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fQD1P migg - six Wh sxqir 1.7 X . x -. 551112 AVJYX 4 A .-5' 1 E' QL f xfliizx Y xv, xm' ' 5' 1 IMQZQMU X ' 05 ' f , , In ' ' mv X kt i x M L X5 bdcufgiti 33945 ' at . 9 yy n 1999 W L .N , , . lg, 0 19 'Swxlk 'f ' ,g In Xl Wk Q x, ' km-wi, N XXQF, ' ' N 6155525 A MQ I I my ' ' J in Zinn" Qfcaflifcs 1' - aftrutffcs 'ziefi 1' 1 1' bfi . 158 fox I cf 0 Jw QQ, TEEN F tb1 S 11Qc0rdofQ ent Jr, f I 1 . nflrsc Q I . Af -'AP' 11'3!"' 513523-' ,Aj 1 . -,,:..-S v . I 5, .Q-4' uv, ,, , 14 V, -"' Y- 5. . ,o ,,,,, p f,.,,. ' .n.', up-sr"'W' ' , f - -di-'A ,. , N, ,.A-'- -,-P ., f -vii ,f J 5 V 4 'f,' 2473. ' . J iff! .s.'- ls V IAPQ 4,-1 x 'Y A . - . gp.,-,iv-. .. . -td. .1 1 . "Q" 'wx .x Qvflvll -LJ. N , ' fn Q . w ' r- -. . h4.' . Q j 4.11 x.. - ' ,4+-,Y , v, Au '1. , ' . -. M- ,- sf ' ' . - , . CQ. 'I A ' r""-2 - .1 ' 4. , a 14 ' x ll' , 1 K ut.: Q . I 5 s 'ills J., 'T 51- fu' xr ' I K in apo-vi-' .,.. K fji pa on 'W , v ,M x., xml' , .ro ' A' 'li N 'E . U. 1 , Q-AQ' S ul , J 4.. xg 1,- ..Y1 rx A 1 w xN -0 .i,, CAMPUS LIFE . . . CLASSES . . . FEATURES . . . FRATERNITIES. ATHLETICS . . .A,EeANnzA- 42" A TIONS. was AND MUCH Q' C9 MQ. WE HOPE You LIKE IT. Q 47 S FILLED 1 I r-Ii--frgal go H1 ' QI' .W 3 'Q 'iv , 'xx LAW v MED -dl-1 41 ,,,..-4 V -fn 1 'CA' 12, f'? ff 0 PV. 5. hs.. Nr , 1 xt' Y ff , -f 1 5 -fp ' ,, , 4, ,,-W...-ew, 1, , ,- W xf , 1 . H. gg ' 4414- f. ,. ,gg f If V iii ' ,,..wj iff, an 9 1' , I xg? J jf,-L . x 2' TS' g ' 2, 9 V .V 4 , 'qix-'ff X A .wi J y up ,X W V ,A xlib . ,Am f, 1 f xg' --------A P Y Lffll I 0 B ll A ll U 'I' E -fx, I ri 1. I 5r'5'Q'4H.- 'Z'7'f5't.n' H is .Nt 4 E'A 6 HER ND A '-'Tue an 9 fo Av 5 Nl Q' s by X i 135 .1 xi X , S x'0,1. , . 1 Y J I 1 .v ' L :I 31 1 .v QL 1 il 1 . fi W , .1 435 ,,,4. 'mi 9 ! ay I4 A 1 . 1 1 1 1 ,Ari x- , vw- .,...,, ,N f x ,xx L. .Nb mm a-my Ml. ...Q i an-..x9 x nf' . I 1 n 3-' 7 4. -ey,-,gb EXT! ,.v . Q 1 1 K .4 1 ' ,J 'v . P1 4 1, , . S . , 3 ,Q-.. 41 " ' -'JN Al r , A .A A". ' , n , V. 1' .- xx 'fr l .., WF, .. , -A ' .V ' - .".-' . f , .- ' "' ' ' ' ' -4 -' - fe, Q' - ' - sn" v "U '. ""':.' . 1. .1 V, 6 s Ai 1 ffv if X if 1 I If ff It I ' f 1 , ' 'N .v1,' ,V ,' ,V iv fx W . 1' yy, I W A , 1 ' 1 P , v- ,P 1. ' 1 , w . I - Q, ,- C f 1. 'I ' my ' ! ,J If VV I5 W If g f dal ,I I f X ' ' 4 I l if L , M ., 3 ','. H if," ,FK J -f X 1, ax-,, N2 X 4 Nw .4-' x7 X x 1' A I N?- YAY QQ- AXX4 i 'J' C: A r N Oo N TNQ AND 4 7'Nf 997' . M V74 4' " R332 f'rjr'Ji"' QIYW 'J' 'T'-' . YL ff' "Ab ' 5,5 vw 1 ,,,,- ,. - W 1 X Q . r X k 5- Q lf 4. I 1 I ' s 'x ' . . 4 - V -2 ' "M, , ' . -. 'Mu' ' 254'-. . - ,. ' ' I A .qui . i.. gc 'U w x... . -2 tp ,E v. -,N 1 1' is I4 4 5 , 1. ,a wk V- V- ,.,, 1 -.r ,J N I. 14, W J . -. . , - - . ' l - df.. . --:,n'.J- ,., L ..,., N ily . K g" 1 .-.. , fi w, , W 'K VM '4 'f, ' Ihr ' ' - FQ? 5:4 'V ti A -I' lifdigwm 'Z-wllv-'f 2' - ' -I--' ' - L " 4 uw . . -3414111 N--Af--..f up M J ww " wr .. - Xu.,- 0v .gp-.rvqf . , L I l - - '..1',.,r,1,l,f-1 - - 4 - z1:r3t:1,gi4!"" 4---,,,g,g "fit I 1.33-fkf A' ""'k45'- ' - A YS'kfmg.-..1:'1' 1 f Novus. ausmess wmsea 'L -', -63-4.4 ' S' HHIIIIIISIHIIIIHN A CENTENNIAL MESSAGE FROM THE CHANCELLOR-Now is lhe lime for us. The Universily ol Mississippi is in ils IOOlh year. Whal people lhink ol lhe Universily, whal il aclually is, whal il is lo be are man-made. For a hundred years lhe Universily has represenled lhe hopes, lhe ambilions, lhe failh, lhe slriving ol lhe people ol a greal slale lhal lhrough educalion would come beller Ieaders and lhrough beller leadership would come beller condilions of Iiving-bolh spirilual and malerial. Throughoul lhe pasl cenlury as each succeeding lall lerm began, parenls have bid goodbye lo lheir sons and daughlers who were lo enroll al lhe Universily. These young men and women were breaking home lies lor lhe lirsl lime. Each wilh a song in his hearl and a spiril of advenlure in his veins fell lhe urge lo conquer new worlds. He looked lo lhe Universily lo furnish him his "know- how." Throughoul lhe pasl cenlury, as each succeeding fall lerm began, former sludenls relurned lo con- linue work of lhe year before, lo renew friendships, and lo lhink more seriously upon plans for lhe days and years lollowing gradualion. As gradualion approached, some had 'Found a Iile parlner. Afler gradualion and a lew monlhs ol saving, anolher wedding was solemnized and anolher Ole Miss family was added lo lhe ever increasing rosler. The Universily is so inlerwoven wilh lhe Iile ol lhe people ol Mississippi lhal nolhing can happen lo one lhal does nol allecl lhe olher. In every communily, in every neighborhood, in every parl ol Mississippi are subslanlial homes and lamiiies ol characler lhal represenl lhe work of lhe Universily and demonslrale ils influence. In public office, in learned professions, in channels ol business many leaders received lheir educalion, lheir inspiralion, lheir conceplion ol vocalional elhics al lhe Uni- versily. Ole Miss is more lhan campus, buildings, and lhe sladium. Primarily, il is a spiril-a spiril lhal il loook a hundred years lo build, a robusl and courageous spiril, yel genleel and sell-conlrolledg a spiril lhal demands lhe free flow ol ideas, lreedom ol expression, and lhe acceplance ol lull re- sponsibilily lor beliefs honeslly held: a spiril of unily among all Ole Miss men and women lhal conlinues as Iong as Iile ilsell. This spiril' is perhaps lhe mosl valuable assel lhe Universily has. You and I have inheriled lhis spiril buill by generalions now gone. Lel us brealhe deeply of il lhal we may be lrue lo lhe linesl lradilions ol democracy and Chrislianily. Now is lhe lime for us by our lhoughls and our deeds lo slrenglhen and build lhe Ole Miss spiril so lhal we may be lrue lo lhose who have preceded us and may make our lull conlribulion lo lhe generalions lo follow. Now is lhe lime lor us. O GOVERNOR FIELDING WRIGHT, Presidenl Ex-Officio, , . . , ,... . . Jackson MARTIN V. 8, MILLER, Proxidenf . , , . . ..... Meridian RANSOM E. ALDRICH . . . . .Michigan Cily JOHN W. SAVAGE , ,,., .Gulfporl MAJOR W, CALVIN WELLS . .Jackson J. OLIVER EMMERICH . McComb R. N. HENLEY .,... , . Macon DR. H. M. IVY ....... . Meridian MRS. HAZEL PERRY LEE. . . , Eupora R. W. REED ....... . ,Tupelo R. B. SMITH, JR. ...... . . Ripley JOHN W. BACKSTROM . Leakesville MEANS JOHNSTON . . Greenwood REECE D. MCLENDON .... Poplarville MRS, JANIE RICE TAYLOR. . . . . . Jackson PAUL H, BOWDRE ...... . . . . . Hernando E. R. JOBE, Executive Secreiary. . . , .Jackson W. C. TROTTER R. MALCOLM GUESS JAMES W. BELL F ncial Secretary Dean of Men Dean Emergus of the S h I 1 O OfT'llTl6I'Ce The Adminisirafive officers of ihe Universify may be convenienfly divided info eighf headings-each of which is responsible fo +he Chan- cellor. These olifices are composed, wifh 'lheir subsidiaries, in fhe following manner. The Division of Sfudeni' Personnel is a commi++ee of which Dean R. M. Guess is chairman. Also on 'rhis commil-lee are Dean Esiella G. Hefley, V. B. Harrison, Direcfor of fhe Sfudenl' Heal+h Ser- vice: H. E. Taylor, Supervisor of Housing: Paul R. Page, Direcfor of Universify Bands. The Division of 'rhe Compfroller: C. W. Norfh, Acfing Compfrollerg A. B. Hargis, Supervising Engineer: H. W. Bounds, Direcfor of fhe Cafe+eria and S+uden+ Union Building, J. P. Sislc, Ass'+ Financial Secre- 'raryg H. E. Haney, Ass'+ Supervising Engineer: J. E. HiaH, Manager of +he Laundry. Office of +he Regisfar, A. J. Lawrence: Deparimeni of Public Rela- +ions, Marvin M. Blaclc. Office of Alumni Secre+ary, W. S. Griffin. . T .y al! 1 ' 'wx A C M. SMITH R. W. TINSLEY P. K. MCCARTER ALFRED E HUME DAVID H BISHOP D r cfor of Aihlefics Director Summer Session Dean of 'rhe University Cha c II Offices of lnsiruciion: Dr. McCarrer, Dean of ihe Univcrsiiy, acfs as ccordinafor of 'rhe faculiy. Among 'Ihis division are The Deans of 'Ihe eighi' schools of ihe Universiiy: V. A. Coul+er, Dean of +he College of Liberal Ar'rs: R. J. Farley, Dean of fhe School of Law: L. H. Johnson, Jr., Dean of I'he School of Engineering: F. W. Murphy, Dean of fhe School of Educafiong D. S. Panlcrafz, Dean of Ihe School of Medicine: B. S. Guyfon, Dean Emeriius of ihe School of Medicine: E. L. Hammond, Dean of I'he School of Pharmacy: H. B. Brown, Jr., Dean of 'rhe School of Commerce and and Business Adminisfrafion: J. W. Bell, Dean Emeri- 'rus of +he School of Commerce and Business Adminisfraiiong D. R. Hufcherson, Dean of ihe Graduaie School: D. H. Bishop, Dean Emeri- I'us of 'rhe Graduare School. Office of fhe Financial Secreiaryz William C. TroHer, Financial Secre- +ary. Deparrmenr of A'rhle'rics: J. K. Hamm, Business Manager of 'rhe Depar+men+ of Afhlefics and Physical Educaiion: C. M. Smifh, Afhlefic EEUTELLA G HEP'-EY Direcior: J. H. Vaughf, Head Coach. D O wie 'Y' ' yn +1614 ,..f 1411, FULTON CHAPEL SINCEl848 DEAN V. A. COULTER is-JU? -'V HE Colleges of Liberal Arts is the oldest school on the University ot Mississippi campus, being the only one contained in the original makeup of the University at the time of its opening in l848. The BA School today offers to the student wishing to obtain his degree in Liberal Arts some leeway in the choice of his subiects, which, however, must fit into the definite program set down by the University. This pre- scribed course which the Liberal Arts student follows today may be traced to the subiects in which instruction was to be available to the first students at the University late in I848. These subiects which made up the Academic Department were as follows: Mental and Moral philosophy, Logic, Belles- Lettres, Political Economy and International Law, which were taught by the President of the University, Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Mineralogy, Natural Philosophy, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, professors, all four of whom were evidently very versatile gentlemen. ln the history of the University the subiects contained in the first de- partment mentioned above, taught by the President have been variously assigned, Some have been expanded to form the Departments of Philoso- phy and Economics, while the very general Belles-Lettres is the progenitor of the Departments which have thru various :tages have emerged as De- partments of English and History as we know them today, The remain- ing original subiects with some consolidation and, for the most part, a great deal of specialization, may be recognized as the principle com- ponents of these present respective departments. As we compare the courses to be followed for the attainments of de- grees in the School of Liberal Arts as are to be found in the latest school catalogue, with the requirements in the early years of the school, we note some important changes From l848 to l87O the "close curriculm" was in use. By this plan the student could not deviate at all from one path of study leading to a BA Degree or another leading to a Bachelor of Laws Degree, ln l870 this method was changed and a plan giving a larger scope was introduced. Since that time the school has tried to enlarge its field of study to interest students with varying interests and ambitions, but has not ceased to establish a sharp distinction br-4-:een the basic intentions of the lower division and the upper division, ln the lower division an effort is made to assure a mental discipline thru a sufficient range of courses that are thought to exercise the mind in thinking and in the construction of organized thought. The work of the upper division is more advanced in nature and more specialized The student, besides his specialized study in the field of his chosen maior, has that chance to satisfy his cultural tastes in whatever direction he might wish. The academic Department of the University, founded with the school under President George Frederick Holmes, is now as the College of Liberal Arts under the direction of Dean Victor Aldine Coulter. e . ., :, G- - W----.. ..--1 -Meg -A Y ,,,-,,, .X C- he School of Law, ihen 'the Deparimenf of Law, was esfablished by legislafive enacfmenf in I854. The firsi incumbenf of 'the newly formed "Chair of Law and Governmenial Science" was William F. Sferns. Alfhough ihe Law Deparfmenf was noi founded fil 'ihis dale, ihere had been provisions in fhe original plan of fhe Universify for a course in Governmenial Science and Law. The defined course of siudy for fhe Bachelor of Laws Degree was composed of fwo sessions of len monfhs each. The Socrafic mefhod of insfrucfion was adopfed. ln l857 by enacimenf of ihe legislafure 'lhe diploma con- ferring fhe Degree of Bachelor of Laws was rnade sufficieni proof of lrnowledge of 'rhe law io obfain for fhe holder a license fo praciice in 'Phe courfs of Mississiopi. The Deparlmeni of Law was, of course, closed in I86I. When if reopened in I867 ii' was headed L. Q. C. Lamar, who held fhaf posf un+il I87O. The hisiorical caialogue published in I909 sfaies concerning 'lhe Law Deparfmeni "during fhe presenf adminisiraiion The course of sfudy has been enlended." Two full sessions of nine monlhs each are now required for graduaiion. Plans are on fool for maferial inmprovemenisf' Maferial improvemenis have been made, and a program of sfudy in fhe Law School foday is designed 'io occupy 'lhe sfudenf six full semesiers. The plan of siudy in This school is so aranged as io afford ihe sfudenl' a fairly free choice of subiecis during his second and +hird years. The firsf year courses, however, are prescribed. The resulf is a modified elecfive sysfem +ha'l insures a 'ihorough irain- ing in fhe basic courses and ai' fhe same lime is sulificienfly flexible io encourage individual in+eres+ and infiafive. The Law School, wi+h The Mississippi Siaie Bar, publishes four 'limes a year fhe Mississippi Law Journal. The Nafion's fwo leading legal fraiernifies have chapiers here, These Della Phi and Phi Alpha Delia. Roberf J. Farley is +he presenf Dean of ihe School of Law. sn- ,al 3-. is , ,. ,.. , us -s - 4: , , , ,. Y , . vi fr, . . ,,,.-,,,- . L THE LAW BUILDING SINCE l854 DEAN R. J. FARLEY Lv THE LIBRARY IN EARLY SPRING S I N C E I 9 0 0 DEAN LEE H. JOHNSON, JR. hough The school of Engineering was noi organized as such unfil I900, courses in engineering were offered by The Uni- versify af The lime of The reopening of The school immediafely Following The close of fhe war beiween The Siaies. A chair of Physics, Asfronomy and Civil Engineering was organ- ized in l865. In I867 The firsi 'Iwo were combined, Ieaving Civil Engineering as a separaie deparlmenf, or school, of fhe Academic Deparimenlg iI's name being changed Io applied mafhemalics. From Thar lime unfil Ihe board of Trusiees aufhorized Ihe infro- duclion of Engineering courses info fhe school curriculm, and The chair of elecfriciiy and elecfrical engineering was esfablished, ihere was lilile inleresl falren al all in Engineering. This Iaclr of inieresf on The par? of Ihe siudenl in Ihe years following The war is easily underslood. He found il hard io accepl' The new educaiional ideas, and af ihai dale Civil Engineer' ing was noi considered a profession in The Soulh. IT 'Ihe sfudenfs did noi' false an acfive concern in Engineering during Ihese years, ii' was noi because ol any deificiency in The necessary equipmenl, in The qualify of inslruciion or in rhe varieiy of subiecfs. For even during Ihese poveriy slriclren years The courses offered measured well up +o The slandarcls oi 'Thur Time. Aiier Ihe school of engineering was begun in I900. Ihere iol- lowed various deparlmenial changes which were necessary Io con- solidaie Ihe deparfmenl. In I903 Ihe Legislaiure made consider- able approprialions fo Ihe Engineering Schoolg and as a resull of consquenl large addilions lo The equipmeni and oi inlroduciion ol new courses, 'Ihe enrollmeni increased al once. In I909 ihere were Tour deparlmenrs in The school oi Engineer- ing. They were, Civil Engineering, Elecfricnl Engineering, Munici- pal and Sanilary Engineering and Geology. Ai The presenf lime The following under graduaie Engineering degrees are offered: HS., in Civil Engineering, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, B.S. in Engineering Adminisfralion and 8.5. in Geological Engineering. The school of Engineering Today offers an iniergraled program ol Iour, five, and six year curricula, paris of which are fied in wiih The deparlmenis of Chemislry, The School of Commerce and Business Adminislralion, and wiih The deparlmenf of Geology. The Dean of The School of Engineering is Lee H. Johnson, Jr. 'N S his school was organized in I903. However before fhaf lime +here had been a Chair of Pedagogy esfablished in IB93. The annual cafalogue shows progress and a growfh in fhis deparf- menf which led fo fhe creaiion of ihe school ifself. The firsf Dean of 'lhe School of Educaiion was J. G. Deupree. In i906 lhe Deparfmenf of Educafion was femporarly abolished because of a deficiency of funds. This move mei wifh so much opposifion 'lhaf 'lhe school reesfablished lhe deparfmenf afler an inacfive period of four weelcs. The Chancellor of 'Phe Universify in I908 aslred fhe Dean lo underialre ihe exfensive faslr of developing fhe High School syslem of fhe Sfafe in connec+ion wifh and wiih ihe cooperafion of ihe General Educafion Board. This worl being begun fhe Dean added 'lo his 'lille of Professor of Physchology lhaf of Professor of secondary Educafion. The plan launched mef wifh greal' suc- cess, ihanlrs fo fhe spiril of cooperafion wilh which if was received by lhe many fo whom ifs provisions would apply. From 'lhe lime The Chancellor suggesfed fhis funcfioning of fhe Educafion School down fo fhe presenf, if has developed wifh ihe Public School sysfem of Mississippi and expanded so besf fo serve and im- prove fhis sysfem. One noi To be overloolred branch of fhe Educafion School is fhe deparfmenf of Healih and Physical Educafion, fhe funciions of which are of vifal imporfance lo fhe Universily as a whole. ln accordance wifh fhe desire of fhe School of Educafion fo lreep up fo dale in all mailers perfaining fo Educafion, fhe same deparimenl' now boasfs e well equipped Audio-Visual Educalional laboralory. This division provides services lo Public Schools and various organizafions as well as fo deparfmenfs of fhe Universily. ln I947 fhe Bureau of Educafional Research was esfablished. Hs chief purpose is ihe analysis of educafional problems of special inferesf +o 'lhis sfafe. The School of Educalion is now headed by Dean Forresf W. Murphy. PEABODY BUILDING SlNCEI90 v,,..,. 3, . v..4f1, 7 A M DEAN F. W. MURPHY -f,.V.s -.f,,,. .Nw-av :.,..-. ie.. ' ?:.", 'Q 1 'fvaa...s :eff -- '11 ' ff 7Gv"'?.3 M' . 'r 51 'i' 'L . :- R ' 'K "L .- 1-. 421- 1',?f1-fvem, . S s , . L. ii:'i':sf"-53535 9 so 5 " ' H-Ms " A' 1? yzlwswgfir if" if ,zz 'gqf S '-A-4.1, Q. V if: -. .- ,,.. , - '-'l:-- P' :IT . ' ' , .'54"-QF.. . E S ,Y 4 ' YT: Ms. ii M52 C T T522 - . e - ,viii 9 r y N-- "E" THE HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL SCHOOL BUILDING he School of Medicine was founded by a special ac'l of Ihe Board of TrusIees in June, I903. This deparImenI had been anIicipaIed Ihough, as early as Ihe school year l870-7l. AI IhaI Iime Ihe Board of TrusIees passed a resoluIion relaIive Io esIab- lishing a medical deparImenI. This school, as proposed, would be based on Ihe plan in use aI Ihe UniversiIy of Virginia: and iI would be organized as soon as Ihere were suIIicienI Iunds for Ihe underIalring. The underIalcing proved evidenIly Ioo ambiIious, for aIIer Ihe founding of Ihe "DeparImenI of Medicine and Surgery", which was heralded by Ihe caialogue from I87O Iill IB79, iI was dropped in I880. The Medical School which was finally founded embraced only Ihe IirsI Iwo years of Ihe regular four year course. lI meI wiIh much difIiculIy during Ihe firsI years of iIs early exisIenceg noI only because of very inadequaIe IaciliIies and quarIers, buI also because of opposiIion of physicians IhroughouI Ihe sIaIe Io a medical school away from a large ciIy. These diIIiculIies were, however, overcome in a very few years. ln l908 Ihe Chancellor was approached by Iwo genIlemen connecIed wiIh Ihe sIaIe charify hospiIal aI Viclcsburg. They came wiIh regard Io Ihe esIablishmenI of Ihe lasI Iwo years of medicine aI IhaI hospiIal. The offer of Ihe hospiial was accepIed and Ihe whole Iour year course was carried ouI during l9l0-I9lI. II was disconIinued alfer IhaIg and reverIed Io iIs previous Iwo year Iorm. AI Ihe presenI Iime, Ihe Medical School is sIill of only Iwo years duraIion. However, Iegislafion relaIive Io Ihe esIablish- menI of a four year medical college and a Ieaching hospiIal is scheduled Io come before Ihe sIaIe legislaIure during Ihis session. The School of Medicine in iIs presenI Iorm offers Ihe course of sIudy headed generally as Iollows: Anafomy, Bacferiology, and Clinical Laboraiory Diagnosis, Pharmacology, PaIhology, Physi- ology, Physiological ChemisIry and Clinical Medicine. This school is now operaIing on an accleraIed schedule permiIIing a sIudenI Io finish his regular Iwo years worlz in one and one-half years. David S. Panlrrafz is Ihe Dean of Ihe School of Medicine. - e. s ln, - I - -.... ..--..f-..-,- - - 7 ' - ' I A-'Y THE PHARMACY BUILDING he School of Pharmacy was esTablished aT The Uni- versiTy in July, l908. For The TirsT session, There was applicaTion for admission of TiTTeen sTudenTsq a graTiTying number consider- ing The deparTmenT had been only Two monThs before school opened. The HisTorical CaTalogue of l909 noTes ThaT Thai' de- parTmenT was well-equipped Tor doing excellenT worlr. lTs Three laboraTories were equipped wiTh The necessary TixTures and con- veniences Tor all general purposes. However, suTTicienT faciliTies were noT available during The TirsT Tew years of operaTion for as varied a field of sTudy as The auThoriTies had infended. The Pharmacy DeparTmenT began To experience iTs largesT period of expansion wiTh The erecTion of The ChemisTry and Pharmacy Building in I923. Prior To This Time, The deparTmenT had been operaTing in inadequaTe, overcrowded quarTers, which made im- provemenl' and expansion pracTically impossible. WiTh The acquisi- Tion of The new building, The Pharmacy School was able To increase The number of laborafories and insTall new and improved equip- menT. The degree granTed by The School of Pharmacy Tor The successful compleTion of The Tour years worlc is ThaT of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. This school is now a member of The American AssociaTion of Colleges of Pharmacy and is accrediTed by The American Council on PharmaceuTical EducaTion. The presenT Dean of The School of Pharmacy is Elmer Lionel Hammond. ,-4 .,,, ,- ,A . . --.- .. SINCEI908 DEAN ELMER L. HAMMOND '4'bx S I N C E I 9 I 7 DEAN I-1. B. BROWN, JR. .qi i THE LYCEUM BUILDING he BSC School was The nexf To The lasf professional school founded on This campus, in I9I7. ITs origin may be Traced To courses in bookkeeping Taughf aT fhe universify beginning wiTh The session of I87I-72. This division did noi af Thai' Time play a significeni' role in The universify curriculm buf was as The cafalogue for Thaf session nofed considered a "highly imporfani' branch of knowledge" in which "a course of insTrucTion lwasl given in all The various deparTmenTs of commerical science". This deparTmenT did noT really come info iTs own unfil iT was esfablished as a separafe school wiTh iTs purpose The Turning ouf of broadly Trained men who would be capable of meefing The increasing demands of The more modern business world. As The business world has become more involved and The necessify of business educafion has become more evidenf, so has The school broadened nfs field of sTudy. In The beginning a general course only was offered in banking, Transporfafion, and merchandising: while noi' affempiing To differenfiaTe in These separafe subiecfs. The group of courses also included The subiecfs of polifical science, economics, shorfhand and Typing, accounfing, and filing. These subiecfs were covered in sixfeen courses. Today over six Times as many courses are offered in The business school. AfTer The preliminary degree has been obfained in This de- parlmeni' following four years work, The degree of MasTer of Business Adminisfrafion may be had wifh an addiTional year of sfudy. The school is accredifed wifh The American AssociaTion of Collegiaie Schools of Business and The Nafional Conference of Sfafe Universify Schools of Business: being a full member of each, The School of Commerce and Business AdminisTraTion has, since iTs founding, experienced The largesf growlh of any universify deparTmenT. This school's enrollmenf Today is second only To Thai of fhe College of Liberal ArTs. Dean Horace B. Brown, Jr., is in charge of This school. 'UQ t -rg. 2' THE SCIENCE BUILDING AND THE CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL onorary M.A. Degrees were conferred on disfinguished graduafes from I848 unfil I870g and courses of graduafe level were firsf offered in I870. The Graduafe School was esfablished in I927. ln fhe reorganizafion plan of I870, fhere were six courses of sfudy from which fhe sfudenf could choose. Included in fhese were fwo fhaf led fo posf gracluafe degrees, one fhe degree of Masfer of Arfs and fhe ofher fhaf of Docfor of Philosophy. Wifh fhe larger variefy of sfudies offered by fhis reshuffling plan of I870. more sfudenfs were affracfed fo fhe universify and consequenfly fhere were more who were desirous of fairing pos? graduafe courses. A definife program of graduafe sfudy wifh minimum residence requiremenfs of one academic year was sef up in I890. Fellow- ships in fhis deparfmenf began fo be awarded af fhis fimeg and since l909 fhe number fhaf has received fhe Masfers Degree has increased ouf of all proporfions fo fhe number in fhe fhirfy nine years before. Before fhe official esfablishmenf of fhe school in I927 graduafe worlr was clone under fhe direcfion of fhe general faculfy acfing fhru a graduafe commiffee, buf fhe Board of Trusfees elecfed a Dean charged wifh fhe responsibilify for fhis worlc. While The sfudenf doing graduafe level worlr from I870 for a considerable period was hindered by a field sfudy rafher limifed in scope, Ihe sfudenf of foday has an almosf unlimifed field of sfudies from which fo choose. The Graduafe School confers 'rhe degree: of Masfer of Arfs, Masler of Science and Masfer of Business Adminisfrafion. The cenfer of graduafe sfudies is fhe Alexander L. Bonduranf Graduafe Building which was consfrucfed soon affer The school was officially esfablished. The Graduafe School is headed by Dean Dudley R. Hufcherson. SINCE I92 DEAN D. R. Huron-mason vs"f"'3s- pu YM 1. GEORGE FREDERICK HOLMES The first presidenf of Ole Miss UNVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI 94 'if' ng . L 534254 -xii "Ga-N.: The Lyceum Building in l860 Q 0 Q 0 If was on a brighf, brisk, Monday morning in November, in fhe year I848, fha? fhe Universify of Mississippi, now affecfionafely known as Ole Miss came info exisfence. Sfanding on fhe sfeps of fhe Lyceum Building a Mr. Thompson delivered an address on behalf of fhe Board of Trusfees followed by Presidenf George Frederick Holmes who spoke for fhe faculfy. Thereupon fhe Uni- versify was declared officially open and ready fo receive sfudenfs. The firsf session found some eighfy Soufhern "genfIemen" enrolled. There has probably never been in fhe hisfory of a Universify such an assemblage of "sfudenl's". None of fhem had any back ground whafsoever for college work and being fhe scions of fhe soufhern heiarchy fhey were nafurally nof inclined fowards discipline. "No more crude and disorderly sef of young men ever assembled in any colIege." These were fhe words of fhe Reverend John N. Wadell who Iafer be- came Chancellor. They came fo fhe Universify affended by fheir slaves and carrying fheir hunfing dogs and guns. Noi' a man on fhe campus wenf abou? wifhouf his pisfol or af leasf a dirk and fhere is acfually a case of an affair of honor fhe cause of which was fhe love of a young maiden of fhe village of Oxford. Pisfols, by 'Ihe way, had fo be checked wifh fhe Dean of Men before going fo class. The sale of infoxicafing beverages wifhin five miles of fhe universify was nafurally prohibifed by law, and five miles being five miles in fhose days of fhe horse and buggy insfead of five minufes was nafurally fough on fhe boys. Buf fhese fellows were no more daunfed from having a sociable drink before breakfasf fhan fhose fhaf followed fhem. The long wagon frains bearing hay or coffon fhrough 'Ihe village of Oxford were more offen fhan nof carrying confraband liquor hid- den under fheir innocenf looking loads. Such acfivifies were nafurally very much frowned on by fhe faculfy and every efforf was made Io curb fhis debauchry, buf fhe sfraw fhaf broke fhe camels back was laid on when one of fhese eager scholars was found keeping a "lewd" woman in his room. He was severely reprimanded and dismissed from fhe school. Presidenf Holmes foughf fhe good fighf, always opfimisfic, remembering fhaf you'lh musf have ifs fling: buf, in fhe spring of I849, a liffle over a year from fhe fime he came info office, he resigned: and Ieff fhe campus "fo regain his heaIfh". Following fhe deparfure of Mr. Holmes, 'Ihe presidency of fhe college was Taken over by Dr. Augusfus B. Longsfreef of Georgia. He was considered somewhaf of a characfer buf was liked by all fhe boys. The aufhor of "Georgia Scenes", a series of humorous skefches depicfing early I9fh cenfury life in Georgia, he became fhe fafher of fhe modern American comic sfrip. If was under fhe benevolenf despofism of Judge Longsfreel fhaf discipline of a sorf was inforced on fhe campus and a greaf measure of scholasfic progress gained. 1 I, I I ,, .ef kazaa-'-1Qi:1A .1 - ' 5 ' Z"'3?.'YIlf -li, .- -- ' . 5 ' - . x ' .W " F ' , . -x -, Un. g ,- 1 I , ., .. ' . ,A -' ' ' V . f gm 1' -. ' Q 'H .. .. . . 4-kann ii N' Z ., ,Q P A ...,? .gk V fs."w 4 1 ,ailffi . Qi Q i ff . - fm- A f - Q ' '-,gfmi QVVL 'iii-. ' ., ,W e 1 gl AQ., :,h.vvQ4wAlg,'1'4. ,s . 0, . Q . . 5 ss., A 5:42 Lrg- 'fjgag.1E,i3., - V li ,- re . f- ' l - . '. . 4,-if' ' .sa .. I U .mf may -.. ps- , 4. Y..--Q . 'L'-f -1 asc., -'S 'S' f V2 - . -- cs- f- ' 0 of Q i 'Vis fix 1 1 9 1 ,, 1.1 4- ga ' 'JB' ' ,-1 Lf' ' ' 'F4 A ., - rv , 1- . Ji .ffl iii? ' me A Q + i i 'Y if 'Q-so 1. Yi -.f. , r. ,J' .1-' N- S 4 ,.-n Lf . .g""'fL ' Nw - 1 M gre-ffxi, 3.-,if Ji' " ' 1. ,sggf ' - ,getwi 's' I . 4: " - 1 . f iv. I, L I 5 -4 1 r 2 T ii gQ,- 'f'f1.--f".11Lg- QF? -MR' . a p A carriage-house in use af fhe Universify in l860 Oxford Square. A rare picfure showing fhe desolafion The people are unidenfified and ruin leff by fhe Union forces 'fllolfwi' The courses pursued by fhese firsf Ole Miss sfudenfs are nof found foo prevalenf foday. Languages, especially Lafin and Greelr, were considered paramounf sfudies. Menfal and moral sciences, rheforic, logic, polifical economy, infernafional law, and evidences of Chrisfianify were also imporfanf subiecfs. Sfudenfs of I948 would find if impossible fo enfer fhe Universify in l848. This, because of fhe exfremely difficulf wriffen examina- fions. Said examinafions insisfed on, among ofher fhings, a lrnowl- edge of fhe five boolrs of Caesar and fhe six boolrs of fhe Aeneid of Virgil. ln July of I856, Presidenf from fhe Board of Trusfees. His influence confinued fo be greafly felf, however, as his son-in-law, L. C. Lamar, fhe noblesf Mis- sissippian of fhem all, became a professor, in furn, Lamar's son- in-law, Edward Mayes became a Chancellor. The reign of Longsfreef was followed by fhaf of Fredericlr A. P. Barnard, who was fo become one of fhe greafesf figures in American educafion and also a greaf name in science. A facile fallxer, Presidenf Barnard addressed a meefing of fhe sfafe legislafure and managed fo secure funds fhaf were badly needed for new buildings and for larger and beffer equipmenf for fhe library and science deparfmenf. Shorfly afferward, fhe Universify of Mississippi foolr ifs honored place as one of fhe besf equipped universifies in America. lf was a remarlrable facf, con- sidering fhaf fhe universify had been in exisfence only I3 years. lf was fhrough Barnard's efforfs fhaf fhe largesf Telescope in fhe world, af fhaf fime, was ordered for fhe school. The war came and if wenf fo Norfhwesfern Universify, where many hisfory malring observafions were made, and if is sfill in use foday. Jusf as The war fool: our felescope, if fool: our greafesf Chancel- lor lfhe fifle of presidenf had been changed fo chancellorl. ln I86l, fhe Universify was closed and Chancellor Barnard refurned fo his home in fhe norfh. Buf, even fhere, he was sfill concerned for fhe welfare of his beloved Ole Miss. lf was 'Through his influ- Longsfreef resigned under profesf ence fhaf General Granf did nof burn or desfroy any of fhe prop- erfy of fhe Universify. Though nof a parf of fhe hisfory of our universify, we of Ole Miss always poinf wifh pride fo fhe record of F. E. P. Barnard affer leav- ing fhe campus. ln IB64, he was chosen presidenf of Columbia College, N. Y. Upon arriving fhere, he found a "second or fhird rafe" college. When he leff, if was one of fhe oufsfanding edu- cafional insfifufions in America. The women's division is named for him. The drums rolled arcoss fhe eleven soufhern sfafes. From every fown, village, and hamlef fhe horses dashed ouf carrying fheir riders for an appoinfmenf wifh hisfory. Across fhe hof hinferland fhe Sfars and Bars rode in glory. A iubilanf populace raised fheir voices singing a new song-a song fhaf would send fhrills in fo fhe hearfs of men long affer fhose who firsf sang if were gone. A piercing yell brolce everywhere fhe sfillness of fhe evening air and Ole Miss was ready for if's dafe wifh desfiny. The opening of hosfilifies nafurally affecfed fhe academic life of fhe campus for fhe worsf. Many of fhe sfudenfs leff fhe campus immediafely fo ioin fhe Confederafe army. On fhe campus ifself a company was formed. William B. Lowry was elecfed com- mander. lf was iusf an ordinary college company fo fhe eye. There were many such formed 'lhroughouf fhe counfry on bofh sides, buf fhe Universify Greys were fo make a name for fhem- selves 'lhaf would sfand wifh fhe immorfals who wore fhe grey. Forming Company A of fhe Elevenfh Mississippi Davis Brigade. fhey followed Piclreff in his lasf charge againsf Missionary Ridge. As fhey approached fhe summif under fhe hail of wifhering fire fhaf would have forced less daunfless hearfs fo wifhdraw, General Piclreff was sfrucl: down: buf fhe sons of Ole Miss wenf on, reach- ing fhe furfheresf poinf of penefrafion. However no morfal could have falren fhe ridge fhaf day, so fhe Universify Greys were forced fo give way for laclc of supporf. lf was fruly fhe high wafer mark of fhe Soufh, and if was only iusf fhaf fhe gallanf men of fhe Uni- l il l in s: 'i l , I 'z Ml .2 is 1 1 I. l '-1' .. , . Jhsf. A-F 7-2 .116-1 A ' . 4,1-a:,?.' JL, , jg, .L A- .F . -9-flffg' ' ' v fd' ,,-1: -1'- . Q.-. , .-.,.a. ru!" 'l.. Taylor Hall in I870. ln This building was housed The UniversiTy preparaTory school O 0 O' O versiTy of Mississippi should follow Them in Their TradiTion Today should be lrnown Throughoui' a naTion as The Rebels. When The blood had dried on Missionary Ridge and The long years oT TighTing againsT insurmounTable odds had drawn To a close. The roll of Company A ElevenTh Mississippi Davis Brigade was Talren. Of The I36 ThaT enlisTed on The morning of February 28, I86I, only 24 could be accounTed Tor. No school company in all The SouThland or in The counTry of The enemy gave so much precious blood or esTeemed a cause so highly as These "crude and dis- orderly seT" of young men oT our UniversiTy Greys. Ole Miss, The SouTh, The NaTion has good cause To honor Their name. They made of a losT cause, a deTeaT, a Thing of glory ThaT remains Tor all Time an inspiraTion To Those who Tollow. Men did noT have To go Tar ofT To Tind The war. The war came To Them in all iTs horror of invading armies, pillage, and burning. The war came To Ole Miss. The long line of Grey slowly gave way, Talling baclr To CorniTh. IT had been a heavy price paid aT Shiloh and There was greaT need for a base hospiTal close enough To The TronT To TaciliTaTe easy car- riage and yeT, where in This wilderness was such housing Tor The hundreds of suTTering men. The answer was The Lyceum Building of The Ole Miss campus. This imposing hall dedicaTed To The peace and progress of all manlrind was called on To do a iob of mercy and iT served well and wiTh honor. Some l,500 sick and wounded Johnny Rebs were cared for in The rooms where we now aTTend class, un- mindful of The Tacf ThaT many came To Those rooms wiTh a more graver purpose-some never To wallu ouT again. For a shorT dis- Tance Trom The campus in unmarked graves lie Those who breaThed Their lasT under The sound of The planTaTion bell. ThaT Ole Miss escaped The wanTon desTrucTion commiTTed upon many oi The SouTh's greaT seaTs of learning was Through our Two greaT Triends in The norTh, Chancellor Barnard and Professor Boyn- Ton. Through Their inTersecTion GranT spared The UniversiTy The TaTe of Those who sTood in The paTh of Sherman. ,, .yo Q. ' 7" f- ' -- ' ,,:"',.If"iy 's . - I ii .15 I-pg .T '... --' ' ,s H16 -1 tv 'T-I4 , - i ' ' --. 5,4 ' "" " - .uh LAY- 'fx' -' 4 1. - - .ek V - 4 , ., SM The UniversiTy Gymnasium in l860 The war came To an end. The men came home To seTTle down To The serious Taslc of mailing Their lives Trom noThing. The SouTh had losT The war. Though The spiriT of The souTh was sTill unconquered. There were Those men who would seelr To desTroy even ThaT. Men came baclc To shambles ThaT had once been homes. They had leTT wealThyg They reTurned impoverished. They reTurned To Ole Miss. They came wiTh noThingg They hoped To Take away all. How dif- Tereni' were These men Than when They had TirsT come To The campus beTore Tour long years of war. The UniversiTy ToughT To lieep iTs independence, buT The sTaTe legislafure, now carpeTbagged and scalleywagged, made aTTempTs To change The school To suiT Their poliTical views. The Board of TrusTees was changed consTanTly. Chancellor Wadell, STewarT and Mayes, in ThaT order, resigned because of ThaT inTerTerence. As Wadell expressed iT, "The name UniversiTy applied To our insTiTuTion is unquesTionably a misnomer under presenT circumsTances." Bui' The TyranTs of The NorTh and Their cringing allies in The SouTh had noT reclconed wiTh The spiriT ThaT had never been conquered- a spiriT ThaT burned on ScoTland's hills-a spiriT ThaT again would lighT up in The burninig flames in The Tiery crosses raised To heaven. The sound of men riding Through The nighT and pale figures, ghosTs of deparTed heroes, rode on errands of vengance, lighTed by The Tires oT unmericiful iusTice. Ole Miss had her clansmen and They rode wiTh all The courage ThaT had made Tor Them a name in The war They had Thought was over. The fires had noT burned in vain, and finally The SouTh emerged inTo The lighT oT hope and Ole Miss lrnew her sons would live again. Normalcy came To Ole Miss as iT came To The enTire SouTh. IT was in I872 ThaT Chancellor FulTon assumed The leadership of The UniversiTy. His reign was Tree from The poliTical inTerTerence of The reconsTrucTion, and This academic freedom resulTed in Ole Miss coming once again inTo iTs own as iT had never beTore in The days oT F. A. P. Barnard. A summer school was inauguraTed. An addiT- ional Township was secured Tor The UniversiTy. A sysTem of high J' 1... K I' An l860 picfure of McCain Hall 1. Af PresidenT i856 59 Chancellor l8596l FREDERICK A. P. BARNARD 'KD i school affiliaTion was inTroduced. The enlargemenT of schools To include engineering, educafion, and medicine made Ole Miss now an official Universify. IT was inevifable Thaf This peace should be broken: as inevifable as Adam's desire To break The spell of Paradise. IT was in June of l882 ThaT The Board of TrusTees decided ThaT women "should be admiTTed To The Universify on The same basis as men." ln The beginning There were no dormiTories for The girls and They were required To sTay in The homes of The faculfy. This proved To be unpopular and no greaf percenfage of women enrolled in The UniversiTy unTil i903 when adequaTe housing TaciliTies were made available. Needless To say, however, The admiTTance of girls info Ole Miss had a remarkable efTecT on The increased enroll- menT of young men. A greaTer consequence was The soffening The young ladies added To The life of The campus. If wasn'+ long before The law prohibifed "excessive profaniTy" in The classrooms could be safely repealed. The end oT FulTon's reign aT Ole Miss saw The rise of an "insidious kind of legislafive and execufive inTerference" Through The Board of Trusfees. From l9l6 To I932 The UniversiTy suf- fered in The Throes oT poliTical change. ln l930 The Chancellor and ThirTy members of The TaculTy were acTually dismissed. Ole Miss was suspended from The accrediTed lisT buT some years laTer reTurned To The fold. However, one musT realize ThaT Ole Miss was never an ivory Tower. Ole Miss was and is Mississippi and iT is only iusT ThaT so goes Mississippi, so goes Ole Miss. To a parT of Mississippi, and as such a parT oT America, Ole Miss was ready in l9l8. We have gone inTo greaT lengThs To show The spiriT of The Rebels in The greaT War beTween The STaTes. Needless To say That same spiriT Terrified The Hun. VicTory was wong buf aT such a cosT. IT' was on a brighT June day in l9l9 ThaT a grey somber ceremony Took place on a campui devoid of many of iTs favoriTe sons. ln a simple gesTure a memorial was unveiled which was To bear forever The names of The war dead of Ole Miss. Ole Miss survived The baThTub gin era lalThough some of iTs sons did noTl and sTaggered inTo The depression-ridden ThirTies. During This Time enrollmenT was low. IT was Towards l940 when prosperiTy and sTudenTs were reTurning To Ole Miss, ThaT The UniversiTy seemed desfined To meeT iTs greaTesT heighT. Again we were halTed. This Time by The second maior conT'licT in ThirTy years. As always, The Rebels lead The fighTing ranks of The UniTed STaTes and of The world. No'l' since The Civil War had The soldiers of Ole Miss played such a major roll. The Army and Navy moved in immediaTely. Ole Miss herself Trained and Turned ouT experTs in all fields of miliTary operaTion. This year will see Three new dormiTories dedicaTed To Three sons of Ole Miss who didn'T reTurn: Sam, Gerard, and BaxTer. These new buildings symbolize a new and greaTer Ole Miss ThaT is Taking iTs place in This new day as one of America's oldesf and mosi' honored universiTies. 84 UNVERSITY or Mississippi ENN Wm 1 71:14-f fx fy Q- 'tn EXE Il TIVE EUUN EIL -Q-vqiP'. Thomas Barnelf, Lydy Becker, Slewarl Broom, Henry B. Cole, Tom Hairsion, Ralph Harding, Evereffe Harper, Leroy Henry, Eric A. McVey. OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT ANDREW SULLIVAN , , I . . i ....... . , . . . . . BILLY WALTON . , LYDY B. BECKER , BUCK MEEK . EXECUTIVE COUNCIL HENRY B. COLE, i THOMAS BARNETT , Lewis NOBIK , . STEWART BROOM LEROY HENRY , . ERIC MQVEY , . , . RALPH HARDING, S . EVERETTE HARPER, CHRNRLES POBISON . . T BUSY ROSS i I , woman PAUL NEWTON . , , TOM IIAIRSTON 34 BODY . . . . . .Presidenl . .Vice-Presidenf , . ,Secrefary , Treasurer Collage of Liberal Arla .School of Commerce .School of Pharmacy I . . .School ol Law School of Ehaiaaariaa ,School of Medicine School of Educaiiorr . . . Club .......,Band 'S Slualorrl Grovorrrmarrl . . . .Mississippian . .Tha Ole Miss i iivl Z E ! E l l l Buck Meek, Paul Newlon, Lewis Nobles, Belsy Ross, Charles Robison. Andrew W. Sullivan, Billy Wallon. Billy Wallon fool: over as second semesler ASB Presidenl when Prexy Sullivan leff for 'lhe slale legislafure Sludehl governmenl al Qle Miss is vesled in i lhe Execulive Council. This aulonomy is con- y ducled lhroucyh Jrhe officers ol lhe Associaled Sludenl Body and a represenlalive from each school and from each major orqanizalion. Our l qovernmenl is guided under a Conslilulion adopled by lhe Associaled Sludenl Body during l +he school year ol I936-I937. l QQYEARS BUDDY SHAW RALPH MARBLE BITSY HUNTER SHCI' ik? 5 A615 CllJl9l36lI'0tl on the camlaua A fy fimed fo faifhzlffg recon! me gifurlenfa and fkeir e af me Mniuerbify 0 d5i55il9l9i . . . may fheir hrbf V77 UOAIWIC' 0 Cl new Ceniufy l9I'0U8 Cl lUOI'fAy 6111666011 fo Cl cbrifinguirigecl Ana. Tom HAIRSTON, Ediior 36 All lhings considered, il was a good year. True. we Cul classes, drank much coffee, los'r friends and sleep, bul if was lun. ll lhis book many years from now reminds you ol people you knew and lhings you did 'way back in I9-48, Jrhen we will consider our job well done. The edilorial side was presided over by Torn l-Iairslon as Edilor. l-le was assisled by Buddy Shaw, who, along wilh l-lugh Schneider, look 'rhe inlorrnal snapshols. Credils go 'ro Jrhe following people for Their work on Jrhis book. Fred l.o++er- hos and Bob Sublelle, lealure wrilingg Jack Na- pier and Carole l-lawkins, frafernilies and sorori- liesg Roger Rosenlield, rnililaryg Ralph Marble, ED BIRCHETT PAT REILLY FRED LOTTERHOS JACK NAPIER CAROLE HAWKINS JEANNE WHEELER and PaT Reilly, class secTions: Bobby PeeTs, car- A J e 7 94 8 Toons: and BiTsy l-lunTer, aThleTics. Those people who helped immeasurably on many small buT very imporTanT iobs were Carolyn U BL BE M Parker, Bee Johnson, lv1arTha Anne Rowan, lv1arTha Wrenn, Jo James, PaT Land, Ann Berdon, Eleanor Allen, Joan Humphreys, and Jim Parkin. Lewis Nobles Took care oT The Tinances. Serv- ing as assisTanT business manager was Ed Bir- cheTT. The resT oT The small buT powerTul busi- ness Torce consisTed oT Jean Wheeler, Frank Kennedy, EarnesT Graves, James Holloway, Bud- dy Jackson, Jim Anderson, Lowrey Dye, Bobby l-lunTer, l-lelen l-lenry, Jean lv1aThis, and Joy Ford. We are indebTed To The Tollowing people. To The Commercial Appeal oT Memphis and Billy GaTes Tor many oT our aThleTic picTures: To The Physics DeparTmenT, lvlr. CoTield, and Louis Silver Tor The old picTures used in our hisTory secTion: and To The Benson PrinTing Company and The ShreveporT Engraving Company Tor Their parTs played in The preparaTion oT This volume. V U L U M I? LEWIS NOBLES, B DEAN DuBOIS 1" PAUL NEWTON BILL TYLER Ed? Business Manager JACK NAPIER JOHN ROGERS LARRY NOBLE a JULIE DAVIS MARGIE F. TYLER I H HOWELL lllSslEslTll3lllll The Mississippian Today's campus news iournal, Tinds iTs origin in Two early publicaTions of diversified purpose and composiTion. One oT These was "The UniversiTy oT Mississippi Magazine", which was a liTerary monThly published by represenTaTives of The I-lermaen and Phi Sigma LiTerary SocieTies. The oTher was The "VarsiTy Voice". This was a weekly paper published under The auspices of The YMCA and The AThleTic AssociaTiong giving The campus news and discussing maTTers oT inTeresT To sTudenTs and alumni. "The Missisippian", Then, wiTh The same avowed purpose, sTems primarily from The "VarsiTy Voice." The Two original publicaTions were merged in l9l I To Torm "The Mississippian." This weelcly publicaTion adheres To The inTenT oT iTs anTecedenT, "VarsiTy Voice" in giving campus news and discussing maTTers oT inTeresT To sTudenTs and alumni. The paper conTains, in addiTion To general local news coverage and The ediTorial secTion, a sporTs secTion, a socieTy page, and various TeaTure columns. These deparTmenTs are composed and direcTed by The EdiTorial STaFT as Tollows: EdiTor, Paul NewTon: Managing EdiTor, Dean DuBois: News EdiTor, Jaclc Napier: SporTs EdiTor, John Rogers: AssisTanT SporTs EdiTor, Larry Noble: SocieTy EdiTor, Julie Davis: l3eaTure EdiTor, Margie F. Tyler: VeTerans EdiTor, l. l'l. I-lowell: CarToonisTs, John EllioTTe: PhoTographer, Joe Bruce: EdiTorial AssisTanTs, James CaliTT, PeTer Raphael, Gavin ScoTT: SporTs Re- porTers, Jimmy Caldwell, J. O. Emmerich, RoberT ForsyTh, Jimmie McDowell, ForresT STevens. News ReporTers and l:eaTure WriTer,s, Franlc Barber, Lib Blanchard, Thomas Cave, Gloria Dandridge, Mar- gareT Dooley, PaT Fayard, Irene GarreTT, Beverly Jeanne Glenn, Flowers l-lamriclc, Jay I-ledgepeTh, Peggy Laugh- Ter, Mary ForresT McCall, George RaTTerson, Richard Russum, ldanelle STone, Bobbie Taylor. The Business STaTT of The "Mississippian" is made up oT The Business Manager, Bill Tyler: Ass'T Business Manager, J. R. Copeland: AdverTising Manager, Bill McCord: Local CirculaTion Manager, Sam Ray: Foreign CirculaTion Mans ager, Wayne Fairchild: CirculaTion AssisTanTs, Bobby Dai- ley, MarTha Sue Draper, Barbara Eighmey, Georgia Nelle I-lale, EaTon Lang. . 'l 39 , First Row: Virgil C. Adams, Sam E. Birdsong, Jr., Mellon E. Bloom, Ramon L. Burgess, Charles Clark. Second Row: W. D. Coleman, Curlis L, Collins, Walfer D. May, Robert G. Nichols, J. Sianford Terry, MUUT EU HT BU HD W. D. COLEMAN . , . RAYMON L, BLJROESS . J, STANFORD TERRY . MR. JOEL W. BUNKLEY . . .Chairman of fhe Board of feams and courfs commiflee Chairman of facfs commiflee . . . .Faculfy Advisor BOARD MEMBERS Virgil C. Adams Ramon L. Burgess Waller D. May Sam E. Birdsorwg. Jr. Charles Clarlr Roberf G. Nichols Mellon E. Bloom W. D. Coleman J. Sfanford Terry Curlis L. Collins The Moof Courf Board, founded in February, l946, acfing under fhe direcfion of fhe faculfy, provides fhe adminisfrafive means for fhe appellafe moof courf frials which give realify fo fhe Supreme Moof Courf of fhe Sfafe of Mississippi. The purposes of the appellale moof courf frials are fo familiarize law sfudenfs wifh fhe preparafion of appellafe briefs: fo give law sfudenfs fhe opporfunify fo apply fhe law fo a given sef of facfsg and fo simulafe, as closely as possible, fhe procedure of appealing a case fo fhe Supreme Courf of fhe Sfafe and fhe manner of arguing a case before fhal Courf. Membership on fhe board is defermined by fhe faculfy and is one of lhe oufsfanding honors conferred on law sfudenfs. 40 'QV ir SV Yin' T .ps lx L... First Row: Lampkin Bulls, Denlon Gibbs, Jr., Joshua M, Morse, lll, Clarence E. Morgan, Jr., William Edward Mclnlyre, Jr., Loyd L. Beachman, Jr., James Dudley Buford, Donald C. Cooley Second Row: John David Guylon, Homer Lee Howie, John K. Keyes, Nalhan Levy, Jr., William O. Luckell, William M. McGough, Roland D. Marble. Third Row: Cliflon Maxwell, Frank P. Shanahan, Jr., James Edwin Smilh, John C. Webb, D. Knox While, William F. Winfer, Fred M. Willy, Jr. VIISSISSIPPI L W .IUUIINA LAMPKIN H. BUTTS . . ROBERT N. MQNUTT . . . C. DENTON GIBBES. JR. . . JOSHUA M. MORSE. ll . CLARENCE E. MORGAN, JR. WILLIAM EDWARD MQINTYRE, Loyd L. Beacham, Jr. James Dudley Buford Donald C. Cooley John Davis Guylon Homer Lee Howie John K. Keys JR... ASSOCIATE EDITORS Nalhan Levy, Jr. William O. Lufilrell William M. Mcfoough Roland D. Marble M. Clillon Maxwell Eranlr E. Shanahan, Jr, FACULTY ADVISORS Ford W. Hall Huey B. How . Ediior . . . Nfile Edilfvr . Case Cftmrnenl Edil-ir Case Ccmmenl Edilf-r Boolc Review 81 lndex Edilfiii . . . Business Manaoer James Edwin Smilh John C. Webb D. Knox While William F, Winle-r Fred M. Vx'illy. Jr. erlon, Jr. Founded in l928 as The official iournal ol The Mississippi Slale Bar Associalion and lhe Universily Law School. Published quarlerly. Carries arlicles ol inleresl lo 'rhe lawyers. wrillen by lawyers and law professors over The counlry, and noles and case commenls prepared by sludenls in rhe law school who are members of lhe edilorial board of the Journal. y 4 l in + 11- 3 2. in ' i l l i Lf ! i Ray McKinley and friend 'W DANEE EHMMITTEE Baclrsfage iam session l 4 l T - J' is ,R E fs, , A-s, . . qu .ggi f s . 5 W V X The A. S. B. Dance Commiflee has The responsibilily of sponsoring all sludenl body dances, which includes The Mid-Winler dances. This year lhe dance commillee brouqhl Ray McKinley To play lor The Mid- Winler Dances. The live ohficers compose The Execulive Commillee which are also members of The Facully-Sludenl Commilfee Governing So- cial Alllairs. This commillee in Turn appoinls a Tloor commillee and olher necessary sub- Con1rniHees. GEORGE WORTHEN BUCK MEEK EUGENE BOYKIN BILL CONDON , JOHN EARLY . TED FORD , . JOHN FOX ,... KENNETH FRANKS BILL GRESHAM . . OFFICERS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE . . Chairman JOHN MURRAY JOE PIGGOTT MARY MAUDE BIRMINGHAM FLOOR COMMITTEE , , , Sigma Chi , Sigma Phi Epsilon . , . Della Psi . Kappa Alpha . Bela Thela Pi . . , . , . Della Psi De-l+a Kappa Epsilon 1 Firsf Row: Mary Maude Birmingham, Eugene Boykin, Bill Condon, John Early, Ted Foro, John Fox, KenneTh Pranks, Bill Gresham, Berf Gunn, Sonny Gunn, Charles Heberer, Sam Jennings, Robert Marcus. Second Row: Ira Ma Bok Melc Bb MII ff Jh M Rdlh MR J Pi Tl Jh P' Hu.hSh id y, u e, o u e , o n urray. u op c ee, oe qgo , o n rice, rg c ne er, Buddy Shaw, Shield Sims, Buddy Srewarl, Earnesl Waller George Worihen. BERT GUNN . SONNY GUNN CHARLES HEBERER SAM JENNINGS ROBERT MARCUS IRA MAY , . , BOB MULLETT RUDOLPH MCREE JOHN PRICE , HUGH SCHNEIDER BUDDY SHAW SHIELD SIMS BUDDY STEWART ERNES WALKER . , Sigma Chf . Phi Kappa Psi . Pi Kappa Alpha . Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Epsilon PE , lndependen' i Sigma Nu Siqma Alpha Epsilon . , , Independenr . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Alpha . Alpha Tau Omega . , Kappa Sigma , , Independent M lx p p fan?-obviously mg Y?-Q Tx ' x .fv- fl' ,fit "Hedda G-abler" The Universify Players, under The direc- Tion ol Dr. Charles M. Gelchell, presenled leur plays This yearg Noel Coward's arnus- ing, "Bli+h Spirilmg Hendrik lbsen's classic, "l-ledda Gablerug Tennessee William's un- usual, "Glass Menagerieug and lhe lasi- movinq comedy, "My Sisler Eileen." li 11' "Blifl'1e SpirH" Mr. Whifeside af worlc on scenery Because of 'rlwe Time limif pic+ures from only fwo plays can be preserved here. Mr. Duncan Whifeside desiqned and, wifh 'rhe help of sfudenjrs, builf 'rhe scenery. U IVEHSITY P L Y E HS I .fu ,,, 5 M4 ' 4 Q 2 ' ., 4,4 4 . fr-.2 5, -is 'f' 1 1 W N F 1 y ni i 4 L se V if-a -V 4 ' x Q 'lr' 419' uw. if 57 E ,VIQLEZES4 ILE Q r UMICH MQW -6-. Bl' I t -or gr- 'J' !"! Ndhi' , Y 19'- N Nxan 1- ELTA H PPA OFFICERS ae NlCHOLS srfesialf-nl 5, 5, BIRDSONC- r asur warner BONDS merlfefaaw WILEY CRUZ MEMBERS Jana-S Barnet! Sam Blrjzcra Bob Bar-as Torn BOr'lEl3a- Ben Bowle Sfewarr Broan Lafwplln Bulls Charles Conwlr Clmelawd Davis James Crlqler Blll Grllllrlv Everett Harper Bob Holllrvsworl' Eric Mclley Brinkley Morlon Paul Ne-Mon Roberf Nichols Barrwev Poole Bar rs Smmll Berwnef Smlflf Andrew Sullna' N. S. Swear Slarffilrd Term George Tlwath: Bl Iv Waller William Wlnrer l3rEO'O'3 Wofthe Omlcren Della Kappa .vas founded al' Waslwlnqiorw and Lee December 3, l9l4 and Alplwa C was eslabllslmed al Ole Mlss February 3, IQX6. Omlcron Della Kapoa ls compfsed cl 57 Hr-iles wlllw a lolal merrrberslwlp cl ISDD This Craanizallfln seelcs lo recoanlze and lwonor men who lwawe allamed all-round lead l allege and urxlverslly vile le llwe end flwar rlrwe mos? represerwlalive leaders ln all plwases rl am U alillvilles cofperale lm vrgrllwwlwllfw endeawlr and join wlllw llwe lacullv membnrg an a basls F mu ual Inle-reel ard ur1if4fSlarwj7r1'1. 46 ' ll - , X E1 - e V635-gnu, 'iv'v 4, 'vi -me ii A en. First Row Bill Griffith Everell Harper Bob Hollingsworlh, Eric Mc- vey S ond Row George Thatcher illy Wafson, William Winter, OFFICERS AND MEMBERS MARTHA ANNE ROWAN Presidenl BETSY ROSS lreasur r MAUDIE BIRMINGHAM Vice-Presidenl l?l.l'll-llE SPWEY , , . Edilor YGONDlNE WALKER . Seiirelary MOLLY SPARE , Forum Represenlalive Morlar Board is a nalional honorary sociely for senior women, eslablished al The Universily ol Mississippi in l943. Seleclion lor membership is one ol The highesl honors conferred upon women sludenls. This seleclion is based on oulslandinq personalily, scholarship, abilily, and leadership on lhe campus. First Row: Maudie Birmingham, Belsy Ross Martha Anne Rowan, Second Row: Molly Sparr, Yqondine Walker - - new 1 1,,"'c':,- , . . 1. I 5if'Yf'f??,' - " - . f ' ' ,J 425' 'N 52 i fs- sz C7 15 rr l Q , 19 I 47 l ' l I 5 'Z' To R 3, . i' 2' COLONIAL JAMES O. WADE The TirsT ROTC sTudenTs since The war To earn reserve Army and Air Force commissions will be qraduaTed This ,prinq puTTinq The uniT laacl on iTs old Tull Tour year basis. QraduaTes will be Tendered commissions in The lnTanTry, and in Air' Force AdnfiinisTraTion and Supply. The TourTh year sTudenTs spenT six weelfs aT ForT Benne ind, Ga., and Kciesler Field, Biloxi, and came back To school lasT Tall wiTh a pracTical miliTary background To 5ucplemenT Their classroom worl. Since The greaT ma- ioriTy oT Them were war veTerans, however, The summer course was yalualole chieTly as a reTresher. Cf- lvliisi uniT ha, achieved a high raTing in eTTiciency TXST M s'ck ST E 'h'r'ne M'ddle R MIST Avera THE in The Two years oT posT-war reorganizaTion. They have received an 'lexcellenTl' raTinq Trom War DeparTmenT inspecTion Teams, The hiqhesT ol3Tainable. l.asT years riTle Team Tinished second in The SouTheasTern Area riTle maTches, and won I8 sTraighT dual maTches. The Team This year is equally successTul, and has Tired in The T-learsT Trophy lVlaTches. In The Tield oT social evenTs, The deparTmenT has con- cenTraTed on The annual lvliliTary Ball, which was held Tor The second Time since The war, on lvlarch l9. There were Two leadouTs, one Tor The cadeT baTTalion, and The oTher Tor The senior cadeT oTTicers. Top Row' M!SgT Heflian lsf SgT Blackwood M!SqT Howell BoTTom p ow: q. u i , q. ppl: r, I ow: q. , . , , , , . . MISQT Allen, MISQT Newberry, Boflom Row: Colonel Wade, Maior Wyand, Row: Maior Taylor, Maier Sfevens, Maior Holf, Capfain Coverdale. ,Q-gff, Ji'-.P .A hy. 5.4 , - Q LWJA- -- 48 BUTE U NTT Reaclivafion of 'TBM Company, 8+h Regimenr Scab- bard and Blade, honorary milifary Tralerniry, was eilecled March 4, wilh oulsranding senior sludenls being rapped. Logan Phillips is caprain, Bill Davis Tirsl lieurenanf, Lloyd Bridgers second lieufenanl, and Jaclc Napier Tirsr serg- eanr oT The Tralernily. Cade? baflalion oliicers This year included: l-lunler Gales and Roy Walson, lieulenanl colonels: Logan Phil- lips and Lloyd Bridgers, maiorsi and Jaclc Napier and Bill Davis, caplains. Company commanders were Moses Allaya, Jack Reese, Charlie Wrighl, Cecil Diclcerson, Jim Srribling and Billy Wallon. George Smilh and Leslie Tubb were band commanders. iw- ,vim Colonel James G. Wade, PMSEQT headed The unir, seconded by Major Carl E. Taylor, prolessor oi air science, and Major Preslon W. Wyand, commandanl ol cadels. Olhers on The s+aTT included: Majors Charles G. Slevens and John F. l-loll, Caplain l-larold F. Coverdale, and Warranl Ollicer Joseph Powell. Enlisled inslrucrors were: Masler Sergeanls Claud E. Allen, Douglas J. Pwera, John B. Howell, Jr., and Cecil D. I-Telling Firsr Sergeanr Rolland M. Blaclrwood, Technical Sergeanls Thomas M. Newberry and Dennie D. Musiclr, and Sergeanl Slanley W. Eppinimer. ' 2 J? ' sl .,. . I. T K ,', U R6- cg, EUMPA A - ,Jrr par, Cy' 'rwanjrirf . pimp-arg 321151, , . Fifi? S991 'mfs . lmalcru Bnurere . Moses A!ra,3 Beffy CO!qu!YT Guy N, Rogers .H. S. Thames FIRST PLATOON Jed' M, Reesrh C. B. Wa!dr!D E, H. Thorfosson Fafzm Leaders . . M, F, Kemp W. R. Price Pafag: Sergeaurs . , , . B, F. Mann S.N. Jerrnings Pr-TC'-T1 Guides . . . W. K. Bm-ding Joe E. Hutton Hrd Squad Second Squad J,:..3.i lr-.1 ,iri-rc .J. L. Burrwfr W, G. Beonland W!l!!arrw G. Greed R. B. Cady fvsi Simi Lfgi r P, L. Ardreafe M, M, Bug!! K, A. Barflrfld L. H. C!ay Thomas P. Ca!'!H, C. A. Cadre!! Charles T. Dabbs R H Donald R. C. Folwe!! W L. Garner L. F, Hamricir, Jr. N. A, Lorq, Jr. O, R. Segrvsf, J'. N, F, SQ!p!w rf F, SHrp'e, SECOND PLATOON !'!3'1. 'w L-21J6rs . . . , . ,J. R. Wa!!s Jewfn! L'-Efrllf Sf'gi'.1"5 . .L. M, Magmiu' G. L. Mwfinqlm' Prlhwn 'Qu!,!as - 9. L. Smri- H. G, Brelarvf Fhsf Squad Second Squad 51114 Lrafrv . . . .J. H, FQ, J. R,BHHwqsMq D. A, M! 'ur F, M, Dun Q. f'1C5'. Simi Leadfrrz . . Cf. R, E!lrs 8. R. HMV, C. D. Biihp A! Crawfurrj N, D, Br,a.i!f1,' J. K. Darfle, J, A,CHr1l!f NN, 3. Pu!!ey B. M. Crimp A. S. Gfwrflf- J M, Day K, VV. S!'ip!f:,' H, H, QFMQS C., l, VV!!'r,rV' ' H M'AbcrA 7 Thhd Squad DPD J , . f:U!!C',', R, H, Marble G, B, De-!ai!vmc-r M, F, Bishop E, R, Herrrp!1!'! P, R. K,'!ff-rude!! Ear! Moore VV, B, Pgvfort J, VVUMYI- Thhd Squad J. R, Mum. F -J. L. Qu-F!":'! J. E. Juhrsrgrr P. E. Ca'dwr'! "N, R, Dcfifr L, C. Heidrf!! ffrl H. B. Hon rw' VV, !!, Hu!Sf'V M, Cn Pfassf-vos f5- fu' -.' , '. p' I' 114.3 'B 1-.1 50 V ' 'H Aww..- ! L d l-...IL-I ......1 41. ,i-il. EUMPAN Squad Leaders . Company Comma Company Sponsor Firsf Serqnanfs , Guidon Bearers Platoon Leads-fs Wafoon Serqeanfs Phafoon Guides full-VS FIRST PLATOON Firsf Squad C. R. DrCl'C'fS'.H x, CI f ll arm We S B. E. SmiH'1 R H. L. Hudson R G. E, Stephens C J. H. Smiih C J. C. Halbrook, Jr. E Second Squad , 'Wrlghf Svmdgr Walis . Castle , Horton . Hmrlzon Third Squad R B Pattffrs 1..! n U1 3- 2 Q , 5? S f Q. Ln KD Q ,- D z: up C zu my U' Q. Q. 0- fo Q S 5 Q, C.. ' G- m V 2' 5, I V- EEE CJOACIJ -of+-"' OOO ooo :JJ wr- 933 0.02 mga 'D .7 lf! 3 . . , z , L - ?U2!-F"Og9f'2.7CQ3gl'f ' ' U -421m-'-70735-5 . ' I - 1. h , ' n ' I,f,?"O-QWQLIE 3- , 'U 5'Opf?U.3'5f'?,- ' - " rn "D l- -a- - ,' m X' V5 - 7 mgfm gnm?5zz?a55+z'n , Jr 2gwMaZ'?g :i1Oa31:iiC -I f'3fZF?3Q6'n f'1"U233,'if!f2n' ' ' gffgrof-0 U-J -A ,LIL . - q- rD:,,.'Do Q'-K W -Z. QD 4.,.Q-'mo-c., -f I UO S au S- 1. D A, Z A A sm in-1 X. ' 209 ow 021 zgnf-W-w2PUOg 520 CIPIOSTTF-O ' ll -.J n L' 3 ' OQTI?'Dfm!"'p0 f 3Og?U3,f-5117" 'ai Z. ' 3 5" ' ' no I-QQZUDSLQIJQ.. L O Om? olmgf-1,09 Kola-00-L33 VT- gan 2322-B11 QEQOQ-.1 3.1, ff A7 if- g n.-a..v-..w w?:fVcTwU'j4.c 35' 37.7- 1-Ja-aa Q, 2. mv Q J 9 3 3 1 v Q- II- 3 .1--0 O mf- 0 :r T' - Q L. 5? 4: QF A E I. QQ :Q fm 7 c.A. -4 T1-1 '11 is - vw- F- T wifi? .2 OAIKFDISAFQE. Kfwifizm- KZZQSQPZSQLQ aff? P fm Fw' -JQIN-, :.'T'S 'J 'D C Fgififfv ZZ: :LL7 E-5':r5T??'iE,+m -4375" 3'2" Z1 1 O. L' 1,2 O-w 3 1 nw .fu -vm . - ..R. W, Mclniosn . W. Buchanan 1 3 1 E195 .W - ..-.--.......,,. ,'... V' ro- ,u.e. . 3 ,qw Vw -lv-. 'A' 'Q f I . 0 3-7 .Jn .hm.'..:.'n 51 EU PA R N 'T' T' 5.1 ww A Qgrrpaf, C,rur'a',Jer . L. M. Bfidgers W. M, Davis Q:f'par, Spinsf .Diva Wiy'qul F L' Se'gi1an's , , T. E, Barley J. M. McCorrnacL :'.Jr1n Herr' . . . ,.,.. R, C, Egirnggr FIRST PLATOON Pr3T.3on Leaders . . . , ,J, L. STrlbLInq O, B. WaHon 93+-JU. Sergeads . . . .Pew Nunnallv M. R. Blourv Wafoon Guioes .. . . , . J. F. Nrron Sfanley' Brurf Fhsf Squad Second Squad 54.51 Lnaneu . .J H, Darids J. P. Sfaplefon L. v. Pmippr Jr. R. T. Smith Asst Squai Leaders G. W, Hoffman H. W, Melyln B, L. Adams J. T. Andersun G. I. Edrnonson J. A. Coffey M. F Ramsey T. W. Oldham J. T. Sfee-Le J. W. Prados H, D. Srene I. C. Rayner A, C. Sykes J. W. Salley D. W. SaV'ey' SECOND PLATOON Plafoon Leaders . . . .E V. Kellref, Jr. J R. Kirq Wafoon Sevqeanfs . . J. V. Maobroolf E. B, Roberfs, Jr. Prafoon Guides L. D. EMS J. E. Parkin Fhsf Squad Second Squad SJ,-ad Leiden .J. E. Hamper G. H. Vanzarvf L. F, Summers S. C, Sirrnqfdiow Assf Swat Leajers .P. W. McMuLIen J, L. Vixe- L. A. Day F. P. Barber A. E. Harldrs S. D. W. Duvali C. D. Hullk Jr. Dan For VV, L. Lowe C. R. Jcrfff I. L. Morqan Jr. Suy Newcomb S. L. Turner F. G. Ma.DunaLri F. H. Rowena R. M. VVUYH1 Thud Squad S. D. Harmey E, W, Holmes T, R. Long O. M. Briscoe O. A. Cfawford J. M. Pefefson G. A. PHVTWOS B, B. Sayle- R. W. Tyson Thhd Squad E. M. Horrer J. V Waqcorer G. W. Yates G. Hgrflrnqswcffh T. L. Kiwi'-Er F. J. LQHEMOS F, O, Srrnifh J. B. Walker NV, S. WEVLLa"'s uf fv 4? K L. ,il ,. i J C L " 'N:'fJ'r-rl .f,,,' , -- yy 52 L TH E BA Band Commander Band Sponsor. Execulive Officer Execufiye Orlicer Lieurenanl . . . 6. C. SMITH, III SABYNE BLANKERSHIP . W. G. SCOTT . F, E. MOAK . . . H. F. BYRNE Lieuienanl . C. F. Andr6 O. H. Hendricks L. J. Clark J, F. Jackson E. L. Cook L. M. Jiqqilrs R. l. Cox T. J. Dean R. T. lzurr George Kirkland Barry Mclnlosli J. T. Morgan MEMBERS . Q. Lieulenanl . . Lieulenanl . Lieulenanf . . Lieuleriarir . . Lieulenanf . . .DAILEY A. E. T. Neilson H. H. Nelson C. H. Roclwesler Richard Russum B. L. Samuels .-1.51 I". -U-it-In , 15" ,-., Ar' 1 f KING ll H. F. BYPNE IC. B. POYSTEF? A. R. WRIGHT R. J. SHANNON W. G. BARNER B. W. Sfeplweris Jack Slewarl E. E. Turner H. D. Websler J. W. Wilson Edward Womble RIFLE TE IVI Lloyd M. Bridgers an S. Dickson Lesrer F. Sumners Lloyd H. Gales James T. Sree-le :J 4-.U-L-f-l.nsg-pair! .li William Sarlor Royal Hickey Jolin Halbrook William Weslbro Clark D. Bislnop ok I ii I '53 ef' Rf if 'ef ' cz F 3 Vyf'NIq Sp-.I 94' xvnas. Q .9- ?45' Q97-S. f I 75'-'K' , K Y. . '53 3 A, hh 9 L on 4 3 ov. , R. 13' 94- in ?G 11 L' ' 1 1 I A :s 15 Q 7 ADVA CEU CORPS J. V. Akobrool Moses AHaya T. E. B.,.J.3J,J Jeff Balfcur w. G. B.-,fm W. G. 56601.04 J. R. BulJwnqslEf'-J M. R. BJOUIV1 K. Bowling H. G. B"f3Jaff1 L. M. Bvid-gem S. Bmw? F. H, Bffrxes O. W. Buchanan J. L. Burneff C. E. Cagfle C. H. Cank- Jarnes Chrlp F CHP-H W. M. Dah? D. P. Denney, Jr C. P. Dlclferson Fefe DonefJ+?, F. M. UQCJ-agp G. R. EJIIS J. H, Fox L. H. Gafes W. G. Green L. E. Grisham J. C. HaJbroc-L. E. D. Hamilfon S. D. Hamley J. E. Harpg- E. O. Harrizcn W. W. H0JrnQ5 E. M. Hnrnev C. D. Horffnr. H. L. Hudson .Joe Huffon S.N.JennvnQ1q I P Jnnpg E. V. IK6'JJVV?'. J M, F, KQVML .J, P. Kina .Jaflp Wirp B. MC!VF J, P. Maw R. H. LVJ.5'LwJ+g G. L. Meffirw U. A. MIM: F. E. MEAL P. H. MUJJEH W. L. MCCCMJ J. M. MCCffYFV L. M. Maqrude-" P. W. Milnfc-SL W. B. MCLenwrrr- LJ. L. MCNQIJ J. H. Napfer, IJJ J. F. Nmir' J. E. ParLin R. B. Paffersffn L. V, PLmJ1ppx J' L. B. PniJJip-: W R. Pdce G. L. QuinneJJy C. P. Parner J. W, Pauifrwz J. M. Reese W. P. Row? K. Roysfrev W. Cn STM P. J. Sh annf r B. E. Snnfb G. C. Srnlw J. H. Snwifk R T. Snnfn J P, Sfapklfcm J. L. Sfribfinfn S C. S+rinqfQJJ-5 G E. Sfepnfgr L. F. Sunwrpv P. Tafqr H. S. Tnafnf? H. H. Tlwiffxmzn. G+2in'qe1 Tinf:JaJJ P H. T+1L3r Jv. fy. H. Var Zim' J. V. Vf3gj1qr, C. B. Wefdvip J. P. W.j,JJ: P. G, W'.aJ' P. F. WaJ,1Jr' W" P. Wfi-LLL! J. E. XN':JJJfifYJ', C C. VVVJYZLJ NROTC STAFF: Caplain May, Comdr. S iley, Comdr. S mmes, Capl, Smilh, Ll. Comdr, Bush, CBM Wilson, COM Youngblood CY Kidd, SOMl Bilbr y Sql, Bosfick, CSK Cook, CGM Casbier, CFC Doerres. THE NAVAL BUTE U IT Prepares Regular Sludenls lor regular com- missions in 'rlie Uniled Slales Navy and Prepares Conlracl Sludenls lor commissions in llie Uniled Slales Naval Reserve. lliis year lias been an imporlanl one in llie grovvlln ol ine Naval Unil al Qle lvliss. Tlwe new Naval Science Building was surlicienlly near com- plelion lo malne possible llne liolding ol classes vfillw llwe beginning oi llwe iirsl semesler and plans were made lo have a formal dedicalion cererriruny as soon as possible. On Jrlwe evening nil o Qclober I9-47 a lormal ball was lield in liciniir ol Fleel Admiral l-lalsey vvlio nexl day rriadrf llie principal dedicalion address. llie building was named lvlcCAlN l-lALL in lionor ol onr- ml Mi'.f,im',ippi's leading Naval lieroes, Admiral Jolin S. McCain, wlio liad been a slu- denl al llwe Universily belore enlering llie Naval Academy. During llfie loolball season a color guard ol NRQTC sludenls was lormed lo rnarcli willi llie band and al llrie Arlcansas game llie enlire Unil marclied on llie lield during pre-game cere- monies. Tlwrouglioul 'rlie year llie NRCTC rille Team parlicipaled in numerous malclies wills Unils ol leading scliools in all parls ol llie coun- lry. 'llne year rnarlred llie arrival ol llie lirsl Regu- lar Sludenls selecled by nalionwide compelilive examinalion under llie l-lollovvay Plan. Forly-six lreslimen enrolled in llial calegory lliis year and many ol lliese came lrom ollier slales. COMPANY STAFF McClemore, Fulfon, Norfhcoff, Raws, Peddle, MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS AND PETTY OFFICERS Firsi' Row: Hilfon, Ross, Harding, Gardner. Second Row: Hager, Sampson, Joyce, Adams. Third Row: Ausfin, Bowen, Bowles. I FIRST PLATOON Firsl' Row: Ross, Sampson, Auslin. Second Row: Jaclrson, Fulfon, Ma'I'his, MeLemore, Sayle, Sullivan, Zscholrlre, Singley. Third Row: Frazier, Norlhcolf, Gilberl. Howard, Hieber, Blair, Anderson. Car- rigan. Fourfh Row: Rawls. Lang, Halford, Young, Caslrey, Weafher- ly, Grady, Kelahan. O SECOND PLATOON Firsr Row: Harding, Joyce, Bowen. Second Row: Harper, Smifh, Werner, While, Bell, Shorl, Campion, Slone. Third Row: Myers, Alexander, Klofz, Van Riper, Childers, Heberer, Hall, Liffle. Fourlh Row: Lockwood, Ailren, Maher, Aflrinson, Hodge, McManus, Chesser Jones O THIRD PLATOON Firsf Row: Gardner, Adams, Bowles. Second Row: Sfeele, Srnifh, Gallo, Willrerson, Todd, Whife, Wallrer, Crawford. Third Row: Rhymes, Wallcins, Adams, Hames, Forsyfh, Hooper, Peebles, Wil- lemoes. Fourfh Row: Dubois, Cave, Hudson, Palferson, McCamic, Mellzer, Lamberl, Basseff. K 649 i I I In P'-'JE' mix, tr 'Aix' , V , , 7' 'S W' ""'W'2' , ,T-0, ff ,pg A, I 1 ,,,gh-:L ag K . ' 4 4 ' . f . f. 1 rf ' . I, ,.r.' W I . f C - , . ,J .' Q' ,' ... 1 ,- ,,.:'.1- . , x A .HA Vh 'sdfgrfw :A V4 ' fy . ' 1 F53 3-",in.i,.. '1-.4 Q 1'-x , 'W 34 A ' -. 453231. 1. ge'-. ff"7W'fE3':'ix' 1 - .l.,.'V .1 , : p,- . , ' 1 fag, 5' 2 ' I gn-U"r'U -X- llf' ,, -wtf" M, 3 1 .,. bfi ,ft ' J.,- A W 4a1!N'A' 95-. , -gp-In 1, A iw. . No. 51 Q- . .Y is -8. , A' . 4" n,-4-a LX. mv! vu I' nv l. 5. X 1 e J: I qv .f'vv ' X Q rqn: 7:1fag.q:'z:,I?fu Rs ,,. ,-,.........,...,, i aw A .2 A .1 ,... J-. X . Li-J' X ' J- XA' 'a 7 ., 3 , X S". 1' Ye 3' A N - 'I I E 1 I f l.,.4- J .I -Q N '- Bl.. wg,- l 5 ' Y ' . 5 S '-ni 1' x 1 .4-1 X tl - M I. The Women's Sludenl Governmenl Associalion is 'rhe governing body of 'rhe women sludenis. The iacully has granled 'rhe Associalion conlrol over all mailers concerning lhe conducl of women sludenls, excepl lhose mailers which are direclly under 'rhe conlrol of Universily aulhorifies and dormilory management The Associa- Jrion holds membership in lhe Nalional Associalion oi Women Sludenls, and also in l'he Mississippi lnlercollegiaie Women's Siudenl' Governmenl Associalion. Aulhorily is vesled in a five-member Execulive Council, which is elecled by popular ballol. and a Legislalive Council of sevenieen members, composed of lhe five dormilory presi- denis and 'rwelve sludenl represenlalives appoinled by 'rhe execulive Council. Each woman sludenlr is a member of lhe Associalion and is required io be familiar wilh i+s rules and regulalions. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BETSY ROSS .... ,,,,.,....... ,.... P r esidenf YGONDINE WALKER . . . . Firsl Vice-Presidenl SARA BUEHLER . . . . . .Second Vice'Presidenl LYDIA BETH BECKER . . . . .... Secreiary WILMOTI-l FANT . . . .Treasurer '-.r Fl Q. Q' 'P 1" l l LYDY BECKER SARA BUEHLER WILMOTH FANT BETSY ROSS YGONDINE WALKER WUME 'S STUDE T GUVER ME T 59 item .---.. .7- 1 , 5'-i .-.i -ar-X-'--" -J. V if 1 :ik 1 'xiii AQ' -1, M1 . ,B p Q-1 'n., Q zifl, 1, : . , I nl ' Q' I 4 4-N I . g A ' lu f - ,' ,. x Q a r-L. . - ' ' ' W . 4 ,5 . . 5.34 '3.M V. ,x x ,, , . ..'. ' AN gfx ,x,7i""Giyx 'f fl , ' 'LJ v 4' .- v . .1 "f, --"" a, 1-x "V 2 QD., v 19? -a 1--. A 9 ,ef , '- I x I! X 1 I 99 if 1' 5 z 3' 1 ! 4 x" - T ' x xr: ' me H44 . gg, 1464 '- Y 'XIII TH 6 --'I-T4 Tamil? ,ss-+- IMPLIFIED REGISTRATION ELIM INATED LIN ES BLIND LEADING- THE BLIND Wo RKN W. M I I I I i I G I I F E SITUATION I I 'I ,Qi mi, Q5 v II E! 'T 'Q-nv' A n u . Vu I H Q9 :I 1' C' A 9 s, is 1 1'-3' 'asfzsfi I Q," ,' .ff N. , -'I 11 Fr' N- f"rA-.s- '- f.aL-mai 1. -df: .sz I I., ,I :Ig ' of 4 -If f 4 TN., . ,'qi'4'l U .,,w4'lI , i J. If I- ',,fA.,'4'.2y,. ,I I .Q rp 5 I I .I I A I. -I wr lb o 5 ' ,-33.19 4 :Mid ,im-.4',f I ,. I I 1 4 I I I I v,".I Q, :V 1, I' ' I' 'I I J gf la Q 1 gf , v FJ fl 6 M .V I I f ,lv-ff .G-"' ah' U 1 " U-'Kg 3 , -ic? YOU CA Q 6 AXWAEH 0 ' L R" Q to 1 ,F I I I NO 4 IN THE B UTY PARADE V f' fx'-. ' ,1,5 Y-H , Q 'Sui 4'o . .'L.. rp Wt. LQ . N W Q, U.. mx Mon-ls Asout U-us FLAME M ' Y . 34 9 " A Q5 " 5 . 1 .if ' 4 i 'iv ll ,4 L 4 X if ' ' - - 1 Q , Y, . 1 1 4 ' V fv Q . 1 , . 0 P ,I ' 4 I X' A U P . J nl,'2 f,f,?,i X: N I 1 , if gr. ,,. r - I l Fl. 1: -. Xe A' " 1 '5 H 1 up 4 l qvzrkl, 45" G 'Usd , x 1 ' L' 15' . '23 ,, . ,Q , glib, ' Ei .- .. I 1 I -ffailw' wk -, ,- S YET TO THE WCRS w4f"'?'S""' x 1 BIVOUACIN6 IN TH LCONY , , MY son' L 19 Siifff 935 - if Agp! ' . . 3 X WE'VE HAD . , .rn 'if 'rs W!! 'C' Y ru. 25,361 -T' 7 'TJxfvQF3wmr43iJE?v "" ff if ' 1.4 - 'ds .- 0 'sb 33 '-ri! u gig. ,Q ,,x3' ' lk? iyzkfwgwggdawhmgxf? wvffsgg, ,'f,f'f i,""'.1 Q sf- " ff'ZQgs'2 5-gn if i .. It A , v x I H I .1 'iilf'-1'di Q' ' of . V x R Y 6 .Juv W R WN df' 9,0 ,. , if N Q U Y 42' ' 1' - 1' ' in 1 O v-nw., TIN Q7 FOR THE REBELS 'Qrffsfz 'RN 1 -is' J . ' ' Q4i',i1w ,, 1 x 1 !, X t i Q Wx? NEUMEWD 'V THE O ' ll' ,.,- L gt, T? .YT 'V 1 1 . ' '1 ., ' I i. 1, O 1. 5, . 'fi s . - ,s, Y QUE' 1' Q 1 'VA 'Q-N, N ' K' 'vf f .. w A . I . 5 ' 'si Q-. , A ' A ' Q'- I 1 1 F M I I P f le 'IX-. uf law Lug U AN D N OW . , Q 3' N ITHE PONY EXPR ZW 4. .-'-'V 4 5 --"eq-41' - H 5 I 5 li v 1: ' E 1 if ,," 4 I 1 ' ff --Niggr ve' ,, ' ' ,ff ,L 'pf 1 V Afxl' 4 1 'fa7'f, fi ' 1 ,Y l2'.....:.3L l V '- Q ,Q si' 5 .tvs S' '- AXIW Q. ' 'W g,?M 'S 1.7 l Lx L flu 1 guy 4 ,' " ' - H f . LJ? Q: 'Haig' . 3' -g:xr"!'- + 4. , I ag' i.x'3. no 'Vx IVA Y' yas. 'lcv i I ii QQ Qhxt ' is! V' ' I t' I . K" Ml l I . ', eg X 1 '. x 'V ' " ' .3 -V ' ll ' 7 I. ' .1 ntl.. 'l 5 xii' A NSHFE Q 0 U v . f ln WfH',s'k' lv' fig' I 5 ' "ff Ar 1' . I ' L it " 1.1 -V -4, I , ' ' 0 1 .QF ' L - 1 I , x gs 'Ji, a .'N QQ' 'rxve 1, Bl' .,f,:A,, QQPSA1 Sig , A . 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I 0 'V I 0 i .i 1 ,I I I ' vs.f 'ilu' 1 ' I rx 1, jf if I 4 tb .b I It I Sinn-Q N-,ZH X-A I 'Q fr. 1 Q ' 0 tv, 'L To fpg - I ' ,fi K rx , Q 'x 'Q - . K! IF L1 vxtkf fd. 14 ep N' ' ', fo A' ' - , x 'Hb . ' " if Q V . . . . xl, v . fffvgffe ,XA .,,, 3 9' s-,., Sym ! s .l' f R' 3 E ft ' ' fl fr' .N' 'i 4 Effu I -' :Ai '-A-M' fl' W 1' QITC' 'px' J o".f . if 'Q 4 up iw . . 1 f is GPA 'lp I ' ' f ' U 1' Ae X is I 'AL X ,A- . t I . 4? ' , 4" . ' 'Q ' ' E, ip X99 . 3.6, ,I H x .QW t.. ,- J- ' V - Rl ff' .- , .f'j'- MX' ' '1 Q' ' M 5 xt, C Q ' s 'ff ' I X' - s v T1 .- dxl. --. ", ' "'. sv ," QV 'ff -' I fs x -" "'.' +-' ' " L .1 3o+A'xX's"p5"'-5"..'f"'f fF A.':"'s'YH 4' .4 ' , E ff, .' ' X ' 5" 5' 1' I m' , ."'AQ'qF,. . I -r 1 ' 4 .',- . 44' , xlx. K , 'T qi. I 'f 4, A 1' ' '. b u 'Y EM .j""' E CONFERENCQ I OUR Fmsr pA,R ,Z BETTE GHT T I fwf- R I ". . . THEN THEY WERE MARRIED S TO ME IVE SEEN THAT LEER BEFORE I 9 MID W MURDER BOWL nl- -3 ,.o' Q ' -- ' , . - og ,.v,., MM, , . Iv. Q U x ,l 5 ,h - 1 4 41' ., " 3 ,Q 3' , .1 ' 'Q pb- '-34,5-x' , I f- ,I -Iv-1x.1I-V3 -I J V- Q - ' , - - '11, - ,. u . .- -. .fb 4, ,R -. ., 5 A., , -1 . , .. ,A K-,dxf 1 Q ,A A Q 1 U gs, . x : 4 ' Vr T , ,x 'f ,,,.f l.-,,. -., ,I 's M.. 1114. S- 5-4 ' , ,,- .Kp Pr U .--ug 5. ,fx o' ' ' OK OUR INTELLIGENCE TEST lcouw IT as worms? j ,ii Iv ,,. II: Q' I -II IICOFFIN-CORNER. I 4 of '-' ' e 2 fx ' I-.Q M FE 5 I 4 1 H 'Q fg I Y .H If ' fa- . . -1 K ,I 3 .J J , Q a' is 1 g ,I , '. 92' 4 , 4?'4,' JZ 'yn' ' 1 I Q,-E. PA 1 ,D A Q. s . ex 'fy' v-MM 'QL ,Q .A-9, ' : ' ---.wi ,775 - . -A. ,lx 3 . -' f' . -x, f I 'Q ' r . :Qa- :. :'v .,v '- 4' 1 sf! - 1 .il I X, f X W W - F 3. 3- ' ' ' F :Lg . ' Z. , -4l. 2, W u F E 1 . r . V .IA '35, - , I -A I ll u They planned if THEN f BU 1 Q PL Y The d 12.1 G I wa-5 vw. ,cv- ii' I. .V ,Y ,Q-. . ' " .r 9 s J' Ya' r f Y 0 M., .v, A, if M L R+' 3' 'Vu 3? mln" I -4' A A if .. Tj' sry! 4' Q A ff' ' 1 A 2w'5'1x,i " , J lu , " Q57 lx " q f , . f"' 4'-iw. . 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W I I 4 Q' f rf" , gifts? . , .H .NV .1 1 nj-fx, ,xr Q, ,,. K . Q P' 4' M... Y' www '33 -S 'fs X , Ki 'Q If um f ,M J. , . . is -:..,gggj' A , ,filly ,se f Q -1 ... . -:il -A.. ..-..i1 . if ff 41 Q s . 1 I f' TI3 "4-lF"!'fi49'??!i9f ., . ., ws f 3 REXQL'-i"'v -. V . .xi Ajkalii -rf 1, ." . jn1i,44Qy..55fs',,,w, i 'V N . i I I 5 1 5 by Q J 1 , J 5 1, 2 Q , u l I Y ' . . f .I 7s 1 1 ww 4. 4 1 i Q i ' f 5 f I , 5' '-1 'N . 2 ' ' f . 'K 'I , 3 f 5 1 i ' ' 1 g I ' ' . . ' I iq a 4 , -.. "' -0 , , gif' '- Y ' , .. ' ,,.,-n-1 A ' 'Y - ' u 4 '1 ' . ?, A 5 6 Q M. in-rf' M i Q ,Q A 4 iw ., i: E Q Q Q 1 4 I 9 ' 'Q -el n """'.-"-fP 0 4 f 'M ND pun. VIRGIL ADAMS, JR. EDWIN AIKENS CLIISS for "':,"fu . WILLIAM ALEXANDER, JR. ROBERT BAKER BEMIS BAILEY ABOVE: 0 VIRGIL C. ADAMS, JR., Jackson: Law III: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Delia Phi: Moo+ Courf Board. 0 EDWIN C. AIKENS, Lucedale: Law Ill. 0 WILLIAM B. ALEXANDER, JR., Boyle: Law III: Sigma Nu. 0 ROBERT F. BAKER, Hazlehursi: Med. II: Alpha Kappa Kappa. O BEMIS O. BAILEY, Biloxi: Law Ill: Veferans Club. BELOW: O Firsf Row: HAROLD M. BAILEY, Jackson: Law III: Kappa Sigma. 0 JAMES C. BASS, Jackson: Med. II: Alpha Kappa Kappa: Kappa Alpha. O EMILE M. BAUMHAUER, JR.. Meridian: Med. II: Phi Chi: Phi Kappa Sigma. 0 Second Row: LOYD L. BEACHAM, JR., Jackson: Law III: Mississippi Law Journal: Commiffee of I00. O SAM E. BIRDSONG, JR., Jackson: Law III: Kappa Sigma: Omicron Della Kappa: Moof Courf Board: Phi Delfa Phi. 0 MELTON E. BLOOM, Helena, Arkansas: Law Il. HAROLD BAILEY JAMES BASS EMILE BAUMHAUER, JR LOYD BEACHAM, JR. SAM BIRDSONG, JR. MELTON BLOOM I ,,. I My K I I I I I I I I P THOMAS ROBERT CALDWELL WILLIAM COLEMAN BRADDOCK, JR. RICHARD BRADLEY ERNEST BROWN ABOVE: 0 THOMAS N. BRADDOCK, JR., Ripley: Med. II: Phi Chi. O RICHARD C. BRADLEY, Columbia: Law III: Lambda Chi Alpha: Phi Della Phi: B.S. Degree, Mississippi Sfafe. 0 ERNEST L. BROWN, Booneville: Law III: Bela Thela Pi. 0 RAMON L. BURGESS, Ne+'Ile'I'on: Law III: Bela TheI'a Pi: Phi Alpha Delia: Moo'I' Courl' Board: Chairman, Teams and Couris Commiffee. O LAMPKIN H. BUTTS, Oxford: Law III: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Edifor, Mississippi Law Journal: Phi Delfa Phi. BELOW: 0 Firsl' Row: ROBERT S. CALDWELL, Baldwyng Med. ll: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi: YMCA: Hermean Liferary Sociefyg Moalxs: Inframural Council: Inferfraferniiy Council. O WAL- LACE E. CALDWELL, Baldwyng Med. II: Phi Chi. O WILSON C. CALVERT, Union: Med. II: Sigma Chi: Phi Chi. 0 FREDERICK T. CARNEY, Memphis, Tennessee: Law III: Kappa Alpha: CommiH'ee of I00: Wesley Foundafiong Inferfralernify Council. O CREIGHTON CHANDLER, Wesf Poinf: Law III: Sigma Chi. 0 Second Row: WILLIAM D. COLEMAN, Aclrerman: Law III: Bela The+a Pi: Phi Delia Phi: Chairman, Moof Courl' Board. 0 CURTIS L. COLLINS, Carihage: Law III: Phi Alpha Delia. O THOMAS H. COMER, Booneville: Law III. O DONALD C. COOLEY, Hazlehursf: Lew III: Delia Psi: Phi Delia Phi: Mississippi Law Journal SIaFF, O RAYMOND S. COX, Jaclrson: Law III: Sigma Nu: Phi Alpha Delia. WILSON CALVERT THOMAS COMER WALLACE CALDWELL CURTIS COLLINS sql Tai li s me fi, . , 'i RAMON BURGESS LAMPKIN BUTTS O FREDERICK CARNEY DONALD COOLEY '93 CREIGHTON CHANDLER RAYMOND COX gr 3 'huh ll' N -wp:-5, -. -.,.,...,.. ..., J . f. ,3.,1,,.' WILLIAM CRESSWELL JAMES CRIGLER CLI-ISS I , .. v'- 4 ,I Q. .. a.. ., ,N s '11 ALFRED CRISLER JAMES DALE, JR, JOSEPH DALE ABOVE: 0 WILLIAM E. CRESSWELL, Duranig Law III: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cardinal Club: Phi Aipha Delia. 0 JAMES C. CRIGLER, S+arI:viIIe: Law III: Sigma Chi: Phi Delia Phi. I ALFRED N. CRISLER, Jackson: Law III: Kappa Alpha: Phi DeIIa Phi. 0 JAMES S. DALE, JR.: Law III: Befa Thefa Pi: Phi Alpha DeI'la. 0 JOSEPH DALE, Preniiss: Law III: Phi DeI+a Phi. BELOW: O Firsi' Row: JOHN O, DAMPEER, JR., Summii: Med. II: Sigma Nu: Phi Chi, 0 JAMES R. DENTON, Tunica: Med. II: Phi Chi. O ALONZO M. DONNELL, JR., Blue Mounfaing Med. II: Alpha Kappa Kappa. 0 Second Row: GEORGE E. EMMETT, CIin+on: Med. II: Phi Chi: B.S.U. 0 HAMPTON C. ENGLAND, Crysfal Springs: Med, II: Alpha Kappa Kappa. O CLOYD L. EZELL, McLain: Phi Chi: A.B., Universiiy of Alabama. JOHN DAMPEER, JR. JAMES DENTON ALONZO DONNELL, JR GEORGE EMMETT HAMPTON ENGLAND CLOYD EZELL HUGH GOWAN NORMAN GREEN LOUIE HENRY ROZELLE HAHN : . Q JOHN FRAISER, JR. SAMUEL GALLOWAY, JR. JAMES GARNER ABOVE: O JOHN J. FRAISER, JR., Minler Cify: Law III: Sigma Chi: Phi Alpha Della: YMCA: lnferfrafernify Council. 0 SAMUEL C. GALLOWAY, JR., Ponlolocg Med. ll: Alpha Kappa Kappa. O JAMES P. GARNER, Jackson: Med. ll: Alpha Kappa Kappa, I C. DEN- TON GIBBES, JR., Laurel: Law Ill: Kappa Alpha: Phi Delia Phi: Mississippi Law Journal: B.A., Tulane Universify. O JOHN M. GIORDANO, Jaclrson: Med. II. BELOW: O Firsf Row: HUGH L. GOWAN, Kosciuslro: Med. ll: Phi Della Thefa: Bela Bela Bela: Phi Chi. O NORMAN E. GREEN, Wesson: Alpha Kappa Kappa. I WILLIAM B. GRESHAM, Booneville: Law Ill: Sigma Phi Epsilon, 0 JOSEPH R. GRIFFIN, Manfee: Law Ill. 0 JOE S. HANEY, Gulfporf: Med. ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Kappa Kappa: B.A., Universi+y of Mississippi. O Second Row: LOUIE C. HENRY, Wafer Valley: Med. II: Sigma Chi: Phi Chi: Secrefary- Treasurer of Ihe Medicine School. O ROZELLE HAHN, Columbus: Med. ll. 0 MAURICE L. HAYES. Cascilla: Med. ll: Phi Chi: ROA. 0 HARRY D, HELMAN, Florence: Med. Il. 0 JOHN F. HENSLEIGH, Gloslerg Med. II: Alpha Kappa Kappa. WILLIAM GRESHAM MAURICE HAYES , , A . s5B5'i UT' ' ,,,-un-fa 1 if -3' . , . Q ff.. , v .15,:g.'s uv: "1 . ,- .,. 4 G v . If n I C. GIBBES, JR. JOHN GIORDANO, JR. I2 MQW JOSEPH GRIFFIN HARRY HELMAN I rifaveg is .W . ,lm .lg 'Q' 'fs-9' 'wa L ' '21-i ' if . ,QA .gel Joe HANEY , Joi-IN HENSLEIGH I I I I I I V ' I ,,,....x 4' f .3 s. -- .Q I ,Q-gain--s:.'1q2.4P2., 'EW' ' "' '5 -QF' GEORGE HERRING THURMAN HILLMAN CLHSS KARL HORN CECIL INMAN, JR. CHATWIN JACKSON JR ABOVE: 0 GEORGE W. HERRING, Meridian: Med. Il: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi. O THURMAN H. HILLMAN, Lealresville: Law III. 0 KARL B. HORN, UIica: Med. II: Phi Chi, O CECIL E. INMAN, JR., Jaclrson: Law III: Kappa Alpha: B.A. Degree: Debale Team '42: Tennis Team: Universify Players. I CHATWIN M. JACKSON, JR., Kosciusllo: Law III: Phi Delia Theia: Phi Alpha DeI+a. BELOW: 0 Firsl' Row: WILLIAM H. JOHNSON, JR,, Doddsville: Law III: Phi Alpha Della. O JOHN K. KEYES, Taylorsville: Law Ill: Phi Della Phi: Law Journal Sfaff. 0 CALVIN R. KING, Duranf: Law III: Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 Second Row: LEE G. KIRK, Benioniag Law III: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Delia Phi. O JOSEPH S. KNIGHT, Haifiesburg: Law III: Kappa Alpha. 0 BRUCE M. KUEHNLE, Nafchez: Med. II: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi. WILLIAM JOHNSON, JR. JOHN KEYES CALVIN KING LEE KIRK JOSEPH KNIGHT BRUCE KUEHNLE V -we ,Aqq 1 -ndilb' s . ROBERT LAMBRIGHT, JR. BURTON LINDAU THEODORE LEWIS ABOVE: 0 ROBERT L. LAMBRIGHT, JR., Jackson: Med. II: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi. 0 BURTON LINDAU, Miami: Med. ll. 0 THEODORE T. LEWIS, Balesville: Med. ll: Della Psi: Phi Chi. I JOHN R. LOVELACE, Bafesville: Med. II: Phi Chi. O WILLIAM B, LLOYD, Jackson: Law Ill: Kappa Alpha: Phi Alpha Della. BELOW: 0 Firsl' Row: SAMUEL T. LLOYD, JR., Jackson: Law Ill: Kappa Alpha, 0 ANGUS M. McBRYDE, Sumrall: Med. ll: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Chi: Rho Chi. 0 SAM P. MCCLATCHY, Universily: Med. ll: Alpha Kappa Kappa: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Hoods Brigade: B.A. Degree '4O: B. S. Degree '46. 0 ERNEST J. MCCRAIN, Laurel, Med. ll, Phi Chi. O JAMES C. GEHEE, Bude: Law lll: Bela Thela Pi: Boxing Team '36-'37: Vel- erans Club, '46-'47: Vice Presidenl, lnferfralernily Council '46: lnfernalional Relalions Club '46: Commillee of IOO: YMCA: Facully. 0 Second Row: MAYES Mcf-SEHEE, Bude: Law lll. 0 CHARLES L. MCGLOHN, Gulf- porl: Law Ill: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi. L. O WILLIAM E. MclNTYRE, JR., Brandon: Law III: Kappa Alpha: Phi Alpha Della: Presidenf, Velerans Club '47: Presidenf, Law ll Class: Secrefary, Law School: Mississippi Law Journal. O FRANK W. MCLENDON, JR., Jackson: Law lll. 0 ERIC A. McVEY, JR., Lamberl: Med. ll: Sigma Chi: Phi Chi: B.S., Mississippi S+a+e College: Blue Key: Omicron Delia Kappa: Sfudenf Execulive Council: Presidenl, Med. l: Presidenl of Medical School. SAMUEL LLOYD, JR, ANGUS MCBRYDE SAM MCCLATCHY MAYES MCGEHEE CHARLES MCGLOHN WILLIAM MCINTYRE, JR. "'1'mT:sJ'42-F - 'f' 'W' " ' f ' :"f"'e'v , , , is spd! rf? JOHN LOVELACE WILLIAM LLOYD O I 3 V6L I 5 , l l l l l ERNEST MCCRAIN JAMES McGEHEE FRANK LENDON, JR. ERIC MCVEY, JR. 'Q fn-0-QUQQI N Q -x"""3-Y' '- -- "'?""W4i9hv. ,avr N, QW w 5 any hw 'vi -we i E CHARLES MARCUS LLOYD MARTIN ROSE MAY WALTER MAY LEONARD MELVIN, JR 1 f X ff . gfgfl lil ,ffl I' If i lA,Y , :jf-gf. if in if fi if J", i- ii r: X f M fx if fl!!! ,ff ,Y Ji ff id!! ,. if if fi f f' 7,2 ,ji 1 If L!! rf" ff 1' If 'lil AK! j' f L' ,K lx 'Ii' A 11,1 Y X' 'fr l . r l ,V I, 1 l 'rf ,ff ff f f xr! X ,ffE'-fi E71 If-'xx fi., :fm 7' :WY GOI' : A r lx ,I r Q 1 r i 2 i Tx, 'Nye u I 1 'l fx. T 'a 1 l I Q -wig 'i I 2' Tr T' V2 nl 1 . ij .,-Jiri ii' Wi rw . L- ABOVE: O CHARLES MARCUS, Joneslown: Law lll: Phi Epsilon Pi: B.S. Degree, Universiiy of lllinois: Phi Sigma: Band: Cardinal Club: Mississippi Law Journal: Hoods Brigade: Dance Commiifee. O LLOYD L. MARTIN, Slarlrville: Law lll: Sigma Chi, O ROSE P. MAY, Mendenhall, Law Ill. 0 WALTER D. MAY, Mendenhall: Law lll, 0 LEONARD B. MELVIN, JR., Laurel: Law Ill: Sigma Phi Epsilon. BELOW: 0 Firs+ Row: CLARENCE E. MORGAN, JR., Kosciuslno: Law lll: Delia Psi: Law Journal Sfalifg Phi Alpha Della. 0 WILL A. NASON, Belzoni: Law lll: Delia Psi. 0 WALTER R. NEILL, Ellisville: Med. ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. 0 Second Row: ROBERT G. NlCHOLS, JR., Jackson: Law lll: Kappa Sigma: Omicron Del+a Kappa: Moo? Courf Board. 0 BERNARD S. PATRICK, Corinfh: Med. ll: Sigma Chi: Alpha Kappa Kappa: Presiden+ of Alpha Kappa Kappa: Drum Major of Band. 0 FLOYD H. POTEETE, JR., Wafer Valley: Med. ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. CLARENCE MORGAN, JR. WILL NASON WALTER NEILL ROBERT NICHOLS, JR. BERNARD PATRICK FLOYD POTEETE, JR :Pk If SOB SYOOSSPSOOSSSS B SSSSSSiSSS'S"'---'T I I K -,-,J izfffe.-r - -35 - -'V-7.?7j I k .', .flffg 1 ' I A f' . , "J,-',. .,3f1q:. 1 fkiifi' .amiga if .. .A is E ,N 11- , I if . augimi is I i w-f fu. , ,q . ' 51" 'i Qmiih Q fwfj' MORAN POPE HERBERT POWER WILLIAM POWERS JAMES RALEY HUGH RAYNER ABOVE: O MORAN M. POPE, Halliesburgg Law Ill: Phi Della Thela. 0 HERBERT R. POWER, Weir: Med. II: Phi Chi, 0 WILLIAM C. POWERS, Holly Springs, Law Illg Della Kappa Epsilon. 0 JAMES W. RALEY, Biloxi: Law lllg Sigma Chi. O HUGH S. RAYNER, Meridian, Med. ll: Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. BELOW: 0 O Firsl' Row: MAL S. RIDDELL, JR., Moorheadg Med. llg Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 RICHARD A. ROBERTS, Moss Poinfg Med. ll: Alpha Kappa Kappa, O SIDNEY A. ROBINSON, JR., Jaclrsong Law lllg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Della, Della Zela Pig Scabbard and X Blade. O GLOVER A. RUSSELL, Clarlrfdaleg Law lllg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 WILLIAM I C, RYBAK, Belhlehem, Pennsylvania: Law lllg Phi Della Phi. I O Second Row: TOM B. SCOTT, JR., Jaclcsong Law Illg Kappa Alphap Phi Alpha Della: Presidenr, Kappa Alpha. 0 FRANK E. SHANAHAN, JR., Vicksburg, Law lllg Sigma Nuq I Delia Sigma Pig Mississippi Law Journal '47-'48, Mississippian '42-'44, Phi Sigma '4I-'42, ' Velerans Club '46-'47, O JAMES F, SHUMATE, JR., Meridian: Law lllg Kappa Sigmag Phi I Alpha Della: Presidenl, Senior Law Classi President, Phi Alpha Della. 0 JOHN F, S. I SIMS, Columbus: Law lllg Alpha Tau Omegag lnlerfralernily Councilg Dance Commiflee O S. J. SIMPSON, Winona: Law lllg Phi Alpha Della. I I MAL RIDDELL, JR. RICHARD ROBERTS SIDNEY ROBINSON, JR, GLOVER RUSSELL WILLIAM RYBAK TOM SCOTT, JR. FRANK E, SHANAHAN, JR. JAMES SHUMATE, JR, JOHN SIMS S. J. SIMPSON I 'V in-va an..-.,, 'Wil' ' iv ' ..f fu,-zr.1g'f.: BURRIS SMITH VIRGINIA STACY CLIISS - E if! JOSEPH STEVENS LEO STEWART FLOYD STRATTON ABOVE: O BURRIS O. SMITH, Louisville: Law III: Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Alpha DeI+a: Treasurer of Law School: Inferfraierniiy Council. O VIRGINIA S. STACY, Ruleville. 0 JOSEPH H. STEVENS. Pefal: Law III: Phi Alpha Delia, I LEO O. STEWART, Poplarville: Med. II: Phi Chi: B.S., Mississippi Sfaie College. 0 FLOYD W. STRATTON, Liber+y: Law III: Befa Thefa Pi: Inierfraiernify Council. BELOW: O Firsi' Row: ROBERT E. L. STUART, Gulfporf: Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. O JOHN C. SULLIVAN, Jackson: Law III: Phi Alpha Delfa. 0 J. STANFORD TERRY: Jackson, Tennessee: Law III: Phi Delia Theia: Phi Alpha Delia: Della Sigma Pig Mool' Courf Board: Omicron Delia Kappa. O Second Row: JOE E. THIGPEN, Bay Springs: Mecl. II. O EVEN A. TURNAGE, New Hebron: Law III. O WILLIS WALKER, JR., Haifiesburg: Med. II: Sigma Chi: Phi Chi. ROBERT STUART JOHN SULLIVAN J. TERRY JOE THIGPEN EVEN TURNAGE WILLIS WALKER, JR CHARLES WHITAKER TALMADGE WILLIFORD, JR. W- 7 .- W. W. WALLEY IRWIN WATERMAN LESTER WEBB ABOVE: 0 W. W. WALLEY, Richlon: Med. Il: Alpha Kappa Kappa: BSU: Commifiee of IOO. O IRWIN G. WATERMAN, Jackson: Law III: Phi Efa Sigma: Pi Kappa Pi. 0 LESTER D. WEBB: Eupora: Med. II: Alpha Kappa Kappa: B.A. Degree, Mississippi College: Masfers Degree, Duke Universify. O JAMES C. WELBURN, Mize: Med. II: Alpha Epsilon Delia: Alpha Kappa Kappa. O JAMES M. WELLS, Leakesvilleg Med. ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. BELOW: 0 Firsl' Row: CHARLES H. WHITAKER, Leland: Med. ll: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi. O D. KNOX WHITE, Gulfporh Law III: Delia Kappa Epsilon: Phi Della Phi: Cardinal Club '42: Mississippi Law Journal. 0 ROBERT P, WHITE, JR., Long Beach: Law III: Bela Kappa. I CHARLES E, WHITTEN, Cascilla: Law III: Della Kappa Epsilon. O THOMAS F. WICKER, Hickory Flaf: Law III. O Second Row: TALMADGE Y. WILLIFORD, JR., Cleveland: Med. II: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Chi. 0 EARL R. WILSON, Oxford: Law III: Sigma Nu: Phi Alpha Della. O JOSEPH V. WILSON, JR., Lula: Law III: Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Alpha Della: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Inferfralernily Council: YMCA: Veferans Club. 0 KAVANAUGH P. WOOD, JR., Lena: Law III: Alpha Tau Omega. O JOSEPH E. WROTEN, Greenville: Law Ill: Kappa Sigma: Presidenf, Sfa+e S+uden+ YMCA '43: Wesley Founda+ion '47, '48: Commifiee of I00: Velerans Club. D. WHITE EARL WILSON ROBERT WHITE, JR. JOSEPH WILSON, JR. JAMES WELBURN ti JAMES WELLS QW CHARLES WHITTEN KAVANAUGH WOOD, JR. ,. ,ef we . A 1 - - KN 'fr'-H' 48 i ' , f - - 1 ,5 ff' ' ,,.5"2, ffl irc" Li ff 1f?"i'i'2 : ' .,,.x.?i 1 wi! THOMAS WICKER JOSEPH WROTEN 'Sf i anus' --:af-if -+- PAUL ABSTON PAUL ALEXANDER RICHARD ALLEN DEWITT ALLRED, JR, JAMES AVENT JR X I xi gn" . jf If I jxviff. l X girl fll " ' J if if ,K "fi ff f f I fl , WW it I Lf' I ff x K ,ll 4 1 ' 1 ,lf f 6 I Y 'vx. f' I If , if Q gf ,X il Q li lf I-1 T ABOVE: 0 PAUL ABSTON, Crandall: Law ll. I PAUL G. ALEXANDER, Jaclzson: Law l. 0 RICHARD M. ALLEN, lndianola: Law I: Kappa Alpha. O DEWITT T. ALLRED, JR., Collins: Law I: Pi Kappa Alpha: Veferans Club: YMCA. 0 JAMES K. AVENT, JR., Grenada: Med. l: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. BELONN: 0 First Row: CARROLL R. BALL, Monfrose: Graduaie ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Sigma Del+a: Be+a Bela Bela: Biology Club. O JANNIE B. BALL, Duncan: Graduaie I: Phi Mu: B.A., Millsaps College: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies. '45, '46, 0 JAMES A. BARNETT, Jackson: Law l: Pi Kappa Alpha: Treasurer of ASB '46: Presi- deni of ASB '47. O Second Row: JOHN T. BARRETT, Tupelo: Law ll, 0 CARLOS BEGLEY, Hazard, Ken- Iuclxy: Graduafe l. O FINLEY E. BELCHER, Rosedale: Graduaie l: Phi Efa Sigma: Pi Kappa Pi: Befa Gamma Sigma: Delia Sigma Pi: Taylor Medal in Accouniing. CARROLL BALL JANNIE BALL JAMES BARNETT JOHN BARRETT CARLOS BEGLEY FINLEY BELCHER . :TF ' ' f I Sffzif' .. I fri. ' is S1521 1 aw . I 3' B 2. f. 3 .1 , , 'Q i' A ' . ' H Cray! , . ' 'ST- 9.15 1 I 5 i I I THOMAS BELL DAVID BENNETT ROBERT BONDS ABOVE: O THOMAS A. BELL, Grenada: Law II: Kappa Alpha. 0 DAVID N. BENNETT, Ripley: Graduale: Pi Kappa Alpha. O ROBERT A. BONDS, Holly Springs: Law II: Della Kappa Epsilon: Presidenf, Pi Efa Sigma '46-'47: Vice Presidenf, Della Sigma Pi '46-'47: Vice Presidenr, Omicron Delia Kappa '47-'48: Presidenr, YMCA: Hall of Fame '46-'47: Vice Presidenl, IFC '46: OLE MISS Slaff '45-'46: Commiriee of I00: Dance Commirleeg ASB Dance Commiliee. O THOMAS D. BOURDEAUX, Meridian: Law I: Phi Delia Theia: Omi- cron Della Kappa: Hall of Fame '47: Edifor Mississippian '46-'47: Chairman, Omicron Della Kappa Forum Commilfee '47-'48. 0 REUBIN W. BOYDSTUM, JR., Louisville: Law I. BELOW: 0 Firs+ Row: BOYER M, BRADY, JR., Jaclcson: Med. I: Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. O CURTIS V. BRELAND, McLain: Law II. 0 WILLIAM D. BROOKS, Kosciuslro: Law II: Pi Kappa Alpha. O STEWART C. BROOM, JR., Jaclrson: Law II, 0 VERNON H. BROOM, Colum- bia: Law ll. 0 Second Row: B. HAL BUCHANAN, Pelahafchie: Graduafe: Presidenf, Graduale School Club: Educafion Club: Fufure Teachers of America. 0 JAMES D. BUFORD, Holly Springs: Law ll: Phi Della Phi: Mississippi Law Journal Sfalil: Taylor Medal in Polilical Science '46: B.A., Universify of Mississippi, '47, 0 ROBERT L. BUIE, Jackson: Law I: Kappa Alpha. I SHED H, CAFFEY, JR., Columbus: Med. I: Phi Della There: Bela Bela Befa. 0 JAMES M. CAIN, Canfon: Law II: Della Psi. . .- . ,A-.,v.,.,-,....,.-.. . 1 V 45 ep 5 y Ns. I THOMAS BOURDEAUX REUBIN BOYDSTUN, JR. fjym BOYER BRADY, JR. CURTIS BRELAND WILLIAM BROOKS STEWART BROOM, JR, VERNON BROOM B BUCHANAN JAMES BUFORD ROBERT BUIE SHED CAFFEY, JR. JAMES CAIN ' -.tu-. Q WILLIAM CAMP WILLIAM CARR, JR. FRED CARVER CHARLES CLARK JOSEPH CLEMENTS ABOVE: 0 WILLIAM H. CAMP, Dorsey: Law Il. O WILLIAM L. CARR, JR., Laurel: Med. I. 0 FRED A. CARVER, Jackson: Law I: Kappa Sigma. O CHARLES CLARK, Cleveland: Law II: Delia Psi: Phi Alpha DeI+a: Mool' Courl' Board. O JOSEPH H. CLEMENTS, Ownes- boro, Kenluclxy: Graduaie, BELOW: 0 Firs+ Row: WILFRED Q. COLE, JR., Jaclxson: Med. I: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Chi: Cardinal Club '43: Presidenf, Canferbury Club '47. O GROVER C. COLEMEN, Menden- hall: Graduafe. 0 EDWIN P. CONNOLLY, Laurel: Law I. 0 Second Row: HARRY L. CORBAN, Faye++e: Law I: Kappa Alpha. 0 OVERTON A. CURRIE, Hafiiesburg: Law I: Phi Delia Theia: Pi Kappa Pi: Delia Sigma Pi: Presidenf, Veierans Club '47-'48: Secrefary of YMCA '47-'48: Commiflee of I00, '47-'48: Infer- fra'I'erni'fy Dance Commiffee '47: Mississippian '46: Presidenl, Mississippi Veflerans of In- sfiiufions of Higher Learning: Y: Financial Drive CommiHee: "M" Boolz: IRC. O WILLIAM S. CURRIE, Gulfport Liberal Arfs: Pi Kappa Alpha. WILFRED COLE, JR, GROVER COLEMAN EDWIN CONNOLLY HARRY CORBAN OVERTON CURRIE WILLIAM CURRIE I . EJ' . ff? 33-Q GEORGE CURRY ARTHUR CUSTY LUCIUS DABNEY, JR. ABOVE: 0 GEORGE C. CURRY, Hafiiesburg: Law I. 0 ARTHUR B. CUSTY, Laurel: Law I: Phi E+a Sigma. O LUCIUS B. DABNEY, JR., Vicksburg: Law I: Phi Delia Theia: Mississippian S+a'FF '46: Infernafional Relafions Club '46-'47: Veierans Club '47-'48, O EDMOND J. DALY, Philadelphia: Med. I: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. O FORTENBERRY T, DAVIS, Ha'I'Iies- burg: Law I. BELOW: O Firsi' Row: ROBERT D. DEAN, Byhaliag Med. I: Sigma Chi: Phi Chi. O ROSALIND DOTTERY, Olrolona: Law I. O THOMAS E. DOUGLAS, JR., Wes? Poinfg Graduafe: Sigma Chi: Mississippians Dance Orches+ra: Befa Beia Be+a: Alpha Epsilon Delia: Biology Club. O WORTH DUNN, Winborn: Med. I. O JOSEPH L. DUNNE, Jackson, Tennessee: Law I. I Second Row: WILLIAM B. EARNEST, FuI+on: Law I, O JAMES W. EDWARDS, Raleigh, Tennessee: Graduaie: Kappa Sigma: Universiiy Chorus: Universiiy Players. O FRANCIS M. ESTES, Cruger: Graduaie: Delia Gamma: Pi Kappa Pi: Kappa Delia Pi: YMCA: Com- miffee of I00. 0 CHARLES FARRIS, JR., Leland: Med. I: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Chi: Inframural Council '43-'44: Cafholic Club. 0 JEANNE FERRELL, Memphis, Tennessee: Graduafe. ROBERT DEAN ROSALIND DOTTERY THOMAS DOUGLAS, JR. WILLIAM EARNEST JAMES EDWARDS FRANCIS ESTES ' 5. 'S .1 'lhtjx EDMOND DALY FORTENBERRY DAVIS I I 0 I I I I im I WORTH DUNN CHARLES FARRIS, JR. JOSEPH DUNNE JEANNE FERRELL -Q ..-12" 'give'- "IDI" fa 1-Y-fJ ' r . H ..,.,,J 5 'Y .ang X , . ELLIS FINCH THEODORE FORD, Ill KENNETH FRANKS CHERIE FRIEDMAN JUAN GARCIA ,J-Xa fi . I I I if A. V ii' I1 If I XII, I A 1' I f if ff! II I I I I ' ' I I ' If " I' I fi I , I i W, X ,J ,, I I :jf I' f 'I , ,ff ,A ip! X X A X, li ff 4 XII . , f 1 X, I I ,I I" NJ.-' ,' ,I IX K... 1 If r I I I 'ff , , C I W 1 j ' W' X I I lj I I , ,gl I I I I, I ' . ,j7 I ' I f it I, V' .xv -'p gf f K-N X vAf"'Xf"' W fx, il, If 2" I 'lf-N-J ., I ' I I 1 I .XX I . I I. -I , I , I I ' E i I I I I I--xl! '-,J "" - ' F' 'I I' I I..I'--1 if ii If I 'I if I! 511 Ll- , I .fl my ABOVE: 0 ELLIS W. FINCH, Booneville: Law I. 0 THEODORE B. FORD, III, Columbia: Graduafe: Kappa Alpha: Presidenl, Freshman Y: MOAKS: Hood's Brigade: Universify Players: In+er- frafernily Council: ASB Dance CommiHee: Chairman, Sludenl Welfare Commifiee: ROA. O KENNETH I. FRANKS, Philadelphia: Law I: Della Psi: Delia Sigma Pi. 6 CHERIE FRIEDMAN, Oxford: Med. I: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Della Gamma Delia: Alpha Lambda Della: Bela Tau Mu. O JUAN R. GARCIA, Haiillo, Puerlo Rico: Law II. BELOW: 0 Firsf Row: GENEVIEVE C. GLOVER, Brooksville: Graduafe: Gamma Pi Della: Fufure Teachers of America. 0 JAMES N. GODWIN, Booneville: Law I. 0 ERNEST W. GRAVES Laurel: Law II: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi: We'Iey Foundafion: Commillee of I00: Mississippian S'raFI. I Second Row: REUBEN W, GRIFFITH, JR., Jackson: Med, I: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi: Omicron Della Kappa: Alpha Epsilon Delia: B.S., Millsaps College. I THOMAS J. GRIF- FITH, JR., Ackerman: Law II: Bela Thela Pi: Phi Alpha Della: Ela Sigma Phi. C JOHN D. GUYTON, Kosciusko: Law II: Phi Della Thela: Phi Ela Sigma: Phi Alpha Della: Mis- sissippi Law Journal. GENEVIEVE GLOVER JAMES GODWIN ERNEST GRAVES REUBEN GRIFFITH, JR. THOMAS GRIFFITH, JR. JOHN GUYTON JOSEPH GUYTON JAMES HAILEY 0 I W N'1'.".v'f NR 1 li : I I . i' . .- " 55 13? y ' ' fi ' Wei: , " W?'1 X ' .5 if iii-.4 1f ,l7, r V- . . ' 1 . of L. I Avg , X I 'f ':-., . K 4 , , , " fg s., Q j-.3 , , .4 '-A . f- 'I 4. '-1 :QA 1 "wi " 'F I ABOVE: 0 JOSEPH L. GUYTON, Blue Mounfain: Med. I: Phi Chi. I JAMES H. HAILEY, Tupelo: Med. I: Phi Kappa Psi, C EVERETTE L. HARPER, Moss Poin+: Law Il: Alpha Tau Omega: Presidenl, M Club '46: Phi Efa Sigma: Phi Alpha Della: Omicron Della Kappa: Pi Kappa Pi: Foolball: Traclr. O CHARLES BOYCE HENLEY, Hazlehursf: Law I: Della Psi. 0 MARY P. HEROD, Oxford: Graduafe. BELOW: 0 Firsl' Row: CHARLES H. HERRING, Meadvillei Law I. O ROBERT L. HERRON, Cleve- land, Ohio: Law I: Sigma Nu: B.A. Degree. 0 WILL A. HICHMAN, Monficello: Law I: Kappa Sigma. 0 HENRY W, HOBBS, JR., Brookhaven: Law II: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 JESSE B. HOLLEMAN, Wiggins: Law I: Varsify Debale Nafional Team '46-'47: Tau Kappa Alpha: Mississippian '4I-'42, 0 Second Row: JACK HOLLINGSWORTH, Bude: Med. I. 0 ROBERT T. HOLLINGS- WORTH, JR., Inverness: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi: Alpha Epsilon Della: Omicron Della Kappa: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: Presidenl, Senior Class: B.S., Millsaps College. O CALVIN V. HOLMES, New Hebron: Graduafe. 0 HOMER L. HOWIE, Jackson: Law II: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Della Phi: Mississippi Law Journal, 0 SIDNEY L. HURDLE, Holly Springs: Law I. HARLES HERRING ROBERT HERRON WILL HICHMAN HENRY HOBBS JR JESSE HOLLEMAN HOLLINGSWORTH ROBERT HOLLINGSWORTH, JR. CALVIN HOLMES HOMER HOWIE SIDNEY HURDLE K. EVERETTE HARPER CHARLES HENLEY MARY HEROD f,f---.1-T of ,..-o Y ROBERT IZARD, JR. WOODROW JACOBS FORREST JOHNSON THOMAS JOHNSON ERNEST JONES f 1 if ff I fl I ffl ll J -in 1 i I if 1 I l .fl fl 1 fi l lil If If 'll Ili' ll fl v Aff , 'L J , ,l f ,ff l fi i If J' 1 7' yfx ff df 1 1 1 ' T ff is i 1 I I i ,I f ' 1 1 i 1 , 1 r 'i I . l J I .I ii T i . 'T . fi' 4 W ' f :f I f . lv f x jf fr f fi if l ' l f'ilf'!!H All lf 1 1 ' M !! fl, J ,l , lf ,ff I I I M j 'T Xl ly f, I ,J , Il ff: 1 J li" f ll y l v i v 4 W . Iii X ll lJi Tw XY.,-ji A . ,I 4 -1 i ww 1 1 L.: l ig T Q51 l Wh, P . , i , CJ! Eli ,J 4 ti .. .vi F 'T A 'L C -11 1. -12 11-. rg- fe.,. -in Pi rf: ' B. tivo! ffl' ABOVE: O ROBERT M. IZARD, JR., Pelahafchie: Med. I: Alpha Kappa Kappa: CommiHee of I00: BSU Council. O WOODROW W. JACOBS, Hiclrory Valley, Tennessee: Graduale. 0 FOR- REST A. JOHNSON, Sallisg Law l. O THOMAS F. JOHNSON, Nafchez: Law I. O ERNEST M. JONES, Jackson: Law I: Phi Eia Sigma: Presiden+, Philosophy Club '47, BELOW: 0 Firsf Row: S. B. T. JONES, JR., Gulfport Law I, 0 SIDNEY D. JONES, JR., Jackson: Med. I: Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. 0 ROBERT E. JURASCHEK, Mafhislon: Law Il: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Alpha Della. O Second Row: JESSE B. KEILUM, Tupelo: Med, I. O MOLLINE M. KEYES, Taylorsville: Graduafe. 0 HUNTER H. KIMBALL, JR., Gulfporl: Graduafe: Kappa Sigma: Phi Sigma: Hood's Brigade: Mississippian '4I: Presidenf, Canferbury Club '42: Commiffee of IOO. '4I-'42. S. B. T. JONES, JR, SIDNEY JONES, JR. ROBERT JURASCHEK JESSE KEILUM MOLLINE KEYES HUNTER KIMBALL, JR , s, ,Y 5 1.-7,1 .-.g. .E Q si fglji- r ia ' .1 .' . K .1 ' ' 1 ai: Q!! Q' MELVIN KRAUS LUCY LAWSON CLAYTON LEHMAN NATHAN LEVY LEONARD LOCKLEY, JR ABOVE: 0 MELVIN M. KRAUS, Belzoni: Graduafe: Phi Epsilon Pi: Bela Bela Bela: Inierfraiernify Commiireeg Mississippian S+aff '43: Band '4l, '42, '43. 0 LUCY LAWSON, Amory: Graduafe: Zefa Tau Alpha: Woman's A+hIeI'ic Associafion '44-'46: Commi++ee of I00: Biology Club. 0 CLAYTON E. LEHMAN, Gulfporf: Law I. O NATHAN LEVY, Vicksburg: Law II: Phi Kappa Tau: Associafe Edifor of Mississippi Law Journal. 0 LEONARD V. LOCKLEY, JR., Scoba: Gracluaie. BELOW: O Firs+ Row: WILLIAM O. LUCKETT. Canfon: Law II: Della Psi: Phi Delia Phi: Phi Efa Sigma: Law Journal. 0 VINCENT R. LUONGO, Broolrlyn, New York: Graduafe: B.A., Universi+y of Mississippi: Bela Bela Bela: Alpha Epsilon Della. 0 LOUIS J. LYELL, Jackson: Law Ig Delia Psi: Phi Efa Sigma. 0 DONNA M. LYON, Oxford: Graduafe. O CHARLES D. McCOOL, Louisville: Graduale: Alpha Tau Omega: YMCA. O Second Row: HOWARD B. McCRORY, Foresfg Law I: Kappa Sigma, 0 JACK McCROS- SAN, Fall River, Massachusefls: Graduaie: Bela Thela Pi. O DAN M. MCCULLEN: Jaclr- son: Law II: Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 WILLIAM M. MCGOUGH, Caichingsg Law II: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Delia Phi: Law Journal. 0 DALE H. McKIBBEN, Wafer Valley: Law I. WILLIAM LUCKETT VINCENT LUONGO LOUIS LYELL HOWARD MCCRORY JACK MCCROSSAN DAN MCCULLEN . Q gi' 4' V . 'C' 1 "' inn!! . 1 5 - , -V2 "cf , .... . 4 qi an ' . ' , W g 1 ' -1: 1 fr- , -I , ..- s -1 L ,Av 41" 'S -tp-4" W CHARLES MCCOOL DALE MCKIBBEN 1 1-if-f -cumin' 51' of-""'N" Q w--f JOHN McLAURIN THOMAS MAGEE CLI-ISS 'lif' CARL MEGEHEE ROLAND MARBLE MARGARET MARSHALL ABOVE: 0 JOHN C. MCLAURIN, Brandon: Law ll: Kappa Alpha: Gamma Tau Rho. 0 THOMAS E. MAGEE, Brookhaven: Med. I: Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi. 0 CARL A, MEGEHEE, Pas- cagoula: Law I: Phi Della Thefa: Band: E'ra Sigma Phi: Classical Club. 0 ROLAND D. MARBLE, Leland: Law ll: Phi Delia Phi: Siaff of Mississippi Law Journal: Kappa Alpha: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies: B.A., Mississippi College. 0 MAR- GARET R. MARSHALL, Fairfield, Illinois: Graduale. BELOW: 0 Firsi Row: P. A. MARTIN, JR., Dorsey: Law II, 0 MAURICE C. MAXWELL, Jaclrson: Law ll: Kappa Alpha: Phi Eia Sigma: Pi Kappa Pi: Phi Della Phi: Mississippi Law Jour- nal: Commerce Degree, Universiiy of Mississippi, wi+h disiincfion. 0 BYRON A. MAYO. Poniofoc: Med. I. O Second Row: W. BUCHANAN MEEK, Eupora: Lew I: Pi Kappa Alpha: Delia Sigma Pi: ASB Dance CommiHee. O JOE MOORE, Duranf: Law ll: Phi Alpha Della. O WALLACE C. MOORE, Calhoun Cify: Med. I: Phi Chi. P. A. MARTIN, JR. MAURICE MAXWELL BYRON MAYO W. MEEK JOE MOORE WALLACE MOORE . ,, "QI , "fa'?q,T - ii?" :yay ' ." :QYA :Ewa rg- f."2,l ..q:f--3: .Q-Q P 17 I H- WILLIAM MORONEY BRINKLEY MORTON RAY MOSELEY ABOVE: O WILLIAM T, MORONEY, Tupelo: Law I: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BRINKLEY MORTON, Senalobia: Law I: Phi Della Thela: Phi Della Phi: Tau Kappa Alpha: Varsify Debale Team: Infernalional Relafions Club '4b-'47: Member of Ihe Mississippi House of Represenlafivesg Inferfrafernily Council '47-'48: Omicron Della Kappa: Forum Commillee: Claiborne His- Iorical Sociely. 0 RAY U. MOSELEY, Memphis, Tennessee: Law II: Alpha Tau Omega. 0 CHARLES M. MURPHY, JR., Belzoni: Law II: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi: Law Jour- nal: Secrelary, Freshman Law Class: Honor Roll. 0 JOHN C. MURRAY, JR., Brandon: Law I: Kappa Alpha: Della Sigma Pi. BELOW: O Firsl' Row: BINFORD T. NASH, Brandon: Graduale. 0 WILLIAM A. NEELY, Banlrs: Graduale: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Ela Sigma: Pi Kappa Pi: Hood's Brigade: Scabbard and Blade. O ELIZABETH T, NELSON, Wafer Valley: Graduale. O JAMES F. NOBLE, JR.. Broolrhaven: Law II: Kappa Sigma: Debale Club: Velerans Club. O DONALD NUNNERY. Liberiyg Law I. 0 Second Row: THOMAS G. PEDEN, Sledge: Law ll. O GEORGE E. PEASE, JR., Mem- phis, Tennessee: Graduale. 0 LOGAN B. PHILLIPS, Jaclrsong Law I: Kappa Alpha. O JAMES M. PIERCE, Greenwood: Law I: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: President Freshman Law Class. O JOE N. PIGOTT, McComb: Law I: Sigma Nu: Della Epsilon Pi: IFC Dance Commiffee: Execufive Council: ASB Dance CommiHee: Velerans Club. BINFORD NASH WILLIAM NEELY ELIZABETH NELSON THOMAS PEDEN GEORGE PEASE, JR. LOGAN PHILLIPS CHARLES MURPHY, JR. Joi-IN MURRAY, Jn. 7172 W JAMES NOBLE, JR. JAMES PIERCE ' 5- I I RL- . DONALD NUNNERY JOE PIGOTT I ' 3' . QL! 1 Lili I I Q f' e. I 'M -1 If , 1 if Lf' 50 .ff 'Hyun-P ALBERT PIPPEN ALVIN PRESSGROVE, JR. JOHN PREWITT JOHN PRICE, JR. WILLIAM RAWORTH, JR. . ABOVE: O ALBERT C. PIPPEN, CoIumbus: Law I: Kappa AIpI'1a: B.A., Universify of Mississippi '47. 0 ALVIN L. PRESSGROVE, JR., CasciIIa: Law I. O JOHN W. PREWITT, Cruger: Law II. 0 JOHN H. PRICE, JR., Indianola: Law II: Presiden+, YMCA. 0 WILLIAM M. RA- WORTH, JR., Vicksburg: Law II: Phi Deifa Phi. BELOW: O Firsf Row: KITTY REED, Oxford: Graduafe: Phi Mu. 0 GEORGE A. RILEY, CaIhoun Cify: Med. I: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi: Befa Beia Befa: Cardinal Club '43: BioIogy Club: Liierary Edifor of RebeI. 0 THOMAS N. ROBERTS, JR., Biloxi: Law I: Sigma Chi. I I I O Second Row: CHARLES C. RUNYAN, JR., Collins: Law I: Kappa Alpha: Ve+erans Club. O ANN L. RUTHERFORD, WaInu+: Graduaie: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Baia Befa Befa. 0 ELIZABETH L. SADLER, Senafobia: Graduafe: Graduaie CIub '47-'48, I I KITTY REED GEORGE RILEY THOMAS ROBERTS, JR. CHARLES RUNYAN, JR. ANN RUTHERFORD ELIZABETH SADLER Q WILLIAM SIMS, JR. WILLIAM SADLER CHARLOTTE SALTER CLARENCE SCALES ABOVE: O WILLIAM T. SADLER, Senafobiag Graduafeg Phi DelIa Thefag Befa Bela Befag Ve+erans Club: Biology Club. 0 CHARLOTTE E. SALTER, Louisville, Graduafe. 0 CLARENCE R. SCALES, Jaclrson: Law II. O RUTH J. SCHREIBER, Piffsburgh, Pennsylvania: Gradualeg Kappa Kappa Gamma. 0 JOHN U. SIMMONS, JR., Law Ilg Pi Kappa Alpha. BELOW: I Firsf Row: WILLIAM L, SIMS, JR., Columbus, Law II: Alpha Tau Omega. 0 BENNETT E. SMITH, Weirg Graduale. 0 JAMES E. SMITH, Carlhageg Law II: Bela Gamma Sigma: Phi Della Phi. O MARY E. SMITH, Tylerlowng Graduafeg Kappa Della, Biology Club: Bela Bela Bela. O HAROLD G. SODERGREN, DeKalb, Illinois: Lew Ig Della Tau Della. 0 Second Row: DONALD G. SOPER, Philadelphia, Law I. 0 WILLIAM R. SPIGHT, Baldwyng Law I. 0 EDSEL F. STEWART, Osylrag Med, lg Alpha Kappa Kappa: Bela Bela Bela. O WILLIAM H. STEWART, Poplarvilleg Law lg Kappa Alpha. I ERNEST D. STRANGE, Meridian: Law I. BENNETT SMITH JAMES SMITH DONALD SOPER WILLIAM SPIGHT EDSEL STEWART in-P' sl' -5:1-51122151 ' -Q fl . -4 RUTH SCHREIBER JOHN SIMMONS, JR, I . . if I iAT I I I I MARY SMITH WILLIAM STEWART HAROLD SODERGREN ERNEST STRANGE 'T ' Gadda- Y., REG 'QQ , """-Q-an 'F Ii ii f . 'Ran- 9 GEORGE STREET HAROLD STRINGER A I I A CLHSS JOE SUDDETH ANDREW SULLIVAN, JR. PERSHING SULLIVAN ABOVE: O GEORGE M. STREET, Oxford: Law II: Delia Sigma Pi. O HAROLD G. STRINGER Louisville: Alplna Tau Omega. 0 JOE M. SUDDATH, Carilwageg Law I: Sigma Phi Epsilon. O ANDREW W, SULLIVAN, JR., Macon: Kappa Alpha: Universily Players: Moalrs: Annual Sfaff '40-'42: Cardinal Club: Execuiive Council '42-'43: Gamma Tau Rho: Presi- den+ of ASB '47-'48: Veierans Club: ROA: Omicron Delia Kappa: Cheerleader. 0 PER- SHING B. SULLIVAN, Mize: Law II. BELOW: 0 Firsl' Row: NOAH S. SWEAT, JR., Corinfli: Law II: Sigma Chi: Omicron Della Kappa: Della Sigma Pi: Presidenf, IFC '46: Presideni, Commerce Sclnool '42: Presidenf, Infer- frafernify Dance Commiflee '42: Band '39-'4I: Tennis Team '46, O JOHNNY N. TACKETT, Aberdeen: B.A., Millsaps College. O CHARLES L. TANNER, Meridian: Med. I- Phi Chi. 0 Second Row: JOYCE TAYLOR, Meridian: Graduafe. 0 GEORGE R. THATCHER, Gulfport Gradua+e: Del+a Kappa Epsilon: Omicron Del+a Kappa: Presidenr of Fresh- man Y '4I: Moalls '42: Inlerfraiernily Dance Commifiee '42: Debafing Team '4l-'42: Presidenf, Inferfralernify Council '46: Claiborne Club '46-'47: Universily Players. O JOHN A. TRAVIS, JR., Jackson: Law I. NOAH SWEAT, JR. JOHNNY TACKETT CHARLES TANNER JOYCE TAYLOR GEORGE THATCHER JOHN TRAVIS JR - ' If-ft Y "i 'T ' A If' vi , E + , 1 " JS ,' I I 'I L. jf 1 -, f - fi? I I . I I I I Ge 'Qs' ?.'.."' THOMAS TRIPLETT CARL TURNER WILLIAM TURNER HUGH VARNADO, JR. ERNEST WALKER ABOVE: 0 THOMAS L. TRIPLETT, Mashulaville: Law I: Alpha Tau Omega: YMCA: Baplisf Slu- denl' Union: Veferans Club: ORC. O CARL M. TURNER, Fullon: Law I. 0 WILLIAM S. TURNER, Greenwood: Law II: Phi DeI+a Phi. I HUGH R, VARNADO, JR., Pickens: Law II: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 ERNEST W. WALKER, Hafliesburg: Graduale: Della Sigma Pi: Alpha Tau Omega. 0 Firsl' Row: JOEL P. WALKER, JR., Horn Lake: Law I: Della Sigma Pi: Phi Ela Sigma: Velerans Club, O O. B. WALTON, JR., Jackson: Law II: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Della Phi: Della Sigma Pi: Vice Presideni, ASB. 0 GUY M. WALKER, II, Laurel: Law I: Phi Kappa Psi. O HOMER C, WATKINS, Meridian: Law II: Veierans Club. 0 HORACE M. WATKINS, Jackson, Law 1. 0 Second Row: TROY B. WATKINS, Jackson: Graduafe. O JOHN C. WEBB, Leland: Law II: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi: Presidenf of Ihe Junior Law Class: Law Journal S+aFF. O CALVIN B. WELLS, Eddicefon: Law I. 0 JOHN M. WESTON, Bay Sf. Louis: Law II: Sigma Nu: Inlerfralernify Council '45-'46-'47: Della Sigma Pi: Phi DeI+a Phi. O DAVID J. WHITAKER, JR., Leland: Law II: Kappa Sigma: M, Club: Hood's Brigade '42: Scabbard and Blade '43: Phi Alpha Delia. I BELOW: l Q I JOEL WALKER, JR. O. B. WALTON, JR. GUY WALKER, II HOMER WATKINS HORACE WATKINS TROY WATKINS JOHN WEBB CALVIN WELLS JOHN WESTON DAVID WHITAKER . - .-T7 ko 1 LESTER WILKES CECIL WILLIAMS CLHSS K WAYNE WILLIAMS LESTER WILLIAMSON WILLIAM WILROY ABOVE: 0 LESTER E. WILKES, Noxapafer: Law I. 0 CECIL WILLIAMS, DossviIIe: Graduafe. 0 WAYNE G. WILLIAMS, Ofeen, Norfh Carolina: Law I. O LESTER F. WILLIAMSON, Meridian: Law II: Kappa Alpha: Gamma Tau Rho: M Club. 0 WILLIAM E. WILROY, Arhabu'IIa: Law II. BELOW: 0 Firs+ Row: HENRY E. WINTERS, JR., Memphis, Tennessee: Graduaie, 0 WILLIAM F. WINTER, Grenada: Law II: Phi Delia Thefa: Omicron DeI+a Kappa: Phi Delfa Phi: Phi Efa Sigma: Tau Kappa AIpha: Hall of Fame. O FRED WITTY, JR., Greenwood: Law II: Phi DeIIa The'Ia: Associaie Edifor, Mississippi Law JournaI: Phi Delia Phi. O FRANK M. WIYGUL, JR., Shannon: Med. I: Phi Chi: Befa Beia Befa. O Second Row: WILLIAM D. WOMACK, JR., BeIzoni: Law II: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 HENRY C, WOOD, LouisviIIe: Law II: Phi Delia Phi. O RALPH D. YOUNG, Brookhaven: Law I: Phi Kappa Psi. O FRANCIS T. ZACHARY, Haifiesburg: Law II: Sigma Chi: Phi Alpha DeI+a. HENRY WINTERS, JR, WILLIAM WINTER FRED WITTY, JR. FRANK WIYGUL, JR WILLIAM WOMACK, JR. HENRY WOOD RALPH YOUNG FRANCIS ZACHARY 116.-I if 'riffs ' 1 Y' ,' , ' 0' jf U ,.'- -'L.,,f J , 9 ' 115 " -" -' - ' ff., :'E.fL1"--.132 'fr-'?f2.5fi,Q? gif' 52Q21gf",'7g,,z' 5 v' s w - 3125-lo. ,1v25 ff2:5Z'4'Q43.fry .:, f g .- 4 -sis f'5+ff :.,.: , V314-f --A 155- Q36 -atv,-,.ef .f2 . , , - uv jbixfffff' -i'H' b - V554 1'-f . J. " -rf f 5- 'fe --- , I W I ' 7-I -I 'A'- ' gf' 56 'J 5 ir", ' V .r ,' xq-1 aw '64 8 n'JLp J .6 - j ' Q U J- "QL ' I 5 . W 'U'. .'yrpiR 'v'-f+,f.-, 4 I v -f mb grill -'71 ' V , rs A , , 1 5, .CA S" 4 D 2 .f 0x "XVI, N: 'A Q 5 J: Y 1 X"- ' 3.11 '5 7? ..' Q ' 1 . . , , 'iv-5 'x .ff fa.: M - iw ' .Q f wif, in , 3,31 'Aw ni' ' fl- .lif 1 ,, . T ld , N ' E . jvie 1 x ,M p . 1 vi.: Q' - 7-ak' ' . xi I .Abi 6 ' if 5 Q ?' 'vd F Q ,,Q,.g.5t 4 q,:,f,,3:v,,q AT ous Miss, some no . . . ,ggi-Q in 2+ , -sz . I .x - 1 5 1 . 'g. '11 I . Q iv" .5 X1 yi ny .?.1'54J. :T.,j2 'gt' 4 AY, - f Xl-, D .1-dw..-2-fx -"ft, f :, ,2"'- -55:-7:2-f" , if ?' :Ev Ziff- Mwii 'S' V215 'f2v'5ff: l- "2" ,H 1 iff X .I I viii --if T '45 ' v .f 53 '13 ' " JJ' 'Al' . 1, I vf 1 'Qin . : , A , ,L f".f'fW',5:jxk .Q - --L w , N '- ,Y H.,--tag 1 1. -5--Y-121:33 :-:-.... ,I -Y 'i - i- ' A .I fy 1' ,4.4'p- 'Q A-SITTIN' AND A-THINKIN' if C ' 1 ' . YNl""' rs-vw' ' 'Ji I7 4 1'f'i 1 fail. :W L .ma fini,-'S 1. ' 4' " 4' -X P' ' "W -if 'N' ,Jr +C' jf' -,.. 5 5 . AND some DON'T f"Pff: 1 qgffzlmfw fy 'fkfgtcfffi fa. iifagg' 1 . . 5 if 4 3' fklmiai L 1 fn:-si! gi-9 ,HY Q24 . Jiri' vi '-fx ' 1 vga' 55' l Q iff I '. ' . , l'1QfCgg?PP 'g"'?'4 f'k'?Q" "3 fi 4:11, --ug . 2? -i .--.,..., - g ul- - '- ... mn...- 1...- I 'S vm .P ' X -al 1 5 I. .A JJ' -:,. ', ,1 1 . K-NX A 4 - . ' - 'N V ' ' . . fs! Y , 3 i.-, 1 .? x . Q - Q Qyf. s . x J -' K , Q if ,Q -5 ' tux- g . .'if-',.w in .n :-.J"".. "1',f. W- ., , inn, ., , X , . p, , x. x, , ., ,. s ,. - - 4 f a.. - I-. , f-. . - ' .5 if .P .u sf .3 ' -. -R , 353- . -1,15-. 13 Q -, x . ' ., .. I F 1.1 Hx I as Y V arf--' 4- x H "I 4 ' 'M ' , . ' ' ' ' L.: .,."- t . D N1 . . H Tx K, ,FV 'J' v SO 3 5 5 ' ,xv b V' ' ' r 4' '. A-L 1+ ,---:H - , iz? . , - ., - 1. ' . ,X 3: I . Iv v me ,N-:H ' f' di - ' Q. .xv-' ' ' ' . -- a ' ' ' 1 - 'U I ,Y I y . k 123- . 1-iii M' E ab ewan K 'Y' '3'f"'f" -ff 1" :W B9 ,-. HJQ .-N-"' aupsq-8 'Q- sla, ' ,P , 3. iv . w- -53 .- 0 5 i:,,..w xc ,QI -Al -1 kv , xx ev- ,Q a -A Q 33 . 'Y' fs a-QQ 'Wx- lr'l +2 -Ag., jq.Q --X1 s., -s.v':." mug . 'ti rv v , . ' '- 11.10 ? "IS," 3 - F3 'har ' wr, ' in , ' 'vi V "S 11 , 4 I 1.5, l f-Qf5.,, n'n'f ing ,' u , ,, .' 1.3 '. If ke.: .. Q' ' - V 35.5-.xi 'H I : . ,..g'A' ,g 5 .7 "Q ,.1, . 'ska' I- Q' . ,A 4, . , '. ', ' . .- .' - . . . 5 , .x I , ., . -9 :' , D Q fi 4-FQ' .st 552 "BNP ' ,P x. bi 0 n,, 'S It so ca, V 4101 CLIISS JAMES ABNEY WILLIAM ABNEY ARTHUR ABRAHAM MOLLY ADAMS THOMAS ADAMS DICK AIKEN JAMES ALDERMAN JO ANN ALEXANDER JOSEPH ALSOBROOK THAD ANDREWS GEORGE ARMSTRONG HUBERT ARMSTRONG ABOVE: 0 First Row: JAMES S. ABNEY, Amory, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 WILLIAM M. ABNEY, Amory, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O ARTHUR C. ABRAHAM, Clarksdale, Engineering, Veterans Club, ASCE. O MOLLY HELEN ADAMS, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. 0 THOMAS J. ADAMS, Abbeville, Engineering, ASCE. 0 DICK W. AIKEN, Hammond, Louisiana, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: JAMES O. ALDERMAN, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Reserve Officers Association. O JO ANN ALEXANDER, Plainview, Texas, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, OLE MISS Annual Staff, I948, Glee Club, Y. O JOSEPH V. ALSOBROOK, Iuka, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O THAD L. ANDREWS, Magnolia, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi. O GEORGE G, ARMSTRONG, Houston, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. 0 HUBERT ARMSTRONG, JR., Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O First Row: MARY FRANCES ASHMORE, Oxford, Liberal Arts, University Glee Club. O MARY JO AUSTIN, Tie Plant, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM W. BARNARD, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Pi Kappa Pi, Wesley Foundation, Honor Roll '45, '46, '47, University Chorus. O JEN- NINGS B. BARNETT, Lena, Pharmacy. 0 Second Row: THOMAS M. BARNETT, Baldwyn, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, President, School of Com- merce, Executive Committee, Committee of l00, YMCA, Y Cabinet 2, 3, Veterans Club, Wesley Founda- tion. O KATHEYN W. BARR, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pix 2, Pan Hellenic 2, YWCA, WAA 4, Canterbury Club 3, Committee of l00. O DOROTHY M. BARRANCO, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Home Economics Club, Newman Club. O JOHN L BARRETT, Shuqualak, Education. MARY ASHMORE MARY AUSTIN WILLIAM BARNARD JENNINGS BARNETT THOMAS BARNETT KATHEYN BARR DOROTHY BARRANCO JOHN BARRETT av ? 19 .FI---' Xu... "-C. , I . it BARRINGER LUCY BARNETT ROSEMARY BASS ZEB BAUCUM SALLY BECKER SARA BELL LOUISE BENNETT FELIPE BERNAL ABOVE: O First Row: MONTIE G. BARRINGER, Marks, Liberal Arts. O LUCY O. BARNETT, Jackson, Education, Plu Mu. O ROSEMARY BASS, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Eta Sigma Phi, WAA. O ZEB V. BAUCUM, Laurel, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon, A Ph A, Kappa Psi, Beta Beta Beta. O ORVILLE S. BEARD, Ripley, Tennessee, Engineering, Vice President, Engineering School, President, ASCE '47, Secretary-Treasurer, Engineering School '46. O AARON L. BEAVERS, JR., New Albany, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Biology Club, A Ph A, Cardinal Club, MOAKS, Ole Miss Band, Veterans Club. O Second Row, SALLY L. BECKER, Brookhaven, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O SARA F. BELL, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, WAA. I LOUISE D. BENNETT, New Albany, Education, Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi. O FELIPE BERNAL, Isabela, Puerto Rico, Liberal Arts. I EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFF, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, BSU, Pan Hellenic Council, Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, President, Delta Zeta. O WILLIAM E. BiNGHAM, Graysport, Liberal Arts. BELOW: O First Row: GEORGIANNE P. BIRDSONG, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta. O MAUDIE BIRMINGHAM, Jackson, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Pix, Mortar Board, WAA, Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta, President, Delta Gamma, Pan Hellenic Council, Y Dance Committee. O WILLIS T. BLACKLIDGE, Ellisville, Commerce, M Club. O BERNARD B. BLACKWELL, Saucier, Education, Kappa Sigma, M Club. O HERSCHEL J. BLAKENEY, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts. 0 JACK W. BLASINGAME, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: ROBERT E. BLEDSOE, Brooksville, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha, Y, Veterans Club, 0 CLAYTON BLOUNT, Philadelphia, Education, 0 MARY O. BLOUNT, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O JIM B. BOLER, Avera, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O CAMILLE BORROUM, Corinth, Phar- macy, Zeta Tau Alpha, Y, WAA, A Ph A, Biology Club. O FRANK W. BOWEN, Walnut Grove, Liberal Arts, Veterans Club, Reserve Officers Association. EORGIANNE BIRDSONG MAUDIE BIRMINGHAM WILLIS BLACKLIDGE BERNARD BLACKWELL HERSCHEL BLAKENEY JACK BLASINGAME ROBERT BLEDSOE CLAYTON BLOUNT MARY BLOUNT JIM BOLER CAMILLE BORROUM FRANK BOWEN i I I 3 "Auf 4 5 V sv' 3 'S ...J 27? g. 'V Y f i ' QAXZ I I' 'Nv ' Gm gr ...... . JOHN BOWEN, JR. FRANK BOWERS BEVERLY BOYD, JR. CHARLES BOYD, JR. S. E. BOYKIN LUCY BOYLE BARBARA BRASWELL JAMES BREUNLIN DAVID BRIDGERS JOHN BRINSON BERNARD BROKAW BETTY BROWN ABOVE: W CLHSS O Flrsi Row: JOHN H. BOWEN, JR., Greenville, Educalion, Phi Delia Thela, M Club. O FRANK R. BOWERS, Helena, Arkansas, Education, Sigma Chi. O BEVERLY BOYD, Kosciusko, Liberal Arfs, Della Gamma, Biology Club, Universily Players. O CHARLES S. BOYD, JR., Clarksdale, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Honor Roll. O S. E. BOYKIN, Calchings, Commerce, Sigma Chi, YMCA, Veterans Club, Flying Rebels, Dance Commillee. O LUCY L. BOYLE, Clarksdale, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O Second Row: BARBARA J. BRASWELL, Vaiden, Commerce. O JAMES H. BREUNLIN, Sycamore, Illinois, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O DAVID I. BRIDGERS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, M Club. O JOHN R. BRINSON, Oxford, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASCE. O BERNARD B. BROKAW, Charleslon, Liberal Aris, Band. O BETTY A. BROWN, Fernwood, Education, WAA, Y, Biology Club, Physical Educaflon Maiors Club. BELOW: O Flrsl' Row: EUGENE D. BROWN, Holly Springs, Commerce, Delia Kappa Epsilon, Phi Efa Sigma, Delia Sigma Pi. O HOWARD A. BROWN, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Velerans Club. O KIMBALL BROWN, Housfon, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O JOHN M. BRUCE, Wesl Point, Educalion, M Club. O Second Row: CHARLES L. BRUECK, JR, Foresi, Commerce. O ROBERT J. BUCCI, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls. O OSCAR W. BUCHANAN, Memphis, Tennessee, Educafion, M Club, YMCA, Presidenf, Physical Education Club. O ELIZABETH A. BUEHLER, Greenville, Liberal Aris, Phi Mu, Pan Hellenic Council, WAA, Pix. EUGENE BROWN HOWARD BROWN KIMBALL BROWN JOHN BRUCE CHARLES BRUECK, JR. ROBERT BUCCI OSCAR BUCHANAN ELIZABETH BUEHLER HUGH CARR BILLY CARROLL CARL CATT GROVER CATT W sl-A 855' . Mag LQRQ x V- lm ."'A I .3525 4:1 ss' , S A. RY! ! 5 fu- 'Ur ,Xu 'rf I' .A lv P? Ag I 57+ " ig, Qs , ,i "V, 3 ,:. . . . . : 1 , LLIAM BUNTIN MARY BURNETT LANGE BUTLER CLAUDE CAFFEY CARVER CALLICOTT CLYDE CAMPBELL CHARLES CAPPS JUNE CARLEY GAYLE CARLISLE MACK CARMICHAEL THOMAS CARNES MARTHA CARNEY ABOVE: O Firsf Row: WILLIAM D. BUNTIN, Nesbilf, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASCE, YMCA. O MARY C. BURNETT, Charlesfon, Commerce, Della Gamma, WAA, YWCA. O LANG-E F. BUTLER, Holly Springs, Educalion, Della Kappa Epsilon, Inlramural Council, Canlerbury Club, O CLAUDE F. CAFFEY, Duck Hill, Pharmacy. O CARVER H. CALLICOTT, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Della Thela, O CLYDE H. CAMPBELL, Tracy Cily, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Bela Thela Pi, lnfernalional Relalions Club, Com- milfee of I00. O Second Row: CHARLES W. CAPPS, Cleveland, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O JUNE CARLEY, Rich- lon, Educafion, Phi Mu, Home Economics Club, YWCA. O GAYLE CARLISLE, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. 0 MACK CARMICHAEL, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Veterans Club, O THOMAS D. CARNES, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, I MARTHA A. CARNEY, Glosler, Liberal Arls, YWCA, WAA, Wesley Foundalion, Independenls. BELOW: O Firsl Row: HUGH V. CARR, Picayune, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O BILLY CARROLL, Chaffanooga, len- nessee, Liberal Arls, Bela Thela Pi. I CHARLES A, CARTER, Philadelphia, Commerce, O BUELL R. CARTY, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Della Sigma Pi, LL.B, Degree. C CHARLES H, CASTLE, Pachula, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O CLARENCE E. CASTLE, Louisville, Liberal Arls, Vel- erans Club, M Club, Phi Ela Sigma. O Second Row: CARL L. CATT, Monlicello, Pharmacy. O GROVER H. CATT, Monticello, Pharmacy. O PHYLLIS M. CAVER, Meridian, Pharmacy. I JAMES A. CHERRY, Wiggins, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi. O DAVID H. CHISHOLM, Philadelphia, Commerce, Classical Club, Veterans Club, Glee Club. O THOMAS W. COLMER, Pascagoula, Liberal Arls, Philosophy Club, Veterans Club. CHARLES CARTER PHYLLIS CAVER JAMES CHERRY , ,-7 49046 "bf A- Q' 'Quasar' if A "rj z 'YT' yr, in BUELL CARTY, JR, Ks 9' 'S JOHN PRICE and ELISE VARNER Heads of the YMCA and YWCA CHARLES CASTLE DAVID CHISHOLM Af if nu:-...av-' 1 3' lllIIIIl . Q f!"'14G 1 -Q u Y Q-at .A Q I -:fi I- I QQ .',,,,," I xA ROBERT CONDON BETTY CONERLY CHARLES CONERLY JULIA CONN WILLIAM COOK JERRY COVICH BENJAMIN CRAWFORD GEORGE CRAWFORD, JR. BETTY CREEKMORE OLYNDIA CROMEANS DOROTHY CRUM M. DABNEY W CLHSS. ABOVE: O First Row: ROBERT M. CONDON, Greenville: Pharmacy: Beta Theta Pi: A Ph A. O BETTY J. CON- ERLY, Gloster: Education: Delta Gamma: WAA: YWCA: FTA: Physical Education Club: Wesley Founda tion. O CHARLES A. CONERLY, Clarksdale: Education: M Club: GTR Club, O JULIA FAYE CONN Hattiesburg: Education: Delta Delta Delta. O WILLIAM R. COOK, Jackson: Commerce: Kappa Alpha O JERRY M. COVICH, Biloxi: Pharmacy. O Second Row: BENJAMIN L. CRAWFORD, Tylertown: Liberal Arts. I GEORGE H. CRAWFORD, JR. Aberdeen: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. 0 BETTY CREEKMORE, Jackson: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. O OLYNDIA L. CROMEANS, Fulton: Engineering: Veterans Club. O DOROTHY LEE CRUM, Jackson Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: YWCA: WAA: Annual Staff: History Club. O M. BURK DABNEY, Hernando: Liberal Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon. BELOW: O First Row: JANE DALRYMPLE, Amory: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: Classical Club. O PATRICIA D. DAVIDSON, Ocean Springs: Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma: FTA: WAA: President, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O MARTIN DAVIS, Lucedale: Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Lambda Epsilon: Honor Roll '46, '47. 0 MONTIE A. DAVIS, JR., Moss Point: Education. O Second Row: ROY W. DAVIS, Booneville: Commerce: International Relations Club. O LUCILLE F. DE GRAVELLES, New Iberia, Louisiana: Education: Zeta Tau Alpha: WAA: Y: Canterbury Club: FTA: Archery Club: Committee of l00. O DEXTER A. DIGBY, Fulton: Education. O CHARLES F, DISMUKES, Okolona: Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi. ANE DALRYMPLE PATRICIA DAVIDSON MARTIN DAVIS MONTIE DAVIS JI ROY DAVIS LUCILLE de GRAVELLES DEXTER DIGBY CHARLES DISN il.. it V . . . .- , X- V,-. . .gen , 'Tiff ' -1 'Il "'!..'!" ' "::.'.:' ' . v ,, l be . . ' f 4, . 1 . . 1. .i' ., . .. . 1 . -Q tif- ti ,, . gif . T- 1-ws f -' .:rigf9i1- , F 5 4 ii. Z T 1 1 , T 4 X i an as Q 2- r 'lv mf- 'W " Q zl 'Q 9 ,- :K A 'B?t?'h i' .Q ' 1- X k 4 Q X ,.. 1 ga -we -H if .. 1, ffm. A qv--vs. ' ,yn 'T 1 J, H . , if 46. .mfg ff 4 ,If-P 1 ff 4' 'ffif' fu 4 ff'fZ4t1'i"if'f DON DISMUKES J. DISMUKES FRANK DOERR, JR. JACK DONALDSON DOROTHY DOUGALL R. S. DOWNER PEGGE DRENNAN RADFORD DuBOlS JOHN DURFEY, JR. ARTHUR DUNAGIN ANNE DUNN JACK DUNN ABOVE: O First Row: DON E, DISMUKES, Duck Hill, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, President, Hermean Literary Society. 0 J. FRANK DISMUKES, Okolona, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, ASCE. O FRANK L. DOERR, JR., Butler, Pennsylvania, Ccmmerce, Alpha Tau Omega, O JACK B, DONALDSON, Memphis, Tennes- see, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O DOROTHY A. DOUGALL, Picayune, Education, Delta Gamma, WAA, University Players, Glee Club '44, Debate Club, Y. O R. S. DOWNER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Veterans Club. ff O Second Row: PEGGE L. DRENNAN, Mendenhall, Commerce. O RADFORD DUBOIS, Silver City, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi, Biology Club, lr-terfraternity Dance Committee. O JOHN R. DURFEY, JR., Canton, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O ARTHUR H. DUNAGIN, Hattiesburg, Commerce. O ANNE DUNN, Winborn, Liberal Arts. O JACK R. DUNN, Winborn, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. BELOW: sf S sf 3? O First Row: DONALD L. DYE, Blue Springs, Commerce. O ERNEST M. DYESS, Ellisvilleg Liberal Arts. f 5' s-' ' O LOWREY W. DYRE, Kilmichael, Pi1arr'riacyg Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Rho Chi, Honor Roll '47, Committee of l00. O HENRY B. EARTHMAN, Decatur, Georgia, Commerce, Sigma Chi, O JOHN R, EARLY, lndianola, Commerce, Delta Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Cardinal Club '42, Piesident, Cardinal Club '43, lnter- Fraternity Dance Committee, ASB Dance Committee. O PUDDIE EASON, Tupelo, Education, Delta Delta Della, WAA, FTA, Pix. ,, 3, A-Ein ag. O Second Row: PERRY T. EGG-ER, Clinton, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, A Ph A. O SARA ANNE ELLIOTT, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. 0 ROBERT B. ELLIS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Committee of IOO, YMCA. O MARY K. ELLZEY, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O WIL- LIAM C. ERICKSON, Hollis, New York, Education, M. Club. O JOHN DAVID EVANS, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. l LYDY BECKER Secretary of the Associated Student Body. DONALD DYE ERNEST DYESS LOWERY DYRE HENRY EARTHMAN JOHN EARLY PUDDIE EASON PERRY EGGER SARA ELLIOTT ROBERT ELLIS MARY ELLZEY WlLLlAM ERICKSON JOHN EVANS .. -1 411' , , 2 . Q, ,,pu-4 as-rv. tj' '44 1- . l x , .V i Agisw' - -. as 'N IU' 1 l 'Li A x- yn i W Tw, ffx if ' A 0- f,,1A? S' in ., y 'FY' 'ea 'S' JULIA FALKENHEINER JOSEPH FANCHER, JR. WAYNE FANCHER ROBERT FARRAR BILLY FLAUTT BILLY FLOWERS FRANK FORTENBERRY LATHAN FRANKLIN CHARLES GALEY CLIFTON GALLENT JEAN GARNER, JR. L. GATES W CLIISS ABOVE: O Firsl Row: JULIA M. FALKENHEINER, Woodville, Education, Kappa Della. 0 JOSEPH R. FANCHER, JR., Canlon, Commerce, Della Psi. 0 WAYNE W. FANCHER, Oxford, Commerce. O ROBERT H. FARRAR, Amory, Commerce. O BILLY G. FLAUTT, Swan Lake, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O BILLY F. FLOWERS, Winona, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men's Glee Club. O Second Row: Frank R. Forlenberry, Columbia, Liberal Arls, Phi Ela Sigma. O LATHAN F. FRANK- LIN, Denmark, Education, Fulure Teachers of America. O CHARLES D. GALEY, Memphis, Tennessee, Educalion, M. Club. O CLIFTON N. GALLENT, Cenlervilleg Liberal Arls, Phi Kappa Psi, O JEAN KERSTIN GARNER, JR., Greenwood, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi. O L. HUNTER GATES, Jackson, Com- merce, Della Tau Della, M Club. BELOW: O Firsl Row: ANN M. GIBBES, Laurel, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O TYRUS C. GIBBS, Fullon, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 GUY T. GILLESPIE, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arls, Della Psi, Weslminsler Fellowship, YMCA, Phi Ela Sigma, Commillee of 100. 0 JOAN GILLESPIE, Augusla, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della, WAA, Y, BTU. O Second Row: ROBERT L. GILLESPIE, Sardis, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi. O ELIZABETH A. GIST, Helena, Arkansas, Education, Physical Education Maiors Club, Biology Club, Y , Bela Bela Bela, Home Economics Club, WAA, Canlerbury Club, Independenls. 0 MARSHALL L. GORDY, Foresl, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAY GORE, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. ANN GIBBES TYRUS GIBBS GUY GILLESPIE, JR. JOAN GILLESPIE ROBERT GTLLESPIE ELIZABETH GIST MARSHALL GORDY JAY GORE JR l s A J.. .f. . ' ' if- A wwf, vrvi' . , 3.-1 .. 1 , '-ifw' -1-5 , ,.: - -ft' 1-P " ,, f - '. Q ws,-'.',.Af . ' ee, .-...,:fAgf-.:,'s --aff A , ,..,s.r1,,s..:l,sif fvigigzfvegfsif Mi. uv 1 A, f fegegzf . 3...-1 A A Q, . .., ,2'n225i ,AA .jifjgj ,A-5' , ..g . '- 1 x 'Lorie 5 ,f, t .J . . , ,Z ,xl ,m.,, . -Ui: N .-ff" . ' f fkxl ' ' :, A - I. . .f A. wie-... ? .V kr I Y., 1 fp. 3 ' , '1 .- . ,jgfiff .- .3 . .. , 5 ,-'ai' 'Hifi' 15- - ' ' A ,E'Fi?B?'?'.fiiw.f?i ' V' ' ' 'lf1??"f - .V . , .. . 6 we . 5 if 'Q' ew' va? 'ii 1 if if -,ig V I ., M.-.g,i.1,,i,: , X - I , , nut! kits: ' . f-'Q 12,22 .AJ - a ",fv if I f 225.2 . ZULA GORE HENRY GREGORIO CARLYLE GREGORY WILLIAM GRESHAM, JR. THOMAS GRISHAM LOUIS GRITZ BERT GUNN, JR. JOANN GUNN WALTER GUNN CALVIN GURNER JACQUELINE HAIRSTON THOMAS HAIRSTON l I ABOVE: i O First Row: ZULA E. GORE, Hernando, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Y, WAA, BSU. O HENRY GRE- I GORIO, Powhatan, Louisiana, Pharmacy. O CARLYLE GREGORY, Rocky Mount, Virginia, Liberal Arts, Q Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM W. GRESHAM, JR., Indianola, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pi Kappa Pi, Honor Roll, YMCA, 'nter-Fraternity Council, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee, ASB Dance Com- - millee, vel-:fans Club. o THOMAS la. e-Rlsl-lAM, Baldwyn, Liberal Arts. o Louis GRITZ, luke, cam- merce, Phi Epsilon Pi, Cardinal Club '43, MOAKS '43, Inter-Fraternity Council, Mississippian Staff '42, '43, - . President, Phi Epsilon Pi. O Second Row: BERT O. GUNN, JR, Biloxi, Commerce, Sigma Chi, ASB Dance Committee. O JOANN I GUNN, Charleston, Liberal Arts, President cf University Players '46, '47, '48, Rebel Staff '46, '47, Mui Mississipian Staff '46, '47, Band. O WALTER D. GUNN, Charleston, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O CAL- '- . VIN B. GURNER, Water Valley, Liberal Arts, O JACOUELINE R. HAIRSTON, Silver City, Liberal Arts, f , Home Economics Club, Veterans Club, O THOMAS W. HAIRSTON, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, ' Mi., f Delta Sigma Pi, YMCA, Alpha Psi omega, Annual slaff '47, sailor, lv-la oLE Miss. 'Q I I , , , i BELOW: H255 O First Row: GEORGIA NELLE HALE, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O NANNIE M HALE, Senatobia, Liberal Arts, Glee Club, BYPU, O MARSHALL C. HALES, McComb, Pharmacy- A Ph A. O DUDLEY S. HALL, Mt. Olive, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O GEORGE A, HALL Paris Arkansas, Liberal Arts. O JAMES P. HOLLOWAY, Brookhaven, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu, Phi Eta 'Sigma' Rho Chi, Kappa Psi, Beta Beta Beta, A Ph A, IFC. O Second Row: JOINER M. HALTON, JR., Pascagoula, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi, Intramural Council '46' Alpha Phi Omega. O WILLIAM J. HAMM, University, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Phi Eta Sigrnai Beta Gamma Sigma, Intramural Council '46, '47, Honor Roll ' 42, '43, '47, Business Manager, M Book '46 0 ARNOLD T. HAMMOND, Winona, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Cardinal Club, Intra- mural Council, YMCA. 0 PAULA INEZ HAMMOND, Gilbert, Louisiana, Pharmacy, Zeta Tau Alpha' Beta Beta Beta, YWCA, Archery Club, WAA, Pix, Biology Club, A Ph A. I ROBERT H. HARALSON, JR. Hickory Valley, Tennessee, Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Education Club. O JAMES H. HARDIN, Cal- houn City, Commerce. l l NELLE HALE NANNIE HALE JOINER HALTON, JR, WILLIAM HAMM MARSHALL HALES ARNOLD HAMMOND DUDLEY HALL PAULA HAMMOND 'GQ 1lY-GUYS n..,-,nbvvf BITSY COLE President of the College of Liberal Arts. GEORGE HALL JAMES HOLLOWAY ROBERT HARALSON, JR. JAMES HARDIN ' x i I I YQ-J I ,ilu-4"f l 22 ' Q' 1 Vliof' lie l l -1 va 5'5- D S-ni 'i' ic. RALPH HARDING EMMALINE HARDY DILLARD HAYS CHARLES HEBERER W CLI-ISS JOHN HOLMAN, JR. al an '4 I JEFF HARPOLE THOMAS HARVIEL JAYNE HAURY ROBERT HAYES JANE HERRING SAMMY HERRINGTON JAMES HEWITT, JR, JOANNA HILBURN I ABOVE: O Firsl Row: RALPH L. HARDING, Springfield, Missouri, Educalion, Presidenl, School of Educalion, BSU, FTA, Educalion Club. O EMMALINE HARDY, Columbus, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. I JEFF D. HARPOLE, Philadelphia, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O THOMAS C. HARVIEL, Holly Springs, Pharmacy. O JAYNE E. HAURY, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, WAA, Y. O ROBERT A. HAYES, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Ela Sigma, Rebel Slaff. O Second Row: DILLARD H. HAYS, Eupora, Pharmacy, A Ph A. I CHARLES L. HEBERER, Canlon, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JANE P. HERRING, Pascagoulag Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Y Cabinel. O SAMMY JO HERRINGTON, Ml. Olive, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, WAA, Pix, YWCA, O JAMES E. HEWITT, JR., Summit, Pharmacy, A Ph A, O JOANNA HILBUN, Soso, Commerce. BELOW: 0 Firsl Row: FRED DEAVOURS HILL, Laurel, Liberal Arls, O ROBERT P. HILTON, Ellisville, Georgia, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela, Pi Kappa Fi, Company Commander, NROTC, YMCA, IRC. O ALLEN M. HOBBS, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, Pix. 0 DAVID A. HOLLEY, Oxford, Pharmacy, Della Kappa Epsilon, A Ph A. O Second Row: JOHN N. HOLMAN, JR, Macon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Della Sigma Pi. O JOHN B. HOLMES, Winona, Commerce. O WILLIAM H. HOWARD, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O CLYDE G, HUGGINS, JR., Oxford, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. FRED HILL ROBERT HILTON JOHN HOLMES 5, on Toni' ..- .cp , 5 S JC-I ALLEN HOBBS DAVID HOLLEY WILLIAM HOWARD, JR. CLYDE HUGGINS JR X 1 6 1 I Q 'Rf -Rr ps: .' , 6- 9 - , "-1-Q-1 1 mn 4 'ras 2, i --ev, . 313' ' 73' av' 'K' uh' I CLYDE HUGGINS WILLIAM HUNT JAMES HUGHES EDWARD HUMPHREY DORIS JOHNS BARBARA JOHNSON BEE JOHNSON JOE JOHNSON ABOVE: O First Row: CLYDE G. HUGGINS, Watertown, Tennessee, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, A Ph A, Honor Roll. O WILLIAM B. HUNT, Olive Branch, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. 0 JAMES F. HUGHES, Oakland, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 EDWARD H. HUMPHREY, Indianola, Engineering, Kappa Alpha, ASCE. O MAYS B. HUNTER, Macon, Education, Kappa Alpha, M Club, University Players, Annual Staff. O WILLIAM M. HURST, Lewisville, Arkansas, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, A Ph A. O Second Row: DORIS E. JOHNS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Y, WAA, Home Economics Club, Annual Staff, Favorite '47, 0 BARBARA J. JOHNSON, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Veterans Club, Canterbury Club. O BEE JOHNSON, Lexington, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Canterbury Club, Annual Staff, YWCA, O JOE C. JOHNSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Education, M. Club. O DORTHA A. JONES, lndianola, Liberal Arts, University Glee Club, Classical Club. O THOMAS D. JORDAN, Magnolia, Pharmacy, A Ph A. BELOW: O First Row: ALTON JOSEPH, Vicksburg, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, M Club. O SALLIE D. JUNKIN, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Chi Cmega, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, WAA. 0 RONALD C. KEEL, Delisleg Commerce. O KATHLEEN D. KEEN, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. O JOSEPH L. KELLUM, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM L. KELLUM, JR., ltta Bena, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: HAROLD C. KELLY, Burns, Education, M Club, Physical Education Club, YMCA. 0 HERMAN B. KELLY, Oxford, Education. O MARVIN E. KEMP, Kilmichael, Commerce, O FRANK S. KENNEDY, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, M Book, Annual Staft, YMCA. O VIRGINIA K. KING, Booneville, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Economics Club. O CECIL KIRKIS, JR., Ettrick Virginia, Education, University Players. ALTON JOSEPH SALLIE JUNKIN RONALD KEEL HAROLD KELLY HERMAN KELLY MARVIN KEMP KATHLEEN KEEN FRANK KENNEDY, JR. -sf 5 11' . 19' MAYS HUNTER DORTHA JONES I I I WILLIAM HURST THOMAS JORDAN BILLY WALTON Vice-President of the Associated Student Body. JOSEPH KELLUM WILLIAM KELLUM, JR. VIRGINIA KING CECIL KIRKIS, JR. 561- Nt.-f 3 x'l-.rf n -.. 1 xr., YS-'V NK- -P p v , is -1 4 iv! 1 f-. - , W Z- " '. . 2 Fe. M.. . , JOHN KNOTT, JR. CASTLE KNOX SAMUEL KNOX JOHN KROEZE GEORGE l.aFOLLETTE JOHN LAIRD JAMES LATTURE, JR. OSCAR LaBARRE ARLAND LAFFERTY BETTY LAMBERT ELMER LAMMONS, JR. AARON LAMBERT ABOVE: W CLHSS O First Row: JOHN A. KNOTT, JR., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Commerce: Slgma Alpha Epsilon. 0 CASTLE R. KNOX, Memphis, Tennessee: Commerce. 0 SAMUEL R. KNOX, Water Valley: Liberal Arts. O JOHN O. KROEZE, Jackson: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE F. LaFOLLETTE, Jackson: Commerce: Della Sigma Pi: Veterans Club. O JOHN R. LAIRD, Union: Liberal Arts: Sigma Nu. O Second Row: JAMES S. LATTURE, JR., Oxford: Pharmacy: A Ph A. O OSCAR P. LaBARRE, Vicksburg: Commerce: Phi Delta Theta. O ARLAND W. LAFFERTY, Tennie, Arkansas: Liberal Arts: ROA. O BETTY CLAIRE LAMBERT, Charleston: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: Y: University Players. O ELMER V. LAMMONS, JR., Belzoni: Engineering: ASCE. O AARON C. LAMBERT, Fulton: Education: Physical Education Club: YMCA. BELOW: O Flrst Row: DAVID F. LAMBERT, JR., Belmont: Liberal Arts. O GEORGE R. LAMBERT, Amory: Educa- tion: Pi Kappa Alpha: M Club: GTR Club. O LESLIE B. LAMPTON, JR., Jackson: Commerce: Kappa Alpha: Della Sigma Pi. 0 PATRICIA L. LAND, New Orleans, Louisiana: Liberal Arts: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pix: Pan Hellenic Council: Newman Club: Committee of I00: Favorite '47: Lambda Sigma. O Second Row: NANCY S. LANE, Chicago, lllinois: Alpha Gamma Della. O BERNARD LAPIDES, Her- nando: Liberal Arts: Phi Epsilon Pi: Cardinal Club: Hillel Foundation: Inter-Fraternity Council: Intramural Council. O MARY G. LATHAM, Eupora: Liberal Arts: Band I, 2, 3, 4: BSU l, 2, 3, 4: Classical Club I, 2, 3, 4: YWCA. O PEGGY A. LAUGHTER, Walls: Liberal Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha: University Chorus: Band, Newman Club. DAVID LAMBERT, JR. GEORGE LAMBERT LESLIE LAMPTON, JR. PATRICIA LAND NANCY LANE BERNARD LAPIDES MARY LATHAM PEGGY LAUGHTER , . ,. ..., .K . , 4 Vit? fifii :XP ' I 'lv 'Q' ff' EDMUND LEE CHARLES LEGGETT SARA LeMASTER JOHN LESLIE MARY LIDDELL M. LILES ANDERSON LINTON, JR. BETTY LONG ABOVE: O Firsf Row: EDMUND J. LEE, Jackson: Commerce. O CHARLES H. LEGGETT, Union Church: Com- merceg Phi Kappa Psi. O SARA H. LeMASTER, Sardis: Pharmacy: Alpha Lambda Della: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Pi Kappa Pig Beta Bela Bela: A Ph A. O JOHN O. LESLIE, Durham: Norih Carolina: Liberal Arlsg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O CECELIA LEWIS: Salarliag Liberal Arfs: Phi Mu: YWCA: WAA: Home Economics Club: Wesley Foundalion. O WILLIAM F. LEWIS, Foreslg Engineering: ASCE. O Second Row: MARY E. LIDDELL, Learned: Education: Phi Mu: YWCA: WAA: Pix: Pan Hellenic Coun- cil: Weslminsler Fellowship: Presidenf, Phi Mu. O M. ALINE LILES, Bruce: Commerce: Della Gamma: Sigma Alpha Iola. O ANDERSON M. LINTON: JR., Isola: Pharmacy: Bela Thela Pig A Ph A. O BETTY LONG, Tupelo: Education: Della Della Della: WAA: FTA. O JOSEPH P. LONG: Tupelo: Liberal Arts: Phi Della Thela. O JANE E. LOWRY: Housfon: Liberal Arlsg Della Gamma: Y. BELOW: O Firsf Row: ROBERT C. LOVE: Raines, Tennessee: Commerce: Delia Psi, O WILLIAM T. LOWRY, Byhalia: Pharmacy: Kappa Psi: A Ph A. 0 WILLIAM M, LOYD, Cleveland: Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha: Inler-Fralernily Council: Inter-Fralerniiy Dance Commillee: Philosophy Club. O ANNE F. MCALPINE, Slringerg Commerce: Kappa Della: Glee Club: Y: WAA: Commiffee of I00. O CLAUDE M. MCBRYDE, Sumrall: Commerce: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Veterans Club, 0 KERNEY H. MCCORMICK, Laurel: Commerce: Kappa Sigma O Second Row: KIRK W. MCCORMICK: Yazoo Cify: Pharmacy: Pi Kappa Phi: A Ph A. I ERRETTE C, MCCRACKEN, Moon Lake: Commerce: Phi Kappa Psi: Newman Clubg YMCA: Velerans Club: IFC Dance Commilfeeg Infer-Fralernily Council: Presidenf, Phi Kappa Psi. O EARL R. MCDANIEL, Goodman: Com- merce: Velerans Club. 0 ARCHIE R, McDONNELL, Okolonag Commerce: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O FRAN- CES McDONNELL, Okolona: Commerce: Della Delia Della: WAA: Rebel Staff. O MARYE E, MCGEHEE: Brookhaven: Liberal Arfsg Della Gamma: Home Economics Club. fr' 1 M fav-. I New :,I ? ffiil' '. I ,U I I W' , 6592" 1 1' 'PT : 4 CECELIA LEWIS JOSEPH LONG YT' WILLIAM LEWIS JANE LOWRY BUCK MEEK Treasurer of the Associafed Sludenl Body. ROBERT LOVE WILLIAM LOWRY WILLIAM LOYD ANNE McALPINE CLAUDE McBRYDE KERNEY McCORMICK KIRK MCCORMICK ERRETTE MCCRACKEN EARL McDANIEL ARCHIE McDONNELL FRANCES McDONNELL MARYE MCGEHEE if 'T herald' "H -.HH 'heir I I I wr "' 'T 'Z p lb I qua.. I 'Nik I JOHN MCINTYRE NELL MCKIE ERNEST McMURCHY SAMUEL McMURRY, JR. I CLHSS JACK McLARTY GEORGE McLEAN NEWTON McLEAN, JR. WILLIAM MCMULLAN, JR., KENNETH MCRAE, JR. JOHN MacMURRAY HELEN MAGEE JOHN MAGEE l l ABOVE: I O Firsl Row: JOHN C. MclNTYRE, Brandon, Liberal Arlsg Kappa Alpha. I NELL McKlE, Tyro, Com- I rnerce. O JACK M. McLARTY, Oxford, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O GEORGE A. MCLEAN, Blaine, Engineering, Phi Della Thela, ASCE. O NEWTON D. MCLEAN, JR., Bassfield, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. 0 WILLIAM P. McMULLAN, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, lnfernalional Relations Club, Annual Slaff. 0 Second Row: ERNEST L. McMURCHY, Duncan, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, 0 SAMUEL M. McMURRY, I JR., Balesville, Commerce. I KENNETH F. McRAE, JR., Belmonl, Pharmacy, A Ph A, O JOHN C. MacMURRAY, Panama, Republic of Panama, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O HELEN MAGEE, Oxford, Commerce. O JOHN I. MAGEE, Hazlehursf, Liberal Arfs. l BELOW: ' O First Row: EDWIN H. MAGRUDER, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I JAMES T. MAJURE, Newlon, Commerce, M Club. I BEN F. MANN, Holly Springs, Educalion, Alpha Tau Omega, M Club, GTR Club, Physical Educalion Club. O ROBERT L. MARCUS, Joneslown, Liberal Arfsg Phi Epsilon Pi, M Club, lnframural Council, Inler-Frafernily Council, Sludenl Body Dance Commiflee, Cardinal Club, Veterans Club, Who's Who, Rebel Slaff, Mississippian Slaff, Annual Sfaff, lnfer-Fralernily Dance Commifleeg Head Cheerleader '44-'45, O Second Row: SHELBY C. MATHIS, Ripley, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O IRA T. MAY, Meridian, Commerce. O ROBERT S. MAYNARD, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thefa. 0 DEAN P. MEADOR, I Halliesburgg Commerce, Sigma Chi. ROBERT MARCUS DEAN MEADOR EDWIN MAGRUDER, JR. JAMES MAJURE BEN MANN SHELBY MATHIS IRA MAY ROBERT MAYNARD ct A , y .,,e ., if xv . j nw, . ' I . - ..,' b 1 5' ? 'Vi LA RP 1... 1' W A35 V Y: ,- 1 WILLIS MEADOWS, JR. TURLEY MEEK FRANCES MELVIN R, B. MERRILL PAUL MINK FRANKLIN MOAK WOODFIN MOFFETT DOROTHY MOONEY ABOVE: O First Row: WILLIS L. MEADOWS, JR., Quitman, Liberal Arts, Debate Club, Philosophy Club, Classical Club, BSU, YMCA. O TURLEY H. MEEK, Tyro, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rebel Staff '46, '47, O FRANCES V. MELVIN, Laurel, Commerce, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, BSU Council '46, '47, '48. O R, B. DUNBAR MERRILL, Natchez, Commerce, Chi Omega. O THOMAS O, METCALFE, JR., Canton, Com- merce, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. O ROBERT V. B. MILLER, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Veterans Club. O Second Row: PAUL E. MINK, Belmont, Liberal Arts, Veterans Club, O FRANKLIN E, MOAK, Ruth, Commerce, Delta Psi, Editor of Annual '46, President, BSU, President, Delta Sigma Pi, YMCA, National Intercollegiate Christian Council, National Student Council of YMCA, ASB Executive Council, Lyceum Committee, President, Freshman Y, Varsity Debate Team, Ole Miss Glee Club '46, '47, '48, Ole Miss Band '45, '46, University Players '45, Journalism Club '47, Mississippian Staff '47. 0 WOODFIN G. MOFFETT, Lucedaleg Pharmacy. O DOROTHY L. MOONEY, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, Cwens, Pan Hellenic Council, Band, BSU, WAA, YWCA, Cancer Society. O ANDREW A. MORSON, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Canterbury Club. I JOHN M. MOTHERSHED, Crenshaw, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O First Row: FLOYCE L. MOUNCE, Ecru, Commerce. O ANN EVERETT MOTT, Yazoo City, Commerce, Pi Beta Phi. O HAROLD Q, MULLEN, Hazlehurst, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Veterans Club, YMCA. I CHARLES O. MULLENNIX, Tupelo, Commerce. O JOY M, MULVIHILL, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mississippean Statt, YWCA, Canterbury Club, University Players. O JOHN R. MULLICAN, Wesson, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Biology Club, A Ph A, Veterans Club, Honor Roll. 0 Second Row: THOMAS E. MURFF, Calhoun City, Commerce. 0 CARL L. NANCE, Ripley, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BOBBIE S. NELSON, Clarksdaleg Commerce, Chi Omega, Canterbury Club, Y. O LADYE V. NEILSON, Grenada, Liberal Arts. O RALPH E. NEONLIST, JR., Tunica, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O PAUL M, NEWTON, Wiggins, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Mississipian Editor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi President, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Inter- Fraternity Council. THOMAS MURFF CARL NANCE BOBBIE NELSON LADYE NEILSON N A 'x 7 'mmm r:r I H A 'ii r '4.f H . 1.59 1. . f 3 . fi ' A r 1. . a , -. ' ' . vii 1, v, 'W' ' A215 ' if .sf siege ' :Pixie 1- Y' 'JIS' I 'Stas' Q2 THOMAS METCALFE, JR ROBERT MILLER ANDREW MORSON JOHN MOTHERSHED MARTHA ANN ROWAN President of Mortar Board and Pan-Hellenic Council. FLOYCE MOUNCE ANN MOTT HAROLD MULLEN CHARLES MULLENNIX JOY MULVIHILL JOHN MULLICAN RALPH NEONLIST, JR. PAUL NEWTON .,,, ., ...M -c . JS, ,- 6' 1-QE' Q' gb, V 13" lg 4 .1 .1 6 . , 1 , 1. E- MARY NICHOLS WILLIAM NOBLES JOSEPHINE NOSSER FINIS PATTON DORIS PATTON JOHN PEARSON CATHERINE PEDEN WILLIAM PEEL JACK PEEPLES HUGH PENDARVIS HAROLD PERRY ROBERT PERRY ABOVE: W CLI-ISS CHARLES PERSONS PATSY PHELPS GEORGE PITALO HANAH PITTS O First Row: MARY V. NICHOLS, Canton: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta: Cwen: Pix: Sigma Alpha Iota. O WILLIAM L. NOBLES, Meridian: Pharmacy: Pi Kappa Alpha: President, A Ph A: President, BSU: Honor Roll: Kappa Psi: Rho Chi: Annual Staff, O JOSEPHINE E. NOSSER, Natchez: Education: WAA: Education Club: Physical Education Club: YWCA. O FINIS S. PATTON, Memphis, Tennessee: En- gineering. I DORIS M. PATTON, Kossuth: Liberal Arts. O JOHN L. PEARSON, Rosedale: Liberal Arts: Delta Kappa Epsilon. O Second Row: CATHERINE PEDEN, Belen: Education: YWCA: Committee of IOO, '46: Education Club. O WILLIAM H. PEEL, Holly Springs: Pharmacy: Delta Kappa Epsilon. O JACK T. PEEPLES, Greenwood: Pharmacy: Rho Chi: Kappa Psi: A Ph A, O HUGH M, PENDARVIS, Hammond, Louisiana: Pharmacy: Kappa Psi: Rho Chi. 0 HAROLD W. PERRY: Memphis, Tennessee: Education: Alpha Tau Omega. I ROBERT R. PERRY, Vicksburg: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. BELOW: 0 First Row: CHARLES L. PERSONS, Wahalak: Commerce. O PATSY R. PHELPS, Earle, Arkansas: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. O LEONARD S. PICKLE, Dossvilleg Pharmacy: A Ph A. O ELINOR G. PIERCE, Green- wood: Liberal Arts. 0 Second Row: GEORGE PITALO, Biloxi: Pharmacy. O HANNAH B. PITTS, Ecru: Education: President, WAA: Kappa Delta Pi: Physical Education Majors Club: Beta Beta Beta: Biology Club: Y: Committee of IOO. O GEORGE B. POOLE, Gloster: Education. 0 CALVIN PHILIP POOLE, Gloster: Education: M Club: President, Independents. LEONARD PICKLE ELINOR PIERCE GEORGE POOLE CALVIN POOLE JACK REESE ROBERT RENEGAR RUSSELL ROBBINS JP Q' . T , uv In-f , 'Y'1i" , ...fx V wk, .,. 4 'fi' jc, sh 4. l a. '1- T' I """"-' ex -VV,, , 'B ,, SV S WRENCE POROPATICH JAMES POWER EZILEE PRESTAGE WOFFORD PRICE ADELE RAWLS ELMER RAWSON MARTIN RAY, JR. JULES REAVES ABOVE: O First Row: LAWRENCE POROPATICH, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Liberal Arts, Tau Kappa Alpha. O JAMES M. POWER, Red Banks, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, 0 AZILEE W, PRESTAGE, Fulton, Liberal Arts. I WOFFORD R. PRICE, Ethel, Liberal Arts. O JOHN W. PURVIS, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Delta Psi, Intramural Council '45. O LAVON RASCO, Morton, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: ADELE RAWLS, Columbia, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. 0 ELMER R, RAWSON, Laurel, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. 0 MARTIN RAY, JR., Sturgis, Commerce, O JULES M REAVES, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O ALBERT N. RED, Union, Pharmacy, Sigma Nug A Ph A O ROBERT C. REEDER, Coldwater, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Phi Ela Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta BELOW: O First Row: JACK M, REESE, Tupelo, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT W. RENEGAR, Shelbyville, Tennessee, Education. O ROBERT R REVERE, McComb, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu, Kappa Psi, Beta Beta Beta, A Ph A, O ERNEST A. RICE, JR., Nashville, Tennesseeg Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 LOGAN D. RIMES, McComb, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O MARY ANN RIVERS, Jackson, Educationg Delta Delta Delta, Pix, FTA. 0 Second Row: RUSSELL E. ROBBINS, Pelahatchieg Pharmacy. O JAMES W. ROBERSON, Pontotocg Educa- tion. O DAVID S. ROBERTS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Artsg Kappa Sigma, Band '4I, '42, '43, '47, Cardinal Club '4Z. O JAMES M. ROBERTSON, Rulevilleg Commerce, Beta Theta Pig Della Sigma Pig Veterans Club, Y. O MARY C. ROBERTSON, Blue Mountain, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha lotag Glee Club '46, '47, '48, BSU Council '47, O CLAUDE L. ROBINSON, Greenville, Pharmacy, ROBERT REVERE JAMES ROBERSON DAVID ROBERTS 5. ., Sv' Q, gui' -u-.- 'ion- ' Sf i Ea, i..'.el?'i I e. ...Lk ERNEST RICE, JR. JAMES RosERrsoN l.: ...::L L . JOHN PURVIS, JR. ALBERT RED A I jf 'i I R l'l 'Elia I V'.ws.f' 042 i . JS. .' I sf Z' MEN- i I R , f-NU' fl if gunna , Q-sf I LAVON RASCO ROBERT REEDER BETSY ROSS President of WSGA. LOGAN RIMES MARY ROBERTSON ,.,, -f- sf , . . -va I- 42.-9 Aigmiligl- .-ft v MARY RIVERS CLAUDE ROBINSON 525. l ' up i' '?.45 -R E, "i"..3" l l A J FRED ROBINSON O. C. ROBINSON THOMAS ROSS, JR. MARTHA ROWAN W CLHSS GUY ROGERS THOMAS ROMANO ISMAEL ROSA BETSY ROSS ' BEN RUSH RUDOLPH RUSSELL MARGARET RUST ROY RUSH ' ABOVE: : O First Row: FRED D. ROBINSON, Lawrence: Commerce. I O. C. ROBINSON, Lawrence: Commerce. J O GUY N. ROGERS, New Albany: Commerce: Kappa Sigma. O THOMAS A. ROMANO, Norwich, I Connecticutt: Commerce. O ISMAEL A. ROSA, Isabela, Puerto Rico: Pharmacy: A Ph A, I BETSY A. I ROSS, Gulfport: Liberal Arts: Kappa Kappa Gamma: President, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Mor- tar Board: President, WSGA. 0 Second Row: THOMAS A. ROSS, JR., Jackson: Commerce: Kappa Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi. I MARTHA A. ROWAN, Sanatorium: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: President, Chi Omega: President, Pan Hellenic Council: President, Mortar Board: YWCA: Pi Kappa Pi: REW Committee: WAA: Faculty-Student Com- mittee. O BEN M. RUSH, Vaughan: Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha. O RUDOLPH V. RUSSELL, Taylors- I ville: Pharmacy: Kappa Sigma: Veterans Club. O MARGARET E. RUST, Clarksdale: Education: Chi Omega: YWCA: Home Economics Club: Wesley Foundation. O ROY C. RUSH, Oxford: Liberal Arts. l BELOW: C First Row: RAYMOND F. SALMON, Coahoma: Commerce: Kappa Alpha: M Club: Committee of I I00. 0 CHARLOTTE A. SANSON: Okolona: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: Pan Hellenic Council: YWCA. l O JOSEPH H. SASSER, Carthage: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma. O RICHARD M, SCHAEDLE: Memphis, Tennessee: Commerce: Phi Kappa Psi. l I Second Row: EDITH N. SCOTT, Utica: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma: Sigma Alpha Iota: Pix: Univer- sity Chorus: WAA: FTA. 0 BEVERLY B. SCOTT, Senatobia: Education: Delta Delta Delta: President, FTA: International Relations Club. O ROBBIE M. SCOTT, Courtland: Education. O SARAH N. SCRIBNER, Amory: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. l RAYMOND SALMON CHARLOTTE SANSON JOSEPH SASSER RICHARD SCHAEDLE j Q som-4 scorr BEVERLY scott Roeale scorr sARAH scmsmsn p 1 . if iff-7 P' lf!! A f-fys. 'Hhs ,f 'Z' W 'thi 'X 'N nn? -:zu-saw .gp 1. .,. 1, .. ,.-an-' ,san WILLIAM SEMMES VALENTINE SESSIONS, JR. AMBROSE SHAPPLEY M. C. SHARP ROY SHEFFIELD, JR. JOHN SHELBY, JR CARL SHORT MARY SIMMONS EMMYE SIMMONS LOUISE SIMPSON EARL SKINNER ZELL SKINNER, JR ABOVE: O First Row: WILLIAM O. SEMMES, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Veterans Club. O VALEN- TINE H. SESSIONS, JR., Bolton, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O AMBROSE D, SHAPPLEY, Tiplers- ville, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi. O M. C. SHARP, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, O ROY D, SHEFFIELD, Dorsey, Liberal Arts, Veterans Club. O JOHN B. SHELBY, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Education, Beta Theta Pi, M Club. O Second Row: CARL W. SHORT, Biloxi, Commerce. O MARY ADELINE SIMMONS, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O EMMYE B. SIMMONS, Cleveland, Education, Delta Gamma, FTA, Home Economics Club, WAA, Y, Committee of l00. O LOUISE C. SIMPSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Canterbury Club '46, '47, '48, Y '46, '47, 48. O EARL E. SKINNER, Poplarville, Liberal Arts, BSU, Y. O ZELL B. SKINNER, JR., Lucedale, Liberal Arts, Cheerleader '44, '45, University Players '46, '47, '48. BELOW: O First Row: CHARLES L, SLOAN, Greenwood, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. O BANKS E. SMITH, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi. O JEROME W, SMITH, Noxapater, Education. O JOHN R. SMITH, Oxford, Engineering, ASCE. O WILLIAM C, SMITH, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, Veterans Club. O WILLIAM D. SMITH, Houston, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, ASB Dance Committee, Cheerleader, Veterans Club. O Second Row: ORRIN W. SNYDER, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, ROA. O MAR- GARET L. SPAIN, Grenada, Education, Delta Gamma, Home Economics Club, WAA, FTA. O MARTHA E. SPARR, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, Mortar Board, Players Guild Key '46, Pan Hellenic Council, YWCA. 0 CHARLES H. SPENCER, University, Pharmacy. O EVELYN E. SPICER, Tupelo, Education, Delta Gamma, YWCA, WAA, FTA, Physical Education Club, Wesley Foundation, Mississippian Staff. O JANIE G. STEEL, Clarksdale, Education, Chi Omega, Pix, Kappa Delta Pi. JOHN SMITH CHARLES SPENCER JEROME SMITH MARTHA SPARR CHARLES SLOAN BANKS SMITH ORRIN SNYDER MARGARET SPAIN 'W' an 4 lb ,"s I lik e-W. U... , Zligaish I. , , s .-., xx 4 R. S .1 s V ffm, x ff . f r il? I .Ji GEORGE WORTHEN ,gay as y s Chairman of the ASB Dance Committee. WILLIAM C. SMITH WILLIAM D. SMITH EVELYN SPICER JANIE STEEL I 462 ipo- 5? 'Qs' T C' WILLIAM STEWART CAROLYN STICKEROD JIM STONE HIRAM STUART BOB SUDDATH WILLIAM SWINNEY FRED TATE WILLIAM TATE JACK TAYLOR JEANNE TAYLOR ROBERT TAYLOR FLOYD THEISMAN W CLI-ISS ABOVE: 0 First Row: WILLIAM E. STEWART, Natchez, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta, YMCA, OLE MISS, Missis- sipian. O CAROLYN A. STICKEROD, Dundee, Education, Delta Zeta, YWCA, WAA, Home Economics Club. O JIM C. STONE, Okolonag Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 HIRAM G. STUART, Poplarville, Liberal Arts, Veterans Club. O BOB D. SUDDATH, Miami, Florida, Commerce. O WILLIAM A. SWIN- NEY, Corpus Christi, Texas, Education, Phi Kappa Psi. O Second Row: FRED H. TATE, New Albany, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM B. TATE, Brooks- ville, Commerce. I JACK R. TAYLOR, Glendora, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASB Dance Com- mittee, Annual Staff, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee '4I, '42. O JEANNE H. TAYLOR, Okolona, Education, Delta Gamma. O ROBERT L. TAYLOR, Goodman, Liberal Arts. O FLOYD M. THEISMAN, Grenada, Liberal Arts. BELOW: O First Row: CURTIS H. THOMPSON, Columbus, Education, Alpha Tau Omega. O DORIS THOMPSON, Lexington, Commerce. O GEORGE T. TINDALL, Magee, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta. O WILBUR L. TODD, Oxford, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Cardinal Club, YMCA, Westminster Fellowship, Veterans Club. 0 Second Row: BETH TOOLE, Orange, Texas, Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma, Pan Hellenic, WAA, YWCA, University Players. O ROBERT G. TOPP, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, O JOSEPH W. TORTI, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi. O HERBERT E. TRAMMELL, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, Mississippian '43, '44, '45, CURTIS THOMPSON DORIS THOMPSON GEORGE TINDALL WILBUR TODD BETH TOOLE ROBERT TOPP JOSEPH TORTI HERBERT TRAMMELL 'U 1. Q 1 1. i ,I . . 3,- ' ' A .x I. ,iii Aj. i. I O Flrsl Row: BARBARA J. TRAPP, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, YWCA, Rebel Slafl, WAA, O NELL TRAVIS, Sharon, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Della Zela, Wesley Foundalion I, 2, Band I, 2, University Players I, 2, WAA I, 2,. O LESLIE TUBB, Aberdeen, Liberal Arls. O HUBERT W. TUCKER, Amory, Com- merce, Alpha Tau Omega, Band. JACK N. TUCKER, Clarksdale, Liberal Arls, Della Kappa Epsilon. O JESSE V. TURNAGE, New Hebron, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega, A Ph A. O Second Row: ROBERT G. TURNAGE, Prenliss, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha, Biology Club. I WILLIAM I L. TURNER, Duranl, Liberal Arls 0 THOMAS W. TURNIPSEED, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, Della Sigma Pi, lnler-Fralernily Council, Commillee of l00, YMCA. O DORIS A. TYSON, Holly Springs, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu, Sigma Alpha lola, Wesley Foundalion, Chorus, Glee Club. O MILDRED S. ULMER, Kansas Cily, Missouri, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O ELISE VARNER, Senalobia, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della, Presidenl, YWCA, Commillee of l00, Wesley Foundalion. , BELOW: O Firsl Row: MARY E. WADE, Greenwood, Educalion, Chi Omega, YWCA, WAA, Mississippian Slafl , '45, '46, Annual Slaff. O CALEY B. WALDRIP, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, lnlramural Council. O JANE WALKER, Senatobia, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O YGONDINE G. WALKER, Lamberl, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, Morlar Board, WSGA, Presidenl, Alpha Lambda Della '44, Cwens,- Pan Hellenic Council '46, Miss Ole Miss '47, Wesley Foundalion, OLE MISS, Kappa Della Pi.'oYJULIA C. WALLACE: Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Della Zela, Mississippian, Y, Press Club, Universily Players, IRC, M Book, Lambda Sigma. O SHELBY L. WALLACE, JR., New Albany, Liberal Arls, Alpha Tau Omega, Bela Bela Bela, Biology Club, Mississippian Slaff. O Second Row: JACK D. WALTON, Moorhead, Commerce. O NAT I. WASHBURN, JR., Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O GUY H. WATKINS, lll, Aberdeen, Engineering, Phi Della Thela, Edilor, Rebel. O JAMES L. WEBB, Leland, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha, O MAHLON E, WEBB, Carthage, Phar- macy, A Ph A. O MARJORIE H. WEBSTER, Oxford, Commerce, Della Della Della. MARY WADE CALEY WALDRIP JANE WALKER JACK WALTON NAT WASHBURN, JR. GUY WATKINS, Ill YGONDINE WALKER JAMES WEBB .L ' an .,,, , 5. 6 an , I V1 4' ' ' """f fy . . ' . I' ii' , A 'rg' 'GL -K' '74 Q ms.. T fl! 4. BARBARA TRAPP NELL TRAVIS LESLIE TUBB HUBERT TUCKER JACK TUCKER JESSE TURNAGE ROBERT TURNAGE WILLIAM TURNER THOMAS TURNIPSEED DORIS TYSON MILDRED ULMER ELISE VARNER ABOVE: OVERTON CURRIE Presidenl of the Velerans Club. JULIA WALLACE SHELBY WALLACE, JR. MAHLON WEBB MARJORIE WEBSTER ?" 'bs XY, F. HF? 0: ...nhl . r. ,., ,Q H Q54 ' .sw-.W-'ef ,g, 2 nun . ' SE. A fig .il ' 'fi 5531953 W .,,,--4 W i ,s v ww C' 'X A-RRR .5 'X 1 I 'L '35 A!!! ,L ' . 4' "iq-RM 50 in-u-ag LW' -, 'UQ JAMES wELsI-I, JR, JAMES WESTMORELAND, JR. K, WHITE PATTI WHITE DoYcE wI-IITHEAD WILLIAM c. BENJAMIN WHITFIELD CHARLES wI-IITTINGTON ROBERT wILKEs DERRY WILLIAMS LAURA WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS W CLIISS fl W my- ABOVE: O First Row: JAMES W. WELSH, JR., Philadelphia, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delia Sigma Pi, Tennis '46, O JAMES T. WESTMORELAND, JR., Tupelo, Commerce, YMCA, Velerans Club. I K. IRENE WHITE, McComb, Liberal Arls. 0 PATTI WHITE Gulfporl, Educafiong Chi Omega. O DOYCE O. WHITEHEAD, Poniolocg Pharmacy, Amencan Ph Associalion, Velerans Club, O WILLIAM C WHITEHEAD, JR., Wes? Point, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Veterans Club, YMCA, lniramural Council. 0 Second Row: BENJAMIN M. WHITFIELD, Corinth, Educafion, Sigma Chi. O CHARLES B. WHIT- TINGTON, Greenwood, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 ROBERT M. WILKES, Helena, Arkansas, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 DERRY Y. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, Home Economics Club, O LAURA M. WILLIAMS, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Rebel Staff, Home Economics Club. O MARY J, WILLIAMS, Philadelphia, Commerce, Delia Gamma, WAA, YWCA. Cigarefies Belween Dances v - ' I. K if Ls- X 1:7 Ifdffi -U14 V Q.- Y, 1.54. Oh, L I 3. . xi 4 :""' ' I If uv Y - I I , we--.v 1 a r , . , ,'. I 'NY' SN? 36 Q 'V 'N' ,,. Q ,!,, ' g 'lon-5 L If I I I I MAY M. WILLIAMS OSCAR WILLIAMS PATTYE WILLIAMS CARMON WILLIAMSON ROBERT WILLIAMSON, JR. JAMES WILSON, JR. JOHN WILSON MARGUERITE WILSON ALTON WINDSOR ROSELIE WITTY ABOVE: O First Row: MAY J. WILLIAMS, Water Valley, Commerce. 0 M. ANITA WILLIAMS, New Albany, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, BSU, WAA. O OSCAR L. WILLIAMS, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 PATTYE S. WILLIAMS, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, University Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, O CARMON R. WILLIAMSON, Red Bay, Alabama, Engineering, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Veterans Club. O ROBERT C. WILLIAMSON, JR., Greenwood, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band. I O Second Row: EMMETT E. WILSON, McComb, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, Veterans Club. O JAMES R. WILSON, JR., Oxford, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. 0 JOHN W. WILSON, Monticello, Pharmacy, Kappa Psi, A Ph A. 0 MARGUERITE L, WILSON, Grenada, Education, Delta Gamma, I Home Ec Club, WAA, Y Cabinet, FTA. O ALTON E. WINDSOR, Oxford, Commerce. 0 ROSALIE P. WITTY, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Home Economics Club. I BELOW: I I O First Row: CELIA D. WIYGUL, Hernando, Education, Delta Delta Delta, FTA, WAA, YWCA, Inter- I national Relations Club, Mississippian Staff. 0 HENRY H. WOOD, Oakland, Pharmacy. O MARJEAN f l WOODWARD, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O GEORGE W, WORTHEN, Union, V Pharmacy, Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC '46-'48, ASB Dance Committee '46-'48, A Ph A, Colonel Club, Omicron I Delta Kappa, Blue Key, O FRED H, WRIGHT, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, 5 Veterans Club. O WILLIAM H. WROTEN, JR., McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. - I 0 Second Row: CECIL YATES, Philadelphia, Pharmacy. O HERBERT S. YOUNG, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts. O LILLIAN A. YOUNG, Yazoo City, Education, Delta Gamma, Glee Club, WAA, FTA, Home . . 6 as N I Economics Club, 0 JIMMY B. ZACHARY, Hulka, Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Classical 4 Club, Honor Roll '46. O MARK J. ELLZEY, Biloxi, Commerce, Sigma Chi. I KIRBY DAY President of Phi Eta Sigma. I CELIA WIYGUL HENRY WOOD MARJEAN WOODWARD GEORGE WORTHEN FRED WRIGHT WILLIAM WROTEN, JR. I CECIL YATES HERBERT YOUNG LILLIAN YOUNG JIMMY ZACHARY MARK ELLZEY I I . l . 6 QQ r . Sf -gf I tr '-" Q-ff' I ' fa ' . , 4 . ggi, 'S' ' as W. if -v i 'v , -v--- -:r , cc... . Ww!,,.v+- liffiltaixaixgss 1 X A -..- -,.,,. .M ...wa .Q 114 M144 -"'-uv f W , s VP' K A 1.4 2. ws. 1 . , 'sf 4 e Q .QA .N 1 1 BOB NICHOLS President of Omicron Delta Kappa O CQHSS I -x, I cc. .A one r 'V - -, .Q . 4' .AAL I.. 1, UNIVEHSIT ABOVE: O First Row: JAMES B. ABNEY, Montrose, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BARBARA G. ACREE, Atlanta, Georgia, Liberal Arts. O CHARLES W. ADAMS, Tomnolen, Commerce. O MACK A. ADAMS, Miami, Florida, Commerce. O LaNITA R. AINSWORTH, Hattisburg' Liberal Arts. O Second Row: BETTY B. ALFORD, Hazlehurstg Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O CURTIS B. ALEXANDER, Montrose, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 ROBERT L. ALEXANDER,JR., Montrose, Commerce. O GROVER N. ALLEN, Sallis, Commerce. O SAM ALMAN, III, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O First Row: GLORIA S. ANDERSON, Benton, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O HICKS E. ANDERSON, JR., Port Gibson, Commerce. I GEORGE H, ANDREWS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce: Phi Kappa Psi, O HINTON ANDREWS, Magnolia, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. O JAMES B. ARLEDGE, Bay Springs, Commerce. O GORDON S. ASHLEY, Lexington, Commerce. O VIR- GINIA A. AUSTIN, Memphis, Tennessee: Education, Delta Zeta. O EDNA J. AVENT, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O CLAIRE A. AYCOCK, Rayville, Louisiana, Education, Phi Mu. O Second Row: ROY G. AYLES, Oxford, Commerce. O WILLIAM G. BAGGETT, Etta, Com- merce. O GEORGE T. BAILEY, Gulfport, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O HERBERT B. BAILEY, JR., Oxford, Commerce. I THOMAS E. BAILEY, JR., Wynne, Arkansas, Education, 0 ANN BAINE, Gloster, Commerce, Delta Zeta. 0 JEFF E. BALFOUR, Lamar, Commerce. I CLAUDE L. BALLENTINE, JR., Columbus, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O ALEX D. BALL, Leakesville, Pharmacy. 0 Third Row: JAMES B. BARLOW, Wesson, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM G. BARNER, Ill, Green- ville, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 JEWETT B. BARNETT, Houlka, Engineering. 0 JACK C. BAR- RETT, Houston, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O PAUL J. BARTON, Lucien, Engineering. O JOHN H. BASE, Biloxi, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 FREDNA E. BATSON, Wiggins, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. O FRANK A. BEARD, JR., Laurel, Commerce. 0 LEWIS C. BEASLEY, Sherman, Commerce. Y "life 'rv 3 jixct'-i3 iv , G . Ap fv- fi. 7 A? .3 'Q 5 t' 5 Eg 4 , L' fi ' 11' I I t leak YT9' bf 5 . I f ., mg Zu. J fr '53 Brfijl as 'ti 'R ' 24-rl 3 f'-. 755 -, QQ np:- .21 4.39 L' N 1' I -in i 196 4:5 QQ V' ,. 'I 'Sv-41:-0 ar- -1 I 5 " .::., I 'F' ' 1 UF MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O First Row: GEORGE S. BECKETT, Paducah, Kentucky, Education. O EARLE F. BEELER, Wetherfield, Connecticut, Education. O FRANK BELLIPANI, Centre- ville, Education, Phi Kappa Psi. O REBECCA A. BENOIST, Natchez, Com- merce, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JOYCE M. BENSON, Webb, Liberal Arts. O MARGARET ANN BERDON, Natchez, Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O SEYMOUR BERNSTEIN, Oxford, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O BRADLEY D. BERRY, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O CHARLES S, BIDGOOD, JR., Meridian, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: EVELYN BILLINGSLEA, Camden, Liberal Arts. O JAMES R. BILLINGSLEY, Biloxi, Engineering. O WILLIAM L. BIRDSONG, Lula, Com- merce, Sigma Chi. O JOE K. BISHOP, Moss Point, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O JAMES A. BLACKWELL, McComb, Education. O ELIZABETH A. BLAN- CHARD, Gunnison, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O WILLIAM G. BEANLAND, Ox- tord, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O ORION D. BLANTON, Memphis, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O MIKE R. BLOUIN, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. BELOW: O First Row: LEROY A. BOATWRIGHT, JR., Holly Springs, Pharmacy. O JAC- QUELEENE BOWEN, Jackson, Engineering. O WINSTON K. BOWLING, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOHN R. BRAD- wi?-,V l 'W 33 sv YI? 65" 5- FORD, JR., Jackson, Engineering. O JOHN M. BRAND, Houston, Pharmacy. O JOE E. BRANUM, JR., Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O JAMES F. BRASFIELD, Lorman, Liberal Arts. 0 J. C. BREEDLOVE, Coffeeville, Com- merce. O HUGH G. BRELAND, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O Second Row: OSCAR D. BRENT, JR., Winona, Commerce, O WILLIAM H. BREWER, Richton, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES O. BROCKMAN, Greer, South Carolina, Liberal Arts. O BETTY H. BRAUN, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O CHESTER A. BROWN, Searcy, Arkansas, Pharmacy. O JAMES S. BROWN, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O JACK E. BROWN, Collins, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O JASPER B, BROWN, Carrollton, Com- merce. O WESLEY D. BRUCE, JR., Oxford, Commerce. O Third Row: JARRATT L. BRUNSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O KATHERINE BRYAN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O LES- LIE R. BRYANT, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O WILLIAM M. BRYSON, Clarksdale, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O SARA E, BUEHLER, Greenvile, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O JESSE L. BURNETT, Charleston, Commerce, Sigma Nu. DAVID L. BURNS, Water Valley, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O JOE B. BURSI, JR., Oakville, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES l. BURROW, JR., Byhalia, Commerce, Sigma Nu. L I 4' A "f: 5. , 'yr'- 4'5w . wr" , FT' we r gp ff t ' 'W ,-,, -:JE XIIVEHSITY ABOVE: O Firsl Row: MILLARD R. BUSBY, Laurel, Educalion. O JAMES H. CADE, Lexingron, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O LEE L. CAMERON, Wiggins, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 ROGER L. CAMPBELL, Jackson, Commerce. O DUANE CAPPS, Sharon, Pharmacy. O Second Row: BETH CARLEY, Richlon, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O ALMA J. CARR, Louisville, Commerce. O BEN B. CARRICK, Oakville, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. I SUE CA- ROTHERS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 JEFFERSON W. CARTER, Aberdeen, Com- merce, Sigma Nu. BELOW: O Firsl' Row NAPOLEON L. CASSIBRY, JR., Cleveland, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O RICHARD L. CASTLE, Louisville, Educalion. 0 MARY E. CATES, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O CLAUDE A. CHAMBERLIN, Aberdeen, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O THOMAS A. CHANDLER, Philadelphia, Commerce, Della Psi. O NANCY L. CHENAULT, Houslon, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O BILLY K. CHAPMAN, lndianola, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha. I RUPERT L. CHAPMAN, JR., Oxford, Pharmacy. O JAMES WHITTEN CHILDERS, Ashland Commerce. O Second Row: ROBERT D. CHILDRESS, Jackson, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. C ROBERT D. CHURCH, Grenada, Commerce: Alpha Tau Omega. 0 JAMES E. CLARK, Belzoni, Educalion. O JOHN O. CLAY, Ponloloc, Liberal Arls. O SARA E. CLELAND, Sardis, Commerce. O CLIF- TON A. LAMB, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. 0 CHESTER D. COCHRAN, Olive Branch, Commerce, Della Psi. O IDA S. COHEN, Greneda, Liberal Arls. I EDWIN R. COKER, San- arorium, Educalion. O Third Row: EMILY O. COLBERT, Okolona, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O HENRY B. COLE, JR., Wesl Poinl, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. I JOE G. COLEY, Louisville, Liberal Arrs, Alpha Tau Omega. O JAMES COLLARD, Ponloloc, Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM R. COLLIER, Halfiesburg, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O BILLY T. COLLUM, Golden, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM J. CONDON, JR., Leland, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon. I WILLIAM C. CON- NELL, JR., Clarksdale, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O EDWARD L. COOK, JR., Inverness, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. -J? FIVIISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O First Row: JAMIE E. COOK, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. 0 WILLIAM A. COOPER, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JAMES R. COPE- LAND, Laurel, Commerce. O EDWARD G. CORTRIGHT, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT COVENS, Crystal Springs, Pharmacy, Phi Epsilon Pi. I DANNY S. COVERT, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ANCIL L. COX, JR., Shaw, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. 0 EMMETT N. CREEKMORE, DeKalb, Liberal Arts. O ALICE M. CRITZ, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O Second Row: JOSEPH R. CROOK, Vaiden, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLIAM T. CROUSE, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O CHAR- MAIN J. CRUM, Oak Park, Illinois, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O WILLIAM A. DAGGETT, JR., Pascagoula, Liberal Arts. O JANE DAIGRE, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Della Gamma. O GLORIA L. DANDRIDGE, Senatobia, Educa- tion, Chi Omega. O J. WORTH DANIEL, Sumner, Pharmacy. O JULIE P. DAVIS, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O SAMUEL K. DAY, JR., Inverness, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW: O First Row: CHARLES W. DEAN, Shaw, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O GOR- DON 8. DeLASHMET, Moss Point, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, 0 VIRGINIA DELP, Corinth, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT L. DEMILIO, Lyon, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CECIL R. DICKERSON, Indianola, Education, Sigma Nu. O CHARLOTTE S. DICKINSON, Brownsville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O ALEX D. DICKSON, JR., Greenwood, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I JOHN F. DICKSON, Jackson, Commerce. O THOMAS J. DICKSON, III, Moss Point, Commerce. O Second Row: ELIZABETH J. DORSEY, New Albany, Education, Phi Mu. O W. B. DORSEY, Natchez, Commerce, O FRANK DOWD, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O CHARLOTTE M. DOWNS, Booneville, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O WALL DOXEY, JR., Holly Springs, Commerce, Phi Della Theta. 0 MARTHA S. DRAPER, Pocahontas, Education, Phi Mu. O WALTER E. DREADEN, JR., Lambert, Commerce. O ANN H. DUKE, Meridian, Education, Delta Delta Delta. I JOHN W. DuLANEY, JR., Tunica, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O Third Row: FRED A. DUNN, JACKSON, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOHN M. DUNNAM, JR., Beaumont, Liberal Arls. O SAMUEL D. DUVALL, Oxford, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I GEORGE W. EDMONSTON, Dresden, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O ELWOOD L. EDWARDS, Banner, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O MIRIAM M. EDWARDS, Banner, Liberal Arts. O THEODORE G. ELCHOS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. I JOE ELLIS, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM M. ELLIS, Columbus, Education, Phi Delta Theta. 1" Ag 'fl . fl K . UNIVERSITY ABOVE: O Firsl Row: JESSE W. EAVENSON, Marks, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ROBBIE L. ELLSWORTH Vicksburg, Commerce. I HEBER C. ETHRIDGE, DeKalb, Liberal Arls. O LAREY EVANS Mendenhall, Liberal Arls. 0 WILMOTH F. FANT, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Della. O Second Row: CALVIN B. FINGER, Maiden, Norlh Carolina, Liberal Ar'ls. 0 BARBARA E. FLY, Wafer Valley, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O JOHN C. FLYNN, Syracuse, New York, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JOY FORD, Picayune, Pharmacy. O PATRICIA V. FORD, Halfiesburg, Com- merce, Della Della Della. BELOW: O Firsl' Row: EARL F. FORTENBERRY, Columbia, Pharmacy. O JAMES T. FORTSON, Meridian' Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I CECIL C. FOX, Canlon, Commerce, Della Psi. C JOHN H. FOX, Ill, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Bela Thela Pi. O JOHN T. FRAZIER, Crawford, Liberal Arls. 0 ALFRED O. FRICK, Meridian, Commerce. O CHARLES O. FRIEDMAN, Joneslown, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O GARLAND L. FULTON, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Engineering, Della Psi. O BRUNO FURINI, JR., Lyon, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. I Second Row: FRANCIS K. FURR, Ponloloc, Engineering. O RAYMOND T. FURR, Courlland, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM R. GARDNER, Tupelo, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O J. FRANK GARNER, Tunica, Liberal Arls, Della Psi, O CARL P. GARRETT, JR., Sarah, Commerce. O FRED W. GARRAWAY, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I JOSEPH W. GARY, Byram, Commerce. O EDWIN D. GEISLER, Cornilhg Commerze, Bela Thela Pi. O ADELYN GERALD, Leland, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. O Third Row: THOMAS Z. GIBSON, Poplarville, Pharmacy. O JAMES R. GILBERT, JR., Mobile, Alabama, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O W. BURRUS GILL, Marks, Pharmacy. O NORMAN B. GILLIS, JR., McComb, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha. O FRANK O. GIVENS, Senatobia, Liberal Ads, Phi Della Thela. O PATRICIA M. GORE, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O EDWIN H. GOULD, Okolona, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I GEORGE H. GRAFTON, Hughes, Arkansas, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O JOHN C. GRAMMER, JR., Friars Poinl, Commerce. , 1 4' I ,-,. 1.5, Q? 1 J ., :mv ' . 'f V ff . , PTI 18 ii H 1 Ll: .-Len. 38? x I , I 1 'fn .' f 2 sc' Q ' an TH? ffl . . 5 Y It Q .- I . UI? ISSI ABOVE: O First Row: HOWARD R, GRAY, Iuka, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O EVE- RETT O. GRAYSON, Ouitman, Commerce. O WILLIE B. GREGG, Slate Spring, Liberal Arts. O ANNA L, GRIFFITH, Mantee, Liberal Arts. O LOWELL E. GRISHAM, Iuka, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi, O DALE GUENTHER, Jackson, Commerce. O LUNDY R. GUNN, Tutwiler, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O HARRY K. HALE, Fulton, Commerce. O DAVID M. HALBROOK, Belzoni, Liberal Arts, Della Psi. O Second Row: JOHN C. HALBROOK, JR., Belzonig Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. I DWAYNE L. HALE, New Albany, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE B. HALL, Ill, Mount Olive, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O JAMES H. HALL, Farmerville, Louisiana, Commerce. O MARY F. HAMILL, Sturgis, Liberal Arts. 0 E. D. HAMILTON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. I DOUG HAMLEY, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Education. O WALTER G. HEMPHILL, Jackson, Education. O EDWARD HAMRICK, Hernando, Engineer- ing, Kappa Sigma. BELOW: O First Row: JERRY A. HANCOCK, Athens, Georgia, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I PAUL V. HANNINEN, Sardis, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT L. HARBOUR, Oxford, Commerce. O PENNY HARDAWAY, Marianna, Arkansas, 1 1 1 , I S. L bf i Y UP' ,tw I I 'Xt 4 0 3 5 gl 2, E SSIPPI ..... Education, Delta Delta Delta. O WILLIAM M. HARDEE, Jackson, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. O EARNEST L. HARDIN, Macon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O EMMAGENE HARDY, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, O ISAAC E, HARRIS, Enterprise, Commerce, Psi Kappa Psi. O ELMO O. HARRISON, Cotfeeville, Commerce. 0 Second Row: PATSY J. HAYNES, Ellisville, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. 0 JANIS F. HAYS, Evanston, Illinois, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O NAN E. HEAD, Trumann, Arkansas, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O ALBERT W. HEFFNER, JR., Philipp, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O VASSAR D, HEMP- HILL, JR., Greenwood, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O LeROY J. HENRY, Baldwyn, Engineering. O GEORGE B. HERRING, JR., Jackson, Commerce. O JOAN HERRING, Batesville, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. O J. CARL HERRIN, JR., Durant, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O Third Row: JAMES D. HESTER, Stringer, Liberal Arts. I CAROL HICKS, Pass Christian, Liberal Arts. O GRANVILLE C. HICKS, Vardaman, Pharmacy. I CLYDE R. HIGGASON, Louisville, Commerce, I WILLIAM K. HILL, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O FREDERICK H. HOHENSCHUTE, Eudora, Arkansas, Engineering. O THOMAS M. HOLDER, Houston, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, O WILLIAM B. HOLLOMAN, Ruleville, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O EDMUND W. HOLMES, JR., Oxford, Liberal Arts. .2 A -Q., 44, ' 133 . '22 1:-:' il ft J ep ii -gp-4, .-I 22 'sc-' . T ga--' el 'S .-6,1 fr" SB ' mit? PAUL NEWTON Editor of the MISSISSIPIAN, President of Pi Kappa Pi I Z,"-i 'uxlif va O CTIISS .,g. 'U' use-' 4 aff! 'C' ,,,. UNIVERSITY ABOVE: O First Row: BARNARD S. HOLT, Duncan, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O MILTON S. HOOPER, Kosciusko, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ANN S. HOPKINS, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O GERALD L. HOPKINS, Walnut, Liberal Arts. O EDWIN M. HORNER, Morristown, Education. O Second Row: CHARLES D. HORTON, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 EARL O. HOWELL, JR., Talladega, Alabama, Education. O HUNTINGTON HOWELL, Batesville, Liberal Arts. O JOHN PAUL HUDSON, JR., Scobey, Liberal Arts. O GRADY R. HUFF, Pulaski, Pharmacy. BELOW: O First Row: POMEROY D. HUFF, Meridian, Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta. O WILL Z. HUGGINS, III, Ouitman, Education, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BILLY N. HUGHES, Moorhead, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O THOMAS E. HULL, Taylorsville, Pharmacy. O GASTON T. HUNTER, Mobile, Alabama, Commerce, Sigma Nu. 0 JOE J. HURST, Macon, Commerce. I FLAVOUS L. HUTCHISON, Oxford, Commerce. O JOSEPH F. HUTTON, Oxford, Engineering. O WALTER R. HAGER, Meadville, Pennsylvania, Engineering, Sigma Nu. O Second Row: LEROY E. IRVIN, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM H. IVY, Macon, Engineer- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BRETT F. JACKSON, JR., Pontotoc, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O WIL- LIAM R. JACKSON, Marks, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O BOBBYE JACOBS, Stuttgart, Arkansas, Commerce. O GERALD I. JACOBS, New Orleans, Louisiana, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O HERMAN H. JAMES, JR., Oxford, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O HUBERT A. JAMES, Canton, Commerce. O MARIJO JAMES, Decatur, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. I Third Row: JOHN T. JANUS, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. O PATTIE R. JENKINS, Midland, Georgia, Education, Chi Omega. O ROLAND H. JENKINS, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts. O SAMUEL N. JENNINGS, Kosciusko, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O MURIEL S. JOHN, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O BILLIE D. JOHNSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. O IMOGENE JOHNSON, Sebastopal, Liberal Arts. O JOHN C. JOHNSON, Tipersville, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLIAM F. JOHNSON, Duck Hill, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 5' '41 sr.. 'f '3 an 1, gi., . Mr I . I ' 'N 2 I 'S' 1' - Q' r . ann xg-:im I li ik 1 ... ww- I sr L- ,I-:Q - I. 1 - ,' A, , f s 1. - S 'V' gE"'1.yIrj I ' .. 5. '1 M- 5, ,,l ' U 1 iQ it . ' I j 'ffl I lq , '-fs,-,fl "nl ,, ' "-'fi' . 'lu .v-, . I , Q. f ' l I L.. 'Q 'i i V i vi . 1 "I 'Y V '- 5 K. Q ,1 . .3 -Q, 4 '. ' w ' at N 1 ef 1 y - I ' " S. ' 1 fliiginii-1? A 'ir ', 'ff' -.3 if ' 5 me-i"+'.i '- ' if UF MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O Firsl Row: WILTON J. JOHNSON, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOE E. JOHNSTON, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O DENNIS A. JONES, Walerloo, Alabama, Commerce. O RUFUS T. JONES, Taylor, Com- merce. O EDWARD R. JOYCE, SI. Augustine, Florida, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O JOYCE S. JUSTICE, Pascagoula, Liberal Arls. O JEAN L. KEASLER, Holcomb, Liberal Arls. O EDWARD S. KEATON, Henning, Tennessee, Phar- macy. O KENNETH H. KELLERMAN, Blue Mounlain, Commerce. O Second Row: ROBERT W. KELLY, Waukegan, Illinois, Liberal Arls. O GRE- GORY G. KERGOSIEN, Bay SI. Louis, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES B. KING, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. I RICHARD H. KING, Green- ville, Engineering. O CHARLES R. KIRKPATRICK, Sazlillo, Commerce. O ELEA- NOR H. KNEE, Ripley, Tennessee, Liberal ArIs, Kappa Della. O PEGGY I. KNOTT, Durant, Commerce, Phi Mu. O BOYD E. KYNARD, Universily, Com- merce, O LAMAR W. LANE, Jackson, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi. BELOW: O Firsl Row: GARNETT R. LANNING, JR., Corinfh, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM S. LAWSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O NORMA J. LEGGETT, McComb, Liberal Aris, Zela Tau Alpha. O THOMAS -954 1 , , ' W ' av 'fig ' 'ji-'ef-isp fill'-'K f . , "" ' , 11:63 2 gm - 'Yl- lf l 44 ri R 1 4 Vie J '6 is f ,,, .. 4 Q 'si 4. -., ' ' ' ,X Ii' F. LEGGETT, JR., Laurel, Liberal Arls. O JOHN VIRGIL LEDBETTER, Lumber- lon, Commerce. I STEVE C. LEIST, Vicksburg, Liberal ArIs, Sigma Nu. O WILLIAM V. LENOIR, JR., McComb, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O CLYDE W. LESLEY, Holly Springs, Liberal Arls. O ED LEWIS, Jackson, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. O Second Row: JEAN M. LEWIS, Laurel, Educafion, Della Delia Della. O MIGNONNE W. LEWMAN, Summil, Education, Zela Tau Alpha. O JOHN E. LINDLEY, Macon, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi, O WILLIAM B. LLOYD, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O JOYCE E. LOFLIN, Nafchez, Com- merce, Delia Gamma. O JEAN E. LOTT, Bude, Educalion, Kappa Della. O JOHN E. LOVELACE, JR.. Jackson, Commerce. O JOSEPH T. LYLE, New- Ion, Liberal Arlsg Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 RAY C. LYLE, Tupelo, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi. O Third Row: GENE D. LYNE, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, O PEGGY McALEXANDER, Greenwood, Liberal Arls. I MILLARD R. MCCALLUM, Mize, Liberal Arls. O BILL MCCORD, Houlka, Liberal Arls. O FLOYD A. MCCOY, JR., Crosby, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN E. MCDADE, Winona, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. I JOSEPH W. MCDANIEL, Bude, Pharmacy. O ROGER W. McDANlEL, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Phi Della Thela. O FANNY MCFALL, Sumner, Educalion, Chi Omega. ii ' c, z' 'ir i S . s . 929-f 1i?i?'?3.e-, 3 Q A il... ' -., 355:54 ,Z-255425 . em ,xx , if 1 Q me 11 S----4 if 9, f: ev ' ff aug pg. K' i, BILL TYLER Business Manager of the MISSISSIPPIAN 1 -,f7 I Q, 'iffy ff! kj ,Kit I I fi if IE! K I -' -7 f' I E, 1,1 X if ,ff ff 'ff' ,VK ,4 Sv fl ff 7 vi' .I fl V U ,fi ,J . up If ,fig .I ,- it I. ,I-3 er if I I I I . I I -, . I X V I I X 1 -, .Qi I I N . , . M , ., L. JI5! L, ie' II fix I . -I 3 e J- psy I I I r up as 'R - 96 E ' , me - s 'Q 5. , nf .,,,, -Q i , ."' y , I' . ,JL '!..I. 49+ V C' I I A, .-w. . E - i ,-.H L 11 - - fa-in 438 'Ei Q Gif in-if "'. ax. in 4 4 , I- 5- ,Q YH-4 ' "ir: 55 IIIXIIYEIISITY ABOVE: O First Row: WESLEY L, McFARLAND, Natchez, Liberal Arts. 0 HERBERT B, McGUFFEE, JR., Utica, Commerce. O NONA J. McGUIRE, Baldwyn, Commerce, Delta Zeta, O HUGH J. MCINNIS, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ELTON L, MclNTOSH, Hernando, Pharmacy, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O Second Row: PATTY J. McKAY, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O JOSEPH P. McKELL, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, O ROBERT S, McLAURIN, JR., Brandon, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O WALTER V. McLELLAN, JR., Canton, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOHN B. McLEMORE, JR., Blanche, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. BELOW: O First Row: MARION B. McLEMORE, Macon, Liberal Arts. O JUNIS P. McMAHON, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O MAXiE N. MCMULLIN, Memphis, Tennessee, Education. O ULMER L. MCNEILL, Macon, Commerce. O RUDOLPH McREE, JR., Eupora, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LUCIE B. MAGEE, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O LAUCH M. MAGRUDER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O SIDNEY B. MA- JURE, Newton, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, O WARREN D, MANN, Brooklyn, New York, Pharmacy, O Second Row: RALPH H. MARBLE, Leland, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, C DELLIE A. MARDIS, JR., Fayette, Comrrerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O EARL H. MARSHALL, Troy, Tennessee, Pharmacy, I JACK L. MARSHALL, Homestead, Florida, Education, Sigma Chi. O MARY B. MARTIN, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. 0 JESSE P, MATTHEWS, Jackson, Commerce. I GUY L. MATTINGLY, JR., Greenville, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. I MARTHA J. MATHIS, Lonoke, Arkansas, Ccmmerce. I CHARLES R. MAYFIELD, Bay Spring, Commerce. O Third Row: JAMES L. MERCER, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 0 CATHERINE B, MERCIER, Corinth, Liberal Arts. 0 MILLICENT E. MERRITT, Meridian, Education, Phi Mu. O BARBARA E. MILLER, Homestead, Florida, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, O DAN E. MILLER, JR., Mobile, Alabama, Commerce. O DAVID MILLER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE L. MILLER, West Point, Liberal Arts. O JAMES W. MILLER, Sarepta, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT S. MILLER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. . -1. ,Q ef: n, . ' 'wr . asf' uyavi ' , xftifi. ' - Q -3 ,, W L Q ,. 10 . ' -.1 f ' ' Us cg. T i I LP' gm . gd . N aug,- I 'A F I: ,, ,A if ti LJ' ef' , , ,Ag r U 1' " 'Q . s .L L'-Q . .if Q. T2 ,Ms 1 if . . .1 5 f' , Q, .,, gf 4 an-. 'P .A i V ' J 1 , K 1 fr 1 A Lila. ' 4' ,rl 13" 5 ,ki .., . 'V 'Q 5 ii! t' Q : 'I GI Q UF ISSI ABOVE: O First Row: ROBERTSON L. MILLER, Asheville, North Carolina, Liberal Arts. O BETTY M. MINOR, Nashville, Tennessee, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta. O ROSE MITCHELL, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O MARY NAN MONAGHAN, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O FRANK D, MONTAGUE, Hatties- burg, Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. O EDWARD P. MOORE, JR., Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM B. MOORE, Indianola, Com- merce, Delta Psi. O WILLIAM S. MOORE, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O MARVIN W. MORGAN, Star, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: CECIL P. MORRIS, Philadelphia, Education, O FRANCES M. MORRIS, Ripley, Tennessee, Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O WIL- LIAM G. MORRIS, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Chi Phi. O DAN W. MORSE, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O GLORIA H. MOSS, Mem- phis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O ROBERT H. MULLETT, Quitman, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O GENEVIEVE H. MULLICAN, Wesson, Pharmacy, Zeta Tau Alpha. O JAMES K. MUSKELLEY, Whitehaven, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O WESLEY R. MYERS, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. BELOW: O First Row: JAMES C. NANCE, Ripley, Commerce, O JOHN H. NAPIER, Ill, Picayune, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O WILLOLO NASON, Belzoni, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O CHARLES D. NEILSON, Grenada, Commerce. O ERVIN . - , , fr. ' f "fl, -we 1 -QV' M 'V -nf -v .- hi wr 'S-bi 5, Q mg ,. I I ,' 1 ab '34 ' w ' -sas Q . 96 'fl 1 gs ... ..-L ' L if .fi I 'I ' I .. ' f S I P P I . . . . , E. NELSON, JR., Water Valley, Engineering, O ROBERT L, NICHOLS, Colum' bus, Commerce. O JAMES F. NIXON, JR., Tishomingo, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O HUGH J. NOBLE, Anguilla, Commerce, O ERNEST L. NORS- WORTHY, Hattiesburg, Commerce. O Second Row: JASE O. NORSWORTHY, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOSEPH F, NUCKOLLS, Bolivar, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O ANTHONY B. NUNEZ, JR., Violet, Louisiana, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. O INEZ ODOM, Slate Springs, Pharmacy. BOBBY J. OSWALT, Columbia, Education. O JAMES M. OVERCAST, Hazel, Kentucky, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O THOMAS D. OTT, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O CHARLES W. PALMER, Forest, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 ROBERT B. PARKES, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O Third Row: JACK S. PARKER, Sumrall, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O JAMES E. PARKS, Scottsboro, Alabama, Commerce. O ANNE S, PATTER- SON, Benoit, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O ROBERT D. PATTERSON, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O HARRY M. PATRYK, New York, New York, Commerce, O GILES W. PATTY, JR., Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O CHARLES N. PAYNE, JR, Saltillo, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O JOHN R. PAYNE, JR., Nashville, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT J, PEETS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. if . I bas. kr , v--y I 5 il Q Ze 7? 3' 3- . UNIVERSITY BANKS SMITH President of Delta Sigma Pi O CQIISS ABOVE: 0 First Row: LCIS A. PEGRIM, Memphis Tennessee' Liberal Arts' Phi Mu. I JAMES C PEGUES, JR., Greenwood' Liberal Arts. O CAMAL P. PETRO Leland' Liberal Arts. O CLARENCE S. PHELPS, Marks, Pharmacy. O GORDON GIVEN PHILLIPS, Taylor, Engineering O Second Row: JAMES L. PIERSON, Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ELIZABETH A. PILKINTON, Artesia, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O JOHN L. PITTS, JR., Pontotoc, Engineer ing. 0 CLAUDE W POLAND, JR., Lula, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O GEORGE W. POLHEMUS Clinton' Education. BELOW: O First Row: JAMES E. POLLARD, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O EDSEL E. POSEY Plantersville, Liberal Arts. O JULIAN F. POTTER, Wayside, Engineering. O BETTY J. POUNDS Booneville, Commerce, Delta Gamma. I MICHAEL G. PRASSENOS, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. O SARAH H. PEARCE, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O OPAL READ PRICE, Louin, Liberal Arts. 0 ISAAC H. PROCTOR, Walnut, Education. 0 ESTUS L. PUCKETT, Magee' Commerce, Sigma Nu. O Second Row: BILLIE H. PUTMAN, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. O JAMES L. QUINN, Sturgis, Pharmacy. O JOHN W. QUINN, III, Greenwood, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 TRACY H. RAINEY, McCool, Liberal Arts. 0 CECIL P. RAMER, Corinth, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O ANDRES F. RAMIREZ, Ciales, Puerto Rico, Pharmacy. O BEN M. RAWLS, Columbia, Com- merce, Sigma Chi. O JOHN F. RAWLS, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tam Omega. I JAMES H. RAY, Rienzi, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O Third Row: ALMA J. RAYBURN, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. O JOHN A. RAYBURN, JR., Ponto- toc, Commerce. 0 MILDRED H. REED, Silver City, Commerce, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ROBER B. REICHARD, West Memphis, Arkansas, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O HENRY L. REID, Greenville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 S. ANNE REILLY, Gulfport, ,Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O BERTHA A. RHENEY, Jackson, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alp'ha. O RHONWIN M. RHODES, Florence, Alabama, Commerce. C MARION J. RICE, Nashville, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 5135 Tatum' 'f s wr F- ., vc' X 'i I P .li IU.. C. an 'lun L. ., .V I. S I 1lb-a.n1- - 'eafW'. . if . ill Z 3, ll! 1 l '-Is.. 4:3 W' van. 74 ec: .,. c.. ,-" '--.'i :. 5"' ' l',iw.,? . . I ,ji -V., f M.. 3528? :ffzil 'f's':gg'i3 . . ,F . il l HM ' L13 F23-ELL . X .25 1'- 'uy I UPMISSISSIPPI... ABOVE: 0 First Row: ROBERT L. RICHARD, Jackson, Commerce. O WILLIAM F. RIGBY, Pope, Commerce. O GEORGE P. RITCHEY, lndianola, Commerce, Delta Psi. O BETTY J. RIVES, Rossville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O EDWARD B. ROBERTS, JR., Dillon, South Carolina, Liberal Arts. O MARCUS W. ROBERTSON, Corinth, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O CHARLES W. ROBISON, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. 0 GUY H. ROBINSON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. 0 JANE ROBINSON, Batesville, Commerce. O Second Row: WILLIAM HOWARD ROBINSON, Holly Springs, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O BILLY C. ROGERS, Sylvarena, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O MAX E. ROGERS, Sumner, Commerce. O ALICIA M. ROLLINS, Bay St. Louis: Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. 0 ROGER P. ROSENFIELD, Jackson, Com- merce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O WILLIAM E. ROTHROCK, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JEWEL W, RAULINS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O ROBERT M. ROUSE, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. O GUY M. ROWLAND, Walnut, Commerce. BELOW: O First Row: CHARLIE G. RAY, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM W. RUBLE, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. DONTHA E. RUSSELL, Pontotoc, Commerce, Kappa Delta. O ERWIN E. ' EEL RUSSELL, Booneville, Commerce, Kappa Sigma, O JACK U. RUSSELL Oko- Iona, Education. O ROBERT L. RUSSUM, Flora, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O OSCAR A. RUTSKY, Jacksonville, Arkansas, Pharmacy. I JESSE E. SAMP- SON, Thomasville, Georgia, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu, O BENFORD L. SAMUELS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O Second Row: NORMAN C. SCAIFE, Dundee, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LEO J. SCANLON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. 0 HUGH V. SCHNEIDER, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O GAVIN SCOTT, Benoit, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O PAULINE SCOTT, Flora, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT S. Scott, Chicago, Illinois, Education. O WILLIAM M. SCOTT, Forest, En- gineering, Phi Kappa Psi. O BILLIE J, SEPICH, Mississippi City, Education, Kappa Delta. 0 ELWYN R. SHACKELFORD, Charleston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O Third Row: ROBERT J, SHANNON, New Albany, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JANE SHEDDAN, Senatobia, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O PAUL R. SHELLABARGER, Bells, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O KATHERINE L. SHIPP, Benton, Education. O JOSEPH H. SHOEMAKER, Louin, Liberal Arts. 0 MARCUS L. SHOOK, Belmont, Commerce. O RALPH D. SHULTZ, Quitman, Pharmacy. O CHARLOTTE E. SIMS, Columbus, Education, Phi Mu. O RICHARD E. SIRES, Macon, Georgia, Pharmacy. 1'3- S., 47 fl. 1: .' - 1' l ml! o o R' CF' E,.,... I I 151 5' ' I C - Ip, I5 l Joey. 1 , S7 l pf- ' gf W W- "' B ci I .W , A zf. I er il 5'3" :tr si? ll if e ii! f- If U x . I I TOM BARNETT President of the Business chool Gil-ISS 1 V s-lf.-.4.'H:'5 t Q ' . 39 4. i'iIiQii.sifi ..i.+.:fH'T ' fa, I - 9 Q, Q -.- . Q v - -C .ggi I 'sz' 1...-,,,, ' Il .Y " I l I HI ., 5 I I 1 .7 3 hi? A 'III It . '1 . J i If ' A 5 Q I ' -y ' va' , f Y' ..g -1 l if , ,. .3 ..,, 1, ...J ' l.A A '- Q! '-ps M cgi - ' li.. 'I ISE 'm bi"f.,.ffwigf- 'af T HSITY ABOVE: O First Row: NANETTE S. SISSELL, Taylor, Education. O GEORGE D. SLAY, Hazlehurstg Pharmacy. I CHARLES E. SMITH, Gattman, Liberal Arts. O GEORGE W. SMITH, Fulton, Commerce. O JOHN H. SMITH, Wirmingham, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O Second Row: KENNETH E. SMITH, Carthage, Commerce. 0 STANLEY L. SMITH, Bruce, Liberal Arts. O DORIS J. SNEED, Thaxton, Education. 0 JODIE D. SNEED, Thaxton, Educa- tion. O KERMIT W. SNIPES, Tupelo, Education. BELOW: I First Row: JAMES B. SNOW, Corinth, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT S. SNYDER, Clinton, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. I HENRY A. SORRELS, Belzonig Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O WARRINGTON B. SPEER, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O ELVIN A. STAFFORD, Handsboro, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O JACK P, STAPLETON, Tunica, Liberal Arts. O THOMAS S. STEDMAN, Jackson, Tennessee, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBY L. STEGALL, Forest, Commerce. O GEORGE E. STEPHENS, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O Second Row: PIERCE A. STEVENS, Anguilla, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. I CLAYTON R. SETWART, Houston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O O. WALTON STEWART, Collins, Phar- macy, Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM A. STEWART, JR., Laurel, Commerce. O FRANK D. STICHT, Noxapater, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O GEORGE W. STONE, Chatham, Engineering, Sigma Nu. O IDANELLE STONE, Okolona, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O HELEN M. STOVALL, West Point, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. I JAMES A. STRIBLING, Philadelphia, Education. O Third Row: JAMES L. STRIBLING, JR., Clarksdaleg Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O W. FRANK- LIN STRINGER, Sumrall, Liberal Arts. 0 STEPHEN C. STRINGFELLOW, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. O ELIZABETH P. STURDIVANT, Glendora, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O ROBERT W. T. SUBLETTE, Jazksong Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O CHARLES L, SULLIVAN, Wiggins, Commerce. O LESTER F. SUMNERS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O COLEEN B. SWEARINGEN, DeKalb, Commerce. O VIRGINIA A. TANSIL, Sharon, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. -uf' 'Ins 'EI' v -nr-4 7? vw , 4'- in sz L if A 6 , qt 4: I ,- A si 5,17 2 2' ff UFMISSIESIPPI ..... ABOVE: O First Row: HELEN F. TATE, Stover, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM H. TATE, Oxford, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O ERNEST C. TAYLOR, Kenton, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O MARY A. TAYLOR, Lambert, Education, O KIRK G. TAYLOR, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O RICHARD R, TEMPLE, Lexing- ton, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O MILTON D. TERRILL, Prentiss, Liberal Arts. O HAROLD S. THAMES, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O EARL G. THAMES, Brookhaven, Commerce. O Second Row: BETTY L. THAXTON, Laurel, Commerce. O JAMES T. THOMAS, Laurel, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O MARY E. THOMAS, Merigold, Liberal Arts. O HUGH H, THOMASSON, DeKalb, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O NORMAN S. THOMPSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O JERRY P. TIBLER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES M. TIGRETT, Dumas, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. O RUTH H. TODD, Thaxton, Education, O CHARLES T. TORJUSEN, Pascagoula, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. BELOW: O First Row: JAMES CLINTON TOTTEN, JR., Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon O WILLIAM S. TOWNS, JR., Meadville, Commerce. O JEANNE L. TRAPP, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O BARBARA A, TROTTER, ,fi Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta, O LUTHER D. TURNER, Univer- sity, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. O MARTHA V. TURNER, Hattiesburg, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O MARGIE F. TYLER, Tupelo, Education. O WILLIAM R. TYLER, Forest, Commerce. O JOHN D. VANCE, JR., Bates- ville, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O Second Row: WALTO D. VAN DEVENDER, Gholson, Pharmacy. O VIRGINIA VARLEY, Shreveport, Louisiana, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O JOEL E. VARNER, Senatobia, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O PAT VINSON, Tupelo, Education. O GWEN WALKER, Monroe, Louisiana, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O JOSEPH P. WALKER, Drew, Education. O MAX S. WALKER, In- dependance, Education. O SHIRLEY J, WALKER, Courtland, Liberal Arts. O PAT H. WALLACE, Isola, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O Third Rom JOHN R. WALLS, Houl'a, Liberal Arts. O RICHARD G. WALLS, Houlka, Liberal Arts O MARGARET E WALTERS, Clarksdaleg Educa- tion, Kappa Delta. O MARKS H. WALTON, Mt. Olive, Pharmacyg Pi Kappa Alpha. O ROBERT P. WATKINS, Collins, Liberal Arts. O JACK W, WATSON, Louisville, Pharmacy. O RICHARD T. WATSON, Woodvilleg Liberal Arts. O FRANK B. WATTS, Wiggins, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O THOMAS H. WATTS, JR., Columbia, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. " 'X 2-3313355 X "' . ' zfifls' fi : f '1 Fifi 5 il 5 .ii J: .' J ,s 'v ' -R A 71246 1 in fs W gl W f -:ff 'vc' L. .,... , we ov. A9 f, -K nf i 'Q-" f N, -aff S . 1 Hi We I me .iff Reiki' U' '22 W If XE.. LEWIS NOBLES President of the Pharmacy School, Business Manager ot THE OLE MISS O W CQIISS - . 31 MX I ',.,i I i 3 ABOVE: O First Row: THOMAS P. WEBB, Eupora, Liberal Arts. O HERMAN D. WEBSTER, JR., Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O BUFORD W, WELLS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 K. CLAIRE WELLS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O MONROE G. WELLS, Oakland, Pharmacy. O Second Row: JAMES A. WEST, JR., Houston, Commerce. O MILTON J. WESTMORE- LAND, Shannon, Liberal Arts. O GLORIA J. WHALEN, Senatobia, Education. O JEANNE WHEELER, Hernando, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O JOE H. WHEELER, JR., Greenville, Commerce, Delta Psi. BELOW: O First Row: MITZI M. WHELESS, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O CHARLES L. WHITAM, Natchez, Commerce. O JAMES H. WHITE, State College, Commerce. O REGI- NALD P. WHITE, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O ROSS E. WHITE, Jackson, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, 0 MARGARET E. WICKS, Alligator, Commerce, Delta Gamma. 0 EVERETT E. WIGINGTON, Knoxville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O BROWN T. WILLIAMS, JR., Ellisvilleg Pharmacy. O CHARLES D. WILLIAMS, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O EDWIN C. WILLIAMS, Plain, Pharmacy. O Second Row: JAMES E. WILLIAMS, Guntown, Commerce. O JAMES D. WILLIAMS, Lexing- ton, Commerce. O JAMES E. WILLIAMS, Potts Camp, Commerce. O RALPH E. WILLIAMS, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. O SHIRLEY B. WILLIAMS, Decatur, Alabama, Education. 0 ELLEN M. WILLIAMSON, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. 0 JOE T. WILLINGHAM, Vicks- burg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O CREIGHTON L. WILSON, Batesville, Liberal Arts. O JAMES W. WILSON, Richton, Liberal Arts. O JOSEPH E. WILSON, JR., Clarksdale, Pharmacy. O Third Row: HIN L. WING, Jonestown, Pharmacy. O MARTHA L. WRENN, Doddsville, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. 0 ALBERT H. WOOLLETT, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O ANN M. WRIGHT, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O CHARLES C. WRIGHT, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O ALVIN R. WRIGHT, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O DOROTHY A. WRIGHT, Rolling Fork, Education, Phi Mu. O RAY C. WUNDERLICH, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O HOLLIE S. YOUNG, Bruce, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I LESTER W. YOUNG, Oxford, Commerce. O LOREN T. YOUNG, Oxford, Engineering. I 'Q' C . Ln 2 C' y.,- i KR i W' auf' 1: , Z Us "J if -7 Lv-v 5 -,.a..........w - I l iv W Eguecnorw PAY -JSQN-.,h AFTER-LUNCH HOUR l IH: IS HERE 'C if a --X 10 EXPECTING? 1 . E MY WIFE ...BUT OH is " "l LOV JW V YOU KID!" 1, .:',- :L-f1..?4 If ' 9 QU V i is f wg ,I 2 , -Cl' i wa-f X. CHARLY CONERLY E 5 'S A , . Colonel Rebel, All American, Captain of the Football team CLHSS fv- X ,ei . I 1 9.42 F 11" 'f'T""-f-rf A .fr " ,. 1 .- 1 wc, . 'Q ' .,' rf,-5' P5 J.. , fe A. IL .:-L. 6- . 'N , Q N., I V V, bw 'C' 2 guy-Y . - '. 335, 1. 4' '. '- r .34 ,, ,.. fag. ,4 11 Ii if 3 '- ,, sg:- XY 53 -i. ,' :pi .i,- ..,,' .4 1, , ...ol . ., ..,,f,, fi ' A --ff? . ,. A , .."e' X , ., ,.. . k, ,' ' - L 1-f' af: 3. ' ' 75"-'Pei B A 'gs 2955355 ,, . , an E, 3 11 Q,-5. w ucv - ff sq'-g'.i1Z,5a1'Q ,E 4, is l W t".r'fi . ,aiesmi is 3 5, l ,. ,fs I 3 f kr A , f L E '- 253,25 .1 f .-1. ' . 'is Q - -fel' '.- .v.J ex. . 1. I 1 14, LJ, me C' UN ERSITY ABOVE: O First Row: BENNIE L. ADAMS, Jackson, Commerce. O FLOYD B. ADAMS, Crystal Springs, Commerce. O ROBERT H. ADAMS, New York, New York, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O MARION E. ADDISON, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O HARVEY C, ADEN, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. I Second Row: JOHN A. ALDRIDGE, Estill, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O LEILA M. ALEXANDER, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O PHIL B. ALEXANDER, Amory, Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I WILLIAM H. ALEXANDER, Bay Springs, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I KATE B. ALFORD, Hazlehurst, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. BELOW: 0 First Row: ELEANOR Z. ALLEN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. 0 MINNIE A. ALLEN, Fayette, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, O ROBERT H. ALLEN, Iuka, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O MOSE J. ALLISON, Tippo, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 BRANNAN J, ANDER- SON, Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ROGER W. ANDERSON, Oxford, Engineering. 0 TOM ANDERSON, Ellisville, Liberal Arts. 0 CARL F. ANDRE, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsaion, 0 VICTOR H, APPLEWHITE, Bass Field, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: WALTER R. ARNETT, Macon, Georgia, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O NANCY L. ASHLEY, Clinton, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN A ASHMORE, Pontotoc, Pharmacy, O EUGENE W. ATKINSON, Carrollton, Commerce. 0 MAY S. ARTZ, Centreville, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. 0 E, W. ATKINSON, Pickens, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. 0 JAMES S. ATTAYA, Picayune, Engineering. O BRUCE G. AUSTIN, Tie Plant, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, O CHARLES J. AZAR, Greenville, Liberal Arts. O Third Row: LOUIS G. BA'NE, JR., Gloster, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, O CHARLES E. Liberal Arts. BAIRD, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. 0 RICHARD M. BAIRD, Water Valley, O JOHN R. BAKER, Charleston, Liberal Arts. 0 ROBERT T. BAKER, Charleston, Liberal Arts. I HALL BALDRIDGE, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MABEL ANN BALL, Greenwood, Education, Chi Omega O CATHERINE G. BANKSTON, Edwards, Com- merce, Chi Omega. 0 FALCON L. BARIA, ltta Bena, Pharmacy, Sigma Chi. - ' - A --v--'rf-F - -'1-1----rf r'-"W-v"'.vs-if-1 Z' Q 1 F- -7 as , , 1 fy' . ., 1,63 X , P 5 V ? .V,,,?, J, i r - I .ra f QT 'I f wifi' ' 4 :wg J , . .1 .1 ,- -s W ' , , Mn : "f.',, . "sf 5 ' ss .ii fi c . .1 if 1? : i' 1 393: 1 s. ?rl "" '-L' .c. mg my W L-,, 5,4 4-4' I i . lil s 0 6 .uv 12 'ia r ,lr,. lfl F ISSI O First Row: JAMES E. BARBER, Baldwyn, Education. O JARE L. BARKLEY, Belzoni, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O TEMPLE B. BARNARD, Anguilla, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O EMERY A. BATTLE, McComb, Phar- macy. O GAYLE C. BEANLAND, JR., Oxford, Engineering, Delta Psi. O BOB- BIE JEAN BEAVERS, Ruleville, Commerce, Phi Mu. O JEFFERSON C. BELL, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O MARY BELL, Bradenton, Florida, En- gineering. O JACK D. BERCH, Hazelhurst, Pharmacy. I Second Row: IRVING M. BERNSTEIN, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Phi Epsilon Pi. O FRANK A. BELLINA, Meridian, Engineering. O WINSTON O. BENJAMIN, Thaxton, Liberal Arts. O JOSEPH H. BENVENUTTI, Bay St. Louis, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O JOHN J. BETHEA, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O GUY C. BILLUPS, Greenwood, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O EDWARD S. BIRCHETT, Yazoo City, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. I MARION F. BISHOP, Shaw, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O DON E. BLANCHARD, Moss Point, Education, Sigma Chi. BELOW: I First Row: JAMES O. BLANKENSHIP, West Point, Pharmacy. O ARTIE C. BLOUNT, Oxford, Commerce. O JO E. BOGARD, Parkin, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. I WILLIAM H. BOND, Jackson, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM 5 V-1 'Ei -., pa 3 SSIPPI ..... H. BOOLOS, Clarksdale, Commerce. 0 MARTHA J. BORING, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O THOMAS N. BOSCHERT, Duncan, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O WEBB A. BOSWELL, Noxapater, Pharmacy, Delta Chi Alpha. O GEORGE W. BOUNDS, Bailey, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: JAMES O. BOUNDS, Philadelphia, Commerce. O THOMAS E. BOUNDS, Shubuta, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM E. BOUNDS, Shubuta, Phar- macy. O DONALD C. BOWEN, Atlanta,, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MARGARETTE A. BOWEN, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, O ROBERT F. BOWEN, Piedmont, South Carolina, Engineering. O SHELDON W. BOWEN, Tupelo, Commerce. O EVERETTE W. BOWIE, McComb, Pharmacy. O JAMES E. BOWIE, Carthage, Engineering. O Third Row: MARTHA V. BOWMAN, Amory, Education, Delta Zeta. O JAMES D. BOYD, Ecru, Pharmacy. O JOYCE M. BOYD, Ecru, Com- merce. O JANE M. BOZEMAN, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. I JAMES F. BRENT, Biloxi, Engineering. O HAROLD D. BREWER, Richton, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O LLOYD M. BRIDGERS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O FRANK H. BROWER, Charleston, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O BETTY J. BROWN, Lorman, Liberal Arts ,Delta Zeta. . vw . . , ,A V . ,, ,sqm if I 5 v . 'P' if " if 'ev I. , - in it , . ,g Ffa v' 'CT' Kr 6 .ff N if af J. .. ' -543' seizing ,. 1 I :as WIVEHSITY ABOVE: O First Row: CARLOTTA C. BROWN, Collins, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O CHARLES H, BROWN, Natchez, Commerce. I EMMETT C. BROWN, Brooklyn, New York, Engineering. O GEORGE A. BROWN, JR., Water Valley, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM W. BROWN, Vardaman, Commerce. O Second Row: CHARLES E, BROWNING, Carrollton, Commerce. I STANLEY BRUNT, McCooI, Commerce, 0 JACK BRYANT, Raleigh, Commerce. O JOHN W. BRYANT, Lamar, Liberal Arts. O MAURICE W. BRYANT, Houlkag Engineering. BELOW: O First Row: JOHN F. BUFKIN, Lumberton, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O HENRY C. BULLOCK, Rosedale, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O HELEN F. BURNSIDE, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. 0 CLIFFORD C. BURGESS, Bentonia, Engineering, Phi Kappa Psi. I MILLARD M. BUSH, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O EMMA JO BYNUM, Ellisville, Llberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O HENRY F, BYRNE, Natchez, Commerce. O EDWIN E. CALDWELL, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts. O JAMES N. CALDWELL, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O Second Row: PERRIN L. CALDWELL, Senatobia, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O JAMES I. CALIFF, Dublin, Liberal Arts. 0 HENRY A. CAMPBELL, Mocksville, North Carolina, Com- merce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O JAMES A. CAPLES, Vardaman, Education. O WILLIAM A. CARLISLE, Houston, Commerce. 0 WILLIAM H. CARNES, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O GERALD W. CARPENTER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O GEORGE E. CATTOLL, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. 0 EDGAR W, CARTER, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. 0 Third Row: IRA G. CARTER Amory, Commerce. O ROBERT L. CARTER, Sardis, Commerce. O STACY W. CARTER, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O JOHN T. CASE, Brookhaven, Pharmacy. O ED. WARD L. CATES, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O THOMAS H. CAVE, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O JACK P, CAVENAUGH, Jackson, Com- merce. 0 LOUIS S. CHATHAM, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 WILLIAM D. CHATHAM, Shaw, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. rl, is re., 1' 9 L 'gat -fy Z" ,' ' - 5' 'l"i1 l wi Q5 fi: ,, . re fa . ,HQ 'Tgf AZ if . V of .- 7 , ' w' I :Il :E s i 'Hi . 43' V ,445 ' ' Au QQUEF., . K X . . A is . I .ef I .V Y fa. ' ,Q f M . ' Q glfrgf' A - Arial N .Q '6.9t'a:elers.ln fb ... we - W 1 ,,,,,.3 ? 6 vs A W ABOVE: O First Row: THOMAS T. CHISHOLM, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. O LAU- RENCE J. CLARK, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O NOEL T. CLARKSON, Marks, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O AUBREY O. CLEMENTS, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts. O HENRY G. CLEMENTS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES A. CLEMMONS, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. O FABUS D. CLIETT, Pheba, Commerce. 0 JACK R. CLINT, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O JAMES R. CLOWER, Greenville, Com- merce, Delta Psi. O Second Row: OLIVE E. CLOWER, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O HERBERT M. COHEN, Minter City, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O JAMES H. COLEMAN, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O MAURICE L. COLLY, Atlanta, Georgia, Liberal Arts. O JOHNNY M. CONNER, In- dianola, Pharmacy. O JOHN B. COOK, Meadville, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O SHIRLEY E. COOK, Wiggins, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma., O JEAN R. COOLEY, Lambert, Liberal Arts. O PAUL B. COOPER, Handsboro, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW: O First Row: ROBERT S. COOPER, Forest, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O HELEN R. COPLEN, Summit, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. O GEORGE W. COVINGTON, Canton, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT 4. Q J. COVINGTON, Louisville, Education, Alpha Tau Omega. O JUSTIN L. COX, Brandon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O RAMON H. COX, Booneville, Liberal Arts. O JAMES A., CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tennessee, Education, O KEN- NETH E. CRAWFORD, Mount Olive, Commerce. O JANE CRAWFORD, West Point, Education, Chi Omega. O Second Row: WALTER P. CROSWELL, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, O THOMAS S. CULLEY, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, O GEORGE G. CULPEPPER, Silver Creek, Liberal Arts. O JOHN B. CUNNINGHAM, Tchulag Commerce. 0 JOHN R. CUNNINGHAM, Booneville, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O JAMES M. DABBS, Shannon, Liberal Arts. O JAMES C. DABNEY, Hernando, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 ROLAND H. DALE, JR., Magee, Education, Kappa Sigma. O ALLEN S. DALRYMPLE, Manitowoe, Wisconsin, Commerce. O Third Row: JOHN D. DAME, Tillatoba, Pharmacy. O JOHN H. DANIELS, Belzoni, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM M. DAVID, Forrest City, Arkansas, Commerce. O BILLY H. DAVIS, Houston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JESSE B. DAY, McComb, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I JOHN F. DEAN, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O THOMAS J. DEAN, Hern- ando, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O WILLIAM M. DEAVOURS, Laurel, Commerce. O RAMON R. DIAZ, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. f ' FSFPT f i? at nw., Dr, it Q :fa at R53 ,Ql- V' I E E at 5 ls If ef .Y ,SV , X Q an 'Os Q 4, 1 an , ual Q- 1 , -36- if "'-Vg... MARY LIDDELL Miss Ole Miss 9- ,--few 'QI fi 3 , I I 1 I l' UN EHSITY ABOVE: O First Row: GLENNA O. DICKERSON, Bexley: Commerce. O RICHARD P. DICKSON, Moss Point: Commerce. O EUGENE L. DIGBY, Fulton: Liberal Arts. O ROBERT A. DIXON, Trenton, Tennessee: Pharmacy. O DAVE W. DOGAN, Grenada: Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: FRANK M. DOOLEY, Jackson: Liberal Arts. O JAMES H. DORROH, Slate Springs: Engineering. O ROBERT A. DOWLE, Canton: Commerce: Beta Theta Pi. O BETTY J. DRURY, Brookhaven: Liberal Arts. O DEAN C. DuBOlS, Gulfport: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O First Row: ALLEN W. DUCK, Wesson: Commerce: Sigma Chi. O BETTY DUKE, Oxford: Commerce: Kappa Delta. O LILLIAN A. DUKE, Jackson: Commerce: Delta Delta Delta. O ROBERT O. DUNCAN, Columbus: Liberal Arts: Alpha Tau Omega. O BETTE H. DUNCAN, Vicksburg: Liberal Arts. O WINFIELD C. DUNN, Meridian: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. O DAVID W. DUNN, Oxford: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma. O JOHN D. DUNN, Jackson: Liberal Arts. I WARREN H. DYE, Ackerman: Liberal Arts. Second Row: ROBERT A. DYER, Greenwood: Liberal Arts: Delta Kappa Epsilon. O ARVAH DYESS Laurel' Commerce- Pi Kappa Alpha. O HENRY W. EARLE, DeSoto: Engineering. JUNE C EAST Brookhaven Pharmacy O PAUL F EDGAR Carthage Pharmacy O ROBERT EFFINGER JR Coldwater Liberal Arts Delta Psl O ROBERT D EHRHARDT Jackson Commerce Kappa Alpha O GEORGE R ELLIS Waynesboro Liberal Arts Sigma Nu O LEWIS D ELLIS Hattlesburq Commerce O Third Row JEAN T ELLSWORTH Vicksburg Liberal Arts O EDWARD H EMERSON Memphis Tennessee Engineering 0 LILLY EXUM Vaughan Education Zeta Tau Alpha O CLEVELAND D FAGGARD Moss Point Education 0 ROBERT R FALLIS Wynne Arkansas Commerce Alpha Tau Omega O FRANK C FANT Greenwood Commerce Phu Delta Theta O GEORGE K FARR Jackson Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon O JOHN R FARRELL Meridian Liberal Arts Kappa Aupha O REUBAN M FARRIS Rlenzn Pharmacy 0 E. . , . 0 - . : - - . : . C. . .. : ' : '. . . : Q .4 ' i 55 G. A "" If L Q, -G. ' A . , sg. A Q- . ,. EL: E l g ' 4 . - I ,wx fi , 's Y - . .ex 1 I. , , .1-,1 . g's"ws"g- I . I r I , I ' t' Q 1 9' if Q " ' ' X 'ns 54 . L2 o 1? X . 1 A A S " ' Q 5 0 ,, . ' .- . . it ' l f V E 1 L A L " I 'Q -4 L iw 'I 1 sf iz:- 416s so T .21 Q-0. it ...LEP 23 nf if '7 'Q' 3 1' if S A M9 re i' - - -, ns me , UPMISSISSIPPI... ABOVE: O First Row: RUDOLPH J. FARRIS, Vicksburg: Commerce, 0 DUDLEY D. FEDRIC, Charleston: Commerce: Kappa Alpha. 0 WILLIAM M. FERGUSON, Marks: Commerce: Phi Kappa Psi. O JOY FIELDS, Oxford: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta. O TAULBERT J, FINCH, McComb: Pharmacy: Sigma Nu. O VIVIAN FINDLEY, Hattiesburg: Eduiation: Zeta Tau Alpha. O KEITH W. FINLEY, I'upeIo: Engineering: Delta Kappa Epsilon. I ALBERT E. FLETCHER, Sardis: Liberal Arts. O BURNEY M. FOOKS, Tupelo: Commerce. O Second Row: DAN R. FORD, Taylorsville: Pharmacy. O CHARLES W. FORD, Pascagoulag Commerce: Sigma Chi. 0 THAD L. FOWLER, JR., Hattiesburg: Commerce: Phi Delta Theta. O DAN O. FOX, Louisville: Liberal Arts. O PAUL A. FRASIER, Philadelphia: Pharmacy. O CHARLES L. FRAZIER, Oxford: Engineering. O ANDREW N. FREMIN, Biloxi: Pharmacy. O BILLIE J, FRENCH, Byhalia: Commerce. 0 GEORGE E. FRENCH, Pass Christian: Pharmacy. BELOW: O First Row: JAMES W. FRIDAY, Booneville: Pharmacy, O JACK C. FRILICK, Meridian: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. O ROBERT J. FUERST, North Little Rock, Arkansas: Education. O LaMONTE FULTON, Louisville: Commerce. O HENRY M. FYFE, JR., Sardis: Commerce: Sigma Chi. O PHIL H. GALLO- WAY, Oxford: Engineering. O WILLIAM F. GALTNEY, Corinth: Commerce: Phi Delta Theta. O DAVID B. GARDNER, McComb: Commerce: Sigma Chi. O RUFUS K. GARDNER, Greenwood: Liberal Arts: Phi Delta Theta. O Second Row: JERRY GARLAND, Crystal Springs: Education: Chi Omega. O WILLIAM L. GARNER, Hernando: Liberal Arts. O HAZEL I. GARRETT, Jackson: Commerce: Delta Zeta. O MARVIN L. GARRETT, Chapel Hill, Ten- nessee: Pharmacy. O LLOYD E. GARY, Eupora: Liberal Arts. O JOHN J. GATTAS, Clarksdale: Liberal Arts. O ALFRED GENT, Summit: Pharmacy. 0 JOE I. GILLESPIE, Columbia, Tennessee: Liberal Arts: Delta Psi. O WIL- LIAM M. GILLESPIE, Charleston: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma. O Third Row: JOHNNY M. GIRNER: Sardis: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. O ROBERT H. GLOVER, Brooksville: Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM H. GLOVER, Moundville, Alabama: Education. I PEYTON GREAVES, Jackson: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. O PHIL L. GREENER, Forest: Liberal Arts. O BEN T. GRE- GORY, Oklona: Liberal Arts. O JAMES C. GRIFFIN, Shannon: Liberal Arts. O VAN R. GRISHAM, Aberdeen: Pharmacy. O GEORGE H. GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. .Q 49 aww' . 379' .J gm. YGONDINE WALKER Miss Ole Miss, I9-17, Second Semester President ot the WSGA. CLHSS Q 910, Q., Av ts ni Q a-Q y IJ X IF- 'A p 'R fa IVEHSITY ABOVE: I First Row: JOHN H. GURNER, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. O BETTY J. HADAD, Vicksburg, Commerce. O TOMMY W. HADDOCK, Enterprise, Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. O THOMAS W. HAGAN, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi, O REUBEN A. HALE, JR., Green- wood, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: ROBERT B. HALTON, Batesville, Pharmacy, Delta Psi. 0 WILLIAM H, HAMIL- TON, Hurley, Commerce. O DOROTHY E. HAMM, University, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta. O FRANK H. HAMMOND, JR., Marks, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O VICTOR G. HAMMONS, Holcomb, Commerce. BELOW: O First Row: DeWITT HAMRICK, JR, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O LEE F, HAM- RICK, JR., Greenwood, Commerce: Sigma Chi. O JAMES L. HAMRICK, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O NANCY ROSE HANNA, Columbus, Commerce. O JOHN C. HANNAH, JR., Marks, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O ALFRED W. HARDY, Canton, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O JOSEPH E. HARPER, Moss Point, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O JAMES C. HARGIS, University, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. 9 HUDSON S. HARGETT, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I Second Row: LOUIS W. HARMON, JR., Oxford, Commerce. O A. CLAIRE HARRINGTON, Meridian, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O CHARLES R. HARRIS, Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O JOSEPH C. HARRIS, Batesville, Commerce. O CLAUDE H. HARRISON, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O ANN G. HARVIEL, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, O HENRY L. HARWELL, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O SHIRLEY L, HATAWAY, Vicksburg, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, 0 CAROLE E. HAWKINS, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O Third Row: AVERY P. HAYNES, JR., Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O JAMES C. HAYES, Philadelphia, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. O JOHN E, HAYES, Tchula, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O LEWIS C. HEIDELBERG, Gulfport, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 0 FRANCES L. HEMETER, Hattiesburg, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O BETTY J. HENDERSON, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O HELEN HENDERSON, Sumner, Commerce, Chi Omega. O PATRICIA HENDON, Tunica, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O O. H. HENDRICKS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. t 'N r -E5 Q , V B Q4 L' of v lifes' NZ 7 -'R -,g - 'N' nf- 1 Qi f' ,sag X- - it 'Sf w,,,..v 'EC A 17 ,pus 1 ff' 1. I izsmgii .Xl Q, S x 1 H .' th ' all ' '- .0 Q, g I v- s 4, El f- fe I 1- -f - .4 I X k 8 , 'I .f fi 6 , f,'...l 'Q ,- , 121 942 fl 49 M' K . . Avl.. V New ' ,f 1: r Ulf MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O First Row: JAMES P. HENLEY, Philadelphia, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O GWENDOLYN C. HENRY, Pontotoc, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. O HELEN E. HENRY, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O JACK W. HENRY, Tuscaloosa, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O CHARLES B. HERRIN, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi, O GEORGE P. HEWES, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O RALPH HIGHTOWER, Eupora, Pharmacy. O GARVIN M. HILL, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega, O JACK A. HILL, Corinth, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: ONEIDA O. HODGES, Taylor, Education. O WILLIAM W. HOLMES, Leland, Commerce. O DIXIE L. HOPSON, Clarlcsdale, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O HAROLD M. HOOPER, Kosciusko, Commerce. O GEORGE P. HOPKINS, Gulfport, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, O HAROLD E. HOPPER, Ripley, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O JIMMY C. HOPPER, Green- wood, Commerce. O JACK D. HORNE, Amory, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O ROSEMARY HOWARD, Winona, Education, Kappa Della. BELOW: O First Row: WAYNE L. HOWARD, Brandon, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM E. HOWARD, Watertown, Engineering, O LAWRENCE H. HOWELL, Aberdeen, Commerce. O WILBUR T. HOWELL, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts. 0 HAROLD L. HUDSON, Laurel, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE W. HOFFMAN, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O ARTHUR S. HUGGINS, JR., Oxford, Commerce. O VERNOW T. HUGHES, Clarksdaleg Pharmacy. O JOHN M. HUMPHREYS, Biloxi, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O Second Row: SHED H. HUNGER, Winona, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O DOROTHY J. HUNTER, Memphis, Tennessee, Kappa Delta. O DOROTHY V. HUNTER, Inverness, Commerce, Delta Delta Delta. O WILLIAM B. HUTTO, JR., Bay Springs, Pharmacy. O JIM R. ISON, Meridian, Commerce. I ROBERT JABOUR, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. O JOHN JABRON, JR., Silver Creek, Liberal Arts. O DONALD B. JACKSON, McComb, Engineering, O JAMES C. JACK- SON, Fayette, Alabama, Liberal Arts. O Third Row: JOHN F. JACKSON, Kosciuslro, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O LOUIS F. JACKSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O BEN D. JACO, Winona, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O ALBERT J. JAEGER, Columbus, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O VIRGIL F. JAMES, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O JAMES A. JEFFREYS, Coffeeville, Commerce. O EULAS S. JENKINS, Vernon, Alabama, Liberal Arts. 0 THOMAS D. JENKINS, Water Valley, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega, O LOUIS M. JIG- GITTS, Jacksen, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. in yay il I 'I get 5 .4 , V .. ED McINTYRE 'Q'-7 in X az ik R A 'IV rr , 49,4 X Ai s 24... 5 e , Q I V, T I I:. President of Phi Alpha Delta CLIISS '59 A 'ut -.vw 'Q sr .1- ,- E ' 1 te erll. , A . W' 'vs' S 1 TF' V... ..,1 3 .. 141. -,Jam ' 1 .- S . " ' Agri, N lot, I 'O if 1 I all . F Al 7 T: G- s 0' T' f" I id wi . ABOVE: O First Row: JOAN A. JOHNSON, Brookhaven, Education, Kappa Delta. O GEC JOHNSON, Memphis. Tennessee, Commerce. I JOHN A. JOHNSON, Oxford, Eng O KATHRYN JOHNSON, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O ROBERT E SON, Leland, Pharmacy. 0 Second Row: R. P. JOHNSON, Maben, Commerce. O BARBARA L. JOHNSTON, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. 0 HERMAN M. JOHNSTON, ltta Bena, Commerce, Sig O JOHN E. JOHNSTON, Shannon, Liberal Arts. O EDLEY H. JONES, JR., Vicksburg Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BELOW: O First Row: HENRY D. JONES, Jackson, Commerce. O JAMES H. JONES, Jac Alabama, Engineering. O JOSEPH P. JONES, Moss Point, Engineering, Kappa O RICHARD C. JONES, Crystal Springs, Liberal Arts. I CHARLIE B. JORDAN, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O BETTYE JOURDAN, Iuka, Liberal Arts, Delta Delt O DAVID O. JOURDAN, Iuka, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. C IRWIN M. KAUFMAN dale, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O JUSTINE E. KAZAR, Tchula, Education. Pascagoula, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O MAURICE C. KEMP, Winona, Libe I TRESSA M. KING, Fayette, Education, Delta Zeta. O GEORGE H. KIRKLAND, Gr Engineering. O RANSON B. KIRKLAND, Waynesboro, Commerce. O ALBERT S. KIR. son, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. C JEANNE C. KNOST, Pass Christian, Education Kappa Gamma, O ROBERT N. KNOX, Pontotoc, Commerce. O Second Row: GILBERT L. KECK, Washburn, North Dakota, Education. O ROBERT . ' e C SKY Grace' Commerce. I SELMA F. LABENS Greenwood' Liberal Arts. I GLENN Langdale, Alabama, Commerce. O EATON A. LANG, JR., Pass Christian, Commerc Sigma. O JAMES L, LATHAM, Eupora, Liberal Arts. O M. A. LEA, Gibsonville, Nor Iina, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. I EDWIN C. LeGRAND, Mocksville, North Carolin merce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O G. HARRY LEWIS, Chunky, Liberal Arts. O Third Row: HERBERT A. KROEZE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O JOYCE L. I I ' I e A. 'f f - Av: ' 1 , S 51 , I . ,ff 5.4 K E If ng., Qs , " Q Q 5, s ,,. Q31 , -A.. I .V . B, ai., C5 4 A L A' T4 A, if x it ' -. I 77 g .5 . 1:12 3?f3"I31Qi?i. ,,-.S MEI I as I . .59 K, if 1 A , , -'5 1 YI I... ff' JSI... - K . . 1, .al I 555' 4. '-me W'-7 'CP 'VK' -44 -A , MA. I sf 3 inf' l ' I ' I psig 'H 355:52 B l UP ISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O Firsf Row: JAMES F. LEWIS, McComb, Pharmacy. O KATHRYN B. LEWIS, Haffiesburg, Liberal Arfs, Della Della Della. O MARTHA R. LINDLEY, Macon, Commerce. O THOMAS T. LINDLEY, Baldwyn, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O RUSSELL O, LITCHFIELD, Meridian, Educalion. I ROBERT L. LITTLE, Monlicellog Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O WILLIAM C. LODEN, JR., Prairie, Liberal Arfs, Delia Psi, 0 WILLIAM M. LOFTIS, Fayeffe, Alabama, Engineer- ing. O THOMAS R. LONG, Gulfporf, Liberal Arfs, Della Kappa Epsilon. O Second Row: WALTER K. LONG, JR., Ilfa Bena, Liberal Arls. O FRED J. LOTTERHOS, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. I ANNIE M. LOVELADY, Oxford, Engineering. O DAVID D. LOW, Sardis, Pharmacy. 0 JAMES B, LOWE, Glendora, Liberal Arfs. 0 CAROL F, LOWRY, Sf. Pelersburg, Florida, Commerce. O EDWIN L. LOWRY, Philadelphia, Education, Sigma Nu. O DOUGLAS L. LUCKEY, Jackson, Commerce. O HUGH LUCKETT, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. BELOW: O Firsf Row: BILLY N. MCADOO, Martin, Tennessee, Pharmacy. I MARY F. McCALL, Oxford, Music, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O PEGGY J. McCALL, Holly Spring, Liberal Arfs. O JAMES K. MCCARLEY, Sanaforium, Commerce, Kappa xqgw - Sigma. O DAVID E. MCCARTHY, Salfilla, Liberal Arfs. O BILLIE C. Mc- CLENDON, Jackson, Liberal Arfs, Phi Mu. 0 JAMES M, MCCORMACK, Fulfon, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT E. McCORMACK, Crysfal Springs, Pharmacy. O GLENN E, McCOY, Balfzer, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. OSecond Row: TAYLOR H. MCELROY, JR., Oxford, Engineering, Della Kappa Epsilon. O IMOGENE MCFADDEN. Oxford, Liberal Arls, Delfa Zefa. O JAMES E. MCGINNIS, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O MAC D. MclNNlS, Collins, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT W. MCINTOSH, Moss Poinf, Engineering, Sigma Nu. O BOBBYE B. MCINTYRE, Brandon, Liberal Arfs, Della Zela. O BARRY P. MclNTOSH, Hernando, Liberal Arfs. 0 MARY ANNE McLEAN, Blaine, Educafion, Chi Omega. 0 ANN McLENDON, lndianola, Edu- cafion, Phi Mu. O Third Row: MABRY S. MCMILLAN, Wafer Valley, Liberal Arfs. O PAUL W. MCMULLAN, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 RALPH L. McCULLAR, Lamberf, Liberal Arfs. O WILLIAM A. MCPHEETERS, Cleveland, Pharmacy. O JAMES D. McRAE, Waynesboro, Commerce, I F. HENRY McREE, Eupora, Liberal Arfs, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LULA McWHORTER, Oxford, Com- merce, O JANE MADDEN, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O FRAN- CES M. MAHONEY, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. Dwi.- -vv ac: if -- f g 1'-fa 'tif T 'C-7 az- Az .1 haw . , . if .ii-Jw 3" S -'61 9 . 6- . gil s f : " .T ,f ffl -5 av er n .zsffff-if - 4 fl -DTN x, , we I s. 1 , vs' 'V 1. 's ' gig., ... ,. ,, if -. .g...""'.,..I?,f..,"'.,.,-.. 1-Dilioq-'dl ' TWW' . - ,-sign-cel unllcdr , -,.- can has .pus ..... - ... -Q-no . I-ev Qi-vis -qi l,-manage -,rut-ninbsvv--1-s-811 ..-onlin s :von-v' , A- -- -11- r Hz.-1-nqqv-nvnsrt - Q.. cron .tii,-f1-- ,..... .- ' ' l' iinntbnw' 'nitric 9191'- Q-vii -M--vp -- 106 it - "' ' 0- - can in- - - -we V. an-. 4.5. 'l il -1 1. . -.. - . ' can -f . but -am -- .M e .,..- .-...qv M- ,' 41 suv- ww- -p--5 aw-v v at -Q 'Kill' .---.- ...M --- qua- - -,.., . dll:-1 rum.--. --i--aa.w-:-....-- .,,..,. snap Q-Q. -CU' --' Gavin were sm-ew .w' fe hu-- ... ...N 1...-.,-ann -f-an - W. W..- Q- -n-quP"""- V :sissy --in rffl-'il if -on-r'1 'yr W. -- ini' nam. Pbllfl' it cons-an ' lf su-. -in 'uh-A 1- -gf,-b Q Juneau' manu- as-aj-n wks-- l Muna Gl EVERETT HARPER President of the "M" Club and Outstanding Football Player CLI-ISS UN HS ITY O First Row: BRISON MANN, Belmont, Education, Beta Theta Pi. I JACK R, MANN, Bel- mont, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. O JAMES R. MARKETTE, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM B. MARLIN, Dorsey, Liberal Arts, O ERNEST G. MARTIN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: EWELL B. MARTIN, JR., McComb, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. O REXFORD B. MARTIN, Calhoun City, Commerce. O B. MIRIAM MARRON, Fayette, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, I SAMUEL FRED MARTIN, Water Valley, Engineering, O SARA L. MASON, Jonesboro, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. BELOW: O First Row: JOHN L. MASSEY, Meridian, Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha, O JOHN F. MAUGH, Leland, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 JOYCE MAULDIN, Waynesboro, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O GEORGE W. MAY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O IRA MED- LIN, JR., Bay Springs, Liberal Arts. 0 ALBERT L. MEENA, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. 0 FRAN- CES L, MELTON, Inverness, Education, Delta Delta Delta. C WALTON S. MELTON, Kosciusko, Pharmacy. I HAROLD W. MELVIN, Laurel, Commerce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O Second Row: MARY E. MICHAEL, Boonevile, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O ROBERT L. MILES, Bruce, Commerce. O JOHN L. MILLER, JR., Hazlehurst, Engineering, Della Psi. O BIRL B. MILLER, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O MALCOLM L. MILLER, Sunset, Louisiana, Pharmacy. O JAMES O. MILLS, Springhill, Louisiana, Pharmacy. O RICHARD A. MONTAGUE, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Beta Theta Pi. 0 CLARENCE H. MONTGOMERY, Pontotoc, Pharmacy. O CHARLES M. MOORE, Union, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O Third Row: CLEON S. MOORE, Greenville, Engineering. O ELIZABETH B. MOORE, Gulf- port, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. 0 HENRY N. MOORE, Oxford, Engineering, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O JOE W. MOORE, Lexington, Pharmacy. I WILLIAM O. MORRIS, Jackson, Com- merce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE E. MORSE, Gulfport, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 STAN- FORD E. MORSE, Gulfport, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. 0 WILLIAM O. MOSS, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. 0 WILLIAM D. MULKINS, Greenville, Education, Delta Kappa Epsilon. - 4 V -, , ,, :gg , V7 3, y' :,fr,,,,,-In , ' QR if fi' 1132+ 1 ,,'v'.s.,:, , . 2 " ag. .1 ini? ' l -. i I-if 'H 4' 4 .f " es- - , ,Fwy 'v ss ' , li' 2-fig 273 ',t . .,. -5 -,. ., . Q ,LM M g . tl' df' ', 1 i .BW '- 'I' -' L 4 : ' ' wx' 'seq g ' A ' , , 1 wg, .. . f, , r ,f gf? 1 2.33, 5' ' 'i ' ' 1, - - 1 , . , V 4 :A ' .3 , A . vw . , . I Y .f y. , , , , I 1, .aa nf, .fr - , YIM ,lf f 3 ., , .1 -, . ,ft f' - ,- FL Cv. Q A k a' ,SIX Y' Uv! ual 6 H' , fl . . ', fesiif -. , -qw: gjaffff V A ex' asf --'J 'ifigiki ii f Mill, ' sf -s ... if I ,, .. if ?b 9 4 7 Sa , W , 11", I ,QF-x , . f . Ji' -. ,, 1 .., 1 Wav hyd, ""' "Q:- 8 . 'X 'f ""' if UPMISSISSIPPI.. ABOVE: O First Row: CARL A. MULLER, Canton, Commerce, Bela Theta Pi. O MARY C. MURPHREE, Shelby, Liberal ArIs, Chi Omega. O RAYMOND MUROV, Meridian, Liberal Arls. O ROBERT W. MUSTIN, Canton, Education. O ROGER S. MYERS, JR., Oxford, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM M. MABRAY, JR., Savannah, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O MARILYN NASON, Belzoni, Educafion, Chi Omega. O ELMO G. NELSON, Chalham, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O NORMAN L. NEYLAND, Cenfreville, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O Second Row: CHARLES W. NICHOLS, Vaughan, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O MALCOLM S. NICHOLS, Rosedale, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O LAWRENCE E. NOBLE, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arfs, Phi Della Theta. 0 ELEANORA NORSWORTHY, Waynesboro, Liberal Arls, Zefa Tau Alpha. O M. JOHN NOSSER, Vicksburg, Commerce. O NINA M. NOSSER, Vicks- burg, Educalion. O PETE NUNNALLY, JR., Ella, Commerce. O OLIVER M. OATES, JR., Bay Springs, Liberal Arls, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JACK L. ODOM, Columbus, Educalion, Sigma Pi Epsilon. BELOW: O Firsf Row: SALLY M. O'NEIL, Meridian, Educafion, Della Della Delta. O WIL- LIAM L. PACE, Aberdeen, Pharmacy. O EDWIN C. PAGE, Memphis, Tennes- see, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O JIM E. PARKIN, Jackson, Pharmacy, ,V 3: .7- 14-,vis 'Z' C' 'V Kappa Alpha, O LOUIS F. PASSAMANO, New Brilain, Conneciicuf, Liberal Arts. O CHARLES E. PATCH, Baldwyn, Educalion. O ALMOND W. PATRICK, Harperville, Pharmacy. O GEORGE D. PATTERSON, Benoil, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O MAEDELLE C. PATTON, Meridian, Commerce, Phi Mu. O Second Row: CLYDE L. PEARSON, Wes? Poinl, Pharmacy. O JAMES D. PEARSON, Louisville, Liberal Arfs. O S. W, PEARSON, JR., Louisville, Liberal Arfs. O JEANNINE R. PELHAM, Pascagoula, Commerce. O JEAN W. PEMBLE, Shelby, Commerce, Phi Mu. O ANN L. PENN, Tchula, Educafion, Chi Omega. O GUY D. PENNY, Piedmonl, Alabama, Educalion. O ALBERT D. PERKINS, III, Birmingham, Alabama, Liberal Arls, Della Kappa Epsilon. O WILLIAM M. PERRY, Tupelo, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O Third Row: LOUIS V. J. PHILIPPI, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Alpha Tau Omega. O HERMON B. PHILLIPS, Osceola, Arkansas, Commerce. O GLEN O. PIERCE, Paris, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O MILFORD B, PIERCE, Paris, Tennessee, Pharmacy. O VIRGINIA A. PIGFORD, Meridian, Liberal Arfs, Della Gamma. O ANTHONY P, PITALO, Biloxi, Pharmacy. O EUGENIA MfPOLAND, Lula, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O FRANK A. POLK, Hallfiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JACK L. POOLE, Glosferg Educalion. -3? r . ,. ,N I-6' -f Q Q-if f 2. TS? : I nl gf I. p ,Q 3 . :wg 1 1 QQ 1 01? i f Oh-. .' 4 E ,I 1' 3- V 5 sr S.. l EHSITY ABOVE: O First Row: J. B, POTTS, Ccrinth, Liberal Arts. O FRANK S. POWELL, Sarepta, Liberal Arts. I ERNEST C. PRESTON, Carriere, Pharmacy, O RUSSELL C, PRESTON, Carriere, Phar- macy. O CAROLYN M. PREWITT, Bolivar, Tennessee, Education, Kappa Delta. 0 Second Row CAROL B. PRICE, Corinth, Commerce, Kappa Delta. O RICHARD C. PRICE, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O ROBERT R. PRICE, Osyka, Pharmacy, O KENNETH A, PRIMOS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O FRANCIS G. PURNELL, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha, BELOW: 0 First Row: H. BARTON PURSELL, Belzoni, Engineering, Fhi Delta Theta. O GEORGE L. QUINNELLY, Laurel, Commerce. O MCCANTY C, ROBB, Cleveland, Commerce, Delta Psi, O INEZ RAGLAND, Clarksdale, Commerce. O GRANVILLE S. RAMSAY, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O CHARLES S. RANKIN, JR., Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O SAM M. RAY, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES W. REED, JR., Summit, Pharmacy. O BASIL D, RED, JR., Ellisville, Pharmacy. O Second Row: LOUIS R. REDDITT, Carrollton, Commerce, O PATRICIA W. REILLY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts: Kappa Kappa Gamma. 0 LLOYD E. RHIAN, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JEAN C. RIGBY, Shreveport, Louisiana, Commerce, Chi Omega. O MARY K. RILEY, Laurel, Liberal Arts. O JEFF W, RISH, JR., Houston, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O JAMES C. ROBERTS, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O HENRY V, ROBINSON, Lawrence, Com- merce. O SETH E. ROBINSON, Tylertovfn, Pharmacy. O Third Row: WARREN W. ROBINSON, JR., Grenada, Commerce. O EMMETT B. ROGERS, Vicksburg, Commerce. O JOHN B. ROGERS, McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O JOHN H. ROGERS, Sylvarena, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. O LEON T, ROGERS, JR., Jackson, Com- merce, Sigma Chi. O RALPH A. ROLL, Amory, Commerce, O CHARLOTTE F. ROOKS, Hum- boldt, Tennessee, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. O DARRELL S. ROSAMOND, Canton, Educa- tion. O IVAN P. ROSAMOND, Canton, Education. . . .ii T495 Qu " c- -Ss- I ,1. Q0 'V '-:W '--' is 3 -gr- UF MISSISSIPPI ABOVE: O First Row: HENRY C. ROSE, JR., Winona, Pharmacy. O WARREN R. ROSE, Leakesville, Commerce. O JOYCE ROSEBOROUGH, Senatobia, Education, Chi Omega. O JEAN C. ROSENBAUM, Scooba, Liberal Arts. O NEIL ROSEN' BAUM, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. O GERALD J. ROUNSA- VILLE, Coffeevilleg Commerce. O CHARLES E. ROWAN, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O KENNETH B. ROYSTER, JR., Henderson, Kentucky, Phar- macy. O GEORGE M. RYAN, Bay Springs, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: CARY W. SALTER, JR., Macon, Pharmacy. O JAMES D. SANDERS, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O JACOB W. SAR- TIN, McComb, Pharmacy, O WILLIAM S. SARTOR, Hamilton, Liberal Arts. O SAMUEL J. SCOTT, Coldwater, Pharmacy. O VERNON F. SCOTT, Louisa ville, Pharmacy. O CHARLES D. SCRUGGS, Biloxi, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O EUGENE C. SCOBEY, Coffeeville, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O PATRICIA A SCOBEY, Lexington, Education, Chi Omega. BELOW: O First Row: ANTHONY SEKUL, Biloxi, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM F. SELPH, JR., Laurel, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O LAWRENCE SEMSKI, Biloxi, Com- merce, Phi Kappa Psi. O JOHN H. SHAMBURGER, Meridian, Engineering, 'St' ' RS." , I5 lu Q'---Y Kappa Alpha. O NORMAN E. SHAW, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O LESTER A. SHIPLEY, Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O ROSS L. SHIPMAN, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O MARY A. SHOURDS, Gulf- port, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma, O DELMAR L. SIMMONS, JR., Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: HYMAN H. SIMMONS, Hazlehurstg Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O OTIS SIMS, JR., Tylertowng Pharmacy. O JAMES B. SKEWES, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma, O BOYCE M. SKINNER, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, O WILLIAM E. SKINNER, Nesbitt, Pharmacy, Della Kappa Epsflon. O ROBERT E. SLATER, Jackson, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BETTY JANE SLAUGHTER, Meridian, Education, Delta Delta Delta. O GEORGE K. SMITH, JR., i-lazlehurstg Liberal Arts, Phi Kappa Psi. O JOHN D. SMITH, JR., Mendenhall, Commerce. O Third Row: GEORGE R. SMITH, JR., Pass Christian, Commerce. O KIRBY SMITH, JR., Batesville, Arkansas, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. O RICHARD R. SMITH, Tupelo, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O RICHARD T, SMITH, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM E. SMITH, Dyersburg, Ten- nessee, Liberal Arts. O HOWARD S. SMITHSON, Goodman, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. O DOROTHY M. SNOW, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O JOHN W'. SORRELL, Bellonig Commerce. O JOHN SOUZA, Duman, Commerce, 1? ' ' . Q, . E? kk 'vs . 'Sf "9 Si ' 'awe - eu I - 1 in ci fx h,,-on-. - 4, -. 'H Haw, vfti' rv C GEORGE THATCHER President of Inlerfralerniry Council 'si LHSS , sq- I .fix 'f Q we We ,gi 4 -S'-F ,X ,. W fi lg X l 5, In YS , 4 I EIFISITY ABOVE: O Firsl Row: WILLIAM E. SPECK, Sherman, Liberal Arfs. O MARTHA A. SPENCER, Tullulah, Louisiana, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O COY C. STACEY, JR., Paducah, Kentucky, Commerce. O CURTIS C. STACY, JR., Wafer Valley, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O CHARLES O. STAN- BACK, Byhalia, Liberal Arls, I Second Row: HARVEY S. STANLEY, Greenville, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O JAMES T. STEELE, Shuqua'ak, Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha. O MATTHEW W. STEELE, Morgan Cify, Com- merce, Phi Delfa Thela. O BILLY W. STEPHENS, Oxford, Commerce. O JOHN T. STEPHENS, Iuka, Liberal Arls. BELOW: O Firsl Row: FORREST M. STEVENS, Halliesburg, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O HOWARD O. STEVENS, Anguilla, Pharmacy. O MARY G. STEVENS, Byhalia, Commerce. O HARRY J. STEWART, Memphis Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O JAMES R. STOKES, Charleslon, Liberal Arls. 0 JOSEPH E. STOKES, Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JEAN STONE, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. O JOHNNY F. STONE, Tupelo, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I WILLIAM B. STREET, Ripley, Liberal Arfs, O Second Row: BRYANT K. STRICKLAND, Greenville, Commerce: Kappa Sigma. O HOWARD W. STRINGFELLOW, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. O DOROTHY ANN SULLIVAN, Paris, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, O CECIL L. SUMNERS, Belmont, Commerce, O MARTHA W. SUM- NERS, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. O DOUGLAS N. TANNER, Lucedale: Liberal Arls. O BETTY JANE TATUM, Cleveland, Commerce, Della Gamma. O HARRY T. TAYLOR, Sylacauga, Alabama, Educalion. I JAMES E. TAYLOR, Jackson, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O Third Row: MURPHY L. TAYLOR, Meridian, Commerce. O LOIS C. TEAGUE, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O THOMAS H. THARP, Silver Cily, Educa- lion. O WILLIAM B. THEISMAN, JR., Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha, I JANIE E. THERRELL, Aberdeen, Commerce, Chi Omega, O WILLIE M. THIGPEN, Bay Springs, Com- merce. O CHARLES A THOMAS, Picayune, Pharmacy. O LEE G. THOMAS, Vicksburg, Com- merce. O HILTON E. THOMPSON, Sylvarena, Pharmacy. . ki, " I: ' r 5. aes 6 Y Q ' I 5 Q, if xml, his 9 V 43 I . fl - N L, W ,f .I L U -if ex +.-- 'Q ,Q nv. P.: ,I, A lv Lf- Q' 'EQ' 5 On. 'T' mf. . . I ' -ja., 3 -. Q ' 'II as V 3 ' I' '-an 4- ' 31' we I -I, ,GPF -4' Q, L' -f P4 S' - - v 5' f" . Q' is "" --,r br --f 'f"' .C -.-...elk ..J ' 1 5 NY' w UF MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O First Row: NATALIE THOMPSON, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ROBERT C, THOMPSON, Rolling Fork, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O WOODSY THRASHER, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. O BOW- MAN S. TIGHE, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O WANDA A. TINSLEY, Meridian, Commerce. O MARY E, TOBIAS, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. I WILLIAM J. TOLER, Inverness, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O REGINALD H. TOLAR, JR., Jonestown, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT B, TOWNES, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O Second Row: JAMES E. TRIBBLE, Sledge, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O ROBERT W. TRIBBLE, Sledge, Commerce, Phi Kappa Psi. O HOWARD H. TRIPLETT, JR., Louisville, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BYRD J. TRUS- SELL, JR., Grenada, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JACK M. TUBB, Jackson, Commerce. O ELIZABETH ANN TURLEY, Coldwater, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu, O BETTYE J. TURNER, Columbia, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. O JEX J. TURNER, Waynesboro, Commerce. 0 SIMON L, TURNER, Money, Commerce. BELOW: O First Row: MELTON E. TYLER, Water Valley, Education. O ROBERT E. TYSON, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O ROBERT W. TYSON, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES K. UNGER, JR., West Point, Commerce. O JOSEPH P. UPTON, Livingston, Pharmacy. O GEORGE H, VAN ZANT, Jackson, Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROGERS VARNER, Pace, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O LOUIS O. VAUSE, Charleston, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O CHARLES VERNON, JR., Brook- haven, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Second Row: ROBERT E. VEST, JR., McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O BILLEANN VINE, Centreville, Liberal Arts. I LOUIS L. VISE, JR., Luce- dale, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 WILLIAM D. VINSON, Tupelo, Com- merce. O JAMES V, WAGGENER, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O FRED H. WALKER, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JOHNNY R. WALKER, Abilene, Texas, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O GERALD H. WALTERS, Grenshaw, Commerce. O CHARLES E. WARD, Tunica, Com- merce, Sigma Phi Epsilon. I Third Row: ERMINE L. WARREN, Magee, Pharmacy. O JOHN A. WATTS, Columbia, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT R. WATTS, JR., Kosciusko, Pharmacy. O WILLIAM W. WEATHERLY, Gulfport, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O WATSON WEATHERLY, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Delta Kappa Epsilon, O B. F. WEATHERS, West Point, Education. O WILFORD R. WEBB, Kilmichael, Liberal Arts. O JOHN R. WERNER, Rye, New York, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. O CHARLES H. WEST, Sardis, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. is H:-' Sill!! Av ' :qo- .4 iv. 1 sf 4 Sf Uh- .I Igfgiu I I 1 f Q - id... .e I . sv' 11' -52" Q , uf, , 111' ' 1.-If .3 ,uve -y .- , 4' :fr gezif ,gzip , V 3 if if . "' S1 'N Ax, ere? - . Siriifsz ' I 1',,..'. '-Ur . 9 19 11. - E. ' sea.. ' :gf - , . ff"..g-Ii'-'A , ' . "r ' .345-' . -, qw! 'l., , .vw ABOVE: O JOHN J. WEST Sardis, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O ROBBIE R. YANCY, Bruce, Educa- tion, Zeta Tau Alpha. O JESSE L. YANCY, JR., Bruce, Commerce. O GEORGE W. YATES, Mount Olive, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O IVIN N. YELVERTON, Bay Springs, Pharmacy. BELOW: O First Row: CHARLES H. YOUNG, Jayess, Pharmacy. O DAVID W. YOUNG, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O DWIGHT L. YOUNG, Oxford, Commerce, O MARGARET L. ZDERAD, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma, O WILLIAM B. WESTBROOK, Catchings, Liberal Arts. O MARY LEiGH WESTON, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O LOUISE WHITE, Oxford, Commerce, O WILLIAM E. WHITE, Como, Commerce. O RICHARD F. WICKER, JR., Winborn, Liberal Arts. O Second Row: JOHN B. WILKINSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ANEITA J. WILLIAMS, Lumberton, Commerce. O CAROTHERS H. WILLIAM, Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Della Theta. O ANNE S. WILLIAMS, Washington, D, C., Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O BERNARD F. WILLIAMS, New York, New York, Commerce, O CLYDE E. WIL- LIAMS, Byhalia, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 9 GRANVILLE H. WILLIAMS, Picayuneq Commerce, Kappa Sigma, O WAYNE CLAUDE WILLIAMS, Greenwood, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O ROBERT A. WILSON, Piedmont, Alabama, Education. O Third Row: SIMON P. WILSON, Wiggins, Pharmacy, Kappa Sigma. O WANDA R. WILSON, Ouitman, Liberal Arts, Delia Gamma. O BILL H. WINGO, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 SAMUEL W. WOOD, Ackerman, Pharmacy. O CECIL K, WOODRUFF, Sunflower, Commerce. O HARRY H. WORK, JR., New Albany, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O BARBARA WORTHINGTON, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. 0 JAMES B. WRIGHT, Water Valley, Engineering. I L. C. WRIGHT, New Site, Pharmacy. I LOUIS S. ZEHNDER, JR., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. er ZF ,FQYQ ref '. up wen' 4 fqlf i nu , I 4.f ..., r'I ' .ssl 1' - . ary: Admiral Halsey arrives and spealrs before a crowd ol 2,000 Qle Miss saw anorher page added ro ils hisrory when, on Qclober 7, IQ47, Jrhe Qbservarory Build- ing was renamed McCain l-lall in honor ol Admiral John S. McCain, Cle Miss Alumnus and World VVar II hero. The building was complered in l860 bur was never used as an observarorv because ol rhe War Berween rhe Srares. lr was larer remodeled and one secrion is now used as rhe Chancellons home. Recenlly The remainder ol rhe building was Jrurned over ro rhe Naval ROTC Unir. Mrs. Karherine McCain, widow ol Admiral Mc- Cain, made rhe dedicarion. She was followed by Admiral l-lalsey who made 'rhe principal address. Many high ranking officials were on hand ro wirness rhe evenr along wilh a crowd ol approximarely 2,000 people. A receprion and colorful Navy Ball climaxed rhe ceremonies. s W lliams, Admiral Halsey, and Mrs. McCain false a brealher al The receplion Marion Tibilier is crowned Queen of flue Navy Ball -Us. ,ua fjuli g, .iii 1 x Rr- Qin' 1 1 4? ,lx im 'M ' lk G Ag, 2, ' Qatar' " if , Q1 at in AFR 19, ig at 1 'AL 5-kg if 9 i Q 14 ' 1 4- , f.?, G ,, A I 1 rg :YI 'a Vi, M, V . 1 9,- 1 .s i,9 r ff 1 J. Q c,A ,sf Q, . Y lx ,if . I , . 14,3 MY ' -4 Q , 0 I 1 ' 4 , Q 1 'X H. :ff v. Ag ' af ' 5: F 23.1 inf, xv- if I g, ff 1 I 4 .gf 1 , 1 xiii Q Y sg, x, 9 Q A, 'Q' s Q 4 xx x V! 8 Y! 5. bi ,W 4 1. Q- 5 S 1 1 9 1, 'i -tv. 1!5'x" l M I v 5,3 Q e sz, My F 1 4 hs '5'f4 fi ,gr Q r' A v 2 ea '49, X . Q 'A ' 'E ,. 'A ,F is ilk P x f s Q1 N 'zqzfagfffy 5 1 Edutnr nf The Mnwssuppn Law Journal LP-ISS -'fu -3 N iz' .2 1 if ,' A' .Qa- so U: " 42, ,, 'Qi' Nia 'vi 2. V' -V" . 5, .ia ",A , - 3. 1 Q ., ' wf? 5' li ' f' ii' v A 17: I -'W 'A 'V -" 4. . -1, ,D-i 4 E .. K 712- U17 MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O Firsf Row: BILLY BRADLEY, Inverness, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I MARGARET BRADLEY, Grenada, Commerce, Delfa Gamma. O BETTY J. BRANDON, Gulfporf, Liberal Arfs. O BARBARA BROOCK, Pascagoula, Liberal Arfs. O PEGGY C. BROWN, Oxford, Liberal Arfs, Della Gamma. O JOE W. BRUCE, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 RACHEL C. BRUNFIELD, Magnolia, Liberal Arfs, O ROY N. BOGGAN, Tupelo, Com- merce, Phi Delfa Thefa.. O ALF R. BRAZEN, Chicago, Illinois, Engineering. O Second Row: KARL S. BROOKS, York, Pennsylvania, Commerce, Phi Delia Thefa. O CURTIS A. BROWN, Meridian, Commerce. O ROBERT E. BROWN, Holly Springs, Engineering. O ERNEST B. BUEHLER, III, Greenville, Com- merce. O SUEZETTE BUEHLER, Greenville, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O ROGER L. BURFORD, Independence, Liberal Arfs. O THOMAS E. BURKS, Byhalia, Liberal Arfs. 0 MARY F. BURCHAM, Ronan, Monlana, Commerce. I MARY E, BUTLER, Kosciusko, Commerce. BELOW: O Firsf Row: JESSE F. BYNUM, Corinlh, Educalion. O JAMES E. BYRD, Picayune, Commerce. O FAY CADE, Porf Gibson, Liberal Arfs, O BLAND H. CAMPBELL, Jackson, Liberal Arfs. 0 GEORGE A, CAMPBELL, Wesl Poinf, Liberal Arls. I ROBERT F. CAMPION, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Commerce. 0 DONALD L. CASKEY, Gregory, Michigan, Commerce. O WILLIAM A. CAUTHEN, Nalchez, Engineering, Phi Delfa Thela, I JOHN A. CHALK, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: DOROTHY D. CHAPMAN, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O SAMUEL L. CHESSER, Columbus, Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega. O DONALD J. CHILDERS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Engineering. O ELEANOR C. CHURCHILL, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arfs. O ANNIE L. CHILDRESS Safarfia, Liberal Arfs, Phi Mu, O LEROY H. CLAY, Louisville, Pharmacy. O AGNES A. CLEMENT, Ponfofoc, Liberal Arts. I W, KELLY CLIFFORD Boise, Idaho, Commerce. O ERNEST O. COCHRON, JR., Corinfh, Commerce. O Third Row: CREIGHTON A. COCKRELL, Trumann, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES A. COFFEY, Oxford, Commerce. I JOHN R. CO- FIELD, JR., Oxford, Liberal Arfs. O AMY JO COLE, Oxford, Liberal Aris. O JEFF L. COLE, Tupelo, Liberal Arfs, Delia Kappa Epsilon. O BETTY J. COLLINS, Jackson, Liberal Arfs, Phi Mu. O BETTY C, COLOUITT, Foresf, Commerce, Kappa Della. O WILLIAM W. COMBS, Inverness, Liberal Arfs. 0 MARY R. CONGER, Miami, Florida, Liberal Arls, Zefa Tau Alpha. 'T i 4 1 rf, 45" UNIVERSITY ABOVE: O First Row: BRYAN M. COOP, Collierville, Tennessee, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O JAMES A. COOPER, JR., Oxford, Liberal Arts. O LAWRENCE C. CORBAN, JR., Biloxi, Commerce, Sigma Chi. 0 LOYE J. COSTNER, Banner, Pharmacy, O WILLIAM B. COTTINGHAM, Winona, Pharmacy. O Second Row: ELIZABETH D. COVINGTON, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT F, COX, Asheville, North Carolina, Liberal Arts. I ROBERT I. COX, Brandon, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O ANN M. CRAN, Waynesboro, Commerce. O AL CRAWFORD, Kingsport, Tennessee, Physical Education. BELOW: O First Row: JEAN W. CRAWFORD, Decatur, Liberal Arts. O OTHAR A. CRAWFORD, JR., McComb, Education, 0 NETTIE R. CROCKER, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts, I CHARLES W. CREWS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O FRANK B, CRUMBAUGH, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O JACK L. CULLEN, Oxford, Engineering. O ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM, West Point, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O EDWARD J, CURRIE, Hattiesburg, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. 0 CHARLES T. DABBS, Shannon, Pharmacy. O Second Row: ROBERTSON DAILEY, JR, Charleston, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O HERBERT W. DAVIDSON, French Camp, Pharmacy. O DONNA M. DAVIS, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Liberal Arts. 0 HARRY L. DAVIS, Moss Point, Education. Q LOUIS A. DAY, Walls, Com- merce. 0 JIM M. DAY, Inverness, Pharmacy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O EUGENE DeBOW, Fulton, Pharmacy. 0 DAVID P. DENNY, JR., Jackson, Commerce, O HERBERT L. DENTON, Tupelo, Commerce, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O Third Row: ANNE M, DESAIX, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O BOBBY H. DONALD, Louisville, Liberal Arts. O MARGARET C. DOOLEY, Tunica, Commerce. O NEAL A. DOOLEY, Tunica, Education. O WILLIS R. DORITY, Stonewall, Engineering. O JOHN K. DOTTLEY, McGee, Arkansas, Education. O MARGARET A. DuBOlS, Gulfport, Commerce. I GEORGE DUFF, Pontotoc, Engineering. 0 ANDY F. DUGGER, JR., Picayune, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. Q,-si ' M 'L isa 4: f- Q. 4 Q -r f ,. , -...r . vu , -- . .'-,,,7,... Il- --TX lip v tr- . ,n., .. 4 'lb We - af , I' gf. -K' Q ' 0 ' 'r 40 4' wp' i x i is-Lf "ET" 9 , UP MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: I First Row: TAYLOR G. EADY, JR., Crystal Springs, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O GEORGE E. EDMONDSON, Greenwood, Pharmacy. O ROBERT G. ED- WARDS, Potts Camp, Commerce. O BARBARA E. EIGHMY, Chicago, lllionisg Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. O JOHN W, ELLIOTT, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM N. ELLISON, Lexington, Commerce, O FRANK L, ELY, Lucedale, Education. O JOHN O. EMMERICK, JR., McComb, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O ROME A. EMMONS, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: WANDA I. ENGLAND, Big Creek, Commerce. O GEORGE L. EPTING, JR., Tupelo, Commerce. O ETHEL C. ESKRIDGE, Charleston, Liberal Arts. O DENA M. FAIN, Tupelo, Commerce, O WAYNE T. FAIR- CHILD, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega, O KENNETH D. FAR- RAGUT, JR., Moss Point, Education. O ELLIS J. FARRIS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. O PAUL B. FAULKNER, Pontotoc: Engineering. O PATRICIA R. FAYARD, Biloxi, Commerce. BELOW: O First Row: HAROLD S. FEDER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Phi Epsilon Pi. O GEORGE D. FENTRESS, New York, New York, Commerce. O SARA N. FELTON, Como, Education, Kappa Delta. O MARJORIE L. FIELD, Natchez, Liberal Arts. O DOROTHY H, FIELDS, Biloxi, Engineering, Delta Delta Delta, O WALTER F, FISHER, Winona, Commerce, O BETTY A. FLANAGAN, Pittsboro, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O LESLIE R. FLETCHER, lndianola, Commerce, Delta Psi, O ROBERT J, FLETCHER, Elizabethton, Ten- nessee, Education. O Second Row: ROBERT C. FOLWELL, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha, O ROBERT J. FORSYTH, New York, New York, Liberal Arts. O GEORGE E. FRAZIER, JR., Shaw, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O IRENE B. FREMIN, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. O RICHARD T, FURR, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, O LANELLE G. GAFFORD, Galloway, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, O JEAN GALE, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O JAMES F, GALLO, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Liberal Arts. O CHAMBLISS W. GATLING, Forrest City, Arkansas, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Third Row: HARRIET S. GEISENBERGER, Natchez, Liberal Arts. O ARTHUR S. GEORGE, Roanoke, Alabama, Education. O STERLING L. GILLIS, McComb, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BEVERLY J. GLENN, Stuttgart, Ar- kansas, Liberal Arts. O JESSIE C. GODWIN, JR., Booneville, Commerce. O GENVA S. GOOLSBY, New Albany, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT J. GRADY, Willoughby, Ohio, Engineering, O BILLIE J, GRAHAM, Roxie, Pharmacy, Delta Zeta. O EDWIN G. GREGORY, New Albany, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha. 1 . Ai I J I l v 3 I i , 7... - i is is lf E iii e if 1 5'f' f?siiIfJ I si 4. , :os- 5.5, nvenf Q G I ' F - l FTS, Presidenl of Alpha Kappa Kappa and lhe Band Council CLHSS l ., 3 se. I , ' fl? J .A ,h wi., 23.57, ll A Q. ..'.j,,1,s-,-ll . Y Fife, if - 4 'A' It .lM1vTI f ew .rT. 5.1! EHSITY ABOVE: O Firsl Row: JOE W. GRIFFITH, Ackerman, Pharmacy, Bela Thela Pi. O THOMAS E. GUILLOT, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O JOHN M. GULLICK, JR., Aberdeen, Pharmacy. O ANNIE LEE GUNN, Paragould, Arkansas, Commerce, Kappa Della. O MARJORIE J, GUSTAFSON, Maywood, Illinois, Liberal Arls. O Second Row: POLLY HAGER, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O HURST M. HALL, Toccopola, Liberal Arls. O ROBERT E, HALL, Aberdeen, Washington, Commerce. O THEODORE J. HAMES, Los Angeles, California, Commerce. O BETTY U. HOLLER, Jackson, Commerce. BELOW: O Firsl Row: HOWARD E. HAMRICK, JR., Collinsville, Pharmacy. O E, SUE HANEY, Oxford, Commerce, Della Della Della. O BETTYE MARIE HANSEN, Amory, Liberal Arls, Della Della. Della. 0 ALFRED E. HARKINS, Halliesburg, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. O ROY F. HARMON, JR., Houslon, Liberal Arlsg Kappa Sigma. O DORIS A. HARNED, Forl Pierce, Florida, Com- merce. O BOYD E. HARPER, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. I GRADY P. HARPER, Isola, Liberal Arls. 0 NANCY L. HARRIS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. I Second Row: JOANNE HARRISON, Byhalia, Liberal Arls. O CHARLES W. HART, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O A. ELLIOTT HATCH, Vaiden, Engineering, O JAY H. HEDGEPETH, Brookhaven, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I ROBERT E. HEMPHILL, Winona, Educalion. 0 HARRIS BRAND HENLEY, Hazlehursl, Commerce, Della Psi. O BETTY J. HERLIHY, Wafeland, Pharmacy. 0 CHARLES W, HEROLD, Nalchez, Commerce, Phi Della Thela, 0 LEONARD C. HERRON, JR., Courlland, Engineering. O Third Row: ROYAL HICKEY, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Della Psi. O EDWIN E. HILL, Waler Valley, Engineering. O MARY F. HILTON, Laurel, Liberal Arls, O ROBERT H. HODGE, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O GLYN E. HOLLINGSWORTH, Big Creek, Commerce. I VIRGINIA J. HOL- LINGSWORTH, Kosciusko, Commerce, Phi Mu. O ALBERT T. HOLT, Raymondville, Missouri, Liberal Arls. 0 SCOTT M. HONNOLL, Rienzi, Liberal Arls. O JAMES D. HOOD, Houlka, Liberal Arls. K. 'V- X ISI--.Delhi I 34. if .,.,,,,,,,.,,E.z, 9 If, Q V' '- HM X T .x .gi ' in 'fs if ' Q' ' ' 'Q W -s B' 'Q om' 21.1. ' . J ,Ka Hi :ZW .. . L. 4, Y 4 - . ,,. f ff. l , .f ..- ' 3 we I ' I rgfrr-:wr .ir fwfr,-A rr .. 3' M Q ' 2 lffkiifi " iii K 4 'iff' 15, ,A as 'nv 5 .ff fffrtf " x , 'Qi ' PMISSIS ABOVE: O First Row: ARTHUR F. HOOPER, Wanthrop, Massachusetts, Engineering. O MARY C. HOPKINS, Yazoo City, Commerce, O FRANK E HOUSTON, Grenada, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT H. HUDSON, Aberdeen, Pharmacy, Kappa Alpha. O ROGER W. HUDSON, Calhoun City, Liberal Arts. O CATHERINE M. HUGGINS, Ouitman, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O CHARLES D. HULL, Yazoo City, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILLIAM H. HULSEY, New Albany, Commerce. O JOAN HUMPHREYS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O Second Row: HARRY B. HUNGERFORD, JR., Jonestown, Engineering. O ROBERT J. HUNTER, Macon, Education, Kappa Alpha. O CHARLOTTE W. JACKSON, Camden, Education. O MADY F. JACOBS, New Orleans, Louisiana, Commerce, Delta Zeta. O W. L. JACOBS, JR., Hazlehurst, Commerce. O MARY E. JOHNSON, Monroe, Louisiana, Pharmacy. O WHITMAN B. JOHNSON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O EDWARD H, JOINER, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O CHARLEY M, JONES, Hollandale, Liberal Arts, Sigma Chi. BELOW: O First Row: ROBERT E. JONES, Brookhaven, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O IRA J. KANTOR, Clarksdale, Engineering, Phi Epsilon Pi. O HELEN J, KARR, Earle, Arkansas, Commerce, Delta Gamma. O CONNIE KAYSER, Richton, W' rw-+s'uWjfs'1"fs x 'T Q 6 . Y 5IPPl..... Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. O TOM L. KEISTER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O LENORE KELLNER, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. O KEN K. KIMBALL, Greenwood, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O RICHARD E. KIM- BROUGH, Louisville, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O RALPH KINNEY, Brinkley, Arkansas, Commerce. O Second Row: P. FULTON KLINKE, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O OTHO T. KORTZ, Chicago, Illinois, Commerce. O BETTY A. KRAMER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ALBIN J. KREBS, Pascagoulag Liberal Arts. O MAURICE V. LABENS, Clarksdale, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. O WILLIS O. LAMAR, Isola, Pharmacy. O ROBERT E. LAM- BERT, Belmont, Liberal Arts. O TROY NEAL LAMBERT, Amory, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CHARLES E. LANE, Jayess, Pharmacy. O Third Row: JOE T. LEE, Merigold, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O VIRGINIA F. LEE, Ocean Springs, Liberal Arts, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O ROBERT A. LEFEVE, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. O CHARLES P. LEGGETT, Blytheville, Ar- kansas, Engineering. O LIONEL E. LESTER, Yazoo City, Engineering. O LINDA R. LINDLEY, Macon, Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. O THELMA J. LENZ, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O JAMES R. LEWIS, Batesville, Liberal Arts. O BILLIE J. LITTLE, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. fs 'w"'ar'a"m'?r,g,'j,: K' ,s , ggi v Y ,tg wi , .. 'ttf . ,,... i I 1 QQ x I W- af 1 e '33 'JC Zh X I f I . 4 'I-x. s . ,, 4 4 , E , . v 'Q if X I as sr ORVILLE BEARD and LeROY HENRY Second and First Semester Presidents of the School of Engineering CLHSS .IN ABOVE: O First Row: BOB A. LITTLE, Oxford, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM A. LONG, JR., Hazlehurst Delta Kappa Epsilon. O Second Row: DAVID S. LOYELL, Brookhaven, Commerce. I FRANCES E LYNCH, Jackson, Commerce, Chi Omega. I LEROY J, MCBRIDE, Jackson, Education. 0 HARRIETT R. MCCOOL, Kosciusko, Commerce. O MACK McCORD, Grenada, Engineering, BELOW: C First Row: MARY A McCOY, Oxford, Commerce. I MARY L. McDANlEL, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O JOHNNY B, McDANIEL, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. I MAVIS R. McDANlEL, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. 0 HEWLETT F, McELROY, Natchez, En- gineering, Phi Delta Theta. I EDWARD F. McKEE, Picayune, Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. O WILLIAM T. MCKINNEY, JR., Anguilla, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. 9 WINFORD L. McLARTY, Oxford, Commerce. O THEODORE J. MCLEMORE, Meridian, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O Second Row: JIMMY J, McMANUS, Gulfport, Engineering, Kappa Alpha. O HELEN J. MCMURTRAY, Terry, Liberal Arts. O RUTH L. MCREE, Eupora, Education. O FRED G, Mac- DONALD, JR., Picayune, Commerce. I JAMES E. MAHER, JR., Portland, Oregon, Engineering. O ANNA L. MAJORS, Oxford' Liberal Arts. O BETTY J. MALONE, Wynne, Arkansas, Liberal Arts. O RUFUS E. MALONE, JR., Winona, Pharmacy. O JIMMIE MANNING, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O Third Row: RONALD MATHIS, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. O JIM H, MATTHEWS, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 0 JEAN MAULDIN, Waynesboro, Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha, 0 OSWALD B. MAZZANTI, Grand Lake, Arkansas, Pharmacy. O JOE A. MAY, Jackson, Commerce. 0 HARVEY J. MELTZER, Jackson, Pharmacy, Phi Epsilon Pi. O PATRICIA J. MELVIN, Laurel, Liberal Arts, I PEGGY J. MELVIN, Laurel, Liberal Arts. I JOHN B. MIDDLETON, JR., Bruce, Liberal Arts. 1-'It Q 4 V 3 ' 5, 3 16 'V E, .,,s 'T' '5 . - I '-sv I lv A' I sl x - . - ,I .' F' 2. gi V75 4 Q I - , ' 'VX . , . .. 'J f .. .L li Y . .-- A lt. Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. O MARY BETH LOTT, Richton, Liberal Arts. O RICHARD W. LOWE, Westfield, New Jersey, Engineering, O WILLIAM L. LOWE, Glendora, Liberal Arts' 0 fi . 15225 bv? ' " ' 71127 , , nt lr ii X 4. Q Q ,sf ISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: 0 First Row: LEWIS C. MILES, Suffolk, Virginia, Liberal Arts. O C. CONNELL MILLER, Natchez, Commerce. O NONA M. MILLS, Oxford, Liberal Arts, R. L. MILNER, JR., Ethel, Commerce. O JOHN H. MITCHELL, Grenada, Commerce, Phi Delta Theta. O CAROLE A. MIXON, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. C PEGGY Y. MIZELL, Natchez, Commerce, Delta Zeta. O BEN C. MOORE, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha. O CHARLES N. MONT- GOMERY, Fayette, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. I Second Row: JAMES T. MORGAN, Marion, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O KATRINA F. MOTT, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O DONAL C. MUNRO, Biloxi, Commerce. O JULIA M. MURRAY, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O THERESA MURRAY, Macon, Liberal Arts. I ED T. NEILSON, Lexington, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HORACE H. NELSON, Moss Point, Commerce, Sigma Nu. I VIRGINIA L. NEVILLE, Champaign, Illinois, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta. O GUY NEWCOMB, Blue Mountain, Pharmacy. BELOW: O First Row: MARTHA D. NEWSOM, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. 9 HAL E. NICHOLS, Helena, Arkansas, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O GRADON A. NOBLES, Whitehaven, Tennessee, Engineering. O HARLAN E. NORTHCUTT, Fresno, California, Liberal Arts, Sigma Nu. O HAZEL M. OAKES, Taylor, Liberal Arts. 0 THOMAS W. OLDHAM, Helena, Arkansas, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O JUDY A. ORR, Aberdeen, Commerce. O TOMMY ORR, Paducah, Kentucky, Pharmacy. O ROGER M. OWEN, Drew, Commerce. O Second Row: BOBBY R. PALMER, Jackson, Commerce. O HENRY M. PALMER, Yazoo City, Commerce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O CAROLYN J. PARKER, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. O HERBERT W. PARKER, Jones- boro, Arkansas, Pharmacy. O SALVATORE L. PASSAMANO, New Britain, Connecticutt, Liberal Arts. O BILL B. PATTERSON, Kingsport, Tennessee, Engineering. O WORD B. PATTON, Como, Commerce, Sigma Chi. I THOMAS H. PEARSON, Clarksdale, Commerce. O FRANK S. PEDDLE, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, Engineering, Sigma Nu. O Third Row: ROBERT H. PEEBLES, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts, Delta Psi. O JOHN T. PEGUES, Greenwood, Engineering, Phi Della Theta. 0 JOYCE M. PERKINS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O JAMES M. PETERSON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Della Theta. I LESLIE S. POOLE, Gloster, Education. O JOHN E. POWELL, Vardaman, Liberal Arts. I MORRIS J. POWELL, Buhl, Alabama, Engineering. O PEGGY POYTHRESS, Laurel, Liberal Arts. O JOHN W. PRADOS, Spring Hill, Tennessee, Engineering. .Wa-rg FTZWYV' N . H ,,xs.,.,2':y . 1. ve. A. jggefkg. ,. va. F-R 1' ,y "gf A . :?gf1+s-5 ' , . - jf fT'f?Zf.-t ..f ip: 'jlili Q "' M ?. .Fi "r ,A '- ,el I if , 9 1 X 'Q . I 1- 'A ri ' gb. s R .T if M R ' X Q, de .0 S r gn ' 1' es ., ,J -rl .:- . r .wg . A . ,., . 5-.. .- .lf -1 4 .-A , A , x. ". ' . f ,- eaee.. 1. J., .I . , , I il C fi -JF '1 , . . , I T ka J . L 'HA .3 fvjtii 2, 57,-cw img., J -. .'.1.3sszQ Z3 ' emi .Q .-I UNIVERSITY ABOVE: 0 Firsf Row: GUS A. PRIMOS, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM B. PULLEY, Wynne, Arkansas, Education. O JAMES E. OUINT, Biloxi, Pharmacy. 0 VINITA C. RAMEY, Hinchcliff, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. O MARSHALL F. RAMSEY, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O Second Row: HUGH E. RAY, III, Corinth, Liberal Arls. I MARY E. RAY, Corinlh, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. O IRA C. RAYNER, Merigold, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O R. B. REEVES, JR., McComb, Commerce, Sigma Nu. O FISHER A. RHYMES, Macon, Liberal Arls. BELOW: I Firsf Row: JOE A. RICHARD, Tupelo, Pharmacy. O ROBERT P. RICHARDSON, JR., Cafch- ings, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. O JACK D. RIVERS, Marks, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O EVERETTE C. ROBERTS, JR., Louisville, Liberal Arls. I JOHN P. ROBERTS, Halfiesburg, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. I CHRISTOPHER H. ROCHESTER, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. O SUE C. ROGERS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della, O F. HERRON ROWLAND, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Delfa Kappa Epsilon. 0 WALTER M, RUBY, JR., Yazoo City, Liberal Arls. O Second Row: JOHN R. RUSH, McComb, Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 PEGGY RUSSELL, Biloxi, Commerce, Kappa Della. O RICHARD E. RUSSUM, Jackson, Commerce. O LEHMAN C. SAMMONS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. I JAMES R. SAVAGE, Wes? Poinl, Phar- macy. O BEN B. SAYLE, Greenville, Liberal Arls. O GEORGE H. SCHEIDER, Clarksdaleg Com- merce. 0 ELLIOTT E. SCHLOTTMAN, Vicksburg, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT E. SCRIBNER, Tupelo, Commerce. O Third Row: OREN R. SEGREST, JR., Port Gibson, Commerce, Sigma Nu. 0 ELNORE H. SHAW, Oxford, Commerce. O FREDERICK SHERMAN, Colchesler, Connecficufl, Commerce, Phi Epsilon Pi. I JOSEPH P. SHETTLESWORTH, JR., Greenwood, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O KYLE W. SHIPLEY, Kingsporl, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. O LEE B. SHIPLEY, Canlon, En- gineering, Bela Thefa Pi. O YANDELL F. SHIPLEY, Greenwood, Commerce, Phi Della Thela. I JACK L. SHORT, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Commerce. O JELEN O. SHURDEN, Drew, Commerce. ,RQ .fwa1'k' 2 , p 'ffl Lit.: I. ,, ' A 5 'f' f ig S . i in S it -. 1 6 , 59 I r '-v WZ" . I I -ki Q' fr'- , -. , 'Y 'QM' . 4-. i S' Q nn tr' I . ' ' ' .iv f .1 I er. '. -.ll ., ..,., V . ' , W4 Q H f , 1' . 6 A .rv , . ? ,sf , " .. . gg' L' ., qu 2,54 9134, . v g ,5,,. .. 1, .I . Y - . -. 'Y' 1. .A I' . '67 1 I ,, ' n , Y" , : Q ' , X5 m 4 . gn 44 ,.1,,. I . ,WML 4 7 4 A I ' 1215? My 5, 1 af xk... . . . UF MISSISSIPPI ..... ABOVE: O Firsl Row: RICHARD A. SINGLEY, Greenfield, Massachusells, Commerce. O VASEL R. SLOVER, JR., Nalchez, Liberal Arls. O FAULK O. SMITH, Leakes- ville, Pharmacy. O JACK C. SMITH, Pascagoula, Commerce. O FRANK W. SPILLE, Clarksdale, Commerce. O GEORGIA R. STAEHLE, Bay Sl. Louis' Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM S. STAGGS, New Albany, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O ALFRED H. STEPHENS, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O LELAND D. STEPHENS, Paden, Educalion. O Second Row: JOHN C. STEWART, JR., McComb, Educalion. O JOHN D. STEWART, Greenwood, Engineering. O CHARLOTTE L. STICKEROD, Dundee, Liberal Arls, Della Zela. O HENRY D. STONE, Lambert, Liberal Arls. O VAN D. STONE, JR., Lamberl, Liberal Arls. O JAMES R. STORMENT, Iuka, Commerce, Bela Thela Pi. O WILLIAM C. STRONG, Memphis, Tennes- see, Commerce. O EDWARD L. SULLIVAN, Goshen, Indiana, Engineering. O PEGGY L. SWANGO, Como, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. BELOW: O Firsl Row: LILLIAN E. SWEAT, Corinlh, Commerce, Chi Omega. O VIVIEN D. SWEAT, Corinlh, Commerce, Chi Omega, O ARRIS C. SYKES, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O LILLIAN L. TANKERSLEY, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. L c- J 5 i..a..s..'-F5252 L n 'fa x .fs 4 9 L , 115653 he -4 T O ROSE A. TATUM, Kosciusko, Liberal Arls, Della Zela. O BOBBIE R. TAYLOR, Holly Springs, Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O ROBERT L. TAYLOR, Gulfporl, Commerce, Della Kappa Epsilon. O KENN S. TERRY, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O JAMES E. THOMAS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O Second Row: BETSY L. TIBLIER, Jackson, Commerce, Della Della Della. O MARION B. TIBLIER, Biloxi, Commerce. O RAYMOND E. TIPTON, Moss Poinl, Liberal Arls. O VERNON J. TIREY, Vicksburg, Commerce. O GEORGE S. TODD, Fullon, New York, Engineering. O ARISTIDE E. TON, Gulfporl, Commerce. O GRAEME M. TON, JR., Gulfport, Commerce. O HENRY G. TORJUSEN, Pascagoula, Engineering. O WILBER H. VAN RIPER, River Foresl, Illinois, Engineering. O Third Row: JOHN T. VENOSKI, Brooklyn, New York, Liberal Arls. O BILLY W. VICK, Balesville, Engineering. O CECIL W. VICK, Balesville, Engineering. O HENRY A. WALKER, Waynesboro, Liberal Arls. O JOHN B. WALKER, Jackson, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O JOHN M. WARD, Kosciusko, Pharmacy. O MARY FRANCES WARING, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. O ANNA K. WATKINS, Aberdeen, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O FLOYD B. WATKINS, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. -rf 8 433 'V li Wax I K x" 'il RALPH HARDING Prasldenl of the School of Educalion I X I 1 + 1 5 5 I P P 1 BELOW: O Firsl Row: THADDEUS E, WATKINS, Philadelphia LIAM J. WATSON, Osceola, Arkansas, Pharmacy, O Kappa Gamma. 0 DAVID D. WEST, Pampa, Texas Hollandale, Commerce. O WILLIAM V. WESTBROOK, I Liberal Arls BAYE wean, Engineering. JR., Jackson, Pi Kappa Alpha, O WIL- Leland, Educafion, Kappa I ETTA F. WESTBROOK, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O BON C. WHITE, Decafurville, Tennessee, Engineering. O ELLA E. WHITE, McComb, Com- merce, Della Della Della. O JAMES W. WHITE, Amory, Engineering O Second Row: JAMES W. WHITE, Grenada, Commerce, Kappa Alpha. O RICHARD R. WHITE, Sanla Monica, California, Liberal Arls. O HOMER W, WHITTEN, Jackson, Tennessee, Engineering. O WILLIAM W, WICKER, Winborn, Liberal Arls. O MILES R. WILKERSON, Amory, Engineering. O PETER K. WILLEMOES, Wiggins, Commerce. O EDGAR L. WILLIAMS, Helena, Arkansas, Commerce, Kappa Sigma. O KATHERINE E. WILLIAMS, Okolona, Educaliong Della Della Della. O RICHARD V. WILLIAMS, Byhalia, Commerce, Sigma Chi. O WALTON S. WILLIAMS, Memphis, Tennessee, Commerce. O Third Row: BILLY WINN, Laurel, Engineering. O BOBBY G. WINTERS, Nalchez, Commerce: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 EDWARD T. WOMBLE, Charleston, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. O NANCY T. WOOD, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Kappa Kappa Gamma. O JOE E. WOODWARD, CLHSS -- .7031 . 'fy r ,I mf. Oxford, Engineering. O TALBERT T. YEAGER, JR., Grenada, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. O FRED W. YOUNG, Yazoo Cilyg Liberal Arfs, Kappa Alpha. O LAWRENCE P. ZEHNDER, Halliesburg, Engineering. O HERBERT P. ZACHOKLE, Sl. Paul, Minnesolag Engineering. O MARY T. ZUCCARO, Nalchez, Liberal Arls. 9532 -Q ' ' 'iff f 'IPA-6 x 1, . I... ,J . -. - V .,....., A nil I 5 ,vp .542 A I I I 'ar 4 .,-I .. 4 , ,W C Vi' . J' 1-4' ,. ,gf Q. V 5?'f5,QHi 'Q . faerie' I . , v I 'V' , 3 1 a av Qin. rg Q- -. 36 -nv , gs- I . Q. .l.- Kg . Q., , 5, -t ,, af ,ff I XL' 'ig' ., x ,- 'A . '61 , f,nvAX -?"'Y T :X 7 . XXXXX -X V K W'--'df in av Bari, W, ,.. 3 .4,,- Tiuiiggka JUST BEFORE THE PLUNGE 'ff H Q gy...-'Ln 55, f"Q'5"".f" 'y in XC" " ,- y., rx YA 4.. ' 1' .No 1: - 'f m, . ,f H+-'fx '.a 5-" f lf 44. 'Vx . . 1. f Q-.L ', F". -.. 'Yr . C s 1 ,,."eif?17 ,,'Q, ,gy 'yljr " 1 ,iff " ' " 2 3. L"- ' 1 CLOVER . v ' v 'E Q A 'K 5' I. .,..2,., ' ' :ff 43"-if f,."'m ' .'f's , - 5 ,lit .fgyxq si ,. ..,.,, 4 l ln ' xy .3 gf' 1 ,Q-U I . 2 3'2" x"'f . 'm Q S- -r , 41 v'- gln. I " A " Q' 5 .a - - 'E V 4 FRANKLY, WE'LL TAKE THE CAR it 'Q' I 342-'Q 1-1--5 ffhlvfl A HI 1'x..,"5H :Tia :QQ -' T 'x ' 1 ' N L "Y'!1:'b.'es-5 .' 4,9 , QXXX GX- r-552 4 'af ' . o +5 - I ' Q lx f ru mfg S J I? "' ,, 'Y 52 . 'X' 1 -.QL i 1 ' 'Zn- f.. . 7 JZ T.. I ik E fl I' 5? W A 1 v , 1 fr f E K fr rr i iFr W f Q ii 1 EQ 3 L Q: 5? .r 2' il.. - u , , - A if ' fr f i 4' iv iigxl 5, 34 ,Q 2. Vg uN Q: Eff i vin ? Kg? 'x J 1 " e Q! A, ' YM? ffm ,f in ,gig ef CUM B February 5, XQUB Nr. Tom kXa'xrswr., Editor 'Yne Ole M159 Unwersxvg of NXSBXBSXDQX vniversivg , N.'Le9'Les'Lpp'L Dear Vx. Hairston: ion ocdXdn'L wave gyven me a more dxf- X flcult, asexgnment in cnooexnq, 'oeween vue five premtdxest, g'LrXs at mleaieeippi U. Primer gazing ihcedlg an 'one ima prxono- graprva 1 went, Lrxno a Lrgmce and came up vunrxz No. 1 Dorormg Lee Crum xao. 'Z Oxaxre Harrington Ro. '5 Yeprw 'dardavlag No. Lv Garolgm Yrewim No. 5 Sevogfxe 'sxamneuemp Best, e , UM t Jon Wolncomb Sifpf MIS SULE ISS 'Pr EUL U ELHE MARY LIUDELL CHARLES EUNEHLY BEL I A ' X I , . I - 'fvgm + 51: 'rl V- wwffifif A "T . ,' Y-'fziggl , fl ,Jx3b.7',f. ,"'g', 4, 13, - V ,.,M fl' W .s . 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I i I K ,L 1 pl 1 ,V ,. ,, g I I' I f N 1 '11.n-1 fa g .e 1, A ,J v , ,,,1.., - . f. 1 .:.A ,. 4,5 ,. gs, 44,1 2 -, ,, .,1.,.,,. 1.--1, :-.iv ei: sg ff 'nv .., ,Aw -, I ILA I . ' I, .,, V 1 I , fAf5Ff?r'- fl?-'W:,.A. aw 4, ., x , f.., 1 1 ' 1 I f I ,I ,lv-. WSW - MISS FAVORITES BETTY BRA PEGGY BHUWN HULE HAWK UN Ole Wt' ' LEN HENRY ALLEN HUBBS BEE JUHNS N HY LIUDELL INE LYLES HILYN NAS Ri I r In Il I 9 Q I I 5 LUIS PEGHIM VIRGINIA PIBPIJHD LIB PILHINUT A T HT1-IA HUWAN i I V L THIE SPIVEY 4 4 n J i I NANCY WUUU me . HJEAN WUUUWAHU DONNA WIYE l A hr ' r 'X y . A V . , , 3 W , s 1' "i JI Q I, N naw. iv L W-f,,j,4 ' f 'U' bs:- i l i l -f l T T fr 4 1 EMBERST-HP in The l-lall oi Fame is based on characTer, scholarship, consTrucTive leadership, and conTribuTion To The beTTermenT oT Ole Miss. The highesT honor ThaT can be awarded a UniversiTy sTudenT, The l-lall oT Fame is sponsored by The Mississippian on a basis enTirely Tree from campus poliTics. A primary c:ommiTTee oT Twelve sTudenTs and TaculTy members chose by secreT balloT a nominaTinq commiTTee oT TwenTy-Tive sTudenTs, who in Turn made Their selecTions by secreT balloT: names oT This nominaTinq com- miTTee remain unidenTiTied. Members oT The I948 l-lall oT Fame are Charles Conerly, Paul NewTon, John Price, Ygondine Walker, Billy WalTon, and George WorThen. LL UF ME ! l I I I l l L Z' sb 425 ,,E7'iH9"g' If ,f I HININ SHINING FACES L.1m z4,n, QQ IS A GRAND OLD NAME" UU U? , A AQ 4 v. . . 1? CU A AGAINST wif' QNE A Kr' I Q H221 'Y -l I . I- 4 .I J I' J. 4' x ' Al 'Q 1 i.,"'ffz A' '-Q: f x f -HA-'gg 1 .,,, ff jg W1 M ' x ff' ,IX ,QQ Ww 'if N 1 A 'Fi . 4 ' 4 . , . L Q ,pr nv 'Ik' . . S , 1 A 4 L Y w i E if X f ,,A A X t ' T' A X 4 , ,ze A X . gvw, I we-ucl-4 WAY DID HE so, e-zones? I1 T 'fb ERA TURE A TULA 5 Wu" va? a 3' :u'f'f"'? I 1 ' I V Q mi 1' ,Ar ales' V I R '- N ,s,,,,q-fi i WAS 4 I .la A,... 'A iff' 5, .pr fi it Q1 H: ' I 1 BEFQ R57 HE PARAD E 1 4 t 5, n vm. if 1 I A' .,.-s xy 'nfl 'uf' , . ' ' W ' I 4 1 f 7 , w u R , 1 J . ,- lvlyf -l R . V Q- . A I '. 1' ' , , . 1 I D 'ali ,.,.1 A 4 Q E u O l FLEAS? --f .4 xv! . , i3 'Ia' an Ai." !. . . X, " ' J 1 v Q1 I 5 1- , I 5 1- :Q A Q - S ' 4 YV' . K' 0' .. U ' I . '5 'gR'f .4 2 .QQ ' . h't.X A lk: i f fc I U ' .pin j - ' K ASM' pk Q' 'Eu' '. .- Q ig, - ., , 'hh' 'VA . y,-so uw V ' ' 'as 1 , ,1 -. ' ,IMI - -fix' M ' ' - 0. ' ' ' . ',' ' - . ' x ' N. 3 gay st f'?. ff ul I V 5 lo. N 'J w .x v.. 41 I . 'A ""vQ":' A .. ',"' n'2 .. 'V ' ' "FQ ' ,Af .. iflie f , ,Q f ' ,mf v - f if .14 I .s I 9 'gf ,- , ,v 1,9 'Q . Q. Q 'bf' I mu, -pw- 485 v El 4:41 7 'Nay WATCHFUL WAITING -wi Q. f Jin. ' --. ' 'sn 4, ' . ar , . .' ' f 1. I ' ' 5 , iE',:sf t' Q f. 1 K 4 K .31 Q' K affix .fu 'y -"': ' 1 WM f if vgflli . 'ff 5. U w x , .'l. x I ,. , 1 uf v gg? u X A3 9 ., v I ff - ' f 5 hw fx- ff . f-as 3" 'Q I :df '1 we l I 1 5 Wsz I "iii .fu -A ' ' ' I 1 A. 1 tix!!! i pl 'vas . - -, ' 'HM nf V N :J I 1 f - A M -f-Vw f . V fr 4 I I .qwfls ,. '1,l,,4 X, 2 iii! A A ,Y f ' ,F w 4 ' 1 I rg' 'L ' 'ff A .2f LQ 1 WM., Y , ,v ,bil V - . W 2 ' .Q , an y F", VF , If .m P' gf' is .J , in l K Q r ,.1, , ,H 'ff' 1 f"'1 "' i ,X va V Q.. 'auf' X" I ,Aw ,V-F: wfgrgi-.4 fxgasfyglx , .4r',:f w G .ally .lf-' 4 'A I if W A f , 1 .Q . 4 j an ff' , all V mv Haj, 1 f' iw "0 :ii f! I 4 9 A H 42 vi! v.hf5 '15 ff! JA, ffl' .flii 1 iff, , ,, M 1 1 Y 5l,g1'ggQ" ,A 'Fu' . 3 L Q . ' Qs if 4 1 1 , A. UN Q 2 'iiyfx s S YA W N Ll ! 1 4 K l w I P P Y I .gg.?' J- xi' Eff I-j Q 1 .W , , .wr .4 -- - A-I yu-., ,. ,-1 .-Ti, " , ' -5' ., -,3 AA i-9. .-3 QI. ,ni fs' " " - . , ,f-g,- - c, M5 ' - vs ' "FX Qt I OFFICERS MARTHA ANNE ROWAN , . .,.. Presidenf MARY LIDDELL , , Vice-PresIden+ MAUDIE BIRMINGHAM . . , . Secrefarv EMILY ANN BICKERSIAFF , , . .Treasurer Cabhering Barr SaI'y Becker Emily Ann Maude Birmingham Befiy Brown Elildbefh 3l-IGI PA - I HELLE IE EUUNEIL MARTHA ANNE ROWAN . CHAROTTE SANSOM , . MARY ELIZABETH CATES . RUTH SPIVEY ....... SALLY BECKER . , MARTHA WATSON SUMNERS MAUDIE BIRMINGHAM . . . BETH TOOLE . T ELIZABETH PILKINGTON . EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFF DOT MOONEY ...... BETTY BROWN I . ELEANOR KNEE . LUCY MAGEE . WILMA FANT . . . PAT DAVIDSON , . NATALIE THOMPSON . PAT LAND ..... MARY LIDDELL .,,. ELIZABETH BEUHLER . , CLAIRE WELLS . CATHERINE BARR . PATSY HAYNES . . BARBARA MILLER . . Elizabelh Cafes Pal Davidson MEMBERS Wilmot Fanl Palsy Haynes . . Chi Omega . . . Chi Omega . . . .Chi Omega . .Della Della Della . .Della Della Della . .Della Della Della . . Della Gamma . Della Gamma . Della Gamma . , Della Zela . ,Della Zola . Della Zela . .Kappa Della . . , .Kappa Della , . . . .Kappa Della Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma ,.,..,,PhiMu .,....PhiMu . , . . Phi Mu . Zela Tau Alpha . Zela Tau Alpha , Zela Tau Alpha Eleanor Knee Pal Land Mary Liddell Lucy Magee Barbara Miller Dorolhy Mooney Elizabelh Pilkinqlon Marlha Anne Rowan Charlolle Sansom Marfha Walson Sumners Nalilie Thompson Belh Toole Pan-Hellenic Council is composed ol lhe eighl sororily presidenls and lwo rep- resenlalives lrom each group. The ollicers are chosen by rolalion. The local Pan- Hellenic is a member ol lhe Nalional Pan-l-lellenic Conference. The primary purpose ol lhe Pan-l-lellenic Council is lo promole harmony among lhe dilzlerenl sororilies on lhe campus, lo promole co-operalion and unily among all Greek leller organizalions, and lo pass rules and regulalions lor lhe wellare ol lhe syslem. To accomplish lhis elleclively, Pan-I-lellenic sels up lhe rushing rules. limiling lhe quola ol pledges lhe various groups can pledge, regulaling bidding syslem and cooperaling generally wilh Universily aulhorilies. l Claire Wells l 5' E T - - ,ws-,ws Y 'D S c " kr vc ir l- 2. 'TR if .TQ 'Q S-: , ,N -4 1-,..:.. 0 l:IX',.Ti,- .SA ,J -ig., ,S 1 X 4: Ahrmxlvb ,fa QQIT' fd- r 65,9 2- -1'f"Gg 1. -.AGL ' . sy. K-. C' , . r r 35- Na Sf . 1 v f tr ' F 5 bf 3 . rg- ,ai 1 sf. ,g 46. 4, L. Q ga ,fri 'W 54 s Q ' 95 'YN sig. 'R E Q r 355' . -X 6 W.. X141 x lil' K 'S MEMBERS Firsl Row, Aclives: Helen Adams, May Sliles Arlz, Jane Boring, Margarel Ann Bowen, Lucy Lee Boyle, Kalherine Bryan, Mary Elizabelh Cales, Belly Creekmore, Alice Crilz. Second Row: Dorolhy Lee Crum, Jane Dalrymple, Emmagene Hardy, Allen Hobbs, Ann Hopkins, Dixie Hopson, Rulh Jenkins. Doris Johns, Barbara Johnslon. Third Row: Bee Johnson, Sallie Junkin, Peggy Mahoney, Belly Clarie Lamberl, Dunbar Merrill, Nena Murphree, Marilyn Nason, Bobbie Nelson, Ann Pallerson. Fourlh Row. Jean Rigby, Marlha Ann Rowan, Margarel Rusl, Charlolle Sansom, Sally Scribner, Louise Simpson, Janie Gay Sleele, Barbara Trapp, Mary Elizabelh Wade. Fillh Row: Jane Walker, Ygondine Walker, Pallye, Sue Williams. Pledges: Ann Adcock, Mabel Ann Ball, Kalie Bankulon, Sabyne Blankenship, Jane Crawlord, Gloria Dandridge. Sixlh Row: Belly Jean Henderson, Helen Henderson, Frances Lynch, Mary Louise McDaniel, Fanny MrQFall, Ann McLean, Julia Murray, Willola Nason, Carolyn Parker. Sevenlh Row: Sarah Pearce, Ann Penn, Joyce Roseborough, Palrica Scobey, Lillian Sweal, Vwian Sweal, Janie Therrell, Mary Francis Waring, Ann Sharp Williams, Ellen Williamson. 214 Abandon hope, all ye who enler here Coffee Time Jusl on lhe olher side ol lhe Dead House is a while slruclure, housing Chi-O, where Marlha Anne Rowan wields lhe scepler. Bee Johnson assisls wilh same, and lhey lel Margarel Rusl lake noles ol lhe proceedings. Belly Claire Lamberl lceeps lrack ol lhe lunds. Rowan raises gold lor lhe Y, is a Pi Kappa Pi, and Number One ol Morlar Board and Panhellenic. Ygondine Wallcer is pasl Miss Ole Miss, WSGA head, and also claims Morlar Board. Janie Gale Sleele is l-lome Ec. Club presidenl, and Bee Johnson is vice-presidenl ol Canlerbury Club-Also brealcs speech records al meelings. They claim more converlibles, swear Charlolle Gee has a greal lulure as a lhealer slage-manager, and lheir pledges have been gelling pinned like mad. Sabyne Blank lcenship is ROTC band sponsor, Ann Pallerson loolcs sleepy, Ann l-loplcins has a lorchy voice. Emmogene l-lardy leads yells, and Gloria Dandridge wriles. This one began in I895, was lhe lirsl sororily here lour years laler, Tau chapler, lhal is. l-lues and linls are cardinal and slraw, lhey use while carnalions, and pay musical homage lo a l'Tawny Grey Owl." Members nol in Panel: Olamaie Curliss, Charlolle Gee, and Genie Sleele l-lardy. Pledges nol in Panel: Jerry Garland. Founded April 5, 1895 OFFICERS 0 MARTHA ANNE ROWAN BEE Jouusoisi fiffzfgi, ' MARGARET RUST -9. 'FFP' -'-, '?2:7' - 3, . - f.,,.'- .gy-4' I Ml' 'T cv" K ,.. 'Q-' -.' ' 1-3 :Pri 5 -'?,- l. - Q. . li in ii , ,,Y- Y., -'1:1-f,gg-:iQ.5v- Y'-H i,--'--.1'-f1,:.- i A-3-:'.i:g:'.-L ' -' f- , '14 ' r 4-5-: -. .iy1"'."'ea -39 ' -- 14" 21.9-4 'Fx . 'A P f-2 , . - ffm." f 1-uf, L - .1-leg , '- 4 ., 'R '1 .gy 1:, - -.v, 1,-.,'-an an -'f .,,--g '. rf-.sxlrri L--Y '-Y 3, 'I'-z' '11 ' A 6 'QF' '1 -f,-f ?-. --',- - swf"-- -- ra-..:s. --1 vi" - y. .V 1 '1"'i',L'l'n, wr--' 2.- - . 1- -7221.1 -1.5 if fy 'Q'- ggk, VJ, .- . .g.1, A ff . 3' 1 Q':?fl A , ,L " A-:Pi Pf , - V 'lin-si .- - -.71 f-j,l,f.5fri:'..'5"..?i:-v""'1- A1314 ,-3 . L fi -L54 1J4r"'s-1 Lg: 'mfr -,--7 .s 1 -1, .. ,. . .. .,,, A--f -: . . , .Mt ,- Lg - . - fy r -,if 4'-'fig A ' 'Xia ..- ..,, P: . JT' vs' Tl 1' :lik T - sf 'fp' l ' L' A v r '.,' F . G ' uf: J,',, .4 ' 3' A-74 qi 4 7 P' A flax I A 1 'P ' QQ, 4' u " ' .0 2. 1 ' f Q- . - -. 5 R 7' -5, X L, 4 r ,J . ' ' ' . i 1.3. '12 ' 4' 5' J L' nt ol 'x , 1 4 V . 5 -x 1 v ,- 4'-sq. Fa." ' Qin' J F' F, ff 5, ' ii 1211-1-L ' Y A J .,. ' --4-,f If V'?r.f"-I 'r-.. ., ' " 'I ' - -' '1M'fs:.'.f J-r'l:1c 'Q ' ' ' - ,G . 9' MEMBERS Firsl Row: Sally Becl1er,Gayle Carlisle, Julia Conn, Puddie Eason, Palrica Ford, Ann Gibbes, Dol Hamm, Penny Hardaway, Emmaline Hardy. Second Row: Frances Hemeler, Helen Henry, Pomroy Hull, Dorolhy Hunler, Kalherine Johnson, Jean Lewis, Belly Long, Frances McDonald, Pally McKay. Third Row: Frances Mellon, Mary Virginia Nichols, Sally 0'Neil, Eugenia Poland, Mary Ann Rivers, Beverly Scoll, Jane Sheddan, Belly Slaughler, Walsie Sumners. Fourlh Row: Elsie Varner, Margie Websler, Donna Wiygul, Sue Bloclc, Helen Burnside, Emily Colberl, Lillian Duke, Dol Fields, Sue Haney. Fiflh Row: Belly Hansen, Clair Harringlon, Belly Jourdan, Kalherine Lewis, Mary Nan Monoghan, Sue Rodgers, Dorolhy Snow,, Eleanor Thrasher, Belsy Tiblier. Sixlh Row: Mary Elizabelh Tobias, Barbara Troller, Marlha Turner, Gwen Wallcer, Ella While, Elleino Williams, Ann Wrighl, Milzi Wheless, Virginia Varley. Principals in The fraclifional Tri Dell Wedding The resirained "hof-box" Lydy Beclrer has lalren over lhe TrisDel+ls presidency since the January departure of Rulhie Spivey. Mary Virginia Nichols allernales wirh The gavel, and Ernrnaline l-lardy is recording secrerary. Lydy sils in on The Execulive Council as ASB secrelary, is also WSGA secrelary. Penny l-lardaway is a lwice-chosen favorile and beauly. Donna Wiygul is anolher favorile and an ROTC sponsor, lo bool. Bev Scoll is vice-presidenr of lhe Educalion school, and Elise Varner heads rhe YWCA. A noled group of hill-billy singers is lhe Tri-Della Trio, composed oi Nichols, l-lope Myres and Bev Scoll. Belly Long, Puddie Eason, and Gayle Carlyle, lhe Conerly Boosfers, won'l even kill a roach in The lcilchen. Sally Beclcer is The local sandwich girl-lols of parries and no food. Oh, and Ella While is a drurn-rnaiorerre. ll was organized al a Thanksgiving dinner Table in l88B, and Chi chapler loolr roofs ar Ole Miss in l926. Their colors are blue, silver, and gold. Their song says l'There's Meaning in lhe Colors," You figure ir our. They worship pansies. Members nor in The Panel: Elizaberh Beclcer, Ann Dulce, Berry Minor, Hope Myres and Rulhie Spivey. Pledges nor in The Panel: Georgia Nell l-lale and Jean Smilh. 0 o I l Founded Thanksylrlng Evo. .IINHI DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS .W .1 -Q . LYDY BECKER s MARY VIRGINIA Nici-ioLs + r-1 C 1-1 4 I -all 'P 'W .V -1 :Q 5:-f f ui ' A ' 'if' .izfw . 3.7-f . qi'-, . I 43"-1 D 11 .-.1 . . - ,, -fun, 5 -gy, ,.-. ., -,- ,fy , ,. -,- ,., ,J ., ,,, -,,, .-3' - ". -- '.- 1 J: .. -.-1 -, . -sf .. .-.- r A ,sf - ' .'.,- . 1 , g fr" ',',Q 'I 2' wit 'V' 1514- 1.-.:. ' - 5-.. IAN- fe " .- 'T' ,AN I. , , -5- 5 ' ', ' An'- '.y A li, Ld 14:5 MQ" jf,Zp I-rex. U' T -'f ,Z 1- .14-., '. .' 'f 'ff J' Q' . -' W f . '-fn' " ' -.T'-- -Yrzf--' , rg, Hi-r"f1,9 T--Rirfzif , EMMALINE HARDY -s , ' - M ie' ai . is X 5 :A . ., 1. L ,s -L g, A-. ,sg ,Vg J. ,, , E ,1,u.g- ., . '-ig, .. ..,: 3 f..1 . g ,,f- . xiii! -LA +211 .6--' ,,. if Mflijr! if '?"f1I3'?' 25-,:' Q-I-Y! -54 ' " 5' r ,, .H -. ,-1:1 ,--,w 1,.i' , A . .,'g:, ltgg. , . -s -Hyfftj I T L A 7-Qf.'Jj4-'fv:'.. -4-irfegy 47 is -w,.,1,2j-5-'ff-'L -.59--A If " n ng 4:4- . r".'.c-R-ff'i'fQ..r : +11rai?f"SJ-'H' ., , +'f.':k-+3-'f: 1 .?i:+'f1eff-314' f--'+- ' .-c 'Rf-1 Q' .1 -V 1 .-1-'Z--.,7'."..'. '-.s' 'pl '-' .1 Q- " - . I,-,f -, 3: ',3'--- ' ' ' " ' ' ' " 'x , -- . ,r ,. 1 1 .1 . J.. .. Z. -iii-F .. 'I -is 'K i fx.- MEMBERS Firsl Row: Leila Alexander, Carlolla Brown, Elizabelh Buehler, Elizabelh Carley, Elizabelh Dorsey, Marlha Draper, Barbara Fly, Peggy Knoll. Second Row: Cecelia Lewis, Mary Liddell, Jane Madden, Ann McLendon, Maedelle Pal- lon, Lois Peqrim, Jean Pemble, Mrs. Charlolle Sims. Third Row: Doris Tyson, Elizabelh Turley, Clarie Wells, Jeanne Wheeler, Derry Williams, Marlha Wrenn. Pledges: Claire Aycoclc, Bobbie Beevers. Fourlh Row: Elizabelh Blanchard, Mary Blounl, Suzelle Bueheler, June Carley, Annie L. Childress, Belly Collins, Joyce l-lollinqsworlh. Fillh Row: Connie Kayser, Billie Jean Lillle, Millicenl Merrill, Billie Claire McClendon, Mary Elizabelh Ray, Marlha Spenser, Dorolhy Wrighl. E li "su I , .A J' '--v , s I 1 ff SanTa Claus-feminine gender l'll have mine wifh waTer, please "God Took The bloom Trom The magnolia," and The Phi Mu's claim Theylve goT iT. They live in a brick, gabled ahfair ouT oT Shakespeare, and are headed by Mary Lid- dell. Claire Wells is second-in-command, blonde Maedelle PaTTon wields The pen, MarTha Sue Draper handles The bank-book, and Ann Turley reporTs. Liddell ended up "Miss Ole Miss' This year, and BeTh Carley gained The glory TiTle OT Murder Bowl Queen aT The annual law-med shambles. Lois Pegrim helped lead The Troops in "l-loddy-Toddyf' KiTTy McClendon is a TavoriTe, Jean Pemble dances like mad and loves iT, "Lib" Blanchard wriTes llJanie Reb" TranTically Tor The local scandal-sheeT, and is in love wiTh horses. Billie Jean LiTTle Twirls baTons during TooT- ball season. Claire Wells is an ROTC sponsor-looks good in uniform, Too. The sororiTy is ancienT, daTing back To '52 and Wesleyan oT Georgia Tor iTs birTh. Alpha DelTa chapTer came here in '26, aTTer Greeks were legal again aT Qle Miss. Rose and whiTe are The colors, They preTer The EnchanTress CarnaTion, and They have a "SweeThearT Songfl Members noT in Panel: Delores PiTTman. Pledges noT in Panel: Claire Aycock, Bobby Beevers and Jane Bozeman. l Founflofl Jlarvh fl, 1852 T. 2--1. '"5. .-0.3:-'.',"4-:'1"J5 OFFICERS gg., ,'F"fa:i1I1 gjfifig -3- 'y.L" '1C'Q- -. ,: ' Jia" ix." ,.:, .14 r ,--5 1..s .4.". '. N y i ,ffl -ep , ,.. aw- 5 - 2- 4 rv h,'4..'.s 5 . J244g'!,,:f,lbf1e MARY LIDDELL f-ff? -1 sygfgijg sjvf- .,ng,:, ,Fx U -' , 'argl ,fpfnll ',-, 2, , lugs iiffff I ,. ,121 -:fi 511 if ,L . J 3-g-T",+.::1i?4 CLAIRE WELLS ,jfjclf 1- - f . 5,155 l , - .gvfg 5-Msgs fl! ' - T, Ami", if i , MFT- . ' i Tf."l':"c-it , ..b. .. r -. . -. ,,K - :',-I.: - ' r, -7?--.' 34-' Fi if!-T1 5'-' '--if 6.-5 J- ,fi .,3- f',2.' J" "1 '-s, 35f,f"i" ,2sjx141',. F'- .', if I a, -.' 1'4" 43. 'gi ji? V--, --,u If T e 1-5?--"' fi ' -L' 6.5.-Q A i?+.7.'L2L ?' ,-.-5. ls , --5-V - I ,..-, .. ... fPf"'-'- , - "Li TT?" f1'35?'3:f5'afLiT.'5T JI AV" fc' X' if 'S iffv if -W K ..-um . ' A ' we - -.yi , V- 1, li if- 3' W J. V 'V ' we .f V ' li A 4 x.-V E 1 MEMBERS Firsf Row: Aclives: Belly Alford, Kale Alford, Juanila Avenl, Jo Bogard, Belly Braun Cliarnnain Crum, Julie Davis, Clwarlolle Dickinson. Second Row: Clwarlolle Downy Mary K. Ellzey, Willie Fanl, Adelyn Gerald, Joan Gilles- pie, Doiolliy Jean l-lunler, Joan Jolinion, Eleanor Knee. Third Row: Jean Lell, Franlie lv1cAlpine, Lucy B. Magee, Sarah Lees Mason, Carolyn Pre- mll, Difll Pawln, Belly Rivi,-1, Alicia Rollin-i. Fourflw Row: Allie Jean Slarirg ldane-lle Slonre,EliZabell1STurdivanl, MargarefWaller-,, Mavi- mari Wigggiialiwaiacl, Pledges: Br-lly Colquill, Belly Duke, Sara Fellon, Annie Lee Gunn. Fiflh Row: l?cw-rnary l-lewaril, lally Kiflnei, llielrna Lenz, Kaly Moll, Carol Price, Nila learricy, Derolliy Pu -,i, ell, Peggy Runucll, Billie Jean Sepicln. Four cookies and a iam session The KD's and Culberlson A Knee is l-lead ol lhe KDls-Eleanor, lhal is, and Willie Eranl is co-pilol. Margarel Wallers is lhe scribe lor lhe bunch, and ldanelle Slone holds lhe lceys lo lhe slrong box. Carolyn Prewill is a lair-haired girl-new secrelary ol lhe ASB, secrelary ol Cwens, and one ol lhe I948 beaulies. Jean Loll, a sleadying inlluence, is lirsl vice presidenl ol WSGA, and Belly Colquill is an RCTC sponsor. Charm Crum is lhe currenl sweelhearl cl ATO, and Annie Lee Gunn is model pledge. Julie Davis lceeps lab on campus sociely lor "The Mississippian", and is a lavorile, Members mourn lhe gradualion ol Marjean l'The Machinel' Woodward, campus queen. Kappa Della was inauguraled in l897, and spolled Alpha Mu chapler al Ole Miss in I927. Their llower is lhe while rose, colors are green and while, and lhey hum "There is No Girl Like a KD Girl". Pledges nol in panel: Rulhie McCrea. Founalell in I897 KAPP DELTA n '-fl-' "1' D1 ' ' l ::,jL5-3, - .4521-pG.,."'g'. 5, .. .. . . -. . H, A. x '23 A oFFioERs Wy, ELEANOR KNEE 1, I MARGARET WALTERS -V-elf' J.. ,,.... .,- -. 34" I "'S -if'-1 e ., -sg Qjfzf: 'UE ,H ,-.3 x: -l'1' xg' 5?.5c,'-lf, H. AWG ff, Iirfgil. gig? ri ,-,L f. 'N -ti' I, f- .i 1 ,-,, .1 i. , au, .KY -1, '. '.y ,f I J' 'ff' V1 - ,Jia Ii. I--va li.-, .iz , 1 ,N fp- 1-7 N 11 A fre-Pr 12 . ',-xi .u ,,.g'- Q.:-, wiLLiE PANT T 1 :ffl 51 f s. -. 1 5. " r ', 4 'I' ', . I if 1!:l.,'i'I,f'g-1 9:13-'15, ,--5 sg --,L ,"j-.1-, QL. 4 "1" A' 'f"' g"4s'Ck "H '-I'-8 W V 2""f 'if- pf A rfb, -i " ffl ,aff D t v' Q 4 . ,L-lj." ' Ikea r ig-ygfik iff? .,:, A fi! :rr 'Q ,,.1p5,l. :ir vs!-" i R' .fiT1'g:f.?7 ' T ,F ' ut' ' mg- n frfffrs. .fffffs ,gig--. .: 55 41" MH L:7:::.a+?i,.1 msg: -1, ..,s . ., 5-.,'.,,,,, ..,.',., -.44 a ,S -., I, K i l .'- - 'lr 'L I-1. H. 3, . xr. f - sf. if 'ff 5 fx . r 7' .' . ' 'iff 3 , T' i I i l 4 T MEMBERS Firsl Row, Aclives: Joanne Alexander, Gloria Anderson, Rosemary Bass, Maudie Birmings lwam, Sara Buelwler, Mary Burnell, Nancy Clwenaull, Belly Jane Conerly, Mary Jane Daigre. Second Row: Dorolliy Dougall, Frances Esles, Palricia Gore, Carole l-lawlcins, Jayne l-laury. Jo l-lerringlon, Aline Liles, Jane Lowry, Mary Frances Marlin. Third Row: Eleanor McC5el'iee, Belsy Moore, Lib Pillringlon, Edillw Scoll, Bowe Simmons, Evelyn Spicer, Margarel Spain, Molly Sparr, Jean Taylor. Fourllri Row: Bellw Toole, Mary Jane Williams. Laverne Wilson, Lillian Alice Young, Marg- arel Zderad, Pledges: Sara Bell, Margarel Bradley, Peggy Brown, Ann Marie Cran. Fillh Row: Jean Gale, Marjorie Guslalson, Polly Hagen, Elizabellw l-lead, Callwerine Hug- gins, Joan l-lumplwreys, Mariio James, l-lelen Karr, Linda Lindley. Sixlh Row: Joyce Lollin, Callierine Mercier, Virginia Ann Piglord, Belly Pounds, Peggy Swango, Lillian Tanlcersley, Belly Jane Talum, Ann Wallcins, Margarel Wicks, Wanda Wilson. 222 1 i This don'+ happen foo offen Si5+e"lY assisfance Maudie Birmingham pilols The anchor girls, and Carole l-lawlfins is nexl in line. Edi+h Scorf records, Jayne l-laury corresponds, and Mary Jane Williams counls The lool. They counl five Tavoriles, Birmingham and Sparr si+ in on Morlor Board meerings -Birmingham is also secrelary ol Panhellenic and on The dance commilree. "ScoHy" Joe l-lerringlon, and Maudie are Pix chix, "ScoHy' also heads The SAI. A Tew oiher heads are, Rosey Bass, presidenl of The Classical Club and Marjorie Guslal- son, presidenr ol The Freshman Y. Sara Buehler is vice-presidenl ol WSGA and Conerly is vice-presidenf of WAA. The Della Gamrnals poinr wilh pride lo Frances Esles, The only girl in Phi Era Sigma. DG gol ils slarr in Cxford in The Lewis School lor Girls in IB73, gol baclc here in I936. They blend Jrinfs of bronze, pink and blue, culfivaie The cream-colored rose, and hum a 'rune called "Delia Gamma Dream Girl." Members no'r in Panel: Joyce l-lale Mcfilaun and Calherine While. Pledges nol in Panel: Mary Jane Dixon and Allen Raynor. Founded in 1873 DELTA ' A rl' MMA "'T3-I 'Zl'52'L"':'-Z oFFicERs T fu- fs s -- sp ..1zff':s.-1 ., f ul? - MARY MAUDE BIRMINGHAM Jess?--:sg-T :5 W1--,5,i: , sz'-.' -,-js: .Q f ,-,535 ?f':i?f ,l I fir : cARoLE i-ifxwicins v1: . 1:.,. 1 -.wg ,. : , -.uf Li ,ff - 15. gl f -vs-,T 5 i R P' EIL A ' L" "A 1 D315 -h'1F " -- . 1 xpgf. ., F1--,jfs ,'- EDITH scorr ,flag ,jg yrf ' If ' - 1 vi - ' 1- .'.'- -.4 '. - ' .1-"" -- -'fn' . - -mai'-1:1":' A'-52 :.:f 5. 'WUI i yr , l Q 010 Jliss in 1927 MEMBERS Firsf Row: Minnie Anne Allen, Virginia Auslin, Ann Baine, Emily Ann Biclcer- Grail, Belly Brown, Joan l-lerring. Second Row: Billie Jolwnson, Tressa King Imogene Mclzaclden, Joyce McGuire, Bobbye Mclnlyre, Miriam Marron Third Row: Dol Mooney, Virginia Tansill, Julia Wallace. Pledges: Mary Rulli Bell, Marllwa Bowman, Barbara Eiglimey, Billie Jean Gralwam. FOUFH1 Row: Mady Jacobs, Peggy Mizell, Virginia Neville, Jeanne Pelliam, Carolyn Sliclcerod, Clwarlolie Sficlcerod, Roseann Talum. 224 Spring is approaching Can'+ be 'rhaf funny I Emily Ann Biclcerslalll is head of lhe Della Zelas, wilh Ann Baine second on lhe ollicer lis'r. Billie Johnson handles pen and inlc, and Virginia Ann Tansil counls cash. Miriam Marron is currenl PiKA Dream Girly Julia Wallace is Lambda Sigma lreas- urer, Press Pholog Clubber, and "Mississippianll iournalisl. "Jinx" Tansil is involved in 'rhe Y cabinel and Wesley Foundalion. Dol Mooney is a Rebel bandswoman, in Panhellenic, and Cwens. Biclcerslalll is a BSU mainslay, in Pix, and lhe Universify Chorus. Joyce McGuire and Tom Barnefl are inseparable, Miriam Marron, Charlie Monlgomery and red vehicle form a Threesome. Dr. Bernadine Schmidl, lhe educa- Jror, is a recenl acquisilion. Della Zela was launched a+ Miami of Ohio in IQO7, planled Ole Miss chapler in '27, Color molif is red and green, lhe Killarney rose is lhe blossom, and 'rheir di++y is "The Dream Girl ol Del+a Zefaf' Founded 0ctob0r 24, 1907 DELTA ZETA OFFICERS gg 1,5 1i '5'fif7'Qs, EMILY ANN BICKERSTAPP +L " ' ' 99" 'i ANN BAINE f-'K XML 1 ,, h . ,, . 1 Y. . - ,.J,.1,'9-,.' ' i .7 , 1 ' ,W ,-gf 1,-4 -MF,-A fi." ' sf-1' 1:-f -x A- , as-,, ,Vu 4- 4. ,v gf" ff-55351 '7 iz. D - . 7 "Q 27' . ,x'fQ.L' ., 5 - -. . ,M -' as-f "ff - .i-- 1. ,",-:1 '.-'f,:.fA'A- fl f' .- ,'A AI' i ex ,g in , In , ' 'i,.,, if Af' :.': - BILLIE Joi-iNsoN Jw, ,P , W,-J ,, . .fog 'a'.,r'5f5N N rzfih . gf fs , 1, Jwlf, -. '. -1944 s. J' li"'i'1p .Ig -al,"-1 ,- - G- - If ia., ,Q--f-"fi f Q, 'Au 'fa .fit ' - - i"'.'."' 'f I 1 .-- . 'A . P . -' -'gfr"fi'-- 1 -i+TZ7.-i- 5-ff' ,-. --'7 9139.3-"' -1 1-:vii - --sf . fe ,1 -- V :aff . W.,-.,:,,3,'.fe.: 7 'G' KH fvx , T C' qu- I Establlsluul al 010 Jliss in 1939 MEMBERS Firsl Row: Kallnryn Barr, Camille Borrourn, l-lelen Coplen, Lucille De Gravelles, Vivian Findley, Zula Gore, Paula Hammond, Palsy l-laynes. Second Row: Paley Hendon, Gwendolyn l-lenry, Peggy Lauqlller, Miqnonne Lewnnan, Bar' bara Miller Gloria Mosgy Joy Mulvillilly Eleanor Norsworllly. Third Row: Anne Rnerieyy Anila Willifarnfr. Pledges: Fredna Balson, Belly Nell Boyce Barbara Broocly Jean Bynum, Mary Conqer, Rulll Croclrer. Fourllw Row: Lill E-urn Bell Flanagan, Slwirley l-lalaway, Norma Jean Leqqelly Belly Mae Y Y lone Jfran Maulrlin, Joyce Maulclin, Mary Evelyn Micllael, Fif+h Row: Gene Mulligan, Judy Ori, Joyce Perlrini., Cllarlolle Roolrs, Belly Jo Turner Balwliio Taylor, Robbie Ray Yancy. 226 l 4 l l l I l A Slars lor ll1e Slarlighl Ball Popcorn in bed Kay Barr lrmolds Zela deslunes un her hands as presudenl anded by Glorua Moss Paula Hammond lakes care ol llwe records Barbara Muller counls llwe com ol llle realm and Lucille DeC5ravelles ns lusloruan lor llme group Ba r as maxed up ID W A A Panlwellemc: and Prx Hammond heads llwe gurls glee club belongs lo APHA Bela Bela Bela Buology and Arclrwery Clubs Palsy Hendon has been lealured nn llme Mussussrppran as a gurl ol llwe mglul Dol Walson drives llwal paclcung case converluble and pledge Mary Mucllaels IS usually lo be seen nn ll'1e new grull The lxrsl semesler Mos lcepl a blaclc beasl llne ZTA s clanmed was a cal on a leasl'1 a llung named Crrlly ZTA was lounded rn llwe Soulll ul you please un 98 Gamma Della clwapler came lo llme Cnrcle In I939 Colors are sleel gray and lurquonse blue Tlwey occa uonally wear wlwule vlolels and sung Prude ol our Heals Members nol In Panel Sara Mayllerd Pledges nol an Panel Mary Lou Maylueld Founded Hctobor I.: 1898 ZETA TAU ALPII OFFICERS f 4 N KATHRYN BARR GLORIA MOSS J PAULA HAMMOND ' r .bf 'F Eau - Q . V. 1,3 - , , . l . . r I . . . . . . , F . . ., . I n I ' O . , - I . . . l . f' u J . .1 . rl , . 4 . . . , l , , . 1 . . . F. 1 . 3 . . . ,. . H . l . I y . . l . . l I l - , 4 9 Q e 'f,T.5-if"-a1J11".r'1,1,i,?ils'., 51,15 fn, sr-' Tj4f".?.25:, , . 1 .. fzgg.-. .:,:' - ff,,s, -Lg :"Z'1ff,f: Nj, -ff. Us : flag" 21,2 Y.-L . A, . , l L L f'. 'E , " Q14 -.1-,. M1 Age, .gf.,- :,,g- 5 tag, mal' 55214: ' '- f' '1 'I' ' f"P bf" V fx. X .wr p-I's:1f?--if' I -074':1'.' - 7- fe -rl: , W vig Y ,1- .511-A---,.,:,. wcapa,,:-typ lf' F51 3x'7"f:f' " ' ':'a"" bw -:'.':'f.'? " V TLLT'-'V Off . aj' -1-f Y-Q rf e -V'--' 1:-as '-ff-M , -472 gl 'A ' 'fi . .'A.s.'fp- 'gy s 1 gl, J . lj, - , 'Q f. ,. . sf. I M YT' 1. yr." jf? 'wp gf? fig ,LE 7 ,LA-14' I lla 5- ,M-qi" .5 -X rg-l 'H - 2:1 V.-I . ,4.,gv:rI:'iQ-f' Y fl.-S ,-P. ' V ,Q ,ad - 4.-, 4.5 -lx . ,sri-,A 5- .,,M 5. ' if I ,ml l ,V fs.. 54 , 1-, .:. ,,.1-fP- f. a,..r ,q, 'gif ,Vx i 'iff' .,-u ,i --35522-, , 1.-1 ,fl A:-7 D 1. L 1 W sie. 'UI f,-- ' 51' f-1 1. 55,2 ji ifj, A ., f.. , ,-, ,-1 , J' l 'xy X-',.N-,A .,- 'SEQ 5, Y il., ,ILL ii, ,--,, :vids IQ. ,-fu ,fax -jig.. A- f,g.,,i 1,' .,,4 -' jg. 5- r., --r,gg,s,.. 5.-V: gy 53,4 '.:. 'V ,v-4 '1' ' ju. , ,Q .. ,.-. .' ,V . 'ff ,Nu sv. A.-, ,pf . ne- V -ff..---,-A agar fu' 1:4 ,,-fl --' "rg r ' 5 . f-2- .,:.- R , - I lx . - ' . kj! 51, .Nr ,-gf... ' s "'F"'-if ':': I gi""'- .""L- Y., 'kr '4-' -fin,-""-"' ' I' . 4"ff - ' '1"g,T:-,I 'ffl Lfufiri 331.19 A-Q11-iz!" ' ' -" A H ..': .. f -. f,.,, .- - 1 . 4 l l MEMBERS Firsl Row: Aclives: Eleanor Allen, Olive Elizabelh Clower, Pal Davidson, Jane l-lerring, Pal Land, Palsy Reilly. Second Row: Belsy Ross, Rulh Schreiber, Nalalie Thompson, Mary Alice Shourds, Lois Teague. Pledges: Kilsy Bailey. Third Row: Diana Bealon, Andree Benoisl, Anne Berdon, Jan l-lays, Carol Knosl, Belly Kramer. Fourlh Row: Virginia Lee, Mary Forresl McCall, Frances Morris, Mildred Reed, Anne Reilly, Baye Webb, Nancy Wood. 228 l i l r T 'RQVQJ ... , ,f . x?a.gm2i,,., -yi 1-9 pa-QL sg., N . H. ':,J,. . Sgfyeff, Y . . , ,i', 1- ,s LT' Q l 'xkslxin .' l BuT honey, you should see The house plans Does Righl' always Triumph? 4 Truly a lcey group Kappa as The baby soror1Ty on The campus havrng esTablushed rn I946 PaT Rerlly succeeded PaT Davrdson aT mudyear when The laTTer changed her name To CoverT Jane l-lerrrng lceeps mrnuTes and O E Clower corresponds RuThue Schrerber rnvaded The SouTh To help PaT Land as counselor BeTsy Ross was WSGA prexy and BWOC on The drsTaTT srde ol The campus unTrl she Trnushed her Ole Mlss Trme aT mad year Naclcr Thompson was prclced WSGA vrce prexy an The sprang Nancy Wood proTege oT The pngslcrnners IS a Tavor Te Jan l-lays rs The Tarr creaTure wrTh The gold wrre glasses who brolce a leg slcnng Andre BenorsT commuTes To NaTchez Tor The Prlgrrmage balls Clower ns parTral T one TraTernrTy and Anne Really rs Tred up wrTh one hall oT The Morse Twrns They all have grades hugh srsTerhood scholasT1cally and Talk abouT Therr new house whrch ns highly unvrssble Kappa was Tounded un I87O aT MonmouTh DelTa Rho chapTer planTed here rn 46 They croon A Garden of Blue gewel rs The sapphure colors are blue and blue lrghT and darlc ThaT as Founded 0ctober IJ 1870 PPA G oFFlcERs - - -.-., A ff ' A f g1if,f1+fgl?fQ:n?i,. ' Qt? sis ' if PAT DAVIDSON s A A 2, 1 , ,1- 'x -' - 14 ."g.,'..' ., .w-4-,lm-1 ga fi' ' ' av -3' f j 'V 1, . 41'-Jin-.xv f' :if ,-Y, AP if ELEANOR ALLEN .1 A f 'I :V mv , D ,-iv ,?I,.i'vyt?1j'.'Q ,hs , :rx 1-' s . 2.3 ff' -A-'Q "iii-.. T- - JANE HERRIN6 1 A - -ss ,. .. T fr T' ' ' .5 i T. ,gg -'fires in as 2 - Aff 154, f lf--Q 'iss .. T- A. .i- ' A so " if-z"'2f -'rsh T T .' ' ' . A- '- '- f- ' L- '---.1 ' L. 7:7 if .I ': "4'1:+'- Fi " '.er'7.'i'Ji.lf 5: sp'-44'?'Qf1-Lf T. f. -1 - 4-4941 '-"' 7'0" " r... .f,'.'-'11 Jfi'-."'.--:'2'.-T - '- - - "4 '- l .. .. . . . . . T . A , . . . . . . , . . T ' 7 1 . O 7. -7. I . . . .. H . . . W' . . 1 1 I 1 C - Q l , 35354--.-,Q?,:','.1 .4 j'.,,5" , -..',.-Eg " , ' fjyfj 1 'L Q' ,wth v . s , rv. 1.7, .4 T -M' U Af' ,X -V J-1.1 sl, 5- . T f A cf , , ,V w 3'-,,lD!- 1-I V I4-,I e AN , -,ilgr ' 'V , 'xo-, r , r 1 Lf 1 ,g , .-Q T - - fy, - l 'r 's il PV! 1 H - W 1 , f ,fa nag! 1' v - Q.. 15- 1 -, fc 01 -4 ' ' K' r ' ' 'nv l Qi Y", 35' H' .e I . ' ' 37-bv -f - fi' ' av 5 ' A ' , l AI:-:ve-"MZ - - u l l l l l sl 3 li l . Z 5, li li E, Fi E ll' The "word" 1 2 ,fi jll l l 1 l l' l E: OFFICERS GEORGE THATCI-lER . . . . Presldenf GEORGE WORTHEN . . . . Vice-Presidenl JOE WROTEN ........ . . Secrelary-Treasurer Hall Baldridge Fred Chandler Billy Condon Alex Dickson, John Dulaney Ted Ford Bruno Furini Norman I TEH- PH TEH ITY EUUNEIL G SHIELDS SIMS . . BRUNO FURINI ...A . FLOYD W. STRATTON JAMES Mc6EHEE . CAREY POWERS . . BILL GRESHAM . FRED CHANDLER . JOHN DULANEY . TOM B. SCOTT . . TED FORD . . PAUL NEWTON . TOM WATTS .... BRINKLEY MORTON GEORGE McLEAN . Bill Gresham Gerald Jacobs Tom Lindley MEMBERS .Alpha Tau Omega .Alpha Tau Omega . . Bela Thela Pi . . .Bela Thela Pi Della Kappa Epsilon Della Kappa Epsilon . . .Della Psi . .Della Psi . . Kappa Alpha . . .Kappa Alpha . ,Kappa Sigma . . .Kappa Sigma , . Phi Della Thela . . Phi Della Thela Charles Marcus CHARLES MARCUS , ROBERT MARCUS , . J. W. TORTl . . . . . Phi Epsilon Pi . . Phi Epsilon Pi . . Phi Kappa Psi l rom LINDLEY . . . . Phi Kappa Psi NORMAN GILLIS . . . .Pl Kappa Alpha y ALEX D. DICKSON, JR. . . . .Pi Kappa Alpha ' l ROBERT LEAVELL . Sigma Alpha EpSllOl'1 HALL BALDRIDGE . . Sigma Alpha Epallph MAURY WHITFIELD . . . Sigma Chl JOHN J. FRASIER . . . .Sigma Chi JAMES HOLLOWAY . . .Sigma Nu Boa MULLETT . . . .... Sigma Nu GERALD JACOBS , . .SiC-QTTTG Phi Epsllah BILLY CONDON . . . .Sigma Phi Epallah Roberl' Marcus James MCG-ehee George McLean Brinkley Morlon I Bob Mulloll Paul Newlon Carey Powers Tom B. Scoll Floyd W. Slrallon J. W. loin Tom B. Walls Maury Whilfield l l l 'l l l l l 4 ,. ll The Universily ol Mississippi lnler-Fralernily Council holds lhe unique posilion oi serving as an adminislralive body lor lhe lilleen social Greek-leller lralernilies on lhe campus. The exislence ol lhe Council is aulhorized b a conslilulion which was ralilied by each I'T16mb6F-2i'5- lernily. The Council is headed by a presidenl, a vice- presidenl, and a secrelary-lreasurerg lhe legislalive por- lion ol lhe Council is composed ol lwo represenlalives from each member-lralernily. Allhough lhe lunclions ol lhe inler-lralernily Council are becoming wider each year, il is nol being accomplished lhrough lhe volunlary assumplion ol aclivilies by lhe Council ilsell. Ralher, however, lhe demand has come from olher organizalions, recognizing lhe peculiar and lavorable slalus ol lhe 231 Council. A review ol all lhe aclivilies ol lhe organiza- lion would be loo lenglhy lo enumerale here. The Council during lhe school year has adopled o young Belgian war orphan lhrough a nalionally recognized re- liel organizaliong lhe Presidenl's Ball during lhe March ol Dimes drive was sponsored by lhe Council. The social highlighl ol lhe year was, ol course, lhe annual banquel given lor lhe loolball leam al lhe close ol lhe season. The Council enlerlained al lhis lime many oul ol lown guesls, including nolables lhroughoul lhe Soulh. The members of lhe Council are able lo view lheir pasl record wilh salislaclion and are loolcing lorward lo a promising lulure ol service lo lhe sludenl body. i l l l l . l l l I l i l l I l 4 1 I 5 li'-'Q YL". ' 6 dr si An MEMBERS Firs'l' Row: George Armslrong, Bob Bonds, Eugene Brown, Lange Buller, Perrin Caldwell, Hank Campbell, Keilh Finley, Bob Gardner. Second Row: Bill Gresham, Aslon l-lolly, Clyde l-luggins, Tommy Long, Guy Mallingly, Norlleef Moore, Taylor McElroy, Ellon lvlclnlosh. Third Row: John Pearson, Carey Powers, Cecil Ramer, Bill Skinner, William Tale, George Thafcher, Jimmie Tolfen, Jack Tucker. Fourfh Row: Vance Waggoner, Wallace Wealherly, Walson Weafherly, Knox While. Ralph Wilson. Pledges: l-lall Adams, Tom Cave, Jeff Cole. Fif+h Row: l-lerberl Denlon, A. J. Dyer, Bill Garner, Louis l-leidleburg, George Kirkland, Eddie LaGrand, Billie Lowe, Barry Mclnlosh. Sindh Row: Bill Mulkins, l-lerron Rowland, Al Perkins, Bill Ruble, Hyman Simmons, Lesler Sum- ners, Bobby Taylor, Roberf Tyson. 232 I :- Dekes a+ play and work The Delces lcnow who Their officers are, buf They ain'+ 'rellinf They have characlers Jrhal can be menlioned, however. They poinl 'ro Bonds who rafes beaucoup lceys. Made ODK, l-lall of Fame, was "Y" President Phi Ela Sigma, elc. Billy Gresham heads Sfunl Nighl, inslrucls, and escorls Ann l-loplcins. Slacy Adams is The silenr Psychologisf. Bob Adams, Jrhe cosmopolile Parisian, is a handy lad wilh shu'r'rer and lens. John Pearsonfs specialify is singing l'S+eamboar Bill," Vance Waggoner is efernally frying fo color a meerschaum and Roy Walson is fhe milirarisl-cadef colonel of 'rhe Army ROTC. Bill Ruble parlies, Heidelberg sfoops To go Through The from door, Les Sumners Fires on The rifle 'ream, and Ralph Wilson owns an unsuccessful crew cul. This clan gof i'rs .slarl a+ Old Eli in l844, planled Chi chapler here in l85O. Colors are crimson, old gold and azure, and 'rheir flower is fhe pansy, a rugged bloom. This chaprer harmonizes on "The Chi Marching Song." Members nol in Panel: Sfacy Adams, Elwyn Darden, Jerry McCall, J. B. Naugle, Bill Peel, George Ralher, Roy Walson, and Al Wylie. Pledges no+ in Panel: Van Coney and Van W. Rogers. Founded in 184 4 DELTA KAPPA EPSILO r . -' S fav fe' 131 ff 4. 5-1-'ri gs- - 'MIG-71, .. gf ff' i-. - if nm . ' ,' -f ' ' 14' TQ - 'pY'cI-1' ""5 u - -T ' 1-J T ".7. si. -4 'F S f Y .J . - , ' .. - - ' " . :T'.' ,49 '4 f", af ' 7' 1 fy 1 53. fi. napffbls 9,rf,,- .f ., ew q,f:.v- .QI 3-gg, rp' ,AQ .in - . s-24 f-'E-,a-. QC, ,. Y 1 -WY' ff Q34 '-.S , -. ,,.i,5fQ-,.,3s, 5.5, . A - 423,395 ,qs-y . V 'Nu ,Q 1' .f : 31" ' -' he ' fW":,.' , 7 ' .5522-1 iff, '1 ' , I f 535' inf: I - ,f 'ff - " - il 'ff I' -- 1 f' " J Lf- ' 51'-'Z' ,-'., E -rg" ,in --Z'f ' Q, f"'f'1 "4" , 2' 'f. , -'S 91' T". ' 'Q ,f z ' 14.4, Lg ,I ,f ' A f ' .,,,. fi' 1 , 1 f 4,1311 ',":, . ' ,,,., ' uns' 3- , , ' ' l'1 . .' ui' 'gze-' ,4 xi 'V , ', I ,.1s-j-f'- ,xj i .'-..- ,v"'. 19" 1, ,J 3 f ' : 1 P12-.233-Q. ff, -'Q xr. , , ..f,a M fe 4. " :I - af... rf I ':f,A, L-., ,-'-- Af? . r", Qx , Q, V., , 'f fk-ef: -,,. J., . ,f ,-. -4. LPE-, 5 ip. 1, ,.. , ar.. f 3' Si, ., ,n .-mf: fl. ?,q,.,,, ,It -ggi fa-Ps! wif' " 'K' r Ut 'H' '5T.Y..1 ,ff-f -1:3 -"Lf,:a4- 'ji . - ' ,'FQ,13-.'.j3: 'vi 5- V l g fu. , ' Jen,-, .'i'9.:' TQ, 1' 1. ' i 'T' - ,, V , . 1. 4- P , - f. . 5 .YY , Jae.-zeafm 'Nf l'-rf? ' " -fi .C Q ui'-if-Tiff -F E 17.51. giiffv? T " '94'Ji4-'v?7Gf'32"2:'?'7T5i?'1ff?f- .. ::'37i'53g 7312.5-if-5'?5T -7 ' 2 Wffi 'Q' " A Aa- Tv MEMBERS Firsf Row, Ac1'ives: William Beanland, David Burns, James Cain, Tom Chandler, Charles Clarlc, Chesler Cochran, Donald Cooley, John Dulaney. Second Row: John Early, Bob Eilinger, Joe Fancher, Cecil Fox, Ken Franks, Garland Fullon, Franlc Garner, Joe Gillespie. Third Row: Guy Gillespie, John Halbroolc, Dave I-lalbroolc, Bob l-lalfom, Avery Haynes. Charles, Henley, Ted Lewis, Bob Love. Fourfh Row: Bill Luclcefi, Louis Lyell, John Miller, Franlc Moak, Clarence Morgan, Will Nason, George Rilchey, John Purvis. Fif+h Row: Ross Shipman, John Vance, Joe Wheeler. Pledges: Gayle Beanland, James Clower, Leslie Flefcher, Joiner Halfom, l-larrisl-lenley. Sixfh Row: Burneh' Hickey, Joe Lee, James Lewis, Bill Loden, Bill Moore, Bob Peebles, M. C. Robb. 234 ResTing beTween repairs. Blame Termifes for This. SS-s-h! DelTa Psi you know. This collegiaTe mysTery meeTs secreTly in a secreT place, secreT oTTicers conducT secreT business secreTly. f-XbouT all ThaT's known is ThaT Their dwelling is "ST, AnThony l-Tall," They wear huge badges lin The mouTh when noT cloThed.l Like Their paTron sainT, Uncle Tony, They resisT The Teminine TempTaTion- or Try To. They, also, have Tea-parTies wiTh Dekes. Founded in I847, They claim The TraTerniTy is an anTigue, like a poTTery whisky boTTle, Phi chapTer, one oT nine, came To This campus in l855. Colors are azure and gold. ThaT's abouT all The spies Tound ouT, excepT ThaT you can always counT on Them Tor a knocked-ouT dance. Members noT in Panel: Nolan S. Dickson, Jr. and Lawrence M. Elder, Jr. Founded in 184 7 DELTA P. I ,'5. '-TQ ,fi -' 1 , ','v' N 5- -. U. +3 it . il.- A. ig, w w "lJ:'sa' fn in YA lr"J ga, 24 Pl- ' J if 51+-at 3. ,-: , -2 3 .3-s -. ,.'f-i::if'e'.- 1 5, - ' - -.1 .' ' 14, -, 1 '-.nj ',,- '. 'I . ,,7.n" 553' 1 -ll" -' . .- - -1 . -:A af kt arf- 'X ' ,-,fx if . 5' .3 1,1 22+ ' il 2- -'- Y sr- -'.'a.1'.. ,.f"T' ' A A-Af+f"xi', -. --'i -Y -gfj 'Q-'ka 1, 'gl ,,.L. , fx- xi- i s s:.,g:f',. ,iff ' f me i T 1 -11 ag 'lv '1 2 ' 1.1 ' 'Ji-I -4 ..L-Jay, is V, f -e--as 1 -A .Q 1, . ,r, fg.,"-, .,i - , ,,. A , 1 15' " J- 1 . 21' 11-T3 . J, V'-' ,1 I l. ,, f if ul ,". 1" .. i ,. '- ,.-', ,QA I ,-' -.., -- X 5' :.: 167' -'-, - -,' "1" - ' 5.00, -Af, ',A?" gli' ,. s,, 'J .,,F ,-, 4 - rfj gs.. no -," .' 'Q 1 -,T--2 f- " LQ-'ff?i::1J5 Q. ,L-Q52 4.f,,',,.3' E' -' -' Q," F,-,:.f' .-,Tv v.nA' 1, i -ou."-. .14- - . "sf -:e'12.-.'.:b'-A-. Ei.. if 'T , .4 --fikv, Q. 'J w-- ,,.'.,: . 145 ' -. .9 . . . nj " pf,Z?'1',x.- ' ig.- i' fr --, ' .,",' 1-1.5 '..': .' ffslf'-'fi ' - - ' x-'- ,sg ' ' " " '51-' '- '- 'J"' 'Y v " ' 'df-'-2-F? -Iii ll laik! if 'T' ....-- ,,,, Q wa f' MEMBERS Firsf Row: Frank Bellipani, Joe Benyenulli, Charles Boyd, Joe Branum, Jarr Brunson, Lowrey Dyre, Clill Gallenl, Lundy Gunn. Second Row: Tom l-lagan, James Hailey, Aronld Hammond, Charles Leggell, Tom Lind- ley, E, D. McCracken, J, E. lv1cDade, H. lvlullens. Third Row: Tony Nunez, Jim Cyercasf, Bill Robinson, Diclc Schaedle, Bill Scoll, Lawrence Semslci, l-larry Slewarl, Franlc Slichl. Four+h Row: Bill Swinney, Joe Torli, Bob Tribble, L. D. Turner, Tom Turnipseed, Ralph Young. Pledges: George Andrews, Clillon Burgess. Fiflh Row: Tom l-laddoclc, Roberl Hemphill, lssac Harris, W. L. Jacobs, Dennis Jones. Charles Jordan, James Parks, James Tigrell, James Tribble. 236 sf Fireside chaT Bridging The gap beTween sTudies Arnold Hammond promised a chapTer oT Phi Psi in Florida, so wiTh Tears oi graTiTude They made him presidenT here. 'lWild-Weel4end" Branum is The number Two boy, Tom Lindley geTs every word in The records, and TorTi Tries To squeeze blood ouT oT The Turnips. OuTsTanding Tace is ThaT oT Semslci, hidden behind a mass oT wiry Toliage. Mac- Cralcen is noTed Tor Terpsichorean inTerpreTaTions, and Addison Tor baslceTball courT maneuverabiIiTy. Only The broThers know where Branum was dubbed "NoTorious". "KnoTs" Breland's legs only won Third place in a beauTy conTesT. Lindley should be- come a greaT oraTor Trom pracTice aT meeTings. Bryan MarTin is The boy wiTh The TalenTed Tingers, They explain Billy Robinson as being a Phi Psi grandson. Members reTch over Schaedle's cravaTs, Young is legally ambiTiou,s-or vice versa. Turnipseed Tinally enTe-red The cruel world aTTer eighT college years. Was Tounded in l852, Mississippi Alpha esTablished seven year laTer. Colors are hunTer's green and cardinal red, The Tlower is The deep red iaque rose, and Their nosTalgic diTTy is "Old Pale oT Mine". Pledges noT in panel: Roy G. Boadwee, Maurice Ferguson, James Follansbee, Johnny Gee, Clyde Gridley, Bryan MarTin, Rhonwin M. Rhodes, George K. SmiTh, and James H. Taylor. F F o 5 ounllell February 19, 18.12 - PIII KAPP P I SF, ,Q Iwi r i by .ef ' Z i a-'T Y if 1' - 31:11. 5? frenz? "V,"'e -TL - . 1" :p "is ' 4- 'i '-3: 512, '-'LM ' 4 .. Y'::f.,,. fi "T4f,.'5: fiit:'5:i? ii ' i.5,"1EE5t1 5:34----.-F.: I -r, ...- - -., - ' -. ,gg ma.. ,.,.,y -?.-" ig 1- sl.. Q. . , 5+ - f ' :.g:: '-KW: , i-fig ,'-4-'4'f'-it':: OFFICERS 'f f - vi fe. , if QTQZ1' T 1i' ,f,f sis ' -,-ill 5 ' -V ' - ' Jin., ,4 Sn -,, "iw Q jf., fi' 3,1 Qin filjfifi f fjis Sf: 1'-ffff . . '."21', iii. , f. -4ffZ"?? "L -7 -.T ' '. 'S ,-Pi' 455'- 'Q'-r"' 73717 "'i , f ' P " ,V-4-P 'pil .,Y .. -5 'gf f' "'i'f'1I: 'F A 35" if ARNOLD HAMMOND if ' T es-s 1 135 5-I ' 125+ 1 .iilffffu '. f-QL, 5-Q V IQ., . ,,- -. je: 1: 1 ,-11 -..Q - ' jfMg5'w.x4 f s1!".f f' .. V .- 41,314.5 fl' 'Z' T 'Tiff' '-E-4" T. i'1f- 'Z' ' -7' T' 1 5 V , '5"75'5 'H .57Q'i"."?i,1 ' gel: vii?-Q 'if f '-Q jf' :reg , . I . HJLA J PZ, 1P5f' - 5 1 'fgffsg '-9:5--'-L Qing 'fA'i3 " ' ' ff fl QL i x ML2. '3' L- 'F' 'f'-A I5 Ig. - , - 'ri--' .GW '-' f ,gif J41. 5 ,- . A I., x ...,-5,11 , . QE' ,a pg., Y.,-I. -5 -fl, -'gi' .Haj . Affz bf ,Av 1 fl ri 22 'fig -jf ' 215, fr.. g ' :Ni"P"f -125' - ,.. M jf.-1 . ,gfg .1 4 - 1 1 V Y 4 A 1 t rf A Y: , 'Q qt-if , Q , V Lp I an t Q v if 01 i. , 6 H 3, if uv Q' 7 ' ah- - N xl - . .N ' E - vu-tr ' I ' fs x - lull-Q , ' ,f ,J 1 K. 5.5, 1' ' .- '4 -if ' 4 ,Qf s 19. M Q 'Z fa Q I 4 fl . Y fr S da ., W fi., ' N 'W v , ,- in v ,Qi x ' L1 A I - s ' 4 Q. ' Q 2 6 5 , ' :A ,Q A '? 99 4' Q T. 'N' , 1 --f i -V C B !.,,j L 5 ' A j! sf.. 1 gg. if 's qv' - 1, ., Q ,. 5 V 3, an 4 b f wt ?i' 'I T V 1-. 55... Q - f-'K :QQ . " , ,.Y gAQ . t Q " .5 f in 2 Xl . l f N ' ggi? ., 'X t 1 L , , ,745 .X Z1 Q l Z I '- x -f4.'.g4 1 U J 9 ffl' -Qglrcr M 5 ' 9 K ' x 3 ."' X- s - , , 4 ff fa f 2 -Q -is-f -' 1 3 ' 5 AL Q , , Xiu I 3:2 ,f 4 I :K ' f lv , ' 1 an ,HQ Y 4 5, n Lf ",' ' - , G W " 'a ' 5' NAT., ' I 1 W , ' 'Q ' J , X j,2i?,L I Q 4, I 5, I- A 5 . , 1 iiiff? ' A , , k f " ' af, - f ,f W , . pea A 1 Hu- 1 4' J ivy .wr .1 9 Jx I i MEMBERS Firsf Row, Aciives: W, Cv. Bwmwrxr, ,luiwm B.asD,Jq1m Be Me-Q, BW! BQ!dS"VT1l, S. E. 5wf.L7rv, C101 BwYf1r1J, .Hul- M 'wc Q,1Y4jifwN' N 'A Chula 1' Bmvs C! 76-, Bar? DL-lusbrmemf, f9,,1v1w'n Dial , Second Row: AUVU fwwlf, Jossw Emerns-'m, Efsfwd Edfvavds, .I En Fwrw, Ch-iFNI"' F wi, GMM- Garmnr. .fm wi- '5wYbf1r?, B1-yr fswmrw, Frfml' Hqrwwnwwnd, DQ-VWH Hnvmivilv, PM ww-1. Hmwifl.. Third Row: In L H,wn'H'w, V1-,wav Hwrnphxm, Clwrlfia Hwrfrw, Bvvffj-i1L4S"U, WiNNw,1vwv F, M' Lvrw, Hr-rmfwn 'ml 'V fi Lfarvwl lww' fx If lfmnurw 3, fhavlf-S LU-in Mn! ML lrmla, lam us fXl1V'N!1-'HHVN I Fourfh Row: ,ln L Mm-.h.1NN, BH! Mwxr'-, Jw? N-1f7I','!, Gffrfp- Pafff-farm, Lmvmv Vwvs yn, Clfmdv Pwfand, I Frank PW-U Jffrwws F-Hlwy, Ben Pawls, Jmnf-a Ray, Bwlw Rm-der. Fiffh Row: H-,H ll'Mi.m, Um Pwbvg-Hs, Guy Rwbimsx-n. Swv- Sw fvbep, Cunfn S..-H, Dfmd Swu41qs,Joe Shef- H4-wf MM WwY3'f1rv' C, Sm Nw, .JQIYIIYNQQ Sm-W, Wfilt rw 5'f'vvc1rT,JarTu:S Th- mms. Sixih Row: Maur, Wiwwffllflqi, Clydu Wi!NwL1ms, Bwli Yrm,-s. Pledges: Frfmlx fkshlwy, J. C. Bell, Ibn Blavwfhmd, J My Bm! 1-, Bvyam Qxwp, BEN C,,K'Pun:r, Lury Cwvlmrw, Edward GLUHXW. Sevenih Row: AN Hmlwns. Chmiv- Harvhwrm, Child:-5 Hx rh ry Jmk Humphreys, ClmrNQs Jwrwrs, Bwb LHHQ, W. If L 111, PM-Qi M lrlwrwyaid, BMI MQWIM, Hcrberf Pavkf,-r, Ww!vf,1 I".1Hf-Xn Cimrlcs Ray. w Ei hfh Row: CM R4 mm, Bfxb Rv Mndf. rw. Jmwfs Fbfbmfg, PM Rwbmh, Leon Rwqcrs, Don Sarmdvm, Eflioif 9 Y 'H WN Hmmm, Vw-rw VTMW, Arisfi-'le Tfvn, Hxyd Waflwims, f13"LWiNliQ1n1s, Ray Wundvrlh M. 238 H . "P"!1lev--...... 1-X Proof ThaT Sigma Chis can read ATTairs oT The Sigs were direcTed by "Mu-Mu" WhiTTield, unTil he resigned aT mid- year. Now They lisTen To Buddy Jaclcson. "Dooneyl' Davis Takes over when Jaclcson has a Wednesday daTe. "WooT'l Eavenson puTs The chiT-chaT in wriTing, and "Boggs" Gunn wanders around handing ouT bills. Cole and McVey siT on The Exec. Council, BreTT Jaclcson and PaTriclc are Rebel Band drum-majors, and Jaclc Marshall is Ole Miss scoring ace on The hardwood. SmiTh, Davis, and Napier are RO capTains and Scabbard and Blade men. Napierls also Mississippian news ediTor. Lanning siTs in wiTh The Mississippians, Dooney Davis and McVey are ODK, and several oT Them sing in The Glee Club. John BeThea Talks Too much, PaTTerson carToons, Jimmy GilberT plays a Tine piano, l-lammond's a snow-iob arTisT, and Robinson is never wiThouT his pipe. Wunderlich is The perennial pledge, and Flowers T-lammriclc is a charTer GTR. Sigma Chi was dreamed up aT Miami in lB55, ETa chapTer goT here iusT Two years laTer. They use blue and old gold and wear whiTe roses upon occasions. You lcnow whaT The TraTerniTy song is. Members noT in Panel: Max Alcins, Roy Barner, Bill Davis, Cleveland Davis, Douglas Fryman, Sam Geise, John SalTer, and Leon Scanlon. Pledges noT in Panel: Julian BramleTT, Bill l-lolmes, and Larry Moon. Founded in 1855 SIGNIA Clll 1 tau- + ..r 4563 '1 oFFlcERs 'W ' if .1- ,...l , my Y J 1' 51.24 :X 'T N' Q 1 f, T ' f 5:0 330441 , L Vx.,, . gfc ,Qld CLEVELAND DAVIS fx :I U v fi, . ' iii J ' 'ri 4, , , 1 . JESSE EAVENSON Qi. 55 :3-.2 'Y T 'ff A .4 -. I-4.1 , mn., s s. -3,- WI '- BUDDY JACKSON Si MEMBERS Firsf Row: Dirk Aiken, Carl Andre, Virgil Baldridqe, John Bardwell, Temple Barnard, Don Bowen, Kerby Bowlinq, Roy Brinson, Bill Bunlin, Claude Chamberlin. Second Row: Louis Chalham, Lionel Cook, Paul Cooper, Ed Carlwriqhl, George Covinglon, John Daniels, J. B. Day. Kirby Day, Tom Dean, Will Duvall. Third Row: Ed Gould, George Gulley, Jerry Hancock, Hudson Harqell, J. D. Harpole, Bob Hayes, George Howes, Shed Hunger, Edley Jones, John Knoll. Fourlh Row: Lauch MeGruder, Ralph Markelle, Ernesl Marlin, Archie McDonnell, Huqh Mclnnis, Henry Mc- Ree, Rudy Mf,Ree, Ed Moore, Bill Moroney, Charles Nichols. Fiffh Row: Jase Norsworlhy, Charles Palmer, Milf Palmer, Bob Parkes, Roy Payne, Charles Rankin, Henry Reid, Glover Russell, Val Sessions, Del Simmons. Sixfh Row: Dick Smilh, Bob Slaler, Tom Sledman, John Slone, Slanley Thames: Bill Toler, Buddy Triple-ll, Charles Vernon, Fred Walker, Olis Wallon. Sevenfh Row: Carey Whilehead, Charles Whillinqlon, Wayne Williams, Bob Williamson, John Wilkinson Pledges: Phil Alexander, Bill Bradley, James Clark, Jim Bay, Bill Gallinq. Eighfh Row: Louis Gillis, Allred Hale, Jay Heqepelh. Charles Hull, Louis Jiqqills, Glen McCoy, Jim Mar- lhews, Ed Neilson, George Van Zanl, Bob Winlers. The boys in The baclr room. The same old sTcry. PainT-sTreaked whiTe lions-'ll-lalT The worldl'-Minerva on a diamond-shaped badge -"VioleTs"-by These shall ye lcnow Them, speaking oT SAE, oT couse. They puT WhiTehead in charge in a TiT oT absenT-mindedness, wiTh ErnesT MarTin To bolsTer him up. They allow Kirby Day To correspond, and Ed CourTwrighT Tallies shelcels. LeT's see-They've goT Bill Moroney who puTs ouT ThaT pseudo-magazine, "The Rebel," and Lauch Magruder Tlings his body around The TurT leading yells. l-lancoclc never Touches iT, Simmons is a Glee Club oTTicer, MoTT manages "The T-li YlYall," and Day heads Phi ETa Sigma. l-ledgepeTh and Van ZanT whiTewash The sacred Telines. Now iT can be Told-Ed Moore helps wriTe En ToTo. Their clan was organized in I856, Tor some reason or oTher came To Ole Miss in '66-same year as The carpeT-baggers. SAEls TesToon Themselves wiTh violeTs, sing a Tune oT The same name, and use purple and gold as colors. Members noT in Panel: T-lammond W. ATlcins, George Parr, RoberT l-lorne. William Lee Kellum, RoberT Leavell, and Jaclc Meyes. Pedges noT in Panel: l-lenry GaTes, George Swim, James Kincannon, l-loward Ross, Nolan Sherman, RoberT Spragins, and RoberT Talley. Founded in 1856 IG A ALPHA EPSIL oFFic:ERs reef W4 'f-l sf ir r ' ns-3' S- CARY WT-llTl-lEAD fps f. Q at I ERNEST MARTIN KIRBY DAY 4 , fl ,gm it-1 . ..., .1 --f--,.5 - .f' Wkeqe r.- V! 1 V .... , . ' - -H-, .. - I-. 3 ll 6 Mo. - xr... ..l V- f ,- , -g?:,g:-5.4, ff! B , Y .'-," -A44 f, 5. K...-N X - ,Vx .i,,- -.-:ti .1- fr-'F' , I . ,rg ,.. me 1-'sf WET 1- .2 c Mf"" r' L ."- -, c' ' ir n if ".. , , 1 'fj,' J ' '. 5' . .2 ',b L, li A Li. ,Y r-.-I sy: ,ij agus' V-,Tir fc AIA. gk ' . - '1-1, ,1 - .M .-N- -ALJ -1. "1" . ' -'L alba. , 1'M'. -Y-,, 5,44 -df - -. 4.1. '. ' iii, 'H ., ff z .:f 3? "." ' T' 'I - T' I ' N0 . 'F .1-1. 4 ee: -- 1' . . " 1 , -.. -...- .-:Ag-, ,h. . ' ,lid ...Z I-' Y, Ze 'gf Y --1:1 Qi. A ,AC ' '.-,-Q. V. s , ,.'.. Q, - .-. . ,- ,-4 5 V V, - ., 1 . X, ln +5 r .- ' -. -' f . ' U-'I 3- 'J 1- v 'i. ' -, '.,--1 f, J V f, ,-- . y .,1. r ,-if ,f ads.: xt. X, in .V ,... .K , , Q it-fx Q ,. fy. Wg.-J -, ti, Y. YZ, ,s- -L. -- r- -e ,VJ is-1' . ff, Q 1 ff. -L - JJ' " TW 1- ,411 --'V' "ff ' "1" Nerf: 'T' fur' ,iii :j 'V .s . r,1f"'l fffki -' r. 1 si . if -.L 4,- '-.anna ,uri " , C. ,,1, ' ' ..-'N' -- - -' ' 3 .1 , X Y- Q, ,.-, V.. , . ,sv-f -.- '- ffsf 45 1 f, V ,,.-, 5 ,: ,G - y ,rx xi '..--X .mfg U., r-6. . : ,ff VA, '11 ir' , 5 gil-.i . 4.' f ,.': , 1" 1- . . .., F -, I -. Tx , " fw mv- ,. ,g Y N, .gg .Q - Q' j,.,1. f,-l. A,',4.,, . 2- . - yu-. ,. M 4 -su' V rsrsw- s, ,-A-,A 46' - ' 9-lv.,-., S. ' -i .-.. J' f .,, fl' 4- -f . g,,'.,'sv .-, T. '-f r-: - 3 .-,. Q ',- - -1 '- if'-, " Z,"i'.'r "- .- 4? ' if-,v M Aff-J wg- 1764? T' " sf - 1, -, ' -,-:',,f 5 b ia" 1,-'f.,f'.-' 'J Ag ag '-' H-.1 ,t .11, , V Q '. g', M, . . I -' .319 --. - ey, . f W 4,3 .i-lfgf ' , --,af Q L -,A4 114. wil..-s L . .. 4 , 'ZH .-wwf , .mf f.. sl- , 1 5--N L -4. L, ... .. A-,qayg Q M M by , . Y' 'gf-lS.2!,!.vcyz... ,. ::,f4Q,,4'1,i.x:'i4 1 1 . ,,.,,9 H. 11s n .yt 'I . ,, by ra it .E 1:15, E," 35: J --a 5.5 ,,., , V., . AN E Jr v ,A is . f 'gi' I 'Q , . ,Q ,, ,, s J fi , . j , fb 4 .eff 1 if fy.:-.f W . f, Q me nr.. : Q' f e, , gun asf i Q", ,m,,,,,, 45 if i I-in , ig , .yi , A. X 6 W '1'Z"" , 'V wg., fi i i I 6 ,"'-53 'M-v ' i "fini 'F' 3 Y J, . Ax 15: xiii? :,, :i Y ell.-,gjii5,,A 4 I' -1' Rv- Q ., 3 mfg Q , I . LQ.. 'i V .4 ,ii . - -. -S ,- .war - V , w i X as , L ' , J if 1 "' gg 'rflgiiifif ' ' A , . . .,fk , 1 ls s A A ' 439 MB 5. . T 1 ,, A , f r L ,rei G A , L' L .A ' ' '2252-:,2:1:i 1 . , , Q - , ' L, f. , Eff ".,, . n i 6 f " ' e nv ' is G' " i , 'i ii - f , ' , ,F is ' ' L ' '1,, "SW ',' 9 l S A fi? 4 : Q ,, X A . J n I 4 Q 1 3, J af ,I V' " 6,2 x 1, fi-A f ' In ' if i , I 5 r -ya ? ,L X 23,5 4 , f f , ', -. ' gs, i , ,M . v ,ff ' Y y ,.,,, ' 2.35 ' ' . , ' B 5 i' 'N 'A , Q i i K F .ni an ' -in , is ' - r . 2 . of . -2- M L S J S" ig a i , ,ii we eyy, ,4 y 1 I aes do MEMBERS Firsf Row: Jare Barlceley, Milne Blouin, Torn Bordeaux, John Bowen, Millard Bush, Shed Calley, Carver Calliff-ill, Charles Capps, Nap Cassibry, Bill Chalham, Bill Connell. Second Row: Tom Culley, Jafilc Cunningham, Overion Currie, Lucius Dabney, Wall Doxey, Bill Ellis, Franlr Fanl, Lewis Fowler, R. K. Gardner, Sam Gardner, Frank Givens. Third Row: Hiiqh Gowan, Bill Hardee, Charles Harris, John Hayes, Bill Hill, Bob Hilion, George Hoi?- man, Cha? Jackson, John Jackson, Oscar LaBarre, Joe Lonq. Fourih Row: John McMurray, Ewell Marlin, Bob Maynard, Roqer McDaniel, Jaclr McLarfy, George McLean, Carl Meqehee, Brinlley Mrirfon, Larry Noble, Moran Pope, Ben Samuels. Fiffh Row: Bill Semrnes, Lesler Shipley, Bill Smifh, Curlis Sfacy, Bill Slewarf, James Slriblinq, Sianlord Terry, Bob Tfiwnes, Guy Wallcins, Herman Websler, Bill Winler. Sixih Row: Fred Willy, Joel Varner. Pledges: John Aldridqe, Wall Arnell, Gene Benoisl, John Benoisl, Roy Bfibban, Jac- Boone, Karl Brriolcs, Ed Currie, J. O. Emmeriils. Sevenfh Row: Bill Galiney, Charles Herfgild, Whit Johnson, Homer Joiner, Bill Lonq, Farley McElroy. Bill Mrlfinney, John Milchell, Giles Bally, Jimmie Pelerson, Bari Pursell. Eighth Row: Marshall Ramsey, Warren Rose, Frasier Shipley, Warrinqlon Speer, Henry Slone, Van Dorn Sliini-, lalliriil Yr,-aqcfr, Dave Younq, Larry Zehnder, Louis Zehnder. 242 A gfudy in expressions Even To Techniques-The BroTherhood exfends Charlie Capps, possessor oT a grin and a red collapsible, is Phi DelT prexy-has been since MorTon was senT by TaTe CounTy voTers To The legislaTure. No one has Talcen Capps place as vice. Joel Varner lceeps Traclc of The minuTes, and LesTer Ship- ley levies The assessmenTs. STribling heads The Cardinal Club, MorTon TKA, WinTer made The LegislaTure, Emmerich debaTes, Bowen is Rebel guarTerbacl4. Currie lQverTonl worries over The VeT's OrganizaTion, and Bob l'lilTon gives "hup-Two-Threew To The land-loclced swabbies. They specialize in nicknames-wiTness: Lover, The Camel, Monlc, Georgianna, T- Bone, Maie, Craclcer and Uncle Will. Someway or oTher They made The high TraTer- niTy scholasTic average. This year They are rioTously celebraTing The TraTerniTy cen- Tennial. Some Miami sTudenTs s+ar+ed Phi DelT in I848, and Mississippi Alpha was seT up in l877. Colors are azure and argenT, which is anoTher way oT saying blue and silver. Flower is The whiTe carnaTion, and They sing l'Phi DelTa TheTa Tor Aye lpronounced Members noT in Panel: Reuben BoyeTT, Rodes Currie, Thomas Green, and Leon PorTer. Pledges noT in Panel: William CaroThers, John l-larringTon, and MaTThew STeele, Jr. Founded in 1848 PIII DELTA TIIETA OFFICERS - - 77- 'life . wwf. ?3'.'f5 W,-. . Lf .YJFIS31 ' : -" "'T4,I-- , ':'l.i'T- 1 - I ' YA . .ar ' I C 'L Tl . ,is-.-45,53 - +fv PE:yf:1, 'ef'f4'fz, .I ,, fi ' 4,-f . 1 ,. .2 gf 'T' 1 'iw' Q'--, ,595 'ggu A 's .- . 1,' .-P' . CHARLIE CAPPS ,Cf L , if 4,35 4' 5 Q A1 :Z if 1 .' 'A - fa' i-4:11. ' Y "QW 5- , I " ' ' , If-Y . - .f f f I ref- .ff ff. ij' if. g jr, - if . ' 5.556 -q. ,. . - u , ,Z 1 l,i,.' 35, 51' ':A ,jf 93- V -xv-1 I - 'T JOEL VARNER 9.5 ' f C A -' L - ff, ,,j" Q -5 . ,gh ,A 5 , ', Q21 figjj , Z3 ,gf 9,42 if, ' i1T "'w' nfs? . i-Q? uf - A ,' 3 1 1 '-tif' '-ff L , iii: 5112, '-1' ' 'A fa.,-TTL -T 'S LESTER SHIPLEY 5 L ' A f -45 .16-' rim' - T' 'ffl -V+ W 1- -A 131' ' -Q4 xT-1 V--' V ,'- 5 Tfi fijff first. L '.', r 15 4,347-Le 'V " ' " - - 'R 51- "--.... . " .. K r I I ' -V V 'Tu ' . 5f.1iAx,hIf'fQ.. L, - iii: ggi- , ,P ,'. k I If f 11 . .QE :Kip-in 1- Ili I w gh. I' . . , . . ,, 9 4, , , . . - Y.qly4 ' .1-..' rig ' .4-- gh. '.-if-' --.. Q - Y w g'- Ffffyzlflfz-' :E if-'f','a1'.4-Fan" c-gh, :?:f?.ffv'::s 'S '1'1si.w,z-e:f'A"fr' I I 1 ...Q A f Q ' ,A l Q J 'T' 4 J. X- MEMBERS Firsf Row: Clyde Campbell, Billie Carroll, Bob Condon, James Dale, John Dean, Rad- ford Duboise, John Fox, Edwin Geisler. Second Row: Howard Gray, Tom Griflilh, Lowell Grisham, Alberl Jaeger, David Jourdan, Malcolm Lea, Brison Mann, Jaclc Mann. Third Row: Frank Monlague, Jack lv1cCrossan, Jim lv1cGehee, Thomas OH, James Roberi- son, Roberl Snyder, Floyd Sfralfon, Pal Wallace. Fourfh Row, Pledges: John Adams, Roberf Andreae, George Carroll, Ernesf Cochran, John Cool, Roberf Dowdle, Joe Grillifh. Fiffh Row: Alfred l-lardy, Edward McKee, Buddy Montague, Carl Muller, Lee Shipley, James Sformani, John Werner. Conversafion H5"'m0'neY Tom Griililh is el presidenle ol Bela Thela Pi, Billie Carroll lakes over when hels gone, and Alber'r Jaeger records whalls said. Edwin Geisler holds gold, and Brison , Mann lceeps order. l The Belas seem 'ro specialize in shyslers, having a dislinguished represenlalion over in 'rhe "sal'r mines." Ernie Brown and Jimmie Dale won The law school moo? courl l comperilion and Phi Alpha Della award in a unanimous decision from The Slale Supreme courl. Dub Coleman is chairman of rhe Moor Courl Board, and Ray Bur- rg gess is chairman ol lhe Teams and Courrs Commillee. And lhal ain'l lennis. i i l 1 l ln addilion, 'rhey boasl The only Ole Miss sludenl in lhe slale Senale-Decalur S Buller, senalor from Franlclin-Amile Counlies. Lowell Grisham, represenlalive from 0 Tishomingo counly, is lhe youngesl slale legislalor. Jim McGehee is Presidenl ol lhe lnlernalional Relalions Club. Alhleles are Jaclc Mann and Brison Mann of 'rhe cage squad, and Sonny Shelby, pigslcinner and Golden Gloves weller champ. l . i Bela was founded in l839, so Jrhe sa , Bela Bela chapler ol here 40 ears laler, . . . 7 Y - 9 Y when lhey immedialely began singing My Bela Girl. Colors are pinlc and blue, 'rhe flower is lhe pinlc rose. ,I Members noi in Panel: Jeremy McCamic, l-lomer Green, Jr., Decalur P. Buller, Jr., gl and Carl D. Mullican. 5 Pledges noi in Panel: Billy N. l-lughes and Pal Lanahan. l ll F ll ll ' I8 39 01111 0 In Q Q-Sgi ' --fir, f- .- fl- rm.-,- ff- ' -N 'ss if" "i'f11 iii ." ,:13,-2'-2q'.1f-rjgsy ,305 .3 W - .3 '. A."u'.- 5, "' THOMAS J. GRIFFITH, JR. fs.-.4 A-. 33' A TT' 'ia ,jL- 5347 ig if ,fs ff ,ge .--- , ' - 155, f 1,555 ggfa f7f,'r-A - Q. 1655 5931? I BILLIE CARROLL ff 15,-",-j'-5 -ig, Y -Q fp, f ' J' ,nf-fi i- L - b Qi. .a t v, 'N' algysi Qi. 12,7 ALBERT JAEGER fs s,j,is?, , iff' f5 f1""'f22 --g lr x.i.A...N'1- . l:s:x.j ,V-2 :QA ,AQ S 1:4 -sf Ezjiia I 1 15X-'1Q.5,, P, 7A,f. L.. J 3.4.5, -1' 14. -.-if -:- . .Yr-rf' f 'ff-is J.-.-': , -em. : 'T '14 ' -.' "Lei-. 'F J """lX5??.3'is-Rf" ,iL'4i'f3?5'- '1.ee1-rrsaysle-Psi e- ' riff- f iffis-.1-ff.-' -s l l i i J l 0 tr 'I 423, vs ir' N-rf 3 - f,sQ .LI 4 .4 . YT53Qjf '??F5 -I l G- r ag -A-31 A - -Q: . i7 I I' 3 6. , X sf 'TT 'f f' ,fx 5 '- C' ,,. 'X A .' 'L 'C . x' It 31 7 X I , K p 1 J I 5 Q . I E ' I L S' 'LW 937. Q- 1 g 'EY ,H . If I ' -M, I VQS 45 Ss .Af -R I-Irsf Row: S-uw Almgw I v W Afkm Lf' L :Jr Bm Q r Q 1 es 1 U EQ Bxmhetf J 1 Bw V .III BIas1r1m F' I C1 Second Row: Hur, C rim I rg Crm v u VVI3 I I F ri Frf I C-'ami I r r rn r vp rw mrs on Deg HIVIII r Third Row: JafI Hffrr ure ward mnruv I LI F P If vw 1 AI? I KQV? J Km vw? H b I Fourfh Row: IIIMII LII I II EI MQ P p wr I II I Dm Mwr CGM n M r SIU M I AI 1,,. Fiffh Row: Pwr MHMINI Eu II x Q w ur- I n urn own QIIIHUI Iffw Rv , Curfw Imy vw Hu Sindh Row: Nf,mIurI SI w III QI MII Jn PP JN u r r Jeff Izwf-f dwm, Iu'VI'l'l" B I1 T I N Seventh Row: IMI WI-QI I I WI un s uv m n I U Ca L4 JIIF QIIII Hfvw CI II kr IDI' C Ir Il J Eighih Row: If, A, Er' rs D 1 I II B I F Iw II Th mt I on I Hamm BVI I'IvfI'w"I B' 'HCUI II IB I H 19 YI B It JI I' I Sixfh Row: IHIII MQMIJII J vv M1 II M s n om Q I r rm K n Prnmos Charhs Row I r SI 1'vIl'1"l", S" I V11 I 1 J W y ' iii Env L I II Dancing af The Mansion. The Julips are missing WiTh a minT iulep in one hand and a qavel in the oTner, Tom SCoTT -generaled This Igyal frder rg? SouThern genTlemen Through DeCernber, unril Law School decided To geT rid oT hirri, Then Ed Magruder became The Number I and bearer oT Troubles. The cusTomary symbol OT regal power does noT necessarily indii:aTe desirable menTal Tranquilify or in simpler words, says Ed, uneasy lies The head ThaT wears The crown, George lor was iT STan- Tord, Takes on hi no, iT was Georgel Morse handles The posiTion OT Number II , . . George "Eggheadii CrawTord noTes on everyThing and is The only guy in The chapTer who can shave wiThouT ge-TTing laTher S cigar. Among The "wheels" There is HairsTon, who will be run iiuT in May Tor puTTinq ouT This f:aTa- ' logue, Andrew Sullivan who Tool The presidency CT The ASB by a "no2e,' Ted "ViTamin l5IinThearT' Ford who heads The STudenT WelTare CrmmiTTee, ShysTers Pfland Marble and John Webb puT 'ru' e Law School Journal, "Jugii MclnTyre is The leader oT one rT The law TraTerniTIeg, CasT ol charaCTer include Dee 'Ive qoT The Goodsi HamilTon who conTinually sings "Hey, Roberl-E-Lee-Bobiig Hugh 'land I Publish a Humor Magazine" Moore, quirlcly lrillowed by yellow haired shadow, George Thomas Bailey. Harvey 'Dullyi Slanley sells anyThing including sandwiches and worn ouT hoTel wriTing pens To PosT Chine-s . . . 'Deaconi DuBois has inlr on his hands messing wilh The Mississippian and a column. KA and Traveler banded TogeTher a lew monThs afTer The Surrendahf and Alpha Upsilon snealred in here aT The Turn ol The Ce-nTury. NoT CCIFITQVII wiTh one llower, They have The rnagnilfa and red VOS9. Colors are crimson and old gold . , . They sing "KA Rose." Members noT in Panel: Homer BesT, Leon Davis, Jessie Ellin, Bill Johnson, ErnesT Kellner, Bil Lloyd, Bill Lowry, Roland Marble, Hugh Moore, John Murray, and NaTe Williamson, P, M, Allen, Jim Bass, Tom Bell, Kimball Brown, B. M. Brady, Bob Buie, WinsTon Cameron, Allred Crisler, DenTon Gvibbes, Cecil Inman, Sidney Jones, Clillon Tv1alwelI,CharIes Murphy, Ed Mclnlyre, AI Pippen, Hugh Rayner, and John Webb. Pledges noT in Panel: PeTe Gammill, Harold I-lridson, Dori Keilner, l?oberT Slrine, and Bob Truth' . 1 I Founded December 21, l86J KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS I -,. - .ev-41? ,idpjlaa-Y I, if- sr ED MAGRUDER f- I. 1 ,- ' -if 7" eeoieee Morese si. 'I M K4 eeoiaes CRAWFORD -gjfff T-?'f"' - sw f ,, :L --W f 42, . X- C"E'I,. C.: ms '41 'lf fB'3'b.?.v X ,lg K ,r- Y ff- Qi 5 I : ? 4 fn' ' 'T ' 1 V 5 I I f 1... fnf . , 1 ' .' A, -- -UGXY, ,Q - Y T - -'f"' ff' lid.-T 'T' I Y u 1 2- :P ,f,5:, , -Q ., rl rd a . ,nh . 1 1,5 Zaga- 'Iff I' 1 1 l'lfi' .' . , -"f -' I V.-Q' 'P -' gj "r4'A'.-fy "V 'fa ' ' A sf' -.I --1 ' 1 g4..i ' - 2.4 A ,sbrfhqi 4,4 ,fd '-'I'-,.ilL.v'. ,J If ' 'T 1 . 991.-Q2 a if fr , I A-,,. . I., . - a 115- Q vi. ' e 7 1 Q ,.,ir gif-5.-E " ri- . I4 - ff- 'sc A Vw- , .' 21.11. I . ,'. , .,, ,, ,ff -..-5 Q, f -f--1 '-15-Rf: fa'..,"?'3'--1 -- Y? X A ? ,1- fbi, 1- ni: 'Q-'fl . r rl- ' "" ,1.:f:"1v'r . 41-4 yi 53. Linn xl. 4' - , l V , 41" .'- ,I '-3 "3'g.i- ' - F' q W , f':3ff:i." 3f,l51q,,:,. -: Q: .',2iI7i..:- .. ' J.: :1.,f'1 2 . gg -41 5 i, E i 1 E E, E i i i i i ii i 1 ii I i 0 i i i ,- 2 il 5 fljw Q R' .' nu 26 17, r 5 ' 1, ,ik ' I .V :fag 'cn F ef A B , - gg , IBB" 9: ' sr- 0-1' -, . 'i T - L . if .,.f' B 9 r 1 , '11 '. 9 1-752 .V 'H 'A . "!"s'z. if ,-S. 5' 'ear ' ' fb ' - '-..' . 4-, .4 ': ' ' - 'V' V,,jL,v . 5.21, 'eq ,E , B VV S .K M ,i sf B in 1- A A , -EY , :,1,- 4 . F ,Q-'QQ' 'Q ,iq F" - Q , v i , . 1 . ' ,W V - L V, . , - :FQLT V VA . V 'I J 3335: 1 Q51 5 'AA ' , ' V ' 4 ' , , '5 , 'hfjl-i 'A . Q Q V A it 1 4"-Fil :JA ,X- ff s J - V 25.4 2 ' Q ,,.x V - n-1 i if 'P gf ' "' " B " N " I - Q .- . ,VTE ,if N .Q V 1 v. . ffwf: if , 3 - '- si ' f , '31 . 6 - Q 2, ' 2 ', -1 .QS V 1 . N.. fi, - -1 r - W' v - L' r ,MQ . 93:4-.s F j, '.:' f , - 1 ' -, , 'V , if . tr- i A r '71 -,-, Vf. .j. ,1 .CHP '-5 . . V " " :f 14' " FSF if ' 4 " 'V " , V2 , Th 5 51, ,Q V 1 , - V . jay, ne. Q- , , 6 v 8 , . K F 6 . - - ' - 4 -, f iv, 1- Q, --:I :Q 7 Ve Tl,i1 1,233 ' sr A I ' V, J-if R fi-ff" ni' V .L I A ' ' . lx' 1. .j V, V V-af Q , X 'B ' , ' IC- f L4 f Vo Pr! V 4 . - Q . wl 0 L g K n S. L, -A19 X ia 4 , Q g, I bl 'j-gy-L:-U ' g. -v 9 N A - ' . v , , , 2: , - . H23 fu- Y, In sl? Y Q. V 4 L. jf. 'gi I A 'Li'A.1..'2' - .' Q.. ' All " I MEMBERS First Row, Ac1ives:J-ne Aigizibriiuii, Hfirgild Bniifey, Timm Barrierr, Sam Biidfigirg, B, Biaiimweil, Hamid Brewer, Bili Brewer, Uimifi Biii1iq+3i5, Lliyii Briiiqwri, Frafii' Brciwibr, Higiwaiij Briiwri, Jack Brown, Second Row: Pin' Brmrii, Jw? Bi,JrQi, Bob Cuipiwwll, Mud Cairriiiiiiaei, Bfln Carri-ji., Hilriian Caiiie, Jariieg Ciierry, Sid- rif,,' Ciiiiri,-r, Dwi Cgiwiii, Aiwii Cui-, Rfiilgirmi Dale-, Biily Dguis, Third Row: Crinrlps Dean, Digiri Disrriui-es, Jaiilr Donaldson, David Durri, Biii Giilespie, Marshail Gordy, Joy Gore, Wai? Guiiri, Ed i'ii,lVTiVii,L', AI H+,-Hricf, Biii Hoilorriary Greq Kerqosien. Fourth Row: Hurrer Kimbail, Bob Lambriqhr, Eaior Lang, Keri McCarIev, James McCormack, Howard McCrory, Joe MfiKHii, Lil Miiauiir, Paul Newton, Mali:-:ilrri Nichois, Bob Nichols. Fiffh Row: Charles. Fame, Bob p'?'?iS, James Pigii!ard, James Pc-wer, Eirrier Rawsori, Sam Ray, Logan. Rimes, Dave Roberis, B ii, F?i.i,iur:, buf Ruger., H. C. Ro'V6', Riiiiv Riizpeli. Sixfh Row: Biiirf Rmuiiii-, Eiwii Sriqilfif-iiifii, Jirii Simrrmiw, Jifii Siewfzg, Gworqr- Sippheris, Ciay Sfewarf, Keri Siricklarid, V Hiiviii Tiiirii ifiiiri, ,i,-i,riii- Tirwiiil Hr rii Trfwiirrii-V, Ririi Tiilir, Pigiqr-ri, Vsvrii i. Sevenfh Row: 4' riff, W.'iliiiiri, Fmiilr W.'iif., Tiiiii 'W.'iii:, Cilmrirlu Wiiifiwker, Univ Wliiidl-er, Bob Willrvw, Criarivu Williamv, 'rrimviiiv Wiiii.,1rii, lfiiiirlif- Vifrifgiii, W, L, Wriiiiii, Jim: Wifiifrri, Pledges: lwiiiu Bgiiric, Eighih Row: 'xiii Bmlif, Hirii, Biilifirlf, Siiirii-, Cwii, Piiwi Ciiiriihiiiiiii, Bfiii Uailfw, Jurm Doiilw, GFNFVQFW Fralirir, Pfiy Hfirrrigmi, Ti iii Yi ifiifiv, ifiiri Kiii'ii'iiiii, Tiirii Miiiiiis, Jigif- Miwri, Kigrrivy Mi'Ci,irriiiiii. Ninfh Row: Qiiiiriiw Niilfi-ii, Hal Niiriiiis, Tniiii Cpiliiifllib, J-iiin Rfiqfre, Rifihifii Russimi, Snriiiifmrii Siaqqs, Bfih Timnipiori, Bfib Tripp, Jfiiiii "NNY, Bali 'Nifiiiiriir-ii, l.1fi-- Wiiii-'1iriR, Vvif- Wilfiwn, E-1 WiirTilDlP. The TvlaTchbox is closed on Sunday Two-biTs! NewTon and his oTTicers abdicaTed aT mid-year, so Kappa Sig now has Tom WaTTs running The show. Second in command is Charlie Payne, and EaTon Lang is secreTary. Ken lv1cCarley oversees The Tinances. Oh yes, Buddy McCoy keeps The house sTraighT. NewTon is The long-suTTering Mississippian ediTor, T-Tall oT Fame member, and Pi Kappa Pi Prexy. ShackelTord owns a sax, so The Mississippians Took him in. Lloyd Bridgers is ROTC exec. oTTicer, Pablo is Ticklish, and T-lolloman runs on The cinders. Dean iusT landed ASB vice-pre-xy's iob Tor nexT year. Charlie WrighT is The quieT Type, Hilmon CasTle goT married and no one knew iT, and Kayo DoTTley Tlexes muscles. Kappa Sigma goT iTs sTarT aT Virginia in The winTer oT '69, senT Their hordes inTo OxTord in I926. Colors are scarleT, green and whiTe, and They use The lily oT The valley. Somebody composed "Kappa Sigma Dream Girl' , so They sing iT. Founded December Ill. 1869 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS -1. V Tom wmrs CHARLIE PAYNE Efxroisi mme ' T '51 .. L ,. 1 . L 1 551 .1 T -.- , ,Q P 7525 'fs Q' oc-if F 'f 55 - 4. .: " -ff- ., A-:gi Z' -34-if w ' fifjh 'A ' fwj,-,,,,-5,- -7 A 7-"H ' . 'U Qx,g4wfIf- TSW " if X- " S19 fl Y '.-4f"' 'J A A5 ' J 'T v .f.,t'Q-X' ' W T 1. f ii' '.l?- K " 5' '- f 'erik 1hv ."2:.' ,yi .41 up . :gk 1-Hs. 14- Q.. ,T ,W Pa i"'H?J1 -M' " 'f 5 1 Q,-Q ',,'v, Qi. vzwtgijh .251 5 . .fx 1 aye- -ggw .2-. 'vit . 'f 'is 'Q-Llp' J T' ol .rlw,.if-gli, 5 . X, L ma .i,f?I, . '55-17 , rg 453 1 i' ...-H." gy. ..'- ,gli ,A ' f"w"' 'X K 11 ii 1 ., gggvggz. .-'Q-, :":. , - . ''midi1f'?::?'.1:fYS4??T'514,-221: 'L f' ---- .T-1 ' ' Y"7 Sun 1 -if li fel' zs!l'5l , I x 'vzv . , , ,gyii 'R 1 e, , s , 5 l l O- 'rg 43" mp 9 -' 1 .-I M. .S 3-. .4 MEMBERS Firsf Row, Ac+ives: Mac Adams, Jim Boler, Jim Breunlin, Bob Church, Tom Crouse, Joe Coolf, Joe Cooey, Jaclc Cline, Bob Duncan, Frank Doerr. Second Row: Bruno Furini, Bill Flanl, l-lairline Harper, Joe l-larper, Bennell l-lall, Sennell l-lall, Garvin l-lill, Jim l-larqis, John Johnson, Louis Jackson. Third Row: Bob Kell, Bill Lawson, Gene Lyne, Ben Mann, Ray Moseley, Jim Nixon, Ralph Neunlisl, Vic Philippi, Bill Perry, l-larold Perry. Fourfh Row: Bob Reichard, John Rawls, Orrin Snyder, Schields Sims, Willie Sims, B. O. Smilh, Charles Sloan, Charles Toriusen, Will Todd, Herb Tuclcer. Fiffh Row: Curl' Thompson, Van Wilson, Ernesl Wallcer, Lee Wallace. Pledges: Bob Allen, Bill Bryson, Lowell Chesser, Bob Covinglon, James Cooper, Bill Collier. Sixlh Row: Bob Fallis, Jaclc I'-lorne, Tom Jenlcins, John McLemore, John Prados, Neil Rosen- baum, Granville Ramsey, Jell Rish, Will Van Riper, Wayne Fairchild. 250 ff? Slipsficlr specialisls. Talking when fhey should be s+udying. Worlhy Masler of Gamma chapler is James Breunlin, Franlc Doerr is also worrhy- as chaplain. Neunlisr signs checlcs, Joe Harper scribes, Todd lceeps annals, Jim Boler ushes, and Ben Mann is a large sorr of senfinel. Pride ol The lvlallese Cross is Hairline l-larper, varsify end, MMM Club President, Law Vice-presidenl, I-lall ol Fame man, ODK, Phi Era Sigma and Pi Kappa Pi. l-le sure is. Bruno Furini is Chem Club Presidenl, MB. O." Smilh, is a legal lighl, law freasurer and Phi Alpha Della of-licer, and LeRoy Wallace is The man abour biology building. Some Confederale founded 'rhis one righf aller lhe end of lhe war, and Della Psi chapler was eslablished al Ole lvliss in '27. They prefer fhe whi+e lea rose, colors are slay bue and gold, and lhey hum "The Sweelheal of ATO.l' Members nor in Panel: Bill Abney, Barnie Bramlell, Bob Pa++erson, Jewel Raulins, Lamar Tripplel, and Preslon Wyend. Pledges no+ in Panel: V. P. Ferguson, Paul Gowens, Jacla l-lodge, Charles l-lardie, and Allison King. Founded September ll. 1865 OFFICERS 25529. 3532'- JAMES BREUNLIN 3' .f v . KLA' FRANK DoERR if V ft -A 'wh . 1.4" :IJ ' 'Lit '. , .Q RALPH NEUNLIST ,gif ,. 1' ...-qw.-' h 1, 1 Vu.. ,. I . , . , , . I -I .A ,if ., -ff 11,1 lm- '-A Q ,ff gig N? Q ' ' .,.- -Aff ..- .f,'.'- a ." Z4 4-3 fl- 3:,, M... - -I - 5 -,:,, ,. 7.21 -.z-1. ,L ,- 5,15 far C f f- - ' -'-4.4Q3,f3, 5 xg . "" M-+,, ' ' 1 "' "df, -"WT, 5: ,iii Q-' 4. .955 " 4 1 :ff rf-F. ." Vigil -3311+ 4.17, f'. '13-Qi: ,, . ' M , ' Y - 1 Q :D 'Q ' ' 4 I .1551 ,- 2111-:' ,e-f.s wr - 1, Ji ,se rv E-:. .gf Nr . ' '- . fs ' 4 .' .'5f'4F' A 5 ,rx 'Av L' l-'W ' 1 N 4 J .1 .A , 5251 s ., U h s 4 .L V' -r, ,rv I,-, - yr .4 . :I V sg ' 'gs f" X 4-. . li 77- . ','- Qt! I,-JY' A1 1- ','j'ff.ZfrPQsqx' '-ag ,ug ' 1' 7 ' - ,As 'iq I-'3' .Q - .f " H' '1:..- A 1 '11 N 4 ,wird ., :li 'fi X J. Sgr ,Ti . .1 Y 9 25,91 : M ,Men .-. . Q -riff. ' gf .msgs .1 4 A, vc., fr - ",' ' 1 fl 5 S , f "' "' f 'H ' ' - ' J E ' 'hi Y A Tr . 1 .A f 3' f 'T 1 ' ' ' 4 .. I ' 1' 4 - Z 01 'K 5' ,S H, G ,. , , J f I 1, Vi? J ii: ' of Y' 7- DTM' s. qc e7 " " - f .Nt Ji! ' RJ .-'uv f : , 3 - ve .- JJ . , - - pf 1, , 14" - , 1 gs ' fin ,, 1 I 1: -1 A 1 .5 I V 15' i 1. Q i ' 4 xi 'ai M P if X x ,,--nv-I .1 mf- . 'Q' ,vi ,mm ef, F Q i V2 41 'tmq Q 2 5 EWS ff . 4--1 .U 6.5. 'VV' .',:i - F ' W... lv-J' in Q .. .P A, 55 '.' nv- ,.. H, . ,',, 1 . ,, , l . +- ff' .- -452 W u 3 naw' Assim- Q., ,a '59, K I J wr - 3' . ' "i-151' 5 if 0 'ff MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Bill Pile--iindrir, 'llifid Aridrwws, ldinlriri Aridiiiws, Jimivs Briiwn, J+.-sw Buincll, Gerald Carpenler, l Va-inn Carr, Ray Cm, Jilin Deimpffer, Cviiil Diflcersiin. Second Rowg Gpiyrqg fllig, 'lnulbfirt Fini li, W. R. Hayiii, Riiba-rl Hrirrim, James l'-Iullriway, Gcislon Hunier, Jw- Jfilirislfiri, Jfilnn Laird, Slove le-isl, V. W. Lenwir. Third Row: Nr.-wlfin Mi Lean, Clmrli-5 Mimiw, Bob Mulli-lf, Jiri- Pi-intl, Alborl Red, Roberl Revere, Charles Ribisiin, Jilin Rani-rs, Frank Slminnlian, Kirby Smilli, Fourfh Row: Dirk Smitli, Ji.-ssc Snmpsiin, Biib Vest, Jillin Weston, Joe Willinqliam, Earl Wilson, Bill Wrolen, Pledges! Cloud Biillenlinfr, Jfimris Burriiw, Jnmos Cliildfffrs. Fifth Row: Arr Cunninfilifim, fxndy Driqqer, Taylor Eady, J-.ilin Elliv-H, David Gardner, J. C. Griffin, James llfiys, Raul l'lf.-nlwy, Bib J.-nos, Bnb lilllf.-, Edwin Lowry, Sixfh Row: Bi-ls Mrlniivsli, James Mcirqfm, lnlcrrfacci Nirlwn, Harlan Ninrllu-ill, Franlv Peddle, Eslus Puclrell. B. Rnrwr-3, Orrin Sf-fqrvsl, Gcifrqo Sir-ne, Jw Tiirncr, Jrilinny Walluer. Sea slories? Heading lhe cross and serpenl lroops is Jim Holloway, wilh John Laird as his Good Man Friday. Jim Brown is secrelary, and Larry Smilh collecls lhe dues. Leading lhe resl ol lhe Sigma Nu pack by a nose is John Rogers, Waller Slewarl ol lhe "Mississippian", who gel in column leuds. He, Andrews, and Larry are Phi Ela Sigma inlellecluals-Andrews is also Pi Kappa Pi. Dampeer is Phi Chi Prexy, Holloway is dillo lor Rho Chi pharmacy lralernily, and Charlie Robison is presidenl ol lhe Rebel Band. Elliolle skelches "Mississippian" carloons, and Pigoll acled as ASB presidenl lasl summer. Verne Carr adverlises approprialely lor lhe While Slar cleaners, Hunler is a blood relalion lo lhe spolled cubes, and Willingham hales lhe name, 'lDaddyii. Kirby Smilh is known as "The Hal", Ballenline has hollow legs, Elliolle has an aslounding vocabulary. Reeves is alhlelic, Walker has a harem and Lillle Beaver Burrow linally made aclive on sheer seniorily. Sigma Nu was lounded by some unreconslrucled Rebels in I869, and lhe local lodge, Epsilon Xi look rools here in I927. Colors are black, gold, and while, lhe llower is lhe aloresaid While Rose, and lheir lune is "The While Slar ol Sigma Num. Members nol in panel: Kennelh C. Bowles, William R. Lockwood. Pledges nol in panel: Frank D. Barber, Charles H. Koesller, and C. R. Viverelle. Founded January I. lfiliy S OFFICERS V 'I -L 4 JIM HOLLOWAY , JOHN LAIRD JIM BROWN 'Mx Posl-meeling record session GMA N U J H54 Q' Y-an ..,,X,'.' I' -V. .'-1 if-'11--:.4s'::iE.1-,IU sfgfifjzii' -:.-- N .4 i , I .. - -it ..1o ,', sh. - ", .gl-1. lt- :. 1,,Ig,. ,745 fa' A l ,ff -5 'A .- A ' 53" F if-1 'if' " .J I ","' . iqq ,119 ff " .8 -" 4 I few., fr fr-' - 'A B-.- f,v I 5.--ii -' 'fa xl -'W ' L fr' I ' f..- Q Q . X yin ' ,.f ' , , 1, .. i.,-,,- 'iw Liv'-3-'.c"--.', 'V n i - A i 4 5 . ' ' i .3- J, I K7 ',-fi fy, '-L 1:5 V ,R ,' ' I ..3, V A ,Q Q '-. A , , , i -. I i -A . A f- . . 5- L- I, . -,--,L A' 'flue ' i 93' -if 'J lik' a."- ' in " E-4,,ff:,' i-iff' :Q 3'3" "fTT42:'.'. I T V -. J-4'3" ' Z-' ',1 1, " 1' v- . V -.4 x ' 5 . vi -, -5. .-f -. H- I iz' : .I cw . in .-,---fe f - ff .4 -1. ".'f""1f "'?iL .af .Q .rx-1 ,ff I I-5,531 1--1. M111 54 Ny-5. jfs 'i sw. -s.-.c- - , I ,., 1, ' :..',- -.L-vi ' 'lx 'N . "T-, .'f3I5'5"'i' 'Xi' JV? nf' fe . - I- s- -'zffiif a t-5'E'J-' 5-,-if Ljleiilg-T -P: iivif 'R' Q Q .4 04" 'E QQ MEMBERS Firsi Row: Jarnf-S Abney, Curlis Alexander, Will Alexander, Elilxlvill Allred, Brannon Anderson, Bruce Auslin, larries Barrilgll, Dave Bliids-ye, livin Bisrlierl, Bill Briiiiilis. Second Row: .lr!fYlF,fS Cade, luirnniy Carnes, Bill Carnes, Bah Cliildrevs, Bill Currie, Jernmo Daly, Marlin Davis, Lriuis Dernilio, Ale' Difliarvn, Eriy Disniules, Frank Disrnulces. Third Row: Daw: Eloqari, Gmini' Dye-Ss, C,-bb Gibbs, Norman Gillis, Dwayne Halo, Carl Herrin, lvlillon lliiiipiiir, Buddy lluqiiiins, Eranl Huqlir-S, Henry lvy, Bon Jariii. Eourfh Row: Sain Je-nninqs, Billy Jliihnsiin, Alliin Jcisr-pli, Calvin Kina, Glffrirqe Larnberl, Bill Loyd, Tillie lyligi, Slic-lby Malliis, D. A, Mardis, Buili Mfr'-li, Turley lvlevlc. Fif+h Row: Cliarli-5 Miinlqiirmg-iiiy, Bill Miirris, Jiilin Mnllif-rslicd, Jann'-5 Musllolley, Carl Name, Lewis Nables, E, H Piili-1-li-, Cifi,irrif,- Piley, Bill Riilliiiirl, Bifn Ruili, Bill Sclpli. Sixfh Row: Bi lllfy Slnmniiii, J. ll. Siniivi ns, Pal Smillis--n, Jiie Slalir-s, Jim Slone, Fred Tale, Dicli Temple, Bill llirfisrrmn, Byrd lrussiill, lfiuis Vifw, Goiir-'ge Wlirllion. Sevenlh Row: Jiiiiniy Wi-lsli, Osiiar lane Williams, Harry Wiii'lc. Pledges: Evans Bell, Edwin Gregory, Cliiarlc-s rlflbbfflffb lrfiy lanibf-rl, R, L, Milnifr, Marvin Oalr-5, Hiiward Slip-vens,Jiiilin Ruslw, Earl Waflxins. PicTure posed by Pilres LOOHW' 'em OVGV Bill Lloyd heads The Pikes here, wiTh Buck Meek as vice-presidenT. Sammy Jennings is secreTary, and Dismukes doubles as Treasurer and house manager. Tillie Lyle was big noise in The house. Some say The members coulcln'T sleep when he was round, Pre-med sTudenTs kepT The shack lively-BSC sTudenTs looking Tor Type- wriTers were oTTen conTronTed wiTh horrible Things Trom The biology lab. Their share oT characTers includes, "The l-laT" Bledsoe, "Lover" Edwards, "Cheroe kee-Nose" TaTe, "Whiskey" Dickson, The Niggerheadf l'Droopy' l-looper, and Dis- mukes The Bald. QuiTe an assemblage. Nig won The ASB Prexys iob This spring. Edwards, Morris, Dickson, Gillis, Childress, STokes and Trussell managed To do some pinning. No one ever could keep up wiTh CurTis Alexanders pin. Now and Then The BroThers played games in The living room. This clan was born in '68, and Gamma loTa chapTer invaded Ole Miss, riding in on The cresT oT The l27 Tlood. Their song is "The Dream Girl oT PiKal', colors are garneT and old gold, and The lily oT The valley is Their special blossom. Members noT in panel: Jim D. Edwards, Richard Eenger, George l-larmon, Ed l-lar- pole, Price Johnson, WalTer B. Johnson, ErsT Long, Jr., Pierce STevens, and James M. Wells. Pledges noT in Panel: Lomax Anderson, Jr., Marion Bishop, Lloyd l-lood, RoberT Kuykendall, William LiTTle, Carroll McCoy, and l-lughes McElreaTh. i l Founded Jlarc-h I. H168 PI KAPPA ALPH' OFFICERS "2 Q". 3. ---1?i',i?lf.'-Thi, :1iTlT""':""' 4 -Z' iz' 1.5 ' ' TT ' ff , yfif. J...":'1, . A' if li ,QQ , . hr, I ,y z ' 5- f.,-gf WILLIAM M. LLoYD , 5 3 . .1 5 is-B jfsf, WALTER B. MEEK V ffl , V. I-fr Jar! :ga x J , i lf ' . .s V,-1 CP: 'I , e , fa ,T . fs- - 5117? N .5 ,T T ' '43 N' f : -1 'fe l ' -' ,Q 'f cfs. 1- 'T -. L-1 ',:,' sf 4 5.1: 3' 14 19 31. -r rov Disiviukrs , , fi, T, st nec. ,1 14 .. . -5 1.- .. 1 ' 1. "-4. i " :V 1 'I - 1 '- -- T I ,P -- " ' 1 PDF.. : , -1 ,,f:.-M. 0. , U1 'Ng ' 'fs ,ff :JJ A -V, -..- .g. ' ,gs-. f 4 tl ci... . 1 I sf- wb j v. . .L It-5.3! -. 0' pg. . if 1 :Ugg .1 45' l 1 qv ' 4, , ,N " .F as "s.- ,-r: i a ' M. 1- .ff 153573.- ,g'1 ,s5,iYf' In -, ., ' - J. ,. 1 . 1 MIK , , 1 1.- .T ag' N ff T -x sf ' ,,"Jv. LZ' J ' r f- 1 ' s A R X "' fx. ,A Qi X J, of . z. , - , '. . '- " , L ' - 1535 'TT ' 'T ew A 7 J- in .f.... 1 11,2 , K A4 '4 5 ' Q01 -Q' GV' ahn-lv MEMBERS Firsf Row: Charles Adams, V ance Baucum, A. L. Beavers, Buell Carly, Bill Condon, Charles Farris. Second Row: l-larlon Grallon, Billy Gresham, Ger- ald Jacobs, John Maugh, l-larold Melvin, Leonard Melvin. Third Row: Angus McBryde, Claude McBryde, Jaclc Odom, Jack Parker, Mal Riddell, Joe Sud- dulh, Dave Womack. Fourfh Row: Pledges: John Bulkin, Lee Cameron. Burl Dabney, James Dabney, l-lenry l-larwell, Max Rogers, Charles Ward. F ig a Music Gerald Jacobs sTeered The Sig Ep helm unTil midyear when he was succeeded by The currenT big dog, Harold Melvin. OThers on The brain TrusT are Jack Parker, vice presidenTg Harlan GraTTon, secreTary3 Charlie Adams, compTrollerg and James WenT- zell, who keeps The pledges in line. Jacobs is also The Big 'Un on The lnTramural Council. McBride is Vice Prexy oT The VeTeran's OrganizaTion, and Parker keeps minuTes Tor The ex-Gls. Zeb Baucum and Leonard Beavers are members oi Kappa Psi, Pharmacy TraTerniTy. Billy Condon wields a neaT racqueT-on The Tennis Team, ThaT isp when he isn'T keeping The mens' dorms in an uproar. Odom, The varsiTy TooTball end, sandwich man exTraordinaire, and Thespian gone wrong, is The one who keeps Things rolling. Al Jolson came ouT oT reTiremenT when he heard whaT Odom was doing To his acT. Buell CarTy's midyear graduaTion leTT a hole in The ranks. Members are Talking abouT a new house now, like every one else. SPE is one of The younger naTionals acTive on The campus, having been organized aT Richmond in I9OI. Mississippi Alpha planTed iTs ToundaTions here in I928. They owe allegiance To The American beauTy rose, To red and royal purple, and have as Their peT ballad The "Sig Ep AnThem." Members noT in Panel: Allen Bodron, CharlTon VincenT, and J. V. WenTzell. Trophy courfesy The Florida chapTer and h Rebel fooTball Team. Founded November I, 1901 G1 A PIII EPSILO We 'lfjv .Q OFFICERS HAROLD MELVIN JACK PARKER 'Y' T-TARLAN GRAFTON 'K' J J .Q A wil 'S ef -5 :SML v ,. ,, . . ., . .,,, . i -Y-T-41 ,,,. J, . ..Q',',4:4T' ,ffm-Nfl N l.Eg:n,:v'v ,F I' Im ' -- 4.' , ,L '.' H' .5,."'n' ', ' , -, T ' L '4--.iff 'f4k4f:'f.i-, ng.: '5' "' . TffH. i1':f' 'fl A fi' 'ogy i- Wifi! .f i ii in 1"-Ns. if-S ' ' f ' '44 7 Rig, il ft ' .A -- . nl V . ,:'..4v - .- H ' -- K ' 'I 1 , , A-SF. s T ii- -A T '- .W i ' T 7 A' '1'f'i-"Ps :Lf ' 'Vi' A Z A. .T 1-'f if-" - A A Q e. f- if ia 1..--' " ,t'2, '. 'Ei' ,cl "-A 9, '. -ip-, , .1-".. IJ, rV, L, , ,W - s A 1 ,im ' - : '-fi-'. f' ' '55, N 'fa 'wig ' Mig 211- 'T , XY ' Qi- IJ4 J Lf 'is w , V. V .Q .L ' I 1' ,, .' - , - Q' ' '-rs 1 .1 R LL f s -. S - T- f Y ,sw .l,-5,3 :L-,id . . , ,.- I f ,ali ,, ggi.. h, , -' -1 1 s -2: .V A 1 --I V ' x f--A . , ef if Q - s Y---A. 'J .W Q :i fb- -' U. 9" 1,-,eq ,'.. ' ,751 f fgi gi' ff . . P 1, rg A ef- f' ' -" '-mi 'A 'L 6:59 ,"" S i.. , 4 4' "1 . '-5' .' X, wp -.-zvgsv-c"" : i,:.- vf3.A.-ig ggi- . A ,. ' 1. W' ,,,. .' "2 2' f - 3 Y I ' fu ".y'f 5- 4 ' , 5 CSL15' " I ' I Q .Z-gf Q,-ix 2 ,J -...-'fu' ,A V .J - ..4 4 i- g 4 fgkflgtfci. ,QQ fi, '11 , "lr ,2., ' 'lf' . '5 , '-. X ' f :HQIQ - ,. -" f It . '14, -517,7 3 d '- lg 4- ,Q J-jj 1-f14 :g7,Qj'45:gf,'.'. 7. ::',.. -1 I' ' 5 'vs -,Q 9-9 .X fix, Q it ze MEMBERS Firs+ Row: Acfivesz Sevmour Bernslein, Roberf Covens, Louis Grilz, Charles Friedman, Irwin Kaufman. Second Row: Melvin Kraus, Bernard Lapides, Charles Marcus, Roberl Marcus, Roger Rosenlield, Irving Bernslein. Pledges, Third Row: Ira Kanlor, l-lerberl Cohen, l-larold Feder, Maurice Labens, l-lar- vev Mollzer, Fred Sherman. 5 I 4 i xi g -zz , -we Y , . Q. , PEW - ik Nz ,xg-.. X A ..,.,,e,?.,,,w.-1...,.- r-.-s......4-r...v.. -Am V efmiame s+udy+ime Melvin "l.eroy'l Kraus runs fhe Phi Ep circus, and his liffle helper is Moe Friedman. They have fo have fwo secrefaries since Rosenfield can'f wrife. The ofher one is "Kid" Kaufman. Charlie Marcus is fhe IEC shof-made fhe nafional IEC meef af New Yorlc, also a law school brain. Lapides and Grifz deserfed fhe colors for LSU. According fo lvlooch, fhe key man, fhe smallesf campus chapfer holds fhe longesf meefing. Rosen- field spends confused nighfs in fhe showers, and Friedman holds accounfing classes in fhe dead of nighf for fhe underprivileged. Barr-A-2 is fhe second chapfer room. Bufch Labens is fhe greaf impersonafor, and Kanfor is fhe Don Juan. Phi Ep was founded in Yanlceeland in I904, and Alpha Sigma chapfer floundered info Ole Miss in I935. Colors are purple and gold, flower is fhe whife carnafion, and fhey lilce "The Dream Girl of Phi Ep Pi." . gf 'E Founded November 23, 1.904 PIII EP ILO PI' , vm. , ..,,- J- ,, f- ,-,...- ,,, ug: .5,e34, ' -A . U ,J5,',-q.oj.v, gig.. ,if V . Ah sig f .pf ' 'l-'Q,:L,.,j,,1-,gli ...f-axe. OFFICERS nf P iff., .- -fi?-J f f tsfi- ' -A--feiffwffr-x " I-"4fff " ?-" Kei T V , ,ig D, - ff-44' - L.. 57.351, W J, ,,,xxi,:,J,A',-y f . LTYTJST 'f' TP.. If 1, 5' if 133-fT'A:' -f"f5'. li Qi T ' "ala ,gf -.. ... ..,-., f. .- , A., - . , 'fs f.:'j,:42'- - .-3 'lf' .gay -l '.-r 'f ' " -.3'!v "U ', ., -1 1 ,D i. IM, 4-xg. A 4- 5 g. .- Ae nj. 5.1, A- . - W-... vi'-5, A -if Louis emrz Lf - f ss i T - 'li' . T 'A GUYS if' 3' '- ' 7" f-""' ng , 7 lr' if-1 Til. ' "1 Ii 'gr' I . F' 'V v' ' , ' -5 ."" 'tv' ..'F -. i,, .N ,. 'f' 5 ' ,.' of -I g f m e 1, 5 .f1f.gz35i1-j 1, U-ey -',--.1 4' f .Z WSI! 'vw -' .. ij 4- J 4 . . - K5 -1,5 1:7312 , -.F g . I4 N T21 'a - -W ' "4 . l Y., i .e -A .. MELVIN lvl. KRAUS H. M 112' -. f '. ,.f:- .--.. f H f" Q52 s via. -, sf V 4- ' :A :Yan gift nhl: ,- ,J 4, 1 -, , yi V F. UK. ,ef 'LA V - gt FK bin. - . In ,f M., r. V7 ei A' if 3..'..,. , .ri H55 ,el . mfg fig? .fbi-'i." ,WL r A ,vc ,z I-iq -Z sEYMouR BERNSTEIN P- P l W- z. 'A ' i- 2 Tfafv'-vi .:.-.r 1, -r ff - . -, - W- K-V ':: i -' . 4. gl. . -.. -.--, 1- .,.,g , 4 g e V ., .- 1 V. me-I sw" . .s.. 1 e,g , , , ef ,. ., 1,4 . wi M. 1.4 . . ,, 1" f4'h,l fi. 4.4 -aa . s .. 1 ... -M - ' .4-3 .-ii.- a 34,1 '42 .fjg - I , 1. ."" "5 : ,.. "Q-Z --.Q-gg.--ez , ,,'.a I 4...f 37.5.5 ii-514 ie.: la ls YK M WX An.- ,. 'n I . S 4 ' . -31 A A-, , na. ,d... .4 1 Z , V.-- U . W, ,V . , . 1 , Y. , , , , . i rl ii , M Y ,L 1 L" ' ",, , V Y H Y ' 741 ls 7:ffQf7 ! 'igze-' 1' i ,TV ,,,.Af!Qfhff7f1:3,' ,, 1 ' .L ,iizjlf if , V- H ff f?4--T f: - b i im: :gift-4, , ff? 53' 1. K - ffiih 'Y' -v 3 fa : fl , ,. l I 4.5- y. V ,-,ic r w 7 53 mr, fr- 9 ,1, Fi' PE ui' on Y bm WR vgixf A , JP, iz W + W! Q ,, ug uf Ff a Q rw if .,. .f , 7- My 5:1 I Ne, 1" , -Q, 1 X xlfgi . 3. A QQ , 5 Nami i 2' 'migi I Firsi' Row: W. T. Blaclcleclqe James Blaclrwell Bernard Blaclcwell Clayfon Blounf John Bowen Dave Bridgers Second Row: Johnny Bruce Oscar Buchanan Dick Casfle Clarence Casfle Jim Clarlc Charlie Conerly Third Row: Jimmy Crawford Jerome Daley Roland Dale Cecile Dickerson Bill Ericlrson Denny Faqqard Four+h Row: Bob Fuersf Charles Gale-y Hunler Gales Douglas Harnley Eyerelle Harper Mays l-lunler Fiffh Row: Eulus Jenkins Joe Johnson Alfon Joseph Bob Kell Harold Kelly George Lamberl Sixfh Row: Toby Maiure Ben Mann Jack Mann "Mooch" Marcus Jaclc Marshall Maxie McMullin Billy Muslin Sevenfh Row: Bobby Oswalf Barney Poole Philip Poole l-lenry Rosn Jarl: Russell Farley Salmon John Shelby Eighth Row: Jack Slriblinq Sieve Slrinqlellow Joe Waller B, F. Wealhers Dani Whilaler Ln-alrrr Willianison Bohlvy Wilf.on MEMBERS FOOTBALL ' BASKETBALL ' BASEBALL ' TRACK ULE ISS " " CL The obiecl ol lhe M Club is lo recognize arhlefic merir in sludenls ol Ole Missp lo losler a wholesome inreresl in arhlerics among lhe sludenlsp To encourage parrici- parion in Varsily sporlsj ro promole The welfare of alhlerics on lhe campus of rhe Universily and 'ro encourage and promole rhar inrangible buf viral elemenl-School Spirir-among lhe sruclenrs and alumni ol Ole Miss. OFFICERS OSCAR BUCHANAN , Presiden' JAMES BLACKVVELL Sairfi' FAPLEY SALMON . Vice-Presidenr BOB FELL Treasur r Charies Bidifiriiid W, T. Blaclcledqe James Blaclrwell Bernard Blaclwell Tobey Maiure Ben Mann Mciriich Marcus Jack Marshall Everelle H arper Marie M'iMullr Billy Mus' n Jail Ori' m Clayrcin Blounl lffiil MiC-T-'i Bribby Oswa ' Jiihn Bowen Chariey Conerly Thfmas Pearse Dave Bridgers Jimmy Crawford Barney Beale Johnny Bruce Jerome Daley Philip Bfiflf' Oscar Buchanan Roland Dale l'l'2'f'v' l7"S"' James Buller Dlzk Casrle Ofhar Crawlfgrd Jim Clarlr Earl l-lowell Bilsy l-lunler Eulus Jenlrins Joe Johnson Alron Joseph Bob Kell Harold Kelly George Lambert Cffil Difl-ersrn -L l,s, , John Dcwrley Denny Faggard lfennelh Farra-qu? Frank Fanr Bob Flelcher Bob Fuersf Charles Gale-y l-lunler Gales Will Glover Dfruqlag l-larnley Jail: Pi sswll Farley Balmr-n Jrhn Snelb v Elwiin Srahijird Jaflr Slrib ing Sleye Slrinqlellow Joe Wallrzr Jail: Warner B. F, Wea? hers Dave Whilgler Lesle-r Williamsiiin Bribby Wilsrin lv? Ll -q ,l' ,. THE FIRST TEAM EHAMPIU UP T, ff ,T 'nw Urn. r ' pp Mm-me year, rx .Mn Irs hrs? Ffmball Champlfxnship, nm " I-V13 .- wn ' nu A 1, I0-17 seam ,-, 1' ah-,ms be Lnvwn as fha "Winder Tearnw. Nw I' nhf did wf fwn 'hw SEC Cwarnp nsnp bm Tn nddfr -n Head Cc-oth Johnny Vauqhi was Chosen ' T13 'C'-T " 5 Yew " "0 S'J"'-'lifvfffn Cinfefene and ef' end Barney Picle and hmfback ChfsrhQ C'T'VTV'Y!',' Fr'1Ci" A'!fAf'v'vf"' ar W"h fhe bffs' 1 fn r' 'nw ff 'ri 'f1V'?r3L?ST payers ever 'N' don a fcffbah uni- ! T rnw, and firwdiwn-j fwh 'ha mnw wg Oh Musa spfrwf, 'Fe Red and Bhm waded Throlmh a fcuczh '-'?+'dun, dv ppnq rn, ff Vwav"C'rf-fibre fnfen 1"nq fn Ta xliffrx, 3n the Delta BOM mer Tf:-1sGCL"3' yn Uv1.E'VS F Aw 'hh 1, n Tff"'VT'f"j we 9,455 J v :avid ow, 'ne spnrfs-wrfers as prnbably hnishmq the 01" n w 1 5 1 ww If 1 . P, di-'iid under-d 1 Tn WH? hrs? qarne aaainsf Ff-nm v M- FUH and Bun' Un ,,-. 12 "+'f j 'hw nm'1n.h en' p'.?13s'nfJ 'icnwbwnaflfxn ff !'CC'nerTy hi Pooieu, 4 A? ' 71" xi -1 , ri, 9 1 " -117 J, 'rl 'ry , X 'F' 5225. 'ff' f 1.1 fx" . .-. , ,V ,I I if TAD SMITH JEFF HAM JIM WHATLEY JOHNNY CAIN BUSTER POOLE Dmlcvm of Avhlmlcs Business Manager of Aihle-Yics Line Coach Backfield Coach End Coach Y - W 1- Y ?6A I l pl fb' l I I I THEEU ERE EE vvhcise leals were praised by every soulhern sporis fvriier, lan, and Ccach, bul painledly ignored by lhe Narlh. Aller Ihe Kenlurgly game we conquered Fli-irida in Jacksonville, As usual il rained in Memphis Ihe Ipllowinq weelr-end and as usual Conerly and Company turned in Iheir brillianl performance IO Irounce Soulh Carolina 33 lo O Neil Came Ihe Iraqiii Vanderbill -game where Ihe useless error ol an ollicial robbed us ol viigliifrv. The nerr Sarurday rhe slale ol Louisiana qol her lirsl shellaclrinq Irom llwe Rebs as Tulane bil Ihe dusl. Baiilr Iii Memphis again and nalurally il was raining. Ole Miss played sale and wailad liar lhe breals, while Arlansas loc-lc risl: aller risk, and for once Ihe odds failed us, Milli ihe Razcrebaiils playinq way over Iheir heads elrinq our a slim viclcry, Louisiana Slale piled up 22 lirsl downs li cur 8, bul our Mississippi boys had Ihe will Ia win and showed Ihe Bayou Bendals lheir heels 20 Ia I8 in lhe besl loolball game anybody ever saw, I-laying never bealen Ihe Universily :I Tennessee, nalurally if was Ihr-3 learn we were pitiinlinq lor. Qle Miss Iurned lffse evefyllilnil Elie had. All 32228 1. 5.. WESLEY KNIGHT TOM SWAYZE JUNIE HOVIOUS Trainer Chief Scout Freshman Coach 265 'if THE FINEST TEAM gl is E WOBBLE DAVIDSON ED STONE l End Coach Scout 'l i I l i m : l -n -..- il . JA r ALL AMEHILIAC LL AMERICAN ALL AMEHIEA LL A EI All-American Charlie Conerly vii qive lhe Viiilunleers lhe ,verse deleal in lheir hislciry, 43 lii I3. Challanfiifida never lcnew vvhal hil il, The Red and Blue .were viiilijirious 52 lo ON and Charlie Ci.-nerly set a new nalional iiirnpleliijin record lhrijivvinq 20 perleiil slrilres iiiul ol 30 lrieS. ln iiirdfi-r lo lurlher beller relaliwns wilh Mississippi Slale College, Ciiaiih Jighnnv Vauqhl lel his Charqes lalfe il easy and only played Ciinerlv a lirrle Over half lhe qarne. ll lnipked lor a while as if even lhal .fvouldnil help, bul luilrilv enough Slale Siiiiirffd a Couple ii a , 1' 1 was ' re wi? a e, Li . Thiniqs l-iiiilced bad ligir lhis qreal learn rn New Years Day in Mrfnwphis as an inspired l-lc-irn Freq leanm rose up and sqcired 9 pi-inls in lhe lirsl hall lo nur none. Bul in a rousing lc-urlh quarler, 'Chunlinq Charlesii 'found lhe range and if was all up wilh lhe Tia-ans, as lhe dame ended I3 lo 9 wilh lhe besl learn in lhe 9 4 The I948 Ole Miss pays lribule lo Coach Johnny Vauqhl, Q 4 -- , 3 his assislanls, lhe enlire lriigilball squad and our lwc All Americans, Brirni-v Pi-file and Charlie Cigrnerlv. JOHN H. VAUGHT, SEC COACH OF THE YEAR lligiid C xii h Vfniqhl came lii Oh- Miss lasl year as line nlenler C under "Red" Llrow and li rf'r L river lhe reim when Drvw moved lo Al.,ih.firwi.i. C ia-eh Jifhnnv was a slar quard al Tr--as Chrislian llnixersili,-' bviniig named on lhe AllSiiiiilhvvesl Crginlerence leam H7 nd 1'l1ilSf'V1 AllAn'iriri.'ar1 in l932. Aller riillgqn Vauqhl -,I-r.+-il ris fmsislanl rj r'rr ai h at lhe llrlixeirrsilif nl Nrirlh C.-lriqlrna. .ivy and hrrlpl-d luliir lhn Navy li-iinls ol Cirpus Chrisli and Nrrlh Cari-linn Pre-Fliirhl. Tha year, lirsl lrv nl lhvi- biil linlz: as a hvad man, he wfin lhe annual award 'Jar in lhir Si ulheaslein Cfnli?rvni1e", spons- iri-rl lv, lhriN.1slwilli-Banner. ' i am lv us lhis ewr ,inl rir .ini l.i ini- .and .lll llml hfig, lhr- ln-Ql llil'L,ll1'ld rT1i-nlrir url The souTh. Cain was an All American halT-back aT Alabama in I932. AnoTher Alabama Alumnus is James W. WhaTley, line coach and head baskeTbalI TuTor. WhaTIey was an All SEC perTormer in boTh baskeTbaII and TooTball Tor The Tide. James lBusTerl Poole is Barney's broTher and one oT The greaTesT oT Ole Miss Tlankmen. All Pro Tor Three years wiTh The New York Gianlls, BusTer reTurned To Ole Miss This year and did a sTelIar iob wiTh The ends. Thomas Swayze served as conTacT man and AssisTanT Coach oT baseball. LesTer lMikeI Brumbelow is The chieT scouT and was a greaT assel To The Team in This capaciTy. Helping Mike wiTh The scouT- ing is Edwin IEdl STone. Wesley I. KnighT is Trainer and, Though a Yankee, does a superb iob. KnighT also coaches The Track Team. C. M. lTadI SmiTh is DirecTor oT AThleTics and Head Baseball Coach. John A. lJuniel Hovious and J. W. lWobblel Davison, who are remembered as ouTsTanding members ol The Teams during The "Golden Era" oT I94O, '4I, and '42, are Freshman and AssisTanT End Coaches, respecTively. GEORGE BARNEY POOLE, ALL AMERICAN END An All American end aT WesT PoinT in I944 and IQ46, Barney Poole scored again al' Ole Miss wiTh TirsT Team gradings on This season's UniTed Press, Deke HoulgaTe, All-American Board, PooT- ball Coaches AssociaTion, ParamounT Newsreel, The OuarTerback, Pic magazine and New York Daily News elevens. Barney is a crushing deTensive end, likes To block, buT iT was as an oTTensive wingman ThaT he excelled This year. He seT a new collegiaTe record as a pass receiver by caTching 52 passes. He picked up I I , , I I I I li I SEC Coach of The Year Johnny' VaughT . . ALL AMERICAN . LL AMERICAN ALL AMERICAN 5II air yards in doing so and his eighT Touchdown passes were high Tor The season. WiTh All American Charlie Conerly, Poole was The TargeT side oT The mosT prolific college baTTery in hisTory. CHARLIE CONERLY, ALL AMERICAN BACK CapTain "Roach" Conerly playing his lasT year oT college TooT- ball wenT ouT and seT a new pass sTandard wilh I33 compleTions on 232 aTTempTs Tor Three new naTional records-The number ol compleTionS: a percenTage mark oT .573, one ThaT checked oTT The nine-year old sTandard oT .557 Tor backs Trying 200 or more passes, and The I8 Touchdown Throws. Conerly averaged exacliy Tour yards a Try rushing, on IO4 bids, and balanced his punTing aT 40.2 yards on 58 kicks. He Tinished second on ToTal ollense yardage wiTh I783 Tor The sevenTh highesT rushepass collecTion on The NCAB charTs. Conerly also delended wiTh consummaTe skill. Because he showed wiTh no prewar background, he was almosl a one-year proposiTioru in building Tor all-sTar recogniTion, buT was chosen on six represenTaTive All-American Teams-NEA, INS, Deke HoulgaTe, PooTball WriTers AssociaTion ol America lLook magazinel, Pic magazine, and The Chicago Tribune-New York Daily News syndicaTe lAll Playersl, was named The "Player oT The Year" by The PooTball DigesT, also by Williamson RaTinq SysTem, raTed TourTh in The counTry in The balloling Tor The Heisman Memorial Award, named "BesT Back oT The Year" by Red Grange. and was chosen "MosT Valuable" player in The SouTheasTern ConTerence in Two separaTe polls-Nashville Banner lcoachesl and ATlanTa Journal lsporTswriTersl. Conerly was The No. 5 back in The counlry on The UniTed Press and AssociaTed Press All-American Teams, was The only unanimous selecTion on The AssociaTed Press All-SouTheasTern and made every All-SouTh- easTern and All-SouThern Team chosen. He capTained This year's Rebel eleven, was The spark as well as The oTTensive lever ThaT led iT To Ole Miss' TirsT SEC grid championship, He scored nine Touchdowns on his own To become personally responsible Tor 27 OT The Rebs' 38 markers, was Top conTerence scorer wiTh 54 poinTs. A True SouThern All American. All American Barney Poole ' nl.- .4 VL T- J P3 ,J 1' Powerhouse in mofion GEORGE LAMBERT BUDDY TAYLOR 'J' vga? VARSITY EVERETTE lHairlinel HARPER, Moss PoinT, Miss., RIGHT END. "Hairline" was shifTed To righf end in SepTember and slarled every gamel working chiefly as an offensive Terminal, He caught II passes This year for an even T00 yards. Belore a homecoming crowd OT l8,000 exciTed Tans The Ole Miss Rebels Turned back a sTubborn KenTucky Team To inauguraTe The T947 season wiTh a win ThaT asTounded The whole naTion. Fired To a keen explosive poinT wiTh a dynamic spiriT and an un- daunTed will To win, The Rebs Took The opening kick-OTT and Traveling on The TalenTed righT arm oT one Mr. Conerly, They were never headed. BeTore Tive minuTes had elapsed The "lvlighTy Men oT Mississippi" had racked seven big poinTs up on The scoreboard. The men in Blue and WhiTe, Taking advanTage oT a break or so and also oT a Temporary leT down on The parT oT The Rebs, blared back in The same quarTer To Tie The score and lead some people To believe ThaT They would be a deTiniTe ThreaT, Though such belieTs were only pipe dreams oT The very TirsT magniTude. Revenge Tor lasT year's black deTeaT by The CaTs, conTidence in Their abiliTy To Tield one oT The mosT Teared Teams in The SEC, The burning desire To win Tor Their new and well liked head man, Johnny VaughT, and a combinaTion known To all The TooTball UniTed STaTes as Conerly To Poole, senT Cle Miss Through The enTire sixTy minuTes in The same unequalled Torm ThaT senT Terror To The hearTs oT Their opponenTs laTer in The season. Conerly Tossed To All-American end Barney Poole Tor Tally number one, and The bruising leTT halT plunged OTT Tackle Tor a yard and The Conerly seTs his sighfs Fw V , OTHAR CRAWFORD JACK STRIBLING Tinal marlcer in The Third period, Bobby OswaIT spliTTing The uprighTs wiTh machine-like precision Tor boTh exTra poinTs. George Blanda's Tlip To end Wah Wah Jones in The end zone produced The only KenTucIcy Touchdown OT The aTTernoon, and Blanda converTed. Rebel Tullbaclc Red Jenkins Toolc The iniTial IciclcoTT deep in his own TerriTory and ploughed ouT To The I9 wiTh apparenT ease. On The TirsT play Trom scrimmage The same genTIeman uncoiled a vioIenT bursT oT speed and Tlashed his hips around end Tor 23 beauTiTuI yards. Conerly Then wenT To work chunkin' and chargin', and eighT plays laTer The score was Ole Miss 6, KenTucIcy O. Midway in The Third sTanza, Wilson gobbled in a Blanda heave on The Rebel 36 and danced smooThIy down The sidelines Tor 42 big yards beTore Tripping on The CaT 22 wiTh a TirsT down snuggled nicely in his arms. I-IaIT a dozen plays laTer Ole Miss had The game sewed up and was ready To go home. Salmon maneuvers for Roach's pass DLE MISS I4 EEN CKY 7 GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Kenfuclxy FirsT Downs .... . I2 6 NeT Yards Rushing .... . II8 I4O Yards I.osT Rushing ..... . 35 28 Forward Passes ATTernpTed . . . 30 9 Forward Passes CompIeTed . . . I5 3 NeT Yards Passing ....... I3O 22 Forward Passes InTercepTed by . . 2 2 Yards InTercepTions ReTurned . . 52 IO Average PunT ....,.... 4I 39 PunTs Bloclced .... . O O PunTs ReTurned .... . I4 II Yards I.osT On PenalTies . . IO 5 Number Fumbles . . . . I 6 Fumbles LosT .... . O 4 Final Score . . . I4 7 KenTucIry's sfar cenTer geTs free ride from Barney -xv wh . ss: Q""f 'Wi km ULE 13514 FLUHIUAB GAME STATISTICS FirsT Downs ..... NeT Yards Rushing .... Yards LosT Rushing .... Forward Passes ATTempTed . Forward Passes CompleTed . Nel' Yards Passing ..... Forward Passes InTercepTed By Yards InTercepTions ReTurned OIeM . I7 .205 . I5 ..2O .I3 ..93 ..I ..O Average PunT . . . . . . . 3l PunTs Blocked .... . O PunTs ReTurned .... . 5 Yards I.osT On PenalTies . . . 42 Number Fumbles . . . . 2 Fumbles LosT .... . I Final Score . . . . I4 Ha Ine Harper, Kifsy Baily and Bobby Wilson ,.. ,,,,k,.A . .,.. , ., 1 3 M- I V FRANK FANT HERMAN PHILLIPS In The second game OT The mosT successTul season in Rebel hisTory, Ole Miss meT The Florida 'GaTors in Jack- sonville. They slugged iT ouT Toe To Toe Tor Two periods, keeping some I7,000 'GaTor Tans hopeTul beTore Turning on The expecTed heaT in The second halT To down The ThreaTening Floridians I4 To 6. Florida was ouT To win The ball game all The way, show- ing much more spiriT oT compeTiTion Than The Rebel vic- Tim oT The previous week, buT The marshlanders only had The upper hand in The second period, and They were held scoreless during ThaT Time. The inabiliTy To climax several deep ThrusTs kepT The Johnny Rebs scoreless in The TirsT halT, buT Chunkin' Charles showed his True Torm in The Third guarTer. The Ole Miss Tlash grabbed a Florida punT on The Red and Blue 34 and sped neaTly Through The opposiTion To Their 38. Several Conerly piTches laTer Tound The Rebs on The enemy Tive, Trom where The Clarksdale Flash Tired To Jenkins Tor six beIaTed poinTs. Bobby OswalT came To make his conversion record Tor The new season Three sTraighT. WiThouT using a single Conerly aerial, Old lvliss marched FuersT, The Gricl Pic kid I "N In '.-' 5 A'ii1'4f" y I fl, 0? . . r sf 1, gp' 5' 2,:?4144',!i:1' ,.f-f?f4hf,kfj,,f.a! 1 I T, ' ' ' ' 'f Wi AAA Jfixf' ' r ' 4 'TT "u ' I fwlrsf I .5 'Iain-4 Y' ,g'u'1,. .f'H .ii-,W 5":':Ti'R'4,'i1"5." ,ff . ' , , . - -'. V J JACK ODOM ROLAND DALE 67 yards a Tew minuTes laTer To a TD in nine Tlashy plays To ice The game Tor The OxTord lads. Will Glover scored sTanding up Trom The I6, and 0swalT spliT The uprighTs Tor The Tinal Rebel damage. Conerly connecTed on I2 oT I9 heaves Tor 84 yards, Though he had Trouble Tinding his receivers in The TirsT halT due To The Tremend- ously sTrong wind ThaT was whipping back and TorTh across The Tield oT baTTle. NoT To be denied, however, Charles dug inTo The Florida TurT and showed The Sunshine boys ThaT he can run as well as he can pass, piclcing up a ToTal OT 65 yards on I4 charging aTTempTs. The play oT The Ole lvliss line was a Thing oT beauTy wiTh The pos- sibiliTy oT Tabbing an individual sTandouT almosT compleTely ruled ouT. The Barney was sure deaTh on pass and punT deTense, and The enTire TirsT sTring Torward wall was righT wiTh him. Reb reserves Took over every deparTmenT in The line wiTh such compeTence ThaT The shock Troops were given Their TirsT real resT in many moons. Two reserve backs did some Tancy sTepping Tor The Rebs-Will Glover looked like a million on his I9 yard sprinT Tor a score, and Earl "Dixie' I-lowell skirTed The ends in True Rebel sTyle. Throwing our big gun in The game , I , g I . L . ,. ryz'!p'i'-M. T .gif r . 1 x 5 by ' L V . y . 'F ' .I Vikram gun L II? 1'C'b,?,vfr.'?-'L VA., 6.2.4 fag my-+.1!' Q, Q, .- '?i , Y, xhg, t,I. 'la 6.52 , h Old - if J' P., 5 vu ,1 , .v 1 . f iawfjgam 1 7' T 'T f T N A C A 5 4' 9, -4 g.,fa Lg.. ,, ,b,,,2.sE1f,'A' ..T:4'1ff."Al' bf li' ' '-u,iv., 'A' 4 K.: ftfi Tl" fam , 57:5 If 1 s 3' . . H , 5 Didn'T quiTe malre iT Tv , 15' VARSI WILLIAM C. lBiII1 ERICKSON, Hollis, L. I., LEFT TACKLE. This agile Yankee, who rafes as Ole Miss' besT Tackle since The days of Bruiser Kinard, was The fasfesf, and according To many, The besf Tackle in The SouTheasTern conference. "Big Bill" was Alfernafe CapTain of The Red and Blues. 271 I K .cliff - fo, 4,-I-' 4 V .4-'nf' . , 'I 'll ' 1 1 I 11 1'-Rv GeTTing ready for pracTice KDQQ I 1 " . fi- , WSL? 433' wr-T l VARSITY DOUGLAS HAMLEY, Lake Providence, La., RIGHT TACKLE. "Doug" was presented a Trophy by The Jack- on u T r ein 1 e mos im ved I r o s TD Clb o b g h T pro paye n The Team. His Team-maies voied him This honor after he gained a starting berfh in The South Carolina game and played The crashing, bruising foofball Typical of Ole Miss aThIeTe , .Fm S . is-Q 13.1 In Their Third ouTing Coach Johnny VaughT's Rebels proved ThaT rain was no handicap To The Conerly To Poole combinaTion, much To The chagrin oT The SouTh Carolina Gamecocks. The Rebs were keyed To unbelieveable heighTs againsT The boys Trom Carolina, scoring in every period buT The Third. Charlie Conerly sTarTed Things oTT when he piTched To Poole Trom his own nine yard line on The TirsT play oT The game. Ole Miss was noT halTed unTil Coner- ly hiT Jenkins on The Ten and 'Bama sped across Tor The TirsT score. Os- walT's conversion was good. Carolinas only goal line ThreaT ended in disasTer Tor The Gamecocks. ATTer a series oT penaliTies had seT The Rebels back inTo The shadow oT Their own goal posTs, or whaT would have been The shadow had iT noT been raining, Conerly compleTed a pass To Bowen on The seven- Teen. Buddy Tumbled when hiT, and Carolina recovered. On The TirsT play Trom scrimmage, The Gamecocks compIeTed an eighT yard pass. There was a Tumble on The nexT play and Columbus' own Jack Odom speared The ball in mid-air and pranced 87 yards Tor a TD and The mosT Thrilling play oT The game. The Rebs scored once more in The TirsT period on a pass Trom Conerly To Poole aTTer Clark and Dale- blocked a kick on The Carolina Tive. The sloppy TurT sTymied OswalT's kick. In The second guarTer Roach again Tossed To Barney Tor a TD, making The score 26-O aT The halT, aTTer OswaIT's successTul aTTempT Tor The poinT. Go, Barnabusl T,..,fs,+-H 'M in f I r .A,N11ly.,- .V 3? li. V' "' R lv .4 l,. I 'fic "af," ' .Q- .1 T 272 WILL GLOVER BABE PEARSON I Ii l I I I I I I - I BU TH EAHULINA I Ii ll HENRY EARL JACK RUSSELL I I li I 'I Ole Miss' IasT Tally came in The Tinal period when IiTTle I Billy IvIusTin heaved 30 yards To Buddy Taylor in The end I zone. OswalT booTed his Third exTra poinT oT The day. G A M E S T A T I S T I C S Charlie Conerly puT on The mosT amazing performance Ole Miss Slcamlina I ever seen aT Crump STadium, AIThough The rain was com- . y ing down in TorrenTs, Mr. FooTbalI Threw perTecT sTrikes irilgl BOWCTS 'H' ' ' ' ' 'QT 35 wiTh The pigskin all aTTernoon. There was The unTorgeT- ar S US Ing ' ' ' ' ' I I able play in The second guarTer when The "Roach" re- Yards LOST Rusllmg -'-"- 23 28 y I ceived The ball Trom cenTer, held iT in his IeTT hand while Forward P55535 Allempled - - - Zl 3 he calmly wiped The mud oFI wiTh his righT, and Then whip- Forward Passes CompIeTed . . . I3 I ped a buIIeT pass To Big Barney in The end zone. NeT Yards Passing ....,., I49 8 I Line play by guard Bernard Blackwell and Tackle Bill Forward Passes lnTercepTed By. . O O ,V Frickson held The running aInIack of The Gamecocks well Yards lnifercepfions Remmed ' G O O I in check, and The Carolina passing aTTack Tailed miserably, Average PUM 33 3' f Tor only a Conerly could rack up compIeTions in rain like P l i """ i i Hwy. unTs Bocked .... . O I PunTs ReTurned ..... . 4 5 Yards LosT Cn PenaITies .... 75 30 I Number Fumbles .... . 4 7 I Fumbles LosT . . . . I 5 Final Score . . . . 33 O I The band performs during The half Hairline gefs There firsf I 1 c .. A4 .1 . 1 i us- F! - ' . 4, A 1 1 s 1 Y K bv . I A Lg 2 , 4 f . .vb xi I i I 40.5. m A H -., , , ' i.. -is ii" -i ,' K-1 4,1 .., m- Q Mbvl' v -- DLE ISS B 9 VANDERBILT TU GAME STAT Firsf Downs . . . Nef Yards Rushing .... Yards Losf Rushing ..,. Forward Passes Affempfed . Forward Passes Complefed . Nef Yards Passing ..... Forward Passes lnfercepfed By Yards lnfercepfions Refurned Average Runf , . . . . Punfs Bloclred . . Punfs Refurned .... Yards l.osf Cn Penalfies Number Fumbleir . . Fumbles Lok . 4 Final Score . . Rebel supporfers af Vanderbilf PUNY MANN JERRY TIBILIER The Ole Miss Rebels felf fhe sfinging blows of ill luck, shabby pass receiving, and an experfly placed Clinard field goal, and emerged bloody buf unbowed from a IO fo 6 defeaf af The hands of Commodores of Vanderbilf before a sell-ouf fhrong of 22,500 af Dudley Field in Nashville. Suffering fheir firsf sefbaclc of fhe season, fhe Rebs saw Vandy grab a IO-O lead by The middle of 'rhe fhird period, and almosf lose fhaf lead in fhe final sfanza when The Rebs unfolded a running affaclm fhaf fhreafened fo sweep fhe Blaclc and Gold complefely from fhe field. Chunlcin' Charles was definifely on wifh his aerials, heav- ing 3I bullefs info fen grasping and holding arms. Whaf fhwarfed fhe air mighf of fhe flashy leff halfbaclc was fhe unbelieveable inabilify of fhe Ole Miss ends and half- baclcs fo hold on fo Mr. Cs pifches. The Rebels, wifh all fheir dynamic falenf and sfirring will fo grab a vicfory, were fighfing fhere af Dudley, body and soul, buf fhe gluepof was way back home in Oxford. The one magnificenf cafch of The day by Red and Blue flanlcmen fo apparenfly add a fairy fale finish fo a Rebel friumph was nullified guife prompfly by fhe man wifh fha Colonel and Mrs. Rebel f , A sm' , ' , - ,., .1 ,rr f- iii? 1 ,VT 4,1 Y. tr ,c 1! P' 5 , gl' " 4 '. 'fa "nr f . - 6 . Q - .,.,-, " I ., . s' V 'xibq fl: I J ' .iii A' x A 0" -.,' , L " H, 'M 's I . ' , . H 5 3 "T " ' I' ., ' ' i v o l l , 9,14 ,I 1, ' . ' . ' 3... U Y, v I ',- V xi hrs, Q 's " s 1 f ' r 9- lu ly 'W . E, , -s ,- tl D-A Ph- vi. A X' . . . '!1-' :,- " .rf 'Vi' ' .. ' -V . i Z!-f.4:5:i'x5 . fx -JM.. I p DIXIE HOWELL Downed affer a 20 yard gain liffle boolc, and Ole Miss fell shorf of a much deserved vicfory by fhe slim margin of five poinfs. Lafe in fhe lasf guarfer "Roach" faded baclc and hurled a ferrific bullef pass fo big Barnabus. Poole and a Vandy baclc wenf up fogefher, wifh fhe movies showing fhaf bofh fouched fhe ball, buf neifher could cafch if. Buf Joe Johnson lurlcing five yards farfher down fhe field gafhered if in and wenf all fhe way. The referee, however, ruled fhaf fhe score was no good, for fhe Com- modore didn'f fouch fhe ball. Fafe had sfruclc a fearful lash in fhe Reb direcfion, and rhe clock ran ouf seconds lafer wifh Vanderbilf in possession. The uncanny running and fwisfing of Will Glover and Jerry Tiblier puf Ole Miss in fhe scoring game in fhe lasf period. Sfafisfically, Ole Miss was ouf in fronf in every deparfmenf. Con- erly's punfing average of 48.0 yards was one of fhe oufsfanding feafs of fhe day, and Vandy didn'f forgef fhe vicious line play of guards, Jimmy Crawford and Bernard Blackwell, nor fhe ground gaining of Wilson, Glover and Tiblier. Salmon snealrs around righf end fr-fe.. . -- M- VARS BERNARD BLACKWELL, Saucier, Miss., LEFT GUARD. Blackwell lhis season has no superiors al guard play in the conference, staging some maneuvers that few guards in the league would even afiempl. The first Johnny Reb fo earn four grid leffers in a long, long lime, Bernard made his senior season his best . r' A ,S vi B44 , , xr., 'aw Ol, ir . F -5. i"i I -go iff. re. 3 1 .4 . y .v . . . ., . r 1 N f.:if.,.b, ,fmn,'yA if . s. .f , rm it if vt ,,44L'6 s I ' .I ' .f'N.""'s.' ' ff Yfrl ' uf "slr-J' Q. s 1 v- 'TYR' rf - f . midst' ,",3, 1a,lag r s 264W sv 1 Vx ,, 5 'Isl' 275 ' J fw 5 ,o 0. 1 ' 9 'YQQ 7 Q, -Q Q Howell recovers Rebel fumble TINY CLARK I'-Ns. R S I T Y JAMES AUGUST CRAWFORD, Memphis, Tenn., RIGHT GUARD. Crawford was lruly an all-slar making one All-Southeastern club and earning considerable recog- nition elsewhere. He was described as a guard who is the "FirepIuq lype, very difliculf lo moveg quick, rarely oul of position and poison lo frapg ideal kind of guard, blocked wilh lhe force of a boulder rolling downhill," Wifh Capfain Charlie Conerly playing fhe role of a frue All-American in one of fhe mosf colorful games of his sfar sfudded career, The Ole Miss Rebels sfomped, snorfed, and slapped down a hard fighfing Tulane Green Wave 27 fo I4 before some 35,000 fans in rhe Sugar Bowl Sfadium in New Orleans. Conerly's every rnoye was faulfless as he found fhree receivers for fouchdown passes and plunged across fo pay dirf himself, for fhe ofher Rebel score. The greaf Ole Miss halfback pifched ll 'rimes for 9 Bullseves and IO3 yards, fofed fhe pioskin personally for 55 of fhe Rebels' l49 yards, and punfed maoinificenlly seven fimes for a 43.4 average fo puf on one of fhe mosi sparkling one man exhibifions in lhe hisfory of New Orleans foofball. The "Roach" heaved fo his All-American mafe Barney Poole for fhe firsr and lhird Red and Blue six poinlers, and found Joe Johnson all alone in fhe end zone for fhe final Rebel fally. Conerly's quick kicks kepf fhe Wave on fhe run during fhe enfire confesf and led di- rccfly fo lhe firsf Ole Miss fouchlown. Early in fhe fray Conerly guick kicked fo 'rhe Tulane 26, and Ber- nard Blackwell pounced on a Wave fumble on fhe nexf play fo pul fhe Rebs in scoring posifion. In fhe second period, Jimmy Crawford fore Through fhe Oreenie forward wall and blocked a Tulane punf fo ser up lhe second score. Conerly, No. 42, spofs Poole. No. 89 "H 1 'li . ' """hiQs1 276 ff naw :lik Q--as-5' BOBBY OSWALT HUNTER GATES Ole Miss led aT The haIT I3 To O. WiTh The second halT only a Tew minuTes old, Earl Howell Turned The IongesT Ole Miss ground play Trom scrimmage OT The game, wiTh a 4I yard romp around his righT end To The Tulane eighT. A I5 yard penalTy and 3 unsuccessful line plays Tound The Rebs back To The 25 on 4Th down, buT "Roach" spoTTed Poole Tor The Third Reb score wiTh The smooThness oT a masTer. AT This poinT I-Ienry FrnIca's charges Tilled The air wiTh long passes and when The smolce had cleared, Tulane had I3 poinTs. They were on Their way Toward a Third marlcer when Rebel halT Jerry Tiblier rudely inTercepTed a Toss on The Ole Miss I8. Several plays laTer Tound Ole Miss lcnoclcing aT The Greenie door. Again The Rebs Tound Themselves a TriTle Tar ouT wiTh a TourTh down on Their hands, Conerly solved This wiTh one oT The mosT decepTive and neaTly execuTed plays we've ever seen. I-le Talced The ball OTT Three Times, Then TeinTed To his leTT wiTh a pass and Tinally lobbed one Through The mid- dle To Johnson Tor The score. Tulane STadium TILE MISS E7 I-IN I4 GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Tulane FirsT Downs .... . . IO I5 NeT Yards Rushing .... , . ISI I4I Yards LosT Rushing . . . . . 24 30 Forward Passes ATTempTed . . , II I8 Forward Passes CompleTed . . 9 9 NeT Yards Passing ....... IO3 I2l Forward Passes InTercepTed By . . I O Yards lnTercepTions Refurned . . O O Average PunT . .... . . 43 36 PunTs Bloclced . . . O I PunTs ReTurned .... . . 6 4 Yards l.osT On PenalTies . . . 40 IO Number Fumbles . . . 2 2 Fumbles l.osT . . . I 2 Final Score . . . . 27 I4 The Special was crowded - ULE 13514 ARKANSAS 19 G A M E S T A T I S T I C S Ole Miss Arkansas FirsT Downs .......... l I 9 NeT Yards Rushing ....... 98 I22 Yards LosT Rushing ...... I5 37 Forward Passes ATTempTed . . . 23 9 Forward Passes CompleTed . . . I4 5 NeT Yards Passing ,...... I36 84 Forward Passes lnTercepTed By . . 0 0 Yards lnTercepTions ReTurned . . 0 0 Average PunT ......... 40 34 PunTs Blocked ......... 0 0 PunTs Reiurned ........ I 6 Yards I.osT On PenaITies .... 40 20 Number Fumbles ....... 2 5 Fumbles LosT ......... I I Final Score .......... I4 I9 Barney and Busfer I ."'-1' i' ala: mmm IRQ! !.. . . lim! ll umm lull: hlal SDI 'Sl' BQ: PHILLIP POOLE BOB FUERST Charlie Conerly passed magniTicenTly Through The mud, slop, and rain oT Crump STadium in Memphis. buT his Tosses were noT enough To pull The Rebels away Trom I9-I4 deTeaT aT The hands oT an alerT Arkansas eleven beTore 28,000 shouTing onlookers. The TilT was a classic in TalenT and Thrills Trom sTarT To Tinish. Conerly and The mud spelled The diTTerence be- Tween The Two elevens. Chunkin' Charles doing his spell- ing Tor The Red and Blue, and The mud serving To help The Razor-backs. The All-American Trom Clarksdale Tired Two Touchdown passes, compIeTed I4 ouT oT 23 Tor I38 yards, ran The ball Ten Times Tor a ToTal oT 42 yards, and booTed The saTuraTed oval on Ten diT3TerenT occasions Tor a 39.4 yard average. Arkansas played heads up ball The whole aTTernoon. and iT was evidenT ThaT The Porkers were up Tor This one, playing over Their heads. IT mighT have been ThaT The VoughT charges were looking forward To The LSU game a week laTer. WiTh 45 seconds remaining in The TirsT halT, Ole Miss Tound herselT on The Porker I7 yard line, TourTh down and Trailing in The game by six poinTs. Conerly Took The Colors in 1. . G? wficii THUM f-S T f r s--'Q-ff? - . . . , 14-.H ,, '1 N- in '- .,,q-e , 'Kwi- ."- . 5 -. fl 5' ' ir' "0 'Wise- - A -' 1 J!" Q - ' 5' T vs. - -w.v-w'?:.", .f'7-ggb, faq 'l'.:'14' Jv "'m'-,-'inf '15 ,,..,. .F . .' no - Y' L, . . dv- 0 e -fa ' .c -fu- ' -F . - fm- ' 1. -', " "1 11. - - f.- , fran." 51 . M4k,.,.3i w,.i,-JJ. in Ferzfylgjbfzif 4 ,, .T-s. 4r"T'-F21 s 4 ' ' :U . 54 A ss-'A' ff- if 4... '- E . , ff- -' 1 A -,evra-fx T , .- ft.-Qui-naK',d -?,EI""' A 33 '5 in - ,-. M.-',,.g.'f, .aww sm- -, L V: ' -aw , Ls. ".ff1r'T DICK DICKSON ScoTT sTopped on The Ten. The soaked leaTher Tor a lasT Tling, faded calmly and conTidenTly, spoT- Ted All-American Barney Poole cruising TDward on The Porker Tour, and Tired a six poinTer To The TaulTless end who sloshed across sTanding up. Bobby OswalT added The poinT To puT Ole Miss ouT in TronT. A Tew plays aTTer The second half began, Arkansas had scored again on a pass play. So Conerly and Company wenT To work wiTh successiul Throws To DoTTley, Galey, Tiblier, and T-lowell. Losing The ball, Conerly sTarTed all over again on The Porker 42. "Roach" crashed The line Tor I l, T-lowell goT Two aT Tackle, Then The incomparable Conerly hiT l-lowell on a beauTiTul 27 yard shoT Tor a Touchdown. OswalT',s kick was good. Two plays laTer Arkansas had scored by virTue of Two remarkable plays by Clyde ScoTT. Along wiTh Conerly-l-lowell, Bowen, and Buchanan highlighTed The acTion in The Ole Miss backTield while banners Tor The gallanT and mud- dy sTruggle in The Torward wall go To Bernard Blackwell, Jimmy Clark, Barney Poole, and Dave Bridgers. lT was a hearT-breaking game buT Rebel Tans goT a TasTe oT whaT The Razor-backs wenT Through lasT year. Howell againsT Tulane if 4.499 DAVE BRIDGERS, Jackson, Miss., CENTER. Bridgers was a sieady, heavy-handed line backer and blocker who played a big par? in The reorganization fha? de- veloped The machinery producing This year's champion- ship array. Dave didn'T propel an inaccurafe spiral all season, and played aggressive, heady foofball on de- fense. 279 'M '4' I .JT ffmsg 435' 0, t .l l il Q l l ii l i. iv' li le l l l 1 i ll l ll JENKI MILNER i McCOY Jenkins malres ten yards through the line K. O, DOTTLEY in? "1 --Q FARLEY SALMON, Clarksdale, Miss., RIGHT HALF- BACK. The smallest man on the Rebel team, Salmon was a superb performer the entire season. He was sure death to the opposing teams on pass defense, and came up fast to dump 'nen 40 and 50 Lbs. heavier. Farley rose to great heights as a ball carrier in the Delta Bowl game when he averaged nearly nine yards a 'ry rushing. A murderous blast ot gridiron dynamite, loaded to capacity with All- American powder and heroically ignited by Charles "Roach" Conerly, roclced Tiger Stadium trom goal to goal in Baton Rouge, showing, when the smole had tloated slcyward, that the rampaging Ole Miss Rebels had chewed and digested the tavored Bayou Bengal ot LSU tor a 20 to I8 SEC victory betore a screaming crowd ot 46,000 tans. Conerly conducted and led the Rebel parade which produced one ot the most spectacular teats ot tootball ever to be displayed by an Ole Miss gridder. The All-American tailbaclr passed, ran, and lciclred his way betore the eyes ot every tootball minded citizen in the nation, as he became the tirst player in the history ot tootball ever to score three times in one 60 minute game against LSU. Bobby Oswalt's tault- less lciclcing gave the Rebs their tourth conterence win against one deteat. Statistically the Rebels were unbelieveably the underdog. LSU piled up 22 tirst downs to only nine tor Johnny Vaught's men: the Tigers amas- sed a total ot l99 yards rushing, and l30 yards passing, to 80 ground yards and l2l aerial yards tor Ole Miss? but the ditterence came in the tact that l60 ot the Rebs total 20l ottensive yards were claimed by a certain talent laden lad called Roach Conerly. Conerly tlipped I9 passes, I2 ot them complete tor l2l yards, and "Roach" carried the ball I6 times tor a net total ot 39 yards on the turt. LSU lost no time in scoring, and tor awhile it loolced bad tor the Ox- Straight from the arm of the master i l .+..., 'A v i.. l if i -vo" 1 9-3 s . . 011 UI? 1,11 larsl-- FHYFI--' . "f35"'f'2i- -4. 280 L l I JOHN SHELBY JOE JOHNSON Tord men. In The second quarTer, however, Conerly splaT- Tered leTT guard Tor a marlcer, and we wenT ahead 7 To 6. Seconds laTer Bobby Wilson grabbed a TiTTle pass and dashed hasTily To The Bengal II yard line. Conerly enTered The game, shoT a Tive yard bulleT To Joe John- son, Talced a pass and pounded over Tor anoTher score. ln The Third quarTer, Collins of LSU slcirTed our righT end "rm malce The score I3 To I2 in Tavor oT Ole Miss. Midway in The TourTh guarTer, Ole Miss worked The ball down To The Bengal 30 on running plays by Olover and passes by "Roach." Then The sTage was seT Tor The fnosT dazzling run oT The game. Chunlrin' Charles Talced a hand-oTT beauTiTully, Taded Tor a pass, couldn'T Tind a receiver and Then sliThered Through The middle oT The line Tor 26 Yds, and a TD. LSU scored again buT couldn'T caTch The Rebs. Hamley and Bridgers gef ready ULE ISS EU I l.1B GAME STATISTICS FirsT Downs .... INleT Yards Rushing . Yards l.osT Rushing ..., Forward Passes ATTempTed . Forward Passes CompleTed . INleT Yards Passing ..... Forward Passes InTercepTed By Yards lnTercepTions ReTurned Average PunT ....... PunTs Bloclced ..... PunTs ReTurned ..... Yards l.osT On PenalTies . . Number Fumbles .... Fumbles LosT . . Final Score . . Ole Miss L.S.U 9 22 80 I99 40 59 . . I9 23 . . I2 I0 . .I2I I30 . . 2 I . . 4I 20 , . 4I 4I . 0 0 . 0 7 . . 62 65 . I 4 . 0 I . . 20 I8 OuarTerbacl: Buchanan as: Til il. I Tis' .lil iii? 5 g , I ,ii ll lyli! ii FirsT Downs .... l NeT Yards Rushing .... Yards I.osT Rushing .... Forward Passes ATTempTed . Forward Passes CompleTed . I NeT Yards Passing ..... , Forward Passes InTercepTed By Yards InTercepTions ReTurned Average PunT ....... PuriTs Blocked .... . . PunTs ReTurned ..... Yards LosT On PenaITies . . . Number Fumbles .... Fumbles LosT . . ,I Final Score . . ll I' I 1 ' i li Y. r al 1 .7 f i i s I'g In Ii . I T I I T 'ig llasg lie ' 1 Howell makes a Tackle I 3 ULE MISS 43 TENNESSEE I3 GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Tennessee . 2I 5 . I8O I7 . I8 38 . 35 25 . I9 7 .246 77 . I 2 I4 43 . 30 24 . O 2 . I I . 80 IOI . 4 2 . 2 I . 43 I3 -'z DEE PENNY BILLY MUSTIN Ole Miss' All-American Charlie Conerly spearheaded a merciless Touchdown onslaughT againsT Tennessee in lvlemphi's Crump STadium To smash The Tloundering Vols 43 To I3 beTore an amazingly clear day crowd oT 28,000. IT was The TirsT Time in hisTory ThaT Ole lvliss has been able To whip a UniversiTy oT Tennessee Team. Re- venge was sweeT, Tor every Rebel Tan remembers The humiliaTion suTTered Trom The greaT VolunTeer Teams Trom The pasT. BuT This 43 To I3 walloping even erased The I938 deTeaT and The lucky win of lasT year by The Vols. Every man, woman, and child in The STaTe OT Missis- sippi vowed To geT Tennessee aTTer IasT years' loss. This was The game The boys were poinTing Tor all year. John- ny VaughT and his coaches hadn'T Taken piTy on The help- less Vols The score mighT have been 75 insTead OT 43. By This game everybody was expecTing The Tabulous Conerly To have a bad day. No man could keep up The pace ThaT This slim boy Trom Clarksdale had been seTTing. Gen. Bob Neyland, raTed as one oT The greaTesT coaches oT all Time, planned Tor weeks on sTopping Charles, and he Tried, every boy on The Tield Tor The Vols Tried. BuT Infercepfion Thai prevenfecl a Touchdown - - 1 B. POOLE X A 4 l lil ' . 'if 4 ff , 0' .' 5 u' ' -mf . .-. ,Tel oootvi 4 . u JIMMY BYRD Thrown for a loss fhaf sunny Safurday affernoon in Memphis was Charles' day. l'le was magnificenf, he was incomparable, he was a one man show fhe equal of which is seldom seen in big fime foofball. The Terrific halfbaclc heaved a barrage of 34 aerials, I9 of them scoring hifs for a fofal of 246 yards, and his greaf clufch running lcepf fhe Vols guess- ing all affernoon. After the game was over, Gen. Bob mopped his brow and said "Charley Conerly is fhe besl' football player l've ever seen". This coming from Bob Neyland, fhe man who made Cafegc. Dickens, Bufler and a dozen ofher All-Americans, was indeed a fribufe. Ole Miss sfarfed rolling in fhe firsf period with "Roach" flipping a shorf pass fo Barney, Sfafue of Liberty to Tiblier, and a pass fo Poole fo the fwo yard line. Conerly fhen fook over and Oswalf con' verfed. Barney Poole blocked a punt for fwo poinfs and a few minufes later Mr. C. made his second marker of the day. Poole made a beaufiful diving cafch in the fhird period for another score and Earl Howell made a brillianf running cafch of anofher "Roach" aerial. The final fally came on a short pass fo buddy Bowen over cenfer. Conerly completes a pass to Bowen VARS OSCAR W. lBuckl BUCHANAN, Memphis, Tenn., QUARTERBACK. Buchanan did a tremendous iob of handling the team on defense, backing up the line with the ferocity of a tiger. The best description of Buck is "I00 percent"-E for effort all the way, Along with Buddy Bowen he gave Ole Miss the best Quarter- back duo in the south. 283 'I I 5, 5 i l li .- gl, .li T s 1 - . iff 3 .. " 1r:fi.f:4,'ri. +4 lr F:-Q5 -: J' 4' 'K '45-I . Q.-pq-a...l.J 'Ll 1735 ' ,'i.bA.'-' -' 'D Qs ':A,-LJ, , wxgu T-', , ,xl 'I' ,Y. R i A t,,- - e V vgf.,,,:' . pug, -g A 3 W. , I ,-. k -. -1- 5 ,.,- 2.15, w Tv fix. Y li A . ,L , , . Q. , 1ffri5saf'jgi9.'iQ,' -, ' - - ' ' '.' . ' A' , , vig,-..-af, 1 5 l l "A ii ' ' ' " ' i' - ..'-. 4 vi.g,rf'.a2-ii' ff' , '?,F'5'f , Q4 i gfA'.,,- . .' . . I If btK.5,,,,f:w A in e lg!-f, E4f?i.."if"" ' ' , xxx.,-I-Eggfflgi ywvb ,. 'J-5' 'CJK-1-'-1-EAC' 1 ZF. ,T 1 . S ., , - 'fn 'Q .-r-',.'sb ' - "sz ' , . ,,s,,e, s 1 i AnoTher Conerly To Poole pass compleTe CHARLES GALEY The only breaTher on The Rebel schedule was The game wiTh The ChaTTanooga Moccasins. While enTerTaining The Smoky MounTain boys in Hemingway sTadium The locales had a Tield day. AlThough coming To OxTord wiTh a Tair record, holding Teams like STaTe, Tenn., and NorTh Carolina STaTe To low scores, The Moccassins never had a chance againsT The Colonelsl men. len Thousand people showed up clamoring Tor Charlie Conerly To break The naTional pass com- pleTion record, and Tar be iT Trom Charles To disappoinT his Tans. The scoring sTarTed ouT wiTh a bang wiTh Conerly compleTing six sTraighT passes Tor lhe TirsT Taliy. Seconds laTer The Tlashy hallback Toured 59 yards Through eleven Moccasins Tor The second Ole Miss score. Bobby Wilson Then laTched on To a ChaTTanooga pass on his own 44 and danced cagily lor The score. Roach came back Tor anoTher shoT aT The compleTe record, and Tied iT wiTh a scoring heave To Barney. ATTer six more successful Throws, Conerly waTched Dee Penny sTreak over Tor The 33rd poinT, and Then Ole Miss' wonder boy reTired Tor The day. Joe Johnson covered OswalT's kickoff in The end zone Tor The sixTh Reb TD, and OswalTls TourTh exTra poinT gave Ole Miss a 40 To O lead aT The halT. "Wild Willl' Glover, VaughT's speediesT Tailback, nesTled a Moc- casin punT in his poweiTul arms on The Rebel 20, cuT sharply Tor The Bobby Wilson l:i 2" f. 'ff V, . :lic ' . s-gg l i , , i l ' S 5, I l E 3 F 2 v 'i 4 x ! l I fl l EULAS STAMPS JENKINS, Vernon, Ala., RIGHT HALF- BACK. Jenkins was a very effeclive runner, slarled las? and really moved in an open field, Turned oul To be one of The Rebel's key backs. Jenk could always gel' Thar exlra yard when if was needed. He l?6Ck9f1l ' up the line with The great zeal and fervor, meehnq his man in The hole before he goT a chance to get slarled, l Conerly, Buchanan, ancl Blackwell l ! l Q , f' i .5 1: 4. 'T '- is WT i as X - la lli V 374 fe A gf el i A -A , r ll 'l I ...J 284 1 . gs 4 is BOBBY WILSON WILL WEBB wesT sidelines, and scampered unTouched Tor 80 yards and his share oT The Tremendous score. The lasT period was scoreless wiTh The Ole Miss Third and TourTh Teams Talcing over. WiTh some seven minuTes oT play remaining Barney Poole came in To puT in his bid Tor record brealcing. For The whole day he gaThered in I3 passes To puT on an amazing show. In seTTing The new caIIegiaTe passing record oT The greaTesT number oT compleTions in a single season, Roach Tossed 32 Times Tor 20 perTecT ones and I59 yards, Two oT The 20 going over Tor six poinTers. As a sideline. The Tlashy halfbaclc Toured 59 yards Through eleven Moccasins Tor The second Ole Ivliss score. Barney Poole, noT To be, denied came wiThin 2 caTches OT Tying The comloleTion record. The "B" Team geis ready for pracfice ULE ISS 52 EH TTANUUG GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Chaffanooga FirsT Downs ..... . . . I7 B NeT Yards Rushing . . . . . l4o I7 Yards LosT Rushing ..... 28 30 Forward Passes ATTempTed . . . 45 29 Forward Passes CompleTed . . . 29 II NeT Yards Passing ....... 235 IoO Forward Passes InTercepTed By . . 4 O Yards InTercepTions ReTurned . . IO3 O Average PunT ......... 36 34 PunTs Bloclced . , . . . O O PunTs ReTurned .... . 6 3 Yards LosT On Penallies . . 20 25 Number Fumbles . . . . I 4 Fumbles LosT . . . O I Final Score . . 52 O Big Barney .l O do Ol Ol OU O 1 I 5 I I I If il ? 5 I 'I ii 'i I, I ill iii 1 I I i I i I I I iii I , I II, 1 I DLE ISS EIEI MISS. ST TE14 GAMES STATISTICS Ole Miss Miss. Sfafe Eirzf Downs ..., . , I0 I0 Nef Yards Rushing . . . . I57 I I5 TGVOS Loaf Rushing ,... . I4 38 Forward Passes Affempfed . . . I8 lo Forward Passes Complefed . . . I3 I0 Nef Yards Passing ....... l80 l27 Eorward Passes lnfercepfed By . . I 0 Yards lnfercepfions Refurned . . 25 0 Average Runf ...,..... 39 32 Runfs Blocled . . . . . 0 I Runfg Refurned .... . 5 5 faids Loaf On Renalfiei, . . 50 55 Number Fumbles . . . . 2 3 Eumb'e, Loaf . . I 2 Final 5Core . . . 33 I4 We gef fhe Egg baclc I L BOBBY PEETS CHUBBY ELLIS In fhis final encounfer wifh fhe farmers, mechanics, and whaf-nofs-in ofher words, foofhless Bulldogs of Missis- sippi Sfafe-fhe much heralded duel befween Ole Missls incomparable Charles llRoachl' Conerly and fhe im- porfanf Shorfy McWilliams failed fo maferialize. Even parfisian Sfafe fans will admif fhaf fhe Red and Blue Mr. Conerly is in a Class by himself. Before a sell-ouf crowd of some 26,000 rabid cifizens of fhe greaf Magnolia sfafe of Mississippi, fhe fouch down laden Ole Miss Rebels slashed savagedly fhrough an ouf-clashed and ouf-foughf Sfafe feam. For a liffle while Sfafe made if fairly inferesfing, buf midway in fhe firsf period "Tiger" Jack Odom sef up The inifial Ole Miss TD when he enveloped a I-larper Davis fumble on fhe Farmer I2. Three running plays and a pass lafer, Ihe Rebels found fhemselves needing yards fo score. 5Iafe's Mafulich boofed ouf To The Red and Blue 40. Conerly fhen unwound fhe mosf fabulous pifching arm in foofball hisfory, hurling four sfrilces-fwo of fhem fo All-American Poole-fo puf fhe ball on fhe fhree yard line. Buddy Bowen and fhe Ole Miss line liferally liffed fhe enfire Sfafe line off fheir feef and baclc over fheir goal line on a quarfer baclc sneak for our firsf six poinfs. Bobby Oswald added insulf fo iniury by spliffing fhe up- righfs wifh his Icicle. Ex-Army sfars Glenn Davis and Ug Fuson Ialre in fhe Ole Miss-Sfafe game BUBBA BLACKWELL Joe Johnson iusl' missed iT I One oT The Tew bad kicks in The "Roach's" career gave The Iviaroons ,l Their only earned Tally. Winged-TooTed I-larper Davis used his arm f insTead of his TeeT, Tor a change, passing Tor a TirsT down on The I4. I The greaT McWilliams was shoT inTo The game by Coach "Smiley" Mclfeen, and, using his head as a baTTering ram, bulled down To The I in Three Tries. A liTTle worse Tor wear, "ShorTy" leTT The game, and I "Eagle" lviaTulich lunged over The middle Tor The score. "Rookie" Max , STainbrook made The exTra poinT good. Conerly Took The kick-oTT on The Reb I I, palmed The ball oTT To Will I Glover who pranced To The mid Tield sTripe. On The nexT play, The im- l morTal Mr. "C" Took The ball Trom cenTer, sTepped back and surveyed The Tield wiTh The calmness and calculaTion oT a masTer. Unleashing his sTrong righT arm, he Tired The ball Tar away down The Tield inTo The iron paws oT slim Joe Johnson, who Took iT on The dead run Tor The score ThaT broke The Farmers backs. Conerly compIeTes anc,-Ther pass againsf STaTe JOHN H, lBuddyJ BOWEN, Greenville, Miss., QUART- ERBACK. Buddy was a coaches' dream as a signal caller, never calling a wrong play, His blocking was flawless, and he was chosen as The "BesT Blocker I In The SonTheasTern Conference", by The players and coaches. He seldom leT up unfil he had aT Ieasl Two men on The ground. Buddy's compeTiTive spiriT was The besf. I l I 287 1 .i- . -f mf -' : f 242 15. ii i x . 'Nl T - L Q '. xi A g:'i"Q"'A ...Q ,n ' 1 i 'i" zi E " ' ' , I Y' -2 P9 Y' fy' L. :yeahh 4. bg if' 'YA' A fi, , - Pr fy i i 3 fl va 3 . 4. , I, ri r ! il' r' - ' -J 'D I g nuu-q-- .' ' . -Qui ,tra yi 1 s,.i.. 5 :Q . A, .Q--'lu Q , 4 'S 'W S' . s Farley Salmon gains 20 yards 342 225266, B U L hgi AT MEMPHIS Coach Vaughl and slar pupil is .vm 1 R il H-11 Q o A , he s . 3' 6' f .. ' ' ' ' f . ,. 7. C3 ' - - - I T 5 ' K. ff , 'V Q 1 nit 'fi v' 'ff ix ' -fd I f Q ff: f 1:4 mg 4 , ' l i I, Q on ' - r' in i J '-R , 1 - Four inspiralions Cigach Jishnny VauqhT led his new Tamcus charges To The OTT Trcdden beach-head in Memphis known as Crump Stadium, and The TirsT DelTa Biiwl Game. Texas ChrisTian UniversiTy, VaughT's alma maTer, was The xiQTim on This biTTerly Cold New Year's Day, De-spiTe The usual bad weaThef, over 23,000 Tans crammed The sTadium To CapaciTy, To see The valianT Ole Miss Team cc-me Tram behind in The TourTh quarTer To score Two lighTninq blows and wipe ouT 3 9 To O lead by The FMT WfirTh Team. For Three quarTers one word was beina uTTered Through chilled, numb lips, "UpseTl"-The word ThaT sTruiiL Tear To The hearT5 r-iT every layal Mississippi Tan. UnTil Ole Miss sTarTed separaTinq The men Tram The boys The Pebs did ver-, IiTTle e-ie-pT aT The sTarT, when They mfnecl The ball Blind Jim spealcs . Dixie Howell scores againsf TCU oO yards on Conerly's passing and were sTopped by an alerT Horned Frog inTercepTion. SO, TCU, TighTing inTO The wind ThaT blew Tron Their plains, wheeled up To The ll on The arms and legs oT Two very Tine halTbaclrs, Lindy Berry and PeTe STouT, Took charge wiTh Two counTers in The second quarTer and lrepT Ole Miss very busy indeed deTending Their goal. The Frogs Threw up a seven man line, surrounded Conerly wiTh brawny arms and harrassed The pass- ingesT man of all as he hadn'T been Troubled during The I947 season. Then Things changed in a rapid, Tingling mornenT-a Red and Blue rnomenT. Ole Miss goT The ball on Their own T'wenTy wiTh Time laTe in The Third guarTer and The emergency was pressing. ln nine plays They wenT all The way. The Rebs had The wind wiTh Them and They were ready. QuarTer- back Bowen used his plays as a Teniifng masTer would use his Toil, sTrilring deaTh blows To The sTaggering Horned Frogs. T-le shoolr liTTle Farley Salmon loose CTT Taclrle Tor Two oT The preTTiesT runs of The game. Red Jenkins hiT The line, and Then Jaclr STibling gained valuable ground on an "end around". Time was Then called and "Mr. FooTball" was Thrown inTo The breach. Two passes To Joe Johnson and we had our TirsT score, A Tew minuTes laTer our second score was seT up by a pass Trom Conerly To Johnson and Then The game winning pass To l'Dixie" Howell. l-lowell Tools "Reaches" pass on The l5 and liTerally bulled his 1-ay ever Three TCU deTenders To give The Ole Miss Rebels Their TirsT Bowl vicTory in hislory. Thus ended The Fabulous Saga of The MighTy Men of Mississippi. Roach around end 289 l 4 . ! 1 NU' . W, . 4 I J 14 ,13 x12f , .P 'H I 1 , ll Z 3:19 ' , Q , 3 17 IS 19 , 5 Vx '3 4 W rib Y.: I3 . f 1- Q , nf ...iw-" up l M Q f .rv ,,.-vi vJ,,,v-1 ,M gs, 6 N xs4'g, .wg v,,4.44'I'-w""""VN 1 it 8 Q 1 ,mf mi w 39' 'MF ,N .N-,,,V fu 1 . It .',. ,Mfg 3 Jill' -my 95 4-' -n-0:4 I? --.,,,,,,,N. -N-.- 5 v L X Cle Cle Cle Cle Cle Cle Cle Cle ,ii A. ssn..s4a..-45. V- 1 ll -q,.. .'. '- , . . , ' - s' '- !'.,', 'f ."l - ' -,- . .-,-. '9 . -"....-,,:'f.4 .s.z:is.. .As .... I - , - I The Team Miss . . li Bradley Tech Miss . 23 Alabama . Miss . 63 Clarlcsclale Miss . 43 Auburn , Miss . 4i Auburn . Miss . 63 W. III. Tabs. Mifi . 43 Sfale . . Misc. . I3 Clarlcsdale "Dugouf Blues" GAMES PLAYED Ole Cle Cle Ole Cle Cle Cle Cle I, IX Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss 2I3 Millsaps . 93 Millsaps 201 Lambufh . 2Of I.ambuII'1 . 33 Alabama 33 Alabama . 43 Sfafe . Ii Slale . Pifchers Poole and Woodward S I I l I I I I 292 -A Coach Tad SmiTh's I947 Baseball Team, Paced by a couple of veferan piTchers, had a very successful sea- son wiTh a record of IO vicfories and 6 defeafs. Breaking even in The conference games, The Rebels greaTesT nemisis proved To be The weafher. One whole road Trip down To BaTon Rouge and New Orleans was rained ouT. The boys iusT goT a free ride, noT even being able To Take The field againsf Tulane or LSU. In The ofher Conference games we Took The Alabama Nine To The cleaners here, buf The Tables were Turned when we journeyed over To The CapsTone CiTy. ln The firsT TilT wiTh The Auburn Tigers The Rebs losT ouT in a hard foughf conTesT, 6 To 4. Big Ray Poole, superb Rebel righfhander held The Auburn boys helpless in The second TilT, whife-washing Them 4 To O. ln our only game wiTh The STaTe Cowhands here on The campus we rode Them ouT of The park wifh a 4 To 3 counT. Rain Toolc over The second day and in a reTurn series down aT The Barns we splif Two hard foughf games wifh Them. Ole Miss fared remarkebly well in non-conference games winning 6 and losing only 2. Bradley Tech of Peoria, lll, visifed The campus for our firsT home game Ray Poole bunTs one and Took us To The cleaners, ll To I. The Clarlcsdale Team from The CoTTon STaTes League was beafen 6 To 4, buf came baclc laTer To Take a IO To I decision. Wesfern Ill, Teachers were defeafed 6 To 2, and Lam- buTh College of Tenn. Tool: Twin drubbings by 20 To O counTs. ln an inTersTaTe series wiTh Millsaps, The boys from Jackson were beaTen boTh games. Philip Poole and Russell Reid handled The caTching iob for The Rebels very compeTenTly. The mound Corps were Ray Woodward, Ray Poole, Toby lvlaiure, and Tommy Thorpe. Woodard and Poole had a very good record, wiTh bofh of Them moving info The Soufhern Associafion This summer. Johnny Bruce fielded flawlessly aT FirsT Base and W. G. lvlize was a second saclcer of ouTsTanding abiliTy. AT ShorT liTTle Diclc McCool sparlced The infield wiTh his pepper and fighT. Charles Conerly swapped his fooT- ball cleaTs for spilces and Toolc over The Third base sloT. VersaTile Ray Poole covered leTT field when noT piTch- ing, and ThibaulT and Conerly alTernaTed in cenTer field. Probably The mosT promising player on The Team was slim Bobby Wilson who fielded brillianTly in righT field and was a fence busTer aT The plaTe. Wilson, ouffield: Reid, cafcherp Conerly, ouffield 1 a - T A , 1 1 . 1'. , . ,. Hr. I-. A a ,f-" A Y ,.,f ' ' 293 M, 452, W hz Q -.Q 1.4 ,ar . F .-., w it Y ,if 41' ' 4- i ln. A n....n.w. . f A ' , .f T H II Under The TuTorship oT King Ganner, ex-Univ. oT Alabama Cinder greaT, The Gle Miss Track Team Took Their opening meeT Trom SouThwesTern oy a score oT 76 To 50. The nexT Two conTesTs were wiTh Alabama and The Crimson Tide edged us ouT in boTh meeTs. We pulled down our TirsT and only SEC vicTory The nexT weekend againsT VanderbilT, 76 To 4l. We enTerTained The power- Tul STaTe ouTTiT The Tollowing SaTurday and wenT down To deTeaT. Only Two Rebelmen placed in The SEC meeT aT Birmingham: Faggard in The low l-lurdles, and Fields in The shoT puT. l.eTTermen were: SprinTsg AlTon Joseph and BiTsy l-lunTer. 440: Bob Kell. I-lurdles: CooTer Faggard and Joe Johnson. Milersg Joe Walker, Paul VaulT3 STeve STringTellow. l-ligh Jump: Flair- line l-larper. Broadiumpg BiTsy l-lunTer and Flair- line T-larper. Field FvenTsg Jimmy Fields, Puny Mann and Doug T-Tamley. vsfsf. J , ll fif .ASV 4' ,M A-I if:- M.-.,4q,.,' TENNIS Three wins, a draw and a loss marked play lor Cle Miss lennis Team lasl spring. Progress was made al The expense ol Soulhweslern in a pair of 7-O decisions, and Millaps in a 6-l win. Slafe was lied 4-4 here and won over The Qle Miss Team al Slarlcville 5-3. Unbealen, and wilh a Johnny Reb in 'rhe finals ol lhe annual Soulhern lnlercollegiale lournamenl, Ole Miss had ils besl golf campaign in hislory lasl spring wilh Al Slone :fuval"'5"!"f? 7'1" f GULF and John MacMurry pacing a panel ol seven slraighl viclories, Alberl Slone was The sensalion ol The Soulhern Tourney al fklhens wilh The besl march medal ol The Tourney, I I under par lor 38 holes in his lirsl Three duels. The Team delealed Alabama Twice, Soulhweslern Twice, Springhill College ol Mobile and also loolc lwo from Millsaps. sf ff l.144..i7C' Paul R. Page, Direcfor of fhe Band q 7, V .'. 1 CHARLES ROBISON BERNARD PATRICK A Cf' ,Tl . UT I in C JACK TUBB MARY GLENN LATHAM BRETT JACK son lg -9, BERNARD BROKAW ROBERT CHILDRESS FRANCES HILTON ROBERT E, RUSSUM CURTIS STACY LESTER SUMNERS I 1545- aw 4 229' " f W , . ,, ',gf1,"-',:f-" 'VW 'EN 9.'1l".3 , Mft' '-., 3, .. 7 n,Y,....g. g ,y..f ' ' .f"'Pe, V. 7 af, '- If J I3 lb in W,,-QQ. ff Q . Jil' Under The excellenT direcTion oT Paul Page The band has again This year proved a worThy addiTion To The school. ColorTul, new uniTorms added much To Their appearance and served To emphasize Their TiTle as "The Show Band oT The SouTh". During The halT-Time, OT The year's TooTball game, They provided inTeresTing, amusing, and colorTul enTerTainmenT. Membership in The band is open To Those men and women aTTending The UniversiTy who can qualiTy. Since no moneTary compensaTion is involved iT is composed mosTly of people who enioy playing and who like music. Now more progress is being made in concerT work To round ouT a Tull year. PAUL R. PAGE . . . DirecTor BERNARD PATRlCK Head Drum Maior OFFICERS CHARLES W. ROBISON .... PresiclenT MARY GLENN LATHAM . . , SecreTary JACK TUBB ......., Vice-Presideni BRETT JACKSON .... , . Treasurer BAND COUNCIL Bernard Brokaw Frances Hilion CurTis Sfacy Roberl' Childress Bob Russum LesTer Summers Drum Maiors: Bernard PaTrick, BreTT Jackson. Drum Maioreffesz Frances HilTon, Joyce Hollingsworth, Billie Jean LiTTle, Elizabefh Pilk- ingTon., Ella WhiTe, Flufesz Frances HilTon, Joyce Hollingsworth, Claudia Hopkins, Robert Jones. Clarinefsx Jack Anderson, William Barrier, Bobby Cox, Taylor Eady, Charles Fulgum, Joe Lee, Billie Jean LifTle, Carl Meqehee, Joyce Melvin, Inez Odom, Charles PaTch, Hugh RochesTer, Bobby Shannon, Hugh Thomasson, Jack Tubb, J. J, Wesr, Ella White, Ed Wornble, Shirley Williams. Oboest Bernard Brokaw, Jeannine Pelham. Bassoons: Joan Melvin, Alvin Wright. Saxaphones: Gavin Scolr, Jimmie Caldwell, Jesse Evanson, RoberT Halford, Burchard Hungerford. Cornefs 8: Trumpefst Bob Baker, Seymore BernsTein, Roberr Childress, Archie Carr, JusTin Cox, William G. Cox, David W. Dunn, Richard Furr, O. H. Hendrix, John F. Jackson, Billy McKinney, Ed Nelson, Hugh Noble, Alberf Perkins, Bill Perry, Charles Robison, Richard Russum, John Salfer, Roben' Thompson, Neil Travis, French Horns: James Brenf, BreT'r Jackson, Lesfer Sumners, Mary Thomas. Trombones: Frank Hammond, Bill Liffle, William McNuTT, Joe STokes, Larry, Gran- ville Williams. Bariionesz James Friday, Wayne Howard, Farley McElroy, Curtis Stacy. Basses: Charley Mac Jones, HerberT McGuHee, Roby Sfegal, Herberl Tucker, Drums: Elmer Lammons, Barfon Pursell, Warren Robinson. Bells: James Wilson, Dof Moorey. the .-fi 4 41.11 04' .ff WF c l gi ia X 1 I r, 297 T' 1 ri I I TD' ,L li . ,rr 1, 7'9" , . , .,, :ia'ig , , ,., I I Ijbgef. fa- i E fi X, - 4 Zi,-E7 7G'5f2aaf1 3:,,wg.,i.V,l? Tw 1 Bb Cr ':'7-- ' 165 , img , L Mg .f ,-f , ii' .1 I 5 ie -5.2 i Q -. H'hm - . if +4 i 5' , Q ,Q 9153? . ' iffiff i A, - QE 5.5. fl? :QZSQQNQ 1' ' 'll " I 'I Qi In '13 I I 5 E E 'B c 6- ff, if I ' A .gif 5- s 'I i'liiii, , -L N l 1 I I 1 I ,'I I I I, I 'I.l :I I MEMBERS UE THE BA U Firsi Row: Jack Anderson, Bob Baker, William Barner, Seymore Bernslein, James Brenl, Bernard Brokaw, Jimmie Caldwell, Roberl Childress, Bobby Cox, Juslin Cox, David W. Dunn. Second Row: Taylor Eady, Jeelie Eavanson, Richard Furr, Jamee Friday, Franlc I-larnmond, Q. H. Hendrix, France--I I-lillon, Joyce ldollinqsworlh, Claudia Hop- linu, Wayne: l-loward, Burchard I-langerlord. Third Row: Brell Jaclc- ,on, John F, Jackson, Charley Mac Jonee, Robert Jones, E. V. Lammony, Joe lee, Billie Jean Lillle, Farley McElroy, I-Ierberf McGuBee. Bill McKinney, Carl Meqehcfe, l'-our+l1 Row: Jc-in Melvin, Joycc- Melvin, Dol Mooney, Ed Neilson, I-luqh Noble, lnffz Odom, Chavlcw Ralch, Jeannine Pelham, Alberl Perlcins, Bill Perry, Barton PLN , Fiffh Row: Charlc' Robicon, Wfwrren Robinuon, I-luqh Rochexlcr, Richard E. Ruuaiirn, Qavin Scoll, Larry Bernglci, Bobby Shannon, Curlix Slacy, Roby Sie-gall, Jon Slolez, l.l'HIf'f'SIIIYIfT1C,'F, Mary lhomaw. Sixfh Row: Hiiqh lhoma i.i. on, Robc-rf Thompmon, Huberf Tuclcer, Nell Travis, Jack ilulilw, J. J. Wfi',I, Lllfi WhiIi,1, Crnnville Willifwm-f,, Shirley Williamu, James Wilson, Lil Wframblc-, Alvin Wriqhl. 298 Rain or shine, vicTory or deTeaT, on home Tield or visiTing, These seven cheerleaders have helped carry The TighTing Rebel spiriT wherever The Team played. Always encouraging The rooTers and The Team when The going was Tough-always leading The cheers when vicTorious-always keeping up "The old pep", iT may be TruThTully said ThaT sel- dom has Ole Miss seen such hard-worlcing cheer- leaders, loyal supporTers or more able couriers oT good will Than head cheerleader Bill SmiTh, Emma- gene l-lardy, T-lelen l-lenry, Nina Nosser, Lois Pe- grim, Buddy Shaw, and Lauch Magruder. 6 y, ,- -J jo Me EHEEHLE UEHS 2S'-611 wivxilnivliz nl!! s'I3'l!1.llsl , 4 fllfif f, 1 ' ' 1. -'11 can '11 ,E , "Ek: .' - ' 'VTQI' 13- Q76 ' -'3 V-:1 ?' ' -, 9 . Q , ' ' wr , '1 1 - -1- , . Q 1 Q Y 1' '1 4- '-1 .ff .1 '1 Q1 2 -', LL, 1 .'i"m..2i-'3 -W'--H - -- 1 ' E' " 1 S- , -f fe , H' - ' Kg: sf ' , ' v , ff v a 5 5,1 V , " .,15 ' J3- " 1 .VI ' 71, 1- " Qifiili -J,--4 .y V P2511 E A' 'Q W-x 47 1' 5 f er 113' 13 I ffHQg11'f:?g Q i if v ' -- 'I 6 6 s, " 1 rv' Y' F I 1, ::1gig.j ,Z -w 2 1 n - v v - .3 if N ' K E K 1 S r 4. 1 hu 3' I .- .V ir? rf.. 11 1 1: . N4 V! 1 117' 1 1' 1- 1 1- 1 1 1' ' ' ' 1-,z.',',,'..1 .' g1"- 'Y.'111" , .11 , 61 'i L, Q gs v V . 5,15 - . 13" Lax" 7 1 11. 1 111111-1 11 1'1 1 ' I 11 1 '11 111, 1 '11' 11' 1'-Y 1-1 1' 111 1.-.1 1 11 -1 OFFICERS 1 1.1111 1- P11--. :1'11 I-NN - 31 . 1 , T 1 314 .2- 'A' J 1 .1. 3 J? 'in- :1 1111111111 1 1111- 111111-11.-1, S' 11-1 111111 1 1w1v 11 111 .111', '11, K1 1111111,1111'11 H111 11111 1 1-11 .111 111111111 111 1 1 1v111- 11 1111-1 11111-11- ,1-1112, 1 111.114 K11.1,1,1 11.1 K 1 . ,xy .-.5 1 .1 fi 2-91,3 , Q. 1 ,sf 1 '. 1 .. 1 MEMBERS 1 11 R1111' A1111 A1111111, l1-X1 K1--1111111-1, E11-M1111 A1'11r1, 11111111110 A1111 A111-11, M1, S11'1- Affx, J11.11111.1 fkc-111, QL1111- A1,1111ln, A1171 B.11m', ' K1111- B1111v1f1 Mal-111 A1111 5.13, KJ, B11'r, R110 BJ-11, D11111.1 b 1' 1 '1'11 H1 A111111 B1-1111 1, A1111 B1'1111v1, EHZJL-0111 A1111 111f'11'11", 'v1.f'11" 50.11-1, M1111-le' B1'r'111111.111 C,1'111fl9 BOrr1111f11. L 1f-- 11111 R1111. J1'11- B41111111 M,1v1P1,1 B11w11'11r1, BPHV BOMB, Sdbyne' 1 11111111-111.111, M.1111.1'1-1 311111-1 81111111111 811111-, B1-My Bvgun, H0111 A11, 1.1Y111-l1111- 811.111, M4111 Buvm-11, 11A'11'Y1 Burnulde, lv1a11' 111.1111-U1 1511111-1, 1-111,11' Q..11I1111', 1.011 l,111111rr"--1, BC111 CANDY, 1' l, 11-11111-1, H1111 C,1111111fH, B1-My Qwrmrly, M.11y Conner, Jam- f11.1.111f1. 1111111 R111-., M11f1f-Ar1nCf111n0, R11111 C111111-1, Jani- D111qre, 11111111 111111111111-, 1311 D.1.11i-1111, D111 D111111.1l, C11.'1r1o11P Downey M.1111.1 11.11 1111111-', M.1111C111-1 D11B1-1.-1, l111111n Uulv, Puddk' Ea-1011, H.1rL1.1f.1 E1f111r1w Ji-1110 E11-.wuVf11, L111y Euum, W1111P Fdhf, Pafrida "JST P1-V111-' F'1,a'f1, DoH1eVF1e211f,, Vwran F1r1d1ey, Beify Flanagan, Barbara 300 4 O L 5, -I' 0 ,-fi wr . 'WAZZ , , 6 F i Q' F, , I "' ' W s L ff? 2 Q , L' 5 -5 , Q- 2 Y in , '- A i , 55, Q ' 'L an AiT , A v , . T' Fly. Fourth Row' Billie French, Lanelle Gallord, Jerry Garland, Jean Gayle, Adelyn Gerald, Joan Gillespie, Ann Gist, Pat Gore, Zula Gore, Lucile DeGravelles, Ann Lee Gunn, Mariorie Gustalson, Betty Hadad, Polly Hager, Dot Hamm, Marie Hansen, Emmaline Hardy, Jane Haury, Carol Hawkins, Jan Hays. Filth Row: Frances Hemeter, Helen Henderson, Helen Henry, Jo Herrington, Jean Holler, Joan Humphreys, Mady Jacobs, Jo James, Ruth Jenkins, Barbara Lynn Johnson, Mary Evelyn Johnson, Betty Jourdan, Sallie Junkin, Helen Karr, Connie Kayser, Tressa King, Eleanor Knee, Betty Kramer, Virginia Lee, Norma Jean Leggett. Sixth Row: Thelma Lenz, Jean Lewis, Kathryn Lewis, Mary Liddell, Linda Lindley, Joyce Lottin, Betty Long, Francis Lynch, Jane Madden, Peggy Mahoney, Belly Malone, Miriam Marron, Jean Melvin, Joyce Melvin, Mary Forest McCall, Mary Louise McDaniels, Frances McDonnell, Fanny McFall, Joyce McGuire, Bobbie Mclntyre. Seventh Row: Patty McKay, Ann McLean, Ruth McRee, Dunbar Merrill, Mary Evelyn Micheal, Barbara Miller, Nan Monaghan, Francis Morris, Gloria Moss, Katie Mott, Jean Mulligan, Nena Murphree, Marilyn .. A 5' 3' Nason, Willola Nason, Virginia Neyiile, Elnorg Ngfgfiorthy, Jo Nosser, Sally O'Neil, Judy Orr, Maedelle Patton. Eighth Rowi Sara Pearce, Joyce Perkins, Virginia Ann Pigtord, Elizabeth Ann Pilkinv ton, Hannah Pitts, Carolyn Prewitt, Dell Rawls, Mildred Reed, Ann Reilly, Pat Reilly, Ann Rheney, Betty Rive-3, Sue Rogers, Alicia Rollins, Charlotte Rooks, Joyce Roseborough, Betsy Ross, Martha Anne Rowan, Patricia Scoby, Edith Scott. Ninth Row: Robbie Scott, Jane Shedclan, Mary Alice Shourds, Bowe Simmons, Louise Simp- son, Doris Sneed, Dot Snow, Evelyn Spicer, Carolyn Slickerodi Charlotte Stickerod, Ida Nell Stone, Peggy Swango, Lillian Sweat, Vivian Sweat, Lillian Tankersley, Belly Tatum, Bobbie Taylor, Lois Teague, Janie Therrill, Woodsie Thrasher. Tenth Row: Betsy Tiblier, Marian Tiblier, Ruth Todd, Beth Toole, Ann Turley, Marty Turner, Gwen Walker, Mary Frances Waring, Ann Watkins, Baye Webb, Claire Wells, Ella While, Margaret Wick, Eiline Williams, Mary Jane Williams, Shirley Williams, Wanda Wilson, Nancy Wood, Barbara Worthington, Martha Wren, Ann Wright, Lillian Alice Young, Margaret Zderad. -an 4 K l 4 U i wsu., v. L 2 1 1 - 3 A '5-. :vm -..A v J-va -3 'QI ,gl .l yi - . . l -aa-' f .. ., ..- .. -r - '-'- , r - -I' . .. ., v- . . 1' ., ....., - . . . .., .,,,, 4 I' ------W . -4 ...., .., " . 3311. -- . '......,...-.,. 1"'l'r!'. ffl' """""""' . , i . ,,,4v 4 .. . -, ,,,. M, , -uk-MAA 1 A I I PI EAPPA PI I -3 YLTI fi : Y v ' sa Y 'J ik V 9 ur! S Fiur Row' Thad L. Andrews, W.ns1on W. Barnard, Finley E. Belcher, Howard A. Brown, Leslie Ray Brvanf, Overlon Currie, Kirby S. Day, Jr. Second Rowi Frances M. Esres, William W. Gresham, Joan Gunn, EvereIfe L, Harper, Robert P. Hillony Sara LeMasIerA Clilion Maxwell. Third Row: Carl A. Megehee, Paul M. Newton, Lewis Nobles, Martha Anne Rowan, James B. Snow, George T. Tindall, Richard G. Walls, Irwin G. Warerman. Pi Kappa Pi is an orqanizalion which upholds high ideals in scholaslic worlr on Ihe Ole Miss campus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is one of The Iwo hiqhesf scholaslic honors Ihal may be allained al Ihe Universily. The main requiremenf for member- ship is a sevenly per cenf average of A's for Iwo consecurive years. OFFICERS PAUL NEWTON . ,....., . . President FRANCES ESTES . . . Vice-Presidenl HOWARD BROWN . . .Secrelary LEWIS NOBLES . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Thad L. Andrews Winslon W, Barnard Finley E. Belcher Howard A, Brown Leslie Ray Bryanl Overlon A. Currie Kirby S. Day Jr. Frances M. Estes William W. Greshman, Joann Gunn Eyerelle L. Harper Roberl P. Hillon Roberl N. Leavill Sara l.eMasIei Clillon Maxwell Carl A. Meqehee Jr, Paul M. Newlon Lewis Nobles Marlha Anne Rowan James B. Snow Oeorqe T. Tindall Richard G. Walls Edwin G. Walerman I I l L MEMBERS PHIET STEM A 'Ns Firsl' Row: Thad Andrews, W. W, Barnard, Finley E. Belcher, Frank A. Bellina, Edward S. Birchelf, Eugenl D. Brown, Lloyd Bridqers, Roberl A. Bonds, Jr., James I. Calliff, Clarence C. Casfle, Tom S. Culley. Second Row: Kirby Day, Marlin Davis, Tom J. Dean, Foy Disrnukes, W. B. Dorsey, Bob Duncan, Theodore G. Elchos, Frank Forlenberry, W. M. Gillespie, Jr., Guy T. Gillespie, Jr., John F. Jackson, Ernesl' McClain Jones. Third Row: Jel-l Hamm, James P. Holloway, Huntington Howell, Louis J. Lyell, Bill Luckell, Ewell B. Marlin, Cliilon Maxwell, Thomas O. Melcalfe, Jr., David Miller, Lewis Nobles, Jase Norsworlhy, Clyde L. Pearson. Fourlh Row: Roberl C. Reeder, Guy H. Robinson, Lesfer A. Shipley, Jr., Richard L. Smilh, George T. Tindall, Wm. B. Theisrnan, Jr., Joel P. Walker, Richard G. Walls, William Winfer, Alberl Haines Wollelf. Phi Elra Sigma, nalional honorary scholaslic lralernily for freshmen, has as ils pur- pose 'rhe forwarding of scholaslic ideals and achievemenls among lreshman men. To a'r+ain membership in lhis organizalion il is necessary for lhe sludenl 'ro have nor less lhan 2.5 average in his lirsr year of college work. Though selecled in 'rheir freshman year Jrhe members remain aclive lhroughoulr lheir lour years ol college. OFFICERS KIRBY DAY ...........,........., Presidenl' JOEL WALKER .... Secrelary HUNTINGTON HOWELL .. ...Vice-Presidenl LARRY NOBLES .... ...l-lislorian TOM CULLEY .................... Treasurer Thad Andrews James Allaya W. W. Barnard Finley E. Belcher Frank A. Bellina Edward S, Birchell Eugene D. Brown Lloyd Bridgers Roberl' A. Bonds, Jr. James Caliil Clarence C. Caslle Tom S. Culley Kirby Day Marlin Davis Tom O. Dean Foy Dismulces W. B. Dorsey Bob Duncan Theodore G. Elchos Frank Forfenberry R. M. Guess W. M. Gillespie, Jr Guy T, Gillespie, Jr, John F. Jaclcson Ernesl McClain Jones William Jelilerson Hamm Everefle L. Harper Bobby Hays James P. Holloway Hunlinglon Howell Louis J. Lyell Bell Luclcelf Ewell B. Marlin Clillon Maxwell Thomas O. Mefcalf David Miller Owen T. Palmer Larry Noble Lewis Nobles Jase Norsworlhy 9 r Clyde L. Pearson Peler Raphael Roberl' C. Reeder Guy H. Robinson Le-sler A. Shipley, Jr. B, Murll Slcinner Richard l.. Smilh George T. Tindall William B. Theisman, Jr. Joel P. Walker Richard G. Walls William Winler Alberl' Haines Woollell LPHA LA BDA DELTA Wi Firsf Row: Eleanor Allen, Belle Duncan, Billie French. Second Row: Lucy Magee, Palsy Reilly, Walsie Summers. A 2.5 qualify poin'r average is necessary for membership in Alpha Lambda Della, narional honary scholaslic fralernily. Alpha Lambda Delia is Jrhe highesl scholaslic honor arlainable for freshman coeds. The purpose of lhis organizalion is lo promole higher slandards of living and learning, and To encourage superior scholaslic aliain- menr among freshman women. Campus sponsors of Alpha Lambda Della include Miss Eslella 6. l-lefley, Dean of Women, and Miss Evelyn Way, Professor of Classics. ELEANOR ALLEN . WATSIE SUMMERS PATSY REILLY . . , BILLIE FRENCH . Eleanor Allen Bello Duncan OFFICERS ....Presiden'r . . .Vice-Presidenf . . . .Secrelary . .Treasurer MEMBERS Billie French Palsy Reilly Lucy Magee Vlfalsio Summers PHIUELT PHI Firsf Row: Virgil C. Adams, Jr., Samuel E. Birdsong, Jr., Richard C, Bradley, Sfawarf C, Broom, Jr., James Dudley Buford, Lampkin H. Buffs, William D. Coleman, James C. Criqler, Alfred N. Crisler. Second Row: Joe Dale, Crawford Denlon Gibbs, Jr., Ernesf William Grayes, Henry Ware Hobbs, Jr., Horner Lee Howie, John R. Keyes, Lee Gibbs Kirk, William O. Luckeff, Roland Dudley Marble. Third Row: Ciiffon Maxwell, Charles Brinkley Morfon, Charles M. Murphy, Charles Lee MCG-lohn, William Marion McG-ough, Dale Harbour Mcliibben, William McCufchen Raworfh, Jr., William C. Rybak, James E. Smith. FoJr'rh Row: William Stevens Turner, Jr., Ofis Benfon Walfon, Jr., John C. Webb, John M. Wesfon, Douglas Knox White, William F. Winfer, Fred M. Wiliy, Jr., Henry Wood. Mayes lnn was charfered as an lnn of Phi Delfa Phi af Ole Miss in l927. Phi Delfa Phi is an infernafional honorary legal frafernify seelcing fhe promofion of a higher sfandard of professional efhics and culfure in fhe law school and in fhe profession af large. Members are selecfed from fhose sfudenfs who have displayed fhe highesf qualifies of scholarship and characfer in fheir legal fraining. OFFICERS C. DENTON GIBBES, JR. . ........ . . Regisfer LEE G. KIRK ..... . .Exchequer JOHN WEBB. . . . .... Clerk RONALD MARBLE . ....... . . Hisforian MEMBERS Philip Gerald Adams Virgil C. Adams, Jr. Samuel E. Birdsong, Jr. Richard C. Bradley Sfewarf C. Broom, Jr. James Dudley Buford Lamplrin H. Buffs William D. Coleman Donald C. Cooley James C. Crigler Alfred N. Crisler Joe Dale Crawford D. Gibbes, Jr. Ernesf W. Graves Joe R. Henderson Henry W. Hobbs, Jr. Homer L. Howie John K. Keyes Lee Kirlc William O. Luclceff Roland D. Marble Cliffon Maxwell Joshua M. Morse Charles B. Morfon Charles M. Murphy Charles L. McGlohn William M. lvlcgouqh Dale H. lvicKibben Roberf N. McNuff William M. Raworfh, Jr William C. Rybalc James E, Smifh William S. Turner, Jr. James L. Tyson, Jr. Ofis B. Walfon, Jr. John C. Webb John M. Wesfon Douglas K, Whife William P. Winfer Fred M. Wiffy, Jr. Henry C. Wood 64 N C? 'QU' HDINA The Cardinal Club is an organizalion composed ol sophomores wi'rh lhe excepfion of lhe President a iunior, who is elecled from +he club of fhe previous year. Of i'rs sevenleen members. one man is chosen from each of +he social lralrernifies and 'rhree from 'rhe s+uden+ body a+ large. I+ was organized in I927 for lhe purpose of en'rer+aining and assis+ing members of visiling a'rhle+ic +eams. I+ luncfions on such occasions as l-ligh School Day, Homecoming, M Day, and a+ all alhlelic confesls on fhe campus. 308 ULU OFFICERS JIMMIE STRIBLING , . . Presidenl TOM DEAN . . . . , . Vice-Pvesidenl JACK CUNNINGI-IAM . . . Secrelaly BUDDY SHAW . . Treasur r I MEMBERS BOB ALLEN . . DAVID JOURDAN . BUBBER WEATI-IERLY . JOE GILLESPIE . JAMES CALIEF . WILLIAM SARTOR WEBB WOOD , BUDDY SHAW I LLOYD BRIDE-ERS JACK CUNNINGI-IAM JIMMIE STRIBLING . IRWIN KAUFMAN BILL SELPI-l . HARRY STEWART TOM DEAN BILL MOORE GEORGE ELLIS I Alpha Tau Omefxa I Befa Thela Pi Della Kappa Epsilon . . Della Psi . . lndependenl . . Independenl . . Indapendenl . . Kappa Alpha . .Kappa Sigma . Phi Della Thela Phi Della Thela . Phi Epsilon Pi , Pi Kappa Alpha . . Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Sigma Chi . .Sigma Nu I 1 l i T' 'W i :ek gag , Firzl' Pow' ElE'3V7CiV Allen, Bell? Dimiin, Billig Jean Freriqhl Dail' Hamri Carole Hn Hiiriry, Joan Jorrisorn, Nina Mae Nasser, Carolm Pre.vi11, Warsie Su Mins. S-iqrnd Row: Helen 'Where CWENS is composed of sophomore women selecled on Jrhe basis of scholarship, Their abililry as leaders, and aclive parlicipafion in campus aclivilies, The purpose ol CWENS is To promole scholarship and leadership among co-eds and To render service lo 'rhe Universily. OFFICERS wfxrsie SUMMERS 4 CAROLYN PREWITT . . BILLIE JEAN FRENCH , DOT HAMM , . , . MEMBERS Elursriwr Allen Dol lldmrwi Br-llc Dllflfrlfl Cnrmlf- llfiwlnirii. F" , , l I,-li rr Fifiriil llvleri llr-my ilfum ,li-hrvifin .UO . . Presidenl . .Vice-Presidenf . . Secrelary . , Treasurer Ninn Non,-.or Carolyn Prewill Wffrlsim? Summer I' ' ' I lefvf- I First Row: Kav Barr, Emily' Ann Bclf sllll Ma M3 J B Ingham Elinahelr Buwlfr Pal Dali-dean Pliclfl, Eason, Paula Hammond. Second Row: Jo Herringlonl Allen Hobbs, Ruth Jenkins, Birlic- Johnson, Eleanor Knee, ry l- ui' i 'rr Pal Land, Mary Liddell, Third Row: Jean Loll. Marv' V. Nichols, Mary Am Rivers, Edilh Stoll, Janie Sle-Qlfq Claire Wells. PIX is an honorary inler-sororily secrel sociely composed ol members lrom each ol lhe sororilies al lhe Universily. The purpose ol PIX is lo recognize oulslanding members ol lhe various women's Greelc leller groups and lo losler lriendship belween lhese organizalions. CHARLOTTE GEE ALLEN HOBBS , RUTH JENKINS , PUDDY EASON , MARY V. NICHOLS . RUTH SPIVEY MARY MAUD BIRMINGHAM JO HERRINGTON . EDITH SCOTT EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFE BILLIE JOHNSON . BETTY BRAUN . ELEANOR KNEE . JEAN LOTT , . , PAT DAVIDSON . . . PAT LAND . ELIZABETH BUEHLER , . MARY LIDDELL . , . CLAIRE WELLS . . . KAY BARR , PAULA HAMMOND . MISS STELLA ONEAL . MEMBERS Chi Omeqa . . Chi Omega . Chi Omeoa . Della Della Della Della Della Della . Della Della Della . . Della Gamma Della Gamma . Della Gama . Della Zela . Della Zela . Kappa Della , . , Kappa Della , Kappa Della Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma .,.,..PhiMu , . . , Phi Mu . . , , ,Phi Mu Zela Tau Alpha Zela Tau Alpha . . . . Sponsor Firsl' Row: Millard .Bush, Overfon Currie Kirby Day, John Frasier, Guy Gillespie. Second Row: Joe Gillespie, Bill Gresham, Hunfingion Howell, Bill Moss, John Price. Third Row: Benford Samuels, Tom Waits, Joe Wroren. OFFICERS JOHN PRICE . . , . . Presidenl' KIRBY DAY . . . . . Secreiary GUY G-ILLESPIE . . , .Vice'Presidenl' JOHN FRAISER . . . . .Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN TOM WATTS , . . . . Religious Services JOE GILLESPIE ....., World Fellowship JOE WROTEN . . . . . .Campus Ahlairs BILL GRESHAM ...,,.. Social Affairs BILL MOSS ......, Communiiy Services HUNTINGTON HOWELL .,... Publicily BENFORD SAMUELS .... Building Services MILLARD BUSH ..., . . Freshman Y SUMMER Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS JOHN PRICE . . ..,.... Presidenf JOE WROTEN ..,, . , Vice-Presidenf OVERTON CURRIE ....,... Secrefary Twenfy years afler 'rhe Univensiiy was founded, The Ole Miss Y. M. C. A. was organ- ized-in I868. The Reverend Henry Miller, Presbyierian minisierial siudenf, Ponloioc, represent ed 'rhe Ole Miss "Y" a+ ihe firs+ siudenl conference a+ Louisville, Kenluclcy, in l877. ln i882 came ihe firsf coeds io 'rhe Universily, and I7 years lafer-in l899-The Y. W. C. A. was organized. The Y's iirsf General Secreiary, Mr. Arihur Brown, served from l906 un'ril his deafh in l908. His successors have been Earl Randall Hibbard, C. H. Dulsch, Roy John, 312 Lo1T, Nina Nosser, Anne ELISE VARNER . . SARAH BUEHLER JACKIE BOWEN , BARBARA TRAPP . CHARM CRUM . NINA NOSSER . . BARBARA TRAPP , LAVERNE WILSON . fs, 'Y Firsf Row' Jackie Bowen, Sarah Buehlerl Charm Crum, Julie Davis, Jane Herring. Second Row' Doris Johns, Jean PaTTerson, Martha Anne Rowan. Third Row: Virginia Tansill Barbara Trapp, Elsie Varner, MarqareT Walrerf, Laverne Wilson. . . Vice4Presidenl OFFICERS . PresiclenT JEAN LOTT MARTHA ANNE RQWAN . Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . . Religious Services . . . Campus Ahfairs . .ComnnuniTy Services . . Building Services SUMMER Y. M. C. . . PresidenT . . .Vice-Preside-nT JANE HERRING DORIS JOHNS . JULIE DAVIS VIRGINIA TANSIL . . A. OFFICERS ANNE PATTERSON MARGARET WALTERS . SE-creTary World Fellowship . .Social ATTairs . . PubliciTy . . Freshman Y . . Secrelary . Treasurer and Ray H. LegaTe who held The posiTion unTil I922. R. Malcolm Guess served as General SecreTary oT The "Y" Tor The 25 year period Trom I922 To l947. The Reverend Wiley l'l. CriTz is now General SecreTary oT The Ole Miss ChrisTian AssociaTions, and Miss Lynda Ramey serves as Program SecreTary. The greaTesT conTribuTion of The "Y" aT Ole Miss-as aT oTher colleges and uni- versiTies-has been The enrichmenT of The minds and spiriTs of sTudenTs who laTer be- came leaders in The social, poIiTical and religious movemenTs of Their communiTies, sTaTes, and The naTion. 313 'sf- 'T PHI ALPHA BELT -lit. ., . x ! . 'x' I '72 I gm 1 . . In-1 M A . .-A . s -TS aff.. , . i l I FirsT Row: Ramon L. Burgess, Charles Clarli, Curfis Callirs, Raymond S. Cox, William E. Creswell, James S. Dale, John Fraiser, Thomas J. Griffirh. Second Row: John D. Guylon, Evereffe L. Harper, Chafwin M. Jackson, William H. Johnson! RoberT F. Juraschek, William B. Lloyd, William O. McIn'rrye, Joe Moore. Third Row: Clarence E. Morgan, Sidney Robinson, Tom B. Scoil, James F. Shumafe, Jr., Joe Simpson, Burris O. Smifh, Joe Stevens, John C. Sullivan, Fourfh Row: Noah S, SweaT, Slanford Terry, Hugh Varnado, Dave Whifalrer, Earl R, Wilson, Joseph Van Wilson, Francis T. Zachary. l Phi Alpha DelTa is a naTiorial honorary legal TraTerniTy, which seeks The promoTion oT Tellowship and The TosTering oT The highesT ideals OT The legal proTession. Those sTudenTs in The School oT Law who have aTTained The re-quisiTe scholasTic and characTer gualiTicaTions are eligible Tor consideraTion as members. The local chapTer is named y Tor one oT Mississippis ouTsTanding sTaTesmeri, L. C. Lamar, and was esTablished ' in l929. WlLLlAM E. MQINTRYE, JR BLJRRIS O. SMITH ..,. JOHN D. GUYTON . . . JOE MOORE . . . DAVE WHITAKER . Ramon L. Burgess Fred Bush Winslrnn O. Cameron Charles Clarlc Cuilis Collins Raymond S. Cm William E. Cresswell James S. Dale Jrrhn Frasier Thomas J. Grillilh John D. OuyTon OFFICERS MEMBERS Evcrre-He Harper Chafwin M. Jaclcson William Fl, Johnson Roberl F. Juraschelr William B. Lloyd William E. MclnTyre Joe Moore Clarence E. Morgan Sidney Robinson Tom B. Scoll James F. Shumale, Jr. . . . . Juslice l . . Vice-JusTice T . . . . Clerk . . Treasurer i . . Marshall I Joe Simpson . Burris O. Smilh Joe Slevens i John C. Sullivan 'l Noah S. Sweal l Slanford Terry Hugh Varnado Dave Whifalcer Earl R. Wilson Joseph Van Wilson . t Francis T. Zachary ' ' 'r FirsT Row: Emile Baumhauer, Tom Braddock, R. S. Caldwell, W. E. Caldwell, J. O. Dampeer, Jr., J. R. Denlon, George Ernmelf, C. L. Ezell, Hugh L. Gowan, Larry Hayes, Louie Henry. Second Row: George Herring, C. V. Horn, B. M. Kuehnle, Bob Lambrigiif, T. T. Lewis, J. R. Lovelace, A. M. McBryde, Ernesl McGaw, E. A. McVey, W. R. Neill, F. H. PoTeeTe. Third Row: H. R. Power, H. S. Rayner, L. O. Slewarl, J. M. Wells, Charles Whilalcer, T. Y. Williford, James K. AvenT, B. M, Brady, S. H. Coffey, Jr., W. O. Cole, Jr., E. J. Daly. Fourlh Row: R. D. Dean, R. W. Griffilh, Jr., Joseph L. GuyTon, R, T. Hollingsworlh, Jr., Sidney D. Jones, Jr., Thomas E, Magee, Wallace C. Moore, Jr., George A. Riley, Charles L. Tanner, Frank M. Wiygul, Jr, TheTa Pi OT Phi Chi was insTalled on The campus OT The UniversiTy OT Mississippi on March 22, l926. This inTernaTional medical TraTerniTy sTrives Tor The prornoTion of The highesT ideals OT The proTession among The sTudenTs in The many schools OT medi- cine in which iT has chapTers. OFFICERS J. O. DAMPERER, JR .... ......... . . Presiding Senior GEORGE W. HERRING . . . . . . . . Presiding Junior EMILE M. BAUMHAUER . . . ,... Treasurer WALTER P. NEILL .... , . . . , . .Judge AdvocaTe HUGH L. GOWAN . . ........, .... S ecreTary MEMBERS Emile M. Baumhauer Larry Hayes Ernesf McGraw Torn Braddock Louie Henry E. A. McVey R. S. Caldwell George Herring W, R, Neill VV. E. Caldwell J. O. Dampeer, Jr. J. R. DenTon George EmmeTT C. L. Ezell Hugh O. Gowan D. P. Granberry DR JAMES C. RICE . . James K. AvenT B. M. Brady S. H. Calzfey, Jr. W. Cole, Jr. E. J. Daly C. B. Horn B. M. Kuehnle Bob LambrighT T. T. Lewis J. R. Lovelace A. M. McBryde PLEDGES R. D. Dean Charles Farris, Jr. R. W. GriTTiTh, Jr. Joseph L. GuyTon R. T. HollingsworTh, Jr. Sidney D. Jones, Jr. F, H. PoTeeTe H, R. Power H. S. Rayner L. O. STewarT J. M. Wells Charles WhiTalrer T. Y. Williford .....ChapTerA Thomas E, Magee Wallace C. Moore, Jr George A. Riley Charles L. Tanner Frank M. Wiyqul, Jr. dvise Ei M is 4 i I ,LA ra Q! 'J A .fl ,y 9 4 LPH All. alll , lla! ..' .4 ,ll R I 'L gi. r 'l- l l ii . 'l 1 l l l , 'gi . l r J i l ' l i , . 52 E 1 . EPP EPP 1 :ll iff. ' 1 A, F-irsl Row: Roberf F.Baker, James C. Bass, Alonzo M. Donnell, Hamplon C. England, Samuel C. Galloway, James P. Garner. Second Row: Norman E. Green, Joe S, Haney, John F. Hensleigh, Reber? M. lzardl Bryon A. Mayo, l Samuel P. McCla?chy. Third Row: Bernard S, Palriclry Richard A. Roberls, Edsel F, Sfewarfx W, W. Walleyy Lesfer D. Webb, James C, Welburn. if la ll' Alpha Kappa Kappa lnlernalional Medical Fralernily was founded Seplember 29, l . s 9 il IBBB, al Darlmoulh Medical College. Bela Sigma Chapler was inslalled on lhe Ole l Miss campus May I7, l947. l'r's cardinal purpose is lo losler lhe advancemenl of Medical Science, lhe fellowship ol lhe brolherhood, and lhe mulual benelil of ils al members. y OFFICERS il l DR, JOHN C. CULLEY ..,.,. . Primarius , J BERNARD PATRICK . . . , President ll JOE HANEY . , . .... Vice-Presidenf l RICHARD ROBERTS . LESTER WEBB . . . JAMES BASS . l l 1 Rf-be-rl Balmer 1 Alonzo Donnell Homplon Enqland Samuel Galloway I l MEMBERS James Garner Norman Green John l-lensleiqh Roborl lzard Byron Mayo . . .Recordinq Secrelary Corresponding Secrelary . . . . , ,Treasurer Samuel McClatchy Edsel Sluarl W. W. Walley James Welburn ii l l l AU PPA ALPHA , Q ' .M an 4 ..i,' i . 'Q W , ' '. Al: 4: JI 5' ' 'z 7 'E 5' I .s 4 K' - 5 V -f L ' 9' f D , 'v x',, FJ .1f L, X 'H ' 'A' '31 , rf , , YI A I sa 1 . ' ff? 3 5 I 1 1, all 6 A4 MR A . 4' ' 3 as I ' 4 H .fig , ' ff' 'AT -:Z A i ' - I 8 ,, M, 1, M A Q B J an 'Y ,-'km-'31' ffZ':',,u" r :Y . 5 Q as 1: A 9 A 1 .' - ' Gp J' 4'- '. V rw'-i"fE I A I ' Iv, . N , 35. . an Q'- I wee .+ A'f ,' ' F I I A 1.-. A . if L I 3 hr 1 ,. 9- 6- Q., 4- -, . C' ' i w f' Aki? FrrsI' Row: Thomas Bourdeauv, Jack E. Brown, J. R, CopeIand, Julie DavIs, Dororhv Dougal, De-an DuBois, J. O. Ernmrich, Jr., Irene Garreff. Second Row: Norman B. GIIIIQ, David Halbrook, J. Horner Hedqeperh, Jess Holla- rnan, I. H. Howell, Dale McKFbben, WiIIis Meadows, Leonard MeIvin, Jr. Third Row: BrrnIrIev Morton WIIIiarn T M a I . oroney, Jack Napier, P U NewIon, James F. NobIe, Jr., Larry Noble, Lawrence Poropafich, John Rogers. Fourfh Row: Roberr SubIeI're, CharIes SuIIIvan. Stanford Terry, George Tharcher, MargIe F. Tyler, Wllliarn R, Tyler, Irene Whire. The purpose of Ihis orqanizarion is Io Iearn The arf of public: speech in all of Irs applicarions. FRANK D. BARBER, JR. JACK E. BROWN WILLIAM BRYANT THOMAS BOURDEAUX WILLIAM COKE DOROTHY DOUGALL J. O. EMMERICH, JR. IRENE GARRETT NORMAN GILLIS MEMBERS DAVID HALBROOK JOSEPH HAWKINS JAY HOMER HEDGEPETH DOROTHY HOGAN JESS HOLLAMAN MARY KITTRELL ALFRED LANG DALE MQKIBBEN WILLIS MEADOWS LEONARD MELVIN, JR. WILLIAM T. MORONEY BRINKLEY MORTON JAMES F. NOBLE, JR. LAWRENCE POROPATICH ROBERT SUBLETTE CHARLES SULLIVAN STANFORD TERRY GEORGE THATCHER IRENE WHITE 317 DELTA SIGMA PI First Row: Llo,d M. Bridqers, Howard A. Bri:-wn, Eugene D. Brown Jasoer Brown Charles L. Bruecli Jr. Henr. A. Cahpcieii, Rcscoe Carr,-, William. R. Coal, Janis R. C:-of ara, Overton Currie Marrin Da-is Crarles F. Disrnules, Wall Dorey, Jr., Artrur H. Dunloir. Seiiinw Row Jin Earls Robe" B. Ellis, Joseph R. Fancher, Jr., Cecil C. Fox, William R. Gardner, Edwin D. Gei..ler, Lowell Grigriam, Tom Hairston, Arnold Hammond, Earnest L. Hardin, Jasper C. Herrin, Jr., John Holi' an, Jr., Milton S. Hooper, Samuel V. Jennings. Third Row: George LaFolle-tte, Leslie B. Lampton, Leonard V, Locirley, Jr., William M. Loyd, Jr., Ralph H. Marble, Charles D. Mi:Cocil, Robert S. McLaurin, Jr., Thornap O, Metcalfe Franlflin Moak, Harold O. Mulren, Robert H. Mullett, Paul M. Newton Elrrer R. Rawson, James Robertson. Fourth Row Trorras A. Ross Jr., Tnorrias A. Romano, Guy M. Rowland, Carl W. Short, Jr., Banls E. Smith, Richard L. Srnitn, Jack R. Taylor, Thomas Turnioseed, Ernest Waller Horace M, Watkins, James W. Welch Jr,, Alton E, Windsor, Louis L. Vise, Jr. Alpha Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the Ole Miss Campus April 30, l927. The purpose ot the organization is to foster the study ot business in universities: to encourage scholar' ship and association ot student, tor their mutual advancement by research and practice: to promote closer attialiation between the commercial world and students ot commerce: and to turther a higher standard ot commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commerical welfare ot the community, MEMBERS BANKS SMlTH ROBERT ELLIS THOMAS METCALFE ROBERT MULLETT . Horace B. Brown, Jr. Clive F, Dunham Euqeno Brown Lloyd M. Bridgqrs Howard A, Brown Charles L. Brucck, Jr, tlrgnry Campbell Roscoe Carty William R. Cool: Jnrrir-s R. Coprrlai-fl Overton Currie Martin Davis Arthur' ll, Diiraqin Charles Dizrriulrru. Wall Doxny, Jr, John Early Robert Ellis OFFICERS Head Master CHARLES DISMUKES . Treasurer . Senior Warden EUGENE BROWN . . . . . Historian Junior Warden PAUL NEWTON . , . . . . Correspondent Scribe DEAN HORACE B. BROWN, JR.. Chapter Adviser FACULTY MEMBERS Grady Guyton Joseph Cerney' Joseph R. Fancher, Jr Cecil C. For William Gardner Edwin Geisler Lowell Grisham Thomas Hairston Arnold Harnond Earnest Hardin Jasper C. Herrin, Jr. John Holman, Jr, Milton S. Hooper Joseph K. Jacobs Sarriucl N. Jcnninqs George LaFoII1.-.tte Leslie B. Lampton, Jr 318 Leonard V. Lockley, Jr William M. Loyd, Jr. Charles D. McCool Lee McKenzie Robert S. McLaurin, Jr Ralph H. Marble Thomas Metcalfe Franklin Moak Harold Mullen Robert Mullvtt Paul Newton Fred Norwood Elmer Rawson. James Robertson Thomas Romano Francis S. Scott Wendell Trumbull Thomas Ross Guy M. Rowland Carl Short, Jr. Banks Smith Richard L. Smith Wylie C. Stevens, Jr Jack R, Taylor Thomas Turnipsced Louis L. Visa Jr. Ernest Walker Horace M. Watkirs Thomas Watts, Jr. James Welch, Jr. Alton E. Winidsor 1 A SIGMA ALPHA IUT r I I 4. Firsi Row: Belly Alford, Kale Alford, Margare? Ann Bowen, Belre Duncan, Palsy Hendon, Doris Johns Second Row: Billie Jean Lillle, Mary Foresf McCall, Billie Clarie McClendon Nina Murphree, Ladye Neilson, Ann Penn, Third Row? Carolyn Roberlson, Edifh Scolf, Doris Tyson, Mildred Ulmer Palfre Sue Williams. Sigma Alpha lola is a nalional honorary lralernily lor women. ll upholds lhe highesl musical slandards and ideals. Membership is confined 'fo graduale and undergraduale music sludenls who meel lhe lralernily musical requiremenls and are recommended by 'rhe music lacully. Alpha Omega Chapler was founded on lhe campus in l939. OFFICERS EDITH SCOTT . ....... .,.. P residenl DORlS JOHNS . . .Vice-President BETTE DUNCAN ..., . 4 .Secrefary PATTYE SUE WILLIAMS . . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Beffy Alford Billie Jean Lirrle Carolyn Roberfson Kate Alford Aline Lyles Edilh Scolf Margarel' Ann Bowen Mary Forresf McCall Doris Tyson Beffe Duncan Billie Clarie McClendon Mildred Ulmer Patsy Hendon Nina Murphree Pallye Sue Williams Doris Johns Ladye Neilson Mrs. Warren B. Wooldridge Ann Penn 319 4 MBU STEM First Row: Bob Adams, Lib Blanchard, James Calirf, James Caldwell, Dean DuBois, John Emmerich, Johnny Farrell, Parry' Fayard. Second Row: George Herring, Bill Holloman, l, H4 Howell. Albin Krebs, Pat Land, Frankie Mc- Alpine, Bill McCord, Belsy Moore. Third Row: Bill Morris, Jimmy Muskelly, Jack Napier, George Palterson, John Rogers, Gavin Scoll, James Skewes, Forresl Slevens. Fourth Row: lda Nell Sfone, Dee Ann Sullivan, Barbara Troller, Geoqe Van Zanl, Julia Wallace, Milzi Wheless. Lambda Sigma, a local iournalism lralernily, was formed lhis year from 'rhe Press Club and works for lhe furlherance ol iournalism al Ole Miss. ll inviles professional newsmen 'ro lhe campus lo leclure. This year, in coniunclion wilh lhe journalism de- parlmenl lhe organizalion conducled lhe Mississippi Edilor's Shorl Course and lhe Mississippi High School Press lnslilule. The requiremenls lor membership are a maior or minor in journalism, above average grades, and a unamimous vole ol 'rhe members. OFFICERS JACK NAPIER . . ....,... . . .Presidenf GAVIN SCOTT . . .Vice-Presidenl PAT LAND . . . . . . .Secrelary JULIA WALLACE . . . .Treasurer MEMBERS Bob Adams l. ll. Howell George Pallerson Lib Blanchard Albin Krebs John Rogers James Calill Pal Land Gavin Scolf James Caldwell Dean DuBois John Emmerich Johnny Farrell Pally Favard George Harmon George Herring Bill Holloman Rirhard McAlpino Bill McCord Belsy Moore Bill Morris Norman Moll Jimmy Muslrelly Jarlr Napier James Slrewes Forresl Slevens Ida Nell Slone Dee Ann Sullivan Barbara Troller George Van Zandf Julia Wallace Milzi Wheless MEMBERS BETA BET BET Firsl' Row: W. W. Barnard, Bob Bucci, Shed Hill Caffey, Jerome Daly, Worfh Dunn, Elizabelh Ann, Gisf, Hugh G-owan. Second Row: Paula Hammond, James Holloway, Jesse Kellum, Melvin Kraus, Lucy Lawson, Burl Lindau, Hannah Pills. Third Row: Roberf Reeder, Ann Rulherlorcl, William Sadler, Mary Ella Smith, George Tindall, Lee Wallace, Frank Wiygul, Boyd Zachary. Bela Kappa Chapler of Bela Bela Bela was eslablished al Ole Miss in I94I. ll is a Nalional Honorary Fralernily lor biologisls and ils members are carefully chosen for scholarship and scienlilic aplilude. The fralernily lurlhers inleresl in The biolog- ical sciences, OFFICERS CARROLL R. BALL . . ,........ . . . Presidenl VINCENT LUONGO . . . .Vice-Presidenl LUCY LAWSON . . . . . . Secrefary DR, E. M. HULL . . .Advisor Carroll R. Ball W. W. Barnard Dr. George H. Biclc Robert Bucci Shed Hill CaFley Jerone Daly Mrs. Ann H. Dunn Worfh Dunn Dr. Charles A. Evans Elizabefh Gisf Hugh Gowan Jim Graham Dr. E. L. Hammond Paula Hammond Dr. V, B. Harrison William B. Holloway James P. Holloway Dr. F. M. Hull Jesse Kellum Melvin Kraus Lucy Lawson Elizabelh H. Leslie Burfon Lindau Dr. D. R. Parlmer Hannah Pills T. R. Prilchard Roberl Reeder Mrs. Bernice R. Rice Ann Rulherford William Sadler Mary Ella Smilh George Tindall Lee Wallace Eranlc M. Wiyqul Boyd Zachary 321 'Cf PP PSI if '71 1'-Q ' is Elrs? Ro-wi Varice Baucum, Lee- Cameron, Jarries Cnfrrv, Jacli Ddrnl Second Row' Janie-5 I-lollowaf, Clyde Huggins, Bill Hiifsr. Bill Domi Third Row: Jail' Reiepfs, Huqll Pendani, Niles R-ffl, Roberl Revere, lil 1 1 J i W I-I .,i, mer, ,ln i 5 ix 'n, Bela Rlwo Cliapler ol Kappa Psi was reaclivaled I947, aller some I7 years of inaclivily. Members Ps-rm Egger, Marshall Hales, James Hewilf. Jonn Mullican. Lewis Nobles, Joe Nuckolls Clauie Robinson, A. D. Shappleiv, Paul Snel- Vvlwj 1, on 'flue Ole Miss campus in May, are Clwosen in recoqnilion ol l'l'1eir scliolaslic slanding, general abilily, clwaracler, and personalily. Tlwey are expecled +o exerl llfieir ulmosl ellorls Io preserve and lurllwer 'flue ideals ol The plwarmaceulical profession. OFFICERS CLYDE G, I-IUGGINS JAMES P. I-IOLLOWAY . JAMES A. CHERRY . , ROBERT R, REVERE , JACK R. DUNN . WILIIAM L. NOBLES . . DP. F. L. HAMMOND . MEMBERS James P. Holloway' Clyde Gi. l'luqqins Willidm M. Hursl Willilirri I. Lowry Billupu ll. Allen Yeglv. V. Bauiturn lrw- I. Cfamig-ion llirrii-1, A, Cherry .Ifiilf Dunn John R. Mullivan lsr-ivy T. Efiqur Williiirri l. Nobles Miiisliiill C. Half--. .li SI'f5lI F. Nui I-iilln l.iir'ir-i, llwv.-ill .I,,fI. PQ,-pl.-Q lliiiili M. llf'rif'lnlvis, 322 . , . Regent . .Vice Regent . , Secrelary .. Treasurer . . I-Iislorian . . . . ..Cl'1aplain . .Facully Advisor Alberf N. Red Roberl R, Revere Claude L. Robinson Ambrose D. Slwapple-y Paul R. Slwellabarqor ,lolnn W. Wilson Ili-my Fl, Winod-. Iwi. F. l. llfmimfinfl AIVIEIIICI-I SOCIETY UI-' CIVII. CI CCHS 'T-i e rd Erie FI Firsf Row: ArThur Abraham, T. J. Adams, Bruce Ausrin, F3ul Badon Gayle Beamlard S rn B a Mi B l Frarik Bellina, Dale BoydsTor, James Bowie, Bob Bowen. Second Row: John Bradford, Roi Brinson, Dori Childers Bobby Dailey, Frank Dismukes, W. B. Dorily, Eddie Ernerion, Dorofhv Fieldf, Edward Hamriclr, Walfer Haqer. Jasser Hemphill. Third Row: Leroy Henry. Fred Hoherschufz, Aflnur Hooper, George Hopkins, William Howard, Joe HuTTon, Donald Jackson, James Jones, Richard Kind, George Kirkland, Elmer Lamrnons. Fourth Row: William Lewis, Richard Lowe, George McLean, Rudulph Mcliee, Frank Morilague, Cleon Moore, Ervin Nelson, Gordon Phillips, John Prados, Jack Reese, Jzrn Srriln, Floyd Wallfins. The American SocieTy oT Civil Engineers is The naTion's oldesT and highesT ranking naTional engineering socieTy. lTs purposes are To advance engineering and archiTec- Tural knowledge and To pracTice and mainTain a high proTessional sTandard among iTs members. The rigid qualiTicaTions mainTained Tor enTrance inTo iTs ranks insure The preservaTion oT The highesT possible proTession sTandards Tor public service by The engineering proTession. OFFICERS WILLIAM T. MCNUTT . . . .Presidenl EDWARD HAMRICK LEROY J. HENRY . . .Vice-Presidenlr THOMAS J. ADAMS MEMBERS Thomas J. Adams Carl M. AlsTon ArThur C. Abraham RoberT S. ATkinson Moses ATTaya Bruce G. AusTin Paul J, BarTon Smilh 0-. Beard Gayle C. Beanland Mickie Bell Frank A. Bellina Dale E. BoydsTon John Roy Brinson James E. Bowie RoberT F. Bowen John R. Bradford Jackson L. Collins Donald Johnson Childers Bobby Dailey Carson L. Deuberry Frank J. Dismukes W. B. Dorify Eddie Emmerson DoroThy Fields Thomas E. Foshee Edward Hamrick Waller R. Hager Vassar D, Hemphill Leroy J, Henry Frederick H. HohenschuTz William I, Hollowell ArThur F. Hooper George Pearce Hopkins William E. Howard James Howell Joseph E. HuTTon Donald B. Jackson Paul W. Johnson James H. Jones Richard Harvey King George H. Kirkland Elmer V. Lammons, Ji. Alfred Bachrens Lanri William F. Lewis 323 . .Secrerary . .Treasurer Richard W. Lowe George A, McLean William T, McNuTT Randolph M. McRae Frank D. Monlrague Cleon S, Moore Erwin E. Nelson Gordon C. Phillips John W. Prados Jack M. Reese John R. SmiTh Ke-nneTh R. Talum Floyd WaTkins Robe-rl' M. Williamr. 1 F 1 fc , , Q. - rv-, ' ,,T,.,. w , -,V ,w i ,, Y , ,,?, ,i s A , ' ' 1 i F gcf.:,.7 i 'lk re. 'Q .1 i i KA B4 94 As 4 W 3 ' z gr -.,.g'.'!N ,gal of ' ng ' " Y, -4. T Q if 4 HUME ECU UMIES CLUB Firit Row-1 Dot Barrar-co, .Jo Bogard Jars Boring, Betty Braigr, Beth Cvley, ,ture Carle, Mgr-. Elizabeth Catfs Emily' Colbert, Jear' Cooly, Charm Crum, Virginia De p, Marr, Etlely. Secfirria Raw: Lilly Exurvr, Joy Fietds, Betty Flanagan, Jaclrie Hairston, Betty Marie Hansen, Emmoqene Hardy, Janir- Hayt, Betty Jean Henderson, Carol Hicks, Dixie Hopson, Joan Johnson, Betty Jourdan. Third Row: Sallie Junkin, Virginia King, Betty Kramer, Jean Lott, Lucy Magee, Minette Mahoney, Betty Malone, Miriam Marron, Mary Eyelyn Michael, Julia Murray, Thresa Murray, Louis McDaniels. Fourth Row: Fannie McFall, Marilyn Nason, Lois Pegrirr, Sarah Pearce, Carolyn Prewitt, Juanita Ramey, Dell Rawis, Alicia Rollins, Margaret Rust, Lucite Shipp, Bowe Simmons, Margaret Spain. Fifth Row: Janie Steele, Carol Stickerod, Peggy Swango, Ann Turley, Billeann Vine, Margaret Walters, Derry Witliams, Laverne Wilson, Rosalie Witty, Lillian Young, Margaret Zehrad. The Home Economics Club was torrned on the Ole Miss campus in l938. The club promotes, through a variety ot programs, a broader understanding ot the tields open to Home Economics. OFFICERS JANIE STEELE . , . ....,... , . .President LAVERNE WILSON . . . , .Vice-President JOAN JOHNSON ..,. , Second Vice-President JEAN LOTT ,,,,,,,, ...... T reasurer Miss DOROTHY WARNER . . .Advisor MEMBERS Llc t Barranfo Jfe Bagard lam- Bcrinrq Br'-tty Braun Beth Carley June Carley Mary Cates Emily Colbert Cfroly Clmrrri Crum Vir-iiniii Delp Mriry t,lli:1y lilly Exurri Jrry Eirilrtn Betty El,ria'riiri Jackie Hairston Betty Hansen Emmoqene H Janis Hays ardy Betty Henderson Carol Hicks Dixie Hopson Anne Howell Joan Johnson Betty Jourdan Sallie Junlfin Virginia Kina Betty Kriarrrfrr' Jean lftt Lui y Min rw' 324 Minette Mahoney Bi-tty Mal-i-ne Miriarn Marrirrri Mary Michael Julia Murray Theresa Murray Mary McDaniels Fannie Mctiall Marilyn Naswr' Lui, Pegrirri Silfdiit pfxdtklif Carolyn Prewitt Juanita Rami'-y T'--ll Rawls Alif iii Riilliris Margaret Rust Lucite Shipp Bowe Simmons Margaret Spain Janie Steele Carol Sticlnered Peggy Swango Ann Turley Billuann Vine Margaret Waite Derry Willifirris layernib Wil:.i'irt Rosalie Wilt Lillian Younir Mairiirrigt Zlfllldd I TEHNATIUNAL HELATIU SEL B Firsf Row: Loyd L. Beacham, John F. Benoisl, Perrie L. Caldwell, Clyde H. Campbell, Roy M. Davis, Charles W. W. Herold. Second Row: Joe J. Hursl, Herbert Kroeze, Jr., James C. Mefivehee, Jr., David Miller, Benford Samuels, William S. Sarlor. Third Row: Beverly B. Scolf, Jane Sheddan, Mallhew W. Sfeele, Roberf W. Sublefle, R. Garland Walls, Donna Wiyqul. This organizalion was founded for lhe purpose of loslering beller relalionship be- 'rween lhe inlernalional groups, The club clevoles each meeling lo a forum for dis- cussion of lhe various counlries represenled in 'rhe organizalion. Some of The principal lopics of discussion are lhe problems lhal are being presenled lo 'rhe posl war world- and lheir solulions. JAMES C. MEOEHEE, JR. . ROY M. DAVIS .... MATTHEW M. STEELS H STANLEY THAMES JOE J HURST ,... Loyd L. Beacham John F. Benoisl' Penie L. Caldwell Clyde H. Campbell Charles W, l-lerold OFFICERS MEMBERS Herberl' Kroeze, Jr. David Miller Benford Samuels William S. Sarlor Beverly B. Scolf FACULTY ADVISORS George A. Carbone . . . . Presidenl' . . Vice Presidenl . . . . Treasurer . . . . .Secrelary . . Publicily Chairman Jane Sheddan Roberf W. Sublelle R. Garland Walls Donna Wiygul Kafherine O. Zderad AMEPJE XJ' Firsr Row: Asn ""! ore A. D. Ball, F. L. Baria. Jennings Barren Jarze Bauzsrr A. L, Baafrs, J'. L. A Boarwrighr, Camille Borroum, J. D. Boyd, C. A. Brov-r, C aude Cadei L. L. Carre'cn. Siccra Rim. Duane Cacps, J. T. Case, Carl Calf, Fh,ilis Caver, R. L. Chapman Jr., James Cherry R3L'erlCcn.1on William Congcn, Shirley Cool, Jerry Couch, J. D. Dame, Jacl Dunn. Third Row: L. W. Dyfe, Pa-i Edgar, G. W. Eornonsfon, Perry Egger. R. M. Farris, D. R. Ford, Joy Ford, E. F. Forrenberry, P. A. Frasier, R. T. Fiirr, Roperr Gillespie, Henry Gregorio. Fourrh Row: Marzhall Hale., Roberr Halfon, Paula Harhrnong, H. E. Har'1rici', Jr., T. C.HHarviel, Dillard Haw? J. C. Hays, J. E. Hewill, Ralph Flighrovver, Jr., David Holley, James Holloway, G. R. Hu , Clyde Huggins., ilfh Row: Thomas Hull, William Hurst, T. D. Jordan, Larnar Lane, Jim Larture, Sara LeMasrer, James Lewis, A. Linran, David Lowe, W. T. Lowry, K, W, McCormick, R. E. McCormick, J. W, McDaniel. The Srudenr Branch of 'rhe American Pharmaceulical Associalion was charlered on rhe Ole Miss campus in I936. Irs purposes are To advance pharmacy and pharl maceurical knowledge and praclice, fo mainrain a high professional slandard among irs members, lo fosrer discussion belween srudenls ol pharmacy, and lo eslablish a cenlral poinl' of reference and union for irs members. Any sfudenf enrolled in rhe School of Pharmacy is eligible for membership in The Associalion. OFFICERS JACK PEEPLES . . ....... . . . Presidenl CLYDE HUGGINS . . .Vice-President . , , , Seqrelgry MEMBERS Phil. Alexander C. A. Brown Shirley Cool: R. M. Farris Alvin Ashmore Claude Coffey Jerry Covich D. R. Ford A. D. Ball L. L. Cameron G. E. Crawford Joy Ford F. L. Baria Jennings Barrier? Vance Baucum A. L. Beavers, Jr. lynnice Bigham l. O. Blanlienship I.. A. Bfrafwririhr Camilla Bfirr-wllrri J, D, Boyd Duane Capps J. T. Case Carl Calf Grover Call Phyllis Cover R. l.. Chapman, J James Cherry Rribcrl Condon William Cf-ndori 326 J. D. Dame J. W. Daniel Jack Dunn l. W. Dyre Paul Edgar l. G. Edmondson W. Edmondslciiw Perry Egger Roy Fvans E. F. Forlenberry P. A. Frasier E. F. French R. T. Furr Roberl' Gillespie W. B. Gill Henry Gregorio Marshall Hales Rnberf Hallon b i . A PHAHI EE TIE L SSUIII TTU First Row: Elton Mclritosh, W, A. McPheiteri J. M. McRae, K, F. M:Rae, Earl Martial' W, D, Ma n H Meltzer, L. M. Miller, J. W. Moore, Genevieve Mullican, John Mullican, Lewis Nobles. Secono Row: Joe Nur o t W P l H P r l James Overcast, W. L. Pace, J. E. Parlvin, A. W. Pa rick, , H, ee, . M. enda vis, Jack Peeoes L ora P'lr G Pi rce 4 e e M'tl Thi Ro ' C Preston R. P ton Robert Pric art' ic le, .O. e , M. B. Pierc-, O orge iao. . rd w. E. . . , C. res , Ouinn, A. F. Ramriez, Niles Red, Robert Revere, Russell Robins, Claude Robinson, Ishmael Rosa, H. C. Ro e Jr R. V. Russell. Fourth Row: Oscar Rutsky, C. W. Salter, A. D. Shapoley, Paul Sh ll ba er R D Shultz R na Sires, W. E. Skinner, John Smith, Kirby Smith, Jr., James Snow, E. C. Taylor, James igrett. Fifth Ro J P Upton, M. H. Walton, E. L. Warren, Jack Watson, Earl Webb, Caddy Wells, D. O. Whitehead, J. E Wis J. W. Wilson, H. L. Wing, H. H. Wood, C-, W. Wortheru, Cecil Yates. Paula Hammond H. E. Hamriclr, Jr. T. C. Harviel Dillard Hays J. C. Hays J. E. Hewitt Ralph Hightower, Jr. David Holley James Holloway Stone Hough Cv. R. Hutt Clyde Huggins Thomas Hull William Hurst Mary Johnson T. D. Jordan Edward S. Keaton Lamar Lane Jim Latture Sara LeMaster James Lewis A. M. Linton J. P. Longino David Low W. T. Lowry K. W. McCormick R. E. McCormick R. E. McCullough J. W. McDaniel J. R. McHugh Elton Mclntosh W. A. McPheeters J. M. McRae K. F. McRae W. M. Mabry Earl Marshall Sara Maytield W. D. Mann H. J. Meltzer L. lvl. Miller W. G. Mottet Joe W. Moore J. W. Moore T. L. Moore Genevieve Mullica John Mullican Lewis Nobles Joe Nuclrolls James Overcast J. D. Owings, Jr. W, L. Pace J. E. Parlcin A. W. Patriclc F1 J. E. Patterson W. H, Peel H. M. Pendarvis Jack Peeples Leonard Piclcle G. O. Pierce M. B. Pierce George Pitalo E. C. Preston R. C. Preston Robert Price J. L. Quinn, Jr. James Quinn A. E. Ramirez Niles Red Robert Revere Russell Robbins M. W. Robertson C. L. Robinson Ishmael Rosa H. C. Rose, Jr. R. V. Russell Oscar Rutslcy C. W. Salter A. D. Shappley Paul Shellebarqer R. D. Shultz 327 .e. rg ,... T Richard Sires W. E. Skinner John Smith Kirby Smith, Jr. James Snow E. C. Taylor N. S. Thompson James Tigrett J. P. Upton M. H, Walton E. L. Warren Jack Watson J. M, Watts Earl Webb Caddy Wells D. O. Whitehea R. S. Whittield B. T. Williams, J E. C. Williams J. E. Wilson,Jr. J. W, Wilson J. W. Winq H, H. Wood G. W, Worthen A. L. Wylie Ceril Yates d f. 9 4 3' i Vo, - fl, lf 1 1 l i 4 rl' l 4 4 r i r r DEPE UE TS ml x T' Viral Row: James Blanlenship, Leroy Boalwriqhr, Dale Bcydsron, James Brermr, Slarley Bren? Ray Busby, James Cilill, Charles Carter, Clarence Caslle, Leroy Clay, Charles Crews, Al Dalrymple, Second Row: Bobby Donald, Liffv Dunne, Jean Erlsworfh, Robbie, Ellsworrh, Gerry Eplinq, Herbert Erhrrdge, Denny Fagqard, Ann Gisr, Belly Hadad, Elmo Harrison, Belfy Jane Holler, James Je"lreys. Third. Row: Muriel Johns, Joyce Kumofslcv, Clyde Leslav, Carol Lowry, Mary Beth Lorl, Bryan Marlin, lra May, Joseph McDaniel, Connell Miller, Rosie- Mitchell, Nina Nofser, S. W. Pearson. Fourlh Row: Hannah Pill, Lawrence Popopafich, James Quinn, William Sarfor, Alfred Srepherfs, Taswell Stephens, Berry' Thaxron, Kelly Unger, Webb Wood, L, C, Wfiqhr, Jesse Yamcym The lndependenls' Slude-nl Organizalion has long been an oulslandinq organiza- lion on 'rhe Ole Miss campus and has 'ralcen an aclive parl in all of The schools lunc- rions. Membership is composed ol all non-lralernily men and women on The campus who wish lo join. OFFICERS LAWRENCE POROPATICH , , Presidenl ANN GIST ..., 'fire-Presldenl' BETTY HADAD . , Secrelary-Treasurer MEMBERS James Blanlenship Gerry Eplinrz Joseph McDaniel l Clara-nerr Crrsllr- lrarries Jollrrrw Leroy Boalwriqhl Herberl Ellirldrryg Connell Miller Llale Briyflxlrwrm lilr-nny' Fdl'J'1rlIfJ Rosie Mlrchell James Bin,-nl Ann Qisl Nina Ncrgsg-r E-lanle, Bruril Belly Hadacl S. W. Pearson Pray BUSby' Errrrrr l-lJ1r'rr5i,iri llannalw Pill Jrrrrios Crmlill Jfrsri-ph Hawlins lay-wen-ie P r.'i ro 'r Charles Carlrrr Boly-' Jane Holler Jr11meS Quinn ' Williarri Sarlor l"'lwrlyf Clay' Muriel John' Allrrfol Slf'-Dlwfl C,li-1rlr",C rf-' wr Jrryir- Kun r"i lily lasvyfg-ll Slrrblwrin Al llr1llflYllrl" Cllyflf' l"5l1'l. B"ll'y Tllillinrl Brrlrli, llirrrrrhi Civil l f"- wry lfwllv UYWVICF larry llirrrrvr fV1,,,-,,. Blrlli li ll We-lvlw h:Vi'rwl .lr-rrr' lliywr rlli Br-,ran Marlin l, C, Wriillil pf-lrlrlrr lllwirrlli lrra lvlrry -'lr' r'r',' Yfrnry 328 THE WESLEY PUUNDATIU Firsl' Row: Billy K. Chapman Ernesl Graves, Johr Price, Virginia Tansil, Second Row: Elsie Varner, Ygordini: Waller, Jinaeph Wrcfer. The Wesley FoundaTion is The MeThodisT Church aT work on The campus OT STaTe insTiTuTions OT higher learning, seelaing To provide Tor The spiriTual, moral, and social needs OT iTs youTh who are residenT There. As an aspecT oT The MeThodisT STudenT MovemenT iT TuncTions Through sTudenT oTTicers and commiTTees and sTriyes Tor The widesT possible parTicipaTion on The parT OT iTs consTiTuency in an acTiviTies program cenTered aT The local church, in This case, The OxTord-UniversiTy MeThodisT Church. The employer direcTor oT Wesley l:oundaTion aT Ole Miss is provided Through The cooperaTion oT The NorTh Mississippi and The Mississippi Annual Conferences OT The Church. JOSEPH WROTEN . JOHN PRICE . . . YGONDINE WALKER OFFICERS . . ,Vice PresidenT -Presideni' . . Vice-PresidenT virzeirsim rANsiL . . rsaara-far, ERNEST erRAvEs . . ....., rraarrrrar BILLY K. CHAPMAN Praararrr Chairman ELSIE VARNER . . . Program ciraarrrrarr JOSEPH McCLUSKEY . DirecTor I 3 4 l. ii 3 ls 94 PTIST ST DE si i llinii li , 'J A 'Y ' Y . T. I I 6 T i, l l: 4 I' X . - ' 9' .J ' ' - V, XJ? fi I I -1 - Q . 4., ki . ' it 1-17 .3.5 : g .. E s ., r i Q ' .- 4 J ll. A i i T' Q A J T 9' Q ir T , YI 1 r - Q " ef A J ,A , I "W 1 6 V 4 y Q. . " ,k i ' 2 Fir! Row: Juanila Avent, Claire Aycoci, Anne Balne, Ale- D, Eall, Emily- Anne Blclrewfail, Anne Boidreaux, Jac' I me-een Bowen, Maffha Biwfvar, Bedipw Nell Boyce, Jam-s F. Bfenl, James Chiders, Robefl Childress, l'l5'fi 5 'Rei' Davis, Merrie Davis. Second Row: Roy' W. Davin, June East Jeanrerie Edwards, Roberr E'les, Reber? :i Fallig, Belly Flanagan, Irene Garrelf, Joan G,-illenpie, Annie Lee Gunn, Sue Haney, Ralph Harding, Nancy Lee ik l-larfii, G-l,n Hollingswcirlh, Eimurd VV. l-lolrns, Jr. Trifd Row: Kalherire Huggihs Joe Jack Hursi, Mary Glenn Larham, Noirfa Lizg-5'+, Sara LeMa-Jer, Migrorne Lewman, Russell Livchfield, W. K. Long, Harold Melviri Jeaf' ls Mil-in. Joyce Mfllyii, Leonaw Mel-.fir Vifgiria Melvin Dan Mi -er, Fourlh Row: Ffanilir- Moak, Dorolhy Mooney Lewis Nobles, William L. Pace, Whitfield Palricl, Thomas Pearson, Joyce Perkins, Roberl' R. Price, E. L. Puclrell, Carolyn Robereon, Sue Rogerz, William S. Sarlor, William R. Spiqhl, Erneel W. Walker. Fifih Row: W. W. Walley, Ef'f ne Warren, John A. Wall-, Triomgi l-l. Walla. Pervy Webb, Edwin C. Williams, Anila Williams, Lee Williams, Bill. Winr Boyd Zachery Joe M:B'ide. Y i I The Baplisl Sludenl Union is composed ol all Baplisl sludenls enrolled in lhe Universily who are regular members ol 'rhe Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women's Auxiliary, or 'rhe Church. The B. S. U. is 'rhe l l l connecling line belween 'rhe college and lhe Baplisl Church, unifying all lhe religious aclivily of lhe Baplisl sludenls on 'rhe campus. l l 330 i l l LINIU LOUIS NOBLES . . JOE JACK HURST . . RALPH HARDING . . VIRGINIA MELVIN , BOB PRICE . . . W. K. LONG ,,...,. DR. FRANK MOODY PURSER JUANITA AVENT CLARIE AYCOCK ANNIE BAINE ALEX D. BALL EMILY BICKERSTAFF ANNE BOURDREAUX JACKUELEEN BOWEN MARTHA BOWMAN BETTY NELL BOYCE JAMES F. BRENT JAMES CHILDERS ROBERT CHILDRESS HARRY DAVIS MONTIE DAVIS ROY W. DAVIS JUNE EAST JEANNETTE EDWARDS ROBERT ELLIS ROBERT FALLIS BETTY FLANAGAN IRENE GARRETT JOAN GILLESPIE OFFICERS I MEMBERS ANNIE LEE GUNN SUE HANEY RALPH HARDING NANCY LEE HARRIS GLYN HOLLINGSWORTH EDMUND W. HOLMES, JR. KATHERINE HUGGINS JOE JACK HURST MARY GLENN LATHAM NORMA LEGGETT SARA LEMASTER MIGONNE LEWMAN RUSSELL LITCHFIELD W. K. LONG JOE MQBRIDE HAROLD MELVIN JEAN MELVIN JOYCE MELVIN LEONARD MELVIN VIRGINIA MELVIN DAN MILLER FRANKLIN E. MOAK , . ,presiiiewt . . Vlcefpresidem . Second Vice-PresIdem+ . Third Vice-Presidenf . . ..,. Secrefary . ,, ,Reporier . , Pasfor-Advissr DOROTHY MOONEY LEWIS NOBLES WILLIAM L. PACE WHITFIELD PATRICK THOMAS PEARSON ROBERT R. PRICE E. L. PUCKETT CAROLYN ROBERSON SUE ROGERS WILLIAM S. SARTOR WILLIAM R. SPRIGHT ERNEST W. WALKER W. W, WALLEY ERMINE WARREN JOHN A. WATTS THOMAS H. WATTS PERVY WEBB EDWIN C. WILLIAMS ANITA WILLIAMS LEE WILLIAMS BILLY WINN BOYD ZACHERY V ,,,A, F!Y7'1 Pir,f Row: Joe Benevenuri, Sue Block, Al Blair, John Blanchard, Bob Campion, Eleanor Churchill, Jerome Daly, Louis Day, Annie Dessix, Belly Hazel Duncan. Second Row: Marlr Ellzey, Charles Farris, William Flaufl, Jim Gallo, James R. Gilberl, Henry Gregario, Doug Hamley, Berry J. Herlihy, Carol Hicks, Sallie Junliin. Third Row: Robert Kelly, Gregory Kerqoison, Carol Kmol, Ealon Lang, Peggy Lauqhfer, Gene Lvre, Gene Mullican, John Mullican, Salva- 'rore Pezsamano, Louis Pezsamano. Fourlh Row: Jeannine Pelham, John Predas, Georqia Slaehle, Tony Sekul, Law- rence Semslri, John Venoslfi, Earl VValkiris, Herberl Zshelcke, Terry Zuccaro. The Newman Club is a Calholic orqanizalion dedicaled lo Jrhe spirilual bellermenr ol ils members, Calholic fellowship and rhe promolion of Calholic: ideals ol morals and cilizenship on 'rhe campus ol lhe Universily ol Mississippi. l947 marlced lhe lirsl year 'rhal lhe Gull Srales Province ol The New- man Club Federalion held i'r's convenlion al Qle Miss. Pilleen Colleges and Universilies from Alabama. Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee senl deleqales lo lhis, lhe I5lh Annual Province Convenlion. Gregory Ker- gosien, ol 'rhe Ole Miss Chapler, was elecled 'rhe Province Chairman for i947-48. 332 E L LAURENCE SEMSKI DON BLANCHARD . GEORGIA STAHLE GENEVEIVE MULLICAN JOE BENVENUTTI DOUG HAMLEY FRANK BARBER JOE BENEVENUTI SUE BLACK AL BLAIR DON BLANCI-IARD BOB CAMRION ELEANOR CHURCHILL JEROME DALY LOUIS DAY ANNE DESAIX ELIZABETH HAZEL DUNCAN MARK ELLZEY CHARLES FARRIS WILLIAM FLALITT JIM GALLO -1: OFFICERS MEMBERS JAMES R, GILBERT HENRY GREGARIO vous HAMLEY BETTY J, RIERLIHY CAROL HIQRS SALLIE JUNKIN JACK I-RELAI IA N ROBERT KELLY WILLIAM KENNY GREGORY KERGOISON KNUTE KLOTZ CAROL KNOST EATON LANG PEGGY LAUGHTER , RrQsIdenI VILe'RresIdenI , Secrefavy . Treasurw , Advocafe Sam?-f3n+ a+ Arms GENE LYNE GENE MULLICAN JOHN MLILLICAN LOUIS PESSAMONO SALVATORE RESSAMANO JEANNINE RELHAM JOHN FRAECIS GEORGIA STAEHLE TONY SEKUL LANNRENCE SEMSPI JOHN VENOSKI EARL WATKINS CHARLES WHITHAM HERBERT ZSHEKKE TERRY ZUCCARO 333 MEMBERS OF WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB THE IHLEE CLUB ' 'f. l '-If I 'll 'W' Fiul Row Don Blanchard, O. D. Blanlon, Dale Boydbfon, Reuben Boydslon, Millard Bush, Tom Chibholm, John Clay, Bryanr Dunn, Jarrwel. Edwards, Billy Flowers, Flowers Harnriek, Shed Hunger. Sesond Row: Ben Jaco, John Jorrmon, Fulton Klinke, Rufaell Lilchfield, William A. Long, J. W. McDanrei, iranli Moalr, Jack Napier, Robert Parlre, George Pallerson, Jimmy Pearuon, Claude Poland. Third Row: Michael Prasgenou, Warren Robinson, Billy Simnion, Franl: Spille, Raymond Tipron, John Warrp, Joe Westmoreland, Herberr Zachekke, Leila Alevander, Juanita A.enr, Barbara Brook, Jean Carr. Fourth Row: Sara Cleland, Helen Coplen, Charrnain Crum, Belle Duncan, Larey Evans, Adelyn Gerald, Paula Harnrnond, Joanne Harrizon, Ann Harviel, Helen Henderson, Dorolhy Hunrer, Dorlha Ann Jones. Filfh Row: Belly Jourdan, Miqnonne Lewman, Mary Forrest McCall, Billy Mnlendon, Virginia Melvin, Diane New-orne, Judy Orr, Jean Pemble, Ann Penn, Azile Presfage, Wood-gy Thraglrer, Jeanne Wheeler. Leila Alexander Juanila Avenl Barbara Brork Alrna Jean Carr Sara Cleland Helen Coplrfri Charmain Crurrirn Belly Dunriin l,r'zrvy' Evdflg. Pdf-lyn Gerald lliin Blanrhaid U. D. Blanlrin luilf- Bf,y'clslr'iri Ri,-ulberrr Boydwli in Millard Buah lrirri Chlgholrri .lviliri Clay Billy Cimrrilvs Bryraril Dunn lfarrii-i EdwiirdS Flllvrplj Fliiweri, Harririfli Paula Hammond Joanne Harrison Ann Harviel Helen Henderson Dorolhy Hunler Dorlha Ann Jones Belly Jourdan Miqnonne Lewman Mary lzorrosl McCall Billie M-, london MEMBERS OF MEN'S GLEE CLUB Shed Hunger Ben Jaco John Jfrllnslon ,larric-5 lol, Jonii-1, Fullon Klinlig Riiigell l :li lrlriflil Williiarri A. Lonq J, W, Mr Daniel Franlx Morale .lack Napier Riiberl Parlii Cfieoriire Pallerffin Virginia Melvin Nina Murphy Diane Newsome Judy Orr Jean Pemble Ann Penn Azile Preslaqe Woodsy Thrasher Mary Bellw Walliins Jeanne Vlfheeler Jiirirrry Pearson Claude Poland Michael Prassenos W.nrreri Robinson Ervin Say-le Billy Simmons Frrinli Spille Arlhur Slanlord Raymond liplon John Walls Joe Wcslmori:-land llerborl Zsiihelilie THE MISSISSIPPIAN Leader . . Bill Woods MEMBERS Saxaphones Trumpef Drums Bill Woods Bill King Booclwie Wells Paul Boensclw Jails Phillips Bass Saxaphone and Clarinef Trombone Kelly Clifford T, D, Douglas Larry Semslfi Vocalisf Elwyn Slwaclflelord Piano and Trumpel Mose Allison Joe Slolres Jolnn Earl lvlCDade Joan Gunn Business Manager Georqe Worllien 'P ' iff' . .S '? l i i ,ft-r d . K A ir .A x 9' nr -- 1 . I Q fir 54 ,-.ffl Q 4' i 0 ,Y- Q If .F 5 'Y .X i -r J m 'Sf '43 Q , 3 J , All ' Q 1 'A S ' 3:1 J' W PHYSIE L ED IIATIU tr C . ,n vi Eirlv Row' Jarrex Barber, Bernard Braiglryverr, James Blackwell, Cranon Broonr, John Bowrnan, Marrha Bowman Orcar Biiizhanan, Berry Brown, Jorrri Bruce, Millard Busby, Lange Butler, Jarner Clark Berfv Conerly, Charles Lonerly' Al CVS-VSGY-'J, Secono Fowi Jarnes Crawrord, Roland Dare, l-larry Davis, Monfe Davis, Cecil Dickerson, John Kayo Dcifrley, Pudoie Eason, Williarn Ellis, William Erickson, C. D. Eaqqard, Kennerh D. Farragut, Vivian F-indley, Dayliqhr J, Fletcher, Roberl Fuerzf, Charles G-arey, Third Row: Anne Gist, William Grover, Douglas Harn- 'e,f, Shirley Haraway, Bob E, Hemphill, Earl Howell, Edwin Horner, Nays Hunter, Euras Jenkins, Joe Johnson, Harold Kerry, Herrnin Kel'y, Aaron lBurchj Larnberl, Jean Lewis Marv Lrddell. Fourlh Row: Leroy J, McBride, Marie Mclvlurrrn, Beniarnin Mann, Brison Mann, Jaclr Marshall, Frances Morriz, William Mulkin, Josephine Nosser, Nina Nara Nosier, Bobby Oswall, James Pelerson, Guy Penny, Lib Pillcinqlon, Hannah Pirls, Barney Poo'e. Eillh Rowe Jack Pooie, Leslie Poole, William Pulry, Darrell Rosamc-nd, John Shelby Kyle, W, Shipley, Evelyn Spicer, Jrrrrre' Slrilcririq, Csrrii. Thorrrpsnn, Rrilrr Toald, Joe Waker, B. F. Weather-, Parrie White, Shire-y Wi'liarn:r Bobby Wrlion. r 00+ The Physical Educarion lvlaiors Club was organized on 'rhe campus af i rhe Uniyersiry al Mississippi rhis Year. lr rosrers a physical educarion r procrram and provides a social club lor physical educarion majors. , 336 .L l r M JLIPIS CLUB OSCAR BUCHANAN ED HORNER . HANNAH RITTS , DOUGLAS HAMLEY JAMES BARBER BERNARD BLACKWELL JAMES BLACKWELL CLAYTON BLOUNT JOHN BOWEN MARTHA BOWMAN OSCAR BUCHANAN BETTY BROWN JOHN BRUCE MILLARD RAY BUSBY LANGE BUTLER CLYDE CHOATE JAMES CLARK BETTY CONERLY CHARLES CONERLY MARION COOK AL CRAWFORD JAMES CRAWFORD POLAND DALE HARRY L, DAVIS MONTE DAVIS CECIL DICKERSON JOHN DOTTLEY RUDDIE EASON WILLIAM ELLIS WILLIAM ERICKSON C. D. FAOOARD OFFICERS MEMBERS KENNETH Lu FARRAOUT VIVIAN FINDTEY JAMES FLETCI-'ER III ESTHER FUDOE ROBERT FLIERST CHARLES GALEY SAMUEL OEISE ANNE OIST WILLIAM OLOVER DOUGLAS HAMLEY SHIRLEY I-IATAVVAY BOB E, HEMRHILL EARL HOWELL EDWIN HORNER EULAS JENKINS JOE JOHNSON HAROLD KELLY HERMAN KELLY AARON LAMBERT JEAN LEWIS MARY LIDDELL LEROY J. MfBRILfE MAXIE MQMULLIN BENJAMIN MANN BRISON MANN JACK MARSHALL FRANCES MORRIS WILLIAM MULKIN E'roSIr'IPnI VII K'-RresIcIfer1I SeCreIar,f Treasur r JOSERHINE NOSSER NINA MAE NOSSER BOBBY OSWALT JAMES RANNELL GEORGE PETE JAMES RETERSON GUY RENNY LIB RIIKINOTON HANNA RITTS BARNEY POOLE JACK POOLE LESLIE ROOLE VVILLIAM RLILLEY DARRELL ROSMOND JOHN SHELBY KYLE W, SHIRLEY EVELYN SRICER J A. STRIBLING CURTIS THOMRSOII RUTH TOLL JOE VJALIER JACK WARNER B, F, WEATHERS INILLIAM WEBB RATTIE WHITE SHIRLEY WILLIAMS BOBBY WILSON 337 Z9 4 I THAMUHAL EUUNEIL ,'i' ,, 72 Firsf Row: Mike Blouin, Vernon Carr, Cecil Fox, Charles Friedman, Fred Garaway. Second Row: Arnold Hammond, J. D. I-Iarpole, Gerald Jacobs, Bob Kell, Frank Morlaque. Third Row: Guy Robinson., Bill Rolhrock, William Henry Tale. Caley Waldrip, The Inlramural Council was founded on Ihe Ole Miss campus in l935 by coach Tad Smilh. ll offers Io The sludenls an opporlunily lor parlicipalion in a varied program of exlra-curricular alhlelics, which Ihey would olherwise be unable Io 'false parl in due 'ro 'rhe varsily slandards. OFFICERS GERALD JACOBS ........ Presiclenl CALEY WALDRIP . MIKE BLOUIN . . . .Secrelary-Treasurer ADVISORS EDWIN STONE . . . Advisor LANGE BUTLER . .MEMBERS MIKE BLOUIN . . VERNON CARR . . CECIL FOX .... CHARLES FRIEDMAN FRED GARRAWAY . ARNOLD HAMMOND Phi Della Thela . , Siqma Nu . . Della Psi .Phi Epsilon Pi . Kappa Alpha . Phi Kappa Psi J. D. HARPOLE .... Sigma Alpha Epsilon 338 GERALD JACOBS . . BOB KELL ..... FRANK MONTAGUE GUY ROBINSON . . BILL ROTHROCK . . WILLIAM HENRY TATE CALEY WALDRIP . . . .VicefPre:idenI . .Asst Advisor .Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau Omega . Bela Theta Pi . . . . Sigma Chi Phi Kappa Alpha Della Kappa Epsilon . . Kappa Sigma 46' r Firsl Row: Bill Beanland, Rulh Mary Bell, Perrin Caldwell, Helen Rulh Coplin, Guy Crillefpie, Joiner Hallon. Second Row: Joe Johnslon, Jim Jones, Eleanor Knee, Mary Liddell, Byron Mayo, Jean Slone, Third Row: Walsic- Sumners, Bobbie Taylor, Vernon Tirey, Wilber Lee Todd, Henry Walker, Louise While. The Weslminisler Fellowship is lhe sludenl organizalion needlul as seclural educalion, ll provides an endearing of lhe Presbylerian Church eslablished al colleges and fellowship, Chrislian experience, lraining in worship, and universilies lor lhe purpose ol providing lhe sludenls recrealion as parl ol lhe church lile. wilh an all-round educalion. Religious educalion is as OFFICERS WATSIE SUMNERS . ...... Presidenl MARY LlDDEl.L . . . . .Secrelary-Treasurer JOE JOHNSTON . . . . .Firsl Vice-Presidenl ELEANOR KNEE . . . Social Chairman JEAN STONE . . .,..,. Second Vice-Presidenl GAYLE BEANLAND, JR ..., lflireclor ol Religious Ed. MEMBERS Bill Beanland Helen Coplin Joe Johnslon Mary Liddell Walsie Sumners Wilbur Lee Todd Rulh Bell Guy Gillespie Jim Jones Byron Mayo Bobbie Taylor Henry Walker Perrin Caldwell Joiner Halton Eleanor Knee Jean Slone Vernon Tirey Louise While The Canlerbury Club, lirsl lounded as an Episcopal sludenl group in l939, was organized as lhe Canlerbury Club on lhe campus in l943. The purpose ol rhe Canler- copal Church a means lo parlicipale lcigelher in worship, study, work, and recrealion and lo provide inspiralion and opporlunily lor a normal religious lile on lhe Colleqe bury Club is lo give lo sludenls working wilhin lhe Epis- campus. OFFICERS WILFRED COLE . . . .... Presidenl GLOVER RUSSELL ,... . , Treasurer MlTTlE JOHNSON ...... . ,Vice-Presidenl LUCILLE DE GRAVELLES . . . Secrelary MEMBERS Carl Andre John Cook Jack Holman Jane Walker Anne Rheney James Sliewes Kalhryn Barr John Dulaney, Mary Hanna Joy Mulvihill Alicia Rollins Bill Tobias Edward Birchell John Early R. P. Johnson Andrew Morson Val Sessions, Jr. Gwen Walker Lawrence Clark Edwin Geisler Edward Joyce Frank Peddle, Jr. Louise Simpson Cvranville Williams Belly Minor Mildred Reed '3 A rsl Row: Carl F. Ariire, Kalhryn Barr, Eiward S. Birihell, Lawrence Clark, John Cook, John W. Dulaney, Jr,, John R. Early, Edwin P. Geisler, Jack Holman, Second Row: Mary Rose Hanna, B. R. Johnsorli, Edward Joyce, Andrew Morson, Belly Minor, Joy Mulvihill, Franif S. Peddler, Mildred Reed Anne Rheney. Tfiirrl Row: Aliiia Rolliris, Val H, Sessions, Jr., Louise Cross Sirripfgn, Jamey B. Slrewes, Bill Tobias, Gwen Walker, Jang Vifaller, Gierville Williariii. , . i ij 84 fl THE E TEHAN ! i 94 EULLEEIATE ASSUEU-XTIU I ' . in i l r . ll 2 ill 5 il! i if l T l i T ' T 'T ? l - w if yi if T l - i Y f is T i i l i . ' . ' A il I i i ' 1: T i i ' l l Fifs' Ri:-fi Roby? Bledsoe, O.e'f:n A, Curie, Hurlirglor Howell, Claude M, McBride. Second Raw: Jack S Parker Basil Rid, Torn Sccll, Williarn Wrler. E The Ole Miss Velerans Organizalion was founded in May, l944. ll is fhe official i spokesman for all velerans al The Universiiy. The Velerans Collegiale Associalion ll uniles The velerans of World War II Tor The promolion of fellowship, scholarship, ll srudenl leadership, and ro sponsor and promole any acfivify which is for 'rhe beller- li i i T menl and general welfare of 'rhe Vererans Organizalion. Any man or woman is elig- ible for membership who is a sludenl in 'rhe Universily of Mississippi, or a Tacully member lhereof who has served in one of The armed forces ol The Uniled Slales, or of ils possessions. and who has received an honorable discharge fherelrom or has +he sralus of inacrive duly, There are 530 arrive members of the organizalion This year. OVERTON CURRIE . I ,TACK S. PARKER . , CLAUDE M. NMBRYLIE . A FRANCES JQY BELL . HUNTINGTON HOWELI, Rfibml Bledscil WilliLarii S, Grillin 34 I ' I OFFICERS . Vic EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Basil Rim William Winlei lhrii Scoll ,lean Wilson Q. Presidenl Presidenl Treasurer Secrelarv Repcrfer ll -il 1 - lr - p-3-I ow ffm ULE MISS ADVERTISERS Ts! . I I I 3 i , i l'i lp Wl I I il, il 'I Ii ii, fl I II I I I I I 1, I Ii I fl 1, I. I I I I THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI I 848 f I948 The Uniyersiry is composed ol The lollowing divisions: Ihe College ol Liberal Arls, Ihe Schools ol Law, Engineering, Educalion, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Ads minizlralion, Ihe Graduale School, and Universily Exlension. Splendid lacililies lor general and specialized educalion are provided by The College ol Liberal Arls and lhe Professional Schools. SUMMER SESSION, I948 Firsf Six Weeks Term . . . .June I-July IO Second Six Weeks Term . . . . July I2-Aug.2O Sludenls allending bolh Ierms will be able lo earn lwelve zemefler hours. Courses will be ollered in lhe College ol Liberal Arli., The Gradual-e School, and in Ihe Schools ol Law, Commerce and Businez,-s Adminislralion, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Educalion. l?ecrealioneExcellenl alhlelic and recrealional lacililiec insure ample opporlunilies lor exercise and relafalirin, An efcellenl swimming pool, a superb goll rr-urxrf, riurnr-rouq Irinnir, hourly and many indoor gamer, pro lf' fillraclion lor everyone. Wrile Io lhe Direclor of lhe Summer Session, Universily, Mississippi, for The Summer Session Bullelin. THE FALL SESSION BEGINS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, I948 These men and women, alumni of fhe Universiiy of Mississippi, ioin wifh +he siaff of +he I948 OLE MISS in aniicipaling an even greaier OLE MISS during our nex+ cenfury of advancement For +heir con+ribu+ion 'foward fhe success of +he hearfy "Thank you." l948 OLE MISS, we of +he staff wish io say a DR. W. D. BEACHAM . . . . New Orleans, La. MRS. IRA RICHARDSON . . . . Picayune MR. WM. S. BROWN . . . . New York Ciiy DR. W. L. SHACKELFORD . ...... Whiffield MR. L. O, CROSBY. . . . . Picayune DR. L. G. SHIVERS . . . . . Greensboro, N. C. MR. C. L. DENTON . . .Tyronza, Ark. DR. J. D. SIMMONS . . . Cleveland MR. J. W. DULANEY. . . . .Tunica MR. R. C. STOVALL . . .Columbus DR. L. B. MORRIS. . . . Macon MR. LON TAYLOR . . .... . .Corinlh MRS. REX RAY . . Jackson MR. J. R, TOPP . . . . .Wesi Helena, Ark. MISS RUTH RAY . . .Jackson MR. CALVIN WELLS . . ..... Jackson ll I0 Years ago these would have been If I ONLMZWZW! X I I I 9? This man is on the Road to Recovery. He has many fine, productive years ahead of him. Ten years ago, he wouldn't have had a chance. But now ..... Now, we have the sulfa drugs, penicillin, streptomycin and other wonder-working drugs unknown a decade ago. We have new, improved techniques in surgeryg far more effective meth- ods of treating wounds and burns. 5' Z course, wresting its grudging victories from the ills that beset mankind. Be alert, then, to take full advantage of the aids that are available in this advancing age. They were created to give you ease, to strengthen your body and lengthen your life. Consult your Physician To get well-and to keep well-is a common obli- gation. Consult your 5 'Q Physician. Heed his ex- ' - pcr'enced co nsel. And, And there is more much E we'hope youuwm bring more-tO COIDC. For SCienCe D his prescriptionsherefor . E careful compounding by 10'-ll'UeY5 an CUdIe53a 38eIe53 our skilled pharmacists. . 12' ' ' ' WILSON DRUG CO 3 Ulm' CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI PRESCRIPTIOIIS . Q85 NESHOBA COUNTY OLE MISS LOYALTY CLUB PHILADELPHIA, MISS. 152+ I , 'r ,Q , 5 I f ' 1 2 J 'UWM u0""' when 70 5 fffW" SOUTH LAN n r r of fle lfrffa Pill!-'fbfmafzce 6'a.m4ke! or f U HTHL 'l- X , I Kg! R ' wr Mom U 1 Y L 1 A :::':C:::..... V' SUV! TH!S0,UTH WlTNS0UTHLAND t E+ bl' H d IQOS I p fed l935 L McGEE, 1 ' DEAN CQHQN 50, C2'liZ?lSliZZ'li'Gf3EaT1'ZS , M.SS.SS.PP. DELTA THE TOWN HOUSE 4 "Where Friends Meef for Good Food" Air-Conclifioned for Your Comforf r if 1 GULFPORT, MISSIS IPF: ' O "sg V! ' - 'il' ' LELAND Mississippi 'i , , DRINK Cu, ., IN BOTTLES GOOD FOOD FOR M 2352212 JUHN SBXIUII sf co. CHICAGO-LONG ISLAND CITY DALLAS-ATLANIA-PITTSBURGH-DETROIT il ,I I II, u il I. I STANDARD I DRUG COMPANY MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI I I ! I Iii Q I I bi I Wholesale Druggisls serving Ilwe relail drug Trade Iairhfully for 'li I Iorly-seven years. G, I 0 DEMENT PRINTING CO. PRINTING, LITHOGRAPHING OFFICE SUPPLIES 4? MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI I I I I BALFOUR I 4? FRATERNITY JEWELRY I Place all orfierf for jewelryr+I'IrougI1 Ihe BIrmIngI'Iam OHICS OF ENOCI-I BENSON, Ma g I TRGY LAUNDRY . . Baclges, Rmgs, Novelhes, Efc. IVIERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI I 0 L. G. BALFOUR CO IO4 FIIIII Ave., Norllm Birmingham, Al ng. HW :N g1'UFF AJAZTCH Mp M Physical stamina, long hours of train- ing, ability to cooperate, and a fight- ing spirit are things which contribute to the making of champions on the field of sports. Lion Oil Products come from superior basic crudes which, through Lion research and special refining pro- cesses, become champions in the petroleum field. FT LION OIL COMPANY LION ELDORADO, ARKANSAS A 44 'iiig -.- - ' ' ' ' . ' ---44 Q"-' I I It i"'-T' I' " 4 . .v-,. I I EUMPLIMENT5 FHUM A FRIEND IN MERIDIAN 'TIS BUILDING SUPPLY CO WEIDMANNS SASH, DOORS, MILLWORK INTERIOR FINISH OUALITY FOODS Emo: N ISSISSIPPI 'UL Mal Quagfy, For The Me Smaffesf 51,45 for Me Lad, Wdonegv Miss of Mississippi who leads the campus its . .. v 51- H Q uw ro:5.- Wafwon I 2 ff' , LAUREL HATTIESBURG .55 iiii I .111 ii 5 Mississippi I Mississfprfrs is-'sf""' assi sims ' I "Car+er-Heide Joins Wifh flue Sfuclenfs of Ole Miss in Anficipaling a Greafer M. . . .... LUMBER COMPANY 'smpp' lncorpora+ed 2.0, CMI Ave. QAR'l'ER-HEIDE MEMPI-IIS, TENN. LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI 9 PALERlv10'S Refail Lumber, Hardware, Painfs, Cuslom LEADING STORE FOR MEN Millwork, Dressing, Resawing ' ancl Mafclwing VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI AGAIN TI-IE OLE MISS IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE J. W. WOOLWINE CQMPLIMENTS C D HULL OE WOOLWIN E AND HULL "YOUR DEALER" PI-IONE 707 4I8 Sou+I'm Main Sfre-ef YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI Our Bes'r Wishes +o'II1e Grads and I'I1e Undergrads May You Always Kindly Remember "THE HOME OF OLE MISS" THE OXFORD CHAMBER OE COMMERCE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI CO-EDS ALL KNOW TI-IE VOGUE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI GOOD LUCK TO EACI-I AND EVERYONE OE YOU MRS. COOK'S COFFEE SHOP Befween The Lyric and 'fhe Ritz OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI EAT AT THE COLLEGE INN Where 'rhe food is "ius+ righ+" and you ge+ quick, cour+eous service. Try our delicious sI'eaIcs COLLEGE INN Open all nigh'r FOR COMPLETE SELECTION OF TI-IE LATEST POPULAR AND CLASSICAL RECORDINGS ITIS TAYLOR'S FURNITURE COMPANY OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI COMMERCIAL STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES-OFFICE EQUIPMENT SOCIAL STATIONERY-SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS-FOUNTAIN PENS We are aulhorized by Ihe manufadurers Io re- pair all malces of Iypewriiers. We are aulhorizecl by Parker and Sheailer Io repair Iheir Iouniain pens and mechanical pencils. Agenfs for: Smifh-Corona Office Typewri+ers, SmiI'h-Corona Adding Machines, Remingfon-Rand A d d in g Machines, Smi+h-Corona, Royal, Remingfon, and Underwood Por+abIe Typewrifers. COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE THE OXFORD EAGLE CQMPI-IMENTS "TrusIed Thousands ol Times Each Year" OF LANDRETH ELECTRIC GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY COMPANY 0 405 Sou+h Lamar Oxford, Miss. The Rexall Sfore Oxford, Mississippi GOODYEAR GENERAL ELECTRIC COIVIPLIMENTS Soufh Lamar OXFORD! MISSISSIPPI Phpne 50 Headquarfers for Goodyear Tires, Life-Guard Tubes. I . . I Try Goodyears New Super-Cushion Tires S While side walls in any size. GENERAL ELECTRIC SUPPLIES You buy Ihe besi when you buy General Eleciric. Firsf Io reduce prices on The Ihings we need for The home. USE OUR CONVENIENT EASY PAY PLAN :II I I . I I I, 2, III I 1. I If I III I+ Ii I I I I I I 1 II I I I I I I I 3 I5-IQIIIZI I F1111 ,Ii OHL' Of. A1111 'l'1Ill I Br :rf 'Ir 625 RUUIIIS UJITH BIITH 'k DINNER AND DANCING IN SKYWAY 'A' PLANTATION ROOF OPENS IN MAY ATOP HOTEL PEABODY -A' IIIEIIL CUIIUEIIIIUII FIICILIIIES ' FIVE DISTINCTIVE RESTAURANTS 0 NATIONALLY KNOWN ORCHESTRAS v PLANTATION ROOF MAY THROUGH SEPT. ' TWO LAROE CONVENTION IIALLS X , RATES: From S3 per Person, Single From S2 per Person, Double Bedrooms Resiauranfs Suiies and , 'WAX' Parlors 5 AIR- Meefing ff I CONDITIONED Rooms I ConvenIion ,..x Halls ' 'IJ - Sample Thx -DIN 4' Rooms I III . A Imlyzwlvfx I ITIINUIQ -Im. I Ir I ,QI W, X FRANK R. SCHUTT I ..- , , 1111 MRI, PICS. ond Own I Mgr. If ww xxhllul If F' n, I TI 'Li I 9 - I 1 1 X' X som USED CARS BOUGHT UNION 4lI0 UNION MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE IIMMIE SIOAN MOTORS Incorporated 24 Years of Repufable Service GG CGI when you're looking for an un- derslanding bank Io undersland your banking neecls. You'll find phones us very helpful. 5-3878 8-5606 I0 ll nl. Ask For: JOE WRITESMAN DOC MOORE H l JIM ANDERSON RALPH RATUFF QAEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION STERIIH Bulllllns mempllls, Tenn. HOME SERVICE INC. MARKS, MISSISSIPPI FRIGIDAIRE, MAYTA6, BENDIX BUTANE GAS AND APPLIANCES Phone 329I 0 0 0 'Ihr nzmu' that has always id:-ntifird Hnr' me-:It products. It now ztssurvs an I-vc-n hiuhvt' stzindztrd of quality :Ind Huvor through tht' fzt- r'IlItIi-s of thi- new .-Xhros Pzickinu Plant. The Newest and Finest in the South ABRAHAM BHIIS. PACKING CU. MEMPHIS, TENN. JONES BRCS. DRUG CC., INC. The REXALL S+ore Phones I3O-I3I GULPPGRT, MISS G C, EE fs :P 3 PD 09, E -I Qu.: 2 I ZI- Q igj 3 mf.: V7 D 1: EW Q EI.: I5 E u.I I-O an 43 u.l mg E gg 4 COIVIPLIIVIENTS OP J. W. HGLT MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI I your ,gauorife SNOWDRIFT N S ,A 'J S -A-.., .I-u .. ,.-. .-- I "STEP" I ...- mm 'Q .umm do -A.i.w,--Y I 1 xi if Again We Lock In All IIS Goodness and Give You Ilae Key Z 90 Q wus 3- I - HOLIDAYS f"I 1,""M,,. . Ulf o GAME TRIPS 'MIM - .+I o WEEKIENDS ' o VACATIONS -5" S From Iown fo Iown I o s po I A ALWAYS TRAVEL TRAILWAYS TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT 925 Van Buren Avenue Phone 878 xx coasl Io coasf-y can always gel there on a Trailways bu Soulhern Trailways has excellen connecii our of Oxford +o any poinl far or near. F all fares, for all schedule lo any ini in Ih Unifed Slales, Canada, and Mexico-cona your Soufhern Trailways Ticlxel genl. Coals from: ALABAMA-ARKANSAS-ILLINOIS KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE AND THE VIRGINIAS CRABTREE - NORCO - GREEN RIVER SI' x 3" - 8" x IIf4" - 3" x 2" Washed Egg 3" x IV?" Washed Nui - 2" x II,f2" Washed Na+ MINE RUN - 8" MINE RUN Washed Locomoiive Sioicer WASHED INDUSTRIAL STOKER IIXQH x 28 Mesh-I" x 28 Mesh- 3118" x 28 Mesh WASHED OIL TREATED DOMESTIC STOKER MQ" X 1" - WZ" X UQ" - 1" X 3 fa" MONRO-WARRIOR COAL 81 COKE CO. Birmingham, AIa. - Comer Bldg. Nashville, Tenn. Chicago, III. Louisville, Ky. Norionville, Ky. Memphis, Tenn. of BUUIJ LUUH5 any Bllllll HEALTH 0 ALBOLENE CLEANSING CREAM a pure cream for deanzinq and Iubricafinq Ihe gIin, A Iavoriie of aches:-es. O BEXEL VITAMIN B COMPLEX CAPSULES confain Five members nf Ihe imporiani Vifamin B CompIex. Used as a dieIa'y accessory. 0 CALOX TOOTH POWDER a scienfiiic bIend of five cIean:ing and pohshinq in- gredienis. Reireshes Ihe breaiht 0 SORETONE recommended Ior sore and aching muscIes and as an exceIIenI aifer-exercise rub-down, 0 TAWN TOILETRIES FOR MEN pacied wiih mascuIine appeal. Shave Loiion, Brushs less Shave, Cologne, Shampoo, I-Iair Dressing. 0 YODORA DEODORANT CREAM sfops prespiraiicn cidois Ihe sodhinqesi way due rc dehcaie coId cream baie. These and 225 oiher McKesson Producis confribufe +o your Good Looks and Good HeaI'rh. Ask for McKesson af your local druggiest MCMFSSIQII fi .IFYQQBIBIIIIS LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Esiablished IQOO IMPERIAL COTTON OIL COMPANY Manuiaciurers oi COTTONSEED OIL, MEAL, HULLS, LINTERS PURE CRYSTAL ICE E. T. GEORGE, Presideni and Manaqer MACQN, MISSISSIPPI "OLE MlSS" SERVICE STATION Universiiy Ave. and S. Lamar Sou+hIand Gasoline and Oil A Mississippi Produc+ As our name impIies, We beIieve in our school. As our produci' implies, We beIieve in our siafe. Come 'ro see us! WOMEN'S APPAREL OF DISTINCTION ,wr Qefs' F I YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI NED AND I-IAROLD GOTTI-IELF Fira-prieir-is BLUE 8: WHITE SERVICE STATION COLE 84 AUTREY Open Day 81 Nighf 4I6 S. Lamar Oxford, Miss. I I I S I II 1 II ,I IZ, + I COMPLIMENTS ' OF PLANTERS OIL I I MILL I GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI 1 I I I I , 3 UMEG ELUUH She .sjoufkgi ginedf oi -0 0 I I I FUELS OF MERIT WASI-IED AND SIZED FURNHURE DRAPERIES PM NUMBER ELEVEN SEAM CARPETS I WESTERN KY. c:oALS UPHOLSTERY DECORATIONS II Wrife or Phone WEST KY. CCAL CO. ARTHUR SEELBINDER M. N. WILKEY, Disfricf Sales Mgr. Home Office-Earlingfon, Ky. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE . A I I I I L I Down through IUU years together . . ULE MISS et Iflxterd NEILSUNS STUPIE A Sate PIace to Do Business COMMERCIAL H RUTI-I'S TI1e Store of Personal Service" NATIONAL BANK OM Ph 662 AND TRUST COMPANY LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI Know us better . . . then you're at custom HAYS PHARMACY HAYS REXALL DRUGS HAYS GIFTS -- JEWELRY -- APPLIANCES 3 Stores in PI1iIadeIpI1ia, Mississippi l'lER'f' EMPIII 96eWZa1uS 4' -1- 'cIuf.Q1fM UI, Pvqyecufm 4' mrwasmviwscvupmmn' Gfhbvwfv DUCKWORTH DRUG CQMPANY YAZ00 CITY, MISSISSIPPI THE REXALL STORE Professional Prescripfion Pharmacy BOONEVILLE MISSISSIPPI DIAMONDS WATCHES A CORDIAL WELCOME THE AWQTQQOU FIRST NATIONAL BANK CASA de FRESA HOTEL LAUREL HAMMOND. LOUISIANA LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI I l L. L. BRASFIELD, A. I. A. ARCHITECT 203 Kidder Building MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI HENRY CLAY HOTEL WEST POINT, MISS. Accommodafions for I25 Guesfs MODERN ROOMS -- FINE FOOD THE BANK OF HOLLY SPRINGS HOLLY SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI RESOURCES OVER S2,000,000.00 Esfablished Feb. I, I869-79 Years Old OFFICERS GOOD SERVICE PIEEIIIQEI ,.I, , , . HARRIS G-I-IOLSON Vice Pre5idErII and CEISIIIE r.,.,.. J. E. DANIEL SI I IA WWII I S .IRAXIRSI COMPLIMENTS BUD'S MEN'S SHOP OF Phone 2 .36 EAGLE COTTQN OIL co. MERIDIAN MISSISSIPPI PIO 23rd Ave' MQIICIIGII' MISS Manufac+urer since I894 of CoH'onseed Pro- ducfs and High Grade Fer+iIizers MCKESSON 8: ROBBINS, INC. CQMPLIIVIEIXITS ' jar fAe Maimafe pea! OF IN OLAN MILLS, INC. LABORATORY SUPPLIES OF ALABAMA "TI'Ie NaIion's SIudio" GLASSWARE 0 C. P. CHEMICALS BIOLOGICAL 81 METALLURGICAL SUPPLIES I706 ISI Ave., N. Birmingham, Ala. PI-IONE 3-4I7l f I ,IME 2 . LL Q .- as If -54 3'-- P1 III F XOR j I k N. ' ,, ., '-Q :XXX X Tx QXLNXNX Favorife Snowlwouse of II'1e Ole Miss S'rudenI' Body Since I9I7 THE LYRIC THEATER ROBERT X. WILLIAMS Owner and Manager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI RITZ THEATRE ENTERTAINMENT for I'I1e OLE MISS STUDENTS -0 S. T. LYLES, JR. Manager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI OXFORD GULF SERVICE STATION Corner Universify Ave. and S. Lamar OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI GREENWOOD GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI CHAS. N. TIGRETT THE MANSICN PORTRAITS Towers BuiIding "Where S+uden+s MeeI"' Lef us arrange your IraIernIIy or sororify banquet GOOD FOOD SERVED WELL MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE oxrorzo Miss. J. AUBREY SEAY any years oT pracTical experience, The TinesT oT phoToqraphic maTerials, painsTalcing care. and a sincere desire To malce The "48" OLE MlSS porTray an inTeresT and an arTisTry unsurpassed have been imporTanT TacTors in our eTlorTs To porTray Tor you Qle Miss and iTs sTudenTs aT Their besT. IT is our hope ThaT This volume oT The OLE MISS will in no small measure meriT your commendaTion because oT our ThoughT- Tul and careTul aTTenTion To every phoTographic deTail in The composiTion oT This boolc. Worlcing wiTh The sTaTT and wiTh The sTudenTs on This imporTanT underTalcing has Tor us been a genuine pleasure. lIUFIEl.lTFi STUDIO for The "48" OLE MISS All annual porTraiT negaTives are lcepT in our Tiles since I934 To l944, in- cluding '48 also. You may order Trom These aT your convenience. IL ll? iii lil 1 I, ..,I ei, I I ENHHAVINH I + 3 1 EIIMPANY 1 F 9 1+ l hu F Z i I :fi 'I 1 SHHEVEPUHT s I." 9 n GI 'E' B' an 5. 5' PHIHTIHIJ BllIHPAI1Y'A'I1ASHVIllE Y aianog slenuu 'L i "0lE MISS I 109 1124 Penta f 4 I 9 -w A Y Q' s ' 45 Vgyg Q t m S f X ug X X 'xx X5 9 Xa N K R-X v .Q 'TM X X4 ' - 4-0 1 X 'A -1 ,f 51' Q as fe .. ' Q 'QR O li - N 4 11 i x 1 ' ff . " . 6- ,gg Adi " in M vfgk A S "R X NSN 'Wx Aw H, - VW' H" Q,-Q MW' 'X SX A --JV l X - Qwfl' NA JIM I X W 'X S -3.91" gw K Se S Q -I ' in Clams 4A fu 1 w!! 1 4 1 L I 4,,,.-c- E C 1. . b Q QQ ' QS: Ali' i N5 - f 5 "N: , 4 f- Q f f .iv 5 V -fe? P XJ '7 Nf' r , , , 1 f f' Q f X aff I 'F ' Fr e X at Q4 5 40'-7111 ' Q . e . 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