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JIM E. PARKIN Business Manager BUDDY SHAW Editor PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI A T A:1,01.•!: twommook_ate,P RESE vT I V I T II VISIONS THE I UM RI OR TJJE 1111MS1P1 Of 11111 21S51PPI aw•rasotta° All IIRCATECT-ElIGIREF, ALFRED 116G T new ntw lAzepsrmha, dla■ cr-Cc:,- no II („,s, it " ..., o •,,, ... - , t■1 ' .4. u 64 0 - e 4 ii. " ' ' - ' ' ' t-e• 4c 4 " e • ..,, z,. ,...,1.: ,.,4.,,94,43: :Kgri, . .- " c c c . a • .4 .: , 6 , 6 ,.. Jo . 6 .:. , . 4 ' 4. Illi • , 4 ,_, ' ._: ' ...40-4! 4% ' Iv (1•ES.1 r. ' ‘ . 4. : : ' ' ' ' .1r:6 g :1. . ..: ; ' i t ' . ,..•!.. • . _.: . .• - ' ; , I, I a . v 14t1 t,311- ' ..:: : W ir t :. ' ' ' tl, 1; A o 111-A 41.4 6 - .,---., 4. ' ' . 4414, A,,, ,P.. G t . , , , V Y 4. ' ' ' ' ' ' IA 4. 4 41 , , I. „,... ..4 ' ' , 4. .., 6 - t 6 41 4 gl s . " 1 " ' 4 04;. • -;4 „ c.1 fs SI ‘‘. ' 1D G G. 4 6 ••: ' 1: " Gf • • �LL.,1 " t.„ t. 44 . 04. 4 ' t. • t • - Tr -` " - 0 A t e • 4. ' " " c .5• al% • • 4 6 t 64 ,-;tac,DozmITOW dtiNERC111 OF MINCCIX 1.1“,fiRSITY,IAIWS,11, -1011ES ' 14 4.4S ,A1:1C1111ECT JACKSON, IN 1 5515SC RI PICTORIALLY PRESENTING IIPS INFLUENCES THAT CAN NEVER BE MEASURED ammowomomooN,Iklook000 er INIONItiloftWo FROM A SINGLE PROBLEM TO A COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING .40A6,,,,,A,}0.404011miAmbodahr,ey WA.Ofwcas.r 1400,1401.1 ttbnotWhioestill 04.4 ?NNW+ hogft 4.401,1 40 tamise.ifiname4,40.4 --41111011aremormssaiWankftrtek, 1ETICS THE ALL OUT SPIRIT 44000illihNeNiswqmvsarmasICSIPs. S 0 CIIL LIFE, AND CHERISHED MEMORIES Year after year it ' s goodbye and hello . . . it ' s new faces to replace the old ... new fads and new ideas. But there is one a white-haired gent with cane and wide-brim hat—that re- mains. Colonel Rebel, typically Southern, true gentlemanli- ness, and a lasting symbol of the real Ole Miss. Growing up with potential Rebels and remaining with the alumni, Colonel Rebel is always there. ADM F ON 1 E 14 S The Williams Family at Home GOOD PLANNING IS A WISE INVESTMENT Among other things, a modern state university is a big business. Its purpose and function is to deliver the most extensive educational service to the people of the state with the money made available. A, in any other business where production is a consideration, the efficiency of the plant is one of the principal elements in the cost of operation. With these things in mind the University Nanning Com- mittee has developed during the last three years what has become known as the " Twenty-five Year Plan. " Many meetings and many minds have been necessary to bring the plan to its present state of near completion. The Planning Committee is made up of members of the University faculty and staff who have shown unusual interest and ability in this kind of work. Without the encouragement and assistance of the Board of Trustees for Institutions of Higher Learning and the Alumni Association the work of the Committee would have been futile. At the beginning the Committee decided to call in the best consultants to be found to advise the Committee on the overall campus plan and the specific problems that arose as the plan developed. As a result of this far-reaching decision, the members of the Committee and others who have participated in the planning are convinced that the plan when completed will provide Mississippi with one of the nation ' s most beautiful and efficient university plants. A maximum of the income of the University can then go directly into research and teaching because operational costs will be at a minimum. The plan has three major advantages: (I) The basic traditions, the general pattern, and the beauty of the campus not only will be retained but will be emphasized; (2) Automobile traffic will move on the periphery of the building areas where much mo,e space can be provided rather than moving, as at present, through the center of the campus where there is heavy pedestrian traffic; (3) Activities of related function will be located together. Men ' s housing, women ' s housing, feeding facilities, student health service, laundry, playgrounds, and student activities are in one general area of the campus. The classrooms, laboratories, library, and administrative units are in another. Fac- ulty housing is in another area, and the service departments such as warehouses, receiving department, maintenance shops, heating and power plant are in still another. The stadium, field house, and athletic fields are in an area with easy access and with relatively abundant parking space. To acquaint Mississippians with its importance the plan is being circulated throughout the State. When it is understood and accepted by a substantial group of persons interested in the University, there will be less opportunity for special and temporary considerations to cause unwise building and waste. The University and is carrying an impossible overload at the present time. In a plant built for 1,600 students, 3,500 have enrolled this year. Temporary frame buildings have made this possible. Dormitories, classrooms, and laboratories should be built immediately to provide adequate facilities for the present student body. Facilities should be built before 1965 to meet the demand that is certain to be made on the University at that time as a result of the increased birth rate during and after the war. A good question to ask ourselves is, " Will the University be better prepared for your own sons and daughters than it was for you? " The estimated cost of the completed plan is $25,000,000. Mississippi cannot afford to invest less than $3,000,000 each biennium in capital expenditures at the University. The future of Mississippi will be measured by the quality of its leadership and the quality of its leadership depends in a large part on the University. 0 A 11 F MRS JANIE RICE TAYLOR Jackson MRS. HAZEL PEERY LEE Eupora MR. R. D. MORROW .. Brandon MR. H .G. CARPENTER Rolling Fork MR. J. W. BACKSTROM Leakesville MR. R. W. REED Tupelo MR. REECE D. McLENDON Poplarville 20 liPiNCELL OH T MR. R. B. SMITH, JR. Ripley MR. R. N. HENLEY Macon MR. PAUL H. BOWDRE Hermando DR. H. M. IVY Meridian MR. J. 0. EMMERICH McComb MR. M. V. B. MILLER Meridian 21 DR. ALFRED HUME ESTELLA G. HEFLEY R. MALCOLM GUESS DR. A. J. LAWRENCE DR. V. B. HARRISON FRED C. FORD Chancellor Emeritus Dean of Women Dean of Men Registrar Student Health Director Director of Personnel The administrative organization of the University is divided into four main divisions, with each division head being responsible directly to Chancellor Williams. These divisions include the Academic Division, with Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter, Dean of the University, coordinating the operations of the academic units; the Division of Student Per- sonnel, which is headed by Dr. L. L. Love as Dean of the Division, and whose administrative responsibility includes the operation of all student personnel offices and functions; the Office of the Financial Secretary, under the direction of Mr. W. C. Trotter, which is respon- sible for the collection, custody, and disbursement of all University funds; and the Division of the Comptroller, whose responsibility includes all other financial matters of the University. The other members of the Administration is the order in which they took office are: Al- Dean of Students L. L. Love Comptroller Carroll W. North A S " f RAT ON MARVIN M. BLACK J. S. HARTIN WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN CLAUDE M. SMITH JEFF K. HAMM JOHN VAUGHT Director of Public Relations Director of Libraries Alumni Secretary Director of Athletics Athletics Business Manager Head Coach fred Hume, Chancellor Emeritus; Estella Hefley, Dean of Women; Claude Smith, Director of Athletics; A. J. Lawrence, Registrar; R. M. Guess, Dean of Men; V. B. Harrison, Director of Student Health Service; Jeff Hamm, Business Manager of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics; Marvin Black, Director of Public Relations; William S. Griffin, Alumni Secretary; J. S. Hartin, Director of Libraries; Fred C. For J, Director of Personnel. More changes have come about during the four years under the present Administration than in the previous quarter-century. There have been many additions to the campus; and the inner workings of the University have been coordinated to a fine degree. The skillful and ef- ficient manner in which the University is now run is a source of great pride to the students and alumni of Ole Miss as well as the people of the State of Mississippi. Financial Secretary W. C. Trotter Dean of the University Pete K. McCarter LIMA o ARTS DEAN VICTOR ALDINE COULTER Dean Victor Aldine Coulter came to Ole Miss shortly after his discharge from the army in 1919, and has been Dean of the College of Liberal Arts since 1936. He aitended the University of North Carolina, receiv- ing his Bachelor ' s, Master ' s, and Doctor ' s degrees there in 1913, 1914, and 1916 respectively. Dean Coulter ' s interest in chemistry started when, as a high school student, he began to read and study his older brother ' s college chemistry text. He taught chemistry at North Carolina in 1916-17, then accepted a job as research chemist in Pittsburgh in 1917. From there he went into the army. The College of Liberal Arts is the oldest school on the University campus, being the only one contained in the original makeup at the time of opening in 1848. From 1848 to 1870 the " close curriculum " was in use. By this plan the student could not deviate at all from one path of study leading to a B.A. degree or another leading to a Bachelor of Laws. In 1870 this method was changed, and a plan giving a larger scope was introduced. Since that time the school has tried to en- large its field of study to meet the demands of students with varying interests and ambitions. The student of today, besides his specialized study in the field of his chosen major, has that chance to satisfy his cultural tastes in whatever directioi, he might wish. DEAN ROBERT JOSEPH FARLEY LAW Dean Robert Joseph Farley was Dean of Law at Tulane University from 1942 until 1945, and in 1946 became Dean of the School of Law here at the University. Dr. Farley graduated from Ole Miss in 1919 with a B.A., degree. After serving for two years (1919-20) as principal of the Canton High School, he moved to Natchez and held the same position there for two years. Returning to Oxford he served as mayor from 1923-25, During this period he received his LL.B. He was admitted to the bar in 1924 and from 1929-31 he practiced law. He acted in a double capacity from 1926 until 1931 when he was city attorney for Oxford and an assistant professor of law at the University. The School of Law was established by legislataive enactment in 1854, and was at that time called the Department of Law. In 1857, by enactment of the legislature the diploma conferring the degree of Bachelor of Laws was made sufficient proof of knowledge of law to obtain for the holder a license to practice in, the courts of Mississippi. The Law School today is designed to occupy six full semesters. The plan of study affords the student a fairly free choice of subjects during his second and third years. The first year courses are prescribed. The University of Mississippi Law School ranks as one of the finest law schools in the United States today. DEAN LEE HARNIE JOHNSON, JR. Dean Lee Harnie Johnson, Jr. has been Dean of the School of Engineering since 1938. His early education resulted in a B.A. and M.A. from Rice Institute in 1930 and 1931. Dean JC): ' , 150,1 followed these two degrees with a M.S from Harvard in 1932 and an Sc.D. degree in 1935. Dean Johnson ' s recreation includes tennis, and fancy diving. In football season, however, his interest is with the Rebs, and during games he is usually perched atop the press box making movies of the game. The School of Engineering was not organized until 1900, but courses in engineering were offered by the University at the time of the reopening of the school immediately following the close of the War Between the States. In 1903 an appropriation by the Legislature enabled the School to introduce new courses and secure equip- ment. The enrollment increased at once. The School of Engineering today offers an integrated program, parts of which are tied in with the Depart- ment of Chemistry, the School of Commerce and Business Administration, and the Department of Geology. DEAN FORREST W. MURPHY Dean Forrest W. Murphy came to Ole Miss from Greenville, Mississippi, where he was superintendent of schools, to become dean of the School of Education in 1946. A native of Muncie, Indiana, he received his B.A. in 1917 at Transylvania College (University of Kentucky) and his M.S. in 1931 from the University of Illinois. After college he taught high school in Kentucky and Louisiana. He went to Greenville in 1924 and served there until coming to Ole Miss. Just before coming to Ole Miss (1945), Dean Murphy took graduate work! at Columbia. The School of Education was organized in 1903. In 1906 the department was temporarily abolished for lack of funds. This lack of funds throughout the years has contributed to the shortage of trained teachers. Dean Murphy is very quick to point out the need of trained teachers in the state and thinks that the largest percent of them should come from the University. The School of Education contains the department of Health and Physical Education, and the well-equipped Audio-Visual Educalional laboratory. The Audio-Visual serves the public schools and various organizations as well as the University. In 1947 the Bureau of Educational Research was established with the chief purpose being the analysis of educational problems of special interest in the state. ENGINEERING EVICATION PHARMACY DEAN ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND Dean Elmer Lionel Hammond took the deanship of the School of Pharmacy in 1929, and has served in that capacity since. He received his pharmacy degree from the University of Michigan in 1921 and his M.S. in 1927 from the same school. During the period from 1921 until 1928, Dean Hammond taught pharmacy at West Virginia University. In 1941 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. His interest in pharmacy began while he worked in a drug store in Chicago during his high school days. Dean Hammond ' s hobby is the School of Pharmacy. In 1908, when the School of Pharmacy opened, there were applications for admission from fifteen students, a gratifying number considering the department had been organized only two months before school started. Prior to 1923 the department had been operating in inadequate, overcrowded quarters which made im-, provement and expansion practically impossible. With the erection of the Chemistry and Pharmacy Building in 1923 the School of Pharmacy was able to increase the number of laboratories and install new and improved equipment. The degree granted by the school for the successful completion of four years work is that of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. DEAN DAVID SCHULTZ PANKRATZ MEDICINE Dean Datid Schultz Pankratz has been Dean of the School of Medicine since 1946, and has done much to improve the administration of the school during his short tenure. Dr. Pankratz received his B.A. from the University of Oklahoma in 1923. From there he went to the University of Kansas and earned his M.A. in 1927 and a Ph.D. in anatomy in 1929. For the ten years following 1929 he was assistant pr ofessor of anatomy at the University of Tennessee. After this he studied for his Doctor of Medicine which he received at the University of Chicago in 1939. The School of Medicine met with much difficulty during the first years of its early existence, not only be- cause of very inadequate facilities and quarters, but also because of opposition of physicians throughout the state to a medical school away from a large city. These difficulties were, however, overcome in a very few years. At the present time the Medical School is of only two years duration; but the legislation relative to a four year medical college is pending action at this time. A full, four year Med School would be a great addition to the University. DEAN McDONALD K. HORNE Dean McDonald K. Horne was appointed August 15, 1949 to succeed Dr. Horace B. Brown, Jr. as Dean of the School of Commerce and Business Administration. Dr. Horne is a native of Winona, Mississippi, and re- ceived his B.A. from Ole Miss in 1930. In 1942 he entered the United States Naval Reserve as a commissioned officer and served until June of. 1945. Upon being discharged Dr. Horne became director of utilization research with the National Cotton Council, with which he had served before. Dr. Horne returned to Ole Miss in 1947 and became chairman of the Department of Economics. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina. The School of Commerce and Business Administration was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1917. In the beginning only sixteen courses were offered; but today over six times this number are available. After the preliminary degree has been obtained in this department, following four years of work, the degree of Master of Business Administration may be had with an additional year of study. DEAN DUDLEY ROBERT HUTCHERSON Dean Dudley Robert Hutcherson became dean of the Graduate School in 1946. Dr. Hutcherson received his B.A. from Emory and Henry College in 1923. In 1931 he received his master ' s degree from the University of Virginia. From 1923 to 1934 he taught in high schools, and in 1935-36 he was an English instructor at Wesleyan College for Women. Dean Hutcherson received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 1936 and came to Ole Miss that same year. His hobbies vary from music, reading end the theater to tennis and football. The Graduate School of the University was established in 1927, but as early as 1870 courses of the graduate level were offered. A definite of graduate study with a minimum residence requirement of one academic year was set up in 1890. Before the official establishment of the school in 1927, graduate work was done under the direc- tion of the general faculty acting through a graduate committee; but the Board of Trustees elected a dean, charged with the responsibility for this work. The Graduate School is one of the fastest growing schools on the Ole Miss Campus today; and with the addition of the new library the Graduate School enrollment should greatly increase. BUSINESS GRADUATE CT IVT11 E X E C BELLINA BLANCHARD CALDWELL CHURCH COOK DELASHMET DUNN GEISENBERGER Student government at Ole Miss is vested in the Executive Council. It is composed of four ASB officers, the president of each school in the University, the editor of the two major campus publications, a rep- resentative of the " M " Club, and a member of the band. This group of student representatives deals strictly with matters concerning stu- dents, and seeks to forward their interests. 30 TME C01 CIL JENKINS MAPLES McCLENDON McLENDON MONTAGUE SHAW STACEY WILSON The Council in action. BILLIE McCLENDON JEAN SAIN LADDIE HARTON CELIA BUNTIN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ITLIErS STUDENT Acting as a sub-unit to the Executive Council, Students, and also of the Mississippi the Women ' s Student Government Association collegiate Women ' s Student Government is the governing body of the women students. ciation. Authority is vested in an executive The faculty has granted the Association the cil, which is elected by vote, with changes being power to control some matters of women ' s gov- made by student petition. Each woman is a ernment—matters not under the control of the member of the Association and is required to University authorities or the dormitory manage- be familiar with its rules and regulations. ment. The association is a member of the Na- Working in conjunction with the Executive tional Inter-collegiate Association of Women Council of the W.S.G.A. is the Dormitory 32 The Dormitory Council GVEREDT ASSMATIO cil. The members of the Dormitory Council are girls, and to relay important matter from the elected by vote of the dormitories, one repre- dormitories to the Executive Council of the sentative from each. It is their job to maintain W.S.G.A. The Dormitory Council meets with the order in the dormitories, to act as council to the W.S.G.A. once each week. W.S.G.A. Officers At Work BUDDY SHAW Editor JIMMY PARKIN Business Manager JOHN WATTS MARGARET ROBINSON ELMER LITCHFIELD LEON LEWIS SUDIE ANN McCOOL Assistant Editor Class Editor Sports Editor Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager 34 E AV S IMINIIMONN■111 The year started off with much confusion as usual, but as time went by the staff began to work with almost machine like quality. By the end of February the 1950 OLE MISS was ready for the press. For this excellent work the staff deserves much credit. Buddy Shaw and Jimmy Parkin presided over the annual office confusion as Editor and Busi- ness Manager respectively. John Watts and Margaret Robinson, as Managing Editor and Class Editor, were the powers behind the throne pushing and prodding the staff on to victory. Elmer Litchfield, the poor man ' s Walter Stewart, wrote the sports copy; Leon Lewis was the slave of the Business Staff as Assistant Business Manager; and Sudie Ann McCool slaved under him. Other member of the staff who spent endless hours over a hot typewriter, etc., were John Robinson, Fisher Rhymes, Dot Wooten, Sam McKee, Peanut Luckett, Mutt Williams, Olivia Lew- is, John B. Walker, Joyce Nelson, Sissy Westbrook, Jonelle Green, and Agnew Pippin. All in all it was a good year, and we hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our efforts in the years to come. Members of the 1950 Staff The Rebels ' weekly newspaper, the Mississippian, fin- ished its thirty-ninth year of publication this semester. Every Friday—except during registration, examination, and holiday periods—bound stacks were dropped with resounding thuds in dorm doorways by circulation man- ager Joe Moore and his assistants—Virginia Seal, Bill Oldham, Harold Brewer, and A. B. Catlett. But more than that went into getting out the paper each week. Editor Jimmie Caldwell, spurred on by Man- aging Editor Albin Krebs, got the editorial staff to work every Monday afternoon. Bill Street, assisted by Bobby Jones, handled the sports copy, while Dorothy Jean Hunter (with an assist from Carol Price) rounded up so- ciety news. Dorothy Wooten and Paul Pittman were co-fea- ture editors. J. 0. Emmerich and Sam McKee each served a semester as news editor. Simon Lee, the tall man with the big cigar, took pictures, and Pete Raphael kept readers informed of what went on in other schools. Members of the editorial staff included Margaret Robinson, Sis Fields, Abe Tahir, George Hall, Harry Danciger, Bob Berman, Bob Cassanova, David Weinmann, Ned Nelson, Paul Amos, Harriet Denham, Lynn Hollo- way, and Mary Forrest McCall. Columns were penned by Roger Shows, Bill Street, Frank Montague, and Albin Krebs. Eaton Lang, business manager extraordinaire, kept the paper out of the red by successfully curbing any atte mpt by the editorial staff to spend money. In this he was aided by Bill Connors, assistant business manager, and abetted by Ed Howell, advertising manager. Assist- ant advertising manager was Ed Brignac. The Mississippian sponsored the annual Hall of Fame and the Miss University contest; meanwhil e staff mem. bers concentrated on making the paper worthy of win- ning a much-cherished but only once-won " All American Honor Rating. ' :SSIPPIAN JIMMY CALDWELL Editor ALBIN KREBS Managing Editor EATON LANG Business Manager BILL STREET BILL CONNERS DOT WOOTEN W. G. BARNER SAM McKEE Sports Editor Assistant Business Manager Features Editor Features Editor Editor 37 COURT BOARD BILUNGSLEY BRUMLEY COX EVEN SON FAVRE GREGG HAMEL The Moot Court board, composed of students of the School of Law and chosen by the faculty for their scholastic record, gives students experience in conducting themselves in actual courtroom prac- tic e and in the handling of general office matters. This board arranges cases, and students prepare briefs, argue appellate cases and conduct trial cases. Advanced students, faculty members, and prac- ticing lawyers and judges serve as judges. Professor Joel W. Bunkley serves as the faculty advisor to the Moot Court board in appellate cases. Lafayette County Attorney Bramlette Roberts is the faculty advisor to the general practice division. 38 The Mississippi Law Journal is the official pub- lication of the Mississippi State bar and the Uni- versity School of Law. It reviews outstanding litigations and includes news of interest to law students and lawyers throughout the state. The editorial staff is composed of students in the School of Law, but articles are written by law- yers From all over the country. Right, top to bottom First Row: James Billingsley, Fred Bush, William Carter. Second Row: G eorge Estes, Joe Fancher, John Grower. Third Row: Carl Guernsey, Fred Hamel, John Harrington. Fourth Row: Robert Hobby, Boyce Holleman, Roy Kuyrkendall. Fifth Row: Jase Nors- worthy, Robert Patterson, James Price. Sixth Row: Francis Stevens, Lester Summers, Taylor Webb. 39 BARBARA CASON GEORGE MORSE ASB DANE COMMITmEE The A.S.B. Dance Committee sponsors all stu- dent body dances which occur during the school year, This year the Dance Committee brought Shep Fields to the campus for the opening dances and on March 25th the students danced to the music of Tommy Dorsey. The five officers compose the Executive Com- mittee which are also members of the Faculty- Student Committee Governing Social Affairs. The Executive Committee in turn appoints a floor committee which supervises the Student Body dances. Dick Callaway and His Band Backstage with Shep Fields 40 First Row: Tom Askew Bruce Austin Dale Bell Norris Caldwell Second Row: Bob Fallas Henry Fonville John Gautier Ben Gregory Third Row: Proby Griffin Jack Houston Whit Johnson Darwin Maples Fourth Row: Henry Paris Pete Reid J. R. Savage John Watts Gym Dance 41 The Importance of Being Earnest The Little Foxes The Male Animal PI iST.,1 PLAYERS The Male Animal The Little Foxes Under the direction of Dr. C. M. Getchell, Mr. Duncan Whiteside, and Mr. Donald Wal- strum, the University Players have presented a varied and interesting program of theatrical en- tertainment for the students of the University of Mississippi, during the year 1949-50. The year ' s activities started with the produc- tion of THE MALE ANIMAL, a hilarious farce, written by James Thurber and Elliot Nugent, and directed by Duncan Whiteside. Next on the agenda was Oscar Wilde ' s THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, which was directed by Margaret Neece as a portion of her Master ' s thesis. Just before Christmas, a one-night per- formance of THE CIRCLE, by W. Somerset Maugham, was presented in the experimental arena, or theatre-in-the-round style to the Uni- versity Dames. The second semester brought with it an old favorite in theatrical circles, in the form of Lil- lian Hellman ' s THE LITTLE FOXES, which was directed by Dr. C. M. Getchell. Also presented and very well received was Elmer Rice ' s ex- periment in Suggestivity THE ADDING MA- CHINE, which was directed by Donald Wal- strum. Dr. Getchell scored another hit with his presentation of NO EXIT later in the season. The officers for the year were: Pres. Dashiell Perkins; Vice President Tom Cave; Secretary Ann Gulley; and Treasurer Kathryn Stevens. Membership in the organization is open to all on a competitive point-system basis, 43 .41111Pla. PRO SCJE 11001_ Paul Abston Horace Adams Robert Alexander, Jr. William Alexander William Allain Richard Allen Hicks Anderson, Jr. Richard Arrington, Jr. Mary Ashmore Russell Aven ABOVE BELOW First Row: • JOHN H. BAIRD, JR., Oxford; Law III Kappa Sigma. • PAUL ABSTON, Crandall; Law II; Sigma Pi. • JAMES B. BARLOW, Wesson; Med. I; Phi Chi, • HORACE ADAMS, Terry; Graduate. • HUGH B. BARNES, Leakesville; Med. I; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • ROBERT L. ALEXANDER, JR., Montrose; Graduate; Beta Gamma Sigma. •JOE P. BARNETT, Carthage; Law I. • STERLING A. BATTE, JR., West Point; Med. I; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM H. ALEXANDER, Bay Springs; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM G. BEANLAND, Oxford; Law I; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM A. ALLAIN, Natchez; Law III. • BRADLEY D. BERRY, Ocean Springs; Med. I. First Row: Second Row: • RICHARD M. ALLEN, Indianola; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • HICKS E. ANDERSON, JR., Port Gibson; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi. • RICHARD 0. ARRINGTON, JR., Hazelhurst; Law I; Delta Psi; Phi Alpha Delta. • MARY F. ASHMORE, Oxford; Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi. • RUSSELL E. AVEN, Water Valley; Graduate. Second Row: • PERRIN L. BERRY, Ellisville; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JAMES R. BILLINGSLEY, Biloxi; Law II; Sigma Chi; Comment Editor, Mississippi Law Journal; Moot Court Board; Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM E. BINGHAM, Graysport; Graduate. • WILLIAM L. BIRDSONG, Lula; Law III; Sigma Chi. • JACK W. BISHOP, Jackson; Med. II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • LOUIE M. BISHOP, Waynesboro; Law I. • HULLON L. BLACKWELL, Taylorsville; Law I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. John Baird, Jr. James Barlow Hugh Barnes Joe Barnett Sterling !Mite, Jr. William Beanland Bradley Berry Perrin Berry James Billingsley William Bingham Wil liam Birdsong Jack Bishop Louie Bishop Hullon Blackwell 46 James Blackwell John Blaize William Bobo Austin Boggan Martha Boman James Bounds Frank Bowen Kenneth Bowles Kerby Bowling Bill Bradley Olivia Brame Samuel Brewer Joe Bridges Robert Bridges ABOVE First Row: • JAMES A. BLACKWELL, McComb; Graduate; " M " Club. • JOHN B. BLAIZE, Bay St. Louis; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM B. BOBO, Clarksdale; Med. I. • AUSTIN P. BOGGAN, Hickory; Med. I; Phi Chi. • MARTHA C. BOMAN, Jackson; Graduate; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES 0. BOUNDS, Philadelphia; Graduate. • FRANK W. BOWEN, Walnut Grove; Med. II; Phi Chi. Second Row: • KENNETH BOWLES, Alma, Ga.; Graduate; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade. • KERBY W. BOWLING, Memphis, Tenn.; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Inter- fraternity Dance Committee; Committee of 100; ASB Dance Committee; International Relations Club; Varsity Basketball and Tennis, 1945-46; YMCA Cabinet; BSU. • BILL R. BRADLEY, Tutwiler; Law I. • OLIVIA E. BRAME, Columbus; Graduate. • SAMUEL J. BREWER, Kosciusko; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOE E. BRIDGES, Mize; Law I. • ROBERT A. BRIDGES, Mize; Law I; Phi Alpha Delta. BELOW First Row: • LAWRENCE H. BRISCO, Tupelo; Graduate; Beta Theta Pi. • JACK E. BROWN, Collins; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; University Players. • THOMAS B. BRUMLEY, Mathison; Law III. • ALBERT C. BRYAN, JR., Meridian; Med. II; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. • LESLIE R. BRYANT, JR., Gulfport; Med. II; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi. Second Row: • ROBERT J. BUCCI, Vicksburg; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta. • H. JACK BURNHAM, JR., Jackson; Med. I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • PAUL M. BUSBY, Meridian; Law III; Vice-President, Law School. • FRED M. BUSH, JR., New Hebron; Law III; Beta Theta Pi; Justice, Phi Alpha Delta; Secretary-Treasurer, Veterans Club; Mississippi Law Journal; Committee of 100. • JAMES H. BUSH, Philaeldhpia; Graduate. Lawrence Brisco Jack Brown Thomas Brumley Albert Bryant, Jr. Leslie Bryant, Jr. FRANK MONTAGUE Robert Bucci Jack Burnham, Jr. Paul Busby Fred Bush, James Bush President of ASB Millard Bush Allen Calcote James Caldwell King Callicutt Hubert Campbell James Caples George Carmichael Frank Carnes Charles Carter William Carter, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • MILLARD M. BUSH, Hattiesburg; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • ALLEN F. CALCOTE, New Orleans, La.; Graduate. • JAMES N. CALDWELL, Tupelo; Law I; Sigma Chi; Band, 1946-47; Lambda Sigma; Press Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sports Editor, Mississippian, 1948; Editor, Mississippian, 1949; Orientation Committee, 1949. 0 KING H. CALLICUTT, New Albany; Law I. O HUBERT F. CAMPBELL, Benton; Med. I; Phi Chi. Second Row: • JAMES ALLEN CAPLES, Vardaman; Graduate; Independents. • GEORGE CARMICHAEL, Meridian; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. • FRANK F. CARNES, Toccopola; Graduate. • CHARLES A. CARTER, Philadelphia; Law I; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Delta Sigma Pi. O WILLIAM 0. CARTER, JR., Lexington; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Vice-presi- dent, Omicron Delta Kappa; Business Manager, Law Journal; Pi Kappa Delta; Exchequer, Phi Delta Phi; Y Cabinet. BELOW Firs+ Row: • BILLY K. CHAPMAN, Indianola; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MRS. ELIZABETH C. CHASE, Brooksville; Graduate; Phi Mu. • LOUIS S. CHATHAM, Vicksburg; Med. I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • ROBERT D. CHURCH, Big Creek; Graduate; Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Pi; President, Graduate School; ASB Executive Council; Board of Directors, Campus Credit Union; Past President, Delta Sigma Pi. • JOHN 0. CLAY, JR., Pontotoc; Law III. • W. KELLY CLIFFORD, Boise, Idaho; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; The Mississippians. • WILLIAM E. COCHRAN, Kosciusko; Med. I. Second Row: • CHRISTOPHER L. COLEMAN, JR., Jackson; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM R. COLLIER, Hattiesburg; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega. • DAVID M. COMFORT, Durant; Med. II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • CLARENCE H. CONNER, Indianola; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Chi Beta Phi; B. S. cum laude. • MARGARET E. COPELAND, Fairmont, W. Va.; Graduate; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CLYDE E. CORSON, Oxford; Graduate. • GEORGE L. COTTINGHAM, JR., Greenville; Law I. Billy Chapman Mrs. Elizabeth Chase Louis Chatham Robert Church John Clay, Jr. Kelly Clifford William Cochran Christopher Coleman, Jr. William Collier David Comfort Clarence Conner Margaret Copeland Clyde Corson George Cottingham, Jr. 48 Joe Covington Ancil Cox, Jr. Ben Crawford Thomas Crews Robert Crockett Harold Cubley Edward Currie, Jr. George Curry George Cutrer Daniel Dabbs Burk Dabney Roland Dale James Davis Roy Davis ABOVE First Row: • JOE S. COVINGTON, Meridian; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ANCIL L. COX, JR., Shaw; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma Phi. • BEN L. CRAWFORD, Tylertown; Graduate; Beta Beta Beta. • THOMAS R. CREWS, Banks; Law I; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT N. CROCKETT, Bay Springs; Med. II; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi; Band; Glee Club; M.O.A.K.S. • HAROLD B. CUBLEY, Hattiesburg; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi. • EDWARD J. CURRIE, JR., Hattiesburg; Law I; Phi Delta theta. Second Row: • GEORGE C. CURRY, Hattiesburg; Law III. • GEORGE W. CUTRER, Magnolia; Law II; Kappa Alpha. • DANIEL W. DABBS, Hattiesburg; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. • M. BURKE DABNEY, Hernando; Law II; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • ROLAND H. DALE, Magee; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; M Club; Captain, Football Team, 1949; Colonel Rebel, 1949. • JAMES R. AVIS, Columbia; Law I; Lambda Chi Alpha. • ROY W. DAVIS, Booneville; Graduate; International Relations Club; Ole Miss Veterans Club; BTU. BELOW First Row: • SAMUEL K. DAY, JR., Inverness; Med. II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Biology Club. • D. HELEN DAYTON, Oxford; Med. II; Delta Zeta. • WILLIAM M. DEAVOURS, Laurel; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi. • JAMES L. DENHAM, JR., Clinton; Law II. • ALBERT DICKENS, JR., Carthage; Law I. Second Row: • DON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Graduate; Kappa Sigma; Hermaean Literary Society. • MRS. JAQUELINE H. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Graduate. • PAUL V. DIXON, Summit; Law II. • DAVE W. DOGAN, JR., Grenada; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM B. DORSEY, Natchez; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma. Samuel Day, Jr. Helen Dayton William Deavours James Denman, Jr. Albert Dickens, Jr. BOB CHURCH Don Dismukes Jaqueline Dismukes Paul Dixon Dave Dogan, Jr. William Dorsey President Graduate School ‘. . . . .,,, . . , ... 1. . . .• . •., . . . . ...... ... 1 . .. . ::::::::: . . ••••• ...I 7, • . a . . .4 1 ..:.:11 00100. ...21.• 0.1M00 MIX " ' ... :ZS ...—.7...- " t:::::: " .:■:- .72:7:....11::: .......1.111rArter...4Z " ' _04 " 40:11 MUM. ...... MN. ...1.01%.zrz.., LT.L. ' 00044.7 ft. 11.1117.107.7 " .:....4 ' .0Ir010 %Oa ,likft• Owl " " . " 44 40 aa•• awns •••• .Z... aft ...7....: .711•,.7:....USSat, 410; " : " .. " : " .■1 " . " 1 " " .11.::::•wash " 1.1:7 " " " •••:471•••47.:-.-- " rt.• " ::: " ::: •••• ••■■• IIIIIIIII•■•■• " " " aaaa swam ra••• Maas Ma. mama 0710,1016 " ... NM Mae Nay .... masa •■••■ On ••••_a arm MINN 1110.. NEM 0 IOWA WINO •••••• ... " ' ' 10, r,001 MIN Was ■■• %am IW... maw ■•••• a a aft. .1••• Una •••• alum In. Nam OM MIMI Mao Mean Mar " ■■■■■ MO lama SIM NEMO MIMI MRIMI Ie.+ ■ • Ai -41. Gar sae a ya,.. a:IL. 118a. MOO Maw MY! ma. " %ARUM. tam 11.1011 Vow.. M. •••• it•••■ A Una .1. Visa ••••■ Wag MINS IMMO 111■•• •••• I au. ••••, MAW rallr .. " 711, ilar ORM aim lama 1.6 " r ,a7r4a i 0 1 I IS 11 Ilitilm. ac. MIS LAM 11110111 al II 1 ....:......zi..... ........, r ••••• OM MIS MON Mau WM IMI•a Valrellar b - lam Ilkan UM als. ' . 11 .7 " 2 " . 0410.. " ......,.......7.4...., fem. •••• MIN NM 1111•■ in No a• Way IM El .01111111.jil ......„. :1114: ••••••611•1111. " 11. " " . i mume Mai non O a. MUM MIN lima an MIN MOM III AWN ME IN NOW ' 7,111,1•4712•11.1=.......: II NM ISM •••1 =la liff• , • ....111111112 11•• MOM NMI OMB •Im • 1.07: , • MN WINI NOM VIM MN s. •4 I. 11•• NSW anal MOO NM I II•IM Mal NM OEM In . In MB Man In= UM %ill; MN Of 1•••• MO OM In Ma MO VIM Mill • ■ NEM NM NMI NM ........ — ....e. ter re awn swam Wall Doxey, Jr. William Dozier Walter Dreaden, Jr. John Dulaney William Dukes Robert Duncan John Dunnam, Jr. John Durfey Warren Dye Jesse Eavenson ABOVE First Row: • WALL DOXEY, JR., Holly Springs; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Delta • WILLIAM P. DOZIER, Fulton; Graduate. • WALTER E. DREADEN, JR., Lambert; Law III. • JOHN W. DULANEY, Tunica; Law I; Delta Psi; Eta Sigma Alpha. • WILLIAM F. DUKES, Hattiesburg; Law I. BELOW First Row: Sigma Pi. • PAUL F. EDGAR, Carthage; Graduate; Rho Chi; American P harmaceutical Association. • DAN E. ENGLISH, Laurel; Graduate. • GEORGE E. ESTES, JR., Gulfport; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal; BSU Council. • HEBER C. ETHRIDGE, DeKalb; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOSEPH R. FANCHER, JR., Canton; Law III; Delta Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal. • SAM L. FAVRE, Kiln; Law III. • HAL G. FISER, Benton, Ky.; Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row: • ROBERT 0 DUNCAN, Columbus; Med. II; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. • JOHN M. DUNNAM, JR., Beaumont; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOHN R. DURFEY, Canton; Med. I; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • WARREN H. DYE, Ackerman; Graduate. • JESSE W. EAVENSON, Marks; Law II; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board. Second Row: • EARL H. FITZPATRICK, JR., Natchez; Law III; Committee of 100; Veterans Club; YMCA. • BILLY F. FLOWERS, Winona; Graduate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RALPH D. FORD, Cotton Plant; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • FRANK R. FORTENBERRY, Columbia; Med. II; Phi Chi. • HARMON A. FOSTER, Hattiesburg; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JANET A. FOX, Jackson; Graduate; Chi Omega. • JOHN H. FOX, Ill, Oxford; Law II; Beta Theta Pi. Paul Edgar Dan English George Estes, Jr. Heber Ethridge Joseph Fancher, Jr. Sam Favre Hal Fiser Earl Fitzpatrick, Jr. Billy Flowers Ralph Ford Frank Fortenberry Harmon Foster Janet Fox John Fox, Ill 50 John Frazier Lory Frey Robert Fuerst Harold Fuller Nolan Fulton, Jr. Daneil Gholson Tyrus Gibbs Stewart Gilchrist Joe Gillespie William Gillespie, Jr. Ben Gilliland, Jr. Norman Gillis James Gilmore William Goodman, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • JOHN D. FRAZIER, Crawford; Med. I; Beta Beta Beta. • LORY M. FREY, Monroe, La.; Graduate; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT J. North Little Rock, Ark.; Graduate; M • HAROLD B. FULLER, McComb; Law II. • NOLAN W. FULTON, JR.. Louisville; Med. I; Phi Chi. • DANIEL P. GHOLSON, Holly Springs; Graduate; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. • TYRUS C. GIBBS, Fulton; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • STEWART .1. GILCHRIST, Gilchrist, Ore.; Law III. • JOE I. GILLESPIE, Columbia, Tenn.; Law I; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM M. GILLESPIE, JR., C harleston; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon. Delta; President, Medical School, 1949-SO. • BEN D. GILLILAND, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Law III; Kappa Sigma. • NORMAN B. GILLIS, McComb; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES 0. GILMORE, Macon; Med. II; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM F. GOODMAN, JR., Jackson; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. BELOW First Row: • HOWARD R. GRAY, luka; Med. II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta. • PAUL E. GRADY, Seminary; Law I. • JACK E. GREEN, Oxford; Graduate. • JOHN E. GREGG, Taylorsville; Law I; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board. • ROBERT P. GRIFFIN, Gulfport; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • ELLIS GRIFFITH, Prentiss; Law II; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal. • EARL L. GRIMES, Carthage; Graduate; Independents; Graduate Fellowship. • LOWELL E. GRISHAM, luka; Law III, Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. • JOHN M. GROWER, Tupelo; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Associate Editor, Mississippi Law Journal; President, Senior Class, Law School. • CARL E. GUERNSEY, Senatobia; Law II; Omicron Delta Kappa, treasurer; Phi Delta Phi; Mississippi Law Journal. Howard Gray Paul Grady Jack Green John Gregg Robert Griffin JESS HOLLOMAN Ellis Griffith Earl Grimes Lowell Grisham John Grower Carl Guernsey President O.D.K. Joann Gunn William Gunn, Jr. Frederick Hamel Mary Hamill Stuart Hamley Hector Harrell John Harrington Jeff Harris Joseph Harris Mark Hartley ABOVE First Row: • JOAN GUNN, Charleston; Graduate; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Kappa Pi; University Players. • WILLIAM J. GUNN, JR., Meridian; Law; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Pres. Senior Law Class Summer 1949. • FREDERICK P. HAMEL, Canton; Law; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Associate Ed. Miss. Law Journal. • MARY F. HAMILL, Sturgis; Graduate. • STUART D. HAMLEY, Lake Providence, La.; Education; Omicron Delta Kappa; M Club; Sigma Delta Pi. Second Row: • HECTOR P. HARRELL, Carthage; Med.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN F. HARRINGTON, Jackson, Tenn.; Law; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal. • JEFF W. HARRIS, Jackson; Med.; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • JOSEPH C. HARRIS, Batesville; Graduate; Pres. Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. • MARK F. HARTLEY, Vardaman; Med.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM D. HAYNES, Memphis, Tenn.; Law; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa. • JOE R. HENDERSON, Pontotoc; Law; Phi Delta Phi. • HARRIS B. HENLEY, Hazlehurst; Law; Delta Psi. • WALTER H. HENLEY, Rosedale; Med.; Phi Chi. • CLINTON G. HERRING, Jackson; Law; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES D. HESTER, Stringer; Law; Phi Kappa Psi; Sect. Law School Student Body. • THOMAS H. HESTER, Starkville; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Second Row: • GEORGE P. HEWES, Ill, Jackson; Law; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; M Club; Canterbury Club. • ROBERT J. HOBBY, Jackson; Law; Phi Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Editor, Miss. Law Journal. • JESSE B. HOLLEMAN, Wiggins; Law; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres. 1949; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debating Team 41-42, 46-47, 4B-49; Phi Delta Phi; Law Journal Staff. • DAVID W. HOLMES, JR., Hattiesburg; Law. • EDMUND W. HOLMES, JR., Oxford; Law. • BARNARD S. HOLT, Duncan; Graduate; Kappa Alpha. • BILLY B. HOOVER, Olive Branch; Med.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Chi. William Haynes Joe Henderson Harris Henley Walter Henley Clinton Herring James Hester Thomas Hester George Hewes, Ill Robert Hobby Jesse Holleman David Holmes, Jr. Edmund Holmes, Jr. Barnard Holt Billy Hoover 52 Charles Hosemann James Houston John Hudson, Jr. Joe Hurst Joseph Hurst Flavious Hutchinson Maurice Inman Florian Jabour Brett Jackson, Jr. James Jackson Albert Jaeger Billie James Thomas Jenkins Sam Jennings ABOVE First Row: • CHARLES D. HOSEMAN, Vicksburg; Grad uate; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi; Miss. Law Journal. • JAMES R. HOUSTON, Neshoba; Law; Phi Delta Phi. • JOHN P. HUDSON, JR., Scobey; Graduate. • JOE J. HURST, Macon; Law; Executive Council of B.S.U. • JOSEPH L. HURST, Hattiesburg; Med. • FLAVIOUS L. HUTCHINSON, Saltillo; Law. • MAURICE N. INMAN, Calhoun City; Graduate. Second Row: • FLORIAN E. JABOUR, Vicksburg; Med. • BRETT F. JACKSON, JR., Pontotoc; Graduate; Band Drum Major 44-48; University Players, 46-47; Kappa Kappa Psi; Committee of 100, 46. • JAMES W. JACKSON, Corinth; Graduate. • ALBERT J. JAEGER, Columbus; Graduate; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. • BILLIE L. JAMES, Montrose; Med.; Phi Chi. • THOMAS D. JENKINS, Water Valley; Law; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Executive Council; I.F.C. Dance Committee; Com- mittee of 100. • SAM N. JENNINGS, Kosciusko; Law; Pres. of Pi Kappa Alpha 48-49; A.S.B. Dance Committee; Interfraternity Council, 49; Delta Sigma Pi. BELOW First Row: • ALVIS C. JOHNSON, Meridian; Graduate. • JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON, Oxford; Graduate; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade. • ERNEST V. KELLNER, JR., Greenville; Law; Kappa Alpha. • JOE R. KING, Laurel; Law; Kappa Sigma. • ALBERT S. KIRST, Jackson; Law; Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • HAROLD M. KNOX, Russell; Graduate. • MELVIN M. KRAUS, Belzoni; Med.; Phi Epsilon Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Band, 41-43; Interfraternity Council, 43; " Mississippian " Staff. • DOROTHY T. KUYRKENDALL, McComb; Graduate. • ROY C. KUYRKENDALL, JR., McComb; Law; Pi Tau Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Wesley Council; Law Journal. • BOYD E. KYNARD, Oxford; Law; Pi Sigma Alpha. Alvis Johnson Joseph Johnston Ernest Kellner, Jr. Joe King Albert Kirst SNOOKUMS MAPLES Harold Knox Melvin Kraus Dorothy Kuyrkendall Roy Kuyrkendall, Jr. Boyd Kynard Vice-President of A.S.B. Johnny Laird Eaton Lang, Jr. Dewie Leach Jerome Leavell James Lee Jack Leigh Steve Leist William Lenoir, Jr. June Lewis Romulus Liddell ABOVE First Row: • JOHNNY LAIRD, Union; Graduate; Sigma Nu. • EATON A. LANG, JR., Pass Christian; Law III; Kappa Sigma; Interfraternity Council; President, Phi Eta Sigma; President, Newman Club; ASB Dance Com- mittee; Committee of 100; Business Manager, Mississippian. • DEWEY B. LEACH, McCool; Law II. • JEROME F. LEAVELL, Oxford; Law 1; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Classical Club; Committee of 100. • JAMES W. LEE, Forest; Law Second Row: • JACK P. LEIGH, Meridian; Law II; Kappa Alpha, • STEVE C. LEIST, Vicksburg; Med. I; Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • WILLIAM V. LENOIR, JR., McComb; Law III; Sigma Nu. • JUNE G. LEWIS, Monroe, La.; Graduate; Chi Omega. • ROMULUS R. LIDDELL, Fairfield, Ala.; Graduate; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • JOHN E. LINDLEY, Macon; Med. I; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM D. LOGAN, JR., Carthage; Med. I; Phi Chi. R. LONG, Gulfport; Law I; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Bad • GEORGE L. LUCAS, Columbus; Law I. • HILDEGARDE K. LUNDY, Waukomis, Okla.; Graduate. • MITCHELL M. LUNDY, Philadelphia; Law II. • HENRY G. LUTRICK, JR., Florence; Graduate. Second Row: • LOUIS J. LYELL, Jackson; Law III; Delta Psi; Mississippi Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. • JUANITA A. McCORMICK, Oxford; Graduate; Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda. • E. CONWAY McCRACKEN, Sardis; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; YMCA; Com- mittee of 100; Business Education Club; President, Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club. • ROBERT F. McDAVID, McComb; Graduate; Newman Club. • WILLIAM L. McDONOUGH, Oxford; Law III. • JOHN L. McGEE, JR., Louisville; Graduate; Beta Beta Beta. • JOSEPH P. McKELL, Brookhaven; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. John Lindley William Logan, Jr. Thomas Long George Lucas Hildegarde Lu ndy Mitchell Lundy Henry Lutrick, Jr. Louis LyeII Juanita McCormick Conway McCracken Robert McDavid William McDonough John McGee, Jr. Joseph McKell 54 Norman McKinnon Jack McLain Martin McLendon Maxie McMullin Sarah McNutt Robert McRaney Helen Magee Sidney Majure Brison Mann Darwin Maples Dan Morse Billie Martin Ernest Martin, Jr. Willis Matthews ABOVE First Row: • NORMAN A. McKINNON, Jackson; Med. II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. • JACK McLAIN, Jackson; Graduate. • MARTIN R. McCLENDON, Petal; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi; President, Law School; Executive Council; Pi Kappa Delta. • MAXIE McMULLIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate. • SARAH E. McNUTT, Woodville; Graduate. • ROBERT R. McRANEY, Collins; Law II. • HELEN E. MAGEE, Oxford; Graduate; Beta Gamma Sigma; Business Edu- cation Club. Second Row: • SIDNEY B. MAJURE, Newton; Law II; Kappa Alpha. • BRISON MANN, Belmont; Graduate; Beta Theta Pi. • DARWIN M. MAPLES, Tiger Branch; Law I. • DAN F. MORSE, Biloxi; Law III. • BILLIE J. MARTIN, Laurel; Law I. • ERNEST G. MARTIN, JR., Jackson; Law II; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIS T. MATTHEWS, Magee; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. BELOW First Row: • CHARLES R. MAYFIELD, JR., Bay Springs; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi; Inter- fraternity Council, 1948; President, Phi Kappa Psi, 1948. • ROBERT E. MAYFIELD, Laurel; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Beta Beta Beta. • JERRY MAYO, Pocahontas; Graduate; Beta Sigma Omicron; Alpha Psi Omega. • W. BUCHANAN MEEK, lupora; Law III; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HAROLD W. MELVIN, Laurel; Law I; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: • GEORGE L. MILLER, JR., West Point; Med. II; Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Beta Beta Beta. • E. BONNIE MILLS, Jackson; Law III. • PAUL E. MINK, Belmont; Med. II; Phi Chi. • FRANK A. MINNICK, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate. • OTIS C. MITCHELL, Wesson; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Charles Mayfield, Jr. Robert Mayfield Jerry Mayo Buchanan Meek Harold Melvin JIMMY CALDWELL George Miller, Jr. Bonnie Mills Paul Mink Frank Min nick Otis Mitchell Editor " Mississippian " HBO Robert Mitchell Frank Mon tague, Jr. John Mooney Mavis Moore Clifton Moore Marvin Morgan William Moroney Harvey Mounger William Mulkins Evrette Mullen, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT A. MITCHELL, Walnut Grove; Graduate; Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta; Glee Club; French Club. • FRANK D. MONTAGUE, JR., Hattiesburg; Law II; Beta Theta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, ASB, 1949-50; Phi Delta Phi; Intramural Council, 1947-48; Interfraternity Council, 1948-49; President, Beta Theta Pi, 1948-49. • JOHN M. MOONEY, Hattiesburg; Law I. • MAVIS S. Holly Springs; Graduate. • CLIFTON E. MOORE, Holly Springs; Graduate. Second Row: • MARVIN W. MORGAN, Star; Med. I. • WILLIAM T. MORONEY, Tupelo; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. • HARVEY T. MOUNGER, Hattiesburg; Law III. • WILLIAM D. MULKINS, Greenville; Graduate; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • EVRETTE J. MULLEN, JR., Clarksdale; Graduate; Premed. Club. BELOW First Row: • JOHN C. MURRAY, JR., Brandon; Graduate; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; ASB Dance Committee. • JAMES K. MUSKELLEY, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha; Committee of 100; President, Pi Kappa Alpha, 1948; President, YMCA, 1949-50; Lambda Sigma; Wesley Foundation, 1947-48; Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha, 1947-48. • WILLIAM C. NABORS, Water Valley; Graduate; Lambda Chi Alpha. • JOHN H. NAPIER, III, Picayune; Graduate; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Pi Kappa Pi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Claiborne Society; Lambda Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Taylor Medal in History; Vice-president, Graduate School; Graduate Fellowship. • WARREN B. NATION, Brookhaven; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. • PAUL M. NEWTON, Wiggins; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Hall of Fame, 1948; Managing Editor, " Mississippian, " 1946-47; Editor, " Mississippian, " 1947-48; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi, President, 1946-47, 1947-48; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Interfraternity Council, 1946-47, 1947-48; Executive Council, 1947-48; Delegate, Mississippi Intercollegiate Council, 1946-47, 1947-48. • JASE 0. NORSWORTHY, Jackso n; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mississippi Law Journal; Phi Delta Phi. Second Row: • WILLIAM T. OAKES, State College; Med. I; Phi Chi. • THOMAS D. OTT, Hattiesburg; Law III; Beta Theta Pi; President, Ole Miss Veterans Club; Treasurer, Law School Student Body. • MRS. PATSY C. PACE, luka; Graduate. • WILLIAM M. PACE, luka; Law I; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade. • H. LEO PATTERSON, Armory; Graduate. • ROBERT D. PATTERSON, Tupelo; Law II; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court Board; Law Journal. • CHARLES N. PAYNE, JR., Saltillo; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. John Murray, Jr. James Muskelley William Nabors John Napier, Ill Warren Nation Paul Newton Jase Norsworthy William Oakes Thomas Ott Mrs. Patsy Pace William Pace Leo Patterson Robert Patterson Charles Payne, Jr. 56 George Peacock Thomas Pearson Carnal Petro Clarence Phelps Albert Pippen Samuel Pittman, Jr. Charles Pool James Price, Jr. Opal Price Wofford Price Richard Pritchett George Quin Ben Rawls John Rayburn, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • GEORGE E. PEACOCK, Mendenhall; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. • THOMAS H. PEARSON, Clarksdale; Law I; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; M Club. • CAMAL P. PETRO, Leland; Med. II; Phi Chi. • CLARENCE S. PHELPS, Marks; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ALBERT C. PIPPEN, Columbus; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • SAMUEL I. PITTMAN, JR., Coffeeville; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Band. • CHARLES E. POOL, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate. Second Row: • JAMES E. PRICE, JR., Corinth; Law III; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Journal; Vice-President Senior Law Class. • OPAL R. PRICE, Louin; Graduate; Pi Kappa Pi. • WOFFORD R. PRICE, Ethel; Graduate. • RICHARD E PRITCHETT, Jackson; Law I; Lambda Chi Alpha. • GEORGE M. QUIN, McComb; Law I. • BEN M. RAWLS, Columbia; Law III; Sigma Chi; Moot Court Board. • JOHN A. RAYBURN, JR., Pontotoc; Law I. BELOW First Row: • R. B. REEVES, McComb; Law I; Sigma Nu; M. Club. • LOUIS S. RILEY, JR., Hattiesburg; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT M. RITTER, Belden; Med. I; Phi Kappa Tau; K.M.E.; I.A.S. • CURTIS D. ROBERTS, New Albany; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • THOMAS G. ROBERTS, Montrose; Law II; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • THOMAS N. ROBERTS, JR., Biloxi; Law III; Sigma Chi. • HERBERT K. ROBERTSON, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. • GUY H. ROBINSON, Clarksdale; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • HENRY V. ROBINSON, Lawrence; Graduate; Delta Sigma Pi. • HERBERT H. ROBINSON, Waynesboro; Med. II; Phi Chi. R. B. Reeves Louis Riley, Jr. Robert Ritter Curtis Roberts Thomas Roberts BUDDY SHAW Thomas Roberts, Jr. Herbert Robertson Guy Robinson Henry Robinson Herbert Robinson Editor of the OLE MISS Guy Rogers Robert Rouse Guy Rowland Hugh Rowland Melvin Rowland Robert Russum, Jr. Leo Scanlon Marie Scarborough Robert Scribner Andrew Scott, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • GUY N. ROGERS, New Albany; Law III; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT M. ROUSE, Meridian; Med. I. • GUY M. ROWLAND, Walnut; Law III; Delta Sigma Pi. • HUGH C. ROWLAND, Louisville; Law I. • MELVIN L. ROWLAND, Tupelo; Law I. Second Row: • ROBERT L. RUSSUM, JR., Flora; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. • LEO J. SCANLON, Jackson; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • MARIE T. SCARBOROUGH, Jackson; Graduate. • ROBERT E. SCRIBNER, Tupelo; Law I. • ANDREW SCOTT, JR., Laurel; Law II. BELOW First Row: • CHARLES D. SCRUGGS, Biloxi; Graduate; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM F. SELPH, JR., Laurel; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cardinal Club. • WILLIAM 0. SEMMES, Grenada; Law III; Phi Delta Theta. • NORMAN E. SHAW, Jackson; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Editor 1950 OLE MISS; Executive Council, 1949-50; Chairman Student Welfare Committee, 1949; Director Student Social Affairs, 1949; Cheerleader, 1947-48, 1948-49; Cardinal Club, 1947; ASB Dance Committee, 1947; IFC Dance Commit- tee, 1947; Commitee of 60, 1949. • LESTER A. SHIPLEY, Greenwood; Law I; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma. • JOSEPH J. SHOEMAKR, Louin; Med. I; Phi Chi. • ROGER B. SHOWS, Meridian; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Board; Law Journal; BSU Council. Second Row: • DELMAR L. SIMMONS, JR., Jackson; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ole Miss Quartet; Glee Club; ASB Dance Committee. • JOHN U. SIMMONS, JR., Gulfport; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES R. SMITH, Ruleville; Med. I; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. • CLEVELAND B. SMITH, Tylertown; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • GEORGE R. SMITH, JR., Pass Christian; Law II; Secretary-Treasurer, Law Junior Class. • KENNETH E. SMITH, Carthage; Law I; Beta Gamma Sigma. • RICHARD L. SMITH, Tupelo; Law II; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Charles Scruggs William Selph, Jr. William Semmes Norman Shaw Lester Shipley Joseph Shoemaker Roger Shows Delmar Simmons, Jr. John Simmons, Jr. Charles Smith Cleveland Smith George Smith, Jr. Kenneth Smith Richard Smith 58 John Souza Dalton Spears Coy Stacey, Jr. Herbert Stampley Roby Stegall James Stephens John Stephens Francis Stevens Charles Stewart, Jr. William Stewart, Jr. William Stewart William Stinson, Jr. Ernest Strange James Stribling ABOVE First Row: • JOHN SOUZA, Memphis, Tenn.; Graduate. • DALTON E. SPEARS, Oxford; Med. I. • COY C. STACEY, JR., Paducah, Ky.; Graduate; University of Mississippi Management Association. • HERBERT G. STAMPLEY, Betonia; Graduate. • ROBY L. STEGALL, Forest; Law II. • JAMES 0. STEPHENS, Magee; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; President, Alpha Kappa Kappa. • JOHN T. STEPHENS, luka; Graduate. Second Row: • FRANCIS B. STEVENS, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • CHARLES A. STEWART, JR., Jackson; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM A. STEWART, JR., Laurel; Law III. • WILLIAM H. STEWART, Poplarville; Law III; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM D. STINSON, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Law I; Delta Psi. • ERNEST D. STRANGE, Meridian; Law III. • JAMES A. STRIBLING, Philadelphia; Graduate; M Club. BELOW First Row: • ANDREW W. SULLIVAN, Macon; Law III; Kappa Alpha; President, ASB, 1947; President, Liberal Arts School, 1942; Omicron Delta Kappa; M.O.A.K.S.; Cheer- leader, 1942-43; OLE MISS Staff, 1940-43; Cardinal Club, 1941-42. • CHARLES L. SULLIVAN, Wiggins; Law II; Tau Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT M. SULLIVAN, Hattiesburg; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi; Moot Court Board. • CECIL L. SUMMERS, Belmont; Law III. • LESTER F. SUMNERS, Oxford; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Rebel Band; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team; Phi Delta Phi; President, Interfraternity Council, 1949-50. Second Row: • DAN G. SUTHERLAND, Hattiesburg; Law I. • HILLMAN TAYLOR, Meridian; Law I. • WILLIAM K. TAYLOR, Raymond; Med. I; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • ROBERT G. TOPP, Greenwood; Graduate; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES C. TOTTEN, JR., Holly Springs; Med. II; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Andrew Sullivan Charles Sullivan Robert Sullivan Cecil Sumners Lester Sumners HARRIETT GEISENBERGER Dan Sutherland Hillman Taylor William Taylor Robert Topp James Totten, Jr. Secretary of the A.S.B. Robert Touchstone John Travis, Jr. Robert Tribble Howard Trimble Gloria Tubb Jack Tucker Robert Turnage Robert Tyson Charles Van Winkle Lamar Wadlington ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT N. TOUCHSTONE, Meridian; Graduate; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN A. TRAVIS, JR., Jackson; Law III; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, Law School. • ROBERT W. TRIBBLE, Sledge; Law II; Phi Kappa Psi. • HOWARD B. TRIMBLE, Jackson; Law III; Lambda Chi Alpha. • GLORIA L. TUBB, Shuqualak; Graduate. Second Row: • JACK N. TUCKER, Clarksdale; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT G. TURNAGE, New Hebron; Law I. • ROBERT E. TYSON, Holly Springs; Med. I; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • CHARLES D. VAN WINKLE, Ocean Springs; Graduate. • LAMAR H. WADLINGTON, Sledge; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. BELOW First Row: • EMMETT C. WAGGONER, Carthage; Graduate. • FRANK W. WALDEN, Georgetown; Law I. • JOEL P. WALKER, JR., Horn Lake; Law III; Moot Court Board. • JOSEPH W. WALKER, Mendenhall; Law III. • PRENTICE J. WALKER, Hattiesburg; Med. I; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM L. WALLER, Oxford; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega. • BARBARA W. WALTERS, Hattiesburg; Med. II. Second Row: • GEORGE A. WARD, Columbus, Ohio; Law III; Phi Alpha Delta; Chairman, Moot Court Board; Clerk, Phi Alpha Delta. • RICHARD T. WATSON, Woodville; Law III; Moot Court Board. • TAYLOR WEBB, Leland; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • HERMAN D. WEBSTER, JR., Oxford; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. • BUFORD E. WELLS, Memphis, Tenn.; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. • REGINALD P. WHITE, Meridian; Med. I; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. • ROYCE L. WHITE, Fulton; Law III; Delta Theta Phi. Emmett Waggoner Frank Walden Joel Walker, Jr. Joseph Walker Prentice Walker William Waller Barbara Walters George Ward Richard Watson Taylor Webb Herman Webster, Jr. Buford Wells Reginald White Royce White 60 William White Charles Williams Duke Williams, Jr. James Williams Oscar Williams Lester Willis Mary Wilson Henry Winters, Jr. Albert Wollett Joe Woosley Frank Wynne, Jr. Jesse Yancy, Jr. Eithel Young Glenn Young ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM E. WHITE, Senatobia; Graduate. • CHARLES D. WILLIAMS, Yazoo City; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • DUKE WILLIAMS, JR., Yazoo City; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES D. WILLIAMS, Lexington; Law III. • OSCAR L. WILLIAMS, Laurel; Graduate; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LESTER C. WILLIS, Edinburg; Med. I; Alpha Kappa Kappa. • MARY L. WILSON, Springfield, Mo.; Graduate. Second Row: • HENRY E. WINTERS, JR., Bettendorf, Iowa; Graduate; Executive Council, 1948-49; President, Graduate School, 1948-49. • ALBERT H. WOOLLETT, Oxford; Graduate; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Taylor Medal in Math; Graduate Fellowship. • JOE C. WOOSLEY, Clinton; Graduate; American Chemcial Society; Alpha Chi Sigma. • FRANK 0. WYNNE, JR., Marigold; Law III. • JESSE L. YANCY, JR., Bruce; Law II. • EITHEL G. YOUNG, Gulfport; Graduate. • GLENN G. YOUNG, Hattiesburg; Law II; Phi Kappa Psi. BELOW First Row: • RALPH D. YOUNG, Brookhaven; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi. • STANFORD YOUNG, Waynesboro; Law II. • FRANK McE. YOUNGBLOOD, Glen Allen; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Barristers ' Club; International Relations Club. • JOHN YURKOW, JR., Leland; Graduate. Ralph Young Stanford Young KATHERINE WRIGHT Frank Youngblood John Yurkow, Jr. Our Miss America S Clarence Adams James Adams Robert Adams Harvey Aden, Jr. Leila Alexander Kate Alford Robert Anderson, Jr. Carl Andre Waverley Arts Nancy Ashley ABOVE First Row: • CLARENCE 0. ADAMS, Laurel; Education. • JAMES H. ADAMS, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. ADAMS, Paris, France; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Lambda Sigma; Marketing Club. • HARVEY C. ADEN, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. • LEILA M. ALEXANDER, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Pix. Second Row: • KATE B. ALFORD, Hazlehurst; Education; Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.A.; University Players. • ROBERT A. ANDERSON, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • CARL F. ANDRE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WAVERLY C. ARTZ, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NANCY L. ASHLEY, Clinton; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. BELOW First Row: • JOHN A. ASHMORE, Pontotoc; Pharmacy. • THOMAS L. ASKEW, Edwards; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • BETTY JOE ATWOOD, Monticello; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation; Beta Alpha Beta. • DOUGLAS W. AULTMAN, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BRUCE G. AUSTIN, Tie Plant; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Kappa Pi; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E.; M Club; Wesley Foundation; Committee of 100; Anchor and Chain; N.R.O.T.C. Midshipman Commander. • JACOB C. AZAR, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • RENE H. BACHAND, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi: Newman Club. Second Row: • DOROTHY A. BAGGETT, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega; YWCA; WAA. • WILLIAM G. BAGGETT, Etta; Commerce. • LOUIS G. BAINE, JR., Gloster; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BETTY H. BAIRD, Oxford; Education. • CHARLIE E. BAIRD, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; ASB Dance Committee. • GERALDINE B. BAIRD, Holly Springs; Commerce; University Band; Univer- sity Chorus. • ROBERT T. BAKER, Charleston; Sigma Pi; University Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Glee Club. John Ashmore Thomas Askew Betty Atwood Douglas Aultman Bruce Austin Jacob Azar Rene Bachand Dorothy Baggett William Baggett Louis Baine, Jr. Betty Baird Charlie Baird Geraldine Baird Robert Baker 64 Catherine Bankston Claude Ballentine, Jr. Alex Ball Sharp Banks, Jr. William Barfield Jare Barkley Temple Barnard William Barner, III. Ann Barrier Gayle Beanland Harry Beil, Jr. Frank Bellina James Bennett Jack Bent ABOVE BELOW First Row: First Row: • CATHERINE G. BANKSTON, Edwards; Commerce; Chi Omega; Pix; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • JACK D. BERCH, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical • CLAUDE L. BALLENTINE, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. tion. • ALEX D. BALL, Leakesville; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association; • HARI S. BHAGVAT, Bombay, India; Engineering. BSU. • SHARP W. BANKS, JR., Philadelphia; Education. • MARTHA E. BIGGS, Crystal Springs; Education; Chi Omega. • WILLIAM N. BARFIELD, Griffin, Ga.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • LYNNICE B. BIGHAM, Ecru; Pharmacy. • JERE L. BARKLEY, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • TEMPLE B. BARNARD, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELMER L. BISHOP, Asheville, N. C.; Pharmacy. Second Row: • WILLIAM G. BARNER, Ill, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Band I, 2, 3; " Mississippian " Staff; Scabbard and Blade. • ANN U. BARRIER, Yazoo City; Education; Chi Omega. • GAYLE C. BEANLAND, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Psi; ASCE; Vice-Presi- dent, YMCA; President, State YMCA; Classical Club. • HARRY H. BEIL, JR., Chicago, Ill.; Education; Phi Kappa Sigma, • FRANK A. BELLINA, Meridian; Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; President, Engineering School. • JAMES T. BENNE TT, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma. • JACK BENT, San Angelo, Texas; Liberal Arts. Second Row: O MARION F. BISHOP, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GRAVES BLAKE, Houlka; Li beral Arts; Sigma Chi. • DON E. BLANCHARD, Moss Point; Education; Sigma Chi. O CURTIS C. BLOMQUIST, Hammond, La.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association, Vice-President. • JOHN S. BLONSICK, JR.. Bayonne, N. J.; Commerce; Anchor and Chain. Jack Berch Hari Bhagvat Martha Biggs Lynnice Bigham Elmer Bishop LES SUMNERS Marion Bishop Graves Blake Don Blanchard Curtis Blomquist John Blonsick, Jr. President of the I.F.0 Artie Blount William Bond William Boolos Helen Boone John Boone Jane Boring Thomas Boschert Webb Boswell Thomas Bounds William Bounds ABOVE First Row: • ARTIE C. BLOUNT, Oxford; Education. • WILLIAM H. BOND, Jackson, Tenn.; Commerce. • WILLIAM H. BOOLOS, Clarksdale; Commerce. • HELEN C. BOONE, Aberdeen; Education. • JOHN M. BOONE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • M. JANE BORING, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • THOMAS N. BOSCHERT, Duncan; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WEBB A. BOSWELL, Noxapater; Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha. • THOMAS E. BOUNDS, Shubuta; Pharmacy; Rho Chi. • WILLIAM E. BOUNDS, Shubuta; Pharmacy. BELOW First Row: • DONALD C. BOWEN, Atlanta, Ga.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; M Club; N.R.O.T.C. • MARGARET A. BOWEN, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota. • ROBERT F. BOWEN, Piedmont, S. C.; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • SHELDON W. BOWEN, Tupelo; Commerce. • JAMES E. BOWIE, Carthage; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • SUE G. BOWIE, New Albany; Education. • MARTHA V. BOWMAN, Amory; Education; Delta Zeta; W.A.A.; Wesley Foundation; University Players; YWCA; Pi Lambda Theta; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row: • R. NEAL BOX, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES C. BOYD, Ecru; Pharmacy. • JOYCE M. BOYD, Ecru; Commerce. • FRANCES M. BOYLE, Grenada; Education. • HORACE A. BRADLEY, Lucedale; Commerce. • BARNIE T. BRAMLETT, Oxford; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • GLADIOLA BRANSCOME, Grenada; Education. Donald Bowen Margaret Bowen Robert Bowen Sheldon Bowen James Bowie Sue Bowie Martha Bowman Neal Box James Boyd Joyce Boyd Frances Boyle Horace Bradley Barnie Bramlett Gladiola Branscome 66 Kenneth Brantley James Brent Oscar Brent, Jr. Fay Brewer Edward Brock Betty Brown Charles Brown Obie Brown, Jr. Maurice Bryant Mildred Buchanan John Buckley Henry Bullock Mary Bullock Clifford Burgess ABOVE First Row: • KENNETH BRANTLEY, Carthage; Commerce. • JAMES F. BRENT, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. • OSCAR D. BRENT, JR., Winona; Commerce; Management Club. • M. FAY BREWER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Independent. • EDWARD N. BROCK, Cleveland; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BETTY J. BROWN, Lorman; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta; Beta Beta Beta; Mortar Board; Pix; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; Pan-hellenic. • CHARLES H. BROWN, Washington; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pl. Second Row: • OBIE BROWN, JR., Alexander City, Ala.; Education. • MAURICE W. BRYANT, Houlka; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • MILDRED L. BUCHANAN, Hayti, Mo.; Education; Phi Mu; Home Economics Club; YWCA; F.T.A. • JOHN C. BUCKLEY, Newton; Pharmacy; Delta Tau Delta; American Phar- maceutical Association. • HENRY C. BULLOCK, Rosedale; Commerce; Kappa S igma. • MARY E, BULLOCK, Rosedale; Education; Chi Omega; W.A.A.; YWCA; F.T.A. • CLIFFORD C. BURGESS, Bentonia; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. BELOW First Row: • JESSE L. BURNETT, JR., Charleston; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • HELEN F. BURNSIDE, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • MARILYN A. BURRILL, Syracuse, N. Y.; Education; Delta Zeta. • MARKO M. BUTIRICH, Gretna, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; American Pharmaceutical Association. • WILLIAM A. BUTLER, Mangham, La.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • OWEN BYRD, Neely; Education. • PATRICK R. CAINE, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Anchor and Chain; Newman Club; N.R.O.T.C. • GEORGE W. CALDWELL, Pontotoc; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • HUGH R. CALDWELL, Como; Education. • PERIN L. CALDWELL, Senatobia; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Jesse Burnett, Jr. Helen Burnside Marilyn Burrill Marko Butirich William Butler CAROLYN McCURDY Owen Byrd Patrick Caine George Caldwell Hugh Caldwell Perrin Caldwell President of CWENS Raymond Calvert Evelyn Campbell Winston Capenton William Carlisle Hobart Carr, Jr. Stacy Carter John Case Barbara Cason William Catchings Jack Cavenaugh ABOVE First Row: • RAYMOND J. CALVERT, Meridian; Pharmacy. • EVELYN F. CAMPBELL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WINSTON J. CAPENTON, Noxapater; Commerce. • WILLIAM A. CARLISLE, Houston; Commerce. • HOBART W. CARR, JR., Newport, Ark.; Education. Second Row: • STACY W. CARTER, Sallis; Liberal Arts; Wesley Foundation. • JOHN T .CASE, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BARBARA J. CASON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM R. CATCHINGS, McComb; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • JACK P. CAVANAUGH, Mendenhall; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • ATWOOD D. CHALK, JR., Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; YMCA; Wesley Foundation; Marketing Club; " Mississippian. " • 0. MERRITT CHANCE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Market- ing Club. • RUPERT L. CHAPMAN, JR., Oxford; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • BILL D. CHATHAM, Shaw; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • NORMAN E. CHEATHAM, Philadelphia; Education. • WILLARD L. CHEATHAM, Philadelphia; Education. • SUE CHILCOAT, Toecap°la; Education. Second Row: • DALE K. CLARK, Crosby; Commerce; Chi Omega. • JAMES E. CLARK, Belzoni; Education; M Club. • LAURANCE J. CLARK, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; YMCA; Canterbury Club. • FABUS D. CLIETT, Montpelier; Education. • OLIVE E. CLOWER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Economics Club; YWCA. • ALTON B. COBB, Camden; Liberal Arts. • J. LOWERY COLLINS, Laurel; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; " Mississippian. " Atwood Chalk, Jr. Merritt Chance, Jr. Rupert Chapman, Jr. Bill Chatham Norman Cheatham Willard Cheatham Sue Chilcoat Dale Clark James Clark Laurance Clark, Jr. Fabus Cliett Olive Clower Alton Cobb Lowery Collins 68 Maurice Colly Elaine Comfort William Connors Lawrence Conwill John Cook Upton Cook Shirley Cook Paul Cooper Helen Coplen Mary Corson Loye Costner Robert Covens Justin Cox Ramon Cox ABOVE First Row: • MAURICE L. COLLY, Atlanta, Ga.; Liberal Arts. • M. ELAINE COMFORT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Glee Club; Wesley Foun- dation. • WILLIAM E. CONNORS, Clarksdale; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; " Mississippian " ; Lambda Sigma; Band. • LAWRENCE H. CONWILL, Nettleton; Commerce. • JOHN B. COOK, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Canterbury Club; Dance Committee. • 0. UPTON COOK, Columbia; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceu- tical Association. • SHIRLEY E. COOK, Wiggins; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; American Pharma- ceutical Association. Second Row: • PAUL B. COOPER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HELEN R. COPLEN, Summit; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Lambda Sigma; YWCA; Pan-hellenic. • MARY U. CORSON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • LOYE J. COSTNER, Banner; Pharmacy. • ROBERT COVENS, Crystal Springs; Pharmacy; Phi Epsilon Pi; University Players; Hillel Club; American Pharmaceutical Association. • JUSTIN L. COX, Brandon; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • RAMON H. COX, Parchman; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • JANE CRAWFORD, West Point; Education; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; YWCA; W.A.A.; Future Teachers of America. • JEAN W. CRAWFORD, Decatur; Commerce. • KENNETH E. CRAWFORD, Mount Olive; Commerce; Marketing Club. • GATEWOOD B. CRAWLEY, Holly Springs; Commerce. • CECIL R. CROOK, Vaiden; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. Second Row: • JOSEPH R. CROOK, Vaiden; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; American Phar- maceutical Association. • JAMES L. CROSBY, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WALTER P. CROSWELL, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • JACK W. CROWELL, Itta Bena; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • GEORGE G. CULPEPPER, Silver Creek; Liberal Arts. Jane Crawford Jean Craw ford Kenneth Crawford Gatewood Crawley Cecil Crook MARTIN McCLENDON Joseph Crook James Crosby Walter Croswell Jack Crowell George Culpepper President of the Law School Lawrence Curbo Maggie Curie Charles Dale James Darnell Herbert Davidson Charles Dean Garrett Dearman William Dearman, Jr. Gordon DeLashmet Edgar Denk, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • LAWRENCE W. CORBO, Olive Branch; Commerce; Delta Sigma • MAGGIE REA CURLS, Belzoni; Education; Phi Mu. • CHARLES M. DALE, Duck Hill; Liberal Arts. • JAMES E. DARNELL, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • HERBERT W. DAVIDSON, Kosciusko; Pharmacy. BELOW First Row: Pi. • CARSON L. DEUBERRY, Greenfield, Tenn.; Engineering; ASCE. • CHARLOTTE S. DICKINSON, Brownsville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; YWCA; University Players; Committee of 100; Beta Alpha Beta. • RICHARD P. DICKSON, Moss Point; Commerce. • JAMES L. DIETZ, Beaumont; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. • EUGENE L. DIGBY, Fulton; Education. • FAYE ELLEN DIGBY, Fulton; Education. • ROBERT A. DIXON, Trenton, Tenn.; Pharmacy. Second Row: • CHARLES N. DEAN, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • GARRETT S. DEARMAN, New Augusta; Commerce. • WILLIAM F. DEARMAN, JR., Jackson; Enginee ring; Kappa Alpha; Golf Team; ASCE. • GORDON B. DeLASHMET, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Alpha Phi Omega; Executive Council; President, Liberal Arts School; Interfraternity Council. • EDGAR H. DENK, JR., Cheektowaga, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Intramural Council; Newman Club. Second Row: • MALCOLM J. DONALDSON, Reserve, La.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceu- tical Association. • NEAL A. DOOLEY, Tunica; Education; Independents. • JAMES H. DORROH, Slate Springs; Engineering; ASCE. • CHARLES M. DORROUGH, Ruleville; Liberal Arts. • SARAH A. DOSS, Eupora; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; YWCA; WAA; OLE MISS Staff. • ROBERT A. DOWDLE, Canton; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. • JOE T. DOWNARD, Florence; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. Carson Deuberry Charlotte Dickinson Richard Dickson James Dietz Eugene Digby Faye Allen Digby Robert Dixon Malcolm Donaldson Neal Dooley James Dorroh Charles Dorrough, Jr. Sarah Doss Robert Dowdle Joe Downard 70 Delbert Driver William Drury Donald Dubuisson Winfield Dunn David Dunn John Dunn, Jr. Arvah Dyess Sarah Dyess Taylor Eady, Jr. Mary Eckles Robert Edwards Robert Effinger, Jr. William Egger Robert Ehrhardt ABOVE First Row: • DELBERT D. DRIVER, Red Boiling Springs, Tenn.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • WILLIAM T. DRURY, Mobile, Ala.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Glee Club. • DONALD J. DUBUISSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Band. • B. WINFIELD C. DUNN, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; President, Kappa Alpha, 1949-50; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; President, Commerce School, 1949-50; Cadet Colonel, Air ROTC; Rebel Quartet; Executive Council, 1949-50; Interfraternity Council; President, Glee Club, 1948-49. • DAVID W. DUNN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Band, 1946-47-48-49; Kappa Kappa Psi; OLE MISS Staff, 1949-50. • JOHN D. DUNN, JR., Jackson; Commerce. • ARVAH E. DYESS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • SARAH J. DYESS, Laurel; Education; Committee of 100, 1948-49. • TAYLOR G. EADY, JR., Crystal Springs; Commerce; Band; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi. • MARY J. ECKLES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Home Econom- ics Club; Art Club; Glee Club. • ROBERT G. EDWARDS, Potts Camp; Commerce; Sigma Pi; Cardinal Club, 1948; Interfraternity Council. • ROBERT C. EFFINGER, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM M. EGGER, Caledonia; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT D. EHRHARDT, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. BELOW First Row: • JESSE M. ELKIN, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE R. ELLIS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta; Captain, Scabbard and Blade; Interfraternity Council. • JOSEPH N. ELLIS, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • WANDA ENGLAND, Big Creek; Independents; Vice-President, Physical Edu- cation Majors Club. • ETHEL C. ESKRIDGE, Charleston; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club. Second Row: • MAURICE E. ESTES, Columbus; Liberal Arts. • ROY EVANS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; ASCE. • LILLY EXUM, Vaughan; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Home Economics Club. • CLEVELAND D. FAGGARD, JR., Moss Point; Education; M Club. • ROBERT R. FALLIS, Wynne, Ark.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. Jesse Elkin George Ellis Joseph Ellis Wanda England Ethel Eskridge TOM JENKINS Maurice Estes Roy Evans Lilly Exum Cleveland Faggard, Jr. Robert Fallis Treasurer of the A.S.B. Wayne Fancher William Fant George Farr, Jr. Wayne Farrell Reuben Farris Dudley Fedric Bobbie Fike Clay Fike Vivian Findley James Follansbee ABOVE First Row: • WAYNE B. FANCHER, Columbus; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. • WILLIAM M. FANT, Carthage; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceu- tical Association. • GEORGE K. FARR, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WAYNE L. FERRELL, Grenada; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. • REUBEN M. FARRIS, Rienzi; Pharmacy. Second Row: • DUDLEY D. FREDRIC, Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • BOBIE R. FIKE, McLain; Liberal Arts. • CLAY L. A. FIKE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi; Newman Club. • VIVIAN J. FINDLEY, Hattiesburg; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA; YWCA; BSU. • JAMES W. FOLLANSBEE, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; ASCE; ACS. BELOW First Row: • DAN R. FORD, Taylorsville; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • THAD L. FOWLER, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES L. FRAZIER, Oxford; Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; Anchor and Chain. • ANDREW N. FREMIN, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • BILLIE J. FRENCH, Byhalia; Commerce; Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; CWENS, Secretary; Vice-President, Beta Gamma Sigma; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. • GEORGE E. FRENCH, Pass Chri stian; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • C. M. FREY, Monroe, La.; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • WREN M. FRITH, Lyman; Commerce. • WENDELL C. FRY, Newbern, Tenn.; Engineering. • ROYCE W. FUDGE, Oxford; Engineering; ASCE. • CHARLES H. FULGHUM, Booneville; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; Band. • MARTHA J. FURR, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota. • HENRY M. FYFE, JR., Sardis; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ALFRED A. GALGANO, New York, N. Y.; Education; Theta Kappa Phi; Major ' s Club, Treasurer. Dan Ford Thad Fowler Charles Frazier Andrew Fremin Billie French George French C. M. Frey Wren Frith Wendell Fry Royce Fudge Charles Fulghum Martha Furr Henry Fyfe, Jr. Alfred Galgano 72 Phillip Galloway Alfred Gent Dav id Gardner Rufus Gardner William Garner Albert Gerrard, Jr. Irene Garrett Lloyd Gary Dorothy Gibbs James Gibson Merlyn Gill Irvin Glass Robert Glover William Glover ABOVE First Row: • PHILLIP H. GALLOWAY, Oxford; Engineering; ASCE. • ALFRED GENT, Summit; Pharmacy. • DAVID B. GARDNER, McComb; Education; Sigma Nu. • RUFUS K. GARDNER, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM L. GARNER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta. • ALBERT L. GERRARD, JR., Canton; Education; Phi Delta Theta; M Club. • IRENE GARRETT, Jackson; Commerce; Beta Gamma Sigma; Secretary, Tau Kappa Alpha; Varsity Debater; Pi Kappa Pi; Executive Council, Independents; Baptist Council; " Mississippian " Staff, 1947-48. Second Row: • LLOYD E. GARY, Europa; Liberal Arts; YMCA. • DOROTHY W. GIBBS, Fulton; Education; Pi Lambda. • JAMES A. GIBSON, Mendenhall; Engineering. • MERLYN P. GILL, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • L. IRVIN GLASS, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical As- sociation. • ROBERT H. GLOVER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Beta Beta Beta; Biol- ogy Club. • WILLIAM H. GLOVER, Northport, Ala.; Education; Alpha Tau Omega; M Club. BELOW First Row: • JOHN E. GORE, JR., Newton; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. • GEORGE H. GRAFTON, Hughes, Ark.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WILLIAM T. GRAVES, Hazlehurst; Engineering; Delta Psi. • EVERETT 0. GRAYSON, Quitman; Commerce. • ZILAH L. GREEN, Marianna, Ark.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Second Row: • BEN T. GREGORY, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES C. GRIFFIN, JR.; Shannon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • DALE GUENTHER, Jackson; Commerce; Beta Gamma Sigma. • GEORGE H. GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Club; YMCA; Interfraternity Council; President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN M. GULLICK, JR., Aberdeen; Education. John Gore, Jr. George Grafton William Graves Everett Grayson Zilah Green CHARLOTTE COWARD Ben Gregory James Griffin, Jr. Dale Guenther George Gulley, Jr. John Gullick, Jr. President of Alpha Lambda Delta elia• ... ...... .... woo, • .................,14.0. ••••• .....0‘,. ..... ore ••• 1..L......;114.277.4: " ... .......1 4.... :,.. ...... grON .... ...., .01111. I ...-:1■.0.0..:. ........:717 " 1 00077. ::::::: :::::: . 111711,10.10 " .: ONIS 110110 I... ,.. .... ......, 1........... ram .... : : " ....• NO. r_, - rO111111•111110. Q Betty Hadad William Haddock Hurst Hall Robert Haltom Robert Hamilton Dorothy Hamm Jesse Hammond, Jr. Victor Hammons Richard Hanna John Hannah, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • BETTY J. HADAD, Vicksburg; Commerce; Independents; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; WAA. • WILLIAM H. HADDOCK, Meridian; Education; Phi Kappa Psi; Debate Club. • HURST M. HALL, Oxford; Education. • ROBERT B. HALTOM, Batesville; Pharmacy; Delta Psi. • ROBERT W. HAMILTON, Tuscola; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • DOROTHY E. HAMM, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta; CWENS, 1947-48; Y Cabinet, 1948-49; OLE MISS Staff, 1946-47; " Mississippian, " 1946-47. • JESSE B. HAMMOND, JR., Moss Point; Liberal Arts. • VICTOR G. HAMONS, Holcomb; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. • RICHARD W. HANNA, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN C. HANNAH, JR., Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Interfraternity Council. BELOW First Row: • WILLIAM M. HARDEE, Jackson; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; ASCE. • CHARLES W. HARDIN, Calhoun City; Education. • THERON D. HARDEN, JR., Amory; Commerce; Independents; President, Independents, 1948-49. • SAMUEL H. HARDISON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha, Debate Club. • ALFRED W. HARDY, JR., Canton; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES C. HARGIS, Oxford; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • HOWARD R. HARRIS, Star City, Ark.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • FRANCES L. HARTON, Tullahoma, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; President, Delta Delta Delta, 1949-50; Secretary, WSGA, 1949-50; Piz. • SHIRLEY L. HATAWAY, Vicksburg; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Secretary, Physical Education Majors Club; WAA; YWCA. • JOSEPH B. HAWKINS, Raleigh; Commerce; Independents; President, Inde. pendents, 1949-50; Treasurer, Tau Kappa Alpha. • AVERY P. HAYNES, JR., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • MARY A. HAYNES, Water Valley; Education. • LEWIS C. HEIDELBERG, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BETTY J. HENDERSON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. William Hardee Charles Hardin Theron Harden, Jr. Samuel Hardison Alfred Hardy, Jr. James Hargis Howard Harris Frances Harton Shirley Hataway Joseph Hawkins Avery Haynes, Jr. Mary Haynes Lewis Heidelberg Betty Henderson 74 Helen Henderson 0. H. Hendricks, Ill James Henley Gwendolyn Henry Charles Herrin Will Hickman Clyde Higgason Ralph Hightower, Jr. Garvin Hill George Hill L. C. Hinston, Jr. Ira Hinton, Jr. James Hogue George Hoffman ABOVE First Row: • HELEN HENDERSON, Sumner; Commerce; Chi Omega. • 0. H. HENDRICKS, Ill, Memphis, Tenn..; Commerce; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. • JAMES P. HENLEY, Philadelphia; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • GWENDOLYN C. HENRY, Pontotoc; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CHARLES B. HERRIN, Hattiesburg; Commerce. • WILL A. HICKMAN, Monticello; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • CLYDE R. HIGGASON, Oxford; Commerce. Second Row: • RALPH HIGHTOWER, JR., Eupora; Pharmacy. • GARVIN M. HILL, Louisville; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • GEORGE M. HILL, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • L. C. HINSON, JR., Nettleton; Commerce; UMMA. • IRA J. HINTON, JR., New Augusta; Pharmacy. • JAMES 0. HOGUE, Walnut Grove; Pharmacy; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Psi. • GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. BELOW First Row: • FREDERICK H. HOHENSCHUTZ, Eudora, Ark.; Engineering; ASCE. • MARY E. HOLLAND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • RALPH K. HOLLISTER, JR., Pascagoula; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES D. HOOD, Houlka; Liberal Arts. • JAMES P. HOOPER, Houlka; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; ROTC. Second Row: • GEORGE P. HOPKINS, JR., Gulfport; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; ASCE; Secretary-Treasurer, Engineering School. • LLOYD G. HOPKINS, Walnut; Pharmacy; Independents; American Pharma- ceutical Association. • JACK D. HORNE, Amory; Commerce. • THOMAS W. HORNER, Morristown, Tenn.; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. • DURWOOD HOWARD, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Men ' s Glee Club. Frederick Hohenschutz Mary Holland Ralph Hollister, Jr. James Hood James Hooper HENRY PARIS George Hopkins, Jr. Lloyd Hopkins Jack Horne Thomas Horner Durwood Howard Head Cheerleader Huldah Howell John Huff James Huggins Billy Hughes Vernon Hughes William Hulsey Shed Hunger John Humphreys, Jr. Alice Hunter Dorothy Hunter ABOVE First Row: • HULDAH C. HOWELL, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Editor, " Mississippian, " 1945-46; Executive Council, 1945-46; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • JOHN W. HUFF, Pulaski; Education. • JAMES W. HUGGINS, Oxford; Education. • BILLY N. HUGHES, Moorhead; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • VERNON T. HUGHES, Clarksdale; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. Second Row: • WILLIAM H. HULSEY, New Albany; Commerce; President, Student Marketing Club. • SHED H. HUNGER, Winona; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Men ' s Glee Club; Y Cabinet. • JOHN M. HUMPHREYS, JR., Biloxi; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Marketing Club. • ALICE A. HUNTER, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Westminster Fellowship; University Chorus; YWCA; WAA. • DOROTHY V. HUNTER, Inverness; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. BELOW First Row: • DOROTHY J. HUNTER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Lambda Sigma; Pix; Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic; OLE MISS Staff; " Mississippian " ; " Missis- sippi " Magazine; Favorite, 1948-49, 49-50. • ELISHA D. HURST, JR., Laurel; Commerce. • DAN S. HYDE, Jackson; Commerce. • JIMMIE R. ISON, Meridian; Commerce. • ROBERT JABOUR, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; M Club. • ALFRED K. JACKSON, Oxford; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • BETTYE D. JACKSON, Oxford; Education; Kappa Delta. Second Row: • JAMES C. JACKSON, Oxford; Commerce. • EULAS S. JENKINS, Vernon, Ala.; Education; M Club. • EDGAR D. JOHNSON, JR., Long Beach; Liberal Arts. • JOAN A. JOHNSON, Brookhaven; Education; Kappa Delta; CWENS; Pix; Pan-Hellenic Council; YWCA; President, Home Economics Club, 1948-49, Treas- urer, 1949-50; University Players, Secretary-Treasurer, 1948-49. • WADE H. JOHNSON, JR., Coffeeville; Liberal Arts. • EDL EY H. JONES, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WALTER N. JONES, Forest; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. Dorothy J. Hunter Elisha Hurst, Jr. Dan Hyde Jimmie !son Robert Jabour Alfred Jackson Bettye Jackson James Jackson Eulas Jenkins Edgar Johnson, Jr. Joan Johnson Wade Johnson, Jr. Edley Jones, Jr. Walter Jones 76 William Jones Henry Jones Joseph Jones Lidie Jones Bettye Jourdan David Jourdan, Jr. Edward Joyce Elizabeth Jumper Laura Junkin Irwin Kaufman Jean Keasler Edward Keaton Rosemary Keesling Lenore Kellner ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM L. JONES, Jackson, Tenn.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • HENRY D. JONES, Jackson; Commerce. • JOSEPH P. JONES, Moss Point; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • LIDIE M. JONES, Byhalia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Favorite, 1948-49. • BETTYE R. JOURDAN, luka; Education; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA; WAA; Junior Dean; Pix. • DAVID 0. JOURDAN, JR., luka; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Cardinal Club, 1947-48; Intramural Council, 1946-47; IFC Dance Committee, 1947-48. • EDWARD R. JOYCE, St. Augustine, Fla.; Engineering; Kappa Alpha; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; ACS; AICE; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • ELIZABETH S. JUMPER, Houston, Texas; Liberal Arts; Secretary, Westminster Fellowship, 1949. • LAURA S. JUNKIN, Natchez; Education; Chi Omega; YWCA; Newman Club; WAA; Future Teachers of America; Committee of 100. • IRWIN M. KAUFMAN, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; Vice-President, Interfraternity Council; Hillel Foundation; Cardinal Club, 1947-48. • JEAN L. KEASLER, Holcomb; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD S. KEATON, Henning, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; Amer- ican Pharmaceutical Association; Art Club. • ROSEMARY KEESLING, Pensacola, Fla.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LENORE KELLNER, Greenville; Education; Kappa Delta; CWENS; Kappa Delta Pi; YWCA. BELOW Firs+ Row: • WILLIAM C. KELLUM, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES M. KELLY, Oxford; Education; Baseball. • ROBERT F. KELLY, Fairbanks, Alaska; Engineering; Newman Club; ACS. • MAURICE C. KEMP, Winona; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • DAVID E. KEYES, Hazlehurst; Education. Second Row: • GEOFFREY B. KING, JR., Savannah, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma. • TRESSA M. KING, Fayette; Education; Delta Zeta; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Committee of 100. • NANCY A. KNIGHT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club; YWCA; WSGA. • J. CAROL KNOST, Pass Christian; Education; WAA; Newman Club; Physical Education Majors Club. • JOHN L. KOCH, Sullivan, Mo.; Liberal Arts. William Kellum Charles Kelly Robert Kelly Maurice K emp Davis Keyes EATON LANG Geoffrey King, Jr. Tressa King Nancy Knight Carol Knost John Koch Business Manager of the " Mississippian " Thomas Keeling Alexander Kullis James Lackey Robert Lambert John Lamkin Charles Lane William Lamond Betty Latham Dunbar Lee Simon Lee ABOVE First Row: • THOMAS E. KEELING, Shelby ville, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Sigma; American Pharmaceutical Association. • ALEXANDER J. KULJIS, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Newman Club; American Phar- maceutical Association. • JAMES VERNON LACKEY, Forest; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT E. LAMBERT, Belmont; Liberal Arts. • JOHN A. LAMKIN, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • CHARLES E. LANE, Jayess; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • WILLIAM R. LAMOND, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Ole Miss Band; " Missis- sippians. " • BETTY J. LATHAM, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • DUNBAR W. LEE, Rolling Fork; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • SIMON E. LEE, Carriere; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • EDWIN C. LEGRAND, Mocksville, N. C.; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICHARD A. LENOIR, Bude; Commerce; Veterans Housing Unit Committee, Steering Committee; Budget and Plans Committee; Student Housing Com- mittee. • THELMA J. LENZ, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; CWENS; Alpha Lambda Delta; Piz; Sophomore Honor Girl; " Y " ; Wesley Foundation; Junior Dean. • ELIZABETH LEWIS, Booneville; Commerce. • JOHN W. LEWIS, Rosedale; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MARTHA R. LINDLEY, Piedmont, Ala.; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi; Phi Lambda Theta; Business Education Club; National Honor Society. • THOMAS T. LINDLEY, Baldwyn; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. Second Row: • EDWARD G. LIPSEY, Lexington; Liberal Arts. • ELMER B. LITCHFIELD, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha; OLE MISS, 1949-50; " Mississippian, " 1948-49. • ROBERT L. LITTLE, Monticello; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • BETTY Y. LIVELY, McMinnville, Tenn.; Education. • WILLIAM S. LIVELY, McMinnville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JOYCE E. LOFLIN, Natchez; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • JOHN S. LOGAN, JR., Jackson; Commerce. Edwin Legrand Richard Lenoir Thelma Lentz Elizabeth Lewis John Lewis Martha Lindley Thomas, Lindley Edward Lipsey Elmer Litchfield Robert Little Betty Lively William Lively Joyce Loflin John Logan, Jr. 78 William Loftis Fred Lotterhos Edwin Lowry Virginia Ludlow Tracy Lusk Sam Lusco, Jr. Charles Lyle Billy McAdoo Leroy McBride, Jr. Mavis McBride Mary McCall J. C. McGamic James McCarley Billie McClendon ABOVE First Row: • WILLIAM M. LOFTIS, Fayette, Ala.; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; ASCE. • FRED J. LOTTERHOS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. • EDWIN LOUIS LOWRY, Philadelphia; Education; Sigma Nu. • VIRGINIA M. LUDLOW, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Liberal Arts. • TRACY W, LUSK, Hazlehu rst; Engineering; Chi Epsilon. • SAM C. LUSCO, JR., Vicksburg; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. • CHARLES LYLE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; German Club; Dormitory Manager, 1948-49-50. Second Row: • BILLY N. McADOO, Martin, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharma- ceutical Association. • LeROY J. McBRIDE, JR., Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. • MAVIS RAY McBRIDE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • MARY FORREST McCALL, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota, President; " Mississippian " Staff-Annual Staff; Ar t Editor, 1949; YWCA; French Club; Committee of 100; University Chorus, 1949; Glee Club, 1948. • J. C. McCAM IC, Wheeling, West Va.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES KENDRICK McCARLEY, Magee; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BILLIE CLAIRE McCLENDON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; President, W.S.G.A.; Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Iota; Mortar Board; " Y " ; Wesley Foundation. BELOW First Row: • JACK McCORMICK, Crystal Springs; Education. • AUBREY C. McDANIEL, Camden; Commerce. • DAVID M. McDONALD, Ethel; Commerce. • WILLIAM I. McDONALD, Tylertown; Commerce; Delta Psi; Scabbard and Blade; ROTC. • B. HUGHES McELREATH, Oxford; Education. Second Row: • TAYLOR H. McELROY, JR., Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Civil Engineers. • FRANK H. McFADDEN, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ELLIS H. McGLAUN, Baldwyn; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GORDON SPENCER McHENRY, McHenry; Liberal Arts. • REBECCA McINNIS, Rosedale; Education; Chi Omega. Jack McCormick Aubrey McDaniel David McDonald William McDonald Hughes McElreath GEORGE WARD Taylor McElroy, Jr. Frank McFadden Ellis McGlaun Gordon McHenry Rebecca McInnis Chairman of the Moot Court Board Barry McIntosh Bobbye McIntyre Laura McKay Hugh McKee Curtis McKewen Mary McLean Annie McLendon Marion McManus William Mabry, Jr. Jane Madden ABOVE First Row: • BARRY P. M cl NTOSH, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBBYE B. McINTYRE, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta; Wesley Founda- tion; YWCA; WAA; Psychology Club. • LAURA J. McKAY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Sigma Omicron. • HUGH J. McKEE, Picayune; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi; Delta Sigma Pi; Canterbury Club; " Mississippian " Staff; OLE MISS Staff; ASB Dance Com- mittee. • CURTIS W. McKEWEN, Jackson; Commerce. Second Row: • MARY A. McLEAN, Blaine; Education; Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Pin; Pan-Hellenic Council; President, Chi Omega, 1948-49, 1949-SO. • ANNIE L. McLENDON, Indianola; Education; Phi Mu. • MARION McMANUS, Meadville; Commerce. • WILLIAM M. MABRY, JR., Savannah, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Rho Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association. • JANE MADDEN, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. BELOW First Row: • ERNEST R. MAGRUDER, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • F. MINETTE MAHONEY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ROBERT S. MAJOR, JR., Jackson; Education; Zeta Sigma. • ANNA L. MAJORS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD J. MARGANSKI, Shelton, Conn.; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi; Newman Club; University of Mississippi Management Association. • CHARLES W. MARIS, Canton; Commerce. • B. MIRIAM MARRON, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta; YWCA; Home Economics Club. Second Row: • REXFORD B. MARTIN, Calhoun City; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOHN F. MAUGH, Leland; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • DONALD A. MAXWELL, Kingsport, Tenn.; Engineering. • SARA E. MAYFIELD, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA; Treasurer, Zeta Tau Alpha; Secretary-Treasurer, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation; WAA. • VICTOR G. MEADERS, Water Valley; Pharmacy; American P harmaceutical Association. • ALBERT L. MEENA, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARY E. MICHAEL, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Home Economics Club; YWCA; Junior Dean. Ernest Magruder Minette Mahoney Robert Major, Jr. Anna Majors Edward Marganski Charles Maris Miriam Marron Rexford Martin John Maugh Donald Maxwell Sara Mayfield Victor Meaders Albert Meena Mary Michael 80 Lewis Miles James Mills Loye Mims Troye Mims Ben Mitchell Thomas Mize Richard Montague Charles Montgomery, Jr. Elizabeth Moore Hazel Moore Henry Moore Joe Moore John Moore Samuel Moore, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • LEWIS C. MILES, Suffolk, Va.; Education; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Interfraternity Council. • JAMES 0. MILLS, Springhill, La.; Pharmacy. • LOYE L. MIMS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • TROYE L. MIMS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • BEN D. MITCHELL, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Lambda Sigma; Editor, " Mississippi " Magazine; University Players; " Mississippian. " • THOMAS L. MIZE, Senatobia; Education; Independents. • RICHARD A. MONTAGUE, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. Second Row: • CHARLES N. MONTGOMERY, JR., Fayette; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ELIZABETH B. MOORE, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Pan-Hellenic, Vice-President, 1948-49, President, 1949-50; Secretary, Lambda Sigma, 1948-49; Committee of 100; Fiction Editor, " Mississippian, " 1948-49; Y Cabinet, 1948-49; M Book Editor, 1948-49; WSGA, 1947-48. • HAZEL B. MOORE, Hattiesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • HENRY N. MOORE, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. • JOE W. MOORE, Lexington, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; " Mississippian " Staff. • JOHN R. MOORE, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi; Band; Wesley Founda- tion; YMCA. • SAMUEL D. MOORE, JR., Carthage; Education. BELOW First Row: • WILLIA M S. MOORE, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Chi; Cardinal Club; ASB Dance Committee; President, Intramural Council; Marketing Club; Student Representative; Recreational Council. • LEONARD M. MORELAND, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Theta Chi. • ALAN F. MORENO, Biloxi; Education; Newman Club. • IRA L. MORGAN, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ROGER F. MORRIS, Thayton; Commerce. Second Row: • WILLIAM 0. MORRIS, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. O JAMES R. MOSS, Amory; Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM 0. MOSS, Meridian; Education; Kappa Alpha. • RAYMOND MUROV, Meridian; Education. • MARY C. MURPHREE, Shelby; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. William Moore Leonard Moreland Alan Moreno Ira Morgan, Jr. Roger Morris WINFIELD DUNN William Morris James Moss William Moss Raymond Murov Mary Murphree President of the Commerce School Billy Mustin Roger Myers, Jr. Marilyn Nason Charles Neilson Joyce Nelson Purvis Nelson Guy Newcomb W. D. Newton Norman Neyland Carl Nichols, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • BILLY MUSTIN, Canton; Education; M Club. • ROGER S. MYERS, JR., Oxford; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARILYN NASON, Belzoni; Education; Chi Omega; Piz, • CHARLES D. NEILSON, Grenada; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JOYCE L. NELSON, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA; OLE MISS Staff. Second Row: • PURVIS E, NELSON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • GUY NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • W. D. NEWTON, Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • NORMAN L. NEYLAND, Centreville; Commerce. • CARL G. NICHOLS, JR., Rosedale; Liberal Arfs; Sigma; Chairman, Pre-Med. Club; Flying Rebels, 1942; M.O.A.K.S., 1942, BELOW First Row: • HAL E. NICHOLS, Helena, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MALCOLM S. NICHOLS, Rosedale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JACK F. NICOLA, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • HUGH J. NOBLE, Anguilla; Commerce; Men ' s Glee Club. • LAWRENCE E. NOBLE, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Claiborne Society; Pi Kappa Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa. • PETE NUNNALY, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • ANTHONY B. NUNEZ, JR., Chalmette, La.; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • MYRLEEN OAKES, Oxford; Education. • PEGGY D. OAKES, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • OLIVER M. OATES, Bay Springs; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; YMCA. • ARTHUR Y. OKUN, Far Rockaway, N. Y.; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; " Mis- sissippians, " 1948; Band, 1948-49; University Players, 1949; Hillel Foundation. • MORTON ORNSTEIN, Greenwood; Pharmacy. • SARA A. OSBURN, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JUAN F. PADRON, Havana, Cuba; Liberal Arts. Hal Nichols Malcolm Nichols Jack Nicola Hugh Noble Lawrence Noble, Jr. Pete Nunnaly, Jr. Anthony Nunez, Jr. Myrleen Oakes Peggy Oakes Oliver Oates Authur Okun Morton Ornstein Sara Osborn Juan Padron Robert Parkes James Parkin Edward Parrish George Patterson James Pearson Stanley Peckham Joseph Peeples Jeannine Pelham Jean Pemble Guy Penny Albert Perkins, Ill William Perrin William Perry Everett Peterson ABOVE First Row: • ROBERT B. PARKES, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pni Eta Sigma. • JAMES E. PARKIN, Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha; Business Manager, OLE MISS, 1949-50; American Pharmaceutical Association. • EDWARD N. PARRISH, Highland, Ind.; Commerce; Wesley Foundation. • GEORGE D. PATTERSON, Benoit; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES D. PEA RSON, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • STANLEY W. PECKHAM, Walnut Grove; Pharmacy. • JOSEPH D. PEEPLES, Jackson; Liberal Arts. Second Row: • JEANNINE R. PELHAM, Pascagoula; Commerce; Delta Zeta; Band; Chorus; WAA. • JEAN W. PEMBLE, Shelby; Commerce; Phi Mu. • GUY D. PENNY, Piedmont, Ala.; Education. • ALBERT D. PERKINS, Ill, Birmingham, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President, University Players; Men ' s Glee Club; Band; Committee of 100; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM P. PERRIN, Franklin, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club. • WILLIAM M. PERRY, Tupelo; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega; Men ' s Glee Club; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. • EVERETT A. PETERSON, Gile, Wisc.; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • GLENN 0. PIERCE, Paris, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • MILFORD B. PIERCE, Paris, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • ROBERT T. PIGOTT, McComb; Liberal Arts. • MRS. ELSIE MAY PITTMAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • HENRY U. Jackson; Commerce. Second Row: • ANNE M. POINTER, Como; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • EUGENE B. POLK, Mt. Olive; Pharmacy. • MEREDITH POOLE, Union Church; Liberal Arts. • CLARENCE H. POTTS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Vice-President, Engineering School; Vice-President, Chi Epsilon; Pi Kappa Pi. • FRANK S. POWELL, Sariepta; Education. Glenn Pierce Milford Pierce Robert Pigott Mrs. Elsie Pittman Henry Pittman LARRY NOBLE Anne Pointer Eugene Polk Meredith Poole Clarence Potts Frank Powell President of Pi Kappa Pi Carol Price Billie Putman Theresa Poythress Rebecca Prichard Carolyn Prewitt Mary Purser Robert Price James Putman Betty Prichard Earl Quinley ABOVE First Row: • THERESA A. POYTHRESS, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • CAROLYN M. PREWITT, Bolivar, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta; Miss Ole Miss, 1950; Treasurer, YWCA, 1949-50; Favorite, 1946-47, 1947-48, 1948-49; Beauty, 1947-48; CWENS; WAA; Home Economics Club; Mortar Board, 1949-50; ROTC Sponsor, 1948-49. • CAROL B. PRICE, Corinth; Commerce; Kappa Delta; " Mississippian " Staff; Junior Dean; Student Marketing Club; YWCA. • ROBERT R. PRICE, Osyka; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; Rho Chi; BSU Council. • BETTY J. PRICHARD, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Second Row: • REBECCA PRICHARD, Lula; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARY LYNN PURSER, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • BILI.IE H. PUTMAN, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • JAMES G. PUTMAN, Calhoun City; Engineering; ASCE. • EARL M. QUINLEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; University of Mississippi Management Association; Commander, ROTC. BELOW First Row: • JOHN D. QUINLEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; University of Mississippi Management Association; Commander, ROTC. • JAMES L. QUINN, JR., Sturgis; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE L. QUINNELLY, Laurel; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JAMES E. QUINT, Biloxi; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • CHARLES S. RANKIN, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PETER L. RAPHAEL, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; French Club; Hillel Foundation. • M. ELIZABETH RAY, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Second Row: • JAMES W. REED, JR., Summit; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. • ROY J. REED, JR., Manchester, Tenn.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • HENRY L. REID, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; " Mississip- pian " ; ASB Dance Committee. • JACK H. REID, Lucdale; Liberal Arts. • PATRICIA W. REILLY, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pix; Pan-Hellenic Council; WAA; YWCA; OLE MISS Staff; President, Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1948-49. • HALEY B. REYNOLDS, McComb; Education. • JACK L. RHYMES, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Canterbury Club. John Quinley James Quinn, Jr. George Quinnelly James Quint Charles Rankin Peter Raphael Elizabeth Ray James Reed, Jr. Roy Reed, Jr. Henry Reid Jack Reid Patricia Reilly Haley Reynolds Jack Rhymes 84 Jeff Rish, Jr. Riley Robert James Roberts Thomas Robertson, Jr. James Robinson Margaret Robinson Warren Robinson, Jr. Halbert Rogers, Jr. John B. Rogers John H. Rogers Jose Romero Joyce Roseborough Samuel Rosenbaum Howard Ross, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • JEFF W. RISH, JR., Houston; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • RILEY L. ROBERT, Dorsey; Commerce. • JAMES R. ROBERTS, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha. • THOMAS S. ROBERTSON, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES E. ROBINSON, Louisville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cardinal Club; Interfraternity Dance Committee. • MARGARET C. ROBINSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Class Editor, OLE MISS, 1950; " Mississippian " Staff; YWCA; WAA. • WARREN W. ROBINSON, JR., Grenada; Commerce; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band. Second Row: • HALBERT T. ROGERS, JR., Amory; Commerce. • JOHN B. ROGERS, McComb; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Claiborne Society; Lambda Sigma; Chairman, IFC Dance Committee. • JOHN H. ROGERS, Sylvarena; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOSE ROMERO, Laros, Puerto Rico; Liberal Arts. • JOYCE ROSEBOROUGH, Senatobia; Education; Chi Omega. • SAMUEL F. ROSENBAUM, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • HOWARD C. ROSS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • LEONARD D. ROSSER, Belmont; Commerce. • CHARLES E. ROWAN, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • KENNETH B. JR., Henderson, Ky.; Pharmacy; American Pharma- ceutical Association. • CHARLES C. RUNYAN, JR., Collins; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN A. SALTER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. Second Row: • LEHMAN C. Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOE C. SANDERS, Meridian; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • MONTE I. SAPPINGTON, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM S. SARTOR, Hamilton; Education. • PATTY SCARBOROUGH, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Independents; Wesley Founda- tion; YWCA. Leonard Rosser Charles Rowan Kenneth Royster Charles Runyan, Jr. John Salter JIMMY MUSKELLY Lehman Sammons Joe Sanders Monte Sappington William Sartor Petty Scarborough President of the YMCA Wesley Scarborough Eugene Scobey Patricia Scobey Vernon Scott William Scott Anthony Sekul Robert Selby William Sellers, Jr. Ross Shipman Donald Shipp ABOVE First Row: • WESLEY C. SCARBOROUGH, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Scabbard and Blade. • EUGENE C. SCOBEY, Coffeeville; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • PATRICIA A. SCOBEY, Lexington; Education; Chi Omega; Pix; Pi Lambda. • VERNON F. SCOTT, Louisville; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM I. SCOTT, Oxford; Engineering; Independents. Second Row: • ANTHONY SEKUL, Biloxi; Pharmacy; Newman Club; American Pharmaceu- tical Association. • ROBERT H. SELBY, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM A. SELLERS, JR., Laurel; Commerce. • ROSS L. SHIPMAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • DONALD G. SHIPP, B ig Creek; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; American Pharma- ceutical Association. BELOW First Row: • MARY A. SHOURDS, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club. • HYMAN H. SIMMONS, Hazlehurst; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Inter- fraternity Council; Scabbard and Blade. • M. FAY SIMS, Lambert; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • OTIS SIMS, JR., Tylertown; Liberal Arts. • JAMES B. SKEWES, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Lambda Sigma; Canterbury Club. • ALLISTON Oxford; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Kappa Pi. • ROBERT E. SLATER, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: • CECIL G. SMITH, JR., Fayette; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DON SMITH, Milton, Pa.; Education. • ELIZABETH A. SM Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA; Home Economics Club; Art Club; WAA. • MRS. GLORIA J. SMITH, Senatobia; Education. • JOHN D. SMITH, JR., Mendenhall; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • KIRBY SMITH, Batesville, Ark.; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; American Pharmaceu- tical Association. • LEE ROY F. SMITH, Meridian; Education. Mary Shourds Hyman Simmons Fay Sims Otis Sims, Jr. James Skewes Alliston Slade Robert Slate! Cecil Smith, Jr. Don Smith Elizabeth Smith Mrs. Gloria Smith John Smith Jr. Kirby Smith Lee Roy Smith 86 William Smith Howard Smithson Mary Sparkman Jack Speed Martha Spencer Silvio Spigolon Curtis Stacy, Jr. Elvin Stafford Emma Standifer Jack Staples James Steele Matt Steele Billy Stephens Forrest Stevens ABOVE First Row: • WI LLIAM D. SM ITH, Poplarville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • HOWARD S. SMITHSON, Goodman; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. • MARY K. SPARKMAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JACK C. SPEED, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MARTHA A. SPENCER, Tallulah, La.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; YWCA; WSGA; University Players; " Mississippian " Staff. • SILVIO J. SPIGOLON, Chicago, III.; Engineering; ASCE; YMCA. • CURTIS C. STACY, JR., Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Y Executive Council; Band; President of Band. Second Row: • ELVIN A. STAFFORD, Handsboro; Engineering; Kappa Sigma; M Club; President, American Chemical Society. • EMMA J. STANDIFER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JACK E. STAPLES, Birmingham, Ala.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club. • JAMES T. STEELE, Shuqualak; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • MATT W. STEELE, Morgan City; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • BILLY W. STEPHENS, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi; Band; Flying Rebels; Wesley Foundation. • FORREST M. STEVENS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Lambda Sigma; Men ' s Glee Club, 1947-48; University Chorus, 1946-47. BELOW First Row: • HOWARD 0. STEVENS, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY G. STEVENS, Byhalia; Commerce. • HARRY J. STEWART, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • JAMES R. STOKES, Charleston; Liberal Arts. • MARIE H. STOKES, Greenville; Education; Chi Omega; YWCA; Glee Club. Second Row: • PRENTISS. E. STONE, Potts Camp; Education. • JAMES B. STRANGE, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. •,WILLIAM B. STREET, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Lambda Sigma; " Mississippian " Staff; " Mississippi " Magazine, • BRYANT K. STRICKLAND, Greenville; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MARY L. STRODE, Olive Branch; Commerce; Delta zeta. Howard Stevens Prentiss Stone Mary Stevens James Strange Harry Stewart William Street James Stokes Bryant Strickland Marie Stokes Mary Strode ALBIN KREBS Managing Editor of the " Mississippian " Martha Sumners William Tabor Ralph Tanner, Jr. William Tate John Tatum Berry Taylor Jeryl Taylor Murphy Taylor Milton Terrell Thomas Tharp ABOVE First Row: • MARTHA W. SUMNERS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; President, Mortar Board, 1949-50; President, CWENS, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, 1947-48; Classical Club; Secretary, Pi Kappa Pi, 1949-50; Claiborne So- ciety; Committee of 100, 1946-47-48-49; President, Westminster Fellowship; Vice- President, YWCA, 1948-49; Sophomore Honor Girl, 1947-48; Taylor Medal, Eng- lish; Drane Lester Memorial Prize, 1948-49; Queens Court, NROTC; Pan- Hellenic; Annual Staff, 1946-47. • WILLIAM E. TABOR, McCool; Pharmacy. • RALPH G. TANNER, JR., Opa Locka, Fla.; Commerce. • WILLIAM H. TATE, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN F. TATUM, Clarkton, Mo.; Commerce. Second Row: • BERRY C. TAYLOR, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; University Players. • JERYL TAYLOR, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • MURPHY L. TAYLOR, Meridian; Commerce; YMCA. • MILTON D. TERRELL, Prentiss; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • THOMAS H. THARP, Silver City; Education. BELOW First Row: • JANIE E. THERRELL, Aberdeen; Education; Chi Omega. • CHARLES E. THOMAS, Crystal Springs; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • LEE G. THOMAS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • NATALIE THOMPSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; An- nual Staff, 1946-47; Philosophy Club; Committee of 100; Vice-President, WSGA. • RAYMOND R. THOMPSON, Lucien; Commerce. • ROBERT C. THOMPSON, Rolling Fork; Kappa Sigma; Band; YMCA. • THURMAN J. THOMPSON, Philadelphia; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceu- tical Association. Second Row: • BOWMAN S. TIGHE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MARY E. TOBIAS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Canterbury Club; WAA. • WILLIAM J. TOLER, Inverness; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WENDELL M. TOMES, Bowling Green, Ky.; Pharmacy; American Pharma- ceutical Association. • ROBERT B. TOWNES, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BYRD J. TRUSSELL, JR., Grenada; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Art Club; Ole Miss Marketing Association; University, Chorus. • JACK M. TUBB, JR., Jackson; Commerce. Janie Therrell Charles Thomas Lee Thomas Natalie Thompson Raymond Thompson Robert Thompson Thurman Thompson Bowman Tighe Mary Tobias William Toler Wendell Tomes Robert Townes, Jr. Byrd Trussell, Jr. Jack Tubb, Jr. 88 Elizabeth Turley June Turnbow Shirley Uth Waldo Van Devender George Van Zant Anne von Seutter Eone Veazey John Venoski Cecil Vick Billy Vickrey John Viner Louis Vise, Jr. James Waggener Fred Walker ABOVE First Row: • ELIZABETH A. TURLEY, Coldwater; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JUNE TURNBOW, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • SHIRLEY C. UTH, Oxford; Education; Beta Sigma Phi. • WALDO D. VAN DEVENDER, Gohlson; Pharmacy; Rho Chi. • GEORGE H. VAN ZANT, Jackson; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lambda Sigma; Committee of 100; Business Manager, " Mississippi " Magazine; Art Club. • ANNE VON SEUTTER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Independents; BSU. • EONE H. VEAZEY, Senotobia; Education; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi. Second Row: • JOHN T. VENOSKI, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Education; Newman Club. • CECIL W. VICK, Batesville; Engineering; A.S.C.E. • BILLY K. VICKREY, Rutherford, Tenn.; Commerce. • JOHN P. VINER, Moorhead; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi; Beta Beta Beta. • LOUIS L. VISE, JR., Lucedale; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation. • JAMES V. WAGGENER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRED H. WALKER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW First Row: • JAMES E. WALKER, Waynesboro; Education. • EDWIN C. WARD, Shelby; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JO M. WARD, Montrose; Education; Delta Gamma. • ERMINE L. WARREN, Magee; Pharmacy. • JACK W. WATSON, Louisville; Pharmacy. Second Row: • FRANK B. WATTS, Wiggins; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; President Kappa Sigma; University of Mississippi Management Association; Interfraternity Council. • JOHN A. WATTS, Columbia; Commerce; Kappa Sigma; BSU Council; Assist- ant Editor, 1950 OLE MISS; Chairman Student Welfare Committee, 19050; Ole Miss Marketing Club; ASB Dance Committee, 1948-49, 1949-50. • JOHN M. WATTS, Scooba; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Phar- maceutical Association. • WALLACE W. WEATHERLY, Gulfport; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Cardinal Club, 1947; Intramural Council, 1947. • MARY L. WEEKS, Oxford; Commerce. James Walker Edwin Ward Jo M. Ward Ermine Warren Jack Watson JIM E. PARKIN Frank Watts John A. Watts John M. Watts Wallace Weatherly Mary Weeks Business Manager of the OLE MISS Jack Weil Horace Wells John Werner Herman West William Westb ook, Jr. Mary Weston James Whitaker Curtis White Louise White Milton Whitten, Jr. ABOVE First Row: • JACK WEIL, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi; President Hillel Foundation, 1949-50; Intramural Council; Accountancy Club. • HORACE M. WELLS, Magee; Commerce. • JOHN R. WERNER, Rye, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Beta theta Pi. • HERMAN J. WEST, Richmond, Va.; Education. • WILLIAM V. WESTBROOK, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Second Row: • MARY L. WESTON, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA. • JAMES S. WHITAKER, Batesville; Education. • CURTIS N. WHITE, Holly Springs; Engineering; Theta Chi. • LOUISE WHITE, Oxford; Commerce; Westminster Fellowship. • MILTON C. WHITTEN, JR., Hernando; Liberal Arts. BELOW First Row: • GLADYS H. WICKS, Alligator; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Home Economics Club. • JAMES K. WICKER, Hickory Flat; Education. • CHARLES L. WILBOURN, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • BUFORD H. WILKERSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Independents; Beta Beta Beta. • JOHN B. WILKINSON, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GRANVILLE H. WILLIAMS, Picayune; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JESSE G. WILLIAMS, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE; Scabbard and Blade; Anchor and Chain; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • KATHERINE E. WILLIAMS, Okolona; Education; Delta Delta Delta; WAA; CWENS; Pix; Annual Staff; YWCA. • VOLA G. WILLIAMS, Pocahontas; Engineering. • WAYNE C. WILLIAMS, Greenwood; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Golf Team. • GORDON L. WILLS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club. • ELSIE D. WILSFORD, Lula; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BARNETT F. WILSON, Oneonta, Ala.; Education. • BOBBY WILSON, Piedmont, Ala.; BSPE; President, M Club. Gladys Wicks Katherine Williams James Wicker Veola Williams Charles Wilbourn Wayne Williams Buford Wilkerson Gordon Wills John Wilkinson Elsie Wilsford Granville Williams Barnett Wilson Jesse Williams Bobby Wilson 90 Hin Wing James Wise Bobbie Wolfa Henry Wood Samuel Wood James Wooley Dorothy Wooten Harry Work, Jr. Barbara Worthington L. C. Wright William Wroten, Jr. George Yates Jack Yates Joseph Yates, Jr. Talbert Yeager, Jr. Charles Young ABOVE First Row: • HIN L. WING, Jonestown; Pharmacy. • JAMES W. WISE, Mathison; Pharmacy. • BOBBIE L. WOLFA, Duncan; Education; Chi Omega; WAA; YWCA; FTA. • HENRY C. WOOD, Louisville; Education. • SAMUEL W. Ackerman; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi. • JAMES H. WOOLEY, Pocahontas, Ark.; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • DOROTHY A. WOOTEN, West Point; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; " Mississippian " Staff; German Club; Lambda Sigma. • HARRY H. WORK, JR., New Albany; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: • BARBARA WORTHINGTON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; YMCA; WAA. • L. C. WRIGHT, New State; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM H. WROTEN, JR., McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; American Pharmaceutical Association. • GEORGE W. YATES, Mount Olive; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JACK B. YATES, Shelby; Commerce; President, Phi Delta Theta; University of Mississippi Management Association. • JOSEPH R. YATES, JR., Artesia; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. • TALBERT T. YEAGER, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta theta. • CHARLES A. YOUNG, Goodman; Commerce. BELOW First Row: • DAVID W. YOUNG; Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • DWIGHT L. YOUNG, Oxford; Commerce. • HARVEY R. YOUNG, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; YWCA; Home Ec. Club; Glee Club. • LESTER W. YOUNG, Oxford; Commerce. • LOREN T .YOUNG, Oxford; Engineering. Second Row: • LOUIS S. ZEHNDER, JR., Hattiesburg; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta; Y Cabinet. • THOMAS T. BOSWELL, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi; Eta Sigma Phi; BSU Council; Classical Club. • TAULBERT J. FINCY, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • PAUL W. McMULLAN, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM A. SKINNER, Nesbitt; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Intra- mural Council. David Young Dwight Young Harvey Young Lester Young Loren Young JACK ODOM Louis Sehnder, Jr. Thomas Boswell Taulbert Fincy Paul McMullan William Skinner The People ' s Choice uND i ES 93 THIRD ROW: • CHRISTINE ANDERSON, Port Gibson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT L. ANDREAE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • DOROTHY C. ARMSTRONG, Jackson; Education. • JOSEPH F. ARMSTRONG, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • FRANK R. ASHLEY, JR., Rich; Commerce; Sigma Chi. FOURTH ROW: • DENNIS M. BAKER, Pope; Liberal Arts. • RALPH A. BARBER, JR., Memphis, Tenn. Engineer- ing; Sigma Chi. • J. D. BARKSDALE, Union Church; Commerce. • JOHN H. BARDWELL, Yazoo City; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VIRGINIA A. BARRETT, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SECOND ROW: • JAMES H. AIKEN, Clarksdale; Engineering. • BETTY LANE AKIN, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • BILL ALDRIDGE, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PHIL B. ALEXANDER, Amory; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BARBARA R. ALLEN, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • CHARLIE B. ALLEN, Ill, Rosedale; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • WALTER L. ALLEN, Louisville; Commerce. • WILLIAM A. ALLEN, Puckett; Commerce. FIFTH ROW: • CHARLES J. BAYLOT, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi. • MARSHALL V. BEAUCHAMP, Vicksburg; Com- merce. • JEFFERSON C. BELL, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOSEPH H. BENVENUTTI, Bay St. Louis; Law; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOHN D. BETHAY, Fulton; Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, • WILLIAM E. BEXLEY, JR., McLain; Liberal Arts. • CLARKE D. BISHOP, Drew; Education. • SUE L. BLOCK, Vicksburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. FIRST ROW: • CHARLES H. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; Commerce. • BETTY J. ABY, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • BETTY ADAMS, Macon; Commerce. • BETTIE J. ADAMS, Cleveland, Ohio; Education. • ELIZABETH M. ADAMS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • GERALD L. ADAMS, Amory; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANN ADCOCK, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • GEORGE E. AIKEN, Cordova, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi. • BUDDY GARNER, Ruleville; Commerce; Kappa • NORMA L. ARRINGTON, Hazlehurst; Education. Alpha. • CARLOS J. BACO, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; Phar- • BEN G. BARRINGER, JR., Marks; Liberal Arts; rnacy. Delta Psi. • CLIFTON L. BAILEY, JR., Tylertown; Pharmacy. • LINDA A. BATTLE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. 94 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: • WILMER L. BLACKMAN, Crystal Springs; Coma merce; Sigma Nu. • JAMES ERNEST BRAMUCHI, Shelby; Engineering; • MARTHA K. BROUGHER, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Delta Theta Kappa Phi. Delta Delta. • VICTOR R. BLAINE, Darling; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JACK L. BOBO, Gulfport; Commerce. • WILLIAM H. BOOTH, JR., Hollandale; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • ANNE BOWIE, Durant; Education; Phi Mu. • BENJAMIN E. BOX, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH W. BRADLEY, Nashville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JULIAN C. BRAMLETT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • BETTY T. BRANDON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • HERBIN P. BREAUX, New Iberia, La.; Pharmacy. • JACK T. BREAZEAL, El Dorado, Ark.; Pharmacy. • HAROLD D. BREWER, Richton; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • J. WILLIAM BRONFELD, Oxford; Education. • BARBARA BROOCK, Pascagoula; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LEES BROOME, JR., Ocean Grove, N. J.; Engineer- ing. • CARLOTTA CARR BROWN, Collins; Education; Phi Mu. • PATRICIA G. BROWN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PEGGY BROWN, Fulton; Education; Delta Gamma. • W. J. BROWN, Fayette; Commerce. • WILL M. BROWN, Sharon; Liberal Arts. • CLYDE E. BROYLES, JR., Johnson City, Tenn.; Phar- macy. • RACHEL C. BRUMFIELD, Magnolia; Education. FOURTH ROW: • THEODORE L. BRUNELLE, Gile, Wis.; Commerce. • STANLEY BRUNT, McCool; Education; Independent. • SUEZETTE BUEHLER, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CARY E. BUFKIN, Decatur; Liberal Arts. • BURCHFIELD BULLOCK, LaFollette, Tenn.; Phar- macy; Phi Kappa Sigma. • THOMAS E. BURKS, Byhalia; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • W. ROBERT BURKE, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Engineer- ing; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CLINTON V. BUTLER, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: CURTIS STACEY, President of the Band • ROBERT A. CADE, Lexington; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS P. CAFFEY, Duck Hill; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • LEWIS D. CAILLOUET, JR., Greenville; Liberal Arts. • BILLYE R. CALDWELL, Sardis; Commerce. • HENRY P. CALDWELL, Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT F. JR., Philadelphia, Pa.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • MEDA R. CARAWAY, Ellisville; Liberal Arts. • WALKER J. CARNEY, Gloster; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • JEFFIE M. CARTER, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOHN A. CARTER, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SHAFER D. CASE, JR., Jackson; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GLADYS C. CASHION, Eudora, Ark.; Education. • DONALD L. CASKEY, Gregory, Mich.; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. O WALTER R. CASANOVA, New Orleans, La.; cation; Independent. • JO ANN CASTEEL, Magee; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • DORIS M. CASTELLAW, Bells, Tenn.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JANE M. CAUGHRAN, Tupelo; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • JAMES A. CAUSEY, Liberty; Liberal Arts. • ERNEST E. CHAPPLE, JR., Birmingham, Ala.; gineering. 0 JOHN A. CHALK, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES B. CHATHAM, Money; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • VERTIE B. CHEATHAM, Philadelphia; Education. • SAMUEL L. CHESSER, Columbus; Engineering. • DONALD J. CHILDERS, Philadelphia, Pa.; Engi- neering; Delta Psi. THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: • THOMAS T. CHISHOLM, Philadelphia; Liberal • CHRISTINE COLEMAN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; • THOMAS A. COOK, JR., Booneville; Liberal Arts. Arts. Delta Delta Delta. • CLYDE R. CHOATE, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Chi. • GRAHAM W. CHRISTIAN, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID F. CHRISTOPHER, Plantersville; Education. • LeROY H. CLAY, Louisville; Pharmacy. • JOE G. COLEY, Louisville; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. O BETTY J. COLLINS, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. • RAUL A. COLON, Barceloneta, Puerto Rico; macy. • BETTY C. COLQUIT1, Jackson; Education; Kappa Delta. • JAMES A. COOPER, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • LAWRENCE C. CORBAN, JR Biloxi; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WALTER T. COSTILOW, Grenada; Commerce. • CHARLES L. COSTNER, Banner; Engineering. • JAMES H. COTTEN, Carthage; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ALBERT A. COVINGTON, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ERNEST 0, COCHRAN, JR., Corinth; Commerce; • WILLIAM W. COMBS, JR., Inverness; Liberal Arts. Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES A. COFFEY, Oxford; Commerce. • ELLEN A. CONDON, Leland; Liberal Arts. • VAN F. CONEY, Greenville; Commerce; Delta • JOANNE COX, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta • AMY J. COLE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. Kappa Epsilon. Delta. 96 FIRST ROW: • ROBERT I. COX, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM C. COX, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • OTHAR A. CRAWFORD, JR., McComb; Education. • BETTE CRAWLEY, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • NETTIE RUTH CROCKER, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROGENIA A. CROWSON, Water Valley; Com- merce; Phi Mu. • J. D. CRUMP, Becker; Pharmacy. • ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM, West Point; Commerce; Sigma Nu. SECOND ROW: • ELAINE A. CURRY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JAMES E. DAGGETT, Pascagoula; Education. • MARTHA DALRYMPLE, Amory; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • J. MAURICE DANTIN, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES E. DARNELL, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HARRY L. DAVIS, Moss Point; Education. • HUGH L. DAVIS, JR., Macon; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JIM M. DAY, Inverness; Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THIRD ROW: • LOUIS A. DAY, Walls; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • EUGENE DeBOW, Oxford; Pharmacy. • JOHN K. DOTTLEY, McGehee, Ark.; Physical Edu- cation; Kappa Sigma. • DOROTHY DOTY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • GEORGE DUFF, Pontotoc; Education. • ANDRAL F. DUGGER, JR., Picayune; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARTHA E. DULANEY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ALBERT S. DULIN, Greenwood; Commerce. FOURTH ROW: • MARY A. EDGE, Amory; Education; Delta Zeta. • JANET L. EDGERTON, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • GEORGE I. EDMONDSON, Calhoun City; Phar- macy. • NICK G. ELCHOS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • JEANE EMBREY, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • JOHN 0. EMMERICH, McComb; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD ESKRIDGE, Greenville; Commerce; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. FIFTH ROW: • HENRY N. FANCHER, Canton; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. O JAMES E. FANT, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ELLIS J. FARRIS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • JACK G. FERGUSON, Meridian; Pharmacy. O DOROTHY H. FIELDS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • FRANCES L. FIELDS, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JIMMIE N. FIELDS, Jasper; Education. PEGGY NEAL and GUY GRIFFITH Heads of Freshmen Y. • ROBERT H. DUNLAP, Batesville; Commerce; Kappa • SUE V. EXUM, Vaughan; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sigma. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • DOROTHY E. FILES, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Inde- • ERASMUS G. FOWLER, Ft. Gaines, Ga.; Liberal pendants. Arts; Kappa Sigma. • LESLIE R. FLETCHER, Indianola; Commerce; Delta Psi. • L. LLOYD FREDERICKS, Greenville; Commerce. • JOHN FITSKA, Ambridge, Pa.; Commerce. • DAN 0. FOX, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT J. FLETCHER, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Educa- • EUGENE M. FURNESS, Kilmichael; Commerce. tion. • HOWARD C. FLOYD, Pisgah; Pharmacy. • JOHN F. FLY, Gibson, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JOE G. FLYNT, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM L. FORTENBERRY, Columbia; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • LANELLE G. GAFFORD, Gallaway, Tenn.; Phar- macy; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JEAN GALE, Pocahontas; Education; Delta Gamma. • POLLY GAMBLE, Looxhoma; Liberal Arts. • JOHN D. GANDY, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. THIRD ROW: • ROY LEE GARRISON, Meridian; Education. • WILLIAM A. GARY, Terry; Engineering. • JOHN D. GAUTIER, Pascagoula; Commerce; Kap- pa Alpha. • HARRIET S. GEISENBERGER, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CAMMIEL F. GEORGE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MRS. MARGARET H. GEORGE, Macon; Education. • WILLIAM H. GHETTI, Canton; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BONNIE R. GIBBS, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • JACQUELINE GLASS, Martin, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega. • E. J. GODDARD, JR., Liberal Arts. • JERRY E. GOLMON, Vicksburg; Commerce. • ROSIE GONG, Duncan; Commerce. • JAMES B. GOODWIN, Trezevant, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • CLELL J. GREEN, Booneville; Pharmacy. • ELINOR R. GREEN, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ERNEST H. GREENE, Simpsonville, S. C.; Engin- eering; Phi Kappa Psi. • HARRIET E. GREEN, Franklinton, La.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DORA ELLEN GREEN, Holly Springs; Education; Delta Delta Delta. FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: • ALTON KEITH GILBERT, Panama City, Fla.; En- • SAM T. GRAHAM, Okolona; Commerce. gineering. • THOMAS C. GRAVES, Memphis, Tenn.; • THOMAS J. GILL, Puckett; Pharmacy. merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGIA ANN GRESHAM, Indianola; Education; • ROBERT J. GRADY, Willoughby, Ohio; Engineering. Chi Omega. 98 FIRST ROW: • JO ANN GRISHAM, luka; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • PROBY L. GRIFFIN, Quentin; Pharmacy; Indepen- den ts. • THOMAS WARBURTON GRION, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • BOBBIE S. HADDON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • POLLY HAGER, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOYCE LUCILLE HAGGARD, Clarksdale; Educa- tion; Chi Omega. • JOHN ALLEN HALL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT E. HAMMETT, Jackson; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. SECOND ROW: • MARY EVELYN HAND, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • SUE HANEY, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • BETTYE M. HANSEN, Amory; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • HENRY G. HARBERSON, Carriere; Commerce. • ALBERT HARDER, Linden, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • CHARLES McC. HARDIE, Bay St. Louis; Engineer- ing; Pi Kappa Phi. • LOUIS W. HARMON, JR., Oxford; Commerce. THIRD ROW: • BOYD E. HARPER, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Engineer- ing. • GRADY PAT HARPER, Isola; Education. • WILLIAM E. HARRELD, JR., Canton; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • IVA NELL HARRIS, Greenwood Springs; Com- merce; Delta Zeta. • JAMES EARL HARRIS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • BEN L. HARRISON, Truman, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • HENRY L. HARWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • EDWARD S. HANRAHAN, Parkersburg, W. Va.; • ROY FRANKLIN HARMON, Houston; Liberal Arts; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. ' Kappa Sigma. FOURTH ROW: • A. ELLIOTT HATCH, Greenwood; Engineering. • FAY C. HAYS, Philadelphia; Education; Delta Gamma. • JAMES C. HAYS, Philadelphia; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM T. HAYWOOD, JR., Jackson; Commerce. • JAY H. HEDGEPETH, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN J. HEFFERNAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARION G. HELGASON, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • BOBBY HEMPHILL, Winona; Education; Phi Kappa Phi. FIFTH ROW: • E. B. HENSON, Corinth; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. • BETTY J. HERLIHY, Waveland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JACK L. HERRING, Raymond; Liberal Arts. • JAMES H. HERRING, Greenville; Commerce. • ROYAL HICKEY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • CLYDE V. HILL, Greenwood; Commerce. • JACK A. HILL, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM H, HINTON, Wiggins; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BOBBY LITTLE, President of the Cardinal Club FIRST ROW: • PRENTIS E. HOLDER, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy. • GLYN E. HOLLINGSWORTH, Big Creek; Com- merce. • VIRGINIA J. HOLLINGSWORTH, Kosciusko; Edu- cation; Phi Mu. • CHARLES D. HOLLIS, Biloxi; Education; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM B. HOLLOWAY, Anguilla; Commerce. • WILLIAM W. HOLMES, Leland; Liberal Arts; Kap- pa Alpha. • ROBERT L. HOLT, Blytheville, Ark.; Pharmacy. • ARTHUR F. HOOPER, Winthrop, Mass.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. SECOND ROW: • MORGAN F. HOVIS, Anguilla; Commerce. • JOHN J. HOUSTON, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kap- pa Alpha. • WALTER P. HOWARD, Sioux City, Iowa; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES E. HOWELL, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • NELLE HOWELL, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H. HUDSON, Aberdeen; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM H. HUDSPETH, Ashland; Liberal Arts. • CATHERINE M. HUGGINS, Quitman; Education; Delta Gamma. THIRD ROW: • HARRY B. HUNGERFORD, JR., Jonestown; En- gineering. • GEORGE HUNTINGTON, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM B. HUTTO, Bay Springs; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • EDWARD I. HYTKEN, Belzoni; Pharmacy. • LUCY H. IMIG, Gulfport; Education; Delta Gamma. • GRACE M. JENKINS, Red Banks; Liberal Arts. • MONROE G. JENKINS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES D. JOHNSTON, Courtland; Engineering. FOURTH ROW: • WHITMAN B. JOHNSON, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ALICE JOINER, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Educa- tion; Chi Omega. • EDWARD H. JOINER, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CECIL R. JONES, Oxford; Education. • CHARLEY M. JONES, Hollandale; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JAMES H. JONES, JR., Jacksonville, Ala.; Engin- eering; Pi Kappa Phi. • ROBERT E. JONES, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • ANDREW A. JUMPER, Darling; Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: • HELEN J. KARR, Earle, Ark.; Education; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM C. KEHOE, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RAYMOND L. KELLUM, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; In- dependents. • CHARLES C. KETTE, Vicksburg; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. • JOHN K. KIMBALL, Greenwood; Commerce. • JAMES C. KINCANNON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE H. KIRKLAND, III, Greenwood; En- gineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SARAH B. KNIGHT, Taylorsville; Liberal Arts. 100 FIRST ROW: • OTHO T. KORTZ, Chicago, III.; Education. • BETTY ANN KRAMER, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ALBIN J. KREBS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • HARDY L. LaCOOK, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Engin- eering. • ELEANOR G. LAMB, Eupora; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • TROY N. LAMBERT, Amory; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • C. J. LANDRY, Biloxi; Commerce. • AUGUSTUS A. LOGUE, JR., Clinton; Pharmacy; Theta Kappa Phi. SECOND ROW: • THOMAS H. LANE, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Sigma N u. • DANIEL D. LANSHE, Harrisburg, Pa.; Education. • VIRGINIA F. LEE, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PAULO C. LEITE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Engineer- ing. • LIONEL E. LESTER, Yazoo City; Engineering. • EUGENIA D. LEVANGER, Chicago, III.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. O JOHN W. LEWIS, Crystal Springs; Commerce. • OLIVIA LEWIS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. THIRD ROW: • LINDA R. LINDLEY, Macon; Education; Delta Gamma. • ELLIS C. LINDSEY, Big Point; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • RUSSELL 0. LITCHFIELD, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • BILLY J. LITTLE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ROBERT A. LITTLE, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM B. LITTLE, New Albany; Commerce; Phi Kappa Alpha. • ALLEN C. LOGAN, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • ANDERSON LOMAX, JR., Port Gibson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: • CARL R. LOVE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT Y. LOVE, Durant; .Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD W. LOWE, Westfield, N. J.; Engineer- ing; Pi Kappa Phi. • CAROL F. LOWRY, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Com- merce. • BETTY V. LUCAS, Hattiesburg; Education; Chi Omega. • ELIZABETH J. LUCKETT, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • ANN L. LUM, Natchez; Commerce; Chi Omega. • WILLIAM B. LYONS, McComb; Liberal Arts; F hi Delta Theta. JOE HURST, President of the B.S.U. FIFTH ROW: • JERRY C. McCALL, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOE R. McCAUGHAN, Clarksdale; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. e SUDIE A. McCOOL, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. • ALVIE C. McCULLY, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • MARY L. McDANIEL, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Chi Omega. • ANNA W. McDONALD, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • MARVEL B. McDONOUGH, Oxford; Commerce. • JOHN D. McELROY, Fulton; Pharmacy; Kapp.) Sigma. FIRST ROW: • FRED W. McEWEN, JR., Jackson; Pharmacy. • RICHARD C. McEWEN, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES R. McFADDEN, JR., Rosedale; Com- merce; Kappa Sigma. • GLADYS E. McGAUGHY, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES C. McGILL, Lewisville, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES M. McINTOSH, Montrose, Mich.; Educa- tion; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOSEPH D. McKENZIE, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM T. McKINNEY, JR., Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW: • CLEYLON L. McLARTY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET J. McLELLAN, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • THEODORE J. McLEMORE, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES H. McMANUS, JR., Gulfport; Engineering. • JO ANN McMINN, Courtland; Commerce. • MARTHA A. McMULLAN, Newton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SYDNEY L. McNEIL, Decator; Engineering. • RUTHIE L. McREE, Eupora; Education; Kappa Delta. THIRD ROW: • BERNARD T. MACALUSO, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Com- merce. • EMILE MAFFEI, Hammond, La.; Pharmacy. • EDGAR L. MAGEE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Delta Psi. • ABBEY W. MAGRUDER, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DORIS J. MAJOR, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. • M. DeWITT MAJURE, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • JAMES E. MAHER, JR., Portland, Ore.; Engineer- ing; Sigma Nu. • JAMES D. MANNING, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: • BILLY D. MARTIN, Raleigh; Liberal Arts. • CLARICE MASHBURN, Raymond; Education; Delta Gamma. • JEAN MAULDIN, Waynesboro; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BILLY A. MAY, Decator; Pharmacy. • CARL A. MEGEHEE, Pascagoula; Law; Phi Delta Theta. • HARVEY J. MELTZER, Jackson; Pharmacy. • FRANCES L. MELSHEIMER, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • PATRICIA J. MELVIN, Laurel; Education. FIFTH ROW: • PEGGY J. MELVIN, Laurel; Education. • BOBBY G. MERRELL, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • DONALD E. MERRITT, Anderson, Ind.; Engineering. • JOHN B. MIDDLETON, JR., Bruce; Liberal Arts. • BILLY R. MILLLER, Lucedale; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CHARLES W. MILLER, Porterville; Liberal Arts. • COYNE C. MILLER, JR., Natchez; Commerce; Sig- ma Phi Epsilon. • JOHN H. MITCHELL, Grenada; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. 102 FIRST ROW: • PEGGY Y. MIZELL, Natchez; Commerce. • BENN C. MOORE, Bay St. Louis; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • EARL A. MOORE, Duck Hill; Commerce. • JAMES T. MORGAN, Marion; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • DIANE MORIARTY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • DEAN MORRIS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ROBERT R. MORRISON, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma • JAMES 0. MOYNIHAN, Laurel; Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: • DONALD C. MUNRO, Biloxi; Commerce; Beta Theta PL • ROWLAND M. MURPHY, Hope, Ark.; Engineering. • SHIRLEY A. MURRAH, Corinth; Education. • ROBERT T. MYERS, JR., Hattiesburg; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • MELVIN C. NAIL, Eupora; Commerce. • MIGUEL E. NASSER, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Lib- eral Arts. • ED. T. NEILSON, JR., Lexington; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MERLE L. NELSON, luka; Education. THIRD ROW: • JAMES L. NICHOLS, JR., Alligator; Commerce. • JAMES F. NICKELS, JR., Kingsport, Tenn.; Phar- macy. • EVERETT W. NOLEN, Jackson; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • HARLAN E. NORTHCUTT, Fresno, Calif.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • TROY E. NUNIS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JEAN OAKES, Murphy; Education; Phi Mu. • THERESA A. ODOM, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM P. O ' DONNELL, Nashville, Tenn.; Phar- macy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. UPTON COOK, President of the Pharmacy School FOURTH ROW: • LAURENCE C. O ' FERRALL, Natchez; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES E. OGLETREE, Union; Commerce; Sigma Nu. O TOMMY ORR, Paducah, Ky.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • PATRICIA PACK, Hatt iesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. O LEONEL M. PAIXAD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; En- gineering. • HERMAN H. PARKER, JR., Hazlehurst; Engineer- ing; Delta Kappa Epsilon. O DONALD F. PARKS, Flushing, N. Y.; Business. • JOHN M PATTERSON, Nettleton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: • WORD B. PATTON, Como; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOY W. PAXTON, Leland; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • FRANCES E. PEARCE, New Albany; Liberal Arts. • JOHN L. PEARSON, Rosedale; Law; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRANK S. PEDDLE, JR., Drexel Hill, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • GEORGE 0. PENCE, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALICE L. PETTIS, Reno, Nevada; Education; Pi Beta Phi. • KATHRYN ANN PICKENS, New Albany; Education. FIRST ROW: • RICHARD N. PLETCHER, Berwyn, Ill.; Pharmacy. • ELIZABETH POLK, Columbia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • FAY POPE, Lucedale; Education. • JOHN E. POWELL, Vardaman; Liberal Arts. • VIRGINIA E. POWERS, McLeod; Liberal Arts. • PEGGY POYTHRESS, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. PRADOS, Spring Hill, Tenn.; Engineer- ing; Alpha Tau Omega. • ERNEST C. PRESTON, Picayune; Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: • GUS A. PRIMOS, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM H. PRITCHARD, Natchez; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • MARY JANE PROWELL, Lyon; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • H. BARTON PURSELL, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • FRANCES C. PURVIS, Corinth; Education; Chi Omega. • JO R. RAGAN, Edwards; Education; Chi Omega. • JOHN W. RAGLAND, Oxford; Commerce. • JAMES B. RAMSEY, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: • LOUIS H. RAMSEY, Pontotoc; Pharmacy. • RAYMOND E. RAPE, Gulfport; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • JOHN W. RAY, Carrollton; Liberal Arts. • HENRY G. REDMOND, JR., Canton; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • FRANK A. REYNOLDS, McComb; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • MARTHA J. REYNOLDS, Holly Springs; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM R. REYNOLDS, Ridgefield Park, N. J.; Commerce. FOURTH ROW: • HERBERT L. RICE, Webb; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JIMMY L. RICHMOND, Lake Cormorant; Com- merce; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS M. RITCHIE, Newton; Liberal Arts. • JACK L. RITTER, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JACK D. RIVERS, Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JOHN P. ROBERTS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. FIFTH ROW: • WALTER M. RUBY, JR., Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • RICHARD E. RUSSUM, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JEAN F. SAIN, Holly Grove, Ark.; Education; Kappa Delta. • W. DAVID SALLEY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • W. JAMES SALLEY, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • EDWARD E. SANDERS, Sardis; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ANNIE L. SAUL, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • FISHER A. RHYMES, Macon; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN R. ROG ERS, Abbeville; Commerce. • PETE H. RHYMES, Monticello; Liberal Arts. • SUE C. ROGERS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. 104 FIRST ROW: • JAMES W. SAUL, Laurel; Engineering. • JAMES R. SAVAGE, West Point; Pharmacy. • JANE I. SAVAGE, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CECIL H. SCARBROUGH, Amite, La.; Pharmacy. • GRIFFIN E. SCARBOROUGH, Wendell, N. C.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE H. SCHEIDER, Clarksdale; Education. • ELLIOTT E. SCHLOTTHAN, Vicksburg; Commerce. • REUBEN BERT SCOBEY, JR., Coffeeville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. SECOND ROW: • VIRGINIA E. SEAL, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LAWRENCE SEMSKI, Biloxi; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • PREASE H. SESSUMS, Lena; Education. • FINLEY B. SHELTON, Belzoni; Commerce. • THURSTON H. SHERMAN, Birmingham, Ala.; En- gineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • LEE B. SHIPLEY, Canton; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • M. N. SHIPP, Belzoni; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. e OLIVER E. SHIPP, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. THIRD ROW: • PATRICIA A. SHORT, El Dorado, Ark.; Commerce; Chi Omega. • JACK L. SHORT, Harrisburg, Pa.; Commerce. • ALTON W. SIMS, Little Rock, Ark.; Commerce. • JUANITA M. SIMMONS, Jackson; Commerce. • RICHARD A. SINGLEY, Greenfield, Mass.; Com- merce. • ALBERT B. SMITH, Washington, D.C.; Liberal Arts. • D. SHEP SMITH, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JACK C. SMITH, Pascagoula; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: BOB HOBBY Editor of the Mississippi Law Journal lift ttnalL " .itiMI 4 --. " rt:11.1 " ;111111441111411L11$411214:74111111: Kt j,i; 4411.4,..,,R41,v,t141111iiiim:,..zamietr`i .t,tteutuvatiii TbItC MAN Sift lift " ' Flit7141441 .• Oft allal ' SIR LlirS1 emi `i 4. ` ' ' ' ' ttiffTa Oak egigf 1 ttk, tx:41.:..t, searviert Ali= v._ SW NM _dm WM Min WM law ' I NM ' I 1111111211167:747 ;:41711! " 111100.17::: 1: eft Ptsts • WALTER D. SMITH, Columbia; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM L. SMITH, Crowley, La.; Liberal Arts. • JUNE B. SNEED, Ecru; Commerce; Delta Zeta. • ORON D. SPRATLIN, JR., Grenada; Education; Independents. • DOROTHEY M. STAMM, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Tri Delta. • MARSHALL B. STAMPER, Decatur; Liberal Arts. • ARTHUR L. STANFORD, JR., Ripley; Education. • JESSIE QUAY STARNES, Hornsby, Tenn.; Engineer- ing. • TOM C. STERGIOS, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JESSIE MAY STEWART, Philadelphia; Commerce; Delta Zeta. • JOHN D. STEWART, JR., Greenwood; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi. • JOSEPH E. STOKES, Grenada; Commerce; Pi Kappa Al pha. • MARTHA L. STONE, Baton Rouge, La.; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HENRY L. STOWERS, Kilmichael; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLIAM B. STRATTON, Helena, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BILL STRIBLING, Buchanan, Ga.; Education, FIRST ROW: • HOWARD W. STRINGFELLOW, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • GILBERT P. STRODE, JR., Olive Branch; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BILL STRONG, Memphis; Education. • H. N. STUART, Walnut Grove; Commerce. • JANE K. SUDDARTH, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS N. SUDDARTH, Oxford; Commerce. • SIS SULLIVAN, Clarksdale; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LILLIAN SWEAT, Corinth; Commerce; Chi Omega. • VIVIAN SWEAT, Corinth; Commerce; Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: • ALVIN LEO SYLVEST, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • FRED P. TALMADGE, Monroe, N. Y.; Commerce. • LILLIAN L. TANKERSLEY, Oxford; Education; Delta Gamma. • RICHARD C. TAPP, Baldwyn; Pharmacy. • BETTY JEAN TATUM, Edwards; Education. • BOBBIE R. TAYLOR, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JAMES E. TAYLOR, JR., Jackson; Engin eering; Kappa Alpha. • WALTER F. TAYLOR, JR., Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM R. TAYLOR, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Educa- tion. THIRD ROW: • DOROTHY V. TERRY, Yazoo City; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JAMES E. THOMAS, JR.; Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT R. THOMASON, Russellville, Tenn.; Phar- macy. • CECIL F. THOMPSON, Edinburg; Education. • HERBERT H. THOMPSON, Hollandale; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • LANNESE M. THOMPSON, Arcola; Education; Kap- pa Delta. • MARIAN B. TIBLIER, Biloxi: Education; Phi Mu. • EDGAR J. TIMMONS, Cambridge, Md.; Engineer. ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • VERNON J. TIREY, Vicksburg; Commerce. FOURTH ROW: • GLENN A. TOMLINSON, Gulfport; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ARISTIDE E. TON, Gulfport; Education; Sigma Chi. • HAN S FRIEDRICH ULHERR, Eschenbach, Germany; Liberal Arts. • WILBER H. VanRIPER, River Forest, III.; Engineer- ing; Alpha Tau Omega. • HAROLD C. VAUGHN, West Point; Liberal Arts. • BILLY W. VICK, Batesville; Engineering. • ROBERT L. VICK, Courtland; Pharmacy. • EMMA R. VINSON, Puckett; Commerce. • HENRY A. WALKER, JR., Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: • J. S. WALKER, Shaw; Pharmacy. • SARAH L. WALLACE, Savannah, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JOANNE WALSH, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Omicron Pi. • JIMMY V. WALTERS, D ' Lo; Commerce. • JAMES L. WARING, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MARY FRANCES WARING, Vicksburg; Education; Chi Omega. • BARBARA J. WARLEY, Columbia; Education; Kap- pa Delta. O DONNELL E. WARLICK, Oxford; Engineering. O THADDEUS E. WATKINS, Philadelphia; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARLAN C. WATTS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. 106 FIRST ROW: • THOMAS K. WATTS, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kap- pa Alpha. • EUGENE F. WEBB, Itta Bena; Liberal Arts. • BETTY T. WEBSTER, Quincy; Education. • HOYT C. WEBSTER, Caledonia; Education. • SARA 0. WEBSTER, Oxford; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN E. WELLS, Laurel; Commerce. • JOHNIE B. WESTMORELAND, Taylorsville; Liberal Arts. • BERTRAM WHITE, Bronx, N. Y.; Commerce. • BON C. WHITE, Decaturville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: • ELLA N. WHITE, McComb; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • GRACE B. WHITE, Rosedale; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JAMES W. WHITE, Amory; Engineering. • JAMES W. WHITE, Grenada; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD R. WHITE, Santa Monica, Calif.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT M. WHITTEN, Oxford; Commerce. • CURTIS C. WHITTINGTON, JR., Greenwood; Lib- eral Arts. • CHARLYE E. NICHOLS, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM W. WICKER, Winborn; Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: • PETER WILLEMOES, Wiggins; Commerce. • MILES R. WILKERSON, Amory; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • ANN D. WILLIAMS, Birmingham, Ala.; Education; Kappa Delta. • CARL J. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Waynesboro; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • DAVID J. WILLIAMS, JR., McComb; Liberal Arts. • HARRIET A. WILLIAMS, Jackson; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ONYS 0. WILLIAMS, Gloster; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • WALTON S. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce. FOURTH ROW: • OWEN K. WILLIAMSON, Vicksburg; Commerce; Pi Kappa Pi. • VERA V. WILLIS, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • PETE WILSON, Wiggins; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM D. WINN, Laurel; Engineering. • LOUISE B. WITTY, Winona; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JACK K. WOLVERTON, Sebastopol; Pharmacy. • HERBERT WOMACK, Mantee; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD T. WOMBLE, Charleston; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • NANCY T. WOOD, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PAULINE D. WOOD, Tuscola; Liberal Arts. • JOE WOODWARD, Oxford; Commerce. • DORIS KATHERINE WRIGHT, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PATSY L. WRIGHT, Hollandale; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM G. WRIGHT, JR., Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD F. YARBOROUGH, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT M. YERGER, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • FRED W. YOUNG, Yazoo City; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • CH ARLES D. HULL, Yazoo City; Business. • MACK C. LACK, Mize; Liberal Arts. MRS. CALLAN and FRIEND FIRST ROW: • DOUGLAS M. ABEL, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts. • BETTY JANE ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; Commerce; In.. dependents. • RICHARD F. ACKERMAN, Watertown, Wisc.; Edu- cation; Phi Kappa Psi. • EDWARD M. ADAMS, Tallulah, La.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT E. AGNEW, Baldwyn; Commerce. • EARNIE AJANIAN, New York, N. Y.; Pre-Law. • FRANCIS M. ALDRIDGE, Greenwood; Commerce; Chi Omega. • ALICE M. ALEXANDER, Montrose; Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: • CAROLYN T. ALFORD, Hazlehurst; Education; Kappa Delta. O FLAVIOUS ALFORD, Houston. O SALLY A. ALLEE, Tupelo; Education; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES R. ALLEN, Kossuth; Commerce. • JACK D. ALLEN, Magee; Pharmacy. • JOHN H. ALLISON, JR., Oil City, Pa.; Libera: Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • PAUL F. AMOS, Cleveland, Ohio; Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma. • THEODORE W. AMMON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. THIRD ROW: • MYRON LAMAR ARRINGTON, Hazlehurst; Libera, Arts; Delta Psi. • JULIA MELLETTE ARRAS, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JAMES C. ASHLEY, Rich; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE S. AUSLEY, Houston; Commerce. • LEE J. BAILEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • RUTH LYNN BAIRD, Marks; Liberal Arts. • BARBARA N. BANAHAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • SHIRLEY BARENTINE, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Delta. FOURTH ROW: • JAMES H. BARKLEY, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ELVIS 0. BARNARD, Springhill, La.; Pharmacy. • MILTON R. BARNHILL, JR., Charleston; Com- merce; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN E. BAT, Cicero, III.; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. • GLORIA .BATSON, Indianola; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • EDWIN A. BATTE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: O WILLIAM S. BECK, Little Rock, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • HOWARD P. BEGELMAN, New York, N. Y.; Com- merce. • HELEN H. BELL, Holly Springs; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JAMES F. BELL, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM DALE BELL, Gunnison; Commerce. O VINCENT F. BELLIPANI, JR., Centreville; Com- merce. • KENNETH BARFIELD, Griffin, Ga.; Education; Sig- • JEAN BECK, Waynesboro; Education; Zeta Tau ma Chi. Alpha. • MAX G. BEAVER, Joiner, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma • FRED E. BENNETT, JR., West Monroe, La.; Phar- Chi. macy. 108 FIRST ROW: • BILLY E. BERRY, Braxton; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES D. BIGGERS, Corinth; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD PAYNE BIRCHETT, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • GENE H. BISHOP, Forest; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HAWARD M. BISHOP, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BOBBY L. BLACK, Louisville; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • HAROLD J. BLACKLEDGE, Laurel; Pharmacy. • JANE D. BLAIR, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: • DEWEY B. BLANTON, Houston; Education. • MRS. OMEGA C. BLANTON, Houston; Commerce. • SARAH A. BLOMQUIST, Port Gibson; Education; Tri Delta. • CAROLINE B. BOGAD, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • REX R. BOGGAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • MATTHEW BONNER, Meridian; Engineering; Kap- pa Alpha. • ADRIENNE BOURGEOIS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • LORRAINE E. BOWERS, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. THIRD ROW: • FIELDIN A. BOWLIN, Hickory Flat; Commerce. • JAMES E. BOYD, Prentiss; Pharmacy. • ARNOLD L. BOYKIN, Greenville; Education. • CLYDE E. BRACKEN, Vicksburg; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • BRUCE B. BRADLEY, Laurel; Education; Kappa Sigma. • BENNY F. BRADY, Lula; Liberal Arts. • ED. E. BRANDENBURG, Memphis, Tenn.; Educa- tion. • EDWARD " BUDDY " BRAUN, Biloxi; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: • ALF BRAGEN, Chicago, Ill.; Education. • BERTIE M. BREEDLOVE, Coffeeville; Commerce. • EDMOND M. BRIGNAC, JR., Bay St. Louis; Engin- eering; Kappa Sigma. • SAMUEL B. BRITTON, West Monroe, La.; Pharmacy. • GIDEON L. BROWN, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • IVA ELIZABETH BROWN, Greenwood; Education; Delta Zeta. • JOHN R. BROWN, JR., Columbus; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • MARION H. BROWN, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: • ROBERT M. BROWN, Savannah, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Phi. • WILLIAM A. BROWN, Tupelo; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • KIRBY K. BRYANT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • VERA JANET BUFORD, Oxford; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • CELIA B. BUNTIN, Gulfport; Education; Delta Gamma. • EVELYN M. BURKS, Byhalia; Commerce; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM G. BURKS, JR., Commerce. • CHARLES R. BURKLEY, Grenada; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. ROLAND DALE Captain, Football Team and Better Half FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • JOHN B. BURNETT, Charleston; Commerce; Sigma • NORRIS V. CALDWELL, Tupelo; Education; Sigma Nu. Chi. • TIPTON L. BURNETTE, Stanton, Ala.; Pharmacy. • CHESTER K. BURNHAM, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ALBERT C. BUTLER, Florence; Liberal Arts. • RONARD K. BYRD, Pascagoula; Commerce. • URSULA M. BYRD, Biloxi; Education. • RALPH J. BYRON, Lexington, Ky.; Education. • HENRY C. CALDWELL, JR., Walnut Grove; Phar- macy. • LINDY CALLAHAN, Meridian. • EDGGAR L. CALLICOTT, Senatobia; Commerce. • ELEANOR R. CALLICOTT, Senatobia; Commerce. • DONALD W. CAMPBELL , Buffalo, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. • R. STEWART CAMPBELL, Dallas, Texas; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM E. CAMPBELL, Hernando; Commerce; Sigma Chi. fri THIRD ROW: • FRANKLIN 0. CARLISLE, Tupelo; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • EMMA GEORGE CARR, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • RICHARD L. CARRINGTON, Collierville, Tenn.; Education; Sigma Chi. • F. JULIAN CARROLL, JR., Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN H. CARROLL, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • STEVE CASTLEMAN, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • AUGUSTUS B. CATLETT, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT L. CAVE, JR. Washington, D. C.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. FOURTH ROW: • EDDIE W. CAUENESS, JR., Marietta; Pharmacy. • WILVA M. CEARLEY, Oxford; Education. • MARY LOU CHANDLER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JANE C. CLELAND, Sardis; Liberal Arts. • JIMMY L. CHILDERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. • CARROLL V. CHRISTOPHER, Nashville, Tenn.; Lib- eral Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma, • SHANNON CLAYTON, JR., Ripley; Commerce. FIFTH ROW: • ADA COHEN, Grenada; Commerce. • DONALD R. COHN, Kansas City, Mo.; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • KATHRYN LUCILE COLLINS, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • NORMA J. COLLINS, Pass Christian; Commerce. • RICHARD COLLINS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • AETNA MAE CONDON, Leland; Pharmacy. • STELLA C. CONNELL, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • GLORIA G. CONNER, New Albany; Commerce; • WILLIAM W. COFFEY, JR., Jackson; Commerce. Kappa Delta. 110 FIRST ROW: • MARTHA ANN COOK, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JERRY COOPER, Dunn, La.; Pharmacy. • WALTER R. COPPEDGE, Rondale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • IRA L. COUCH, Omaha, Nebr.; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • CHARLOTTE A. COWARD, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta • ESTHER E. COX, Oxford; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • AMALINE CRAWFORD, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES MARCUS CRAWFORD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. SECOND ROW: • ROY W. CRENSHAW, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS W. CROCKETT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • FRANK W. CRUM, Pensacola, Fla.; Commerce. • DANNY M. CURRIE, Hattiesburg; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • HARRY DANCIGER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JUSTIN J. DAVID, Woodville; Liberal Arts. • CAROLYN E. DAVIS, Jackson; Education; Phi Mu. • EDWARD E. DAVIS, Como; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. THIRD ROW: • VIRGINIA CLAIRE DAVIS, Meridian; Physical Edu- cation. • MARILYN V. DEEN, Whiteville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • J. KATHLEEN DELMAS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • HARRIET E. DENHAM, Hernando; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • LUCY DeSPAIN, Winona; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • JAMES D. DICKEY, Laurel; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT E. DICKINSON, JR., Clarksdale; Com- merce; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM S. DICKSON, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. WATSIE SUMNERS President of Mortar Board FOURTH ROW: • JACK A. DOLL, East Moline, Ill.; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • JAMES W. DONNELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce. • JULIE DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • PAUL V. DRAUGHN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • DOUGLAS W. DUBISSON, Pascagoula; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • LELAND S. DUDDLESTON, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • McLAND V. DYKES, JR., McComb; Commerce. • JOHN W. ECKHART, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Com- merce; Delta Psi. FIFTH ROW: • VIRGINIA A. ECHOLS, Flora; Education. • HENRY L. EHRLICH, Pascagoula; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • ANNE M. EWBANK, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PATRICIA ANNE EUDALY, Water Valley; Engin- eering. • HARMON G. EVERETT, Hermanville; Pharmacy. • GRIFFON A. EWELL, Baton Rouge, La.; Phar- macy; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN D. FAGGARD, Moss Point; Physical Edu- cation. • FRANK C. FARRISS, Muskogee, Okla.; Liberal Arts. Yl FIRST ROW: • WILLIAM S. FARLEY, Cordova, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MARIANNE FARMER, Norfolk, Va.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • M. MICKEY FARIS, Vicksburg; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOSEPH F. FASOLD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • EMILY J. FAULK, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CYRIL J. FAYARD, Bay St. Louis; Engineering. • JACK E. FERGUSEN, St. Francisville, La.; Phar- macy. • SAMUEL E. FIELD, JR., Centreville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW: • EDWARD H. FISHER, Tallulah, La.; Liberal Arts. • HUGH B. FITLER, JR., Vicksburg; Engineering. • ELAINE FITSPATRICK, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • PEGGY FITTS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN J. FLYNN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • HENRY P. FONVILLE, Belzoni; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM J. FONG, Cleveland; Pharmacy. • JOSEPH P. FORD, Brownfield; Pharmacy. THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: • KAY FORD, Bay St. Louis; Commerce; Kappa • J. HOOD GARBER, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Delta. Alpha. • KLINE GILBERT, Hollandale. • P. GERARD FOURNET, St. Martinville, La.; Phar- macy; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM B. FRANKLIN, Oxford; Pharmacy. • THOMAS H. FREELAND, III, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROBERT A. FRENCH, Byhalia; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. • H. G. FULLER, Abbeville; Education. • WM. PRESSLEY FULLER, Greenville; Commerce; Delta Psi. • EDUARDO GAITAN-DURAN, Cucuta, Colombia, S. A.; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi. • GEORGE M. GARNER, Grenada; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. O MARGARET MAXINE GARNER, Oxford; Education. O DOROTHY J. GATLIN, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • JOHN H. GEARY, Vicksburg; Commerce; Kappa Alpha, O JAMES W. GEISLER, Corinth; Liberal Arts. O MONROE J. GENSERT, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • MARGARET MELISSA GIST, Helena, Ark.; Educa- tion; Chi Omega. • GERALD J. GLASS, Marvell, Ark.; Pharmacy. O CONCHITTA GLORIOSO, Gunnison; Liberal Arts. • DAVID S. GOFORTH, Oxford; Education. O THOMAS GOGGIN, Somerville, Mass.; neering. • THOMAS L. GOLDMAN, Meridian; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN R. GERDES, Houston; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • R. H. GOULD, Ridgwood, New Jersey; Engineering. 112 FIRST ROW: • BRELON E. GRANTHAM, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • ALBERT J. GRAEHLER, Jasper, Ind.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma. • ANNIE SUE GRANT, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • SARA P. GRAVES, Batesville; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN C. GRECO, Tickfaw, La.; Pharmacy. • HILDA J. GREEN, Marianna, Ark.; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JONELLE W. GREEN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • EVERETT D. GRIFFIN, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. SECOND ROW: • GUY G. GRIFFITH, Rolling Fork; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE G. GRIFFON, Baton Rouge, La.; Phar- macy; Kappa Alpha. • BILLIE ANNE GRIGSBY, Birmingham, Ala.; Lib- eral Arts; Kappa Delta. • KARL GERHARD GULLAKSEN, Osl o, Norway; Commerce. • ANN GULLEY, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • DONALD R. GUNDY, Newport, Minn. • TOMMY G. GUYTON, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JOSEPH ALFRED HALE, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: • NELSON HALL, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • ALICE E. HAMMOND, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM N. HANEY, Jackson, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • PAUL L. HARDIMAN, Pulaski; Pharmacy. • JOHN P. HARNETT, East Orange, N. J.; Com- merce; Theta Kappa Phi. • GRANVILLE WALTER HART, Booneville; Education; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN LESLIE HATCHER, Scott; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • ARTHUR D. HAYNES, Watertown, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. FOURTH ROW: Behold the Fishermen • CHARLES H. HEIDELBERGER, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Education. • LE CLAIR HEIDENRICH, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • LADY R. HENBEST, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • HENRY C. HENICK, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BILLIE B. HERRING, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JACQUELINE J. HEWITT, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • BETTYE L. HIGDON Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • DORIS E. HILL, Greenwood; Pharmacy. FIFTH ROW: • HAL E. HILL, West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • LLOYD M. HILL, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • WADE H. HILLIARD, JR., Columbus; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM H. HITT, York, Ala.; Alpha Tau Omega. • NELL E. HOBGOOD, Silver City; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MARJORIE A. HOLDER, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CHARLES D. HOLLANDER, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • LYN HOLLOWAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. S EY IF FIRST ROW: • MARY M. HOLMES, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • RALPH T. HOLMES, JR., Statesville, N. C.; Com- merce. • FRANK F. HOSAK, Lansford, Pa.; Commerce; Theta Kappa Phi. • ROSEMARY HOWIE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CHARLES C. HUDSON, Brownsville, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM R. HUMPHREY, Parkin, Ark.; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. 0 JOHN A. HUNT, Johnstown, Pa.; Engineering. • ALTON L. HUNTER, Selmer, Tenn.; Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: • BETTY JO HURSTON, Tuscumbia, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • ROY J. HUSSEY, Abbeville; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • NORMAN V. HYDE, Helena, Ark.; Commerce; Phi D elta Theta. • JUNE C. IRBY, Batesville; Education; Phi Mu. • MIKE ISOM, JR., Sun Flower; Commerce. • WILLIAM JACKSON, Laurel; Education; Sigma Chi. • EDWARD 0. JOHNSON, JR., Glen Allan; Corn• merce; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN W. JOLD, Eau Claire, Wis.; Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. THIRD ROW: • CLARENCE R. JOLLY, JR., Prentiss; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALBERT P. JONES, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • ANN E. JONES, Nashville, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • BEN D. JONES, Amory; Education; Pi Kappa Phi. • WILLIAM F. JONES, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • MILTON N. JORDAN, Mc Calls Creek; Liberal Arts. • CHESTER J. KAMINSKI, New York; Engineering. FOURTH ROW: • M. MAI KEEN, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • ARTHUR F. KELLER, St. Albans, N. Y.; Commerce. • ALFRED J. KETOOL, Jackson; Commerce. • J. CINCINATUS KILBINOFSKY, Hong Kong, China; Education. • GODFREY CLICK KIMBALL, Statesville, N. C.; Commerce. • HENRY H. KING, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT L. KOESTLER, Greenville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FIFTH ROW: • ROBERT L. KOGER, Itta Bena; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • LOUIS J. KORFF, Gasper, Ind.; Education. • WILLIAM E. KORNDORFFER, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • OLIVER J. KREBS, JR., Pascagoula; Engineering. O KENNETH F. KUZENSKI, Allentown, Pa.; Liberal Arts. • FENWICK P. LABORDE, Marksville, La.; Liberal Arts. O SPURGEON LACHAUSSE, Pascagoula. • WILLIAM KATZ, JR., Far Rockaway, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Independents. • DOUGLAS M. KOGER, Itta Bena; Engineering; • JOSEPH J. LAWRENCE, Biloxi; Commerce; Phi Beta Theta Pi. Kappa Psi. 114 FIRST ROW: • JOHN D. LAWS, Columbus; Pharmacy. • GEORGE M. LEE, Prentiss; Pharmacy. • CLAUDE E. LEGATE, Lexington; Commerce. • RAY A. LEMOIN, Cottonport; Pharmacy. • RUTH M. LEVERETTE, Senatobia; Commerce. • LEON E. LEWIS, JR., Port Gibson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • DOC LIBBEY, Milton, Mass.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROY S. LINDSAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HARRY L. LOFLIN, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EDWARD LOGGINS, Winona; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WESLEY R. LOMINICK, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • SAMUEL L. LOVE, Jackson; Pharmacy. • ELIZABETH A. LOVELESS, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • DONNA JOAN LOVELL, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ERMAN A. LOWE, Tunica; Commerce. • MONROE J. LUSTBADER, Newark, N. J.; Com- merce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • KERRY N. LYON, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • ROY D. McALILLY, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • B. B. McCLENDON, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • HORACE L. McCOOL, Belzoni. • CAROLYN McCURDY, Pope; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES R. McDANIEL, Hayti, Mo.; Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: • PEGGY E. LITTLE, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Kappa • CHARLOTTE A. LOWERY, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Delta. Arts. FOURTH ROW: • JOHN L. McDAVID, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JAMES M. McDONALD, JR., Hattiesburg; Com- merce. • CHARLES R. McDUFF, Austin, Texas; Liberal Arts. • HAROLD H. McGEE, Biloxi; Engineering. • HARRIET E. McGEHEE, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • ROBERT E. McJUNKIN, Houlka; Commerce. • ERVIN McKAY, Gulfport; Commerce. • JOHN A. McKINNON, Sturgis; Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: • A. SUE McLAUGHLIN, Oxford; Education. • JOHN H. McMANN, Tylertown; Pharmacy. • JOHN M. McRAE, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BETTYE J. McWHORTER, Waynesboro; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • WILLIAM B. MacMILLAN, Dominican Republic; Engineering. • KENNETH F. MAGEE, Collins; Education. • SARAH A. MAJOR, Jackson; Education; Delta Gamma. • THOMAN J. MALLETTE, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. BART DeLASHMET, President of the B.A. School FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • DOROTHY F. MALONE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM J. MARTIN, Vardaman; Commerce. • LESTER M. MAPLES, Oxford; Liberal Arts. 0 PAT MASSEY, Pensacola, Fla. • RALPH H. MARIONNEAUX, Monroe, La.; Phar- macy; Delta Psi. Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT R. MARRIAM, Watertown, N. Y.; En- gineering. Sigma. • CESARE C. MARRONE, Jersey, N. J.; Liberal Arts; Theta Kappa Phi. Kappa Psi. • MICHAEL M. MARSHALL, Clarksdale; Engineer- ing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM E. MARSTON, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Kappa Sigma. • MERLE A. MARTIN, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Delta • GEORGE I. MELICHAR, Forest; Commerce; Sigma Zeta. Alpha Epsilon. • JIM H. MATTHEWS, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma • HAROLD L. MAXWELL, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa • JARED D. MAYES, Milton, Pa.; Engineering; Phi • DAN R. MEADOR, Lena; Pharmacy. O CLIFF H. MEHRTENS, Cullman, Ala.; Education; THIRD ROW: • WILL M. NELSON, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Kappa Psi. • MARTIN F. MIAllA, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • MELVIN M. MICHEL, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES E. MIDDLETON, Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GLYNN E. MIDDLETON, McComb; Pharmacy. • WAYNE R. MILES, Surfton; Engineering. • HOWARD LEE MILLER, JR., Quitman; Engineering. • MARYBEC MILLER, Webster Groves, Mo.; Educa- tion. FOURTH ROW: • ROBERT A. MIMS, JR., Greenwood; Commerce. • DOMENA MISTILIS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • J. DANIEL MITCHELL, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CONWAY MONCURE, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • A. RUSSELL MORAN, Ocean Springs; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • C. FRED MORGAN, JR., Mendenhall; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE S. MORI, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • EMILY C. MOORE, Lucy, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: • JOHN P. MOORE, Clarksdale; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BETTY J. MOORE, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • DEWEY C. MORRIS, JR., New Augusta; Liberal Arts. O VENN H. MORROW, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • BOBBY J. MOSER, Moorhead; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • JOYCE MURPHY, University; Education; Kappa Delta. • JOSEPH K. MURPHY, Hollandale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • J. R. MURPHY, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. 116 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: • JOHN M. MUSE, Booneville; Pharmacy. • MARTHA JEAN NORMENT, Memphis, Tenn.; Lib- eral Arts. • MALCOLM A. MYERS, Moss Point; Physical Edu- cation. • STIG J. MYLANDER, New York, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JULIAN A. NAGLE, Jackson; Pharmacy. • ELBERT B. NELSON, Cleveland; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FAITH J. NELSON , Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT W. NICK, Tomahawk, Wis.; Commerce. • CHARLES E. NEWELL, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • LENOX W. OGLESBY, Jackson; Commerce. • THOMAS W. OLDHAM, Helena, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • HUMBERTO U. L. OMENA, Maceio, Alagoas; En- gineering. • ROSEMARY R. OWEN, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ROBERT E. OWENS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Kappa Alpha. • HENRY PARIS, Lexington; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • JOHN L. PARIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • BARBARA ANNE PARKER, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • DYRAL Q. PARKER, Oxford; Education. • SAM D. PARKER, JR., Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS N. PARKS, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • DONALD B. PATTERSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • KOTZ A. PATTERSON, III, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ROBERT H. PATTERSON, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • MARY E. PEEBLES, Rosedale; Commerce; Epsilon Gamma Epsilon. FOURTH ROW: • N. ELOISE PERCIVAL, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts. • JOHN B. PERKINS, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT C. PERKINS, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM H. PERKINS, Darling; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM S. PERRY, Jr., Yazoo City; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM E. PEVEY, JR., Laurel; Commerce. FIFTH ROW: • RICHARD R. PICKENS, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WALTER J. PIEKARSKI, Chicago, III.; Education. • ELMYRA PIEROCICH, Gulfport; Pharmacy. • PAUL H. PITTMAN, Tylertown; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES R. PITTS, Sikeston, Mo.; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • PEGGY B. PLEASANTS, Covington, Tenn.; Com- merce. BILLIE McCLENDON President of W.S.G.A. • THELMA L. PELHAM, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; • HIRAM H. PHELPS, Jackson; Engineering; Pi Delta Zeta. Kappa Alpha. • PAUL K. PETERSON, Wesson; Liberal Arts. • PATTY PONDER, Jackson; Education; Chi Omega. 11J FIRST ROW: JAMES H. PORTER, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • THOMAS E. PORTER, JR., Vicksburg; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM M. PORTER, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BOBBY H. POSET, Verona; Liberal Arts. • WAYNE S. POSEY, Plantersville; Engineering. • HOMER H. POWELL, Collins; Pharmacy. • JAMES M. PRICE, Prentiss; Liberal Arts. • CLARENCE J. PROFILET, Laurel; Engineering. SECOND ROW: • ROBERT H. PROPST, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CECIL W. PUCKETT, Kingsport, Tenn.; Education. • ELIZABETH C. PYLANT, Purvis; Liberal Arts. • PAULINE B. QUEKEMEYER, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • JAMES R. QUARLES, Gainesboro, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • JAMES L. RAGGIO, Scott, La.; Pharmacy. • MARSHALL C. RAMSEY, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • KATHRYN READY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. THIRD ROW: • WALTER A. REAGAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Phi. • BASIL D. RED, JR., Ellisville; Pharmacy. • JERRY G. REEDY, Jonesboro, Ark.; Commerce. • GEORGE C. REEVES, Tunica; Commerce. • PAUL J. REGISTER, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JOSEPH C. REID, Greenville; Engineering; Sigma Pi. • BILLY V. RENFROE, Pensacola, Fla.; Commerce. • GEORGE RENSHAW, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. FOURTH ROW: • GEORGE RHODES, Sturgis. • CHARLTON C. RICHARDSON, Grenada; Phar- macy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FRANCIS M. RICHARDSON, Catchings; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Phi. • WILLIAM P. RICHARDSON, Deering, Mo.; Liberal Arts. • NELLIE J. RILEY, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • WILLIAM J. RISH, JR., Houston; Liberal Arts. • HARRY L. ROBINSON, JR., Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN W. ROBINSON, Jackson; Commerce; Kap- pa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: • MARY A. ROBINSON, Clarksdale; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT C. ROBINSON, Philadelphia, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • BILLIE J. RODGERS, Blytheville, Ark.; Education. • PAUL C. RODGERS, Tupelo. • BARNES H. ROMINE, JR., Greenville; Commerce. • PATRICK E. ROPER, Hazlehurst; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • VICTOR M. RUSSELL, JR., Edinburg; Liberal Arts. • JERRY RYAN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. 118 FIRST ROW: • BILLY SALMON, Clarksdale; Education. • MEDORA L. SALTER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • STEPHEN J. SANFORD, Walpole, Mass.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • ERVIN E. SAYLE, JR., Coffeeville; Commerce; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MARION E. SELLERS, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • R. JOEL SENTER, Byhalia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • L. V. SHARP, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • LEON Y. SHARP, New Albany; Commerce; Sigma Chi. SECOND ROW: • MAYNARD D. SHAW, Oxford; Engineering. • EDWARD H. SHAWBLOSKY, Greenville; Educa- tion; Sigma Pi. • YANDELL F. SHIPLEY, Greenwood; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWIN D. SHROPSHIRE, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • LESLIE B. SHUMAKE, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts. • CARL F. SIDENER, Bainbridge, Ga.; Commerce. • DAVID A. SINGLETARY, Jackson; Commerce. • NED M. SINQUEFIELD, Laurel; Education. THIRD ROW: • 0. E. SLADE, Meridian; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES SLAY, Waynesboro. • JOSEPH K. SMITH, Ripley; Pharmacy. • MARSHALL C. SMITH, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • VITOR P. SMITH, Hazlehurst; Commerce; Delta Psi. Cs WILLIAM C. SMITH, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES B. SNYDER, Shreveport, La.; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta. • RAE D. SPARKS, Grenada; Liberal Arts. FOURTH ROW: • CHARLES E. SPEED, Prentiss; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • LOUIS J. STAEHLE, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • L. MURRAY STUFFORD, Oakland, Tenn.; Com- merce; Alpha Tau Omega. • ED H. STEELE, Morgan City; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • JOSEPH W. STEPHENS, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • DEBORAH M. STEVENS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • THOMAS J. STEVENS, JR., Osyka; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • HIMEY N. STEWART, McMinnville, Tenn.; Phar- macy. FIFTH ROW: • VAN D. STONE, JR., Lambert; Pharmacy; Phi Delta Theta. • MAXINE I. STORMENT, luka; Commerce. • RICHARD G. STRAUGHAN, Biloxi; Pharmacy. • WADE H. STRICKLAND, Rolling Fork; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MARY JO STUART, Gulfport; Education; Delta Gamma. O JAMES G. SULLIVAN, Macon; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. O DOROTHY M. TAYLOR, Grenada; Commerce. • MIMMIE C. TAYLOR, Holly Springs; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. BETSY MOORE President Pan Hellenic Council FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • PATRICIA E. TAYLOR, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; • ALAN B. THOMPSON, Long Beach; Education. Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROBERT M. TAYLOR, Charlotte, N. C.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • WALTER T. TAYLOR, Como; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CLEM THOMAS, Vicksburg; Commerce. • DICK THOMAS, Fayette; Liberal Arts. • JOAN C. THOMAS, Jackson; Commerce; Delta Zeta. • LISTON L. THOMASSON, DeKalb; Liberal Arts. • ALLEN C. THOMPSON, Jackson; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EVELINE C. THOMPSON, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HOLLIS C. THOMPSON, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • IVAN C. THOMPSON, JR., Corinth; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • J. RAY THORNTON, Crystal Springs; Education. • MACK V. TIDWELL, Philadelphia; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: • ROBERT J. TIFFIN, West Point; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM F. TURNER, Philadelphia; Commerce. • CLAUDE M. TINGLE, Jackson; Commerce. • JAMES B. TYLER, Water Valley; Commerce. • BETTY L. TIPTON, Tiptonville, Tenn.; Education; • C. WAYNE VALENTINE, JR., Laurel; Commerce. Delta Delta Delta. • MARTHA C. WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn.; tion; Zeta Tau Alpha. • THEODORE VLAHOS, Pascagoula; Education. • LONNIE C. TRUELL, College Hill; Pharmacy. • JOHN T. VOORHEES, Rost Beach, Fla.; Kappa • S. JUDITH TUBB, West Point; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Sigma. • CHARLES W. WALTON, North Little Rock, Ark.; Commerce. • THOMAS M. TUCKER, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Liberal • ELLEN WADE, Oxford; Education; Delta Zeta. Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ODITH E. WARREN, Stonewall; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • 0. J. TURNER, Belzoni; Commerce. • BLAKE WADSWORTH, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • CLIFFORD D. WASHINGTON, Oxford; Education. FIFTH ROW: • DOROTHY M. WAITE, Glenview, III.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HOBSON M. WAKEFIELD, Ripley, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • DALE L. WALTER, Milton, Pa.; Commerce. 120 FIRST ROW: • BILL WATSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • FRANK M. WEATHERSBY, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES 0. WEEKS, JR., Meadville; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • DAVID L. WEINMANN, Carrierr; Liberal Arts. • CLARKE D. WELLS, Plainwell, Mich.; Liberal Arts. • VIVIAN L. WELLS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CARL E. WEST, Amory; Education. SECOND ROW: • KATHERINE L. WESTBROOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JOHN H. WHITE, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • TRACY A. WHITE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • SALLY A. WILKINSON, Waxhaw; Education; Phi Mu. • CHARLES A. WILLIAMS, Wesson; Commerce. • JACKIE M. WILLIAMS, Coahoma; Liberal Arts. • JAMES B. WILLIAMS, JR., Morgan City; Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: • JOHN H. WILLIAMS, Laurel; Pharmacy. • JOHN T. WILLIAMS, Gloster; Commerce. • LAYTON M. WILLIAMS, Taylor; Commerce. • JAMES W. WILLIS, Horn Lake; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN A. WILSON, Haz; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • VIRGINIA WING, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CLAYTON P. WINTERS, West Point; Liberal Arts. GEORGE MORSE, Chairman A.S.B. Dance Committee FOURTH ROW: • JACK H. WITTJON, Holly Springs; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • J. W, WOOD, New Albany; Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi. • EUGENIA WOODS, Millington, Tenn.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • WILLIAM P. WOODWARD, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • VIRGINIA L. WOOTEN, Jackson, Tenn.; Education; Delta Gamma. • DON H. WRIGHT, Blytheville, Ark.; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM F. WYATT, Biloxi; Commerce; Phi Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: • JAMES T. YARBROUGH, Tunica; Liberal Arts. • RALPH E. YARKE, Girard, III.; Commerce. • MALCOLM T. YAWN, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • EUGENE J. YELVERTON, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • WIRT A. YERGER, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD S. YOSTE, Vicksburg; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • CARL R. YOUNG, Tupelo; Education. • LEONARD P. ZENKELL, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • FRANCES L. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg; Commerce; Independents. • JEANNE ADAMS, DeKalb; Education; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. • JANE C. ALEXANDER, Arcola; Education; Kappa Delta. ▪ ROBERT HENRY ALLRED, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • RICHARD E. ANDERSON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi. • GEORGE G. ARMISTEAD, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN E. ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce. • THOMAS E. ARNOLD, Dundee; Commerce. • SYDNEY J. ASHBURN, Jackson; Commerce. • EDWARD L . ATKINSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOY E. AVERWATER, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Mu. • JACK A. AVERY, Canton; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • FAYE E. BAKER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • FORREST L. BAKER, Clinton, Ark.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • JEANNE BARFOOT, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • DAVID H. BATES, Birmingham, Ala.; Engineering. tilt THIRD ROW: • JOHN M. BEE, Brookhaven; Commerce; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. • ROBERT E. BEE, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE E. BELEY, Tyrowza, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • BERNICE M. BERDON, Natchez; Commerce; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT L. BERMAN, Lexington; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • FRED D. BIRMINGHAM, Jackson, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JANICE W. BLACK, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • KATHERINE C. BOATHER, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. FOURTH ROW: • BAPTIST F. BOETTO, Chicago, Ill.; Commerce. • FRANCES E. BOLEN, Oxford; Education. • ARTHUR W. BONDS, luka; Commerce. • ELLIOTT R. BOWMAN, JR., Vicksburg; Engineering. • JOAN BOWMAN, Moro, Ark.; Commerce. • BETTIANNE BRASFIELD, Amory; Education; Delta Gamma. • THOMAS A. BRATCHET, Morton; Education: • DON NIE M. BREM ER, Glenmora, La.; Pharmacy. FIFTH ROW: • CALVIN W. BROWN, Greenville; Pharmacy. • JOHN A. BROWN, luka; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOSEPH E. BROWN, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • BARBARA BRUCE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CLAUDE V. BRUCE, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARTIN J. BRUGGE, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • HENRY K. BUCK, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOAN L. BUCK, Kirkwood; Commerce. 122 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: • CARLTON T. BURNETTE, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Lib- eral Arts. • BILLIE B. BURGIN, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Tri Delta. • CHARLES W. BURKE, Ruleville; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ROSEMARY CAIN, Oxford; Commerce. • ALBERT P. CALDWELL, JR., Columbus; Engineer- ing. • ELIZABETH H. CALDWELL, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • IRVIN D. CALIFF, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Ep- silon Pi. • PETER A. CAPETANDES, Bronx, N. Y.; Engineering. • NORMAN F. CARNES, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES M. CARR, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • BARRY M. CARTER, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GLENN A. CARTER, Magnolia; Liberal Arts, • JOHN C. CARTER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PATRICIA A. CASHION, Laurel; Commerce; Kappa Delta. • MURRAY S. CAUSEY, Fairfield, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HARRY G. CHAPMAN, Bay St. Louis; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES K. CHILD, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • DORRANCE D. CLARK, Rodney, Iowa; Commerce. • HEWITT R. CLARKE, JR., Meridian; Commerce. • NEIL T. CLINE, Buffalo, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. • JIMMIE F. COLDREN, Parkin, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • HUGHBERT COLLIER, Ackerman; Commerce. • MARY F. COMSTOCK, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • RACHEL J. CONN, Jackson; Education. FOURTH ROW: • MURIEL A. COOPER, Oxford; Commerce. • WILLIAM C. COOPER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • EDWARD S. CRACRAFT, Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • THOMAS H. CRIGLER, JR., Columbus; Commerce. • FRANCIS W. CRISS, JR., Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRIETTA CROSBY, Crosby; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • JOE E. CROSS, Memphis, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sig- ma Nu. FTH ROW: • ALAN K. DANIEL, Tutwiler; Commerce. • PAUL W. DANIELS, Columbia; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES T. DAVIS, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • KAYE A. DAVIS, Roanoke, Va.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma, • CARLYNE DAY, Lorenzen; Commerce; C hi Omega. • MARY JANE DELMAS, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • LOUIS A. DEMOS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. FRANK BALLINA, President of the Engineering School • WILLIAM S. COOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa • HAROLD C. CRUMP, Natchez; Commerce; Delta Alpha. Kappa Epsilon. tEMDI FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • VINCENT S. DePAULA, Hammond, La.; Pharmacy. • CHARLES H. EDEN, Providence, R. I.; Commerce. • JAMES W. ELLIOTT, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOSEPH D. DOLIN, Gary, Ind.; Commerce. • HELEN R. ELLIS, Sunflower; Commerce. • JEWELL M. DORRIS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; • KELLY A. ELLIS, JR., Sunflower; Commerce; Pi Pi Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT N. EMMICH, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi Epsilon Pi. • MARY J. ENOCHS, Fernwood; Liberal Arts; Kappa • A. L. DOWDY, Lambert; Engineering. Kappa Gamma. • ELINOR G. EURE, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • PATRIC IA E. DIAZ, Biloxi; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA A. DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • PEGGY J. DRIVER, Osceola, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • DEON DUNN, Meridian; Commerce; Tri Delta. • JOHN E. FANT, Nashville, Tenn.; Engineering; Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: • EARNEST W. FARRAR, JR., Crystal Springs; Music; Delta Psi. • JERELENE L. FERRELL, Batesville; Commerce. • NORYENE FLANAGAN, Pittsboro; Commerce; Delta Gamma. • DEAN G. FLEMING, Jacksonville, Fla.; Liberal Arts. • GLORIA J. FLOWERS, Marianna, Ark.; Pharmacy; Zeta Tau Alpha. • COLLEEN FLY, Belmont; Liberal Arts. • CONSTANTINE FOTIADES, Jersey City, N. J.; Edu- cation. FOURTH ROW: • DAVID FREIMAN, New York, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. • EARNEST E. GAFFORD, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineer- ing. • MARY GALE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • BETTYE J. GARRETT, Hernando; Liberal Arts. • ROSEMARY GASTON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CLARA B. GEISENBERGER, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. FIFTH ROW: • BILLY L. GILL, Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM. J. GILLESPIE, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • JOYCE GLASS, Amory; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD A. GOLDHAMMES, Bronx, N. Y.; Lib- eral Arts; Sigma Nu. • TOMMY GOODWIN, Verona; Engineering; Pi Kap- pa Alpha. • JOY GRAHAM, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JOHN T. GRANT, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BILLIE L. FAULKNER, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Phi • FRANCES FRAZIER, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Liberal Mu. Arts; Kappa Delta. • LAWERENCE J. FRANCK, Vicksburg; Commerce; • PHILLIP N. GEORGE, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. 124 FIRST ROW: • MARTHA L. GRANTHAM, Tupelo; Education; Kap- pa Delta. • CURTIS A. GREER, Potts Camp; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BENNY F. GRESHAM, Hollandale; Pharmacy. • ELBERT L. GRIFFIN, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JESSE E. GRIFFIN, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • ROLLAND E. GRIFFIN, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • LONNIE J. GRIFFITH, Mantee; Liberal Arts. • HARRY E. GULLEDGE, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. SECOND ROW: • JAMES J. GUNTER, Soso; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ROBERT C. GURNEY, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • MAURICE D. GWINNER, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • MARVIN L. HALE, Holly Bluff; Commerce. • WILLIAM 0. HALL, Oxford; Commerce. • JIMMY M. HAMAKER, Isola; Pharmacy. • FRANCES H. HAMILTON, McComb; Commerce; Kappa Alpha Gamma. • WILLIAM F. HAND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: • WILLIAM J. HANEGHAN, Bunker Hill, III.; En- gineering. • SIDNEY E. HANEY, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • HAROLD C. HARBOUR, Houston; Liberal Arts. • CLARENCE L. HARDIN, JR., Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • JABUS L. HARDIN, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • PHILIP M. HARDING, JR., Whitehaven, Tenn.; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • ROBERT L. HARPER, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • LAWRENCE HARRINGTON, West Helena, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. ROW: • ROBERT H. HARRIS, JR., Senatobia; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • LOUIE V. HARRISON, Marks; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • WALTER C. HARRISON, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ALVIN C. HART, McComb; Pharmacy. • JOAN HART, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • REID A. HARWELL, Statesville, N. C.; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOAN M. HEDMAN, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: • DICK D. HENDRIX, Helena, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JOY HERON, Glendora; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HELEN R. HICKS, Pensacola, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • ROBERT H. HODGES, Clinton, La.; Liberal Arts; • CYNTHIA M. HOGAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kap pa Gamma. • SHIRLEE I. HOLLAND, Amory; Education; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT C. HOLMES, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • DENNIS G. HELM, Biloxi; Commerce; Theta Kappa • CLAUDIA HORN, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi. Kappa Delta. The World Influence FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • PAUL C. HORN, Magee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • FINLEY H. HORTON, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • SHARON L. HOSTETTER, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce. • HAROLD E. HOUSE, Vance; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM C. HOUSE, Greenville; Commerce; Sig- ma Chi. • GENE N. HOWELL, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • WILEY C. HUTCHINS, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ALMYRA C. JACKSON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • NAN T. JACKSON, Pass Christian; Education; Delta Zeta. • 0. ANNE JASPER, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • HENRY F. JOHNSON, Canton; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • ONEY S. JOHNSON, Clarksdale; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • CAROL A. JONES, Port Sulphur, La.; Liberal Arts. • JIMMY E. JONES, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • K. C. JONES, Leland; Commerce. • MARY E. JOYNER, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: • THOMAS L. JOYNER, JR., Tupelo; Engineering; • JAMES R. KORNDORFFER, Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. Alpha Tau Omega. Pi Kappa Alpha. • MALCOLM F. JUSTICE, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Zeta. • VIRGIN IA R. KOEPPEN, Jackson; Education; Delta • SAMUEL A. KAPLAN, Bayonne, N. J.; Liberal Arts. • BETTY J. LACK, Jackson; Education. • BETTY J. KEENAN, San Antonio, Texas; Liberal • JOSEPH V. LeBLANC, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Arts; Kappa Delta. Sigma Chi. • NORA E. KEMP, Kilmichael; Education. • TONY G. LEE, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JAMES D. KINGSLEY, Essyfells, N. J.; Commerce. • WILLIAM P. LEE, Water Valley; Engineering. • DAVID M. KLEIN, New York, N. Y.; Education; • EDWIN L. LEGGETT, Dublin; Liberal Arts. Phi Epsilon Pi. • BEN P. LESTER, Yazoo City; Education. • EDMUND M. LEWCON, Uxbridge, Mass.; Com- merce. • EDWARD S. LIPSEY, Dublin; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM H. LISTON, Kilmichael, Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CLIFTON W. LITTLE, Charleston; Commerce; Kap- pa Sigma. • ROBERT L. LOGAN, Bruce; Pharmacy. • ROBERT F. LOONEY, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; En- gineering; Phi Delta Theta. • PATSY E. KNIGHT, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • CLARA VAN LeMAIRE, Columbia; Commerce; Delta Delta Delta. • MARY BETH LOTT, Richton; Education. 126 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: • ELIZABETH A. LOVELADY, Oxford; Commerce. • ELIZABETH C. McCARTHY, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MITCHELL E. McLAUGHLIN, Aberdeen; Com- merce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JANET M. LUCE, Pass Christian; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • PURVIS C. LUNA, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy. • MAVIS A. LUNCEFORD, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • DAVID B. LYON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT L. LYONS, Pontotoc; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT D. McCALL, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce. • LEE R. McCARTER, JR., Corinth; Pharmacy; Beta Theta Pi. • GEORGE E. McCARTHY, JR., Lansdowne, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • ELINOR JOSEPHINE McCRONE, Vicksburg; Lib- eral Arts; Delta Zeta. • DOUGLAS S. McCULLY, Tupelo; Engineering. • SHIRLEY W. McELWAIN, Baltimore, Md.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • MARY G. McGEE, Jackson; Education; Delta Zeta. • RALPH D. McGILL, Ripley; Commerce. • CECIL C. McKLEMURRY, Sumner; Liberal Arts. • LEWIS A. MAHONEY, Hot Springs, Ark.; Engi- neering; Sigma Chi. • HOWARD D. MALMED, Newark, N. J.; Engineer- ing; Phi Epsilon Pi. • MARY MALONE, Oxford; Commerce. • THOMAS W. MALONE, Tutwiler; Education. • JOHNNY A. MARASCALCO, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • JAN MARLOWE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • SANFORD J. MARVIN, Spring Valley, N. Y.; Com- merce. FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: Beauty on Parade • JAMES E. MASK, Oxford; Education. • JAMES E. MATHEWS, Crystal Springs; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • ZELMA A. MELVIN, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • BECKY F. MERCER, Jacksonville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES Y. MERCER, Jacksonville, Fla.; Com- merce; Sigma Nu. • JOHN R. MERRYMAN, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES W. MILEY, Clarksdale; Commerce. • JERRY S. MILLER, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARGARET P. MILLS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • YANCEY A. MOORE, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BESSIE B. MORGAN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • GEORGE W. MOSELEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce. • PAUL H. MOSELEY, Shreveport, La.; Pharmacy. • IVAN R. MUNIZ, San Sebastian, Porto Rico; Phar- macy. • WINSTON H. MURPHREE, Okolona; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • NANCY J. MURRAY, Wynne, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. ft MB THIRD ROW: • EDMOND A. ORY, Jackson; Commerce. • BILLY G. PARHAM, Grenada; Commerce. • JAMES W. PARHAM, Shelby; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES R. PATRICK, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineer- ing. • LUCY RUTH PEGG, Greenville; Education; Kappa Delta. • LILLIAN P. PEGRAM, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD A. PERKINS, Riverside, Calif.; Com- merce; Theta Kappa Phi. FIRST ROW: • CARL W. NABORS, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT F. NANCE, Ripley; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GREELY R. NASH, Amory; Pharmacy. • PEGGY NEAL, Oxford; Commerce. • JAMES W. NEBLETT, Morgan City; Engineering. • DON H. NEIL, Greenville; Pharmacy; Sigma Pi. • JOHN B. NELSON, Purvis; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • DAVID S. NEWTON, Marks; Engineering; Sigma Chi. FOURTH ROW: • JAMES E. PIDGEON, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DOUGLAS E. PIERCE, Masheim, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • SYLVIA A. PIPPIN, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • GEORGE C. PIRIE, Salisbury, Md.; Liberal Arts. • MARILYN M. PITTMAN, Hattiesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES C. POPE, Magee; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES 0. PRINDLE, Nyack, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. SECOND ROW: • PAULA NEWTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JEREMIAH C. NITKA, New York, N. Y.; Commerce. • BUMOND B. NOBLE, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kap- pa Alpha. • • PETE J. NOSSER, Vicksburg; Commerce; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN J. O ' CALLAGHAN, Memphis, Tenn.; En- gineering. • CARL E. ODOM, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts. • PAT W. O ' MALLEY, Ltitle Rock, Ark.; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MIGUEL S. ORIHUELA, Amory; Pharmacy. FIFTH ROW: • TONY P. PROVENZA, Greenville; Commerce. • SAMUEL L. RAINES, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JO A. RANDLE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • E. MARGARET READ, Tela, Honduras; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT S. REEVES, McCOMB; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • PATRICIA M. REGAN, Blytheville, Ark.; Phar- macy. • RICHARD H. REID, Louisville; Commerce; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • STANLEY H. RHEA, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Engi- neering. • EDWIN R. ORR, Grenada; Commerce; Phi Delta • ERNEST C. PHILLIPS, JR., Natchez; Commerce; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Theta. 128 • WILLIE D. RITTER, Okolona; Commerce. • BETTY A. ROACH, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • ANNIE F. ROBERTS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA ROBERTSON, Wynne, Ark.; Kappa Delta. • CURTIS ROGERS, Sylvarena; Liberal Arts. O JAMES L. ROGERS, Sylvarena; Commerce. • SARA K. ROGERS, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • RALPH R. ROSS, Vincennes, Ind.; Education. • MARION D. ROTEN, Ripley; Liberal Arts. • JACK D. RYDER, Beaumont, Texas; Commerce. • MARTHA LEONA SALMON, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • BILLY D. SANDERS, Sheffield, Ala.; Commerce. O KATIE J. SCHILL Friars Point; Liberal Arts. • EUGENE V. SCHOLLS, New York, N. Y.; Com- merce. THIRD ROW: • BETTYE E. SCRUGGS, Biloxi; Education. • BOBBY N. SELLERS, DeSoto; Liberal Arts. • MILES M. SHATZER, Fort Smith, Ark.; Commerce. • MARTHA J. SHAW, Batesville; Commerce; Chi Omega. • MARION F. SHAWBLOSKY, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • ELIZABETH V. SHEARER, Jackson; Education. • MARTHA J. SHEATS, Memphis, Tenn.; Commerce; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JAMES A. SHEFFIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: • IRMA RICHARDSON, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi • MICHAEL S. ROSENBLUM, Schlafer; Commerce; Mu. Independents. MARY FORREST McCALL President of Sigma Alpha Iota FOURTH ROW: O TROY E. SHEFFI ELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • DOROTHY M. SIMMONS, Ilia Bena; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. O FRANK C. SI(UDER, Riverside, N. J.; Engineering. • FRANKLIN L. SLAY, Quitman; Liberal Arts. • JUNE A. SMALLWOOD, New Albany; Education. • PATTY A. SMITH, Hattiesburg; Education; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD M. SMITH, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. FIFTH ROW: • BYRD C. SORRELLS, Greenville; Commerce. O ERNEST 0. SPENCER, JR., Jackson; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. O THOMAS H. SPENCER, Greenville; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN C. STAMM, Vicksburg; Commerce ' , Kappa Alpha. • ANNE L. STANFORD, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • JEROME ALBERT STENFTENAGEL, Jasper, Ind.; Education. • JOE K. STEPHNS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • ANN SNEED, Nashville, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • TOMMY K. STEWART, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering. FIRST ROW: • WILLIAM A. STEWART, JR., Tupelo; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM F. STEVENS, Richton; Commerce; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES R. STRAIN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • CLARK G. STRAIN, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN D. SUGG, Henderson, Ky.; Liberal Arts. • HARRY F. SUTER, JR., Biloxi; Commerce. • WILLIAM L. SYKES, Arlington, Mass.; Commerce. SECOND ROW: • ABE M. TAHIR, JR., Tchula; Commerce. • BARBARA THOMPSON, Gulfport; Liberal Arts. • BENNETT D. THOMPSON, Newton; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • DOROTHY A. THOMPSON, Lucien; Commerce. • NANCY L. THOMPSON, Oxford. • JOE F. TIDWELL, Philadelphia; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EVA H. TIGHE, Jackson; Education. THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: • MABEL L. TRANTHAM, Belzoni; Commerce; Chi • JANE C. WAILES, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Omega. Delta Delta. • EDWARD G. TREMMEL, Biloxi; Commerce. • JOE L. TULLOS, Laurel; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • VICTOR VANCE, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • MAURICE REID VAN NORMAN, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JERRY G. VEAZEY, Coldwater; Commerce; Kappa Sigma. • MAX L. WALDROP, Jackson; Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ALLEN A. WALKER, II, Aberdeen; Commerce; Sigma Chi. • JACQUELYN A. WALKER, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • GLEN C. WARREN, Purvis; Pharmacy. • MARGARET WAGGENER, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- • LEONARD P. WARREN, Vicksburg; Commerce; Phi merce. Epsilon Pi. 130 FIRST ROW: • EDWIN S. WATKINS, Fulton; Commerce. • GLORIA B. WATSON, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JOHN R. WATTS, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • PEGGIE WEAVER, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT H, WEAVER, Tupelo; Commerce; Phi Delta Theta. • RICHARD W. WESTERMAN, Hernando; Liberal Arts. • FLORENCE A. WHITE, Holly Springs; Education; Phi Mu. SECOND ROW: • CHARLES M. WHITTEN, Tippo; Liberal Arts. • BARBARA A. WILKERSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Com- merce; Delta Gamma. • LAYS W. WILLEY, JR., Whitfield; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • FINIS E. WILLIAMS, Jackson; Commerce; Beta Theta Pi. • PARHAM J. WILLIAMS, JR., Lexington; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • SARA A. WILLIAMS, Morgan City; Education. • R. XANDRA WILLIAMS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: • HOWARD D. WILLIAMSON, McCamey, Texas; • ROBERT Y. WOOD, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts; Engineering. Delta Psi. The New Look • H. SHANNON WILLIFORD, Jackson; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWARD H. WILKINSON, Hernando; Engineering; • T. KINMAN WYNN, Greenville; Commerce; Phi Delta Kappa Epsilon. Delta Theta. • JOSEPH E. YOUNG, Philadelphia; Commerce; Sigma Nu. • A. LOUISE ZELLER, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Kap- pa Delta. • LAURA J. WICHTER, Tupelo; Commerce. • PEGGY ANN BENNETT, Greenville; Liberal Arts; • ANN WOOD, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. Kappa Delta. • PAUL. N. WORTHINGTON, Corinth; Commerce. • ROBERT H. WILSON, Prentiss; Pharmacy. • LOUIS J. WISE, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. in A R. Y LT. COLONEL GEORGE E. BENDER THE R. 0. T. C. UNITS The Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps unit was estab- lished as a Department of the University in 1936. Since that time it has increased in number until the unit has this semester approximately four hundred members. In the over all long range planning, and in keeping with the University ' s expansion program the services are to be included in the plans for growth. This year for the first time the military has been divided into two separate di- visions, the Air R.O.T.C. and the Army R.O.T.C. Under the new division of units a new curriculum of courses has been provided. The Army, Air, and Naval Battalions have this year joined together to compose a very colorful spectacle in some extra curricular activities such as the parade for the world premier of Intruder in the Dust. The Military Ball scheduled this year for March 3, is to outdo all those past and will certainly be one of the major social events of the second semester. Captain Coverdale along with a chosen committee have plans for a ball that will not soon be forgotten. Every Thursday afternoon, weather permitting, the Air and Army units qo through a scheduled drill with the goal in mind of a high rati ng by Military Officials in the annual Federal Inspection which will take place sometime during the spring. Squad, platoon, and company drill is practiced until a real military look is achieved by the regiment. At the beginning of the fall semester the P.M.S. T., P.A.S. T. and the P.N.S. T. all met and were put under the administration of Dean Coulter of the School of Lib- eral Arts who is now classified as the University Co- ordinator of military activities. Equal status for the sepa- rate units was reflected primarily by the removal of all Air Force training and administrative offices from Army channels and control. Under this new division specialized courses have been achieved by the use of new manuals and audio-visual training aids. Upon graduation from Ole Miss with the required number of hours in military, each graduate receives a reserve commission in the United States Army which is definitely something to be valued if ever called for active service. LT. COLONEL CARL E. TAYLOR The Regiment BETTY PRICHARD Regimental Sponsor WINFIELD DUNN and BILL HOFFMAN Co-Cadet Colonels REGIMENTAL STAFF McDONALD Captain DUNN Colonel SCARBOROUGH Colonel WILLIAMS Captain Rifle Team Headquarters Company INFANTRY BATTALION INFANTRY BATTALION STAFF Lambert, Second Lieutenant; Hickey, Major; Effinger, First Lieutenant; Heidelberg, Second Lieutenant. BILL HOFFMAN, Battalion Commander BETTY JEAN HENDERSON, Battalion Sponsor The Army R.O.T.C. division of the military department is headed by Lt. Colonel George E. Bender, who is officially called the Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Courses for Freshmen include map reading, first aid, leadership and exercise of command, and study of the basic infantry weapons, MI, Colt .45 cal. pistol, and M I carbine. The breaking down and field stripping of these weapons acquaints the student with the standard basic weapons of the Infantry. First aid is taught with sometimes too realistic motion pictures. The basic function of the Army R.O.T.C. unit is the training of future officers in the Infantry of the U. S. Army. The courses over the four years are planned to acquaint the future officers with as much as possible of the Army way. Squad movement and functions are stressed during the first year of training and is graduated until during the senior year organization, command, and troop movement of the Infantry Battalion is studied. Dur• ing the advanced courses the members of senior R.O.T.C. receive from the government compensation of about $27 a month. First Row: R. L. Andreae., M. F. Bishop, G 0. DeLashment, R. L. Effinger, H N. rancher, D. 0. Fox, L. C. B. R. Hickey, W. H. Hulsey, Joc E. Johnston. Second Row: D. .0 Jourdan, D. E. Keyes, T. N. Lambert, G. L. Macaulay, J. T. Morgan, W. M. Pace, G. D. Patterson, H. G. Redmond, W. C. Scarborough, W. F. Selph, Jr. Third Row: W. E. Skinner, C. G. Smith, W. D. Smith, H. S. Smithson, J. E. Staples, H. W. Stringfellow, W. C. Strong, L. L. J .A. Watts, Ill, W. 0. Williams, W. S. Williams. C MPANY JEAN PEMBLE Company A Sponsor COMPANY A STAFF Strong, Second Lieutenant; Smithson, Second Lieutenant; DeLashmet, Captain; Fox, Second Lieutenant. OFFICERS HOWARD W. STRINGFELLOW Cadet Captain WILLIAM C. STRONG Cadet 2nd LI. JACK E. STAPLES Cadet 1st Lt. BILLY E. BERRY . Cadet 2nd Lt. HOWARD S. SMITHSON Cadet 2nd Li. FIRST PLATOON Albert J. Graehler Jerome A. Stenftnagel William S. Beck Robert K. Rushing William J. Martin Gordon M. Tomlin Oscar E. Slade Hobson M. Wakefield Louis J. Korff William S. Cook Bobby L. Trammel, Jr. Norman F. Carnes Albert C. Butler Glenn 0. Pugh Jarlath G. McLaughlin Donald B. Patterson Thomas W. Oldham John C. Stamm Joseph W. Stephens Bumond B. Noble Ralph R. Ross Winston H. Murphree Edwin C. Ward Robert A. Mims, Jr. SECOND PLATOON George H. Scheider Walter Reagan James B. Williams, Jr. Alvin J. Kreps Henry G. Chapman Morris D. Gwinner G eorge E. Aiken Marvin H. Trauih Walker J. Carney, Jr. Richard F. Collins John M. Muse Jackie M. Williams Charles H. Cashon William N. Haney Walter R. Larson Henry H. King Richard A. Goldhammer Charles E. Middleton, Jr. Glen C. Warren Company A Drill Snap IOMPANY B HARRIETT DENHAM Company B Sponsor Townsend, Second Lieutenant; Andreae, Captain; Patterson, Second Lieu tenant. OFFICERS ROBERT L. ANDREAE, Company Commander . . Cadet Captain GEORGE D. PATTERSON Cadet 2nd Lt. BOWMAN S. TIGHE ....... . . . . . Cadet 1st Lt. ROBERT S. MAJOR, JR., Ist Sgt. Cadet 2nd Lt. JOHN S. TOWNSEND Cadet 2nd Lt. FIRST PLATOON Ivan C. Thompson, Jr. Teddy J. Millette William T. Zenah Louis A. Day John D. Gandy, Jr. Finis E. Williams Thad K. Wynn William D. Bell Malcolm T. Yawn Edward R. Braun Wayne R. Miles Wiley C. Hutchins Word B. Patton Frank W. Crum Monroe J. Gensert, Jr. Billy V. Renfroe Jimmy L. Childers Henry G. Harberson Fielden A. Bowlin Richard M. Barnhill, Jr. James E. Pidgeon Carnig Ajamian, Jr. Henry C. Henick, Jr. Walter J. Piekarski Karl J. Ott Benny F. Brady Charles R. Burrow SECOND PLATOON Ralph A. Barber James L. Hyde John 0. Emmerich, Jr. David Goforth Lawrence J. Franck Harry E. Gulledge Max L. Waldrop William F. Hand Ralph E. Simmons Danny M. Currie Arthur W. Bonds Robert E. Agnew Fred A. Foster Donnie M. Bremer Tommy T. Holman Harold G. Williams Donn E. Taylor Willis Dority Charles R. Burkoly Jim W. Kimbrough Charles M. Carr Lenox W. Oglesby Dewey S. Dearman Edward S. Cracraft Norman V. Hyde John W. Aldridge Company B Juniors Company B Drill Snap COMPANY LILY EXUM Company C Sponsor COMPANY C STAFF Selph, Second Lieutenant; Skinner, First Lieutenant; Johnston, Captain; Vise, Second Lieutenant; Smith, Second Lieutenant. OFFICERS JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON .Cadet Captain LAYTON M. WILLIAMS .Cadet 2nd Lt. WILLIAM F. SKINNER .Cadet 1st Lt. CECIL G. SMITH, JR. .Cadet 2nd Lt. WILLIAM F. SELPH Cadet 2nd Lt. FIRST PLATOON Everett W. Nolen William H. Perkins Wjlliam E. Korndorffer, Jr. Malcolm F. Justice Walter R. Coppedge Jerome S. Miller Joseph J. Lawrence James P. Hooper Joseph L. Tullos Charles D. Hollander William P. Lee Ronald B. Thomas Leonard P. Warren Bobby J. Moser Benjamin L. Harrison Victor Vance, Jr. William L. Gill Eddie W. Caveness, Jr. Homer H. Powell James J. Gunter SECOND PLATOON Claud M. Tingle, Jr. Samuel A. Rolfe James E. Mask Jack M. Norris Monre G. Jenkins, Jr. Loys W. Willey Clifton H. Mehrtens Leon V. Sharp Joseph E. Sullender Robert Y. Wood Claude V. Bruce James D. Biggers Paul V. Register Richard H. Mohler Milton R. Fairchild Arnold L. Boykin Charles M. Whitten John W. Lewis Paul V. Draughn Paul C. Rodgers Thomas A. Goodwin, III Rudolph F. Slovick Thomas H. Lane Kenneth R. Sand ers Company C Drill Snap Company C Juniors AIR BATTALION AIR BATTALION STAFF Battalion Commander, WINFIELD DUNN Stephens, Major; Long, Second Lieutenant; Steele, Second Lieutenant. Battalion Sponsor, BARBARA BANAHAN The Air R.O.T.C. division of the military department is headed by Lt. Colonel Carl E. Taylor, who is officially called the Professor of Air Science and Tactics. The Air unit at Ole Miss is under the command of the 14th Air Force and a member of the Continental Air Command. The Air has only this year been set up as a separate unit of the Military and is joined equally with the Army under the new University Division of Military. Another dis- tinction of the Air unit this year is the new blue uniforms that have been issued to all juniors. The freshman classes of the Air are conducted along with the Army, but after the first year they are taught a special series of courses including aeronautics and pro- pulsion, meteorology and navigation, and Air Force ad- ministration. New manuals have brought up to date the study of the newest aircraft and aerial weapons. During the summer camp period practical application and study courses are practiced. First Row: C. F. Andre, L. M. Bishop, Lees Eroome, Jr., R. A. Burton, Jr. Missing: P. L, Caldwell, L. Clark, E. L. Digby, G. R. Ellis, E. J. Jones, 1. R. Long. Second Row: F. J. Lotterhos, A. W. Magruder, E. R, Magruder, J. 0. Manning, W. I. H. W. Melvin, W. 0. Morris, R. B. Parkes, G. A. Primos, E. M. Quinley. Third Row: J. D. Quinley, C. E. Rowan, R. E. Russum, I. Scott, L. A. J. T. Steele, B. W. Stephens, W. R. Stewart, W. J. Toler, W. V. Westbrook. COMPANY GAY EURE Company E Sponsor COMPANY E STAFF Burton, Second Lieutenant; Westbrook, Second Lieutenant; Shipley, Captain; Bush—Second Lieutenant. FIRST PLATOON D. M. Koger D. M. Sutton J. H. Lear J. T. Bridges John A. Chalk W. W. Dillard J. R. Smith J. K. Robbins First Squad J. W. Willis C. E. Bracken J. E. Powell E. Ogletree E. H. Batte C. J. Fayard J. L. Schoolfield S. L. Presley Second Squad L. L. Fredericks J. P. Harnett H. R. Howell H. H. Phelps Third Squad T. H. Woodrow T. H. Arrington J. N. Price H. L. Davis L. R. Lewis W. B. Franklin E. 0. Spencer SECOND PLATOON J. W. Prados J. L. Vandenberg R. D. McCall H. Crump J. W. Ragland H. Danciger R. L. Taylor J. E. Brown First Squad G. Caldwell N. T. Cline R. N. Emmich D. F. Christopher G. Manoly W. S. Perry F. J. Case W. T. Buckly R. G. Mader D. C. Morris E. A. Griffon 0. W. Dubuisson Second Squad C. K. Burnham J. W. Elliot E. H. Steele C. F. Vielbig Third Squad L. L. Thomasson C. A. Greer W. Stratton Company E Drill Snap Company E Juniors COMPANY F STAFF Andre, Second Lieutenant; Par ks, Second Lieutenant; Quinley, Ca ptain; SUDIE ANN McCOOL Rowan, Second Lieutenant; Manning, First Lieutenant. Company F Sponsor FIRST PLATOON W. F. Dukes W. T. Taylor J. T. Caldwell J. F Ingram E. T. Neilson, Jr. W. J. Egan Moland V. Dykes J. W. Robinson, Jr. C. F. Morgan R. H. Hodges C. C. Richardson J. C. Ashley T. E. Porter, Jr. W. H. Phillips Oscar K. Gary First Squad J. B. Carpenter P. H. Williams Ortho T. Kortz Second Squad T. G. Roberts H. S. Williford R. R. Pickens D. A. Singletary J. W. Saul N. S. Suttle Harold Newcomb Third Squad George W. Moseley E. M. Adams James R. Stingily B. E. Grantham, Jr. SECOND PLATOON P. E. Grady R. R. Morrison G, J. Mullis Third Squad J. H. Hedgepeth V. M. Russell J. E. Bat E. S. Yoste E. C. Phillips C. D. Bishop First Squad Joseph E. Young 0. H. Bishop J. B. Burnett J. H. Crockett G. F. Sidener R. E. Nocera E. L. Atkinson Second Squad L. J. Siaehle J. W. Robertson J. M. Bee J. F. Ball R. D. Ott E. B. Nelson A. E. Hatch Carl E. Odom Company F Drill Snap Company F Juniors COMPANY COMPANY G STAFF FAY SIMS Magruder, Second Lieutenant; Broome, Second Lieutenant; Quinley, Captain; Company G. Sponsor Moody, Second Lieutenant; Morris, First Lieutenant. FIRST PLATOON J. H. White Taylor Wanner G. W. Wilson W. Hitt L. R. Fletcher C. L. Hardin W. R. Crenshaw H. Paris G. Brenner J. L. Cullen J. L. Adams First Squad F. L. Kelly J. L. Hardin R. G. Christiansen J. F. Carroll J. T. Anderson W. A. Burns J. Dickey C. L. Montgomery R. L. Carrington Second Squad Third Squad G. W. Christian R. J. Fletcher E. Timmons SECOND PLATOON W. A. Yerger J. J. Houston J. H. Porter Third Squad G. H. Kirkland R. C. Perkins J. B Harrelson E. McKay R. L. Berman M. V. Tidwell G, Renshaw First Squad R. E. Kickinson Herman H. Parks J. H. Geary V. J. Tiery T. E. Langston F. D. Birmingham H. F. McElroy C. G. Herring Second Squad R. Burke B. M. Gamble W. W. Coffey G, L. Lucas B. B. McClendon C. R. Strain R. Linder W. McKinney Company G Drill Snap Company G Juniors CAPTAIN W. R. D. NICKELSON The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps was estab- lished at Ole Miss in June, 1946, in accordance with the Holloway Plan. It is located in McCain Hall, named in memory of the late Admiral John S. McCain, distin- guished Ole Miss alumnus. N.R.O.T.C. students are classified as either regular or contract midshipmen. Regular midshipmen are under a navy subsidized scholarship during their four years in college. These students are selected by nationwide com- petitive examinations. Upon receiving their degrees, physically qualified students receive commissions as En- signs in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. All officers thus commissioned must serve two years on active duty. After this period, those officers desiring to make the Navy a career may request such Combined Staff N A V A L R.1.T.0 duty, and if selected, are placed in the same status with all other Naval Officers. If at the end of this period they desire to leave the active service, they are commis- sioned in the Naval Reserve. Contract students join the Navy unit in schools to which they have already been admitted and are subject to the same physical and mental qualifications as the regular students. During their third and fourth years of college these students are paid an allowance for sub- sistence and, upon graduation, are given commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps Reserve. During the three summer periods, regular students make two cruises with the fleet and one combined avia- tion-amphibious indoctrination cruise. Candidates for the Civil Engineers Corps or the Marine Corps, in lieu of one Five Tamers 111 " urims-I BATTALI STAFF BATTALION STAFF Austin, Commanding Officer; Steele, Battalion Sub-Commander; Blonsick, Battalion Adjutant; Hudson, Battalion M.P.O. of their cruises, participate in a specialized summer pro- gram. Contract students are given a cruise between their third and fourth years of college. This summer duty usually lasts about eight weeks. These cruises are quite popular with all the students, giving them broader expe- rience during their college careers. In addition to conducting the N.R.O.T.C. program, the unit supervises a ' Five-term " student Officer pro, gram. The expression " Five Termer " is a popular name given student Naval Officers who received their commis- sions, before completing college. These officers, on full active duty status, are sent to the University for a max- imum of five semesters of academics leading to a degree. Located in the immediate area of McCain Hall are various pieces of ordinance equipment used for practical The Battalion ELIZABETH POLK Battalion Sponsor la wrIn.igaWaNO!lwWftlitt. == ®r . is 141111,-ta OWNS 1.kilialliangtatatal=1.1.=MINUISON MinialeaMMOMMIM-1•111111=INS popiwaiam " ,...amzwm -xi 1111111.., .......=_____11 1111 " !Min MAP ' Wm.% mowniiim FIRST COMPANY FIRST COMPANY STAFF Young, Sub-commander; Bowen, Commanding Officer; Corrigan, M.P.O. Rifle Team instruction in the Naval Science courses. Inside the building is a complete replica of a main battery control room for a destroyer, as well as an anti-aircraft and a sonar trainer. The Navy library, on the second floor of McCain Hall, has numerous volumes on all phases of naval warfare, as well as a large collection of volumes on national affairs, and military writings. The library is open every evening as a place for study and reference work. The rifle team is a vital part of the unit. The team, under Marine Corps instruction, has had a fine record this year in competitive matches with the other fifty-one N.R.O.T.C. units throughout the United States. JOYCE ROSEBOROUGH First Company Sponsor First Company eel. M•M rack mu Iwo a_ Awes Min (6117, MOM oo r-, wime wittLi: ' ,ft .111F9=111111111=1111r=1111•11t=1111 f asseiAmmeas 41144.101 mow! . ..Loal 111=1111111110:22111111 ROMILIIIIIN WPM »xINNIIIIIINO Ob. a tIMOMIIIII101111111 Mill111111111111-111.10 re rimme_ , ....___ _ . MI ammimpa.........„„..... MININIMMIIIIIMMINIMIRMIINIMIMMPOIMINPANIIIMMIN maw _ _. 146 DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS SECOND COMPANY SECOND COMPANY STAFF Caine, Sub-commander; Frazier, Commanding Officer; Kelehan, M.P.U. As in all military organizations morale and social activities have their place. At Ole Miss the Anchor and Chain social fraternity takes care of this function very well. This organiza- tion is open to all Midshipmen in the unit, with a varied pro- gram being provided. The Anchor and Chain sponsors a team in each sport of the intramural program. The Navy Glee Club provides an outlet for those who enjoy singing. The Quarter- deck, unit bi-weekly newspaper, is the official organ of the unit and has been well received on the campus. Frequent social affairs are always well attended, and enjoyed by all hands. Second Company BETTY ADAMS Second Company Sponsor 147 Five Termers THIRD COMPANY THIRD COMPANY STAFF Williams, Commanding Officer; Lockwood, Sub-Commander; Van Riper, M.P.O. The Midshipmen Battalion is comprised of three companies, each company composed of two platoons. Student officers have complete charge of the battalion during drill periods; this control provides an opportunity for development of leader- ship qualities. Battalion and Company officers choose sponsors to represent their unit at the annual Navy Ball. Strength of the unit at present is approximately one hundred and fifty mid- shipmen. When full strength is reached there will be appr oxi- mately two hundred N.R.O.T.C. midshipmen at Ole Miss. BETTY BROWN Third Company Sponsor Third Company MW MW MW MW WO MW MW M a MU MW MW MW 2ZaiNdoma ANW=Main..ilja,7:!==a1Mair.arcla•alag IRV ' 11.11111‘1111mmu KVIMINIFfl IHNIWWWWM111110•1111WWWWWWWINWMMUMINWWwwWWWWWW, 11111111014111111111111111mMumIll 148 Memoriam ■ffill■■11111I 1HITT JACKSON Brett Jackson was one of the best liked and well known students on the Ole Miss campus. It is hard to imagine a person who loved Ole Miss more. He was a leader, but was better known for his friendli- ness. He was a walking advertisement for Ole Miss. It is possible that he welcomed more new students to the campus than any other man. His death creat- ed a vacancy at Ole Miss which may never be filled, for a part of Ole Miss died with him. AIJIRES MISS OE 11;SS AND CUCNEI_ REBEL rewill Miss tile Miss k0 and Thale Colonel Hebei SO( VESUE, NEW Y Deceriber 8, 1.9119 S Vr. Norman Shaw Me, 1950 Ole 1,iss 1o% 1Jiss. Dear Itr. Shoo 1 an returning the sl.ectionst Tive pictures you sent mg:, d here are vy 110. I Green. 110. 2 - Betty No. 3 Vorilyn N -. No. an h Elinor Green No.- - fkgnov Pippin Please give 13 the young lames my compliments and bee, -wishes. dially, Cor O BILIff 5S 00 Jatherine Wriqht MISS UNIVERSITY one " e green Prichard green, ( Carolyn Alford Ann Bennett Celia Buntin Janet Buford R I Charlotte Coward Janet Edgerton Harriett Geisenherger Jean Gale Betty Higdon Joyce Hollingsworth Lucy Imig Hot Hunter • iS Almyra Jackson Ann McLendon Fay Sims Jean Pero]]le Evy Thompson Lannese Thompson Mary Waring Jackie Walker 1 ( in the Hall of Fame is the highest honor an Ole Miss student can attain. Persons chosen are picked for their " character, scholarship, leadership and contributions to the betterment of the University. " In a selection sponsored by the Mississippian a faculty-student committee picks a secret nominating committee of 25 who choose the persons for the honor. Members of this year ' s Hall of Fame are: Jimmy Caldwell, Editor of the Mississippian; Jimmy Crawford, Alternate Captain of the Foot- ball team and twice All Southeastern guard; John Doti-ley, who in his junior year broke the Southeastern Conference record for yards gained rushing; Frank Montague, Student Body President; Carolyn Prewitt, Miss Ole Miss; Buddy Shaw, Editor of the 1950 OLE MISS; Stanley Thames, Chairman of the Committee of 100 on R.E.W. In addition to the honors mentioned each of the students has taken an active part in numerous scholastic and social activities on the campus since his enrollment in the University. Each typi- fies the ideal Ole Miss student. Members of the 1950 Hall of Fame were photographed in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cofield. 01PC11111111Ce PANDEMONIUM CUTTING CLASSES . • Round and THE MASTER SPEAKS. FLAKIANG THE FUMING NOVELIST. OF HE SOUTH ' S FAMED OF THE SOUTH ' S FINED STORY FROM THE PER STORY FRO THE PER OtOVELIST. WILLIAM FAULKNER WILLIAM FAULKNER ITS iscits irs AW--IT WAS NOTHING . . . ' TT8RR$ JIM It- LI Jer ....1412121,11 Mt ea1 A UNACCUSTOMED 1 Ilti 5 3 OV AS I AM TO PUBLIC SPEAKING . . . 000 031611e HOLLYWOOD HOPEFULS. ONTO 111 D ILA " POOR MAN ' S TED SCHROEDER. WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GO SWIMMING. Rti it_ I S THEIR NIGHT TO HOWL AT LEAST WE WON THE RALLY, LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. HECTIC DAvs Bnuisuuri RD DAYS WHO LET THIS OUT? c( DID YOU GET STUCK? HOLD THAT ric►ER SOME FOLKS ARE BORN LUCKY . tve Es ' t • %. IR OBVIOUSLY ENJOYING THEMSELVES. FS CAN T HIS BE LOVE? r---- 0 In bras ME BEAUTIFUL FORM. THE CHARLES WEIDMAN THEATRE DANCE CO. C etist Series PAGE-STONE BALLET THE JUILLIARD STRING QUARTET THE UNITED STATES NAVY BAND F THE CINCINNATI SYMPHONY ; A • r • WELL HOWDY DO. PLEASANT PASTIME C 6 f9 The M Club of the University of Mississippi is composed of those men who have lettered in one of the University ' s major inter-collegiate sports, football, basketball, baseball, and track. It is the purpose of the M Club to recognize excellence in athletic ability and to promote the welfare of athletics on the campus. The main contribution of the M Club to the campus as a whole is the en- couragement of that intangible but vital element —School Spirit. Besides fostering an interest in athletics and providing a common ground upon which those who have excelled in college ath- letics may meet, the M Club sponsors the annual " M Day ' ' and the annual " M Club Dance " which traditionally follows one of the major football games played on the campus. OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Bruce Austin, Clark Bishop, James Blackwell, Don Blanchard. Second Row: Rex Boggan, Donald Bowen, La- Verne Boykin, Bruce Bradley. Third Row: Henry Bullock, Rocky Byrd, Hugh Caldwell, Lindy Callahan. Fourth Row: Jim Clark, Jim Crawford, Othar Crawford, Roland Dale. ABOVE: First Row: Harry Davis, John Dottley, C. D. Faggard, Frank Fant, Ken Farragut, Bob Fletch- er, Bob Fuerst, Bud Gerrard. Second Row: Will Glover, Doug Hamley, Bobby Hemphill, George Hewes, Bob Jabour, Eulas Jenkins, Maurice Kelly, Pat Massey. Third Row: Harold Maxwell, Maxie McMullin, Jackie McLemore, Billy Mustin, Babe Pearson, Jack Poole, R. B. Reeves, David Sally. Fourth Row: Jay Sally, Bill Stribling, Jack Strib- ling, Harold Stringfellow, Thomas Thorp, Bill Wat- son, James White, Bobby Wilson, Carl Young. 205 JOHN VAUGHT CLAUDE SMITH JEFF HAMM Head Coach Director of Athletics Business Manager of Athletics " The most progressive coaching staff in the Southeastern Con- ference. " That ' s how several experts in the field of sport strife have labeled the mentors of the Johnny Reb teams. This statement has definite basis in fact. Before the advent of present chiefs, Reb sportsdom had dropped in the estimation of the fans and in newspaper rating systems. Since 1947 when the so-called " present regime " took over, football teams have reached a new prominence, basketball fortunes are looking up, while track has become a major sport. Guiding the over-all set-up is genial Claude Smith, athletic director. Known over the South as " Coach Tad, " Smith is extremely popular in all circles and his ready wit and shrewd philosophy make him constantly in demand on the " banquet circuit. " In spring, he masterminds the progress of the varsity baseballers. Smith starred in baseball and football here during the late twenties. " The Miracle Man of Mississippi, " one Johnny Vaught by name, has projected his name to one of the top rungs of the football ladder since he replaced Red Drew as head coach of football in 1947. An All-American guard at Texas Christian in 1932, Vaught came to Rebland as line coach under Drew in 1946, staying to accept the top post one year later when Drew moved on to Alabama. Line Coach Frank " Bruiser " Kinard was the first Reb to make All-America when he was named to a first string tackle position in 1937. Continuing his brilliant career, he was a top pro lineman for many years before returning to his alma mater in ' 48. End Coach Jim " Buster " Poole is another ex-Reb athlete who made good in a big way. He was a star on the 1934, ' 35, ' 36 Ole Miss grid squads before moving on to even greater laurels as a member of the professional New York Giants. Forerunner of TOM SWAYZE JUNIE HOVIOUS WOBBLE DAVIDSON ED STONE FARLEY SALMON Contact Man Freshman Coach Assistant Freshman Coach Scout Assistant Backfield Coach 206 S S C 111 N G STAFF JIM WHATLEY BUSTER POOLE FRANK " BRUISER " KINARD JOHN CAIN WESLEY KNIGHT Head Basketball Coach End Coach Line Coach Backfield Coach Trainer and Line Coach the famous " flood cf Pooles in Rebtown, " Jim directed the steps of his younger brothers and cousins to give Ole Miss the most fabulous football family of history. Backfield Coach John " Hurry " Cain was named to the All-South. ern squads in 1930, ' 31, ' 32 by dint of his hard running and left- footed booting. He climaxed his honors in ' 32 by being listed on the All-American team. Cain ' s job is to keep the backs on their ices, Another Reb favorites, Bonnie Lee " Country " Graham is the newest addition to the staff, Graham came in mid-December of ' 49 from East Central Junior College to assume duties as head basket- ball coach and assistant line coach in football, replacing Big Jim Whatley. Graham is the only Red and Blue cager to make All- America in the hoop sport, gaining this honor in 1938. Graham also played quite a bit of end for the footballers. Junie Hovious and J. W. (Wobble) Davidson, Ole Miss gridders of the halcyon days of Harry Mehra in 1939, ' 40, ' 41 now combine to coach the Ole Miss frosh footballers. Hovious doubles in brass as frosh basketball coach. Farley (Fish) Salmon, who made the " T " go in 1948 as a player assists Ccach Cain with the backs and scouts. Tom Swayze, another former Reb, who served a stint in pro baseball assists Smith with the diamond chores but is famous mainly as high school contact man, the gent who " wines ' em, dines ' em, and signs ' ern. " Track Coach and trainer, Wesley " Doc " Knight, joined the staff three years ago and promptly produced the first undefeated squad of thinclads ever to grace the Ole Miss campus. Ed Stone heads the intramural program and works as a scout for the varsity during the fall. Doug Hamley, varsity tackle and former captain, who was de- clared ineligible during the first part of last season, assisted Hovious and Davidson with the frosh football team. Coach Jim Departs for Georgia Vaught and His Captains OLE MISS 40 MEMPHIS STATE 7 The much heralded Rebels of 1949 began their football wars on the well worn turf of Memphis ' Crump Stadium on the night of September 16th with a 40 to 7 conquest of Memphis State. Before all of the 13,000 fans assembled for the game could get seated the Rebs had scored and grabbed a 7 to 0 lead. The Tigers of State fumbled the opening kick-off, and the Rebels recovered. Bobby Jabour passed to Jack Stribling on the eleven yard line, and the Arkansas Traveler, John Dottley, started rolling toward a new SEC rushing mark by going those 11 yards for a T.D. Fumbles marred the play of Ole Miss for most of the remainder of the first quarter; and it was not until the waning moments of the quarter that the Rebs wore able to score. Bob Jabour faded and pitched a high, long pass to little Billy Mustin for the second tally of the evening. The Tiger line rose and held the Rebs in their own territory in the second quarter. The Ole Miss men threatened to move once when Muslin hipped his way 23 yards to the fifty, only to be FAKE BY STATISTICS O. M. M. S. First Downs 14 11 Net Yards Rushing 220 119 Passes Attempted 17 23 Passes Completed 7 6 Net Yards Passing 177 77 Passes Intercepted By 4 I Yards Infs. Returned 17 4 Average Punt 43 3 24.8 Yards Lost From Penalties 90 20 Final Score 40 7 208 Rant Closes In stopped by a fumble. Another Reb drive was halted on the forty- eight by a fumble. The Tigers came back from the half lime and scored their only marker of the night early in the third period, A pitchout from Rocky Byrd to Bruce Bradley went astray, and the Staters recovered on the Rebs ' 14 yard line. Alex Williams took it over from the three, and John Cobb converted to make it 13 to 7. From this point on it was Ole Miss ' ball game. Coach Vaught began playing some of his sophs, and they showed well. Old reliable Bobby Wilson intercepted a Tiger pass and returned it to ne 37. Mustin and Dottley alternated to carry the ball to the Staters ' 37 yard line. At this point Byrd faded, spotted Lindy Callahan down field and hit him with a pass. The Chief waltzed over for the score. Mustin scored the fourth Reb touchdown from the six after Jackie Poole blocked a punt, and Rex Boggan covered the ball on the Memphis State 39 yard stripe. Runs by Mustin and Dottley carried to the 27 where Byrd hit Callahan on the six with a pass. On the next play Mustin scooted over for the score. Jack Stribling scooped up a punt that was blocked by Captain Roland Dale and went 22 yards for the fifth Ole Miss score. The Tigers came back and marched to the Rebel six yard line, but a pass interception by Homer McCool broke it up. The Rebs took over, and Byrd sparked a 94 yard drive back up the field for the final score of the night. Highlight of the drive was a 47 yard gallop by Lindy Callahan. The score came on a 17 yard toss from Byrd to Jack Stribling. Don Blanchard kicked four out of six extra points for the Red and Blue team. Jim Crawford, Dale, and Ken Farragut were the standouts in the forward wall for " Vaught Valiants. " CAPTAIN ROLAND DALE BYRD Tackle Big John with Downfield Blocking Colonel Rebel took Coach Johnny Vaught and his team of Rugged Rebels to the Capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery, to meet the Plainsmen of Auburn in a night encounter on Friday, September 23. When the smoke of battle cleared from the bas- tions of Cramton Bowl the Rebel Raiders were victors by a 40-7 score. The Rebels showed streaks of brilliance throughout the game that gave promise to a great season. Bobby Jabour, T-quarterback, completed nine out of fourteen passes good fr 154 yards. Kayo Dottley proved that he was one of the hardest running fullbacks in the nation by cracking over for three touchdowns and picking up vital yardage when needed. The Rebel line led by Captain Roland Dale and Doug Hamley at the tackles, played a defensive game that held the Tigers of Auburn to only 69 yards net rushing. Jimmy Crawford played vicious ball as usual and marked himself as one of the men to watch for post season honors. JIM CRAWFORD Alternate Captain All Southeastern Ole Miss kicked io Auburn to open the game and the Tigers started clicking and rolled up three first downs that carried them to the Rebs ' 23 where the Ole Miss men stiffened and held. From here the Rebs began a 77-yard march that ended with Dottley blasting over from the five for the tally. Don Blanchard kicked the point and Ole Miss was out front 7-0. The Tigers received and began another march that was halted when Bobby Wilson grabbed a Travis Tidwell pass and returned it to the Ole Miss 37. The Rebs began a drive that carried 66 yards to their score. Jabour passed to Jack Stribling for 46 yards on the 24, and Dottley banged the line three times scoring from the two. Blanchard kicked the score but it was nullified by a penalty, and Ole Miss led 13-0. Auburn roared back after the kickoff and scored in eight plays on a pass from Tucker to Bobby Briggs that covered 47 yards. Tucker added the point from placement, and the score stood 13-7, Ole Miss. Maxwell stands one on his Bill Watson and Bill Strong The Rubs used only ten plays to cover 72 yards for their third score of the night which ended when Jabour slipped over from the one yard line. Blanchard ' s kick was good and Ole Miss led 20-7. Bobby Wilson intercepted Tucker ' s pass and returned it to the enemy 17 yard line to set up the fourth marker for the Ole Miss men. Jabour passed to Jenkins on the six, and then ran it to the one. From there Dottley took it over. The half ended with Ole Miss leading 27-7. Bama Jenkins started things off in the second half when he took a Tiger punt and went 65 yards up the side lines to the five where he was caught from behind. Jabour tossed to Jack Stribling for the score. The Rebels wound up their scoring for the night by pulling one of their favorite plays. Bob Hemphill took Weaver ' s long punt and handed it off to little Billy Mustin who galloped 65 yards to pay dirt. Blanchard missed and the final was Rebs 40, Tigers 7. OLE MISS 40 AUBURN 7 head as Dotiles sweeps by STATISTICS 0. M. Auburn First Downs 22 12 Net Yards Rushing 157 65 Passes Attempted 29 22 Passes Completed 17 1 1 Net Yards Passing 274 129 Passes Intercepted By 3 I Yards Infs. Returned 26 22 Average Punt 44 36.8 Yards Lost From Penalties 60 50 Final Score 40 7 211 Frank Crum and Pat Massey OLE MISS 7 KENTUCKY 40 Homecoming was a sad affair for the Ole Miss Rebels. That was the week that the Rebs lost a doubleheader. Doug Hamley, one of the standout Rebels of all time, was declared ineligible three days before the game with Kentucky by SEC Commissioner Bernie Moore, and the Rebs were swamped by the Wildcats 47-0. Kentucky, taking advantage of every b reak that came their way turned on the heat and rolled when the rolling counted. The Cats were hot, and every time the Rebs loosed their defense they landed one on the chin of The Colonel ' s boys. Kentucky short kicked, and Jimmy Clark downed the ball on the Ole Miss 49 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage Red Jenkins took a hand off and went 42 yards to the Wildcat 9 yard line, Dottley picked up two in two tries, and Jabour ' s two passes were incomplete. The Cats took over and kicked out to end the threat. Vicious charging by the Kaintuck line pushed the Rebs back down the field; but great kicking by Bobby Wilson kept the Ole Miss team out of serious trouble. Wilson lofted a 49 yard kick Jenkins for STATISTICS First Downs Net Yards Rushing Passes Attempted 0. M. 7 63 23 Kentucky 9 182 II Passes Completed 6 6 Net Yards Passing 64 90 Passes Intercepted By 0 5 Yards Infs. Returned 0 157 Average Punt 46 2 32.8 Yards Lost from Penalties 95 60 Final Score 7 47 212 Wilson kicks from the end zone to the Wildcat 45 from where they started to roll. Vito Parilli faked a handoff and passed to Howe on the Mississippi 35. On the next play Phelps took a handoff and faded to pass, and was spilled for a 20-yard loss by Ken Farragut. But then the gin house roof caved in on the men of Red and Blue for a flag was down on the play, and the Rebs were penalized 15 yards to give the Cats a first down on the five. Leskovar smashed over tackle for the score and Boller converted —the rout was on. Another IS yard penalty set up the second Kentucky score after Jamerson intercepted Wilson ' s pass. Parilli to Leskovar carried to the Reb 23, and the ref carried to the eight on a 15 yard penalty. Phelps took the ball to the one, and Parilli slipped over from there. The third Cat score came when Parilli took the ball, faked a pass, laid the ball on his hip and started a bootleg run. He finally turned loose a pass that fell into the waiting arms of Howe on the goal line. The Cats scored again in less than a minute when Jamerson intercepted Byrd ' s pass and raced 70 yards to the ten 10 Yards where he was pulled down from behind by Roland Dale. Boller look a pitch out on the next play and went over, he also kicked the extra point to make it 27-0. Jamerson went 53 yards on a handoff to make it 33-0. The Rebs moved to the Cat 18 yard line from where Ed Brandenburg passed to Mustin on the ten. As Mustin was about to be tackled he lateraled to one of his mates only to have Don Frampton grab the ball out of the air and race 90 yards for a T.D. The scoring ended when Brandenburg ' s flat pass wens astray and McKenzie hauled it in and went on to pay dirt. The day ' s story was that the Cats were up and played the game. They hauled in six Reb passes and ran them back for 240 yards and recovered four Rebel fumbles. Wilson ' s kicking was the bright spot in the game for Ole Miss, getting off nine for an average of 46.2 yards. Dynamite Farragut, who was hurt but kept coming back for more, was a standout in the Rebel forward wall along with Captain Dale. KAYO DOTTLEY All Southeastern Fullback Jenkins scores against Vandy An underdog but spirited team left Ole Miss to do battle with the Vandy Commodores in a Saturday afternoon game at Dudley Field in Nashville. Fumbles and a missed kick after a touchdown denied the Rebels a tie or a victory, and gave the Commies a 28 to 27 victory. The Rebels scored first within five minutes after the opening whistle had sounded. Ole Miss kicked off, and recovered a Vandy fumble on their own 33. On a short pass from Rocky Byrd to Red Jenkins they moved the ball to the six; but Vandy held for downs and took over. Pat Massey pounced on a Dean Davidson fumble on the 17, and from there Billy Mustin scooted and spun over the goal for the score. Don Blanchard missed the try For the point which was to prove so important in the end. Vandy roared back and started a drive on their own 49 yard line where Lee Nally had returned the only punt of the first half. Wade passed and Davidson and Robinson ran to move the ball to the four where the Rebs had them fourth and Iwo to go. The Vandy line opened the hole and Davidson slammed over for the touchdown. May kicked his first of four straight conversions of the afternoon to put the Commies ahead. The Ole Miss defense weakened a minute after the score, and the Commodores took advantage to roll across another touchdown. Jamie Wade faked a run and tossed a screen pass to Herb Rich. Rich went all the way to score as the first quarter ended. In the thrill packed, hectic second quarter there were four touch- downs scored in less than a minute and a half of playing time. Each team scored twice in this time to give the fans one of the most thrilling quarters of the year. The Rebels began the parade by taking over on the 17 and moving 73 yards in 13 plays. Jenkins went over from the one to make the score 14 to 13, but this was short lived. Curtis brought the kick back to the 34 and Wade faded and passed out ten yards to Rich. Rich shook loose from the Ole Miss defender and went 56 yards to score. The kick was good and it was 21 to 13. Less than a minute later, by the score board, it was 28 to 13, as Ole Miss fumbled, and Vandy recovered on the 17. Wade JACK STRIBLING All Southeastern End Byrd to Stribling Rocky Byrd, Bobby Jabour, and Cecil Puckett passed to Curtis, who was all alone on the goal line, for the score. The Rebs came back and came back fighting. Muslin ran the kick back to the 40. Byrd took the ball, bulled over a would be tackler, and scored standing, making it 28 to 20—all in a matter of little more than a minute. Ole Miss was superior in the second half; but the rain slowed the passing and ball handling of both teams. The Rebs scored the lone marker of the half when Bobby Wilson intercepted a pass and brought the ball back to the 45. Jenkins and Dottley moved the ball to a first down on the six, and Muslin tore over from there for the 6 points. Blanchard kicked to make it 28 to 27, and the ball game. Line play of Roland Dale, Jimmy Clark, and Tank Crawford was the standout as usual. Ken Farragut played a good game at center, and brought the crowd to its feet when he intercepted a Vandy pass. Rocky Byrd established himself as the starting quar- terback with fine signal calling, and a coolness born only of expe- rience. OLE MISS 27 VANDERBILT 28 for 60 yards and a T.D. STATISTICS 0. M. Vandy First Downs 16 16 Net Yards Rushing 244 156 Passes Attempted 10 20 Passes Completed 4 10 Net Yards Passing 127 211 Passes Intercepted By 2 I Yards Int ' s. Returned 35 36 Average Punt 38 39.5 Yards Lost from Penalties 90 85 Final Score 27 28 215 Jacky and Leslie Poole OLE MISS 25 BOSTPN 25 The Rebels moved North for their fifth game of the season to meet the Eagles of Boston College in Boston. Ole Miss, even though they were favored, had to come through with three touchdowns in !he last quarter to gain a 25 to 25 tie. The Rebs began the scoring parade as Dottley moved the ball 37 yards on four running plays. Byrd passed to Jenkins who was downed on the three, and from there Jenkins slammed over for the score. This gave the Ole Miss team a 6 to 0 lead at the end of the first quarter. Boston College came back to score early in the second period. Songin punted from midfield and Stauntner recovered Lindy Cal- lahan ' s fumble on the twenty yard line. A pass moved the ball tc the five, and Diminick scored on his second try over the line. The Bostonians moved for another score before the half time. A Songin to Diminick pass and a nice run by Cannava put them on the Rebel four, from where Cannava went over for the score. Wilson ' s magic STATISTICS O. M. B. C. First Downs 13 19 Net Yards Rushing 286 210 Passes Attempted 9 19 Passes Completed I II Net Yards Passing H 225 Passes By 3 3 Yards Ira ' s. Returned 46 16 Average Punt 40 0 35.0 Yards Lost from Penalties 10 70 Final Score 25 25 216 Big Bill Snags one The second half started with the Eagles going 82 yards for a score. Diminick went over again for the T.D. from the one yard line to make H 19 to 6. Ole Miss steamed back to life, and they were on the B. C. one yard line as the final quarter began. Kayo Doltley, on the first play of the first quarter, picked up that yard and the 6 points. The Rubs ' kick was taken by Songin who fumbled on his 35, end Daylight Fletcher came up with the ball for Ole Miss. Billy Mustin took over here, and on the best run of the night went all the way for the score that really put the Rebs back in the game. Sophomore end, Hal Maxwell, intercepted a Songin pass and returned it twenty yards to the Boston College 40 yard line to set up the last Reb score. The Rebs moved the ball up field from there, and Red Jenkins piled over from the three to put Ole Miss ahead with only five minutes remaining in the game. toe clicks again Songin and his Eagles soared back to knot the count at 25 all as he passed fifty yards to put them on the Ole Miss 26. Cannava was stopped on the one, and Ed Petela smacked over. Don Blanchard for the Rebs and Ernie Stauntner for Boston were able to put only one try each through the uprights for points after touchdowns. If either had connected for one more it would have spelled victory for his team. The B. C. team in its game with the Rebs used the split T for the first time, and caught the Rebs with their defense down. Even though Ole Miss uses a variation of this formation they didn ' t expect the Eagles to use it. Jimmy Crawford and Jim Clark weren ' t Southern gentlemen in the line, both playing hard charging bruising games. The play of the team as a whole was outstanding, but lacked the final winning punch. BILL STRIBLING End Wee Willy Mustin on a rampage Kayo Dottley and Billy Mustin ran like water over the ground for the Rebels in their battle with the Horned Frogs of TCU; but Lindy Berry took to the air for the Frogs, and they came out on the long end of a 33 to 27 score. Dottley moved for a net of 230 yards for the night, and Billy Mustin picked up 84. Penalties were stiff, and the Ole Miss men had 122 yards paced off against them to help move the Frogs down the field and also stop the Rebs ' drives. The Rebel line was charging hard and fast, and the penalties show that sometimes they were a little over anxious and charged too hard. Lindy Berry, the passing great of the Texans, completed 13 out of 28 passes for the night with two of his tosses going for T.D. ' s. Berry was chosen later by the Rebel team as the best back they faced all year, over such men as PeriIli, Wade, Rich, and Toth. The Rebs jumped to an early 7 to 0 lead when Billy Muslin went JIM CLARK Tackle 58 yards on the second play of the game from scrimmage, and Don Blanchard booted the point after. The Frogs came right back to get into the game when Wilde pitched to Bailey for six points. Ludiker failed to kick the point, and the Rebs were still out front. The victory hungry Rebels came back with two quick scores, and it looked like a route was on in their favor. Dottley crashed over for one touchdown, and Rocky Byrd set sail for 27 yards passing the double stripe to put Ole Miss ahead 20 to 6. T.C.U. came back to score twice before the half time whistle to leave the Rebs with a 20 to 19 half time advantage. Morton and Bailey did the scoring for the Frogs. The third period found the Frogs going ahead for the first time in this high scoring affair when Berry tossed to Wilde for a touch- down, This moved the Texans ahead 26 to 20. The T.C.uans found this lead gone less than a minute later when Doffley over UnStilaftlialls lifiZININII: uravezimmeamillai; WIN: 11411■4111...1 l 11■111111011111 11111•111111 • alla 11111■111•111111 ININIUMIllie illikeilUin 1111i1 72212:111111m101 !RPM, ' 5 " ' Mistalimeasine 1111111talmalitIMIN jralar 111•11111111111 111111Zusuomm ‘141111=1111 •ileameon= 111111111110111 Mai IMMO 111•8•11111118 111111111111111■ s 2)6 1 NI Presentation of football to Clarence Brown, Director of Intruder in the Dust Kayo Dottley came through with his longest touchdown run of the season, and galloped 68 yards to pay dirt. Blanchard converted to move Ole Miss ahead 27 to 26. The final and game winning touchdown came when Berry faded and connected for his third out of four passes to Morton, Ludiker added the point, and it was T.C.U. ' s ball game. Coach Vaught ' s Rebels, who couldn ' t get their offense rolling the week before, were really in this game; but the accurate passing of Berry spelled the difference. Morris Bailey, T.C.U. end, played a great game, and was a peerless pass catcher. The Ole Miss line played brilliant ball. The offense opened holes, and Donley, Mustin and company sailed through. Donley had an average gain for the night of 10.4 yards per carry, and Mustin was right in there with 84 yards in eight carries. OLE MISS 27 T. C. 33 for six points STATISTICS 0. M. TCU. First Downs 16 15 Net Yards Rushing 398 151 Passes Attempted 9 30 Passes Completed 6 15 Net Yards Passing . 108 278 Passes Intercepted By 3 1 Yards lnt ' s. Returned 0 5 Average Punt 43 3 41.0 Yards Lost from Penalties 122 55 Final Score 27 33 219 LS° SPt 9 Si :rots f, Li N AIR-CONDITIONED C FRIDAY OCT. 286 10:00 PM FRIDAY WE 745 SRI. MORNING 5:45 P M. 715 PM 12:01 P.M.., 10:00 A.M. SUNDAY 1 The Special that never ran OLE MISS 7 S. II. 35 The Rebels again jumped to an early lead only to have the wind knocked out of them and bow to a resurging LSU Tiger 34 to 7. The Rebels, who have been offensive minded all season, were cut to a low throttle by the powerful LSU line. The Rebels took the kickoff and moved from their 21 to the Tiger 39, where they lost their momentum, and the Tigers look over. Charley Peavy tossed a flat pass which Pat Massey, Ole Miss standout defensive back, intercepted on the Ole Miss 45, and went all the way to pay dirt. Don Blanchard made it 7 to 0 with his kick. LSU soon came back to score and make it 7 to 6. Hedges took a punt from Bobby Wilson and brought it upfield 22 yards to the Reb 43. Zolly Toth, who ripped through the Ole Miss line all night, carried 18 yards; four plays later he churned over center for the LSU touchdown, An Olo Miss fumble early in the second quertor set up The Rough stuff STATISTICS 0. M. LSU First Downs 14 14 Net Yards Rushing 149 261 Passes Attempted 14 20 Passes Completed 7 8 Net Yards Passing . 169 82 Passes Intercepted By 2 3 Yards lilt ' s. Returned 63 49 Average Punt 33 4 31.7 Yards Lost 75 40 Final Score 7 35 220 Fourth Down goal line stand second Tiger score. Dottley ' s fumble was covered by LSU on the 50, and Pevey passed 22 yards to Lyle. Toth wwent 19 more yards, and a penalty put it on the two yard stripe. From this point Toth rambled over once more. A blocked kick on third down shoved the Rebs back to their eight, and the fourth down boot of Wilson ' s was returned to the Rebel 37. Pevey threw to Lyle for 12 yards, and Toth and Baggett moved it to the nine. Pevey flipped a short pass to Hedges who took it over the goal. Ole Miss took the kickoff but soon found itself in the hole again. Baggett took Wilson ' s kick and rambled down the center of the field for 47 yards to the Rebel six, where Kayo Dottley nailed him. Baggett then added six points to the Tiger total when he took a pitch out and scooted over the goal. The Rebels threatened after taking the kickoff. Bruce Bradley went through tackle for 13. Byrd completed a 39 yard toss to Jack in the line Stribling, and a Byrd to Musiin pass put the Rebs on the seven; but Doti-ley ' s fumble broke the drive up as the half ended. The spark was still there early in the third period, and the Rebels came back on passes to the LSU 30; but an intercepted pass brought the drive to a sudden halt. Ole Miss drove twice more to threaten the LSU goal line; but interceptions of stray passes again forced them to stop. It was after the first pass interception that the Tigers made their last tally. Baggett intercepted Byrd ' s pass, and Billy West took the skin off tackle, cut out, and then went 55 yards to cross the double stripe. The first stages of the game saw Ole Miss take the kickoff and make a determined effort to score. The drive started on the Reb 20 and carried to the Tiger seven where Puckett fumbled after a six yard gain. Highlights were Kayo ' s 15 and 12 yard smashes through the center of the LSU line. FRANK FANT Guard Showboat sets sail A win hungry bunch of Rebels, led by Kayo Dottley, jumped to an early 21 lo 0 lead and went on to defeat a scrappy Chatta- nooga team 47 to 27. Big Kayo spelled the difference as he carried the ball for 235 yards and three scores. The Rebs ' first score came in the opening minute as Kayo piled through the Moc line, shook himself free of tacklers, and went 62 yards to the Chattanooga goal line. Don Blanchard kicked the first of five conversions to make it 7 to 0. Chattanooga held the Rebels till a little past midway of the first quarter when Kayo blasted three yards for a T.D., which com- pleted a 62 yard march. Next came a pass from Byrd to Bill Stribling, good for 39 yards, and the Rebels were camping on the Chattanooga 32. Bruce Bradley, speedy sophomore back, bucked off right tackle, picked up speed as he passed the backers up, and sped over for the third Rebel T.D. The Moc ' s uncovered a left handed passer, Clarence Tapper, to get into the scoring parade. On a 95 yard drive, with good run- ning by Jurczak and Granite, the Moc ' s scored when Tapper con- nected to Jimmy Jumper for 48 yards and the tally. The fourth Ole Miss score was scored by Jack Stribling. Strib took a pass from Rocky Byrd at the ten, jerked away from a pros- pective tackler, and went over for the score. The play was good for 38 yards. Blanchard made his only had kick of the afternoon following this touchdown. The Noogans made ii 27 to 13 at the half, as Naylor intercepted Ed Brandenburg ' s pass on the 18 and ran it back to the five. Jurczak took the ball over, and the kick was good. Thus ended the first half. The Rebels scored three times in the third period to end the scoring for the day. Dottley made his third touchdown of the day as he rambled 37 yards to increase the Ole Miss total to 33 points. Blanchard toed the ball through the uprights for the extra point. KEN FARRAGUT Center Kayo goes The masses Jack Stribling ' s second time across the double stripes came when he snagged a pass from Rocky Byrd good for 37 yards. Showboat Boykin showed signs of brilliance when he made the final T.D on a 31 yard end sweep. A bad pitch out by Brandenburg was recovered by the Noogans on the Rebel 16. Granite found a hole on the next play and scored from that point. The Moccasins scored again in the final minute as Kakasik, a guard, intercepted a Byrd pass before he could get it away, and went all the way for a touchdown. Ole Miss played a strictly offensive game, picking up 589 yards. Brue Bradley came into the limelight by picking up 125 yards for the day. Jack Stribling played sparkling ball at end, scoring two T.D. ' s; but Kayo was the man of the hour. The Rebel line played brilliant football at times; but there were moments when they seemed to lose themselves. The Chattanooga boys took full advantage of these lapses. OLE MISS 47 CHATTANOOGA 27 all the way STATISTICS First Downs O.M. 19 Chat. II Net Yards Rushing 419 143 Passes Attempted 15 22 Passes Completed 7 7 Net Yards Passing 166 110 Passes Intercepted By 2 Yards Int ' s. Returned 0 19 Average Punt 34 7 29.7 Yards Lost from Penalties 55 25 Final Score 47 27 223 EULAS JENKINS Halfback OLE MISS 7 TENNESSEE 35 In a bruising battle in Memphis ' Crump Stadium II-rat at times resembled the gladiators of old, the Ole Miss Rebels fell victim to the strategy of General Bob Neyland ' s Volunteers 35 to 7. This game was the same story all over. The Rebs scored first, gained the most yards, and made the most first downs, but were on the short end of the score. John " Kayo " Dottley was the big gun on the field all afternoon. He started the scoring before the game was three minutes old. The Rebs recovered a Tennessee fumble on the Tennessee 35, and Kayo was over for the score in four tries. Don Blanchard shook loose his magic toe to make it 7 to 0. The Ole Miss rooters were ready for the defeat that was to make it three straight for Vaught over General Neyland. But the Vols were not slow to change their minds for Sizemore brought the kick back to the Vol 38, and from there he, Lauricella, and Cummings moved the ball to the Reb 23. Lauricella then spotted Cummings and hit him with a The one and only STATISTICS First Downs 0. M. II Tenn. 6 Net Yards Rushing 189 24 Passes Attempted 13 12 Passes Completed 6 8 Net Yards Passing 82 173 Passes Intercepted By I 3 Yards lnt ' s. Returned 0 100 Average Punt 33 5 45.5 Yards Lost from Penalties 50 10 Final Score 7 35 224 A left to the head pass good for a touchdown. The conversion was good, and the score was 7 all. The Rebs moved down the field after the kickoff to the Tennessee 21 with Dottley carrying the load, and Rocky Byrd hitting Jack Stribling with a pass which covered 21 yards. But the Vols took over, and Lauricella put the Rebels in a hole with a 64 yard quick kick. Wilson kicked, and the Vols began to roll. Lauricella, who was in great form all day, completed a pass to Reicielar, who galloped over for the touchdown. The conversion made the score 14 to 7 at the end of the first quarter. The Vols had found out that they couldn ' t go through the for- ward wall of the Rebels with Jimmy Crawford, Dale, Fast, Boggan, and the Stribling brothers playing great ball; so they kept the murky Memphis air filled with passes. This procedure paid off in The second quarter as Lauricella once again completed to Cum- mings, who went 54 ' yards for the tally. Billy Mustin brought the Rebs ' hopes up again when he took the kickoff on the 14, and sped past the would be tacklers; but he was knocked out of bounds on the Tennessee 21 yard line after going 55 yards. Ole Miss moved the ball to the one yard line on third down, but could not punch it over for the score. The half ended 21 to 7 in favor of the Vols. A partially blocked Rebel kick, and a Lauricella pass to Cum- mings set the stage for Polofsky to plough six yards for the fourth Tennessee score. The rains came, and so did the Vols ' fifth touch- down. Cooper hauled in a pass thrown by Rocky Byrd, and sailed 50 yards to wrap up the day ' s activities. The game was hard fought by both teams, and two players on each team were ejected for roughness. The Ole Miss line was in top form, and the Tennessee team did not try very often to go through The Vols were held to 26 yards rushing; but their air attack proved to be sufficient. against Tennessee ROCKY BYRD Quarterback .. .................................. ft E....a ... ...... ... ..... ........................................................................................................................... ............... ........................................................................ liter `r= ill 1 iSSVSE2M2 • STIA-3: " 4 " " NH:47.-3re 0 LE 1155 T egSZ,r, aS grill al Mg E24:15A 4101.1.0.• FraFERSES5:4±251.7.4 C721= 7. 917417 7.11:74PIER WI , 2.117167,111..••• eS11.1 ... " " erste, .. ... ... ............. .......... 4d..... .. ra • NV. M■■■•r . " " " ...114•motwalw " .1 ■■■•■••••■■■■■•■■•■■•■■......... is Mot Wig ....M.010•0■Ima Nam= IMOIN 11•01•101• ISM 0111.1=•••011••■••••••••■ • ••■■••■•■■••■■■•■••■•■•■•■■••• mmossea.1.1111.s l■ mamma • IMMIMMIIMINIMM.Milagiaaz=r• nitiminDI vas arm.. re aas. Z. .0.1m• WC TRU 1.1E MILD WE DIED 1L-7N,ita Pilise.gr46.14 811 ....... 4 ... 1,111.werr ' ' .1? Joke OLE MISS 26 MISS, Mil As most of the boys who write the goings on of the sports world for pay would put it, the Johnny Rebs had a successful season because they trounced a weak State team 26 to 0. The score does not indicate how badly the Staters were beaten, because the Rebs moved almost at will through the Slate line, and missed many more chances to score. Kayo Dottley battered through and over the State line to travel 216 yards for the day. He racked up two touchdowns to bring his season ' s total to 14. Billy Mustin, who is usually referred to as little Billy Mustin, loomed large in the eyes of Coach Morton ' s boys as he scored twice and drove for repeated gains. Coach Vaught, who has yet to see one of his teams lost to State, was no doubt very pleased as they moved down field to score the first time they got possession of the ball. The Rebs took possession at midfield on Don Robinson ' s kick that bounced out of bound. Mustin, Jenkins, and Dottley over the line netted the Hold STATISTICS First Downs 0. M. 21 State II Net Yards Rushing 404 120 Passes Attempted 10 22 Passes Completed 6 6 Net Yards Passing 154 43 Passes Intercepted By 3 I Yards Int. ' s Returned 49 4 Average Punt 39 5 38 Yards Lost from Penalties 90 22 Final Score 26 0 226 One of the many long ones of the day Robs a first down on the 26, and Dottley set up the score by battering his way to the four. A penalty put the ball on the two, and Mustin crashed over for the score. Bobby Jabour, late in the first quarter, snared a stray State pass on the Ole Miss 46, and from there they went on to score again. Dottley carried to the fifty, and Mustin went all the way for one of the prettiest runs of the season. The Rebs moved for another tally late in the third period. Taking over on the State 43, Byrd passed to Mustin for ten yards, and then kept the ball on the next play going around end to the 22. Dottley, with help from Mustin and Chief Callahan, moved the ball to the 12. Then Dottley carried it over in three plays. Dottley, who scored the first touchdown for the Rebs of 1949, also scored the last as he went over from the two for the final score of the game. It was after a Byrd to Jack Stribling pass play that covered 73 yards, that Kayo scored, Don Blanchard made two Your Hats of four tries for points after touchdowns to wind up he Rebel scoring for the season. The whole Ole Miss team played great ball in this game. Out- standing linemen were Crawford, Clark, Farragut, and Dale. Great- est praise, however, has to go to Kayo Dottley, who, by moving 216 yards broke the Southeastern Conference record for rushing for a season ' s play. Kayo moved the pigskin over or through oppo- nents ' lines for a total of 1312 yards net gain. Dottley not only led the conference in yardage, but also in scoring. His 14 touchdown total for the season put him at the top of the standings in this field. The 1949 Rebels were one of the best offensive teams in the School ' s football history; but a leaky pass defense let them down on occasions. Long after the won lost record is forgotten such players as Crawford, Dottley, Dale, Jack Stribling, Mustin, and numerous others will still be acclaimed as true sportsmen and All Americans all. BILLY MUSTIN Half back ASKETBAL The 1949-50 edition of Rebel Basketball started with a disadvantage due to lack of height; bul then again some bang wilh the team winning two straight games but then of the best basketball of the season was played by little slowed to a walk and wound up the season in last place Al Graehler and long shot specialist Cliff Mehrtens. in the conference. The Rebels started the season under Ole Miss came close to joining the rank of immortals the supervision of Coach Jim Whatley, and mid-way in Memphis against Kentucky, drawing to within three changed to the able guidance of Bonnie Graham, former points of the Louisville Giants in the closing minutes of Ole Miss great. the game; but Kentucky had the necessary power to draw The Rebels played good ball as a whole, coming out away, and the final score was 61 to 55 in favor of on the short end of many close scores, but could not lucky. Kentucky made up for this insult later by downing quite make the grade. They won eight out of twenty- the Rebels 90 to 50—the worst defeat during the season. four games during the season; but in spite of the seem- Another terrible beating was inflicted at the hands of ingly poor showing played good basketball. Some blame Vanderbilt, who finished among the top three; the score can be laid on the fact that the Rebels were at a great in this fracas was 80 to 47. 228 -11 The " Shadow " Scores The Rebels worst streak of the year was six straight losses. Two of these defeats were at the hands of Miami and one by Tampa showing just how far off the Rebels were. This may be credited to the fact that the Ole Miss team had just changed coaches; enough to throw any team off. They changed their ways after downing Florida, and went on to win 5 of the next 13 ball games. Two straight victories late in the season came against Ala- bama (61-52) and arch enemy Mississippi State (62-45). In a total of twenty-five games played R. B. Reeves was the big point maker for the Red and Blue. He scored 288 points for a game average of 11.5. Jack Marshall was just a jump behind Reeves wilh 279 points in the Rough Stuff Under the Basket Coach Bonnie and His Boys R. B. Reeves With a One Hander same number of games. The 1949-50 season wound up a brilliant career for Marshall. The " Shadow " had led the conference one year, and was consistently among the high scorers. The shining light of this year ' s Rebels was little Al Graehler. The diminutive guard from Indiana pushed the team to its utmost in every game; he was truly fhe spark- Pre-Game Activities plug. Graehler, at his best against Kentucky in Memphis, was all over the floor, and pushing the team right down to the closing seconds. Only a sophomore, Al scored 255 points in 25 games. Great things are expected from Graehler in the future years. Lanky Jimmy Childers from Memphis played good ball all season. As big Don Smith began to come along, Jim was switched to forward, and from this position waged war against the opposition on the backboards. Don Smith, with an excellent hook shot and sufficient height, improved with every game. He will open some eyes next year. In the season ' s finals in Louisville, Kentucky the Ole Miss team ran afoul of Georgia in the opening game. The Georgia team won from Ole Miss in the closing 20 seconds of the game. Final score 59 to 58. With a fine pair of guards in Al Graehler and Cliff Mehrtens, improved center work by Don and the ball handling and backboard work of Jim Childers the 1950-51 Rebels hold great promise. With ample reserves coach Bonnie Graham should be able to pull the Red and Blue into the win column once again. The Long Reach 230 BASKETBALL STATISTICS Ole Miss 6I• Birmingham-Southern . 46 Ole Miss 85• Southwestern 44 Ole Miss 38• Alabama 56 Ole Miss 61• Birmingham-Southern . 55 Ole Miss 58• Tulane 70 Ole Miss 61• Louisiana State 74 Don Smith Outjumps State Ole Miss 67• Miami (Fla.) 82 Ole Miss 43; Miami 55 Ole Miss 77; Tampa 79 Ole Miss 52• Georgia 70 Ole Miss 54; Florida 46 Ole Miss 37• Vanderbilt 44 Ole Miss 60; Mississippi State . . 64 Ole Miss 75; Louisiana State . . 65 Ole Miss 63; Auburn 77 Ole Miss 55; Kentucky 61 Ole Miss 66• Tulane 68 Ole Miss . . . 69; Southwestern 53 Ole Miss 50; Kentucky 90 Ole Miss 47; Vanderbilt 80 Ole Miss 61; Alabama 52 Ole Miss 62; Mississippi State . . 45 Ole Miss 57• Tennessee 79 Ole Miss 58; Georgia 59 Southeastern conference tournament game. The Old and the New Graeller Scores On a Fast Break 231 B A SEB ALL Bunting practice Below: Action at the Plate Bottom: The Infield Coach Tad Smith ' s baseballers wound up the season with a team batting average of .243 and a fielding per- centage of .903; and there lies the reason for a season total of four wins and eighteen defeats. Failure to hit in the clutch and tighten up the defense resulted in five of these defeats being by one run margins. Ken Terry led the pitchers with a 1-0 record followed by George Scheider (1-1), Tommy Thorpe (1-2), Olin Brisco (1-4), Hank Bullock (0-2), Jimmy Dupey (0-3), and Lefty Jim Pannell (0-6). Briscoe led the Rebel bat swingers with a season aver- age of .389. Among the regular starters ' ' Rabbit " Cook hit .316, Daylight Fletcher .298 and Sleepy Caldwell .288. Bobby " Slugger " Wilson and Cook were the only reg- ular starters in identical positions left from the previous season. The team was composed mostly of Junior College graduates and sophomores. The fielding of the team was at times excellent and on occasions very spotty. The Rebs lost one run decisions to Florida State (6-5), Florida (3-2), Alabama (6-5), Tulane (1-0), and Mississippi State (6-5). Starting pitchers for the Rebs went the route in only five games while opposing pitchers needed relief in only five. On April 19, Ole Miss swamped Delta State 12 to 7 and lost 10 straight to Tulane, L.S.U., Mississippi State, and Alabama. Prospects for the coming season appear brighter with the sophs having more experience and a couple of good ball hawk outfielders coming up the freshman squad. With consistent pitching the Rebs should be a dark horse threat. 232 Varsity Team RESULTS Ole Miss 2; Miss. State 7 Ole Miss . . . . 3; Florida State . . 7 Ole Miss 3• Miss. State . 10 Ole Miss . . . 5; Florida State 6 Ole Miss . . 4; Alabama . . . 7 Ole Miss 2; Florida • 3 Ole Miss 3; Alabama . . . 15 Ole Miss . . 4; Florida 2 Ole Miss 2; Miss. State 6 Ole Miss . I; Meridian . . . 11 Ole Miss . . 5; Miss. State 6 Ole Miss . . . 5; Alabama . . 6 Ole Miss 8; Alabama 6 Ole Miss 0; Clarksdale 3 Ole Miss 8; Miss. Southern . . 11 Ole Miss 8• Miss. Southern . . 2 Ole Miss 8; Delta State I 1 Ole Miss 12• Delta State 7 Ole Miss 0; Tulane 3 Ole Miss 0; Tulane 1 Ole Miss 2• L. S. U 8 Ole Miss ' ' ' .. 3; L. S. U 5 Freshman Team TRACK One hundred yard dash with Southwestern The cinder men of Ole Miss guided by Coach Wes Knight in their first outing of the year had a real field meet in topping Southwestern 91 to 35. George Kell and Cooter Faggard led the scoring parade with two first each. The Red thin clads lost their other three meets losing a close one to Vandy to 641 2. Dynamite Farragut and Dixie Howell led the scoring with two firsts each. Alabama defeated the Ole Miss men 87 to 37 at Tus- caloosa and State won out to with the Rebs here at home. In the S.E.C. meet at Birmingham Dixie Howell placed third in the hundred yard dash behind Bienz of Tulane and Tilford of State. He also garnered fifth place in the 220. Ken Farragut tossed the discus 145 feet good for second place in that event. This was only four and three- fourths inches short of Atkinson ' s first place throw. ' D ' Salley, the most improved man on the track team, vaulted 12 feet 4 inches for a third place to round out the Rebels scoring in the meet. Below: Dixie Gets the Tape Bottom: Faggard Takes the Lead GOLF TENNIS 1 ' easeN 44 k4„ 11 ,,,,, ME ammiagioNit,iturrassizer--.A VAISLA11111a11L ' IISIOS1111111 t1r1SFI - - asia11111.1WEitanfilluisa orlitatemigammum It 111St 11,111111111WIS111111 frummunres az AVW1Brill11111111111 ' isinso-iiiimeasiunigasest Is astallismall ,fflialleaw11111811,6181111241111111•11111111=1111(11111111MISSIMINHISSIOnt an NE ' 1111111111111111v :- emu 41111111111111Mall11111m01111WFUNIIM11111•1111sr 111111111 1111111.011111 11111111111111111111111111111.1111113.11111111CIIISSIONSta11111t opmeanti: wansupuill1111114111111010111111111111•1111SWISISS1111111 1fser 1111111graysaleffk asianam asailist assidimmummitssanumumeseur osammivilalliaralailla .--.• ea MUSS asteummurai 101111•111.117r_det mum lanatlt it aim ressonsessast anwersir _......-- The Ole Miss golfers kept up their winning ways last spring winning six out of seven matches. Alabama hung the lone defeat on the Rebs in a let ' s match cards " proposition at the Gulfport Invitational Tourna- ment, before the full squad had re- ported. Delta State, Memphis State, and Southwestern were each defeated twice by the linksmen of Ole Miss who kept the slate clear in that the Rebel golfers have yet to lose a match on the University golf course. The netters of Ole Miss met some of the best racketswingers in the na- tion and came out on the short end of a four won and ten lost record for the season. Coach Wobble Davi- son ' s boys managed Iwo wins each from Millsaps and Memphis Stale. Losses were two close ones to Mis- sissippi State by 4-3 scores and two to a strong Birmingham Southern squad. Other losses were two each to Auburn and Southwestern and sin- gle matches to Western Michigan and L.S.U. 235 It ' M Mal jar ' ALL BANDS ON FIELD AT H E The Majorettes In 1949- ' 50 the Ole Miss band added another brilliant chapter to its famous career. Under the direction of Paul Page the Band travelled all over the South Spreading the Rebel Spirit as it went. Decked out in its flashy blue and red uni- forms, the Ole Miss Band was a show stopper during half time performances at other schools. Membership in the band is open to those men and woman attending the University who can qualify. There is no monetary compensation in- volved; therefore the band is made up of people who like band work and have a love for music. The second semester brings with it concert work which plays just as important a part in the life of a band as football seasons. As time goes by more progress is being made in this field. Ole Miss can be justly proud of its great band; it has proved its merit. ANNUAL BAND FESTIVAL S S B N OFFICERS CURTIS STACY President JOYCE HOLLINGSWORTH Secretary LAWRENCE SEMSKI .Vice-President JAMES BRENT Treasurer COUNCIL Charles Speed Joseph FasoId Ursula Byrd James Price Jeannine Pelham Nancy L. Thompson Howard Bishop Donald Case Forrest Cooper Robert Cox Paul Daniels Charles Fulgum James T. Hodges William LaMond Billie J. Little Drum Majorette James Mathews Richard Moore Thelma Pelham Clarence Profilet Charles Speed Ed Holmes Ella White Drum Majorette Gerald Baird Robert Baker Harold House BAND Frances Bolen Alfred Hale William Connors Joyce Melvin Donald Aiken Robert Berman Joyce Hollingsworth Drum Majorette Alfred Russell Moran Paul Peterson Billy Stephens Charles Weeks Elizabeth Brown Mary F. Comstock Drum Majorette William Katz Hugh Davis Joseph Fasold Richard Furr Chris Henick William Hudspeth David Lyon Richard Russurn Clarence Jolly T. W. Ammon PERSONNEL Franklin Slay Oron Spratlin Robert Baker Chester Cox David Dunn William M. Perry James Frederick Bell James Brent Lester Summers James Boyd Clyde P. Cox Donald Dubuisson Harold House Milton Jordan Joseph O ' Callaghan R. H. Reid Robert Rushing Lawrence Semski Thomas Stewart Hobson Wakefield Oscar Blake Clarence Jolly Blake Wadsworth Charles Middleton Curtis Stacy Parham Williams T. W. Amon Francis Chris 0. H. Henricks Tony Gene Lee C. L. McLarty Ed Sanders Benny Brady John Carrigan Joseph LeBanc Jean Melvin Joyce Melvin William B. Perry Barton Purcell Blake Wadsworth Bettye Higdon Drum Majorette Frank Reynolds Drum Major 237 The Full Band in Formation A BIG SHOW FOR EVERY GAME eke? c bt asearmenramomial;iii4Alait- •”comar=nw....•alwarepoICII=m1=, PieummilloeuruWww DT NNW immaggromim—illemoselomivala asorpopoweemuipppi t ••••,7.711,•■•■ Carrying their fame above the Mason Dixon line the Ole Miss band started a new year with a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the Na- tional Band Convention. Full of new ideas and clever half-rime perform- ances our band rendered its best year of enter- tainment. What do we remember about our band? Sing- ing our lungs out to " Forward Rebels " at football games with the band, those crisp, fall nights thrill- ing to the strains of " Dixie " at Pep rallies and capturing the Christmas spirit early by their an- nual concert in Sutton Chapel. Thanks to our band for making this year a memorable one at Ole Miss. Membership in the Ole Miss band is open to those men and women attending the University who are interested and qualified in carrying on their musical abilities. Being that there is no mone- tary compensation involved, the Rebel band of- fers opportunities to all students who love music and wish to further their band careers. First semester in the band is composed of marching, learning fight songs and playing for the pep rallies and football games. The band is a great promoter in strengthening the famous Ole Miss spirit. During the second semester the band turns to concert work. This field is comparatively new but is growing successfully and is just as important as the first semester activities. Ole Miss is justly proud of their band. They have a right to be for everywhere the band goes their fame lingers long after. Field Drill at Chattanooga Game E S Under the able leadership of head cheer- hand, and were a major factor in cheering the leader Henry Paris the 1949 Cheerleaders team on to victory. helped carry the fighting Rebel spirit wherever Henry Paris was followed by Mary Frances the team played. Rain or shine, victory or de Waring, Ann Adcock, Celia Buntin, Carolyn Wil feat, these seven cheerleaders were always on liams, Mickey Farris, and John Gerdes. 239 T R 7 11 N C BILL MOORE LAMAR ARRINGTON JIMMY DARNELL President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer BILL MOORE Sigma Chi LAMAR ARRINGTON Delta Psi JOHN BURNETT Sigma Nu ED SHAWBLOSKI Sigma Pi JIMMY DARNELL Phi Deita Theta GEORGE MELICHAR Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHARLIE ALLEN Kappa Alpha EARL WATKINS Pi Kappa Alpha RAY CHOATE Independent Hotshots EDGAR DENK Beta Theta Pi JACK WEIL Phi Epsilon Pi BILL SKINNER Delia Kappa Epsilon CHARLES BAYLOT Pi Kappa Phi FERRIS FISK Alpha Tau Omega HOWARD BISHOP Kappa Sigma R. M. MURPHY Anchor and Chain K. N. LYON Independent Organization R. E. FORD Five-Termers ANTHONY NUNEZ Newman Club GAY ANDERSON Phi Kappa Sigma WARREN H. DYE Lester Hall MITCHELL LUNDY Law School DAN BOUDREAUX Theta Kappa Phi JACK HILL Odom Hall BOB CAMPION Phi Kappa Psi OTHO KORTZ Independent Huskies The Intramural Council was formed in 1935, to provide extra-curricular athletic activities for students who do not participate in varsity sports. Intramural teams are formed from the fraternities, the independent organiza- tion, and the Anchor and Chain, an organization for NROTC students. Teams are active in nearly all the ma- jor and minor sports prevalent in this section of the country. W6MEN ' S RETI , ASSCCIATION SECOND ROW Advisor MISS GENTRIE Advisor Treasurer President MISS CRAIGEN BETTY HADAD JEAN SAIN FIRST ROW Secretary MARY WARING MARTY BOWMAN Vice-President The Women ' s Athletic Association was founded on the campus of the University of Mis- sissippi in 1926. The cardinal purpose of this or- ganization is to offer to every woman in the University the opportunity of participating in a varied program of activities under healthful and pleasant conditions, and a program of activities that can be used in leisure time in after-college years. lip �i PA ' MANY C CIL Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the eight operation and unity among all Greek letter or- sorority presidents and two representatives from ganizations, and to pass rules and regulations for each group. The officers are chosen by rotation. the welfare of the system. To accomplish this The local Pan-Hellenic is a member of the Na- effectively, Pan-Hellenic sets up the rushing tional Pan-Hellenic Conference. rules, limiting the quota of girls the various The primary purpose of the Pan-Hellenic groups can pledge, regulating bidding system Council is to promote harmony among the dif- and cooperating generally with University au- ferent sororities on the campus, to promote co- thorities. 244 OPPOSITE PAGE: Second Row: Ann Lum, Anne McLean, Betsy First Row: Martha Bowman, Betty Brown, Suzette Moore, Jean Pemble, Jean Sain. Buehler. Third Row: Bobbie Taylor, Corinne Taylor, Nancy Second Row: Helen Coplen, Harriet Golsen- Wood, Ellen Wade. berger, Elinor Green. The Officers Third Row: Laddie Harton, Betty Jean Hender- son, Hoyce Hollingsworth. ABOVE: First Row: Dorothy Jean Hunter, Dot Hunter, Joan Johnson, Helen Karr, Virginia Lee. 611i OMEGA FOUNDED IN 1895 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1899 Chi Omega began in Arkansas back in 1895 as the first southern sorority, and Tau chapter has been going strong on the Ole Miss campus ever since 1899 ... Ann McLean has been lead- ing the clan for two years now . . . Joyce Rose- borough, the Riviera Buick girl, that is, is next in line ... Jane Crawford gets writer ' s cramp every Wednesday night, and Catherine Bankston hand- les the gold . . . McLean is in Mortar Board Fix, and Kappa Delta Pi ... Betty Higdon is quite a girl . . . she ' s a favorite, Daisy Mae, a CWEN, and an outstanding majorette ... Beauty Marilyn Nason has the boys spinning ... she ' s also " Miss Telephone of 1949 " at the Chi 0 house ... Evy Thompson is on the favorite list ... they ' ve got the most cheerleaders, what with Ann Adcock and Mary Frances Waring . . . Waring is also a favorite .. . other cheerleaders on the list are freshmen Jean Barfoot, Lou Trentham, and Agnew Pippin ... Agnew ' s another favorite and a beauty . . . Marie Stokes sings beautifully .. . the Sweat twins are friendly " look-alikes " Ann Pointer has a cute smile ... Martha Jo Furr is lively enough to deserve the nickname of " Hop " . . . their favorite pastime is bridge .. . they have a passion for white carnations . . cardinal and straw are their chosen colors. 246 ABOVE: First Row: Ann Adcock, Barbara Banahan, Ann Baggett, Catherine Banbatcn, Ann Barrier, Martha Biggs, Jane Boring, Adrienne Bourg- eois, Margaret Bowen. Second Row: Mary Bullock, Jeffie Carter, Jane Crawford, Dale Clark, Dorothy Doty, Jeanette Fox, Martha Furr, Margaret Gist, Betty Henderson. Third Row: Helen Henderson, Betty Higdon, Rocemary Howie, Alice Hunter, Sophie Junkin, June Lewis, Elizabeth Luckett, Betty Lucus, Anne Lum. Fourth Row: Sudie Anne McCool, Mary McDaniels, Rebecca Mc- Innis, Anne McLean, Peggy Mahoney, Nina Murphree, Marilyn Na- son, Anne Pointer, Pattie Ponder. BELOW: First Row: Rebecca Prichard, Mary Prowell, Marilyn Purser, Jo Ra- gan, Katherine Ready, Joyce Roseborough, Patricia Scobey, Patricia Short, Lillian Sweat. Second Row: Vivian Sweat, Marie Stokes, Janie Therrell, Evelyne Thompson, June Turnbow, Mary Waring, Elsie Wilsford, Robbie Wolfe, Frances Aldridge. Third Row: Julia Arras, Eugenia Barfoot, Patricia Brown, Stella Con- nell, Jacqueline Glass, Georgia Gresham, Alice Day, Janice Herron, Alice Joiner. Fourth Row: Donna Lovell, Margaret Mills, Dean Morris, Bessie Mor- gan, Agnew Pippin, Frances Purvis, Pauline Quakemeyer, Marion Sellers, Martha Shaw, Louise Trantham. 247 DELTA DELTA DELTA FOUNDED IN 1888 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1926 The day before Thanksgiving in 1888, Tri Delta came into being, and they installed Chi on this campus in 1926 . . . Laddie Harton is leader of the troops, assisted by Watsie Sumners, whose campus honors take up practically a whole page in the senior section . .. Bitt Tobias and Mary Jane Eckles share the secretary job, while Betty Jo Latham doles out the pennies . . . they boast five favorites: Janet Buford, Charlotte Coward, Janet Edgerton, Elinor Green, and Jonelle Green . . . the Green girls are also among those present in the beauty section ... Ann Gulley and Jo Cox had leads in " The Importance of Being Earnest " . . . Liz Polk, a striking redhead, is NROTC battalion sponsor ... Carolyn Williams was much in evidence during the football season as a cheerleader . . . Ella White is one of those lovelies out in front of the band ... Eone Veazey heads the YWCA . . . Teenie Coleman heads the Home Ec Club, Biddy McCurdy is president of CWENS, while Charlotte Coward holds down the same job for Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Kate Brougher plays the piano, as does Dot Hunter . . Helen Burnside and Bettye Jourdan giggle .. Joyce Nelson is an eye-filling brunette .. . Margaret Robinson cracks the whip over the an- nual staff . . . the three D gals have a special place in their hearts for pansies . . . the pearl is their favorite jewel . . . they sing Alpha Theta Phi, and cling to silver, gold and blue. 248 ABOVE: First Row: Christine Anderson, Kate Brougher, Sue Block, Janet Buford, Helen Burnside, Christine Coleman, Charlotte Coward, Harriet Denham. Second Row: Sarah Doss, Mary Jane Eckles, Marianne Farmer, Emily Faulk, Dorothy Fields, Sara Graves, Elinor Green, Ann Gully. Third Row: Dorothy Hamm, Sue Haney, Betty Hansen, Frances Harton, Dorothy Hunter, Bettye Betty Jo Latham, Olivia Lewis. Fourth Row: Carolyn McCurdy, Hazel Moore, Pat Pack, Margaret Robinson, Sue Rogers, Elizabeth Smith, Martha Sumners. BELOW: First Row: Bitt Tobias, Eone Veazey, EI:a White, Sara Webster, Carolyn Williams, Mutt Williams. Pladges: Gloria Batson, Sarah Blomquist. Second Row: Billie Burgin, Emma George Carr, Joanne Cox, Deon Dunn, Janet Edgerton, Gai Eure, Dora Ellen Green, Jonelle Green. Third Row; Clara LeMaire, Becky Mercer, Bobbie Merrell, Joyce Nelson, Marilyn Pittman, Elizabeth Polk, Jean Reynolds, Mary Robin- son. Fourth Row: Sara Rogers, Jane Savage, Dorothy Simons, Dorothy Stamm, Jane Wailes, Cissy Westbrook, Harriet Williams, Xandra Williams. 249 PHI MU FOUNDED IN 1852 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1926 First house in line on sorority row is the home of the Phi Mu ' s . . . Jean Pemble is ruler of the roost . . . Martha Spencer is second to the boss . . . Jane Madden is keeper of the minutes, and cohort Barbara Worthington corresponds . . . the money is under the watchful eye of Ann Crowson • . Billie Claire McClendon holds the position of WSGA president ... Joyce Hollings- worth and Billie Jean Little are twirlers of the first order with the band . . . Joyce also came out ahead in the favorites balloting . . . Suzy Buehler is Y secretary . . . they ' ve got more fraternity sweethearts than they know what to do with—Gladys Wicks, ATO; Billie French, Phi Kappa Psi; and Libba Watkins, Sigma Nu . . Pemble is a favorite again this year ... so is Kitty McLendon . . . Phi Mu got its start in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Georgia . . . in 1926 Alpha Delta chapter came to Ole Miss ... the Enchant- ress carnation is their favorite flower . . . their colors are rose and white . . . the strains of " My Phi Mu Lady " sound sweetly and often through the house. 250 ABOVE: First Row: Lelia Alexander, Suzzette Buehler, Mildred Buchanan, Lou Chandler, Betty Collins, Ann Crowson, Maggie Curle, Carolyn Davis. Second Row: Billie French, Annie Grant, Joyce Hollings- worth, Lynn Holloway, Kime Irby, Nancy Knight, Billie Little, Jane Madden. Third Row: Billie McClendon, Ann McLendon, Ann Odom, Ann Osburn, Rosemary Owen, Jean Pemble. BELOW: First Row: Elizabeth Ray, Martha Spencer, Jean Standi- fer, Judy Tubb, Ann Turley, Virginia Wing, Barbara Worthington, Patsy Wright. Second Row: Harvey Young. Pledges: Joy Averwater, Ann Bowie, Evelyn Burks, Lucille Collins, Martha Cook, Billie Faulkner, Joann Hart. Third Row: Billie Ruth Miller, Betty Moore, Jean Oaks, Irma Richardson, Ann White, Sally Wilkinson, Ann Wood. 251 KAPPA iiELTA FOUNDED IN 1897 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 Down at the KD house, Joan Johnson is num- ber one on the ruling list ... Tatty Kellner comes next in line . . . Carolyn Prewitt takes down the minutes that sometimes stretch into hours . . . Jean Embry counts the cash on hand . . . Joan Johnson and Thelma Lenz are in PIX .. . so is Dorothy Jean Hunter, society editor for the " Mississippian " and a favorite . . . they got all of their candidates for favorites elected ... oth- ers besides Dorothy Jean are Peggy Ann Ben- nett, Almyra Jackson, Carolyn Alford, and Lannese Thompson . . . Jean Sain is the best of their many good athletes . . . Betty Jo Atwood plays the piano ... Carol Price has a passion for angora sweaters . . . Betty Jo Hurston has a torchy voice . . . Carolyn Prewitt and Huldah Howell are members of Mortar Board ... Prewitt also is Miss Ole Miss for this year, and treasurer of the YWCA ... their time is spent in doing the shag . . . their house is green and white, approp- riately enough . . . the KD ' s first saw the light of day in 1897 at Virginia State Normal . . . the white rose is their favorite posy ... their song is " A KD Girl. " 252 ABOVE: First Row: Carolyn Alford, Kate Alford, Betty Atwood, Betty Col- quitt, Charlotte Dickinson, Jean Embry, Billie A. Grisby. Second Row: Betty Herlighy, Mary E. Holland, Hulda C. Howell, Dorothy J. Hunter, Joan Johnson. Lenore Kellner, Thelma Lenz. Third Row: Gladys McGaughy, Ruthie McRee, Frances Melsheimer, Joyce Murphy, Carolyn Prewitt, Carol Price, Jean Sain. Fourth Row: Lanesse Thompson, Barbara Warley. Pledges: Jane Alexander, Sally Allee, Peggy Bennett, Caroline Bogard, Shirley Barrentirie, Pat Cashion. BELOW: First Row: Jane Caughran, Gloria Conners, Elaine Fitzpatrick, Kay Ford, Frances Frazier, Cammeil George, Joy Graham. Second Row: Martha L. Grantham, Bobbie S. Haddon, Marion Helgason, Lady R. Henbest, Betty J. Hurston, Claudia Horne, Almyra Jackson. Third Row: Mai Keen, Betty J. Keenan, Sarah Knight, Peggy Little, Betty McCarthy, Harriet McGehee, Diane Moriarity, Nancy Murray. FourA Row: Paula Newton, Lucy Pegg, Lillian Pegram, Martha Robertson, Ann Sneed, Patty Smith, Gloria Watson, Louise Zeller. 253 DELTA HAMA FOUNDED IN 1873 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1936 Straight from the heart of Mississippi came Delta Gamma . . . the first gals to wear the anchor got together at the Lewis Female Academy in Ox ford, in 1873 . . . they returned to the campus in 1936 .. , Helen Karr is in command of the ship this year . . .Harriet Geisenberger takes over in emergencies . . . Polly Hager corresponds and Linda Lindley records . . . Evelyn Campbell is treasure keeper . . the student body elected Geisenberger ASB secretary and a favorite .. . Betsy Moore presides over the Pan-Hellenic meetings . . . Celia Buntin wheels it around as a Cheerleader, secretary of WSGA, and favorite .. Lucy Imig and Jean Gale are favorites too . . . Sis Fields is a roving reporter, and all scoops she uncovers are sent straight to " Mademoiselle " magazine . . . they have three girls on the all star volleyball team . . . they took first prize in the Sadie Hawkins poster contest . . . Peggy Brown won the costume prize in her Kigmy outfit .. . the DG ' s mix a sunset of colors—bronze, pink, and blue ... their choice of a flower is the cream colored rose. 254 ABOVE: First Row: Lorraine Bowers, Peggy Brown, Celia Buntin, Bette Crawley, Jean Gale, Harriet Geisenberger. Second Row: Polly Hager, Catherine Huggins, Lucy Imig, Lidie Jones, Helen Karr, Linda Lindley. Third Row: Joyce Loflin, Ann McDonald, Betsy Moore, Mary J. Stuart, Lillian Tankersly, Jo Ward. BELOW: First Row: Virginia Wooten. Pledges: Betty Akin, Katherine Boatner, Betty A. Brasfield, Frances Noryene Flan- agan. Second Row: Mary Gale, Claire Geisenberger, Mary E. Hand, Faye Hays, Marjorie Holder, Shirley Holland. Third Row: Sally Major, Jan Marlowe, Clarice Mashburn, Joy Paxton, Medora Salter, Deborah Stevens, Barbara Wilkerson. 255 DELTA ZE1 FOUNDED IN 1907 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 Marty Bowman is chief of the Delta Zetas . . . Fellowship . . . June Sneed was picked by PIX one step behind her are Bobbye McIntyre, first . . . Bobbye McIntyre has " the " convertible .. . veep, and Miriam Marron, second of the same they have a hot trio .. . their nightly treat is title .. . Betty Aby keeps up the minutes .. . cheese sandwiches and Canasta . . . the DZ ' s hit Tressa King is keeper of the coin ... Ellen Wade, the campus in ' 28, twenty-six years after their CWEN and chief picture-taker, is historian .. . founding at Miami University ... rose and green Tressa is in Mortar Board, president of Wesley Foundation, and secretary of Kappa Delta Pi are their colors ... and they wear Killarney roses, . . . Tut Brown is secretary of the Westminster if given half a chance. 256 ABOVE: BELOW: First Row: Betty Aby, Martha Bowman, Iva E. Brown, First Row: Janet Luce, Merle Martin, Josephine McCrone, Betty Brown, Marilyn Burrill, Mary F. Comstock. Shirley McElwain, Mary Gene McGee, Bobbye McIntyre. Second Row: Mary A. Bonnie R. Gibbs, Nell Har- Second Row: Jeannine Pelham, Thelma Pelham, Peggy ris, Helen Hicks, Nan Jackson, Tressa King, Virginia Pylant, June Sneed, Mary L. Strode, Jessie M. Stewart, Koeppen. Joan Thomas. 257 TAU ALPHA FOUNDED IN 1898 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1939 The ZTA ' s first met at Longwood College, Virginia, in 1898 . . . they settled Gamma Delta chapter on this campus in 1939 ... Bobbie Tay- lor is madam president . . . backing her up is Vivian Tindley . . . Shirley Hataway wields the pen . .. Sara Mayfield holds the purse strings ... Helen Coplen records the history making ... she ' s also secretary for two other organizations —Pan-Hellenic and Lambda Sigma ... Nell Hob- good is a CWEN ... Sara Mayfield is secretary- treasurer for the Ole Miss branch of the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association ... Martha Wal- lace paints, plays the ukelele, and is on the var- sity volleyball team ... Barbara Brook is the 7TA songbird ... they won the centennial homecom- ing law decoration contest . have a house full of other trophies, too ... prefer white violets to any other flower ... and turquoise blue and steel grey to any other colors. 258 ABOVE: First Row: Nancy Ashley, Jean Beck, Barbara Brook, Doris Castellaw, Helen Coplen, Ruth Crocker. Second Row: Julie Douglas, Martha Dulaney, Lilly Exum, Vivian Findley, LaNelle Gafford, Zila Green, Third Row: Shirley Hataway, Gwen Henry, Nell Hob- good, Rosemary Keesling, Jean Mauldin. BELOW: First Row: Sarah Mayfield, Nellie J. Riley, Bobbie Taylor, Corrine Taylor, Martha Wallace, LaNelle Wells. Second Row: Jo A. Castell, Elaine Curry, Marilyn Deen, Martha Douglas, Sue Exum, Gloria Flowers. Third Row: Hilda Green, Roy J. Hussey, Bettye McWhor- ter, Jeannine Sheats, Maureen Shipp. Patsy Taylor. 259 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA FOUNDED IN 1870 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1946 The wearers of the golden key are headed by Nancy Wood, the legal eagle ... Pat Reilly stands second in command ... Fay Sims, twice a favorite, records the meetings . . . Carol Chris- topher is chief correspondent . . . Betty Kramer rakes the money in and just as quickly pays it out ... Barbara Cason entertains with piano routines and works on the ASB dance committee . . . Betty Pritchard was a beauty last year and this year, too . . . she also sponsors the ROTC bat- talion . . . Mary Forrest McCall is president of SAI, paints and swims . . . Jackie Walker is an- other favorite ... Katherine Wright is vice-presi- dent of WSGA . . . she also captured the titles of " Miss Hospitality, " ' ' Miss University, " number two in the ' ' Miss America ' ' contest, and alternate " Maid of Cotton " . . . Fay Sims also polled the most votes in last year ' s May Queen contest ... Dottie Wooten edits features on the " Mississip- pian " . .. Betty Kramer is secretary of Epsilon Gamma Epsilon . • . Mary Leigh Weston hails from " da Bay " , Dot Terry, Martha Stone, and " Sis " Lamb are the " gleesome threesome " . . Kappa was founded in 1870 at Monmouth Col- lege, Illinois ... they were first numbered among the organizations on the campus in 1946... they boast dark blue and light blue as the only colors . sapphire is their jewel, and flew -delis is their flower ... they sing a " Kappa Lullaby. 260 ABOVE: First Row: Martha Bowman, Barbara Cason, Carroll Christopher, Olive Clower, Margaret Copeland, Martha Dalrymple, Harriet Green, Le Clair Heidenreich. Second Row: Betty Kramer, Virginia Lee, Mary McCall, Joan Mc- Lellan, Betty Pritchard, Patricia Reilly, Mary Shrouds, Fay Sims. Third Row: Martha Stone, Natalie Thompson, Dorothy Waite, Mary Weston, Nancy Wood, Eugenia Woods, Dorothy Wooten, Katherine Wright. BELOW: First Row: Pledges: Jeanne Adams, Ann Barrett, Helen Bell, Bernice Berdon, Barbara Bruce, Jimmie Coldren, Henrietta Crosby, Kay Davis. Second Row: Virginia Davis, Peggy Driver, Mary Enochs, Anne Eubank, Rosemary Gaston, Josephine Hamilton, Billie Herring, Cynthia Hogan. Third Row: Glen Lamb, Martha McMullan, Margaret Read, Virginia Seal, Julliette Sullivan, Dorothy Terry, Barbara Thompson, Jacquelyn Walker. 261 ABOVE: First Row: George Aiken, Paul Amos, Rene Bac- hand, John Bat, Bill Berry, Gene Bishop, Jimmy Crawford. Second Row: Bart DeLashmet, Winfield Dunn, Robert Edwards, Jack Geary, J. C. Griffin, Tommy Haddock, Jack Hannah, Harris Herley. Third Row: Bill Hinton, Charles Hollander, Jack Houston, Ton Jenkins, Sam Jennings, Irwin Kauf- man, Eaton Lang, Coyne Miller. OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Charlie Montgomery, Buddy Monta- gue, Artie Oakum, Fisher Rhymes. Second Row: Hyman Simmons, Victor Smith, Robert Sullivan, Lester Sumners. Third Row: E. C. Ward, Frank Watts, Owen Williamson, Jack Yates. INTER- FLITEBNITY COUNCIL The University of Mississippi Inter-Fraternity Council holds the unique position of serving as an administrative body for the eighteen social Greek-letter fraternities on the campus. The ex- istence of the Council is authorized by a con- stitution which was ratified by each member- fraternity. The Council is headed by a president, a vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer; the legislative portion of the Council is composed of two representatives from each member-frater- nity. Although the functions of the inter-frater- nity Council are becoming wider each year, it is not being accomplished through the voluntary assumption of activities by the Council itself. Rather, however, the demand has come from other organizations, recognizing the peculiar and favorable status of the Council. The Inter-Fraternity Council sponsors many activities during the school year. Its largest social event is the annual banquet given for the foot- ball team. The members of the Council are able to view their past record with satisfaction and are look- ing forward to a promising future of service to the student body. 263 DELTA KAPPA F,PSILON FOUNDED IN 1844 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1850 This bunch of fellows are quite ancient—in time at Ole Miss that is. The chapter is almost as old as the school, coming here in 1850 as the first fraternity on the campus. They won ' t tell any- body who their officers are, but it ' s known that Jerry McCall is vice-president of the national Deke council. Les Sumners runs things on the In- terfraternity Council. The boys have been cele brating their centennial all the year. Al Perkins and Tom Cave brave the darts of the critic while performing with the University Play- ers. Taylor McElroy is known for many exploits, most of which he won ' t talk about for reasons known only to himself. Hank Campbell is the athletic type, but Tom Long prefers quiet com- pany. Lee Duddleston is known for his abilities to cheer up the ladies, while Hank Herndon is sti ' l playing like a little boy—he chases them. Dekes began at Yale in 1844, and pretty soon the crim- son, blue and gold spread over the country. The pansy is their flower, and they sing " Phi March- ing Song " now and then. 264 ABOVE: BELOW: First Row: Bob Adams, Perrin Caldwell, Joe FasoId, Bill First Row: Bill Skinner, Lester Sumners, Wallace Weather- Garner, Lewis Heidelberg, Tom Long. ly, Shepard Smith. Pledges: William Brown, John Carter. Second Row: Jerry McCall, Barry McIntosh, Taylor Mc- Norfleet Moore, Herman Parker, Albert Perkins. Third Row: Eddie LeGrand, Hyman Simmons. Second Row: Harold Crump, Lee Duddleston, Russel Mo- ran, Clark Strain, Ed Wilkinson, Parham Williams. Third Row: Alex Wilson, William Woodward. 265 FOUNDED IN 1847 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN The mystery of the campus ... the " you-don ' t- know-anything-about-my-fraternity " boys are the Delta Psis. They meet in " St Anthony Hall, " but who knows when, where, or why? Officers are secret too and those boys never get pinned. In fact they never take their badge off except for showers and then it goes in their mouth. Joe Fancher was tapped by ODK and edited the " Law Journal. " Les Fletcher is a wheel in the Cardinal Club as well as with the coeds ... Royal Hickey is the " all-around " sports man. John Eck- hart is the " steady daddy " with a Model A car. Delta Psi was the second fraternity on the Ole Miss campus and is the only chapter south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Founded in 1847, came here in 1855 ... colors are azure and gold. 266 ABOVE: First Row: Lamar Arrington, Richard Arrington, Ben Bar- ringer, Gayle Beanland, William Beanland, Joseph Brown. Second Row: Donald Childers, William Dickson, John Du- laney, John Ecknart, Robert Effinger, Joseph Fancher. Third Row: Leslie Fletcher, Ernest Farrar, William Fuller, Joe Gillespie, Robert Glover. BELOW: First Row: William Graves, James Gunter, Robert Hal- tom, Purcell Haynes, Harris Henley, Royal Hickey. Second Row: Art Hooper, Edgar Ralph Mar- rioneaux, John Moore, William McDonald, Ross Shipman. Third Row: Victor Smith, David Stinson, Charles Strain, Hobson Wakefield, Robert Wood. 267 PHI KAPPA PSI FOUNDED IN 1852 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1857 Originating at Jefferson in 1852, the Phi Psi ' s McLendon runs the Veterans Club, and Milton planted here a few years later. Tommy Haddock Terrell is a wheel of sorts. Steve Sanford heads keeps things running with George Quinnelly help the Canterbury Club. Lawrence Semski blows hot ing out when the going gets rough. John Allison beats with Dick Calloway ' s orchestra. The boys is loaded with secretarial obligations and John go in for quite a bit of description in naming Gandy piddles around with the books. John their flowers and colors, the former being cardi- Gerdes is known for his loud voice, but that ' s ail he ' s nal red and hunter green, while the latter is the right, hes a cheerleader. Sonny Gunn plays like a wise old man except when the company in- Jacqueminot rose. " Noble Fraternity " is sung in cludes persons of the feminine gender. Martin the chapter house and at various other places. 268 ABOVE: First Row: Richard Ackerman, John Allison, Clifford Burgess, Thomas Burks, Robert Cave, Joseph Dubisson, James Fallonsbee, Robert French. Second Row: John Gandy, John Gerdes, Tommy Haddock, Robert Hemphill, James Hester, Joseph Lawrence, Thomas Lindley, Rexford Martin, Third Row: Charles Mayfield, Conway McCracken, Martin Mc- Lendon, William Nelson, Purvis Nelson, George Quinnelly, Thurston Sherman, Harry Stewart. BELOW: First Row: Robert Sullivan, Milton Terell, Robert Tribble, Glen Young, Ralph Young. Pledges: Robert Campion, John Dunnam, Frank Fariss. Second Row: Hal Finer, Thomas Goggin, Richard Gould, Ernest Greene, Joseph Hale, Finley Horton, John Hunt, William Hutto. Third Row: George McCarthy, Charles McDuff, Jared Mayes, John Nelson, Joe Sanders, Steve Sanford, Tommy Stewart, Charles Sul- livan, Robert Taylor. 269 SIGMA CHI FOUNDED IN 1855 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1857 Jack Hannah wears the large white cross since De Lashmet joined the army and Jack Ritter warms the chair when he ' s gone. Jack Rhymes records and Jack Rivers minds the money. They are " Jacks of all trade " except Piggie Caldwell who sees that the new Sigs bear their crosses. Caldwell edits the paper, Price is Rhodes scholar, Little heads Cardinal Club, and Napier and Caldwell made ODK. Marshal rings goals for the Colonel and " Zoot " Jackson is track star. Blanchard is the boy with the golden toe on the Rebel eleven. What makes the Sigs different from other fraternities is that they plan to build a new house. The diaper was worn at Miami in 1855 . . . Eta chapter hit Ole Miss two years later. They sing ... I forget but I think it is " Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, claim white rose and boast blue and old gold as their colors. 270 ABOVE: First Row: Frank Ashley, James Ashley, Ralph Barber, Kenneth Bar- field, W. G. Berner, Max Beaver, J. C. Bell, Don Blanchard, James Caldwell, Norries Caldwell. Second Row: William Campbell, John Carroll, Lawrence Corban, Albert Covington, James Crosby, Bart DeLashmet, Paul Draughn, Merlyn Gill, John Hannah, Jack Hatcher. Third Row: Charlie Herrin, Jack Humphreys, William Jackson, Charlie Jones, Henry King, Lee Dunbar, Robert Little, Ed Loggins, Charlie Lyle, John McDavid, Charlie McGill. Fourth Row: William Moore, Robert Morrison, John Napier, W. D. Newton, George Patterson, Word Patton, Robert Perkins, Richard Pickens, Jack Rhymes, Jack Ritter, Jackson Rivers. BELOW: First Row: Bert Scobey, R. J. Senter, L. V. Sharp, Marshall Smith, Wade Strickland, Glenn Tomlinson, Aristide Ton, Don Wright, Wil- liam Yates, Eddie Yoste. Second Row, Pledges: Bill Barfield, Graves Blake, Fielden Bowlin, Richard Carrington, Murray Causey, Jimmy Childers, Ray Choate, Harvey Crigler, John Fant, Joe Flynt. Third Row: Eltroy Griffin, Tommy Guyton, L. V. Garrison, Walter Harrison, Robert Hodges, Charles Hollis, William House, Click Kim- ball, Joe LeBlanc, Lewis Mahoney, Joseph Murphy. Fourth Row: James Neblett, Charlie Newell, David Newton, Robert Propst, Raymond Rape, George Renshaw, Pete Rhymes, Pat Roberts, Griffin Scarborough, Harry Suter, Allen Walker. 271 SIGMA ALPHA EPS LON FOUNDED IN 1856 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1866 Lions, lions and more lions. They sit in front of the house, and everybody is shocked now and then to see varying colors of paint adorning these masterpieces. All it adds up to is just more work for the pledges. Bill Toler took over the number one spot at mid-year with Hayes Bard- well closing fast as number two. Paul Cooper takes notes, and Stewart Campbell takes pen- nies. Women chasers? Man, these boys are known for their endeavors. Temple Barnard and Billy Simmons run neck and neck in this category. And have you seen Skipper Jopp dance that step he calls a waltz? It ' s unbelievable — no doubt Strauss needs to be re-educated. The boys must like hot music, from the sounds emanating from the house now and then. Pete Reid is the peren- nial bachelor who keeps everybody—including himself—happy while turning out hot sports copy for the " Mississippian. " Another Pete—Town- send, that is—can tell more wild stories than any man in the chapter, and that ' s an accomplish- ment! Sig Alph isn ' t far from home ' cause it all began over at Alabama in 1856, but ten years elapsed before it jumped over here. Minerva and the lions soon became known as the other half. Violets are their flower, and they sing " Violets " at the slightest provocation. Their colors are old gold and royal purple. 272 ABOVE: First Row: Edward Adams, Bill Aldridgo, Phil Alexander, Carl Andre, Kaye.; Bardwell, Temp ' e Barnard, Gene Bishop, Leo Brown. Second Row: Stewart Campbell, John Carter, Lawrence Clark, Paul Cooper, J. M. Day, Dick Eskridge, George Farr, Bill Flowers. Third Row: Bub Graeber, Tommy Graves, George Gulley, John Hall, Richard Hanna, Jay Hedgepeth, Shed Hunger, Edley Jones. Fourth Row: Clayton Kincannon, Roy Lindsay, Harry Loftin, Mike Marshall, Jim Matthews, George Melichar, John Moore. BELOW: First Row: R. S. Myers, Ed Tye Neilson, Jase Norsworthy, Robert Parkes, Bill Perrin, T. E. Porter, Pete Reid, Jim Robinson. Second Row: Delmar Simmons, Robert Slater, Gill Smith, Jimmy Thomas, Allen Thompson, W. J. Toler, George Van Zant, E. C. Ward. Third Row: Jesse Williams, Wayne Williams, Pledges: George Armi- stead, Johr. Bee, Barry Carter, Jack Hefferman, Cullen Kehoe, Spivey Lipsey. Fourth Row. John Perkins, James Pidgeon, James Porter, Richard Reid, William Richardson, Frank Jack Whittien. 273 PHI DELTA THETA FOUNDED IN 1848 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1877 Warren Rose pounds the mallet for the sword and shield boys . . Emmerich resides as vice and Deck Stone records the gab. Frasier Shipley pinches pennies and Whit Johnson sweats out the pledges. Stacy is band president ... Nobles and Emme- rich made ODK . . . Steel, Hoffman, and Shipley are in Scabbard and Blade . . . Reynolds is head drum major of the band and Gerard is Rebel Center . . . Nobels is head of Pi Kappa Pi .. . Johnson is prexy of Alpha Epsilon Delta, pre-med fraternity. Elhrlich, Bush, and Dan Currie sing . " Sex-box " Aldridge is the great lover. Phis are all smiles over their pledge class .. . trying to tag them with nicknames. They ' re nuts on the subject . . . proff: Cowboy, Cookie, Peli- can, Moose, Hatchet, Bunkey, Reggie, Cold Steel, Butthead, Scoop, Punjab, Big 8, Loredo, Suds, Tex, and Ship. Miami U. started them off over a century ago in 1848, and Miss. A. began in 1877. They praise the white carnation and sing " Phi Delta Theta for Aye. " Colors are azure and argent. 274 ABOVE: First Row: Tom Askew, Jare Barkley, Harry Barkley, Bobby Burkley, William Chatham, James Darnell, Buddy Ehrlich, J. 0. Emmerich, Rusty Fields. Second Row: James Fant, Lewis Fowler, Rufus, Gardner, George Garner, Leon Gerrard, George Hoffman, Homer Joiner, Whit John- son, William Lyons. Third Row: Joe McCaughn, William McKinney, John McRae, Torn Mallette, Carl Megehee, John Mitchell, Larry Noble, Marvin Porter, Ficher Rhymes. Fourth Row: Marshall Ramsey, Fraiser Shipley, Lester Shipley, Cur- tis Stacy, Matt Steele, Van Stone, Robert Townes, Jack Yates. BELOW: First Row: Talbert Yeager, David Young, Louis Zhender, Victor Hyde. Pledges: C. V. Bruce, Charles Carr, George Cottingham, Scott Cracraft, Francis Criss. Second Row: Dan Currie, Hugh Davis, Robert Gurney, Phillip Hardin, Robert Harris, Ben Harrison, Walter Hart, Shaw Johnson, Tom Third Row: Robert Looney, Winston Murphee, Robert Myers, Edwin Orr, Barton Purcell, Robert Reeves, Frank Reynolds, H. L. Robinson, R. M. Smith. Fourth Row: E. 0. Spencer, Edward Steele, Walter Taylor, Tom Tucker, John Watts, Robert Weaver, Shannon Williford, Kinnan Wynn. 275 BETA THETA P1 FOUNDED IN 1839 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1879 Carl Mullican wields the iron hand over the Betas since Frank Montague was elevated to the ASB presidency. Bob Werner of intramural fame steps in when Mullican is busy writing books on government. Buddy Montague writes letters while Amos Dowdle holds the keys to the cash box and Clarence Pierce records what ' s said. Bob Andreae keeps the alums happy, John Fox, III masterminds pledge training and J. P. Hooper manages the house. Lowell Grisham raises cain in the state legislature, Howard Prichartt reigns over the Natchez pilgrimage, and Bob Hobby edits the " Law Journal. " Tom Ott was one of the winners of the Supreme Moot Court award, Sam McKee turns out copy for the " Mississip- plan, " and Henry Fonville studies the art of keep- ing the ladies happy. Tank Crawford made All- Southeastern again, also played in the Blue-Gray and Senior Bowl games. Babe Pearson, besides playing tackle, cracks jokes and chases women. Fred Bush made ODK along with Frank Montague and Bob Hobby. The Sons of the Dragon started operations at Miami in 1839 and came here forty years later. Now " The Loving Cup " and " My Beta Girl " are heard all over the campus. Pink and blue are the colors, and the flower is the pink rose. Incidentally, they claim to be the senior member of the Miami Triad, but disclaim any re- sponsibility for the junior members. 276 ABOVE: First Row: Robert Andreae, Joseph Armstrong, Kirby Bryant, Fred Bush, Donald Caskcy, Ernest Cochran, John Cook, Ira Couch. Second Row: Edgar Denk, Robert Dowdle, Henry Fonville, John Fox, III, Howard Gray, Lowell Grisham, Alfred Hardy, James Hooper, Albe,r Jaogar. Third Row: David Jourdan, Douglas Koger, Robert Koger, Jeremy McCamic, Hugh McKee, Brison Mann, Frank Montague, Richard Montague, Thomas Ott. BELOW: First Pow: William Pace, Thomas Pearson, William PricharH, Ivan Thompson, John Werner, Miles Wilkerson Pledges: Charles Burke, Dorrance Clark, Joe Downard. Second Ro w: Alton Gilbert, Henry Haberson, William Harrold, Arthur Haynes, Robert Hobby, Henry Johnson, Sidney McNeil, Lee McCarter, Robert Merriam. Third Row: Robby Moser, Donald Munro, Stig Mylander, Donald Patterson, Joe Tullos, John Viner, C. W. Walton, Finis Williams, J. W. Willis. 277 iLPHA FOUNDED IN 1865 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1900 Winfield Dunn administers as Number I . . . Lotterhos is Number 2 man also in charge of pledges ... E-Bo Litchfield puts the " Chit-Chat " in writing . . . and Rome Augustus Emmons col- lects the gold. If there is anything that Dunn is not president of we haven ' t heard about it . They have the Annual tied up with Shaw editing and Parkin handling the funds . . . Dunn, Murray, Shaw, and Shows are in 0. D. K. . . . George Morse lures the name bands to the campus as A.S.B. Dance Committee Chairman, The famous K. A. Quartet, composed of Win- field Dunn, Buddy Shaw, Bill Holmes, and John Gautier made sweet music along Sorority Row . . . Justin Cox plays a mean " 88 " and was also a favorite with the Row. The mint julip recipe, equipped with shade and magnolia blooms, still remains popular around their house . . • This idea reaches a climax each year with the Annual Magnolia Ball. 1865 marks the founding at Washington and Lee ... Established at Ole Miss in 1900... They wave a crimson and gold banner and scent the house with red roses and magnolias. 278 ABOVE: First Row: Charlie Allen, Matt Bonner, Chester Burnham, Lindy Calahan, Julian Carroll, John Chalk, Bobby Cox, Justin Cox, Ray Crenshaw, Tom Crockett, Felder Dearman. Second Row: Winfield Dunn, Robert Ehrhardt, Nolan Fancher, Dudley Fedric, Hood Garber, John Gautier, Jack Geary, Monroe Gensert, Sam Hardison, Kay Hollister. Bill Holmes, Benard Holt. Third Row: Jack Hcuston, Bob Hudson, Otis Johnson, W. N. Jones, Ed Joyce, Leon Lewis, Elmer Litchfield, Fr ed Lotterhos, Abby Ma- gruder, Ernest Magruder, Jimmie Manning, B. B. McClendon. Fourth Row: Jackie McLemore, Ben Moore, Bill Moss, John Murray, Bobby Owens, Sam Parker, Jim Parkin, John Patterson, Gus Primos, Jimmie Quinn, Paul Register, John Robinson. BELOW: First Row: Charlie Rowan, Curtis Runyan, Norman Shaw, Roger Shows, Jimmie Steele, Forrest Stevens, Beeman Strange, James Sul- livan, Jim Taylor, Sterling Tighe, Herbert Thompson, Tommy Thomp- son. Second Row: Bob Touchstone, Jimmy Waring, Walter White, Blake Wadsworth, Wirt Yerger, Fred Young. Pledges: Bobby Allred, Lewis Berner, Dick Birchett, Jimmy Childs, Graham Christian, Billy Coffey. Third Row: Billy Cook, Jim Elliot, Larry Franck, Ewell Griffen, George Griffen, Nelson Hall, Pete Hand, Wade Hillard, William Lewis, Robert Love, John McKinnon, Billy Perry. Fourth Row: Herbert Rice, Jim Richmond, Jerry Ryan, Billy Salmon, Oscar Slade, Jack Speed, Jack Stamm, Forrest Stevens, Victor Vance, Kenneth Watts, Charles Weeks, Skippy Wise. 279 KAPPA S ql I!!! FOUNDED IN 1869 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1926 Kappa Sig came here in 1926 all the way from Virginia where they had their start in 1869. They ' re known for politicians and wheels. Casey Watts has the pleasure of being Grand Master of this illustrious crew, which lays heavy claim to being the half the world that ' s white and free. Harold Brewer is all kinds of a wheel, especially if you listen to him long enough. The same ap- plies to John Watts, who uses fewer words, but stretches them out longer. Jack Staples is known as the fellow who speaks to all the sundry, the liv- ing example of the famous Ole Miss tradition. Maurice Dantin just about runs the social affairs on fhe campus, but Bob Dickinson claims that his office doesn ' t quite provide for everything. Eaton Lang took to managing the business of the " Mississippian " after his girl graduated. The Quinley brothers, Jack and Earl, have a habit of confusing the profs, the girls, and—some say— each other. Bill Smith is the Great Lover, and Ro- land Dale captains the football team, Kayo Dot- tley plays fullback, in case you haven ' t heard by now. The boys sing " Kappa Sigma " over and over again, and the crescent shines brightly against scarlet, white and emerald green. The flower is the lily-of-the-valley. 280 ABOVE: First Row: Louis Baine, Richard Barnhill, Edwin Bette, William Beck, Howard Bishop, Neal Box, Harold Brewer, Leslie Bryant, Henry Bul- lock, Clinton Butler. Second Row: Thomas Coffey, Henry Caldwell, Charles Chatham, Atwood Chalk, Kelly Clifford, S. E. Cook, James Cotten, Aneil Cox, Roland Dale, Maurice Dentin. Third Row: Robert Dickinson, Donald Dismukes, John Donley, Wil- liam Fortenberry, Charles Fulgham, Gillespie, Christopher Heniak, George Hill, James Lackey, Eaton Lang. Fourth Row: John Lewis, Ellis Lindsey, Wesley Lominick, James Mc Carley, J. D. McElroy, Charles McFadden, Ellis McGlaun, Joe Mc- Kell, Charles Middleton, Ira Morgan. Fifth Row: Fred Morgan, George Mori, Charles Neilson, Paul Newton, Hal Nichols, Malcomb Nichols. Thomas Orr, Thomas Parks, Charles Payne, Ira Pittman. BELOW: First Row: Earl Quinley, John Quinley, John Rogers, Richard Rus- sum, Robert Russum, James Skewes, William Smith, Jack Staples, William Stratton, Charles Thomas. Second Row: Robert Thompson, Frank Watts, John Watts, Buford Wells, William Westbook, John White, Charles Williams, Granville Williams, Peter Wilson, Edward Womble. Third Row: Richard Yarbrough. Pledges: Edward Atkinson, Forrest Baker, George Beley, Robert Bee, Fred Birmingham, Edmond Brignac, George Caldwell, A. B. Catlett, Walter Coppedge. Fourth Paul Daniels, Erasmus Fowler, Billy Gill, John Grant, Roy Harmon, Richard Hendrix, Paul Horn, Clifton Little, J. R. Merryman, Eugene Odom. Fifth Row: Pat O ' Malley, Paul Pittman, James Pope, Patrick Roper, James Sheffield, William Smith, Charles Speed, Lewis Staehle, Jerry Veasy, William Willey, Malcomb Yawn. 281 ALPHA TH OMEGA FOUNDED IN 1865 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 Loyal Leader of the ATO ' s is Garvin Hill re- placed by Wilbur VanRiper when Hill has a Wednesday night date. Victor Blaine counts coins ... Billy Korndoffer records the minutes ... Dan Fox makes history . . . Chick Howard makes the pledges learn the rules of the Greek world. Wheels of the lodge are Tom Jenkins, treasurer of the ASB .. . Bill Conners, assistant business manager of the " Mississippian " . . . Tom Crews who is in law school and who was once president of the ASB in Illinois. They say he has a string of honors long enough to hang out a weeks wash . . . Rocky Byrd, Rebel quarterback. Their clan boasts a lot of artistic talent. If you don ' t believe it watch Snake Ruby, Jim McIntosh, Bill Conners, or Buster Keeton draw . . . Slade made a three point average . .. Oh yeah, they have a tele- vision set, too. ATO sprang up at the close of the Civil War in 1865 . . . Ole Miss got the first taste in ' 27. The song for dreaming is " Sweetheart of ATO " . . . colors are sky blue and gold . . . they sniff the white tea rose. 282 ABOVE: First Row: Hicks Anderson, Charlie Baird, Billy Berry, Victor Blaine, William Booth, Joe Coley, William Conners, James Cooper. Second Row: Tom Crews, Joseph Crook, Robert- Fallis, Mickey Far- ris, Dan Fox, Ben Gregory, James Hargis, Steve Hanrahan. Third Row: Granvin Hill, Walter Howard, George Hopkins, Alfred Jackson, Tom Jenkins, Billy Korndorffer, John Prados, Jeff Rish, Fletcher Rosenbaum, BELOW: First Row: Wilber Van Riper. Pledges: William Allen, Bobby Black, Clyde Bracken, John Brown, Ronaid Byrd, Don Cohn. Second Row: Edward Davis, Douglas Dubisson, Bob Hammett, Billy Hitt, Charles Hudson, Billy Humphries, Mike Isom, James Korn- doffer. Third Row: George Mosely, Erwin McKay, Pete Nosser, Charles Prindle, Sam Rains, Bob Robinson, Alliston Slade, Murray Stafford, Henry Stowers. 283 SIGMA NJ FOUNDED IN 1869 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 James Griffin is known as the Commander around this house, with James Henley operating at the Lieutenant Commander ' s post. Gibbs Eady takes time out from accounting classes to instruct the boys as to paying their bills. Ben Mitchell is known far and wide as a journalist of great ability, while Elmo Shipp devotes his time to the women. Bob Jones writes for the " Mis- sissippian, " or so he claims. Bobby Little gets in all the grill time, and Ted Ammons beats up on the big bass fiddle. All the boys like sports, but their taste as to types varies. Some prefer books and other recreation, such as serenading. Place John Rogers in this category. R. B. Reeves is noted for making all kinds of points on the varsity basketball squad, and Frank Crum digs holes in the football field, mainly with other peoples faces. The Serpent Brigade hatched in broad daylight at VMI in 1868, and moseyed on down here in 1927. The white rose blooms quite well in this climate, and gold, black and white make nice decorations. " White Star of Sigma Nu " is their favorite song. 284 ABOVE: First Row: Claude Ballantine, Wilmer Blackman, Jesse Burnett, John Burnett, Steve Castleman, Arthur Cunningham, Andral Dugger. Second Row: Gibbs Eady, George Ellis, Teulbert Finch, Thomas Freeland, James Griffin, James Hays, James Henley. Third Row: Joseph Johnston, Robert Jones, John Laird, Thomas Lane, Steve Loist, Vaught Lenoir, Robert Little. Fourth Row: Edwin Lowery, Ben Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, James Morgan, Harlan Northcutt, Ed Ogletree, Frank Peddle, Robert Price. BELOW: First Row: R. B. Peeves, John Rogers, Elmo Shipp, Edwin Shrop- shire, Richard Smith, Kirby Smith, Thomas Stevens. Second Row: William Wroten. Pledges: Ted Ammons, Joseph Cross, Frank Crumb, Jack Doll, John Flynn, Gerad Fournet. Third Row: Richard Goldhammer, Maurice Gwinner, David Gard- ner, Lawrence Harrington, Hal Hill, Ralph Holmes, Wiley Hutchins, Purvis Luna. Fourth Row: James Mathews, Albert Meena, Charles Mercer, Glynn Middleton, Dale Thompson, James Thortcn, Richard White, Joseph Young 285 Pi K 1PPA ALPHA FOUNDED IN 1868 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 Heading the Pike troops is Charlie Mont- Since their house has been remodeled they ' ll gomery with Boschert playing " Johnny on the tell you that their outstanding feature is the spot " when he ' s gone. George Pence is " minute longest living room on the campus. man " and Sammons guards the gold. Great mos.- Pike started in 1868 and by 1927 it was on the ter of the pledges is John D. Smith. Ole Miss campus. The song chosen most likely Norman Gillis, Bruce Austin, and Jimmy Mus- to be sung is " Dream Girl of Pi K.A. " Their kelly made ODK. Austin is cross country track orite colors are garnet and gold and the flower star and Muskelly is prexy of the is lily-of-the-valley. 286 ABOVE: First Row: Gerald Adams, Lomax Anderson, Bruce Austin, Marion Bishop, Tommy Boschert, Buddy Braun, Robert Cade, Walter Carney. Second Row: Don Case, William Deavours, James Dickey, Eugene Dyess, Laverne Goldman, Guy Griffith, Sam Jennings, Clarence Third Row: Troy Lambert, Bill Little, Conway Moncure, Charles Montgomery, Bill Morris, Elbert Nelson, Marvin Oates, George Pence. Fourth Row• Bill Perkins, C. H. Potts, Chalmers Richardson, Lehman Sammons, Ed Sanders, William Se1ph, John Smith, Howard Smithson. BELOW: First Row: Tommy Sturgis, Howard Stevens, Gilbert Strode, Mark Louis Vise, Earl Watkins, Bill Wright, Henry Buck. Second Row: Guy Burke, Alan Daniel, Jewell Doris, Kelly Ellis, Thomas Goodwin, Harry Gulledge, Lamar Griffin, Prentis Holder. Third Row: Reid Harwell, Gene Howell, Malcolm Justice, Bobby Lyon, William Liston, Mitchell McLaughlin, Emmett Marston, Jerry Miller. Fourth Row• Albert Moore, Bumord Noble, Henry Phelps, Clarence Profilet, James Quarles, Thomas Spencer, Joe Tidwell, Max Waldrop. 287 SIGMA PHI EPSILON FOUNDED IN 1901 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1928 William Hinton is known as the boss-man of known for getting in the most grill time. Al this bunch of wheels. Lee Cameron tries to fill vest refuses to talk about anything. The boys his shoes when he ' s gone. Harlan Grafton takes have a habit of crowning a Queen of Hearts dictation, and William Farley guards the money. once in a while, and they sing " Sig Ep Girl " when William Loftis works the pledges. Harold Melvin they serenade. SPE was organized at Richmond rolls in now and then, as does Bob Crockett. Jack in 1901, and the heart worn over the heart Wolverton has been known to study, in spite of rached Ole Miss in 1928. They send American rumors to the contrary. Connell Miller is the Beauty roses to the ladies, and decorate with chief lady-killer, or so ' tis said. Ervin Sayle is purple and red for their annual ball. 288 ABOVE: BELOW: First Row: Robert Crockett, Burke Dabney, Wil First Row: Connell Miller, Ervin Sayle, Al Sylvest, liam Farley, Harlan Grafton. Edgar Timmons. Second Row: William Hinton, William Loftis, Second Row: Lee Bailey, Sidney Haney, William John Maugh, Harold Melvin. O ' Donnell, Jack Wolverton. 289 PHI EPSILON P1 FOUNDED IN 1904 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1935 Superior of the Phi Eps is Robert Covens .. . Artie Okum takes the Wednesday night seat when he ' s gone, also pinches in for pledge mas- ter. Henry Paris sees that everything gets on the books and Jack Weil fiddles with the funds. Chaplain Charles Hollander reads the devine blessings to the boys. The Phi Eps produced two good cheerleaders in the last couple of years, Butch Labens and Henry Paris. Okum is president of the Interfrater- nity dance committee. Hollander and Weil keep the place lively by always arguing. Berman plays a mean sax in the band and writes for the " Mis- sissippian. " They think they have the longest meeting for a small fraternity than anyone on the campus. City College of New York is the mother of Phi Ep in 1904, and Alpha Sigma drifted down South to Ole Miss in 1935. Hues and tints are purple and gold, white carnations is the flower, and they pay musical homage to " The Dream Girl of Phi Ep Pi. " 290 ABOVE: First Row: Robert Covens, Charles Hollander, Irwin Kaufman, Melvin Kraus. Second Row: Henry Paris, Arthur Okun. BELOW: First Row: Jack Weil. Pledges: Robert Berman, Irwin Califf, Robert Emmich. Second Row: David Freiman, Sanford Marvin, Leonard Warren. 291 SIGMA PI FOUNDED IN 1897 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1947 These fellows call Bob Edwards their Sage. Paul Abston, also known as Judge Abston, is the First of several Councilors. Charlie Azar takes time out from talking pretty to the women and makes like Alben Barkley during meetings. Chester Cox is kept busy with secretarial duties, and Bud Baker writes checks when he ' s not play- ing trumpet for Dick Calloway ' s orchestra. Maur- ice Kemp has been asked to take out a union card by the Amalgmated Snake Charmers Union. James Crawford and Richard Anderson perform with the University Players, despite the poison pen of one whose name may not be mentioned. Don Neal leads cheers for the frosh teams. The Greek Cross and Emerald boys colonized here just fifty years after the founding of the frater- nity at Vincennes in 1897. Lavender and white are the colors, and the flower is the lavender orchid. 292 ABOVE: First Row: James Abston, Charles Azar, Robert Baker, William Cox. Second Row: Robert Edwards, Maurice Kemp, Richard Anderson, Eddie Caveness. BELOW: First Row: James Crawford, Moland Dykes, Ar- thur Keller, Don Neil. Second Row: Jeremiah Nitka, Joseph Reid, Ed- ward Shawblosky, William Sykes. 293 Pill KAN! SIEM FOUNDED IN 1850 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1948 Ed Howell heads the Phi Kaps since Jack Chambliss departed for parts unknown. Austin Moody takes over when Howell is out selling ads for the Mississippian. Sometimes Paul Amos, the other Veep, steps in. Berchie Bullock keeps tab on the oratory, Harry Bail bangs out the corre- spondence, and Al Graehler trains pledges. The outfit originally came here in 1859, after being founded at Penn in I 850. They disbanded in 1861 when all the members joined the University Greys, and didn ' t return until 1948. The men wearing the gold Maltese cross have old gold and black for their colors, and sing " Phi Kap Girl " everywhere they go. First Row: Foul Amos, Barry Burchfield Bullock, Jerry Golman, Louis Korff. Second Row: Cliff Mehrtens, Donald Smith, Jerome Stenftengel, Ralph Ross, William Wyatt. 294 P1 KAPPA PHI FOUNDED IN 1904 ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1927 George Aiken runs this crew under the title of Ole Miss in 1927, but went inactive during the Archon. Richard Lowe is the keeper of the cash, war. Now they ' re re-organized and going full Thomas Boswell takes care of the secretarial speed ahead. Founded at Charleston in 1904, duties, Charles Baylot writes history, Charles the fraternity chose the red rose as their flower, Hardie is known as Warden, and Clay File punch- and they wear gold, white and blue as their es cards as the Chaplain. This group first came to colors. First Row: George Charles Baylot, Thomas Boswell, Clay File, Eduardo Gaitan-Duran, Charles Hardie, Ben Jones. Second Row: James Jones, Richard Lowe, Lewis Miles, Francis Richardson, John Stewart, Owen Williamson, William Burke, Walter Reagan. 295 THETA KAPPA PHI FOUNDED IN ESTABLISHED AT OLE MISS IN 1949 Gus Logue presides over the outfit and Ed crew got together at Lehigh in 1914 as the X Marganski runs things when Logue is gone. Frank Hosac holds gold, and John Batte keeps records. The colony is the latest addition to the Ole Miss club. ' Tis said that pearls and rubies have much meaning to them. Colors are red, silver and gold; campus, coming here in May, 1949. The original the flower is the columbine. First Row: Rene 3achard, John Bat, James Bramuchi, Robert Brown, Al Galgar.o, Jack Harrnet, Dennis Helm. Second Row: E. B. Henson, Hosak, Charles Kette, Sam LuscJ, Edwaid Marganski, Cesare Narrone, Richard Perkins. 296 BILLY ROSE . . . He Picked the Beauties OR FAN A-1[10 S OMICRON FACULTY MEMBERS PAUL D. BRANDES H. B. HOWERTON, SR. VICTOR A. COULTER LEE H. JOHNSON WILEY CRITZ M. C. MAXWELL R. M. GUESS GEORGE STREET MEMBERS JAMES N. CALDWELL. FRANK D. MONTAGUE WILLIAM 0. CARTER JOHN C. MURRAY, JR. KIRBY DAY, JR. PAUL M. NEWTON WINFIELD DUNN LAWRENCE NOBLES J. 0. EMMERICH JACK NAPIER CHARLES GAISSER JOHN B. ROGERS WILLIAM GOODMAN HERBERT ROBERTSON CARL GUERNSEY NORMAN E. SHAW W. D. HAYES ANDREW SULLIVAN ROBERT HOBBY STANLEY THAMES J. B. HOLLEMAN F. M. TURNER James N. Caldwell, William 0 Ceder, Kirby Day, Jr., B. Winfield Dunn, J. 0. Emmerich, William Goodman. Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary fraternity, was founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1936. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding leadership in the fields of religious and social activities, journalism, forensics, schol- arship, and athletics. ODK sponsors each year the ODK forum series which is very helpful to students in keeping abreast of current affairs. In 1949 they also sponsored the foreign student fund, and were instrumental in leading other campus groups to donate to this cause. The national organization was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914, and has grown until the sixty active circles have a total membership of 15,000. Mr. Reed of the C.I.O. (center) 300 T A KAPPA Ca■I Guernsey, Robert Hooby, J. B. Holleman, Frank D. Montague, John C. Murray, Jr., Paul M. Newton, Lawrence Nobles, Jack Napier, Herbert Robertson, Norman E. Shaw, Andrew Sullivan. Bi-Monthly Banquet The British Influence 301 PI KAPPA PI First Row: Bruce G. Austin, W. Combs, James E. Darnell, Samuel K. Day, Jr., Robert 0. Duncar„ Hazel I. Garrett, Joann Gunn. Second Row: Evelyn S. Haney, Joseph C. Harris, Harry B. Hungerford, Jr., Geoffrey B. King, Jerry McCall, John H. Napier, Lawrence E. Noble, Jr. Third Row: Clarence H. Potts, John W. Prados, Opal R. Price, John B. Rogers, Alliston Slade Martha W. Summers, Albert H. Woolett. OFFICERS LAWRENCE E. NOBLE, J R. President Executive-Secretary . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer JAMES ALLEN CABANISS BRUCE G. AUSTIN MARTHA WATSON SUMMERS Finley E. Belcher James A. Cabaniss Frances E. Darden Charles Thomas Gaisser Arthur C. Guyton Max W. Akins. Bruce G. Austin Samuel K. Day, Jr. Robert 0. Duncan Hazel I. Garrett Joann Gunn Evelyn S. Haney Joseph C. Harris FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Bernard G. Hamilton John S. Hartin M. K. Horne H. B. Howerton MEMBERS Mervin E. Hogg Clyde G. Huggins Harry B. Hungerford, Jr. John H. Napier III Lawrence E. Noble, Jr. John W. Prados Opal R. Price Charles W. Robison John B. Rogers W. L. Kennon Richard E. Keye, Jr. P. K. McCarter Annie L. Roberts Louis Silver Roy D. Sheffield Ralph D. Shultz Alliston Slade John R. Smith James B. Snow Martha W. Summers Albert H. Woolett Jimmy B. Zachery Pi Kappa Pi is an organization which upholds high ideals in scholastic work on the Ole Miss campus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is the highest scholastic honor that may be attained at the University. The main requirement for membership is a seventy per cent average of A ' s for two consecutive years. 302 PHI ETA SIGMA First Row: Lamar Arrington, Edwin A. Baite, Frank A. Bellina, James T. Bennett, Billy Eugene Berry, Franklin W. Carlisle, Jr., Robert L. Cave, William W. Combs, Jr., Robert I. Cox James Edwin Darnell, Jr. Second Row: Justin J. David, Samuel K. Day, J.-., William B. Dorsey, Robert 0. Duncan, John ' O. Emmerich. Jr., James W. Follansbee, John R. Gerdes, William M. Gillespie, Joseph C. Harris John Leslie Hatcher. Third Row: Harry B. Hungerford, Jr., Thomas D. Jenkins, Whitman B. Johnson, Jr., Geoffrey B. King, Jr., William E. Korndoffer, Jr., Eaton Lang, Lionel E. Lester, Harry L. Loflin, Jr , Louis J. Lyell, B. B. McClendon, Jr, Alvie C. McCulley. Fourth Row: Ervin McKay, Jr., Harvey J. Meltzer, Harold W. Melvin, Dewey C. Jr., J. Ray Murphy, Lawrence E. kioble, Jr., Jase Norsworthy, Lenox W. Oglesby, Robert D. Parkes, Thomas H. Pearson, John W. Prados. Fifth R,sw: Peter L. Raphael, Guy Hathorn Robinson, John B. Rogers, Lester Shipley, Jack Short, Richard L. Smith, Richard Singley, Joel P. Walker, Jr., John H. White, Albert H. Woollett, Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. GEOFFREY B. KING, JR... . President LENOX W. OGLESBY .. . Secretary OFFICERS ERVIN McKAY, JR. Treasurer WILLIAM W. COMBS, JR.. Historian THOMAS D. JENKINS Senior Adviser R. MALCOLM GUESS . ' aculty Adviser Samuel K. Day, Jr. William B. Dorsey Robert 0. Duncan John 0. Emmerich, Jr. James W. Follansbee John R. Gerdes William M. Gillespie George Hall Joseph C. Harris John Leslie Hatcher Henry N. Herndon, Jr. James Paxton Holloway Lamar Arrington Edwin A. Batte Frank A. Bellina James T. Bennett Billy Eugene Berry Franklin 0. Carlisle, Jr. Robert L. Cave William W. Combs, Jr. Robert I. Cox James Edwin Darnell, Jr. Justin D. David William R. Davis Harry B. Hungerford, Jr. Ervin McKay, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Frank A. Anderson Mr. Jackson Doty Dean R. Malcolm Guess Prof. Richard E. Keys Mr. Louis Silver Dr. Harry M. Campbell Dr. Arthur C. Guyton Mr. Sykes Harlin Dr, W. L. Kennon Dr. Richard Trott Dr. J. Hector Currie Dr. M. K. Horne Prof. H. B. Howerton, Jr. Mr. Clifton Maxwell Dr. Eugene Ray Dr. George A. Carbonne Dr. Alfred Hume Dr. H. B. Howerton, Sr. Dr. P. K. McCarter Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshmen. It has as its pur- pose the forwarding of scholastic ideals and achievements among freshman men. ,Require- ments for membership are a 2.5 quality point average for either your first semester of col- lege or for your entire first year of college work. MEMBERS Thomas D. Jenkins Whitman B. Johnson, Jr. Arthur L. Kennan, Jr. Geoffrey B. King, Jr. William E. Korndoffer, Jr Eaton Lang Donald Edmond Lee Lionel E. Lester Harry L. Loflin, Jr. Louis J. Lyell B. B. McClendon, Jr. Alvie C. McCulley Harvey J. Meltzer Harold W. Melvin Dewey C. Morris, Jr. J. Ray Murphy . Lawrence E. Noble, Jr. Jane 0. Norsworthy Lenox W. Oglesby Robert B. Parkes Thomas H. Pearson John W. Prados Peter L. Raphael Guy Hathorn Robinson John B. Rogers Lester Shipley, Jr. Jack Short Richard L. Smith Richard Singley Thomas J. Stephens Henry D. Stone Joel P. Walker, Jr. John H. White Sek Wing Albert H. Woollett Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. 303 MORTAR HARD First Row: Betty Brown, Huldab Howell, Tressa King, Billie C. McClendon. Second Row: Ann McLean, Carolyn Prewitt, Watsie Summers. OFFICERS WATSIE SUMMERS President CAROLYN PREWITT Vice-President ANN McLEAN Secretary TRESSA KING Treasurer BETTY BROWN Historian BILLIE CLAIR McCLENDON . Forum Representative MEMBERS Betty Brown Tressa King Carolyn Prewitt Huldab Howell Billie Clair McClendon Watsie Sumners Ann McLean Mortar Board is a national honorary society for senior women, established at the Univer- sity in 1943. Selection for membership is one of the highest honors conferred upon women students, based upon outstanding personality, scholarship, ability and leadership on the cam- pus. 304 PIII DELTA PHI First Row: William 0. Carter, Ancil L. Cox, Daniel W. Dabbs, George E. Estes, Jr., Joseph R. Fancher, William F. Goodman, Carl E. ;ey, Frederick P. Hamel. Second Row: Jack F. Harrington, Robert J. Hobby, Jesse B. Holleman, James R. Houston, Louis J. LyeII, Willis T. Matthews, Frank D. Montague, William T. Moroney. Third Row: Jase 0. Norsworthy, George E. Peacock, T. H. Pearson, Roger B. Shows, Francis B. Stevens, Lester F. Summers, Taylor Webb. OFFICERS ROBERT J. HOBBY Magister WILLIAM 0. CARTER Exchequer ROBERT A. WALKER Clerk LONNIE E. GRIFFITH Historian William 0. Carter Ancil I. Cox Daniel W. Dabbs Elwyn J. Darden George E. Estes, Jr. Joseph R, Fancher William F. Goodman Lonnie E. Griffith Carl E. Guernsey Frederick P. Hamel MEMBERS Jack F. Harrington Robert J. Hobby Jesse B. Holleman James R. Houston Louis J. Lyell Willis T. Matthews Frank D. Montague William T. Moroney Jase 0. Norsworthy George E. Peacock T. H. Pearson Leon L. Porter Roger B. Shows Francis B. Stevens Lester F. Sumners Francis M. Turner Robert A. Walker Taylor Webb Alonzo D. Welch Members of Mayes Inn of Phi Delta Phi, an honorary international legal fraternity, are chosen from those law students who have displayed the highest qualities of scholarship and character in their legal training. The organization was formed at Ole Miss in 1927. Purpose of the fraternity is to promote culture and professional ethics in the legal profession. 305 CARDINAL CLUB LAMAR ARRINGTON HOWARD BISHOP BUDDY BRAUN IKE COUCH JOE FASOLD W. S. FARLEY MICKEY FARRIS HOOD GARBER JOHN GERDES OFFICERS BOB LITTLE .President BUDDY BRAUN .Secretary JOHN McRAE Vice-President JOE FASOLE Treasurer MEMBERS LAMAR ARRINGTON Delta Psi JOHN GERDES Phi Kappa Psi HOWARD BISHOP .Kappa Sigma KARY LINE Independendents BUDDY BRAUN Pi Kappa Alpha BOB LITTLE Sigma Chi IKE COUCH .Beta Theta Pi JOHN McRAE Phi Delta Theta JOE FASOLE Delta Kappa Epsilon GEORGE MELICHAR Sigma Alpha Epsilon W. R. FARLEY .Sigma Phi Epsilon HENRY PARRIS Phi Epsilon Pi MICKEY FARRIS Alpha Tau Omega ED SHROPSHIRE .Sigma Nu HOOD GARBER .Kappa Alpha WADE STRICKLAND Sigma Chi 306 BOB LITTLE JOHN McRAE GEORGE MELICHAR HENRY PARIS ED SHROPSHIRE WADE STRICKLAND The Cardinal Club, sophomore service organization at Ole Miss, was organized on the campus in 1927, and had as its primary purpose the entertainment of visiting ath- letic teams. The club, famous as the Freshman disciplinary committee, supervises the building of the annual Home- coming bonfire, acts as guide to numerous student and faculty conventions held on the campus, and helps to instill within freshman students enthusiastic Ole Miss spirit and a love of Ole Miss tradition. Evidences of the genuine service rendered by the Car- dinal Club, both past and present, are the many worth- while gifts and enduring monuments on the University of Mississippi campus. The membership of the Cardinal Club consists of out- standing sophomore men, one from each of the social fraternities and two from the student body at large. The president is selected from the preceding year ' s Car- dinal Club and is a member of the Junior Class. Each year the members of the Cardinal Club select for their sponsor an attractive and popular sophomore coed; this year the honor was bestowed upon Miss Bar- bara Banahan. BARBARA BANAHAN Cardinal Club Sponsor Celia Buntin, Charlotte Coward, Betty Higdon, Nell Hobgood, Mary M. Holmes, Lucy lmig, Carolyn McCurdy, Patty Ponder, Ellen Wade, Virginia Wing, Virginia Wooten. GWENS OFFICERS CAROLYN McCURDY President MARY MARGARET HOLMES . Secretary VIRGINIA WING Vice-President PATTY PONDER . Treasurer MEMBERS Celia Buntin Nell Hobgood Carolyn McCurdy Virginia Wing Charlotte Coward Mary Margaret Holmes Patty Ponder Virginia Wooten Betty Higdon Lucy lmig Ellen Wade Mississippi Iota of CWENS is composed of sophomore scholarship and leadership among coeds and renders women selected for scholarship, leadership ability and service to the University. participation in campus activities. CWENS promotes ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS CHARLOTTE COWARD President BETTY H IGDON . Secretary BARBARA BANAHAN Vice-President CAROLYN McCURDY Treasurer MEMBERS Barbara Banahan Celia Bustin Betty Higdon Carolyn McCurdy Charlotte Coward Mary Margaret Holmes Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment attainable for freshman coeds. The purpose of this or- among freshman women. ganization is to promote higher standards of living and Barbara Banahan, Celia Bustin, Charlotte Coward, Higdon, Mary M. Holmes, Carolyn McCurdy. 308 PIX First Row: Leila Alexander, Catherine Bankston, Betty Brown, Christine Coleman, Helen Coplan, Ann Crowson, Laddie Hatton. Second Row: Dot Hunter, Jean Johnson, Betty Jourdan, Helen Karr, Thelma Lenz, Betsy Ann McLean. Third Row: Marilyn Na;on, Jean Pemble, Patricia Reilly, Patricia Scobey, June Sneed, Bobbie Taylor, Elleine Williams, Nancy Wood. MEMBERS Tri Delta BETTY JOURDAN Delta Gamma BETSY MOORE Tri Delta LADDIE HARTON Delta Gamma HELEN KARR Tri Delia ELLEINE WILLIAMS Kappa Delta DOT HUNTER Tri Delta CHRISTINE COLEMAN Kappa Delta THELMA LENZ Chi Omega PATRICIA SCOBEY Kappa Delta JOAN JOHNSON Chi Omega ANN McLEAN Delta Zeta BETTY BROWN Chi Omega MARILYN NASON Delta Zeta JUNE SNEED Chi Omega CATHERINE BANKSTON Zeta Tau Alpha HELEN COPLAN Phi Mu .JEAN PEMBLE Zeta Tau Alpha BOBBIE TAYLOR Phi Mu LEILA ALEXANDER Kappa Kappa Gamma .NANCY WOOD Phi Mu ANN CROWSON Kappa Kappa Gamma PATRICIA REILLY Pix is an honorary inter-sorority secret society composed of members from each of the sororities at the University. The purpose of Pix is to recognize outstanding members of the various women ' s Greek letter groups and to foster friendship between these organizations. Membership is by invitation. 309 PHI ALPHA DELTA First Row: Richard 0. Arington, James R. Billingsley, Robert A. Bridges, Fred M. Bush, Jr., Charles A. Carter. Second Row: Thomas R. Crews, Jesse W. Eavenson, John E. Gregg, John M. Grower, Roy C. Kuyrkendall, Jr. Third Row: Robert D. Patterson, James E. Price, Jr., George M. Quin, George A. Ward. OFFICERS FRED M. BUSH, JR. Justice JAMES E. PRICE, JR. Vice Justice GEORGE A. WARD Clerk CARL A. MEGEHEE Marshal JESSE W. EAVENSON Treasurer MEMBERS Richard 0. Arrington Fred A. Carver Carl A. Megehee James R. Billingsley Thomas R. Crews Robert D. Patterson Robert A. Bridges Jesse W. Eavenson James E. Price, Jr. Fred M. Bush, Jr. John E. Gregg George M. Quin Charles A. Carter John M. Grower George A. Ward Roy C. Kuyrkendall, Jr. Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary legal fraternity, which seeks the promotion of fel- lowship and the fostering of the highest ideals of the legal profession. Those students in the School of Law who have attained the requisite scholastic and character qualifications are eligible for consideration as members. The local chapter is named for one of Mississippi ' s outstanding statesmen, L. 9. C. Lamar, and was established in 1929. 310 KAPPA KAPPA First Row: B. D. Berry, P. L. Berry, H. L. Blackwell, J. B. Blaize, S. J. Brewer, R. J. Bucci, H. J. Burnham, W. E. Cochran. Second Row: C. H. Conner, J. S. Covington, H. C. Ethridge, R. D. Ford, H. P. Harrell, M. F. Hartley, S. C. Leist, R. V. Mayfield. Third Row: 0. C. Mitchell, M. W. Morgan, C. S. Phelps, C. B. D. E. Spears, J. 0. Stephens., W. K. Taylor. E. J. Schmidt D. D. Berry R. N. Flury C. T. Hill, Jr. MEMBERS D. E. Spears W. E. Cochran S. C. Leisi L. C. Willis C. II. Conner 0. C. Mitchell R. M. Rouse H. J. Burnham H. P. Harrell Alpha Kappa Kappa International Medical Fraternity was founded September 29, 1888, at Dartmouth Medical College. Beta Sigma Chapter was installed on the Ole Miss campus May 17, 1947. Its main purpose is to foster the advancement of Medical Science, the fellow- ship of the brotherhood, and the mutual benefit of its members. 311 PHI First Row: James B. Barlow, Hugh B. Barnes, Sterling A. Bette, Jack W. Bishop, Austin P. Boggan, Frank W. Bowen, Albert C. Bryan Jr., Ray Bryant, Jr., Hubert F. Campbell Second Row: Louis S. Chatham, David M. Comfort, Robert N. Crockett, Jr., S. Kirby bay, Jr., Robert O. Duncan, John R. Durfey, Jr., Frank R. Harmon A. Foster, John T. Frazier. Third Row: Nolan W. Fulton, James O. Gilmore, William M. Gillespie, Howard R. Gray, Jeff W. Walter H. Henley, Thomas H. Hester, Billy B. Hoover, Joseph L. Hurst. Fourth Row: Emile F. Jabour, Billie L. James, John E. Lindley, William D. Logan, Jr., Joseph P. McKell, Norman A. McKinnon, Jr., George L. Miller, Paul E. Mink, William T. Oakes, Carnal P. Petro. Fifth Row: Robert M. Ritter, Curtis D. Roberts, Guy H. Robinson Leo J. Scanlon, Jr., Joseph H. Shoemaker, Charles R. Smith, Lamar H. Wadlington, Prentice J. Walker, Herman D. Webster, Jr., Reginald P. White. OFFICERS ROBERT N. CROCKETT, JR. President WILLIAM D. LOGAN, JR. Vice-President HARMON A. FOSTER Secretary BILLY B. HOOVER Treasurer THOMAS H. HESTER Judge Advocate James B. Barlow Wilford C. Doss, Jr. Hugh B. Barn es Robert 0. Duncan Sterling A. Bathe John R. Durfey, Jr. Jack W. Bishop Frank R. Fortenberry Austin P. Boggan Harmon A. Foster Frank W. Bowen John T. Frazier Albert C. Bryan, Jr. Nolan W. Fulton, Jr. L. Ray Bryant, Jr. James 0. Gilmore Hubert F. Campbell William M. Gillespie Louis S. Chatham Howard R. Gray David M. Comfort Jeff W. Harris Robert N. Crockett, Jr. Walter H. Henley S. Kirby Day, Jr. Thomas H. Hester MEMBERS James P. Holloway Angus E. Holmes Billy B. Hoover Joseph L. Hurst F. Emile Jabour Billie L. James John E. Lindley William D. Logan, Jr. Joseph P. McKell Norman A. McKinnon, Jr. George L. Miller Paul E. Mink William T. Oakes Camel P. Petro Robert M. Ritter Curtis D. Roberts Guy H. Robinson Leo J. Scanlon, Jr. Joseph H. Shoemaker Charles R. Smith Lamar H. Wadlington Prentice J. Walker Clinton E. Wallace Herman D. Webster, Jr. Reginald P. White Phi Chi international medical fraternity strives for the promotion of the highest ideals of the profession among the students in the many schools of medicine in which it has chap- ters. Theta Pi chapter was formed at Ole Miss on March 22, 1926. 312 BUSINESS EDLHTION First Row: Betty Adams, Catherioe Bankston, Evelyn M. Burks, Billye Caldwell, Jo Ann Gasteel, Jane Caughran, Jean W. Crawford. Second Row: Mar tha Dulaney, Eugene M. Furness, R0510 Gong, Victor G. Hammons, Iva N. Harris, Helen Henderson. Nell Hobgood. Third Row: Glyn lingsworth, Maurice Inman, Tre6;a M. King, Betty Kramer, Martha Lindley, E. Conway McCracken, Addie S. McLaughlin. Fourth Row: Helen Magee, June Sneed, Jessie Mae Stewart, Gilbert Strode, Mary L. Wilson. OFFICERS BETTY ADAMS President RUFUS T. JONES Vice-President HELEN MAGEE Secretary-Treasurer MAURICE INMAN Reporter WILSON ASHBY Faculty Sponsor Beaty Adams Eugene M. Furness Wilson Ashby Rosie Gong Catherine Bankston Victor G. Hammons Evelyn M. Burks Iva Nell Harris Billye Caldwell Helen Henderson Jo Ann Casteel Frank Herndon Jane Caughran Dewey Hickman Jean W. Crawford Nell Hobgood Martha Dulaney Glyn Hollingsworth Lytle C. Fowler Maurice Inman MEMBERS Charlie Mac Jones Rufus T. Jones Tressa M. King Betty Kramer Dr. A. J. Lawrence Mrs. Martha Lindley Effie Sue McAmis E. Conway McCracken Joseph W. McDonald Mrs. Marvel B. McDonough Adlie S. McLaughlin Jo Ann McMinn Helen Magee Dr. G. A. Porter June Sneed Jessie Mae Stewart Gilbert Strode Joan Thomas Mrs. Pearl Bates Turner Mary L. Wilson The Business Education club was organized in October, 1947, to provide fellowship for business education students and assist in their welfare before and after their graduation. The club is open to any member of the faculty or future student who is interested in busi- ness education. 313 DELTA SIGMA PI JAMES BENNETT CHARLES BROWN LAWRENCE CURBO WINFIELD DUNN GIBBS EADY JOHN GAUTIER TOM HORNER LEON E. LEWIS, JR. ACTIVES LOUIS VISE, JR Headmaster JUNIOR WARDEN LEON E. LEWIS, JR. Scribe BILLY STEPHENS .Senior Warden WARREN ROBINSON Treasurer Delta Sigma N Officers WI LLIAM LITTLE HUGH McKEE WARREN ROBINSON 0 BILLY STEPHENS GLENN TOMLINSON LOUIS VISE, JR. bership is restricted to majors in the School of Com- merce and Business Administration who have met neces- sary scholastic requirements and are approved by the organiaztion. Delta Sigma Pi is a professional commerce and bus- iness administration fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. Further aims are to encourage scholarship and association of students for mutural advancement by research and practice. Mem- ACTIVES JAMES BENNETT CHARLES BROWN LAWRENCE CURBO WINIFIELD DUNN GIBBS EADY R. A. EMMONS JOHN GAUTIER TOM HORNER ARTHUR KEENAN LEON E. LEWIS WILLIAM LITTLE GORDON MACAULAY HUGH McKEE WARREN ROBINSON BILLY STEPHENS GLENN TOMLINSON LOUIS VISE Presentation by President Louis Vise to Ann Lum, Delta Sigma Pi Rose 315 AMERICAN P 1 ACE TIVI ,...::,, ASSUA J1, i Ali OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Phil Alexander, Jack D. Allen, J. A. Ashmore, Douglas Aultman, C. J. Baco, Lee V. Bailey, C. L. Bailey, F. L. Baker, Alex Ball, E. 0. Barnard. Second Row: James F. Bell, Fred Bennett, Jack D. Berch, John D. Bethay, L. B. Bigham, E. L. Bishop, Harold Blackledge, C. C. Blom- quist, W. H. Booth, W. A. Boswell. Third Row: T. E. Bounds, W. E. Bounds, J. D. Boyd, J. E. Boyd, J. W. Bradley, H. P. Breaux, H. D. Brewer, E. N. Brock, E. E. Broyles, John A. Brown. Fourth Row: John Buckley, Burchfield Bullock, T. L. Burnette, W. A. Butler, G. W. Caldwell, H. G. Caldwell, John T. Case, E. W. Cave- ness, R. L. Chapman, L. H. Clay,. Fifth Row: Paul Colon, Aetna Mae Condon, 0. V. Cook, Jerry Cooper, L. J. Costner, Robert Covens, C. R. Crook, J. R. Crook, H. W. Davidson, Eugene DeBow. Sixth Row: Vincent De Paula, James L. Dietz, R. A. Dixon, M. J. Donaldson, R. D. Driver, W. T. Drura, H. G. Everett, W. M. Fant, W. L. Farrell, R. M. Farris. Seventh Row: Jack E. Ferguson, Jack G. Ferguson, H. C. Floyd, Glo- ria J. Flowers, John Fly, W. J. Fong, D. R. Ford, J. P. Ford, W. L. Fortenberry, F. G. Fournet. LEFT: First Row: W. B. Franklin, G. E. French, Lanelle G. Gafford. Second Row: Alfred Gent, Gerald Glass, L. I. Glass. Third Row: John E. Gore, J. C. Greco, C. J. Green. Fourth Row: Benny Greshem, C. G. Griffon, Robert Halton. Fifth Row: J. M. Hamaker, W. N. Haney, Albert Harder. Sixth Row: Paul L. Hardiman, James C. Hays, E. B. Henson. Seventh Row: Doris E. Hill, W. H. Hilliard. Members Not In Panel—C. K. Arnold, D. A. Bodd, H. D. Barlow, R. M. Blakely, J. H. Boulwell, E. H. Bowie, C. C. Brown, C. W. Bul- lock, Leon Bullock, A. F. Carr, Annalee Cook, W. W. Cornelius, R. G. Dreher, Paul F. Edgar, George I. Edmondson, T. J. Finch, S. T. Ford, C. N. Gleason, Viola Gleason, C. W. Greer, M. D. Gwinner, Marilyn L. Harper, Alton L. Hunter, Mary E. Joyner, Thomas Kelling, Albert C. Kemp, Frank S. Kyle, D. L. Lemoine, Dan 0. Lewman, L. L. Long, C. R. McDaniel, G. E. Middleton, Y. A. Moore, J. A. Niles, John F. Patterson, H. H. Powell, Charles Pyle, J. A. Richard, H. A. Russ, Imogene B. Smith, Henry L. Stowers, W. E. Tabor, R. E. Wall. One of the student branches of the American Pharma- ceutical Association, the chapter here is composed of stu- dents enrolled in the School of Pharmacy. It seeks to ad- vance knowledge and high professional standards in the field. Experts in the profession are regularly brought to the campus to speak before the group. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTI !, ASSOCIATION OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Ira J. Hinton, W. H. Hinton, James 0. Hogue, Robert L. Holt, L. G. Hopkins, R. M. Hudson, V. T. Hughes, Edward Hytkin, Ann E. Jones, W. L. Jones. Second Row: Edward S. Keaton, Charles Kette, Al Kuljis, Charles E. Lane, John D. Laws, R. A. Lemoine, W. S. Lively, R. L. Logan, A. A. Logue, P. C. Luna. Third Row: L. R. McCarter, J. D. McElroy, J. D. McKenzie, W. M. Mabry, Emile Maffei, Billy Allen May, Sara E. Mayfield, V. G. Mead- ers, D. R. Meador, Harvey Meltzer. Fourth Row: J. 0. Mills, Jo W, Moore, John Muse, J. A. Nagle, G. R. Nash, Guy Newcomb, J. F. Nickels, W. F. O ' Donnell, Miguel Orihuela, Tommy Orr. Fifth Row: James E. Parkin, Stanley W. Peckham, Glen 0. Pierce, Milford B. Pierce, Elmyra Pieralich, R. N. Pletcher, E. B. Polk, James Pope, E. C. Preston, R. R. Price, J. R. Quarles, J. L. Quinn. Sixth Row: James E. Quirnt, J. L. Raggio, L. H. Ramsey, James W. Reed, Roy J. Reed, Patricia M. Regan, James R. Savage, C. H. Scar- brough. Seventh Row: V. F. Scott, Anthony Sekul, Donald G. Shipp, W. E. Skinner, Kirby Smith, Marshall C. Smith, C. B. Snyder, Jack E. Sta- ples, James T. Steele, H. N. Stewart. LEFT: First Row: R. C. Tapp, B. D. Thompson, T. J. Thompson. Second Row: W. M. Tomes, W. D. Van Devender, Robert L. Vick. Third Row: Joseph S. Walker, Sarah L. Wallace, E. L. Warren. Fourth Row: G. C. Warren, Jack W. Watson, J. M. Watts. Fifth Row: Charles 0. Weeks, John H. Williams, H. L. Wing. Sixth Row: J. W. Wise, Jack Wolverton, James H. Wooley. Seventh Row: L. C. Wright, W. H. Wroten, J. R. Yates. coy EPSILON First Row: James Attaya, Bruce Green Austin, Frank Anthony Bellina, Robert F. Bowen, James Elwin Bowie, toy Evans, Phillip Horace Galloway. Second Row: Alton Keith Gilbert, Robert John Grady, Asa Elliott Hatch, Frederick H. Hohenschutz, George Pearce Hopkins, Jr., Tracy Wallace Lusk, Jerry C. McCall. Third Row: Henry Nortleet Moore, Rowland Max Murphy, Clarence Haskell Potts, Howard William Stringfellow, Carl Jones Williams, Loren Ticer Young. Chapter Honorary Members Faculty Representatives Dean Lee H. Johnson Prof. A. B. Hargis Dr. F. H. Kellogg James Atteya Bruce Green Austin Frank Anthony Belling Robert F. Bowen James Elwin Bowie Roy Evans Phillip Horace Galloway MEMBERS Alton Keith Gilbert Robert John Grady Asa Elliott Hatch Frederick H. Hohenschutz George Pearce Hopkins, Jr. Tracy Wallace Lusk Jerry C. McCall Henry Norfleet Moore Rowland Max Murphy Clarence Haskell Potts Howard William Stringfellow Carl Jones Williams Loren Ticer Young Chi Epsilon is a national honorary civil engineering fraternity composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Engineering. Eligibility is based upon scholarship, character, practi- cality, and sociability. Chi Epsilon was reorganized on the Ole Miss campus last year, having been inactive since 1943. 320 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS First Row: Harvey ,C. Aden, Bruce G. Austin, Ralph Barber, Kenneth Barfield, Gayle C. Beanland, Frank A. Bellina, Robert Bowen, James E. Bowie, James Bramuchi. Second Row: Maurice W. Bryant, Willia m R. Burke, Don J. Childers, Charles L. Costner, William F. Dearman, Carson L. Deu- berry, James Dorroh, Roy Evans, Charles Frazier. Third Row: Royce W. Fudge, Eduarado Gaitan-Duran, Phillip Galloway, Charles D. Johnston, James Jones, G. H. Kirkland, William M. Loftis, Richard Lowe, Tracy Lusk. Fourth Row: John F. Maugh, Jerry McCall, Taylor H. McElroy, R. M. Murphy, Robert Myers, Charles R. Pitts, Clarence H. Potts, James G. Putman, Maynard D. Shaw. Fifth Row: Silao J. Soigolon, John D. Stewart, Howard W. Stringfellow, James E. Tayior, Donnell Warlick, Harlan C. Watts, Jesse G. Williams, J. W. Wood. W. Vick, Loren T. Young. MEMBERS Harvey C. Aden William F. Dearman G. H. Kirkland James G. Pulinan Bruce G. Austin Carson L. Deuberry William M. Lofiis Maxie W. Scott Ralph Barber James Dorroh Richard Lowe Maynard D. Shaw Kenneth Barfield Roy Evans Tracy Lusk Silvio J. Spigolon Gayle C. Beanland Charles Frazier John F. Maugh John D. Stewart Frank A. Bellina Royce W. Fudge Jerry McCarl Howard W. Stringfellow Allen Bodron Eduardo Gaitan-Duran Taylor H. McElroy James E. Taylor Robert Bowen Phillip H. Galloway Garth 0. McGahey Donnell Warlick James E. Bowie Glenn A. Gartelman Norfleet Moore Harlan C. Watts James Bramuchi Fred H. Hohenschutz R. M. Murphy Jesse G. Williams Maurice W. Bryant George P. Hopkins Robert Myers J. W. Wood William R. Burke Charles D. Johnston Charles R. Pints Cecil W. Vick Don J. Childers James K. Jones Gordon G. Phillips Loren T. Young Charles L. Costner Charles E. Kilduff Clarence H. Potts The American Society of Civil Engineers is the nation ' s oldest engineering Society. It promotes high professional standards and advances knowle dge and practice in the fields of engineering and architecture. 321 KAPPA Psi First Row: John Douglas Bethay, Curtis Carl Blomquist, Webb Arnold Boswell, Edward Nason Brock, Burchfield Bullock, John Thomas Case, William T. Catchings, Oliver Upton Cook. Second Row: James L. Dietz, William T. Drury, William M. Fant, William L. Fortenberry, Clell J. Green, James Otis Hogue, Robert Louis Holt Augustus A. Logue, Jr., Billy Nants McAdoo. Third Row: William McKinley Mabry, Jr., James Olin Mills, Tommy Orr, Vernon Floyd Scott. Donald Shipp, Henry L. Stowers, James Williams Wise, Samuel Webb Wood, L. C. Wright. OFFICERS EDWARD N. BROCK President JAMES 0. HOGUE Vice-President WILLIAM L. FORTENBERRY Secretary BILLY N. McADOO Treasurer MEMBERS John D. Bethay James L. Dietz Billy N. McAdoo Curtis C. Blomquist William T. Drury James 0. Mills Wibb A. Boswell William M. Fant Tommy Orr Edward N. Brock William L. Fortenberry Vernon F, Scott Burchfield Bullock Clell J. Green Donald Shipp Leo L. Cameron James 0. Hogue Henry L. Stowers John T. Case Robert L. Holt James W. Wise William T. Catchings Augustus A. Logue, Jr. Samuel W. Wood Oliver U. Cook William M. Mabry L. C. Wright FACULTY AND GRADUATE MEMBERS Dean E. L. Hammond Prof W. W. Johnson C. G. Huggins Faculty Advisor Dr. J. L. Voight J. P. Holloway Dr. A. A. Dodge George W. Edmonston Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi pharmaceutical fraternity was reactivated on the Ole Miss campus in May, 1947, after some seventeen years of inactivity. Members are chosen in recog- nition of their scholastic standing, general ability, character and personality. They are expected to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutical profession. 322 Margaret Ann Bowen, Martha Kate Brougher, Martha Jo Purr, Mary Forrest McCall, Billie Clarie McLendon, Patsy Wright, Adrienne Bourgeois, Billie Burgin, Meda Caraway, Emma George Amaline Crawford, Zelma Melvin, Joy Paxton, Billie Rogers, Sara Alice Williams. _AN S GLEE 6LU11 OFFICERS SUE BLOCK .President CAROLYN ALFORD . Librarian ADRIENNE BOURGEOIS Vice-President BILLIE BURGIN Librarian HARVEY ROSS YOUNG .Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Elaine Comfort Janet Edgerton Betty Jo Latham Francis Purvis Genevive Williams Lucy De Spain Mary Margaret Holmes Zulen6 Melton Jean Reynolds Louise Witty Mary Jane Eckles Martha Hull Bessie Morgan Rea Sparks Harvey Ross Young Mai Keen Faith Nelson Joanne Walsh The Women ' s Glee Club is composed of those Ole Miss coeds who have an interest in the fine art of sing- ing for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others. They present an annual concert in cooperation with the Men ' s Glee Club, and are under the direction of Mr. Paul G. Strassler. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA NATIONAL HONORARY MUSICAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS MARY FORREST McCALL President MARTHA JO FURR Corresponding Secretary LADYE NELSON Vice-President MARTHA ANN BOWEN Recording Secretary BILLIE McLENDON Treasurer ACTIVES Margaret Ann Bowen Martha Jo Furr Billie Cleric McClendon Harriet Wooldridge Martha Kate Brougher Mary Forrest McCall Ladye Neilson Patsy Wright PLEDGES Adrienne Bourgeois Meda Caraway Amaline Crawford Zelma Melvin Billie Rogers Billie Burgin Emma George Carr May Jean Lipe Joy Paxton Sara Alice Williams Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary musical fra- ternity for women. Its purposes are to uphold the ideals of the musical profession. Membership is restricted to graduate and undergraduate music students who meet requirements in their music courses and are recom- mended by the faculty of the Department of Music. Alpha Omega chapter of the fraternity was formed at Ole Miss in 1939. First Row: Carolyn Alford, Sue Block, Adrienne Bourgeois, Billie Burgin, Elaine Comfort Lucy De Spain, Mary Jane Janet Edgerton, Mary Margaret Holmes, Mai Keen, Second Row: Betty Jo Latham, Bessie Morgan, Faith Nelson, Francis Purvis, Jean Reynolds, Rea Sparks, Jeanne Walsh, Genevive Williams, Louise Harvey Ross Young. TAU KAPPA ELPIIA 1949-1950 SCHEDULE Nov. 5-7... TKA Southern Debate Tourney, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Nov. 15.. Campus Exhibition with Oxford (England) Nov. 17-19...Alabama Discussion Conference, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Dec. 2-3... Mississippi Youth Congress, Jackson Dec. 9-10... Miilsaps Warm-Up Tournament, Jackson Jan. 6... Panel Discussion, Sardis Jan. ...Tour of Exhibition Debates in Memphis and East Tennessee High Schools Feb. 14-17... Intra-Mural Festival, Campus Feb. 24-25... All-Southern Tournament, Manta The University Debate Club and Tau Kappa Alpha, Nati onal Honorary Forensic Fraternity, in conjunction with the Department of Speech, engage in a full year of public speaking, debate, and discussion activities. In addition to their schedule of activities Mar. 3-5... Magnolia Tournament, Columbus, Miss. Mar . 3-4... Gulf Speech Festival, Hattiesburg Mar. 8... Campus Exhibition with L.S.U. Mar. 9-II...TKA National Convention, Lexington, Ky. Mar. I6-17...Tour of Exhibition Debates in Delta High Schools Mar. 2I-22...Tour of Exhibition Debates in Central Mississippi High Schools Apr. S.S.A. Tournament, Birmingham, Ala. In addition to these, the freshman and sophomore squads visited Auburn, Spring Hill, Alabama, Miilsaps, and Alabama College for exhibition debates. listed on the left below, the groups meet every Monday evening for two hours to work on forensics. Members of Tau Kappa Alpha are also members of the University Debate Club. Charles R. Allen Richard P. Birchett Stanley Brunt Barbara Cason Harold C. Crump Walter Coppedge J. 0. Emmerich Garrett Norman B. Gillis George Gulley MEMBERSHIP The University Debate Club Harold B. Fuller Samuel Kaplan Erasmus Fowler Thomas Haddock Robert Hodges William Holmes Monroe Jenkins Tau Kappa Alpha J. B. Holleman Joseph Hawkins Sam H. Hardison Jack L. Hatcher James R. Roberts Joseph W. Stevens Taylor Webb E. C. Ward Bon C. White Andrew S. Scott Charles L. Sullivan Nancy 1. Wood Kerry N. Lyon Robert Merriam Harold Melvin Troy E. Nunis Marion Roten Jay Hedgepeth Rufus Johnson Kenneth Kuzenski D. M. Maples 324 BETA BETA BETA First Row: Betty Brown, Benjamin L. Crawford James Darnell, Paul Edger,George Edmonson, George Ellis, ReuDen Farris, John Frazier, William L. Garner, James Hogue, Edgar D. Johnson, Whitman Johnson. Second Row:Thelma Lenz, John L. McGee, Sarah McNu-t, Robert A. Mitchell, John M. Patterson, B. H. Putman, Thomas Ritchie, Patty Scarborough, Charles D. Scruggs, Donald Shipp, John Buford Wilkerson. OFFICERS JOHN VINER President BETTY BROWN Secretary BOB ROPER Vice-President THOMAS RITCHIE .Historian MEMBERS Betty Brown John Frazier Edgar D. Johnson Robert Andrew Mitchell Eloise Rowland Ronald R. Cowden William Lee Garner John C. Johnson Shelby W. Mitchell Gisela Sauerberg Benjamin J. Crawford Lloyd E. Gary Whitman Johnson Thomas Benjamin Owen Patty James Darnell Mrs. Martha Goss Joe Johnston Dr. Dean R. Parker Charles D. Scruggs Paul Edgar Robert Henry Glover Berwind Kaufmann John Melvin Patterson Bernard Seymour George Edmonson Dr. Elmer Hammond Thelma Lenz B. H. Putman Donald Shipp George Ellis Dr. Vance B. Harrison Dora Deane McGee Mrs. Bernice B. Rice John Viner Reuben Farris James Hogue John L. McGee Thomas Ritchie Buford Wilkerson Gloria Moss Franklin Dr. Frank Hull Sarah McNutt Robed R. Roper Beta Kappa Chapter of Beta Beta Beta was established at Ole Miss in 1941. It is a National Honorary Fraternity for biologists, and its members are carefully chosen for scholarship and scientific aptitude. The fraternity serves as a focal point for biology students on the campus. EPSILON GAMMA EPSILON GLYN HOLLINGSWORTH BETTY HADAD BETTY KRAMER OFFICERS .President BETTY ADAMS. Hist orian Vice-President MARTHA LINDLEY .Treasurer .Secretary MR. FRANK HERNDON Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS Betty Adams Jane Caughran Katie Bankston Betty Hadad Sarah Alice Doss Victor Hammons Sue Haney Epsilon Gamma Epsilon is a professional educational organization. Its chief purpose is to promote ideals and concepts of higher education in the field of business Betty Adams, Katie Bankston, Sarah A. Doss, Jane Caughran, Betty Hadad, Victor Hammons, Sue Haney, Glyn Hollingsworth, Betty Kramer, Mary L. McDaniel, (Mrs.) Martha Lindley, (Mrs.) Mary Peeples, Theresa Poythress. Glyn Hollingsworth Mary Peeples Betty Kramer Theresa Poythress Mary Louise McDaniel Ada Jane Stisher Martha Lindley education. Membership is based on character, initiative, and scholarship. 325 HOME ECONOMICS First Row: Betty Lane Akin, Ann Barrett, Jane Boring, Suzette Buehler, Mildred Buchannan, Emma George Carr, Ada Cohen, Amy Jo Cole, Teenie Coleman, Mary Frances Comstock. Second Row: Martha Ann Cook, Lucy De Spain, Mary Jane Eckles, Bii;ie Faulkner, Noryene Flanagan, Camille George, Annie Sue Grent, Dora Ellen Greene, Jonelle Green, Georgia Anne Gresham. Third Row: Laddie Harton, Joy Herron, Bettye Higdon, Helen Hicks, Rosemary Jour Johnson, Rosemary Keesling, Sara Knight, Olivia Lewis, Peggy Little. Fourth Row: Peggye Ma- honey, Jan Marlow, Miriam Marron, Martin, Jean Melvin, Joyce Melvin, Mary Michael, Maryboc Miller, Jean Oakes, Myrleen Oakes. Fifth Row: Ann Odom, Fay Carolyn Prewitt, Annie Laurie Saul, Libber Smith, Peggie Weever, C,issy Westbrook, Gladys Wicks, Carolyn Williams, Xandra Williams, Ann Woods. Betty Lane Akin Carolyn Algee Ann Barrett Jane Boring Suzette Buehler Mildred Buchannan Emma George Carr Ada Cohen Amy Jo Cole Teenie Coleman Mary Frances Comstock Martha Ann Cook Lucy De Spain Mary Jane Eckles Billie Faulkner Noryene Flanagan Camille George MEMBERS Annie Sue Grant Dora Ellen Greene Jonelle Green Georgia Anne Gresham Laddie Harton Joy Herron Bettye Higdon Helen Hicks Rosemary Howie Joan Johnson Rosemary Keesling Sara Knight Olivia Lewis Peggy Little Peggye Mahoney Jan Marlow Miriam Marron Merle Martin Jean Melvin Joyce Melvin Mary Michael Marybec Miller Jean Oakes Myrleen Oakes Ann Odom Fay Pope Carolyn Prewitt Annie Laurie Saul Libber Smith Peggie Weaver Cissy Westbrook Gladys Wicks Carolyn Williams Xandra Williams Ann Wood In order to bring women students together field of home economics, as well as to promote nomics club was formed at Ole Miss in 1938. dent who has had a course in the department and inform them of the opportunities in the clean, healthful, home life, the Home Eco- The organization is open to any woman ski- or who is taking one. 326 BETA GAMM-i First Row: Rcbert L. Alexander, James T. Bennett, Charles A. Carter, Billie Jean French, Irene Garrett. SecJrid Row: Dale Guenther, Sue Haney, Joseph C. Harris, William M. Raworth, Kenneth E. Smith, Coleen Swearingsn. MEMBERS Robert L. Alexander Joseph C. Harris Dr. H. B. Highsaw James T. Bennett William M. Raworth Dr. A. J. Lawrence Charles A. Carter Kenneth E. Smith Dr. David McKinney Billie Jean French Coleen Swearingen Dr. K. Morrison Irene Garrett Dr. C. F. Dunham Prof. Joseph Cerny Dale Guenther Dr. M. K. Horne Prof. Grady Guyton Sue Haney Mr. Ned Williams Chapters of this scholastic society for business students are limited to those institutions which are members of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. Member- ship is made up of the upper ten percent of the senior class, but some juniors may be elected during the last semester of the junior year. This society stands for the highest princi- ples of scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies. 327 M. C. A. First Row: Gayle C. Beanland, Jr., Hal Brewer, Perrin Caldwell, William Carter, Bill Combs, Maurice Dentin. Second Row: Shed H . Hunger, Jimmy Muskelley, Paul Pitman, Tommy Thompson, Louis Zehnde- OFFICERS JIMMY MUSKELLEY President GAYLE C. BEANLAND, JR, . . Vice-President MAUR ICE DANTIN Treasurer CABINET OFFICERS OF Y.M.C.A. WILLIAM CARTER Community Affairs Committee BILL COMBS Dormitory Discussion TOMMY THOMPSON Hospital Visitation HAL BREWER Social and Recreation Committee SHED HILL HUNGER . Religious Life Committee HENRY McREE Freshman Y Committee LOUIS ZEHNDER . Building Service Committee PERRIN CALDWELL . World Relatedness Committee PAUL PITMAN Publicity Committee The Y.M.C.A. was organized on the Ole Miss campus in 1868 in order to encourage whole- some Christian living. The Women ' s organization, the Y.W.C.A., was formed here in 1899. The Reverend Wiley H. Gritz is general secretary of the Y.M.C.A., while Miss Lynda Ramey is general secretary for the women ' s group. The two organizations provide the recreational equipment in the " Y " building, sponsor broadcasts of off-campus football games, they pay expenses for the annual Religious Emphasis Week. During examination weeks, regular " coffee hours " are held in the " Y " building for the refreshment of the students. Funds for the " Y " come partly from an annual campus drive. Membership is on a voluntary basis, and each student at the University is eligible for membership. 328 W. C. A. First Row: Suzette Buehler, Celia Bustin, Helen Coplin, Charlotte Catherine Huggins, Ann Lum. Second Row: Mary Forrest McCall, Dean Morris, Myleen Oakes, Elizabeth Polk, Ca rolyn Prewitt, Natalie Thompson, Eone Veasey. OFFICERS ................. . President MYRLEEN OAKES . Vice-President SUZETTE BUEHLER Secretary CAROLYN PREWITT Treasurer CABINET OFFICERS OF Y.W.C.A. CHARLOTTE COWARD Community Affairs Committee DEAN MORRIS Dormitory Discussion ELIZABETH POLK Hospital Visitation ANN LUM Social and Recreational Committee HELEN COPLIN • Religious Life Committee CATHERINE HUGGINS Freshman Y Committee CELIA BUNTIN Building Service Committee NATALIE THOMPSON . World Relatedness Committee MARY FORREST McCALL Publicity Committee 329 WESLEY FOINPATION OFFICERS A. EUGENE DYESS President TRESSA M. KING Vice-President THELMA J. LENZ Secretary LOUIS L. VISE Treasurer COMMITTEEMEN JAMES L. NICHOLS Membership and Attendance JUNE SMALLWOOD Worship EARL KUYRKENDALL Special Programs DOROTHY MALONE . Music LANNESE THOMPSON Deputations BETTY BROWN Community and World Service BRUCE AUSTIN Suppers LANELLE WELLS Literature ED PARRISH Recreation LOUIS VISE Finance The Wesley Foundation is an arm of the Methodist Church reaching to the college cam- puses. Its aim is to foster the social, moral, and spiritual needs of students. On Sunday nights at 6:30 the group meets at the Church for supper, singing, and lectures. All student mem- bers of the Methodist Church are eligible for membership. 330 SCABBARD AND BLADE First Row: George R. Ellis, Cheiles L. Frazier, Lester A. Shipley, Joe Johnson, Gordon B. DeLashmet, Winfield Dunn, Robert C. Effinger. Second Row: Henry N. Fancher, George W. Hoffman, Tom R. Long, Fred Lotterhos, William I. McDonald, James T. Morgan, William M. Pace. Third Row: Bob Parks, Wesley C. Scarborough, Howcrd S. Smithson, Matt W. Steele, Jesse Williams, Walton S. Williams. George R. Ellis, Gordon B. DeLashmet James T. Morgan Captain Winfield Dunn William M. Pace Charles L. Frazier, Robed- C. Effinger Bob Parkes First Lieutenant Henry N. Fancher Wesley C. Scarborough Lester A. Shipley, George W. Hoffman Howard S. Smithson Second Lieutenant Tom R. Long Matt W. Steele Joe Johnston, Fred Lotterhos Jesse G. Williams First Sergeant William L. McDonald Walton S. Williams W. R. D. Nickelson, Captain, USN ALUMNUS ' S. C. Parker Captain, Infantry ASSOCIATE C. E. Taylor, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF G. E. Bender, Lieutenant Colonel Infantry National honorary military fraternity for advanced R.O.T.C. and N.R.O.T.C. students. Com- pany " B " 8th Regiment, founded al Ole Miss April 6, 1940. 331 NEWMAY LUB First Row: John E. Bat, Charles J. James F. Bell, Joseph H. Benvenutti, James E. Bramuchi, Browr, Marko M. Butirich, Patrick R. Caine, Robert Campion, Norma Collins. Second Row: Mary Jane Delmas, Kathleen Delmas, Clay L. File, Frances Frasier, Thomas Goggin, Eduardo Gaitan, William J. Haneyhan, Dennis G. Helm, Betty J. Herlihy, John Hunt. Third Row: Junken, Carol Knost, William Korn- doffer, James Korndoffer, Alexis Robed. Kelly, Eaton Lang, Anthony Logue, Edward Morganski, Anthony B. Nunez, Donald Parks. Fourth Row: Jeannine Pelham, Thelma Pelham, Richard Perkins, John W. Prados, James Reggio, Walter A. Reagan, Eugene V. Schalk, Lawrence Semsk, John Venosk, Robert M. Yerges, Edward S. Yoste. OFFICERS JOSEPH H. BENVENUTTI . . . . President BETTY J. HERLIHY . . Secretary LAWRENCE SEMSKI Vice-President JOHN W. PRADOS . Treasurer MEMBERS Eduardo Gaitan Jo Hamilton William J. Haneyhan Dennis G. Helm Betty J. Herlihy John Hunt Sophie Junken Carol Knost William Kordorifer James Korndoffer Alexis Kuljis Robert Kelly Eaton Lang Anthony Loewe William MacMillan Edward Morganski HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Sulya Dr. Bernadine Schmidt Mrs. Marie Scarborough Alan Moreno Anthony B. Nunez Donald Parks Jeannine Pelham Thelma Pelham Richard Perkins John W. Prados James Reggio Walter A. Reagan Eugene V. Seholls Lawrence Semski Mary Alice Shourds Joan Thomas John Venoski Robert M. Yerger Edward S. Yoste Herbert P. Zschokke Miss Ann Boudreaux Mrs. Ross Wills Mr. Edward Barry Colonel D. B. Shourds John E. Bat Charles J. Baylot James F. Bell Joseph H. Benvenutti Donald Boudreaux James E. Bramuchi Robert Brown Marko M. Butirich Patrick R. Caine Robert Campion Norma Collins Mary Jane Delmas Kathleen Delmas Clay L. File Frances Frasier Paul Gerard Thomas Goggin Dr. J. B. Williams Ch ancellor Dean R. M. Guess Dean E. G. Hefley The Newman Club is a Catholic organization dedicated to the spiritual betterment of its members, fellowship, and the promotion of Catholic ideals on the campus. It provides the Catholic students with spiritual, cultural and educational activities. 332 IN EPENDENTS First Row: Betty Abraham, Ruth Lynn Bard, Frances Boyle, Stanley Brunt, James A. Caples, Charles Eden, Jesse Griffin. Second Row: Earl Grimes, Betty Hadad, Joe Hawkins Mon-oe Jenkins, Toni Jenkins, Samuel Kaplan. Third Row: Raymond Kellum, Kerry Lyon, Dorothy Wooten, Fred Mc,Ewen, Mary Evelyn Micreals, Larkin Mize, Annie Laurie Saul, James Saul. Fourth Row: Patty Scarborough, Orann Spratlin, Bill Stephens, himey if Stewart, Clem Thomas, Anne V on Seutter, Sarah Wallace. MEMBERS Betty Abraham Joe Hawkens Dan Moore Ruth L. Baird Monroe Jenkins Rufus Morton Homer Boutwell Samuel Kaplan Annie L. Saul Frances Boyle Raymond Kellum James Saul Stanley Brunt Kerry Lyon Patty Scarborough James A. Caples Dorothy Malone Orann Spratlin Charles Eden George Mend Bill Step hens Ted Gradolf Fred McEwen Himey N. Stewart Jesse Griffin Mary E. Micheals Clem Thomas Earl Grimes Larkin Mize Anne Von Seutter Betty Hadad Sarah Wallace The Independent ' s Student Organization has long been an outstanding organization on the Ole Miss Campus and has taken an active part in all student activities on the campus. Membership is open to all students who are not affiliated with one of the Greek organiza- tions. The purpose of the group is to further the social life of the non-fraternity students. 333 A N C 0 11 ANA ' C II A ABOVE: First Row: Richard Ackerman, John Allison, Bruce Austin, Jack Blonsick. Second Row: Patrick Caine, Robert Campion, Donald Caskey, Robert Cave. Third Row, Sam Chesser, Donald Childers, John Eckhart, Frank Farris. Fourth Row: Charles Frazier, Alton Gilbert, Thomas Gog- gin, Robert Grady. OPPOSITE PAGE: First Row: Ernest Greene, Boyd Harper, John Hunt, Ken- neth Kuzenski, Michael Marshall, Jared Mayes, Edward Moncure, Roland Murphy. Second Row: Stig Mylander, Stephen Sanford, Jack Short, Richard Singley, Robert Taylor, Charles Walton, Paul Amos, Jack Arnold. Third Row: Thomas Arnold, David Bates, Jack Fant, Thomas Freeland, Richard Gould, Edward Hanrahan, James Korndorffer, Robert Lonney, Robert Merryman. Fourth Row: Charles Mercer, Albert Moore, George Mc- Carthy, James Neblett, Charles Patrick, Paul Pittman, Pat Roper, Miles Shatzer, Silvio Spigolon. OFFICERS BOB CAMPION President PAT CAINE Vice-President DON CHILDERS Treasurer HANK HERNDON Secretary MAX MURPHY Master-at-Arms The Anchor and Chain society was ' es- tablished on the Ole Miss campus in the year 1947. The purpose of the club is to furnish social activities for the Naval ROTC midshipmen. Membership in the organization is open only to NROTC mid.. shipmen. This membership is based on scholarship and personal requirements. The Anchor and Chain society was established on the Ole Miss campus in the year 1947. The purpose of the club is to furnish social activities for the Naval ROTC midshipmen. Membership in the organization is open only to NROTC mid- shipmen. This membership is based on scholarship and personal requirements. ACTIVES Richard Ackerman Hessel Davison John Hunt George Peters John Allison John Eckhardt Jack Kelahan Stephen Sanford Bruce Austin Frank Farris Charles Kilduff Jack Short Jack Blonsick Charles Frazier Kenneth Kuzenski Richard Singley Patrick Caine Paul Gerard James Maher Kenneth Smith Robert Campion Alton Gilbert Michael Marshall Edward Sullivan John Carrigan Thomas Goggin Harvey Meltzer Robert Taylor Donald Caskey Robert Grady Jared Mates Glenn Tomlinson Robert Cave Ernest Greene Edward Moncure John Vold Boyd Champion Boyd Harper David Morrill Charles Walton Sam Chesser Earl Heberer Roland Murphy Richard White Donald Childers Henry Herndon Stig Mylender Peter Willemoes Winston Cornelius Arthur Hooper Harlan Northcott Herbert Zschokke ASSOCIATES Paul Amos Thomas Freeland Charles Mercer Owen Reynolds Jack Arnold Richard Gould Albert Moore Pat Roper Thomas Arnold Edward Hanrahan George McCarthy A. S. Scott David Bates James Korndorffer James Neblett Miles Shatzer Jack Curran Robert Lonney Charles Patrick Silvio Spigolon Jack Fant Robert Merryman Paul Pittman 335 H1LLEL FOUNDATION First Row: Howard P. Begelman Robert L. Berman, Irwin D. Califf, Ada Cohen, Robert Covens, Robe t N. Emmich, David Freiman, Charles D. Hollander, Edward Hytken, Samuel A. Kaplan, Irvin M. Kaufman, David M. Klein, Melvin Kruez, Monroe J. Lustbader, Howard D. Maimed, ford J. Marvin. Third Row: Harvey J. Meltzner, Raymond Murov, Arthur Y. Okun, Henry Paris, Peter Raphael, Mike S. Rosenblum, Leonard P. Warren, Jack Weil, Bertram White. OFFI :::ERS JACK WEIL President HARVEY J. MELTZER Vice-President ADA COHEN Secretary PETER L. RAPHAEL Treasurer Howard P. Begelman Robert L. Berman Irwin D. Califf Ada Cohen Robert Covens Herbert Elovitz Robert N. Emmich David Freiman Charles D. Hollander MEMBERS Edward Hytken Samuel A. Kaplan Marcus Katz Irvin M. Kaufman David M. Klein Melvin Kraus Monroe J. Lustbader Howard D. Maimed Sanford J. Marvin Harvey J. Meltzer Raymond Murov Arthur Y. Okun Henry Paris Peter L. Raphael Mike S. Rosenblum Leonard P. Warren Jack Weil Bertram White The Hillel Foundation is composed of Jewish students at Ole Miss. Sponsored by the Mississippi B ' nai B ' rith, a Jewish men ' s service organization, Hillel seeks to provide religious, cultural, and social information for its members, and to foster social opportunities among them. 336 M SSISSIPP ANS PERSONNEL KELLY CLIFFORD . Leader and Bass Viol NEIL ROSENBAUM Vocalist JOANN GUNN Vocalist " BOOCHIE " WELLS Drums AUSTIN MOODY Piano BILL KATZ Tenor Saxaphone " BUNKY " LANE Alto Saxophone BILL LAMOND Tenor Saxaphone DON AIKEN Baritone Saxophone CLYDE COX Trombone JOE STOKES Trombone JOE FASOLD Trumpet " BROTHER " O ' FERRALL Trumpet BILL PERRY Trumpet The Mississippians, campus dance band, is ranked high among college orchestras in the United States. It plays for dances of all kinds at Ole Miss as well as off campus dances in surrounding cities. The band this year was ably led by Kelly Clifford. 337 YOUR L Er IISS2C1AT N The purpose of the Alumni Association is to foster and increase The love between the versity and the alumni, in order that the versity may develop into an even greater stitution. Alumni are defined as any former dent, or a faculty or staff member who has served with the University ten years or more. Any student who has been enrolled for a full course of study as defined by University lations for at least two full semesters is eligible for membership. Officers of the Alumni Asso- ciation are: Harvey Lee Morrison, Okolona, Miss., president; George Payne Cossar, Charles- ton, Miss., vice president; 0. Britt Rogers, lo, Miss., Athletic Committee Representative; and William S. Griffin, secretary. Officers are in the Lyceum Building. The main project of the Association at the present time is the building of the new Alumni Building. Plans are rapidly progressing for this project, and the building will be in a stage of construction in the near future. The Future Alumni Building OFFICERS 1949-1950 HARVEY LEE MORRISON .Okolona, Mississippi 0. BRITT ROGERS .Tupelo, Mississippi President Athletic Committee Reresentative GEORGE PAYNE COSSAR Charleston, Mississippi WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN .University, Mississippi Vice-President Alumni Secretary (Pictured Above) BOARD OF DIRECTORS District 1 THOMPSON McCLELLAN West Point, Mississippi CARL McKELLAR Columbus, Mississippi District 2 JUDGE JOHN KUYKENDALL .Charleston, Mississippi JOHN W. KYLE .Sardis, Mississippi District 3 JOHN DULANEY Tunica, Mississippi J. C. FAIR Greenwood, Mississippi District 4 CHARLES D. FAIR Louisville, Mississippi R. C. STOVALL Okolona, Mississippi District 5 OTHO R. SMITH Meridian, Mississippi FRED A. ROSS Meridian, Mississippi R. E. WILBOURN Meridian, Mississippi District 6 L. 0. CROSBY, JR Picayune, Mississippi WALTER GEX, JR. .Bay St. Louis, Mississippi HUGH L. WHITE Columbia, Mississippi District 7 FRANK E. EVERETT . Vicksburg, Mississippi R. BAXTER WILSON Jackson, Mississippi MRS. THOMAS W. CROCKETT Jackson, Mississippi STATE-AT-LARGE ROSS R. BARNETT Jackson, Mississippi JUDGE LEE D. HALL Columbia, Mississippi J. A. BLOUNT .Charleston, Mississippi D. W. HOLMES Hattiesburg, Mississippi ROY N. BOGGAN .Tupelo, Mississippi ED S. LEWIS .Jackson, Mississippi HINDMAN DOXEY Holly Springs, Mississippi W. C. TROTTER University, Mississippi CURTIS M. SWANGO Sardis, Mississippi OUT-OF-STATE DR. J. HARLEY HARRIS Memphis, Tennessee MRS. MARY HARTSFIELD McCLAIN . . Washington, D. C. GEORGE W, HEAL Y JR , New Orleans, Louisiana ROGER Q. SCOTT .Pensacola, Florida JUDGE TAYLOR H. McELROY DAVID COTTRELL D. L. FAIR DR. H. M. FASER JUDGE JAMES A. FINLEY DR. IKE C. KNOX JAMES McCL U RE MARTIN V. B. MILLER EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Oxford, Mississippi J. LAKE ROBERSON Clarksdale, Mississippi .Gulfport, Mississippi JUDGE L. A. SMITH Jackson, Mississippi Louisville, Mississippi MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS .Jackson, Mississippi .Jackson, Mississippi W. T. WYNN Greenville, Mississippi Tupelo, Mississippi JUDGE G. GARLAND LYELL Jackson, Mississippi Vicksburg, Mississippi W. T. PATE Jackson, Mississippi Sardis, Mississippi JUDGE J. MORGAN STEVENS Jackson, Mississippi Meridian, Mississippi ALFRED H. STONE .Jackson, Mississippi 339 Through. Finished. The last cut to Shreveport. The last copy to Benson. It ' s a great feeling to complete the 1950 OLE MISS and see it come to life in real form. It is not my purpose here to laboriously recount and rename the staff, thanking them honestly or dishonestly for the work they did. These you know and can read about. But rather would I picture to you the five or six " unsung heroes " to whom you and the book are indebted for its completion. People whose job it was to publish the yearbook, yet who, through love or their real or adopted alma mater gave time, advice, and even money to see it done. To these then we owe our thanks. The real power behind the throne was Joe Ledbetter of the Benson Printing pany. Joe, once Editor of the Auburn " Glomerate, " was quick to see the shortcomings of a student staff and supplemented his technical help with understanding advice. He helped put the editorial plans into typographic reality. Working hand in glove with Joe was Ed Birchett of the Shreveport Engraving Company, and former Business ager of the OLE MISS. Ed took the ideas and photographs of the OLE MISS staff and did an excellent job of reproducing them on the engraving blocks. He took much of his personal time seeing that the cuts of the OLE MISS were processed correctly; he has done a lot for the University, and we give him our thanks. Words cannot express our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cofield. Their untiring forts on the class photos, and Mr. Cofield ' s beautiful work on the blowups will always stand out in our memories. And the favorite section which looks as though it were lifted from the pages of " Vogue " Magazine is a result of the competent skill of Jack Cofield. To the Cofield family our sincere thanks for a job well-done. I said I would not elaborate on the endeavors of the student staff, but I must once again pay tribute to the true workers. To John Watts who spent many a long hour in the OLE MISS office; to Margaret Robinson, without whom the book would never have come out; to Leon Lewis who got so much work done in such a quiet way; to Sudie Ann Cool who was always there when you needed her; the quality and quantity of your sistance was overwhelming. Thanks. These then are my sentiments, gross understatements that they are. Countless ers overlooked, yet I can ' t leave it at this. E. Bo Litchfield, Joyce Nelson, Mutt liams, Elizabeth Luckett, Jonelle Green, Cissy Westbrook, Sam McKee, Dorothy ten, Sarah Alice Doss, and the rest, with no attempt at a true hierarchy, I thank you and everyone that helped to create the 1950 OLE MISS. BUDDY SHAW

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