huggins, and " Sis " Fields mixed make-believe cocktails. The hilarity grew until shots and yells were heard, and sud- denly the room was filled with policemen " raiding the joint. " We found ourselves smuggled out a back way to avoid the infamy of being " arrested. " MEMBERS First Row: Betty Lane Akin, Katherine Boatner, Celia Buntin, Fields, Tis Flanagan, Ella Beth Ford, Jean Gale, Mary Gale. Second Row: Clare Geisenberger, Harriet Geisenberger, Polly Hager, Marjorie Holder, Shirley Holland, Catherine Huggins, Linda Lindley, Ann McDonald. Third Row: Ann Major, Clarice Mashburn, Medora Salter, Mary Jo Stuart, Lillian Tankersley, Margaret Zderad, Jo Anne Allred, Marianna Bailey. Fourth Row: Marianne Caldwell, Shirley Ann Cope, Jacqueline Curry, Dorothy Ewell, Sarah Fondren, Effie Marie Foster, Mar- jorie Fraser, Terry Gautier. Fifth Row: Sally Hampton, Mary Hare, Billie Jean Hickman, Mar- gie Jordan, Ju ne Kimbrough, Rose Marie Leonard, Peggy Ma- honey, Ouida Murray, Ada Lee Oglesby. Sixth Row: Elizabeth Ann Pinkston, Marjorie Reeves, Carolyn Russell, Mary Loudon Stennis, Dorothy Streater, Betty Gail Tomas, Kathryn Todd, Carolyn Watkins, Barbara Wilkerson. delta gamma FOUNDED IN 1873 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1936 The strains of " Smoke Dreams " filled this night spot and then the Delta Zeta Supper Club was in full swing. Hat-check girl, Merle Martin, took our coats and jolly bartenders in huge aprons waited to take all orders for a Pan-Hell Fizz. The fancy nightclubbers mingled with the guests and we soon found presi- dent June Sneed among them with the other officers: Betty Aby, Merle Martin, Mary Ann Edge, and Ellen Wade. Treas- urer Jo McCrone was a cigarette girl who sold typed songs which looked more like cigarettes. Gary Promo and Jo Hafford began " Dream Girl " and the room grew quiet. We saw Thelma Pelham and Joan Thomas among the rose and green and the Killarney roses. MEMBERS First Row: Betty Aby, Elizabeth Brown, Virginia Ann Echols, Mary Ann Edge. Second Row: Shirley Norwood, Jo McCrone, Merle Martin, June Sneed. Third Row: Joan Thomas, Muriel Thomas, Ellen Wade. o FOUNDED IN 1907 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 241 Red and white checked clothes, pretzels, ginger ale, and root beer decorated the tables on the terrace. The rushees had walked into the Gay Nineties, alive with costumed ZTA ' s, in- cluding Jean Beck, Julie Douglas, Ruth Crocker, and LaNelle Gafford, their officers. A honky-tonk floor show began with " Beatrice Kay " and included a barber-shop quartet. Barbara Brook, Martha Dulaney, LaNelle Gafford, Nell Hobgood, Bettye McWhorter, and all the girls were having fun, and so were we. White violets or their colors, turquoise blue and steel grey, weren ' t displayed at this party but there was enough color without these. It was much fun and the party grew as merry as any held in those roaring, wide-open days. MEMBERS First Row: Jean Beck, Barbara Broock, Jo Ann Casteel, Ruth Crocker, Julie Doug las, Martha Douglas, Martha Dulaney. Second Row: Helen Ellis, Sue Exum, Lanelle Gafford, Hilda Green, Peggy Ann Green, Nell Hobgood, Roy Jean Hussey. Third Row: Bettye McWhorter, Jo Ann Randle, Nellie Jean Ri- ley, Maureen Shipp, Patsy Taylor, Martha Wallace, Lanelle Wells. Fourth Row: Patty Anderson, Lois Byrd, Dorothy Easom, Mary Ellen Exum, Colleen Fly, Lula Forgey, Jane Gustafoson. Fifth Row: Charlotte Hess, Hazel Oakes, Mary Ann Patton, Claire Sinquefield, Patricia Taylor, Bonnie Jean Townsend. z e t t a um, a:pha FOUNDED IN 1898 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1939 243 South Pacific beauties greeted us at the Kappa house with varie-shaded blue leis. We walked into an Hawaiian paradise, complete with palm trees, hula-hula girls, and ukes. Behind some of the swishy grass skirts and sarongs could be detected president Joan McClellan, vice-president Carol Christopher, secretary Barbara Thompson, and treasurer Josephine Hamil- ton. ' ' Kappa Lullaby " was sung to the swaying of Bernice Berdon, Jimmie Coldren, " Candy " Davis and " Ginger " Seal. I caught the eye of Cynthia Hogan as she passed in a colorful sarong. " Jackie " Walker, one of the beauties and Miss University, came over to talk to us. In the crowd I saw Jeanne Adams, Martha McMullan, Peggy Driver, and Mary Jane Enochs. All of us felt we ' d been far, far away from Ole Miss. This was the last party and we hated to see it all end as the Kappas waved goodbye and called " Aloha as we left. MEMBERS First Row: Jeanne Adams, Ann Barrett, Helen Bell, Bernice Ber- don, Barbara Bruce, Barbara Cason, Carroll Christopher. Second Row: Jimmie Coldren, Henrietta Crosby, Martha Dal- rymple, Kaye Ann Davis, Peggy Jane Driver, Mary Jane Enochs, Anne Ewbank. Third Row: Rosema ry Gaston, Josephine Hamilton, Cynthia Hogan, Betty Kramer, Virginia Lee, Joan McLellan, Martha Mc- Mullan, Margaret Read. Fourth Row: Virginia Seal, Martha Stone, Juliette Sullivan, Dor- othy Terry, Barbara Thompson, Dorothy Waite, Jackie Walker, Nancy Wood. Fifth Row: Katherine Wright, PLEDGES Nancy Arrington, Judy Ball, Patricia Barrett, Nancy Carpenter, Anita Gavin, Shirley Gooch, Carelyn Kincannon. Sixth Row: Luci Kreger, Lloyd Lee, Mary Clair McDermott, Jackie Newsom, Ruth Mary Piegeon, Norma Lee Reeves, Dor- othy Smith, May Watkins. kappa IYA:11,171 FOUNDED IN 1870 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1946 First Row: E. C. Ward, Jack Geary Second Row: Paul Amos MEMBERS PAUL ABSTON Sigma Pi PAUL AMOS Phi Kappa Sigma ROBERT ANDREAE Beta Theta Pi GENE BISHOP Sigma Alpha Epsilon JAMES BRAMUCHI Theta Kappa Phi BUDDY BRAUN Pi Kappa Alpha HAL BREWER Kappa Sigma BURCHFIELD BULLOCK Phi Kappa Sigma NORRIS CALDWELL Sigma Chi STEWART CAMPBELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT L. CAVE Phi Kappa Psi " RUSTY " FIELDS Phi Delta Theta JOHN FOX, III Beta Theta Pi LARRY FRANCK Kappa Alpha JACK GEARY Kappa Alpha JOHN R. GERDES Phi Kappa Psi " CHUCK " HARDIE Pi Kappa Phi HENRY HERNDON Delta Kappa Epsilon JACK HERRING Sigma Pi CHARLIE HOLLANDER Phi Epsilon Pi FRANK HOSAK Theta Kappa Phi TOM JENKINS Alpha Tau Omega BILLY KORNDORFFER Alpha Tau Omega WESLEY LOMINICK Kappa Sigma JIMMY MANNING Kappa Alpha CONNELL MILLER Sigma Pi Epsilon BOB MORRISON Sigma Chi ED OGLETREE Sigma Nu HENRY PARIS Phi Epsilon Pi " MOOSE " RAMSEY Phi Delta Theta ED SHAWBLOSKY Sigma Pi VICTOR SMITH Delta Psi EDGAR TIMMONS Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBERT TAYLOR Delta Kappa Epsilon E. C. WARD Sigma Alpha Epsilon OWEN WILLIAMSON Pi Kappa Phi The Inter-Fraternity Council serves as a liaison agency be- tween the various men ' s social fraternities on the campus. The council is composed of two representatives from each fra- ternity. Its main purposes are to regulate rushing among the men ' s Greek-letter organizations and advise them in matters dealing with the administration. Cl OFFICERS JACK GEARY E. C. WARD PAUL AMOS FRATERNITY COUNCIL OPPOSITE PAGE: BELOW: First Row: Robert Cave, ' Rusty Field, John Fox Ill, Larry First Row: Paul Aliston, Paul Amos. Franck, Jack Geary. Second Row: Robert Andreae, Gene Bishop. Third Row: Jim Bramuchi, Buddy Braun. Fourth Row: Hal Brewer, Burchfield Bullock. Fifth Row: Norris Caldwell, Stewart Campbell. Second Row: John Gerdes, Chuck Hardie, Henry Hern- don, Jack Herring, Charlie Hollander. Third Row: Frank Hosak, Tom Jenkins, Billy Korndorffer, Wesley Lominick, Jimmy Manning. Fourth Row: Connell Miller, Bob Morrison, Ed Ogletree, Henry Paris, " Moose " Ramsey. Fifth Row: Ed Shropshire, Victor Smith, Edgar Timmons, Robert Taylor, E. C. Ward, Owen Williamson. One hundred and one years at Ole Miss ... secret of- ficers ... Crump and Williams big guns in the " Y " George Kirkland wheels around in ROTC ... blue, crim- son, and gold from the masthead . . . Jerry McCall is TKA and ODK . . . Carter has a hep paint brush .. . party, party, party . . . pansies and " Phi Marching Song. " MEMBERS First Row: Doodle Carlisle, John C. Carter, Van Coney, Harold Crump, Herbert Denton, Leland Duddleston, Curtis Greer. Second Row: Henry Herndon, George Kirkland, Ernest C. Phillips, Clark Strain, Robert L. Taylor, Parham Wil- liams, William Woodward. Third Row: Wallace Wooten, Edward Wilkinson, Jack Bobo, N. E. Blackwell, Richard Buford, Lyle Carroll, Ernest Flora. Fourth Row: Robert Gray, Richard La Robadiere, Rob- ert Leslie, William Mitchell, James L. Perabo, Jack Robertson, Jack Rodgers, Robert Scott. delta kappa epsilon„ FOUNDED IN 1844 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1850 249 t; E ,, iiiiiiiilli IJ Azure and gold . . . " St. Anthony Hall " ... secret of- ficers and meetings . . . Don Childers drills the Navy ... Wakefield has the red Olds with the straight ex- hause . . . white house on the corn,- . . . Fletcher and Hickey are campusology majors ... at Ole Miss ninety- six years. MEMBERS First Row: Lamar Arrington, Richard Arrington, Bud Barringer, Joe Brown, Don Childers, Bill Cooper, Bill Dickson. Second Row: John Dulaney, John Eckhart, Leslie Flet- cher, Harris Henley, Royal Hickey, Edgar Magee, Jack Parsons. Third Row: Victor Smith, David Stinson, Charles Strain, Hobson Wakefield, Robert Wood, Alan Berry, Jim Tom Bridges. Fourth Row: Joe Buchanan, Russel Clinton, William Du- laney, Robert Ervin, Jimmy Gunter, Billy Heard, Frank Turner, Charles White. delta FOUNDED IN 1847 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1855 251 11111111111111111 (,) Cardinal red and hunter green fly from other end of the row ... Bald Bob Taylor is the ruling hand ... Murphy shows intellect where intellect abounds ... Goggin heads Newman Club ... McCracken is taking a Ph.D.. • . sing of " Noble Fraternity " ... have scho- lastic cup. MEMBERS First Row: Richard Ackerman, Cliff Burgess, Patrick Caine, Bob Campion, Robert Cave, Boyd Champion, Hessel Davison. Second Row: Frank Fariss, Robert French, Gene Furness, John Gandy, John Gerdes, Tom Goggin, Richard Gould. Third Row: Ernest Greene, Lundy Gunn, John Hunt, Clint John- son, Jerry Mayes, Bryant Martin, Everette McCracken. Fourth Row: William Melson, Ray Murphy, Edwin P. Nelson, Thurston Sherman, Robert Taylor, William R. Taylor, John Vold. Fifth Row: Walton Williams, Richard Brock, Tim Daugherty, Cliff Harmon, Paul Jones, Charles Lundy, Joe Strawbridge. phi a ps_ FOUNDED IN 1852 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1857 253 " Piggie " Caldwell is prexy . . . Barber takes over as subaltern . . . Morrison leads Commerce School and is ODK ... Hatcher made ODK, too ... Strickland leads yells ... blue and old gold ... white rose ... " Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi! " MEMBERS First Row: Ralph Barber, Kenneth A. Barfield, Max Beaver, J. C. Bell, Fielden Bowlin, Norris Caldwell, William Campbell, Rich- ard L. Carrington, John Carroll. Second Row: Jimmy L. Childers, Lawerence C. Corbin, Albert Covington, Wilson Dillard, Edward Dunn, Jesse Eavenson, Wil- liam Greene, John C. Hannah, L. V. Harrison. Third Row: Walter Harrison, John L. Hatcher, Robert Hodges, William House, William Howell, William Jackson, Charles M. Jones, Henry H. King, Joseph V. LeBlanc. Fourth Row: Robert A. Little, Edward Loggins, William B. Mac- Millan, John McDavid, Charles McGill, Robert Morrison, Jimmy W. Neblett, Word P. Patton, Richard Pickens. Fifth Row: Robert C. Reeder, George Renshaw, Jack L. Rhymes, Pete H. Rhymes Jack L. Ritter, Jackson D. Rivers, Elliot E. Schlottman, Marshall Smith, Lewis Abernathy. Sixth Row: John Norman Brown, David Colbert, Allen Day, Frank Day, William Deboe, Waide Galle, Dixie Hollis, David Holmes. Seventh Row: C. G. Kimball, Al Kirk, Ralph Kyte, Arthur Lewis, Lewis Mahoney, Adair Marshall, George McGinnis, Roy Moore, David Newton. Eighth Row: Jim Norman, George Reeves, Jim Redden, Mitchell Savory, Charles Smith, Harlin Smith, William Stevenson, John Teague, Allen Walker. 0 S G FOUNDED IN 1855 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1857 01 " Violets " sounds throughout the house . . . Campbell is Eminent Archon ... Simmons is second in command ... E. C. Ward is IFC prexy ... Jim Dupuy keeps funds of the " M " Club ... Lipsey shuffles papers at the " Y " . . . Pidgeon likes Cokes . . . lions often change colors ... Thompson is cheerleader ... Bishop is great on the sax . . . old gold and royal purple. MEMBERS First Row: Bill Aldridge, Phil Alexander, Hall Baldridge, Temple Barnard, Jimmy Becker, John M. Bee, Gene Bishop, Bags Bren- ner, Tom Boring. Second Row: Leo Brown, Bill Burney, Tommy Campbell, Stewart Campbell, J. B. Carpenter, John Carter, William Chapman, Louis Chatham, John A. Crawford. Third Row: Bill Crenshaw, Jim M. Day, Howard Duvall, George Farr, Hardy Farris, Ben Feigler, Tommy Graves, Jay Hedgepeth, Jim Horton. Fourth Row: Kenneth King, Clayton Kincannon, David Leather- man, Robert Leatherman, Mack A. Lewis, Roy Lindsay, Harry Loflin, Allen McAden, Talbot McCormick. Fifth Row: George Marshall, Mike Marshall, Earnest Martin, George Melichar, Don Mitchell, Joe Montgomery, Lile Murphree, Ed Tye Neilson, James E. Pidgeon. Sixth Row: James Porter, Tom Porter, Rex Queen, Richard Reid, Brooks Robertson, Eustace Semmes, Bill Simmons, Ralph Sim- mons, John C. Shannon. Seventh Row: Lehrue Stevens, John A. Stovall, Oscar F. Temple, Allen Thompson, Pete Townsend, James A. Ventress, Glen Wal- ker, E. C. Ward, Eli Whitaker, Yerger Wilson. sigmc, 1pho psiloil FOUNDED IN 1856 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1866 Three-story house .. . first fraternity to serve meals and have housemother ... Emmerich is chief ... John- son heads College of Liberal Arts ... Harrison ' s in ev- erything ... Rhymes edits The Ole Miss ... McRae is cheerleader ... azure and argent . • . costume parties ... sword and shield ... white carnations. MEMBERS First Row: Jare Barkley, Harry Barkley, Bobby Burkley, George Cottingham, Francis Criss, Charlie Carr, Jimmy Darnell, J. 0. Emmerich, Rusty Field. Second Row: George Garner, Phil Harding, Ben Harrison, Shaw Johnson, Whit Johnson, Homer Joiner, Tom Joyner, Jimmy Lear, Bob Looney. Third Row: Bill Lyons, Jim Martin, Bill McKinney, Tommy Mal- lette, Bobby Miley, Bob Myers, John McRea, Johnny Mitchell, Billy Phillips. Fourth Row: Marvin Porter, Barton Pursell, Moose Ramsey, Bob- by Reeves, Frank Reynolds, Fisher Rhymes, Dick Smith, Jimmy Smith, Chuck Snyder. Fifth Row: Ernest Spencer, Ed Steele, Walter Taylor, Tommy Tucker, Johnny Watts, Bob Weaver, Shannon Williford, Kinman Wynn, PLEDGES Albert Caldwell. Sixth Row: Scotty Cracraft, Danny MacCurrie, Dewey Dearman, Wade Garner, Hunter Gholson, S. K. Jones, Carl Lipe, Tommy McDowell. Seventh Row: Son Muphree, Teddy Millette, Bud Pointer, Harry Lee Robinson, Billy Stitt, Don Taylor, James Wilson, Guy Bumpas. phi d 71) [ r1) e t cc, FOUNDED IN 1848 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1877 Baby pink and baby blue ... Fox Ill handles the gavel . . . Bob Andreae as Veep . . . Pearson plays football and presides at Student Senate ... Maxwell and Brad- ley are varsity stars ... Gilbert heads Navy unit and Chi Epsilon and is ODK ... so are Pearson and Fox Ill ... sing " Loving Cup " and " My Beta Girl " ... Bob Rush- ing plays drum major on occasions. MEMBERS First Row: Robert L. Andreae, Joseph F. Armstrong, Bruce B. Bradley, Kirby K. Bryant, Donald L. Earnest 0. Cochran, Ira L. Couch, Louis A. Day. Second Row: Gus T. Evans, Henry P. Fonville, John H. Fox, III, Bert M. Gamble, Robert J. Alton K. Gilbert, Alfred W. Hardy, Douglas M. Koger. Third Row: Robert L. Koger, Harold L. Maxwell, Sidney L. Mc- Neil, Bobby J. Moser, William M. Pace, Thomas H. Pearson, Robert K. Rushing, Leo L. Sullivan. Fourth Row: Ivan C. Thompson, Charles W. Walton, John R. Werner, James W. Willis, J. B. Williams, Miles Wilkerson, Sid- ney Beck, Warren Forsythe. Fifth Row: George P. Johnson, David Lyon, Stig Mylander, Rob- ert Nick, Bumond Noble, Paul Peterson, John Scobey, Joe Tullos. e oi ,Tts, 11, e t 1 FOUNDED IN 1839 g ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1879 Singers of " My Kappa Alpha Rose . . . crimson and gold here for ' 5 I winters ... led by Manning as num- ber one, with Allen and Geary as second and third ... give frequent parties ... won IM football crown hands down . . . Strange, Crockett, and Manning were All- Stars . . . Ben Moore, tsk, tsk . . . red roses and mag- nolias. MEMBERS First Row: Charles Allen, James Anderson, Dick Birchett, Matt Bonner, Chester Burnham, Lindy Callahan, Julian Carroll, John Chalk, Graham Christian, Billy Coffey, Billy Cook. Second Row: Bobby Cox, Jim Elliott, Nolen Fancher, Brunner Ford, Larry Franck, Jack Geary, Monroe Gensert, Ewell Griffon, George Griffon, Nelson Hall, Pete Hand. Third Row: Sam Hardison, Wade Hilliard, Bob Hudson, E. C. Johnson, Leon Lewis, Abbey Magruder, Jimmie Manning, B. B. McClendon, Jackie McLemore, Ben Moore, Lewis Morrow. Fourth Row: George Mullis, James Nuckolls, Bobby Owens, Sam Parker, Billy Perry, Sam Presley, Gus Primos, John Robinson, Jerry Ryan, Jack Stamm, Forrest Stevens. Fifth Row: Beeman Strange, Fay Sullivan, Tommy Thompson, Sterling Tighe, Victor Vance, Johnnie B. Walker, Jimmie Waring, Kenneth Watts, Walter White, Harold Williams, Skippy Wise. Sixth Row: Wirt Yerger, Bobby Allred, Jack Bell, Bobby Dorr, Bob Endt, Mike Flanagan, Gary Gilmore, Peyton Greaves, Jerry Hair, Zeb Jones, Pete Lagrone. Seventh Row: James Magee, Tinker McCardle, Garland McKee, T. E. Mortimer, Jack Norris, Frank Ready, Tommy Webb, Tommy White, Tommy Wilson, Snookie Williams. k 1) 1 p ' rrt 1-- FOUNDED IN 1865 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1900 Star and Crescent boys ... lot of wheels ... Brewer is President and business manager of annual . . . Colonel Rebel Dottley Dantin in ASB ' s chair ... Krebs and Pittman put out Mississippian . . . Newton and Cop- pedge made ODK ... lily of valley grows in front yard . . . voices swell to " Kappa Sigma. " MEMBERS First Row: Marshall Allen, James L. Adams, Edward Atkinson, Louis Baine, Forrest Baker, Richard Barnhill, Edwin Batte, Wil- liam Beck, George Beley, Howard Bishop. Second Row: Fred Birmingham, Bobby Boh, Harold Brewer, Ed- mond Brignac, Clinton Butler, Henry Caldwell, Beau Carvill, Harry Chapman, Kelly Clifford, Walter Coppedge. Third Row: Ancil Cox, Maurice Dantin, James Davis, Robert Dickinson, Don Dismukes, John Kayo Dottley, Robert Dunlap, William Fortenberry, Erasmus Fowler, Billy L. Gill. Fourth Row: Brelon E. Grantham, Dick Hendrix, Chris Henick, Paul Horn, Albin Krebs, Ellk Lindsey, Clifton Little, Wesley Lomi- nick, Dan McElroy, Charley McFadden. Fifth Row: Pat McHugh, Bob Merryman, Charley Middleton, Fred Morgan, George Mori, Isaac Newton, Paul M. Newton, Carl Nichols, Tommy Orr, Gene Odom. Sixth Row: Pat O ' Malley, Ira Pittman, Paul Pittman, Patrick Roper, Richard Russum, James Sheffield, Duane Smith, William L. Smith, Charles M. Smith, Louis Staehle. Seventh Row: Pat Tracy, Buford Wells, Billy Willey, John White, Charley Williams, Pete Wilson, Marion Wolfe, Jimmy Yarbrough, Mack Yawn, Eugene Barham. Eighth Row: Vincent Bellipani, Ben Box, John Boyett, Taylor Cof- fey, Hunter Daniels, Gene Davis, Earnest Duff, David Goforth, Howard Grubbs, Joe Handcock. Ninth Row: Finley Horton, Tommy Jones, Rudy Koski, John Miller, Chesley Morris, Brunson Moore, Dickie Nolen, Roy Pitts, Jimmie Shoemaker, Frank Therrell, Dick Trott. kuppa sigma FOUNDED IN 1869 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1926 Tom Crews leads . . . seconded by Tom Jenkins .. . white house with new la ndscaping ... Crews edits Law Journal . . . two Korndoffers, both real smart . . . sky blue and gold . . . choose " Swetheart of ATO " . . Rocky Byrd ... white roses. MEMBERS First Row: Billy E. Berry, Victor R. Blaine, Clyde Bracken, Edward E. Davis, Mickey Farris, Edward S. Hanrahan, Mike Isom, Tom D. Jenkins. Second Row: James Korndorffer, Billy Korndorffer, Carl R. Love, Ervin McKay, George Moseley, John Paris, Albert W. Pigott, John Prados. Third Row: Charles Prindle, Samuel F. Rosenbaum, Walter M. Ruby, Robert Sellers, Henry L. Stowers, Wil- bur Van Riper, Gordon L. Wills, John Bagwell. Fourth Row: Robert Bickerstaff, Norfleet Craig, Har- vey Cromwell, James I. Jackson, Lawrence Mize, Rob- ert Patterson, Richard Van Riper. a i p ,, ..-)...., tau omega FOUNDED IN 1865 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 267 Five armed star Ogletree is Commander ... Jones edits sports on the Mississippian ... Ammons is in or- chestra ... Meena, Ellis, Griffin in med school ... Free- man keeps the average up ... Burnett ' s the sportsman ... Young and Ogletree have water fiahts ... Reeves is basketeer ... white roses ... " White Star of Sigma MEMBERS First Row: T. W. Ammon, William D. Bell, W. Lloyd Blackmon, John Burnett, William S. Bush, Gerald B. Cole, Arthur Cunning- ham. Second Row: Robert E. Davis, Andral F. Dugger, George R. Ellis, John Flynn, Gerald Fournet, Thomas Freeland, Richard A. Gold- hammer. Third Row: James C. Griffin, Rayford B. Gustafson, Anthony Halligan, James P. Holloway, James C. Hays, Hal Hill, Ralph Holmes. Fourth Row: Robert L. Jones, Edwin L. Leggett, Robert L. Little, Edwin L. Lowery, Albert L. Meena, Glynn Middleton, James T. Morgan. Fifth Row: Sherman S. Muths, James E. Ogletree, Frank S. Peddle, R. B. Reeves, George L. Ricketts, Paul C. Rogers, Sammy Rolfe. Sixth Row: Milford F. Shirley, Edwin D. Shropshire, Elbert F. Simpson, Dale Thompson, Joseph Trumper, Richard White, Jo- seph E. Young. sigma nu FOUNDED IN 1869 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 Earl Watkins is president of the garnet and gold boys ... Pence is V.P.... Little is representative of Pike grill- hounds ... Braun put over Dixie Day ... Collins drives the women crazy . .. so did Griffith till Uncle Sam called him ... Selph is a great guy ... Lambert left this semester ... " Dream Girl of Pi KA. " MEMBERS First Row: Bill Bailey, Wendell Balck, Buddy Braun, Henry Buck, Walker Carney, Don Case, Alex Currie, James Dickey, Dave Dogan. Second Row: Charlie Foster, Bill Ghetti, Tommy Goodwin, Guy Griffith, Harry Gulledge, Jay Hardin, Johnny Hardin, Prentice Holder, Johnny Jabour. Third Row: Clarence Jolly, Malcolm Justice, Bill Little, Kelly Mc- Koin, Mitchell McLaughlin, Jerry Miller, Conway Moncure, Al Moore, Robert F. Nance. Fourth Row: Elbert Nelson, Jason Niles, Marvin Oats, George Pence, Bill Perkins, Henry Phelps, C. H. Potts, Clarence Profilet, Jim Quarles. Fifth Row: Chalmers Richardson, Bill Selph, J. U. Simmons, Tom- my Spencer, Jim Stingley, Gilbert Strode, Mack Tidwell, Nathan Wade, Max Waldrop. Sixth Row: Earl Watkins, Frank Youngblood, Charlie Armstrong, Douglas Brandon, Dow Bryant, Bil ly Joe Brown, Bobby Burns, Ike Collins, Jewell Dorris. Seventh Row: Eugene Ellis, Kelly Ellis, Lamarr Griffin, Reid Har- well, Bill Hollowell, Bobby Jones, Dan Keel, Jimmy Knight, Wade LaGrone. Eighth Row: Johnny Leverette, Ernest Mangum, James Parham, Ben Ray, Kelly Scott, Byrd Sorrels, Norman Sterner, Wally Sul- livan, Allan Webb. p o, FOUNDED IN 1868 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 ' C-)) 17_ , 1 I Edgar Timmons leads . . . Queen of Hearts ... Melvin has the degrees . . . purple and red . . . heart-shaped pin . . . American Beauty roses . . , Miller is known by all ... Sayle is the hardest worker. MEMBERS First Row: William Farley, Sidney Haney, William Hin- ton, Robert Marriam, Harold Melvin. Second Row: Connell Miller, Ervin Sayle, Alvin Sylvest, Edgar Timmons, Jack Wolverton. Third Row: William O ' Donnell, Charles Pitts, James Sullivan. • S 1 ' In: (7, 1( )) 4_ -I rr 0 FOUNDED IN 1901 e ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1923 273 Charles Hollander is Superior . . . Paris leads yells as the head man ... Danciger edits sports for the paper, swims in social swim ... purple and gold ... " Dr eam Girl of Phi Ep Pi. ' ' MEMBERS First Row: Robert Berman, Irwin Califf, Harry Danciger, Robert Emmich, Avron Hirsh. Second Row: Charley Hollander, Jack Marvin, Henry Paris, Leonard Warren. phi epsilon pi FOUNDED IN 1904 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1935 275 theta kappa FOUNDED IN 1922 0 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS 1949 MEMBERS Bramuchi is kingpin ... also serves as prexy of Engineer- First Row: John Bat, James Bramuchi, Joseph DeLuca, E. B. Hensen, Frank Hosak, Augustus Logue, Bernard Macaluso, Donald Parks, Sil- vio Spigolon. Second Row: Baptist Boetto, Richard Boney, Robert Brown, Dennis Helm, Jerry McMa- hon, John Parker, Richard Perkins, William Reynolds. ing School ... this crew has noisiest car on campus ... red, silver, and cold ... came to Ole Miss in 1949 ... house being planned . . . pearls and rubies . . . going great. 276 sigm a p FOUNDED IN 1897 • ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS 1947 Greek Cross . . . Maurice Kemp is head man under MEMBERS moniker of Sage ... Emeralds ... Lavendar and white First Row: Paul Abston, Charles A. Azar, . . . members seen frequently in grill and Law school Jack L. Herring, Eddie W. Caveness, James M. Crawford. ... councilors ... Crawford was the actor ... Kellum ' s Second Row: Raymond L. Kellum, Walter R. in the army . . . Shawblosky ' s in bad wrecks ... Uncle Larson, Norman W. Polk, Edward Shaw- Sam called most of them. blosky, Archie L. Williams. 277 Lots of Keys. Elections. Being Tapped. These Are the Wheels. Learning Parliamentary Procedure. Grade Requirements. Professional, Scholastic, Character Building. At Ole Miss We . Are Proud of Our o m d e 1 t kappa FACULTY MEMBERS Paul D. Brandes Roscoe Cross Victor A. Coulter John H. Fox, Jr. Wiley H. Critz R. Malcolm Guess James W. Silver OFFICERS John W. Dulaney Jack McLain PAUL M. NEWTON WILLIAM F. GOODMAN, JR. W. KELLY CLIFFORD ROSCOE CROSS President Vice-President Treasurer Faculty Secretary J. 0. Emmerich, Jr. John H. Fox, III John H. Geary Alton K. Gilbert William F. Goodman, Jr. Frank D. Montague, Jr. Robert R. Morrison Paul M. Newton Carl G. Nichols, Jr. Thomas H. Pearson MEMBERS Benjamin L. Harrison John L. Hatcher Rubel L. Phillips John W. Prados Henry L. Adkins William W. Combs William D. Haynes William I. Scott Sterling A. Batte Walter R. Coppedqe Whitman B. Johnson, Jr. Alliston Slade John D. Bethay Thomas R. Crews Andrew A. Jumper Bennett E. Smith Harold D. Brewer J. Maurice Dantin Albin J. Krebs Francis B. Stevens W. Kelly Clifford John K. Dottley Jerry C. McCall Edwin C. Ward 280 Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary fraternity which was founded on the Ole Miss Campus in 1936. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding leadership in the fields of religious and social activities, journalism, foren- sics, scholarship, and athletics. Each year ODK sponsors a series of forums which are very helpful to students in keeping abreast of current affairs. In 1949 the members of ODK sponsored the foreign student fund and were instrumental in leading other campus groups to donate to this cause. This fund has been continued to the present time. The national organization was founded at Washing- ton and Lee University in 1914, and has grown until the sixty active circles have a total membership of over 15,000. MEMBERS Opposite page: First Row: Henry L. Adkins, Sterling A. Batte, John D. Bethay, Harold D. Brewer, W. Kelly Clifford, William W. Combs, Walter R. Coppedge, J. Mau- rice Dantin. Second Row: John K. Donley, John W. Dulaney, J. 0. Emmerich, Jr., John H. Fox, Ill, John H. Geary, Alton K. Gilbert, William F. Goodman, Jr., Benjamin L. Harrison. Third Row: John L. Hatcher, William D. Haynes, Whitman B. Johnson, Jr., Andrew A. Jumper, Albin J. Krebs, Jerry C. McCall, Jack McLain. Left First Row: Robert R. Morrison, Paul M. Newton, Carl G. Nichols, Jr., Thomas H. Pearson. Second Row: Rubel L. Phillips, John W. Prados, Wil- liam I. Scott, Alliston Slade. Third Row: Bennett E. Smith, Edwin C. Ward. Not Pictured: Thomas R. Crews, Frank D. Monta- gue, Jr., Francis B. Stevens. 2 ' I • pi First Row: Charles H. W. Kelly Clifford, William W. Combs, Jr., James E. Darnell, Jr., Evelyn S. Haney, Harry B. Hungerford, Jr. Second Row: Whitman B. Johnson, Jr., Jerry C. McCall, Ervin G. McKay, J. Ray Murphy, Paul M. Clarence H. Poits, John W. Prados. OFFICERS CLARENCE H. POTTS President JAMES A. CABANISS Executive Secretary JERRY C. McCALL Vice-President EVELYN S. HANEY Secretary WHITMAN B. JOHNSON, JR. Treasurer James A. Cabaniss Arthur C. Guyton Bernard G. Hamilton John S. Hartin Charles H. Abraham W. Kelly Clifford William W. Combs, Jr. James E. Darnell, Jr. FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Huey B. Howerton William L. Kennon Richard E. Keye, Jr. Pete K. McCarter MEMBERS Evelyn S. Haney Harry B. Hungerford, Jr. Whitman B. Johnson Jerry C. McCall Ervin G. McKay Opal R. Price Annie L. Roberts Roy D. Sheffield John R. Smith J. Ray Murphy Paul M. Newton Clarence H. Potts John W. Prados Pi Kappa Pi is an organization which upholds high ideals in scholastic work on the Ole Miss Campus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is the highest scholastic honor that may be attained at the University. The main requirement for membership is a seventy per cent average of A ' s for two consecutive years. HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC AVERAGES 282 FRESHMEN SCHOLASTIC OFFICERS ROBERT L. BERMAN President MIKE ISOM Historian ERNEST 0. SPENCER Vice-President BILLY E. BERRY Junior Adviser LENOX W. OGLESBY Secretary ROBERT C. HOLMES Senior Adviser DEAN G. FLEMING Treasurer R. MALCOLM GUESS Faculty Adviser FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Frank A. Anderson Mr. Jackson Doty Dean R. Malcolm Guess Prof. Richard E. Keye Dr. Harry M. Campbell Dr. Arthur C. Guyton Mr. Sykes Hartin Dr. W. L. Kennon Dr. J. Hector Currie Dr, Alfred Hume Dr. H. B. Howerton, Sr. Dr. P. K. McCarter Dr. George A. Carbonne Thomas E. Arnold Lamar Arrington Edwin Batte Robert L. Berman Billy E. Berry Gideon L. Brown Joseph E. Brown Franklin 0. Carlisle, Jr. Glen A. Carter Robert L. Cave William W. Combs, Jr. Robert I. Cox James E. Darnell, Jr. Justin J. David John 0. Emmerich, Jr. Cyril J. Fayard Dean G. Fleming Phillip George John R. Gerdes John L. Hatcher Henry N. Herndon, Jr. Robert H. Hodges C. Holmes Harry B. Hungerford, Jr Mike Isom Thomas D. Jenkins MEMBERS Whitman B. Johnson, Jr. William F. Jones William E. Jr. Lionel E. Lester James H. Lipsey, Jr. Harry L. Loflin, Jr. B. B. McClendon, Jr. Ervin McKay, Jr. Harvey Meltzer Harold W. Melvin Dewey C Morris, Jr. J. Ray Murphy James W. Neblett Lenox W. Oglesby Thomas H. Pearson John W. Prados David D. Randle Robert K. Rushing Jack Short Ernest 0. Spencer Thomas J. Stevens John H. White Parham H, Williams Sek Wing Robert Y. Wood, Jr. Wirt A, Yerger, Jr. Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshmen. It has as its purpose the forwarding of scholastic ideals and achievements among freshmen men. Requirements for membership are a 2.5 quality point average for either the first semester of college or for the entire first year of college work. First Row: Thomas E. Arnold, Lamar Arrington, Edwin Butte, Robert L. Berman E. Berry, Gideon L. Brown, Joseph Brown, Franklin 0. Carlisle, Jr., Glen A. Carter, L. Cave, William W. Combs, Jr., Robert I. Cox. Second Row: James E. Darnell, Jr., Justin J. David, J. 0. Emmerich, Jr., Cyril J. Dean G. Fleming, Phillip George, John R. Gerdes, John L. Hatcher, Henry N. Herndon, Jr., Robert H. Hodges, Robert C. Holmes, Harry B. Hungerford, Jr. Third Row: Mike Isom, Thomas D. Jenkins, Whitman B. Johnson, William E. Ko.-ndorffer, Jr., Lionel E. Lester, Harry L. Loflin, Jr., B. B. McClendon, Ervin McKay, Jr., Harvey J. Meltzer, Harold W. Melvin, Dewey C. Morris, Jr., J. Ray Murphy. Fourth Row: James W. Neblett, Lenox W. Oglesby, Thomas H. Pearson, John ' W. Prados, David D. Randle Robert K. Rushing, Jack Short, Ernest 0. Spencer, John H. Whil e, Parham H. Williams, Sek Wing, Robert Y. Wood, Jr., Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. Not Pictured: William F. Jones, James B. Lipsey, Jr., Thomas J. Stevens. Phi eta Sigma mortar board First Row: Suzette Buehler, Charlotte Coward, Harriet Geisenberger, Sue Haney. Second Row: Ann Lum, Carolyn Russell, Jean Sain, Nancy Woods. OFFICERS ANN LUM President HARRIET GEISENBERGER Vice-President CHARLOTTE COWARD Secretary SUZETTE BUEHLER Treasurer SUE HANEY Historian NANCY WOODS Forum Representative MEMBERS Suzette Buehler Sue Haney Carolyn Russell Charlotte Coward Ann Lum Jean Sain Harriet Geisenberger Nancy Woods Mortar Board is a national honorary society for senior women, established at the University in 1943. Selection for membership is one of the highest honors conferred upon women students, based upon outstanding personality, scholarship, ability and leadership on the campus. LEADERSHIP AMONG SENIOR WOMEN 284 LEADERS OF LAW SCHOOL OFFICERS WILLIAM F. GOODMAN Magister JOHN W. DULANEY, JR. Exchequer HARRIS B. HENLEY Clerk MILLARD M. BUSH Historian Millard M. Bush K. Hayes Callicut W. Kelly Clifford Ancil Cox John W. Dulaney, Jr. John B. French Joe I. Gillespie George E. Gleason MEMBERS William F. Goodman Lonnie Griffith Harris B. Henley Gay C. Herring Cecil Johnson Oscar LeBarre Harold Melvin Albert Miller Paul M. Newton George Peacock Thomas H. Pearson Ralph Pruett William F. Selph Francis Stevens Hillman R. Taylor Alonzo Welch Members of Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi, an honorary international legal fraternity, are chosen from those law students who have displayed the highest qualities of schol- arship a nd character in their legal training. The organization was formed at Ole Miss in 1927. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. First Row: Millard M. Bush, K. Hayes Callicut, Kelly Clifford, Ancil Cox, John W. Dulaney, Jr., John B. French, Joe I. Gillespie. Second Row: George E. Gleason, William F. Goodman, Lonnie Griffith, Harris B. Henley, Cecil Johnson, Oscar LeBarre, Harold Melvin. Third Row: Albert Miller, Paul M. Newton, George Peacock, Thomas H. Pearson, Ralph Pruett, William F. Selph. Not Pictured: Gay C. Francis Stevens, Hillman R. Taylor, Alonzo Welch. e:,6eita cards nal ub First Row: John M. Bee, Richard L. Brock, Irvin D. Califf, Harold C. Jim W. Elliott, William B. Franklin. Second Row: Sidney Haney, Wiley C. Hutchins, James Korndorffer, Joseph V. LeBlanc, Mitch McLaughlin, Pete Nosser. Third Row: James A. Sheffield, Wade H. Strickland, Robert H. Weaver, Robert Y. Wood. Not Pictured: Donald Patterson. OFFICERS WADE H. STRICKLAND President WILEY C. HUTCHISON Vice-President HAROLD C. CRUMP Secretary-Treasurer John M. Bee Richard L. Brock Irvin D. Califf Harold C. Crump Jim W. Elliott William B. Franklin MEMBERS Sidney Haney Wiley C. Hutchins James Korndorffer Joe V. LeBlanc Mitch McLaughlin Pete Nosser Donald Patterson James A. Sheffield Wade H. Strickland Robert H. Weaver Robert Y. Wood The Cardinal Club, sophomore service organization, was organized at Ole Miss in 1927. The club serves as the Freshman disciplinary committee and supervises the building of the annual Homecoming bonfire, acts as guide to student and faculty conventions held on the campus, and helps to instill within freshman students enthusiastic Ole Miss Spirit and a love of Ole Miss tradition. The membership of the Cardinal Club consists of outstanding sophomore men, one from each of the social fraternities and two from the student body at large. The president is selected from the preceding year ' s Cardinal Club and is a member of the Junior Class. SOPHOMORE SERVICE ORGANIZATION 286 PROMOTING FELLOWSHIP AMONG LAWYERS OFFICERS ROBERT A. BRIDGES Justice RICHARD 0. ARRINGTON, JR. Vice-Justice JOHN E. GREGG Clerk RUBEL L. PHILLIPS Treasurer JOHN A. BELLAN, JR . Historian MEMBERS Richard 0. Arrington, Jr. Lundy R. Gunn George M. Quinn John A. Bellan, Jr. William D. Haynes R. B. Reeves Robert A. Bridges . ' emus W. Lee Thomas G. Roberts Pete H. Barrubba George L. Lucas Andrew S. Scott Charles A. Carter Mitchell M. Lundy Robert L. Shirley Thomas R. Crews Sidney B. Majure Floyd P. Smith William F. Dukes George E. Morse Howard B. Trimble Jesse W. Eavenson Stanford E. Morse Charles D. Williams John E. Gregg S. Ira Pittman, Jr. Duke Williams, Jr. Rubel L. Phillips Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary legal fraternity, which seeks the promotion of fellowship and the fostering of the highest ideals of the legal profession. Those students in the School of Law who have attained the requisite scholastic and character qualifications are eligible for consideration as members. The local Lamar chapter was estblished in 1929 and was named for one of Mississippi ' s outstanding statesmen, L. Q. C. Lamar. First Row: Richard 0. Arrington, Jr., John A. Bellan, Jr., Robert Bridges, Pete H. Carruba, Charles A. Carter, William F. Dukes, Jesse W. Eavenson, John E. Gregg. Second Row: Lundy R. Gunn, William D. Haynes, James W. Lee, George L, Lucas, Mitchell M. Lundy, Sidney B. Majure. George E. Stanford E. Morse, S. Ira Pittman, Jr. Third Row: Rubel L. Phillips, George M. Quin, R. B. Reeves, Andrew S. Scott, Jr., Floyd P. Smith, Howard B. Charles D. Williams, Duke Williams, Jr. Not Pictured: Thomas R. Crews, Robert L. Shirley. Phi Alpha 2)e fa LEADING SOPHOMORE WOMEN evens OFFICERS MARGARET MILLS President BARBARA THOMPSON Vice-President PEGGY WEAVER Secretary MARY JANE ENOCHS Treasurer Mississippi Iota of CWENS is composed of sophomore women selected for scholarship, leadership ability and participation in campus activities. CWENS promotes scholarship and leadership among coeds and renders service to the University. MEMBERS First Row: Mary Jane Enochs Joan Hedman Cynthia Hogan Zelma Melvin Margaret Mills Second Row: Bessie Morgan Jo Ann Randle Barbara Thompson Peggy Weaver MEMBERS First Row: Mary Jane Delman Mary Jane Enochs Joan Hedman Josephine McCrone Zelma Melvin Second Row: Annie Frances Roberts Peggy Weaver OFFICERS JOAN HEDMAN President ANNIE FRANCES ROBERTS Secretary ZELMA MELVIN Treasurer MARY JANE DELMAS Historian Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor attainable for freshman coeds. The purpose of this or- ganization is to promote higher standards of living and learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshman women. pha lambda delta FRESHMEN SCHOLASTIC ESTABLISHING HIGH IDEALS FOR PHARMACISTS OFFICERS AUGUSTUS A. LOGUE, JR. President WILLIAM L. FORTENBERRY Vice-President ROBERT L. HOLT Secretary TOMMY ORR Treasurer HENRY L. STOWERS Historian BURCHFIELD BULLOCK Chaplain Phil B. Alexander Fred Bennett John D. Bethay Harold D. Brewer Charles W. Bullock H. Cecil Caldwell Jim M. Day MEMBERS Eugene DeBow William L. Fortenberry John F. Fly Gerald Glass William Greene James R. Greene Robert L. Holt Augustus A. Logue, Jr. Samuel L. Love Julian A. Nagle Tommy Orr Roy Reed Marshall Smith Joe K. Smith Henry L. Stowers Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi pharmaceutical fraternity was reactivated on the Ole Miss campus in 1947, after some seventeen years of inactivity. The purpose of Kappa Psi is to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutica l profession. Members are chosen in recognition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character and personality. First Row: Phil B. Alexander, Fred Bennett, John D. Bethay, Harold D. Brewer, Burchfield Bullock, Cecil Caldwell, Jr., Jim M. Day. Second Row: Eugene DeBow, William L. Fortenberry, John F. William Greene, James R. Greene, Robert L. Holt, Augustus A. Logue, Jr. Third Row: Samuel L. Love, Julian A. Nagle, Tommy Orr, Roy Reed, Joe K. Smith, Marshall Smith, Henry L. Stowers. Not Pictured: Charles W. Bullock, Gerald Glass. J(arra 9i phi chi First Row: James Barlow, Sterling Bette, Austin Boggan, Louis Chatham, W. C. Doss, John Frazier, James Holloway, A. E. Holmes, Joseph Billie James, Emile Jabour, Robert Ritter, Charles R. Smith. Second Row: Clinton Wallace, Reginald White, Victor Applewhite, Ben Crawford, Robert Donald, George Ellis, James Horton, John Laird, Wilbur Latham, Andrew Martinolich, Everette Mullen, Scott Leroy McFarland. Third Barry McIntosh, Voss McRaney, George Ryan, Stephen Schillig, Boyce Skinner, Carl Charles M. Smith, Raymond Tipton, Robert Touchstone, George Welch, B. H. Wilkerson, Boyd Zackery, Henry Atkins. Fourth Row: George Bounds, Billy Collum, William Garner, James Robert Griffin. Lucian Hodges, Hector Howard Gerald Little, Albert Meena, Max Pharr, David Scruggs, Freddie Walker, Jack Witches. Not Pictured: Mabry McMillan, Charles Dorrough, Herbert Kroeze. OFFICERS JAMES P, HOLLOWAY Presiding Senior JOHN R. LAIRD . . Presiding Junior WILFORD C. DOSS Secretary JAMES B. BARLOW Treasurer CLINTON E. WALLACE . Judge Advocate ROBERT M. RITTER Editor MEMBERS Victor Applewhite Ben L. Crawford Robert H. Donald George R. Ellis James W. Horton John W. Laird Henry L. Adkins George W. Bounds Billy L. Collum Charles M. Dorrough Wilbur D. Latham Andrew K. Martinolich Everette J. Mullen Scott McCay Leroy McFarland Barry P. McIntosh William Garner James Griffin Robert Griffin Lucian R. Hodges Class II Joseph L. Hurst Billie L. James Emile F. Jabour Robert M. Ritter Class I Mabry S. McMillian Voss McRaney George M. Ryan Stephen Schillig Boyce M. Skinner Carl A. Smith Pledges Hector Howard Herbert Kroeze Gerald M. Little Albert Meena Charles R. Smith Clinton E. Wallace Reginald P. White Charles M. Smith Raymond E. Tipton Robert N. Touchstone George B. Welch B. H. Wilkerson James B. Zackery Max L. Pharr David Scruggs Freddie Walker Jack Witchen Medical James B. Barl ow W. C. Doss, Jr. Sterling A. Butte John T. Frazier Austin P. Boggan James P. Holloway Louis S. Chatham A. E. Holmes Medical Phi Chi international medical fraternity strives for the promotion of the highest ideals of the profes- sion among the students in the many schools of medicine in which it has chapters. Theta Pi chapter was formed at Ole Miss on March 22, 1926. PROMOTING THE HIGHEST IDEALS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION 290 FELLOWSHIP FOR BUSINESS STUDENTS ■Mr21.1.71.11:C=Mar OFFICERS GLEN HOLLINGSWORTH HELEN MAGEE BILLYE CALDWELL OMEGA C. BLANTON FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. J. Lawrence Cha rman of the Department of Office Administration and Business Education Prof. Frank M . Herndon Miss Effie Sue McAmis rs. Gladys Morrison Prof. Lytle C. Fowler r. Rufus T. Jones MEMBERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Betty Adams Arthur N. Bounds Nita Brown Joan Casteel Ada Cohen Owen Cox Lillie Crawford James D. Dunavant Wanda Goodman Weida Goodman Rosie Gong Josephine Hamilton Nell Harris Clyde V. Hill Nell Hobqood Roy J. Hussey Walter Johnson Charley M. Jones Betty Kramer Harold Maxwell Joe D. McCullouch Mary E. Peeples Thelma Pelham Eugenia Russell June Sneed Jessie M. Stewart Maxine I. Stormont Thomas N. Suddarth Clem Thomas Joan Thomas Muriel Thomas Maxine Tripp Mary E. Wiley The Business Education Club was organized in October, 1947, to provide fellowship for business edu- cation students and assist in their welfare before and after their graduation. The club is open to any member of the faculty or future student who is interested in business education. First Row: Betty Adams, Arthur Bounds, Nita Brown, Joan Casteel, Ada Cohen, Owen Lillie Crawford, James Dunayant. Second Row: Wanda Goodman Weida Goodman, Rosie Gong, Josephine Hamilton, Neil Harris, Clyde Hill, Nell Hobgood, Roy Jean Hussey. Third Row: Walter Johnson, Charley Mac Jones, Betty Kramer, Harold Maxwell, Joe McCullouch, Mary Peeples, Thelma Pelham, Eugenia Russell. Fourth Row: June Sneed, Jessie Stewart, Maxine Stormant, Thomas Suddarth, Clem Thomas, Jean Muriel Thomas, Mary Wiley. Not Pictured. Marine Tripp. d Cducation Citt‘ delta sigma 1 FOSTERING THE STUDY OF BUSINESS Delta Sigma Pi is a professional commerce and business administration fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. Further aims are to encourage scholarship and associa- tion of students for mutual advancement by re- search and practice. Membership is restricted to majors in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who have met necessary scho- lastic requirements and are approved by the or- ganization. BELOW: First Row: Edwin Batte, Wilmer Blackmon, Charles Burk- ley, Robert Cade, Graham Christian, Arthur Cunningham, Henry Fancher. Second Row: William Farley, Henry Fon- ville, Jack Geary, Jack Hatcher, Chris Henick, James Her- ring, Ed Howell. Third Row: Otis Johnson, Leon Lewis, Wil- liam Little, Gordon MaCaulay, Abby Magruder, George Mori, Lenox Oglesby. OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Jack Short, David Singletary Second Row: John White, Walton Williams Third Row: J. W. Willis, Wirt Yerger Not Pictured: Julian Hill, Owen Williamson. 292 293 JOHN RAGLAND OFFICERS Head Master BOB MORRISON Junior Warden Seated: Horn, Ragland, Morrison. Standing: Berry, Stevens, McKay. MIKE ISOM Senior Warden ERVIN McKAY Treasurer BILLY BERRY Scribe Ann Lum, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi OFFICERS HENRY L. STOWERS President WILLIAM L. FORTENBERRY Vice-President MRS. AETNA BOOTH Secretary-Treasurer The student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association is open to all students in the school of Phar- macy. Student members enjoy the same privileges as the members of the national Association with the exception of not being able to vote at conferences. The Association seeks to advance knowledge and high professional stan- dards in the field. Experts in the profession are regularly brought to the campus to speak before the group. DR. DENOE AND DR. ELLIOTT 294 pharmaceutical association OPPOSITE PAGE: Firs+ Row: Phil Alexander, C. K. Arnold, Forest Baker, Hubert Barlow, Fred Bennett, John Bethay, Rupert Blakely, Mrs. Aetna Booth. Second Row: William Booth, James Boyd, Joseph Bradley, Jack Brazeal, Clyde Broyles, Burchfield Bullock, H. C. Caldwell, William Carroll. Third Row: Raul Colon, Jerry Cooper, Jim Day, Val Dayton, Eugene DeBow, Vincent DePaula, Joseph Dugas, H. G. Everett. Fourth Row: Wesley Etheredge, Jack Ferguson, John Fly, Howard Floyd, W. J. Fong, William Fortenberry, Gerald Fournet, Ronald Fraser. Fifth Row: Lanelle Gafford, Thomas Gill, Clell Green, Phil Greener, Benny Gresham, Ewell Griffon, George Griffon, Albert Harder, Wade Hilliard. BELOW: First Row: Mrs. Doris Hill, Robert Holt, L. G. Hopkins, Robert Hud- son, Ira Humphry, Ann Jones, Mary Joyner, Thomas Keeling, Charles Kette, Kenneth Lavergne. Second Row: Augustus Logue, Samuel Love, Emile Maffei, Bob Maz- zen i, Lee R. McCarter, Fred McEwen, John McManus, Patricia Mc- Nease, Howell McNeill, Dan Meador. Third Row: Harvey Meltzer, Glynn Middleton, Donald Mitchell, Yan- cey Moore, Julian Nagle, Greely Nash, Jason Niles, Tommy Orr, E!myra Pierocich, Richard Pletcher. Fourth Row: Eugene Polk, Ernest Preston, Jim Quarles, James Raggio, Louis Ramsey, Roy Teed, J. R. Savage, Cecil Scarbrough, Devon Slo- cum, Mrs. Imogene Smith. Fifth Row: Joe K. Smith, Charles Snyder, Jimmie Steele, Henry Stow- ers, Richard Straughan, Clyde Lonnie Truel!, Page White, Jack Wolverton, Winnie Yuen. Pictured: William Brannon, Charles Bullock, John Laws, Raymond Lemoine, Dan McElroy. chi lionn Row: George Bass, Jim Bramuchi, Ernest Chapple, Alton Gilbert, Robert Grady. Second Row: Asa Hatch, Charles Johnston, Oliver Krebs, Roy Kuyrkendall, Jared Mayes. Row: Rowland Murphy, Silvio Spigolon, Jessie Starnes, Howard Stringfellow, Harlan Watts, Carl Williams. Not Pictured: Frank Montague. OFFICERS ALTON K. GILBERT President ROWLAND M. MURPHY Vice-President CARL J. WILLIAMS Secretary ROBERT J. GRADY Treasurer ASA E. HATCH Associate Editor of the " Transit " George W. Bass James E. Bramuchi Ernest E. Chapple Alton K. Gilbert Robert J. Grady Asa E. Hatch MEMBERS Charles D. Johnston Oliver J. Krebs, Jr. Roy C. Kuyrkendall, Jr. Jared D. Mayes, III Frank D. Montague Rowland M. Murphy Silvio J. Spigolon Jessie Q. Starnes Howard W. Stringfellow Harlan C. Watts Carl J. Williams Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Engineering. Eligibility is based upon scholarship, char- acter, practicality, and sociability. Chi Epsilon was reorganized on the Ole Miss campus in 1949, having been inactive since 1943. JUNIOR AND SENIOR CIVIL ENGINEERS 296 THE NATION ' S OLDEST ENGINEERING SOCIETY OFFICERS GARTH 0. McGAHEY President CHARLES FRAZIER Vice-President J. W. WOOD Secretary CARL J. WILLIAMS Treasurer MEMBERS George W. Bass John W. Curran Harry B. Hungerford, Jr. Jessie Q. Starnes J. M. Bonner Dewey Dearman Charles D. Johnson Wayne Stevens Elliott R. Bowman, Jr. William J. Egan Thomas L. Joyner, Jr. John D. Stewart James Bramuchi W. B. Ford Charles E. Kilduff Cameron L. Till Edmond M. Brignac, Jr. Charles Frazier G. H. Kirkland Henry G. Torjusen William R. Burke Robert A. French Oliver J. Krebs, Jr. B. L. Trammel Ed R. Burkitt Wendell C. Fry Roy C. Huyrkendall, Jr. W. H. VanRiper, Jr. F. J. Carroll, Jr. Alton K. Gilbert Grady LaCook, Jr. Billy W. Vick Shafer D. Case, Jr. Eduardo Gaitan-Duran Richard Lowe Don Warlick Ernest E. Chapple, Jr. Bert Gamble Garth 0. McGahey Carl J. Williams Samuel L. Chesser Calvin B. Garrett E. F. McDaniel Shannon Williford Don J. Childers Thomas A. Goodwin, III Wayne R. Miles J. W. Wood Charles L. Costner Charlie Hardie R. M. Murphy Herbert P. Zschokke A. E. Hatch Rudy Slovick The American Society of Civil Engineers is the nation ' s oldest engineering society. It promotes high professional standards and advances knowledge and practice in the fields of engineering and architec- ture. First Row: George Bass, Mat Bonner, Elliott Bowman, James Bramuchi, Edmond Brignac, William Burke, Ed Burkitt, Julian Carroll, Shafer Case, Ernest Chapple, Samuel Chesser, Don Childers. Second Row: Charles Costner, John Curran, Dewey Dearman, William Egan, W. B. Ford, Charles Frazier, Robert French, Wendell Fry, Alton Gilbert, Eduardo Gaitan-Duran, Bert Gamble, Thomas Goodwin. Third Row: Charles Hardie, A. E. Hatch, Harry Hungerford, Charles Johnston, Thomas Joyner, Charles Kilduff, Oliver Krebs, Roy Kuyrkendall, LaCook, Richard Lowe, Garth McGahey, E. E. McDaniel. Fourth Row: Wayne Miles, R. M. Murphy, Jessie Starnes, John Stewart, Cameron Till, Henry Torjusen, W. H. VanRiper, Billy Vick, Don Warlick, Carl Williams, Shannon Williford, J. W. Wood, Herbert Zschokke, Not Pictured: Calvin Garrett, G. H. Kirkland, Rudy Slovick, Wayne Stevens, B. L. Trammel. Society 0 Civil engineerJ sigma i1•1111■- First Row: Harry Danciger, David Dunn J. 0. Emmerich, Francis Fields, Rudolph Gandy, Dick Goldhammer. Second Row: Thomas Guion, Frances Hilton, Meg Holmes, Ben Alb in Krebs, Dorothy Malone. Third Row: Martin Miazza, Oscar Paul Pittman, John Ray, Fisher Rhymes, Rae Sparks. OFFICERS ALBIN KREBS President JOHN RAY Vice-President DOROTHY MALONE Secretary HARRY DANCIGER Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Gerald Forbes Stanley Peterson Miss Elizabeth Spenser Marvin Black MEMBERS Harry Danciger Thomas Guion Martin Miazza David Dunn Francis Hilton Oscar Parsons J. 0. Emmerich Meg Holmes Paul Pittman Frances Fields Ben Knight John Ray Rudolph Gandy Albin Krebs Fisher Rhymes Dick Goldhammer Dorothy Malone Rae Sparks Lambda Sigma is an honorary fraternity for journalism majors and student ' s interested in this field. Its purpose is to uphold the highest standards of true journalism. In order to be initiated, a student must maintain a 2.0 quality point average in Journalism and a 1.0 quality point average in non-Journalkm courses. Lambda Sigma teaches its members to write the news accurately, completely and without opinions. The organization also aids high school publications and offers services to all newspapers over our state. ■1. UPHOLDING THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF TRUE JOURNALISM 298 The Ole Miss Marketing Club is open to any student interested in marketing. The chief purpose of the club is to acquaint members with prominent men in the fields of marketing by having such men visit the club and through field trips to surrounding cities. The Ole Miss Marketing Club is affiliated with the Dixie Chapter of the American Marketing Association. OFFICERS NORMAN BROWN President ROBERT DICKINSON ......... Vice-President MAX BEAVER Secretary ABE Treasurer MEMBERS First Row: Carnig Ajamian Max Beaver Norman Brown John Burnett James Dickey Robert Dickinson Louis Harmon Clarence Jolly Second Row: Albert T. Jones Bernard Macaluso George Melichar John Mitchell Robert Morrison Robert Nick William Perry William Reynolds Third Row: L. V. Sharp Abe Tahir Pal Tracy Jimmy Walters Members Not Pictured: Steve Castleman Donald Munro MEMBERS First Row: Betty Adams Helen Bell Joan Casteel Martha Dulaney Sara Graves Second Row: Sue Haney Ann Lum Betty McWhorter Jean Reynolds Phi Gamma Nu is a professional Commerce sorority organized to further the interest of the women students of Commerce and Business Administration; to further academic study and promote a standard of high scholarship; and to further interest in civic and professional enterprises. Membership is com- posed of women students in the school of Commerce who have met the neces- sary scholastic requirements and are approved by the organization. Phi Gamma Nu was organized on the University campus in May, 1950. OFFICERS BETTY ADAMS President ANN LUM Vice-President BETTY McWHORTER Secretary SUE HANEY Treasurer IVA PUGH Advisor • a in a I a n u SOCIETY FOR COMMERCE WOMEN univ ' 1i,s:ty debate club and kappa, alpha IN=.11■=11■111M11111■MMi M■111111111■■■ 1950-1951 SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Oct, 14—Exhibition Debate before High School Workshop Lincoln, Nebraska Oct. 28—Exhibition Debate before High School Workshop Baton Rouge, La. Nov. 3-4—TKA Southern Regional Debate Tournament Gainesville, Fla. Nov. 10-II—University of Alabama Discussion Tournament Tuscaloosa, Ala. Dec. I-2—Third Mississippi Youth Congress Jackson, Miss. Dec. 8-9—Millsaps Warm-Up Debate Tournament Jackson, Miss. Jan. 4-5—Exhibition High School and Civic Club Debates . Winona, Benoit, Rosedale, Clarksdale, Marks Jan. lb—Exhibition Debates with Murray State Campus Feb. I I-12—Deep South Frosh-Sophomore Conference ... . . . . . . Auburn, Ala. Feb. I2-15—Exhibition College Tour . Middle Tenn. Teachers, Murray State, Austin Peay, Vaderbilt, Memphis State Feb, 15—Frosh Exhibition Southwestern Feb. 22-24—All-Southern Debate Tournament Atlanta, Ga. Mar. 12—Exhibition Debates with Louisiana State Campus Mar. I3-17—TKA National Convention Harrogate, Tenn. Mar. 21-22—Exhibition High School and Civic Club Debates South Mississippi I-6—Southern Speech Association Tourney and Congress Gainesville, Fla. April 12—Exhibition High School and Civic Club Debates . .... . . Northeast Mississippi This list does not include the programs given every Monday night from Oct. 2 to April 30, in the Alumni Room of the Union Building, nor does it show the work done by the University Debate Club and Tau Kappa Alpha in connec- lion with the 1951 Department of Speech Workshop in Debate, Public Speaking, and Interpretation or the 1951 De- partment of Speech Intramural Speech Festival. MEMBERS Kathryn Adams Ray Clarke Hunter Gholson Robert Hodges Curt McKewen Andrew Scott Charles R, Allen David Colbert Sam Hardison Bill Holmes D. M. Maples Marion Smith Richard Birchett Walter Coppedge Jack Hatcher Victor Hosey Harold Joseph Stephens. Patrick Caine Harold Crump Joe Hawkins S. K. Jones Roy Pitts E. C. Ward Thomas Campbell Ernest R. Duff Jay Hedgepeth Rufus Johnson Marion Roten Bob Weaver Barbara Cason J. 0. Emmerich Thomas Herren Ken Kuzenski James R, Roberts Bob Whipple Edward Cates Harold B. Fuller Robert Higbee Jerry McCall James Saul Nancy Wood Signifies membership in Tau Kappa Alpha, national forensic honor society and member of the National Association of Honor Societies, in addition to membership in the University Debate Club, OFFICERS JACK HATCHER President JAY HEDGEPETH Vice-President NANCY WOOD . Secretary KEN KUZENSKI Treasurer JOE HAWKINS Manager 300 HONORARY SOCIETY FOR BIOLOGISTS OFFICERS ROBERT R. ROPER President THOMAS M. RITCHIE Vice-President KEARNEY SPEARS Secretary SEKNGONG T. G. WING Historian DR. FRANK M. HULL Sponsor MEMBERS Wesley J. Bryant Edgar D. Johnson Robert R. Roper Kirby K. Bryant Berwind Kaufmann Dr. R. N. Schuster LaneIle Gafford Alfred D. Lane Kerney Spears Daniel Gholson Joseph LeBlanc Robert Townes Alice Hammond Dr. Dean R. Parker John R. Werner Dr. Elmer Hammond Mrs. Bernice Rice George R. Wesley Samuel H. Hardison Thomas M. Ritchie David J. Williams Dr. Vernon B. Harrison Willie B. Rives Gordon Wills Dr. Frank M. Hull Sekngong T. G. Wing Beta Kappa chapter of Beta Beta Beta was established at Ole Miss in 1941. 11- is a National Honorary Fraternity for Biologists, and its members are carefully chosen for scholarship and scientific aptitude. The fraternity serves as a focal point for biology students on the campus. First Row: Westley Bryant, Kirby Bryant, LaneIle Gafford, Daniel Gholson, Alice Hammond, Samuel Hardison. Second Row: Edgar Johnson, Alfred Lane, Joseph LeBlanc, Thomas Ritchie, Willie Rives Robert Roper. Third Row: Kerney Robert Townes, John Werner, George Wesley, David Williams, Gordon Wills, Sek Wing. Bela Bela heconiiia.i.cs club 1.171.1=.122.1i1717S First Row: Carolyn Algee, Betty Bowen, Pat Suzette Buehler, Emma G. Carr, Catherine Carter, Mollie Christian, Ada Cohen, Teenie Coleman. Second Row: Martha Cook, Mary A. Cooper, Martha Dalrymple, Betty Gai Ere, Daisye Ferguson, Pat Gainer, Jonelle Green, Betty L. Hall, Sarah Harwell. Third Row: Jeannette Hendrix, Bettye Higdon, Jo Holland, Jane Holloway, Lynn Holloway, Cathy Johnston, Joan Jordon, Sarah Knight, Olivia Lewis, Katherine Little. Fourth Row: Jean Lovell, Merle Annette McGee, Phyllis Meek, Frances Morgan, Joyes Murphy, Mary V. Nash, Mazelle Parker, Agnew Pippin, Enola Porter. Fifth Row: Mildred Primos, Sara M. Rayner, Kathryn Ready, Elinor Sanson, Ann Slayden, Sue Thigpen, Pat Trotter, Peggy Weaver, Cissy Westbrook, Xandra Williams. Not Pictured: Mary Michael. OFFICERS JONELLE GREEN BETTY HIGDON CISSY WESTBROOK PEGGY WEAVER MEMBERS Carolyn Algee Betty Eckles Joan Jordan Agnew Pippin Betty Bowen Gai Eure Sarah Knight Enola Porter Pat Brandon Daisye Ferguson Olivia Lewis Mildred Primos Suzette Buehler Pat Gainey Katherine Little Sara M. Rayner Emma George Carr ..icrelle Green Joan Lovell Kathryn Ready Catherine Carter Betty Lee Hall Merle Martin Elinor Sanson Mollie Christian Sarah Harwell Annette McGee Ann Slayden Ada Cohen Jeannette Hendrix Phyllis Meek Sue Thigpen Teenie Coleman Betty Higdon Mary Michael Pat Trotter Martha Cook „lc, Holland Frances Morgan Peggy Weaver Mary Ann Cooper Jane Holloway Joyes Murphy Cissy Westbrook Martha Dalrymple Lynn Holloway Virginia Nash Xandra Williams Cathy Johnston Mozelle Parker In order to bring women students together and inform them of the opportunities in the field of home economics as well as to promote clean, healthful, home life, the Home Economics Club was formed at Ole Miss in 1938. The organization is open to any woman student who has had a course in the department or who is taking one. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES IN HOME ECONOMICS 302 TOP SCHOLASTIC BUSINESS STUDENTS OFFICERS BETTY ADAMS President ROBERT B. ELLIS Secretary W. KELLY CLIFFORD Treasurer Dr. C. F. Dunham Prof. Joseph Cerny Prof. Grady Guyton Charles Abraham Betty Adams Charles A. Carter FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Dr. H. B. Hiqhsaw Dr. A. J. Lawrence Dr. David McKinney Dr. K. Morrison MEMBERS W. Kelly Clifford W. T. Costilow, Jr. Sue Haney Mr. Robert E. Ellis Mr. Ned Williams Mrs. Gladys M. Morrison Paul M. Newton Jack Short 0. K. Williamson Chapters of this scholastic society for business students are limited to those in- stitutions which are members of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Membership is made up of the upper ten per cent of the senior class, but some juniors may be elected during the last semester of the junior year. This society stands for the highest principles of scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies. First Row: Charles Abraham, Betty Adams, Charles W. Kelly Clifford. Second Row: W. T. Costilow, Sue Haney, Paul Jack Short, 0. K. Williamson. Cantina Si ma M. C. a. First Row: Leo Brown, John Carter, Bill Combs, Walter Coppedoe, Harold Crump, Henry Fonville. Second Row: Spivey Lipsey, Chesley ris, Barton Pursell, Wade Bob Weaver, Parham Williams, Tommy Mallette. OFFICERS WALTER COPPEDGE President HENRY FONVILLE Vice-President SPIVEY LIPSEY Secretary PARHAM WILLIAMS Treasurer MEMBERS OF THE " Y " CABINET HAROLD CRUMP Community Services Committee TOMMY MALLETTE Dormitory Discussion Committee LEO BROWN Hospital Visitation BOB WEAVER Social and Recreational Committee CHESLEY MORRIS Worship Committee WADE STRICKLAND Freshman Y Committee JOHN C. CARTER Publicity Committee BARTON PURSELL Social Responsibility Committee WILLIAM COMBS Resource Person HOWARD B. GRUBBS President of Freshman Y.M.C.A. The Y.M.C.A. was organized on the Ole Miss Campus in 1868 in order to encourage wholesome Christian living. The Women ' s organization, the Y.W.C.A., was formed here in 1899. The Reverend Wiley H. Critz is general secretary of the Y.M.C.A., while Miss Lynda Ramey is general secretary for the women ' s group. The two organizations provide the recreational equipment in the ' ' Y ' ' building, sponsor broadcasts of off-campus football gamer, and pay the expenses for the annual Religious Emphasis Week. During examination weeks regular " coffee hours " are held in the " Y " building for the refreshment of the students. Funds for the " Y " come partly from an annual campus drive. Membership is on a voluntary basis, and each student at the University is eligible for membership. ENCOURAGING WHOLESOME CHRISTIAN LIVING 304 PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY IN COLLEGE WOMEN OFFICERS ELIZABETH POLK President CATHERINE HUGGINS Vice-President DEAN MORRIS Secretary ANN LUM Treasurer MEMBERS OF THE " Y " CABINET CAROLYN McCURDY Community Services Committee BILLY RUTH MILLER Dormitory Discussion Committee PEGGY WEAVER Hospital Visitation SARAH KNIGHT Social and Recreational Committee NELLIE JEAN RILEY Worship Committee EMMA GEORGE CARR Freshman " Y " Committee BARBARA THOMPSON World Relatedness Committee BETTY A BY Publicity Committee MARGARET MILLS Social Responsibility Committee JONNIE McWHORTER President of the Freshman Y.W.C.A. First Row: Betty Aby, Emma George Carr, Catherine Huggins, Sarah Knight, Ann Lum, Carolyn McCurdy. Second Row: Billy Ruth Miller, garet Mills, Dean Morris, Elizabeth Polk, Nellie J. Riley, Barbara Thompson, Peggy Weaver. ?V C. A •■=■•IiIMICIC.91:1=1.103■4 " wesley foundo lot o n OFFICERS JOHN R. MERRYMAN, JR. President DOROTHY F. MALONE Vice-President JESSIE M. STEWART Secretary JAMES L. NICHOLS, JR. Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JO ANN RANDLE Worship MRS. J. W. WOOD Special Programs KATHRYN ANN PICKENS Community and World Service EDWARD and ELWIN ARNOND Suppers JAMES W. NEBLETT Deputations a nd Campus Exchange WILLIAM P. RICHARDSON Music ANNIE SUE GRANT Publicity JOANN RAY Literature DONALD J. CHILDERS Recreation LaNELLE WELLS Membership and Attendance Wesley Foundation, the campus organization of Methodist students, is church-sponsored and church- related, and operates both on the local and the national level. It seeks through student initiative and participation to meaningfully relate the Christian Faith to the problems of learning and living. A con- tinuous program of study and action-projects is promoted by student committees and a full-time Pastor- Director. BRINGING TOGETHER METHODIST STUDENTS 306 SOCIETY FOR CATHOLIC STUDENTS OFFICERS ROBERT M. BROWN JOHN E. BAT HERBERT P. ZSCHOKKE MURIEL THOMAS HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. J. D. Williams Dean R. M. Guess Dean E. G. Hefley Dean L. L. Love Dr. F. A. Simonelli Dr. L. L. Sulya Col. G. E. Bender MEMBERS Mr. W. V. George Miss B, R. Mazurek Mr. E. A. Reynolds Sgt. E. F. Shevlin Mike Arsulich Kathleen Delmas John Hunt Thelma Pelham Louis Staehle John Bat Mary Jane Delmas Frank Hosak Jimmy Perabo Ray Stieffel Richard F. Boney Effie M. Foster Bill Korndorffer Rick Perkins Clair Sinquefield Robert M. Brown Adrien Gautier Jim Korndorffer Katherine Piazza Mary E. Tahir Wallace Burns Tom Goggin Al Kuljis Gerald Pichard Abe M. Tahir Baptist Buetto Anthony Halligan Gus Logue David Pongetti Joan Thomas Paul Baccaro Bill Hanegan Bernard Macaluso John W. Prados Muriel Thomas Pete Carrubba Willy Hasenfuss Mike Marshall Sarah Provenza Ed Tremmel Thomas Cascio Dennis Helm Betty McCarthy Walter Reagan Joseph T, Truemper Angelo Cote E. B. Henson Joseph Messina Larry Semski Irene Wiggins J. Dale Dupes Charlotte Hess Conway McCracken Harold Sill Herbert Zschokke Marilyn Hill Charline Peaqler Silvio Spiqalon The Newman Club is a Catholic organization dedicated to the spiritual betterment of its members, to their social life, to the fellowship, and to the promotion of Catholic ideals on the campus. It provides Catholic students with spiritual, cultural, and educational activities. First Row: Paul Baccaro, John E. Bat, Richard F. Boney, Wallace Burns, Baptist Buetto, Robert M. Brown, Pete Angelo Corte J. Dale Dugas, Kathleen Delmas, Mary Jane Delmas, Effie M. Foster, Adrien Gautier. Second Row: Tom Goggin, Anthony Halligan, Bill Hanegan, Willy Hasenfuss, Dennis Helm, E. B. Henson, Charlotte Hess, John Hunt, Frank Hosak, Bill Korndorffer, Jim Korndorffer, Al Kuljis, Gus Logue. Third Row: Bernard Macaluso Betty McCarthy, Conway McCracken, Charline Peagler, Thelma Pelham, Jimmy Perabo, Rick Perkins, Katherine Piazza, Gerald Pichard, David Pongetti, John W. Prados, Sarah Provenza, Walter Reagan. Fourth Row: Larry Semski, Silvio Spigalon, Louis Ray Stieffel, Clair Singuefield, Abe M. Tahir, Joan Thomas, M urial Thomas, Ed Tremmel, Joseph Truemper, Irene Wiggins, Herbert P. Zschokke, Mike Marshall. Not Pictured: Mike Arsulich, Thomas Cascio, Marilyne Hill, Joseph Messina, Harold S:II. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary e win an CHEMISTRY STUDENTS gamma sigm Ton OFFICERS W. E. LYON Grand Alchemist JOHN W. PRADOS Visor WILLIAM D. WINN Recorder L. E. LESTER Sergeant-at-Arms MR. EARL A. REYNOLDS Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS First Row: Dr. Frank A. Anderson Dr. Samuel F. Clark Dr. Austin A. Dodge Mr. J. A. McKeen Mr. Earl A. Reynolds Dr. Louis L. Sulya Dr. Harley P. Tripp MEMBERS Ruth Lynn Baird Second Row: Don Dismukes LaneIle Gafford John Gerdes Lionel E. Lester Augustus A, Logue W. E. Lyon Jerry Mayo Harvey Meltzer Third Row: Tommy Orr John W. Prados Henry L. Stowers Charles Van Winkle William D. Winn MEMBERS First Row: Paul F. Amos Russell Aven Charles R. Campbell Don E. Dismukes John A. Durden Hugh Fitler T. P. Goggin E. S. Hanrahan 8. E. Harper Forrest Hettinger Second Row: J. A. Hunt Douglas Koger L. E, Lester Harry L. Loflin W. F. Lyon M. M. Marshall Jerry Mayo Harold H. McGee Harvey Meltzer James W. Nebleti- Third Row: John W. Prados Frank M. Tkacik Harvey Troutman Rebecca Truax Joseph Truemper Charles D. Van Winkle James W. White Genevieve Williams Vera Willis William D. Winn Robert Koger OFFICERS WILLIAM D. WINN President VERA WILLIS Secretary L. E. LESTER Vice-President FRANK M. TKACIK Program Chairman Gamma Sigma Epsilon is an honorary fraternity for students of chemistry. Membership is open to all students who have completed sixteen hou rs of chemistry with an average of B, while maintaining a B average in the remainder of their scholastic work. In there is selected each year from the sophomore class one student who has not completed sixteen hours of Chemistry, but shows evidence of doing so with the required B average. Faculty members and graduate students of good standing are also eligible for membership. The student affiliate program of the American Chemical Society is sup- ported by the members of the largest professional society in the world devoted to a single science. The organized activities of the affiliates have afforded the beginnings of professional association for thousands of students. This professional consciousness is invaluable and should be developed simultaneously with the technical skills and fundamental concepts of chem- istry and chemical engineering. I la iire 111•0110-4164, •1111117sk ALI sur Ole Miss Student Affiliate Chapter of american chemical society 308 SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Coat iederate Veleran3 The James Longstreet Camp of the Sons of the Confederate Veter- ans was recognized as an official organization at Ole Miss this year. Membership in the camp is offered to those who are direct descend- ants of Civil War veterans and interested in obtaining the standards of a real Southern man, supporting all worthy endeavors for the Con- federacy, and standing against any wrongs about the South shown in literature, word, or such. SCV members uphold the great cause our Southern forefathers died for, a cause not lost but glorified. OFFICERS 1950 JACK L. RHYMES Commander GRAVES B. BLAKE 1st Lt. Commander GODFREY C. KIMBALL 2nd Lt. Commander PETE H. RHYMES 1951 GODFREY C. KIMBALL Commandei AL COVINGTON 1st Lt. Commander WILLIAM B. LYONS Adjutant Row: Albert Covinciton, Edward Cracraft, Norfleet Francis Criss, Jesse Eavenson, George Garner, Wade Garner. Second Row: Godfrey Kimball, William Lyons, John McDavid, Esher Rhymes Jack Rhymes, Pete Rhymes, Robert Williams. Not Pictured: J. Allen Cabeniss, Paul Draughn, Thomas McDowell, Ralph Simmons, Ralph Widener. MEMBERS J. Allen Cabaniss Albert A. Covington Edward S. Cracraft Norfleet S. Craig Francis W. Criss Paul V. Draughn Jesse W. Eavenson George M. Garner Wade Garner Godfrey C. Kimball William B. Lyons John McDavid Thomas D. McDowell Fisher A. Rhymes Jack L. Rhymes Pete H. Rhymes Ralph E. Simmons Ralph W. Widener, Jr. Robert 0. Williams MEMBERS Robert L. Berman Irwin D. Califf Ada Cohen Robert N. Emmich Avron M. Hirsch Charles D. Hollander Edward Hytken Monroe J. Lustbader Gloria Marvin Sanford J. Marvin Harvey J. Meltzer Raymond Murov Henry Paris Bertram White First Row: Robert L. Berman, Irwin D. Califf, Ada Cohen, Robert N. Emmich, Avron M. Hirsch, Charles D. Hollander, Edward Hytken. Second Row: Monroe J. Lustbader, Gloria Marvin, Sanford J. Marvin, Harvey P. Metlzer, Raymond Murov, Henry Paris, Bertram, White. The Hillel Foundation is composed of Jewish students at Ole Miss. Sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s service or- HARVEY J. MELTZER President Hillel seeks to provide religious, cultural, and social infor- IRWIN D. CALIFF Vice-President motion for its members, and to foster social opportunities among ADA COHEN ............ Secretary them. SANFORD J. MARVIN Treasurer OFFICERS JEWISH STUDENT ORGANIZATION the 7eb wires 11.1111.111.1= MEMBERS DICK CALLOWAY Leader T. D. DOUGLAS Saxophone JOHN DeGILIO Saxophone GLEN McCOOL Saxophone VANCE JENNINGS Saxophone WILLIAM KATZ Saxophone JACK PHILLIPS Trumpet JIMMIE FULLILOVE Trumpet BILLY BUSH Trumpet LAWRENCE SEMSKI Trombone ROBERT RUSHING Trombone KELLY LOVE Trombone DICK CALLOWAY Piano T. W. AMMON Bass BOOCHIE WELLS Drums BARBARA CASON Vocalist MILLARD BUSH Vocalist LAWRENCE SEMSKI Business Manager LEADING CAMPUS ORCHESTRA STUDENTS IN THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH .111•C■1. OFFICERS WILLIAM L. SMITH President ROBERT C. PERKINS Vice-President BARBARA J. WARLEY Treasurer MARGARET P. MILLS Secretary MISS EVELYN LEE WAY Advisor REV. WILLIAM ASGER Chaplain MEMBERS Betty Adams John Eckhart Betty Jackson Walter Ruby Judy Aldrich Marianne Farmer Bobby G. Jones Robert C. Scott Mary Ayres Charles Foster Jimmy E. Jones William L. Smith Caroline Bogard Alice Lynn Fuller Margaret Mills Emily Stubbs Thomas Boswell Marjorie Fraser Laurence Mize Robert Taylor Ann Bronn Jean Gale Rufus Morton Barbara Warley Clyde Bracken Mary Gale Joyes Murphy Thomas White Joe E. Brown James Gunter Elizabeth Nichols Tracy Ann White John Carter Jay Hedgepeth Agnew Pippin Kinman Wynn Sue Cauthen Hank Herndon Pete Rhymes Dorothy Fields Van Coney Jane E. Holloway George Ricketts Robert Perkins Lee Duddleston William House Betty Ann Roach Stephen Sanford Vvilliam Dulaney The Canterbury Club is an organization of the Episcopal Church for all interested students on the campus. It provides the Episcopal students with a means to continue their Church work within a social atmosphere. First Row: Betty Adams, Judy Aldrich, Mary Ayres, Caroline Bogard, Thomas Boswell, Ann Bronn, Clyde Bracken, Joe E. Brown, John Carter, Sue Cauthen, Van Lee Duddleston. Second Row: John Eckhart, Marianne Farmer, Charles Foster, Lynn Fuller, Marjorie Fraser, Jean Gale, Mary Gale, Jay Hedgepeth, Hank Herndon, Jane Holloway, William House, Betty Jackson, Third Row: Bobby Jones, Jimmy Jones, Margaret Mills, Laurence Mize, Rufus Morton, Elizabeth Nichols, Joyes Pete Rhymes, George Ricketts, Betty Ann Walter Ruby, Robert Scott. Fourth Row: William Smith, Emily Stubbs, Robert Taylor, Barbara Warley, Thomas White, Tracy Ann White, Kinman Wynn, Agnew Pippin, Dorothy Fields, Alice L. Fuller, William Dulaney, James Gunter. Not Pictured: Robert Perkins, Stephen Sanford. antertury C omega pn poi First Row: Michael Edward Atkinson, Jocko Bellipani, Bobby Berman, John Boyett, Clyde Bracken, Edmond James Clinton, Robert Cox, Harold Crump, John Curran. Second Row: Maurice Dantin, James Dickey, William Dulaney, C. J. Fayard, Dick Gould, Charles Hallberg, Ben Harrison, Bob Higbee, Avron Hirsh, Clarence Jolly, Thomas Jones. Third Row: Malcolm Justice, Dan Keel, Jimmy Knight, Bill Korndorffer, Jim Korndorffer, Andrew David Libby, John Leverette, Jack Marvin, Dan McElroy, Bob Merryman. Fourth Row: Conway Moncure, Brunson Moore, Chesley Morris, Edward Murphree, James Neblett, Johnny Nieto, Pete Nosser, James Nuckolls, Henry Paris, George Pence, Henry Phelps. Fifth Row: Paul Pittman, Charles Pitts, David Pongetti, Marvin Porter, Louis Staehle, Ed Sullivan, Leonard Warren, Eli Whitaker, White, Walter Wicker, Parham Williams, Herbert Zschokke. Not Pictured: George Alexander, Charles Baylot, Don Clinton, Don Cohn, Walter Harrison. OFFICERS BEN HARRISON President JIMMY KORNDORFFER . . Vice-President DAN McELROY . . . Recording Secretary EDDIE BRIGNAC Corresponding Secretary MR. RALPH WIDNER . PAUL PITTMAN Treasurer MARION WOLFE . Alumni Secretary PETE NOSSER Historian DEAN R. M. GUESS . State Advisor . Faculty Advisor Michael Aiken George Alexander Edward Atkinson Charles Baylot Jocko Bellipani Bobby Berman John Boyett Clyde Bracken Edmond Brignac Don Clinton James Clinton Don Cohn Robert I. Cox Harold Crump John W. Curren Maurice Dantin James Dickey William Dulaney C. J. Fayard Dick Gould Charles Hallberg Ben Harrison Bob Higbee Avron Hirsh Clarence Jolly Thomas R. Jones Malcolm Justice Dan T. Keel Jimmy Knight Bill Korndorffer MEMBERS James Korndorffer Andrew LaGrone David Libby John Leverette Jack Marvin Dan McElroy Bob Merryman Conway Moncure Brunson Moore Chesley Morris Edward Murphree James Neblett Eugene Nieto Pete Nosser James Nuckolls Henry Paris George Pence Henry Phelps Paul Pittman Charles R. Pitts David Pongetti Marvin Porter Louis Staehle Ed Sullivan Leonard Warren Eli Whitaker Charles N. White Walt Wicker Parham Williams Herbert Zschokke Alpha Phi Omega, national honor service fraternity, was found ed at La Fayette College in 1925. Mem- bership is composed of students who have distinguished themselves in scouting. The aims of this fra- ternity are: to develop friendship, to plan for extending leadership in worthwhile campus and commu- nity projects, to develop plans for rendering service to our fellow man, and to create participating and understanding citizenry for our nation. For the past two years Alpha Phi Omega has successfully conducted the March of Dimes Drive and has cooperated with other organizations in other drives. ADVANCED WORK IN SCOUTING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION CLUB amma epdon Epsilon Gamma Epsilon is a professional educational organization. Its chief purpose is to promote ideals and concepts of higher education in the field of Office Ad- ministration. Membership is based on character, initiative, and scholarship. OFFICERS BETTY KRAMER President MRS. BILLYE CALDWELL Vice-President BETTY ADAMS Secretary MRS. MARY E. PEEPLES Treasurer MR. FRANK HERNDON Faculty Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Effie Sue McAmis Dr. A. J. Lawrence MEMBERS Betty Adams Jane Caughran Mrs. Billye Caldwell Martha Dulaney Sue Haney Nell Hobgood Glynn Hollingsworth Betty Kramer Mrs. Mary E. Peeples June Sneed Thomas Suddarth Lillian Sweat Vivien Sweat Emma Vinson Sara Webster MEMBERS Clarence Adams, Sarah Blom- quist, Suzette Buehler, Jo Ann Casteel, Wilva Cearley, Mrs. Shirley Davis, Kinnie Ja- net Edgerton, Betty Everett, Sue Exum, Dorothy Files, Peggy Fitts, Erasmus Fowler, Lloyd Gary, Ro- sie Gong, Dora E. Greene, Elinor Green, Jacqueline Hewitt, Mrs. Dorothy Kuyrkendall, Betty Lucas, Leroy McBride, Carolyn McCurdy, Sidney McNeil, Helen Magee, Doris Major, Dorothea Rau, Caro- lyn Russell James Tramel, Sarah Tubb, Ellen Wade, Bobbie Wolfe, Mrs. June Wood, Mrs. Robert Work, Patsy Wright. GRADUATED MEMBERS Bessie Allred, G. K. Adair, Mrs. Helen Boone, Dorothy Boyles, Mrs. Winnie Berryhill, Elizabeth Buehler, Mrs. Louise Banks, Mary Fay Brewer, A llen Calcote, 0. E. Glower, Mary S. Chilcoat, Gladys Garner, Mildred Gattis, Mrs. Dorothy Harding, Pauline Laquz- zi, Mavis S. Moore Thelma Moody, Mrs. Knox McAllister, Adele Marx, Thomas Naylor, George Pouncey, Mrs. Helen Per- ry, James Penny, Virginia Robin- son, R. L. Roberts, Mary Strib- ling, Elizabeth M. Tate, Ina M. Webb. Oi=RCERS Zeta Eta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the only one of its kind in Mississippi, was installed at Ole Miss in May, 1947. It is an honor BETTY LUCAS President society in Education whose aim is to provide a national fraternity to SUZETTE BUEHLER Vice-President advance the interest of Education as a profession. Membership is JANET EDGERTON Secretary open to those students having a " B " average in the School of Educa- ROSIE GONG Treasurer tion and possessing high qualities of character, initiative, and social SUE EXUM responsibility. Sarah Blasingame Motto of Kappa Delta Pi: KNOWLEDGE, DUTY, POWER Pearl Herod HONORARY MEMBERS Vance S. Jennings Dr. Blanche Tansil Mary E. Moffatt Mrs. Robert Work „Kappa 11 ADVANCING EDUCATION AS A PROFESSION OLE MISS ALUMNI ASSOCIA ' _ON GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR President Charleston, Miss. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to foster and increase the love between the University and the alumni in order that the University may develop into an even greater institution. Alumni are defined as any former stu- dent or a faculty or staff member who has served with the University ten years or more. Any student who has been enrolled for a full course of study as defined by University regulations for at least two full semesters is eligible for membership. BOARD OF DIRECTORS District I District 5 THOMPSON McCLELLAN West Point, Miss. CARL McKELLAR Columbus, Miss. District 2 MRS. BAXTER ELLIOTT Oxford, Miss. JUDGE JOHN KUYKENDALL Charleston, Miss. District 3 JOHN DULANEY Tunica, Miss. WALTER SILLERS Rosedale, Miss. W. T. McKINNEY Anguilla, Miss. District 4 E. M. LIVINGSTON ......... Miss. R. C. STOVALL Okolona, Miss. OTHO R. SMITH Meridian, Miss. FRED A. ROSS Meridian, Miss. District 6 L. 0. CROSBY, JR. Picayune, Miss. WALTER GEX, JR. Bay St. Louis, Miss. REECE BICKERSTAFF Gulfport, Miss. District 7 FRANK F. EVERETT ......... Vicksburg, Miss. R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson, Miss. MRS. THOMAS W. CROCKETT Jackson, Miss. P. T. RUSSELL Yazoo City, Miss. 314 J. C. FAIR 0. BRITT ROGERS WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN Vice-President Athletic Representative Alumni Secretary Greenwood, Miss. Tupelo, Miss. University, Miss. STATE-AT-LARGE CARROLL GARTIN Laurel, Miss. ROY N. BOGGAN Tupelo, Miss. ROSS R. BARNETT Jackson, Miss. ED S. LEWIS Jackson, Miss. J. A. BLOUNT Charleston, Miss. W. C. TROTTER University, Miss. S. LYLE BATES Jackson, Miss. OUT-OF-STATE DR. J. HARLEY HARRIS Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE W. HEALY, JR. New Orleans, La. MRS. MARY HEARTSFIELD McCLAIN . . Washington, D. C. ROGER Q. SCOTT Pensacola, Fla. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS DAVID COTTRELL Gulfport, Miss. JUDGE TAYLOR H. McELROY Oxford, Miss. D. L. FLAIR Louisville, Miss. MARTIN V. B. MILLER Meridian, Miss. DR. H. M. FASER Jackson, Miss. HARVEY LEE MORRISON Okolona, Miss. JUDGE JAMES A. FINLEY Tupelo, Miss. J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksdale, Miss. JUDGE LEE D. HALL Columbus, Miss. JUDGE J. MORGAN Jackson, Miss. DR. IKE C. KNOX Vicksburg, Miss. ALFRED H. STONE Jackson, Miss. JUDGE JOHN W. KYLE Sardis, Miss. CURTIS M. SWANGO Sardis, Miss. JUDGE G. GARLAND LYELL Jackson, Miss. MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS Jackson, Miss. JAMES McCLURE Sardis, Miss. HUGH L. WHITE Columbia, Miss. W, T. WYNN Greenville, Miss.. 315 Our Backers. " It Pays to Advertise " Did You Take a Course in It? The Bulletin Board ... Campaigns. An Important Part of the 195 I Ole Miss. We Hope You ' ll Read Our yu Ca. 5.4, With these last words we conclude the 1951 OLE MISS and mark the end of another year way down South in Mississippi. " We turn this book over to you—you can take it with you to recall the people and things that filled your year at school. Surely, to us, this volume will recall many things: the confusion of the first staff meeting last spring . . . trips to Nashville to progress the book . .. the constant thought of deadlines . . . Christmas holidays spent on the campus . . . neglect of studies by the staff ... the nights we saw the sun set and rise ... and finally, the dis- tribution and the feeling of a job successfully completed. It has been a pleasure and if it pleases you, our fondest hope is fulfilled. This book could not have been produced by the staff alone. The guidance and help of Joe Ledbetter and Buddy Shaw of Benson Printing Company, the direction and aid of Robert See of Shreveport Engraving Company, the suggestions and hard work of Colonel and Mrs. Cofield, and the advice of the Publication Board have all played major factors in the successful completion of this annual. To Billy Gates, Gene Roper, Bob Hope, " The Mississippian, " " The Commercial Appeal, " " The Nashville Banner, ' ' " The Jackson Daily News, " our advertisers, and countless others go our sincerest thanks. At last, a toast, an orchid, and highest praise to the de- pendable few that worked faithfully till the last day. Without their help the book would have been impossible. As the book goes to press, no errors have been discovered. In the event that errors are found, the Editor offers apology to the individuals concerned and asks their indulgence. We have checked and rechecked and exhausted all means to se- cure correctness. FISHER RHYMES, Editor HAL BREWER, Business Manager The 1951 OLE MISS

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