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 - Class of 1946

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I I O ,'ts O I v. ' 'If - lv T 'AQ 'j 'Q lf' I .. s,v fb 'L- ' wil - A - A Q Q I 1 I 1 . f" L C Q5 1 Lu - 4 n 1 Q' ' Y ' 1 1 1 5 1. 11' . ' a A A J X ' 1 I 9 . v L 1 I 'N N a x + ft r 7' , U Franklin E. Moak K aaya U .a Mary AliCCW1.5dO7H 0- 'x i I T65 A 1 5 2 X 8 11 5 5:2 . f' L: -V 2- X - -A ' X-f Zifs a :Sim , ' , """ ""' 1"-"" X ,f ,V 5511. , 'l""---f H Q - L g,':E2',5.'!s':: - l - - xnxx I Ill. fin .. l: . - - L li ma,-I J. xx 'lf 'Li-131251-Z::7?5,Ir . A N :L 'iw 4 q i . - . i 4' ' 1 zz? P' 2 an gaamme Q .L :Sa a , A-'af 15:32-'E-45252 fl! f I4 Z ,X 'Ka t ' - ' fri-R - xv 1 f..ffg- ,fre-f:25 -iw-F Y 4 3 Yi Y Y rf! Y! 1 2 3 ,af M--ff' -. sf ' A -if -74 Vx T Y'fF'AY "' " 7l1f"' . ,NL Q a g x ' ? ' ei? M 'i' Y Q, Y i ,YY Q., iv" '-fa ff 3' AM, W- 'wwffg' " -.-'- . h L 1 U16 an River Ediltimm af ll 1bcfAnnu1 V W 11114, ?SlLlCllC71fCOf The I 'I If f'f , ,lfn1verm!y of! ,fl 5 J - 5 if 'A I 'K :lil Af' ,L .12 T F7 l fr-:1i'ru'7 N L ,Y cu L' -APQZFT '25 T W I f,,',.L f wwA par f M, , -W ,www-A ++ 1, A ww ff' , NYTINININIUE 'lfl-f,.?9E1 Iilfli A . 4 I Z? 1 1 L- ij- ' Nguy- - B- 'Pl 'lwf - 'Y - ' gil- 'T A X. 1 il' !Lv:'55fEii" 'A ' M X Eifiiiiifiiau -gkfi A '- .: fh, , L . U. I V -. yf'-. , g" H -1-,fd W Z f U 'x xy- at W' TX 7Y'5 xg- ' -'-' " Mx fx ' , x " ff" , if ---f " A K 5 . 4-'j 'V ,fx z!.,2": -fy! If,-I , 1:' 'M jj'-X 'jf' ...f mi-il?- NIINIILTIEIEN HUNDJR , V1 W W M sszsszppz Cx 0 cf Mzsszsszppl 5 +L+hUu-Yu ED A'ND JFURTYSIX FFDU ver and Ole Miss spell Mississippi to people the world , Qc, rer and one is a great University, and to- ' . p ont of the wilderness a great ana' ,Qffrlg Q ij :QQ - ', f 'l'f'gg"5"'pp1 River and the University lo s r , 4 giv':':-:Ti I V 5 .. 1' fi!-31' 'rf -' - . Lf! ' ga . x , , ' ' - Cm e 0"'f' ', sw-' v o o iw-' st contributing factors to the wx 4 - ar Jul, I v 1 I A 1' 1, , V .F-1-'iZ",'! if .1 754-, I - -at J- ,- 1.3 :5u.J,,..l: ,s.n Q .V .-'hr 1 Q :fn -:I V, I .lf f' ,,-2 " f ' . - -' . r ..,.-ff:. -,Sz-gfgsffxri Q17 1' -' f 22? f gib winding its way inajestically through ' In ,gi-.'-lg-'4, ,,.to'!'fr9:-7 af' . I I ,I . - wwf? lu- l, ., Q, 5 '. 1" '.-,..,,iE?' "?'2'5' ' f ' 1 Hg., 5-1-sv5"5f3 fwfr ? ztry. x 'Q fl.: 4" V v I, ' 1 S H:-:tl 1 I ,. . 1 t ft - . s . . f-ef --: t ff'ff"I' 'Nur My 'H " i ' . f. ."f,, , , . s M' ul". , -iw. ' "gn 1 V 1 . -Q r l.e -- i. .gr-r HI ' - r--' ' 'f--if -'ff Wmnsu, at-1 1 :HH in mm , ' 't"i4,,.?-Hu I Wtlilif' 'Ll lin W' 'Umm 'MQ' ' ' 's't" p, mm " . ' . W, B I . al' , I - A T.-W " gg nal' ,. f---w - 'Ti -++1 N mr' -e -nf - -N..q,,,.,.,,. , '1i" f ,.,. ' 1 """fW"' "TN 5 "'I1"q-rv-m1n" i" r-Q 22- 4' ' ' "' V N" f " 5 iw, .. -fr-'-un . - J ,J I Q, 'ibm . ALJ. xx., - 'A yy I nf w wi 'U P m f-s- 1'-fHs.Es""" Q ' "fi . ,- .Q1. f ..e'f-'Q?" , '3" i'-'S'l"'f'?','IS:' "'QZ1--9 -911 K " ,' f A A .1 ' . , . ,- X -K E 'nm' Ls Qanigiffik? H:l"dLQ5!.iii. nl I ll- ,.x Q it is ,Lis - is e ,. .i r r r - v 1 A " I U 7' fri AL, s ag, -Q .0 - gf!-'. - gh ' 'mg In .-'1--.31 4: Wil' :'i',l. I f 1 :ltr ' ,, . Us , . t .., -V: , .' 1 ,L ' fi 'A ' Ef'v"" A , 'Q LLM v . 'fy ' , ..- I . 'Q - ' 1:73-,yn ., -L ' One sees the a- - Higgs t5 of the land using it as a vast W tran o w s' system, gag" sees them crossing the river for the .0 e as they move westward away from the reach of the white X civilization. He sees the white man poling his way down on a flat oat, and later on in small, crudely built steamboats, which become bigger and better until they are the masters of the river that once held the canoes of the red man at its mercy. After being mas- X - XX tered, the river is harnessed g great steel spans are thrown across it X X to support the railroads and highways that rob the river of its trans- f-'x portation monopoly, and monstrous m t are thrown up i V along its banks---levees that stop the annual i 01 river as it Igkffd-Y-,Y spreads across the bottom-land, being at once both v de- ,- if- M... ,. -ff structive. J my I: fyigyv , , , 4" A fr! 'f5f.,,QCz'l' kit, 6 , I.gU.gL'1I ,t Ol ? 'uf i ,A . ,'-..., M ' ,. Q - , 51A ,, I .fc MMM hh I ,g,"rihHnl'h' .-felhf - " ' L'4fl- "-' lm Mm if silfllxutxm rc lm itil tj, ,g rm E -,,T?f,-awiig gp -nqyvvmffv-"" ,i l lx .. . lf. -...w..,.,-.,.m...,m,.,f w,,...,. WIPTW gm ' . il 'Niger xi' 'w: .f ,L hh, n xx L ,..,.,y39gy-... - 0 ' i:'xxi'3't-'Q. 'U """l '-4 ' 'L-5: 'QQ' N ' Nvxxx' "' Ag. Milf? fr ,, ....... ,- ,..' ff, ' , '-,ruff " , ,, iq ',f W' if! flag' L . I my 'Am-:Y-i?i4fQ!' ,.l. - .pig ,.. if . ww- y n ., s. . :fr . ,- . l A nd too, one sees the personalities that made life on the Missis- sippi romantic and adventurous. Pioneers, steamboat pilots, bandits that hid in riverside caves during the day and raided boats at night, gamblers that made a living ojjf the gullible passengers on the boats, and women who had scruples against nothing but short cash and empty stomachs. One does not dare forget them, for they were the original citizens of Mississippi. Ole Miss also brings back visions: Young sons of rich plantation owners, coming to the University to get "book-larningv, slaves shin- ing their masters, shoes and carrying their books to class, later, these same happy, lazy students marching away from the Lyceum, calling themselves the "University Greysn and fighting a war which they pre- ferred to call "The War Between the States", the Lyceum being used as a hospital, some of the boys returning, this time without their slaves and with much less money, coming to school to get enough edu- 'D- QS -vo ' X 5 no so wif X NX . 4.4 QU , f s rgf IEW 'll T 1 - 'f ' I' ' W -Ls L, 4114.114 -1 4 .,1xLx-,,Gghh-.QQf6',Z0 - f Q at s , ,, -cifff s Q rr- - ,,g,11yg,f, s i v-Cairn ff? WtSef"14,n0c f r .0fEgi?.f1 'N,, MW. ,r Q ..:2f' : L --A-f-- Lf .,,.,. , K I rp: is a luxury, and womxbrfi-"they're'letting'w57Hen''goertzifadkgfnowfhf IFWIUUW ' X Q N s SXIIIOQ-5 VQQ. ' fic' What'll they think of next?',, and farm boys and merchants' sonsd- .iuufgilip J - Ewa, , , ---"anybody can go to college nowv, dances, parties, football games, g g " fraternities and sororities---"they're just wastiny their folks, har - earned money", and maybe a few pe le visualize what goes on between these much-publicized divgtrsons, the six days of every week X, that the young fools in collegewgr spending in the classrooms learn- ing to be the future leadersofxf ii ssippi. , XX Ole Miss and Ol, Manf worked hand-in-hand in rearing the baby state of Mississipp' - ts maturity as a great and ever- progressive land of rmyf trade, and industry. Ole Miss has never I failed to keep gro ii by The spirit of the pioneers 'that Ol, Man KX X ' Q k River t to 'ssippi has not died. Henceforth K lenge given to s students of 1946 is to keep if X if ways flaming with Qneat enthusiasm and a , E ater. Al .gl 4 ' 1 , N W 'N 1 N g I x' ,' LQ fi' iw' - r ' X e f r J Q t 'ek d M ., s mu r ss . , f F4 'WI rw: is' I QJLITJ ltirifl. .- i n1'r1IB',ug.V plz. y ...QW ,l h il i1l:hiUhl'ss' f -"uf e i , Mr,gRfi,i,f ' 'N cr-P 1 s gigfwrs mm Hs .W s , . we ,A Xfx I. I -5 I N wi' fm' KT-wif' ' ' 1 45 41' 2 ,,., Y . I ".t' ' . . ' I - -4 5 . 'Q '. ...Nav .. tiki, r ,.', Q.'.J,wd-' --5' ,111 L" V A 1 4 1 JA . ' ' ' 1' V 4 . 4 - ' 1 1 ' ,., , I , -1 ,,,, vi , ,ff w fu M fu vx. . M- . Y 1.5 ..'. .v'A ,, 5 vi-,PQ-161' 'I " ' K p 1-Q fda?-f,,' xi ' illeclicaliun This book is humbly dedicated to those Americans who have borne the brunt of the battles and brought home a VICTCRY. They fought diligently and hard, hoping and praying that the ultimate objective might be achieved, that objective being the establishment of peace and goodwill upon earth and among all nations. Especially do we dedicate this volume to those who have sacrificed their blood and lives in battle so that many other lives might be saved from the terror and disaster of de- feat. As we lift praises unto God for his wonderful works, we are indeed thankful that America has come through the crisis of war againg and we offer our deepest gratitude to those who through united efforts have successfully trod another step through the valley of the shadow of death in order to pre- serve the American way of life. 4 , Q,-E s al 5 ' 6 i' V' L, 2 4 s ,N 1 , , ,TQ ,I A, . 1 C U rr 1 0 A ,Pg A X I " A9 g-""3?"'tJ 4 K 5 94 1 0 ,fa .. :Tir V -A t 4 ., . dp, 'K' 'dl 0 ,-- 4,-Nf.-'WM -f ,, . . .."vf5l, . 5 1 Q. ffl- i nf ,A ' 'A , , - ' ' ,yfq ,QQ 'ff f C131 1' Q.. 'H' 0 ' Q- I 5 - , Y yr 1 R V ,x ' in , Y. iv . Qv ! ff .. if M ' ' I-"C ' 'I 1 ' 45 ' an .,i. 5 1. ATM MM BOARD MARTIN V, B. MILLER, President E. R. JOBE, Executive Secretary . . RANSOM E. ALDRICH ..... JOHN W. BACKSTROM . . PAUL H. BOWDRE . . J. OLIVER EMMERICH . . R. M. HENLEY . . DR. H. M. IVY .. MEANS JOHNSTON . . MRS. HAZEL PEERY LEE . . REECE D. MCCLENDON . . . J. G. PRICHARD . R. W. REED .... JOHN W. SAVAGE . . R. B. SMITH, JR ....... MRS. JANIE RICE TAYLOR . . MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS . . OF . . Meridian . . . Jackson Michigan City . . Leakesville . . Hernando . . . McComb . . Macon . . Meridian . . Greenwood . . . Eupora . . Poplarville . . Inverness . . Tupelo . . Gulfport . . Ripley . . .Jackson . . .Jackson TRUSTEES GOV. THOMAS L. BAILEY The Governor's chair in Mississippi is Tom Bailey. In spite of continuous strives for the best state of condition in is very favorable toward the bettering Mississippi, placing particular emphasis velopment and promotion. Governor may be attributed to the fact that he ships and handicaps. filled quite capably by the Honorable opposition Governor Bailey always our state government. His attitude of our educational set-up here in on rural education, its further de- Bailey's intense interest in rural life grew up on a farm under many hard- Having worked part of his way through college, the Governor knows how to appreciate anything that has to be worked for. He has, thus far, dili- gently made every effort possible to promote Rural Life Conferences in Mis- sissippi, seeking ultimately to educate the people of our fair state to the resources which we have and how they can best be utilized. Even though the Governor has had an unusually busy year, he found time to attend a pep rally at the University and also the Arkansas-Ole Miss football game in Memphis. 6 ance of ALFRED E Chancellor of the University has fulfilled his duties and responsibilities in a very fine way since coming to this institution in 1935. Since then the University has doubled its enrollment, and physical assets-such as buildings and grounds. Dr. Butts has continually striven for excellence in the University. Concerning his record before coming to Ole Miss, we quote from Who's Who: "Butts, Alfred Ben- jamin, university president, born at Durham, North Carolina, May 3, 18905 B.S., Mississippi State College, 1911, M.S., 19135 A.M. in government, Columbia, 1915, Ph.D., in public law, 19203 LL.B., Yale, 19305 . . . Instructor in government and in English, Mississippi State College, 1911-16, associate professor of philosophy and sociology, 1916-18, professor of education' and sociology, 1918-21, professor of political science, 1921-30, vice-president and professor of government and di- rector of instruction, 1930-35, chancellor and professor of law, University of Mis- sissippi since 1935g . . . Admitted to Mississippi bar, 1928. Lieutenant Colonel, Judge Advocate General's Department., U.S. Army Reserve .... Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade. Democrat. Methodist. Rotarian .... " Chancellor Butts-a very capable, willing, and bril- liant man-will long be remembered for his unselfish and untiring service rendered to this University. an If f f if ,Ax . V . ! A B P :A -" ' ,yt in ll, K2-', ALFRED HUME Chqrmellur Emvrims DAVID HORACE BISHOP Dem of Vhe FfsCuHy A A p I a Q X f 1 ' 1 I 'YJ z' 4 I I ' l ' A.. .. ---, -...-, - - ,,l,,-W.-y . ,N F995-.,--,-..?v 1. ,,. ,vw V f 45 ,Q ,K ' 9. ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND THOMAS CHARLES KIMBROUGH Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dean of fhe School of Law l 1 l I 'lil LEE H. JOHNSON, JR. Dean of lhe School of Engineering ig ESTELLA G. HEFLEY Dean of Men Dean Of Women DUDLEY R. HUTCHERSON RAYMER WENDELL TINSLEY Acting Dean of lhe Graduale School Head of lhe Deparlmevf of Student Personnel 0 . i i 190, , ll , nv.. .4 . -.3 , 1- -"- 34' ? 5 :F xg eT WILLIAM ALTON BRYANT ANDREW BROADUS HARGIS Dlrgcmr cf Irie Summer Session Supervising Engineer Q as S5 I I I 5 --:QW JEFFERSON KOGER I-IAMM Business Manager of Afhlefic Deparimeni and Alumni Secretary 1- 7 .rm -in ' 5.-.. - 'ff I JOHN B WOLEE BILLY SYLVESTER GUYTON Adinq Dum gf IH-3 Sfhf,oI QI Euuc-Mimi Dean of Ihe School of Medicine CAPTAIN CH!-RIFS JACKSON MAJOR DAVID B. DOTY, JR. C,',rnrnfIrrdlnq OHM'-r r,I N If, P FJ I C, Uni! Lrirnmarrdinq Office-r of Army bt .nu--0131 v.-1' ' "' A 9190 , ,. "?- . K, . wx 'Q 1 -F 'X , wx: ,filly--Q. HARRY J. MEHRE VERNON B. HARRISON THOMAS A. BICKERSTAFF Head Coach and Director of Afhlefics Direcior of Sfudenf Healfh Service Regishar - f-N '4"Qrvhf,. www-y.,, H . , ,H 44 X. Q' .af'I'?,, ydli ' ne. 4574, YJ ,- . f1.1ix-gn 'fgfi if V , 3.151 . - Q ' it anti' -L Q, - M '4' " g 5 X . A' -fsfgw 1, 'ff it faq 'Sf ff "' ' -3 ,Q W, as I .QM J . 3,1 4 l 1 ' Liga ivgagi N . W V3 X Q 1. f ' 'X' 'W' 'fs . 1.75421 'Ni K Q ' f -r 'c S X . . Qt A 4 ' ,iff Q nf ,,,saazk-7' s ,, H ,V -9 5 pw 'P-. v 15:23 I, 'Sl::'f:'f-ii "' f. ,.I.. I , 2 ,av W 5 SNRN L., --'ww ., fn .wa f ' . :L ,ffm " Q wh ' ' ffkii , -a, "Mui .f-" , J 'MMV K. , va, -M' ' .g ,, Q55 al I '3- r A r 11-int. .,.,. .r-::,--::'1'q i?.caL, -.-ff.-, wh- -P-.--- --A -- -. f-A -- - -ae- I O. R. AINSWORTH, Jaclcsong Graduale: As- sislan+ Inslruclor in Malhemalicst Assis+ar1+ Iri- sfrucfor in Educafion. O GASTON RAY BASS, Lumberfon: Graduale Pi Kappa Alpha: Presidenl, Graduale Club: Lil' erary Edilor, 'Ihe Rebel: Commillee of IOO Velerans Club. O WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN, Meridian: Graduale Pi Kappa Phi: Cardinal Club, 2: MOAKS: Scab- bard and Blade. 0 CHARLES E. FONTAINE, Ponlofoc: Gracluafe: Della Psi. 0 HELEN S. HYDE, Drew: Graduale: Kappa Della: Pix: YWCA. O MARY MOODY JOHNSON, Oxford: Gradu- afe: Graduale Assislanlship: "Y" Program Secre- Iary: Secrelary, G-raduale Club: Presidenf, Mor- Iar Board, 4: Wesfminsler Fellowship, 0 PETER B. PERKINS, Balesville: Graduale: Della Psi. O R AINSWORTH GASTON BASS WILLIAM GRIFFIN CHARLES FONTAINE 6 ELLIS B. BODRON, Vicksburg: Law III: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Ela Sigma: ODK: Phi Delia Phi: Who's Who in Colleges and Universifies: Edifor and Publisher, fhe Rebel: former Presi- den+, Ihe Inlernafional Relalions Club: Commif- +ee of IOO: ASB Execulive Council: Dance Com. millee: Hermaean Lilerary Sociely. O J. W. BUNKLEY, JR., Yazoo Cily: Law III: Lambda Chi Alpha. O CLARENCE H. HOLLAND, Mafhison: Law Ill: Sigma Phi Epsilon. . T1 HELEN HYDE MARY JOHNSON ,-O' 15' 'I frm '-,...J Q--.-7 JOHN MALONEY MILTON MITCHELL GRIFFIN NORQUIST WILLIAM ROSS PASCOL TOWNSEND, JR, R E. TOWNSEND Doug Slone, Presidenf ol Ihe YMCA. xi 'I 'hh if ,ft "La ' I iig I JOHN P. MALONEY, Jaclcson: Law III: Kappa Sigma: Velerans Club: Newman Club. 0 MILTON H. MITCHELL, Jackson: Law III: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi: Veferans Club. 0 GRIFFIN NORQUIST, Yazoo Cily: Law III: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Della Phi: Phi Ela Sigma: Veferans Club. 0 WILLIAM M. ROSS, Memphis, Tenn.: Law III: Kappa Alpha. - - -1 O HARRY H. HINES, JR., Kosciusko: Law III: Delia Psi: Phi Della Phi: Presidenf of Law School: Inlramural Council: lnferfraferniiy Council, I944- 45: Inframural Tennis Singles Champion, I943-44 and I944-45: Varsify Tennis, I945-46. O HUEY BLAIR HOWERTON, JR., Universily: Law Ill: Delia Psi: ODK: Pi Kappa Pi: Phi Delia Phi: Edifor, Mississippi Law Journal: Presidenf, ODK: Presidenl, YMCA: Presidenl, ASB: Hall of Fame: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies. ,,..,..5:,gff,,..,..-f,..,. .. ., . Y. PETER PERKINS ELLIS BODRON -.e:, r-r - GRADUATES J. W. BUNKLEY, JR. CLARENCE HOLLAND HARRYT-IINES, I HUEY HOWERTON JR I I ERSKINE WELLS TOM BADON .AE,.. - - -. . . - 0 PASCOL J. TOWNSEND, JR., Doddsville: Law III: Bela Thela Pi: Dance Commilfeeg Veferans Club: Inferfrafernily Dance Commilfee: OLE MISS Sfaff, I940-4I. O R. E. TOWNSEND, Wilson, N. C.: Law III: Kappa Sigma. O ERSKINE W. WELLS, Jaclrson: Law III: Della Psi: ODK: Phi Delia Phi: Della Sigma Pi: YMCA, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Presicleni, ODK, I94I- 42: Hall of Fame, I939-40: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies: Law Jour- nal Sfaff. rv' , 3, im... .f .. .,, . . " 1 ,V ."i,i" if 2554 ,Of-fi' fr -p-ad' FRANK COX GREY FLOWERS, JR. HARRY HOFFMAN, JR. CHARLES KATZENMEYER O TOM BADON, Liberly: Law II: Sigma Nu: Phi Delia Phi: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, I944: Treasurer, ASB, I944'45: Dance Commiflee. 0 FRANK M. COX, Jackson, Tenn.: Law II: Secrelary and Treasurer, Law School: Dance Com- miHee. I GREY FLOWERS, JR., Viclrsburg: Law ll: Phi Kappa Sigma: Exchequer, Phi Della Phi: Associafe Edilor, Mississippi Law Journal: Chairman, Dance Commiflee, I945-46: YMCA, I944-45: Treasurer 23 YMCA, l945-46: Velerans Club: Faculfy-Sluclenl' Commiffee on Social Affairs: Commiifee of IOO: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sifies. 0 HARRY O. HOFFMAN, JR., Haffiesburgg Law II: Phi Della Thela: Scabbard and Blade, I942: MOAKS, l942: Velerans Club. O CHARLES L. KATZENMEYER, Vicksburg: Law ll: Sigma Nu. ,N . x N, Q-af-4 , Q-nf" , mi D K Y h Q X Q X yi, I ' -I Ja, if -, R, slr NI A, O CORNELIUS JOSEPH LADNER, Bay SI. Louis: A '-fc '. I If ' f 'W I .5 T" 'L - , q,,I,', Q X 1 gg f., etyb-4 MIME' xx, 55 -'I gy Law II: Newman Club: Velerans Club. I 1, -X 1 . L , I I ' A :sw r Q, 9' u. Z 2 Q . K I I " i.!,1,, I ,Wai iijrlxl- , f- -yrs.: 1 E 6 I '65 ,, X vbzf .- ' , x 4, .X ,gat-gf' . 1 .. . A JS I ' ff, f,.'1j' A ., .. e-I,,1J.t?,aZ.- T--112' if., " s' 4 I If , , ' Miwrwr ij +!,. ,'8.I 'az' Wg? H 4 H -,fri lub I. , " , ,. I , ' ', ,Ai ,fi ' . I , , I 1 -5' Ti' V' -- I4 :S " ' I4 ll' lf ,I mi . , . - ,bk 'JI ' I ALVIN NEWMAN LONDON, Haffiesburgg . ,, 1. .. m. W ,. ., ,- ,, .. . 4. . , Q A -- ' I -1-.LI hw ..1.i1'i.,- -"1 A' -I Y. 25"-,' 5-ij ,115 , .N " i' ' Lew ll- H . AYf.'fQe1'lT, ,Th JIT I ,Il S ln ' ,,- Q I' ,wilfd I-T V , , Y J 1 W I ,N I! yi-alpwgxmk-,.-I ' AQ, gf. -N! ." .A 'f I 'I ' I N5 -1, , z. I -fy, -M ' - ' . 'Km g . H ig I l a fn' A Iflflgylf' ' ,' , 'H J ni,gf,,4ifUIIfIlII",gIgi,.ff , :4e,,gi,,, E, ,,,f'I1I'i , - -4 , III , o LUTHER DAVID PITTMAN, Raleigh: Law ll. . all? I IM I-f fi W I 'iciliw wWi1" . ,A W I , I -- ,. ' .. ."' "J:-"A I IX' . like . . 1, , I. Ffh ?-... , ijhgk 'Agri III., . h uk M Ap H .ln .I I , WRX p ' 'H pjih 'I' :W m I ' 'X ' Vi. .I O JOHN POOLE, Jackson: Law II: Lambda Chi f I' , Q-"," I" . Q ' 1' :hm i" IMI' , " Alpha: Phi Della Phi: Presidenf, Debale Club, ,,.., ,H ,T ' 1945-46. ,8!v5"1 ',,,Q' I iw ', ,X p ". Y v W, , Vg IOP Row CORNELIUS LADNER ALVIN LONDON LUTHER PITTMAN JOHN POOLE ROBERT ROBERTS, JR. LOUIS SMITH TS.-7 EDWARD McDOWELL WILLIAM McKEE PELHAM MCMURRY JAMES NICHOLS DOUGLAS STONE JACK STUART liU'I"l'O!l'l ROW 0 EDWARD F. McDOWELL, Jaclsong Law I: 0 JAMES E. NICHOLS, Viclrsburg: Law I: Della Kappa Alpha. Tau Della. 0 WILLIAM McKEE, Slarlivilleg Law I: Kappa Alpha. 0 PELHAM MCMURRY, Paducah, Ky., Law I: Sigma Nu. I DOUGLAS CLYDE STONE, Columbus: Law I: Kappa Alpha: ODK: Hall of Fame: Prasideni, ASB, I944-45: Presidenf, YMCA, l945-46: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univarsifies: Presidenf, Kappa Alpha, I945-46: Dance Com- miffae: Commiffae of I00: Wesley Foundafion. 24 O JACK E. STUART, Salford, Ala.: Law I: Phi Della Thefa: Foofball Manager: Dance Commif- Iee: Inferfrafernily Council: Manager, Sfudeni Bank. 0 HUGH M. TATE, Jaclrson, Tenn.: Law I: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Captain, Baslrelball Team, I945-46. O JIM ANDRIANOPOULOS, Chicago, Ill.: Med. II: Phi Chi. 0 ROBERT P. ROBERTS, JR., Sunflower: Law II: Kappa Alpha: Phi Della Phi: Vice-Presidenf, Law School. O LOUIS VERLIN SMITH, Laurel: Law Il. 0 O. WINSTON CAMERON, Meridian: Law I: Kappa Alpha. 0 BUELL ROSCOE CARTY, JR., Jaclrson: Law I: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Della Sigma Pi: Mississippian Slaff, l, 2: Veferans Club, I, 2, 3. O BILLIE P. EXUM, Jaclnson, Tenn.: Law I: Sigma Alpha. O DAVID BRYAN GROSS, Laurel: Law I: Lambda Chi Alpha: Veferans Club. I ROBERT HARVEY HENDERSON, Sumner: Law lg Phi Della Thefa: Glee Club, I, 2, 3: Band, 3, 4: Former Business Manager, 'rhe Ole Miss "M" Book: Universiry Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Mississippian WINSTON CAMERON BUELL CARTY, JR. Slaif, 2, 3, 4: Cardinal Club, 2: MOAKS, 4: Lyceum Commiffee, 5: Dance Commilfee, 4, 5: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sifies: YMCA: Veferans Club: Hermaean Liierary Sociely, 2, 33 lnframural Council, 3. O ROGER C. LANDRUM, KosciusIro: Law I: Phi Delia Thefa: Dance CommiHee, l94I-42: YMCA, I938-l942: Hermaean Lilerary Sociely, I938-39: Flying Rebels, l940-4I: MOAKS, I940- 4l: ROTC Officer, V940-42: Velerans Club. BILLIE EXUM DAVID GROSS ROBERT HENDERSON ROGER LANDRUM -'A-'E' 'hav 'VV' Xl H11 5' N.-I IV' 3 'QU-of HUGH TATE JIM ANDRIANOPOULOS WALTER ANGLIN WALTER BEW, JR, JAMES BUNNING CHARLES CAMERON JR O WALTER M. ANGLIN, Cleveland, Ohio: Med. Il: Phi Chi. I WALTER T. BEW, JR., Venlnor Cily, N. J.: Med. ll: Phi Kappa Psi: Phi Chi. Q JAMES c. suNNiNe-, Cleveland, ohio, Med. ' ii, Phi cha, 0 CHARLES METZ CAMERON, JR., Knoxville, Tenn.: Med. ll. Bill Woods and Diclr Calloway, leaders of fhe Mississippians. VZ- 'FSI' 0 MAX E. CHERVIN, Philadelphia, Pa.: Med. ll. 0 FRED HUNTER, Bowling Green, Mo.: Med. Ilg Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi. 0 R. B. CLANTON Grenada: Med. ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi cm. I JOSEPH A. JACHIMCZYK, Slamiord, Conn., 0 ANTHONY J, Gemma, imap, Pd.: Med. Med-"1PhICI'i ll' Phi Chi. 0 KENNETH F. GREENE Broolclyn, N. Y.: Med. II: Phi Chi, O J. D. JASPER, Broolrlyn, N. Y.I Med. ll. MAX CI-IERVIN R B CLANTON ANTHONY GENTILE KENNETH GREENE 0 HAROLD J. LOUIS, Cincinnafi, Ohio: Med. II. 0 JOHN CLIFTON LUCAS, JR., Kosciuslrog Med. llg Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Chi. 0 WARREN A. MANN, Wellesley Hills, Mass., Med. II, Phi Chi. FRED HUNTER JOSEPH JACHIMCZYK l .:-fav ,. GN 5.1 ,-1 L,,,.J' .Mi 1 'QP R' ...U .Lb V V h DONALD MITCHELL WILLIAM MOSBY AUL PARKS JEAN PlTNER Bill Bufgin, Presidenl of Ihe Associafed Sludeni Body. "" 2 tr- 9 if a K xl' .17 CAREY PHILLIPS PAUL POTTER O DONALD D. MITCHELL, Johnsfown, Pa.: Med. llg Sigma Della Pig Phi Chi. 0 WILLIAM H. MOSBY, Meridian, Med. llg Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi, Newman Club: Hermaean Lilerary Sociefy. 0 PAUL J. PARKS, Richmond, Ky.Z Med. Il, Phi Chi, BSU Council. .K s-hu l .fly 1.1.1 4 If -f P' " W - lil' o HARRY B. MARTIN, seame, wash., Med. II: f N " 'ml' "-H ,, ODK: ASB Execu+ive Council: Presidenf, Med. " ,V School. L- ' " I , e ' x P y LIIII alll, I . I I- ' ' i'-"lIl-Illl' .J is. 57. fi 1 , - ia ' X. . ' K , ix ,asia L I MJF R' X , . .35 f Wy., I uv Q: - ' ' '12 ' 'il . A . .I f 5 is 2 N. . jf - . 3. 2: , . if y Y E X R "1 -3 . r' 4 E l ff. 2 .I .J VM . - "' . ' F.. "f l ,fi f ' ff' .:. - ' .. pl- . e . . . M . 4f.,"f I VR if e 'I' I'- Q MILLARD JENSEN, Lueeaale. Med. II: Alpha . - ' ff' U .K fl: , , , Tau Omega! Phi Chi: Bela Bela Bela: Vice- I -' 8 V W Nfvli Pvaxi x.,C I Y f- I -' .I li' D Presidenf, Med. School. - .Y ' A A l wx 4'XfE Y F, I i'ff5 J. D. JASPER HAROLD LOUIS JOHN LUCAS, JR WARREN MANN " 4-'Y . HARRY MARTIN l 'til ,KI oi IW' N6 X I fel 'L1!"" 425. J f":.:?3 ' 1 S 1. 54' , . DAVID SENCER GLENN BAIRD JIM BARNETT, JR. RICHARD CALDWELL SHERMAN BRUCKNER GUY CAMPBELL 0 JEAN PITNER, Ripley: Med. ll: Kappa Della. O CAREY W. PHILLIPS, Birmingham, Ala.: Med. ll: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Epsilon Della: Presi- denf, Phi Chi. O PAUL H. POTTER, Universify: Med. II: Sigma Nu: Phi Chi: Phi Efa Sigma. 0 DAVID J. SENCER, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Med. ll: Phi Chi: Canlerbury Club. O GLEN D. BAIRD, Wafer Valley: Med, I: Phi Chu. O JIM C. BARNETT, JR., Tylerlown: Med. I Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Epsilon Delia: Phi Chi, YMCA: Wesley Foundafion: Co-Chairman, WSSF: Flying Rebels. 0 SHERMAN H. BRUCKNER, Los Angeles, Cal., Med. I. 27 0 RICHARD E. CALDWELL, Baldwyn: Med. I: Sigma Phi Epsilon, 0 GUY D. CAMPBELL, Laurel: Med. I: Kappa Sigma: Presidenf, Phi Ela Sigma: Presidenf, Pi Kappa Pi: Vice-Presidenl, ODK: Bela Bela Bela: Phi Chi: Vice-Presidenf, YMCA, Hall of Fame: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sifies. MILLARD JENSEN . .is .if if fi? .iw 'IN , Kppff-Sifls 1 f 1 5' - 1, .3125 rg fifgglj 0 DAN COPELAND, Senafobia: Med. Ig Phi A I -li ?IfIlI 'JI A'l' l 4 Delia Thefaq Phi Chi: Bela Bela Beiag Commifiee . K ,,,, . ...L .f of IO0: Rebel Band: The Mississippians. . Xe- .fe V -4. in ' 33-175, S, , F' 4 WILLIAM v. cnossv, oxford, Med. Ig Bei., A -f U Thela Pig Phi Chip Bela Bela Bela. A 0 MARION V. GREEN, Rolling Forlr: Med. Ig Beha Bela Bela. lfff' RI PII f--f+--.- iiii ...,L DAN COPELAND WILLIAM CROSBY MARION GREEN AUBREY HARRIS MARTIN HINMAN JONNIE HORN -sg: N .J T 4- "CSI- '97 .Z SHERMAN MYERS RALPH REA JACK SENTER MICHAEL SHAHEEN EUGENE THOMAS WILLIAM SIMMONS I I' -- -- -- ,- I SHERMAN C. MYERS, Sf. Joseph, Mo., Med. O EUGENE JOSEPH THOMAS, Jaclrson: Med. O JACK B. TINSLEY, Scooba: Med. Ig Phi Chi. Ig Sigma Nu. lg Kappa Sigma: Phi Chi. 0 RALPH W, REA, Oakland, Cal., Med. Ip Phi 0 LEE H. TRAPP, Nelfleloni Med. Ii Phi Chi! Chi. Bela Bela Bela: Varsiiy Foofball, I930-3I-323 0 WILLIAM HENRY SIMMONS, Des Moines Capfain, I932 Foofbell Teamg Presidenf, "M" Iowag Med. I. Phi Chi, Club, I93Ig Secrefary-freasurer, ASB, I93lg Blue O JACK M. SENTER, Fulfong Med. Ig Pi Kappa Key, I93I: Presidenl, Biology Club, I945g YMCA: Alpha, Phi Chi. Commiiiee of I00. 0 MICHAEL E. SHAHEEN, Senaiobiag Med. Ig O THOMAS L. SWEAT, Corinfhg Med. Ig Sigma Phi Chi. Chip Phi Chi. O ALMA TRAPPOLINI, Holly Springs, Med. I. 28 0 AUBREY R. HARRIS, Shannon: Med. I: Pi Kappa Alpha. C MARTIN ED HINMAN, Pascagoula: Med. I: Kappa Sigma: Bela Bela Bela: President, Biology Club: YMCA: Phi Chi: Cardinal Club. O JONNIE MARIE HORN, Lucedale: Med. I, MARY MATTOX JACK MCCONNELL O MARY E. MATTOX, New Albany Med I O MILLARD F MCKEEL Washmglon N C Bela Bela Bela: YWCA: Wesley Foundallon M I Phu Chu 0 JACK B. MCCONNELL Klngsporl Tenn Med O S. JAY McDUFFIE, eflelon Med I Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. BOBBY LEE MOORE U ion Med I Phi Chi JAY MCDUFFIE MILLARD MCKEEL WILLIAM MCOUINN BOBBY MOORE THOMAS SWEAT JACK TINSLEY LEE TRAPP O RAY TURMAN, Horn Lalme: Med. I: Delia Kappa Epsilon: Phi Chi. O WOODROW E. DOOLEY, Hof Springs, Arla.: Special Sludenf, School of Commerce, 0 GEORGE J. SCHWEIZER, JR., Greenville: Special Sfudenf, School of Law. t. I I I ALMA 45 0 MARY E, ABERNATHY, Houslong B.A.: Della Gamma, Sigma Alpha lolag Rebel Slalfg Glee Club: OLE MISS Slaflg YWCAg Wesley Founda- lion. O EDNA ACREE, Memphis, Tenn.g B.S.C.3 Delta Zelag Treasurer, Della Zela, I944-451 WAA1 Senior YWCA, Glee Club, I943-445 Home Eco- nomics Club: Presiclenl, Della Zela, I945-46. O MARY EDNA ADAMS, Corinfhg B.A.g Della Della Della. MARY ABERNATHY EDNA ACREE MARY ADAMS 0 WALTER L. ADAMS, JR., Charleslong B.S.C,: Pi Kappa Alpha: Bela Gamma Sigma, Dance Commilleei lnferfralernily Council. O ROBERTA CONWAY ALFORD, Rolling Fork: B.A.g Chi Omega: Presidenf, Home Economics Club. O ANN GAIL ALFORD, Memphis, Tenn.5 B.A.g Chi Omega: Bela Bela Bela. 0 MRS. VIRGINIA JONES ANDERSON, Oxford: B.A. wALreR ADAMS, JR. ,- ,,,, K7 C? sf 7 7 'TT io 'Tri 3 W' '1' ,-. ar TZ' E 0 JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT, Sidong B.A.g Chi Omega: Cwensg Bela Bela Bela: Biology Club. 0 ELLEN LOUISE AVENT, Grenada, B.A.g Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha lolag Morlar Board: Pix: Cwensg ASB Execulive Council: Presidenl, WSGAQ YWCA Cabinelg Pan-Hellenic Coun- cilg Favorile, l946g Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha: Hall of Fame. 0 MRS. GRACE BEGLEY, Coffeeville: B.A.E.p Home Economics Club. ROBERTA ALFORD ANN ALFORD 'A l r I ?' JEAN BUCHANAN NITA COOPER MOPSY CORTRIGHT SARA CHATHAM JACK CHEATHAM SARAH COLLINS Ellis Bodron, Publisher of the Rebel. 1 F7217 i 0 JEAN BUCHANAN, Nelllelong B.A.E, O NITA COOPER, lndianolag B.A.g Della Della Della. 0 MOPSY CORTRIG-HT, Rolling Forlrg B.A.g Chi Omegag OLE MISS Slaff, I944-451 WAA, I944. OSARA CHATHAM, lndianolag B.A.E.g Chi Omega: Vocalist, The Mississippians. V' 1 J' A ,, O JOYCE BLOMQUIST, Perl Gibson: B.A.: Della H' 3 Della Della: Alpha Lambda Della: Cwens: Pix: g I Pi Kappa Pi: Morlar Board: Commillee of IOO: If i Social Chairman, YWCA: Who's Who in Ameri- , N can Colleges and Universilies: Pan-Hellenic Coun- Q?-w--L, ,F ll rf, ' cil: Mississippian Sfall: WAA: Weslminsler Fellow- Auf E I ship: lnlernalional Relalions Club. YN nl X I. I, f y I ' F lf? "" o f S' 1 I ff f , 'ri f A- e1,a1,:f,2fl3lY?:'E""'f""f lploc use--E .121 JUAVT-g Xlxylwjf Yfi3LI if s . i!m!iTj!C.l.WgQ1 A A 3, , Q JAMES H. BOUTWELL, Laurel: Bs.: Kappa 5-,Ei?l9Ef"::+P ffijeffiv y. Sigma: lnferfralernify Council. A 4d,,.f-':fS-L---rf' 'D ,-.v Y ' MRS, VIRGINIA ANDERSON JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT ELLEN AVENT MRS. GRACE BEGLEY JOYCE BLOMQUIST JAMES BOUTWELL ANABEL COOTS SINCLAIR DANIEL, JR 'IBF' 1- . 1 17 QT!" 'A Ns,- MARY DAVIS JANE DEES HELEN DUKE ROBERT DEAN 0 JACK CHEATHAM, Philadelphia: B.S.P.E. 0 SARAH ELLEN COLLINS, Colleeville: B.A.: Phi Mu: Sigma Alpha lola: Glee Club: Classical Club: YWCA: Band. O ANABEL COOTS, Brooklyn, N. Y.: B.A.: New- man Club: Secrelary-freasurer: University Players. OSINCLAIR DANIEL, JR.: Broolrhaven: B.S.: Kappa Sigma. 0 MARY K. DAVIS, Winona: B.S.C.: Zela Tau Alpha: Pix: ASB Execulive Council, 4: WSGA Legislalive Council, 4: Presidenl, B.S.C. School, 4: Vice-Presiclenl, WAA, 4: YWCA: OLE MISS Slaff, 3: Rebel Slaff, 3: Pan-Hellenic Council, 4: Presidenl, Zela Tau Alpha, 4. O JANE DEES, Eupora: B.A.: Della Gamma: Pix: Bela Bela Bela: Mississippian Slaff, I, 2, 3: Rebel Sfalf, 4: Favorile, 4: Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 4: WAA, I, 2, 4: YWCA, I, 2, 3, 4. 31 0 HELEN DUKE, Halliesburg: B.A.: Della Della Della: Alpha Lambda Della: Cwens: Morlar Board: Pi Kappa Pi:'PresidenI, Della Della Della: Presidenl, YWCA: Second Vice-Presidenl, WSGA: Hall of Fame. O ROBERT DURLEY DEAN, Byhalia: B.S.E.: Sigma Chi: Dance Commillee, 4. S: 1 "Ran -. x , I 42,-I .Fe-.L I .-r, 'fa I Ti 'f -.-44 ig , , -Jig . 11,4 'ii ,. .- " lvl. fri ' i.ii.', I fig' ir ll PS :ff . ' ii", D 'fel if . f I 1 f-, Afiffcif, 1. 'LLL F-F'-111+-L -wa- .fifh IJ , in " I " " . 'l qw 1,' ii 'g , V , Q -. . Lp' 'K-. ' A. , I 1 lg I .lui -1 , 3,19 , ff 1 Y L 4 - , A 1 Vif....xuww.- I ky T .f,,. ., ,.v ,Agf- fr1c,,.,, g , , I -, A '11, M iw,-JY u1'1.,y"efM ., ,.,, .H . , 'mi " .I Y I -I I lil, 1d.',1"'-1 455141, Vi, s M' E1 w ' ' -A " l '- , flliiili 'fiffrllff 'i 1 ' " 1- li' sig, Qs, H"-' jyllll " . ui ,J ',A , ' . 1., ii I A .-I -A W' ww-I ffeie ,L A' , 1 A nu' 'I J I I yy 4-:li 413 'rw 11-A, ' 59 ' " "QI, 'If U f V 1' .""'-H ,Mi ,, il: . I ,II N I- .I il I- 1-I , I' H L' 1 W W I I -- H'l'.l ' , 'A ' , L-I ' V .,,'l:'fi1ll" "Ai, 'lil'-4 li I ' .fa I- - 113.54 A ' ,Vi 44' ,-Wil CORNELIA ELLIOTT CAROLYN ELLIS CARRIE EVANS JANE FILES O CORNELIA ELLIOTT, Yazoo Cify: B.A.E., Della Delia Delia, Home Economics Club. O CAROLYN ELLIS, Drew, B.A.E., Della Delia Della, Cwens. 0 CARRIE EVANS, Mendenhall, B.A., Befa Sigma Omicron, Home Economics Club, Biology Club. I JANE FILES, Louisville: B.S.C., Kappa Delia, YWCA, WAA. TOP ROW - P. ALLEIN FISHEL TILLIE FRIEND I I if I i I I e J 1 I . .3 v 9 v ff' J MARY HARVEY ELIZABETH HARVEY lifliliil IMI RUII' I MARY E, HARVEY, Tylerlown, B.A., Kappa Delia, Biology Club, Wesley Founclafion. I ELIZABETH L. HARVEY, Tylerfown, B.A., Kappa Della, Bela Bela Bela, BSU Council, 3, 4, YWCA, 3, 4, Classical Club, 3, WAA, 3, Biology Club, 3, 4. 0 INDA HOBBS, Greenwood, B.A.g Chi Omega, Pix, Home Economics Club, fi 7-L T Nevin 9 INDA HOBBS JOHN HOLLEY 01 IH 'E 'N W Y MIRIAM HORNE ANN HOWARD I JOHN REED HOLLEY, Oxford, B.S.C., Delia Kappa Epsilon, Delia Sigma Pi, Cardinal Club, I945, Presidenf, Cardinal Club, l945, Infer- lralernify Council, I944-45, Sludenf Dance Com- miffee, I945, Vice-President and Treasurer, Vel- erans Club, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. I MIRIAM HORNE, Gulfporfg B.A., Kappa Della, Alpha Lambda Delia, Presidenf, Morlar Board, 4, Presidenl, Kappa Delia, 3, 4, Hall of Fame, Edifor, The Mississippian, 3, Managing Eclifor, The Mississippian, 2, YWCA Execufive Council, 32 3, 4, ASB Execulive Council, 2, 3, lniernalional Relafions Club, 2, Vice-Presidenf, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies. O ANN HOWARD, Duranf, B.S.C., Chi Omega, Pix. OCAROLYN HUBBARD, Ufica, B.A., Delia Gamma, Vice-Presidenf, Senior YWCA. 0 JETTYE CLARE HUFFMAN, Blyfheville, Ark., B.S.C., Kappa Delia. . A L1....Q.4 'i I I.: i.E 2- llii. li vii i i 1 l l i l l 1 l l T H 0 ALLEIN FISHEL, Haffiesburg: B.A.E.: Kappa Delia: WAA: YWCA: Mississippian Sfaff. 0 TILLIE FRIEND, Sardis: B.A.E.: Chi Omega: Pix: Sigma Alpha lofa: Glee Club. 0 JEWELL GAITHER, Tupelo: B.A.: Delia Delia Delia. JEWELL GAITHER JESSEY GANDY 0 J"SSEY WAYNE GANDY, Haifiesburg: B.M.: Sigma Alpha Ioia: Execuiive Council, WSGA, 4: YWCA, 3, 4: Classical Club, 3: Presideni, Wes- ley Founclaiion, 4: Vice-Presidenr, Glee Club, 4 CommiHee of l0O, 3, 4. O MARY MARGARET GRANBERRY, Hafiiesburg B.A.E.: Delia Delia Delia: Cwens: Senior "Y' Cabinef. 0 MARGARET GRIMES, Tupelo: B.S.C.: Delia Delia Delia. I THOMAS F. HARRISON, Philadelphia: B.A.: Delia Psi: YMCA: Inierfraferniiy Dance Com- mifiee, 4: lnierfrafernify Council, 4: lniramural Council, 4: Colonel Rebel, 4: Rover Club: Vei- erans Club. o MELISSA ANN HATHORN, Louisville: B.A.E. MARY GRANBERRY MARGARET GRIMES THOMAS HARRISON MELISSA HATHORN ,P--. QP! T' L, ,,,,.- '17 1' li CAROLYN HUBBARD JETTYE HUFFM N CAROL JAGGERS FAE JOHNSON EDWINA JONES VERL JONES 0 CAROL M. JAGGERS, Ponfofoc: B.A.: Vei- erans Club. O FAE E. JOHNSON, Neiileion: B.M.: Sigma Alpha lofa. 0 EDWINA JONES, Kuiiawa, Ky.: B.A.: Delia Zeta: Be+a Befa Bela: Biology Club: Wesley Foundaiion. O VERL JONES, Swiffon, Arlr.: B.S.C.: Phi Mu: YWCA, 3, 4: Wesley Founda+ion: Rebel Sfaff. Mary Alice Wisdom, Business Manager of ihe I946 Ole Miss. 52' O CATHERINE KERBY, Memphis, Tenn.Z B,S.C.Z Kappa Dellai BSU Council, 3, 41 YWCA. 3, 4i "M" Book S+afI, 4: Senior NY" Cabiner, 41 Mississippian Sfaif, 4. O MARION KING, Kosciuslcog B.A.p Della Gammag YWCA' Home Economics Club. 0 LUCY LAWSON, Amory, B.A.g Zela Tau Alpina, Bela Bela Bela, WAA, 2 33 Glee Club, I, 2, 3: Pan-Hellenic Council, 33 OLE MISS sidii, if Biology Club, i, 2, 3, 0 HERBERT J. C. LEE, Broolilyng B.S.Plw.g Pi Kappa Alphag Velerans Club: Comrniflee of IOO: Inferfrafernily Council: lnlramural Council, Rebel Sfaffg War Fund Commillee. O THEO P. LEARNED, Clarlzsdaleg B.A,E.g Della Della Della. 0 ESTHER L. LEWIS, Balesvilleg B.A.g Chi Omega, Cwens, 2: Pan-Hellenic Council, Home Economics Club. 0 BURTON LINDAU, Miami, Fla.: B.S.g Former Presidenf, Independenl' Organizafiong Former Presidenl, Hermaean Liferary Socielyq Presidenl, Inlernaiional Relalions Club: Annual Slaff. 0 FRANCES JULIA LUCAS, Laurel: B.A.g Wesley Foundaiion. O LOIS MCCAIN, Marianna, Arlug B.A.g Della Zefag YWCA: Home Economics Club: Classical Clubg WAA. CATHERINE KERBY MARION KING LUCY LAWSON HERBERT LEE THEO LEARNED ESTHER LEWIS Q5 cg fi W 'lsr 'r 'YB' I ,125 .' I N, i , if' A ' if , I " ' L. T' T num Mfirmis EMILY MCLENDON ELIZABETH McWHORTER PEARL MARTINDALE Billy Wdlfon Cadel Capiain ol Army ROTCQ and Franli Moak, Edilor-in-Chief of fhe I946 Ole Miss. l JAMES MACLIN LUNA METTS I RUTH MCINNIS, Collinsg B.A.g Della Gamma. 0 EMILY "SKINNY" MCLENDON, Indianolag B.S.C.g Phi Mug Mississippian Sfaff, I942g Rebel Sialf, I942-43-44-452 WAA, I942. O ELIZABETH MCWHORTER, Oxford: B.A.g Zelo Tau Alpha: Home Economics Club. 0 DYALTHIA McCULLY, Louisville: B.A. 0 MARY ELIZABETH MCGRAW, Louisville: B.S.C.: Della Gamma. OJOHN W. MCGUIRE, Hazlehursl: B.S.Ph.: Della Kappa Epsilon: Cardinal Club, I944: The Mississippians, I944: lnlerlralernily Council, I944- 45: lnlramural Council, I944-45. BURTON LINDAU FRANCES LUCAS Y 1 , 5 J .C :ggi D .:' ark ' f if-2 I ' -H-. A or A x .L. K wus . , , : :X , - f - ' , ,-1Qgi6gillQl!l.lillllil 1. ' ' JL ' X ' f if las . f 1-we H H K ,A ' ' 4, 'X ll A K ig, i u F I i f Ap., X X iii' :L i 7 . C f' 2 I: X Ny i ,av , 124' I ,L R it ,, f, . ' ' y ' S' I y -9 ' , , .- f l ., lr ' LU., i -,I ' 8 VV ' , '. ' 5 g ,,f' rj ' Lili' ,, Y x l 4 - ' 'SX 2, I in i l ' .TWH v - 71" ' x " I iiiiili 'I 5. I N S f I f: 1. ' . . 'Hi 5 rg? I " F I fu! I ','- ,., W XX, K '- l A Q I 1. fi fu' , , x , 'Ag ' ' , 1 Y ,f " N jf' .rf , M091 NYT Y lkj, , if I , - , , ' - 'Z .. - 4 gf f V , 5- ,af W . ' 1-rf I S' ' -Qirffff ..-f- LOIS MCCAIN DYALTHIA MCCULLY MARY MCGRAW JOHN MCGUIRE lf? , 1 a'e gf, I. , iv l ANNIE MILLS LeROY MARLOW 75 -77' l ww li l I -no-f l CHARLES MOAK SARA MOSELEY REGENA MOORE EUPHUS MURRAY JR O PEARL MARTINDALE, Grenada: B.A.: Home Economics Club: Rebel Slall: YWCA. O JAMES N. MACLIN, Mason, Tenn.: B.A.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Chairman of Loyalisl Polili- cal Parly. 0 LUNA MAYFIELD METTS, Oxford: 8.S.Ph.: American Pharmaceulical Associalion, I944-45. 0 ANNIE ELIZABETH MILLS, Oxford: B.A.E. O LeROY PERCY MARLOW, lndianolag B.A.: Della Della Della. O CHARLES E. MOAK, Brookhaven: B.S.E.g Sigma Phi Epsilon: Sludenl Dance Cornmillee: Cardinal Club. 35 0 SARA ALICE MOSELEY, Wesl Poinl: B.S.C.: Della Della Della: OLE MISS Slall, 3, 4: Rebel Slall, 3: YWCA, 3, '4: Weslminsler Fellowship, 4. O REGENA MOORE, Senalobia, B,S.C.i Della Della Della: Bela Gamma Sigma. O EUPHUS EDWARD MURRAY, JR.: Oxford: B.S.C.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. . L-- .I " f 423' YZ- as N 1-' W - A eg-...- e- D f - . :-- Je' X 2 it I I "" . ' "B 440 N .sie ,-rg 2 ' ' " ' ' j ,, ' JL? - 13.2. fo g 'R 1 "5 A:-. kg: 25.44. .,i-ilfgy'-j,l' ' ' .a 'h.Q .- 0 DOROTHY NEWSOM, Corinfh, B.S.C., Della U 2004 f "SM Ml iisiivii--ei: -wiv -' U - ' . 'i' -.iltfi .p::'-'await' '51, :J ,-HX '-'-W' "" Della Della. fee 2.::.:..C..4e2e.a5ffe:, I " 1 A ff A - - -. if P535-f-56i:f '1 e e -AHA ' if I are .Llx,, I Lift l 1 fl - ,.4'-. 1 i 1 ' fi' ' A- if-P A51 ' ,. " ' ' . ff' ' " Aff ,. -r V V. ui , 33, N-ev'-T' 31.7 lqu of 0 LILA LEE NOSSER, Vicksburg, B.S.P.E., Miss 1-Gig-Pcxirf I ' I 7,31 - I A, Ole Miss, I946, Hall of Fame. gg - Y - hurfx e P14 k 5 , in-i A T' :ge-53 ' 'Nw :. I ' .ef as , I I JS' f i. N F S - A S S 4 X N v-" 'Q " I ' A 2 K ,1 E e 1' . . U Q X' 0 JIMMIE owENs, Aberdeen, s.s.c., Phi Me, J if ig, ,af If f. YWCA, 3, Wesley Feunae+sen, oLE Miss sfeff, 7 ' 1"Qf'e.": , J-" . A , Qs' W -A 1 - Y ,. 4 - 'na A , 3, AA, 3. A'-'L ff TOP ROW DOROTHY Newsom LILA NOSSER JIMMIE OWENS SYBIL PARKER ELEANOR PEELE MARY PARRAN 'TLT' 'Q I 4 i ii ' W' 'Ihr' I Q GLADYS RAMSAY BETH REDDING CURTIS ROBERTS ELIZABETH SADLER IIUI lU,ll RUII' 0 GLADYS IHAPPYI RAMSAY, Prenliss, B,A.g Della Gamma, Drum Maior, 2, YWCA, 2, Home Economics Club, 2. O BETH REDDIN6, Memphis, Tenn., B.A., Delta Della Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Morlar Board, Morlar Board Honor Girl, Vice-Presidenf, WSC-A, Represenlalive on ASB Execufive Council, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. Y "gf v -"i WILLIAM SADLER KATHERYN SHAW 0 CURTIS D. ROBERTS, New Albany, B.A., Sigma Chi, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Hermaean Liferary Sociely. I ELIZABETH L. SADLER, Senalobia, B.A. 0 WILLIAM THELWIN SADLER, Senatobia, B.A., Phi Della Thelag Bela Bela Bela, Drum Major Band, Velerans Club, YMCA, Flying Rebels, Biology Club, lnlernalional Relalions Club. 0 KATHERYN SHAW, Oxford, B.A.E. 36 0 FRANCES SHERRILL, Zela Tau Alpha, WAA, Memphis, Tenn., B.A., Home Economics Club, Pan-Hellenic Council. 0 RUTH EVELYN SHIPP, Red Banlrs, B.S.C., Bela Gamma Sigma, Wesley Founclalion, 4, Rebel Sfaff, 4. 0 MARY FRANCES SMITH, Courflandg B.S.C., Navy Sponsor, Wesley Foundalion, Rebel Slaff. 0 SYBIL M. PARKER, Iffa Bena, B.A., Glee Club, Biology Club. 0 ELEANOR MEYER PEELE, Housfong B.S.C., Della Gamma. 0 MARY SUE PARRAN, Bolivar, Tenn.: B.S.P.E., O SHIRLEY PERRY, Yazoo Cilyg B.S.C., Delfa 0 MARJORIE PHILPOT, Holly Springs B A DeI+a Della, Favorife, 3, 4. O FRANCES PATTERSON PHELPS, Lexinglong B.A.E., Phi Mu, Pix: Pan-Hellenic Council, 3 Chi Omega: Home Economics Club Weslminsser Fellowship, 3, WAA, I, 2, 3, YWCA, , RUTH JACQ PQLK' Hapnesburg BSC Dena O MILTON A. PHILLIPS, JR., Bay Sf. Louis, B.A., Kappa Sigma, Newman Club, President Delia Della, YWCA, 3, 4 Kappa Della, Pix, Glee Club, 3, 4: WAA, 3, 4: B.A. School, Who's Who in American Colleges O ANNE POWELL, Batesville BA E Phi Mu YWCA, 3, 4. and Universiiiesg ASB Execu+ive Council, Cheerleader, Favorifeg Rebel Slaff SHIRLEY PERRY FRANCES PHELPS MILTON PHILLIPS, JR, MARJORIE PHILPOT RUTH POLK ANNE POWELL 'AJ 3' Z? iv e""n xlib 5 FRANCES SHERRILL RUTH SHIPP O JULIUS J. STRAYHAM, Biloxi, B.S.C.: Delia Sigma Pi, Veferans Club, Manager. Sludenf Bank. I JEWEL HART STEWART, Moriong B.A., Della Gamma, Mississippian Slaff, l942-43, WAA, I942, YWCA, I942-43. 0 DOROTHY T. TALBERT, Grenada, B.A.E., Kappa Delia, Sigma Alpha Iola. i , MARY SMITH Yflr T.. ,p"-1 if , bfi' JULIUS STRAYHAM JEWEL STEWART DOROTHY TALBERT Huldah Cousins, Edilor of 'the Mississippian. O JUNE TAYLOR Philadelphia, B.A.E.g Wesley Foundalion. O ARTHUR W. TINSLEY, Oxford: B.A. 0 GENE ELIZABETH THOMAS, Clarksdalei B.S.C.' Chi Omega: Favgrife. I MARINELL TODD, Oxford, B.S.C.7 Della Zelap Wesfminsfer Fellowship, I, 2, 35 Pan-Hellenic Council. 0 CORA LEE THOMASSON, DeKalb: B.S.C. O RALPH W. TIERCE, Sunflowerg B.S.C.g Pi Kappa Alphap Inferfrafernily Dance Commiffee: Veferans Club: Commiffee of IO0. JUNE TAYLOR i 103. yn-5. 0 JANE TROBAUGH, Millingfon, Tenn.g B.A.g Zeta Tau Alpha: Pix, WAA. GENE THOMAS CORA THOMASSON RALPH TIERCE 3 SALLY STONE TROTTER, Coffeevilleg B.A.3 Della Della Della, Cwensg Alpha Lambda Della, Vice-Presidenf, 25 Treasurer, Sigma lola, 3: WAA: Mississippian Sfaff, I, 23 YWCA, I, 2, 33 Gvlee Club, I, 2, 3, 43 Infernafional Relalions Club, I, 2: Annual Sfaff, I, 2. 0 G-ERALDEE TUCKER, Gulfport, B.A.g Presi- dent, YWAg BSU Council. ARTHUR TINSLEY MARINELL TODD 5 3 'Y 7' A fl 1 .zu- -I' I, KATHRYN WEBSTER MARY WEIDMANN RUTH WEILENMANN JOHN WESTON ALLINE WHEELER George Harmon, I946 Ole Miss Managing Edifor. h . CAROLINE wi-MAKER QKATHRYN ELIZABETH WEBSTER, Oxford: B.S.C.g Della Della Della, Mississippian Business Sfaff, 3, 4. O MARY DOROTHY WEIDMANN, Meridian: B.S.C.: Della Della Della. O RUTH WEILENMANN, Memphis, Tenn., B.S.C.g Della Della Delia, Pix: Missis'ippian Sfaff, I, 2, 33 OLE MISS Slaff, I, 23 Glee Club, WAA, I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenf, BSC School. ,Ar W, K B JOHNNIE Lou VAN i-ioosER, Philadelphia: E , lf, B.A.E.g eilee Club: YWA. Bsu. I . V K Ni? , L ,xl E' , 5 Hy.. XI' 'B I Q CHARLES VAN WINKLE, chicago, III., B.S.g rg I in Chemislry. I , - 1 ,gn-. IL I I X I I I -- . . 44 , +. 4, " I ' I I . lxffffa-'fn-if 4..f'Jf-...fL, ' . . K-,W .. .,,g,,.- -U 'l:m1ig:X.J"'l"u.'TjY"'X A Ji! VI Ejlllf 'lvtua ,fi 1 V I-vww I -' -lv 17,1 , fr-:K-1-'A' -w-E h if-5-ifVff-i41 ETEEEIEEU . , " I, IQEEEFE? 1 2:11 ' 'Y ' A .1 'Q' 1 Q ooaoriw DALE WEBB, euniown, B.A.g ff F!gf,593g1- ,5-eJ5iE3?--. ,g . YWCA, Classical Club. gi- gf., . j 'E 73,-:if W . A ii T ' Y ..-.-f"" 1 JANE TROBAUGH SALLY TROTTER GERALDEE TUCKER JOHNNIE VAN HOOSER CHARLES VAN WINKLE DOROTHY WEBB I' . 'T' STELLA WHITE GEORGIE WILLIAMS 'W' ., Qin ei' -,gr 'qv'-f"'P' M.. J 1? .ibm A-PX fl YE? -as 4.1 HELEN WILLIAMS BETTIE WILSON MARY WISDOM LOTTIE 0 JOHN M. WESTON, Bay SI. Louis: B.S.C.: Sigma Nup Inlerfrafernify Council. O ALLINE WHEELER, Memphis, Tenn.1 B.A.g Biology Club, 43 Mississippian Sfaff, I, 2, Drama- Iic Club, I, 43 Home Economics Club, I, 4. O CAROLINE M. WHITAKER, Grenada: B.A.p Chi Omega, OLE MISS Sfaff, 3, 4: Canferbury Club, 3, 45 YWCA, 31 Home Economics Club, 4. 0 STELLA WHITE, Jackson, Tenn., B.A.g Alpha Omicron Pig Canlerbury Club, Classical Club, WAA. O GEORGIE WILLIAMS, Yazoo Ci+y: B.A.g Chi Omega. 0 HELEN WILLIAMS, Philadelphia, B.A.E.g Delia Gamma: Mississippian Sfaffq Pan-Hellenic Coun- cilg Treasurer, WSGA, 2. 0 BETTIE BELMONT WILSON, Oxford: B.S,C.g Kappa Della. 39 0 MARY ALICE WISDOM, Halfiesburgi B.S.C.g Della Della Delia: Bela Gamma Sigma: OLE MISS Slaff, I, 2, 35 Bu'iness Manager, OLE MISS, 43 Mississippian, 2, 3, 45 YWCA, 2, 3, 41 WAA, 2, 3, 43 Publicaiions Board, 4. O LOTTIE FAIN WREN, Memphis, Tenn., B.A.q Della Della Delia, Cwensg Archery Club, YWCA, XVAAQ Commillee of lOOg Vice-Prezideni, BA School. WREN ix 'vs X rn- ,N it-' Cf sf ia 'T ,1 . -'x Us Y""r -1' Tb Johnie Adams Finley Belcher O JOHNIE ADAMS, Bruce, BSC. I ROBERT JULIAN ALLEN, JR, lndianola, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 MARY STEWART ANDREWS, Greenville, BAE, Delia Della Della, Rebel Staff, Social Commifle of I JANE ABSTON, Trumann, Arkansas, BSPE, Delia Gamma, WAA, YWCA, Favorile, 2, 3. 0 JAMES KIRL AVENT, JR., Grenada, BS, Pi Kappa Alpha O SARA JANE AYCOCK, Rayville, Louisiana, BAE, Phi Mu, Pix, Pan- Hellenic Council, Glee Club, BSU Council, YWCA, YWA. O MARGARET RALSTON BANNING, Brookhaven, BAE, Kappa Della, Pix, Mississippian Staff, 2, 3, Home Ec Club, 2, 3, Weslminsfer Fellow- ship, 2, 35 YWCA, 2, 3, WM, 2, 3. O LEE BAGGETT, Oxford, BSEg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I CHARLES D, BARKER, Walhalla, Soulh Carolina, BA, Sigma Chi' N R,O.T.C, Cade? Ll. l"luey Howerlon, Presidenl of The ASB unlil Oclober, l945. .IA . ,h. ' 4 ., ....... .Q l .1 I If r Roberl Allen, Jr. Mary Andrews Jane Abslon James Avenf, Jr. Joyce Billingsley Lillian Blanks Ross Boafwrigh? Ann Boqard fn! iv' -AJ Sara Aycock Margaref Banning Margaret Boland Lela Boolh O SOPHIANNE BARNER, Ruleville, BAE, Phi Mu, Rebel Slaff, 2, 3, OLE MISS Staff, 2, Mississippian Slaff, 2, Wesley Foundation, 2, 3, YWCA, 2, 3. O LUCY OWENS BARNETT, Jackson, BSE. O PATTI BARRETT, Tupelo, BSPE, Chi Omega, WAA, Newman Club. O GRACE LATHAM BENNETT, Wafer Valley, BA, Chi Omega, Home Ec Club, "Y", WSGA Legislative Council. 0 FINLEY E. BELCHER, Rosedale, BSC, Phi Era Sigma, Pi Kappa Fi, Bela Gamma Sigma, Delia Sigma Pi. 0 JOYCE BILLINGSLEY, Biloxi, BA, Mississipian Slaff, I, Biology Club, 2, Home Ec Club, 2, Treasurer of WSGA, Summer Session, '45, O LILLIAN R. BLANKS, Meridian, BA, Phi Mu, Rebel Staff, YWCA. O ROSS N, BOATWRIGHT, Oxford, BAE. O ANN VAREE BOGARD, Parkin, Arkansas, BAE, Kappa Delfa, Cwens, Sigma Alpha lola, Presidenl WAA, Secretary Glee Club, Society Editor, Mississippian, Wesley Foundafion, "Y", Commillee of IDO, War Fund Commiflee. ju JUNIOR if 61,66 'QT fb- D-'F' pv- 57 ..... Lee Baggelf Charles Barker Sophianne Barner Mary Brandon Vernon Broom Mabel Brown O MARGARET BOLAND, Meridian, BA, WAA, Canlferbury Club, Rebel Staff, Flying Rebels. O LELA BOOTH, Tupelo, BSC, Della Della Della, OLE MISS Staff, WAA, Rebel Slaff. 0 MARY ANN BRANDON, Natchez, BA, Della Della Della, Home Ec Club, Rebel Staff, Canlerbury Club. O VERNON BROOM, Columbia, BSC, Secrelary, Velerans Club. O MABEL BROWN, Lucedale, BSC. O RUTH WARREN BROWN, Wafer Valley, BA, Della Della Della, "Y", Home Ec Club. O BETTY LOU BROWNE, Tylerlown, BSC, Kappa Delia, Wesley Founda- fion, YWCA. O ASTER BUNCH, Taylor, BAE, Glee Club, Social Chairman, YWA, Universily Players. O CATHERINE A. BURDETTE, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega. O EUGENE LOUIS BURSI, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Sigma Bela Kappa. 195 v-sr I f - 'Ev Palli Barrel! Grace Bennet? Belly Browne Asler Bunch Lucy Ba rnell Rulh Brown O VELMA ELAINE BUSICK, Brandon, BSC, Kappa Della, YWCA, YWA, WAA O LEON H. CALIFF, Clarlcsdale, BSC, Phi Epsilon Pi, Cardinal Club, Mississippian Slaff, Commillee of IOO. O CHARLEEN CAMPBELL, Jackson, BA, Della Gamma, OLE MISS Sfaff. O MACK CARMICHAEL, Meridian, BSE, Velerans Club. O MARTHA ADAIR CARNEY, Glosler, BA, YWCA, Wesley Foundalion, WAA. O CLARENCE E. CASTLE, Louisville, BA, Phi Efa Sigma, Velerans Club. O CREIGHTON CHANDLER, Oxford, LLB, Sigma Chi, O DOROTHY CHAMPION, Greenville, BSC, Kappa Della. O CONSTANCE CHATHAM, Shaw, BA, Chi Omega, "Y", Home Ec Club, WAA, Weslminsler Fellowship, O JIMMIE CHRISTENBERRY, Rolling Fork, BSC, Della Sigma Pi. O W. E, COKE, Glen, BA, Velerans Club O WALTER DAVID CONNER, Bay Sl. Louis, BSE, Kappa Sigma, Phi Ela Sigma. T Q we ' T17 ,E 5 fly Qi C27 s x k , sz' nf, , . .wwf-if H, - Qli25fs?'f Catherine Burdelfe Eugene Bursi Velma Busick Leon Califf Charleen Campbell Mack Carmichael Marlha Carney Clarence Caslle Creighlon Chandler Dorolhy Champion Conslance Chalham Jimmie Chrislenberry W. E. Coke Waller Conner 4 I I :--.' 'fy qs. l -5, ..,. 'HF aft.. 'VS 17175 Y'-'37 , fv- YS? ir' f-X, T' fs? K f 'QU Jane Cook Huldah Cousins Camille Covington Roberl Cox Belly Crawford Charles Crawford, Jr. Gladys Cunningham Allyn Drew William Dulfey Eleanor Edwards William A. Eley John Etheridge Frances Estes Mary Esles 0 JANE RANDOLPH COOK, Jackson, BAg Della Gamma. O JACK DAVIS, New Albany, BA. 0 HULDAH VGLMA cousms, Brian, BA, Kappa Della, Classical Club, 0 DOROTHY DAY. Inverness: BA: Delfa Della Della: Pix: WM: OLE 3g WAA, 2, 33 Commilfee of IOO, 2, 3, Mississippian Staff, 23 Who's Who MISS Sfaffl YWCA! HOWI9 EC Club. In American Colleges and Universilies, 3, Edilor of lhe Mississippian, 3, Presidenl, Weslminsler Fellowship, 3, ASB Council, 3, Board of Publica- O JAYNE DODSON, Ulica, BA, lions, 3, Senior "Y" Cabinet, 3, YWCA, 2 3. 0 PEGGY L, DRENNAN, Mendenhall, BSC, Zela Tau Alpha. O CAMILLE ELIZABETH COVINGTON, Canlon, BAE, Della Della Dellay . ALLYN SIDNEY DREW Minden Louisiana. BSC. Zeta Tau Aipha Ole Miss Slaffg "Y," I, 2, Weslminsler Fellowship, I, 2, Commillee of I i A I '00. 'I 2.3 0 WILLIAM C. DUFFEY, Cincinnali, Ohio, BA, Bela niafa Pi, O ROBERT W- COX. Mme- Illfnoisr BSC, o ELEANOR eowARos, Canlong BA, Kappa Della, OLE Miss Sfaff, Ig YWCA, lg Weslminsler Fellowship, I, Rebel Staff, I O BETTY SUE CRAWFORD, Marianna, Arkanasg BSg Bela Bela Bela, Biology Club. O WILLIAM A, ELEY, Scoobag BA. O CHARLES E CRAWFORD- JR. 'Solar BA o JOHN T, srl-ierzlcee, Mendenhall, asc, Delia Psi, Phi Era sigma, Pi Kappa Pig Bela Gamma Sigma, Presidenl, Della Sigma Pig lnfer-Fralernily O GLADYS CUNNINGHAM, Summilg BSPE, Phi Mu, House President, Councgl. Uniygrgify Players I. Garland Hall, WSGA. i i 0 FRANCES MARION ESTES, Crugerg BAE, Mississippian Staff, 3, Rebel, 0 THOMAS HENRY CURTIS, JR., Tupelo, BA, Sigma Chi. -, YWCA 3. Bapuss Sh-,dent Union 3- 0 CHARLOTTE DICKEY, Leland, BA, Delia Gamma 0 MARY NELL ESTES, Blue Mouniainj BA. Turley Meelr, Rebel Business Manager. if-Rf r - , 1, A s -, ,Hi.,.i. Q, e i I I .-I' M . "" Ch. ' I 'lf' K Q3 Cfaaa I I I , ' ER .-x 'Vs T v- I of-4' A . , l Thomas Curtis, Jr. Charlotte Dickey Jack Davis I Frances Evans Robert Evans Wayne Fancher I O FRANCES SUE EVANS, Memphis. Tennesseeg BAg Kappa Deltag WAAg Home Ec Clubg Rebel Staff. O ROBERT K. EVANS. Memphis, Tennesseeg BSCg Kappa Sigma. O WAYNE W. FANCHER, Oxfordg BSE. I l O EVELYN FINCH, Boonevilleg BA: Kappa Deltag Rover Club. l O JULAINE B. FRESEN, Greenvilleg BAEg Chi Omegag YWCAg West- l minster Fellowshipg WAA. O KATHLEEN FULGHUM. Pensacola, Floridag BAQ Chi Omegag Home Ec Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council. I RACHEL JOYCE GARDNER, Pascaqoulag BAEg Delta Zeta. 0 MARY ANN GAVIN, Hattiesburgg BAEg Kappa Deltag Glee Clubg WAA. O CHARLOTTE GEE, Carrolltong BAg Chi Omega. I ROSE MARIE GODWIN, Nashville, Tennesseeg BAg Delta Gammag Alpha Lambda Deltag Rebel Staff, I, 23 Mississippian Staff, I, 2 ,-. 3 4-5 I., 'Un .fx T fw- 7 375 Qu- E' 5 Dorothy Day Jayne Dodson Peggy Drennan Evelyn Finch Julaine Fresen Kathleen Fulghum O ALTEEN HAMMETT' Shawg BSCg Rover Club. O MARTHA HORTON HARRIS, Tupelog BAg Kappa Deltag Sigma Alpha Iota. O GENIE STEELE HARDY, Columbus' BAg Chi Omegag Flying Rebels. O JOHN E. HARTSFIELD, Oxfordg BSCg Sigma Alpha Epsilong Canter- bury Clubg Inter-Fraternity Council. 0 NANCY HARTON, Tullahoma, Tennesseeg BAEg Delta Delta Deltag YWCAQ WAAg Mississippian Staff. O MARTHA HAYES, Cascillag BA. O KATHERINE HAZARD, Columbusg BAQ Delta Delta Delta. O DOROTHY E. HEARD, Oxfordg BAE, 0 BETTY HEMETER, Hattiesburqg BAg Delta Delta Deltag Cwensg Beta Beta Betag Biology Clubg WAAg YWCAg Rebel Staffg Archery Clubg Missis- sippian Staff. o CARROLL HENSHAW, Okolonag ss: Beta YWCA, 31 one Miss Band, 2, 3. Beta Betag Biology Clubg T 1' . FY! 11- '55 'bu -dv B, L T 1 I ' . ' 7 ,nf-1-1 Li v-- G3 T I 'i 1.4 tra' E? E E. l Rachel Gardner Mary Gavin Charlotte Gee Rose Godwin Alteen Hammett Martha Harris Genie Hardy I John Hartsfield Nancy Harton Martha Hayes Katherine Hazard Dorothy Heard Betty Hemeter Carroll Henshaw 43 in-n qs 1 NI fi EWS '27 5 -.rf 2,1 Kyle Herring Evelyn Hodges Albert Hoegler Mary Howell Margie Hughes Emmitt Jamison Annelle Johnston Mary Jordan Bill Edwin Kellis Herman Kelly Jeanne O KYLE HERRING, Clarksdaleg BAE, Beta Theta Pi, Westminster Fellow- ship, Committee ot l00 I EVELYN CHERRY HODGES, Meridian, BA, Delta Delta Delta, Rebel Staff, WAA. O ALBERT HOEGLER, Cleveland, Ohio, BA, Sports Editor, The Missis- sippian and the Rebel. O MARY LEE HOWELL, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Home Ec Club, Uni- versity Players, Wesley Foundation. O MARGIE PATE HUGHES, Jackson, BA, Delta Delta Delta, University Players, Classical Club, YWCA, Rebel Staff. O EMMlTT JAMISON, Pascagoula, BSC, Alpha Tau Omega. O ANNELLE JOHNSTON, Madison, BA, Delta Delta Delta, Ole Miss Staff, I, 2, Mississippian Staff, I, 2, YWA, WAA, I, 2. O OTHO S. JOHNSON, JR., Jackson, BSE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Theta Phi, American Society of Civil Engineers, Freshman Basketball, Com- mittee of IOO, Cheerleader, Joe College, Student Dance Committee, Intra- mural Council, ASB Executive Council, Veterans Organization, O CATHERINE JONES, Pontotoc, BAE, Newman Club Moroney, President of the University Players. , l A x ,QA Koffman Robert Lambright, Jr. Florence Landrum Jesse Latham, Jr O HUGH B. JONES, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Kappa Sigma, Annual Business Staff, Mississippian Reporter, Treasurer of Kappa Sigma. o MARTHA JANE JONES, wainuo, BA o NANCY ELIZABETH JONES, Magee, BA. O WALTER B. JOHNSON, Jackson, BA, Pi Kappa Alpha, University Players. O MARY TALMADGE JORDAN, Columbia, BAE, Kappa Delta. I EDWIN P. KELLIS, Shuqualak, BSE, Kappa Alpha, Veterans Club, Her- maean, I, 2, 3. I HERMAN KELLY, Oxford, BSPE. O JEANNE KOFFMAN, Vicksburg, BA, Delta Delta Delta, Annual Staff, Secretary, Canterbury Club, '45, '46, YWCA, '45, '46, Home Ec Club, Rebel Staff, '45. '45, '45, 0 ROBERT LAMAR LAMBRIGHT, JR., Jackson, BS, Kappa Sigma. I FLORENCE LANDRUM, Laurel, BAE. 0 JESSE T. LATHAM, JR., Europa, BSC, Kappa Sigma, Student Dance Committee, OLE MISS Staff, Rebel Business Staff, Veterans Club. UA., JUNIOR 61:56 1-.qv ffm 11" 'Duff' :Vw ew ww. 7 1 ,Wwe lk by jfs 'Q- 'Un ,Mai 1:17 I Otho Johnson, Jr. Catherine Jones Hugh Jones, Jr. Martha Jones Nancy Jones Walter Johnson lone Lauderdale Rose Littlepage John McArthur Bonnie McCain Robert McCain Jo McLain O IONE LAUDERDALE, Hernando, BAEg Phi Mu, YWCA, Wesley Foun- dation. O ROSE DAWN LITTLEPAGE, Hattiesburg, BA, Kappa Delta, Canterbury Club, WAA. O JOHN MCARTHUR, Hattiesburg, BA, Phi Delta Theta, President, Flying Rebels, Inter-Fraternity Council, Party Caucus, Secretary of YMCA, Com- mittee of l00. O BONNIE SUE MCCAIN, Okolona, BSC, Della Della Delta, Rebel Staff, YWCA, WAA. O ROBERT F. MCCAIN, Greenville, BSPEg Kappa Alpha, "M" Club. I JO ANN McLAlN, Monticello, BA, Phi Mu, Glee Club, 0 MARTHA ELIZABETH McCORMlCK, Coffeevilleg BAE, Home Ec Club O ERRETTE C. MCCRACKEN, Rich, BSC. O PEGGY McDEARMON, Dyersburg, Tennessee, BA, Delta Delta Delta. O EDITH MCLAUGHLIN, Forest, BAE, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, Home Ec Club. O PATRICIA ANN MCLAUGHLIN, Forest, BA, Mississippian Stall, 3, YWCA, 3, Rebel Staff, 3, WAA, 3. O JOHN M. McLENDON, lndianolag BSC, Della Psi, Rebel Band, '41, '42, Collegians, '4lg Mississippians, '42, Cardinal Club, '42, Dance Com- mittee, '45, Rover Club, '45. 0 MAY HILL McMURRY, Batesville, BAE, Delta Zeta, versity Players, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA. Glee Club, Uni- O SAMUEL REID MCMURRY, JR., Batesville, BSC. O MARVINE McNElL, Philadelphia, BA, Delta Gamma, Beta Bela Betag Treasurer of ASB, Pan-Hellenic Council, Who's Who in and Universities. American Colleges O ALVIN CLARK MAPLES, Leakesvilleg BSPEQ Pi Kappa Alpha, Head Drum Maior, '45, ASB Council, Veterans Club 0 ROBERT LOUIS MARCUS, Jonestown, BA, Phi Epsilon Pi, Veterans Club: lntra-Mural Council, Independent Organization, I, 2, "Y" Cabi- net, Committee of l00, Rebel Staff, Faculty-Student Committee on Social Affairs, Dance Committee 0 JOANN MARSHALL, Shreveport, Louisiana, BA, Delta Delta Delta. 0 OLENE MARTIN, Dorsey, BSC, Delta Zeta, Home Ec Club, BSU Coun- cil, Ig YWCA, Treasurer of Delta Zeta O PAT MARTIN, JR., Meridian, BA, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigmag Rebel Band, Baptist Student Union Council. gee VN Qian ,Q-N urn, 115 'Uh-n. ll yu 'H'-Q-4' f .f Y-sf -My Ld-1 YZ? Martha McCormick Errette McCracken Peggy McDearmon Edith McLaughlin Patricia McLaughlin John McLendon MBV MCMUFFGY Samuel McMurry, Jr. Marvine McNeil Alvin Maples Robert Marcus Joann Marshall Olene Martin Pat Marlin -If 45 -fx 1.5 5 If 3 X V Sarah Marlin Lois Pepper .if X3 I, s-JJ ' 1 ,s Maurice Maxwell Sue Polls Lillian Prewill Alicia C SARAH LOU MARTIN, Caledonia, BS, Bela Bela Bela, YWCA, YWA. O MAURICE C. MAXWELL, Jackson, BSC, Kappa Alpha, Phi Ela Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Ole Miss Slaff, Velerans Club, Assislanl Manager, Sludenl Bank. O AUDREY MEAD, Waveland, BS, Phi Mu, Bela Bela Bela, Biology Club, Newman Club, I AUDREY MENDEZ, Long Beach, BAE, I DORIS MILLS, Kossulh, BS, OLE MISS Slaff, l, YWCA, I, 2, 3, Wes- ley Foundalion, l, 2, 3 O LYNNA CLARA MOONEY, Oxford, BAE, Della Zela, Pix, B SU. Coun- cil, PanvHeIlenic Council, YWCA. O ELIZABETH ANN MOORE Halliesburg, BA, Della Della Della. I WILLIAM THOMAS MORONEY, Tupelo, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cheerleader, Rebel Slaff, Presidenl, Universily Players, Inlerfralernily Council. O ANNE MOSBY, lndianola, BA, Phi Mu. O CORNELIA MOTHERSHED, Crenshaw, BA, Della Della Della, YWCA, Rebel Slall O LENA RUTH MURPHEY, Norlh Lillle Rock, Arkansas, BA, Classical Club, Wesley Foundalion, YWCA. Helen Dulle, YWCA Prexy. .1 KI I I I 9k T' . L., Audrey Mead Audrey Mendez Doris Mills Lynna Mooney Elizabelh Moore Price Chrisline Prilchell Nancy Puller Calherine O TOM MUSE, Ripley, BSPE, Sigma Nu, Mississippian Slafl, YMCA, Foolball. O SARA JANE MYERS, Halliesburg, BA, Della Della Della, Cwens, Mis- sissippian, I, 2, Business Manager, 3, YWCA, WAA, Universily Players, Commillee of I00. O MARJORIE NORVELL, Gulfporl, BA, Della Della Della. O LOIS PEPPER, Vaughn, BA, Phi Mu. O SUE POTTS, Kosciuskc, BSC. 0 LILLIAN PREWITT, Bolivar, BSPE, Kappa Della, Sigma Alpha lola, Pix, Reporler, WAA, Glee Club, Wesley Foundalion. I ALICIA LA'NELL PRICE, Moss Poinl, BAE, lndependenl, Universily Players. 0 CHRISTINE PRITCHETT, Lepanlo, Ark., BSC. 0 NANCY THURZA PULLER, Evanslon, Illinois, BSE, Zela Tau Alpha, Secrelary, Glee Club, 2, Member, G-lee Club, I, 2, 3, Archery Club, 2, 3, Secrelary, ZTA, 3, Hislorian, ZTA, 2, Secrelary, WAA, 3. 0 CATHERINE MAE PURVIS, Corinlh, BSPE, Chi Omega, YWCA, WAA, Wesley Foundalion. 0 RUFUS L. QUARLES, JR., Scooba, BSC, Della Kappa Epsilon. jim JUNIOR Gtriri Purvis 'x 'Vi f'-'xx V? Qs. 5 T27 '-...uv I fb. fi-iw SJ IWQ... X9 E I William Moroney Anne Mosby Cornelia Mothershed Lena Murphey Tom Muse Sara Myers Mariorie Norvell Rufus Quarles, Jr. Ben Quintana William Ragsdale Marynell Rayburn Lynn Reid Elaine Reynolds Leona Ridgeway O BEN A, OUINTANA, McComb, BSPh., Kappa Sigma, ASB Executive Council, Vice-President, Dance Committee, lnteriraternity Council, Kappa Sigma, President, Newman Catholic Club, President, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Veterans Organization, Hermaean Literary Society. O WILLIAM B. RAGSDALE, Ozark, Alabama, BSC, Kappa Sigma, 0 MARYNELL RAYBURN, Grenada, BA, Drum Maiorette, Home Ec Club. O LYNN REID, Iuka, BA, Kappa Delta, Home Ec Club. O ELAINE HOOD REYNOLDS, Drew, BAE, Phi Mu, Pix, President, Phi Mu, Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer, YWCA, Rebel Staff, OLE MISS Staff, WAA. O LEONA RIDGEWAY, Jackson, BA, Delta Delta Delta, University Players, YWCA. 0 RUSSELL E. ROBBINS, Pelahatchie, BSPh, President, Student Branch American Pharmaceutical Association, Veterans Organization, I DOROTHY ROBERTS, New Albany, BA, Chi Omega, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Rebel Staff, Annual Statt, Mississippian. 0 MARY ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Greenwood, BSC, Chi Omega, YWCA, Home Ec Club O VIRGINIA ROSEBOROUGH, Senatobia, BA, Delta Delta Delta. 0 MARGARET ELIZABETH ROSS, Greenville, BAE, Delta Delta Delta, Society Editor, Mississippian, YWCA Social Committee, Rebel Business Staff. O ANNIE STONE ROBINSON, Tremont, BSC, YWCA, Mississippian Staff, I, 2, Wesley Foundation, 2, O MAL D. ROGERS, JR, Abbeville, BSE. O EMILY RUSSELL, Jackson, BA, Delta Della Delta, YWCA, Classical Club, Favorite. I RUSSELL ROWE, JR., Florence, Alabama, BA. O ELIZA CROZIER SCOTT, Erwin, BA, Delta Gamma, Home Ec Club, Mississippian Staff. O DORRIS ANNICE Sl-IUMPERT, Nettleton, BA, Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta. O DOROTHY LOIS SIMMONS, Clarlrsdale, BSPI1, ASB Executive Council, American Pharmaceutical Association, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club. O MARY ADELENE SIMMONS, Jackson, BA, YWA, Glee Club, YWCA. O JOHN D, SLATER, JR, Jackson, BSC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Inter- traternity Council, Newman Club, Veterans Club. f 1211 'Y' I . g 9 wiki, ,I r"x 'Us ei? as -X av- T are 'Vs rw T 'cr--y -I vs' '-" I k 2 .4-sf fl ' I Russell Robbins Dorothy Roberts Mary Roberts Virginia Roseborough Margaret Ross Annie Robinson Mal Rogers, J Emily Russell Russell Row, Jr. Eliza Scott Dorris Shumpert Dorothy Simmons Mary Simmons John Slater, J 1? Q --. 5 Us' -if 1lg, sol W Jewell Slocum Bennell Smirh Eleanor Smilh Mildred Taylor Frances Terry Elizabelh Thomas O JEWEL REBECCA SLOCUM, Coldwaler, BSE, YWCA, YWA. 0 BENNETT E. SMITH, Weir, BA, Velerans Club, IRC, Hermaean Lilerary Sociely, Cardinal Club, Commillee of IOO, Wesley Foundalion, Annual Slallg Mississippian, O ELEANOR MAY SMITH, Columbus, BA, Della Gamma, OLE MISS Siaif, Rebel Siaff, Mississippian Siaff, YWA, YWCA. O MARTHA JEAN SMITH, Lillle Rock, Arlfansas, BA, Kappa Della, WAA, YWCA, WSGA, Wesley Foundalion, Classical Club, Parade of Favoriles. 0 MARY E. SMITI-4, waii, BA, OLE MISS Slaff. o MARY Maw. SMITH, waif, BAE, YWCA. O ROBERT M, SOLOMON, Bay Sl Louis, BA, Phi Kappa Psi, Missis- sippians, O JUANITA L. SOWELL, Memphis, Tennessee, BA. O MARIANNE SPIVEY, Canlon, BA, Della Della Della, Pan-Hellenic Council, Managing Edilor, Rebel, Canlerbury Club. O DOROTHY STEPHENS, Oxford, BSC. 0 FRANCES STUART, Jackson, BA, Phi Mu, YWCA, YWA, BSU Council, Home Ec Club Harry Hines, Presidenl ol Law School. "' at Marlha Smilh Belly Thomas N... T 5 x Mary E. Smill-I Mary McW. Smilh Roberl Solomon Mary Thompson Roselyn Threadgill Doris Triplell o JAMES G. STUART, Meridian, ssc, Kappa Alpha. 0 ROBERT E. L, STUART, Gullporl, BA, Kappa Alpha, Bela Bela Bela, lnlerlralernily Dance Commillee. O PAT TALLANT, Bradenlon, Florida, BA. O MILDRED TAYLOR, Como, BA, Della Della Della. O FRANCES GARDNER TERRY, Jackson, Tennessee, Della Della Della, Vice-Presidenl, Freshman YWCA, Glee Club, Canlerbury Club, OLE MISS Slalf. O ELIZABETH THOMAS, Dyersburg, Tennessee, BSPE, Della Della Della, Megaphone Club, Rebel Slalf, WAA. O BETTY JEAN THOMAS, Laurel, BM, Phi Mu, Sigma Alpha lola. O MARY FRANCES THOMPSON, Laurel, BAE, Della Della Della, "Y" Sccial Commillee, Annual Slafl. O ROSELYN THREADGILL, Greenwood, BAE, Chi Omega, Rebel Slafl, Home Ec Club, YWCA. o DORIS ELAINE TRIPLETT, Laiiisviiiag ssc, Della Gamma, YWA, asu, Rebel Slaf .7Aa JUNIOR add IU"'Q fx ful sl" 3 DVA, ,parr- 'Q' 'H' 'vm V X ss, -':" jffi, ,. "' 79+ 4? F? 1.1. g. "F I tv... I' -I - .F -C, . it , if Flint. I I I. ,fi I 7 'Q Juanita Sowell Marianne Spivey Dorothy Stephens Frances Stuart James Stuart Robert Stuart Angie Vallatos Margaret Vance Julia Vickery Charles Walker Dorothy Watson Mariorie Watson O ANGIE VALLATOS, Oxford, BAE, Phi Mu, Favorite, '44-'45, Rebel Staff, '44-'45, YWCA, Wesley Foundation O MARGARET VANCE, Batesville, BAE, Chi Omega, University Players, YWCA. I JULIA EVELYN VICKERY, Grenada, BAE, O CHARLES WALKER, Sanatorium, BS, Kappa Sigma. O DOROTHY WATSON, Tunica, BSC, Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer, WAA. O MARJORIE LOUISE WATSON, West Memphis, Arkansas, BA, Phi Mu, Wesley Foundation, YWCA. O MAHLON EARL WEBB, Carthage, BS, Independent 0 CALVIN LOWELL WELLS, Jackson, BA, Delta Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, YMCA, Westminster Fellowship. O MARTHA WHEELER, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Biology Club, 3, Missis- sippian Staff. 0 FOSTER F, WILKINSON, Gloster, BAE, Westminster Fellowship, Uni- versity Players. 6 EDIE A, WILLIAMS, Henderson, Kentucky, BA, Zeta Tau Alpha YWCA, Canterbury Club, WAA, Archery Club. O G. EDWARD WILLIAMS, JR., Clarlrsdale, BS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, I, Glee Club, I, Chorus, I 0 ANN FAIRLY WILSON, Hazlehurst, BA, Delta Delta Delta, OLE MISS Staff, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. 0 FRANCES WILSON, Quitman, BAE, Band, YWCA, Home EC Club. O KATHERINE ELIZABETH WILSON, Wiggins, BAE, Delta Gamma, YWA, Mississippian Staff, WAA. I JULIET WITHERS, Jackson, BA, Delta Gamma, Pix, Pan-Hellenic Council. O MARJEAN WOODWARD, Jonesboro, Arkansas, BA, Kappa Delta, Fav- orite, 3, Rebel Cover Girl, 3, WAA, 2, 3, Mississippian Staff, I, 2, 3, YWCA, 2, 3, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, Rebel Statt, 3, Newman Club, I, 2, 3, Archery Club, 2, 3. O JEANNE WOODS, Leland, BA, Kappa Delta. O DAN H, WYLIE, Tupelo, BSC, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O DOROTHY YOUNG, Bruce, BM, Delta Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota Baptist Student Union, "Y", Girls' Glee Club, Rebel Band, YWA, WAA Calvin Wells Martha Wheeler Foster Wilkinson Edie Williams Edward Williams, Jr. Ann Wilson -w-,-,T-1 Pat Tallant Mahlon Webb Frances Wilson 'C' w--ii' 3 YK V37 fs IH!!- his f , 'Dt C.- -:N TI! ultram ve :Ev VD! 'CZ' Katherine Wilson Juliet Withers Mariean Woodward Jeanne Woods Dan Wylie Dorothy Young 49 f I S .-N fx Us TV' T11 -N fb- 'S 9 'QS' 1.1 1 vu' Snr Marshall Allen, Jr. Franklin Allany Margarel Ambrose Palsy Billingsley Mary Birmingham Bernard Blackwell I A C. ABRAHAM, Clarksdale, BSE, Foolball, Boxing O MARSHALL B ALLEN, JR, Long Beach, BA, Kappa Sigma, Bela Bela Bela, Biology Club, O FRANKLIN E ALTANY, Breckenridge, Pennsylvania, BA. Q MARGARET AMBROSE, Ripley, BSPh, Bela Bela Bela, Canlerbury Club, American Pharmaceulical Associalion, Biology Club. o ROBERT ANDERSON, csuifpon, BA, Kappa sigma. e HERBERT ROBERT BABINGTON, Meaavaiie, BSE, Kapa sigma. O BILLY BAGGETT, Oxford, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Ela Sigma, "M" Book Slaff I BILLIE BARFOOT, Philadelphia, BSC, Chi Omega, Mississippian Slaff, Rebel Sfalf O JAMES D BARNES Dorsey, BA C JAMES A. BARNETT, Jackson, BSC, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vel- erans Club, Flying Rebels O THOMAS M BARNETT, Baldwyn, BSC, Kappa Sigma, OLE MISS Sleffg YMCA Commillee of IOO, Velerans Club, Wesley Foundalion, "M" Book Staff, lnferirafernily Dance Commilfee O KATHRYN W, BARR, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Zela Tau Alpha, Mis- sissippian Slali, 2, YWCA, WAA, I, 2, Canlerbury Club, I, 2. Belh Redding, WSG-A Vice-Presiclenl. N - 71. IH A' " Roberf Anderson Herbert Babinglon Billy Baggelf Billie Barfool Camille Borroum Thomas Bourdeaux Margarel Bourgeois Boykin Boyce O DOROTHY BARRANCO, Jackson, BAE, Home Ec Club, Calholic Club. O ZEB VANCE BAUCUM, Laurel, BSPI1 O JULIA BERRYHILL, Marks, BA, Band, YWCA. O EMILY ANN BICKERSTAFF, Gulfporl, BA, Della Zela, Home Ec Club, Glee Club, YWA. O MARTHA ELLEN BILLINGSLEY, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, OLE MISS Band, Q PATSY BILLINGSLEY, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Kappa Delta, YWCA, Universily Players O MARY MAUDE BIRMINGHAM. Jackson, Tennessee, BA, Della Gamma, Biology Club, Bela Bela Bela, YWCA, Rebel Slafl, Mississippian Slaflg WAA. 0 BERNARD B. BLACKWELL, Saucier, BSPE, Kappa Sigma, Two-Year Leflerrnan in Foolball, Two-Year Lellerman in Baskelballg Vice-Presidenl ol "M" Club. O CAMILLE BORROUM, Corinlh, BSPh, YWCA, I, Wesley Foundalion, lg American Pharmaceulical Associalion. O THOMAS D BOURDEAUX, Meridian, BA, Phi Della Thela, Missis- sippian, 2, Velerans Organizalion, 2, YMCA, 2 O MARGARET BOURGEOIS, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega, Canlerbury Club, Home Ec Club, YWCA, Jw SOPHOIVIORE CAM .45 Tb '21 I Alf. .sz .. ,. 1 'Q 3' James Barnes John Bruce I I James Barnett Thomas Barnett Kathryn Barr Oscar Buchanan Elizabeth Buehler Ethel Burdette o so-rKiN aovce, Memphis, asve. O JOHN BRUCE, West Point, BSPE, Independent, Football, Two Years, Basketball, Two Years, Secretary, "M" Club. O OSCAR BUCHANAN, Memphis, Tennessee, BSPE, Independent, Presi- dent, "M" Club, Dance Committee, Executive Council. O ELIZABETH BUEHLER, Greenville, BA, Phi Mu, Westminster Fellow' ship, YWCA, University Players. O ETHEL MARY BURDETTE, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega. O CAMILLE C. SURGE, Jackson, BSC, Phi Mu, Mississippian Staff, Rebel Staff. O MARY C, BURNETT, Charleston, BSC, Delta Gamma, Rebel Staff. O DAVID L. BURNS, Water Valley, BA, Delta Psi, Mississippian, I, 2, University Players, Rover Club, YMCA, OLE MISS Staff. I PAT BURROW, Lyon, BAE, Chi Omega, OLE MISS Staff, Rebel Statt, Home Ec Club. O A. ROY BURT, JR., Wirona, BA, Kappa Sigma, YMCA, Westminster Fellowship. O VIRGINIA BYRNE, Brookhaven, BSC O JAMES M. CAIN, Canton, BA, Delta Psi, President, Freshman Class, '39, President, I-terrnaean Literary Society, '39, Dance Committee, '45, Cardinal Club, '45, Rovers Club, '45. Dorothy Barranco Zeb Vance Julia Berryhill Camille Burge Mary Burnett David Burns O BOBBY CAMPBELL, Forest Hill, Tennessee, BSPE, Kappa Sigma, Foot- ball, '44, '4S. O WILLIAM M. CAMPBELL, Memphis, Tennessee, BSPE, Kappa Alpha, Football, 3, Veterans' Club. I ROBERT W, CARTER, Bolivar, Tennessee, BSPh. 0 RICHARD L, CASTLE, Louisville, BSPE, Veterans Club 0 WALTA cAusEv, safdis, BAE, YWA, sues Club, i, 2, YWCA, i, 2, Rebel Staff, WAA, OLE Miss Statf. 0 Pl-IYLLIS M. CAVER, Meridian, BSPh, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta. 0 JEAN CHEAIRS, Dublin, BSC, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, I, 2, WAA, I, Z, Wesley Foundation, I. O ODIE E, CLARK, Oxford, BSC, Baptist Student Union. O BURRIS F. CLINE, lndianola, BSC, Delta Psi O BERNICE COCHRAN, Oakland, BA, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club. 0 JERRE JAYNE COLDREN, Parkin, Arkansas, BSPE, Kappa Delta, WAA, YWCA, WSGA, Canterbury Club O BETTY CONERLY, Gloster, BAE, Delta Gamma O WILLIAM L COOK, Pensacola, Florida, BSC, Kapa Alpha, Veterans' Club. Emily Bickerstalt Pat Burrow v. -n- A Z 1 I l 7 Z Ii' Q-1 IO T5 Ou i . . F, 'Q ' eg! 5 'w ll I tj Q dv' W' ROY BUFI, Jr. Virginia Byrne James Cain Bobby Campbell William Campbell Robert Carter Richard Castle Walta Causev Phyllis Caver Jane Cheairs Odie Clark Burris Cline Bernice Cochran .lerre Coldren Betty Conerly William Cook S1 5, 1 Y-'Tv 6' lb 1: 45 T Rulh Covington Pud Covinqlon Kafheryne Cox Belly Creekmore Margarel Crocker William Daggell, Jr. Louise Daniel Maurice Davidson Charlofle Eddlns Johnny Eeds Maurice Ellard Roberf Elheridqe M. C. Faulkner Martha Ferguson Jeanne Ferrell Dorolhy Fisher O RUTH LAMB COVINGTON, Marks, BAE, Home Ec Club, YWA, O PUD COVINGTON, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Della Della Della, YWCA, Home Ec Club 0 KATHERYNE COX, Oxford, BSC, Kappa Della. O BETTY CREEKMORE, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega, YWCA, Canlerbury Club, Rebel Sfaff O MARGARET CROCKER, Bruce, BA, lndependenl, Universily Players. O WILLIAM A. DAGGETT, JR, Pascagoula, BA, Sigma Chi. 'D LOUISE DANIEL, New Albany, BAE, Della Gamma, Rebel Slafl, WAA, University Players. I MAURICE W. DAVIDSON, Hernando, BSC, Della Kappa Epsilon, Della Sigma Pi, YMCA, Dance Commiflee, OLE MISS Slafl, 0 LEON C DAVIS, JR, Greenville, BA, Kappa Alpha. O NORMA A DEES, Philadelphia, BAE, Della Gamma, Rebel Staff, WAA. O LUCILLE F DE GRAVELLES, Memphis, Tennessee, Zela Tau Alpha, Canlerbury Club I, 2, YWCA, I, 2, Glee Club, l e JOHN R DEL VECCHIO, JR, washangron, D. C., BA John Poole, Presidenl ol lhe Debale Club. I DORIS DUNN, Oxford, BSC, Mississippians Dance Orcheslra, OLE MISS Sfaff, I. O DOROTHY DOUGALL, Picayune, BA, Della Gamma, Universify Players O LELA DOUGLASS, Oxford, BA, Chi Omega. O H. L. BON DURANT, JR., Charlolle, Norlh Carolina 0 CHARLOTTE ANN EDDINS, Rayville, Louisiana, BA, Phi Mu, YWCA YWA, Universily Players. 0 JOHNNY EEDS, Ashland, Oklahoma, BSC, Alpha Tau Omega 0 MAURICE ELLARD, Bruce, BSC. O ROBERT F. ETHERIDGE, Meridian, ESC, Sigma Chi, Veferans' Club. O M C lCHOOKYl FAULKNER, Oxford, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon O MARTHA LOU FERGUSON, Gulfporl, BAE, Della Della Della. O JEANNE FERRELL, Memphis, Tennessee, BAE. o DOROTHY E. FISHER, Winona, BSC, YWCA. O MERRY ANN FLYNN, Memphis, Tennessee, Della Della Della, YWCA Newman Club 0 LATHAN F, FRANKLIN, Denmark, BAE O RAYMOND B. FRANKLIN, Oxford, BSE, Della Kappa Epsilon, Cardi nal Club, Velerans Club. FYAQ SOPI-IOIVIORE Gtdri , - Y - Y' , Leun Davis, Jr. Norma Dees Lucille De Gravelles John Del Vecchio, Jr. Doris Dunn Dorothy Dougall Lela Douglass H. l., Dura Merry Flynn Lathan Franklin Raymond Franklin Alan Freemand La Monte Fulton Dolly Gardner Frank Garner Jean Geeslm i , O ALAN S. FREEMAND, Cincinnati, Ohio, BA 0 JOANN GUNN, Charleston, BA, Mississippian Staff, Ole Miss Staff, Band, Debate Club, Rebel Staff, University Players. O LA MONTE FULTON, Louisville, BA, Phi Delta Theta, Band, Glee Club, OLE MISS Sfaff, O JOHN H. GUNTER, Aberdeen, BA, Phi Delta Theta, Annual Staff, YMCA, Glee Club, Band, ' o DOLLY GARDNER, Macon, BA, oem Delta Delta. 0 J. D. HARPOLE, Philadelphia, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Executive O J. FRANK GARNER, Tunica, BA, Delta Psi, lnterfraternity Council, Council. , Rovers Club. 1 O GEORGE HARMON, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Pi Kappa Alpha, Missis' , I JEAN GEESLIN, Grenada, BSC, Kappa Delta, Mississippian Staff. sippian Staff, l 2, Ole Miss Band, I, 2, Assistant Editor, "M" Book, 2, l Managing Editor, I946 OLE MISS, First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. O LEON lBUDl GERRARD, Canton, BSC, Phi Delta Theta, YMCA, Foot- ball, Letterman, I. 0 EVERETTE L. HARPER, Moss Point, BA, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Veterans Club. O DOT GILL, New Orleans, Louisiana, BAE, Newman Club, O B. L. HARRISON, Trumann, Arkansas, BSE, 0 ELIZABETH ANNE GIST, Helena, Arkansas, BSPE l O JAYNE HAURY, Nashville, Tennessee, BA, Delta Gamma, YWCA, 0 DOROTHY G. GOOCH Staff, Rebel Staff, University O W. D. GOOCH, Taylor, O JIM GRAHAM, Baton Dance Committee, Cardina Sigma Chi. Yazoo City, BA, Kappa Delta, Mississippian Players. BA. Rouge, Louisiana, BA, Sigma Chi, Student Club, lnterfraternity Council, Vice-President, WAA. o DILLARD H. HAYS, JR., Eupora, BSPh. O TOMMIE HEARN, Laurel, BSC, Phi Mu, Rebel Staff, Annual, Cheer- leader, Megaphone Club. I MARY HEARN, Laurel, BSC, Phi Mu, YWCA. l I QQ W7 i' """?' fl 'fs ,J 5 . if f l L. Leon Gerrard Dot Gill Elizabeth Gist Dorothy Gooch W. D. Gooch Jim Graham Joann Gunn John Gunter J. D Harpole George Harmon Everette Harper B. L. Harrison Jayne Haury Dillard Hays, Jr. Tommie Hearn Mary Hearn sa l I 7 'sf . A ICQ 1-.-I I Robert Herron Joanna Hilbun W, H. Hill, Jr. Mildred Johnson John Jones Mildred Jones O JO HERRINGTON, Mount Olive, BA, Delta Gamma I ROBERT L HERRON, Youngstown, Ohio, BA, Sigma Nu. I JOANNA HILBUN, Sosog BSC. O W. H, HILL, JR., Monroe, Louisiana, BSPI1, Pi Kappa Alpha, Band, Veterans Club, American Pharmaceutical Association. I ROBERT P. HILTON, Ellaville, Georgia, BA, Mississippian Staff, 2, Wesley Foundation, 2, Rebel Staff, 2, OLE MISS Staff, 2, University Players,2 O JONNIE FAYE HORNE, Amory, BA, Chi Omega, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, OLE MISS Statt, WSGA Legislative Council. O RUTH HORTON, Mount Olive, BA, Delta Gamma. I MARY ELIZABETH HORTON, Grenada, BA, Kappa Delta, WAA, YWCA. O MARY LOU HUDGINS, Water Valley, BSPh, American Pharmaceutical Association, Treasurer. O CLYDE G HUGGINS, Oxford, BSC, Delta Kappa Epsilon. I PAUL J HUGHES, Jackson, BSE, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma. 0 NORA BETH HULL, Spartanburg, South Carolina, BA, Delta Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, Wesley Foundation, I, 2, House President, 2, Mississippian Staff, 7, Glee Club, I, YWCA, I, Classical Club, I, 2, Committee ot IUO, I, 2 George Tindall, Photography Editor ot the I946 Ole Miss. 2 3 ' ff sf Robert Hilton Jonnie Horne Ruth Horton Mary Horton Alma Kellogg Virginia Kemp Kimball Brown George Kimbrough O JAYNE HUNT, Mobile, Alabama, BSC, O JOHN W. JAMESON, JR, Alexandria, Virginia, BA, Cadet Lieutenant, NROTC. O WILLIS CRAWFORD JAMIESON, Walnut, BAE. 0 BEE JOHNSON, Lexington, BA, Chi Omega, Mississippian Staff, 2, Rebel, 2, Canterbury Club, 2, O JOE JOHNSON, Memphis, Tennessee, BSPE, Pi Kappa Alpha, "M" Club. O MILDRED DONA JOHNSON, Minter City, BSC, Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation, I, 2, YWCA, I, 2, Committee of l00. I JOHN M. JONES, Macon, BSC, Kappa Alpa, Veterans Club. O MILDRED JONES, Swifton, Ark., BSC, Phi Mu, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, WAA. O ALMA C. KELLOGG, Natchez, BA, Chi Omega, Rebel Staff, YWCA, Westminster Fellowship. O VIRGINIA L. KEMP, Booneville, BA, Zeta Tau Alpha, OLE MISS Staff, I, 2, Mississippian Staff, Wesley Foundation, Home Ec Club. O KIMBALL BROWN, Houston, BA, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE KIMBROUGH, Louisville, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O MARY F. KINTON, Durham, North Carolina, BA, Kappa Delta, Rebel Staff, University Players, Home Ec Club, WAA. We SOPI-IOIVIORE l gig, 'T T Q ,,f' Mary Hudgins Clyde Huggins Paul Hughes Mary Kinton Betty Lambert Mary Latham Nora Hull Joseph Leary, Jr. O BETTY CLAIRE LAMBERT, Charleston, BA, Chi YWCA, University Players. Omega, Rebel Staff, O MARY GLENN LATHAM, Eupora, BA, Classical Club, Baptist Student Union, Ole Miss Band. O JOSEPH P. LEARY, JR., Annapolis, Maryland, BA, Sigma Chi, Clas- sical Club, Newman Club. O CECELIA LEWIS, Satartia, BA, Phi Mu, Home Ec Club, Classical Club, Wesley Foundation, YWCA O ED LEWlS, lll, Jackson, BSC, Phi Delta Theta, Boys' Glee Club, YMCA. O OTTIE JEAN LEWIS, Laurel, BSC O WORTH P. LEWIS, Raleigh, North Carolina, BA, O MARY LIDDELL, Learned, BA, Phi Mu, Glee Club, I, Westminster Fellowship, YWCA, WAA, University Players. O ALINE LILES, Bruce, BM, Delta Gamma. O DOROTHY ANNE LILES, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Phi Mu. O THOMAS ALLEN LILES, JR., Jackson, BSC. O BATES W. LITTLEHALES, Washington, D. C, BA, Mississippian Staff, Rebel Staff, Canterbury Club. Y? 19' 87? -f, v:"'1 . - 'Q iff" 7i'f"x'f E .... .. i . -yo. , fl .1 - g I f T fiat 4 I qi, r N if 4 f L I 1 -fs? , If 1 V-rss. ,sm 'f 1, ' Q, Wg . !Y 4 np g.,' lk, at-ia T' if AA 6 ff 1 4'7" H. fr- 4 M Q lv Jayne Hunt John Jameson, Jr. Willis Jamieson Cecelia Lewis Ed Lewis, lll Ottie Lewis Bee Johnson Worth Lewis O BETTY LONG, Tupelo, BSC, Delta Delta Delta, Rebel Staff, WAA, YWCA O HOWARD D. LONG, Tupelo, BA, Phi Delta Theta, Cardinal Club, '45, President, Intramural Council. O JANE LOWRY, Houston, BA, Delta Gamma, Mississippian Staff, Rebel Staff, Ole Miss Staff, YWCA. O JEAN LUCKETT, Jackson, BAE, Delta Gamma, University Players, Home Ec Club, YWCA. O ANNE FRANK MCALPINE, Stringer, BSC, Kappa Delta, WAA, YWCA, Glee Club. O JAMES B MCBURNEY, East Washington, Pennsylvania, BA, Phi Gamma Delta. O ELIZABETH B. MCCORMICK, Aberdeen, BSC, Independent, Band. O CARL McCOY, Kiamichi, Oklahoma, BA. O JOSEPH C. McCOY, JR., Batavia, Ohio, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon O BETTYE McGEHEE, Natchez, BSC, Chi Omega, YWCA, Rebel Staff, Westminster Fellowship. O ELEANOR MCGEHEE, Brookhaven, BA, Delta Ec Gamma, WAA, Home Club. M. -43 A . i ty f " sk?-'rival' 'fp fig-T ,.- l Mary Liddell Aline Liles Dorothy Liles Thomas Liles, Jr. Bates Littlehales Betty Long Howard Long Jane Lovffv , , Jean Luclrett Anne McAlpine James McBurney Elizabeth McCormick Carl McCoy Joseph McCoy, Jr. Bettye McGehee Eleanor McGahee 55 l l l fi "-5? 9 ev'- 5 5,3 un -. ff 'F' Hugh Mclnnis, Jr Harold Murphy ... Ia 'L , I Sarah Mclntosh Annie Matthews Robert Maynard Juanita Murray Jacqueline Myrick Betty Latta O HUGH MCINNIS, JR, Jackson, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lst Sgt., ROTC. O SARAH MCINTOSH, Jackson, BA, Delta Gamma 0 ANNIE LAURIE MATTHEWS, Oxford, BA, Alpha Lambda Delta. O ROBERT S. MAYNARD, Tupelo, BA, Phi Delta Theta, Veterans' Club. O TURLEY H. MEEK, Tyro, BSC, Pi Kappa Alpha, Business Manager, Rebel, Secretary and Treasurer, Interfraternity Council, Chairman, Inter- traternity Dance Committee, Veterans Club. O FRANCES VIRGINIA MELVIN, Laurel, BSC, YWCA, Glee Club, I, 2, Secretary, B S.U. Executive Council, YWA. O W. G MEUSCHKE, Richmond, Virginia, BA, Ole Miss Band, Boys' Glee Club. O ARTHUR MERRELL, Meridian, BSC, Kappa Alpha. O DUNBAR MERRILL, Natchez, Chi Omega, YWCA, Westminster Fel- lowship, Rebel Staff. O JOSEPH T. MEYER, JR., Jacksonville, Florida, BS. 0 MARJORIE MILAM, North Carrollton, BA, Independent, Mississippian Starr, YWCA, WAA. O JOHN HUGH MILLER, Holly Springs, BA, Kappa Sigma. O ROBERT VAN BUREN MILLER, Meridian, BA, YMCA. Louise Avent, President of WSGA. Q. V7 1:7 Turley Meek Frances Melvin W, G. Meuschke Arthur Merrell Mariorie Neely Bobbie Nelson Stanton Newkirk Mary Nichols O FRANKLIN EDWIN MOAK, Ruth, BSC, Della Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary, I, Vice-President, 2, Baptist Student Union Council, I, President, 2, Vice-President, State BSU Council, 2, ASB Executive Council, 2, Publica- tions Board, 2, Chairman of Vesper Services, 2, Freshman YMCA, Presi- dent, I, "Y" Cabinet, 2, University Players, I, University Chorus, I, 2, Varsity Debate Team, Secretary, I, 2, Mississippian Staff, I, Committee of l00, I, 2, Rebel Band, I, 2, Hermaean Literary Society, I, Lyceum Committee, 2, OLE MISS, Copy Editor, I, Editor-In-Chief, 2. O JOHN M, MOTHERSHED, Crenshaw, BSC, Pi Kappa Alpha, Cardi- nal Club, Intramural Council, Dance Committee O ROBERT H. MULLETT, Ouitman, BSE, Sigma Nu, Band, I, Veterans Organization. 0 HAROLD L. MURPHY, Felton, Georgia, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon O JUANITA ANN MURRAY, Memphis, Tennessee, BA. O JACOUELINE MYRICK, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Zeta Tau Alpha, WAA, YWCA, Mississippian Business Staff. O BETTY NEELY LATTA, Dyersburg, Tennessee, BAE, Delta Gamma, WAA, Mississippian Business Staff, Circulation Manager, Rebel, Home lic Club, Flying Rebels, Student Players Organization, Rovers Club. O MARJORIE NEELY, Jackson, BAE, Delta Gamma, University Players, Home Ec Club, YWCA, Rovers Club UIQ SOPHOMORE ffm., .,-N E' - ,vm fi 8.4 799 'sr , 9 -Q 3 Dunbar Merrill Joseph Meyer, Jr. Mariorie Milam John Miller Harry Offutt Ella O'Neill Catherine Owens Carolyn Paulk O BOBBIE NELSON, Clarksdale, BSC, Chi Omega, Cwens, Managing Editor, Mississippian, Treasurer, Cwens, YWCA, OLE MISS Staff, Canter- bury Club, Society Editor, Mississippian, '45, Associate Editor, OLE MISS, '45, President, Freshman YWCA, '45, Editor of "M" Book, '45, WAA, Treasurer, Summer YWCA. O STANTON NEWKIRK, Hamilton, Ohio, BA. O MARY VIRGINIA NICHOLS, Canton, BA, Delta Delta Delta, Cwens, Glee Club. O HARRY ANDREW OFFUTT, Greenville, Pennsylvania, BA, Kappa Sigma. O ELLA RITA O'NElLL, Meridian, BSC, Delta Delta Delta, Ole Miss Band, Newman Club. O CATHERINE OWENS, Clarksdale, BA, Kappa Delta, Cwens, University Players. O CAROLYN PAULK, Tupelo, BA, Delta Gamma O EDNA ELIZABETH PARKER, Natchez, BSC, Chi Omega. O THERESA A. POYTHRESS, Laurel, BA, Phi Mu, YWCA, O MARY CATHERINE PEDEN, Belen, BAE, Home Ec Club, YWCA. O E, MORELAND PERKINS, Richmond, Virginia, BA, Mississippian Staff, Student Petty Officer, NROTC. O WILLIAM P. PERKINS, JR., Senatobia, BA, Phi Delta Theta, Missis- sippian Staff, YMCA. Robert Miller Franklin Moak John Mothershed Robert Mullett Edna Parker Theresa Poythress Mary Peden Moreland Perkins O ANTHONY J, PETRO, Freeland, Pennsylvania, BS, Newman Club. 0 ROBERT B, PICKENS, JR., New Albany, BA, Kappa Sigma, Dance Committee, Veterans Organization, YMCA O JAMES L. PIERSON, Atlanta, Georgia, BA, University Players, I. O VIRGINIA PIERSON, Memphis, Tennessee, BAE, Phi Mu, YWCA. I EDNA JEAN PITTMAN, Hattiesburg, BA, Rebel Staft, l, 2, Glee Club, I, 2. O SAMUEL IRA PITTMAN, JR., Coffeeville, BS, Kappa Sigma, Band, Band Executive Committee, Wesley Foundation. 0 HANNAH BEEKS PITTS, Ecru, BSPE. O MARTHA EMMA POUNDS, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Home Ec Club, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Classical Club. O JOHN PURVIS, JR., Jackson, BSC, Delta Psi, Golt, Rovers Club, Intramural Council, Mississippian. O GEORGE H, RATHER, Holly Springs, BA, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Intra- mural Council, 0 CHARLES C RAKESTRAW, Hickory Flat, BA. O ADELE RAWLS Columbia, BA, Kappa Delta, O H. M, RAY, Rienzi, BSC, Sigma Chi. O KENNETH C, REYNOLDS, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Independent, Veterans' Club, Cardinal Club. I CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON, Belzoni, BSC, Beta Sigma Omicron. 14.20 ' si I I lWnlliam Perkins, Jr. Anthony Petro Robert Pickens, Jr. James Pierson Virginia Pierson Edna Pittman Samuel Pittman, Jr, Hannah Pitts A Martha Pounds John Purvls, Jr. George Rather Charles Rakestraw Adele Rawls I-l. M. Ray Kenneth Reynolds Charlotte Richardson 57 ut ,Mm 1 , Q, ' ,ffy Ai f i ffl Martin Ring, Jr. Mary Rivers Leslie Roberls William Scot! Vincent Shannon, Jr. Mary Sharp O ESTHER RILEY, Vaiden, BSPE, WAA, YWCA. I MARTIN FLEMING RING, JR., Roanoke, Virginia, BSC, Sigma Chi, ASB Execulive Council. O MARY ANN RIVERS, Meridian, BAE, Della Della Della, OLE MISS Staff, YwcA. O LESLIE G ROBERTS, Como, BAE, Chi Omega, YMCA, Flying Rebels, 0 JAMES E ROBINSON, Louisville, BSE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cardinal Club. I ISMAEL A ROSA, lsabela, Puerlo Rico, BSPh, American Pharmaceuli- cal Associafion. O JANE ROSS, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega, OLE MISS Sfaff, YWCA, Wes- ley Foundalion, Favorile. O MARTHA ANN ROWAN, Sanalorium, BA, Chi Omega, OLE MISS smf, WAA, 2, YWCA, 2. O JACK U RUSSELL, Okolona, BA, Foolball. O OPAL RUSSUM, Greenville, BA, Phi Mu, YWCA. O ROBERT L, RUSSUM, Flora, BA, Kappa Sigma, Cardinal Club, 2, Veleraris Club, l, 2. Bud Phillips, BA School Prexy. ' 'Q James Robinson Ismael Rosa Jane Ross Marlha Rowan Carl Shorf, Jr. Margarel Sims Hyman Simmons Marlada Simmons O MARGARET ELEANOR RUST, Clarksdale, BAE, Chi Omega, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundalion. O ANN LEE RUTHERFORD, Walnul, BA, Biology Club, Wesley Founda- lion. O RAYMOND F. SALMON, JR., Coahoma, BSC, Kappa Alpha, Velerans Club, "M" Club. O CHARLOTTE SANSOM, Okolona, BA, Chi Omega. O EDITH NELLE SCOTT, Ulica, BA, Della Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iola, Rebel Slaff, Glee Club. O VIRGINIA ALICE SCOTT, Meridian, BSC, Zefa Tau Alpha, WAA, YWCA, BSU Council. o WILLIAM mvm scorr, oxford, ass. O VINCENT EARLE SHANNON, JR., Vicksburg, BSC, Kappa Sigma, Della Sigma Pi, Velerans Club, Commillee of l00. O MARY CATHERINE SHARP, Bay SI. Louis, BA. O CARL W. SHORT, JR., Biloxi, BSC, Sigma Chi, Della Sigma Pi, Mis- sissippian Slaff, I, OLE MISS Sfaff, I, Rebel Slafl, 2, Inlerfrafernily Council, 2, Cardinal Club, 2. UA? SOPHOIVIORE 'vs A EV' fr- -ally 'Vx 3 3 "-4'1" 75' 1--ad Jack Russell Opal Russum Robert Russum Margaret Rust Ann Ruthertord Raymond Salmon, Jr, Charlotte Sansom Sara Simmons Joseph Sinopoli, Jr. Nicholas Skrivanos Hugh Smith Roy Smith, Jr. Harold Soderqren Johnny Sorrell O MARGARET SIMS, Columbia, BSPE, Kappa Delta. O HYMAN SIMMONS, Hazlehurst, BSC, Delta Kappa Epsilon. O MARIADA SIMMONS, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega, YWCA, BSU, OLE MISS Staff. O SARA CLAYTON SIMMONS, Greenville, BA, Delta Gamma, Rebel Staff, YWCA. O JOSEPH CHARLES SINOPOLI, JR., Gulfport, BA, Kappa Sigma. I NICHOLAS C. SKRIVANOS, Hot Springs, Arkansas, BA. O HUGH E. SMITH, Mullins, South Carolina, BA, Sigma Chi, Dance Committee, NROTC Battalion Commander. O ROY R. SMITH, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, BA. O HAROLD G. SODERGREN, Chicago, Illinois, BA. O JOHNNY SORRELL, Belzoni, BSC, Sigma Phi Epsilon. O MARTHA ELLEN SPARR, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Delta Gamma, WAA, I, OLE MISS Staff, I, 2, YWCA, I, 2, Wesley Foundation, I, 2, University Players, I, 2. O ROBERT JAMES STANSBURY, Charleston, West Virginia, BA. O WILLIAM R. STEWART, New Albany, BA, Pi Kappa Alpha. I JOHN A, STEVENS, Forest, BSC, Kappa Sigma, Intramural Council, Veterans Club, Secretary, Freshman YMCA, I. O DONALD H. STORMO, Minneapolis, Minnesota, BA, Sigma Chi, Senior "Y" Council, Men's Glee Club, Flying Rebels. O ANN STREET, Ripley, BAE, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club. o BILL STRIBLING, senoia, Georgia, BSE. O JIMMIE STRIBLING, Clarksdale, BSE, Phi Delta Theta, YMCA. O RUTH J. TALBERT, Grenada, BA, Kappa Delta, Mississippian Staff. O JAMES J. TAYLOR, Ocala, Florida, BA. O MARGARET E. TAYLOR, ltta Bena, BAE. O BETTY L. THAXTON, Laurel, BSC O DORIS THOMPSON, Lexington, BSC. O HERBERT THOMPSON, I'-lollandale, BA, Kappa Alpha. O H. KLEIN THORNTON, Pascaqoula, BA, Phi Delta Theta, OLE MISS Band, I, The Mississippians. I CAMERON TILL, Jackson, BSE, Kappa Alpha, Cardinal Club, Dance Committee, YMCA. 0 CATHERINE TILL, aeien, asc, YMCA, YWA. 19' 'Q 'vw if 49-N-. K I ,I . id eq' I? Edith sean I Martha Sparr I I I .,,f 'E' I I X I I, .La I il Robert Stansbury William Stewart John Stevens Donald Stormo Ann Street Bill Stribling Jimmie Stribling Ruth Talbert James Taylor Margaret Taylor Betty Thaxton Doris Thompson Herbert Thompson Klein Thornton Cameron Till Catherine Till III 59 I I T? T Tl' George Tindall O, B Wallon . in . Jimmie Tisher Belh Toole David Townsend Jack Warner Rex Walers Miriam Walkins O GEORGE T. TINDALL, Magee, BA, Kappa Sigma, OLE MISS Slaff, YMCA, Biology Club, Phi Ela Sigrna. O JIMMIE TISHER, Union Cily, Tennessee, BSPE, Kappa Alpha, Fool- ball Team. O BETH TOOLE, Orange, Texas, BA, Della Gamma, Universily Players, YWCA. O J, DAVID TOWNSEND, Jonesboro, Arkansas, BA, Sigma Chi. I SUZETTE TOWNSEND, Rich, BA, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Della, Cwens, Vice-Presidenl, Cwens, YWCA, WAA, Glee Club, Wesley Foun- dalion. O BETTY OUAY TRUSS, Oxford, BSC. O LESLIE TUCKER, JR., Canlon, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Weslminsler Fellowship, YMCA, Universily Players, Classical Club. O ROBERT G. TURNAGE Prenliss, BS, Kappa Alpha, Band, l, OLE MISS Staff, I, Wesley Foundalion, YMCA. O ROBERT H, TURNER, Sturgis, BSE. O ROBERT E. WACH, Euclid, Ohio, BA, Phi Kappa Tau. I MARY ELlZABETH WADE, Greenwood, BA, Chi Omega, Mississippian Slafl, WAA, YWCA. John Reed Holley, Presidenl ol lhe Cardinal Club. 44 'f v'B.. li C' A .lf 1'l'...v . ' .u" J i V . , x hlill ..4 , ..' Q11- 7:4 bv X4 Suzefle Townsend Belly Truss Leslie Tucker, Jr. Roberl Turnage Taylor Webb Mariorie Websler Max Weiner Polly Wells O GENEDLE WALKER, Oxford, BSC. O MEREDITH M. WALKER, Horn Lake, BSE. O ROBERT DEAN WALKER, Sanalorium, BA, Kappa Sigma, O YGONDINE WALKER, Lamberl, BA, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Della, Cwens, Vice-Presidenl, Alpha Lambda Della, WAA, Treasurer, WSGA, Band Maiorelle, Secrelary, Wesley Foundalion, Commillee of l00, YWCA, Glee Club. I MARGUERITE POU WALKER, Laurel, BA, Phi Mu, Home Ec Club, Classical Club, Wesley Foundalion, O O, B. WALTON, Jackson, BSC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, YMCA, Dance Commillee, Caplain, ROTC. O JACK WARNER, Louisville, BSPE. O REX L. WATERS, Pembroke, Georgia, BA, Alpha Tau Omega. O MIRIAM ESTHER WATKINS, Gholson, BSPh, YWCA, YWA, American Pharmaceulical Associalion. O TAYLOR WEBB, Leland, BA, Kappa Alpha. O MARJORIE WEBSTER, Oxford, BSC, Della Della Della, YWCA, Rebel Slafl, Mississippian Slafl. film SOPI-IOIVIORE CAM 'fi' ..- W X 1 .. . Robert Turner Robert Wach Mary Wade Genedle Walker Vernon Wells Paul Westerfield David Whichard Doyce Whitehead O MAX J, WEINER, Helena, Arkansas, BSC, Phi Epsilon Pi, Veterans Club. O POLLY WELLS, Jackson, BA, Chi Omega, YWCA, Westminster Fellowa ship. O VERNON E. WELLS, Moss Point, BSPE. O PAUL WESTERFIELD, Cincinnati, Ohio, BA, Beta Theta Pi. O DAVID J. WHICHARD, Greenville, North Carolina, BA, Phi Gamma Delta, Mississippian Staff. O DOYCE WHITEHEAD, Pontotoc, BSPI1, American Pharmaceutical As- sociation, Veterans Club, O WILLIAM ARTHUR WHITING, Dubuque, Iowa, BSE, Sigma Chi, O CHARLES B. WHITTINGTON, Greenwood, BSC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O JAMES F. WILDEY, Stephenson, West Virginia, BSE, Sigma Chi. O ESTHER WILLIAMS, Parkin, Arkansas, BSC, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mississip- pian Staff, BSU, WAA. O JACK WILLIAMS, Morgan City, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, YMCA. O LAURA WILLIAMS, Laurel, BA. O MARY JANE WILLIAMS, Philadelphia, BSC, Delta Gamma, Missis- sippian Slaffg Rebel Staff, YWCA. 'Us 'R i 9? 'Vs l 41' P-5 Vs ,-n- ,flag ,o-1 Meredith Walker Robert Walker Ygondine Walker William Whiting Charles Whittington James Wildey O PATTYE SUE WILLIAMS, Claiksdale, BM, Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha lola, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation. O JAMES RALPH WILSON, JR., Oxford, BA, Delta Kappa Epsilon, OLE MISS Band, '39, '40, Veterans Club O LORAN WALLER WILSON, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC. O HIN CHUNG WING, Jonestown' BA. O DONALD E. WITHERS, Fairmont, West Virginia, BA. O ELIZABETH WOODS, Biloxi, BA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Biology Club, Catholic Club. O WILLIAM W. WOODS, State College, BA, Kappa Sigma, Student Band Director, Mississippians Orchestra, Veterans Club. O CHARLES O. WORLEY, Charleston, BSC, Kappa Alpha. O JOHN N. WRIGHT, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, BSPE. O MARY WRIGHT, Rochester, New York, BA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, WSGA Legislative Council O SIDNEY DAWSON YORK, Jackson, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O HOLLIE YOUNG, Bruce, BSC, Kappa Alpha, Football. Marguerite Walker Esther Williams 7 ,sn Jack Williams Laura Williams Mary Williams Pattye Williams James Wilson, Jr. Loran Wilson I-lin Wing Donald Withers Elizabeth Woods William Woods Charles Worley John Wright, Jr. Mary Wright Sidney York Hollie Young 61 I Jacll Harrison, Colonel Rebel. Firsl Row, Top: O ALICE ABERNATHY, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Zefa Tau Alpha. O MACK A. ADAMS, Miami, Florida, BA. O CURTIS ALEXANDER, Monfrose, BS, Pi Kappa Alpha. O CHARLES E, ALLEN, JR., Nilfa Yuma, BSC, Kappa Alpha. I THOMAS D. ALLEN, Birmingham, Michigan, BA. O MOSE J. ALLISON, JR, Tippo, BSE, Kappa Alpha. O MARY STUART ALVIS, Rienzi, BA. I DAN RICHARD ANDERSON, Ellisville, BSC. O THAD LEGGETT ANDREWS, Magnolia, BA, Sigma Nu. O DONALD JAMES ARCENEAUX, Bay Sf, Louis, BSC, Kappa Sigma O MARY FRANCES ASHMORE, Oxford, BA O JEAN ATKINS, Mr-mphis, Tennessee, BA, Zefa Tau Alpha f7Ae FRE Second Row, Top: I MAURICE N. ATKINS, Memphis, Tennessee BSC, Alpha Tau Omega. 0 MARY JO AUSTIN, Tie Planf, BAE. O VIRGINIA ANN AUSTIN, Memphis, Tennessee BAE, Della Zefa. O JUANITA AVENT, Oxford, BA, Kappa Della O ANITA JOYCE BAILEY, Oxford, BAE. o ANN sAlNs, Glosferg ssc. o Esmslz BAKER, Abbeville, BAE. 0 JOHN HAYES BARDWELL, Yazoo Cify, BSE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I EMILY BARLOW, Summif, BSPE. O IDA SUE BARNER, Ruleville, BA, Phi Mu. O JULIA D. BEALL, Lexinqfon, BSC, Phi Mu. O BILL BEANLAND, Oxford, BA, Della Psi, ,- Third Row, Top: O ANN BECK, Greenville, BA. O LYDY BETH BECKER, Brookhaven, BA, Della Della Delta. O FRANK BELLIPANI, Cenfreville, BSPh. O CATHERINE LUCILLE BEVINGER, Memphis, Ten- nessee, BA, Phi Mu. o L. la. BIGHAM, em, BSPh. O RAY BLACK, Eudora, Arkansas, BSPI1, Kappa Sigma. O JAMES T. BLACKMON, JR., Charlolfe, Norfh Carolina, BSC, Alpha Tau Omega. I VICTOR RAY BLAINE, Darling, BA, Alpha Tau Omega. I ROBERT A. BONDS, JR., Holly Springs, BSC, Della Kappa Epsilon, O JACOUELEENE BOWEN, Brookhaven, BS. O KENNETH BOWLES, Jamesfown, Norfh Caro- lina, BA, Sigma Nu, O W KERBY BOWLING, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHMAN CLASS 62 V-4 fa, 'O ef 7 , DA. . 1 1,4 wx X 5 5 v First Row, Bottom: O BILLIE B. BOYD, JR., McCool: BA: Pi Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM R. BRACKE, Newport: Kentucky: BA. O STEPHEN J. BRADEMAS: South Bend, Indiana: BA. O MARJORIE DALE BRADSHAW, Jackson: BSC: Zeta Tau Alpha. O BARBARA JEANNE BRASWELL: Vaiden: BSC. O BETTY BRAUN: Biloxi: BA: Kappa Delta. O ODEA J. BREAUX: New Orleans, Louisiana: BA. O JAMES H. BREUNLIN, Sycamore: Illinois: BA. Second Row, Bottom: 0 H. GRADY BREWER, JR., Clarksdale: BSC: Phi Delta Theta, O MARION BROOME: Florence: BSPh. O JAMES T, BROPHY, Reading, Pennsylvania: BA. I GEORGE A. BROWN: JR.: Water Valley: BA: Phi Delta Theta. O ANNIE RUE BROWNE, Jacksonville, Florida: BSC: Kappa Delta. O MARY FRANCES BUNTIN: Gulfport: BA: Delta Gamma. O JOE B. BURSI: JR., Oakville, Tennessee: BA: Kappa Sigma. O JAMES T, BUSBY, Orlando: Florida: BA. as 'VK 'ff " " , ,,., M.. 11-:QS . Q. ie ale 'sf .-J' 9 531135 42 V- V ,Za ff' -. ' '?tfI'Y'. L A Third Row, Bottom: O NICKEY BUTIRICH: Gretna, Louisiana: BSPh: Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE BYRD, Moss Point: BSC. 0 SUE CAROTHERS, Memphis, Tennessee: BS. O LEWIS M, CARR: Zanesville, Ohio: BA: Sigma Nu, 0 CHARLES HILMON CASTLE, Pachuta: BS: Kap- pa Sigma. O TRAVIS TALMADGE CASTLE, Louisville: BSPE I MARY E. CATES: Tupelo: BA: Chi Omega. O E. C CATTANO: Summit, New Jersey: BA 'fn- 4 141 IS 'll' X.,-J Jil" spr .4 1 'FL'- ,vs 1 Cliff Maxwell, Aszislanl Manager of fhe Sludenl Banlx. Firsl Row, Top: Second Row, Top: O MATILDA CAUSEY, Laurel, BA, Zela Tau Alpha, O EMOGENE CHAPMAN, Delhi, Louisiana, BAE. O GEORGE H CLARK, JR., Washinglon, D. C., BA. O DONALD F, CLARKE, Sykesville, Maryland, BA. O SARA E, CLELAND, Sardis, BSC. O IDA SARAH COHEN, Grenada, BS. 0 FRANCES COLE, Glosfer, BA O BETTY JO COLEMAN, Corinlhg BA, Zela Tau Alpha. O HARRY P COLLINS, Oxford, BSE 0 KENNETH COLLINS, Long sedan, BSC O ROBERT LEON COMER, Mobile, Alabama, BSPE, Kipp-i Siqma .748 WILLIAM K CONNOR, Ballimore, Maryland, O CHARLES COOPER, Clarksdaleg BSE, Phi Delia Theta. O CLAIRE-WORTH CORLEY, Biloxi, BSE. O JOHN K, CORNELL, For? Milchell, Keniucky, BA, Bela Thela Pi. O RALPH T. COWAN, JR., Orlando, Florida, BSC, Sigma Chi. O ANCIL LIDDELL COX, JR., Shaw, BA, Kappa Sigma. I DUANE E. CROFT, Richmond, Virginia, BA, Bela Thela Pi. O CHARMIAN J, CRUM, Oak Park, Illinois, BA, Kappa Della. O BEVERLY JEANNE DACUS, Germanlown, Ten- nessee, BA, Zela Tau Alpha O ROLAND HALL DALE, JR., Magee, BSPE, Kappa Sigma. O EUGENE R. DARBY, Converse, Indiana, BA. O EDWARD H. DARR, Ann Arbor, Michigan, BA. O FRANK M. DAVIS, Memphis, Tennessee, BSPE. 7 17' .. IS ti- Cir 1 Third Row, Top: O JULIE PEYTON DAVIS, Port Gibson, BA, Kappa Della. O KIRBY DAY, JR, Inverness, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. o ALFRED F. DEAN, senaiabia, BA. 0 CHARLES WILLIAM DEAN, Shaw, BSE, Kappa Sigma. I LUCILLE DeBRULER, Evansville, Indiana, BA. O GEORGE S, DEMETRIOU, Memphis, Tennessee, BSE. I ROBERT L. DEMILIO, Lyon, BSC, Pi Kappa Alpha. I WAYNE DERRINGTON, Jackson, BSC, Kappa Sigma. O DOMINIC JOHN diBENEDETTO, Bay SI, Louis, BSC, O RUTH DILLARD, Holly Springs, BA. O AMARYLLIS DOBY, Picayune, BSPh, I FRANK L. DOERR, Buller, Pennsylvania, BA, Alpha Tau Omega. FRESHMAN CLA 64 SS KD tv Ti -gn" 1: "" ps. Q- Q'-9 en- .-4 Firsf Row, BoHom: O JAMES E. DORLAND, Flini, Michigan, BA. O HORTENSE DORSETT, Toccopolag BA. O ELIZABETH JANET DORSEY, New Albany, BAE, Phi Mu. O CHARLOTTE MOORE DOWNS, Booneville, BS, Kappa Della. o WILLIAM E. Dozen, Rosevilleonao, BA, Kappa Sigma. o MARTHA sue DRAPER, Jackson, BA, Phi Mu O BAXTER DUNAWAY, Jackson, BS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 GUS H. DUNCAN, JR., Ripley, BSE, Sigma Nu. BA. Chl. Psi. O O BA, Second Row, Boflom: JOAN ELIZABETH DUVAL, Memphis, Tennessee, ELWOOD L, EDWARDS, Banner, BA, Sigma JEANNETTE EDWARDS, Banner, BA. JOHN EGBERT, Sardis, BSC. LAWRENCE M. ELDER, Coldwafer, BSC, Della JACK H, ELLEDGE, Okeechobee, Florida, BA. JAMES H. ELLIS, Memphis, Tennessee, BA. DONALD D, ELMOUIST, Willrnar, Minnesofa, 6 'Za -J Third Row, Bollomz 0 RUBY MAE EMBRY, M055 Poinl5 BAE. O RICHARD ESKRIDGE, Greenville, BA, Siqma Alpha Epsilon. O MARTHA A. ETHERIDGE, Charleslong BSC. O DARRELL H. EWING, Lincolnlon, Norlh Caro- lina, BA, O VVAYNE B, FANCHER, Columbus, BSPh, Kappa Sigma. O BETTY ALICE FARRELL, Sf. Louis, Missouri, BSPE. O DUDLEY D. FEDRIC, Charlesfon, BSC, Kappa Alpha. O HOSEA P, FLANAGAN, Kosciusko, BSC. ,r '53 --wr .AY ,S i X' Sf '? W W1 l' 4, .1 'pf 'Q ? 'ID' y..- 1 I I i Grey Flowers, Chairman oi Dance Commiliee. Firsf Row, Top: O WILLIAM K. FLANAGAN, JR., Soulh Orange, New Jersey, BA. O ELOISE FORD, Guniown, BSC. O JOY FORD, Picayune, BSPh, O PATRICIA V. FORD, Haliiesburg, BA, Delia Delia Delia. I BERT FORMAN, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Alpha Tau Omega. I DUDLEY W, FOSTER, Miami, Florida, BSE, Sigma Chi. O JOHN H. FOX, Ill, Oxlord, BA, Beia Thela Pi. O KENNETH E. FRANTZ, Delroif, Michigan, BA. O THOMAS P. FROM, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, BA. O MARVIN R FULLMER, Silver Springs, Mary' land, BSC. O HENRY M FYFE, JR, Sf-irdis, BA, Sigma Chi. O CHARLES D GALEY, Memphis, Tennessee, BSPE Second Row, Top: I LAWRENCE EDWARD GALLAGHER, Wheeling, West Virginia, BA. O B, H. GARNER, Tunica, BA, Della Psi. O SIDNEY GARNER, Oxford, BSE, Sigma Chi. O JOE W. GARY, Jackson, BSC. O LOIS GAVIN, Lakewood, Ohioi BA, Della Zeta. O JOHN GEORGE, Beckley, Wes? Virginia, BA. O JOE B. GIBSON, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, BA, Phi Delia Thela. O THOMAS E. GIBSON, Rome, Georgia, BA, Kappa Alpha. O JAMES R GILBERT, Mobile, Alabama, BA, Sigma Chi. O ROBERT L. GILLESPIE, Sardis, BSPh, Sigma Chi, O WILLIAM SHERMAN GILLIDETTE, Macomb, Illi- nois, BSC, Bela Theia Pi. O ALBERT M. GIMPEL, Washingion, D, C., BA, Sigma Nu. SA.. FRESHMAN 66 Third Row, Top: O FRANK OTHO GIVENS, JR., Senaiobia, BS Phi Delia Theia. O JOHN B. GOODSON, JR., Fi. Lauderdale, Flor ida, BSE, Kappa Sigma. O CARLYLE GREGORY, Rocky Mounf, Virginia BA' Sigma Chi. O MARY LOUISE GRIFFIN, Pheba, BSC. O ANNA LOU GRIFFITH, Oak Ridge, Tennessee BAE. O ROBERT E. GUTHRIE, McComb, BA. O FRANK J, GUZIKOWSKI, Manisiee, Michigan BA, Kappa Sigma. O WALTER HAGER, Meadville, Pennsylvania, BA Sigma Nu. O WAVERLY D HALL, Beaver Dam, Virginia, BA Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O CHARLES D, HANCOCK, Sl. Pelersburg, Flor- ida, BA, Sigma Chi. I EDWIN S. HANFORD, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, BA, Pi Kappa Alpha. O RICHARD WADE HANNA, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CLASS ,awe ff O PAAVO BA O PENNY Della Della O RALPH BSC. 0 MARIE Della. S:-f Firsl Row, Bollomz V, HANNINEN, New York, New York, HARDAWAY, Marianna, Arkansas, BA, Delia. L. HARDING, Springfield, Missouri, HARLOW, Clarksdale, BSC, Delta Delia O CARL M. HARMON, JR., Burlinglon, Norlh Carolina, BA, Alpha Tau Omega. O MARY ERNESTINE HARMON, Oxford, BSC. O JULIETTE HARPER, Moss Poinl, BSC. o CAROLINE HARRISON, wincna, BA, Phi Mu. 9 Q "tba- if 'W--ft' ,-, '? 7, '4"!" TK- ft Second Row, Boflom: Third Row, Bollomz O HARRIET ANN HARRISON, Trumann, Arkansas, BSPhg Della Gamma, O PATSY HART, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Della Della Della. O PATSY HAYNES, Ellisville, BAE. O MADALYN P. HEIDELBERG, Taylor, BS. O RICHARD C. HERB, Snyderlown, Pennsylvania, BA O GEORGE B. HERRING, JR., Canlon, BA, Sigma Nu O ROBERT N. HEVEL, Soulh Bend, Indiana, BA, Phi Della Thefa. O JOHN J. HILL, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, BA. 'B 'T -as-f -J . 'B f L A Y7' ',,..- fi I7 JO ANN HOPF, Glosler, asc. CARLTON E. HOFFMAN, Allentown, Pennsyl- vania, BA, O Chu. I Om MARY LANSDELL HOLLIDAY, Hernando, BA. NANCY HOLLIDAY, Memphis, Tennessee, BA. BALLARD B HOLMES, Arkabullag BA, Sigma EDWARD W. HOLMES, JR., Oxford, BA ANN SELBY HOPKINS, Gulfport, BA, Chi ega. ROBERT D. HORNER, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC Z' l 'E l v r I 1 P 'Q .,.. , evyrii, . I i I z J. J. Sfrayham, Sfudenl Banln Manager. Firsf Row, Top: O JOHN PAUL HUDSON, JR., Scoby, BS. O JAMES L, HUFF, Soulh Bound Brook, New Jersey, BSE. O CAMPBELL LEE HUNTER, Ouilman, BA, Sigma Nu. O ROBERT E, HUNTER, JR., La Grange, Tennes- see, BA, Sigma Chi. O ED HUTTON, Oxford, BSE. O DONALD E. IRWIN, Muncie, Indiana, BA. I THOMAS W JACKSON, JR., New Albany, BA, Pi Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE C. JEFFERSON, Lynchburg, Virginia BA, Sigma Chi O KATHERINE DENVER JENKINS, Nafchel, BA, Chi Omega. O CHARLES KEITH JOHNSON, Indianapolis, Indi- ana, BA. O PHILLIP T JOHNSON, Brookfield, Missouri BA I EIIZABETH SEXTON JORDAN, Columbia, BAE, Kappa Della 342 FRE ln"-',, ' -.....i.. 3, T'- Second Row, Top: 0 EDWARD R. JOYCE, Jn., si, Auqusfine, Florida, asa. O FRANCES ESTELLE KELTNER, Memphis, Ten- nessee, BAE. O MAZEPPA KING, Oxford, BA, Delfa Gamma. O ELLEN KIRBY-SMITH, Sewanee, Tennessee, BA, Delta Della Della. O CECIL KIRKIS, JR., Ford, Virginia, BA. O CHARLES R. KIRKPATRICK, Sallillo, BS, I LOREN EDWARD KNAPP, Moss Point, BSE O ELEANOR KNEE, Ripley, Tennessee, BA, Kappa Della. O J. ALLEN KNOTT, JR., Pillsburgh, Pennsylvania, BSC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O PEGGY KNOTT, Durant, BSC, Phi Mu. O HARDY L, LaCOOK, Memphis, Tennessee, BSE. O PATRICIA LaFOE, Glen Allan, BM, Delia Gamma. SHMA 68 ..1r' 'T as px pus gt Ai' Neff Third Row, Top: O LAMAR W, LANE, Jackson, BSPI1, Sigma Chi. O JIMMIE L. LANTRIP, Oxford, BSC. O GEORGE A, LARR, Farmersburg, Indiana, BA. O FRED C. LATHAM, Kennedy, Alabama, BA. O JERRY LEAVELL, Oxford, BSC, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O R. JAMES LEECH, Marion, Indiana, BA. O GEORGE L. LEHMAN, Mounl Wolf, Pennsyl- vania, BA. O SARA LeMASTER, Sardis, BSPh. O CLAIR V. LePAGE, Louisville, Ohio, BSE, O JOHN OLIVER LESLIE, Durham, Norfh Caro- lina, BA. O JOHN ED LILES, Bruce, BSC, Kappa Alpha. O GEORGE J. LITTLETON, Tyro, BSE, Pi Kappa Alpha. LASS I 1 Firsf Row, Bollomz O BOBBY FRANK LONGINO, Silver Creekg BSE. O WILLIAM T. LOWRY, Byhaliag BS O TILLMAN LYLE, Newlong BAg Pi Kappa Alpha. O DORIS JANE MCCALEB, Clarlrsdaleg BA. O JOHN B, MCCALL, Sfarke. Floridag BA. O MARY MCCARTHY, Opalousas, Louisianag 8SPh4 Zefa Tau Alpha. O GEANNE MCCLAIN, Wesf Poinfg BAg Della Zeta. O WILLIAM LEE MCCORDA Cordova, Tennessee' BA. Second Row, Bollomz I BETTY MCCORMICK, Greenwoodg BSC3 Phi Mu. I RICHARD S, MCCUTCHENI Cambridge, Mas- sachuseilsg BAQ Sigma Chi, I DAN MCELROY' Fullong BAg Kappa Sigma. O IMOGENE MCFADDENI Oxfordg BAg Della Zefa. I RICHARD W. MCFALLSI Cleveland Heiqhls, Ohiog BA. 0 NONA JOYCE MCGUIREI Baldwyng BSCg Della Zeta O WILLIAM McKAY, Hendersonville. Norfh Caro- Iir-ag BA. O GEORGE A, MCLEAN, Blalneg BAg Phi Della Thela. Third Row, Bollomz BA, 0 ERNEST L. MCMURCHYA JR., Duncang BSCg Kappa Alpha. 0 DEAN McMURRAYg Celina Ohiog BA3 Phi Kappa Tau, O WILLIAM O. MCRIGHT, Columbusg BA. I HELENA CORBETTE MAGRUDER, Slarkvilleg BA O SALLY MAJORS, Universifyg BA. O JAMES E MALONEY, Gary, Indianag BSEg Kappa Sigma. o JAMES H MALOON, Union cify, Ohiog BA Q.. -Ir: J' 5:6 'sw' 5-va! 51' 'ia' Arg QL? X-1 I JOHN B. MCLEMORE. JR, Blanche, Tennesseeg "Bains," Ihe Campus Cop. Mx v' 44 fr . 0 .I- I Firsf Row, Top: Second Row, Top: Third Row, Top: O MELLOW J MARASCALCO, Grenadag BSPhg Pi Kappa Alpha. I JACK I. MARSHALL, Horneslead, Floridag BAg Sigma Chi. I JOHN L. MASSEY, Meridiang BSPhg Kappa Alpha O JAMES N. MAUPIN, Bradford. lllinoisg BA. O ROBERT L, MAY, Philaclelphiag BSCg Pi Kappa Alpha O MANUEL MENDELI Birmingham, Alabamag BS. O ELOISE METZGER, Memphis, Tennesseeg BAQ Chi Omega I BETTY JO MICHIE, Memphis, Tennesseeg BSCQ Kappa Delia O BARBARA MILLER, Homesleadr Floridag BAQ Zeta Tau Alpha o JACK L MILLER, Hdluehumg ass: pen.. Psi o ROSIE MITCHELL, Meridian, as 0 W-av Evelm Mizz, Tuid an 5742 FRE O PHILIP R. MONAGHAN. Honesdale, Pennsyl- vaniag BA. O DOT MOONEY, Oxfordg BA: Della Zela. I HUGH MOORE. Bay SI. Louisg BSCg Kappa Alpha. 0 JESSIE MAE MORRIS, Oxfordg BAEg Della Zefa. O JAMES R. MORRISON, Thornville, Ohio: BA. I LOUIS H. MORRISON, JR., Laurelg BA3 Phi Della Thela. O GLORIA MOSS, Memphis, Tennesseeg BA. O JOHN PATRICK MULCARE, Cincinnali, Ohiog BA O CHARLES O MULLENNIX, Aberdeeng BSC. I GEORGE J MURPHY, Louisville, Kenlucllyj BAQ Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 JANIE RUTH NEAL' Tulag BA. O AUSTINE NEELY, Charleslong BSC SHMAN O H. ELLENE NEWBILL. Lucedaleg BA. O CHARLES NICHOLS, Vaughng BSCQ Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O WILMA CHRISTINE NICHOLS, Winborng BSC. O HENRY NISONENI Hancock, Michigan: BA. O CHARLES A. NITTROVERI Elkins Park. Pennsyla vaniag BSE. O BOYCE NORWOOD, Corinlhg BSCQ Sigma Chi. O PRISCILLA ODOM, Greenwoodg BSCQ Phi Mu. O JERRY OTWELL, Meridiang BAQ Kappa Alpha. O EUGENE J OXNAM, Sf. Louis, Missourig BSC. O KENNETH OZBORN, Uniong BS I GERTRUDE LOTT PARKER. Brunswick, Georgiag BA. I ROBERT B. PARKES, Louisvilleg BAg Sigma Alpha Epsilon CLASS l -ID any -f IQ 77 54 .J '-2' 'I Firsl Row, Boffom: O JOHN F. PATTERSON, Kilmichaelg BSPh. O HELEN CLAIRE PATTON, Gulfporlg BAQ Kappa Delia. o PEGGY PAYNE, syhaliai BA. 0 LOIS ANN PEGRIMI Memphis. Tennesseeg BA. O GEORGE H. PETERSEN, Macon, Georgiag BA Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O DAVID M. PFLOMM, Ridgewood, New Jersey BA. O WILLIAM BRUCE PHILLIPS, Cryslal Springs BAg Kappa Sigma. O GENE PHILLIPS, Comog BAg Kappa Alpha, -3 .sn X? 1 462' .11 15 V? -'lk T R7 ag- ,lm !",. .-5 Second Row, Bolfom: O JAMES HERMAN PIERCE, Polls Camp: BS, I ELIZABETH ANNE PILKINGTONI Arfesiag BAg Della Gamma. I GEORGIANNA PITCHFORDI Greenwoodg BAg Phi Mu. O JAMES EDWIN POLLARD. Greenvilleg BAg Kappa Sigma. I ROXIE O'NEILL PORTER, Nashville, Tennesseeg BAEg Zefa Tau Alpha. o EDSEL E. POSEY, Pnamefsvialeg BA. o JULIAN F. POTTER, wayside: ss. o NORMA POWELL. euufpoffg BA. ' 1 Third Row, Bollom: O VIRGINIA JANE POWERS, Memphis, Tennesseeg BAE. 0 CURTIS E. PRESLEY, JR.' Clarksdaleg BSEg Phi Delta Thefa. O EMERY H. PRICE, Madison. West Virginia' BAg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, BA O WILLIAM M, RAWORTH, JR., Vicksburqg BSC O JAMES HUGH RAY, Rienzil BAg Sigma Chi O IRA CLAY RAYNER4 Merigoldg BSE. O JULES M. REAVESI Memphis, Tennesseeg BSC. 0 JOHN F, RAWLS, JR.. Memphis, Tennesseeg AL. Carl Shorl, "Keeper of 'lhe Classics!" 9 '-ar Firsl Row, Top: Second Row, Top: Third Row, Top: I ALFRED H, REED, Washinglon, D. C, BA. O ANNE RHENEY, Homeslead, Florida, BSC, Zela Tau Alpha O RUTH RIDGEWAY, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC, Phi Mu. O BETTY JOYCE RIVES, Rossville, Tennessee, BA, Kappa Della O NEWTON T ROBINSON, JR, Raleigh, North Carolina, BA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0 GEORGE WARREN ROGERS, Hman, New vain, BA O ALICIA MORROW ROLLINS, Bay SI Louis, BA O SHIRLEY ROPER, Memphis, Tennessee, BA, Della Zela O NORMAN ROSENBERG, Washingfon, D C, BA I FMOGENE ROSS, Olive Branch, BA Q WILLIAM E ROTHROCK, Memphis, Tennessee, BSE, Pi Kappa Alpha I RUDOIPH V RUSSELL, Taylorsville, BSPh O B, C. RUTH, Sunflower, BSC. O JESSE E. SAMPSON, Thomasville, Georgia, BA, Sigma Nu O MARY EARLE SAMUELS, Clarlrsdaleg BA, Phi Mu O FRANK V, SASSO, Oberlin, Ohio, BA, Sigma Chi. O FAYE SAUCIER, Coffeeville, BM, Phi Mu. O RAYMOND J. SCHAEPER, Philadelphia, Pennsyl- vania, BA. O PAUL E. SCHRADER, Charleslon, West Vir- ginia, BA, Sigma Chi. 0 ROBERT S. SCHWARTZ, Indianapolis, Indiana, BA. I TRUMAN T SEMANS, Balfimore, Maryland, BA, O HAZEL M SERIO, Oxford, BSC. O RICHARD H. SEYMOUR, Limona, Florida, BA, O RAYMOND M SHEELY, Elizabelh Ciiy, New Jersey, BA, Phi Della Thefa S AN 72 O DONALD LEE SHIPP, Alliance, Ohio, BA. o AMY NANNETTE SHIPP, Taylor, BAE. 0 FLORENCE WARE SHOENER, Winona, BA, I HUNTER B. SHORT, Nashville, Tennessee, BA Kappa Sigma. O HARRY D. SHURLEY, Money, BS. I HERBERT P, SILLMAN, Delroif, Michigan, BSC I EWELL D. SINGLETON, JR,, Gulfporl, BSC. I RICHARD EVANS SIRES, Macon, Georgia, BA Sigma Chi. O FRANKYE FAYE SLOAN, Abbeville, BAE. I BANKS E. SMITH, Memphis, Tennessee, BSC. I DAVID O. SMITH, Ben Hill, Georgia, BA. I ELIZABETH SMITH, Memphis, Tennessee, BS Phi Mu. CLA SS kj if Q f . N ,- ,f , if 1- .1 " 24-ff xr.,-2 , I '42 5.31 : tabs.. 1, I f . 4' '- ., 4 :fl 'T -',f . .i,f'f' 14 , fl 'nf 'H s 5 Q. -'x f-F4 if 'U' "J?4"' 'us' Y"9' Firsl Row, Bollom: 0 ALLAN SORRELS, Belzonig BSC, Alpha Tau Omega. I RUSSELL B. SPENCER, JR., Wayne, Pennsyle vaniag BA. O RUTH MILLER SPIVEY, Canlong BAE, Della Della Della. O LOIS SPRATLIN, Bruce, BA, Zefa Tau Alpha. O ROBERT C, SPRINGER, Monaca, Pennsylvaniag BA. O HAMPTON D, STEVENS, Tampa, Florida, BA. O RAYMOND E. STOLPA, Memphis, Tennesseeg BSC. O GEORGE W. STONE, Chalhamg BSE, Sigma Nu. Second Row, Bollom: O HELEN STOVALL, Wes? Poinlg BSC, Zeta Tau Alpha. O JACK EDWARD STOVER, Coshoclon, Ohiog BA, O JAMES G. STRICKLAND, Corinlhg BA, Sigma Chi. O STEVEN C. STRING-FELLOW, Pascagoula, BA. O BOB D, SUDDATH, Miami, Florida, BA, O LESTER FURR SUMNERS, University, BA. I JOANNE ELIZABETH TALUC, Oak Park, Illi- nois, BSPhg Zefa Tau Alpha, O VIRGINIA ANN TANSIL, Sharon, Tennessee, BA, Della Zela. T Third Row, Bollom: I CHARLES L. TAYLOR, Lancasler, Soulh Caro- lina, BA. I TOMMY TAYLOR, Crenshaw, BSC, Pi Kappa Alpha. O JERRY AUSTIN TEDDER, Memphis, Tennesseeg BA, Pi Kappa Alpha O EARL THAMES, Brookhaveng BSC, O HUGH H THOMASSON, DeKalbg BA, Kappa Sigma. O CARL D. THOMPSON, Columbus, Georgia, BA O ROY THOMPSON, Kansas Cily, Missouri, BA. O ROBERT M. THORNTON, Fessenden, Norlh Da- kolag BA, Alpha Tau Omega. an ki fr-"" 'in 5 ,X 6 -v-.-,w -42' IQ? -1 N-M-1 19- ?'?' Firsl Row, Top: 0 BOWMAN STIRLIN6 TIGHE, Jacksong BSCg Kappa Alpha. O TENIA M. TREST, Morlong BS, O EDGAR N, TURNIPSEED, Grenadag BSPEg Pi p- 4 Kappa Alpha. O DANEL G. UNTCH, Chicago, lllinoisg BA, C EUGENE A, URICK, Buckroe Beach. Virqiniag BA, O GARY J VAN OMEN, Zeeland, Michiqang BAg Kappa Sigma. O MARY ROSE VENUS. Biloxig BAg Kappa Della O GYTHA WADE, Paceg BA. I CALEY B WALDRIP, Jackson, BSC, Kappa Sigma. It 'T .LQ O JOEL P. WALKER, Horn Lake, BSC, O SHELBY LEE WALLACE, Memphis, Tennessee, BS. O RICHARD G. WALLS, Houlka, BA. Second Row, Top: O MARGARET WALTERS, Clarksdale, BA, Kappa Della. O ARCHIE WATSON, Meridian, BA, O LEO WAYNE, Cincinnati, Ohio, BA, Sigma Alpha Mu. O JOE C, WEATHERSPOON, Bahama, North Carolina, BA. I BUFORD E, WELLS, Memphis, Tennessee, BA O JAMES HARVEY WELLS, Collon Planl, BA, Sigma Chi. O KATHRYN CLAIRE WELLS, Jackson, BA, Phi Mu. O A. PAUL WENDKOS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, BA. o JOE WESTMORELAND, Shannon, BA. I ARTHUR WHATLEY, Vicksburg, BSE, Kappa Sigma. O GERALD HENRY WHITLOCK, Wesf Columbia, Soulh Carolina, BA. O DON WHITTEN, Charleslon, BA. 9? 0' ff-T' "l3"2' 1 -.44 'Z Sv- Third Row, Top: 0 MARY Jo WOLF, Jackson, asc, Phi Mu. O DONALD MARTIN WILDER, LeRoy, Ohio, BA. O E. N, WILLARD, Knoxville, Tennessee, BA. O ALVA LEWIS WILLIAMS, Charleslon, BA. O CHARLES D, WILLIAMS, JR., Yazoo Cily, BA, Kappa Sigma, O EDWIN CALE WILLIAMS, Plain, BA, Kappa Sigma, O WAYNE G. WILLIAMS, Ofeen, North Caro- lina, BA. O JONNY LOU WILLIAMSON, Memphis, Tennes- see, BSC, Della Zela. O SARA E. WILSON, Tupelo, BSC, Chi Omega. O LAUREN FRANK WINDHAM, Knoxville, Ten- nessee, BA. BA. 0 JEAN ELIZABETH WREN, Red Bay, Alabama asc. Fourlh Row, Top: 0 Rossle YANCEY, Buell, BA, zefa Tau Alpha O WILLIAM A, YARBERRY, Knoxville, Tennessee BA. I W. E "BILL" YARBROUGH, Indianola, BA Pi Kappa Alpha. O JACK B, YATES, Shelby, BS, Phi Della Thela O DERRY LYNN YOUNG, Raleigh, Tennessee, BA f7l.eFREsH1v1A LASS 75 O LOUIS J, WOLFE, Charlesfon, Soulh Carolina' 1:8 ,.o" J 9 -iw? with .1 . ' ' , 450 V, ' . O 0" ' 'Q C I Q., , A X 'W .' . -. 'v 1 U . 1. . Q 1 iff. I K U, 'mf 'l 1. 4 FV, . ,fbi 1 ' - , 4 ...7--A, 4 , P 'iv A . - Q. '. 1. .. . I ,R Q 4 A 1 .. I ni i ' ,Ds L I if tCq C-f'g, I' .f:',. 19, f 4 ..-' Q --f""' l JIM... K 'lt Q ul' Kim! 1, Q 1? ff ' N W, 1 .' H istgkm W U, H5 f I4 I1 Elf, I HUEY HOWERTON BILL BURGIN BEN OUINTANA President President Vice-President Student government at Ole Miss is in reality just students in a legislative body of their own. This autonomy is conducted through the officers of the Associated Student Body and representatives of the six schools and the five most important organizations. what the name implies: true representation of the These representatives comprise the Executive Coun- I-ISSIICIIITEII EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS 'IIJM Ii"fn'lV' 'I Fw-gIdwiI BEN QUINTANA . 'III E'lJI"UiII I , I . . . Pi '1', Edwin LOUISE AVIENT . , , . . I,1AI"vIIII M NIII . ,....,.... Tveasurev MEMBERS I'.fIIf4-'i r,fI,L,,IIII IvI, HPANIK' MOAF. . ' f r ,f-fl. ,I wi MARTIN PING . I+ ,f'A --If: IIIIII, . , lim BIIH PII',II,IINCH A I-II IIIIIIIIH IIIM, -i., I Am ALVIN MAPLLS . wif' II1i IIAIM' II. I'I Iiiifii. ily IIULIJAH COUSINS . . 'II WI "I Iii: Ififii -mg III-F I-IARPOLL . . . , . . . ,'Qf,,M-' EIN I-IANAN , ,.,...., . "M" Club 78 Vicealaresidenf . Secretary . Annual . NROTC . . WSGA . . . Band . . Mississippian . I NROTC IAN T . we MARVINE MCNEIL Treasurer LOUISE AVENT Secretary cil and represent the student body on all official occasions. The prime purpose of the Executive Council is to render services to the students at any time. Our government is guided under a Constitu- tion adopted by the Associated Student Body during the school year of 1936-1937. The Constitution states that the four ASB officers must be nominated by formal petitions signed by at least fifteen students, and presented to the ASB President not later than the second week in May of the same year. Candi- dates for president must have been students at the University for three years and must have a "C" average. The Executive Council controls the appointment of members on the following committees: Athletic, Faculty, General Assembly, Lyceum, Student Body Dances, and Social Affairs. Huey Howerton, tlr., was elected President for the 1945-1946 session but due to ill health he re- signed in October. At a special election Bill Burgin was elected to finish the unexpired term. This year the ASB Council sponsored the Victory Bond Drive, sold "Ole Miss" car tags, published the Student Directory, conducted a non-profit Book Ex- change, and continued to operate the Student Bank. The Associated Student Body Executive Council stands ready at any time to render services to any student member of the University of Mississippi. STUDENT BUUY Firsf Row: Harry Martin, Mary K, Davis, Harry Hines, Bud Phillips, Dorothy Simmons, Olho Johnson, Second Row: Frank Moak, Martin Ring, Beth Redding, Alvin Maples, Huldah Cousins, Jeff Harpolev Oscar Buchanan 'QF' T1 tgp 3 I' ji- v- X-uf .rss ,Q rm 1 ' I I fi-ig 3 ' -A: file.. .I X i 'l , 'gf'-J iff, m,fre3,u'-".:-f egg,---. J T 'z ' If? .1 '41-572:,::fff' g: f-- 5. 5- a .gli 5.5 if -: 4- , . f-gt. 5 - '-- LOUISE AVENT President ff ,fin ll -ai V ww... T BETH REDDING HELEN DUKE DOT SYMONDS YGONDINE WALKER For the body of Ole Miss co-eds, The Women's EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Student Government Association is the governing organization. The Association has control over num- erous matters involving women students and which are not otherwise controlled by the faculty. The Association is headed by an Executive Council and a Legislative Council. The former consists of the five officers while the latter is made up of repre- sentatives of the classes and dormitories. Each Ole Miss co-ed is a member of the Associa- tion and is required to know and abide by its rules. Knowledge of the rules is gained through a regularly issued student handbook. The Association is a member of the National In- tercollegiate Association of Wfomen Students and the Mississippi Intercollegiate Won1en's Student Govern- ment Association. LOUISE AVENT . BETH REDDING . HELEN DUKE . DOT SYMONDS . . . YGONDINE WALKER . . . , . . President . . Firsf Vice-Presidenl . Second Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treesurev O LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Lydy Be' Ifer .Iormie Fay I'-Iorne Grafg Bennfvl Ivlivinm I'-Iorne Gladys Curminqham Nora Both I-IUII Mary Ilavi-9 Reczerm Mmwre .Irvwy Wai,'nn Gemcly Mary Wviwjhf Mary Holliday' Jacq Poll Slmvaltoilc.-.r',rfr1C'I PUBLICIITIIINS BIIIIIIII 4 C' DR. D. H. BISHOP DR. H. B. BROWN DR. E L, HAMMOND Chairman Chairman MISSISSIPPIAN Commiffee Chairman OLE MISS Commilfee L. -.- urs an .r ' -" X5 Q7 E227 N 3 K .14 - BILL BURGIN HULDAH COUSINS SARA JANE The Publications Board is made up of the Editor and Business Manager of The Mississippian and The Ole Miss, the President of the Associated Student Body, and several faculty representatives. The board's function is to formulate the general policies of the publications and insure their democratic leadership. 81 T"Y MYERS MARY ALICE WISDOM FRANK MOAK DR. D, H. BISHOP , DR, E. L. HAMMOND , DP. H. B. BROWN . Dr, AIIred B. Buffs Dv, C. IZ. Dunham Dean R.M,C5ue1. Mr, J. K. I-Iarnm MEMBERS .......CheiwnI . . Chaivnwan OIQ Miss Cginnniit . . . Chairman Mississippian COOVTIITIIII I:Ir,I3.Iff.Mf1CdfIer Hmdah Cousin Dr, John Wadfif Frank Mi:-QI BVI' BUIQIV' S-are -Inna Myeu. Mary Nice Wiisdii gr mfr cv' p......v .Www "Y ev" ' Eb- . .5 HULDAH COUSINS Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF 'UM PH ".'UlJ',lVl'Q , Edir- r in iz' iiiiid VH 1 "N .iii M,,rr.3 ririq TH 'IGMP Sr' rf Mira zrrrmfrr ,rr ri- ' X-W H' iHrAffH A mm ,irrrrrid ,wr JMU f- r r..r, f'4!lHr1"rf'+' f-r ir 0 . 4, AY M Will' -Hllil I.-irirr.. f i',T1IIl1Hf'AlE'r Arr TAf"i'V W rl? HVJUQ. fN:,r,YJ,ir Fr? THE MISSI NEWS REPORTERS Barb Hiiirgrn BEE' JOiTT75'f'm Q, B, Herring Juanifa Srrwei Liza Siirirrr Lravg Wriir1n,, 1 Uavid Burnp Brii Perkins Br-b Simpson Matilda Caupey Do? Moonew Dm Gooch Haig-na Maqrudr-r Frances Estes Torn Bordeaux Bii' Conner Lit-ia Gavin Betty Braun G-erirrmf Harni Mu:-ppc P-ing Befr, Jrgnnriee N11 C Jin SPORTS REPORTERS Tim, Hrrhwjrg ,lrrirn Purxi ihwy Wfriiiirnrki FEATURE CONTRIBUTORS Pin Burrrfw ,Farm Brrgwn Muciariy Cidir+1W+-iiS Qigirrg Wr'rrii li. rivr, Migrcinrrd Fvriiri: TYPISTS M,1rr4.1rf-1 Bqririrrir Mmiim Suu i'r.rrir1r i"L1Hi lqlkwri PROOF READERS Trrrrr Brrrfvdur FLl,LL'Tif'lJ i"i.J.'Jrd Fiorenrg Srrijrfri Briire Bariim! Eieanor Knee ,luiie Davis Giirrid NM-.Q .lvuri Qnuoniiri A. 5, Rnllrri-,uri M..irr,,raru? Bunn VT rf! I T1 Week after week, month after month, the work goes ong from the second floor of the Union Build- ing to the printer and to all corners of the campus the representatives of The Mississippian are at work. The result is that every Friday the student body has at its disposal "all the news that's fit to print." With the exception of the major staff heads there were few holdovers from last year's staff, but an in- flux of new blood, including a number of NROTC students, gave the staff new zest and a finer product was the net result. SIPPIAN SAPA JANE MYEPZ . , . , , Bu-girifgmg M-1r'r1,1 r TOM ALLEN . . A , Aspi-,laril Busirwr.-3 Manaq, TECK JONES . . . , . Advertising lvlariaqer BETTY LATTA 4,., ,.., A cl-farliginq Manager HELEN STOVALL , , Frirrffirirr Circulation Manager DAVE WHICHAPD . , , Carrrpw Ciriulalifw lvl-args.-r JANE LOWRY .,....,..,. Campus Cirrgulaficrm Manager CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS May Mccarlliy Mary Jang- Wrllira'i'ii Esther Williamr, l-lrglaria Magruder Carolyn Paull Mary Jrir Wriril Camille Burqe ,laiilie lvlyrirgl- Kay Barr Killy Webster Pal Ford Tillie Cauzey ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS lvlarllra Sue Draper Qullr Mrilrrmig. Gloria Moss Sill, Webgrpr At the helm of the editorial department for the year was hard-working Huldah Cousins who contri- buted more than anyone else to the overall success of the paper. I-Ier's was the responsibility of having each edition written, edited, and ready for publica- tion by the weekly deadline. Running the show in the business office was pretty Sara jane Myers. Between keeping the books and supervising advertising and circulation she might easily have been called "the busiest girl on the cam- pus." SARA JANE MYERS Business Manager f Q6 X. js... . THE 1945 FRANK MOAK . GEORGE HARMON TOM ALLEN . . I-IERB SILLMAN . GEORGE TINDALL Torn Barnerr David Burna Waiia Causey Claire-Worrh Cor cy Julie Peyion Davis AI Hcegler EDITORIAL STAFF EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Jennie Faye I-Igrr Jeanne KoEIn'ran Jane Lowry Burfon Lindau Richard McEaII Bobbie Nekcn . . EdiIcrrfin-Ghiei . Managing Editor . Associate Editor . . Sports Editor Phdciqraplry Editor Suletre Iownsena Bobby Turnaqe Yqondine WaIIrei Caroline Whitaker "Happy" Ramsey Jenn I-I. Gunter tions are open on both editorial and business staffs to those who are qualified and willing to work, and who are interested in journalism. The aim of this publication is to reflect the true life here on the campus of the University of Mississippi in pictorial 1 f . i3 i ULE MISS MARY ALICE WISDOM . I . . Business Meme. CLIFTON MAXWELL , .... ABWTRTBQ Manager LA MONTE FULTON A I Assismmf Advertising Mamma ROBERT BONDS , , Asgidrant Adverminq MEMBER DOROTHY BAY . . . .,.. SBEYEIBYTBI Mama MARY ANN RIVERS . I I . ASQMBM SecreIariaI Meme, fashion of all members of the student body, various organizations, activities, Greek letter societies, and the deans of the departments. The Editor and Busi- ness Manager and their staffs hope that this 1946 number of the OLE MISS annual fulfills its aim as a true representation of life at Ole Miss. X MARY ALICE WISDOM Business Manager ADVERTISING STAFF Bifyfe Norwood Leia BOOIIT Jim Iv1acIirT Pearl Merfindali' CITTMIIQ WiIIIa'TT1 Marquerihg Fm, Wfuilqw Sara Moseley DEII Pawi, Allffsifi Fishel I-Iuqh Jomeu SECRETARIAL STAFF Releria MOOTQ Shirley Perri, Fun-erwia Gaim CamiIIe COvirTqIOn Dfwmihy Newsfim Ami Feirley WilE,On STAFF ASSISTANTS Mfify' TliI'I'IiF3',"II'I Wiillfzf ,lnhn A, Siewyn' Cfwrneiia Ellifdi Ihuvmari l.aIlTfwT ClTdVlOii9 Sf3rT:OrTT Maurif-Q Davidsfin Flearwr Smiih Mar, I.IddeII Jeanne Wcicds Pai Miilauqhlin MISSISSIPPI LIIW JUUIINIIL The Mississippi Law Journal was founded in 1928. It is the official publication of the Mississippi State Bar, and is published under its auspices by students of the Law School of the University of Mississippi. The Journal publishes the proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the State Bar, articles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments on recent de- cisions by student writers, review of current treatises on the general subject of the law, and other matters of interest to the legal profession. The publication is an outstanding campus publica- tion, and its editorship is one of the most coveted positions on the campus. WWA HUEY HOWERTON SANFERD TORREY ERSKINE WELLS GREY FLOWERS I-IUFY I-IOWERTON . SANFERD TORREY . . FRSKINE WELLS . BILL BURGIN . . . GRFY FLOWERS . . LOUIS SMITH . . 86 BILL BURGIN LOUIS SMITH O STAFF . . . ,..... Edilor . . . Business Manaqer , , Nnle and Case Edilor . . , Assoclale Edilor , Associale Edilnr . Associate Ediior F1 --I., A ' , i4-f .. ..-E f W- -l-?..-.vale rf - 31'-., . 25 W ' mf ' ELLIS BODRON TURLEY MEEK Edilor and Publisher Business Manager The Rebel is the campus humor magazine and is published monthly. Members of the staff are chosen on the merit basis from the student body at large. This publication is not controlled by the Publications Board. It is owned and published through private hands. 111. T' I I 1 EDITORIAL STAFF V A MEMBERS ELLIS BQDRON , . Edilor and Publisher Elorolhy Gooch Chdrlolle Sansfi' TURLEY MEEK . . . . Business Manafzer Joann gum Ruthie Spivey ' Annie Laurie Mailhews Mazeppa King TOOTSIE SPIVEY . . . Managinq Editor Pal Burrow Mary Burnell I A I Jean Pittman Edith Scoli l MARGARET ROSS . . . Managing Eclilor Lamar piermn Rcgelym Tyvgadalyil U , Kenneth Bowles Gene Sampson AL I-IOEGLER . . . . Sports Edilor Cigsye Abemwhxyx I I-IERB SILLMAN . . . . , Sporls Editor BUSINESS STAFF SOPI-IIANNE BARNER , . . Art Edilor I Sara Simmons Mary Maude Birminriharrr I BATES LITTLE!-IALES . . Ari Edilor Mary Jane Williams Sunny Sage I Joanne Marshall TC-olie Andrews DAVID BURNS . . . , . . Ari Ediior Bee Johnson Marqy Norye' Willie Jane Adam: Beliy Claire Lambert i BETTY LATTA . , . Circulalion Mananier Mariean Woodv.fard lfilly Kinlon I I 87 3 I i I I I OFFICERS Membership in Mortar Board, national honorary so- wrww Himg , Pffggadane HELEN NNE - A ' Vlfgsmfldm ciety for Senior women established at the University LCVUWSE AVENT , , Seqrgtarylreagu JOYCE ELOMQUIST . I MEMBERS MARY MOODY Jon-msorv LILA LEE NOSSER BETH REUNNG, . . Historian of Mississippi in 1941, is one of the highest honors that can come to an Ole Miss coed. Selection into Mortar Board is based on outstanding personality, ability, scholarship, and leadership on the campus. MUHTAR BUAHU First Row: Horne, Duke, Avent, Blomquist. Second Row: Johnson, Nosser, Redding. "arf, T-T "' 15' fi 88 an l 1, X .o 2 of Firsf Row: Burgin, Campbell, Jones, Bodron, Ford. Second Row: Howerfonl Marlin. Norquisf, Stone, Wells. UMICHUN llEl.Tll llllPPl-l OFFICERS BILL Bureelrv . . . GUY CAMPBELL . . . .Vice DR. V. A. COULTER . . , . VIRGIL JONES . . . MEMBERS Preston Bennell William Bizzell Ellis Bodron l-larry Marlin Presidenl Presideml Secretary Treasurer Thomas Holylield l-luey l-lowerlon Rololi Brook elmo Norquisl Billy Ford Douq Slone Billy Fuller lfrslcine Wells John Wilkinson FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. W. A. Bryant of, John H. Fo. Dr. Lee Johnson Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary fra- ternity which recognizes outstanding achievement in college activities. Members are selected twice each year on the basis of unusual leadership ability and general character. The degree to which they con- tribute to the scholastic and extra-curricular life of the University are taken into consideration. The fraternity dedicates itself to providing the most effec- tual ways and means for promoting the welfare of the student body and of Ole Miss. For example, throughout the school year the fraternity sponsors, in connection with Mortar Board, a series of forums in which outstanding speakers from different fields of life are brought before the student body. OFFICERS ew QAMEEELL E , . Efegadm BLLL ELLEGLN . . . vifgpfeszdeni ,LQYCE BLUMQUIST , , . seffefaf, HELEN DUkE . , . . Tre-asuve 0 MEMBERS LOUISE AVENT JOHN ETHERIDGE FLNLEY BELQHER HLJEY HQWERTQN JAY CCHEN CLIE MAXWELL SYBIL FARKEP Pi Kappa Pi is one of the comparatively new or- ganizations on the campus. However, since it was founded it has received much recognition because of its high ideals upheld in scholastic work on the cam- pus. Membership in Pi Kappa Pi is one of the two highest scholastic honors that may be attained at Ole Miss, the other being Beta Gamma Sigma which is for only commerce students and is similar to Phi Beta Kappa. Requirements for Pi Kappa Pi are few but high, the main one being a requirement of 70 per cent A's for two consecutive years. Pl KAPPA PI First Row: Campbell, Burgin, Blomquisf, Duke, Belcher. Second Row: Cohen, Etheridge, Howerfon, Maxwell. 3 vigor Y17' PHI ETll S ,,. W e First Row: Campbell, Etheridge, Hughes, Pressley, Andrews, Baqgefl. Second Row: Bekhen Bodrom Bonds Burgh, CasHe, Conner Third Row: Harper, Marlin, Maxwell, Parks, Williams, Wells. Phi Eta Sigma is the national honorary fraternity which recognizes outstanding scholarship among freshmen men. To attain membership in this or- ganization it is necessary for a student to have not less than a 2.5 average in his first year of college worlc. Though selected in their Freshman year, mem- bers of Phi Eta Sigma retain active membership throughout their four college years. The aim of this honorary fraternity is not only to encourage high scholastic attainment among the men members of the Freshman Class, but also to promote intelligent liv- ing. IGMA GUY CAMPBELL . . JOHN ETHERIDGE . PAUL HUGHES . . CURTIS PRESSLEY . . Thad Andrews Billey Baqqell Finley Belcher Ellis Bodron Bob Bonds John Bradernas Bill Burqin Charles Calvert Pele Castle Dave Conner Kirby Day Kennelh Flanaqan Guy Gillespie N-...f OFFICERS MEMBERS 'QT' If v President . , Vive-Presidenl . . . Secrelary . Treasur r Franl-. Guzil-owzli Evereil l-larpor Carllon l-lollrnan For Marlin Cl1FMaxwell Richard lvlcculcheon Richard McEalls Bobby Paris George, Tiridall Gary Van Omen Piiihard Wall', Ed William Galvin Well, A 2.5 quality point average is necessary for member- ship in Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary scholastic fraternity. Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest scholastic honor attainable for freshmen coeds. The purpose of this organization is to pro- mote higher standards of living and learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshman women. Sponsors are Miss Estella G. Hefley, Dean of Women, and Miss Evelyn Way, Professor of Classics. YGONDINE WALKER . MARY WRIGHT , . . NORA BETH HULL . , OFFICERS ANNIE LAURIE MATTHEWS . . Joyce Biornquisi Jaglrie Bowen Phyiis Caver Mariha Sue Draper Helen Dulce Rose Marie Godwin Anna Grifiiih Miriam Horne Eleanor Knee Mazeppa King ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Firsf Row: Walker, Wrighf, Maiihews, Blomquisi, Caver, Duke. Second Row: Godwin' Horne, Redding. Townsend' Trofter, Woods. MEMBERS Eiizabeih Woods . President . . Secreiary . . Treasurer . , Hisiorian Sara Lefviasier Heiena Magruder Eioise Merzqer Louise Murray Georqianne Piichford Beflw Redding Ruih Spivey Suzeiie Townsend Sally Smne Tram-f Gyrha Wade Uv" 5 5 .I rv ,,, .qs ver IJ 'Y A 'Y ' 1 H I L .. . . .4..g... ,. , -,.1..,..4-.. - .... -l - --- , K,-nf . A fx, . EMA, 'T First Row: Suzelfe Townsend, Catherine Owens, Bobbie Nelson. Second Row: Mary Wright, Yqondine Walker, Nora Beth Hull OFFICERS MARY VIRGINIA NICHOLS I RTE-,I.Iw SUZETTE TQWNSENID . . I VIIEQARIEIIEIW CATHERINE QWENS . , SELIEILII, BOBBIE NELSON . . TIEMI. O CWENS is composed of sophomore women selected on a basis of scholarship, their ability as leaders and active participation in campus activities. The pur- pose of CWENS is to promote scholarship and leadership among sophomore coeds and to render service to the University. MEMBERS NCIRA BETH HULL YIQQNLIINE WALRER MAPY WRIGHT CIIIIENS MARY VIRGINIA NICHOLS President This is an honorary intersorority society. It is very secret in nature and is composed of members se- lected from each of the seven sororities on the Ole Miss campus. One of the main purposes is to recognize the outstanding members in each group, and to promote congeniality and genuine friendship between the various Greek letter organizations. PIX LOUISE AVENT ..... TILLIE FRIEND HANNINEN INDA HOBBS , . ANN HOWARD , . JANE DEES . , INEZ DENTON , JULIET WITHERS i JOYCE BLOMOUIST . , DOT DAY ,.... VIRGINIA MQCOY . . RUTH WEILENMAN 4 . SARA AYCOCK . . FRANCES PHELPS .... ELAINE HOOD REYNOLDS MARGARET BANNING . MARY SUE PARRAN . LILLIAN PREWITT , . MARY DAVIS . . . JANE TRABOUGH J . LYNNA CLARA MOONEY First Row: Avent, Hanninen, Hobbs, Howard, Bl0mCIUl5f- Second Row: Day, Weilenman, Banning, Parran, Prewitt, Dees. Third Row: Aycock, Phelps, Reynolds, Davis, Trabough, Mooney. MEMBERS , Chi . Chi . Chi . Chi . Delta . Delta . Delta Omega Omega Omega Omega Gamma Gamma Gamma Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Phi Mu Phi Mu Phi Mu . .Kappa Delta . . Kappa Delta . . Kappa Delta Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha , , .Delta Zeta if ' lb thu 1 Y ji. An. X A.-rp I I XQH if . 'Q' fi Ivy.. First Row: Long, Graham, Franklin. Second Row: Robinson, Cain, Reynolds, Third Row: Calilf, Till, Russum. The Cardinal Club is a service organization com- posed of Sophomore men students. Organized in 1927, it has become known as a Freshman discipli- nary committee, but its services to the University as a whole are numerous. The club supervises the building of the annual Homecoming Bonfire, acts as guide for the numerous faculty and student con- ventions held on the campus during the year, and works to instill the Ole Miss spirit and love of Ole Miss tradition into every freshman. One of the outstanding services of the Cardinal Club to the school is the presentation each year of a monument which is placed at some conspicuous place on the campus. The membership of the club is composed of one sophomore student from each of the social fratern- ities on the campus and two from the student body at large. This year the Cardinal Club chose the attractive and popular Miss Joy Haynes to be its sponsor. 95 7 Lgi.. 7 - '9' 5 i JOHN REED HOLLEY Ullllll CLUB OFFICERS JOHN REED HOLLEY, Delia Kappa Epsilon D, M. TAYLOR, Sigma Nu . . . . . JOHN MOTHERSHED, RI Kappa Aipiaa . JOY HAYNES . MEMBERS HOWARD LONO . I JAMES ORAHAM . . . RAYMOND FRANKLIN , I JIMMY ROBINSON . . . JIMMY CAIN . . . KENNETH REYNOLDS . LEON CALIFF . CAMERON TILL . ROBERT RLJSSIJM . 73? "Ns, JOHN MOTHERSHED lNllL , . Presideni . . Vice-Presideni . Secreiaryaiireasurer . Sponsor . Phi Della Thefa . . . Sigma Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Delia Psi . Student Body . Student Body . . Kappa Alpha . Kappa Sigma OFFICERS HELEN QU'f . Pfenldenf .r3Vv'UJ11f 'fxx 'NEMO 5' V fjv DLA LEE N OSSEVD . , TVEHESUVPV M55 F. CCULTED Qn33'fwar' Biavd ,gf fin + MAPY' rv1Q'f'ff ,!'3HN2ff'N Ff'qr.5f"r Sefve-'ave MP2 W, W, ,UOIHNSQTN . Buildirwq Hr,,Tr?,-, Q5 f ,sg ur 'X ' I First Row: Helen Duke, Carolyn Hubbard Second Row: Jimmie Owens, Lila Lee Nosser. 1 1 " . ' 1 I ..- f MARY MOODY JOHNSON Program Secreiary ,H v"'f fx NP' LO 'e-- iv f ' , First Row Joycc- Blomquist, Dot Symonds, Jessey Wayne Gandy, Ruih Mclnnis. Huldah Cousins. Second Row Jucq Polk, Miriam Horne, Louise Avent, Mary Marqaref Granberry, Cafherine Kerby. 96 lf' 'df-57' First Row: Robert Marcus, Frank Moak, Hugh Miller. Second Row: Ed Hinman, Huey Howerfon, Jim C. Barnett. Third Row: Bill Burgin, Tom Barnett, John Brademas. OFFICERS DOUG STONE . . ...,.... . Presidenl GUY CAMPBELL . . Vice-President JOHN MCARTHUR . . Secretary GREY FLOWERS . . . . . . . , Treasurer DR. J. C. CULLEY . . . . Chairman Board ol Directors DR. JOHN W, WADE . , . Acting Faculty Treasurer R, MALCOLM GUESS . . . . . General Secretary The Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations are open to all Ole Miss students as a medium of encouraging wholesome Christian living on the campus. It enables students to express their religious and humanitarian ideals. Both groups are divided into Freshman and Senior cabinets which function through such departments as Campus, Com- munity, Social and Recreational, Religious, Finance and Building Services, and Freshman Work. Y. Nl. C. ll. R. MALCOLM GUESS General Secretary First Row: Doug Stone, Guy Campbell. Second Row: John MacArthur, Grey Flowers BAPTIST STUDENT UNIUN ir EANTEHBUHYCLUB 98 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS FRANK MOAK ..,,....,... President I-IUGI-I MILLER , . . . , First Vice-President CATHERINE KERBY . . . Second Vice-President LYNNA CLARA MOONEY , . Third Vice-President VIRGINIA MELVIN .,.. ..... S eefeisf, SARA JANE AYCOCK . ..... Reporter EIR. E. M. RURSER , , . ....... Pastor MISS MARIAN LEAVELL . . , Student Secretary EIR, I-I. B. HGWERTCIN ,.... Eacuhy Advisor REPRESENTATIVES Paul Paris GeraIdine Tucker Erarwces Stuart Dorothy Symonds Ehzaberh Harvey Bob Lonqirio Ra? Martin RaIph Harding The local Baptist Student Union is com- posed of all Baptist students enrolled in the University of Mississippi who are regular members of the Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women's Aux- iliary, or the Church. The Executive Council directs the enlistment activities through the various organizations of the local Baptist Church. The B.S.U. is the connecting link between the College and the Baptist Church, unifying all the re- ligious activity of the Baptist students on the campus. OFFICERS TCDIVI ALLEN . , , , . . . preside-ri? LUCILLE dvGRAVELLES , . , Vii i- Ijiefiidvrii KCTEEIVIAN , . . Sw lvicily EEI JOYCE . . . . . . . Tir-tmsurili MEMBERS INlIavi,mvuI Biiharid Biibbifl- NwIsr VI Mary WIUITIIltf'iEI Bv,iv'CIi ri Arima Rhemay Julio EKQWIEIV1 Thni' AIiii61 ROIIIVIS ,I-'hm I-InrIg.Ii+'Iii Eldwid Sv ri- v IVI.1iI EIIQ I-Iiiuvy viii SP3-,ifiliw Bw- Jiilirmiin Eiaricvs Teri, EIT'-ri Kiilyy SrriiIIi Robert Timirtiiiri Imwri LifII.-riaiiri Gyfha Wadi- Baibiaia IVIiIIf-i SMIIIQ Wliirf- ISII-im N Ftfiv VViIIi.1YIi' ADVISORS PV. VV.Ii.i'ii N1 Invi-f-'I III. ENVINII XIVJN NJ' N1 Sh. if Ili VV, C. NI- i fr The Canterbury Club is the student or- ganization of the Episcopal Church with membership open to all students of Epis- copal faith. Through worship, discus- sion, and service the club has sought to give students a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Church and bring them closer to its corporate life. WESLEY FUUNDATIUN OFFICERS JESSEY WAYNE GANDY , MAPION GREENE A . YGONDINE WALKEP . , ED HINMAN . MARY TAL JORDAN . P, M, GUESS ..,,,. . Prssrdrf' Vs'e Prwsnjcnl Seurefa Tveann , . Pepfrl , Adulf Coumen PEV. W, J. CUNNINGI-IAM , . Pasta' COMMITTEE MEMBERS Douq Stone Marshall Allen June Taylor Guy Campbell Sophianne Berne. Dol Poberlz Suzelfe Townsend Msn, vifqams Nichols Torn Barnett Elizabeth Mi,WlilQlvrer Jimmy Owens Sarah Ellen Collin. Bobby l-laye, Mowine McNeil The Wesley Foundation is the student organiza- tion of the Cxford-University Methodist Church. The purpose of it is to continue the active work of Methodist students by providing fellowship, study, and training through worship services. The Foundation meets on Sunday mornings in the Assembly Room at the local Methodist Church be- fore church services at eleven o'clbck. On Sunday evenings it meets on the campus in the "Y" build- ing before the night worship period. The Wesley Foundation has a room on the second floor of the "Y" for Methodist students. The Newman Club serves the social and spiritual in- terest of the Catholic students on the campus. Its purpose is to manifest a close relationship and genu- ine fellowship among the Catholic students. The group works under the guidance of Father Manon. It is affiliated with the International Federation of Newman Clubs. 3 'nov E7 IOO pv"Q70x H r " 'lit '. 3 Ll A "...., Tb' VE Flrsl Row W T Moroney M J ascalco J P y rac en M u In R S, Maynard. Second w A Mead A ez n e u ur If ow G. Norquisf, E. R. elll ana em e m mo I ur ow a er M, Solomon, R, E, Farsi' Row F A ceneaux D M B nco E J k F ann r Bvlllng H L Bondural Second Row: W. R. cke O J x ur e e e e u :ru ur ow H k ls J. Dees, R. L, De- y P V Ford T P From L E Gallagher A J Genhle J R Gilberll D. B. Gill, owskn H 1 ow R e er J A Jachlmczyk C E Jones C L Kalzenmeyer C J. Ladner, M. T. IN PICTURE P Ba ell S non F Bernal es y v dnBer1e C. Dulfey, H. Duke, oc wun es en an ss R J. Schaeper, R. 5 My WESTMINST . FELLUWSH . 6 OFFICERS HULDAH COUSINS ..... . . . President CAMILLE covnrveiom , . . . v1ee.Pfeeaden+ QAROLYN HUBBARD . . . . See-e+ery sos SPRINGER ....,.. . Treasurer MEMBERS Mefeefe+ Buemef Eleanor Knee Refs Horton Ed Heweiu Rem Menmae Ed Gibson Mary Liddell Margaret Banning Kyle Herring Gene Darby Elizabelh Martin 1'1" 'EQ' 'Q-" First Row Poole, Burqin' Moak, Stone Second Row Badon, Bodron, Connor, Elmquisli Gunn, 102 This is composed of students who are actively affiliated with the local Presby- terian Church. Rev. E. Wallace is the pastor of the Oxford Presbyterian Church. Near the middle of the ses- sion, Rev. Everett Phillips came to Ox- ford as Assistant Pastor and worker with the college students. OFFICERS JQHN PQOLE ,,...., . . . President I BILL BURGIN . . . vieeeneeieieef FRANK Mom , , i . Senefe., none STONE S . . Tfeeeee MEMBERS I .f.i,. serie an ceme--F Ellif Bile--e Dee Elmf,.,M .lf-ann Gunn The Debate Club is composed of all varsity debaters in the University and members of the Faculty committee. For the most part, john Poole and Ellis Bod- ron were the outstanding debaters of the year. They represented Cle Miss in a fine way at a Southern Debate Tourna- ment held in Atlanta, Georgia, in the early Spring. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is one of the most active organizations on the campus and does a wonderful job of keeping up the cultural aspect of Ole Miss. This group, under the direction of Mrs. Laura T. Martin, purposes to sponsor good choral singing at the University, to lead the caroling each year at Christmas, and to present the ennual Christmas and Easter musical programs. Com- bined with the singers in the Boys' Glee Club, the Oxford Choral Club, and the faculty, this group is known as the University Chorus and puts on each Spring the Messiah by Handel. Capable, talented, and attractive Miss Dorothy Symonds of Or- lando, Florida, is the President of the Glee Club. MEMBERS cluanila Avent Sara Ayco-tl Mary Winilred Brandon Sara Ellen Collins Tillie Friend Flannin n Marie l-larlow Paula l-lainmond .lulielle Harper l-larriel l-larrisrrn Lucy Lawson Mary Liddell Dawn Lillie-page Ann Franlr McAlpine May l-lill McMurry Virginia Melvin Sybil Parler Flizabelli Pillrinqlon Emma Pounds Anne Rlneney Faye Saucier Mary Simmons Rulln Spivey Suzerle Townsend Pallye Sue Williams Dorothy Young Emily Ann Biclerslail Malilda Causey Walla C,r3U,F'ly' Sara Cleland Clnaimian Crum Rachel Gardner Mary Ann Gavin Geanne McClain Jean Pilrman Lillian Frewifl Fdillm Stoll Helen Slovall Sally Troller Doris Tyson Johnnie Van l-looser Mary Bunlin Asler Bunfh Joy Ford Eleanor Knee Palsy LaFoe Jo McLain Audrey Mendez Mary Viroinia Nic Nancy Fuller Sara Simmons Juanila Sowell Joanne Taluc Frances Terry Yqondine Waller' 'UN f'4""Y First Row: Dorothy Symonds, Jessey Wayne Gandy. Second Row: Ann Bogard, Mary Sue Parran, o C OFFICERS DQROTHY SYMONDS . . Fresid nl JESSEY WAYNE SANDY . . , , Vire-Pregid n ANN BOGARD . . Sergr Mariean Vw'oodward MARY SUE PARRAN . . lrea U Firsi' Row: Phillips, Mitchell, Parks, Andrianopoulos, Anglin, Baird, Barnett, Bew, Bunning, Second Row: Campbell, Clanton, Copeland, Crosby, Gentile, Greene, Harris, Hinman, Jachimczyk. Third Row: Jensen, Lucas, Mann, McConnell, McDuffie, McKeel, McQuinn, Myers, Moore, Mosby. Fourth Row: Pofier, Rea, Sencer, Shaheen, Simmons, Sweat, Thomas, Tinsley, Trapp, Turman. THETA PI Ill: OFFICERS CAPEY W, PHILLIPS , , . presiding SGW V DONALD D, MITCI-lIfl.I. . . Presidinq .luniii PAUL I. PARKS , , ...., i Serrelai .JAMES C. ANDPIANGPOULOS . . Treasurer Wdllrjr lvl, Arlqllfl Glenn D, Baird Jim C. Bavnfsll .lv. Vlffgllr-r T, Bun lqvm-4 Biiririiii Cm, ll, 'Cfiviiy I-i-ll Pi Im-il H Qlfirili-ii fp'-fi iii li Cfigif-lirifl Vlfil f lvvl 'f finffl Arilliufgi I in-rililii f .ii ,.i Fiiluief I' llfiii Ill iiliii I, Iliff' It will P li lin' ,gl Ifliiiiiil liar-i-r, l"ff lil-1 Ifvfilllfli f" lflfifiri Jgili lj ffl C r MEMBERS S. Joy McCallie Millard F. Ivlclfeel William C. lvlfQuinn Sllf'lVTl?1V1 C, Myers Bf'iI5l'1',f I., Moore Wiliiavvi H. Mosby Mill H Pfiiiiif P,,i,a.i. W, fm., lfiiiii-f I Sail.-, Iiliifiil .I Sr-ni ii r , .lfrl M ygnlisi Mir lim-I E. Sliiilii-I-ii VVilili1Hi gl'riviii.i1 lliii vviii', I bw'-lil lf i',i- gill I, Iliiliiiii liiil B, Ti.i.,l.., I r-i' ll Trapp I' :,'Yl'lVlfl lllvrv 11 PHI CHI 'A' Theta Pi Chapter of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was chartered on the Ole Miss campus in 1927. The members are chosen from the incoming Freshman class for intelligence and interest in Medicine. The fraternity promotes a spirit of fellowship among the students of Medical Colleges. .PHI llEL'l'll PHI OFFICERS GRIFFIN NORQUIST . ..A. . GREY FLOWERS . . TOM BADON . , JOHN POOLE . . MEMBERS William Bizzell Ellis Bodron J. William Bunlcley William Burgin Philip Cunningham Billy Fuller Armis Hawkins Harry Hines Harry O, Hoffman Huey l-lowerfon Roy E. Johnson Charles Kafzenrneyer Roger Landrum Ed McDowell Pellham McMurry Milton Milchell Owen Roberts Roberl Roberls Harvey Ross William Ross President Treasurer Secretary I-lislorian George J. Schweizer, Jr. Louis Smilh Pascol Townsend Erslcine Wells John Willrinson FACULTY MEMBERS L, Glenn Fanf John Fox, Jr. Roberl Farley Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity. It was founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. The Mayes Inn chapter was established in 1927. Students of the School of Law who attain the scholastic and character standards of the frater- nity are extended bids each year. The members of this group seek to bring outstanding lawyers to the campus occasionally to appear on forums. Once each year the members help promote what is known as Law Day. Firsl Row: Norquisf, Flowers, Badon, Poole, Bodron, Bunkley, Burgin. Second Row: Hines, Hoffman, Howerfon, Katzenmeyer, Landrum, McDowell, McMurry. Third Row: Mitchell, R. Roberts, W, Ross, Schweizer, Smith, Townsend, Wells. Bk" Sl' JN -1 ea.- BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma is the "Phi Beta Kappa" of the Commerce School. Membership in the fraternity is based solely on scholastic attainments. Each year the students in the School of Commerce and Business Administration who are among the highest 10 per cent of the senior class are extended bids to the fra- ternity. The highest 5 per cent of the junior class are also extended bids each year. This is the highest scholastic honor a student at the University of Mis- sissippi can attain. This year one honorary member was initiated into the local chapter, Dr. R. B. High- saw, member of Phi Beta Kappa, professor, and di- rector of the local research bureau for the School of Commerce and Business Administration. '95 'N br First Row: Walter Adams, Finley Belcher, Second Row: John Etheridge, W. S. Griffin. Third Row: Regena Moore, Ruth Shipp. Fourth Row: Dr, Horace Brown. WAIUF' ADAMS AAF. HVWRACA BPUWN HNI FY BALCHE P IUHN ETHI RING W. S, GRIFFIN OFFICERS MEMBERS Fvosicient , , lmiilty Advisor RIFCQENA MCUORI RUTH St-HPF' MARY ALICL WISDOM JOI-IN ETI-IERIDGE . FINLEY BELCI-IFR . FRANK MOAK .... JIMMIE CI-IRISTENBERRY MAURICE DAVIDSON . GRADY GUYTON . . OFFICERS Presrdeni . . First Vice-President , Second Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . . . I-Iisiorian , . Faculty Advisor O MEMBERS BUELL R, CARTY EARL SHANNON JQHN REED HQLLEY CARL SHORT JULIUS STRAYI-IAM BELT Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional busi- ness fraternity, and was founded on November 7, 1907. The local chapter works in close co-operation with the faculty of the School of Business and Com- merce in order to bring about any changes which will make for a better understanding between the business students and faculty. The Fraternity seeks to en- courage high standards among business students. It maintains as a requirement for membership a fairly high scholastic average. I-ISIEMII PI First Row: Etheridge, Belcher, Moak. Chrisienberryl Davidson, Second Row: Carfy, Holley, Shannon, Short. Strayham. . Q.. .V -H-Ji'- 11"- Mwi W ,-4 gs,- Qfv "' .g nib 1 -I-"1" 107 rv' 54.41 rn '15 '?' fr' fir Q1 'Q ,-Q. any w 1 L. T 3 q,. OFFICERS f A Fiisi Row: Hanninen, Boqard. Talberf, Collins, Symonds. Second Row: Abernathy, Avent, Sandy, Nichols, Prewitl. Third Row: Scott, Trotter' Williams, LaFoe. Saucier, Young, SIGMA AL TAL!!! Hfllllii HATJNIFJAN p,,,,,dM,, PNN E'Yf,vFV ly, 0 pmsldgm A wmv ifxifgwi 1 Smmmw f- ll,l,llJ f,f7LlIll'. A T,MSU,N Flllr' ',ilA "" ll' C Chaplain MEMBERS r.1,,r . ,' M. .vf, ,fy MH., V, WM A iii' f'.- f' l,1l,,.m l',,,V.',,H V' limb f ll A' ' "v 1. ',..,fl, T- oo.-, l',ll,f1rJilff VVullimiv'. PLEDGES l,. il A iwfr, 'Hx W ilil lilo-, l,f.. 'M' iff 'i...w, f..,. 108 PHA IUTA Alpha Omega Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota came to the Ole Miss campus in 1939, replacing Kappa Zeta, local music sorority. The sorority was founded at the University of Michigan in 1903 and has as its object the upholding of the highest ideals of a musi- cal education through the influence and interest of its members. Active members, who have faculty recommendation, show excellence in scholarship and give promise of future success as public performers or teachers. Faculty advisors are Mrs. Laura T. Martin and Miss Esther Celrich. Y DORIS SHUMPERT . . DR. FRANK M. HULL Gail Alford Marslrall Allen Marqarel Ambrose Josephine Ashcrall Joyce Billingsley Mary M, Birrninqharn Beverly Boyd Dr. R, B, Brown Guy Campbell Dan Copeland Bernice Cochran Ffank CLGWlOfd Belly Crawlord Williarrr Crosby OFFICERS Helen Darwin Kirby Day Jane Dees Lucille DeBruler Carrie Evans Ann Gisl James Graham Marion Green DL. E, Hanlfrlflm Paula l-larnrnond Jack Harrison Dr. V, B. l-larrison Elizabelh l-larrey BIULUGY CLUB MEMBERS Mary Ella Haryey Madalyn Heidelbe Belly l-lenreler Elizabelh l-lenslra.. Ed Hinrrran Johnnie l-lorn N-315 Bglln l"'lL.lll Edwina Jones Dionysia lfonlos Lucy Lawson Sara LeMasler ' Burlrirn Lindau France: Lucas Elizaberlr Marrrrr Sara Marlin Arlrrre Laurie Mrllllri Marl Mallof Maryinif Mr1Nerl Audrey Mead l.llCl Lffff NC,rSl'TL Sybil Parlrer Carolyn Paullr Pele Perlrnz, W. P. Perliins Esther Riley Curlis Pobrfrlx fkrrr. Rullrorlorol 'Wiliarrr Brill,-r Lfrlrl Sirrrrrrrrrr. lmberll L Cr Lip: lr ri pr, Alma lrg-Lira rlrr 'Error 154 lrrwl-nl Prirbefl lurrrri 1'- liflra Wrrrir' Miriarvr Wallirr Arllwe Vvllrfrglrgr Martha Wlrr:.,rlr GIlC'1 Wllllrrililg Llil-abr-ll'r VV H1 First Row: Shumperl, Sadler, Alford, Allen, Ambrose, Ashcraff, DeBruIer, Billingslr--y, Birmingham Second Row' Campbell, Cochran, Copeland, Crawford Crosby Day, Dees, Evans, Gisl, Graham. Third Row: Green, Harrison, E. Harvey, M. Harvey, Heidelberg, Hemeler, Henshaw, Hinman, Horne, Hull, Fourth Row Jones Lawson, LeMasler', Lindau, Lucas, Marlin, Malfhews, Maflox, McNeil, Mead Fiflh Row: Nosser, Paulk, P, Perkins, W, Perkins Riley, Roberts, Rulherford rm mons, Singlelon, Stuart. Sixlh Row: Tindall, Trapp, Turnaqe, Wade, Watkins, A. Wheeler, M, Wheeler, Williams, Woods, Dr, Hull, IO9 First Row: Robbins, Hammond, Hudgins, Ambrose, Baucum, Biqham, Black, Borroum, Broome. Second Row: Carter, Caver, Doby, Fancher- Ford, Gillespie, Harrison, Lane, Lee. Third Row: LeMaster, Lowryl Melts, Patterson, Quintana, Ross. Simmons, Watkins. Williams. The Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association was chartered on the Ole Miss campus in 1936. The National Parent organization first met in 1852 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Any student enrolled in the School of Pharmacy is eligible for membership in the Association. RUSSELL ROBBINS . JOHN COLLENS . PAULA HAMMOND . MARY LOU HUDGINS Marqaref Ambrose Zeb Vance Baucurrr Lynnice Biqharrr Ray L. Biaci ComiIIe Borrourrr Mar irwrr Ruih Broom Rribf-rl Walier Cdr? I'lrr,IIi-, Mary Cai.-er Arrrprryrlirz Llolyy Wayrre' Famirer .luy Ford Prrberi C7rIIezLrrr,- OFFICERS MEMBERS President . Vicefpresiderri Harriet Ann Hnrri Lamar W. Lane I-Ierberi J. C. Lee Sara LeMaster WiIIiarrr T. Lowry Luna Mayfield Mr-'I Jchrr F, Paftervrrrr Ben Quirriarm Isrrrfrvl A. Ru-.1 lIr rrriliy Sirrrrrrr rr Miri.1rriWalLiDS Ldwirr CJIQ Wrilifrrrr Secrerary lrr-aiurer I AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSUCIATIUN 110 Hollis Esnli,,,g,,M1cs uni .fha if t ,. l L- it e ---. ft! ,s fi 'Ds T' ROBERTA ALFORD DOT DAY MARGARET BANNING PAT BURROW DOODLES ELLIOT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter The Home Economics Club is open to any girl that has had Home Economics or is taking courses in that department. The goals set for the club are: to improve international understand- ingg to develop professional prideg to develop the role of college students in the communityg to interest high school pupils in studying Home Ec in high school and continuing the study in collegeg and lastly, to give a knowledge of the opportunities open to people trained in the various tields of Home Economics. The club meets the first Tuesday in every month. Nliss Mattie G. King and Miss Dorothy Warner are the advisors. First Row: Gail Alford, Virginia Ann Austin, Ann Baine, Dorothy Barrance, Grace Eegley, Grace Bennett, Emily Ann Bickerstatf, Joyce Billingsley, Margaret Bourgeois. Second Row: Mary Ann Brandon, Ruth Brown, Mary Elizabeth Cates, Pud Covington, Ruth Lamb Covington, Hortense Dorsett, Carrie Evans, Sue Evans, Eloise Ford. Third Row: Kathleen Fulghum, Caroline Harrison, Inda Hobbs, Jo Ann Hott, Ann Hopkins, Mary Lee Howell, Estelle Keltner, Marion King, Betty Latta. Fourth Row: Ester Lewis, Geanne McClain, Martha McCormack, Dyalthia McCully, Eleanor McGehee, Edith McLaughlin, Elizabeth McWhorter, Olene Mar- tin, Gloria Moss Fifth Row: Catherine Peden, Mariorie Philpot, Emma Pounds, Happy Ramsay, Mary Nell Rayburn, Lynn Reid, Lib Roberts, Alicia Rollins, Margaret Rust. Sixth Row: Eliza Scott, Frances Sherrill, Frances Stuart, Ann Street, Roselyn Threadgill, Margaret Walters, Caroline Whitaker, Jonnie Lou William- son, Frances Wilson. Not ln Picture: Inez Denton, Ruth Dillard, Elaine Downs, Percy Marlow, Georgia Whitaker. , Q T 3 ti CZ.: .,...-f - T Y T K-2 "- , . + 1' 31 3, if .,, -f me -, INDEPENDENT STUDENT? DHENNIZNTIDN The Independent Students' Organization gives rep- resentation to all University students who are not members of any social fraternity. One of the pri- mary functions of this group is to enable its members to fulfill their political aspirations. Since its organiza- tion the Independent group has been the deciding factor in the campus two-party system. and has con- sistently striven to elect capable members to hold campus positions. Consequently, by carrying out this policy, this organization lives up to its responsi- bility. This year saw the Independents take a very active part in the intramural activities. Tl 'v T , ' ' 41 rf v. ,, L, V Q.. Rf C7 an ,I , 4 N YY YT? 1-1 C7 3 5 ' x-kv E? S.-! ,J T .S 3 112 'ZS' T X.-I rw C7 Q9 fm 3 CD ,Mer ABOVE, First Row: Rosie Mitchell, Gloria Moss, Lena Murphy, Ann Murray, Austine Neely, Helen Newbill, James Nichols, Christine Nichols, Lila Lee Nosser, Kenneth Ozborn. Second Row: Sybil Parker, James Pierce, Hannah Pitts, John Poole, Julius Potter, Emma Pounds, Chris Pritchett, Esther Riley, Alicia Rollins, Jaclr Russell. Third Row' Rudolph Russell, Florence Shaffner, Doris Shumpert, Mary Simmons, Mary Frances Smith, Raymond Stolpa Ann Street, Steven Stringfellow, Gytha Wade, Garland Walls. Fourth Row: Esther Watkins, Max Weiner, "Boochie" Wells, Martha Wheeler, Foster Wilkerson, Alva Williams, Laura Williams, Elizabeth Wren, Mary Wright, Dinny Young, Not Pictured: Tom Brewer, Ed Connolly, Richard Daley, Ruth Dellinger, Percy Hudson, Muriel John, Bill McCord, Lois Pegrim, Hin Chung Wing. LEFT, First Row: Mary Stuart Alvis, Margaret Ambrose, Ann Baine, Esther Baker, Dorothy Barrmco, Barbara Braswell, Mabel Brown, Johnny Bruce, Eugene Bursi, Leon Califf. Second Row: Walta Causey, Sara Cleland, Sara Cohen, Bill Coke, Charles Crawford, Margaret, Crocker, Kenneth Collins, Anabel Coots, Lucille DeBruler, Tensi Dorsett Third Row: Joan DuVal, Ruby Mae Embry, Martha Etheridge, Dorothy Fisher, Jessey Wayne Gandy, Dot Gill, Robert E. Guthrie, Juliet Harper, Kyle Herring, Joanna Hilburn, Fourth Row: Mary Lee Howell, Clarence Holland, Jo Ann l-loft, Paul Hudson, Jayne Hunt, Carol Jaggers, W. C. Jamerson, Beth Jrnes, Martha Jane Jones, Nancy Jones, Fifth Row: Glenn Latham, Sara LeMaster, T. A Liles, Louise Little, Bob Longino, Elizabeth McCormick, Helena Magruder, Annie Laurie Matthews, Virginia Melvin, Doris Mills. OFFICERS O DOMINIC di BENEDETTO President "MOOCH" MARCUS Vice-President JEAN PITTM AN Secretary-Treasurer ll3 ll I' 4 9 I Q A It 51 Y i-Q. ' zf. ,Q xc L' ,,, K ., ga- ' EQ.: ie vf' I 'XA'-r s r'!xx 'X-'P I. Ag bl D Y v M rm' ICK CALLOWAY Direcfor MEMBERS iw' 'f HH-, ,,1"5H'. M. FL v, ul" V" .,1-xgxhvw Iwwlw l,,,f.i 4 . IM,--I 1 If M f, ll., lww. V 1 li THE MISSISSIPPIANS SARA CHATHAM BILL WOODS H4 Vocalisi Manager THE REBEL BIlNll fr Maples and Ramsey, Ella Rila O'Neill The Rebel Band is one of the mainstays for lively and progressive activity of our campus life at Ole Miss. During the war the band has been seriously handicapped because of the many Ole Miss musicians being in service. However, the band has remained active during the football seasons. Under the very capable student leader- ship of Bill Woods, the band put on performances this year in Memphis, Starkville, and Hemingway Stadium here at the University for Homecoming Day. Since the war is over Ole Miss will soon have a year-round band, playing for football games in the fall, and spending the rest of the year doing concert work. Mr. R. N. Whitheld, former director, is expected back soon. He is now on military leave from the Uni- versity. BILL WOODS ALVIN MAPLES W, T, SADLER OFFICERS ilu lffnl Lin' "In llff 1 I Dun M ll YGONDHNIE WALKER GLADYS RAMSEY ELLA O'NElLL lwlvl lwlrl-ef lwlflf' lwlrlfg MARY NELL RAYBUPN lwrrlu NOVALEE SMITH Twnll, BOB SlMPSON Twnl MEMBERS Marsnall Allen Pal Marlin Mose Allison W. G, Meuscnle Bill Bffanlanli Franl Meal Julia Berrywull Austin Mlngi, Ellen Billingsley DUI Mfgngney Eugene Bursl P, I-l. Mullfevl l'lIIrr1Qn CJ-.Ile .lhffy Ofwf-ll Satan E. Collin Blll Connor Dan Copeland La Meinl? Full' B, l-I. Gafnev Muclfry Gvlrnpnl Olno Givens Joann Gunn John Gunter W. l. I-laqev George Harnng, Carroll Hensnn W, H, l-Iill E. W. l-Iolrmif 5 Eugene Oingn Elliillifrl-Ill Pllllnqlmn In Plllnan in P. L, Pussurw Fave Sauclff SJ I psfsn Jesse f fi Mai, Snntl Leslw Suvnnn-fi DQ? Syfhfgn is Vlrqlnlll Ann ljmswl n Cora TnLfrr..3s'i.m'I W I-luqlw I-I, 'l'lngnr':g1S Jn B-abby Turnaqfi- Qvlna Waite' C. L, Lalnarn B0-sible Wells Bob Lnnqlnn C. H. Wlvlllfgffil Maw Ann MCCoflfIe Frarwoe' Vxfllsun Bell, M-icufrrlil W, E. Yybngfuqlw DQ? Younq BILL WOODS Sludenf Direclor C , l I . ell Q " i Q 7' . A 'fl H , audi . . MU' 'qv- Qi ' .i pb gg ass QQ First Row: Adams, Henderson, Cain, Townsend, Badon, Smith, Holley, Buchanan, Second Row: Cox, Davidson, Gibson, Graham, C. Johnson, Latham, McCain, McLendon, Merrill. Third Row: Mothershed, Pickens, Phillips, Quintana, Sorrels, Stuart, Spenser, Till, Walton. FS 7? E' .far X-1' Ef- First Row Grey Flowers, Lila Lee Nosser Si-fond Row Robert Marcus, Otho Johnson DANCE CU H6 OFFICERS GREY FLOWERS . . ...... , . Chairman ROBERT MARCUS . . Co-Chairman OTl-tO JOHNSON . . . . Co-Chairman LILA LEE NOSSER ..,.,.....,,... Girls' Chairman COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN AND CO-Cl'lAlRMEN Walter Adams Pascol Townsend l-larvey Henderson Tom Badon Jim Coin Huqh Smith John Reed Holley MEMBERS Oscar Buchanan Bill Burqin Franlr Cox Maurice Davidson Joe Gibson Jim Graham Charles Johnson Thurman Latham Bob McCain John Mcleendon Sonny, Merrill John Mothershed Boyd Pickens Carey Phillips Ben Quintana Curtis Roberts John Sorrels Jack Stuart Russell Spenser D. M. Taylor Cameron Till Billy wsiion The Dance Committee of the Ole Miss campus has the responsibility of sponsoring all student body dances. During the session of 1927-28 the present plan for operating these dances was adopted. This plan set up an Executive Committee of three students to have charge of student body dances. This com- mittee in turn appoints a floor committee and other necessary sub-committees. IVIMITTEE '17 BILL MORONEY DOMINIC DI BENEDETTO RUTI-I MCINNIS Marnie Jean Anoefson Paul Anson Lydy Beth Be-def James Brophy Elizabeth Buehler David Burns Lewiz Carr Williarii Conner Anabel Coots Clai'efWorIh CO Ralph Cowan rley Margaret Croclef Louise Daniels UNIVERSITY PLIIYEHS OFFICERS MEMBERS Julia Peyton Dafis fofofhy Dciugall Joann DJVaI Charlotte Eddins Williani Flanagan Joe Gibson Joann Gunn Robert Hilton Mary Kinlon Walter Johnson Cecil Kirifis BQTW Laila Bob Lonqinig Preside- Vice'Preside Secretary Treasuref Geanne McClain MayhiSI Mi:Murra. Sara Jane Myeff Stanfon Newlirlf Charles Nichols Cafwerine Owens Marlorie Philpot Lafnaf Pierson Nofnnan Rosenbero BOL' SIHIKISCIVT Molly Sy-af' Claw' Wells JCM? Wfj-ffrricrelanil The University Players is a campus organization for promoting appreciation of drama and learning the skill of the theater. Reorganized this year after a period of wartime inactivity, the players are headed by The Players Guild. Membership in the Guild is earned through participation in the plays presented on the campus. Directed by Professor D. W. Mul- lin, the fall production was Thornton Wilder's "Our Town," and the spring play was "Snafu." -' Q .. ' ,a . ' ,- S 7 ' C " 1 'WSVY' is. f..-11,-ur. .4 ' I 27 it ff A 1 . av El ,Q I Qi! 55 f! 'wi 'vi 4 lm, I i as "iw: Haw ., " . mfr' ,. . . R. ,,0, OFFICERS iwririru rn MFTHLJF-i 4 P ff A ,dem EH E. H FMU vi..,PwQf,idm1 as rm guru wwf ,,+.,., if.-,,i.,,i ri jfaiwiw iwiri-riiri Pf,,1f.i.e FLYING HEBELS 5.-I: , :RR 4 . After an absence of two years the Flying Rebels are again taking their place on the Ole Miss campus. Before the war interrupted the organization, the Fly- ing Rebels were one of the newest and most pro- gressive clubs on the campus. It grew out of the C.A.A. training program offered to Ole Miss stu- dents. Today it is a common occurrence to see the Cubs flying over the campus and the traditional red and blue jackets worn by the Flying Rebels. The Flying Rebels consist of an eager bunch of students, co-eds included, that enthusiastically look toward the future. Besides the student officers, they are under the very capable leadership of john Wrigl1t from Hernando and E. O. Champion from Oxford. Admission is gained to this honorary club only after the applicant has completed solo flight and has been passed by the organization. MNI ASSUEIATIUN OFFICERS JAMES MCCLURE . . . A . Presidenf DAVID COTTRELL . , . . . . vacespfesadem BRITT ROGERS . . . . Afmefac Commifleeman JEFF K. HAMM . . .... secfewfy 0 Composed of all former Ole Miss students, The Alumni Association is the organization through which former students are given an opportunity to assist in the progress and development of the University. The annual business meeting of the Association is held on Homecoming Day and at that time the year's officers are elected. Issued quarterly, the "Alumni News" is the official publication of the organization. James McClure, David Cottrell, Britt Rogers' Jeff K, Hamm. 119 vi? "uw V First Row J Barnelf Holley Broom T Barnefl. Bordeaux, Boyd, Cameron. Second Row Cariy Coke H Collins K. Collins, Demilio, Eley, Fancher. Third Row Flowers Garner Gross Gufhrie, Harper, Hays, Hill. Fourth Row Jagger: Ladner Lambrighl Lee, Liltlelon, McDowell, McLean. The Veterans Club is a somewhat new organization on the campus of Ole Miss. The veterans are kept informed of progress being made on other campuses, and in turn are doing a great deal of constructive thinking toward bettering our own campus. With the crowded living conditions existing, the Veterans Club is doing much to promote the quick building of housing units for married vets. One of the many worthwhile activities of this club was the early open- ing of the swimming poolg this was done so as to provide adequate recreational facilities for the fast increasing enrollment. One of the foremost policies of the group is to render service to the campus at all times in a non-political manner. R. J. Allen Tom Barnell Torn Bordeaux Billie Boyd George Byrd O. W. Cameron C. O. Carlisle Roscoe Carly W. E. Coke H. P. Collens John Collens K. C. Collins Roberl Dernilio Lawrence Elder W. A. Eley Wayne Fanclier Grey Flowers R. B. Franklin Frank Garner David Gross R. E. Gulhrie Everell Harper D. H. Hays W. H. Hill, Jr. William Hull C. M. Jaqqers Ollie Johnson C. J. Ladner R. L. Larnloriqlwl L. W. Lane Herberl J. C. Lee G. J. Lilllelon Edward Mc Dowell G. A. McLean S. R. McMurray J. P. Maloney MEMBERS Roberl Marcus R. L. May Clif Maxwell Turley Meek A. M. Merrill W. H. Milclnell H. H. Moore Bolo Mullell Kennelh Nail Grillin Norquisl Boyd Piclcens R. L. Quarles Ben Quinlana B. F. Ramsey H. M. Ray W. M. Moss Rudolph Russell B. C. Ruin Firsl Row' McMurray, Maloney, Marcus, May, Maxwell, Meek, Merrill. Second Row: Mitchell, Moore, Mullell, Norquisf, Pickens, Quarles, Ouinlana, Ray. Third Row: Ross, Russell, Rulh, Sadler, Smilh, Slevens, Slolpa, Tierce, Fourfh Row: Townsend, Waldrip, Wallace, Walker, Weiner, Wells, Whilehead, Wilson. WilIian'i Sadlei Bennell Srnillw J. A. Sleyen: Ray Slolpa Eldridqe llncinnpucin R. W, Tierce Pascol Townsend C. B. Waldrip S. L. Wallace Wilson Waller J. P. Wall-ei M. J. Weine Max Weiner Erslfine Wells D.O.Wl1i+el1ead W. L. Wiggins J. R. Wilson l-lenry Wood LJ I1-qu-ulwlug First Row: Ann Boqard. Mary K. Davis. Second Row: Nancy Puller, Lil Prewift. The Wfomenis Athletic Association promotes sports and recreational activities among the women students of Ole Miss. The intersorority tournaments in bad- minton, shuffleboard, basketball, ping-pong, and ten- nis are sponsored each year by the W.A.A. The WUMEN'S ATHLETIC llSSllClllTlllN 0 OFFICERS ANN BOGARD A . . ipfesadem MARY ict DAVIS . . . vaCeAPfeSidcA+ NANCY FULLER , . .seffeisfy LILLJAN PREWIU . . Repo,-ie, membership is unlimited and is open to any girl stu- dent taking Physical Education. The Association is under the guidance of the Physical Education De- partment of the University, and has membership in both State and National Womcn's Athletic Asso- ciations. gg 'D 'U 1 if T , 1 9 T ? T' K , J' T' 3 T' lx 1 1' 4 Firsl Row: Jane Abslon, Jean Allxins, Margarel Banning, Kalliryn Barr, Palsy Billingsley, Maude Birmingham, Margarel Boland, Lela Boollw, Mar- iorie Bradshaw, Marll1a Carney. Second Row: Jane Clleairs, Jerry Coldren, Belly Jo Coleman, Belly Conerly, l"luldal1 Cousins, Beverly Dacus Mary K. Davis, Norma Dees, Lucille deGravelles, Cllarlolle Dicliey. Third Row: Allein Fislwel, Nancy Harlon, Jane l-laury, Jo Herringlon, Cherry Hodges, Rullw Horlon, Mary Kinlon, Belly Lalla, Lucy Lawson, Mary Liddell. Fourlln Row. Dawn Lilllepage, Belly Long, Ann McAlpine, May MCCdflhY, Sue McCain, Barbara Miller, Cornelia Mollierslwed, Sara Jane Myers, Mary Sue Parran, Hanna Pills. Filll1 Row: Roxie Porler, Lynn Reed, Ann Rheney, Virginia Roseborough, Marlha Ann Rowan, Virginia Scoll, Fr ance s Sherrill, Eleanor Smilh, Jean Smillw, Helen Slovall. Sixlh Row: Jo Anne Taluc, Suzelle Townsend, Ygondine Walker, Dorolhy Walson, Slella While, Edie Williams, Esllwer Williams, Belly Wilson, Mary Alice Wisdom, Mariean Woodward. Nol in Piclure: Jane Dees, Harriel Harrison, J oanna Hilbun, Nell Ross, Margarel Wallins, Mary Jean Williams. 123 THE INTRIIIVIUHIIL 1 f'fJ"f 'W x-' ROBERT HEVEL HARRY HINES CARLTON HOFFMAN OTHO JOHNSON JOHN MOTHERSHED BOB MULLETT l-lQ'ilV'AFl,F IJDNG Friuiienf FFNESI IVIZIVIUQCI-IY Vi f OFFICERS Pfociig v FCIBFPI MARCUS Sefiffalaiy-Trea3ur,r JOE GIBSC-N PQBEFT HEVEL I HAPPY I-IINES CARLTON I-ICFFMAN OTHO JOHNSCN IOI-IN MCTHEPSHEI- EOE MULLETT , . JAMES PAY GEQPGP FATHER IOHN ETFVFNC MEMBERS Phi Della Thela Kappa Alpha . Irwclependeml . NROTC , . NROTC . . Della Psi . NROTC Siqma Alpha Epsilon ,,P , Della E Kappa Alpha . . Siqma Nu . Sigma Chi Kappa Epsilon Kappa Sigma FACULTY OFFICERS II- JI' illl . . . . , . IFJIIFEEIHI r f N'jEELiV IAXII 'QEJII fwaiulfint lilirexlf-v Hampered by poor weather, the championship football game in the Intramural league was post- poned several times until at last near the end of February the Kappa Sigs and the Dekes battled it out for honors, with the Sigs emerging victorious by a 24 to 6 count. The Kappa Sigma entry ap- peared too powerful for the Dekes, and touchdowns by Burt, Arceneaux, and Evans, in addition to three conversions off the educated toe of Bud Phillips, provided the winning margin. Ray Turman tallied for the Dekes in the second quarter, to keep his team in the game until the end. In the Intramural championship basketball game, 72. nY' ROBERT MARC JOE GIBSON COUNCIL 'W if JAMES RAY GEORGE RATHER JOHN STEVENS the Dekes redeemed themselves by knocking off a strong Navy "A" squad by a 41 to 20 score. The game, played as the feature attraction of the Intra- mural night festivities, was controlled by the Dekes all the way except for a brief spurt by the sailors early in the second half. Starting off early, the Dekes built up a 6 to 0 lead before their opponents could chalk up a basket, and from that point on it was easy sailing to victory. Rather and Turman led the Deke scoring with 10 and 8 points respectively, while Ellis paced the gobs by collecting 8 markers. The softball finals again saw the Kappa Sigs and the Dekes pitted against each other for an intramural HOWARD LONG ERNEST MCMURCHY title. Kappa Sigma proved superior once more, dropping the Dekes 7 to 6 in an extra-inning affair which had all the thrills of a major league contest. Although they were trailing 6 to 2 going into the last inning, the Sigs rallied and blasted out four runs to tie up the ball game. In the following frame the Kappa Sigma bats spoke again to earn a run and the softball championship. Thus another season of In- tramural athletics was brought to a successful con- clusion, with oflicials convinced that the students of Ole Miss want an even bigger and better program for next year. f., -4 U. --,-.J I I I I I I I NIIIIIIL - 25. Y' I I CAPI CHARLES JACKSON wr, , . . f - Commanding Officer .5 X 2' FX K I I I COMDR. N C. HOFFMAN I Executive Officer ' MARTHA MEARES HUGH SMITH MARY ELIZABETH CATES Battalion Sponsor Battalion Commander Battalion Sweetheart ix T I I I Ti I It ,. . I I I I I J W JAMESON H, D STEVENS J E MALONEY Battalion Sub-Commander Battalion Adiutant Battalion Chief Petty Officer I I I ST UMPINY J. D. I-IAPPOLE IA vvw'- miner DUNBAP MEPPILL . . Srfnmr . G. P. PETLPSON Plw . r. C iwwjriwm-I WILLIAM M IAY . Lili?-ii' C "w'fN,' md... DUNBAR MERRILL J. D. HARPOLE Firsf Row: G. R. Peierson, C. K. Johnson, J F. Rawls, W. Rosenberg, A. P. Wendkos, R, Thompson, R. C. Springer. Second Row: W. G. Williams, J. P. Wildey, O. J. Breaux, R. J. Schaeper, J. Mulcare, R. B. Spenser, J. George, J. B. McCall Third Row: E. H. Price, D. W. Rogers, D. M. Pflomm, P. E. Schraeder, C. Gregory D. E. Irwin, G. H. Whiflock, J. G. Weafherspoon. Fourfh Row: C. D Thompson, J. Morrison, C, A. Nillrouer, R. J. Leech, G. L. Lehman, A. H. Reed, D. L. Shipp, C. F. Hancock. Fiffh Row: R. H. Seymour, E, H. Darr, W. D. Hall, T. O. Leslie, P. V. Hanninen, W. K Flanagan, R L. Harding, W. R, Bracke Sixlh Row: P. C. Lafham, E. C. Caffano, L. E. Gallagher, T. T. Seamans, D. D McMurray, N. J, Robison, M. A. Adams, T, E. Gibson. No? in Picfureg W. McKay, C. O. Cook, J. B. Gibson, W. S. Dehn, J. T. Busby, R. N. Hevel, J. J. Yurick M. D. Skeels, W, A. Yarberry, C. L Taylor, W. G. Bell R. L. Durham, J. J Enrighf, B. B. Suddalh, S. G. Bendon. R, J Slansbury, D. E. Withers, D. G, Unfch, R. E. Sires, R. S. Schwarfz, R. M, Thornfon, R. E. Hunler, W. V, Duffey. Noi in Picfure: C. B, Hoffman, Sfover J R Coomes, J. E. Howell, J, Wells, H. R. Mayer, R. L. Herron, J. L, Marshall, H. S, Murphy, G. J. Van Omen, E. L. Edwards, H, A. Offu Q fr' ll UMPANY OFFICERS X 0 'LN E L EF-.P'lf'EF' fi 'lwliifllilfff X, L'fUI2E AVQNT . . Spi-rw? F Lgfxpli F"aff.iin Corrimanqjer l M F PING . Plaloon Cornnmnder CHARLES BARKER LOUISE AVENT Irs? Row: J. P, Leary, M. F. Ring, H, P. Sillman, H. G. Soldergren, D. O. Smifl'1,.H. B. Shorf, R. C. Herb, Second Row: J. J. Hill, J N. Maupin, M, R. Fullmer, T. P. From, N. C. Skrlvanos, J, T. Brophy, D. H. Ewing, J. H. Breunlin. Thirc Row: S. P. Newklrk, J. D. Eeds, R. E. Wach, P. R. Mo , naghan J. L. Huff, J R. Gilbert, F. V. Sasso, J, L. Pierson, Fourth Row: G. C. Jefferson, R. P. Hilton, Carl McCoy, W. S. Gillideffe, G. H. Clark, J. E. Dorland, C. M. Harmon, F. L. Doerr Fiflh Row: T. Keeshen, J, T Blackmon, R. Wafers, L, J, Wolfe T. D. Allen, F, J, Guzikowski, D. D. Elmquisl, E. N, Willard. Sixfh Row: " J E Kirkis, S. J. Brademas, J. H. Ellis. w-v ff, C. l -3 ld- ' 2.1 4... 'sf 'W' N. l T :r '2' Lf y-Y -0-If 11' fhi Y '9 '-uf! -I r- 1 LJ S1 fr 0 4g I I I I Q II UMPANY I I I I OFFICERS POI' P. SIVIITI-I ,,.. C f"'N VI'I':1f"J"' I IVIAPY FPAINICES SMITH . . gI3"'V"3'i I I. TAYLCJP . Pm-Im Cfwwrffw MARY FRANCES SMITH ROY SMITH IVI IILIUI' IIXID II' IYI ff 'H mr, I I Firsf Row: J. J. Taylor, E. M. Perkins, J, B. Goodson, F. E. Alfany, G. A. Larr, R. W. MLFaIls, J. C. McCoy, H L. Murphy, Second Row: J Meyer, G J. Murphy H. L. Bonduranf, B, W. Lifflehales, J. R. DeIVecchio, R. M. Sheeley, J E. Sampson, NV. R. Hager Tiird Row: D. J. Whichard, A. M. Girnpel, W. B. Ragsdale, W. G. Meuschke, J. H, Elledge, E. R. Darby, J. B. McLemore, M, Mendel. Fourth Row: E. A. Urich, P. L. Wesferfield, P. T. Johnson, R H, Rowe, D. E. Croft, A. A. Hoegler, E, S. Hanford, H, J. Niscnen. Fifih Row: J B. McBurney, W. K. Connor, A J. Petro, D. H. Sformo, L. M. Carr, J. S, Cornell, W. E. Dozer, D. W, Fosfer. Sixfh Row: R. T. Cowan, K. E. Franfz, D. F. Clarke, R. S. McCufchen, J. H, Maloon, L. Wayne, J. W. Purvis, D. M. Wilder. No? in Picrurez A. S. Freemond, E. R, Joyce, C. V. LePage, D. B. Clark, K. Bowles, W P. Lewis, P. W. Anson Fraternities 'N I BILL aunem JOHN REED HOLLEY TURLEY MEEK e President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The Interfraternity Council is composed of two rep- OFHCER5 BILL BURGIN, President .,..... ...,. S iqma Nu - - - JOHN REED HOLLEY, Vice-Algresident . , . Delta Kappa Epsilon resentatives from each fraternity. The Council con- TURI-EY MEEK' Secretary-Treasuyel 1 Pi Kappa Alpha trols and directs all fraternities, particularly the rush- ing season, and also guides the policy of the fra- ternities in their affairs with the Administration. Bill Burgin was President of the Council for the first semester, and "Soggy,' Sweat was elected President for the second semester. ROBERT BONDS JOHN ETHERlDGE , JACK HARRlSON ROBERT STEWART KIMBALL BROWN JlM BOUTWELL , BEN OUINTANA PASCOL TOWNSEND JACK STUART , JOHN MCARTHUR , WALTER ADAMS JOHN HARTSFIELD BILL MORONEY CARL SHORT JlM GRAHAM JOHN WESTON MEMBERS First Row: Bonds, Etheridge, Harrison, Stewart, Brown, Boutwell, Quintana, Townsend. Second Row: Stuart, McArthur, Adams, Hartsfield. Moroney, Short, Graham, Weston. Delta Kappa Epsilon , , Delta Psi Delta Psi , . , Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha , . Kappa Sigma , , Kappa Sigma . , . Beta Theta Pl . , Phi Delta Theta , . Phi Delta Theta , Pi Kappa Alpha Siqrha Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . 4 Sigma Chi , Sigma Chi Sigma Nu 131 f 'il . Egg, gf IIELTII KIIPPII EPSILIIN .gr 3 JUST I ANOTHER BULL SESSION I ,. . QUE I aomos sruovme THRu RosE-coLoREo GLASSES POBEPT A, BONDS . . MAURICE W, DAVIDSON RAYMOND B. ERANIVLIN JOI-IN P, HOLLEY .... CLYDE G. HUGGINS, JR. I. WILLIAM MfGUIRE . PAYMOND E. TURMAN , J, RALPH WILSON . . HOLLEY ADDS LIFE TO THE PART GEORGE WILIIAM WPIGHT IIANIEI I-I. WYLIF . , GEORGE PATHIP . . IION OUARIIS IIYMAN H, SIMMI INS IIUNALII A. WHIIIIN . 132 Founded at Yale University in 1844. Colors are crimson, blue, and gold. Flower is the pansy. Chi Chapter established in 1850. ACTIVES PLEDGES IIy Sprinqs I-Iornnndo . Oxlovd , Oxliwrd . Oxford Hazlelwurst Horn Lake . Oxlord . Oxford , Tupelo IIY Sprlnqe , Sf rwrvbil I-Iazlehufsl . Case Ella Y --...-..------,, , Y -- :r.,.S1.'th.- -' "'- -- , 1- f, Q ' 'A 'q'f"?" f. vw? ,Hi fH25vAgL! A - J- "7 fgzvfyi f. '? N QW faa- V :'..... " " ' , 4 -, , W .A fi 4. A' ,T V g ' Wx 'I- L '-9-.1 , 1 ' - ' - - -g -- .fr-'r -,f W..-., -- ni...-.m...... . mp, Y M-fb'-QS-il lu. KT i f Y N K, ..,.rgl.:f,3..i. , FT axial-l""'U - w'wH-1-QL . - .... :Iv .!,5J'2 7 lf ' 3:'Ql:g- gfi' +- ' :.z .-lulw--. -- ' 'N' ' Q? "AM if V Yl'l'TL, :,- 7 fr hm -is , - -,A ,N-,N i Z V .l55...,d .556 1 fx ff' Cl -1 'Bm Q 'IP'- 'quo Firs+ Row: Pfxb'-v'+ A. Bivnde 5? fi Second Row: Jffw FH H'3if'?,' CMAQ Hugging Third Row: F'fyl,f1wf'1vm'1 Tum ,vm F7f1NMw WwYL.'im ' LMJHMN VVIHQ Fourih Row: c'l,., , 1,-. F' 1Tr,A. Lv vw Qunrm 1 H-,r'v'w-3F SRWV1' F Mfilxvi-iw W, Demi r Payrnwrwd B, Fvawiw VWHifiv'ru MCGUIVE' A IEWWII if' ., fytigggga. I I IJELTI-IPSI I Founded at Columbia University in 1847. Colors Q In 1855 A are azure blue and gold. Phi Chapter established s A . HUHI ACTIVES JOHNNY MAC AND JACK INTERESTED IN FLYING? 5 ff- m... 1.1 .-.--1 ,...... 1, .--1 0' DAVID LEO BURNS , . .JAMES M. CAIN . . JOHN T. ETHERIDGE . CHARLES E. FONTAINE . THOMAS F. HARRISON . HARRY H. HINES, JR, , HUEY B, HOWERTON, JR. , JOHN MQLENDON . , JOHN LAMAR MILLER , . FRANKLIN E, MOAI4 . I.-I. PETER B. PERKINS, JR. , CALVIN L. WELLS . ERSRINE W. WELLS , NN ,Q 1, -' uf -of neoees WILLIAM Q. BEANLANI' Burma P. cum . , . E.I-IRIDGE SIUDYING FOR NEXT week THOMAS EWR I B. II, GARNFR I LI. FRANI- CARNLR , 134 Waier VaIIey . Carwon Mendenhall , pPDl0lOL PI1IIadeIpIwi.a . Kcsciuslo . Univershy . lrwdianola . Haxlehursf , . . Rulh Jadson . Jaigliscm , .JGLLLIUVI , . O-imc: . Irwliarmla CXI'ldWrll"f , . Tunica , . Tunko 3274 j .. 'R' ' a ""' """ """" T"""A"':' YT ' " " "'-'- - - ' ' ' ' 1'1" 9' 'fggr ,- W' . - we re: -?fe,,.,aL e r it -Q rl A., 4 I s m, --N..--.1-rf -MH ve ef-T 'fig ' 5 'f-- I 'ge ff ' ee e ' awwkl . 37" Q S "N," X. fx 4 v '17 1-vx tn-ff 135 Firsf Row: Dayid Burns Jimrnie Cain John Erneridqe Cnaries Fonfeine Second Row: Jack Harris n Harry Hines Huey Howerfon Johnny MCLendf Third Row: Jack Miller Frank Moak Pere Perkins Jenn Purvrg Fourfh Row: Cerwin We-Us Ersline WeNls BH! Beenland Jack Crine Fiffh Row: Larry Elder B. H, Garner Frank Garner 5933, FH Ur: Ixx I--1 Tl I PROEFIEEO-F TOMMY curms -me-1-111: -.,,,.,-.l-.i. 11 --,,..,-.--1 1 III -.-i-1- ,---1i"' ,.,..,---1' ..-,-w-1'-" ...--4r- III 1lI'H' j1"T'.'I-'-- ,.,-at I I NAVY LOUNGE GMII CHI Founded at Miami University in 1855. Colors are blue and old gold. Flower is the white rose. Eta Chapter established in 1857. OFFICERS CARI SHORT Pri3Iif'vWI . Biloxi JAMES T. GRAHAM, Vfff' Rwsudfimr Bah-n Rouge, La. THOMAS CURTIS, Sc-crown Tupelo DIIRLEY DEAN, Tfe-Jsuve' BvIwaIio CURTIS D. ROBERTS PII:-1Ig1vI.1sI5f New Alban, MEMBERS JIMMIE BISHOP Crwinfh CREIGHTON CHANDLER WCM PC-Inf JAMES H, RAY . RGIMI H. M, RAY Reinzi MARTIN FIEMING RING Roanolfcr Va. TOM SWEAT COVIMII PLEDGES PAUL ANSON WILLIAM BELL CHATIES D. BARKER FALPH T. COWAN JR CHARLES O, COOK WILLIAM A, DAGGETT ELWOOD L. EDWARDS ROBERT F. ETI-IERIDGE HENRY FYFE DIJDLEY W, FOSTER SIDNEY GARNER ROBERT GILLESPIE JAMES R. GILBERT CARLYLE GREGORY CHARLES D HANCOCK BALLARD B. IIOLIALS POBERT B. HUNTEP CIEODCIE CLARK JIIILRNIN IAMAR W. LANE ,JOSEPH I' LEARY JR. JACK LOUIS MARSIIALI RIC..I-IARD S. MLCLJTCIIEN BOYCE NORWCOD IIfAr.K V. SASSO PAUL E, SCHRADER, JR. ROBERT SIMPSON IvIf'IIAPD L. SIRE5 NIL KKIIAS CQ. SKRIVANIIS JAMLS f1,STRlCKlAND IIIII-II I, SMITH DONAID II STORMO IIAVII7 IKIWNSEND IAI-AIN IIAIJVEY WIQILS IAMIS I. WILDLY NIIIIAM A. WHITINLI I 136 I I .L Cuucxnnmi, Ohio Alvxahfim, Va. Walhalla! S. C. Orlando, Fla. Shrsvepod, La. Pascaqoula Banncv Mvridmn Snrdk Mmwi. Fla. . , Oxford . Sardfs Mobil'-, AIA. Rod, MQunI, Va. SI. Pvfcrsburq, Fm. All-AINIIILI C-mimi Juvu Iif-n Tvrm. LI,mrIvIwIvq, Vu. , Jackson Arwnpolisi Mei. HQ wrxw c'sIPmI I-Ia. Lonq Beach, CaIif. CorinIIw If-ffm. Mm. COITLIIIVSIQIIH W, Vo. M 4-vI Ipwis, Tvnrw. IXAIlf"I1, C-.L IIIII Swmqsl AVI. CUIIIIIII MuIIms. S. C. Mmm'npoIIS, Minn. Jwm.-slmm. Aak. SIvpI1i-115011, W, VJ, . Dubuque, Iowa 'VI' f ' A v PM -,fail 1' Y Yllllx 'fa I I - - r ff- .:: xxx I, I M 11 'S' ,liil N .. V f - - -. ana we .iz E -Q ,- sf- 75-fl 'A ,-QA -I -L --L' . . "I -l' Hifi-wil ' " :EQ 5 ' ' U H' ,,., .'L.1"iT I X ll' , Hrfuiii. ' -'-'.--3 tf i. ui.. . Jn I .ni i f i --"'- -4 """-.. . -': iihfu- ' Jfiwf' - . - ef- A XF -A... egg if 3212 :Ea 'ir'T1i ' xr-EE r A ' Y --- ---v-- i..u--... -- ' ' 5 a?- ---- --177 Y Y do I 71' 7324 ff':5h,531:'5'lh. af: :aug yy, ' 1? -Q.. -...4' Q -, ,Y,v4- a Y , Y S. '-' 4- V . - -- 2: -. .. -ggi -l- A . 137 Firsf Row: Carl Short James T. Graham Thomas Curlis Darley Dean Curlis Robcrls Second Row: Creiqhlon Chandl James H. Ray l-l. M. Ray Marlin Rinrl. Tom Swear Third Row: Charles D. Bdlllfl Ralph Cowan William Dagqell Elwood Edward, Roberl Elhcridljc Henry Pyle Fourfh Row: Dudley lfwiqr Sidney Garner Roberl Gillespie James Gilberl Carlyle Greqory Charles l-lancocl Fiffh Row: Ballard Holmes Roberl l-lunler Georqe Jefferson Lamar W. Lane Joseph LO-ary, Jr. Jail: Marshall Sixth Row: Richard MCCUMZ Boyce Norwood Franl: Sasso Paul E. Schrader, Richard Sires James Slriclrland Sevenfh Row: l-luqh Smilh Donald Sfoimfr David Townsend James Wells James Wildey Williani A. Whilirwji llfl SIGMA ALPHA EPSILUN ..'.L. . ' . zf.g,'.-b U 'Q 'Q ll ,- .og f if O. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. ,JUST AFTER PLEDGE MEETING.. Colors are royal purple and old gold. Flower is the violet. Mississippi Gamma Chapter established in 1866. OFFICERS JL' HN E HAPISELELD ww' A 0.4713 JIM MACLTN VLcfPffsL1L-fn rvwagw hm W, T, MAPONEY Swarm TWQLO T B. WALTON JF Tfms, Jay-A MEMBERS R, JL ALLEN JP. :Hmmm BTLLL BAGCETT OJW1 QTAG PARTIES THF BEST OF ENTERTAINMENT LEE BAGGEU JR. GMM CAT?-AO JOHNSON JAELSQA CEOPGE KLMBPOLJGH LQAQSLLLQ JOSEPH MLCOY Bimm Ohio HUGH J MfINNl9 JP, Jafugm -4- ' NED MLIRQAY OJMJ JOHN D QLATERN JP. JALQLSAA ,A ,M HLLLQN MOORE TAFE Jaqlgfm TEM 46' CLLAFLES 5 '-AHITTANE-TON G Jew- 1 l SADNEY YORK Jndscm PLEDGES LLALES BAPDWELL warm Cm Alps: BHNLLNL1 f-L-N TPM A L, CAFP'-All, C-Elms ' KPRBW DAL JR, ummm A ' E-- BAUER DLJNAWAY Jul-son YOU DC'N'T Sffxffi FLVHAFD FQKFIDTE C'-menwlle MAN HALL Bmw FLT L-LL A Nw. , I A KNVTT JR. Pwvflwfolv V1 JFPPL LEALNELL F-'Hi A LLLAPLH NH WHL". NW"f1l"T A FLARE!-'A A PARKA9 LL LLLL QLLLL, -eww: HIE?-'GPN AMAA G-1. LLLMJL I-'HBLNSFTN IL LLLL MHA LLLLLN A 'NVWALL Cwvnvillv il'-lil iw KEN CW-H L-M A ALLLLAM-L MUVQUT CHL NLALLLLN E-LLHLNQ-LN Riwlwzfv, N. Cl LLAWLLLL MILL-'H41 VH rw MJ 5... V D HAI-VVAF Vhwlmglprmo --.-- - , , -i. - A Miz - E .V 401.5 E , A 5 f' v I LF Q 'P I .337 -as I A L In .- A' - Q M 'fx' N- -' ' ll- 4 Q L Il . A - WP' . V- 7.223 I ' M7 . , di, Ar X VY vi 'mu 1:5 H ' ' 3 A --,fine 'At U F 3557 I I V ,Y 1.7 Y, L ' ,ig ' fr " yi:-, -... -.--.. ...Sq-.... --- " ' sg, "" W' -7T- - --1 --. 0 - "" :1-za , 'lg!"'l-K - "Q"'Q'4'-"-'-4, 1--A,-,LQ ' V - - .4 ' 1 DM xw MISSISSIPPI GAMMA CHAPTER 139 Firsf Row: ,IWW Hamg,I+-:J ,Iwm Mal Im BIII IVAN' U , En , VVAIVV IUMA, AIIM1 Second Row: BIIII BHAIIVAI , , Lw BIi'l"lF1TI Clwfiflly Ffiullm LWIWCI ,If Vwfvgfxrw C3931 wi- Awww 'U Third Row: Jf'f.9pI1 IVICC' I-IUQH Mqlmmi-, Ned Muna, ,IFIIWVI SIQIQ1 I-Iuulw IMP Four+h Row: CI'warIgg, WINIIIIH' Shine, WMI Hemi Bavdv.eJI Aivbx, BfIv.Im'4 I-'nID,f Ui, JV. FIHI1 Row: B4-IIIQI P?w,Ivwwa, FIifiI'+arcI EzIvICIi1Q D6cin I-IaII AIIem Ifrwff ,Iervy LQAVQII Sixfh Row: CIwarIea ISJl,Iwf,I, , W , , Pfwbrrf Af1vIff Inf' I 14 PI,-ff:-ffm V . Jxruml, Ffvfwlm fm Jwhn SIN-MII Sevenfh Row: Le,IIe1 Turk-r ,I.1fiI- Wilmmf NwfH'm RHINPTIV HMQICI IV1urpF , J. D, I-Ia' g7f'IIe :X Ui "fs Il" '5 - . 'isa ' 0 ' . 'l .0 0 f PHI IIELTII THETII WHAT'S SO INTERESTING? I I Il I I ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE TALL TALES "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, . . X . l yfuyfl' 1 V. W. ,M ,,L...,......r..-qu, . xl V: S15 -I . 4. O" mf LM! Founded at Miami University in 1848. Colors are argent and azure. Flower is the white carnation. Mississippi Alpha Chapter established in 1877. JACK STUART, Pfegadmf . HOWARD LONG, warden JOHN MCARTHUR, TIAQM.-of LEON OERRARD, swelafy CHARLES COOPER DAN COPELAND . . HARVEY HENDERSON IIARRY HOFFMAN . ROGER LANDRUM . ROBERT MAYNARD . CURTIS PRESLEY . WILLIAM SADLER . . JIMMY STRIBLING . GRADY BREWER GEORGE BROWN . . TOM BOURDEAUX LA MONTE FULTON JOE GIBSON OTHO GIVENS JOHN GUNTER . ROBERT HEVEL EDWARD LEWIS . GEORGE MfLLAN . LOUIS MORRISON . BILL PERKINS . . RAYMOND SHEELY , KLEIN THORNTON , JACK YATES . . . 140 OFFICERS MEMBERS PLEDGES . Louisville . , Tupelo l-lalliesburq . Canfon Clarlxsdale Senatobia Sumner Hamesbuiq Kosciuglno . Tupelo Clarlsdale Senafobia Clarlcsdale Clarlrsdale Wafer Valley . Meridian . Louisville Paoli, Olcla. Senalobio Aberdeen Soulh Bend, Ind. Elizobellw . Jackson . Blaine . . Laurel Sennlobia City, N. C. Poscaqoula . . Shelby Q rw 'mf -fm H - 1 1 I --'af m gy-my-9.2.2-1 M par- Y Firsf Row: Jafl Sluarl l-lfrward Lii-n'1 ,lfrlrn Mrlfnilliur Lf-nn Gai-rrfsrfl Second Row: Charles Cnfrpvr Dan Copeland l-larwy l-lendwrs l-larry Hfrllnmn Third Row: Power Landrum Ffoberl Maynard Curlis Presley William Sadler Jimmy Slriblinq Fourfh Row: Gi ady Brewer Grfirrrqe' Brirrwn Torn Bow deaux La Monle Fullfrn Joe Grbzfrn Fiffh Row: Ofno Givens Jolwn Gunler Poberl l-leypl Edward Lewis Geordgx Mclfan Sindh Row: LCruiS Mmriei n Bill Perlrinf, Payrnrgrnd Slweely Klein Tlirjrrnlim liifl Yale: .fllz of -Q 1 -1 if zb 95 ,r i age Gina THAT SPIRITED CLAN OF ROBERT E. LEE DR MOSBY PRESCRIBES STUART RELAXING KAPP I A LPHA Founded at Washington and Lee in 1865. Colors are crimson and old gold. Flowers are the red rose and the magnolia. Alpha Upsilon Chapter estab- lished in 1900. OFFICERS DVIUI7 STONE I CQIwIbua F' "if FIEIQTE IEE SIUAPI II GUIILQ-" APIVIUR IMI MEI-IPEII. III IVIEIIJIBIW CAMEPCIN L, IILL IV .IJJSL-'1 EDWIN IcELLIs v swarms. JAMES G, STUAPT VI Mewaiav PAI MAPIIN, VII Mefluian RQBEIVI IUPNAGE VIII Jaghgw KIMBALL BPQWN IY Housmn MEMBERS MCSE ALIISCIN Chafesm' LELVIN DAVIS L-rrrerwwlle PAUL I-IUC-HES Jagksofi JOHN M, JONES Macon CLIFTON MAYWELL Jaqksow POBEPI F, MIQCAIN Gres-n.IIIe EDNAIPD MQDOWELL Jailsor WILLIAM MQKEE SIaILvIIIr- IAILICIN MITCHELL Jmjlsgin WILLIAM MOSBY Mr-Uijiafw HENE PHILLIVS Lfmvu PCIBEI-'I PIfIBIfIf'IfI SUIIIILM-C WIIIIAM BAPNEY plrliiri M--'pwis Tw: IAIL'Ip WEBB Iklamj PLEDGES CHARLES ALLEN FIJLU L. BCIWLJLN NILK 9. BUITIRILH MIKE CAMVBFII NIIIIAM If LAPFAWAY 'NIIIIAM CYIDIIK LJIJIIIFY IIDPII EIINNAFD MIBN 'N LIININ III 'ALII LIIIIIN I IIILV IIIIIII I MA 'I'I II IIf'III"I IJ. MIIIJI III IIIIIVII I!I"'I'I 'IIIIWII NIIIIIIIHWN IP Iewi IIIWIII I,AI"lIY MAIMIIII IIIIJHIPI IIIIIMI--,MII QIIIIIINI. II'-III IA.IIIIIIIf MIAILII IIIMIIII INIIPIII .II II- ' IIIIINI. 142 NIIIJ Yw 3 GUIILIQII Cvrmrg LJ. MHIIILIIIIS Tiffin. J.x.iISLI'I Pf1vIs.uoI.1 TIJ. CIIJIII-g?,I RMI III- Cu. I-' H I- L51 Bmw,- I.II'IJ.3fi LIIII1-'av Bi. CJ I ,sm Umm ISIN M: M Inav L II.1I IIIIII .i II.fII.1I1Ii.1If- JLIII-son Vnlllwvg L.IIurIIsIorI BWV. "-"1--N-' 1-A:""' .,.. He x 2 , 'r we-eaiie f - U 51 T " ll' -1.5M 'f -:ng q J i"-:'E-E'iL'Yli"- ' .l1E'f'::fkf-' '- nf- A 1 A 'MH S' 'Z Yi ' ?-Ti ,A ---.-.we-- ,.,av,,..,,... ' Q'-'-- -, 1 .. 5' e1l1f:4?i1W-iiiffyll --1...--...... Y in , "5 ........,........-.4 Y ...- W ALPHA UPSILUN CHAPTER F 143 Firsf Row: Doug Stone P. E. L. Sluerl Arthur Merrill Cameron Till Edwln Kellis James Slum? Second Row: Pal Marlin Roberl Tuvnage Kimball Brown Mose Allison Leon Davis Paul l-luqlwei Third Row: Jolnn M, Jonee Clillon Maxwell Roberl F, Mcffelr Edwavd McDowell Willian'u McKee Mlllon Milfilnell Fourfh Row: Wllllenw Mosby Gene Plwillipu Roberl Roberls Williarrl Harney Pl Taylor Webb Clwavles Allen Nlcl S. Bulllrmn Fiffh Row: Milne Carnpbeli Willian'l Cool Dudley Fedflc Edwavd Gibson John L. Massey Ernesf McMuff:lly l-luqlw Moline Sindh Row: Jewry Cllyyell Favley Salmon l-lerberl ll'lonwpi,fJn Sferllnq 'liqlne !AXVll'IUf Wlwallely Clweyles Wclrley Holly S. Young KIIPPII 9 9 'O ". 'uv ,-, :.-.3, I gtg., 1. XX MUST BE A BAR THE STAR OF KAPPA SIGMA! DANCE IN THE HAYLOFT TONIGHT .-1' 'lis- ,-:HJ V ' 1' 'XI x 1 X , wi 'Y' LOOK HERE, BOYS, THE KAPPA SIGS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN .L ' I .4 SIGMA Founded at University of Virginia in 1869. Colors are scarlet, emerald green, and white. Flower is the lily of the valley. Delta Xi Chapter established in BEN CJUINTANAI Presidenl TOM BARNETT! Vice Rresld-rml DAVE CONNER, Secrefary , HUGH JONES Treasurer MARSHALL ALLEN ,, HERBERT BABINGTON BERNARD BLACKWELL JAMES BOUTWELL ROY BURT ROBERT CAMPBELL HILMON CASTLE SINCLAIR DANIEL , CHARLES DEAN HUGH MILLER MILTON PHILLIPS BOYD PICKENS IRA PITTMAN JAMES POLLARD BUDDY RAGSDALE ROBERT RUSSUM EARL SHANNON JOHN STEVENS GEORGE TINDALL CHARLES WALKER BILL WOODS GUY CAMPBELL ED HINMAN ROBERT LAMBRIGHT JOHN MALONEY GENE THOMAS . ROBERT 'IOWNSEND ROBERT ANDERSON DONALD ARCENEAUX RAY BLACK JOE BURSI ROBERT COMER ANCIL COX ROLAND DALE WAYNE DERRINGTON WILLIAM DOZER ROBERT EVANS WAYNE FANCHFR JONNY GOODSON IRANK GUZIKOWSKI TIIURMAN LATIIAM DAN MIELROY ANDY OFEUTT BRUCE PHILLIPS HUNTER SHORT CHARLIE SINOPLI HUGH IHOMASSON CIARY VAN OMEN CALEY WALDRII' ROBERT WALKER CYIIARIIE WILLIAMS EDWIN WIILIAMS IIIANK WINDIIAM 144 1926. OFFICERS MEMBERS PLEDGES McComb , Baldwyn , Bay Sl. Louis Memphis, Tenn, , , Long Beach Meadville Sauder , . . Laurel , Winona Gerrnanlown, Tenn. Paclwufa . Brookhaven . Sliaw Holly Springs Bay SY, Louis , New Albany Colfeeville Greenville . Ozark, Ala. . Flora A Vicksburg , Foresl . . . . Magee . Sanaforiurn . Slale College . . . Laurel . Carthage . Jackson . , . Jackson , , . .Jackson . ,Wilsonb N. C. . . Gulfporl . Bay SI. Louis Eudora, Ark. Colliemillel Tenn. Mobile, Ala. , , Shaw . , Magee , . Jackson . . Roseville, Ohio , MQ-nipluis, Tenn. CoIumbuS .FL Lauderdale. Fla, , Mtlnisleel MICII. , , . Eupora , . Fulfon Gu-vnwille. Ohio Crysial Springs Naslwlllex Tenn, , Gulfporl DeKalb . In-e-laml. Micli. Jackson . . Sanalorium . Yazoo City Plain Naslwillex Tm-nn. ,,,:f"- -f - ' " ii:-ana-if , W g 'Fl' A 1 1...-Q V ,,--- ii 'l,,.,,7 Y - -K V , A .3f11..p0"iZ""'r 415' - -V- 15' ,LA 'QE D-L, ' ' " ' -'a.:g.:giij1 .,.....Eq6 H . gap- .qmhl i2L5ih ' - --..-:mmlk+! 'P' Y U Xsh, I I Il: N , ,r !f'lHf!'l! Igiiif 'll-2-T-I. iq' f 'la -Q1 oo o A -!:5"'i..,'.-, ii!!! an a " A: 1,5 V ELTA ICHAPTEH 145 First Row: Ben Quinlann Torn BarnE'll Dave Conner Hugh Jones Marshall Allen l-lerberl Babinqlon Bernard Blackwell Second Row: James Bonlwell Roy Burl Roberl Campbell l'lilVr'l0n Caille Sinclair Daniel Charle: Dean mg-. Millar Third Row: lvllllon PllillipS Boyd Pioleris Ira Pillriian Jarnes Pollard Buddy Raqsdale Roloerl Russnn- Earl Shannon Fourih Row: John Sleyens George Tindall Charles Wallfer Bill WOIJKJS Quy Campbell Ed l-linrnan Bob Larnbriqhl Fifih Row: John Maloney Gene lhorriaS Roberl Townsend Robert Anderson Donald Arcerwaur Blaglr Ray Joe Bursi Sixfh Row: Roberl Corner Ancil Cox Roland Dale Wayne Derrinqlon Williarn Dozer Rob-err Eyans Wayne Fancher Sevenfh Row: Thurman Lalliarn Dan McElroy Andy Ollurl Bruce Phillips Hnnler Shorl Charlie Sinopoli Hugh Thornasion Eighfh Row: Gary Van Cn'-an Caley Waldrip Robert Walker Charlie Willian'S Edwin Williarr'iS John Goodson Franlr Guzikowsli I GG' 1 I ,vs of ,,. g 'Q 4 K 'k cp 1 1 n Al C Iv , I9s'oLfI PI KIIPP1-I IILPHII I ITL, "ff I -I MOTHERSHED TALLIES A FROSH fn .l NIEEK.rAYLoR vs, JOHNSON-TIERCE JOHNSON KEEPS THEM ROARING! I f 4-4 I I I I I I 146 I Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Colors are garnet and gold. Flower is the lily of the valley. Gamma Iota Chapter established in 1927. TURLEY H. MEEK President OFFICERS JAMES K. AVENT, JR., Vice-Presldenf . WALTER L. ADAMS, JR., Treasurer GEORGE HARMON, Secrefary JAMES A. BARNETT, Pledqprnasler CURTIS ALEXANDER JIM C, BARNETT RAY BASS ELLIS B. BODRON, JR, ROBERT B. CLANTON RICHARD N, FENOER EDWIN S. HANFORD AUBREY R. HARRIS WALTER B. JOHNSON HERBERT J. C. LEE MEILOW J. MARASCALCO JOHN M. MOTHERSHED CAREY W. PHILLIPS JACK SENTER RALPH W. TIERCE S. JAY M-QDUFFIE GILES E WILLIAMS FRANK BELLIRANI BILLY B, BOYD RCIBEKT I. DAIVIILIO W. H IIILI, JR, Tkllllvlfixg JACKSON Jr-In .I -'aoI HNSON J, IILLMAN LYLE ALVIN C MAPLES AIIf,IIN MOLWDY WILLIAM E. IQIQUIIIROCK WILLIAM R, "BIIIY" STEWART IIIMMY K TAYLOR ITRPRY A. TFDDER TDI-AR N TURNIRSEED FIIBIRT l MAY 'INII I PED "BILL" YARBROUCH MEMBERS PLEDGES . Tyro , , Grenada . . Charlesfon Memphis, Tenn, Jackson Monrrose Tylerlown Lumberlon Vicksburg Grenada Oxford Drexel Hill, Pa. Shannon Jackson Brooklyn , Grenada . Crenshaw BIrn'IingnanIL Ala. Eullon Sunflower Nelllelon Clarlsdalv Ccnwrville MCCOOI Clarksdale Monroe. Ln. New Allmrw IA f'Ir IDITISW Tenn. Newton Lvaksnlle Pachuls INJPIIIDIIISX Tnnn. New AIIn.aIIy Crm-nslmw Me'IIIplIIs! Tenn. C-Ienada RIIIILIIIL-IIIIIID Indnanola Q, ll A569 gin' -,, 1 :W Y li 54-1211-mu mm-ai! x If Q 1 w 1 Y WU x - - Y "" "" ' "' " ' " 'g , rr' """'s 'L'541 - 1 Y . , jiirlf -A 'F --V ' :ff "lf . riff ' S7 f ff 2 A ll ,. ' , ,., ll. - ':!..:- ' "" l. .A... l A-V'--'A K X Ja, J 1 A, iii?- fl... f :za 4 X3 J .J 221-,ri-si-H :Ei Y J y QT ,. QS, J :mg fr.:-.4, .., - f , 'ii , 'Wild 1 A 'aqflgff-' Firsf Row: Turley Meelf James Avenl Waller Adams Gcorqrf l-larmon James A. Bdrnell Second Row: Curlis. Alexander Jirn C. Barnell Ray Bass Ellie Bodron Roberl Clanlon Third Row: Aubrey Harrls Waller Jolwnson J. C. Lee Calclonia Jnlwn lvlollmerslwed Fourfh Row: carey Phillips Jack semef Ralph neue S. Jay Mcmfze Ed Williams Billie Boyd Flf'fl'1 Row: Roberl Dernllio Harold Hill Tlwornas Jaclfson Tillman Lyle Alvln Maples Roberl May Six+h Row: Bill Roflwroclf Billy Slevvarl Tomrny Taylor Jerry 'ladder Edgar Turnlpseed Bill Yarbrough ixf' 9' . I Q! rib j' E 'ol' I -l Kat-Ifngo. FELLAS HERE'S THE PLAN IIE, WESTON EXPLAINS EVERYTHING BADON CITES A CASE GMA NU Founded at V.M.I. in 1869. Colors are gold, black, and white. Flower is the white rose. Epsilon Xi Chapter established in 1927. WILLIAM G. BURGIN, JR! COVTIUliiVId OFFICERS JQHN M WESTON LI, C-Jmmandw TI-IAD L. ANDREWS Ireasm TIAICIMAS E, BAIION WAYNE A, FINGER ROBERT L, HERPON CHARLES L. KATZENMEYER RUEFIN T. LOWRY , , BILL C. MQCORU A , . RICI-IAREI E. MULLETT WESLEY P. MIMURRY . SHERMAN C. MYERS , EARL P WILSCDN . WILLIAM L, BOUPGECII5 II KENNETH BQWLLS , LLWIS M. CARR QUE H LIUNQAN ,IR WALTI IP If HAGLP u,fELJRknI B. IIIIJFNI4 LII? LEAMVBIII I IIUNIIII ILIIIIIN ,I, MIINNN, II-', I-'I'IiII"I II MUIIIII IIIIIMAL W, MULI . 'II' IIJUI W NI II-'PIU IIULI I, SAMIBIIN IIIIIIHII W UIIINI IIAVIII M IAIIHI-' I 145 I MEMBERS PLEDGES HI . SIQrIw-IIIQ Bay Sf, Louie IvII3qm3IIa LILJEFIN . , RIpIeI Y'-jwnwixmown QIWIU VIcIfsburq Jadmsom CQlIUnIbLI5 . QLIIIITIGII I"JLIu LIII Im. BI, JwswpII, Mu LEIKILIILI GuIIporI ,,I.flIIIr-'NIQVv'I'I, N. C. Z me-5wIIIr2 KRIIILI , Rwph-X, lvIfA.1IIwIIfA Ilrl QIHII Irx I,ILIIIm.m II.1II'.I,1Iv I,IIIIIrII.xrI , wI,II,.I IIILII-IIIIIIJ III-1m.lHvIIIvN Cui. IETIMI AIIf-n Cwermdu .1 -3 1-aw Firsi Row: John Wesfon Thad Andrews Trrm Baden Robed Herrfwn Second Row: Charles Karzerwmeyer WesNey' P. M:Murry Sherman Myers Kerwrwefh BowNes Third Row: Lewis Carr Gus Dancan George Herring CampbelN Hunter Fourfh Row: Poberr MUHEAH Tom Muse Jesse Sampwm George Srrrre 149 4 BETA BETA CHAPTER Firsf Row: FTQTT,-.' EVE Qfyi, VV, Q. ALFA Second Row: Pm.: WT1T,,fT, r T L We Q14 ,TT rm P' 1 VH WM fit, , DR FOX TEACHES THE BOYS A LESSON THE BETA BOYS TAKE LIFE EASY vii, ALPHA TAU IIMEGA MISSISSIPPI DELTA PSI CHAPTER i"N 'aff' fi' "":1 ,rua ...- , Firsf Row: .R gl 'I E.-3reIII3 I-Ifjrp-fir .J VILIIII BIQIW: . James BIafQImor1 Erarwi Llfiwrr Second Row: John Eedi Ered Humier CIIII Lurias Founded at V.IVl.I. in 1865. Colors are sky blue and gold. Rfjrbfgif Thor nfrirm Third Row: Mauricu AIIirwr Bed Eorrrrim ErrrmiII JQIYII2- r AIIVU SrrrrrAI-' 1 It . Flower is the white tea rose. Mississippi Delta Psi Chapter es- tablished in 1927. OFFICERS EVERETTE L. HARPER, PreL.rdenI Moss PCIIHI VAN WILSON. Vice-President Lula VICTOR BLAINE. Se-creIary Darling MILLARD JENSEN, Treasurer LucedoIs MEMBERS JAMES BLACKMON, JR. ,CI1arIr:rIYe, N, C. BOB BOWZE McPherson, Kan. JAMES BREUNLIN . Sycamore, III. FRANK L. DOERR, JR. BuIIer! Pa. JACK DOTTY .. TupeIo JOHN D. EEDS , Ashlandr OIfIa. BILLY G. FLAUTT , Swan Lake ARMIS EUGENE HAWKINS . Memphis, Term, FRED HUNTER , New Orleans La. LUTHER JONES , . A Memphis, Tenn. CLIFF LUCAS , Kozciusko ROBERT THORNTON . Fe-ssenderw, N. D, PLEDGES MAURICE N, ATKINS EDWARD L. BOATNER BARNEY BRAMLETT LEO D. BROACH GEORGE H. CLARK. JR. DARRELL H. EWIN6 BERT FORMAN , , , BERNARD W, HILL , EMMIT JAMESON . DONALD KAUREZ I CECIL KIRKIS JOHN N. MQKINNEY , CHARLES A. NITROVER SHIELDS SIMS WILLIAM L SIMS, JR, . BURRIS O. SMITH ORRIN W. SNYDER , , ALLEN SORRELS CURTIS H, THOMPSON WILLIAM BERT THOMPSON THOMAS LAMAR TRIPLETT DANIEL G-. UNTCH KAVANOUGH P, WOOD, JR. Merrwphrsl Tenn. Ponfofori O-fiord Webb WGSDIDQTOUN D. C. Lincolnion, N. C. , Memphis! Tenn. West Point Pascaqoula , Memphis. Tenn. Ford, Va. Lucedale ,PhIladeIpI-nie, Pa. . Columbus CoIurr'Ibus Louisville , Memphis! Tenn. . Belzom , . Columbus Columbus , Mashulafille Chicago, III. , Lena sie... ," r,,,, 4,- 5' J S 7 Q-u .X A SHAVE A DAY KEEPS THE DIRT AVYAY, HARPER "WEBSTER SAYS THIS . I' , 43' T711 ? .i'f1.ix P I -HELLE HELEN DUKE LOUISE AVENT SARA AYCOCK KATHLEEN FULGHUM ESTHER LEWIS JOYCE BLOMQUIST MARIE SPIVEY f 'JY 5' ELAINE HOOD iv' 7 , REYNOLDS MARVINE MCNEIL HELEN WILLIAMS JULIET WITHERS EDNA ACREE LYNNA MOONEY MARY NEL The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the seven sorority presidents and two representatives from each sorority. The officers are chosen by rotation. The Ole Miss Council is a member of the National Pan-Hel- lenic Council. The primary purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to promote harmony among the different sororities on the campus, and promote co-operation and unity among all the Greek-letter organizations, and to pass rules and regulations for the welfare of the system. To accomplish this effectively, Pan-Hellenic sets up the rushing rules, limiting the quota of pledges the various groups can pledge, regulating the bidding system, and co-operating generally with the University authorities throughout registration week. 152 C.-7 5' s L TODD -H Q- -ff Cou CIL ,I ANN BOGARD HULDAH COUSINS SOPHIANNE BARNER ' I Y . 5. , 1 f I ' " .A 'I' 'I' X ' A Mk - 1 Ii v 1 'I MARY K. DAVIS LUCY LAWSON FRANCES SHERRILL I OFFICERS PfE12ld9VlL . ,LHGDE DEHG I HELEN DUKE. VIC?-E'r6'3Idr1n DEII5 Delfa Delfa LOUISE AVENT, Secrgtar-, I SARA AYCOCK, Treazur I I I I IATI-ILEEN FULGHUM I ISTI-IEP LEWIS I I JOYCE BLOMOUIST I I , MARIE SPIVEY . . ANN BOGAPD I I - MEMBERS , Chi Omega . .Phi Mu , Chi Omeqa . Chi Omeqa Delfa DeI+a Delfa Delfa Delfa DeIIa . Kappa DCIIG iii QI' 1 V h 8 xii if if 1 Z I HULDAH COLISING SOFHIANNE BAIPNEP ELAINE I'-IOOD REYNOLDS MARVINE McNElL I-IELEN WILLIAMS ,IULIET WITI-IEPS EDNA ACPEE A LYNNA CLAFA MOONIY MARY NELL TODD MARY K. DAVIS , LUCY LAWSON A FRANCES SHEPPII L , 153 MIRIAM HORNE Iam'-A EIPIIP1 , VLH Mu , VIII Mu EInIIa Garwvma DOIN Gamma Delta Gafvwm . DOIN ZPH EIGIIA ZGI-H Di-IIA Zfifi Zvi Tau AIQHI ZQIA Tau AILII 1 lfbi Im A'x"'f CHI UMEGIT Founded in 1895. Colors are cardinal and straw. Flower is the white carnation. Tau Chapter estab- lished in 1 899. LUTJTSE AVENT, T"fiS11f'nl sswm LEWTS, KATHLEEN EULCHUM Slfwfa' LESLTE RCTBERTSX Tri-35,'-if 'SATL ALFCTRD PCTBERTA ATFCTRD MAMTE JEAN ANDERSON JCTSHPHTNE ASHCRAFT TTILLTE BARFOOT GRACE BENNETT RAT BURROW MORSY FORTRITSHT CONSTANCE CHATT-TAM SARA CHATHAM SHIRLEY CRAWLEY LELA DCTUGLASS JULATNE ERESEN TTLLIE FRIEND CHARLOTTE CEE TNDA l-TOBBS JOHNNY l-TURN ANN HOWARD BETTY MTTMURCHY BUBBIE NELSON MARJORTE RHTLPOT TTCTRVTTHY ROBERTS MARY ELTZABETH ROBERTS fr-ENE THOMAS SUZETTE TOWNSEND MARGARET VANCE YCYONDTNE WALKER BETTY WARTNTZ DOROTHY WESTOVER CARUTTNE WHTTAKER fi-EORTYIA WTLTTAMS RATTYE SUE WILLTAMS VATTTTIA BARRETT MARCARET BTTURC-EUTS T'ATTllT-'TNE BURTTETTE ETHET HURDETTE MAT-'Y TLTXABETH CATES BETTY YT-'EEKMCWT TYTNTE CTEEIF HAT-'TTY ANN TTHRKTNS TTENVTT-' TENKTNH HTL TVTTTNSVTN ALMA Kllllillrlr BETTY TTATRT TAMBTT-'T VTR'-TNTA LEE JANE' FTRVTVVN MJAT-'Ti T1TTTY Mrfrlllll' lvllNT'lAl" MH-'F-'lll Tl' 'INT T.1H,'- TT R T1Al"HAT-'A MMR'-AN TTTNA VARKTR TAMAT T'TIT-'VIH IANT T-'T WS MAT-'ITTA ANN T-'MAAN MAT-'TYARTT l"llHT TTTAFITTTTE 'TAN'-'TM MARIATTA '-TMMHNS T-T T'-Tl YN Tlli-'TAT1'-TTI MARY TlT,"AHTTl1 WATTT T'f'll'1' WlTT'r UAT-'A WIT '-1 'N Grenada Batesville Pensacola Fla. Como lvlvnrphri Tvfw Rrillinq Fork Jack-ron Greenwood Plnlladrrlpnra Wafer Vallev Lyon Rolling Eoflf Shaw , Tndrqnola Kwsciuslo Oxford G'eenv1T'e Sarnlis Carrollton Greenwood Amgry Duran? Dunran Clrarl-s-Tale Hollr Swings New Albam. G' riff nwoco Clarksilnlri Rich Balrslrllfn Larnhwl Wafer Vnllm AnqClCS4 Cnlrl. Cwrcnvin Yarn' Cllr Clnrl .NTP Tuiwlo Jar Ts r,'r n Jar lsun J.1llSCrrr Time!-1 Jaclson Cwlurrvlwns C-ulll' "T N il. Tw! L. -mqlrrn N-:TT lun' Clr ivlfwlr-n Jfruf lvwxn J ar lsirn Nwlr Tw: N TTT 'Tru lvlv rrrgrlwre Tr nn. Y-Lrnv Lil, lNlrylrlv".' Nfw Allrw. J rr lsrrn Suvlnlrrlmvvw L,l.1vlvf.rlvlf- . Cllrrlrrvm Jm lsrrn T rvr'f- nm rlll rl lrrw-vvwrnnl Jmlson Tugnrlrr , ,, Y -..,, - , . A, -.- H- ,, f- rj.-:gig-.1 -:M V " I Af-3. 'al , I "1 W 4 r abil?" - 4. .,.. ' ' 4' '- ' , NA4-A . " '5 I ' ug' - vguiiqjf :E - ' -4.7 J, X ' A ' I' " -5"-E. fffff-M- - 2 , 2 HF : 'if 574-f?fl, ..'.1'L.---. -asv--.. -. ' ff' ' ?fQ,1 , Y f g"' "v - T-Q , H 3 ' 'V V .'1',7Z" f:4'.el2:f2f.'5:ZU7. 7' ' '., -rxmi ,hh W W Q VY i H - f -V - ,i ,. . , ..... ,W : fy l H l i 1 - 7 - 1 l - 1' I I I ls ' VIQ VU' 'I' 155 Firsi Rowg L4 mg, A,-mv Esfhfr Lf M3 K-ffm' vm F4Nf3,vu'rx L1sMw PWM M' Cmwf ANff,r-1 I-mkwf1.w Aiffgxm Jw, nur WY AgM,,,w Second Row: Bllfw, Biff' UT f?"C:Cf B MVN F-,H Bunn-1 Mmm, C,'+f,qwr Cfwvasfqnm Qhgtburr, S-U-A Cimfhwvlw LQNJ Duyuqlggq Third R OWi Juhmf F-'I ffm HIM' Fw: rv-1 Q 1,,fl,,1f, UL, mx, Hrxm f Jfyrm, H 'wv' ' Ann Hfyw 4: ,I B4 fLvl,m,- N17 Xgur, Fourfh Row: MVJQMVAO F'HlH'ww? Dfw 'Huy Pgflyr M5 Mm, Elm'-.afvffh POD' ff-' wi TM wa, Swv HI, T',Nmsu-1 M svqwrvi Vjnnfgif Yqw 'inn' Vxfgltcf Fifih Row: Cfxrwlnnf- Whl?JP9r Q-.wrqm WxVWwf3rvv5 pklffyv' Sui- WHMJWS Mavq FnYvw,m B-,1 fra-H wr'-f Bourqficfri Cjsfhwrrnf Em ASME EHw1 B'JY'i"fff' Sixfh Row: Mgr, Emggm-fry Law Bm, Cf, -www Arm H',g,lfrr15 Uri-mwr Jfinhrvl Bw' JOVWUSOVI Alun Kfglloq Ba-Nr CMMS l.Jr'Vwbf3f Sevenfh Row: Ba-H4 PAUSE-P'weL Dvmblv M-Urxll Ehfwsl Mfhqir EJ rm P61 'P Q V CJVH-JC' punt? Jane Pos Mgvfhc Arm Pownr Eighfh Row: M wqfwcf Fug? Ch1'W3H1 Sifiin Mwgurrvin Swv"v"1-ini FWS' l,u Th'f11qwW Mum EM.'if'f',Y' 'W3i1 P':ll,'Wf1Nl. Sava WwV5'!n f,i'f'V1V SY CM Haw, DELTA DELTA DELTA fi, I ia, .QJ 1 , . Y il ' f fx! XY: THE REMAINS OF A PACKAGE FROM HOME 4 TRY DELTA FOR DELIGHTFUL MEALS BOYS' - Y Q' 'rffvvi Y J Z' '. 'Y ,, ., ., 4 I :I-' H'7Y?'Y A . n L- E ucxf .-4. 1 , Y . ' gf . . -YK s ra . 4.3 ' 34- UCOME CN EONA LAUGHV lbo Founded in 1888. Colors are silver, gold, and blue. Flower is the pansy. Chi Chapter established in 1904. OFFICERS YYELEYY DUKE LYMEYYYY YYjYYYj5 BYCYMYQYEYYQY Y YYY.-YYY MAEAW EDNA ,f5DArvYS S .YYY,YmYA. M-Y, ,YY YYY MEMBERS PIJTM EYPYTYWYXJ NTTA CCTVYPEF? FAMTLLE COVlNY'YT'YN VAULTNE CCYVTIJTPTV N DCTFPCYTA-l'Y DAY COFNELTA ELLYYTYTT CAFOLYN EL'I'Y MEPFY ANN FLYNN JEWEL 'SATTHEF' DYELLY GAPEYNEF MAPY MAVSARET TPANBEFRY MAPYSAPET 'gplfffi xllA'lY A-YAYNES BETTY HEMETEF-' ANNELLE JOY-YNSTYTYN JEAN KOFFMAN IHETYT LEARNEEY VEFCY MAPEYDWE VEGQY MQDEARMUYN AEYSENA MCYCYRE SAPA MCYSELEY TVYUYSE MUFPAY AACAAE YJYEYTS 'QAFAH 'LANE MYES-'Q NAVY YFYTYYNYA N21fYYTH" ELLA PATA 'VTNEALE 'YYMTRLEAY VEPPY lAlCG'l,lEElNE YYPYLA MAPY ELYZAEETYY FEITTYYN 3 MARY ANN PTVEI-'Q MAPLE ANN CPTVEY MYTDPEEY TAYLYJP ELTZABETH THYAYMA9 TVTAAET FPANCE9 TYYYA'MK'9Y"YN 'YALLY' STFVNE TFJTYTTEF' LATHF-YN YAEESTEA' FTYITH WEYLENMAN MAFY DCYAUTETY AAT LUUANN WlAAi'T ALYYQE .Y'Y2TYY'Yr.YY l 'LTTE WFFN PLEDGYES YMYYY YQYEYYMY ANMYEW. TTYXAEETH BEYAEYY TYYA YYWYY1 MAA-'Y ANN HAY'-5xNl"'N BETTY RFY"YTf.N MAAYTHA AY LY lil-' -Ili YN MAAF-"Y, TA FYWYI-'TY VENNY MAA-'UAYAAY MAT-'IT HAVE' TAT VATQY HY-Xl-'T NANIY HAP-'TY N l FYAYIHEPANE Y4A,'AFlT TllElY'l"A H'll"Yl'fY ?Y.YAAlJl"l1'Il VALE lll1YYHl'. lYllN KAPHY '-MYIH Plllll MAFAYYN ULN Y HY YNNTA Hllf M A "RTN l ,ANNA lY.f'Al"'-lYf'Xll ANN MY YY l-'l YYYF-"WI A V lull-'WYYYY TY A-Y 'PY' NEYNNYYYJ V.1f4lflYYl-'ll 'JY 'F'-lll TIYYNIX A-Y YY lN"'Y 1IlY"Yi"JY."' l""'YllA l- 'll' ll T.1Al-'YYAl"ll l"YY'Y'Y ll,MlY A'll'Y'Ylll lflilll ',A'lJlY YPANYVY NFA-'Y MAA! l-'ll Y'YllA'YllI- PYVJN 1fYl-'TTY All' Hgfnggb ,Q PH' Lim-:Hn Cymp. Bair:-'Y NN YYYEY Yallf, ln YY an 'Yi CHYYYNYY MPYYYVPYYQ lf-YYYY lY'Y.frYYPRR YY: YY'Y CYM Drfn MAY Y' T,-YYYY Y.,-.,,Y,. MVN' Hwfw-SLYYYYYQ Tupvl: flEYpY,YlIp Timm l-lAHYE'SlDufCY MQJYSQYYY VYY1ASbYJYq Cl.YYLsY1aTw lrYYlY.anola 'v'T'SbU'Q TY2rYYY Sf-rY.aYm,YYa VXYYST PYTYYYY Cxllffl CMU, HYYVYvsbY.rq CFYYYYYY MYYYY lun WYJYYYY CW, HYHYA lY1'q MYHYYYYYYTQ TYYYYY lx-AfYY1YYY'Y Q, YYYY Yr. CYYYY. ,YEYYYYYY1 lfYYYY lm 4, U Yf,Y Alf CY-l YYY M. YY YY R TY'-'ww Mm, ,,,,. HYYYY.-QYYYYYYQ l Y l ,, YYY f',YYYYYY,YTIYY BYYYYLYYYJXYY LYTYYYYAY NYVYA YYY, ' AYYYYY1 Y.-Y T"YYllYY Y! HYHYY-stY.Yq MY' YYYYY AYL klvm Y YIY M, YYY YYY,.w TY YYYY A YYllYl "1 LYYYY fYYlYYYYYlYYY MY YY TY YYY l.1 LQYYYY YYY TYYYYY lYYYYYl YUYYYYYY Y -YY YY LY ll YY'Y,YslYYYYq LVYY-YYUYYY-. K YYYYYYA' YYYYATY YY' .l YY MYYY "YY YY.Y!Y lYY Y YYYYYYvYllY- ,lm VZYYYY KJYYMYYY VX'.Y.Y VYAIY-. YY.Y YY I ll, YlYYYiY'! 4,174 .. L.. -, .. y .' ir' 'mu' 1 , '-E ...W fn- -.--f-- 1 . 'U' , - , l-Le vl . ,g IE ik,- '- V , l -fy, , ,QV F Ml 'W' ' l nilla. 6- Xl' 7 xl' ' ' ' , - - Y W- 1.3 . E ' --:2lLrlIuM.R wsu-nmsnxd-5. Q-NN Q - .. , 7 Y i Y V H' Us WW I' ' Iv mn xy -- --Qv- -o.q--... ... Y F ,-is -xi .... x vk Q V :ai - ,i?,Y?V-ig I . 1-ow - - . . , .... nr.. ' f ll' - l,," -Nh ,M 'Y -1- , QL Q -xxrwl S! " X ! avr ,V l Y V H M PM I , ' 1111.53 H jp: 4... ' 1 Y, ,Yu - In 3: 0. '2 fif W l,,,'?Eg-' Qi.,-. lr: If lx: r y 157 Firsl Row: l-l+IPn Dub Joyce Blryrrrqqlst Mary Edna Amr' Pulln Brrgwn Nrla Cooper Carrnlle Co lnqmn P3ullnE' Cayrnqlcrn Second Row: Dorollwy Day Cornelia Elllryll Carqlyn Ellis Merry Ann Flynn Jewel Cvrjrflrfr Dolly Cvardrwr Mary Marqarel lfranbe- '. Third Row: Marqarel Grrrrr Belly l-lernels-r Anne-lle Jo'lnsl.,rn Jeanna Krpllnran Theo Learned Percy Marliwr' Piggy MCDPJM Fourih Row: Regena Moore Sara Moseley Sara Jane Myers Mary Virqlnia Nrqholi Ella Rita O'N-alll Shirley Perry Jacquelrne Pall. Mary Ellzabern Re-iicfnc, Fiflh Row: Mary Ann Rryers Marne Ann Spryry Mlldrffd laylgr Elizabellr Tlwrnae Mary Franc:-S TllUllllJS,rU Sally Slrjne Trrjrr-1 K3lllryn Wr5lJSlH Rnll Wffrlfnrrrjln Sixth Row: Mary Dgrrrgllly' Welrjl'r3nn Mary Allrge Wlsdurn Lollle Wren Mary Slewarl Anrlrvfws Elizabeln Bi'Cl'fI Lela Bomb Mary Ann Bran-,l rr M3rln3 Lou Frbrqu--,ln Seventh Row: Palrlliia Porn Penny Hard3wJy Marie- Harlow? Palsy l-larl Nancy l-lgrfrrrn K3Tl19'lnr? l-'lil-Jr1 Llwerrl, Huglqrfs Marlorlg Paw Hrrqlw Eiqhfh Row: Elllfr- Krflqy Srllllll Beflre Maru- lung Bunnle Sue MrLC,1+n Joanne Mgrslull Ann MQW? Ccrnfrlrgg ML-llfrglrs-1 Dorrallw Nffwsgu Mqrrlgwlf Nwwll Ninlh Row: Leona Rl'jQf'?W3v Vlrqlnla Roseborrmqn Margarel Ross Errilly Ru:SE'll Rmb Spivey- Frances Terry Marlene Wecsrer Ann Falfl-A Wrlsgrr 1 7 . 7' " - lx . Q,QQrl'. O ' ' 'I ' I O T O C O Nw '4 Pl OMEWAR-D BOUND! REN T THOSE SWEET SMILESV zxlw 5 T ' 'X ' o . 2. 'VJ msgs eo .KP EL"h' COFFEE CONSTANT SOURCE OF STRENGTH Founded in 1852. Colors are rose and white. Flowers are the rose and the white Carnation. Alpha Delta Chapter established in 1924. OFFICERS ELAlNE HOOD REYNOLDS Pfesuvnl Drew MARY HEARN Vw Presldenl Laurel SAPAH AYCOCK, Sf-lirelar, Rawllle, La. MAP-AiUERlTE ECU WALKER Trefi ll r Laurel MEMBERS S'ffl'lllANNE BAPNEP Pulmille SARAH ELLEN COLLINS Colleewllle CLAEJYS CUNNINKTHAM Surmmlf TCJMMIE HEARN Laurel VEPL JONES Swlllcry Afk. AUDREY MEAD Waxclarld JO ANN MljLAlN Morlllciello EMlLY MCLENDCIN Injigngllg JlMMlE OWENS AbEli,l"8D FRANCES FJHELPS Le-inqlon VlPlElNlA l'lERSfTlN Menygzls, Tenn. ANN ETEIWELL Bafrsvllle- FRANCES STUART Jaelson BETTY THOMAS Lgulel AN1E'lE VALLATKPWS Gifford DOT LILES Mwvvwplwlsx Tenn, PLEDGES lDA SUE BAPNER Rulwllle JULIA HEAlL Lewlnqlun KlTTY LLTIU BEVlNl-ER Mr-rvvphisl Tenn LlLllAN BLANKS Me-vl.ll.1n ELlYABETll BUEHLER Gro.-mille ffAMlLLE BUPTFE JJ-'lsmn SYLWA CURLEY Lnuwl Ili' Dl','F"vEl Nfw AlLv3m MARTHA 'TUE DF-TAVEF? Jarl-sg-rl lEllAl'LLflllE ANN TDDIN Rivvillvx LJ. C,Al"'lLlNE llAl-'l-'l',UN Wnnlvnd MlLl'JPFD .IHNES Swlltovv, All. PL' 'l 'T KNK lTT Duhilll ITPNE IAUDLRDAIE l'lf'TVT-lflllxl Llil ll'v'Vll, Qillllli MAF! Lllllllll L 1"- lllwll mm Mmfvvlll TNl'lf"ll f-f- , All. 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Aww E C11-N111 H fffw '- M1111f4 vl 'rf Fw qq. 1-11 Nw- L'11111'1y1f C111 L 1.12 M1r,L11i'N Sixlh Row: B, ef, 1,4f1i,ff 1111 Arm M K. Pv111IN'1 U1 " M L 1' p"l'L"' Tmr- V11 ' 1 T"'ff'1 F' ,"f+if PHY' FH 111' J, Sevenfh Row: N71 11 P' ,", Mp. Fw! K-1' ,- F1, .1 1 P-,fy-1 1 ,:- W -Q 'fNw,f V1-'S I l J 'Nr Y KAPPA is 9 a ,Q U f' at 1 T5 F 0 I u a 1 avg' 9 l IF ONLY nov ACUFE couto HEAR TI-us ONE OF THOSE WONDEREULI BEDTTME PARTIES iw' , TOP LEFT: FRANKENSTElN'S MONSTER'S MONSTER" DELTA Founded in 1897. Colors are green and white. Flower is the white rose. Alpha Mu Chapter estab- lished in 1927. MIRIAM HORNE! preside-VII ANN BOGARDA VIcefPresidenI OFFICERS MARGARET BANNING, Seue-Iarv JETTYE HUEEMAN mmfef VELMA BUSICK DOROTHY CHAMPION HULDAH COUSINS CATHERINE COX ELEANOR EDWARDS SUE EVANS JANE FILES EVELYN FINCH ALLEIN FISHEL MARY ANN GAVIN ELIZABETH HARVEY MARY ELIZABETH HORTON HELEN HYDE . MARY TALMADGE JORDAN CATHERINE KERBY SYDNEY O'CAIN CATHERINE OWENS MARY SUE PARRAN LILLIAN PREWITT LYNN REID DOROTHY TALBERT BETTIE WILSON MARJEAN WOODWARD JUANITA AVENT PAT BILLINGSLEY BETTY BRAUN ANNIE RUE BROWNE BETTY LOU BROWNE JERRE COLDREN CHARMAINE CRUM JULIE DAVIS CHARLOTTE DOWNS WILMOTH PANT JEAN CIEESLIN DOROTHY GOOCH MARY ELLA HARVEY ELIZABETH JORDAN MARY T, KINTLJN LLEANLTR KNEE DAWN LIIILEPALIL IRANK MIALPINE LUCY BELKER MAULL BETTY JO MILIIIL LLAIRE PATION EMMA POUNDS DELL RAWLS BETTY RIVE5 ALICIA ROLLINS MARC-ARET SIMS JEAN SMITH RUTH TALBERT MARY ROSE VENUS MARGARET WAITERS IEANNE WOODS T60 MEMBERS PLEDG-ES II.: Gulfpcvl Parkm, Ari. Brookhaven Blnhew III-3, Aflf. Brandt m Gfeemwllf- BTIQTI O.rUf.i Qgv-ILM MI-'fvIp?IIE. Tenn. LULIISNIIH Boomsi 'I+' Hamesbuvg H3IYI6SbUrq Tvlerfown Grewada Drew Columbra Mewphlsx Tenn. Wmom CIJYLSQJIE BLIIILJQ Tenn BLYIIVJYX TI-rm ITMJ LT-rcT1.1J.s KJIIDII .IN:ksL.,r,! A'- CJxI."I N1fgII,pIIuS TL-Tw. Omum Spvmq JJLISLJY-.IIITJ FI.: Twluvfuwrv P.1rIIIII Avi, Oak PAIR III, PLN? DILYSLITI BLJLIIIP III?- MW' phvs Term LSIHIYJLIII YJJ LILI CITY Iylmtl ivy LLIIUTIILIIJ LTYIvIv.1v'I N, L RILIII-y THIIII IIT:-xliuvq Mvss 'YIIIIILJII BIN I'.1w" NIIIIIITIIISN T I-'I II xIT.iIpw' IVNIIIIIIIIS lrlrwrv, Colwrvlius RLTSSVIIII' Trim. BJY Sl, LUIII' CUIUIIIDII LIIIIP REIT ATI kkvrwvuiiitr BIILI-I LIIIIISIIJII' Lv-Mm-J -an - X L Mlrlam Hfjfns Ann BCQ-Jfhl Margawr Banning Jilhe l-lullnnan Velnwa Budd Divjlllw, Clllgrrlplg Hnlfual Cunsing Second Row: Cialllerino CQ. Eleanof Edwards Sufi Exams Jane Film Evf-lvn Punch Alliln FlSlnpl M35 Ann G5 m Third Row: Ellzak-wlll Haw-91 Maw Ellzabeln H Helen Hyfif? Maw l-Hlnlarjqcg J C0llrf'rlnE Kerb, Calhsrnnp Owens Maw' Sw Pirran Fourlh Row: Lllllan Prnwlll l.,nv' Pfwfl Dfjfwvlw, Tnlbffl Belllf Wllsfln Marlfwn WO?'jwl3 Jlmrnla Avfnl Pnl Bllllnqiley Bn??, B'il1V. iflh Row: Annlr- Fw? Bffiwne Bell, Lfw Bfffwn-2 Jaffa Cffljrfr Cnalrrrlalre Crum Jullev Dwls Clarlilff Downs Jaan Gfffslln Dclffillw Gnficn Slxlh Row: Maw Ellw Hari, Ellzabcfln Jordan Mar, F, Kln'C'n Eleinnr ling? Dawn Lnllepaoe Fran? MfAlplnE BLM, Jn Mlfnl Claw? PDVVVW Sevenfh Row: Dell Rawls Belly' Rl'.E'S Nll3'QdVPl Svnns Jean Snnllh Pulh l3lb'?"l Mar, RMC- fan, Mrqafpl Wallys Jeanne W::ds f Q- DELTA ZETA i ..f, J N .H YQ? :I N fisf' O'RElLLY!" ' sn OFFICERS EDNA ACREE, Presideni LYNNA CLARA MOONEY, Vice-President MARINELL TODD, Corresponding Secretary OLENE MARTIN, Treasurer MEMBERS BILLIE JOHNSON MTLDRED JOHNSON EDWTNA JONES LOTS Mr,CAlN A NICE, QUIET EVENING TOGETHER ,LEDGES VIPCPNNA ANN AUSTIN EMJLY ANN BVCKERSTAFF RACHEL GARDNER lOlS GAVIN BETTY C-EANNE MrCLAlN TMOF-ENE MTTADDEN JOYVF MMO-UIRE HAT Hill MrMUPPAY AIJDPFY MFNDF7 DOPOTHY MOONEY ,J Q .4 .12 ,jr 3 Jrssue MAE Moms , cuPuo's DELIGHT Q""f'fY WH Lf' fi: BARBARA SMITH tif. vTwf.uNTA ANN TANSTI .M JOHNNT LOU WILLIAMSON T62 5 R: Chapter established in 1927. WF Founded in 1907. Colors are old rose and vieux r 1 G: green. Flower is the pink Killarney rose. Beta Beta N T, X Memphis Tenn. Oxicvi Oxford Dorsey Jackson Winhar Cih Kismawa Ki. Marianna Ark, Momphus Tenn. Giiliporl Pascagoula Lakewood Ohio Wes? Point Oufori Bslriwgn Bite:--.ille INTQ Beaeh Ovfrrrd Oxford Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn Sharory Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. , , , T14 -+0 ----AA A A- ' 4 ,f - W x W 8' 4-gang -n ulumglig .,, - , 'g - W Z: 1- .,f.,4,m- l,..a1,p.1 .. Ei' ,..T ' ' A 'E ' ' ' A ' X .Ig-. ,f,". ' .' ,Y-if 21' -1" I' , , 7 ' 2' 1 ,. A: -. -amid' 11 -5 g N .U . 1- 1 A I, . W NI. 'L' if III-fu - 1. suv- 1 ""' Mu xx "' -.I l ' 3: -- , -I 1 Ll 1 My Yr ' ' A lvl iff' ... .- .,.. - ... W -Y -- - 1 A xg- - ' 5- - 1- ,, - If -:..1..-a-.'-- -Y.. ,:'f1.i,r','1g,.-',3 -- --+-- -on-2. -- ' W' ' f--, ---- ---- ff..-.Y 3-' L'nff,Q'.f1'1M. wa-flllllihxnm 'V-ft.-, --ii 4-.. .., f i f rv- - , i f Y Y , -' -' -' " --'af ,-35511-H BETA BETA CHAPTER mm., 'Na' xfw-wv 'T' 1'-s ff- T 5 Yzztf' YI? aw, 2 ... A , 11 gif 163 Firsf Row: Edwi A11 wr L,VAV'1i L Ear V A AA,fmr'.',-1 TA T1 1 Tally, ,x,T A,f1M,,A,,w Second Row: Mi Au VVAT 1 AT Fa,-Av, TT rf- AQTAQ TV1' Cam fxrJw,1.1A EfvwwAA,' Ann Third Row: Aww' G.-1 zur EMM Aiwa vw M rr, MM--V AT, wr Bd'-1 'GH ALM IVm11f1rm- AVA F a+A4A+1VN ,Aw,f,f' AVA A LAM EVTA, HH' AVA! Mm Fourfh Row 1 1 T, "vN JAN, Awww. jfljw NAET Shlwgy Pfwpf-A Vfgw , Av' T1 1 ,AcP1nn,Lm. VN yvux, 3 Q , K T DEL - - - - gg, Nr H FIVE PEACHES FOR BREAKFAST J. .1155 ' ,V fl t t 'N 3. vii: P--Xnnv'1"-'Z I I Q Q- 4 AND, DARLING, WHEN HE CUT THE lGNlTvON ,. ' SW '1-4, I D 5'-G NTLY, A LITERARY MINDED GROUP I 164 TA GA MMA Founded in 1873. Colors are bronze, pink, and blue. Flower is the cream-colored rose. Chapter established in 1936. MAPVINE MCNETLN Pwesiiem JANE DEES VY,-PveS'1r:n? OFFICERS MARY EVELYN ABEPNATHY Reosrjiviq Sffcfevgf, KATHEPTNE BROWN PATTERSON Cwfespcmiirq Seiwfar, Alpha Psi Pfwllade-lp via Eupsfa Housforv O-for J POSE MAPLE ---EDWIN Tf'.15.nff' Nasbdlfe Tend MEMBERS JANE ABSTON Pc'n,e'9 A'3. MARY MAUDE BTRMTNC-HAM JJLlISo'R, Tcfw. CHAPLEEN CAMPBELL Jag-Swv TNEZ DENTON Shaw CAPOLYN HUBBAVD Uf.:3 NCTPA BETH HULL Spaffgubwq S. C. CHARLOTTE EAE JENNINGS Kosooslg MARION KING KQSQl.ASlc BETTY LATTA DyPVSbLA'Q Tenn, PUTH MQTNNIS Collins ELEANOF? PEELE Housfom 'ELADTS RAMSEY Pren?f5S SUNNY SAGE Bucs EDTTH SCOTT Uvwca ELTZA SCOTT Efwm MARTHA SEAPR MM'-plus Trrw, JERRELL STEWART MLMVJY' BETH TCTOLE Ouwqe! TE- HELEN WlLLlAMS pVWwl3JElK"i3 MAPY JANE VVTLLTAMQ Pbilgiiepfria ILIUET WTTHERS Jays" PLEDGES MAPK EFANCES BUNTTN OJ 'VW' MARY EUPNETT C'i,irlfsl-Av ELETTY CONERLY ulosfff JANE COOK JJLRSUT LCTUTSE DANTEL New Albam NTRMA TJEES P'1Ha1clphl.1 KATHERINE DAVANT Bai, CTM Texas LTHAPLOTTE DTCKEY L'-T321 l5LTPRCPTl'lY DKTUFALL PTC-ixurw HAPPIET ANN HARRTSTTN T' ii"i. mn Avi JANE HAURY N,xf.lwvllf- THHH Ji' HEPEQTN-Fl1'N MY. Lflin- RUTH ll' WPT 'N Ml Olin- MAYEPVA KTNLY L7-lui l',ATl"lL,lA lslx'E L-l"H Allen AFLTNE LTLEH Bio w,fA JA-NE ll 'WHY lli .:S'Lf1 JEAN LUL KET! ,limilsmv llEAN1'l' M-l'EHllT B'1wH+.x.vH l,4Al-'Y ELlfAlillH T.fl'1lfAN.Y l 'mSxvllr1 HAPA MTVNTKPHH Jml-S-'VY MAPI' 'WL' Nl,l'lY .l.iilSwH T A"'l'l1N VAULK Tupwlw llifABETH ANN I'IlKlNi-T TN Army, lUlAlll WT fllll Nilldvfn' ',Al-'A 'ifl.'1lJ"NU L,-'c"rmull" lll'AN' 'lf 'mlvlllll Lulumbui l"'l'l' llA1Nl lr"wl'llil lii.w:wllr,- lvlllv WTLU 'N Owlofii lPwl'fIH1 YEYLINJ Bruci L - , .-, -V +A- '-I-A I--M ----M- -- "A 'id I Y 1---" ' -.. -- fziiiu 1. r Q, ' ' ' Q , 'U 3.4,-, ' L ' ""' I--"Y , L ,?'fi 1:1 F N 3 ':-! gf1+j41fl'4 ff?-4-P 'Q?T! 7"'fg1,L LT "-"W" T:'.:,jf-5 ms. 1 " xr -vim: ' , 4: 1' L ls K , L 4 T S if K X7 Wi' -5 W Q ' E 165 Firsf Row: Mjwwwe MCN:.L Jam D-ees Maw' Efdm Ab-efnxar Y P386 Marr? Qzolwwf- Jane Abafon Mwv Maude Bwvmq 3 CLv13rNe3+gn Cjrupb'-LI Second Row: Camln Hubbfiff Nora Beth HLM1 LAJH-nw Km, BNN Laffa Putt Mfglrwms bla! fs Ra:-use, Eam. Swv Third Row: Elma Sgmr Mavtm Span JEWEL Sfewaf? Beth TQQYE- Helen Wlllxams Mary Jane Wwllwavvws JULIH W:?Hef5 Fourfh Row: Mary FVGOCES Burwhm Maw BUIHQEN BPH, Llfwffflf Jnvwfr L.,-NL Lyme: Duma! N, fvvr .4 D':v:S CZLJILL-'LE D105 Fifth Row! DorL'TLw D-JUQJH Harfwd Ann Haffwsm Jaw H-amy Jo Herrmqtin Puth Hgrfom Mazeupa Kmg Pawn: L3Fg,e Sixfh Row: Alma Lwles Jane Lowry Jeem Lucid? Elfmw MQGEFPP My, Em.JL,:1r! M1-fa S313 Mglnmsw M,3'p,vwr NE-:M Seventh Row: CQ1mMn Paulr EINZGLJELLN Am Pwliwmq Sam Slfv."ofws EL:..m.,' Swv' DQ-HS EL-guna Tfwpi-'H BCH, WWSQI1 D., vT"r Y.u'wg HELLO! ZETI-l Tl-lU ALPHA fweifwrs ,G z!A-2 v sfR'7'-'i?,5, ' . I C Q . ' WAS THIS POSED? .kv-s . 4 l 4.1, Y Founded in 1898. Colors are turquoise blue and 'L my , steel gray. Flower is the white violet. Gamma Delta a U' M051 INTERESTING CONVERSATION P" -w-6' , Chapter established in 1939. MARY K, DAvlS Pffwem FRANCES SHERRILL Fur KATHRYN BARR! Sfcomi v NANCY FULLER Seifelav. OFFICERS Vlce-Pres-dew Pesldenl Wlmgna Memplwls Tenn, Mewplvls, Tenn. Ill. JANE TROBAUGH Veafu , Mllllnglm Tenn. MEMBERS LUCILLE GSGRAVELLES Mewptlls, 'Tim ALLYN DREW llvllhdrn L3. PAULA HAMMOND Gllberlt L3. BARBARA JOHNSON Vlclnsbwg VlRl5lNlA KEMP Booneville LUCY LAWSON Avuofx ELIZABETH MLNNHORTER Owlord JACKlE MYRlCK Mewpvis, Tenn. BILLIE BURKE OWENS Moscovqlenn. CASlE WNSON Ontord DOROTHY VYATSON Turllca ESTHER WlLLIAMS pjfllflx fm, PLEDGES ALlCE ABERNATHY Mf1vlpluS,lef1VY, JEAN ATKINS Mcfllpllls Tenn MAPJORIE BRADSHAW Jaglslw MATILDA CAUSEY Lauvel JANE CHEAIRS Dubllm EETTY JOE COLEMAN Covlnflw BEVERLY DACUS Gerrvlanlowv llLLY JOYCE EARNHEARY Hernando PECVLIY DRENNAN Mc-mic-nhall EVA JEAN HAYNE5 Ellrsvullr: PAl HAYNES Ellnssille MAN MfLARlllY OLC-lususx LJ. bAl-'HAI-'A MILIEF llwrsvwi Fla. lfLf'Il lkllflklf lr-ml. ANN PHENLT ll, 'llr - lS1LA.iJ HJ. v'lll'l'lNlA Sujull Mvl-film llllh SPPAlllN B'uLC HELLN SILNALL Millwql-m, Tefw. JEAN lAlUC' Onl Park lll. Hillll WHUAM5 Hwdf-few, Ky. lf f,.1 bBlL PAY YANCLY Bruce , . ,- ' i"" ""' "' W ' . , ,:.,- .Y.-ik.-as--as--f"Pv""--1'1" '-- -A1-Aa M V- -Aggg 'r ' ' -- -- - - f . I. A ll Y --- QQEQ Ugfbfmfflg A-'B R ' - A , 1 , L .:1- Jlf L '-. if-51:1 g, All n a a - P--:QL 22' FF: . l 5 ggMf::2!af3?g55?1,a-f,- AMVALWTIL l'1f'H'Ef'n.a- px I fwfgggggfa '-" - Q-a aa 7727 fa- a gf 5 WW- - A354-gg, 167 Firsf Row: Mar, F, Dads Fr infns Snwvri- P'aWm,n Bam Nancy PUHM Ylang Trwbau-'yn Second Row: LUCHNQ dE'6'5JD!!P1 Allyn DVQW Virqinia Vemp LUV, Lawson Eiizabefn MfiWnnvieu Third Row: a 1afL.Q MW.fL U ,-', ,mm Wahcn Erilwf WiYYianw5 AHC9 Abevnafnf jean Afluni Fourfh Row: Marjfxrw Bvadinaw Mafnda Came, .Jann Cneaiu BEM, ,ine Cnlernan BPVQYIXV Damn Fif+In Row: Poqq, Drennan Mark, Mifadn, Bafbava Mnler' FW-re FCr+fEr Ann Pnene SixH1 Row: VnrQln4a SCM? Lnis Sprafifn Hahn SfOvf3H ,lnan Taluc Eddn Vv'lWafn. pnbbve Rag YGFCQ, fr- ' GT if 1,1-7 X . n..4 ..f""MP .. 'Kwik reden fing CLR iw OLE MISS an X5 ffm! COZOIIQI R E B E L JACK HARRISON ROYAL COURT ,ff .- 4 ,,f"f, I if 4' Irv, t Ap.. J .. v A. . . 451 Q' 'Q , J 4 9 I I -. Y I N w 4 , 1 1 M M QL ifid ouifie ,xduenf WM Gnnnn .f46n,-ned, mu Jane .xdgafon mos Ziff, Efnnn 1 .zdnnie l?nn Bonne W .Ju mf, mm 777:45 'Wm Z?.ofoL M56 mia cooper man fyuof Covington ma jane .ibm ff - 3 T WM gmifg lgudrieff M65 .gncla A0665 WM ,MM .1244 7,405 priaciffa Oolom Wiad Ski,-Ly ,Gerry X. v 1. 5 1 - my Cjlaarklie Sanaom 'Wh Ann llweff WMA lgufkie .Spivey man gene jkomad gqsv... -Qi? sr,- 4 57' 5, U" ' 4 Y ' W 1 Si 'D 'Q H3 . 1. ,v x . .P S x Q., f- ki' ' 'J-JM ol 4.1 "-Q , , mm, ,4,,,, 52f,,,,, 777 f f 'WM irw ju ie i era mu, go my ma Wariean llfikoclwaral wsu... ii ,.L ur fl is 'VN 4 WHUS WHU 1 'Vx rs cv- V an 3 12:7 Q' f YJ Cousins, Helen Duke, Grey Flowers. Second Row: Harvey Henderson, John Reed Holley, Rob- First Row: Louise Avent. Joyce Blomquist, Huldah er? Marcus. Third Row: Marvine McNeil, Lila Lee Nosser, Milton Phillip., Ben Quintana. Belh Redding. For the past twelve years the publication, "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities has presented annually an extensive listing of America's outstanding college men and women. In addition to being one of the highest honors attainable by a college student, this publication serves as a reference manual which is referred to regularly by personnel managers seeking information on outstanding students. 182 1 "' AMONG STUDENTS IN ,-Q.. AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES sw Q-Q s '?b""w ., 'V ,,,,t.-V ' l First Row: Tom Badon. Ellis Bodron. Bill Burgin, Guy Campbell Second Row: Miriam Horne, Huey Howerlon, Third Row: Mary Moody John- son, Griff Norquisf, Doug Stone, Erskine Wells. 4 Each year at Ole Miss the names of a number of the University's most outstanding students are selected to be honored by inclusion in this publication. This selection is made annually by a secret student-faculty committee. Thirteen students were selected to represent Ole Miss in the 1946 edi- tion of "Who's Who." In addition to these there were ten students on the campus this year who had been selected in previous years. 3 ELLEN LOUISE AVENT WILLIAM GARNER BURGIN, JR. Membership in the Hall of Fame is based on character, scholarship, constructive leadership, and contribution to the betterment of Ole Miss. This is one thing that is entirely free of campus politics. It is the highest honor that can be awarded a Uni- versity student. A primary committee of twelve students and faculty members chose by secret ballot a nominating committee of twenty-five students, who in turn made their selections by secret ballot. Students who attained this high honor this year are Louise Avent, Bill Burgin, Helen Dulce, and Lila Lee Nosser. Students still on the campus who attained the honor in past years are Guy Camp- bell, Miriam Horne, Huey Howerton, jr., Doug Stone, and Erskine Wells. 134 HALL UF FAME .P ..4..,-.---n av' .N -7' f ---ff L ,f Q. 'Xl . HELEN FRANCES DUKE LILA LEE NOSSER Nag 45 QM. 'fi V, LQ' 54 DENTS GRILLING aqwwwznf 2. LR? IK- M kwa -'WGS . M ,1 W ,AV SWUAPT X Ir' A B 9142470 My , r' J' .. .W- O L Ar mmf' A Cv ICON T NEED A JOB A TH Y L v ,ps ' WUHY as --1 ' Y, Y. ., rv-'O' ' A., ' 0 4, ,nf-' if f' 515 lik 'z 5 'nf ii n xf ' is '-" ' v- 4 hi. 1 .7. , 1 f s VJ! w . , , lT'S A BROAD SUBJECT Xi' W. I .f, ' x ,K ,.., .. -- Q., . w EH -sl 1,-1 'G if. 9' ff X! fw xi, Vu. u""w---......,1,,,,v1b--q,vv- 4 Aw f 3 " Y 12:30 SNACK n 44..- . asf' , - Bur N o oNE swoomzo .14 , N 5 0 I I .1 BURNS miss Has HAND AT BROADCASTING ' w ,,, OLE M, 554 MOST p THEY BOTH LOOK CLAD OPULAR SPO , M , , wg ix. H-N My Mn Fw.. Ns' -f-, -. ' - I mn- F wm""w Wg, "in,,,,W A '-1, XM 'zz I" N ' .E sf, , f' our 'mf az' POLLARD BOF-"D AND rCNORE ' CLOSELY RT Nur WHEN WE HAD A TEN O'CLOCK BREAK ' 'N wgffaz ':xknL1MtwNjX-...N :I ft if X , ff 'Q Hx N XX A . 1 . fi, VN., y xg , AJ 'mE A I If A V K ' Q ,K .N , P ggi wie!! isbqamln Q ,pg E A f Q Q r'g .Qtr 'Y ' . ,F ' ft J- V W ff '-Ps 'K mf QL .'Dr'Y?j:u ' way ,XA N. 5 A Ng? 4 , f J ,Q 3' 'Q L A :flu x -. 2 X FORWARD, REBELS, MARCH TO FAME . " ' 'Y' O" ,. N -za A' J, A xl -2.5 . . 'Off K.. A. 5 gk 1 ."'f, jf . Y ! Q we'-"f'+ '.-'. .4 bw WATCH THOSE HANDS, KIRBY fl ., V, VH . lr :,,. . ,,,,, 5'4- ', ZH x.' X,-, Q-. ! 1 BOND QUEEN .M ... .... .-.HAAJI Y,f,,.n. f- ,,,,-- 1 T, in 1'-P INTERMISSION V291 fjf ' "' 5 5 V tw' yvpfvwgiu ,D M! in W W iff ' MA BMW? 7""iN 553' if ' www , 2 W S.1f'Mm' 1 ' ' A ,51"w:g, " ' ' ' Q" ,I X- . .Y , , Q L, w - g , gif 1 - , ...., - .L . 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E , If-"Egfr -' ,El f I AL HOEGLER, SPORTS EDITOR OF THE MISSISSIPPIAN AND THE REBEL Au. l I4' VX Sf I Qs 5, JAMES BARNETT PRESIDENT OF 'T 5, I I LEM :SS VETERANS CLU MOOCH COMMITTEE, SECOND SEMESTER MARCUS CHAIRMAN OF DANCE .llkw-' LQ- SARA JANE MYERS, MISS.SSlPPIAN BUSINESS MANAGER 15 5250131 KA 09 'jk 2 Q-'CTO HUGH SMITH, NROTC BATTALION COMMANDER amy P p B N . my E NETT, SECOND SEME STER -gg ,I 1, xi, . 1 i YQ M s I ', E JOHNNY MCARTHUR, PRESIDENT F F I O LYIIxG REBELS Qf'ff.+ 4' if nib 11'-1 54 in M3 QQ? 42 is 3 '-'A-' -- "r.I.. 1 I ZQQQM .M BEN OUINTANAI VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY n A A 6 ? 3- "Zf?TL.lf-33 .v - , J? 4 1 5 - .1 ivfl .ff .fau- .gsdqf 5574, , .,-,fx -' , s A-Q' . .f!" xr, -. ..' , 7 ,V . M vfi f,ufhwgk - , ' A af ff nz, 2 X if :Ag I , ,. J, , . W J. A V, A ,. -v 11- A 'ff X-' 1- W. g 'f7" . . - ,..":A,- vw fm ., ,I . . v A, ' V-V ,, ,H N, . .., , L A V ,tw J.. .Y .I .A AR: 1 . , f I" ' 1, - J, .:- ' '- " '- ' f ' -- 4 " "vs Z1 , 'fn 1..a- ,. pri' f H V 1 rnqm f, ', ' ,I ,,..-JN 1' K, pi" - . . - . 'if "Z','f-,"",7'9'z V, by 'W -v ' . -4, 1 Y 1 'f ', 'f ' 3 .- , ff. ' m V A , . . f ,. 'fi V ,i . I . MI flu B1 Z, ff in .v - A f P 1 1 ' -1 ' , , . 4 .- ' -z. - e. -4'1 ,M .71 ' , -g v fo-1 X 'A ' , ' 'L . V ff 'HJ' 4' - 59 , 4. Q , , k in I .',. . .Q K, I V, , ,fs .Law-, HN: 'S . 1 -vw Q., . gg- .1343 . l, Q 09 . fiwfgffmz A-QM?" A-'gi' .X .v 'f Y' W L. 1 .-,. 1 -,- , ff rv' Y. he .w '7 , 'fu A Q, 75- ' A v., r 's - ' .lS 'I Q 'B x - '-4 if ',. ,K , .Q gr' ,, 1 WK . H, 'WLp'9 - - 1' do A ,,. 'L ,I R- ,-5-. 1-,Af 9 . ,JI , .s . W: wr '- .'.t 9 ' 1 'U . 1 . '- , x 1 M. . n -"' - 'Ai -1-I - 51451. Mihlhhifll xfsqda -ifK""'!' v v 4 .,.,.-x,4.,,.. ..., ,,,,,,. J Q-4 4' 3 Y v A 9 25 ' 1 I Q-. 9 8' " WM - 3M,Wf , ' - 4' A ' . 1 ,', m mu qu JVlagnmu,JV,i :W mn if a " . :,,X,,l' , , gif ,,- 4 'wad' we Wm. -wa.,-K 4 ul. A .VB 5 , . "il-..u.,, tsxx, u,,, 4 fx K ,f t 3 '-J: ' . 'T be 'f Leff to right: Buchanan, Blackwell, Bruce, McCain. LU OFFICERS OSCARD BUCHANAN ........ . . . President BERNARD BLACKWELL . . . Vice-President JOHNNY BRUCE . . . . Secretary BOB McCAlN . . . Treasurer The first semester the "M" Club was in a state of reactivation, but members were lacking. The only lettermen qualified were Oscar Buchanan, Bernard Blackwell, Johnny Bruce, and Bob McCain. With the election of "Pep" Bennett as the second semester president, and with the many returning members, the club is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent and active organizations on the cam- pus. just before the Coronation Ball was held, the Club held a big banquet in the Cafeteria, inviting interested students and alumni. Several hundred at- tended, including Hon. John Savage of Gulfport who acted as Toastmaster, and former Governor "Mike" Conner. The students can look forward to much interest being manifested in the "M" Club. The spirit of the Rebel clan lives deeply within the hearts of these boys. Coaching the Rebel eleven last fall was Harry Mehre, who had revived football the previous season after it had been abandoned during the war. Work- ing with green material, Mehre and his assistants, "Farmer" Johnson, Weems Baskin, "Goat" Hale, and Ed Stone were all out to better the poor record made by the 1944 team. The Rebs were by no means a bowl caliber outfit, but they played hard through- out the season, and climaxed their efforts with an astonishing upset of our traditional rivals from Cow College. In step with the postwar expansion of Ole Miss has been the reorganization this year of the Athletic Department for the purpose of putting out better Rebel teams. Of the changes effected, the most im- portant was the appointment of Harold "Red" Drew as head football coach. Spring training, a period notable for its spirited teamwork, indicated the wis- dom of this selection. Drew was assisted in the back- field by D. T. Campbell and "Junie" Hovious. The latter also acted as scout. The line was coached by J. H. Vaught and jim Whatley. Following spring practice, Vaught prepared the track team while Ath- lectic Director Tad Smith groomed the baseball team for its heavy schedule. Earlier in the year, jesse Alderman, trainer for the Rebel gridders, turned out a winning boxing squad comprised of six Mid-South Golden Gloves champs. During the same period, jim "Buster" Poole, who came to Ole Miss for the season to succeed Hale, coached the basketball team. Ed Stone and "Wobble" Davidson instructed in Physical education, doing incidental work with the various teams. CUACHES h Mehre seems 'fo be felling his boys fha? fhis is fo Arlx's goal line. Ole Miss vs. Kentucky: Bob McCain pursues a Kentucky man in Ole Miss' first game. KENTUCKY ,4-"' 90 may-ff ' s'K4"' M, BLACKWELL COOPER The Rebels were pretty much of an unknown quantity in pre-season football forecasts. Grid mentor Harry Mehre was able to assemble a squad consisting of only six lettermen. However, with the assistance of coaches Hale, Johnson, and Stone, he did manage to produce an eleven which provided Ole Miss admirers and students with an interesting season. Employing the "T" formation, the gridiron stalwarts made a lot of pigskin prognosticators sit up and take notice, as they humbled the heavily favored Wildcats of Kentucky by a 21 to 7 count in this fall's curtain-raiser. Ole Miss' sons had given notice that they were out to do a complete reversal of form over the previous season, when they won only two games in the most disastrous of football schedules ever played by Red and Blue teams. 210 5. I 3 - Q' x, 4' A l. ' -4 x w- 'F ' ' lin. . , w ,W fn' ? A , ' 'M 4,4 ,I n Y Q "' .Q , ' f .aah - , A, 5 'fs , . df - Q Av- ,mf A ., Cf' 4 , Q, 3- , n , A ' rw, '-e x M W . 4 N. ,vw , 6, .. 'xg , ,--rr ,Q A, 5- ,Mr A 1 A, ..,-...,- . ,- I 'L ,Q s . Q Ffiiwff? iv-4,3 r ,V V. , 1- ' " , 'O , ' -:e'v'ms's. ,191 V ' -nl-. - dx - ,' -, ' ' LAss.a:-.i,s..4c.. - ...-, -in . BRUCE FLURIDA VANDERBILT 1.- KAUERZ CASTLE .Iubilation on the part of Ole Miss enthusiasts was not long lasting, however, an underrated Florida team upset the Red and Blue 26 to 13 a week later. Possibly quite satisfied with their performance in the opener against Kentucky, the Rebs did not show the same brand of play or spirit in the second contest of the season. Despite this setback, the Rebs had seven more games remaining, and Ole Miss would have ample opportunity to display their best before the season was ended. The coaching staff was further augmented about this time by the return of Weems Baskin, discharged from the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Coach Mehre and his aides began driving the squad harder in an effort to regain a victorious trail, and led by Captain Bob McCain, the team picked up spirit and pointed their ambitions towards future engagements, which would require the very greatest cooperation for a winning season. Our Rebels dampened Vanderbilt's return to the Southeastern Con- ference at Nashville, when they defeated the Commodores by a 14 to 7 margin. Vandy showed a rather inexperienced aggregation that was not able to cope with Ole Miss even though the Red and Blue were not at their best. The Rebs' first touchdown came on a nice pass play from Johnny Bruce to Bill Stribling. Bob McCain's five yard gain on the previous play had helped set up the score, and the placement was a beauty by Don Kauerz, Ole Miss' place-kicking specialist. johnny Bruce also figured in the 212 - -IA-:"'QL ?. 43 Y..-, - uni .-,'15,,,j ff 1 ' TY gt' DALE HARPER scoring of the second Ole Miss touchdown, as he plunged through the center of the line from one foot out. Kauerz again place-kicked the extra point, and the Rebels held a 14 to 0 advantage. The Commo- dores tallied, however, as end Jim Patrick snatched Jewel Risher's pass. Campbell Williams kicked the extra point. With a record of two victories in three games, the Red and Blue eleven had .already equalled the previous season's record, and they held hope of a victorious season, in which more games would be won than lost. -1 .,s. -, ,, '. uns: as .191 is Q 'N Y y A -.- 15,7 155. ,.s,- -su A , Tenn. vs. Ole Miss: ln a sea of mud, wind, and rain, Tennessee swamped Ole Miss 34-O. An unidentified Ole Miss man tries to talle the ball with three Tennessee men wallowing him in the mud. A k. vs. Ole Miss: Dick Castle of Ole 'ss takes 'f on e ' as an r. man hits him hard. Blackwell 50 f Ole Miss is coming up. Arkansas won LOUISIANA The flip of the coin staffs the game beiween Louisiana Tech and Ole Miss on Homecoming Day. , dqutiggl T Paced by some brilliant football on the part of their capable captain, Bob McCain, the Rebels chalked up another victory against an under- rated Louisiana Tech squad by a score of 26 to 21 The Homecoming" contest provided many tense moments for Coach Harry Mehre and the Red and Blue fans McCann scored the first marker nn the game on a fourteen yard smash late in the second period Kauerz luck was blocked, and the Rebs held a 6 to 0 lead Armstrong clicked oif a sixty yard touchdown dash for Tech, Morrisson converted, and to the amazement of the Ole Miss fans, the Tech team went to the showers at halftime holding that scant one point lead In the second half the Rebs regained their lead on Worley s eight yard plunge, and supplemented this with touchdowns by Crook and Stribling Armstrong broke loose for Louisi- ana Tech s second marker, and Brlttam scored the last one after he had recovered a Reb fumble Final score Ole Miss 26-Tech 21 if -46-.29 WP ,Q..D.qg.f-sig,-4 -'-l A lvl' S 4 h Q '1 - - , ' .- .7 'pgf -',.,:Mf.. if A w,.z:...s:f,a,. ,. ' ,A " ff, gli-We ,wa r, i X N 3 ...- l . D . ' 'fd l 'V 5' l 4 ' ii ,shag 1. G in X 'X is 'g' I in ,gil . , . , -.A 4 if as A i . ' 'Q I gli I - . sf ig J 5 V" 1' - . ' ' K .1 ' , 1 A 1+ 5, l KY l N an 'nr l. , 'I 'ax My A 4 i 'Iv Y f , - ' V N- 4. ' U14 U iii af, Jvrfnx, If 1. . Itiri-:xi Alix qgigxlf xviffnhtxb 1 .. I" il -f. " 'iv pd ' 3 , '-4 . i 1, 'X "Ml", -I' V ff'-ss is . . s . M ,I lst., . . . ," 1 " . xl 8.4-yy ryxl, :.f,d"if? .Zi "' 'fs nik ' fn ' ' EI" K ' in it 'i ' '..l.,'sk.'f-in .sh ' T ' 4' wvmahst ' -. 41 uf 'lynn' r . . . i Mu 1 lh chin Ak . . . O i I ' ff . I90 . . . . . , . . . T G . ' 9 , I. I . I . .-- +1 A- are-v' X qljsgs iii Y 's . N A I K s if A. JR wrd f ' , "5 'lg' . UPL" 'Y QJ ' V f. ,Wg 1 3 ' .1y,lyl'.'J lm qu-new www if . , s.. L .- v -- '24-r "H+ . it - 1' - 'f v 0 O n M. 1' A A 1 STRIBLING SEARS Displaying an overwhelming superiority in every respect, a high powered Arkansas aggregation rolled over the Rebel gridders by a score of 19 to 0, on the Crump Stadium gridiron, Memphis. Aided by the celebration of Navy Day, the game drew a huge crowd of twenty-five thousand enthusiastic fans. Biggest disappointment of the day, was the injury sustained by Cap- tain Bob McCain, Reb fullback, early in the game. Although McCain showed plenty of determination by re-entering the battle later in the afternoon, despite the pain he was suffering, it wasn't quite enough, and the Red and Blue finally wilted allowing the Porkers to triumph. Resisting in true Rebel style, the Mississippi players led by Kauerz, Blackwell, and Russell, were able to stem the tide of the Razorback ava- lanche until late in the second period. At this point, Wells heaved a fifty yard aerial to Schumchyk for a touchdown, and the Porkers led 6 to 0 at the half. It was easy going for Arkansas during the second half, and they sewed it up on scores by Smith and Henson in the final period of the game. Johnny Bruce attempted to score through the air for Ole Miss, but he was frustrated by a rugged Arkansas line, and an alert Porker backfield. lil' as ARKANSAS Arlx. vs. Ole Miss: No. 43 of Ark. fries to go around his right end as Bill Sfribling l23l, Pele Castle l39l, Diclr Castle l47l come in 'ro stop him. .-i'm.'1f1ff A . ' 4 nh A Q .f i,., -fs 1, . - r . .. R A As c A 1-611: rg 1-.--.La f 1' . , ' , -A-3,7 f . J..-A , ' A - .iifihzs " ' '71 . n ,,,.'iV- , 'q . l if. ff ' ,6 . x X . 413. -f 4' 1 ,Q mv, mf. . A Assn' 'i1'ii5Q,fgf 'W' ., .LQ f" ' .' :Jtl l 4, . if 'III T' Q W ,JK .w 3' !. TISHER RUSSELL GARY VQQW-" 6-1 SALMON GALEY Hampered by injuries, a stubborn little band of fighting Rebels battled vainly against a powerful Louisiana State squad, and were defeated 32 to 13, in a thrill packed tussle. Striking with two lightning touchdowns in the first period, the Tigers appeared ready to roll up an impressive score on the helpless Rebs, but the boys representing the Red and Blue rallied, and they fought courageously to the end. LSU scored three minutes after the game began, with Don Sandifer carrying the ball over He was followed shortly afterwards by Red Knight, who broke loose on a beautiful run. Continuing their scoring spree, the Tigers took the ball 216 over deep in their own territory, where Bill Montgomery evaded Reb tacklers to score another touchdown. Wells garnered the first Ole Miss score before the half ended. The tired Rebs weakened in the fourth period, and Montgomery and Cason added two more touchdowns for L.S.U. Wells tossed to Harper for the last Ole Miss score, and the game ended with the Red and Blue in possession of the ball close to the Tiger goal. Tennessee's Volunteers racked up another gridiron victory at the ex- pense of a Rebel football team, when they literally buried the boys in the mud of Crump Stadium, Memphis. Intermittent cold rain kept what promised to be a sellout crowd down to a paltry few hardy fans, who braved the weather to witness this muddy debacle. Gaining a decided advantage in the sloppy field, a big hard charging Tennessee forward wall proved to be the main factor in the triumph. Led by the Dobel- stein brothers, the orange clad gridders swarmed through the Ole Miss defense almost at will, and lost no time in gaining a safe margin of touch- downs before the first quarter had ended. Buster Stephens stood out in the backlield, and scored two markers for the Vols. Also scoring for Tennessee were Stephenson, Bevis, and Holtsclaw. Ole Miss fans got a thrill when little jerry Crook scooted forty-five yards down the center of the field, only to be stopped from behind on the fifteen. CASTLE LaCOOK I , - TENNESSEE HOLCOMB . I, "Ji 217 'I . or Ole Miss vs. Miss. Slate: Bob McCain is malring an end around play a ainsl' Slate. Bottom: Here is the play that beat Miss. Stale. Pop War- ncr 35, 'rhird sfring quarlerbaclr of Ole Miss, fool: a long pass from Frank 3 D vis o the seven yard line and ran I if across. Ole Miss won 7-6 and kept 3 the Golden Egg. MISSISSIPPI STIITE The old saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place went by the boards as an inspired Reb eleven overwhelmed the highly touted Maroons from Mississippi State by the narrowest of margins, 7 to 6. A capacity throng of 18,000 shrieking onlookers watched with surprise as the Rebels administered their second consecutive defeat over the hapless Bulldogs and gained their seventeenth victory in this forty- two year old series between two of the countries arch rivals. Not only was the victory a total surprise, but Coach Harry Mehre pulled a new- fangled "A" formation against the bewildered Starkville boys. Hardly ' If A. ...imc . r , .u. '. z Q1 W.. - 17' , 4. . ' 5 . EQ' ' -": --an - .N-1 X .5 v I V 1 .I,..,ff2yv,'?L ..,,. .. ..9v'ff-M-',""'f4 ,Q II - U T1 .,- ' ,. .4 -. .if , r 4 " ' I.:-5R.'--ls., ,,.4 1' . - 4 -- -X , '---,:a"g::Nr .-ahh-1 fJ.H'U-givghtgl 1.5 , ,., , . . . . . U , '- ar. -wr. . ":- ' -- -' -'- . ' ' .,1"f', . . 4-sf-iff-fat...W fr -.ef--i. +L - . - . - , . -. .A .1 ' '.- - - ' Q. ' - f , .. V ..- - .lv -Y.. '- - ... t 0 hs., i I - -I, -I - -if- .f- W.: -. .- r - fr"-f -TPM.-Anti." sr. .Vw- l I , .',..ulal-.a-l . A A t , 1 ' 111.6 1 1 J . F five minutes had elapsed before Ole Miss had gained a 7 to 0 lead which they never relinquished. Frank Davis, our side's left halfback, had tossed a long aerial to Jack Warner for the tally and Don Kauerz converted. Then for fifty-five long minutes the Rebels held on, fighting like lions. Time and again Ole Miss men were injured but always previously un- heard-of substitutes came in and played like stars. Four times State had the Red and Blue back in the coHin corner, and four times the Rebs held. Harper Davis scored for State in the final minutes of play, and the tension mounted as the attempt at conversion was made. The pig- skin sailed low and wide, and Ole Miss had emerged triumphant. McCAlN BUCHANAN Harper Davis, great lailbaclr, fries fo break loose wi+h a host of Ole Miss men in pursuit. Jaclr Russell is on the ground wifh his arms around Davis. Third quarter and Ole Miss is leading 7-6. '.0'..s4,u sf' QW .OK ,Q IN 31 J' Ir' , ilwvl' f. 91 -'-. . --A-w.g1S-K 44' ii' 'V' '1 """"" .akm-If ' vi., YW -:J gigygff. ,- ,, . , I q I -R .Aft A ,.....-th,-,yuh-www-g . ,5"' .. .. - lf l '3JMl'.-J." fr ' ' ' K' "' l ' ' Ia' 4, 'y1l.,'! i4Y2L X 7 wi., .N .-'vw A 'Q R K. bang?-is Q -nl . i' ,g.p-,,.-.dss,--"74-i,ufAl4hc9i52f1- f ' - M, 4 A M ' 55f"1"'.f5-ls.-1 ' ' i fi 1""""""" i . 5 -. 'H-v.:+xC?::s ,. ,r Harper Davis of Slate College fries hard fo get to Ole Miss's goal line. lllti if The Rebels pulled the curtain down on the 1945 season as they lost to the University of Chattanooga by a score of 31 to 6. It was Thanks- 'gi giving Day in Tennessee and the Moccasins had a holiday on the field I . . . 4' as well as on the dinner table. Crippled by the State game, the Ole Miss ' gridders were no match for the "Noogas" who were at their peak. The final decision was never in doubt after the first half as the Chattanooga , r fullback, Gene Roberts, went over for the first tally shortly after the PSP Benlnell and Fml Davfs' oppfs' opening kickoff. The Moccasins added two more touchdowns in both ' I ing capfams on fhe Ole Miss spring , . . , . . . h f h the second and third quarters and not until the final frame was Ole Miss if lrannlng teams, await 1' e loss o + e . Coin fo, me kickoff- able to score their lone marker. ' H ' Vw w+:1vzv:wemw!'sqr:weWfr'v"W,,r ,E H i' Neff. . I 'HYPEY' 1 l ,Pr 'LN I I, il I ,QN- X i l l i l Under the guidance of Coach "Goat" Hale, the Rebel cage squad began practices a few weeks before Christmas. Hale worked long hours moulding a suitable aggregation. Shortly before their first game, the cagers received a new mentor in the person of Jim "Buster" Poole, a well-remembered alumnus. On january 7, the Rebs met Southwestern College on the home court. The game proved easy for the Red and Blue, for they coasted to a 44 to 21 victory over their helpless foe. The starting team for that first game was drawn largely from the Naval ROTC unit here at Ole Miss. Jack Marshall, Paul Schrader, George Murphy, and Jack Enright played an important part in that initial triumph, along with "Stretch" Tate, the lone civilian on the first quintet. Next came Tennessee to whom the Rebs succumbed 65 to 42. Play- BASKET BALL Front row: left to right: En ght Schrader, Marshall, Salmon, Gale-y, R cl Back row: Murphy, Bruce, Wood Wright, Tate, Jennings, Coach "But Poole. la l li j , i I v ii 351 if V. la li li fi 32 1: .3- l. lf' - l 5 , ,ei ill ,ill U l i. lil lf' Fi is ia ,I is .li l .ggi Top left: Joe Walker sinlzs basket for Ole Miss. Top right: Crowd yelling' Bottom left: Ole Miss vs. Naval Air Siafion, Bottom right: NAS raclrs 1 5 I I8 i ing like champions the first fifteen minutes of the game, the Ole Miss squad kept on even terms with the Vols. Loaded with reserves, the Vols returned for the second half, however, as fresh as when they began, and rolled over the weary Rebels with apparent ease. L.S.U. visited the campus the following evening and they had no trouble in overcoming Johnny Reb. The Tigers appeared quite definite- ly on in racking up a 53 to 23 decision. Ole Miss was still using their original lineup, with the exception of johnny Bruce replacing jack En- right at guard. Returning to form in the next contest with Millsaps, the Rebels led by jack Marshall, who scored 20 points, swamped the Majors 58 to 33. The total conference losses rose to four after defeats by Vanderbilt and Alabama. Ole Miss played host to both conference rivals, suffering a close 59 to 31 licking at the hands of the Commodores and an even closer 36 to 34 loss infiicted by the Crimson Tide. On their first road trip of the year, the Rebs drubbed Millsaps 50 to 42 and Mississippi College 61 to 41, but lost to L.S.U. 60 to 35. Reed and Marshall highlighted the games with consistent high scoring. 222 At this point the Rebs held a record of four victories and five losses. A return game with Mississippi College's Choctaws on the campus proved disastrous, however, when a scrappy visiting team upset our boys 39 to 38. It was a hard fought game throughout, but the ever- confident Rebs couldn't seem to click in the pinches and they dropped another close one. Two days later the hoopsters suffered still another loss with an invasion of Tuscaloosa for another crack at Alabama. The Crimson Tide emerged triumphant by a score of 61 to 45. Things picked up temporarily. The local supporters were treated to a double victory over Cow College, for the Maroons were trampled two nights in a row, 58 to 44 and 45 to 40. Saturday, February 16, the Rebs travelled to Memphis for a return game with Southwestern College. A high scoring contest resulted, and Ole Miss came home with their seventh victory by a score of 76 to 44. Paul Schrader came close to the school record for individual scoring in one game with his 31 points. Disappointment prevailed after the Reds dropped two games to State in an unhappy invasion of Starkville. The Maroons evened the annual series with 50 to 43 and 54 to 34 victories. In preparation for the home game with the Naval Air Station, the Ole Miss hoopsters engaged the Coca-Cola independent team in a Navy relief benefit exhibition in Memphis on Friday, February 22. The Rebels won the scrap 47 to 40. Leif' Russell Reed scores fwo for Ole Miss. Right: "Sfreich" iumps ihe ball! point Tafe fHv1i- Q il'-. MARSHALL REED WOODWARD Three nights later, the N.A.S. quintet visited Ole Miss. Sparked by Bob Holtsclaw, the visitors led their host by a narrow margin through most of the game. In the closing phase the Memphis sailors spurred to an eighteen point lead to win 65 to 47. Russell Reed's seventeen points clinched him the top honors for the team that game. The Southeastern Conference Tournament at Louisville was the clos- ing event in the 1946 season. Drawing a pass for the first day, Ole Miss encountered on the following night the L.S.U. team, which had al- BRUCE JENNINGS Vis: 224 SCHRADER ' MURPHY ready beaten Tulane. The 69 to 34 trouncing suffered by the Rebs eliminated the Red and Blue from the show. Final tally for the season showed seven victories for conference credit and eleven losses. On the basis of total points scored, Jack Marshall, a Rebel Navyman from Florida, led the Ole Miss squad with 79 baskets and 19 foul shots-that is, 177 points. Russell Reed was close on his heels with 165. Another sailor, Schrader, tallied 136. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage with which the team had to deal was the lack of reserves. Manager for this year was Tom Muse. TATE ENRIGHT Km" SALMON , aai, a s 225 41' -41 lf 2 ' KQQR, . 2,1 , ' A?" . . P, ,- 3,1 F? Ax ,R , JP gtg 'pr Top: Galey and Wriqhf, Boffornz Reed, Jennings, Bruce, Woodward, and Marshall. I M Manifest of the reconversion of Ole Miss to a peacetime basis is the reappearance on the campus of many activities discontinued during the war. Among these is boxing. Jesse Alderman, an Ole Miss graduate of several years' professional boxing experience, groomed the team for the big event of the season-the Mid-South Golden Gloves Tournament held at Memphis in early February. Of the thirteen Ole Miss entries, six succeeded in capturing titles. Two open championships and four novice ones clinched the Rebel victory. Later in February, Oscar Buc- hanan, heavyweight pugilist of several seasons experience in the Memphis circuit, and A. C. Abraham, lightweight champ whose performance in the Mid-South tournament was outstanding, participated in the western division of the nationals at Chicago. Prior to these. events was an intra- squad exhibition in january. Those of the squad not shown are as fol- lows: "Buddy" Bowen, Mike Campbell, Ed Hanford, Dave Pflomm, Earl jones, George Demetriou, Victor Blaine, john Cornell, Bill Dehn, and Lamar Pierson. Donald F. Clarke was manager. BOXING Top lef+: Coach Jesse Alderman. Top righfz A. C, Abraham pounds his op- ponent. Boffom left: Diclt McFalls limbers up, Bofiom righf: Oscar Bu- chanan, Mid-South Golden Gloves heavyweighi winner ws, . 1,3215 - 'Ll W. 4 nw.: .hun ..- -.f-as-, A r F' 9 J,- ,pi ,hjgi QU4 KX Q NX X' Rl 'T 4 .Wm xx xv .X I. Q My X . xx x Xxx Bk w - I-R ip xs- 3 1' ,X X X 271' .' M.-m .M...g,., , FOUR PREHY GOOD PLL' xi 1 XXX U v W 5 5 " AS- ww' 'l- I. 1 I x I, L V . ,. , f . . Aw kr . 5 , 4 -my 1 1'R JN . E' ,A X, .Y 1 X , X 5 4 , X ,fs ., bf' Sf X 'X xxx v 1 -,A s .,.QY L Mf ..-.mmm .wumw -mn rw, rv.:IwlC1NN5 X, 4. ..g ff. 'i K Er' N4 vw, .JUN WW 'Q . Nlfwklx KN NX ' 5 . .S x -' . ..1l N s A ,K "Li 1' - mv l. - 1. THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI I 848 9 I 946 The Universily is composed ol Ihe following divisions: Ihe College ol Liberal Arls, Ihe Schools ol Law, Engineering, Educalion, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Adminislralion, Ihe Graduale School, and Universily Exlension. Splendid Iacililies for general and specialized educalion are provided by Ihe Liberal Arls College and The Professional Schools. SUMMER SESSION, I946 Firs'r Six Weeks Term ....... . . . June 3-July I3 Second Six Weeks Term . . . . July I5-Aug. 23 Sludenl allending bolh sixeweelc Terms will be able Io earn Iwelve semeslor hours. Courses will be offered in Ihe College ol Liberal Arls, Ihe Graduale School, and in Ihe Schools ol Law, Commerce and Business Adminislralion, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Educalion, Recrealion-Excellenf alhlelic and recrealional Iacililies insure ample opporlunilies lor exercise and relaxalion. An excellenl swimming pool, a superb goll course, numerous Iennis courls, and many indoor games pro- vide allraclions lor every one. Wri're 'ro Ihe Direclor of 'rhe Summer Session, Universify, Mississippi, for Ihe Summer Session Bullefin. THE FALL SESSION BEGINS ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER I6, I946 "Trus+ed Thousands of Times Each Year" GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG GRUNDY'S CAFE And DINING ROOM CQMPANY SKILLET FRIED CHICKEN GOOD COFFEE ' STEAKS The RexaII Sfore Oxford, Mississippi GRUNDY COLE' Owner and Manager L,':'N"- CGM PL' MENT5 o F - ssii A ":: ""f'f 'Q I 11f'1-i-f4 H U M E ' S A "Be'rween Ihe RiI'z and I'he Lyric" Cushman Meier Scooiers Phone 65 Oxford' MESS. AUTO 8: HOME SUPPLY CO. Phone 50 Oxford, Miss I ooMPLiMENTs 'REA or I7 ' NAI ' " NW ,Gm X ', KI BLAYLooK's DRUG sroRE P HL' K K Q II Ve f 4? li Th Side of Square Oxford, Miss U f THE MOST CURRENT R U T H I S ENTERTAINMENT M' BERNSTEIN FOR THE OLE MISS STUDENTS LADIES WEAR THE RITZ TH Air-Condihohed S. T. LYLES, JR., Manager OXFORD Phone 662 Oxford, MISS Complimerfrs of Prompf Courfeous-Efficienf REBEL TAXI OO. Sim M., OXFORD Phone 777 INN ,ARL I COLONIAL HOTEL Q iff ' Oxford's Fines+ Hofel N X I I NOVIII Side MODERN-COMPORTABLE-HOME-LIKE v of Square N' " SO Rooms Rafes fBI.5O-S350 o JULIA O, DAVIS, Owner OXFORD I 1 lj KI' ' 0 CompIinnenTs of OLE TAXI OM DR. J. w. ROTT-ici-uLD CPMPQFY TOM 81 SPIRO Op+ome'rris+ R E MIZE 8. K. D. SPEARS OXFORD MISSISSIPPI Owners and Manag IQ. '1!U. gffioff THE STUDENT BANK "Ready 'ro Serve Ole Miss S+uden+s" O JEWELER J. J. STRAHAM M. C, MAXWELL Manai er Assf, Manarer I OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Q Q DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Lowed In Umm' BUI'dI'I9 I I . I Cosmehcs I , COMPLIMENTS Sfahonery Prescripfions OF I Drugs AvENT's DRUG STORE UTY CLEANERS "The Place Where Your Money Goes Fur'rher" 0 ' Phone 22 Oxford, Mississippi Norfh Side of Square Oxford, Mississippi COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF QF FRAZIER xi coERs oxroren WHOLESALE Boox sToRE GROCERY COMPANY . OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Localed in Union Building COMPLIMENTS OF Where Sludenfs Meel' We Are Always Pleased To Serve You Q GOOD FOOD 9 MUSIC 9 SODA OXIOKI' MISSISSIPPI oxroreo AUBREY sem FOR YOUR OFFICE, STORE REQUIREMENTS OFFICE-STATIONERY ITEMS We usually have numerous arlicles lhal are very scarce, ollen unoblainable in some lowns. We quole a lew. Scorch Tape Adding Machine Rolls Slaplers and Slaples Paper Cups and Dispensers Paper Clips, Thumb Taclcs Oualily Pencils, all colors Typewriler, Adding Machine Ribbons Show Card Colors, Drawing Inks Carler's Midnighl' Carbon Paper Drawing Pens, Brushes and iusl abou? everylhinq in slaple office, slalionery, and bookkeeping ilerns. If you are unable lo find il where you usually Trade, lry us. Wrile your wanls if inconvenienl lo call. Equipped lo do your prinlinq whelher il be a small ilem or somelhing running inlo lhousands ol copies. We specialize in social slalionery, calling cards, informals, wedding announcemenls. Aqenls lor L. C, Srnilh, Corona Underwood Porlable, Reminglon Porlable and Royal Porlable lypewrilors. THE OXFORD EAGLE Through the years- - - EIL ' oxroran - - - the best place lor Ole Miss students to shop BALFOUR FRATERNITY JEWELRY DRAPER'S MUSIC SHOP Place all orders for jewelry Ilwrouglr 'rlre HEverY+hlng in Music.. Birmingham Ollice 0 PARTS FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS . STRINGS FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS ENOCH BENSON' Manage' 0 MUSIC BRIEF CASES Badges, Rings, Novellies, EIC. 0 FGLIOS WE HANDLE CCMPLETE LINE OF LATEST L' G' CG' SHEET MUSK: ZIO4 lzillhr Ave., Norllw Birminglfram, Al "QUALITY PI-IOTGS' COFIELD'S STUDIO ll.lplown in I-lenry I-lolel Buildingl All annual negalives 'ro porlrails are lcepl on file from I934 +I'rrougl'1 I944-you may order from 'rlrese all your convenience. GXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ongrafufafiond AND SINCEREST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE We invi+e you Io nnake our sIore your headguar+ers in Oxford, and give You our pledge Io do our be-SI Io give you more qualify for your c:IoIIwing needs. 1- WINTER'S STORE FOR MEN OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI HEADOUARTERS FOR FRATERNITY JEWELRY CLASS PINS AND RINGS GEO. T. II II II Il IIII -Nf- Jewelers 0 Main af Monroe MEMPHIS WRITE for Free Cafalogue W IW E SQ as " .i' 55 F-'N . ' L, i PS is tx Ig? 'Q i 5 Q Q' ip 'Mx Hr S -l an ,SN ., Favori+e Showlnouse of Ihe Ole Miss Sjrudenf Body Since I9I7 THE LYRIC THEATER ROBERT X. WILLIAMS Gwner and Manager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI FARMING MADE PLEASANT THROUGH THE USE OF INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER EQUIPMENT INTERNATIDNI-IL Once again we have Peace Cn Earrh, And Good Will Toward Men. Many of The soldiers who Ioughr Ihe brunl of Ihe parrles in Europe. Norrh Africa, and The Sourh Pacific, are relurning Io Ihe farm Io sellle down and live. They are ready Io pur away Iheir swords and guns, and Ialce up Iheir plowshares. We are ready as ever Io oller our friendly service Io Ihem as well as Io Ihe homelollcs. We specialize in Inrernalional Trucks and McCormick-Deering Traclors. We also have a lirsl-class machine shop Io service Irucks, Iraclors, and repair farm irnplennenls. Inrernalional Trucks and McCormick-Deering Traclors are lcnown lor Iheir dependabilily over a long period ol Iirne. II you have a problem, lel us help you solve il. CLARK COMPANY BROOKHAVEN EQUIPMENT CO. McCOMB EQUIPMENT CO. BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI McCOMB, MISSISSIPPI INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS, McCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS, INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT MARKS-ROTHENBERG L P. MCCARTY 81 SON 6 TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI MERIDIAN MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF Since i870 GLASOOW'S DRUG + STORE Ph 3 d 44 T p I M TUPELO HARDWARE CQMPLIMENTS COMPANY OF KNOWN FOR VALUES GEORQE H. BOOTI-I TUPFLO SSISSIPPI H. W. REED BUMP!-XNY A DEPARTMENT STORE All of 'rhe Bes+- The Besi' of All 0 IT PAYS TO BUY THE BEST THE HARRIS DRUG COMPANY P 7 I p I M CGI IIIJIIIIA, IVIISSISSIPPI ilfljlzaf Wiaaiaaippi Seffa guifcla iaaiziaippi IN ORDER TO SERVE THE INDEPENDENT MERCHANTS BETTER Plans have been drawn and work will be sTarTed shorTly on a magniTicenT 5250.000 sTrucTure To be locaTed on The ouTskirTs oT Jackson, which will be The TuTure home of The Sanders Company. These new guarTers will be a disTribuTii-ig cenTer Tor dry goods and oTher merchandise. IT will provide a larger and more convenienT source of supply Tor The merchanTs oT This secTion. The Sanders Company is as near as your Telephone and delivery is a maTTer oT hours. IT is going To be in a posiTion noT only To serve The Mississippi Trade wiTh mer- chandise buT is going To give Them service as we will deliver This merchandise ourselves To Them. The new planT will provide even beTTer wholesale TaciliTies . . . and when iT is compleTed iT will compare Tavorably wiTh The TinesT iobbing houses in The enTire counTry. FaciliTies have been provided Tor our co- workers Too. The planT will have a modern kiTchen and caTeTeria where healThTul, deli- cious meals will be served Tree oT charge To The people who work here. AnoTher STep Forward in Mississippis Progress. jle SMJQM JusT a Few of The Lines Carried By THE SANDERS CO., INC Q YARDGOODS Q I-IOSIERY o LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR Q CI-IENILLE BEDSPREADS Q CI-IENILLE ROBES Q CI-IENILLE RUSS 0 MEN 84 BOYS' WORK CLOTI-IING omlaang, nc. II8 SouTh GalIaTin ST. Wholesale Dry Goods Jackson, Miss Q "..-vu 27 ,x X II , Li' ESX X j V 1 N 'u s e " C5" EE ' ' BRAND ' ' WORK CLOTHES MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY REED BROTHERS lncorporafed Garmeni' ManuTacTurers Wholesale Dry Goods TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI YOUR FUTURE? WHAT ABOUT WhaT is The sTar To which you've hiTched your wagon? When you leave school which will iT be-iidocTor, lawyer, rnerchanT or chieTi'? lT's noT Too early, you lcnow, To begin Thinlcing aboUT Those years ahead. IT The endeavor is To be along merchan- dising lines and you're inTeresTed in Toed, we can help you. Several gradUaTes OT Qle Ivliss are now doing well in This Tield. IT inTeresTed, wriTe Tor The Tolder, i'BlUe- prinT Now Tor ToTnorrow's Needsfi JITNEY-JUNGLE, INCORPORATED Home ornce AND FACTORY JACKSON I I7 o MISSISSIPPI CLOTHING For Men 8i Women LaTesT up-To-The MinuTe S+yIes VICKSBURG AND CO-EDS ALL KNOW TI-IE VOGUE JACKSON JACKSON,IvIISSISSIPPI R. C. BROWN n - ll When Mnss Rebel GeTs Her Man ,Q-gg' 'lk Nw I Ilfki' S X i I IAS She Always Doeslj A I,4:":,giyg, ul, , . . , . . JP I gl,-PIX' QA, ,ihf fliifmf- hw Iron. if-'au lriirn Ihr- f'li-.linguiulwwl fuller livin: I .. .' I co rf in Ilyi lfrifliil fiiiliiri, Hal . .. Lg' inf' I 7 XX xx .ix fir! I if I ' ,JS 0 9 S Ir, I -,A I f 'aw-" " Kffnnangton s c"',,,-I' f MISSISSIPPI'S BEST STORE -7 'V f't"""-' - - l-1:4-.r.,2:L -- - ,f Complimenfs of . . . V ,,-L...., ..,,.,... AAVA V HV ' V TM: T -1:1-gV.,.,S , .AM F "" ' TT T I' I JQCKSONS FQSHTON CENTER A 1"""'4r"ff.,,,w by-'sv' 'uv-f' 'H'-If ' fu, .,,,, -'- .,,. ,, .. ., N., ' - , ,. HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS, BLANK BOOK MAKERS, STATIONERS LITHOGRAPHERS JACKSQISI, MISSISSIPPI WHEN IN JACKSON, MISS., VISIT THE ir Conclifione HOTEL HEIDELBERG 275 ROOMS AND BATHS MISS. AAA HEADQUARTERS COMPLIMENTS COIVIPLIIVIEN-IS QF OF OTISS BOYLES DOCTOR'S PHARMACY We Carry a compIe're sIocIc oI Com- mercial, Home and Farm Apdiance Your F'IendIY DVUQQISI' II4 S. Church SIieeI LouisviIIe, Mississippi LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI I CQMPLIIVIEIXIIS COMPLIMENTS QF OF REX SQDA 55-lgppg THE FAIR COMPANY Q 9 LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI CQMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS or PF s'rAFFoRD's CAFE BANK OF I-IQLLY SPRINGS IQ, E. ELLIS, Owner 0 I 'III' SI'PIII'3', IAIUSI IIII HOLLY SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI J 1071 I . 5 " mypmgmufm Q7 mrwasmnpaev C'AeW2aaA I kbnofu 11 ik CONGRA'l'lJlATIONS For 35 years we have been saynng congrafulahons 'ro Ole Mass graduales as producfs of one of Ihe Mud Soufh s fmesf Ancl In +hose 35 years we I'oo have become a Mad Soulh Ins+l+uhon The 'farmer looks Io u as a ready marlcef for has fmesi' llvesioclc The housewrle loolcs for Ihe name Abros when she wan'rs chovce meals ABRAHAM BIRDS PACKING C0 MEMPHIS I I I ' eclucafional Insfifufions. 0 I 0 f I I - . s ll ll . 9 . 0 CQMPEIMENTS A OF D. CANALE comemrumrnoms AND COMPANY TO THE GRADUATES MEMpHIS QF IQ46 -Wholesale- ERESI-I ERUITS-PRODUCE fhur .sjeefgincler ' HOME EURNISI-:ER AGAIN TI-IE OLE MISS IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE MANUFACTURED BY V KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE I COMPLIMENTS S. OF ' FORREST HOTEL S B. O. YOUNG fl I XX Manager ' I HATTIESBURO, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS PHOENIX LAUNDRY OF DYERS AND CLEANERS ROLLINOS JEWELRY HATTIESBURO, MISSISSIPPI COMPANY I-Iardy S+reeT Telephones 36 and 97 6I7 Main S+. Hamesburgl Miss COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF EVANS-DRUMMOND EIS M A N ' S DRUG STORE 519 MAIN STREET Q where Exclusive Sfyles Mm Popular Prices HATTIESBURO, MISSISSIPPI I-IATTIESBURO, MISSISSIPPI ANDERSON'S MEN'S WEAR IIAIIIPSIBIIRO. MISSISSIPPI WI-IEN IN I-IATTIESBURG VISIT ' I IIAIIIISBUIPGS OUAIIIY IUDIIIIUIII SIOIPI VICTOR, COLUMBIA AND DECCA Records and SuppIieS COMPLIMENTS DQNAVAN-IANE OF mm IQ 'ng I-IATTIESBURG THE DIAMOND SHOP Q SOUII1 Mississippi! Leading Sfore for Men's and Boys' Pine Wearables I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI TOM DONAVAN DEWEY LANE COMPL"VIENT5 "The em s+Ofe" OF THE owl. DRue STORE SARPHIE JBYILE!-Rv Phone 7 S. E. Cor. Fronf and Main I-Iaffiesburg, Miss. 509 Mah' I-IGIIIPSPUIQI MISS- Phone 207 D U K E I II "The Sfore for Men" QQMPLIMENTS . OF HATTIESBURG, Mugs, McARTHUR CHEVROLET CO. I-IAITIESBUR6, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF FINE BROS.-MATISON COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORES I-IATTIESBURG LAUREL WILSON DRUG CO. PROFESSIONAL PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 0 CORINTI-I, MISSISSIPPI Phone 606 and 607 CorinIh, Mi MOSES OIL AND AUTO SUPPLY CO. DISTRIBUTOR OF AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND SHOP EQUIPMENT WHEN IN CORINTI-I MAKE TI-IIS WITH COMPL MENTS YOUR FOOD HEADQUARTERS PRESCRIPTIONS COOPER'S DRUGS GROCERY 8: MARKET "The Home of Good EaI's" Phone 7 CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI T' Owner Across from Courf I-Iouse Since I869 WALDRON HOTEL AND DINING ROOM O CORINTI-I, MISSISSIPPI YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Sfop over and visiI wiIh us when in Grenada, Mississippi DYRE-KENT DRUG COMPANY "The Rexall Sfore Has I+" JACK DYRE and SPIVEY KENT Ole Miss Giaduafes PRYOR'S DEPARTMENT STORE "The S+ore of Nafional Brands" O WIST POINT, MISSISSIPPI HENRY CLAY HOTEL Wesi Poinf, Mississippi MODERN-FIREPROOF--EUROPEAN EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP . r, WYMAN PM n. s, HOLLAND, MQ SS. WIMBERLY'S J. H. COLLIER, JR. Jewelry-Giffs SERVICE STATION 'Jim off the Square but on fhe Beam" Sinclair Gasoline-Firesfone Tires Ph I07 Oxford, M CORINTI-I MISSISSIPPI Complimenfg of Complimenfs of MCPETERS FUNERAL HOME ROBERT HETER MGTGR C0 Buick Dealer CORINTI-I, MISSISSIPPI CORIN-II-II MISSISSIPPI PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE AGAIN-- 3Ae OLE MISS ENGRAVINGS ARE BY SHHEVEPIIHT ENGHAVINU EUMPANY 6Q3 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA S4 I Q 3 i Wilkie Jane NEW STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE UNlVERSlTfY THE Abney. James Stuart Adams, Charles Walter Adams, James Bruce Adams, Marshall C. Adams, Thomas J. Adams, Philip G. Adams, William B. Adams, Aiken, Richard W. Alexander, Charles H. Alexander, John G. Alexander, William B., Jr. Allen, Grover N. Allen, Stephen E., Jr. Allred, Dewitt T., Jr. Ammons, Clarke Anderson, Richard B. Arledge, James B. Assad, Edward J. Atkins, Jesse J. Attaya, James S. Attaya, Moses Attneave, Fred, Jr. Aultman, John L. lMrs.l Baldwin, B. Richard Bailey, Thomas E., Jr. Barnard, William W. Barnett, Jennings B. Base, John H. Bates, Cary D. Beard, Orville S. Beard, Wirt A. Bell, Thomas A. Bennett, David N. Bennett, Faye E. Bennett, James C. Bennett, James A. Bennett, Preston P. Berzowski, Roman C. Bizzell, William H. Blackwell, James A. Bledsoe, Robert E, Bloom, Melton E. Blouin, Mike R. Blount, Lorraine Blount, Willis C. Boatner, Edward L. Bodron, Allen Boler, Jim Billy Boltz, James O. Bonner, Richard A. Borris, William Harald Booz, Robert Burnett Bowden, James S. Bowen, John H., Jr. Bowen, Sheldon W. Bowie, William R. Boykin, Mary Elizabeth Bradley, Ralph E. Bramlett, Barnie T. Bray, James, Jr. Bray, Jetterson C. Breedlove, James C. Bridgers, David Irwin Buse. Jessie L. Butler, Byrd, James P., Jr. Byars, Wilton V. Cady, Robert B. Cattey, Claude F. Caldwell, Charles W. Callaway, Charles A. Callicott, Henry G. Campbell Henry A. Campbell Leon F. Campbell, Clittord S. Campbell, John P. Campbell Robert B. Campassi Louis, Jr. Carp, Leonard Carr, Hugh V. Carroll, Edwin J. Carrell, Hairsten R, Carroll, William L. Carter, Jetterson W. Cassibry, Napoleon L. Catchings, Walter H. Catt, Carl L. Catt, Grover H. Caudle, Harold L. Chamberlin, Claude A. Bryant, Bridges, James T. Brinkley, Roy A., Jr. Brister, James E. Broach, Leo D. Brooks, James E. Brower, Frank H. Brown, Ernest L. Brown, Eugene D. Brown, Frederick L. Brown, Howard A, Brown, Walter L., Jr. William A. Buckalow, Zack T., Jr. Buford, James D. Bullock, Marion E. Bullock, William O, Buntin, Tyler D. Buntin, William D. Burgess, Ramon L. Burke, Herbert L. Burrow, James L., .lr. Busby, John L., Jr. Chatham, Charles B. Cherry, James A., Jr. Childress, Noel A. Church, Robert D. Ciceron, Quentin W, Clark, Butord E. Clower, Dudley B., Jr. Clower, William M. Cockersole, Alex G., Jr. Cohen, Martin Cohen, Herbert M. Cohen, Jay D. Cohen, Marvin A. Coleman, William D. Collins, Curtis L. Collins, Grady Collins, Leslie W. Collins, Rupert A. Condon, Robert M. Conerly, Charles A. Connell, William C., Jr. Cook, Carolyn E. Cook, Edward L. Cook, James L. Cook, Jesse L. Cooke, Chester G. Cope, William D. Corban, Harry Corley, Samuel A. Covington, Ruth L, Cox, Alice Cooper lMrs.l Cox, Joseph L. Cox, William Cunningham Craine, Harold E. Crantord, Joe C. Crawtord, George H., Jr. Cresswell, William E, Crigler, James C. Crigler, Mary Elinor Crisler, Charles Weems, Jr. Crisler, Allred N. Crisp, Robert R. Cromeans, Olyndia L. Crook, Robert W. Crutchfield, Victor H. Cullum, Joel l, Culpepper, Margaret Culpepper, Robert Henry Custy, Arthur Burton Dabbs, Hal Dale, James S., Jr. Dale, Camille lMrs.l Dale, Robert H., Jr, Daly, Edmond J. Davis, Paul E. Davis, Walter E. Davis, Martin Day, Glenna C. Deal, Carlos L. Deaton, Ward P. Deuberry, Carson L. Dickerson, Cecil R. Dickson, Archie Lewis, Jr Dickson, Nolan S. Dismukes, Charles F. Doom, Arnold Roy, Jr. Doty, Jackson Dalton Douglass, George A. Doyle, Arthur R., Jr. Dozier, William P. Drayton, Thomas W. Dubard, Walter H., Jr. Duke, Fred B., Jr. Dunn, Jack R. Dyess, Ernest Mims Eads, Billy G. Eatman, John D., Jr. Earnheart, Trilby Joyce Elchos. Theodore G. Elliott, Ralph P. Ellis, Robert Byron Ellzey, Mark J. Elmore, William F., Jr. England, Joe Root Erickson, William C. Esgro, Frank J. Ethridge, Mark E. Ethridge, Thomas R. Evans, John D, Falkner, James M. Fant, Wilmoth F. Farmer, Charles K. Falkner, Charles Fedric, Paul D, Ferguson, Willie C. Finger, Wayne A., Jr. Finka, George A. Flautt, Billy G. Foote, Hal O. Fortenberry, Frank R. Foust, William B. Fowler, Catherine Fox, James H. Franklin, Malcolm A. Franks, Kenneth, Jr. Fraser, Bruce H. Fraiser, John J. Freeman, Kelly C. Freeman, William T. Friedman, Charles O. Fuller, Samuel W. Furini, Bruno, Jr. Furr, Henry D, Galloway, John A. Gardner, Albert S. Gardner, Milburn, Jr. Gardner, William R. Garrard, Ralph M. Garver, Jack E. Gates, Lloyd H. Gates, Ollie E. Gattas, John J. Gentry, Hoyle S. Germany, Noble Gibbens, Elmore Gibbs, Tyrus C, Gittin, James R. Gillespie, Barry M. Gillespie, Guy T. Gily, Louie A., Jr. Gipson, Geraod B. Gooch, Martha L. Gordon, John H, Gore, William F., Jr. Gordy, Marshall J. Graham, Bonnie Lou lMrs.l Graishe, Roland U. Gray, Arthur William Grayson, Everett O. Green, Evalyn H. Green, Homer, Jr. Green, William M. Gregory, Herbert W. Gresham, William B. Grittin, Wilburn S. 248 Grittin, Lester L. Grugett, George C. Gunn, Bert Oren, Jr. Guyton, Joseph L. Guyton, William F. Haddock, William Harvey Hailey, Claude Millier Hale, Dwayne Lamar Hales, Marshall C. Hamley, Stuart D. Hamm, William Jetterson Hammond, Arnold T, Hampton, Thomas H., Jr. Hamric, Edward Hancock, Jerry A. Harbour, Robert L. Hardy, Beniamin S. Hargett, Hudson S. Harper, Jack Evans, Jr. Harris, lsaac E. Harrison, Elmo O. Harry, William L. Hart, lra Hasson, William M. Hawkins, Armis Eugene Hayes, Maurice Lawrence Hayes, Eva Jean Hays, Charles Hays, Frank J. Hazel, William H. Hemphill, Walter G. Henry, Gammon A. Henry, LeRoy J. Henry, Louis Crum Herring, Charles H. Herring, George William Herring, Pauline Wells Higginbothom, Edward Hill, Bernard W. Hinman, James C. Hinshaw, Robert B, Hinton, lra J., Jr. Howell, Laurence H. Howell, Hershel B. Howell, Albert B. Howe, Berton G. Horton, George R. C. Hopper, Dewey V. Holman, John N. Holytield, Thomas K. Hollis, William T. Hollingsworth, Jack W. Holley, David A. Hull, Thomas E. Hunter, Gaston T. Hundle, Sidney L. Hurt, Martha Louise Hutchinson, Flavous L. Hutton, Lawrence B. lson, Jimmie R, Jackson, James W. Jackson, Louis Foster, Jr. Jacobs, Gerald l. James, Hubert A. Jamison, Robert McCrary Jetteries, Aubrey P. Jettords, David N. Jennings, John B. Johnson, Barbara Jean Johnson, Forrest A. Johnson, John Sisler Johnson, Julian E., Jr. Johnson, Marjorie L. Johnson, Robert P. Johnson, William H. Jones Ben T. Jones Billy L. Jones Ernest M. Jones Luther R. Jones Robert G. Jones, Virgil L. Jones Wallace E. Jones, William E. Jordan, Thomas D. Joseph, Alton Joyner. Helen Wick Joyner, Robert E. Junkin, Sallie Justice, Joyce S. Keeton, John T. Kehee, Thomas E. Kellerman, Kenneth H. Kelley, LeRoy P. Kemp, Marvin E. Kennedy, Frank S. Kenny, William P. Kerby, William G. Kersh, Henry G., Jr. Kesterson, Jack Kilpatrick, Marcella Kinard, George T. King, Calvin R. King, James Billy King, Joseph R. King, Richard H. King, Raymond E. Kirk, Lee G. Kittle, John L. Knox, James E. Knox, Castle R. Kreaze, John O. Laird, John R. Lambert, Haren Colus Lambert, George R. Lamkin, William M. Lamon, James F. Lance, Kenneth E., Jr. Land, Rosabell J. Land, Walter K. Landrum, Roger C. Lawson, Gladys P. Leavell, Robert N. Lee, Will Taylor Leek, Henry Thomas, Jr. Leggett, lsom W, Lenoir, Richard A. Lenoir, William V., Jr, Lewis, Fletcher D., Jr. Linton, Anderson M., Jr. Lisenbee, James D. Lloyd, Anna R. Lloyd, Samuel T., Jr. Lloyd, William B. Long, Raitord N. Longino, Jacob P. Lovelady, Morris C. Lovelady, William N. Lowe, Marion E., Jr. Loyd, William M. McBath, John R. McBryde, Claude M. McCain, Joe L, McCain, Priscilla O. McCraw, Ernest J. McCrory, Howard B. McCullough, Samuel F. McDaniel, Joseph W. McDonald, George B. McDonnell, Archie R. McElroy, John D. McFarland, Robert H. McGehee, Herman B. M. McGehee, James G. McGlohn, Charles L. McGuttee, Herbert B., Jr. Mclnnis, Mac D. Mclntyre, William E., Jr. McKee, Clyde V., Jr, McKell, Joseph P. McKenzie, Lee H. McKinney, John N. McLaughlin, Patricia Ann McLean, Clarence E., Jr. McMullen, William C. McMullen, Wm, Patrick, Jr McNeely, James T. McRae, Kenneth F.. Jr. McRae, Marion R., Jr. McVey, Eric A., Jr. Madden, Frank l. Magee, Lucie Becker Magee, Thomas E. ""' ' "' SECOND SEMESTER BUT NOT PICTURED IN BOOK Magruder, Edwin H., Jr, Magruder, Lauch McLaurin Maiure, James Torrey Mann, Beniamin F. Marlin, Marley, Bouldin A. Marlin, Jell' D., Jr. Percy A., Jr. Mason, Fallon O., Jr. Mason, Marshel G. Maxwell, Malcolm D. May, Ira Thomas May, John Edwin Meador, Dean Price Meek, Waller B. Meek, William H. Meeks, Lowell Houslon Meena, Edward J. Messer, Barnard C. Melcalle, Thomas O. Middlelon, Ellwood K., Jr. Miller, David Miller, Dudley W. Miller, Harold E, Milchell, Roberl A. Mills, Clyde B. Mize, W. G., Jr. Mollell, Woodlin G. Mohamed, Hazel Moore, Allon M. Morrow, Lewis B., .lr. Mullell, Richard F. Mullican Alyce R. Mullican, Carl D. Murll, Thomas E. Muskelley, James K. Musgrove, Harry E. Nason, William A. Naugle, Jellerson B. Nelson, Ervin E., Jr. Nelson, Charles L. Nelson, Sam J. Nevers, Benn Hur Newbill, Helen Ellene Nissenbaum, lrving Nixon, James F., Jr. Nobles, Frederick W. Norsworlhy, Jase O. Norwood, Fred W. Norwood, Miriam S. Norwood, Ralph O. Nosser, Pele J., Jr. Nuckolls, Joseph F. Nunnery, Donald Odom, Henry T. O'Neal, Marlha Lou Oswall, Bobby J. Owen, Billie B. Parlill, Laurence C., Jr. Parsons, Oscar T, Palrick, Bernard S. Pallon, Finis S. Pallon, Harry E., Jr. Payne, Alvie D. Payne, Waller J., Jr. Peel, William H. Peoples, Jack T. Pendarvis, Hugh M. Parkins, Joseph R. Person, lrvin C. Phillips, Gordon G. Phillips, Jack R. Pigoll, Joe N. Pippen, Alberl C. Pills, John L., Jr. Pills, Joseph L. Pope, Archie W, Podeslo, Peggy Poropalich, Lawrence Powell, Frank S. Powell, William T. Price. John H., Jr. Price, Noel B. Prigmore, Edgar R. Prudo, James O. Pruill, Charles W. Pugh, Grace Rackley. John Z. Ranier, James T. Ramirez, Andres F. Ramirez, Juan F. Ramsey, Thomas P., Jr. Ransom. Edward R. Rallill, Barlon W. Raulins, Jewel W. Rausch, Erwin J. Rawson, Elmer Roy Ray, Marlin, Jr. Reid, Henry L. Reid, Russell E. Revere, Roberl R. Reynolds, Kennelh C. lMrs.l Rice, Ernesl A., Jr. Rice, Marion .l. Rilchey, George P., Jr. Robb, George M. Robbins, Kinard Lee Roberls, Ray E. Roberls, Thomas O. Roberlson, James Marshall Roberlson, Mary Carolyn Robinson, George Billy Robinson, William H. Rogers, Halberl Thompson Rogers, Hollis G., Jr. Romano, Thomas Anlhony Ross, Harvey T. Rounsaville, Gerald J. Rowland, Guy Manning Roysler, Kennelh B., Jr, Rush, Beniamin M. Rulh, James H. Rulsky, Oscar A. Salman, Farley Sallaum, Ellis Sanders, Lesler C. Sasser, Joseph H. Schneider, Hugh J. Scoll, Tom B., Jr. Searcy, David P. Semmes, William O. Sessions, Valenline H., Jr. Shacklefard, Roberl H. Shands. John H. Shannon, Vincenl Earle Shinn, James C. Shumale, Dorolhy M'Arlhur Shumale, James Foole, Jr. Simmons, Mary Adeline Simpson, F. Helen Sue Sims, Jasper D. Sims, John F, S. Sims, Wm. Lulher, Jr. Skinner, Zell Boyd, Jr. Slaler, Charles Edward Smilh, Burris O. Smilh, Charles M. Smilh, Collie C. Smilh, Earl Roberson Smilh, Evelyn Smilh, Francis Thompson Smilh, Granville E. Smilh, Jerome W. Smilh, Lynn Arlhur Smilh, Mary McWhorler Smilh, Novalee Smilh, Slanley L. Smilh, Waller Mae Snell, Chesley Charles, Jr. Snyder, Orrin William Soldevila, Francisco Soper, Donald Gail Spaelh, Edwin B., Jr. Spear, Fred R., Jr. Spencer, Charles Hallacy Spicer, Evelyn Eliz Spurgeon, George Edward Slallord, Jane E. Sleadman, Roberl G. Sleele, Janie Gay Slephens, Clinfon Wilmer Slephens, George Edgar Slevens, Lorna M. lMrs.l Slevens, Hiram S.. Jr, Slevens, John A. Slevens, Joseph H. Slevens, Joseph H. Sluarl, Claylon R. Slewarl, William A., Jr. Slewarl, William E. Slewarl, William H. Slighl, Frank D. 249 Slone, Jim Crow Slone, Mary Jane Slone, William Evans Slreel, George M. Slribling, James A. Slrider, Donald Burl Sluarl, Hiram G. Suddolh, John Allred Sullivan Bobbie J. Sullivan, Pershing B. Sullivan Roberl M. Summer, Albioun F. Summer, Mary Campbell Surherland, Gayle H. Sweal, N. S, Swinney, Wm. Alberl Talum, William J. Taylor, Jack L. Taylor, Ernesl C. Taylor, William O., Jr. Temple, Richard R. Terrell, Millon D. Terry, J. Slanlord Thibaull, Ervin, Jr. Thom, Roberl H. Thomas, Eugene J. Thompson, Harvey Thompson, Holdilch Thompson, Masson H. Thompson, Thurman J. Thompson, William Berl Thompson, William C. Thornlon, Phillip H., lll Threadgill, William J. Throop, John S., Jr. Tinsley, Calvin S. Trendor, Charles, Jr. Tresl, Tenia M. Trevilion, Mary Elizabelh Triplell, Thomas Lamar Trippell, Bernard L. Trussell, Byrd James, Jr. Tubb, Leslie Tudway, Theodore A. Turman, Raymond E. Turnage, Evan A. Turner, Charles B., Jr. Turner, C. O., lll Turner, Lulher Dwighl Ulrich, Tilden Dale Vardaman, James K., lll Vaughan, James G. Vinson, Casie J. Vinson, Doris Lelly Vincenl, Waller A. Waddell, Harold S. Wailes, Fred D. Walden, Curlis J. Walker, Joseph P. Walker, Roberl A. Walker, Willis, Jr. Wallace, Pal Henry Walley, Ban H. Walley, W. W. Wallon, Nal Ward, James Richard Ward, William H. Ware, Emily H. Warren, Edward B. Warrick, Lesler, Jr. Washburn, Nalhaniel l., Jr. Walkins, Horace M. Walkins, Mary Belh lMrs.l Walson, Richard Thomas Weems, I-larold W. Wells, Calvin Berl Wells, Roberl Merle Wesl, Charles Hal Wesl, Charles William Wesl, William H., Jr. Weslmoreland, J. T., Jr, While, D. Knox While, Harold H., Jr. While, Ross E. Whilehead, James R. Whillield, Beniamin Whillinglon, Blake M. Wiley, Thomas Lamar Wilkinson, John T., Jr. Williams, Ben Daniel, Jr. Williams, James Enoch Williams, Ned Williams, Oscar Lane Williams, Val E., Jr. Williams, Zelphia Eslher Williamson, Lesler Franklin Willingham, Joe Tom Wilson, Ann Fairly Wilson, Earl Raymond Wilson, Emmell Edward Wilson, Joseph V., Jr. Windsor, Allon Eugene Winlord, John S., Jr. Winslead, Cicero O. Winler, Willis Dallon Willsen, Virginia T. Willy, Waller Hooker Wiygul, Frank M., Jr. Wood, Harold Bruce Wood, Kavanaugh P., Jr. Woodrull, Cecil K. Wood, Winlord Earl Woodward, Claude J. Woodward, James W. Woodward R. Wunderlich, Raymond Carl Wylie, Alya Lewis, Jr. Yales, Mary Jeanne W. Yelverlon, Talmadge B. Zachary, Francis T. ir' :gm -4 Q W- sf.: -F - x,.,,wt"" ' .1 .'.3,..-Jvfgif?' 1 I! 1 0 4, - vY7vu2 '73 W' .,-ima-:55',5 E 23" ...N :gf ,fn - ,Q , N. ., ' f,g,mtQW"J'. U fn .L x , v DISSERT PSYCHOANALISTS OCCAS!ON15l.Lf TASFALIZE R11 COE FEE AND ICE QREAM 'sham Q, F54 NX MRO S Q., Ox wkwwj Q: X! I 'S L MIDNI 'AVIEQ GHT EXIT IA, INS 7 H -l CHA P wi ! l E E ERO ' - - ,Nl ' ' Ns 2 .4 E4 r S fi. .. ,ff ff" s , f 44 - 'BL WHATS THE USE OF ALL THIS? 'S sun f-.No Lou-wocpg WOO if if ab 'K-fx if iw fm WING PINGS' 'N"'9?'8 . We cannoT help buf recall many pleasanT associaTions wiTh a hosT OT people and because of Their immeasurable aid in our Task, we have learned To respecT and honor Them Tor Their unlimifed assisTance. Wifh The publicaTion oT The I946 CLE MISS we see The end oT a diTTiculT Task. We wish To exTend our sincere Thanks and hearT-TeIT gra+iTude To These people who have given generously oT Their Time, TalenTs, and TaciIiTies To help make This The besT book possible: To Mr. W. A. Benson Tor his mosT sincere and personal inTeresT in our book: To Mr. E. W. Benson Tor his splendid co-operaTion in handling Technical maTTers Tor The prinTing companyg To Mr. Bob EkharT Tor his excelIenT help in designing This book: To Mr. Charles Renegar and Mr. VicTor Cooley Tor Their mosT eTTicienT service in making in- dividual phoTographs: To Mr. J, R, CoTield Tor his quick service in supplying us wiTh special picTures: To The STandard PhoTo Company oT Jackson, Mississippi, Tor Their Tine qualiTy developing service: To Mr. Casey EIlioT oT The Commercial Appeal Tor supplying us wiTh ample sporTs acTion shoTs: To Mr. P. E. Dozier, Mrs. Daisy AbboT, and Mr. P. A. Dean oT ShreveporT Engraving Company Tor Their Tine reproducTion oT our phoTographsg To KingsporT Press Company Tor Their Tine qualiTy work done on The covers: To The Mississippian Tor The publiciTy given our book and our adverTisers: To The Rebel Tor iTs expressed inTeresT in our book: To Dr. David Bishop, Dr. Elmer I-lammond, Dr. C. E. Dunham, and oTher members oT The Publica- Tion Board Tor Their counsel and advice Trom Time To Time: To Dr. P. K. McCarTer Tor his willingness To prooTread imporTanT copy: To The adverTisers who Through Their adverTisemenTs have made iT possible Tor us To puT ouT a "beTTer-Than-average" book: To CliTTon Maxwell, DoT Day, and Mary Ann Rivers Tor Their maniTesT inTeresT and work on The Business STaTTg To George I-larmon, Tom Allen, George Tindall, and Herb Sillman Tor Their wonderTul assisT- ance on The EdiToriaI STaTT. WiThouT Their help This book would have been impossible. LasT we Thank all oT The sTaTT members who gave unsparingly oT Their Time, neglecfed Their sTudies, IosT sleep, and pulled hardesT when The going was mosT diTTiculT. We oTTer our sincere apology To Those whose names and picTures have, Through misTake, been omiTTed, and whose names have been misspelled. FRANKLIN E. MOAK, EdiTor-in-Chief MARY ALICE WISDOM, Business Manager I 252 .1414 f 0gI'6ll9A .240 f0gI'al9LJ .!4ll,t0gl'6ll0A5 All t0gI'6ll0A li' I 'inn lp! D V I ! E l 1 4 4 I 5 r V n K. . Q ' -r . ' ' 7 I Q : ', h ' - w K ' ' V 'v Og' s K ' ,' Q Y . 4 Y' . 5 " E X. ,A -. L 1 V ' G 9 0 x' E 143,52 f 4 no ' . . 3 ' .M f . 5 fc, I ' 1 -.LL ' 1 1 ' V I g W Q K i Q , I W f A X I 'f I 1 . . tw I . li'-ll Fr 1 oi' f ' it ' ' .' sv '4f 1- .-'- ' ' 4 .Q V fi 2,-f an .t ' . .5 , 5. I 1 I ' . V rx ' , l .V . A ' Q' .. V 6 'V A: Y :F 'Q - rn' ' ' H L' .' ' .lv-sk' ' ,- Q 5' J. Q ' f ' .-UW? 4' '- Y-Q-'f,, . . F av-ffuagv Q. 4gQ:Z- . N g Q Q . 7 Q 1 I 5 I 4 ' 1. 07

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