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Rio you, ma ' am, and you, suh, remember your return to the campus . . . after three months . . . or was it three years? . . . Do you remember what you found? . . . Lines, suit! . . . long lines, short lines, poor lines, trim lines .. . GRILL, GUYS, AND GALS . . Mizzuble, this modern slang . . . but expressive . . and more lines . . . more crowding . . . but, ah, how lovely . . . REGISTRATION AND EARLY FALL . . . Parties . . . ah, youth . . . and dances . . . " $1.50, stag or drag " . . . FORMALS AND FORMALS . . . Homecoming in the rain . . . and . . . of course ... the week-end trips . . . RALLIES AND GAMES . . . and then, suh, my own boys . . . the shots . . . the operators . . . the key men . . . and those desiring keys . . . WHEELS ... bells at eight . . . the curse of college ... afternoon classes . . . LECTURES AND LABS . . . chaos . . . yes, indeed, chaos . . . rushi ng . . . pledging . . . the trek to THE ROW AND THE CIRCLE. The Ole Miss for 1947 . . . Edited by Walter Bullock .. Managed by Sara Jane Myers . . . Volume 53 ... For Student Body of The University of Mississippi. 1010111111 00111.° ' . MINYA aim MEP Inn NEM MEM NEM 48 MOM EMI MEW MEE MINIM MEIN 11111111 WEI - MEM MIME NEN SIMI rip IEEE 111111111111M um quip MINE ' arm NEM EMI SIMI Mil Nam MEE AVM MEM __ - EMI GRILL, GUYS, AND GALS . . pandemonium . . . your mail when you could reach it . . other people ' s when you couldn ' t . . . and the juke box, suh . . . not good, but loud . . . melodic mayhem . . . cigarettes and coffee . . . but no cups . . . no spoons .. . no " ' „ sugar . . . ah, but romancing, suh, romancing ... ah, yes, the innocent little dears . . . as harmless as a cot- tonmouth . . . as gentle as J. E. B. Stuart ' s cavalry .. . but clever, suh . . . very clever . . . ah, sweet memories. iS 401 Registration and Early Fall . . . New Faces . Faces . . . The Summer That H Over ' Till November Campus Sharpies Prate On Unwary. r- -,1 --1 -.1 Y1 ii.”2“Yilr RALLIES AND GAMES ... Memphis trips . . . Arkansas is the game I choose to re- call ... not the homecoming drenching the special that failed r er f the s s in t P . ah, yo e on 00 L.E Coll co Iso ill be b you ' d remember. AL-7,1 IMF 01,1Pr IMINElt Jana IML. LECTURES AND LABS.. . CLASSES AND CUTS... LEARNING 1 __ C4Sitto PRESENTS Fir " MYSTO " — pat( hadtasa, danst A.0 HOST OF ENTERTA `• ' ADO MI • • THE ROW AND THE CIRCLE • • • where do they find them, snh? ... back- log of several years, however . . . could new living room furniture ... study hall . . . and the anxiety con- cerning the requisite C average ... then the thrill of iniation ... open house ... like Cape Jasmine in a moonlit South- ern Garde " fir4b ov , MASS w, ' " OLE hy 866 OLE 0‘) WOmEtk ' s tifomEN, THE COEDS --- ---- THE COEDS --- TIIE COE THE COEDS TI113 a ss INONeiv tiot " E " . ,‘9S E M SS TT) THE CAMEOS 1 OLE MISS ... the gird have maintained the unaffected graciousness . . the sincere friendliness ... the dignity of manner .. . the charming refinements . . as traditional with the Old South . . . we offer our tribute. C 0 r 4 JI T Hr C 0 r J ,:. �`:�� ��: . o CHANCELLOR Ole Miss became great under the able leadership of Dr. A. B. Butts. Continuing the pro- grams initiated by Dr. Butts, and with much original planning for the fu ture, our new Chan- cellor gives us a tangible pre- view of a greater Ole Miss to be. r. Williams, a native of Newport, Kentucky, entered his " Fresh- man Year " al- the University with vigor and a thorough understanding of all the tasks that confronted him. He has met the challenge of increased enrollment and its related complexities in a highly effi- cient manner. One year of his administration has warranted us successful guidance for the future years. Gaining a reputation as a friend and advisor to all, he makes time for the little things, the minute details, the student ' s problems. Chancellor Williams received his A.B. degree from the University of Kentucky in 1926; M.S., Uni- versity of Kentucky, 1930; Ed.D., Columbia University, 1940; and was president of Marshall College at Huntington, West Virginia, before coming to Ole Miss. Chancellor Williams is a member of Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Kappa, the Rotary Club, the Masons, and the Methodist Church. J 7:11) WP,LIAMS 21 THE P A S S I N G ith the beginning of the fall semester Ole Miss enjoyed its greatest enroll- ment, 2805 students. Peace brought many changes to our campus. The influx of students presented many varied problems, which have been commendably handled by both university officials and students. First of these changes to be noted were those in the physical plant. The veterans housing pro- ject, located between fraternity row and the confederate cemetary, composes 420 units. Three faculty apartment houses, with accomo- dations for 42 families, were constructed on so- rority circle. A trailer court housing many mar- ried students was established near the Oxford EVEXT5 11F THE YEAR 1■111111■ AIL P A R .A ll E City Hall. One end of the old observatory was remodeled a bit to make quarters for NROTC members. Desperately needed space was provided by the renovation of the Grill, such renovation moving Alex Loeb and the bookstore to the opposite end of the Student Union Building. There was also remodeling done in the Lyceum. Up-to-date fixtures were installed and new floors and walls were built. The News Bureau was ren- ovated into a modern office which serves the newly-formed Public Relations department. The offices of the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women were moved from the Y Building and Ward Hall to the Lyceum. Instituted during the past year were the De- partment of Journalism with Professor Gerald K. Forbes as its head; the Department of Public Relations, Marvin M. Black, director; the Air ROTC program; and the reactivation of the Ole Miss Concert and Marching Band. Lyceum attractions of the year featured Mar- jorie Lawrence, dramatic soprano, October 2; Original Ballet Russe, December 6; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, February 4; and Conrad Thibault, baritone, April I I. ALFRED HUME DAVID H. BISHOP ROBERT J. FARLEY Chancellor Emeritus Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School Dean of the School of Law The University Players presented " You Can ' t Take It With You " November 20 and 21 and on March 4 and 5, " Angel Street " . On October 8, Congressman John E. Rankin, spoke to Ole Miss students as the first speaker of the Omicron Delta Kappa-Mortar Board Forum series. George Rony, distinguished Rus- sian author, was presented October 28. The president of Harding College, Dr. George S. Benson , spoke November 12. On November 19 Dr. Emily Woodward, Georgia editor and forum leader, was a speaker. Hodding Carter, Mis- sissippi Pulitzer Prize-Winner, appeared before the student body December 12. Peter Drucker, noted political economist, January 9; Alexander Kerensky, former Russian president, February 27. Two things happened this past year which caused some discomfort to the student body— the burning of the laundry and liquidation of the student bank. The University laundry did not stop, however, For it continued to serve the students by sending their laundry to ne ighboring towns. A depository replaced the student bank. Welcomed to the faculty and the university staff were Frederic H. Kellogg, C. L. Marquette, R. H. Price, Haley D. Worthy, Joel W. Bunkley; Leslie L. Eisenbrandt, Charles N. Fortenberry, James W. Heath, C. E. Kuhlman, David Mc- Kinney, J. A. Cabaniss, Ronald H. MacDonald, James E. Savage, Paul D. Brandes, Mrs. Alta H. Samples, Winfred A. Shaw, Lamarr Stephens, Mrs. Margaret R. Tatum, Charles W. West, Mrs. Catherine M. Cresswell, James E. Hiatt, Mrs. Berta R. Roberts, Mrs. Catherine J. Roberts, Herman E. Taylor, and Miss Mildred Westmore- land. Head Coach Harold Drew, who led the Rebels through the season, was replaced January 13 by Johnny Vaught. Jim " Buster " Poole was also named to the athletic staff as end coach. William Griffin was appointed new alumni secre- tary, replacing Jeff Hamm, who served in that capacity for 23 years. The Veterans Club proved valuable in helping Ole Miss secure $900,000 in appropriations from the Building Commission. This appropriation was endorsed by a visit to the campus by Governor Fielding Wright on February 6. The funds are in use now enlarging and improving our physical plant. A new laundry, practice and intramural fields, repair work and renovation of classroom buildings, more and better parking facilities, a recreation hall are projects as a re- sult of the allocation. THE DAVID S. PANKRATZ DUDLEY R. HUTCHERSON VICTOR A. COULTER Dean of the School of Medicine Dean of the Graduate School Dean of the College of Liberal Arts PASSIN G PARADE JAMES W. BELL Dean Emeritus of the School of Commerce EVENTS THE YEAR sN„ EVENTS CAF THE: YEAR HORACE B. BROWN Dean of the School of Commerce Ray McKinley and his orchestra treated Ole the dance on the 15th the beauties of Ole Miss, Miss to some real music on the occasion of the as selected by Milton Caniff, were presented by annual Mid-Winters February 14 and 15. During McKinley. LEE H. JOHNSON ELMER L. HAMMOND FORREST W. MURPHY Dean of the Engineering School Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dean of School of Education On January 20 James Barnett was elected president of the Associated Student Body, following the resignation of Mark Solomon. Lon Taylor was elected vice-president to succeed Grey Flowers, who graduated. Ray Poole and Ygondine Walker reigned as Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss following the election December 12. Chancellor Williams made three changes in the faculty on February 16 and announced eight new members of the staff. Dr. Pete Kyle McCarter was promoted from head of the English Department to Dean of the University, a newly created position. Dr. W. Alton Bryant, professor of English, was named head of the English Depart- ment. Prof. R. W. Tinsely, who was associate professor of modern languages, succeeded Dr. Bryant as director of the Summer Session. The new faculty and staff appointees included; Thomas K. Swayze, assistant in athletics; Prof. James B. Shouse, acting assistant professor of Philosophy; James W. Ward, acting assistant professor of anat- omy; Thomas R. Ethridge, part-time instructor in political science; Huey B. Howerton, Jr., instructor in history; Mrs. Jean Forbes, time instructor in history; Morris Lovelady, part-time instructor in engineering; and W. F. New, part-time instructor in pharmacy. MALCOLM R. GUESS Dean of Men ESTELLA G. HEFLEY Dean of Women Professorial grill time W. ALTON BRYANT Director of Summer Session Dr. Getchel et ux; Dr. Hutcherson et ux SOME Law Profs relax Pro Bono Publico CLARENCE SCHEPS Comptroller A. B. HARGIS Supervising Engineer JEFF K. HAMM Business Manager of the Dept. of Athletics OF YOtil PROFS A bit of Psychology Ever-suffering Chaperones Dean Guess, Mr. Hamm, and one of the guests at the annual football banquet. SOLE OF YOUR Governor Wright, Ex-Governor White, Chancellor Williams, and Preceding the award to the most outstanding player of the year. members of the faculty at a meeting of the Veterans ' Club. The Accounting Department in operation Big plans for another secession Guiders of the newly-formed Department of Public Relations PROFS Dean Johnson demonstrates the use of the slide-rule The campus law, Mr. Black and the new Dean of the The most sought-after chaperones on the campus University, Dr. McCarter. Dr. Bell presents award to Mr. Hamm upon his retirement as Alumni Secretary. Mr. O ' Neil extemporizes • I : 4, " - it 14.4 • • • .1,A 4 ,44.,01. rift 4,0,40.. Alba. 1 4%,11...„,, ROBERT MARK SOLOMAN URIAH G. FLOWERS SARAH JANE AYCOCK JAMES A. BARNETT Mark Soloman, first semester A.S.B. president, swears in James Barnett, second semester A.S.B. president. 11111011111=110110.111r EXY,CUTI”, COUNC ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OFFICERS MARK SOLOMON President GREY FLOWERS Vice-President SARA JANE AYCOCK Secretary JAMES A. BARNETT Treasurer EXECUTIVE COUNCIL CURTIS ROBERTS College of Liberal Arts ARTHUR MERRELL School of Commerce and Business Administration JOHN THROOP ...... School of Law BOBBY MOORE School of Medicine BEN QUINTANA School of Pharmacy ANN BOGARD Women ' s Student Government TOM BORDEAUX Mississippian WALTER BULLOCK OLE MISS ALVIN MAPLES University Band PEP BENNETT ' ' M ' ' Club PRESTON BENNETT ANN BOGARD TOM BOURDEAUX WALTER BULLOCK ALVIN MAPLES ARTHUR MERRELL ROBERT MOORE BENJAMIN QUINTANA CURTIS D. ROBERTS JOHN S. THROOP The Student Executive Council, legislative organ of the Associated Student Body, is com- posed of representatives from each school and from each major student organization. Ole Miss has for years been justly proud of its student government which is based on sound democratic principles and a progressive spirit. Included in the Executive Council are Asso- ciated Student Body officers, the vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, together with one rep- resentative from each school on the campus, and also a representative from each major stu- dent organization. STUBENT GOVERNIUNT OFFICERS ANN BOGARD President DOT SYMONDS Vice-President YGONDINE WALKER 2nd Vice-President RUTH COVINGTON Secretary BETTY BRAUN Treasurer Acting as a sub-unit to the Executive Council, the Women ' s Student Government Association is the governing body of the women students. The faculty has granted the Assocation the power to control some matters of women ' s government—matters not under the control of the University authorities or the dormitory man- agement. The Association is a member of the National Inter-collegiate Association of Women Students, and also of the Mississippi Intercol- legiate Women ' s Student Government Associa- tion Authority is vested in an executive council, which is elected by vote, with changes being made by student petition. Each woman is a member of the Association and is required to be familiar with its rules and regulations. OFFICERS CHANCELLOR JOHN D. WILLIAMS Ex-officio Chairman DR. P. R. McCARTER Chairman DR. ELMER HAMMOND Chairman Ole Miss sub-commitee DR. HORACE B. BROWN Chairman Mississippian sub-committee MEMBERS Jim Barnett Walter Bullock Fox William E. Jones Tom Bourdeaux Dr. Clive Dunham Malcolm Guess Sara Jane Myers The Publication Board ' s function is to forma- Editors and the Business Managers of the late the general policies of student publications book, THE OLE MISS, and the paper, The and to insure for the University capable and sissipian, the president of the student bod efficient leadership of the yearbook and the faculty members, and, as ex-officio chair weekly paper. The board is made up of the the chancellor. PUBLICATION BOARD Left to right: Bullock, Myers, Myers, McCarter, Fox, Hammod, Chancellor Williams, Brown, Guess, Dunham, Bourdeaux, Jones WALTER BULLOCK Editor NINETEEN Constituting probably the world ' s greatest collection of inepti- tude and inexperience, the staff of the 1947 Ole Miss floundered through the first semester, made innumerable mistakes, and managed to compile volumes of misinformation and undesirable facts. By the second semester, those of the staff who didn ' t flunk out of school were rapidly becoming authorities on all of the intri- cate phases of photography, engraving, and printing. At the expense of the student body they were also learning to spell and to type. At the time we went to press, the remaining handful of faithfuls had emerged as veritable They show promise of b eing more influential than the steam engine in shaping the future of the world. Walter (there won ' t be a third term) Bullock had the dubious distinction of being the only two time editor in the history of Ole Miss. . . once in ' 42 and again with this monstrosity. Sara Jane Myers was the business manager. She soon became convinced that woman ' s place is rightly in the home. Tom Hairston and Hugh Schneider, as assistant editors, took full advantage of their more than ample opportunity for bottlenecking. Other saboteurs were lured from the Grill during rush hours. This procedure produced such outstanding campus personalities as Bob Towns, Bettye McGehee, Booka Vine, Mariada Simmons, Jean Wheeler, Dook McDonnel, Sara Simmons, Tina Walker, Nancy Chenault, Lightning Gibbes, Jane Boring, Stiles Artz, Mary Ann Rivers, and Peggy Mahoney. Sis Burner gave advice on art. Roselyn Thread- gill worked while campused. Everyone concerned displayed e patient lack of interest in producing a college yearbook. Bitsy Hunter handled the athletic section and proved to be quite a judge of his fellow-man by refusing any help from the rest of the staff. Sallie Junkin moved in to take over the She not only accepted help from the staff, but, on some few occasions, actually made them work. Assisting Sara Jane as advertising managers were Mush Hardin and Vassar Hemphill. They helped her do nothing admirably. Other lackadaisical contributions were made by Watsie Sumners, Dot Hamm, Natalie Thompson, 0. E. Clower, Gayle Carlisle, Greg Breland, Louis Zehnder, Helen Henry, Helen Stovall, Joe McKell, Martha Ann Rowan, and Betty Hemeter. Displaying both patience and versatility, Ed Birchett labored faithfully with the editorial staff and also found time to lend assistance to some of the work of the business office. FORTY SEVEN OLE MISS SARA JANE MYERS Business Manager 2EKIY TOM BOURDEAUX Editor Striving to fulfill its duty to the Ole Miss stu- dents in the complete coverage of campus acti- vities, the Mississippian has kept its reputation as one of the best collegiate newspapers in the nation. MIS6W;PPIAN.. Throughout each week, the editorial staff was at work under the direction of Tom Bourdeaux, writing stories and organizing the material for the finished paper. Contributions by the new journalism classes were of invaluable aid in the organization and presentation of the paper. " Teck " Jones and his competent business staff, through advertising and circulation, provided the means and method by which the final pro- duct could be presented promptly to the campus each Friday afternoon, " TECK " JONES Business Manager Standing: Pittman, Bunkley, Woodward. Seated: McMurry, Owen, Huff, Gage. Left to Right: Norquist, Hawkins, Gross. MOOT COURT BOARn OFFICERS A. E. HAWKINS Chairman of the Board DAVID GROSS Chairman of team assignment committee GRIFFIN NORQUIST Chairman of facts committee MEMBERS Lampkin Butts W. J. Huff Griffin Norguist David Gross Charles C. Jacobs Ben Owen R. D. Gage, III Clarence Morgan Luther D. Pittman A. E. Hawkins Pelham McMurray The purpose of the Moot Court Board is to familiarize law students with the con- struction and preparation of appellate briefs, to give law students the opportunity ho app ly points of law to a given set of facts and to simulate, as closely as possible, law practice before the supreme court of the state. Hall, Schwizer, Palmer, Bizzell, Hoffman, Roberts, O ' Neal. Standing: Bridges, Dale, Crigier, White, Heidelberg, McDowell. Sitting: Hawkins, Adams, Norguist, Landrum, Grey. MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL STAFF BILL BIZZELL Editor OWEN PALMER Assistant Editor HARRY HOFFMAN Business Manager GEORGE SCHWIZER Note Editor ROBERT ROBERTS Case Editor The Mississippi Law Journal was founded in 1928. It is the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar, and is published under its auspices by students of the Law School of the University of Mississippi. The Journal publishes the proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Stare Bar, articles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments on recent decisions by student writers, review of current Treatises. on the general subject of the law, and other matters of interest to the legal profession, The Journal is an outstanding campus publication, and its editorship is one of the most coveted student honors. ' ,11...w.a.■ •■■•••••■■•■• STANF ORD TERRY, President. GERALD JACOBS, Secretary and Treasurer. The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of two representatives from each fraternity. The council controls and directs all fraternities, parti- cularly during the rushing season, and also guides the policy of the fraternities in their affairs with the Administration. OFFICERS STANDFORD TERRY . President HUGH MOORE Vice-President GERALD JACOBS Secretary and Treasury ,TER ,.%t l 11 Is t ,a MEMBERS VAN WILSON . . ..... Alpha Tau Omega STANFORD TERRY Phi Delta Theta OLEN SMITH ....... . . Alpha Tau Omega BARNARD TRIPETT Phi Delta Theta ERNEST BROWN Beta Theta Pi ROBERT MARCUS Phi Epsilon Pi JAMES McGEHEE Beta Theta Pi LEONARD KLINE Phi Epsilon Pi GEORGE THATCHET Delta Kappa Epsilon JIM MY BROOKS Phi Kappa Psi ELTON McINTOSH . Delta Kappa Epsilon THOMAS TURN I PSEED Phi Kappa Psi KENNETH FRANKS Delta Psi W. G. MIZE Sigma Alpha Epsilon LOUIS LYELL Delta Psi HARRY PATTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon ERNEST McMURCHY Kappa Alpha JOHN PRAISER Sigma Chi HUGH MOORE Kappa Alpha " DOC " MAXWELL Sigma Chi JOE WROTEN Kappa Sigma ROBERT MOLLETT Sigma Nu PAUL NEWTON Kappa Sigma J. M. WESTON Sigma Nu GEORGE WORT HEN Pi Kappa Alpha GERALD JACOBS Sigma Phi Epsilon JAMES BARNETT Pi Kappa Alpha JACK S. PARKER Sigma Phi Epsilon FR AMINITY OIJI CIL Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the eight sorority presidents and two representatives from each group. The officers are chosen by rota- tion. The local Pan-Hellenic is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic. The primary purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to promote harmony among the dif- ferent sororities on the campus, and to promote co-operation and unity among all Greek letter organizations, and to pass rules and regulations for welfare of the system. To accomplish this effectively, Pan-Hellenic sets up the rushing rules, limiting the quota of pledges the various groups can pledge, regulating bidding system, and co- operating generally with University authorities throughout rush week. OFFICERS DOROTHY DAY President YGONDINE WALKER Vic President SARA AYCOCK Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS YGONDINE WALKER Chi Omega KATHLEEN FULGHUM Chi Omega PATRICIA BURROWS Chi Omega DOROTHY DAY Delta Delta Delta FRANCES TERRY Delta Delta Delta SARA JANE MYERS Delta Delta Delta BETH TOOLE Delta Gamma ROSE MARIE GODWIN Delta Gamma THE PAN-11Y,LLEN1LC First Row: Sarah Aycock, Margaret Banning, Kathryn Barr, Ann Bogard, Pat Burrow, Kathleen Fulghum, Rachel Gardner, Eleanor Knee, Pat Land, Mary Liddell. Second Row: Dot Mooney, Sara Jane Myers, Mae Hill McMurry, Peggy Podesta, Martha Sparr, Frances Stuart, Frances Terry, Beth Toole, Ygondine Walker. MOLLY SPARR Delta Gamma RACHEL GARDNER Delta Zeta MAYHILL McMURRAY Delta Zeta DOROTHY MOONEY Delta Zeta ANN BOGARD Kappa Delta MARGARET BANNING Kappa Delta ELEANOR KNEE Kappa Delta PAT LAND Kappa Kappa Gamma SARAH AYCOCK Phi Mu FRANCES STUART ' Phi Mu MARY LIDDELL Phi Mu KAY BARR Zeta Tau Alpha PEGGY PODESTA Zeta Tau Alpha BARBARA MILLER Zeta Tau Alpha COrNC! lt • ....„__.......nta iiii... 7..: :41emi. " 2::117:71: 2 ,--1.74:,Vala II. , , i. 1 as NZ I I I I 212 1 4 ell rim IN lizi LI s Ma CM NB .., 4, 0, " . " " am: " .3 VW afts ellitlin■ . : ....................... .......... _,_.,_m_fmIIIIIIIIM.1■Aolt ft arl....itimaiallrati1 4.01214:14.1.6 ....... MUM INIIMM4r: W.-......77.77,7417.7.61::011:111.11r• • ... ............................................... %::r.r. " ... " .7:Z:•—.Z ' Ifrt. " :;•• ' " :a.::jrf;::::;::: " " B " T " . " 1:— " rum: :4 ' ...............40,—Nimem_ommommemr.r4r.ringlati.,1131.3:421•Mtegiret:- ,, emmearma.....a.:• " 2: " 1 " 14-11•:4• " " " " " rwar " ...m..,.........0 " .... m•• " " •••••••••••1 4.)..............,.....,„ " " •••• " " `•••••••• " " " •• " " " " " 11...........,........ aim au ow ems ............r mu •••1•11■1•Mormaa sarlsril " " " " %Mar= ZU " " 47461 --r-n --- rril,11,11,0,.,,.... inraurwarplow al,.........-re, 1 I 11. a MO MIMI. OM am ma MI NM saw ma a now • on, Terre. a • M •• MC Ow no ,IMO IIIIIMIMISM Ma gm MO MIMI. " 0111 IMO MII UM MI OM illIMMIIIM NM °Am • lbam• ' ir NMI OM MEI NM OM Om MI MI . MIMI FM mom It= 1162 MINIM MOM. MO MIMM MOMOValn•O i I 4 ...6 ____ numin VI MO INIM 11111111 IOW OM OM MIMI ••4:111. . IIMIM NM OM AM MO MEI MO IIIII Imam we Immo ma ase emir elm ma , NB 111.14 MIN • wi • - • ' or mil• MO an MMUS= mo PAM IMMO Mil Mil 111•11 IINIMIN OMANI IM IIM MI • No Mani ' num MN 11101111111111•111 IMMO MN Me 0•11 11110 MOM ill VMS OM MP MINIONNIIIIIMIM IMMIIIMM MI IT 0111. NM IIMMI a Mil OM IMMO NM MD .1111 MI 17 IMMX•11,..„, M IIMIMIN MIIIIIIMMI MN meal MN IIIM MIMI IIIIIMMIIIMOMMII IMMO MD IMMINIMIMIMilm MO MS MOINE mo IMMO mai me -• Me MOM " LIM MO.OILIM611 Oa= MUM 1111•11•• ' ,In SWIM MI11 ' lasnimmit am ■ ou• ammor Iwo 11111111.1I OMNI NM MI NM NM MINI MN 11111111•111 I NM MI NM NM 111111111111111 MINI SIMI 1 11011 MIN MO NM Ma IN OM MINI NM NMI =II 111•11111111111 MINN •11111111111111 ONI 11111•1 11111•111M MIMI NM Me MI MI MI 11•111•111111111= NMI NM MOM MIN WWII= NM MI EINE NM MIN =I MN 11111INI 1111111111= IIMIN IIIIIII INN MI 1111111111101111MIN NM MI %SR IOW ANN ___I MI .4111•111111111111111•1111111111M 1111111. Mil MIS MIME OM= ' ' ' ..-- " ' .... .... V , 4 - . i V ' r ‘ " 160110.1PR ' ' OA ' 40111 ' .- h.. . ' •a . -- ' . . , - a 1 • " ICE CREAM PARTY " " SEATS FOR GUESTS ONLY " ii " PASTORAL " " " 51.Y1171fs " AIN ' T IT FUN! " " TCH! TCH! " Of• at 0.. " INTERMISSION AT THE DELTA GAMMA HOUSE " Pi) " COLLEGE-LEVEL LITERATURE " " IN THE SPRING, ETC. " IMII■IIMPr■=11•11•11(31 lig " AN EASY WAY TO ATTEND A SATURDAY AFTERNOON GAME " A - 1.• :7. 11101•••■•,..F.4::: 000 " . " -- di 00.002 " g_zzactia —7— T • 7.01 " READIN " N WRITIN " ' • ‘4-1,01-,.;fie,;.01;7 t KUM 110 UM J.V 9N1H9M 1„ " THE HALF WAY MARK " fl " It t ' f fi Ii 41 ; ' -• ; T 11 •■•.! " r•-, • OLE MISS BAND Under the leadership of Director Paul R. Page, the development of its personnel and equipment the Rebel Band has made great strides towards and in reconverting to its pre-war greatness. First Row: Andrew Addkinson, John A. Aldridge, Roy Barner, Bill Beanland, A. L. Beavers, Jr., Seymore Bernstien, James 0. Boltz, Thomas Boschert, Jean Straton Brueck. Second Row: Bill Carroll. John Castillow, Robert Childress, John B. Cunningham, Jesse Eavenson, B. H. Gardner, Everett Grayson, Louis Gritz. Third Row: Walter Hager, Louis Harmon, Harriet Glenn Haskew, C. L. Herbore, Breit Jackson, Jr., Sam Jennings, Peggy Johnson, Mary Glenn Latham, Alvin Maples. Fourth Row: Dot Mooney, William Mullett, Carl McGehee, Herbert McGuffee, Elizabeth Anne Pilkinton, Barton Pursell, Barton Radcliff, Bob Russum, George Ryan. Fifth Row: John A. Salter, B. L. Samuel, Bill Shirley, Nova lie Smith, C. C. Stacy, Roby Lee Stegall, Lester Virginia Ann Tansil. Sixth Row: Robert Thompson, Nell Travis, Jack Tubb, Robert Turnage, Ygondine Walker, Charles Ward, Wayne Howard, Herman Dexter Webster, Buford Ellsworth Wells. BAND OFFICERS ALVIN MAPLES Presidenl JAMES BOLTZ Business Manager BILL BEANLAND Vice-President MARY GLENN LATHAM Reporter DRUM MAJORS BILL SHIRLEY Field Drum Major BRETT JACKSON ALVIN MAPLES Head Drum Major Drum Major MEMBERS OF Tiff BAND Drum Majorettes Horns Herbert McGuffee Joann Gunn Ygondine, Walker Novalee Smith Peggy Johnson Elizabeth Ann Pilkinton Jean Brueck Cornets John A. Alridge Seymore Bernstien Robert Childress Louis Gritz John Hayes William Beanland Bill Carroll John Castillow Brett Jackson Gene Oxnam Lester Sumners Trombones John Cunningham Bill Harris Sam Jennings Barton Ratcliff Roby Stegall Jack Tucker Hubert Tucker Drums Fred Dinkins B. H. Garner Walter Hager C. L. Heberer Bill Mullett Thomas Perry Barton Pursell Louis Harmon Clyde Huggins Carl McGehee Bobby Shannon Virginia Tansil Hugh Thomasson Jack Tubbs Bob Russum Flutes Harriet Haskew Bobby Turnage John Jackson Joe Stokes Cymbals Saxophones J. W. Jennings Granvilles Williams And rew Add kison James Boltz Charles Robinson George Ryan J. A. Slater B. L. Samuels C. C. Stacy H. D. Webster Nell Travis Baritones A. L. Beavers Wayne Howard William McNutt James Wells Basses Bell Lyre Carolyn Cook Oboes Dot Mooney Clarinets Roy Berner Thomas Boschert Jesse Everson Mary Latham W. M. Nelson Billy Stephens Dorothy Young Charles Ward Robert Thompson Everett Grayson W. M. Gillespie SAXOPHONE PAUL BOENSCH DICK LANNING BILL STEVENS BRASS JACK PHILLIPS CHARLIE ROBINSON BILL KING JOHNNY MCDADE BASS DRUM PIANO BILL PARIS BOOCHIE WELLS DICK CALLOWAY VOCAL SARAH C. WOODS BILL WOODS JOE BOLTZ LAWRENCE SEMSKI MSSISSIPPIANS 1111110111Mint rawfm - .1 I . • 4 TA ' ' ' 1‘ 12) .“Xr ..3 , r ' 11 -1 " t- • Plyi P. • IOW ou Ap EDWARD ASSAD THOMAS BADON GLENN BAIRD JIM BARNETT, JR. WALTER BULLOCK Advanced Professional TOP: • EDWARD JOE ASSAD, Clarksdale; Law III. • THOMAS F. BADON, Liberty; Law III; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi. • GLENN D. Water Valley; Med. II; Phi Chi; Masonic Member of The Blue Lodge. • JIM C. BARNETT, JR., Lumberton; Med II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Chi; Committee of 100; Flying Rebels; YMCA Council; Vice President Wesley Foundation. • WALTER EARL BULLOCK, Columbia; Law 111; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta; " M " Club; Co ' Publisher of Student Directory, ' 42; Executive Council, ' 41, ' 42, ' 46; Editor 1942 OLE MISS; Editor 1947 OLE MISS; Gym Dance Committee, ' 41, ' 42, ' 46; Committee on Student Grievances; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Hall of Fame; B.A. University of Mississippi. BOTTOM: • First Row: SHERMAN HERBERT BRUCKNER, Los Angeles; Med. II. • WILLIAM GARNER BURGIN, JR., Starkville; Law III; Sigma Nu; President A.S.B., ' 45, ' 46; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Athletic Publicity Director, ' 44, ' 45; Program Director, ' 46; President, Inter- Fraternity Council, ' 45; Managing Editor, Mississippian ' 44, ' 45; President, Sigma Nu, ' 45. • RICHARD EUGENE CALDWELL, Baldwyn; Med. II; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi; B.S. Degree, Mississippi Southern College. • BUELL ROSCOE CARTY, JR., Jackson; Law III; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mississippian, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Delta Sigma Pi; Veterans Club, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. • FRANK M. COX, Jackson, Tennessee; Law III. • Second Row: WALTER LEE CATCHING, JR., Cleveland; Law III; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE DANIEL COPELAND, Senatobia; Med. II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Band; The Mis- sissippians. • WILLIAM V. CROSBY, Oxford; Med II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; B.S. Degree. • PHILIP LAWRENCE CUNNINGHAM, Louisville; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi. • URIA H GREY FLOWERS, JR., Vicksburg; Law III; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Chairman Dance Committee, ' 45, ' 46; Vice-President, A.S.B., ' 46, ' 47; Executive Council, ' 46, ' 47; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SHERMAN BRUCKNER WILLIAM BURGIN, JR. RICHARD CALDWELL BUELL CARTY, JR. FRANK COX WALTER CATCHING, JR. GEORGE COPELAND WILLIAM CROSBY PHILIP CUNNINGHAM URIAH FLOWERS, JR. REGINALD GRAY, JR. MARION GREEN AUBREY HARRIS Schools TOP: • REGINALD ARTHUR GRAY, JR., Hattiesburg; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi; Editor, The Rebel Magazine; Business Manager, Mississippi Law Journal. • MARION VIR- GINIA GREEN, Rolling Fork; Med II; Biology Club; Beta Beta Beta. • AUBREY RUSSELL HARRIS, Shannon; Med. II; Pi Kappa Phi Chi. BOTTOM: • First Row: ARMIS EUGENE HAWKINS, Houston; Law III; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Com- mittee on St udent Senior Law Class. • MARTIN EDWARD HINMAN, Pascagoula; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Biology ' 44; Beta Beta Beta, ' 45; Cardinal Club; Her. mean Society; International Relation Club; YMCA; Treasurer, Wesley Foundation. • HARRY OTTO HOFFMAN, JR., Hattiesburg; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; MOAKS; Stu- dent Bank; Phi Delta Phi; Business Manager, Mississippi Law Journal. • JONNIE MARIE HORN, Luce- dale; Med. II; Zeta Tau Alpha; Med. School. • WILLIAM JENNINGS HUFF, Shubuta; Law III; Phi Delta Phi. O Second Row: J. LEONARD KLINE, Anguilla; Law III; Phi Epsilon Pi; B.A. Degree, University of Mis- sissippi, ' 42. • CORNELIUS JOSEPH Bay St. Louis; Law III; Phi Kappa Psi. • RUFFIN T . LOWRY, Jackson; Law III; Sigma Nu. • JACK BAYLOR McCONNELL, Kingsport, Tennessee; Med. II; Phi Chi. • EDWARD FRANKLIN McDOWELL, Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Hermean Oratory Award, ' 34; Debate Club, ' 34, ' 35; Phi. Delta Phi; Veterans Club. John Throop, President of Law School SENIOR CLASS ARMIS HAWKINS MARTIN HINMAN HARRY JR. JONNIE HORN WILLIAM HUFF J. KLINE CORNELIUS LADNER RUFFIN LOWRY JACK McCONNELL EDWARD McDOWELL 7. McDUFFIE 1 EDMUND MONTGOMERY, II MALCOLM MONTGOMERY, JR. WILLIAM McQUINN MILLARD McKEEL, III ,cideaneed Professional TOP: S. JAY McDUFFIE, Nettleton; Med. II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; B.A. Degree; B.S. Degree. • MIL- LARD FILMORE McKEEL, III, Washington, North Carolina; Med. II; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM CHARLES McQUINN, Greenwood; Med. II; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. • EDMUND WARREN MONTGOMERY, II, Yazoo City; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Veterans Club; B.A. University of Mississippi, ' 41. • MALCOLM BAILEY MONTGOMERY, JR., Yazoo City; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. BOTTOM: • First Row: BOBBY LEE MOORE, Union; Med. II; Phi Chi; President of Medical Student Body, ' 46- ' 47. • SHERMAN CLIFFORD MYERS, St. Joseph, Missouri; Med. II; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. • JAMES EDWARD NICHOLS, Vicksburg; Law III; Delta Tau Delta; Hermean Society; YMCA; Hood ' s Brigade; Scabbard and Blade, • SAM GRIFFIN NORQUIST, Yazoo City; Law III; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; President, Phi Delta Phi, ' 45; President, Omicron Delta Kappa, ' 46; MOAKS; Scabbard and Blade; Law Journal Editorial Staff; President, Junior Law Class; Vice-President, Senior Law Class; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Cardinal Club. • OWEN THACKARA PALMER, JR., Gulfport; Law III; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Law Journal Staff. • Second Row: JEFF W. PASLAY, Como; Med. II; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi. • WALTER S. PHILLIPS, Bay St. Louis; Law III; Kappa Sigma. • LUTHER DAVID PITTMAN, Raleigh; Law Ill; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN RILEY POOLE, Jackson; Law III; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • ERWIN JAMES RAUSCH, Abita Springs, Louisiana; Law III; Phi Lambda Chi; B.A., Southeastern Louisiana College. BOBBY MOORE SHERMAN MYERS JAMES NICHOLS SAM NORQUIST OWEN PALMER, JR. JEFF PASLAY WALTER PHILLIPS LUTHER PITTMAN JOHN POOLE ERWIN RAUSCH Griffin Norquist, First Semester President of ODK PAUL RAY RALPH REA ROBERT T. RISER Schools... TOP: • PAUL TRUETT RAY, Corinth; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. • RALPH WALDO REA, Oakland, California; Med. II; Phi Chi; B.S. Degree. • ROBERT T. RISER, Jackson; Law III; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. BOTTOM: • First Row: GEORGE J. SCHWEIZER, JR., Greenville; Law III; Phi Delta Phi; President, ' 46, ' 47; Mis- sissippi Bar Journal Staff, ' 47. • JACK M. SENIOR, Fulton; Med. II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. • MICHAEL EDMUND SHAHEEN, Senaiobia; Med. II; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM HENRY SIMMONS, Des Moines, Iowa; Med. II; Phi Chi. • THOMAS LANEY SWEAT, Corinth; Med. II; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi; Inter-Fraternity Council; Mississippian Staff; Committee of 100. • Second Row: EUGENE JOSEPH THOMAS, Jackson; Med. II; Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. • WILLIAM CARL THOMPSON, Morton; Law III. • JACK BYRD TINSLEY, Scooba; Med. II; Phi Chi. • JOHN SCYSTER THROOP, JR., Water Valley; Law III; Phi Gamma Delta; President, Metiokio, ' 41; YMCA, ' 41; President, Law School Student Body, ' 46, ' 47; ASB Executive Council, ' 46, ' 47; President, Phi Alpha Delta, ' 46, ' 47; Committee on Student Grievances. • LEE HOWARD TRAPP, Nettleton; Med. II; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Varsity Football, ' 30, ' 31, 32; Captain, Football Team, ' 32; President, " M " Club, ' 31; Secretary- ASB, ' 31; Blue Key, ' 31; President, Biology Club, ' 45; YMCA; Committee of 100. SENIOR CLASS GEORGE SCHWEIZER, JR. JACK SENIOR MICHAEL SHAHEEN WILLIAM SIMMONS THOMAS SWEAT EUGENE THOMAS WILLIAM THOMPSON JACK TINSLEY JOHN THROOP, JR. LEE TRAPP ALMA TRAPPOLINI RAYMOND TURMAN MARSHAL JR. CLAUDE WOODWARD Advanced Professional Schools SENIOR CLASS ABOVE: • ALMA TRAPPOLINI, Mt. Pleasant; Med. II. • RAYMOND EUGENE TURMAN, Horn Lake; Med. II; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Chi. • MARSHALL NEY WILLIAMS, JR., Raymond; Med II; Kappa Alpha; B.S. Degree, Millsaps. • CLAUDE JACKSON Kosciusko; Law III; Phi Delta Theta; Track Team, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40; " M " Club, Phi Alpha Delta; Treasurer, Law School; Band; Hermean Literary Club. HARRY ABERNATHY PHILIP ADAMS WILLIAM ALEXANDER GROVER ALLEN STEPHEN JR. Advanced Professional TOP: • HARRY BANE ABERNATHY, Clarksdale; Graduate. • PHIL IP GERALD ADAMS, Porterville; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. • WILLIAM B. ALEXANDER, Boyle; Law II; Sigma Nu. • GROVER NEWTON ALLEN; Sallis; Law. • STEPHEN ELLIS ALLEN, JR., Hazelhurst; Law II; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. BOTTOM: • First Row: LAWRENCE DAY ARRINGTON, Hattiesburg; Law I; Veterans Club. • HAROLD MELBY BAILEY, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT FRANCIS BAKER, Hazelhurst; Med. I. • JEFF ED- WARD BALFOUR, Lamar; Law I. • JAMES CLARK BASS, JR., Jackson; Med. I; Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: EMILE MAJERSKI BAUMHAUER, JR., Meridian; Med. I; Phi Kappa Sigma. • LOYD LAMAR BEACHAM, JR., Jackson, . Law I. • THOMAS A. BELL, Grenada, Law I; Kappa Alpha. • PRESTON P. BENNETT, Meridian, Graduate, Kappa Alpha, " M " Club. • SAMUEL ERNEST BIRDSONG, JR., Jackson, Law I; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. LAWRENCE ARRINGTON HAROLD BAILEY ROBERT BAKER JEFF BALFOUR JAMES BASS, JR. EMILE BAUMHAUER, JR. LOYD JR. THOMAS BELL PRESTON BENNETT SAMUEL BIRDSONG, JR. Bill Bizzell, Editor of the Law Journal ELLIS BODRON PAUL BOENSCH RICHARD BRADLEY Schools . TOP: • ELLIS BARKKETT BODRON, Vicksburg; Graduate, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges, Phi Delta Phi, Editor of Rebel, Varsity Debate, ' 45, ' 46; President, International Relations Club, ' 43, ' 44; President, Independant Organization, ' 43, ' 44; Hermeaen Society. • PAUL AUSTIN BOENSCH, Memphis; Graduate, Delta Kappa Epsilon. • RICHARD C. BRADLEY, Columbia, Law I; Lambda Chi Alpha. BOTTOM: • First Row: WILLIAM DAVID BREWER, Richton, Graduate. • PHIL OLIVER BROCK, McComb; Law II, Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Delta. • WILLIAM D. BROOKS, Kosciusko; Law I, Pi Kappa Alpha. • VERNON HERRIN BROOM, Columbia. • ERNEST LUTHER BROWN, Booneville; Beta Theta Pi. • Second Row: RAMON LARRY BURGESS, Nettleton; Law II, Beta Theta Phi Alpha Delta. • LAMP- KIN HERBERT BUTTS, University; Law I, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WALLACE EARL CALDWELL, Baldwyn; Med. I. • CHARLES ALEXANDER CALVERT, Oxford; Law I, Phi Eta Sigma. • WILSON CLARK Union; Med. I, Sigma Chi. UNDER CLASS WILLIAM BREWER PHIL BROCK WILLIAM BROOKS VERNON BROOM ERNEST BROWN RAMON BURGESS LAMPKIN BUTTS WALLACE CALDWELL CHARLES CALVERT WILSON CALVERT NOEL CHILDRESS FREDERICK CARNEY WILLIAM CAMP GUY CAMPBELL Advanced Pro fessitpnal TOP: • 0. WINSTON CAMERON, Meridian; Law II, Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, ' 46. • GUY D. CAMPBELL, Laurel; Med. II, Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, ' 44- ' 45, ' 45- ' 46, Hall of Fame, 1945; Ole Miss Y; Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM HERMAN CAMP, Dorsey; Law I. • FREDERICK THOMAS CARNEY, Memphis; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • NOEL ARTHUR CHILDRESS, Oxford; Graduate. BOTTOM: • First Row: CHARLES CLARK, Cleveland; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • RAYMOND S. COX, Jackson; Law I; Sigma Nu. • JAY DAVID COHEN, New York City, Graduate; Pi Kappa Pi. • MARTIN COHEN, New Yor k City; Graduate. • GROVER C. COLEMAN, Mendenhall; Graduate; Mason-Lion ' s Club. • Second Row: WILLIAM DEWITT COLEMAN, Ackerman; Law II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Scholastic Legal Fraternity. • DONALD CARLOS COOLEY, Hazlehurst; Law I; Delta Psi; Legal Fraternity. • CHARLES E. CRAWFORD, JR., Isola; Law I; Beta theta Pi. • GEORGE H. CRAWFORD, JR., Aberdeen; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM EPHRIAM CRESSWELL, Durant, Law II, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cardinal Club, ' 44; Phi Alpha Delta. CHARLES CLARK WILLIAM COLEMAN RAYMOND COX DONALD COOLEY JAY COHEN CHARLES CRAWFORD, JR. MARTIN COHEN GEORGE CRAWFORD, JR. GROVER COLEMAN WILLIAM CRESSWELL JAMES CRIGLER JAMES DALE, JR. JOSEPH DALE Schools cat lea Ed McDowell, Business Manager of the Law Journal TOP: • JAMES CARPENTER CRIGLER, Starkville; Law II; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES SEABORN DALE, JR., Columbia; Law II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. • JOSEPH DALE, Prentiss; Law Phi Delta Phi, ' 43. U) DE BOTTOM: O First Row: JOHN OSCAR DAMPEER, JR., Summit; Med. I; Sigma Nu. • LUTHER C. DAWSON, Gloster; Graduate. • JEFF DAVIS DILLARD, Itta Bena; Graduate; Sigma Chi. • GEORGE EARL EMMETT, Clinton; Med. I. • HAMPTON CALVIN ENGLAND, JR., Crystal Springs; Med. I. • Second Row: MARK EMERSON ETHRIDGE, Jackson; Law II; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. • JOHN JAMES PRAISER, Minter City; Law I; Sigma Chi; Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee, ' 46; Student- Faculty Committee, ' 46; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 46; A.S.B. Dance Committee, ' 46. • JAMES W. FREE- LAND, Somerville; Law I; Delta Tau Delta. 9 NORMA JEAN Aspinwall, Pennsylvania; Graduate; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CRAWFORD DENTON GIBBES, JR., Laurel; Law I; Kappa Alpha. CLASS JOHN DAMPEER, JR. LUTHER DAWSON JEFF DILLARD GEORGE EMMETT HAMPTON ENGLAND, JR. i MARK ETHRIDGE JOHN FRAISER JAMES FREELAND NORMA FIX CRAWFORD GIBBES, JR. EDWIN GILLESPIE NED GOTTHELF HUGH GOWAN ERNEST GRAVES NORMAN GREEN Advanced Professional TOP: • EDWIN C. GILLESPIE, Columbia, Tenn.; Grad. I; Delta Psi. • NED GOTTHELF, Vicksburg; Law II; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Hall of Fame, ' 42; President, Omicron Delta Kappa, ' 42; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Scabbard and Blade; Vice President, Omicron Delta Kappa, ' 41; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Commander Hood ' s Brigade, ' 40; Cardinal Club, ' 39; President Cardinal Club, ' 40; Chairman, Floor Committee Gym Dances, ' 41; Senior Captain R.O.T.C., ' 41; Co- publisher, Student Directory, ' 40; Track, ' 39; Treasurer of Committee of 100, ' 40; Rebel Staff, Annual Staff; Mississippian Staff. • HUGH LEE GOWAN, Kosciusko; Med. 1; Phi Delta Theta; Catholic Club, ' 41, ' 43; ERNEST W. GRAVES, Laurel; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • NORMAN EVERETT Wesson; Med. I. BOTTOM: • First Row: HERBERT W. GREGORY, Calhoun City; Graduate. • JOSEPH RUBLE GRIFFIN, Mantee; Law I. • WILBURN SCOTT GRIFFIN, Mantee; Graduate; Fellowship Forum, ' 46, ' 47. • DAVID BYRAN GROSS, Laurel; Law II; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delia Phi. • CLAUD MILLER HAILEY, Meridian. • Second Row: JAMES H. HAILEY, Tupelo; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi. • BENJAMIN SHANDS HARDY, Jackson; Law II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. • EVERETTE L. HARPER, Moss Point; Law I; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; M Club; Football and Track Letters, ' 45, ' 46; Hall of Fame. • MAURICE LAWRENCE HAYES, Cascilla; Med. I. • ROWLAND WEBSTER JR., Hattiesburg; Law II; Sigma Chi; Cardinal Club, ' 41, ' 42; Honor Roll, ' 42; Phi Delta Phi; Associate Editor, Miss. Law Journal, ' 46- ' 47; Veterans Club. HERBERT GREGORY JOSEPH GRIFFIN WILBURN GRIFFIN DAVID GROSS CLAUD HAILEY JAMES HALEY BENJAMIN HARDY EVERETT HARPER MAURICE HAYES ROWLAND JR. HARRY HELMAN ROBERT HENDERSON LOUIE HENRY Schools Ann Bogard, President of Women ' s Student Government TOP: • HARRY D. HELMAN, Florence; Med. I. • ROBERT HARVEY HENDERSON, Sumner; Graduate Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity; Glee Club, 2, 3; Band, 3, 4; Business Manager, 4; Business Manager, OLE MISS; M Book, University Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Mississippian Staff, 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Club; Dance Committee, Lyceum Committee; Veterans Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. • LOUIE C. HENRY, Watervalley; Graduate; Med. I; Sigma Chi. BOTTOM: • First Row: GEORGE WILLIAM HERRING, Meridian; Med. I; Kappa Sigma. • THURMAN HORTON HILLMAN, Leakesville; Law • HOMER LEE HOWIE, Jackson; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES C. JACOBS, JR., Rosedale; Law II; Delta Psi. • ROBERT FRANKLIN JURASCHEK, Mathiston; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: HUNTER HUDSON KIMBALL, JR., Gulfport; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Phi Sigma; Mis- sissippian, ' 41; President, Cantabury Club, ' 42; Vice President, International Relations Club, ' 42. • LEE GIBBS KIRK, Bentonia; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOSEPH SARELLE KNIGHT, Hattiesburg; Law 1; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT LAMAR LAMBRIGHT, JR., Jackson; Med. I; Kappa Sigma; Committee of 100; Pre-Med. Fraternity. • ROGER CARLTON LANDRUM, Kosciusko; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Her- mean, ' 3B, ' 39; Flying Rebels, ' 41; Cadet Officer, R.O.T.C., ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Gym Dance Committee, ' 41; Phi Delta Phi, ' 46; Miss. Law Journal, ' 46; Secretary-Treasurer, Jr. Law Class. UNDER CLASS ROBERT JURASCHEK ROGER LANDRUM HOMER HOWIE JOSEPH KNIGHT CHARLES JACOBS, JR. ROBERT LAMBRIGHT, JR. THURMAN HILLMAN LEE KIRK GEORGE HERRING HUNTER KIMBALL, JR. NATHAN LEVY, JR. BURTON LINDAU WILLIAM LLOYD WILLIAM LUCKETT ANGUS McBRYDE Advanced Professional TOP: • NATHAN LEVY, JR., Vicksburg; Law I. • BURTON LINDAU, Miami, Fla.; Graduate. • WILLIAM BALDWIN LLOYD, Jackson; Law II; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM OLIVER LUCKETT, Canton; Law I; Delta Psi. • ANGUS MITCHELL McBRYDE, Sumrall; Med, I; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Rho Chi; B.S. in Pharmacy. BOTTOM: • First Row: JAMES THOMAS McCAFFERTY, JR., Winona; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • SAM P. Mc- CLATCHY, University; Med. 1; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Senior Y Cabinet; Student Officer ROTC. • JOHN ARTHUR McCROSSMAN, Fall River, Mass.; Graduate; Beta Theta Pi. • ROBERT H. McFARLAND, Bay Springs; Law I; Phi Delta Phi. • JAMES CLAUDE McGEHEE, Bude; Law II; Beta Theta Pi. • Second Row: MAYES McGEHEE, Bude; Law II. • WILLIAM E. McINTYRE, JR. Brandon; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Honor Roll, ' 46; Vice-President, Veterans Organization, ' 46, ' 47; OLE MISS STAFF, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Mississippian Staff, ' 40, ' 41. • WILLIAM QUINN McKEE, Starkville; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. 0 MRS. DAVID McKINNEY, Oxford; Graduate. • JOHN CAMPBELL McLAURIN, Bran- don; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Treasurer, B.S.C. School, ' 44; Treasurer, Cardinal Club, ' 43; President, Infra- Mural Council Summer Session, ' 44. JAMES McCAFFERTY, JR. SAM McCLATCHY JOHN McCROSSMAN ROBERT McFARLAND JAMES McGEHEE MAYES McGEHEE WILLIAM McINTYRE, JR. WILLIAM McKEE MRS. DAVID McKINNEY JOHN McLAURIN PELHAM McMURRAY ERIC McVEY ROLAND MARBLE Scho 0 IS • TOP: • PELHAM McMURRY, Paducah, Ky.; Sigma Nu; Law II; Phi Delta Phi. • ERIC A. McVEY, Lambert; Ray Poole, Colonel Rebel Med. I; Sigma Chi. • ROLAND DUDLEY Leland; Law I; Kappa Alpha. BOTTOM: • First Row: JEFF DAVIS MARTIN, JR., Raleigh; Law I. • P. A, JR., Dorsey; Law I. • MARSHALL GAY MASON, Lineville, Ala.; Graduate. • ROSE P. MAY, Mendenhall; Law I; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Freshman Law Class. • WALTER DENT Mendenhall; Law I. • Second Row: LEONARD B. MELVIN, JR., Laurel; Law I; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JOE Durant; Law I. • CLARENCE EDWARD MORGAN, JR., Kosciusko; Law I; Delta Psi; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 42; Committee on Student Grievances. • FOREST M. MORRIS, Hattiesburg; Law I; Graduate. • WESLEY ROBERT MYERS, Water Valley; Law I; Pi Kappa Alpha. UNDER CLASS JEFF MARTIN, JR. P. A. MARLIN, JR. MARSHALL MASON ROSE MAY WALTER MAY LEONARD MELVIN, JR. JOE MOORE CLARENCE MORGAN, JR. FOREST MORRIS WESLEY MYERS WILL NASON WALTER NEILL ROBERT NICHOLS, JR. JAMES NOBLE, JR. BEN OWEN Advanced Professional TOP: • WILL A. NASON, Belzoni; Law I; Delta Psi. • WALTER RIDGWAY NEILL, Ellisville; Med. I; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT GEORGE NICHOLS, JR., Jackson; Law I; Kappa Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Liberal Arts Degree; OLE MISS Staff. • JAMES FRANKLIN NOBLE, JR., Brookhaven; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • BEN OWEN, Columbus; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Hermean, I, 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma, I, 2, 3, 4; United Sons of the South, I, 2, 3, 4. BOTTOM: • First Row: BERNARD SUTHERLAND PATRICK, Corinth; Med. I; Sigma Chi. • MORAN M, POPE, JR., Hattiesburg; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM CAREY POWERS, Holly Springs; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN WILLIAM PREWITT, Cruger; Law I. • JAMES H. PRICE III, Magnolia; Law I; Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: JOHN HENRY PRICE, JR., Indianola; Law I. • JAMES W. RALEY, Law I; Sigma Chi. • HENDERSON JOE RAY, Pontotoc; Law I. • H. M. RAY, Rienzi; Law I; Sigma Chi; Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi; Veterans Club. • HUGH S. RAYNER, Meridian; Med. I; Kappa Alpha. BERNARD PATRICK MORAN POPE, JR. WILLIAM POWERS JOHN PREWITT JAMES PRICE, III JOHN PRICE, JR. JAMES RALEY HENDERSON RAY H. M. RAY HUGH RAYNER JOSEPH REID, JR. SIDNEY ROBINSON, JR. MAX ROGERS Schools . to TOP: • JOSEPH SHULER REID, JR., Natchez; Law I. • SIDNEY A. ROBINSON, JR., Jackson; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Hoods Brigade, ' 42; Scabbard and Blade, ' 43. • MAX EDWIN ROGERS, Sumner; Law I. BOTTOM: • First Row: JOHN DAVID ROSS, Lambert; Graduate; Sigma Theta Pi; Graduate Scholarship. GLOVER ALCORN RUSSELL, Clarksdale; Law I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLARENCE RAY SCALES, Jackson; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • TOM BURKETT SCOTT, JR., Jackson; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Execu- tive Committee of Veterans Club. • FRANK EDWARD SHANAHAN, JR., Vicksburg; Law I; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Sigma; Registration Committee; YMCA Council; Religious Emphasis Committee, ' 42, ' 43; Glee Club ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Mississippian Staff, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Rebel Staff, ' 41, ' 42; Veterans Club, ' 46, ' 47. •Second Row: JOHN H. SHANDS, Fulton; Law I; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES F. JR., Meridian; Law II; Kappa Sigma; Flying Rebels, ' 40, ' 41; Committee on Student Grievances. • DORRIS ANNICE SHUMPERT, Nettleton; Med. I; Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta. • S. J. SIMPSON, Winona; Law II; Commerce degree, University of Miss. • SHIELDS SIMS, Columbus; Law I; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter- fraternity Council, ' 46; President, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 46; Dance Committee, ' 46; Veterans Club, ' 46, Billy Griffin, First Semester President of Veteran ' s Club UNDER CLASS JOHN ROSS GLOVER RUSSELL CLARENCE SCALES TOM SCOTT, JR. FRANK SHANAHAN, JR. JOHN SHANDS JAMES SHUMATE, JR. DORRIS SHUMPERT S. J. SIMPSON SHIELDS SIMS BURRIS SMITH ROBERT SOLOMON DOUGLAS STONE FLOYD STRATTON JACK STUART Advanced Professional TOP: • BURRIS OLEN SMITH, Louisville Law I; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter-fraternity Council, ' 46, ' 47; Veterans Club; Phi Alpha Delta. • ROBERT MARK SOLOMON, Bay St. Louis; Graduate; Phi Kappa Psi; Presi- dent, Student Body, ' 46. • DOUGLAS CLYDE STONE, Columbus; Law II; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Student Body, ' 44, ' 45; President, ' 45, ' 46; Who ' s Who, ' 44, ' 45; President, Wesley Foundation, ' 46, ' 47; Debating, ' 44, ' 45; Hall of Fame; Dance Committee, ' 44, ' 45; Intrafraternity Council, ' 44, ' 45. • FLOYD W. STRATTON, Liberty; Law I; Beta Theta Pi; • JACK E. STUART, Hatties- burg; Law II; Phi Delta Theta; Football Manager, ' 44; YMCA, ' 44, ' 45; Interfraternity Council, ' 45, ' 46; Dance Committee, ' 45, ' 46; Rebel Staff, ' 45; Phi Alpha Delta. BOTTOM: • First Row: PERSHING B. SULLIVAN, Mize; Law I. • ALIBOON Pelahafchie; Law II; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Veterans Club. • N. S. SWEAT, Corinfh; Law I; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Band, ' 40; Orchestra, ' 40; Cheerleader, ' 41; Baseball, ' 42; President, Sigma ' 43, ' 46; President, BSC School, ' 43; President, Intra-mural Council, ' 42; Chairman, Interfraternity Dance Com- mittee, ' 42; President, Interfraternity Council, ' 46; Tennis, ' 46. • THOMAS LAMAR TRIPLETT, Mashula- ville, Law I; Alpha Tau Omega. • EVAN ALBERT TURNAGE, New Hebron, Law II. •Second Row: WILLIAM STEVENS TURNER, Greenwood, Law I. • JAMES LONGSTREET TYSON, JR., Macon; Law I; Kappa Alpha; B.S. in Business. • W. W. Richton; Medicine I. • IRWIN GERALD WATERMAN, Jackson; Law II; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi. • JOHN CULPEPPER WEBB, Le- land; Law I; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; B.A. degree. PERSHING SULLIVAN ALIBOON SUMMER N. S. SWEAT THOMAS TRIPLETT EVAN TURNAGE WILLIAM TURNER JAMES TYSON, JR. W. W. WALLEY IRWIN WATERMAN JOHN WEBB LESTER WEBB JAMES WELBURN CALVIN B. WELLS Schools TOP: • LESTER D. WEBB, Eupora; Medicine I; B.A. Degree. • JAMES CARTHELL Mize; Medi- cine I; Alpha Epsilon Delta; B.S. Degree. • CALVIN BERT WELLS, Eddiceton, Law I; Kappa Sigma. BOTTOM: • First Row: CALVIN LOWELL WELLS, Jackson; Law I; Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma. • JOHN Mc- COLLOCH WESTON, Bay St. Louis; Law I; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Interfraternity Council, ' 45, ' 46. • CHARLES HUGHSTON WHITAKER, Leland, Medicine I; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES EDWIN WHIT- Castilla, Law I. • KNOX WHITE, Gulfport; Law II; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Cardinal Club; Inter- fraternity Council, ' 46; Phi Delta Phi. • Second Row: ROBERT PURSER WHITE, JR., State College; Law I; Beta Kappa. • THOMAS FRED WICKER, Hickory Flat; Law I; Hawkins ' Roommate. • TALMAGE YOUNG WILLIFORD, JR., Cleve- land; Medicine I; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EARL RAYMOND WILSON, Oxford; Law II; Sigma Nu; Mississippian; B.S.U.; Committee of 100; Phi Alpha Delta, • JEAN SMOLLEN WILSON, Richton, Law I. Mark Soloman, First Semester President of ASB UNDER CLASS CALVIN L. WELLS JOHN WESTON CHARLES WHITAKER CHARLES WHITTEN KNOX WHITE ROBERT WHITE, JR. THOMAS WICKER TALMAGE WILLIFORD, JR. EARL WILSON JEAN WILSON is• Advanced Professional Schools UNDER CLASS BOTTOM: • First Row: JOSEPH EANDORN WILSON, Lula; Law II; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter-fraternity Council, ' 46; Intramural Council, ' 46, Vice-President. • WILLIAM FOREST Grenada; Law I; Phi Delta Theta; Editor, Mississipian, ' 43; Hall of Fame, ' 44; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Kappa Alpha; Cardinal Club Award, ' 41; Scribbers, President, 42. • FRED WITTY, JR., Greenwood; Law I; Phi Delta Theta. • W. D. WOMACK, JR., Belzoni; Law I; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Second Row: HENRY C. WOOD, Louisville; Law I. • JOE WROTEN, Greenville; Law I; Kapa Sigma. • FRANCIS THOMAS ZACHARY, HATTIESBURG; Law I; Sigma Chi. • JOSEPH S. ZUCCARO, JR., Natchez; Law I. JOSEPH WILSON WILLIAM WINTER FRED WITTY, JR. W. D. WOMACK, JR. HENRY WOOD JOE WROTEN FRANCIS ZACHARY JOSEPH ZUCCARO, JR. � J. � � � ¥»`�i ' t ' - IL TOP: JANE ABSTON, Truman, Arkansas; Education; Delta Gamma; Mississippian Staff, ' 43; YWCA, ' 43, ' 45, ' 46; Favorite, ' 44, ' 45; WAA, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Westminster Fellowship. • JOHNIE ADAMS, Bruce; Business; B.S.U. Council. • WILLIAM BERNAM ADAMS, Canton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • DEWITT T. ALLRED, JR., Collins; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Sigma; Veterans Club; YMCA. • MARY STEWART ANDREWS, Greenville; Education; Delta Delta Delta. BOTTOM: • First Row: SARAH JANE AYCOCK, Rayville, Louisiana; Education; Phi Mu; FIX; Secretary, ASB, ' 46, ' 47; Pan-Hellenic Council; B.S.U. Council. • B. RICHMOND BALDWIN, Prophetstown, Illinois; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET RALSTON BANNING, Brookhaven; Education; Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club, ' 45, Secretary, ' 46, President, ' 47; PIX, ' 46, ' 47; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46, Secretary, ' 47; WAA, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Pan Hellenic Council, ' 47; Westminster Fellowship, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Mississippian Staff, ' 45, ' 46; E.T.A., ' 47. • MRS. LUCY OWEN BARNETT, Jackson; Education; Committ ee of 100; President, YWCA, ' 47. • SOPHIANNE EARNER, Ruleville; Education; Phi Mu; Rebel Staff, ' 45, ' 46; Mississippian Staff, ' 44; OLE MISS Staff, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; WAA, ' 44; YWCA, ' 44; Wesleyan Foundation, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46. • Second Row: CARROLL RAYBOURNE BALL, Montrose; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FINLEY EUGENE BELCHER, Rosedale; Business; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Taylor Medal in Accounting. • DAVID NEAL BENNETT, Ripley; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES AL- BERT BENNETT, Vardaman; Education; E.S.U. Council, ' 46, ' 47; Veterans Club, ' 46, ' 47; Independent Organization, ' 46, ' 47; Honor Roll, ' 46; • LILLIAN ROSE BLANKS, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Home Economics Club; Mississippian Staff; Rebel Staff. SARAH AYCOCK B. BALDWIN MARGARET BANNING MRS. LUCY BARNETT SOPHIANNE EARNER CARROLL BALL FINLEY BELCHER DAVID BENNETT JAMES BENNETT LILLIAN BLANKS JOHNIE ADAMS WILLIAM ADAMS DEWITT ALLRED, JR. MARY ANDREWS .University of Jim Barnett, Second Semester President of ASB ROBERT JR. ANN BOGARD LELA BOOTH Mississippi TOP: • ROBERT EAGER BOBO, Clarksdale; Business: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; PI Kappa Pi; Advanced ROTC 43; Cardinal Club, ' 42; Hood ' s Brigade. • ANN VAREE BOGARD, Parkin, Arkansas; Education; Kappa Delta; President, Freshman Y; Wesleyan Foundation; Glee Club; President, Sigma Alpha Iota, ' 45; President, W.S.G.A., ' 46; Mississippian Staff; President, Kappa Delta, ' 46; Pan Hellenic; WAA, ' 44 ' 45, ' 47; President, ' 45; Committee of 100; Committee of Student Grievances; Hall of Fame. • LELA BOOTH, Tupelo; Business; Delta Delta Delta; WAA, 45, ' 46; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46; Rebel Staff, ' 45, ' 46; Annual Staff, ' 46. BOTTOM: • First Row: ROBERT ALEXANDER BONDS, JR., Holly Springs; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Presi- dent, ' 46, ' 47; President, Phi Eta ' 46; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice-President, Inter- Fraternity Council, ' 46; Delta Sigma Pi; Chairman, Inter-Fraternity Dance ' 45, ' 46; A.S.B. Dance Committee, ' 45, ' 46; Committee of 100, ' 46; Registration Committee, ' 46; OLE MISS Staff, ' 45, ' 46; Com- mittee of Student Grievances; Hall of Fame. • LORETTA CAMILLE Corinth; Pharmacy. • THOMAS DeVAIVE BOURDEAUX, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Mississippian Staff, ' 45; Editor, Mississippian, ' 46, ' 47; Committee of ' 46; Registration Committee, ' 46; Inter-fraternity Dance Committee, 46; YMCA, Hall of Fame. • JAMES HENRY BOUTWELL, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 45; Veterans Club, ' 45. • MARY ELIZABETH BOYKIN, Vaiden; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: LUCY LEE BOYLE, Clarksdale; Chi Omega; Liberal Arts. • RALPH EDWARD BRAD- Aberdeen; Phi Delta Theta; Liberal Arts. • MARY ANN BRANDON, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Home Economics Club, ' 46, ' 47; Rebel Staff, ' 46, ' 47; Canterbury Club, ' 46. • MARY WINIFRED BRANDON, New Orleans, Louisiana; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA, ' 46, ' 47; University Glee Club, ' 46, ' 47; Canterbury Club, ' 46, ' 47; WAA, ' 47; Vice-President, Kappa Kappa Gamma, ' 47. • SIDNEY JEAN BRELAND, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT BONDS, JR. LORETTA BORROUM THOMAS BOURDEAUX JAMES BOUTWELL MARY BOYKIN LUCY BOYLE RALPH BRADLEY MARY A. BRANDON MARY W. BRANDON SIDNEY BRELAND JAMES BROOKS RUTH BROWN CATHERINE BURDETTE JAMES BUFORD ROBERT BUIE ...University of TOP: • JAMES EDWARD BROOKS, West Helena, Arkansas; Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Mississippian, ' 42; M Book, ' 42; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 46; Intramural Council, ' 43; President, Phi Kappa Psi; Veterans Club. • RUTH WARREN BROWN, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Canterbury Club; YWCA. • CATHERINE AUBREY BURDETTE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; W.S.G.A. • JAMES DUDLEY BUFORD, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Honor Roll, ' 46. • ROBERT LOWRY BUIE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. BOTTOM: • First Row: MRS. LOUISE WATSON BUNTIN, Nesbitt; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • SHED HILL CAFFEY, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; President, Freshman YMCA, ' 44; Vice-President, Wesleyan Foundation, ' 44; Glee Club; Hermean Literary Society; Tennis Team, ' 46; YMCA; Honor Roll. • ROBERT S. CALDWELL, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; MOAKS, 42; Intramural Council, ' 42; Hermean Literary ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; YMCA, 39, ' 40 ' 41, 42. • MARY CHARLEEN CAMPBELL, New Orleans, Louisiana; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM M. CAMPBELL, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: MACK CARMICHAEL, Meridian; Business; Kappa Sigma; Veterans Club. • MARTHA ADAIR CARNEY, Gloster; Liberal Arts; YWCA; WAA; Wesleyan Foundation; Independent Organiza- tion. • CLARENCE E. CASTLE, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Football, ' 44, ' 45; M Club; Phi Eta Sigma; In- dependent Organization; Veterans Club. • WALTA CAUSEY, Sardis; Education; Mississippian ' 44, ' 45; Committee of 100; M Book Staff, ' 47; OLE MISS Staff, ' 46, ' 47; Glee Club; WAA, ' 45; YWCA, ' 44, ' 47. • BERNICE PAULINE COCHRAN, Oakland; Liberal Arts; Biology Club, ' 44, ' 46, ' 47; Beta Beta Beta, ' 46, ' 47. MRS. LOUISE BUNTIN SHED CAFFEY, JR. ROBERT CALDWELL MARY CAMPBELL WILLIAM CAMPBELL MACK CARMICHAEL MARTHA CARNEY CLARENCE CASTLE WALTA CAUSEY BERNICE COCHRAN GRADY COLLINS RUPERT COLLINS JANE COOK Lii Prewili, President of Mortar Board Mississipp TOP: • GRADY COLLINS, Water Valley; Business. • RUPERT ALLON COLLINS, Water Valley; Business. • JANE RANDOLPH COOK, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; YWCA. BOTTOM: • First Row: CAMILLE ELIZABETH COVINGTON, Canton; Education; Delta Delta Delta; " Y " Senior Cabinet, Westminster Fellowship, OLE MISS Staff, FTA, Committee of 100, • ROBERT E. Mama, Illinois; Business. • BETTY SUE CRAWFORD, Marianna, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. • DOROTHY CH AM., PION, Greenville; Business; Senior " Y " , Wesley Foundation. • CONSTANCE CHATHAM, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; YWCA; Westminster Assn.; W.A.A. • Second Row: JAMES NORMAN CLAYTON, JR., Crenshaw; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DUD- LEY BRYANT CLOWER, JR., Greenville; Business; Delta Psi. • GLADYS Summit; Education; Phi Mu; PIX, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; W.A.A., ' 46, ' 47; " Y " , ' 45, ' 47; W.S.G.A., ' 45, ' 46. • ARCH DALRYMPLE, Amory; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGIA DOROTHY DAY, Inverness; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; W.A.A., ' 43, ' 44; Home Economics Club, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Vice-President and President, ' 45; Committee of 100, ' 44, ' 45; PIX, ' 44, ' 45; Mortar Board, Vice•President, 46; OLE MISS Staff, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Asst. Business Manager, ' 45; Mississippian Staff, ' 44; Y,W.C.A., ' 45; Delta Delta Delta, President, ' 46, ' 47; Pan Hellenic President, ' 46, ' 47; International Relations Club, ' 45. SENIOR CLASS CAMILLE COVINGTON ROBERT COX BETTY CRAWFORD DOROTHY CHAMPION CONSTANCE CHATHAM JAMES CLAYTON, JR. DUDLEY CLOWER, JR. GLADYS CUNNINGHAM ARCH DALRYMPLE GEORGIA DAY HAL DABBS, JR. ROBERT DANIEL, JR. MAURICE DAVIDSON C. M. JR, JACK DAVIS ...University of TOP: • HAL N. DARES, JR., Quitman; Business; Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT SINCLAIR DANIEL, JR., Brook. haven; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • MAURICE WYNNE DAVIDSON, Hernando; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; " Y " , ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Dance Committee, ' 46, ' 47. • C. M. DAVIS, Moorhead; Business; Sigma Chi. • JACK SIMPSON DAVIS, New Albany; Liberal Arts. BOTTOM: • First Row: Norma Alline Dees, Philadelphia; Education; Delta Gamma. • INEZ DENTON, Shaw; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pix; Glee Club; Rebel; Home Economics Club. • CHARLES MARION DIAL, Keiser, Arkansas; Pharmacy. • CHARLOTTE LOVE DICKEY, Leland; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • THOMAS A. DOOLITTLE, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: PEGGE LOUISE DRENNAN, Mendenhall; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ALLYN SIDNEY DREW, Minden, Louisiana; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A.; " Y " . • ELEANOR LUCILE EDWARDS, Canton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Westminster Fellowship; Senior " Y " . • MAURICE ELLARD, Bruce; Business; Y.W.C.A. • WILLIAM C. ERICKSON, Hollis, Long Island, New York; Education; Football, ' 41, ' 42, ' 46; Baseball, ' 43, ' 46. NORMA DEES INEZ DENTON CHARLES DIAL CHARLOTTE DICKEY THOMAS DOOLITTLE PEGGE DRENNAN ALLYN DREW ELEANOR EDWARDS MAURICE ELLARD WILLIAM ERICKSON FRANCES ESTES JOHN ETHERIDGE JAMES FALKNER Missis PP William Winter, Second Semester President of ODK TOP: • FRANCES MARION ESTES, Cruger; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; YWCA, ' 46, ' 47; Vice-President, ' 47; Chairman of Religion Services, ' 47; M Book Staff; " Y " editor, ' 47; Committee of 100, ' 46, ' 47; Pi Kappa N, ' 47; Taylor Medal in Astronomy and History, ' 46; Baptist Student Union, ' 46, ' 47; B.S.U. Council; Mississippian, ' 46, ' 47; E.T.A., ' 47; Registration Committee, ' 47. • JOHN THOMAS Menden- hall; Business; Delta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Pi; Delta Sigma N; Beta Gamma Sigma; Taylor Medal in Economics, ' 45, ' 46; Honor Roll, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46. • JAMES MURRY FALKNER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BOTTOM: • First Row: CHARLES FARRIS, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramural Council, ' 43, ' 44; Catholic Club. • WILLIE CAROL FERGUSON, Guntown; Education. • JEANNE R. FERRELL, Memphis; Education. 111 KENNETH COX FOOSE, Tchula; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Rebel Band; Y.M.C.A.; Mis- sissippian Staff, ' 44. • THEODORE BULKLEY FORD, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; President of Freshman ' 41; MOAKS, ' 43; Hoods Brigade, ' 43. • Second Row: FRED LEE JR., Greenville; Business. • RICHARD NORMAN FENGER, Oxford; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES HESTER FOX, Canton; Business; Delta Psi. • KATHLEEN LEONORA FULGHUM, Pensacola; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Home Ec. Club, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47. SENIOR CLASS CHARLES FARRIS FRED FIELDER. JR. WILLIE FERGUSON RICHARD FENGER JEANNE FERRELL WAYNE FINGER KENNETH FOOSE JAMES FOX THEODORE FORD KATHLEEN FULGHUM JOHN GALLOWAY SAMUEL GALLOWAY RACHEL GARDNER ROSE GODWIN PAUL GOWEN .University of TOP: • JOHN ALBERT GALLOWAY, Pontotoc; Education. • SAMUEL CLAVIN GALLOWAY, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • RACHEL JOYCE Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta; Uni. Players, ' 45, ' 46; Future Teacher ' s of America, ' 46, ' 47. • ROSE MARIE GODWIN, Nashville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta, Rebel, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; YWCA, ' 43, ' 44; ' 43, ' 44; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 45, ' 46; Committee of 100, ' 44. • PAUL ALSTON GOWEN, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. BOTTOM: • First Row: ELLEN RODGERS GROSS, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT BALLARD HALTOM, Bates- ville; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • GENIE STEELE HARDY, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; Flying Rebels; Rebel. • JOHN HAROLD HINMAN, Greenwood; Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cardinal Club, ' 42; MOAKS, ' 41; Rebel Band, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Delta Sigma Pi; " Y " , ' 43, ' 46, ' 47; Veteran ' s Club, ' 46; Glee Club, ' 42. • HENRY LAWRENCE HARRINGTON, Houston; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: NANCY HARTON, Tullahoma; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM L. HARRY, Columbia; Business; Sigma Chi. • JOHN ELLIS HARTSFIELD, Oxford; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • EVA JEAN HAYNES, Ellisville; Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. • KATHERINE CRAFT HAZARD, Colum., bus; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Mississippian Staff, ' 46, ' 47; President of W.S.G.A., summer session, ' 46; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47. ELLEN GROSS ROBERT HALTOM GENIE HARDY JOHN HINMAN HENRY HARRINGTON NANCY HARTON WILLIAM HARRY JOHN HARTSFIELD EVA HAYNES KATHERINE HAZARD EDITH HEMETER JOSEPH HERRING JAMES HINMAN Logan Phillips, Cadet Colonel of the R.O.T.C. Mississipp TOP: • EDITH ELIZABETH HEMETER, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; CWENS; Biology Club; Beta Beta Beta; Archery Club; Mississippian Staff, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Rebel Staff, ' 44, ' 45; OLE MISS STAFF; W.A.A.; YWCA. • JOSEPH KYLE HERRING, Clarksdale; Education; Beta Theta Pi; Vice-President of Westminster Fellowship; Inter-Fraternity; Dance Committee. • JAMES CADENHEAD HINMAN, Pasca- goula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. BOTTOM: • First Row: EVEL YN CHERRY HODGES, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta, • WILLIAM THOMAS HOLLIS, Derma; Pharmacy. • JESSE BOYCE HOLLEMAN, Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Mississippian Staff, ' 41, ' 42; Phi Sigma, ' 41, ' 42; Debate ' 41, ' 42, ' 46, ' 47; Veterans ' 46, ' 47. • CALVIN VIRGIL HOLMES, Newhemron; Liberal Arts. • LELAND HUME, Jackson; Engineering; Sigma Chi; A.S.C.E., ' 42, ' 43; Intramural Council, ' 43, ' 44; Executive Council, ' 44; Engineers School, ' 44; Executive Coun- cil, ' 44; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 44; A.S.C.E., ' 46. • Second Row: LAWRENCE HUTTON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • EMMITT ELSWORTH JAMISON, Pasca- goula; Business; Alpha Tau Omega • ANNELLE JOHNSTON, Madison; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Home Ec. Club, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; WAA, ' 44, ' 46; OLE MISS, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Mississippian, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46. ORVILLE VERNON JOHNSON, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. • WALTER BEAU- CHAMP JOHNSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Univ. Players, ' 46, ' 47; Debate Club, ' 46, ' 47. SENIOR CLASS EVELYN HODGES WILLIAM HOLLIS JESSE HOLLEMAN CALVIN HOLMES LELAND HUME LAWRENCE HUTTON EMMITT JAMISON ANNELLE JOHNSTON ORVILLE JOHNSON WALTER JOHNSON W. JOHNSON ERNEST JONES LUTHER JONES NANCY JONES MARY JORDAN University of TOP: • W. JOSEPH JOHNSON, Marietta; Education. • ERNEST FOX JONES, Laurel; Business; Kappa Alpha; Veterans ' 46. • LUTHER R. JONES, Memphis, Tenn.; Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal ' 42, ' 43; A.S.C.E., ' 46. • NANCY ELIZABETH JONES, Magee; Liberal Arts. • MARY TALMAGE JORDAN, Columbia; Education; Kappa Delta. BOTTOM: • First Row: JOHN TOLIVER KEETON, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRY GRADY KERSH, JR., Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • JEANNE PATRICIA KOFFMAN, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Education III Book, ' 46; Committee of 100; YWCA.; Treasurer of Canterbury Club; Home Economics Club; Annual Staff. • DIONYSIA MERCEDES NICHOLS KONTOS, Montgomery, Ala.; Liberal Arts; Tri Beta; Honor Roll, ' 44, ' 45. • MELVIN MARVIN KRAUS, Belzoni; Liberal Arts; Phi Episilon Phi; Ole Miss Band, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Mississippian, ' 42, ' 43. • Second Row: FLORENCE ELEANOR LANDRUM, Laurel; Education. • IONE LAUDERDALE, Hernando; Education; Phi Mu. • PAULINE LAWSON, Raleigh; Business. • ROBERT N. Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Roll, ' 46. • HERBERT J. C. LEE, Brooklyn; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; Committee of 100; Inter-Fraternity Council; Intramural Cosincil; Veterans Club; Rebel Staff, ' 45. JOHN KEETON HENRY KERSH, JR. JEANNE KOFFMAN DIONYSIA KONTOS MELVIN KRAUS FLORENCE LANDRUM IONE LAUDERDALE PAULINE LAWSON ROBERT LEAVELL HERBERT LEE Tom Bourdeaux, Editor of The Mississippian THOMAS LILES, JR . ROSE PAGE LEONARD LOCKLEY, JR. Mississippi TOP: • THOMAS ALLEN LILES, JR., Jackson; Business. • ROSE DAWN LITTLE PAGE, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta ; Secretary, Canterbury Club, ' 46; WAA, ' 45, ' 46; Glee Club, ' 45; Canterbury Club, ' 46; Secretary of Kappa Delta, ' 46. • LEONARD VAN LOCKLEY, JR., Newton; Business. BOTTOM: • First Row: JACOB PRINCE LONGINO, Silver Creek; Liberal Arts. • JOHN L. LOZES, Pass Christian; Business; Catholic Club; I.R.C.; Veterans Club. • MITCHELL McKREE LUNDY, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • JOHN W. McARTHUR, Hattiesburg ; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Ccimmittee of 100; Inter- fraternity Council; Intramural Council; President of Flying Rebels. • BONNIE SUE M cCA I Okolona ; Business; Delta Delta Delta ; WAA, ' 45, ' 46; Rebel Staff, ' 45, ' 47; ' 45, ' 47. • Second Row: CHARLES DAVID McCOOL, Louisville; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • EVERETTE CONWAY McCRACKEN, Dundee; Business; Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Student Dance Committee, ' 45; Veterans ' 45, ' 46. • EDITH McLAUGHLIN, Forest; Education; Home Economics Club, ' 46, ' 47; House President, Barnard Hall, ' 47; Treasurer of Home Economics Club, ' 47; YWCA, ' 46, ' 47. • SAMUEL REID McMURRAY, JR., Batesville; Business. • MAY HILL McMURRAY, Batesville; Education; Delta Zeta; University Players; Choral Club; Glee Club; Treasurer of FTA; Westminster Fellowship; Y Choir. SENIOR CLASS JACOB LONGINO JOHN LOZES MITCHELL LUNDY JOHN McARTHUR BONNIE McCAI N CHARLES McCOOL EVERETTE McCRACKEN EDITH McLAUGHLIN SAMUEL McMURRAY, JR. MAY McMURRAY JAM ES MacLIN ALVIN MAPLES ROBERT MARCUS DOROTHY MARTIN OLENE MARTIN ...University of TOP: • JAMES NATHANIEL MacLIN, Mason, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Inter-Fraternity Council; YMCA; Loyalist Party Caucus, Chairman. • ALVIN CLARK MAPLES, Lea kesvil le; Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; A.S.B. Council; Band. • ROBERT LOUIS MARCUS, Jonestown; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi; Who ' s Who, ' 45; Cheer Leader, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Committee of 100; YMCA; Ca binet Dance Committee, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Chairman, ' 43, ' 46; Mississippian, ' 43, ' 44; Rebel, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Intramural Council, ' 43, ' 44 ' 45; Infer-Fraternity Council; OLE MISS, ' 3, 44. • DOROTHY VIRGINIA MARTIN, Starkville; Business. • OLENE MARTIN, Dorsey; Business; Delta Zeta; President, Delta Zeta, YWCA, WAA, Pan Hellenic Council. BOTTOM: • First Row: MARY ELIZABETH MATTOX, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta; YWCA; WAA; Wesley Foundation; Biology Club; Choral Club. • CLIFTON MAXWELL, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha ; Phi Kappa Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll. • AUDREY MENDEZ, Edgewater Park; Education; Delta Zeta; Union Players, ' 45, ' 46; Vice-President, Future Teachers of America, ' 46, ' 47. • ARTHUR M. MERRELL, Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha; Executive Council. • MARILYN MAE MILLER, Louisville; Liberal Arts, Delta Gamma. • Second Row: DORIS MILLS, Kossuth; Liberal Arts; WILLIAM GOEBEL MIZE, JR., Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; YMCA Treasurer; BSU; Baseball, ' 43, ' 46, ' 47; M Club; Intramural Council, ' 42; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 46; Committee of 100, ' 42, ' 43, ' 46. • HAZEL MOHAMED, Belzoni; Business. • CHARLES RANDOLPH MOORE, Blytheville, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDNA EARLE OZBORN MOORE, Union; Education, MARY MATTOX CLIFTON MAXWELL AUDREY MENDEZ ARTHUR MERRELL MARILYN MILLER DORIS MILLS WILLIAM MIZE, JR. HAZEL MOHAMED CHARLES MOORE EDNA MOORE Bob Bonds, President of the YMCA NINA MOTHERSHED RICHARD MULLETT WILLIAM MUNDAY Mississipp TOP: • NINA CORNELIA MOTHERSHED, Crenshaw; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; WAA; YWCA; Rebel, ' 45, ' 46. • RICHARD FREDERICK MULLETT, Quitman; Business; Sigma Nu; YMCA, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; President, Rebel Band, ' 42; Mississippian Staff, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Rebel Staff, ' 39, ' 40; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 45; Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee, ' 45. • WILLIAM BRYAN MUNDAY, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. BOTTOM: • First Row: LENA RUTH MURPHY, North Little Rock, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • SARA JANE MYERS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA; WAA; Mississippian, ' 43, ' 44; Business Manager, ' 45, ' 46; Business Manager, OLE MISS, ' 46, ' 47; CWENS; Publications Board, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Committee of 100, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Pan-Hellenic, ' 46, ' 47; Secretary, ' 46, ' 47. • FRED W. NORWOOD, Phillip; Business. • SYDNEY CASTEEL Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CATHERINE MILLER OWENS, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta; University Players, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Vice-President, CWENS, ' 45, ' 46; YWCA, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Theater Guild, ' 45, ' 46. • Second Row: MANEEL PERRIGIN, Mathiston; Education. • LILLIAN PREWITT, Bolivar, Tenn.; Edu- cation; Kappa Delta; President, Mortar Board, ' 46, ' 47; President, Sigma Alpha Iota; Reporter, WAA, ' 45, ' 46; Vice-President, WAA, ' 46, ' 47; PIX; Treasurer, Kappa Delta, ' 47; Committee of 100; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; Dance Committee; Student Grievances Committee. • ALICIA LA ' NELL PRICE, Moss Point; Education; University Players; E.T.A.; Independent; YWCA; Debating Club. • CHRISTINE PRITCHETT, Lepanto, Ark.; Business. • ROBERT BOYD PICKENS, JR., New Albany; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Dance Committee, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; YMCA; Veterans Club, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Flying Rebels. SENIOR CLASS LENA MURPHY SARA MYERS FRED NORWOOD SYDNEY O ' CAIN CATHERINE OWENS MANEEL PERRIGIN LILLIAN PREWITT ALICIA PRICE CHRISTINE PRITCHETT ROBERT PICKENS, JR. ALBERT PIPPEN OLIVER POOLE RAY POOLE NANCY PULLER CATHERINE PURVIS ...University of TOP: • ALBERT CARPENTER PIPPEN, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • OLIVER LAMAR POOLE, Gloster; Education; Football, ' 40, ' 42; Basketball, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42; Baseball ' 42. • RAY S. POOLE, Gloster; Education, Football, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, ' 46; Basketball, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 47; Baseball, ' 41, ' 42; ' 43; ' 47; M Club; Hall of Fame. • NANCY THURZA PULLER, Evanston, Ill.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Secretary of Glee Club, ' 44; Archery Club, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Historian of Zeta Tau Alpha, ' 44; Secretary of Zeta Tau Alpha, ' 45, ' 46; Secretary of WAA, ' 45; President of WAA, ' 46. • CATHERINE MAE PURVIS, Corinth; Education; Annual Staff; YWCA; WAA. BOTTOM: • First Row: BEN R. QUINTANA, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Hermean Literary Society, Newman Club President, ' 45, ' 46; Kappa Sigma President, ' 45; Pharmacy School, Vice-President, ' 44 President, ' 46, ' 47; American Pharmaceutical Association; Veterans Club; Associated Student Body Govern- Vice-President, ' 45, ' 46; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities, ' 45, ' 46. • MARGARET ANNE RAMSAY, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • PANSY LYNN REID, luka; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club; WAA; YWCA. • ESTHER MAUDINE RILEY, Duck Hill; Education; Freshman Y, WAA, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; OLE MISS STAFF, Cheerleader, ' 45, ' 46; Biology Club, ' 45, ' 46; Archery Club, ' 44, 45, ' 46; Independent Organization; Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, WAA Executive Board, ' 46, ' 47; Biology Club Executive Board, ' 46, ' 47; Physical Education Majors Club; Future Teachers of America; Dramatic Club, ' 44, ' 45; YWCA; Wesley Foundation, Glee Club, ' 44, ' 45; Winner Singles Tennis Tournament, ' 45, ' 46. • CURTIS DELGADILLO New Albany; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Mississippian, ' 45; OLE MISS, ' 44, ' 45; President, Liberal Arts School, ' 46; Cheerleader, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Committee of 100, ' 45, ' 46; Member of Executive Council, ' 47; Intramural Council, ' 45. • Second Row: DOROTHY DELGADILLO ROBERTS, New Albany; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega; YWCA; Wesley Foundation; Rebel ' Staff• Mississippian Staff; WAA. • MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Greenwood; Business; Chi Omega. • ANNIE STONE ROBINSON, Tremont; Business; YWCA, Wesley Foundation; Glee Club. • GENE ROPER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Committee of 100; University Players, • VIRGINIA ROSENBOROUGH, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. BEN QUINTANA MARGARET RAMSAY PANSY REID ESTHER RI LEY CURTIS ROBERTS DOROTHY ROBERTS MARY ROBERTS ANNIE ROBINSON GENE ROPER VIRGINIA ROSENBOROUGH BETSY ROSS MARGARET ROSS EMILY RUSSELL Mississipp TOP: • BETSY ANN Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma; President, Kappa Kappa Gamma, ' 46, ' 47; Exchange Editor, Rebel, ' 46, ' 47; Secretary, YWCA, ' 46; Mississippian Staff, ' 46; WAA, ' 47; Wesley Foundation, ' 46, ' 47. • MARGARET ELIZABETH ROSS, Greenville; Education; Delta Delta Delta; Social Editor, Mississippian, ' 46; Managing Editor, Rebel, ' 45, ' 46; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46; Managing Editor, Mississippian, ' 46, ' 47; WAA, ' 46, ' 47; YWCA, ' 46, ' 47, Rebel Staff, ' 46, ' 47. • EMILY RUSSELL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46, ' 47; Classical Club, ' 45, ' 46; Rebel Staff, ' 46, ' 47; ' 45, ' 46. BOTTOM: • First Row: ANN LEE RUTHERFORD, Walnut; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta. • WILLIAM THELWIN SADLER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; President, Beta Beta Beta; President, Biology Club; Staff of Summer Rebel; Veterans Club; Honor Roll; International Relations Club; Flying Rebels. • MRS. ELIZABETH LEDBETTER SADLER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. • ELLIS SALLOUM, Gulfport; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; Catholic Club. • MARY Jackson, Liberal Arts; Glee Club; YWCA. • Second Row: EWELL D. SINGLETON, JR., Gulfport; Business; Sigma Nu. 0 CHARLES L. SLOAN, Greenwood; Education. • JEWELL REBECCA SLOCUM, Coldwater; Liberal Arts. • BENNETT E. SM ITH, Weir; Liberal Arts; Veterans Club; International Relations Club; Hermean Literary Society; Car- dinal Club; Wesley Foundation; OLE MISS Annual Staff; Mississippian; Secretary, OLE MISS; YMCA; Committee of ICE; President, Independent Organization. • CHARLES MONCURE SMITH, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Ygondine Walker, Miss Ole Miss SENIOR CLASS ANN RUTHERFORD WILLIAM SADLER MRS. ELIZABETH SADLER ELLIS SALLOUM MARY SIMMONS EWELL SINGLETON, JR. CHARLES SLOAN JEWELL SLOCUM BENNETT SMITH CHARLES SMITH ELEANOR SMITH JULAINE SMITH PATRICK SMITH FRANCISCO SOLDEVILA MRS. BONNIE SOPER ...University of TOP: • ELEANOR MAY SMITH, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; ' 45, ' 46; Mississippian, ' 45, ' 46; WAA, ' 45; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46. • JULAINE FRESEN SMITH, Greenville; Education; Chi Omega; Fu- ture Teachers of America; WAA; YWCA. • PATRICK DAVIS SMITH, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha; Band, ' 44, ' 46, ' 47; Rebel Staff, ' 44, ' 46, ' 47; Cadet 1st Lieutenant, RO.T.C., ' 44; President, Hermean Literary Society, ' 44; Mississippian Staff, ' 46. • FRANCISCO SOLDEVILA, Panama City, Panama; Pharmacy; Newman Club; Honor Roll; Vice-President, American Pharmaceutical Association. • MRS. BONNIE LOU SOPER, Decatur; Education; Honor Roll, Independent Party; Membership Com- mittee. BOTTOM: • First Row: DONALD HEMMING STORMO, Monticello; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi; Golf Team, ' 42; Football, ' 42; Choir, ' 42; Senior Y Council, ' 45; NROTC, ' 45. • JUANITA LOUISE SOWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; University Chorus, ' 45, ' 46; Mississippian, ' 45, ' 46. • MARIANNE SPIVEY, Canton; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Managing Editor, Rebel, ' 45, ' 46; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 45. • HENRY NICHOLSON STEVENS, Richton; Business; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM HAMPTON STEWART, Poplar- ville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: JAMES BENNETT STONE, Blountsville, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • GEORGE 0, STRIBLING, Philadelphia; Pharmacy. • FRANCES STUART, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu; Home Economics Club; Pan Hellenic; YWCA; B.S.U. Council. • JAMES GORDON STUART, Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha. • R. E. L. Stuart, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Beta Beta Beta, ' 45; Committee of 100, ' 45; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 45; YMCA. DONALD STORMO JUANITA SOWELL MARIANNE SPIVEY HENRY STEVENS WILLIAM STEWART JAMES STONE GEORGE STRIBLING FRANCES STUART JAMES STUART R. STUART ANDREW SULLIVAN, JR. A. SUHREN, JR. DOROTHY SYMONDS Mississipp TOP: • ANDREW WALTON SULLIVAN, JR., M acon; Kappa Alpha; Cheerleader, ' 42 ' 43, ' 46; MOAKS, ' 42, ' 43; Cardinal Club, ' 41, ' 42; University Players, ' 43; Executive Council, ' 42, ' 43. • A. C. SUHREN, JR., Pass Christian; Business; Kappa Sigma. • DOROTHY ELIZABETH SYMONDS, Orlando, Fla.; Music; ' 45; Committee of 100, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Vice-President, Girls Glee Club, ' 45; President, Girls Glee Club, ' 46; Y Cabinet, ' 46, ' 47; B.S.U. Council, ' 45, ' 47; Secretary, WSGA, ' 46; Vice-President, WSGA, ' 47; Mortar Board, ' 47; Chaplain, SAI, ' 46, ' 47. BOTTOM: • First Row: LON TAYLOR, Corinth; Business; Sigma Chi; MILDRED CHISM TAYLOR, Como; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM OMAR TAYLOR, JR., Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Biology Club, ' 43; International Relations Club, ' 46. • STANFORD Jackson, Tenn.; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Presi- Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 46, ' 47; Secretary, Delta Sigma Pi, ' 46; YMCA, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 46; Stu- dent Faculty Committee on Fraternity and Sororities, ' 46, ' 47; Committee of 100, ' 46. • GEORGE ROBERT THATCHER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President of Freshman Y.M.C.A., ' 46; Debating Team, ' 41, ' 42; Ole Miss Players, ' 41, ' 42; Moaks; Advanced R.O.T.C. O Second Row: ERVIN THIBAULT, JR., Pitman, N. J.,; Liberal Arts. • MARY FRANCES THOMPSON, Laurel; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM BERT THOMPSON, Columbus; Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Football; YMCA; Committee of 100. • ROSELYN ANETTE THREADGILL, Greenwood; Educa- tion; Chi Omega; Home Economics Club, ' 45, ' 46; Mississippian Staff, ' 45, ' 46; Rebel Staff, ' 45, ' 46; YWCA, ' 45, ' 46. 0 WILLIAM J. THREADGILL, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Football, Manager, ' 40; Intramural Council, 46. Lucy Barnett, President of the YWCA SENIOR CLASS LON TAYLOR MILDRED TAYLOR WILLIAM TAYLOR, JR. STANFORD TERRY GEORGE THATCHER ERVIN THIBAULT, JR. MARY THOMPSON WILLIAM THOMPSON ROSELYN THREADGILL WILLIAM THREADGILL RALPH TIERCE CATHERINE TILL MARINELL TODD DOROTHY TOWER ...University of TOP: • RALPH WILLIAM TIERCE, Sunflower; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha; President of Veterans Club; Hermean; Committee of 100; Dance Committee. • CATHERINE TILL, Belen; Business. • MARINELL TODD, Oxford; Business; Delta Zeta; Pan Hellenic Council; Westminster Fellowship. • DOROTHY SIMMONS TOWER, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Biology Club; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Phi Alpha. BOTTOM: • First Row: HERBERT EUGENE TRAMMELL, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • DORIS E. TRIP- LETT, Louisville; Business; Delta Gamma; YWCA; E.T.A.; B.S.U. • BERNARD L. TRIPPETT, Aberdeen; Business; Phi Delta Theta; Mississippian, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; University Players, ' 42, ' 43; Moaks, ' 43; Inter. Fraternity Council, ' 46. • FRANK G. TRIPPETT, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Rebel. • Second Row: MARGARET HARE VANCE, Batesville; Education; Chi Omega. • ELISE VARNER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • CHARLES DAVID VAN Chicago, Ill.; Liberal Arts. • CURTIS J. WALDEN, Birmingham, Ala.; Business; Sigma Nu. HERBERT TRAMMELL DORIS TRIPLETT BERNARD TRIPPETT FRANK TRIPPETT MARGARET VANCE ELISE VARNER CHARLES VAN WINKLE CURTIS WALDEN BOTTOM: • First Row: WILSON LORAN WALLER, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Business; Delta Sigma Pi; YMCA. • LESTEI WARRICK, JR., McGehee; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DOROTHY ANN WATSON, Tunica; Busi- ness; Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Annual Staff, ' 44; Registration Committee, ' 46; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 46. • MAX WEINER, Helena, Ark.; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi; Veterans Club, ' 45, ' 46; Com- mittee of 100, ' 46; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 46. • Second Row: WILLIAM H. WEST, JR., Okolona; Liberal Arts; S igma Alpha Epsilon; Cardinal Club, ' 42; Veterans Club, ' 46, ' 47; Alpha Phi Alpha, ' 42, ' 43. • MARTHA FRANCES WHEELER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Mississippian Staff; Biology Club; Home Ec. Club. • M. CAROLYN Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • VIRGINIA LaNELLE WILKES, Goodman; Business. SENIOR CLASS WILSON LORAN WALLER LESTER WARRICK, JR. DOROTHY WATSON MAX WEINER WILLIAM WEST, JR. MARTHA WHEELER M. WHITE VIRGINIA WILKES ••■•• gali Ile Sim lift es raft RIM Mal Amokv " ,„ PARKER WALKER WILLIS WALKER, JR. Mississippi TOP: • PARKER WALKER, Sanatorium; Business; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIS WALKER, JR., Hattiesburg; Preston Bennett, Firs+ Semester President of the " M " Club Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. FOSTER WILKINSON EDIE WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS ItTniversity of Mississippi SENIOR CLASS TOP: • FOSTER FLOWERS WILKINSON, Gloster; Education; International Relations Club; Future Teachers of America. • EDIE ANNE WILLIAMS, Henderson, Ky.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA; Archery Club. • ROBERT GORDON WILLIAMS, Poplarville; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. BOTTOM: • First Row: ANN FAIRLY WILSON, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • FRANCES WILSON, Quitman; Education. • KATHERINE ELIZABETH WILSON, Wiggins; Education; Delta Gamma. • WAL- TER HOOKER WITTY, Winona; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma, ' 42; Honor Roll, ' 44, ' 46; Taylor Medal in Physics, ' 44. • FRANK M. WIYGUL, JR., Shannon; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: HARDY B. WOODBRIDGE, JR., New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi; Rebel Band, ' 41, ' 42; ' 4i, ' 42; Advanced ROTC, ' 43; Intra-Mural Council, ' 46; Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee, ' 46. • JEANNE WOODS, Leland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MARY MARJEAN WOOD- WARD, Jonesboro, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta; Catholic Club, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; YWCA, ' 43, ' 45, ' 46; Favorite, ' 44, ' 45; Archery Club, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; WAA, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46. • FRED HOLMES WRIGHT, Brook- haven; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha; Veterans Club; Biology Club. • DOROTHY MARIE YOUNG, Bruce; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma; BSU Council, ' 46, ' 47; YWCA, ' 46, ' 47; Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club, ' 46, ' 47; WAA, ' 46. ANN WILSON FRANCES WILSON KATHERINE WILSON WALTER WITTY FRANK WIYGUL, JR, HARDY WOODBRIDGE, JR. JEANNE WOODS MARY WOODWARD FRED WRIGHT DOROTHY YOUNG 11.M1=11ML 44, 1 4 i .k .44 9 11i WON Mat PmGC RS TO • D. Thy Junior • First Row: WILLIAM MORROW Amory; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • J. STACEY ADAMS, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • THOMAS J. ADAMS, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering. O RICHARD WARREN AIKEN, Hammond Louisiana; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JO ANN ALEXANDER, Plainview, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Second Row: JOSEPH V. ALSOBROOK, luka; Business; Kappa Sigma. • HUBERT ARMSTRONG, JR., Greenville; Business; Kappa Alpha. • MARY FRANCES Oxford; Business • BILLY BAGGETT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN A. BANNING, Brookhaven, Business. • First Row: BILLIE Philadelphia; Business; Chi Omega. • JAMES ARDEN BARNETT, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JENNINGS BRYAN BARNETT, Lena; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS MOORE BARNETT, Baldwyn; Business; Kappa Sigma. • KATHRYN WARDEN BARR, Memphis, Tennessee; Zeta Tau Alpha. • DOROTHY MARIE BARRANCO, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • MARY BASS, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ZEB VANCE BAUCUM, Laurel; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • ORVILLE SMITH BEARD, Ripley, Tennessee; Engineering. • Second Row: A. L. BEAVERS, JR., New Albany; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • SALLY LEIGH BECKER, Brookhaven; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • LOUISE DANIEL BENNETT New Albany; Education; Delta Gamma. • JULIA BERRYHILL, Marks; Education. • EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFF, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • LYNNICE B. BIGHAM Ecru; Pharmacy. • PATRICIA GLORIA BILLINGSLEY, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES GALLOWAY HAM, JR., Gulfport; Business; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM EDWIN BINGHAM, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: MARY MAUDE BIRMINGHAM, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WILLIE T, BLACKLIDGE, Ellisville; Business. • Y. BERNARD BLACKWELL, Saucier; Education, Kappa Sigma. • MIKE R. BLOUIN, Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta, • WILLIS CLAYTON delphia; Education. • DORIS VIRGINIA Greenville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • LEO BOOLOS, JR., Clarksdale; Business. • MARGARET BOURGEOIS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • FRANK W. Walnut Grove; Liberal Arts. Class Stanford Terry, President of the Interfraternity Council • First Row: S. E. BOYKIN, Catchings; Business; Sigma Chi. • BARBARA JEANNE BROSWELL, Vaiden; Business. • DAN A. BRELAND, Hattiesburg; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • THOMAS J. BREWER, Weathersby; Business. • DAVID IRWIN Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: JOHN ROY BRINSON, Oxford; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BETTY ANN BROWN, Atlanta, Georgia; Education. • HOWARD ALBERT Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • KIMBALL BROWN, Houston; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN MILTON BRUCE, West Point; Education. • First Row: ROBERT J. BUCCI, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • ELIZABETH ANN BUEHLER, Green- ville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM D. BUNTIN, Nesbitt; Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ElHEL MARY Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HERBERT L. Indianola; Business; Delta Psi.• MARY CROFFORD BURNETT, Charleston; Business; Delta Gamma. • PATRICIA E. BURROW, Lyon; Education; Chi Omega. • JEAN SCOTT BURT, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • LANGE F. BUTLER, Holly Springs; Education; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Second Row: JAMES WILLIAM BYNUM, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • CLAUDE F. CAFFEY, Duck Hill; Pharmacy. • HENRY CARVER CALLICOTT, Memphis, Tennessee; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • RUTH GAYLE CARLISLE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • GREGORY CARLYLE, Rocky Mount, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HUGH VERNE CARR, Picayune; Business; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM L. CARR, JR. Laurel; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES ARLIN CARTER, Philadlephia; Business. • CHARLES HILMON CASTLE, Pachuta; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Third Row: CARL L. CATT, Monticello; Pharmacy. • PHLLIS M. CAVER, Meridian; Pharmacy: Kappa Delta. • JAMES A. CHERRY, JR., Wiggins; Pharmacy; Kappa Si gma. • DAVID HUGH CHISHOLM, Philadelphia; Business. • W. E. COKE, JR., Glen; Business. • WILLIAM L. COOK, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JERRE JAYNE Parkin; Education; Kappa Delta. • THOMAS WARREN COLMER, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT MORRIS CONDON, Greenville; Pharmacy; Beta Theta Pi, The Junior • First Row: BETTY JANE CONERLY, Gloster; Education; Delta Gamma. • CHARLES ALBERT CONERLY, Clarksdale; Education. • JULIA CONN, Hattiesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • HARRY L. CORBAN, Fayette; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • PUD COVINGTON, Memphis, nessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Second Row: RUTH LAMB COVINGTON, Ma rks; Education. • BETTY Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PHILIP KIP CROCKETT, Memphis, Tennessee; Engineering. • OLYNDIA L. CROMEANS, Fulton; Education. • OVERTON ANDERSON CURRIE, Hattiesburg; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • First Row: OLAMAIS BRYANT CURTISS, Jackson, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ARTHUR BURTON LUSTY, Brentwood, New York; Liberal Arts. • LUCIUS BRYAN DABNEY, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JANE DALRYMPLE, Amory; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • EDMOND JEROME DALY, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ELWYN JONES DARDEN, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • PATRICIA Ocean Springs; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • PAUL EVERETT DAVIS, Knoxville, Tennessee; Education; Kappa Alpha. • MAN BRISTER DECELL, Yazoo City; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Second Row: JAMES FRANK DISMUKES, Okolona• Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. 0 AARON PAUL DOMINGUE, Gulfport; ness. • DOROTHY A. DOUGALL, Picayune; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM PAUL DOZIER, Fulton; Liberal Arts. • RADFORD E, DuBOISE, Silver City; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ARTHUR HUDSON DUNAGIN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • DONALD L. Blue Springs; Business. • LOWREY WHITE Kilmichael; Pharmacy; Phi Kappa Psi. • Third Row: JOHN RICHARDS EARLY, Indianola; Business; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM BASIL EARNEST, Fulton; Business. • ANNIE MAUDE EASON, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. 9 CHARLOTTE ANN EDDINS, Rayville, Louisiana; Education; Phi Mu. • PERRY THOMPSON EGGER, Clinton; macy. • WILLIAM MALCOLM EGGER, Caledonia; Engineering. • ROBERT BYRON ELLIS, Memphis, Tennessee; Business. • ROBERT FELTON ETHRIDGE, Meridian; Business; Sigma Chi. • WAYNE W. FANCHER, Oxford; Business. Class Bill Burgin, Ex-President of the ASB • First Row: ROBERT H. FARRAR, Amory; Businss. • EARL HARVEY FITZPATRICK, JR., Natchez; Liberal Arts. • BILLY FRANCIS Winona; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BILLIE RUTH FOX, Canton; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • LATHAN F. FRANKLIN, Denmark; Education. • Second Row: KENNETH IRVIN FRANKS, Philadelphia; Business; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM T. FREE- MAN, Waynesboro; Business; Sigma Nu. • HENRY D. FURR, JR., Cleveland; Education. • FRAN- CIS K. FURR, Pontotoc; Engineering; Delta Psi. • IRA EUGENE GADDY, JR., State Line; Liberal Arts. • First Row: JAMES HURD GADDY, State Line; Liberal Arts. • LLOYD HUNTER GATES, Jackson; Business; Delta Tau Delta. • CHARLOTTE GEE, Carrollton; Education, Chi Omega. • ANN MARIE GIBBES, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • TYROS COBB GIBBS, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MOSES McAFEE GIBSON, Marks; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • BARRY M. GILLESPIE, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • GUY TILLMAN GILLESPIE, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ROBERT LEE GILLESPIE, Sardis; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: JOAN GILLESPIE, Augusta, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • ELIZABETH ANNE GIST, Helena, Arkansas; Education. • MARY MARGARET GREEN, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta, 0 THOMAS BERNARD GRISHAM, Baldwyn; Liberal Arts. • COOPER B. GORDON, Timberville, Virginia; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • MARSHALL L. GORDY, Forest; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JAY GORE, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ZULA ELIZABETH GORE, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LUCRETIA GRAHAM, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • Third Row: LUCILLE DE GRAVELLES, Memphis, Tennessee; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • LOUIS GRITZ, luka; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • WALTER DILL GUNN, Charleston; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JOAN GUNN, Charleston; Liberal Arts. • JOHN HARRY GUNTER, JR., Aberdeen; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • JOANNE STUART GUYTON, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH LUTHER GUYTON, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts. • JACQUELINE ROGERS HAIRSTON, Silver City; Liberal Arts, • THOMAS WOOD HAIRSTON, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. Junior lh - 3 " `z-)3 3 • First Row: DAVID McCALL HALBROOK Belzoni; Business. • NANNIE MILDRED HALE, Senatobia; Liberal Arts. • MARSHALL CURTIS HALES, Jackson; Pharmacy. • DUDLEY SEMETT HALL, Mt. Olive; Liberal Arts. • JOINER MACK HALTON, JR., Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Second Row: WILLIAM JEFFERSON HAMM, University; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PAULA INEZ HAMMOND, Gilbert, Louisiana; Pharmacy; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ROBERT H. HARALSON, Hickory Valley, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • JAMES HARVEY HARDIN, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts. • RALPH LYNN HARDING, Missouri; Education. • First Row: EMMALINE HARDY, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JEFF D. HARPOLE, Philadelphia; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAYNE ELIZABETH HAURY Nashville, Tennessee; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • TOMMIE HEARN, Laurel; Business; Phi Mu. • CHARLES LEE HEBERER, Canton; Business. • CHARLES HERRING, Meadville; Business. • JANE PARTRIDGE HERRING, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SAMMY JO HERRINGTON, Mt. Olive; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. 0 BENTON EARL HEWITT, Summit, Liberal Arts. • Second Row: JOANNA HILBUN, Soso; Business. • ROBERT PARKER HILTON, Ellaville, Georgia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • HENRY WARE Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alphe Epsilon. • WILLIAM BRYAN HOLLIDAY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES TON HOLLOWAY, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • JOHN NICHOLAS HOLMAN, Macon; Business; Kappa Alpha. 0 JONNIE FAYE HORNE, Amory; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • DAVID ASTON Oxford; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JACK WELLINGTON WORTH, Rude; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: GEORGE R. C. HORTON, Louisville; Education. • JOE M. HUDSPETH, Ashland; Business. • CLYDE HUGGINS, JR., Oxford; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • NORA BETH HULL, Spartanburg. South Carolina; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • WILLIAM MOORE HURST, Louisville; Pharmacy. • EDWARD H. HUMPHREY, Indianola; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JAYNE HUNT, Alabama; Business. • WILLIAM BERNARD HUNT, Olive Branch; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • MAYS B. HUNTER, Macon; Education; Kappa Alpha. Class 4D Mooch Marcus, Cheerleader • First Row: ROBERT M. IZARD, Pelahatchie; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM RICHARD JACKSON. Marks; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WOODROW W. JACOBS, Hickory Valley, Tennessee; Business. • WILL IS CRAWFORD JAMIESON, Walnut; Education. 0 JOE Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: DORIS JOHNS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BARBARA JEAN JOHNSON, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • BEE JOHNSON, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PEGGY ELAINE JOHNSON, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • JULIAN ERNEST JOHN- Greenwood; Business; Sigma Chi. • First Row: ROBERT PRICE JOHNSON, Ripley; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DORTHA ANN JONES, Indianola; Liberal Arts. • SAMUEL B. T. JONES, JR., Gulfport; Business. • MILDRED CAROLYN JONES, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • SIDNEY DINKINS JONES, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM E. JONES, Laurel; Business. • SALLIE DIX JUNKIN, Natchez; Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. • JESSE BLAKE KELLUM, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • MARVIN EMMETT KEMP, Kilmichael; Busines. • Second Row: JOSEPH LESLIE KELLUM, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • LEROY R. KIRKPATRICK, Clarks- dale; Business; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE THOMAS Louisville; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • DAI LEY ALISON KING, Lexington; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • MALISSA KING, Lexington; Education. • MRS. RICHARD H. KING, Booneville: Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MARY F. KINTON, Durham, North Carolina; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • OSCAR P. LaBARRE, Vicksburg; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE F. LaFOLLETTE, Jackson; Business. • Third Row: BETTY NEELY LATTA, Dyersburg, Tennessee; Education; Delta Gamma. • BETTY CLARIE LAMBERT, Charleston; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • LESLIE BARTON Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha, • MARY GLENN LATHAM, Eupora; Education. • ELMER V. LAMMONS, JR., Belzoni; Engineering. • JAMES FREDERICK LAMON, Amory; Business: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BERNARD LAPIDES, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. • CECELIA LEWIS, Satartia; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • FLETCHER DRAKE LEWIS, Rosedale; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. ove The Junior • First Row: JANE COOPER LEEKE, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • MARY ELIZABETH Learned; Education; Phi Mu. • ALINE Bruce; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • MARY BARRETT LIN- FIELD, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JAMES DERMONT LISENBEE, Winona; Business. • Second Row: GEORGE JAMES LITTLETON, Tyro; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, • BETTY MARION LONG, Tupelo; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JOSEPH LONG, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM MONTELLE LOYD, Cleveland; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JANE EVANS LOWRY, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. J • First Row: Martha Jean Luckett, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • LOUIS JAMES LYELL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ANNE FRANK McALPINE, Stringer; Business; Kappa Delta. • JOHN RUSSLE McBATH, Chowcilla, California; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELDON L. McCARTY, Marigold; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • JANE BROWN McCARTY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • HOWARD B. McCRORY, Forest; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOSEPH WARREN McDANIEL, Bade; Liberal Arts. • FRANCES McDONNELL, Okolona; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • Second Row: BETTYE JANE McGEHEE, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARY ELEANOR McGEHEE; Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • HUGH JOSEPH McINNIS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELTON L. McINTOSH, Hernando; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN M. McKEE, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARGARET NELL McKIE, Tyro; Business. • GEORGE ALONZO McLEAN, Blaine; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM P. McMULLAN, JR., Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • ERNEST LYNN McMURCHY, Oxford; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Third Row: MARTHA JANE McQUINN, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • KENNETH FRANCIS McRAE, Belmont; Pharmacy. • MARY ALLEN McWILLIAMS, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOAN MADDOX, Eupora; Liberal Arts. • EDWIN H. MAGRUDER, JR. Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES TORREY MAJURE, Newton; Business. • SHELBY CURLEE MATHIS, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GUY LELAND MATTINGLY, JR., Greenville; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ANNIE LAURIE MATTHEWS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Class • Doug Stone, Ex-President of The ASB • First Row: MALCOLM D. MAXWELL, Drew; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT STEPHENSON MAYNARD, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • DEAN PRICE MEADOR, Hattiesburg; Business; Sigma Chi. • WALTER BUCHANAN MEEK, Eupora; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CARL A. MEGEHEE, Pascagoula; Business. • Second Row: TURLEY HARMON MEEK, Tyro; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FRANCES VIRGINIA MELVIN, Laurel; Business. • RUTH B. D. MERRILL, Natchez; Business; Chi Omega. • CLYDE HICKS MIDDLETON, Crowder; Liberal Arts;l Sigma Chi. • MARJORIE J, MILAN, North Carrollton; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • First Row: FRANKLIN E. MOAK, Ruth; Business; Delta Psi. • WAYNE N. MORGAN. Sank; Business. • ANDREW A. MORSON, Greenville; Business; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES BRINKLEY MORTON, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • NORMAN A. MOTT, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN MILTON MOTHERSHED, Crenshaw; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HARLOD 9, MULLEN, Hazlehurst; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • CHARLES OTTIS MULLENIX, Tupelo; Business. • JOHN RALPH MULLICAN, Wesson; Pharmacy. • Second Row: JOY MARIE MULVIHILL Greenville; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • THOMAS EUGENE MURFF, Calhoun City; • JOHN CLANTON MURRAY, JR., Brandon; Business; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES McBETH MURPHY, JR., Belzoni; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JACQULINE BARBARA MYRICK, Memphis, Tennessee; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • MARY COOPER NAVE, Forest; Education; Kappa Delta. • BOBBIE NELSON, Clarksdale; Business; Chi Omega. • PAUL MELVIN NEWTON, Wiggins; Business; Kappa Sigma. • MARY VIRGINIA NICHOLS, Canton; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM LEWIS NOBLES, Meridian; Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Third Row: JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH NOSSER, Natchez; Education. • DONALD NUNNERY, Liberty; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA LOU O ' NEAL, Marks; Liberal Arts. • HARRY EDWARD PATTON, JR., Greenwood; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JACK TERRY PEEPLES, Greenwood; Business. • CHARLES LEONARD PERSONS, Wahalak; Business. • LEONARD SIDNEY PICKLE, Dossville; Pharmacy. • LOGAN B. PHILLIPS, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. The Junior • First Row: JAMES LAMAR PIERSON, Atlanta, Ga.; Business; Sigma Chi. • JOE N. PIGOTT, McComb; Business; Sigma Nu. • GEORGIAN N E PITCHFORD, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ROBERT RIMES PERRY, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Alpha. • EDNA JEAN PITTMAN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: HANNAH BEEKS PITTS, Ecru; Education. • PEGGY LUCILLE PODESTA, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • CALVIN PHILIP Gloster; Education. • GAYLE SIMMONS POOLE, Gloster; Liberal Arts. • LAWRENCE POROPATICH, Glenshaw, Penn.; Liberal Arts. • First Row: LEON LAWRENCE PORTER, Clarksdale Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JAM ES MOORE Red Ban ks; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • AZILEE WEST PRESTAGE, Fulton; Education. • GRACE PUGH, Heidelberg; Liberal Arts. • JOHN WILLIAM PURVIS Jackson; Business; Delta Psi. • JOHN ALFRED RAMSEY, Ark.; Business; Kappa Alpha. • LAVON RASCO, Morton; Liberal Arts. • DELL RAWLS, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES HUGH RAY, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: MRS. KAY FRANCES RAY, Rienzi; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS P. RAMSEY, Hatties- burg; Business; Kappa Alpha. • MARTIN RAY, Sturgis; Business. • ALBERT NILES RED, Union; Pharmacy. • ROBERT WAYNE RENEGAR, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT R. REVERE, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM ALTON RICHARDSON, Philadelphia; Business. • GEORGE ALFRED RILEY, Calhoun City; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LOGAN DALE RIMES, McComb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Third Row: MARY ANN RIVERS, Meridian; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES MARSHALL ROBERTSON, Ruleville• Business; Beta Theta Pi. • RUSSELL ELISE ROBBINS, Pelalathie; Pharmacy. • SHIRLEY WAYNE ROBBINS, Oxford; Business. • JAMES WILLIAM ROBERSON, Pontotoc; Edu- cation. • THOMAS NAPIER ROBERTS, JR., Biloxi; Liberal Aris. • GEORGE BILLY ROBI NSON, Fulton; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ISMAEL ROSA, Isabela, Puerto Rico; Pharmacy. • WIL- L IAM HENRY West Point; Pharmacy. Class Armis Hawkins, Chairman of the Moot Court Board • First Row: JANE ELIZABETH ROSS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • EULALIE HOLDEN ROTHE, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MARTHA ANNE ROWAN, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BEN M. RUSH, Vaughan; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 MARGARET ELEANOR RUST, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • Second Row: JOHN A. SALTER, Macon; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLOTTE ANN SANSOM, Okolona; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JOSEPH HARRY SASSER, Carthage; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • RICHARD MARTIN SCHAEDLE, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • SARAH SCRIBNER, Amory; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • First Row: BEVERLY BROWNE SCOTT, Senatobia; Education; Delta Delta Delta. 0 EDITH NELLE Utica; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, 0 WILLIAM OLIVER SEMMES, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • VAL HUNTER SESSIONS, Bolton; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VINCENT EARLE SHANNON, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Sigma. • AMBROSE D. Tiplensville; Pharmacy. • M. C. SHARP, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • JOHN B. SHELBY, Tenn.; Education; Beta Theta Pi. • CARL W. SHORT, Biloxi; Business; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: EMMY BOWE SIMMONS, Cleveland; Education; Delta Gamma. • MARAIDA REYNOLDS SIMMONS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. (0 LOUISE CROSS SIMPSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. 0 WILLIAM LUTHER SIMS, JR., Columbus; Business; ATO. • MYRA CAROLYN SISSELL, Water Valley; Music; Phi Mu. • EARL EUGENE SKINNER Poplarville; Liberal Arts. • ZELL BOYD SKINNER, JR., Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • H. A. SMITH, JR., Hazelhurst; Education. • JEROME WAYNE SMITH, Noxapater; Liberal Arts; Phi Psi. • Third Row: NOVALEE SMITH, Raleigh, Tenn.; Commerce, Phi Mu. • WILLIAM CLARANE SMITH, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigmi Chi. • WILLIAM DAVID SMITH, Houston•, Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. 0 CHESLEY S. SNELL, JR., Jackson; Commerce. • DONALD G. Philadelphia; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET LOUGENIA SPAIN, Grenada; Education; Delta Gamma. • MARTHA ELLEN SPARR, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. 0 EVELYN SPICER, Tupelo; Education; Delta Gamma. • JACK PERRY STAPLETON, Tunica; Liberal Arts. . The • First Row: ARTHUR LAMAR STANFORD, JR., Ripley; Business; Sigma Nu. • JANIE GAY STEELE, Clarksdale; Education; Chi Omega. • EDSEL FORD STEWART, Osyka, Miss.; Liberal Arts. • WIL- LIAM E. STEWART, Natchez; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • JIM CROW STONE, Okolona; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: MARY JANE STONE, Okolona; Business; CM Omega. • HIRAM GRIFFIN STUART, Poplarville; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM A. SWINNEY, Wheeler; Liberal Arts; Phi Psi. • JACK ROBERT TAYLOR, Glendora; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JEANNE TAYLOR, Okolona; Edu- cation; Delta Gamma, • First Row: HERMAN TROTTER, TEAL, JR., Kosciusko; Business. • FRANCES GARDNER TERRY, Jackson, Tenn.; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • BETTY LEE THAXTON, Laurel; Business. • CURTIS H. THOMPSON, Columbus; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. • ROBERT LOWERY THOMPSON, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE TAYLOR TINDALL, Magee; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM MAURICE TITTLE, JR., Laurel; Business; Kappa Sigma. • WILBUR LEE TODD, Oxford; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • Second Row: BETH TOOLE, Orange, Texas; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOSEPH WILLIAM TORTI; Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • SUZETTE HARRIS TOWNSEND, Rich; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • MARTHA NELL TRAVIS Sharon, Tenn. • Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • MARY ELIZABETH TREVILION, Marks; Business; Phi flu. • BARBARA JEAN TRAPP, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • LESLIE TUBB, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • HUBERT WHITFIELD TUCKER, Amory; Busine ss. • JACK NORRIS TUCKER, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBERT GRIFFIN TURNAGE, Prentiss; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • Third Row: THOMAS WILLIAM TURNIPSEED, Memphis; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • DORIS ALEXANDER TYSON, Holly Springs; Music; Phi Mu. • ELISE VARNER, Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JOEL ELLIOTT VARNER, Senatobia; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY ELIZABETH WADE, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • CALEY WALDRIP, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • EMILY JUSTINA WALKER, Columbia; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JANE WALKER, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JUEL PHILIPS WALKER, JR., Horn Lake; Business. Junior Class • First Row: ROBERT DEAN WALKER, Sanatorium; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • YGONDINE WALKER, Lambert; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • JULIA CHRISTOBEL WALLACE, Norfolk, Virginia; Liberal Arts. • MRS. ELETHA WALLEY, Ellisville; Liberal Arts. • JACK DONALD WALTON, Moorhead; Business. • 0. B. WALON, JR., Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VIR- GINIA BELL WALTON, Collins; Music; Kappa Delta. • Second Row: EDWARD BUCHANAN WARREN, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • NAT I. WASHBURN, JR., Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha. • GUY HARTWELL WATKINS, III, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • RUFINA FLORENCE WATKINS, Gholson; Business. • THOMAS HENDERSON WATTS, JR., Columbia; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ROY F. WATSON, Stuttgart, Ark.; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon, • JAMES L. WEBB, Leland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • First Row: MAHLON EARL WEBB, Carthage; Science; Phi Kappa Psi. • SITTY WEBSTER, Oxford; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • JAMES WOODWARD WELSH, JR., Philadelphia; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LOUISE CATHERINE WHITE, Aubrey, Ark.; Business; Delta Gamma. • HAROLD H. WHITE, JR., Laurel; Business; Kappa Sigma. • DOYCE WHITEHEAD, Pontotoc; Science. • CHARLES BLAIR WHITTINGTON, Greenwood; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 41) ROBERT MIL- LINDER WILKES, Helena, Ark.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • LAURA NELL Laurel; Libe ral Arts. • MARY JANE WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Business; Delta Gamma. • MAY JANE WIL. LIAMS, Water Valley; Business. • M. ANITA WILLIAMS, New Albany; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • PATTYE SUE WILLIAMS, Clarksdale; Chi Omega; Music. • CARMEN R. WILLIAMSON, Red Bay, Ala.; Science. • LESTER F. Meridian; Science: Kappa Alpha. • JAMES RALPH WILSON, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JULIAN GREAVES WILSON, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARGUERITE LAVERNE WILSON; Grenada; Education; Delta Gamma. • Third Row: P. H. WINBORN, JR., Durant; Business; • MRS. ROSALIE PEGUES WITTY, Green- wood; Liberal Arts. • CELIA DONNA WIYGUL, Hernando; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • GEORGE WHITFIELD WORTHEN, Union; Science; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM CARY WHITE. HEAD, JR., West Point; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • RAYMOND CARL WUNDERLICH, Memphis; Business; Sigma Chi. • HARAN ROLLINS YOUNG, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HERBERT STANFORD YOUNG, Waynesboro; Science. • LILLIAN ALICE Yazoo City; Education; Delta Gamma. ove 4 The Sophomore • First Row: ALICE ANN ABERNATHY, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JAMES B. ABNEY, Montrose; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES STUART ABNEY, Amory; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ARTHUR CHESTER ABRAHAM, Clarksdale; Engineering. • CHARLES WALTER ADAMS, Tomnolen• Business. • Second Row: MACK ALFRED ADAMS, Miami, Fla.; Business. • CURTIS ALEXANDER, Montrose; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HENRY CLARENCE ALLEN, Meridian; Business. • AVA NELL ANDERSON, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts. • GLORIA SPELL ANDERSON, Benton; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • First Row: GEORGE HUDSON ANDREWS, Tutwiller; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • THAD LEGGETT ANDREWS, Magnolia; Liberal Arts• Sigma Nu. • MARY JO AUSTIN, Tie Plant; Education. • VIRGINIA ANN AUSTIN, Memphis, Tenn.; Education; Delta Zeta. • DONALD JAMES ARCE- NEAUX, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • EDNA JUANITA AVENT, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • GILBERT ALEXANDER, Union; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ANN BAINE, Gloster; Business; Delta Zeta. • H. OWEN BAIRD, JR., Marks; Engineering. • Second Row: ESTER BAKER, Abbeville; Education. • EMILY JANE BARLOW, Summit; Liberal Arts. • JAMES BUREN BARLOW, Wesson; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES ROY EARNER, Ruleville; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM WINSTON BARNARD, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • JACK CLINT BARRETT, Houston; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN HARRISON BASE, Biloxi; Business; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT MAGEE BASS, Moselle; Liberal Arts. • LEWIS CALDWELL BEASLEY, Sherman; Business. • Third Row: MARGARET ANN BECK, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • LYDY BETH BECKER, Brook- haven; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • FRANK BELLIPANI, Centerville; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • JOYCE BENSON, Webb; Liberal Arts. • FAYE EVANS BENNETT, Albany, Ga.; Education. • JAMES C, BENNETT, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • FELIPE BERNAL, Isabela, Puerto Rico; Liberal Arts. • SEYMORE BERNSTEIN, Oxford; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • CATHERINE LUCILE BEVINGER, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Phi Mu. Class 1111 John Mothershed, President of the Cardinal Club • First Row: CHARLES SINGLETON BIGOOD, Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JOE KENT BISHOP, Pascagoula; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES A. BLACKWELL, McComb; Business. • ROBERT EUGENE BLEDSOE, Brooksville; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • SHELTON McGEHEE BLYTHE, Lake Cormorant; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Second Row: EDWARD L. BOATNER, Pontotoc; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES BOLER, Magee; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • JACQUELEENE BOWEN, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM RALPH BOWIE, Durant; Business; Kappa Sigma. • KENNETH BOWLES, Jamestown, N. C.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • First Row: WINSTON KERBY BOWLING, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES SORRELLS BOYD, JR., Clarksdale; Business. • JANE MARTIN BOZEMAN, Meridian; Business; Phi Mu. • BOYER M. BRADY, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN Mc CONNELL BRAND, Houston; Liberal Arts. • JAMES FRANKLIN BRASFIELD, Lorman; Liberal Arts. • BETTY HAZEL BRAUN, Ocean Springs; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES C. BREEDLOVE, Coffeeville; Business. • B ILL BEANLAND, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • Second Row: HUGH GREGORY BRELAND, Hattiesburg; Business; Sigma Chi. • MAURICE EVERETTE BREAZEALE, Parchman; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM HERMAN BREWER, Richton; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • EUGENE DABNEY BROWN, Holly Springs; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES STEPHEN BROWN, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • WALTER BROWN, Lena; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES LEON BRUECK, Forest; Business. • JARRATT LEWIS BRUNSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • ZACK THERELL BUCKALEW, Pelahatchie; Business. • Third Row: OSCAR WINBERN BUCHANAN, Education. • MARION ELLZEY BULLOCK, Tylertown; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • TAYLOR DAVIE BUNTIN, Nesbitt; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY FRANCES BUNTIN, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JAMES ISOM BURROW, Byhalia; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • JOE BERNARD BURSI, Oaksville, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • MARKO MARTIN BUTIRICH, Bay St. Louis; Liberal Arts. • JAMES NESBITT BULTER, Pontotoc; Business. • LEE LOGAN BYERS, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. 3elow The Sophomore • First Row: EMMA JEAN BYNUM, Ellisville; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JACK E. BROWN, Collins; Pharmacy; Katwa Sigma. • CLIFFORD S. CAMPBELL, JR., Laurel; Business; Kappa Sigma. • LEON FRANKLIN CAMPBELL, Oxford; Education. • CHARLES W. Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • Second Row: HORACE DUANE CAPPS, Sharon, Tennessee; Pharmacy. • SUE CAROTHERS, Memphis, Tennessee; Liberal Arts. • ALMA JEANNE CARR, Louisville; Business. • EDWIN JONES Beaumont; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. 0 JAMES T. CASH, Oxford, Pharmacy. • First Row: GRAHAM H. CASSIBRY, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • NAPOLEON LePOINT CASSIBRY, JR., Cleveland; Business; Phi Delta Theta. 0 MARY ELIZABETH CATES, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CLAUD ALONZO CHAMBERLIN, Aberdeen; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 THOMAS ALFRED CHANDLER, JR., Philadelphia; Business; Delta Psi. 0 BILLY KLING- MAN CHAPMAN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 RUPERT LEANDER CHAPMAN, JR., Oxford; Pharmacy. • NANCY LOUISE CHENAULT, Houston; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT D. CHILDRESS, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: ROBERT D. CHURCH, Grenada; Business. 0 SARA ELIZABETH CLELAND, Sardis; Business. • CHESTER D. COCHRAN, Olive Branch; Business; Delta Psi. • IDA SARAH COHEN, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • HENRY BYARS COLE, JR., West Point; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WIL- FRED Q. COLE, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsi lon. 0 HOWARD C. COLEMAN, West Point; Business. 0 JOE COLEY, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • KENNETH CLAYTON COLLINS, Long Beach; Business. • Third Row: WILLIAM JAMES CONDON, Leland; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WILLIAM COLEMAN CONNELL, JR., Clarksdale; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWARD LIONEL COOK, JR., Inverness; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM RAMSEY COOK, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. 0 JAMES MONROE COOPER, Catchings; Pharmacy. • JOHN R. COUNTISS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. 0 ROBERT COVENS, Crystal Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Epsilon Pi. • DANNY SEMMES COVERT, Meridian; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ANCIL LIDDELL COX, JR., Shaw; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. Class . Sara Aycock, Secretary of the ASB • First Row: FREDERICK GARDINER COX, Laurel; Engineering. • JAMES ELIJAH COX, Bogue Chitto; Pharmacy. • JAMES W. CRABB, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ALICE MEL- VILLE CRITZ, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • CECIL RAY CROOK, Vaiden; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • Second Row: JOSEPH RANDLE CROOK, Vaiden; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM THOMAS CROUSE, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • CHARMAIN CRUM, Oak Park, III.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • DOROTHY LEE CRUM, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • RODES SETTLE CURRIE, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • First Row: VICTOR HUGO CRUTCHFIELD, Whiteville, Tenn.; Business. • WILLIAM ABRAHAM DAGGETT, JR., Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. JANE DAIGRE, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • CAMILLE McCLAIN DALE, Columbia; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM EDWARD DALTON, Biloxi; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. O EUGENE RUSSELL DARBY, Converse, Indiana: Education; Beta Theta Pi. • MARTIN DAVIS, Lucedale; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MARY EARLE DAVIS, Clarksdale; Education, Phi Mu. • JAMES LLOYD DAVIS, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: JULIE PAYTON DAVIS, Port Gibson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • ROY WATSON DAVIS, Booneville; Business. • KIRBY DAY, JR., Inverness; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHARLES WILLIAM DEAN, Shaw; Education; Kappa Sigma. • LUCILLE DeBRULER, Evansville, Indiana; Liberal Arts. • GRADY ALLEN DECELL, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WAYNE EDWARD DERRINGTON, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT LOUIS DEMILIO, Lyon; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 DOMINIC JOHN DiBENEDETTO, Bay St. Louis; Business. • Third Row: ALEX DOCKERY DICKSON, JR., Greenwood; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN FLOYD DICKSON, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • NOLAN STUART DICKSON, JR., Aber- deen Business; Delta Psi. • CHARLES FOY DISMUKES, Okolona; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • KATHRYN ELAINE DOWNES, Tyronza, Ark.; Liberal Arts. • CHARLOTTE MOORE DOWNS, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WALL DOXEY, JR., Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARTHA SUE DRAPER, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • FRANK LEWIS DOERR, JR., Butler, Pa.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. The Sophomore T • First Row: ARNOLD ROY DOOM, JR., New Albany; Liberal Arts. • ELDA HORTENSE DOR- SETT, Toccopola; Liberal Arts. • ELIZABETH JANET DORSEY, New Albany; Education; Phi Mu. • HAROLD L. DUBUISSON, JR., Gulfport; Business; Kappa Alpha. • FRED BYRON DUKE, JR., Clarksdale; Business. • Second Row: WORTH DUNN, Winborn; Liberal Arts. • TRILBY JOYCE EARNHEART, Hernando; Business. • JESSE WINSTON EAVENSON, Marks; Business; Sigma Chi. • RAYFORD NORMAN EDGAR, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE W. EDMONSTON, Dresden, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • First Row: ELWOOD LaDURL EDWARDS, Banner; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • MIRIAM JEAN- NETTE EDWARDS, Banner; Liberal Arts. • THEODORE GEORGE ELCHOS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • LAWRENCE M. ELDER, Coldwater; Business; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM PRIEST ELLEDGE, Oxford; Engineering. • ROBBIE LOU ELLSWORTH, Vicksburg; Business, • RALPH PORTER ELLIOTT, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts. • MARK JOSEPH ELLZE Y, Biloxi; Business; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM EARL ENGLAND, Vicksburg; Business; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: BETTY GOTTHELF ENGLAND, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • ESTELLE KELTNER EVANS, Tupelo; Education. • LAREY EVANS, Mendenhall; Liberal Arts. • JOHN DAVID EVANS, Tupelo; Liberal Arts. • ROY EVANS, Memphis, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • BARBARA ELIZABETH FLY, Water Valley; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • HOSEA PAUL FLANAGAN, Kosciusko; Business. • BETTY ALICE FARRELL, St, Louis, Mo.; Education. • CHARLES KOERNER FARMER, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: JOSEPH RODERICK FANCHER, JR., Canton; Business; Delta Psi. • WILMOTH FITZ- GERALD FANT, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WAYNE D. FANCHER, Columbus; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • ELOISE FORD, Guntown; Business; Delta Zeta. • JOY FORD, Picayune; Pharmacy. • PATRICIA FORD, Hattiesburg; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • BERT H. FORMAN, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • FRANK RATLIFF FORTENBERRY, Colum- Pia; Liberal Arts. • DUDLEY W. FOSTER, Miami, Fla.; Education; Sigma Chi. . 1111 Sonny Merrell, President of the Business School • First Row: JOHN HENRY FOX, IV, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN THOMAS FRA- ZIER, Crawford; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM M. FRAZIER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES HENRY FULGHUM, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BRUNO FURINI, JR., Lyon; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Second Row: CHARLES D. GALEY, Memphis, Tenn.; Education. • CLIFTON NORMAN GALLENT, Centerville; Liberal Arts. • B. H. GARNER, Tunica; Education; Delta Psi. • SAMUEL PARKER GARDNER, Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • WILLIAM ROBERT GARDNER, Tupelo; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • First Row: RALPH MILTON GARRARD, Isola; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • FRED WEST GARRA- WAY, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN JOSEPH GATTAS, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts. • LOIS MATEEL GAVIN, Cleveland, Ohio; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • LEONARD G. GIBSON, JR., Crawford; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM SHERMAN GILLIDETTE, Macomb, Ill; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • FRANK OTHO GIVENS, JR., Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • GEORGE MONROE GREGORY, Robinsonville; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM WALTON GRESHAM, JR., Indianola; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • Second Row: LESTER LEE GRIFFIN, Belzoni; Business; Kappa Alpha. • PATRICIA MAY GORE, Lake Providence, La.; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • LELAND GOUGH, Meridian; Business. • HENRY GREGORIO, Powhatan, La.; Pharmacy. • ANNA LOU GRIFFITH, Mantes; Liberal Arts. • LOWELL EDWARD GRISHAM, luka• Business; Beta Theta Pi. • DALE GUENTHER, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • BERT ORAN GUNN, JR., Biloxi; Business; Sigma Chi. • WALTER RICHARD HAGER, Meadville, Pa.; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • Third Row: JOHN CULLUM HALBROOK, Belzoni; Liberal Arts. • DWAYNE L. HALE, New Albany; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOYCE HALE, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • E. DEE HAMILTON, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • STUART DOUGLAS HAMLEY, Lake Providence, La.; Business. • ARNOLD TOWNSEND HAMMOND, Winona; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • EDWARD HAMRIC, Hernando; Education. • CHARLES DOUGLAS HANCOCK, St. Peterburg, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT LOUIS HARBOUR, Oxford; Business. hove The Sophomore • First Row: PENNY HARDAWAY, Marianna, Ark.; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • EMMAGENE HARDY, Columbus; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ELMO OMEGA HARRISON, Coffeeville; Business. • HARRIET ANN HARRISON, Truman, Ark.; Business; Delta Gamma. • THOMAS CLEMENTS HARVEY, JR., Gulfport; Business; Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: THOMAS CLIFTON HARVIEL, Holly Springs; Pharmacy. 0 ISAAC EDWARD HARRIS, Meridian; Business. 0 PATSY HAYNES, Ellisville; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • VASSAR D. HEMPHILL, JR., Greenwood; Education; Sigma Chi. • ALBERT W. HEFFNER, JR., Philipp; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • First Row: CHARLES B. HENLEY, Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • LEROY J. HENRY, Baldwyn; Education. • J. CARL HERRIN, JR., Durant; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOAN HERRING, Batesville; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. 0 EDWARD HIGGINBOTHOM, Stamps, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • ARNOLD P. HILL, Dumas; Education. • BERNARD W. HILL, West Point; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN JOSEPH HILL, Philadelphia, Pa.; Education; Alpha Tau Omega. O JOAN HOFF, Vicksburg; Business; Delta Zeta. • Second Row: NANCY HOWERTON Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM B. HOLLOMAN, Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • EDMAN WHITFIELD HOLMES, JR., Oxford; Liberal Arts. 0 THOMAS MARTIN HOLDER, Houston; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • HAROLD MONROE HOOFER, Kosciusko; Business. • ANN SELBY Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • THOMAS JOE HOPPER, Rienzi; Business. • EDWIN M. HORNER, Morristown, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • HENRY THOMAS HORTON, Columbia; Business. • Third Row: WILLIAM H. HOWARD, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN PAUL HUDSON, JR., Scobey; Liberal Arts. • POMEROY DUNHAM HUFF, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • GRADY RAY HUFF, Pulaski; Pharmacy. • THOMAS EDWIN HULL, Taylorsville; Pharmacy. • CLYDE GRIFFIN HUGGINS, Watertown, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • WILL ZACK HUGGINS, III, Quitman; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 JAMES FRANKLIN HUGHES, Oakland; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GASTON TORRENCE HUNTER, Mobile, Ala.; Business; Sigma Nu. Class . • Bobby Moore, President of Med School, and Stanford Terry, President of IFC • First Row: SIDNEY HURDLE, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts. • JOE JACK HURS Macon; Liberal Arts. • HARVEY HUTTON HUTCH I NS, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • ROSEMARY IRBY, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JIM R. ISON, Meridian; Business. • Second Row: BRETT F. JACKSON, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • LOUIS FOSTER JACK- SON, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • GERALD I RVI NG JACOBS, Vicksburg; Busi- ness; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JOE JACOBS, Tupelo; Business; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE CLARK JEFFERSON, Lynchburg, Va.; Education. • First Row: DAVID NORMAN JEFFORDS, West Memphis, Ark.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • DENVER JENKINS, Natchez; Business; Chi Omega. • SAMUEL NESBIT JENNINGS, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CLARINE JOBE, Grenada; Business. • MURIEL SALOME JOHN, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • FRED ARNOLD JOHNSON, Greenwood; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • FORREST ALLEN JOHNSON, Sallis; Liberal Arts. • JOHN MAYE JONES, Macon; Business; Kappa Alpha. • THOMAS DOUGLAS JORDAN, Magnolia; Pharmacy. • Second Row: ALTON JOSEPH, Vicksburg; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD ROWEN JOYCE, St. Augustine, Fla.; Education; Kappa Alpha. • JOYCE SHI RLEY JUSTICE, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts. • JEAN LOUISE Holcomb; Liberal Arts. • KATHLEEN DODD KEEN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts. 0 KENNETH HARRY KELLERMAN, Blue Mountain; Business. • HAROLD C. KELLY, Burns; Education. • JAMES ROBERT KILGORE, III, Etta; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ELLEN CLAIR KI RBY-SM ITH, Sewanee, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Third Row: CECIL KIRKIS, JR., Ford, Virginia; Education. • JOE R. KING, Laurel; Business; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES R. KI RKPATRICK, Saltillo; Liberal Arts. • JOHN LEWIS KITTLE, Tunica; Business; Al pha Tau Omega. • JOHN OWEN KROEZE, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • ELEANOR HENSON KNEE, Ripley, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • CASTLE R. KNOX, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • J. A. KNOTT, JR., Pittsburg, Pa.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES EDGAR KNOX, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. . Th e • First Row: JOHN ROBERT LAIRD, Union; Business; Sigma Nu. • AARON Fulton; Education. • DAVID FLAVOUS LAMBERT, JR., Belmont; Liberal Arts. • LAMAR W. LANE, Jackson; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • PATRICIA LAND, New Orleans, La.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Second Row: EVEN DELLISCE LANDRUM, Picayune; Business. • GARNETT RICHARD LANNING, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JIMMIE LOU LANTRIP, Oxford; Business. • JAMES SIDNEY LATTURE, Little Rock, Ark.; Pharmacy. • CHARLES HILERE LEGGETT, Union Church; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • First Row: LAWRENCE M. LEGGETT, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • STEVE C. LEIST, burg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • SARA LeMASTER, Sardis; Pharmacy. • WILLIAM VAUGHT LENOIR, JR., McComb; Business; Sigma Nu. • JEAN MARIE LEWIS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • WILLIAM FLOYD LEWIS, Forest; Engineering. • ANDERSON MALTRUERSE TON, Isola; Pharmacy, Beta Theta Pi. • WILLIAM B. LLOYD, JR., Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • NOSEY H. LOCKE, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: JEAN ELISE LOTT, Buda; Education; Kappa Delta. • MARION EUGENE LOWE, JR., Glendora; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM THOMSOM LOWRY, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM TITUS LOWRY, Byhalia; Pharmacy. JOSEPH TILLMAN LYLE, Newton; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ARCHIE R. McDONNELL, OkoIona; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLAUDE MILTON McBRYDE, Sumrall; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • GENNE McCLAIN, West Point; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • WILLIAM LEE McCORD, Cordova, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: BETTIE JANE McCORMICK, Greenwood, Miss.; Business; Phi Mu. • JOHN DANIEL McELROY, Fulton; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • ELLIS H. McGLAUN, Baldwyn; Business; Kappa Sigma. • NONA JOYCE McGUIRE, Baldwyn; Business; Delta Zeta. • HERBERT BUFORD McGUFFEE, JR., Utica; Business. • PATTY JEAN McKAY, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • LEE HOMER McKENZIE, Michigan City; Business. • DALE HARBOUR McKIBBEN, Water Valley; Business. • CLARENCE E. McLEAN, JR., Hattiesburg; Business; Sigma Chi. Sophomore Class • First Row: NEWTON McLEAN, Bassfield• Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • JOHN BRIGGS McLEMORE, JR., Blanche, Tenn.; Business. • MARION BARNES McLEMORE, Marion; Liberal Arts. • RUDOLPH McREE, JR., Eupora; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MRS. LUCIE BECKER MAGEE, Brook- haven; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • HELEN E. MAGEE, Oxford; Business. • HELENA CORBETTE MAGRUDER, Starkville; Liberal Arts. • LAUGH McLAURIN MAGRUDER, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WARREN DAVID MANN, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Pharmacy. • Second Row: SALLY MAJORS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • RALPH HEATH MARBLE, Leland; Business; Kappa Alpha. • EARL H. MARSHALL, Troy, Tenn. ' Pharmacy. • JACK LOUIS MARSHALL, Home- stead, Fla.; Education. • ROBERT L. MAY, Philadelphia; Business. • IRA THOMAS MAY, Meridian; Business. • BYRON ABERNETHY MAYO, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • SUE MAXWELL, McGehee, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • BARBARA ELIZABETH MILLER, Homestead, Fla.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • First Row: GEORGE L. MILLER, JR., West Point; Liberal Arts. • ROBERT ANDREW MITCHELL, Walnut Grove; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • ROSIE MITCHELL, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • CLYDE BRANN MITTS, Swifton, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WOODFIN GRADY MOFFETT, Lucedale; Pharmacy. • SUNSHINE MOHAMED, Belzoni; Pharmacy. • PHILIP RICHARD MONAGHAN, Honesdale, Pa.; Education; Sigma Nu. • JAMES MONTGOMERY MACKIE, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts. • DOROTHY LEE MOONEY, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • Second Row: HUGH HARMON MOORE, Bay St. Louis; Business; Kappa Alpha. • GLORIA HUGHES MOSS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JESSIE MAE MORRIS, Oxford; Education; Delta Zeta. • ROBERT HARRY MULLETT, Quitman; Business; Sigma Nu. • HARRY EDWARD MUSGROVE, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • JAMES K. MUSKELLEY, White. haven, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ERVIN EDWARD NELSON, JR., Water Valley; Engineering. • WILLIAM MILLER NELSON, JR., Yazoo City; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Third Row: CHRISTINE NICHOLS, Winborn• Business. • JAMES FRED NIXON, JR., Tishomingo; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILSON P. NOBLIN, Yazoo City; Business. • JAMES WALLACE NORMAN, Houlka; Business. • JASE OWEN NORSWORTHY, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SPURGEON BOYCE NOWOOD, Corinth; Business; Sigma Chi. • PETE J. NOSSER, Vicksburg; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOSEPH F. NUCKOLLS, Bolivar, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • ANTHONY B. NUNEZ, JR., Violet, La.; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • MARVIN EDWARD OAKES, Water Valley; Engineering. ove . The ei • First Row: SARAH ELIZABETH ODEN, Laurel; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • INEZ ODOM, Slate Springs; Pharmacy. 0 JAMES MARSHALL OVERCAST Hazel, Ky.; Pharmacy. • JERRY OTWELL, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • EUGENE JOHN OXNAM, St. Louis, Mo.; Education. • Second Row: JACK S. PARKER, Sumrall; Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • EDGAR DALE PARRIS, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Business. 0 CHARLES NEWTON PAYNE, JR., Saltillo; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT T. PAYNE, Castilla; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM H. PEEL, Holly Springs; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • First Row: LOIS ANN PEGRIM, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • JOE RUSSELL PERKINS, Vicksburg; Education; Sigma Chi, • WILLIAM PRESTON PERKINS, JR., Senatobia; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES HERMAN PIERCE, Potts Camp; Pharmacy. • ELIZABETH ANNE Artesia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOHN R. PITTMAN, Lake Como; Liberal Arts. • JOHN L. PITTS, JR., Pontotoc• Engineering. • EDSEL EDWIN Plantersville; Liberal Arts. • JULIAN FRANKLIN POTTER, Wayside, Education. • Second Row: VIRGINIA JANE POWERS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • HOLLIE W. PREST- AGE, Fulton; Business. • JAMES EMORY PRICE, JR., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. 0 JAMES LEO QUNN, JR., Sturgis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN WILLIAM QUINN, III; Greenwood; Business; Kappa Alpha. • BARTON WADE RATLIFF, Drew; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • JOHN FRANKLIN RAWLS, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES HUGH RAY, Renzi; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. 0 JOHN A. RAYBURN, Pontotoc; Business. • Third Row: EMMA ALLEN RAYNER, Marigold; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • ROBERT CANADA REEDER, Coldwater; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HENRY LAWRENCE REID, Greenville; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CHRISTINE McELROY REID, Natchez; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • BERTHA ANNE RHENEY, Homestead, Fla.; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • RUTH HARDY RIDG- WAY, Memphis, Tenn; Business; Phi Mu. • BETTY RIVES, Rossville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • MARY CAROLYN ROBERTSON, Blue Mountain; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES WRIGHT ROBINSON, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Y ' Sophomore Class • First Row: JANE ROBINSON, Batesville; Business. • JANE ELIZABETH RODGERS, Leland; Business; Delta Gamma. • GUY NORTHCROSS ROGERS, New Albany; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ALICIA MORROW ROLLINS, Waveland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • ROSEMARY ROLLINS, Waveland; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • THOMAS A. ROMANO, Laurel; Business. • HENRY CAL- VIN ROSE, JR., Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • EMOGENE ROSS, Olive Branch; Business. • WILLIAM ERNEST ROTHROCK, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: GUY MANNING ROWLAND, Walnut; Business. • WILLIAM WARREN RUBLE, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES A. RUSHING, Oxford; Business. • DOT RUSSELL, Pontotoc; Business; Kappa Delta. 0 RUDOLPH V. RUSSELL, Taylorsville; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT LEE RUSSUM, Flora; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • B. C. RUTH, Greenwood, Miss.; Business. • OSCAR ARTHUR RUTSKY, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • RAYMOND FARLEY SALMON, Coahoma; Business; Kappa Alpha. • First Row: GERALD BYRON SANDERS, Sledge; Liberal Arts. • VIRGINIA FAYE SAUCIER, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • HUGH J. SCHNEIDER, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM GAVIN SCOTT, Beroit; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM MAXIE SCOTT, Forest; Education. • ELIZABETH ANNETTE SCRUGGS, Dundee; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • DAVID P. SEARCY, Greenville; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT JAMES SHANNON JR., New Albany; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHLOE B. Tenn.; Business; Delta Gamma. • Second Row: ROY DEXTER SHEFFIELD, Dorsey; Liberal Arts. • PAUL SHELLABARGER, Bells, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • AMY NANNETTE SHIPP, Taylor; Education. • K. LUCILE SHIPP, Benton; Education. • FLORENCE WARE SHOFNER, Winona; Liberal Arts. • RALPH D. SHULTZ, Quitman; Pha rmacy. • JOHN URIE SIMMONDS, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • SARA CLAYTON SIMMONS, Greenville; Business; Delta Gamma. • EVELYN MARGARET SIMS, Columbia; Education; Kappa Delta. • Third Row: RICHARD EVANS SIRES, Macon, Ga.; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • BANKS EMERSON SMITH, Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • BARBARA KAY SMITH, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • CLIFFORD ELIZABETH SMITH, Raleigh, ' Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • GEORGE CAMERON SMITH, Ill, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JOHN R. SMITH, Oxford; Education. • STANLEY LEON SMITH, Bruce; Liberal Arts. • CLAUDIA KATHLEEN SNIPES, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • JAMES BODYNE SNOW, Corinth; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi, .Alow T e • First Row: ROBERT SYDNEY SNYDER, Henderson Ky.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • JOHN EDWARD SON NEMAN Memphis, Tenn.; Business. • JOHN WILLIAM SORRELL, Belzoni; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • WILLIAM REYNOLDS Baldwyn; Liberal Arts. • RUTH MILLER SPIVEY, Canton; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Second Row: GEORGE EDGAR STEPHENS, Meridian; Business; Kappa Sigma. • CLAYTON RAY STEWART, Houston; Business; Kappa Sigma. • DAVID HENRY STEWART, Houston; Business; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM ANDREW STEWART, Laurel; Business. • FRANK DAVIS STICHT, Ncxa pater; Pharmacy. • First Row: GEORGE WILLIAM STONE, Chatam; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • I DA NELLE STONE, 0 kolona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • RAYMOND E. STOLPA, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • HELEN M. STOVALL, West Point; Business; Zeta Tau Alpha. • ANN Ripley; Business. • JAMES A. STRIBLI NG, Philadelphia; Education. • JAMES GERALD STRICKLAND, Corinth; Business. • WILLIE FRANKLIN STRI NGER, Sumrall; Business. • STEPHEN CLINT STRINGFELLOW, Moss Point; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: ELIZABETH STU RDIVANT, Glendora; Business; Kappa Delta. • ROBERT WILLIAM TRABUE SUBLETTE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BOB DeLYNN SU DDATH, Miami, Florida; Business. • LESTER FU RR SU MN ERS, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • VIRGINIA ANN TANSIL, Sharon, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. 0 JOANNE ELIZABETH TALUE, Oak Park, III.; Pharmacy; Zeta Tau Alpha. • FRED HOSEY JR., New Albany; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • HELEN FRANCES TATE, Stover; Liberal Arts. • TOMMY KENT Crenshaw; Business; Pi Ka ppa Alpha. • Third Row: JERRY AUSTIN TEDDER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FLOYD M. THEISMAN, Grenada; Liberal Arts. • JAMES TORRY THOMAS, Laurel; Education; Kappa Sigma. • HUGH HUDSON THOMASSON, DeKa lb; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • WILKINS THOMPSON, JR., Helena, Ark.; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • JERRY PAUL TIBLIER, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES MAYO TIGRETT, Ripley; Pharmacy. • BOWMAN STIRLING TIGHE, Jackson; Business; Kappa Al pha. • CHARLES T. TORJUSEN, JR., Pascagoula; Business. Sophomore • First Row: JAMES CLINTON TOTTEN, JR., Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN DAVID TOWNSEND, Jonesboro, Ark.; Business. • BYRD JAMES TRUSSELL, JR., Grenada, Miss.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JACK TUBB, Jackson; Business. • L. D. Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JAMES OSCAR TWICHELL, Abbeville; Education. • JOHN DAVID VANCE, JR., Batesville; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ANNE VON-SEUTTER, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • JOE CAVIN WEATHERSPOON, Bohama, N. C., Liberal Arts. • Second Row: BUFORD E. WELLS, JR., Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • JAMES HARVEY WELLS, Cotton Plant; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • KATHRYN CLAIRE WELLS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • MONROE GADDY WELLS, Oakland; Pharmacy. • JAMES VESTER WENTZELL, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JOE Shannon; Liberal Arts. • J. T. WEST- MORELAND, JR., Shannon; Liberal Arts. • ARTHUR F. WHATLEY, Vicksburg; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JEAN WHEELER, Hernando; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • First Row: FRED HADEN WALKER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SHELBY LEE WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • RICHARD GARLAND WAL LS, Houlka; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET ELINOR WALTERS, Clarksdale; Education; Kappa Delta. • JACK WARNER, Louisville; Education. • HORACE MANCHESTER WATKINS, Jackson; Business. • RICHARD THOMAS WATSON, Woodville; Liberal Arts. • FRAND BETHEA WATTS, Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • CHARLES DuBUISSON WILLIAMS, JR., Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: EDWIN CALE WILLIAMS, Plain; Liberal Arts. • JAMES ENOCH WILLIAMS, Gun- town; Business. • OSCAR LANE WILLIAMS, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • VAL E. WILLIAMS, JR., Millington, Tenn.; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • WAYNE GRAHAM WILLIAMS, Oteen, N. C.; Liberal Arts. • ELLEN M. WILLIAMSON, Greenwood; Education; Chi Omega. • JOSEPH E. WILSON, Clarksdale; Pharmacy. • ALTON EUGENE WINDSOR, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • A. J. Hazlehurst; Pharmacy. • Third Row: JOE T. WILLINGHAM, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • HENRY HAYS WOOD, Oakland; Pharmacy.• PAULINE D. WOOD, Tuscola; Liberal Arts. • JEAN ELIZABETH WREN, Red Bay, Ala.; Education; Delta Zeta. • MARTHA LOUISE Doddsville• Liberal Arts. Phi Mu. • CHARLES CLIFTON WRIGHT, Meridian; Business; Kappa Sigma. • DOROTHY ANNE WRIGHT, Rolling F ork; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ALVA LEWIS WYLIE, Tupelo; Pharmacy; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ROBBIE RAY YANCY, Bruce; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. • WILFRED E. YARBROUGH, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DERRY LYNN YOUNG, Raleigh, Tenn.; liberal Arts. • HOLLIE SPENCER YOUNG, Bruce; Business; Kappa Alpha. ove ---- ' — ' - ' ------;71—T— , . , A 1 ..,,414 1. - 1; 4 4.C. ,, 1 ' 41 t .4 vtr — ‘ , s - The ' Freshman • First Row: MARION ELDRIDGE ADDISON, Tenn.; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • ANDREW ROY ADDKINSON, Jackson; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN ADAMS ALDRIDGE, Estill; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • CHARLES CARL ALEXANDER, JR., Kosciusco; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES HENRY ALEXANDER, Houston; Business. • Second Row: LEILA MARGARET ALEXANDER, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM H. ALEXANDER, Bay Springs; Business. • KATE BRITTAIN ALFORD, Hazlehurst; Music; Kappa Delta. • CHARLES EDGAR ALLEN, Jackson; Business Delta Psi. • ELEANOR ZOE ALLEN, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • First Row: HOWARD QUINN ALLEN, Big Creek; Pharmacy. • JAMES PERRY ALLEN, Fayette; Engineering. • MINNIE MAE ALLEN, Fayette; Business; Delta Zeta. • RICHARD McNEIL ALLEN, Indianola; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • SAM ALMAN, Gulfport; Business; Kappa Alpha. • BRANNAN J. ANDERSON, Grenada; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WALLACE IRWIN ANDERSON, Crosby; Engineering. • CARL FERDINAND ANDRE ' , Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VICTOR H. APPLEWHITE, Bassfield; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: MAY STILES ARTZ, Centerville; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • W. CONWAY ARTZ, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GORDON SWINNEY ASHLEY, Levington; Business. • JOHN ALVIN ASHMORE, Pontotoc; Pharmacy. • VICTOR S. JR., Oxford; Engineer. ing. • WILLIAM HAMMOND ATKINS, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELISHA W. ATKINSON, Pickens; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • EUGENE W. ATKINSON, Carrollton; Busi- ness. • BRUCE GREEN AUSTIN, Tie Plant; Engineering. • Third Row: ROY GLENN AYLES, Oxford; Engineering • RUBY FRANCES BAGWELL, Oxford; Education. • GEORGE THOMAS BAILEY, Gulfport; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLIE EUGENE BAIRD, Water Valley; Liberal Arts. • HALL BALDRIDGE, Memphis; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • CLAUDE LAWRENCE BAI.LENTINE, JR., Columbus; Liberal Arts. • TEMPLE BARNARD, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES CHANDLER BARFOOT, JR., Philadelphia; Business; Phi Delta Theta, • FRANCES JOY BELL, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. Class . Lon Taylor, second semester Vice-President of the ASB, and Grey Flowers, first semester Vice- President of the ASB • First Row: MARY MI NNEOLA BELL, Bradenton, Florida; Engineering. • FRANK ANTHONY BELL I NA Meridian; Engineering. • JEAN WELLS BENOIST, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts. • JACK DAM PEER BERCH, Hazlehurst; Pharmacy. • I RVI NG M. BERNSTEI Memphis; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • Second Row: HOMER BEST, JR., Jackson; Business; Ka ppa Alpha. • JOHN BETH EA, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • GUY CAMERON BILLUPS, JR., Greenwood; Kappa Alpha. • EDWARD S. BI RCHETT, Yazoo City; Business; Kappa Alpha. • FLOYD E. BISHOP, Laurel; Business. • First Row: MAR ION FRANKLIN Shaw; Liberal Arts; N Kappa Alpha. • DAVID EMERY BLACK, Jennie, Arkansas; Liberal Arts. • LOU ISE BARRETT BLACKLIDGE Ell isville; Business. • JAMES ORION BLAN KENSH I P, West Point; Pharmacy. • ORION DEE BLANTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega. • JO ELINOR Parkin, Arkansas; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JAMES OLIVER BOLTZ, Wiggins; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOE FRANK BOND, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • WI LLIAM H. BOOLOS, Clarksdale; Business. • Second Row: MARTHA JANE BORING, Greenwood; Business; Chi Omega. • THOMAS NEVILLE BOSCHERT, Duncan; Liberal Arts. • JAMES OTHELL BOUNDS, Philadelphia; Business. • GRADY ODELL BOWDEN, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • BETTY NODA Hernando; Business; Chi Omega. • MARGARET ANN BOWEN, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BOBBY BENNETT BOWIE, Newport, Arkansas; Business; Sigma Chi. • EVERETTE WAYNE BOWIE, McCool, Miss.; Pharmacy. • MARTHA V. BOWMAN, Amory; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: JAMES ROBERT BRAN N I NG, Meridian; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JOE E. BRANUM, JR., Greenwood; Business. • PAUL NORRIS BRENT, Summit; Pharmacy. • LLOYD MILLER BRI D- GERS, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • VERNON H. BROOM, Columbia; Liberal Arts. • FRANK H. BOWER, Charleston; Engineering ; Kappa Sigma. • BETTY JEAN Lorman; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • CHARLES HENRY BROWN, Washington; Liberal Arts. • JASPER BARNES BROWN, JR., Carrollton; Business. The Freshman • First Row: JEAN STRATTON BRUECK, Forest; Business; Kappa Delta. • STANLEY BRUNT, McCool; Business. • LESLIE RAY BRYANT, Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • MAURICE WALKER BRYANT, Houlka• Engineering. • Second Row: ERNEST BERNARD BUEHLER, Ill, Greenville; Business, • EDWARD LYNCH BURNS, Coffeeville; Liberal Arts. • FREDERICK McREA BURNS, Coffeville• Liberal Arts. • BILL CLOWER BURNS, Rulevill e; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HELEN FLORENCE Meridian; Liberal Arts. • MILLARD MUNDELL BUSH, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • First Row: EDWARD JOSEPH BYRNE, Natchez; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HENRY FRANCIS BYRNE, Natchez; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES HOLT CADE, Lexington; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES NORRIS CALDWELL, Tupelo; Business; Sigma Chi. • PERRIN LOWRY CALDWELL, Senatobia• Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES ERVIN CALIFF, Dublin; Liberal Arts. • LEE LEMON CAMERON, Wiggins; Pharmacy. • CLYDE HENSON CAMP- BELL, Tracy City, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ROGER LEE CAMPBELL, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: WILLIAM HENRY CARNES, JR., Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DAVID WILLIAM CARR, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • CARLOTTE TERESA CARR, Whitfield; Pharmacy; Phi Mu. • BILLY CARROLL, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. • ALVA FRANKLIN CARTER, Woodville; Liberal Arts. • JOHN THOMAS CASE, Brookhaven; Pharmacy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JOHN ALVIN CASTILLOW, Leakesville; Liberal Arts. • ATWOOD DUNCAN CHALK, JR., Meri- dian; Liberal Arts. • DAVID CHARLES CHAPMAN, Oxford; Engineering. • Third Row: WILLIAM DURDEN CHATHAM, Shaw; Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES WHIT- TEN CHILDRESS, Ashland; Business. • HARRY CHILDRESS, Satartia; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • LAWRENCE JAMES CLARK, JR., Vicksburg; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY JOYCE CLAYTON, Meridian; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • AUBREY O ' NEAL CLEMENT, Pontotoc; Liberal Arts. • OLIVE ELIZABETH GLOWER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • BILLY TOMMY COLLUM, Golden; Liberal Arts. • JOHN BRADSON Meadville; Business. Class A. Smith, outstanding football player • First Row: MARION COOK, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • N. S. COOK, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • FRANK ROGERS COOPER, Columbus; Business; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT SIDNEY COOPER, Forest; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES RAY COPELAND, Laurel; Business. • Second Row: JACK COVERT, Meridian; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT FRANK COVERT, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BOBBY COVINGTON Louisville; Business. • GEORGE COVINGTON, Canton; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LILA LORAINE Jackson; Business. • Firsi Row: RAYMOND HYTOWER COX, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • WALTER PATRICK CROS- WELL, Philadelphia; Business, • JOEL IRA CULLUM, Caruthersville Mo.; Liberal Arts. • GEORGE LYN CULPEPPER, Silver Creek; Business. • JOHN BRITTAIN CUNNINGHAM, Tchula; Business; Delta Psi. • JOHN ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, Booneville, Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES C. DABNEY, Hernando; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon, • BILLY HIGHTOWER Houston; Busi- ness; Kappa Sigma. • WILLIAM M. DAVIS, Itta Bena; Business; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: JESSE BUTLER DAY, McComb; Liberal Arts. • THOMAS JEFFERSON DEAN Her- nando; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GORDON DeLASHMET, Moss Point; Business; Sigma Chi. • RAYMOND DIAZ, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Chi. • RICHARD PHILLIP DICKSON, Moss Point; Liberal Arts. • HEYWARD A. Pachuta• Business. • FREDERICK RODOLPH DINKINS, Leaksville; Liberal Arts. • JACK B. DONALDSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE AARON DOUGLASS, Ohio; Business. • Third Row: DEAN CARLTON DuBOIS, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOHN WILLIAM DULANEY, Tunica; Business; Delta Psi. • ELIZABETH HAZEL DUNCAN, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts, • DAVID WARE DUNN, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN MITCHELL DUNNAN, Beaumont; Liberal Arts. • SAMUEL D. WILSON DuVALL, Oxford; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT ARTHUR JACKSON DYER, JR., Greenwood; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • ARVAH EUGENE DYESS, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA WRAY EDWARDS, Memphis; Business, The Fres14man 5 • First Row: ROBERT CRAIG EFFINGER, JR., New York, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • ROBERT DONALD EHRHARDI, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE R. ELLIS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • LEWIS DANIEL ELLIS, Collins; Business. • WILLIAM MAYO ELLIS, Columbus; Education, • Second Row: PATRICIA LOU ELLISE, Greenwood: Education. • THELMA JEAN ELLSWORTH, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts. • CLEVLAND DENNY FAGGARD, JR., Kreole; Education. • JOHN RICHARD FARRELL, Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JOSEPH DAVID FARRIS, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts, • First Row: ROWLAND WILKINSON Bobo; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • PATRICIA ANN FERGERSON, Ripley, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WILLIAM MAURICE FERGUSON, Marks; Business. • FRED LEE FIELDER, JR., Greenville; Business. • TAULBERT JAMES FINCH, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • KEITH WILLIAMSON FINLEY, Tupelo; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • BURNEY MARSHAL L FOOKES, Tupelo; Business. • EARL FORD FORTENBERRY, Phar- macy; Louisville. • CECIL COLE FOX, Canton; Business; Delta Psi. • Second Row: DAN FOX, Louisville; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • THAD LEWIS FOWLER, Hattiesburg; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • PAUL ANDREW Philadelphia; Pharmacy. • BILLIE JEAN FRENCH, Byhalia; Business. • CHARLES ORVILLE FRIEDMAN, Jonestown; Business; Phi Epsilon Pi. • ALFRED DOUGLAS FRYMAN, Port Gibson; Education. • RAYMOND TOBIAS JR., Courtland; Pharmacy. • PHILLIP HORACE GALLOWAY, Clarksdale; Education. • WILLIAM FIELDS GALTNEY, Corinth; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • Third Row: FREDERICK GARDNER, Moorhead; Business. • LLOYD EDWIN GARY, Eupora; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM ATTERSON GARY, Terry; Liberal Arts. • JOHN ROBERT GASTON, Clarksdale; Education; Phi Delta Theta. • EDWIN DOUGLASS GEISLER, Corinth; Business. • HOYLE S. GENTY, Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha. • JEAN RODELLE GERARD, Bude; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • JOE IVY GILLESPIE, Columbia, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • WILLIAM MEEK JR., Charleston; Liberal Arts. Class . Bob Nichols, Matchbox King • First Row: JOHNNY M. GI RN ER, Sardis; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • EDWIN HORATIO GOULD, Okolona• Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOHN C. Friars Point; Business. • HOWARD RAY luka ; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • EVERETT OLAND GRAYSON, Quitman; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: ELMORE DOUGLAS GREAVES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • PEYTON COOK GREAVES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM AARDWEG GREEN, Jonestown; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES HEWITT GRIFFIN, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • VAN REED GRISHAM, Aberdeen; Pharmacy. • First Row: GEORGE H. GULLEY, JR., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BR I GUNN, Charleston; Education; Kappa Sigma. • LUNDY REED GUNN, Tutwiler; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • BETTY JANE HADAD, Vicksburg; Business. • HARRY KENDALL Fulton; Business. • REUBEN ALDRIDGE HALE, Greenwood; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE BENNETT HALL, Mt. Olive; Liberal Arts. • WI LLIAM THOMAS HAMILTON, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • DOROTHY EVELYN HAM M, Oxford; Business; Delta Delta Delta. • Second Row: VICTOR GARNET HAM MONS, Holcomb; Business. • JERRY ASKEW HANCOCK, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • MARY ROSE HANNA, Columbus; Business. • WILLIAM MALCOM HARDEE, Jackson; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • EARNEST LEE HARDIN, Macon; Business; Kappa Alpha. • HUDSON SPENCER HARGETT, Yazoo City; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES CAWOOD HARGIS, Oxford; Business. • LOUIS WAYNE HARMON, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH ELLIOTT HARPER, Moss Point; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • Third Row: EDWARD B. HARPOLE, Laurel; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES ROY HARRIS, Greenwood; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • CLAUDE HARDISON HARRISON, JR., Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HENRY LEE HARWELL, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • HARRIET GLENN HASKEW, Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • WILLIAM MADISON HASSON, Meridian; Business; Kappa Alpha. • SHI RLEY LOUISE Vicksburg; Liberal G Arts. • CAROLE EUGENIA HAWKINS, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma, • JOSEPH BENJI M I N HAWKINS, Raleigh; Liberal Arts; Beta Theta Pi. ove The Freshman • First Row: AVERY P. HAYNES, Greenwood; Liberal Arts. • JAMES CLAUDE Philadelphia; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • LOUIS CARTER HEIDELBERG, Gulfport; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRANCES LEIGHTON HEMETER, Hattiesburg; Education; Delta Delta Delta. • PATRICIA ALICE HENDON, Tunica; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Second Row: DAVID COSTON HENSON, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • HELEN Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • JACK WEST HENRY, Tuscaloosa; Business; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES BURKETT HERRIN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • ROBERT LOUIS HERRON, Cleveland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • First Row: CARVIN MONTGOMERY HILL, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • IRA JAMES HINTON, JR., New Augusta, Miss.; Pharmacy. • GEORGE WILDEN HOFFMAN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MERVIN EUGENE HOGG, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • WARREN DUDLEY HOGG, Oxford; Engineering. • RALPH LEON HOLLAND, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JAMES M. HOLLOWELL, Oxford; Business. • LLOYD SAXON HOOD, Biloxi; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • MILTON SPURGEON HOOPER, Kosciusko; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Second Row: JIMMY CLITON HOOPER, Greenwood; Business. • ROBERT ELTON HORNE, Gulf- port, Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WALKER HALE Oxford; Education. • ROSEMARY HOWARD, Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • WAYNE LUKAS Bran- don; Business; Kappa Alpha. • ALVA LAVERNE HOWE, East St. Louis, III.; Liberal Arts. • LAW- RENCE HERBERT HOWELL, Aberdeen; Business. • HAROLD LAMAR HUDSON, Laurel; Business. • DOROTHY HUNTER, Inverness; Delta Delta Delta. • Third Row: ARTHUR SEVETUS HUGGINS, Oxford; Business. • HERSHEL RUDELL HUGHEY, Blue Mountain; Engineering. • MARY ELIZABETH HULL, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • SHED HILL HUNGER, Winona; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LEROY ELMO IRVIN, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • TED J. IVEY, McComb; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • JOHN FENWICK JACKSON, Kosciusko; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • ALFRED KNOX Memphis; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • HUBERT AUSTIN Canton; Business. Class . • Mechanical Drawing Lab • First Row: JAMES ABNER JEFFREYS, Coffeeville; Business. • EULAS STAMPS JENKINS Winona; Liberal Arts. • ROLAND HAIRSTON JENKINS, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts. • JOHN WILLIAM JENNINGS, Tutwiler; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN JOBRON, Silver Creek; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: BRUCE MORELAND JOHNSON, Memphis; Liberal Arts. • JAMES DONALD JOHNSON, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOAN ALLOWAY JOHNSON, Brook- haven; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta. • JOHN A. JOHNSON, Oxford; Business. • KATHRYN JOHN- SO N, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • First Row: LURA COLLINS JOHNSON, Glen Allen; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • PEGGY RAMELLE JOHNSON, Maud; Liberal Arts. • WESLEY GREY Minter City; Business; Sigma Chi. • WILTON GEROME JOHNSON, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • HERMAN MITCHELL JOHNS- TON„ Itta Bena; Business; Sigma Chi. • JOHN EDWARD JOHNSTON, Shannon; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES HOWARD JONES, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • EDLEY H. JONES, JR., Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HARRY E. JONES, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: HENRY DOUGLAS JONES, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HENRY HARRISON JONES, Magee; Liberal Arts. • LEWIS A. JONES, Oakland; Business. • OSBORNE JONES, Magee; Business. • CHARLIE B. JORDON, Oxford; Business. • DAVID OLEN JOURDAN, JR., luka; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • EVELYN ERNESTINE JOURDAN luka ; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • JUSTINE EVELYNE Tchula• Liberal Arts. • ROBERT THOMAS KELL, Pascagoula; Business. GAove • Third Row: MAURICE CALDWELL KEMP, Winona; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • RICHARD EDWARD KENNEDY, Jackson; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD E. KIMBROUGH, Louisville; Business- Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • E. LAMAR KINZEY, Memphis; Business. • JAMES BILLY KING, Memphis Business. • RICHARD HARVEY KING, Greenville; Business. • TERESA MARIAM KING, Fayette Business; Delta Zeta. • ROLAND CLEVELAND KIRBY, Houston; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma • RANSOM BROWN KIRKLAND, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. Freshman • First Row: ALBERT SCHYTEN KIRST, Jackson; Business; Ka ppa Alpha. • WILLIAM LESLIE KNIGHT, Memphis; Engineering; Sigma Chi. • HERBERT A. KROEZE, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • JOYCE LOU ISE KUNOFSKY, Grace; Liberal Arts. • CLIFTON ALBERT LAMB, Business; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: SAMUEL HOPKINS LAM BDI N, JR., Natchez; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HAN RY ALLEN LEE, Stanford; Liberal Arts. • RICHARD A. Bude• Business. • BERTHA KATHRYN LEWIS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • GEORGE HARRY LEWIS, Chunky; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • First Row: JOHN WILLIAM LEWIS, Rosedale; Education; Kappa Sigma. • RUSSELL 0. LITCH- FIELD, Meridian; Liberal Arts. • TOM ROWLAND LONG, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • FRED JACOB LOTTERH OS, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ANNIE MAUD LOVELADY, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • EDWIN LOUIS LOWRY, Philadelphia; Business; Sigma Nu. • JOSEPH HUGH LUCKETT, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • RAY CHARLES LYLE, Tupelo; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • Second Row: MARY JANE MADDEN, Nashville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • FRANCES MI NETTE MAHONEY, Minter City; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • BRISON MANN, Double Springs; Education. • JACK RALPH MANN, Double Springs, Alabama; Business. • MARY JOHNSON MANSH I P, Baton Rouge, La.; Liberal Arts. • DOLLIE ABNER MARDIS, Fayette; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • JAMES RALPH MARKETTE, Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM BYRON MARLIN, Dorsey; Business. • BERTHA MIRIAM MARRON, Fayette; Business; Delta Zeta. • Third Row: EWELL BUTLER MARTIN, McComb; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • REXFORD BRYAN MARTIN, Calhoun City; Business. • SARA LEES MASON, Jonesboro, Ark.; Liberal Arts; Ka ppa Delta. • JOHN FRANKLIN MAUGH, Leland; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • ALBERT LLOYD MEENA, Clarksda le; Liberal Arts. • HAROLD WAITS MELVIN, Laurel; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • MARY EVELYN MICHAEL, Booneville; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Al pha. • VON MEEKS MICHAEL, Booneville; Liberal Arts. • CAROLYN I NEZ M IDDLECOFF, Somerville, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. Voting Scene • First Row: DAVID MILLER, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • HAROLD EDWARD MILLER, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • MALCOLM LOUIS MIL LER, Sunset, La.; Pharmacy. • JAMES CHRIS- TOPHER MITCHELL, Duck Hill; Liberal Arts. • HODGEN PARKE MONTAGUE, JR., Clinton; Engineering; Beta Theta Pi. • Second Row: EDWARD PARIS MOORE, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELIZA- BETH HULL MOORE, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • SARAH LESLIE MOORE, Wilming- ton, Dela.; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • THOMAS LEROY MOORE, Hattiesburg; Pharmacy. • IRA LAMAR MORGAN, Oxford: Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • First Row: WILLIAM OLIVER Jackson; Liberal Arts. • LEWIS BOND MORROW, Hernando; Business; Kappa Alpha. • DANIEL WILKINSON MORSE, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM OSWALD MOSS, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM DENNIS M UL- KINS, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • WILLIAM LAKE MULLETT, Quitman; Edu- cation; Sigma Nu. • GENEVIEVE HARRISON MULLICAN, Wesson; Pharmacy. • MARY CORNELIA MURPHREE, Shelby; Liberal Arts; Chi Omega. • ELLA CORNELIA McCALEB, Natchez; Business. • Second Row: JERRY CHALMERS McCALL, Oxford; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • EZELLE HUGH McCANN, Memphis; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES KENDRICK McCARLEY, Sanatorium; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT EMM IT McCLELLAN ; West Point; Business. • JAMES MARLIN McCORMACK, Fulton; Business; Kappa Sigma. • GLEN ED McCOY, Baltzer; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT GAINES McCOY, Belzoni; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • JAMES EDGAR McDONALD, West Point; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • MAC DUNCAN Mc- INN IS, Collins; Business; Sigma Chi. • Third Row: BOBBYE BURNS McINTYRE, Brandon; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • JOSEPH POWELL McKELL, Grenada; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • GEORGE STEPHEN McLAUGH LI Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • PAUL WI LSON McMULLAN, Jackson; Business; Kappa Alpha. • LILA JEAN McNEES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Delta Zeta. • ULMER LANAR McNEILL, Macon; Business. • LULA BELLE McWORTER, Oxford; Business. • MARILYN NASON, Belzoni; Education; Chi Omega. • MALCOLM SOUTER N ICHOLS, Rosedale; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. ove W The Freshman • First Row: ROBERT LEE NICHOLS, Columbus; Business; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM TIMOTHY NICHOLSON, Greenville; Business; Kappa Alpha. • LAWRENCE EVERMAN NOBLE Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JOHN DARRINGTON NOBLIN, Jackson; Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta. • ELEANORA NORSWORTHY, Waynesboro; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Second Row: JOSEPH JOHN NOSSER, Vicksburg; Business. • M. JOHN NOSSER, Vicksburg; Business. • NINA MAE Vicksburg; Business, • OLIVER MARVIN OATES, Bay Springs; Liberal Arts. • SALLY MALONE O ' NEIL, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • First Row: BOBBY J. OSWALT, Columbia; Education. • CHARLES EMRY Jackson; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM LEWIS PACE, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM BREWSTER PADDOCK, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 THOMAS JEFFERSON PARKER, Tupelo; Business. 0 WILLIAM DOZIER PARKER, Greenwood; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • JAMES EDWARD Jackson; Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha. • MAEDELLE CAMERON, PATTON, Meridian; Business; Phi Mu. • MARGARET CHARLENE PEAGLER, Laurel; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • Second Row: CLYDE LOFTON PEARSON, West Point; Pharmacy. • JAMES DENTON PEARSON, Louisville; Liberal Arts. • SILAS W. PEARSON, JR., Louisville; Liberal Arts. 0 THELMA ANN PEARSON, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • WALTER GRANT PEARSON, Laurel; Business. • WILLIAM RUSSELL PEDIGO, Leland; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi Epsilon. • JEAN WILBURN PEMBLE, Shelby; Business; Phi Mu. • WILLIAM SAMUEL PERKINS, Natchez; Business. • CLARENCE SHONNON PHELPS, Marks; Pharmacy. • Third Row: ALICE DEL ORES PITTMAN, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. 0 JOSEPH LYNN- FIELD PITTS, Clarksdale; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • FRANK ABNER POLK, Hattiesburg; Business; Sigma Chi. 0 FRANK SOUTER POWELL, Sarepta; Liberal Arts. 0 CAROLYN MARTIN PREWITT, Bolivar, Tenn.; Education; Kappa Delta. • RICHARD COLBERT PRICE, Osyka; Pharmacy. • ESTUS LOUIS PUCKETT, Magee; Business. Class . (,) Presentation of awards to Nife winners • First Row: HENRY BARTON PURSELL, Belzoni; Business. • GEORGE LITTLE QUINNELLY, Laurel; Business. • JOHN Z. ROCKLEY, Aberdeen; Business. • JOHN WILLIAM RAGLAND, Oxford; Business. 0 CHARLES STEPHENS RANKIN, JR., Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Second Row: PETER LEE RAPHEL, Greenville; Liberal Arts. • CHARLES EVERETTE RATCLIFF, Natchez; Business: Delta Psi. • VERNON LENOIR RAWLINGS, Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • HUGH EDWIN RAY, Corinth; Business; Kappa Sigma. • BASIL DEKALB RED, Ellisville• Business. • First Row: CHARLES WARD Greenville; Engineering; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • JOHN BEN- JAMINE REED, JR., Greenville; Engineering; Delta Kappa psilon. • ROBERT BERNARD REICHARD, West Memphis, Ark.; Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • PATRICIA WARE REILLY, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • CHARLES FOSTER RIDDELL, Canton; Business; Delta Psi. • JEFF W. RISH, JR., Houston; Liberal Arts; Alpha Tau Omega. • GEORGE PURSER RITCHEY, JR., Indianola; Business; Delta Psi. • GUY HATHORN ROBINSON, Corinth; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • RICHARD ALLEN ROBINSON, Memphis; Liberal Arts. • Second Row: EMMETT BITTERMAN ROGERS, Vicksburg; Business; Sigma Nu. • IVAN PATTERSON ROSAMOND, Canton; Education. • CHARLES EDWARD ROWAN, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • ERWIN E. RUSSELL, JR., Booneville; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES J. RUTH, Lambert; Business. • GEORGE MARION RYAN, Bay Springs; Liberal Arts. • BENFORD LESTER SAMUELS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES DONALD SANDERS, Memphis; Engineering. • WILLIAM SMITH SARTOR, Hamilton; Business. • Third Row: ELIZABETH ANN SATTERFIELD, Canton; Liberal Arts. • NORMAN CALDWELL SCAIFE, Dundee; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • LEE JOSEPH SCANLON, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES DAVID SCRUGGS, Biloxi; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • JANE WALKER SCRUGGS, Doddsville; Education; Chi Omega. • WILLIAM FRANKLIN SELPH, Laurel; Liberal Arts. • MILTON MARION SHACKELFORD, Columbia; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JOHN SHAM- BURGER, Meridian; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JUNE NAILOR Vicksburg; Liberal Aris; Zeta Tau Alpha. The Freshman • First Row: NORMAN EDWARD SHAW, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • LESTER ADAM Greenwood; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • BILLY BRYAN SHIRLEY, Quitman; Business; Sigma Chi. • MARCUS LEON SHOOK, Belmont; Business. • MARY ALICE SHOUDS, Gulfport; Business; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • SAM SKIDMORE SIMMONS, Yazoo City; Business; Beta Theta Pi. JASPER DENTON SIMS, Charleston; Engineering; Sigma Nu. • JAMES BUCKINGHAM SKEWS, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma. • BOYCE MRUFF SKINNER, Tupelo; Business. • WILLIAM EDWARD SKINNER, Nesbitt; Business; Delta Kappa Epsilon. A • First Row: CHARLES EDWARD SLATER, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT EUGENE SLATER, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • BETTY JANE SLAUGHTER, Meridian; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • ROBERT THOMAS SLOAN, Abbeville; Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha. • GEORGE KIRBY SMITH, Hazlehurst; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Psi. • KIRBY SMITH, JR., Batesville, Ark.; Pharmacy; Sigma Nu. • WILLIAM EARL SMITH, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • HOWARD S. SMITHSON, Goodman; Liberal Arts. • JOHN SOUZA, Fall River; Business. • Second Row: KEARNEY DURWARD SPEARS, Oxford; Engineering. • WAYNE FRANKLIN SPELL, Georgetown; Engineering. • COY CRAFTON STACEY, Paducah, Ky; Business. • CURTIS CLYDE STACEY, Water Valley; Business; Phi Delta Theta. • JANE EVELYN STAFFORD, Holly Springs; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • CHARLES OLIVER STANBACK, Byhalia; Business. • JOHNNIE DAITON STANLEY, Dorsey; Business. • HARVEY SAMUEL STANLEY, Greenville; Business; Kappa Alpha. J. C. STEELE, Fulton; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: JAMES TYSON STEEL, Shuqualak; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • ROBY LEE STE- GALL, Forest; Liberal Arts. • BILLY WEBSTER STEPHENS, Oxford; Business. • FORREST MILNER STEVENS, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha. • PIECRE ALLEN STEVENS, Anguilla; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. • 0. WALTON STEWART, Collins; Pharmacy; Sigma Chi. • HARRY JOHN STEWART, JR., Oxford; Business; Phi Kappa Psi. • WILLIAM DAVID STINSON, Memphis; Liberal Arts; Delta Psi. • HAROLD LANGSTON STONE, Gulfport; Business. Class Classroom shot • First Row: RICHARD EUGENE STONE, Okolona; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ALFRED EUGENE STRICKLAND, Ellisville; Business; Beta Theta Pi. • WILLI FRANKLIN STRINGER; Sumvall; Business. 0 CECIL SUMNERS, Belmont; Liberal Arts. • MARTHA WATSON SUMNERS, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta. • Second Row: DAN GRAY SUTHERLAND, Hattiesburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • WILLIAM D. SWAIN, Pascagoula; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 HAROLD EDWARD SYLVEST, Natchez; Phar- macy. • DOUGASS NEWELL TANNER, Lucedale; Liberal Arts. • CLARENCE V. TAYLOR, Como; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • First Row: HARRY THOMAS TAYLOR, Sylacauga, Ala.; Education. • JAMES EDWARD TAYLOR, Jackson; Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES HARLE TAYLOR, Memphis, Tenn ; Education; Phi Kappa Psi. • RICHARD ROBERT TEMPLE, Lexington; Liberal Arts. • HAROLD STANLEY THAMES, Jackson; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILLIAM BENEDICT THEISMAN, JR., Grenada; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WILLIE MERLE THIGPEN, Bay Springs; Business. • JOHN DAVID THOMAS, Quitman; Liberal Arts. • LEE GEORGE THOMAS, Vicksburg; Business. • Second Row: MARY EVELYN THOMAS, Marigold; Liberal Arts. • WILLIAM HARRIS THOMAS, Clarksdale; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • NATALIE THOMPSON, Liberal Arts; Gulfport; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • ROBERT CUNNINGHAM THOMPSON, Rolling Fork; Business. • GEORGE YOUNG TIERCE, Sunflower; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • WANDA AGATHA TINSLEY, Meridian; Business. • GRAHAM DAVID TOLER , Vicksburg; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi Epsilon. • WILLIAM JACKSON TOLER, Inverness; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT FILMORE TOMPKINS, Memphis, Tenn.; Business; Pi Kappa Alpl.a. • Third Row: JEANNE THACHER TOUCHSTONE, Meridian; Business. • FRANK WARREN TOWER, Hingham, Mass.; Liberal Arts. 0 ROBLRT BURWELL Grenada; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES TRIBBLE, Sledge; Business. • ROBERT WILSON TRIBLE, Sledge; Business. • HOW- ARD H. TRIPLETT, JR., Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ELIZABETH ANN TURLEY, Coldwater; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • SIMON LESLIE TURNER, Money; Business. • WILLIAM RILEY TYLER, Laurel; Business. The Freshman • First Row: JAMES KELLY UNGER, JR., West Point; Liberal Arts. • JOSEPH PAUL UPTON, Tenn.; Pharmacy. • ROBERT GEORGE VANDER-BOUGH, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • GEORGE HUDDLESTON VAN ZANT, Jackson; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • HENRY ROGERS VARNER, Pace; Business; Kappa Sigma. • Second Row: CHARLES VERNON, JR., Brookhaven; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • ROBERT EARL VEST, JR., McComb; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. • BILLEANN VINE, Centerville; Business. • LOUIS LEE VISE, Lucedale; Business. 0 JAMES VANCE WAGGONER, Gulfport; Liberal Arts; Delta Kappa Epsilon. • First Row: FRED HADEN WALKER, Gulfport; Business. • TIMOTHY LOCKE WALKER, Leland; Business. • JOHN RILEY WALLS, Houlka; Liberal Arts. • GERALD HENRY WALTERS, Crenshaw; Business. • CHARLES EDWARD WARD, Tunica; Business. • ODITH EARL Stonewall; Engineering. • JACK WILLIAM WATSON, Louisville; Business. • JOE WATTS, Columbia; Business. • F. WEATHERS, West Point; Education. • Second Row: THOMAS PERRY WEBB, Eupora; Liberal Arts. • HERMAN DEXTER WEBSTER, Oxford; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY WEEKS, Oxford; Business. • JOHN JOSEPH WEST, Sardis; Business; Kappa Alpha. 0 JOE HENRY WHEELER, Starling; Business; Delta Psi. • CHARLES LEROY WHITMAN, Natchez; Business. • CHARLES LEROY WHITE, Huggins; Business. • LOUISE WHITE, Oxford; Business. • RAYMOND VERNON WHITE, Whitehaven, Tenn.; Business. • Third Row: JOHN BAILY WILKINSON, Tenn.; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PETER KROHN WILLEMOES, Wiggins; Business; Kappa Sigma. • CECIL RAYMOND WILLIAMS, Aberdeen; Liberal Arts. • CLYDE EUGENE WILLIAMS, Byhalia; Business; Sigma Chi. • GRANVILLE H. WILLIAMS, Bay St. Louis; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JAMES DAVID WILLIAMS, Lexington; Liberal Arts. • JAMES EDWARD WILLIAMS, Waterford; Business. • JANIE LOU WILLIAMS, Philadelphia; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • JOHN HOWARD WILLIAMS, Laurel; Pharmacy. Class . • Exam-Eve group in library • First Row: WAYNE CLAUDE WILLIAMS, Greenwood; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • SIMON PETER WILSON Wiggins; Liberal Arts; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WANDA ROSE WILSON, Quitman; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • HIN LUCK WINGO, Jonestown; Engineering. • LOUIS EDWARD WINN, Laurel; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • Second Row: CECIL KENNETH WOODRUFF, Sunflower; Business. • ALBERT HAINES WOOLLETT, Oxford; Liberal Art:— • HARRY HARDEN WORK, New Albany; Business; Pi Kappa Alpha. • BAR- BARA FRANCES WORTHINGTON, Greenville; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu. • ALVIN ROY WRIGHT, Jackson; Business; Kappa Sigma. • First Row: JUNIOR DEE WRIGHT, Fulton; Education. • JOHN ALEXANDER WROTEN, Green- ville; Business; Kappa Sigma. • JESSY LEE YANCY, Bruce; Business. • Second Row: GEORGE WILLIAM YATES, Mt. Olive; Liberal Arts; Sigma Chi. • HOWARD H I DEE YAWN, Fulton; Business; Kappa Sigma. • ROBERT LEE YOUNG, Oxford; Liberal Arts. • Third Row: WALTER H. YOUNGER, Memphis, Tenn.; Liberal Arts. • MARGARET LAVERNE ZDERAD, Memphis, Tenn ; Liberal Arts; Delta Gamma. • LOUIS SEBASTIAN ZEHNDER, Hatties- burg; Liberal Arts; Phi Delta Theta. Kappa Sig Christmas Party • .,- • ... ! 1 , . • e ' • . 7 " ' 1 , 4 ' 1 . ' ! ' 4 ' - 2 „ j , •■•,, I.,. 41 ..-,:, " ;P ' .,:t: :::t. ::r ' t:::!-: .:y - ., ' • . ' - .,. i -I ,,,- • : ' , t. ----s,-.. ' 41 ' ).11-t- -- ' ' . 41 ; " i -• • • t .... .,,... . , i N.. ' ' ' ' - • .h4 t . I r ' • N-:. , ' ' 1 i , - - I s-; r ■ MISS UILE MISS YGONDINE WALKER A N COLONEL REBEL RAY POOLE YGIMIDINE WALIiEII ' Dead 11 T r e ecIS .qeT1 , ovre by lio06148:C° " . Vee.0 Seolec G10.01-°,t c° eS Iette rt0.9 -toye,kveNti . e t 36‘0.- A y,.11,v A -.‘IT .011.u- e s OW- 1, ti $5 D " " itc-s-,9.33-99kalye S ' 0 be 11 Nt4 te 60 ' 5 ki.11. cal ' o.eleelt k, - re . yetIVI a TILajce” tIve n:osiisoe ° te ari 3 Sa-c8-se teeS1 t °NO %Ao • .toe.S of 19 krr• ••• Tilts ES IT ' S A ' a rr —Cr " - 71-15 1947 ot-E WiTh MV VE-g.y CANIFf ' Ve2Fz tg --- II IS JOHNS ----• Jane Allston I I $ Betty Braun Pat Burrow EMILY 11USSELL Hut day Mary Margaret Green Helen Henry PENNY HARDAWAY Pat Lit Mary Liddell But Niamey -4111° " - ' 41 " - -41°- . " 41. ' CHARLOTTE SANSEIN 4 -0 Peggy Plotlesta V Earollyn Prewitt Jane lingers -4ew MARJEAN WOODWARD -- Sara Simmons Florence Shofner Mollie Sparr Huai° Spivey WE LIKE ' EM Ruselyn Threakill Frieda VaMins ...NOT 3AD HUH? Margaret Vance Janie Williams 5 he highest honor that can be bestowed upon an Ole Miss student is nomination to the Hall of Fame. It is sponsored by the Mississippian, campus newspaper, on a basis entirely free from bias or politics. Membership in the Hall of Fame is based on character, scholarship, constructive leadership, and contribution to the betterment of the University of Mississippi. A primary committee of eight students and eight faculty members choose, by secret ballot, a nominating committee of twenty-five students, who, in turn, made their selections by secret ballot. The names of this nominating committee remain unidentified Seven students were nominated to the 1947 Hall of Fame—James Barnett, President of ASB; Ann Bogard, President of WSGA; Bob Bonds, President of the YMCA; Tom Bourdeaux, Editor of the Mississippian; Walter Bullock, Editor of the OLE MISS; Everette Harper, Presi- dent of the M Club; Ray Poole, outstanding football and basketball star. In addition to the current activity listed beside each name above, the nominees have ex- celled, as required by the points upon which the nomi- nations are based, in many and varied fields of student achievement. JAMES BARNETT ANN BOGARD ROBERT A. BONDS THOMAS BOUDREAUX WALTER E. BULLOCK EVERETT HARPER RAY POOLE 184 !1A 185 A.S.B. DANCE First Row: Walter Earl Bullock, M. Davidson, L. Demilio, John Frasier, Lundy Gunn, Hugh Moore, Bob Mullett. Second Row: Lillian Prewitt, Robert Pickens, John Price, S. Sims, Jack Taylor, 0. B. Walton, Jr. The Dance Committee of the Ole Miss campus has the responsibility of sponsoring all student body dances. There is an Executive Committee of three students which has charge of student body dances. This committee in turn appoints a floor committee and other necessary committees. M OFFICERS HUGH MOORE Chairman JOHN FRAZIER Chairman Floor Committee GEORGE STREET Financial Chairman LILLIAN Social Chairman MEMBERS WALTER BULLOCK Kappa Alpha LOUIS DEMILIO Pi Kappa Alpha MAURICE DAVIDSON Delta Kappa Epsilon LUNDY GUNN Phi Kappa Psi BOB MULLETT Sigma Nu BOYD PICKENS Kappa Sigma JOHN PRICE Independent SHIELDS SIMMS Alpha Tau Omega JACK TAYLOR Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0. B. WALTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon EMMETT WILSON Alpha Tau Omega ?1� �v � ' � ' �-l- YOU CAN ' T TAKE IT WITH YOU By George Kaufmann and Moss Hari Cast of Characters Penny Varderhof Sycamore Eleanor Allen Essie Sycamore Carmichael Jackie Bowen Rheba f lelena Magruder Paul Sycamore Lauch Magruder Mr. DePinna Robert Covens Ed Carmichael Lamarr Pier:on Donald Mays Hunter Grandpa Vanderhof Zell Skinner Alice Sycamore Claire Wells Mr. Henderson Ted Ford Tony Kerby John Countiss Mr. Kolenkhov William Akins Gay Wellington Betty Claire Lambert Mrs. Kerby Joann Gunn Mr. Kerby Howard McCrory First Man Andrew Sullivan Second Man Joe Farris Third Man Mike Prassinos Olga Dorothy Hogan ANGEL STREET By Patrick Hamilton Cast of Characters Mr. Manningham Patrick Hogan Mrs. Manningham Dorothy Hogan Nancy Catherine Owens Elizabeth Lydy Beth Becker Sergeant Rough Gene Roper A well pleased audience marked each of the two major productions and the short One Act Plays put on by the Department of Speech. The University Players are under the direction of Dr. Charles M. Getchell who designed and staged the pro- ductions. Gene Roper received deserved praise for his interpretation of Sergeant Rough in " Angel Street " ; while Eleanor Allen presented an outstanding portrayal of Penny Sycamore in " You Can ' t Take It With You. " 5 " BUDDING BARRISTERS TAKE TIME OUT FOR RECREATION ' " A TALL TALE A LA KINGEISH " " PRESENTATION • t : 4 " PUNY PREPS THE SHYSTERS FOR THE ' MURDER ' 141e .q F :` ' � a " THE WINNERS " " NOT EXACTLY THE ROCKETTES, BUT- " itUSH WEEK WITH THE NU-KEGS " , v ‘1 " . ' ■ ir.C1 i6‘ ' r ' ti3 CK First Row: May Stiles Artz, Billie Barfoot, Martha Jane Boring, Margaret Bourgeois, Betty Bowdre, Margaret Ann Bowen, Lucy Lee Boyle, Catherine Burdette, Ethel Bur- dette, Patricia Burrow. Second Row: Jean Scott Burt, Constance Chatham, Betty Creekmore, Alice Critz, Dorothy Lee Crum, Ola- maie Curtiss, Jane Dalrymple, Kathleen Fulgum, Charlotte Gee, Emmagene Hardy. Third Row: Genie Hardy, Ann Selby Hopkins, Jonnie [aye Horne, Katherine Denver Jenkins, Doris Johns, Lura Collins Johnson, Bee Johnson, Sally Junkins, Bet ty Claire Lambert, Mary Linfield. Fourth Row: Frances Minette Mahoney, Dunbar Merril, Nena Murphee, Jane Brown McCarty, Bettye Jane Mc- Gehee, Mary Allen McWiiliam, Marilyn Nason, Bobbie Nelson, Dorothy Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts. Fifth Row: Jane Ross, Martha Ann Rowan, Margaret Eleanor Rust, Charlotte Sanson, Sarah Scribner, Jane Walker Scruggs, Mariada Simmons, Louise Simpson, Juliane Smith, Janie Gay Steele. Sixth Row: Roselyn Threadgill, Suzette Townsend, Bar- bola Jean Trapp, Margaret Vance, Mary Elizabeth Wade, Jusiina Walker, Jane Walker, Ygondine Walker, Patlye Sue Williams, Ellen Williamson. 202 FOR THE RECORD . . . back in the days of Gaines- borough Hats and gaslight, a couple of fellows wrote a ritual so that their goony girl friends could belong to a sorority ... Chi Omega was the result ... they sing unintelligible songs about a Tawny Grey Owl ... Ygondine (you pronounce it) holds the gavel and wears the Miss Ole Miss crown ... their flower, the Carnation, has no relation to the trade-mark of the sponsor of " The Contented Hour. " ... OFFICERS: Ygondine Walker, President, Marks; Kathleen Fulghum, Vice- President. Pensacola, Fla.; Lela Douglass, Secretary, Oxford; Suzette Townsend, Treasurer, Rich. MEMBERS: Betty Bowen, Senatobia; Lucy Boyles, Clarksdale; Billie Barfoot, Philadelphia; Pat Burrow, Memphis; Ethel Burdette, Jackson; Catherine Burdette, Jackson; Margaret Bourgeois, Jackson; Dorothy Lee Crum, Jackson; Connie Chatham, Greenville; Lela Douglass, Oxford; Kathleen Fulghum, Pensacola, Fla.; Olamaie Curtis, Jackson, Tenn.; Charlotte Gee, Carrollton; Genie Steele Hardy, Columbus; Barbara Henshaw, Yazoo City; Johnnie Home, Amory; Denver Jenkins, Natchez; Sally Junkin, Natchez; Bee Johnson, Lexington; Betty Claire Lambert, Charleston; Mary Barret Linfield, Gulfport; Tony Kellogg, Natchez; Dunbar Merril, Natchez; Jane Brown McCarty, Jackson; Bettye McGhee, Natchez; Bobbie Nelson, Clarksdale; Martha Anne Rowan, Sanatorium; Margaret Rust, Clarksdale; Jane Elizabeth Ross, Jackson; Mary Elizabeth Roberts, Greenwood; Dorothy Roberts, New Albany; Charlotte Sansom, Okolona; Mariada Simmons, Jackson; Juliane Smith, Greenville; Janie Gay Steele, Clarksdale; Roselyn Threadgill, Greenwood; Suzette Townsend, Rich; Mary Eliza- beth Wade, Greenwood; Jane Walker, Magee; Ygondine Walker, Marks; Pattie Sue Williams, Clarksdale; Margaret Vance, Batesville . . . PLEDGES: May Stiles Artz, Centerville; Betty Bowdre, Hernando; Margot Ann Bowen, Tupelo; Jane Boring, Greenwood; Jean Scott Burt, Memphis; Betty Creekmore, Jackson; Alice Critz, Greenwood; Jane Dal- rymple, Amory; Emmogene Hardy, Columbus; Ann Hopkins, Gulfport; Doris Johns, Jackson; Peggy Mahoney, Minter City; Mary McWilliams, Gulfport; Marilyn Nason, Belzoni; Sally Scribner, Amory; Louise Simpson, Jackson; Jane Walker Scruggs, Greenwood; Barbara Trapp, Tupelo; Ellen Williamson, Greenwood; Tina Walker, Columbia; Lura Johnson, Glen Allen; Nena Murphee, Shelby. TAWNY GREY OWL Tawny grey owl, cardinal and straw, Tiny gold pin set with pearls, Whispering a call, Memories of Tau, Dear to the dearest of girls. Carnation white, a call thru the night Brings back those bright sunny days Eternity, Fraternity, Chi Omega always. Founded April 5, 1895. Ole Miss Tau Chapter in 1899. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. Song: Tawny Grey Owl. 203 [En DELTA First Row: Mary Stewart Andrews, Lydia Beth Becker, Sally Leigh Becker, Leal Booth, Mary Ann Brandon, Ruth W. Brown, Gayle Ruth Carlisle, Mary Joyce Clayton, Julia Conn. Second Row: Camille Covington, Pud Covington, Doro- thy Day, Annie Maude Eason, Patricia Ford, Billie Ruth Fox, Ann Marie Gibbes, Penny Hardaway, Emmaline Hardy, Dorothy E. Hamm. Third Row: Nancy Harton, Katherine Hazard, Edithe Elizabeth Hemeter, Frances Hemeter, Helen Henry, Cherry Hodges, Dorothy Hunter, Annelle Johnston, Kathryn Johnson, Ellen Kirby-Smith. Fourth Row: Jeanne Patricia Koffman, Bertha Lewis, Jean Marie Lewis, Betty Marion Long, Cornelia Mother- shed, Sara Jane Myers, Bonnie Sue McCain, Frances McDonnell, Patty Sue McKay, Mary Virginia Nichols. Fifth Row: Sarah Oden, Sally Malone O ' Neil, Margaret Anne Ramsey, Mary Ann Rivers, Virginia Roseborough, Margaret Ross, Emily Russell, Beverly Browne Scott, Betty Jane Slaughter, Ruth Miller Spivey. Sixth Row: Marie Anne Spivey, Martha Watson Summers, Mildred Taylor, Frances Terry, Mary Frances Thompson, Elsie Varner, Sitty Webster, Ann Fairly Wilson, Donna Wiygul. FOR TIIIE RECORD . . sharted by some darnyankee in Boston in 1888 . • . Dot Day has a gavel, a table, and one of the largest male followings ... so she ' s president- ... colors are blue, silver, and gold . . . after a date with one of them you understand the meaning of the combination . . . Myers steps in when Day steps out ... Hazard pinches the pennies . . the mere mention of Chi Omega brings tears to their eyes. OFFICERS: Dorothy Day, President, Inverness; Sara Jane Myers, Vi ce-President, Hattiesburg; Camille Cov- ington, Secretary, Canton; Katherine Hazard, Treasurer, Columbus. MEMBERS: Mary Stewart Andrews, Greenville; Elizabeth Becker, Brookhaven; Lela Booth, Tupelo; Mary Anne Brandon, Natchez; Ruth Brown, Water Valley; Camille Covington, Canton; Pauline Covington, Memphis, Tenn.; Dorothy Day, Inverness; Patricia Ford, Hattiesburg; Penny Hardaway, Mariana, Ark.; Nancy Harton, Tullahoma, Tenn.; Katherine Hazard, Columbus; Betty Hemeter, Hatties- burg; Cherry Hodges, Meridian; Annelle Johnston, Madison; Ellen Kirby-Smith, Sewanee, Tenn.; Jeanne Koffman, Vicks- burg; Betty Long, Tupelo; Bonnie Sue McCain, Okolona; Cornelia Mothershed, Crenshaw; Louise Murray, Oxford; Hope Myers, Oxford; Sara Jane Myers, Hattiesburg; Mary Virginia Nichols, Canton; Mary Ann Rivers, Meridian; Virginia Roseborough, Senatobia; Margaret Ross, Greenville; Emily Russell, Jackson; Marie Anne Spivey, Canton; Ruthie Spivey, Canton; Mildred Taylor, Como; Frances Terry, Jackson, Tenn.; Mary Frances Thompson, Laurel; Margie Webster, Oxford; Anne Fairly Wilson, Hazelhurst. PLEDGES: Sally Becker, Brookhaven; Gayle Carlisle, Tupelo; Mary Joyce Clayton, Meridian; Julia Faye Conn, Hattiesburg; Ann Duke, Meridian; Annie Maude Eason, Tupelo; Billie Ruth Fox, Canton; Ann Gibbes, Laurel; Dot Hamm, University; Emmaline Hardy, Columbus; Frances Hemeter, Hattiesburg; Helen Henry, Vicksburg; Dot Hunter, Inverness; Katherine Johnson, Hattiesburg; Kathryn Lewis, Hattiesburg; Jean Lewis, Laurel; Frances McDonnell, Okolona; Patty McKay, Louisville; Sarah Oden, Laurel; Sally O ' Neil, Meridian; Cyn- thia Ruffin, Hattiesburg; Beverly Scott, Senatobia; Betty Jane Slaughter, Meridian; Martha Watson Summers, Oxford; Elise Varner, Senatobia; Donna Wiygul, Hernando. THERE IS MEANING IN THE COLORS there is meaning in the colors, That dims the warmth of others. There are symbols like the pine trees, That always guard the pearls three. There ' s the pansy and the crescent And bright stars effervescent, But more than the pansy, the pearl and the pine, Is the Tri Delta friendship in our hearts enshrined And I know that we ' ll not sever The thought that makes us ever All be as one, life ' s just begun, In Tri Delta. Founded Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 Ole Miss Chi Chapter in 1926 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Flower: Pansy Song: There is Meaning in the Colors 205 ll 1 ' A First Row: Lula Margaret Alexander, Sarah Jane Ay- Fourth Row: Bettie McCormick, Maedelle Patton, cock, Sophianne Barner, Catherine Lucille Bevinger, Lillian Charlene Peagler, Lois Ann Pegrim, Jean Pemble, Georgi- Blanks, Jane Bozeman, Elizabeth Buehler, Louise Buntin. anne Pitchford, Alice Dolores Pittman, Ruth Hardy Ridgway. Second Row: Carlotta Carr, Gladys Cunningham, Mary Earle Davis, Elizabeth Janet Dorsey, Martha Sue Draper, Charlotte Ann Eddins, Barbara Elizabeth Fly. Fifth Row: Virginia Saucier, Annette Scruggs, Elizabeth Smith, Novalee Smith, Jane Stafford, Frances Stuart, Mary Elizabeth Trevilion. Third Row: Tommie Hearn, Mildred Carolyn Jones, lone Sixth Row: Elizabeth Ann Turley, Doris Tyson, Kathryn Lauderdale, Cecilia Lewis, Mary Liddell, Mary Jane Claire Wells, Jeanne Wheeler, Carolyn White, Barbara Madden, Sue Maxwell, Marjorie Milan. Frances Worthington, Martha Wren, Dorothy Wright. 206 FOR THE RECORD . . . joined the National League at Wesleyan College in Gawja in 1852 . , . Signed up in our league in 1924 . . . Aycock is the lead-off gal . . . Stuart pinch hits when Aycock is out ... Liddell is the clean-up gal in money matters . claim to be the oldest of all female Greeks . . . all " just love " roses (and men) and white carnations (and men) . . . moan a song about some tomato worth waiting for " . . . for she ' s a real Phi Mu • .. " OFFICERS: Sarah Aycock, President, Rayville, La.; Frances Stuart, Vice- President, Jackson; Elizabeth Trevilion, Secretary, Marks; Mary Liddell, Treasurer, Learned; Martha Sue Draper, Re- porter, Jackson. MEMBERS: Sarah Aycock, Rayville, La.; Sopianne Barner, Ruleville; Lillian Blanks, Meridian; Elizabeth Ann Buehler, Greenville; Louise Buntin, West Memphis, Ark.; Gladys Cunningham, Summit; Elizabeth Dorsey, New Albany; Martha Sue Draper, Jackson; Tommie Hearn, Laurel; Mildred Jones, Swifton, Ark.; Peggy Knott, Durant; lone Lauderdale, Hernando; Cecelia Lewis, Sartartia; Mary Liddell, Learned; Georgianna Pitchford, Greenwood; Ruth Ridgeway, Memphis, Tenn.; Faye Saucier, Biloxi; Novalee Smith, Raleigh; Frances Stuart, Jackson; Elizabeth Trevillion, Marks; Doris Tyson, Holly Springs; Claire Wells, Jackson; Charlotte Eddins, Rayville, La.; Mildred Jones, Swifton, Ark.; Angie Vallatos, Oxford. PLEDGES: Leila Alexander, Greenville; Kitty Lu Bevinger, Memphis, Tenn.; Jane Bozeman, Meridian; Bess Buchanan, Jackson; Carlotta Carr, Whitfie d; Mary Earle Davis, Clarksdale; Barbara Fly, Water Valley; Nell Greenwood; Mary Jane Madden, Nashville, Tenn.; Sue Maxwell, Magee, Ark.; Betty Jane McCormick, Greenwood; Marjorie Milam, Greenwood; Maedelle Patton, Meridian; Charlene Laurel; Lois Ann Pegrim, Memphis, Tenn.; Jean Pemble, Shelby; Delores Pittman, Hattiesburg; Theresa Poythress, Laurel; Annette Scruggs, Dundee; Elizabeth Smith, Raleigh, Tenn.; Jane Stafford, Springs; Ann Turley, Coldwater; Frieda Vallatos, Oxford; Jeanne Wheeler, Hernando; Carolyn White, Holly Springs; Barbara Worthington, Greenville; Martha Wren, Dodds- villa; Dorothy Wright, Rolling Fork. SWEETHEART SONG Somewhere in the world she is waiting, Someday you will find her there She ' s the girl you will love forever, There ' s none other quite so fair Her eyes are like the stars above, Her hair like a moonlight night She wears ever loyal the heart and hand, And her colors the rose and white Her loveliness is beyond compare, Her heart she has kept for you The girl of your dreams Is simply divine For you ' re loving a real Phi Mu. Founded March 4, 1852 Ole Miss Alpha Delta Chapter in 1926 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Song: Sweetheart Song 207 UPPa First Row: Kate Britton Alford, Edna Juanita Avent, Margaret Ralston Banning, Patsy Gloria Billingsley, Ann Bogard, Jo Elinor Bogard, Betty Hazel Braun. Second Row: Jean Straton Brueck, Dot Ma e Champion, Jerre Colden, Charmain Crum, Julie Peyton Davis, Char- lotte Moore Downs, Eleanor Edwards, Wilmoth Fitzgerald Fant. Third Row: Patricia Ann Ferguson, Joan Gillespie, Mary Margaret Green, Rosemary Howard, Rosemary Irby, Joan Johnson, Mary Talmage Jordan. Fourth Row: Mary F. Kinton, Eleanor Henson Knee, Rose Dawn Littlepage, Jean Elise Lott Lucie Magee, Sara Lees Anne McAlpine. Fifth Row: Mary Cooper Nave, Sydney Casteel O ' Cain, Catherine Miller Owens, Carolyn Martin Prewitt, Lillian Prewitt, Martha Adele Rawls, Pansy Lynn Reid, Betty Joyce Rives. Sixth Row: Alicia Morrow Rollins, Rosemary Rollins, IdaneIle Stone, Elizabeth Peacock Sturdivant, Margaret Elinor Walters, Jeanne Woods, Marjean Woodward. FOR THE RECORD ... had its beginning somewhere in these United States back in 1897 . . . slid into the Ole Miss sorority picture some foray semesters ago . it you press the subject (or if you don ' t) Ann Bogard will admit that she runs the show (. . . also made the Hall of Fame) . . . with Banning helping out every once in a very great while ... Littlepage takes down the chatter . . . Prewitt keeps the wolf from the door ... they wear green and white and show a definite preference for white roses. OFFICERS: Ann Bogard, President, Parkin, Ark.; Margaret Banning, Vice-President, Brookhaven; Dawn Littlepage, Secretary, Hattiesburg; Lillian Prewitt, Treasurer, Boliver, Tenn.; Ann Frank McAlpine, Assistant Treasurer, Stringer; Catherine Owens, Editor, Clarks- dale. MEMBERS: Juanita Avant, Oxford; Patsy Billingsley, Memphis, Tenn.; Betty Braun, Biloxi; Dorothy Champion, Greenville; Jerre Coldren, Parkin, Ark.; Charmain Crum, Oak Park, Ill.; Julie Davis, Port Gibson; Charlotte Downs, Booneville; Eleanor Edwards, Canton; Wilma Fant, Memphis, Tenn.; Evelyn Finch, Booneville; Mary Margaret Green, Grenada; Mary Ella Harvey, Tyler-town; Mary Talmage Jordon, Columbia; Eleanor Knee, Ripley, Tenn.; Lucy Becker Magee, Brookhaven; Malva Cooper Nave, Forest; Sidney O ' Cain, Grenada; Dell Rawls, Columbia; Lynn Reid, luka; Betty Rives, Rossville, Tenn.; Jeanne Woods, Leland; Margaret Walters, Clarksdale; Marjean Woodward, Jonesboro, Ark. PLEDGES: Kate Alford, Hazelhurst; Jo Bogard, Parkin, Ark.; Jean Brueck, Forest; Patricia Fergurson, Ripley, Tenn.; Joan Gillespie, Augusta, Ark.; Rosemary Howard, Winona; Rosemary Irby, Jackson; Joan Johnson, Brookhaven; Mary Franklin Kinton, Durham, N. C.; Jean Lott, Bude; Sara Lees Mason, Jonesboro, Ark.; Carolyn Prewitt, Bolivar, Tenn.; Alecia Rollins, Waveland; Rosemary Rollins, Waveland; Idanelle Stone, Okolona; Elizabeth Sturvidant, Glendora. KAPPA DELTA SONG There is no girl like a KD girl With her eyes like the dawn of the day. There is no vow like a KD vow, It ' s as true as three stars, they say; So, if the sweetheart you love wears a KD pin Then her love is deep as the sea, And she ' ll always be yours if she swears she will By the honor of our own KD. Founded in 1897 Ole Miss Alpha Mu Chapter in 1927 Flower: White rose Colors: Green and white Song: Kappa Delta Girl 209 [Au First Row: Jane Abston, Joan Alexander, Gloria Spell Anderson, Rosemary Bass, Louise Bennett, Mary Maude Birmingham, Doris Virginia Bonner, Mary France Buntin, Mary Crafford Burnett, Mary Charleen Campbell. Second Row: Nancy Chenault, Jane Cook, Jane Daigre, Norman Dees, Inez Denton, Charlotte Dickey, Dorothy Dougall, Martha Wray Edwards, Frances Marion Estes, Rose Marie Godwin. Third Row: Patricia May Gore, Lucretia Graham, .Joyce Hale, Harriet Harrison, Jayne Elizabeth Haury, Carole Hawkins, Jo Herrington, Nora Beth Hull, Betty Latta, Aline Liles. Fourt h Row: Jane Loury, Jean Luckett, Marilyn Miller, Betsy Moore, Christine McElroy, Mary Eleanor McGehee, Elizabeth Anne Pilkinton, Emma Allen Rayner, Jane Eliza- beth Rodgers, Edith Scott. Fifth Row: Chloe Shaw, Emmy Bowe Simmons, Sara Clayton Simmons, Margaret Spain, Martha Ellen Sparr, Evelyn Spicer, Eleanor May Smith, Jeanne Taylor, Beth Toole, Doris Triplett. Sixth Row: Catherine White, Janie Williams, Mary Jane Williams, Betty Wilson, Margurite Wilson, Wanda Rose Wilson, Dorothy Marie Young, Lillian Alice Young, Margaret Zderad. 210 FOR THE .RECORD ... the result of some sort of quilt- ing party at The Lewis School For Girls ... in 1873 ... right here in dear old Oxford . . . re-settled at Ole Miss in 1936 ... Beth Toole holds the bronze, pink, and blue banner in one hand and wields the gavel with the other • . Rose Marie Godwin is the-second-best-in-charge-when-madam-president-is-absent . . . Scott transcribes while Williams keeps account of the cash, OFFICERS: Beth Toole, President, Orange, Tex.; Rose Marie Godwin, Vice-President, Nashville, Tenn.; Eliza Crozier Scott, Secretary, Chatham; Mary Jane Williams, Treasurer, Philadelphia. MEMBERS: Jane Abston, Truman, Ark.; Louise Bennett, New Albany; Mary Maude Birmingham, Jackson, Tenn.; Sarah Buelah, Greenville; Mary Frances Buntin, Gulfport; Mary Burnett, Charleston; Charlene Campbell, New Orleans, La.; Betty Conerly, Gloster; Jane Cook, Jackson; Norma Dees, Philadelphia; Inez Denton, Shaw; Charlotte Dickey, Leland; Dorothy Dougal, Picay- une; Rose Marie Godwin, Nashville, Tenn.; Jayne Haury, Nashville, Tenn.; Jo Herrington, Mt. Olive; Ruth Horton, Mt. Olive; Nora Beth Hull, Spartanburg, S. C.; Betty Latta, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Jane Loury, Houston; Jean Luckett, Jackson; Christine McElroy, Natchez; Mary Eleanor McGehee, Brookhaven; Elizabeth Pilkinton, Artesia; Edith Nell Scott, Utica; Eliza Scott, Chatham; Sara Simmons, Greenville; Eleanor Smith, Columbus; Martha Sparr, Memphis, Tenn.; Evelyn Spicer, Tupelo; Beth Toole, Orange, Tex.; Doris Elaine Triplett, Louisville; Mary Jane Williams, Philadelphia; Betty Wilson, Wiggins; Dorothy Young, Bruce. PLEDGES: Jo Ann Alexander, Plainview, Tex.; Gloria Anderson, Ben ton; Rosemary Bass, Hazelhurst; Doris Bonner, Greenville; Nancy Chenault, Houston; Mary Jane Daigre, Grenada; Martha Edwards, Memphis, Tenn.; Patricia Gore, Lake Providence, La.; Lucretia Graham, Kosciusko; Joyce Hale, Louisville; Harriet Ann Harrison, Truman, Ark.; Carole Hawkins, Philadelphia; Celeste Kremer, Gulfport; Aline Liles, Bruce; Marilyn Miller, Louisville; Betsy Moore, Gulfport; Allen Rayner, Merigold; Jane Rodgers, Leland; Chloe Shaw, Brownsville, Tenn.; Emmy Bowe Simmons, Cleveland; Margaret Spain, Grenada; Jean Taylor, Okolona; Katherine White, Aubrey, Ark.; Janie Williams, Philadelphia; Laverne Wilson, Grenada; Wanda Wilson, Quitman; Lillian Alice Young, Yazoo City; Margaret Zderad, Memphis, Tenn.; Frances Estes, Cruger. DELTA GAMMA DREAM GIRL I have found my dream girl, She ' s as sweet as she can be, I have found the one I love. She ' s all the world to me. She wears a golden anchor, The bronze, and pink, and blue. Delta G, I love you, And to you I will be true. Founded 1873 Ole Miss Alpha Psi Chapter in 1936 Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue Flower: Cream-colored rose Song: Delta Gamma Dream Girl 211 First Row: Minnie Anne Allen, Virginia Austin, Ann Baine, Frances Joy Bell, Emily Ann Bickerstaff, Betty Jean Brown, Eloise Ford. Second Row: Rachel Gardner. Lois Mateel Gavin, Jean Rodelle Gerard, Harriet Glenn Haskew, Joan Herring, Jo Ann Hoff, Peggy Elaine Johnson. Third Row: E. Ernestine Jourdan, Tressa Marian King, Miriam Bertha Marron, Olene Martin, Audrey Mendez, Carolyn Inez Middlecoff, Dot Mooney. Fourth Row: Sarah Moore, Jessie Mae Morris, Geanne McClain, Joyce McGuire, Bobby McIntyre, Mae Hill McMurry, Lila Jean McNees. Fifth Row: Jane Robinson, Barbara Kay Smith, Virginia Ann Tansil, Marinall Todd, Martha Travis, Julia Christobel Wallace, Jean Elizabeth Joan Wren. 212 FOR THE RECORD . another Miami University origi- nal ... founded sometime during 1907 . Wednesday meetings are knitted together by Olene Martin • . . L. C. Mooney takes over when Martin drops a stitch Todd is penman for the crew ... Johnson hoards the cash ... brought their Killarney Roses, along with their Old Rose and Veiux Green, to our campus about ten years ago. OFFICERS: Olene Martin, President, Dorsey; Lynna Clara Mooney, Vice-President, Oxford; Marinell Todd, Secretary, Oxford; Billie Johnson, Treasurer, Jackson. MEMBERS: Virginia Ann Austin, Memphis, Tenn.; Emily Ann Bickerstaff, Gulfport; Joan DuVal, Memphis, Tenn.; Rachel Gardner, Pascagoula; Lois Gavin, Lakewood, 0.; Billie Johnson, Jackson: Geanne Mc- Clain, West Point; Imogene McFadden, Oxford; Joyce McGuire, Baldwin; May Hill McMurry, Batesville; Olene Martin, Dorsey; Audrey Mendez, Edgewater Park; Dot Mooney, Oxford; Lynna Clara Mooney, Oxford; Virginia Tansil, Sharon, Tenn.; Marinell Todd, Oxford; Beth Wren, Red Clay, Ala. PLEDGES: Minnie Anne Allen, Fayette; Ann Baine, Gloster; Joy Bell, Oxford; Betty Brown, Lorman; Eloise Ford, Guntown; Jean Gerard, Bude; Harriet Haskew, Vicksburg; Joan Herring, Batesville; Jo Ann Hoff, Vicksburg, Peggy Johnson, Hattiesburg; Ernestine Jourdon, luka; Tressa King, Fay- ette; Dorothy McCorkle, Grenada; Bobby McIntyre, Brandon; Lila Jean McNees, Jackson; Miriam Marron, Fayette; Carolyn Middlecoff, Somerville, Tenn.; Sarah Moore, Wilmington, Del.; Jessie Mae Morris, Oxford; Jane Robinson, Batesville; Barbara Smith, Memphis, Tenn.; D ' Ann Sullivan, Paris, Tenn.; Nell Travis, Sharon, Tenn.; Julia Wallace, Norfolk, Va. DREAM GIRL OF DELTA ZETA Dream girl of Delta Zola, Girl of the lamp so true. Your faith and light hold ever bright, ' Twill guide me back to you. When by the fire I dream, dear, Dreams that must come true. Dream Girl of Delta Zeta, I ' m in love with you. Dream girl of Delta Zeta, You know I love you true. The lamp ' s clear light will lead me right, And guide me back to you. The diamond and pearls, my dream girl, Are castles in the air. Dream girl of Delta Zeta, Neer a one so fair, Founded October 24, 1902 Ole Miss Beta Beta Chapter in 1927 Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose Song: Dream Girl of Delta Zeta MI III in First Row: Alice Ann Abernathy, Kathryn Worden Barr, Emma Jean Bynum, Lucille Fourney DeGravelles, Pegge Louise Drennan, Allyn Sidney Drew. Second Row: Elizabeth Gore, Paula Inez Hammond, Eva Jean Haynes, Patsy Joyce Haynes, Patricia Alice Hendon, Jonnie Marie Horn. Third Row: Mary Elizabeth Hull, Barbara Jean Johnson, Virginia Kemp, Mary Evelyn Michael, Barbara Elizabeth Miller, Gloria Moss. Fourth Row: Joy Mulvihill, Jacqueline Barbara Myrick, Eleanor Norsworthy, Peggy Lucille Podesta, Nancy Puller, Anne Rheney. Fifth Row: June Shanahan, Claudia K. Snipes, Helen M. Stovall, Joanne Elizabeth Talve, Dorothy Ann Watson, M. Anita Williams, Bobbie Ray Yancy. 214 11011 THE RECORD ... strictly a Southern group ... got started at Virginia State Normal in 1858 . . . brought their blue and grey to the campus in April of ' 39 ... Katy Barr is on top ladder . . . one step behind is Dot Watson ' s money you ' re after, Allyn Drew is the gal to see .. Nancy Puller keeps National posted . . . Haynes and Williams have two unmentionable jobs . . . they sniff white violets and sing something about " . . . answering Zeta ' s call . . . " OFFICERS: Kathryn Barr, President, Memphis, Tenn; Doro- thy Watson, Vice-President, Tunica; Nancy Puller, Secretary, Evanston, Ill.; Allyn Drew, Treasurer, Minden, La.; Eva Jean Haynes, Historian, Ellisville; Edith Williams, Guard, Henderson, Ky. MEMBERS: Patty Abernathy, Memphis, Tenn.; Kathryn Barr, Memphis, Tenn.; Lucille DeGravelles, Memphis, Tenn.; Allyn Drew, Minden, La.; Paula Hammond, Gilbert, La.; Eva Jean Haynes, Ellisville; Patsy Haynes, Ellisville; Jennie Marie Home, Lucedale; Barbara Johnson, Vicksburg; Barbara Miller, Homestead, Fla.; Virginia Kemp, Booneville; Jacqueline Myrick, Memphis, Tenn.; Nancy Puller, Evans- ton, Ill.; Anne Rheney, Homestead, Fla.; Helen Stovall, West Point; Joanne Taluc, Oak Park, Ill.; Jane Trobaugh, Willington, Tenn.; Dorothy Watson, Tunica; Edith Williams, Henderson, Ky. PLEDGES: Jean Bynum, Ellisville; Pegge Drennan, Mendenhall; Vivian Findley, Mobile, La.; Zula Gore, Hernando; Patsy Hendon, Tunica; Rose Marie Hughes Mobile, La.; Mary Elizabeth Hull, Memphis, Tenn.; Sara Mayfield, Picayune; Mary Evelyn Michael, Booneville; Nora Norsworthy, Waynesboro; Gloria Moss, Memphis, Tenn.; Joy Mulvihill, Greenville; Peggy Podesta, Vicksburg; June Shanahan, Vicksburg; Kathleen Snipes, Tupelo; Robbie Ray Yancy, Bruce. PRIDE OF OUR HEARTS Oh, Zeta Dear, you are the Pride of Our Hearts You ' re the noblest one we know. Everyday for you we ' re working Everyday our love will grow. Through College Days the blue and gray will guide us, We will answer Zeta ' s call. Loyal, we will be We love you best of all. CHORUS Pride of Our Hearts, Zeta Gray, Zeta Blue To you we will be true. Pride of Our Hearts, Zeta Gray, Zeta Blue Our love is all for you. Founded October 15, 1898 Ole Miss Gamma Delta Chapter 1939 Colors: Steel gray and turquoise blue Flower: White violet Song: Pride of Our Hearts 215 KAPPA KAPPA GAIIIIA First Row: Eleanor Zoe Allen, Mary Winifred Brandon, Oline Elizabeth Clower, Pat Davidson. Second Row: Norma Fix, Jane Herring, Patricia Land, Patsy Reilly. Third Row: Betsy Ross, Eulalie Rothe, Mary Alice Shouds, Nahalie Thompson. 216 FOR THE RECORD . . . launched nationally at Monmouth College in 1870 . . . landed here in the fall of 1946 . . . making them the baby in our family of Greeks . . . Fix and Land had charge of the original expedition . . . gave the local lasses quite a run for their money . . . and after rush week found that the pledges outnumbered the actives seven to one . . . Land was a " Favorite " ... Fix got engaged . . . Betsy Ross was elected Prexy of the W. S. G. A.... Kappas sing something about ... " I unlocked the gate with a golden key . . . " OFFICERS Betsy Ross, President, Gulfport; Mary Winifred Brandon, Standards Chairman, New Orleans, La.; Carol Knost, Recording Secretary, Pass Christian; Pat Davidson, Corresponding Secre- tary, Gulfport. MEMBERS: Norma Fix, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Pat Land, New Orleans, La. PLEDGES: Eleanor Allen, Jackson; Mary Winifred Brandon, New Orleans, La.; Olive Elizabeth Clower, Gulfp ort; Pat Davidson, New Orleans, La.; Jane Herring, Pascagoula; Carol Knost, Pass Christian; Patsy Reilly, Gulf- port; Betsy Ross, Gulfport; Eulalie Rothe, Natchez; Mary Alice Shrouds, Gulfport; Natalie -Thompson, Gulfport. GARDEN OF BLUE I unlocked the gate with a golden key, Stepped inside to a garden of blue. There bloomed a profusion of fleu-de-lis, Neer before had I seen such a view, And I knew ' twas the end of my wandering Never more would I wander a far. For I ' d come to my Heaven in Kappaland- unlocked with the key to my heart. Founded October 13, 1870 Ole Miss Chapter 1946 Colors: Light blue and dark blue Flower: Fluer-de-lis Song: Garden of Blue 217 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON First Row: Stacy Adams, Paul Boensch, Robert Bonds, Eugene Brown, Lang F. Butler, Perrin Caldwell, Edwin Darden. Second Row: Leon Holland, Maurice Davidson, Arthur Dyer, Keith Finley, John Frasier, William Gardner. Third Row: Billy Gresham, Louis Heidleburg, Aston Holly, Clyde Huggins, Tommy Long, Guy Leland Matt- ingly, William D. Mulkins. Fourth Row: Jerry McCall, Elton McIntosh, Owen Palmer, Robert Payne, William Hunter Peel, William Carey Powers. Fifth Row: Charles Reed, John B. Reed, William Ruble, William Skinner, Robert Thatcher, James Totten, Jack Tucker. Sixth Row: Ray Turman, Vance Waggoner, Edward Warren, Roy L. Watson, Knox D. White, Ralph Wilson, Al Wylie. 218 FOR THE RECciiKi.i . . . so old that none of them can remember just WHERE they were founded . . hid their charter in a slump during the Great War (Civil) ... and have been looking for it ever since • . . Bonds was in so many organizations that ODK was forced to take him in ... he also made the Hall of Fame • .. Trigger Watson created a vacancy by joining forces with Sam ... Hotshot Gardner causes the Phi ' s great consternation by monopolizing the party line telephone . . . Thatcher ' s time is consumed by speaking peripatetically . . • so secret that no one knows the officers . . . but then, who cares? MEMBERS: Stacy Adams, Memphis, Tenn.; Paul Boensch, Memphis, Tenn.; Robert Bonds, Holly Springs; Eugene Brown, Holly Springs; Lange Butler, Holly Springs; Edwin Dardon, Hernando; Maurice Davidson, Hernando; William Gardnar, Tupelo; Billy Gresham, Indianola; Clyde Huggins, Oxford; Aston Holly, Oxford; Raymond Franklin, Oxford; Elton McIntosh, Hernando; J. B. Naugle, West Point; William H. Peel, Holly Springs John Pierson, Rosedale; Owen Palmer, Gulfport; George Thatcher, Gulfport; Edward Warren, Holly Springs; Knox White, Gulfport; Ralph Wilson, Oxford; Al Wylie, Tupelo; Bob Gardner, Tupelo; Donald Whitten, Charleston; Ray Turman, Holly Springs; George Rather, Holly Springs; G. M. Mattingly, Greenville. PLEDGES: Perrin Caldwell, Senatobia; Hank Campbell, Raleigh, N. C.; Joseph William Carroll, Tupelo; A. D. Dyer, Greenwood; Keith Finley, Tupelo; James Tinnin Calhoun, Tchula; John Frasier, Crawford; Lewis Heidel- burg, Gulfport; Robert Henshaw, Detroit, Mich.; Leon Holland, Tupelo; Robert Jones, Tchula; Tommy Long, Gulfport; Norfleet More, Oxford; William D. Mulkins, Greenville; Jerry McCall, Oxford; Taylor McElory, Oxford; Robert Payne, Casilla; William Carey Powers, Holly Springs; Charles Reed, Belzoni; John B. Reed, Belzoni; William Ruble, Gulfport; William Skinner, Hernando; James Totten, Holly Springs; Jack Tucker, Clarksdale; Roy L. Watson, Stuttgart, Ark.; Vance Waggoner, Gulfport; Wallace Weatherly, Gulfport Watson Weatherly, Gulfport. CHI MARCHING SONG So merrily sing we all to D. K. E. The mother of jollity Whose children are gay and free. We ' ll sing to Chi, and then we ' ll sing to Dear old Delta Kappa Epsilon. Founded in 1844 Ole Miss Chi Chapter 1850 Colors: Crimson, Old Gold and Azure Flower: Pansy Song: Chi Marching Song 219 220 DELTA HI First Row: Thomas Adams, Charles E. Allen, Bill Bean- land, Herbert Burke, Thomas Chandler, Douglas Glower, Chester Cochran. Second Row: Conald Cooley, John Cunningham, Nolan Dickson, John Dulaney, John R. Early, Robert Effinger, Lawrence Elder. Third Row: John T. Etheridge, Joseph Fancher, Cecil C. Fox, James H. Fox, Kenneth Frank, Bob Henry Gardner, Barry M. Gillespie. Fourth Row: Edwin C. Gillespie, Guy T. Gillespie, Joe I. Gillespie, J. M. Halton, Robert B. Halton, Charles Henley. Fifth Row: Charles Jacobs, William 0. Luckett, Louis J. Lyell, Franklin E. Moak, Will A. Nason, John W. Purvis, Charles Ratcliffe. Sixth Row: Charles Riddell, George Ritchey, W. David Stinson, Calvin L. Wells, Joe H. Wheeler, Hardy Wood- bridge, John D. Vance. FOR THE RECORD • • • also one of the older groups . . . wear a 2 by l ' A " T-shaped pin • . • call their shack " St. Anthony Hall " ... few other facts are available ... secret meetings . . . secret officers . . . secret justification for existence . . . Morgan, Jacobs, and Wells are embryonic legal lights .. . Moak is the inveterate joiner . all indulge in much indoor celebration over their hundredth birthday. MEMBERS: Bill Beanland, Oxford; Chester D. Cochran, Olive Branch; Douglas B. Clower, Jr., Greenville; Nolan Dick- son, Aberdeen; John R. Early, Jr., Indianola; Larry M. Elder, Coldwater, John T. Etheridge, Mendenhall; James H. Fox, Canton; Kenneth I. Franks, Philadelphia; J. Frank Garner, Tunica; Bob Henry Garner, Tunica; Edwin C. Gillespie, Colum- bia, Tenn.; Guy T. Gillespie, Jackson; Robert B. Haltom, Batesville; Charles B. Henley, Hazelhurst; Charles C. Jacobs, Rosedale; Theodore T. Lewis, Batesville; Robert C. Love, Whitehaven, Tenn.; William 0. Luckett, Canton; Louis J. Lyell, Jackson; John M. McLendon, Indianola; Franklin E. Moak, Ruth; Clarence E. Morgan, Kosciusko; John H. Thompson, Jr., Jackson; John D. Vance, Jr., Batesville; Calvin L. Wells, Jackson; Hardy B. Woodbridge, New Orleans, La. PLEDGES: Thomas W. Adams, Jr., Canton; Charles E. Allen, Jackson; Herbert L. Burke, Indianola; Thomas A. Chandler, Jr., Philadelphia; Donald C. Cooley, Mobile, Ala.; John B. Cunningham, Tchula; John W. Dulaney, Jr., Tunica; Robert C. Effinger, Jr., New York, N. Y.; Joseph R. Fancher, Jr., Canton; Cecil C. Fox, Canton; Barry M. Gillespie, Aberdeen; Joe I. Gillespie, Columbia; J. M. Haltom, Jr., Pascagoula; Charles Ratcliffe, Natchez; Charles F. Riddell, Canton; George P. Ritchey, Jr., Indianola; W. David Stinson, Memphis, Tenn.; Joe H. Wheeler, Greenville. Founded 1847 Ole Miss Phi Chapter 1855 Fraternity Colors: Azure Blue and Gold 221 PHI KAPPA PSI First Row: Harry B. Abernathy, Marion E. Addison, McCarty, Errette Conway McCracken, Anthony Bernard George H. Andrews, Frank S. Bellipani, Dan Anthony Nunez, Jr. Breland, Jr., James Edward Brooks, Jarrett L. Brunsen. Fourth Row: James Overcast, Charles Emory Oxford, Second Row: Ewin J. Carroll, Lowre White Dyre, Ralph Richard Moarin Schaedle, Maxie Scott, George Smith, P. Elliot, Reed Lundy Gunn, James Henry Hailey, Arnold Jerome W. Smith, Robert Mark Solomon. Townsend Hammond, Charlie B. Jordan. Fifth Row: Harry J. Stewart, Frank Sticht, William A. Third Row: Cornelius Joseph Ladner, Charles H. Leg- Swinney, James Harle Taylor, Joseph William Torti, gett, Harold Q. Mullen, William B. Munday, Eldon L. Thomas William Turnipseed, Von Meeks Michael. 222 FOR TIIE RECORIP . . . your grandfather might re- member who founded it . . . and why ... we don ' t .. James Brooks is el presidente . Hammonds is president de vice . . . Turnipseed is tax collector and McCracken records things • . Solomon was the fair-haired boy . . all suffer from fallen arches due to the safaris from the house to civilization ... the entire chapter shudders at the mention of war-time squatters. OFFICERS: James E. Brooks, President, West Helena, Ark.; Arnold T. Hammond, Vice-President, Winona; Thomas W. Turnipseed, Treasurer, Memphis, Tenn.; E. Conway McCracken, Corresponding Secretary, Lula; James H. Hailey, Recording Secretary, Tupelo. MEMBERS: Frank Bellipani, Centerville; Dan A. Breland, Hattiesburg; James E. Brooks, West Helena; Lowery W. Dyre, Kilmichael; Lundy R. Gunn, Tutwiler; James H. Hailey, Tupelo; Arnold T. Hammond, Winona; Cornelius J. Ladner, Bay St. Louis; Anthony B. Nunuz, Violet, La.; George C. Roberts, Green- wood; Richard M, Schedle, Memphis, Tenn.; Mark Solomon, Bay St. Louis; Joseph W. Torti, Memphis, Tenn.; Thomas W. Turnipseed, Memphis, Tenn. PLEDGES: Harry Abernathy, Clarksdale; Marion Addison, Memphis, Tenn.; George Andrews, Tutwiler; Joe Benvennuti, Bay St. Louis; Charles Boyd, Clarksdale; Jarrott Brunson, Memphis, Tenn.; Edwin J. Carroll, Beaumont; Clifton Gallent, Centerville; Charlie Jordon, Oxford; Charles Leggett, Vicksburg; Charles Linder, Moss Point; Tom Lindley, Baldwin; Eldon McCarty, Merigold; John E. McDade, Winona; Von Meeks Michael, Boone- ville; Harold Mullens, Hazelhurst; William Munday, Memphis, Tenn.; James Overcast, Hazel, Ky.; Emory Oxford, Jackson; Bernard Raper, Tupelo; William Robinson, Holly Springs; Maxie Scott, Forest; George Smith, Hazelhurst; Jerone Smith, Noxapater; Harry Stewart, Memphis, Tenn.; Frank Sticht, Noxapater; James Taylor, Memphis, Tenn. OLD PAL OF MINE Oh tell me now old pal of mine Before we have to part That you will forget the bonds That bind us heart to heart. Fond mem ' ries of dear old Phi Psi In old age linger still, Sweethearts and friends may fail you But a Phi Psi never will. Founded February 19, 1852 Mississippi Alpha Chapter established November 1857 Colors: Hunter ' s Green and cardinal red Flower: Deep red jaque rose Song: Old Pal of Mine 223 GSA CII I First Row: Charles Barner, John H. Base, John J. Bethea, Bobby Bowie, Sam Boykin, Greg Breland, William Burns, James N. Cald- well, H. B. Cole, Frank R. Cooper, James C. Crigler. Second Row: Claude M. Davis, William M. Davis, Gordan B. Delshmet, Ramon R. Diaz, Jeff Dillard, Jesse W. Eavenson, Elwood Edwards, Mark J. Ellzey, William England, Robert F. Ethridge, Dudley Foster, John J. Fraiser. Third Row: Moses M. Gibson, Robert L. Gillespie, Carlyle Gregory, Bert Gunn, Charles D. Hancock, Claude Harrison, William Harry, Rowland W. Heidelberg, Vassar D. Hemphill, Charles Herrin, Leland Hume. Fourth Row: Brett Jackson, William Jackson, Fred A. Johnson, Julian E. Johnson, Wesley G. Johnson, Herman M. Johnston, Harry Jones, William Knight, Lamar W. lane, Garnett Lanning, Harry Lewis. Fifth Row: Charles Lyle, Jack L. Marshall, Malcolm Maxwell, Dean Meador, Clyde Middleton, Clyde B. Mitts, Harry E. Musgrove, Robert McCellan, Mac McInnis, Clarence McLean, Eric McVey, S. B. Norwood. Sixth Row: Bernard Patrick, Joe Perkins, James Purson, Frank Abner, James E. Price, James W. Raley, Barton W. Ratliff, H. M. Ray, James Ray, Paul Ray, Robert Reeder. Seventh Row: Curtis Roberts, Guy Robinson, John Salter, Leo Scalon, William Scott, Charles Scruggs, Billy Shirley, Carl Short, George Smith, William Smith, James Snow, Walton Stewart. Eighth Row: Donald Stormo, Dan Sutherland, Noah Sweat, Thomas Laney Sweat, Lon Taylor, Willis Walker, James Wells, Clyde Williams, Ray Wunderlich, George Yates, Frances T. Zachary. 224 FOR THE RECORD ... born in 1855 . Ole Miss first felt its curse in 1857 ... Bill Harry is head knocker ... Johnson is the number two man . . . Soggy Sweat made ODK ... Tommy Sweat made A ' s in Med School ... Nig McVey is another cadaver cutter ... John Fraiser helps to promote Student Body dances ... those who know promise that an accurate pledge count will be made as soon as it is possible to cut the front lawn. MEMBERS: Marshall Adams, Tupelo; John H. Base, Biloxi; Frank Bowers, Helena, Ark.; Chreighton Chandler, West Point; H. Byars Cole, Jr., West Point; James C. Crigler, Starkville; Thomas H. Curtis, Jr., Tupelo; C. M. Davis, Moorehead; John D. Eatman, Hattiesburg; Jesse W. Eavenson, Marks; Elwood Edwards, Bruce; Mark Ellzey, Biloxi; Robert F. Etheridge, Meridian; Dudley W. Foster, Miami, Ha.; John Fraiser, Minter City; James R. Gilbert, Mobile, Ala.; Robert L. Gillespie, Sardis; James T. Graham, Baton Rouge, La.; Carlyle Gregory, Rocky Mount, Va.; Bert 0. Gunn, Biloxi; Charles D. Hancock, St. Petersburg; William Harry, Columbia; Vassar Hemphill, Greenwood; Leland Hume, Jr., Jackson; Brett F. Jackson, Jr., Pontotoc; William R. Jackson, Marks; Fred Johnson, Greenwood; Julian Johnson, Greenwood; Lamar W. Lane, Jackson; Richard Lanning, Corinth; Edward Law, Canton; Jack L. Marshall, Homestead, Fla.; Malcolm Maxwell, Drew; M. D. McInnis, Collins; Clarence E. McLean, Hattiesburg; Junius McMahon, Jackson; Erie McVey, Lambert; Price Meador, Hattiesburg; Clyde B. Mitts, Swifton, Ark.; Coyce Norwood, Corinth; Bernard Patrick, Corinth; Barton W. Ratcliff, Drew; H. M. Ray, Beinzi; James H. Ray, Beinzi; Ernest Rice, Nashville; Marion Rice, Nashville; Curtis Roberts, New Albany; John A. Salter, Macon; Carl W. Short, Biloxi; William C. Smith, Hattiesburg; James Snow, Corinth; Donald H. Stormo, Milwaukee, Wis.; N. S. Sweat, Corinth; Thomas L. Sweat, Corinth; Lon Taylor, Corinth; Willis Walker, Hattiesburg; James H. Wells, Cotton Plant; Maury Whitfield, Corinth; George Williams, Moss Point; Francis Zachary, Hattiesburg; Rowland Heidleberg, Hattiesburg; Paul T. Ray, Corinth, PLEDGES: George Adams, Tupelo; Albert T. Ajax, Jr., Corinth; Roy Barner, Ruleville; John Bethea, Hattiesburg; Robert Bowie, Newport, Ark.; S. E. Boykin, Catchings; Julian Bramlett, Oxford; Greg Breland, Hattiesburg; William Burns, Rule- villa; James Caldwell, Tupelo; Frank R. Cooper, Columbus; William Da vis, Itta Bena; Gordon DeLashmet, Moss Point; Ramon R. Diaz, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Jeff Dillard, Itta Bena; William England, Vicksburg; M. M. Gibson, Marks; Claude H. Harrison, Corinth; Fletcher Gore, Sturgis; Ira Hart, Hattiesburg; Charles Herrin, Hattiesburg; Jack Hill, Corinth; William Holmes, Hattiesburg; Wesley Johnson, Minter City; Herman M, Johnston, Itta Bena; Harry Jones, Biloxi; William L. Knight, Memphis, Tenn.; Harry Lewis, Chunky; Charles Lyle, Tupelo; William L. McLeod, Biloxi; Clyde H. Middleton, Jr., Marks; Harry E. Musgrove, Pine Bluff, Ark; Joe R Perkins, Vicksburg; Frank A, Polk, Hattiesburg; James Raley, Biloxi; John R. Redding, Corinth; Robert C. Reeder, Coldwater; Guy H. Robinson, Corinth; Leo J. Scanlon, Jackson; William Scott, Jr., Benoit; Charles R. Scruggs, Biloxi; William Shirley, Quitman; George C. Smith, Hattiesburg; Clinton W. Stephens, Memphis, Tenn.; Walton D. Stewart, Collins; Gary Sutherland, Hattiesburg; Albert B. Walker, Corinth; Clyde E. Williams, Byhalia; Ray Wunderlich, Memphis, Tenn.; William Yates, Mount Olive; Lamar Piers on, Atlanta, Ga.; Robert McClellan, West Point; Sam Guise, Tuscumbia, Ala.; George Clements, Pontotoc; James Price, Corinth, SWEETHEART OF THE SIGMA CHI The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl Of all the girls I know. Each sweet coed like a rainbow trail Fades in the afterglow. The blue of her eyes and the gold of her hair Are a blend of the western sky; And the moonlight beams on the girl of my dreams She ' s the sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Founded in 1855 Ole Miss Eta Chapter in 1857 Flower: While rose Colors: Blue and old gold Song: Sweetheart of Sigma Chi NM 111■111■ " ..•■•■••1 225 SHAM. RNA EPSILON First Row: Richard Aiken, Carl Ferdinand Andre, Waverly Conway Artz, William Hammond Atkins, Billy Baggett, Virgil Baldridge, B. Temple Barnard, Winston Kirby Bowling, Taylor Davie Buntin, Jr., William Dean Buntin, Lampkin Herbert Butts. Second Row: Edward Byrne, Henry F. Byrne, Claurde Alonzo Chamberlin, Laurence James Clark, James Clayton, Wilfred Cole, Edward Cook, Edward Lional Cook, George William Covington, William Cresswell, Kimby Day, Jr. Third Row: Thomas Jefferson Dean, Herman Brister Decell, Samuel DeeWilson Duvall, James Murry Falkner, Billy Francis Flowers, Edwin Horatio Gould, James Hewitt Griffin, George Gully, Reuben Hale, William Cresswell, Kirby Day, Jr. Fourth Row: Hudson Spencer Hargett, Jeff Harpole, John Ellis Hartsfield, John H. Hinman, Henry Ware Hobbs, Jr., Robert E. Horne, Jr., William H. Howard, Jr., Homer Lee Howie, Shed Hill Hunger, Edley H. Jones, Jr., Henry Doug Jones, George Thomas Kimbrough. Fifth Row: Richard Edgar Kimbrough, John Allen Knott, Samuel Hopkins Lambdin, James Frederick Lamon, Robert Nelson Leaven, James Nathaniel Maclin, Lauch McLaurin Magruder, James Ralph Markette, William Goebel Mize, Jr., Edward Panis Moore, Norman A. Mott, John Russell McBath. Sixth Row: Ezell McCane, Glenn McCoy, Archie McDonnell, Hugh Joseph McInnis, Jr., Rudolph McRee, Jr., Sam Griffin Norquist, Jase Norsworthy, William Paddock, Harry Edward Patton, Charles Rankin, Jr., Henry Lawrence Reid, Sidney A. Robinson, Jr. Seventh Row: Glover Alcorn Russell, Norman Scaife, Val Hunter Sessions, Jr., Charles Edward Slatter, Robert Slater, Richard E. Stone, Robert Sublette, Harold Stanley Thames, William Harris Thomas, William Jackson Toler, Howard H. Triplett, Robert George Vander Boegh. Eighth Row: George Van Zant, Charles Vernon, Jr., Fred Haden Walker, 0. B. Walton, Jr., Lester Warrick, Jr., William H. West, Jr., William Cary Whitehead, Jr., Charles Blair Whittington, John Wilkinson, Wayne Claude Williams, Jr., Talmage Young Williford, Jr., Simon Peter Wilson, 226 FOR THE RECORD . . . claim an origin circa 1856. . . in- vaded Ole Miss ten years later . . . before any cl the better lodge; arrived . . . Hinman is in direct communicaron with Minerva . vice-Prexy Wilfred Cole ' s main job is keeping the vari-colored paint w ped off the sacred white lions . .. Williamson has a strangle hold on Me purse strings . .. but allows Cook two penpoints per semester fo.. writing things down . . their virile-sounding song is " Violets " . . . Granberry still aspires toward a medical career . . Leavell and Falk.ier are two of the leading local lads. OFFICERS: John Hinman, Presi- dent, Greenwood; Wilfred Cole, Vice-President, Jackson; Edward L. CDok, Secretary, Inverness; R. C. Williamson, Treasurer, Greenwood; MEMBERS: James S. Abney, Jr., Amory; Richard W. Aiken, Hammond; William Baggett, Oxford; Kirby Bowling, Memphis, Tenn.; John R. Brenson, Jr., Oxford; Taylor D. Buntin, Jr., Nesbitt; William D. Buntin, Nesbitt; Lampkin Butts, Oxford; Robert B. Cady, Clinton, Iowa; Claude A. Chalberlain, Aberdeen; Wilfred Q. Cole, Jr., Jackson; Eckiard L. Cook, Jr., Inverness; Eph Creswell, Durant; Kirby Day, Jr., Inverness; Herman B. Decell, Yazoo City; Wilson Duvall, Oxford; Jame, Faulkner, Oxford; Billy F. Flowers, Winona; Edward Gould, Okolona; Louis Granberry, Jr., Laurel; William J. Hamm, Jerry A. H incock, Memphis, Tenn.; Hudson S. Hargett, Yazoo City; Jeff Harpole, Philadelphia; John E. Hartsfield, Oxford; Richard G. Hendricks, Okol Ala; John 11. Hinman, Jr., Greenwood; Henry Ware Hobbs, Jr., Brookhaven; Homer Lee Howie, Jackson; Aubrey P. Jeffries, Memphis, Tenn.; George T. Kimbrough, Louisville; James F. Landrum, Amory; Robert N. Leavell, Oxford; Archie MacDonald, Okolona; James N. M iclin, Mason, Tenn.; Lauch M. Magruder, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; William G. Mize, Jackson; Norman A. Mott, Jr., Yazoo City; Hugh J. McInni,, Jr., Jackson; Randolph McRee, Jr., Europa; Jase 0. Norsworthy, Jackson; Sam G. Norquist, Yazoo City; Harry E. Patton, Jr., Greenwood; John Lloyd Haynes, Jr., Nashville, Tenn.; James T. Ranier, Yazoo City; Henry L. Reid, Greenville; Sidney A. Robinson, Jr., Jackson; Val H. Sessions, Jr., Bolton; Rob ert Sublette, Jackson; 0. B. Walton, Jackson; Lester Warrick, Jr., McGhee; William H. West, Jr., Okolon 3: William Carry Whitehead, Jr., West Point; Charles Blaire Whitting- ton, Greenwood; Robert C. Williamson, Jr., Greenwood. PLEDGES: Carl Ferdinand Andre, Vicksburg; E. A. Archer, Greenwood; Waverly Conway Artz, Vicksburg; William Hommond Atkins, Clarksdale; Hall Bildridge, Memphis, Tenn.; Brashier Temple Barnard, Anguilla; Edward J. Byone, Natchez; Henry F. Byrne, Natchez; James W. Cassidy, Brookhaven; Lawrence J. Clark, Jr., Vicksburg; James N. Clayton, Jr., Cren- shaw; G. W. Covington, Canton; Edward Lionel Cook, Jr., Inverness; Thomas J. Dean, Hernando; James Hewitt Griffin, Jackson; George H. Gully, Jr., Brookhaven, Reuben Aldridge Hale, Greenwood; George P. Hewes, Jackson; Robert E. Horne, Gulfport; William H. Howard, Jackson; Shed Hill Hunger, Winona; Henry D. Jones, Jackson; Edley H. Jones, Jr., Vicksburg; Richard Edward Kimbrough, Louisville; John Allen Knott, Jr., Pittsburg, Pa.; Samuel H. Lambdin, Natchez; James Ralph Marquette, Brookhaven; Edward Paris Moore, Jr., Clarksdale; Rodger S. Myers, Jr., Oxford; John Russell McBath, Chowchilla, Calif.; Ezell Hugh McCane, Memphis, Tenn.; Glenn E. McCoy, Baltzer; William Brewster Paddock, Memphis, Tenn.; Charles S. Rankin, Jr., Jackson; Glover A. Russell, Clarksdale; Norman Scaife, Dundee; Charles E, Slater, Jackson; Robert E. Slater, Jackson; Richard E. Stone, Okolona; Harold Stanley Thames, Jackson; William Harris Thomas, Clarks- dale; William Jackson Toler, Vicksburg; Howard H. Triplett, Louisville; George H. Van Zant, Jackson; Robert G. Vander Boegh, Joliet, III.; Charles Vernon, Jr., Brookhaven; Fred H. Walker, Gulfport; Bailey Wilkinson, Memphis, Tenn.; Wayne E. Williams, Jr., Greenwood; Simon Peter Wilson, Jr., Wiggins. VIOLETS Violets, Violets, You ' re the fairest flower to me Violets, Violets, Emblem of Fraternity. With your perfume memories come To Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dearest flower beneath the sun! My violets. Founded in 1856 Ole Miss Gamma chapter in 1866 Flower: Violets Colors: Purple and Gold Song: Violets 227 PHI DELTA THU First Row: John A. Aldridge, James C. Barfoot, Mike R. Blouin, Shelton Blythe, Robert E. Bobo, Thomas D. Bourdeaux, Ralph E. Bradley, Millard M. Bush, Shed H. Coffey, Jr., Henry Callicott, Charles W. Capps. Second Row: Graham H. Cassibry, Napoleon L. Cassibry, Walter L. Catchings, William D. Chatham, William C. Connell, George Copeland, Overton A. Currie, John R. Cunningham, Rodes Currie, Lucius B. Dabney, Jr., Wall Doxey, Jr. Third Row: William M. Ellis, Kenneth C. Foose, Thad L. Fowler, Dan Fox, William F. Galtney, Samuel P. Gardner, John Gaston, Hugh Lee Gowan, Reginald A. Gray, Jr., John H. Gunter, Frank 0. Givens, Jr. Fourth Row: William M. Hardee, Charles R. Harris, Robert H, Henderson, Robert P. Hilton, Jerry McLean, George W. Hoffman, Harry 0. Hoffman, Jr., John F. Jackson, John Keeton, Oscar P. LaBarre, Roger C. Landrum. Fifth Row: Joseph P. Long, Ewell B. Martin, Robert S. Maynard, Charles B. Morton, John W. McArthur, Lawrence E. Noble, Jr., Ben Owen, William P. Perkins, Moran M. Pope, Jr., Leon L. Porter, Richard C. Price. Sixth Row: William Sadler, Benford L. Samuel, William Semmes, Lester A. Shipley, William D. Smith, Curtis Stacy, William E. Stewart, James Stribling, Jack E. Stuart, Stanford J. Terry, William J. Threadgill. Seventh Row: Robert B. Townes, Bernard L. Trippett, Frank Trippeti, Joel E. Varner, Guy H. Watkins, Herman D. Webster, Julian Greaves Wilson, William F. Winter, Fred Witty, Walter H. Witty, Claude J. Woodard, Louis Zehnder. 228 FOR THE RECORD . . . Some intellectual started it in 1848 ... came South to Ole Miss in 1877 . . . Trippett is head man ... Winter is runner-up . . . Eason counts the rupees . . . Keeton takes notes . . . Threadgill is a turnkey who travels under the title of " Warden " . . Bourdeaux crusades; in spite of everything he made ODK . . . Terry heads the Interfraternity Council . .. Brother Morton helps fill space in Brother Bourdeaux ' s weekly ... B. B. Owen remains the foremost antagonist of tradition . . . Winter saves them all from oblivion. OFFICERS: Bernard L. Trippett, President, Aberdeen; William F. Winter, Vice-President, Grenada; Paul Eason, Treasurer, Tupelo; John T. Keeton, Secretary, Grenada; William J. Threadgill, Warden, Greenwood. MEMBERS: Mike R. Blouin, Clarksdale; Shelton M. Blythe, Lake Cormorant; Robert E. Bobo, Clarksdale; Thomas D. Bourdeaux, Meridian; John H. Bowen, Greenville; Ralph E. Bradley, Aberdeen; H. Grady Brewer, Clarksdale; Shed Hill Caffey, Jr., Columbus; H. Carver Callicott, Memphis, Tenn.; Charles W. Capps, Cleveland; Nap L. Cassibry, Cleveland; Lee Catching, Jr., Cleveland; William C. Connell, Jr., Clarksdale; Dan Copeland, Senatobia; Jack Cunningham, Booneville; Overton A. Currie, Hattiesburg; Lucius P. Dabney, Vicksburg; Paul B. Eason, Tupelo; Kenneth C. Foose, Tchula; Malcolm Franklin, Oxford; Sam Parker Gardner, Greenwood; Frank 0. Givens, Jr., Senatobia; Hugh L. Gowan, Carthage; Reginald Gray, Hattiesburg; John H. Gunter, Aberdeen; J. D. Guyton, Kosciusko; William M. Hardee, Jackson; R. Harvey Henderson, Sumner; Robert Parker Hilton, Ellaville, Ga.; Harry 0. Hoffman, Hattiesburg; Chatwin Jackson, Kosciusko; John T. Keeton, Grenada; Oscar 0. LaBarre, Vicksburg; Roger Landrum, Kosciusko; Byron Long, Tupelo; Joseph P. Long, Tupelo; Edwin L. Marmon, Memphis, Tenn.; John W. McArthur, Hattiesburg; George A. McLean, Blaine; John C. McMurry, Panama, Rep. of Panama; Brinkley Morton, Senatobia; Henry T. Odom, Greenwood; Ben Owen, Columbus; William P. Perkins, Jr., Senatobia; Benford L. Samuels, Oxford; William 0. Semmes, Grenada; William D. Smith, III, Houston; William E. Stewart, Natchez; James L. Stribling, Clarksdale; Jack E. Stuart, Hattiesburg; J. Standford Terry, Jackson, Tenn.; William J. Threadgill, Greenwood; H. Klein Thornton, Pascagoula; Bernard L. Trippett, Aberdeen; Frank G. Trippett, Aberdeen; Guy H. Watkins, Aberdeen; Herman D. Webster, Oxford; Julian G. Wilson, Tupelo; William F. Winter, Grenada; Fred M. Witty, Greenwood; Walter Witty, Winona; Claude Woodward, Kosciusko. PLEDGES: John A. Aldridge, Estill; James C. Barfoot, Philadelphia; Jare L. Barkley, Belzoni; Millard L. Bush, Hattiesburg; Graham H. Cassibry, Cleveland; William H. Carothers, Greenwood; William D. Chatham, Shaw; Tom S. Culley, Oxford; Rodes S. Currie, Meridian; William M. Ellis, Columbus; Frank Fani, Greenwood; Thad Lewis Fowler, Hattiesburg; Dan Fox, Louisville; William Fields Galtney, Corinth; Rufus K. Gardner, Greenwood; Edgar Earl Gaston, Clarks- dale; John R. Gaston, Clarksdale; Charles R. Harris, Greenwood; Douglas W. Hays, Senatobia; John E. Hays, Tchula; George W. Hoffman, Hattiesburg; John F. Jackson, Kosciusko; Ewell B. Martin, McComb; Lawrence E. Noble, Grenada; Moran Pope, Hattiesburg; Leon L. Porter, Jr., Clarksdale; Richard C. Price, Hattiesburg; James E. Russell, Oxford; Lester Adam Shipley, Jr., Greenwood; Curtis C. Stacy, Jr., Water Valley; Joel E. Varner, Senatobia; Louis S. Zehnder, Hattiesburg. PHI DELTA THETA FOR AYE In 18 hundred and 48 Phi Delta Theta for aye The year we Phi ' s commemorate Phi Delta Theta for aye. Chorus: Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta for aye. But six of first we soon became, Phi Delta Theta for aye A Grecian clan of wondrous lame Phi Delta Theta for aye. Founded in 1848 Mississippi Alpha, 1877 Flower: White Carnation Colors: Azure and Argent Song: Phi Delta Theta For Aye 229 MI MI PI First Row: Maurice E. Breazeale, Ernest L. Brown, Ramon L. Burgess, Clyde H. Campbell, William Carroll, William D. Coleman, Robert M. Condon. Second Row: Charles E. Crawford, Jr., William Crosby, James S. Dale, Jr., Eugene Russell Darby, Ratford E. DuBoise, John H. Fox, Ill, Ralph M. Garrard, William S. Gillidett. Third Row: Cooper B. Gordon, Howard R. Gray, Lowell E. Grisham, Benjamin S. Hardy, Joseph Hawkins, Joseph Kyle Herring, David Jourdan, Jr. Fourth Row: Anderson M. Linton, Jr., Hodgen P. Mon- tague, Jr., John A. McCrosson, Joseph C. McGhee, William D. Parker, Luther D. Pittman, James M. Rob- ertson, John B. Shelby. Fifth Row: Sam S. Simmons, Robert S. Snyder, Floyd W. Stratton, Alfred E. Strickland, Albioun F. Summers, Pat Henry Wallace, Val E. Williams. 230 FOR THE RECORD . . . claim to have an early origin . its turblent beginning at Ole Miss was in ... Pittman is Grand Scribe ... lesser plenipotentiaries are Garrard and Robertson ... known locally as the " nothing-stronger-than-warm-milk-boys " ... McGehee is the perennial politician . . . Dale and Coleman perform creditably in Law School . Long John Fox (The Great White Father) lends a paternal hand. OFFICERS: Luther D. Pittman, President, Raleigh; Ralph M. Garrard, Vice-President, Isola; James M. Robertson, Treasurer, Ruleville. MEMBERS: Maurice E. Breazeale, Parchman; Ernest L. Brown, Dayton, 0.; Ramon L. Burgess, Charleston, S. C.; Robert M. Condon, Greenville; William D. Coleman, Ackerman; Robert M. Condon, Greenville; Charles E. Crawford, Jr., Isola; William Crosby, Oxford; James S. Dale, Jr., Columbia; Eugene R. Darby, Converse, Ind.; John Fox, Ill, Oxford; Ralph M. Garrard, Isola; Cooper B. Gordon, Timberville, Va.; Howard R. Gray, luka; Thomas J. Griffith, Jr.; Ackerman; William S. Gillidette, Macomb, Ill.; Lowell E. Grisham, luka; Benjamin S. Hardy, Jackson; Joseph K. Herring, Clarksdale; David 0. Jourdon, Jr., luka; Anderson M. Linton, Jr., Isola; John A. McCrosson, Fall River, Mass.; Joseph C. McGhee, Jr., Bude; Carl D. Mullican, Wesson; Luther D. Pittman, Raleigh; James M. Robertson, Ruleville; John B. Shelby, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Floyd W. Stratton, Liberty; Albloun F. Summers, Pelahatchie; Pat H. Wallace, Isola; Valerius E. Williams, Millington, Tenn. PLEDGES: Dennis M. Bullard, luka; Clyde H. Campbell, Tracy, Tenn.; William Carroll, Chattanooga, Tenn.; John F. Dean, Corinth; Ratford E. DuBoise, Silver City; Homer Green, Jr., Wesson; Joseph Hawkins, Raleigh; Hodgen P. Montague, Jr., Clinton; William D. Parker, Green- wood; Sam S. Simmons, Yazoo City; Robert S. Snyder, Henderson, Ky.; H. Lloyd Storment, luka; Alfred E. Strickland, Laurel. MY BETA GIRL Sweetheart of mine ... My Beta Girl Fairest of all ... My Beta Girl Eyes blue as skies of Beta blue Cheeks like the rose of Beta hue: Tender and true, a pal to all; Worthy of Beta ' s name You are my light, my diamond. so bright, My sweetheart, my Beta girl! Founded in 1839 Ole Miss Beta Beta Chapter in 1879 Flower: Pink rose Colors: Pink and blue Song: My Beta Girl 231 First Row: Billy Adams, Sam Alman, Hubert Armstrong, Ed W. Atkinson, George ihomas Bailey, Jack Clint Barrett, James Bass, Thomas A. Bell, Preston Bennett, Homer Best, Charles Bidgood, Guy Cameron Billups, Charles Bingham, Ed Birchett. Second Row: Joe Kent Bishop, Boyer M. Brady, Kimball Brown, Robert Lowry Buie, Walter Earl Bullock, Winston Cameron, William Campbell, Fred Carney, Charles Clark, William Cook, William Ramsey Cook, Harry Corban, John Richard Countiss, George Crawford. Third Row: Hall W. Dabbs, Jr., Arch Dalrymple, Ill, Paul Davis, Grady Allen DeCell, John F. Dickson, Dean Carlton DuBois, Harold Dubisson, Robert Ehrhardt, John Farrell, Ted Ford, Fred West Garraway, Dan Gentry, Denton Gibbs, Johnny Girner. Fourth Row: Ernest Graves, Elmore Greaves, Peyton Greaves, Lester Griffin, Torn Hairston, Dee Hamilton, Earnest Lee Hardin, Tom Harvey, Bill Hasson, Jack Henry, Tom Holder, Jack Holman, Wayne Lucas Howard, Edward Humphreys. Fifth Row: Mays Hunter, Wilton Johnson, Ernest Fox Jones, Howard Jones, John M. Jones, Sidney Jones, Edward Joyce, Albert S. Kirst Joe Knight, Herbert Kroeze, John Kroeze, Leslie Lampton, William B. Lloyd, William Brown Lloyd. Sixth Row: Fred Lotterhos, Hugh Luckett, Jr., Edwin Magruder, Ralph H. Marble, Roland D. Marble, Clifton Maxwell, Arthur David Miller, Edmund Mongomery, Malcolm Mongomery, Hugh Moore, Lewis Morrow, Daniel Morse, William B. Moss. Seventh Row: Charles McBeth Murphy John Murry, James Edgar McDonald Jr., Ed McDowell, Ed NFIliam McKee, John McLaurin, Paul McMullen, Pat McMullen, Ernest McMurchy, Bill Nicholson, Jerry Otwell, James Parkin, Robert Rimes Perry. Eighth Row: Logan Phillips, Albert Pippen, James Houston Price, James Quinn, John William Quinn, John Alfred Ramsey, Hugh S. Rayner, Thomas Ramsey, Jr., Robert Riser, Charle Rowan, Farley Salmon, Hugh Schneider, Tom Scott. Ninth Row: John H. Shamburger, Norman Shaw, Harvey S. Stanley, Jr., James Steele, Foirest Milner Stevens, Henry Stevens, Bill Douglas Stone, Beeman Strange, James G. Stuart, R. E. L. Andrew Sullivan, James Taylor. Tenth Row: Jerry Tibilier, Sterling Tighe, Bobby Turnage, James Tyson, Nat I. Washburn, James L. Webb, John Webb, John Joseph Arthur Whatley, Lester Williamson, Ney Williams, Fred Wright, Hollis Spencer Young. 232 FOR THE RECORD . . . A group of " Southern Gentlemen " dreamed this up over a pot or two of " Southern Zombies " in 1865—comes each Founder ' s Day, the Brothers wear suits, red roses, and drool " Kappa Alpha Rose " . . . Hugh Moore is number I, Hal Dabbs, number II, and John Jones, number III, and Arch Dalrymple, number 5280 . . Bullock is the " Dollar- A-Year " annual man . . . Also was elected to the Hall of Fame . . . Logan Phillips was promoted from Sergeant (Army) to Colonel (ROTC) . , . On clear, cool nights Robert E. Lee and Traveler can be heard trotting around the chapter room. OFFICERS: Hugh Moore, Number I, Bay St. Louis; Hal Dabbs, Jr., Number II, Quitman; John Jones, Number III, Macon. ACTIVES: Billy Adams, Canton; R. M. Allen, Indianola; Sam Alman, Gulfport; Hubert Armst rong, Greenville; Preston Bennett, Meridian; Jack Barrett, Houston; James Bass. Jackson; Tommy Bell, Grenada; Edward Birchett, Yazoo City; Charles Bingham, Gulf- port; Jack Blasingame, Jackson; B. M. Jackson; Kimball Brown, Houston; Bob Buie, Jackson; Walter Bullock, Columbia; Winston Cameron, Meridian; William Campbell, Memphis; W. L. Cook, Pensacola, Fla.; W. R. Cook, Jackson; Harry Corban, Fayette; Alfred Crisler, Jackson; George Craw- ford, Aberdeen; Hal N. Dabbs, Crawford; Arch Dalrymple, Amory; Leon Davis, Greenville; Paul Davis, Knoxville, Tenn.; Grady DeCell, Jackson; Harold Dubisson, Gulfport Fred Dunn, Jackson; Bobby Ehrhardt, Jackson; Ted Ford, Columbia; Denton Gibbes, Laurel; Tom Hairston, Jackson; Dee Hamilton, Brookhaven; Tom Harvey, Gulfport; Earnest Lee Hardin, Macon; Bill Hasson, Meridian; Tom Holder, Houston; Jack Holman, Macon; Edward Humphreys, Indianola; Cecil Inman, Jackson; Wilton Jackson; Ernest Jones, Laurel; John M. Jones, Macon; Sidney Jones, Jackson; Frank Kennedy, Meridian; Joe Knight, Meridian; John Kroeze, Jackson; James Lloyd, Jackson; Thames Lloyd, Jackson; Ed McDowell, Jackson; Charlie McGlohn, Columbus; William McKee, Starkville; Ed McIntyre, Brandon; John McLaurin, Brandon; Pat Jackson; Ernest McMurchy, Duncan; Edwin Magruder, Newton; Sidney Majure, Jackson; Clifton Maxwell, Jackson; Arthur Merrill, Meridian; Hugh Moore, Bay St. Louis; Edmond Montgomory, Yazoo City; Malcolm Montgomory, Yazoo City; Andrew Morson, Greenville; Charles McBeth Murphy, Belzoni; John Brandon; Linton North, Belzoni; Logan Phillips, Jackson; Al Pippen, Columbus; James H. Price, Magnolia; John Ramsey, Helena, Ark.; Hugh Rayner, Meridian; Robert L. Riser, Jackson; Robert Indianola; Tom Scott, Jackson; Farley Salmon, Clarksdale; Henry Stevens, Richton; Douglas Stone, Columbus; James G. Stuart, Meridian; R. E. L. Gulfport; Andrew Sullivan, Macon; Jerry Tibilier, Jackson; Alex Touchstone, Meridian; Bobby Turnage, Prentiss; James Tyson, Starkville; Nat I. Washburn, Meridian; John Webb, Leland; Blake Whittington, Memphis; Tom Wilkinson, Shelby; Ney Williams, Raymond; Nate Williamson, Meridian; Fred Wright, Brookhaven. PLEDGES: George T. Angero, Meridian; Ed W. Atkinson, Pickens; Charles Azar, Greenville; George Bailey, Gulfport; Homer Best, Jackson; Charles Bidgood, Meridian; Gu " Billups, Greenwood; Joe Bishop, Pascagoula; Ed Cates, Jackson; Hal Catchings, Jackson; Fred Carney, Clevela nd; James Coleman, Jackson; John Countiss, Jackson; Robert Crook, Meridian; John F. Dickson, Jackson; Dean Dubois, Gulfport; John R. Farrell, Meridian; Fred Garraway, Jackson; Dan Gentry, Sardis; Johnny Girner, Sardis; Ernest Graves, Laurel; Elmore Greaves, Jackson; Peyton Greaves, Jackson; Lester Griffin, Belzoni; Jack Meridian; Wayne Howard, Brandon; Mays Hunter, Macon; Howard Jones, Laurel; Edward Joyce, St. Augustine, Fla.; Albert Kirst, Jackson; Herbert Kroeze, Jackson; Leslie Lampton, Jack- son; Fred Lotterhos, Jackson; William Lloyd, Jackson; Hugh Luckett, Jr., Jackson; James McDonald, West Point; James McInnis, Meridian; Paul McMullen, Jackson; Ralph Marble, Leland; Rowland Leland; David Miller, Jackson; Robert Miller, Jackson; William Moss, Meridian; Lewis Morrow, Memphis, Tenn.; Daniel Morse, Jackson; George Morse, Gulfport; Stanford Morse, Gulfport; William Nicholson, Greenville; Jerry Otwell, Meridian; Edwin Memphis, Tenn.; Robert Perry, Vicksburg; Frank Purnell, Meridian; James Quinn, Sturgis; John Quinn, Greenwood; Tom Ramsey, Hattiesburg; Kenneth Reynolds, Memphis, Tenn., Tom Ross, Jackson; Charles Rowan, Jackson; Hugh Schnieder, Laurel; John Shamberger, Meridian; Norman Shaw, Jackson; Harvey Stanley, Greenville; James Steele, Schuqualak; Forrest Stephens, Hattiesburg; Bill Stewart, Poplarville; Beeman Strange, Meridian; James Taylor, Jackson; Sterling Tighe, Jackson; Arthur Whatley, Vicksburg; James Webb, Leland; Joe West, Sardis; Hollis Spencer Young, Bruce. KA ROSE She has two dreamy eyes of blue A wealth of golden hair Two ruby lips to kiss you And a smile beyond compare She ' s the sweetest girl in all the world The fairest flower that grows She ' s my sunny southern sweetheart She ' s my Kappa Alpha Rose. Founded December 21, 1865; Ole Miss chapter—Alpha Upsilon 1900; Flowers: Magnolia and red rose; Colors: Crimson and Old gold; Song: ' ' KA Rose. " UPPil 233 First Row: Joseph V. Alsobrook, Donald J. Arceneaux, Thomas M. Barnett, Ralph Bowie, James Robert Branning, William H. Brewer, David I. Bridgers, Lloyd M. Bridgers, Frank Brower, Howard A. Brown. Jack E. Brown, Ray Bryant, Marion E. Bullock. Second Row: Joseph B. Bursi, Lee L. Byers, Robert Caldwell, Cliff S. Campbell, Guy D. Campbell, Roger E. Campbell, Mack Car- michael, Hilmon Ca stle, Danny Covert, Robert Covert, Jack Covert, Robert S. Cooper. Third Row: Jimmy Crabbe, Ancil L. Cox, Billy H. Davis, James L. Davis, William E. Dalton, Sinclair Daniel, Charles W. Dean, Wayne E. Derrington, Don E. Dismukes, Jack B. Donaldson, David W. Dunn, Wayne B. Fancher, Charles H. Fulghum. Fourth Row: William M. Gillespie, Jay Gore, Jr., William A. Green, Bill Gunn, Walter D. Gunn, Edward Hamoric, Henry Harrington, Albert W. Heffner, James Hinmon, Edward Hinmon, William B. Holloman, Hunter H. Kimball. Fifth Row: Joe K. Jacobs, Maurice C. Kemp, Joseph King, Roland C. Kirby, Leroy Kirkpatrick, Clifton A. Lamb, Fletcher D. Lewis, John William Lewis, Ira L. Morgan, Kendrick McCarley, James McCormack, Dan McElroy, Ellis H. McGaun. Sixth Row: Joseph McKell, George S. McLaughlin, Paul Newton, Malcolm Nich ols, Charles N. Payne, Walter J. Phillips, Boyd Pickens, Ben Quintana, Vernon Rawlings, Hugh Ray, Logan Dale Rimes, Guy N. Rogers. Seventh Row: Erwin E. Russell, Rudolph V. Russell, Robert L. Russum, Donald Sanders, Harry J. Sasser, Clarence Ray Scales, David P. Searcy, Milton M. Shackelf ord, John H. Shands, Earle Shannon, James B. Skewes, David Stewart, Charles Smith. Eighth Row: George Stephens, Clayton R. Stewart, A. C. Suhren, Jr., Jimmy Thomas, Hugh H. Thomasson, George T. Tindall, Billy Tittle, Herbert Eugene Trammell, Rogers Varner, Caley B. Waldrip, Robert D. Walker, Parker Walker. Ninth Row: Frank B. Watts, Thomas H. Watts, Calvin B. Wells, Harold H. White, Robert M. Wilkes, Peter K. Willemoes, Charles Williams, Granville H. Williams, Alvin R. Wright, Charles Wright, John A. Wroten, Joe Wroten, Howard Yawn. 234 FOR THE RECORD . . uncovered, not founded, at the University of Virginia in 1869 . . imposed on Ole Miss in 1926 . . . Paul Newton calls himself " boss ' ' . . . the two vice bosses (or vice versa) are Charles Walker (Tuesday Night Section) and Bob Caldwell (Wednesday Night Section) . . . Howard Brown sits on the money while Alsobrook attempts to keep the corres- pondence up to date . . various members go under such dubious titles as Shanghai, Pinhead, Gubby, Hoggy, Pablo, etc. . Nichols will forever be referred to as " thar from Millsaps. " OFFICERS: Paul Newton, President, Wiggins; Charles Walker, Vice-President, Sanatorium; Robert S. Cald well, Vice-President, Baldwyn; Joseph V. luke; Howard A. Brown, Treasurer, Jackson. MEMBERS: Billups H. Allen, Starkville; Harold M. Bailey, Meridian; Thomas M. Baldwyn; Samuel E. Jr., Jackson; Bernard Blackwell, Saucier; James Boutwell, Laurel; Ralph Bowie, Durant; James Robert Branning, Meridian; William H. Richton; David 1. Bridgers, Jackson; Lloyd M. Bridgers, Jackson; Frank Bower, Charleston; Ray Bryant, Gulfport; Marion E. Bullock, Tylertown; Joseph Oakville, Tenn.; Lee L. Byers, Batesville; Guy D Campbell, Laurel; Mack Carmichael, Meridian; Hilmon Castle, Pachuta; James A, Cherry, Jr., Wiggins; Charles W. Crisler, Jackson; Ancil L. Cox, Shaw; Roland Dale, Magee; William E. Centreville; Sinclair Daniel, Brookhaven; James L. Jackson; Charles W. Dean, Shaw; Don E. Dismukes, Duck Hill; Jack B. Donaldson, Memphis; Robert K. Evans, Memphis; H. Fulghum, Booneville; Boyd Goodwin, Hot Springs, Ark.; Marshall L. Gordy Jr., Forest; Joy Jr., Grenada; Walter D. Gunn, Charleston; Henry Houston; Albert W. Philipp; George W. Herring, Meridian; Edward Hinman, Pascagoula; James Hinman, Pascagoula; William Bryan Holliday, Jr., Jackson; William Bernard Hunt, Jr., Oliv e Branch; Joe K. Jacobs, Memphis; Hugh Memphis; Henry G. Kersh, Jr., Jackson; Hunter H. Kimball, Gulfport; Joseph King, Laurel; Leroy Kirkpatrick, Clarksdale; Robert L. Lambright, Jackson; Thomas Ed Magee, Brookhaven; Ira L. Jr., Oxford; James T. Jr., Winona; Howard B. McCrory, Forest; Robert G. Nichols, Jr., Jackson; James F. Noble, Brookhaven; Charles N. Payne, Saltillo; Robert J. Peets, Jackson; Walter J. Phillips, St. Louis: Boyd New Albany; James M. Power, Red Banks; Ray Prigmore, Charleston; Ben Quintana, McComb; Elmer Ray Laurel; Guy N. Rogers New Albany; Henry C. Rose, Winona; Erwin E. Russell, Booneville; Rudolph V. Russell, Taylors- ville; Robert L. Russum, Flora; Harry J. Sasser, Carthage; David P. Searcy, Greenville; John H. Fulton; Earle Vicksburg; James F. Shumate, Meridian; George Meridian; Clayton R. Stewart, Houston; David Stewart, Houston; A. C. Suhren, Jr., Pass Christian; Eugene Jackson; Hugh H. Thomasson, DeKalb; George T. Tindall, Magee; Herbert E. Trammell, Laurel; James G. Vaughan, Laurel; Caley Jackson; Parker Walker, Sana- torium; Thomas H. Watts, Columbia; Charles Leland; Harold H. White, Laurel; Robert M. Wilkes, Helena, Ark.; Charles D. Yazoo City, William W. Woods, Charleston; Joseph Wroten, Greenville; John Wroten, Greenville. PLEDGES: Donald J. Arceneaux, Bay St. Louis; Jack E. Brown, Collins; Cliff S. Campbell, Laurel; Roger E. Campbell, Jackson; Robert S. Cooper, Forest; Danny Meridian; Jack Covert, Meridian; Robert Covert, Meridian; Jimmy Crabbe, Booneville; Billy H. Davis, Houston; Wayne E. Derrington, Jackson; David W. Dunn, Oxford; Wayne B. Faucher, Columbus; William M. Gillespie, Charleston; William A. Green, Jonestown; Bill Gunn, Charleston; Edward Hamoric, Memphis; Richard Jackson; William B. Holloman, Ruleville; Maurice C. Kemp, Winona; Bill Kenny, Bay St. Louis; Roland C. Kerby, Houston; Jimmy Lackey, Forest; Clifton A. Jackson; Fletcher D. Lewis, Rosedale; John Wil- liam Lewis, Rosedale; Kendrick McCarley, Sanatorium; James McCormack, Fulton; Dan McElroy, Fulton; Ellis H. McGlaun, Baldwyn; Joseph McKell, Grenade; George S. McLaughlin, Vicksburg; Sidney E. Mitchell, Houston; John Morris, Jackson; Malcolm Nichols, Rosedale; Bruce Phillips, Crystal Springs; Vernon Rawlings, Meridian; Hugh Corinth; Logan Dale Rimes, McComb; Billy C. Rogers, Sylvarena; John Rogers, Sylvarena; Donald Sanders, Memphis; Clarence Ray Scales, Jackson; Milton M. Shackelford, Columbus; James B. Skewes, Meridian; Charles Smith, Greenville; Kenneth Strange, Meridian; Bryan K. Strickland, Greenville; Jimmy Thomas, Laurel; Jimmy T. Thrash, Meridian; Billy Tittle, Laurel; Rogers Varner, Pace; Robert D. Sanatorium; Frank B . Watts, Wiggins; Calvin B. Wells, Eddiceton; Peter K. Willemoes, Wiggins; Granville I-I. Williams, Bay St. Louis, Alvin R. Wright, Jackson; Charles C. Meridian; Howard Yawn, Fulton. KAPPA SIGMA DREAM GIRL You ' re my Kappa Sigma Dream Girl, Queen of my castles in Spain Brightest star that gleams ' neath the crescent; You ' re the rainbow that follows each rain Lovely Kappa Sigma Dream Girl Tell me, oh tell me that soon, Forsaking all others save Kappa Sig brothers, You ' ll be mine ' neath the Kappa Sig moon. Founded December 10, 1869, University of Virginia; Delta Xi Chapter founded October 2, 1926; Colors: Scarlet, Green and White; Flower: Lily of the Valley; Song: Kappa Sigma Dream Girl. UPPA 235 ALPHA • F. L VIM First Row: William M. Abney, Orion D. Blanton, Jim B. Boler, James 0. Boltz, Joe F. Bond, Joe Coley, Cecil R. Crook, Joseph R. Crook. Second Row: William T. Crouse, Frank L. Doerr, Bert Forman, Bruno Furini, Paul A. Gowen, George M. Gregory, William T. Hamilton. Third Row: Everette L. Harper, Joseph E. Harper, Edward Higginbotham, Garvin M. Hill, John J. Hill, Martin E. Hinman, Alfred K. Jackson, Louis F. Jackson. Fourth Row: Emmitt Jamison, David N. Jeffords, J. W. Jennings, James Johnson, O. Vernon Johnson, Luther R. Jones, Dailey A. King, John L. Kittle. Fifth Row: Charles D. McCool, James F. Nixon, Pete J. Nosser, John F. Rawls, Robert B. Reichard, Jeff W. Rish, John F. Sims. Sixth Row: William L. Sims, Burris 0. Smith, Curtis Thompson, William Bert Thompson, Wilbur L. Todd, Thomas L. Triplett, S. L. Wallace, Joseph V. Wilson. 236 FOR THE RECORD ... crash landed at Ole Miss in 1927 ... Sims handles the wheel while Smith rides in the right seat . . . Willie Sims checks on the exchequer . .. in the event that anything worth while is said, Jeffords jots it down ... Hairline Harper (the local Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy) plays football, heads the " M " club, and sits in on ODK meetings ... was elected to the Hall of Fame . . . all deny acquaintance with Van Wilson . . . Hawkins fares poorly as the youthful entrepreneur . . . but manages to remain well within the Law School inner circle. OFFICERS: Shields Sims, President, Columbus; Burris 0. Smith, Vice-President, Louisville; David N. Jeffords, Secretary, West Memphis, Ark.; William L. Sims, Jr., Treasurer, Columbus. MEMBERS: William M. Abney, Jr., Amory; Jim B. Borer, Avery; Robert B. Booz, McPherson, Kas.; James H. Breunlin, Sycamore, III.; Frank L. Doerr, Butler, Pa.; Jackson D. Doty, Tupelo; Billy G. Flautt, Swan Lake; George M. Gregory, Robinsonville; Everett L. Harper, Moss Point; Armis A. Hawkins, Memphis, Tenn.; John J. Hill, Philadelphia, Pa; Emmitt Jamison, Pascagoula; David N. Jeffords, West Memphis, Ark.; Luther H. Jones, Memphis, Tenn.; Benjamin F. Mann, Holly Springs; Ralph E. Neunlist, Tunica; Joseph Lore, Greenwood; John F. S. Sims, Columbus; William L. Sims, Jr., Columbus; Burris 0. Smith, Louisville; William B. Thompson, Columbus; Curtis Thompson, Columbus; Thomas L. Triplett, Mashulaville; Joseph V. Wilson, Jr., Lula; Kavanough P. Wood, Lena. PLEDGES: Robert Allen, Pascagoula; Louis F. Arm- strong, Plant City, Fla.; Orion D. Blanyon, Memphis, Tenn.; James 0. Boltz, Wiggins; Joe F. Bond, Jackson; Barnie T. Bramlett, Oxford; Leo D. Breach, Webb; Joe G. Coley, Louisville; Robert Covington, Louisville; Joseph R. Crook, Vaiden; William T. Crouse, Columbus; William M. David, Forest City, Ark.; Bert Forman, Memphis, Tenn.; Bruno Furini, Jr., Lyon; Paul A. Gowan, Memphis, Tenn.; William T. Hamilton, Memphis, Tenn.; Thomas L. Hardee, Valdosta, Ga.; Joseph E. Harper, Moss Point; Edward Higginbothom, Stamps, Ark.; Garvin M. Hill, Louisville; John B. Hood, Jonestown; Louis F. Jackson, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.; Alfred K. Jackson, Memphis, Tenn.; J. W. Jennings, Tutwiler; James D. Johnson, Memphis, Tenn.; 0. Vernon Johnson, Memphis, Tenn.; Robert T. Kell, Pascagoula; Dailey A. King, Lexington; John L. Kittle, Tunica; William S. Lawson, Memphis, Tenn.; Gene D. Lyne, Memphis, Tenn.; Ray V. Mosley, Memphis, Tenn.; Charles D. McCool, Louisville; James F. Nixon, Jr., Tishomingo; Pete J. Nosser, Jr., Vicksburg; Thomas R. Perry, Memphis, Tenn.; Louis V. Philippi, Memphis, Tenn.; Raymond B. Porter, Clarksdale; Charlew C. Rakestraw, Hickory Flat; Jewel W. Raulins, Memphis, Tenn.; John F. Rawls, Memphis, Tenn.; Robert B. Reichard, West Memphis, Ark.; Jeff W. Rish, Jr., Houston; Fletcher Rosenbaum, Meridian; Neil Rosenbaum, Meridian; David 0. Smith, Atlanta, Ga.; Orrin W. Snyder, Memphis, Tenn.; Wilbur Lee Todd, Oxford; S. L. Wallace, Memphis, Tenn.; James R. Verger, Greenville. SWEETHEART OF ATO Lovely to see, precious to me, With her eyes like the stars And our rose in her hair, No one can quite compare. When shadows try to hide us, Dreams will see us through. Though the years come and go, She ' ll be loyal I know, She ' s the sweetheart of ATO. Founded September 1 I, 1865 Ole Miss Delta Psi Chapter 1927 Flowers: White tea rose Colors: Sky blue and gold Song: Sweetheart of ATO 237 First Row: Gilbert Alexander, William B. Alexander, Thad L. Andrews, Thomas F. Badon, Kenneth Bowles, Phil 0. Brock, James S. Brown, William G. Burgin, James T. Burrow. Second Row: Hugh V. Carr, Raymond S. Cox, John 0. Dampeer, George R. Ellis, Taulbert J. Finch, Wayne A. Finger, William T. Freeman, Walter R. Hager, James C. Hayes. Third Row: Robert L. Herron, James P. Holloway, Gaston Hunter, Ted J, Ivey, Ranson B. Kirkland, John R. Laird, Steve C. Leist, William V. Lenoir. Fourth Row: Edwin L. Lowry, Ruffin T. Lowry, Robert A. Mitchell, Richard Monaghan, Richard F. Mullett, Rob- ert H. Mullett, William L. Mullett, Herman C. Myers, Newton D. McLean. Fifth Row: Wesley P. McMurray, Robert L. Nichols, Joe N. Pigott, Albert N. Red, Robert R. Revere, Charles W. Robinson, Emmitt B. Rogers, Frank E. Shanahan, J. Denton Sims. Sixth Row: Ewell D. Singleton, Kirby Smith, George W. Stone, Harold E. Stone, Curtis Walden, John W. Weston, Joe T. Willingham, Earl R. Wilson, Robert E. Vest. 238 FOR THE RECORD ... brought here by a brainstorm in 1927 . . . lately became known as " Mullett ' s Local " Wi ventures forth the first Tuesday after each full moon . . . Burgin is the ex-BTO . . . Brock holds sway in Law School ... Sherman finishes his tenth year in Engineernig School . . . other reflected rays from the " White Star " are Herron, Finger, and Alexander. OFFICERS: Richard F. Mullett, Commander; Robert L. Herron, Lt. Commander; Wayne A. Finger, Jr., Treasurer; William B. Alexander, Jr., Recorder. MEMBERS: J. Gilbert Alexander, Union; William B. Alexander, Jr., Boyle; Thad L. Andrews, Magnolia; Thoman F. Badon, Liberty; Kenneth Bowles, Jamestown, N. C.; Phil 0. Brock, McComb; William G. Burgin, Jr., Stark- ville; Gerald Carpenter, Memphis, Tenn.; Hugh V. Carr, Picayune; Raymond S. Cox, Jackson; John 0. Dampeer, Summit; Cecil R. Dickerson, Indianola; Charles M. Fancher, Noxapater; Wayne A. Finger, Jr., Ripley; William T. Freeman, Waynesboro; Noble Germany, Union; James H. Graham, luka; Walter R. Hager, Meadville, Pa.; Robert L. Herron, Cleveland, 0.; James P. Holloway, Brookhaven; Gaston T. Hunter, Union; John R. Laird, Union; William V. Lenoir, McComb; Ruffin T. Lowry, Jackson; Wesley P. McMurray, Paducah, Ky.; P. Richard Monaghan, Honesdale, Pa.; Richard F. Mullett, Quitman; Robert H. Mullett, Quitman; Sherman C. Myers, St. Joseph, Mo.; Joe N. Pigott, McComb; Robert R. Revere, McComb; Charles W. Robison, Oxford; Jesse E. Sampson, Thomasville, Ga.; Frank E. Shanhan, Vicksburg; Harold F. Sherman, McComb; Curtis J. Walden, Birmingham, Ala.; John M. Weston, Bay St. Louis; Joe T. Willingham, Vicksburg; Earl R. Wilson, Oxford. PLEDGES: James S. Brown, Memphis; James I. Burrow, Byhalia; Eugene R. Cran, Waynesboro; George R. Ellis, Waynesboro; Hal C. Foote, Quitman; Taulbert J. Finch, McComb; Fred Fulton, Union; James C. Hayes, Philadelphia; James Paul Hemley, Philadelphia; Ted J. Ivey, McComb; Joseph E. Johnson, Oxford; Ranson B. Kirkland, Waynesboro; Steve C. Leist, Vicksburg; William D. Lockwood, Summit; Edwin L. Lowry, Philadelphia; Newton D. McLean, Bassfield; Robert A. Mitchell, Walnut Grove; William L. Mullett, Quitman; Robert L. Nichols, Vicksburg; Albert N. Red, Union; Emmett B. Rogers, Vicksburg; John B. Rogers, McComb; J. Denton Sims, Charleston; Ewell D. Singleton, Gulfport; Kirby Smith, Batesville, Ark.; Richard L. Smith, Tupelo; George W. Stone, Glen Allen; Harold E. Stone, Gulfport; .Joseph N. Talbert, Grenada; Robert E. Vest, McComb. WHITE ROSE OF SIGMA NU Like roses rare she ' s sweet and fair, There are none that with her can compare, To me it seems that heaven beams When she is in my dreams Round me her love is twining And my fond heart is pining For one I know whose love is true She ' s the White Rose of Sigma Nu. Founded January I, 1869 Ole Miss Epsilon Xi Chapter May 23, 1927 Fraternity Flower: The White Rose Fraternity Colors: Black, Gold, and White Fraternity Song: The White Star of Sigma Nu 239 First Row: James B. Abney, Andrew R. Addkison, Charles Alex- ander, Curtis Alexander, William Alexander, Dewitt Allred, Brannan Anderson, Bruce G. Austin, Carroll Ball, James Barnett, Jim C. Barnett. Second Row: David Bennett, Marion Bishop, Robert Bledsoe, Ellis Bodron, Thomas Boshert, William D. Brooks, James H. Cade, William Carnes, Billy Chapman, Harry Childress, Robert Childress. Third Row: Edmond Daly, Martin Davis, Robert Demilio, Alexander Dickson, Charles Dismukes, James F. Dismukes, Aaron Dominque, Thomas A. Doolittle, Mark Ethridge, Rowland Faust, Richard Fenger. Fourth Row: Cobb Gibbs, Dwayne Hale, Edward Harpole, Aubrey Eighth Row: Howard S. Smithson, Patrick Smith, Pierce A. Stevens, Harris, Carl Herrin, Lloyd Hoo d, Milton Hooper, Will Huggins, J. C. Stone, William D. Swan, Fred H. Tate, Tommy Taylor, Jerry James Hughes, Joe Jennings, Sam Jennings. Tedder, Richard Temple, W. B. Theisman, George Tierce. Ninth Row: Ralph Tierce, Robert Tompkins, James B. Trussell, Jimmy Welsh, Oscar Lane Williams, Robert G. Williams, Joe Wilson, Harry H. Work, George Worthen, Wilford E. Yarbough, Haran Young, 0 r W= ■ 7414111P! F .Pv Fifth Row: Robert Price Johnson, Walter Johnson, Alton Joseph, James R. Kilgore, Lee G. Kirk, Herbert J. Lee, Jimmy Littleton, William Lloyd, Eugene Lowe, J. Tillman Lyles, Alvin Maples. Sixth Row: Dellie A. Mardis, Shelby Mathis, Turley Meeks, Walter Meek, Charles R. Moore, John Mothershed, James Muskelly, Wesley Myers, S. Jay McDuffie, John M. McKee], Walter R. Neill. Seventh Row: Lewis Nobles, William D. Parker, Lynn Pitts, George A. Riley, Billy Robinson, Bill Rothrock, Ben Rush, Ellis Salloum, Robert Shannon, John U. Simmons, Robert Sloan. 240 FOB THE ... floundered to Ole Miss in 1927.. Worthen has the lead while Boyd understudies . . Rothrock collects the dues as the brothers come through the door ... Bodron, and Meek (Turley, that is) swap potshots with the publications board . . . Barnett ran the grand race and got himself elected prexy of the ASB . thence to the Hall of Fame ... Moore is responsible for the records . . . Meek (Buck, this time) dabbles in politics. OFFICERS: Martin Davis, President, Lucedale; William Lloyd, Vice-President, Cleveland; Charles Moore, Secretary, Blytheville, Ark.; Bill Roth- rock, Treasurer, Memphis. MEMBERS: Curtis Barr Alexander, Montrose; P. C. Alexander, Bay Springs; Dewitt Allred, Collins; James Arden Barnett, Jackson; Ellis B. Bodron, Jr., Vicksburg; Carroll Ball, Montrose; David Bennett, Ripley; Jim Barnett, Lumbertown; Jack Center, Ful- ton; James Cade, Lexington; Robert Childress, Jackson; William Stanley Currie, Gulfport; William D. Brooks, Kosciusko; J. Frank Dismukes, Okolona; Foy Dismukes, Okolona; Robert L. Demilo, Lyon; Martin Davis, Lucedale; Alex Dickson, Jr., Greenwood; Robert Edwards, Jackson; Richard N. Fenger, Oxford; Tyrus C. Gibbs, Fulton; James F. Hughes, Oakland; Jimmy Howell, Oxford; Joe Haney, Gulfport; Buddy Huggins, Quitman; Dwayne L. Hale, New Albany; Robert Price Johnson, Ripley; Walter Johnson, Pelehatchia; Joe Jennings, Kosciusko; Sam Jennings, Kosciusko; Carl Herrin, Jr., Durant; Edward Harpole, Laurel; Eugene Lowe, Jr., Glendora; Calvin King, Durant; Alton Joseph, Vicksburg; J. C. Lee, Brooklyn; Jimmy Littleton, Tyro; Raiford Long, Ripley; William Lloyd, Cleveland; J. Tillman Lyle, Newton; John McKee, Jackson; Shelby Mathis, Jackson; Alvin Maples, Leaksville; Mellow Grenada; Turley Meek, Tyro; Walter Meek, Eupora; Charles R. Moore, Blytheville, Ark.; John Mothershed, Crenshaw; James Muskelly, Memphis; Lewis Nobles, Meridian; Carl L. Nance, Ripley; Lynn Pitts, Clarksdale; George A. Riley, Calhoun City; Billy Robinson, Fulton; Lynn T. Rose, Grenada; Benjamin M. Rush, Vaughan; Bill Rothrock, Memphis; Ellis Salloum, Gulfport; Robert Shannon, New Albany; Robert T. Sloan, Abbeville; Patrick Smith, Mendenhall; Jim C. Stone, Okolona; James Byrd Trussell, Grenada; Fred H. Tate, Jr., New Albany; Ralph W. Tierce, Sunflower; Tommy Taylor, Crenshaw; M. Howard Walton, Mt. Olive; Harold W. Weems, Shubuta; Jimmy Welsh, Philadelphia; Gordon Williams, Poplarville; Oscar Lane Williams, Laurel; George Worthen, Union; Joe Wilson, Clarksdale; Wilford E. Yarbrough, Indianola; Haran Young, Aberdeen. PLEDGES: Brannon J. Ander- son, Jr., Grenada; Bruce Green Austin, Tie Plant; Andrew Roy Addkinson, Jackson; Charles C. Alexander, Jr., Kosciusko; William H. Alex- ander, Bay Springs; James B. Abney, Montrose; Thomas Neville Boshert, Duncan; Marion Bishop, Shaw; Robert Eugene Bledsoe, Brooksville; William H. Carnes, Jr., Gulfport; Harry Childress, Sarartia; Edmond Jerome Daly, Philadelphia; Aaron P. Domigue, Memphis; Rowland W. Faust, Bobo; Lloyd S. Hood, Biloxi; Milton S. Hooper, Kosciusko; Robert N. KittreIL Greenwood; James R. Kilgore, Etta; George R. Lambert, Amory; James Biles Lowe, Glendora; Erst Long, Jr., Ripley; Dellie Abner Mardis, Jr., Fayette; Wesley Robert Myers, Water Valley; William Dorsey Parket, Goodman; F. H. Poteet, Water Valley; Pierce Allen Stevens, Anguilla; John Urie Simmons, Gulfport; Howard Sterling Smith- son, Goodman; Bill Swain, Gulfport; Jerry Tedder, Memphis; George Tierce, Sunflower; W. B. Theisman, Jr., Grenada; Robert F. Tompkins, Mem phis; Edgar N. Turnipseed, Grenada; Richard Temple, Lexington; Harry H. Work, Jr., New Albany. THE DREAM GIRL OF PI K.A. When the night-birds are singing their lovesong And you sit by the fire light and dream, There ' s the thought of a girl who puts your brain in a whirl, For her eyes like the bright embers gleam; She is fair as the heavens above her, She is to the trust she bears, For lho ' she is far a-way, She ' ll be yours some sweet day, She ' s the Dream-Girl of Pi K. A. Founded March I, 1868; Ole Miss Gamma Iota Chapter May 27, 1927; Colors: Garnet and Old Gold; Flowers: Lily of the Valley; Song: Dream Girl of Pi K A P1 KAPPA LPHA IMM,1■11. PHI EPSILON Pirs+ ROW: Vance Baucum, Floyd Bishop, James Bynum, Richard Eugene Caldwell, Roscoe Carty, John Case. Second Row: William Condon, James Dabney, Charles Farris, Henry Harwell, Gerald Jacobs. Third Row: John Maugh, Harold Melvin, Angus McBryde, Claude Mc- Bryde, Robert McCoy, Jack Parker. Fourth Row: William Petigo, John Sorrell, David Toler, James Wenzel ' , W. D. Womack. FOR THE. RECORD . . . started off with a bang in 1901 . . . sputtered in here around 1928 (the cra sh came the next year) . . . Gerald Jacobs manages the club . • • and Gily is bouncer ... McBryde is the stick man who pays off bad debts . . . Vance Baucum writes out receipts . .. they mix purple with dark red with a surprisingly pleasing result ... Carty remains the man-about-the-campus. OFFICERS: Gerald Jacobs, President, Vicksburg; L. A. Gily, Vice-President, Laurel; Vance Baucum, Secretary, Laurel; C. Milton McBryde, Comptroller, Sumrall; Charles Farris, Pledge Master, Leland; William James Condon, Historian, Leland. ACTIVES: Vance Baucum, Lauren; Allen Bodron, Vicksburg; William James Condon, Leland; Charles Farris, Leland; L. A. Gily, Laurel; Gerald Jacobs, Vicksburg; C. Milton McBryde, Sumrall; Harold Melvin, Laurel; Jack Sisloff Parker, Sumrall; Charlton Vincent, Belzoni. PLEDGES: James Bynum, Booneville; Loren Cantrell, Memphis, Tenn.; John Case, Brookhaven; James Dabney, Hernando; T. D, Farris, Vicksburg; Harland Grafton, Hughes, Ark.; Henry Harwell, Memphis, Tenn.; Robert McCoy, Belzoni; John Maugh, Leland; Roy Nichols, Belzoni; Jack Odom, Columbus; William Petigo, Leland; Johnny Sorrell, Belzoni; David Tolar, Vicksburg; James V. Wenizell, Biloxi; Wade Cagle, Memphis, Tenn.; Virgil James, Memphis, Tenn.; Floyd Bishop, Laurel; James Thorp, Silver City. ANTHEM Dear old fraternity All my life through love and cherish The mem ' ry of you Should harm betide me Thou e ' re will guide me, Sig-ma, dear Sig ma Phi Epsilon true. Founded November 1, 1901 Ole Miss Alpha Chapter founded June 2, 1928 Fraternity Colors: Purple and Dark Red Fraternity Flowers: American Beaiiiy Roses and Violets PHI EPSILON PI First Row: Irvin Bernstein, Seymore Bernstein, Robert Covens, Charles 0. Friedman. Second Row: Melvin M. Kraus, Louis Gritz, Robert L. Marcus, Leonard Kline, Max Weiner. 244 FOR THE RECORD . . . established 1904 . . . blew in at our State U. in 1935 . . . Mooch Marcus is the wheel . . . has a hand in every activity involving noise and crowds . . . Killer Kline holds his own in Law School . . . Covens transferred from Millsaps (though rumor hath it that the transfer was from another State supported institution located at Whit- field) . . . Charlie Marcus aspires to legal life in the Windy City. OFFICERS: Max Weiner, Superior; Bernard Lapides, Vice-Superior; Charles Friedman, Secretary and Treasurer; Louis Gritz, Chaplain. MEMBERS: Charles 0. Friedman, Jonestown; Louis Gritz, luka; Leonard Kline, Anguilla; Melvin M. Kraus, Belzoni; Bernard Lapides, Hernando; Roberh Louis Marcus, Jonestown; Max Weiner, Helena, Ark. PLEDGES: Seymore Bernstein, Oxford; Irvin Bernstein, Memphis, Tenn.; Robert Conins, Crystal Springs. PHI EP DREAM GIRL SONG Every college has its coed fair, Every town its village belle, Who has won acclaim and widespread fame By her charm and her wit as well. Every fellow on this earth of ours Has some girl as his ideal, Tho it only seems that she comes in his dreams Yet this mythical dream girls is real. CHORUS: She ' s the girl who has stolen the dew for her eyes, She has taken the sun for her smile. She has borrowed the tones of the nightingale ' s song Just to hold one entranced all the while. She has hair just as fair as the flowers in May, And her loveliness never will die, Her nature is sweet as all nature itself, She ' s the dream girl of Phi Ep Pi. Founded Nov. 23, 1904 Ole Miss Alpha Sigma Chapter founded Feb. 16, 1935 Flower: White Carnation Colors: Purple and Gold Song: Dream Girl of Phi Epsilon Pi 245 • PRESTON P. BENNETT SAMUEL E. BIRDSONG ELLIS B. BODRON ROBERT A. BONDS THOMAS D. BOURDEAUX WALTER E. BULLOCK NED GOTTHELF EVERETTE HARPER ROBERT G. NICHOLS GRIFFIN NORQUIST OWEN T. PALMER DOUGLAS G. STONE OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is a National Honorary Fraternity for men widely in leading American Colleges and Universities. Its threefold purpose is: to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in college activities; to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life; and to assemble members of he faculty and student body of the college on a basis of mutual interest and under- standing. Members are selected twice each year on the basis of un- usual leadership, ability, and general character. imisirammomonr 248 WILLIAM G. BURGIN GUY D. CAMPBELL NOAH S. SWEAT. JR. WILLIAM F. WINTER MORTAR BOARD Membership in Mortar Board, national honorary society for Senior women, established at the University of Mississippi in 1943, is one of the highest honors that can come to an Ole Miss co-ed. Selection into Mortar Board is based on outstanding personality, abiliiy, scholarship, and leadership on the campus. MEMBERS OF MORTAR BOARD ANN BOGARD DOT DAY DOT SYMONDS LILLIAN PREWITT • MEMBERS OF OMICRON DELTA KAPPA PRESTON P. BENNETT WALTER E. BULLOCK ROBERT G. NICHOLS SAMUEL E. BIRDSONG WILLIAM G. BURGIN GRIFFIN NORQUIST WILLIAM H. BIZZELL GUY D. CAMPBELL OWEN PALMER ELILS B. BODRON ROBERT D. GAGE DOUGLAS C. STONE ROBERT A. BONDS NED GOTTHELF NOAH S. SWEAT THOMAS D. BOURDLAUX EVERETTE HARPER WILLIAM F. WINTER P Pi Kappa Pi, an organization that upholds high ideals in scholastic work, is compara- tively new on the Ole Miss campus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is one of the two highest scholastic honors that may be attained at the University. The main require- ment for membership is a seventy per cent average of A ' s for two consecutive years. OFFICERS PAUL NEWTON President . Vice-President BILL BAGGETT ....... Secretary JOHN ETHERIDGE Treasurer Finley Belcher Robert Bobo Howard Brown William Burgin MEMBERS Guy Campbell Jay D. Cohen John Etheridge Cliff Maxwell Lewis Nobles Owen Palmer Sybil Parker Joyce B. Watson FRANCES ESTES First Row: Billy Baggett Finley Belcher Robert Bobo, Jr. Howard Brown William Garner Burgin Guy D. Campbell Second Row: Jay D. Cohen Frances Estes John Etheridge Third Row: Clifton Maxwell Paul Newton William Lewis Nobles Owen Palmer ORGANIZATIONS 250 PHI SIM Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshmen, has as its purpose the forwarding of scholarly ideals and achievements among freshman men. To attain membership in this organization it is necessary for the student to have not less than a 2.5 average in his first year of college work. Though selected in their freshman year the members remain active throughout their four college years. OFFICERS ROBERT A. BONDS . President EVERE1TE HARPER Secretary CLIFTON MAXWELL Vice-President BILL .Y BAGGETT Treasurer MEMBERS Thad Andrews James S. Attaya Bill Baggett William W. Barnard Eugene Belcher Edward Skinner Birchett Ellis Bodron Robert A. Bonds Lloyd Bridgers Charles Calvert Clarence Castle Guy D. Campbell Arthur Burton Custy Kirby Day Martin Davis Charles Toy Dismuskes John Ethridge Theodore G. Elchos Frank Ratliff Fortenberry Bruno Furini Guy Gillespie Ned Gotthelf Jeff Hamm E. L. " Mush " Hardin Harper Ernest McClain Jones Bill Lucket1 Clifton Maxwell Harold W. Melvin Thomas Owen Metcalfe Griffin Norquist Jane Owen Norsworthy Owen Palmer George Tindall Joel Philip Walker Richard G. Jr. Calvin Lowell Wells William Q. McKee Edmund Montgomery Malcolm B. Montgomery Clarence E. Morgan Jr. Robert T. Riser Sidney Robinson, Jr. Tom B. Scott James F. Shumate, Jr. Burris 0. Smith Joseph Stevens Jack Stuart John Sullivan John S. Throop Earl R. Wilson Joseph V. Wilson Claude J. Woodward First Row: Thad Andrews,Bill Baggett, Wil- liam Barnard, Edward Birchett, Ellis Bodron, Robert A. Bonds, Lloyd Bridgers, Charles A. Calvert, Guy D. Campbell, Clarence Castle, Arthur Burton Custy. Second Row: Martin Davis, Kirby Day, Charles Dismukes, Theodore George Elchos, John Ethridge, Frank Ratliff Fortenberry, Bruno Furini, Guy Gillespie, Ned Gotthelf, Jeff Hamm, Earnest Lee Hardin. Third Row: Everette Harper, Bill Luckett, Clifton Maxwell, Harold W. Melvin, Griffin Norguist, Jase Owen Norsworthy, Owen Palmer, George Tindall, Joel Philip Walker, Richard G. Walls, Jr., Calvin Wells. ORGANIZATIONS 251 CWENS is composed of sophomore women selected on a basis of scholarship, their ability as leaders, and active participation in campus activities. The purpose of CWENS is to promote scholarship and leadership among sophomore co-eds and to render service to the University. OFFICERS ELEANOR KNEE President MARY ELIZABETH CATES Vice-President RUTH SPIVEY Secretary LYDY BECKER Treasurer MEMBERS Lydy Becker Charm Crum Dot Mooney Mary Frances Buntin Julie Davis Ruth Spivey Mary Elizabeth Cates Eleanor Knee Claire Wells First Row: Lydia Beth Becker Mary Frances Buntin Mary Elizabeth Cates Charm Crum Second Row: Julie Peyton Davis Eleanor Henson Knee Dorothy Mooney Ruthie Spivey Kathryn Claire Wells ORGANIZATIONS 252 Pix is an honorary inter-sorority secret society. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding members of each of the sororities at the University, and to foster congeniality and genuine friendship between the various Greek letter organizations. MEMBERS CHARLOTTE GEE Chi Omega BETTYE McGEHEE Chi Omega JANIE GAY STEEI E Chi Omega SUZETTE TOWNSEND Chi Omega DOT DAY Delta Delta Delta MARY ANN RIVERS Delta Delta Delta MARIE ANN SPIVEY . Delta Delta Delta ANN FAIRLY WILSON . Delta Delta MARY MAUD BIRMINGHAM Delta Gamma INEZ DENTON Delta Gamma EDITH SCOTT Delta Gamma EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFF . . . Delta Zeta BILLIE JOHNSON Delta Zeta LYNNA MOONEY Delta Zeta MARGARET BANNING Kappa Delta JERRIE COLDRIN Kappa Delta LILLIAN PREWITT Kappa Delta PAT LAND Kappa Kappa Gamma SARA AYCOCK Phi Mu GLADYS CUNNINGHAM Phi Mu MARY 0. LIDDELL Phi Mu KATHRYN BARR Zeta Tau Alpha PAULA HAMMOND . Zeta Tau Alpha First Row: Sarah Aycock, Margaret Ban- ning, Kathryn Barr, Emily Ann Bickerstaff, Mary Maud Birmingham, Jerre Coldren, Gladys Cunningham. Second Row: Dot Day, Inez Denton, Char- lotte Gee, Paula Hammond, Pat Land, Mary Liddell. Third Row: Betty McGehee, Lillian Prewitt, Edith Scott, Marie Ann Spivey, Janie Steele, Suzette Townsend, Ann Wilson. ORGANIZATIONS 253 • This organization aims to promote higher standards of living and learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshmen women. OFFICERS ELEANOR KNEE President HELENA MAGRUDER Vice-President RUTHIE SPIVEY Secretary SARA LeMASTER Treasurer MARTHA SUE DRAPER Reporter MEMBERS Jacquelin Bowen Eleanor Knee Helena Magruder Martha Sue Draper Sara LeMaster Georgiane Pitchford Ann Griffeth Ruthie Spivey PLEDGES Eleanor Allen Lucy Magee Pat Reilly Billy Jean French Wails Summers First Row: Eleanor Allen Jackquelene Bowen Martha Sue Draper Anna Lou Griffith Eleanor Knee Second Row: Sara LeMaster Helena C. Magruder Georgianne Pitchford Pat Reiley Ruth Miller Spivey ORGAIVIZATIONS 254 The Veterans Organization is the official spokesman for all veterans at the University. Its purpose is to unite the veterans of World War II for the promotion of fellowship, scholarship, and student leadership. OFFICERS WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN President W. E. McINTYRE, JR. Vice-President L. D. TURNER Secretary JACK S. PARKER Treasurer JOEL CULL UM Publicity Officer EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Joy Bell C. M. McBryde Tom Scott R. F. Bledsoe F. W, Stratton First Row: R. E. Bledsoe Joel Cullum William S. Griffin C. M. McBryde Second Row: W. E. McIntyre, Jr. Jack S. Parker Tom Scott L. D. Turner ORGANIZATIONS 255 PHI MIA PH1 Phi Delta Phi is an international honorary legal fraternity having for its aim the maintenance and continual improvement of the high standards of the legal pro- fession. Members are selected from those students who have displayed the highest qualities of scholarship and character in their legal training. One of the activities of the fraternity is bringing to the campus outstanding members of the Bench and Bar of Mississippi to speak to the students of the School of Law. GEORGE J. JR M RU D LAN G. G ROGER Exchequer WESLEY PELHAM McMURRY ROG OFFICERS Magister HARRY 0. HOFFMAN Clerk Historian First Row: Philip Adams, Thomas Badon, Samuel Birdsong, William Burgin, Lampkin Butts, William D. Coleman, Donald Cooley, James Crigler, Philip L. Cunningham, Joe Dale, Mark E. Eth ridge. Second Row: Uriah G. Flowers, Benton Gibbs, Ned Gotthelf, Reginald Gray, David Gross, Armis E. Hawkins, Rowland W. Heidelburg, Harry Hoffman, William J. Huff, Charles Jacobs, Lee G. Kirk. Third Row: Roger Landrum, Edward F. McDowell, Robert H. McFarland, Pelham McMurry, Samuel G. Norquist, Ben Owen, Owen Palmer, John R. Poole, George J. Schweizer, James L. Tyson, Douglas White. Philip Gerald Adams Virgil C. Adams, Jr. Thomas F. Badon Samuel Ernest Birdsong, Jr. William Hardy Bizzell William Bunkley, Jr. William Garner Burgin, Jr. Lampkin Herbert Butts William DeWitt Coleman Donald Carlos Cooley James Carpenter Crigler Alfred Nicols Crisler Philip Lawrence Cunningham Joe Dale MEMBERS Mark Emerson Ethridge Uriah Grey Flowers, Jr. Robert Gage Crawford Denton Gibbs Ned Gotthelf Reginald A. Gray, Jr. David Bryon Gross Armis Eugene Hawkins Rowland Heidelberg, Jr. Harry 0. Hoffman William Jennings Huff Charles Clark Jacobs, Jr. Lee Gibbs Kirk Roger C. Landrum Edward Franklin McDowell Robert Harrison McFarland Charles Lee McGlohn Wesley Pelham McMurry Robert N. McNutt Joshua Marion Morse, III Samuel Griffin Norquist Ben Owen Owen Palmer John R iley Poole Robert P. Roberts, Jr. George J. Schweizer, Jr. John S. Therell, Jr. James Longstreet Tyson, Jr. Douglas Knox White ORGANIZATIONS 256 Hi] A national honorary legal fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta has as its purposes the promo- lion of fellowship and the fostering of the highest ideals of the legal profession. Those students in the School of Law who have attained the requisite scholastic and character qualifications are eligible for consideration as members. The local chapter is named for one of Mississippi ' s outstanding statesmen, L. Q. C. Lamar, and was established in 1929. OFFICERS JOHN S. THROOP, JR. Justice CLAUDE J. WOODWARD Vice-Justice JAMES F. SHUMATE, JR. Clerk WILLIAM B. LLOYD Treasurer HARVEY HENDERSON Marshall Firs+ Row: Stephen E. Allen, Phil 0. Brock, Walter Bullock, Ramon Burgess, 0. Winston Cameron, Raymond S. Cox, William E. Cresswell, James S. Dale, John Frazier. MEMBERS Second Row: Benjamin S. Hardy, Harvey Henderson, Wiliam B. Lloyd, William E. Stephen E. Allen Harvey Henderson Tom B. Scott Robert B. Booz Chatwin Jackson James F. Shumate, Jr. McIntyre, Jr., William Q. McKee, Edmund Phil 0. Brock William H. Johnson Burris 0. Smith Montgomery, Malcolm B. Montgomery, Walter Bullock William B. Lloyd Joseph Stevens Clarence E. Morgan, Robert T. Riser. Ramond Burgess William E. McIntyre Jack Stuart 0. Winston Cameron William Q. McKee John C. Sullivan Third Row: Sidney Robinson, Jr., Tom B. Raymond S. Cox Edmund Montgomery John S. Throop Scott, James F. Shumate, Jr., Burris 0. William E. Cresswell B. Montgomery Earl R. Wilson Smith, Jack Stuart, John S. Throop, Earl A. James S. Dale John Frazier Clarence E. Morgan, Jr. Robert T. Riser Joseph V. Wilson Claude J. Woodward Wilson, Joseph V. Wilson, Claud J. Wood- Benjamin S. Hardy Sidney Robinson, Jr. ward. OliGANIZATIoxs 257 -m- k First Row: Glenn D. Baird, Jim C. Barnett, Emil M. Baumhauer, Richard E. Caldwell, W. E. Caldwell, Wilson C. Calvert, Guy D. Campbell, George D. Copeland, William V. Crosby, John D. Damper, George Earl Emmett, Hugh Lee Gowan, Aubrey R. Harris. Phi Chi is a medical fraternity whose membership is chosen from the incoming Fresh- man Class for intelligence and interest in the study of medicine. The fraternity promotes a spirit of fellowship among the students of Medical Colleges. OFFICERS T. L. SWEAT Presiding Senior JACK L. CENTER Presiding Junior GEORGE D. COPELAND Secretary RALPH W. REA Treasurer MEMBERS Second Row: Luie C. Henry, George W. Herring, Martes E. Hinman, Robert L. Lambright, Robert Lee Moore, Sherman C. Glenn D. Baird Jim C. Barnett Richard E. Caldwell Martes E. Hinman Robert Lee Moore Sherman C. Myers Paul T. Ray Michael E. Saheen William H. Simmons Myers, Jack B. McConnell, S. Jay McDuffie, Guy D. Campbell S. Jay McDuffie Eugene J. Thomas Millard F. McKeel, William C. McQuinn, Jack L. Center Millard F. McKeel Jack B. Tinsley E. A. McVey, Walter R. Neill, Jefferson W. George D. Copeland William V. Crosby William C. McQuinn Jefferson W. Paslay Lee H. Trapp Raymond E. Turman Pasley. Aubrey R. Harris Third Row: Paul T. Ray, Hugh S. Rayner, PLEDGES Ralph W. Rea, Jack L. Senter, Michael E. Shaheen, William H. Simmons, Thomas L. Sweat, Jack B. Tinsley, Lee H. Trapp, Ray- Emil M. Baumhauer Wilson C. Calvert W. D. Coldwell Hugh Lee Gowan Luie C. Henry George W. Herring E. A. McVey Walter R. Neill Hugh S. Rayner mond E. Turman, Eugene J. Thomas, Charles John D. Dampeer Robert L. Lambright Charles H. Whitaker H. Whitaker, Talmadge Y. Willford. George Earl Emmett Talmadge Y. Williford " 1! ORGANIZATIONS 253 UPP,1 The purpose of this organization is to learn the art of public speech in all its applications. William M. Campbell David Halbrook Dorothy Hogan Jesse Boyce Holleman MEMBERS E. Lee McCarty Dale McKibbon Brinkley Morton John R. Poole Lawrence Poropatich Robert Sublette George Thatcher DEBATE SCHEDULE November 15 All-Southern Debate Tournament, Atlanta, Georgia (Second Place) December 6. Seventh Annual Millsaps Jackson, Mississippi January 18 Ole Miss TKA Tournament, Mississippi (First Place) February 14 Azalea Debate Tournament, Alabama (First Place) March 7 17th Annual Savage Forensic, Durant, Oklahoma March 28 Southwestern Tennessee April 8 Tournament, Southern Speech Association, Baton Rouge, Louisiana The debating teams, because of the outstanding record of the ranking senior team (24 wins, 8 losses, I tie) have been chosen by a committee of southern debate coaches to represent the southeast in the First National Debate Tournament at West Point, N. Y. A total of seventy-six intercollegiate debates has been reached. During the the teams have participated in competition with fifty-five universities and colleges from fourteen listed as follows: Alabama: Spring Hill, Auburn, University of Alabama, Alabama College for Women. Arkansas: Ouachita, Harding, Henderson State, University of Arkansas, College of Arkansas State. Florida: University of Florida, Florida Southern, University of Miami. Georgia: Agnes Scott, Mercer, North Georgia, Emory, Georgia Tech. Iowa: Simpson. Kentucky: Centre, Murray Stale. Louisiana: Centenary, Louisiana College, Louisiana Tech, L. S. U., Tulane, Northwestern State, Southwestern State. Mississippi: Millsaps, Mississippi College, Mississippi Southern, M. S. C. W. Missouri: Drury, Springfield. Oklahoma: Oklahoma City University, Southwestern. South Caroli na: University of South Carolina. Tennessee: Southwestern, Johnson David University of South, Middle Tennessee State. Texas: St. Mary ' s, Abilene Baylor, Texas Tech, Southwest Texas, Sam Houston, S. U. Southwestern State. Virginia: Randolph-Macon. First Row: William Campbell David Halbrook Jess Boyce Holleman Brinkely Morton E. Lee M cCarty Second Row: Lawrence Poropatich John Riley Poole Robert Sublette George Thatcher ORGANIZATIONS 259 First Row: Finley Belcher, Robert Bonds, Roscoe Carty, Jr., Dudley B. Clower, Maurice Davidson, Martin Davis, John Rich- ard Early, Robert Byron Ellis, John Etheridge, Wayne Fenger, James Fox. Second Row: Kenneth Irvin Franks, Grisham Lowell, Arnold Hammond, John Jones, Wil- liam Jones, Franklin Edwin Moak, Robert H. Mullett, Fred Norwood, Joe Pigott, H. M. Ray, James Robertson. Third Row: Ellis Salloum, Frank Shanahan, Vincent Shannon, Jr., Carl W. Short, Banks E. Smith, James G. Stuart, N. S. Sweatt, Stanford Terry, Thomas Turnipseed, 0. B. Walton, Jr., John Weston. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Delta Sigma Pi is a professional commerce and business administration organized to foster the study of business in universities. Further aims are to encourage scholarship and association of students for mutual advancement by research and by practice. OFFICERS FRANK MOAK President ARNOLD HAMMOND Secretary N. S. SWEAT First Vice-President H. M. RAY Treasurer ROBERT BONDS . . . Second Vice-President W. L. WALLER Pledge Master MEMBERS Robert Bonds John Etheridge Carl Short Finley Belcher Arnold Hammond N. S. Sweat Roscoe Carty Frank Moak Stanford Terry Jimmie Christenberry H. M. Ray W. L. Waller Maurice Davidson Frank Shanahan Harold Weems Johnny Early Earl Shannon John Weston PLEDGES Dudley Clower Kenneth Franks Thomas Metcalfe Banks E. Smith Overton Currie James Fox Robert H. Mullett George Street Martin Davis Lowell Grisham Fred Norwood James Stuart Robert Ellis John Jones Joe Pigott Thomas Turnipseed Wayne A. Finger W. E. Jones James Robertson 0. B. Walton, Jr. John McLendon Ellis Salloum ORGANIZATIONS 260 0 The American Society of Civil Engineers is the nation ' s oldest and highest ranking national engineering society. Its purposes are to advance engineering and archi- tectural knowledge and practice and to maintain a high professional standard among its members. The rigid qualifications maintained for entrance into its ranks insure the preservation of the highest possible professional standards for public service by the engineering profession. OFFICERS GEORGE JAMES LITTLETON . President ORVILLE SMITH BEARD Secretary RALPH E. BRADLEY Vice-President THOMAS JEFFERSON ADAMS . Treasurer RALPH M. GARRARD . Program Chairman First Row: Charles Walter Adams, Thomas Jefferson Adams, Bruce Green Austin, Mary Minneola Bell, Frank A. Bellina, Ralph E. Bradley, John Roy Brinson, William Dean MEMBERS Buntin, David C. Chapman. Second Row: Charles Dean, James Frank Charles Walter Adams Thomas Jefferson Adams David Chapman Harry P. Collins John Joseph Hill James Braxton Howell William T. McNutt Sidney E. Mitchell Dismukes, Philip H. Galloway, Ralph Milton Bruce Green Austin Kirby Crawford Leland Hume, Jr. William L. Mullett Garrard, Edward Hamric, Leroy Henry, Jack Clint Barrett Charles Dean Edward Humphrey Ervin E. Nelson Leland Hume, Jr., Edward Humphrey, John Orville Smith Beard James Dismukes John A. Johnson Marvin E. Oakes A. Johnson, Elmer Vivien Lammons, Jr. Mary M. Bet William P. El!edge Elmer V. Lammons Thomas R. Perry Frank A. Bellina Thomas E. Foshee William F. Lewis James G. Putman Third Row: William F. Lewis, George Reuben Boyett Ralph E. Bradley John Brinson William Dean Buntin Phillip H. Galloway Ralph M. Garrard Edward Hamric Leroy Henry George J. Littleton William G. Marquis George A. McLean Rudolph McRee Barton W. Ratliff Harold Sherman George W. Stone Clarence V. Taylor James Littleton, George A. McLean, Ru- dolph McRee, William L. Mullet, Ervin E. Nelson, Marvin E. Oakes, Barton W. Ratliff, Robert Cody George W. Stone, Clarence V. Taylor. OISGANIZATIONS 261 • TH Ili IV NAL " Hey Frosh! Pep Rally tonight at eleven. Be there or else. " With these words the member of the Cardinal Club moves on to collar another freshman. The Cardinal Club, a sophomore service organization at Ole Miss, was organized on the campus in 1927, and has as its primary purpose the entertainment of visiting athletic teams. The Club, famous as the Freshman disciplinary committee, supervises the building of the annual Home Coming bonfire, sponsors the annual Outstanding Freshman Award, and helps to instill within freshmen students enthusiastic Ole Miss spirit and a love of Ole Miss tradition. The membership of the Cardinal Club consists of sophomore men; one from each of the social fraternities and two from the student body at large. The president is selected from the preceding year ' s Club and is a member of the Junior Class. Each year the members of the Club select for their sponsor an attractive and popular sophomore coed; this year honoring Miss Penny Hardaway. ORGANIZATIONS fi OFFICERS JOHN MOTHERSHED President BOB GARDNER Vice-President JIMMY STRIBLING Secretary PENNY HARDAWAY Sponsor MEMBERS HUBERT ARMSTRONG Kappa Alpha BILL BEANLAND Delta Psi JIM BOLER Alpha Tau Omega BUD BULLOCK Kappa Sigma GENE DARBY Beta Theta Pi CHARLES FARMER Student Body CHARLES FRIEDMAN Phi Epsilon Pi BOB GARDNER Delta Kappa Epsilon S. R. GIBSON Student Body L. A. GILLY Sigma Phi Epsilon DWAYNE HALE Pi Kappa Alpha ARNOLD HAMMOND Phi Kappa Psi GASTON HUNTER Sigma Nu FRED JOHNSON Sigma Chi LAUCH McGRUDER Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHN MOTHERSHED Pi Kappa Alpha R. E. STAPLETON . Student Body JACK STOLPA Student Body JINNY STRIBLING Phi Delta Theta PENNY HARDAWAY Sponsor, Delta Delta Delta ORGANIZATIONS 263 1 Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honor fraternity for women. It upholds the highest musical standards and ideals. Membership is confined to graduate and undergraduate music students who meet the fraternity musical requirements and are recommended by the music faculty. Alpha Omega Chapter has been on the campus since 1939. OFFICERS LILLIAN PREWITT President PATTYE SUE WILLIAMS Vice-President EDITH NEILE SCOTT Secretary DOROTHY YOUNG Treasurer ANN BOGARD Sergeant-at-Arms DOT SYMONDS Chaplain First Row: Ann Bogard, Margaret Ann MEMBERS Bowen, Caroline Sissell, Doris Johns, Betty Duncan. Ann Bogard Edith Scott Pattye Sue Williams Lillian Prewitt Dot Symonds Dot Young Second Row: Pat Fergerson, Laura John- son, Aline Liles, Nina Murphee. PLEDGES Third Row: Lillian Prewitt, Caroline Rob- Kate Alford Doris Johns Caroline Robertson ertson, Virginia Faye Saucier, Edith Scott, Doris Aired Lure Johnson Faye Saucier Dot Symonds. Margaret Ann Bowen Aline Liles Caroline Sissell Fourth Row: Doris Tyson, Virginia Bell Betty Duncan Nina Murphree Doris Tyson Walton, Pattye Sue Williams, Dot Young. Pat Fergerson Hope Myers Virginia Bell Walton ORGANIZATIONS zc First Row: Margaret Banning, Dot Barranco, Emily Ann Lillian Blanks, Elinor Jo Bogard, Betty Braun, Mary Frances Bunlin, Pat Mary Elizabeth Cates. Second Row: Ruth Alice Critz, Charm Crum, Dot Day, Frances Stuart, Jonnie Fay Horne, Joan Kitty Kinton. Third Row: Betty Latta, Cecilia Lewis, Jean Elise Lott, Jean Frances Mahoney, Mary McGenee, Sydney Casteel O ' Cain, Thelma Ann Loes Ann Pegrim. Fourth Row: Lynn Reid, Alecia Rollins, Rosemary Rollins, Margaret Jane Scruggs, Nanette Shipp, Bowe Simmons, Smith. Fifth Row: Suzette Townsend, Ann Mar- garet Walters, Laura Nell Frances A ikon, Wanda Rosalie Witty, Jeanne Derry Young. This organization is open to any girl that has had Home Economics or is taking courses on that department. Its purpose is to foster higher ideals of home life, better health, and to give a knowledge of the opportunities open to people trained in the various fields of Home Economics. OFFICERS PAT BURROW President JAN It STEELE Secretary MARGARET BANNING . . . Vice-President EDITH McLAUGHLIN Treasurer BETTY LATTA Reporter 111 MEMBERS Margaret Banning Lucy Ba reel Dot Barranco Emily Ann Bickerstaff Lilian Blanks Jo Bogard Dot Bonner Betty Braun Pat Burrow Mary Elizabeth Cates Olive Elizabeth Clower Jerre Coldren Ruth Lamb Covington Alice Critz Charmain Crum Dot Day Charlotte Dickey Teensie Dorsit Jacqueline Hairston Joan Herring Jo rderrington Jonnie Horne Jane Hunt Doris Johns .loan Johnson Annelle Joheslon Sallie Junkin Kitty Kenton Betty Latta Cecelia Lewis Jean Lott Jean L uckett Peggy Ma honey Lynne Mooney Edna Moore Jessie Mae Morris Jean McClain Mary Eleanor McGehee Edith McLaughlin Marilyn Nason Sidney O ' Cain Thelma Pearson Lois Pegrum Theresa Paythress Lynn Reid Alicia Rollins Rosemary Rollins Margaret Rust Annette Scruggs Jane Walker Scruggs Nannette Shipp Bowie Simmons Elizabeth Smitn Margaret Spain Janie ' tteele Frances Stuart Suzette Townsend Ann Turley Margaret Wailers Laura Nell Williams Laverne Wilson Wanda Wilson Rosalie Witty Jean Woods Derry ann Young Lillian Young Margaret Zderad ORGANIZATIONS 265 A N 1 fi IlAnaME, MIMAIM First Row: Alvin Ashmore, Jennings Barnett, Vance Baucum, Lynnic Righam, Carl Gaff, James Cherry, Robert William Condon, James Cox. Second Row: Charles Dial, Lowrey Dyre, Roy Evans, Wayne Fancher, Robert Gillespie, Marshall Hales, Paula Hammond, David Holley, James Paxton Holloway. Third Row: Clyde Huggins, David Jordan, Jim Latture, Sara LeMaster, William Lowry, Sunshine Mohamed, Genevieve Mullican, J. D. McElroy, Marion McRae. Fourth Row: Lewis Nobles, John Nuckolls, James Overcast, Leonard Pickle, Ben A. Quintana, Niles A. Red, Robert Revere, Russill Robbins, William Rose. Fifth Row: A. D. Shapley, Richard Sires, John Smith, James Snow, James Tigrett, Jack Mahlone Earl Gaddy Wells, Doyce Whitehead, Henry Wood. This organization is open to any student enrolled in the School of Pharmacy. OFFICERS LEWIS NOBLES President JAMES CHERRY JOY FORD Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Alvin Ashmore Mark Butrich James Cherry Lowrey Dyre Jennings Barnett Nick Butrich Robert Condon Perry Egger Vance Baucum H. D. Capps William Condon Roy Evans Lynnice Bigham Carl Catt James Fox Wayne Fancher Camille Borrum Mary Caver Charles Dial Joy Ford O11GANIZATIO1VS 266 MEMBERS Paul Frasier William Lowy A. W. Patrick John Smith Robert Gillespie Kirk McCormick Hugh M. Pendarvis James Snow Marshall Hales J. D. McElroy Leonard Pickle Frank Solevilla Paula Hammond Elton McIntosh Bob Price E. C. Taylor Jimmie Hays J. M. McRae Ben A. Quintana J. M. Tigrett David Holley K. F. McRae Niles A. Red Dorothy Simmons Tower William T. Hollis Warren Mann Robert Revere Jack Watson James Holloway Earl Marshall Russell Robbins Earl Webb Thomas E. Huff Sunshine Mohamed II A. Rosa Gaddy Wells Clyde Huggins Thomas L. Moore Bill Rose William H. West William Hurst Genevieve Mullican Rudolph Russell Doyce Whitehead 1. D. Jordan John Mullican Oscar Rutskv R. S. Whitfield Jim Latture Lewis Nobles A. D. Hin Luck Wing J. C. Lee Joe Nuckolls Paul Shellabarger Henry Hays Wood Sara LeMaster James Overcast Richard Sires ORGANIZATIONS 267 II V L The Flying Rebels is an honorary organization established in 1940 for the purposes of promoting safer flying among the students and pilots here; creating a friendlier feeling and spirit among the people that fly; and publicizing aviation activities at the University. OFFICERS DUDLEY W. FOSTER President M. M. GIBSON Vice-President ELIZABETH " LIB " PILKINGTON Secretary MEMBERS Camille Borroum S. E. Boykin Betty Braun David Dunn Joseph Farris Dudley W. Foster Edwin Geisler M. M. Gibson Cooper Gordon Shed Hunger John Holbrook, Jr. Harvey Hutchins Ben Jaco Bernard S. Patrick Elizabeth " Lib " Pilkington Billy Stephens Edward Stuart Elizabeth Sturdivant Joel E. Varner First Row: S. L. Boykin Betty Braun Joseph Farris Dudley Foster Edwin Geisler Moses McAfee Gibson Second Row: Cooper Gordon John Holbrook Shed Hunger Third Row: Bernard Patrick Elizabeth Anne Pilkinton Billy Webster Stephens Jack E. Stuart Elizabeth Siurdivant Joel E. Varner ORGANIZATIONS 268 JAZ Purpose of this organization is to develop among young people who are preparing to be teachers an organization which shall be an integral part of siate and national education associations. And to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. OFFICERS FRANCES ESTES President JAMES BENNETT Secretary AUDREY COVINGTON Vice-President MAE HILL McMURRAY Treasurer MEMBERS Jane Abston Mary Stewart Andrews Virginia Ann Austin Sara Aycock Sophianne Burner Margaret Banning Sally Becker Judy Berryhill James Bennett Mrs. James Bennett Paul Bench Betty Brown Gayle Carlisle Walta Causey Ruth Covington Gladys Cunningham Pat Davidson Norma Dees Lucille DeGravelles Joan Duval Annie Eason Eleanor Edwards Frances Estes W. C. Ferguson Albert Galloway Rachel Gardner Paul Graham Ralph Harding Nancy Harton Sara Haynes Joan Herring George Jefferson Joe Johnson Dortha Ann Jones Tal Jordon Florence Landrum Mary Liddell Betty Long Geanne McClain Mrs. David McKinney Mary Hill McMurry Audrey Mendez Theileon Munday Charles Nelson Josephine Nosser Garland Oliver Julian Potter Esther Riley Virginia Rosenborough Beverly Scott Eleanor Smith Mrs. David Soper Evelyn Spicer Ruthie Spivey Janie Steele Doris Thompson Mary Frances Thompson Marinell Todd Barbara Trapp Virginia Willdes Foster Wilkson Mary Jane William Anne Wilson Betty Wilson Frances Wilson Dorothy Young First Row: Jane Abston, Mary Stewart Andrews, Virginia Ann Austin, Sarah Jane Aycock, Margaret Banning, Sophianne Bur- ner, Sally Becker, James Albert Bennett, Julia Berryhill, Walta Causey, Gayle Carl- isle, Ruth Covington. Second Row: Gladys Cunningham, Norma Dees, Puddle Eason, Frances Estes, W. C. Ferguson, Albert Galloway, Ralph Harding, Nancy Harton, Joan Herring, George Jeffer- son, Dorothy Ann Jones, Tal Jordon. Third Row: Liddell, Betty Long, Geanne McClain, Mae Hill McMurry, Aud- rey Mendez, Josephine Nosser, Julian Potter, Esther Riley, Virginia Roseborough, Beverly Scott, Eleanor Smith, Evelyn Spicer. Fourth Row: Ruth Spivey, Janie Steele, Mary Thompson, Marinell Todd, Barbara Trapp, Foster Wilkinson, Mary Williams, Ann Fairly Wilson, Frances Wilson, Kath- erine Elizabeth Wilson, Dorothy Marie Young. ORGANIZATIONS 269 OFFICERS ROBERT BONDS President FRANK MOAK Vice-President BENNETT SMITH Secretary W. G. MIZE Treasurer • COMMITTEE HEADS TOM BARNETT BOB LEAVELL STANFORD TERRY BOB ELLIS JOHN PRICE GUY GILLESPIE FRANK KENNEDY CALVIN WELLS First Row: Tom Barnett Robert A. Bonds Bob Ellis Guy Gillespie Bob Leavell Second Row: W. G. Mizell Frank Moak Bennett Smith Stanford Terry Calvin Wells ORGANIZATIONS 270 C. A The Ole Miss " Y " seeks to encourage wholesome Christian living on the campus of the University of Mississippi. This is done through a carefully planned and well integrated program centered around our Christian heritage, the growth of persons, social responsibility, and world relatedness. As a means of achieving these purposes, the " Y " bases its program upon worship, study, and action. The program is under the very able direction of Miss Lynda Ramey and Mr. R. M. Guess. Membership is on a voluntary basis. Special attention is directed toward the Freshman " Y " organization, the officers of which are as follows: Stanley Thames, President; Dean Dubois, Vice-President; Nina Nosser, Secretary; Janie Williams, Treasurer. OFFICERS LUCY BARNETT President FRANCES ESTES Vice-President MARGARET BANNING Secretary JEANNE HOFFMAN Treasurer COMMITTEE HEADS KATHRYN BARR LUCIE MAGEE DOROTHY SYMONDS CAMILLE COVINGTON MARTHA ANNE ROWAN ELEANOR KNEE MARTHA SPARR ORGANIZATIONS 271 3 ' ,IN 1 I A Firs+ Row: Johnie Adams, Richard Allen, Edna J. Avent, Sarah Aycock, Ann Baine, Faye Evans Bennett, James Albert Bennett, Emily Ann Jacqueline Bowen, James Childers, Ruth Covington. Second Row: Robert Byron Ellis, Frances Marion Estes, Joan Gillespie, George Gul- ley, Ralph Harding, Joanna Hilburns, Jo Ann Hoff, Robert M. lzard, Jr., Thomas Jordan, Kathleen Keen, Henry Lee. Third Row: Russell Litchford, Frances ginia Melvin, Harold Melvin, Leonard Brown Melvin, Franklin Edwin Moak, Lewis Nobles, Mary Carolyn Robertson, William Gavin Scott, Florence Shofner, Jewell Rebecca Slocum, Roley Stelgall. Fourth Row: Edsel Ford Stewart, Frank Sticht, Frances Stuart, Dorothy Elizabeth Symonds, Luther D. Turner, Eltha Walley, W. W. Walley, Rufina Florence Watkins, Janie Lou W:Iliams, Frances Wilson, Dorothy Marie Young. The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Baptist students enrolled in the Uni- versity who are regular members of the Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women ' s Auxiliary, or the Church. The B.S.U. is the connecting line between the college and the Baptist Church, unifying all the religious activity of the Baptist students on the campus. OFFICERS FRANK MOAK President FRANCES STUART Third Vice-President BOB ELLIS Vice-President VIRGINIA MELVIN Secretary SARA JANE AYCOCK . . Second Vice-President EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFF Reporter DR. FRANK MOODY PURSER . . . . Pastor-Advisor Johnnie Adams Richard Allen Juanita Avent Sara Jane Aycock Anne Baine Faye Bennett Emily Anne Bickerstaff Jackie Gwen Walter Brown James Childers Ruth Covington Roy Davis Jeanette Edwards Bob Ellis Frances Estes Joan Gillespie Paul Graham Annie Lou Griffin George Gudley Ralph Harding Bill Harris Joe Hawkins Joanna Hilbun Benton Hewitt Joann Hoff Bob lzard Tom Jordan Kathleen Keen Henry Lee MEMBERS Russell Litchfield Harold Melvin Leonard Melvin Virginia Melvin Frank Moak Hazel Mohammed Lynne Clara Mooney Lewis Nobles Whit Patrick Bob Price Carolyn Robertson Gavin Scott Florence Shofner Earl Skinner Jewel Slocum Roby Stegalla Edsel Stewart Frank Sticht George Street Frances Stuart Dot Symonds Jack Tucker D. Turner Ernest Walker W. Walley Ruth Watkins Jamie Williams Emmett Wilson Frances Wilson ORGANIZATIONS 272 P1110,111111 1 The Wesley Foundation is the student organization of the Oxford University Methodist Church. The purpose of it is to continue the active work of Methodist students by providing fellowship, study, and training through worship services. • OFFICERS DOUG STONE President JIM BARNETT Vice-President BETTY DIVES Secretary NORA BETH HULL Treasurer JOHN PRICE Program Chairman H. E. FINGER, JR. Pastor ORGANIZATIONS NRIM The Newman Club is a Catholic organization dedicated to the spiritual betterment of its members, Catholic fellowship and the promotion of Catholic ideals of morals and citizenship on the campus of the University of Mississippi. OFFICERS HAROLD DUBUISSON President ELLIS SALLOUM Vice-President BETTY FARRELL Secretary GENEVIEVE MULLIGAN Treasurer DOUG HAMLEY Sergeant-at-Arms MARK BUTIRICH Parliamentarian REV. FATHER CLETUS J. MANON Chaplain Jerome Daley, Harold Dubuisson, Mark MEMBERS Ellzey. Donald Arceneaux Mark Ellzey John Lozes Second Row: Charles Fanis, Betty Farrell, Joy Bell Betty Farrell Gene D. Lyne Bruno Fruni, William Howard, Rosemary Jue Benvenutti Charles Farris Guy Mattingly Irby, Sallie Dix Junkin, John Lozes, Guy Mattingly. Catherine Burdette Ethel Burdette Marko Butirich Bruno Furini, Jr. Doug Hamley William Howard, Jr. Malcolm Miller Dick Monaghan Geneieve Mullican Third Row: Malcolm Miller, Malcoln Mony- han, John Mullican, Genevieve Mullican, Nick Butirich William L. Carr, Jr. Edmund Jerome Daly Rose Marie Hughes Rosemary Irby Sallie Junkin John Mullican Ben Quintana Robert Sublette Ellis SaMourn, Robert Sublette, Benjamin Harold Dubuisson William Kenny Ellis Salloum Alexander Quintana. Carol Knost First Row: Donald Arceneaux, Catherine Ethel Burdette, Burdette, William Carr, ORGANIZATIONS 274 The Westminster Fellowship is the organization of the Presbyterian Church established at colleges and universities for the purpose of providing students opportunities and facilities for wholesome cooperative, christian experiences and training in worship, study, recreation, and social fellowship as a part of a normal church life. OFFICERS GUY GI LL ESPI E President ELEANOR KNEE Secretary KYLE HERRING First Vice-President BILL BEANLAND Treasurer MARY LIDDELL Second Vice-President EVERETT PHILLIPS Student Pastor The Canterbury Club is the student organization of the Episcopal Church with membership open to all students of Episcopal faith. OFFICERS VAL SESSIONS President DAWN LITTLEPAGE Secretary LUCI LLE DE GRAVEL ' . ES Vice-President J EANN E KOFFMAN Treasurer MEMBERS Carl Andre Teddy Cox Jeanne Hoffman Dawn Littlepaqe Glover Russell Ed Birchett Lucille De Gravel les Mittie Bee Johnson Joy Mulvihill Val Sessions Wilfred Cole Julie Davis Ed Joyce Anne Rheney Louise Simpson John B. Cook Helen Henry Alecia Rollins Elizabeth Stu rdivant ANHV:fil CLUB First Row: Carl Andre Edward S. Birchett Wilfred Cole John B. Cook Teddy Cox Lucille DeGravelles Second Row: Julie Davis Helen Henry Jeanne Koffman Mittie Bee Johnson Ed Joyce Dawn Littlepage Joy Mulvihill Third Row: Anne Rheney Alecia Rollins Glover Russell Val Sessions Louise Simpson Elizabeth Sturdivant ORGANIZATIONS 275 First Row: John A. Aldridge, James C. Barfoot, Millard Bush, Perrin Nancy Chenault, Coverton A. Currie, Roy Dot Day, Lucius Dabney. Second Row: Arvah Eugene Joe Farris, Lewis Fowler, Dan William F. Gaffney, John B. Gaston, Mac Othe Givens, Jr., George Ernest W. Graves. Third Row: Emmaline Hardy, Harriet Ann Harri- son, Bill Hoffman, Robert P. Hilton, Tom Holder, Harold Joe Jack Hurst, Herbert Oscar Labarre, Henry Lee. Fourth Row: Jane Lowry Dale H. McKibben, James C. McGehee Helena Magruder, W. Buck Meek, Clyde H. David Miller, Frank Moak, Brinkley Morton, John Murray. Fifih Row: Donald Nunnery, Walter C. Pearson, Bill James H. Pierce, Eulalie Robin, Virginia Roeborough, Benford L. Samuels, William S. Sarier, Beverly Lester Shipley. Sixth Row: Hal Stone, J. B. Robert Sub- Mildred Taylor, Bobby Townes, Joel E. Varner, Garland Julia Wallace, Man Weiner, Foster Wilkinson. EIJ.0 LA ill This organization was founded for the purpose of fostering better relationship between the inter- national groups. The club devotes each meeting to a forum for discussion of the various countries represented in the organization. Some of the principal topics of discussion arc the problems that are being presented to the post war world—and their solutions. OFFICERS BRINKLEY MORTON President OVERTON A. CU RRI E Treasurer JAMES C McGEHEE .... . . . Vice-President VIRGINIA ROSEBOROUGH Secretary LUCIUS DABNEY Parliamentarian MEMBERS John Aldridge Lewis Fowler Jane Lowry James Barfoot Dan Fox Ewell Martin Betty Bowen William F. Gaffney Dale H. McKibben Millard Bush John Gaston James C. McGehee Perrin Caldwell McAfee Gibson Helena Magruder W. H. Jr. Otho Givens. Jr. W. Buchanan Meek Clyde H. Campbell George Gulley, Jr. Clyde Middleton Carolyn Cook Earnest W. Graves David Miller Dr. George Carbone Emmaline Hardy Frank Moak Nancy Chenault Harriet Ann Harrison Brinkley Morton Overton Currie Bill Hoffman John Murray Roy Davis Robert P. Hilton Larry Noble Dorothy Day Tom Holder Donald Nunnery Lucius Dabney Harold L. Hudson Walter G. Pearson Arvah Eugene Dyess Joe Jack Hurst Bill Perkins Jesse Evanven Herbert Kroeze James H. Pierce Joe Farris Oscar LeBarre Dick Price M. Fortenberry Henry Lee John B. Reed, Jr, Pfl Eulalie Rothe Virginia Roseborough Renford L. Samuels William Sartor Beverly Scott Lester Shipley Hal Stone J. B. Stone Robert Sublette Mildred Taylor Robert B. Townes Stanley Thames Joel E. Varner Garland Walls Julia Wallace Roy Watson Max Weiner Foster F. Wilkinson ORGANIZATIONS 276 GOVERNOR FIELDING WRIGHT, President Ex-Officio Jackson MARTIN V. B. M ILLER, President Meridian RANSOM F. ALDRICH Michigan, City JOHN W. SAVAGE Gulf port MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS Jackson J. OLIVER EMMERICH McComb R. N. HENLEY Macon DR. H. M. IVY Meridian MRS. HAZEL PERRY LEE Eupora J. G. PRICHARD Inverness R. W. REED Tupelo R. B. SM ITH, JR. Ripley JOHN W. BACKSTROM Leakesville MEANS JOHNSTON Greenwood REECE D. McLENDON Poplarville MRS. JANIE RICE TAYLOR Jackson PAUL H. BOWDRE Hernando L. R. JOBE, Executive Secrelary Jackson 277 a�, PRESTON BENNETT JOHNNY BRUCE BERNARD BLACKWELL DAVE BRIDGERS CLAYTON BLOUNT DOUGLAS HAMLEY EULAS JENKINS BEN OWEN BOBBY OSWALT PHILIP POOLE TIDE Recognizing excellence in inter-collegiate ath- letics, the M Club is one of the leading honorary organizations on the Ole Miss campus. To be- come a member of the club, a student must have earned a letter in one of the four major sports— football, basketball, baseball, or track, or must have been a manager of one of these teams for four years. Besides fostering an interest in athletics and providing a common ground upon which those who have excelled in college athletics may meet, the M Club sponsors the annual " M Day " and the annual " M Club Dance which traditionally follows the State-Ole Miss Football Classic. 280 EVERETTE HARPER Second Semester President WALTER BULLOCK MIKE CAMPBELL CHARLES CONERLY JEROME DALEY PAUL DAVIS BILL ERICKSON CHARLES GALEY OLIVER POOLE RAY POOLE FARLEY SALMON H. A. SMITH JACK STRIBLING JERRY TIBLIER JACK WARNER OLE MISS CLUB OFFICERS PRESTON BENNETT, EVERETTE HARPER President BERNARD BLACKWELL Vice-President ROBERT MARCUS Secretary JOE WALKER Treasurer GEORGE LAMBERT Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS PRESTON BENNETT JOHNNY BRUCE GRADY BREWER BERNARD BLACKWELL WALTER BULLOCK JOHN BOWEN OSCAR BUCHANAN DAVE BRIDGERS CLAYTON BLOUNT CLARENCE CASTLE DICK CASTLE MIKE CAMPBELL CHARLES CONERLY JiMMY CRAWFORD MARVIN CURLAND JEROME DALEY ROLAND DALE PAUL DAVIS CECIL DICKERSON CHARLES GALEY HUNTER GATES EVERETTE HARPER DOUGLAS HAMLEY JOHN JENNINGS EULAS JENKINS JOE JOHNSON GEORGE LAMBERT BEN MANN TOBY MAJURE BILLY MUSTIN BEN OWENS BOBBY OSWALT FLEMIN POOLE PHILIP POOLE OLIVER POOLE RUSSELL REED FARLEY SALMON H. A. SMITH JACK STRIBLING JERRY TIBLIER JACK WARNER JOE WALKER BOBBY WILSON RAY WUNDERLICH 281 Sitting, left to right: Vought, Campbell, Drew, and Smith Standing, left to right: Whatley, Davidson, Brumbelow, Ho vious YH ACHING CALiNBAR Drew, Smith and Vaught Johnny Vought and " Buster " Poole Genial Harold " Red " Drew became new supreme com- mander of the Johnny Rebs in February of ' 46, taking the place of veteran Harry Mehre. Coming to us from the University of Alabama, with an enviable record under Frank Thomas, he helped develop three bowl teams. Drew was end coach at Bama from ' 31 to ' 41, and he fostered such stars as all time All-American, Don Hutson. Leaving his native Texas last winter, to accept the line coach job with the Rebels, Johnny Vought molded the Mississippi line into one of the best in the Conference. His background is solid, stemming from one season of All- America guard play at TCU, and three seasons as an all- Southeast Conference performer. He also coached at North Carolina for eight years. A tremendously hard worker with a likeable personality, Coach Johnny has fast made himself popular with players and fans alike. Following Drew from Alabama, D. T. " Happy " Campbell was the man who cracked the whip over the Reb ball carriers. Campbell not only was backfield mentor, but he helped with the baseball team. With the departure of Harry Mehre, Claude " Tad " Smith was named Athletic Director and also head baseball coach. Another Alabamian traveling the right road is big Jom Whatley, present assistant line coach and head basketball tutor. Jim has behind him one of the finest records of any athlete ever to graduate from his athletically-inclined alma mater. John " Junie " Hovious, " B " team mentor, is remembered by all of us as the little spark-plug of the " Golden Era " of Ole Miss football in ' 39, ' 40, and ' 41. Assistant flank tutor, J. W. Wobble Davidson, was also a member of these teams, being co-captain in his senior year. Jess Alderman, Ole Miss trainer and boxing coach, has helped or cured many pains and aches of the Rebel athletes, for he ' s one of the best men in his business in the South. Jess ' boxing team journeyed to the Mid-South Golden Gloves Tournament and won four crowns. Buddy Bowen annexed the heavyweight title, Sonny Boy Shelby, the light- heavy, and the other two champions were novices Orion Blanton and Hillman Castle. " The Old and the New " Vought and Drew THE OLD AND THE NEW In January of this year the coaching reins changed hands for the second time in twelve months. " Red " Drew chose to return to his alma mater, Alabama, and the head coaching job was turned over to Johnny Vought, line coach. Campbell returned to Bama with Drew, but Vought retained Whatley for his assistant in handling the line. Buster Poole, old time great of the Rebels, was named End Coach, and Tot Swayze was signed as contact man. " King " Ganner, former cinder great of Alabama, became track coach in the spring. The Football Squad Coach Drew and Captain Ray Poole Kentucky, 20; Ole Miss, 6 " We was robbed, son, just plain robbed. " Red and I took the boys ' way up there in half-way Yankee land with high hopes of springing a victory. Then those rascals throw this fellow Ermal Allen at us. He appeared old enough to have taken part in the battle of Chicka- mauga. I gotta hand it to him, he treated the ball as if it was his first cousin all right. While this little cuss The Sports Editor was unable to make some of the football tops last fall with the Rebels, so Colonel Rebel himself has . ' oluneercd to write a brief resume of the season. This may not be grammatically perfect, but the Colonel says it ' s his own Confederate style. Anxious Moments was having his fun our ball carriers weren ' t doing so well. The only time I put my mint iulep down and got excited was when my little man, Ray Poole, grabbed the ball out of the air from Clayton Blount and gave several of them so-called Wildcats a free ride across the goal line. It was just like I told Red before we went up there; we were just too weak on the pass defense. We got four passes intercepted and even let one of Conerly ' s punts get blocked. KENTUCKY GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Kentucky First Downs 9 10 Net Yards Rushing 118 137 Yards Lost Rushing 13 19 Forward Passes Attempted . I7 16 Forward Passes Completed . . 6 7 Net Yards Passing 70 142 Forward Passes Intercepted By . 0 4 Yards Interceptions Returne d . . 0 25 Average Punt 38 42.9 Punts Blocked 1 0 Average Return of Punts 7.2 8 Yards Lost On Penalties 10 81 Number Fumbles 5 5 Ball Lost I 4 Final Score 6 20 BUDDY BOWEN 284 -4120- -•-KENTUCKY GAME He was stopped after a small gain Inexperience also plagued my boys, they iust seemed to be a bit sluggish. Those Kentucky boys were on top during the whole game in scoring, tallying their first marker in the second quarter when Cutchins passed to a tobacco-fed end named Wah Wah Jones. I remember that they used to call that crooked Yankee general, Sheridan, Wah Wah, ' cause he cried like a baby when we beat the tar out of his army at every turn. Early in the third quarter we were scored on again after one of our tossers got one of their heaves intercepted on our 25 and Kentucky drove the ball to the 14. Allen showed up again and hit Portwood with a bullet pass on the five, making twelve points for the Cats and none for us. Your old Colonel felt like going out and busting a few heads himself but fortunately for Kentucky, Coaches Whatley, Campbell and a few of the larger players re- strained me. If I ' d had Blind Jim along with me I would have thrown him in the game, the way I felt. We scored though, and my temper settled; even the final score wasn ' t too bad considering our disadvantages. " JENK " JENKINS FARLEY SALMON CHARLEY CONERLY 285 ----FLORIDA GAME Closing in for the kill Ole Miss, 13; Florida, 7 " We took a little trip down the country to Jackson- ville, Florida, the next week-end and it was my first to the great southern state since the time 1 was down helping ole Andy Jackson clean up the Creek Indians. We didn ' t see any Creeks this trip, but the boys sure raised cane with the ' Gators. Somebody said the score was 13-7, but it seems to me it ought to have been more than that. You should have seen my team go to town. Them Florida boys scattered like the Yanks at Bull Run. It was indeed a glorious night. We took the kick-off and didn ' t turn the ball loose until little " Fish " Salmon did a waltz across the last stripe, and old Pep Bennent even booted the extra point. We scored again in the second half when " Hippy " Blount took a punt in midfield and headed south for the promised land (any Rebel player caught running north is tarred and feathered, and automatically dropped from the squad). They caught Blount on the 14 and he fumbled out of bounds. On the next play little Clayt laid one in Poole ' s arms on the five and the big boy thumbed BILLY MUSTIN CLAYTON BLOUNT " RED ' ' BUCHANAN 286 Salmon scores against Florida his nose at the Florida boys as he crossed the goal. We gave Florida a little encouragement in the Iasi period and let them block one of Charlie Conerly ' s kicks and a few minutes later we got a good look at the Gator right end, by name of Bruton Williams, as he managed to cross our goal with a pass tucked under his arm. We made 13 first downs to the other team ' s five and they gained a minus 10 yards through our line. They had a lot better luck in the air, gaining 105 yards, and again proving that my theory on our lack of pass defense was our primary weakness. Our backfield played heads-up ball, but somehow or other the Florida ends seemed to seep through our defense. Th Gator ' s fum- bled 7 times out-doing us in that department, but we failed to recover but one of their fumbles. Our line was a lot heavier than theirs and we stopped their running attack cold time after time. Yessir, it was a highly satis- factory trip; we came back by the great city of Mont- gomery, Alabama, where I spent much of my time in the old days giving much needed advice to my old friend Jeff Davis. Jeff always called on the old Colonel when he had an important problem to solve. BOBBY OSWALT FLORIDA GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Florida First Downs 5 Net Yards Rushing 10 Yards Lost Rushing 41 82 Forward Passes Attempted 5 16 Forward Passes Completed 2 6 Net Yards Passing 28 105 Forward Passes Intercepted by . 0 I Yards Interceptions Returned . 0 8 Average Punt 34 7 29.3 Punts Blocked I I Average Return of Punts 4 14.8 287 VANDFABILT GAM2 _ rat at SeVol.. ' SAL W a id " " T " OR. .r- 4 ' .1011 —V Robinson of Vandy makes only score of the game Vanderbilt, 7; Ole Miss, 0 " Brother Ed Crump invited me to bring our team up to Memphis and show its wares in his big stadium. That I did, but it was another sad day for the Rebels. We didn ' t do anything right, and for awhile I was afraid some of our boys would hurt themselves falling over each other, but they soon quit doing even that. It was just a case of which team could take advantage of the most breaks, and the Gold and Black was there to edge out the advantage. It was a most unsatisfactory game as far as the fans were concerned. The most exciting thing that happened was when the referee turned his ankle running after a loose ball. Mister Crump and I were in his private box, which, I might add, was a rather luxurious affair—even had a portable Julep bar. Grow- ing tired of the game we fell to discussing plans of establishing toll gates along the Mason and Dixon Line and charging a small fee to all Un-naturalized Confed- erates who wished to partake of the joys and pleasures of the Sunny South. My apologies if I have strayed off the subject of football, but the idea of those toll gates has been preying on my mind lately. VANDERBILT GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Vanderbilt First Downs 7 14 Net Yards Rushing 59 197 Yards Lost Rushing 17 26 Forward Passes Attempted 23 6 Forward Passes Completed 12 2 Net Yards Passing 125 45 Forward Passes Intercepted by . I 3 Yards Interceptions returned . 3 5 Average Punt 47 1 40.2 Punts Blocked 0 0 Average Return of Punts 6 8 9.1 Yards Lost on Penalties 35 30 Number Fumbles 2 2 Ball Lost II 1 Final Score 0 7 CECIL DICKERSON 288 Oswalt makes five around end Bowen Eludes Vanderbilt ' s Hoover II looked as if the game would end in a scoreless tie, but then the Rebels got a foul break and fumbled in midfield and Vanderbilt took over. Three plays later Robinson of the opp osing team threw way over the head of the Rebel quarterback into the arms of Jim Webb, who was downed by Blount and Oswalt on the Ole Miss six-yard line. It looked easy when on the next play Robinson knifed over for the only score of the afternoon, and Bob Berry came in to make it 7-0 via the conversion route. For once our forward wall wilted and Vandy rolled up 205 yards from scrimmage, as against only 82 on the turf by Reb toters. My boy Conerly saved our face by playing a magnificent defensive and offensive game, the latter work being done wonderfully in the kicking and passing departments. We had several nice chances to score, but our attack always fizzled out within the ten- yard line. Paul Davis, my very fine center, played a nice game of football. He reminded me of General Beauregard, fighting all the way and never giving up. I gained one thing from that game; I knew I had found myself a good half-back in the person of Charlie Con- erly... Post game festivities, however, cost us several rabid Rebel supporters. TOBY MAJURE JOHNNY BRUCE " MIKE " CAMPBELL 289 Conerly Got Him Ga. Tech, 24; Ole Miss, 7 " Atlanta, the historic old southern city, was our next stop, and our foe was a little college there in Atlanta called Georgia Tech. We lost the game, but the score doesn ' t near tell how close the game really was. We arrived a little early in the city and it gave me time to look up a lot of my old cronies. One of the firsi people I ran into was Governor-Elect Gene Tal- madge, whose grandpappy was an old running mate of mine. I asked Gene if he ever had any trouble with the Yankees over there in Georgia. He said no, but a few years ago when he was serving his first term as governor he received a letter from the grand-son of the Yankee, General Sherman (spit) and that he, the grand-son, would like to come down to Georgia with some of his friends and retrace his grand-fathers steps to the sea through Atlanta. Well, Gene told him to come on, that he would be more than welcome, but if he just wanted to bring a lot of black hearted Yankees down to Georgia and make fun of the south, that he had better bring a lot more men than his grandpappy did. GA. TECH GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Ga. Tech First Downs 3 12 Net Yards Rushing 2 124 Yard Lost Rushing 49 38 Forward Passes Attempted 17 21 Forward Passes Completed 5 II Net Yards Passing 60 148 Forward Passes Intercepted By 2 Yards Interceptions Returned 0 10 Average Punt 37 8 36.3 Punts Blocked Average Return of Punts 5 6 Yards Lost on Penalities 70 131 Number Fumbles 2 Ball Lost Final Score 7 24 MARVIN CURLAND 290 GEORGIA TECH Conerly to Poole Well, back to football. Since my line failed to do very much in the game against Vanderbilt, I decided to use a little strategy. I gathered up all my big line- men and drove them out to Stone Mountain. There I showed them the figures of the great southern generals carved in the mountain in stone. I gave them a little lecture on the exploits of Stonewall Jackson, a cousin of mine, and told them how great he was in the face of insurmountable odds and that he never gave up. My little plan nearly worked, for our line held like stone all afternoon. But again I reckoned without our pass de- fense, and the Georgia boys threw three touchdown passes over us and won the game. The Poole boys lived up to their great name, playing manificient defensive football. Our seven points came with only three minutes to play, when Bobby Wilson heaved 25 yards to " Hair- line " Harper, and Ray Poole added the extra point. Ole Miss scored twice more only to have the scores ruled null and void by the referee. One of the markers was by Oliver Poole and the other by Charley Galey. H. A. SMITH RAY POOLE BOBBY WILSON 291 `•■•■ 64110- LOUISIANA TECH GAME Another First Down for the Rebels La. Tech, 7; Ole Miss, 6 " October 25, 1946, was almost as black a day as Appomattox for Ole Miss fans. The boys came home from Atlanta feeling kinda low, and all week long they looked bad in practice. And as luck would have it an unheralded Louisiana Tech team took our measure 7-6 in the driving rain. Homecoming wasn ' t ruined, it was annihilated, and to cap everything off, I nearly caught my death of cold. Freshmen worked for days building the bonfire, and the big pep rally the night before the game was a huge success. Tad Smith and I had worked for days getting all the prep school talent in sight up here for the game. Then the terrible blow fell. We hit about as low as any Ole Miss team I had ever seen, and, folks, I have been here an awful long time. Why, I can remember when Miss Estella Hefley was the cutest pack- age you ever saw. Yes, Estella was quite a kid, but I don ' t think any school in the country ever boasted of three cuter coeds than we had leading the yells here at Ole Miss this year. Misses Sara Simmons, Mary Frances Buntin, and Tommy Hearn did a wonderful job all year, JACK STRIBLING " RED " GALEY GEORGE LAMBERT 292 Stopped after a Five Yard Gain keeping the Rebel spirit alive during the games and at the rallies. Now let me see, just where were we—oh yes, the Louisiana Tech game. All through the first half my boys looked as lifeless and sluggish as Grant ' s army at Vicks- burg. Now that campaign was rather interesting. It seems that Grant promised his wife that she could visit him in the Bluff city for Xmas, but a few delays cropped up and two years later the old boy was still sitting in the swamps along the Yazoo River. With his wife sitting around nagging, and our army beating him at every turn, there was only one way out, and he look it. Yes sir, that ' s the true story of how U. S. Grant gained such affection for the bottle. No matter how bad we looked, we could have still licked those fellows if the officials hadn ' t called back those two very fine touchdown runs by Clayton Blount in the second half. Our legal six points came just as the fourth period opened. Conerly and Jenkins advanced the ball to the La. ten and then " Roach " hit Poole in the end zone for the tally. " On top of this tragedy, my supply of mint juleps ran out and I had to end up at the Vets club that night to get my needed energy. " 1•11■11.■... LOUISIANA TECH GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss La. Tech First Downs 11 5 Net Yards Rushing 212 49 Yards Lost Rushing 36 45 Forward Passes Attempted 8 3 Forward Passes Completed 6 3 Net Yards Passing 55 64 Forward Passes Intercepted By . 0 0 Yards Interceptions Returned 0 0 Average Punt 40.7 34.08 Punts Blocked 0 0 Average Return of Punts 12 22 Yards Lost On Penalties 15 10 Number Fumbles 8 6 Ball Lost 6 3 Final Score 6 7 DOUG HAMLEY 293 Ray Poole Grabs a high one Ole Miss, 9; Arkansas, 7 " Well sir, that Louisiana Tech game seemed to make the boys realize that a ball game is won by the eleven men on the field, and not by past reputations. All my old veterans seemed to take new life, and even the new kids looked as if they finally had caught on to what was going on. Red and I decided to hold secret drills all week, and make a few changes. I ' d been noticing all season that we had a boy on the squad with great potentialities, but I figured he was in the wrong place. I suggested to Red that we move Buddy Bowen from fullback to quarter. Buddy fitted in at quarter like a glove—you ' d have thought he ' d invented the game. We were in dire need of some new plays, and I racked my brain for some ideas. I happened to think of my old friend " Jeb " Stuart, the great cavalry officer in the Confederate army, and how he could out-maneuver large forces of Yanks. It was simple from then on in; all I did was to apply some of Stuart ' s tactics to football, or, more specifically, to utilize the forward pass. I centered my pass plays around Charlie Conerly and had big Ray Poole on the receiving end. Son, those plays ARKANSAS GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Arkansas First Downs 12 3 Net Yards Rushing I19 49 Yards Lost Rushing 7 54 Forward Passes Attempted 27 II Forward Passes Completed 15 Net Yards Passing 120 28 Forward Passes Intercepted By . 3 2 Yards Interceptions Returned . . 27 13 Average Punt 41.2 25.8 Punts Blocked 0 0 Average Return of Punts 12 63 Yards Lost On Penalties 40 20 Number Fumbles 2 Ball Lost 2 Final Score 9 7 DAVE BRIDGERS 294 ARKANSAS Poole Sits This One Out payed off—and how! I tested them first in Memphis against the Razorbacks of Arkansas. There I was back in Mister Crump ' s private box, and this time we had two visitors with us, the Honorable John Rankin, and a Senator-at-Large from the Confed- erate States, " Senator ( " That ' s a Joke, Son) Claghorn. I made the boys wear their red jerseys, for the Senator said he ' d most likely go blind if he had to look at a Southern team wearing blue uniforms. My boys played what was probably one of the great- est games in the history of the school, and knocked the Porkers back on their ears at every turn. Chunking Charlie Conerly ran and passed the Razorbacks crazy, and had a major hand in the 15 passes completed by the Rebels. Little Farley Salmon was another Mississippi boy on the rampage, climbing up and down Porker backs all afternoon. We grabbed off two points when Erickson, Harper, and Salmon pounced on an Arkansas back be- hind his own goal. Then Conerly began to work and when the smoke had cleared " Hairline " Harper stood grinning in the end zone with the ball under his arm. Memphis rocked and rolled that night. " PAUL DAVIS BILL ERICKSON BERNARD BLACKWELL 295 L. S • S. • G ME Conerly Through the Middle LSU, 32; Ole Miss, 21 " Down to the Bayou country we went, with fire in our eyes and the good old Rebel spirit in our hearts. We traveled down through such historic old cities as Vicks- burg, Natchez, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. One of the first things I saw in the Louisiana capital was the grave of Huey P. Long, Louisiana political boss of the 1930 ' s. I knew Huey pretty well, but we disagreed on many things. Back when Bilbo was Governor of this great state, Long called Theodore and me down to Baton Rouge for a little conference. He wanted " The Man " to go in with him on a little plan of combining the staic of Mississippi with Louisiana and setting up an independent Empire. Bilbo had half a notion to do it, but I finally persuaded him to stick to the Confederacy. Bernie Moore had a pretty fair squad down there in Tigerland, but man for man they just weren ' t in the same class with my boys. The only trouble was that Bernie had too many for us. The Johnny Rebs possessed the same spirit that downed Arkansas the week before, and roared through the highly favored LSU eleven for three periods before finally being worn down by superior re- serves. Forty thousand Louisiana fans sat with their " PUNY " MANN FRED BROWN PHILLIP POOLE 296 Bridgers Downs Him the Hard Way mouths wide open for the entire first half, as Charlie Conerly led the Rebels to two touchdowns before a Tiger even threatened the Ole Miss goal. Midway in the first period Conerly made a beautiful leaping catch of a Bengal pass on his own 44 and returned to the LSU 41. Running plays by Conerly and Salmon made it six points for our side. Ray Poole booted the extra point. A few minutes later Bernard Blackwell recovered an LSU fumble. With three heaves to Salmon and Harper, and a line plunge by Conerly we had scored again. After the second half began things began to change a little. Y. A. Tittle passed to Cason for the first Tiger score and Heard ' s try for placement was good. From then on in it was just a case of who had more reserves, and we lost. It was a bad blow and tough luck to lose a game of that type. The LSU student body then put on the most unsports- man-like show I have ever seen. The not only booed the Ole Miss team but even cussed their own men. Too durn many hot-tempered Cajuns down there in that state. " CRAWFORD LSU GAME STATISTIC Ole Miss LSU First Downs ........ . 13 13 Net Yards Rushing 80 138 Yards Lost Rushing 47 24 Forward Passes Attempted 28 I I Forward Passes Completed 13 8 Net Yards Passing 130 153 Forward Passes Intercepted By 2 3 Yards Interceptions Returned 30 29 Average Punt 39.2 44 Punts Blocked 0 0 Average Return of Punts 28.5 14.4 Yards Lost On Penalties 71 90 Number Fumbles I 6 Ball Lost 1 4 Final Score 21 34 297 Poole leaves him floundering Tennessee, 18; Ole Miss, 14 " Never in the history of this fine institution have we been able to beat the University of Tennessee in a foot- ball game, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Bob Neyland and all the Tennessee fans (I didn ' t see very many Volunteer fans in Memphis that day) nearly choked to death one nice fall Saturday afternoon in Memphis ' Crump Stadium. We did everything but push the Volun- teers back to Knoxville, leading Neyland ' s men in first downs 18 to 8 and in total yardage 335 to 241 yards; but they pay off in touchdowns, riot statistics. After suffering humiliation all afternoon, the Tennessee luck showed its ugly head with only twenty-five seconds left to play with the Rebs leading 14 to 12, and with one lucky heave won the game. Tennessee has long been known as the luckiest team in the South, but your old Colonel thinks maybe it was a little more than luck that day. It looked to me like a little skulduggery might have been going on out on the field among the officials. One of the officials apparently couldn ' t even run across the field without obstructing one of our players. The same TENNESSEE GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Tennessee First Downs ., ... . 19 8 Net Yards Rushing 184 56 Yards Lost Rushing ..... . 20 13 Forward Passes Attempted . . 21 21 Forward Passes Completed . . 14 10 Net Yards Passing 141 183 Forward Passes Intercepted By 1 1 Yards Interceptions Returned 1 0 Average Punt 43.3 43.3 Punts Blocked 0 0 Average Return of Punts 5.8 4.6 Yards Lost On Penalties 57 46 Number Fumbles 2 Ball Lost 2 1 Final Score 14 18 OLIVER POOLE 298 TENNESS E GAME. Stopped Cold by Lambert fellow reminded me of the picture of the three little monkeys, especially the one about seeing no evil. Just to give you a little idea of what did happen: a Tennessee back threw a pass into Salmon ' s territory and little " Fish " hurried over to intercept or at least tackle the receiver, but no, the official decided Salmon would look better on the ground—and threw a perfect block on him. The Volunteer caught the ball. Just as Buddy Bowen was about to smear him, another Tennessee man clipped him, and Tennessee had a score. Nothing was said about this rather questionable play for it seems that the officials were having a little game of bridge over on the sidelines and failed to see the play. (The official who blocked Salmon happened to be the dummy that hand.) And on that last touchdown play by the Vols, the end ' s knee touched the ground, but when we looked over to the referee for the ruling, he had just made " a little slam " in spades and was counting his winnings. Charlie Conerly, Ray Poole, Crawford, and Dave Bridgers played outstanding ball for me, and every member of the team made your old Colonel extremely proud. " HUNTER GATES " PEP " BENNETT NATE WILLIAMSON 299 °4P. .n4P. ' 41 MISSISSIPPI STAVE GAME The Egg Goes Back Miss. State, 20; Ole Miss, 0 " I ' d rather not think about that State game, much less write about it. The wounds that that du rn bulldog of theirs put in me aren ' t healed yet. I don ' t have any excuses, but I will say that I had the boys in tip top condition, both physically and mentally, for the three games preceding the State clash and I just couldn ' t keep them in that condition. State was pointing for us, be- cause Allyn McKeen knew he ' d have to produce or else. It ' s rumored that the " or else " would have been a nice long ride in one of Mister Sander ' s airplanes out over the Gulf of Mexico and unceremoniously dumped. Speaking of our boy Bob, I hear that he says he didn ' t pay Shorty a penny to go to school at State. That re- minds me of the time old Abe Lincoln and his Northern buddies denied that they had to send over and hire a few thousand Hessian professional soldiers to do most of their fighting for them. The State forward wall got the jump on my boys and never let up, holding them to just five first downs, while the Maroon backs, led by their Shorty McWilliams, piled IVAN ROSOMOND ERWIN THIBAULT COACH DREW 300 Conerly Goes Against State up 1 I. The only bright spot of the afternoon for the Rebels was the 49 yard run from scrimmage by Jerry Tiblier, but it went for naught. One of the most spec- tacular runs ever manipulated on Hemingway turf took place in the second period as State ' s Eagle Matulich ran by and through the entire Rebel team for 68 yards. I ' d like to give you readers a few interesting facts on the season: Out of the 21 touchdowns scored on us during the season, 17 were made by the overhead route. We scored 87 first downs to the combined oppositions ' 70 and outrushed them 937 yards to 740. We completed 73 passes to gain only 729 yards while our opponents gathered in 48 tosses for 863 yards. " Charlie Conerly proved to be the best punter in the conference with an average of over 45 yards in four games. His best effort was 47.9 yards in the Vandy game. He ended the season with an average of 42.8 yards. Conerly also led the league with his passing, completing 53 per cent of all his tosses, 28 of them to Captain Ray Poole. That ' s all for this year ' s football-- thanks for letting me air my views. " Salmon Coming In for the Tackle MISSISSIPPI STATE GAME STATISTICS Ole Miss Miss. State First Downs 5 11 Net Yards Rushing 102 138 Yards Lost Rushing 24 21 Forward Passes Attempted . 24 16 Forward Passes Completed . 8 5 Net Yards Passing 51 41 Forward Passes Intercepted By . 2 4 Yards Interceptions Returned . 18 87 Average Punt 41 41.6 Punts Blocked 0 0 Average Return of Punts 8.7 10.4 Yards Lost On Penalties 35 25 Number Fumbles 3 4 Ball Lost 2 3 Final Score 0 20 301 Tense Moment .4100. .4110. AGO. .41111•. Coach Jim Whatley put five pretty good basketball players on the floor this season, but unfortunately they couldn ' t seem to get " hot " on their teamwork. All in all, we had a rather mediocre season on the hardwood. The team wasn ' t tall as most of the quintets they faced and only used a fast break in just a few of the games. Highlights of the games played went something like this: Ole Miss, 41; Tulane, 69 .. . the Rebels were out- classed by a fast breaking Greenie team and were never in the ball game. Kelly paced the Ole Miss cagers with 9 points, while Athas of the Green Wave got 17. Ole Miss, 74; Southwestern, 34 . . Exhibiting tremendous offensive thrust plus an airtight defense the Rebs ran roughshod over an outclassed Southwestern quintet to win by a 40 point margin before a packed house in Memphis. Kelly sank 29 points, with Jack Marshall in second place with 18. Ole Miss, 35; Tupelo Legionnaires, 40 . . The Tupelo team composed of Busby, and Prather, all southeastern players from University of Ala- bama, and Arlis Ricks, all-American from Delta State literally played with the Rebels the first half. But it was a different story the last period when 1-hey began to tire. Marshall and Kelly made 13 and 12 points respectively. Ole Miss, 29; Arkansas State, 41 • The Arkansas State Warriors moved to Rebel land and cashed in on some unlucky and wild shooting by Whatley ' s men to gain a 41 to 29 victory over the Ole Miss quintet. Ole Miss, 43; LSU, 54 ... The sky-scraping Bengals of LSU handed the Johnny Rebs their fourth SEC setback before 2000 onlookers. Russell Reid garnered 11 points for the high -BASKETBALL, Kelley Guards Him Close Mann Sinks One Homer of Bama Shoots One score place of the nine. Ole Miss, 31; Mississippi Stale, 53 . . . The steadily improving Bulldogs had little trouble in handing us our fifth conference loss of the current season. Nicholson and Bledsoe led the scorers for the " Farmers, and Kelly again was number one for our side. Ole Miss, 43; Tulane, 50 . . . Tulane fans stared in amazement during the first half of this game in New Orleans, as the red hot men from Oxford, led by the aggressive and point-gathering Harold Kelly, played the Wave off its feet to hold a 29-21 edge at the inter- mission. In the second period Macie McMullen and Jack Mann had to leave the game because of injuries. Minus these two men, the Rebels lost a hard-fought game to the Greenies, despite Harold Kelly ' s high point position with 14 points. Ole Miss, 42; LSU, 63 . . . The Rebels tangled with the Tigers of LSU and fell before the mighty onslaught of the Bengals, led by towering forward, Bobby Lowther. Reserve Rebel forward Blackledge, standing in at center in place of the injured McMullen, played his best game of the year, turning in 16 points for the defeated Rebel crew. OLE MISS SWEEPS THREE GAME HOME STAND . . . Auburn, Southwestern and Mississippi College were victims of the rejuvenated Rebels on our home court. Russell Reid got red hot in the Auburn game and came away with 29 points. Reid has as nice an over-the-head hook shot as we have ever seen. Ole Miss, 40; Vanderbilt, 55 . Vandy took the Rebels by a count of 55-40 on their home court in Nashville. Maxie McMullen led the Rebs on a last minute scoring spree, and for a moment the boys from Oxford appeared to be overtaking the Black and Gold. How- ever, the Commodores settled down and won going away. Ole Miss, 28; Tennessee, 61 . • . The Volunteers had little trouble disposing of the Ole Miss quintet with the help of freshman Art Burris. Kelly again led our team with nine points. Ole Miss, 56; Chattanooga, 49 . . . Maxie McMullen led Ole Miss with 16 points and an easy victory over Chattanooga for the second time this season. Ole Miss, 59; Mississippi State, 49 . . . In their best game of the season the Rebelmen upset a favored Maroon team before an overflow crowd on the campus. OLE MISS LOSES TWO GAMES TO ALA- BAMA . . . In the first encounter with the Tide they litterally swamped us, but the return engagement was another story. The ' Barra boys squeezed out the latter by a mere five points. In the tournament we fared little better and lost out in the opening round to LSU. There ' s always a next year. 303 The Team HEAD COACH " TAD " SMITH ASSISTANT COACH HOVIOUS Big Four Pitching Staff, Roberts, Woodward, Majure, Davis BASEBALL Ole Miss baseball in 1946 showed much promise, and a tight nucleus was formed for this season ' s team. While winning six and losing six, Coach Tad Smith ' s boys gave a good account of themselves only the powerful Alabama team having their number. Coach Smith had as his assistants, " Happy " Campbell and " Junie " Hovious. They started the season with only two veteran pitchers, in the persons of Ray Woodward and Ray Poole. Two very fine newcomers showed up, Frank Davis and Toby Majure, who took their share of the mound chores. Davis proved to be the most con- sistent hurler, and he literally humiliated Mississippi State First Basemen Bruce, Davis, and Wright in a 21 to I rout. Charlie Conerly, Bill Erickson and W. G. Mize wielded the stick very effectively for the club. The opening games with Memphis NATTC were high- lighted by Ray Woodward ' s hurling in the second game and the hitting of Big Bill Ericson who got three hits in the second game. LSU invaded the campus only to be beaten in two very close contests. Frank Davis won the first game in ten innings and Ray Woodward came through in the second with the help of Ericson ' s homer over the center field fence. In a two game series with Alabama, the Rebs didn ' t fare too well and lost both games. Pitcher Davis hurled beautiful ball in the second game, and hit a homer and single, only to be beat out 10 to 8. Bradley Tech came to the campus and we split two games with them, 4-5 and 21-7. Conerly hit a homer in the first game and Ericson bagged two in the second; W. G. Mize hit a single, double and triple to help in the 21 hit attack. Memphis Navy won their second game over us 10-3, despite Conerly ' s homer. Alabama ' s Crimson Tide cashed in on our seven errors, and won a 13-5 decision. The two games with State were a farce, with the Johnny Rebs scoring a total of 39 runs in the two games to their four. SCHEDULE Ole Miss 0• Memphis NATTC . . • 9 Ole Miss 6; Memphis NATTC . . • 5 Ole Miss 4; LSU 3 Ole Miss 6; LSU 5 Ole Miss 2• Alabama 8 Ole Miss 8; Alabama 10 Ole Miss 4; Bradley Tech 5 Ole Miss 2I• Bradley Tech 7 Ole Miss 3; Memphis NATTC . . 10 Ole Miss 5• Alabama 13 Ole Miss 21; Mississippi State . . 1 Ole Miss 18• Mississippi State 3 Catchers Herb, Reid, and Goodsen Star Hurlers, Woodward and Davis Outfielders Jennings and Erickson Shortstop Page, Catcher Reid The Team TRACK The Ole Miss cindermen, under the tutelage of Coach Johnny Vought, opened the ' 46 season with a win in the Baylor Relays at Chattanooga. The Quarter Mile relay team composed of Shackle- ford, Dickerson, Joseph, and Blount had little trouble taking their event. The 880 yard relay team also came through in fine style covering the distance in I minute and 34 seconds, copping another first place. On April 13, the Rebs captured their first dual meet Planning the Strategy with a 59-45 win over Southwestern of Memphis. Charley Galey, winning the shotput and discus, led Ole Miss with 10 points. The Rebels could take only one track event against a strong Mississippi State squad and lost 811 2 to 491 2. Hairline Harper was the only bright spot of the meet for Vought ' s men, taking high point laurels. In the last meet of the season Joe Johnson grabbed 121 2 points and the Rebels swamped Alabama ' s Crimson Tide by a score of 78 to 53. Interested Fans First Row: William Abney, Lange Butler, William J. Condon, William L. Cook. Second Row: Robert Demilio, Charles Friedman, Joyner Halton, William J. Hamm, Arnold Hammond. Third Row: David 0. Jourdon, Vaught Lenoir, Joseph Long, Caley Waldrip. THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM WILLIAM J. HAMM Vice-President LANGE BUTLER Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT L. DEMILIO President OFFICERS JOYNER HALTON Delta Psi WILLIAM S. HAMM Sigma Alpha Epsilon ARNOLD HAMMOND Pi Kappa Psi VAUGHT LENOIR Sigma Nu DAVID OLEN JOURDAN Beta Theta Pi JOSEPH LONG Phi Delta Theta MEMBERS COLEY WALDRIP Kappa Sigma WILLIAM ABNEY Alpha Tau Omega FRANK BOWERS Sigma Chi Under the direction of Coach Ed Stone, and with the help of LANGE BUTLER Delta Kappa Epsilon Lang Butler and the rest of the Intramural council Ole Miss had WILLIAM J. CONDON Sigma Alpha Epsilon the best intramural program in the history of the school. Offering WILLIAM L. COOK Kappa Alpha such sports as touch football, shuffleboard, volleyball, and horse- ROBERT L. DEMILIO Pi Kappa Alpha shoe pitching the first semester, and with softball dominating the CHARLES 0. FRIEDMAN Phi Epsilon Pi second term along with track, ping pong and tennis. Poole Lands A Right on Peets Chin Fraternity All Stars He Caught If Too Fret ' s All Stars Score Phi Delts Run Against Deke Cook Snags A High One Arceneaux Gets A Kick Off Kenny Comes In for the Kill ..1NTRAMURAI ACTIVITIES A.T.O. ' s Talk It Over Reefs With A Right Strange of the All Stars Takes the Ball Pat Burrow Administers First Aid A.T.O Man Caught It for A Score Kappa Sigs Are Penalized Pilkinfon Shoots One First Row: Jane Abston, Eleanor Zoe Allen, Stiles Artz, Kathryn Worden Barr, Frances Joy Bell, Elinor Jo Bogard, Martha Jane Boring. Second Row: Betty Bowdre, Martha Bowman, Freddie Brandon, Betty Brown, Jean Scott Burt, Gayle Martha Carney. Third Row: Mary Elizabeth Cates, Mary Joyce Clayton, Charm Crum, Betty Conerly, Gladys Cunningham, Jane Dalrymple, Dot Day. Fourth Row: Allyn Drew, Puddie Eason, Barba ra Fly, Billie Fox, Ann Gibber, Ann Gist, Zula Gore. Fifth Row: Betty Hemeter, Patsy Jerry Mary Jordan, Evelyn Kazar, Eleanor Jean Lewis. Sixth Row: Mary Elizabeth Liddell, Betty Long, Jean Lott, Mary Jane Madden, Sarah Mason, Sara Jane Myers, Barbara Miller. Seventh Row: Sarah Moore, Nena Jacqueline Myrick, Sarah Oden, Jean Pemble, Hannah Pitts, Carolyn Prewitt. Eighth Row: Lillian Prewitt, Peggy Podesta, Nancy Puller, Lynn Reid, Patricia Reilly, Esther Riley, Dot Roberts. Ninth Row: Betsy Ross, Sally Scribner, Louise Simpson, Evelyn Spicer, Jo Anne Virginia Tansil, Natalie Thompson. Tenth Row: Barbara Trapp, Nell Travis, Julia Wallace, Ygondine Walker, Edith Williams, Ann Wilson, Ma [jean Woodard. Archery Class Figure Conditioning Taking Their Laps Around the Gym WOMEN ' S ATILLEPC ASSOCIAT9N The Women ' s Athletic Association promotes sports and recreational activities among the women students of Ole Miss. The inter-sorority tournaments in badminton, shuffle board, basketball, ping pong, and tennis are sponsored each year by the W. A. A. The membership is unlimited and is open to any girl student taking phys- ical education. The Association is under the guidance of the Physical Education Department of the University, and has membership in both state and national Athletic Associations. OFFICERS NANCY PULLER President LILLIAN PREWITT Vice-President BETTY CONERLY Secretary-Treasurer MARJEAN WOODWARD Reporter 1 It Strengthens the Stomach Muscles 311 The Reserve Officers Training Corp has once again taken its place as an important organiza- tion on the campus. Under the direction of Colonel James 0. Wade, the Corps offers com- missions in two branches of the Army; the Infan- try and Air Corps. Climaxing the ROTC year was the Military Ball of March 14, at which the Battalion sponsors were presented to the student body. Although handicapped by lack of uniforms most of the year, the Cadet Battalion has nevertheless de- veloped into a well-trained unit of which the University can well be proud. With reorganiza- tion completed the Reserve Officers Training Corps looks forward to the coming year. THE ROTC UNIT 312 j CADET STAFF Cadet Lt. CoIone: LOGAN PHILIPS Cadet Lt. Colonel L E. GRISHAM Cadet Major J R. KING Cadet Major G. LAMBERT Cadet Captain H. A. BROWN Cadet Captain E FINCH Battalion Sponsor MARJFAN WOODWARD Cadet Sponsor MARY LIDDELL S ' POINSicits 313 OMP ANY OFFICERS Company Commander ROY WATSON Company Commander HUNTER GATES Sponsor VIRGINIA KING First Sergeant BENNETT SMITH First Sergeant JEWELS RAULINGS Guidon MOSES ATTAYA Guidon LEWIS FINCH 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON Platoon Leader ORION BLANTON Platoon Leader FRED DUKES Platoon Leader WILLIAM DAVIS Platoon Leader MARVIN KEMP John Smith Joe Alsobrook Wilford Webb Pete N u nerdy John Holbrook Hewitt Griffin Tom Long Tom Culley William Skinner Lester Summers Robert Stone MEMBERS MEMBERS Cecil Dickerson George Stephens Dee Hamilton Clarence Castle James Stribling George Van Zany William Selph Gordon DeLashment William Semmes Ed Cates John Knott Nolen Dickson Jack Cline Hin Luck Ling George Hoffman Ira Morgan James Steele Joe Lyle Charles Castle Marion McLemore Hershel Hughey Dan Fox George Smith Robert Effinger Jerry Tedder Elmo Harrison James McGinnis Edley Jones Richard Kennedy Richard Wall Charles Horton Joe Johnston John Stephens Fred Lotterhos Robert Synder John Fox 314 CO !YIP ANY OFFICERS Company Commander LLOYD BRIDGERS Company Commander JACK REESE Sponsor JULIE DAVIS First Sergeant GUY ROGERS First Sergeant JOE TORTI Guidon STANLEY BRUNT Guidon ALBERT SWINNEY 1ST PLATOON 2ND PLATOON Platoon Leader JAMES TRASH Platoon Leader ERNEST HELLNER Platoon Leader BEN MANN Platoon leader ORVILLE BEARD MEMBERS MEMBERS Hugh Moore Caley Waldrip Thomas Bailey Winston Bowling Greg Breland Fred Garraway David Jourdan Millard Bush Perrin Caldwell Peter Willemoes William McCord R. J. Covington Harry McLeod Howard Smithson Paul McMullen Louis Vise William Perkins Richard Aikens John Well Thomas Dean George Stone Simons Turner Robert Allen Robert Crook Charles Wright Richard King Joseph Hutton James Ninon Kenneth Royster Lewis Heidelberg William Morris William Sarter George Yates Raymond White James Parkins Marion Bishop George Ellis Tom Webb Howard Yawn Stephen Stringfellow Jeff Balfour James Jordan Lester Shipley Harold Melvin William Toler F. M. Stevens William Beanland 315 APVANQ fAMIPS First Row: L. E. Grisham, L. B. Philips, J. R. King, G. Lambert. Second Row: L. Bridgers, H. A. Brown, D. W. Finch, L. H Gates. L. E. Grisham J. R. King 0. S. Beard 0. D. Blanton W. M. Davis L. B. Duke M. E. Kemp E. V. Kellner B. F. Mann Majors Captains R. W. Aikens J. W. Alsobrook G. E. Lambert T. R. Perry J. M. Reese B. B. Shirley R. F. Watson L. M. Bridgers H. A. Brown D. W. Finch L. H. Gates Lieutenant Colonels L. B. Philips First Lieutenants E. J. Ornam J. W. Raulins G. N. Rogers B. E. Smith J. Thrash J. W. Torti L. Tubb Second Lieutenants M. Attaya T. E. Bailey First Row: T. R. Perry, J. M. B. B. Shirley, R. F. Watson, 0. S. Beard, 0. D. Blanton, W. M. Davis, L. B. Duke, M. E. Kemp. Second Row: E. V. Kellner, B. F. Mann, E. J. Oxnam, J. W. Raulins, G. N. Rogers, B. E. Smith, J. Thrash, L. Tubb, J. W. Torti. Third Row: R. W. Aikens, J. W. Alsobrook, M. Attaya, T. E. Bailey, J. E. Balfour, J. F. Bond, W. K. Bowling, H. G. Breland, S. Brunt. 316 First Row: H. F. Bryne, C. E. Castle, C. H. Castle, J. R. Cline, R. L. Covington, W. R. C. R. Dickerson, W. S. L. D. Ellis Second Row: F. W. Garraway, J. C. Halbrook, D. L. E. D. Hamilton, E. 0. Harrison, C. D. Horton, J. E. Hutton, S. N. Jennings, J. R. Jourdon. J. F. Bond F. W. Garraway J. M. McCormick W, 0. Semmes W. K. Bowling J. C. Holbrook M. B. McLemore P. J. Shannon H. G. breland D. L. Hale H. L. McLeod J. H. Smith S. Brunt E. D. Hamilton F. E. Moak R. S. Snyder H. F. Bryne E. 0. Harrison H. H. Moore .1. E. Stephens C. E. Castle C. D. Horton J. H. Napier R. L. Stone J. R. Cline J. E. Hutton J. F. Nixon J. Stribling R. L. Covington S. N. Jennings P. Nunnally J. R. Walls W. R. Crook J. R. Jordan J. E. Parkins C. B. Waldrip C. R. Dickerson R. H. King W. R. Price W. R. Webb W. S. Dickson R. N. Kittrell .1. B. Royster R. V. White L. D. Ellis L. M. Magruder W. G. Scott C. C. Wright First Row: R. H. King, R. Kittrell, L. M. J. M. McCormick, M. B. McLemore, H. L. McLeod, F. E. Moak, H. H. Moore, J. H. Napier. Second Row: J. F. Nixon, P. Nunnally, J. E. Parkins,. W. R. Price, J. B. Royster, W. G. Scott, W. 0 . Semmes, R. J. Shannon, J. H. Smith. Third Row: R. S. Snyder. .1. E. Stephens, R. L. Stone, J. Stribling, J. R. Walls, C. B. Waldrip, W. R. R. V. White, C, C. Wright 317 B N " OFFICERS Band Commander BILLY SHIRLEY Band Commander THOMAS PERRY Sponsor MARGARET BOWEN Executive Officer LESLIE TUBB Executive Officer EUGENE OXNAM MEMBERS OF THE BOARD E. L. Cook S. K. Day F. 0. Givens F. W. Holmes J. L. Jackson W. L. Mullett G. F. Oxford B. L. Samuel H. H. Thomasson H. D. Webster B. E. Wells J. J. West J. F. Bond H. F. Byrne D. L. Hale S. N. Jennings R. M. Kittrell L. M. Magruder F. E. Moak W. G. Scott R. J. Shannon G. C. Smith C. F. Andre J. L. Clark RIFLE ITAI7 First Row John Halbrook Nolan Dickson Howard Brown Second Row Ellis Finch Hunter Gates Lloyd Bridgers W O Powers 318 A NAVAL UN!T The purpose of the new NROTC is to provide a steady supply of well-educated junior officers for the line and staff corps of the Regular Navy and to build up a re- serve of trained officers who will be ready to serve their country at a moment ' s notice in a national emergency. NROTC graduates will be given equal rank, equal treat- ment, and equal opportunities with the graduates of the United States Naval Academy. CAPTAIN CHARLES JACKSON CY C. P. Williams Y3 c A. E. Greer Thomas Ross W. S. Currie R. P. Hilton STAFF Captain Charles Jackson Commander C. B. Smiley Comdr. Rapheal Semmes CSK 0. M. Cook Sgt. W. S. Bostick Lt. Comdr. F. M. Bush CADET STAFF B. T. Nash R. Monaghan C. V. Holmes Capt. J. D. Smith, USMC CBM J. R. Ward CGM W. B. Carter First Row: Lt. Comdr. Bush, Comdr. Smiley, Capt. Comdr. Semmes, Capt. Smith. Second Row: CSK Cook, Sgt. CY CBM Ward, Y 3 c Greer, CGM Carter. 319 The NROTC Class NAVAL U IT THE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right, First Row: Ross, Currie, Hilton. Second Row: Nash, Monaghan, Holmes GER SUGAR UNCLE 320 Rifle Team MEMBERS M. A. Adams J. P. Denton R. P. Hilton B. T. Nash V. E. Alridge R. C. Edwards C. V. Holmes J. F. Rawls B. C. Buntin V. A. Edwards J. P. Houston T. A. Ross J. H. Base C. L. Fraizer E. R. Joyce J. E. Sampson - M. L. Colley S. P. Gardner R. Monaghan B. Strange W. S. Currie W, R. Hager R. S. Myers W, Weatherly J. Dean R. I larding J. P. McLemore Small Arms field stripping demonstration Navigation Instruction 321 of Parting , . From the editor of this, The OLE MISS for 1947, the ranking monument to inertia, inefficiency, and haphazard compilation, sincere thanks is given to the following: To Mr. Joe B. Ledbetter, of the Benson Printing Company, for his cooperation in directing our unskilled efforts; to the personnel of the Shreveport Engraving Company for their occasional success in trans- forming inferior snapshots and other photographic miscellany into superior engravings; to Mr. Joel Alshin and Mr. Arthur L. Grey, of Chidnoff Studio, for their respective parts in the handling of our class portraits; to Colonel J. R. Cof ield for being available during our many emergencies; to Mr. Milton Caniff for his assistance in the selection of the 1947 beauties. Last, but by no means least, the editor whinnies with un- abounded appreciation and gratefully licks the hands of the two out- standing contributors to this atrocity: Mr. Bob Gage and Mr. Armis Hawkins. Their greatest contribution came when they generously stayed out of the office for four consecutive days. WALTER BULLOCK, Editor The 1947 Ole Miss ADVERTISING THF UkIVERSITY OF 1848 • 1947 The University is composed of the following divisions: the College of Liberal A rts, the Schools of Law, Engineering, Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Ad- ministration, the Graduate School, and University Extension. Splendid facilities for general and specialized education are provided by the College of Liberal Arts and the Professional Schools. SUMMER SESSION, 1947 First Term June 3-July 12 Second Term July 14-Aug. 22 Student attending both terms will be able to earn twelve semester hours. Courses will be offered in the College of Liberal Arts, the Graduate School, and in the Schools of Law, Commerce and Business Administration, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Education. Recreation—Excellent athletic and recreational facilities insure ample opportunities for exercise and relaxation. An excellent swimming pool, a superb golf course, numerous tennis courts, and many indoor games pro- vide attractions for every one. Write to the Director of the Summer Session, University, Mississippi, for the Summer Session Bulletin. THE FALL SESSION BEGINS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15,1947 The University Cafeteria is a non-profit organization under the directorship of Mr. H. W. Bounds, assisted by Mr. Baker Ferrell. The books are kept in order by Miss Edith Hickey and Mrs. Ruby Roberts; over 140 other workers complete the personnel. The cafe- teria serves an average of 4500 to 5000 meals daily during the regular session. There are three dining rooms in the basement for private luncheons and banquets which are available to all campus organizations. Mr. Bounds has worked diligently to hold prices down, despite the rising costs of food. w 0 Co CD 00 Fine Coats, Suits, Dresses and Sportswear Millinery, Accessories and Lovely Gifts iNtiELEN SHOP 1808 1JNION AVENUE As all of us appreciate receiving GOOD SERVICE, we believe in giving good service to all—giving it courteously ... cheerfully ... accurately ... promptly. We know that GOOD SERVICE makes friends, that making friends is the only right way to conduct business; and that the good will of friendly and satisfied customers is our greatest asset. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. THE HOUSE-BOND CO. Complete Food Serving Equipment and Supplies 290 Monroe Avenue Tel. MEMPHIS 3, TENNESSEE Foremost Institutional Jobber in the Mid-South " Established Over 30 Years " MEMPHIS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT SUPPLY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE " ABROS " A Name to Remember in Meat Products QUALITY—VALUE • ABRAHAM BROS. PACKING COMPANY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Colonel Cofield prepares to snap one min ROBBINS, INC. WHOLESALE DRUGS MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Dine where they serve tempting pre- serves and jellies from Sexton ' s Sun- shine Kitchens. They are famous in 48 states for their pure fruit goodness. $extm .2aae€4-7Te., • • JOHI1 SEHT09 CO. WHOLESALERS CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ZAHNER- " Omuta air PuttEctian, urab-ad SetvicE Erti.u.p.ntEnt " Richard adi otweter Phone 3 I 7 West Side Square OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF CCIE CTV.PANY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ' Tr WHOLESALERS FRESH FRUITS—PRODUCE BALFOUR FRATERNITY JEWELRY Place all orders for jewelry through the Birmingham Office ENOCH BENSON, Manager IN 11 111 Badges, Rings, Novelties, Etc. N • L. G. BALFOUR CO. 2104 Fifth Ave., North Birmingham, Ala. STAR CLEANERS Phone 402-W OXFORD A. H. RUSSELL, Owner THE MANSION " Where Students Meet " Let us arrange your fraternity or sorority banquet. GOOD FOOD SERVED WELL OXFORD, M ISS. J. AUBREY SEAY Engineering students on field trip WHEN IN LAUREL OR HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI SHOP AT NROS.- ATISON MILLINERY DEPARTMENT-2ND FLOOR THE STORE OF THE FAMOUS NAME BRANDS IN QUALITY MERCHANDISE CATERING TO THE NEEDS OF THE ENTIRE FAMILY- Our Best Congratulations to the Student s of Ole Miss Favorite Showhouse of the Ole Miss Student Body Since 1917 THE LYRIC THEATER ROBERT X. WILLIAMS Owner and Manager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI " QUALITY PHOTOS " COFIELD ' S STUMO (Uptown in Henry Hotel Building) " QUALITY PORTRAIT FRAMES " OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Blind Jim visits the K D House ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY Phone 307 Oxford, • LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS FROM FOUNDATION THROUGH ROOF SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS COMPLIMENTS OF BLAYLOCK ' S DRUG STORE South Side of Square Oxford, Miss. STAR! DARD SERVICE STATION " We Serve to Serve Again " • OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 502 S. Lamar Phone 378 H ' S LOVELY THINGS LOVELY WOMEN • Air Conditioned for Your Shopping Comfort Oxford Phone 662 Tri-Delta Beer-bust See Your Sinclair Dealer for Expert Car Care 444 SERVICE STATION OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Cor. S. Lamar University Avenue Phone 50 AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY CO. OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI GOODYEAR TIRES FIRST FOR 32 YEARS—You Don ' t Stay First Unless You ' re Best LIFEGUARD SAFETY TUBES GENERAL ELECTRIC Radios, Refrigerators, Ranges, Home Freezers, Washing Machines, Irons, Fans, and Water Heaters Arrival from Christmas Holidays More " M " Club initiation Through the years • • • NEILSON ' S OXFORD 108 Years of Dependable Service • • • the best place for Ole Miss students to shop " SPECIALIZING IN SUPERIOR FOOD AND SERVICE " GRUNDY ' S CAFE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI GRUNDY COLE, Owner COMPLIMENTS OF CITY CLEANERS Phone 22 Oxford, Mississippi " Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year " GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY 0 The Rexall Store Oxford, Mississippi RITZ THEA " RE ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE OLE MISS STUDENTS S. T. LYLES, JR., Manager OXFORD Freshman Queen, Nina Nosser, and Dean Dubois, Joe College FOR YOUR OFFICE, STORE MENTS, OFFICE STATIONERY ITEMS, WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE. Agents for L. C. SMITH CORONA UNDERWOOD PORTABLE REM INGTON PORTABLE ROYAL PORTABLE We Are Equipped to Do Any Kind of Printing THf OXFORD EAGLE " Calling Card to a Catalog " Phone 108 Oxford, Miss. LANDRETH ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SOLD AND REPAIRED OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI AVENT ' S DRUGS, COSMETICS AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE OXFORD Kappa Sig Christmas Party OXFORD GULF SERVICE STATION • Corner University Ave. and S. Lamar OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Men of Distinction " Confidentially .. . " COMPLIMENTS OF ERCHAN S OF MISSISSIPPI Most Complete Wholesale Food and Grain Service in the South PACKING HOUSE PRODUCTS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 2,000 FEET COLD STORAGE SPACE APPAREL AT IT ' S BEST glex Loelike A...a UN ZVERSITY SK• LM. PRE:it NT:, ORIGINAL BALLET RiiDE R:i AAN 504p LAKE SCUERE11 AZAD( More of stunt night FOR GIFTS OF DISTINCTION ITS ROLLING ' S JEWELRY COMPANY 617 Main SF. Hattiesburg THE HATTIESBURG CREAMERY Serving South Mississippi With Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Ogirit 000771fil°14111 ICE EREAm HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Cherchez la femme " M " Club Banquet COMPLIMENTS OF POLK HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY FRANK K. MATHEWS, Owner HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI " The Store for Men " • HATTIESBURG, MISS. Grill Scene PHOENIX LAUNDRY DYERS CLEANERS Serving You Since 1898 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Hardy Street Telephones 36 and 97 COMPLIMENTS OF THE DIAMOND SHOP • HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF FORREST HOTEL B. C. YOUNG Manager HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI FOR COMPLETE SELECTION OF THE LATEST POPULAR AND CLASSICAL RECORDINGS IT ' S TAYLOR ' S FURNITURE COMPANY OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI SEND IT TO PRAVIOR ' S CLEA ,ERS 307 McLeod Street HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Phone 754 IT ' S THE OWL DRUG CO. FOR ACCURATELY FILLED PRESCRIPTIONS FOUNTAIN SERVICE HATTIESBURG COMPLIMENTS OF McARTHUR CHEVROLET CO. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI " Angel Streer DONAIWI-Mtlg Glans ' Wear HATTI ESBU RG South Mississippi ' s Leading Store for Men ' s and Boys ' Fine Wearables TOM DONAVAN DEWEY LANE " The Gift Store " 509 Main Hattiesburg, Miss. Phone 207 ATIZESIal RC, AfkiS SSIPP . J. C. CLOVER FURNITURE COMPANY The Furniture Men GULFPORT MISSISSIPPI Compliments of M. SALLOUM ' S DEPARTMENT STORE MITCHELL SALLOUM, Owner GULFPORT COMPLIMENTS OF TOWN HOUSE GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF DAY ' S MUG GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI AGAIN THE OLE MISS IS BOUND IN A K DIGS KRAFT COVER MANUFACTURED BY KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE HENRY CLAY HOTEL West Point, Mississippi MODERN—FIREPROOF—EUROPEAN EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP T. F. WYMAN, Pres. D. S. HOLLAND, Mgr. SWIFT AND CO. WEST POINT, MISSISSIPPI JONES BROS. DRUG CO., INC. The REXALL Store Phones 130-131 GULFPORT, MISS COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT ' S DRUG STORE GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI BRYAN BROS. PACKLING COMPAN WEST POINT, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF THE FAIR COMPANY Leading Department Store of LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Wimmen COMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSON ' S MEN ' S WEAR GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI PALERMO ' S Leading Store for Men VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH K. FASOLD Jeweler GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF DE LOACH ' S, INC. GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI THERE IS ONLY ONE ANGELO ' S Specializing In • SPAGHETTI • SEA FOOD • STEAKS GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI Kappa Sig Saturday Night FOR EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP Ole For Merchandise of Quality EIS AN ' S 519 Main St. Hattiesburg, Miss. COMPLIMENTS OF PEOPLE ' S BANK AND TRUST CO. ice TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI Jess and patient WHAT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE? JITNEY JUNGLE What is the star to which you ' ve hitched your wagon? When you leave school which will it be— " doctor, lawyer, merchant or chief " ? It ' s not too early, you know, to begin thinking about those years ahead. If the endeavor is to be along merchan- dising lines and you ' re interested in food, we can help you. Several graduates of Ole Miss are now doing well in this field. If interested, write for the folder, " Blue- print Now for Tomorrow ' s Needs. " JITNEY-JUNGLE, INCORPORATED HOME OFFICE AND FACTORY JACKSON 117 • MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF GLASGOW ' S DRUG STORE Phones 43 and 44 Tupelo, Miss. BEST WISHES FROM SPIGHT ' S TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI For the miss of Mississippi who leads the campus, it ' s .. . REK MISSISSIPPI ' S CLOTHING For Men Women Latest up-to-the Minute Styles VICKSBURG AND JACKSON R. C. BROWN PIGGLY WIGGLY SUPER MARKET Plain Fancy Groceries VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI One of Mississippi ' s finest ... exclusive Store for Men ... LARRY ' S GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Home of—. • HICKEY-FREEMAN • BOTANY ' 500 " O RAND SHOES • ENRO SHIRTS CO-EDS ALL K NOW T H E VOGUE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE BANK OF GREENWOOD " A Friendly Institution " GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF LLISCO ' S GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF PLANTERS OIL MILL GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI C111111617 STIVG 550 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK Official Photographer ' or THE 1947 OLE MISS COMPLIMENTS OF W. FOUNTAW, NC. " Men ' s Department " GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI IPOMAS, K1NCANNON, A iJ L{Kil Tupelo ' s Favorite Drug Store • VISIT K. —0 TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI GREENWOOD GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI CHOICE GIFT SELECTIONS FROM HERBERT K. BRASFILLD JEWELER TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI The largest and most complete stock of men ' s and boy ' s wear within a 100-mile radius of Tu- pelo, Mississippi. Featuring styles and qualities not found elsewhere outside of much larger cities. AK A IS tiu L Make Shopping a PLEASURE Is To Visit MARKS ROTHFNBERG IN MERIDIAN AGAIN-- Jhe OLE MISS ENGRA V INGS ARE BY P ' t N SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ,� :;,

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