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X H -v , 1 Q1 rd -vryh fl 5 ' 4 1 , V ' 9 A... 1 I : ' X , - M -1.a.X, .gb-1 , 1 A rl , ' FISH. if 1 1 - 1 s I 1. I I ,ta H '1 1 1' Q , '1 1 I. Q.. 1 L yf' Atlnflik 1 1 1-"'13 '1 P I - 1 Q 1 K 1 K-1-117 otwzt :lim lk x , z' 1. 'fl 1 " Q ' i'sN ' " 1 ,I 1 114 D ls.. . J 1 .v , J' "' 1 , A.. 1 K , 1 'V i l ,Q I U.. 11.1.?1 J- u ' , , ' 1 I s .V ' . 1 ' " .' ' 1 1 .- 4 . r '-1f"' IVNLI4 . 1 o ' ' I '. 1 s. . -N , '1 A . n .. .' 3 , ' 1 up W 1 1 1 I I .r'.:, I . , QA 'Do Hoggwl ., 4 A ,E f 1 .Ln T - 4- . ..f., 7 ' .l '1 WQ2, . I 'wk 14.11. l ' .,'. '11 '1'f1fA ,' 11'1:A'1ffl, -11? 1 f- .1.,"k' " f ' 1',1,'f1b 1 . l , .qv 1' I, 'Mlm ' ' :'7:1!f:"l'1' 5 1 1 1 ' 1 1 4.1 , , 6 " '.1P1'BtI." L 04.1, , S v1 .- Q ' 1' . 11 . Q , Q -. 1 I V .356 1. I. 1 0 X 1".1':, .1 '. 1 1 1 11: nfllfl. ' ex' I' 1 , x, ' N 1 'IW' 1' 'V."gcx14',1, , 3 K . .1 3,11-'1 'nl'- . 4 ' , .I 'I IMF K I 1,'."',.'ixQ.1or.'f6Q ' N' .11 1vl'.:1'f611-Q' . Q1lf?cf',!,","rY 1 1 ,' 1 1 'I 1.1 1 1 Kitt: 1 J lf' " 1 ' v 8.' 1'r ' ,1 1 ' ' 4 wht, 1 , 51.38 ' 10,11 1.?.,sW1 ' . 'mf . 1 " ,", W 1 1 1 '1'5'1'5'U 1 4l'417l 1 5"1 JA-,1 17- 1 ' 0 0 ' 'l, 0 ,L 0 C . v,- ari- , Q. 4 w r lk N' 6 :xii 'L ' . fu" I. Une 't . 'jf . ,A, A ' 4 -1' 'Q-1 , gif?" O-J A . wi ' V Q 5 I ' 0 v ,. I 1 , lv gi s ' 'f',",4.'-'.-U 1:2 -. ' -...'. -1 Q up .AI 4 All ' i .QR E4 - N 0 ' 4 A vw' VU. xl ' 4 Q " , . . . ,J I I A , ' M I n " . :Wm I ' , ,' . V A ' C l A v , . I I 0 ' .1 .f I Q .Ulf ' ey - '. ' s . . A. , . .e nw' . - X ' . A .1 a ,H 5 uk. Qi' ,-, I R , bbw, 54.5 - A 11.25. f Sidi "5" 'Fu-1 Q 'vw ' ""v- "- , 3. J 4 ' . ' V. fu '1 " "' 66.2 A Hn. W" ' I " " Q "1 L Q-LQWX' . .1 1, 7 Q ..,,'l, , Q . H iz . ,' -V. .d,: 'Q 1. 4 . - l . -- 4---1 ,- . -.' 1 H. . ,un - - " , ' -5 '-rw-nn.. . . 'N xr, 1. Q - L, P H, , ,-I .x in! ' . I g xl wg - , 7 . il , . img I , 'U ,- . ., V ., ,A " L a "' ,le-1. '-4-- ,' -an 4' n ' " ' . Q'-.-' f -V 'V' I ' I,-ll -" ' ' , , I L 5' - , -f . . vel Lf- . -0' . .. ,' -Y v- ,Q -s P ,. I 4 f' -45 ' 'ff'-' ' . M .- ' "' --M .1 .N -.-.1 .t N .U .1 v 9 Lu," 1 1 . , . . ".- .,- W ' Je 4 4 'if tif . .1-I . -. - .I Q n J .QAA H 'Iliff x F fl Q , 'gf .V r, ,xvr . 'u Mug, ' .".' .Jr -N If ' ,. - Q , I - .a q ,Q -1 9 , ..-...Qg x A. 1 . 'law In --' r ' 4 2' I Q-. .A A 1 'I ng' n 'w. ' 'I ' v5 " 1 -4 1 1 - .it I. '. A 'P W?-' " 'x ' "YQ 'A . v A 1 ,u N 'ljgll' A Jul .. v 0 Yi O Q1 9259 NNP-QP OSX O2 V' . . v .?.. 4' f 4 r Nh , S 'Il Qbff- 14195 , r 'H--MJ ,Qi -x N I 1 3 "P J -.a -i' lg,sx 'ia I , X I l x l FIJI'- QBU. Lil? lui' fllils- , :mall Ill! I nf ll!! lil :nrt U 'lin 'Q' 'lr :-.-- ll ffl: . Q u 'QA 'st. Q, Lv .-A-' ' Q0 ,ASN 1 N v .-a, M' 1-Q S' 4 ia. W., -'NW X ,u 1-suuililli"".i sf ,un .Qs We 9 'gg 96 .,,.. X X 4 -A s Q' 4,9 . , Q, X 1 ', v.! T 29' ,,r' X" 1 H 1 . . ' n K W, x uv. ' , , 'Q' 3 , . 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' x 'Q ,...- I A lx' , I ' N 2 jg, ,J l'. '1 fa 'P' 'Y' I 1 -sr. mfxmkk WL.. Q'-I f 1 fn-44 414' .t., 'R LA, sd - fs, 1. F5 ' 'ff' Y J -'vu -1' Q U1 S 'fp F. "3 1 W Q 1 0 A ,As -xi 1 , 'W . , " 'M .,,n-Q41 lx cumcfllnn wllll Ms BOARD OF TRUSTEES 'lu U IPYL' W M V r MP, P, W, F'EEfX , 4 Wkrlwr ff 5'1"-1' Vv1F9,F'.B.SMNTH JP. P V' WA LM1M,.+" MP, PAUL H, BONNDPE ,pf-X , v rvnrft L, M LUN N F' L'1'vN MPAJAO.EMrv1ER CH VL Vffrl' LFP Em '11 MP, P, N HENLEY Q UPU PUVLQ F-'L fp. H, M, IVY , , , Mp M V4 B. MHLFP . , . , MP'VN'fiWOf , Mgr . Pip Hffrramd M1Ci b Mm' MMM ar lf Chancellor J. D. Williams had his way, he would spend more of his fime wifh fhe sfudenfs. As if is, fhough, meefings, conferences, luncheons, and general office business false up so much fime fhaf few sfudenfs see him more fhan half a dozen 'rimes a year. On one parficular day lasf November, for insfance, fhe chancellor rushed info his office for a 3:00 p.m. appoinf- menf. "Ole Miss is winning 2l-Ol" he fold his secrefary. l-le had leff fhe grid baffle befween fhe Baby Rebels and fhe Sfafe Yearlings in fhe second half. Snafching a few min- ufes here and fhere fo be around fhe sfudenfs has bee come one of fhe mosf familiar fraifs of fhe man who suc- ceeded A. B. Buffs in IQ46. As an example of a usually busy day, here is fhe resf of fhe chancellor's schedule on fhe day of fhe freshman foofball game: Up af 6:45, Dr. Williams afe brealcfasf and read fhe paper before going fo his office af 8:l5. l-le checlced fhe day's calendar, fallced over fhe schedule wifh his sec, refary, and read and answered his mail. Conferences began af lO:OO wifh a discussion wifh Dean of Men R. M. Guess abouf sfudenf represenfafion on fhe Men's Disciplinary Commiffee. Affer fhe discus- sion he opened bids for providing meaf and canned veg- efables for fhe cafeferia. l'-le fhen prepared a greefing fo fhe spealcers of Re- ligious Emphasis Weelc, mef wifh Dr, G, A. Carbone. chairman of fhe Commiffee on Foreign Sfudenfs, and i discuwwed plans for hiring arf profesfclri wifh Driver R, li, McCarfer and V. A, Coulfer. The chancellor mef Mrs, Williams for lunch ancl lhcy afe wifh a group of foreign sfudenfs on fhe campui, hlf refurned fo hi-fi office ioon affer lunch for a conference wifh Dean D. S. Ranlrafg of fhe School of Medicine. Affer seeing fhe firsf half of fhe freshman game Chancellor Williams refurned fo anofher conference. Reps resenfafives of fhe Offord Junior Chamber of Commerce and MGM sfudios rnef wifh him fo discuss plans for film, ing William lzaullcnerhs lafesf bool, Mlnfruder in fhe Dunffl in fhe Oxford-Universify area. The chancellor had dinner wifh members of Tau Kappa Alpha debafing frafernify and fheir guesfs af fhe Soufhe ern Regional fournamenf. l-fe sfudied applicafions of fhree iunior colleges for admission info fhe Junior College Come miflee of fhe Commission on hligher Educafion of fhe Soufhern Associafion of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The chancellor is chairman of fhe cornmiffee. l-le spenf a half hour reading before going fo bed. Dr. Williams is a nafive of Newporf, Ky, l-le received his A.B. degree af fhe Universify of Kenfucly in l926 and his MS. from fhe same school in I'-730. l-le was awarded his Docfor of Educafion degree af Columbia in l94O. Before coming fo Ole Miss he had been presiclenf of Marshall College in l-lunfingfon, W, Va. l-le is a member of ODK, Phi Delfa Kappa, Kappa Delfa Ri, Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega, fhe Rofary club, Masons, and fhe Mefhodisf church. A fypical clay wifh fhe Chancellor: +he usual early morning conference wifh his secrefary abouf 'he day's schedule, an on-fhe-iob inspecfion of campus conslrucfion, office meefings by fhe clozens, and guesfs for dinner. 17 l ,gh 09 . afiw b i -v-nb DR ALFRED -4UME D V B HARRISON W C TROTTER CARROLL W. NORTH FREE C. FORD DR. A, J. LAWRENCE 9 S c f Compfroller Director of Personnel Reg sfr AIIIVII ISTR Tlll memloer ol This group ii, Dr. V. B. Fliirriuon, Direrlor ol rhe Sludenr l-leallh Service. The 'rhird group, which seems ro be concerned wilh financial and clerical duliei, includes Mr. W. C. Troller, 'rhe Financial Secreraryg Comprroller Carroll W. Norrhg and Mr. Fred C. Ford, new Direcror ol Personnel. Group lour has The Regislrar, Dr. A. J. Lawrence: Mr. J. Sylces l-larlin, Direclor ol Libraries: Mr. Marvin lvl. Black Direcror ol Public Relarionaj and Alumni Sec- refary William S. Griffin. In rhe arhleric division 'rhere are lvlr. C. lvl. Snnirh, Direcror ol Arhlericsq Business Manager Jell K. Hamm, Jag and Head Coach John Vaughr. Cn The following pages are large piclures and wrire- up? ol fhe deani. lr is doubllul if a logical reason lor rr-alcing rheir picluren larger rhan lhe olhers can be given, buf we did if. Dean of Women Esfella G Hefley Dean of Men R. Malcolm Guess nf" 'Z' . in I !""4'9l" J. SYKES HARTIN Direcfor Libraries f v.-,- 5-ff' . it E , 1 self ., "Q H' A A . My ve? -rv 1 A - 1 ezqfrfi MARVIN M. BLACK WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN C, M. SMITH JEFF K. HAMM, JR, JOHN VAUGHT Direclor of Public Relalions Alumni Secrelary Direclor of Afhlefics Alhlefics Business Manager Head Coach E M 0 R I DEAN JAMES WARSAW BELL " 'Tradilion' is a word which has been used so frequenlly and carelessly lhal il' has Iosl ifs shape-irs impacl upon rhe ear . . . Bul' Dean Bell was a Rebel rradilion in 'rhe really spacious and hard-hirling meaning of fhe lerm. He carne fo Ole Miss as a sludenf in IB94 and became a member of lhe Arhlelic Commilree in I908. Since Ihen he has been woven inlo 'rhe Ole Miss arhlelic skein as firmly as headgears and calching maslrs. The imprinl of one man's personaliry upon 'rhe person- aliries of orhers is necessarily vague, bul we believe 'Ihal' Dean Bell operared a lremendous influence upon lhe boys who wore Red and Blue across lheir shoulders. We believe 'lhis because lhe boys have 'fold us so in person." -WALTER STEWART, The Commercial Appeal, April I3, l948. Dean of lhe Universily Pele Kyle McCarler U14 i ...-5 "'l"ls Died April 9, l94B. Firsf Dean of School ol Commerce and Business Ad- minislralion, l9l7-l94l. Dean Emerirus, School of Commerce, I94l-I948, Dean of School of Educalion, l9II-I9l5. Mem- ber of Faculry Alhlefic Commirlee I6 years. Chairman of Facully Athletic Commiffee I944-l945. Served with Italian Army from Seplember, l9l8, un- lil January, I9I9, receiving Ilalian Cross of War. x i .:0l5"H""'7'3-1 -' . . ., 1 guna 'Auf' cg y ' ' ww - . X--E , ii M N f sxxg , f X. ,H .F 'xy C X I .Q VICTOR ALDINE COULTER ol lhe Col lege ol Liberal Arls slarled oul as a chemisl. Unlil lasl year he was a chemislry inslruclor here, allhough he has been BA school dean since I936 Dean Couller lirsl became inleresled in chemislry when, as an ambilious high school sludenl, he began reading college chemislry lexls his older brolhers lell around his home Newlon, Norlh Carolina. l-le allended lhe Universily ol Norlh Carolina, receiving his bachelors masler's, and doclor's de grees lhere in IQI3, I9I4 and in l9l6. l-le laughl lhe course al Norlh Carolina in I9I6-l7 and lhen accepled a iob as a research chemisl in Pillsburgh in I9l7. l-le wenl inlo lhe army aller a shorl while When he was discharged in l9I9, Dr. Couller loolced around lor anolher iob as a research chemisl. Nol linding any he lilced he accepled a leaching posilion here aller sludying a lew monlhs in Cambridge Universily in England. Fxcepl lor lime spenl as a graduale sludenl al Columbia in l927, he has been leaching al lhe Universily ever since. As dean ol lhe College ol Liberal Arls, he loolcs lorward lo lhe opening ol an arl and a geography deparlmenl here in l949 hunling and lishing enlhusiasl he malces his own gun sloclcs and has conslrucled lwo boals himsell since he came lo Ole Miss l-le also is an amaleur pholographer ROBERT JOSEPH FARLEY ol lhe School ol Law has been a high school principal, mayor ol Oxford and a viclim ol Theodore G. Bilbo l-le decided lo become a law leacher when he, along wilh several olher Ole Miss lacully members, was lorced lo resign in lhe days when "The Man" was lrying lo run Ole Miss. Dean Farley al lhe lime was praclicing law in Oxford and leaching al lhe Universily on lhe side, When Bilbo decided lhe dean didn'l know how lo leach, Dr. Farley decided lo do nolhing bul lhal A nalive ol Hernando, he was gradualed lrom Ole Miss wilh a BA degree in I9I9. l-le was principal ol Canlon l-ligh school in I9l9-20, and lor lwo years lollowing held lhe same posilion in Nalchez, l-le was mayor ol Oxlord, I923-25, during which lime he received his LL.B here in l924 l-le had become inleresled in law by reading his lalher's law boolcs when he was leaching in high schools. Admilled lo lhe bar in I924, he pracliced lrom I929-3I, From l926 unlil l93l he was cily allorney lor Oxlord. Al lhe same lime he was an assislanl prolessor ol law here Dr. Farley was Dean ol Law al Tulane Universily lrom, l942 unlil I945. l-le accepled lhe same posilion here in I946. Al presenl lhe school has I2 lacully members wilh an enrollmenl ol aboul 250 in l-lis hobbies are woodworking and imelalworlcing. An ardenl A ",'s, "- arms in-g , aa' -- fi T -4 ' 4 'xg .Zi . .N Q 1' H I A LEE HARNIE Joi-iNsoN, JR., af iiie School oT Engineering, goes in Tor hard proiecTs. In high school aT HousTon, Texas, he amused himselT by solving complica+ed maTh problems and became inTeresTed in engi- neering. AT Rice lnsTiTuTe he received his BA and MA de- grees in l93O and I93 I, buT he didnlT sTop There. Having a naTural lilcing Tor sTudying and schools, Dean Johnson Tollowed up Those Two degrees wilh an MS Trom Harvard in T932 and an ScD degree Trom There in I935. He was made dean oT The School oT Engineering in IQ38. Even his hobbies are more complicaTed Than usual. Sum- mer aTTernoons he spends mosTly behind The GraduaTe building, dividing his Time beTween The Tennis courTs, where he is agile and able, and The UniversiTy swimming pool where he pracTices Tancy dives Trom The high board. During TooTball season he is oTTen perched on The press box wher- ever Qle Miss is playing, malxing play-by-play movies oT The game. Engineering courses beTore l909, when The school was opened, were oTTered in connecTion wiTh physics, asTronomy or maThemaTics. The school TirsT opened wiTh civil, elecTrical and saniTary engineering deparTmenTs and a deparTmenT OT geology, Various courses now oTTered cover periods oT Tour, Tive and six years oT sTudy. Since IQ47, when The curriculum was reorganized, courses in consTrucTion and mainTenance engineering have been sTressed, in lxeeping wiTh indusTrial expansion in Mississippi. Il E A N FORREST W. MURPHY oT The School oT EducaTion is possibly an example oT a Hoosier school- masTer. A naTive oT Muncie, Indiana, he received his BA in IQI7 aT Transylvania College, now The UniversiTy oT Ken- Tuclcy, and his MS in I93I Trom The UniversiTy oT lllinois. He was a graduaTe sTudenT aT Columbia in T945 ATTer college, he TaughT in high schools in KenTucl4y and Louisiana. He came To Greenville, Mississippi, High School in T924 and was made superinTendenT oT schools There in I933. He served in Greenville unTil I946 when he was ap- poinTed Dean oT The School oT EducaTion. According To Dean Murphy, Mississippi needs abouT IOOG Teachers and mosT oT Them should come Trom The UniversiTy. More Tinances in The educaTion school and higher Teacher pay in public schools will wipe ouT This shorTage, he says. He poinTs ouT ThaT money Trouble is noT new wiTh The School oT EducaTion. EirsT organized in IQO3, iT was Temporarily abandoned Tor Tour weelcs in IQO6 when The money ran ouT. The school now boasTs oT iTs healTh and physical educa- Tion deparTmenTs, and The audio-visual educaTional labora- Tory which loans insTrucTional Tilms To schools ThroughouT The sTaTe. Il I A DAVID SCHULTZ PANKRATZ ol lhe School ol Medicine believed he could do more good in lhe medical prolession by leaching ralher lhan by praclice. l'le explains lhal lhe shorlage Ol doclors is lurlher hampered by lhe laclc ol medical leachers. l-le received his Doclor ol Medicine degree in l939 al lhe Universily ol Chicago. bul he worlced lor il lhe hard way. A nalive ol Cordell, Oklahoma, he was gradualed wilh a BA lrom lhe Universily ol Olclahoma in l923. From lhere he wenl lo lhe Universily ol Kansas, where he received his MA in l927 and a PhD in Analomy in l929, For len years lollowing he was assislanl prolessor ol analomy al lhe Universily ol Tennessee. Aller lhis he sludied lor his MD. Dr. Panlrralz came lo Ole Miss as assislanl dean ol lhe School ol Medicine in I945. The lollowing year he was made dean. ln lhe pasl year lhe medical school alone received a lolal ol 330.000 lor research granls, more lhan il has ever received in ils hislory. Mosl ol lhe medical slall are now engaged in aclive research. Under lhe oresenl acceleraled program, in which lhe slu- denl linishes lhe lwosyear course in one and one-hall years. 50 persons are gradualed each year. The lirsl gradualing class, in l905, when lhe school was lwo years old, numbered only six. Four-year medical inslruclion will be ollered sludenls in lhe slale as soon as legislalive approprialions are voled lor con- slruclion ol lacililies. ll E ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND has seen lhe enrollmenl ol lhe School ol Pharmacy lump from 60 sludenls when he came here in l928 lo 300 al lhe presenl lime. l-le received his pharmacy degree from lhe Universily ol Michigan in l92l. As a high school sludenl in Chicago he lirsl became inleresled in lhe profession when he worlced al a drug slore aller classes. l-le received his MS degree lrom lhe Uni- versily ol Michigan in l923. From l92I unlil l928 he laughl pharmacy al Wesl Virginia Universily. Dean l-lammond was a graduale sludenl al lhe Universily ol Chicago in l927-29, and during lhis lime he was made dean ol lhe Ole Miss pharmacy school, l-le received his PhD in l94l lrom lhe Universily ol Wisconsin. l-le boasls lhal his school is one ol lhe linesl in lhe Soulh, and he is especially lond ol lhe chemislry and pharmacy build- ing, lhe enlire lhird lloor ol which houses lhe school. ll is a lar cry, he recalls, lrom lhe lhree small laboralories which sup- plemenled lhe leclure rooms when lhe school was lirsl eslab- lished in July I908. Filleen sludenls applied lor admission lhen. There have been 537 graduales lrom lhe school since lhal day. and wilh an annual enrollmenl ol 300, lhe lolal num- ber ol graduales can possibly double in lhe nexl len years. Il HORACE B. BROWN, JR., hi ilif SchOOl OT Commerce and Businc-5 Admini TraTir1n, rrrrw ini in a HOlly Spring hardware sTcrre. He ha-. heen inhrf TWT ir. Business ever since he began wOrl' There when hr- wa lf? vears Old. A hOme-grOwn prOdOcT, he received hi BBC degree Tri rn Qle Mis: in I93l. He Became a MasTer in Bimini f. Adrnln ifTraTiOn The TOllOwing year aT NcrrThwesTern llniver iTr. Pr-e Turning TO Qle Misc, he wal made dean OT The crrmrnercr. T'-chOOl in SepTemhc-r, l932. ln I94l he re eived hif, PhD aT NOrThwesTern, AlThOugh The busines' wchOOl was Organized in lT?l7y ne-T TO The lasT TO be added TO The UniveriiTy, Dean Brcrwn Trace. ITS Origin loaclf TO The l87l-72 ser-iOn. when lwciiirlleeiring was TirsT TaughT here. When TirsT Opened. The ichOcil crTTered Only a limned number OT courses. Besides general cOur-re in panling, Tran - pOfTaTiOn and merchandising! cOliTicaI science economics. shOrThand and Typing were OTTered. Today si- Time. as many ccrurses are lisTed. The '2chOOl is secOnd in Qize Only TO The College OT Liberal ArTs. IT is accrediTed by The American AssOciaTiOn OT Schools OT Business, OT which Dean BrOwn is secreTaryeTreasurer. Il I A D U D L E Y ROBERT HUTCHERSON dOesn'T lnOw hOw he became inTeresTed in English. BUT The course has l3rOughT him TrOm The hills OT We'1.T Virginia TO The pOsiTiOn as dean OT The GraduaTe Schcicil aT Cle lvli i-iif, . A naTive OT BlueTield, VVesT Virginia. Dr. HuTcher'.On was awarded a BA TrOm Emory and Henry COllege in I923. ln l93l he received his masTeris degree TrOm The UniversiTy OT Virginia. He TaughT in high '5chOcili TrOm I923 TO IQB4. and in T935-HO he was an English insTrucTOr aT We-lefvan College TOr Women. He received his PhD Trcrrn The Univerv siTy OT Virginia in IQZO and came Tcr Qle Mi ,a The same year. Ten years laTer he was made dean OT The QraduaTe Srihi-pl. Lil-'e mOsT OT The OTher deansy Dr. HuTchersOn believes Thal The shOrTage OT money is hOlding up a mcire rapid expan- siOn OT Qle lvlis-A. AccOrding TO him, The UniversiTy need-. mOre mOney TO build classrOOms and dOrcrriiTOric Dean HuTchersOnis hobldies vary TrOm nmriri, reading and The TheaTc'r TO Tennis and TOOTT3all. He i a rnernlircir OT The lv1Odern Language aw1OciaTiOn, The COnTc-rani fi' OT Dc-ans OT SOuThern QraduaTe SchOOlf, and Phi BeTa lfai Via. The schOOl he heads was eiTabliihed in I927 ealTh.rngh cOurse5 in graduaTe sTudy had been crTT+irs-id a a IB7O. TOday The schOcrl cOnTeri The degree OT Ma.Ter OT ArTs. lv1asTer OT Science and lv1avTer OT Bri!-ines Aclmini'-Trae Tionl 36 degrees were awarded in TQLTB, and O45 gradliaTe degrees have been cOnTerred since Thc' -',r ghOOl was Opened. The presenT TaculTy cnrTfiizTf. OT 83 members. - , -.., 1 . fi ' 2 , g , Q -"lun '.1,,' "" -- A ,, F .- sf fix lf' ia 3 E312 ,1 5: K 1 'T I 1 THE llll MISS Jllllll Al A review of fhe unimporfanl' happenings of fhe year. SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER, I948 Regisfrar announces 3337 s'I'uden+s go fhrough regis'rra+ion mill-only +hree losi: 'lwo killed in rush and one dies of malnuiriiion afler 'ihree days in 'ihe line . . . plans made for homecoming dance, pep rally, parade . . . for ou'r-of-fown foolball games, "Y" sels up PA sys+em on back porch-iusi' like Memphis, almos+-Mafchbox serves as eFFec+ive Creel Room . . . Rush Week Rai' Race sfarls . . . wilh new au'roma+ic eleclric bell sysfem, Negro Universify employee who rang hand bell I2 lime daily for 32 years remarks: "I won'+ have lo climb 'fhem sieps no mo' . . ." regisfrar an- nounces 4-I sex ralio . . . Phi Kappa Sigma refurns +o campus afier 87 years . . . 278 men, I56 girls pledge Greek ou+fi+s . . . Reb gridders wallop Florida, Kenfucky . . . Climaxing Homecoming, +hey do same 'ro Vandy , . . Tulane special fakes off 'for NO, where Green Wave sinks Rebs . . . Reb boosiers sink selves from inside al' French Ouarler . . . Senafor John Farese a+'rack Trumani+es . . . loyal Democrai law s+uden+s aH'ack Farese wilh nasly remarks . . . George Worlhen resigns as ASB prexy, Charles Dean 'fakes over . . . from Ole Miss office comes announcement no copy will be in- cluded in book merely fo fill up space . . . landscaping is begun on lawn in fron? of Mayes Hall . . . irenches are dug on hill +o new dorms when rumor reaches adminis- 'lralion ihai' s'ruden+s have masferc-d sysfem of climbing same in rainy wealher . . . a human hand is 'found in +he grill coffee . . . Con+inued on Page 4I James Avenf Jr William Bell ss' 'Q-Q CHARLES DEAN ASB Presidenl Johr Baird, Jr. Joseph Benvenufli ., , . S 'Ji If . ,QU 1 g . V 'Nm 5 . 7+ l 3 . ii 5 ' A- , 24: . .. ,gl ,,,.-- A ,r if-1, K. . 5- 'Ir' '..gCf' ,ff , " . x .V I, JIM 'f2C'1- ,, if I iw A 'M 'qp' i - I , . 2,5 qui- , -' . I V: I 3, 1 ' XL A li JY is if ' ii I ' X 'I .' c ' 4 girl' - , , u' ,:r ls.: , ,' . .. .- 4 . , s ' .u.. -- X ' ,,, X ses Fli Abboll James Absfon James Alderman Paul Alexander William Alexander Richard Allen Edward Alley DewiH Allred ABOVE: O First Row: FLI ABBOTT, Lexinglong Law I, Bela Thefa Pi. O JAMES PAUL ABSTON, Crandall, Edu- cafion, Sigma Pi. O JAMES ALDERMAN, Gulfporf, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Pi. O PAUL GILBERT ALEXANDER, Jackson, Law Il, Sigma Phi, Moor Courl Board, Law Journal, Phi Alpha Della. O Second Row: WILLIAM HARRISON ALEXANDER, Bay Springs, Law I, Pi Kappa Alpha. O RICHARD McNIEL ALLEN, Indianola, Law II, Kappa Alpha, O EDWARD ROSS ALLEY, Laurel, Law Il. O DEWITT T. ALLRED, Collins, Law ll, Pi Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O Firs? Row: JAMES K. AVENT, JR., Grenada, Med. II, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi, Presidenl of Sludem Body, School of Medicine O JOHN H. BAIRD, JR., Oxford, Law II, Kappa Sigma. O WILLIAM WIN- STON BARNARD, Clarksdale, Med. II, Phi Chi. O JAMES ARDEN BARNETT, Jackson, Law III, Pi Kappa Alpha, Presidenl of Associated Sludenl Body '47, Treasurer of A.S.B. '46, Hall of Fame '47, Vice-presidenl of Omicron Della Kappa '48, Presidenf of Veferans Club '46, l.F.C. '47, O ROBERT M. BASS, JR., Moselleg Law II. O ORVILLE SMITH BEARD, Ripley, Engineering, ODK, Treasurer, Chi Epsilon, Presidenf of School of Engineering, President of Sfudenr Chapler of ASCEg ASB Execulive Council. O THOMAS ALVIN BELL, Grenada, Law Ill, Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Della, Moor Courl Board. O Second Row: WILLIAM JEFFERSON BELL, Vicksburg, Med. II, Sigma Nu, Phi Chi. O JOSEPH HENRY BENVENUTTI, Bay SI. Louis, Law, Phi Kappa Psi, Newman Club. O WILLIAM GOLDEN BIG- GERS, Winona, Law. 0 JAMES RAY BILLINGSLEY, Biloxi, Law I, Sigma Chi, Scabbard and Blade. O WILLIAM L. BIRDSONG, Lula, Law I, Sigma Chi. O JACK WHITFIELD BISHOP, Jackson, Med. I, Kappa Alpha. O W. T. BLACKLIDGE, Ellisville, Commerce, M Club. William Barnard James Barnell Roberl Bass, Jr. Orville Beard Thomas Bell William Bigqers James Billingsley William Birdsong Jack Bishop W. T. Blacklidge Wsv Gb hi .lin IL A X .aw - W. s .- .' 'x'7w, .L KZ' -ax 5- K A" .11 8 W 'CL P? if 4 i ,QMKQTP ea f, 52, ' ?i.5.?'i'iQ if ,413 'Q'- 'W s 5- ffi 5 L - sig. V. T' U- ? 2 J is A 4 ' vi .-. ,, va. T.. 4' of :.J' ' ' 5' .ISL-2,3 i.fn'fk.zg I ,iv Q 'C' , -' ff , 4, f X ns.. ' 4 was fin... , if . '-s-,,, '. .. ,.- v ' 'N 1 I , ,xbf I 3? 61, X K . . ig. ,.... ff 121, iff. -. ki s if filly Hullon Blackwell Herschel Blakeney Roberl Bledsoe Roberl Bonds Thomas Bourdeaux James Boulwell Frank Bowen Wmslon Bowling Reuben Boydslun Ralph Bradley Boyer Brady, Jr. Curfis Breland James Brown William Brown ABOVE: BELOW: O Firsl Row: HULLON LINDON BLACKWELL, Taylorsville, Med. I. O HER- SCHEL J. BLAKENEY, Hazlehursl, Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O ROBERT EUGENE BLEDSOE, Brooksville, Med. ll, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi. O ROBERT ALEXANDER BONDS, Holly Springs, Law Ill, Della Kappa Epsilon, Presidenf, Phi Ela Sigma '47, Vice-presidenl, ODK '47, Hall of Fame '46, Vice-president, Della Sigma Pi '46, Vice-presidenl, IFC '46. I THOMAS DeVANS BOURDEAUX, Meridian, Law ll, Phi Della Thelag ODK, Hall of Fame '47, Edilor, fhe Missis- sippian, '47, Law Journal, ODK, Forum Committee '47, O JAMES HENRY BOUTWELL, Laurel, Grad., Kappa Sigma, lnler-fralernily Council '46, Commillee of IOO '45. O FRANK WESTON BOWEN, Walnuf Grove, Med. I. O Second Row: WINSTON KERBY BOWLING, Memphis, Tenn., Law ll, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lnler-frafernify Dance Commilleeg Commillee of IOO, Varsily Tennis, Varsily Baskelball '45, BSU, YMCA, lnfernalional Relalions Club. O REU- BEN WHITTLE BOYDSTUN, Louisville, Law llg Sigma Pi. 0 RALPH EDWARD BRADLEY, Aberdeen, Grad., Phi Della Thela, ASCEg Chi Epsilon. O BOYER M. BRADY, JR., Jackson, Med. ll, Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi. O CURTIS VAN BRE- LAND, McLain, Law III. O JAMES EDWIN BROWN, Sfarkville, Law lll. O WILLIAM WALTER BROWN, Vardamang Law I. O Firsf Row: THOMAS B. BRUMLEY, Mafhislon, Law III. I ALBERT COLEMAN BRYAN, JR., Meridian, Med. I, Alpha Tau Omega. 0 LESLIE RAY BRYANT, Gulfporl, Med. I, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Kappa Pi. 0 ROSCOE EUGENE BRYSON, New Albany, Med, ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O OSCAR W. BUCHANAN, Memphis, Tenn., Education, Alpha Tau Omega, M Club. O DUD- LEY BUFORD, Holly Springs, Law Ill, Phi Della Phi, Taylor Medal, Polilical Science '46, Commenl Edilor, Mississippi Law Journal, Business Manager, Mis- sissippi Law Journal, Omicron Delta Kappa, Claiborne Society, 9 PAUL M. BUSBY, Meridian, Law I. 9 Second Row: SHED HILL CAFFEY, JR., Columbus, Med. ll, Phi Della Thela, Phi Chi, Bela Bela Bela. 0 ALLEN FARRELL CALCOTE, New Orleans, La., Grad. O WILLIAM LEO CARR, JR., Laurel, Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O WILLIAM OSCAR CARTER, Lexinglon, Law I, Kappa Sigma, Omicron Della Kappa, Pi Kappa Della. O FRED A. CARVER, Jackson, Law ll, Kappa Sigma, Mool Courl Board, Mississippi Law Journal. O HENRY KENT CHAMPION, Cleveland, Commerce. O BILLY KLINGMAN CHAPMAN, lndianola, Law lg Pi Kappa Alpha, Wesley Foundafion, Commilfee of IOO, YMCAg Velerans' Club. Thomas Brumley Alberl Bryan, Jr. Leslie Bryanl Roscoe Bryson Oscar Buchanan Dudley Buford Paul Busby Shed Caffey, Jr. Allen Calcole William Carr, Jr. Vlilliarn Carfer Fred Carver Henry Champion Billy Chapman .ei "lu-u... Spy Q' 8 'im-as T I X A--f" ' "SOGGY" SWEAT Law School Presidenl Danny Coverl George Culrer Joe Covinglon Roberf Crockell Daniel Dabbs Burk Dabney V N sn. 'ns wx . S+.. , as 2 JIAIX, I s in ' ": 2' I pa Q' lik' 3 5 f,,- Q., s-Q. '. r Jig E T 1 3A'fjt"i i2 ? if fl .Y .xv X 1 Norman Chealham John Clay Wilfred Cole, Jr. William Collier David Comforf Harry Corban Chrisline Counce Shelby Counce ABOVE: 0 Firsl Row: NORMAN E. CHEATHAM, Philadelphiag Law I. O JOHN O. CLAY, Ponlolocg Law II. 0 WILFRED OUALLS COLE, JR., Jackson, Med, Ilg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presidenl, Phi Chi, Canlerbury Club. O WILLIAM R. COLLIER, Halliesburgg Law Il, Alpha Tau Omega. 0 Second Row: DAVID MITCHELL COMFORT, Duranlg Med. Ig Kappa Alpha. O HARRY LEE CORBAN, Fayelleg Law lllg Kappa Alpha. O CHRISTINE DANIEL COUNCE, Cherokee, Ala.: Gradualeg Kappa Della Pig Sigma Tau Della. O SHELBY COUNCE, Iukag Grad.g Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW: 0 Firsl Row: DANNY SEMMES COVERT, Meridiang Law lg Kappa Sigma, O JOE S. COVINGTON, Meridiang Med. Ig Sigma Chi. O ROBERT NEWTON CROCKETT, Bay Springs: Med. Ig Sigma Phi Epsilong Glee Clubg Band, MOAKS. 0 HAROLD B. CUBLEY, Halliesburgg Law I, 0 OVERTON AN- DERSON CURRIE, Halliesburgg Law lllg Phi Della Thelag Omicron Della Kappa, Pi Kappa Pi, Presi- denlg Phi Della Phig Bela Gamma Sigmag Della Sigma Pig Law Journalg Mool Courl Board. I GEORGE C. CURRY, Halliesburgg Law II. 0 ARTHUR BURTON CUSTY, Laurel, Law ll. 0 Second Row: GEORGE WINSTON CUTRER, Magnolia, Law Ig Kappa Alpha. O DANIEL WILLIAM DABBS, Halliesburgg Law I. 0 BURK DABNEY, Hernando: Law lg Sigma Phi Epsilon. Q LUCIUS BRYAN DABNEY, JR., Vicksburgg Law lllg Phi Della Thela. 0 EDWARD JEROME DALY, Philadelphia, Med. llp Pi Kappa Alphag Phi Chi. O ROBERT SINCLAIR DANIEL, Brookhaveng Gradualeg Kappa Sigma, 0 ELWYN DARDEN, New Albany, Law II, Della Kappa Epsilong Phi Della Phi. Harold Cubley Lucius Dabney, Jr. Edward Daly Roberl Daniel Elwyn Darden Overlon Currie George Curry Arlhur Cusly 2... 4-on iw .I lm g 1- ' I ' ' 5' Q-ig -"ff ,, U5- hifi 4 A ip.,-K gg.- .A ,I I lair . Frances Darden Cleveland Davis Kirby Day, Jr. Roberl Dean Ralph Dickerson Don Disrnukes Paul Dixon William Dorsey Rosalind Dollery Jackson Doly Wall Doxey, Jr. Waller Dreaden, Jr. Roberl Duncan Worlh Dunn ABOVE: BELOW: O Firsl Row: FRANCES ESTES DARDEN, New Albany, Grad., Della Gamma, Pi Kappa Pi, Kappa Della Pi. O CLEVELAND DAVIS, Illa Bena, Law II, Sigma Chi, Omicron Della Kappa, Phi Alpha Della. O KIRBY SAMUEL DAY, JR., In- verness, Med. I, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Ela Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Omicron Della Kappa, Biology Club, Bela Bela Bela. O ROBERT DURLEY DEAN, By- halia, Med. II, Sigma Chi, Phi Chi. O RALPH DICKERSON, Kenova, W. Va., Law III. O DON ELMO DISMUKES, Duck Hill, Grad., Kappa Sigma, Hermean Lilerary Sociely. O PAUL VERNON DIXON, Summil, Law I. O Second Row: WILLIAM BRENARD DORSEY, Nalchez, Law I, Alpha Tau Omega. I ROSALIND DOTTERY, Okolona, Law ll, Mool Courl Board. O JACK- SON D. DOTY, Tupelo, Law ll, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Alpha Della, Bela Gam' ma Sigma, Della Sigma Pi, Mool Courl Board, Assislanl inslruclor in economics, Taylor Medal in economics, Commillee of IOO 46. O WALL DOXEY, JR., Holly Springs, Law ll. 0 WALTER E. DREADEN, JR., Lamberl, Law I. O ROBERT OLIVER DUNCAN, Columbus, Med. I, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Kappa Pi, Alpha Epsilon Della, Phi Ela Sigma. O WORTH I. DUNN, Winborn, Med. II. . O Firsl Row: JOHN MITCHELL DUNNAM, JR., Beaumonl, Law I. O JOSEPH LAWRENCE DUNNE, Jackson, Tenn., Law III. O WILLIAM BASIL EARNEST, Fullon, Law lll. O JESSE W. EAVENSON, Marks, Law I, Sigma Chi. O WIL- LIAM SEAY ELAM, Greenville, Grad., Y Cabinel. 0 ROBERT BYRON ELLIS, Memphis, Tenn., Grad., Della Sigma Pi, Y Commillee Chairman, Vice Chairman, Commillee of IO0. O GEORGE ERVIN ESTES, Gulfporl, Law I. O Second Row: JOHN T. ETHERIDGE, Mendenhall, Grad., Della Psi, Della Sigma Pi, Phi Ela Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Bela Sigma Pi. O JOSEPH RODERICK FANCHER, JR., Canlon, Law I, Della Psi, Della Sigma Pi. O CHARLES FARRIS, Leland, Med., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Chi. O SAM LEROY FAVRE, Kiln, Law. O JEANNE FERRELL, Memphis, Tenn., Grad., Pi Lambda Thela, Canlerbury Club. O ELLIS WINFORD FINCH, Booneville, Law ll. O EARL HARVEY FITZPATRICK, Nalchez, Commillee of IOO, Velerans Club, YMCA. John Dunnam, Jr. Joseph Dunne William Earnesl Jesse Eavenson William Elam Roberl Ellis George Esles John Elheridge Joseph Fancher, Jr. Charles Farris Sam Favre Jeanne Ferrell Ellis Finch Earl Fihpalrick BUDDY AVENT Med School President . l lp .,. . ' l I' .gr X Theodore Ford, Ill Davis Fortenberry Jerry Fortenberry Harmon Foster John Fox, III Kenneth Franks Fred Fulton James Gaddy ABOVE: O First Row: THEODORE BULKLEY FORD, III, Columbia, Grad., Kappa Alpha, President, Freshman Y Cabinet, Hoods Brigade, MOAKS, University Players, Omicron Delta Kappa. I DAVIS T. FORTEN- BERRY, Hattiesburg, Law Ill, Alpha Tau Omega. O JERRY A, FORTENBERRY, Columbia, Grad., Kappa Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Psi Omega. O HARMON AULTMAN FOS- TER, Hattiesburg, Med. I. O Second Row: JOHN HENRY FOX, III, Oxford, Law I, Beta Theta Pig Alpha Phi Omega, Scabbard and Blade, ASB Dance Committee, Rover Club. O KENNETH IRVIN FRANKS, Philadelphia, Law Il, Delta Psi, Delta Sigma Pi. O FRED FULTON, Union, Grad., Sigma Nu. O JAMES HURD GADDY, State Line, Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. BELOW: O First Row: TYRUS COBB GIBBS, Fulton, Law ll, Pi Kappa Alpha. O STEWART JONES GILCHRIST, Gilchrist, Ore., Law I. O WILLIAM MEEK GILLESPIE, JR., Charleston, Med. lg Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta. O NORMAN BURKE GILLIS, McComb, Law I, Pi Kappa Alpha, l'au Kappa Alpha, Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President, Y Cabinet. O JAMES OTIS GILMORE, Macon, Med. I, O ELIZABETH ANNE GIST, Helena, Ark., Grad., Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Physical Education Maiors Club, Wor'nen's Athletic Association, YWCA, WSGA. I GENE- VIEVE CHICCO GLOVER, University, Grad., Gamma Pi Delta, Pi Lambda. O Second Row: FLORIS SALLY GORE, Marks, Grad. O ERNEST WILLIAMS GRAVES, Laurel, Law Ill, Kappa Alpha, Chairman, General Practice Committee, Moot Court Board, Clerk, Phi Delta Phi, Com- mittee of IOO, Columnist, the Mississippian, Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, International Relations Club. O HOWARD RAY GRAY, Iuka, Beta Theta Pi, Beta Beta Beta. O THOMAS KEENAN GREEN, Natchez, Law ll, Phi Delta Theta. 0 ELLIS GRIFFITH, Prentiss, Law I, 0 WILLIAM GRIFFITH, Jackson, Med. Il, Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Eta Delta. O LOWELL EDWARD GRISHAM Iuka, Law I, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi. Tyrus Gibbs Stewart Gilchrist William Gillespie, Jr. Norman Gillis James Gilmore Elizabeth Gist Genevieve Glover Floras Gore Ernest Graves Howard Gray Thomas Green Ellis Griffith William Griffith Lowell Grisham Q i Q-..--A 'B 'Nr l2"f"' of fw"x. N- -Q 0 .5 Q' 5 QF -5 . '35 . -A N 5 K if John Grower Joann Gunn Waller Gunn William Gunn, Jr. Joseph Guylon James Hailey Dwayne Hale William Hamm Earnesl Hardin John Harringfon Jeff Harris Roberl Hayes ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: JOHN MARSHALL GROWER, Tupelo, Law I: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Della, Secrelary-lreasurer, Freshman Law Class. O JOANN GUNN, Charleston, Grad., Kappa Della Pi, Universily Players, Lyceum Commilfee, Tay- lor Medal in Speech. 0 WALTER DILL GUNN, Charleston, Med, ll, Phi Chi, Kappa Sigma. O WILLIAM JENNINGS GUNN, JR., Meridian, Law ll, Kappa Alpha. O JOSEPH LUTHER GUYTON, Blue Mounlain, Med. ll, Phi Chi. O JAMES HENRY HAILEY, Tupelo, Med. Il, Phi Kappa Psi. O DAVID HALBROOK, Belzoni, Grad., Della Psi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debale Club. I Second Row: DWAYNE LAMAR HALE, New Albany, Law lg Pi Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM J. HAMM, Universify, Law II, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Della Phi, Bela Gamma Sigma, Phi Efa Sigma. O EARNEST LEE HARDIN, Macon, Grad., Kappa Alpha. O JOHN F. HARRINGTON, Jackson, Tenn., Law llg Phi Della Theta, Phi Della Phi, Law Journal. O JEFF WILLIAM HARRIS, Jackson, Med. l, Kappa Sigma. I ROBERT ANDREW HAYES, Tupelo, Med. ll, Phi Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O CHARLES BOYCE HENLEY, Hazlehurslg Law II, Della Psi, Phi Della Phi, Law Journal, lnler-Fralernify Council. O First Row: WALTER HODGES HENLEY, Rosedale, Med. I. O CHARLES H. HERRING, Meadville, Law III, Velerans Club, Reserve Officers Club. O JAMES DEVAUGHN HESTER, Sfringer, Law II, Phi Kappa Psi. I THOMAS HENRY HESTER, Sfarkvilleg Med. I, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Efa Della, Phi Epsilon Sigma. I BENTON EARL HEWITT, Summilg Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O WILL A. HICKMAN, Monlicello, Law Ill, Kappa Sigma. O FRED DEAVOURS HILL, Laurel, Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. I Second Row: HENRY WARE HOBBS, Brookhaven, Law Ill, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Phi Della Phi, Moo? Court Board. O ROBERT J. HOBBY, Jackson, Law ll, Phi Della Phi, Mississippi Law Journal. O JESSE BOYCE HOLLEMAN, Wiggins, Law I, Omicron Della Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha. 0 JACK WELLINGTON HOL- LINGSWORTH, Bude, Med. Il, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O ROBERT THOMAS HOL- LINGSWORTH, Ponfoloc, Med. II, Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Della Kappa. O EDMUND WHITFIELD HOLMES, Oxford, Law I. O BILLY B. HOOVER, Olive Branch, Med. I. David Halbrook Charles Henley Waller Henley Charles Herring James Hesfer Thomas Hesfer Benfon Hewill Will Hickman Fred Hill Henry Hobbs Roberf Hobby Jesse Holleman Jack Hollingsworth Roberl Hollingsworlh Edmund Holmes Billy Hoover , .- .,,.,,,.. Q, .. e...-.4- 1 U . ' l -. I X 7 , HENRY WINTERS Charles Hosemann Bob Houston Graduale School President William HI-'nf Sidnev Hufdie ABOVE: Homer Howie Clyde Huggins Joe Hursl Roberl Ixard O First Row: CHARLES DELBERT HOSEMANN, Vicksburg, Law III, Sigma Nu, Phi Della Phig Mississippi Law Journal. O BOB HOUSTON, Neshoba Della Phig Sigma Alpha Epsilong Law Journal American Pharmaceulical Associaliong Kappa Psi. I Second Row: WILLIAM BERNARD HUNT LAINEY HURDLE, Holly Springs, Law III. O JOE JACK HURST, Macon, Law I. O ROBERT MADISON IZARD, Pelahafchieg Med. II, Alpha Kappa Kappa. BELOW: 3 Law l. I HOMER LEE HOWIE, Jackson, Law Illg Phi . O CLYDE GRIFFIN HUGGINS, Walerlown, Tenn.g Grad., , Olive Branch, Med. ll, Phi Chi, Kappa Sigma. O SIDNEY 0 Firsl Row: WILLIAM THAD JACOBS, Rogers Springs, Tenn., Grad., Alpha Tau Omegag Della Sigma Pi. O HAROLD JAMES, Union, Grad.: Lambda Chi Alpha. O SAMUEL NESBIT JENNINGS, Kosciuskog Law llg Pi Kappa Alpha, ASB Dance Commifleeg Della Sigma Pi. O JACK JULIAN JERNIGAN, Ox- ford, Grad. O BARBARA JEAN JOHNSON, Vicksburg, Grad.g Zela Tau Alphag Universify Players, Psy- chology Club. O FORREST ALLEN JOHNSON, Sallisg Law Il. O JOHN THEODORE JOHNSON, Carlh- ageg Grad. O Second Row: DORTHA ANN JONES, Indianolag Grad. O ERNEST M. JONES, Jackson: Law ll. O FRANCIS EWING JONES, Holly Springs, Grad. O SAM B. T. JONES, Gulfporfg Law Il. O SIDNEY DINKINS JONES, JR., Jaclrsong Med. Il, Kappa Alphag Phi Chi. O ALBERT WILLIAM JORDAN, JR., Hunfingfon, W. Va.g Law III, Phi Alpha Della, Sigma Pi. O JESSE BLAKE KELLUM, Tupelog Med. Ilg Alpha Kappa Kappa. Barbara Johnson Sidney Jones, Jr. William Jacobs Harold James Samuel Jennings Jack Jernigan Dorlha Jones Ernesl Jones Francis Jones Sam Jones x "' - Us ' ss. '. .ff x I . vi. 10 Ag XJ .J Forresl Johnson John Johnson Alberl' Jordan, Jr. Jesse Kellum x .-5. 3 ' Q Joseph McKell Dale McKibben 1 I 'L x 34.2, . . , . .7 Pfsifi .. x ..- Wf' x .. .- .. iw . I .. . A , . 6 Er,- 'tn , R. 1 1 5,4 . -, ' I ig is X ff i Ja- ff ' 5 I - -.-N-X its 1 P -Q" . I . Q x , . fi.: ,gf -. I H. Ln. -rr 'i I 1' qu- .-v. .mgx in 1. , Marvin Kemp Albert Kirst Mary Kittrell James Krestensen Roy Kuyrlrendall, Jr. George Lammons Eaton Lang Lucy Lawson Dewie Leach Clayton Lehman William Lenoir Patricia Lensgrat Nathan Levy, Jr. William Lewis ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: MARVIN E. KEMP, Kilmichaelg Grad., Scabbard and Blade. O ALBERT SCHUYTEN KIRST, Jackson, Law I, Kappa Alpha. O MARY McDON- ALD KITTRELL, Bay St. Louis, Grad., Alpha Omicron Pi, O JAMES G. KRES- TENSEN, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., Grad. O ROY CLAYTIN KUYRKENDALL, JR., McComb, Law Il. O GEORGE LOVELL LAMMONS, Lexington, Med. ll, Phi Chi, Kappa Sigma. O EATON A. LANG, Pass Christian, Law I, Kappa Sigma, President, Newman Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-Fraternity Council, Committee of IOO, ASB Dance Committee. O Second Row: LUCY ANNE LAWSON, Amory, Grad., Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta. O DEWIE BLANTON LEACH, McCooI, Law I. 0 CLAYTON LEH- MAN, Gulfport, Law III. 0 WILLIAM VAUGHT LENOIR, McComb, Law ll, Sigma Nu, O PATRICIA ANN LENSGRAF, Fairteld, Ill., Grad. O NATHAN LEVY, JR., Vicksburg, Law III, Phi Kappa Tau, Mississippi Law Journal, Hillel Foundation, Committee of l00. O WILLIAM FLOYD LEWIS, Forest, Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. ron Long, Jr. William Luckett Henry Lutrick Louis Lyell Howard McCrory Norman McKinnon Jack McLarty Martin McLendon O First Row: BYRON WILLIAM LONG, JR, Tupelo, Law Ill, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Mississippi Law Journal. O WILLIAM O. LUCKETT, Canton, Law III, Delta Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Mississippi Law Journal, Committee of I00. 0 HENRY GILBERT LUTRICK, Florence, Grad. O LOUIS JAMES LYELL, Jackson, Law Il, Delta Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Mississippi Law Jour- nal, YMCA, Claiborne Society. O HOWARD BRYANT McCRORY, Forest, Law II, Kappa Sigma, O DAN MILAM MCCULLEN, Jackson, Law lll, Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, Law School Student Body, O WILLIAM LESTER MCDONOUGH, Oxford, Law I. O Second Row: JOSEPH POWER McKELL, Brookhaven, Med. I, Kappa Sigma. O DALE HARBOUR MCKIBBEN, Water Valley, Law III, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi. O NORMAN ARNOLD McKlNNON, Jackson, Med. I, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JACK MILTON MCLARTY, Oxford, Grad., Phi Delta Theta, Commit- tee of IO0. O MARTIN R. McLENDON, Petal, Law I, Phi Kappa Psi. O THOMAS EDWARD MAGEE, Brookhaven, Med. ll, Phi Chi. 0 DAN FRANK MARAS, Biloxi: Law I. 3' gy, 0-- Dan McCulIen William McDonough Thomas Magee Dan Maras Ur 1- -his , E2 5 "- , L ,P 1 I :A if-I-N., ,,,..,.. . ,,6Av v,.j'?f f . - . 'P W , '+- George Miller C. P. Morris A'- Hb - BILL WINTER Mississippi Law Journal Edilor William Millelle Daniel Morse 5" ' I. I '- x 5 , ,, so., , XXX. .1 ' X- I ' I K 1 I . b Paul Mink Frank Minnick Frank Monfague, Jr. George Morse Slanford Morse Charles Morton 2 ai. ,, Q . A Q Margarel' Marshall Willis Mallhews Maurice Maxwell Charles Mayfield Byron Mayo Willis Meadows, Jr. Buchanan Meek Carl Megehee ABOVE: O Firsl Row: MARGARET MARSHALL, Fairfield, III., Grad. I WILLIS T. MATTHEWS, Magee, Law I. 0 MAURICE CLIFTON MAXWELL, Jackson, Grad., Kappa Alpha, BBA wilh Dislincliong Phi Ela Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Della Phi, Mississippi Law Journal. O CHARLES RUSSELL MAYFIELD, Bay Springs, Law II, Phi Kappa Psi. 0 Second Row: BYRON A. MAYO, Ponloloc, Med. II, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Presidenl, Pi Kappa Pi. O WILLIS LEVI MEADOWS, JR., Ouilman, Grad., Presidenl, Tau Kappa. 0 W. BUCHANAN MEEK, Eu- porag Law II, Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, ASB, '47-'48, Execulive Dance Commiffee '47-'48, Della Sigma Pi. I CARL A. MEGEHEE, Pascagoula, Law Il, Phi Della Thela, Efa Sigma Phi, Classical Club. BELOW: OFirsI Row: GEORGE L. MILLER, Wes? Poinl, Med. If Bela Bela Bela, AED. O WILLIAM GORMAN MILLETTE, Greenville, Law I. O PAUL EDWARD MINK, Belmont, Med, I. O FRANK A. MINNICK, Memphis, Tenn., Law II3 Della Thefa Phi. O FRANK DOUGLAS MONTAGUE, JR., Halliesburgg Law I, Bela Thela Pi, American Sociely of Civil Engineers, Intramural Council, Infer-Frafernily Council. O WILLIAM CROCKETT MOORE, Calhoun Cily, Med. II, Phi Chi. O WILLIAM THOMAS MORONEY, Tupelo, Law II, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 9 Second Row: C. P. MORRIS, Philadelphia, Grad. O DANIEL WILKINSON MORSE, Jackson, Law I, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE ERNEST MORSE, Gulfporl, Law I, Kappa Alpha. O STANFORD EVERETT MORSE, Gulfporf, Law I, Kappa Alpha. 0 CHARLES BRINKLEY MORTON, Senalobiag Law III, Phi Della Thelag Omicron Della Kappa, Phi Della Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Infernafional Relations Club, Clai- borne Sociely, Inler-Fralernify Council, ODK Forum Committee, Mississippian Siaff '46. O RAY V. MOSELEY, Memphis, Tenn., Grad., Alpha Tau Omega, Secrelary-Treasurer of Senior Class. I CARL DENVER MULLICAN, JR., Wesson, Grad., Bela ihefa Pi. William Moore Ray Moseley iAi , 2' ,.. ' V P: 5, is ,,-.., lt. -3-. ,. -:::'- "Ji w i X William Moroney Carl Mullican Jr ., 9-, , . A 5 - "T mi 'R is I Q 'L K 9 K Q. '1 s if B: f ... gk- ' . John Murray, Jr. James Napier William Neely Elizabefh Nelson Roberl' Nichols William Nobles Jase Norsworihy Thomas OH' Roberf Pailerson George Pease Harold Perry Carnal Peiro Logan Phillips Charles Pierce ABOVE: BELOW: I First Row: JOHN CLANTON MURRAY, JR., Brandon, Law ll, Kappa Alpha, Delia Sigma Pi, Phi Della Phi, Chairman, ASB Dance Commiliee. O JAMES ALTON NAPIER, Seminary, Law I. O WILLIAM AUGUSTUS NEELY, Banks, Med. Il, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Hoods Brigade, Rifle Team. O ELIZABETH TURNAGE NELSON, Water Valley, Grad. O ROBERT LEE NICHOLS, Columbus, Grad., Delfa Sigma Pi. O WILLIAM LEWIS NOBLES, Meridian, Grad., Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi, Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Efa Sigma, Co-Chairman, Commiliee of IOO. O JASE O. NORSWORTHY, Jackson, Law I, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eia Sigma, Vice-President, Freshman Law Class. O Second Row: THOMAS D. OTT, Halfiesburg, Law ll, Befa Theia Pi. O ROBERT DEWEY PATTERSON, Tupelo, Law I, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Alpha Della. O GEORGE E. PEASE, Oxford, Grad. 0 HAROLD WINSTON PERRY, Memphis, Tenn., Grad., Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delia Kappa. O CAMAL P. PETRO, Leland, Med. I. O LOGAN BURCH PHILLIPS, Jackson, Law ll, Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Della, Scabbard and Blade. O CHARLES FONTAINE PIERCE, Greenwood, Med. II, Phi Chi. O Firsf Row: JAMES MILLARD PIERCE, Greenwood, Law Il, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Vice-Jusiice, Phi Alpha Della, Treasurer, Law School, Moo? Courl Board, Presideni, Freshman Law Class, '47, Vice-Presidenf, School of Law. O JOE N. PIGOTT, McComb, Law Ill, Sigma Nu, Delia Sigma Pi, Vice-Presideni YMCA. O ALVIN LEWIS PRESSGROVE, Cascilla, Law lll. O JAMES EMORY PRICE, JR., Corinth, Law ll, Sigma Chi. O WOFFORD REYNOLDS PRICE, Elhelg Grad. O CHARLES WILLIAM PRUITT, Greenville, Law Il. O GEORGE PORTER PURYEAR, Raymond, Med. Il, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O Second Row: LAVON RASCO, Morlon, Grad. O BEN MUNGER RAWLS, Columbia, Law I, Sigma Chi. O H. M. RAY, Rienzi, Law Ill, Sigma Chi. O JOSEPH SHULER REID, JR., Nalchez, Law III. 0 GEORGE A. RILEY, Calhoun Cify, Med. ll, Phi Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CURTIS DELGADILLO ROBERTS, New Albany, Med. I, Sigma Chi. O THOMAS N. ROBERTS, Biloxi, Law Ill, Sigma Chi. James Pierce Joe Pigoli Alvin Pressgrove James Price, Jr. Wofford Price Charles Pruifi George Puryear Lavon Rasco Ben Rawls H. M. Ray Joseph Reid, Jr. George Riley Curlis Roberfs Thomas Ro"berl's 1 Ylis.-M... fnn -- 'C if R . ..,...u 'Sli- I I , ,ll Bill Rybak Wilbern Seymour 7 fi fs - 21 "WILD BlLL" DAVIS Educafion School Prexy I 1,1 L L Fred Robinson Herberl Robinson Guy Rogers Lillian Rogers Guy Rowland Beniamin Rush Huber? Rush, Jr. Glover Russell ABOVE: 0 Firsl Row: FRED D. ROBINSON, Lawrence, Grad., lndependenl Orqanizalion O HERBERT H. ROB- INSON, Waynesboro, Med. I. O GUY NORTHCROSS ROGERS, New Albany, Law I, Kappa Sigma. O LILLIAN ELIZABETH ROGERS, Decatur, Grad. 0 Second Row: GUY MANNING ROWLAND, Walnul, Law ll, Della Sigma Pi. O BENJAMIN M. RUSH, Vaughn, Med. ll, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi. O HUBERT LOWRY RUSH, JR., Meridian, Med. II, Phi Chi, Kappa Alpha. 0 GLOVER ALCORN RUSSELL, Clarksdale, Law lllg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ole Miss Represenlalive, U. N. Seminar '47, Commillee of l00 '47-'48, Canlerbury Club, Mississippian 46, YMCA. BELOW: O Firsl Row: BILL CHARLES RYBAK, Bethlehem, Penna., Law Ill, Phi Della Phi, Mool Courf Board, Coach, Murder Bowl '48, I CHARLOTTE E. SALTER, Louisville, Grad., Kappa Della Pi, Pi Lambda Thela, Secrelary. O GISELA SAUERBERG, Berlin, Germany, Grad. O CLARENCE RAY SCALES, Jack- son, Law Ill. O LEO J. SCANLON, Jackson, Med. I, Sigma Chi. O SAMEUL CORNELIUS SCHIEK, Meridian, Grad., Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Psi Omega. O EDITH M. SCOTT, Foresl, Grad. 0 Second Row: WILBERN BERNARD SEYMOUR, Tapoco, N. C., Grad. 0 GEORGE MCDANIEL SHAN- NON, Greenville, Med. Il, Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Della. O ROY DEXTER SHEFFIELD, Dorsey, Grad. O JOHN BAKER SHELBY, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Grad., Bela Thela Pi, M Club. O ROGER BRYAN SHOWS, Meridian, Law I, Kappa Alpha. C GENE SIMMONS, Magnolia, Grad., Kappa Della. O MYRTLE SIMMONS, Ulica, Grad. Charloile Saller Gisela Sauerberg Clarence Scales Leo Scanlon Samuel Schiek Edilh Scofl George Shannon Roy Sheffield John Shelby, Jr. Roger Shows Gene Simmons Myrtle Simmons Q., ,gnhgi an at-"' A , is-C., Q' 4-5 rw.. W' 1--: 3 xv 4 1 , V Q! A, V., 5 , . , ,Ygm ' 1 I 'hr' .... se S 4 P r ,.q qv Q. .K w Pi M1 , as 1:x lx.. X W iam Sims, Jr. Barbara Smiley Alvin Smith Bennett Smith George Smith James Smith John Smith Francisco Soldevila Bonnie Soper Donald Soper Lionel Speed William Spight Edsel Stewart William A. Stewart PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS ABOVE: 0 First Row: WILLIAM LUTHER SIMS, JR., Columbus, Law III, Alpha Tau Omega. O BARBARA ELIZABETH SMILEY, Fayette, Grad. O ALVIN LINFIELD SMITH, Gulfport, Law II. O BENNETT EDWIN SMITH, Weir, Law I, Omicron Delta Kappa. O GEORGE ROBERT SMITH, Pass Christian, Law I. O JAMES EDWIN SMITH, Carthage, Law III, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Delta Phi. O JOHN R. SMITH, Oxford, Grad., Chi Epsilon, Taylor Medal. O Second Row: FRANCISCO SOLDEVILA, Panama City, Panama, Grad., New- man Club, Rho Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association. 0 BONNIE L. SO- PER, Decatur, Grad. 0 DONALD SOPER, Philadelphia, Law ll. O LIONEL O. SPEED, Duftee, Grad. O WILLIAM REYNOLDS SPIGHT, Baldwyn, Law ll, Sigma Pi, Inter-Fraternity Council. O EDSEL FORD STEWART, Osyka, Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Beta Beta Beta. 0 WILLIAM ANDREW STEWART, Laurel, Law ll. BELOW: 9 First Row: WILLIAM HAMPTON STEWART, Poplarville, Law ll, Kappa Alpha. O BETSY DAVIS STONE, Atlanta, Ga., Grad. O JOHN FRED STONE, Tupelo, William H. Stewart Betsy Stone John Stone George Street Harold Stringer Lester Sumners Noah Sweat, Jr. Charles Tanner William Taylor Richard Temple Muna, ,pf Law I, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O GEORGE MARTIN STREET, Oxford, Law III, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Reserve Officers Association. 0 HAROLD GENE STRINGER, Louisville, Law iii, Alpha Tau Omega, President, Senior Law Class, Past Secre- tary, Law School. 0 ROBERT MARSHALL SULLIVAN, Hattiesburg, Law I, Phi Kappa Psi. O CECIL LAMAR SUMNERS, Belmont, Law I. O Second Row: LESTER FURR SUMNERS, Oxford, Law I, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. O NOAH SPURGEON SWEAT, JR., Corinth, Law Ill, Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Chairman, Inter-Fraternity Council '46, Chair- man, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee '42, Moot Court Board, President, Sigma Chi '42, '46, Tennis Team '46, Cheerleader, Band '39, Orchestra '40, Chairman, Intramural Council '42, Vice-President, Freshman Class. O CHARLES LOUIS TANNER, Meridian, Med, ll, Phi Chi. O WILLIAM TAYLOR, Laurel, Law I, President, Freshman Law Class. O RICHARD ROBERT TEMPLE, Lexington, Law I, Pi Kappa Alpha. O FLOYD M. THEISMAN, Grenada, Med. ll, Phi Chi. O ROBERT LOWERY THOMPSON, Hattiesburg, Grad., Sigma Chi. Robert Sullivan Floyd Theisman ,-E fa- mf? L. V Cecil Sumners Robert Thompson xi EQ ,I I. I I I I il a I 9.3 1 I . 3 fl H-Q... I t4Qc, 1 .. 3 I' , if HOTSHOT GARD Palrnck Tobin Jr Wilbur Todd Wllllam Toland Henry Tolar William Tolberl Presidenf of ,he BSC S5155 Roberl Touchslone Herberl Trammell Jack Tucker Roberl Turnage Lulher Turner ABOVE: Charles Van Winkle Roberl Walker M- ,, J. O Firsl Row: PATRICK JOSEPH TOBIN, JR., Kansas Cily, Mo., Law I. O WILBUR LEE TODD, Oxford, Law I, Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLIAM G. TOLAND, Mendenhall, Grad., Kappa Alpha. O HENRY G. TOLAR, Moselle, Law I. O WILLIAM H. TOLBERT, Biloxi, Grad., Alpha Tau Omega. O Second Row: ROBERT N. TOUCHSTONE, Meridian, Grad., Kappa Alpha. O HERBERT EUGENE TRAMMELL, Laurel, Grad., Kappa Sigma. O JACK NORRIS TUCKER, Clarksdale, Law lg Della Kappa Epsilon. O ROBERT TURNAGE, Prenlis, Med. II, Kappa Alpha. O D. LUTHER TURNER, Richlon, Med. ll, Phi Kappa Psi. BELOW: O Firsl Row: MARGIE F. TYLER, Tupelo, Grad., Commillee of IDU, Pi Kappa Pi: Kappa Della Pig Pi Lambda. O CHARLES DAVID VAN WINKLE, Ocean Springs, Grad. O ELISE VARNER, Senalobia, Grad., Della Della Della, Co-Chairman, Commillee of I00g Claiborne Sociely, Kappa Della Pi. O CHARLTON RULE VINCENT, Belzoni, Med. llg Phi Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O EMMETT CARLETON WAGGONER, Carlhage, Grad. O JANE WALKER, Bay Sl. Louis, Chi Omega, Morlar Board. O JOEL PHILIPS WALKER, Horn Lake, Law ll.. 0 Second Row: JOSEPH WAYNE WALKER, Mendenhall, Law ll. O ROBERT ALLEN WALKER, Cold- waler, Law lg Phi Della Phi, Phi Kappa Psi. O SHELBY LEE WALLACE, New Albany, Grad., Alpha Tau Omega, Bela Bela Bela, Biology Club. I WILLIAM L. WALLER, Oxford, Law II. O BARBARA WILLYE WALTERS, Halliesburg, Med. I. O O. B. WALTON, JR., Jackson, Law III, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Della Sigma Pi, Phi Della Phi, Head Cheerleader '46, Scabbard and Bladeg Presidenl of ASB '47, Omicron Della Kappa, Hall of Fame. I GEORGE ALFRED WARD, Columbus, Law I, Thela Chi. Elise Varner Charllon Vincenl Emmell Waggoner Jane Walker Joel Walker Shelby Wallace William Waller Barbara Wallers O. B. Wallon, Jr. George Ward ,, , , .ly-.Ms -,fa-, . ' L Ll E ' lb Y. ' A i 4. E 1- 431' S 35 'Fw-E-.Y GJ ,EL ABOVE: BELOW: vo' -.--- ""j- A' .tx 'TZ-"' -1- X Leland Wafers Homer Walkins Horace Walkins Richard Walson Taylor Webb Herman Websler Calvin Wells Jeffie Wells John Weslon David Whilaker, Jr. Millon Whillen James Williams Lesler Williamson Jean Wilson PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS O Firsl' Row: LELAND ROUSE WATERS, Alachua, Fla., Grad. O HOMER COYT WATKINS, Meridian, Law III, Sigma Pi. O HORACE M. WATKINS, Jackson, Law II, Della Sigma Pi, Phi Alpha Della, Mississippi Law Journal. O RICHARD THOMAS WATSON, Woodville, Law I. O TAYLOR WEBB, Leland, Law I, Kappa Alpha. O HERMAN DEXTER WEBSTER, Oxford, Med. I, Phi Della Thela. O CALVIN BERT WELLS, Eddicelong Law Ill. O Second Row: JEFFIE KATE WELLS, Meridiang Med. I. 0 JOHN M. WESTON, Bay SI. Louis, Sigma Nu, lnler-Fralernily Council '46-'47, Phi Della Phi, Della Sigma Pi, Mool Courf Board. O DAVID JOHN WHITAKER, JR., Leland, Law Ill, Kappa Sigma, M Club, Hood's Brigade '42, Scabbard and Blade '43g Phi Alpha Della. O MILTON CLAY WHITTEN, Hernando, Law l. O JAMES DAVID WILLIAMS, Lexington, Law II. O LESTER FRANKLIN WILLIAMSON, Meridian, Law III, Kappa Alpha, M Club. I JEAN S. WILSON, Richlong Law III. O Firsl Row: WILLIAM FORREST WINTER, Grenadag Law Ill, Phi Della Thela, Omicron Della Kappa, Hall of Fame, Edilor, The Mississippian, Edilor, Missis- sippi Law Journal, Phi Ela Sigma, Phi Della Phi. O HENRY W. WINTERS, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Grad., Presidenf, Graduale School, Execulive Council. O JACK M. WITCHEN, Pascagoula, Grad., Bela Bela Bela. 0 FRANK MITCHELL WIYGUL, Shannon, Med. ll, Phi Chi, Sigma Nu, Bela Bela Bela. O DAVID W. WOMACK, Belzoni, Law Ill, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 HENRY CLAY WOOD, Louis- ville, Law Ill, Phi Della Phi. O JOSEPH OTTIS WOOD, McComb, Med. ll, Alpha Kappa Kappa. O Second Row: EVELYN WRIGHT, Greenfield, Tenn., Grad. O GLENN G. YOUNG, Halfiesburg, Law I, O RALPH DALE YOUNG, Brookhaven, Law II, Phi Kappa Psi. O STANFORD YOUNG, Waynesborog Law I. 0 FRANCIS THOMAS ZACHARY, Hafliesburgg Law Ill, Sigma Chip Phi Alpha Dellag Vice- Presidenl, Law School, Jusfice, Phi Alpha Della. 0 JIMMY BOYD ZACHARY, Houlkag Grad., Pi Kappa Pi, Ela Sigma Phi, Bela Bela Bela. O CHARLES ZIM- MERMAN, Rome, Grad. William Winler Henry Winlers, Jr. Jack Wilchen Frank Wiygul David Womack Henry Wood Joseph Wood Evelyn Wrighl' Glenn Young Ralph Young Slanford Young Francis Zachary Jimmy Zachary Charles Zimmerman Sm was if-, if "" s g ,' Q V5.5 in 'K ig. - I is ..,, . is ,il .Vg y in.. 2' 'Y I . .arf it .ij r. f. s "X Q. 4 1 A L, Ang. " 'Y s W je k 1 'PQG - H' A 'f -, . sw--H ,i i E - ,N il.. E .- Qwj . 5 3' 4 4 4. Kp J A I ' . 'uh- ' 'K X ' Q::s.f2l'ifS I 1,5 If ' X -mm Ia 0 -, ,..- - .' .4 I Wi, I 1 ' ' 5 '-0.4! , f . K 5 I . I ' Q 1 Q ' ' Qs ' - , x . . I 'S ' 0 9 1 ' . Q A I Q l 5 0 5. d . . Q ,- I 0 Q r I Q P . '. .Q ' - ' '- 0 ' '- gQ .J Y lx fll 1 4 5 5. ' ' I- E . , 6 . , 11 5 L ' ' - ., . ' " 1' .' S . ' s' I-X ' f . 1 I u 11 . . . . Y ng . N , Y . fu ft D 39' v . , ,J I --' It I- In Z K Q .f Q' -J . Q, f " ' L ' , ' 85+ -in x ' x 's ki ' hiv. Y . .X ' gi 1 -' 5 " -. 4 1 Q ' 3 r . f Q, , 0' U--.'- 'uv' ,' Yff ff -1 x X., O f Q - 5 ' AQ' A Y .5 ft pg Q' J .' " - X 1 ' ' r ' '45 " vx .x I ': X . . , 0 U -.-I+. f 'ra 4" - - ',v, , . .f . . . + -sm.. i .x.:l J . 5 il ' A 'I x'. A ' 32.3 ' ' . ., I ', , V I ll R . I-fi., 0' ,I .H 1 ,gf 'Y-'Q 1- . 1 uv -.-. . .. . 4' v ' Ax! s Q il Y' ., X 1 . o I " ' A . H1.l'-4. 0 x my if 1- Q, 5' v"." , .4 ' , f 5 o D , . . J 4' ' 'x - ' ,. J". . ' . -, 1 v ' ' L at b . WSW:- A ' A x .E ,rm x 46 'if-"ft . MZ! 4 WJ "3 , .,, .x,i'. gm, fxw if ' frm 'Q' 5' ' .' .4 t tl in I ' ' 4, s r- .1 ' 55" W s ' .I ' .a ,' "r 7,15 Q. --4. 'P :lg JF., A , A . , c K ku Awfi - -' 7, .'.t Q fi ' f J- ' 'Q' "'ix"l1"', 'FN 5'f""r-1-235 ll 'F-., 49' . QL .g,'- sl? , -1 iv P - 1 , W ' .. X 'ru 1 ' 1 91 , p' ,X h, . 'wh X V ' I 5 .Q"ZL2f- . -' -,, s gy, we 5 J X I sk M W "'s7,, . bw Ag f- - .1 -4-ev f., . N' .351 ""'5"'4 JfJ"v'Xs1VN"-'A' Y -X J' W -- " J ' 'X - v" f-'W ' , 4, ' ' 94' . . ,i5!:"ajL 4 , -Wy 5. 'mv 'i lx' R' 'fr 2. '. N vjvfiniiliq 1 I,-:gh-x45',fiA'l5'i Q 4 1 is Xi. Avsgg ij.. , 1 1 ,I ...X-.R :if"S xX A yrs' : I f 'fl L5 5,7 . - si X' - ' 3i:'g4z' 'QM' 5, 'Aki f' L - gl! .'4 ', ' yxd uf- , K' 1, ' - ANN w I , - 5, 4 . . v J 3 - ' Wx -21 ., yr x yyf - - Q ff ' u 1 . V,."4"-"XC," ' .D . . ,,.,,:..v ,T If . wh 0 , -7, NC. -f:-. .-Y' 1 I ' fp. - v 1 , . -f x x A 'Q , , A . 'I kfxriik' Q '. tf?3a"L -S .M - K ' . ' ' - .-, . ' xua N ' W " f'- -.. I' fn N 'L in--... .J Lf, lHl llll MISS Jllllllll Universify Players puf on Tennessee Williams' "Glass Menagerie"-furn green and affack inarfisfic sfudenfs who laugh af wrong fimes . . . crypfic fwo-column head appears in Mississippian: " 'Y' Membership Drive Ends: Tofal Remains Underminded" . . . Sigma Chi's announce Lois Teague fheir "l"larvesf Girl" . . . Salmon leads Rebs fo 32-I3 win over Bosfon College . . . Predicfion is made: Thaf if all 'rhe coeds were laid end fo end, nobody would be surprised . . . I949 Ole Miss holds annual "Parade of Favorifes-25 girls are picked by fheir sororify sisfers and ofher unprejudiced sfu- denfs . . . fooled by unusual Fall weafher, fwo magnolia blooms appear on bush ouf- side journalism building-disappear iusf as mysferiously when biology feacher explains fhey can'f do if . . . plans made for Sadie Hawkins Day . . . excifemenf on campus: A supersonic oscillafor and a consfanf humidify incubafor are added fo Deparfmenf of Pafhology and Bacferiology equipmenf . . . Oswalf is high-score man in Reb en- counfer wifh LSU by reason of seven successful exfra poinf frys . . . Barney Poole is named "All-American" by Unifed Press . . . Mississippian viciously affacks "Burp!" fiends wifh scafhing ediforial . . . Sfafe Building Commission makes 529,000 emer- gency appropriafion fo fix approaches fo new men's dorms . . . work expecfed fo be finished by I'-760, if if don'f rain . . . announcemenf is made: fhaf good, poor, and relucfanf sfudenfs are using library-fhey are warned fo sfop . . . a zifher is 'found in fhe grill coffee . . . Confinued on Page 69 el. .iff-'JY' ' W izi. A L. l. L, lv : V Y . .ig I lift' af' It L. Ik Ei' it I F' 9 DEAN DUBOIS Mack Adams Marion Addison Curtis Alexander Robert Alexander Ediioi- of :he Mississippian Betty Alford Ernest Allen Marshall Allen, Jr. Sam Alman ABOVE: Hicks Anderson John Baker 'xa- bf W. Hinton Andrews Jeff Balfour 0 First Row: MACK ALFRED ADAMS, Miami, Fla.: Commerce: Alpha Tau Omega: Delta Sigma Pi: Scabbard and Blade. 0 MARION ELDRIDGE ADDISON, Memphis, Tenn.: Commerce: Phi Kappa Psi. O CURTIS B. ALEXANDER, Montrose: Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha. O ROBERT L. ALEXANDER, Mont- rose: Commerce. I Second Row: BETTY BLAIR ALFORD, Hazlehurst: Education: Kappa Delta: Secretary-Treasurer, YWCA: Committee of l00. O ERNEST OTHO ALLEN, Jackson: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. O MAR- SHALL B. ALLEN, JR., Long Beach: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma: Biology Club: Beta Beta Beta: Wesley Foundation. I SAM ALMAN, Gulfport: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O First Row: GLORIA SPELL ANDERSON, Benton: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma: YWCA: Home Eco- nomics Club. I HICKS ELLIS ANDERSON, Port Gibson: Commerce: Alpha Tau Omega: Delta Sigma Pi. I HINTON ANDREWS, Magnolia: Pharmacy: Sigma Nu. I VICTOR H. APPLEWHITE, Bassfield: Liberal Arts: Beta Beta Beta. O VIRGINIA ANN AUSTIN, Memphis, Tenn.: Education: Delta Zeta: YWCA: W.A.A.: Home Economics Club: Wesley Foundation. 0 CLAIRE ANN AYCOCK, Rayville, La.: Education: Phi Mu: President, YWCA: Kappa Delta Pi: Mortar Board: BSU Council. O ROY G. AYLES, Oxford: Commerce. O Stcond Row: THOMAS E. BAILEY, JR., Wynne, Ark.: Education. O JOHN R. BAKER, Natchez: Com- merce: Alpha Tau Omega. O JEFF EDWARD BALFOUR, Lamar: Commerce. O FALCOLN L. BARIA, ltta Bena: Pharmacy: Kappa Psi: American Pharmaceutical Association. O CHARLES ROY BARNER, Ruleville: Engineering: Sigma Chi: American Society of Civil Engineers. O WILLIAM GEORGE BARNER, Ill, Greenville: Commerce: Sigma Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Band. O JEWETT B. BARNETT, Houlka: Engineering. Victor Applewhite Virginia Austin Claire Aycock Roy Ayles Falcoln Baria Charles Barner William Barner, Ill Jewett Barnett 'Vu 5' 475 0..- i5 2 G- I ' vn- 'ix -A l ,,,...W,,.- ,.,. - Til -f' , l T' i 3 ' I, Jack Barrell Monlie Barringer Paul Barlon Fredna Balson Emery Balfle William Beanland Lewis Beasley Lydy Becker George Beckell Doris Beniamin Rebecca Benoist Joyce Benson Anne Berdon Homer Best I ABOVE: ABOVE: O Firsf Row: JACK CLINT BARRETT, Aberdeen: Engineering: Kappa Alpha: Phi O Firsf Row: CHARLES S. BIDGOOD, Meridian: Engineering: Kappa Alpha: M I 32nfl?gngkRAzTr3gEaRn 51oclefvL9J Clivil fnsanefrs:Blnfei-Fw?EIXfy47C2unci'i 0 Club: chi Epsilon, 0 EVELYN BILLINGSLEA, Camden: Education: FTA. 0 PAT , ar s: 1 era rs: or ar oar : : ecre ary, L Y h' T A. - . h WSGA '48: Commilfee of l00: YWCA Cabinel. O PAUL JAMES BARTON, Lucien: ?LCgmgHgIlEl'LIIYEzSooE CiIvliemC?orl'imefcrierl IKit-ylaucaailjll'h5iapBDuiirE:ikIaM.:uaEE?VAO2l2 Engineering: Vice-Presidenf, ASCE: Treasurer, Engineering School. O FREDNA . Ph. E+' S. .YJOE KENT QISHOIS M p . f' C ELIZABETH BATSON, Wiggins: Educalion: Zela Tau Alpha: Fulure Teachers of 'ss' ' a 'gma' , , ' O55 om- ommerce- appa America. 0 EMERY ALFORD BATTLE, McComb: Pharmacy: APHA. 0 WILLIAM Alpha: Swefafv- Campus Cfefhf Umon- 0 JAMES ALLAN BLACKWELL. Msg GARNER BEANLAND, Oxford: Della Psi: Band: Track '46: Commiflee of l00 '47: C0mbI ECIUCBIIOHZ M Club. . ELIZABETH ANN Bl-ANCHARD. GUFWSOUZ Ph' gardinal Club '47, O LEWIS CALDWELL BEASLEY, Sherman: Commerce: Della Mu: Lambda Sigma: Mississippian Slaff: Press Pholographers Club: ROTC Spon- igma Pi: Bela Gamma Sigma. ser, I Second Row: LYDY BETH BECKER, Brookhaven: Liberal Arlsg Della Della Della: Secretary, WSGA: Secrelary, ASB: Cwens: Pix: WAA: Execufive Council: Commilfee of l00: Vice-Presidenl, Universily Players: Secrelary, Megaphone Club: Co. A Sponsor, ROTC: Morlar Board: Pan-Hellenic Council: Presidenl, Ward Hall. O GEORGE STANLEY BECKETT, Meridian: Educalion: Phi Kappa Psi. I DORIS BENJAMIN, Thaxlon: Education. O REBECCA ANDREE BENOIST, Nal- chez: Kappa Kappa Gamma: WAA: YWCA. Q JOYCE MARIE BENSON, Webb: Liberal Arls. O ANNE MARGARET BERDON, Nalchez: Commerce: Kappa Kap- pa Gamma: WAA: YWCA: Pix. O HOMER BEST, Jackson: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. Charles Bidgood Evelyn Billingslea Pal' Billingsley Orion Blanton L. A. Boalwrighl Allen Bodron O Second Row: ORION DEE BLANTON, Memphis, Tenn.: Pharmacy. I L. A. BOATWRIGHT, Holly Springs: Pharmacy: APHA. O ALLEN BODRON, Vicks- burg: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon: ASCE. O JERRY NEAL BOONE. Corinlh: Liberal Arls. O JAMES OTHELL BOUNDS, Philadelphia: Commerce. I THOMAS EARL BOUNDS, Shubula: Pharmacy. O WILLIAM EDWIN BOUNDS, Shubula: Edward Birchelf Joe Bishop James Blackwell Elizabeth Blanchard Jerry Boone James Bounds Thomas Bounds William Bounds 14 -eff? A i. :. vo- , f luis ""' ' 1 I ..- -,-,- A l 7' 'Q Sf 'igzf-rx 'v , . .4 s :Lv 2 x.. 5 ld' , . I Vg rl ,, - ' . . 1 , E is W ,,,......i.... .... .l r 1 -1 X lj'+'.,F 1 ELTON MCINTOSH Jacqueleene Bowen William Bowie Kennelh Bowles Edgar Bowman Pharmacy School Presidenl Hugh Breland William Brewer William Bryson Thomas Buckley X E 1:5 5 'E rx I Lloyd Bridgers Ben Burney .f 1 Je vi Q Reuben Boyeff S. E. Boykin Joe Branum, Jr. James Breedlove ABOVE: 0 Firsl Row: JACOUELEENE BOWEN, Jackson, Engineering, Alpha Lambda Della, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Y Cabinet, BSU Council, Universily Players, Commillee of IOO, O WILLIAM RALPH BOWIE, Duranl, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O KENNETH BOWLES, Alma, Ga., Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O EDGAR E. BOWMAN, Barnesville, Ga., Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Secretary, lnfer-Fraternity Council, Vice-Presidenf, Campus Credil Union, YMCA, Veferans Club. 0 Second Row: REUBEN BOYETT, Greenville, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Varsily Tennis Team. O S. E. BOYKIN, Calchingsg Commerce, Sigma Chi, ASB Dance Commiflee, YMCA, Flying Rebels. O JOE E. BRANUM, JR., Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. I JAMES CONNER BREEDLOVE, Cof- feevilleg Commerce. BELOW: O Firsl Row: HUGH GREGORY BRELAND, Halliesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM HERMAN BREWER, Richlon, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O LLOYD MILLER BRIDGERS, Jackson, Commerce, Kap- pa Sigma, Phi Era Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Cardinal Club, Scabbard and Blade, Della Sigma Pi. O BER- NARD B, BROKAW, Charleslon, Liberal Arls, Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. C EMMETT CHARLES BROWN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering, Chi Epsilon, ASCE. O JASPER BARNES BROWN, JR., Carroll- lon, Commerce, Della Sigma Pi, Presidenl, Campus Credif Union. O WESLEY DEWEY BRUCE, JR., Oxford, Commerce. O Second Row: WILLIAM M. BRYSON, Clarksdale, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. I THOMAS KELLY BUCKLEY, Newhebron, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. O BEN RICHARD BURNEY, Cryslal Springs, Commerce. 0 DAVID L, BURNS, Wafer Valley, Liberal Arlsg Della Psi, Universify Players. 0 JOE BERNARD BURSI, Oakville, Tenn., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I WILLIAM WADE CAGLE, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Universily Players. 0 JAMES HOLT CADE, Lexington, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. Emmell Brown Joe Bursi Bernard Brokaw David Burns i . iv' . N ' Q, Y' L .2 ..,,., 7'-.' X Jasper Brown, Jr. Wesley Bruce Jr William Cagle James Cade 0 S- 5 .QR ugh i -rw in . ii?-:ff .QS i if 1 X5 Y'x,l fi In '- .x ' Us + M - L 5. f W y -U 1 f ' -aw. , 633 1 4 x l v .. a ,,, ,Ai tx,-P 5 Y 4 "'i- 2 f is 1 , n M ft '44 2 S i A. ' 3 . -f . f we ,,,,. , 2 it .. ...A ,, Q - QM H A A w iw 'Q ,N ,.. ,Lage ' ,ami . .,, ww' ' - Sf, James Caldwell James Calitf Henry Campbell Roger Campbell James Caples Duane Capps Beth Carley Thomas Carnes Alma Carr Robert Carter Napoleon Cassibry, Jr. Clarence Castle Jamie Castle Mary Cates ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: JAMES L. CALDWELL, Como, Education, JAMES I. CALIFF, Dub- lin, Liberal Arts, Lambda Sigma, University Players, Phi Eta Sigma, The Mis- sissippian. O HENRY ASHCRAFT CAMPBELL, Mocksville, N. C., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Inter-Fraternity Council, Delta Sigma Pi. O ROGER LEE CAMPBELL, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I JAMES ALLEN CAPLES, Vardaman, Education. O H. DUANE CAPPS, Sharon, Tenn., Pharmacy. O BETH CARLEY, Richton, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Home Economics Club, YWCA. 0 Second Row: THOMAS D. CARNES, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ALMA JEANNE CARR, Louisville, Commerce, University Chorus, Wesley Foun- dation, Women's Glee Club. O ROBERT LYNN CARTER, Sardis, Commerce. O NAPOLEON LePOlNT CASSIBRY, JR., Cleveland, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O CLARENCE EDWARD CASTLE, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Independents, M Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Intramural Council, Vice-President, Independent Organization. O JAMIE COOK CASTLE, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. O MARY ELIZABETH CATES, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Home Economics Club, Chairman, Foreign Scholarship Fund. Thomas Cave Jack Chambliss Thomas Chandler Nancy Chenault Robert Church Dan Clark Sara Cleland James Clemmons lt..,r' 'ir Q 41 O First Row: THOMAS HARRINGTON CAVE, Greensburg, Pa., Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon, University Players, Anchor and Chain. O JACK E. CHAMB- LISS, Cisco, Tex., Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Sigma. O THOMAS ALFRED CHAND- LER, Philadelphia, Commerce, Delta Psi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee. O NANCY LOUISE CHENAULT, Houston, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Treasurer, Mortar Board, President, Delta Gamma, Committee of IOO, Pan-Hellenic Council, Pix, FTA. O JAMES WHITTEN CHILDERS, Ashland, Com- merce, BSU. O ROBERT D. CHILDRESS, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Ole Miss Staff, BSU, Committee of IOO, Men's Glee Club, Band, Band Council, O DAVID HUGH CHISHOLM, Philadel- phia, Liberal Arts, Men's Glee Club, Veterans Club, Classics Club. O Second Row: ROBERT D. CHURCH, Grenada, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O DAN CLARK, DeKalb, Pharmacy. O SARA ELIZABETH CLELAND, Sardis, Commerce. O JAMES A. CLEMMONS, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. O CHESTER D. COCHRAN, Olive Branch, Commerce, Delta Psi, IMC. O W, E. COKE, JR., Aberdeen, Commerce. O EDWIN RAYMOND COKER, Sanatorium, Education. James Childers Robert Childress Chester Cochran W, E. Coke, Jr. at A 6-f ' bv- fs W 5 2 . ,V Bt - 3 X 1' 'Sh AE' . 'Nr' iii ni .ug David Chisholm Edwin Coker ff' , 5 . -7 -I .2- .-sk .34 - . ED BIRCHETT Business Manager, fhe I949 Ole Miss Jean Cooley John Counfiss, Ill lf" . up , in-A ' in J. D. Cooper Ancil Cox, Jr. X V.,--"' Zi .v. .. .fiifzgfi -r -rj. . ', QW s f. . . L! . in William Cooper Beniamin Crawford l it 4-f 5-. .f-'Q' p.-qY-F,-,.----,--- 3.1. I . ,': A 'NX' I K 'R NW .A 1- Q . 8 I W, 0 T iff' -.I . Eb., l .I ,. ilanl. ' Lin. A- . Emily Colber? Billy Collum ABOVE: O Firsl Row: EMILY OWEN COLBERT, Okolona, Liberal Aris, Della Delia Della, Home Economics Club, YWCA, WAA. O BYARS COLE, JR., Wesl Poinf, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O JAMES HARRIS COLEMAN, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Foolball '46-'47, Golf Team '48-'49, O JAMES COL- LARD, Columbus, Liberal Arls, Lambda Sigma, Adverlising Manager, lhe Mississippian. 0 Second Row: BILLY TOMMY COLLUM, Golden, Liberal Arfs. O WILLIAM JAMES CONDON, JR., Leland, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tennis Team, lnlramural Council. O EDWARD LIONEL COOK, JR., Inver- ness, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Inler-Fralernily Council, Ole Miss Y. O JESSE LEE COOK, Paris, Educalion. BELOW: O Firsl Row: JEAN COOLEY, Lambert, Liberal Arfs, YWCA, Home Economics Club. O J. D. COOPER, Duranf, Commerce. O WILLIAM ALBERT COOPER, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JAMES RAY COPELAND, Laurel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Della Sigma Pi, Business Manager, Mississip- pian. 0 JEANETTE ANNE CORBET, Norih Lilfle Rock, Ark., Liberal Arls, YWCA, Home Economics Club. 0 JOHN K. S. CORNELL, Fl. Milchell, Ky., Liberal Arls, Beia Thela Pi. O ROBERT J. COVING- TON, Louisville, Educalion, Alpha Tau Omega. O Second Row: JOHN RICHARD COUNTISS, Ill, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, Dramalic Club, YMCA. 0 ANCIL LIDDELL COX, JR., Shaw, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. 0 BENJAMIN L. CRAW- FORD, Tyleriown, Liberal Arts. O EMMETT NORRIS CREEKMORE, DeKalb, Liberal Arts. 0 JAVIER MANUEL CRESPO, LaCeiba, Honduras, Commerce. O BILL CRISLER, Bay Springs, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Sigma Della. O ALICE MELVILLE CRITZ, Greenwood, Educalion, Chi Omega, Pix. James Copeland Jeaneile Corbel John Cornell Roberl' Covinglon Emmelf Creekmore Javier Crespo Bill Crisler Alice Crih ju. - ' 'evafli V Ls, . 1 x X Byars Cole, Jr. James Coleman James Collard William Condon, Jr. Edward Cook, Jr. Jesse Cook ,ly , 'Qi I' af ,..,, . ,asm 2- ln.. hiv Charmnan Crum John Cunningham Jane Daigre Roland Dale John Dame Gloria Dandridge Worth Daniel Bully Davis Julie Davis William Davis Charles Dean Gordon DeLashmet Cecil Dickerson Charlotte Dickinson ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: CHARMIAN JUNE CRUM, Oak Park, Ill., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Women's Glee Club. O JOHN R. CUN- NINGHAM, Booneville, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O JANE DAIGRE, Gre- nada, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, WAAg Committee of I00. O ROLAND HALL DALE, Magee, Education, Kappa Sigma, M Club. O JOHN DAVID DAME, Tillatoba, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O GLORIA LOWREY DANDRIDGE, Senatobia, Education, Chi Omega, Feature Editor, Mississippian, Future Teachers of America, Committee of l00, Publicity Chairman, REW, WAA, YWCA. O WORTH DANIEL, Tutwiler, Pharmacy. O Second Row: BILLY H. DAVIS, Houston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JULIE PEYTON DAVIS, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Sponsor, Co. B, ROTC '46, Mississippian Society Editor, Committee ot I00, Canterbury Club, Y Cab- inet. O WILLIAM M. DAVIS, ltta Bena, Education, Sigma Chi, Scabbard and Blade, President, School of Education. O CHARLES WILLIAM DEAN, Shaw, Engineering, Kappa Sigma, American Society of Civil Engineers, Committee ot IOO, President, ASB. O GORDON BARTLETT DeLASHMET, Moss Point, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. 0 CECIL ROBERT DICKERSON, lndianola, Education, Sigma Nu, M Club, Scabbard and Blade. O CHARLOTTE SOMERVILLE DICKINSON, Brownsville, Tenn., Liberal Arts, University Players, Alpha Psi Omega. Alex Dickson Elizabeth Dorsey Charlotte Downs Ann Duke John Dulaney Frederick Dunn William Dozier Willie Eaker O First Row: ALEX D. DICKSON, Greenwood, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ELIZABETH JANET DORSEY, New Albany, Education, Phi Mu, O CHARLOTTE MOORE DOWNS, Booneville, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O WILLIAM P. DOZ- IER, Fulton, Liberal Arts. I MARTHA SUE DRAPER, Pocahontas, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Megaphone Club '45, Classical Club, WAA, Committee of IOO, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, Kappa Delta Pi. 0 BETTY JOYCE DRURY, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, WAA, Beta Beta Beta. O DEAN CARLTON Du- BOIS, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, Editor, Mississippian, '48, Managing Editor '47, Executive Council, President, Freshman Y '46, President, University Press Club, Lambda Sigma, Anchor and Chain, Wesley Foundation, Committee of l00, Committee on Student Feeding, IFC Dance Committee. O Second Row: ANN HAUGHEY DUKE, Meridian, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Future Teachers ot America, YWCA. O JOHN WILLIAM DULANEY, Tunica, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi, Eta Sigma Pi. O FREDERICK AVENT DUNN, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Band. O WILLIE CARROLL EAKER, New Albany, Education, Future Teachers of America. O MARTHA JANE EARHART, Louis- ville, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Lambda Sigma, Ole Miss Staff. O PAUL FRANCIS EDGAR, Carthage, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. 0 GEORGE WILLIAM EDMONSTON, Dresden, Tenn., Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. Martha Draper Betty Drury Dean DuBois Martha Earhart ' Paul Edgar George Edmonston Xf vi 2 .4 'V 1 ' 'F X -- Wet, ' r ' - i' S . te- I- f I I Q - , 4 24 43 Y LAREY EVANS Presidenl of lhe WSGA 9' I 5' Q-" ,Ri-. .v'--- 4 xI ax Q 6 5. , Hs il 24 I I 3.-'J .gt E 1 it ., 3,1 W S S59 varffig. l , Elwood Edwards Miriam Edwards Lawrence Elder Carolyn Ellrin Joe Ellis William Ellis Edward Emerson, Jr. Larey Evans ABOVE: 0 Firsl Row: ELWOOD L. EDWARDS, Banner, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O MIRIAM JEANNETTE ED- WARDS, Banner, Liberal Arls. 0 LAWRENCE M. ELDER, Coldwater, Commerce, Della Psi. O CARO- LYN SISSELL ELKIN, Waler Valley, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu, Sigma Alpha Iola. 0 Second Row: JOE ELLIS, Porl Gibson, Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM MAYO ELLIS, Columbus, Educa- lion, Phi Della Thela. I EDWARD H. EMERSON, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Engineering, ACS. O LAREY EVANS, Mendenhall, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu, WSGA, Presidenl, YWCA. BELOW: O Firsl Row: LOUIS CONRAD FIELDS, JR., Escalawpa, Engineering. O WILSON LEONADIS FLINN, Love, Educalion, Wesley Foundalion, Band. O BILLY FRANCIS FLOWERS, Winona, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presidenl, Men's Glee Club, Y Cabinel. O BARBARA ELIZABETH FLY, Waller Valley, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu, Pix, Bela Bela Bela, Biology Club. O JOHN C. FLYNN, Syracuse, N. Y., Com- merce, Sigma Chi. O PATRICIA FORD, Halliesburg, Della Della Della, Annual Slall, Mississippian Slaff, FTA, YWCA. O RALPH DOYLE FORD, Collon Planl, Liberal Arls, Bela Bela Bela. O Second Row: EARL FORD FORTENBERRY, Columbia, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceulical Associalion. O ANN BAINE FORTSON, Glosler, Commerce, Della Zela, YWCA, Home ECODOITIICS Club. O JAMES THEO FORTSON, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 CECIL COLE FOX, Canlon, Commerce, Della Psi, Della Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega. O RAYMOND H. FRASER, Aberdeen, Com- merce. O JOHN THOMAS FRAZIER, Crawford, Liberal Arls, Bela Bela Bela. O PAUL ANDREW FRA- SIER, Philadelphia, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceulical Associalion. Louis Fields, Jr. Wilson Flinn Billy Flowers Barbara Fly John Flynn Palricia Ford Ralph Ford Earl Forlenberry Ann Forlson James Forlson Cecil Fox Raymond Fraser John Frazier Paul Ffasler 1 I S' " in l' ' fzwa'-. - , A 'W ? v ' , s Q. f ' -. , ..-.,.. ,,, it 'iff Q no :.. , -, as-A o , X - - :J I , ' vc. - - ' G+' W -E . wr-N f P5 A 1- - ..--r ,B ,Q -' A l , . . K Q . .3 .Q -I, A rr if f . A .- ...V wif' . . 1' xy ix ,VII Eff' ' I s 'T 5 PY 3 S. -N ' ' . gf ' I qs- S Edwin Geisler Edwin Gould 4 mv .1 A VN If o T 2 - ' ' ' .ci ki! l 1 ,S Q l eb tr at ' f -3- -L? l .r , 3- 5 Alfred Frick Charles Friedman Wren Frith Bruno Furini, Jr. Frances Furr Raymond Furr Juan Garcia Sam Gardner William Gardner B. H. Garner Fred Garraway Marvin Garrett Glenn Gartelman Joseph Gary ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: ALFRED O. FRICK, Meridian, Commerce, O CHARLES O. FRIED- MAN, Jonestown, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi, Committee of IOO, Intramural Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, ASB Dance Committee, Freshman Student Ad- viser. O WREN McKlNNON FRITH, Lyman, Commerce. O BRUNO FURINI, JR., Lyon, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma. O FRANCES KNOX FURR, Pontotoc, Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Cardinal Club '43, Honor Roll '46. O RAYMOND T. FURR, Courtland, Pharmacy. O JUAN ROCAFORT GARCIA, Hatillo, Puerto Rico, Law. 0 Second Row: SAM PARKER GARDNER, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Della Theta, Naval ROTC, Rifle Team, Anchor and Chain, Scabbard and Blade. O WILLIAM ROBERT GARDNER, Tupelo, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, President, School of Commerce, Cardinal Club '46-'47. O B. H. GAR- NER, Tunica, Education, Delta Psi, Band '45-'46-'47, Registration Committee '46, Future Teachers of America, YMCA '45, Intramural Council '46, Rover Club. O FRED WEST GARRAWAY, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Intramural Coun- cilg President, Intramural Council '48, O MARVIN LYNN GARRETT, Chapel Hill, Tenn., Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O GLENN ALLEN GARTELMAN, Oxford, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. O JOSEPH WEBSTER GARY, Byram, Commerce. O First Row: EDWIN DOUGLASS GEISLER, Corinth, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi, Canterbury Club, Della Sigma Pi, Flying Rebels. 0 JAMES RODERICK GIL- BERT, JR., Mobile, Ala., Commerce, Sigma Chi, Newman Club. O W. BURRUS GILL, Marks, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O JOE IVY GILLESPIE, Lambert, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O FRANK OTHO GIVENS, Sena- lobia, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O PATRICIA MAY GORE, Lake Providence, La., Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O MARTHA FERGUSON GOSS, Oxford, Lib- eral Arts, Beta Beta Beta, O Second Row: EDWIN HORATIO GOULD, Okolona, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I JOHN C. GRAMMER, JR., Friars Point, Commerce. I BEN THOMAS GREGORY, Okolona, Liberal Arts, ASB Dance Committee. O ANNA LOU GRIFFITH, Mantee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Claiborne Society, Kappa Delta Pi. O GLORIA SMITH GRIFFITH, Greenville, Liberal Arts. O VAN REED GRISHAM, Aberdeen, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O DALE GUENTHER, Jackson, Commerce. James Gilbert, Jr. Burrus Gill Joe Gillespie Frank Givens Patricia Gore Martha Goss John Grammer, Jr. Ben Gregory Anna Griffith Gloria Griffith Van Grisham Dale Guenther l l l it l 'l l l r ll l i l i I i I l t I l l l N FARLEY SALMON M Club Representative on Executive Council I x lugqg, ig, S ' 'Q G' " I' --'I"4'. A. ,li -5 -. ' 1' H . ies g. sq- ' ay-'51 Ji 'F 4 1,51 rf X W 355 GAP - 499 William Haddock Walter Hager Kendall Hale George Hall, Ill James Hall Joiner Halton Mary Hamill Dee Hamilton ABOVE: O First Row: WILLIAM HARVEY HADDOCK, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi, Future Teachers of America, Debate Club. O WALTER RICHARD HAGER, Meadville, Pa., Engineering, Sigma Nu. O KENDALL HALE, Fulton, Commerce. I GEORGE BENNETT HALL, Ill, Mt. Olive, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O Second Row: JAMES HEARD HALL, Farmerville, La., Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi. I JOINER MACK HALTON, Pascagoulag Liberal Arts, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, lntermural Council '46, YMCA. O MARY FAY HAMILL, Sturgis, Liberal Arts, YWCA, Kappa Delta Pi. O E. DEE HAMILTON, Jackson, Education, Kappa Alpha, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee '46-'47-'48, YMCA '47, Football '46, Inter- national Relations Club, Veterans Club. BELOW: O First Row: STUART DOUGLAS HAMLEY, Lake Providence, La., Education, M Club. O JERRY ASKEW HANCOCK, Laurel, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MARJORIE MILAM HANCOCK, North Car- rollton, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Future Teachers of America, I JIMMIE A. HAND, West, Commerce. O PENNY HARDAWAY, Marianna, Ark., Education, Delta Delta Delta. O EMMAGENE HARDY, Colum- bus, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Classical Club, Home Economics Club, WAA, Cheerleader '47, O 1 GEORGE RICHARD HARMON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha, Editor I949 Ole Miss, Lambda Sigma, Press Photographers Club. il C Second Row: CHARLES ROY HARRIS, Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, YMCA, Veterans Club, Inter-Fraternity Council. O HOWARD RUSSELL HARRIS, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. O l. ED I HARRIS, Enterprise, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O ELMO O. HARRISON, Cotfeeville, Commerce, I , Alpha Tau Omega. I PATSY HAYNES, Ellisvilleg Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan-Hellenic Council. O I JANIS F. HAYS, Evanston, Ill.: Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Home Economics Club, Women's . Athletic Association, YWCA. O ELIZABETH HEAD, Trumann, Ark., Education, Delta Gamma, Future Teachers of America. Stuart Hamley Jerry Hancock Mariorie Hancock Jimmie Hand Penny Hardaway Emmagene Hardy George Harmon 1 Charles Harris Howard Harris Ed Harris Elmo Harrison Patsy Haynes Janis Hays Elizabeth Head if 41559-'Qi . 3 4431, ,, ... at 'X ---c' awfa . ' W--1' jfgipf .Q ...M- Rgziis N - " i t if' 'VI""'i5 Ii ' yi I L. M 7 lm S' elvis if I S' ig: 3 1 1? ' L 'GT r- fs. i Charles Heberer Vassar Hemphill, Jr. Walter Hemphill Helen Henry Carl Herrin Carol Hicks Granville Hicks Clyde Higgason Howard Hillon William Holloman Mary Holmes Barnard Holi Harold Hooper Millon Hooper ABOVE: BELOW: O Firsf Row: CHARLES LEE HEBERER, Canfong Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I VASSAR DEWEY HEMPHILL, JR., Greenwood, Engineering, Sigma Chi, Amer- ican Sociely of Civil Engineersg Annual Siaff '46. O WALTER G. HEMPHILL, Jackson, Educalion. O HELEN ELIZABETH HENRY, Vicksburg, Delia Delia Della, Cheerleader '47-'48, YWCA, WAA, Annual Sraffg Favorile, Universify Players. 0 CARL J. HERRIN, Duranl, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delia Sigma Pi, Infer- Frafernify Council. O CAROL FRANCES HICKS, Pass Chrislian, Liberal Arts, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, YWCA. O GRANVILLE CARLIS HICKS, Vardaman, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceulical Associalion. O Second Row: CLYDE R, HIGGASON, Oxford, Commerce. O HOWARD GREEN HILTON, Uficag Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM B. HOLLOMAN, Rulevilleg Liberal Arfs, Kappa Sigma, Presidenf, Press Pholographers Club, YMCAg Lambda Sigmag Mississippian Sfaff. 0 MARY ANN HOLMES, Yazoo Cify, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, Canrerbury Club, Universily Players, YWCA, Commiflee of I00, ASB Dance Committee, Presidenl of Ricks. O BARNARD SHIPP HOLT, Duncan, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O HAROLD MONROE HOOPER, Kosciusko, Com- merce. O MILTON S. HOOPER, Kosciuskog Commerce, Pi Kappa Alphag Della Sigma Pig Accounling Club. Lloyd Hopkins Thomas Hopper Edwin Horner Ernesi Hough John Hudson Grady Huff 0 Firsl Row: LLOYD GERALD HOPKINS, Walnul, Pharmacy, lndependenls. O THOMAS JOE HOPPER, Rienzi, Commerce. I EDWIN MICHAEL HORNER, Morristown, Tenn., Educalion, Scabbard and Blade, Manager, Alhlelicsg Track '47, Baskeiball '43, O JAMES WILSON HORTON, Clevelandg Liberal Arlsg Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, O BERTON GLENN HOWE, Oxford, Commerce, Accounling Club. O EARL O. HOWELL, Talladega, Ala., Educaliong Alpha Tau Omega, M Club. O HUNTINGTON HOWELL, Batesville, Liberal Arfs. O Second Row: ERNEST S. HOUGH, lndianola, Pharmacyg Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi. O JOHN PAUL HUDSON, Scobeyg Liberal Arls. 0 GRADY RAY HUFF, Pulaski, Educafion. O WILL ZACK HUGGINS, Ouifman, Pi Kappa Alpha, YMCA, Universify Players. O THOMAS E. HULL, Taylorsville, Pharmacy. O JOSEPH EDWARD HUTTON, Oxford, Engineering. 0 MAURICE N. INMAN, Calhoun Cily, Commerce. Berlon Howe Thomas Hull James Horfon Will Huggins Earl Howell Hunlinglon Howell Joseph Hullon Maurice Inman .. gwff 4 .q, .1 I it' I M. ., 57, . 1. ..,. I, A T Ms., + V- .,,, .. V c ,,, , ... fx Pigs: ,gf 3. , ,,.:,,u 1 '3,rdw5e',':v2a WP 5... .l,qi4,',r.,- , s. . Q M, - 'X' v.: z,,ac6,.s , 3 ,L gk. Q., 1, , ,,Qm.,,.,,n ., - ., W sk nc ,, I ea, :R es. .. gi a.,,g,g,. I ffwisf. as ' T' isa-42-f':1..,g-.9 v'i,,4,s- 'M vs Ss' LJ 'ii' .1 ' 2 'S' kwa 'qu Virqil James, Jr. John Johnson LIB PILKINTON ASB Treasurer Pattie Jenkins Edward Johnston ' Flffaz. ' UL I. .' T5 'P ' ' .-65.5 .1 A x e 1,1- ,I 1 M, at , ch ,, H f, , 1 ,J -tag Sf, et.. ey .ee -5:3 A H' .,1.f.a. :wg . I ,ey - u .'s'915.f., 4 I Y 3 'rin 3.5 ,M Heli- I. 5 .ff . 2 V, . - -A jaw. 45.4. .I I. Y, ,.,,.q,i ,,- dvr . '3,,.., giii5s'1.' "UQ," ' ,-:-.4".'w- .-gf' r A I Y s' . rv 4 1 A-.V SL -.ffl 1-1: 4' . Y Q li ' it lg.. Roland Jenkins Joseph Johnston na' AJ 7- Q- ... As. . Q William Ivy Brett Jackson, Jr. James Jackson Louis Jackson Jr Bobbye Jacobs Albert Jaeger Hubert James Mariio James ABOVE: O First Row: WILLIAM HENRY IVY, Macon, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Chi Epsilon. O BRETT JACKSON, JR., Pontotoc, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Drum Maior '44-'48, YMCA, University Players. O JAMES W. JACKSON, Corinth, Education. I LOUIS FOSTER JACKSON, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega. I Second Row: BOBBYE JACOBS, Stuttgart, Ark., Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. I ALBERT JOSEPH JAEGER, Columbus, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. C HUBERT AUSTIN JAMES, Canton, Commerce. O MARIJO JAMES, Decatur, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, YWCA, WAA. BELOW: O First Row: VIRGIL FARRIS JAMES, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O PATTIE RUTH JENKINS, Midland, Ga., Education, Chi Omega. I ROLAND HAIRSTON JENKINS, Waynesboro, Lib- eral Arts, Sigma Pi. O MURIEL SALOME JOHN, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O BILLIE DOVE JOHNSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, Pix, YWCA, WAA, Wesley Foundation. O IMOGENE JOHNSON, Sebastopol, Education. I WILTON JEROME JOHNSON, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 Second Row: JOHN COLON JOHNSON, Tiplersvilleg Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega, American Pharmaceutical Association. O EDWARD JOHN JOHNSTON, Shannon, Liberal Arts. O JOSEPH EU- GENE JOHNSTON, Oxtord, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu, Westminster Fellowship. 0 HERMAN MITCHELL JOHNSTON, ltta Bena, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O RUFUS T. JONES, Taylor, Commerce, Phi Kappa Pri. O CHARLIE B. JORDAN, Oxford, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O JOYCE S. JUSTICE, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. Muriel John Herman Johnston F 'lt f , 1 V . 4 N p . ' 1: I X , - If NIP' QI , . ' -44, "Qi ,. . f ' 1'Z V ' 9 257' ,W - -, 3 WA, -2 -it 5- ,:, .- s i , .- ' ,' , -. 1333, . fs. I .: -' ' . . 31' . AL.. , , x , ,.,-,I J is 'i T ' 1 ' 4 Ia .-Z au' Billie Johnson Imogene Johnson Wilton Johnson Jr Rufus Jones Charlie Jordan Joyce Justice L- ,K 'sh - X f .3 -.uw , X, Q Kansa.-fgq' ' ' I . I al. V R 323 Q You-s ff.. 4 wa., Robert Kell William Kellum Herman Kelly Robert Kelly Maurice Kemp Gregory Kergosien George Kimbrough James King Richard King Virginia King Charles Kirkpatrick Eleanor Knee Al Knott, Jr. John Laird ABOVE: BELOW: I First Row: ROBERT THOMAS KELL, Pascagoula, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, M Club. I WILLIAM LEE KELLUM, ltta Bena, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HERMAN BERNARD KELLY, Oxford, Education. I ROBERT F. KELLY, Waukegan, Ill., Liberal Arts, Newman Club. O MAURICE CALDWELL KEMP, Winona, Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi. O GREGORY GAINES KERGOSIEN, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, Newman Club, Committee of l00. 0 GEORGE THOMAS KIMBROUGH, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: JAMES BILLY KING, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Mississippians. O RICHARD HARVEY KING, Greenville, Engineering, Kappa Kappa Psi, American Society of Civil Engineers, University Band. O VIRGINIA KEMP KING, Booneville, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Home Economics Club. O CHARLES R. KIRKPATRICK, Saltillo, Commerce. ELEANOR HENSON KNEE, Ripley, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, President, Freshman Y, Committee ot IOO, Westminster Fellowship, Pix, Pan-Hellenic Council, Mortar Board, Sophomore Honor Girl, Cancer Society, Glee Club, University Players, Mississippian Staff, WAAg WSGA Council. O AL KNOTT, JR., Pittsburgh, Penna., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men's Glee Club. O JOHN ROBERT LAIRD, Union, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O First Row: JANE LAMAR, Lambert, Education, Phi Mu. I CLIFTON LAMB, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O DAVID FLAVOUS LAMBERT, JR., Bel- mont, Liberal Arts. O CAROLYN FAE LANE, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O LAMAR W. LANE, Jackson, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association. O GARNETT LANNING, JR., Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O JAMES SID- NEY LATTURE, Oxford, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O Second Row: G. ELLETT LAWRENCE, Fayetteville, Ark., Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Mississippian Staff. O PEGGY ASTE LAUGHTER, Walls, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mississippian Staff, Women's Glee Club, University Chorus, YWCA. O STEVE CHARLES LEIST, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O CLYDE WIL- LIAM LESLEY, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. O ED S, LEWIS, Jackson, Com- merce, Phi Delta Theta. O JAMES FOSTER LEVVIS, McComb, Pharmacy, Wesley Foundation, American Pharmaceutical Association. O JEAN MARIE LEWIS, Laurel, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Athletic Association, Future Teachers of America. Jane Lamar Clifton Lamb David Lambert, Jr. Carolyn Lane Lamar Lane Garnett Lanning, Jr. James Latture Ellett Lawrence Peggy Laughter Steve Leist Clyde Lesley Ed Lewis James Lewis Jean Lewis 9 L- N tan' 3 ..-:-"""""-'. - GEQRQE HARMQN Aline Liles John Lindley Thomas Loftin Howard Long , Ediymy me 1949 Ole M555 Joseph Long Jean Lott David Low Sam Lowry, Jr. ABOVE: 0 First Row: ALINE MAIFRED LILES, Bruce, Liberal Artsg Delta Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota. I JOHN ELLIS LINDLEY, Macon, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O THOMAS GRAY LOFTIN, Albemarle, N. C., Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, President, American Pharmaceutical Association. I HOWARD D. LONG, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. ' i O Second Row: JOSEPH LONG, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O JEAN ELISE LOTT, Bude, Kappa Delta, Committee of IO0, Faculty Student Committee '48-'49, Mortar Board, YWCA, University I Players, WAA, Home Economics Club, Treasurer, Pix, Wesley Foundation, WSGA, President, Pan- I Hellenic Council. O DAVID D. LOW, Sardis, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O SAM , CARTER LOWRY, JR., Holly Springs, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. I BELOW: ' O First Row: WILLIAM THOMSON LOWRY, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOSEPH HUGH I LUCKETT, JR., Jacksong Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I MITCHELL M. LUNDY, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. O RAY CHARLES LYLE, Tupelog Liberal Arts, Siqma Chi. O GENE DANIEL LYNE, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, O MARGARET McALEXANDER, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Uni- versity Players, Alpha Psi Omega. O MILLARD R. MCCALLUM, Mize, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, t Westminster Fellowship, University Players. I Second Row: WILLIAM CALVIN MCCAUGHEN, JR., Clarlcsdaleg Liberal Arts. 0 WILLIAM LEE McCORD, Houlka, Liberal Arts, Lambda Sigma. O JUANITA A. MCCORMICK, Oxford, Education, Kappa Delta, Baptist Student Union, Glee Club, University Chorus. O FLOYD ADREN McCOY, JR., I Crosby, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, O JOSEPH WARREN McDANlEL, Bude, Pharmacy, Independents, American Pharmaceutical Association. O JIMMY McDOWELL, Brookhaven, Education, Sports Editor, The Mississippian. O FANNIE MCFALL, Sumner, Education, Chi Omega, WAA, YWCA, Home Eco- nomics Club. I William Lowry Joseph Luclrett, Jr. Mitchell Lundy Ray Lyle Gene Lyne Margaret McAlexander Millard McCallum Wiliiam McCaughen Jr William McCord Juanita McCormick Floyd McCoy, Jr. Joseph McDaniel Jimmy McDowell Fannie McFalI I . E ' ,Leis I A , ,I -' i . ' fy ' "' ,-3 rw X , .2 ,WW -vs A Uv' i e ' 5- z. ,-' 15, lb' I , -mi 'I I , f if "' - fr Am' W- ' 'iv ' - Q-.... V' Q. l l l l , 'S' it - ,I , . q4g3,f?rg,, 'A Ai "ia-Lf. V. g' W X K, ,ls . 55,51 Q 5.5,-.fy . L 'Hur- ,.f , Qi. Q51 it 4 ""-'Sl' lt? F1 A f lift' . E51 ! f r..L9,.lg3h5a Earl McFarland Dora McGee James McGinnis Joyce McGlaun Herbert McGuffee John McHugh Hugh Mclnnis, Jr 3 Peggy Mclnnis Elton Mclntosh Patty McKay Robert McLaurin, Jr. Newton McLean Walter McLellan John McLemore, Jr ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: EARL WESLEY McFARLAND, New Orleans, La., Commerce, Sigma Pi, Accounting Club. O DORA DEANE MCGEE, Louisville, Liberal Arts. 0 JAMES EARL McGlNNlS, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOYCE Mc- GLAUN, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, YWCA, Committee of l00. O HERBERT BUFORD McGUFFEE, Utica, Commerce. 0 JOHN ROBERT McHUGH, Oxford, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Theta Xi. O HUGH JOSEPH MclNNlS, JR., Jackson, Liberal Artsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: PEGGY KNOTT MclNNlS, Collins, Commerce, Phi Mu. O ELTON LORRAlNE MclNTOSH, Hernando, Pharmacy, Delta Kappa Epsilon, President, School of Pharmacy. O PATTY JEAN McKAY, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O ROBERT SYLVESTER McLAURlN, JR., Brandon, Com- merce, Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. O NEWTON McLEAN, Bassfield, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. 6 WALTER V. McLELLAN, Canton, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOHN BRIGGS McLEMORE, JR., Blanche, Tenn., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade. O First Row: MARION BARNES McLEMORE, Macon, Liberal Arts. O HARRY L, MCLEOD, Leakesville, Engineering. O MAXIE McMULLlN, Memphis, Tenn., Education. O ULMER LAMAR McNElLL, Macon, Commerce, Scabbard and Blade. 0 WILLIAM THOMAS MCNUTT, Stuttgart, Ark., Engineering, Chi Ep- silon, American Society of Civil Engineers. I WILLIAM AUGUSTUS McPHEE- TERS, Cleveland, Pharmacy, Phi Delta Theta, I RUDOLPH McREE, Eupora, En- gineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, American Society ot Civil Engineers, YMCA. O Second Row: LULA McWHORTER, Oxford, Commerce. I LAUCH M. MA- GRUDER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Flying Rebels, Cardinal Club '46-'47, University Players '46-'47, Cheerleader, ASB Dance Com- mittee. 0 BEN FRANKLIN MANN, Holly Springs, Education, Alpha Tau Omega, Physical Education Maiors Club. O WARREN DAVID MANN, Brooklyn, N. Y., Pharmacy. ORALPH HEATH MARBLE, Leland, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Ole Miss Staff '48. O DELLIE A. MARDIS, JR., Fayette, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, O EARL H. MARSHALL, Oxford, Phar- macy. Marion McLemore Harry McLeod Maxie McMullin Ulmer McNeill William McNutt William McPheeters Lula McWhorter Lauch Magruder Ben Mann Warren Mann Ralph Marble Dellie Mardis, Jr. Rudolph McRee Earl Marshall ju: Q., 'ci A y........ I I I E 5 3- . ' , 8' Q , . , 1-. I ' . . 'V X fl I - A W f'f"ff'1.' ' ,Q Higrf3is""w" f - , I, L. 5 ti 1' ,, ,ff ' . ' " ", .,fSlr'l' 1 , V -, rl: . YA ': V, 3 President of the Engineering School Catherine Mercier Millicent Merritt Robert Mitchell Rosie Mitchell Robert Miles Ollo Mollere X I r. ex., ws. . 1 .74 t JAMES WHITE Mary Martin Miriam Martin Martha Mathis Jesse Matthews Guy Mattingly, Jr. Turley Meek Albert Meena Leonard Melvin, Jr ABOVE: O First Row: MARY FRANCES MARTIN, Gultportg Liberal Arts, Delta Gammag Cheerleader '46-'47g Cwensg Committee of I00. O MIRIAM EARLE MARTIN, Carthageg Liberal Artsg Beta Sigma Omega, Alpha Eta Delta. O MARTHA JEANNE MATHIS, Lonoke, Ark.g Commerceg Annual Staff, Baptist Stu- dent Union. O JESSE PRINT MATTHEWS, Jackson, Commerce, O Second Row: GUY LELAND MATTINGLY, JR., Greenville, Commerceg Delta Kappa Epsilon. O TUR- LEY HARMON MEEK, Tyrog Commerceg Pi Kappa Alpha. O ALBERT LLOYD MEENA, Clarksdaleg Lib- eral Arts. I LEONARD BROWN MELVIN, JR., Laurelg Commerceg Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, BELOW: O First Row: CATHERINE BEATRICE MERCIER, Corinthg Educationg Delta Gammag Future Teachers of Americag Home Economics Club. O MILLICENT ELIZABETH MERRITT, Meridiang Educationg Phi Mug Future Teachers of Americag Classical Club. O ROBERT L. MILES, Bruceg Commerce. O BARBARA ELIZABETH MILLER, Homestead, Fla.g Liberal Artsg Zeta Tau Alphag Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurerg YWCAg WAA. 0 DAVID MILLER, Jacksong Commerceg Kappa Alphag Phi Eta Sigmag Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Bladeg International Relations Club. I MALCOLM LOUIS MILLER, Sunset, La.g Pharmacyg Kappa Psig American Pharmaceutical Association. O ROBERT S. MILLER, Jaclrsong Com- merceg Kappa Alpha. 0 Second Row: ROBERT ANDREW MITCHELL, Walnut Grove, Liberal Artsg Sigma Nug Glee Club. I ROSIE MITCHELL, Meridian, Liberal Arts. 0 OLLO JOSEPH MOLLERE, Wavelandg Liberal Artsg Kap- pa Sigma, Newman Club. O MARY NAN MONAGHAN, Tupelog Liberal Artsg Delta Delta Delta. O CLARENCE H. MONTGOMERY, Pontotocg Pharmacy. O CLEON S. MOORE, Batesville, Engineeringg American Society ot Civil Engineers. O CLIFTON EUGENE MOORE, Holly Springs, Educationg Vet- erans Club. Robert Miller Clifton Moore Barbara Miller David Miller Malcolm Miller Mary Monaghan Clarence Montgomery Cleon Moore I . iptii A xi ' , rv ., , A W' 'r ez... I -it -Q sg, . 'F ?-G' E L 50' vf' 9 Everefl' Mullen Q- 1-Q g F, I U9 ' ' -0' if 2 9.. - if rw. Hugh Moore Mavis Moore William Moore Frances Morris Joe Morris Newman Morris William Mulkins , Jr. Roberl Mullelf Genevieve Mullican Charles Murphy James MusKelly John Napier Willola Nason THE SENIOR CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: HUGH HARMON MOORE, Bay Sl. Louis: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. O MAVIS STOCKSTILL MOORE, Holly Springs: Educalion. O WILLIAM SEBASTIAN MOORE, Jackson: Commerce: Sigma Chi: Cardinal Club: ASB Dance Commillee. O FRANCES MARIE MORRIS, Ripley, Tenn.: Educalion: Kappa Kappa Gamma: WAA: YWCA: Fulure Teachers of America: Physical Educafion Maiors Club. O JOE HENRY MORRIS, Jackson: Liberal Arlsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Omicron Delia Kappa. O NEWMAN WILLIAM MORRIS, San- ford: Pharmacy: American Pharmaceulical Associalion. O WILLIAM D. MUL- KINS, Greenville: Education: Della Kappa Epsilon: Physical Education Maiors Club: YMCA. O Second Row: EVERETT JEFFERSON MULLEN, JR., Clarksdale: Liberal Arls. O ROBERT HARRY MULLETT, Quifman: Commerce: Sigma Nu: lnlramural Coun- cil: Band: Della Sigma Pi: Inter-Frafernily Council: Commilree of IOD '47, O GENEVIEVE HARRISON MULLICAN, Wesson: Pharmacy: Zela Tau Alpha: Amer- ican Pharmaceulical Associalion: Newman Club: Biology Club. I CHARLES M. MURPHY, Belzoni: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi, Presidenf: Presidenl, Law School: Member, ASB Execufive Council: Moo? Courl Board: Exchequer, Phi Della Phi: Commillee of IOO. O JAMES K. MusKELLY, Whifehaven, Tenn.: Liberal Arls: Pi Kappa Alpha: Vice-Presidenl, Pi Kappa Alpha: Presidenf, Summer Y: Y Cabinel: Commilfee of IOO: Lambda Sigma: Wesley Foundafion. O JOHN HAWKINS NAPIER, Picayune: Liberal Aris: Sigma Chi: Mississippian Slaff: M Book Slaff: Layde Neilson Ervin Nelson, Jr. Jack Nicola James Nixon Joy Nobles Ernesl Norsworlhy Anihony Nunez Inez Odom Bobby Oswall James Overcast John Owings, Jr. William Pace Presidenl, Lambda Sigma: Capfain, Scabbard and Blade: Men's Glee Club: Taylor Medal in Hisfory: Pi Kappa Pi: Vice-Presidenf, Claiborne Sociely: Cap- tain, Pershing Rifles. O WILLOLA NASON, Belzonig Liberal Arls: Chi Omega. BELOW: O Firsi Row: LAYDE NEILSON, Guniown: Liberal Arls: Sigma Alpha lofa. O ERWIN EDWARD NELSON, JR., Kosciusko: Engineering: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers. O JACK F. NICOLA, Vicksburg: Engineering. O JAMES F. NIXON, Tishomingo: Commerce: Alpha Tau Omega. O JOY FORD NOBLES, Picayune: Pharmacy: Commillee of l00: Universify Chorus: American Pharma- ceulical Associalion. O ERNEST LEWIS NORSWORTHY, Peial: Commerce: ln- dependenl. O JOSEPH F. NUCKOLLS, Bolivar, Tenn.: Pharmacy: Rho Chi: Kappa Psi 0 Second Row: ANTHONY BERNARD NUNEZ, Chalmelle, La.: Liberal Arls: Phi Kappa Psi: Newman Club. O INEZ ODOM, Slale Springs: Pharmacy: Amer- ican Pharmaceuiical Associalion, Secretary, O BOBBY J. OSWALT, Columbia: Educalion: Kappa Delia Pi: Phi Della Kappa: M Club. O JAMES MARSHALL OVERCAST, Hazel, Ky.: Pharmacy: Phi Kappa Psi. I JOHN DEWEY OWINGS, JR., Nelflefon: Pharmacy. O WILLIAM LEWIS PACE, Aberdeen: Pharmacy: American Pharmaceulical Associalion: Bapiisl' Siudenl Union. O JACK S. PAR- KER, Sumrall: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Veierans Club. Joseph Nuckolls Jack Parker xx 1'- Q Y' . IAII ,ag "- -1. is - 6 'sf 5. 1- '--a . N' . ' 2 - X , X I A.1. is I V CARQLYN pREWlTT Roberf Parkes Jim Parkin Charles Palch, Jr. Almond Patrick ASB Secrewry Anne Pafferson Giles Pafly Charles Payne Clyde Pearson ABOVE: S W. Peavsc' Waller Pearson James Pl-'son Elizabe+h Pilkin .J 3 , fi.. 5 II I . ' 4 ,,- 1 . If - a '-G?" if X , 1 ,li 'Y iii-sg, -Y-it fa' ng.. Y .Id-' Y 70, IB' C" Roberl Feels Ira Pillman, Jr .gg 'r Q. T fn. 4. lg. 5 "' A 's 's --I -0- 1' O Firsl Row: ROBERT BROWN PARKES, Louisvilleg Liberal Arfs, Sigma Alpha Epsilong Phi Ela Sigma, Glee Club. O JIM EDWARD PARKIN, Jacksong Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha, Assf. Business Manager, I949 Ole Miss, American Pharmaceutical Association. O CHARLES E. PATCH, JR., Baldwyn, Educalion, Sigma Pi, Band. 0 ALMOND WHITFIELD PATRICK, Harperville, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceulical Associarion, YMCA. O Second Row: ANNE S. PATTERSON, Benoifg Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, YWCA, WAA. O GILES W. PATTY, Meridian, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O CHARLES NEWTON PAYNE, Salfillog Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma, Hermean Liferary Sociely, Commiffee of IOO, O CLYDE LOFTON PEARSON, Wes? Poinf, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Phi Efa Sigma, American Pharmaceulical Associafion. BELOW: 0 Firsl Row: S. W, PEARSON, Louisvilleg Liberal Arfsg lndependenls, Velerans Club. O WALTER GRANT PEARSON, Lauren, Pharmacy. O ROBERT JONES PEETS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES CARY PEGUES, JR., Greenwood, Liberal Arls. O JOHN WESLEY PERKINS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls. O ROBERT RIMES PERRY, For? Myers, Fla., Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O RALPH ALLEN PHIL- LIPS, Grenada, Commerce. O Second Row: JAMES LAMAR PIERSON, Aflanfa, Ga., Commerce, Sigma Chi, O ELIZABETH ANNE PILKINTON, Arlesiag Educafiong Della Gamma, Vice-President, WAA, Treasurer, ASB, Presidenf, Pi Lambda Thela, Universify Chorus, Drum Maiorelle, Secretary, Flying Rebelsg Favorife '47, O IRA S. PITTMAN, JR., Coffeevilleg Liberal Arfs, Kappa Sigma, Band, YMCA. I JOHN LEONARD PITTS, JR., Ponfoloc, Engineering, American Sociely of Civil Engineers. O CLAUDE WILLIAM POLAND, Lula, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O GEORGE WILLIAM POLHEMUS, Clinfon, Educalion, Kappa Della Pi, Phi Della Kappa, Pi Kappa Pi, O MARVIN FRANKLIN POLK, Tupelo, Commerce. John Perkins Claude Poland James Pegues, Jr. John Pitts Jr. Robert Perry George Polhemus 1- 5.5 . iv . -'ir by ig' R . I s D -, Y 5, 415-H '::l Q., ff- Bi L K Q js. 3 1. Ralph Phillips Marvin Franklin Polk x H- ii I ,om fe 34 .,,,,,, -4- 'k s cs. James Pollard James Pope Julian Poller James Price Opal Price Edgar Prigmore Isaac Proclor Eslus Puckell John Quinn Troy Rainey Cecil Ramer Granville Ramsay John Rawls, Jr. James Ray ABOVE: BELOW: 0 Firsl Row: JAMES EDWIN POLLARD, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, O JAMES DUANE POPE, Grand Junclion, Tenn., Educafion, Alpha Tau Omega. I JULIAN FRANKLIN POTTER, Wayside, Liberal Arls. O JAMES WILLIAM PRICE, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Della Phi. O OPAL READ PRICE, Louin, Liberal Arls. O EDGAR RAYMOND PRIGMORE, Charles- lon, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O ISAAC HORACE PROCTOR, Walnul, Edu- calion, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O Second Row: ESTUS LOUIE PUCKETT, Magee, Commerce, Sigma Nu. 0 JOHN WILLIAM OUINN, Greenwood, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O TROY LEE RAINEY, Corinlh, Educalion. O CECIL P, RAMER, Corinlh, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon, Della Sigma Pi. C GRANVILLE S. RAMSAY, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. O JOHN FRANKLIN RAWLS, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega, Commillee of l00. O JAMES HUGH RAY, Rienzi, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O Firsf Row: SAM MOORE RAY, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Missis- sippian. O ALMA JO RAYBURN, Ponloloc, Liberal Arfs. O JOHN ALBERT RAY- BURN, Ponlofoc, Commerce. 9 MILDRED ADIRSTON REED, Silver Cily, Educa- lion, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ROBERT CANADA REEDER, Coldwaler, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi, Phi Ela Sigma, Bela Bela Bela, Inter-Fraternity Council. O JACK MERRITT REESE, Tupelo, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade. O HENRY LAU- RENCE REID, Greenville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mississippian Sfaff, Freshman Y, Commifleee of IOO, Inframural Council. O Second Row: ROBERT B. REICHARD, Wesl Memphis, Ark., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O SALLY ANNE REILLY, Gulfporlg Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ANN RHENEY, Jackson, Commerce, Zela Tau Alpha, Glee Club, Universily Chorus. I LLOYD EUGENE RHIAN, JR., Halliesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O RHONWIN M. RHODES, Florence, Ala., Commerce. O MARION J. RICE, Nashville, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 D. E, RICHARD, Lilfle Rock, Ark., Commerce. Sam Ray Alma Rayburn John Rayburn Mildred Reed Roberl Reeder Jack Reese Henry Reid Roberl Reichard Sally Reilly Ann Rheney Lloyd Rhian, Jr. Rhonwin Rhodes Marion Rice D E Ric ard "" Y I . l Y' . ' 22,9 " ' x. A V7 . gk. Ai, X ll , J I ' . .J ' , ,. .., '. xr A I 'w lf' KL. 4 ROBERT RUSSUM William Richardson William Rigby Betty Rives Edward Roberts Presidem of the Liberal Ads Schoo' Raynor Robertson Charles Robison Jane Robison Henry Robinson ABOVE: 5 O First Row: WILLIAM ALTON RICHARDSON, Philadelphia, Commerce. O WILLIAM FLOYD RIGBY, Pope, Commerce. O BETTY JOYCE RIVES, Rossville, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Women's Ath- letic Association, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, University Players. O EDWARD BURKE ROBERTS, Dillon, S. C., Liberal Arts, Scabbard and Blade. O Second Row: RAYNOR E. ROBERTSON, Ellisville, Commerce. O CHARLES WRIGHT ROBISON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu, Band, Glee Club. O JANE ROBISON, Batesville, Commerce. O HENRY VERNON ROBINSON, Lawrence, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi. BELOW: I First Row: RICHARD ALLEN ROBINSON, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O BILLY CHARLES ROGERS, Sylvarena, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I ALICIA MORROW ROLLINS, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Club. O HENRY CALVIN ROSE, JR., Winona, Phar- macy, M Club. O WARREN REGINALD ROSE, Mobile, Ala., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O THOMAS ALBERT ROSS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. O WILLIAM E. ROTHROCK, Mem- phis, Tenn., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramural Council. O Second Row: ROY C. RUSH, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O ERWIN E. RUSSELL, Booneville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 ROBERT E. RUSSUM, Flora, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band 46- '48, University Players '46-'48, Cardinal Club '46, Committee of IOO, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee, Rebel Business Manager, Managing Editor, Ole Miss, Executive Council, President, School of Liberal Arts, Veterans Club '45, Band Council, Psychology Club. O OSCAR ARTHUR RUTSKY, Little Rock, Ark., Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O FARLEY RAYMOND SALMON, Clarksdale, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, M Club, Executive Council. O CARY W. SALTER, JR., Macon, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, ROA. O JOHN A. SALTER, Macon, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Band '46-'48, Annual Staff, Psychology Club, Classics Club, Mississippian Staff, Canterbury Club. Richard Robinson Billy Rogers Alicia Rollins Henry Rose, Jr Roy Rush Erwin Russell Robert Russum Oscar Rutsky 17x lf. 2. 'x tw. -4 - E2f:"Q' A' '- A dv 'lr' . Warren Rose Thomas Ross William Rothrock Farley Salmon Cary Salter, Jr. John Salter W 'tn VN Jesse Sampson Benford Samuels Gerald Sanders Michael Scanlon Hugh Schneider Gavin Scott Samuel Scott William Scott Wilma Scott Billie Sepich Elwyn Shackelford Robert Shannon Vincent Shannon Paul Shellabarger THE SENIOR CLASS E ABOVE: O First Row: JESSE EUGENE SAMPSON, Thomasville, Ga., Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O BENFORD LESTER SAMUELS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Committee of l00, YMCA, Alpha Phi Omega. O GERALD BYRON SANDERS, Sledge, Commerce, Feature Editor, Mississippian '47-'48, YMCA. O MICHAEL SCANLON. Jackson, Liberal Arts. C HUGH J. SCr1Nl:iUc.., Laurel, Co...- merce, Kappa Alpha: Assistant Editor, I948 Ole Miss, ASB Dance Committee: Newman Club. O GAVIN SCOTT, Benoit, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Missis- sippian '47-'49, Lambda Sigma, YMCA, Scabbard and Blade, Committee of l00, Band. O SAMUEL JOSHUA SCOTT, Coldwater, Pharmacy. O Second Row: WILLIAM MAXIE SCOTT, Forest, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi, American Society of Civil Engineers. O WILMA PAULINE SCOTT, Flora, Educa- tion. O BILLIE JEAN SEPICH, Education, Kappa Delta, Future Teachers of America, YWCA. O ELWYN RYAN SHACKELFORD, Charleston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT JAMES SHANNON, New Albany, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Band '46-'47, Scabbard and Blade. O VINCENT EARLE SHAN- NON, Vicksburg, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. 0 PAUL R. SHEL- LABARGER, Bells, Tenn., Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Rho Chi. BELOW: O First Row: JOHN R. SHIELDS, Oxford, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Delta Sig- ma Pi. O K. LUCILE SHIPP, Benton, Education, WSGA, Wesley Foundation, Y Committee. O MARCUS LEON SHOOK, Belmont, Commerce. O DONALD F. SHORT, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O RALPH D. SHULTZ, Quitman, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Rho Chi. O RICHARD EVANS SlRES, Macon, Ga., Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O NAN- NETTE SHIPP SISSELL, Taylor, Education. 0 Second Row: GEORGE DEWEY SLAY, Hazlehurst, Pharmacy. O CHARLES LeLOUlS SLOAN, Greenwood, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. O CLEVELAND BENTON SMITH, Tylertown, Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta. O COLLIE C. SMITH, JR., Sardis, Engineering. O ELIZABETH SMITH, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Home Economics Club. O GEORGE CAMERON SMITH, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O GEORGE W. SMlTH, Fulton, Commerce. John Shields Lucile Shipp Marcus Shook Donald Short Ralph Shultz Richard Sires George Slay Charles Sloan Cleveland Smith Collie Smith, Jr. Elizabeth Smith George C. Smith W .rar ir ,,,,,.-v"' Nannette Sissell George W. Smith sec 3 rj' Sk 2 3 r r W x X x 1 gs- . i.-. 'QW' me xi' , -5 we H- ., Av ,,, 19" rf-...J K 1 3 '1 r, , I I -.Qi . - sri., U g l .. J M if 1. C,-,s,,:-4.".1 . I A '-"?:.1q-hz. . Ga' I Lg' 'wi G iff Q ' 5 1' 4 s 'S w t . 'I' I .,-r -' . 1" f. xt l x B w ,sz its T fa In C 5 E',-lim 5 L-. Sh John Smith Kenneth Smith Richard Smith Jodie Sneed James Snow Robert Snyder John Souza William Speck Warrington Speer Jerry Spencer Coy Stacey, Jr. Sam Stafford Thomas Stedman Roby Stegall ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: JOHN H. SMITH, Wirmingham, Tenn., Pharmacy, American Phar- maceutical Association. O KENNETH ELMO SMITH, Carthage, Commerce, An- chor and Chain. O RICHARD LAURENCE SMITH, Tupelo, Commerce, Sigma Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. O JODIE DWIGHT SNEED, Thaxton, Edu- cation. O JAMES B. SNOW, Corinth, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi, American Pharma- ceutical Association, Pi Kappa Pi. O ROBERT SYDNEY SNYDER, Clinton, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Scabbard and Blade. O JOHN SOUZA, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O Second Row: WILLIAM EDWARD SPECK, Sherman, Liberal Arts, Veterans Club, Classical Club. O WARRINGTON BALDWIN SPEER, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O JERRY ALEXANDER SPENCER, Yazoo City, Com- merce. O COY CRAFTON STACEY, JR., Paducah, Ky., Commerce. O SAM D. STAFFORD, Winona, Education. O THOMAS SIDNEY STEDMAN, Jackson, Tenn., Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBY LEE STEGALL, Forest, Commerce. O First Row: GEORGE EDGAR STEPHENS, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN TASWELL STEPHENS, Iuka, Liberal Arts. O WYLIE CALVERT STEVENS, Hamilton, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Board of Directors, Campus Credit Union, Accountant for Campus Credit Union. O CAROLYN ANN STICKEROD, Dundee, Education, Delta Zeta, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, Ricks Dormitory Council. O IDANELLE STONE, Okolona, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Lambda Sigma, Ole Miss Staff. O ROBERT L. STONE, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JONYE STREET, Ripley, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: JAMES A. STRIBLING, Philadelphia, Education, M Club. O JAMES LLOYD STRIBLING, Clarksdale, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O ANNIE MAUD STRINGER, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. O W. FRANKLIN STRINGER, Sumrall, Liberal Arts. O STEPHEN CLINT STRINGFELLOW, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, M Club. O GRIFFIN HIRAM STUART, Poplarville, Liberal Arts, Independents. O ELIZABETH PEACOCK STURDIVANT, Glendora, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Canterbury Club, YWCA, Flying Rebels, Women's Athletic Association. George Stephens John Stephens Wylie Stevens Carolyn Stickerod ldanelle Stone Robert Stone Jonye Street James A. Stribling James L. Stribling Annie Stringer Franklin Stringer Stephen Stringtellow Griffin Stuart Elizabeth Sturdivant F- Pix, l . .I T I 5, V V W A Egg 'tct .. ' - . . h ., I ' ' 95 " ' I wg? Q vw? . , , ., -vm ' , 9 U- I 6- I fr r' - W . A je: B 1 l?"fs,f mx i' i 'f L ,gm W .1 1. , L in 1-7' .f-s. -v I I f '00 hmm- 'ln- 3 ug by ilu-X V WY 3155 1-..... iRichard Swango Coleen Swearingen Douglas Tanner Virginia Tansil Paul Tarbullon Helen Tale Ernesl Taylor Kirk Taylor Sara Ter1ia Harold Thames Merle Thigpen Marqaref Thomas Hugh Thomasson Norman Thompson ABOVE: BELOW: I Firsl Row: RICHARD CURTIS SWANGO, Sardis, Commerce. O COLEEN SWEARINGEN, DeKalb, Commerce. O DOUGLAS NEWELL TANNER, Lucedaleg Liberal Arls, Phi Kappa Psi. O VIRGINIA ANN TANSIL, Sharon, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Della Zela, Secrelary, Morlar Board, Senior Y Cabinel, Secrelary, Wesley Foundalion, Secrelary, Commillee of l00, Band, Universily Players '45-'47. O 1 PAUL RICHARD TARBUTTON, Laurel, Law. O HELEN FRANCES TATE, Slover, I Liberal Arls. O ERNEST COLEMAN TAYLOR, Kenlon, Tenn., Pharmacy, Amer- I ican Pharmaceulical Associalion. O Second Row: KIRK GRAVES TAYLOR, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I SARA STUART TERZIA, Monroe, La., Liberal Arls, Alpha Omicron Pi. O HAR- OLD STANLEY THAMES, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Inlernalional Relalions Club, Treasurer, YMCA, Omicron Della Kappa. O MERLE WILLIE THIGPEN, Bay Spring, Commerce. O MARGARET JULIETT THOMAS, Yazoo Cily, Liberal Arls, Bela Bela Bela, Newman Club. O HUGH H. THOMASSON, DeKalb, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega. O NORMAN STRAITT THOMPSON, Memphis, Tenn., Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceulical Associalion, Velerans Club. Charline Todd Emmell Tullos, Jr. Jerry Tiblier Howard Triplell James Tig rell Lamar Triplell O Firsl Row: JERRY PAUL TIBLIER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, M Club, Colonel Rebel '48-'49. O JAMES MAYO TIGRETT, Dumas, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceulical Associalion. O E. CHARLINE TODD, Jackson, Educalion, Kappa Della. 0 CHARLES T. TORJUSEN, Pascagoula, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, lnlramural Council. O ROBERT BURWELL TOWNES, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O WILLIAM S. TOWNS, Meadvilleg Commerce. I JEANNE LISK TRAPP, Meridian, Liberal Arls. O Second Row: HOWARD H. TRIPLETT, Louisville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O T. LAMAR TRIPLETT, Mashulaville, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega, YMCA, Baplisl Sludenl Union. O EMMETT ALBERT TULLOS, JR., Vaiden, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceulical Associalion. 0 BYRD JAMES TRUSSELL, JR., Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Inlramural Council. O MARTHA VIRGINIA TURNER, Halliesburg, Educalion, Della Della Della, Pi Lambda Thela. O ROBERT TURNER, Kosciusko, Engineering, American Sociely of Civil Engineers. O WILLIAM RILEY TYLER, Foresl, Commerce, Mississippian. Roberl Townes, Jr. William Towns Charles Toriusen Byrd Trussell, Jr. Marlha Turner Roberl Turner Qs Jeanne Trapp William Tyler . ,A 'al S-gs. if - A iv' -'S 25:7 , ,. 8.1- " Irx X Joseph Upton Joel Varner Rogers Varner Pat Vinson Charles Walker Gwen Walker Max Walker Shirley Walker John Walls Richard Walls Gerald Walters Margaret Walters Mark Walton Francile Waters ABOVE: BELOW: Robert Watkins James Wentzell in I First Row: JOSEPH PAUL UPTON, Livingston, Tenn., Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceutical Association. O JOEL ELLIOTT VARNER, Senatobia, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O ROGERS VARNER, Pack, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O PAT VINSON, Tupelo, Education. O CHARLES E. WALKER, Senato- rium, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O GWEN WALKER, Monroe, La., Education, Delta Delta Delta, Women's Athletic Association, Canterbury Club, YWCA, Fu- ture Teachers of America. O MAX SUMNER WALKER, Independence, Educa- tion, Future Teachers of America, Physical Education Maiors Club, Independ- ents. O Second Row: SHIRLEY JEAN WALKER, Courtland, Liberal Arts. O JOHN R. WALLS, Houlka, Liberal Arts. 0 RICHARD GARLAND WALLS, Houlka, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Scabbard and Blade. I GERALD HENRY WALTERS, Crenshaw, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Veterans Club, Accounting Club. O MARGARET ELINOR WALTERS, Clarksdale, Education, Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Kappa Delta, Pix, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation. O MARK HOWARD WALTON, Mt. Olive, Pharmacy, Pi Kappa Alpha, American Pharmaceutical Association. O FRANCILE KEITH WATERS, McKamie, Ark., Liberal Arts, Home Economics Club. Frank Watts James West . wa? M r . till Thomas Watts Mary Weeks Jeanne Wheeler Joe Wheeler, Jr. P V ,.'. . .1 5'?5:fi:, 0 First Row: ROBERT PERRIN WATKINS, Collins, Liberal Arts. O FRANK BETHEA WATTS, Wiggins, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O THOMAS HENDERSON WATTS, Columbia, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, YMCA, Inter- Fraternity Council, Baptist Student Union. O MARY L. WEEKS, Oxford, Com- merce. C BUFORD ELLSWORTH WELLS, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, Boxing Team, Mississippians. O CLAIRE KATHRYN WELLS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, President, Megaphone Club '45-'46, Cwens, Kappa uelta Pi, M Club, Sponsor, '46-'47, Favorite '47-'48, University Players '45-'48, Sponsor, ROTC '47-'48, O MONROE GADDY WELLS, Oakland, Pharmacy. O Second Row: JAMES VESTER WENTZELL, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O JAMES ALLEN WEST, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O JEANNE WHEELER, Hernando, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Ole Miss Staff '46-'49, Women's Glee Club, Committee of l00, Secretary, Psychology Club, University Chorus. O JOE H. WHEELER, JR., Greenville, Commerce, Delta Psi. O ERNEST CECIL WHIDDON, Hattiesburg, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association. O CHARLES LEROY WHITAM, Natchez, Commerce, Newman Club. O JAMES NORRIS WHITE, Oxford, Engineering, President, Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers. Claire Wells Charles Whitam Buford Wells Ernest Whiddon - an 1: . S' Y 'L s- ,, ,Q .N me .1 .till it 'J L.. Monroe Wells James White 1. rs I. I5 . U , .4 E f, . A Q , . ' rv 'K , . ...wr ' . 4 I .Rh ' Wfff. ,Ea . ' Aki 55-Q, A . I Z i .V ng, 2 in- 'ste 4 . Q r , 3 j ik, ' 0 "f,,,.'f5 fi I L fi W 321 4, P- 'zxfxl ' 1 .ti 3' " K 'Qi v l ,' " , f'tif3'1, .' 1' is 3 A I 4 .. Reginald White Lester Wilkes Charles Williams, Jr, Edwin Williams James C. Williams James E. Williams Laura Williams Lee Williams Oscar Williams Shirley Williams W. W. Wilroy Eddie Wilson Jack Wise, lll Charles Witt Jr ABOVE: BELOW: O First Row: REGINALD PACE WHITE, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O LESTER EUGENE WILKES, Noxapater, Law. O CHARLES DuBUlSSON WILLIAMS, JR., Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O EDWIN CALE WILLIAMS, Plain, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Baptist Student Union. O JAMES C. WILLIAMS, New Albany, Commerce. O JAMES E. WILLIAMS, Potts Camp, Commerce. O LAURA NELL WILLIAMS, Laurel, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: LEE R. WILLIAMS, Jackson, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi. O OSCAR LANE WILLIAMS, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O SHIRLEY BRIDE WILLIAMS, Decatur, Ala., Education. O W. E. WILROY, Arkabutla, Law Ill. O EDDIE KENNETH WILSON, Ruleville, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JACK WISE, Ill, Bessemer, Ala., Commerce, Sigma Pi. O CHARLES EDWARD WITT, JR., Sherman, Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. O First Row: CECIL KENNETH WOODRUFF, Sunflower, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, O WILLIAM WELDON WOODS, lndianola, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma, Mis- sissippians, American Pharmaceutical Association, Veterans Club. O ALBERT HAINES WOOLLETT, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Taylor Medal. O MARTHA LOUISE WRENN, Doddsvilleg Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, YWCA Cabinet, Annual Staff '46-'49, O ANN MARTIN WRIGHT, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta, Pan-Hellenic Council, Committee of IOO, YWCA, Future Teachers of America, Women's Athletic Association. O CHARLES CLIFTON WRIGHT, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O DOROTHY ANN WRIGHT, Rolling Fork, Education, Phi Mu, President, Pan'Hellenic Council. I Second Row: RAYMOND CARL WUNDERLICH, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Chi. I LEWIS ALVA WYLIE, Tupelo, Pharmacy, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O G. WILLIAM YATES, Mt. Olive, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O NEIL IVIN YEL- VERTON, Bay Springs, Pharmacy. O CHARLES HARRY YOUNG, Jayess, Phar- macy. 0 EITHEL G. YOUNG, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. O HOLLIE SPENCER YOUNG, Bruce, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. l Cecil Woodruff William Woods Albert Woollett Martha Wrenn Ann Wright Charles Wright Dorothy Wright lRaymond Wunderlich Lewis Wylie William Yates Neil Yelverton Charles Young Eithel Young Hollie Young .r SA' 8' W 395 R Sv. y -5-if - .J 1 vgdf-5 ?S"Pf'i,"?V-gif 5 1 ,R r "x '15 4" x, ,. fx ,, ,. fxfjhf . X , ' QE 4' 'W Aff illllllg 'Z 4 43A BQ 'fs A Y m 'A "". l- 'ww 5-what .JJ " N A FEROCIOUS AS A CAT LAPPING UP BUTTERMILK UNCONVENTIONAL LAWYERS BROKE TRAINING 'BEFORE THE GAME TSED CLOSETS TMS sv HHMNG 'N L nfl MED SC LEARNED LAW' ER :W T H. CRAMP W ERE I in C sv Q C I !'pw:W'! if f 1. , . - fig "+P-L5 E. E5 3 ,551 K -, .-1, ng' V .ma N' r' NF C Ja w F L , F L!-5'-'f 'ff v ,jg A MA 043 .5 'Fi' ,fu X Pu .4 ...Qa- . 4 . . . ...rv X It A ' I. V-A-4-A' THE llli MISS Jllllli A Senaior S+ennis and Alec Templeion scheduled 'ro appear in Fulfon Chapel . . . in- quiring repor+er is noi' allowed 'ro prini' scoop he go? a+ Cornelia Ofis Skinner's per- formance-ar'rificial busf exaggeraiors are noi 'ro be menlioned in public prinf . . . AA moves Rebel band down +o 'rhe cinder frack a+ Crump Sfadium for Tennessee game, explaining +hey have chance +o sell +heir s+uden'r 'iickeis over again . . . ground broken for new library building-ceremony, a'Hended by 25 persons, is made easier when member of S'fa're Building Commission digs wi'rh a gilded spade info Turf which had been spaded up and packed lighlly down again shorily before dawn . . . Sigma Chi's, doubling up, announce Swea'r 'rwins as lheir "Thanksgiving Girls" . . . Rebs gaily 'rrample Universiiy of Cha++anooga . . . Frosh fooiballers' canine mascof, "Ru'rhie," named affer a charac+er we won"r men+ion, gives bir'rh 'ro five . . . in annual gel'- +oge+her before S+a're game, represen+a+ives of bo+h schools decide +haf +radi+ional vandalism could be aver+ed if s'ruden+s wouldn'1' do il' . . . 500 a'r'rend Sadie Hawkins dance in fore-sacks . . . Kappas move info new house . . . Rebs fool Tennessee wi'rh I6-I3 vic+ory in Big Shelby . . . EllioH Lawrence announced for opening dances . . . "Selec+ed Cases on Tor'rs" is found in 'rhe grill coffee . . . nz' DECEMBER, I948 :T Religious Emphasis Week begins . . . Eleciion of Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss planned . . . Rebel band is feaiure as 29 high school bands meei' in Greenville for some reason or o'rher . . . Coach Jack Odom, of 'rhe docfors, considers pro+es+ing 'The Coniinued on Page 89 I I X N 'Q f. 1 ' v 5 g I N I I 'fr I.3xxX' il' 1- is ,Q , 0 6- '- I g, - ffiq, - X 1-- fi wi e R R 'Q '6- 't.1 I 0- 42 .:- fi I 'IIB , Bi f ' D , A M ... THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: 0 Firsl Row: JAMES H. ADAMS, Laurel, Liberal Arls, O ROBERT H. ADAMS, Paris, France, Liberal Arfs, Della Kappa Epsilon. O GEORGE EDWIN AIKEN, Cordova, Ala., Liberal Arls. O MAX W. AKINS, Ponfofoc, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 EARLE MOORE ALEXANDER, Lexington, Liberal Arls. O LEILA ALEX- ANDER, Greenville, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O PHIL ALEXANDER, Amory, Phar- macy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O KATE BRITTAIN ALFORD, Hazlehursi, Educa- lion, Kappa Della. O ALICE ARCHER ALLEIN, Jackson, Liberal Aris, Chi Omega. O Second Row: BRANNAN J. ANDERSON, Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 ROBERT L. ANDERSON, lll, Inverness, Commerce, Della Psi. O ROGER W. ANDERSON, Oxford, Education, O CARL FERDINAND ANDRE, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HAROLD ARGO, Sipsey, Ala., Pharmacy. O WALTER R, ARNETT, Columbia, S. C., Liberal Arls, Phi Delfa Thefa. O CAROLD K. ARNOLD, Porl Gibson, Liberal Arls. O MICHAEL ARSULICH, Easf Chicago, Ind., Liberal Arls, Phi Kappa Psi. O MAY STILES ARTZ, Cenlreville, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. BELOW: I Firsl Row: NANCY LEE ASHLEY, Clinton, Educalion, Zela Tau Alpha. O JOHN ALVIN ASHNIORE, Ponioloc, Pharmacy. O BETTY JOE ATWOOD, lp uv" Monficello, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Della. O DOUGLAS WELDON AULTMAN, Haifiesburg, Pharmacy, O BRUCE GREEN AUSTIN, Tie Planf, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CHARLES AZAR, Greenville, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Pi. O RENE HECTOR BACHAND, Sf. Peiersburg, Fla., Commerce. O GEORGE T. BAILEY, Gulfporf, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O LOUIS G. BAINE, JR., Glosierg Liberal Arfs, Kappa Sigma. O Second Row: ROBERT T. BAKER, Charleslon, Liberal Arls, Sigma Pi. O TERRELL L. BAKER, JR., Dixie, La., Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha. O ALEX D, BALL, Leakesville, Pharmacy. O SHARP WILLIAM BANKS, JR., Phila- delphia, Educaiion. O CATHERINE GENE BANKSTON, Edwards, Commerce, Chi Omega. I DELMA MYRRL BARBER, Wafer Valley, Educafion. O JAMES EDWARD BARBER, aalawyn, Educalion. 0 MYRA OUAY BARBER, wafer valley, Educalion. O WILLIAM N. BARFIELD, Griffin, Ga., Commerce. O Third Row: JARE LYONS BARKLEY, Belzoni, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. I TEMPLE B. BERNARD, Anguilla, Liberal Aris, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ANN UPSHAW BARRIER, Yazoo Cily, Education, Chi Omega. O MARILYN ANN BURRILL, Syracuse, N. Y., Educalion, Delia Zela. O GAYLE C. BEANLAND, JR., Oxford, Engineering, Della Psi, O FRANK A. BELLINZ, Meridian, En- gineering. O FRANK BELLIPANI, Cenlreville, Liberal Arls, Phi Kappa Psi. O WINSTON O. BENJAMIN, Thaxion, Educaiion. O JACK DAMPEER BERCH, Hazlehursl, Pharmacy. nik .a-- 13" ,.'. 3121 fu. 4. , 3 x. fe P 'Q - if 'S 'Pk' '- 'D' we-r "'-'M I K sw 2 Nj? x 5 f . I I l 'Mgr 5 . i""'.I" AA ABOVE: O First Row: CHUCK TAYLOR BERRY, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOHN BETHEA, JR., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O MARTHA BIGGS, Crystal Springs, Education, Chi Omega. O GUY CAMERON BILLUPS, Greenwood, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O LOUIS MCCUE BISHOP, Waynesboro, Commerce. O Second Row: MARION FRANKLIN BISHOP, Shaw, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O GRAVES BLAKE, Houlkag Liberal Arts. O DON EUGENE BLANCHARD, Moss Point, Education, Sigma Chi. O CURTIS C. BLOMQUIST, Hammond, La., Pharmacy. O JOHN STANLEY BLONSICK, Atlanta, Ga.3 Commerce, Sigma Nu. BELOW: O First Row: JO ELINOR BOGARD, Parkin, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O WILLIAM HOUSE BOND, Jackson, Tenn., Commerce. O WILLIAM H, BOOLOS, Clarksdaleg Commerce. O MARTHA JANE BORING, Greenwood, Education, Chi Omega. O THOMAS NEVILLE BOSCHERT, Duncan, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O THOMAS T. BOSWELL, New Albany, Liberal Arts. O WEBB A. BOSWELL, Noxspaterg Pharmacy, Lambda Chi Alpha. O MARGARET ANN BOWEN, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O ROBERT F. BOWEN, Piedmont, S. C., Engineering. O Second Row: SHELDON WELLS BOWEN, Tupelo, Commerce. O EVERETTE WAYNE BOWIE, McCooI, Pharmacy. O JAMES ELWIN BOWIE, Carthage, Engineering. O SUE GOOLSBY BOWIE, New Albany, Education. O MARTHA VIRGINIA BOWMAN, Amory, Education, Delta Zeta. O HALLIE HARRIS BOX, Laurel, Liberal Arts. O R. NEAL BOX, Laurel, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES DAWAYNE BOYD, Ecru, Pharmacy. O JOYCE CLARE BOYD, Ecru, Commerce. O Third Row: MARTHA E. BRADLEY, Aberdeen, Commerce. O ELIZABETH ANN BRAMELTT, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O JAMES FRANKLIN BRENT, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. O MARY FAY BREWER, Senatobia, Liberal Arts. O JOE E. BRIDGES, Mize, Liberal Arts, O EDWARD NASON BROCK, Cleveland, Pharmacy. O LEES BROOME, JR., Ocean Grove, N, J., Engineering. O BETTY JEAN BROWN, Lorman, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. O CHARLES HENRY BROWN, Natchez: Commerce. Oscar Buchanan, M Club Prexy, and Jimmy Mc- Dowell, Sports Editor of the Ole Miss and Missis- sippian. . 1- '14- f wif .4 43. 1?-.1 Q . G X Ili es. Q I Q- 5. IF. ,li . !.'.!! Wt.. Am lag P' I ,WT 4 Q L 3 -. 's ,, 'Q fl. I. v . - 1 'i...' THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: OBIE BROWN, JR., Alexandre Cily, Ala., Educalion. O WALTER LUCKETT BROWN, JR., Lenag Commerce, O STANLEY BRUNT, McCooI, Commerce. O GEORGE K. BUCHANAN, Heidelberg, Liberal Arls. O MILDRED LOIS BUCHANAN, Hayli, Mo., Educalion. I CHARLENE L, BUCK, Baslrop, La., Liberal Arls, Della Zela, O JOHN CLARENCE BUCKLEY, Newlon, Pharmacy. O JOHN EDWARD BUFKIN, Lumberlon, Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O HENRY CLAY BULLOCK, Rosedale, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O Second Row: MARY ELLEN BULLOCK, Rosedale, Educalion, Chi Omega. O CLIFFORD CHARLES BURGESS, Banlonia, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi, I HAROLD WARREN BURNATI, Cnillicolhe, Mo., Liberal Arls, Bela Thela Pi. O JESSE LEONARD BURNETT, JR., Charleslong Commerce, Sigma Nu. O HELEN FLORENCE BURNSIDE, Meridian, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. 0 JAMES HOYT BUSH, Philadelphia, Educalion. I MILLARD MUNDELL BUSH, Halliesburgg Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O MARKO MARTIN BUTIRICH, Grelna, La., Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O JAMES NESBIT BUTLER, Ponloloc, Education. BELOW: O Firsl Row: WILLIAM ALBERT BUTLER, Mangham, La., Pharmacy. O EMMA JEAN BYNUM, Ellisbilleg Liberal Arls. O GEORGE W. CALDWELL, Ponloloc, qw 1""'wv ef 7' Q.. . . I L V 1.-f Pharmacy. O JAMES MORRIS CALDWELL, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O PERRIN LOWREY CALDWELL, Senalobia, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. 0 KING HAYES CALLICUT, New Albany, Liberal Arls, O EVLYN CAMPBELL, Jackson, Liberal Arls, O WINSTON J, CAPERTON, Louisville, Commerce. O WILLIAM ARNELL CARLISLE, Houslon, Commerce, O Second Row: ARCHIE F. CARR, Magee, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O GEORGE E. CARROLL, Challanooga, Tenn., Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O EDGAR WILEY CARTER, Kosciusko, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. I IRA G. CARTER, Amory, Commerce. I JOHN THOMAS CASE, Brookhaven, Pharmacy. I VINCENT CASSINO, Vicksburg, Commerce. O BARBARA JEAN CASON, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma, O JOHN RICHARD CASTLE, Meridian, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM RICHARD CATCHINGS, McComb, Pharmacy. O Third Row: JACK P. CAVANAUGH, Jackson, Commerce. 0 ATWOOD DUNCAN CHALK, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O MERRITT O. CHANCE, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O RUPERT L, CHAPMAN, Oxford, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM DAN CHAPMAN, Meridian, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, O BILL DURDEN CHATHAM, Shaw, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. 0 LOUIS S. CHATHAM, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LAURANCE JAMES CLARK, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 AUBREY O'NEAL CLEMENT, Ponloloc, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. I Qt . 1' 5. ,QJ ima' , 'I ii Q- Q YM? 'www-Q ABOVE: O Firsl Row: FABUS DENZIL CLIETT, Monlpelier, Commerce, O JACK RAY CLINE, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O OLIVE ELIZABETH CLOWER, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ALTON B. COBB, Camden, Liberal Arls. O HERBERT M. COHEN, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O Second Row: CLAUDINE SMITH COKER, Sanalorium, Educalion. O RILEY COLE, Highlandale, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Della. O MAURIE LAWRENCE COLLY, Allanla, Ga., Liberal Arls. O PATSY LEA CONERLY, Gloslerg Commerce, Della Gamma, O WILLIAM EDWARD CONNORS, Clarksclale, Commerce. BELOW: O Firsl' Row: LAWRENCE H. CONWILL, Nelflefon, Commerce. 0 JOHN BRABSTON COOK, Nalchez, Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O PAUL BERRY COOPER, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O ROBERT SIDNEY COOPER, Foresl, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, O HARRY COOPERMAN, New York, N. Y., Liberal Arls, Phi Epsilon Pi. O HELEN RUTH COPLEN, Summiig Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O ROBERT COVENS, Cryslal Springs, Pharmacy, Phi Epsilon Pi. O JUSTIN LAMAR COX, Brandon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O RAMON HYTOWER COX, Parchman, Commerce. O Second Row: ROBERT FORD COX, Asheville, N. C., Liberal Arls. O JAMES AUGUST CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tenn., Educalion, Bela Thela Pi. O JANE CRAWFORD, West Poinl, Educaliong Chi Omega. O KENNETH E. CRAWFORD, Mount Olive, Commerce, O MARY RUTH CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. I GATEWOOD B. CRAWLEY, Holly Springs, Commerce, O JAMES LESLIE CROSBY, Aberdeen, Commerce. O PATRICK W. CROSWELL, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls. O JACK WESLEY CROWELL, Illa Bena, Liberal Arls, Bela Thela Pi. O Third Row: THOMAS SOMERVILLE CULLEY, Oxford, Liberal ArIs, Phi Delia Thela. 0 GLYN GEORGE CULPEPPER, Silver Creek, Liberal Arls. O LAWRENCE W. CURBO, Whifehaven, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O MAGGIE REA CURLE, Belzoni, Education, Phi Mu. O EDWARD J. CURRIE, Halliesburg, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O JAMES MURL DABBS, Shannon, Liberal Arls, O CHARLES M. DALE, Duck Hill, Liberal Arls. O JOHN H. DANIELS, Belzoni, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JAMES EDWARD DARNELL, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls. "' av: A "1 P' oven 'oe " ,,,,, er..-'55 .. 'I l 52 ,fel Q I., HARRIET GEISENBERGER Presidenf of CWENS Ag 21 -,,, 2. rl e 'TQ , L 0- , 1- 4 1 I us., , , ,R . vs- I . 'W .,f'.Q..f, , 11 ' ' Va ' - 4' l' " ' I... fi M 5 555: kr VS' Q E". . f , ., -...M l 3 .TI 4. ,gf..,??5f . . 3 A .22 -in T" 5--'- I F? 1- THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: OFirst Row: JOHN WILLIAM DAVES, Tiptonville, Tenn., Pharmacy, Beta Theta Pi. O HERBERT WINFIELD DAVIDSON, Kosciusko, Pharmacy. 0 HOWARD LUNSFORD DAVIDSON, Oxford, Commerce. O THOMAS J. DEAN, Hernando, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O WILLIAM MCCARTY DEAVOURS, Laurel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O EDGAR HENRY DENK, Buffalo, N. Y., Liberal Arts. O CARSON LEE DEUBERRY, Greenvield, Tenn., Engineering. O JAMES L. DIETZ, Beaumont, Pharmacy, O EUGENE LEE BIGBY, Fulton, Education. O Second Row: HOWARD A. DILLARD, Pachuto, Commerce, O DAVE WADE DOGAN, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 BOBBY H. DONALD, Louisville, Liberal Arts. O MALCOLM JOSEPH DONALDSON, Reserve, La., Pharmacy. I DONNELL LOVE DOOLEY, Tunica, Liberal Arts. O FRANK MAR- VIN DOOLEY, Tunica, Liberal Arts. 0 JAMES H. DORROH, Slate Springs, En- gineering. 0 SARAH ALICE DOSS, Eupora, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta. O WILLIAM JAMES DOUGLAS, Guntown, Education. BELOW: 0 First Row: AMOS DOWDLE, Canton, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O WILLIAM TOWNSEND DRURY, Mobile, Ala., Pharmacy. I DONALD JOSEPH BUBUISSON, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. I LILLIAN ANNE DUKE, Jackson, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O BRYANT WINFIELD DUNN, Meridian, Com- merce, Kappa Alpha. O DAVID W. DUNN, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN DAVID DUNN, JR., Jackson, Commerce. O SAMUEL DEE WILSON DUVALL, Oxford, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WARREN H, DYE, Ackerman, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: ARVAH EUGENE DYESS, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O SARAH JO DYESS, Laurel, Education, O TAYLOR GIBBS EADY, JR., Crystal Springs, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O MARY JANE ECKLES, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. I WILLIAM M. EDWARDS, Russellville, Ky., Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I ROBERT CRAIG EFFINGER, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O ROBERT DONALD EHRHARDT, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JESSE MAGEE ELKIN, Water Valley, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE RUDOLPH ELLIS, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O Third Row: JEAN T. ELLSWORTH, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. O HORACE L. ELMORE, State Line, Liberal Arts. I INEZ WANDER ENGLAND, Big Creek, Education, O ROY EVANS, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. O LILLY EXUM, Vaughan, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, O CLEVELAND DENNY FAGGARD, JR., Moss Point, Education. O FRANK CHESLEY FANT, JR., Greenwood, Education, Phi Delta Theta. O WILLIAM MILTON FANT, Carthage, Pharmacy. O GEORGE KAVANAUGH FARR, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. l l l I . , . I 5 Ve, V lexi i 5 -ii ' Y . ' Q, L. 1 ABOVE: O Firsf Row: JAMES LEONCE FARRAGUT, Moss Poinlg Liberal Arls. O OSCAR LLOYD FARRAGUT, Pascagoulag Liberal Arls. O BETTY ALICE FARRELL, SI, Louis, Mo., Educalion. O WAYNE L. FARRELL, Grenada, Pharmacy. O REUBEN MAX FARRIS, Rienzig Pharmacy. O Second Row: RUDOLPH JOHN FARRIS, Vicksburg, Commerce. O DUDLEY D. FEDRIC, Charleslong Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O CLAY LOUIS FILE, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls. I BOBBIE RAY FIKE, McLain, Liberal Arfs. O TAULBERT JAMES FINCH, McComb, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. BELOW: O Firsl Row: VIVIAN JEAN FINDLEY, Hafiiesburg, Educaiiong Zela Tau Alpha. O WILLIAM OVERTON FLINN, Love, Educalion. O BURNEY M. FOOKS, Tupelo, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi, O DAN RALPH FORD, Taylorsville, Pharmacy. O FRANK CARROLL FORD, Hazlehursl, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O JOE R. FORTE, Helena, Ark., Liberal Arls, 0 THAD LEWIS FOWLER, Halliesburgg Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O CHARLES LEE FRAZIER, Oxford, Engineering., I ANDREW NEIL FREMIN, Biloxi, Pharmacy. O Second Row: BILLIE JEAN FRENCH, Byhalia, Commerce. O GEORGE EDWARD FRENCH, Pass Christian, Pharmacy, O WENDELL CHAUNCEY FRY, Newbern, Tenn., Engineering. O ROYCE WAYNE FUDGE, Oxfordj Engineering. O ROBERT J, FUERST, Norfh Liflle Rock, Ark., Educafion. O MARTHA JO FURR, Ponfolocg Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O HENRY M. FYFE, JR, Sardis, Com- merce. O PHILLIP HORACE GALLOWAY, Oxford, Engineering, O WILLIAM FIELDS GALTNEY, Corinth, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O Third Row: DAVID BOYD GARDNER, McComb, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O RUFUS KING GARDNER, Greenwood, Liberal Arfs, Phi Della Thefa. O WILLIAM LEE GARNER, Hernando, Liberal Arlsg Delta Kappa Epsilon. O IRENE GARRETT, Jackson, Commerce. O LLOYD EDWIN GARY, Eupora, Liberal Arts. O WALTER HUBERT GARY, Eupora, Liberal Arfs. O JOSEPH WILLIAM GAZZO, Meridian, Liberal Arfs, Alpha Tau Omega. O ALBERT L. GERRARD, Canlong Educaliong Phi Della Thela. I DOROTHY WHITE GIBBS, Fullong Educalion. fr . 5' a , A , '75 5 .i ' , 'Tre fr A2 V rf I fs, QA Pia . A " ' l 'Wes qs K 4' - A eg: Q Nh- ug. 'W' ' 1 5, 2 ' rg, If 1 12, . . i . 'ilk 2 l 'AF 'T . 5' ' fx F. . 4. is if 't' ' - . f , ji - , ii -'- ' TS? 55- i ' fi. ' ' fl ' If' . 1 ,R - f' . .- iigf ' -. J .eg 3 ' 5, X, . . fri-- 'M' .. .Q " 2 ' B .,gH:m,.': -f Y Q. if K L x 'n gm XA A .- q. .' f A ilqll "'i ':, at ' 3, in an rv? W , , 1, ff' Q ,f sy. , ie 1 an 1 .. ...M . 'x rr. ,Q-. "'s. 5.1 Y BILL FLOWERS Men's Glee Club Presidenl , , ef I' I . L! .Eiga io- wa .... kk .. 1 t' ' ' ,ae .-I. I I ' 4 .Q x-.3 3' Q 15' ' A W. 1, if ' 16 : I I Z?g1.jQ.X WI . V- A . S. Q of D , . f rx .i . -fr' 1- 1' 9' ,in .1-fri 4 s " 'ar if ITG: 4-A 4' I E X .pn it af .L iv , f S ' i 45 as if A A if Q i fl , .e F " " if. , I A W 1 KH' K I-5 5 1: - ' THE JUNI ABOVE: O Firsl Row: JAMES CLAYTON GLASGOW, Tupelo, Liberal Arls. O ROBERT HENRY GLOVER, Universily, Liberal Arls, Della Psi. O JOHN HAROLD GOLDEN, JR, Balon Rouge, La., Engineering, 0 JOHN ELLIS GORE, JR., Newlon, Pharmacy. O GEORGE HARLAN GRAFTON, Hughes, Ark., Engineer- ing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, O RUTH ELIZABETH GRAY, Bay Sl. Louis, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, O WILLIAM AARDWEG GREEN, Joneslown, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ZlLAH LOU GREEN, Marianna, Ark., Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O JOHN E. GREGG, Taylorvilleg Liberal Arls, O Second Row: CLYDE EDWARD GRIDLEY, Gulfporl, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. 0 JAMES CURTIS GRIFFIN, JR., Shannon, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O DAVID KENNER GULLEDGE, JR., Goodman, Commerce, 0 GEORGE H. GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 JOHN M. GULLICK, JR., Aberdeen, Educalion. O LINDY REID GUNN, Tulwiler, Com- merce, Phi Kappa Psi, O JOHN K. GURNER, Waler Valley, Liberal Arls. 0 BETTY JANE HADAD, Vicksburg, Commerce. 0 HURST MORELAND BALL, Toccopola, Educalion. BELOW: I Firsl Row: ROBERT BALLARD HALTON, Balesville, Pharmacy, Della Psi. O ROBERT WALLACE HAMILTON, Tuscola, Liberal Arls. O DOROTHY E. I I . 4. fi .ma if 19 -rc . OB CLASS HAMM, Universily, Commerce, Della Della Della. O VICTOR GARNET HAMMONS, Holcomb, Commerce. O JAMES LIONEL HAMRICK, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O LEE FLOWERS HAMRICK, Greenwood, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O RICHARD WADE HANNA, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOHN CALVIN HANAH, JR., Marks, Commerce, Sigma Chi, O WILLIAM MALCOLM HARDEE, Jackson, Engineering, Phi Della Thela. 0 Second Row: SAMUEL HOWARD HARDISON, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. I ALFRED W. HARDY, JR., Canlon, Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O JAMES CAWOOD HARGIS, Universily, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O JOSEPH E. HARPER, Moss Poinl, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O HECTOR POLLARD HARRELL, Carlhage, Liberal Arls. O JOSEPH COLLINS HARRIS, Balesville, Commerce. 0 LADDIE HARTON, Tullahoma, Tenn., Liberal Arls. SHIRLEY LOUISE HATAWAY, Vicksburg, Educalion, Zela Tau Alpha. O JOSEPH I3, HAWKINS, Raleigh, Commerce. 'D Third Row: AVERY PURCELL HAYNES, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Della Psi. D JAMES C. HAYS, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls, O JOHN EDGAR HAYS, Ychula, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O LEWIS CARTER HEIDELBERG, Gulfporl, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. I FRANCES LEIGHTON HEMETER, Hal- liesburg, Educalion, Della Della Della. O BETTY JEAN HENDERSON, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O HELEN HENDERSON, Sumner, Commerce, Chi Omega. O O. H. HENDRICKS, Ill, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O PAUL JAMES HENLEY, Philadelphia, Engineering, Sigma Nu. 5 li , - f I P '. fp . H Hr , gig: . " S, l A f- , 'fi feqivzpl' tv I . A r r se I ,' . - .5 X 'rl ax if Q '1 'I-1. Lf 1. L. , 1' .3 L- L. 5 if L5 , t . ,I Q 4. 'i :nf 5 Il ' .4 3 f 1. I A I E K E 17 " 4- 11. ... . -. .. f if rr, I' I . , lv-1. i' X 9-"J, N9 67 ,M ABOVE: O Firsf Row: B. M. HENRY, Drew, Pharmacy. O GWENDOLYN CARR HENRY, Ponfofoc, Educafion, Zefa Tau Alpha. O JACK WEST HENRY, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O ANSELMO PRIETO HERNANDEZ, Quebradilla, Puerto Rico, Commerce. O PETER K. HERRING, Meadvilleg Liberal Arfs. O Second Row: GEORGE P. HEWES, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O RALPH HIGH- TOWER, JR., Eupora, Pharmacy. 0 GEORGE McLAURIN HILL, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 LEROY CURTIS HINSON, Nefllefon, Commerce. O GEORGE WILDEN HOFFMAN, Haffiesburg, Liberal Arfs, Phi Delfa Thela. BELOW: O Firsf Row: JAMES OTIS HOGUE, Walnuf Grove, Pharmacy. O FREDERICK H. HOHENSCHUTZ, Eudora, Ark., Engineering. O WILLIAM IRBY HOLLOWELL, JR., Cleveland, Commerce. O WILLIAM W. HOLMES, Leland, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O ALBERT TERRILL HOLT, Raymondville, Mo.I Liberal Arfs. I JAMES DEWEY HOOD, HouII1a, Liberal Arfs, O JAMES PRENTIS HOOPER, Ruleville, Liberal Arfs, Befa Thefa Pi. O GEORGE PEARCE HOPKINS, JR., Gulfporf, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. O JAMES CLINTON HOPPER, Greenwood, Commerce. O Second Row: JACK DEW HORNE, Amory, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O THOMAS W. HORNER, Morrislown, Tenn., Commerce. O Durwood Howard, Crysfal Springs, Liberal Arts. 0 WIL- LIAM EMERSON HOWARD, Walerfown, Conn., Engineering. O JOHN WILLIAM HUFF, Pulaski, Commerce. 0 ARTHUR SEVETUS HUGGINS, JR., Oxford, Commerce. 0 VERNON THOMAS HUGHES, Clarksdaleg Pharmacy. O JOHN MURRAY HUMPHREYS, JR., Biloxi, Commerce, Sigma Chi. I SHED HILL HUNGER, Winona, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Third Row: ALICE ADAMS HUNTER, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O DOROTHY JEAN HUNTER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. O DOROTHY VIRGINIA HUNTER, Inverness, Commerce, Della Della Della, 0 ROBERT JACKSON HUNTER, Macon, Educafion, Kappa Alpha. O ELISHA DEWITT HURST, JR., Laurel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, O DAN SPEARMAN HYDE, Vardaman, Commerce. 0 ALFRED KNOX JACKSON, Oxford, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega O AR- THUR E. JACKSON, New York, N. Y., Liberal Arfs. O BETTYE DUKE JACKSON, Oxford, Educalion, Kappa Della. I- L 'G' "K l I f X7 I HUGH SCHNEIDER Mr. Aulhorify .4 : 'Fir P , . .k , ,, it . , ,,. 3 . .1 --e 1:1 .sw ... Q-- I ,.1- ' .., ga '-" . A V lwfv l 5 I' 5' f , - I ia' I if . ..,. 4. H. 1 fs f.. . ,, ,,. .JJ . M 1 ,E-t'y ck, Q '14, v jf . 1 ..:. A ,N ,i 'li ,Lg I it 4 - a g! .ZX . X Q G r gi' . li ,Q 12, - Q, , i Y. ,,. -K aa- '. M e 5' - - . . ,kv 1 , . ei f . ' r 2 SL' I' B .42-gi M' 5 f A5 K N.. A I 2. if tx '7- , I' .1456 AQ. ,,.. I 3-iN,,,,, .n, if-r . sg" .21 8 THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: 0 First Row: JAMES CECIL JACKSON, Oxford, Commerce. O JOHN FENWICK JACKSON, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O LUCILE JACKSON, Jackson, Commerce, Delta Gamma. O BEN D. JACO, Winona, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O EULUS G. JENKINS, Vernon, Ala., Education, O THOMAS DAVID JENKINS, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLIAM LAFAYETTE JENNINGS, Cotton Plant, Commerce, Sigma Chi. I JEANNINE ZACHRY JERNIGAN, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O EDGAR DEWITT JOHNSON, Long Beach, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. I Seccnd Row: GEORGE RICHARD JOHNSON, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. I JAMES EUGENE JOHNSON, Canton, Commerce, Phi Kappa Sigma. O JOAN ALLOWAY JOHNSON, Brookhaven, Education, Kappa Della. ROBERT EARL JOHNSON, Leland, Pharmacy. O SEYMOUR BENNETT JOHNSON, lndianola, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. 0 WADE HAMPTON JOHNSON, JR., Coffeeville, Liberal Arts. O BROOKS JONES, Vernon, Ala., Education. O EDLEY H. JONES, JR., Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JAMES HARDING JONES, JR, Jacksonville, Ala., Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi. BELOW: O First Row: JOSEPH PAUL JONES, Moss Point, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O WALTER N. JONES, Forest, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O BETTYE JOURDAN, O- aw. Q Q1 rigs il "' ' 1 I Iuka, Education, Delta Delta Delta. I DAVID OLEN JOURDAN, JR., Iuka, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi, I EDWARD ROWEN JOYCE, St. Augustine, Fla., Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O ELIZABETH SHARPE JUMPER, Houston, Tex., Liberal Arts. O LAURA SOPHIE JUNKIN, Natchez, Education, Chi Omega. O IRWIN MORTON KAUFMAN, Clarksdale, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi, O JEAN LOUISE KEASLER, Holcomb, Liberal Arts. 0 Second Row: ROSEMARY KEESLING, Pensacola, Fla., Liberal Arts. O WIL- LIAM CULLEN KEHOE, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 TATTY KELLNER, Greenville, Education, Kappa Delta. I MARY BROOKE KETHLEY, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O DAVID EWING KEYES, Hazlehurst, Education. O TRESSA MARIAM KING, Fayette, Education, Delta Zeta. O GEORGE HAMPTON KIRKLAND, Greenwood, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O NANCY KNIGHT, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, O ROBERT NICHOLSON KNOX, Pontotoc, Commerce. O Third Row: JAMES VERNON LACKEY, Forest, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT EARL LADNER, Perkinston, Liberal Arts. O ANDREW POLLARD LAGRONE, Cleveland, Commerce. O TROY NEAL LAMBERT, Amory, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BETTY JO LATHAM, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O BILL HOWARD LEE. Jackson: Liberal Arts. O JANE LEE Jackson: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma. C EDWIN LEGRAND, Mocksville, N. C., Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. I ELIZABETH LEWIS, Booneville, Commerce. 74 Q .3 :C N -:DQ ci I x fy. I 5' Q4 -X , 1, i 'T ,L im , 'F' ' ,- 'nf " 2 if .xi , A cl fl' -74, 'E . i. -.a3"? Z' '11 iq' ' ' . ' X Iifv-arf ' . ' - X'-it' -- - , g 'wx , IIQZ:na- r' : X +L -. A I 'as --1 , 5 45 , N 0' is ' 0 ' .. A - Ji L .,.. 50' Q... 5' 'Q-V mea QF E 'dh f ii a 1 Nw 9- xf' ' ' R ., I - J V R. A' ,,4 L ABOVE: O Firsi Row: JOHN W. LEWIS, Rosedale, Commerce, Kappa Sigra. 6 MARTHA ROBERTSON LINDLEY, Macon, Commerce. O MAY JEAN LIPE, Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega. O ROBERT LYNN LIPSEY, Cclumbusg Liberal Arls. O ELMER BOUNDS LITCHFIELD, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: ROBERT L. LITTLE, Monlicellog Liberal Arfs, Sigma Nu. I JOYCE ELIZABETH LOFLIN, Nalchezg Commerce, Della Gamma. O WILLIAM M, LOFTIS, Fayelle, Ala., Engineering. 0 WALTER KEIRN LONG, Ilia Bena, Liberal Ares, Sigma chi. 0 FREDERICK J. LOTTERHOS, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O Firsf Row: WILLIAM NILES LOVELADY, Oxford, Commerce. O FRANK IRVIN LOVELL, Carrolllon, Liberal Arls. O JAMES BILES LORRE, Glendorag Liberal Arfs, Della Kappa Epsilon. O EDWIN LOVIS LOWRY, Philadelphia, Educafiong Sigma Nu. I VIRGINIA MAY LUDLOW, Beverly Hills, Cal., Liberal Arfs. I THOMAS J. LUNDY, JR., Greenvilleg Liberal Arls. O SAM C. LUSCO, Vicks- burg, Commerce. O TRACY WALLACE LUSK, Hazlehursfg Engineering, O BILLY NANTS MCADOO, Marlin, Tenn., Pharmacy. O Second Row: LEROY J. McBRlDE, Jackson, Educafion. O MARY FORREST MCCALL, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JAMES KENDRICK McCARLEY, Magee, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I BILLIE CLAIRE MCCLENDON, Jackson, Liberal Arlsg Phi Mu. I AUBREY CURTIS Mc- DANIEL, Camden, Commerce. O Q, H MCDANIEL, McComb, Pharmacy. 0 DAVID MATLYN MCDON- ALD, Elhelg Commerce. U WILLIAM IRVIN McDONALD, Tylerlowng Commerce, Della Psi. O JOHN DANIEL McELROY, Fulfon, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O Third Row: TAYLOR HOLCOMB MCELROY, Oxford, Engineering, Della Kappa Epsilon. 0 JOHN LAWRENCE MCGEE, Louisville, Liberal Arls, O ELLIS H. McG-LAUN, Baldwyn, Commerceg Kappa Sigma. O MAC D. McINIS, Collins, Commerceg Sigma Chi, O REBECCA McINIS, Rosedale, Educa- tion. O BARRY PARK MCINTOSH, Hernando, Liberal Arfsg Della Kappa Epsilon, O BOBBYE BURNS MCINTYRE, Brandon, Liberal Arlsg Della Zeia. O LAURA JEAN McKAY, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O HUGH KELSEY McKEE, JR., Picayuneg Commerce, Beta Theia Pi, .L vw Luis. qi fihxm' ' ' Q -6Z'7 ' . I MARGARET ANN BOWEN Sigma Alpha lola President , H C Q , . ,. R13 ' -Q, . 3 .. I ' 'fs' X , Q 551.-g .3 i 1 rf I 1 . 1 K 1 M ai. ,iw .I ,QF .-1' ii -'V f "ii, I . lr 'fcjwf THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl' Row: CURTIS W, McKEWEN, Jackson, Commerce. O MARY ANNE McLEAN, Blaine, Educafion, Chi Omega. O ANNIE LAURIE MCLENDON, lndianola, Educalion, Phi Mu. I MABRY S. McMlLLAN, Waler Valley, Liberal Arls. O VOSS MCRANEY, JR., Ocean Springs, Liberal Arls, O E. HENRY McREE, Euporag Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O WILLIAM McKlNLEY MABRY, JR., Savannah, Tenn., Pharmacy. O GORDON LIVINGSTON MACAULAY, Oakhursf, Engineering, O JANE MADDEN, Nashville, Tenn., Educafion, Phi Mu. O Second Row: ERNEST ROBIN MAGRUDER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. C FRANCES MINETTE MAHONEY, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. I BRISON MANN, Belmonf, Educafiong Bela Thefa Pi, O JACK RALPH MANN, Belmonl, Commerce, Befa Theia Pi. I DARWIN McRAE MAPLES, Tiger Branch, Liberal Aris. O EDWARD J. MARGANSKI, Shelion, Conn., Commerce, O WILLIAM BYRON MARTIN, Dorsey, Liberal Arls. O GUSTAVO AGUILAR MARIN, San Jose, Cosla Rica, Liberal Aris. O CHARLES WILLIAM MARIS, Canfong Commerce, BELOW: O First Row: MIRIAM BERTHA MARRON, Fayeffe, Liberal Ads, Delia Zela. O ERNEST G, MARTIN, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BRYAN 2. F' ,gl MARTIN, Calhoun City, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O SAMUEL FRED MARTIN, Wafer Valley, Educafion, O SARA LEES MASON, Jonesboro, Ark., Liberal Aris, Kappa Della, O JOYCE MAULDIN, Waynesboro, Liberal Arls, Zefa Tau Alpha. 0 GEORGE WILLIAM MAY, Jackson, Liberal Arfs, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O SARA ELIZABETH MAYFIELD, Haffiesburg, Pharmacy, Zela Tau Alpha. O GERALD MEADERS, Wafer Valley, Pharmacy. I Second Row: HAROLD WAITS MELVIN, Laurel, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O MARY EVELYN MICHAEL, Booneville, Liberal Arls. O JOHN LAMAR MILLER, Hazlehursl, Engineering, Della Psi, O JAMES OLIN MILLS, Spring- hill, La., Pharmacy. O TROYE LLOYD MIMS, Greenwood, Liberal Ads. O BEN D. MITCHELL, Olive Branch, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O THOMAS LARKIN MIZE, Senalobia, Engineering, O JOHN M. MONCRIEF, JR., Tulsa, Okla,, Commerce, Lambda Chi Alpha. O ALBERT K, MONROE, Lawrence, Liberal Arls. 0 Third Row: RICHARD A. MONTAGUE, Haffiesburgg Commerce, Befa Theta Pi. O CHARLES MORRIS MONTGOMERY, Fayefleg Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O LARRY D. MOON, Clayfong Liberal Arfs, Sigma Chi. I CHARLES M. MOORE, Union, Liberal Arfsg Sigma Nu. O ELIZABETH BELL MOORE, Gulf- porl, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, O Hazel Bafson Moore, Haliiesburgg Education. O HENRY NORFLEET MOORE, Oxford, Engineering, Delia Kappa Epsilon. O JOE W. MOORE, Lexington, Tenn., Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN RICHARD MOORE, Indianola, Commerce, Delfa Psi. Wai :za ' 4 , :fr , is N 9 I KA? ' A 1 -I , ' ' " Q " i "fi, f ffvl Q . 5 , I I , I ' I QL . 77' ' ' l' A II is Y X I sw 7 was-.N 'A """- X, 1 Q. 2 fs. el? s.w'i'i. X 5 x Nu- V ABOVE: O Firsf Row: LAVON MOORE, Carfhage, Liberal Arls. O SAMUEL DANIEL MOORE, JR., Carlhage, Liberal Aris. O LEONARD MERRITT MORELAND, Meridian, Liberal Aris, Theia Chi. I ALAN F. MORENO, Biloxi, Educalion. I WILLIAM OLIVER MORRIS, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, O Second Row: LEWIS BOND MORROW, Hernando, Liberal Arfsg Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM OSWALD MOSS, Meridian, Educalion, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES O. MOYNIHAN, Laurel, Liberal Arfsg Pi Kappa Alpha. O MARY CORNELIA MURPHREE, Shelby, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. I ROGER SHERMAN MYERS, JR., Oxford, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. . BELOW: O Firsi Row: MARILYN NASON, Belzoni, Educalion, Chi Omega. O HAROLD BUFORD NEELY, Jackson, Pharmacy. O CHARLES D. NEILSON, Grenada, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 PURVIS EDWIN NELSON, Naichez, Liberal Aris. O GUY NEWCOMB, Blue Mounlaing Pharmacy. O WALLACE D. NEWTON, JR., Marks, Commerce, Sigma Chi, I NORMA LEIGHTON NEYLAND, Brookhaven, Commerce. O JASON ADAMS NILES, Kosciusko, Pharmacy, Pi Kappa Alpha, O HUGH JONES NOBLE, Anguilla, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O Second Row: LAWRENCE EVERMAN NOBLE, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arfs, Phi Della Thefa. O ELEANORA NORSWORTHY, Waynesboro, Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O NINA MAE NOSER, Vicksburg, Educalion. O PETE NUNNALLY, JR., Elia, Commerce. 0 HAZEL M. OAKES, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O O. MARVIN OATES, Bay Springs, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O LAWRENCE CHARLES O'FERRALL, Naichez, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O ARTHUR OKUM, Far Rockaway, N. Y., Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O HUBERT BLY ORNDORFF, Jackson, Commerce. O Third Row: SARA ANN OSBORN, Jackson, Tenn., Liberal Arls. I THOMAS GREER OSWALT, Jackson, Liberal Ar1s. O KENNETH OZBORN, Union, Liberal Arls. I WILLIAM MERLE PACE, Iuka, Liberal Arfs, Befa Theta Pi. 0 HERMAN H. PARKER, JR., Hazlehursl, Engineering, Della Kappa Epsilon. 0 EDWARD NORRIS PARRISH, Highland, Ind., Commerce, Befa Thela Pi, O BRUCE B. PASS, Buford, Ga., Commerce, O GEORGE DANIEL PATTERSON, Benoit, Liberal Arfs, Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM EDWIN PATTERSON, Anguilla, Commerce. ,-Q. K5 I' ,,.f Allfdwn GAVIN SCOTT Lambda Sigma Presldenf . . ...N is . ,ss , A ' ' - r ,ir '. I. , ' ' 1 - ' . i 1 I ' ' if :I ' , , 2 1 ' , Ek A ,I ' .' E 3 '1 .. .iziii i '- - - ' E111 J I wap. iw-. A ,-Moa . -A , fi . ' M , 4: W M X A., L' iii' k ' 'ia tb V Vis lk ii Y ' V' vb- 'QU' - fa A-ff L 1 , 2 ,, 'if 0"-va 5 'gf' ,i Q. X 2 I 41 S Q e .. .-rv" X I: an .fi J, I A ' 1' 2 ' Al , . .,,,. .M 1 . , .' 's 'A 5 I V - .,,,ae, iw, " 3 4 I . - ,. ' F. ' za f'6'f " '. 1 E .fifjx .,,g,'- A iv- 1- . ' . -sa ,W V, vi 'M-,,, P le. if H ' 1 , ' . 4 , A, su. r . li K I r 5 'ny A " re 'Q' 1:.,.m.w, , ' 'zu . bv 'Q .iff Qpaw , . 3:1 x ii. -:LL M .ii , , A . -tn. in- s ' cv? I I .,, 3 Qi? 'va f"fw-es. TI-IE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: JAMES DENTON PEARSON, Louisville, Liberal Arls. O STANLEY WALTER PACKHAM, Walnu? Grove, Pharmacy. O JOSEPH D. PEEPLES, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O JEANNINE ROSALIE PELHAM, Pascagoulag Com- merceg Della Zefa. O JEAN WILBURN PEMBLE, Shelby: Commerce, Phi Mu. O ANN- LINK PENN, Tchulag Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega. O GUY DEE PENNY, Piedmonl, Ala., Educafion, O ALBERT DASHIELL PERKINS, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arlsg Della Kappa Epsilon, O WILLIAM M. PERRY, Tupelog Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O Second Row: GEORGE MARION PETERS, Balon Rouge, La., Engineering. O FRANK LEWIS PEYTON, Raymond, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O VICTOR L. PHILIPPI, Memphis, Tenn.: Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O HERMON BILLY PHILLIPS, Osceola, Ark., Commerce. O OMAR DENTON PHILLIPS, JR., Grenada, Commerce. O CLARENCE A. PIERCE, JR., Vaiden, Liberal Arts. O GLENN O. PIERCE, Paris, Tenn., Pharmacy. O MILFORD BRYAN PIERCE, Paris, Tenn,g Pharmacy. O VIRGINIA ANN PIGFORD, Meridian, Liberal Arlsg Della Gamma. BELOW: O Firsl Row: ROBERT THEODORE PIGOTT, McCombg Liberal Arls. O ALICE DOLORES PITTMAN, Halfiesburgg Liberal Arls. O ANNE MCLURE POINTER, Comog Liberal Arls. O FRANK ABNER POLK, Halliesburgg Commerce: Sigma Chi. O JACK L. POOLE, Gloslerg Educalion, O MEREDITH POOLE, Union Church, Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM H. POPE, Grand Junclion, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O CLARENCE HASKELL POTTS, Memphis, Tenn.g Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha. O CAROLYN M. PREWITT, Bolivar, Tenn.g Educafiong Kappa Della. O Second Row: CAROL B. PRICE, Corinlhg Commerce, Kappa Della, O RICHARD C. PRICE, Osykag Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. O BETTY JANE PRICHARD, Memphis, Tenn.g Educaliong Kappa Kappa Gamma. O REBECCA PRICHARD, Lula, Liberal Arlsg 'Chi Omega. O MARY LYNN PURSER, Jackson, Educaliong Chi Omega. O BlLLlE HAROLD PUTNAM, Calhoun Cilyg Liberal Arls. O JAMES GERALD PUTNAM, Calhoun Cilyg Engineering, O EARL MILTON OUINLEY, Memphis, Tenn., Commerceg Kappa Sigma. O Third Row: JOHN DUGGER OUINLEY, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES LEO OUINN, Slurgisg Pharmacy. O GEORGE L. QUINNELLY, Laurel, Commerce: Phi Kappa Psi. O JAMES EDWARD QUINT, Biloxi: Pharmacy. O TRACY RAINEY, McCooIg Liberal Arls. O JOHN P. RANDOLPH, New Albanyg Liberal Arls. O CHARLES STEPHENS RANKIN, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O PETER LEE RAPHAEL, Greenville, Liberal Arls. O JAMES WILLIAM REED, JR., Summilg Pharmacy. I 6 M Aff. 'Ta - .xi Ii 4 N I 9: 'nv r . .. .. A --, S 6' , 49 1:32 do si 6 in i I' sr Il 1 91 env f ' 1 if r' . me if , x sr f,':.pV-., gg we . y is if QA S 'f Q, I l. .1 ABOVE: 0 Firsf Row: PATRICIA W. REILLY, Gulfport, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JACK LONGSTREET RHYMES, Macon, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT P. RICHARDSON, JR., Cafchings, Liberal Arts. O JEAN CELESTE RIGBY, Shreveport, La., Commerce, Chi Omega. I ROBERT LEE RILEY, Dorsey, Commerce. O Second Row: WALTER E. RILEY, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O JEFF W. RISH, Houslong Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. O THOMAS MARION RITCHIE, Universilyg Liberal Arls. O McCARTY CHI- CHESTER ROBB, Cleveland, Commerce, Della Psi. O MARGARET CATCHING ROBINSON, Jackson, Liberal Arls. BELOW: O First Row: WARREN WILBER ROBINSON, JR., Grenada, Commerce. O HALBERT THOMPSON ROGERS, JR., Amory, Engineering. O JOHN B. ROGERS, McComb, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Nu. I JOHN HILLMAN ROGERS, Sylvarena, Liberal Arls. O RALPH ALAN ROLL, Amory, Commerce. O JOYCE ROSENBOROUGH, Senalobia, Educalion, Chi Omega, O FLETCHER SAMUEL ROSEN- BAUM, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O CHARLES EDWARD ROWAN, Jackson, Com- merce, Kappa Alpha. O KENNETH BETHEL ROYSTER, Henderson, Ky., Pharmacy. O Second Row: GEORGE M. RYAN, JR., Bay Springs, Liberal Arls. 0 JOE CHARLES SANDERS, Meridian, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, I WILLIAM SMITH SARTOR, Hamillong Liberal Arfs. O MARIE T. SCARBOROUGH, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O PATY SCARBOROUGH, Biloxig Liberal Arls. O WESLEY C. SCARBOROUGH, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O EUGENE C. SCOBEY, Coffeeville, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O PATRICIA ANN SCOBEY, Lexinglon, Educalion, Chi Omega. O ANDREW SOULE SCOT, JR., Laurel, Commerce. O Third Row: VERNON FLOYD SCOTT, Louisville, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM IRVIN SCOTT, Oxford, Engineering, O CHARLES DAVID SCRUGGS, Biloxi, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi. O ROBERT HARALSON SELBY, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O WILLIAM A. SELLERS, JR., Laurel, Commerce. WILLIAM FRANKLIN SELPH, JR., Laurel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O LAWRENCE SEMSKI, Biloxi, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O JOHN H. SHAMBURGER, Meridian, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. I JUNE ANNE SHAUL, Ccffeeville, Liberal Arls. Q 1 V Q X Della 0 BOB ELLIS Sigma Pi President '15 Il R . x f . I'- JW I 5 .-gg l.'1I-X -lla... 5 S if X THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: NORMAN EDWARD SHAW, Jackson, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Alpha, O LESTER ADAM SHIPLEY, Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O ROSS LOVELACE SHIPMAN, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Della Psi. O DONALD G. SHIPP, Big Creek, Pharmacy, O MARGARET SHIPP, Benlon, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O FLORENCE WARE SHOFNER, Winona, Liberal Arls. O MARY ALICE SHOURDS, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O DELMAR LEON SIMONS, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HYMAN H, Simmons, Hazlehursl: Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O Second Row: JAMES SIMSON, Aberdeen, Educalion. O ROY WINFRED SIMPSON, Eudora, Ark., Commerce. O MARCIA FAY SIMS, Lamberl, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O OTIS SIMS, JR., Tylerlown, Liberal Arls. O JAMES BUCKINGHAM SKEWES, Meridian, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O BOYCE MURFF SKINNER, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, O WILLIAM EDWARD SKINNER, Nesbill, Pharmacy, Della Kappa Epsilon. O ROBERT E, SLATER, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O BARBARA KAY SMITH, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. BELOW: O Firsl Row: CECIL GILL SMITH, Fayelle, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES RODNEY SMITH, Rulevilleg Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. ling S x 4- if . 14- , :- L. "..,'g.. . sy 4 II" I 5 Alf' 1 is 1 XIX e. I R, 'iii I K1 Q Q35 I. .5 as Y .0 ,I - 5 .Q- 4 ,, I L .. .. I 'T 5 ' Q., ' ' 1 - If O DONALD WILLIAM SMITH, Hollandaleg Liberal Arls. O ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O JOHN DAY SMITH, Mendenhall, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O KIRBY SMITH, Balesville, Ark., Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. O LEEROY F. SMITH, Meridian, Educafion, O WILLIAM DORSETT SMITH, Poplarville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O HOWARD S. SMITHSON, Goodman, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha, O Second Row: JACK CLAYTON SPEED, Meridian, Commerce, O MARTHA ALLEN SPENCER, Tallulah, La., Liberal Arls, Phi Mu, O WILLIAM CALVIN SPENCER, Bogue Chillo, Liberal Arls. O ROBERT HARVEY ST. CLAIR, Pillsfield, Mass., Liberal Arls. O CURTIS CLYDE STACY, Waler Valley, Liberal Arlsg Phi Della Thela. O ELVIN STAFFORD, Handsboro, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O EMA JEAN STANDIFER, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. HARVEY SAMUEL STANLEY, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O LEBRESKA STATEN, Greenwood, Commerce. O Third Row: JAMES TYSON STEELE, Shuqualak, Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha. O MATTHEW WEAVER STEELE, Morgan Cily, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O FRED STEGALL, Ponloloc, Commerce. O BILLY W. STEPHENS, Oxford, Commerce, O FORREST MILNER STEVENS, Halliesburg, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O MARY GLOVER STEVENS, Byhalia, Commerce. O PIERCE ALLEN STEVENS, Anguilla, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha. O HARRY JOHN STEWART, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O WILLIAM ROY STEWART, New Albany, Commerce. . , -ga "' - rr ' - vu- , J way' 4 Q I 5 I ,L il. , ,D .K in A 5' Q ,- 5' in if 555, Y 43' S 'K Q Xi Q, ay 4 6, 'I 5-, iili. ABOVE: I Firsl Row: JANIE STISHER, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gama. O JAMES RICHARD STOKES, Charleslon, Liberal Arls. O MARIE HOWARD STOKES, Greenville, Educalion, Chi Omega. I JEAN STONE, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. O PRENTISS EUGENE STONE, Polls Camp, Educalion. O Second Row: JAMES BEEMAN STRANGE, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O BRYANT KENNETH STRICKLAND, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O HOWARD WILLIAM STRING- FELLOW, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering, O MARTHA SUMNERS, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O ABRIS CICO SYKES, Oxford, Educalion. BELOW: I Firsl Row: WILLIAM EARL TABOR, JR., McCool, Pharmacy. O RALPH G. TANNER, JR., Mem- phis, Tenn., Commerce. O WILLIAM HENRY TATE, Oxford, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O BETTY JANE TATUM, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Della Gamma, O JAMES EDWARD TAYLOR, Jackson, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O JERYL TAYLOR, Meridian, Liberal Arfs. 0 LOIS C. TEAGUE, Mem- phis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O THOMAS HENRY THARP, Silver Cily, Educalion. O WILLIAM B. THEISMAN, JR., Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: JANIE EVANS THERRELL, Aberdeen, Educalion, Chi Omega. O CHARLES ARNOLD THOMAS, Picayune, Pharmacy. O CHARLES ERWIN THOMAS, Cryslal Springs, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O LEE G. THOMAS, Vicksburg, Commerce. I NATALIE THOMPSON, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O RAYMOND R. THOMPSON, Brookhaven, Commerce. O ROBERT CUNNINGHAM THOMPSON, Rolling Fork, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O THURMAN J. THOMPSON, Philadelphia, Pharmacy. I BOWMAN STIRLING TIGHE, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I Third Row: CAMERON LEE TILL, Jackson, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O MARY ELIZABETH TOBIAS, Meridian, Educafiong Della Della Della. 0 HAZEL RUTH TODD, Thaxlon, Education. REGINALD H. TOLAR, JR., Yazoo Cily, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 WILLIAM JACKSON TOLER, Inverness, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JAMES EARLE TRIBBLE, Sledge, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O ROBERT WILSON TRIBBLE, Sledge, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. 0 ELIZABETH ANN TURLEY, Coldwaler, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. ROBERT EMMON TYSON, Holly Springs, Liberal Arls, Della Kappa Epsilon. film' .Nr X limi' A 'WS we 'E ' if-gtk if I Ah .A gm 4, z '. 'I r A , ' fl 4' 7' " -1- f H' 4 ,us in -na., '- fb 1 I . ' I . 952 f I' lg' ' . r ' is ' 1' ' 'Fr "' I 'K Q! il, I. THE JUNIOR CLASS ABOVE: Q Firsl Row: ROBERT W. TYSON, Jackson, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O DANIEL LANDIS ULLMAN, Glenside, Penna., Engineering. O WALDO D. VANDEVENDER, Gholson, Pharmacy. I GEORGE HUDDLESTON VAN ZANT, Jackson, Educalion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LOUIS OSCAR VAUSE, Charlesiong Commerce, Sigma Nu. O EONE HOLMES VEAZEY, Senalobia, Educalion. C CHARLES VERNON, JR., Brookhaven, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT E. VEST, McComb, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu, O JOHN PAUL VINER, Moorehead, Liberal Arls. O Second Row: THOMAS A. VINSON, Love, Commerce. O LOUIS LEE VISE, Lucedale, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ANNE VON SUTTER, Jackson, Liberal Arfs. O SAMUEL LEWIS WALEY, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. O JAMES VANCE WAGGENER, Gulfporlg Liberal Arls, Della Kappa Epsilon, I FRANK W. WALDEN, Georgelown, Liberal Arls. O FRED HADEN WALKER, Gulfporl, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O GEORGE WATKINS WALTERS, Somer- ville, Tenn., Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O ERMINE L, WARREN, Magee, Pharmacy. BFIOW1 O FirsI Row' EDWIN COULTER WARD, Shelby, Liberal Ark, Slqfna Alpha Epsilon, I JO M, WARD, Monlrose, Educalion. O JACK W. WATSON, Louisville, Pharmacy. O JOHN ALBERT WATTS, Columbia, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN M. WATTS, Scooba, Pharmacy. O WILFORD ROBERT WEBB, Kilmichael, Educalion. O JACK WEIL, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O HORACE MALCOLM WELLS, Mount Olive, Commerce. O JAMES HARVEY WELLS, Colfon Planl, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O Second Row: JOSEPH EDWARD WENTZELL, Biloxi, Liberal Arls, O JOHN ROBERT WERNER, Rye, N. Y., Liberal Arls, Bela Thela Pi. O HERMAN JACKSON WEST, Coffeeville, Education. O MARY LEIGH WESTON, Bay Sl. Louis, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma, O JAMES STURGEON WHIT- AKER, Batesville, Education. O BEN C. WHITE, Decafurville, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O LOUISE WHITE, Oxford, Commerce. I WILLIAM EARL WHITE, Como, Commerce. I MURRAY WILLIAM WICKER, Hickory Flat, Educaiion. O Third Row: GLADYS HARRIS WICKS, Alligalor, Liberal Arls. O BAILEY WILKINSON, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I ANITA JOYCE WILLIAMS, Lumberlon, Commerce, O BENN FRANCIS WILLIAMS, New York, N. Y., Commerce. O CLYDE EUGENE WILLIAMS, Byhaliag Com- merce, Sigma Chi. O GRANVILLE HENDERSON WILLIAMS, Picayunc, Com- merce, Kappa Sigma, I JESSE GIBSON WILLIAMS, Pine Bluff, Ark., En- qineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I JOHN E. WILLIAMS, Morgan CiIy: Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I ROY E. WILLIAMS, Duranl, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 5 Q' -Ga "One piclure is worlh a Ihousand words"-Ancienl Chinese oroverb. BELOW: O Firsf Row: VEOLA GENEIVEVE WILLIAMS, Pocahonlasg Liberal Arfs. O WAYNE CLAUDE WIL- LIAMS, Greenwood, Commerce, Siqma Alpha Epsilon. I WILLIAM GOULD WILLIAMS, E. Cleveland, O., Liberal Arls. O LESTER CLYDE WILLIS, Edinburg, Liberal Arls. O ELSIE WILSFORD, Lula, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, O BARNETT F. WILSON, Onconla, Ala., Educalion, O CREIGHTON L. WILSON, Bafesville, Liberal Arfs. O HIN LUCK WING, Joneslowng Pharmacy. O JAMES W WISE, Malhison, Pharmacy. O Second Row: BOBBIE LOUISE WOLFE, Duncang Educafion. I SAMUEL WEBB WOOD, Ackerman, Pharmacy. O HARRY H. WORK, New Albany, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, O BARBARA WORTH- INGTON, Greenville, Liberal Arlsg Phi Mu. O L. C, WRIGHT, New Sire, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM HUGH WROTEN, McComb, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. O JESSE LEE YANCY, JR., Bruce, Commerce. O ROBBIE RAY YANCY, Bruce, Educalion, O JACK BROOKS YATES, Shelby, Commerce, Phi Della Theia. O Third Rr-iw' CHARLES AIIFN YOUNG, Goodman, Chmmmrr- O DAVID WILIIAM YOUNG, Groenwrmrl, Liberal Ark, Phi Della Thela O DWIGHT I.. YOUNG, Oxford, Commerce. O HARVEY ROSS YOUNG, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu O LESTER WHITTEN YOUNG, Oxford, Commerce I IOREN TICER YOUNG, Orfnrel, Fnqineerinq O MARGARET IAVERNE ZDERAD, Memphis Tenn: liberal Arls, DPIIA Gamma O IOIJIS SFFIASTIAN 7FHNDFR IR, II-ilfioqlmlrq, Commerfe Phi Della Thela. Q IIERBERI PAUI. If-CIIOKKF, SI. Paul, Minn- Fnqinearinq. C241 . ' xi, r'- 5 , 3 -f --ui c ,, , r, . Q : i V. i L 4 -A as-R wo- N . .3-Ke, ' E A , 0. in if WS iw Z 2 I A, if 4- E 5 Ii 69' , 1' i I I X V W A DFW" , lHlllllNIISSJllllIi Al Murder Bowl engagemenf, affer his firsf defeaf as a menfor . . . several people con- sider profesling Odom . . . ihe Bloody Buclcef resfs on lop of 'Ihe Coke machine in Law Building beside "Selecfed Cases on Torls" found in grill coffee . . . Barney named 'ro Associafed Press All-American . . . Sigma Chi house is quaranfined during meningi- 'ris scare-campus is noficeably improved . . . Ellioff Lawrence arrives for Opening Dances-much gold is losf by Dance Commiffee . . . Dr. M. K. Horne 'rells Kosciuslco Rofary club fhal' coffon is sfill lcing and damned if if ain'l' . . . a professor of pafho- logy announces fhaf his liH'le fhing- his supersonic oscillafor-spins around af l400 'fimes a minufe . . . Universify of Chicago professor lells group of sociologisfs lhaf young married couple may buy a car in I949, have baby few years lafer . . . several young married couples fhanlc him and do iusl' fhal' . . . Lenore Ulric is found in 'Phe grill coffee . . . fime cuf for Chrisfmas-all is calm, all is brighf . . . JANUARY, I 949 Henry and Tiblier are crowned Miss Ole Miss and Colonel Rebel af annual Corona- lion Ball . . . Sam Ray, Bill McCord enfer race 'fo falce over Ray Copeland's job as Mississippian money-counfer . . . iournalism fraf announces fha? fhey, foo, will fry a hand af puffing ouf a magazine . . . affer firsf couple of publicafions' Rebel and Hi Y'aIl are unheard from . . . Mississippian headline: "Medical School admifs 28 men" -do 'rhey have more? . . . Socialisfic nofe: Sfudenf direcfory, publicafion of which Confinued on Page lO5 L .V . . If ru F' TI-IE SOPHOIVIORE CLASS ABOVE: I Firsl Row: ALBERT GEORGE ABIDE, Greenwood, Commerce, O CHARLES H. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg, Commerce. O BETTY JEAN ABY, Vicksburg, Com- merce, Della Zela, O BETTY ADAMS, Macon, Commerce. O CLARENCE ORBREY ADAMS, Laurel, Educalion. O JOHN PAUL ADAMS, Jackson, Mich., Engineering, Bela Thela Pi. O ANN ADCOCK, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, O EDYTHE RHEE ADCOCK, Birmingham, Ala., Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O DONALD WILLIAM AIKEN, Sardis, Commerce. O Second Row: JAMES H. AIKEN, Clarksdale, Engineering. O WILLIAM ALDRIDGE, Leland, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BARBARA RUTH ALLEN, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls. O CHARLES BRENHAM ALLEN, Ill, Rosedale, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM ALBERT ALLEN, Puckell, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O MARGIE JEAN ALSTON, Memphis, Tenn., Educalion, Kappa Della. O GLEN ANSEL ANDERSON, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Phi Kappa Psi. O CHARLES ANDREW ANDERSON, Crosby, Commerce. O FLOYD S. ANDERSON, Inverness, Commerce, Della Psi. BELOW Q Fifar Row JAMES THOMAS ANDERSON, Memolva. Tenn, Cnmmerfe, Kappa Alpha. O l,OMAX ANDERSON, Porl Gibson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CHRISTINE ROBERTA ANDERSON, Porl Gibson, Liberal Arls, N Z se.. 'TW' I Della Della Della. O ROBERT LEE ANDREAE, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Bela Thela Pi. I FRANK RONAYNE ASHLEY, Rich, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 THOMAS LUSTER ASKEW, Edwards, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O THOMAS JOEL BACOT, JR., Cleveland, Commerce. O LEEVERNON BAILEY, Memphis, Tenn., Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O GERALDINE BEVERLY BAIRD, Holly Springs, Commerce, Zela Tau Alpha. O Second Row: FRANK BAIRD, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O RALPH ANTHONY BARBER, JR., Memphis., Engineering, Sigma Chi. O JOHN HAYES BARDWELL, Yazoo Cilyg Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O KENNETH ALFRED BARFIELD, Hamplon, Ga., Engineering. I BUDDY BARNER, Ruleville, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. 0 JAMES T. BARNES, Tupelo, Commerce. O JEAN BARNES, Macon, Ga., Educalion. O FRANCIS S. BARRETT, Sallillo, Liberal Arls. O BEN GREY BARRINGER, JR., Marks, Liberal Arls, Della Psi. I Third Row: DIANA LAURETT BEATON, Nalchel, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JAMES THOMAS BENNETT, Halliesburg, Commerce. O EUGENE H. BENOIST, Nalchez, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O JOHN F. BENOIST, Nalchez, Engineering, Phi Della The-la. I CLARK D. BISHOP, Drew, Fdufalinn. O RAY I.. BLACK, Jennie, Ark., Pharmacy. Q VICTOR R BLAINE. Darling, Liberal Arie, Alpha Tau Omega. O MARY FRANCES BLANCHARD, Shelby, Commerce, Phi Mu. Q SUE l,YI.E BLOCK, Gollila, Cosla Rica, Edu- raliong Della Della Della, N 1-'E 1 1- i' E' -I I in Y ii , , . g 'O . I "' ,jf 5, -'P' ,L . U 4,1 f V "K, . . f . IA 'Za-1 'R ' 4 . 1 QQ. f rx -f... ,Q cr: W' A I T 'I ' Y li' Rlffai ', ' ' . 6 . ., ' 4, g I' 5 . ,I fc, i: e. . I 'F' fri'-5z,,'f-,-i-1 I , , ' . ' KT "' ' f 1 Q 1 . 'ef' if., , ' I fe , J- , 5: 1 . - ,, 'Q 3 ,,,, ' lie, -gs ,1w5's .,.g:.-:I rig ,pf yi' a. M., 1 , A?" faqksj -e M. - 2. 3 , gage ., - 1.3, A, - , J. v-H K Q 357 f 1 ,. s ' v. My Lt Z., --1 ' rg, 2.fH?,jl Y YH-is 24.32 Tfwef' ' ' Eggs 'HM f ABOVE: I Firsl Row: JOSEPH FILLMORE BOONE, Grenada, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O WILLIAM HARPER BOOTH, JR., Hollandale, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. O SANTO JULIUS BORGANELLI, Shaw, En- gineering. O ANNE BOUDREAUX, Marks, Educalion. O CECIL CLAYTON BOUNDS, Calhoun Cily, Liberal Arls. O Second Row: J. HOMER BOUTWELL, JR., Laurel, Pharmacy. O KATHRYN ANN BOWEN, Belden, Educalion. O SAM LAMB BOYLES, Balesvilleg Educalion. O JOSEPH WILSON BRADLEY, Nashville, Pharmacy. I MARGARET BRADLEY, Grenada, Commerce, Della Gamma. BELOW: I Firsf Row: WILLIAM D. BRADLEY, JR., Inverness, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JAMES ER- NEST BRAMUCHI, Shelby, Engineering. I BETTY JEAN BRANDON, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls. O JACK T. BREAZEOL, EI Dorado, Ark., Pharmacy. O HAROLD DAVID BREWER, Richlon, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O J. WILLIAM BRONFIELD, New York, N. Y., Liberal Arls. O BARBARA BROOCK, Pascagoula, Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O MARTHA KATE BROUGHER, Sardis, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O PEGGY IRENE BROWN, Fullon, Educalion, Della Gamma. O Second Row: ROBERT EMMET BROWN, Holly Springs, Engineering. O RACHEL CAMILLE BRUM- FIELD, Magnolia, Educafion. O ERNEST BERNARD BUEHLER, Greenville, Commerce. O SUZETTE BUEHLER, Greenville, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O BURCHFIELD BULLOCK, LaFollelle, Tenn., Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Sigma. O FLORENCE M, BURCHAM, Ronan, MonI., Educalion, O ROGER LEWIS BURFORD, Independence, Commerce, 0 WILLIAM BURNHAM, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CLINTON VARNER BUTLER, Oxford, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O Third Row: JOHN H. BUTLER, Dallas, Tex., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon I FAY CADE, Porl Gibson, Commerce. O ROBERT ANDERSON CADE, Lexinglon, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I THOMAS PATRICK CAFFEY, Duclr Hill, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. Q HENRY PATTERSON CALD WELL, Charleslong Commerce, Kappa Sigma O JAMES RAYMOND CALVERT, Meridian, Pharmary, O ROBERT FRANCIS CAMPION, Philadelphia, Pnnna Q Commerce I JOHN WIIIIAM CARRIGAN, lack. son, Commerce. I JEFFIE MAY CARTER, Money, Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega. li r w .. f 254 ig,,','Q1ff'fA A ., , A ,ff A R Q . X lil' . 5534? 4 2' r Qi 1 x N 34 Q H- ape gh.-X X 'wif i dx i ia." xi 4 I . 'X 'xv BOB MULLETT Inler-Fralernily Council Preside nl G X I l l I l l I .l ,l l ll l l l l I I 2 ' tn 'N 'VERA qfr ' fm, 1 f I . . P km 0' T I I i I 32 fi ,,, P-99,5531 i mmf l. ll 2 gl. 'lr I I l Y 1 N1-I-. E3 I s if 11' Q- . K? .ll -Q' Ge 2. .4- THE SOPI-IOIVIORE CLASS ABOVE: I Firsl Row: CAMILLE CASHION, Eudora, Ark., Educalion. O DONALD LAWRENCE CASKEY, Gregory, Mich., Commerce. I JANE MARIE CAUGH- RAN, Tupelo, Commerce. O HILDA ESTHER CEREZO, Aguadilla, Porlo Rico, Pharmacy. O JOHN ABNEY CHALK, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O SAMUEL LOWELL Cl-IESSER, Columbus, Engineering. O DONALD JOHNSON CHILDERS, Philadelphia, Penna., Engineering. O ANNIE LOYS CHILDRESS, Salarfia, Education, Phi Mu. O THOMAS THORNTON CHISOLM, Philadelphia, Liberal Arfs, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O Second Row: LEROY H. CLAY, Louisville, Pharmacy. O W. KELLY CLIFFORD, Boise, Idaho, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JOE COBY, Louisville, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O ERNEST OLIVER COCHRAN, Corinlh, Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O JAMES ALEXANDER COFFEY, Oxford, Commerce. 0 BETTY MONTGOMERY COKER, Yazoo Cify, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O AMY JO COLE, Oxford, Liberal Arfs. O JEFF L. COLE, Tupelo, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O TENNIE COLEMAN, lndianola, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. BELOW: O Firsl Row: BETTY JANE COLLINS, Jackson, Educalion, Phi Mu. O RAUL A. COLON, Barcelonela, Puerto Rico, Pharmacy. O BETTY CAROLYN COLQUITT, 3? fwvfi' ' ' , . .,r,, E.. It .g A V .I-. , f .' i -..f Q '. ,L :xv ,, gg, :H .Wy g N . .5 :Ln ' bl ou., , yn:-55' ' I ,fgAgQ1j','gf., W' A f 3 I- W. 42 uf " g , ' , 1 - iff. .. - S- 4 I In N ,ff '. .-H ' 1 . in , ' lie.. iii Ll C, if G- S Ls-- iv 3 . A I 'rl fs. ts.- Foresl, Educalion, Kappa Della. O WILLIAM WESLEY COMBS, JR., Inverness, Liberal Arfs. O VAN F. CONEY, Greenville, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O EDWARD SHIRLEY COOK, Wiggins, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. I UPTON COOK, Columbia, Pharmacy. O LAWRENCE C. CORBAN, JR., Biloxi, Com- merce, Sigma Chi. O WALTER THERREL COSTILOW, JR., Grenada, Commerce. O Second Row: LOYE JACKSON COSTNER, Banner, Pharmacy. O JAMES HARRIS COTTEN, Carfhageg Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O WILLIAM BRYAN COTTINGHAM, Winona, Pharmacy. O ALBERT A. COVINGTON, Meridian, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi, O ELIZABETH DEAN COVINGTON, Lyon, Commerce. I GEORGE WILLIAM COVINGTON, Canlon, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O CHESTER WILLIAM COX, Baldwin, Liberal Arls, Sigma Pi. I ROBERT IRVIN COX, Brandon, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Alpha. O AL CRAW- FORD, Kingsport, Tenn., Education. O Third Row: OTHAR ALINSON CRAWFORD, McComb, Education. O JEAN W. CRAWFORD, Decalurg Commerce. O BETTE CRAWLEY, Kosciusko, Liberal Arfs, Della Gama. I NETTIE RUTH CROCKER, Calhoun Cily, Liberal Arfs, Zela Tau Alpha. O ROGENIA ANN CROWSON, Wafer Valley, Commerce, Phi Mu. O J. D. CRUMP, Amory, Pharmacy. O ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM, Wesl Poinl, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O ROBERTSON DAILEY, JR., Charleslon, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O HARRY LAUDER DAVIS, Brandon, Educalion. I il. .f. Q - 5521+ .A f I 4, I I '5, I, 4, 1, 1. li , 1- - ,iii fgfflflf- '15, A e Q A I -Y C" ...l i' V 'I r lf fr. . A E Zigi'-I M T L. IX " X f A xx 3 i 'V v""' 1 Gi 5 4. 5- 4,-X 4- 'ilk 2. I , D J B- . ...Q Q E ,Wi , Q, 5, S I, 15' ' ,A ' . A, i..,', .' Y I .lil T fj . I. . . ABOVE: O Firsl Row: ROBERT EATON DAVIS, Magnolia, Commerceg Sigma Nu. O FRED WILLIAM DAVIS, Laurel, Pharmacy. O JAMES McCLlNTOCK DAY, Inverness, Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LOUIS ARWOOD DAY, Walls, Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O GARRETT STUART DEARMAN, New Augusta, Commerce. O Second Row: EUGENE DeBOW, Oxford, Pharmacy. O HERBERT L, DENTON. Tupelo, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon O ANNE MARIE DESAIX, Memphis, Tenn, Liberal Arls O FAYE ELLEN DIGBY, Golden, Educafion. O MARY ALICE DILLMAN, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. BELOW: O Firsf Row: MARY JANE DIXON, Brownsville, Tenn., Educafion, Della Gamma. O DELBERT DECA- TUR DRIVER, Red Boiling Springs, Pharmacy, O GEORGE DUFF, Ponloloc, Commerce. O ANDY FOR- REST DUGGER, JR., Picayune, Liberal Arfs. 0 ALBERT SUTTON DULIN, Greenwood, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT HOLMES DUNLOP, Balesville, Commerce, Kappa Siqma. O JAMES RUS- SELL DUPUY, Memphis, Tenn., Educalion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O GEORGE IRA EDMONDSON, Cal- houn Cily, Pharmacy. O ROBERT G. EDWARDS, Oxford, Commerce, Sigma Pi. Q O Second Row: NICK GEORGE ELCHOLS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls. O MARY B. ELMORE, Sfale Line, Commerce, O JEANNE EMBRY, Laurel, Commerce, Kappa Della. O JOE HALL EMERSON, Winnfield, La., Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O JOHN OLIVER EMMERICH, McComb, Liberal Arfs, Phi Della Thefa. O ROME H. EMMONS, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O ETHEL C, ESKRIDGE, Charleslong Educafion. O RICHARD ESKRIGGE, Greenville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HANSFORD SYL- VESTER FAIRCHILD, Tupelo, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O Third Row: TNAYNE TATE FAIRCHILD, Tupelo, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O HENRY NOLEN FANCHER, Canlon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha.. I MECHELLE MICKEY FARRIS, Vicksburg, Commerce. O PAUL B. FAULKNER, Ponfofoc, Engineering. O PATRICIA RUTH FAYARD, Biloxi, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Della. O JACK GORDON FERGUSON, Meridian, Pharmacy. O MARJORIE LEE FIELD, Nafchel, Educalion. O DOROTHY H. FIELDS, Biloxi, Engineering, Della Della Della O DOROTHY ELLINOR FILES, Tupelo, Liberal Arls. A Qi sr if , 'qw 1, W' he F "' S. ' ' 'fr-Q55 ' - ,Fi . if fliii ,i w -9, . -.Y .. . v fi fi -gg I . + I I .Ax 3: ci 1 y fi' ."1?. . "3 sal' I ! S1-2 .AJ 1 .1 gf 4 I .fi . I, A . ELEANOR KNEE Presidenl of Women's Alhlelic Assorialion 'ev . 5 4:,Q,:0- ,l app.. iv iq ' ,... is 'S' T .E S, JcMaza,...iL up-9 4, 3 'WH' .v T , fi ,. , Wx X 1 J We I 1 ' . L I I I. 1 1. . - I' ". I ' Q L 17:- ' x THE SOPI-IOIVIORE CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: WALTER FRANK FISHER, Winona, Commerce. I LESLIE REID FLETCHER, lndianola, Commerce, Della Psi. O ROBERT JAMES FLETCHER, Elizabelhlon, Tenn., Educalion. O HOWARD CURTIS FLOYD, Rienzi, Pharmacy. O JOHN F. FLY, Gibson, Tenn., Pharmacy. O JAMES WATSON FOLLANSBEE, Pillsburgh, Penna., Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. O ROBERT CHARLES FOLWELL, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOSEPH P. FORD, Brownville, Liberal Arls. I WILLIAM BRUNER FORD, Jackson, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. lSecond Row: William Lowry Forlenberry, Columbia, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. OALLEN FOX, Lyon, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O CHARLES HENRY FULGHUM, Booneville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O RICHARD THERON FURR, Aberdeen, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. I LANELLE GUYTON GAFFORD Gallaway, Tenn., Pharmacy, Zela Tau Alpha. O JEAN GALE, Pocahonlas, Educalion, Della Gamma. O JOHN DARRINGTON GANDY, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, O JOHN DONOVAN GAUTIER, Pascagoula, Com- merce, Kappa Alpha. O HARRIET SHIELDS GEISENBERGER, Nalchez, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. BELOW: O Firsl Row: ALTON KEITH GILBERT, San Francisco, Cal., Engineering. O THOMAS JOSEPH GILL, Puckell, Pharmacy. O BEVERLY JEANNE GLENN, Slullgarl, Ark., Liberal Arls. O ROBERT J. GRADY, Willoughby, O., En- gineering. JOHN TILDEN GRANTHAM, Yazoo Cily, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O THOMAS CLARKE GRAVES, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM T. GRAVES, Hazlehursl, Engineering, Della Psi. O CHARLES WILLIAM GREENE, Slarkville, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi. O ERNEST HUFF'GREEN, Simpsonville, S. C., Engineering. O Second Row: ELINOR ROY GREEN, Grenada, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O HARRIET ERLE GREEN, Franklinlon, La., Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JAMES ROBERT GREENE, Slarkville, Pharmacy. I PROBY LEE GRIFFIN, Ouenlin, Pharmacy. O JOE WESLEY GRIFFITH, Ackerman, Phar- macy, Bela Thela Pi. O POLLY HAGER, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O ROBERT LAVELLE HALFORD, El Dorado, Ark., Engineering. JOHN ALLEN HALL, Tupelo, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O FRANK J. HAMMOND, JR., Kreole, Commerce. O Third Row: JESSE BREWER HAMOND, JR., Kreole, Liberal Arls. O SUE HANEY, Oxford, Commerce, Della Della Della. O BETTYE MARIE HANSEN, Amory, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O HENRY GRADY HARBERSON, Carriere, Commerce. O THERON DEWEY HARDEN, JR., Amory, Commerce. O ALBERT HARDER, Linden ,Tenn., Pharmacy. O LLOYD HARDER, Linden, Tenn., Pharmacy. O W. J. HARDY, Pascagoula, Pharmacy. I BOYD ELBERT HARPER, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. 1 L has W I x if lv-f Q 3 I Y lift: a n ' ' ' ' xx ABOVE: I First Row: EDWARD S. HANRAHAN, Parkersburg, W. Va., Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O WILA LIAM E. HERRELD, Canton, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O JAMES EARL HARRIS, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. O JOANNE HARRISON, Byhalia, Liberal Arts. O HENRY LEE HARWELL, Memphis, Tenn., Com- I'T'I9I'CC-. O Second Row: WILLIAM ELLIS HASTINGS, Duncan, Commerce. O ELLIOT A. HATCH, Vaiden, En- gineering. O ADELE RUTH HAYLES, Natchez, Liberal Arts. O JAY HOMER HEDGEPETH, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JACK HEFFERNAN, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce BELOW: O First Row: ROBERT EDWARD HEMPHILL, Winona, Education, Phi Kappa Psi. O LESLIE B. HEN- DERSON, Preston, Liberal Arts. O HARRIS BRAND HENLEY, Hazlehurst, Commerce, Delta Psi. O BETTY JEHANE HERLIHY, Wavelandg Education, Kappa Delta. O WILLIAM CHARLES HEROLD, Nat- chez, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O LEONARD C. HERRON, JR., Courtland, Commerce. O ROYAL HICKEY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi, O FRANCES M, HILTON, Laurel, Liberal Arts, O IRA JAMES HINTON, JR., New Augusta, Pharmacy, O Second Row: WILLIAM HAYES HINTON, Wigging, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O ROBERT HOW- ARD HODGE, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O BETTY JEAN HOLLER, Jackson, Commerce, O GLYN E. HOL- LINGSWORTH, Big Creek, Commerce. O VIRGINIA JOYCE HOLLINGSWORTH, Kosciusko, Educa- tion, Phi Mu. O CAROLYN HOLMAN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O PEGGY ANN HORN, Grenada, Commerce. I JOHN J. HOUSTON, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O WALKER HALE HOUSTON, Oxford, Commerce. O Third Row: ROBERT HENRY HUDSON, Aberdeen, Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha. O ROGER WALLACE HUDSON, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. O CATHERINE MARZELLE HUGGINS, Quitman, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O JULIA ELIZABETH HUGHES, McGehee, Ark., Commerce. O CHARLES DAVID HULL, JR., Yazoo City, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM H. HULSEY, New Albany, Commerce. O JOAN HUMPHREYS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O HARRY BURCHARD HUNGERFORD, Jonestown, Engineering, O CAMPBELL LEE HUNTER, Quitman, Commerce. ks. " .-U ,,!,1d,.,, - L V . 4 5. r , t,.:f- 'Z If I 'f-si' -. . f . . 'Q' -gs A if. ' Us in ' 2 ge- ' Ek Mi, J. .4 , gig! . . gh. ' :1tfi.5,x .V .. 43f,':X' i'if?f"55 TG' 'Q .z,.?Sf S -ff 4, Y fi BILLY WALTON f President ol ODK ,I 'I I Ie I A I I. ,I ll ew. . f , Mm ",,iQ1'.anv , M ,,g,ya,! lei, -- '. , 4 rl , ge , ' sf 'l - at f , . 48, ,. v cl,-SW V Af xx W! if " ' Y I V fl If L ' I Q' W' ' ' I li' ig- ,. . , "rf-'M' C' ' L . . .... z , , . . . W ne- .-I l., I Y ,,a 'B R 4 an fa: s 4, Y? i Y . g if , .. . 5' ,33 5 H ff I 1- fe sf-. ' A IH 'LL X r A. ', f.7.. ' ,frm 1 I I I O gi S. a 9 , , 3 A 'J 5 , --I , Us . ah ' ' c. 4 I Mig I I. " ' , J . I Q- 1 'I 6 N- E' M, ' ' IN? X 'Q ts .A . , , ,., P , A . I 3 I S ,mf 'f I X' Fx' THE SOPHOIVIORE CLASS ABOVE: O First Row: MARGARET GERALDINE JACKSON, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O W. L. JACOBS, Hazlehurst, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, O CECIL G. JOHNSON, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. O RUFUS C. JOHNSON, JR., Meridian, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O WHITMAN B. JOHNSON, Clarksdaleg Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, O EDWARD HOMER JOINER, Lookout Moun- tain, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O BETTY LIL JONES, Union City, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O BOBBY GENE JONES, Hollandale, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O CHARLEY MAC JONES, Hollandale, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O Second Row: LIDIE MAGRUDER JONES, Byhalia, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O ROBERT EDMUNDSON JONES, Brookhaven, Commerce, Sigma Nu. AN- DREW A. JUMPER, Darling, Commerce. O HELEN JOYCE KARR, Earle, Ark., Education, Delta Gamma. O WILLIAM KATZ, JR., Far Rockaway, N. Y., Liberal Arts. O CONNIE GAYSER, Richton, Phi Mu. O THOMAS EDWARD KEELING, Shelbyville, Tenn., Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Sigma. O WALLACE PIERCE KEEN, Mendenhall, Liberal Arts. O RAYMOND LESTER KELLUM, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. BELOW: O First Row: JOHN KENNETH KIMBALL, Greenwood, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES C. KINCANNON, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O GEOFFREY B. KING, Savannah, Ga., Liberal Arts. O PREN- TICE FULTON KLINKE, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O OTHO THOMAS KORTZ, Chicago, III., Education, O BETTY ANN KRAMER, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gamma, O ALBIN JOSEPH KREBS, Pasca- goula, Liberal Arts. O ALEXANDER JOHN KULJIS, Biloxi, Pharmacy. O MAU- RICE U. LABENS, Clarksdale, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi.. O Second Row: HARDY L. LACOOK, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. O ROBERT E. LAMBERT, Belmont, Liberal Arts, O WILLIAM RICHARD LAMOND, Natchez, Liberal Arts. O ALFRED BAEHRENS LANG, Paw Paw, Mich., Engineering, Sigma Nu. O CHARLES EVANS LANE, Jayess, Pharmacy. O THOMAS HOWARD LANE, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O FRANCES VIRGINIA LATHAM, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O EDWARD EARL LAWLER, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Chi. O THOMAS LEWIS LAWLEY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. O Third Row: JOE THOMAS LEE, Merigold, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O VIR- GINIA FONTAINE LEE, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O CHARLES PARKS LEGGETT, Blytheville, Ark., Engineering. O RICHARD ALVIN LENOIR, Bude, Commerce. O THELMA JUNE LENZ, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O LIONEL ELMO LESTER, Yazoo City, Engineering, O JOHN WILLIAM LEWIS, Crystal Springs, Commerce. O MARTHA FAYE LEWIS, Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O OLIVIA LEWIS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. - a 9- F' I' I . i a ' , L Ri 'Y L . R r, I- 35 'I ifiizl my 'I if I Fx sf! 'SEI , uric. I -.QA 1 T I . r 'I -, TQ N - ,... . u . f ,.,. - - ' 4 . Q- 'PF' if-m,,a A Q' . , P ff' ., " I 3 ,N Ii. 5 5 5 -gg f T P 'E' 1 Q-. fps A' N 7 iv -.. C- -. C, 1- . A ,I ,X ABOVE: 0 Firsl Row: EUGENIA DUDLEY LEVANGER, Chicago, Ill., Liberal Arls, Della Zela. O LINDA RUTH LINDLEY, Macon, Educalion, Della Gamma. O BILLIE JEAN LITTLE, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. I ROBERT ASHFORD LITTLE, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O AUGUSTUS ALPHONSE LOGUE, Clinlon, Pharmacy. . I Second Row: WILLIAM ALEXANDER LONG, Hazlehursl, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. 0 EDMUND P. LOWE, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O RICHARD WYCHE LOWE, Weslfield, N. J., Engineering. O WIL- LIAM LACEY LOWE, Glendoza, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O ELIZABETH LUCKETT, Jackson, Educalion, Chi Omega. . BELOW: 0 Firsl Row: ANN LOUISE LUM, Nalchez, Commerce, Chi Omega. O JOE R. MCCAUGHAN, Clarks- dale, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O SUDIE ANNE McCOOL, Jackson, Educalion. O GLENN ED- WARD McCOY, Ballzer, Commerce. O GLENN LONG McCULLOUGH, Tupelo, Liberal Arls. O ALVIE C. MCCULLY, Planlersvilleg Liberal Arls. O MARY LOUISE MCDANIEL, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O MAVIS RAY MLDANIEL, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Della Zela. O ANNA WESTON MCDONALD, Ponloloc, Liberal Arls. I Second Row: HUGHES McELREATH, Oxford, Educalion. O HEWLETT FARLEY MCELROY, Nalchez, Engineering, Phi Della Thela. I MARY FRANCES McGAHA, Hunlsville, Ala., Educalion. O GORTH OLIVER MCGAHEY, Calhoun Cily, Engineering. I GLADYS EARL McGAUGHY, Tupelo, Educalion. O CHARLES CARROLL MCGILL, Lewisville, Ark., Engineering, Sigma Chi. 0 GORDON SPENCER Mc- HENRY, McHenry, Liberal Arls. O JAMES MAURY McINTOSH, Flinl, Mich., Educalion, Alpha Tau Omega. O EDWARD FERRILL McKEE, Picayune, Engineering, Bela Thela Pi. O Third Row: J. D. MCKENZIE, Halliesburg, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM THOMAS MCKINNEY, JR., An- guilla, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O WINFORD LEWIS McLARTY, Oxford, Commerce, O MAR- GARET JOAN MCLELLAN, Columbia, Liberal Arls. O JACKIE McLEMORE, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES HOLLIS MCMANUS, JR., Gullporl, Engineering. O RUTHIE L. McREE Eupora, Educalion, Kappa Della. O JIMMIE MANNING, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O BET- TIE LEE MARABLE Tupelo, Educalion. . Jimmy Slribling, ROTC Regimenlal Commander, and Jaclt Napier, Presidenl ol Scabbard ancl Blade. f rp f. . -.'--- ,mm f M, K . 'Wa - fr' I V . , " A t - .. ,.,.-.. , , . vs- 5. 1 .,- ' . ' H - .wi - . - , ' A M 'T I' sm " " A 1 'Q 2- I V ' A " - 'S-. J 6- 41 - 112 - , I - , ll - f ,.,., -fl -1 . 1 K' - gi, - ' sl .,- , 'T le.. D I Q :mi-' ,fi I .L .. 1" 'flifl 0 V ' L. . A DQ' I5 " Xl y 1 L, .1 1:5 1. I I um.. ,,. ... ff- ' " ...I Qi ff- lf , ""' 'Q-f gif? li: "1 X' s5 1- in " we - - s,4,'fQ,g2 gf-. Q 2. N .. suv. . 1 . if Q- ffl ' 2" I A , , A - ,. bfi' 1' , 'rf . ks 6- fx.. a.' x -. i we or 4. . . THE SOPI-IOIVIORE CLASS ABOVE: O First Row: HOWARD NEAL MARTIN, Dickson, Liberal Arts. O JIM H. MATTHEWS, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JEAN MAULDIN, Waynesboro, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. O HARVEY JEROME MELTZER, Jackson, Pharmacy. O PATRICIA JEAN MELVIN, Laurel, Liberal Arts. O PEGGY JOYCE MELVIN, Laurel, Liberal Arts, O LEWIS CARROLL MILES, Suffolk, Va., Education. O COYNE CONNELL MILLER, Natchez, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O JACK HIGHTOWER MILLIKIN, Delhi, La., Pharmacy. 0 Second Row: NONA MARIE MILLS, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O R. L. MILNER, JR., Ethel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CAROLE ANNE MIXSON, Hat- tiesburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O PEGGY YVONNE MIZELL, Natchez, Commerce, Della Zeta. O CLINTON MONTZ, Jackson, Commerce. I BEN CAMERON MOORE, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O EARL A. MOORE, JR., Duck Hill, Commerce. O JAMES THOMAS MORGAN, Marion, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. I DONALD CHARLES MUNRO, Biloxi, Commerce. . BELOW: O First Row: MAX ROWLAND MURPHY, Hope, Ark., Engineering. O JULIA McLEOD MURRAY, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Chi Omega. O THERESA MURRY, Macon, Education. O ED TYE NEILSON, JR., Lexington, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HAL E. NICHOLS, Helena, Ark., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O GRADON ABBIE NOBLES, Whitehaven, Tenn., Engineering. O EVERETT WARD NOLEN, Jackson, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O EDWARD NUNNERY, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. O MYRLEEN OAKES, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: THERESA ANN ODOM, Cleveland, Education. O WILLIAM FRANCIS O'DONNELL, Nashville, Tenn., Pharmacy. O JAMES EDWIN OGLE- TREE, Union, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O MORTON ORNSTEIN, Greenwood, Pharmacy. O JUDY ORR, Aberdeen, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. O TOMMY ORR, Paducah, Ky., Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O PATRICIA PACK, Hattiesburg, Education. O JOE CLYDE PARKS, New Albany, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O HERRON ARMSTRONG PARRISH, Oakland, Liberal Arts. O Third Row: JOHN MELVIN PATTERSON, Nettleton, Liberal Arts. O WORD B. PATTON, Como, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT HENRY PEEBLES, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O JOHN THOMSON PEGUES, Green- wood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. I BILLIE MARGARET PHILLIPS, Natchez, Liberal Arts. O RICHARD N. PLETCHER, Berwyn, III., Pharmacy. O JOHN ELLIE POWELL, Vardaman, Liberal Arts. O PEGGY POYTHRESS, Laurel, Liberal Arts. O JOHN WILLIAM PRADOS, Spring Hill, Tenn., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. Q' is - -ax" gr-5 I 1 - . Y . I 32' '- 4 ft: H 'F 4 rs? if . I I 4- Q 42- f A . . , 5 ,. V ,. if y E Iv- , Q 434. Y. was ,W 4 -we Uv' tgt 'T' fn? ,, Q 4: :A s 15, M , . . 429 V - I' i --. 1 .f---- .5 H- -Irie' ' sf, , W , - M . J tt 3, T ' , Y ' nfl 5-'fbi -' 9 I Q , K l 1' 5 1 . -sig ' Q, s , 1' if I", t' ST. . I - ,V . vary , ,,v,,t,, . I . 2 . . v 1, ', 'N A 'We S- 1 " G as s f ff K I ABOVE: O First Row: BARBARA ANN PRICE, Shelby, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, 0 GUS ANGELO PRIMOS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM HOWARD PRITCHARTT, Natchez, Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. O MARY JANE PROWELL, Lyon, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O PAULINE BURR QUAKE- MEYER, Greenwood, Education. O Second Row: JO RUTH RAGAN, Edwards, Education. O WILLIAM SADLER RAGSDALE, Holly Springs, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ELIZABETH RAY, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O HUGH E. RAY, Ill, Corinth, Liberal Arts. O IRA CLAY RAYNER, JR., Merigold, Commerce, Sigma Chi. BELOW: O First Row: HENRY REDMOND, Canton, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O ROY JAMES REED, Manches- ter, Tenn., Pharmacy. O R. B. REEVES, McComb, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O JACK H. REID, Lucedale, Liberal Arts. O FRANK ALLISON REYNOLDS, McComb, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O FISHER AMSE RHYMES, Macon, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O HERBERT LENT RICE, Webb, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOE ANTON RICHARD, Tupelo, Pharmacy. O JIMMY LEE RICHMOND, Lake Cormorant, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: CHARLES FOSTER RIDDELL, Canton, Education. O LEON EDWARD RILEY, Tupelo, Commerce. O JACK LAWRENCE RITTER, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O JACKSON DARE RIV- ERS, Marks, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ALBERT LEE ROBBINS, JR., Jackson, Tenn., Engineering, O JOHN PATRICK ROBERTS Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. 9 SUE CARLTON ROGERS, Vicks- burg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O VAN KINCANNON ROGERS, Tupelo, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O ROBERT ROLLIN ROPER, Columbia, Liberal Arts. O Third Row: HOWARD CALVIN ROSS, JR., Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LEONARD DEXTER ROSSER, Belmont, Commerce. O F. HERRON ROWLAND, Oxford, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O CHARLES WAYNE RUNNELS, Magee, Liberal Arts. O RICHARD EUGENE RUSSUM, Flora, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JEAN FRANCES SAIN, Holly Grove, Ark., Education. O WILLIAM SALLEY, Kingsport, Education. O LEHMAN CLARK SAMMONS, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O EDWARD E. SANDERS, Sardis, Education, Pi Kappa Alpha. ,- If 1, ze, Y ,Q MJ ., s- 'H 1g':g7.,, ie ,I f., .ii-7 all K . 2 'Q . Ei? iv . Q ,fag 6- 0. as Q ,O V vc af 1" H . ,-,- r 1 -A C gn-- ' -I ,,. I 'J x " If I I ,-a- it I f In Ein xr, 4- , I THE SOPHOIVIORE CLASS ABOVE: O First Row: JAMES DONALD SANDERS, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma O JAMES ROBERT SAVAGE, Gulfport, Chi. O JAMES WILLIAM SAUL, Laurel, Engineering. SAVAGE, West Point, Pharmacy. I JANE INGRAHAM Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O BEN BARNES SAYLE, Greenville, Liberal Arts. O GRIFFIN E. SCARBOROUGH, Wendell, N. C., Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ELLIOTT EUGENE SCHLOTTMAN, JR., Vicksburg, Commerce. O ROB- ERT EUGENE SCRIBNER, Tupelo, Commerce. O OREN Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. RONALD SEGREST, O Second Row: ANTHONY N. SEKUL, Biloxi, Pharmacy. O EDWIN CHESTER SELLERS, Dyersburg, Tenn., Commerce. O EUSTACE R. SEMMES, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O PREASE HERBERT SESSUMS, Lena, Liberal Arts. O MAYNARD DEVOTIE SHAW, Oxford, Engineering. O THURSTON HADLEY SHERMAN, Birmingham, Ala., Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. O KYLE WILLIAM SHIPLEY, Kingsport, Tenn., Education. O LEE B. SHIPLEY, Canton, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O OLIVER ELMO SHIPP, Belzoni, Liberal Arts. BELOW: O First Row: JACK LEWIS SHORT, Harrisburg, Penna., Commerce. O PATRI- CIA ANN SHORT, El Dorado, Ark., Commerce. O JUANITA MAY SIMMONS, Jackson, Commerce. O ALTON W. SIMS, Little Rock, Commerce. O RICHARD ALAN SINGLEY, Greenfield, Mass., Commerce. O ALLISTON SLADE, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O ELAINE LUSK SLADE, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O DAVID SHEPARD SMITH, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. O DONALD PHILIP SMITH, Milton, Penna., Education. O Second Row: FAULK ORVILLE SMITH, Leakesville, Pharmacy. O JACK COOP- ER SMITH, Pascagoula, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O JEANNE ELEANOR SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O PATRICK J. SMITH, Biloxi, Education, I RICHARD TAYLOR SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MARY KATHERINE SPARKMAN, Jackson, Liberal Arts. CHARLES EARL SPEED, Columbia, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT BRUCE STANLEY, Tupelo, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O JACK EDWARDS STAPLES, Birmingham, Ala., Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. 9 Third Row: CHARLIE C. STARNES, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O SYLVIA CAMPBELL ST. CLAIR, Portland, Me., Liberal Arts. O GLORIA LOUISE STEAD- MAN, Gunnison, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. I ALFRED STEPHENS, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O JOHN DAY STEWART, Greenwood, Engineering. O JOSEPH EARLY STOKES, Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O HENRY DECK STONE, Lam- bert, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O VAN DORN STONE, JR., Lambert, Lib- eral Arts, Phi Delta Theta. I HENRY LEVINGSTON STOWERS, Kilmichael, Pharmacy. I ","WI .Ala Sv- l ,gs ,Q -,Qv 1' pv '.-,. . f. -CJQP ' i I " 'x , A of 'Qi Q. -, " . 5. - if- .. .i ff.. fi' i it .Q lk! .ff 4' . I ' I . 4 VI 3 59. '- 3 ABOVE: Q Firsl Row: BILL STRIBLING, Buchanan, Ga., Educalion. O EDWARD LEO SULLIVAN, Goshen, Ind., Engineering, Bela Thela Pi. O PEGGY LOUISE SWANGO, Como, Commerce, Della Gamma. O LILLIAN ELIZABETH SWEAT, Corinlh, Commerce, Chi Omega. O VIVIEN DORSEY SWEAT, Corinlh, Commerce, Chi Omega. O Second Row: ALVIN LEO SYLVEST, Columbia, Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O FRED P. TAL- MADGE, Monroe, N, Y., Commerce. O LILLIAN LAWLEY TANKERSLEY, Oxford, Educalion, Della Gamma. 0 RICHARD CLYDE TAPP, Gunlown, Pharmacy. O BOBBIE RAMONA TAYLOR, Holly Springs, Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. BELOW: O Firsl Row: MURPHY LOWELL TAYLOR, Meridian, Commerce, I KENN SNEED TERRY, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JAMES EVERETT THOMAS, Memphis, Tenn, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT RICHARD THOMASON, Russellville, Tenn., Pharmacy. 0 HERBERT H. THOMPSON, Hollandale, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I LANNESE MURIEL THOMPSON, Arcola, Commerce. O BETSY LOUISE TIBLIER, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O MARIAN B. TIBLIER, Biloxi, Edu- calion, Phi Mu. 0 EDGAR JOHN TIMMONS, Cambridge, Md., Engineering. O Second Row: RAYMOND EDWARD TIPTON, Lucedale, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. O VERNON J. TIREY, Vicksburg, Commerce. O GLENN AMES TOMLINSON, Gulfporl, Commerce. O ARISTIDE EARL TON, Gulfporl, Educalion, Sigma Chi. O HENRY G. TORJUSEN, Pascagoulag Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. 0 OSCAR B, TURNBOW, JR., Hazel, Ky., Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. 0 MERRICK LOUISE TURPIN, Greenwood, Educalion. O SHIRLEY C. UTH, Oxford, Educalion. O HERMAN VALENTIN- ESTEVES, Aguadilla, Puerlo Rico, Pharmacy. O Third Row: WILBUR HERRICK VAN RIPER, JR., River Foresl, Ill., Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, O JOHN THOMAS VENOSKI, Brooklyn, N, Y., Educalion. O BILLY W. VICK, Balesville, Engineering. 0 ROBERT L. VICK, Courllano, Liberal Arls. O CHARLES FREDERICK VIELBIG, Kansas Cily, Mo., Com- merce. 0 WAYNE VOWELL, Lamberlg Pharmacy, O BLAKE WADSWORTH, Natchez, Commerce. O HENRY ALBERT WALKER, Waynesboro, Liberal Arls, O JAMES E. WALKER, Waynesboro, Engineering. l 5: dy, Ls: I . . A' A liwf 0 i an .1 y '- ff' 1 av- lgfifi' v i ' Q fc' 5? T' -.. ' ' 1 'K . T I I ri ' a 12. .' E iii- i sf: -SW.:-nl. ' 1 A at - "' 4' rg 'J' -li. ,31 li A il J", T A ', rl I li .. 1' I K L I MONTIE BARRINGER Morlar Board Presidenl W-'Uv N KY 1 .wr i-.,1 ' -4 I if v,,,n f"'5-an . ,s Avi? K ,A ,B 4 . ew .,..a., 4 19' X I 'tp' 'lf Z- . ,W ws.. E ,gi I s " fa, sd. ' A av- 35O counl 'em - freshmen worlred on lhe Homecoming bonfire . . and 3500 - counl 'em - sludenis walchecl 'fhe issue go up in smolre. THE SOPHOIVIORE CLASS BELOW: O Firsf Row: JOHN B. WALKER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. C BAR- BARA JEAN WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Kappa Della. O SARAH L. WALLACE, Savannah, Tenn.g Pharmacy. O JOY MAXIE WALTERS, Rayville, La., Pharmacy. O CINDY WALTON, Jackson, Liberal Arlsg Della Della Della. I WILLIAM WARDE, Memphis, Tenn,g Liberal Arlsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MARY FRANCES WARING, Vicksburgg Educaliong Chi Omega. O BARBARA JOAN WARLEY, Columbia, Liberal Arfsg Kappa Delia. O LIDA JANE WASSON. Conway, Ark., Liberal Arlsg Kappa Kappa Gamma. O Second Row: ANNA KNOWLES WATKINS, Aberdeeng Liberal Arisg Della Gamma. O ELIZABETH LOIS WATKINS, Ripley, Tenn., Liberal Arisg Phi Mu. O THADDEUS EARL WATKINS, Philadelphiag Liberal Arfsg Pi Kappa Alpha. O HARLAND CLIFFORD WATTS, Memphis, Tenn.g Engineering. O SARA WEB- STER, Oxfordg Cornrnerceg Della Delia Della. I SAXTON ANG-ERINE WEIR, JR., Grenadag Liberal ArI's. O WILLIAM VERO WESTBROOK, Jackson, Com- merceg Kappa Sigma. I CURTIS N. WHITE, Holly Springs, Engineering, Theta Xi. O ELLA NEVILLE WHITE, McComb: Educafiong Della Delia Della. o Third Row: JAMES WILLIAM WHITE, Amory, Engineering. 0 RICHARD RA- LEIGH WHITE, Santa Monica, Cal.g Liberal Arts. O ROBERT MINOR WHITTEN, JR., Oxford, Commerce. O HUNTER B, WHITESELL, Fulion, Ky., Liberal Arlsg Delia Kappa Epsilon. I WILLIAM WALTER WICKER, Winborng Liberal Arls. I BUFORD HAYES WILKERSON, Gulfporlg Liberal Arfs. O MILES R. WILKERSON, Amory, Engineering. I JAMES CLIMENT WILKINS, Columbia, Lag Liberal Arls. O PETER WILLEMOES, Wigginsg Commerce. . . while 'rhe frosh paraded around in Iheir evening clolhes. BELOW: O Firs? Row: CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Waynesboro, Educalion, Della Della Della. O CHARLES REISE WILLIAMS, Blue Springs, Liberal Arls. O GENE CLIFTON WILLIAMS, Ponfofocg Commerce. O KATH- ERINE ELLEINE WILLIAMS, Okolonag Educalion, Delia Della Della. O ONYS ODELL WILLIAMS, Glosler, Commerce. O PATRICIA RUTH WILLIAMS, Tylerlown, Educaliong Della Della Della. O RICHARD VICK WILLIAMS, Byhalia, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O WALTON S. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O OWEN KNOX WILLIAMSON, Vicksburg, Commerce. O Second Row: GORDON LEE WILLS, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O JAMES CARL WILSON, Aber- deen, Engineering. 0 SIMON PETER WILSON, Wiggins, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN ROBERT WING, Liberly, Liberal Arfs. O BILL WINN, Laurel, Engineering. O QUINCY LOUISE WINSTON, Houston, Tex., Liberal Arfs. O JACK KAVANAUGH WOLVERTON, Sebaslopol, Pharmacy. 0 EDWARD T. WOMBLE, Charleston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O NANCY TEMPLE WOOD, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O Third Row: JOSEPH E. WOODWARD, Oxford, Commerce, O KATHERINE WRIGHT, Pascagoula, Liberal Arls. 0 PATSY LA TRELLE WRIGHT, Hollandale, Liberal Arls, O WILLIAM GREENLEE WRIGHT, JR., Hazlehursl, Liberal Arfs. O TALBERT THOMAS YEAGER, Grenada, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thefa. O ESTHER B, YERGER, C'af"sdale, Liberal Arfs. O SIDNEY DAWSON YORK, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 0 FRED WILEY YOUNG, Yazoo Cify, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O BETTY YOUREE, Porf Gibson, Educalion. I V' 'DVM Q gn? WILLIAM LONG Presidenl of Phi Eta Sigma 3 Q ' ' A T4 'QCP '- I. vw - T. in i 'WNW , it 5 ng Y 1 mn lv N .. S V t 1:0 4-is t Tru 1 -A L- 4 A rf A I . ' 3' V ' I ' L. ' , Q, "kai I if I . W" .4 L " ' ' .972 ' 2 Y ls r si v is T ' , f F :P if ,QE x,..:u 4, , Q I n,a- . 6- 7. ak , A lr: I ' . - Q ' . V W 0' .,. 'S Q ,gf--A . A I , I fu ' iv T? 1 , 2 W 'Q B Ti ' 'A is if I - - . ., I Ha Kr 'x is. 9 I. F , V, 94? if 9 I If n I fm... T,,i"nu..g.,3-..T'w-.?'1nT:.:'-u.:"" Q 'I-:M 35112 x.,., 1 3 Q lf.. .4- I V!! I JL ,. X 1 ff N , ' ,Ei . x il X193-f 4c.'7?, ' . U , ' Hn -' 1 L, 2.31554 .X x , 5 - ' L .xii , f f 1 J e i "? H ivvtm 1 'll I-L" grai- . 7 ' -" as 'hm if ISL-"""" N In nu? Winn . 5-:sn - WM! "uf 'QU-as .. 'ang Ii, ,.,...1 wif' 1 4 " - 1 H' 2' Wi ', Q 1 . 1 "4 1 'Q f sims 1 P' . P, A ff gn! .K , 1 -s 4, lim:-:.." ""f- f ' x wu- n:"" in 5:1 PM it 'lun ai ggi. NVQ if 4 -,F Y , lun!-I--v A, W V we Q' Ofzff' ' ' . QS' 1 xiii 3"Q5'V it 1 mg. L Y!"1-'rl' Q "if 4 D", ,n E, X C- ill! -.un ' gg ."',,...5fJ'.?f'fq6' ff Hn... ..- -ff ,vu L g f,-4 1, 3 A , . '1'.?:QfK,g.c'B ,Q .,,..1, "1-,ff .H - - L . , M -- f--fi - "If.YP.-'ff 1:5 f ff M 1 ,?:F,'f125.f. ' Ufv H4 i'2'..!-f,4- H Nz. .411 W 1 . 4. 4 2, L , tj :Q 41 I I 4' a ,ls xg! QQ! MSW . r I - '- ffm-54,3 ' ,1 - , , - wrl.,:?'?giWz'?XW 'Lg2fgE2??iQ.?4f '5' J ' is 1 T lf- v ,,. 1 . 7-'LQ-"1-9: ,-L,'Lvi,1 tf!?Y' 4 4' . - - , -, -, ,' "-1,'. +V? f ... , .M -Qswgix, , .-2 4:15 ' f M 'T'f'ZJ b' ..,, 4 I E'-.Vim ' J.- 5' 2,7 i'tLji".i" ' . -UK ' , ,SEQRQE ff., r" f . " - 5 I-"' ' Ig ,ax S' QV'-75,13-gf.. 1 ' " 2, '3'-girl ' all Il f'1"'1 4 'Af 0 I . 1 A I ' . :- . 4 . ' 2 Y 'r 1- .g,.a:',z:zs3-QQ A I ' ' fr 1'fiff'3'f' If 2 r.JAll'f"" .-I ' XZ. f'-Mig 3f".'1-3'??T , .I .N if ig gf: :f:,..m.,31,f,. , 2 M4159 3 ,'. ,. IF..f' " , ,. ,,,,, . -- 4' , H. l I-xzfivgfnfri gf: ff ! H fffr:f:,'m,. 4, f ff,:-Q55 "il ' ifliiff ' 454 si 4 1' " 0 " 1 Z 'K ,..,v , -rffififf: Y. 19.4 "3 -lf' I.,-.', . ' 4.-if' ' lHl Ull MISS JUUH Al was faken over by Regisfrar's office in efficiency move, comes ouf only four monfhs affer school sfarfs . . . Virginius Dabney says fhe Dixiecrafs are being given a bad name . . . Trumanife law school sfudenfs say ifs abouf fime . . . Universify Players puf on "John Loves Mary," farce in which overacfing works . . . ammonia fumes in cafe- feria refrigerafion syslem leak ouf and play hell wifh 'rhe ic: wafer . . . home ec leacher suggesfs censorship of comic books, refaining of fhose only fhaf are "real, real fun" . . . weafher and lack of maferials slow down consfrucfion work around new clorms-work scheduled for complefion in l962 . . . a coffee ground is found in 'lhe grill coffee, debunking rumors . . . FEBRUARY, I949 Dr. Mildred l. Morgan, marriage evxperf, arrives on campus fo lecfure-says dafing is a new clevelopmenf . . . excifemenf on campus: cafeferia announces drops in food prices on few ifems , . . more excifemenf: archaeology fraf conducfs membership drive . . . cafeferia insfalls suggesfion box-wifh mischievious gleams in lheir eyes, sfudenfs wrife furiously on scraps of paper and drop fhem in . . . sfill more excilcmenfz a Universify chess club is organized . . . reporfs have if fhal coeds are seen sfanding on lheir heads around 'rhe campus-when quesfioned, fhey reply fhaf fhings look beffer fo 'rhem fhaf way . . . a coed is found in fhe grill coffee-she was nof sfanding on her head . . . Confinued on Page II9 wil" 3 8. A rf of i .1 I I 1' Q .Y I 'Weil V .H 12- i i Q ' 1 se Q! D' Q...- ,L I E TI-IE FRESI-IMAN CLASS ABOVE: 0 Firsf Row: BETTY JANE ABRAHAM, Vicksburg, Commerce. O RICHARD FRANK ACKERMAN, Walerlown, Wis., Educafion. I JAMES L. ADAMS, Vicks- burg, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O CARNIG AJAMIAN, New York, N. Y., Commerce. O MONTE EDGAR ALEXANDER, Morlon, Educalion. O CAROLYN THERESA ALFORD, Hazlehursf, Education, Kappa Della. O FLAVIUS ALFORD, Houston, Educalion. I ROBERT LEWIS AMMONS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 THEODORE W. AMMON, Natchez, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O Second Row: JOSEPH FLYNT ARMSTRONG, Jackson, Liberal Arfs, Bela Theta Pi. O THOMAS KERR ARMSTRONG, Nalchez, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 MYRON LAMAR ARRINGTON, I-lazlehursf, Liberal Arls, Della Psi. O JAMES CARLYLE ASHLEY, Rich, Liberal Arrsg Sigma Chi. O JOHN RAYMOND ASHMAN, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering. O HUGENE BABB, Paris, Pharmacy. O LEAVITT HORATIO BAILEY, Columbus, Commerce. O ALVIS WARD BAKER, Ponlofoc, Pharmacy. 0 JAMES LEWIS BALL, Anson, Tex., Liberal Arls. BELOW: I First Row: MACK HARMON BALL, Eudora, Ark., Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O BARBARA NELL BANAHAN, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O MARY B. BARIA, lfla Bena, Commerce. I JAMES HARRY BARKLEY, Belzoni, Liberal Arfs, Phi Della Theia. O BARBARA JEAN BARNES, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O MILTON RICHARD BARNHILL, Charleston, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT EUGENE BARRETT, Aberdeen, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. I THOMAS MERRITT BARRY, Benoil, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O DAVID BARTON, Lucien, Engineering. O Second Row: JOHN EDWARD BAT, Cicero, III., Liberal Arfs. O EDWIN A. BATTE, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I THOMAS HENRY BEACHAM, Carfhage, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O MAX G. BEAVER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O JEAN DOROTHA BECK, Waynesboro, Educalion, Zela Tau Alpha. O WILLIAM SUMMERS BECK, Liflle Rock, Ark., Commerce. O WIL- LIAM DALE BELL, Gunnison, Commerce. O VINCENT F. BELLIPANI, JR., Cen- lrevilleg Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. O BILLY EUGENE BERRY, Braxlon, Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega. O Third Row: JAMES SPICER BERRY, Clinion, Ky., Liberal Arfs, Della Kappa Epsilon. O JOHN DOUGLAS BETHAY, Fulion, Pharmacy. O JAMES DAVID BIGGERS, Corinlh, Liberal Arls. O HOWARD MABRIE BISHOP, Oxford, Com- merce, Kappa Sigma. O STIG JOHAN BJORHEIM, New York, N. Y., Engineer- ing, Befa Thefa Pi. O WILMER LLOYD BLACKMON, Cryslal Springs, Com- merce, Sigma Nu. O DONALD SCHAEFER BOURDEAUX, Glencoe, Ill., Com- merce. O DOROTHY ADRIENNE BOURGIOIS, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O LORRAINE EUGENE BOWERS, Greenville, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. Q... I asia. .V . A . -me .-' Mi . A-yd., ni lr, 1: L.. Nw? K ABOVE: 9 First Row: INEZ COUCH BOWIE, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arfs. O JIMMY MOORE BOWMAN, Amory, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O ARNOLD LAVERNE BOYKIN, lndianolag Education. O BRUCE BYRON BRADLEY, Laurel, Educalion. O EDWARD EUGENE BRANDENBURG, Memphis, Tenn., Com- merce. O Second Row: FRITZ ERNEST BRASFIELD, JR., Edwards, Liberal Arfs. O MALCOLM HAROLD BREA- ZEALE, Parchman, Commerce, Bela Theia Pi. O SAMUEL BRITTON, Wes? Monroe, La.g Pharmacy. O GERALD MELDON BROPHY, Hafiiesburg, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O GIDEON LEO BROWN, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW: O Firsl Row: IVA ELIZABETH BROWN, Greenwood, Educafion. O MARION HAVARD BROWN, Luce- dale, Liberal Arls. I JAMES BUELL BRYANT, New Albany, Liberal Arfs. O KIRBY KNAPP BRYANT, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O JANET VERA BUFORD, Oxiordg Liberal Arls, Delia Delia Delia. O CEYA BLANCHE BUNTIN, Gulfporl, Educalion, Della Gamma. 0 BOBBY CHARLES BURKLEY, Grenada, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. 0 WILLIAM GUY BURKS, Blylheville, Ark.g Commerce. O JOHN BALL BURNETT. Charlesfong Commerce, Sigma Nu. . O Second Row: CHESTER KING BURNHAM, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O MILDRED VIR- GINIA BURRUS, Merigoldg Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM ALLISON BUSBY, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 URSULA MARGARET BYRD, Biloxi, Commerce. O HENRY CECIL CALDWELL, JR., Walnuf Grove, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O NORRIS VANVLEET CALDWELL, Tupelo, Liberal Arfs, Sigma Chi. O LINDY THOMAS CALLAHAN, Meridian, Educalion, Kappa Alpha, O BETTY JOYCE CAMPBELL, Jackson, Liberal Arfs. O BLAND HAYDEN CAMPBELL, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O Third Row: CHARLES ROGERS CAMPBELL, Dallas, Texas., Liberal Aris, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O FRANK OWEN CARLISLE, JR., Tupelo, Engineering, Della Kappa Epsilon. O ROBERT GARLAND CARNES, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I WALKER JEAN CARNEY, JR., Glosferg Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O RICHARD LEWIS CARRINGTON, Collierville, Tenn., Educalion, Sigma Chi. O JOHN HARDIN CARROLL, Tupelo, Liberal Aris, Sigma Chi. O F. JULIAN CARROLL, JR., Jackson, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O BETTY ANN CARTER, Vicksburg, Commerce, Zela Tau Alpha. C WALTER ROBERT CASANOVA, Universily, Liberal Arfs. W' a Richard King, Presidenl of Kappa Kappa Psi and lhe Universify Band. . J. A ' em 2 -Q kx. . ff 'fR'.f"s ' fy l is A WN we S C b wary , , . I g . . , 5. . '+L fr . f K 'X 'N .3 mf , A 4 r la rg I . gg .. ,-his K I A A 2' 1 ' . ' ' B I ' I ' " . ' . . 2' Lf i R A my ig if . n . 1 ,gps A ? , 'Y if or Q . Hs 'kt A mg 1 1' I V 5. . , .. I s.. 4 . - -'55 -.1 4. 'if 5355 ' f'Y's Tfij X X' I 7 sitfiii .' - J YZL ' 5, .Q A , iv, ny s. .,,-- I 533' 1 . , A fl-3: . --sf fe. eg- . f:- es ,.R.1'iL.,i.,, 3' L 4 .Ei 12 rf I 'fflf' .: 5 A ' ls' s 8 I V K , v s if L Q Q 2 -r 43.5, 'fa-51 we., :S r A I: ,vw 12 . s ' - A ' . - L -.1 . ' if ... ' ' 3' if .7 , Q . . W . aye .M , 2' , 'I' gi i ,ui Q- 5 5' Q. J Q " ' a -"tr 5 . '35 3' fe., I. 3 if-. A a, l. ,,-.J vw , x+iV . 'ra- xt, Qing' in X A A ax I " fr' "- A .J Q L, W ' S rf I . "fe 91 ., V Y-. ffh W J L K fiqgv I 'Q- q"n 3:-er .5 ar' ,-., ' iq.. Q i -1 'HM XF -U. T' ...I TI-IE FRESHIVIAN CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: JAMES ELLIOT CASTLE, Greenwood, Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O ROBERT LYNWOOD CAVE JR., Washinglon, D. C., Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O WILVA MARIE CEARLEY, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM ALMON CHAD- WICK, Carlhage, Liberal Arls. O FARISH N. CHAIN, Mounl Olive, Engineer- ing. O BOYD GRAY CHAMPION, Kosciusko, Liberal Arls. I RAYMOND Mc- CALL CHASE, Hingham, Mass., Commerce. O JIMMY L. CHILDERS, Mem- phis, Tenn., Engineering, O CARROLL VIRGINIA CHRISTOPHER, Nashville, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O Second Row: JANE CAROLYN CLELAND, Sardisg Liberal Arls. I WILLIAM B. CLEMMONS, Jackson, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I ADA COHEN, Grenada, Commerce. O JOE EDWIN COLEMAN, New Albany, Phar- macy. 0 VIRGINIA ANN COLLIER, Corinlh, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. I NORMA JEAN COLLINS, Pass Chrislian, Commerce. O RICHARD FORREST COLLINS, Biloxi, Liberal Arls. 0 CHARLES L. COSTNER, Banner, Engineering. I IRA LAING COUCH, Omaha, Neb., Engineering, Bela Thela Pi. BELOW: O Firsl Row: J. STEWART COVINGTON, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O CHARLOTTE ANN COWARD, Columbia, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O ESTHER ELIZABETH COX, Oxford, Commerce, Kappa Della. O SARA BETTY CRIGGER, Munford, Tenn., Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. I THOMAS WILLIAM CROCKETT, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. 0 HARRY DANCIGER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O MAURICE J. DANTIN, Columbia, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES EDWIN DARNELL, Columbus, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O JUSTIN JOSEPH DAVID, Woodville, Liberal Arls. O Second Row: WILLIAM RAY DAVIS, Lillle Rock, Ark., Liberal Arls. I RALPH EASTON DAVISON, Biloxi, Engineering. 0 ARTHUR EDWIN DEAN, Agricola, Liberal Arls. O HARRIET ELIZABETH DENHAM, Hernando, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O SHIRLEY MOSELEY DENKLER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls I WILLIAM ALLEN DENKLER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O LUCY DeSPAlN, Winona, Liberal Arls, Della Zela. O VIRGILE CLEMENCE DICK, Bay Sl. Louis, Liberal Arls. O ROY S. DICKERSON, Memphis, Tenn., Pharmacy. O Third Row: JAMES DOYE DICKEY, Laurel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ROBERT ELLIS DICKINSON, JR., Clarksdale, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JACK ALBERT DOLL, Easl Moline, Ill., Commerce. O JAMES WARD DON- NELL, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O JULIE DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tenn., Lib- eral Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O DOUG WILLIAM DUBUISSON, Pascagoulag Com- merce. O LEE S. DUDDLESTON, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Della Kappa Epsilon. O EDWARD MICHAEL DUNN, Picayune, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O JASPER MAR- SHALL DYE, Greenwood, Commerce. , an 3? fr' i i 'tr in 5. 'fc 'I' . , wi, . , ' , W W S. r,.V.E.g . ' L' E- M X ,-ag? .f.. 'Q . , ,.., , Q, . E1- I -- ' ,E fi 'liilii P f .., siiqszfirsf. Q S.. . l IQ Se E I Q .. 8- .vf ' ,I igkg-yn ' 1 'Y 7h Q- i N I , I- . D tl Q, as S, A - ig.. 7, N I 'W 5' 'I v ' H u, 'V' ' I. - A i , ' .iv - ls- V' I ' W .. . , . - I x . . ,, ,. . , A, , ., 'gh U. 'Q , x . - B i f a l i 1. -I . lv- JT 5, -' 'A ' ' I ' ,, ...,,,sl I-A., I t Q I X -' sf as f 2-A alfa a ...I us- A .ia - "' , 4 "iff hs I - I I ' ',. - vu- A ,Ti sl,,,.,.w' 4 , w ' I " ' Eff - . is . Je a' . I 'wg . . 4 ay ,gigs A .- 1 Lx .2 'fi 3211 A" ' I ,gyfi , ,I .am rf . . . ABOVE: O Firsl Row: VIRGINIA ANN ECHOLS, Flora, Liberal Arls, Della Zela, 0 JOHN WILLIAM ECKHART, Ann Arbor, Mich., Commerce, Della Psi. O MILLARD HAROLD EDWARDS, Maud, Pharmacy, Sigma Pi, O HENRY LAUGHLIN EHRLICH, Pascaqoula, Engineering, Phi Della Thela. O DAVID LAWRENCE EIDT, Nalchez, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. , O Second Row: EDWARD DUNCAN EIDT, Nalchez, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, O DOROTHY JEAN ELLISON, Tunica, Liberal Arls. O PATRICIA ANNE EUDALY, Wafer Valley, Engineering. O VERTIE LEVON EZELL, Pascagoulag Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O JOHN DEES FAGGARD, Moss Point, Cor'rr'1er:e . BELOW: O Firsl Row: KATHRYN FAHERTY, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Phi Mu. O WILLIAM STERLING FAR- LEY, Cordova, Tenn., Commerce, O MARIANNE FARMER, Norfolk, Va,, Liberal Arls. O JOSEPH FRANZ FASOLD, Gulfport, Lib-:ral Arls, Della Kappa Epsilon. O EMILY JEANNE FAULK, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O CYRIL JOSEPH FAYARD, Bay Sl, Louis, Engineering. O EDWARD HAROLD FISHER, Tallulah, La., Liberal Arls. O HUGH BRACY FITLER, Vicksburqg Engineering. O ELAINE FITZPATRICK, New Orleans, La., Liberal Arls, I Second Row: HENRY POWELL FONVILLE, Belzoni, Commerce. O KAY ANNE FORD, Bay Sl. Louis, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. O DOROTHY LEE FORLEADES, Columbus, Liberal Arls. O THOMAS H, FREELAND, Ill, Needles, Cal., Liberal Arfs, Sigma Nu. O JOAN ELSIE FREEMAN, Foresfg Educalion. O ROBERT AUBREY FRENCH, Byiialiag Enqineeringg Phi Kappa Psi, O FRED LEONARD FRIEDMAN, Norfolk, Va., Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O JACK DENNIS FUDGE, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega. O H. G. FULLER, Abbeville, Liberal Arls. O Third Row: CAROLE LEE FURR, Courlland, Commerce. I EDUARDO GAITAN-DURAN, Cucula, Colombia, S. A., Engineering, 0 J. HOOD GARBER, Jaskson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE MERRILL GARNER, Grenada, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela, O MAXINE MARGARET GARNER, Ox- ford, Liberal Arfs. O DOROTHY JEAN GATLIN, Waynesboro, Liberal Arls, I JOHN HART GEARY, Vicksburg, Commerce, O MONROE J. GENSERT, Meridiang Commerceg Kappa Alpha. O JOHN RICH- ARD GERDES, Houslon, Tex., Liberal Arfsg Phi Kappa Psi. JOAN JOHNSON Home Economics Club President Q. . Af? 24" Nl' ,vw l V' ' 1. .,... A 'W 1, ws. ' I 12--I ' - V I I .. 5 A 6 -A I Ty l - Q -G , ... , .. - gs- l.. j Q, , I 4? if A W "' ' ' 5 aa ' Q TP , QP' l Y ii' N. L if 'lm i x 441. X . as A V ' NNN Y 'V tk :arm Q 6. 'af are ,V I lg P l 'Il gh .,. 'is 1"-is r .ar I .- J. .I -f A I . X . ff. N 1 FSS: S 'W ' QL ' WK ig 1 T , ' 1. New A s X 1 y A I X. Ll ik f I S I ' af -f"7,- - -A A I ,ms Q , Q. Y 5 s. 4 , . ' 142' 3, ik .x ,.L I Q- 'kg . V 1. J gi 4-A 4 , T T A - ' Q., . -..V .. gs , K K vo- f if iff, as- t " N" .. , 'R -A ev s . es A .M . A I-1, I V 3 ' 'O 'if f Q1-1 . s s 's ' f" T r ' ' ' ' 2, wi' -Q F 54 . F ' as ...- T ' O. 'K I Q -3-' .J 11 'I Af- 1 - TI-IE FRESHIVIAN ABOVE: O Firsl Row: KLINE GILBERT, Hollandaleg Educalion. O MARGARET MELISSA GIST, Helena, Ark.: Educallion: Chi Omega. O CONCHETTA GLORIOSO, Gun- nison: Liberal Arls. O DAVID S. GOFORTH, Oxford: Liberal Arls. O THOMAS PATRICK GOGGIN, Somerville, Mass.: Engineering. O LAVERNE THOMAS GOLDMAN, Meridian: Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha. O ELLEN DOUGLAS GOR- TON, Greenville: Educafiong Phi Mu. O RADER GRANTHAM, Macon: Engi- neering: DONALD FRANKLIN GRAVENMIER, Helena, Ark.: Engineering. O Second Row: SARA PAULINE GRAVES, Bafesvilleg Liberal Arls: Della Della Della. O WESLEY NEAL GRAY, Prenliss: Pharmacy. O AVERILL GLENN GRIF- FIN, Parkersburg, W. Va.: Liberal Arls. O DURELL EVERETT GRIFFIN, Ponlo- Ioc: Liberal Arls. O SAMUEL BRYCE GRIFFIS, Grenada: Commerce: Phi Della Theta. O GUY G. GRIFFITH, JR., Rolling Fork: Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha. O ANA MARIA GUEVARA, Isabela, Puerfo Rico: Education. O M. ANN GULLEY, Pascagoula: Liberal Arls: Della Delfa Della. O DONALD RICHARD GUNDY, Newport, Minn.: Liberal Arls. BELOW: O Firsl Row: FRANCES ANN HAGAN, Memphis, Tenn.: Liberal Arfs. O GEORGE MATTHEWS HALL, Baltimore: Liberal Arls, O GEORGE ROBERT s r 4:1154 i I ., is ',' Q. ,. :KEN ,V ,T B ' '- P ,-. . gf..- .: , ' . . Y. ' 4 ' '. 61: FQ., . , 1- , '-455 me ., i'-. ' ,, - . 9 I Y - w it . v ' -, i1 4 '- fl A ' if' a. ' , ' I' x 1, CLASS HALL, Halliesburg: Liberal Arls. O ROBERT LEONARD HAMBLIN, Allmar, N. Y.: Engineering. O ROBERT E. HAMMETT, Jackson: Commerce. O THOMAS CLARK HAMMOND, Deeson: Commerce: Sigma Chi. O BEWEL A. HANKINS, Grenada: Liberal Arls. O EVELYN JUNE HARDWICK, Memphis, Tenn.: Com- merce. O ELLA RUTH HARGROVE, Monlerey, Tenn.: Education: Della Gamma. O Second Row: JACQUELINE MARIE HAROY, Brookhaven: Liberal Arts. O MARILYN LENSFORD HARPER, Mangham, La.: Pharmacy. O ROLAND D. HARPER, Moss Point: Engineering. O WILLIAM GORDON HARRIS, Helena, Ark.: Engineering. O GRANVILLE WALTER HART, Booneville: Educalion. O JOHN LESLIE HATCHER, Scoll: Commerce. O JOHN TRAVIS HAYNES, Ellis- villeg Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha. O LeCLAIR HEIDENREICH, McComb: Lib- eral Arfs: Kappa Kappa Gamma. O HENRY CHRISTOPHER HENICK, Yazoo Cily: Commerce: Kappa Sigma. O Third Row: HENRY NEWTON HERNDON, Wilmingfon, Del.: Liberal Arfs. O JAMES HARVEY HERRING, Greenville: Commerce. O HELEN LOWE HICKS, Houslon: Liberal Arls. O BETTYE HIGDON, Belzoni: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega. O HELEN ELIZABETH HILL, Greenville: Liberal Arls. O HAL EUGENE HILL, Wes? Point: Liberal Arls. O WADE HAMPTON HILLIARD, JR., Pascagoula: Pharmacy: Kappa Alpha. O FRANK ALBERT HITCHINGS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.: Commerce: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM HENRY HITT, York, Ala.: Edu- calion. 5..- -my -0- ' . anon-,M L "' an . 5 'A I so ' -5 f ' :Q . - airs . 'X F3 f, ' h 1 S ' vw' 'I II I - .. . ' " 5.39 55 to ' L QV . ,, I .1 as ' x , V. " ' " .P , y 1 I if. 2 ' Y, I Q ..v,-,I Y H ' 9 hs. iff - .I A J. 1 is L. Q f s,fxA'SgT:"3r . n -. """ -'ff . 'fit ' , G, 1 X :": . 1 - A n ., . 4'-' . - Q rs ,A -,. ce.: V , I v r I. jg' 4 1 if N I. . "' I bfi? is' 4- 3- 1 1 5 ..-. F .Q , .QS 5-.D ,- aw- 4- if -ao- s I i L ' fi?-is it i 'L 5 ABOVE: 0 First Row: NELLE ELIZABETH HOBGOOD, Silver City: Commerce. 0 CECIL B, HODGES, Coilag Commerce. O CHARLES DAVID HOLLANDER, Vicksburg, Commerce. O LYNN HOLLOWAY, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O TOMMY TATE HOLMAN, Macon, Engineering. 0 Second Row: MARY MARGARET HOLMES, Hattiesburqg Liberal Arts. I WILLIAM HAYS HOLMES, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. 0 ROBERT LOUIS HOLT, Blytheville, Ark., Pharmacy. I FRANK FRANCIS HOSAK, Lansford, Penna.g Liberal Arts. O WALTER HOWARD, Glendale, Cal., Liberal Arts. BELOW: O First Row: CHARLES CLARK HUDSON, Brownsville, Tenn., Education. O LUCY HOLLIS IMIG, Mississippi City, Education, Delta Gamma. O JUNE CATCHINGS IRBY, Batesville, Liberal Arts, O MIKE ISOM, JR., Sunflower, Commerce. O ALEXANDER FRED JABOUR, Rolling Fork, Liberal Arts. O CHARLES F. JACKSON, Pensacola, Fla., Commerce. O C. GANNON JACKSON, Pensacola, Fla., Commerce. O WILLIAM HOWARD JACKSON, Laurelg Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O OTIS EDWARD JOHNSON, JR., Glen Allan, Commerce. O Second Row: CLARENCE RANKIN JOLLY, Prentissg Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ALBERT PAIGE JONES, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O BEN DAVID JONES, Amory, Education. O ROBERT G. JONES, Moss Pointg Commerce. O MAURICE JOSEPH, Jackson, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O ALFRED JOSEPH KATOOL, Jackson, Commerce. O CHARLES EDWARD KILDUFF, Brooklyn, N. Y., Engineering. O HENRY HUGHES KING, New Albanyg Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT HOWARD KIRKPATRICK, Pontotocg Engineering. O Third Row: DAN B. KNIGHT, Tippog Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O PAUL LEROY KNIGHT, Hazle- hurstg Engineering. O JOHN LLOYD KOCH, Sullivan, Mo., Liberal Arts. O DOUGLAS M. KOGER, Itta Bena, Engineering. O ROBERT LEE KOGER, Itta Benag Engineering, O WILLIAM EARL KORN- DORFFER, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O KENNETH FRANKLIN KUZENSKI, Allentown, Penna.3 Liberal Arts. O JOSEPH JOHN LAWRENCE, Biloxi, Commrceg Phi Kappa Psi. O JOHN DICKINSON LAWS, Colum- bus, Pharmacy. I4 ,Q 4' H+' if , 4, 4. 2 , A .D ff -UI : :-- '. r ' 1 2 'sELf.ii? i..- an H -. sa -Qs., W W - if C' 8 .iii . 'nu , Y ,K S' . 6 - yi 1152 'ia N K mf or ' if it I A 'ik ,. L 1 is ' f if fo., fr- 'Sly x 5 'Q' 1 L I.. . .. . .. . ' - if . I 4 1, ., E Q J, ,sy , c' we L I v Y S, 2' H H. .. JACK CUNNINGHAM Cardinal Club President -,,,,,, ale!! B I I :rage uw. an we HH! L I lla rs L I! LZ EJ Tfiggg 5 35456 X912 F 5331525 ,em R., . 1 I -1 ,TI-4. F i., If -Q . N A y mv.. .5 t ,I tu 1, xl Q V A Q iv I -4 I - I ' -'wr-lar -i ' .. - . Efiggtii I . is xiii' I 4' - -,- , ...T mfs .' I .r,rq,'sfi ,zjkw -:M -' - . , ' ' , a . -. ,. I , 1 - . rv ' ,m53.,gj.,15r E 2' I ' I I- il Lf? ' P 1 I I . ' 8 A fr V I A. I 'T " ' El 5:5 . . 1 - .p -, ,f,- . I . i ,x F 'Wh . QL Y IR xx ix C. L Y.. 1 fy, ia. ll.-. ,,'.. A . -Q., 4 . :ka . vb: 3 F .1 I - 4 .P v ' If M 4 f I E Ix R if TI-IE FRESHIVIAN CLASS ABOVE: O First Row: GEORGE MYRON LEE, Prentiss, Pharmacy. O CALUDE E. LEG- ATE, Lexington, Commerce. O PAUL EDWARD LENOIR, Magnolia, Education. O LEON E. LEWIS, Port Gibson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O YVETTE MUR- RELL LEWIS, McComb, Liberal Arts. O FREDERICK CLINTON LIBBEY, Milton, Mass., Liberal Arts. O ROY SPEALING LINDSAY, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I HARRY LEWIS LOFLIN, Jackson, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I EDWARD LOGGINS, Winona, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O Second Row: WESLEY RANDOLPH LOMINICK, JR., Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. I JAMES MARION LONGINO, Jackson, Commerce. O SAM- UEL LAMAR LOVE, Jackson, Pharmacy. O ANN ELIZABETH LOVELESS, Boona- ville, Liberal Arts. O ERMAN ANDREW LOWE, Tunica, Commerce. O CHAR- LOTTE LOWERY, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O KERRY NEIL LYON, Laurel, Education. O ELLA BETH McADAMS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O JACK WENDELL McCALMON, Dallas, Tex., Commerce. BELOW: O First Row: ROBERT CLARENCE MCCARTER, Sardis, Engineering. O B. B. McCLENDON, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts. O HORACE LOWRY MCCOOL, Bel- Cx A in 2' K. 0 I, lr ' Ruff' S ad. .. 6- 1 E . ' 1 N X zoni, Education. I CAROLYN MYRNA McCURDY, Pope, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN LAND MCDAVID, Macon, Liberal Arts. O DONALD MANNING MCDONALD, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. O MARVEL BLAND MCDONOUGH, Oxford, Com- merce. O CHARLES RICHARD McFADDEN, Rosedale, Commerce. C RUBYE LEE MCFADDEN, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: HAROLD H. McGEE, Biloxi, Engineering. O EVA KATHRYN MCGUIRE, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arts. O ROBERT EDWARD McJUNKlN, Houlka, Commerce. O ERVIN McKAY, Gulfport, Commerce. O JOHN A. Mc- KINNON, Sturgis, Liberal Arts. O WILL B. MCLEOD, Leakesville, Liberal Arts. O LULA BELLE McPHAlL, Forrest City, Ark., Liberal Arts. O JOHN MURRELL MCRAE, JR., Lexington, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O KENNETH FAY MA- GEE, Collins, Pharmacy. O Third Row: THOMAS JOHN MALLETTE, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. 0 DOROTHY FRANCES MALONE, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O LESTER M. MAPLES, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O RALPH HOLDEN MARIONNEAUX, Monroe, La., Pharmacy. 0 NANCY JEAN MARR, Winnetka, Ill., Liberal Arts. O MICH- AEL MURPHY MARSHALL, Clarksdale, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MERLE ANNETTE MARTIN, Fayette, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. O WILLIAM V. MARTIN, Vardaman, Liberal Arts. O CHARLES PATRICK MASSEY, Pensacola, Fla.: Commerce. , 11 4 I It ? R 5 I na' A Rf.--. 1 Q Ia. . L. . 5 . 'lfz S ' Tl ,' I ' -,. A,-V.. ' kr X ,x X. in I P' ,r E 'H " rw we I 7. R 7 x G- . ii 4 'be ABOVE: I First Row: HAROLD LEON MAXWELL, Laurel, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JEREMY DONALD MAXWELL, Lynrifield Center, Mass., Engineering. O JARED DALE MAYES, Ill, Milton, Penne., Engr- neering. O GEORGE IRVING MELICHAR, Forest, Commerce. O WILLIAM M, MELSON, Shelbyville, Tenn, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O Second Row: FELIX DELANEY MESTAYER, New Iberia, La., Pharmacy. I JOHN PILLOW METTS, Clarksdaleg Commerce. O CHARLES EDWARD MIDDLETON, Yazoo City, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O RICHARD LESLIE MILAM, Batesville, Commerce. O WALKER MILAM, Jackson, Commerce. BELOW: O First Row: WAYNE ROBERT MILES, Swiltown, Engineering, O HOWARD LEE MILLER, JR., Quit- man, Liberal Arts. I ROBERT ANDERSON MILLER, Clarksdaleg Engineering. O EMILY CHARLOTTE MOORE, Lucy, Tenn., Liberal Arts. O JOHN PAYNE MOORE, Clarksdaleg Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ALFRED RUSSELL MORAN, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts. O C. FRED MORGAN, JR., Men- denhall, Commerce. O GEORGE SCHAAF MORI, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I DUNCAN EDWARD MORRILL, Winthrop, Mass., Engineering. O Second Row: CHESLEY DEWEY MORRIS, JR., New Augusta, Liberal Arts, O ROBERT RUSSELL MORRISON, JR., Vicksburg, Commerce. O CONWAY MONCURE, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I ROBERT LEE MULLOY, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JOYES MARGARET MUR- PHY, University, Education. O RAY MURPHY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. O MARY KATHERINE MYERS, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Della Zeta. O JULIAN A. NAGLE, Jackson, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O ELBERT BARKSDALE NELSON, Cleveland, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O Third Row: FAITH JEAN NELSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O HAROLD NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain, Engineering. O CHARLES EDWARD NEWELL, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O BARBARA RUTH NEYLAND, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, O JAMES L. NICHOLS, JR., Alligator, Engineering. O ROBERT W. NICK, Tomahawk, Wis., Commerce, O PATRICIA SUE O'BRIEN, Memphis, Tenn., Com- merce. O LENOX W. OGLESEY, Jackson, Commerce. O EFRAIN ORTIZ, Ponce, Puerto Rico, Engi- neering. 40 DOT WRIGHT President of Pan-Hellenic ' l X Council "e psf? ' . .93-is -K -s -P A .L if -- - - .fe af V' . S Q-,w if' ,iv . A i P A K. I l i Swv- ve It Viv. ' . . , I :F ,.,. V in gif Y 0 It is .,.. 4' I ite.. sl" I' GWR' .1 1357. ' it if . ff iii: ."'7 4. .X 'nh , 4- 3- ' 3-' i' I' Tv TI-IE FRESI-IIVIAN CLASS ABOVE: Albany: Commerce. O ELMYRA PIEROCICH, Gulfportg Liberal Arts. O PEGGY BLAINE PLEASANTS, Covington, Tenn.: Liberal Arts. O PATTY PONDER, Jack- son: Education: Chi Omega. O THOMAS E. PORTER, JR., Vicksburg: Engineer- ing: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O WILLIAM MARVIN PORTER, Lambert: Liberal Arts. O BOBBY HUGH POSEY, Verona: Liberal Arts. . O First Row: BILLY RALPH OUSLEY, Laurel: Education. O ROSEMARY RUT- LEDGE OWEN, New Albany: Liberal Arts: Phi Mu. O ROBERT E. OWENS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. O SAN STEWART OWENS, Clarks- dale: Commerce: Kappa Delta. O KOTZ ALLAN PATTERSON, Oxford: Com- merce: Beta Theta Pi. O ROBERT HAMILL PATTERSON, Kansas City, Mo.: Lib- eral Arts. O BARBARA PARKER, Vicksburg: Liberal Arts. O DYRAL OUINCY PARKER' Oxford: Liberai Arrsr Q SAM DECATUR PARKER. Meridian: Engineer, O Second Row: WAYNE SIDNEY POSEY, Plantersville: Engineering. O JAMES ing: Kappa Alpha. r MARION PRICE, Prentiss: Liberal Arts. O ROBERT HENRY PROPST, Columbus: Liberal Arts: Sigma Chi. O CECIL WOOD PUCKETT, Kingsport, Tenn.: Educa- tion. O JOHN WILLIAM RAGLAND, Oxford: Commerce. O FRANK RAMSEY, JR., Ferriday, La.: Pharmacy. O LOUIS HERBERT RAMSEY, Pontotoc: Pharmacy. O WALTER ALEXANDER REAGAN, Memphis, Tenn.: Engineering. O JERRY GORDON REEDY, Jackson: Commerce. O Second Row: HENRY PARIS, Lexington: Commerce: Phi Epsilon Pi. O JOHN LESTER PARIS, Memphis, Tenn.j Liberal Arts. O THOMAS NEWT PARKS, New Albany: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma. O MARY ELIZABETH PEEPLES, Jackson: Commerce. O GEORGE OSCAR FENCE, Memphis, Tenn.: Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha, O ELOISE PERCIVAL, Rolling Fork: Commerce. O JOHN BERNARD PERKINS, Brookhaven: Commerce: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O ROBERT CAVE PER- KINS, Vicksburg: Commerce. O WILLIAM HOWELL PERKINS, Darling: Com- O Third Row: GEORGE CALVIN REEVES, Tunica: Commerce: Beta Theta Pi. O merceg Pi Kappa Alpha. . JOSEPH CARL REID, Greenville: Liberal Arts: Sigma Pi. O BILLY V. RENFROE, Pensacola, Fla.: Commerce. O GEORGE RENSHAW, Tupelo: Liberal Arts: Sigma Chi. O GEORGE EDWARD RHODES, Sturgisg Education. O WALTER A. RHU- BE'-OW2 LEN, Monnceilo, N. Y.: commerce. o CHARLTON CHALMERS RICHARDSON, O First Row: WILLIAM EARL PEVEY, JR., Jackson: Commerce. O HENRY Grenada: Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha. O FRANCIS M. RICHARDSON, Catch- HIRAM PHELPS, Jackson: Liberal Arts. O RICHARD ROWLAND PICKENS, New ings: Commerce. O NELLIE JEAN RILEY, Waynesboro: Liberal Arts. i 4 l s v f p if 'FP 5 1-8 - 5 if H L' . -R 1? Q-1' 2 42 "M .jea Q' ha... ' , ABOVE: O Firsl Row: HUGO SALOME RIOS, lsabela, Puerlo Ricog Pharmacy. O WILNA REE ROBB, El Do- rado, Ark., Commerce. O DOROTHY LEE ROBERTS, Shelby, Liberal Arls. O HENRY DAVID ROBERTS, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O W. T. ROBERTS, Carlhageg Liberal Arls. O Second Row: RITA MARY ELSIE ROBERTSHAW, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. 0 HARRY LEE ROBINSON, JR., Clarksdale, Liberal Arls. O JOHN WILLIAM ROBINSON, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O BILLIE JANE RODGERS, Blyfheville, Ark.g Educalion. O PAUL C. RODGERS, Tupelo, Edu- calion. BELOW: O Firsf Row: THOMAS FRANKLIN ROPER, Columbia, Commerce. O CAROLYN ELIZABETH ROSS, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O HAROLD LAVERNE RUSSELL, Monlicello, Pharmacy. O MASON VIC- TOR RUSSELL, Edinburg, Liberal Arfs. O T. JERRY RYAN, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM THOMAS SALMON, Clarksdaleg Education. O JACK BERNARD SANDERS, Memphis, Tenn., Engineering, Sigma Chi. O REUBEN BERT SCOBEY, JR., Coffeevilleg Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi, O JOEL RODERICK SENTER, Byhaliag Liberal Arls. O Second Row: MAC SEPAUGH, Jackson, Liberal Arls, O LEON VICTOR SHARP, New Albany, Com- merce. O WILLIAM WESTON SHAW, Balesville, Commerce. O HARRIS EDWARD SHAWBLOSKY, Greenville, Educalion. O RUFUS MCNAIR SHELTON, Gilberf, La., Pharmacy, O BARBARA ANN SHER- ROD, Macon, Commerce. O HOLLIS JACK SHOEMAKE, Halliesburg, Liberal Arls, O EDWIN DEMAR SHROPSHIRE, Rolling Fork, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O LESLIE BOWLIN SHUMAKE, Olive Branch, Liberal Arls. 0 Third Row: CLAUDE LUTHER SHUTTLEWORTH, Foresf, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I JOHN DALE SIBLEY, Pachula, Liberal Arlsg Kappa Sigma. O CARL FENTON SIDENER, Bainbridge, Ga., Commerce. O GERALD CURTIS SIMS, Ponloloc, Engineering. O MELVIN MILTON SINQUEFIELD, Laurel, Educa- lion. I JAMES EDWIN SLAY, Waynesboro, Educalion. O DEVOR SLOCUM, Franklinfon, La., Pharmacy. O JOSEPH K. SMITH, Ripley, Pharmacy. O MARSHALL CHARLES SMITH, Halliesburgg Pharmacy. 'ZFQA1 ' 1 - . T I 1 . My ,q . is G. ' 1 6 Q If iz 'Q . SA' 'I . Y '. K , - . Gr Q 5... A-fl A Q- KJ .v' ,, Plea fo' ,A "' 5 i 1, 1 ,. .,-- .L,v. 4 -,f n A .2 SS' SB' l C' I G,-.xv 'luv ,ct C54 X wel NS Q. rm! . ,. -'l IFS I ' I I Ef.. su, L- - . , ' 'i"" 5, J ,FJ but , ' I 'I fx L" 1 I X 3 Q- Q- -. THE FRESHIVIAN CLASS ABOVE: O Firsf Row: ROBERT LEE SMITH, Raleigh, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O JUNE BROWNING SNEED, Ecrug Commerce. O VIVIAN ADELE SPEAR, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O KEARNEY D. SPEARS, Oxford, Educalion. O CARYL ELAINE SPENCE, Pass Christian, Liberal Arls. O MURRAY LIVY STAFFORD, Oakland, Tenn., Commerce. O ED HUNTER STEELE, Morgan Cilyg Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O JOSEPH WILLIAM STEPHENS, Meridian, Liberal Arls. 0 THOMAS JAY STEVENS, JR., Osyka, Commerce. O Second Row: JEAN STOCKETT, Clarksdale, Commerce. O RICHARD GERALD SIRAUGHAN, Biloxij Pharmacy. O WADE HULIN STRICKLAND, Rolling Fork, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM CHARLES STUART, Haffiesburg, Liberal Arlsg Phi Della Thela, O MARY JO STUART, Gulfporlg Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. 0 JAMES GORDON SULLIVAN, Macon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O PATRICIA ANN TALBOT, Marked Tree, Ark., Commerce, O RAMON C. TATE, Lexinglong Liberal Arls. O NANCY ANN TATUM, Duranlg Commerce, Kappa Della. BELOW: I Firsv Row: MINIE CORRINE TAYLOR, Holly Springs, Liberal ArIs, Zela Tau Alpha. O ROBERT MINSON TAYLOR, Charlofle, N. C., Liberal Arls. O is 5 WALTER TRAVIS TAYLOR, Como, Liberal Arlsg Phi Della Thela. O DICK THOMAE, Fayelleg Liberal Arls. O LISTON L, THOMASSON, DeKalb, Liberal Arts. I ALAN B. THOMPSON, Long Beach, Educalion. I ALLEN CAVETT THOMPSON, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O EVELINE CON- NELL THOMPSON, Clarksdaleg Liberal Arls. I HOLLIS THOMPSON, Gulfporl, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: IVAN C. THOMPSON, Corinlhg Commerce. I J. RAY THORN- TON, Crystal Springs, Educalion. I ROBERT ANDREW THORNTON, Ashland, Liberal Arls. O MACK VAN TIDWELL, Philadelphia, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BILLIE ROGERS TIPTON, Benfoniag Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. O GORDON MURRELL TOMLON, Oakland, Tenn., Commerce. O BOBBY TRAMEL, Marks: Engineering. I MARY ANN TUCKER, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arlsg Phi Mu. O JOANNE MARY TULLY, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O Third Row: O. J. TURNER, Belzoni, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O WILLIAM FRANK TURNER, Philadelphia, Commerce. O FAYE CHARLIE UPTON, Walnul Grove, Commerce. O FREDDIE LEE VANCE, Laurel, Liberal Arfs. O VAN BYRLE VAUGHN, Picayuneg Liberal Arls. O THEODORE JOHN VLAHOS, Pas- cagoula, Commerce, O JACK TALMADGE VOORHEES, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ELLEN WADE, University, Liberal Arls, Della Zela. I DOR- OTHY MARIE WAITE, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. 'X ga Q THE FRESHIVIAN CLASS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: HOBSON MURREY WAKEFIELD, Ripley, Tenn., Commerce, Delia Psi. O JUNE BEVERLY WALDEN, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O PATRICK JOSEPH WALDNER, Slillwaler, Minn., Educalion. O MARTHA C. WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn., Educaliong Zela Tau Alpha. O DALE LEWIS WALTER, Millon, Penna., Commerce. O OLIVER GLENN WALTERS, Rayville, La., Pharmacy. O CHARLES W. WALTON, Norlh Lillie Rock, Ark., Commerce. O JAMES WIL- SON WALTRIP, JR., Jennings, La., Liberal Arls. O JAMES LAWRENCE WAR- ING, Vicksburg, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: ODITH EARL WARREN, Slonewallg Commerce. O EDWIN DALE WATERS, Blue Springs, Educafion. O WILLIAM EARL WATSON, Memphis, Tenn., Commerce. O JAMES DEWEY WATTS, Wafer Valley, Commerce. O EMILE H. WEINMANN, Carriere, Liberal Arls. O VIVIAN LaNELLE WELLS, Waynesboro, Liberal Aris. O WILLIAM FLOYD WEST, Biloxi, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi. O JOHN HAROLD WHITE, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O TRACY ANN WHITE, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. BELOW: O Firsl Row: JANE WIEGAND, Pass Chrisliang Liberal Arls. O MELVIN WIE- NER, Elmhursl, N. Y., Liberal Arls, Phi Epsilon Pi. O PRESTON KIMBROUGH WIER, Hammond, La, Commerce. O BETTY WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tenn., Edu- calion, Kappa Della. O JACKIE MANN WILLIAMS, Mac's Slore, Liberal Arfs. O JAMES BARNEY WILLIAMS, JR., Morgan Cify, Liberal Arls. O JO ANN WILLIAMS, Lucy, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O LAYTON M. WILLIAMS, Taylor, Lib- eral Arls. O JAMES WILLIAM WILLIS, Horn Lake, Commerce. O Second Row: VIRGINIA IDA WING, Greenville, Liberal Arls. O MARION MAYERS WINKLER, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O CLAYTON PERVIS WINTERS, Wesl Poinl, Liberal Arls. O W. J. WOOD, New Albany, Engineer- ing. O TOM HARWELL, Jackson, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Sigma. O EUGENIA WOODS, Millington, Tenn., Commerce. O VIRGINIA LORENE WOOTEN, Jack- son, Tenn., Liberal Ar'ls. O CHARLES T. WYNN, Michigan Cily, Liberal Arfs. O JAMES T. YARBROUGH, Tunica, Pharmacy. O Third Row: MALCOLM THOMPSON YAWN, Fullong Engineering. O GENE YELVERTON, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O WIRT A. YERGER, JR., Jackson, Com- merce, Kappa Alpha. O KATHRYN ANN YOCKEY, Memphis, Tenn., Liberal Arls. O EDWARD SCOTT YOSTE, Vicksburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O CARL ROLAND YOUNG, Tupelo, Educalion. O MARY CELESTE ZACHOW, Lyman, Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM RANDOLPH ZELPH, Rangoon, India, Liberal Arts. O ZIEGFIELD IIMMERMAN, Crow Roosl, Ky., Educalion. 14" -..f-J r 1. rg? ah ,f T , . If 'J 113 "4 'S2r"I '. . " 75 335:-g'l I W? 1 -345, I at f? lHl0llNIlSSJllUll Al l Answering queslion of +he week in lhe Mississippian, "Should sex educalion be +augh'r af ihe Universi+y," a coed replied 'rhal "you can"r loclc lhe gale affer ihe horse is i our." . . . Coeds af charm school are fold lhey need a going-over . . . beaulies for lhe I949 Ole Miss are made public . . . Harmon and BircheH are subiecf of much l crificism . . . Lib Blanchard elecled by Sigma Chi's, who finally ran oul of fifles, as l lheir "February Girl" . . . home ec 'reacher announces fha? lillle Joe, Mary, and Jimmie had nighlmares las'r nigh'r because lhey saw carlooned monsiers and gangslers E in comic books-sociology feacher says "Pooh!" fhal 'rhey probably had foo much 'lo eal' iusl' before 'rhey hil lhe saclc . . . Mississippian appoinfs secrel commiHee 'ro name ' Hall of Fame members for I949 . . . Richard Dyer-Benne'r'r, Brilish Burl Ives, sings l ballads in Ful+on . . . Bob Wilson elecled new "M" club prexy . . . 'the sap begins 'ro rise . . . Spring is coming . . . Mid-Wln+ers have no name band because Dance Com- I l miHee has no gold . . . fhe second semesfer grind is underway . . . 'rhe frees begin +0 bud . . . profs heave fesls al anybody +hey see . . . frafs and sororiiies s'rar+ having l formals . . . fhe annual is ready 'ro go 'ro press . . . 'rhings are in a s+a're of flux . . . i buf behind il' all, sfolid, invincible, unchanging, lhe one greal 'rradifion a'r Ole Miss, l lhe one ilem behind which 'rhe sludenls can band 'rogelher wilh unanimous opinion- l lhe Grill Coffee-goes on and on and on. F I , ...ev ,I IIIIIIIIII IU IIII VHFIJ VAN N 'In'NN"TT EN-, 'NIIEIII AI- EI-II C. Iff+"v'I'2 M5015 'ANS E D -AEENEI7 ine ii 444. DMSN A 'E EIN? OFFICE EXECUTIVE C RS Pv0QIdemI Imhi 011. I VME . PresidenI . Se-creIow . .Treasurer OUNCII. Pves7fIewI S'TI"'T'I 1-I Medline Efefwdenf. SCIIQGI GI EduCaI4on EdIIor QI IIwe "MIssIssIppian" . PresIdenI oI Iloe W.S.G.A. Fresidemh ScIwcoI OI Commerce . ECIYIN oI We "OIe MISS" . Fre5ldonI QI II1e Band ELTON MHNTOSII BOB RUSSUM. . FARLEY SALMON NOAH SWEAT. . JAMES WHITE . . IIENPY WINTERS l BUDDY AVENT CHARLES DEAN DEAN DuBOIS LAREY EVANS , . ErC'Idf5nI, SQII-"ICI if PI'v3rmd,',' Evewdenh SQIWCIOI QI LIbemI AMS . . . . M CIub Repfesemative , PresIcIenI, SCIIQQI QI Law Presidervh School QI Emqineerirwq . . Pres7denI, Greaduafc School George Worfhen and II'1e Mrs. - II1e reason Ive IeII. ExecuIIve CouncII Homecoming Iloai. Y 'LT ff Q 2 rixqjb 5 I I II X ' 120 SEQ., BOB GARDNER GEORGE HARMON RICHARD KING ELTON MclNTOSH LI8 PlLKINiON CAROLYN PREWITT ROBERT RUSSUM FARLEY SALMON NOAH SWEAT JAMES WHITE The Execufive council is fhe sfudenf governing bodv in fhose maffers dealing solely wifh fhe sfudenfs. If is com- posed of four ASB officers, fhe presidenf of each school in fhe Universify, fhe edilor of The fwo major campus publicafions, a represenfafive of fhe 'llvll' club, and a member of fhe band. The ASB officers and several ofher members of fhe council are elecfed in campus-wide spring ballofings, while ofher members are selecfed from fhe organizalions fhey represenf by fhc members. Prexy Dean lefs Sfafe sfuclenf presiolenf fonclle Golden Egg before Sfafe game. The Execulive Council af worlr ULE MISS The edifor and business manager of fhe I949 Ole Miss are firmly convinced lhaf fheir iobs are designed for people who have liffle enough sense fo run for campus offices and need fo be faughf a lesson. From fhe lasf week in Augusf, when fhe book was firsf laid ouf in Nashville, unfil fhe firsf week in March when if was finally puf fo bed, fhe icb was a raf race. Affer lhaf, fhe edilor and business manager could usually be found in Memphis or Bafesville, or poinfs in befween, re- cuperafing. Effervescenf voufhs, affer five monihs frying fo puf an annual fogefher fhey be- came cynics. Frofh oozed around fhe corners of fheir moufhs. They losf weighf and, unused fo sleep, became insomniacs. On lop of fhaf, a year in college was losf due fo flunked courses, Buf fhe sifuafion could have been much worse. The edifor and business manager could have died from overwork-if fhey weren'f so lazy-and fhen fhey wouldn'f have had fhe chance fo wish fhey had fhe iobs again. This ghasfly possibilify was averfed by a few faifhful sfudenfs who worked hard and long af iobs for which fhey received pracfically no refurn. For fhe l949 Ole Miss, fhe edifor and business manager are forever indebfed fo fhe following people who framped around fhe campus picking up inffirmafion and faking picfures, who filed cards in fhe office, fyped monofonous lisfs of names, and did odd iobs lo save Harmon and Bircheff from becoming raving maniacs: To Jimmie McDowell, for observing, compiling sfafisfics and wriling The copy on Rebel sporf- ing evenfs: fo David Dunn, Buddy Shaw and John Salfer for faking so many of The picfures appearing in fhe book-and 10 Bud Baker for holding lhe flash bulbs af fimes: fo arfisfs Bill Connors, Bobby Peefs and Mary Forresf McCall who dressed up fhe book wifh their carfoons and skefches, and fo Rachel Brumiield who drew lwo big and wonderful silhoueffes for fhe Parade of Favorifes: fo Jack Chambliss, fhe exile from Vanderbilf, for wrifing fhe inside dope on fhe frafernifies and fo Dof Hunfer for doing fhe same for fhe female Greeks: fo Jane Earharf for inlerviewing The chancellor and all The deans af lengfh so we could cuf her copy down lo iusf four pages of fhumbnail biographies, lo Jack Napier for compiling The milifary copy and geffing if in on lime: and fo Confacl Man Pele Reid, whose dufies were wide, varied and unprinfable. On fhe business side, we owe groups of fhanks fo assisfanf business manager Jimmy Parkin, Sororify Edifor ldanelle Sfone and Organizafions Edifor Jeanne Wheeler: fo office assislanfs Janneff Buford. Olivia Lewis, Mary Rufh Crawford, John Robinson, Marfha Wrenn, Jane Savage, Muff Williams, Tommy Malleff, Jo Kelly and Mary Meyers: fo Jimmy Anderson, who helped de- preciafe fhe only fypewrifer in fhe office: and lasf buf nof leasf fo Billy Simmons and O, E. Clower, who falked several hornefown rnerchanfs info buying adveriising space. :rw V. 4 9 'qv . 4 'fl 'i V, TUAW: 1, . Q. A Aigfftcl, ix .W cxxvm ' if,,i',,,. :Q-.Xa - -?3?C'5-- ' I 1.37 ,'!x:l, N snabney,fd.10f.Aufh0f I 1 'K-Mortar Board Speaker 4 1 - X fx - '- ' ' Q',lf9Vff'I.17Qi -xx -U . 1 NIWNIIIIIIII t T, ' A A' I hi- ' all flmpf-I . K , N. W" : E I S I D p I ',N1l'Tolf'l'.1- llunrr luuiglnl Ha ull' lf U UH ' V N iq Afd' I 111' ri? 'I umnrruu xilihf- """' ff "H I f I I -' I-yw -fr :lv 14' I fn. f If u 4-full yn av 1- -X ' 1 f - . lf.!llfr'ln'n Muir! 'f:','ilVi-l!:f1'n.frI lngnilr I A ,, ,, , kan Home - P' -----+------A -L , ' Y NM,5kSS'pp I - y K5 We rv, .msn K ,A A ' i ' Xiu- . it v 1 I N I . .44 I '-x'I': .f-f ,l,+,y. ' w ZA- 1' 5, -v ' I wo' , in . 4-ff nM ' -' n . I i- 1' :A . H W 4 Q Z Plus n 'I 'O ' ki CO11fesf is ,P I IIIUJ Ilpllan X 5,105 E , l .l- Il 'nlrlt Iufrnnnlrnl I S ' ' XUHIWI, - - 3 Uurm- O " " X- - R 5 9 On C .1 , rump St ' 1.,, F udxum 1 . 1 , " OP I -:, 1 F 4 1 e J . Pri!-' fmx Pura """' W ' wc,,,,,q ' l'.17uJbV,., - nik ' 'C'f1v!','.v' 5' ' 1- f. w 'A R- , .,,, -N 'f- ., . Hi' 4' Y ' ' l ,-,P ' ' ' W V" f 1 ff ' "1 1--11 U , Hu' 'J .., 0' N ' .-.4 -' Ni 4, Q Q -:V , nrf-w,..9..,q. rr " 1 L1 1-. I 1 . -, 5, fu Likv- W l -' T ' Y J ,Q-5 Y' Mk ff., unit: Q... M J- V . ,zu U A . ,A 771 H1417-y 'bin Q . 'why 11' 1 1 VII . V ' uf. rs, ' CVE' y !"" WI' rw'-rvi 'Nh Nw? -F NV-'N' 'L-U ' i' ' N . WVFR YNI' V l,,. , ' ' . lm" AAU' v. L-V' .Q -l - mg ,,!,1,. QD cd . UA., yi , , ,I ,U v. Th, Q 1 44,4-k was mmm ,angst 1 t. .ws I-y R K- xx .NNY vt' 5.5-. ri wwuylbd r"1"f' .'on':':Zlf!u- "f'v'A" YA V' , ...L"- " 'K A" X 1' -L 'M' Xin:-.1 sh . , L v "V X , EXXQ'-,x:'J1'u.s 0 'HU V, J. .. . . 'f 0 P , C , 'S " i , qsuuncf-I, ulN"A :Q fix. .YI "U, 31,555 'Q' , I ,In .. 4 , gh? .1 M gun ya ' " wi 'N I 1 --"T ': x."'x ,. mi'-k wa f , U' qu-' " W' p-1-'H 5 Amnh' Q R 1 Us strq-hgh 5, mu., ,hung m .. Mxxvg-v1,. X W 34, N x nb Lb., : 1 K N' ' A ' VVWK1 5 y U l":"'A fu' A 1' K , an In-I , X 1 f - bf n X . ,, .m ,, . X 35,54 W . ,, , rw I 1 1: I ' Glenn G t xt .1 m..ukQ UL, imma 'V W .don , J 9 V110 is, we Q 5'W,'f..1 mf Y""'x"f.,K-fs X 1" m,...f.- aw' V' I gui' X A " "-ld, un, f W,f1rn5-' rr Wu-f 'X' LM, 2---"Vx ,,x,,,mv11'H' O Y Q iw . ,,, xi-'-' ...1- ,,-,v.-r.x,- V U. he . J 1,1 Us W 1 Ulla' H.n.- lu. muh W' ah, 1' " " ,ML .-Km Radu "' l Xl ,f Nl: Cie I Q x l ,gum x-,wnlxf .M 'vx,iM.h,.y llrkxffwaa., ilu-.'L11'ffA' M M -' ' 0 R . 1 Q Nxef"d?': H.. Yxdfxw lin K1-V1-. Wing. H-'W Nh ol' BY 'ff ,IA f - MQ G ffvl Q Q 5 vs M"'l:nn H.-!ll1"?'-Cana prxrr- Ykwrn-'naxxnnd 'G 'HT H' C "'- Wm ' Cmv-'ff' f-w""" 1' u-mush ' "713f"9 T """"-' r . . t 9 r1xwH""1" . y-.wh "' ,' .4 rv W" M O PA 1 Pa fed 'ff , '- f.f..,,, A Q n W: D- " - N fvstellpql "1 ml... . r """ N-1., . "Uv Ulf'-1. ' iiilfl r 1 ' R M JOURNALISM CLASSROOM, WHERE MOST OF THE COPY COMES F O ' , 2 . , 1 s I 2 - -li ? ' I 'br 417 if C TL W..-f N' 'E K an THE MISSISSIPPIA The Mississippian, "fhe Rebels' Weelrly Newspaper," is almosf as regular as fhe fradifional winfer monsoons around Oxford- almosf. Sfaclcs of fhe papers appear in dorm doorways iusf before supper each Friday, excepf on fhe week-ends before and affer regisfrafion, before and affer exams, before and affer holidays. and so on. Dean DuBois figures ouf when fhe paper will appear and whaf copy will fill fhe whife space befween ads. Unfil February, Ray Copeland sold fhe ads and lcepf fhe boolcs, buf Sam Ray fool: over fhe business manager's iob when Copeland was graduafed. Managing edifor is J. O. Emmerich. Albin Krebs, alfhough he is responsible for a "column" enfifled "S1'ricfly From Hunger," moved info fhe news edifor's slof when Hunf Howell leff af fhe end of fhe firsf semesfer. Jimmie McDowell, who served on fhree nafionwide boards fo piclc All-American foofball players, co-edifs fhe sporfs copy wifh Jimmy Caldwell. They are assisfed by Bill Sfreef, Pefe Reed, Bobby Jones and George Harmon. Dof Hunfer is boss of fhe sociefy page and Sara Mason and Carol Price help ouf fhere. Gloria Dandridge and a Press-Scimifar campus correspondenf we refuse fo menfion are fhe feafures deparfmenf. Helping Ray in fhe business office are Jimmy Collard, Bill Connors, Eafon Lang, Bill McCord,and Marfha Sue Draper. Journalism sfudenfs in fhe reporfing classes gafher much of fhe news and edifing sfudenfs polish if for fhe linofype. A recenf addifion fo equipmenf is a one-man engraving planf, enabling fhe paper fo publish picfures falcen only a few hours before press fime. fall 1 EL.. 4-.l THE SPORT r -Je. ' 1 run. fl U Ir., -F l v lye V r In :NS , r ,. , X 93,0666 B VJ.-1' wk ,N A mlwgllx ,qs X7iu?zl3'f ff 2:-,ff Shsdfv' CHARLES lvl. lVllJRPl'4lY, ,.., ........ , , ,Chairman FACTS COMMITTEE Members James M, Pierce Overlon A. Currie George Sfreef Uwffmfl Jack Dofy Joel P. Walker Thornns B, Brumley Carl A. Meqehee TEAMS AND COURTS COMMITTEE Members Paul Alexander Fred A. Carver James E. Smilh Clmlfman William A. Ryback GENERAL PRACTICE COMMITTEE Thomas A. Bcll Rosalind Doffery Spurgeon Sweaf Chairman Circuit Clerk Chancery Clerk E. J. Darden Earnesf W. Graves John M. Wesfon Courl Reporter Henry W' Hobbs A Moof Courf board, composed of sfudenfs of fhe School of Law and chosen by lhe faculfy for fheir scholasfic record, gives sfudenfs experience in conducfing fhemselves in acfual courfroom pracfice and in fhe handling of general office maffers. This board arranges cases, and sfudenfs prepare briefs, argue appellafe cases and conducf frial cases. Advanced sfudenfs, faculfy members, and pracficing lawyers and judges serve as judges. Professor Joel W. Bunkley serves as fhe faculfy advisor fo fhe Moof Courf board in appellafe cases. Lafayeffe Counfy Afforney Bramleffe Roberfs, assisfed by Professor Walfer Dunham, is fhe faculfy advisor fo fhe general pracfice division. Casfing all serious lifigafions aside, fhe Board wrofe, produced and direcfed fhe frial of l.'il Abner Yokurn for breach of promise in Fulfon Chapel on November I7. The plainfiff was one Daisy Mae Scraggs, heroine of fhe annual Sadie l-lawkins day. Frrsf Row P ul Alexander, Thomas Alvin Bell, Thomas Brumley, Fred Carver, Overfon Currie, Elwyn Darden. Second Row Rosal nd Doffery, Jackson Dofy, Ernesf Graves, Henry W. Hobbs, Carl A. Megehee, James M. Perce Third Row William A. Ryback, James E. Smifh, George Sfreef, Spurgeon Sweaf, Joel P. Walker, John M Wesfon Firsf Row: Paul G. Alexander, Tom Bourdeaux, Dudley Buford, Fred Carver, Overlon A. Currie, Elwyn Darden, J kD 1. S d R I J ff H ' J . J kLl ' T Clrrle Henle' Robert J. Hobb , Delberf Hosemann ac o y econ ow e arnm, r, ac arring on, ia s ,f, y , Homer Lee Howie, Ernesl M. Jones, Albert Jordan. Third Row: Nalhan Levy, William Luckelf, Louis Lyell, Dale Mcliibben, William Moroney, Brinkley Morfon, Horace Waflcins, William F. Winrer. WILLIAM ra WINTER ...,... . . . Edna DUDLEY BUFORD . . . . .sussnessmanager WILLIAM o. LUCKETT. . , J... Nore Ediror DALE MCKIBBEN ..,. . . .Comment Edna BRINKLEY MoRroN . , ..,.,,.. commenf Edilor ARTHUR B. Busrr ...., . . Book Review and index Ednof WILLIAM N. ETHRIDGE, JR.. . .,.. . . Faculry Advisor ASSOCIATE EDITORS Paul G. Alexander Tom Bourdeaux Fred Carver Overfon Currie Elwyn Darden Jack Do+y Jeff Hamm, Jr. Jack Harrinqlon Charles Henley Roberl Hobby Delberf Hosemann Homer Lee Howie Ernesl M. Jones Alberl Jordan Nalhan Levy Byron Long Louis Lyell William Moroney W. F. Riley Horace Waflrins Wayne Williams MISSISSIPPI Jllllll Al The Mississippi Law Journal is lhe oilicial publicalion ol 'rhe Mississippi Slafe bar and Jrhe Universily School ol Law. lr reviews ouislanding liligafions and includes news of inleresl 'ro law sludenls and lawyers lhrouqhour fhe slale. The edilorial slali is composed of sludenlrs in lhe School of Law, buf arlicles are wrillen by lawyers from all over rhe counlry. lu-4 5 '-S I k 'K 7 Dan'e Commifiee ctmairman Murray' qdbf FIN' ROW C' ' 1' 5-1 ' "W" W' V' "' C'-" J-'I' f!1"W1' 1' C' wh L d V, IIHI. Second Row: Tf-1 I-,fl JI-'Iv FU- III K,-MH' Tum I Q W' d""N"C9 an 'CCG 'S' III-VI Third Row: nu, my BVI, I WI., IMII, III' II EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE "I .Mlm I ,. ""J " ""YFP"IIlWP"1' ' I f - I C' . Chairman IUIJIII' Ep-'MJF I Ffmlrnurm QI IM: F3.wrCQmmi1Iee IJ. S. SWEAT 7.7 L PY A NN HOL MES I- -FTCJN LANG FLOOR COMMITTEE 7 Eff- P EIICHPINAN EILL CCNDOIJ ,LCV CQTJIJIIJGHFII E23 FAILFS Iffhf-PIE9 FPPPIS JIU FOPD 'QMIJ FOX, III C E :LES FHEDIAF-,N me QLPQNER em GPEGORY - 4 I3 wr-ALEY " JF'-ww" -I E I I ff J ED JOHNSTON CIIPPLES JOPDAN IFUCH IIAAGF-'LIEEP EIN IMIANN IHI1 If MFEK 'IIEECIILN IJOOPE EOE M IJ LLETT . ,KF .IDE FIWIJTT EIII STFIEIING EIU VJALTON JVQJWIJ XNATTS 'QE VJIIEELEP firm IILI".rr A helluva crowd af Ihe Homecoming Dance lllll llll ll lllllllll ,xx . N NX, , V . N 6 'ln-. Q 'Q 'E I V 'P'- L . A if lf , 1 0247 rs. 7 K f gg " f L 1 - .. fm -9' , r F? l" 1 f "i aa fm f i fs.. Firsf Row: Sana Jennings, John Johnsron, Charlie Jordan Earon ana h an Jr-n B Sebaslian Moore. Second Row: Robert Mullen, John on S r Wallon, John War Joe Whe er All sludenl body dances are sponsored by rhe ASB dance commirlree. The live officers who comprise lhe execulive council are also members of The Facul+y-S'ru- denl Commirlee Governing Social Affairs. The organiza- Foolball Capfain Hamley and Dance Commiffee chairman Murray falre lime ou? in fhe "M" Club room wiih prexy Buck Buchanan. 3. :,,J.Z'Q ,f Af P'-'lklens Anybody can get in the act-and some wierd ones crop up. The University Players, sponsored by the Department of Speech, is open to all students, but before a member is con- sidered ,for initiation, he must have won eight quality points for work done on or back stage or in.some manner of promot- ing a production. But the main function of the Players is putting on the Big Act. The Glass Menagerie was the first production of the season, and some of the scenes are shown on the left-hand page. The group swung into a lighter vein with John Loves Mary, shown on this page, a play in which over-acting made the show more hilarious. The most dramatic production was 'the Spring staging of Si. Joan, and the guffaws which came out of East Lynne's audience were made possible simply because the cast presented the play the way it would have been acted 70 years ago, and audiences have changed since the 1880's tearjerker was first produced. Hotel Universe and The ,Silver Cord were presented to small groups by the advanced acting class in the arena style, a 'technique grabbed from the ancient Greeks. Dr. Charles Getchell, chairman of the Department of Speech, is director of the group, and technical director is Mr. Duncan Whiteside, another speech teacher. Student stage manager is Margaret McA1exander. Q fa N ff' ,ff MEMBERS LRREY EVANS . E . . . . . JEAN LOU , , ,... lsr V N"fifXLlE THOMPSON . .Znd Vic MONTIE BARRINGER ...,... HELEN KARR . , . . , The Women's Sludenf Governmenr associafion has been granled conrrol over all mailers concerning Jrhe conducr of women sluclenfs, excepf 'rhose maHers which are clireclly under rhe conlrol of Universily aulhorifies and dormifory management Aulhorify is vesled in a five-member execulive council. elecled by popular ballot a legislalrive council com- posed of Jrhe execulive council, live dormifory presidenfs, and an aclclirional girl elecied from each dormifory. Each woman sludenr is a member of lhe associalion ancl is re- quired To be familiar wilh Hs rules and regulalions. WIIMI 'S Sillllf T BUVERNME I ASSIICIATIU First Row: Montie Barrmger, Larey Evans. Second Row: Helen Karr. Jean Lori, Natalie Thompson. 'B- First Row: Robert Baker, Howard Bishop, Don Blanchard, Orion Blanton, Reuben Boyett, Don Childers, Robert Childress, Thomas T Chisholm, Winfield Dunn. Second Row: Billy Flowers, John Gautier, Robert B. Halton, Sam Hardison, Boyd E. Harper, James P Hooper, Shed H. Hunger, John Johnston, James H. Jones. Third Row: Prentice Fulton Klinke, John Allen Knott, Jr., William A Long, Jr., Aubrey C. McDaniel, Gerald Meaders, Robert A. Mitchell, John M. Moncriet, Charles E. Patch, James D. Pearson, Albert Dashiel Perkins. Fourth Row: William M. Perry, Bobby Hugh Posey, Charles W. Robison, Victor Russell, Delmar Leon Simmons Rayrnond E. Tipton, Vernon J. Tirey, John A. Watts, Alvin Roy Wrignt, Herbert P. Zschokke. The barber .shop quartet was popular because it provided an outlet tor men's nat- ural yen to sing together when they telt lilce it. To provide such an opportunity tor Ole Miss male students is the purpose ot the Men's Glee club. The organization is open to any student who has ability and the inclination to sing and learn to sing bet- ter. Regular rehearsals and social gatherings are held to provide tellowship as well as the chance to sing. Each spring the group malces a tour ot the state, appearing betore high school and civic organizations. Robert T. Balmer Howard M. Bishop Don E. Blanchard Orion D. Blanton Reuben Boyett Donald Childers Robert Childress Thomas T. Chisholm William W. Combs, Wintield Dunn Billy E. Flowers John D. Gautier Robert B. Halton Sam Hardison Boyd E. Harper J MEMBERS James P. Hooper Shed H. Hunger John Ed Johnston James H. Jones, Jr. Prentice Fulton Klinlce John Allen Knott, Jr. William A. Long, Jr. Aubrey C. McDaniel John H. McDonough Fred W. McEwen, Jr. Gerald Meaders Robert A. Mitchell John M. Moncriet, Jr. Charles E. Patch James D. Pearson Albert Dashiell Perkins, William Perry Bobby Hugh Posey Charles W. Robison Victor M. Russell Stephen Joseph Santord Ervin Sayly, Jr. Delmar Leon Simmons Raymond E. Tipton Vernon J. Tirey John A. Watts Mason Webster Alvin Roy Wright Herbert P. Zscholclce 133 l lilii lIlUIt OFFICERS BILL FLOWERS . . . . . President CHARLIE ROBINSON . Vice-President SHED HUNGER . . Secretary-Treasurer IIAPPA I IIIIPPA I S I XIJIWII-, Bu-HI RICHARD KING ROBERT T, BAKER . O, H, HENDRICKS BERNARD BROKAW Rfbf-I' Chddrfr ,Q Chesrer C 1. Reba-rI Cr- David Dunn mmm RVAR f Eadr, Chades FuIr'1hum OFFICERS MEMBERS Pwr' Ha-'rin 1 Brf-Ir Jafksrrrr Reber? Jcrnes WrIIram McKinney Dan Patch WiIIIam M. Perry Warren Rrqrbinsr n . . PresIdr'enI , .Vice-Presidem . . .Ser,re'Iary . , Treasurer Charles W, Rrblson Edward Sanders Lawrence Semslri CurIIS Stacey Lesrer F. Sumnrers GranvrIle H, WlIlIarT1s fXIvIn Rey Wrlr1hI The "golden chaprerf' Bejra Bera, of Ihis narional honorary band Irarerniry was founded ar 'rhe Universiry in 'rhe spring of I948. The Irarernify is open only 'ro male band members, and confains nor more Than half of 'rhe number of male srudenrs in 'rhe band. Members are picked in regard ro 'rheir scholasric average. Firsf Row: Robert Baker, Jarhez Brenr, Bernard Brokaw, Roberf ChIIdre5s, Cheder Cow, Roberr Cox, David Dunn, econd Row: Ta,Ier Earn, O. H. Hendricks, Pefe Herrmq, Brefr Jackson, Reber? Jones, RIchard King, WiIIIarn H K rrre, B 1 PM ,, Third Row: Warren Robmson, CharIes W. Robrson, Edward Sanders, Lawrence Sernsh, Curr Stgrjeh L35 Surnners, G'anvIIIe WIIIlams, Alvrn Rof Wrignr, fx QvV"'i I A' ' wr :fp PAUL R. PAGE . . . Diredor OFFICERS RICHARD KING . . . . Presimeruf JACK TUBE , , . Vice-Fresidenf FRANCES HILIQN . . . Secrehary VVILLIAM I. MQKINNEY, JR, Treasurer COUNCIL MEMBERS Rcvberf I, Behr CIaremfiQ JoIIy Bernard Brokaw Wilriarww Perry Roberf CI1IIdress Curfis Stacey Jar, .gm . I F 11 1.1 1 '1'lI 1l1.f1 1.l1ai111. ol iDi1ie' were .1ymbols of .111l'1 .J li ijilball iriascin. Con-lanlly improving 1111 ' 1 hp gl piilll R. Page, The band ig. once more ,1 111m1'11" 11 11 orwf oi rhia Tinel in the nation. The C nh ':-'1'1 l 11 1-i1fl1'l11d iil 1zc'1vrA1'al Toolball games The 1 1' 1' 1 1 1i1n T11 The organixalion Trom all over The T111 1 1 1 1 11-1 1.1 liy its own nic-nwberii Through an exoculive 1 1 11-11 band oiiicc- 1'11 . Through This council all 'J 1, 111f1fle .and pertinenl grievances oi members 1f . 1 L51 11 l,1 iii 11,11-.1 ing imrorlance is The concerl band. An I "1'A 1'a111 v-.a la1lc'd This year wilh a Chrislmas concerl 1 F11l'1111 rlmpel on Sunday preceding The Chrislmas , 111, . Biwmi 1111r111b111, 1110: John A. Aldridge, T. W. Ammon, Tommy Awirglcn, Robo? T. Bal-er, W. G. Barner, T. M. Barry, l-Toward lsl. Bifhiap, VV lrniir L. Blaclmon, William Boolh, Jimmy Bowman, Vigil elm B1re.17c-ale, James F. Brenl, Bernard B. Brolcaw, William J. B1w11lX3ld, Llizabelh Brown, John Carroll, Archie F, Carr, Roberl Ch71d11- , VVil1iam Connors, W. T. Coslilow, Chesler Cox, William Dfliron, D nald Dubuii.-son, David Dunn, Taylor Eady, M. l-l. Ede 11,111.1 , Jorbh F. Fasold, Wilson L. Flinn, William O. Flinn, Thomas H. Fl'f"f'l 111 ii, Richard T. Furr, Charles l-l. Fulghum, Maxine Garner, Rel,-irl Haliord, G. ld. l-lendriclcs, Chris l-leniclr, Pele l-lerring, Be'lye lnligdon, Frances l-lilion, Joyce l-lollingsworlh, Frank l-lougrcin, Burcharl l-lungeriord, Brell Jackson, Clarence Jolly, R13i:1er1 Jones, Charlie Mac Jones, William Kalz, Richard King, Thomas Lawley, W. R. LaMond, Joe T. Lee, Billie Jean Lirlle, Jean Melvin, Joyce Melvin, Charles Middlelon, J. Richard Moore, Alired Moran, W. D. Newlon, Hugh Noble, Laurance Oiierrall, Arlnur Glun, l-lenry Paris, Dan Palch, Jeannine Pelham, George Pence, William Perry, James Price, Jaclc Rhymes, Charles Robison, Warren Robinson, Roberl Rushing, Richard Russum, George Ryan, EJ Sander., Lawrence Semsli, Charles Speed, Curlis Slacey, Billy W, Slephens, James Sullivan, Lesier Sumners, Jaclc Tubb, Blalce Wadsworlh Ella While, Granville Williams, Alvin Roy Wrighr, lNla1'c111 Mayes Winlfler, Direcior Page fallrs wilh Gov. Fielding Wrighi during S+a+e game half 'Time acfiviiies. s... 5221 , , L v E 1 5 'F' w 1 fir? av, Firgi' Row: Jagf-ph Fasqrld, William Flinn, llwomas Freeland, Rlclnard Furr, Moore, Allred Moran, Wallace Newlri-n, Laurance Olllerrall, fxrrlmr Maxine Garner, Roherr Hallord, O. H. Hendrick, Clwrls Henlclf, Pele Olrrrrn, Henry Parlf- Four+l1 Row: Jeannine Pfg-lnam, Georqe Pence, Wil' Herrinq, Berlye Hidden. Second Row: Frances Hillon, Joyce Hollinqs- llam Perry, Jail Rhymes, Charles Roblsrtrn, War'rirn Pcrlzrinscrn, Pfcnard worrlw, Brrrclrarl Hunqerlord, Brew Jackson, Clarence Jolly, Robe-rr Jones, Russum, George Ryan, Edward Sanders, Lawrence Srgmgli, Fiflfh Raw: Charley Jones, Riclward Klnq, Thomas Lawley, Joe Lee. Third Row: Clwarles Speed, Curlls Slafgey, Billy Sleplnens, Jarnes Sulll-wan, Bl-alc1WadS- Billie LllllO, Jcan Melyln, Joyce Melvln, Clwarles Mlddlelon, Richard wfirrlln, Ella Wlwlle, Granville Wllllanws, Alyln Wrlcqlwl, M, M, Wrrrller. L "'- v'G"""""r"W "A"" ' ' " 4 -V H' 7 1'-"' 'T' 'x"' A "" - ' ,' ',rg.:',: .4k"' ' ' rf X J..f-A , ' 75. ' ' ' - 1,9 . 2 -.c 4 3 .. ...-:3.,':?-,,g45,wl.i':',!'..8p.- Egg, inaff-,.l-J-5,5151 zigfjf fw gpg i'm,:',,,.r. r,W.Lgg: if A ?' liz? '. 1 ,, .I :IFES I f 57159. F '. I -1' ' 'fl 3 -W--1-rg'gi:q2,gg,f,gi-:M-"'.,f,E.fgg1Fi2:f453,,,,y:Y j , f .',' + '-., . 2515 -cgi ff-1 11' .4 j,,g".1,,.'-gk -' X, '. , 4- 1 ' . ,Q as pu, ,QQPJ7-, gf- , arf, eff J- W rife. :m,qZ.',ymf, 'gr f "1ef33g51: A mfr' .28 an ,27,Hl'15:f'f-,.fx7'f41-1 1,"i"-:-?.-M J if Q, - 1 In "-"r-.JT PW '. . GS'-.'wL TW' 'ia-'F 3,545 S 'g .414 .- +I-r ' . ,-if Uffw. . ' " . '-' kk- -nf' 1 c-fwfr'-1 N -- fa 'N , - 'gpri-x' ' me: ,, - ,, W , ff . ,, ,ren - - 45' - .Q A . 2.3 y fy? 1 .,c 'a g . "' ' rf jf .5 'fp ..:.'F' -Ei'95'5'?gs.w?3',.ir-3 YW r ,.'+.f'5,1,s.- , w., -5 us? , '. .rm qsav "h'.?5t ' "' -- -. ' 'H' its 5,1 -1- ' , T'e1LfSr'4-,,4Ek21',' ,.1,'f,f"-. ' ',,3r'f, - -. A-A' -5'-my-.-bfi .ggfirte 1:,37yf,y ,55t. Qtr in 1: 1. ' Nay- Q,-N, f f ig ,ficfu H - V, ,si 'nay' , f x." fy,-x ... M.. . -.-uv H A -a., , . .5 kv T ' V 1 w-. .B I ww , L y -1. , URI .'f4f'y,5, . ,I Ag d k AA ,, V ,M ,ly 1 0 - , , . 4 5 - N V J N 4 n. , , nf- , n':-1:1 V4.1 'W MA g,'f,,. .r',?f,5i4 ,!f,Q 1 ' .A . N Q' v 'I I' ' N y 4... Q.. .. v . H' gi rf 1-1 p " i i i i 1 L .fi r r r j' ' hm iw? 'I 4 gi " ' 'd'-iii.. 'W M W Y' -..4fY,,,'q1i -'f 'ig-.sgflr-ixs 7 lr VF' ry N "' 'S I r rl ' 7, 7 fiwig "" -4 A ' -re. V . . f y r ,f - , , r,, -- re" Y. M.LEU,.. i , ig.. , -ff - . SH- ' H + Y i , r fl I- i I str f- ff If "J,-j,,f ' W if ' ,r ,f ' ,H 'H JJ- r.l.g"i-75,11-4 J ' '-cs. - ' - -----M4----...- . 'limi -.f qv-'rf' ,J ff. s-'ff mzfzlffii .1 --wtf.-f '.T'?2 ' ' if . ' ' . "l'- . . ' V f . - ' ' ,'i ,"f'- -eg, wx, . ' .. T""T""' ,' - , Q - , K A p gA -I-5 " 1' 'iv " 156' 'Q 4L ic La' -if Tia J' l! ' 'E ' ' 'R QQg3T: ? ivjff ik if-1 L+-M 'iylfg-955 ry, 154,55 gf. , L m y x A 1 - ' -' c i' .f -4- -vf5'.'7f'e.: , nth 'Q ,I ,L !.'Y3j- 3 x th- 2' -,iv -br ' ' D 0 -' 'he . 1 "' ,' ' . - ', ,u K - A ', , ' v. . , A ' ' as J ' n, .-wffywl sr- fr? ' - 4-"5 - ' 11-if-91'-Q -2- 1 -2 -f Q, up-cfrf?-+ " - Lnjtrpzi-e','e:-"ffl - ,gm -,.,.,- ff 1. , " , , . caym-,-1.g ' X, 4, 1 3, " ,,4..', . , N ik' . .. kgf".P- , i'-B' A, Q .1 ' ry. 'Yc ?,n Ng - ,z i tab' L . 5 I I '- 'Iv' 137 c f.,,,,4 J 9 Eel N I V S Q f, N , FROSI-VPAJAMA PARADE I ' N' h ' Q. ls . fr , , t Q bl I t 1 Qs Q . D.. I ffl, lg I. O 1 1 , O I Wrl ig ' r lx I , fyiu' , Z' f l UNC MEMBERS P WORK 7 I ON lg -' I K 9 QF' ' k K 'l-25-fd! I gif' 7 A I W 1 ', l-?'f'1Q'7?3, .- ,4 ' ' 5 f ,." - 1'4" ' .jf ,z?L , . J wi. 1- ,jg L4 .,,1-.ff AT? iJv1'6 -, x eL'.h??,f,cf3 'P.',1' 'f 'gn 'Jog ' '71-Q, 'of' ff -A ,f .1 . -1 ,, - --f .,. f, -Q , , Q . .T - . A. . 7 - , if W 1542Qffv5'b 4 as A vfn- ,A 7 f ' ' QW?" '+A ni "'- Q f .f.'.wX -Ajf'-' .A -- if-1,1 V , o 1 x: pi, X- 3. r 'E' 1,1 'ji , ra- , . 6 I , ' 4 "' -8' Vi. I ' - .: Y ' - 93" fa, ' '-1 ,. 1 af? Q 1 e MJM ,ff 'B' 'Z 'H FLO xgr fill kj? -Q, 'ff' 3-H-If xv? 'iff' fx -A9 ECO 3 r-R0 O ..,...... SUNG' A? Y 4PRx1 ' 2 l T ' -au -vw M. ,. Qt' I 45. V. 'I , . f' QN HE ' film-f'-w.: R Q F ,. V 1 V- , , ,xi ,. s N i In A t, W, 'X ax f . 'V A 1 D ' -,Qs ' - . , 5 'wff v- .' Y ,, V -Y-'kfw .- - ' - ffh re" m " , V. - -' 'L n C A ' 9' - 1,4 4 in 4 5' A- L 5 ,W M 32 , W.. V' 42525552 .ir 1-1 1 Iv? W ... l.,,.f--"" -...f1'4""' ,...f-- ' - ...av""' ' .4-"" '- ,:,...-.w-..f-..-M rM,,,I,,.q -vnxhf -- 1-q ,.' ,X V ... Jvy 5' A , 4924-: K ' ' "9 , r .I i, 'ax , H K M ti f ., , V ' Q P: 1. . Q 1 x '95, , gist. ix, . t, J Swag! .-:ci Q., '- Q,,!'f.V ' -. . vi' Q iff' . " ifgixw fl G fvkvx HW!!! eg!" '11, M . fly hw!! ii S. ' A 1 Q enfY1Y,1An 5- , -. an it 2' x Q. w"Qw: 14 'lf - .3 ff ,L fd, ' 63,1 Q , " J -i 1 .X Yygivrl, 2'-I I Axfibgsz-' ' ' f . . 2 - ff 1 ' 4 I L f- L. 19,1 Q! . . ,J ,: V . -f . ff, X? .. 1. fx . L ' " At' , 1 - x ' 'A "2 if vx'Q'i4.7'f3 Q an Q, , X R, iagaflfg qw IL -up A . .. R 'M -' ' ' ikwfi' l - "' Vw "' R 7 OSH W 2 ,' aa" 15" Q, .. , 3 - 5' . Q - , K , 1 Q 5-H ? 1 'Q S, F x 3, u 1 . - l 1 ' f 5 'I vs f ' l A - 1' ' , f Lk ' . ' " . 'Tv ll AN . , 3, Z ,', T N 4' A X rf. .' y 1? ' kin .f I A '- A . A . ., ,S ,x . -I Y I ' i, A - 8 A f Zi, 1, ,J 1 , 122 iff ,W p "'-3 A-5, lf ,' 1 F 1lf:""T g525"'-rf' , 4 ,W-' Q' , I .E ,fl - - f 6- A s N J A :K ia' xi . tv: AQ va b Y., be 1 1 - A J, fa--' A. x x A 1 A , is 1 K! 'fx ini at IP A ,Q Ex! 5 bl- ' " 5 if it , v Q, . h . . A H, V V, t P .ey vs N 1 .,5, 1 l ' . . 1 ,, , X' " . ' 1 ' A , 5 !:vj"". ' ,, L' - V.: 'r1'2'M.. f: ...W fm ' ' ,,....r?" , THERE'S NO PLACE A MAN CAN CALL HIS OWN .-1 1 .x,1-L, Q, .,. ,YL nm w,,,Y . , , , , , 1 .. 3 af, i 'R ' , , f .L , ps- aa' 5 Q' K NLD if' Y .,xlJn F , , . . 'v?Q'l' . . ' 4 . . -4, Q. . . Lbui. . vi.'l9 ,li I S f. -b N,- . R I x I a -- '. yr 'Q I QW "S-9' 4- 4,' 9 .Ji . I x . 1 I 3 x 4 ? , vt ,4H5'wQI" ,t,?A P 2 - . N Q K ,H 'W hi ' GJ, 5 Af "f, 'a i ' 1 v 5 4: y .5 ' ' l , raw. D mo f iw 'fx' h 'XS XX -I wv!j'9LJ Q H -Q, 'N ' 'EZ' r 3' , I! 11.- A P E' 423' 5 im' r 'qi' 9 6. 4 4 P' - X N? qi . ,t .0 83 l l- uv- , W' Q vt" 4 'Q' . 1. fs -A Cl A9 . h ,gh u QW, .M in ' L E 1 a N- 'D ' q psvxir' Y f- , 41 - V A. - 'V , H- ng ' E , - .W .. ,Q .z,aw4if,,,:E W , l A : xA . X t A . Q , ., J t if .W , R , . A Q A' I I, JM: 'nr Q Qu, -X 1 Mm ' .L ' ivy. ' . ,:'? A X . ,j V 4 v V K , -. 5 fl '45 , i. 4 -Y . 4: X w - , Ag I ' V ! If 4. 7 , QA Qsp, J U GA., b K .K A? ' "v',gV 'M ' , it -, ' ,, wi, - - A, 4 E ww 3. ..' 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' uf L 5 ,Y ' -' " L4 Q ,Q . L. L' gl' i s E Q T gf L55 -,ffj Jjldltx ' K' ' v . I ,. A V5 .-ZZQKH ' i , Qi. D . ' K " 1, .. 1-, , ,A Q ' f ,V - L i wx, " , Y' A . . J 1 , 5 Qi' 1- " . . f 5 V? , . ., ' ,Q-E as '.-, -V L 1 ,5 Q, ji, . Y I V ' 4-rv' . ,- E .QM E L.. ff ,Jr A "'. P' Q W -- tv Aer 'F J 'A al- A' E Q" V ggi X. N 1 1 .vi - ' 'ik' I 1. A D 7 .J W . . Vain- L y ' ,. fan! , A e we' ai- H fag- . .-'if L sf fhfmw L L 'kyf' -.ff ' va 4, I P- -w Ay L-,S r I . ' iv A Wi WE. 4 . , 'V' fag. ,gp ,V Q , 8 .ft Qu '14 1 J J ff: ., . li I X u,..,x? 1 J .f 9 f fy, '- i Z fx. -H., f W Z 234 K' k 1.2 .a,xw'5l .T A A , ' 3 'M ' EW ,f" +314 5 ylfagis W L"f,9w ,YL if V . 4.25 Ji . 3 L. .AX 'gr R 1 r sf x I' I 37+ if 53 Z ik 1 , K lV.f' 5 I ,. Y-Q. f Q f 1 E. ii E fa' ll? I' X .-YA I" . ,nh- rw PFW J--M I 5 i A i I 2 x r i 4 1 I I I K 1 , I f w Y 1 I AI 0 Creator of L'il Abner fe! I 5 NAV' .A 9 9 , fgj can eu mmuses, mc. Sv 4? T-'J ff I7 East 45th Street, New York I7, N. Y. , A ' Mllrray um 7-6124 Jzinuary 21, l9L+9 Mr. George Harmon Editor THA oLE,1-aiss P.O. Box 158 University of Mississippi Mississippi Dear Nr. Harmon: i As any fool can plainly see, the enclosed photograph i of myself was taken before 1 tried to select the five 9 winners. i The task was so difficult that l am now marked for my close resemblance to Ole Man Mose. Q However, these are the ones I finally selected: Miss Betty Abraham I-liss llitsy Bailey , Miss Marilyn Nason 'lt Miss Betty Prichard ti Kiss Dorothy Lee Roberts And to all the other contestants, the most honorable of honorable mentions! Cordifilly, 'SX AL CAF? fax - - ' -v K ff e sf'-3' V fi P g4.5 s e f ,, ., X - .- u' 2 .'4 a - fl In , f YG. :fF.V.3-.'.'?5.f.-. '.f' 1 'Q . r' ' ' ' KZ' 'fa K T A " ' ' ' A ' N1 xf ! A Xi LN- -., , if 4, 4,-ns-!1-, ,4n- -.Y Y .Y A'-,,1-1""'fpv1l-i W 'JJ . 'N - f,, .X fa, ' f . 1 , N- ' s x, .Y 1 4. 4 L, ,f 4. ,J - 4 . X . I I 1' , 4 L f f :3 " f . 1 r, - ,J 4 f .rf 2 , 1 4 4 iv. -me-'f' ' In I Aff' jj! im." 'L A, 4.' . -J. I Av 5-7 W: QTL? Qsk4,hA,h?m,:. 3,45...ri4i. 44 .QQ . P542 !gL1:'f"x,.:1f'i .v 5 - , .af ,N 4 AIT" at it, -xilil "'-ff 14 - . . .v:,4, Iii. -"".-,. ' ' ,LQL Q .- ' Yjfgl, . 'w-.A rvw- v- - if 5.-'3Qf1'1 K f ' iii .ri -iff 'fin Q35 5594. 4 4 a- Ng? .pbazjfa-ga, NU- 5 1, ,' ,- ."g 3,1 if . 'SML P .- .--x , .-.-,f- , N W Lb - Q- s-f,f.1r.x f J"'i'f2-':'9-ll"""?. ' .5 X' X 9' 'K K 1 -.TEG1i'f-' - -- an -. av, , r Q..-'.,, V, 44... 'ul . 355: .- .2 ' :'xS,f'., in-ffx. . 0 W. ..-.X . 1, .5 via 'Ek .'-n, , '-' Pi . facile? Nj' . mkfli. . . S X' NF. "Jang ' ',5jn?fx V lk . " -5 --M I' 'r' i 'Q 4 Q .Q 4 r - f 1 4 x Q ', L U ... fe Q sir-' 1 ' ' 5 . L 4. J N3- .n Y' 2 pf., ' A.:-SZ' I 'V . 'ak 1 4. F - 2 ..,4, is 'xv if 3 P42 Q JA j . 'fy . ww .-anvgnsuw . , A .w 4 .1 .Ava x,,,.eg-,gff--K -,aff " . 152' 5 MISSlllENIlSS AND lIlllllNll Hlllll yefly Clnllsyekll xyenfg ' g ' - Jliss Betty Abraham Kwai, a uori fed Miss Julie Davis llliss Helen Burnside Miss Charlotte Coward Miss Elinor Green l"'x, 'liars Kit.9y Bailey -1-- - -- -i-l-- ec-mtg a vo ri fed Miss Helen Henry Miss Penny Hardaura y Miss Hath Hargrove llliss Dorothy Lee Hunter lliss Dlarilyn Nason Kean fy a uori fed Bliss Jane Lamar Devil' Miss Zllariio James Miss Lidie Jones Miss Jean Pemble A I 4, lliss Betty Prichard Kean fy a uori fed llliss Carolyn Prewitt Zlliss Virginia Ann Pigford Miss Fay Sims Miss Lillian Sweat Y iifl I I .lliss Dorothy Loo Roberts Km Lt fy auorifed Miss Mary Frances Waring Miss Vivien Suveat if Miss Merrick Turpin Miss Katherine Wright S IHASO Plllllll lill ill Ull MISS . .. Lasl Spring law siudenis, as parl ol a subversive move io gain conlrrol of lhe Universily, enlered Fred Carney in lhe May Queen confesl, believing someone mighl vole for him. Someone did-in lad, he won. l-lowever, cerlain people declared ihe eleclion void, mainlaining lhe lerm "May Queen" inferred lhal a female hold lhe iob. While lhe law school smouldered and Jrhrealened lo secede and lorm a Universily oi lhcir own, a run- off eleciion was held. The whole mess ol lrouble blew over when Carney, hiding his brolcen heari wilh manly forlilude, was allowed io crown Miss Jean Pemble. I IHlHAl llf gf' g I r . -fr 4,2 ' ir '. l -i 5" zf is 1,1611 .9 Q: ein, u H l . l I l -L l 1 1 - -i 3 embership in The Hall oT Fame is The hiohesT honor an Qle lVliu"n1l'UCl6VllCii1rW aTTain, Persons chosen are piclned Tor Their ilcharacTer, scholarship, leadership and conTribuTions To The beTTermenT oT The UniversiTy." ln a felecTi f' - n ',FDClU'1fiVr?Vl by The Mississippian a TaculTy-fTudenT commiTTee piflf. a -1ecreT niiminaTincq ffiill miTTee oT 25 who choose six persons Tor The honor. STandinq in The picTure are, leTT To riqhT: Dean DuBois, ecliTor ol The Mississippian The pasT yearg Charles Dean, who succeeded George Woi'Then To The presidency oT The ASB early in The year: and QyerTon Currie, Pre:,idenT oT Pi Kappa Pi scholacTic TraTerniTy and The VeToranff Club, SeaTed Trom leTT To ricqhl are: George "Barney" Poole, All-American end and one oT The qreaTe4iT aThleTes in The hisTory oT The UniyersiTyg Noah 'Soqqyl' SweaT, PresidenT QT The School oT Law: and Lewis Nobles, pasT business manager oT The Ole Miss, a alias Tinguished qraduaTe sTudenT and an insTrucTor in The School oT Pharmacy. ln addiTion To The honors menTioned each oT The --TuclenTs has Talen an acTiwJ parT in numerous scholasTic and social acTiyiTies on The campus since his enroll' menT in The UnifersiTy. Each TypiTies The ideal Qle Mi-Qs sTudenT. Members oT 1he I949 l-lall oT Fame were phcfoqraiihed wiTh The cgraciou consenT oT Dr. and Mrs, Chri-2Topher Lonoc-sT in Their home on 9ouTh Lamar in Gilford. y , .X 3 - qu gk 1 1 X. v 7 ,152-'KA , I , . A. V 6, b ' "i'f,Ai,.,:g A? 4 V.l!4..- Q- 1,2 -Y! -L Mm 1's,MA 1 x, Gi' nw , , AY, 53 I -n , 5' ,L l -if - P I-'-Awfl , v I .1-wigs: was X ,. ,. .. RN X ,f "f I z A. 471 fn Al vgriz uit I W V H, 'v' Q 1 If 3 v1 " yin?-W' .x 5 f , 1 -. gs. y2 ..efb 1 . b g:!,w'2' 1 ' A,- . X ' -' 4 4 I rg gwv, lvl.. , , :N -1 ,ab A. ' 2-Lf xa -0 if 'RN if If fl 1 Q N 5 A file , . gdklgig, i Q' ws- if '3'i.M f ,. '1 A ' uk. V " 4 55,2 V,--. -v I q"":f11 , 3 135: ,,,.ff" Y 'rw N Q1 , + f f , -fd f X 'L 2,41 as Env ll 'fv ' Y , 'T-CR. if -"1 . VL ,. " "'fixQ-if -.Q-, 'i'1Q?f1,a': 9' . A-1.315-. 'lx 'Q .f I M , Z: 14.2.- ., -if?-4 - ul -qva, " J H' 'l 7' , .. , NK , I , I F X4 I ',-rw ,fl .Qx Y M . . r . - J 'A '1 flu-. W- . sc 1 1 iz, ' ' Ju A ff' .'! . ,, -M 1 , T? 2 1 f gf 5-,ff 29, X, ,1 mf if . d. ,1 1 5 5 Q Vw? 4' ' . ' I v. .- .f . Q5 ' , 4 Pr' f X 3 . .4 A " ' 1 . f " S 1 1 HQ A - 9.6 . :"!ig I A f xQ Vf . Q QM, ,ff-,Y -V 5, A xx ....- -..,.-u-,.. V! f - --'--11v- If 0, "lf'es4n P- 1, ati 'in A. 5a I A 5 -Qu mf, sf . w 'f 4 ' ' ,J ,df Q , ' 3 A ' Y y 1 X f , 13" f HELLUVA CRO WD af fix Q fpfgrw, FR GE 7. ORIEN .qw 2 vi? 1 W V' z " , Qi P f wi 'M . ,QOUR P34 Q' M Vx?-O if ' ' L.- !'t W 'f is' x 'VA I iw Sis, -if uf gg 1 r -. - .-.V., V'--1 fi 14- ZA? v. srff,,- ' T, .mgmtf 2: - '-Nt,-1,31 4 0 f 'ffl ' u if ' i ig. 54? 'A "V :fi 4 .N -kia". ' A- 'I f' 'Vqqh - 'inning fvgfu -' " Fw L s i I . 6' if 1 . --1-. -- .. A , , 1' -A W 1' -' '- 144 F 'ff 1 sk. it A .I Wan ' '?'l'ki, . . , N, QA Y x .Q 5, 'Q' i . ' " 'V' 2 "' " " - lm QW' I 14 , '- , f 1 . W ,.,. ' Q. - - ' 1 'f 1 , , ".a " ' f"f'-6 ' " f ' -' . . ' 37-91" as -f. 'T 14. Jr.-'nf -1 Qi, , V, ,. , , , 3 . ,, . ,, .r ,. . , . , V, U. ,' ,fx ,. if 4 H- A , gl- : I I ,in A QR ,inf t . I Y l Y M .L K-I, 15-Q1 -Q 'I Y A, . :ww X E if ,um , uiffsly K- Emi , " LQEVT,-1 - 'fill' -. nl, A 2 .5 .-- Y' I ' ' tf 1" " 4. -,,m.1f,..,'f. WB. .mg 'v '. , .' fn. 9 A u. I 'QW A . 'JE 94, . , 4, ' . - Y f .41 ' .X if v 4 5 5 .V i ' - 'vs --.JI v. 7 W Q1 . H, v -. A-fu,- , -, - 'T . W A kv 'll Q2 u ', 3 , 3 Q Y 'L wi Y 4 sf- ' . II. 4' '.aIl:"'Qa ju- ' 'mf if ' 'V ' I QAI' 4,i..'5.fMLJv V -4 J S" Ji' "' Q- ' 36" lm 5 E2 W-'Aix ? SX J' G' i,-QCQA r : . . QWV' V hu. I uw-N X MH, any ' wk' -f V5 .wk iw . ' 'Sjifs-7 I 3 . -1 -, .' ,M , . I' . x - W 53 fs . K . 5' ' 'fl-I .1 I - .x f- ' 'pw-vu., 'L N ' f . I - J 'N . Ji N . rv Q . I ' K ' 4 5 ' h . E fl: ,x ,q , . f , '. ,la , f ' - ' 562' X5 . U wi. I f ff' "-div-,SWF '-an . 2 ai if z - -A 4 ,' I L , .-r , ' A . A A A - H - sg.. gg? . . -. i' R -A x X Nts, S xx. , - W I-.A ,,.:if,5. My Q ahh 4 ' x tug? I 2 "so GLAD TO see YA!" H - li . if " V '11, wfgb , '41 , ,. . Q..- -,- ,nr N . 153' hu x 'V V p A 'WH gag F- iff? W"'w,m" 'I ' ., ,F-wi -Wg .fylf I K 'mdk' ,E 154 N A fix' - . f7'IflV"., ' 452 , N , H i ,' I ' 1 1 -.'-P I ,N ,yr T '- M' 1 ':'.1.., A , . Rf, uf I I I I lffir. ff V' f " f 1 . I-I .qgxgxk It Q . X Qx -K - x x , X WAS R 6".',- X af: OUR OUOTAS FILLED-TO HECK WITH 'EM. g WORDS WE DOUBT EVER GOT SAID: "WELL, THE KAPPA IGHT BUT DEARIE, IT WAS TOO BIG' CHI O'S EYE PROSPECTIVE PLEDGES Www ' 7 A ' ' 4- 5 A -1- ,,,f?f,,25:lf5W Q ,,, Y. I , , 1 . 4. Y. Q11 A . A Q ' :.. . WLIQQQ 'wg 'S ' 1 ' Y ,1 4 ., . nv" - I " , 'S I ....i1m..L, ,, Q Q o t I , W I 4 4 'THEY'LL LET ANHYBODY, IN 5 -ff C, i 6 . 'H 4 E 2 U K v. .. 'b ar -1. n Hn .4 .1 .f 21 ' . 'L fy iP'..w it 'fi-3 A' f ff?R.53Qh' M Q Q, , 4 . .,-1 ,- g - " c r 1. Q In s - I-,ls 4,,i'kii'T1g:KY":,j. 'ggi X mars, f-'J' ' X ' ,,',' GQ. -1-. Al: Y- 4 N -. x 3.1, 1. M ' ' AVN- , '51 .f . x' . , -, , , h , vi v 1 - . 334-wg . g ' - - , 1,1 .ff , -f' .BM , , Ek D ' l , Q . V ,x w - fc.A.eA,-p.,'f' -Q ' 'Y X, -. SN P . ' 'U-5 " ' . , ' .. , W, kit 1 Q - xl K -1 V ,Z Msgs, 1. ' "Eu ' gms: f-auf, . 1- . 1 - wail 7' if ' :F X ,Af 'I b 'V 4 ' c ,.f, ' ' 1 . xr" 1' , ' W ' 1 - ., Q , WENT, 'N - 5 N , .1 .M h- A. ' A x E M va, 'ff -2 ' M . 3, ,X v , , ai jr 1 f ,.- , ' - V .1 N4 . ' - - A-I -1 1 'f-'f 4' - . x ' Y ,V . V .QM . QV Y ' I l l 3 ,I ,,,, . nl , ' ' A '14 ,ana . X W Qi. 51" I T ' K. ' ,- ' M , 5 We: P' 4 g ' ' . I arm Q th ' , Q , 8 , I , , Jrf' A VH, -Q V ,i A M I5 V! f ' ,J h ' ' rt I - ,Q g.:".t F . , ,H xl' , 4 I h . N , ' " 'I 4.9. L , -- 1- , ffl!" , ,. N fvj ,x M 1' - . 3. X ' " " lkgqws L v 4 f - 'ep 2 an 1 . .,' .wma e' .,. 1 , -, . 1 36-92 I+' 4 f',r,51Q1f . . 4 "A, , -2- , - 'P fr " 'f'.'f1 x zfmg-,,. " r . ' 1: . -K N . , 36? i 'f2?Q':fA.' qff 3.. - ff' , '. . fel!! "K A ' " , We A ws H. K I .' "A ' . 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J F '-A: 1 I X' If X Q ' ' I , 2 h Q lf n A 'Q ' c L ly V I 'QQ' , .5 Q ,X if gl My .f-f" D" I 5-iff . , ., -. w V L N , J 1 A SHE-sc:-moo cv-mssns A He.scv-moo . W .- I I E - v-1 . f F 45.4 1 ' -'21 -, ff , +- wwf? :A f"b r 1 ,H 5 5 . 0 4 'q,1, F ' 'WFT' 2. -5, jg .- - 'X ,. . Y 11" , . '7 ' ' ." ' , 'f ' ' L z Y ., 09" 1 A 'ik' - ,.x z . iv . I, Q Q ,".,?, x 1. .' '. '. fx .. wr, ,Q-, 'M I . 'l- QP Q A iw' . 3: - I I xl, ,- 3' x ' 1 f ,, 59- Q Q ....o kia 1 ' 1 ,f J xi. , ,r- .. ng., xi JC, 1 LIL ABNER HAMLEY ,mx -. f 'X L 4 v A tx . 'KJ , 5? .., . . N.. ' . 4 ff 5' fl ' ' 'C . 'V I C -L , , ' , .3 4 Q ,far I Q , A- 7 Q. ' .Q,,in,4-:gi , s ' ' ? X ' f ffgf 'iii ' 11 vw ' ' 4 5 . wr' ,, 1,2 V ,. , - yw ' ifigf-iw ' 48.55 , y . , , . I .. X Ii . 1 'W' , 'W' '-fbi ' 'W ..f -,Tu - ixgxi, iM"- P' , ' U 11 K "f ff A. ' 'w E, . - 4-ml, 4- wuz. 4.1, .f , U ,in 4 F H- '- ss. P , g. Q, iffffffwi fk 9: nl b..4 ' -- 4 lx, h In - Q. ,.,." ,Q ' 1, 'EXQIH1 ' D 'f .YL ff. A' 1 V ,Y fl. 525 ' ' Q ,- ,. s. lg .' V , NA? ix.: du ix' v,,3i61'1 ' ffpusffr' . 9 .i"5ff'f?3"'fi HL' V- " 'af-9mw,:,2'mif .L-.1531 . i Ai? h1.,..f5 be lik, " -1 1. -p A ,QQ 'QA Q QA 'IQ-S ,V . .A gh, . w -, s ' , Af X if ' A 1 .. . 3 fy , .Ai 252' ' .5 1 ' 9, ,F NA 1 . f ' f' 5' X ' Q Q Q -B L ' I Q' 4 iivi Mex i U' 'fi I -1' 3' A x l ,X i 4 2' 5 g an 4 xtltg .L 3' 55 'ln ' 1' Q 'K F 0. 1 J 1 we I 4. u .M 1' K II I , ....,. AQ' -o, '4 if .'f"" 4. ..-q . s, .,. 1: fjgijfiffg I I Q , , 4 N J. V . 1 , ., .r, . 1 'V - J-.. -va - f .vnfn Q .f., Y, . . v. 4 ' . 5. 'Qff"z. 4 x 15 if X v . f 'F' R . . Q f .-- -. . Jr N JK " uf . , 3 .N 1 fm ,Q 1 . g - .,.,'Y Q? , xxx I. ,g 290 x kg' 5 ' .A ,. a . ai V . 3 - 1 Ylf -'nd' Q. J-'gffz' 1 "mf . - 5 ,, :- : . ' Mzlil: FP , ' , ' I-3 .','.f'.'1' Tf'fxfL,, ' ' Q nag, 1. it . I i , .4- .ff 1 JW A , - i A ' 'VA v I. s tg' X' " . f 'he 'q , I xv A J 4 ,I -Q . - U 6' 1- STX f' QA: bf. " V . 1-mm . 1 . 1 f . 11? -f ,V N Y' x, wg-f' - fx ' 1, 1 ' L: - . f , D , 15 ' 1 - Q Q,4. "f ' Q- 5 . 1 -6 zz 8 if . r , ' WI x .W x-,Q , q fl-4s,5 A ' - ' U' 5.0 M, Ia.. ,x 4, --- . , ,..5. ,f A' ff ff xv' ,A ,, I . Qi.. Ms- .,A ..T1 'H . E. ., Y... 9-L,. ' ., Q... ' , . D fl f i : F "25?z5fH ' A ",KN f ,- ,,f4,,' -' ' uiIg"f,A:,,,,.' zgzwlh, CO .iw HTO '-1 " . QYJ sN'Ng3 'M ' x 1- 5 , Xi, 'U' X J-3.5 . . ,A ,aff-ffl, j, Af' I ..,. I '2--'M' E'RE NOT DRESSED - -V441 - 4 0.1. -,a- ' Z5 ', . is , 1 uni . X lT'LL ONLY . .1 5 P Ja- I I' , T 5... I f'Hf,n .frf I 9 XT 5, X 1 N f l I C P' ,Q ,,,,,, , 1, , f 711 . - L llMlliIlll Illlill llllPPll BILLW NVALTON, . J,-KMES BAFENETT Orville 5. Beard Roberl Bonds Oscar Buchanan Dudley Buford William O. Carler Wilfred Cole Overlon Currfe OFFICERS . .Presidenl TOM BOURDEAUX . . .Vice-Presidenl DR. H, B. HOWERTON Cleveland Davis Kirby Day, Jr. Charles Dean Dean DuBois Ted Ford Charles Gaisser Ernesl Graves Since l936 Alpha circle of Omicron Delfa Kappa has offered recognifion fo oufsfanding campus leadership in fhe fields of religious and social acfivifies, journalism, forensics, scholar- Firsf Row: James Barnell Orill B d Rb lB d vi e ear , o er on s, Tom Bourdeaux, Oscar Buch- anan, Dudley Buford, Wil- liam Carler, Wilfred Cole, Overlon Currie. Second Row Cleveland Davis, Kirby Day Charles Dean, Dean DuBois Ted Ford, Ernesf Graves, Wil liam Griffilh, Waller Gunn D H r'l Th' d R oug a li ey. rr ow Jesse I-lollernan, Roberl' Hol- iinqsworlh, Brinkley Morton Lewis Nobles, Slanley Thames: George Sfreel N. S. Sweat Barry Walfon, William wrniei MEMBERS Waller Gunn Doug Hamley Jesse Boyce Hollernan William Griflilh Roberl l-lollinqsworlh Brinkley lvlorlon Lewis Nobles Gene Roper Slanley Thames George Slreel' Andrew Sullivan N. S. Swear William Winler Treasurer Secrelary ship and afhlefics. The Nafional orqanizafion was founded in l9l4 af Washingfon and Lee Univer- sify and has grown unfil fhe sixfy acfive circles have a membership of l5,000. Firs+ Row: Claire Aycoclc, Monlie Barringer, Mary Elizabeih Cafes, Nancy Chenaulr. Second Row: E l e a n 0 r Knee, Jean Lori, Virginia Tansil, Jane Walker. OFFICERS MONTIE BARRINGER . . ...,... . .President VIRGINIA TANSIL . . I , . Vice-Presidenf NANCYQCHENAULT . . . , . Treasurer CLAIRE AYCOCK . , , , . . Secrefary ELEANOR KNEE . . . .Forum Represemiava MEMBERS MARY ELIZABETH CATES JEAN LOTT JANE WALKER Morlar Board is a nalional honorary sociely hiqhesl honors conferred upon women sludenfs, for senior women, eslablisheol al 'rhe Universiiy based upon oufslanding personaliry, scholarship, in I943. Seleclion for membership is one ol The abilily and leadership on The campus. lllllllll Illl Illl y PI IIA "Ii'f?QlUN "X CIIRRIT. ,I MLS FSI I I N CABANIS5 Finn-y Euiiffne Belcher Arlhur C. Gui,-Iiin Mar NV. Pxlfns James Ofhell Alderm Lloyd Miller Bridqers Lesiie Ray Bryanl Frances Esres Darden Samuel Kirby Day, Jr. PPA Pl OFFICERS . . . . . . Prosidenl JOIIN IIAWKINS NAPILR, III . . . .Vice-Presideni , . . . . Lxeciilive Secrelary JOANN GUNN . . . . . . . . . Secrelary JOHN ROGERS . . . . . ,....,.... Treasurer FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Bernard G. Hamillon John Sykes Harlin M. K. l'liTirne John T. Elheridoe Charles Gaisser Hazel Irene Garrefl John Fenwick Jackson Samuel Roscoe Knox Clilron Maxwell Reber' O'iyer Duncan The hiqhesl scholaslic honor Ihar may be alrained al Ole Miss is membership in Pi Kappa Pi. The lralerniry, a local organizalion, was founded in I925. Requiremenls W. L. Kennon Richard E. Keye, Jr. P. K. MrCarIer MEMBERS Byron A. Mayo Lawrence Eyerman Noble, Jr. Lewis Nobles George William Polhemus Charles Wriqhl Robison James B. Snow Chesler A. McLarIy Louis Silver Marlha Walson Sumners Marqie Tyler Richard Garland Walls Charles E. Will, Jr. Alberr Haines Woolell Jimmy Boycl Zachary for membership include a grade of sevenly per cenl "Ks" on a minimum ol sixly conseculive hours. First Row: Max W. Akins If es Ai-german, Lloyd ifcgers L-ealie Ray Bryanr, Cierrin Currie, Frances Egres Dewi-2 531,91 Kirby Day, Jn Rcberv Olirer Duncan, Jew Etheridge. Second Rowt Irene Savill, Joann Snr, John Fenwiffl Jacksf, '1"'ci'i Mlfwell, Brian A. Mau, Jzrw Haw-Pine Napier' lil, La.-fence Eff-rrr'a' Noble! J'. Lehi: Nlzbles, Gecrqe Nuiia "'r Pai'-ir"z.s. Third Row: C'a'lef Wrfqkr Reb- J: n Bi'Imr'an Riaris JE ".' 3 B. Soil,-J, lVIJ'rh3 We?- fic Su"'if"3 Margie Tifer, R 4:4 'f flaw: Vila I ls, 'T "fs E. .VIH Jr, Albert P r ' W" fi l'rrr,' Bryd . ,-ii.i .1 EATON A. LANG, JR.. OFFICERS Firsf Row: John F. Benoisl, Ed Bircheff, Roberf Bonds, James Califf, Clarence Casa fle, Warren Clifford, Roberl Cox, Tom Culley, Kirby Day, Thomas Dean. Second Row: Roberf Donald, Wi l l ia m Dorsey, Roberf Duncan, J. O. Emmerich, James Follansbee, Bruno Furini, William Gil- lespie, William Hamm, Ed Harris, Hunfingfon Howell. Third Row: Harry Hunger- ford, John Jackson, Whifman Johnson, Ernesf Jones, Alfred Lang, Eafon Lang, Lionel Lesfer, Walfer Long, Williarr: Long, William Luck-elf. Fourfh Row: Louis Lyell, C l i ffo ri Maxwell, H a r v e y Me-lf7er, Harold Melvin, David Miller, Lawrence Noble, Lewis Nobles, Jase Norsworfhy, Clyde Pearson, John Prados. Fiflh Row: Pefer Raphael, John Rogers, Lesfer Shipley, Richard Srnifh, William Theis- rnan, Joel Walker, Richard Walls, Wil I ia rn Winfer, Charles Wiff, Alberf Wool- leff. WILLIAM A. LONG, JR. . . . . . Presidenf ROBERT l. COX ...... . . Secrefary . . . . . . . . .Vice-Presidenr WILLIAM W. COMBS, JR.. . .Treasurer JOHN E. BENOIST . . . . .......... Hisforian MEMBERS James S. Affaya James T. Bennefl Edward S. Bircheff Roberf A. Bonds Lloyd M. Bridgers James l. Califf Clarence E. Casfle Warren K. Clifford Tom S. Culley Samuel K. Day. Jr. Thomas J. Dean Roberf I-l. Donald William B. Dorsey Dr. Frank A. Anderson Finley E. Belcher Roberf O. Duncan John O. Emmerich, Jr. James W. Follansbee Bruno Furini, Jr. William M. Gillespie William J. Hamm I. Edward I-larris l. Hunfingfon Howell Harry B. Hungerford, John E. Jackson Whifman B. Johnson, Ernesf M. Jones Alfred B. Lang Lionel E. Lesfer Walfer K. Long, Jr. William O. Luckeff Louis J. Lyell M. Cliffon Maxwell Harvey J. Melfzer I-larolcl W. Melvin David Miller Lawrence E. Noble, Jr. VV. Lewis Nobles Jase O. Norsworfhy FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Harry Campbell R. Malcolm Guess Huey B. Howerfon, Jr. Clyde L. Pearson John W. Prados Pefer L. Raphael John B. Rogers Lesfer Shipley, Jr. Richard L. Smifh William B. Theisman, Jr. Joel P. Walker, Jr. Richard O. Wails William F. Winfer Charles E. Wiff, Jr. Alberf H. Woolleff Dr. W. L. Kennon Phi Efa Sigma, nafional honorary scholasfic frafernify fhe sfudenfs fo have nof less fhan a 2.5 qualify poinf aver- for freshmen, has as ifs purpose fhe forwarding of scho- age in his firsf year of college work. Though selecfed in lasfic ideals and achievemenfs among freshman men. To fheir freshman year fhe members remain acfiye fhrough- affain membership in fhis organizafion if is necessary for our fheir college career. PHI ITA Slllllllll CHI lPSllll CFFICERS ,l-'NCR M, RUCSE . , Presidenf ORWLLE S. BEARD . Afwlfh N, Vv llll li Vice Presiderfi MQSES ATTAYA Y"fWx4"lS E FOSWEE Sefvelary MEMBERS .lf-was S, A"'v.a Charles S. Bidqwd Brire Cx Fwsriri Ralph E. Bradley il.,-l C. Bafrnll Ernrnelf C. Brown Peril Jarnc-s Brlliflv Phillip H. Galloway Franl Ballina Glen Garflenian Vxfilliam E. Howard Vvilliarn H, Ivy Richard H, Kinq Tracy W, Lusk Jr. Thomas Mi,Nu11 CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS , , , , . .Treasure Associare Edilor of "The Transil' Henry N, Moore Clarence H. Polls J. R. Smith lmpn T, Younq fhlirf-fl lliirn-A Lee H. ,lohnsfin F. H. Kelloqq Chi Epsilon is a nalional honorary civil engineering acler. pracficalily, and sociabilily. This is The firsf year fralernily composed of iuniors and seniors in fhe School of aclivily for Chi Epsilon af lhe Universily since I943. of Engineering, Eliqibilily is based upon scholarship, char- Fars? Row Brucc Au 1 n Jack and ran' Barron Orvr e ard nn llrna Char 65 3 iqsoa Second Row Ralph ao ey Er new Brown Phil Galloway Glen Garlle n Williarn Howard Wll ow Cf L Henr r a Po OC n R Srwlh Jan' Nnire Loren Young B Af, 5 . at l 'll 35 , Era ' Be A , l ef, Br 'i , ri ,i ' . my Ric'-ard KinqiThirCi R 1 Tra N u 5 R, C Moc e, Cl 'ence 'fTS, J Reese, .lar . 4 '95 178 First Row: Thomas Bourdeauw, Dudley Buford, Overton A. Currie, Arthur B. Custy, Elwyn Darden, Ernest C-ravesy Wil- liam Jeff Hamm. Second Row: JackHarrington, Charles Henley, Henry Ware Hobbs, Robert J. Hobby, Delbert Hosernann, Homer Lee Howie, Ernest Jones. Third Row: William O. Luck- ett, Dale McKibben, Clifton Maxwell, William Moroney, Brinkley Morton, Charles M. Murphy, John C. Murray, Jf. Fourth Row: William Rybak, James E. S m it h , George Street, Robert Walker, Billy Walton, William Wi n 1 P r , Henry Wood. OFFICERS 'WILLIAM F. WINTER . . .Magister OVERTON A, CURRIE . .Clerk WILLIAM O. LUCKETT. . . .Exrliequer ERNEST M. JONES . . .Historian MEMBERS Thomas D. Bourdeaux Charles Henley Clitton Maxwell James E. Smith Paul D. Brandes Henry Ware Hobbs William Moroney George Street Dudley Buford Robert J. Hobby Brinkley Morton Robert A, Walker Arthur B. Custy Delbert Hosemann Charles M. Murphy Billy Walton Elwyn Darden Hamer Lee Howie John C. Murray, Jr Alonzo D, Welch Ernest W. Graves Ernest M. Jones William Raworth John M. Weston Jett Hamm, Jr. Byron Long William F. Riley Henry C. Wood Jack Harrington Dale Mclfibben William C. Rybak Members ot Mayes lnn ot Phi Delta Phi, an honorary ganization was tormed at Ole Miss in l927. Purpose ot international legal traternity, are chosen trom those law the fraternity is to promote culture and protessional students who have displayed the highest qualities ot ethics in the legal protession. scholarship and character in their legal training, The or- 179 Hlllll lllll Illlllll NNIMN LFVY, JR. . Pfesidenf HARVEY MELTZER , . Vlffi-PfC'SlCjf'lTl ADA COHEN , . , Sc-crelary-Treasurer MEMBERS lip-'lvl' Cohen Fri'-d Friedman Maurice ldloens Peler Raphael R bi-il Ciwvris Burney M. Ffiflrs Rayrncind Muffin Waller Phulen Hyip, Q-3'-pgiwiqn Charles Hollancler Arlhur Qlcun Oscar Rulslcy Hair-, l73rw5',1l-r Maurice Joseph Morlon Ornslein Jack Vvieil Cb-,,1.g Ffgdmgn Irwin Kaulman Henry Paris Melvin Wiener The l-lillel Foundalion is composed ol Jewish sluclenls religious, cullural, and social inlormalion for :ls members al Ole Miss. Sponsored by The Mississippi B'nai B'rilh, a and lo losler social opporlunilies among 'rhem Jewish men's service orqanizaliori, l-lillel seeks lo provide Finsl Row: Ada Cohen, HCrb ul Coren, Robefl Covens, l-lvw C-.ociern-anl l-l a r r Y Dwrfiqf-rx C,FG'l'E5 Frlidmafl Perl Friililrmn. Second Row: Env, Fgslc, Cliifles Hol- sfzeq l-ll1iJ'iC'f' Ji fipiy lrwin Kujvfin, lAau'Ye LabenS, 'Xl3"1'i Lf lf, Harley' Meltzer. Third Row: fvfnur Olfun H-fir, Piris, Peffr Raphael, Nilliar l-"fan Cfiifir Pulslw- 'vf Nr-" rffwn Vlliencr. f IU' JY s MARILYN NASON ALICE CRITZ. . . RUTH JENKINS . ANNE McLEAN . LYDY BECKER . ANN DUKE. . . PATTY McKAY . GWEN WALKER MEMBERS . .Chi Omega . .chi Omega . .Chi Omega . . .cha Omega Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della NANCY CHENAULT . . . . Della Gamma BETSY MOORE . . , . Della Gamma BETTY BROWN . . .,..,.... Della Zela MISS SALLY GNEAL. . Pix is an honorary inler-sororily secrel sociely com- posed ol members lrom each ol lhe sororilies al lhe Universily. The purpose ol Pix is lo recognize oulsland- PIX BILLIE JOHNSON . . ELEANOR KNEE. . JEAN LOTT ..,., MARGARET WALTERS ANN BERDON . . . PAT REILLY . BARBARA FLY . . JEAN PEMBLE . . CLAIRE WELLS. . I-IELEN COPLEN . . PATSY I-IAYNES . . .......Sponsor Firsl Row: Lydy Becker, Anne Berdon, Belly Brown, Nancy Chenaull, I-I e I e n Coplen, Alice Crilz, A n n Duke. Second Row: Barbara Fly, Dalsv Haynes, Rufh Jenkins, Billie Johnson, Eleanor Knee, Jean Loll, Pally McKay. Third Row: Anne McLean, Belsy Moore, Marilyn Nason, Jean Pemble, Pal Reilly, Gwe n Walker, Margaiel Wallers, Clarie Wells. . . Della Zela . . Kappa Della . , Kappa Della . . . . , ,Kappa Della . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . .Phi Mu . .Phi Ma . . . .Phi Mu . .Zela Tau Alpha . Zela raa Alpha ing members ol lhe various women's Greek leller groups ancl lo losler lriendship belween lhese organizalions. Membership is by invilalion. 181 PHI AlPHA lllllll FRKNCIS THOMAS ZACHNRY, -lfxMl.5 lvlll lARl7 Vll RCF , WANNE.if-RMlAlv1WllLlAMS . . .Jusfiue . ,Virc Jusliee . . Clerk IHUMAS A. Blll . , , ,Lf-,,,.,,f, MEMBERS Pfrul Glbr-rl Alexarrder' Jarlnsvn Dcrllorr Doly Clfxkfilalfld PGN S John GYC.'.'.CI R,-rlplr S. l7i,lfe'Srrrr Albcrl W. Jordan, Jr. Sluclerrls in lhe School ol Law who have allairred lhe rrme-,5ar'y class. average and who meel eheracler' require rrrerrlw are eligible for membership irr lhe rraliorral horr- orary legal lralorrrily. The locfrl rhepler, Q2',ldlDliSl'1Cd irr Carl Allocrl Meqehue Nedh Sweat Robert D, Pelle-rgon Horace lvl. Wallcins, Jr. Logon B. Phillips David John Whilalcer I929, ie named lor' one ol lvli55is,sippi's mosl lamous frldlllblllijll' L. Q. C. Lcrrrmr, llir purpoue i5 lo promolc fel. lovvghip and lhe ideolu ol the legal proleggiorr, Firsf Row: Priul Alemrrder, Thee' Allin Brill, Cleveland fU.a.'r', Ralph D cmersorr, Jack- Qon Dr:,rf,. Second Row: John G'cwer, Albev Jordan, Carl Maqfwree, Dewey Paffersorr, logon Philhpz. Third Row: Jqrrrf-'. Pierce, Noah Sweerf, l1f.r4f.f-Wilkins, David Whil- rrrbnr, F. T. Zrqhary. I W. OFFICERS WILFRED O. COLE, JR.. . . . . Presidenl' CHARLES TANNER . . WALTER GUNN . . J. K. Ayenf Winslon Barnard Roy Barnes William Bell Jack W. Bishop Bob Bledsoe Frank W. Bowen B. M. Brady Al Bryan Ray Bryanl S. H. Cafiey, Jr. Hilmon Caslle . .Vice-Presidenl R. W. GRlFFlTH. JR, . MEMBERS E. J. Daly R. T. Hollinqsworlh Kirby Day. Jr. R. D. Dean J. R. Denlon Bob Duncan Charles Farris Harmon Fosler William M. Gillespie James O. Gilmore Howard R. Gray Joseph L. Guylon Jeff W. Harris Billy B. Hoover Bernard Hunl Sid D. Jones G. L. Lamrnons T. E. Maqee George Miller Paul E. Mink Wallace C. Moore, Jr. Joe P. Mcliell Norman A. McKinnon, Jr. Ben O'Kelly Firsl Row: James Avenl, 'Ninsion Barnard, William Bell, Bob Bledsoe, B. M. Brady, Shad Hill Calfey, Wil- lred Cole, Edmond Daly, Roberl Dean, Charles Farris. Second Row: William Griffith, Waller Gunn, Joseph Guyfon, Bob Hayes, R. T. Hollings- worlh, Bernard Hunl, Sid Jones, George Lammons, Tom Magee, Wallace Moore. Third Row: George Riley. Beniamin Rush, Lowery Rush, Charles Tanner, Floyd Thies- man, Charlion Vincenl, Mike Bryan. Fourth Row: Wi y g u l. Pledges: Jack Bishop, F ra n k Bowen, Al more, Howard Gray, J. Ray Bryanl, David Comfori, Bob Crockelf, Kirby Day, Bob Duncan, Harrnon Fosler, Wil- liam Gillespie, James Gil- Harris. Fiffh Row: Waller Henley, Billy Hoover, George Miller, Paul Mink, Joe Mc- Kell, Norman McKinnon, Curlis Ro be rls, Herberf Robinson, Leo Scanlon, H. D, Websler. . .Secrelary . .Treasurer Georqe A. Riley Curlis D. Roberls Herberf H. Robinson Beniamin Rush Lowery Rush Leo J. Scanlon, Jr. R. E. L. Siewarl Joe Slriblinq Floyd Thiesman Bob Turnaoe Charllon Vincenl Willis Walker David M. Comlorl Bob Hayes Charles Pearce H. D. Websler, Jr. Bob Crockell Waller Henley Coleman Pickle Mike Wiyqul Phi Chi medical iralernily is composed of members March 22, l926. lls purpose is lo furlher The ideals of chosen for inlelligence and for lheir inleresl in lhe pro- lhe medical profession. iession. Thera Pi chapler was formed al Ole Miss on .fi OFFICERS l l El",YlxwAx Sf' llNlulll'l M l"-llll'lN lun l B llllh l l 1VV'Mf'llJ l l ll Sl'llllS l l ll fFffkQL B, HF' JVVN l SHVFNS ri . . llfkll Fmflflnl ll-Alll WALTERS . MEMBERS Mfffl- A. Arlams HM Lg AVdQI'Sf'E'U lf-me C. Bmeley Ll' ,ffl M. Bridldms Jlarwiz R. Cflpelarwl l?f'lh+:rl A. El'-wdlc Wlmliflld Dunn Ci-fll C. For William R. Gfardrwor Mlllfln S Hfffpwr Wllllarww Tllad Jwimb5 Willlnrn B. Llllle Ralph H. Marble Della Sigma Pl execuhve council. llcmclmnslcr ll ' I Mlfqldljll My Wllvllrg-n , Sulbo TIC-fisuror Advlaor lllslrfllon ly Clhxlrrvulnfl Editor Hlnrflld W. Ml,-Mn P' bf-fl H. Ml1l'+'ll l ,M Vlflfll' J, lplwlllppn l'lf"VlFy' V. Pmlillmson llwlmfxs A F" f' Pl' lmrfl L Sm lr: lllflmems H, Wlalls Cl'rf1l'lC:S Wlll f iw Q' Firsl Row: Mail Adams, Hirls Andersriri, Lewis Beasley, Edgar Bowman, Lloyd Bridgers, Jasper B. Brown, James R, Copeland, Amos Dowdle. Second Row: Winfield Dunn, Roberl Ellis, Cecil Foxx William R. Gardner, James H. Hall, Millon Hooper, William Jacobs, Roberl S. McLaurin. Della Sigma Pi is a professional commerce and busi- ness aclminisiraiion iralernily organized lo iosler lhe sludy of business in uniyersilries, Furiher aims are io en- courage scholarship and associaiion of siudenls for mu- iual advancemenlr by research and praciice. Membership is resiricled To maiors in ihe School oi Commerce and Business Adminislraiion who have mel necessary scho- laslric requiremenis and are approved by ihe organiza- lion. Third Row: Ralph Marble, Harold Mrgiyin, R-nbc-rl Mullrgilf, Rcbrgrf lli3r.i,li,, Vi,f'r J. Rhiiippi, Cecil Rami-r, hl-Qnry V. Ribini-Cin, Ralph Rig-ll. Fourfh Row: iliomax, Alberl Jchn R. Shri-iidu, Richard Smiilln, Wiyflie C, Slevens, Louis Vise Qerald Wallers, 'ihiiimas Walls, Lei R. Williams. Miss Elinor Green is presenied a +rophy as "Rose of Delia Sigma Pi 185 l Seco'1d Row: 'sl -'- SIGMA MPH Illll C Q .fN.,, T C MEMBERS is in 1 ,U pl. Sigma Alpha lola is naliomal honorary musical iralemily lor women. lls purposes are lo uphold The ideal-5 ol lhe musical prolession. Membership is reslisicled lo graduale and undeigraduale music sludenls who moel reciuirerriemls in lheii n,, -Y. xl, -. as ..,C1 music courses and are recommended by lhe lac- ully ol lhe Deparlmenl ol Music. Alpha Omega chapler ol 'rhe lfralernily was lormed al' Qle lv'lisS in l'?f:l9, irsf Row: ' T' First Row: Vrijfrr Ar pigvfliil 'I Williarrr W, Barnard, Slice! Hill Caffev, Billy Collur, Seniarnin Larnplon Cfawlord Jr., Berry Drury, Geor e Ed- mondson, George Ellis. gecond Row: Barbara Fly, John Frazier, Eliiaberh Gish Rob' err Henry Glover, Marlha Gross, Howard Gray, John F. Jackson, James Kresrensen. ihird Row: Lucy Lawson, Dora Dean MCG-ee, John L. MeGee, Warren Dayid Mann, George Miller, Roberr And- rew Mirchell, William Lewis Nobles, Eleanor Norsworrhy. Fourfh Row: John Melvin Palferson, Gisele Sauerberg, Bernard Seymour, Edsel Sfewarl, William H. Tolberf, Snelby Wallace, Jack Wifche en, Frank Mike Wiygul, Jime Tw Zacha ry. BOYD LACHARY . JOHN JACKSON . BARBARA FLY . . Virglor Applewhile W. W. Barnard J. S. Brown Shed l-lill Calley Billy Collum Benjamin L. Crawford, Jr Tom Culley Kirby Day George Edrnonson George Ellis Gloria l'lr,rqhes Franklin OFFICERS , . .llresldenl l,lRURY . . . , . . , .l'llSlOlldll . ,Vrre Presrdenl DR. E, M, Hllll . . lim-iarirer ang Fdrully Cfrunse r ,.S,. nr Malcolm Franklin John Frazier Elizabelh Gisl Roberl Henry Glover Mrs. Marlha Goss l-'low-ard Gray James P. Holloway James Kreslensen Lucy Lawson Dora Uean MLGee Jrrhn L. McGee Warren David Mann relary MEMBER S George Miller Roberl Andrew Milf he-II Lewis Nobles Eleanor Norsworlhy- John Melvin Pallerson Mrs. Bernice B. Fire Poberf R. Roper Eloise Rowland Gisela Sauerberfii Bernard S6-y rr'r our Charles Mrwnr ure Edsel Slewarl ,,. , Vlfrllrani l'l. lolborl Lee Wallar,e Jaek Wirchen Frank Wiygul Dr. Elmer Hammond Dr. Vernon B. l-larrison Dr. Frank M. l-lull Berwind Kaufmann Dr. Uean R. Parker Herman lhrqpen Howard Vinrenl Weerris A nalional honorary lralerniry for biologisls, Bela Bela Bela Kappa chapler was formed al Ole Miss in l94l. The Bela chooses ils members from biology sludenls who meer lralerniry serves as a local poinr lor biology sludenls on cerlain slandards of scholarship and scienrilic aprilude. The campus. rrrr rzrr Blwll DIPE UIHIA Il rr",- P F13 Y- are Cir I V :J N L lf- Eryr---r flu' I F rrj 1 .' r P' wr- E rgrir 1 a"f:' L'1J'f1 I wa officers: Hadad OFFICERS MEMBERS Br .ri E. Hfrrrwr, Jr, M 'rv .f' H-'arp lr .1 r-pr' B, Havrrrrm cur' 5 V55'f1 .leru Und H plirs Mrkw rswrw, Jr. ,A rf- J-fab ur rrwvriflfqfe,r Nbw' Jcmrs F?fsrfrrr.1ry Krrcrsrrrwrl Vriz rra Ludrr .fy Kflrr, Lyf-VX Byrd Mffxrd Ar. .Ui C. MJECUH. -VPU N1 Ddxrrj Ervrrw Mr Kay F' bw' M'Jrml-in V'sa- MCP-,rv-y, Jr. Er + Marrirw Eqrw m MfmWf'5 A Dfrrr Mfrrrrfrri Cr'-Surry Marrrrrrri N. L. Nowrarwd E. L. Nrr5.r. rrrw, Nrrra Mari- Nrrsscr HHZVJ Oq1Lf1'S l'x4',rWfg-on Oakei Briiie R. Onslow' Barbgrrg Parlor , McDaniels, Casfle. Il I Illl . Vrfr--Fr SJ rf Vyror Prarler H. A. Pnrrrgrw Ermyra Prffrorrrr rr Traiy Rarney Framlf Parrrsey, Jr. lr urs Ramsey Jrmrrwy L. Rirghmfirrwd Fred D. Robinsrwm Jfrwrr H. Ri-qcrs Gem-qc M. Ryan, Jr James W. San! Paf+y Sfarbrirrrfuqrw Wrrrram Soir? Qlraer Elrrrrir Shrpp Kafrwrrmy Spgrlmram Fred Sffe-dal! R. L. Sreriqarr T, J. Srewervs, Jr. Hrrarrr G. Sfuorr Joryrn Taylor' Murphy Taykrr L09 TH mes Fay Upfon Srhrrey Ufrr Buford H. Willcvsrlrrw Genevieve Wirrrams Owen K. Wilriamscrn C. L, Wilggrrw .3 Nm 188 5- 3 .gl - tm-Ei' CK Q ,gm ' urfi C' gs L-A 'r sy, pt. V Ng., 1' -T OPPOSITE PAGE: ABOVE: FirsT Row: WalTer E. Fisher, William Ousley, Barbara Parker, Dyral Parker, FourTh Row: Myrleen Oakes, Billy Firsf Row: BeTTy Abraham, Charles - - - Elinn, Charles Frazier, Eduardo Gai- l-lerron Parrish, Elmyra Pierocich, Abraham' Camlq Alamlan' Tan-Duran, David OoTorTh, l-lursT l-lall, Tracy Rainey, Erank Ramsey, Jr., Louis Second Row: Billy E. Berry, Billy Dewey l'larden, Marilyn l-larper, Ramsey, Jimmy Richmond, Boolos, STanley BrunT, Joseph B. l-lawkins, CurTis l-linson. d . . Fif+h Row: John l-l. Rogers, George Third Row: Ursula Byrd, WinsTon Ca- Se'-70" ROW: l-lOYd l-lOPlf"T5- lVl'l4e Ryan Jameg W Saul Paffy Scarbm- perifonl William A. Carligle. lsom, Alexander Jabour, Imogene VOUQH Wiliiam' SCM? Elmo Shipp Johnson, AlberT Jones, Rosemary Kayhrfne S k lp d S ' . . . . par man, re Tegall, FourTh Row: L. l-l. Clay, Ada Cohen, Keesling, Virginia Ludlow, Kerry Lyon, Roby Syeqau Thomag Syevems Amy Jo Cole, Alvie C. McCully, John McDavid. ' ' F- R : M - H b Third Row: Ervin McKay, l2oberT E. SixTh Row: l-liriam O, STuarT, Jeryl Dlgmliald Click 62353 EISSGQI' BO PY McJunkin, Voss Raney, DOT Malone, Taylor, Murphy Taylor, Lee Thomas, ' ' Darwin Maples, AlberT Monroe, Nor- Eaye UpTon, Shirley Urh, BuTord El. SixTh Row: James EarraguT, Oscar man L. Neyland, Eleanor NorsworThy, Wilkerson, Genevieve Will ia m Q, EarraguT, Mariorie Fields. Nina Mae Nosser, l-lazel Oakes. CreighTon Wilson, Samuel Wood. The lndependenT organizaTion is composed oT sTudenTs members oT The organizaTion, buT membership is open To who do noT belong To a social TraTerniTy. lT is a coed or- Them. The main purpose oT The group is To TurTher The ganizaTion. All independenT sTudenTs are noT necessarily social liTe oT The nonsGreek sTudenTs. 189 5 IIAPPA PSI PAJHL P. SHUI RBARG-LR JOSEPH F. NLICKOLLS CLYDE L, FEARSON . F. L. Baria Duane Capps llptuin Cool: George W, Edmonsli'-ri Fail F, Firtf-nberry OFFICERS . .President QLIITMAN H- IVMDANIEL, JR. . , .Vice-President JOHN T, CASE. . . ,Sefretary THOMAS K, BUCKLEY Paul A. Frasier James P. Holloway Clyde G. Huqqins illwornas 6. Lollin J, P, Iurlqirxfi son, Joseph P, Upton, Charles Beta Rho chapter ol Kappa Psi pharmaceutical ira- ternity was reactivated on the Ole Miss Campus in May, l947, alter some I7 years of inactivity. Members are Cho-zen in recoqnilion ol their scholastic standing, oen- MEMBERS Billy N. Ivlcfhdo J. Warren McDaniel John R. Mclduqh Malcolm L. Miller William lewis Nobles . . Treasurer . . Historian . . Chaplain Robert Price Georqe D. Slay Norman S. Thompson Joseph P, Upton eral ability, character and personality. They are expected to exert their utmost efforts to preserve and further the ideals of the pharmaceutical profession. First Row: F. L. Baria, Curtis Slornoiiist. Edward Nason Brock, Thomas K. Buckley, Duane Capps, John T. Case. John D. Dame. Second Row: George W. Edmonston, Earl F. F-ortenberi-y, W. Ednnone ston Fortenberry, Paul A. Frasier, Marvin Lynn Garrett, Cl-foe G, Huggins, Thomas 6. Loltin. Third Row: Billy N, MCACIO, J. Warren MC- Da n i el, Quitrnan H. Mc- Daniel, Jr., John R. McHugh, Malcolrn L. Miller, William Lewis Nobles, Joseph F. Naelrols. Fourth Row: Clyde l,, Pearson, Robert R. Price, Paal R. Shellabargef, George D, Slay, Nornan S, Thomp- H. Young. R, Minoru WILLIAMS PAUL J. BARTON . . Harvey C. Aden Moses Allaya Bruce G. Auslin Jaclc C. Barrell Allen Bodron Roberl F. Bowen James E. Bowie Ruben W. Boyell James E. Brarnuchi Emmell C. Brown Clillord C. Burgess Roberlson Dailey. Jr. David Barlon Vincenl F. Bellipani OFFICERS . ,Presidenl VASSAR D. HEMPHILL, JR. . . .Vice-Presidenl FRANK A. BELLINA. . Charles NV. Dean James H. Dorroh Louis C. Fields. Jr. James W. Follansbee Thomas E. Foshee Royce W. Fudge Phillip H. Galloway Glenn A. Garlelrnan Waller R. Hager William M. Hardee Fred H. Hohenschulz George P. Hoplrins, Jr. Harry B. Hungerlord, Jr. William H. Ivy Paul W. Johnson James H. Jones Richard H. King Velo B. Ligon William M. Lollis, Jr. Hewlelr F. McElroy Taylor H. McElroy John A. McFadden William T. MCNull John F. Maugh ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Jordan M. Bonner Cyril J. Fayard Roberl A. French Eduardo Gailan-Duran First Row: Bruce Austin, Jock Barrell, Paul Barlon, Frank Belliiia Roberl Bowen, James E. B o wi i e, Reuben Boyell Jairies E. Bramuchi, Emmell C. Brown. Second Row: Rob. err-an Dailey, Jr.. Charles W. Den' James H. Dorroh, Louis C. Fields, Jr., James W, Fol- lawzbee, Rovce W. Fudge. Phillip H. Galloway, Glen A. Sarlelman, Waller R. Hageg Third Row: Will ia rn Hnfdee, Valser B. Hemphil, Jr., Fred H. Hohenschulz, Eeorge P. Hopkins, Jr., Har- N B. Hungerford, Jr., Wil. liam H. Ivy, James H. Jones, Rirhard H. King, William M, Lofiis Jr., Hewell F. MCE!- ror. Fourlh Row: Taylor H, McElroy, William T. McNull, Norfleel Moore, Cle-On S. Moore, Thomas Larkin Mize, Edward Nelson, John L. Pills, Clarence H. Polls, James G. Putman, Jack M. Reese. Fiflh Row: William Marie Scoll, Thmias S. Sledman, Roberl Turner, James N. While. AS- SOCIATE MEMBERS: David I.. Burlon, Vincenl Bellipani, Jordan M. Bonner, Cyril J. Favard, Roberl A, French, E'Iuari'Io G-lilan Duran, . .Setrelary . .Treasurer Norlleel Moore Cleon S. Moore Thomas Larlrin Mize Ervin E. Nelson John L. Pills, Jr. Clarence H. Polls James G. Pulman Jaclr M. Reese William Maxie Scoll Thomas S. Sledman Roberl Turner James N. While Sam D. Parlier The American Sociely ol Civil Engineers is lhe nalion's slandards and advances knowledge and praclice in lh oldesl engineering sociely. Il promoles high professional fields ol engineering and archileclure. S HUME Hill llNIIlZS lllllll OFFICERS " ll TC' 'Kilfrjll . . . Presidenl MARGARET ZDERAD . . . Recordinq Secrelary R Ff"lllN'Q3 ..... Vice-Prcsidonl JEAN LOTT .... ..... T reasurer "US Corrczpcndinq Sccrclar-,i CAROLYN PREWITT .... . . Publicily SS DOROTHY WARNER . ........ . .Advisor MEMBERS Crrisline Ana Charm Crum Yvelle Lewis Barbara Price flliria A-Vl.lfll VQJF Dirk Charlolle Lowery Elizabelh Smilh Ewrb N3 Silrnl Diana Befo-n lvlifrw J. Eql es E'h0l Esler,1r'10 Fannie McEall Roboe Mclnlyre Gloria Sleadman Lanesse Thompso Fl Egrliara Barre? Kalherine Eaherly Peqqy Mahoney Francile Waller Jane Bcriro Elaine Eilulunlriclc Belly Marable Mary Frances Warino C'a'l'e"'e Rolh Hargrove Merle Marlin Cookie Wasson Charleene Buck Laodre Harlon Emily Moore Carolyn Williams bnzelle Boehm Bvlly Hiqdon Joyes Murphy Paly Williams 5,11-,i Eiggrlgelh Cales Alice Hunler Myrleen Oalres Kay Yoclrey Emily Colberl Olivia Lewis Pal Pack Harvey Ross Younq few-ie Ci'-:man ln order lo bring women sludenls logelher and inform Home Economics Club was formed al Ole Miss in l938. vhem oi lhe opporlunilies in lhe field ol home economics, The orqanizalion is open 'ro any woman sludenl' who has as well as lo promole clean, heallhlul, home life, lhe had a course in lhe deparlmenl or who is faking one. Fi-gr Row: Crrris'ine Ander- son, Glzma Anccrson, Barb- r 1 ya Banaran, Liana Beam, Barbara Barnes, Jane Bcrrnq. Qglrerine Bowen, Cl'arle61'lS Burtlf, Smells Baehler, Marv E'iz1belhCales. Second Row: Emily Colbert, Teen e Cale:--any CL3V7"l Crum, Vffll Cid, Mau' J. Eckles, E'r.e' :g.5f5q9y Kawerrne Faherhi L Qing Fvzsatrick Rufn Ha'- gcve, Laddie Harfon. Third Row: Jan Hayes, Bellwe Higdon, Alice Hunler, Joan J0"wg.orr, Olivia Lewls, Yvelle L-Efliy Jean Lczvl Charlene Low-ery, Fannie McFa1l, B 0 FJ E if e M-clnlyre. Fourfh Row: Minerte Mahoney, Bell fable, Merle Marlin, 'y Ma Ern'ly Moore, Joyes Murphy. rfyrl:-an O a k e s, Alfafrrcia Pair, Ca'ol,n Prevrfll 531'- iya Pfce, Elizabeth Srnln. Fitfn Row: Alicia Rollins, 3':"a Slea'lf'1an, Lannaape rranosan, Francrle Wafers, ?.'1r.i frances Waring, Lrda 'f.'a.gzn, Carolyn Williams, FA' '.'.-'l"a'r:, Ki. 'rniber r1a.r:f Pose Young, Mar- qxwf Zderad. G 'lv l I BILL WOODS . KELLY CLIFFORD , . BOOCHIE WELLS . MOSE ALLISON . . BILL KING . . L. C. O'FERRAL . . HERBERT TRAMMELL , . '2"',?-vm-v-. -- 11,5 , W I.. 4 'WF - I ' Wag, 4 VW - . , xii?-.4 , -'f T"""""' ' f I-- 'Dee Qfygffg- I vii? 4. f " ' - ' ""f' ww-me igiffxmirsi. fivxiwi- 4,41 .4 iff, fgyfyi : M , , ""'P""M-w-i-w.......,.. Q . . Leader a . . Trurnpef and MEMBERS nd Pianisf . .Bass . .Drums Arranger . Trurnpef . Trumpef Trombone The Mississippians is fhe official school orches- fra, playing af all official affairs and af social funcfions when fhey are requesfed. The organiza- JOE STOKES . . . WOODY COLLINS . .Alfo BUNKY LANE . . ,Alfo Trombone Saxophone Saxophone ELWYN SI-IAKLEFORD A , . .Tenor Saxophone BILL KATZ . , , .Tenor Saxophone DONALD AIKEN . , . Barifone Saxophone SARA WOODS . . .Vocalisf sfafe. The orchesfra has visifed Tupelo, Corinfh, Greenwood, Greenville, Clarlcsdale, Rosedale and ofher delfa fowns. fion makes an annual Chrisfmas four over fhe AMERICA PHAR MAClUllCAl One ol lhe wludenl branches ol lhe American Pharmaceulical Assof :livin lhe i hapler here is compoied ol sludenls enrolled in lhe School l Pharmgicy. ll Beel. lo advance knowledge and high professional landardi in the lield. Experls in lhe profession are regularly broughl the campus lo speak belore lhe group. '7- 1 Firsl' Row: Phil Alexander, Harold Arnold, Douglas Aullman. Second Row: Vernon Bailey, Alex Ball, Falcoln Baria, Third Row: Emery Ballle, Jaclc Berch, John Belhany. Fourlh Row: C. C. Blomqulsl, l.. A. Boalwriqhl, William Boolh. Fiffh Row: Webb Bos- well, Homer Boulwell, E. W. Bowie. Sixfh Row: Joe Bradley, l-larold Brewer, Edward Broclc. Sevenfh Row: John Buckley, Thomas Buckley, Burchlield Bul- loclc. wx 5 g . .. . ,RE liz' I-I Q ' 4,f UQ? 'gk 'I 34 .1 JT .v 5 Q - E ff! , J. , 5 v 4 ,4 . : Mr ' 3 MEMBERS NOT APPEARING 5. Aniieri I A H, ri V, AN l Ei.,- l Ei. M E ,Ll- -'E w 1 fx M L L' ,J gl 5, 5. .:', l F Case E. CEJFKQZ' H Clow QA- C. iiri-Cgndelaria J. Cigindw Ll C' l VV. C.1'l76llUS J Ciislner B, Cdrlinqlwam R. Crook L". Crump VV. Daniel S. Daylon fx. Dixon L -Q lv Ed'WNiiVl,1Ni P ll. R. Ford so Fronus ii E Frenilw 1 C C'-.allwd T Gil J. Cvreqor ii R. Hallam L. B. Henson G. M. Hill L. 6. Floplnins E. S. Flouqlw VV. L. Jones E. S. Kealon T. E. Karim R. A. Lemoine J. C. Leslie M. W. Levi T. G. Loflin J. P. Lonqino J. D. McElroy Fred W. McEwen S. Fl. Meek O IN PANEL N. VY. lv1irri5 H. B. Neely R. S. Niplmls W. F. OD-:innell A. B. Pliillipps G. O. Pierce M. B. Pierre A. F. Ramirez S. E. Robinson P. H. Russell W. E. Skinner F. K. Smith E. C. Taylor W. M. Tomes L. C. Truell E. A. Tullos V. W. Vowell M. Fl, Walton E. L. Warren Fl. L. Winq Jaclc K. Wolverlon James H. Wooley W. H. Wroien Firsf Row: Ellon Mclnloslw, J. D, McKenzie, W. A. Mcpheeiers. Second Row: William Mabry, W. D. i Mann, Earl Marshall. Third Row: Sara Mayfield, V. G. Meaders, Fl. J. Mellzer, Four'I'h Row: F. D. Meslayer, Malcolm Miller, Jack Millikan. Fifih Row: James Olen Mills, C. Fl. Monfgomery, Joe . Moore. Sixfh Row: G. Fl. Mullican, Guy Newcomb, l Jason Niles. Sevenfh Row: Joy Nobles, J. F. Nuc- lcolls, Inez Odom. l I l l , 1 l sw 4. 9 if -1 Q.. 14 fy vi s J' ,l A Y H L i ff fd d i 7 A , 'FEI arg' 1 3 A ' f . . , ,H v Row: Bob And'ea, Pa? Caffey, John Chalk, Jeff Cole, Bobby Donald. Second Row: Bob Edwards, Nick Elchos, Les Flelcher, Boyd Harper, Tom 'i vis, Cin? Johnson. Third Row: Whit Johnson, Maurice Labens, Bob Lilrle, Connell Miller, Ed Neilson, R. B. Reeves. 198 The eighleen members of 'rhe Cardinal Club are composed of one man from each of Jrhe I5 social lraiernilies on +he campus and Jrhree men from 'rhe campus a+ large. The presidenl of +he organizafion is a iunior, chosen from lhe membership of +he preceding year, while 'rhe resr of 'rhe mem bers are sophomores A service organizalion, 'rhe club was organized in I927 for The purpose of enlerfaining and assisling visiling alhlelic Teams. ll lunclions al all a'rh lelric conlesls on lhe campus. The huge bonlires preceding home loolball games are consfrucled largely lhrough Jrhe ellorls of 'rhe Cardinal club CAHIII Al lTlUB IIAIIIII I IIIII JACK CUNNINGHAM R. B. REEVES . . TOM JENKINS . . CLINT JOHNSON . , TOM JENKINS . BOB ANDREA , JEFF COLE LES FLETCHER . . BOBBY DONALD . . BOYD HARPER . JOHN CHALK . . PAT CAFFEY . . WHIT JOHNSON . JACK CUNNINGHAM MAURICE LABENS . CLINT JOHNSON . . CARROLL MCCOY . ED NEILSON ..,, CONNELL MILLER . . R. B. REEVES . . BOB EDWARDS . BOB LITTLE . . , MERRICK TURPIN . OFFICERS MEMBERS . , PreaIden+ ,VrLe'PIsmId3II+ . . Treasurer Secre-Iery AIpIwa Tau Omen , Bela TFe+a FI Ifa Kappa Epemlf rw . ,DQW3 PQI . Imdependenf IrVJQp:mdf:nI' .Kappa AIpIwa Kappa Slqma PM IDPIIA TIWQIA PPI D+-Iva TAQI3 PFI Ep'-II'r1 F PM Kappa D FI Kappa A,Ip!wa QVTW5 AIQF5, Ep-QII-j m .Shgnwa PI EpuIIj-n . .Swqme III . Sqma Pa Siqma CIM Spwrvf OFFICERS TOM VVATTS , . . Presiclenl STANLEY THAMES . , . Treasurer XlCiE GILLESPIE . , .Secrelary REV. WILEY CRITZ . . , General Sggfelary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN SEN SAMUELS . , ,Communily Service HAROLD BREWER , . Social Recrealion WlLLlAM ELAM . . .Vcleran Service LOUIS LYELL . . The YMCA was organized on lhe Ole Miss campus in I868 in order lo encourage whole- some Chrislian living. The women's organizalion, lhe YWCA, was formed here in l899. The Rev- BILLY FLOWERS Religious Service JIMMY MUSKELLEY . . . Freshman GAYLE BEANLAND . . . Publicily . .World Relation erend Wiley l-l. Crilz is general secrelary ol 'rhe YMCA, while Miss Lynda Ramey is general sec- relary lor lhe women's group. The lwo organi- zalions provide lhe recrealional eguipmenl in 'the Firsi' Row: Gayle Bean land, Harold Brewer, Wil liam Elam, Billy Flowers Joe Gillespie. Second Row: Louis Lyell Jimmy Muskelley, Ben- ford Samuels, Slanley Thames, Thomas Walls. 200 .-4 "Y" building, sponsor broadcasTs oT oTT-campus TooTball games, The pays expenses Tor The annual Religious Emphasis weelc. During examinaTion weelcs, regular "coTTee hours" are held in The "Y" building Tor The reTreshmenT of The sTudenTs. XX ,b T' Firsf Row: Belly Alford berger, Mary Faye Hamil. Second Row: DoroTh-. Hamm, Be-Tsy Moore Vg' g ners, Virginia Tansii lvlariha Wrenn. Funds Tor The "Y" come parTly Trom an annual campus drive. Membership is on a volunTary basis, and each sTudenT aT The UniversiTy is eligi- ble Tor membership. OFFICERS CLAIRE ANN AYCOCK . . . .PresidenT BETTY Aisoizn ..,. Y .secfeievv WATSIE suwiusres . . .,...... Vice-PresidenT HARRIET eEisiNBEieeER . , ,Ti-eeeucec iviiss LYNDA RAMEY . . . ....,T Geriefel secceiecv COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN mor HAMM. . . . .Cornmunify Service VIRGINIA TANSIL . . . . . .Ffeciimee MARTHA WRENN. . . . .seciei eeci Recfeeiiee MARY PAYE HAMIL . . , , . isiiiieiec, Serviii MRS.TYRUS PRITCHARD . . ..,. VeTeran Service Moving BARRINGER . . , .World RelaTions BETTY RivEs . , . . .Religious Services BETSY MooRE , , . .PubliciTy O O O C 20l Claire Avcoclr, MonTie Barringer, l-larrieT Geisew- l3eTTy Rives, lvlarTha Sum- THE WESITY HIII IIIITIII W LQHNSIQN LEQATNT TWESS LO BOC-ARD . , EVEPETT BOWIE BETTY EROXNN . A BILLY K. CHAPMAN , BETTY CWGGER , , OFFICERS . , PresidenT VIRGINIA TANSIL , . . .SecreTary . Vice-Presidenf BILLY K. CHAPMAN . . . .Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . .CommuniTy Service TT-TELMA LENZ . . .Suppers . . LiTeraTure ED PARRISH , . , .Worship , . PubIIciTy BETTY RIVES , . ,... . , RecreaTion . . Finance LOUIS VISE .... . . Membership-ATTendance . . . . . . . . ,Music WESLEY WALTON. . . . . .Special Programs REV. JOSEPH P. MCCLUSKEY , .DirecTor The Wesley FoundaTion is an arm oT The MeThodisT Church reaching To The college campuses. IT aims To TosTer The sociaI1 moral, and spiriTuaI needs OT sTudenTs. Firsf Row: ,Io B o q a rd, EvereTTe BowIe. B e T I 'I' Broun, BTH' Chapman, Second Row: BeTTy Crlqe der, Eugene Dyess, Ed Johnsmn, TheIma Lenz. Third Row: Ed Parrish, BeT+y Rives, VirgInIa Tan- sII, Louis Vlse, WesIey Walfon. AII sTudenT members of The MeThodisT Church are eIigibIe Tor membership. 202 Firsi Row: Frances Bar- relI,OverIor1 Currie, Hay- ward D i l I a r d, William Earnesl. Second Row: M a r v I ri Kemp, Dale I-I, McKibben, Brinkley Morfon, Thomas Oil, Jaclc S. Parlcer. OFFICERS OVERTON CURRIE . . ,Pre-sidenl JACK S. PARKER . . .Vice-Presidenl WILLIAM EARNEST , . . . . Treasurer DALE I'l. McKlBBEN . , . .Secrelary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FRANCIS S. BARRETT WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN BRINKLEY MORTQN HAYWARD DILLARD MARVIN KEMP TOM OTT Founded in May, I944, The World War II Veleraris who have served in 'rhe armed forces of Jrhe Uniled Colleqiale associalion seelcs Io unile velerans for lhe Slales, who have an honorable discharge or inaclive duly promolion of fellowship and scholarship. All sludenls, slalus, are eligible lor membership. Iacully members, and slaff members of lhe Universily WIIIIIII WIIII II IIIIIIIA S IIIIIIIISIAII ASSIIIZIAIIII Flrsf Row: 'Sen Anderson, Mile Arsullch, Rene H. Bachand, Frank Barrefl, John F. Bal, Frank Belliponni, Vince Belllpanni, lc-e Erin-rrlrnulli, Don Blanchard S45 Boil Don Bcudreaur. Second Row: Marko Bulrich, Roberl Camplon, Norma Collins, Jerome Daly, Louls Day, Edgar Denl, Annie Marie Desalx, Veql Dil, Kath'-,1 Falefly, Betty Farrell, Clay Flles. Third Row: Joe Forle, Bruno Furini, Eduardo Garlan, Jack Geary, Jarneg Gnlberl, Thomag Goggr-, B-'H Hfflm, Clrcl Hlcrs, Elizabeth Hughes, Miqgle Jackson, Sophie Junkrn. Fourlh Row: Greg Kerqosien, Bill Korndorfref, Falon Lang, Gus Logue Er.-.-ard Margin V, Ollo Mrpllere, Anlhony Nunez, John Pardos, Waller Re3:1an, Carolyn Ross, Lawrenae Sernslrl. Fiffh Row: Mary Allce Shourds, George l Srrilh, Joseph Slephens, John Venoslci, Buford Wells, Charles Whllam, Quincy Winslon, Gordon Willis, Charles Wynn, Edward Yosle, Herbert Zsholrle EATON LANG . . ...... . , . Presidenl DON BLANCHARD , BETTY HERLIHY . , VICC-Presldenl . . Secrelary JOHN PRADOS . . , , Treasurer JOE BENVENUTTl . , Porllarnenlarlan HERBERT ZSCHOKKE Serqeanl-al-Arms FATHER C. J. MANON . . . Chaplaln The Newman clulo is a Calholic organizalion dedlcaled lo The spirilual bellermenl ol Hs members, fellowship, and The promolion of Calholic ideals on 'rhe campus. ll provides The Calholic sludenlrs wilh spirllual, cullural and educalional acllvilies. DON BLANCHARD. . JAMES R. GILBERT, JR. ROBERT CAMPION , . HERBERT ZSCHOKKE. . CAROL KNOST. , FREG KEROCSIEN . JAMES R. GILBERT, JR., . Bill Allain Glen Anderson Milne Arsulich Rere H. Bachand Frank Barrell John Bal Charles Baylol Franl Be-llrpani Vince Bellipani Joe Benyenulli Dan Blanchard Sue Block Dcn Boudreaux Jim Bramuchi Marlo Bulirich Pal Caine Barb Campion Narma Collins Jerome Daly Louis Day Edqar Denlc Anne Marie Elesaix Veqi Dick Kalhr' 1,ll n Eaherly COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MEMBERS Belly Farrell Georqe Fenlriss Clay Files Joe Eorle Bruno Furini D. E. Gailan Jack Geary Paul Gerard Clay Gex James R. Gillaerl, Thomas Goqqin Gerry Haas Earl Heberer Belly Herlihy Carol Hiclrs Eranlc Hosalr Elizabelh Huqhes John Hunl Maqqie Jaclrson Sophie Junlrin Jaclr Kelahan Bob Kelly Greg Kerqosien A. J. Klofz Carol Knosl 205 J . . Ways and Means Execuliye Ccmmillee , . Publicily Commillee .Membership Commillee , .Social Commill e Gull Slales Province el Newman li ,Edilcr ol THE LAYMAN Bill Kcrrndorller Ealon Lanq Gus Loque Edward Marganslfi Mile Marshall Bernice Mazurelc Ollo Mollere A. B. Nunez John Prados Waller Reagan Carolyn Ross John Ruby Lawrence Semslri Mary Alice Shourds Georqe Smilh Joseph W. Slephens John Venoslfi Bcrochie Wells Charles Whilman Quincy Winslcrn Gordon Willis Charles Wynn Edward Yosle Herberl Zsholxl-e Comrnillee CA -r4..xm OFFICERS GLOVER ALCORN RUSSELL ,...,. ,,.. P resldenl JOHN B. COOK . . . . .Vice-Presidenl DOROTHY FlELDS . . . . . Secrelary EDWARD JOYCE , .,.. Treasurer HELEN HENRY ,...., . 4 Social Chairman MEMBERS Edward S. Birchell Marqarel Joyes Murphy E'r4l'Oil1y Adrienne Bo ruerris Alfcn Burl Phillips Willred Cole Margarer Robinson Lucius Dabney Alicia Morrow Rollins Edw'n D. Greis'er Sleve Sanford Henry N. Herndon, Jr. Elizabelh Peacock Slurdivanl Mary Ann Holmes Eugenia Swanqer Ernesl Slonr- llcuqh Bob Taylor Hunler Kimball. Jr. Owen Wallcer J. R. Murphy Barbara Joan Warley Composed ol sludenls who are members ol lhe Epis- copal Churchl lhe Canlerbury club seelcs lo forward The sludenls' religious life while on The Ole Miss campus. H provides The Episcopal sludenls a means in which lhey mighl be brought logelher in worship, sludy, and recrea- lion. First Row: Ei Birclrellv Dorolhy Bourgeois, Wilfred Cole, John B. Cook Do'ofhy Fields. Second Row: Edwin Geisler, Helen Henry! Henry Herndon, Maw Holmes, Ernesr Houql Third Row: Edward Jo,-ce, J. R. Murphy, Joyes M h Ma T R b' n Al' ' R ll'ns Fo Th R GI R ll arp yy rgrire o rnso rcra o r . ur ow: over usse , Elgzgberi. Siuruimnvl Bpb Taylor! Gwen Walker' Barbara Warlef. THIBURY lllllll X haiku WESTMI Sllll FHHIWSHIP O. B. HERRING, JR. . ..,.,.,...,.. , ,...... Presidenl HELEN COPLEN . ,,,. Isl ViceAPresidenl and Chairman ol The Oufloolc Commission JEAN STONE . . 2rd Vice-Presiden+ and Chairman of lhe Chrislian Orowlh Commission DIANA BEATON - S9C"9l'a'li' BILL LONG . , . . .... Treasure ELEANOR KNEE , . , . Chairman ol lhe Chrislian Works Commission VERNON TIREY. SUZETTE BUEHLER C1-Chairmen ol lhe Chrislian Comradeship Cammission The Weslminsler Fellowship is lhe sludenl organizalion ol lhe Presbylerian church. Irs inlenlion is 'ro round our fhe srudenls' educalion by inlegraling re- ligious 'rraining and fellowship while 'rhe sludenl is al Ole Miss. Any sludenl who is a member ol 'rhe Presbylerian lailh is eligible for membership. Firsf Row: Diana Bealon, Suzeffe Buehl- er. Second Row- Helen Coplen, Elea- nor Knee. Third Row: William Long, Jean Slone. Fourfh Row: Vernon Tirey, Belly Morrow lSociaI Workerl 206 MEMBERS SUE BLOCK TATTY KELLNER SUZETTE BUEHLER THELMA LENZ HARRIET GEISENBERGER ELLEINE WILLIAMS SUE HANEY MISS HELEN WHITESIDE Advisor JOAN HUMPHREYS HELEN KARR Mississippi lola of CWENS is composed of sophomore women se- lecled for scholarship, leadership abilily and parlicipalion in campus aclivilies. CWENS promoles scholarship and leadership among Coeds and renders service 'ro The Universily. First Row: Sue Block, Suzefle Euehler, Harriet Geis- enberger. Second Row: Sue Harey, Joan Humphreys, Helen Karr. Third Row: Tally Kellner, Thelma Lenz, Elleine Williams. MPHA LAMBDA IIHTA OFFICERS sue LYLE BLocK . . . A .rfessdeni suis HANEY . . . .vawrfesadeni THELMA LENZ . . . . .sweiafy LANELLE GAFFORD . . . , .Treasurer MEMBERS mei mirage Anna iVl6lOfS A scholaslic honorary fralernily for coeds, Alpha Lambda Della seelcs lo recognize high scholarship among women sludenls, A 2.5 qual- ily poinl average is necessary for membership. Firsf Row: Sue Block, Efhel Eskridge, Second Row: Lanelle Gafiord, Sue Haney. Third Row: Thelma Lenz. 207 l F i .v V . f. ..,. -A 1 ' 1 x hr - s i 7 ' OFFICERS BYRON ABERNATHY MAYO .,.. . . . Presidenl HERSCHEL JACK BLAKENEY . , . Vice-Presidenl JACK WEl.LlNGTON HOLLINGSWORTH Recording Secrelary MADISON IZARD, JR ..... , . Corresponding Secrelary JAMES HURD GADDY . . . . . . Warden JESSE BLAKE KELLUM , . . , . Treasurer TYRLJS RAYMOND PRITCHARD . , . Marshal EDSEL FORD STEWART . , . GEORGE MQDANIEL SHANNON . MEMBERS Roscoe Eugene Bryson William Leo Carr, Jr. . Hislorian , Chaplain William Auguslus Neeley George Porler Puryear irsf Row: Her-sclel Jack Blakeney, Roscoe Eugene Bryson, William Leo Benign Earl Hewiff James QMS Woods Csry Ji, Jarre' Hurd Garidy. Second Row: Beri'on Earl Hewifl, Fred Nwi- '- Hi Jan We-llirisgian Hollingsworth, Rcberl lzard, Jesse Blake Fred Deayoi-5 Hill K1lis,l'T. Third Row: Byron Abernalhy Mayo, William Auguslus Neeley, Gezrgc Pzrl-gr Pui,eai', George McDaniel Shannon, Edsel Ford Slewarl. l P H A A A P P A A A P P A FACULTY ADVISORS lra D. Hogg, Ph.D. The newesl medical lrarernily Ray J. Nichols, Ph.D. on lhe campus, Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded in l888 al Darlmoulh. Bela Sigma chapler was formed here in May, l947. ll foslers brolherhood among medical sludenls and lhe advance- menl of medical science. Firsf Row: Robert H. Adams, Elizaberh Blanchard, James Caldwell, James Calill, Helen Copleri. Second Row: Dean C. DuBois, John O. Emmerich, Par Fmard, George- Harmon, William B. Holloman, Hunlinglon Howell. Third Row: Dororhy Jean Hunler, Albin J. Krebs, William L. McCord, Bety Moo.e John H. Napier, George D. Pallerson. Fourfh Row: John Rogers, Ga.-in Scoll, James Skewes, Forresr Sleyens, ldanelle Stone, George Van Zani. lAMBD SIGMA OFFICERS GAVIN SCOTT . ........ . . Presidenl ROBERT ADAMS ..... . . Vice-President BETSY MOORE . . . . . . . . Secrelary DOROTHY JEAN HUNTER ...... . .Treasurer MEMBERS Elizabelh Blanchard James Caldwell James Calif? Helen Coplen Dean C. DuBois J. O. Emmerich Hunlinglon Howell Albin J. Krebs William L. McCord John H. Napier George D. Pallerson John Rogers Pal Fayard James Slcewes George Harmon Forresl Sfevens George B. Herring ldaneile Slone William B. Holloman George Van Zanl A local honorary iournalism fralernily, Lambda Sigma was founded in l946. Requiremenls lor membership in- clude a major or minor in iournalism and The unanimous vole of lhe members. Each year lhe lralernily recognizes oulslanding leadership among Mississippi newspapers al lhe annual Edi+or's Shorl Course sponsored by The De- parlmenl of Journalism. OFFICERS IEWIS NOBIIES , , . Presideni ROBERT R, PRICF . . Vlre Prezidenl JOE JACK HIIRST , . Tl'ev.g,Iiiin Cliaiirimf EVEIYN WRIGHT , ,.,., Serielaii COUNCIL MEMBERS Claire Aycoclc William Lewis Pace Tommy Boswell Parler Purvear Jacliie Bowen Sue Rogers W. K. Lonq John Walls Jean Melvin Ermine W.1rren Jovce Melvin Regular members of The Baplisf Church, Sunday School, Training Union, or Young Women's Auxiliary, who are sludenls in The Universily, comprise The Baplisl Sludenl Union. Purpose ol The organizalion is To serve as a liaison belween The church and The sludenls. Dr. F. M. Purser, paslor ol The Firsl Baplisl Church in Oxford, is advisor. Miss Marian Leavell is sludenl secrelary. Firsf Row: Clair e Arif- Tl 3- Bc .sei J:iVe E-:men Ji-A Jrl H W.iIfe' Long. Second Row: Jean Mfr , ' J.,-2 Me .- ri NI 0 lia':', Pirie RcDe" Pwj-. Third Row: lf-,I 1- Pu'.e'v U T' E'-f re 'vN"wen Ji-' n In 'i'f, 'Shia' BAPTIST STIIIII I II IIIISI ISS IIIIIIIIITIU CIIIII ROBERT SCOTT , I TRESSA KING Belly Adams Kalhryn Bc- fuE'II J civc e Boy d Alma Carr Sara Cleland Qhrisline Ci mninv Jean Cvavvlcrd Marv Elmore Vif for G. l'lamnli n in buiinesf, ediii riliign. Calherine G. Banlsli n OFFICERS l:'rf1f if rl ,J , Viv'-l:'resij P ll?ENE GARRETT , .Serif I Chlfhpllh .lCll7T'F' N , . , Tfeia WILSON A-SHE! . F-jlulf, CAN MEMBERS nfl E, Hi,biqi,i,cl Gwyn lf, l'l-3ll.nqs.f,i Palricia Lensi:iiaT lvlarlha Lindlev Sue Mafhmls Lula Mf5Wlii,iilf'Ai Jean Pemble lcerad Flrliii lwar- C, Fiqh' c.i . .. N u VIE- Sneed Helen I-lenders n IA.,-if If-P W- il I-mril Helrzii- ri Tliw BL1iirif-1x Tcluiiilii V ul' .uae I-mvigvcl ,fi ' Il bei. lf!-W, Ii pri .ride lwli .fvship lim business edu I lion siuderls find ifvslar In Their werlare belcie H1 aller Their qmdual-an, Th lub is viper' lil any rn ni ber Fil The la- ulli, mi luluirl flude-nf Aho fi invuiel l IHE AlUM I ASSUCIAIIU . ' iisv'-' uni iii-'ic-ilio THE l948-49 BOARD OF DIRECTORS I , i ' 1 ' ll vi 'V iidr-1 fiiil' fin- DISHQCYI - 11 '. iv' V, 1 x'.',-l i v' ' ' 1 l 7 A -"'l'7 W9 9' if V" ff Q.1g1,"l,11 1 1 .1 Disfricf 2 ',11" 1 1 lil'-1' tw'-r .'.l11 ,, Ml, pl gf' if 1AH1,1,.L, W I ..,j,...g ul, J ' W K-1' D. ' I '3 3111 s IS flc ' ' 1, 1 xg- wh., k V !,'fi..QjlQi'Y l Lf Ll11', imma , , '11 ..1 1 n 1-, i- 111i L-' l rriilllilyriilip. Disfricf 4 , , if . U, l l1111fv1'l'- 1 ..111- 1 l l'. M I '1, l Q-' vii v.-JS ff, L, 9' .1.1 U, ,,1,, -- 1.1. 11' ' l:.'1r.1-, iw' lvl nie ri, i'v,1f1i,11r 1,1 A R . Dismd 5 1A,,,11N,m 1 1 1 ir " 1",1 EM' FV IMS, il1lD'!31,, C11-'ues 515 F' E' 'MM' M' Dismd 6 M'f"'1""' 1 - V x, f filo .ai ri is VMI iam S. X 'iff' LVQ' JV pl'1'U"" 1 1 , J J , I, ,J , 1'A'.,l,.i,, 1J,.,! JM SL LCURS 4 ll' . ,'7l:- 1i,g-ir' llw-l1.1fi-limbufidinq. M 'i'i"i SM' lf Cwiilwvi W -If L. VV'1'1' C'1fu' . . . . . . . . Disfrid 7 All Seniors are nnvlfed fo faire parf an Alumni achvlfaes 1,1,,,,,.1- EW. W 111511, F' vi E. E1.1f11,1y Vllfi'SlHllVQ R, C. Hip' P-1. C11nlq,rl D. VV. L1M.yi 91 ' 'i Vlfwvlieii M S. A,i"'X C. T' " " f J1-rip-fi S1afe'Af-Large Row R, Biirrifff J'lf'i'EOf1 J. A, Bifiurlf Ciurlvslon ll Vl,l'J'Y D,-f-, H,,l.' Swings Ji iqfj Lvl D, HH. Cf1.i',n'ibi-3 J. W. Huw- ll Qifgrfj U. Vv', Hoirvwgs Haiiieiborq ':1i S. Liwf. Jlilfffn N. C. Trigfvl' , Uwwriifr Ouf-Of-Sfafe UI. J. Baile. H Uris Mar'-prii. Tfnn, Mrs, Mar, H1'lsli'1i"i M15f,i11ii 'wfiiiingfin U. C. l,w'.'gf1 "N, H61. Ju Ninn Uriefw, La, Ex-Officio Members Dflklij Cliff-ii Gilifllf-'Q D. L. Fair Loiiigilile Dr. H. M. File' Jifig o Jmiqg JQVCS A. F 'i Tigpef Dr, life C, Knc-1 Vigrsunrq J-'wives M1,Ciufe Sordis 1 Mirfin V. B. Miiler Mfvidian J, Lair- Raibefscf Clarridiif Joiqi- L. A. Sr'-V' Jaciscn Leif William S. Griffin, alumni secrefary, and righf, O. Briff Rogers, afh- Maiviir W. Ca'vin Wells Jaclgcn ' Iefic represenfafive. W. T. Wynn Greenville Judge Taylor H. McElroy, left, newly-elecfed presidenf of fhe Ole Miss Alumni Associafion, congrafulafes Harvey Lee Morrison, new vice-presidenf, affer the annual meefinq of fhe associafion on Homecoming Day. yn mm, of CARR0ll JDSEPH LEBLANC WILLIAM J. CONDON, JR. JACK WEST HENRY FLURENCE WARE SHUFNER - f-4, I X 0 , , N J "6 "' , -.fx 1 is i lf-. Ns- S 4, 4. H ' 5 w ? 11 a'r l 1 L I' x I f x . X Q -- Y......a- 1. ,J . 1' 1 5- ' 1' Mya- kia'-v' if' as 1 i L.. v .4 ,4 ,-,:.:- r- F A-,E . ' Ari ,Q A. ard' I . LL, 1 LV. -.,,.. . , 4 vg.L,,. ff, .x . Iv!-4' v Q lg-J, 1 A , . ". : , "' " 1 , 'ff' ' . . "' . . , Q ' "g.'5 ':x,, T' '- .- f - 'J - .,- ,v1J" ,l w lg-'---1 P ,-1 J fi . - :af .41-fp 1 .4,.u:- . - F ,. ,. ,L ive Ckamlafi. To +he lefi' appear five guys who have made big news in Mississippi during fhe pasf year, one of +hem in polilics, fhe ofhers in afhlefics. Governor Fielding Wright vice-presi- den+ial candida+e in +he l948 elec+ion, is shown congra+u- lafing Head Coach John Vaughf of 'rhe Ole Miss Rebels and +hree oufsfanding Rebel gridmen a+ ihe annual ln'I'er-Fra- iernify Council foo+ball banquei' held January I9. Farley Salmon received a 'rrophy affer being chosen by reammafes as fhe ou+s'l'anding back of fhe year. Jimmy Crawford re- ceived a similar frophy as ou'rs+anding linesman, and All- American end Barney Poole received +he Thomas Turner frophy for being rhe mos? ouisfanding player. Salmon re- ceived an addi+ional award, 'rhe James W. Bell +rophy, awarded annually by ihe ASB fo +he school's ou+s+anding a+hle're. FOOTBALL CAPTAIN DOUG HAMLEY IIII MISS " " CIIIII OFFICERS OSCAR BUCHANAN . . . . Presidenl ROBERT KELL , , . . Treasurer FARLEY SALMON . . . . Vice-Presidenl BENN MANN , . . Serqeanl-al-Arms JAMES BLACKWELL , , . Secrelary MEMBERS NOT APPEARING IN PANEL Ken Farraqul Will Glover Claylon Blounl John Bowen Olin Brisco Tom I-Iardee Ray Busby lI'Ionorary Memberl Jim Clark John Dolfley Jaclc Marshall Billy Muslim Composed ol lelfermen of Ihe maior sporls al Ihe Universily, Ihe "M" Club is one of Ihe mosl dislinquished of all campus organizalions. Near legendary names have al one lime or anolher been members of Ihis sporfinq Iralernily. All Americans Bruiser Kinard, Busler, Ray, and Jael: Odom D. Salley James Pannel Ge-oroe Srheider Babe Pearson Tomm l,rr Tharp Barney Poole Babb l,-r Wilson Philip Poole Darrel Rosmand Barney Poole, Parker I-lall, Charley Conerly, Merle I-Iapes, and Junie I-lovious were members. Foolball, baseball baslcelball and lraclc leller winners compose Ihe aclive membership. 'x -,,.,.uSN I,,......l 215 59 ' . . x., - 1 A ll a . l 'l 'Y xv 'I vu at FT' UF 'I i ,ga 1 'E+' . . 4 - A Q . ,Q R .Firm - Q, Q i .V v- , I Q- A rylaz, Jn: . X 5 vis . .-' Ii MIKE BRUMBELOW scout 5- JOHN CAIN "WOBBLE" DAVIDSON JUNIE HOVIOUS WESLEY KNIGHT backfield coach assisIanI freshman coach freshman coach frainer If ll MISS IIAIIHI SIATT JOHN VAUGI-IT, head coach Wilh The end of The war, There Came To Ole Miss a new era ol loolball warfare. For under The qolden early years ol I-larry Mehre, Ole Miss had just bequn ils rise Io nalional pigslcin prominence when Pearl I-larbor snealred upon The scene. The years Ihal followed, from The Rebel hoqhide poinl of view, were slriclly on The decline, allhouqh sfranqely enough The Mississippians had discovered The power To whammy Slale. The inilial posl war qrid year for Ole Miss brouqhl no maior iihanqe in won-losl aclivily, allhouqh The brand of ball had con- slanlly improved as The season neared ifs end. This was I946 and The Tirsl and only Term Tor Red Drew, who refurned Io his Iavorile Alabama haunls. Drewis number one assislanf, John Vauqhl, was promoled Io Ihe qenerals chair and The securinq of Jim "BusIer" Poole, Ole Miss slandoul ol years qone pasl, who had blazed a Iiail of qlory in Ihr: professional ranks, as end coach, were chanqes made in quick lime. Towerinq Jim Whalley, Junie I-loyious, and Wobble Davidson re- mained onward wilh The Vauqhr reqime. Tom Swayze, anolher Tor- mer Rebel slar in The early lhirlies, was secured To wield The pipe, and lor Conlacl worlc, scoulinq, and "swaying" prospecliye Rebels down Oxford way. Vauqhl hir The wire-service. bellowinq in his Iilreable Texas vuiuc, lor lw0 ole shipmalos, Milne Brumbelow and Wes Kniqhl. Vaufglil JEFF K. HAMM afhlefic business manager CLAUDE "TADPOLE" SMITH direcfor of afhlefics '51 hz FRANK "BRUlSER" KINARD JIM "BUSTER" POOLE ED STONE TOM SWAYZE JIM WHATLEY line coach end coach scout confacf man head basketball coach and line coach had wi-fled Mfh bcxfh af 5rf'VViCE' units while- wearlrm The Nav, bmp Dohnw, were both ailrx fwnferwnffg, W Arg- Can .md Whh1Nf'y, fum and knew for a he-if fhe Keen Hnfiv.-h3dQf1f3aih rnen had hr h5S pa' Hf'.ifu', and pcflfi, fixiubr' hash 'Dffx I-fnwfiqhf, fhf- nnh, Yankee Mn fha squad, prfdufwd fhq- hui Brumbehyw was Capfain nf ?he Te-as Chrisfian warn when CN ox F unbeafiln Pebef rvafl Mranw n h1Sf1V,. und rnadfg ra SlJ'Ff1l'iS'VT'l sh ff' Johnny wore fhe freshman cap af Yhe some universify, Bcfh New Qnq in ihe SEC nmggf at Bmnnnqharn mfh fhe P-Jbs plfswinq hwy nn capfains of fheir +eam during fheir Shay at fhe Horned Frmn insfi- 'he f'nfi'f6nxe feanw fFY 1948. tuhon. 'lfhiuiw Kniqhf had wfn ihe respecf If Ciaih Vauqhf as Na The alnwcsf pevhyrf BMW was nmdg-,.ahy ffvrmgfhihi wlfh ,ln hainer when +hc' hw! mavlved up hash UTGVLS foqfi-ther hir Llnchf Sam. cfhcr med ff fhfi- 5-Wh,--5sMiNP.1P ranks, A-and bw-,fl hfxnwi- MM: .fm 'flux' Hfvinus and Daxidson, fvhv Nerf- famnus hqums nf ihe Mehvv- Hn us pn fart-Qr Annu." ihb, farm' AN-Arwevbnm In CDM Mlm hisfnv, .lf-Ydfj-n QIY14 New handed fha 'mpf'v?nn1 Mal of d52xf'h3pinv3 thw flash Bvuwsflf' hwnwrd, Thi f,ni-sf My H11 we-I pv' dxwwd -n Yhw SN LMhf.,vn4 mf:-n, The hafffir, an C-nd dudn-'q hig, pkaylnq days ds -'fx-Vaphwin J Thfg- Bvu w4,+ 'V MN ww-r hnf- "iLAMr'S .wifh ff-nmrn.-1h NBu',+f-1" hnn the l94I Rod and Blue Warn, pfwhshod fhff hnf-, Ahilf- fhf- ht-v'-, dhn1 'hf' find: Bllllfibfh M fund VVh.f1Hf, MM! vffd 'hr' 1r1,1f-iffrdwvx Hx xiwus, fone half rf thc- 'HM bf-ye handvnw fHap'?S.-Hfwwfluxl, Mfxl f""'n whiff' Cum Y'-f1fvh"'d HV' 51' LS, Vfllwlhf, ds ull - r-v w,5wvuw'- 1, XYQV bdfuieid duffpih Y7Ndd'f' 1-an FINITW-'Sf Vnfrdfuf f"' US fhdrqf ",, '-r n 11 Qfmflh- fir' ,mth Hn' Tn round nu? fhc deff tha+ .ms ff! dlrfwt tho Pc-hols 14'-Thi! Mas T 'f'Phf'i?'W'1 7h'f"HU'i1"' UVW- ,fmfpfgngg qrmwn yn hfgfwryx Vauqhf rhxwgq ,Iwhnnw Cafn, fhf. AI,, f'Xnifhf'r hvwfai-!'1Mf,n vf-viwxs furfhfj-1 in nwv-1. f v 'nr my ',4u1Hfffni hanm hurrhianf, of fhe habuhxus WnNlaf +- Wvidrn' pf,-ri !'NA 3, tw hqndh Sfffh, 5- Y S"fT'fAT'W". h W WMU P"i'H9'Hf1f Yhwfu'ffuf" fJWW'A"1""ff'f1f"- ,he varsify bdfilrs, Caln had rr'navL+jd up an iv'r1pvfA3sw,,+ 104 md .M Vmmh' I' muff rand Cain, UH BIIYIGWY ,incl PM hc rwH,fi AJ gn S,,UfhN95ff,,n LQUQSQGH5, lnq,fUf,i.! mmldiml ,-mf. -j yy-,C f,n,i.,' ,MQ ,, gf,-Mug, fi' v,,- j HMI! us 1-:ni NNhf15hw ham" ah!! ful-rfwfrwunff in Thu hm Teanm in thc- Cnnnhy, +H"1"'. Furihev hlrealinq dfwn I ",' wi.-nhl-d M-.M TF'-fxn'., MW! nwn frwn Af.-1 Thi' N1w'gQxsf.xppMnf, how mflfln Hn? 'wvwg f fmp n . 'w,f.,,f'jh rn hmmm, fvnr- frfvrn Rhode lshnd, and fha rf-mawndcv PWMVYNC 11I"WY7 hr-an M na! rr-M'n1nefif1n,h!a fhr-5 h,-,U mfhf-qrfql 7- ldhl-1 , U ,np 5 ryvr n fhfj hem? of Maqrviylla. Thu- S-1L1ihf,c3h3vnf-rs, V.-muh? .ind Bunn ,nh X.4. ,uw ',?,,v1,fhfnv .f-1 wg,v,h1W ,gi ,mn "Now, Salmon, you go in fhere and . . . He weni fhafaway. ff? Q K , ,. . -!4ii' 'f1','1' f . .,, 4 , -6 ,. mf ' QQ W Q, -- ' b iff A 1 1, Gag! 1, 1 r ni 4,1 WHA Va, A ' -s flmw E N' ge, pl' 1 'I kmgw s Q Xku' A We 2 v wg 4 . F 1 AJ NHL " if af 2 6 V JK no if ,ff X a Rs iu sqy X Z 5, f J 2' Hill xqg I 'HHH Q52 'Q X Lf Kj B, 4 V- xx J V, g gQ 2' lg, X ' Qui, S Nw, fa. Q . -f x- p if , 4 ' ' KX S 5 R N Q i n g! x 2 it X "' 5 K lqy' V' cQr.,.1.Qq1'9LJ L x'J'G"'f Q WXLK yd, Q 31971 N gf! C fm M fs jj, G-RSS. 'QM' :as ,N H ' .11 , : Tr?gaf9A"3 T Y .1f.gJ:rY ' fu sm - The four Pooles: Jaclrie, Philip, Barney, and Coach BusTer. WiTh All-American Charley Conerly vamoose, and wiTh sTalwarT Iinemen Bill Erickson, Bernard Blaclfwelly I-Iairline I-Tarper and Dave Bridgers absenT Trom The Qle Miss scene, I-lead Coach John VaughT insTalIed The T Tormae Tion in spring sessions, I'Ie subsTiTuTed a running aTTacl Tor The greaT aerial rouTe supplied by Conerlyis good righT arm. Bear WolT's Florida AIIigaTors were The TirsT To TesT The new sysTem oT The deifendinci champion Rebels. Show- inC1 only a halT dozen or so plays, C1uarTerbacIf Farley Salmon Toolc To cover aTTer running up a I4-O haITTime lead. ATTer 'Bama Jenlfins had crashed over Trorn seven yards ouT, Bobby Wilson inTerceoTed a GaTor pass on his own Two, Then raced The remainder oT The disTance behind orand downTield bloclfinci Tor 98 yards. The big Missise sipoi Torward wall held The hosTs scoreless Tor The TirsT Time in Two years. AIIeAmerican Barney Poole played one oT The Tine-:T games oT his career, sparlfino The Torewall olay. BuT he was ably assisTed by CapTain Doug I-lamley, Jimmy Craw- Tord, Buclc Buchanan Roland Dale, Bob FuersT and Hanlf Campbell. Twice Dixie I-Iowell garnered The open Tie'd. buT in boTh Trips ho Ioi.T hir, TooTing on Tho concreTe-Iilre Gainesville gridiron, The Rebels, picked To Tinish no beTTer Than eighTh in The annual nwenlons poll, Thus brolfc inTo The win column in Their TirsT game wiTh an unegame-Tried new TormaTion. The sensanonal passing Team oT The preceding year sounded The warning ThaT Their T948 TacTics would vary slignflyl buT noi' in punch, IIII MISS I4 TIIIIIIIIA GAME FirsT Downs i,...... NeT Yards Gained Rushing . Forward Passes ATTernpTed . Forward Passes CompIeTed . Yards Gained Passing . , . Passes lnTercepTed By . . . STATISTICS Ole Miss Florida Yards Runbacl lnTercepTed Passes , Punfing Average .,,,, ToTaI Yards All Kicks ReTurned . . 0pponenT's Fumbles Recovered By Yards LosT By PenaITies . , Final Score ...,. Star righT halfbaclx Dixi 9 I2 . 164 83 7 3l 5 II Bl III I O 98 O 38 42 77 27 3 2 30 SO I4 O e Howell. '55-new i'-up K. iv- Fullbacl: "Buck" Buchanan, Righl Half Jerry Tiblier, and Quarlerbaclr Farley Salmon. G A M E S T A T l S T l C S Ole Miss Kenfucly Firsl Downs ........ . . I l II Nel Wards Gained Rushing . . . I44 I20 Forward Passes Allempled . . I0 20 Forward Passes Compleled . . 4 7 Yards Gained Passinq ..... . 78 95 Passes lnlerceoled By ...... I 0 Yards Runbacl lnlercepled Passes . I 0 Punlinq Average ......... 40 42.9 Tolal Yards All Kiclrs Relurned . . . l68 84 Opponenlis Fumbles Recovered By . 2 0 Yards Losl By Penallies ..... . 30 30 Final Score ........... 20 7 Howell plows Through againsf Kenluclry. llll MISS 20 Ill Tlllllll The next wee-lr fhe leam was away from home again, way up in lhe Blueqrass counlry, Eager sludenls sal be- hind 'rhe 'Y" and lislened lo 'rhe Ole Miss-Kenluclry dame over a soecial wire syslem. They heard 'rhe Rebels, who had been slampecl a seven-poinl underdoq in pre-qame labulalions, raclc up win number 'rwo in lheir crown defense campaiqn, as lhey unloaded a 20-7 selbaclc on 'rhe once proud shoulders ol a ballered and bewildered Wildcal in Lexingion. The Rebels led 7-O al halllime aller Farley Salmon had senl a oayofl pilch lo Barney Poole, Aqain The huqe Ole Miss line wenl lo worlc aoainsl The oooosino fronl, and Tanlc Crawford was oarlicularly elfeclive. Wilh Jrhe second hall underway, 'railbaclc Billy lvluslin 'roolr a ounl relurn and handed olf lo Jerry Tiblier who dashed 65 yards lor lhe second marlcer of 'rhe niqhl, Bob Oswall. he of 'rhe educaled loe, added his second success of rho niohl. The final Reb rally saw 'Bama Jenkins drive across from The live aller Barney Poole had lalcen a lorry-yard aerial from Bobby Jabour. For lhis viclory, Vauqhl was named Coach ol lhe Weelc while All-American Barney Poole was chosen "Bes'r in Dixie" by lnlernalional News Service. The nexl allernoon, a screaminq crowd of l500 slu- denls, aided by 'rhe Rebel band, cheered in fronl ol 'rhe Sludenl Union building as 'rhe leam came home. The lirsl dame The maiorily ol 'rhe sludenls would see was a weelc away. Bobby Wilson falres off around righf end againsl' Bosfon College. The Cheerleaders: Top Row: Harold Melvin, Mary Frances Waring, Poole is Tackled from behind aTTer Taking ball around end in Home- and BuTch Labens. BoTTom Row: Helen Henry, Lauch Magruder, coming Day Vandy game. and Nina Nosser. IT was The CenTennial I-Iomecoming-and Colonel Rebel showed oTT beTore 22,500 Tans as his TavoriTe sons dropped a 20,7 deTeaT on a vigorous VanderbilT eleven. For Three guarTers The Commodores beTTered The Reb- els up TronT, buT The highly TouTed Nashville Torewall didnlT possess The Tinishing Touch. The Johnny Rebs did, Though, Tor successive vicTory number Three. And even if iT was The roughesT game oT The season so Tar, The sos called experTs oT Three weeks back were crying in Their beer. John VaughT repeaTed as Coach of The Week' while Tearless Farley Salmon capTured Player oT The Week hon- ors. Trailing 7-0, The Rebs were sparked by Salmons 32- yard dash Tor The TirsT score oT The day. 0swalT missed The exTra poinT Tor one oT The Tew Times in hisTory, and Things were rough all over. WiTh Three minuTes remaining, Howell reTurned a punT To The enemy 45. Salmon and lvIusTin, alTernaTing, picked up a TirsT down. Tiblier rambled To The 20, beTore being chased ouT oT bounds. Salmon Then hiT Terminal Jack STribling on The one yard line. Buddy Bowen crashed over Trom There, and OswalT converTed. Wilson inTercepTed a pass Trom Davidson-and Thus commiTTed his second biT oT larceny OT The day and ended a scoring ThreaT, WiTh seconds To go, I-Iowell inTercepTed a desperaTion pass, racing 30 yards Tor The games Tinal six-poinTer. OswalT converTed again. Roland Dale swiped lineman honors Tor The day along wiTh Jim CrawTord, Bubba Bidgood and CapTain I-Iamley. IIII MISS ZII VA IIIIIITIII GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss VanderbilT FirsT Downs ....... . . I0 8 NeT Yards Gained Rushing . . . . Io2 I60 Forward Passes ATTempTed . . . I6 I I Forward Passes CompleTed . . . 6 2 Yards Gained Passing ...,. . 57 I3 Passes lnTercepTed By ....... 3 2 Yards Runback lnTercepTed Passes . . 59 I I PunTing Average ..,...... 40.7 34 Yards LosT By PenalTies ...... 9 5 QpponenTIs Fumbles Recovered By . 0 2 Final Score ........... 20 7 LeTT To Right All-SouTheasTern guard Jimmy CrawTord, CapTain Doug Hamley, Righf Tackle, Roland Dale, LeTT Tackle, and Jimmy Clark, RighT Tackle. .'a'-fs' , ' f , l Vf"'."g:v!Ig 'P isigfffffr' 'ff .4 xi , .-. ,,,,, . N 'Jessi' . T'-I - ' ". . T-fl?-fy y.. f-1 .. . , rs-asf!-1115 1" MusTin Talres a reverse To Shelby in Bosfon College game. G A M E S T A T I S T I C S Ole Miss Tulane FirsT Downs ....... . . I I I I lNIeT Yards Gained Rushing . . . . I62 l90 Forward Passes ATTempTed . . . . 25 I2 Forward Passes COmpIeTed . . . 8 6 Yards Gained Passing ....... 74 65 Passes lnTercepTed By ....... I 3 Yards Runbaclr InTercepTed Passes . . 0 I4 Average PunT .......... 30.3 38 ToTal Yards All Kiclcs Refurned . . . II9 37 OppOnenTls Fumbles Recovered By . 2 2 Yards I.OsT By PenaITies ...... 30 35 Final Score ..... . . 7 20 Salmon IIII MISS TUI IZII The ineviTabIe One bad game reared iTs ugly head, and rho Tulane Green Wave cOnverTed a bloclced lciclr and Two Ole Miss Tumbles inTO Three Touchdowns and The margin OT vicTOry, 20-7, in Tropical New Orleans-where anylhing can happen, and did. Playing in The Sugar Bowl sTadium, The Rebels sTarTed OTT cOrrecTIy, buT bogged in Their iniTiaI drive. Tulane Taclcle Paul Lea bloclced Bob WiIsOn's punT, seTTing up The TirsT score. A Joe ErnsT-Diclc SheTTieId cOmbinaTiOn pro- duced The second Wave Tally and Tinally Eddie Price lum- bered 20 yards Tor The OTher Louisiana marlcer. Dixie I-lOweIl's scinTiIIa+ing 60-yard run in The Third period was The IOne brighT spOT OT This dismal day Tor The men OT John VaughT. In The weelrly poll Tor player honors, The Barnabus was The lone Reb nOminaTed, and The big All-American reTurned Trom The game minus several TeeTh, RaTed TenTh in The naTiOn prior To This game, Ole Miss dropped TO The TwenTieTh slOT, never reTurning TO The big Ten The remainder OT The season. Hundreds OT The Qle Miss sTudenT body, who had hopped The Tulane special hiTch-hilced, Or driven down TO The CrescenT CiTy, waiTed vainly Tor The TOurTh period rally which had Tigured so heavily in The Vandy game a weelc beTOre. IT came, buT There wasn'T enough OT iT. Cursing Lady Luclc and The boiling sun OT The Caiun cOunTry, The Rebel rOOTers reTired ThaT niqhf To The dismal caTacOmbs OT The French guarTer To drown Their sorrows. IT Tulane sTadium didn'T provide a happy memory, The Vieux Carre did. LeTT To RighT: Bobby Hemphill, LeTT Half, Bob Jabour, QuarTer- geTs off shorT pass To Howell in STaTe game. baclr. and Red Davis, RighT Helfbaclr. I h I. F., rt 3, li, yt gl, 'is J ' 1 i The Team - ancl fans - geT morally supporTed in FulTon Chapel. Tiblier races around lefi end in BosTon College game Cn To Memphis! The sons and daughTers oT Colonel Rebel saT uneasily in Their classrooms waiTing eagerly Tor The nexT SaTurdayy expecTing The Rebel gridironers To bounce baclc inTo The winning side OT The ledger againsT The BosTon College Eagles Trom Yankeeland. A TradiTional TooTball week-end in Big Shelby was aT hand, and The Peabody proprieTors were busily Talcing The Tish oTT The walls in The Creel Room and paclcing The duclcs in The lobby TounTain oTT To The counTry Tor a guieT saTe SaTurday. ATTer a scoreless TirsT period, The Rebels magniTicenTly raclced up a 20-O score beTore The inTermission whisTle sounded. WiTh Earley Salmon paving The way, The de- Tending SEC champions began To hif Their sTride in The T oTTensive. Bobby Hemphill and Billy lvlusTin counTered The TirsT Two TD's oT The day. Salmon personally challced up The Third and TiTTh scores oT The day, and passed To Jaclc STribling1 who qalloped 50 yards Tor The Tinal Reb marlcer. The smaller SouThern Torewall ouTcharged and ouT- ToughT The Tremendous BosTon line, regarded as The largesT in colle-giaTe circles in The counTry. Poole, Crawe Tord, and lighTweighT Tackles l-lamley and Dale were un- liospiTable in The cluTches. Jack Odom, showing oTT in TronT oT idol WalTei STewarT, in The press box, seT The scoring underway wiTh his alerT recovery oT an Eagle Tumble. The losers boasTed one oT The TinesT passers seen in This viciniTy This year in Ed Songin. llll MISS 32 ITllSlll I3 G A M E S T A T l S T l C S Ole Miss. Bos Col EirsT Downs ....... . lo NeT Yards Gained Rushing . . I74 Eorward Passes ATTempTed . . 23 Eorward Passes CompleTed . , . ll Yards Qained Passing . . . I83 Passes lnTercepTed By ...... 3 Yards Runbaclc lnTerceoTed Passes 40 Yards l.osT By PenalTies ..... 50 OpponenT's Eumbles Recovered By O Average PunT ......... 40.3 Einal Score . . . 32 PivoTmen Ken Farragul, Bud Gerrard, Kin 2 5 -E - 1 T vw, -:nfs ,pm ,z ki-: 3 - -,l.g.,,,x 'nzfizc all 5' 'Z ' .1 Z, I. ik, 1 f Qgfwgsgv sys g .L T nga?-'fifggi iffy fly" A 'Q ' . , at ,Y " ' we ' ,VTQMVZ 'Sie ai :Egg A . , ' '7, 45' . T Q fx I 9.Agag's 5,5'3sxi f , - 1 , , .gafifiwi I-Q, --"Tig," i li, " - In f ,1 f ' Q, m,.f,i-if T S :sys 1 , ' , -f A . i vy. . .Ia A' Q' . -1 j 1 ,V A gf W' 5 , ' ...M QsfX:gv,jfg,,,gg?5.j fi -fi, 1. , '1'5,:zv"fz, vi, ' V ' "' T T? 42' Floyd 5' . , . A56 1 ? Bill Sfribling, Leif End, Bob Fuersi, Leff Guard, Franlr Fanf, Righf Guard, and Daylighf FleTcher, Right End. GAME STATISTICS OleMiss LSU llll MISS 49 . . .IH HiTiing The sTride and mainTaining Turious pace ThroughouT The TilT, Qle Miss smoThered LSU's Bayou Bengals 49-I9 in one of The mosT decisive deIeaTs in The hi-.Tory of The Tiger eleven. No less Than eighT perlormers conTribuTed To The local scoring Tor The occasion-The homecoming aliair lor The BaTon Rouge dwellers. ExTra poinT specialisT Bobby Os- walTeconnecTing seven ouT of seven-copped individual high poinT honors alThough he did noT officially parTal4e in The parly, Farley Salmon, Kayo DoTTley, Buddy Bowen, Dixie l-lowell, Bob Jabour, Bobby Wilson and Jerry Tiblier counTered Tor The vicTors. BuT The bullc oT The rushing resled on The shoulders oT DoTTley and MusTin, alThough The Reb piTchers were on as well, Salmon and .labour compleTed Three each while Wilson baTTed I.OO0, come pleTing Tour Tor Tour. Fir:T Down-. .....,.. . 2I 6 t Q U Ney Yard? Gained Rughinq A U .274 '37 LSU's Tune Terminal and capTain Abner Wimbffrly, Forward passe Ayfempfed I U 'O I I counTer'ed Twice. on Two -recepTions. v Forward page, complexed ' ' 6 4 In This clash rival publicisTs plasTered Poole s name un- J mercilully, comparing The greaTness of Their Wimberly illmdf Galned paqglnq - - ' l63 l35 againsl The Barnabus. A Teud was seT up beTween a cou- PGSSGH lfWlGVC'fL'l6d By - - l 0 ple oT rookie reporTers Tor The LSU paper and adiecTive- Purilmq Averaqe ,,,,4,,,, 27,5 35,3 prolilic Caldwell and McDowell ol The Mississippian. The Qepememye pumbleg Recovered By I O I Bengal newspapermen, recapping The game on Monday Verde LCM BV Penamee 'rlrgt 40 I5 morning, decided ThaT Poole played a lousy game. Mc- Fyml Scme I 1 49 I9 Dowell and Caldwell ThoughT oTherwise and Told Them so. i ' ' ' ' ' All in all, The Teud was more ol a conTesT Than The prac- - Tice session The Rebels held on The Bayou gridiron. Howell circles STaTe end wiTh Doflley clearing The way. Babe Pearson, Lefi Taclzle, and Buddy Taylor, Righi End. -' -" - ff - Y ' --I-v"'yyn,45,g,y4,,k,, mv. ...' Y . 1- 153'-faf.+Qi.5lI:.:Q..'f 271,157 i - 5 Q .1 , 1 1-f' - . ' 0 Q i ia.-I Ak: i ' ' ' S Ai 1 ii i i'5ii:!l'?.'uf I 'Cm""z4aT':'i ' . , ' 4 I - .JA . .- . 4 . M V. v... b ,I , n Ae: --., f A, . .. I M -" U- ,, . ',..,f, " 1 " .. f"""j'z's:..- T- - "ff -A - I il"'- .. -'W Q . -S - , . F 4 I' A .-..,.- fs-ff' -. 319' i lg .. in-N ' ' ' an "f":1g-'l1Q9f.'l uv., -v+f"Ql 1. ,' - ,L-Q., " W. 'i' . W - , 1 .. , -" ff'-' '-'f.:v.,,':au+. . ,Win 4' g- ' 1' . . . . M , ov' f- " ' s iv' ix: QA' saw s ai . .vnxrigi '- -s ','-Q,"-f 'N' I A -be Ai if 0 N' .--, . ' ' .. . - ""'A n . H . , -v - - ., a . . N . .A '55, I .kent r .J Q ' I -' . N, L, . . . - - ,- . . u- - ' - . v . " T '-,..x,,'-i5,-Q-- , Of I- Q f - 1, A - ' ,, , 1 ' , , - ' h, '5 .- ' ,.,, -U i . I -H2-3-'du .f-.ds-1+ 1 - . , , . Q - . r .-1 -..'f"" D, - I , , Q- . 12, ' 1' ev" .... , , , nr 0 'Ar 5' 5, Q , '52, 4. - 3'-. v 'i -, ' " 5 --5. V' Qlgf' .41 ,, . , , 'Lx-4 --h',1, ,'-41- :, , :A If .M Q, . ,rig--I, A--'sie-4.7- , V 1 Qtr, , '. r I " Er - ' T .' -J 'ff .vp-J-4'V"" im'if15"'.4" ' f , Y'-"V ,- ,ai I"- fm . - I A Ifis-W -fe. frQ,'.,,-Q iam W: Y U,-of-5 4:8 ' 1 . N --fl ,. - 'll-1. ,3,ipQ:.1 - us- 'x 13, Iva. 5- v-'wg .le - I 1 019' 9- , '. L' C, ' - 5: ,oh .-l'Eg7x'!42. f' i ' Xhy""'f .--5 ' ' 1, - f' Q4 - 4 I -5.34. 2 . ,J I -M ea . -A.. - if . :.,.4 F!-Qi, fu-N v-z af' fi h'i0:p:i-Ll4: " --g-. H f . 1'T7f'1., 41.?:z. i f . wr, - '- r--.., --.-.V .,:",,-sw '. -' ' "' ' ' . 'ip ge- f ..,.v,,,.cdc.1. - -- Q A T vw o qrv' af- H, 1 4,4 all QT 'wh B 3 jk 1 -5 'f 2 0 ss . cr, 'elf ' '-gd 1 YQ liv- "r"'f'- f I Y at ,, -, ai. HIE 1 09" 'X "!"f'3" ge, 15, Q my V"-f ,.-Sf' v is o'v w 4 . ' -Z5 -- , ,- , . , . . ,, 4. . . . , ,1 ,,, ,, .- . - , -..., - .f ,- ,W . -f . f.- 1 33:-in , ...- -- -s .- -fa. ,. b 6.1: .5-5: F -I ' Amie., ,. F1 ,e ,.... sr v5g.,,h . H. - ' V, .,- - -. , V. . , . . , I , - ev-, .- .,. 4- v ' . , '- - . ' . . -P - - - ' ,- fm -I - . an.. - ,.. J , , N ev q af w , -5 ' ' A. - 'rs ,41 -4 , ,- I 'X' - -F -' -"' . '4 ,f 'VVO Je, ' . ,J - ,j' .M'. ' , i ".,- ' ,, 3, , - .fi--,L 1- . 'Y v , ..- 'q',Q..'5.i. 7, - finqfzi . -vs A -..,. -s ' i I' .,- - ' ,'.', .. -1, . f J - ..- .T , wg .- M - -r rg. . I Uv: , -' ' 'n' - -fi , Q'-"',f7 's . ,I ' ...- , , - N . 7 , 1 - A ., . ,. H , . -1 .--.' A ' ' an yr .A Y. ,I .TED itll' . I- fi .. ' o -1 -V, Q' ...Ie-2.13. . Q Y"-.,. .,..-.'-1-.11 3531 - ,,' 'T ,y "- 7 me -. .' . g, f ' . , - 1- - - . ..- .1 - . v- , 1 .v '-"" ' ' .-L TT - .....: 2- . -.uH:' - - ,L-' ' -7- 11' 1 1 f - ,U .g ,, . ge V. ' 'j -I V , S ..,, I e, ,ed Q, ffrwiif ?'.r-5 -,,v,q,,"" " 5 'yes' ' -!fjwu7,:'A'?. J. - X A 'QSM-.f ,,,r " -f-.. fm, ' 4 --5-r- 'j-, - - U ,. ,f A- 1' -,z -3, I , 'Q Q ' -' M., .13 ' 'gig .- QI.: Q. ' - --'. - ' -' , 1 - . --4L,,,,, ' if f . --A .' - -- - ,l-. ' I - s V- 'q ' "t"-- T,--,-sw 'I-'L W. . ,.' q.. .1 -M5 -4 5, 1' r: . FI' 'L .H lx- .,,,. A u- -, he -L .ir ,, sv,---I .1 ,.. , -H ,.. .,,,- F' , 1- fs .. ,-Y xv .5 ,J L, -- - ' ' "' - ' 1? ' . ' 5-an ' - -- if :'. -- ,4 .. f ' . ,-- -. , 1 1 . 5 - , --:N e ,- ggg,A'.q i.,,,L ..-4 ,. ..., f... - A ,, '63 -- ,- .-1 - . - M.-. -. D 01... - 1' f pa 4, v P' . -'V . n f. - 4 . - -,tx , " if .-A ,V t Q "i""4ff-' -A V- 'Q , A . . , ., V . . . U V. , -", - - -...-. ' . r in-'-s . -' 4 - Q .mmm W5 l . 3 . Y' rf 'Q Howell is 'tackled on Ole Miss eiglwl in Boslon College game. Team slancls For nalional anllnem before Slale game begins. Viclorv liall-dozen was marked up on llie lwallowed ballle grounds ol Clriallanooga as llwe game bul oul- classed Moccasins bowed 34-7 lo llle Mississippi Vauolilv men, Allliougb an easy viclory, il was a sweel one lo lliose wlio remembered llie Rebels loss lo llle same Lookoul Mounlaineers a week aller Slale was sliallered back in l945. Slarling early, Farley Salmon connecled willi Bill Muslin lor llie opening marker. Tiblier scampered lrom IO yards oul lor llrie second score ol llie lirsl ball. Bobby Oswall, wlio liil lour lor live llwal day, made llie score I4-O as llrie liall ended. l-lowell duplicaled Tiblier's lO- yard run as llwe lliird slanza gol underway. Buddy Bowen ripped llie Moccasin lorewall lor llie lourlli Rebel marker, and Barney Poole pounced upon a Cliallanoooa lumble in llle end zone lor llie linal score ol llie day. Jabour lailed lo miss a single llirow, lnis mosl oulslanding ellorl being a 5l-yard aerial lo All-American Poole. Up lronl, llie line play was ils usual slerling all- around sell, willi liuge lackle Jim Clark sparking llie play. Phillip Poole repealed liis line LSU role willn anollner lormidable sllowing, wliile Dale, Crawford and l-lamley lell woelul lales ol deslruclion beliind lliem. llll ISS 3 GHANA lllllill l G A M E S T A T l S T l C S Ole Miss Clwalla. Firsl Downs ...... . I2 5 Nel Yards Gained Ruslling . . . I8l 63 Porward Passes Allempled . . . I7 I3 Forward Passes Compleled . . . 8 5 Yards Gained Passing ..... . H39 l2o Passes lnlercepled By ....,.. 4 I Yards Runback lnlercepled Passes . , 64 O Punling Average ......... 42 30 Opponenls Fumbles Recovered By . 2 2 Yards Losl By Penallies ...... 50 40 Final Score ........... 34 7 Top Row: Quarferback Buddy Bowen, Lefl Guard '-lank Campbell, and Lell Half Billy Musling Boflorri Row: Jack Odom, Defensive Demon of lhe Right End, Riqhl Half John Shelby, and Right End Jack Slribling. W :sql Y' L1 1 I Leif Guard Bobby PecTs, LefT Tackle Ben Mann, and Lelf Tackle Will Webb. GAME ST A T I S T I C S Ole Miss Tennessee F7rsT Downs ....... . . I5 IO NeT Yards Gained Rushing . . . 2IO 73 Forward Passes ATTempTed . . 8 3I Forward Passes CompleTed . . 2 I4 Yards Gained Passing .,..... 23 I57 Passes InTercepTed By ....... 3 I Yards Runback lnTercepTed Passes . 27 I2 OpponenT's Fumbles Recovered By . I 4 Average PunT .......... 38.8 4I Final Score . . . . I6 I3 Jack STribling digs in Tor a Tew exTra TeeT oT Tennessee clirl. SEE MISS Ili TENNESSEE I3 In The make or break game oT The season, The Rebels rocked General Bob Neylands Tennessee Vols I6-I3 To remain in The Thick oT The TighT Tor a repeaT conTerence crown and a posT-season bowl bid. GreaT line olay, coinciding wiTh greaT running by Kayo DoTTley and Jerry Tiblier sparked The I948 Rebels To Their besT perTormance To daTe. Up TronT, Barney was as greaT deTensiveIy as The Vols' Jim Powell was oTTensively. Roland Dale, The iron rail, assured one and all ThaT he is abso- Iufeiy one oT The besT Tackles in The loop, while Jim Tank Crawlord is undoubTedIy one oT The mosT desTrucTive Iinemen in The conTerence. VaughT's sTraTegy called Tor I-lowell To become a block- er, Tor Salmon To allow The bulk oT The aTTack To ride wiTh Tiblier and DoTTIey. ATTer The Vols esfablished an early 6-O lead, Ole Miss came back swiTTly wiTh DoTTIey running I9 yards, Then 24, To The enemy Two, beTore carrying The oval over. 0swalT converTed, bringing The score To 7-6. MinuTes IaTer Tiblier, repeaTing The Kenlucky sTunT wiTh MusTin, Took The handoTT and raced 80 Tremendous yards, behind highly eTTicienT downTieId blocking, Tor The score, OswalT connecTed again Trom placemenT. The Vols scored once again, buT The Rebels, who led I4-I3, added an addiTional Two poinTs as Roland Dale, aided by a Vol, baTTed a bad pass inTo and ouT oT The end zone Tor a saTe-Ty. Bobby Wilson, LeTT Half, Red Jenkins, Fullback, Bobby OswalT, QuarTerback, and Kayo Do-ITley, Fiullback. , y,':TQ' ii' E 'pda-L75 L 41 23 11 If , ,Q : ,gi -pxA'r-"'- X ' I -,, J-' 5 :A-F V A '4 gf ,. .w ,I vs Q V u. mi' " , - fe-A i ' N.. ,.-..-.Af . - I - . P ' -, . ..M . 1 :' 4. ' I " f ' i . ' ,I fav 'I e- ' Au, v ll .v ' ' , '-5 .5 i ' Eli-.. .xi .4 'Q . ' Dale, Hamley, and Clark Talk if over in locker room affer Sfafe Dixie Howell Takes hard Tall as he and Poole race affer Shorfy game. The Rebels annihiIaTed arch-rival Mississippi STaTe 34-7 on Turkey SaTurday beTore a chilled and ThriIIed sTanding room crowd oT 3 I ,OOO. The Ole Miss gridders clinched The second place sIoT in The SEC wiTh This one. Playing smooThIy as They masTered TuIIesT conTidence in The eTTecTive T TormaTion, Farley Salmon guided The Rebels To a masTerTuI win over Their once Tough rivals. Ending his Tabulous playing career magniTicenTIy, AII- American Barney Poole capTured Two Touchdown passes and played a Tine deTensive game beTore being eiecTed Trom The game in The waning minuTes oT play. Salmon piTched one of The aerials and Bob Wilson Tossed The oTher. Billy MusTin broke The ice wiTh a 52-yard punT reTurn scoring biT behind Tine downTieId blocking. Roland Dale Took ouT Harper Davis and Jim Clark ran over Tom Mc, Williams Tor The key blocks oT The dash. A Wilson To Bill STribIing scoring pass was nuIIiTied by a clipping penaITy which was IaTer proved unwar- ranTed in The moTion picTures. Buck Buchanan, Iine backer deluxe The season long, inTercepTed a McWilliams Tlip and raced 22 yards Tor The second score oT The day. Dixie Howell added The Tinal, Taking a wide piTchouT Trom Sal- mon. OswaIT missed buT one exTra poinT in Tive Tries. Dale. CrawTord, Hamley, Bidgood Odom, Phil Poole, FarraguT and Clark were parTicuIarIy eTTecTive up TronT, and VaughT used many reserves beTore The rouT was compIeTe. IIII MISS 34 NIISS.STIITT Mac on righf end run. GAME STATISTICS Ole- Miss STaTe FirsT Downs ........ . . 20 I I NeT Yards Gained Rushing . . . 293 BB Forward Passes ATTempTed .... I4 I6 Forward Passes CompIeTed .... 7 6 Yards Gained Passing ..,. . . 93 IOO Passes InTercepTed By ....... I I Yards Runback InTercepTed Passes . 28 2 PunTing Average ........ 34.3 35,5 0pponenTIs Fumbles Recovered By . I O Yards LosT By PenaITies ...... II5 45 Final Score ...... . . 34 7 Howell charges Through wifh DoTTIey blocking ouT Harper Davis L, gre: . in i""bsimf'.'i' I . BASKETS ll Winning eighi oi fwenfy basl-.efbali games during The l948-49 harowooo canw paiqn, Jim Wha+Tei,'is C'e Miss Rebels finished elevenfh in e fwelveffeam ieaqu wifh oniy iradiiionai rivai Mississippi Sfafe behind Them. The Rebeis, however, were a more offensive-rninded bah club Than fhe Rebei of 'rhe previous season, vef lack of he-ighf and inebiiify +0 Conhol +he blackboard i I Leff fo Right Ray Busby, guard, and R. B. Reeves, forward. allowed fhe opposifion fo average 60.8 poinfs per game, while fhe Mississippians were connecfing for 53.8. The Rebels baffed I,OOO during The pre-season cam- paign and added fwo more guiclc vicfories before school was officially under way affer fhe holidays. Buf fhey bogged down wifh fhe simulfaneous illness of craclzeriaclc forward Jaclc Marshall. The Alabama win saw fhe end of fhe local friumphs during fhe nexf eighf ball games. The greaf Kenfucky Wildcaf guinfef inflicfed fhe mosf severe defeaf wifh a morfifying 85-3I lacing. All Ameri- cans Ralph Beard and Alex Oroza, however, were iusf as painful fo many ofher opponenfs before fheir climax collegiafe year was complefed. The fowering Tulane Green Wave lilcewise inflicfed and unmerciful frouncing, soclcing Ole Miss 74-34 in gay New Orleans. In all, fhese eighf sfraighf losses, boiled down, revealed fhaf fhe firsf and second place Kenfuclcy and Tulane feam had had a hand in exacfly half of fhe liclcings, wifh fourfh seeded Louisiana Sfafe also doling ouf a pair of sefbaclas. A fasf improving Vanderbilf Commie five was vicforious in fheir own baclc yard, while fhe Florida boys oufdueled fhe Red and Blue in Rebfown 63-bl in a lasf second vic- fory. Ole Miss broke fhe sfring wifh fwo consecufive wins IO seconds fo go - we won - Auburn players baffle over ball. over Soufhwesfern and arch-rival Sfafe before bowing fo Auburn and Alabama, fwo feams fhey had beafen af' home, in fhe season windups. The besf feafure of Whaf- ley's crew was four successive wins af fhe beginning of fhe season. The Rebels besfed fhe Sfafe Maroons in each of fheir clashes fo gafher some salve for fhe painful wounds. Once again Jaclc "Shadow" Marshall was fhe offensive bellcow, racking up 283 poinfs over a Qlsgame zfrefch for a 13.5 season average. Capfain Maxie McMullen and sophomore sfar R. B. Reeves finished second and fhird, wifh Memphis Maxie shading Reeves 234 fo 233. Their poinf average was fhe same, however. Marshalls 348 field goal percenfage was beffer fhan Kenfucky's Beard, buf ofher fhan McMullen and Reeves, who were hof in spofs, fhe Shadow had liffle help over fhe enfire roufe. Wifh seniors Marshall, McMullen, Ray Busby and Dar- rel Rosamond slafed fo deparf, fhe Rebels would have fo be looking foward replacemenfs for I949-50 from fhe fine freshman feam and refurnees Reeves, Rabbif Coolc, Jaclc Mann, Jim Dupuy, Bob Flefcher, Bill Parlcer, Howie Sfring- fellow and Ofho Korfz. W. T. Blaclcledge, member of fhe I948 feam, guided Maxie falres a flying leap for Auburn goal. -4 , , L Ole Miss Vanderbill Ole Miss Tulane . Ole Miss LSU . . Ole Miss Kenluclcy Ole Miss Florida . THE McDOWELL HALL OF One 5unday allernoon in early Marcli James 'iDallas" McDowell, who appreciales a lemale lwoolc sliol as well au a classic limb, reminisced in llie Orill. ll was slworlly aller Kappa Della! 3lA2O clwampionsllip cage viclory over Della Gamma. Drooling in bis collee, lbe l949 Ole Miss sporls edilor loolced baclc al llle grealesl year in womenls inlra- mural baslcelball llislory. Under llle direclion ol Miss Slella O'NeiIl, llie local lassies had engaged in one ol llwe laslesl double eliminalion sessions anywlmere. "How would il befl be said, lllo pick an all--slai leam lrorn lliese dozens ol culies7 Aller all, illll lill up space." Having muclw space lo be lilled, and because Mc- Dowell relused lo wrile any more copy unlil lliis all-slar squad was senl lo llwe prinler, we agreed il was a won- derlul idea. Tlwe KDls, wlwo were bealen in llleir second ouling ol Ole Miss . . . 8I7 Soulllweslern . . . 62 Ole Miss . . . 52' Missi'-vippi Slale . . . 5l Ole Misi . . .577 Alabama . . . . .64 Ole Miss . . . 6Iq Auburn . . 65 lolal . . . ll23i I277 FAME-ALL OF 'EM FEMALES llwe year by llle same Della Oammals llley lalei wlwippedy slaged llleir comebaclf riding on llie ollensive abilily ol live lool llwree lloor-woman Jean 5ain. Pcirlllander Sain nol only sel a new Universily scoring record lor a single game--43 poinls-bul ran away willi scoring lwonorf. lor llle season, averaging QI poinls in a spree lllal lolaled I47. Teammale Carolyn Prewill was runnerup wilb 98, wlwile llwe Oammals greal llwreal, Lib Pillrinlon, was lbere willrl 77. ln addilion lo lbef-ey liDallas" picled llie lollowing lo lill bis lwelve-woman wguad, Nina No lii. er, llle lndcipen- denl llaslw, and Clwi Ols Mary lranceu Vlfaring and Ann Adcocl-1 round oul llwe lorwards. Leading llwe delensive worlmen is DC5ls lerrilic guard Jo Ward, lollowed by leammale Helen Karry KDE Elea- nor Knee and Jo Bogard, Clwi O75 Belly Higdon and ln- dependenl Hazel Oalfe.. Lell lo Righl: Rabbil Cook, guard: Howard Slringlellow, lorwardg Darrell Rosamoncl, guardp and Daylighl Flelclrrer, cenler. I E99 .Y5540 QFWJ 'G ffl -6 I Y-y-UQ, -5 it rr. Z' ,J ' ' gd, T mu IOTI 'N 'mm F 7 Row: Le'r Io Right, Jug Lowery, manager: Bubba Blackwell, calcherj Tommy Tharp, pifcherg Pal Vinson, ouffielderg Howard Slring- ew J' ' h r i m dw ll infil r 'acliie P I lfield r 'Q vw II , second baspf Middle Row: Rabbi? Cook, calcher: Ge-orq Sch.ider, prfc eg J rn y Cal e , edeg .. oo e, ou ep I ifcher' Olin Briscoe Ilcher- To Row: Coach Tom Swa ze: Charley Conerly, cenfer fielderg Jim Pannell, pifcherg Barney im Jupuy p P I I , . . P . P Y oo 3, irsf basemang Bob Flelcher, ufilifyf John Bruce, Ieff fielderg Bobby Wilson, righl fielderg and Coach Tad Smilh. Despile lhe lael lhal Tad Smi'rh's men won only six our ol 22 qames, lhe IQ48 baseball learn exhibiled belore pricked slancli every Spring allernoon lhey appeared on I , local diamon . The lane had chance lo see lhe lasl varsily alhlelic: rhe diamond as he dd on lhe gridiron. Conerly led lhe eoe i ' b'li I 'i .45l elp. Bobby i- zo, ol vw o secon place honors wilh a .359 m r . Qnlv Iwo olher Rebelz lo bar over .300 were Reserve Arr Abraham and Charley IVIQCOOI, Shorlslop who was in- F . rl l 3 he d appearance ol Charley Conerly, who slarred as well on I R' I hlling el ng al a errilc i WI r T lo ed I r d a lc ri ' l l I I i I iured in mid-season. lvlcCool bailed .3IO lo Abraharrfs .308. Wilson made The mosl roundlrips around lhe field- Tive-lollowed by Barney Poole's Tour and ConerIy's lhree. Conerlv drove in 22 runs, Wilson 2I. and Poole and John Burch I5 each. George Scheider and Toby Maiure were lhe only 'rwirlers lo win Iwo games for Tad Smilh's nine. lvlaiure Iosl lhree as did Jim Dupuy and Slim Jim Pannell. The freshman squad. 9 . 0 5? 3, ,X I Y. V N ix Vu ' il xi J ,lv N lg I ' I I B Vxx U I Q IQ 'ii of N J v. f X .X X Av 1 RIB a-.S RLBELS It 'Q' LL, Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss RESULTS 21 Miss. Soulliefm 71 Miss. Soullverf 37 Meridian Peps O1 Auburn . . 73 Auburn . . . 5: Della Slele . 2l: Delia Slale . 2: Alabama 3: Alabama . 3: Florida . 8: Plc-ride . 8: Florida . 87 Tulane 3: Tulane . . . 5: Miss. Slele . 5: Miss. Sfele . 5: LSU . I7: LSU . Qi Alabama . 2: Alabama . 57 lvllss. Slale . 41 lwllss. Slale . 1 'ii l i . l All-Soulheaslern hurdler Joe Johnson of Ole Miss, Haley of Slafe and Cooler Faggard, anoflier Rebel. lop llue fimber in fhe Ole Miss-Slafe lraclr meel. 1 1 l-'lily L vi- '--" ' 1 'f"'1--lr Siifiii . :11'i'1fi'ir r' F1 Djwf-rlul 'ffl'-f.f.j riucfli, aiu f.i'li 'le iC"1l elf Hs a fin- E H" ' 1' s" N Hg- l 15,'i1fi f"f' if liffgrirviem gpfrifgr Bijiigljy Hrgmplwiii, . pmg si , .1 -. ' W ,,, Wi , ,, , , A , , ,B 1, 1,8 ,j Y li l',f' Nj, B '1 clirri Folds and EllyPFjlYl'lFj Farraqul Sei nf-.-, Urwfprgil, ieffirfls ' ' 're Mais r 1" 'l ff'-5 'if Swv M3 31,1 4 i -, - - 1 i , ,I , 5 , 4, K. , , UI, if 'rw sr l pm ara d si, s iii' W fespf:flrw'l,, ard 15, made il' Q' i-ii-. ard lm 1 iii J' My M rn a Iwi H W .V C C Vffi' ws. U i li-Nl up V Zf rw lflli ri Y I I , - lumiriaif squad, - l Y -l , . i . - Meri' rms Jr 0 Jilwriir P 1 ifli liuidler. -md B rr V-,-ll able- 'uavf' F l , It lf- in li llulii 512 Wil Ifjlxi hx, .hy 1 N, Q dd Hi lvl .ufglff f7ll'ifgV'fD f--lYliS3 VFiF'l'Y'lb"lS ill? li P V Sfllrnd. l'lr1",iYl" L4 i 4,2 W 'V ,U V1 ' NMI ,',, 4 p.ArJ? :Md :I ,ibm llaipwi, if-iaplgiim Mlm Ji lwifrm, provided alvlig iilpifggq-mlfilii ii iii ,, , ,,,, ,JU 'lwy liur ard broad QIUTWD, willutard llff- Same. lf-iris, ami T Y N1 ' rf, lfgrmi '.i'r ri, has 'img 'imfm' F f lvliyissippl pid Kimi? SH' Wed ,dellmw Elbilll' lp mg. Qciiig i'dUil'. Di Uk: Ham I , ,W M315 V, 41, Led ikwixi N393m,i ,MK Ch iran? fmfl piirw Mann aided lzarrawil amd Fields as we-Iqlwl mem, '.-.ilwile ,F FV 175: ij ,HF fd Ci-darn, L3v'H,g mnmrgh Demo, Fauluard buf a shlfda- ,edema :Jilvnsir as a Midler, H W ,V W , ,rw MH WM ry ,HX Gig rd same ,Jr on Biiiie Aus? rw Nag rw- 1-p qlaorali r in We dislarfie faerli. A 'iff ' -'+V ill- '- H "1 Tu vos paul BA fl Na wiv! H- ,wil and G' .fi-i aisol -'Wil Farfcmfl Flid' -H 'i iinw wir- bill ii 'slr 'il iimr'f1i.,ip 7m 9.T1imQ, Harper, arc J lirrsf-rw wiv iiimlribiwed 'lie ilreales' number 'il i"i1l 'l "of-di 'ad NVYV Q' 'wi Fad fiiweri Dirt lfmiqlwfi poirvfs durirm We emfiie season. run '43 TRACK SlllSll Dixie Howell, All-Soullneaslern sprinler, and Ken Farragul, All-Soullieaniern discus lhrower, Jim Fields, All-Soullieaslern slwof pui Will Glover oufflanlr and finish ahead of Sfale specialisl, lwolds ihc Universily record. sfar Harper Davis. ri?- G- . ,ef 1' ' I A 5 ' 1 N brolce lhe Universily record. ff , . 'N'-'lA?".' .K . GOLF TEAM Lell' lo riqhl: Billy Lovelady, Nal Waslnburn, Coach Junie Hovious. Ray Choals-, John Purvis. and Jim Coleman. l30ll Al Slone and Rav Clioale, represenling Qle lvlir-wg in llieboulliern lnlercollegiale goll lournamenl al Alliens. Ga., qualilied willi six-overepar 78's, Slone winning one rnalcli 65, bul losing 3-2 lo Dave Sullivan ol lvliami. Clioale had dillicully willi his pulls and losl Zel lo LSU's Joe lvloore in llie lirsl round. Bul Coaclw Junie l-loviousls linlcsmen liad gone undee lealed llirouglw seven malclies belore llriey losl lo Ala- bama and Wale Foresl. Besides Slone and Clloale, olller members were Jolin Purvis, Bill Lovelady, lNlalWasl1- burn and Jim Coleman. llllINIS Qle Miss delealed lvlillsaps during llie l948 nel main paignx sweeping llie malclwes lrorn llwe lvlaior-si, willw llie exceplion ol a lriumplw by Ding Dong Bell, llie lvlillsabs ace. George Worllieng Bill Condon, J, D. Condon Are rnond Molollce, Jerry Tiblzer, Reuben Boyelle and Clin- lon Jolwnson rounded oul Wobble Davidson X-quad. Mississippi Slale, Soullwweslern, Birmingliam Soullwern, Weslern lvliclligang Sewanee and lvlernplwif. Slale rounded oul llie Rebel nel sclwedule, eaclw leam winning defisiw, vicloriea. THE TENNIS TEAM Lefl lo riqhl: Rufus C, Johnson, Billy Condon, Reuben Bofell, Armond Mololkel Jerry Tiblier. and G9OVQBlwNOfTl1EH K . ,. x.gS5,Y.1 f 9 , 'A 0 g, .. i, ? r , a I IHA IVIIIIII-Il IIIIII Iill OFFICERS FRED GARAWAY . PAUL HENLEY . I GLOVER ALCORN RUSSELL . , MEMBERS BOB CAMPION . . , CHARLES TORJUSEN. . H. W. BURNAM . BILL MULKINS . . . CHESTER COCHRAN , . PETE CASTLE . A FRED GARAWAY . , F. A. MQCOY, JR.. , LESTER SIIIPLEY . , MAURICE LAEEIXJS . CHARLES JC?DAN. . BYRD TRUSSELL ..... GLOVER ALCORN RUSSELL. . JAMES RAY ......,, PAUL HENLEY. . NORMAN ELLIS. . , ,Presidenl . . . Vice-Presidenl , Secreiary-Treasurer . Anchor and Chain . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Bela Thela Pi Delia Kappa Epsilon .....DelIa Psi . .lndependeni . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa sigma , . Phi Della Thela . , Phi Epsilon Pi , . Phi Kappa Psi . , Pi Kappa Alpha Siqrna Alpha Epsilon . . Sigma Chi . . . , Siqma Nu . Sigma Phi Epsilon if. ln order Io provide exira-curricular alhleiic acliviiies for sluclenls who do noi pariicipaie in varsily alhleiics, 'rhe lniramural council was formed in I935. lniramural Teams are lormecl from Ihe lralernilies, The indepenolenl organiza- Iion, and Ihe Anchor anol Chain, an organizalion ol NROTC siuclenls. Teams are aclive in nearly all The major and minor sporls prevaleni in 'rhis seclion of Ihe counlry. "HoIshoI" Gardner makes a wild fling. '. .r RVN: A- ' , f'33'ei'35"f'iiA'- i..,........ U' Q 5 TR -IVIIIIT Rough wealher around 0xTord pushed The inTramural TooTball conTlicTs well inTo IQ49, The championship game being played in February when baskeTball was already under way. In The Tinal game however, Sigma Nu came ouT ahead oT SAE wiTh a 29,0 margin. ln page sguabbles Pharmacy was again The Tair-haired boy. DeTeaTing SAE in The annual lnTramural nighTy They won The school championship while Kappa Sig, suTTering Their single deTeaT oT The season earlier aT The hands oT Elchos Takes off around lefi end in lndependenf-Sigma Nu Toofball A .ik s A 4 .A "H ' KW X if ri -A 'f . SPIIRTS The pill-rollers, reTained Top honors in The TraTerniTy loop. ln l948 Cinder compeTiTion Kappa Alpha nosed ouT Sigma Chi by Tour poinTs, l8l fi To l4l ip! Tor The Cham- pionship. Kappa Sig won The soTTball Trophy in IQ48 as well as The singles Tennis championship, From The end oT The row came Phi Kappa Psi Tor honors in The summer soTT- ball baTTles. Kell goes oFf The ground Tor a high one in Delia Psi-ATO jame x N A N xsjw A ,-'12, IX, -eq, 1 Y mx .f--- - 'iv V 1 . x 1... -- ' --V . M T -Q - - - - .A-Y -6 .,., 'rib-173-K X 'af' '4 3, . E G E' f E at d Q? 4. ' SFU L 15 J - Q Q 6' ' I l l I ' . Fa . u ' 6- " 1 1, s.. QJ. . L , V l ld I - v c b 5 5 . v , f . sn I' ' ,P .f X ' N K Q- 5 Q OFFICERS 'in 3 ,,,. . ,.... Presiclenl 4 . . .Viceepresidenl l 'W " l l , relary--lrrr-asurffr' Ef'Tr' rl?-L . , . . , Reporler ifllfa -P "YJ NL-Al , ..,...,. .,,, S piiingiiir Eomoed in i926 lhe Womenlf Alhlelic Associalion offers lhe ooorlw fy lo every woman sludenl in lhe Universily lo parlicie aw in a varies prcqrarn ol acliyilies while al school and in leficre life aller college days. Members nol appearing in panel: if large Bagoell, Mary Joyce Claylon, Gaynelle Sex, Rulh l-laleg, Billy Johnson, Merle Marlin. 6 , Cl -. '. Bu www Firsf Row: Arn Adcoclc, Margie Alslon Chrigline Anclergon, Virginia Auslin, Barbara Bananan, Karie Bankslon, Ann Barrier, Diana Beafon, Jr-an Beclf, Andree Berioisl, Anne Beroon. Second Row: Mary Frances Blanch- ard, Jane Boring, Adrienne Bourqeous, Be?ly Bfarrlefl, Belly Jean Brandon Barbara Brock Marfha Kal Brougher, Belly Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Margaret Ann Bowen, Marlha Bow' riran. Third Row: Janel Buford, Mary Ellen Bulloclf, Helen Burniide, Marilyn Burrill, Evelyn Campbell, Belly -Qarler, Jeffie Carter, Barbara Casin Annie Loys Childress, Olive Elizabelh Clower, Belly Cohen Fourfh Row: Ernily Colberl, Tennie Coleman, Belly Colcluili, Helen Codon, Charlorle Coward, -lane Craw- igrd, Belly Crawley Belly Crigqer, Nelric Crocler, Ann Crawson, Gloria Dandrioqe. Fifth Row: Lucy DfiSpain, Sara Doss, Julie Douglas, Belly Drury Lillian Dulce, Virginia Ann Echols, Mary Jane Eckles, Jean Ells- warlh, Jean Ernbrey Marianne Farmer, Emily ---4 Nr- 9, T' Faiilk, Sixfh Row: Pal Fayard, Dorolhy Fields, Vivian Findley, Joan Freeman, Lanelle Gal- lord, Marqarel Grief, Sara Greaves, Harrier iprern, Ann Sum, Belly Hadad, Frances Hagan. Seventh Row: Dolly Hager, Jane Hardwick, Ruih Hargrove, Laddie Horton, Shirley Halaway, LeClarie Heidenreizh, Frances Herneler, Bcllw Herlihy, Belly Hiqdon, Carolyn l-lalnan, Mary l-lolwies. Eighth Row: Alice l-lunler, Belly Jourdan, Sophie Junlcin, Helen Karr, Treesa King, Eleanor Knee, Belly Krarner, Carolyn Lane, Belly Jo Lalharn, Eugenia Levanqer, Faye Lewis. Ninih Row: Jean Lewis, Olivia Lewis, Charlolle Lowery, Elizabeth Luclrell, Ann Lurn, Minelle Mahoney, Nanzy Marr, Joyce Mauldin Jean Mauldin, Barbara Miller, Mary Nan Monaghan. Tenlh Row: Hazel Moore, Frances Morris, Nina Murphree, Mary Myers, Ella Belh McAdarns, Mary Foresl McCall, Carolyn McCurdy, Mary Louise McDaniel, Rebecca Mclnnis, Bobbye Mclnlyre, Parry McKay. ,o- K L" 2?i A uv If Firsi Row: Ann McLean, Jfi-an MQLe'iar'-, Es-anigir Ni:ir-v.r1ii', Nina Nijisi-ar, Ann Odom, Judv Orr, Ann Oabzrnx Jiannini' Peiriarn. Second Row: Biiif Piiiliipg Eiriing Pifriiiiigrx Eliza' Lain Piliinron, Peggy Picazanrf, If-rw Poinrer, Parry Parris-r, Barcara Price, Bcity Prichard. fhird Row: Jo Raqan, Mid rein Read Ann R-aiiiy Parricia Rei'!v, Nailie Riley, Ann Rnenm, iVi3'Qff"?' Robinson! Sue Rogers. Fcurfh Row: Caroiiin Roi: Jann Sain, Jane Savage, Baba Sherrod, Marqaref Shipp, Maw Alice Snourdi, Myrtle Simmons, Fay Sirriz.. Fiffh Row: Jeanne Srniiin, Eiizabeiii Srnirn, June Snead, Vivian Spear, Caryi Spence, Gioria Sreadrnan, Jane Sfisner, Jean Stocks-11. Sixfh Row: Marie- Sifiiiiu, Eiizaiiifaiii Sii.rii17,an', L' 'an Si-auf, Vkiari Swear, Bohm Tavior, Minnie Taxkir, Jawa Tfafeil Eiaw Tricirripacn, Sevenfh Row: Lanneie' iriigirrpiiin Niwa iF T'1Qf'1l:- hon, Mary Tobian, Joanne Tuiiv, Marina Turner, Ixnwiiii Tirpiri Eone Veaiflv, Eiien Wade, Eighfh Row: Di:irrJi'i, VV,1'L' Bar bara Waiiace, Marfna Waiiaie, Gwen VVa3l-er, Jo Warn, Maw Francea Waring Barbara Wariey, Lida Wa-zigin. Ninth Row: Sara Weberer, LaNe-Ha Welia, Mar, Wmrc-n, Eiia Wriire, Tray VVinife, Carolyn Wiliianis, MUN Wiiiarrii', Pa? Wiiliariii. Tenfh Row: Virginia Winq, Bobbv Wciiia, Naniw VVVQOJ4 Kainryri Wriqini, Pafsv Wriqinr, Eeirier Yerqer, Harww P-Jw Xrriiinq, Mary Zachow, i L ini d UW i I-I-I .v' s 1' .3 VD 'Z' X.. 1 1 Lf-A I 0 A ei I 1 -.. f4.IQi-A R. '19 K 5.- . ,vn- I s. -Q, "v, '--.-- -5 1 1 .vw .zu fc "F, -1 77 W.: - xii 1 X w igdd iv! A hx .J v2 I XX ' 2. ,Gif ' E Q pn d R- T M -ff 4Le5v1vjQMM W fm I 5 f Ill V' MM ' I hm ,. C '.g Aphmdute ...... . 'df N Goddess oi Lovedz Beauty X 1 1 Z f I N M53 X ,X JK d E 3 'A , X dw Q I d d T-I-ii n K X 1' F ' ex -J DGITICTEI ....... i ' ' d wg, Goddess Of Rural Life U , dr N1 Athena ..... .. 45- K is Goddess Of Wxsdom 9' K ?Ff3m do 1 V umu w fm , QNX, N 'T ,df QT dd 5 if X ii f df, Y' , . y L df If d,,, Q d Q5 f +ffTArtem5 nlnui " ggi Terpnschore ..... . i I' 'ff Goddess ofThma5e 6oddeSSOfThfDf1HC6 I , I Vi -sew- LAX 14' Firsi' Row: May Sliles Arlz, Lydy Becker, Marlha Bowman, Belly Brown, Suze-lle Buehler, Mary Elizabelh Cales, Nancy Chenaull Helen Coplen. Second Row: Dorolhy Hamm, Palsy Haynes, Joan Johnson, Tressa King, Eleanor Knee, Jean Loll, Anne McLean, Barbara Miller. Third Row: Belsy Moore, Jean Pemble, Palsy Reilly, Lillian Tankersley, Nalalie Thompson, Nancy Wood, Ann Wrighl, Dorolhy Wrlghl STILES ARTZ .... MARY ELIZABETH CATES . . ANN McCLEAN . , LYDY BECKER . . DOT HAMM . . ANN WRIGHT . . . NANCY CHENAULT BETSY MOORE . . . LILLIAN TANKERSLEY MARTHA BOWMAN BETTY BROWN . . . TRESSA KING . . MEMBERS . . Chi Omega . . Chi Omega . . . Chi Omega Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della Della . . Della Gamma . . Della Gamma . , Della Gamma . . Della Zela . . Della Zela . . Della Zela Promoling harmony among lhe social sororilies on lhe campus is lhe primary purpose ol lhe Pan-Hellenic coun- cil. One ol ils maior lunclions ol lhe group is lhe regu- JOAN JOHNSON . . ELEANOR KNEE , , JEAN LOTT, . . PATSY REILLY .... NATALIE THOMPSON NANCY WOOD . . . SUZETTE BUEHLER , . JEAN PEMBLE . . DOT WRIGHT . . HELEN COPLEN . I PATSY HAYNES , . BARBARA MILLER , . . . Kappa Della . . Kappa Della , , , ,Kappa Della Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma .,.....PhiMu ..Phi Mu .....PhIMu . .Zela Tau Alpha . .Zela Tau Alpha . .Zela Tau Alpha The local Pan-I-lellenic Council is a member ol lhe Nalional Pan-Hellenic Conlerence. ll ls composed ol lhe presidenls ol each ol lhe sororilies localed al Ole Miss, plus lwo olher members lrom each organizalion. The Olli- cers are chosen by rolalion. lalion ol rushing among lhe eighl sororilies. - Thvy Turn Grvon When You Mon- lion "Kappa" . . . Ilaisg Blau' lirops In ILTFPPQI zVow And Then . . . T .. hc' larsl Fvlnalo Grcwlss 0n Tho llunpus. OFFICERS FJ T ' N Preifdvfw' P r T ' ANTH fATf'T My Prfvsfdwu Mr' ENE UAFTW Spfveklr, T ' NVTWC Twasurw QX TAT Ffndqai- Trairwev 4:1 1 miwq 1, hifi 'Tv T113 f.'Qr ri Tr'-f, br,-"er Wd Tau -'llipwv 'T-H v 1 Gfeel I ' ' VHF T" T405 'TP J 1'-. .-.Ti rvwLJ9r 71' "wg 'QIJWIIS' rYvQf"'ir' T'T"r9 Kappg ka T dfezg. X - Q'J"df2fd 'fTqL."Pf'wP' Ti' 'W9"WDf'Vf-LVL' Am Milfaf Wes 'i T5-ep 1i'T'+i1j,1"d Mei Claw if Miva' Biwj Tv PPTQTU FHM? TQHTTM CQ! H" QTT Wo? Gifs L E'Yv"7,j'lE"vi1 T-Tad, mwfet, TWEVWT' rifis fi wgfi rg Mar, Prarfm Waf'PT3, "amy, 4 r ,jg Nw ,gr rv Thffws avd We M1 fe 'I-,HV S Hi- T ' Wav rvxufwf, and 'S a Ta.fr7'e Hi T 'wg' vdwrf pmw: fiH.H,'TwTn1 Ml Frm Pww As n sum, beam, and Berfy Jg-an MVS '- bn Mnr7w,r" Nxiasxir' Af Ta, Vfe ,fm T5 Tnvilfed fu' "quve S-' pfe Jumhm f ff "ik Swan' 'ffm arf- anew are .3 T-1 Merffi E-ais, Mae Turpin Tfiepi Grd, "11fd,nvd, Q fir Tia. vw? Grd scifz f 'Ve Cafoiva' Hui, 61770 Davdfdxfa - i 'ff Mfisa pcfqr' We mewbwa QF: 2 f'V5n1 abiu' ar Tiff evo Simi' svaf, T5 f.L'T"f wha' ff fiav , . , yi'-3 We. 53.9 a'fef1f'vifr-, 1? VGVUTFGT avd sfran, Lab.-Ti r' , U Tv,-.iu'TT beT1C"Q b, will by r'rw1s+Twv,uQTw+HQ TffusQTraMif5",' Sfinsirw Mwwbovi, ni' appear mx Tv pfwwi A :MTM Adf Tixki T, PMT1 Gfag Ffarwf-is lv:- wrv SM2rgHf?rw9 .,..-4 B-.. ...ny .--1-.1-un wl ii -li' FT'-dilf? HCT .ippflgvlriq TV'TpF1V'xP1I TVTAFP fwwr BMT, 244 l I First Row: Ann Adcocx AMW: Alain N1a,' Stiles Ari: Callierine Gene Bafir Ann Barrier Marrha BiqgS Jane Boring Sec and Row: Marqarel Ann Bowen EMM Braiiilelf Mari, Eiizaberk Cale'- Jane Crawlcril Alice Crilg 'gloria Dandfidgff rrrirvaigpne rlarilx Third Row: Belly Jean Henderson Helm Henderzon M3r,' Ann l-lolnieS Alice Hunter Rurnie lenkins Siiiini-5 .lunlrin Frame-1. Lafliarz. Fourih Row: Ann Lum Pegg, Mahoney' Marv Louise McDaniels Fannie MQFSII Anne McLean Mary Ciirneliu Murplii, Julia Murray Fifth Row: Marilyn Mason Wiilyla Nawon Ann Palforsori Ann Penn Mar, Jane Prrmgl! Marilyn Purse-r Juan Rigsbf Sixfh Row: Jiiiyfiiri Riwseboroigh Perri-Lia Siicibey' Marie Slolres Lillie: Swear Vivian Swear Jann? Tlierrell Mary Frances Waring PLEDGES: Seven?h Row: Barbara Bananan Adrienne Bourgeois Marv Ellen Bullock Jelfrie Maw' Carfer Belly Colfer Marfria Furr Marqgret Gisl Eighfh Row: Be-lure Hig-ion Carilvn Lane May Jean Lips' Elizabefli l.UCl',Pli' Sudie Ann Mi:Conl Rao--Qld MClnnli Ann Poinfe-r PaHir9 Ponder Ninih Row: Barbara Price Rebezca Prichard JG Ruth Raqan Ewzlvn Tlwornpson Merrick lufnin Elgie Bobbie Wolff Enfhfai Yerqf-rf Fire 0ul 01' Five Made The Favor- ites . . . To Top It 0ff They Have Jlliss llle Miss . . . And A lllaiorette With A Wicked Hip. OFFICERS lllll l?l"l'l'P . Presirlranl f-NN li'lllfl . Vlfe Presielenl lvVAlSlE lwllNllNlFp'jw . .Pefrirdinq Sccrf-lnry Hwll 'V' Cf"lBkPl . . . .Cnrrespnndinq Serrclary MAPI' NAM lvl0lXlAC-HF-Fl . .Treasurer lrn lilplr-,li -iirlg hae her-n hr-arled bi,'ll1f:rilW-Sf'if'fipr3l'rlP l filly Berlrer sinre January, I947. . . new H. ra wlwf-iii in lhfi l,lnii.ersil,' Pia-yers . .Ann Dule lalfes mer in lhe pinches. . .while Mary Nell Mfnniian lf-eps lhfi lriil and leys. . .Walsip Summers lE1lf9Y down lhe nrmles, . .Pal Fnrd rlwi-s rev lves' 'r lv- uariue Ffnn-, l'lardaf.ay is lhree limes fa beauly and 5 lavorile . . . Walsie Qurrvnrilrs raises lhe 'C' aurora gf. lri an "XX" . . .Sue Haney ennrfles rnnsl eileclively wilh The Univer- F'la.f . ard Ann Gull-ly had fha lc-ad ri-ile in "John Loves Mary' . , Sara Websler is "Miss fl-liirrl Helen Henry rr-iiniyrfd llie rifle itil Miss Ole Miss lrorn lhe sludenl brwdy . . she is qlg' 1 rhfwrreaiflei' and fa iavfirilfz . . Helen Burnside! anfblher lavrnrile, wears lhe while swealer with lhe UM' rin il sinre she is lhp spiinscir l.-ir lhe varsily alhleles. . . Ella While siruls profusely wilh 'he hand Url Hunler plays prellily on the piano. . . Eleanrrr Green qiqqles and is a layorile Cl-iarlvlle Cmyard is anrirher, . Marlha Kale Brouqher is an NROTIC sponsor . . .The Tri- lilellg Q-p"ideCl li-pri: in l926 ailer beinrq lnunded lhe niqhl belore 'lhanlcsqivinq in ISSS. , .lhey lan r p-anal-'-s . lhr,-y say that silver, blue and Qfild drrns lhe warnnlh oi Olher cnlors, if There are un, iilheri f .ery year lhey pu? on lhe liadilifinal Hlrillell Weddinqi' if lor no olher reason lhan 'l-nl .r lrllz nw sr 'r 'ne rigor n rin lhe girl . Members nn? appearing in pgmelg Mary Jgyqje Cimlfn. X 246 J STX 199 4 'Kimi Ev-uf, 9? 'W i 247 Firsl Row: Ellzabeln Becker Surf Bloclc Helen Burnslfilr Ennly' Colberl Cnrlsline COl0H'l5D Ann Duke Lillian Ann Duke Second Row: Mar, Jane Ecklea Pal Ford Dov Harnfn Su: Haney Belly Hansvn Penny Hardaway Frances Herneler Third Row: Helen Henry Dill l-lunlf?r Bellye Jourdan Jean Lewis Patty McKay Mary Nan Monaghan Sue Rogers Fourth Row: Jeanne Srnilh Walcle Surnners Belsy Tlblier Bl? Toblas Marlna Turner ElSle 'Warner Gwen Walker Filfh Row: Ella While Elllene Wllllarns Ann Wrlglwl Pledges: Cnrlsflne Anderzon Jane? Buford Marina Kale Brouglner Charlotte Coward Harrlef Dennarn Slxfh Row: Sara Alice Doss Marianne Farmer Errnly Faullc Dorollrf Fleldu Sara Gravew Elinor Gfef-n Ann Gullev Ladd?-Q l-larlon Sevenfh Row: Mafqarel Jalilfson Belly Jo Lallwanl Ol?-Ma Lewla Carol,-n McCurd-r Harfal Moore Palrllila Pail: Marqarel Roblnson Jima SBVBOE Eignrh Row: Balls Snerrad Marqaref Snipp Ellzabelln Ann Srnifh Eon-? Veazey Clndv Wallon Carolyn Williams Pafrlcla Williams Sara Websler ll f-il llMRil Elilll Cff'aF3l EY kr.,, --w- gi.'Ali'l riliffffl' xlill f- Al PXANPKF' f 1' ii ' fa l r- 'ri 1 lwirilr-r firrii 1 llr1Vl'i rii wrrfl ll P ,url lull r- l--'. Ill 'ri V- lr rrr P i i.l11, 'wff -ri iii' r 'r fr wlrrilli- .,,1 ,,,, U., 2, HMV lifsrfl v.r1l+'S wr lwriilli-, lrvff Ilvlrfx r'rrl l r ri,1ir1': iii: iii Y rir iillr'1lll .I Bunvh 01' Wheels . . . Tho 1948 ,Play Quvvn. Miss Mississippi, Illaior- vtlvs. And Brains . . . And A Girl ll'ith .fl Long. Long Farnpus. OFFICERS Prcuidenl , .Vice Presideril , .Sogreldry , Treasurer l p r r,-Av .i r ff-r i, Phi Mig .lnrrf-ii bafl in IHS? ar Qorirnia VVr3'.leyf3rr. . .Alplra 1 rr rl.: Iqnir' wun' . Qrr WW- .lr fm iiif"YI1lfHlI"wif'lf'i' llw fm.Cl, and Bells Cr1YlF'ylQf1d5 ' if ri lrild Al f--, -arrflfrr if-firm Mira rin lirf- rrufirirv, and Cialis Ayrfwl rwl Mfrrldr l ,wyrif , ,vwy pr rr, l .'lrr- i N llil pr 'liflly lv-f1xls.,lfr-,rn llrrllrrrqewirrlw, f, rlrrirri r,l r,l ' ill- rlw- mir l Mil., Mif ,w4.N ippi fl V948 . -lr-drr Pomlwlw rmqriml fix, i --i ln, rrrrg fi r11' i lil rf-ri rfilariwrir ffirli Siqrrm Clrrw, , ABiIIy Jrxarr lilflt' r ill ll lurid Mrllri r-rrl Mr-rrill lfifrlg '.frrLiqi5ii , Url Wrirqirl lricis ini rurr Q, hA,,rmrr lilglrrgr tlrirwl mlm mor a for rird willr a 23 day i,arv1pii- . .Lib J in rllr wr.-il 'pr mm lm POTC, and she lilfci, rw iidfi. painl and fall horses Pfl' rfrr li, arid Ifmri lqrrmr mv fglgfr lavvrrilvs . .Claire Awfurlf is presiderwl Ol. r rr rim ,fi plqm mrrfirrirri, bu? lhip Emi lmrrlross my less, wliifglw we suppose i5 'rw iw,-'N rlr. rliilr i In if cmd hlwilc-. cmd lr-, lf! f mime y-fu llral 'iilwe r Jvrrplf fir, nf-, Fr ririiu rf- L' iirriig q Real Plwi MU." s,:S.f-by 4. 248 'Ns miiil K New W 3 .4. " An- , 'V tix Ns, 5 7 fukin . 249 First Row: Edith Adcoclr Qfila Alexander Clair Aycocl: Suzzette Buehlrrr Elizabeth Blanchard Beth Carley Annie Lois Childress Second Row: Elizabeth Dorsey Martha Sue Draper Larey Evans Barbara Fly Connie Kayser Biilie Jean Little Mary Jane Madden Third Row: Billie McClendon Ann McLendon Millicent Merritt Jean Pemble Martha Spencer Einoqene Standifer Ann Turley Fourth: Row Elizabeth Wallins Claire Well: Jeanne Wheeler Barbara Worthington Martha Wrenn Dorothy Wright PLEDGES: Barbara Jean Barnes Fifth Row: Mary Frances Blanchard Betty Collins Ann Crowson Maggie Rea Curie Kathryn Faherty Ellen Gorton Joyce Hollingsworth Sixth Row: Lynn Holloway Betty Lillian Jones Jane Lamar Bobbie Neyland Ann Odom Ann Osborn Seventh Row: Rosemary Owen Elizabeth Ray Dorothy Lee Roberts Rita Ptobertsraw Gloria Louise Steadman Jean Stoclcett Eighth Row: Marian Tibilier Mary Ann Tucker Joan Williams Virginia Wing Patsy Wright Harvey Ross Young If WN NWN 1,115 Pflfl FFT XNP W 1 55"-.APP lV'.f'A SVUNF Uwfw 111113 11 0 m 1 mm zfar' 1-1, 1611111 .wa If 111 L 11 1 111 11 , 1 'Fw mr, lfia f1 ur an fmard an Ar 1111 .f,1'1f 11111 1.111 T11 Q f1 if 11 V1 9 K1 P111 1 F11 f IS HV b VvUA,f'5x 1111131 A n'1Q111 1 1 1+ 1 11 J ff m fl 0 fa r11H311'f1'-M 11 WSF .Hur 1 S fa rw FVM 0 a 1 1 4 111111 wr-1y11'11r1f1 I 1 Hum 1 gf ff-f ' -111+-arf fmd V7 NPO 0 rs m C f f on 1111 S f u an am F11-'fl fi- we a 1119 11 f 1 L1 3 U ar F1111 D 115 F 1 Fi 50 ma 111111211 Ur111ff11s111y 1 rs P Fwynrd P n fm x aw: IWIS fir pn 1f1 f'wfvfr1b1'1r , I Mmpw, I fqp ffVT'D PMP-sf H 11 awlfms q r i1fE11'11"f 11' f1f111'1Qr 1-1fV11q1V11i S111 .nf-If p1aH1Qd 541 1 W1 d 1 LJ D 1a+f GFI m1 O ms JP We fmorald an 1i11'-nfl, and fan E f V1 111 ufpn an M fpy um W 01 an rff1y KDS from In 155 111l'111ASBHr1d Pm .VH 12 ASSIQM'-6 1m yff 3+ H Ylfall M lf-wf 'Wim S1111 I fg111V' 311519 r1 l. rw in K Qi-ns B , X it , . QP' ,, 'G .A Wli V 16,5 1 , L ' .x P 1' ra.. ' l 5"f vw faq: gl 1 4 y 1, !"l "vu 51 V. MW. , I A 'w I-92' .. R. A ,L li 1 f ri 2 i QZSQQ- Y ix K . 4: Y X4 64 Nr' - 'R' -9 - A fs. 5. -if if ls, .A -6- 'K J x Wx. 251 Firsl Row: Belly Alford Kale Alford Belly' Atwood Pal Billingsley Jo Bogard Riley Cole Cliarrnaine Crum Second Row: Julie Davis Clnarlolle Dickinson Cliarlolle Downs Jean? Ernbry Pal Feyard Dorothy Jean l-lunler Belfy Duke Jackson Third Row: Joan Johnson Lenora Kellner Eleanor Knee Tnelina Lenz Jean Loi? Rnlliie McRee Sara Mason Fourlh Row: Carolyn Prewilf Carol Price Belly Rives Alicia Rollins Billie Jean Sepich Allie Jean Slone ldanolle Slone Fiffh Row! Elizabellw Slurdivanf Charline Todd Margarel Wallers PLEDGES: Carolyn Alford Margie Alsion Belly Colquill Belly Cox Sixth Row: Vegi Dick Kay Ford Joan Freeman Belfy l-lerlihy Peggy Horn Mary Brook Kelhley Sevenfh Row: Gladys MCGaugl'iy Belly Marable Jores Murphy San Slewarl' Owens Carolyn Ross Caryl Spence Eighth Row: Nancy Talurn Joanne Tully June Walden Barbara Wallace Barbara Warley Belly Williams lllll IIAMM 'ex .I Gonuino Mississippi Produrt . . . To Kaufp Thr' Salty Tholno Going A Gang-plank favors Tho Front Stops. OFFICERS NANCH CHENAULT . , Presidenf HIZF'-,BFTH PILKINTON ...., Vice Presldenf EETSY MOORE , , .Correspfrndinq Secreiary V ATHEPINE P-HIGGINS . ,Recording Secrerary PAT GORE , A . , ...... Treasurer HLLIAN TANKERSLEY, . ,Rushing Chairman VMLEN KXXRR , . ,Sfandards Chairman . . . . C Frr f rhaprffr rf IWWA 'dnrrrrrra hmnr hed rlqhi hero rn diem We Cfxrfrld nf fhe lvwrg Jr hrrrryl for rrrrx rn UU? .frhrrn rhfr rxirhr rfrnhw nr? reaw ihf- hrrnsr- ff-r the rarn rhe DG! rrfserrfed in I936 rrr-4 r A 'hwy mein rw :rr nh Lrrrdg rf .f,f-fgrhrrr rhrw from an an- hm and if lreep rhe salt, rhemft rrrrrrfq rho, pu? fa qanq pranh up M Rhr- dfrrrr f-,Q rmrrrex , .Nanfy Chenaurf in uaprdln rvf fhe Crew' lih PWSn1"n help. 'nf-f-rf, mf parh , Par Grrc- lrrrlrs fha safe 0-,ery niqhi, whrle Bois, M rr- anri Qafhwrrnrr Hnqqrng, Peep fhc' hrq brrrrl-' . , , Pillrrnfrrn al A,r'r ucrvew an freawnrer nf HIC ASB . Mffrre Qrihfed rhe 'M' hw? , . Peqqr, Brr,-.n dashes around and hrnks brearhress . .JO Mr rrrr fr 'r.mrrr'rr1 debarf-r ra fayrrrrro, and nho wear-, a 'xhnly ,ihfor Qxnninj gfrwn now and ihcn M flrbff rhf- bi-pa a rhrrh Ln Tanrersrey rides a horse around row-n . ,Virqlnla Ann Piqford is 'ic a fa Qfrr 'rrrfe . ffhfrr gawrrrfeu. are lldre Jfrnea, and Rufh Hargrove who is a frrrsh cheerleader , .Ceha Bnnrrn ahrr 'yell-r in frfrnf frf rhe frezhrncn, . ,Jane Earharf in a hfrf-shfrf reprirrrer frver ,rr rhq Jmrrnaharrr deparrrruf-nr . Berg-,r Shing- hom Qecrrqia ri-wns the Cfirnverfrble in fhis Crew. . . Marrqaro? Zderad hrrldg frWrff? rn fha H1-,nw Econfrrnics club , Mary Jane Dimn was a Hnmecomlnq ,pfrn',rrr', krr nze. prnl and Une are when fair rs . frearrr colfrred rr-'se 75 The flower. . and 1 ',r'r e fha? "Drif'.1, Gan rrrrr a Drearn Cnr!" Plaines nci appz-arrnq in panel: June Hardwick. 'i Wav-"' 252 First Row: Margaref Bradley Nancy Clie-nault Palsy Conerly Jane Daigre Marina Jane Earhart Palricia Core Second Row: 'oily Hager Elizabelli Head Catherine Huggins Joan Humphreys Mariio James Helen Karr Third Row: Jane Lee Aline Liles Lincla Lindley Joyce Loflin Joyce McGlaun Mary Frances Marlin Beelsie Mercier Fourfh Row: Belsy Moore Virginia Ann Piglord Elizabelh Pilkinlon Lillian Tankersley Anne Walikins Margaret Zderad PLEDGES: Lorraine Bowers Fifih Row: Peggy Brown Celia Bunlin Evelyn Campbell Betty Crawley Mary Jane Dixon Jean Gale Harriell Geisenberger Sixth Row: Ruth Hargrove Carolyn Holman Lucy lmig Lucille Jackson Lidie Jones Ella Belh McAdams Anne McDonald Seventh Row: Myrlle Simmons Betsy Stone Mary J: Sfuarf Peggy Swango Belly Jane Tatum Jo Ward Virginia Wooten . ' I L ll 2 l I I r- I I I I Illllll I 1 E l ' I V la, lli 1 I l 1 r l A Monopoly 0n lfolonels' Daughters . . . A Navy Sponsor And A Dream Girl . . . Killarney Roses Add A Touch 01' Eire. OFFICERS rnrssfx KING I I Presidenl VIRGINIA ANN fIIIsrIN .vzrerresrdenr some MCINTYRE . . Recording Secrelary CAROLYN srrcicrnon , Icarregpordrrq sergrerary VIRGINIA TANSIL I , .I... Treasurer RAE NICDANIEIS , . ,Edilor and l-lisforian Founded in IQO7 al Miami Uniyerairy lhe Della Zelas snealed inlo Oxford and are slill Thriving Tressa Kinq does her be-5+ lp hold up rho slandards, and Virginia Ann Ausfin, who is an NROTC sponsor, assisls . Virqinia lansil handles lhe qreen slull and Bobbie Mclnryre records lhe chafler , . Miriam Marron was Pile Dream Girl and is a wheel in 'rhe chapler. . ,Marlha Bowman, she ul The sunlan, is setrelary ol the WAA, . , Belly Brown and Billie Johnson are Pixes. . .Virginia Tansil is on Morlar Board, lhre "Y" cabiner and The Cornrnillee ol IOO. . .Tressa King is secrefary ,l lhe Buginess Eduiialiiin club. , ,Ann Baine ool married, bul she srill hangs around. . .Ellen Waije, the colonells dauqhler, rides a ieep ariiiind lhe campus, . .crher army lcids are lhe Hagan ,ip,+er. Fay and Frances, ii r',I lonelk dariqhlerp, loo, who have spenl' some few years in Japan . . . Fay ilashes bulbs in her lilfie Speed Graphic al people, . .lhe girls wear llie Killarney rose when they dress up, , rose and qreen are Ihrzir Colors. . and lhey' sing a sono enlilled "Dream Girl ol Della Zelan Pledqes nol appearing IH panel: Gerry Haas, Fay Haqan. 254 1-YN bl fam Rh Firsf Row: Virginia Ann Ausiin Ann Bains: Martha Bowman Beffy Brown Second Row: Biliie Johnson Tressa King Rae McDanieIs Bobby Mclnfyre Third Row: Miriam Marron Jeannine Pelham Caroiyn Sfickerod Virginia Tansii PLEDGES: Fourth Row: Beffy Aby Elizabefh Brown Charlene Buck Marilyn Burrell Lucy De Spain Fifih Row: Virginia Ann Echols Frances Hagan Eugenia Leyanqer Merie Marfin Peqgy Mizell Sixfh Row: Mary Myers Billie Phillips June Sneed Eilan Wade Mary Zachow I 5 Llf+Nf,'Pf1 Nf'WPSWHPTl1Y They Hare The Dabious Pleasure 01' Living Next Door To The New Ilouse: The Pride 01' Their Hearts ls Zeta. 'Ml N WH FN PWM. i'-va' JQPBARA Mfllfff' Vw-A NNE PHFNPX ' v 1 1194 ,ur 1 'NLE N1':'LIlf'IN HK' v lv ':'VfYf1AWNf", , PmxuVfr',1ivv1 xr UM- vw 11,33 xjrildrwwxj up Nm M95 .lf Vfmw U SGML H rmaf , . ,Gamnm Delhi 'i1flfJfPV nffadr- 'is J, '15 Nw ,annpux ww 3930, , Nw QMS Havw We rrwisfwvfuvp fm Vve mel? d x"' ff WL WM- Nrwn H WISP!! Hfelefx C-idev I 'He ,HQ , ,Bvifbdfi MWQI is nm' 'r Wwe 'oddw . .N va GM: M .md paw Mme Pxrme Phemew, 1973 Mem know, .Mai Hwy did 51? We prefiedirwq V7WP6'MV7'f1 Jud, Qu is presidenf if We GM? S GMM Club . . FUQQQ'-V Lauqhwr ls fha? fq' W d iffddnq QW vm Mwmpms Pqfsy H.aN,rw1 s f3,ff.a,S bus. and ff vr, rw , .NN ro Nf,rs.'fcrHwy, Gene Mu1Mfan md BQHY Drum wwf Befa Bram Bfxfds :md BQHN, Uwe, has We nddwd 5'1or1'vr of being Murder fiw' QUPPF . vfiffe 'vlihfs dwfifaff- fHrA Mwwusf? fn fosfwp CCOSIIUVWS , .alfwmq WWW QPF! qua,- rd mvq New b up fiwey rf' ,www lv' ,x uw or ow f VFPM Fr-qfvf. wp FWPSUVTIF-fHP,lVT1PdVI '1 N- . 756 PM-slxf.-HY X 'Q x 'vm' E 5 "Ml Firsl Row: Nancy Aslwly Freona Balson Barbara Brock Helan Coplen Ruin Croclfer Belly Drury Second Row: Llllv Exum Vivian Flndley LaN?ll Salford Shlrley Halaway Palsy Haynes Gwendolvn Henry Third Row: Bobbve Jacobs Peggy Laughter Jean Mauldln Joyce Mauldln Sara Mayfield Bavbara Miller Fourfh Row: Genevieve Mullican Eleanor Norsworlhy Judy Orr Anne Rlweney Bobbie Taylor PLEDGES: Jean Beal Fiflh Row: Belly Carler Bvglly Clllggef' Julia Douglas Zllan Lou Green Nell l-lobgood Anne Loveless Sixlh Row: Peqqy Pleasanfs Nellle Jean Riley Mlnnle Taylor Martha Wallace Lallelle Wells Oulncy Winslon KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Thoy Got A Great Big Now Ilouso . . . lfonuploto With Indoor Plumbing, It Cost A Ilundrod And Twenty Grand. OFFICERS F"CHTF!Cf"1 PENLLY , A prrfgkienf NANCY VVOOK Cgrrespgndlrq S9'ffPf6V, IIFNF. BEf'TC1'J P9r1frr1'm'1 SFj1fQf5Vy EETTY P-PAMEP ,Treasurer Tre bib, 75 wif. rafar wg-as+ We Fuse- 1' UQW+a 9311 rf fhfj Kappa! QSfab"5r-rod Here In !'?4b. are YN ra Q QA-parwdfgd rrfgrvr a Vrrrrd'EST rr rr r vw, 'Y rf frm IPC frmgusarxd burilfs .-rrgrrrw of wa 922123 F -' '1'i' 'ri-ri-f.rrajr,1,'r, aLar'rv'ef'C he b EW 1 1. rd-ar Nra? Wa, NH 'a'ir abiuf J, 4, r' , L 1 QW: H5-ard grub, rv' ,rr'!w Vase a p3avr'i"r'r, bu' a arrrrm roam ffr frgrry-erqrrf wwra fre, aW,f3.1 . +PWr'Qf"1dy as r arm? fy 're rrrulrl rrar: se-an rrere armmd mcfirw fifrard We end r fre rrrivr , Pa' Pa , +r'1e+ rarrdre 'Pls brfiv 15 V3.5 Frarrias Mirr's 72 Sei nd If rw Kara Biarr ricircs ard C. E, Con: icrrespscfas B-EW, Kramer 'S We pier Qrwwd Pas +' pa, Mu? a" 'f rriff Nafawy Trwormpg- P rs frwe ff We N'-QE-DVE'SldGV'1fS'Q?W'WE WSGA . , . Kr' , Barre, ,-,a, 'M M73'.f'3'ppr -if lQ4T arwo a We Trwri 'mar . . , fwfr. Bard-,ry fr-rr, I2 a rr f,-mtv' 5 FE: a'ferrrg'5 5 lQr5'5' ca' pr Sir' a CWS IGN 'Far rrfarrs V" Lcis Teanue and Ned Hawes' Sifix Yafrrerre VVr?gH, srre cf the buswa, 's a favcrrffe and an PQTC crgrmparmp ap-rrsgr , rrre iuvrlr 'ales prdg- rrw mg rrrgrre favirrresz Berry Prlrrard ang Far, Slmg , Jam Ha, a f Qu' Yarra' Trwtfir' Wim 'he Wlrdi, Cru, weari- a Delfe pin and E 're ir' 'Fr' '7rrefwdi'Q ' ' -"N 'Fe ramppi Barbara Caifrr and Mary Firrei' Mccari draw, . . Kappa Kapoa Garrwfrra 11 L,iab!R',Hi1d 4m I,-TU af Mfrwrnxhr . 'hey raw Uma af. Weir 1' r, wapprwrre 'rfrweg a 'rVrr ard 'ra rarfb 'r ab .' fx Garde' rf B ,fa ,Ver-de if grm-,. Arw fad qardfert 258 ' .Q ri. ' 425 M np- , if ,Q 1.3, 3 I s "'!:r 3 4 I , 2 ,f x 3,1 . Y, Q. ,V ,5 , 1., f . 'ff' Y ,if Q 15 CW 259 T"""' 'mf PM KA 'U' hiv F 'C' Firsf Row: Diana Beafori Andre? Benoiifr Ann Berdon Oiivz? Eiizabefh Clower Janis Hays Second Row: Be-My Krarner Virginia Lee Mary Forest McCall Caroie Anne Mixon Frames Morris Third Row: Mild ed Reed Anne Reilly Patricia Reiiiy Mary Alice Shourda Lois Te-agus Fourih Row: Natalie Thompson M ary Leigh Wezfon Nancy Wood Barbara Cason PLEDGES: Cjirrigiii Cnriuiopher' Fiffh Row: Virqinia Ann Coliier Harrie? Green LF-Ciaif Heidenreicn Berry Prichard Fay 511115 Sixth Row: Aja Jane- Siizrier Dar-Ldri, Waiif? Lida Jane Wasaen Eugenia Woods Kai'we'ine Wrighf Q w I i- pEPBOPY1 V E B XX 13 1 1 1 '3 5m"lV 'e Ie f mm X V V E H J' F1554 ly: 'E D f ' 5' ii ' D n ff- E e g as -N-in 'Ii v - W Jeb I , Wg!! ff- mf L., ? 5 nmgxfgff df Wi' X I ' - .X ' ,A Xe 7 RI fm KM eaccfweeoa of wane: 4 e .' i ,fi , I Q . K V7 Q Apollo-Hwe Wolf God! 5 Morpheus-606 of Sleep! .xc I gsxk i ri is 13. 'X 1 Q' .Cx i - Way ! Hercules -God of Fi re ! 3 l 'i I . I x P 1:2 n J s Pl ll I I I. A I D w I I Y . ,JI n l lui Firsl Row: Jack Barrelf, Edgar Bowman, Henry Campbell, Jack Charnbliss, William Condon, Edward L. Cook Thomas Dean, John Dulaney. Second Row: Taylor Eady, Norman Gillis, Lundy Gunn, Charles Friedman, Bruno Furini, Charles Harris Vassar Hemp- hill, Charles Henley. Third Row: Carl Herrin, George Hopkins, Irwin Kaufman, Ealon Lang, Harold Melvin, Frank Monlague, Buddy Monfague, George Morse. Fourfh Row: Robert Mullelrl, Lamar Pierson, Charles Robison, Roberf Shannon, William Spighr, Lester BOB MULLETT . . . NORMAN GILLIS . . BRUNO FURINI . . LAMAR TRIPLETT ......... . GEORGE P. HOPKINS FRANK MONTAGUE BUDDY MONTAGUE LESTER F. SUMMERS HENRY CAMPBELL. JOHN DULANEY . . CHARLES R. HENLEY GEORGE MORSE . . JACK BARRETT . . TOM WATTS .... EATON A, LANG. JR. CHARLES R. HARRIS JOEL VARNER . . . CHARLES O. FRIEDMAN . . IRWIN KAUFMAN . Sumners, Pafferson, . . . . .Presiclenl . . . Vice-Presidenl . Secrelary-Treasurer .Alpha Tau Omega . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Bela Thela Pi . . . Bela Thela Pi Della Kappa Epsilon Della Kappa Epsilon . . . . .Della Psi . . .Della Psi . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma . . Kappa Sigma . . Phi Della Thela . . Phi Della Thela . . Phi Epsilon Pi Kergosien, and Phillipi. LUNDY R. GUNN . . EDGAR E. BOWMAN JACK CHAMBLISS . . BOBBY SHANNON . J. C. HERRIN ..,. EDWARD L. COOK. JR. . . . . TOM DEAN ..... HAROLD MELVIN . . BILLY CONDON . . TAYLOR G. EADY, JR. CHARLES W. ROBISON WILLIAM SPIGHT . . LAMAR PIERSON . . ROBERT C. REEDER . . . .Phi Kappa Psi . . .Phi Kappa Psi . . Phi Kappa Sigma . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon . .Sigma Pi Epsilon . .Sigma Pi Epsilon . . .Sigma Nu . .Sigma Nu . . Sigma Pi . .Sigma Chi . .Sigma Chi The lnier-Fralernily Council serves as a liaison agency belween lhe various men's social Iralernilies on 'rhe campus. The council is composed of Iwo represenlaiives from each Iralernily. lls main purposes are Io regulale rushing among The men's Greek-leller organizalrions and IIIIIRAIIII III Illlll IIII . . Phi Epsilon Pi nk g ng-i rf K Avi. The Half-Brothers 0f The Delta Psis ::5.--:.7:.- MQ' T, ' o R' ' . . . The Fellows Look Up To Ll ? 5 if-i ii na," Heidelberg . . . Hose-Nose Adams G i ii s 9 g'QA"'Q'i Can Tell You About Paris. Q 'T W our-ll Q - I n -3:-7 ,4-Z, v Illllll KAPPA EPSHO Keeping slep wilh Their hall-broThers, The DelTa Psis, The Dekes also keep Their officers a secreT , .buT ills no secreT ThaT The ouTTiT began aT Yale in l844, and iT was The TirsT TraT here, coming in ISSO when The doors oT The UniyersiTy were barely open . . The sTone Tace ol Slacy Adams is no longer seen-he has opened an alumni chapler in Elhiopia. . buT his liTTle broTher, Bob, is sTill around To Tell abouT his Trip To France lasT summer, and, like an old woman, ol The operaTion on his nose . .Tom Cave emoTes wiTh The UniversiTy Players , , . and when an argumenT comes up, Les Sumners and George RaTher seTTle Things wiTh Their law school wisdom , . .Vance "Uncle Dudley" Vifaggoner painls meerschaums in his spare Time and Rack Edwins parTies. . .Hank Campbell plays looTbaIl, Son WeaTherly dales, and Bob "HoTshoT" Gardner piloTs The commerce school, assisled by Dean Brown . , Al Perkins, who would raTher be known as A. Dashiell Perkins, please, acTs and Talks -he will masTerfoT-ceremonies any occasion, buT so Tar The Parade oT FavoriTes has been his only iilienl. . , The chapTer looked around Tor a place To build a snack bar, and They picked R. A. Bonds' room . . , They married him oTT To geT iT and now Possum MaTTTingly, JeTT Cole, and Bubber Wealh- erly live There . . all The Tellows look up To Heidelberg-he is six-Three . . . and anoTher Tall one, Tommy Long, is also a hypochrondiac. . ElTon McInTosh Tinally goT up enough money To buy a pin, which he prompTly puT on The sweaTer oT one Jan Hays. . , his younger broTher doggedly keeps on sTudying Tor The day he can enTer med school . alThough he has been warned by Elwin Darden , The Deke colors are red, blue and gold . The pansy, a rugged Tlower, is only TiTTing Tor Them . and in Their spare Time They sing The "Phi Marching Song". , . Members noT appearing in panel: George ArmsTrong, Clyde Huggins, Tom Long, George RaTher, Hyman Simmons, Bob Tyson, Wallace WeaTherly, VVaTson WeaTherly. , . Pledges noT appearing in panel: Van Coney, Rack Ed- wiris, .lohn Mansel, Bob Taylor. 3- y 262 First Row: Bob Adema Perrin Caldwell Hank Campbell Torn Cave Jeff Cole Second Row: Bob Gardner Bill Garner Lewis Heidleberg George Kirkland Sam Lowry Third Row: Gov Malfingly Norfleef Moore Tavior McElroy Barry' Mclnlosh Elion Mclnlosh Fourih Row: Bill Mulkins Al Perlins Cecil Rarner Herron Rowland Bill Skinner Fiffh Row: Lester Summers Jack Tucker Vance Waggener l-lunier Whilsell Jimmy Berry PLEDGES: Frank Carlisle Sixth Row: l-lerberi Denlon Lee Duddleslon Joe Fasold Carrol Ford Henry Herndon Eddie LeG-rand Sevenfh Row: Bill Lowe Jimmy Lowe Herman Parker Van Rogers David Smith George Walfers I lx , Thoy Stull lust .Soma Brothors Who 5 A 'v v g 1' 1 1 .-.f-1 r r v F I mr f H43 fv ug? i B 1 1 BUM r lu L I 1 un C fAr'r r 4 , 1 j', 4 j i 'QY UXAVYNUI YYWh 1 4-r P'-4' 5 - :sg I K , x ' 5 --'vw A ftgikv ' A, + Wr- 'mi H1 'avi Hp L Cm J". 1 .lfvz ,V 3F fwflw W1 "Lf Q S',1J"Vf3 Vik-fi 'ual Pwfffw Nan 1 1-Hr! 1 -N 'Ve F' .fy fl-My 51 J 1 I A f v '41-e F'-31" PM-319 r' 13, 'Hi L-r' vmofftmfg Q 11V 1 N 1.155 wi iz zhfw'-i 'F WF55. 1 l1f'f'f'fV pm, r rw in N1f3V"bf W3 'am fi Lai' VfG5s'e. 2. , Q 264 First Row: G.1yff: Brian! 'ml BM BQ-Jnhnd Dnvefl Bwn: AIFMQJ Chfirxfilcr CF9i'f'v' Cochran Second Row: Ji-lr Dulxjw- ,' Bulb E1f'mqf'r L1Jwv',U"s EWU! ,lqim Efwi lqg Joy Fwnfhr Third Row: LPM? Flefhher Cen! Fm Kbnneih Frmd' B. H, Garner Joi 'glilesli-7Q Dun! HJYFVUJL Fourfh Row: 51,11 Halffgfw JXJU if H3Nffi'm PMQPN H.3yDC'S Cfwlfky Henlfy H3rrwjHer1NE'y W?Hi3m Ludeff Fifth Row: L'fXU:L LGI1 Jail Millw R055-H PQCHE. R15 Shiprfmm Joe Wiwifplcf PLEDGES: Howl! ,A,H'if?V'UV Sixth Row: P mfr? Am if ' 'im Lm' if A'VwVwlgf!'U Bw B11'VlV'Q'f" JL :n Eii-Har? Pfibivf l? 'Ww1f13r:x xg'-,lu Sevenfh Row Royal Hidef Ji-E Lee Rlfhdfd Mggre CWJSTM Rfwk P, W.. Nur" Sha.-f H ibsom Wakefie f,x we .VX I5 s ffif I ,Qs 'rf , 1' R F They Lira' Halfway To Batesville' . . . R f " M : 'f v Two Ilrains 'Vero Pledged To Keep 7 "SEL '7"f:?:""'s' 5 ,,,,,. 'fr 2' 42 ,,, It Legal . . . A Tr mb Pl . , X lVith A Siam I3 Shag one agar Vw unmru MIIIIULILIII Ml-, W , N .-'-Q - - - l."4'L'-'E rv -fi . E3 , I i P: ' S ,. fi." 55.15 ' is 'HE f' afr refs EIA . P-.LFLQ I -i l! '. ' 51: L.-5,6 Nu - 4' 5 PHI III-I P PSI OFFICERS IUNIPY R. GIJNN . , Presidenf IAMPS M, OVFIPCI-PST . .Vice'PresidenI CHARLIE B. iIf7I?I7fNN . .,.. Treasurer YYEPALD H, VVALIERS , .Refrprdinq Secrefary VIPGIL F. JAMES JP . Corresponding Secrefary Ibe Phi Psi", are Ibe II'rird 0Idr:sI Irf3IerniIy rin ine Campus, if yrvrrr consider I1aIIwr3yI0 BaIesviIIe as beinq OIC Miss Sonny Gunn, an edrwert Inm Iu1wiIQr, hoods H19 ruIIiI, and dnubles as Ine biqqvs+ Iadic-5' man in Ihe chapier, sn hes busy . .Vicefpresidenr is Jimmy Overcast with GeraId H, WaIIer5 and Virqil F, James spIiIIinq Hue secreraryinq napacify, fha IirsI doinq II1e recordinq and Ibe frIIwer frrrresbf-ndinq A CIwarIie Jrirrdan nrrunfs pennies, V CrnIy one acfive, Ceril Worudruff, rrralrns reaIIr,r in '1"I d qrades, sri fIwrrr, phdqed Luwrence Curbo and JfInn Gerde-s Io Peep The qanq Ierzal I n Ibe rfampus . Bobby HempIwiiI is a nof-sn-bed IrirorbaII pIayer and David Peel is a member UI We up-andfcominq baby RebeI squad . .Semslrii a Irombnne blnwer wifh Dick CaIIoway, wears a size I3 sbrire anrifber Irimbrirnisf, IfJriinaId Dubuisson, pIays with ine Mississippians. . .Bryan P A Marfin plays an-, insIrumenI v.iIb 5 sIrind VD if and Iivens up Ibe rustiri parfics Ibe Qbapfer Ifgrves I0 Inrrrw , IiI-e miss? surib ,fer-safrifi rnusiciuns be gan? read ei nofe . Ed Bowman is a wI'veeI in DQIIQ Sigma Pi and wiII -iii Irgr Iwurs and IQII anyrine wI'1r,ii iwiII Iisfen abi,ruIII1e good deaIs Iwe had in Hawaiidsrinq 1I1eIaIergre51I war . CILII Burgess Iwas a PauI Bunyan appe+i+e. . Harry SIewarI's new fcn fe-rIibIe, Beerlebaum, is DUSPIEJCJ mme Iban if runs on iis rj-wn . .Ibe Cbapfer I'1iI Iwere in I857 Jar querninrrf Prrse is Ibe IIfrwQr and rardrnal red and Iwunferis rirreen are II1e coIors, . ."NobIe Frfmrrnir-,' is We nnnww QI Irrffr riIIrr-aI srirni Members ni? appearinrl in peneI: Ibbmai I.indIe,f, VN 'mn H, Prjbinsfn Hedrres nr I aprwarinr in panel Ifaxfid H, Pc-QI, MiIIQn I1 'IerrQII. 5,4 ": xxx. A 266 I I I I I a I I I. I Ii I 'I I I, I First Row: Marion Addison George Beckett Frank Bellipani Jo-3 Benvenutti Edgar Bowman J. E. Brannum Clifford Burgess Second Row: Marlfo Butirich James Follansbee Clvde Gridley Lundy Gunn Tommy Haddock James Hailey Bobby Hemphill Third Row: Virgil James Charlie Jordan Rextord Martin Charles Mayfield Anthony Nunez James Overcast Lawrence Semslzi Fourth Row: Harrv Stewart James Tigrett James Tribble Robert Tribble Gerald Walters Cecil Woodruff Ralph Young PLEDGES: Fifth Row: Ansel Anderson Milne Arsulich Vincent Bellipani Homer Boutwell Cecil Caldwell Lawrence Curbo Donald Dubuisson Sixth Row: Robert French John Gandy lolin Gerdes James Hester W. L. Jacobs Rufus Johnson Seventh Row: Rufus Jones Joe Lawrence Martin McLendon William Melson Julian Nagle Everett Nolan Eighth Row: George Quinnelly Joe Sanders Douglas Tanner Bill Tipton Oscar Turnbow Robert Walker ' f , T e s i '-5 Eff? i I .mln Unrovonstructod Proffldds Pros- af 'T ' ' 5 J El. I mg i P-5 tiger To The Mon Who Have A lfross .. E , l E - ,, gi , ill E E J , To Boar . . . They Change Dream gb -TT ""' - - 2 If ' 0 . ' ' ,ff -f 31 -h , Glrls Lulu' Socks. W S f 7 T,,f OFFICERS WTB FTUWKR , .... , . .Presideni Vf'X'p'if'XR llhlvllsllll l, . . .Vine prewidenl TOMMY ROBTRTS . .Secrelary TTEPMAN .JOHNSTON , . . Treasurer Mrvl "udf-nl Pender iff-ld: lhc- hir: sliflr al rneelinns . , he is relieved hy Vassar Hemphill when The Redhead mfini'ipiili7E'd PM-der's Wednesday nirrhls , Tfimmy Pfibcrls lalres down everylhinq in True lefzal slyle , .and Herman ,lfhnsnn pinrlres The pennies . W. G. Barrier and iiCarpe'r- lwaqgoru Flynn fra'lr The whip fi-.fa-i' lhn pledqes Snalie ldrin'l Call me Frenfthyl Price helps The lralernily ayeraqe by lnrirlinfr dnwn a renular 3.0 in Law sfhf-nl . and Brell lJumpin'l JaClrson and Fl f'-L wers vllsel his frffd mul by lnarinrr nu? ln every parly in The slale . Pledqes L, V. Sharp, "TriC1'1'?r" Thrimpsnn, and Hpiqqiei' Caldwell lnnrlr heads with The freshman leolballers . Den Blanrharcl and Ken Terry are hrifh perierminq on lhe Rebel caqe crew, and Terry also hurls The base- ball a lirflra i . llD"ifTinV"iy'iI Davis and "S0qqy" Sweal, li.-ro old chapler heads, hang around lo hand S I G N4 'ul Talherly ani Ve . ."Shaly" Cale, pfililiiian erlranrdinary, al lasl has qiven up all offices-now he iusl lnals , ."Rah-rah" Ray is his fhiel assislanl when The rwn are noi sfudyinq aslronomy. . . Barr DeLashmol slands arniynd lerilinq imporlanf and frying lo worry Hannah. . .Hannah in Turn iusl slands arriund. , . larnar Piersnn, ril The Pea-th Slale Piersnns, is The idea man, and Dr. Allen C I'I I Cabaniss adds a Iillle presliqe ln The qrnup. , ."Shadew" Marshall hands around lor no reason filher Than lp pare the varcify pasielballers and ln lieep Ray our Ol Trouble. , ,The boys al Miami llniversily in Oxford, Ohio, liisl speirled The While Cross, and Ole Miss cauqhl ils firsl glimpse 'two years laler, , . Blue and old nold are The colors, and The members have been lcnown io wear while roses . . everyone does around humrninq srrmelhinq alooul a "swee+hear+" . . .and iusl abouf every monlh They cheese a dillerenf dream rgirl. . ,Members nel appearing in panel: J. C. Bell, Larry Corban, Charlie Ford, Jaclr Marshall, Jimmy Price, Berr Scpbey, Arislide Ton, Clyde Williams. . . Pledqes nel apps-arinq in panel: Richard Auslin, Paul Drauqhn, Thomas Guylon, Al Harkins, Fred Heppell, Harry Phillips, Pal Rcberls, Griffin Scarborough, Ken Terry. 268 I 1 r' X' Ive 'LT' 'R iff. 1-1 nr is 6- 6 I., First May Row: Alvin: Franlf Ashley Rc ,r Barrier VJ. G. Burner Jcrri Bethea J-3:-ze' Billinmley Dr.-fr Blanchard Greg g Brrxlarrd Second Row: Jrrr ': ,r Coal :Neil Bitsy Cole Bill Cooper Bill Davis Bart DeLashrrient Elwood Edwards John Flynn Flowers l-larnriclr Third Row Jack Hannah Jarir Harirpiireys Brett Jactsr:-ri H.-rrrran Johmton Lorrirjxr Lane Ellitt Lawrence Robert Little Speedy Long Fourth Rc-w: Charlie Lyle Charlie McGill Larry Moon Sebastin Moore John Napier George Patterson Word Patton Larriar Pierson Fifth Row: Frank Poll. Jdrriei Rity Clay Rayner Robert Reeder Lloyd Rhian Jack Rhymes Jack Ritter Jack Rivers Sixth Row: Curtis Roberts Eugene Scobey Gavin Scott Jirn Snow Bill Yates PLEDGES: James Ashley Ralph Barber Tom Barry Seventh Row: Norris Caldwell Richard Carrington John Carroll Al Covington James Crosby Edward Dunn Williarn Greene Thornas l-larrrrrrond Jack Hatcher Eighth Row: Willianr Jaclson Lafayette Jennings Bobby Jones Charles Jones Henry King Edward Lawler Edward Loggins Bobbie Morrison Charles Newell Ninth Row: W. D, Newton Robert Perlriris Richard PiCl'E'riS Roberts Rrobst C-eorde Renshaw Jack Jr-el Sanders Senter L. V. Sharp Marahall Smith Tenth Row: Warje Strickland Alan Thompson Glenn Tomlinson Bill West Richard Williams Eddie Wilson Marion Winkler Rav Wunderlich Edward Yoste Vx ' 5 4 H ,5 "':':::::'5"'-::5:5'5"' "-l ' llllllll l ""' 'ii'"3nlli?"'I"'2!Il"'HF"!!I'?Y' D Cn ui J ir 5 Lions Guard Their Secret Portals, . ig? Elfagsssff: ""' 'Ei5fff":'i"""' "f . But No llno Guards Tho Lions . . . 5 ?,is,2.j - fifi "N Yiolots flro Mentioned Roverontly. i rm: - ,,- L ,. ef 5 -::.::1-- :::z:: : sv - ::' -H '- i In .lilly lt J' i tilt- E-M 4 . I W3 E E' 'f "iz ax .L In -A - 3 A Y '- T 2.1" 4 SIGMA ALPHA IPSIIII EDWARD L. COOK. JR. . ROBERTS PARKS WILLIAM J. TOLER CHARLES W, PALMER . STANLEY THAMES . . JACK WILLIAMS . JOHN ALLEN KNOTT, JR. . BILL FLOWERS ..... EDWARD G. CORTWRIGI-IT, JR. . OFFICERS . . Eminenl Arrhfin Eminent Depuly Archon . . . Eminenl Treasurer Eminenl Ciirrespondenl . .Eminenl Chronicler . .Eminenl Herald . Eminent Warden , .Eminenl Chaplain . . Eminenl Reforder Ola Miss is qraced wilh rhe "Vice-Versa" chapfer all SAE . here Ihey have a big house wilh IiHIe Irnnl . . rhey like fha loc-Irs ol violels and lhe song they sinq reverenlly is. srranqely enouqh, 'Virilels" . . .fhey slarled Ihe year with a bano when fhey won Ihe prize lor havinq lhe besl-dee oraled house on lralernily riiiw in Homefominq Day lhey dia Ihal under lhe quidinq hands ol Billy Dial: Ciiiolr, Bob Parks, Bill Ioler and Ed Eorlriqhl Detember elecliiins Iurned Ihe reiqns over Io Billy Wallcin, wilh Billy Flowers playinq second fiddle . . Billy 'one more Ierrn" Toler slill hands onlo The purse slrinqs. . mosl conspicuous man al qalherinqs is Billy "Song Briiolru Simmons . . he and 'lBlue'l Elowers are also mainslays in fhe Universiry Quarlel . .ODK honors belonq hi Wlllred Cole and S?an'ey Thames . Phi Era Siqma sfandards are upheld by Kirby Day and Bob Parlrs . .rhafs Bob Parlrs from Louisville ol Ihe rom car carriage . Flowers is presidenl of lhe Glee club. . Shed I-lunqer is The Ireasurer . .underslalemenl ol lhe year: 'II saw Simmons wilh a qirll' . lhe 'lmarried men" include 'ileloq-Jaw" Ivlclnnis, George Kimbrouqh, Jaclr Payne and Charlie Nichols . . "Lover" Russell would be in lhis rareoc-ry il harems were leqal . . .Al Knoll is a fnnverled Yanlee-Ihe Nr.-rlh won? Ialre him baclr . lhe iralerniry was Founded in I956, and sprriruled al Ole Miss len years larer .lhe campus has had 'em ever since . rush lallr: "Yes, Ihese are rhe plans For our new house. Wie erpetl lo build nerr year" . bul lhal's rush Iallr Members nor appearing in panel: Hall Baldridqe, E. GI. Corfwriqhl, Jerry Leavell, Chales Nichols. Charles Palmer, Jim Robinsiiin, John Slovall, Pere Townsend. . Pledges nor appearinq in panel: Gene Bishop, Slewarr Campbell, Paul Gerard, Jail: I-lellernan, George Marshall, John Wade, Dan Walers. 270 I I A ff? -I f ,ff ix b 3 5 1.9 M- 'iii Y A l, s.s,' First Row: William Aldridge Phil Alexander Carl Andre John Hayes Bardwell Temple Barnard Charles Berry Bill Bradley Louis Chatham Second Row: Lawrence Clark Paul Cooper Kirby Day Thomas Dean John Daniels Samuel Duvall William Eskridge George Farr Third Row: Billy Flowers Edwin Gould George H. Gulley John A. Hall Richard Hanna Jay Hee:-oepeth James orton Shed Hunger Fourth Row: Bill Kellum Edley Jones Ge-orqe Kimbrough Al Knott Clayton Kincannon Lauch Magruder Ernest Martin Hugh Mclnnis Fifth Row: Henry McRee Rudolph McRee Bill Moroney Joe Henry Morris Jack Me ers Ed Tye hleilson Jase Norsworthy Robert Parks Sixth Row: Charles Rankin Pete Reid Howard Ross Glover Russell Billy Simmons Robert Slater Dick Smith Gill Smith Seventh Row: Thomas Stedman Stanley Thames James Thomas William Tolar Buddy Triplett George Van Zant Charles Vernon Billy Ward Bailey Wilkinson Eighth Row! John E. Williams Jesse Williams Wayne Williams Sidney York PLEDGES: Tommy Armstrong Gideon Brown John Butler Charles Campbell Billy Clemmons Ninth Row: William Edwards Johnny Grantham Tommy Graves Frank Hitchings Charles Hull Cullen Kehoe Roy Lindsay Harry Loflin Micheal Marshall Tenth Row: Jim Matthews George Ma Georqe Mellichar Walker Milam John Moore John Perkins T, E. Porter Eustace Semmes Allen Thompson 7,Y!..xfx,vs.,f" W 1 4 4' y 4-E i y,....'jf A -zfitrg fi. 4,,,.'-,' . lt's Been Here Nearly A Hundred , . .X Q v-.' . R ' lll' 'Q A gg "' N 'ily Years . . . Nobody Knows How To w " - ba j 5-qi, E E-rf , i , Get Rid 01' It . . . Lethal Weapons .N -..-Q .131 "' E Q A x- .WI 'UL S H fr eiy fi . A V -.J 1 5' 'nn' , -' xl Z 5 ., :- 'VJ i- E' lil " Q ' 7- " E 'll '-:Tri li 1 V Are loneealed In The Pin. E' .flgllll - 3"' " -'-i - 'Riu A" EifW?'l?:- , ' "f -f' l-ir . g!J'ilE"" 1- '. - - n . - ' J 5 " 1 1' i: H ' 3 l ' r si ii ri N, xx 'I .I L xx ' 25? N1 YO' . , rx x 3-' - .- xi x .EA-. rg -tri' .ly i 1 - ,.- . 1 - . Q, 1 'r' f-Zvx Q at OFFICERS JOEL VARNER , ...... . . Presidenl BEN SAMUELS , , Vice-Presidenl JIM STRIBLING . . Secrewry LEON PORTER . . .Treasurer BOB TOWNES . Pledge Masler LARRY NOBLES . . , .Warden WARREN ROSE. . .... Chaplain LUCIUS DABNEY . . . . House Manager Now il can be lold why lhere is so lillle wear on lhe Phi Dell carpel. . ,lhey have so many wheels lhe members roll lrom room lo room . , ,Winler is boss ol lhe "Lan Journal" . . . Emmerich PHI lllllll lHllA is managing edilor ol lhe Mississippian . . . and Cunningham is head man around lhe Cardinal club . . . lhe land-locked lleel is piloled by "Gi-iid Braid" Gardner . . . and Slrilgling is lop brass lor lhe lulure generals. . .ODK meelings are graced by lhe presence ol Currie and Morlon and Bour- deaux . . .lhe successlul adminislralion ol Joel "Cracker" Varner includes Samuels as number lwo man, Rose as colleclor ol lhe lilhes. Slribiinq as book man, and Noble as warden . . . no lrouble would ever exisl if all members slayed around like Tom "Now in lhe lenlh year ol Law school" Green . , .olher names ol nole include Crooner Bush. Joe "l'll gel lo class yel" Long. and Lovely Lou-cious Dabney . , .lhen lhere is Grandlalher, Ral, Squeaky, The Shadow, l-lalchel Face and Laughing Boy . . .proud ol lheir lile span, Phi Della gcies back lor over a cenlury, . .il all began al Miami Universily in Ohio back in i848 , . . aller lwenly-nine years ol groping around, success came lo lhe organizalion wilh lhe eslablishmenl ol Mississippi Alpha in IB77. . .lrom lhal lime Phi Della Thela has been secure in lhe supporl ol lhis soulhern baslion . on occasion one hears slrains ol "Phi Della Thela lor Aye" . . .while carnalion is lhe llower. . , azure and argenl are lhe colors. . . bul lel lhis be a warning: don'l lrille wilh one ol lhe boys . . .lhe badges conceal dangerous weap- ons and lhe pledge manual conlains a chapler on sword play . . . Members nol appearing in panel: John Aldridge, Tom Calmer, Thodes Currie, Bill McDaniel, Jcihn McDaniel, Bob Townes . . Pledges nol appearing in panel: Ward Bordeaux, Charles Palllerson. yn I -1, 1, , f, - 'x Y ffm .- +4 +1 , W at , -1 . .en , ,, f' ,i ,fl ,3..vE.,QQLf ,ir qv- Firsf Row: Jare Barlley' John Benoiil Torn Berde-au-1 Rumen Bevel? Millard Buch Nap C-assibry Bill Chalharn Torn Culley Second Row: Jael Cunningham Edward Currie On-f'lQr1 Currli' Luciu: Dabney M-we Eili: J. O. Eriinwerich Lcwif Euwler Bill Gallney- Third Row: Rufus Gardner Sarn Gardner Bud Gerard Ofhn Giyens Torn Green Joclr Harrlnqfon Charles Harris John Hayle Fourlh Row: Bill Hoffman John Jaclson Whil Johnson Horner Joiner Ed Lewis Bill Long Joe Long Joseph Long Fifth Row: Joe McCaughcn Bill McKinney Jaclr McLanly Carl Megehee Brinkley Morlon Lawrence Noble Gilef Perry John Pegues Sixfh Row: Fi-,her Rhyrnei Wgrren R056 Ben Samuels Lealer Shipley Jack C. Srnilh Curlis Slacy Mallhew Steele Deck Slone Seventh Row: Van Sfone Janies Slribling Joel Varner l-lerrnan Webzler Williani Winier Jazk Yafes Talberl Yeager David Young Eighlh Row: PLEDGES: Waller Arnell Toni Aslrew l-larry Bradley Eugene Benoisr Joe Boone Boo Eurkley Jim Darnell l-lenry Erlich Allen Fox Ninlh Row: George Garner Bryce Grillis Charles Herald Torn Mallerle Bill lvlcifaughan Glen McCullough Farley McElroy John McRae John Malls Tenth Row: Williern Pcrfer Frank Reynolds l-larry Roblnscn Wiarringfon Speer Roberl Slanley Ed Steele Bill Sluarl Waller Taylor Louis Zehnder E l A 1- , 4 i E n fL' l. Q . - 3 : - E E Q 4 2 ' 2 'ls img . l '- 'E NF E152 'I . h L 2 Ili gg 5 -1 - They Roast Two Young Loglslators ' ,1'-:Ell'-- U- j b ', -Q lf .Q -.5 - - . . . .-I Guard Who Made AU-South- 5 -. jg glllg 51 5 - -- oastorn . . . Most 01' Thom Labor - ' ?3 3-'IIIE EIFTIE 'l E . - g 5115 -- E At Tho Salt Dllnos. - " .:': l ' '.: : -'S i- s Q- Q, - ' "" L2 H- I 'S Y . i -1 - - -7 . .l - 5 ' 1' .' E ' . - " Il :Z l .Qin - , - ,O P -,SAE J. l :Q ,- :-.- - 5 1 5 ' 5-2 o-3015. -,Eb L. Q J: . 21' 'L 4' l""in-ai '-' -' " ' l OFFICERS F3FNr l l'vlCNllAGl,f - Pf6Slil6f'l , QACLL MllQlCf-"J VCC--Pr-?s7di1F' l Q Eiwllf CX JQUQC FN . Sefrelary l 'EECQEE E, CAFFTTLL Tf955L-ffl' l '2ilMlf'l,lP JOHNSON Plc-due lvlavff 3'f'EEr9'l L, 'LNKPEAE fl umm' Secrelar, lVAlJN F2 NVEPNFP Veficfiv Cl Plili Ffaf-l lvlifw rf 'gr -ef We 'nfs cf oi.-.9 fref Builf Carrol relurfeo lo rle Nav, lykcys 'rf 'lc sp'lf13 lllfiff l Jiwdjn iarrles on We rirfcspf-rclerwie libw, Carrol quarcisll1eluUdS Bcb !f'ClV'?-35' VVS up We mums lor lmds. .Qlwfe Fc: lll keeps bcllles ell MQ Ilfjff . ,Bralrwlruslers Dale E'w.N Bwuess Gr'W'F. S'fa+':rw and Magee were vlD9'Gf'3d :rim We 559 mlres a'd Mirwlague Off. Ft' Gfsiafw rd ,Abixl C'3'V-Ed Wzcz lrls beavers bail' fc llwe bww depfhs . ,Grlsbam gcunzesl glghg 9f1'g,'.3'3r, semi-d fvlllw Deialur Exler, cnly Q19 Mlss gludenf Semalor, lm llwe leqlglalure lm We spflru Ml' VV' 'awe saves as pfesideff if 'Fe :ical chapver cl 'le AfYV3VlC6V' Scclely 35 Cfl I-I I -l- E"I1l"'?E"9 . .Craffifd 'fill 5' SfL.'V'Q-JSIQVTF Eifgrs as Juafd in Ylmg Rebel e'e'.e't . .pearsin ls a l 5 sfardilf peflcrfrer In llwe +a':l e sci ard Sim Shelby, plqsl- wer ard GN: den Glove- llamp. rouno iw B966 :TC'b6 lev . Jail am Bfscv Maw fiilf Hzmvs on llwe cage llve and JCFUW Cornell. Qclder Glues .-.5-le' Q'5'VD i5'45,ir1e a'a'r- sleoped r as a Pebe. represe"'a'l.e Tl'e 3L6"A'3 IJ I Sing ls lllvlq Bfva GTF" . plnl and blur? are 'lwe cilirs. . and We p?rk rise ls +l'el1Gv-'er . ' ll? 'ffll-V'5l :wl" lus' Lexi?-ed lm i839 arcl Bela Bela Cllapler slafled Crcwimg lwere in l879 belcre l in.kfC1,'?'-6" n"'9d 'l has af?-fd C, fi-er Al was 'io ave 'O dc aryflwlnq abcufl ll, . .Mem- ! Eefs P" lSDDE'SV-'Z lf navel: Pihler? lfiffd E',..l6V6V77",'lXACCiiVTlAf,PCbE'VlVVlllc3VT1S. , Pledges mol ap- oi-ar"17r' pafel: J. l, Di.-ward, Berl Gamble, J. P, Hfiipar S"Q Mylavder. l I I l l l ll ll ull l 274 First Row: Jirnn P. Adams Robert L. Andreae Harold W. Burnanw George E. Carroll Ernest Coelrran, Jr. John B, Cook Second Row: John Cornell Jirr.r'ty Crawford John l-l. Fox, lll Edwin D. Geisler Howard R. G'ey' Lowell E. Grizham Third Row: Allred Hardy, Jr. Albert Jaeger Seymour Johnaon David O. Jourdan Edward McKee Brison Mann Fourth Row: Jack Mann Franlr D. Montague Richard A. Montague Carl D. Mullican, Jr. Torn D. Ott Howard Prichartt Robert S. Snyder Fifth Row: Edward Sullixan John R. Werner PLEDGES: Eli Abbott Joe F. Armstrong James Castle Robert Caves Ira Couch Sixth Row: Jael: Crowell Billy Daves Louis Day Joe Griffith Bill Harreld Hugh McKee William, Pace Seventh Row: Edward Parrish Kotz Patterson Clarence Pierce Henry Redman Lee Shipley lvan Thompson Miles Wilkerson r W , w.,, ,. U,-'fg11f:::La,,g -:Lrg-l'.:fiff.'.i'ff'ij,jijl.'-?'j-'Q 11532571717 "f-1-ffiiifill 'Gig-Friliifff' ' Qi .ur lil' A ' .'4l':E?':7 E , ir rrr5:aIll!rumrrIll ..,a!ll llll S gr -eq t g 7 ,ff 3 .4 ' In 2: r lil lfg . m I All U 'J' r yfh 1- --I l " ' -.-X 'lr' L gri, 1,1310 And Magnolias Are Their ,r - ,. ,. N X , - 0 . -. ' N' I ' N- ri ," i ' jbk Q X -A rf 1 KX' Thermo . . . They Got Scads And , -. . fu, 'fi-' . lv ' 1: ' , 'lr q,A1arz4:.g fy. S1-ads 0f Wheels, Including Tho f r'.'L - r - , l' . ,Z Y ,A A - 4 0 V tl nu.. i .-' O O 1, ---r - 'N '41 liraglnal IIA Quartot. as ff vzgffi ,Q 7 ' v OFFICERS ff' ll7'9li MORSE - ,No. l lrhfilf Efsphlfll V .No. ll ,lhlyrllfg M ffrlhlllli i ,NO. Ill AQ l,ri'g,l', S Urlrflrn as rlris lrafii.1r g gf rnaf1f'liaS, as smrrbrlif nl rlw sourhland as lhe slrains ol "Di-ie," bill nrirl as lrilfg as llrir prtfrr,-dirrri eipressirrns Alpha Upsilrrn rihapler ml Kappa Alpha Order and lrir""1ns in harrrr,rr, .f.ilh rhe lmlfrnal rl'1fjl7lZrf1llr'l'SllilfiU'illW'f'Ulllwf' rampus lrirr lhe beller- rrrerrl lil sludenl lile ard lr,-llmyslrip al Die Mins , under lhe leadership ul lhal renowned lefwal minfi, brflher Gf--"rar, Mrirrsf-, apsisled by Jafl Blrrell and James McGinnis, Alpha Upsilfirn is Over :Ori-rind lrir mainlain lhal slanda'd ill e-rrfllenrff whir h embodies lhe hiqh principles and ideals or lfappa Alpha , .Alpha Upsln is nd f.ilhr,rn Us rsual lerqirrn of leaders, and this year we find the rl i'i- rd brrgrlheri 'iulip deep" in rgarrrpris arlifilies , .among fha hr-lsr al such are Dean DuE0is, who r'll6rjLlE1l'E'd lrirrn i,rglunnrn'sr lr. ediror cf lhe Missipippian, and lhen lo membership in CDK . Ed Binherl ir brwine-'v1 manager rllhe anniial . . .Jerry liblier' is the newesl model of' Carl-Q-nel Rebel and his lu lbal lame an 'mir unrrienriorred here srnrie rl has been menri-,ned so much before , . Farley Salrrrjr is Cruire lain us, Mo, hayrrrri made All Sriulhcaslern . Ernest Graves was rcrienlly lapped lrirr ODIK and herrruilr'rr1l2lawelr1rrQ hard ar rlre Sal? Mine griniie he lound lime lo pul loqelher a Saiie Haf.l'r's slacqe pridii riin f,hi.h was e-r ellerrr, as well as rreale a campus-wide comedy our cl lhe lradiliiernal Murder Bohr rrame. . .fxlpha Upsilrirn irjrincd hands wilh rhe Campus ar rhe rurn ol rlwe -Lenrprr . . ,lhe f carry a banner el crimson and Q-Qld. . ,arirgcrrdinr lo Them, magnolia and crim- f r 3 san rose are rhe eszenrie al beaury , . . "KA Rose" and MKA Sweelhearlu are scrmelimes nicely ren- dered by ihe RA Qrsarrer, finsigling .il Buddy Shaw, George Bailey, Winfield Dunn and Bill Holmes . , .Members nal appearing in panel: Wayne Howard, Ernesr Kellner, Paul McMullan, Curris Run- ran, Sidney Maiure. . . Pledges nrirf appearing in panel: Ray Crenshaw, Millon Everell, Millon Fair- child, Ed Gray, James hlrE'VWClE'fSf+l'l, Buddy Slade, lcrninry While. 4-3 In-F" llll 276 5- 1 its' D if 4. s. s.. 1 X 1. gf. E38 S , .Y , Q E.. F . T, 5' 51' 2 Xxx' ' , fzkkliwig ina I 1 F0 11 I 3 . if. :- W - P' .X .1 ing - In Gr Z . ,-'- ke 4: Q S ,iv 1 -, M251 .V wg: M . 1 ,, ' v 1. a A ,G. gf '4 R . CQ? .2 xi K' 'wc' .km Six Q- 7 Firsf Row: C11'11!E'. A1111, J 1'1 f'+1'111r1 G"gf1f'1f- T. E1 V, T1 1' B 1-f' JE f 8'1"--Y' Hfwf' EQ' CVVIP, B 1'l"1' 1 Q11, 8.111- E-iw-'11'1 3, H1141-9? JH. Kin? E1 vor, Second Row: l1J1r1C111'1 J1'1'1f" 'Q111f-- '1 H-Yr, CC1'l1'11'1 Jf'mfC111.' .l11?1n Cm 81111111 Cm. VV1m11e'111 Dunn, Fw-11 Dunn Dfw C. D1li',1L B1,hLf E'f"11ff1' Third Row: RC1'1'1f' Efrivfw U X N13-111 F311 ff-f D1,11'f:, FP-1f11i F'-11f"1 Fmw 1L Bwmff Ffwi J-1111f" T11f1r,1 FGWLKW1 Fffi C413'w.f1,, JUN G11,111'r Df-ff 1-1fif'1 f'.N V1 J'1'1'1f, H-31111 r Fourfh Row: Ewa' 1 Hu' 11m S-,M My 11 iq Jaw Hong, 'fw1f11f 111,111.4 Bffmw H1111 Rm.1fAf1 H111 ,U Bfilfh, Jiib Humffif VV,J.J13'f11i1r1, Jn E1Jfg,,1fe! A5911 Ky? Fiffh Row' FUHQV1 K11m+?,"N111.3"', Lgwqfyl Evfvc-rL1111r11:e1d,Fra-1LoMer1113, HUGH Luci-eY1,J1rmr1w, Manmnq RalcfmM.3rk1f?,J13f11eeMtG1r1nfi4 13112116 MQl.'?11'1or5- Dawg MMU Sixth Row: Ribeff fV11lQr' Huqn f,A95,VQ LQN11 MOWQWN Dqn Mgrup GF'f1'QP Mryrf, S?.1r11f,rj MDL,-3 Jffyn Nfufrj, J11'v'f' E Pyi f . , 1m R11LfrtPgfff Gui Pr1V110 Sevenfh Row: Jmm Qmnn Tnorrmz Albw? Ro... f . F5r1e,fS5frr1C1r1 1'1uC!f1J1V'Uf'11jCf' N1i'f1'13n 51131, Hang, Svgmig-, Jf1V11t. S'E1?1, F,VYCLT S?Ew?V1'. Robert 510116, Jafvwew E. Tawof Eighfh Row: K1'1f TBYNOI Herbeff Th1f1n'p'on Jeff. Tlblwf, Sffwfwg Tffgme Roteff Tf7LJ'1f'1fC'V'V'? Rope-ff Twon, Tovhw Webm J1f1F"fj XN'11f1j', Q '. E, VV1U131'1, F101 YC-.mi Ninih Row: Hg! m 'Y'1j11n1j PLEDGES: Jawa- Amie' on 8111, Bafw-.1 Rok-eff Barra-ff, Matt Bonner Jerry BVODVW, Ch?1fEf Bufhhih' Sgnmy Carre-11, R1fim'i1 CFM' 'lgfw Cr1:1:Lef1 Tenfh Row: 1-115111171 G-.3'V1"', Jai- 'EEJH Ngmian QM .eff "vV1i,1'? H111a'1 513,59 H1J'r1g1r1, W. N.Jm1es. Lawn Lffwl, EVUEL? Ma'g'1111f-r Dgmwhn McD1:1r'.31g1 B. B M1511 1:11, Elevenfh Row: Bef, p,4,3,,5,f,-.X BM Mi ' Bf5,+',13f Q F"-'re1 , BJ! CJv.i'n, gy,-, p,3f1C., Hgfkaff Rmf Haw, Rf,-hcfr Jaw Rfrwmiun C,3,,,3 p,L,.,3n1 JPN, Ran Twelfih Row: B ' U g31m,g,f, Jgwc S' yftf-"i1C' J313L S5661 J13,,.13 Beenfv 'S?r'1f1'1f? .l.:ww. Smllmfw Tum Tf1g'1p1j" 8101113 "Na1,1.wC1'T"- . A V J1-1511 B.Wg11fnJ1f111111WMM WM Yeffmf EES? E .-an-4' x. Y M 'Nl 2- They'll Never Be Little Again . . . The ASB Prexg Sleeps There . . . As Do Several Varsity Athletes. 24,2 '41 .4 I N T" if 7 - -III I. I ,I Ill ' sz r - 'f- i ff! I I 7' wh 'I I S 'ki nk . . I f U " ' ,- KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS THOMAS WATTS I I Grand Masfer P IA, MQCOY Grand Procuraior CWFIVLIS N, WAYNE Grand Mas'er f-I Ceremonies E'AT'TFJ F, LFNG Grard Scribe - FNEPICIC IvIfCrA,DLEY Grand Treasurer ISIISTEI7 TOLEFP . Guard I-TAYFT ITOTTIEY Guard , 1 fd fxirlia 'F Vvgif ,E ,-.a, bail in IEQQ aher. 'ha fire? Kappa Siqma quin+e+ was formed, I he 3 aid da, ir Hades beforethefewir-:1eI'ha+iefr'n number aqains . ,aI OIe Miss The f s referred 'a as "IN-3 'he Per'-pIe" when p'puIaIion is discussed and iI's "Tammany I-IaII" when eIei'irn Iime 'Vis are rd , ,sinfe a'ma mamma frasIirsIe1pCsed 'C The briIIianf:e of Ihe Kappa Saleififes baiI 'n IQQQF, Ins Cannrfnbaninq pirerrfal has become ine of ihe campus' Iavorife cIans se.eraI "':rea'Is" enfered Menniri, I-IaIi Ihis pas' June when many sheep Iosf Ihe'r sIrins Io Ihe "e Ve-. Pad Ileficn Daue Bridzers, Samm, Robert, Bib Wi'Ies, Trim Barneff, I-Ioward Brown. II'a1.' C3'r'W'ihae', Jie Vfriien, J-ie fNIsCbrCoIc and a few Criher quys named Joe. . iirsi in Cem- rind ai presenI is whip-cracier Tcm "KiII-er" WaI+s, who is aided by Buddy "Ihe reaI" McCoy . . Chad 's The Fang hh: ari+s as Emfee . Kerdriiilrs McCarIey's pIeasure is The Treasure of The hufe and Eain Larimxs pen 's miqhir, , . Ihe ?nframuraI Ircph, giaywgd f3II'1OVT1Q as Ihe So a+hIeIeg Vabbed Ire IasI-2'baiI champfrinshio ard Iefded a qfeai iCcIba'I squad Chanie Wriahf and Budd: IvIiCi, coaihed Ihe rrinr-ing Teams PabIo is a campus Characier, Ray and Shack sIiII do Ihe Chidesicn Chariie IIQQI fuer as ASB preiideni when Pile Gecrqe Worihen wen+ Io work for a 'ifnq . Bib Puisufn is Liberai PMS schooI prexy, . ,Varsiry Io:IbaIIers inC'ude RoIand DaIe, Kao Diifey, I"ar:'d Mameli and Brrbbrr Peeis. . Pee'Is a'scr draws fre carfoins, . ,Archie Carr bf.-.s We .r.I's'e Trim in ir7n+ iii The Fiebei band . . "Kappa Siqman is The requIar aria, buI 'rhey 'f'PS4r3"UA,' sind "SIardusI" a sind pui Iooefher by arorher broiher named CarmichaeI from Indiana SCarIeI, oreen and w-.rhife are rhe CcIC's . , Members noi appearing in paneI: Jack Brown, Himin Cas'e, Jfhn U3++iew, Huver If'mbaI', Ira Msroan, Caiey Waidrip, RoberI WaIIer . , Ffediies nv appearru in pareI: Franl, Crumbauqh, I-Ienri, Fu'ier, S. J. Lauchesseau, Dean Shade, VV. B. SIraIICn. I 278 7.15 ,, . ...m in r,,,- . ,l 2, N W' sw' 1 'r Q1 51 ,v M. . .. rl A' sm, X ,f A 21 r-'icy mil. V, . Q LN 5 . 279 lf. First Row: Mar lull Allen, Loulz Balne Frank Bairi, Jirnez Boulwfsll Nfzgl Bw l"ll3'olil B'Qw6r' "rNlllr.1':r Brewer, lluyli Brirlgers Lenlrc Brynnll Hwnry Bullock Second Row: Joe Burn, ll:riLr',1l Curley HarryCf1lrlwrfll, Pfflm-'l Cooper Danny Coyerf Anurl Cox Robert Dllrley, l?oll3nf.l Dale Bally Dual. Cnarle. Uean Third Row: Don Dl'rr.nle'., R-wllf-rl Dunlap Oafld Dunn WllIlrjr:'. Forlenberly Ch-arlfru Fulghurn Wrllinm Grllezpse William Green, Wnilfer Gunn George Hrll, Gregory Kerqoslen Fourlh Row: Cllll Lljrnlr, Eaton Lung John Lnwl, Jarff?-..MriC'1rley, Br, 1JyMf1Cr,,y Elll MiGl,Jun, Jw' MQKQII Robert Mf1Laurm Tlnorrms lvlngee Cnorlex NQlluOn Fifth Row: Hal Nlrjholy, Tornrny Orr Charley Payne, Bobby Peel: lra Plllrnan, Jrmmy Pollard Ray Prnqrnore, Earl Qurnley John Quinley, Brlly Ragidale Sixth Row: Sarn Ray, Guy Rogers Henry Rope, Erwrn Ruasell Richard Ruszurnl Koberf Russurn Roberl Selby Elwln Shafllrlelord Jlrnmy Slewez, Vlfllllarn Smulh Seventh Row: Reqrnald Tolar, Charle-5 Thomag Herbert Trammell Roger' Varner, Clmrlez Walker Franl. Walla, John V-falls Thomas Vfalls, Buford Well: Wrlliarn We-slbroolr Eighlh Row: Dave Whllaler Charlez Wllllams Gvrliirlyrllf? WlllldFr'lS Bill Woods, Arvln Wrlghl Charles Wrlghf PLEDGES: Jamei Adarnz, Rolirnrl Ammon- Maclo Ball, Mrlfrln Barnhill Ninlh Row: Edwin Ball-in Thorne: Beecham Howard Bl'rlTOD, Bruce Bradley Cllnlon Butler, Archue Carr Kelly Cllllord, Edd? Cook Jrmrny Colle-n, Jr:-hn Covinqlon 'fenfh Row: Maurlcef Danlln Roborl Dulillnfrirny Doyld Eldl tilwarlgl E ill D. F. lurgvenrrler Henry Henrrrgv, Dan Kniqhl Jarnei Larjlex, W. R. Lominiclc Mrllard McCollum Elevenlh Row: Charie-' Mr1Fal311en l-larold Maxwell Charlev lvllddlelorr Clllo lvlollere, Joe Moore Georqo lvlorr, Joe Farr, Thorne", Parr-Q Claude Shulllewirrlli John Sibley Twelfth Row: Mel-yin Slnquerrelrj Charles Speed, Charley Srarrref. Roberr Thorrrpzon, O. J. Turner Van Vaulirlrn, Jail Voorheei John While, Pele' Wllpon Eiale 'v'y"c'nkle Thomas Wooixrow 1- i -X., The Local Dixiecrat Headquarters x, f- E i . . . When They Bought Their Tele- I x. 5 vision Set The Sigma lfhifc Went 4 Into Mourning. P1 lv- . I ,J ' , ll. r y l', r I OFFICERS llf VVf'lL,l,f+,CE . , ....... . Vifcrlhy Mazic-r l "'rM.ftP Tpllilhli . . , NrVi rlhy Chaplain Mill l IAM VFFPI' , , VVrrr1hy Keeper ol lhe Exriliequer cl. C, JOHNSON A Wcrrlhiy Keeper ni lhe Annals IACK CLlNE . . .... Worlhy Scribe .JQHN BAKER , POBLRT KELL POM JENKINS . Wrnrlhy Senlinel . Worlhy Usher Pledqe Masler ATO harp been lhf- synibrrl iii hicih finance ever since .lc-hn W, Snyder was made Secrelary rii lhe Treasury here al Ole Miss fri rrimparable impnriance is George "Two Fish Bnwlsh Slreei, who pla,s assislani in lhr- Dean fi Men in his :pare lime . Gene Slrinqer and Dave Fc-rlenberry are rgrarlrwers in criizrc mei al ilie sail mines Rannrr-d Nivcin is maicirincg in Enqlish for lhe "Nlh" iinie , l'r'al hc-adciiiarlf-fs fiwr lhf' Siaicfrl Piqhiers are lcucaled up in Lamar "Grandpa" Triple-ll's rr im "Killer lsr-ll 'Mrs in lrarl .when he isn'l runninq from someone . ,Thad "C5reymarlel" .laciibs has aveiacied a ne,-. per weelf lrvi The year . Bill Bryson and Jim Mrilnlcish have a side inlerc-sl in baslelball the new lcrlevisirin sei was iirsl on lhe campus . Sigma Chi observed a dai, ii niiriirning since lhey Nanfed ro be firsl-bi.l ihey had only planned fo buy one . . . 'll-lain ifissll Jne Chnl flairns lhai lhe sei was purchased lor his erclusive use and lhe chapler has recognized his sfienliiic benl by leiiinq him have full aulherily oi manipulaiinq lhe dials . ATC has been here sr-Le l927 buf lhe pareni chaplc-r has been in ewislenie since ISGS , lhe bunch here is Della Psi Lhapier . while lea roses are lhe liowers and sly blue and qnld have lender meanings . from ihe peaceful aimcsoheie of Ver Village near the Ccniederale cemeiery lhe refrain of "Sweelhear+ of ATQM wanders river The quill course , . , lilce miliiary clllicers, who are officers by an acl of Condress, ii for nc- crlher reason, all F-T0 ciliicers are "wnrlhy" by rifle Lee Wallace is Wcirlhy Masler and Trip'-ill is lw'Vrgrrlh'y Chaplain 'Worih',i' Keeper of lhe Enheqiier is William Perry and Rom Jenliins lrifipz flee diibifisslv Ncrllry plcdqes . Members noi appearinq in panel: Barnie Biamleff, Jogeph Crwzrrl, Lian Fc-, Gecrge Greificir-r, barvin l-lill , Pledges ncif appearinq in panel: Jacla Bobo, lfinaid Byrd, UC,-iir1l" Fisl Ed.-,aid Vealcn. fy er I Q N I Xi A 280 Firsf Row: .lack Adams John Baker Viclor Blaine William Boolh William Bryson Roberi Church Jack Cline Joe Coley Second Row: Bobbie Covinqlorl William Dorsey Rooerl Duncan Bruno Furini Bennel Hall Sieve Hanrahan James Hargis Elmo Harrison Third Row: George Hopkins Louis Jackson William Jacobs Tom Jenkins John Johnson Roberl Kell Gewe Lyne John McLemore Fourth Row: Ben Mann Ray Mosley Jimmy Nixon Harold Perry William Perry Viclor Philippi Duanne Pope John Prados Fiflh Row: John Rawls Jeff Rish Charles Sloan Charles Smilh George Slreel Gene Slrinqer Charles Toriuten Lamar Triplell Sixlh Row: Wilbur VanRiper Shelky Wallace Wilbur Todd PLEDGES: William Allen Hicks Anderson James Bowman Oscar Buchanan William Chapman Seventh Row: Neal Clemenf James Cooper Lavan Ezell N. S. Fairchild Davis Forlenbury Jack Fudqe Richard Furr Glen Garllernan Eighlh Row: Joseph Gazzo Roberf Hammel Jack Horne Waller Howard Earl Howell Knox Jackson Richcvd Johnson Edward Korndoller Ninth Row: John Mclnlcsh Hugh Noble Flelcher Rosenbaum Raymond Tiplon William Tolbeit Henry Toriusen "Chuck" While Gordon Wills i ' I' ZW' 1 XT They Used Quality Paint 0n The M SAE Lions . . . Ballentine T idies Up -.551 ilrounfl The House, And Lockwood -- Q , ., M Q e - in if Tidies Up After Ballentine. kr! ' I- . -', I ,:- ,I . , , -"- s -S . Ti 's 'Qi' I x - ,gf?gg.'i-,U 5 'HMI is-"' . SIGMA I-' if I1 SC OFFICERS ROBERT MULLETT Commander IFMNITS S. BPOVVN LI, Commander PCTEEFT E JCNTS . , SecreIary T L TIICIKXETT Treasurer V-fearii ard .-mib'ci's ,I II'ii1fVJi17fe Siai Tim Siiirna Nu Grew squiirns under The ircin ruIe ci Bob MuIIeII .-.ith Jim Brown in The iiiii-piiiirs sea' . .IISQII-I-iearied Dick" Purkeif quards IIne IIII and Bfib Janes keeps 'Iso lifhe bIa3k brisk . Mrfner Banenfine Iidies up arigund the Iwouse, and Lock- .nicid Tides up amor BaIIen'r'e Cunningham ruIes Ike refs? as The IaIIes+ Ira+ man in circulafion, and Laird iianis Ir be Iiie besf Iefkinq . IeisI barks, buf he Non? biie . ,Jones and Brown 'aka their mea s in The deli iiiiiurse, f,I-We Kenny Bi3wIes and PauI I-'IenIey aIwai,is seem fo wind up on 'ip in IM speris erdes . Hurrer iusi N nds up in ciri3Ies . Juq Lowery became confused and sinned up Sir 73 Iicurs QI educafifn iiruises, and Wesion is se+?inq reccrds ici We brlefesf brieis in La .A,r gigngfl . .Irie Ji Iwnziinn wanis if undersibrid Thar me SerpenIBriqadeI1as been wronqIy accused 'I daubinq paini 'n We Iions- use enameiw . Norfnfitfr is frying +C iind a .Hay Io make Iwis rafr s'ai, ritimbed, nb e I'IiiIIoffay 's frying Iiis Iwair , Peddie Ibe BIack Maria, Kirby Srniib r"I' Ifgrkinq ijr +Iwaf Iwaf, Reeves is ,ne cf Ire bvresr Ikiinqs on Iwo Tee? en Iiie Reb baskeiball squad I:ranI Crum is a iaiieeaberaiiigin ewperi tin Ibe Czridirfn, Amrniiins Iiqbis Ibe bid iiddIe, and Miicbell and Burney snuck in under newer OI darkness from Tennessee and Cafiiernia . EIIio++e cusses, , . Rides 's PPP E'a Sdrna, PT Kappa Pi, S.O.l... and presideni ci ASNL-Anii-Siunr NigI1+ League. . 4 He and Piqoif are "Y" fiberarors Larry Smi+Ii and AI Lana aIsc wear 'fine Phi Eia key. . . I-IoI- iifivway' is IIne Rbci CIM wbee-Iiiorse, and Riibison is one oi riwe Iwiqki command ci The Cie Miss band . . .Sigma Nj has 'Ine Braingiwiid iii same mfd-Sourh Rebels ar V.M.I, in I869, and EpsiIon Xi chap- 'er sprang up an HF" day In I927, . ,GaId, bIacIf and wIii+e Hy from Ibe ci1Ior siafi, II'ie IIower is We .ffiwiie rise, and +I'iey sing The 'Whire Siar of Sigma Nu". . . Members noi appearing in paneI: Qaude Bauerfine, Jack Burney, Vliifam Lcickfvitifid, I-IarIar'd Norrlncofi, Frank PeddIe, Terrence I-Iunfer Piedees nt' appearinz 'i' panet S+exe CaI+Ieman, Frank Crum. Je-Iwn EIIioIie, CInarIes KcesIIer. James Maber. George Wafkirs. 1 so S , 1 f I A E3 ' , A71 ,I A, 282 Se 1--. 19 E at Zfv ' ' ,Lf 1 Q72 1 H-"Z ' f-r fvfi 5 Q 'fi ll' f Q' 5 L f'Af 1 2 9-' 283 4- ',. First Row: Hvilon Andrew Kenneth Bowles Jesse Burnell Arlhur Cunningham George Ellis Taylor Eacly Taulberl Finch Second Row: Jafnes Griffin Terry l-lager Paul l-is-nley Jclieph Johnslcn Bohr Jones Allred Lang Reber? Laird Third Rcw: Sleve C. Leisl Bobbf Lillle Edwin Lowery Newlon McLean Ben Mitchell Roberf Mitchell Charlei Moore Fourfh Row: Bob lvlnllell Jarnes Oglelree Joe Pigoll Roberl Price E-alus Puclrell R. B. Reeves Charle: Robiaen Fiffh Row: John Rogers Oren Seqrezl Kirby Srriilh Richard Srnifh Louis Vause Roherl Veil John Weslon Sixfh Row: Williiarrw Wrnlen PLEDGES: Ted Amrnons Wilrner Blaclzr in John Burner? Roberl Davis Thonas Freeland David Gardrer Sevenlh Row: George Hall Paul Kniqhl Thorras Lane Paul Lenoir James Morgan Evil Shropshire P"6ilOl7 Weir I' - g J s 5 Ax: 'Q I I ' 2 '5 X , 1 ' EW -W' 'x . . '-1-Ea -i 5 i Tho Longest Lu-ang-room 0n T ho ,ff mw g gf-i X 5 j - 'H' . nfbw . . . Thi' Uldest Pledge' 0n Tho o , 4 :M U-' A vii 7 n A liunpus. And The 0nly Guy Who I Q 7 . f r '. A 7 'Q x f .' k " ll'orships Boone County. I l ,L L . ,!Q.A,,:' X 5 C X NW 'VFD 'zixvaxxxfxx Y . r - - -f- ' r 27 i'-'Z' if ' OFFICERS " .. 'YLFWVJ , pH'3S?dF2V'1f , MH! MV, lr ELUJ .V' efPre,2dQf' EWLL ,WWC , . Treasurer ' 1 f' .X ' r il J ard rn 'w 'oi Afvw 'rw SINAC 2 Fir ard .-.Fen P55 Jrrrrrr, M. dl I . 'rev Mora-freq. V abvf-HY, We mecwrvqx. are pr :fp Fwd 5315. Pqzri- ik-2 r-311713 f ffr'duff'1i ':'if7'f3 , hrwg B'l',f L"+Ye1UqqfQ5rFQ'Fra- '. WWE 5 ' ar' 'ah Ha W1'r ' We SH' f. +6 re.-.ard a srr-fnq will and a wear mrnd, Mia'-" 'fvi-5 'renal L'f'?Li" of 'rw wif' . Tm 0. MQW superfse-5 We p'ed'qes, . ,bm be 1' a E23 fi-ann' f- 'Hi-P Vi 59 'ff 'rw bali' Q V 1Lf if We S'a'e name . ,Flexi Mard7s PCG-Ds pw' J' . N":"f1vVei'3 VV r'w'i'r . 15 1 1-.ref as ASB prev. QVCMQ !'3f1Ir1frv3-5f3H , Ray 1 "i'1 "i'xJ'1 lufjl 5 fa- M ass: rrfef Erma F.s'ir- is ri frfss-r'Lm+r.r fraflr afar and seffs fr gfj, wg Mgrrvvrf ed 's frm, mmm , . Clfireme Jfily pWa,s We phrno Mwife Emu i 'z' 3-'fn v '1 ' wif i- ak .Q +L--WnfrQwa'm.1f ,.Q--31mjf d7arQ'i+ . . P? ' "', L ' '- ffl P4531 A 5, .ard M. LQMQV ,ywgr Sadie Ha.-.Uni dey! Ii. ..ndi.p'.ff-d ierrvnw draw- L ' 'I SMH H 5"'r.K fwslv' PWS -'u' We Pw1US-ffl uri' and Ori-a1v's"r?f'e 'war- ' 15.5 .'.'i' Msfld " ar' ' sm 1'fr 's M We .ff Us +""'YF Vs sei"d lfff, saik BU' Sfifplv JV"--. C wr' ' d sr warm spfruers buf 0 esfxf drsrgiuraze RQ-anoer, M1 r"r 'M drlnlr any " , Vi. Larrrkfrf ras new precise srie beffre We f-ar afd Edfi Wa'1f"s avd Bib M? 'fr' rf, v 1 " bf-5' rw r,Q'rii. . .BULL Meal eways ras a r1wirf9crw+opwrcrwH'me5Ncfr . . 'P' 1 ' was f'p.'11i-3 .35 or 'HQ C nr' 3' We Ur'f.'er1', 'f Vircirfe br, sl urwrecirve'ruai'ed Rebds F- di-5 f' f-vw " WOT . 'Pe i"rs me nerve' amd :Cid emo WTP? V'--fer is We Wy' nf We xi C, ' fx fri- Cream' Sir' cf PLKA '.., We irwapfef has We frrir in 'he Campg Yi ' 1 , 1 1 ra ' i-51 :ie F55 href-P wsfal ed 'F 'FQ fri: 'ifrrw sf members far' . 1-3 ir 'f S 5'f 1 ffd . ,Mirwbirs P ruppi-erifw 'rw conf: Jvrw Edwards,BrrTL'1r5e. 11" M C' '3'?"':-i W "N , feta:-is F ' errpi-arffz 'r parexz B-tic. Baum, Dfl: Buvfr, E' "" fy.-' Jarria M5-.r Par C Pjbfrw Tubb. Pug? Hb Srr"rp 284 rf' 5 5:i7?E3"' i- nf, - is 4 A. ' fx A if , N i, ' 5 , .03 Er -S2 15 ug- ,.4 ' vgxgx - J .+I FKQQ W y .ny 4 9 ' P gn... M, W4 , " ,5 . I ,w-. ' gli rf" 4- ur A Z-J. yr f x ? if fy M .ggi Th my ' :M , , , ,K f 2 vel' 5- . .- 1' gr bij 5 if 'lil 'Rl ii ,J 31. ,fy 7 . ml 4 gf- an' if ' 'a Y- in Q ... 3.1 5.4. Am !?"'A n ' 1 , . Jai. ii 285 First Row: OMF Fieflrvj-.-r A,f:1,1Fl'li3F lflpwlll Ailrfil B. J, FX'-il'ir'rfr'i Bw fi Airlin lvlaririn Big,li.,y, T w'.- rfiri , B" 'il-ff Second Row: .J griir. Qyji- l!l"V'l'l Crgn .- liulierl Cliilrlrwq Rny' Civrfl an l Daw? lJ iiqan EUQEV14' Dyrzi Noriririri Gillis UW-,1y'V'f l'lk1lr? Third Row: GE'OfQ'i Harninn Charlrz l'li2lm'rfer Carl Herrin Millori Ho-Jrwir Bndvly l'lilgqin'. Ben J-.sul Sam .lignninqw D.A,Miri1is Fourfh Row: Bull Mi'-:Y Turlily Meal' Charliw Munlqorner Bill Mmris Jln'irr'iy Muslfially Mar!-in O-3769 C, H. Polls Bill Rolhroclv Fifth Row: Eflwaifl Sander-. Bill Selph Bambi Shannnn John Sniilh Pal Srnilhson Piercn Steven Jing STOPES Diql Tilinple Sixfh Row: Bill Thai-:man Byrd lmiiell Louie Vise Harry Work PLEDGES: L-Jinax Anderfon Bill Burnham Al Busby Rolf-rf Cade Seventh Row: Ggirlarnl Camp: Wallrcr Carney' Bi!! Dflnyours James Diclfey Layerne Goldrran Guy Giiflirli David Gulled-le Sonny l-lnynex Eighth Row: E. D. Hurll Qljifrnljg Jijill ,' Trigw, Liirriberl R. L. Milner Cilinwvgw Monii: Q Bjflji lvlillloy Elbnrr Nelion Ja on Niles Ninfh Row: Qi-sign Pencp Willianl Perlfini Clialriier. Riizhardion Lehman Saninirins Ja-il SlWCJE'Y'Vi3l'5 Mail Tidwell Earl Watkins Billy Wriqhl' SIGMA PHI IPSIIII .M X HAROLD MEI VIN IIACI-f PARKER tIPi.RIf'XN GPAEION QONNEL MII IEP IIOPP-CE PPOCICUF Thoy Votod For Truman 0n Purpose' . . . Notwithstanding An Ardont liixiocrat . . . They Sport A Stage Buttcfrfly. OFFICERS A President Vicefpresident Secretary Corriptroiier Historian Haroid IIPQII MeII" M6-Iyin is the Quidnq whc-ei inthe afiairs of SPE . roiiirig aiong by his side are number Iwfi man Jack "SisIot" Earl-xer, and Connel Milier, , I-Iarlan Gratten Ireeps track of paper f. rI and Horace Proctor reccrds what happens, . , Dave 'IDiriecrat" Womack, the InvaIu- aIiiIe, is p'c-dae master, troubhir shooter, and Iecmal assistant . when athietic participation is the question betore the house, BiIIy Condon, the racquet champion, takes the tioor with AIIen Bodron and Nfrman Eiiis as straight men Gavei Man Meiyin gets pienty ot attention when he is out Iront with the 0Ie Miss rheerieaders . John BiitIrin and AI Syivest were arriohg his most ardent support- ers as Iona as they were physirially aI3Ie SPE is one ot the reIaIiyeIy young nationals active on the rzampus it was organi1ed at Richmond in IQOI and reached OIe Miss in I928 the boys Serenade their Iadies with 'Sig Ep GirI" and send American Beauty roses when tI-Dwers are in order their Coiigirs are rriiyai purpIe and deep red Wade CagIe, reierrcd to by the brothers as "our stage battertl-y" made the big time in the "John Loves Mary" Cast, . BiIIy I-Iinton, sociaI sen- sation, has a promising future. . Pete Lee saw the light in time to transter from Mississippi State and now is the sour-ie ot sound adfice to the young . . , rumor has it that SPE voted tor the admin- istration with the idea that they had the best tede-raI housing pIan . . . with construction prices what they are tiiday, it takes tederal aid . . , Members not appearing in paneiz Norman EIIis, I-Ienry Lee, Jack Maur1h,JacIcQdom . , . PIedqes not appearing in paneI: Frank Evans. Ervin SayIes. 286 A n 1 I Q1 -nv A 19:1 in-t 'inf IL, .4 287 f 1 ,85 'Y' 3 fl Q 2 2 , ? fi 5' 1 Rx Q f .0 .nw If f . Jkn 'f is Sl rx' 4 1 Aglx, rx vw , if , ' .rr ,fgqlxf Z' 324 ij , 1 5 '-"1:-:"55- rf ' 3295? A K 1.3.414g5xgY,z ,,.,,3 'N X i Q '2tf.u:,m. 'f 7 Yi" ffqggaiwn ay RI - -44.4,A'x4r:.' 1+wfm::1 s 1 A XX-' 1. r ',j! L,ml A Q .mn-5 ml V 5 'I , A... Y ju: 6 i 4 I 5 'ofa' Y V 4 ,Q , A Tv." ' I G ,gr A. . . 3 R .45 1- Firsf Row: A'Ven Bodron John Bufkin Wade Cagle Bob Crockett Second Row: BWV Condon Burke Dabney Cnades Farris Harlan Graffon Third Row: Nnnam Hinion HaroNd Me-Nvin Leonard Melvin Coyne Miller Fourfh Row: Jack S. Parker Wgrace Procfor Alvin Sylvesf Qmrlfon Vincent Fiffh Row: James V, Wentzell Dave Womack PLERGES: Torn Cnisolrn Henry Fonville Edgar Timmons PHI IPSIIO PI Butch Is Loud For A Little Man, Paris ',illIilll8 To Be A Great Lover, And Fooperrnan Is Locked In His Room. OFFICERS CIIARI FS O. FRIEDMAN . . .Presidenl IRWIN M, KAUFMf'+.N , , Vice-Presidenl MAURICE U, LABENS . . . Secrelary ROBERT COVENS , . . .Treasurer HERBERT COHEN . . , . Chaplain The Phi Ifps are now in lheir Third year ol slacginq a crvmebarlr aller disappearing Tor parls unlrnown during The war. . .The Marcus boys, Mooch and Charles, are qone al lasl, , ,in Their slead Charles O. Friedman is leading The Troops, and Erwin Kaulman is doubling up as vice-presidenl and pledge masler. . . a lruslinq Crew, They leT "BuTch" Labens lreep The scoreboolc and Bob Criyens has maslered lhe combinalion To The sale . . . This TraT was lhouqhl up al Cily College ol New York in IQO4, . and Alpha Siqma came lo Ole Miss in IQ35 lor The lirsl lime. . .They Toolr rool aqain in I946 and new They are planninq a chapler house Trom Their Iillle cubbyhole in The lop ol The "Y" , , Burney Fools prides himselT lhal he is adepl wilh a waler pislol . . . I-lenry Paris is Imrwwn all river Ole Miss and lhe della as a qreal lover boy. . ."Bulch" is the raucous Iillle man wilh lhe Tive by live liqure in The rheerleadefs uniTorm, and he also represenls lhe group in The Cardinal club . , ,lhe chapler Ieeps Harry Cooperman locked in his room sludyinq so he can Iceep up The Tra- Ternily average . fkrlie "Bebop" Olrum and Paris blow horns in The band . , . Friedman is on The ASB dance commillee and a lreshman advisor lor The MY". , .I-lerb Cohen goes To Memphis aT leasl Twice a weelr To keep up his repulalion as a parly boy, . .gold and purple are The colors , , while carnalion is, as with so many olhers, Their llower, and "Phi Ep lor Aye" is The song. 4. 'TN f IMIAMQJI mfr --.4 I 288 f""5":'w 1 , ,X .5 f I . 'uw ' ll? . Q , A 'A X Q i 61 SIGMA jc .- Two Men Hang 0ut At The Grill . . . The Weirdest Band In The Land . . . And The Most 0riginal Song. OFFICERS RuEBEN w. BOYDSIUTI . . . .Presaderii CHESTER Cox . . . . .Vice-PresidenT Bos EDWARDS , . . secreiary MAURTCE KEMP . . .Treasurer ROBERT BAKER . . . .Pledge Mrrrier One iii The newesl Traternihes on The CUVTWDUS is run bv BovdsTun, who wiTh his Tellow law sTu- denTs, Walkins and SpeighT, add color To The meeTinos in The "Y" wiTh legal phrases and sixrbiT words . . . ChesTer Cox is second in Command, They TrusT Maurice Kemp wiTh The dough and Bob Edwards puTs The proceedings down on paper , , . Bud Baker, TrumpeTeer wiTh Dick Calloway: Cox. anoTher TrumpeT player: and Brokaw, who Tools like a docTor carrying his oboe Case around, bursT inTfu song wiTh Their wierd combo whenever anyone makes The slighTesT move . . . consequenTIv, The war T,r' members make Theirs TI'e guieTesT chapTer meeTings on The Campus . . . Charley Azar is The Tvpical chapTer "lover boy '," hanqinq around The grill To see who he can geT a rise ouT OT . . . R,land Jenkins hangs around The Union building, Too, buT iT is said he merely holds The walls up... The nickname oi Dear John PaTeh is The resulT of a number oT unTorTunaTe love aTTairs . . . Kemp is a champion hunTer and snake charmer . . . Baker seTs a dubious example Tor The pledges when he Tuperviueg Their mi-eTinq-3 . . . Pledge oITieers are Pre5idenT, Ed Shawbloskyy SeCreTary, Carl Reid: and Treasurer, Millard Edward ,... The Two olde-sT Sigma Pi's are Jack Wise and Paul AbsTon, a couple ,T pledges who uTTei pi'i,Tfriind wards, based on long experience, whenever The pledges show a Ten- denry To do asTrai, T... The chapTer was colonized here in December, I947, and The TraTerniTy was Igiinded aT Vimennez Uriiversih, io I897 . . . The colors are lavender and whiTe, while The lavender orchid and whiTe rose are The Tlowers . . . The only member we asked Tor The name oT The song re- plied, "Damned IT I Know" . . . aT leasT, iTls original. Vi .ly lv" hr -huns--A '52 L . ' WV? I lf 2' '5 .W s P 115,632.4 I Firsf Row: Charles Azar Robert T. Baker Reuben W. Boydslun Bernard Brokaw Second Row: Clwesler Cox Roberl' G. Edwards Roland Jenlclns Maurice Kemp Third Row: Cnarles Palclw William E. Splglll Horner C. Wallfins PLEDGES: Paul Alexander Millard H. Edwards Fourfh Row: Rooerl L. Halford Albert Jordan Earl W. McFarland Joseph Carl Reid Edward Shawblosky r i fs! .' .-fr.- , ,....... . .X 4' U A ."' -r 0 A' V1-W,,.g iq,-.5, 5 Tiwff ',.,+.u, alv- fs -. f I fr 4' va V ., K. 1 ,Q x . , 1' N J' , 1 l 2 f ll . , 1 1'. ' .. I '-,,,.' ' .1 .- f 3 , :: 5, I ' p-l. r ' 1 r r.,.'.1-l a'r V1"j'1'llD-', li-w in Sf14f:f'er':'rbr,' ', 1.1 ' . Pr? lrsppa Sauna. l' -..1.l'vf .ffl nd rinlcf llwk ' 11 ALL1'-':"1 a fl, yrnr ns lirfflrir f",labl.'.lri'd live' in IBSQ. lr ' l-'l 1 Wm- mf-"L-C-'E 'F-1-J Tlwg Urpwrgl'-, Grvf,g, plnf V' r rmulfr fin- prrkalfn mfwllnq quavlflrs, bfrlncl 1 rl 'I I 'A ' Tr" 1-Fr? '-'r Asn'-n ,f:.dr3n'l f.'wrf3 vw QV in ri 'iw-1 5' f n ra- as a resulr cl secincl semi-sler Xin '1 ww Br, B rlinwln l, Hari"-5 n, Drfrlfainf n'rrrl'1er'n - - A. .- Bly Q fl Vu - 3'-"'z. I ,f,- U" ,av rf" KAPP v W 59. +-1. r ' . + . A552 1 V-,. :qt .. 'func ' tg 'Pl A ."'., . 'LS Q ' A .n 'P . 1- re Q. r X f Fronf Row: Edward Keeling, Jack Chambliss, Thomas Arrington. Back Row: Burchfield Bullock, Auslin Mod- Jyl William Wyafl. anfruacqcls, is a rnernber. llm lrarclrr-in was crlqlnally lrmnded al ll'e Unlvfbff .ily ol Pcnnsylvanla In IBSO. llwf- rfvlnrs are lzlaclr and qfrlcl, "PW Kap Girl" rlne fllllclal ionq. l.4r3rnl1vf1rs ara: Jail Clvfinwlulks, Cilon, Dire-clrgr, Blaclqos are: Gay Andarsfi-n, llwclmas fxrrlncqlcrn, l-larry Bell, Burclnlield Bul- lifl, Bfb Qrec-na, Ed lnlwfrfl, Edward lfeellnq, Clif lvlnl-rleni, Arlilln Mcrcldy, lrrnw Mullen, William Wyrall. CAMPUS lilllllll Ill Campus Crrdil Union Board of Dire:- lorsi Silfinq: E d g ar E. Bowman, Marvin E Ke-rrp, Jasper B. Brown, Jr., Joe K Bishcn Wiley C. Sfevens, Cecil Fox, Roo-:rf D. Church. Sfandinq: Dr, L, K. Brandi, Mr. Joseph Cerny, Chancellor J. D. Williams, 'Uv l r f, - ,- f , fr g, r 1 M, yndf-rr .-Rn rr l'llq- lcreslfzlnl dual lcans l'ldrl2 been made ro sludenls since llne orqanlzaricrn llrsl began in f ' 5 1 r ' C " ' fl 'S "9" ll' BMC' 59 l "W U'l'3'n Jarrzary, l9-l8. The bcard cl direcrcrs meer: once a mcnrlw, and there Ia. an " rn 'l 1 fr-rg. lll' f-rrclx in bufncas rvwranlzallcrn and prcrce' ,,,mU,3l meefmq of Slocllroldersl rv: 'V 0. rf,ll,,L,.lil ,j,,j1rlJlJ.P Qr'lr,UfEf'H Board if Direcrcrrs are: Jasper B, Brcwn, Jr., Presidenlg Eclqar E. Bowman, 'J LMI' f W Vim 'i I f ,' ,VB -wx l, jf, JT? Vi rlfprfg id.-nl: Jfle K. Bi'lwclp, Sacrelaryi Dr. L. K. Brandi, lreamlrerf Glenn V li, ,H VJ!! ,UWA ldffi ,,,lln,l,l ,.,. A, lc fr'l llrrggn, General Mana-ner: Dr. lflcrrace B. Brown, Mr. Joseplw Cerny. , U 1 ,'.. LQ, 1,52 ,Q ,v',j. lon mgmberg are nov., P lar: D. Cmrqn, Cecil Fox, Marvin E. Kemp, Wiley C, Sieve-ns, Chancellor A . . -.- 'vandnq ani mere rnan 175 indivi- J. D. Williams. "Kyla, x A A-mi new 51-, ,N . .V .5 'E .. V 'S h 1 , - s V '. ., ...F T' I in V 5 'f W ' u xl. wg 'Lp ix. gg. 4 L1 vw , U A , A. vw f, ,AS ,,,,,f1-Nr, ,H 'il' . BUZZARDS ROOST WHE in: -,lugs ' '1 ' ' ,I 5 ' . -- shy . ' V DQ? X f W .' K l C f ' ' L " 'QA s ' YV 3 M5 vmtfngf ,- t Q, TFQTI' . , MEMBERS ARE CHECKED WHEN THEY VOTE V4 Vo X T504 Lkffaoy Yx 7,15 xg: EAS xS A INW E NB' 5M ffi E 'V ' HABITUAL CAMERA HOUND KAY FORD ARRIVED TO VOTEJUST AS THE FLASHBULB POPPED X, , , 5' "-f af" 4-Wx s 4 'l 4 5 ff- I v x - F A - 5 -. f :- ng 4, h -..-'v f,g7"A f 4 ff? W 4 L' ' lla-'z ik, ', ,' 1 ' M . H gg., ' Q 4 , JK 51,2 A.,Alk-x--Afxl xv--, gl: ,I T 5 .4 ' , . J ,-' Q 1 , X ' 13 L-'W f. 2. '-fi 6? 4 4 1 1, 1. """--. gf, ., J . ,, 4 Z 1 x ff " Q f f. 1 SJ - 5. I 5,3 -7 1 1, 'I -r '. ' I ., ff' f ,, - + W ,.W. 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My . 9 - ' '. ,' 1 1 Y -' 15' - .t ,. iz' "',.,s, bin- T.,-,' .- ,. , . , ,- ,1 . . A ., 1,-,., Lo t, :.-: 1 0.-U5 ,, A, 0'- QA lv 4 ,,,- at s., -f 1 1 .. . 1 . - ., .- 1- ' 1 :-1. 1 I..-4-.V 4, 1, - ' . 4 '- 3 1, 1',,',',-.JJ-..2"-"Y-A-lv. 4 ff. . ,I -Q 'S N, 2? 3 I I I .gf V ' li: .QR N li l 1? fl 13 51 ax E ,l fl -qw I 1, 3 2 a I Q-1 lift, tl jk COLONEL JAMES O. WADE Professor of Mililary Science and Tactics. MAJOR CARL E. TAYLOR Assislanl Professor of Milifary Science and Taclics for Air. INFANTRY STAFF onf row: Sergeant Avera, Colonel Wade, Sergearll Beasley' Back row: Caplain Hughes, Sergeanl Bowne, Caplain Parker, Corporal Webb. Blur noir: Irs MEMBERS OF THE INFANTRY UNIT STAFF Colonel James O. Wade Caplain Byron B. l-luqlwes Caplain Slanlon C. Parlcer Masler Serqeanl Douglas J. Avera Masler Sergeanl lra E. Bowne Serqeanl ls'r Class Aruel O, Beasley Corporal Lawrence R. Webb MEMBERS OF THE AIR UNIT STAFF Major Carl E. Taylor Maior Clwarles J. Slevens Major Jolin F. l-lol'r Caplain l-larold F. Coverdale Masler Serqeanl Edward F. Slievlin Teclwnical Serqeanl Earl S. Biggs Serqeanl William l-l. Easlerlinq Tlne Army and Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps unils al Ole Miss sland as spirilual successors lo llie famed Universily Cv-reys, who marclned from flue Uni- AIR STAFF Front row: Maior Taylor, Maior Slevens, Sergeanf Biggs: Back row: Serqeanl Shevlin, Maior Hold, Sergeant Easlerling, Capfain Coverdale. versiTy in l86I To deTend The ConTederacy Trom The in- vading armies oT The UniTed STaTes, The presenT ouTTiTs, however, are conTrolled Trom WashingTon, now in The hands oT The Feds. The record 400 sTudenTs now enrolled in courses oTTered by The DeparTmenT oT lvliliTary Science and TacTics are divided beTween The inTanTry uniT. esTablished in I936, and The air uniT which was Tormed here in I946. The Two uniTs operaTe under a coordinaTed insTrucTional and supply command. Several classes oT inTanTry oTTicers were graduaTed and commissioned second lieuTenanTs beTore World War ll, and a second posT-war class has been graduaTed. STu- denTs pick The branch in which They wish To serve, and aTTer compleTing The Tour-year course succe,ssTully They are commissioned as riTle plaToon leaders wiTh The Army Ground Forces or as Air Force adminisTraTive or supply oTTicers. Each summer junior class cadeTs oT The inTanTry uniT Take a six-week basic course aT ForT Benning, Ga., while air cadeTs are Trained aT Orlando. Fla., Air Base, or aT Keeseler Field, Miss. CadeTs are paid while on summer duTy, and Third and TourTh year sTudenTs receive subsis- Tence allowances while in school. UniTorms are worn during drill periods, aT all oTiicial miliTary TuncTions. Provided Tree To all cadeTs, The uni- Torms are l4epT by graduaTes oT The course. An annual social evenT sponsored by The uniTs is The Spring MiliTary Ball, aT which The uniT sponsors are pre- senTed. RecogniTion socieTies exisT in Scabbard and Blade and in The Pershing RiTles. The riTle Team has a consisTenTly high record in inTercollegiaTe circles. The uniTs, cooperaTing wiTh Scabbard and Blade, con- TribuTed To The CenTennial l-lomecoming parade wiTh a plaToon oT "UniversiTy Greysf' miliTary sTudenTs dressed in auThenTic ConTederaTe uniTorms. The ROTC regimenT 4, '5-Q H-be ,355 , " "Na, ' 1-1 ' T i"'6m""""""""' --'.iT T " 'VU fl wsu difT'mu'i5" """" . . -1 '-2." '- T -,.,--A i -,- T .. 1 f.:':-ii "Blah i , , ' , 'f1Q, 'I ' .. z y 4 4. ,,,i gr? - I' If "' ig . -"xl", fi.--' . 'Q 'Q-in 1.3, " . '.f,i3i,:-1:1 if'v ' 'L' Xrfziiq, 1. J-1 53 'fi T 99--gig? fff. .iii 'WT af If jf ,gf JW -is , ., 'M . X -L.. . 'L l as . "M Fffff J. TTQTFK- 4 . .5 + 1 P- .H ' .K V l J ' Li'E.T g5gilB'l,.- . - :-fir ik R ggi "'i':4. V . SL '- h m s- - gf-,W L1Yh'QAg'Al40 Way Q -N ff l T Ls i 4 " ia ' -4: V . , F F A Nix xr ...,,, c ff itil-L! X - T" -pa "xr TI-IE IISIFANTRY BATALLIQN STAFF LeIf vo rrghtz Waggener, Wrlluar-ns, Dabney. RUTH JENKINS CAROLYN PREWITT Infantry Bafallion Sponsor Air Bafallion Sponsor AIR BATALLION OFFICERS d Price LeI'i Io right: Thames, Harper, an I I I I .., 333i Xia I I 5132 f-'ff III IIII IIIITTAIIII STI-III LT. COL. J. B. WAGGENER MAJCR J. R. MANN . . IST LT. W. S. WILLIAMS. ZND LT. L. B. DABNEY . 4 LT. COL. I-I. S. TI-IAMES . MAJ. S. D. I-IAMLEY . IST LT. J. E, I-IARPER . ZND LT. N. R. PRICE . . IIIII Baffalion Commander . . Execufive Officer . . . .Adjufanf . . Sergeanf Major Baffalion Commander . . Execufive Officer . . . . .Adjufanf . . Squadron Major IIIITTIIIIII STAII 1 3: - r , , A ,, . r Firsf Row: Wililarn G. Barnef, William E, Beanland, ,rarwes R. Brllrngerey, Jez' L. Bur:-.'f Ja e. E f' r D C I, Jplr. r.. C I Dabney, John H. Daniels, Frank M. Dooley, John H. Fof., III. Second Row: Shiv' D. HJ' JQQLL' E. Harper, E.i :ml W. H w 5 Ev' n M H rner Gregory G. Kergoslen Rlcherd H. King, Wflllarn L. McCorj, Ulmer L. McNel' La-.lih IJ, Maurpiier, Jack R. Mann, Ralph H. Marble. Third Row: Davld Miller, Robert H. Mullell, Jrihn H. Napier, Ill, Buie B. Pass, Roberf D. Pallenon Loul, V. J. Fnlrlupl, Vv'ol'fo'1 R. Prfe, Ge-olde L. Ifmlnnell, Warren R. Rose, Hyman H. Slrnrnons, Robert E. Slaler. Fourth Row: James L. S"L1'nq, Stephen C. Slwngwilew, Le-zle' F. Snrnnerg, Hfwolcl S, Th-awe. H-Jqh H. Thomasson, Reginald Tolar, George H. Van Zanr, Jefes B. Waggener, Rich:-'I ' W'g.'l-3 Jawa. E. Wr,.r,a".. WILLIAM G. BARNER WILLIAM E. BEANLAND JAMES R, BILLINGSLEY JESS L. BURNETT JAMES E. CLARK FABUS D. CLIETT JOHN K. S. CORNELL LUCIUS DABNEY JOHN H. DANIELS FRANK M. DOOLEY JOHN H. FOX, III STUART D. HAMLEY JOSEPH E. HARPER EDMOND W. HOLMES EDWIN M, I-IORNER GREGORY G. KERGOSIEN RICHARD H. KING WILLIAM L. MCCORD ULMER L. MQNEILL LAUCH M. MAGRUDER JACK R. MANN RALPH H. MARBLE DAVID MILLER ROBERT H. MULLETT JOHN H. NAPIER, Ill BRUCE B. RASS ROBERT D, PATTERSON LOUIS V. J. PHILIPPI WOFFORD R, PRICE The Troops pass in review GEORGE L. OUINNELLY WARREN R. ROSE HYMAN H. SIMMONS ROBERT E. SLATER JAMES L. STRIBLING STEPHEN C. STRINGFELLOW LESTER F. SUMNERS HAROLD S. THAMES HUGH H. THGMASSON REGINALLI TOLAR GEORGE H VAN ZANT JAMES V. WAGGENER RICHARD G. WALLS JAMES E, VVILLIAMS SI IIIII IIIITII Slaclring arms are -4 'Y 'I T.: J N. up so is ' a J., T' I I I 1 FIRST PLATOON 4 I 1-3 K. Q Q vi COMPANY OFFICERS Sunvners PaNerson Kerqoslen, and Phillippi, I I I I CUMPANY STAFF CARI. I.. Ii. SUMNERS .,... , fTI'YIfiFIdIVII1 QIIM ISI' II. R, D. PAIIERSCDN . , . , .E-IQCUIMC QND LT F. D, CLIETT ,.,,. ISI Servqefiz ISI II. G. G. KERGOSIEN . . . , PInI1.Gn Cwirrunwand I ISI II. I, V. J. PIIIILIPPI . . ..., PIAIC-Hn C"YYIVYIJVId 1 ,gl- fit 'IZ' LYDY BECKER Sponsor A. Cn AKIIKJH R. I.. Andersun B. Cv. Bawnfleer C. K. Burnham S, CasIIernan W. A. CauII'1en W. CIEFYIIFICVFIS W, W. Combs J. 0. Emmerich H. N. Fancher J, D. Sandy W. L. Garner D. S. GOIOIAIII J, J, Husfmn J. W. Hudswn G. CJ, Kfgrqiulen W, T. IvI:,K5nne W. H, MiIam I. T, Mrore D. W. SaIIey W. E. Slrinner J. E. SIapIes J. S. Townsgnd O. J, Turner R. M. WIWIIIen E. S. YUSIQ SECOND PLATOON M, E. Alexander R. L, Ammons R. A. Barber Rex R. Boqqan W. C. Bourdeauw R. L. CarrInqIon R. DaiIey, Jr. L. A, Day CJ. B. DQIGSITVTIGUI J. Dickey P. Drauqhn L, S DuddIesIon B. GarnbIe WesIey N. Gray I-I. B, Hen'e,' 6. W. I"IOIIrnan D. O, Jcurdan A. J. Ka+ooI D. E. Keyes J. K, KImbeII G. M. Lee Coyne C, MiIler J. I-I. Iv1I!IiIfEn L, y. J. PIwiII3pp1 C. C. Ridwardsi W. C. SCarIonr'Q1uqI1 V, R. SmIII1 H, S. Smifhson 'iv1"'fw 1 . 1 ., ., , 1 sh,-544.1 Q.: xt x Y u 5. . wx . A '. Q. 45" -.',- , 2. CUMPANY STAFF CAPT R. H. MULLETT ......, . .Commanding Oilirge. S LT. J. K. S. CORNELL . . ,...,,. Execulive QND LT. G. L. QUINNELLY . ..... Isl Sergeanl IST LT. H. H. SIMMONS . . . . Plaloon Commander S LT. B. B. PASS .....,.,.... Plaloon Commander FIRST PLATOON G. E. Aiken J. H. Hedqepelli R. L. Andreae L. E. Lewis W. R. Andrews G. L. McCauley John E. Bar H. B. Orndorll Edwin A. Baile G. D. Pallerson W. D. Bell J. B. Perkins B. B. Bradley C. W. Puckell' M. Caldwell O. Seqresf J. A. Chalk H. H. Simmons W. R. Crenshaw J. E. Slay H, Danciqer Oscar E. Slade R. C. Ellinqer F. Srevens M. J. Genserf SECOND PLATOON J. L. Adams N. H, Hulsey W. D. Bradley W. R. Humplnrey William Busby T. M. Lamberr P. B. Cooper J. J. Lawrence J. S. Covinglon B. R. Mc:Clendon W. R. Dorify J. T. Morqan R. G. Edwards B. B. Pass R. A. Emmons J. E. Ponell C. J. Fayard C. G. Smilh H. H. Fuller R. Sfislwer J. H. Garber H. W, Sfrinqlellow W. G. Harris G. N. Tomlin L. C. Heidelberg Louis L. Visa C. D. Hollander E. J. Yelverlon COMPANY OFFICERS Fronf row: Cornell and Simmonsg Bark row: Mulle Quinnelly, and Pass. KATHERINE WRIGHT Sponsor X4 N N- lu pr- 1' Z df Burner? and Brent ELINOR GREEN Sponsor N .' ' " ? " ' 2 1-5 '- 3, ' 1 sl: 5 'dl'-". ,, J: -. - A x - 5' j.,,Nf-.- .,., . . 1.5 yff 0 , .. ., ri.. ,I f 5 . -. -. - r. l A J L K . 4 nh 0 l .4 .1 F . f A Q A -Y 3 5.17, I4 .' Gr " Y." X -Q L., W 'V' " A 'x- J' -' 4 ,v ..-.x-,sh ,,:,:'.1' 41'-'-3,4-r rr an 3 I 253 .' .J,. -BQQ.. 1.5.5. Ja. A 1 14' in 9 Q' 1.535 7- "3 'E-3' 'uf' CUMPANY CART. F. M. L1-,OQlEY V I Qcommdndmq CDHEKCY . .BURN nsrlr.6,H VAN ZANT . ISlSGT.LAUCH MAQRU ... ..BPtNl,JR DEP 1.1 . . Pldlrmn EiF:CUllV'2 Sergwanl rnrnandev Vll . , Plan.. n Clarrlmandefr FIRST PLATOON Lommax Anderson K. Armslronq l'l. Bffrv-lSl E. Blslmp l. Burnell T. Carrflll Crawlflrd W. Craclrell D. DeDeaux . D. Dubulsson R. Flelclwer Floyd W. Har? Hefferman A. J. Jarlfsfwn J. E. Jfulwnslfun R, J x'.N nes W. Lewlg C. Melfmrlc-ns J. M. Ml'-nlrlef Marvin Porler G. Renslmfv D, D. Rflbblns R. C. Roberls D. Slone W. C. Slronq J. B. Williams SECOND PLATOON Balrd D, Blqqers E, Branderburq R, Braun O. D. Brenl, Jr. L. T. Callalwan . T. Carnev A. Colley R. C Davison H, L. Denlon Jolwn Dollley W. B, Franlflln H. H. Fuller L. Goldman R. E. Hemphill B. R. Hi:-lfev W, H. HRH G, W. May L. W. Oqlesby W. M. Pace XN. A. Reagan H. Redman K. W. Shipley F, O. Smifln W. D. Srnillw R. G. Slraqlwler M. V. Tldwell S.Tiql'1e O. D. Williams X X CUMPANY STAFF CAPT. R. E. SLATER . . . IST LT. J. E. WILLIAMS . . ZND LT. J. I-I, SI-IAMBURGER IST LT. W. R, ROSE . , . IST LT. D. MILLER . . . FIRST F. Alford D. L. Barfon R. A. Burfon M. M. Bush R. F. ColIirws J. W. Daves A. S. Dulin J. R. Dupuy T. G. Guyfon G. R. Hell C. C. I-Imdson C. D. HUII C. F. Jadsom S. J. Lachaussee T. R. Lonq . . . . .Commandinq UIIIQQI . ,.,..., Exeruflwsf . . . . IGI Sergeami . PIaIriIf3rw Commander . . . . . . . .plamon Commandcr PLATOON W. L. Lone W, I. Mf1Dor1aId J. M. McRae B. Mfrfrrr- Guy Nefncmb E. M. QuInnIey W. R. Rise J. D, SibIey E. SIeeIe W. J. THE-r R. W. Tyson J. T. Vrircrrhees W, F. Vlesf M. T. Yawn SECOND PLATOON W, AIdrIdG9 . F. Andre M, Arsulich J, C, Ashlev A. L. Boykin D, M. Briscoe L. Broome, Jr. W. G. Brufe G. R. EIIIS E. I-I. Jfrrwes W, E, Knrrvdower L. M. MapIes D. MIIIer D, C. Morris J. C P. T. NCIIIIUQIWBW LI. I-I. Pee-I R, PUVIUUS L. S. PIHTIIQ Gus Frlmm P, C. Rodfle-rs VV. SFVIII E, I-I. Shawbl-i5II, J. T. SIQQIQ R. L. Tayior L. L. Thivmass rw B. E. Wafsrrrw J, W, VVIHIIQ COMPANY OFFICERS Fronf row. Slater and Shamburgerg Back row: Rose, Mnller, cmd William BETSY TIBLIER Sponsor u "" 9 O X - i 'V .4-rr f'f'1'fS 'i'.5?'r.'ciQ CUMPANY smrr M.,-,.g3,. rm-1.5-f-.:gppQ3'v.1 . . .--ff2.f:'rE-.5'!yg.,-21 if CAPT. E. M. HORLJER . ,,.. . .Commanding Officer N- ...X , . . 'wfrf-7 A Mgfsr lsr U. J. E. CLARK . . . ....... Execuiwe .1 ZND LT. W. L. McCORD . . ,,.. Isl Sergeanf :sr ir. R. H. MARBLE . . . . Plafoon commander ...find :sr ir. w. E. BEANLAND ......... Plaloon commander ' .-5 1'-5-.fin A3 FIRST PLATOON sF:f:'?m 37' 4'5" Q-iff!-LA.. 5 -. Q, '-I mf-' .. LLQQTQ ' : 4 .Q,i.'4,e.vK'5' '.'5,.'.--53. .ljy gs --EF' Jiirifihfg l J':. wx: i's'u.4'.,' WI -':4:1.,.:" .pai COMPANY STAFF ron? row: Horner, Beanlandg Back row: McCord, Marble, Clark. 's,..y.. 2,4-Ar, .r.-:Y-.' .Fu-V.. in MARGARET BRADLEY Sponsor J. T. Anderson A. L. Barner W. S. Beck L. M. Bishop K. K. Bryan? P. L. Coldwell T. P. Coffey F. W. Crum H. L. Davis W. H. Jackson H. H. Kinq O. R. Magruder J. O. Manning R. H. Marble C. P. Massey C. F. Morqan R. R. Piclcens J. D. Quinnly B. V. Reniroe G. E. Rhodes J. W. Robinson L. V. Sharp H. S. Sianley C. E. Wesf C. P. Winfers SECOND PLATOON W. F. Beanland G. H. Bishop C. R. Burlcley T. J. Dean F. L. Diqby M. R Fairchild J. H. Geary A. L. Grachler D. M. Koger O. T. Korfz, Jr. P. E. Lenoir H. L. McCool T. S. McLemore E. A. Moore W. D. Morris E. W. Noeln W. B. Pallon J. W. Prados F. H. Rowland W. C. Taylor A. B. Thompson F. J. Timmons B. Tramel W. V. Wesrbro J. H. While B. F. Williams C. R. Young ok :I ..,5.3'1 CUMPANY CAPT J. R. BILLINGSLEY .... . .Commanding Ollicer IST LT. J. H. DANIELS ..., ,.,,. E xeculive ZND LT. H. H. THOMASSON . . ,,,,. ISI' Serqeanl IST LT. S. C. STRINGFELLOW . . . Plaloon Commander IST LT. R. H. TOLAR, JR .... . . Plaioon Commander FIRST PLATOON C. Aiamian, Jr. J. E. Armslronq J. F. Arrnsirong C. D. Bishop J. Bryanl Lawrence Clark O. A. Crawford J. M. Day Bob Goodwin J. W. Henry A. J. Drebs F. J. Lolierlwos Gr. S. Mori R. B. Parkes H. H. Plwelps C. E. Rowan G. H. Sclneider C. F. Sidener M. Sinquelield S. C. Slringfield V. J. Tirey J. W. Willis B. F. Wilson SECOND PLATOON R. E. Agnew F. S. Anderson D. Barnlwill J. Burner? A. A. Covingron W. Dunn D. L. Edif A. E. Hal'Cl'1 C. W. Herald C. G. Jackson S. B. Johnson R. L. Koqer J. A. McKinnon J. Mansel H. L. Maxwell H. W. Melvin R. L. Milam W. Miles A. R. Moody J. E. Oqlelree W. Pielcarslci V. Russell J. Salley W. Sarfor L. A. Shipley R. H. Tolar, Jr. T. J. Vlalmos L. M. Williams IHIII l, . I 5 OFFICERS RICHARD H. KING . . . . Caplain VV. G. BARNER . . . ,... . , Isl Lieulenani EDMUND HQLMES . ..,....,. 2nd Lieufenanf MEMBERS Howard Bishop Clarenie Jiiilly H. R. Moran Richard Russum Reber? Cox Babb, Ji' ret Edward T. Neilson B. L. Samuels R. D. Qdwins Wiiiiia"iw Dietz Elberi Ilelson B. W. Sfephens F- L. Friedman George Kirkland Henry Paris Jack Sfewarf Richard Farr Thomas H. Lane Wh. H. Perkins William Siewarf O. H. Hendricks Wi liam Long James Price Ivan Thompson Chris Heriiclc Barry I-Aiglniosh J. C. Reid Hobson Wakefield John Jackson Charles Middleion Roberf Rushing Ed Wornble MEMBERS Bon G. Barrinqer Clarl U. Bisho I3 Paul V. Drauqhnn Royal B. I-liclfei, Lesler F. Summers Henry H. King William E. Korndoifer John H. While M- ,, ' E '1"..J- 1- . , h - .- -v " .,. - A , 'h- wi ni ..s.3K'B.f William I. McDonald William S. Sarfor .IIIIII HAM T' pi MEMBERS 'ir 11- lr. "'l"' lI1"4' ll'AVll lf" lvllv 'V 'I l'. IIE" ' 1' I I' 1 F'l'f"'l V- Fri l.l iV'7.l"-irlr. .l 'rx F'.f'.L:i' r' I7 'I"i1"j Fli'l OFFICERS PERSHING RIFLES JOHN l'l. NAPIER, lll .,.... . . Capla7n N-1Y7nal l"'r' iii, nzfiifrr, :"i"Q'f'A', 5, l.,,i3 RM' ' 'lf-' GGRDON B. DELASI-IMET . . . Firsl Lieulenanl C"rnprin,f ll", 4'l'. RPQ'QlVT"'V'i', flaw. Ml ai 7 Ll' I Y- HAROLD W. MELVIN . . . . .Second Lieulenanl 1948. Founded al Llrwimif.'li,i cl Nr-liirizln in M92 lr, lt Jflw J HENRY D, STONE . . . . . . Firsl Serfqeanl Pevslwiniqflalfifr Gene-ia' fl 'Img A.i'rniiii.f.f.l'.i 'ig ff ni .mg if CARI. l"l. F. COVERDALE, USAF . . . . FaCully Advisor ltr lnere. OFFICERS SCABBARD AND BLADE . Navi Wil liifnvral, VTIIII'-EVN lrfilevnil, lfr al in aj POTC uni, JOHN H. NAPIER IH - VV. 4 I J I 'CGPIGW NROTC g'..aar+f. Cfrmpfm, sir P,-, 4 .rm of . 5 mmf April 6. 1940. HARCLD S. Tl-IAMES . . .Farsi Lueulenanl R. GARLAND WALLS . . . .Second Lieule-nan' ULMER L. MCNEILL ....,... . . Firsr Semeanl EN!!! JINBJSA 1 gecoaafkorjl CAPT' SIVIITI-I' ' ' ' Llaslon Olllcel' lillannier,NllljllARobGpr?IIPolrZl'goInI Gzlolqel fwnvillli. lillfiirg Rclivz Llviiilil Fanlil Rf"?"C'lfi"1' J ' QE L, A ' ' Lili' fx fW.'S S'f1'liQ,li1 ii 151' ' MAJ. JOSEPH L. CERNY, one .Focully Advisor I i I.-32.2 , I 3 I Mack A. Adams William G. Barner, Ill James R. Billingsley Kennelh Bowles John H. Fox, III Sam P. Gardner Edwin M. Horner J. B. McLemore Ralph H. Marble David Miller Robert l-l. Mulleff Roberf B. Paflerson Georqe Quinnelly John Rawls Roberf Slaler James L. Slriblinq Lesler F. Summers Walton S. Williams I I 6 ' K' THE BRASS Captain M.-y .and Commander Hufchins L. .cf-Y ,- 1 .1154 ,rs .0 Pon? la 'wr 1 wok ,H-q ' THE UNIT STAFF OFFICEQS row Cap? May and Corndr. Hufchinsg Back row, Capt Smifh, Lf. Ramsey and U. Ford. AVAl RUTC TH- Na.: Pf'Tf,V LAT ' xi fl-Sffxff sind Tffrvj' Tn June, l946. I1 mu'-,-. We riff qumffvfw 'n pvfaiwwjy HMT, and Tn IQ47 UWQ Wes? F1 4 'iw 'T PMG N Bm"ff'1, wr! .Mvd MH lf'VTF1Y7WQd TNA'CrlTO H.4n Tri rw-rn 1, MT 'Vw Tuff- fardvmfvrd J' Tw Nl'Cmn, OM? Miss .q!.1r'vP T "'N HPV- 'Tw .a" D413 Fr.-wi TM-f1fff'1Ur1rTfA'5, TVN' LMT? r'w'rr4'f.A,1g,wv.'S "', Hn M,-vw na., 'TW fgrs F12 1.1-rf GS NPOTC md,-n'g, T51 TQJ- Mrw'-rS 'aw rm'-rVU'r'wf TINY-r, TPI' NPOTC sfuf 1ff+H 'Cai r' ff 1""1'vw-9 'YWIIITYH :Tl1c'ffAnfS and rfrnTrfaf1 Hu' nflrf' F?Hw1ni.1: snuff-r+5 'wg sont 4' f f-"zo frn rg '."'VTTHTf'VT' S"U"1c3TST1TpS , K, ,.3gUTf ff 55,-.'I0uri': ff-STS Rn then' rc-Sperflxn sfafes, Afiev 1. N ,Mu +L-wir drzvf'-5, Trl s'ud':r's mud .afff-pf ri ',f7fY1fT!:S5V"D rr p'w,':- amy qsdlfl-fi 13' f-nuifqn ln We Nav, My fx. 'iefwnd Ut-nfenanf " ww Mmir'-v C. vps, F5831 H-. ,warg v4rf'9 4310, mg, 514.0 ,qv add '- PM wlfnv rv w-r'.'i- T uv -,fffng In TM, Y'H'S4"VJtH C fha ' swfii-'rf-, 71 P 'ruff na., ur" 'r sin 'N Md-in They' Tum: -1 VV'f1dy To fATA n fxdvwiffild. Dwrkvq Nw Hnrd and Twurfh ,ffm-, of T 5-gf, Wwe, .nw paid T4-rnrmH6'7 r- ff subsisffznffi-, and up'n qua' .juan n Hw,f are T-.Timed iiwnwrnissinns In Nw New, r Marine Corps Peserwe. , . . Rwmnir gmdcnfg rnah My sumnn-v rmrgyg ,mth frff ng,-, durfnq 'raw fr.5Tn7rq and rw afi1i'+EfnaT surnnw' 'S Spen' falfnq We neue! .1Ma'3 -n End wrinaf' n 'Q msn. C'nfr.arf Qflmcnfs are ffNf2Vf'Ed fvuigffg Tiffg-H-.een 'T"I'r Wvlrd and TFUVUW yrwaw 'T ff3Uf-"Jia SUVTNHTOI rm'-, usuaxu :asrs abut eiixf' weflls. Unifwrns nw TUfr'7sTw':d for dr3'T and Tfr fffiilaf name! Tuniilfrns. H'-'1n!i1T'1T ff TMJ' n T S SN '35 ai?','+'f-S is Thr: annual Na-.Y B51 5+ K' I , " '. 'A T J "S F 7 UY'f'SPf'VT ' . TYV' n ' Pdf. Y' nf-H mf? .' 125 '.f+Ar". THE UNIT STAFF U. S. Navy Personnel Cdpv. Euqflnf- F, May, USN,C'VTTVTwq1VTdTVT'1CDTT"'QY Cd". CHNTWK. S. HUVHWIS, USN, E-HCUHQQ Qwier Caph Jegevs r E1,Sm'+h, LSMC Li+3lH0nan+ Pau? J, Pamseu USN LM-ufenanf P'a,n'w-fd E. FN rd USN CMH Gunnens Mak Ben R, Casbnlr, USN CPE-T S+ir'eLf3epev' Oscar M, Cfolr, USN Cnlef Yeornan Darwin F, Kidd, USN Cn ef Quarferrnasfer Piiup M, Y..3ungb'nf-d. USN CMM Fire Confrglrnan Warren L. Doerres, USN Chief Srfrelleeper Cnavfes R.CTn1de-sfer, USN Mash'-r Sf?rw1eanfVir-iqil E, Vefsfn, USMC S'narrnan Fr? CTGSS, Jarnes C. Traf.FcL, Jr., USN NAVY UNIT ENLISTED MEN Raw Yc.nqbTood Crndesfer, Klddg Second Row:: Trawick, Cook Doerrhesg Third Row: Vpfsch, Casbhr. The drum and bugle corps. 1 . -I .wir I'- . Jo Q ... ' I f9.i"-b4"u,:.lp5agT S .3 +Kx:A,' ' A 4 ' ,, -"1 V, A .7 x' 'li u' .fr A ' 'af-.n '. -5 S - ' lt! '-' Sq 'w. "Y Ka " ' ff ff ' - ' A ' . ff,5-Q.-MJF " -. -'.,-al ,--. 2, if 9' ,261 .V rr H: of , : , '. f Q... :'er..:tT1wsx"?:r, 71.2. -91, - ' "' -1. 1 ' -,eq 'T ' S-912'-"ws1'1-4.-,4'+,c4l'3" . - , . ' - v Y. . A -,, . . o ' -'R v . gg-2" f 'F' 1 ,,, -A 49' "'f ",' .efe'fuTf'T 'H ' Ig, "-L.: ' .' ,g.-0-'P' V:-7. QQ'-ffffb., ,Ik 1 uf:- . - - - .1-':3si.. . A Hi'.41.?"ff'b.'T'j-EQ -..'Lf1-..f:s.s:L'r..1-51 V fr .qu 1- . C Q Q C I 0 9 0 C O i 2 r 'f -L LT f , ff V . . , o o , 4 u , . o . , u . . 0 o Q 0 . 0 0 I 0 U 0 I , ,U , A 3 5 .1 L' , , .M -W' 3 ,,...., X4 .,f.nww 4 1 M-2 , 'fa- 4 I UA X A E wh , Y Q If Lqaw-' 'Wil ' 2159-' fl r 1 ! 4 X K ,am X293 Q 5412! ww1'A-w I . v ? 3' Q 1 ' . iff .A ,, , gf ., ' Q .Q v A ' - hm Q -. 1 . W, , fm' qi - f f is , ' ,, Lis?-,, , m':ff5:7:57A A zfi' xjQ., "Q ' .iQ1 ye. X , s 'Q 'f15f.N f i5.r,qM V.-., , 1 xc, -f,,, ,, M,-v. -- , .. -, ,N .. wg- A, , , 4 ,L . """'if,,ff Q ' ' if -'.4a F3Q'w' ' ' J x ' ,... , -, ' - W Q,-1. -1 -2553-f if 'J wif' k- .qxwmi?4, 2 ,1 4-:af?4'zf51 2-M. ,Q-if.:-C-.4 'fffxif V' 3 A gf 7 ,- f- 4 , , "" '---. , WT . .1.F'3fm-...,.,"Tj '-AQa,g,2?'X J J fig 4. ,"A'W Wa' X 23 sk . AA -'21 M -.121 1s.32..s-i Q- f ' as f f .. I , .,i'J,.Y?I,ag 1 2' , 6, MF qt. . 4 .ww .fc - 1 L i A I -. . .M , 5' J . '54 0 ik 1 Z -r ,ff FIRST COMPANY OFFICERS SECOND COMPANY OFFICERS From? fo back: Adams McLemore, Frazuer, Ausiin. Fron? fo back: Bowlvs, JOVCP, RHWIS. DuBois. BATTALION OFFICERS SAMUEL P. GARDNEP .,,..,...,,. ,CI Frvu rrwfmd WALTER R. HAGFR . . , Ff+3fl,1IN.fQ OIIU, SAMPSON . . . AJIIJIFIPI DONALD C, BOWEN , . ,,..,. CIN-I P5-IV, OIIII' I FIRST COMPANY OFFICERS f MACK ADAMS I....,..,,.,..,, Cf-I uma BRUCE G, AUSTIN . , , , . P+-My OIIU JOHN B. MLLEMOPE, JR, . FIr',I FI-aI! mn Cwxn rr-,1nCI WATSON WEATHEPLY , . . Fwrsf FIM-II rw Fr-II7' OIL- CHARLES L, FRAZIFR . . .SW FIFIIFF VI CI rv mfmd JESSE 6. WILLIAMS , . . . SQA +'V'I"I DIAICCIF1 PQIW OITIIC SECOND COMPANY OFFICERS IENNETH BOWLES ..,.,...... . C- r'Fwv'uarn DEAN C, DUBOIS . , . , , PMI-, OPI v EDVVARD R. JOYCE , FIIi.I F'If1IwfIm Cwmmmnd JOHN P. HUFISON . , . . . FIvsI I'IaIw VI Fri-'M OIIIF JOHN F. RAWLS, JR. . . Sf, -',' Fwd FII-1I' IIVI C I"1 nmmnfi MATTHEW W, STEELE ...,, S ','I I md F'IaICw-rw FF III, OIIIF " I " F MEMBERS OF THE DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS f. Q 1 WaIIer R, Haqer, IC, Ieader Jared D, Mayes. III. 4C ' ' Richard F. fXCIfevman, 4C Davld W, MMIMII, 4" 1 V ,Q ' -' ' g "' Th -'.I mas M, Barry, 4C Hmmm F, NI-IIIMFIII, 35 h F' F I ILIfmaS H, Cowl 31, FVQDI- S. pI3dCIIf?, .In 3E BATALLION OFFICERS .Iamffs H. McManus, 36 Rif1II.uriI F. Whlfcf, 3, Lef?1o riqhfz Hauer, Sampson, Rowan, Gardner. LI'fVC'VT'lV LI. MMIFIII 46 ' fl-SGTJ, A, "...-if, N, 'sf' '5 IW' Firsf company, firsi plafoon. FIRST CUMPAY EN LISTED M EN Firsf Plafoon John P. Adams, Jr' Earl G, Hrebf-rer, JC y Kdrdrun M. B- nrrirr, 4r' P-rrfmr F. Hfrgper, JC Mra'fr1Lnr M. Brf-'rzr'-.Hfr, 4ri B. N. Larrf rrd. 4 Ronard lf. Byrd, 4' Jarneg E, Maher Jr Prurrrcl P. Crirne, J' Jererrr-,r D. Ma-werr, 4rT Jrirlnn W. Carrffrrfrn, Jr' Eiwrn C.Mfnr1urr3 Jr 4r Tknras H. Cave, Jr Lrr,raL Q. Parfrer 4 D-rarrd J. Chddrir., Jr' Pfrrard A. Sfrrdrrfyr, Jr. Verrrg L, EQJL, Jr. 4r' Aden C. Trrrnpsrfn, Jr., 4, Pauf N. Gerrard, 4r' Gkn A. T3mLrrsr,r', 4. Trwrrrras P.6r1rqgr'n, 4r' James W. Wedrrrp, 4. Dinard F. Grarr-i-nrrrrer, 46 M 'es P. Wrlrrirrsrrr, Jr. Jrinn Har ner, 4r' Herberr P. Zsfn H., JC Second Plaioon Franl-Vrn C. c.r,.rrSrQ, Jr., 4r' Priwlrand M. Murp Prirberf L. Cave Jr., 4r' Srrrir J. Mwlander, 4 Wrnsrrirn W. C rrnwlrrrs, Ji Prbrerr H. Prirrerrsrirr 4C L Robe-rr H. Iflunrap, 4r' Jar:L L, Snirrr, Jrt Henry P. Ffnr.rrLL9, 4r' Edward L. SuLLrr.ran, Jr: Rriberr J. Grardw, Jri Wr'brJr H. V-an Rrper, Jr., JC Boyd E. Harper, Jr' J hm W, Vcld, 42 Edward CD, J'rr'L rr Jr., 4rQ Charles W. Wralrrrr 4r Mrrirrael M. Mrrrsna r, 4C Bin C. WWW, Jr., Jailr W. MiCaLrnir, 46 P7jLrard P. Wnre. Jr' Herve, J, MPJLLZPJY, Jr Pver 'Nrkrrr es Ill, JC Drixfd W. Mfrrrrf, 4r' Fred W. Y..urrg JC Second company, firsf pla+oon. :ff-'wz'4rj 5,443 " 4 Firsf company, second plafoon. ENLISTED MEN Firsf Plafoon Dinard J Awrerj LEYV1 James H. fxrlrwr, Jr' Ji-rrgrrrrr, C M Crrrrrr J Clfrades A, Andersvrrr, J' Yarnnfrrf F. Mfrrrrfr 4r Brirbbra E. Barrrrrr, 4r Cnarhr, E. Nrffrrrr, 4 Samuel L. Snesser, Jri Ffrgrbrilrr E CM-r-n-1., Jr., 4r Lrrir L. Curur rr, Jr., 4r' Jrtrrrn L. Pqrri, 4r Hr9erSrE1 L. L'a.r'r'rn, 4r' G'r3r.rr11g M. Prrfi-rf., 4' Jrirrrn W Erlrrmrr, Ill, 4r1 Sreprrren J Sr-rrrrr rd, 4 J'Lrrr R. Girdrfs, 4A Janws W, Srnri, Jr fwfrin r1.Girbe-rr, Jr' Errin E Sir, 9, Jr.. 4' Errresr H. Grflfrrr, 4r' PMJLQEF R, S br-., Jr.. 4 P-'bert L. H-alfird, Jr? L'!i1r'rr'ErLW E, Srrrr'rr Jr Edward S. Hanrranar, 4r rprfberr M. Tar, r, 4-1 Henry N. Herne rr, Jr., 41 Second Plafoon Knorr? A. V" ri. Jr. Jr' Prjrberr H Hr dirft Jr' Pfinard F, Ariirri-rrrrfrn, 4- VVJLram E, Hfwrurd, J-'. PLM B. Arrkrarrder, Jr Jrirnn A. Hunr 4r' J-inn H, fxdrrsrrrn, 4F Jrrnn Fx, Vr9LriHnP, Jr' Thnwas M. Barry, 4r' Crrdrres E Krrdnir, 4g Jrirnrr S. BIr'rVlSL'Jf, Jr., Qr' Kennern F, l'f'u1rfrra1-r, 4r. Jeuwfr? H. Brrrrrwrdl, Jr., J-1 Harry L. Lrirfirn, ,Jr,, 4r1 Grroerirn L. Brr wrr, Jr, 4rd Jarrrez H. Mr Mrfrrrrrs, Jr' Rrirberr W, Crrrrrprrfn, Jr., JC H.-,dan E. N. rfrrr ,rr Jr' Henry C. CaLrJvrr'H Jr., 4' Crrmle. C. Smrrrr-Q 4' Drinrid L. Cr.1.Lr?r,r Jr Vern S. Terry, 4r1 Briryd Cffwrrpr rrr 4r L, W, vr L, 41 Franl. C. Frirrss, 4r' J'r1rr P. Wfi-rfer, 4F Tbfrnras H Freerfand, Ill, 4C T rr. H.Wir1rdrr3ff,4c SHZO Il CUMPAY WKKJXX A x fp' Q. f 'T' new """"'1" S 1 Z 'iii HUT Q . swf nw' ' 4 1,0 . lui fu v, '. A1 Z' gg.. , M- 'W 1 J ,.f..p'c , 11, WF44' N12 P. ' -'Hr-y fe -2. .L-F3 ' is L, .,e,.:,f: v. Q "?4.3fd 9-1, ,M mm . ' 4 "a Q .J ' 1 ' Fi T '33 if 5' ' . ,. .- -k x . 1 5 ,x",.4,., Ag, , , ..,- gi, -- 'L 2 ' ",,.l,x,.f'fxlTf"'fh, It 752:- Q I -as 4 . Q .I g:.v-Ng- w.J,g1::,: 'EL' , if. .33 .' ' 3 Y ,I l , .. , 50" "' Q vi fy i . y. 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V ' Juli! .-""" A 'TY 1 W I '11, " "' ' ' ' H 'v'-- 1Y.4'F:. ' 1 -i3'.unn.,-uni ,, 0 o ,,-., A, Uv' Ir I II 4, I, I THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CENTENNIAL YEAR - ', fwfr rr: QI IIN' IiQIIi1winQ QIffi'iI.,n: IIW ' III' Fir III SIEIIIIIJI, oI Law, Enqineeiinq, " 'E IN, EI'wsnfIi Comrnerre and Buzinefz Ad- " 'I 'fb :ju :Iv S ITIZISIQ IIVIII UVIiJFgI",IIy E-IGFICIOIT, :fi Ieidiri. In ofInemI find u,pefiaIIzed educfanon are I 1 I is, 'Iw Cgfli-ge :I LiIweraI Art and Ine ProIefwionaI SUMMER SESSION, I949 Firsi Six Weeks Term . . . .June I-July 9 Second Six Weeks Term . . . . July Il-Aug. I9 J fi' eniirq Izofh Iermi, wi'I Iiie obIe Io earn IweIve ,mf -f' ngur.. Couizes MII Ile oIIered in Ine CoIIeqe of A,' ,, I r,e'f1I Fi, ine Grociume SiInooI, and in II1e Schools of Law, Cirn'-serifg ard Es 'ne ' f'X4m'nfIraIion, IvIedIcine, Enqineerinq, I3f'?!"' nj Eiiuii 'crm I9ecrefIIioneE-CeIIenI aII1IeIio and 11 Ifv' feee Q n re ampIe opporfunnies Ior e-ercise fd res sn, fin e- nI swimming pool, a superb qoli 4 'I fyurI y and many indoor qamei prof , . Wrife Io II1e Direcfor of Ihe Summer Session, Universify, Mississippi, for II19 Summer Session BuIIeI'in. THE FALL SESSION BEGINS Orien'ra'rion Program . . . . Friday, Sepfember I6 Regis+ra'rion . . . . Tuesday, Sepfember 20 I I I f T egvtgcir- ., m.,,4,, ., THE OXFORD MOTOR COMPANY "YOUR Q DEALER" Phone 693 IOO9 Van Buren Ave. Oxford, M?ss. The Maesfro and Vocalisf PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL , May We PIon Your Soromfy and Prof fy Banquefs in Our "Priva're Dining Room?" BROTHERS HARDWARE Phone 94 Air Condiffoned On fhe Square Oxford, Miss. PRIVATE DINING RGQM CoMPuMENrS OI: "The Sfore of Personal Sefvicen CITY CLEANERS Phone 662 Oxford, Miss. Phone 22 Oxford 0 OXFSIQD "Trus+ed Thousands of Times Each Year" Wing OLE MISS .I GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Sfore Oxford, Mississippi Miss Oxford of I948 ooMPuMENrs THE MANSION "Where S+uden'rs Mee'r" OF . . Lei us arrange your Irafernify or sororify banquet l S GOOD FOOD SERVED WELL Air Condiiioned OXFORD MISSISSIPPI OXFORD, MISS. J AUBREY SEAY IJVTRJGVS HARRISON'S RECREATION CENTER iiy Avenue Oxford, Mississippi OLE MISS- I848 NEILSON'S I839 I "Le+'s Go Ano+I1er I00 years Toge+I'1er" I THE J. E. IIEILSUII CUIIIPIIIIW OXFORD "OIdes+ S+ore in fhe Sou'rI1" ' MODERN KITCHEN 0 AIR CONDITIONED GRUNDY'S CAFE AND DINING Room OXFORD GOODYEAR GENERAL ELECTRIC AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY SouII1 Lerner Phone SO OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Headquariers for Goodyear Tires, Life-Guard Tubes. Try Goodyear's New Super-Cushion Tires Whiie side walls in any size. GENERAL ELECTRIC SUPPLIES CHARLES N. IIGREII lgorfraifd Phone 36-6405 You buy II1e besi when you buy General EIecIric. Fnrf ISQ3 Ummm Io reduce prices on Ine things you need Ior Ine hi-Im USE OUR CONVENIENT EASY PAY PLAN T J. H. TUCKER L4 Disfribulor Sinclair Producls 444 SERVICE STATION Sinclair Gasoline 8: Oils Kerosene-Fuel Oil-Home Healing " I Good Year Tires 8: Ba'H'eries Accessories Phine QI4 Oxford, Miss. .,..,,,. Phone 444 Oxford, Migg, KINGSKRAFT COVER MANUFACTURED BY N G S O I KINGSPORT TENNESSEE COMMERCIAL STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES-OFFICE EQUIPMENT SOCIAL STATIONERY-SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS-FOUNTAIN PENS We are aufhorized by Parker and Sheafier lo repair Their iounlain pens and mechanical pencils. Age Is fo Reminglon Office Typewrilers and Complele Remingfon-Rand Adding Machines, SmiI'h Corona, Royal, Remingion, and Underwood Porlable Typewrilers We are aulhorized by 'rhe manuiaclurers +o re pair all malces oi 'rypewrilers THE OXFORD EAGLE BALFOUR FRATERNITY JEWELRY Place all orders for lewelry 'rhrough I'he Birmingham Office ENOCH BENSON Manager Badges Rings Novelhes Elo L G BALFOUR CO K I P R T P R E S S , N C . filing sysfems, Smilh-Corona Adding Machines, ' I I 4, X X il c Q l s-5'xQ Nwx J "af ff 1 5 , RQ AMAZING. is f be Yes, i'r's amazing Hue way Lion Nafuralube Moior Oil removes hard carbon from mofor paris. Coming from a basically cliffereni crude oil, Na'ruralube's abilify io loosen and remove carbon is a peculiar NATURAL cl1arac+eris+ic noi possessed by oilaer fypes of lubrica+ing oils. To reslore power fo your mofor-To save fuel-fo save wear- use Lion Nafuralube Mofor Oil. LION on. COMPANY EL DORADO. ARKANSAS I I QOMPLIMFIXITS CCMPLIMEIXITS OV QF AN DERSCINVS M. SALLOUM'S DEPARTMENT Men's Wear STQRE I I 'I ILI PCEIIQI, LIISSISSIPPI MITCHELL SALLQUM4 Cwmer Qulfpof 5 I C0MPLaMENTs HENRY CLAY HOTEL wfsf POINT! MIssIssIPPI QF Conqrefulafes QIe Miss Seniors I949 The Henry Clay offers K eussr AQQOM-'jfmrsoms Bfjrq IP , iI:I'i'j?f- III I IF Q Jeweler AIIVVIEI 'Iwi T I W4 ,II P I'!IvC1urF H! GK21'IVII 1 ISO GLILFPQRT wssissuppl I I IEIIUI I T, F. WYMANI 0 CHARLES MALLORY, M I I I . Relax Fish Swim on MISSISSIPPVS GULF COAST AT FAIRCHILD'S RESTAURANT AND COTTAGES SWIMMING POOL SPORTS Rssuus II . QI I V E-1+ Ei-air GUIIIQOVI, IvIIwsIswrpf1 IZ! I ?I. More of Moore I ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Maferials From Foundafion Through Roof SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 307 Qxlord, Mississippi McKESSON 8: ROBBINS, INC. jar fLe Mhimafe peaL LABORATORY SUPPLIES GLASSWARE 0 C. P. CHEMICALS BIOLOGICAL 81 METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES l706 Isl Ave., N. Birmingham, Ala. PHONE 3-4I7I GREENWOOD GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI CORTRIGHT'S DRUG STORE A Prescriplions filled Professionally V YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI Coals from: ALABAMA-ARKANSAS-ILLINOIS KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE AND THE VIRGINIAS CRABTREE - NORCO - GREEN RIVER 8" X 3" - 8" x Il,fQ" - 3" 1 2' Washed EQG 3" x Ilfgn Washed Nui - 21' x Il,"2" Washed Nui MINE RUN - 8" MINE RUN Washed Locomolive Slclfer WASHED INDUSTRIAL STOKER Ilfgn x 28 Mesh-I" x 28 Mesh- 3f8" x 28 Mesh IF ITSS ABBIIS DELIGIIT a fwifei if AJKFBQ spicy a d al ays good. .They're 'n ess and a meal. Ifs Gotta Be Ilight! IIIIINIIS X Tsndig- ijci- ski I II WASHED oiL TREATED DOMESTIC sroicek Smoked I0 Pedec' I'!2" x I" - IV2" x 3f8" - I" 1 3f8" lion. .Tangy flavor HICKORY in each crisp, sav- I , iiaiiuii fc? MONRO-WARRIOR my COAL 8: COKE CO. a'f"""'I'g':'1fTf:""""'g' ABRAHAM BROS. PACKING co Chicago, III. Louisville, Ky Norionville, Ky. MGNPIWIS. T90 MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE i i i I I i I. I L I i 1 i I 4 l ui P RODUC if px, N' Ah" J.-,,-:-...f"':"'-7'1"-'C lull? l PRED W 5 Another Mississippi institution . . . . . . mlereiied in pr-Dmfiiimq flue qrowili and developmeni ol ilwis qieai 6' L XX siaie. Remember limi every lime any ol D2 engage in malinq, selling or itmiyinq Ei Mksifsippi Produci' we are ConiribL1iingil'1aimLicli ioilwe X pr'Dqi'efL5 fm-Al proiiperiiy Ol Mlisi-3'5lppi"3 luiure. X M. J THE SOUTHLAND COMPANY Refineries al Yazoo Cify and Laurel, Miss. 'Makes your Mom, Purr Like A Kitten" D 'W-aim l ' HDARLING- A WE ARE eRowiNe OLD .... AND ARENW WE ALL . ' PROUD OF IT! , ,q , 1,1 50-year-old Kermingiorfs salules IOO -year-old "Ole Miss" on ilwis qreal ceniemnial occasion and wishes 'llie Umiyersiiy many happy relums. I I l . X p , ...-.,. 3:5:5:Q:3:-:-:-1-'-:- f .L ,ff I' 16575 55574 w ff l ONE OF THE SOUTH'S DISTINGUISHED STORES" ' ' Ladies in Waiiing jar Ellllll LUIJHS ana! EIIUII HEALTH 6 ALBOLENE CLEANSING CREAM a pure cream for cleansing and lubricafinq Ihe glfim, A lavorile OI aiifresses. 0 BEXEL VITAMIN B COMPLEX CAPSULES Comlaim live members ol: Ihe imporfanf Vilamin B Complex. Used as a dielary aciessory. 0 CALOX TOOTH POWDER a scienlilic blend of five clearwzin and olishini i 9 p '5 qredie-nfs. Relreshes Ihe brea+h, 9 SORETONE recommended for sore ard aching muscles and as an exCelIen+ afier-ereiiise rub-digiwm. 0 TAWN TOILETRIES FOR MEN packed with masculine appeal. Shave Lofion, Brush- less Shave, Cologne, Shampoo, I-lair Dressing. 0 YODORA DEODORANT CREAM sfoos prespirafiom odors Ihg- sftiglhieqesl way due I3 delifale ffid fream Lure These and 225 ofher McKesson Producis confribuie Io your Good Looks and Good Healfh. Ask for McKesson Producfs af your IocaI druggisf. IIICIKESSQWI ,IYLQREIIIS MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI RETAIL LUMBER MILLWORK CUSTOM DRESSING AND RESAWING BUILDERS HARDWARE PAINTS 81 ROOFING -3 BLUFF CITY LUMBER COMPANY Incorporaied Phone 2-2377 ZIOI Cenlral Ave. Memphis, Tenn. FUELS OF MERIT WASHED AND SIZED NUMBER ELEVEN SEAM WESTERN KY. COALS Wri're or Phone WEST KY. COAL CO. Memphis, Tenn. D. CANALE COMPANY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE WHOLESALERS FRESH FRUITS-PRODUCE IVIISTILIS CAFE NEW ATTRACTION Only grade AA Meafs Served T Bgrre Sfeaks , . . . . , , SL75--Ni,-. SIEO M. . W K ' ' File? Mignon . . . . , ISO-N'w I,4O N IL EY, Dis'Iruc+ Sales Mgr. EMM Swap y y MOQN NO Home Office-EarIing+on, Ky. Club Swell - A I I A IQOWN W l-I0 I-Iamburqer S'ealvf .SOA-N w .TS Fried Chiijl-en . . . . . . , , IEE Ciumlri, Fried S'eaI . , .BO-Nw. ,TO I?-tae? Beef fir Pvik , .,..., ,SO-N v, .70 . Quick Service and ExceIIenI Qualify Acres". Irim Gr1am"'wa:' S'he:I MP. 81 MBS. TCM MISIILIS I I I I I HOME IS THE I - HEART OF MISSISSIPPI I I Lei' us help you Honor your Home wiII1 disfincfive home furnishings and complefe decorating service! rl! Q .' '- .A FI IE3E5?i5?5E55351?252553522252: : I. 1' . 5- "7 f'1?.- . ' ' 3'25555551555555252IEIEEEEEEEIEIEEEEEEEIEI 25' . .4-T I .925 hi' ' ' .122:7:I:I:I:2:2:I:2:f:1:1:i:1:5:2:1:i:5:' :-:5:j.- fx, ,.,,9 215: I '-:1:2:E:2:Q:Q:2:f:2:Q:2:2:Q:Q:Q:Q:2:2:2:2:5:2:' 'i-1p',.bf':":' :f:':.1: I -'zxj -i .3 52:1 121:f:ErEgE5EgE33523E5E3E3E5EgE5Q3Q3E5Q5Q3Q5? ,.'1Qi52l1jEQ: " T212 -H -':-:'.-.+:- '- "-.11112:f:1:f:f:1:Y'f:':':'::, 1 .R ' 25211 ,':':1:1: "E ' ' " '--:'-:i:?'?.1.' 4.4:-25:71-. 4.-1-1:1-I-':'v" S- . a:s:12.s.1a1I1a..2s2s2z2afIe.... sfeisis? ' 252' .. :E???25'1f2Ef1525?E"'-5' E2?2:2i1?2f?f'1 Eff? 1535222521.E1i2E5E1f2'52'2E222532555r-21:2?Ei2E5:Ei5E3EZ?E3i' 'QEQEQE5EfiQE'- ffffgg. ' ' "jg, , -' A-21":'Z' "375f3E1lifi' I' " A . A ':':- . ff 'j3:Z:g:5:3., g:1Lg:fE.6115,- :4EI:s:If2:2 ' . Q 3 . ., H ,I 355 'iIi':iS?2E2i2Ei-'. I if 535525555 H M221 ' ff' 5?z'f535E52'E3.i I 11. 13 1.222 .' Z 'r-fuel. -- I I '.r:2:35:5:2:Er-2:1155-2gs'9Y"J2f2g3 5221311521512:rss:1:1:r:1:1:E5s:2:9:5-5:3:j:5:2,5Ig' I I I 4.54: . V .-4, .gg W4g:::g:mg:::g:::1:5:g::::.,:,.:.5.:.3,g:gy. I: .-1---:-:-: ' ' .f,:g:g:3:-Izz-:gg:5:3:::':,:-1+-,I-'-' zzz., '-'I I ?:1:??,kl3fEIIf:E1?2:5Q-:i c A - 'G 7'55:-2:13:15:52:gzf:-5'V22f2Q:555f:g22g:5, Y::F'fz2:2i?y:1:2:fSiQ1:-:2:?5:1'+-'-''" .g:::g:E:g:5g:::-yy ..31-:-:gzgzzzgzgz-:-:ggi W- C:"f:'5:1:2:?:f:h1:3: -'.- .5-:-:,::::9:-3,51 ffg:g:4Y' ' - - '''"5'I:I:1:2:1:1:115-.-.-.-.-:-.-:-:-:-:5:f:45f7'1. If-'-' -4.f-' .0 "" -- , - -.-.-.3.-.g.5.:.:.f.5.,.,,-. . -., . ,. . I . I- :I -'-'-:2:3:: .: :. H g:f:T5ff'1:Q.Q:f:1:21QQ25Q:f:2:Q:2Ef5fgE:2?f'T" ' ' ' " -:5:3:, SIWCA I. Live as Well as You Look Yllr SYLIRI Q'7 f1 FUI IGS -- l,,--Dsl C , f LI ' 7 2 0 Mlllllfll 'nal K ' - rI1-:I l.CAPITOL s .ucxson I.uIssIssIrri gs . "coMPLEYE no E NISNI " T .- ' ' ' Jo s I I I COIVIPLIMENTS OF ' ROBERT'S DRUG STORE A CORDIAL WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT THE I CASA de FRESA HOIIEI GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI J4 greaf Wame in Ckming I' . I , A- - . . N. I SCH ll, II I - ' - 1 I L ----Mme- I I . I HSUITS Ihe SouII'1" I I I 5 I l I r' I I SIRIBIING BROS. MACHINERY CO RV' 7 gas' .I ,:555f' 1 ' """ "" ..,. A. -I - ,,:g::.:,f.:'.3f':5.-:-ff: ' V -f5I Ji' .fIf:Q:5.,: "'4 "1:3:1g:.2-:-:-:-.-g:-:-:-1-:ln:2111-.iw77:-:-.-:,,gi5.I,:1:1g:-:g:-' , ri, :-:':-:-',- cv 1 '- '-14:-: , ., . " ,-.. I :. v... 'g-:-1323125::.-:g:,:v:-:ff-'-'"I: fn .-5:i:"1:1.-'11 .:-:- A , 6:7531-f3:fi?: . 'r A1 15 'P3Ef:1E1E32!5ff3ri:2:r 3- - - ' ,f 1 - .'S1::: v:ea:g' N513-:L 1 ,J-1 Q Q35 -1 -' af ff 11 , 2-:A-3 . .. ..., H . .. - . . . :-:?51f157f2i3Si2E'fE:" 55' " 331 5 5 i i'5"3'3'5 5 5 51E2f" 7' " fl - 'ISI -:g:-:-. f: 11:21-1-.1 .-:-.:1. -..'1.'.-:1:f.T:3:1:1:Z5:3:1:1::' f:4.f:fi111:5X4: "" -:-5' . il " ' 'RR .j:f:.Q551I1fIif5'i:E:S:2,:-5:515fag:f:fi:Qff15IE1HE:2:f:5 ' .V ff:-' 5 - V :1.:.Aff55i2E1:2 . if-Lk lr J ' -H13 '13, A , . .2:v. 'fe-:QR'V5!-'5:'x-.-:-:+,-:,:- 'W :57'fS':5'339f:"i""' ' 'i' .1i'f25i'f-'I--'5'7'5"' ..4.,.-.':-:-14-I-:iz-:5:5:f:7:f:i' ,s-2' '---- . 4.-..-t-:ag 3.-1,3 .... A , zz., . . ,- -.-4--'--fI-I-2-25:1:3:3:3:3:?'2-PI-2-'-i+:5:3:5:?:1"""-'-" E f H I32355552515fi:5fif5252555is555555ffif252525sQs52sisisiisiifsisififsfsfie :-4,::-' .' '--1.5 .Q :5-5:3 4115. 1. ,:5:-3:2-1-,.3 -I . 2I:252215:515.25311212:-1':1:f:':I:l:1:f:2:2:5:5:5:5:1:f-f1r1rfr1'f :-if' ' . " "-'-'-:Wil -2+ e vii . ...:.-.:sif:112lf"' ""' f5i5I2Is:s25fs2a 252522255552 .. .rr :' K-4..,NgEE,-. '- "'- A ' . 3135 " "ig I A:if:If-:':Iafiglifxifi-riiff-:fg-, , - 'wean 'I -:'ff:3:fiiffi57 -.-. . .A -. . . , " '- -'4-Q r '- ' gzgzjfgis-,.5. H A ,.,, ' .A E-Ir' Qzj Q. 9 ff'l'fffc5f'N" "' 'sf'iiIsafzrisiiffz53555523555212a:....Q,If?'355+-Iffffirlil -'W .- -ff "CATERPILLAR" DIESEL D6 AND BULLDOZER REPRESENTING SIXTY I60I YEARS OF SPECIALIZED EDUCATION KNOWLEDGE: You Iearn from o+I1ers. WISDOM: Is WI'I6'i' you 'Ieach yourself. MEN WITH KNOWLEDGE: Review yes'rerday's evenfs. Take sfock of +ocIay's happenings. Proieci' 'rhemselves in'ro Iomorrow. "CATERPILLAR" WITH WISDOM: Looks back on "60" years of accomplishment Takes siock of Ioday's refurn. WHI1 confidence, an'IicipaI'es Iomorrow. SIRIBIING BROS. MACHINERY CO. Jackson Greenwood Dial 2262I Dial 88? Hffaf ,1f1AaAe4 igine Zgdom- Wafidon LAUREL HATTIESBURG SINCE I9OI - THE SMARTEST STYLES THE BEST OUALITY AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES THE BANK OF HOLLY SPRINGS HOLLY SPRINGS MISSISSIPPI RESOURCES OVER S2,000,000.00 Es+abIisI'1ed Feb. I, I869-80 Years Old E'-f OFF"PERS P HAPPI5 CHOLSON 4 1 fx J F DANIEL ' P i , W, B. BRADBERRY A C MRS. G G HILL Twice +I1e 'fire was buili CORRECT HOME FURNISHING IS AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR SCHOOL WORK ARTHUR SEELBINDER L I KUPPENHEIMER Clofhes TIMELY suns CAMPUS Toes GARFIELD Ace ' Recofds ' Band Ins'rrumen+s ' Pianos ' Radios Arrow Shirfs ' Band InsIrumen+ Wilson Bro+I1ers SI1ir+s Repair Bosionian Shoes When in Greenwood make our G sIcre your I-Ieadquaders. YQU are always welcome. NEELD BAND I - X ' f1lEND 5 :Mi :Qi INSTRUMENT co. GREENWOOD, MISS, S. Main SIreeI Yazoo Cilry, Mi-33. GOOD A FOOD FOR G U E S T S Jann SBXLDII at co CHICAGO LONG ISLAND CITY DALLAS ATLANTA PITTSBURGH DETROIT PHILADELPHIA o r -fi fe'-ct A- UIVIEGA G eg en PLUUH IIQRTFECJTTIEQ, MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY REED BROTHERS 61760 Sollfdg jyinedfv Garmeni' Manufacfurers ' Wholesale Dry Goods TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES We congraTuIaTe you upon The successTuI compIeTion oT your academic Training and welcome you To The business worId, We Ioolc Torward To TuTure associaTions wiTh you and To The conTribuTions we Icnow you wiII make To The progress oT our naTion. Some seIecTed Tew oT you may be able To qualify Tor a career in IiTe insurance. Those who do guaIiTy wiII Tind iT a TascinaTing opporTuniTy in which you will move Torward year aTTer year and in which your uITimaTe posiTion and TinanciaI rewards wiII be IimiTed onIy by your own abiIiTy and eTTorTs. We wiII be glad To discuss a Iife insurance career wiTh you. PTELIANCE LIEE INSURANCE COMPANY OF PITTSBURGH DELMAR L, SIMMONS, Manager 407-4IO BarneTT-Madden Building Phone S-ISSI Jackson, Mississippi COMPLIMENTS OF MID-SOUTH PACKERS 4? TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI Our Business has been buili' on SERVICE-and high qualify producrs O for Moforisfs Q for Farms Q for Fleefs Be sure with Pure THE MID-SOUTIl 0IL CUMPANY Disfribufors of Pure Oil Company Producfs General Offices: I235 Riverside Drive, Memphis, Tennessee ? l

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